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ci osimSie Closine Time 1999 PANDORA University of Georgia 325 Tate Student Center Athens, GA 30602 Volume CXII Closinp; lime Ever) ' thing has a beginning and an end... Or does it? A life ends, a new one begins. A senior graduates college, a kindergartner begins his first day in class. A night ends, the dawn rolls in. Life is full ol many cycles. So, in 1999 it seems only appropriate that the yearbook is named Closing Time. Not only is it the closing of the year, but the closing of a millennium. Even though it is the end of an era, life will go on and a new era will begi n. So, as these times of change approach, we should all get ready for closing time. C:C?T7 S y C?T7 SCfTT c?t A? r S T7 isC?Tzic7 2 ,f £m- fij o I — o CO -D o O O O r- 3 CO o TO CO 2 m CO =i r CO o o CO o CO 3ancz,TohnHo ia at the aee of 68 in September of 1998. We Snellville. Hew i 1 f r i ■jr f ' j m .if .1 A F... ' The main dangers in this life are the people who I z i ;2 ? 9 change everything. . . ?r nothing. ' ' , ' LadyAstor ' USICDIED An Insomniac ' s Guide to Athens While most places close every night, there are some places that are always open. Who hasn ' t visited Waffle House at 3:00 in the morning? And you haven ' t lived in Athens until you ' ve tried a milkshake from the Grill. For those who live their lives by the cliche, " Shop ' til you drop, " there was always Kroger, Winn Dixie, or Walmart open for late night shopping. Bowling enthusiasts could always catch a game at Showtime Bowling any time of the night. Kinko ' s is a procrastinator ' s dream, open for copies and printing 24 hours a day. These businesses don ' t know the meaning of the phrase, closing time. 10 tzypn ' jifTtg m 47vz T HE BEzrzr i nyiz i , It might have seemed hke things were for sale every- where in Athens. This is due to the fact that every- thing is for sale in Athens. If it wasn ' t the street ven- dors and newspaper sales- people on campus, there were places to buy things everywhere downtown. Not to mention the people calling every hour trying to get you to change long distance, donate money to the police force, or just the junk mail and email that arrived everyday. It was easy to realize that the best place to relax sometimes involved the purchase of a cup of coffee or smoothie from some place downtown. 1 2 f ■ ' " jcr 13 c ' 5b I The University of Georgia will probably never be finished. Renovations, building improvements, and even changes in landscaping and roads were a common site on campus. When Gilbert Health Center closed, it was for the opening of a state of the art Medical Facility. The medical center moved from North to South Campus in the spring of 1998. The old facility became Gilbert Hall, housing many oi the foreign language classes. The new building on South Cam- pus was not only bigger and newer, but it provided much more convenient parking. 1 4 CJ j ' € ' n ifi-g: Tl w Elizabeth Campbc: EDITED BY AIA LIE TALUYO AISTD LAUF?.E]Sr PIERSAISTTE vMi Coke is it. If you ' re looking for a place to relax be- tween classes, have you tried the business school? On May 15, 1998, the Terry College of Business dedicated a new student lounge to the University, the Coca-Cola Refreshmenal Center. The lounge is located in Sanford Hall and provides students with an area to study and relax. The lounge includes tables shaped like cola bottles and has several Coke ma- chines. At the dedication ceremony, Coca- Cola Vice President and UGA alumnus Earl Leonard spoke about the company ' s support of the University. Hundreds of commemoraJ tive Coke bottles were handed our during the dedication. " I think some students initially were upset about the lounge because they felt the University shouldn ' t be advertising for Coca-Cola, " said Thrice Stephenson, a sophomore from Hull. " I personally like the lounge because it is a good environment for business students to relax and watch television. It is also an area where students have access to laptop hookups. " (I anic Some described it as chaos, some as bliss, and some were simply at a loss for words. But whatever you chose to title it, on April 28, 1998 PANIC struck Athens, GA. In what seemed to be a hazy blur of three days, over 60,000 people of all ages, sizes, colors, and creeds, hitch- hiked, biked, caravanned, and even walked form all over the world to see the biggest jam band since the Grateful Dead unite on the cor- ner of Chandler and Washington. There on the small one way street with city officials sweating and police troops pacing. Widespread Panic went where no other band has gone before and gave a free show to pay homage to their thousands of loyal fans. Sheer hysteria might be the phrase one is tempted to think suited this occasion with roads closing, churches doubling as hotels, and north campus transforming into a nomadic campsite, but for the thousands of fans who witnessed it, euphoria seemed to describe it just fine. 0 ):J„,„. J n ,,;„ SI Panic We ' re gonna summon the Holy Ghost from the battle- field And in the morning this old world won ' t be the same -Widespread Panic OaI:J„i „ J n „; TC ■ m ' ' Mk ' fr i Neaaaaawwwwwmmrn mmmmmmm. The race is on. Fifty laps into the 19th annual twilight criterium, bikers fight for the lead at speeds topping 30mph while anxious spectators wait excitedly to get a glimpse of the action. Claiming the richest prize purse of its kind, the Twilight Criterium attracts close to 200 of the worlds best cyclists and with the suspended open container law some of Athens best spectators as well. ■n. .; : .-f They ' re easy to spot and a common sight on campus, especially the first few weeks of classes. You know what I ' m talking about— lost freshmen. Chances are you ' ve either given directions to one or you ' ve been one yourself. As a freshman, it can be pretty hard to figure out bus routes, navigate your way to classes and adjust to a campus with over 40,000 people on it. As Jenny Beck, a freshman from Hull, confesses, " I was really worried about getting lost, so I came and found all my classes before school started. " This seemed to work forjenny who hasn ' t gotten lost yet. Everyone at the University of Gerogia has probably gotten a little lost or or turned around at some point, so if you see a freshman looking a little confused with a map held close to their face, please, point them in the right direction. (40-6-391 (k)) (40-6-53(b)) Saturday, 12:30 A.M. Dad: (tired and groggy) Uhhhello? Sarah: Uh, hello... dad? Urn, hi dad (she sniffles). Dad: (sounding more alert) Sarah? Hello? What the? Do you? Huh? Sarah: (starting to cry) Um, daddy? Are you awake? Dad: Yes, sweetie... God, it ' s after midnight... Are you O.K?!! (mom takes phone from dad) Mom: SARAH!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!! OH MY GOD!!! ARE YOU O.K.?! Sarah: Mom, 1 don ' t know how this happened (sniffs loudly). I ' m in Athens Clarke County Jail, can you please come and.... Mom: WHAT? YOUR WHERE? OH MY GOD! TALK TO YOUR FATHER! (she throws phone at dad, Sarah begins to wail) Dad: Sarah honey, now where are you? It ' s O.K., just calm ciown. Take a deep breath. Now tell me where you are. Sarah: I ' m in in in in in Clarke County Jaaaaiiiiiillll ! They can ' t lock me up with these freaks! Please come get meeeeeeeee! (starts to become incomprehensible). Dad: Tell me what happened, honey, now calm down, they are not going to lock you up. What are you in for? Sarah: They, um, they, well, I wasn ' t doing anything, really, I was, you know, just hanging out with with with friends and, oh, God, I can ' t believe this is happening to me! Just come get me, daddy! Dad: (starts to sound agitated) Tell me what happened. I will come get you. Sarah: I was at a party and I forgot I was holding my cup and (sniff) I went downtown with friends and, no, I was holding a cup for a friend, and (hickup) that bike cop guy just came over to us and we got, well, I got underage possession and open container... (giant sniff) Please come get me. They are going to lock me up (her crying turns to sobbing). Please come get meeeeee! Dad: Honey, you know we are over an hour away (mom grabs phone). Mom: (sounds panicked) I ' m dressed and ready baby, your father and I will be there in twenty minutes. Don ' t go anywhere (throws phone back at dad). Dad: Now hold on a minute, honey, let me talk to whoever is in charge. Sarah: I ' m on a payphone, dad. You guys have to come get me! Now, please come! Dad: Go find someone that can tell me how to get you out of this. Your mother and I will come get you but it may be a... Sarah: Plllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssee Daddyyyyyy- (she begins to hyperventilate) Come get me, I don ' t know how this happened. Please come get meeee! Dad: (he sighs heavily) O.K., We are on our way. Don ' t go anywhere. (Dad hangs up, Sarah holds phone as the officer comes back to recuff her. She is led to a cell to wait for her parents. She swears she will never go downtown again. A mie Taluyo : 1 tH rrowdiTion ' J - f pvis or I whor ■- . rfm) , ■TheUni ersit - of Gcorma H D -7 if f B H Spec Tow ns Ti acK ul After Cli Sd ii Video The cu rrent Uga is Uga V, born on March ( ifter his father Uga IV passed away. Uga V nd is named after Dan Ma irector for Public Relations t aW time and liyptti by the- m M ' ,1.1 vs. Tenncscc I Athens. ilici ate -Student Oi ul the whole wo Georgia Smokin ' During the first year of college, the anxiety linked with changes in stu- dents ' habits and lifestyles cause many freshman to turn to harmful outlets of stress relief Among the worst of these habits is smoking. Could there be anything worse than lung cancer or bad breath? Apparently not. As an anonymous freshman states " I did not start to smoke until the summer after I graduated. My friends wanted me to start and they told me that it would be easy to quit. Now, when I try to stop it ' s very hard. " It seems some new college experiences are better left un- tried. gm .kiKa 41 born bulldogs Being a Bulldog is not a four-year job. Fan loyalty carries over into all walks of life, from the excitement a three year old ' s first game to the nostalgia of an alum ' s homecoming. Red and black are not merely colors for some of us who have been brought up wearing pampers with " Go Dawgs " on the rear, but a symbol ol: who we are, where we ' re from and what we aspire to be. College may not last forever, but the spirit of it does. Once a Bulldog, al- ways a Bulldog. Halloween these days may not be the same as some of us remember it. And although far from the days of sugar highs and running door to door, college still yields some fun on this spooky night. With the streets of Athens speckled with all sorts of curious costumes, one can almost go back to the mystery of that special night when bedtime hours were nonexistent and candy corn became of the major food groups. Mollv Butccrm. ■ r%i ' H H t " ' " ' ' HpHI[ij H B Ma w .a ' gg- ■i; ' . ' " fc= ' " ' ' ' " " t " ' ,,. . ,.. . ! , .,.,. . IC w ; ree tibet The Tibetan Freedom Benefit was Some of the bands that performed were Urban Grind, Wunderkind, Posh Toner and Trinket. The Students for a Free Tibet, a club organized last March 1998, sponsored the two-night event. Through the concerts aimed at a main- stream audience, the organization wanted to raise awareness and money to help end the reUgious persecution of Tibetans. waiting Ahhh, the UGA campus bus. Friend, enemy, and teacher. How wide are your aisles, enough to fit two rows of sweaty, angry students? How gifted are your drivers, talented enough to swing you smoothly around corners in a flying mess of knapsacks and Red and Blacks? How orchestrated are your tunes, from country to techno to the polka? You are a fair weather friend running rarely on time, known for harsh stops with your squealing breaks and amputated extremities with your unrelenting trap doors. However, as unpredictable and untimely you may be, you are often times a life saver. You fight the incline of the Tate Center hill with great ease, you cover 30 minutes of death defying physical activity in about 5 minutes, and although you are worn and smelly, nothing feels better than your dry squishy seats on a cold and rainy day. for the bus ' UQA fii iei 49 Ft)r alumni, faculty and the Athens ' community, UGA Homecoming weekend is a special event. This year ' s Homecoming committee arranged a week of festivities to lead up to the October 17 square-off between the hedges of Sanford Staditun. During the week, many students attended a show by hypnotist Tom Deluca and others mingled with members from many of the University ' s athletic teams at the Tate Center. The week of activities culminated with Saturday ' s game against Vanderbilt. The Redcoat Band alumni performed a special pre-game show, and Sam Hodge and Candice Willard were announced the 1998 Homecoming King and Queen during halftime. For many, Homecoming is not just about a football game but about coming back home to a place where many happy memories were made. In Lclchi.iiKin (if tills year ' s homecoming, the University Union invited two ti ii.imic performers. Bill Cosby, who performed on October 16, and Tom Deluca, who performed on October 21, raised the root of the Coliseum. Their tunny acts and unique personalities had the audience spitting up laughter. Bill Cosby, whose props only consisted ot a chair and his memories, told his experience ot with raising a college student. He talked of many weird situations to which not only the students but also the parents could relate. " That ' s what makes Bill so funny. He takes the ordinary everyday life and makes it into a joke. You can relate to mostly everything he jokes about, " said freshman Raquelle Parks, lum l )eluca came with a different approach to entertain students. He used lupnotrsm! Hypnotism is usually something people are ' er skeptical abotu believing. But, on his arrival many of those doubts evolved into beliefs. To prove his special powers, Deluca actualK ' put students to sleep on stage. " He was awesome! The entire act was an eye-opening experience, " said sophomore Sionne Neely. These two petformers drew a huge crowd including MLidents, fai.ult - and alumni. Their great performances pumped the students tip tor their football battle against Vanderbilt Univer- xsity. Red Coat Band Photos bv Dan Henn 7 lial P.r rJ. Rr H.! 55 let ' s get physical We ' ve all been warned about the " freshman 15. " You know, the myth (or maybe the fact) that all freshmen gain at least 15 pounds their first year in college. The way many people seem to combat this is through exercise. But on this campus, it ' s not just the freshmen that are turning to physical activity to shape, tone and firm their bodies. For most students, exercise is part of daily life. No, I ' m not talking about running to catch the Orbit or carrying around a 50-pound backpack. The University of Georgia offers some of the best athletic facilities in the nation. There is no need to have a Thighmaster or Buns of Steel Video when you ' ve got the Ramsey Center. Ramsey offers an indoor track, swimming pool, weight room, and many other exercise facilities. For those who prefer an outdoor run, the UGA Track is available for soccer, flag football, Softball, and other sports. If you are a student looking for || a good place to exercise, look no further than your own campus. kealUi a id Idtui-ii 57 John f aulkner John Faulkner, William Faulkner ' s nephew, released his father ' s book, My Brother Bill, at le 40 Watt on N( 998. During )n, Tohn briefli Students were lectured by people other than professors this year. For a couple of weeks in November, the Tate Center Plaza and the Memorial Hall courtyard served as platforms for religious debate. The four leaciers of these debates were Brother John Duncan and his wife Ellen from Marietta and Ken and Heather Jones of Ohio. These street evangelists initi- ated debates calling students fornicators, masturbators, and pornographers. Although some students were enter- tained while others were en- raged, all were able to use free speech to argue their points. f9 w ,ijr ' «- l i " r -M , ..lli» " l; 4 reach out touch faith otAO iaeluU 1 Photos hy Jonathan PhiUips 8 The Second Annual Fall Classic at the 40 Watt Cltib is a boxing tournament where amateur fighters pit their skills against one another to see who is really the best. The tourna- ment is open to both men and women. Men fight for three 2- minute rounds while women fight tor three 1 -minute rounds. The fighters wear certified protective headgear and gloves. They duke it out until there is only one fighter left standing for each of the four weight divisions: light weight, middle weight, heavy weight, and women ' s. The Fall Classic is sponsored by Dirt Circle Promotions (Falcon Murt) ' and Shane Matteson) and bv ProRank. m uHa 63 Washington Street TA Siv Kent ■ JCEWSE (fs ortmti Extra C.cinu ' day. Yini rise with the sun tn the smell of tried chicken and potato salad. You wear the trusty old red and black polo. As you enter the stadium, the roar of the crowd mixes with the smell of spiced lic uor and Coke. Nostalgia sets in as you realize that this is the college experience. Staring at the sea of red and black before you, for one brief moment you forget that daily you fight these same millions of people for a spot on the Orbit bus and you take it all in. You realize that you are not just a small fish in a big pond, but part of a small pond in a very big world. You belong. And as you squint happily to block out the haze in your head and the glare of the afternoon sun, you realize that this is your school, your town, and your team just scored a touchdown. 