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■ a cover pholos by ' m Simply Pandora • i 1 1 8 Athletics 64 Features 2003 Pandora University of Georgia Volume 116 325 Tate Student Center f p m., Athens, GA 30602 . i 706-542-8003 , , -, ' ' pandora J 206 Greeks i g ftj 26 Academics 174 Organizations . 270 Classes t- l¥ 336 Closing Opening 1 " Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, be- cause you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do. " Simply Life " Do not go where the path may lead, go in- stead where there is no path and leave a trail. " - RW Emerson " 4 Opening .i.% IS 1 r - ' ' PhkHmmmi Simp »ly Learni ng Learning 5 " Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. " - James Baldwin Opening : i f ' ' . IP Jim nK Phdnrfn Change 7 " Truly great friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget. " -G. Randolph 8 Opening - w Simply Friends Friends 9 " I ' m old enough to know better, but I ' m still too young to care. " -Wade Hayes 10 Opening ' flS Simply College College 11 From the hills of Georgia ' s northland Beams thy noble brow, And the sons of Georgia rising Pledge with sacred vow. ' Neath the pine trees ' stately shadow Spread thy riches rare. And thy sons, dear Alma Mater, Will thy treasures share. And thy daughters proudly join thee, Take their rightful place. Side by side into the future. Equal dreams embrace. Through the ages, Alma Mater, Men will look to thee; Thou the fairest of the Southland, Georgia ' s Varsity. (Chorus) Alma Mater, thee we ' ll honor. True and loyal be, Ever crowned with praise and glory, Georgia, hail to thee. 12 Opening «««««:«»•«« - I ' iit Simply Traditions Traditions 13 Wisdom incorporates more than knowl- edge; it challenges us to take the lessons we receive inside and outside the class- room and to apply them to our everyday lives. Wisdom encourages discovery and ex- pression, celebrating diversity as an inte- gral part of the academic process. Justice requires us to be fair in our dealings, ac- countable for our actions, responsible for ourselves and empathetic for others. Justice necessitates honesty, forging credibility and integrity for ourselves and our community. Moderation is fundamental to an atmo- sphere of civility. Moderation provides a ba- sis of trust among all members of the com- munity, bolstering our faith in others and the faith others have in us. Moderation ac- centuates our self-respect, promotes re- sponsible citizenship, and enhances pride in our university i Simply Georgia Georgia 15 _______ i ■r ' ' J _- H 4 niOLM x nj ri« W . ' .j =!= P! lli U) Openiriti f vC Red and Black 1 7 ■« ' f ' . . 18 Opening Q 4V xii W Mi4 25 Simolv Bom and Raised Born and Raised 1 9 ■ c 4.- - ' ' M ' V % ' M 20 Opening r«? , Simolv Remember Remember 21 anapan a 1 1 O « " " f f» c If m 1 " 1 • B ' tKalH SI ( H ft B H aJ H « . S F • " ' r. ■ K.ill. ' WiKui 1 1 L 22 Opening ■i% " t r - ■M .ru -V y. . ' %•! g ' - v ? - :., -, •?;: : Relax 23 . ' - — - f 24 Opening 1 2 Allii - L ! F U ' U l 1 1 « ft JL_ 4| i r r V , . •. - -:; -.-- r lv Classic 25 Academics v . •• :j . , ,- 26 Academics . - MI!H»i ff r ' flHJl Editor Sarah Sattelmeyer Assitant Editor Bryan Melton 4lb l Divider 27 en 5 Presiderrt MIchad Adams 28 Academics I Infer VP External ffairs Dr Mace, Jr. Senbr VP... for Academic Affairs J J ry M. Huckdby Senbr VP for Finance and Administration President Adams and Vice Presidents 29 O) Dr. Delmer Dunn VPfor Instruction L Dr Richard H. Mullendore VPfor Student Affairs 30 Academics Dr. Gordon LPatd VPfor Research Dr. Arthur Diming VPfor public Service and Outreach kndore for dent Dr. Steve Wrlgley VPfor Government Relations Vice Presidents 31 Dr Rochey D Bennett Dean of Students Gale A. Buchanan Dean of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Sharon Y, Nichols Dean of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences M ■ . «ig 1 " 9 H . , ' ■a if ' ' H nr ' H K ■ ■l s:i H Louis A. Castenell, Jr Dean of the College of Education reW. Morehead , Associate Prova Director of the Honors Prograii fc! WyattW Anderson Dean of Frankllin College of Arts and Sdencess James Sweeney Dean of Wamdl School of Forest Resources -3Hf f. Dr. John R Crowley Dean of the School of Environmental Design i- - 32 Academics 1 L Dr Maureen Grasso Dean of the Graduate School Bomie Yesidis Dean of the School of Social Wor1 Svien Oie Dean of the College of Pharmacy Thomas P Lajth Dean of the School of Public and kitemational Affaris JohnSoloski Dean of Grady College of Journalism P. George Benson Dean of Terry Cdlegeof Business Deans 33 Abraham Baldwin founded this college soon after the founding 300 years 0 Since its beginning, CAES has provided both agricultural education as well as research and l,_|v ' ,inripiWi rvice8! " " ' ' " ' ii|i falllllliii;,||iiMiiii| At one ofi experiment stations, researchers have discovered how to grow larger peaches and a new kind of turf grass, which can now be found t hroughout the world. • • • • • 1% .3M: C dle ie a large role In agricultural research within the state. Making up the college are experiment stations, researc extension branches and a Rural Development Center located in Tifton, GA. Researchers College of A learned ii electros toheL at -J to use I tic charges bees pollinate , griculture and E vironmental Sciences is college offe majors and 1 2 minors. College of Agriculture and Environmental Science 35 i: UGiS began first called College, only Not only does Franklin strive to produce successful students, but its own faculty and staff membe have also earned numerous honor wilderness. top in thf state in terms of.; its size aid complexiff Franldh Colese 36 Academics This college has five divisions, whith offer bachelor ' s degrees from twenty-nine disciplines. Franklin College of Arts and Sciences 37 Tegai ' iaPollege was " jed in 1912 b Board of Re Terry ' s class of 1 930 had 1 2 faculty and sluctoits. davjyia rown to ffifcjliraJBfflBHHffltits, 500 oximateli lers With its lar e number of students, ranks teni mmsm :erry rthe top jrthe nation erms of size. Business Terry College of Business 39 There are four schools in the College of Education: the School of Health and Human Performance, the School of Leadership and the U.S. News and World tort ' s S003 RanMng of ica ' s best graduate UGA ' s GoUege of was ranked Ame: school! Educatio S3rd. « ' 1f ' ' ■ f : II legeol 40 Academics a fmmmAnm tOUJU UV KA ' tATS The College ol EdiKatioti was Ibuntlecl in 1 908 and now has more that 40,000 alumni. Currently, there are 2,700 under- graduates and 2,000 graduate students enrolled in the College of Education. College of Education 41 student organizations in the School of ..tmdmnmental Design include SEEDS: Students and Educators of Ecological Design and Sustainability, SHPO: Student Historic Preservation Organization, and, Stu- dents for the New Urbanism. CALDWELL HALL • • • • • i • • • • • The School of Environmehtar Design holds the largest full- time landscape architectural faculty in the U.S. me School of Ij Bachelor of Landscape jUaster of Landscape faster of Historic Environmental Design School of Environmental Design 43 ,Ttie College of Family .d Consumer Sciences many opportu- ties for participation .extension programs, .uding children ' s ams, consumer ■ograms, and in- lutreaches. mc pro; help dustry This colle and family evelojwjenl, foods and nutrition, faMPHKoaiMber educa- tion, consumer journalism, housing and consumer economics, and textiles, merchandising, and interiors. CbUeqe of Family andta 44 Academics Pi Each department in this school offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral pro- grams. The College of Family and Con- sumer Sciences has a faculty of over 50 members. Due to the small size of this school, students receive individ ual a ttention and de- les. mer Sciences College of Family and Consumer Sciences 45 ors offered at Warnell School orest Re- rces include eries Aquae- re, Forest ironmental ources, For- y, and Wildlife. The School of Forest Resources was dedicated in 1991 in honor of the late Daniel B. Warnell who was a native Georgian. He served in the Georgia House of Representa- tives and Georgia Senate. Ar?Jii 46 Academics .ingly, the School (St 25,000 acres o ,tling 800-acre Whi t, located just foil ain campus! dwtB tdniehlio4 jiifiwr HHtnedin ' lu rtiHjv III Represenl} The School of Forest Resour, includes study aids on thej website. One of these is " Bird-matching Game, ' a student must matcj with a bird name. 2 is a tufted ti L which a picture int: Bird ousel) r«rH »•• " " " I he Warnell School ( the oldest existing s Southern United Stat, T V FForest Resouro K » Warnell School of Forest Resources 47 Graduate Studies at the University stirted in the 19th centuiiM well before the Graduate School vvas - established in lbl|0., no e Boyd Graduate School only administers all ate programs at the ity, but it also e Science a HUGE fossil tside its grad Unive: houses libraiy m sitting right doors! -«» ' A major expansion at the graduate level occurred in the period after Wy lf, §g cially in the 1 950 ' s ■m k . jWW ' ' ' - • • • • • • • • • IITI ' y , «««- " ' 48 Academics GI A u L ' l STUDIES n A d iy n Students at the Graduate School often pass a large sculpture of a head sftting jilst near the entrance of the building. Whose head is it? Graduate Schoo 1 ie! rad| oir(?f5 ' JoflWalism afidifl ss Commiinicaliuns is named for Hent W. Grady, who was horn m Athens, Georgia 50 Academics Telecommunications and. broadcast news students in the Grady College of Jour- nalism produce their own live television show calle, Georgia Gameday. T] show covers eveiy asp- UGA football from t to Mckoff . .atin Grady includes seven undergraduate majort three departments; graduate progr j offers three de ' mmunic rtions Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications 51 UGA ' s law faculty includes a Pulitzer Prize winner and two Fulbright Scholars Georgia governor Roy Barnes and Lt. Governor Mark Taylor are alumni of UGA ' s School of Law. Hk ' ' 5 1 1 - 1 1 41 1 m .«.fc .lStt t »PH. ' JH ■ HIiSS W 11 r J1 II i 1 " ' " .Pi ■ m ■ .- J BKR 52 Academics f hmn fira " MM view, the Georgia Journal of Interna- tional and Comparative Law, and the Journal of Intellectual Property. m 1 m 1 School of Law 53 The College of Pharmacy was established in 1 903 and admits otily 1 25 students into its pro ■M 54 Academics The four-year pharmacy program includes training in not only the classroom and labora- Through intera video links, tha College of P h ite provicles oj line : instructiffl Q)lej( of Pharmacy ' mhe pharm«pWihool the Medical College of Georgia, which located in Augusta. Academics 55 The SPIA is UGA ' s ewfest school. chool ' s of Public ration s 6tli This Maste Adminii degree r in the nation " ? Global Issues (GLOBIS), SPIA offers study abroad programs In Verona, Italy and Kyoto, Japan. School of PUbTic and bite 56 Academics SPIA has three de| International and Publii ffairs, Politfcar Science, ' Administration and Policy. matjonal Affa ' rs School of Public and International Affairs 57 UGA ' s School of Social Work is the oldest professional social work education program in the state of Georgia. J w i Wm fariiflP _-— -■ ' ■ ' ' ' ' - " ' • .i i _• • ' • USE TECHNOLOGY IN SOCIAL WORK G I r ' • • • • • • • • • • © Through the Bachelor of Social Work program, students can work at field place- ment sites such as Children and Family Sei-vices, Adults and Aging, Substance Abuse, and Crisis Shelters, as well as perform School and Hospital Social Work. f MI WiiXI 1 .J 1 i hfvi T 1 58 Academics The School of Social work provides studeni with the opportunity km study at the Umvers| of Veracruz, Mexic Scho( al Work offers (Vork, focusirj J chool of So_ MillBr of Social , on family-centered work and community development. School of Social Work 59 The College of Veteri- naiy Medicine provides tudentswith opportu- ities to study and work road. Through these grams, vet students been to places Cambodia, Gua- ndia, Kenya, xxlX JLOci. hav. such; temala, and Sout , ' . f " faculty members in this college-70 " « of them hold Ph.D. degrees. ¥ l 1 1 1 Wk ii rl. " ? WI College of Veterinl m 60 Academics m College of Veterinary Medicine 61 Honors at UGA vides each of its freshmen with opportunity to Peer Advising session)] with an older Minors student. i The Honors Program students featured in i of US News and Worldl magazine and " Best C guides. has had S editioi eport )lleges " 62 Academics UGA ' s Honors gram, withi proximat student theol P5 ., is one of . est honors ' grams in the nited States. jasmHlHHfe msmmm • ' - Bl . .. Honors Program 63 Urn m m nuA Editor Debbie Michaud Assitant Edito r Betsy Beach Divider 65 66 Features September 11, 2002 67 ,, mi. ou can observe a lot just by watching. -YogiBen a ■■ ■ fi T ' " 1 JT wlim Downtown 69 A jogger ' s heel strikes the ground 1,500 times per mile. 70 Features m „ p— 1 iii -V ii " ' .4». f " W Intramural Fields 71 72 Features Game Day 73 f i 74 Features Tailgating 75 7() Fftatures have never let my schooling interfere with my education. Mark Twain Students 77 e as possible, but not simpler. -Albert Einstein 78 Features " " mr % » w- je hi ]M v Diversity 79 If they don ' t get the words, they ' ll get the music, because that ' s really where it ' s at. --Brian Wilson 80 Features 1 WLOG 90.5 81 I Lj ]M 82 Features ■ft LGA Attire 83 M d f 1 You ' ve got to be very careful if you don ' t know where you ' re going, because you might not get there. --Yogi Berra Dorm Life 87 88 Features Campus Buildings 89 90 Features 1 F r Candid Moments 91 Ask the experienced rather than the learned. Arabic Proverb J JLJj ' ■i 4 wA UkA Abroad 93 1 94 Features L Homecoming 95 T i UGA Volunteers 97 98 Features The Redcoat Band 99 l i ri « Wi-iiia .«ttjl ODYSSEY ' 1 1 1 3 ' Ji 4 i yib. J K ' M ■ . III III — -i III iii !li III III iii iii iii ■M , MM dat- 1 i NflML KJf ' • ' ii pH 31 WmM- ::A .- -■ mtf k t SEC Ticket Campout 101 102 Features M Concerts 103 1 T iiif i • - 1 04 Features Franklin College of Arts MDffice of Academic Aflv Fieshman I Semiiidr Advising and Registration 1 05 106 Features A I student Jobs 1 07 r ' 108 Features Tate Gameroom 1 09 Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. -Mark Twain H m " J Bi :.;) I : I Couples 1 1 3 " E is your picture on our website? Check uxvu. ,,!,,..d , Mni.,.. and click on DAD to And out Diwgs Alt«r Dark 1 1 4 Features • m i n ■S J P I ' V - m ■. 9H H l • , ' W 3HH s id 1 [ Dawgs After Dark 1 1 5 Be the change you want to see in the world. — Mahatma Gandhi ipif ► Athletics ' d i 1 ,» Editor Lauren Futrell Assitant Editor Jonathon Sheehan Over 200 University student-athletes earned a GPA of 3.0 or better for Spring semester. Among this list there were twenty-one Presidential Scholars who earned a GPA of 4.0, and fifty-eight Dean ' s List Recipients that received a GPA of 3.5-3.99. Out of all of the women ' s sports, the Women ' s Volleyball team had the highest GPA with an average of 3.33. The Men ' s Tennis team had the highest GPA out of all the men ' s sports with an average of 3.06 Scoring the Grade It- I Jennie Metz Back-to-Back for Boeker Matias Boeker defeated Jesse Whitten of Kentucky with a straight-set victory to win the 2002 Men ' s Singles Tourna- ment. This is his second Men ' s Singles Championship in his collegiate career. Boeker ' s victory marks only the third time there has been a back-to-back champion. Boeker ended the season with a 28-3 record with a twenty-three game match winning streak. Boeker ' s winning streak commenced with a win against Whitten during the regular - ( BKt Matias Boeker Maritz 120 Athletics r Bill Sharpton 1 IkJ I t k ' Vi II ' 1 ' l SEC Champs and More The Women ' s Tennis team entered the SEC Tournament as the top seed with a 21-1 overall recor d. Georgia clinched the SEC title with a perfect 11-0 record in conference play for the first time sine 2000. This is the sixth SEC Champi- onship the bulldogs have captured. The team ended the season with a record of 26-2 and advanced to the Final Four in NCAA Championship play. The 2002 season marked the second consecutive year the bulldogs reached the semifinals. Georgia fell to Stanford in the semifinals of the national championships and is ranked third nationally. Agata Cioroch Second at NCAA For the second consecutive year, the Gymdogs placed second at the NCAA Championships in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Gymdogs were defeated by a margin of only .325. This is the eleventh time in the last fifteen years that the Gymdogs have finished third place or higher at the NCAA Championships. At the SEC Tour- nament which also took place in Alabama, the Gymdogs captured their twelfth SEC Title. This is their sixth title in the last seven years. Under the leadership of Suzanne Yoculan the Gymdogs have a legacy of greatness. Marline Stephens I § ' 1 ,i-. ' m tart of Race IK ' Ryan Hybl Spring Highlights 121 LINEUP Dari-yl Blaze Kris Edge David Coffey Chaz Lytle Marshall Szabo Adam Swann Matt Cavender Ned Yost Jeffery Carswell Clint Sammons Lee Mitchell Chris Webb Josh Smith Justin Holmes Justin McClain Kyle Keen Bill Sharpton Jon Armitage Scott Lawson Brandon Long Max Havel Jason Fellows Brandon Moorhead Holland Wails Rusty Krueger Michael Hyle Brandon Woods Brandon Anglin Jarrett Warren Parks Robinson Chris Ander-son Chad Thornhill William Sartain Scott Newland Matt Woods Bo Lanier Mickey Westphal Brad Mathews Stephen Clements Nathan Sensing Porter Pursley Kent Atzinger Charlie Smallen Rob Culpepper Tyler McCabe Jonathan Bowman Ryan Pittmon Head Coach: David Perno Assistant Coaches. Butch Thompson Rick Eckstein Director: Don Norris Justin McClain David Coffey 1 22 Athletics H 1 1 r WW .- H 1 i b g ■ 1 i 1 t - 2s« Z S K Kl m jsa tnSnSL Opponent Series Record I W, 7-4 North Carolina Connecticut W, 7-4 Armstrong State L, 7-6 Mercer W, 10-5 James Madison W, 20-6 L, 7-4 Gardner Webb L, 5-3 W, 5-4 Morehead St W, 1 3-4 Arkansas W, 10-3 8-4 L, 16-12 Wake Forest L, 11-9 W, 9-6 Vanderbilt W, 14-4 9-7 L, 11-3 Georgia Tech W, 7-1 L, 9-1 6-1 12-11 Tennessee (M; 1 W, 9-8 5-3 L, 10-9 Tennessee Tech L, 4-3 W, 1 0-6 Mississippi St L, 7-5 14-4 W, 9-2 Clemson W, 5-4 L, 6-5 LSU L, 8-2 14-4 13-4 Georgia St W, 3-2 Wofford W, 11-10 Kentucky W, 5-4 6-5 7-6 Western Carolina W, 1 8-1 1 Florida L, 12-6 12-9 W, 6-4 Furman W, 11-4 Alabama W, 5-0 8-7 L, 4-2 Georgia Southern L, 10-9 W, 16-3 Auburn L, 10-9 8-7 W, 10-9 South Caj ' olina L, 11-9 12-4 4-2 1 1 i£ Bill Sharpton Marshall Szabo Baseball 123 LINEUP Nicole Barber Kristen Bell Amy Brannan Lacey Gardner Ashley Godfrey Michelle Green Rachael Hawkins Kaili Howard Katie Lewis Shannon McKeon Molly McWilliams Julie Miner Julie Raiskums Pam Stewart Katie Thrasher Michelle Tyree Nichole Urban Kim Wendland Head Coach: Lu Harris-Champner Assistant Coaches: Shaunte Fremin Sharon Perkins Mil kA SOOREBOftRD Opponent Series Record Purdue W, 3-2 1-0 Florida State W, 3-2 Maryland W, 4-2 Alabama L, 2-1 Tennessee (M) W, 9-1 Tennessee (W) W, 9-1 6-3 Auburn W, 5-3 12-2 8-1 Mississippi St W, 3-1 L, 2-1 4-3 Winthrop W, 9-0 10-0 LSU L, 2-1 5-1 4-1 North Carolina W, 12-3 10-5 Arkansas W, 4-3 3-2 3-1 South Carolina L, 4-3 2-1 W, 2-1 Florida L, 3-2 W, 10-5,3-0 Mississippi W, 6-4 4-1 L, 6-3 Kentucky W, 8-0 6-4 5-3 Elon W, 6-0 6-0 Georgia Tech W, 1-0 L, 2-1 Nicole Blaine Amber Bliss Megan Bohn Elizabeth Bradley Janice Brown Tracy Burke Sarah Meier Lea Clinton Catherine Coe Ivey Cundiff Collins Daye Myria DeHaven Lauren Dunnam Sabrina Ebright Angel Fairley Julie Feibelman Lindsey Finn Camille Flournoy Mendy Ford Cherie Rector Erin Goblisch Ashley Greve Lauren Haygood Monnye Hedrick Ashley Herrmann Erin Hernandez Leigh Heusner Loren Hicks Kimberly Huggett Kelley Hughes Staci Hutsell Colleen Johnson Emily Keene Sadie Knowles Jana Korn Emily Langille Kristen Lee Rachel Lewis Jennifer Lindell Rebecca Maddox Patty Mattingly LeAnn McCay Heather McFarland Rebecca McNorrill Shannon Christensen Kristin Mercer Kathy Moore Meredith Mouney Lizzie Newsome Leigh Nichol Jennifer Olson Lauren Oshnock Amber Peacock Allison Purvis Phylinda Ramsey Kristin Randall Seu ' ah Jane Fronczak Megan Richardson Jennifer Sandhagen Vanessa Sanson Stacey Smith Amber Smith-Sims Ashley Slocumb Erika Steele Byerly Vaughn Carly Veldman Molly Visser Allison Wilder Sherry Wilson Cristina Winsco Jessica Wittmeyer Lauren Worland Paige Yergens Amanda Zeigler Emily Lewis Head Coach: Meghan Boenig Assistant Coach: Martha McElhannon Katie Vijande ,. . Lizzie Newsome 126 Athletics q Rachel Taylor fff SOOREBOFiRD Judson College IHSA Show Westerm Discipline: Show 1: High Point Rider- Kimberly Huggett Reserve High Point Rider- Jessica Wittmeyer LGA earns Champion High Point Team Award| Show 2: High Point Rider- Kimberly Huggett UGA earns Reseve High Point Team award University of South Carolina IHSA Show Western Discipline: Reseve High Point Rider- Jessica Wittmeyer UGA earns Resei-ve High Point Team award Hunt Seat Discipline: UGA places 3rd Berry College Intercollegiate Spring Classic Western Discipline: UGA places 4th (Saturday) and 3rd (Sunday)] Hunt Seat Discipline: UGA places 3rd Auburn University Equestrain Team Spring Classic Hunt Seat Discipline: Saturday- High Point Rider- Katie Vijande Reserve High Point Rider- Megan Richardson | UGA earns Reserve High Point Team award and places 2nd Sunday- UGA places 3rd IH3 Allison Purvis Equestri LINEUP Whitney Christie AbbI Francis Angela Jerman Natalia Nicholls Summer Sirmons Sarah Trew Head Coach: Todd McCorkle Assistant Coach: Laura Henderson-Matthews V «5i 128 Athletics SOOREBOFiRD Tournament Result Fall Preview Tar Heel Invitational 8th of 24 5th of 14 Mercedes Benz Collegiate Srd of 1 4 Auburn-Derby Invit ' l 1st of 12 TRW Regional Challenge 12th of 18 Lady Gator Invitational Srd of 1 5 Liz Murphy Collegiate Srd of 18 Bryan National NCAA East Regional 2nd of 17 SEC Championships 5th of 12 7th of 21 NCAA Championships 5th of 24 If - Women ' s Gol LINEUP Andrew Growler Brad Garner Brian Hawver Bryant Odom David Miller Ryan Hybl Ghristo Greyland Donny Wysoczynski Coaches: Ghris Haack Jim Douglas 130 Athletics S XiREBOftRD Tournament Place NCAA Preview 3rcl Carpet Capital Collegiate 5th Jerry Pate Intercollegiate 6th Long Cover Invitational 5th Perto Rico Shootout 1 1 th Las Vegas Intercollegiate 8th Schenkel Invitational 5th U.S. Colleglates 12th SEC Championship 3rd NCAA East Regional 13th NCAA Champlonsips 21st Pliolu:, CHurlesy ot LI6A Spoils (; Men ' s Golf 131 - ■ -?Vra.iag!l LINEUP Todd Avery Jason Bloom Matt Brado Colby Carter Brandon Cover Kris Daugherty Scott Davis Matt DuBois David Fleischman Jason Gagnon Scott Gardner Nicholas Kintz Randy Lam Marc Lindsay Andrew Mahaney Robert Margalis Francisco Martinez Chris Maurer Brent McAuliffe Miguel Mendoza Peter Osborne Brian Scannell Colin LInderhill Viki vanden Barselaar Brooke Bassham Stephanie Buck Caroline Burns Grace Cagle Maritza Correia Lindsey Ertter Morgan Fleming Julie Hardt Debbie James Paige Kearns Christine Keller Neka Mabry Virginia Pate Katie Permenter Molly Purvis Ashley Roby Rebecca Rose Kyle Salyards Linn Thorburn Ali Williams Stefanle Williams Becky Wilson Katie Yevak Head Coach: Jack Bauerle Head DMng Coach: Deui Laak Assistant Coaches: Carol Capitani Brian Schrader Whitney Hite Harvey Humphries 132 Athletics $ — — :OREBOftRD Men ' s Women ' s L Florida L W North Carolina W - Stanford L - California W w Michigan State - L Michigan - L Texas L - Southern Methodist W W Georgia Tech W L Tennessee L L South Carolina W wi wmlK Swimming i: LINEUP Cassie Blair Chelsa Byrd Eileen Diaz Michelle Emmons Cory Fritzinger Kinsey Rowe Breanne Rutherford Sierra Sapunar Loren Simpson Marline Stephens Talya Vexler Head Coach: Suzane Yoculan Assistant Coaches: Doug McAvinn Jay Clark Volunteer Assistant Coach: Julie Ballard-Clark Strength Conditioning: Eric Peal ' s is J ' xH Blk. ikWmM i s. 1 ' • ' • 1 f. . 134 AthI 4 « » Despite tough luck with injuries, the Gym Dogs finished ivith yet another impressive season. Chelsa Byrd, Kinsey Rowe, and Cassie Blair each suffered injuries. However, the team still walked away a 12th SEC Championship win and a NCAA Championship second place title. Once again, for the fifth time in her career, Coach Suzanne Yoculan ivas named the SEC ' s Coach of the Year. The senior gym- nasts, Eileen Diaz and Tayla Vexler, ended their careers ivith one NCAA Championship, three SEC Championships, three NCAA Regional titles, and a fabulous record of 129- 10-3. Excellent coaching together with the women ' s strength and commitment placed the Gym Dogs where they belong - on top. f By Jessica Miles SO:iREB0ftRD UGA ODDonent 196.875 Nebraska 196 197.9 UCU 196 195.025 Alabama 195.675 195.3 Auburti 193 196.475 Maryland 194 196.85 Oklahoma 196 197.4 Kentucky 194 197 Michigan 197.175 197.2 Alabama 196 196.3 Florida 196 197.45 LSU 196 W ry y m. t 5 - Gymnastics 135 LINEUP Matias Boeker Nicolas Boeker Will Glenn Bo Hodge Lesley Joseph Adam Serl Nicholas Boeker 136 Athletics Bo Hodge and Coach eww ;OREBO! FlRD UGA Opponent 5 Clemson 2 5 Ohio St 2 6 Furman 1 6 Charlotte 1 4 Vanderbilt 3 4 7 4 Kentucky William Mary Auburn 2 3 6 Alabama 1 7 5 Georgia Tech Arkansas 2 4 LSU 5 Illinois 2 6 SMU 1 5 4 6 5 Mississippi Mississippi St Georgia St S. Carolina 2 1 2 5 Florida 2 3 Tennessee 4 Vlatias Boeker- NCAA Singles Champion ITA Natonal Player of the Year Stephan Timu Men ' s Tennis LINEUP Agata Cioroch Lori Grey Tina Hojnik Jeanette Mattsson Anne Nguyen Alexandra Smith Marie! Verban Head Coach: Jeff Wallace Assistant Coach: Debbie Beck ■-raw ' Z ■- S mn ■ " " " ' ' TENNF 138 Athletics NNI? ITENNK O JI iTBNNis IP ft! ;S SS?