1 Ga-me au 5 raxTme Meredith Page qa ne icM 67 Photos by Alyssa Jc Late for class with not enough time to eat lunch? Craving one of the best weiners on earth? You know who to see. It ' s the hot dog man. Catering some of the best road side lunches and snacks around, the hot dog man makes every busy day easier with a variety of chips, colas, and good old fashioned dogs. So whether it ' s a lunch on the run or a small snack to tide you over until dinner, the hot dog man has all the right fixings from onions to relish to spicy brown mustard. It ' s a bird... It ' s a plane... no, It ' s HOT DOG MAN JIrd " aai 69 good day atlanta - Photos by Thad Goad 70 The University served as the backdrop for " Good Day At- lanta, " the morning show broad- cast on WAGA-TV. " Good Day " anchors Gurvir Dhindsa and Marc Bailey and meteorologist ancy Loveland broadcast live i rom the Tate Center plaza, tak- ng the 3-hour show through the student center, the Bulldog Room, the bookstore, and Sanford Stadium. Among those interviewed were University resident Michael Adams, Ath- •tic Director Vince Dooley, the cheerleaders and the Redcoat Marching Band. ust Bike It Adventure, danger, and excitement are all words that describe a cyclist ' s day on campus. With hardly any bike trails, cyclists usually have demanding days getting to and from class. They have to share the road with other drivers which many times can be a challenging chore. Many people feel that cyclists should not be allowed to share the streets with motorists. They feel it is not only harmful for the driver, but for the biker as well. Where there is a nervous driver, there is usually an accident waiting to happen and as freshman Mercedees Meeks comments, " I think that people who ride bikes put them- selves in danger. When a bus is passing them because they are going too slow, it can only make them nervous. " Coaxed by all the discussion concerning the dangers of biking, UGA officials have collaborated with the city of Athens to build more trails. The city has agreed to match every mile of bike trail constructed by the University. With projects like this under way, it won ' t be long before every bicyclist will have room to ride as fast or as slow as they want. The motorists will be happy and the streets will be a much safer place. kihei 73 UVIJ fONs Management , -FOCUSED p R ] N c i :. :. . s 1 SIXTH EDITiox S EDITED BY SARAt STAFFORD F. Cooper 1 Appiicatians If 2 Im Sprachlabor „„d.uHau,c Yixi OEHT ' S? AHISTORYOF WESTERN nanuei Cr n na Law ' 92-95 M fnal Proce i TMflN ' PSPCHOltrGY PATTERSON 7 an introducti ' JVor dj Oceanj Duvi.u SCHONBERGER KNOD c Operations Management CUSTOMER. FOCUSED PRi.v ' SIXTH EDITION C i P L £ S Study Time Ma find rhat a spor on rhe Quad is the perfect place for reading Some prefer loud muMc and lots of activity wh.le domg homework. Others are most productive studying with small groups. Whateveryout preference, studying ,s a large part of students ' daily routmes. W,th the swuch to semesters, we luckily have fewer tests; but fewer tests means that each one counts more, and studying is a must to keep grades up. For those of us that seem to never have enough time to do everything we want to do, finding moments between classes and on the bus can add up to many valuable hours of study time each day. Anyone who has ever walkedpastParkHallatlunchtimehasseenmanystudentsstudymgon the lawn. Durmga quick tnp through the Tate Student Center, one will tindoubtedlv find many students crammed into cubicles and sofas trymg to stay on top of their classes. Though there ,s much more to hfe in college than classes, without stttdying one would not be able to stav at UGA and benefit from all the extracurricular activities we find around us. -Cnrw Bionett P 1 " I prefer to study in a quiet atmosphere, definately not in my dorm room. Sometimes it is easier to study with friends from my classes, that way I am able to see other people ' s points of view. " -lennifer Tiedeman Freshman Studying ' " I love listening to the radio while 1 study. If there isn ' t some kind of back- ground noise. I can " t think about what I am trying to do. The dorms are the perfect place for me. I can get my work done without leaving my room. " -Nikki Adams. Freshman President Michael R Adams " What drives me most. what fills me with pride, is the hope and vision that I believe we share together for the future of this place. " --President Michael Adams Quoted in the Red and Black Having finished his first year at the Universit} ' of- Georgia, President Adams is beginning to settle into the role as the Universit) ' ' s 21st president. Adaitil has a diverse backgrotmd of serving the academic community, both as an educator and as a University leader. His personable approach to campus problemi has already made an impact on the University and its students He has already made a dedicated attempt to better the University through internationd programming. Plans are already under development to build a " Gwinnett campus " which could extend the boarders ot the Athens campus statewide H| strides to increase enrollment are apparent in this year ' s enrollment report. Though each of these accomplishments are commendable, contact with 1 students remains in the highest regard. His need to gain a common repro is apparent in the question and an.swer session, held earlier this year, where Ada fielded questions from concerned students. Although Adams is still new on campus, his optimistic attitude and sincere dedication to student ' s needs j well-known. -Jessicu als flLLfIN W. BflRBER S. EUGENE YOUNTS P Public Service, Outreach and Assoc. Provost lOE L KEY DWIGMT O. DOUGUIS VP Student Ajfairs D0N6LD R. EflSTMfIN III ■ LAWRENCE E. WEflTHERFORD Vice Presidents Not Pictured: Karen A. Holbrook Sr. VP Academic Affairs and Provost Kathryn R. Costello Sr VP External Affairs VP Planning and Public Affairs VP Government Relations The )osiah Meigs Awards Thc ' Josiah M legs Award, first presented 1882, is an award a given a select group of professors who exemplif) ' the ideals of good teaching. The purpose oFthc award is to focus on and celebrate teacher ' s accompishments at the University of Georgia. The award is named after Josiah Miegs, president of the University of Georgia in 1801 . Meig ' s goal was focus on building a reputable teaching staff, while hoping to further enhance the relationship between teacher and student. The selection process, like most, begins with nominations. Each school or college is granted one nomination where the nominations are then sent to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for further processing Each nomination application is carefully looked over and reviewed by a small comittee of ttained faculty and students. Five professors are chosen, among the numerous nominations, and are presented with the award during an award ' s banquet in the recipient ' s honor.This year ' s recipients are: Jeanne A. Barsatti, Dan T. Coenen, Shawn M. Glynn, John G. Hollingsworth, and Judith C. Reiff -Jessica Walsh SMflWN M. GLYNN JUDITH C. REIFF " I simply want to become the best teacher I can and I want to help my students--who are themselves teachers-- do the same. " " With a little effort and creativeness. the college classroom can be a model for not only what to teach but also how to teach diverse students. " The library is the biggest place I know that has so much The UGA Libraries Through scrviLL-s ofthc Main -, the- Science Library, the Richard Russdl Library, the Hargrett Librar -, and the Media Department, students haye access to a plethora ot information and materiaLs. Hach librar ' or department contains a different collection of books, docu- ments, or films for students ' use. In .iddition to oyer three million yolumes of books, the U(iA libraries contain important historical documents and interesting collections. In the Science L.ibrary, the Map Room is an excellent resource for students searching for cities and landmarks around the world. The Media Department in the main library pro ides students with the opportunity to iew and listen ro videos and sound recordings, which enhance the classroom curriculum. The Hargrett Librar)-, also in the Main Librar.-, stores old documents from Georgia ' s past, including the original draft of the Confederate Constitution and the Universit} ' Archives, which document the histon. ' of the University. Government Documents, periodicals, and micro- films also assist students in theirnever-endingsearch forenlightenment. —Amanda Carroll ' Study Abroad: Oxford The Oxford program is designed to take advantage of the unique intellectual and cultural heritage of the cir) ' of Oxford, the home ot a 700 year old academic institution in which students get to study in. Under the supervision of UGA and Oxford faculty and staff students studied, lived, dined, and traveled togethet in an environment rich with learning opportunities and facilities such as museums, theaters, gardens, and restaurants. The summer program was based at historic Jesus College, founded in 1571, which is located in the center ot the city. Students in the summer were able to earn up to six semester hours of credit in British history, political science, and literature. Students on average took a three hour lecture course irom a UGA professor and one taught by an Oxford don. Each class offered an excursion to a site in England related to major themes in the course. The Spring program was at the Centte for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, located in the center of Oxford in St. Michael ' s Hall. Students in the spring earned up to fifteen semester hours and all classes were taught by Oxford faculty using a tutorial format. —Sarah Stafford — incredible time of my fe. The European « experience was like I none other, and I ' m already planning to go back some da ' . " -Mary Holcombe Senior The Honors Program and The Division of Academic Assistance The Division of Academic Assistance and the Honors Program work with all types of students to increase student-hicuity contact and to personahze the learning experience Kir students. The Honors Program at UGA is one of the oldest such programs in the United States. With an enrollment of approximately 2000, the program worked to provide students with more individu- alized instruction. Class sizes in Honors classes rarely exceed twenty students. The classes are oHered in all fields ot instruction, from Music to Math and Religion to Biology. The Program, along with the Department of Geology, also sponsored a nine week Summer Field Program, through which students were able to travel across countn, ' , visiting various US archaeological sights and natural wonders such as Bryce Canyon in Utah, Bridalveil Falls, and Mt. St. Helens, while earning Geology and Anthropolog} ' class credit. The Division of Academic Assistance works with students to help make the transition from high school into college easier. Offering developmental courses in areas such as English, Math, and Reading, the ptogram helps students enhance their skills in these areas so that they are able to excel at the University level. Activities outside the classroom, such as the University Tutorial, study strateg) ' courses, and The Learning Center, are offered to all University students to enhance the classroom curriculum. -Amanda Carroll I " An honors class is like pulling a power ten at the end of a 5K. youve really got to push yourself. " -Scott Wingerter Sophomore Photos by Thad Goad " I chose the major of Agricultural Business because it relates to everyday life and affects everyone. " -Jennifer Schier Senior I Agricultural and Environmental Sciences The School of Agricultural and Enxironnunral Sciences consists of 22 majors, each designed to promote excellence through hands on training, research, and .m intensive curricukmi. The school has several facilities on campus and throughout the state. One of the newest facilities is the Animal Science Complex. Students can access highly sophisticated technology, larger classrooms, and laboratories in which to conduct research and field stud)-. The complex enhances the learning environment by allow- ing sttidents to work closely with their peers. Internships are also offered for students who wish to train with individuals in their field. Some students have even had the opportunity to work with the Center for Disease Control. This program gives students the necessary tools required for a successful career while encouraging individual exploration. —Jessica Walsh G LE fl. BUCMflNfIN Dr Cale A. Buchanan spent the first 21 years of his professional career with Auburn University in the Department of Agronomy and Soils f-Ie served as Dean and Director of the Alabama Agricul- tural Experiment Station from 1980tof985. OnAprill4,f986, hewas appointed Associate Direc- tor of the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Stations and Resident l )irector of the Coastal Plain Experiment Station. He became r ean and Director ofthe College of Agricultural and Environmen- tal Sciences on March 1, 1995. Franklin College of Arts and Sciences The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences made efforts to improve the environment for both instruction and learning in all areas of study, offering majors in physical and biological sciences as well as both liberal and fine arts. The school hired experts in the areas of plan t biotechnolog) ' and nuclear magnetic resonance spectography to continue the focus on combining cutting-edge research with instruction. Freshman seminars were one hour per week credit courses taught by distinguished facult) ' on campus in areas of all interests, from Georgia Poets to controversial issues such as Science and Christianity: Conflict or Coherence. Writing intensive classes were also offered in all areas of study, to emphasize writing with trained instructors. —Amanda Carroll " Whatever you do, writing and speaking are key skills that all ot our students should master. " -Dean Wyatt A. Anderson WYfiTTW.fiNDERSON Dean Wyatt Anderson ' s involve- ment with the University of Geor- gia began in 1956 when he enrolled as a student. After leaving the Uni- versit)- for a short while, he returned in 1972 to help form the new Ge- netics Program and was selected to head the Department of Genetics at UGA in 1980. In 1992, he began his term as the Dean of Franklin College. In 1998 he was named a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and has also served as Chair of Section 27 (Population Biology, Evolution, and Ecology) of the National Academy of Sciences. Rohm Daitch " Our faculty are involved in both teaching and research because our mis- sion is to do both. We always seek to couple the programs where we build research with instruction of both graduate and undergraduate students. " -Dean Wyatt W. Anderson Terry College of Business Nearly 4300 students were enrolled in the Terry College ot Business, making it the second largest school on campus with six academic departments offering majors in all aspects oi the business world from international business to real estate. The renovation of several rooms in Caldwell Hall and the long-awaited comple- tion of Sanford Hall helped to make the school one of the most technologically advanced of its kind in the country. The Caldwell renovations and all ot the rooms in Santord Hall offer laptop connections at every seat. Controversy over the alleged " selling- out " of the school to corporations plagued the opening of Sanford, as well as the introduction of the new Coca-Cola student lounge in the Spring of 1998. —A)?ii7iuJii Carroll P. GEORGE BENSON p. Ceorge Benson took over as Dean of the Terry College of Busi- ness on July 1, 1998. Formerly the Dean of the Faculty of Manage- ment at Rutgers University, Dr. Benson has won several awards for . work with that college as well as . work in the business commu- nity. Dr. Benson was chosen from a pool of 1 50 applicants and nominees to lead the Terry College of Business into the 21st Century. EFRESHMEN CENTER a " It a corporation wants to sponsor and raise money for our school, I don ' t see a problem with that. If a company is generous enough to help pay for a building, the least we can do is put a plaaue on the wall with their name on it. " -Brian |ordan lunior College of Education The College of Education is one of the largest and most diverse of its kind. It has four professional schools: Health and Human Performance, Leadership and Lifelong Learning, Professional Studies, and Teacher Education. The college ' s program is reflec- tive of the professional communin- environments in which stu- dents will teach, work, and live. Junior Debbie Austin said, " All my classes have prepared me. We learn how to cope in all kinds of situations. We are also provided with a good multicultural base. " Perhaps the biggest complaint is the entrv diHiculr ' and the challenge of receiving a desired curriculum. Junior Kari Drummonds said, " The people in the school are really nice and easy to work with, 1 just wish they oHered more of certain classes. " This succeeds in providing a quality classroom setting. All of the programs within the college are fully accredited and it consistently ranks among the best public and private -Sarah Stafford mstitutions. RUSSELL H. YEflNY O i( rf I Dean Russell H. Yeany, Jr. came to the University of Georgia in 1975 as an Assistant Professor of Science Iducation. He has held many po- sitions in the College of Education and was named Dean in 1994. Also in 1994 he was awarded the Shrum Outstanding Science Teacher Award. iHP School of Environmental Design The School of Environmental Design , located in Caldwell Hall, oFfers degree programs ranging from outdoor management to landscape architectur e. Various exciting opportunities are offered through the School of Environmental Design, including an an- nual studv abroad program in Cortona, Italy. Internships and Community involvement are important aspects of the Environ- mental School ' s mission. Internships are offered each semester and providestudentswith valuable professional instruction through major-related work. The School upholds its mission of environ- ment preservation by providing and maintaining facilities that promote environmental awareness. The Founder ' s Memorial Garden, OfTice of Preservation, and the SED Service request office ate only a few ways the Environmental School of Design serves the Athens communirv. -Jeaica Walsh lOHM F. CROWLEY homa. He served in the i Lieutenant at Ft. Still, OK. lohn F.Crowley has been the Dean of UGA ' s School of Environmen- tal Design since 1996. He taught as an assistant professor at UGA in 1 974 and then returned 22 years later. He received both his Mas- ters of Regional and Cir ' Plan- ning and his Ph.D. in Urban Ge- ography at the University of Okla- lilitary for 3 years and was a First He is a member of several different organizations including the American PlanningAssociationand the American Society of Landscape Architects. ' Environmental Design is like a sea of cheese, its the best major ever, everyone in it is cool and it keeps you real busy. Oh, and 5th floor rules, until next} ' ear. " -Meridith Harr and Dave Eleder, juniors College of Family and Consumer Sciences The College of Family and Consumer Science offers a variety of programs that can lead to a number oi professional careers. Upon completing core curriculum requirements, students take special- ized professional courses specific to their majors and professional goals. Internships and community-based service learning projects are emphasized in all programs of study in order to prepare students for their future work settings. Leadership and commu- nication skills also are emphasized through various college pro- grams and activities, as are experiences that promote knowledge of and sensitivity to issues of multicultural diversity. The college also offers both the M.S. degree and Ph.D. degree in its four depart- ments: Child and Family Development, Foods and Nutrition, Housing and Consumer Economics, and Textiles, Merchandis- ing, and Interiors. -Sarah Stafford H SHARON NICKOLS I ! £i " The mission of the College of I w Family and Consumer Sciences is , I to advance the well-being of indi- I , . viduals and families over the life I ■ span, and to strengthen commu- nities through the generation and dissemination of knowledge, the education of professionals, and the provision of research-based pro- grams. With those goals in mind, FACS students are given multiple opportunities through programs such as Leadership FACS, under- graduate-research grants, and the legislative aid program to explore a wide range of interests as they prepare for careers. " --Dean Nickols mM experience. The faculty teaches the students the nformation and then gives them the chance to put the knowledge to work. " -Katie O ' Neil Senior Warnell School of Forest Resources Th. School oF Fores: Resources is che oldest existmg forestry school ,n the south. Students study u, the expenmet tal JWh.tehall Forest, located off Wh.tehall Road and South MiUedge. The school also ma.ntams Oconee State Park, ,s ,t:st past the mtramural fields, as the.r g,ft to the Un vers,ty Community-. The school offers ma,ors in Env.ronmental Resources, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Forestry. The creation of the Center for Forest Business marked an important milestone tor the school by dedicating itself to teaching sound forest business prin- ciples as well as sustainable forest production and market -based solutions to forestry problems. The program worked in coopera- tion with business and industr, ' leaders, private landowners, as well as several governmental agencies to provide a wide knowledge base for its students. -Amanda Carroll flRNETTC.MfiCE.)R. Dr. Arnette C. Mace J r. ' s extensive knowledge of Forestry encompasses the areas of Forest Soils, Hydrol- ogy, Environmental Systems, and Forest Resource Policy. His areas of research include the effects of forest management on water re- sources and forest policy analysis. He received his B.S. degree in For- M t estry from West Virginia University and both his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Watershed Management from the University of Arizona. " I ' ve really enjoyed my years in the School of Forest Resources. I just wish there were more girls in the program. " -Mitch Coffee, 111 Senior lournalism and Mass Communication The College of journalism and Mass Communication has several purposes. One is to successfully combine the essential elements of both a liberal and a professional education. The college also wants to engage its students in research leading to the development of knowledge about mass communication and provide service to the mass media and related organizations, as well as other educational agencies and various publics affected by and affecting mass com- munication. Freshmen and sophomores are classified as pre- journalism majors in the College of Arts and Sciences and must apply for admission to the college at the end of their sophomore year. All majors in the college are restricted and highly selective. Career opportunities include advertising, broadcast news, maga- zines, newspapers, publication management, public relations, and telecommunication arts. —Sarah Stafford 1. THOMfiS RUSSELL L ean j. Thomas Russell received his Ph.E). at the University of Illi- nois. He is a teacher of media and advertising principles and is also the co-author oi Advertising Proce- dure and Advertising Media. Be- fore he became dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Commu- nication he was a faculty member of the American Association of Advertising Agencies ' Institute for Advance Advertising Studies. He was also a former Editot of the Journal of Advertising and a former copywriter for Rich ' s Depart- ment Stores. Sl|||gUMM Because the loul«nalism School is ne of the top ranked he nation. I think it provides an cellent learning o opportunity for those kwho choose to pursue a carreer in the media. " -Susan Hagan junior School of Law The University of Georgia School of Law, established in 1 849, has long been recognized for its commitment to high quality law education. Among its many awards and achievements, the Geor- gia School of Law was recognized in the 1 998 Princeton Review for excellence in law education and ranked 26th in the nation. In addition to its renowned reputation, the school also has a wide variety ot student organizations, which let students pursue their interest in law outside the classroom. Three student publications are printed each year. The Journal of International and Compara- tive Law, The Georgia Law Review, and the Journal ofTntellectaal Property. The School also incorporates modern technology such as on-line classrooms and an electronic courtroom in conjunction with its extensive research libraty in order to give students access to innovative as well as traditional research means. -Jeisica Walsh I DflVID E. SHIPLEY David L. Shipley has been Dean and Professor of Law at the Uni- |j ' Bi ' ersity of Georgia School of Law since July 1, 1998. Dean Shipley has experience teaching courses in ( opyright. Administrative Law, Ca Procedure, Intellectual Prop- erty, Legal and Equitable Rem- edies and Domestic Relations. In addition, he is actnc with the American Bar Association and Association of American Law Schools sections for Deans, and he has chaired and served on several ABA accreditation inspections. PtOP ' 1 r Geor ' liNG SHOP ' ( vantage-ground of truth. " -Francis Bacon from his novel Of Truth College of Pharmacy The College of Pharmacy provides for the comprehensiv e aca- demic needs of the profession oi pharmacy. Its graduate program prepares individuals for professional specialization and careers in teaching and research. The postgraduate educational needs ot the profession are met through the college ' s continuing education and nontraditional doctor of pharmacy programs. Facult) ' research supports all of these programs and contributes to the advancement of the body of pharmaceutical knowledge. The Doctor of Phar- macy degree is awarded to students who successfully complete the six-year course of study. The first two years (pre-pharmacy) may be completed at any accredited institution of higher education. The last four years are in the professional program and must be in residence at the College of Pharmacy. -SdM j Stafford STUffRT FELDMflN Stuart Feldman has been the Dean Ji| S and a Professor of the College of S " Pharmacysincel991. Beforecom- » ing to UGA he worked as a profes- sor at the Universit) ' of Houston in Texas. He is also a membet ot many organizations and has been recognized with several honors. " Graduates of the College of Phar- macy are professionals with important responsibilities to care for the health of our citizens. The quality of our students and the dedication of our faculty insure that we will continue to serve the people of Georgia and the nation. " —Dean Feldman 1 ' r -i- ' ; y I really enjoy being in the College of Pharmacy because you receive the auality education of a large school but you also have the opportunity to become close with a small group of people who share your interests. " -Fran Hooper junior 109 School of Social Work The UGA School oF Social Work was established in 1964 and currently ofters the Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work, and Ph.D. of Social Work degrees. These programs were designed to prepare students for careers in many settings, such as mental health centers, programs for neglected or abused children, programs for the elderly, and medical hospitals. To enhance the classroom education, students work in the field here at home as well as abroad in a program in Veracruz, Mexico. The school established a Recruitment and Retention Committee for Diver- sir,- in an ongoing commitment to educating students about and preparing them for .social work with diverse populations. The B.S.W. Degree provides students with a liberal arts base and professional courses. The B.S.W. Program council on Social Work Education. tccredited by The -Anuvuh, Gnwll BONNIE YEGIDIS ■ s the social work profession en- iLrs Its second centur) ' , the UGA sJiool of Social Work continues 1.1 otter opportunities for students interested in a career that focuses on helping others. In recent years, the school has focused our efforts on multicultural issues in social work. The Garnett Ridge Family Support Cl-nter allows students to work with African-American and Spanish-speaking families, helping them deal with a variet) ' ot issues. Students also may work with professors involved in a variety of research issues, including a current study of the effects of welfare reform on Georgia citizens. " -Dean Bonnie Yegidis " wl ' K " I hope that with my degree. I can get a job that helps people and makes a difference in their lives. " -lonathan Howard lunior College of Veterinary Medicine If- you have ever been on South Campus and thought you heard dogs and cats, chances are you were near the College oFVeterinary Medicine. 1 his renowned school has trained veterinarians from all over the countr) ' . The college ' s mission statement, " to promote the art of science of veterinarv ' medicine through scientific ad- vances that help diagnose, treat, and maintain the health of animals and humans, " is the foundation of its curriculum. The Electron Microscopy Laboratory and the Monoclonal Antibody Laboratory are examples of the first-rate facilities it has to offer. The Veterinary Teaching Hospital gives students hands-on expe- rience. This top-notch facility gives students the ability to train with some of the most qualified professionals in the cotintn, ' . This college helps make UGA one of the foremost institutions in the country. -Cirrie Burnett KEITH W. PRflSSE Keith W. Prasse is the L:)ean of the J ,, -. (College of Veterinary Medicine. f Dr. Prasse was raised on his family ' s farm in Forreston, Illinios. He re- ceived his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Iowa State LIniversiry. Dr. Prasse began his career as a private veterinarian in Oregon, Illinois and has taught Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University as well as the Univer- sity of Georgia. He has also, through his research, been awarded over $300,000 in grants. " The college (of Vet- erinary Medicine) prepares jyou to prac- tice as a private veteri- narian, to teach veteri- nary medicine, and or to work in a research facility. This gives you the ability to practice a wide variety of pro- fessions. " -D.B. Patterson Sophomore ■b: The Graduate School " UGA ' s Graduate School is responsible for the administration ot advanced study in all the university ' s schools and colleges. Stu- dents must have an inidergraduate degree from an accredited institution and applicants usually tank in the upper hah ot their undergraduate class and received their undergraduate degree in or related to the field they plan on pursuing within the Graduate School. Students have the opportunity to be admitted within one of the following degtee programs: Doctor ot Philosophy, Doctor of Education, Doctot of Public Administration, Doctor of Musi- cal Arts, Specialist in Education, Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Certificate Programs. There are also 22 protessional fields within which a Master ' s degree can be earned. The Gradu- ate School is located in the Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center. -Sdrah Suiffoid GORDHUN L. PflTEL " Selecting a graduate school th. is compatible with your educationa and professional goals requires much time, thought and effort. We recognize the importance of ■ 1 this process and are happy to pro- ■P vide whatever information you will need in making your decision. In the graduate program here at the Universiry of Georgia vou will find a comprehensive array ot programs, an outstanding taculty and supportive environment tor study and research. " ■ S • K w ft t iiii " UGAs Graduate School in Public Administration is a top-ranked program. I ' m so lucky to be a part of something so challenging and rewarding and to still have my sorority to support me. " -D. |. Mooney EDITED BY BRIAIST CORBETT Photon; b Tomm Mciihc Photos hv Havid Br 3-0! Kent State, South Carolina, Wyoming Riding the wave of momentum from a 10-win 1997 campaign, the Bulldogs kicked oii the ' 98 season with hopes of continued success on the gridiron. The loss oi talented players at key positions leh many Dawg K H fans in doubt. Is it H possible to top last year ' s performance? Maybe this vS H question can be an- swered by Quincy Carter H and two-way threat Champ Bailey. With this duo and a defense that has yielded only 1 5 points to Kent State, South Carolina, and Wyoming, the Dawgs seem to be on the right track. Through the first 3 games, Jr. Champ Bailey contributed on both sides of the ball while seeing action in 178 plays. Meanwhile, with Quincy Carter at the reins ol the olfense, Georgia has racked up 89 points against their opponents. By starting the opening game, Quincv Carter became the first " true " freshman to start the opening game since Johnny Ranch in 1945. Poised beyond his years. Carter displays the capabilit) ' of handing out losses right and left to the opposition. Brian Corbett 121 Football Fanfare When September rolls around, so does the fan frenzy of the Bulldog faithful. As the highly anticipated 1998 season opens, Georgia begins to draw attention from fans all across the south. After tailgating activi- ties we herd into the stadium " Between the Hedges, " proud to support the Dawgs. Even with the high temperatures of the opening games of the season, the crowds continue to swell inside Sanford Stadium. The opening game atten- dance was 86,003 and the following game against Wyoming was a sellout of 86,117. Georgia ' s average home attendance has ranked in the nation ' s top six in 16 of the last 17 years. This year promises to be no different. Sanford stadium, named after Dr. Steadman Vincent Sanford, has hosted numerous sellouts in its sixty-nine year history. As a matter of fact, in the first game in Sanford Stadium ' s history, Georgia took on the Yale Bulldogs in front of a crowd of € : more than 30,000 fans. Georgia won this opening game against the yankee Bulldogs by a 15-0 score. This game was onlv the beginning of a long tradition of winning Georgia football. Through the years, the Bulldogs have averaged a .728 winning percentage when playing at home. " Playing at home increases the level of intensity and excite- ment for our players as well as the fans, " says Kit Mixon, a junior from Vidalia Ga. The noise level from a roaring crowd has the ability to push players beyond their normal limits, which greatly influences their perfor- mance Between the Hedges. by Brian Corbett 122 123 124 Battle in the Bayou For the Georgia iootball hm, I iger stadium was the place to be on the night of October 3, 1 998. This was a matchup in Death Valley between two unbeaten teams battling for a position in the ranks of the powerhouses in the SEC. The Dawgs traveled to Baton Rouge to take on the tigers, who in the preseason had numerous sportswriters mention- ing their team in the hunt for a national championship. To add to the hype of the game, Sport Maga- nent head coaches, ranked toughest place in college foot- to play. In the streets sur- thousands of tiger fans scream- zine, in a poll of 1 1 promi- Tiger stadium as the ball for an opposing team rounding the stadium the ing " tieer bait " attested to their confidence in their team winning this ballgame. As expected, the game was a nailbiter and victory was not secured for the Dawgs until the final minutes of the contest. Georgia, striking quickly, scored 14 points in the first quarter while LSU scored 7. Georgia never relinquished the lead, but also never led by more than 7 points throughout the game. Entering the forth quarter, the Dawgs were up 28-21. The tigers then added 2 field goals to close in to a 28-27 score. With 4:59 left, the Dawgs regained possession and clung to their 1 point lead. Dawg fans watched nervously when with 4:05 remaining Georgia found themselves with 3rd down and 6 on their own 24 yard line. Then to the rescue, Quincy Carter completed a 21 yard pass to Champ Bailey, advancing to our 45. This clutch play sealed the game and a 4-0 record for Georgia. Sorry tigers, carve up another notch in the loss column for Mike V. When October 10, rolled around, the red and black faithful were hinting at SEC championship possibilities. As Tennessee came to town toting an undefeated record along with them, it was obvious that this was a crucial matchup, and for the winner would likely open the door to the Georgia Dome in the Dec 5, SEC Championship game. This game would also have affects on National rankings and was televised by ESPN. Meanwhile ESPN ' s Gameday show was produced at the Tate Center overlooking Sanford Stadium. However, on this day the Vols proved too much for the Dawgs while rolling to a 22-3 victory and marched on to a national championship. by Brian Corbett 125 %M m J r€ -uv .; - if i DAWGS ROLL TO 6-2 DOWN IHli SlKKiC The next victim up for the Bulldogs was the Vanderbilt commo- dores. Previously, Georgia had won five of the last six games against Vanderbilt and this day would be much of the same for a struggling commodore team. On October 17, the Dawgs would deliver a homecoming treat with a 31-6 whip- ping of Vandy. The following week, Georgia traveled to the bluegrass state to take on the Wildcats. This would turn out to be another close game as Georgia carried a 28-26 lead late into the fourth quarter. With just under 2;30 left in the ballgame Georgia fumbled and Kentucky recovered on the 24. Kentucky quarterback, Tim Couch, guided the Wildcats to the Georgia 33, where they at- tempted a 49 yard field goal with ten seconds on the clock. After a bad snap, Kentucky lobbed up a pass in desperation. This pass was intercepted by Larry Mann and Georgia won the game 