« STOREBOftRD UGA ODponent 7 Emannuel BYU 6 Middle Tenn St 1 6 Clemson 1 5 Georgia Tech 2 4 Vanderbilt 3 5 Kentucky 2 6 Auburn 1 5 Alabama 2 7 Arkansas 7 LSU 5 Dartmouth 2 4 Ole Miss 3 4 Mississippi 3 7 Mississippi St 4 S. Carolina 3 4 Florida 3 7 Tennessee SEC Champions NCAA Semifinalists Ranked 3rd in Nation All PholDS Courlosv Women ' s Tennis 139; LINEUP Baker, Dennis Barron, Mike Basinger, Kelly Beckwifh, Ryan Bennett, LaRon Boyett, Brian Brocker, Richie Brown, Chevazz Buckner, Chris Curtis, Lendl Davis, Ryan Dempsey, Brian Dowdy, Cai-ey Drury, Miles Fain, Scott Fell, Gregg Ficklin, Rodricus Finch, Rob Foley, Kevin Foster, Bernard Foster, Shaun Gavin, Patrick Geiser, Steve Glaze, Jeremy Grauch, David Haklits, Andras Harden, Paul Haskell, Trum Hill, Brandonn Hissain, Ed Howard, Will Kindred, Turmel Lenien, David Mahoney, Blake Makkonen, Tinio Marable, Justin Marzka, Andrew Mavraganis, Panagiotis Mazyck, Willie McClendon, Chad McQueen, Alex Morris, Eric Phipps, Jr., Robert Reid, Josh Roberts, Andrell Rupert, Chad Saunders, Antonio Schenek, David Sewell, Greg Sheppard, Ryan Skehan, Patrick Smith, Brad Smith, Garrett Snyder, Trevor Swope, Mike Taylor, Barclay Tribble, Adam Agan, Abbey Bartlett, Jessica Bayley, Kiysha Bludsworth, Brannon Boyd, Traci Burke, Lauren Chapman, Randi Collier, Marisa Collins, Sonja Daniel, Lindsay Dean, Lindsay Drakulich, Corrie Foerst, Renata Gebhart, Kate Granger, Ruthlyn Hagen, Kelley Hardardottir, Gudleif Henry, Lynda Hiteshew, Kierney Ignatoski, Hilary Jean-Pierre, Farah Juhasz, Fanni Keen, Katherine Kelley, Erin King, Sherita Mahone, Tasha Martinez, Celly Miles, lllia Murillo, Samantha Neal, Mary Nelson, Whitney Seibert, Jackie Seymour, Beth Sheperd, Christine Todd, Kendra Tomczyk, Katie Tull, Aisha Walker, Amanda Walker, Margaret Anne Watson, Tamieka Williams, Laura Williams, Shannon Woodward, Marie Yonce, Melissa Head Coach: Wayne Norton 140 Athletics p SOOREBOfiRD Men ' s Position Women ' s Position Meet Outdoors 2nd SEC 3 Way 2nd 5th SEC Championships Indoors 7th 3rd Tar Heels 2nd 4th SEC East 4th 6th SEC Championships Cross Country 6th Western Carolina Invitational W-1st, M-3rd Bulldog Stampede M-1st Roy Griak Invitational W-17th, M-26th Clemson Invitational M-5th Furman Invitational W-2nd, M-2nd Auburn invitational W-8th, M-3rd All INlOIO.s (.our ' tosv ()l UGA .Spn Track Cross Country 1 Before the season even started, the Lady Bulldogs were ranked among the Top-10 In every preseason poll. Everyone expected to see the women have a great season, despite the fact that they had a young team. Out of the 10 active players, 7 were freshmen and sophomores. Youth definitely cannot be associated with inability when it comes to the Dawgs. Sophomore sisters Kara and Kim Braxton wowed fans last year and continued to prove themselves throughout this season. Lady Dawgs Ranked Top-10 i if Tina Taylor . " . ' - w .i ..,is,. „,....,.. .. , JGA- SEC Champions The Bulldogs quickly forgot the Florida loss when they devoured Arkansas in the Georgia Dome, winning the first SEC Championship title in twenty years. The team earned their right to travel to New Orleans and prove themselves in the 2003 Sugar Bowl. Once again they displayed their skills and beat the Florida State Seminoles 26-1 3. Musa Smith was the MVP of the Sugar Bowl where he rushed 1 45 yards on 23 carries, which helped make him the first Bulldog in 10 years to rush more than 1 ,000 yards in one season. Offense Hayes, Williams Make Pre-Season AII SEC Jarvis Hayes, a junior forward, was chosen to be a part of the pre-season All-SEC first team. He is one of Georgia ' s highest scorers and was also named to the John R. Wooden Award Pre- Season All-America team. Senior Guard Ezra Williams was selected to the pre-season All-SEC second team and is one of the SEC ' s top shooting guards. Ezra Williams Andrea Velasco 142 Athletics Photo by Spoils ConnmiiiKHlions DavId Pollack Cayard and Velasco Make All-SEC Carolyn Cayard and Andrea Velasco were both named to the 2002 All-SEC Soccer First Team. Cayard, a senior defender, started in all of this season ' s games and scored the winning goal in a game against Duke, for a score of 1 -0. Velasco is a redshirt junior midfielder. She scored three goals this season and started In all but one game, due to an ankle injury. Carolyn Cayard by Sports tonimiini( (tn Volleyball Changes Record Book Margot Wallace lary Beth Lycett The volleyball team ' s powerful players made the Georgia record book this season. Georgia ' s eight conference wins were the most since 1 998. Julia Petruschke held over 600 kills this season, the most by a Bulldog since Priscilla Pacheco in 1994. Margot Wallace had more than 1,548 assists, the most since Jill Moore in 1 990. Rashinda Reed had over 29 solo blocks, the most since 1 996, and Luresa Forsythe had over 337 digs, which are the most since IMikki Nicholson in 1 995. Head Coach Mary Buczek also made a personal record with her 1 00th win as a college head coach in the game against Mississippi State in September. ■■P ? t fe ■ •« " _ ' ! ' Basketball Team Fall Highlights 143 LINEUP Jessica Boiler Casey DeLong Kaltlyn Filar Andrea Fisher Luresa Forsythe Jennifer Foytich Angela Hale Jennie Metz Alexandra Oquendo Liz Pace Julia Petruschke Rashlnda Reed Margot Wallace Meagan Welch %4k Head Coach: Mary Buczek Assistant Coacties: Jane Belanger-Thomas Steffi Legall J Jen Foytich 144 Athletics Luresa Forsythe %. V s en- Gi o S00RE80RRD UGA ODDonent 2 Clemson 3 3 Georgia Southern 2 3 Iowa State 1 1 Eastern Wash. 3 1 Georgia Tech 3 3 Appalachian State 3 UNC-Charlotte 3 Virginia Tech 1 3 Rice 3 Liberty 3 Central Florida 2 3 Mississippi St. 1 3 Mississippi 1 Florida 3 2 Tennessee 3 3 Mississippi 3 Mississippi St. Arkansas 3 LSU 1 ti : All Pliolu.s Cum lusv ul IJGA Spor ls CuniJiianitalion Vollevt LINEUP Kate Appleton Catherine Bruce Carolyn Cayard Lauren Cockerham Beth Culver Nicole DIEnna Pamela Elting GIna Forte Nicole Greathead Kara Kenney Ashley King Ashley Lindley Tricia McKee Elizabeth Metherell Shannon Murray Geneil Newbern Lindsey Rochow Erin Sekerak Katie Stewart Ki VanOudenallen Andrea Velasco Ail Williams Jessica WInton Head Coach: Sue Patberg Assistant Coaches: Chris Kane Michele Rodriguez-Smith Ml I I :n-L:uREBUMRD UGA Opponent 1 Florida State 2 2 Clemson 3 3 Georgia State 1 Wake Forest 3 2 Connecticut 3 2 UAB 3 1 Michigan 2 Furman 2 5 Georgia Southern Arizona State 2 1 Duke 1 Alabama 4 Auburn 1 5 Kentucky 1 1 Vanclerbilt 2 SouthCarolina Florida Mississippi Mississippi State Tennessee 1 (Pd 2002 Team Pholos ' Courlesv of UGA Spoils Comnnii Uga VI is the youngest in a long line of Bulldawg heritage especially sensitive to. To counter this, he has an air to lead the Dawgs out of the tunnel, between the hedges, and conditioned kennel on the sideline near the cheerleaders. Uga into the game. A solid white English Bulldog, just like his father, is not only a mascot but a cameraman as well. Sometimes Lga VI weighs in at 55 pounds - the heaviest of all the Uga during the games, his trainer will strap a camera to the top lineage to take the field. On September 11,1 999, Uga V retired of his head so that all of the fans can see the game from a true and Uga VI assumed the role of being a beloved bulldog, and " bulldog perspective. " From coast to coast and generation also the " nations best college mascot. " Being responsible for to generation, all across the Bulldog nation, Uga is one of leading the Bulldogs onto the field is no easy task. Uga has America ' s proudest, and most unique, mascot traditions to cope with warm temperatures, something that bulldogs are -Written by Jonathan Sheehan. MM iiii fttkktltisaiii Ik) " ' jW ? s LINEUP Albert, BJ Andei ' son, Gei-ald Bailey, Boss Bailey, Kenny Bennett, Billy Berry, Jarrett Blue, Gi-eg Brannon, Robert Br ' eedlove, Kevin Brockei ' , Richie Brock, Josh Bix)wning, Tyson Brown, Reggie Biyant, Decory Buigett, Chri stophei- Cailey, Brandon Carter, Jake Clemens, Chris demons, Nic Clowers, Antowin Cooper, Michael Ci-eech, John Ctx)ffie, Patrick Curry, Kentrell Davis, Ryan Davis, Tfiomas DiFiore, Michael Dixson, Dale Edwards, TeiTence Bmore, Mai-quis Ely-Kelso, Gordon Fields, BJ. Relds, Zachary Reming, Adam Foster, Geotge Gait Gabriel Gaiit, Ray Gary, Damien Gealliers, Robert Gibson, Fred Gilbert, Tony Gilliam, Mike Golston, Kedric Greene, David Hanison, Arnold Haywood, Cedric Hewitt, Chris James Hickman, Christophei Holland, Edd Hollis, 11, Alber Holloway, Denick Holmes, Dairell Hooten, Jake Huber, John Inman, Daniel Jackson, Alex Jackson, Lee Jackson, MaiTus Jean-Gilles, Max Jennings, Tim Johnson, Adam Johnson, Michael Jones, Burt Jones, Sean Jorxlan, Brian Kilgo, Jonathan Kirouac, Brett Knight, Ian Koehler, William Kramer, Pete Lady, Porter Loftin, John Luckey, Rollins Lyons, Jeff Mar-shall, Kai-eem Mayfield, Thomas McClendon, Bi)an Mereier, Antonio Miller, Bartley Milner ' , Martrez Milton, Tony Minte? ' , DeMario Moses, Quentin Nix, Philip Noblet, Jared Pannell, Preston Phillips, Cory Pollack, David Powell, Ronnie Raley, Maiio Roland, Dennis Sanni-Osomo, Olaolu Schnetzner, Ryan Shaw, Chris Shinpoch, Joel Shockley, D.J. Smith, Jamario Smitli, Musa Snyder, Braxton Stinchcomb, Jon Sullivan, Johnathari Swain, Darrius Swoopes, Randall Tanner, Russ Taylor, Tony Tereshinski III, Joe Tliomas, Jeremy Tliompson, Will Tliomton, Adam TLiomton, Bruce Towns, Kirby Turner, Michael Veal, Ken Wall, J.T. Watson, Benjamin Weeks, Reggie Wells, Evan White, Denick Williams, Bi-andon Wilson, Tommy Wynn, Shedrick Youngblood, John Young, Trey Coachin g Staff Mark Richt Mike Bobo Neil Callaway John Eason Jon Fabris Rodney Gamer David Johnson Brian VanGorder Willie Martinez Dave Van Halanger Eari Chambers Joe Danna John Segrave John Thompson Keith Gray Mark Krichbaum J - ' ' J gg 47.1 45, T •rr- OREBO RRD UGA OpDonent 31 Clemson 28 13 South Carolina 7 45 Northwestern St. 7 41 New Mexico St. 10 18 Alabama 25 48 Tennessee 13 17 Vanderbilt 17 52 Kentucky 24 13 Florida 20 31 Mississippi 17 24 Auburn 21 51 Georgia Tech 7 l- JHIp llll Football 151 Clemson Scorebook Rushing 86 yds Receiving 1 1 7 yds I Passing Attempt-25 Complete-15 for 1 17 yds Kick Return 121 yds Punt Return 82 yds Tackles 82 Sacks 4 for 41 yds Fumbles Punting 223 yds-average 37.2 Field Goals 1-1 Clemson Superlatives Georgia 31 Clemson 28 Attendance 86,520 Sanford Stadium These old rivals met again for the first time since 1995 Billy Bennett ' s 43 yd field goal with five minutes left clinched the win in this close season opener David Greene with Coach Rich! »B ' Tf f " »• South Carolina Scorebook Rushing 128 yds Receiving 169 yds Passing Attempt-22 Complete-1 1 for 169 yds Kick Return 72 yds Punt Return 19 yds Tackles 113 Sacks 1 for 4 yds Fumbles 2 Punting 265 yds-aver e 37.9 Field Goals 2-2 South Carolina Superlatives Georgia 13 South Carolina 7 Attendance 84,227 Williams-Brice Stadium Individual Highs: Musa Smith with 27 rushes Jonathan Kilgo with 7 punts C e i $owf6o ' im. CAroliw Billy Bennett photo by Katie wooct Bfuce Thomton Bradlcv Handucrtsor Clemson South Carolina Alabama Scorebook Rushing 161 yds Receiving 224yds I Passing Attempt-27 Complete-15 for 224 yds Kick Return 1 04 yds Punt Return 30 yds Tackles 86 Sacks 3 for 1 2 yds Fumbles 1 Punting 200 yds-average 40 Field Goals 2-2 Alabama Superlatives Georgia 27 Alabama 25 Attendance 83, 818 Bryant-Denny Stadium Individual Highs: Musa Smith with 1 26 yds rushing Team Highs: 42 rushes 10 penalities 81 penalty yds V, 1 p Tm i i ; -l Tennessee Scorebook Rushing 62 yds Receiving 232 yds Passing Attempt-38 Complete-22 for 232 yds Kick Return 1 6 yds Punt Return 43 yds Tackles 102 Sacks 6 for 46 yds Fumbles 1 Punting 325 yds-average 46.4 Field Goals 3-3 Tennessee Superlatives Georgia 1 8 Tennessee 1 3 Attendance 86,520 Sanford Stadium Individual Highs: Billy Bennett with 3 field goals Billy Bennett longest field goal-47yds Jonathan Kilgo with 7 punts Team Highs: 6 sacks :,.w ' iM ' i Alabama Tennessee 1 55 Ole Miss Scorebook Rushing 196 yds Receiving 206 yds Passing Attempt-22 Complete-12 for 117 yds Kick Return 1 03 yds Punt Return 36 yds Tackles 88 Sacks 2 for 10 yds Fumbles Punting 79 yds-average 39.5 Field Goals 2-1 Ole Miss Superlatives Georgia 31 Ole Miss 17 Attendance 86,520 Sanford Stadium Individual Highs: Musa Smith with 37 rushes Musa Smith with 1 48 yards rushing Team Highs: 54 rushes 196 yards rushing 97 Penalty Yards 10 Penalties Interceptions by 2 Defense David Greene 156 Athletics V Auburn Scorebook Jh Rushing 104 yds r Receiving 231 yds i Passing Attempt-38 Complete-19 for 169 yds Kick Retuin 54 yds Punt Return 75 yds Tackles 104 5 Hi Sacks 2 for 1 yds — Fumbles 2 1 " Punting 329 yds-average 47.0 Field Goals 2-1 « Ml w HI B • A !• V ' Georgia 24 Auburn 21 Individual Highs: Musa Smith long rush of 32 yds Jonathan Kilgo with 7 punts Johnathan Kilgo long punt of 66 yds Michael Johnson 1 3 receptions Boss Bailey with 2 sacks Team Highs: Interceptions by 2 SEC East Champions )bert Brannon Plioto by Roburl Liintrtsler GPeg BlUe Pliolo bv Krtlie Wood Ole Miss Auburn 158 Athletics The Georgia Dome in Atlanta is only 75 miles away from Sanford Stadium, but the Bulldogs had not travelled down , ,, lighway 316 to the SEC Championship in two decades, until now. Mark Richt brought a new kind of team to that stadium V ' ' m December 7, 2002 to face the Arkansas Razorbacks. With the Bulldogs scoring on their first five possessions, the dogs . ' ame out more than on top, they were champions. David Greene threw for 237 yards making him the MVP of the game. J{fj l| errance Edwards had 7 catches for 92 yards, making him the SEC career leader in receiving yards. The win also h ;linched them a chance to go to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. The 30-3 victory over Arkansas was more than an SEC ;t) Championship for the bulldogs, it was a representation of all the hard work in the past and a glimpse of what is to come -»- ' or this rising Georgia team. By Lauren Futrell SEC Championship 159 I ' hulo In KiiliK Wi J " A:f: PhdK) Uy Katie Woorf MVP Musa Smith rushed for 145 yards and Billy Bennett kicked four field goals in Georgia ' s 20-13 win over the Florida State Seminoles at the Nokia Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on New Years Day. This game completed the season A Jth a record of 13-1, the most wins in school history, and a final national ranking of 3, the highest since 1980. The trip to the Louisiana Superdome was more than a chance for a win, it was a chance for head coach Mark Richt to Deat Florida State, a program from which he came and has great respect for. The Seminoles took their only lead of he game in the second quarter, but Bruce Thornton quickly gave the lead back to the Bulldogs after an interception ind a return of 71 yards for a touchdown. This win was a turnaround for the Bulldog football program, and fans and jiayers alike have faith that the Bulldogs have the capability of returning to the Superdome again next year for the Mational Championship. But for 2003, the city of Athens and Bulldog fans all across the nation know that you can ' t ipell sUGAr without UGA. v.-.. By Lauren Futrell ifC ■ ' $ ' «M|irtM«| HtiwtuMxi 1 • -« j Pliolo l v kiiljc W ' amt Sugar BowLI LINEUP Football Squad Mark Cathy Katie DuPree Nathan Henderson Bear Keeling Molly Lane Matt Mallalieu Jonathan McCoy Crystal Rockwell Chelsey Selbey Rikki Shamis Aly Sutton Jacob Volk Mic Man: Nathan Bridges Men ' s Basketball Squad Ryan Cox Daniel Digby Rob Drake Ashley Ellis Mike Jung Lauren Ledbetter Bobbi Jayne Lenny Derek Merrlweather Thomas Musslewhite Laura Lee Nesler Jaclyn Steele Alii Welch -• T - h 0S , J k: a V-i iwWl 7 162 AthI I x i ' i ' lk k ||A:.. ,.,-, 3l». r Sr 3 1 iy li ' f-iit C ii ' ' ' Women ' s Basketball Squad John Baldwin Adam Balkcom Richard Bradford Rachel Burke Carson Dickens Alexa Frost Erin Grady Tim Haley Josh Keeling Liz Marshburn Chris Rudzinski Kelli Rutherford Head Coach Marllou Braswell Assistant Coach Jeremy Wicker eef[e4X H0 -f%- rii Cheerieadlng 163 Athletics are an important part of tlie University of Georgia, and the athletes are respected by the campus community. However, the fans are also a major force behind the Bulldog ' s success. Georgia sports fans fill Sanford Stadium during football season and buy out Stegeman 9HHI Coliseum for basketball games. They learn the chants and wear only the best colors- red and black. Coming together, both young and old, they show what being proud of their school is all about. They are the team ' s support, the spirit of the games, and true Georgia Bulldogs. By Jessica Miles Of AM Pholo BxK.ilic Wood Sports Fans 1 65 LINEUP Wayne Arnold Chris Daniels Mike Dean Fred Gibson Jarvis Hayes Jonas Hayes Daniel Szymanek Steve Thomas Richard Wehunt Damien Wilkins Clark Williams Ezra Williams Rashad Wright Head Coach: Jim Harrick Assistant Coaches: Jeff Dunlap, Jim Harrick Jr., James Holland r 4 i " ♦ 4 , . f UGA Opponent 71 Texas 77 118 EA Sports 79 87 Belmont 71 77 Georgia Tech 83 72 Minnesota 69 71 Colorado 70 78 California 73 95 Gonzaga 83 94 South Alabama 82 99 Appalachian St 62 89 Wisconsin-Milwaukee 69 79 Pittsburgh 67 89 LSU 63 63 Florida 66 81 Arkansas 64 81 Tennessee 76 85 Auburn Vanderbilt Mississippi St Tennessee Kentucky Vanderbilt Alabama South Carolina Mississippi Kentucky Florida South Carolina 79 Men ' s Basketball 1 67 LINEUP Sherill Baker Kara Braxton Kim Braxton Marqulta Driskell Ebony Felder Katie Frye Alexis Kendrick Mary Beth Lycett Jessica Pierce Tina Taylor ChristI Thomas Head Coach: Andy Landers Assistant Coaches: Brenda Hill, Michael Shafer, Katie Schutz i t 1 i M f H 1 i — ' W-» - • - . w ' J Bb T I I I I 1 Mr i ' t ' 1 !i I Kara Braxton -J 1 4 1 • ♦ « A xt 4 .4.4. UGA Opponent 112 Premier Players 88 79 Chattanooga 58 89 Georgia State 50 49 Arizona 70 70 Arizona State 74 91 UCLA 83 99 Oakland 56 87 Tennessee Tech 56 64 Michigan State 61 78 Houston 81 61 Georgia Tech Middle Tennessee 65 91 South Florida 44 94 California Florida Mississippi South Carolina Alabama Kentucky LSU Mississippi State Auburn South Carolina Vanderbilt Tennessee Arkansas Mississippi State Florida 61 hristi Thomas Women ' s Basketball 169 Geot ettes , b) K,i!k ' vv «!; ' Dance Dawgs HK ' ' JH b 1 5 X, r»f m - Dance Dawgs ni.,!., i. :„.:,, u. 170 Athletics Hl Georgettes V Dance Dawgs The halftime shows during the football and basketball games feature women who often are not recognized as athletes but who work hard to maintain the level of fitness mandatory for top performances. The Dance Dawgs ' training involves aerobic conditioning and weight training, and they are required to execute triple pirouettes, toe touches, and leaps. Along with the cheerleaders, they remain on their feet throughout the basketball games keeping the crowd energetic and perform dynamic routines during every time-out. The Georgettes, who perform along with the Redcoat Marching Band, are also a group of highly gifted dancers who are required to perform leaps and high kicks. The Flag Line, Majorettes, and Feature Twirler complement the Redcoats as well. In addition to being exceptional twirlers, they are proficient in marching and dancing. All of the women perform and practice year round as they also keep up their GPAs. They maintain themselves physically and mentally and work hard to keep the Bulldog spirit thriving. Their efforts should not go unnoticed. By Jessica Miles . fif ' «H) ;-. lagUne Majorettes PtKilu In Oiin.t Auxiliary Dance 171 low: Home of the Bulldogs, Sanford Stadium Is the sixth largest stadium in the United States. With a seating capacity of 86,520 and a history spanning the greater part of the 20th century, Sanford Stadium Is referred to by some as " the mecca of football. " The stadium was constructed in 1929 and additions have been taking place ever since to account for the growing splendor of football at the University. Sanford Sta- dium is named after Dr. Vincent Sanford who did many things at the University, Including founding the Grady School of Journalism, serving as University Dean, Chancellor, and President, and finally being chancellor of the University System of Georgia. He was instrumental in the construction of the stadium and was referred to by many as " the best friend of athletics. " Sanford Stadium peralyre ( Left: McWhorter Residence Hall is where many student athletes live. Designed to give the ultimate in comfort and privacy to its resi- dents, McWhorter once housed j ( only athletes but now also __ houses other students as well in a separate section. Right: Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall houses the Georgia Athletic Association, Sports Communications office, Georgia Bulldog museum, football weight rooms, and locker rooms. The facility is named after two of Georgia ' s most famous coaches, Wallace Butts and Harry Mehre. N — fli - vate .1 mmM n ' ■ tim ' • ortsia. 1 Above: Stegeman Coliseum, formerly the Georgia Coliseum, has a seating capacity of over 11,000 people. It is home to not only the Men ' s and Women ' s Basketball teams, but also to four time NCAA Champions, the Gym Dogs. Surprisingly, Gym Dogs meets frequently attract enough people to al- most fill up the Coliseum. The Coliseum ' s roof is actually a separate structure that is only con- nected to the bottom by aluminum to seal it off and to permit the rise and fall of the roof with tem- perature changes. First used in 1971, the Coliseum was renamed in 1996 in honor of Herman James Stegeman iS?v« i " F W»« ' e iAj 1 Left: Foley Field is the University ' s baseball complex. Named after Judge Frank Foley, this 3.5 million dollar stadium Is arguably one of the best in the country. With a capacity | of 3,921, this baseball powerhouse also has indoor practice facilities. Right: This 39 year old facility, the Spec Towns Track, has an eight lane, recently resurfaced track. Also included are an 1,000 seat grandstand, press box, and handicap-acces- sible seating. The track is named after former Georgia coach and Olympic gold medalist Forrest " Spec " Towns. i ' i» ' r . Iv n r T i " ■ V ■ : .■ »: . k - ' [ nizations Editor Danielle McGivney Divider 175 UNIVER$ITYOF GEOR61A As Recognized ABENEEFOO KUO HONOR SOCIETV ACADEMY OF STUDENTS OF PHARMACY ACCIDENTALS, (UGA) AD CLUB (UGA) ADAEGWU DANCE GROUP AESTHETIC IMPULSE AFRICAN AMERICAN CHORAL ENSEMBLE AFRICAN STUDENT UNION AG. APPLIED ECONOMICS GRAD STUD ASSN. AG. ENV. ECONOMICS AGRICULTURAL COMMUNICATORS OF TOMORROW AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS, GA BRANCH OF AIESEC AIKIDO CLUB (UGA) ALPHA EPSILON DELTA ALPHA KAPPA DELTA ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA PHI OMEGA ALPHA PHI SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA RHO (FORMERLY SIGMA RHO) ALPHA UPSILON ALPHA ALPHA ZETA AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY (UGA) AMERICAN MEDICAL STUDENT ASSN. AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETV (UGA) AMERICAN RED CROSS, STUDENTS FOR THE AMERICAN SOCIETV OF INTERIOR DESIGN AMERICAN VET. MED. ASSN., STUD. CHAP. AMERICAN WATER RES. ASSN., STUD. CHAP. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL ANTHROPOLOGY GRADUATE STUD. ORG. ANTHROPOLOGY SOCIETV APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY STUDENT ASSN. ARCH SOCIETV, THE ART HISTORY ORG., UNDERGRADUATE ASIAN lAW STUDENTS ASSN. ASTRONOMY CLUB (UGA) ATHENS FOLK MUSIC DANCE SOCIETV ATHLETIC TRAINERS CLUB, UGA STUDENT BADMINTON CLUB BALLROOM PERFORMANCE GROUP (UGA) BANGLADESH STUDENT ORGANIZATION BANKING FINANCE SOCIETY (UGA) BAPTIST STUDENT UNION BASEBALL CLUB BETA BETA BETA BIOLOGICAL HONOR SOCIETV BETA GAMMA SIGMA BEYOND TUESDAY BIKE ATHENS BIOCHEMISTRY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY GRAD. BIOCHEMISTRY UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT ASSN. BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING CLUB BUCK ACCOUNTANTS, NATL ASSN. OF BUCK EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT TUM BUCK JOURNALISTS, NATIONAL ASSN. OF BUCK UW STUDENTS ASSN. BUCK SOCIAL WORKERS NATL ASSN. BUCK THUTRICAL ENSEMBLE BLOCK BRIDLE CLUB BLUE KEY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETV BOTANY GRADUATE STUD. ASSN. BRAZILIAN STUDENT ORGANIZATION BRUKDANCIN6 CLUB (UGA) BUDOKAI (SHORINJI-RYU KARATF-DO) BULLDOG CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 176 Organizations CAMPUS CONNECTION CAMPUS GREENS CAMPUS OUTREACH CANADIAN STUDENTS ASSN. CAPOEIRA CARIBBEAN STUDENT ASSN. CATHOLIC STUDENT ASSN. CELLUUR BIOLOGY GRAD. STUD. ASSN. CHEMISTRY GRADUATE STUDENT ORG. CHESS CLUB, UGA CHI SIGMA IOTA, GAMMA BETA CHAPTER OF, CHILD FAMILY DEVELOPMENT ASSN. CHILD FAMILY DEVELOPMENT GRAD. STUD. CHINESE BIBLE STUDY GROUP CHINESE SHAO-LIN CENTER ATHENS CHORAL ASSN. CHRISTIAN CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP CINEMATIC ARTS (UNIVERSITY UNION) CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL CUSSIC CITV JAZZ (UGA) CLUB SOFTBALL CLUB VOLLEYBALL (MEN ' S) COLLEGE BOWL COLLEGE REPUBLICANS COLLEGES AGAINST CANCER COLLEGIATE 4-H COLLEGIATE FFA COLLEGIATE MUSIC EDUCATORS COLLEGIATE SCHOURS, NATIONAL SOCIETV OF COMMIHEE FOR BUCK CULTURAL PROGRAMS COMMUNIVERSITV COMPUTING MACHINERY, ASSOCIATION OF CONCERT CHOIR CORE DANCE COMPANY COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY STUD. ASSN. CREW TEAM (WOMEN ' S) CRICKET CLUB CRIMINAL JUSTICE SOCIETV UGA DANCE MARATHON (UGA) DANCE STUDENT TRAVEL DAWGS ARER DARK (UNIVERSITY UNION) DELTA EPSILON IOTA DELTA PHI UMBDA DELTA SIGMA PI DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETV DISCIPLES ON CAMPUS DODGEBALL, (UGA) FULL CONTACT DRUDED MINDZ DUCKS UNLIMITED (UGA) ECOLOGICAL DESIGN SUSTAINABIUTV ECONOMICS SOCIETV ENGLISH GRADUATE ORGANIZATION ENTERTAINMENT (UNIVERSITV UNION) ENVIRONMENTAL HFALTH SCIENCE CLUB ENVIRONMENTAL UW ASSN. EPISCOPAL CENTER AT UGA EQUAL JUSTICE FOUNDATION EQUESTRIAN TUM CLUB (UGA) ETA SIGMA PHI (CUSSICS SOCIETV) FAMILY CONSUMER SCI., STUD. ASSN. OF FAMILY GRADUAir HOUSING CHIl D CLUB FAMILY, (ARLLR. COMMUNITY LEADERS F. F. E. T. FrOFRALISlS SOCIETV FENCING CLUB (UGA) FILIPINO AMERICAN STUDENT ASSN. FISHERIES SOCIETY (UGA) FLYING CLUB (UGA) FLYING RAT TOLI TUM FOOD NUTRITION GRAD. STUD. ORG. FOOD SCIENCE CLUB FREETHOUGHT ALLIANCE (UGA) FRESHMAN FOCUS GAMER ' S ASSN. AT UGA GAMMA IOTA SIGMA GENETICS GRADUATE STUD. ORG. GEOGRAPHY STUD. ASSN. GEORGIA CHRISTIAN STUDENT CENTER GEORGIA GIRLS GEORGIA RECRUITMENT TUM GEORGIA RED HOTZ GLEE CLUB, MEN ' S GLEE CLUB, WOMENS GLOBAL OUTREACH CAMPUS MINISTRY GLOBES GOLDEN KEY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETV GRADUATE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION GRADUATE MINORITY BUSINESS ASSN. GRADUATE RESURCHERS IN EDU. PSYCH. GRADUATE STUDENT ASSN. GRADUATE WOMENS BUSINESS ASSN. GRADUATE WOMEN ' S CONSORTIUM GRAPHIC DESIGN CLUB (UGA) HABITAT FOR HUMANITV (UGA) HISPANIC STUDENT ASSOCIATION HOME BUILDERS (UGA), NATL ASSN. HONG KONG STUDENT UNION HONORS PROGRAM STUDENT COUNCIL HORTICULTURE CLUB, UGA HORTICULTURE GRAD STUDENT ASSN. HYPE- HIV AIDS YOUTH PREV. EFFORT IDUS ISSUES (UNIVERSITV UNION) INDIAN CULTURAL EXCHANGE INDIAN STUDENT ASSN. INDONESIAN STUDENT ORG. IN-LINE ROLLER HOCKEY CLUB INSTRUCTIONAL TECH. STUDENT ASSN. INSURANCE SOCIETV INTERFRATERNITV COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SOCIETV INTERNATIONAL COLLEGIATE SERVICE CORP INTERNATIONAL INTERIOR DESIGN ASSN. INVESTMENT CLUB OF UGA JAPAN CLUB JEHOVAH ' S WITNESS- ATHENS JEWISH UW STUDENTS ASSN. JOURNAL OF ECOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY JUGGLING CLL B, THE LGA KAPPA KAPPA PSI BAND FRAIERNITS KAPPA PSI PHARM. FRATERNin KARATF ( LI B (UGA) KASHIMA SHIN R U MARTIAL ARTS CLUB KOREAN TRADITIONAL PU ASSN. KORUN UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT ASSN. UCROSSE, MFNS UCROSSI ( LUB. WOMEN ' S UMBDA Al I IAN( I UMBDA KAPPA SIGMA UMBDA I ' ll! IPSILON UMBDA PI FT A ' v- .[„ M( y Am vii»Miiify)ii«im TU D E NTO RGAN I ZATI ON S by fhe University Kt ' i ' .IIKN ANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE GRAD. STLID. ANDSCAPE ARCHITECTLIRE, GA STUDENTS OF ANDSCAPE CLUB ANGUAGE EDUCATION GRAD. ORG. AHER-DAY SAINT STUD. ASSN. AW PARTNERS OF THE UGA SCHOOL OF lAW . E. A. D. EADERSHIP RESOURCE TEAM IFELONG LEARNING ASSN. (UGA) IFE SPAN DEV. PSYCH. GRAD. STUDENT GRP. IGHT OF MESSIAH FELLOWSHIP INGUISTIC SOCIETV (UGA) lAGAZINE CLUB IANA6EMENT SOCIET . THE lANRRS (MIN. IN AG., NAT. RES., RELATED SCI.) lARCH OF DIMES COLLEGIATE COUNCIL lARINE SCIENCES GRADUATE STUDENT ASSN. lATH CLUB (UGA) lATHEMATICS EDUCATION STUD. ASSN. lEDIA MANAGEMENT CLUB IINORITV BUSINESS STUDENT ASSN. IINORITV PRE-MEDICAL STUDENT ASSN. lODEL U N TOURNAMENT (UGA) lODEL UNITED NATIONS, (UGA) lONTOLOGY CATALYST ASSN. lORTAR BOARD NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY lUSIC THERAPY CLUB lUSLIM STUDENT ASSN. lYCOLOGY DISCUSSION GROUP AACP, UGA CHAPTER OF ATIONAL ART EDU. ASSN., STUDENT CHAPTER AVIGATORS EUROSCIENCE STUDENT ASSN. OTEWORTHY |IB0E CLUB ilDYSSEY OF THE MIND llMEGA TAU SIGMA IIMICRON DELTA EPSILON [micron delta EPSILON, INT ' L HONOR SOC. llMICRON TAU THETA ' iPERA ENSEMBLE (UGA) iRDER OF OMEGA jlRTHODOX CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP I ' AGAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION j ' AINTBALL CLUB (UGA) I ' AMOJA DANCE COMPANY I ' ANHELLENIC COUNCIL I ' ERFORMING ARTS (UNIVERSITV UNION) I ' HARMACEUTICAL ASSN., STUDENT NATL j ' HARMACEUTICAL SCIENTISTS ASSN. (UGA) i ' HI ALPHA DELTA PRE-UW FRATERNITY ; ' HI ALPHA HONOR SOCIETY i ' HI ALPHA THETAHISTORY HONOR SOCIETY I ' HI BEATA HEATA I ' HI BETA SIGMA HI DELTA CHI PHARMACY FRATERNITY HI KAPPA LITERARY SOCIETV HI SIGMA PI HI SIGMA TAU ' HI SIGMA THETA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ' HI UPSILON OMICRON ' HILOSPHY CLUB. THE UGA ' I KAPPA UMBDA ' I SIGMA EPSILON ' UNNED PARENTHOOD OF GEORGIA- VOX POOL SCHOOL POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT CENTER PRE-VETBRINARY MEDICINE CLUB (UGA) PRINTMAKING STUDENT ASSN. PSI CHI HONOR SOCIETV PSYCHOLOGY CLUB (UGA) PUBLIC REUTIONS STUD. SOC. OF AMERICA QUANTUM PSYCOLOGY CLUB RACQUETBALL CLUB (UGA) REAL ESTATE SOCIETV RECREATION LEISURE STUDIES STUDENT RED AND BUCK FORUM, THE REDCOAT BAND REFORMED UNIVERSITV FELLOWSHIP RESIDENCE HALL ASSN. RHEMA@UGA, INC. RODEO CLUB, UGA ROWING CLUB, MENS RUGBY TEAM, MENS (UGA) RUSSIAN STUDENT ASSN. S.C.R.E.A.M. SAGAN SOCIETV. THE SAILING CLUB (UGA) SCHOOL COUNSELING ASSN. (UGA) SEMOAU SIGMA TAU DELTA SOCCER CLUB, MEN ' S (UGA) SOCCER CLUB, WOMEN ' S (UGA) SOCIAL FOUNDATIONS GRADUATE COALITION SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGISTS AT UGA SOCIAL WORK DOCTORAL ASSN. SOCIETS FOR MANAGEMENT INFO SYSTEMS SOIL WATER CONSERVATION SOCIETV (UGA) SOUND OFF SPECIAL EVENTS (UNIVERSITV UNION) SPORTS BUSINESS CLUB (UGA) SPORTS WW SOCIETY STILLPOINT LITERARY MAGAZINE STUDENT COMPOSERS ASSN. STUDENT COUNCIL ON GLOBALIZATION STUDENT DIETETIC ASSN. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSN. STUDENT HISTORIC PRESERVATION ORG. STUDENT MERCHANDISING ASSN. STUDENT UNION OF CHINA STUDENTS FOR CHRIST STUDENTS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS STUDENTS FORUM FOR INTL AWARENESS STUDENTS IN FREE ENTERPRISE SWING CLUB, THE SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING CLUB(UGA) TABLE TENNIS CLUB (UGA) TAI CHI CLUB (UGA) TENNIS CHALLENGE LADDER (UGA) TENNIS CLUB TEAM (UGA) TEXTILE CHEMISTS COLORISTS ASSN. THAI STUDENT ASSN. THALIAN BLACKFRIARS TIMOTHY CAMPUS MINISTRY TROMBONE CHOIR (UGA) TURQUOISE LAWN FLAMINGOS, THE UGA LIBERTARIANS UGANIME UGAZINE ULTIMATE FRISBEE CLUB, MEN ' S ULTIMATE FRISBEE CLUB, WOMENS UMADD (UGA) UMLAUT, COMP. LIT. GRAD. ORG. UNDERGRADUATE SCIENCE BULLETIN, THE UNICEF (UGA) UNIVERSITV CHORUS UNIVERSITV JUDICIARY UNIVERSITV ROUND TABLE UNIVERSITV STUDIES ADVISORY COMMIHEE UNIVERSITV UNION WALT DISNEY WORLD COLLEGE PROGR. ALUMNI WATCH DAWGS, INC., THE WATER POLO CLUB TEAM, WOMEN ' S WESLEY FOUNDATION WHITEWATER CLUB (UGA) WILDLIFE SOCIETV WISHMAKERS ON CAMPUS WITH SOMEONE ELSE ' S MONEY A CAPPELU WOMEN ' S STUDIES STUDENT ORGANIZATION WORLD AMBASSADORS WORLDWIDE DISCIPLESHIP ASSN. WRESTLING CLUB WUOG, 90.5 EM XI SIGMA PI YOUNG CHOREOGRAPHERS SERIES Organizations 1 77 M] The Student Government Association demonstrates LEADERSHIP deiilsofl by Casey Dickey The Student Government Association represents the voice of all UGA students The Diversity Tailgate is one of the flagship programs of the Minority Affairs committee. The tailgate seeks lo take one of (JGA ' s greatest traditions, game day, and create an environment that is welcoming to all students. This year ' s program proved to be a tremendous success as more than 400 students shared food, music, and a good time before the Tennessee game. a The purpose of SGA is lo scnv, the sludt nts thn,ugh advocat- ing lor sliident rights is W( ll as providing programs that enrich the college experience. -Sa( hin Vargh(!se 178 Organizations Did you Know? ' The purpose of SGA is to act as an organized voice for all stu- dents of UGA and to relate the views and suggestions to adminis- trators and organized governing bodies. Each college on campus is governed by senators, the number of which is based on the percentage of students enrolled in each college. Student Government Association Senalors: Amislia Aiya, Charlie Bailey, Conrlionda Balder, Ginny Barton, Jessie Beegle, Elizabetli Brown, Sarah Cherry-Vice President, Bryan Grantham, Christy Grant, Geoffrey Grimes, Lindretta Grindle, Ryan Hall, Jonathan Harris, Matt Hunt, Jesse Jones, Billy Joyner, Hayes Lee, Dena Levitz, Jared Long, Julia Lundy, Toke Mayaki, Brendan Murphy, Carlton Rice, Brad Bobbins, Latham Saddler, Heather Sheppard, Leslie Shinnick, Keimun Slaughter, Adam Sparks, Keili Thomas, F. J. Tribuzio, Sachin Varghese-President, Ross Wallace. Freslinian B(iard: Joseph Antonio, Elizabeth Ballard, AII son Barnes, Gavin Beck, Jason Brown, Lael Chappell, Natasha Chua Ian, Lindsay Connell, Mairi-Jane Fox, Jens Holmboe, Stan Jackson, Matt Josephson, Jill Koretzky, Ben Mayer, Steve McGuire, Lilly Seay, Ashley Rudolph, Jonathan Sheehan, Melissa Simpson, Robby Staley SGA members celebrate after a down and dirty outdoor team building activity during the fall retreat at Rock Eagle. The Student Government Associa- tion hosts many activities throughout the year such as sponsoring Homecoming festivities and holding a date auction to benefit charity. Eich year the Student Government Association ittends a two-day fall retreat to promote unification )f the group. The retreat allows members to formulate plans for the upcoming year and work on ways to improve the organization while also giowIng closer together. Student Goverment Association 1 79 The Arch Society embodies the spirit of HOSPITALITY The Arch Society serves as the University of Georgia ' s hosts and goodwill ambassadors to new students and guests Each year the Arch Society plans a fall retreat for its members. This year the retreat was held in the mountains of Helen, Georgia. The weekend included white water rafting on the Oconee River, as well as fun games and activities to help the old and new Arch Society members get to know each other. " The retreat was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other beyond our meet- ings and assignments. There is not a better time to bond with someone than when you are rafting down a river and teasing your river guide because he was a graduate of Tennessee. " said Ashley Wharton. The Arch Society is such a dynamic and diverse group of people, and I U v. very privileged to be a part of it, " -Keesha Warmsby 180 Organizations -Did you Know?- Founded in 1 990, The Arch Society is unique because the first student organization created for the purpose of allowing students to represent the university population at official UGA events. The greatest accomplishment of The Arch Society lies in the dedication that the men and women of the Arch display. In fact, members of the Arch Society served over 2,000 hours for the University of Georgia last year alone. The Arch Society Ginny Barton, Michael Brock, Evita Broughton, Travis Canova, John Carson, Kim Council, Laura Curry, Margaret Dona ldson, Corey Dortch, AN Egan, Kim Evans, Shannon Hill, Mary Beth Hobby, Gino Ikwuezunma, Alan Jenkins, Keane Johnson, Mary Ann Knox, Becca Lane, Jill Lawrence, Dan Ludlam, John Paul Martin, Katie Mathis, Tricia Newton, Betsy Nicholson, Jamelia Outlaw, Satya Patel, Adrian Pressley, Alex Reed, Luci Reilly, Carlton Rice, Julie Seale, Pali Shah, Nicole Shelton-Dyson, Lauren Vergouven, Keesha Warmsby, Ashley Wharton The Men and Women of the Arch Society serve as both hosts and goodwill ambassadors for the University. " The Arch Society provides its members with an opportunity to meet people they might not have otherwise met, go places they might not have otherwise gone, and see this University from a perspective they might not have otherwise had, " said Tom Cochran, founder of the Arch Society. Some of the opportunities that the members of the Arch Society have participated in include Better Relations Day with Auburn, the Chancellor ' s Inauguration and the Gardens of the World Ball spon- sored by the State Botanical Gardens. The Arch Society 1 81 -Did You Know?- I AGHON is the highest honor that a student in the College of I Agricultural and Environmental Sciences may attain while at «« UGA. 1| The creed of this society is to promote leadership and spirit I among south campus students. Aghon Member Names Not Provided to the Yearbook Collegiate FFA Huss Abrams, Lyie Brackin, Biiiii Bradford, I ll ahclh lir.idl.v (,illir Bia il. R(il)iii RriKiUs. April ( .ini|)l«-ll, Di ' sif li " 1 ' ' ' . hisc (distill, sieve (iiiidell, Heather ClaustiM Todd Croedl. Bmnl ( riwe, M(liss.i Done. in. M.iiulv I m u. 1 I ,nui, MiMIhav 1 1 eis. hisli lleiniim Mcillv Ireeman. Iiille rulmer. .lanie (illheil. fiis MV (irilli.i. Mnarula llaiiisle . Aiul H. nood. Ain.iiHl »ie. Sara IliiUhes. KalhrMr lirrlsl liiire IhrrM I r.rrik lackso.r. laiircrr krhriMiii. k sse Wr h. Sli.iNia hrsiirfc hniic lle lar«. Slranrroii lauiviKe. llMXiri l.r, lllaiie Maivihk ' . Aslrll MelK. Mrrulv McMHe, Dana Nash, Al)ln NcTillrarir. I ann ' rr N. ' cusdne. I ernh Mr, hnl. Sla(4A (likirir. K,ilie Oshoni. Ainanila I ' adncll. du ' r l Patlcison, Claudea Paul, Ryaii Payne, Brandie IVrrKnosIc ' , s.ihnr ,K,lsrriier. sieiilr.inre U. Iiavrs Senuh. Mor- air slieakv sie ' ii Shei-am, Keya Silas, Jainie Smith, Will SpraUiie. Alil) S|,nirll. K.iiie si.mrcs. I rrn l.iriihN, knrrri.r Ihonipsoii. kellie llmrnpMMr. I inrh I mmi. Br-arukin Walker, Josh Wall, lonalhan Willis. Br-.iUU Wnlli ' . 1 anne Woodard. Boss asin. David onnU 182 Organizations -Did You Know?- mou I Icollegiate FFA was founded in ; |j[ j|„j, 11928 by a small group of farm j . Iboys but now has ovei- 500,000| jj 1 members in all fifty states. [Members learn about subjects ,„n|,|j such as biotechnology, genetic : lengineering, tur-f grass managei . Jment, and agribusiness. g llhe Collegiate FFA at UGA Is ani - lextension of the FFA that many . ' I . . . • . ' ' ™ii assuii Imembers experienced duiing high school. I ,,„, | Members are given the opporlu ,,, Inity to network with our state ' s Current and future agricultural , BStd Betd Betd Tiffany Adams, Oluwakeini Adebayo, Jay Anderson, Sharon Ballew, Marigny Begue,William Bowers, kiniberly Brown, Megan Bundif k, Thomas Burress, Daniel Carnegie, Chpryelle Carr,Melissa Carter, Karoline Casey, Dana bhafin, Laurel Cliafin, Salina Chen, Gina Chu, Crystal Clark, Elliott Coble, Ellen Coter, Dwight Collier, April Conway, Kristin prawford, Stephen Crimmins, Patrick Crisp, Kathryn Crosby, Ivey Cundiff, Sechin Curry, Tara Davis, Marissa Delong, Sonia Ijemetrios, Jason Dowling, Brian Drefus, Joe Elkins, Kristen Faerber, Roy Fenoff, Logan Fields, Nicholas Forth, Mary Fowler, ileenia Foutan, Kara Gordon, Pat Gordon, Tina Green, Rachel Greenway, Lauren Hall, Scott Harelik, Jennifer Harris, Jennifer iJirsch, Slaci Holt, Gini Ikwuezunma, Alyss Ingmundson, Misty Jackson, Brett Jakaitis, Staci James, Steven Jocoy, Johnna llohnson, Kate Johnson, Lee Johnson, Andrew David Jones, Michelle Juneau, Dipinder Keer, Elizabeth Kelly,Brian Kern, ' .indsay Kirby, Rachel Kologinczak, Valynne Long, Brook Lowe, Allison Lowry, Nicole Lynch, Tirzah Lyons, Darren Mack, llowland Mansfield, Maney Mazloom, Sarah McClurg, Megan McKee, Jodi McPipkin, Robyn Mitchell, Kacie Moreno-Schoen, Mik.irilh Naida, Jeremy Nelson, Thu Ong, Priya Paul, Nicole Payne, Nicole Picardo, Morgan Pinkston, Amanda Pinyan, David ' inrilcr, Scott Ramshur, Shomari Puffin, Natasha Savage, Debra Scoggins, Laura Smith, Tiffany Solano, llisa Stern, Tesheka Jtevenson, Alton Swennes, Katherine Swint, Alicia Turner, Mija Vail, Veronica Vazquez, Rolandine White, Kelly Withers, Jtristopher Woeste, Carrie Lee Young, Robert Zinzen -Did You Know?- Beta EJeta Beta is a society for students dedicated to inipfovliig the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending the boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. Beta Beta Beta was founded in 1 922 at Oklahoma City University by Dr. Frank G. Bixwks and a group of his students. By 1 925, the society was a national organization. In 1930, the society journal, BIOS, b an publication of student reseaix;h, articles of interest to biologists and society news. As the society grew, it was oiganized into r onal and district groups each of which holds an annual comention. At the heart of every district and national meeting are student research papers presented in the style of graduate meetings. -Did You Know?- The African American Choral Ensemble was formed at UGA in 1972. It was originally a gospel choir which was one of the first unifying elements of the African American community on campus. In 1988, Dr. Gregory Broughton assumed the role pf director of the group and has furthered the their devel- opment by expanding its repeiloire to include exclu- sively indigenous music jwritten and arranged by African American composers. African American CtlOral Ensemble Kevin Anderson, Jacques Bell, Eric Bland, Erica Bolar, Jessica Brown, Tasheina Canty, Kendra demons, William Cone, Alenda Conway, Casandra Corley, Matt Crim, Nicole Dorfling, Kristen Duncan, Hardray Dumas, Shaunteria Dye, Tyrus Eaves, Ellen Fragaszy, Mario Gibbs, Jamie Grady, Russell Gregory, April Hankerson, Ken Harris, Keoria Holmes, Netiqua Hughes, Deseriee Jennings, April Johnson, Julie JOhnson, Kenneth Johnson, Mary Johnson, Sydney Jones, Jessica Kerns, Meredith LaPier, Emily Langbehn, Valerie Love, Lauren Lowe, Jarrad Manor, Natasha Martin, LaVonda McLean, Edak Onofiok, Tonisha Pinson, Krystle Pitts, Audra Quintan, Brad Rainey, Tamara Richards, Lila Richardson, Shomari Ruffin, Kevin Samples, ElizabethSchultheiss, Shelynn Scott, Charissa Shiver, Michael Traylor, Chloe ' Thompson, Ronda Williams, Dana Worley, Ukeme Ukoh QtiiHpnt nr(iani7fltinil » 1 S " University Union sponsors special EVENTS by Nicole Marino University Union serves by providing a vast array of activities andr . events for the University ' s student body ml] University Union ' s Special Events committee stops for a quick picture before halftime at the Homecoming game. Ever-y Homecoming, UGA students are given a plethora of activities to participate in and enjoy. Campus clubs and organizations paint Sandford Drive, banner competi- tions and the Homecoming dance are just a few events offered. This year a special performance by Outkast was attended by 6000 students in Stegeman Coliseum. These festivities are the products of months of planning, done in great part by University Union ' s Special Events Committee. (( This is the second year tor Dawfis Alter Dai k. The Union pursued this IclIG niffht programming in order to giv(! sludfdils an alternative on Friday night s that was free of ( har e. " Tyler Helms 184 Organizations Did you Know? As the largest student programming body at the University of Georgia, members of University Union have selected, promoted and produced events on campus. Homecoming Week, Dawgs After Dark, and the annual Day of Soul concert along with cultural programs, sneak previews and perfor- mances by nationally known musicians and dance companies are merely a few of the acts University Union has introduced for the entertainment of UGA students. University Union Board of Governors Michelle Gilzenrat, Lindsi Aberctombie, Jessica Lowt -Promo- tions Director, Tyler Helms-Presi- dent, Emily Baldwin, Emily Frix-Vice President, Chris Held, Gigie Geoge-Secretary, Gary Holbrook. Thousands of students are mesmerized as Tom Deluca hypnotizes members of the audience in his Homecoming show. Deluca is known for making the most skeptical believe in the captivating power of hypnosis. A member of the Performing Arts Committee checks tickets and directs a fellow student to his correct seat. Some performances offered this year included jazz vocalist Cassandra Wilson, the Kronos Quartet, and the Second City Touring Company. University Union 1 85 Bi-I J Block and Bridle Club learns about farming, livestock and HORSE SENSE sauclioned since IW I by Casey Dickey and Danielle McGivney The UGA Block and Bridle Club members share their experiences and knowledge of horses, livestock and rodeos At the Spring Formal, members Lindsey Creasy, Katie Walker, Kasey Mixon, Rachel Postin, Nicole Grier and Valerie Blair take a break from dancing to mingle. The formal was held at The Georgian Hotel In downtown Athens in Febru- ary 2002. For this year ' s Great Southland Stampede ilOOGO, we have hired lh(! best in the business to otu e af ain assure that the Athens rod(M) lans experi- . n.e ih( Greatest Show on Dirt. " -Amanda Zeigler 186 Organizations IS -Did you Know?- Starting in the spring of 1 970, the UGA Livestock Judging Team started the Great Southland Stampede Rodeo, now a $150,000 production that is run entirely by the students in the UGA Block and Bridle Club. It was officially sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboy ' s Association in 1974, and since then for one week in April ten inches of dirt have replaced the basket- ball court in Stegeman Coliseum so the rodeo could take place. Some of the events at the two-day rodeo include bull riding, barrel racing, steer wresting, bareback riding and calf roping. UGA Block and Bridle Club Officers: Russ Moon-President, Amanda Zeigler-Vice President, Mandy Esco- Secretary, Stephanie Ray-Treasurer, Abby Needham-Community Service Chair, Philip Genti7-Social Chair, Ben Hunter- Chaplain, Rachel Postin-Rodeo Chair, Frank Jackson Ill-Assistant Rodeo Chair, Alan Zeigler-Sergeant of Arms, Jerrod Wall-Pit Boss, Clay Talton-Pit Boss, Kalen Morgenstern-Pit Boss, Valerie Blair- Reporter, Lindsey Creasey-Ag Hill Rep, April Roberson-Ag Hill Rep Every year the UGA Block and Bridle Club goes to the National Convention, which was held in St. Louis, Missouri in 2001 . The convention is held at different locations each year to give members the opportunity to see the area ' s farming corporations in omp.irison to others around the United States. The Block and Bridle Club holds many events for its members throughout the year, ranging from the Little International Livestock Show to doing commu- nity service. New members get the opportunity to do fun activities such as pig wrestling before they are initiated as official members. UGA Block and Bridle 187 -Did You Know?- ASAP stands for Advocating Safe Alternatives for Peers. ASAP ' s main goals are to promote low risk choices concerning the use of alcohol and other drugs while offering alternatives to high risk behav- iors. Ever7 member serves as a peer educator who act as role models, educators, motivators and leaders on and off cam- pus. CommUniVerSity Hiks AIh-.iius, I Ic HcKkin, liam HMillmrl, lli .ihftli Ur-.i(llc , (.illlr Uf,i il. lidhiii Hinoks. |iiil (.iinplHll. Drssic (,ii1cf. Iiisc {.islrii, Sli ' xc (.iijilcll. Ilcillicf (l.iiisluc, 1(kI(I ( ii ' cdi, liifiil Inmi ' , Mclisvi DiiiK.iri, M,in(l ls((i. Mlll.u l.iiiii. M.illlii ' W Ikuidi iN. Josh Mt miiiti, MolK Irvcrii.iii. Iiilic liiliiici ' . I.iiiii ' (iiIIh ' iI. I iisl.iir (inlliii. Aiii.ukI.i M.inislcN. iul M.i n (l. Ain.ind.i Ihmii ' .,i Hufihcs, Kiithryn Hulsl, Julie llurM, liMiik I.k ksdii, l.uiicii loliiisoii, k ' ssc hc . Sli,i l,i Kisliii;;. ImiiicIIc l.iii . Sh.iiiiiini l.miviuc l! nni Ice Blaiio Mardtlle, Ashli Mclls, Minih Mikmc, D.iii.i VisIi. Miln i rclli.iiii. I .iiiiiii Vcwmiiic. I ( ' i;;li i( liiil. Sl.i r (Kliiiii. K.ilic (KIhmii. ni,iiuki Padgell, CliKPyl Pattorson, Cliiudc i I ' .uil. Ih.iii I ' .iMir, Hi Iii ' l ' i ' nlc iisti ' , s,iImiii,i I ' likiKiinii, si(|)li,inic U.i . Ir.iMs Sciliih, Mdm.iii Sheiiley, Sliwn Sherdin, Ktfya Silas, l.iiiiii ' Siiiilli. Will S|ii-,i;iiii ' , l)li Spnnll. si.iiiics, I iiii iaivlcv. Iciiniici ' llioiiipsciii, Ki ' llic IlKiniiisiin. Emily lysiin. Br uidun WalM ' r, Jcisli VV.ill. k)ii i(liaii Willis. Wiillr. laiiiii ' WiKHlanl. Koss asiii. DaMil iiiiii 188 Organizations -Did You Know?- Communiversity was originally, founded in 1 969 as an organi- zation called OFFER or Oppor- tunity for Friendship, Educa- tion and Recreation. The club was officially recog- nized as a student organiza- tion in 1 979 and changed its name to Communiversity to better reflect its purpose. Communiversity is comprised of nine programs: Big Brother Big Sister, Tutoring, Teacher Assistant, Outreach, Service Projects, Best Bud- dies, Adopt-a-Grandparent, Into the Streets and Allernativ( Spring Break. iWewasfoi " iiUlrott ,orE m. ' pirCiC K Josh Pacosa, Lea Hattaway, Anjali Philipose. Luciana Silva, Diane Simpson. Erin E. McPhail, Valerie Elslon. ]leretlilli Blair Long, Jay Loofl, Lolelta Turner, Crystal Evans, Kunal Mitra, Brandi Villarheal, Deanne Smith, Joseph Moore, Hillary ParKhouse, Susan Johnson, Shauna Green, Kirk Edwards, Parul Shah, Jennifer Burk, Shakita Johnson, Hunter Johnson, [iadeem Fatteh, Emily Moore, Melissa Skinner, Dae Pruitte, Rachael Anglin, Rupa Patel, Heidi Cash, Renee Contreras -Did You Know?- Tlie goal of Circle K Is lo pix)inote and provide op|X)i1uiiities foi ' service In tlie school, community and worldwide. In 1936, Qrcle K was instituted as a ft-atemity at Washington Stale University by the Kiwanis Qub. Intei«st led to the building of the first Glide K club in 1 947 at CaiHiage Collie, Illinois. This year, members of the UGA Circle K club attend regular weekly service projects. Monday is Bingo Niglit with residents of Grandview Nursing Home. On Thursdays, members volunteer at tlie Jack R. Wells Athens Boys and Giris Qub. Qixjie K membei-s also help the students of Alps Road Hementary School through tutoring. Each Circle K club is sponsored by a local chapter of the Kiwanis Club and work cooperatively together. uit, recoj ' -Did You Know?- The Black Theatrical En- jsemble was founded in 1976 I as a medium for those inter- lested in Afrocentric expres- sion through theater. The Black Theatrical En- semble, or BTE, will put on four productions this year, including an end-of-the-year musical. BTE membership is open to all individuals and does not require theatrical experience or a major in drama. m Black Theatrical Ensemble Row 1 : Bobby Munga K. Wechsler, Funke Obadina, Brandee Lattlmore, Shanetta McLin-Public Relations Director, Lauren Jones, Jazmin Briggs-Production Director, Hilai Carriithers- Presidenl, Shonle Lawson Row 2: Shaunleria Dye, Tiffany Kelly-Technical Director, Caria McNear-Drama Troupe Coordinator, Terrell Hart-Vice President Not Pictured: Jeffrey Brown-Secretary, Nakesha Bryant. Christina Guillen-BTE Liaison, Keloria Holmes, Cassandra Kirkland, Valerie Loye, Gretchen Lyons, Theuri Mwangi, Keyin O ' Neill, Ryan Payne, Krystle Pitts-Musical Director, Keisha Roddy, Lauri Short, Sara Smith-Membei ' ship Director, Chanlal Stepney, Sindhura Suryadevara, Akuba Torvikey, Kirsten Vaughn. Student Organizations 1 89 w The Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco reaches out to students through COMEDY by Danielle McGlvney The Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco has entertained University student and Athens residents alike for five years At the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication sludio, cast members Lauren Dominick, Trevor Williams and Neal Holman act in front of a green screen for the animated intro for Episode 14. Silly Spider Monkey member Ed Mundy used the green screen to mak( it appear that the actors were trekking through a jungle. ii At first it seemed like a CrftZy Hh ' ,i. But a man named John Kenni ly on( ( had a crazy IQ6cL Let ' s put some guy on the moon, ' maybe on( day we will, maybe one day wo will- )) wait, what did I just sayP -Trevor Williams 190 Orfianizations H -Did you Know?- " The Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco " was created in the fall of 1 998 by Trevor Williams and Travis Holcombe, freshmen at the Univer- sity of Georgia, as a continuation of their high school public access show, " Toilet Jokes For Filthy Blokes. " In the summer of 2001 , it was named best entertainment program of the year by the national AHECTA organization. The Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco Standing: Stephen Hendriks, Diane Latham, Shelly Stover, Andrew Jedlicka, Laura Jensen, Neal Holmam, Nora Smith Kneeling: Angie Wedekind, Lauren Domlnick, Trevor Williams. Ed Mundy, Stephen Hendricks, Andrew Jedlicka, and Trevor Williams are being, well, silly. The different personalities of the cast make up the dynamics of the show. The Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco is now in its fifth season at the Lniversity of Georgia, and recently it received an award for " Excellence in Media Production " from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Before one of their shows at the Tate Center, the cast of the Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco pose in their camp counselor gear. Each Tate Show has a live portion where the cast performs short sketches for the crowd. Silly Spider Monkey Fiasco 1 91 ' The Georgia Girls help UGA ' s football team with RECRUITMENT by Danielle McGivney ■Ilieljeiir (ortlielii •nieirsloi atwifcs UGAs football team recruits with the help of a dedicated group o) girls who serve as official hostesses to high school football players At the New Mexico State game, officers Raqiielle Parlis, Kelly Johnson, Angel Nathan and Christy Tyree take a breal after the Dawg Walk. Each officer is in charge of a group of Georgia Girls whom they mentor and serve as contacts for information about tickets, upcoming meetings and recruits. " First and foremost, I love being a Georgia Girl because I love Georgia football, and I also really enjoy getting the opportunity to talk about what a great school Georgia is, " said Kelly Johnson. (( I am proud to be a Georgia Girl l)ecause I know that w v, I do helps the growth and df velopment of Georgias excellent football program. -Lauren Taylor 1 92 Organizations I] -Did you Know?- The Georgia Girls were first founded in , and serve as the official hostesses for the University of Georgia football team. Their slogan is " The Best Recruiting the Best, " and the girls escort recruits at both official and unofficial visits. Besides recruiting, the Georgia Girls participate in community service activities such as the Festival of Trees, Relay for Life and play a Powder Puff football game each spring between the hedges of Sanford Stadium to benefit the American Red Cross. Georgia Girls Candice Blackmon, Chrilian Cagle, Julie Campbell, Knsten Eble, Jazzmalne Francis, Catherine Hobbs, Ashley Lamas Lindsay MIms, Lauren Muiier, Angel Nathan, Mary Wolfe, Natasha Young, Marlsa Collier, otte Dupree, Crystal Elam, Jessica Hansel, Brooke Hight, Kiswanna Money, Jewell Robinson, Ashley Waddell, Erin Walton, Ashley Wheaton, Jasmine Black, Margaret Donaldson, Cortney Elam, Jocelyn Graves. Sachle Hase, Sarah LaRose, Blair Mathison, Toni PInson, Susan Reagin, Tiffany Traynum, Christy Tyree, Realenn Watters, Charya By. Kurtina Cordy, Ty Dooley, Ashley Fronczak, Allison Gaudet, Paige Hart, Gmerice Lafayette, Julie Quintero, Sarafi Rasalam. Lauren Taylor, Ebonee Williams, Tiffany Woodall. Roselle Agner, Latoya Britt, Kalesha Bullard, Heather Campbell, Lisa DePasquale, Tiffany Donley, Freddie Geppert, Elizabeth Granger, Lori Hancock, Kelly Johnson, Valerie Love, Melissa Shepherd, Djabriz Bing, Hyun Cho, Tracy Jones, Leslie Mays, Jessica Murphy, Stephanie Neal, Jordan Praytor, Kim Sarabia, Elizabeth Sharp, Natalie Stricklen, Kathryn Weldon, April Belt, Melanie Brown, Elizabeth Farrar, Sharonda Glaze, Robyn Harmelin, Nyaboke Machini, Raquelle Parks, Mikel Lauren Ratts, Melissa Rosa, Kelli Thomas, Tiffany Turner, Mary Beth Wiggins At Butts-Mehre, advisor Connie Connelly jokes with Sachie Hase and Djabriz Bing. Before each home game, the Georgia Girls take their recruits and their guests on a tour of Butts-Mehre and the athletic facilities. After the tour, the recruits eat and also have the opportunity to speak with the various coaches of the football team. After the football game, the Georgia Girls meet at Butts-Mehre to say good-bye to the recruits and their guests and have a final meeting before leaving for home. The girls must arrive at least four hours before the game in order to plan out the day ' s activities and prepare for the recruits to arrive. The Georgia Girls 1 93 1. The Georgia Red Hotz show off their dancing TALENT Oirf) by Danielle McGlvney The Georgia Red Hotz, UGAs competitive dance team, won severd[ awards since their formation last summer At the College Spirit Camp, Maryam Motiwala and Lisa fhompson grab a picture with Universal Dance Association head (??) Jennifer Britton. This was the first time that the University of Georgia was represented at the camp, and the Red Hotz took home trophies for a superior ranking and for most improved team. (( I founded the Red Hotz lo { ive more people the opportunity u. dance al UGA and to represent UGA through competitive dunce on a national level. -Devon Bollman 194 Organizations ■Ik -Did you Know? ' Founded in August 2001, the Georgia Red Hotz were founded by Devon Bollinan to fulfill LIGA ' s need for a competitive dance team. The team consists of 1 6 dancers and two managers. The Georgia Red Hotz also performed at the College Dance Team Nationals in Orlando, Florida with a routine titled " Tainted Psycho, " using the theme music from the movie Psycho and Marilyn Manson ' s song " Tainted Love " . They have also per- formed at several on-campus functions such as Relay for Life and Dance Athens. Georgia Red Hotz Devon Bollman-Director, Amanda Broad- way, Jessica Hays, Vicki Hendley, Kristen Herrick-2nd Lieutenant, Lauren Hobbs- Lieutenanl, Amanda Hoover, Emily Kirby- 2nd Lieutenant, Andrea Lee, Karen Lock, Renee Morris, Mai am Motiwala-Lieuten- ant, Kristen Shockley, Alexis Spurlin, Lisa Thompson-Captain, Megan Tinkler, Alyson Volt, Lindsey Warner. At the College Spirit Camp, Red Hotz dancers Lindsey Warner, M.uAam Motiwala, Jennifer Britton, Lisa Thompson and De on Bollman perform their routine for the judges. Although only in their second year on (ampus, the Georgia Red Hotz were made a club sport tills vear at the Lini ersit . Before going to a partv v ith their male fan club, the Firemen, Renee Morris, Lisa Thompson and Mai-yam Motiwala pause for a picture. The fan club supports the Red Hotz by coming to their events and any games that they dance at, as well as going to social events together. Georgia Red Hotz 1 95 --Did You Know?- Sigma Alpha lota was founded on June 12, 1903 at the University of Michigan School of Music. It is the second oldest music fraternity. I The fraternity ' s goal is to foster interest in usic and to I promote social contact among persons sharing an interest in music. I The lota Zeta chapter at UGA engages in various service projects as well, such as i sponsoring a Thanksgiving benefit concert to raise money i for the Komen Foundation, providing programs for el- ementary school music pro- I grams and Christmas caioling at local hospitals. Sigma Alpha Iota Erin Bail, Tara Barrentine, Erica Bass, Krystal Boggs, Emily Bohannon, Cindy Boyles Miranda Brooks, Lauren Cain, Rachel Carow, Jennifer Carter, Kathryn Cheney, Jessica Davis, Julie Ditmore, Kal Dodd, Jennifer Fischer, Beth Ford, Cassie Gilbert, Melissa Gregory, Alison Herren, Rachel Hundley, Courtney Hurt, Nicole Moore, Katie Mardis, Jodie Helen Martin, Katie Martin. Lauren Maurer, Clara Pantazopoulos, Amanda Parsons, Sarah Patsios, Jessica Peace, Jessica Perry, Leslie Raeder, Amy Reeves, Danielle Respess, Lauren Ringwall, Stephanie Speir, Rebecca Thompson, Heathe Toohill, Jessica Treadway, Amy Weinberger, Kathryn Wood Blue Key National Honor Fraternity i icn.i Adcii. i(iii.iiii,i]i aiuIcisou, Maii.i AiuiciNdn. vniur ((.km, Damci (omcu " ' . SUtm (iirnill, Kclli (-.iHcr, MiiiImtIv ((HitKil, CuicKni, U»v DdiK h, I I ' sllr DuUIkt, John 1 llloll, I niil I nv, ( hiis Gibson, Bliikc C.HKlman, Mm-dllli (irccius Fiiiilv ll.i.imK.nd, Inscpli ll,. . ' s. hl.T llcl.ns, I cslic, s, ll l.u I mm Undquisl, Marc Unds iv, John Matlin, Katlir-yn Malliis, Cli.iili ' s Mooic Irniiiln 1i is, Kidm IMiii .ilcs, I inilia Papakonslanlinoii, Salya Palel, Lniotv Pallcison, Dclcni ' I ' o.I.t, Marian I ' oiKt. linan S(,iniu ' ll, Pall Sh.ili, Atnand.i Sniilh. Steven Smith, Kerilyn Sullivan, Cliaitcs lliornpsdn, Amy imictlxini, Mat l5 ' th Vaiil aiidinUliam, Ttioiiuis W.iy, Clint Webl), Katherine Zn)lka 196 Organizations -Did You Know?- ft Blue Key National Honor Fraternity was founded in October 1924 at the Universitj ' , of Florida. 1 The second chapter was established at the University oj Georgia and membership in this organization has been considered one of the highest ' honors on campus. Blue Key recognizes men and ' women of outstanding charao ter and ability who have achieved distinction for their leadership abilities as well as recognition for scholarship and services. 1 H ' rogr llecrestion and Leisure Studies Louis Boestfleisch-President, Sheree Allgood-Vice President, iHtia Thotiipson-Secielary, Emerson Chew-Treasurer -Did You Know?- The Recreation and Leisiii« Studies Student Association is organized to bring together students interested in the recreation and leisure profession in a social and aca- demic atmosphere. It is dasigned to and for the professional personaJ development of its members while assisting them in their academic interests. Some activities over the year have included a Bake Sale foi ' the Boys and Gills Club of Athens, picnics at Lake Herrick, Recognition Bai quets, Rec Qub at IMAX theater, and Ocean Lakes Recreation Prc amming Conference at Myrtle Beach. NViDiirdlHoPor m ij .ijiltiflnMrs -Did You Know?- Sigma Alpha is the first and only agricultural sorority at UGA. Sigma Alpha was named South Campus Club of the Year in 2001 after having jbeen chartered for only one ■year. Sigma Alpha was the first collegiate organization in the nation to be given an endow- ment by Progressive Farmer magazine to host a Farm Safety camp for young chil- dren. Sigma Alpha Meredith Barrs, Valerie Blair, Loralei Branch, Karia Carter, Jennifer Chamier, Lindsey Creasy, Crystal Cross, Amber Crowe, Katie Davis, Aimee deBlanc, Myria DeHaven. Kim Dicono, Jillian Fain, Brittney Foster, Molly Freeman, Nicole Grier, Amanda Griffin, Tina Groves, Amanda Hamsley, Kathryn Hulst, Vans Randall Kinsey, Shayla KIsling, Tabitha Matthews, Beverly McLendon, Ashli Metts, Kasey Mxon, Sara Montgomery, Mindy Moore, Lizzie Newsome, Leigh Nichol, Stacey Odnm, Catherine O ' Halloran, Katie Osborn, Amanda Padgett, Jamie Palmer, Leslie Parrish, Cheryl Patterson, Claudea Paul, April Roberson, Jennie Simpson, Abby Spruill, Carol Spruill, Erin Tarpley, Rachel Taylor, Susan Tsai, Emily Tyson, Jennifer Vaughn, Millie Young Student Organizations 197 aU. 1. ' M Phi Kappa Literary Society members participate in DISCUSSION by Casey Dickey The Phi Kappa Literary Society gives students an outlet to express their vie ws and opinions on current events and issues Kappa 10 ■piiiKappi I At Phi Kappa Hall, Jeanette Thiirber, John Miller and Betty rhurber pose for a traditional portrait at Phi Kappa ' s Fancy Dress Ball. The ball is held every year to commemorate the founding of Phi Kappa. Members dress up for the ball in traditional 19th century clothing to honor Phi Kappa ' s long history at the University of Georgia. Phi Kappa has given me the drive to pursue knouledge, the mOtl- ViillOri lo lorni my own opinions, and the ( onh- dence l« eXpfCSS myself eloquently in front (tt an audieiu e. -Brittany Johnson 198 Organizations Did you Know?