28-26 in another dra- matic finish. Up next... Florida Gators!! The dawgs traveled to Jacksonville on October 31, to try and pull out two in a row against Florida, a team that many Georgia fans consider their most hated rival. The gators had dominated this rivalry in the 1990 ' s until the long awaited 37-17 beating we laid on them in 1997. However this year the tide turned as Georgia quickly fell behind in the first half. Despite valiant efforts, Georgia couldn ' t capitalize on several long drives. Florida downed the Dawgs 38-7. By Brian Corbett 127 128 Dawgs down Tigers 28-17 Carter, Greer drop the bomb on Auburn The Dawgs headed ro Auburn, Alabama on November 14 hoping, to bury the memory of last year ' s upset in Athens by the tigers. This was the 102nd meeting between the schools, which is the oldest series in the south. The game also marked the seventh P Q straight time that the visiting team has spoiled things for the home crowd as Georgia iH k J played a sound game on both sides of the ball. Champ Bailey displayed his two-way talent by forcing a fumble, recovering a fumble, intercepting a pass and returned a kickoff 27 yards. On offense, he led the way by catching 5 passes for 68 yards and rushing for 29. The Dawgs left the plains a 28-17 winner over the tigers. When Ole Miss came to town, expectations for the Dawgs were high after a solid win the previous week against Auburn. The (6-4) rebels kept the game close but missed several key opportunities to upset Georgia. The Dawgs defense played extremely tough and shut down the rebels on numerous occasions, including two goal line stops on the one yardline. Olandis Gary lead the offense by picking up 132 yards and 2 touchdowns on the day. Georgia took a 24-10 lead into the locker room and held on to win the ballgame 24-17. For the final regular season game, Georgia took on our in-state rival, Georgia Tech. Georgia players were looking to add another win overTech, making this the 8th year in row the Dawgs have defeated the Jackets. However, the ramblin wreck had a different plan on their agenda that afternoon. Georgia carried a 19- 7 lead into the fourth quarter only to watch the game slip through their paws on a late field goal. Tech kicker, Brad Chambers punched a 35 yard field goal through with five seconds remaining to steal the win by a 21- 19 score. b Brian Corbett 129 mm Cheerleadmg Goooooo dogs! The cheerleading program consisted oi one varsity squad of twelve couples. A travel squad of six couples was selected each week based on attitude, ability and health. Both squads cheered at all football games, home basketball games, bas- H i l ketball tournaments, and home gymnastics meets. The iV B 1 non-travel squad cheered at all of the same events except away football games. This year ' s squad was an exceptionally talented one, but most importantly they all worked well together. " Everyone on the squad had the ability, but it was their individual attitudes that made the squad unique and one to remember, " Head Coach Marilou Braswell said. One limiting aspect the squad faced was not being able to compete with other collegiate squads. The Georgia Athletic Board prohibited them from doing basket tosses and two and a half high pyramids which knocked the squad out of any rigorous competition. Even though they could not compete, the cheerleaders still yelled with bulldog pride for each sporting event. by Roslyn Skinner 131 Peach Bowl Champions Georgia vs. Virginia The 1998 Peach Bowl, Georgia ' s 34th bowl ap- The Dawgs had their work cut out lor them as the f " m;-!! in the second quarter. After the half, a fired up pearance, marked UGA ' s best bowl comeback ever. Cavaliers quickly took command with a 21-0 lead Georgia squad evened things up at 21 with 5:50 remaining in the third quarter. As the shootout continued, the Dawgs found themselves in an all too familiar position. With 1 :29 left in the game and clinging to a 35-33 lead, Dawg fans exploded as Virginias 48 yard field goal attempt missed wide right, kicking 1995 Peach Bowl memories to the curb. m V Georgia Swiinming and Diving Maki There is definitely something in the water at UGA ' s Gabrielsen Natato- rium and it ' s the Bulldog Swim and Dive Team. Before most students even roll over in bed and slap the alarm, the UGA swim and dive teams are wide awake, wet, and working! With some practices at 5 a.m., this team exudes dedication! Their 1997-1998 season ' s performances certainly made some wake as the men ' s team finished a strong 3rd in the SEC and 7th in the NCAA and the women ' s team placed 1st in the SEC and 3rd in the NCAA championships. As if these awesome rankings weren ' t enough, UGA swimmers, divers, and coaches also recieved some of the sport ' s highest honors. Freshmen swim- mers Reeve Irving and Keegan Walkley were UGA ' s first recipients of the SEC Commissioner ' s Trophy. Irving was also named SEC Swimmer of the Year along side team- mate, Jud Campbell, SEC Diver of the Year. And not to be outshined by his athletes, head coach, Jack Bauerle, was honored as the 1997 SEC Men ' s and Women ' s Coach of the Year. By Ah ssn jetcr 135 136 Champions Dogs regain Title The 1998 Gym Dogs could not have had a better season. " They were a team that was on a mission, " said Head Coach Suzanne Yoculan. T heir mission ended when they HV H captured their fourth NCAA Championship. The |H | ' ist oF accompHshments does not end there. As a team they had a 35-0 record, were SEC Champions, and had a team score of 198.575 at the NCAA, but individually their accomplishments went unparalleled. Senior Kim Arnold earned the NCAA All-Around title and shared the balance beam championship with junior Jenni Beathard, giving Georgia its first individual title on that event. During the season junior Karin Lichey nailed four 1 0.0s on uneven bars and vaulted a perfect score three times. The team could not have been so successful without its exemplary coaching staff which was recognized when Yoculan was named NCAA and SEC Coach of the Year and Assistant Coach Doug McAvinn was named NCAA Assistant Coach of the Year. oslyn Skinner 137 m Tee It Up Both the men s and women ' s golf team had a great season. The men s team consisted of freshmen Erik Compton, Brad Garner, and Bryant Odom; sophomores Justin Boli, Ryuji Imada, David Miller, and Michael Parrott; juniors Pete Abernathy and Michael Morrison; and seniors Justin Bolli, Mark Northey, and Jeremy Parrott. They placed first in the Rolex Match Play Invitational and second in the Ping-GolRveek Preview Invitational and the GolF World Palmetto Dunes Invitational. The mens team put up a strong fight and came out shining. Being a tough sport as it is, the 1998-1999 golf team fought their way through a great season. The women ' s team was made up by Freshmen Angela Jerman and Summer Sirmons; Sophomores Laura Henderson and Reill ey Rankin; Juniors Shauna Estes and Shannon Ogg; and Senior Courtney Octave. They placed first in the Auburn Tiger Invitational and the Lady Paladin Invitational. The teams are coached by Dick Copas for the men ' s team and Beans Kelly for the women ' s team. All in all, both teams are stellar examples of an excellent sports program here at the University of Georgia. Both teams look forward to another wonderful season next year. By Amanda Wooley 139 Mcrrilith Wv c Meredith Page : pw The roar of a crowd, the smell of sweat and dirty sneakers, the cuts and scrapes, the sound of the coach ' s voice, the agony of a loss, the ecstacy of a win, the practices, " " " ' ' " ' ' the teamwork, seeing only victory as you push yourself to the limits of your ability... I David Lukt THE ESSENCE OF GEORGIA ATHLETICS i Georgia Tennis Winning it All a The Univeristy oi Georgia Tennis Teams currently hold the title as the winningest team at the university. The Universit) ' of Georgia ' s women ' s tennis team finished last season ranked No. 4 . The Lady Bulldogs have already begun their season being classified as the third ranked team in the hll ITA poll. Senior Vanessa Castellano and junior Marissa Caitlin were the nations No. 1 doubles combination. Also sophomore Aarthi Venkatesan appears two times in the polls, once with junior Zoe Mellis and again with junior Ester Knox. Manuel Diaz ' s Dogs have won numerous SEC titles and usually finishes in the TOP 5 in the national rankings. In Kingsport Clay Court Champi- onships, the doubles title was won by Hemeda and Talito Corrales. The outstanding play of freshman Chad Carlson helped him to reach the singles finals and the semifinals in the doubles with the experience of Joey Pitts on the team. Also this year Georgia ' s men tennis team signed the No. 2 and No. 3 ranked athletes in the state of Florida, the identical twins Nicolas and Matias Boeker. By Jam! V. Leverett 143 Tiixre To R eloa ci The Diamond Dogs take the field in UW ready to join the ehte teams in the SEC in the chase for a spot in the coveted College World Series. Led by coach Robert Sapp, a native of Brunswick Ga and also a former Bulldog baseball plaver himself, the Diamond Dogs have a skipper capable of guiding the team to a NCAA regional appear- ance. However, the Dogs have their work cut out for them. Playing in the SEC, the toughest conference in the country, will be a true test for Georgia. Losing numerous talented starters to the draft and graduation, the younger players will have to step up and keep the team competi- tive. Last season, as a freshman Mark rian Corbett Thornhill led the team in batting by hitting a team-best .41 3 in SEC games which put his average among the top six in the league. Mark, a Collegiate Bafcball honorable mention Freshman All-Ameri- can, looks to continue his success at the plate this season. On the mound. Coach Sapp is counting on solid pitching from a number of big guns for the Dogs. Leading the pitching staff are Cliff Brand, Barry Fowler and Chris Clark who have the bulk of the experience on the team. Congratulations to Zach Frachiseur and Robby Hammock, both of whom were selected in the 1998 amateur draft in early June and signed professional contracts. 144 rtesy of Chris Likos, Sports Information 146 Track Field going the distance The Georgia men ' s and women ' s 1998 Track and Field team fmished third and fourth at the SEC Championships. Georgia ' s coach, John Mitchell, has led the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs to their best NCAA indoor and outdoor finishes in the school history during his nine seasons as the head coach. The 1 999 track and field season will be his last V ' I at the University of Georgia. On the Lady Bulldog d lf i l ji j J squad, Debbie Ferguson is a 10 Ail-American. One-time Olympian, entering into her senior seaso n on the team, she is the reigning NCAA outdoor champion in both the 100-meter and the 200-meter dashes. She has also claimed the school record with 1 5 All- American certificates during her three seasons at the University of Georgia, a record previously held by Olympian and former Lady Bulldog, Qwen Torrence, at 12 certificates. The Georgia women have won Ail-American honors at 10 of the 15 running distances at the NCAA Championships, along with honors in three field events. The Georgia men have received All-American plaques in the 55-meter, 400-meter, and the 800-meter, along with every field event from the jumps to the throws. All in all the track and field team has won over 91 All- American certificates in indoors and outdoor track. y Jami F. Leverett 147 148 Lady Dawgs Softball Stepping Up In an impressive second season, the newly established UGA ladv diamond dawgs, led by coach Alleen Hawkins, displayed their capacity for some hardball athletics during the 1998 Softball season. These ladies demon- strated themselves as solid competitors. Their record was 34-26 overall and 11-17 in the SEC last spring. Placing a sweet 2nd in their league with 23 homeruns and a strong 6th in SEC pitching, the women ' s softball team exudes potential. This vear, Hawkins will rely on the leadership and talents of pitcher Natalie Price, catcher, Heather Boyer, infield- ers Chrissy Gavin, Lisa Schutt, and Jessica Cerra and outfielders Jen Bell, Beth Adams, and Caroline Patrick to achieve SEC Tourna- ment and East Division championship conten- tion. Although the team appears slightly wet behind the ears, the mighty management of coaching staff, Alleen Hawkins, Bo Reid, and Mike Perniciaro (a.k.a. " Pooch " ) will undoubt- edly shape these ball players into a collective powerhouse. 1998 Season Highlights: UGA Softball ' s first competition in the SEC Tournament First win over South Carolina with a tremen- dous 10th inning effort 23-7 record against non-SEC competition A 10-game winning streak that felled Kentucky, and Louisiana Tech !PW1 boccer experienced team proves successful Returning 2} lettcivvinncis, including 1 7 with starting experience, the women ' s soccer team started the season with great expectations. Six freshmen joined the team inckiding two-time Parade All-American Bulldog ' s strong defense, forward Stacy Hunt. 1 lie highlighted by NCAA fust leam All-American Stephanie Yarem, helped to lead the team into a successful season. " I would like to think our chances on returning to the NCAA tournament are very good with our whole starting team returning. " head coach Bill Barker said at the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, the team just missed qualifying for the NCAA tournament. The team was disappointed, but they were back on their feet immediately, preparing for their next challenges. With their strong defense and their power midfielders, along with an extremely experienced team, the Bulldogs have all the ingredients for a winning season. The forward position is Georgia ' s deepest and will play a pivotal role in the drive for a second consecutive post season appear- by Roslyn Skinner ot sports InFori 152 BrixTgiiTg It Orr! Georgia Volleyball The 1998 Lady Bulldogs began play this season with eight returning letterwinners from last year ' s squad. The majority of the players were familiar with one another ' s playing styles because they had played together for several seasons. Last season ' s efforts resulted in a 20 -1 2 record o ' erall and a 1(1 - 4 SEC record, which would be hard to surpass. However, Coach lams felt sure of his team ' s ability to succeed this season. " We want to go to a level we really haven ' t been at before. 1 think that ' s a doable goal. " After winning 15 of their last 18 matches in the prex ' ious season, the lady Dawgs had reason to be confident in their ability to compete on the national level this season. Leading the way for the team were Kathy Vis, who earned first-team All-SEC honors, and Cassie Brill and Rebecca Dadv, both of whom were second-team All- SEC selections. With a solid nucleus and raw talent, the Dawgs were set for success. Amanda Wooley 153 I T«in F Men s Basketball season sets record Once again, the Dogs returned a significant part of its roster, including fourseniorsandsopJToniore Jumaine Jones, the ' ' )8 SEC Co-Freshmen oFthe year. The major goals oi the season were to post a fourth straight 20-win season, making it the first time ball, and to come within reach in 93 years of Ceorgia Basket- of an NCAA tournament bid. " If we could get steadier play from everyone, our seniors in partictilar, we would be in good shape, " head coach Ron Jirsa said. At the beginning of the season, all attention was turned towards star power forward Jones. He had evolved into the Dog ' s top player and was backed up by junior Oliver Jones, senior Jon Nordin and freshman Ryan Lewis when he expanded his game to the perimeter. The center position, the only one left vacant, was soon filled by 7-footers, senior Eric DeYoung and sophomore Robb Dryden. By combining their efforts and statistics, they proved to be an effective pair. Even though they would have enjoyed an NCAA Tournament bid, the Dogs viewed the season as a success after accomplishing their goal of a fourth straight 20-win season. by Roslyn Skinner 133 r othiiTg butt HNJet Lady Bulldogs Coming off an ill-fated last season, this year ' s Lady Bulldogs were ready to run the show. With a preseason ranking of seven in the AP Poll, these ladies stormed the court. This season saw the return of five starters and a stellar recruiting class, leaving the team to feel pretty happy and secure. The team this year consists of two freshmen, Tawana Mc Donald and Camille Murphv; five sopho- mores, Kiesha Brown, Deana Nolan, Kelly and Coco Miller, and Elena Vishniakova; two juniors, Shavonda Willis and Angle Ball; and one senior, Pam Irwin. The 1998-1999 Lady Bulldogs has a lot of potential with the new recruiting class, even though this almost always means inexperi- ence, but then again this gave the team a starting off point to make an awesome season. All in all, the Lady Bulldogs showed great spirit throughout the season, making it a fun season not onlv for the ladies on the team, but for the University of Georgia. 