- The Phi Kappa Literary Society was founded in 1820 on the anniversary of George Washington ' s death. Some of Phi Kappa ' s most famous members were Georgia governors Eugene Talmadge, Ernest Vandiver and Carl Sanders and Senator Phil Gramm. The School of Journalism and the School of Law were named after Phi Kappa members: Henry W. Grady and Joseph Henry Lumpkin Phi Kappa members refer to each other in the traditional terms of " brother " and " sister " as a way of expressing fellowship within the society. Phi Kappa Literary Society Christopher Berry, Bree Borke, Katherine Bulger, Matthew Flicker, Robert Hawk, Kenny Hosley, John Nelson, Brittany Johnson, Aaron Jollay, Sarah Mazzaferro, Erin McClanahan, Robin McGill, James Miller, John Miller, Therese Mushock, Michael Oberg, Rachel Rodgers, Jessica Royal, John Spears, Luke Stubblefield, Jeanette Thurber, Tessa Voget, Adam Ware, Will Young. During one of Phi Kappa ' s weekly meetings, Bree Borke questions Caleb Williamson during tryouts for the Intersociety Debate Team. The Intersociety Debate Team consists of members of both Demosthenian Society and Phi Kappa Literary Society. Both societies are extremely competitive with each other due to a long- standing on campus rivalry. one of Phi Kappa ' s meetings, Aaron Jollay partici pates in a debate on whether the United States hould call another Continental Congress. Debate topic s range from politics to religion and the winning side is determined by how well they used logic and strategy. Phi Kappa Literary Society 1 99 04.1, The Residence Hall Association helps foster a sense of COMMUNITY by Danielle McGivney The Residence Hall Association works together to improve the quality of living in student housing through programs and activities Dii yuo»« mm As the second largest student organi zation on campus, the Residence Hall Association is made up of about 4900 students who live in the various communities. Each Community Hall has its own council, and the Payne Hall Council ' s Trashbag Fashion Show at their annual Pajama Party is just one of the many delights you can participate in residential living. I chose to be an 01 " TICGl because I wanted an opportunity to IITI " prOVG residence life through cn alive program- ming such as Singled Out, Rezfest and Exec ' N Rec. -Ebone Smiley 200 Organizations r --Did you Know?- RHA is the coordinating organization for the various residence hall governing bodies across campus. RHA sponsors " Diversity Awareness Week at Georgia, " other- wise known as D. A. W. G. Days and other events such as Com- munity Blood Drives, a Casino Night and midnight bowling. Residence Hall Association RHA Executive Board-Fallon Conger (Secretary), Becca Lanne (Prez), Landon Williams (VP), Tonya Isabel! (NCC). Marc Walker (DOC), Ebone Smiley (Treasurer), Brad Rice (NCC), Caria Dennis (NRHH Advisor). Members: Jen Area, Shenke Allen, Lyndsey Allen, Alex Kalinski, Diana Fruth (RHA Advisor), John O ' Grady, Andrew Dill, Josh Carter, Saara Vailianen, Tessa Voget, Tamara Huff, Kevin McKee (RHA Advisor), Amanda Ellis, Jason Brown, CarIa McNear, Christina Siebert. Not pictured: Anna White (Historian), AJ Pace (SGA liasion), and Elizabeth Griffin (NRHH Chair). RHA ' s President Becca Lane points the way to the GRHOTH conference for the visiting members of the residence hall associations from around Georgia. The conference ' s theme this year was " So Many Rides, So Little Time, " and featured educational programs, seminars and a " fun room " where students could make cotton candy, play games and get their faces painted. At RHA ' s first program of the year, Tailgating on Myers Quad, Josh Carter, a Representative of 0 ' House, uses his quick reflexes to defeat Landon Williams, RHA Vice-President, in dodgeball. Residence Hail Association 201 JJ m The Demosthenian Literary Society allows students to practice ORATORY by Danielle McGivney and Jessica Mullis The Demosthenian Literary Society gives students an outlet for debate and public speaking Before a Demosthenian meeting, Mai ' y Webb puts the finishing touches on a banner to be hung outside Demosthenian Hall advertising the upcoming meeting. The Demosthenian Literar-y Society was founded on February 5, 1 803 by the members of the first graduating class of the Franklin College. Demosthenian Hall was built in 1 824 for S4000 specifically as a meeting hall for the Society to meet in, which also con- tained a librar-y that once surpassed the University ' s own main library before it was destroyed during the Civil War. I chose Demosthenian because of the extempo- raneous SpGGCilGS that require you to be on your toes. I prefer our laid ha. k atmo- SpnGlG as opposed to a planned structure of debates. -Sarah Wincluill 202 Organizations i ysocmr .,Vuv- ' ' liuUMmA ' - N ■■k -Did you Know?- The Demosthenian Society was named for the Greek orator and statesman Demosthenes. The founding fathers of the Demosthenian Literal Society are Augustin Clayton, Williams Rutherford and James Jackson. The Constitution of the Demosthenian Society has remained virtually unchanged since its establishment in 1803, with the exception of admitting women to the Society in 1 970. Demosthenian Literary Society Radhika Prabhakar, Tom Cull, Matt Higgs, Stuart Grosse, Rachel Aaron, Emily Paige Ballou, Matt Lerner, Steven Moulds, Lindsay Oravits, Amber Harris, Ann Graham, Rachel Parker, Jennifer Skrmetti, Charles Vick, R.A. Patton, Sherrie Hines, Matthew Addison, Alex M. Nunez, Mary Webb, David Smith, Justin Pitts, Amish Trinedi, Bram Gallagher, Sean F. Kennedy, Robert Wesley. During a Demosthenian Literary Society meeting. Matt Higgs takes some time out to think while a debate is going on. The founders started the Demosthenian Literary Society for the purpose of promoting extemporaneous speaking. Some of its most famous members include Robert Toombs, Crawford Long and William Atkinson, a former governor of Georgia. On the steps of Demosthenian Hall, Alex Nunez, Sherrie Hines and Ann Graham guard the entrance to the meeting hall. The Demosthenian Literary Society has had an ongoing rivalry with the Phi Kappa Literary Society since it was formed in 1 820. Demosthenian Literary Society 203 B . ' SPHINX: THE HIGHEST A STUDENT 1. Andrew H. Patterson 76. J. Loring Raoul 155. George S. Whitehead 230. Waller E. Sewell 305. lames W. Wise 2. William D. Hooper 77. James J. Pagan 156. James B. Conyers 231. Lester Hargretl 306. William T, Bennett, Jr. 3. Lawrence A. Cotliran 78. Robert S. Parker 157. Charles W. Jacobson 232. Charles L Gowen 307. William C. Hawkins 4. Garrard Glen 79. George P. Whitman 158. Hugh L. Hodgson 233. Martin E. Kilpatrick 308. Robert T. Anderson 5. Charles R. Andrews 80. William L. Erwin 159. Robert W. Wesley 234. John D. Allen 309. Wade C. Ho t. Ir. 6. Edgar E. Pomeroy 81. Harrison J. S. Jones 160. George L. Harrison 235. Horaie D. Shattuck 310. Charles C. Harrold, Ir. 7. Alexander P. Adams 82. Carroll D. Cabaniss 161. Charles M. Tanner, Jr. 236. George D. Morton 311. Charles B. Anderson. Ir. 8. William S. Blun 83. William G. Brantely, Jr. 162. William H. Quarterman, Jr. 237. Gwinn H. Nixon 312. Edward H. Baxter 9. Charles W. Davis 84. Philip R. Weltner 163. Robert L. Callaway, Jr. 238. Alexis A. Marshall 313. Dyar E. Massey. Jr. 10. Marion D. DuBose 85. Ambrose H. Carmichael 164. Joel B. Mallet 239. Carlton N. Mell 314. Seaborn A Roddenberry. 11. Robert P. Jones 86. Richard K. Smith 165. Thomas A. Thrash 240. Ernest P. Rogers 315. Morris B. Abram 12. Andrew J. MtBride 87. William W. Brown 166. Max L. Segall 241. Walter T. Forbes, Jr. 316. Floyd C. Newton. Ir. 13. Robert J. Travis 88. Frank H. Martin 167. William H. Sorrells 242. George S. Johnson 317. James Q. Lumpkin, Jr. 14. Tinsley W. Rucker. Jr. 89. Charles N. Feidelson 168. William 0. White 243. James R. Chambliss 318. Robert B. Troutman, Jr. 15. Merrit M. Thruman 90. John K. MiDonald. Jr. 169. John P. Stewart 244. Ernest Camp, Jr. 319. Robert P. McCuen 16. John Banks 91. Henry L. J. Williams 170. Neil L. Gillis, Jr. 245. Allen W. Post 320. Ambrose G. Cleveland. Jr 17. Remer L. Denmark 92. Robert H. Jones, Jr. 171. Roff Sims, Jr. 246. Alexander S. Clay, III 321. Robert C. Norman 18. John E. Hall 93. Sidney 0. Smith 172. John H. Carmical 247. Frank K. Boland, Jr. 322. Julian D. Halliburton 19. Richard M. Charlton 94. Morton S. Hodgson 173. Howard H. McCall, Jr. 248. Ivey M. Shiver, Jr. 323. Isma L. Price, Jr. 20. Harry H. Hull 95. Herman P. De LaPerriere 174. Irvine M. Levy 249. William H. Young, Jr. 324. Howell Hollis, Jr. 21. Horace C. Johnson 96. Floyd C. Nevyton 175. Hinton F. Longino 250. Issac h. Hay 325. Kenneth A, McCaskill 22. James B. Ridley 97. Claude L. Derrick 176. Richard W. Courts, Jr. 251. George E. Florence, Jr. 326. William S. Smith, Jr. 23. William R. Ritchie 98. Wylie C. Henson 177. Lucius H. Tippett 252. Thomas A. Nash 327. Lee T. Newton 24. John B. L. Erwin 99. John B. Harris 178. Otto R. Ellars 253. Thomas J. Hamilton, Jr. 328. Jack B. Matthews 2.5. Ferdinand P. Calhoun 100 Young B. Smith 179. Roger H. West 254. Benjamin H. Hardy, Jr. 329. Ernest S. Vandiver, Jr. 26. Frank K. M(Cul( hen 101 Daniel H. Redfearn 180. Robet L. Forman, Jr. 255. Hallman L. Standi 330. Frank L. Gunn 27. Augustus L. Hull 102 Jerome C. Michael 181. James M. Hatcher 256. Daniel C. Tully 331. Alpha A. Fowler, Jr. 28. Henry J. Lamar 103 Dwight L. Rogers 182. Dewey Knight 257. Robert L. Patterson, Jr. 332. Clarence J. Smith, Jr. 29. Wilson M. Hardy 104 Edgar V. Carter, Jr. 183. Louis S. Davis 258. Hoke S. Wofford 333. Bernard C. Gardner, Jr. 30. Noel P. Park 105 James E. Lucas 184. Wallace P. Zachry 259 John S. Candler. II 334. Verner F. Chaffin 31. Walter J. Hammond 106 Harle G. Bailey 185. Irvine Phinizy 260 Glenn B. Lauuenhiser 335. John C. Meadows, Jr. 32. Lamar C. Rucker 107 Edward M. Brown 186. Rovert D. O ' Callaghan 261 Rufus B. Jennings 336. Clifford C. Kimsey 33. Sterling H. Blackshear 108 Rosea A. Nix 187. Charles M. Candler 262 Craig Barrow, Jr. 337. Thomas C. Penland 34. Marvin M. Dickinson 109 Omer W. Franklin 188. William M. Dallas 263 Robert G. Hooks 338. John B. Miller 35. An drew M. Calhoun 110 Eralberl T. Miller 189. Claude H. Satterfield 264 Joseph H. Boland 339. Woodie A. Partee. Jr. 36. Cam D. Dorsey 111 Herderson L. Lanham, Jr. 190 Frank W. Harrold 265 Guy C. Hamilton, Jr. 340. Frank F. Sinkwiih 37. Marion S. Richardson 112 Hinton B. B. Blackshear 191 William D. Miller 266 James J. Harris 341. lrb S. Exiev 38. Billington S. Walker 113 Washington Falk, Jr. 192 Arthur Pew, Jr. 267 William A. Kline, Jr. 342. Ellington M. Norman 39. Sanders A. Beaver 114 Alexander R. MacDonnell 193 Robert E. L. Spence, Jr. 268 Kankakee Anderson 343. Forest L. Champion, Jr. 40. Franiis M. Ridley 115 Herbert C. Hatcher 194 Chester W. Slack 269 James E. Palmour, Jr. 344. George D. Lawrence 41 (jlt ' iiii W. Legwen 116 Paul L. Bartlett 195 John R. Slater 270 Henry G. Palmer 345. Jesse G. Bowles 42, Saiiuiel R. Jaques 117 Edgar L. Pennington 196 Everett W. Highsmith 271 Frank K. McCutchen 346. James P. Miller 43. Ralph Meldrin 118 Edwin W. Molse 197 Ashel M. Day 272 Dupont G. Harris 347. Aubrey R. Morris 44. Marion H. Smith 119 George C. Woodruff 198 Charles Straham 273 Robert D. Feagin, Jr. 348. James C. DeLay 45. Wallace M. Miller 120 Evans V. heath 199 Hillary H. Mangum 274 Matlox L. Purvis 349. Fluker G. Stewart 46. Minor Boyd 121 Millard Rewis 200 William H. Stephens 275 Joseph M. Oliver 350. Charles L. Trippi 47. William R. Turner 122 Robert B. Troutman 201 Preston B. Ford 276 Marvin H. Cox 351. John E. Sheffield, Jr. 48. Julian F. Baxter 123 Arthur K. Maddox 202 Nathan Jolies 277 Ellis G. Arnall 352, William F. Scott, Jr. 49. Harold W. Ketron 124 John A. Sibley 203 Owen G. Reynolds 278 Herbert S. Maffelt 353. Frank S. Cheatham, Jr. 50. John D. Bower 125 Lloyd D. Brown 204 John P. Carson 279 Sandford W, Sanford 354. Dan M. Edwards 51. Frampton E. Ellis 126 Glifford Brannen 205 Walter D. Durden 280 John W. Maddox 355. Robert M. loiner 52. Frank B. Anderson 127 George T. Northen 206 Welborn B. Cody 281 Mark d. Hollis 356. Dcmpsev W. leai li 53. Robert P. Brooks 128 William A. Mann 207 Malcomb A. McRainey 282 William C. Latimer 357. William H. Burson 54. Lucien P. Goodrich 129 Harold D. Meyer 208 William F. Daniel 283 Vernon S. Smith 358. Melburne D. M( Tendon 55. lssa( S. Hopkins 130 Benton H. Walton 209 Ellis H. Dixon 284 William M. Stri( klanri, Jr. 359. John Rau( h 56. liiscph 1. Killorin 131 David R. Peacock 210 Freeman C. McClure 285 James W. Mdntire 360. . lt)erl UilkiiiMin. Ir 57 Marni.idukc H. Blackshear 132 Virgin E. Durden 211 Lewis H. Hill, Jr. 286 Charles M. Gaston 361. Kirk M. M( lpiii 58. Virlyn B. Moore 133 Charles E. Martin 212 George J. Clark 287 M(Carlhy Crenshaw 362. Bnan K. Whileluirsl 59. Thomas W. Connally 138 Edward M. Morgenstern 213 Charles A. Lewis 288 Wiliam M. H i elhurst 363. John 1 . dritfin f {). (icorgc W, NunnalK 139 James M. Lynch 214 Joseph J. Bennett. Jr. 289 LeroN S. Young 364. Harry 1 WIngale, Jr. ()1 Ihi ' ddorc 1 luinhull 140 Henry L. Rogers 215 John A. Hos( h 290 1 rederic Solomon 365. James 1. Bentlev, Jr. 62, Walter W. PalliTson 141 Benlley H. Chappell 216 Charles G. Henry 291 lrl n B, Moore. Jr. 366. Porter 0. Pavne 63. Arthur R. Sullivan 142 Casper 1. Funkenslein 217 James K. Harper 292 William 1, Maddox 367. James A. Andrews 64. Charles H. Cox 143 Frank Carter 218 Herbert H. Maddox 293 l.imcs M Hi hardsoii. Ir 368. Samuel R. Burns 65. Roderick II. Hill 144 Tinslev R. Ginii 219 Josh L. W.ilson 294 Morion S. Miidgson, Jr. 369. Harold ( . Walraven. Ir. 66. Harold W. lelford 145 Aaron li. Bernd 220 ( h.irlcs U. Anderson 295 IroN li, Ihigpen. Ir. 370. Robert J, Healey 67. Arthur 1 . Hardy 146 Russell H. Patterson 221 Idw.nil M. Gurr 296 Hoherl d Stephens, Jr. 371. Raleigh (i. Bryans 68. John F. 1). Vounge 147 Victor Vi( tor 222 Hervey M. Cleckly, III 297 John . (alhoun. Ill 372. Law rem e 1. ( rimmins 69. Walter U. Marshhurn 148 Hoyt H. Weichel 223 Walter C. Carter, Jr. 298 DeNeaii Slallord, Jr. 373. George R. Reinhardt 70. Hugh M. Scott 149 1 ewls A. Pinkussohn 224 William late 299 John P, Bond 374. llinburg, Jr. 71. John A. Brown 150 (Lu ' k Howell. Ii ' . 225 ( harles 1 . Wiehis 300 llarrv S. H.ixler 375. William B, Phillips 72. George Hains, Jr. 151 I)a i(l K. M( Kams 226 John H, lleKher 301 Wlnburn 1, Rogers 376. Waller 1. Ivans 73. Daniel Y. Sage 152 David 1 . Paddoc k 227 Limes 1) Ihoniason 302 . John 1), llowden, Jr. 377. Thomas A. Lvans 74. Issac C. Levy 153 lohn G. Herderson 228 John H ll()s( h, Jr. 303 . loseph ( . strong 378. RolxMl S. Ml Arthur 75. J04 Lansing B. lee Organizations 154 Edward 1. Hardin 229 1. Green, IV 304 Augustus 1 Rogers 379. 1 dward 1 Dunn, Jr. ll NON-ACADEMIC HONOR CAN ATTAIN 380. Michael E. Metola 455. Richard N. Lea 381. William H. Jiistii 456. James L. Aldridge 382. Nikolas P. Chilivis 457. Albert W.F. Bloodworth 383. Michael W. Edwards 4,58. Jake L Save, Jr. 384. Talmadge E. Ainette 459. Ben B. Tale 385. Carl J. Turner 460. Charles B. Haygood, Jr. 386. Claude M. Hipps 461. Alexander W. Patterson 387. Burton S. Middlebrooks 462. Larry C. Rakestraw 388. Henry G. Woodward 463. David C. Tribby 389. Cecil R. Spooner 464. Charles L. Bagby 390. Howard K. Holladay 465. John A. Rhodes, Jr. 391. Phil C. Beverly 466. McCarthy Crenshaw Jr. 392. Roland C. Stubbs, Jr. 467. Neal H. Ray 393. Hassel L. Parker 468. Donald C. Dixon 394. Robert K. West 469. James C. Pitts 395. James D. Benefield, Jr. 470. George B. Watts 396. Wesley L. Harris 471. Bruce G. Bateman 397. Frank V. Salerno 472. George W. Darden 398. Willam D. Moseley 473. William Roy Grow 399. Charles R. Adams, Jr. 474. Turner Lynn Hughes 400. Daniel W. Kitchens 475. Robert Glenn Etter 401. Edmund R. Bratkowski 476. William Morgan House 402. Donald L. Branyon, Jr. 477. William Ralph Parker 403. Randall T. Maret 478. Robert Foster Rhodes 404. John R. Carson 479. Dennis Lee Fordham 405. Robert L. Blalock 480. Rutherford C. Harri 406. Logan R. Patterson 481. Thomas W. Lawhorne, Jr. 407. Quentin R. Gabriel 482. John Michael Ley 408. Jay D. Gardner 483. William Porter Payne 409. Frank W. Seller 484. Pharis Randall Seabolt 410. Richard P. Trotter 485. Robert Lee Williams 411. Joseph P. O ' Malley 486. George Albert Dasher 412. Kermit S. Pert 487. Robert E Knox, Jr. 413. Jule W. Felton, Jr. 488. Henry E. Lane 414. Jabez McCorkle, III 489. Robert E. Chanin 415. John J. Wilkins, II 490. James L. Pannell 416. Norman S. Fletcher 491. Paul Cleveland Tedford 417. Lindsay H. Bennett, Jr. 492. Thomas Lewis Lyons 418. Robert S. Lowery, Jr. 493. James Robert Hurley 419. Donald G. Joel 494. Andrew M. Scherffius 420. John R. O ' Toole 495. Willam P. Bailey 421. Joel J. Knight 496. Cader B. Cox, II 422. Edward M. Killorin 497. Thomas A. Nash, Jr. 423. George M. Scheer, Jr. 498. Earl D. Harris 424. Joseph H. Marshall 499. Patrick L. Swindall 425. Nathan G. Knight 500. Joel L. Wooten, Jr. 426. Robert A. Rowan 501. Charles William Griffin 427. David K. Hollis, Jr. 502. Joseph H. Fowler 428. Monte W. Markham 503. Midiael S. Wright 429. Emmet J. Bondurant, II 504. Charles T. Hall 430. Jay C. Cox 505. Robert P. Killian 431. Ben S. McElmurray, Jr. 506. James S. Watrous 432. Harry E. Hendrix 507. Anderson S. Johnson 433. Theron C. Sapp 508. Thomas M. Melo 434. Bryce W. Holcomb 509. Charles H. Bond 435. Thomas E. Dennard, Jr. 510. Robert E Trilt 436. James P. Walker, Jr. 511. Manuel Diaz, Jr. 437. William A. Davis, Jr. 512. John Chase McKissick 438. Thomas H. Lewis, Jr. 513. Michael P. Haggerty 439. Thomas R. Burnside, Jr. 514. George Robert Reinhardt 440. James P. Yarbrough 515. Benjamin H. Cheek 441. Charlie B. Christian 516. John A. Gilleland 442. Earl T. Leonard, Jr. 517. Glynn A. Harrison 443. Francis A. Tarkenlon 518. Carl E. Westmoreland, Jr. !444. Thomas A. Blalock 519. J. Rivers Walsh J445. Ronald L. Case 520. Kevin L. Knox 446. Linton R. Dunson, Jr. 521. William Hariy Mills 447. Wycklifle A. Knox, Jr. 522. James Rayford Goff 448. Bryant F. Hodgson, Jr. 523. Alexander H. Booth 449. John H. Crawford, III 524. John Henry Hanna, IV 450. Augustus B. Turnbul, III 525. Gordon Allen Smith I451. William R. Montfort, Jr. 526. John Michael Levengood 452. James H. Blanchard 527. Leonard W. Fussell 453. Edward T. M. Garland 528. Jeffrey Young Lewis 454. Wyatt T. Johnson, Jr. 529. Willie Edward McClendon 530. Samuel Scott Young 605 Tyler J. Helms AP. Carl E. Sanders 531. David C. Jensen 606 Cathy A. Lee AQ. Jack J. Spalding, III 532. Bret Thurmond 607 Isidro N. Panizales, Jr. AR. Augustus O.B. Sparks 533. Carl Michael Valentine AS. lames W. Woodruff, Jr. 534. Jeffrey T. Pyburn HONORARY MEMBERS: AT. William L. Dodd 535. James B. Durham AU. f rands M. Byrd 536. Rex Robinson A. Henry C. Brown AV. Pope F. Brock 537. Scott Woerner B. George P. Butler AW. Robert C. Wilson 538. Gregory C. Sowell C. Samuel H. Sibley AY. Inman Brandon 539. Christopher C. Welton D. Edward E. Doughtery AZ. Jesse Draper 540. Francisco P. Ros E. Walter A. Harris BA. Alex A. Lawrenc e, Jr. 541. Drew Harvey F. Holcombe Bacon BC. Jasper N. Dorsey 542. Keith Wayne Mason G. Mansheld P. Hall BD. Clarke W. Duncan 543. Clay D. Land H. Frank Kelts Boland BE. Philip H. Alston, jr. 544. Frank J. Hanna, III 1. Henry G. Colvin BG. J. Phil Campbell 545. Terrell L. Hoage J. Walter S. Cothran BH. Fred C. Davison 546. Thomas H. Paris, III K. John W. Spain Bl. Vincent J. Dooley 547. Knox Culpepper L. John T. Dorsey BJ. Jack B. Ray 548. Mikael Pernfors M. Frank R. Mitchell BK. George S. Parthemos 549. Holger Weis N. Harry Dodd BL. Robert L. Dodd 550. Joseph B. Atkins 0. Charles H. Black BM. Joel Eaves 551. Stuart E. Smith P. Waller R. Tichenor BN. Augustus H. Sterne 552. Stephen W. Smith Q. George T. Jackson BO. Hubert B. Owens 553. James B. Ellington R. Walter B. Hill BP. Monroe Kimbrel 554. Thomas K. Foster S. Charels M. Snelling BQ. George L. Smith, II 555. Brett M. Samsky T. David C. Barrow BR. Robert 6. Edge 556. Stephen M. McCarter LI. Robert E. Park BS. Winship Nunnally 557. Kim T. Stephens V. Henry C. White BT. Dan H. Magill, Jr. 558. Stephen C. Enochs W. Andrew M. Soule BU. David W. Brooks 559. Mark A. Lewis X. Willis H. Bocock BV. William C. Hartman, Jr. 560. William M. Ray Y. Steadman V. Sanford BW William R. Cannon 561. Tammie M. Tate Z. Charles M. Slrahan BX. Robert S. Wheeler 562. James W. Childs AA. Herman J. Stegeman BY. Chappelle Matthews 563. Alec C. Kessler BB. William S. Morris BZ. Dean Rush 564. Mark D. Johnson CC. George F. Peabody CA. Don Carter 565. Kelly R. Curran DD. Ernest A. Lowe CB. Eugene Odum 1 566. Cale H. Conley EE. Thomas J. Woofter CD. George D. Busbee 567. Vernon E. Googe FF. Thomas W. Reed CE. Robert Perry Sentell, Jr. 568. Nevada Ann Waugh GG. Harry J. Mehre CF. Sam Nunn 569. Gregory Alan Gunler HH. Harry N. Edmunds CG. Henry G. Neal 570. Matthew William Nichols 11. H irold Hirsth CH. William R. Bracewell 571. Robert Kirk Harris JJ. Edgar L. Secrest CI. W. H. NeSmith 572. Don Ray Christian, Jr. KK. Harmon W. Caldwell CJ. Henry King Stanford 573. J. Todd Peterson LL. Paul W. Chapman CK. Julius F. Bishop 574. Williaiti Alex Millen MM Robert R. Gunn CL. M. Louise McBee 575. Eric Royce Zeier NN. John D. Wade CM Tucker Dorsey 576. Middleton Albert Parker, J r.OO. Hughes Spalding CN. J. W. Fanning 577. Andrea Lea Bottoms PP. Charles H. Herty CO. Lothar Tresp 578. Travis Jones QQ Ellis M. Coulter CP. Peter Shedd 579. Krislopher B. Nordholz RR. William 0. Payne CQ. Pierre Howard 580. Natalie A. Dopson SS. James W. Bulls, Jr. CR. William P. Flatt 581. Brian S. Smith n. Henry A. Shinn CS. F. Abit Massey 582. Robert M. Sutherland uu. William M. Crane CT. C. Richard Yarbrough 583. Donald A. Grimsley w. William 0. Collins CU. Donald Leebern, Jr. 584. Andrew A. Wade WW Erie E. Cocke, Jr. CV. Michael F. Adams 585. Margaret Kate Hodge wx. Omer C. Aderhold ex. Lewis A. Massey 586. Andrew Richard DeVooght WY. John E. Drewry DA. Jere Morehead 587. Lisa Ann Coole wz. Herman E. Talmadge DB John Tillman 588. Vijaya R. Palaniswamy XX. Robert 0. Arnold DC T. David Fletcher 589. Robyn A Painter YY. Charles J. Bloch DE. James Edward Thomas, Jr. 590. L. Lacy Feldman zz. Frank D. Foley DF. Hilton E. Young, Jr. 591. Matthew D. Stinthcomb AB. Roy V. Harris DG John R. Bauerle 592. Bronson H. Lee AC. Joseph A. Williams DH Cathy Cox 593. Patricia L. Page AD. Thomas H. Lokey Dl. Robert L. Izlar 594. Tobin R. Carr AE. Richard B. Russell DJ. Martha W. Pierce 595. Holly C. Gooding AF. Paul Brown DK Carl E. Swearingen 596. Kyle B. Wingheld AG. John 0. Eidson 597. Gretchen A. D ' Huyveller AH. James A. Dunlap 598. Thomas. J. Ludlam Al. Philip M. Landrum 599. Amy S. Mulkey AJ. Marion Tyus Butler 600. Laquesha S. Sanders AK. John L. Cox, Jr. 601. Tiffany M. Smith AL. Marion B. Folsom 602. Zoe M. Minor AM. Eugene R. Black, Jr. 603. Scott G. Katz AN. Harold M. Heckman 604. Kathryn B. Sekeres AG. Marvin B. Perry Sphinx 205 •«r «k| I Editor Katie Anderson Divider 207 Maria Acree, Danielle Adams, Talie Aqiiilio, Roxaiine Askins, Jill Austin, Leigh BacMman, Audrey Baker, Caitliii Bannigan, Mandy Bauer, Jennifer Benedict, Lindsay Benedict, Brittany Bingeman, Katie Bingenian, Meghan Bohn, Stephanie Bowen, Lane Bower, Kim Bowers, Amanda Brantley, Jennifer Broder, Kirby Brown, Cathelyne Burgener, Jessica Bush, Kaly Butler, Anne Marie Campbell, Jennifer Cannon, Liz Carley, Jillian Carrol, Kaly Carver, Anne Marie Castigliola, Meredeth Coburn, Stacy Coley, Ashley Conklln, Lindsay Connell, Abbey Cunningham, Mary Catherine Daniel, Ashley Davenport, Audi Davidson, Anne Davis, Kristen Davis, Lyn Davis, Natalie Davis, Amanda Dean, Talia Deluca, Caroline D ' Huyvetler, Jo Dillard. Jana Dopson, Julie Dugger, Haley Dunk, Jennifer Eddins, Jennifer Elliot, Ashlyn EIrod, Jennifer Emert, Blair Everline, Elizabeth Farrar, Michelle Ferguson, Christina Ferreri, Savannah Finney, Rebecca File, Nicole Gele, Freddie Geppert, Morgan Gonzalez, Sarah Hammond, Natalie Hanley, Elizabeth Hawkins, Chantra Hayman, Lindsay Head, Joanna Heden, Lindsey Hildreth, Lauren Hobbs, Melissa Hodges, Abby Holt, Christina Hooton, Courtney Hudson, Laura Huey, Amy Huggins, Beth Hunsberger, Haley Jag, Jennifer Jenkins, Katie Johnson, Katherine Johnston, Natalie Jones, Jamie Jordan, Kim Junod, Sarah Kenworlhy, Michelle Klaw, Tiffany Knight, Meredith Koehler, Amelia Lackey, Lindsay Lassiter, Jes Laurent, Mackenzie Lee, Katy Leveretl, Jenn Lowen, Adrienne Lowerls, Stephanie Magid, Shantal Martin, Allison Masey, Haley McBrayer, Tally Millener, Dawn Miller, Leah Mitchum, Anna Morgan, Tracy Morgan, Cale Morris, Jessica Murphy, Meghan Murphy, Whitney Murphy, Laura Neely, Lauren Noblilt. Jennifer Olson, Carrie Panter, Meredith Payne, Ashley Peed, Julia Pelrecca, Kale Phillips, Kayla Pierce, Mary Piltman, Carrie Pohlman, Katie Quirk, Susan Reagin, Jennifer Rivers, Martha Anne Rivers, Tiffany Sargeant, Liz Scott, Meghan Shaude, Brianne Shanks, Carrie Shick, Christy Sherry, Lindsay Selleck, Christina Sgier, Christina Shepherd, Christina Smith, Corinne S mith, Leslie Smith, Sara Slanlial, Jessica Stephens, Bonnie Stewart, Alexis Stumm, Sarah Summerford, Lauren Syrios, Mary Tanory, Elina Tershkin, Ashley Thompson, Katie Tomczyk, Jackie Triunfo, Amy Venghaus, Heather Veteto, Ashleigh Wallace, Camilla Walker, Courtney Wasowski, Michelle Weissman, Ashley Whitehead, Amanda Willims, Meredith Williams, Courtney Willis, Alexis Wimberly, Kristen Wright, Ashley Wood, Katie Wood, Melissa Woodson. Jackie Young lilt Piiliirii Man AlPTIA Oil OMEG | y What is it lil(e being sorority sisters with your actual sister? " It ' s really tun because I can actu- ally share all of my experiences within AChiO with my little sister. Next year we will actually b( liviiif in the AChiO h()us( t()}«( ther, which is really excitinj . " -Brittany BinjicMiuin w il p ■ i T ' U 11 r: n i m k_ HH " It makes being part of AChiO more spe( iai to me because m sister and I can become e en (loser than e er l)efore. After li iiif apart for several years, it is realK fun to know thai we ' ll be tOf ether at A( liiO luiu- lioiis. " -K.itie HinUem.m «T 208 Greek Lif(! Lane Bower, Lindsay Lassiter, Gate Morris, Ashlei{»h Wallace, Mandy Bauer, Sarah Hammond, Melissa Hodges, and Katie Wood are decked out in early 90 ' s " fash- ion " for their Sailed By the Bell social with Sigma Phi Epsilon. Gate Morris and Lauren Hobbs have a great time at AGhiO ' s Pri- vate School Girls Boys Social with Pi Kappa Alpha. Elizabeth Hawkins, Gatherine Johnston, Brittany Bingeman, Susan Reagin, Leah Mitchum, Martha Ann Rivers, and Anne Marie Gampbell are dressed up, complete with smiles, for AGhiO ' s 2002 Spring Formal. At Alpha Ghi Omega ' s 4th An- nual Golf Glassic, Jenn Lowen, Katie Johnson, Gate Morris, and Sarah Hammond take over a golf cart. Alpha Ghi Omega 209 Several Alpha Delta PI girls take ' ime out from a date night with ambda Chi Alpha for a quick picture. Senior Heather Kaney and Fresh- man Tiffany Sellen are having a wonderful time at ADPi ' s Disco social. Seniors Laurie Wiltrout, Blake Walkemeyer, Emily Coojice, and Lauren Kane prepare to wel- come new Alpha Delta Pi mem- bers on Bid Day. 210 Greek Life Sli ' lili.inic Allfiili.K h, Susie Arnold, Kristin Austin, Allison Baker. Arn,iri(l,i lieidrdM, Lmiiy Bluster, MaUUIe Bohdnnon, leiiniler lioliri, ll.innah Bosdell, Renee Bouihim, Kate Bowers, Aslile l!i) l,iii. I, nine Branch, lamie Broadhead, Robyn BruadwaN, Meiaii Brooks, Sarah Brooks, (arson Brown, Marianne Brown, lii alielM Browne, Hollie Browning, Jordan Bryan, Tyler Bryant, Katie Buchanan, Libby Burgess, Laura Byers, Danielle, Caldwell, Kristian Calhoun, Blair Capallo, Claire Carlisle, Carolina Casey, Katharine Chess, Leigh Clary, Marissa Coofey, Maggie Coody, Christy Coogle, Emily Coonce, Lucy Crosby, Colie Dalton, Laura Susan Darnell, Mollie Da i(l, ( ara DeLeon, Amanda Deloai li, lessi( a Dempsey, Laura Denning. Kristen Desing, Erin Dickey, Lauren Dismuke. Leanii Dominy, Dehhie Dunn, tli .iliilli ( iiiirtney Dyar, Sister Edge, Allison Epstein, Jennie Eyans, Brennan Fenlon, Betsy Fleming, la(ey Folkes, Amy Foster. Meredith Fox, Sarah Gaskins, Frances Gatewood, Courtney Glesler, Jill Gillespie, Mary Melson Goodgame, Brooke Grayson, Caroline Green, Sara Kate Griffin, Suzanne Griggs, Katie Grosshans. Kathryn Haley, Amy Harlen, Sarah Hennington, Maria Hicks, April Hight, Sumber Holman, Sarah Howell, Megan Huey, Jennifer Hiilsey. I ' .ilmer Hummel, Amy Ja( ques, Ashley James, Erin Jobson, Allison Johnson, Marie Johnson, Lauren Jollay, Meredilli l(ill,i . I ik ye Jordan, Lauren Kane, Heather Kaney, Hillary Kale, Courtney Keen, Leigh Ellen Killgore, Catherine Klein, Julie Kristin, Leigh Lynott, Jessica Ma( kay, Meg Mamaliikis, Mary Jane Martin, Anna Maxey, Ginger McAyoy, Laura Ellen McAyoy, Kelli McCarthy, Brandy McClain, Jodi McCulchenon, Sarah McDaniel, Stephanie McDaniel, Caroline McGarity, Lindsey McWhorter, Kalie McWilliams, Molly McWilliams, Megan Mitchell, Ginny Mock, Bridgette Molleson, ASheton Montgomery, Jenny