156 Photos bvCjrev Charles II greek life EDn EO BY DOA IINIQLJE HOLLOJS IAN AND I CAriE K ALKER bv David Luke, .ill other photos by Amanda Hil nheilenic Lounctl We, as undergraduate members of women ' s fraternities, stand for good schol- arship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, if the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities. We, the fraternity women of America, stand for service through the development of character in- spired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The oppor- tunity for wide and wise human service, though mu- tual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live. The Panhellenic Creed Panhellenic Delegnte From row Mandy Dorsett Viie P e ' .ideut-Rush Cassie Durden Vice Ptesident-Adiiuuhtunioii Mara Bernstein Seoetaiy-Tieasuiet Johanna Kiehl Judicial Board Ditectoi Back row Emily Brunk Vue Pn-sident-Rlw Ch,s Melanie Davis Pi evident Jesalyn Parham Public Relations Dneitoi 160 ;i Interfraternity Louncti The Interfraternity Council is a self-governing body that represents many of the University of Georgia ' s fraternities. The Council is composed of leaders from each of its member fraternities who work together to help the entire system better achieve its common goals of membership development and service to the Athens community. The Council works to achieve these goals through its committee structure. Committees of the Interfraternity Council focus on an array of areas including chapter development, scholarship, community service, intramural athletics, member education, and public relations. Each year, the Council sponsors educational seminars covering a variety of topics pertinent to the lives of University students. The Council ' s perpetual aim is to enrich the member ' s lives at UGA. Executive Boa • Jeff Hudson Matt Gordon Seereuvy Vice President-Public Hudson Hooks Relations Viee President- Greg Watts AeI»iiiiistration Treasurer Jeff Shiver Presie eut Scott Johnson Vice President-Rush tional Pan-Hellenic Louncil The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is the governing body for the 9 traditionally African-American fraternities and sororities. Each of these orga- nizations evolved to foster brotherhood and sisterhood, meaningful cultural interaction, and improvement of the African-American community. Steeped in a rich history and tradition, each organization is devoted to enhancing the world around them. The NPHC was formed in 1930 to unite the organizations and serve as a conduit through which change could occur. The University of Georgia NPHC mission is to provide quality, cooperative programming, a social outlet, and community service in order to promote campus unity and Greek interaction within the campus and Athens-Clark County. Through social events and educational programs, the chapters seek to improve the university community. The organizations on campus are: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Zela Phi Beta Sorority, Inc Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. " ' " S Milledge Avenue riiiuuu anu Omega velop a high personal, moral, and mental wax, dard. Just as years increase the value of- hiend ship, the sisters of Alpha Chi will always ha e a home. As we strive to achieve our personal best in all we do, we make time to give to others. Alpha Chi ' s have a wealth of time, talent, and spirit. Within the Athens community, we dem- onstrate these attributes through our philanthropic activities. Our main philanthropy is the Alpha Chi Omega foundation, which supports Cystic Fibrosis. The proceeds from our annual fundraiser, " Paddle Battle, " are donated to this foundation. In addition to our service to the community, we also contribute to campus activities. We are proud of our leadership on campus in such organizations as the Arch Society, Leadershape, the Tate Society, Georgettes, Hot Shots, Dia- mond Darlings, Hoop Girls, and Georgia Girls. We also contribute our athletic talents to thcl Tennis, Track, Lacrosse, and Softball teams " Our Visions, Our Goals. " What a way describe the focus of Alpha Chi. As toward the future, we seek to accomplish tl mission of our traterniry. Through the suppoi and resources of our members, we strive to ei hance the value of membership, strengthen bond of sisterhood, maintain uniqueness, ai position ourselves tor future growth inson • Elizabelh • Elizabeth Barrett . Nicole Bicnert nthony . Leigh Ballard . Mane Ballard . Elizabeth Barmi Kelly Baskin • Stevi Beasley • Sandy Beisc Kylie Bishop • Shannon Bower « Shannon Bradshaw • Kelli Bridges • Cristy Biirke • LeeAnn Callebs • Julie Carfang • Leigh Ellen Carter • Amanda Cater • Claire Coleman Holly Cook Stephanie Coon • Tata Corry • Sarah Costner • Julie Cox Carra Crumbley • Patti Dalis • Brittany Deaner • Heather Demery • Amanda Denmark • Colleen Devine • Gretchen L ' Huyvetter • Melissa Dossey • Caryn Edelman • Amanda Emery « Kara Fitzsimmons « Kim Freebairn . Lauren I recnun Mollie Gallaher • Kristy Gardner • Brook Hall • Whilnc Hamilton • Natalie Hammett . Jenica Hammontrce • Kendra Henderson . Elizabeth Hendlcy • Amanda Hill • Julie Hogg Ktistin Opitz Amanda Parker . Erin Payne • Emilv Pittman KnMcn Hou!;h . 1 .uir.i HulTnian • Ashlcv lamo . ( arrie Jarn.igin LindsJv I ' ndoiil . K.iic I ' ruL . Kiin Rem . 1 orrainc Ritfle Kimbcrh |. 1. lip. M. I " . . :.X. . I..II. . Kii ' Keller RcK-i,l.l,li.l.:v.M h ' ,,1:l ... ' M,.. Km . W . „. , h .: 1 ' . ' . . • . ' ' ■,■ 1 .i .;: 1 Klatka Salul. . ■ ■•: ... N,hln,i„,,„i : [ . . • : • . ■ : . ' • • 1 :., : . 1 M .i n 1 eland lennK . ' . iii- " ii 1 niiK Smith, S, ., , , 1 , |. ,,,, , , ,|, 1 ,,.,,,, ( hn.iiii.i 1 ,.na KelL, .1 . i ' .,. ' ,..! r.,i..i . . L L,..,i Nui) ,J .Jill Stephens . Ivj, ' - 1. i i..i..: . lik ' .lMinilci MclLHUllIu Stiibb . 1 III, S[i.,ml,i. leamSummerturd.Ansley Surface 1 . ■ ' . ■ 1 . ■ :..M, M,ir ' ,h,,II.S,.„x M, ll,lll.Camllvn Kristin s„,i,„e . Whiiiiev Favlor . Lindy Teel . Kerry Thomason l.:i " . .KM.. l ,. k..,.. M. ,..,„,. M.iiueMathcson Trace 1 h,,nis„n . lenniter Tmter . Melissa Turner Whitney Varn Shannon Mallu . SI, .„ . ., . 1 i ,na McDonald . Kaci Kristen Venet • Lisa Vrionis « Lindsay Waddle « Alexis Wasowski McGlon. Maty Beth l . .. leadors . Christina Anna Watkins . Elizabeth Watson . Betsy Willis Chetie Wilson Mobley.HopeMond, . 1 . , . ,hley Nelson . Erin Kristy Wilson • Kelly Withets .Jamie Witt .Jessica Zimmerman Nelson . Charity NichuL . _...u, in _, : ,u:,s , Katy O ' Mara Our Visions, Our Goals " iph.( hi Onui;i M i i hf Picture M.i 165 Alpha m Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi was tounded at the Wesle) an Lul, in 1851. For over a century, women of the ADPi sorority have come together to share friendship, loyalt and a bond of sisterhood that lasts a lifetime. Each sis- cherishes the symbols of the lion, the violet, and the diamond. With these symbols proudly displayed, ead member of Alpha Delta Pi invites the world to sharer this incredibly special group. One of the most fantastic aspects ot the Beta Nu chapter at the University of Georgia is the activities o. members are involved with. The biggest event of the year is our annual Teeter Totter Bar-B-Que in thefal! which helps to raise money for our philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House is a non profit organization that provides a Hon away-from-home for families with terminally ill children. In the spring, ADPi joins the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity and sponsors a 5K Run to benefit T Ronald McDonald House and the Muscular D sttop. Association. By working together in the communitv- are able to raise thousands of dollars for these worthy charities. In addition to our philanthropic projects, ADPi participates in many social activities. We have our annual Black Diamond Formal, Spring Formal, numerous date nights, and theme-oriented socials w other Greek members. Many members take part in intramural games, our weekly Bible study, and UGA sporting events. ADPi is proud to have members of UGA swim team, Georgettes, Hoopgirls, and golf an tennis team volunteers. Members of the sororit)- als( hold offices in Rho Lambda, ODK, Order of Omeg Communiversitv, and Dance Marathon. Nicole Adimi«NRolc hluujl it lin l.u i 1 n« Kern lt • kat c Arnold • Jcnn Acroio»( ouitnt Bakir • 1 inj J BiUr • Kitic Birr iv Martha Beckmann • Stephanie Bingham • HolK Bishop • aletic Bishop Emily Bowling • Dorry Branca • Susie Brown • Krissie Browning Amanda Bryant • Tish Buntin • Jessica Cabral • Connell Cannon Maggie Cannon • Lucy Cartledge • Mary Catherine Cato • Katie Chambetlain ■ Elizabeth Chandler • Adrian Chellis • Lindsey Clark Alex Clements « Lauren Coffey ■ Carolyn Cook • Callie Craig • Karie Crookston • Molly Cutter • Katie David • Leslie Davis ■ Millie Deloach Marny Dodd Rebecca Dopson ■ Brennan Durham • Whitney Elliott Betsy Epps • Ginna Edwaldson • Btooke Edwing • Brandi Fender Ashley Fink • Alexa Fleming •Gin Fleming • Betsy Floyd • Katie Floyd Emily Foster • Rebecca Franklin wjamie Fulks • Megan Gates • Katie Gitatdeau .Julie Graham • Lori Guimind • lulie H imlen . Healh.r Mitchell . De,on Morgan . kristen Mortm . Tara Morgan . 1 Himmond • Elizabeth Hard, « Lisa Harlen Liz Hiitman . |enn let Shcrri Morris . Meghan Iurph, Beck, Nail, . Sara Nessbern . Hattavsis .GarohnHaserh .Mind, Haukins . Hale, Ha,es.iall, Ha,nes Amanda Ollifl . Bess Oliver . k)lie Oswald . Christine Parker . Lassie Head. Vf are Herrini;! n. Audre, Hill . Melissa Hoffman . Catherine Brooke Peebles Ashley Peev) . Jenny Pope .Julie Quintero . k Hopkins • Mar, bcoti Hugulc, . Brooke Hummel • Susan Humphlett . Amy Kriya Reutcr . Leslie Rhodes . Anna Cale Ridley • Natalie Robe Hurst . Mandy Jackson . Meredith lackson . Stepanie Jackson . Courrney Robertson . Amy Sandefiir . Amy Sansom . Anna Sansom .Jan Johnson . Uuren Johnson . l.indse, lohnson . Brett Jones . Erin Jones Melanie Taylor . Elizabeth Tharpc . Meg Tilley . Uura Traub . Jessica Jones . Peggy Keller . larolinc Kilgore . Carherine Killmasier . Jennifer Tucker . Jennifer Tuten . Robin Vance . Uigh Vandiver . Eliza Kimsey . Amanda Kirk . Lindse, Kirlev . .Mandv Lee . Ellison Lenningron Tucker Warnock . Aylcia Waters • Jennie Wells . Nancy West • Berh Leonard • Chrissy Levering . Shannon Levis . Allison Loftiss . Audra Wharton . Julie White • Sarah White . Jacelyn Wilks • Summer Macon . Kelly Maddux . Elirabeih Marshall . Catherine Martin . Sophie Trammell Wilson • Kelly Woodward . Ktlli Wright • Natalie Zs Mathes . Margaret Mathis . Laura McAvoy . Lauren McMillen • Kara McPhee Jodi McPipken . Gary McWilliams . Melissa Musgrove .Julie Mills . Shay Gamma What makes Alpha Gamma Deha different from other sororities? We annually hold a Jail and Bail to raise money for our philanthropy, The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, which sup- ports numerous scholarships and educa- tional programs, as well as Juvenile Diabe- tes Research. We are proud to say that this event raises over two thousand dollars for the Foundation. We have sisters thati come from the Midwest, the North, the South, and even other countries that maki us strong and unique. Alpha Gamma Delta is dedicated to educating our sisters about current issues as well as developing their leadership potential through various, programs developed in conjunction with other national fraternities. Membership in Alpha Gam begins in college but encompasses a lifetime of development and sisterhood. Jessica Abott .Julie Allen . Jennirer Altman . Debbie Fran Ho,., u . i , M . , i .. Lauren Reace .Jennifer Rhodes . Ellen Rodgers . X ' .rgini. Austin . Lisa Austin . Molly Bagley . Mary Barrett Johnson . hmil )ohns..n . (_ uurtnc Kelh . Run Kenncdx Rudder . Tracey Rumph . Sonbol Shahid-Salles . Diane Alyson Blackburn . Marialice Boyd . Courtney Brown Andrea Kirk . Sarah Ksiazek . Nicole Kuhn . Lisa Lawrence Shannon . Britt Sharpenberg . Jennifer Springer . Sarah Christie Burdell . Stephanie Caldwell . Katie Cantrell Elizabeth Logan Katie Louka Beoncia Loveless « Frances Stafford . Hillary Stewatt . Helen Sutton . Kathn-n Sutto Nicole Carter . Emily Caven . Anupama Chalam Mandato . Dorian Maxwell . Candace McCullough Wendy Theus . Jessica Thomas . Jennifer Thomas . Liz Charlotte Coffee . Beth Cohorst . Meg Collins Michelle McKinney . Lizzie McSween . Lauren Meivier Thompson . Robin Threlkeld . Tina Willin ham . Hollic Jennifer Conely • Robin Conley • Ashley Cooper Libby Milan . Sarah Morgenstern . Melissa Nash . Hope White . Heather Wood . Alana Young Kathryn Crum ' . Meg Davis . Shannon Dixon . Kari Newton . Kristal Nolan . Beth Norman . Leighanne Ogden Drummonds • Tami Dunham . April Durham • Kristie Katie O ' Neil . Kathryn Osborne . Heather Ould . Kara Edenfield . Sherri Edenfield . Kristin Gailey . Maka Owens . Meredith Page . Andrea Palmer . Amanda Parsons Giles . Aimee Greco . Susan Hagan . Mary Holcombe Stephanie Paulson . Melanie Pearson . Larisa Prosser " This shall be my purpose: That those who know me may esteem Alpha Gamma Delta for her attainments, revere for her purposes, and love her for her womanhood. " The Picture iMan Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated was founded January 13. 1908 on the campus of Howard University as the first Greek-letter organization established in America by African-American college women. The originator and " moving spirit " of this beautiful sisterhood was Ethel Hedgeman Lyle. Alpha Kappa Alpha was incorporated in 1913 and is now comprised of more than 150,000 college educated women bound as one by a powerful mystique. Alpha Kapa Alpha not only reaches across the United States, but has chapters in the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Europe, and Africa as well. A recognized force for social action and a strong ally in the continuing struggle for civil and human rights, Alpha Kappa Alplis is truly a wonderful sisterhood. Alpha Kappa Alpha is composed of women who have chosen this affiliation as a means of self-fulfillmen through service. The Eta Xi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha has been inexistence at The University of Georgia since January, 1973. Our present National ; program, " Blazing New Trails, " addresses the goals of ( Education, Health, The Arts, Economic Empower- ! ment, and Black Family. Some local projects of theEt Xi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I include Mr. Esquire Pageant, MiAKA Auction, Skee- } Week, MLK Celebration, Black Women ' s Week, The,; Jelly Bean in the Jar Contest, and the Y.W.C.O. Girls ' Club, all of which proceeds benefit local philanthro- i pies. The ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. are women of high ethical and moral standards who embrace high scholarship, leadership, service and exemplary character. j Zandra Bell Tamaiko Chappell Kimberly Chastang Christie Cheney April Green Shawntia Holcey Deidre Knight Nadia Evans-Lambert Dominique Lo-wery Tasha Lumpkin Tinisha Parker LaDasha Po-well Tunisiq Pullins Erika Raper April Ruffin LaRita Shelby Cicely Smith Candice Willard Chonte Williams ' Sisters doing Service for all Mankind. " P 1 ■ 1 i 1 -. ' .■—l ' - B Bl M P Bf l w ij r 1 m -[ % W: 1 te ■i Alpha Omicron Pi Omicron Pi, aptly described its uniqueness in her statement that, " By avoiding this foolish conformirv, we could, from the start, indicate our determined simplicity. One motto, one badge, one bond, and singleness of heart. Putting aside narrow exclusiveness, sisters at Alpha Omicron Pi are encouraged to embrace the university campus and to better teach each other throughout their college years and lifetime. AOH ' s are resolved to uphold the dignity and traditions exemplified by their founders. Today, just as in its founding days, AOll ' s take pride in their roles as leaders on campus and in the community. Leadership is key to each member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Members strive for excellence by supporting each other ' s individual achievements and by displaying campus involvement by participating in; The Arch Society, Dance Marathon, Leadership UGA, Leadershape, SGA, Student Judiciary, Athens Tutorial, Georgia Recruitment Team, Georgia Girls, UGA cheerleading, and Communiversity. They also believe in a long-standing tradition of excellence through scholarship and are honored to have members in Golden Key, the Tate Society, Order of Omega, Rho Lambda, Mortar Board, and Foundation Fellows. In 1997, the Lambda Sigma Chapter of AOIl raised over $14,000 for their philanthropy. Arthritis Research. The chapter annually sponsors the Kick-Off Classic, a flag football tournament, to support this worthy cause. AOII ' s pride themselves on the individuality of their members, making them a unique group ot women who enjoy the sisterhood found in the chapter. The women of AOIl credit their unity and strength to their high principles and their bonds of friendship based on love. Towson • Bonnie Travis • Stephanie I ii| Stephanie Whelpiey • Courtney Willum . Rehecca Wilhamson • Trish Wise • Ashle Sally Vander Gheynst • Stacy Youngblood One motto, one badge, one bond, and singleness of heart. " Chi Umega encourages individuality and prides itself on the diversity of its members. Stessing the six purposes of friendship, high standards of personnel, learning and scholarship, com- munity service, participation in campus activi- ties, and career development, Chi Omega sup- ports its members ' development of their own personal qualities and characteristics in their pursuit of excellence. The betterment of Chi Omega women is displayed through our in- volvement in such campus organizations as the Red and Black, the Pandora, Leadership Resource Team, Crossroads, and UGAzine, as well as our participation in UGA athletics such as basketball and track. Community service extremely important to Chi Omega. Changing our philanthropic focus yearly to suit the needs of the Athens community, we have given time to a variety of programs from the Humane Society to assisting at area hospi- tals. Our main event is the Spring Fashion Show which benefits the fight against breast cancer. So whether it be playing intramural flag-football or celebrating the end of the at Lawn Dance, staying active and invoiv helps Chi Omegas to realize their participation! in an untorgettable lifetime experience. Kjnn Adier • Laiir.1 Alberson • Aimcc Mcxandt-r • I ucv Allen i:lizj Barrett . Brooke Bass . Krislina Bass . Elizabeth Baxter Claire Benson Kathryn Benton .Suzy Black • Einily Blanchard Ryan Boswell • Lauren Bourgeois Michelle Bradv • Lauren Brodic . Dallas Bullock « Sarah Burson . Olivia Carlton . Susan Chase • Rebecca Cherry •Shannon Choate • Mary Willis Clarke Christy Clyati • Angela Cofrancesco • Rebecca Constantine Katie Clotney Laura Creel • Jennifer Crick • Sarah Crowell Courtney Ctowther • Liz Daley Ann DeGuenther « Tara ndoaeh • liihe Devlin • Meggie Diaz • Emily Dorroh • Becca I inti . KsM. J Dow « Kiley Driskcll « Angelina Duhe Molly 1 L.m • (.mIIi.lii l-icrer • Wendy Frost • Meg Furlow Ali » , arriNun • Jennifer Greer • Margaret Gillis • Lindsey Glueckert 174 Lunne Gough • Mollv Groves • Courcnev Hams • Ramsey Hams Sarah Hart • Ashlev Hdich • Hrin Hess • Audra Hilt • Stephanie Hill Molly Hobbs • Emily Holderness • Cris Huban • juiie Jacobs • Cole Jamison • Kate Jeter • Katy Jones • Meredith Jordan • Lea Kilpatrick Pam Knight • Carrie Koehler • Molly Kopp • Carrie Laskey Christa Lcveto • Jaime Lewis • Rebekah Long • Ashley Loyal Cortney Lynch Kacherine Malone • Amanda Mann • Molly Manning « Taylor Martin • Eleanor McCallie • Mary McCrory Maureen McDonald • Amy McKenzie • Marcy McKenzie • Kelly McQuarrie • Ashely Miller • Corbin Miller • Kerri Montalbano Lacey Moore • Natasha Morgan • JC Morgan • Margaret Moye Meredith Muirheid • Amy Myers ©Jenny Naccarato • Kanda Nagie Perry Offen • Katrina Ogden • Lyn O ' Haver • Brooks Organ Cinc y Owen Liza Pcay • Julia-Leigh Pelt . Brandon Peterson Adri an Price • Kasev Pric . Lee Rexir ger. Sarah RoPoff.Kriston Rom an • Anne Rothschilc . Chelsey Sadler . Elizabeth Sanders Allis in Savage . Ellen Sc ulz . Hardwick Sexton . Stacv Shaklefor Kell Shankle • Ann Shaw .Gallic Shocklev . Allyson Simmons CinL V Simmons. Alvss., Simpson. E ikaSmedstad.Lanev Smith Fain Spinl,.,! .Knnhcn Sle.n . Alex Stevenson . Maresa Stin htiJJ.Ni, 1,1,1 NuKk Jiui. Chris le Sullivan. Ann Taft Abb e l.iidlcr. Impi Ih, IKS. Ml T uiiur. Monica Trinidad lenn . Turner. Danielle l, ' U, 11, . i X-,:.,„. Kelly Wages Kris in Wages . Kristin W .ih • . 