Morris, Ashley Morrison, Catherine Morrison, Beth Anne Moseley, Lauren Muller. Colleen Murphy, Emily Nally, Emily Nelms, Emily Nelson, Kalie Newbern, Chrissy Nolan, Kim Pace, Jessica Penney, Mary Beth Pierce, Laurie Pitts, Alison Powell, Anne Prather, Holly Pri( e, Paige Quaritius, Kelley Reeser, Elizabeth Reinhardt, Caulie Richardson, Anne Roberts, Mary Kent Robinson, Mandy Rowlen, Paige Russel, Autumn Seagle, Tiffany Sellen, Chrissie Shirley, Kara Short, Erin Simmons, Ashley Slappey, Ashley Slocumb, Ashley Smith, Audrey Smith, Erin Smith, Natalie Smith, Jessica Space, Jennifer Spinks, Glenn Sprayberry, Cameron Stone, Jennifer Stone, Ashley Strickland, Lindsey Strother, Keri Sulliyan, Virginia Sulliyan, Barret Summerlin. Courtney Swan, Hannah Teayer, Ellie Thompson, May Thompson, Anne Thorne, Katie Tidwell, Caroline Toher, Chelsea Tubb, Tosha Vigilante, Blake Walkemeyer, Liz Wallinglon, Lyndsay Watson, Jessica Weaks, Helen Webb, Jennifer Weschler, Lauren Wharton, VIcki Whittier, Mary Beth Willis, Meghan Wilson. Laurie Wiltrout, Elizabeth Wynne, Sara Wynne, Megan Zeagler, Lindsey Zschiesche ■4ipri4 Dqta Pi The Picture Man Alpha Delta Pi Bid Day 2002 was an exciting day for all members, new and old. It was especially exciting for the " Newnan Girls " , freshmen Katie Buchanan, Glenn Sprayberty, Tiffany Sellen, and Sister Edge and senior Heather Kaney. Katie, Glenn, Tiffany, and Sister all went to Newnan High School together and have been friends for years. They met Heather, who attended Newnan ' s rival East Coweta High School, during Rush. Although three of the girls ' mothers were in the same pledge class of ADPi at UGA in the late 1 970s, each of them chose Alpha Delta Pi on their own. Katie says, " Alpha Delta Pi had a lot to offer each individual, and that is what makes the sorority such a great one. " Alpha Delta Pi 211 Briltay Adams, Cari Allen, Kale Allen, LIndsey Allison, Casey Amberger, Raechel Anglln, Laura Anthony, Jessica Barton, Julia Beadles, Erin Bernstein, Bonnie Berr-y, Pam Boatright, Kalheryn Boyer, Teri Brady, Meredith Brock, Beth Bronner, Lindsey Brown, Shannon Bryant, Jessica Burns. Elizabeth Bush, Abby C.alame, Ashley Carlson, Joy Chasteen, Jessica Cherry, Michelle Christiansen, Brett Clark, Ginny Coburn, Arne Czentnar, Helen Eisenstein, Rachel Elliott, Valerie Elslon, Coly Ervin, Katie Fanner, Anna, Ferguson, Maureen Ferguson, Lauren Ferrill, Lindsey Fisher, Nicole Fogarly, Alane Folger, Kim Foster, Haley Franklin, Teal Gaultney, Jessica Green, Jauren Grillo, Lisa Hagan, Tori Hanson, Mary Lee Henderson, Monica Hicks, Tessa Hollis, Paige Homlar, Shanna Hoover, Emily Howard, Mary Lauren Hughes, Courtney Irvin, Kristen Kennedy, Kristy Kleine, Louisa Knight, Kim Krieger, Erin Lagro, Meg Lavelle, Erin Lee, Stephanie Lemos, Holly Love, Nicki Lurker, Oonagh Lynch, SInead Lynch, Amanda Manley, Emille Mann, Keisha Martin, Meri Maurer, Megan McCay, Candice McCollum, Holly McCorkle, Danielle McGivney, Lauren McShane, Candace McWhirter, Amanda Miller, Liz Moody, Katherine Morrison, Sarah Naull, Laurel Norton, Krista Overstreel, Cat Parks, Mandy Pawich, DeLeigh Pearce, Lauren Pearce, Carly Plonka, Whitney Pozgar, Daphne Puerto, Sarah Rasalam. Sarah Reiser, Elissa Riley, Amy Roberts, Sally Rodgers, Erinn Rowe, Melissa Sapp, Ashley Schoening, Natalie, Senter, Whitney Shephard, Annie Shields. Lauren Sisson. Deanne Smith. Jenny Smith. Suzanne Smith. Sarah Sparks, Erica Stone, Mollu Tashiro, Mandy Terry, Nicole Thomas, Shay Virtue, D ' Wallom, Emily Warenzak, Jessica Wong, Ashley Yarbrough. Lindsay Yarbrough. AiPTiA Ganna Dot What is the best part about being in a sorority? " I love all the girlv stiift like j ettiiig ready tof«elhei ' and alv avs luniiig someone lo have f ii ' l l.ilk with! " -Jessi( a Barton " By l)einj an Alpha Gain, I have been able to make so many friends and I love all the tun times we have! " -Lindsey Brown 212 Greek Life If they ' re not headed off to a social Of a date night, the sisters of Alpha Gam love to get together for a girls night out on the town! Whitney Shepard and Jessica Wong spend some time together at their Superheroes and Villains social. Socials are a great way for sisters to become closer. Taking a break from the Bid Day party on the front porch, sisters Tessa Mollis, Jessica Barton and Lindsay Yarbrough hang out with Alpha Gam ' s new members. Holly Love and Mandy Pawich. Like many sorority girls, Jes- sica Burns, Lindsey Brown, and Jessica Wong love attending games with sisters. Sisters always make lots of game day memories together! Alpha Gamma Delta 213 vr ' AOPi Prides UGA -M The Lambda Sigma Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi at the University of Georgia, the largest sorority on campus, participates in a variety of philanthropic events throughout the year. Their national philan- thropy is Arthritis Research, but they also hold many philanthropic activities at UGA, such as the Kick-Off Classic flag football tournament, the Fun Run, and Italian Night. AOPi is well represented on campus as well, having members in the Arch Society, Georgia Girls, and many other organizations. UGA ' s Home- coming Queens for the past two years, Ali Acree and Katie Mathis, have been AOPi presidents. AiphaOni riip Pidiire Man Giria Addiiifilon, Lizzy Adkins, Amy Alexander, Elizabeth Alexander, Jenna Am melotle, Maria Anderson, Amy Armstrong, tessica Bailey, Allyson Barnes, Ginny Barton, Laura Bedingfield, Jen Berger, Kathryn Binder, Liza Binder, Whitney Boughton, Sara Kate Brannan, Laci Braswell, Katie Brill, Katy Brown, Taylor Brown, Blair Buckler, Katie Bugg, Courtney Burger, Betsy Cain, Patty Callaway, Katie Carrington, Rachel Carter, Ashley Cauthen, Katie Chadwick, Veronica Clark, Jean Clarke, Jessica Clarke, Blair Cobb, Jamie Croke, Emily Cruze, Casey Daniels, Tiffany Davidson, Lindsey Davison, Jessie DeJarnelte, Shelby Denniston, Brooke Digby, Jen DiGiacomo, Nicole Dllbeck, Lauren Doi, Gianna Dolgelta. Kris Dondero, Hailey Duncan, Heather Duncan, Katie Dupree, Lauren Eavers, Alisa Esposito, Kim E ,iiis, l.u kir Lcit, llyiiii, (olleen Fortuin, Ashley Freeman, Meg Gamble, Kristen Gann, Nicole Garrett, Melissa (iciiln. I ' .iijI.i (itiilr . K.ilic Gibbons, Sarah Girardeau, Katie Goldsmith, Michaela Gonzalez, Dylann Gould-Bowring, MilK (ii.ili.ini. M.illcirA (irIhI, Rebecca Greener, Lauren Greenwald, Sarah Harmon, Reagan Hill, Rebec(a Hinton, Tamm Holder. Iilfan Holder, Taylor Hudson, Erica Humphries, Mia Hurt, Ashelv la( ks, Whitne Jacobs, Bre Johnson, I u( inda Johnson, Annie Jones, Casey Jones, Chrissy Keheley, Nicole Kennedx. Kvrid.iv Kil( li. I aurcn Koib. I) iis Kratl, laiiiic K le, Slc|)h,iiiic Langstion, Kathleen Lawrence, Andrea Lee, Bels lee, K.illieniic I eed, Sar.ih IchIs. laUc li)rf , Giiina I iiworri, loir.i Lynch, Lindsay MaCray, Jordan Magee, Ryan Manning, Cori Marguil( l, Janii( Martin, AsIiIcn M.ileer, kalic Malhis, ( ,ilic MiCoy, KIrnber McDonel, Lindsey McGraw, Kale McLaughin, Shannon McSween, Susan Mcnl cr, Allic Minner. Kiisi Mit(ham, Lauren Moore, Katie Morgan, Sarah Moses, Kristin Murphy, Rebecca Murray, imih Nail. K.nh Nash. R.k licl Neeley, Tricia Newton, Kelsey Nicholson, Caroline Norman, Katie Norman, Ashley Norwood. IimM Olmslcid. h, Uv Olsrn. Mary Beth Pallon, Laura Pt abody, Lacey Peckenpaugh, (laire Petrone, Nicole Plleger. Maid I ' Ikc. Allison Reiiu ' rkc. Clayborne Rhodes, Molly Richardson, Kaitlin Riley. Ashlei ' Rol)crts. I, » (inline Rose, I rii.i Ronndli-ee. sli.i HiismII, Ion Sammons, Katie Schickner, Allie S(()ll. Icn Si oil. K.ilie I ' ,ir ,ili sIi.iIIoh. Ilollir sliclliiii, sliiMglci. I .iiiicn Shirley, Bonnie Sillay, Amy Smith, Sarah sniilli, llll.iin Snell. HiIiik .1 si.illonl, I .inicii sicphan. hclh sicmmisoii. Kalic Strain, LizStreer, Sarah Swingle, Marissa Taylor. Kristen Ihoriie, I Men llirelkelil. Kase louson, M.indi IraMior. Jessie ,1 Veil, Reagan Walker, Elyse Walls, Nancy Watson. Sophie Watson. Kalhcrine Weeks. I allien Weidman. I allien While, Mai-y Beth Wiggins, Emily Williams, I ibby Williams, Man Wolle, Julia Wood, K.ilie Wood. I il)l) Woodw.ird. Ienii iipei 214 Greek Life Mallory Grebel, Jessica DeJarnette, and Kelsey Nickolson gather with AOPi ' s favorite member, their panda, on Bid Day. AOPi has one of the most well known mascots. For one last Bid Day this group of AOPi seniors gather together. Pledge classes grow extremely close and share many experi- ences together. Nothing like a luau to get the year started! Marci Pike, Melissa Gen- try, Blair Cobb, Susan Mentzer, Jessical Bailey, and Bonnie Sillay prove that they know how to have fun in the sun. This group of AOPis are having a great time at their Dukes of Haz- ard social with Kappa Alpha. Many sorority girls like the Dukes of Hazard theme because they get a chance to dawn their cowboy hats and show a little skin. Alpha Omicron Pi 215 M. Atluas, A. Barrett, A. Bashani, J. Beem, H. Bel, K. Benedict, K. Bikoff, K. Blount, L. Bosshardt, J. Boyd, R. Breweton, A. Bryan, C. Bryan, C. Bufe, V. Buford, S. Burgess, L. Carey, M. Casper, H. Calloway, B. Caughman, J. Chaney, A.G. Chase, E. Chastain, C. Clair, J. Clark, A. Cofrancesco, K. Cohron, N. Cook, K. Cordell, E. Cowan, B. Cranswick, S.J. Dallas, M. Danello, E. DAniel, J. Daniel. M. Davenport, M. Davenport, A. DAvis, S. Davis, K. Day, K. Decelles, T. DeLoach, E. Desnoyer, E. Dick, S. Dobbs, T. Duffy, L. Duncan, A. Essary, J. Everett, J. Felchlin, R. Felker, C. Fincher, K. Fitzpatrick. C. Foley, P. Follman, C. Gessert, M. Giley, C. Gillis, L.L. Graves, L. Gray, J. Green, K. Gregory, E. Grogan, R. Gurley, A. Harper, C. Harris, L. Hart, A. Heins, C. Hemingway, E. Hisnian, K. Hofstadter, K. Holderness, A. Holley, H. Hundley, S. Inmann, C. Jeffries, B. Jeter, E. Jeter, K.A. Johnson, N. Johnson, A. Johnston, Z. Jones, M. Kelly, K. Kelso, M. Knapke, B. Lacy, M. Langsfeld, A. Lent, C. Lighter, E. Long, W. Long, K. Macon, C. Maddox, C. Mann, L. Martin, S. Mathis, M. McDonald, A. McGhee, B. McHugh, C. McKay, S. Means, T. Melinchuk, M. Miller, D. Mitchell, M. Mobley, L. Morgan, T. Moss, M. Muse, L. Newman, K. Noell, A. Oliver, L. Oliver, A. Pate, C. Patton, C.E. Pelt, A. Priester, K. Pruitt, W. Quinn, T. Railey, M. Reardon, A. Reyher, C. Rigby, S. Roberts, C. Robertson, S. Robertson, L. Rochow, A. Rogers, A. Rogers, E. Rosen, C. Ross, A. Schell, M. Schenck, L. Schmatz. V.Schwetshenau, A. Seago, M.A. Shingler,, S. Simpson, M. Slade, A. Smith, L. Smith, R. Smith, L. Snellings, M. Stangle, L Stanley, H. Trunk, M. Temple, J. Thompson, G. Tinley, M. Torbert, L. Lpshaw, C. Vann, S.B. Vaughn, C. Walker, G. Walker, P. Ward, M.L. Warren, A. Warren, E. Watson, A. West, L. Winzeler, A.L. Wolfe, L. Worland, M.P. Zirkle, P. Zirkle The Pidurc Man QllONEGAta What made you choose Chi Omega? " The Chi f iils ttiake aiiylhiiif Inn. I wanted to be a part of that. " -Katie Macon " It ' s where I felt ttie most at home, I just clicked with the girls. " -Jenna Green 216 Greek Life Chi Omegas have a blast with Alpha Delta Pi at their date func- tion, Mallard Ball. They dress in camoflaiige, eat some dinner, and dance the night away. Some Chi Omegas, both mem- bers and pledges are all ex- cited about Bid Day 2002. Chi Omega 217 Three " G " tatoos for three Tri Delta girls, Kimberly Bray, Carley McCloskey, and Katie Duncan, who are all ready for gameday. Tri Delta sisters, Ashley Clayton, Crystal Rockwell, Kelly O ' Reilly, Jennifer Kris, Jamie Conine, and Jody Haul, are very excited about their new pledges on Bid Day 2002. Roommates, Karen Cloud and Audra Hulsey, are decked out for their " Toga " social with Pi Kappa Alpha. Always ready for a good time, Ti Delta sisters, Candace Adair, Ashley Clayton, Allison Maynard, and Mary Katherine Martin, are dressed and ready for their " Bik- ers Ball " social with Lambda Chi. 218 Greek Life Delta Delta Delta had a " Red, White, and Blue " social with Kappa Alpha on September 1 2, 2002. Since it was so close to the September 11th anniversary, everyone was mournful, yet the pride of being American overshad- owed the sadness. Kelly O ' Reilly, Allison Maynard, and Cr-ystal Rockwell expressed their love and pride for the United States with patriotic attire in( luding face paint, American flag bandanas, and even red and blue hair! POTA DQTA DQTA The Pit lure Man C. Adair, J. Adams, L. Allgood, A. Altenbach, J. Arnold, E. Ashford, B. Bagnato, C. Bailey, A. Baird, A. Ballard, K. Banks, C. Barnard, B. Banta, J. Baslle, B. Bender, S. Betsch, B. Bishop, J. Bolden, K. Bray, K. Brizendine, C. Burns, L. Biirris, C. Busa, K. Caldwell, B. Carter, S. Cherry, D. Chidlow, L. Christy, A. Clayton, K. Cloud, J. Cobb, C. Coffey, K. Collins, J. Conine, L. Crockett, K. Cummings, L Daugherty, L. Daughters, C. Davis, C. Collins, L. Dean, A. Dickerson, K. Doster, L. Dowly, K. Duncan, J. Edens, J. Elmore, B. Fowler, M. Fowler, W. Frazier, D. Gapinski, J. Giardini, L. Gibbs, E. Granger, K. Gunthrie, L. Hall, K. Hanes, R. Hansen, E. Hansford, A. Hartsfield, J. Haut, R. Hawkins, M. Hearne, L. Herrel, K. Hill, S. Houchins, L. Howell, T. Hoyt, A. Hulsey, J. Jackson, K. Jackson, A. Jett, A. Jett, M. Karn, K. Kawa, J. Keilner, E. Kisabeth, J.A. Kiser, B. Klahs, A. Komer, J. Kreis, H. Lee, L. Leonard, K. Lock, C. Lockhart, W. Lovelady, K. Lovett, E. Maddox, M. Manthey, M.K. Martin, L. Mason, C. Massingill, A. Mattox, A. Maynard, C. McCloskey, K. McCloskey, R. McGovvan, K. McKinney, G. Meadors, W. Meeks, M. Mervar, A. Miles, P. Millinor, T. Minibs, J. Montgomery, K. Montgomery, A. Moore, J. Obringer, L. Obringer, J. O ' Dwyer, K. O ' Reillv, M. Pang, D. Pennington, M.C. Pfelfer, E. Phinlsey, M. Piltman, K. Prchal, A. Raiston, L. Rivero, K. Robinson, C. Rockwell, R. Roddenberi-y, K. Rutherford, E. Rutland, D. Ryan, C. Sales, N. Schlemmer, N. Schutt, A. Settle, K. Shaddix, C. Shaw, K. Sheehan, M. Sims, T. Skoog, R. Sloan, A. Snell, E. Stevens, E. Stewart, K. Thomas, A. Trubiana, A. Tucker, M. Van Houten, C. Watkins, H. Watts, C. Webb, A. Wdekind, S. Wedekin, A. Weil, H. West, E. Whitlow, C. Williams, L. Williams, G. Wilson, K. Yarbrough, E. Youngblood, J. Zeyen Delta Delta Delta 219 What do you like about living in the Sorority house? " I ' m really excited about getting to live in the house next year with my sisters. " -Meghan Connor " Living in the sorority house makes being in the sorority very special be- cause the memories you build with your sisters while living with them will last a lifetime. " -April Roland 1 DQTA GANM4 llu ' Pictiire l.iii E. Adier, A. Anderson, K. Andrews, M. Anglyn, M. Artzer, H. Asbell, E. Ashman, E. Bagwell, J. Bateman, M. Bonifacious, E. Brugge, A. Bryant, L. Callahan, M.K. Camp, K. Carroll, H. Carroll, L. Carter, H. Cash, M. Chambless, M. Connor, K. Corbitt, A. Culpepper, M. Davis, C. Dixon, M. Donnelly, B. Donnelly, D. Dunman, L. Dykes, R. Edeline, J. Elliot, K. Engelrup, W. Eubanks, A. Falzone, J. Findlay, B. French, A. Fussell, J. Gaynor, C. Gooding, P. Gooding, N. Grant, E. Gurtey, S. Hagar, A. Hahn, K. Haney, A. Harrison, E. Henderson, J. HJenderson, R. Hettinger, J. Hlllyer, J. Horner, M. Jackson, L. Johnson, R. Johnstone, A. Jones, C. Jones, K. Jones, A. Jordan, S. Justice, K. Keating, E. Keller, A. Kelley, K. Kinard, S. Kincaid, M. Lindsey, J. Lowry, J. Manion, A. Marshall, A.L. Marshall, J. Mathis, A. Mattson, C. McCollum, T. McCoy, B. McGinn, R. Miller, N. Mitchell, S. Moonsammy, M. Morgan, R. Mulhig, S. Nahhas, L. Neighbors, M. Norton, S. Oliver, A Ostrow, C. Owen, R. Palel, H. PlatI, J. Pressley, S. Quereshi, J. Rawlins, J. REece, C. Regan, M. Roddy, A. Roland, A. Rudolph, M. Ryan, K. Scarboro, M. Schisler, T. Sharber, S. Slagel, S. Smiley, L. Sowers, E. Spake, K. Stamps, J. Stiles, K. Thayer, N. Thompson, J. Ton, L. Townsend, A. Valentine, M. Valentine, K. Vedder, S. Vitola, L. Waters, A. Watkins, A. Williams, M. Williams, J. Williams, J. Wilson, T. Yotz, R. Zacher, A. Zarrett 220 Greek Life Ready to dazzle, three Delta Gammas are dressed up for one of their formals. Each so- rority usually has two or three formals throughout the year. Each sorority has a symbol that represents them, and Delta Gamma ' s symbol is the anchor. Here some sisters are gathered around the large anchor right outside their house. Beautiful and happy to be to- gether, some Delta Gamma girls jump at the opportunity for an- other picture! Delta Gamma 221 Jill Smith, Jana Fogel, and Maria Kaplan gather with sisters from the Epsilon Epsilon chapter at the Delta Phi Epsilon convention. All smiles with their Mardi Gras beads, Emily Conners and Dana Berg have fun celebrating the holiday in Athens with the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon sorority are having fun at their My Tie date night with the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. My Tie date nights are a form of blind dates. 222 Greek Life Lane Woodward, Lori Agee, and Carol Parsons take a bieak from dancing at their " A Starn Night Soiree. " DPhiE ' s spring formal was held in Chatla- nooga, Tennessee. Ginger Adams, Lori Agee, India Anderson, Lindsey Barvvick, Dana Berg, Tammy Charania, Carrie Chestnutt, Meredith Childrey, Megan Closset, Emily Conners, Jessica Evans, Jana Fogel, Christine Foy, Pamela Garrett, Jill Giles, Gina helou, Katie Hourihan, Jennifer Joseph, Maria Kaplan, Brittany Lancaster, Nicole Maddox, Megan Massey, Bridgit McCrickard, Karen Nash, Carol Parsons, Rebecca Poole, Liz Reisman, Nicole Rosner, Ashley Saef, Heather Sheppard, Jill Smith, Kelly Trenary, Heather Tuggle, Katherine Tuggle, Lane Woodward. 1 Dqta Pni Epsilon On their Spring Little Sis Surprise night these Delta Phi Epsilon girls gather to have a " Duck " family reunion. Each family in Delta Phi Epsilon, which is made up of Big Sis, Little Sis, and their legacies, has an official animal, such as the duck. This is a fun way to form special bonds with your Big Sis and others in your family. Delta Phi Epsilon 223 Delta Zeta girls show off their tans at the beach in Savannah, Georgia on a Sisterhood Retreat. Ashley Murphy and Kay Habenicht are all dressed up for a Delta Zeta Formal. Candi Cashon, Delta Zeta ' s Philanthropy Chair, conducts the " Iron Dawg Challenge " tug- ot-war contest to benefit Galludel University, a school for the hearing impaired. 224 Greek Life Brittany Shaw, Sarah Sc liofield, Molly Johnson, Kay Habenicht, Ashley Murphy, and Megan McC-ormick are all rc ady for the Sisterhood Rafting Trip. KiJlie Adams. Mituh Adams. Terrie AUIridiJc. Amanda Allen. Vlcredilh Amundsen. Claire Anderson. Marie A erelle. HJelen Baton. Sara Barnhart. kelll Banmgarlner. krisli Beallle. Lisa Bene elli. P.imela Bel , lennifer Birdsong. Erin Bitlner, Kim Blaik. Cliriss Blaisdel. lessita Bower. Atina [i ) v. Natalie Broadns. Ashle BroutJhman. Dana Brown. Tori Bruce, len Burbage. Stephanie Burdett. Sla( Burkhead. Leislie Busbee. Krjsl Butler. Liiise ( alduell. Tittain Garden, lutv Carstarphen. Candl Cashon, Courtne Caudle, Christa Cnffam. Allison Cohen, kari Cohen. kell Conwa , Dana (ook. Paige Cook. Lori Coombs. Whitney Cornelison. ( lirisl ( ollingham. Megan Cullen. Shanna Damken. Sta( D.iniken. Beth Daniel, Sta( ey Darrish. Emily Davis, Tamm Dk ks. Mk belle Dii ksori. Maribeth Dou( her. Melissa Duntan. Jessita Dysart. Sarah Earle. Jen Englerl. Andrea Feliie. lennifer Frenf h, Statey Furgason. Priya Gandhi, Megan Godwin, Stacy Gray. Dana Griffin, krisly Gurtis. kay Habenicht. 7ane Ha} ins. Jessica Hansel. Sarah Harris. Tracy Harris, julie Harrison, Sa(hie Hase. Tiffani Hasselbaum. katie Hawkins, kristln Ha llar. Tara Heefern. kristen Herrick. Ashley Herrmann. Cortne Holland. Natalie Holland. Emil HoneNdjtt. Allison Howard, Marilynn Howard. Sarah Hull, Leah Jernigan, katie Johnson, Mollv Johnson, keely Jones. Mika kawana. kat ie keaton, Megan keller, Sarah kindred, Molly Lane. Dianne Latham. Michelle Lee, Leslie Lwels, Su anne Lithtefeld. L ndse Lord. Erin Lyons. Megan McCormick. Cristina Mclver. Elizabeth Maclnnes, Leslie Martin. Ashley Maxwell. Lori Mezemer. Allie Menzies, kristen Miller. L ndse Mills. Lindsa Minis. Zandrea Michell. Stefanie Moddv. Caria Moore. Madonna Moore. Jessie Movie. Ashley Murphv. katie Neece. Emilv Oliff. kellv Olson. Carrie Palusz(vk. Lora Pea, Jessica Penn. Caroline Phillips. NataliePisano. Jordan Pravtor, kenan Preston. Harllev Price. Jennfer Purdie. Corinna Ragsdale. Abbev Ramsev. Erin Reighert. Liz Roques. Hollv Rozelle. Tifinv Sallis, Cori Sams, Laura Sams, Gig! Sanson, Li sharlau, Sarah Schofield. kimberly Schweiger. Brittany Shaw. Erin Shealy. Natalie Smith. Monica Speer. Belsv Spmks. Bonnie Spinks. Courtney Stone. Danielle Sullivan, LIndsey Teschner, Beth Theriault, Laura Thompson, kellv Torrence. Lauren Trainer, katie Turner. Julia Tyndall, Jessica Tyrell. Elena Lsataya, Leigh Varnadoe, Lauren Vergouven. Shannon Waldrop. kate Walker. Samantha Walker. Lindsey Warren. Sarah Warren. Brett Weiland. kristin Weinheimer. tenn White, Nicole Wilder, Diana Will, kirbv Willams. Niki Wing, Laurie Wires. Ally son Wisdom, kristin Wright. Raegan Neomans. Rachel Zwerneman ■POTA lETX The Picture Man In each sorority, new members receive a " Big Sis " who will do her best to look out for her " Lil Sis " and show her the ropes of Athens. Each sorority has a unique way of doing this event. Here, Sarah Schofield and Brittany Shaw are dressed up for Delta Zeta ' s Big Sis - Lil ' Sis Night. Little sisters follow a maze of string through the house, collecting clues and articles of clothing along the way. They end up dressed in full costume, coordinating with their new Big Sister, who is at the end of the string. Delta Zeta 225 Andrea Alliiian, Rebecca Ambrose. Megan Baicla , Meghan Bauinann, katie Ba lel, Alida Bell, Melanie Bettis, Sonia Bllentschiik. Veronica Blackstock, Ginnie Bonclurant, Krislina Bowen, Christy Boyd, Maggie Bra(lle . Alicia Britton, Stacy Biibenzer, Ally Burton. Christy Butera, Jenny Cagle. Amber Cahoon, Julie Camp, Ct ' ilidhl Cannizzato, Sara Cerny. Laura Chamberlln, Nicole Charron, Anne Marie Collins. Katherine Colston, Melissa Daniel. Sarah Darsey. Amie Davis, Janet Davis, Kelly Davis, Lindsay Davis, Melody Davis. Jen DeCesare. Am DeFer. Mary Ann Denton. Ashley DiNardo, Andrea Dobos, Nicole Doolin, Chelsea Eason, Elise Emrath. Allison Farr, Kara Ferguson, Amy Fleming, Jennifer Flowers, Lindsey Fodor. Jana Fornario. Blair Funderburk, Anna Gambrell, Tara Gancos, Lauren Gardner, Alexis Georgeson, Candace Gibson, Nikkl Girard, Allison Gkizer, Brittany Green. Jennifer Green. Rachel Greer, Megan Guilliams. Lindsey Guobaitis, Kelly Gutos, Andi Gutting. Andrea Hachat. Paige Happe. Emily Harris, Sara Harwood, Anna Flaynes. Whitney Herrick. Amanda Hoffman. Annette Hoffman. Gabrielle Holland. Laura Hoogland. Beth Hoover. Jenny Houston. Erica Huff. Heather Huffman. Christy Jenkins, Mary Kendall, Tricia Klaer, Robin Koethcke, Liz Kolshak. Lauren Kosty. Kristen Kulavic, Stephanie Kupecky. Katie Lambert. Karyn Levesque. Lindsey Logan. Nicci Lorenzetti, Melissa Lynn. Lindsay Malone, Lauren Marshall, Lindsey Marshall, Lindsay McClure, Megan McDaniel, Kelly McDonald, Sarah McElmurray. Elizabeth McGarrah. Ellen McGrew. Geraldine Mclntyre. Elizabeth Meadows, Jessica Mitchell, Mandy Mooney. Jennifer Morgan. Laura Morris. Mindy Murrell, Brittany Neal, Stephanie Nelson, Alicia Norman, Rebecca Nort. Mary O ' Keefe. Levi Parisi. Emily Patrick, Stephanie Peglow. BJ Perkins, Mandy Phillips. Jul! Pirkle, Bernadetle Poirier, Jennifer Puckett, Laura Ranstead, Stephanie Reynolds. Sabrina Rezaeinia. Jessie Rieber, Haley Robertson, Elizabeth Romig. Tiffany Rooks. Jackie Rosenberg, Lauren Sansotta, Katie-Shea Schneider, Bethany Serafine, Ki stina Shales, Sara Shaw. Hannah Sherman. Tracy Shiver. Margaret Sitttril, Barbara Smith, Cristin Smith, Slacey Smith, Deshea Southard. Elaine Spencer. Ann Stanford. Call Stockman. Rachel Stockely. Heather Sullivan. Laura Swann, Julie Teague, Krista Lllrich, Stephanie Varnedoe, Emilv Wallace, Daria Webster. Miranda Wessinger, Adrianne West, Ashley Wheaton, Rebecca White. Ashley Williams, Kristin Williams, Jessica Wilson. Courtney Wondrasek. Jamie Woodward. Emily Wys QAMN4 Pni BEr4 i» " Having someone that will always be there to look out for you and to have fun with at the same time. " -Melody Davis, Lil Sis What is the best part about being a Big or Little Sister? " You not only have a friend for life, but you also become a role model and mentor for vour Little Sister. " -Adriann West, Biii Sis 226 Greek Life Krisia Ulrich, Alicia Britton, and Meghan Baumann enjoy them- selves at Gamma Phi Beta ' s South- ern Comfort dinner. New mem- bers invite the pledges from all fraternities to the house for din- ner. Complete with umbrella hats and shovels, the only thing Jackie Rosenberg, Alicia Worman, and Julie Camp are missing is the beach at the Spring Break Social. Sisters Jen deCesare, Emily Wys, Mary Kendall, Lauren Kost y, and Anne Marie Collins have fun at Gamma Phi Beta ' s Spring Carnival benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Gamma Phi Beta 227 Some of the Kappa Alpha Theta girls sparkle and shine for their " Italian Wedding " social with Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sophomores, Emily McDanal, Catherine Taylor, and Jennifer Erin get everything for the Re- cruitment skit ready. Seniors Carlsie Paine and Catherine-Anne Hennessey, are decked out for their " Red and Black " social with Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Kappa Alpha Thela sophomores are smiling, because they are excited about their new pledges on Bid Day 2002. 228 Greek Life After " Rush " each year, the pledges receive a bid card from their sorority. That day, " Bid Day, " everyone goes to the lioiise for dinner and usually a party of some sort. A new member to Kappa Alpha Theta, Caroline Wilson, says that " as a pledge, it was so weird to take pictures on Bid Day. Everyone was a stranger to me. We all just threw our arms around each other and Pic Man clicked away. Today, I cherish those pictures, because I was posing with the girls I now consider some of my best friends. " KAPPA 4ipriA Tn TA The Picture Man _ 6 J . M. Anderson, M. Badger, E. Bailey, C. Baker, V. Barmore, M. Bartoe, A. Bauer, B. Biizemore, A. Bernath, A. Bickely, J. Bickely, V. Bishop, K. Bostick, B. Brantley, J. Brown, L. Brown, J. Buck, N. Burns, M. Bush, H. Campbell, W. Cardenas, B. Cathel, K. Cinibulk, M. Clawater, C. Cline, A. Conley, K. Connor, J. Darling, L. Davenport, K. Day, M. DeBessonet, M. Dement, M. Deming, S. Dixon, K. Duncan, A. Dunkel, J. Dunn, E. Ellis, J. Erwin, B. Fain, C. Farrell, L. Fennell, K. Ferguson, A. Ficket, M. Fink, D. Fisher, M. Flemtiiing, C. Flournoy, E. Floyd, M. Franklin, A. Freeman, L. Friedrich, C. Fuller, A. Gaines, M. Gaines, M. Garner, B. Greene, M. Greene, E. Griffin, A. Gossman, C. Grozier, A. Guffin, A. Hadlock, S. Hahn, L Hamilton, M. Hamrit k, K. Hardie, S. Hardy, R. Harrison, E. Hawkins, C. Hawver, L. Hemphill, C. Hennessy, W. Hester, C. Hiatt, M. Hill, E. Hilles, L Hinson, E. Holliday, M. Ir in, B. Jackson, L. Jamerson, K. Kerns, K. Kimbrell, L. Knotteck, K. Koby, M. kurrie, S. Lathem, R. Lewis, E. Lippitt, A. Lott, J. Lynah, M. Madray, C. Marona, G. Mashburn, L. Marshburn, J. Marlelli, N. Martelli, M. Mattingly, J. McCleland, M. McCord, E. McDanal, B. McDill, K. McEntire, C. McFaddin, J. Miesse, L. Milliken, M. Moate, L. Morris, L. Moshell, A. Moss, C. Murphy, L. Myer, B. Nance, L. Nations, B. Nicholson, E. Nicholson, E. Nolan, E. Nuckolls, C. O ' Shea, S. Ourso, L. Owens, L. Pace, C. Paine, N. Paulk, L. Peel, J. Perry, J. Pfeiffer, K. Ramsey, M. Reedy, B. Reighcert, C. Rentz, L. Rogers, Q. Ryan, S. Salter, S. Salter, K. Satterfield, T. Savage, L. Scott, S. Shaw, M. Shelley, B. Shiver, A. Sims, J. Singleton, K. Sinquefield, E. Smith, J. Smothers, L. Sommet, K. Stewart, A. Stogner, M. Syfan, C. Taylor, J. Todd, A. Trice, M. Lovett,P. Villegas.E. Walker.E. Watkins, K. Weakley, J. Wilder, K. Willard, B. Williams, L. Williatns, C. Wilson, P. Wilson, M. Woldert, L. Woodhall. E. Wright, T. Youmans Kappa Alpha Theta 229 In addition to their other phil- anthropic events, Kappa Delta also participates in Relay for Life at UGA. Excited about their bids to join KD, these 2002 pledges show their Kappa Delta pride as they hold their white roses, KD ' s official flower. The KD house is one of the most unique on campus. It is the only sorority house to have eighteen furnished apartments enclosed by a courtyard. These KD girls are ready for some beach party time. Like many sororities. Kappa Delta also hosts events with a luau theme. 