1 aura Leigh Wile Shel on Wilder . Andrea h. . 1. in. Kane Wilson Nicole Wilson Lauren W ■•■II • W. -1 V . Kathryn Wright ' Tell everyone in the whole wide world she ' s a Chi Omega, she ' s a darn good girl ' 6,WW 175 Delta Delta Delta nee )the| Lauren Allgood • Whitney Almond • Ljurj Avery • Madonna Barnard Elizabeth Barrett • Barbara Bersch •Blairc Balnkenship • Kadie Boedy Kendall Booe • Carolyn Booher • Blair Bradberry • April Brooks • Canon Brown • Kelly Brown • Julia Bmgliera • Elizabeth Buchly • Katy Buttcrmore • Molly Buttcrmorc • Courtney Carswcll • Gina Carrillo Ashley Carver • Kory Chcsirc • Courtney Cochran • Sarah Conly • Krist) ' Conner • Mandy Cooper • Angeic Coussan • Beth Crawford • Sarah Dasher • Claire Davis • Paige Davis ■ Brooks Derring • Caren Delk • Katy DeManigold • Andi DiMaria • Loren DiSalvo • Becky Dockter • Julia Docring • Kaki Dunbar • Brooke Easier « Marie Edwards • leleen Feaster Aubrey Fleming • Stephanie Fleming • Anne Harrison Flippo • Meredith Foshce • Hannah Foutch •Julie Fox • Shannon Franklin • Leslie Gallagher Lynda Gerbe • Kim Gimson • Beth Gordon • Jessica Gordy • Brooks Derrmg • Caren Delk • Katy DeManigold • Audi DiMana • Loren DiSalvo •Beck)- Dockter • Julia Docring • Kaki Dunbar • Brooke Easier • Mane Edwards • Iclcen Feaster • Aubrey Fleming • Stephanie Fleming • Anne Harrison Flippo • Meredith Foshee • Hannah Foutch •Julie Fox • Shannon Franklin • Leslie Gallagher • Lynda Gerbe • Kim Gimson • Beth Gordon Jessica Gordy • Laura Green • Christie Grossberg • Jessica Guilfoil • Gillian Hargnett • Dana Hartsfield • Kelley Head • Christi Henson • Courtney Henson • Colleen Hirstius • Alicia Holloway • Regan Howe • Leslie HufTHcathcrJerue» Andrea Jcti» Connie Johnson • Aharon Junkins • Amanda Kalbach • Gopi Kashiparckh • Katie King • Ashley Kilpatrick • Christy Kirkland • Courtney Kinney • Jennifer Laird • Elizabeth Langevin • Alysia Lawrence • Nancy Lewis • Megan Lynch • Jennifer Lyile • Katie Mangel Sally Mangel .Jennifer Martin • Valerie Masten • Melissa McElroy • Emily McGregor • Fryn McHugh • Katie McNeill • Aimee McPherson • Amy Mclvin • Laurie Mineo • Ashley Moura • Julia Mullins • Jenny Nelson Three times better with just one letter " n Delta Gamma Delta Gamma, founded as a women ' s fraterniti has encouraged women to achieve their uitimai potential since its founding on December 2S, 1 873 at the Lewis School for Girls in Oxford, Mississippi The Delta fota chapter of Delta Gamma was char- tered at UGA in 1968. An anchor sits in our troi yard symbolizing hope and the ideals begun by oi three founders. The Delta Gamma Foundation, supported boi by collegiate and alumnae chapters, benefits Servii for Sight and Aid to the Blind. Following the mot to " do good, " the Delta fota chapter hosts an annu Anchor Tee-Off golf tournament. Sisters also ol unteer countless hours at Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. This year, we also helped with the Lion ' s Club Haunted House in raising monc foi Eye Conservation. Delta Gamma provides leadership opportuniti and training through conferences such as T.E.A, Discovery Weekend and Peak Performance members are active in many campus organizati( such as Student Judiciary, UGA Redcoat B Women ' s Glee Club, Communiversity, Ordt Omega, Rho Lambda, the Tate Honor Sociery. Golden Key National Honor Society and H.ihit, for Humanity. Activities such as sisterhood niyht socials, date nights, and the annual Golden Anchc Ball help create lasting memories for the sisters. Carrie Achutt • Julie Allen Autumn Almy • Kane Andrew Erin Atherton • Amanda Avers • Erin Banke Mandi Bonner « Jam! Brigs • Sarah Chewning Tiffany Comment • Erin Connelly • Tricia Dampier • Jeri Davis Sammi DeAngelo Carrie Dooley • Jennifer Dudley Katie Fink • Erin Flatley Tracy Ford • Jaime Foster Jennifer Fowler . Merri Green Mindy Hall . Molly Harrington . Ginnv Harris . Chelsea Himes . Jenny Hohman . Drena Hollingsworth .Stephanie Huie . Keri Hunt . Heather Huskes . Daphne larriel . Kellv Jones Terah Kinser .Allison Kirchner • Amanda Leonard Courtney Lerch, Lora Lee Malcom • Rachel Martin Kimberly McLean . Melissa Mullin . Shaye Neely . Julie Nichols • Katie Noonan • Sarah Norman Elizabeth Petrie Ashley Pollock . Melissa Powers . Allison Priebe . Erin Robinson . Natalie Rogers . Meghan Shapiro . Terri Staple Amy Terry • Julie Terry • Traci Thomason • Terri Vance Angel Williford . Amy Wilson .Lindsey Wolf. Meghan Wolf. Morgan Wood . Kelly Young ' The Union of Souls is an Anchor in Storms. -TJie Anchom Delta Phi Epsilon was founded as the first non sectarian sorority on March 17,1917 at New Yorl University Law School by five young women. The University of Georgia Psi chapter was established in 1935. The members of Delta Phi Epsilon are diverse individuals who create an organization dedicated to the promotion of sist erhood and activism in the community. Committed to accomplishing goals while striving toward excellence, sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon stay active in the chapter through programs revolving around sisterhood, service, self, social, and scholarship. Devoted to all aspect of campus lite, D Phi E ' s participate in a variety c campus organizations such as the Red Coat Marching Band, Communiversity, the Leadership Resource Team, and honor societies. In addition to supporting the local commu- nity, the Psi chapter also supports Delta Phi Epsilon ' s national philanthropies: The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD). Describing themselves as an organization bui on pride in their sorority and support for one another, the ladies of Delta Phi Epsilon are dedicated to building the bonds of lifelong friendship. Stephanie Abrams • llyssa Asman • Caralyn Beggs • Kim Ikrirand • Betsy Btaftnan • Stefanie Chen • Lautie Cone Maureen Cox • Liz Daniel • Megan Daniels Caroline Duffie Leah Eagle • Robyn Fink • Angle Frank • Liore Friedman Melissa Gaynor • Sheridan Georges • Tracy Golden • Angle Gooch • Michelle Gordon • Stephanie Gottlich • Lisa Gurin Missy James • Carin Joffe Maria Kaplan Sara Keeler • Lori Kranz . Amy Lane « Heidi Lehman . Dana Libman . Rachel Lvons « Trish Maliek Beca Mann • Cheryl Mazur • Danielle Metz • Donna Meynard • Jodi Migdon . Regan Miller • Leila Nadel • Jennifer Neiss • Cass Nelson- Dooley Rachel Orioff. Avnl Palmquist • Mya Pope • Rachel Posner • Amanda Pressman • Erinne Richter • LiliRouhani • Jamie Ryan • Amanda Sheftman • Jennifer Shilling • Linda Smith Stephanie Soloman • Amy Spalding • Gina Spangler • Claire Stienecker • Allison Swerdlin • Stephanie Swerling • Shannon Torcivia . Kellcy Vance . Ashley Vinson . Karen Wade . Alexis Weiss Meredith Zarett To Be Rather Than To Seem To Be " Photos Courtesy of n Delta Zeta Founded in 1902 at Miami University in Oxford, Delta Zeta strives to join its members in a strong sisterhood while stressing individuality. Delta Zeta is the largest national sorority, and ha; one of the biggest sorority houses on campus. Delta Zeta supports their national philan- thropy, Gallaudet University for the speech and hearing impaired by hosting several philanthropy events each year. The two largest activities. Home Run Derby and Autumn Fest, bring together the whole campus to raise money. Delta Zeta members are very involved in activities on campus and in the community. Chapter members serve as " watchdogs " for the UGA Swim Team and support the football team as Georgia Girls. We also have sisters on the UGA Track Team and the Georgettes squad. Several sisters are active in honor societies such a Rho Lambda and Order of Omega, and in organizations such as SGA, Communiversity and AgHill Council. Members also volunteer as mentors and tutors in the Athens community. The Delta Zeta badge, shapeJ like a Roman lamp resting on an Ionic column was chosen for two consecutive years as the prettiest chapter badge. Delta Zeta plans an annual chapter retreat away from campus. In the past, our sistei have gone white water rafting, vacationed in I Hilton Head, and snow skied in North Carolina! Delta Zeta continues its tradition of providing al family away from home for college women in a [ sisterhood that encourages personal developmen and a pursuit of knowledge. 1 I .1 II . I n H. I initerBirker Al I 1 . 1 d 1 . kl i a Bicn . Katie Bishop Meghann Bouchane • Kjistin Bourr e • Ca ey Bramblett Melanic Broob • Katie Bullock • Kelly Burggrat • Leslie Butler « Luci Butler Julie Camp .Jessica Capuano • Gina Cardelli • Cathi Carson • Lyssa Cline • Angie Close • Liz Cloud • Devin Clydesdale • Beth Connor Nancie Copeland • Megan Cranston Nicole Crescenzi •Elizabeth Crevis •Jamie Cristy •Jorie Cnsty Beth Crovatt •Ashley Crowe Jennifer Crumbley •Jessica Crumbley •Laura Cullen .Shanna Damken •Jessica Danier Tiffany Daniel •Jocelyn Davis •Mandy Dorsett •Shannan Dunlap .Lindsey Duttera • Katie Dye •Jennifer Eldred Amanda Endrcs •Jenny Evans •Sharon Ezcll •Elizabeth 182 Finley • Christi Fisher • Gretchen Flynn • Kelly Frey • Stephanie Fuller •Renee Fusco .Amy Gallois •Julie Gatins •April Giles Katie Giles •Meredith Glenn • Stephanie Goldsmith •Lisa Gordon Brittney Gray • Nickie Guy • Sarah Hagenbush • Sydney Hamilton Annie H.imm .Tiffany Harder •Natalie Harris •Emily Heintz lull II . 1 -Ik nHenson •Natalie Herring •Erin Hiers Pi . I... Hill •Maria Humphries •Caroline Hur 11 I I ' •;, italic Jones •Charlotte Kennedy •Joanna Laura Loitis •Ginger Manos •Lauren Massey •Jennifer Matejick Kristin Mathis •Stacy Mathis •Ashley Mauser • Elizabeth Maynard Ryann McCullum •Amy McLarty •Jessica McMillen •Sarah ' McQueen • Leslie Meeler • Leigh Meiere • Heather Menzies • Amy Mock • Rcbekah Morgan • Summer Moore • Erin OBn.iii . Padgett • Kristin Papak • Robin Papak • Reanne Parrenas . L Pittenger •Julie Pryor •Julie Rahm •Catherine Ramsey •K; Sarah Reynolds • Lindsey Romanoff •Amanda Rowan • Heather 5av..r . K.iMi SLhildh.immer . Su7,inne Se,l • Kendall Sm. Eli ..i. il ' M,.ITm,. ,!,h, ' vl,,, . Mn, Xr,,:h.!l, ,,l,., S,, Valle ©Joy Walton • Kathryn Vv ' eber • Kristen X cinheinier • AJisi West • Katie Wester • Amy Williams • Tara Williams • Paigf Alicia Wrigley " I love you not only for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you. " Gamma Since the founding of Gamma Phi Beta in 1874, the members have followed their motto of being " founded upon a rock " with their beliefin stability and strong foundations. The Crescent moon, Gamma Phi ' s symbol, illustrates the sorority ' s acceptance of new members while still | cradling the old members. Gamma Phi Beta waj the first organization to be called a " sorority. " The women of Gamma Phi all possess a unique individualitv. and each sister contributes to the sirunt; sisterhood. Gamma Phi ' s founding iili|CLinc IS to develop the highest type ot womanhood through education, social life, and service to country and humanity. " The Delta Upsilon Chapter of Gamma Phi, founded February 5, 198.3, believes its strong sisterhood is the key to the sorority ' s bright future. Each sister of Gamma Phi benefits from the stable foundation created by the four founding women. The sisters of Gamma Phi enjoy ho their annual Chili Cook Off, their largest philanthropy event. Nationally, Gamma Phi supports Camp Sechelt, a camp for underprivh leged girls. The elegant Gamma Phi house set as both a meeting place and a " home away fro: home " for all its girls. Each unique sister of Gamma Phi is an essential link of the strong sisterhood and family found within the walls the historic Milledge home. At Gamma Phi Bet you will find only one crescent moon, bui will find many bright and shining stars. fer Adiey. Kellv Albano . Cyndi Aldrige • Angela Battagalu • Heather Blasingame . Brandle Bodlien .Jennifer Boutselis Kristen Cantrell • Kristi Carter • Kathryn Castle • Beclcy Cattie • Carrie Causey • Ashlie Chegwidde • Carolyn Chinn • Kirsten Colbough • Kim Coleman Danielle Conley • Taryn Cook • Tenisc Cook • Catherine Coomer Alia Cory • Haley Cox • Emily Crawford Beth Creasman Kelly Currwright • Katherine Czarnecki • Jayme Davis Sarah Davis Amber Diaz « Ashely Donnelly • Heather Drayton .Christianna Edwards Alison Embrey • Wend; Holds . Megan Gibbs Chrisry Gleason • Melanie Brittany Hahn .Caitlin Hahn Harrell . Catherine Harrison • Alisha Hocevar Laura Hous Jennifer Joynt Shelby Kaza; Andi tephanic Harcouri . A ilie Henson Megan H . Tiffany Hughes . At :a Jcnson . Beth Johm Johanna Keihl • Cou Kemp Corrie King • Sor Amber Koglin Emily La Lawes • Fern Lloyd • Ti Middlebrooks Sara M. Moreland • Lauren Mou Neighbors . Amy Nessic Megan O ' Ne.l . Katie 1 ;r Knight • Caroline Koenig • aster • Lindsey Larkins • Dana Martarella • Leslie Mazzara • Abby ts • Stephanie Moore .Renee yck • Donna Napierala • lennie Petretti • Stacia Potter • Alissa Powell • Allison PressI; Lindsey Price • Heather Repko • Tiffany Richards • [ i. Robellto • Heather Rollins • Stacey Romino • Sara Sammons • Lis Sauders • Jodi Savage • Nicki Schaefer Kristin Schmit • Cassie Seabolt • Kate Segar • Windy Shepard .Sarah Simmons .Jennifer Smith .Kim Smit Jennifer Stephens . Danielle Stokes • Emily Teate . Sat Tinsley . Erica Tobin . Janie Tribble . Anne Vagasky Rhiannom Vaughn . Katie Vijande . Kellic Wall . Kiml Warshaw . Erin Webb . Emily Williams . Rebecca Will Shannon Williams . Shawna Wondrasek . Heather W.- " Sisterhood is a bond that is destined to last, the joys of the present, the warmth of the past " Kappa mDelta " The purpose of Kappa Delta Sorority is ti promote true sisterhood among the collegi girls in our country by inculating into thei hearts and hves those principles of truth, c honor, of duty, without which there could b no true friendship. " While Kappa Delta has been for manyc us the vehicle through which we ' ve becom socially involved at the University of Georgi; it means far more to us than simply that. Kapi Delta has provided a home where we can come put aside our differences and learn accept and love one another. We regard this. one of our most valuable strengths. We are diverse group; each person is able to contribu something different to the whole. Kappa Del has taught us respect, love, and how to be atn friend. In Kappa Delta we have found many our truest friends. ' " 1 Allison Adams • Amy Adams • Amada Akcrs • Ashlie Albn[ton» Heailict Allen • Brooke Anderson • Stephanie Brooke Anderson • Courtney Annigan • Lisa Arndt • Angela Arnold • Kathryn Barkley • Caroline Beal Marci Bender Brooke Benford • Christen Bennett • Katie Bickelhaup Leah Blalock .Jennifer Blue. Caroline Burnett .Curee Car Elizabeth Chapman Jennifer Crawford . Kelly Crew Hearher Curl . Andrea Cutler . G D Agostino . Jana Darby . Allison Davis . Melanie Davis . Erin Da Erin DeCancc .Laura DeMartini . Chantal Desplanque . Pamela Dunaway • Cassie Durdcn . Amy Duvall .Brandi Edwards . Corri English . Sarah Ferguson . Kathleen Eesuk . Andrea Findlay . Jami 1 Bowen. Heather Bri Brown . Jennifer Buckalcw . Meredith B iantrel! . Candicc Carbo . Ajmee Carroll . Clyne Bethany Coker • Parricia Consta Kimbrough . Jessica Knapp . Natalie Kossman . Christa Koubek . Sarah Kraft . Amy Land . Kclley Lavm . Tiffany Lemke . Charlotte Lent • Eric, Losin .Jamie Lowry . Mary Rene MacNabb . Michelle Markwalter . Soni Martinez . Julie Massey . Amy Mathcrly . Kelly Matherly . Molly McCarlt Shauna McEntyrel . Katherine McKinney . Barrie Mims .Erin Moran Tanya Morrison . Amanda Nelson . Hearher Nelson . Chancey Nichols Jessica Nicholson . Calista Brce Owens . Susan Oxford .Nicole Pcrna Brooke Posch . Stephanie Powers .Whitney Pye . Gita Rai . Amanda Ramsey . Polly Ringo . Kelly Rouston . Jessica Rowell . Rebecca Russell Jena Rutherford . Karley Saluter . Brandy Schenck . Lindsey Schenck Uura Sealock . Kristen Seay . Holly Sharp . Sherry Shira . Mandy Silai Smith . Ashley Statncs . Sara Stephenson . Andrea Steuer . Brooke Stew Megan Swindell . Emily Taylor . Caroline Van Sickle .Amanda Vandcnl Rebecca Vanderslice . Aimce Violette .Julie Vreeland . Ann Walker . Ke Walter . Mary Allison Weaver . Ashley Webber . Peggy Welch . Courmi Whittle .Nanci Williams. Emily Williamson. Uura Willis. Jennifer Willson . Kelly Willson . Shelly Wilson . Ashley Winn . Jennifer Wise Michele Wofford . Elizabeth Zane Wood .Tricia Yelton . Kelly Zappa Kathryn Zarelli . Ellen Zeier 187 Founded in 1870 at Indiana Asbury (now Depauw University), Theta maintains a long tradition of excellence. The Gamma Delta chapter at the University of Geor- gia, chartered in 1936, is one of the 118 chapters at colleges or universities across North America. Thetas live up to their outstanding reputation by showin: support tor one another and the Greek community as a whole. The sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta strive for excellence in areas of campus life including academics, social endeavors, and sisterhood. Theta members are involved in Tate Society, Student Judiciary, Arch Society, Order Omega, Dance Marathon and many ot student organizations and honor socied As a group, they contribute much time and energy to the University communi Every spring, Theta sponsors the " Thei Tennis Classic " , a classic to benefit Theta ' s philanthropy. ' Aiken • Amy Alien • Kathenne Bailey • Carolyn Barfield • Mar) ' s Bell • Heather Bcrres • Anna Bin Black • Libby Blackmon • Jennifer Blanchard • Katie Blaska • Kaylea Boehm • Elizabeth Bowen • Lizzie Bowles •Jaymcc Boyd • Betsy Brady Catherine Braswell •Julia Bright •Stephanie Buckler • Cason Buzzel Julia Carper • Elizabeth Carter • Sumner Caudell • Lucy Chastain • Amy Cinibulk • Dee Dee Clements • Stephanie Coatcs • Shanna Cody • Anna Knsten Coker • Kristan Cotton • Cadie Cox • Catherine Cox • Morgan Coyle • Copper Dallas • Suzanne Dasher • Eason David • Ali Davis Ansley Davis • Mclanic Davis • Louise De Long • Corie Dempsey Catherine Dennis • Carcn Dilcs • Paige Ferguson • Meredith Field Alexis Fink • Lane Fluker • Christy Forrester • Rebecca Foshee • Katie ,ird • Bi.-(h iliihlKinl • niia Huffman •Mary ne Husser • Leigh Hurchms.