230 Greek Life Every year the Sigma Chi fraternity holds its annual Derby Days competition where the sororities compete against one another in various events. Kappa Delta has always had a strong team with many participants. Here the 2001 team poses with their Sigma Chi coaches. The Kappa Delta girls all wear matching lime green t-shit1s to various Derby Days events like the Derby Hunt held on North Campus. The Derby Hunt involves not only a scavetiger hunt, but also a hunt for derby hats hidden throughout the campus. Dqta rill ' Pldiirv Mail Lauren Acheson, Allison Arnold, Adeline Ashmore, Emily Bass, Zane Baxter, Megan Bearden, Calhy Bender, Aly Brewer, Julie Boswell, Kaly Boyle, Caroline Bragg, Jordan Bray, Jessica Brochu, Kristen Brooks, Lea Bryant, Nikki Buffington, Charya By, Lucianna Cardenas, Kristin Cerbone, Alexis Colien, Kelly Cole, Kate Cunningham, Sloan Curtis, Erin Daly, Marilyn Davis, Sarah DeMarco, Pascale Desplanque, Maggie Eberz, Kim Eggars, Marianne Ellis, Tara Elzer, Rachel English, Amy Epstein, Jennifer Fallin, Alexis Fallon, Katie Fantazzi, Leigh Farnell, Megan Fenslamacher, Brooke Garrett, Kim Gebbia, Jordan Gilleland, Heather Gordon, Julia Green, Kay Greenway, Laurie Gunlher, Liz Haman, Amanda Hamilton, Lynsay Hancock, Ellen Harper, Jill Heard, Jill Herrig, Kristin Hewalt, Ashely Hill, Janessa Hinds, Cassie Hobby, Meredith Hogue, micah holden, Catherine Holmes, Lindsey Hollon, Leigh Howell, Liz Houze, Jill huff, Julianne huges, Courtney Jackson, Jenny Johnson, Jessica Johnson, Kristen Kissane, Lindley Knight, Megan Leskoven, Joanna Levine, Katie Lopez, Emily Love, Yolanda Lu, Annie Lynch, Emily Magill, Allison Marx, Molly Mathews, Jenny Mayer, Anna McCurley, Jennifer Mihalchik, Kristin Miller, Becky Miller, Sara Morgan, Jessica Muenster, Erin Mulryan, Meredith Myrick, Alison Madybak, Amy Nebel, Daisy Nehl, Paige Nelson, Lindsey O ' Neil, Emily Pantino, Gehres Paschal, Sara Petras, Laney Prosperi, Jessica PruitI, Kristin Pujadas, Christy Ray, Miranda Reed, Luci Reilly, Mary Richardson, Britlney Rogers, Allison Rounds, Cheryl Roulson, Laura Rowe, Brittany Russell Revecca Sasso, Sarah Scagnelli, Lilly Seay, Sera Sims, Jaime Slater, Sheldon Slimp, Stafford Slimp, Kat Smith, Mary Soeder, Aly Sutton, Meri Standifer, Brittany Stathas, Brooke Steele, Jullie Stennes, Jennifer Stewart, Beth Tamboli, Lauren Taylor, Ashley Teusink, Kristen Thomas, Jessica Tobin, Jennifer Tommasello, ashley Touart, Emily Touart, Lauren Touart, Staci Townsend, Grayson Tsanos, Katie Tucker, Rebecca Turner, Natalia Tultle, Kelli Uhrinek, Abby Vaillancourt, Kelsie Van Deman, Audrey Van Nus, Rachel Wade, Elizabeth Wald, Kalie Waldrop, Vicky Walker, Melissa Walker, Dara Watson, Jana Watson, Allison Webb, Brandi Wheeler, Lacy Wilhoil, Lauren Wilkes, Jenna Williams, Kasi Williams, meredith Wilson, Christen Wrenson, Lindsey Young, Jayna Young, Laura Zimmerman. Kappa Delta 231 1 1 These Kappa sisters stand in front of the Kappa house dur- ing their annual Crawfish Boil which benefits multiple sclero- sis. Kristen Charbonnet and Betsy Tapley have a great time at Kappa Kappa Gamma ' s Dii1y Old Men and Catholic School Girls Social with Kappa Sigma. Kappa ' s Lyndsey Walters, Leslie Yeager, Sarah Goff, Lynsie Sowden, Sarah Luppen, and Susie McGough enjoy their Spring Break trip to the Bahamas. 232 Greek Life During Kappa Kappa Gamma ' s Bid Day 2002, all ot the new members wear white dresses. As white repre- sents purity, the pledges are experiencing Kappa Kappa Gamma sisterhood for the first time. They eome to the front of the Kappa house where the old members of Kappa Kappa Gamma cheer for their new sisters. A special feeling is felt by all as new pledges are welcomed into the Kappa Kappa Gamma family. Bid Day is a long and exciting day for all sororities on campus. M. Adams, A. Alexander, M. Allen, K. Andersen, K. Anderson, J. Applegate, R. Armstrong, C. Baggett, M. Ball, E. Ballard, A. Bankslon, K. Barlow, M. Bastar, A. Baxter, M. Bishop, A. Biter, D. Bonner, A. Brennan, M. Brice, K. Brock, E. Brown, M. Brown, G. Bryant, C. Burke, L. Callaway. K. Campbell, M. Carreker, J. Cauiey, K. Campbell, M. Carreker, J. Cauley, K. Charbonnel, E. Cherry, C. Cole, L. Collins, E. Conner, C. Costanzo, M. Cozad, M. Crenshaw, C. Cullum, E. Davis, J. Davis, K. Davis, L. Dickey, M. Dunn, A. Earnhart, E. Eaton, M. Edens, K. Elli s, A. Elsburry, L. Elting, C. Evans, J. Finan, L. Finney, A. Fisher, L. Fitzpatrick, K. Fort, J. Gantsoudes, A. Garcia, L Giles. S. Goff, S. Graf, P. Gregor-y, K. Gross, H. Hamilton, L. Hardin, L. Harper, A. Harvey, H. Hai-vey, T. Havnes, B. Haynes, K. Head, B. Hill, L. Hinson, L. Hodurski, J. Hoffman, C. Home, M. Home, S. Houghtlin, J. Ibert, J. Inman, K. Jensen, E. Jones, K. Kizer, K. Klee, J. Koretsky, L. Kunis, E. Lambert, C. Landry, K. Lane, K. Lawler, L. Layfield, S. Leverett, S. Luppen, B. Martin, L. Massey, L. Matheny, E. Mathes, K. McBride, S. McGough, L. McGowen, M. McNaughton, R. McQueen, A. Miller, K. Miller, M. Miller, J. Minchew, M. Moses, E. Moses, K. Murphy, C. Myers, T. Neely, B. Nelson, I. Newell, L. Newell, J. Nixon, E. Nowlin, C. O ' Connell, A. Orme, K. Orr, A. Parnell, M. Parnell, L. Paulk, K. Plomgren, K. Poole, E. Pope, L. Powell, L. Powell, C. Prower, C. Proctor, M. Ramsey, C. Reeves, B. Reynolds, M. Rigamer, T. Rotonti, A. Sanders, L. Sattei-white, C. Sauer, J. Scanlon, M. Seacrest, E. Smart, L. Sowden, S. Spillers, S. St. John, C. Stewart, R. Strubinger, S. Sullivan, C. Sullivant, B. Tapley, A. Thompson, J. Thompson, A. Tison, M. Tollison. N. Underwood, K. Vorhoff, V. Waldron, A. Walker, A. Wall, A. Wallace, L. Walters, A. Warner, J. Watson, K. Weidner, K. Wells, M. White, K. Williams, M. Williams, B. Wison, L Wilson, K. Winter, S. Wrenn, L. Yeager, E. Youngquist, M. Zatzkis, L. Ziegler Kappa Kappa Gamma 233 B . What do yoM like about living in the Sorority house? " I am so excited about liv- ing in the ' big ' house next year with all of my new friends. " -Katie Byrd " It ' s so much fun living in the house with sixty of your best friends! " -Kate Davis Th( Pi( line M.ii M. Adams, B. Allen, P. Allen, L. Arnold, F. Ashley, K. Baker, E. Bayer, S. Beasley, M. Beckner, N. Bel, C. Benson, B. Bentley, R. Berry, K. Blackwell, M. Booher, M. Bragg, E. Brierre, C. Brinson, F. Britlon, M. Brooks, S. Brooks, M. Brooksher, R. Burdelte, S. Byrd, E. Cambron, C. Campbell, C. Carpenter, A. Carson, C. Cauley, J. Cavanaugh, T. Chamberlin, M. Champagne, E. Cheves, E. Chu, A. Clegg, A. Cleveland, D. Clower, C. Coe, K. Coleman, K. Coleman, E. Colley, J. Colley, C. Connell, K. Connick, E. Copeland, A. Costanza, E. Cowart, L. Coyle, L. Curry, C. Dasle, K. DAvis, K. Day, S. Diercks, L. Eckstein, P. Elting, L. Esles, N. Farber, L. Feldman, C. Frick, M. Gainer, L. Garrett, L. Giffin, L. Godwin, E. Grieshaber, N. Groover, T. Grubb, A. Haltiner, A. Hamling, C. Harris, J. Heidingsfelder, J. Hi( ks, A. Hill, B. Hines, C. Howard, K. Howard, E. Huckaby, J. Hiiggins, K. Hughes, A. Issacs, V. Johnson, W. Joris, L. Joyner, S. Kahlbaum, E. Kavanaugh, L. Kearns, K. Keith, L. Knox, M. Knox, A. LaFlamme, L. Eandry, M. Landry, A. Lane, S. Lane, C. Langevin, J. Lebrelon, S. Lewis, H. Luce, K. Maher, M. Mann, K. Martin, M. Matthews, K. M(Goklri( k. C. McKenzie, E. McWilliams, E. Meade, A. Miller, L. Mills, B. Motfet, A. Mooney, A. Moore, R. Moore, M. Mouney, L. Napoli, M. Niinn, S. Oddsen, E. Olmsled, A. Pafford, M. Parrish, S. Peagler, L. Pellegrini, E. Phillips, A. Pickeren, C. Piraino, D. Plumer, A. Porter, L. Porter, A. Pratlier,M. Reeves, M. Reeves, M Reeves, K. Robbins, A. Salloum, K. Sands, B. S(;hull( S. Scruggs, C. Sellars, E. Shoftner. E. Silverman, M. Simmons, C. Simpson, M. Simpson, S. Sipple, K. Skinner, K. Smith, L. Smith, I . Smith, V. Stanley, L. Steinemann, B. Stewart, J. Streeter, J. Stuckey, E. Suttles, M lankiMsley, R. taul)el, E. Thompson, S. Uiompson, V. Thompson, N. Thorn, C. Tison, L. Tison, S. Valentine, H. Varner, I. Vera, E. Walden, J. Waleke, K. Walker, N. Walthall, C. Warlick, C. Watson, C. Weathers, M. W( prin, L. West, B. Westbrook, K. Williams, A. Wills, K. Winigder, A. Wisehart, L. Wisehart, P. Yergens 234 Greek Life PniMu Dancing their hearts out for " Dance Marathon, " Phi Mu shows their support for the Children ' s Miracle Network. Always ready for a good time, these Phi Mu girls show the Sigma Phi Epsilon boys how to have fun at their " Margaritaville " social. Phi Mu 235 Pi Beta Phi raised mor money for Relay foi- Lite than any other UGA organization. Al l of the money j oes towards the American Cancer Society. 236 Greek Life Kyle Amschlcr, Briltncy Aiitrv, Chelsea Avanl, Kalhryn Baker, Man Lo( an Barmeyer. Krissy Barllell. Missy Bartlelt. Amy Bensten, Courtney Bloodworth, Emily Boyd, Catherine Bishop. Alex Burdell, Lauren Cantwell, Christen Castay, Stefani Cerdey, Hyatt Cesar, Slefani Chapman, lenniler Chassereau, Val Christopher. Crystal Clark, Shannon Clialt. Bridget Cody. Lindsey Congelton. Kyllan (ornvvell, Carolyn Crockett. Eli abc th Crockett, Lorie CroiiuM-, Heather Cross, Amy Crum, Rachel Dartt. Chrissv l),iu(Sherty, Mindy Davidson, Kim De Feis, HaleyDillon, Katie DiRlfo, Holly Doer, Alison Diane, Eiiiily Du( k. Kale Diinaway, Kelly Dussel, Sonya Elkins, lacqLieline Faust, Rachell Foor, Ashley Fronczak. Lindsey George. Amelia Gleaton. Erin Goblsh, Meg Golder, Fmil Goodv iri. Christina Groesbeck. Katie Hagler, Virginia Hall, Laura Hansen, Ashley Hayes, Meghan Hemingv a . M ra Hicks, Catherine Holder. Elizabeth Hokomb. Maggie Home, Christy Houston, Courtney Hudson, Kelly Hughes, Emily Hunt, Devon Jackson, Jessica Jaret, Julie Johnson, Alex Jones, Tracy Jones, Kendall Kaufman. Andrea Keeler, Leslie Kennedy, Stephanie Kraft, Ashley Kroyer, Jessica Laiti, Sidney Lamb. Anna Lang, Rachel Lebedin, Aubrey Lewis, Alison Leylon. Linsey Licht, Allison Linn, Stephanie Mandersoii. Kelly Martin. Mandi Matthews. Megan Malhis. Margaret McConnell, April McEwan, Mary Ann Meeks, Regan Michaelis. Katie Mingo, Tiffany Misra, Devon Morgan, Ryan Morgan, Melissa Morris, Carolyn Morse, Jill Neutnann, Ashley Newsome, Allyson Nichols, Erin O ' Keiff. Elizabeth Ohadi. Shannon O ' Neil, Lauren Parker. Anny Patten. Lauren Paullin. Alexis Pearl, Lindsey Perry. Lindsey Pound. Nadine Quader. Yvette Rodriguez. Marisa Rosado. Khyla Rosen. Daryn Rosenberg, Chelsea Rudin, Blaire Ruffin, Susan Scarce, Marty Shaw. Shannon Shipley. Kelly Shiver. Krislen Shockley. Jodi Silverstein, Jacquelyn Simonis, Ginny Smith, Sarah Smith, Bea Somerville, Catherine Spivey. Shana Strickland. Ashley Stockelt, Liz Sumner. Staci Switi, Shanna Tapley, Sarah Tosh, Jaclyn Tolbert. Jennifer Tomanchek. Lauren Totzke. Jennifer Tripp. Gennie Trousdale. Nalali Tschirgi. Erika Twesme, AM Clrich, Mandi LUrich, Kathryn Velasco, Ashley Wagner. Lauren Walker. Erin Weidman, Trisha Wilson, Sarah Wood, Lauren Yarbrough, Mandy Zanone, Sarah Zeeman. Rebecca Zimmerman iBCTAPni Tlie Picture Man Pi Beta Phi is a " partner in education " with Chase Street Elementary School. Throughout the semester, Pi Beta Phi sisters go to the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to tutor elementary students and help them with their homework during an after school program. This opportunity is very rewarding for both the students and the sisters. Kelly Shiver especially enjoys visiting the students even if it is to simply " hang out " . She says the kids love it when the sisters come. The students show their excitement to see the sisters by running up and giving the girls hugs of elation. This program is one of many Pi Beta Phi is involved in around Athens. Pi Beta Phi 237 Dui ' ing the first few weeks of each school year, Sigma Delta Tail freshmen pledges are each assigned to a sophomore " Bear Buddy. " One event these sisters especially enjoy is the annual Froshmore Skate Night. " Bear Buddies " pick up the pledges and take them to the skating rink where they have a lot of fun and get to know each other by playing roller-skating games. Later the SDT freshmen and sophomores go out for ice cream. A wonderful time is had by all! jii Ki u Delta Tau TliP Piclure Man Mai ' cJa Alembik, Leah Asher, Rochelle Asher, Liz Auerbach, Melanie Bennett, Leah Benadot, Erica Bodziner, Catherine Boehm, Renee Breadon, Stacey Breir, Abbie Bridges, Michelle Bronslein, Kelly Bullington, Kasey Chanin, Stacy Clein, Debra Cohn, Michelle Cooper, Amy Damsker, Julie Dane Kellogg, lllana Daube, Rachel Doilman, Elissa Dranove, Sarah Dunn, Caryn Ellin. Jill Erdberg, Jenn Feldman, Emily Fierman, Leah Fleisig, Cara Freudenberg, Allison Gaudet, Rachel Geffen, Wendy Golubock, Marin Goodman, Shelly Grunbaum, Jennifer Harman, Robyn Harmelin, Jamie Hirsch, Jenn Hirsch, Melissa Hirsu, Meryl Hochdorf, Gig Jacobs, Maria Jacobson, Becky Kay, All Kliegman, Jessica Konter. Laura Kowler, Dana Kulkin, Shelley Krugan, Meredith Landua, Lindsey Light, Blaire Long, Meaghan Long, Sheryl Marbach, Amy McCain, Jenny Menkes, Lisa Miller, Rhianna Mintz, Megan Mitchell, Jodi Moss, Amanda Neiman, Annalisse Nelson, Jamie Nossokoff, Sarah Padolsky, Allison Pearlman. Leah Pelteson, Lauri Rainbow, Jennifer Rand, Kassandra Ratousky, Morgan Reeves, Patrcie Reiter, Jamie Richter, Andrea Rich, Abbie Rickoff, Nadine Sack, Allison Sand, Courtney Saul, Brooke Schaeffer, Jamie Schultz, Dianne Segel, Lee-ora Segel, Marcy Seligman, Marissa Shams, Laura Shapiro, Stefanie Shapow, Sheryl Shectman, Jasmine Shefrin, Jodi Sher, Carly Shonson, Susan Silbert, Kimsey Silverboard, Stephanie Silverman, Amy Slotin, Jessica Smith, Julie Soriano, Lauren Soriano, Emily Stein, Jessica Steinberg, Melissa Steinberg, Amy Studin, Lauren Sukloff, Elizabeth Sussman, Stephanie Sweeney, Alison Taffel, Jeanette Thurber, Tali Toland, Samantha Torch, Taylor Trepte, Sarah Usian, Alix Weiss. Sarah Weissman, Jessica Wener, Rachel Zander, Casie Zimmerman Sigma Delta Tau 239 Too adorable in their camo to be out hiding in the woods these Sigma Kappa girls show how cute army gear can be. There ' s no time like the present to have a fiesta! Some of the sisters of Sigma Kappa get together be- fore the social. Not only to Sigma Kappa girls like to attend games together, they also enjoy tailgalitig to- gether prior to kickoff. 240 Greek Life W. Addison, K. Akieinian, B. Armor, S. Armstrong , M. Austin, J. Baker, C. Benca, C. Bennett, M. Bloch, D. Bollman, A. Booth, H. Bowles, B. Boyd, A. Bradley, A. Broadway, K. Brown, K. Buckhaults, S. Biifofile, S. Byerly, A. Camp , L. Carmlchael, K. Carrigan, M. Carroll, T. Caryalho, L. Caveness, C. Clark, A. Coley, R. Coller, S. Collins, J. Correro, B. Cowan, C. Cowden, E. Cox, M. Cronit, C. Cross, K. Criimp, M. Daly, K. Darden, A. Day, L. Dekoskie, L. Demers, L. DepastiuaUi, M. DePerro, A. Diamantis, E. Diamantis, C. Doraii, K. Dudley, S. Dunphy, J. Farr, K. Fennell, S. Ferf eson, K. Ferrante, T. Folmar, L. Fosiy, N. Foster, F. Fountain, J. Frantesc oiii, A. Frederick, L. Gardner, A. Garrett. S. Gibson, J. Glover, C. Godwin, C. Gordon, E. Grady, J. Graham, D. Greene, J. Hat kney, A. Hanson, L. Harshbarger, J. Haskell, A. Hatcher, C. Hatchett, C. Hatchetl, A. Henderson, E. Hendley, J. Hentosz, L. Mild, J. Hinshaw, K. Holtizinger, K. Horn, N. Hugon, M. Ingram, T. l lar, A. Jackson, A. Karins, ' S. Katz, N. Kautter, L. King, T. King, K. Kise, K. Koffman, K. Kraft, G. Kunimoto, K. Lindsley, K. Lynch, B. Madebach, S. Matthews, M. Miizzawi, M. McBride, D. McCarney, B. M( Cook, M. McKee, A. McKinney, K. Michael, K. Micheal, A. Mitchell, B. Moore, M. Moore, J. Nash, K. Nathan, A. Naughton, S. Nelson, A. Neuhart, N. Neuhart, B. Newman, A. Newton, T. Niccum, K. Nichols, L. Northcutt, S. O ' Brien, L. O ' Farrell, J. Parker, A. Pate, J. Peters, L. Pippel, M. Proctor, M. Ratts, H. Rekow, K. Resseguie, K. Reynolds, K. Robertson, K. Roderick, M. Santilli, H. Scantland, B. Schroder, N. Schweitzer, H. Scott, S. Seaman, J. Segale, S. Segan, J. Shiflet, E. Smoak, K. Snadon, T. Stanley, M. Stofko, B. Strand, S. Stratton, L. Swindle, J. Tatman, J. Taylor, J. Taylor, L. Templeman, L. Theis, K. Thompson, T. Tiffany, M. Tinkler, A. Tippin, J. Torrence, L. Treu, A. Trotter, L. Walker, M. Walker, W. Walker, K. Wall, M. Ward, M. Weems, H. Whelchel, M. Whitmer, H. Willis, A. Wilson, J. Wolfe, E. Wyche. Tlie Picture Man » ) f 6IGM4 Kappa r a Lisa Depasquale, Kristin Nathan, Allison Trotter, and Meg Ingram, members of Sigma Kappa ' s singing group, proudly show off the trophy that their sorority has just won in Beta Theta Pi ' s annual Choral Cup competition. Choral Cup is a philanthropic singing competition be- tween sororities, and Sigma Kappa has captured the cup for the past four years. In addition to competing in the Choral Cup, Sigma Kappa ' s singing group also preforms at events on campus, such as singing the National Anthem at sporting events. Sigma Kappa 241 What do like about living in the Sorority house? " The best thing about liv- ing in the house is having constant slumber parties with all of your best friends. " -Jenny Breithaupt " Living in the house gives you an endless amount of people to listen to any- thing and everything you say. . . it ' s a house full of great listeners. " -Samantha Phillips ZetaTal The Pi( lull ' Man LauiaBelh Agnew, Laura Allen, Autumn Amos, Am Anderson, Andrea Asefl, Lindsay Austin, Merrill Autr , Lauren Baton, Melissa Barrett, Alicia Barr , Amelie Basarlcti, Betsy Benefield, Audrey Benson, Rachel Bias, Leslie Birdsong, Becky Bisson, Alison Birzes, Julie Blalock, Erin Bolian, Jennifer Borja, Bethe Bosworth, Brittany Boyer, Karen Bragg, Jill Brannon, Jenny Breilliaii|)l. Amy Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Sarah Brown, Grace Cagle, Kristen Callahan, Katie Carey, Lindsey Case, Laura Chapman, Melissa Clapp, Lindsey Clark, Cameron Clements, Ashely Coley, Laina Corgel, Colleen Coveny, Kim Coveny, Juliana Crumbley, Meredith Davis, Mary Degance, Julia Dixon, Margaret Donaldson, Kirsten Douglas, Susanna Dover, Jaime Dunn, Liza Dunning, AM Egan, Blair Emery, Carlton Faircloth, Lindsay Freeman, Jordan Frye, Janie Gilbert, Jordan Gill. Michele Golden, Maggie Goodman, Meg Gosselt, Danielle Griffith, Carrie Hacketl, Jackie Hagan, Therie Halaschek, MiilK Hale, Laura Hall, Heather Hammonds, Ansley Harris, Jeanne Harris, Courtney Haverman, Stephanie Hawkins, Jill HendiiMiii. Leitie Hernandez, Elizabeth Hess, Amy Holland, Celestia Hollis, Jenn Holz. Nicole Hudon, Lauren Hughes, Ashley Jiiliiisiin. Amanda Jones, Whitney Jones, Kara Keene, Amanda Kennedy. Bonnie Killian, Emily Kirby, Laurin Kizer, Meagan Kiiiglil, Kirsten Kollinger, Matalie Koont , Melissa Kramer, Catie Langdon, lill Lawrence, Leslie Lawrence, Fran Lee, Dalee Leebeni, Bobbi Jane Lenny, Kim Lewis, Robin Ligler, Blair Livingston, Keii Loll, Kelly Massey, Susan Mayberry, Lindsey McCall, Regan M( Donald, Miranda McGill, JulieAnne McRae, Melissa Meadows, Kiisleii Milam, Whitney Miller, Abby Milner, Leanne Monk, Sydne Moody, Becca Moore, Cassidy Moody, Megan Murphs. Retli Miiira , (Mlnee Murra , Man (lair Neal, Kris Mejl, I aura Lee Nessler, Stephanie Northen, Favan O ' Diisuill. lilt.iin Owens, H,i le Owmgs, Aslile I ' ai karil, 1 i la I ' ainiei ' . Kalre Paul. Garland Pearson, Angle Perrie, Samantha Phillips, Casey Pierce, Shi ' lli Pooir, I .iiiren Price, S.iiah Pali lill, Katie R.iy, Maggie Rees, Emily Reid, Maggie Reid, Emily Rentroe, Kaydee Reynolds, Linilsev liii hards, Laura Bit , Sarah Robbins, Brooke Robertson, Alexis Sakmar, Clair Sandlin, Leslie Sa era, Elizabeth Sc hrolh, Helhany ScJineider, Rachael Segresi, Beth Seay, Lindsay Sell , Melissa Shepherd, Katie Showaller, Sallie Smith. Kale Smith. Kristy Sorenson, Carson Spencer, laylor Spencer, Alexis Spurlin, Anna Starr, Brittany Stocks, Mallory Sir.ika. Katie laniier, Jordyn Tichy, Chelsea Tieken, Jenny Trout. Paigelucker, Meganllshi r, LeighAnnWalker, MarandaWalker. NalalieWalker. (iarn tt Wats, Ashle Wharton, I aiirie Whorlon. tli abelhWIggins. MandyWilliams, CarolWoodall, I auraWoodward, SusanWylie, Mary Yearta, ( arrieVoung, CaroKn iMgler. 242 Greek Life These new pledges take some time on Bid Day to get a quick dinner in before the fun starts back up. Bid Day is always very exciting for both the new and old members. There is nothing like tailgating with sisters to get excited about the game. These Zetas are all decked out and ready to have some UGA football fun! Toga party time! One of the more popular social themes for Greeks is the traditional toga theme. These Zeta girls sport their togas proudly as they get ready to party with one of the fraternities. Zeta Tau Alpha 243 Having lost their dates, three Tailgating on game day, these Kappa Sigs pose for Pic-Man at Kappa Sigmas just cannot hide their Christmas Date Night. their excitement. Kappa Sigma brothers are proud to be united by their fraternity. Currently with about 200,000 members, Kappa Sigma is the largest, most celebrated fraternity in the world. This Beta-Lambda chapter on the UGA campus strives for academic success while keeping a busy social calender of socials, date nights, band parties, and tailgates. The brothers are involved in many organiza- tions on campus and their philanthropy events. They are proud to call themselves a true brotherhood. One of the most famous Kappa Sigma brothers. Bob Dole, is shown here with some of UGA ' s Kappa Sigs. u Kappa SHiN4 H. Abbot, D. Amaral, S. Anderson, J. Balkcom, T. Barnaby, M. Barnett, B. Beasley, W. Beasley, J. Berry, J. Bracey, A. Brown, J. Brown, J. Bi-yan, B. Buck, D. Camferdam Jr., L. Campbell, P. Cargal, S. Carter, T. Cason, C. Cauly, H. Chambless, H. Char-vet, R. Colwell, M. Conn, J. Cozart, B. Crider, G. Cunningham IV, J. Davenport, D. Dawkins, D. Degeer, M. Dellinger, R. Dixon, P. Dodge, P. Dolcimascolo, S. Doster, C. Doughty, P. Douglas, B. Dunn, D. Dyer, D. Fisher, J. Friesen, C. Garner, P. Gatins, M. Gill, J. Graves, D. Harper, B. Herrin, J. Mollis, W. Horkan, R. Hoyt, A. Muggins, J. Johnson, B. Jones, N. Kelley, L Kester, C. Kirbo, B. Knowlton, T. Lannae, R. Larsen, C. Mabry, M. MacNabb, E. Maginnis, K. Malone, R. Matthews, M. McConnell, A. McCracken, S. McGuire, L. Medina, R. Medina, S. Metzloff, J. Montgomery, M. Moseley, S. Mullen, M. Nunn, M. Parmelee, M. Perkins, M. Pifkle, B. Pue, W.Quattlebaum, J. Roberts, E. Roche, S. Sandberg, S. Sanders, S. Scharf, B. Segars, M. Sellers, P. Shoemaker, M. Singletat7, B. Sinyard, K. Smith, C. Spence, W. Stegin, S. Swan, S. Talley, I. Thompson, C. Tribble, M. Usher, J. Weathers, J. Wegman, T. Wilhoit, C. Willis Jr, T. Windham, M. Wink, D. Wolfe, R. Wolfe, S. Womack, J. Young Kappa Sigma 245 These Phi Delta Theta ' s are dancing the night away at a formal held in St. Augustine, Florida. What a perfect night for a Braves game! Patrick Bow- man, Kasey Roberts, William Sartain, and Margie Kopp head to Turner Field to cheer on the Braves. Phi Delta Theta brothers enjoy hanging out together. What bet- ter pla( e is there than the Allman Brothers concert to have some brotherly fun. 246 Greek Life Allhough Phi Delta Theta Fraternity stresses academic excellence, philanthropy, and ( ampus involvement, they also know that there has to be time for fun. Howard Guest, Btyan Quisenberry, Trey Home, Christian Heap, Patrick Bowman, Will Brodnax, Mike Pazdzinski, Chris Conrad, Evan Elder, Charlie Howell, and James Breedlove enjoy themselves at a Phi Delta Theta formal in St. Augustine, Florida. k iii Delta Thcta ( ase Beard, Ward Benton, David Bikoff, Patrick Bowman, James Breedlove, Dan Bridges, William Brodnax, JT Brumby, Chris Conrad, Ashley Dillard, Clark Dorsey, Evan Elder, Ricky Ford, Adam Franklin, Matt Garrison, Will Gruber, Howard Guest, Charles Guthrie, Jimmy Hammil, Steve Hayes, Christian Heap, Kelly Henderson, Jason Henry, Trey Home, Charlie Howell, Bi-yan Jones, Patrick Kent, John Killmaster, Johnston Kramer, Partick Lines, Grant McMichael, Ford Meador, Clarke Nash, Britt Neighbors, Alex Olson, Neil Olson, Ben Pace, Mike Pazdzinski, Pete Pollak, Cory Pruett, Br-yan Quisenberi-y, Mark Rogers, William Sartain, Logan Schroeder, Blake Shirley, KC Smith, David Turner, Tommy Wainscott, Carter Wood Phi Delta Theta 247 These Phi Gamma Delta, a.k.a. FIJI brothers are at their annual trip to Fiji island at Hilton Head. At the Bahama island Fiji, these FIJI brothers relax and enjoy their Spring Break. i 1 - k . ' p 1 A Siv t0 ' ••r i ws H ' e -;- [ ,- ; _,v ' Phi Gams enjoy tailgating at the " World ' s Largest Cocktail Party, " a.k.a. the Georgia- Florida game, held in Jackson- ville, Florida each year. 248 Greek Life FIJIs love to splash around in the ocean in the Bahamas on " Fiji Island " tor Spring Break. They show their FIJI spirit by spelling 11 out in the water! :« .-J ; T K. Alexander, S. Alhadef, J. Arndl, P. Arndt, R. Arnold, L. Banos, T. Barnwell, M. Barton, J. Bat( lielor, R. Bennett, B. Boyles, R. Bradburn, J. Brinson, S. Brown, T. Brown, W. Buchly, B. Burris, G. Bnsh, B. Capone, K. Carmichaei, J. Carson, R. Casteix, C. Catone, K. Cartone, C. Cullen, C. Connah, J. DeGenova, D. Cooper, M. Davis, J. Derrick, K. Desart, A. Dunn, J. Dunn, R. Felon, K. Florence, M. Garrison, E. Goepp, J. Hamling, H. Hefler, C. Holderness, M. Hummel, R. Ir-vine, A. Jenkins, B. Joiner, B. Kaufman, J. Kubat, M. Launis, S. Lawrence, J. Lott, D. Ludlam, J. P. Martin, J. Massee, J.McBrayer, R. McGlone, A. Meisenheimer, T. Meritt, M. Mitcham, B. Moor, J. Morman, S. Murtaugh, C. Newberry, L. Niel, C. Ozburn, A. Pace, A. Pace, A. Papp, E. Patterson, T. Payne, G. Power, K. Rhodes, W. Ri( hwine, J. Roberts, L. Saddler, T. Seward, M. Shadeed, D. Smith, A. Stakelum, E. Stelling, P. Stephens, R. Stone, J. Taylor, A. Taylor, B. Tobaben, T. Walsh, L. Weiss, D. West, J. Winters, G. Warden, R. Wodicka, J. Young _ , • ■i S Pni GAM u Dqta FIJI brothers love to have fun. Here, some Phi Gamma Delta guys show that they know how to have a good time at their fraternity ' s annual formal, " Purple Garter. " This Kappa Deuteron chapter not only knows how to have fun, but also realizes the importance of academics, having the highest average GPA among University of Georgia fraternities. They also know the meaning of brotherhood and how to be gentlemen. They have won the Cheney Cup seven times. This award is given to the FIJI chapter that best exemplifies FIJI characteristics and is the most outstanding chapter in the nation. Phi Gamma Delta 249 Pi Kappa Phi ' s, IV1il e Greene Jolin Cedford, and Chris Belli are fishing off Key Largo dur ing Spring Break. Pi Kappa Phi ' s tailgating before the Kentucky game, show off their Bulldaug pride with a lot of red and black. However, their school spirit and pride reaches far beyond just football games. Being one of the oldest fraternities founded on campus. Pi Kappa Phi continu- ously stresses the prin( iples of fraternity, scholarship, service, and leadership. They enjoy a full social calender each semester and enthusiastically support their philan- thropy, P.U.S.H (People Understanding the Severely Handicapped). tfi Pi Kappa Pn J. Allen, B. Allgood, J. Arnett, S. Bailey, J. Baker, D. Banks. J. Barough, Z. Bearden, T. Beason, C. Belk, A. Berbary, J. Bisanz, M. Biter, C. Blanton, C. Blaska, G.H. Bobotis, D. Bogan, J. Bogan, A. Brummette, A. Buice, J. Caldwell, D. Clark, A. Clayton, A. Cobb, P. Collins, J. Copeland, B. Cowart, B. Culberson, C. Darby, J. Davidson, J. Davidson, N. Davis, K. Delay, J. Dail, Z. Duke, S. Evans, K. Fair, J. Fall, P. Fleury, R. Ford, J. Frank, R. Gaskin, D. Gersmehi, Z. Gladney, E. Glenn, B. Golden, R. Golden, T. Gore, D. Grabowski, C. Gravitt, G. Green, M. Greene, B. Hall, S. Harkens, B. Hayne, S. Hendricks, M. Holcomb, R. Hunt, R. Ingram, G. Jones, J. Jones, M. Kaiser, J. Kanitz, B. Kelly, B. Kingman, B. Koehler, D. Kubis, M. Lazenby, J. Ledford, W. Livingston, J. Long, A. Lorimer, A. Lutrell, K. Macrae, N. Maddox, P. Marshall, J. Mays, J. McCracken, W. McDonald, K. McKane, D. Metzel, J. Miller, R. Moore, R. Mucciaccio, T. Nail, L. Nelson, B. Norse, B. Norwood, P. O ' Rouke, B. Pate, M. Paupeck, A. Payne, B. Payne, N. Pitt, C. Pittman, T. Plumer, W. Plumer, M. Powers, B. Pridgen, R. Reese, L. Ripley, J. Ritter, W. Robinson, A. Ruchin, N. Sallis, R. Sanders, N. Schrader, R. Seamon, K. Sharpe, D. Short, JD Simmons, C. Smith, D. Smith, S. Spires, M. Stafford, P. Stead, M. Steele, J. Sugg, B. Taylor, A. Thiem, D. Thorne, M. Tollison, W. Tyner, E. Vargulic, M. Walters, S. Waters, J. Williams, D. Yonchak Pi Kappa Phi 251 The guys of Sigma Chi enjoy them- selves during a night out on the town. Danii l Allmaii, Andrew Allnian, Stephen Anderson, Qiiinl Aiulreus, Hunter Arfjenbrifihl, John Ba( hrnan, Mi( hael Baddoiir, Evans Bailey, Will Baldwin, Charlie Benson, John Benton, Wade Benton, Cliff Berr-yinan, Hayden Blanehard, Parker Blanc hard, Reid Bowen, Blake Bru( e, Ben Callaway, Shea Campbell, Brad Carson, Mi( hael Chaslain, Justin Clay, Stephen Clements, Maury Cobb, Tyler Cobb, Chris Collins, Bobby Conner, Jason Davis, Josh Davis, Kyle Davis, Daniel Die kerson, Ty Dickey, Clay Dillard. Jonathan Doss, Chase Drew, Preston Duffie, Eric Durden, David Ellis, Troy Fallaw, Jason Flake, John Fleminf , Whit Frost, Clay Fiilks, Charles Gibson, Chad Gray, John Grozine, Walter Hagan, Ryan Hammac k. Hunt Harper, Zac h Hale h, Mi( hael Hatten, John Haynes, Scottie Hendrix, Hunter Henritze, Bayne Hill, Mite hell Hill, Lea Holliday, Jake Honc yc utt, Nate Horsley, Thom Houston, Tommy Hovis, Casey Hunt, Taylor Hunt, Tal Johnson, Wade Johnson, Sam Johnson, Wes Jones, Adam Jones, Andy Jones, Matt Jones, Russell Jones, Trevor Kimberlin, Tyler King, Brent Lanier, Barrett Lidji, John Loftis, ' Towner Magill, Mark Matthews, Matt Mautz, Cullen McKenney, Rob McLendon, Chelsey McLeod, Gabby Mejia, Malt Moneyham, Will Nail, Billy Joe Nelson, Patrick Norris, Guerry Norwood, Clark Oliver, Chris Owens, Tom Owens, Joe Patrie k, Myron Paulk, Matt Peterson, Dustin Petry, Scott F itzer, Ham Powell, Jonathan Pressley, Drew Prosser, George Reinhardt, Hunt Revell, Gene Rice, Leiand Roberts, Scott Roundlree, Jason Sadler, Charlie Sears, Scott Selby, Phillip Sellers, Tim Shapleigh, Justin Sheppard, Mitch Sheppard, Jason Sherrer, Benton Simongton, Newman Smith, Wyatt Smith, Brannen Smith, Blake Snyder, Todd Stone, John Sullivan, Mike Sullivan, Bobby Tate, Trey Taylor, Drew Thomas, Michael Thrasher, John Thrasher, Travis Tidwell, Chad Treado, Patton Tutt, Stephen Vreeland, Spencer Walker, Holland Walls, Drew Weil, Jake Wiley, Turner Williams, Matt Wilson, Grant Woods, Matt Woods, Paul Woody, Knox Wyatt, Austin York, Tyler York, Will Zant ■iSlGN4Cni 1 Sigma Chi Fraternity was chartered in 1872 at the University of Georgia. Its members are given the opportunity to participate in many leadership activities. Sigma Chi prides itself on an excellent social tradition. From the Sweetheart formal held in Savannah, Georgia to a Casino weekend in Biloxi, Mississippi to Derby Days in the Spring, Sigma Chi ' s always have something fun going on. These Sigma Chi ' s are relaxing in the Bahamas during Spring Break. Sigma Chi 253 The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha display their more " serious " side as they get their chapter ' s picture taken. The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha always show strong support for each other and their many ac- complishments. Jarmon DeSadier, Kyle Gaiise, Damian Pryor, Haria Porter, Franz Emmanuel, Justin Saxon, Corey Dortch, Shonnon McGhee, Quennon Smith, Sydney Jones, Leon Hall, Michael Patrick, Daniel Carnegie, Cortez Allen, Thyde Ezekiel, Joey Tullous, Lamar Torrence. ipri Pni Aipri4 I One of the biggest traditions for the NPHC fraternities and sororities is the art of step dancing. Step dancing is very unique and not commonly seen. The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha are well known by all the Greeks and UGA population for their famous step routines. The brothers practice often and perform step as a group. Here, the brothers are seen performing at the annual all Greek cookout. They also perform at the annual step show held at the Classic Center each winter. ' f Alpha Phi Alpha 255 With all eyes marveling at the newest addition to Kappa ' s crimson and creme tradition, intake chairman Harold Blackwell encourages the G.LA.D.IAT.O.R.S. to get " that hype. " Never at a loss for words, Brother Brian Moore, speaks to a packed audience in a Creswell Lounge during Kappa Alpha Psi ' s annual " Meet the Minority Faculty " pro- gram. The " So Fresh and So Clean " 2002 neophytes Russel Gregory, Thelbert Snowden, Jr., Eric Bland, Travonte Wilson, Sean Crane, Albert Mollis, II, and Eric Goldson strike a G.L.A.D.I.A.T.O.R. pos( during the Kappa Sip last April. 256 Greek Lite Brothers, JaBaris Swain, Frank Butler, and Derrick Bray, stand proudly with Dr. Stanly Pritchett, Sr. as they accept the award of Guide Right Chapter of the Year. Frank Butler, who is the Guide Right Chairman, also accepts the Guide Right Chairman of the Year award at the South Eastern Province Convention. This Zeta lota Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi at the University of Georgia continues to stand by the principles that helped them win this award. The fundamental purpose of the fraternity is to promote honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor. AlptiaPsi The Shalamar Dunn, Paul Harden Jr., Christopher Williams, Harold Blackwell, Frank Butler, Azeem Oladunjoye, Jaques Bell, Brian Moore, Teran Frith, Russel Gregory, T.J. Snowden, Eric Blanc, Travante Wilson, Sean Crane, Albert Hollis II, and Eric Goldson Kappa Alpha Psi 257 PANTIEIiCMIC 258 Greek Life COLNQL i ?1 Tile Picluie Man Marty Shaw, President Emily Magill, VP Recruitment Susan Mayberry, VP Recruitment Counselors Audra Hulsey, VP Administration Caroline Jones, Secretary Treasurer Allison Gaudet, Judicial Board Director Diane Latham, Public Relations Director Panhellenic Council 259 livrTavu4Ta«Mmr 260 Greek Life ■Ih " TY COLNQL 1 John Haliburton, President Mike Green, VP Public Relations Jeff Hamling, VP Administration Barry Strozier, VP Recruitment Sam Watson, VP Judicial and Risk Management Ben Beasley, Secretary Treasurer Inter-fraternity Council 261 National Pan IHi 262 Greek Life ■ p ilOlE IC COLNQL I Rachelle Jackson, President National Pan Hellenic Council 263 " le k ad W?2at 5 Yojr Mdiscal Alpha Chi Omega - Butterfly Alpha Delta PI - Lion Alpha Gamma Delta - Squirrel Alpha Omicron Pi - Panda Bear Chi Omega - Owl Delta Delta Delta - Dolphin Delta Gamma - Hannah, the rag doll Delta Phi Epsilon - Lnicorn Delta Zeta - Turtle Gamma Phi Beta - White Harp Seal Kappa Alpha Theta - Cat Kappa Delta - Teddy Bear Kappa Kappa Gamma - Owl Phi Mu - Ladybug PI Beta Phi - Angel Sigma Delta Tau - Teddy Bear Sigma Kappa - Snake Zeta Tau Alpha - Strawberry Whites Your Symbol? Alpha Chi Omega - Greek Lyre Alpha Delta Pi - Diamond Alpha Gamma Delta - 1 4 Pearls Alpha Omicron Pi - Ruby Chi Omega - Owl Delta Delta Delta - Stars and Crescent, Pine Delta Gamma - Anchor Delta Phi Epsilon - Triangle Delta Zeta - Roman Lamp Gamma Phi Beta - Crescent Moon Kappa Alpha Theta - Kite Kappa Delta - Nautilus Shell Kappa Kappa Gamma - Key Phi Mu - Lion Pi Beta Phi - Arrow Sigma Delta Tau - Torch Sigma Kappa - Dove and Pearl Zeta Tau Alpha - Crown TTOiTrrniMiiiipiiiMiTninirniitiiMi, , " ■ - • " ' " " _ " " oi.iiii— ■ 264 Greek Life Vdl llf what is the Oldest Sorority and Fraternity at UGA? -Phi Mu, April 28, 1921 -Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1 865 " ' eA tecog ?, ' etc " - fif ts-. ' ' g ' a Wiiar 15 tAe Most Recently Established Sorority and Fraternity at UGA? -Delta Zeta, 1 986 -Delta Sigma Pi, 2002 Greek Facts 265 It ' s Ail dn 266 Greek Life ' Gr It ' s All Greek To Me 267 GREEK STREl 268 Greek Life Making a Difference the Greek WayJ From all Greek philanthropies, such as Dance Marathon to Relay for Life, that almost all sororities and fraternities partici- pate in, to individual causes, Greeks are making a huge impact on the community every day. Greek organizations host a variety of events to raise money for their specific charities. For example. Delta Zeta holds its annual Wing Bash, a philanthropic wing eating contest, where the proceeds go to Galludet University, Many Greek organizations, such as Gamma Phi Beta participate In events in addition to their annual philanthropy, such as participating in the Easter Egg Hunt at Chase Street Elementary. Whatever the cause, from small to large, the community can always find a sorority or fraternity that is willing to help out and make a difference. PHILANTHROPY Philanthropy 269 Classes 1 m Editor Amy Dickson Divider 271 DMtstandiKig Sevhr leaders lindistlie loneyraisf p ighteen seniors were chosen to represent the graduating class of 2003 by showing themselves to be outstanding V — leaders throughout their years at the University of Georgia. These students have excelled in both academics and activities on campus. The selection committee consisted of student affairs and student activities staff members. This committee chose the seniors based on campus leadership, personal character, diversity of involvement, academic achievement, and a written essay. Because of the diversity and iiKredible talent of the group of a|)pli(:ants, selet ting only eighteen students proved to be a ver-y difficult task for the committee. All of the applicants should be congratulated for their hard work. The University of Georgia and the Pandora staff would like to thank all of the applicants for ' their- dedication to this University. They would also like to thank the selei tion (ommittee for their time and help in seUu ting these outstanding senior leaders. The University of Georgia and the Pandora staff also congratulates the following eighteen seniors on being chosen as the Univer-sity of Georgia ' s 2003 Outstanding Senior Leaders: Maria Anderson. Daniel Carnegie, Kimberly Council, Melissa Daniel, Alejandro de Castro, Corey Dort( h, Tyler Helms, Shannon Hill, Jennifer Hirsch, Emily Howard, John Lynch, Katie Mathis, Katie Plomgren, James Reed, Carol Spruill, Arir Urrterborn. Torian White, and Cara Winston. ices of SO fWsof ping Ilia iranainaz ailofil. " eHi luroatliss 272 Classes Ima $vm mn ' The one moment that stands out the most in my Tiind is the announcement of the total amount of noney raised at the end of the very first UGA Relay or Life, in the spring of 2000. Standing on stage vith the other exec members, looking out at the aces of so many excited fellow students who had forked so hard to make that event happen, and imowing that together we had raised over $150,000 or an amazing cause - I was so glad to have been i)art of it. " Jaying I live by: " Trust in the Lord with all your lieart and lean not on your own understanding; in ill your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make our paths straight. " Proverbs 3:5-6 1- ivnibcrs. Ttiis lj,(on raiiil ' l 1 15 fort darnel ame ie " One of my most memorable events during my time at UGA was talking to the Incoming Freshmen Class during S ummer ' 01 Freshmen Orientation when I was SGA Vice President. That summer my sister was one of the incoming freshmen, and I remem- ber seeing her in the crowd and feeling a wave of emotion overcome me. I never thought that it would have such a powerful impact on me. We have always been close but when she came up to me afterwards and told me how proud of me she was, I knew that she was going to add so much more to my college career. " Saying I live by: " The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of chal- lenge and controversy. " - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior Leaders 273 r eifudw de aJw . nimlij oundl " As a Senior I had the opportunity to be an Orienta- tion Leader for new international students. Helping them settle into the University and answering all their questions about U.S. culture was the most rewarding experience I ' ve had at the University of Georgia. " Saying I live by: " If life gives you lemons, ask for a bottle of tequila. " " Orientation is as vivid in my mind as if it happenec only last week. There were throngs of people in a sea of red and black. Like many incoming freshmen I was really nervous, wondering how I would ever find my place at a university this size. One of the i orientation leaders at the time said something that will always stick out in my mind. He said, ' Your experience here will be what you want it to be. If yo give of yourself, you ' ll never regret you time here. ' Often during the last four years, I ' ve thought about his words and used t hem as a source of inspiration Looking back, I am thankful for each opportunity that I have had to be of service to others, and I only wish that I could have given more. " ling 1 1 Saying I live by: " Destiny is not a matter of chance, is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. " - William Jennings Bryan 274 Classes tilm H)anii " mwiii iiM I ' tiappenc " My most memorable experience was when I taught ' P ' fiiiaa nature trail at a UGA sponsored 4-H camp. On part of the trail - when explaining about Dogwood trees, I told the kids that, as 4-Hers, they were the young- est members of the University of Georgia, which made them Georgia Bulldogs - just like me. When I I saw their eyes get big and heard their excited ques- tions, I realized that they DID want to be just like me. To have that kind of influence as a UGA student was both wonderful and scary all at the same time. " " •Ht {j, ' ou »anlitiol)e, weofinspiral if ddiopportunit} ' ' •- dIl(llonl ' i{ Saying I live by: " Walk by faith and not by sight. " - Passage in the Bible ' ' J omj )d)(Wi " The honor of being selected as an Orientation Leader will forever have a lasting impact on my heart because of the tremendous opportunity and service that comes with the responsibility. The opportunity to introduce some 4,500 students plus parents to all that the great Classic City, that I love, has to offer, was truly amazing. I was privileged to make so many people feel at home. " Sayings I live by: " If I can help someone along the way, then my living will not be in vain. " And Psalms 27:1 which states, " The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear. The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom should I be afraid. " Senior Leaders 275 loilet u dnuj " There is simply not one event that outweighs an- other. Rather, my UGA experience has been a culmi- nation of the events I have planned, the classes I have taken, the programs I have participated in, the risks I took and most importantly the relationships I have built. These things have ultimately made the past four years a life changing experience. So if I had to pick one event, it would be the day I signed and submitted my University of Georgia application; it was the beginning of my future. " Saying I live by: " No matter where you go in life, always strive to be a part of something greater than yourself. " liatmn ill Si ■IsiyMlir " There ' s really not one memory that supercedes another, however, one really cool memory is when I i " ™ went to LeaderShape 2000. I met so many people who turned out to be some of my best friends. Thalf " " ' experience allowed me to open up and view others on this campus in a way I never had before. " llieiK Saying I live by: " You must be the change you wish to see in the world. " - Ghandi 276 Classes If dientm Ivik Trtsflf ' As I walk through THE ARCH on MAY 10th, 2003 ind I ring THE BELL one last time as a LJGA student I n peopi ! ' ill think of the collage of memories, the spirit that friends, a never die, the blood of so many that bleed Red Hiiitiip ind Black, and the traditions that we will take with H js forever. UGA is a place where dreams come true, riends are made, bonds are formed, and futures are established. " ' wiigeyouii iaying I live by: " It ' s your life, and it ' s in your hands, JO find out what you feel passionately about and go lifter it. " I Jenn Hirsch nmi! a oimd " For the past 28 years a group of students from South Campus have come together each spring to put on the ' Great Southland Stampede Rodeo ' in Stegeman Coliseum. I ' ve been actively involved in working behind the scenes to make this event a success for the past 3 years. After months of hard work from so many students it ' s amazing to see 14,000 fans crowd into the coliseum to support an event that is totally dependent on unpaid labor from a group of college kids. " Saying I live by: " You have to recognize when the right place and the right time fuse and take advan- tage of that opportunity. There are plenty of oppor- tunities out there. You can ' t sit back and wait. " - Ellen Metcalf Senior Leaders 277 (un nat ■It " My most poignant leadership experience at UGA was during the summer before my senior year. At the orientation sessions for new students my organi- zation had a table at the resource fair to advertise to the freshmen and their parents. My friends and I represented Lambda Alliance, the gay, lesbian, bi- sexual, and transgendered student organization. It was the first time our group, or anything with the words " gay " and " lesbian, " had been shown to new students and their parents at orientation. Some people were thrilled to see us. Many gave us dirty looks. Despite the latter, my friends and I had a lot of fun at our table with our big, rainbow pride flag. We let the new freshmen class know that there was a " gay " side to UGA that welcomed them and was there for them. I think we made a difference. " Saying I live by: " Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. " - Teddy Roosevelt 3ialie ' JflalliVj II " Two of my most fond memories have been the two times I have stood between the hedges on Game Day, one for homecoming court and the other for dtf i ' " the Arch Society. These two memories have been the most surreal and reflective memories because Imriti they happened at the end of my college career. I could reflect over the past four years surrounded by§ii the greatest Georgia fans that share that same joy and pride in their school that I do. As I stood be- tween the sacred hedges I looked at the fans and fejijiiileot that amazing Bulldawg spirit. In such an uncertain time in my life, this experience was comforting and inspiring. It provided me with the confidence to face life after UGA with stride and know that this wonder- ful institution has provided me with the tools of success. Times of reflection can be the most pre- cious and powerful times in ones life, and this one I fftot was no different for me. " Saying I live by: " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. " - Matthew 7:12 278 Classes lerl, % JXa ie £Plonmen One of my most significant memories is Sorority Bid ' )ay. Being a member of the Greel Community has leen an important aspect of my time here, and Bid )ay was the first encounter with my newly pledged orority. More importantly, I remember Bid Day like t was yesterday because it symbolized my passage- vay into freedom and independence away from jiome and the beginning of exciting opportunities lind new college adventures as a Bulldawg. Each itudent has a unique story about finding their own [omfort zone during the awkward period of enor- inous changes; for me. Bid Day represented an anforgettable memory that was representative of the lomfort I felt in adjusting to my new environment |;ombined with the overwhelming anticipation of the countless experiences the next four years would be iiure to hold. " raying I live by: " I have learned that success is to be [neasured not so much by the position that one has Wched in life as by the obstacles which he has jvercome while trying to succeed. " Booker T. Washington QyCUIlFJj ffiml " One of my most memorable moments would have to be the GA FL game of my junior year. My friends and I wanted to be close to the Jacksonville Landing but didn ' t want to pay the outrageous rates being charged at the nearby hotels. Our solution was to cram 1 9 of us into one single occupancy room at the Adam ' s Mark. Even though Georgia ultimately suffered a defeat, my buddies and I ended up having a great time, united in our common gratitude that we hadn ' t been born Florida fans. " Saying I live by: " Work hard. Play hard. " - Unknown Senior Leaders 279 " My most memorable moment from UGA was taking my Japanese conversation partner, Chika, to ride horses for her first time one weekend. We met in my JPNS 1001 class during the fall of 2001. " Saying I live by: " God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well, so if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out when you have faith that God is speaking through you. If your gift is that of serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, do a good job of teaching. If your gift is to encourage others, do it. If you have money, share it generously. If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly. " -Romans 12:6-8 irnii 9JM mj xm " The one event that truly made an impact on my lifepi was the summer I spent interning in Hong Kong through the Honors Program ' s Courts Scholarship. This amazing opportunity really tested my indepen- dence and ability to take on new and unfamiliar situations. The internship provided me with valu- able professional experience, but the personal aspect of living abroad really challenged me. I climbed the Great Wall of China, visited the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery and snorkeled along the beaches of Thailand. It was a summer that truly opened my eyes to a new and exotic part of the wortd. " Saying I live by: " Leadership and learning are indis- pensable to each other. " -President John F. Kennedy idHisrp ' Idedtoyoy itiew6:3 280 Classes i -.«, yi WW " ' jri koiiP omn liile Out of many memories, perhaps my most vivid was rst football game in Sanford Stadium as a member " " " tioldrstiip If the Redcoat Marching Band. I was in the second G " in the GEORGIA blocks. It was so amazing to see rjiifd fd me. I ' I- ' NN the 10,1 WdJon tlie dimmer rtialtiuli xofifpariofttie III those people to excited about Georgia football. paying I live by: " Seek ye first the kingdom of God !ind His righteousness, and all these things shall be lidded to you. " Vlatthew 6:33 ma ud on " The event that stands out in my mind that has had a great impact on my career at UGA is The BIG Event. I felt as I had the upper hand on involve- ment and its importance compared to other incom- ing freshmen. It was a very empowering weekend that gave me the confidence to begin my first year at the University of Georgia. I was able to utilize the tools I acquired over the weekend throughout my college career. " Saying I live by: " To get something you ' ve never had, you have to do something you ' ve never done. " -Anonymous Senior Leaders 281 9i r k 282 Classes Lindsi Abercrombie Candace Adair Alex Adkins Alexander Abrams Jennifer Adams Jessica Alcorn Paige Acheson ■ Glenn Addison Boanerges Alenian-Mc a n dJt Maria A( ree Michael Adeleye Jason Allbritton Andrea Allen Michael Allen Tonya Allgood Maria Anderson Class of 03 283 Melinda Andrews Justin Arnette Maggie Austin Tiffany Annis Stephanie Aron Lilian Azih Darnell Arford Janet Asafo Ellene Bagby Kevin Armstrong Hannah Atkins Elizabeth Bagwell i Tiffany Baker Sandra Bannan Kelli Bauingartner I uira Baxter 284 Classes ' M ffl lanJ )-) 5 i Kathleen Baydala Kelli Bennett Heather Bishop Candice Bazemore Charlie Benson Bennett Bixler Susan Beach Kelly Betsch Lindy Black Courtney Beard Bethany Bishop Patrick Bladon Kelley Blair Valerie Blair Eric Bland Samuel Bledsoe Class of ' 03 285 Stephanie Bock r ' k. - Tiffany Bors Patricia Boyd Emily Boggs Keri Bowen William Boyd Berkeley Boone Raechel Bowman Cynthia Boyles Sara Branan Howard Brandon m Keinan Bratton Stephanie Boone Tekeisha Bowman Aaron Boynton Tara Ben Braxley 286 Classes ■ ItlhneE ; ' ift Mt Stephanie Brock Crista Brown Tara Bunch Christy Brocliwell Chris Browne Elissa Bunick Kristy Brooks Erin Bryant m Todd Brooks Leanna Bryant Jennifer Burbage Elizabeth Burgstiner Myra Burnsed Geary Bush Katie Bush Adrainne Butts Class of ' 03 287 Sovichan By Lucy Calhoun Daniel Carnegie Jessica Cadwell i,. yl m " ■ " " i • ' i W ' V: t • f j ' r?! Faith Callff Chptyelle Carr Will Cagle Julie Camp ' fy WK- Travis Cain I Tiffany Carden £M y Jake Carter Benjamin Casella ■ Christine Cassady James Catts T.W. Cauthen Kasey Chanin 288 Classes ft IwisUiii James Channell Jennifer Chastant Greta Christensen r Charles Chapman Kathryn Cheney Matthew Christian MM Michael Chapman f 1 1 Grace Cheng Crystal Clark Randi Chapman Dixie Childlou :f i - % §k. m - " w . m T. Jennifer Clark Kelly Clark Tamsyn Clark-Medina Ashley Cleehorn Donald Clinton Class of ' 03 289 Garrett Clum Martelle Coletti Cathleen Cook Kentosha Cody Ashle Colev Jay Cook Andrew Cohen Mary Bess Cook O iiU Jason Coleman Stephanie Colondres Steven Comptoii April Copley Kurtina Cordy Amanda Cornet! Jennie Cossman Sam Cossman 290 Classes f « ' iWIldll i iffHa M Hassan Coudsi Natalie Cox Jennifer Ciimmings KImberly Council Steplianie Coyle George Daniels ,(K(0 Candice Davis Mi Gavin Davis Adam Cowart Jeremy Craig Guy Davidson Kristin Cowart Richard Crovvson Bradford Davis Tamala Davis Tiffany Davis Class of ' 03 291 Tracey Davis Hector De Los Santos Natalie Dickerson Valerie Davis Lisa Depasquale r ■ ' Dava Dobbs efe Wallace Davis Elizabeth Diamantis Melissa Dobos Sheila Dawson Eileen Diiiz J9t n Holly Doerr Shelby Dominick Candice Donaldson Robert Donotrio Jarnila Dorsey 292 Classes p 9 ' jm m Corey Dortch Lauren Downs Jonathan Duckett itHliili Robert Doss Lindsey Doyle Joanna Duff Jami Dow t - fi John Drake Jr Kelly Duncan Joshua Dowis 1 «: f Kenneth Dubois Matthew Duval! Michael Eason ! Sabrina Ebright Chandra Echols Renee Edeline Class of " 03 293 Krista Edmiston Brooke Estes Chimere Faison -S;, I Emily Edwards Bryan Evans Amy Farace ife ttk Josh Edwards Aiisley Exner Jennifer Farr ( Cliristopher Fisliburn Nalalie Filzpatric k A Scott Fleming Deanna Esposito Angel Fairley Emily Ferrell Stacee Fletcher 294 Classes p Tiffany Folmar Melissa Forte Tiffany Froy Elisabeth Ford Kim Foster Robin Fnller - mc Shannon Galley ii_ Russell Gannaway Christopher Forde Belsy Fowler Julie Fulmer Stephanie Forest Lindsay Freeman Angela Gabos Lacy Garrett Cameron Garvin Class of ' 03 295 Kyle Cause Melissa Givetis Arm Graham mM Robert GIbbs Tiffany Gilbert Victoria Goddard Anne Goodrow ' I m Forrest Graham Ruthlyn Granger mW i Jessica Gillis Jessica Gooduin Hora( e Grant Bryan Grantham Brooke Grayson Heather Green Kadicl Greenway k 296 Classes Audrey Greeson Angel Griffis Loren Hague Ashley Greve $ ' = , . ft 1 Erin Grizzle Brittany Hahn Megan Gribetz Francisco Guerrero iiA Robert Haines Danielle Grice Douglas Gutman Randall Hall ffflU James Hammill April Hankerson James Hankins III Tiffany Hansard Class of ' 03 297 Rebecca Hardy Joseph Hairis Christie Hawver Scott Harelik Niesha Harris Kristy Hearn M Andrew Hargrove Sarah Harwell Leah Heen I Robert Harper Jr. i5 Jaime Hatfield U Henry Hefler Jr Jason Helton Brooke Heinbree Jennifer Henderson Nathan Henderson Cdl 298 Classes .- " .iVr I Eboni Henry Andrew Hewitt Shannon Hill m Douglas Herring Carol Hiatt Patricia Hipsher ,M)I1 Catherine Hobbs Jason Holbrook Maureen Hetrick Joy Higgins Jenn Hirsch Rebecca Hewett Kristen Higgins tW Jamie Hirthler Amanda Holland Leslie Holley Class of ' 03 299 Laquita Holmes Laura Hoogland Lakesha Holt Chris Hopkins Emily Honeycutt Eri( k Hopkins Edward Hood Natalie Horseman Katherine House Donte Howard Emily Howard William Huang Cristin Huban Nathan Hudalla 1 :5: JK I Parker Hudson Jennifer Huggins 300 Classes f J 1 mdrni Henr-y Hughes Mary Kale Hunter Kimberly Jacobs Mickey Hughes Ikuezunma Emeremgini Johnna Johnson Allison Hunt Amanda Ingwell t Matthew Johnson Latatia Hunt Erin Jacobs Robbv Johnston f 4| , r Katie Jones Nancy Jones Tracy Jones Joy Jordan Class of ' 03 301 I , Lauia Jotgeiisen Lauren Kane Kara Keene iiH Michael Jump Houy Juin Kao Sarah Kenagy Biiford Justice Dustin Kan Elizabeth Kent Catherine Kaleida Amy Kautz Rati(l Kent Brandon Kessler Esther Kyonj Kim Gra( e Unjiiufi Kim Saejung Kim 302 Classes M S Jennifer King Shayla Kisling Carly Kleysteuber Mary Ann Knox Matthew Koenig Thomas Lanier Brian Lassiter David Lavine n Shannon Lawrence Shonte Lawson Allison Leak Marie Lechner Shelley Ledford Samuel Lee Yuehli Lee Yunchiir Lee Class of ' 03 303 Jessica Leverette David LintlQuist :- ■ itsgf Lindsay Lowen Brian Levin Brandi Littlejohn Carrie Lucado Pamela Malcotn 4il Barrett Malone Dena Levitz Shan Lo Jennifer Lumpkin m April Ley Sonja Lopez Anessa Mahdi V «• Ben Manley Faun Mann 304 Classes •• ' y VII In ., s. W Jeffrey Marino Abigail Masters Derek McCafferty Seth McCoymick Nicole Marino Katie Matliis Helen McCall O fe» -, 1 i Matthew McCurley Patricia Marsh Karissa McClinic Meghan McDonald Natasha Marshall Tabitha Matthev s Christopher Maurer Virginia McCown Katherine McGarity Class of ' 03 305 Robin McGill Julie MfKinley Kristin Medin Kallileen Micliael Tremain McGlown i iWI -■ -«« i ' i Brian M(Ktii0il Tiffany Mehaffey Deborali Michaud I . , .ytv Kiniberly IV1( Kay William M(IV1i(hael . iS ttH Chad Mer( k Jennifer Milam Tawnya McKenzie -M mTa m i r V u. .. « Rachel M( Shaylynn Meredith Kristin Millei 306 Classes i ! I Melissa Millin Kiromu Miyagawa Blakely Moore I tiler [MM Brian Mora Allison Mitchell Philippe Monlin Brian Moore Bevan Mitchell Rebecca Moon Mindy Moore Erin Mitchell Seth Moon Nicole Moore Todd Morillo Aura Morris Lynmarie Morris Class of " 03 307 Maia Morris Rebecca Moye Angel Nathan Wesley Morris Silas Mullis Kristin Nathan Douglas Moski Kathryn Miirph Kelly Nawrocki Jessica Mou " - Jessica Myers Jeremy Nelson John Nelson Sharyn Nerneth Phong Nguyen Eli abeth Nicholson 308 Classes ' " H f% Hyerim Noh Margaret Norton Tim Obrien Rosana Odeh l Mar-y Otluni Yuki Ohata David Oliver Chadwi( k Olver ■ . " ' , pMii Edak Onofiok Eugenie Ooi Jamelia Outlaw Dorian Owens ' ¥ M,(hW I Tiffany Owens Brett Pancoast Jiz Pang • • r Katrina Papel Class of 03 309 Shade Parker Pratik Patel David Phillips v V Raquelle Parks f il Emory Patterson John David Pond ■ ' .n John Parrott Yuena Perez Jacob Poole Jaymin Patel Thailan Pham Diana Poppelreuter Joshua Price Jamie Pui-vis Daniel Pye Jason Quinley 310 Classes ■?tm Lana Raby Anna Redman Posey Ragen James Reed Heather Ragsdale T. Nkole Reid Cynthia Rama Natasha Richaids-Less William Ritter Joe Rivas Keriy Robelotto Allison Roberson April Roberson Alison Robinson Brian Robinson Janina Robinson Class of ' 03 311 Tyler Rogers Jonathan Russell Selyne Samuel Alyssa Rottner Alicia Rutledge Shikha Savdas Victoria Rovirosa Evelyn Saavedra Ronald Scanolyn Georgia Roy Kevin Samples - .. Vickie Scoggins Avis Scott Gina Seals Matthew Sellers Dionne Sethna 312 Classes -SM h2 Kevin Shackelford Caroline Simpson Lee Sittler Rupali Shah Justin Sims Chris Skeen Rikki Shamis Kyle Sims Alisha Skelton Cristin Smith Holly Smith M Kevin Smith Daniel Shaiighnessy Alissa Siragusa Jennifer Sink Molly Smith Class of ' 03 313 Rebecca Smith Kevin Solchenberger Jennifer Stevens Suzanne Smith Erin Spann David Stewart Elizabeth Snead X. rt ?R, ■«?