-n • ' H jrt • Paige Jackson • Staci James • Beth Johnson • Catey Kettles • Beth Lancy • Mary Stoney Lanigan Caroline Lee • Laura Lester • Joanie Lipke • Lauren Logan • Kate Lovein Dana Lyies •Julie Markusson • Helen Mathews • Rosemary Mathias • Rachel McCall • Katherine McClymonds • Susan McDonald • Missy Means • Ginny Moore • Elizabeth Morgan • Jeannie Morris • Nicole Mynatt • Lislie Nevens Shanna Norris • Evelyn Ogburn • Leigh O ' Neal • Heather Paster • Alison Payne • Rennie Pepper • Adrienne Phillips • Catherine Pilcher • Allisa Portmai Katie Pntchett • Brooke Ray • Mary Watson Ray • Allison Reece • Mandy " We came expecting; we left remembering. We came empty; we left filled. We came as many; we left as one. We came as strangers; we left as ftiends. We came with nothing; we left with everything. " Kappa Kappa Gamma The Delta Upsilon chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded on February 14, 1948 at UGA. Kappa ' s members are involved in the fight for Multiple Sclero- sis, which is the sorority ' s national philan- thropy. Kappa women are at home here, but their roots are in many places from Texas to Virginia! Kappa ' s are involved in a wide variety of activities and many student organizations around campus. Nationally, Kappa has 120 chapters and approximately 150,000 initiates. Kappa wants every member throughout life to seek bonds of friendship, mutual support, opportunity for self growth, respect for intellectual development, and an under- standing and allegiance to positive ethical principles. i u Wm. ■ v «.„ ..-l " " J M MM Janei Ann Aldridgc • Morgan Andrews • Ashley Arnall • Annie Aliee Barganier • Abby Beard • Ashley Beardei Marigny Beguc • Jessie Bender • Guilds Bennert • Bentley Bickerstaff Mary Elizabeth Bishop ■ Allison Blackshaw • Cress Bossvell • EE Brewer Elizabeth Brown • Chris Buchanan • Christine Buchanan • Ann Burns Callie Burt • Kimberly Cagle • Carly Calhoun ■ Chambless Camp Margaux Charbonnet • Mattic Chisholm • Katy Coan • Laura Cone Claire Croom Raine Crumpler « Molly Cummings Lucy Daigle Kasey Drew Cindy Edwards • Stacy Elledge • Emily Elliot Leigh Elliot Katie Entwistlc • Katy Ernst • Biz Ethridge .Megan Evans •Jenn Earns Julia FitzpatTick Celeste Flower • Courtney Forrestet •Julia Fulenwidct Kellev Gaines • Mindy Glass Meaghan Goodwin • Aiken Hackett Maranda Hancock • Brooke Hardman April Hardy Rebecca Harper rris • Lele Hays Morgan Henritze • Manda Heniy • Sarah Julie Hilsman Susanna Hooks • Joidan Hughes • Whitney Husbey Sydney Hutcheson • Grey Hynson ■ Allison Jackson • Susan JeFferson • Ashley Jerdan Anna Johnson • Kristen Jolly • Christy Jones •Jennifer Jones • Michelle Juneau • Sarah Kelley • Tami Kimes • StifFord King • Sydney Klnzie Emily Kohn • Hannah Lambiotte • Kristin Ungley • Nikki Upelle • Dana Lawing Megan Lee •Courtney Loadholt •Cattle Loy •Elizabeth Martin Carson McCutcheon • Kendall McCullock •Jen McDonald • Alyson McGoldtick • Meiedith McGraw • Lindsay Moore • Miriam Moore • Nena Morron • Merrv Glenne Motiow • Whitney Nations • Jenny Pairamore • Jey Perryman • Rae Phillips •Jenny Rigamote • Marian Ripley • Susan Ripley • Mimi Ritzen • Ellie Sandeis • Dorothy Sarpy • Chelsey Seawell • Emily Shivell Amy Sibley • Lindsay Slappey • Ailie Smiths Gini Smirh • Ryan Smith Caroline I Strong • Katharine Swope Caroline Tilghman • Katie Thomas • Katie Townsend • Bryce Vann • Laura Ann Vann Watters • Kim Ward • Jennifer Wardlaw • Kelli Wells • Lisa Wheelock • Maren Wikei Wilson • Laura Wheelock • Lauren Wiggin Tritschler • Cameron T. • Julianna Walker •Eli. Julianne Watt Elizabeil r • Marianne Widet • Lii s • Carrie Wyatt.Whit, 1 Zieglei I Zimm " A friend is forever and forevers last as long as you want them to. mphi Over the years. Phi Mu fraternity has come to mean love, service, and everlasting friendship to many women at the University of Georgia. We find that our uniqueness stems from our over- whelming diversity, and most importantly, this is what makes Phi Mu stand out. Our members arc seen all over campus, involved in a wide array of activities, including University athletics, Dance Marathon, Arch Society, Communiversirv ' , University Council, Georgia Recruitment Team, and honor societies, among many others. Wher- ever they are involved, Phi Mu ' s strive to be the best representatives of UGA. In addition, we extend our philanthropic role into the commu- nity, and especially to the Children ' s Miracle Network, whom we raise thousands of dollars for each year. The women of Phi Mu are strong, upstanding role models both in and out of the classroom. They are also fun-loving, excited individuals who share a common love and sense pride for this University that is demonstrated through their continuous school spirit and support of campus activities. In the upcoming f millennium, members of Phi Mu look to further increase their visibility on campus, remaining involved in all areas of campus life. Our strong bond of sisterhood will only continue to grow, and reveal the wonderful, caring young women who call themselves Phi Mus. )r Elizabeth Baker • Stephanie Baker • Stac ' Baker • Caiherinc Bartholomew • Ann Begnaud •Jennifer Blake •Virginia Binion •Nicole Bolduan • Vathryn Bowyer • Alison Bracken • Caria Brandon • KJmberly Brock •Emily Brunk Millie Bryants Amanda Butis •Jackie Carney Elizabeth Cain • Laura Campbell • Laura Capes • Laura Chambless Elizabeth Chandler • Caroline Chisholm • Summer Clay • Candice Clifton • Lauren Cohen • Sharon Cohen • Catherine Crawford • Lisa Croy Gralyn Crumpler • Kimberly Curth • Anne Daigh • Dana Dardcn Kathryn Davidson • Brandice Dawson • Laura Dawson • Marissa Delong Came Diercks • Meredith Ditzel • Angela Droll • Cindy Dunaway Lynde Easterlin Rebecca Ellis • Allison Farr • Lalah Farshy • Laura Fcldman Emele Ferrera • Rachael Ferrara • Lauren Fierer • Robin Ficrer Leigh Forester Lauren Foster • Laura Franks • Courtney Frye • Elizabeth Garland Molly Garrcn • Elizabeth Garrett Lisa Ghirardi • Marissa Giglio Dana Gill Christine Gilroy Allison Godwin Julia Green • Anna Griffin Laura Griffin Casey Griffith • Catherine Halligan • Tara Hamilton Elizabeth Handberr)- Allvson Harper • Dawn Haskell • Carrie Haskins Caroline Holley Staci Howard • Elizabeth Johnson • Knsten Johnson • Kelly Joiner • Christine Jopling • Edith Kavanaugh • Melissa Kceney Caroline Knox • Michaelyn Koss Alison Lamb • Kaiherine Landry • Holly Lane • Amy Langford • Sarah Lee Elizabeth Lindsay • Sarah Lindsey« Alexandra Lloyd Erin Looney • Merrill Masscy • Mary Mathews • Melanie May • Lindsay McAdams • Pamela McCarn Kristen McCucn • Leslie McGuinn • Shaun McGuinn • Anna McKibben Ginger McMath •Melanie Moore • •Amy Mulkey Mary Mulvanerty Margarey Mu.schamp • Nancy Orr • Patricia Page • Ruth Pannell • Kelly Pate a I ' aulk • eacyel ' ayion • Margaret roiievin ■11 • Amanda Reeves •Joanna Riggins • Alii; )»Uuren Saddler •AshleighSandbcrg Me ler • Barbara Schoffner • Melissa Shalongo vicve Spcer • Jessica Squires • Carolyn Stew 1 Taylor • Haley Thompson • Mary Ashton ina Tucci •Jessica Turner • Angela Tutt J; . Willi shley Simmons • Carol art • Margaret Ann Tan Thurmond • Jean ami VanSant • Caroline Meredith W la Yates ftje; ' Sharing our tears, voicing our fears, our memories together will never end, always together, forever friends. " Beta was founded on April 28, 1867 at Monmouth College in Illinois. The Georgia Alpha Chapter was established at UGA in 1939 and is one of the 129 chapters internationally. Pi Phi ' s symbol, the arrow, is always aimed up and worn over the heart to represent Pi Beta Phi ' s permanent place in a member ' s heart. The arrow can also be found on Parker pens and Wrigley ' s gum displaying Mrs. Wrigley ' s and Mrs. Parker ' s love and dedication to their sorority. Pi Beta Phi has an annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament to raise money for its two philanthropies: the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, a year-round school for arts education for all ages, and Links to Literacy which emphasizes literacy through tutoring programs and elementary school writing contests. Pi Phi is also a " partner in education " with Chase Street Elementary School which involves tutoring students. Pi Phi also works with the Ronald McDonald House as Pi Phi ' s believe it is their diversity that brings the Georgia Alpha Chapter at UGA together. Some of tt activities Pi Phi ' s are involved in are CommuniversityJ University Round Table, Orientation Leaders, UGA athletic teams. Order of Omega, Student Judiciary, Georgia Girls, Hoop Girls, CRT, Golden Key, as we as a Miss UGA 1997 and a 1997 Homecoming Cour nominee. Pi Phi believes each members is filled with their own hopes and dreams. Those women who wear the arrow feel it is symbolizes the strengthening of individual characters. As their lives become ; ven. Pi Phi sisters become richer from the experienced tlr3 »!»• m.m m Ky ' " -t ' ' ' W-m { J ' i I Alford . Breck Allgood • Jenn Bailey • Broolce Sjrjh Abbott .Annie Adkin Lisa Armitage •Courtney . l Baker • Elizabeth Baker • Katie Bakun • Laura Balkcom Kristen Baly • Annie Barocas • Mandy Barrett • Katy Barr Caria Beltran • Courtney Beltzer • Hannah Birtles • Betsy Bloodworth • Amy Blount • Ally Boyenga « Allison Brady Jamie Bryant « Leah Cerny • Sara Chapman • Sara Checkelsky Brooke Cox • Emilie Collins Jennifer Commisiong • Kelly Crowe • Dana Debruzzi • Jessica Doty • Bridget Pagan • Sarah Ficster Suzanah Fogle •Jennifer Frazicr • Katie Gammon Jennifer Gardner . Ashley G.blin • Kelli Gillette • Tracy Glenn Shannon Gordon • Jennifer Graham • Shelly Grandbouche Rachel Green • Kara Griffin • Michelle Hales . Karin Hampton Mindy Harbeson • Samantha Hayes • Ashley Hobbs • Darby Hodgetts • Vivian Hudson • Gina Jackson • Ashleigh Johnson Andrea Jones • Jolene Jones • Tyler Jones • Natalie Joyce • Kimber Kcplinger • Lindsey Kincaid • Leigh Koehler • Allison Lee Jessica 1 c ' t n • Elizaberh Lintcr • Claire Lord • Karen Lubeck • Sydney Lynn • Allison Maddoz .Jennifer Mallot • Melissa Marchant Valerie Martin • Ansley Mason • Paige Mathias • Meredith Matthew • Bonnie McBee • Jamie McClendon • Meredith Mclntyr HollyMcGahey • Rebecca McPherson • Lauren Mengel • Nikki Mercer • Michelle Moorman • Lindy Morris • Stephanie Mueler Maria Murabiro • Janet Neal • Meg Norton • Keri O ' Connel Christy Plott • Ashles Prath Prince • Kelll Pushman . H Robertson . Wendy Rogers Andrea Sapp • Jenny Sass • Meredith Season • Laura Sii • Jessica Price • Laura Priven • .Amy :her Quinn • Sheila Rizzo • Liz Cim Rolwood •Jennifer Ruffin Schenk • Anne Marie Schroeder son • Erica Slavenski • Tara Smith Brandi Stearns • Jessica Stone • Jenny Stong • Carlie Strong Daine Sullivan • Colleen Sweeney • Lisa Swindell • Kristen Szurovy Kvlie Teat .Anna Thalacker • Jcnna Thompson • Lindsey Travis Heather Turco • Erin Turner . Bitsy Urvan . Jolee Vaughn . Emily Walker • Whitney Walker • Anna Warner • Nicole Weyandt Chere White . Beth Wilson • Erin Wilson • Georgia Wood " There is no better friend than a sister. " Sigma n Delta Tau Founded on March 25, 1917 at Cornell University in New York, Sigma Delta Tau provides a home for college women across the country. The Eta chapter was chartered at UGA on April 6, 1924. The chapter house at UGA was built to be a sorority house and is complete with a sleeping room. Living in a unique home, sisters build a strong trust and develop a lasting sister- hood. Sisterhood is the basis ot all activities including cultural, social, and service projects. SDT strives to enhance the education of its members through programs on such topics as time management, alcohol awareness, and eating disorders. With a strong sisterhood as a foundation, SDT ' s are involved on campus and in the community. Sigma Delta Tau ' s national philanthropy is the National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse. Sigma Delta Tau is planning " Sundaes ori Sunday " to raise money for its philanthropy. SDT has an open motto. Patriae Multae Specs Una, and the badge is a jeweled torch. Five pearlj adorn the cross bar of the torch and on the handle. A diamond brightens the flame of the torch. Sigma Delta Tau takes pride in the individual achievements of its members as well as the accomplishments of the chapter as a whole. SDT sisters are involved in a range of activities such as leadership organizations, community service groups, campus honor societies, and Gree leadership. Amy Aarons « Ja Altman . Stapha Benjamin Micl Bernstein • Susai : Adein ■Alperin.AIi: . Elle Bergman . Kerri Bernstein . Mara oom • Susan Bracket • Brittany Brook . Becky Brignac . Metedith Budnick . Lori ' dayman • Eden Cohen • Sarah Cohen • Robin Daitch Hydee Desadier . Leigh DiAngelo . Rachel Diamond Jenn Edelstein . Michelle Elkan . Heather Epstein Mindy Drucker . Stacie Embet . Ttacy Feibel . Buffj ' Fine . Jodi Fink . Liann Fteeman . Lauta Funk . Caten Goidbetg . Elena Goldberg . Melissa Goldstein . Ashley Goodfich . Cari Gratch . Stacey Greenstein . Elisa Held . Miriam Hoffman . Jenn Jacobs . Tammy Joss . Daniella Jossett . Dana Kelman . Karen Kessler . Melana Kopman Staphanie Kramarz .Jennifer Kruger • Dana Kulbetsh • Li Levin • Jill Lewis • Keira Libman « Amy Libowsky • Meliss Loft . Michelle Luber . Laura Malickson . Erin Marcus Brooke Megdall . Gia Miller . Heather Millet . Shana Moote . Lisa Mushet . Lindsay Nadel . Elyssa Newman Hay Ann Norris . S.ra Ognibene . Mered[th Peiken . Nat. Pomerance . Margaret Price . Rachel Rittman . Data Rosenberg • Laura Rosenberg • Marcy Rosenberg • D Ruptight . Lauten Sack . Elana Sauer . Rachel Sj„,l, Kim Schultz . Lisa Shectman • Joy Sherman . K rin,, Siverboard . Hilarie Silvers . Sabrina Simon . Si.iu S, Rachel Stanojevich . Melanie Steele . Ondtea Steinhu Emily Slotin . Jessica Smolen . Tetri Sonnabend . Ca Stetn . Jill Sukloff . Dana Susman . Stephanie Sussm Debotah Spitalnick . Betty Thurber . Cynthia Wiley Yaffe . Erin Zander . Amanda Zedd " Through the years, you ' ve never let me down, you Ve turned my world around. The sweetest days I ' ve found, I ' ve found with you. " been uniting women on the University of Georgia campus in lifelong friendships since 1964. Origi- nally founded in 1 874 at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, Sigma Kappa ' s goal has been to develop eadi member to her fullest potential through academics, personal growth, sisterhood, and philanthropic ser- vice. They carry on the traditions of academic excellence, sisterhood retreats, formals, tailgating before fall football games, and much more. Sigma Kappa sisters enjoy active involvement in Homecoming, intramural sports, and various on- campus organizations such as Georgia Girls, Dance Marathon, Communiversity, and numerous honor- ary societies. Some are also involved in activities such as the Georgia Track Team, UGA Flagline, and Habitat for Humanity. This year, they were the undefeated winners of the Pi Kappa Phi annual War of the Roses flag football tournament. An annual fall lollipop sale and The Gambler are held to support research for the cure of Alzheimer ' s disease in addi- tion to involvement with area nursing homes, the Marine Sea Coast Mission, and Inherit the Earth, an environmental cause. Through the experiences that Sigma Kappa of-[j fers, it ' s members are given an advantage in eveiyj aspect ot life. Friendly, fun-loving, and from all four corners of the country, they bring unique qualities and strengths not only to the sororiry but also to the: UGA campus as a whole. Celebrating today, Sigma Kappas are prepared for tomorrow. i 198 Hcjihcr Abcrnathv • Beth Ad.inis . Ashiev Askew . udrev Clriffin . Con ' Grundy • Kerry Grune vald . Erica Haley • Rebecca Moore .Ann Nama • lenniter O ' Brien . Ryan ONeil . Amy Odoi Bagget[ . Leslie Baird. Vivun Bill . Kate Baumann •Amanda Hamilton . Brooke Hardee . Kinley Harrell . Donna Harris Courtney Osborne . Darby Owen . Tami Owens . Emily Patrick Blackmon • Amie Blanchard Amy Beers Betsy Bo one . Kelli Joanne Hayes . Stacey Hinton . Yvonne Hobbs. Brianne Holliday Amy Pennington .Amy Perdue . Kristina Pelt . Kelly Pike . KeUy Braun KrisO ' Brightman Ramsey Bryant Sydnev Buck Suzanne Holden . Leslie Hood . Erin Hovendick . Sarah Hurst Pilgrim . McKcnzie Pilgrim .Rachel Piatt . Priscilla Powers . Leah Elizabeth Bugbec • Katv Burnett • Fli;abeih Cirpen er . Ashiev Eliza Johnson . Johnna Jones . Brienne Jubert . Amber Kalway Pust .Julia Rechstciner . Megan Reynolds . Brooke Romanowski Carson. Leigh C ' , ,.K .1 m.i,, ( ' ImI . l,.l„li i " 1 1 .lulie Meredith Kimble . Adrienne King . Brie Cline . Courtney Kline Jill Ross . Catherine Sanders . Alissa Santariero. Dianne Cooper Keil ' « . • inj Kelly Knox . Carolyn Koffman .Courtney Korb . Sara Schumacher .Julie Scoggins.Tracv Shepard .Joanne Sikes. Kell) Culp.Daroni : • ,, . . Krumpleman . Kelly Landrum . Kelly Lackey . Carrie Lara . Traci Simpson .Brinna Sinclair. Kelli Smith . Meghan Smith . Tiffany CaraDaly.Ttn.i h.ul ,„.,,.! .I:,,,,.. 1-, w,.