£■ ill John Spears Dee Stewart Grace Snider Gavin Steiger Terri Stewart Kimberly Stri(;kland Barr-y Strozier Jessica Struletz Nicole Swanson 314 Classes - •Wf iiidef ' ■«,irt Adam Taylor Marcus Thomas Thomas Taylor Mary Thompson Russ Terrell Natalie Thompson Aaron Thomas - " r WV ri ' v- ' il Winston Thomson Matt Tollison Robin Towery Karol Travis Tiffany Traynum Julie Tyler Annacarrie Umfleet Kathryn Underwood Amy Unterborn Class of ' 03 315 Chris Upchurch Sharcola Vaughn Ashley Waddell " 09 A Jennifer Wall er O ■ ttH Jonathan Vansant Natalie Vogel % m " a. - ' A ' - ' ' J %-: ■ Kristen Wagner Saara Vartiainen Jerome Volk Leslie Walden Kirsten Vaughn Staci Voyles Emilia Walker ; Monique Walker Whitney Walker Ross Wallace 316 Classes - w i C Kelcie Waller Andrew Weatherford Kyle Wehrend Benjamin Watson Mary Webb Jeff Wells kimMmk Emy Watson Heather Wedekind Susan Wernsman Nancy Watson Alexandria Weems Ebony Weston Brian Westphal David Wety Ben Williams Bethany Williams Class of ' 03 317 : Kara Williams Cara Winston Vicky Wong MM Clay Williamson Emily Wise Wai-Yin Wong Lauren Wilson Mindy Wise ym David Wood Michael Wilson Shannon VVitt-Miillins George Wood Kenneth Wood Matthew Wosotowsky Robert Wright Tyler Wyly 318 Classes ' 1 Zachary Yager Crystal Yancey Wesley York f ' ■■- - ' Jonathan Young ' i-Mulii Joseph Young Amanda Zeigler Sandy Ziegler Martin Zobel s Class of ' 03 319 6 4 320 Classes Katherine Adkins Justin Amos Leah Asher Carrie Bailey Crystal Battles Jason Bergeron Kevin Blosser Devon Bollman Kiley Bostick Waldo Bradley Melissa Bush Lauren Callaway Michael Carson Tameika Chambliss Sarah Chatman Sarah Cherry Class of ' 04 321 Kandace Crump Naticia Dempsey Shaunteria Dye Joseph Edwards Michael Ellis Erin Fields Jennifer Fitzgerald Joseph Ford Erin Gresham Lori Hancock Jonathan Hansard Mika Harrison I ' A li Lacey Hart Brian Hartley Elaine Ho Mike Holcomb 322 Classes Ketoria Holmes Tamara Huff Kelly Johnson Caroline Jones Stanley Jones Ashley Keddington Christina King Jonathan Kittell Laura Kowler Melissa Lee Lauren Lester Steven Leung Adam Ley Blaire Long Valerie Love Darren Mack Class of ' 04 323 Michael Mannina Alisia Martin Diana McClooum T ' Mika McCloud Danielle McGivney Thomas Monahan Janet Monday Sheldon Owens Gautham Pandiyan Stephanie Poon Elizabeth Pope Jenny Reddick I Sreyoshi Roy Lisa Schultheiss Charles Sears Mitchell Shauncre 324 Classes I ' i i » ' Christina Smith Christina Spears Bethany Swafford Diep Tan Kasey Towson Jessica Treadway Jessica Tripp John Trotter t ) pp. f Katie Walker Jessica Wang Cheng-I Audrey Welshhans Hayli Wilkes Ronda Williams Naketa Winfrey Jessica Yonce Class of ' 04 325 L 326 Classes No Photo Available Robert Bagwell Coiirhonda Baker Autumn Boyd Meredith Bridges p. - ' ■ A " , V, ' » 1 ;, " --. ' , Andrea Brooks Julie Camp Karen Cloud Amy Dickson Ki stal Flowers Lauren Futrell Albert Hardy Tessa Mollis Jessica Ignatius Anna Jacobson Rhondolyn Jones Renee Keeble Class of ' 05 327 Emily Kirby Tiffany Lanier Robert Laster Andrea Lee £ B ,m H Michelle Lindsey Adam Melvin Patricia Michaud Magen Middlebrooks r 1 " ' ) Elona Miller-Long Jessica Mullis Ashley Murphy Lauren Parker 4 - Robert Poister Dae Pruitte Stephanie Schwaiger Christie Smith 328 Classes Courtney Spicer Bianca Stephens Lauren Taylor Erin Walton Terilyn Walton Munga Wechsler Katie Wood Class of " 05 329 330 Classes Kirk Alexander Joshua Ames Jennie Anderson Kathryn Anderson Betsy Beach Dawn Bennett Catherine Campbell Katie Carlo Linsday Carmichael Kimberly Castor Devin Clower James Couch Casey Dickey Christianna Ditman Kristen Early Lauren Ethrldge Class of ' 06 331 Angela Fields Cheryl Fincher Bridget French Christy Gibson Stuart Grosse Lisa Hagan Leah Hall Lindsay Hammon Matthew Haney Zachary Herndon Kendra Hibler Catherine James Paula Joe Keely Jones Miles Karp Kirnberly Kite 332 Classes n 1 Jill Koretzky Young Kwak Keisha Leonard Meaghan Long YentI McCalla Daniel McCollum Kelly McKinney Jessica Miles Michael Monahan Joshua Neidich Alice Ann Newman Regina Parks Grace Powell Laura Savage Rajesh Shah Melissa Simpson Class of ' 06 333 Andrea Smith Br-yan Stillwagon Jacqueline Tatman Tanner Tedeschi i f 4 y d c 4 pi — . Hannah Walsh Meredith Williamson Auj Zaidi 334 Classes Class of ' 06 335 Closing " ■m ' ■ ' .• i ' •f v ' - ' ' Vj Wt. 336 Closing 5 ! 5 tk Divider 337 ■■h. ..jk V 4 ' f«t. - , LI} f . - " w ' It is never to late to be what you might have been. George Eliot Closing 339 HHp|||1 9|H| l l Biiiiilii:i| H HBBj H ' _ ini " W 1 K •■ ifelpljff j HH HHK. « m BH I H ' 1 y- H L Hi H ' I Hfi I A t 340 Closing " « Closing 341 Simply change the past. 342 Closing ■Ik Closing 343 •1 -inuS I We are what we think. All that arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Closing 345 II 346 Closing Closing 347 348 Closing Simply live in the present. Closing 349 Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfish- ness, have desires. Closing 351 352 Closing SJ Closing 353 354 Closing Simply challenge the future Closing 355 Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more com- plex, and more violent. It take a touch of genius-and a lot of courage-to move in the opposite direction. Allien rinsK ' in 358 Closing p 2003 Pandora Staff Executive Staff Editor-in-chief Managing Editor Staff Manager Photography Editor Marketing Manager Elizabeth Snead Abbi Masters Blair Shriver Katie Wood LaurenTaylor Academics Section Sarah Sattelmeyer- Editor Bryan Melton- Assitant Editor Julie Camp Devin Glower Athletics Section Lauren Fulrell -Editor Jonathon Sheehan -Assitant Editor Tekeisha Bowman Jessica Miles Classes Section Amy Dickson -Editor Kurtina Cordy Andrea Lee Megan Lindsay Features Section Debbie Michaud -Editor Betsy Beach -Assitant Editor Jennie Anderson Brian Hartley Andrea Smith Greeks Section Katie Anderson -Editor Tessa Hollis Katie Macon Organizations Section Danielle McGivney -Editor Casey Dickey Nicole Marino Jessica Mullis Marketing Staff Shauncre Mitchell Raj Shah Courtney Spicer Beth Swafford Sheneke Allen Katherine Tyler Photography Staff Laura Edger Stuart Grosse Elona Miller- Long Robert Laster Stefanie Witt Yearbook Staff 359 Letter from the Editor I What a year! Not only were the bulldogs the SEC and Sugar Bowl Champions but I was the Editor-in-chief of the Pandora. This time last year no one could have ever told me what I was getting myself into. It is amazing how much time it takes to produce a 384 page book and be the president of an organi- zation with 50 members. After many long hours at Tate and many urges to • give up the book were Despite the the horrible the occa- blowing up the end it wish I could this book sity more but I cannot, has taught last pages of this finally mailed, picture problems computers, and sional scanner we got it done. In was all worth it. I say that I gave and this Univer- then it gave me, This experience me so much and given me so many opportunities. I would like to thank my staff, especially the exec and the section editors, for all their long hours. I would also like to thank all my other support, Jennifer, Pat D., Pat C, Kathy, Susan, and Ann. The book would have never come together without your endless support and help. Abbi you ' re awesome. I couldn ' t have done it without you! I would also like to thank my fnends for all their support and listening to my endless com plaining. The last four years have been awesome and I will never forget all the memories. To my family, I would also like to thank you for the constant love and support, and most of all for encouraging me to be all that I could be. This book is my pnde and joy.. .read it, enjoy it, and cherish it. Remember you can go farther then you think you can.. .it ' s that simple! Elizabeth A. Snead Editor-in-chief 360 Closing 2003 Pandora • Rpmeoibe Colophon Pandora ' s offices are located in the Tate Student Center. We may be contacted at or at 706-542-8003. The 1 1 6th volume of the Pandora was printed by Josten ' s printing and publishing in Clarksville, Tennessee. This 384 page book was created using Pagemaker 6.5 and the Josten ' s yeartech software. The type face is AYTDAVID. The headlines and design styles vary by section. Photos were developed at Wolf Camera. Classes pictures were taken by Carl Wolf Stu- dios. We would also like to think UGA Sports Communications and The Picture Man for help in the athletics and greeks sections. All other pho- tos were taken by the Pandora ' s own photography staff. A special thanks to all our help from Jostens; without Pat Cornelius, Kathy Leeland, and Susan Lowell we would have never made it. The Pandora staff receives no financial compensation or tuition credit. The production of this book is based solely on the help of amazing student volunteers. Closing 361 2003 Recruiting Section CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! State Farm Insurance - A Great Place to work Otate Farm is a multiple-line insurance company headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois. The State Form team includes more then 75,000 employees and more than 18,000 agents, all working to bring the best products and friendly " Good Neighbor " service to our policyholders. State Farm offers many rewarding career opportunities. If you ' re interested in positions in Georgia or South Carolina, please contact: State Farm Insurance Companies Human Resources Department 1 1350 Johns Creek Parkway Duluth Georgia 30098 Fax: (770) 418- 5627 or Email: EOE Putting Commitment to Work Solvay Pharmaceuticals SOLVAY %u could run a Fortune 15 company some day. This one, for instance. Kroger, we ' re looking for people who aspire to high incomes and the benefits of a career, not just a job. We treat our employees as valued members of the largest, most successful food retailer in the nation — providing ample opportunir, ' for advancement. Ciet started at Kroger now, and vou might wind up running the company. For nianagcmcni career oppdriiiniiics in Georgia and Soutli C ' arolina, call Debbie Spearman at (770) 4%-7467. For hourly employment, visit the Kroger location ot our choice, or visit us onlmc at 1 ' SdVAY goi3cn pantr Congratulations Class of 2003 Over 70 Locations Locally Owned and Operated for 37 years. Fast, Friendly, Convenient! Chips • Soji Drinks • Bread • Ice Cream Groceries, Snacks, and Much More! Fresh Homemade Biscuits, Fried Chicken, and More! 800-533-3816 50 Wall Street • Bogart, Georgia 30622 EALIZE VOUR POTENTIALcg) As one of America ' s most successful fmancial services companies, SAFECO offers plenty of stability and opportunities for advancement. The time and attention we spend on your training can lead to more responsibility and autonomy than you ' d likely find elsewhere. And from day one. you ' ll notice that we are on your side, helping you, taking an active interest in your progress. SAFECO ' s goal is to become the premier independent agency insurance company in the United States. We reach our potential by helping you reach yours. In addition to competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package, SAFECO helps its employees secure a sound tmancial future by providing two pension plans and a choice of 401(k) investment options. We also offer an innovative profit-sharmg plan, as well as a superior level of professional training and college tuition assistance. At SAFECO, we are committed to succeeding within the richness of people and cultures that our communities provide, which includes employment of a diverse workforce. If you are committed to excellence, we ' d like to hear from you. SAFECO Insurance, 2055 Sugarloaf Circle. Duluth. GA 30097-4932. Fax: (678) 417-3370. National Job Line: 1-800-753-5330. Website: SAFECO Jyimcrican proteins You don ' t have to look a world away to find the most promising careers. Based in Georgia for half a century, American Proteins offers employment opportunities in a company that has risen to success on the wings of the fast-paced poultry industry. American Proteins produces nutrient-rich poultry meal, poultry fat and feather meal for ingredients in poultry, fish, and livestock feeds. It also produces custom-blended protein concentrates, in addition to operating a complete analytical laboratory e premium tateca x cC Ifdt Ao-u%ce a% . j et o-o-cC A whole world of opportunity that ' s not a world away. For opportunities call: (770) 886-2250 or forward your resume to: American Proteins, 4705 Leland Drive, Camming, Georgia 30041 ThyssenKrupp Elevator Congrotulotions 2003 GrQduQt05 For career opportunities contact our Human Resource Department at: (770) 916-0555 ThyssenKrupp Elevator 2260 Northwest Parkway, Suite E Marietta, Georgia 30067 Gwinnett County Public Schools ..WINMIT COUNTY F ' UBLIC M ilOOls Congratulations 2003 Graduates Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) - Georgia ' s largest school system - provides great opportunities for educators seeking to join a world- class school system. Recruiting certified candidates to teach regular and special education For fiarther infomiation contact: Gwinnett County Public Schools Recruitment Retention • I luman Resources Division PO. Box 343 • Lawrenceville, (iA • 30046-0343 Attn: Kelly Hemdon Phone: (770) 5 1 3-6665 • Fax: (770)5 1 3-6663 For application: (678)377-8909 www.gwinnett.kl 2. ga. US An Equal Opportunity Employer CiUWICE TOi ' lAXErfilETTfi!. f I taught a boy named Sean to explore the world ■ on the Internet ... to think big. People say you can ' t change the world. But I made a difference. Just ask Sean. " - Jason McLaurin, AmeriCorps Member WWW.AMERiC0RPS.ORG 1. BOO. 942. 2677 [1.800.833.3722 TOO] ., AMERICORPS. GIVE BACK FOR AYEAR. j; SERVE YOUR COMMUNITY. CHANEE YOUR LIFE. IhtPo : • mdse Think fast - think FedExc FedEx. Ground. Thinking about some fast cash and help with college? Join the fast-paced FedEx. Ground team as a part-time Package Handler. You ' ll work up a sweat. And, in return, get a weekly paycheck, tuition assistance and more. P T Package Handlers Qualifications: • Must be able to lift 50 lbs. • 18 years or older • Ability to load, unload, sort packages • Part-time, 5-day week • $7.50-$8.50 hr to start, scheduled raises Future opportunities available upon Graduation in Service Management Apply in person, Monday - Friday 9ani - 4pm at 116 Commerce Blvd., Bogart, GA us careers Women dnd minoiKies aie encouraged to join the team Apr RELIANCE ELECTRIC Roclcivell Automation The Power to Move your Future Forward! We have a proven track record ofSiicess. So why not join our team? At Rockwell Automation, you ' II have the power to move the world-and your future-forward! Rockwell Automation is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer supporting diversity in the workplace. For more info, visit our web site at or contact Human Resources at 706-549-3871 . Jir SCHOLASTIC ADVERTISING, INC. Advertising Specialists and Consultants providing professional sales and service support for University and College Publications. n00-964-0722 SIMPLY THE BEST Joining The F.A. Bartiett Tree Expert Company guarantees you unlimited growth potential, the use of cutting- edge technology and membership in one of the most prestigious fimis in arboriculture. At Bartiett, we ' re not just utilizing the latest scientific advances in BART tree care we ' re pioneer- ing them. A career at Bartiett Tree Experts affords you the stability of working for one of the oldest and most renowned companies " in the business. Family-owned since 1907, Bartiett is experiencing rapid growth and expansion. We ' re looking for the best and the brightest. Currently we have positions available at all levels in these regions: Northeast, Metro-NY, Mid- Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest. Texas, California, and Arizona. LETT We offer 40 IK. medical and dental benefits, flexible spending accounts and competitive compensation. ® Equal Opportunity Employer THE F.A. BARTIETT TREE EXPERT COMPANY Carmen Berrios, Manager of Employment and Benefits P.O. Box 3067 Stamford, CT 06905 Toil-Free: (877) BARTLETT (1-877-227-8538) Fax:(203)323-3631 Scientific Tree Care Since 1907 Looking for an excellent career opportunity? The PMA Insurance Group has opportunities available in Underwriting, Claims, Management, Information Services, and Sales. A premiere insurance company specializing in worker ' s compensation and group disability products and services. The PMA Insurance Group is an excellent career choice. The PMA Insurance Group has positions available in our Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee offices. For more information, send your resume to: Human Resources The PMA Group 380 Sentry Parkway •j. Blue Bell, PA 19422 • • THE PMA 71 INSURANCE GROUP Visit our website at: www.pmagroup FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Checking Savings ATM Debit Cards 155 Hawthorne Park (706) 543-7450 Direct Deposit Students Welconne Western Union Congratulations Class of 2003! Good Luck Graduates DeKalb County " The Place to be in Laiv Enforcement " DeKalb C )iint ' Police Department is leadinj; the wa ' with top pay in Metro Atlanta, Georgia and is currently seeking qualified applicants for the position of - POLICE OFFICER I Starting Pay: $32,i72 year Top Out Pay: S50,856 year (non-competitive) College Incentive (4 year degree): $33,78o year $1,000 bonus upon completion of a SO plus week academy -k ♦ Applicants must be 20 years of age, a U.S. citizen, possess a high school diploma or G.E.D.. a valid driver ' s license and have no felony or domestic violence convictions. Abbreviated academy and above entry hire for active Georgia P.O.S.T. certified officers with a minimum of 2 years experience - Above Entry Pay: $34, 104. Officers certified in other States with at least 2 years experience may qualify for an abbreviated academy and above entry pay. For More Information Call: Background and Recruiting Unit at (770) 322-2617 or visit our web site at .4(1 Equal Opportunity Employer Athens Clarke County Police Services Unified Government $2,400 Bonus for 4-Year College Degree Sergeant Terrie Patterson Recruiter 3035 Lexington Road Athens, Georgia 30605 (706)613-3340 Fax (706) 613-3865 Voice Mail: 269 E-mail: tpatterson ' -nment F.(I06)()1W Void Mail: Congratulations Graduates! Architecture Interior Design Engineering Construction IVIanagement Program Management Facility Management HEERY 999 Peachtree Street, NE Atlanta, GA 30367-5401 404-881-9880 (FAX) 404-875-1283 1-800-52-HEERY UNIFIED GOVERNMENT OF ATHENS-C17 RKE COUNTY We employ approximately 1,400 employees in positions ranging from Managers, Department Directors, Equipment Operators, Systems Analyst, Secretary, Public Safety and many more. We are proud of the service our employees provide to our community. For information on current job vacancies call our Job Hotline at: 706-6 1 3-3 1 00. visit us at: or visit our Personnel office at: 375 Satula Avenue Athens, Georgia 30601 We are an Equal Opportunity Employer Vniversity ofQeorgia College of Veterinary Medicine Congratulations to the Class of 2003 Right from the beginning... We at The Butler Company strive to ensure that we supply you with the right product, at the right price, at the right place, and at the right time We offer new account and new practice programs to help make your dreams a reality. Call us for details. ... . . , ,. . . . Nationwide Toll Free Order Lines: Phone: 1-800-551-3861 f t Fax; 1-888-329-3861 BUTlfR accessButlerCom Visit Us On Our Website: HccessBinier.Com Work With A World Leader. We ' re Talking Pools, Not Politics. We hci ' en ' t let the power of being the world lender in pool and spa care products go to our heads. But it does make us selecti -e about who we hire. We ' re looking for sharp people who want to put their degree to work, expand their knowledge, further their career — and have fun at the same time. BioLab has openings in technology and development, information systems, marketing and sales. If you want to be part of our number one team, email your resume to FOF, M F D V @ BioLab For over three decades, Conwed has been developing products for a wide variety of customer needs. We are recognized around the world as the global leader in the production of specialty netting products. CONWED PLASTICS Athens, GA • Minneapolis, MN • Genii, Belgium 1755 Olympic Drive P.O. Box 80067 Athens, GA 30608 706-208-9981 Website: Email: info(S You are plans and goals. You are courage and willingness. We are ready for you. Look inside yourself. How do you want to change the world? We know a place where you can begin. Lockheed Martin. You may think you know us. Legendary aerospace milestones... the world ' s largest provider of public sector systems engineering, software, and integration... dedicated to " Mission Success. " But look deeper. You ' ll find we are commercial information management; handheld medical devices; intelligent transportation systems; satellite telecommunications; and software solutions tiiat drive practically everything. Visit us on the Web at; Equal Opportunity Employer LOCKHEED MARTIN Manawment Data Svslcms CongratulatioricB 2003 Graduatccs! Great Job Opportunities are found in this Recruiting Section of the You can also visit: T ALLSOUTH SPRINKLER COMPANY 840 Pleasant Hill Road Lilburn, Georgia 30047 Tele: (770) 925-9099 Fax: (770) 381-1314 GO BttttdOgS AOC AGREE OIL COMPANY WHOLESALE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS PANY Congratulations to the Graduates of 2003 Acree Oil Co. Toccoa, GA (706) 886-2838 Athens Oil Co. Athens, GA (706)534-0135 Acree O il Co. Senaca, SC (864) 882-7593 3111 CongratulaLioncB GraduaLccS. 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The best measure of our success is the success of our clients and the accomplishments achieved in the facilities we build. We wish to thank our clients for placing their trust in us. driving our performance, and allowing us to help them build the 3424 Peachtree Road, NE. Suite 200, Atlanta, Georgia 30326 (404) 504-3700 Tel (404) 504-371 5 Fax visit us at Building the Future " SERVING THE WORLD ' WAYNE FARMS Ss E Together, Wayne Farms and Dutch Quality House comprise Wayne Farms LLC, the sixth largest, fiilly integrated poultry company in the United States. We are one of the largest business to business marketers of high quality poultry products in the world. Our employees take pride in the fact that they can influence consumer satisfaction whether their fiinction is in Research and Development, Qiiality Assurance, Accounting, Human Resources, Engineering, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, or Production! 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Box 119 Mclntyre, GA TEL: (478) 946-5534 FAX: (478) 946-3582 e-mail: T S HARDWOODS, INC. P.O. Box 1233 Miliedgeville,GA 31061 USA Telephone: (478)453-3492 " Wood is Wonderful WE PAY PREMIUM PRICE FOR TIMBER (HARDWOOD PINE) a pac APAC-GEORGIA, INC. ASPHALT MacDOUGALD-WARREN DIV. PAVING 404-603-2600 .ATLANTA 3111 Port Cobb Dri e. Smyrna CANDLER KENNESAW LITHONIA NORCROSS 770-534-1929 770-422-1530 770-482-7238 770-279-1356 FORSYTH AUBURN ATHENS 770-889-8112 770-962-8939 706-546-1727 7 PLANTS SERVING THE METRO AREA AND ATHENS Who Made Your Zipper? We make more than 7 iTiillion a day ! Plus many other sewn products fasteners. And architectural building products, too. So, when you ' re looking for a unique career opportunity, Think YKK. For more information, go to... Coinpliments YKK Corporation of America GLARANTEED INSLLATION, INC COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL LONNIE MOSS OWNER P.O. 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PiCf me ii Telephone 1-800-841-8999 Fax:478-552-1772 i Phone Area Code 478-552-2544 P.O. Box 349, Sandersville, GA 31082 VS Free Estimates Fax (706) 549-9937 John Dellinger Fence Co. Day: (706) 546-6629 NiTE: (706) 725-0127 JOHN Dellinger Owner Beeper: (706) 208-7401 Mobile: (706) 540-0103 P.O. Box 6204 Athens, GA 30604 KENDALL ASSOCIATES, INC. Soil and Ecological Consultants Robert L. Kendall President 2443 Powder Springs Road Marietta. Georgia 30064 | (770)439-8824 FAX (770) 439-0131 E-mail: Bobfa ' OFF CAMPUS BOOKSTORE USED (706) 548-9376 TEXTBOOKS 696 Baxter Street • Athens, GA 30605 a , THE IRRIGATION ASSOCIATION Southern Ag Turf Supply Inc. IRRIGATION AT ITS BEST- GO DAWGS! 2508 Carpenter Road S. Tifton, Georgia 31794 www.southernagandturf.coin Phone: 229-3S2-1495 Rav 229-382-3177 Congratulations Class of 2003 GoldKist FARMS ' Gold Kist Farms Chicken I All Natural | GoldKist FARMS ' Tastes Fresh jrom the Farm, Because it is! www.go! The Way Business Gets Communicated 706-353-0368 Copiers , Athens Transit Take The Bus! Visit: or Call (706) 613-3430 aiaJA and Jiot WmcjS dince f9SS We Deliver! v u ruB Eastside Campus Westslde 208-0911 548-7803 549-7700 Cong (at» ation2 Qtiadmilnq C ass o{ 2002 from your friends at V ' V X ' . PsESEK HE AT ATHEnS Student Apartments 706.548.4400 At your service. .. A+ Student Housing 175 International Drive • Athens, GA 30605 ANIMAL BLOOD BANK PAT KAUFMAN Director (800) 2 HELP K9 • (800) 243-5759 (707) 678-7350 • Fax: (707) 678-7357 Email: REDCELL@A0L.COM " R O. Box 1 I 18 • Dixon. CA 95620 GO DAWGS! JOHNNY ' S HIDEAWAY 3771 ROSWELL ROAD ATLANTA, GA 30342 • (404) 233-8026 AAA AIRPORT EXPRESS, INC. ATHENS • ATLANTA Group Rates Available Upon Request 7 Departures Daily $30 Per Person $30 Each Way Call For Reservations 4()4-767-2()()0 (Atlanta) or (800) 354-7S74 ' ' - ' m ■ ' ' f.m •■M.m 770-998-8686 NISSAN 74e 1090 Holcombe Bridge Road, Roswell, Georgia 30076 Congratulations Graduates D§PALMA ' S 401 East Broad 354-6966 ITALIAN CAFE 1965 Barnett Shoals 369-0085 Systems and Services (invensys Invensys Building Systems 1790 Satellite Blvd. Suite 100-02 Duluth, GA 30097 USA Direct 1-678-474-1402 Facsimile 1-678-474-1409 C. EUGENE JERNIGAN Branch Manager IRONMOUNIAIN SECURE SHREDDING The Lead er in Records Information Management Telephone: 770-446-1191 • Fax: 770-446-1033 Website: Email: 5815 BROOK HOLLOW PARKWAY, SLHTE C • NORCROSS, GA 30071 AIM Aviation Institute OF Maintenance Stephen R. Summitt SCHOOL DIRECTOR PHONE: (678) 377-5600 FAX: (678) 377-5609 500 BRISCOE BOULEVARD • LAWRENCEVILLE. GEORGIA 30045 [ Nichols " Installing and maintaining America ' s finest laboratories ' Congratulations to the Class of 2003! C(Q)criigriiit[Late£fe[n]i to lt[h( Cteis (0) o United Rentals 4645 Atlanta Hwy. Athens, GA 30622 Tel: 706 613-6181 Fax: 706 613-6927 www.unitedrentals.conn " MJm. the. fiicf. ' ihodcfe ame " Intrepid - Dakota - Durango - Avenger - Neon - Stratus Viper - Caravan - RamVan - RamPickup 701 COBB PARKWAY SOUTH MARIETTA, GEORGIA 30060 Phone: (770) 424-6580 Fax: (770) 424-9512 C S Wholesale Meat Co. 404-627-3547 Jay Bernath 973 Confederate Avenue SE • Atlanta, Georgia 30312 ROBERT E. SURRENCY ATTORNEY AT LAW " OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE " 22 Bamett Shoals Rd. RO. Box 254 Watkinsville, GA 30677 Telephone (706) 769-9079 Fax (706) 769-2076 E-mail: Surrency Kittle A- 1 Auto Truck TRUCK AND AUTO ACCESSORIES SERVICE SPECIALIST (706) 548-4311 2190 Lexington Road • Athens, Georgia 30605 ikA ' M university tower AX XHE CAIVIPUS " The Place to Live " Studios • 1 Bedroom • 2 Bedroom Penthouses • All Famished A. nc5n-siviok:incj building (706) 543-0132 • 131 E. Broad Street • Athens, Georgia ■r ■ iS Pandora Contributors 2002-2003 Homayoiin S. Shahia Amiii anonymous Louanne Marco Aponte David Sharon Baer Andrew C. Bakhin J. L.S. Barbosa Kellie R. Baumgartner Ken Barbara Bechely Robert A. Bell Charles G. Bennett, Jr. Linda E. Blanchard Kingsley Blount Barbara Braddy Kenneth Jackie Braswell VVally Betty Buran Stephen F. Burrell Susan Ken Butera Curtis H. Carter Vanessa S. Chatman Isa Cheves Mrs. Sondra Topshe Coletti Cox ' s Cabin Brewery Megan Cronic Kirby Darlene Crutcher Robert Culpepper Jack Rosemai7 Culpepper Sharon Nelson Davis Rohit Galina Desai Albert Cathy Dugan Bradley Sheila Dunckel Carol Dorchak Edge Adele Warren Ely Michael W. Feri-y Ashley L. Ferry Matthew Lee Fussell Lewis R. Gaskin Clarence Corkie Gooden Chip Teri Grayson Joan Guilford Joel Karen Hall Denise Harlan Sammy Patty Harmon Heni7 J. Hefler, Jr. Carol Hiatt Tommy Hough Captain Mrs. George Huban, Jr., USN (Ret) T. Jerry Jackson Mamie Johnson Stan Linda Johnson J. Morris, III Zelda G. Jones Matthew W. Keller Sally Kurrie Alice Ir ' v LaFleur Richard Susan Lane Emor-y Maginnis Jerre Martha Malone Michael MtConnell Miller Tire Co., Waycross, GA Julienne J. Milner Dr. Mrs. C. Craig Mitchell Glenda S. Neely ' 68 John Judy Nemeth Danny Brenda Olliff Lynnell L. Pass Joan Patmore Mr. Mrs. Robert Puchot, Jr. Doni Gary Rhineheart Mr. Mrs. Roscoe W. Riley, Jr. Gina Roper Kelli Rutherford Cooper A. Samuels Dr. Mrs. Buddy Seay Matthew Blair Sellers Glen Smith Dean DuBose Smith Kevin Bruce Smith Creig Janet Soeder Mary Stanley Peter Stewart Sam Vicki Sutton Bill Rebecca Targenhorst Mr. Mrs. William W. Teegarden Leon Delois Thomas Adnane Tippin Mr. Mrs. Steve Tumlin, Jr. James Sandra Turbeville Katherine F. Tyler Mr. Mrs. Wayne Umfleet Christopher D. Upchurch Victoria J. Walker Ron Debbie Wallace Chuck Rett Whelan Wayne Sharon Williamson Carole Ed Winn Joel 0. Wooten Gabriel Candy Zacher Pandora History In 1886, a group of men representing the existing eight fraternities on campus came together to create the first yearbook at the University of Georgia. It was only the second yearbook published in the South. The fraternities involved were Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chi Phi, Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Gamma Delta, and Sigma Nu. In the first yearbook was a collection of the Greek member roosters along with their activities on campus and histories of each class. The first yearbook only con- tained three pages of photographs and was just a small paperback volume. There were 16 staff members, all fraternity men. The first 15 volumes were produced solely by the fraternities. It was not until 1903, that the University approved funding for the book. With the support of the University, the yearbook began to represent greater diversity on campus. By 1931 Pandora started including pictures of all the students. In 1937, Pandora began a pageant called the Pandora Beauty Review that helped raise funds to support the book. Beauty experts from all around the country judged the contestants. In 1971, Pandora introduced color printing to it ' s first 16 pages. Today Pandora represents the entire student body and almost all aspects of student life. Today ' s yearbook is filled withi pictures on almost every page. It has been a written record of the changing trends at the University for over the last 115 years. The name Pandora comes from the ancient Greek myth of the first woman on earth, Pandora, who was sent to the earth by Zeus as an affliction to man. Of the many quali- ties instilled with in her was curiosity. When she was sent to earth, she was given a box which she was told never to open, but due to her curiosity she opened up the box and let out all the evils that have afflicted man. The only thing left in the box was hope. Af- ter hearing this story, the founders decided to call the yearbook Pandora because they wanted to cause a Pandora-like curiosity in all of those who came across the book in hopes that they would open it with the intention of viewing the past and the present of the University. 384 Pandora y P iaEpsilon, «sters ong - Ilierewere tilsolelvbyttie for the book, ilerdftersityon III fxts to support slanls. In1971 i represents the t)0()l is filled witi lojn trends at )(Mi on earth, ttienian qi , yshope.™- ribtnausethey Mtieboflki " ifif present of xa A ' - s i ' ' .-vV. .■■ ' ;Vt ' v- ' i. ' if ' '

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