|,l Liberto . Laura Liles . Kristin Lisenby . Amy Loushine . Branlcy Smith . Mary Smuro . Erika Sobon . Katie Spivey . April Strkkla. Sherri Drewn ' • Miehellc Liuke • Laura Dunbar • N ■ssy Dutton Madebach . Michelle Marbury. Amy Martin .Candace Miller Bethany Thompson . Brooke Thompson . Kristi Thompson . Juli Ashley Edwards Anne Feighner Elizabeth Gibson .Stephanie Amanda Mason . Leigh Massey .Nicole Mays . Beth McBride Torbert . Kristi Uhrinek . Shelly Vincent . Kathleen Wager . Beck Gibson Camile • Goswick Kim Green. Stephanie G een . Kate Sarah McDermott . JenniferMcDonnell . Ashiev McGce • Nicole Wayman . Carly Wenzel . Red White. HollyWhiie . Ginger Meyer. Kelly Milller .Tasha Mitchell . Ashley Mixon . Jenniter Wilder .Jennifer Williams .Mar. ' Wilshire . Marsha Yancv " My sisters have taught me how to Hve. " Zeta Beta Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. was founded in 1920, on the campus of Howard University in Washington, D.C. as the sister organization to Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Five women chose not to embrace the tenets of the estabhshed black sororities, and chartered Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Zeta Phi Beta is structured to encourage the highest standards of scholarship througli scientific, literary, cultural educational programs; promoting service projects on college campuses and in the community; fostering sisterhood; and exemplify- ing the ideal of Finer Womanhood. Since its inception, the sorority has chronicled a number of " firsts " among established black sororities. These " firsts " are what make this sorority unique. In addition to being the only organization constitution- ally bound to a fraternity, this sorority was the first to charter international chapters in West Africa and Germany. Zeta was the first to form adult and youth auxiliary groups; the Amicae, Archonettes, Amiccttes, and Pearlettes. Zeta was also the first to organi i. us internal affairs within a central, national office administered by a paid staff The Universit) ' ot Georgia, Chi Epsilon Chapter prides itself of iiul vidual differences. Today, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority is classified .is ,i nonprofit service organization with a membershi| ' exceeding 100,000 college educated women. The membership operates within eight regions in more than 700 chapters located in the domestic United States, Hawaii, Alaska, West Africa, Germany. Bahamas Islands, South Korea, and ltal -. Tameka Allison Tanesha Burley Nicole Rabb Cariene Richardson Katrina Rush Allison Walker Zeta Ta u On October 15, 1998, Zeta Tau Alpha cel- ebrated 100 years ol sisterhood. Zeta Tau I Alpha was founded at Longwood College Farmville, Virginia in 1 898. Zeta is now oneot I the largest fraternities in existence. At the University of Georgia, the Gamma Pi chapter consists of 149 members and boasts the second best chapter award in the nation. In the Athens | community and on the University of Georgia campus, Zetas strive for involvement and excel at leadership and scholarship. Members partici- ' pate in the Arch Societ) ' , Tate Society, Hoop J Girls, Diamond Darlings, Hot Shots] Cheerleading, Communiversity, and Studenij Government while maintaining one of the topj grade point averages on campus. The Gamma Pi chapter holds an annuall Softball tournament called the Zeta Diamond ' Challenge in the spring to raise money for theirf philanthropy, the Susan G. Koman Breast cer Foundation. Outside of all of the activities, friendship! the bond for all Zeta Tau Alphas. Ash ey Alex nder Whitney Ale ander « Beth Andrev s • Jessica Ann St .Tr cy Baker. Emily Bar nard • Carrie Barnes • Brandi B.v « Brit any Beaver Brenn Bentlev • Mandi Be Elizabeth B rchmore • Jennv B son • Christina Black Katie Boh n « K te Booth • Lynn Bowers « Meredith Brain twain lenn fer Bte wster « Bersy Brown « Joda Browning « S arah Burch itac Bvard . Jennifer Campbell • Kat Campbell K arie Card Lesl e Carro 1 • Libby Carter • Gretchen Cherry • Jul e Childers lenn y Chov ncc « Kelly Christia « Cecilia Clark • Sarah Glower Leah Gorge • Brooke Cottingh am Mary Katharine Groley .■Mic Crowe . Anna Currington • Mandi Currv Kelly Gushing Sar.i Dennis Shellev Easley • Karie Echols Aly5 a Edwa rds . Erm Ellis • S rah Beth Evans « Sam antha Fordham • Allison Fox • Knsten Fox • Lauren Gable 4 Lesslif Gilbert • Lancy Giltiam • Lauren Giovingo • El Jennifer Grecnhaw • Men Gnffin • Mary- Lois Grounsell i Grundy • Lisa Hall • Allison Hannay • Rosemary Harbcson • Mandy Harper • Brooke Hams • Mar ' Beth Hatcher • Ann Hendrickson Erin Hoiden • Jessica Hudson • Amy Hull • Abby Hunt • LesHe Irving Jenn Jenkins • Jacquc Jones • Jollcy Jones • Elizabeth Kelly • McCrce Kelly • Stephanie Kelly • Amy King • Bcih King • Jennifer Kitchens Kati KJoet • Karhryn Land • Leigh Ann Landrcss • Catherine Langsfcld Jana Ledford • Maty Leslie Lewis • Natalie Lewis • Susan Elizabeth Littlefield • Kiplyn Lively • Gracie Lovell • Ally Marshall • Becca Martin • Ellic May • Aurda McCall • Lauren McCall • Jana McDanicI Kellv Mc Guirc • Tyler Mclndoo • . shlev McRac • Drue Miller Stacy Morgan • Bethany Morns • Melis; Gail Odom • Cara Orton • Greer Ostuw Owings» Sydney Patrick • Amy Pearman Mande Penland « Jacie Piepcr • Lauren Piersanie Jennifer Raulcrson • Natalie Rhyne • Jennifer Rocker Megan Shannon • Leanne Shepard • Colleen Snell • Missy Spam • Kate Snuggs • Kelly Swain • Brandy Tcagle Tho Ashlcv Tift gs • Kelly Swain • Brandy Tcagle • Emilv ||t • Stacia Tison • Rebecca Tribble • Mtl.inielli • Kaycec Walker • Amber Warren • April L. s • Lauren Webb • Debbie White • Kate 202 " Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only in this meeting that a new world is bornJ -Anais Nin Thirty years ago, seven men accepted the task ot becoming the first African-American fraternity on the campus of the University of Georgia. These men, affectionately known as The Pearls of the Zeta Pi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorpo- rated, are Eddie Cheeks, Alan Jackson, Richard Morgan, Bernie Roberson, Michael Stover, Russell William, and Alonzo Wilson. Today, the Zeta Pi chapter of the nation ' s oldesi black Greek organization has been highly active in serving the University community. Its member perform community service, maintain scholarship and are active in many campus organizations. For the community, members work with elemen- tary schools around Athens, volunteer with Upwani Bound, and participate in many service program throughout the state. In addition, the fraternin awards a scholarship to one outstanding black fresh- man male each year. Socially, this year ' s programs included " Youne Gifted, and Black, " " Celebration of His Memory-, Tribute to Hamilton Holmes, " and the largest " P2 jama Party " in the southeast. The Zeta Pi chapter continually strives to sen the community and to hold the light of Alpha Pli Alpha high. James Bailey Odell Barnwell III Bryant Baugh Christopher Brown Terry Burston Jarmon DeSadier Preston Edwards Soji Ezekiel Lance Cause Raymond Harrison Jeffery Hutchings Landon Johnson Chris 2X Middleton Patrick Pugh Natambu Starks Mark Anthony Thomas Anthony Tillman Mervin Williams Trenton Williams Do what you can, with what you have, where you are 205 The Picture Man Beta Theta Pi When I went through rush, I had certain qualities that any prospective fraternity tor me had to have. First of all, I was out for a good time. I wanted my fraternity to have crazy parties and travel to cool places. 1 wanted brothers that really enjoyed each other ' s company on a daily basis. Second, I wanted the perfect balance between a tight and diverse brotherhood. I wanted to meet people from other parts of Georgia, other states and even other countries. Exposure to many different views on life was key. Third, I wanted an active fraternity. As much as I love to party, I could do that on my own. I wanted brothers who stressed academics and could advise me in my scholarly pursuits. I wanted my fraternity to have lots of guys that loved sports and were good at them. They needed to be involved on campus and sincerely interested in promoting both the UG and Athens community with service projects. According to the " Fraternity Way, " which posts stats on academics, athletics, philanthro| campus involvement, social events and house appearance, only two or three chapters were consistently near or at the top of these categori which considerably limited my search for the fraternity. By the time I made the rounds, it was obvious that for guys like me, who wanted everything the fraternity would could possibl offer, the only choice was Beta Theta Pi. Nick Adams . Brandon Adkins. Rick Admunsen . Scott Allen . Scott Allison . Brent Anderson . Brian Anderson Ethan Atkinson •Jeff Baxter Kevin Bird •Luciano Bordoni.Matt Boyer Brian Brahm» Pierce Campbell Jon Candee Hank Cobb •James Cobb •Scott Cohen Reid Columbia •Ben Comerford • Kevin Condon Chris Connelly Brent Cox •Ben Crosby •Brad Dennis Tom Drake •Michael Dogger •Chris Dooney Andy Dufresne Jeff Duncan •Louis Earnest •Ryan Engle Matt Erwin Andy Evers Brian Fitzgerald • Rob Fitzgerald .William Fletcher.Jim Ivie.Ben Gaff Joe Gleason Mike Harness •Chip Herr Will Hogan.Greg Hohman Blair Holden Charles Holman •Clarke Howard Grant Jaax .Jeremy Joel • Brian Johnson • Cory Kampfer Matt Kays Phil Knight Jason Lawson Sean Lewis John Longmire Ryan Lynch •Sean Lynch •Gilmore MacGregor Mike McAuliffe Lyle McCloud John Melton Justin Michels Chad Miller •Chip MitcheUTim Murphy. Ray Myers.Sami Nassar Reid Nix James Oertllng Clint Powell • Brandon Reynolds • Chuck Richardson • Sam Rutherford • Geof Sanders • Peter Sanford • Evan Schuetz Justin Sikes Nick Smith •Steven Sprague • David Sprinkle Joe Sullivan • Danny Swaja • Matt Teeter •Chris Ten Greg Thomas Mike Timlin • Steve Timlin • Lev Vays Adam Walker Bill Watkins Eric Weidner John We Wood • Max Z) ' gmont 206 " Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul. ' 207 Chi Psi Chi Psi Fraternity, founded in 1841 at Union College, came to the University of Georgia in 1890. With over 100 years of histoty and tradition, Alpha Alpha Delta chapter of Chi Psi is one of the oldest continually active chapters at UGA. This fraternity was the first to emphasize fraternal and social principles of a brother- hood. Chi Psi has provided an educa- tional experience and social outlet for its members. Brothers stay busy with intra- mural athletics, campus leadership, an extensive social calendar, and one of the largest community service programs on campus. In addition. The Chi Psi Educa- tional Trust provides scholarships and sponsors programs within the fraternity to foster self-development and personal growth. Gentlemanly behavior is one of the canons on which the fraternity was founded and is the main reason their tradition endures. Brian Adams . Brain Bacon. Matt Bader .Jimmy Beddingficld. Bhns Bchm.John Bcrgcr. Chris Boncek.Brad Bonner. Jonah Bonner. Brandon Bowe Tim Brooks. Justin Brown. Brian Canipelli .Tate Clements. Patrick Cingan.Brad Cohe. Jason Cunningham. Brant Curtis. Ryan Decker . Robbie DeRosa. Jeff Dill. Jason Domir. Jason Duda. Joseph Dustin. Roberr Flournoy. Thomas Forsberg.Mike Fraser.Wes Godfrey. Bryndon Golya.Scot Guetter.Beau Henson.Alex Herring .Simms Hibbert.Josh Home .Brian Jordan .Matt Kilgos.Ryan Kottyan.Kip Lakin.Pat Lynch. Mike Mason Nick Mehelic. Brent Michaels. Ryan Mitchiner. Kevin Myers. Kevin MacDonald . Ryan McCaigue. Adam McDuffie. Kevin McHenry.Wes McGee Vince Muia.Mike Owen. Carson Paris. Phil Pilgrim . Jamev Pullen. Jeff Quick. Sean Renfroe.Brad Ries. Brett Ries.Pat Riley. Chandler Robinson Kevin Sheperd.Dave Thomas. Patrick Tranum. Adam Turner .Brandt Varner. Yancey Whitiaker . Matt Whitmire. David Willis. Brent Wood 208 " Chi Psi Fraternity cultivates bonds of friendship that begin during the four years of college and continue for a lifetime " 209 Photos bv The I ' laurc Man Kappa The Kappa Alpha Order was founded on December 21, 1865, at Washington College, which is now Washington and Lee U niversity. Shortly afterwards, the Gamma Chapter was installed at the University of Georgia in 1868. The Order is southern in a significant sense, wherein its essential teachings are for its members to cherish the ideal character and attributes of the true gentleman, of which Robert E. Lee was the near perfect example. The brotherhood of the Order is diverse in that while Georgia backgrounds comprise a majority of the chapter, there are also brothers from Alabama, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Louisiana. The Gamma chapter enjoys very active social calendar which includ tailgating before UGA football games, Convivium, Old South, and Cowbov B; .J W -0 n M ' David Allen .Jim Alley. Yates Anderson .Travis Baird Leiand Barrow. Corv- Bennett. Russell Bennett. Read Brennan.John Bussey.Jere Campbell. Lee Cardwell Josh Champion. Bo Cheek. Chip Chesnutt. Nicholas Chilivis. Charles Clark. Andrew Cook .Zachary Cowart .Elliott Davenport .Charles Davidson . Eric Davidson .Allen Davis. Mike Davis .Butler Dawson Rhett P. Deal.Zach Deming. Sambo Dunlap .Charles Dunstan.Tom Easterly. Br ' an Edwards . Kelly Garges Jefif Garza. John Gayle, Jr. .Jason Gilley.Jack Glasgow Beau Gray .Jay Griffin .Joel Harber. Michael Hargrove Jonarhan Harvey. Andy Hogan . Bryan Holland Hunter Hopkins . Matt Horn . Stuart Jenkins .John Thomas Johnson .Thompson Kurric .John Langston Baker Leavitt.Jay McAfee .Andrew McFadden .Wilson McGinnness . David Marler .Craig Melton .Travis Mess Julian Middleton .Tripp Middleton .J.R. Moore .Hunti Mo .Van Mo .Allen Oakley. Beau Odo .Cai Parker .Wynne Pearson .Mark Perr .Richard Petcrs.m Charles Pettit .Pete Powell .|ohn Pratter .Bart Rhodes Brant Richerson .Joe Roper .Matt Rushton .MichiJ Saccone .Allen Satterfield .Andrew Scruggs . klnnc Scruggs .Josh Simmons .Sean Simmons .Cla Smith Dixon Smith .Tyler Smith . Robert Sparks .Colin Sc.kes Miles Theodore .Cade Thompson .Michael Thomp .m Mark Varnadoe .Trav Walden . Blake Waller .Carlton Walstad .IT. Waiters .Dax WeeUeN .Chris Whins .i.,ra Whit vorth . lohn Woodall .Richard oung " Ever since I was a little boy, I have dreamed of being a member of the Kappa Alpha Order. " Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Psi was founded on the campus ot Indiana University on January 5, 1911. Early in this century, African-American students were actively dissuaded from attending college. Formidable obatacles were erected to prevent the few who were enrolled from assimilating into co-curricular campus life. This ostracism characterized Indiana University, thus causing Elder W. Diggs, Byron K. Armstrong, and eight other black students to form Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity on January 5, 1911. The Founders sought a formula that would immediately raise the sights of black collegians and stimulate them to accomplish higher things than they might have imagined. Fashioning achievement as it ' s purpose. Kappa Alpha Psi unites college men of culture, patriotism, and honor in a bond of fraternity. CirrethAdims. Ethan Allen. Samir Djmani» Richard Greer Kelvin Samuel. BeniammShj Damon Anders . Kerr) ' Blue. Derrick B .Steve Kenner.Theoplus Mack .Mich .V.David Vaughn. Christian . George Brown . Errick Crawford Mixon ' .Keon Odum. Godfrey Powell Robert Williams. Barnev Young Jr. ' It is a fact of which Kappa Alpha Psis fundamental purpose is ACHIEVEMENT in every field of human endeavor. " Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded on December 10,1869 at the University of Virginia. The ideals of Kappa Sigma were brought to the University of Georgia through the estabUshment of the Beta Lambda chapter on March 16,1901. Currently having over 200,000 brothers nationwide, Kappa Sigma is the largest, most celebrated fraternity in the world. Famous KX alumni include Bob Dole, Ted Turner, Robert Redford, Jimmy Buffet, and Jerry Jones. The Beta Lambda chapter continues to base its success on a long tradition of strong brotherhood, leadership, and academic achievement. Our social calendar consists of numerous activities such as band parties, date nights and themed socials in the fall and the annual Black and White Formal in the winter. The spring events are highlighted by the Trophy Jam, a fiilly catered cajun crawfish boil, and the Luau Beach Weekend. From vast campus involvement to participation in philanthropic events makes the Kappa Sigma brotherhood a great organization with which to spend one ' s collegiate and lifelong career. .David Bolden.Jim Canady. Richard Casteel John Clanon.Pace Qinkscales • Phillip Chnkscales.Jay Coalson»JamesCouch«Matt Daley .Brad Danowski Adrian Davis .Chris Dozier .James Dunne. Matt Fantaci Ryan Farrar.Jarrod Floyd.Justin Fuller. Warren Gilmer. Ricky Harris. Caleb Hartman. Chris Henretty. Brandon Herring. Carson Hodges. Wes Howard .Perry Huhbard Matt Jones. William Joseph. Re.d Lambert .j.,ke Lee. Buck Levins .Mike Lonerean. Austin Luckett . Keith John Nijhawan. i Ogg.Will Parrott .Claiborne Perrilliai . Piersante. Jeremy Pope. Chad Pullins.Ryan Ragsdale. 1 . Ramsey. Justin Resse .Matt Richardson. Johnny Rock c William Rolston.John Ross. Matt SawhiU.Andy SchNv.ui, WesScott .Brian Selander. Sheldon Shelton.Jay Slaughic Rusty Smith. Brad Stephens. Graham Thompson .Jerenu Thronton. Hunter Towns. Jack Tribble .Lance Llnder vm Scott Ward . Dallas Washburn .James Whitney. Cliff Xi .Matt Womack .Donnie Weurl 214 ...Not just for a college term or four years, but for life. The Picture M.iii Lambda Chi Alpha, located at 990 Milledge Avenue, is home to a diversified group of young men from all areas of the Southeast. A one of the oldest and largest fraternities. Lambda Chi has been at the University of Georgia since 1915. Some of our distin- guished Nu Zeta alumni include UGA Ail- American Charlie Trippi, Governor Joe Fran Harris, and Clarence Rawson. Also the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity houses more brothers than any fraternity at the University of Georgia. Lambda Chi Alpha has a hill calender of social evens, philanthropic benefits, and intramural activities throughou the year. In the tall, activities range from prtj tootball game gatherings with alumni, to social events with sororities, to parties with i Athens ' finest bands. In the fall, the annual i Wine and Cheese social and the Christmas j Party are always welcomed events. In the |i winter, among other social events, is our ; Winter Formal which is held in Savannah, ; GA. When this calendar is coupled with ouj brotherhood, it is clear to see that Lambda | Chi Alpha is one of the top fraternities at thd University ol Georgia. ij Josh Alexander • BUne Andrews • Mark Avery • Charlie Barrow Tom Bartlett . Billy Bennett .Jake Blackmon .Patrick Blalock .Daniel Bland .David Bober . Brad Bohannon . Will Bowcn . Brad Bowling Matt Brass .Jeff Buice. Roger Burgc.Jeff Carter . Matt Certain . Derrick Chapmen .Jim Chasteen . Jon Chastecn • Benjie Christie .Cole Christie .Jason Cole.Quinn Conoley . Eric Cook Dcrick Corbett .Blake Cothran . Nathan Davis .Ryan Dawkins .Rob Dennis .Andy Dillard .Joey Dillard .Joseph Elliot .Clint Elliott . Stuart Espy .Carle Helton .Brian Greer .Jay G.llespie . Nate Gillis .Uge G.llis Nick Gladden .Christopher Gladden . Michael Gossett .Tim Gregory .Drew Griffin . Preston Halibunt .Bo Hammack Miller Hamrick .Clay Harmon. Zeke Harvey. Scott Hill Geoff Hill .Bill Hobbs . McCullough Hodgson . Ben Hollan Zach Horton .Jon Howell .Ben Hutchinson. Greg Ingram Cleve James . Matt Jones .John Jordan . Hank Jordan Wilson King . Marc Kittrcll • Nelson Kuncs . David Lassiter Ashur Lawand .Jim Legg. Julian Lewis .Ryan Lybarger Robert Lyons . Rob Martin . Chandler McClellan . Jeff Mills Joey Muljvcin . Adam Nichols. Damon Ogdegard .Ryan O ' Keefe . Jon Pannell . Daniel Parker .Lee Patrick .Maxwell Penn .Jeff Pennington . Pat Perry . Cory Phillips .Daniel Pike .Paul Pilcher .Ben Price .Chad Pruett . Mathew Ray Brandon Reese .Trey Renfroe .Jeremy Rogers .Scott Russell Alfred Sams .Jason Sayer . Dean Scoggins . Casay Silcox .Ed Simpson .Jason Smith. Mitch Smith . Reid Smith- Vaniz Ben Standard .Arthur Steedman .Win Stewart . Charlie Thompson . Lloyd Turley . Douglas Turtle . Ed Vaugn Andrew Wade . Chris Wages . Daniel Wagnon . Lance Watson Greg Watts . Nick West . Ben Williams .Andy Wise Brian Zeh I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. " -Romans 8:18 ,„i , Coiir.c-. .r I ' h.. C.jinina Pelt. Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gamma Delta prides itself on exemplify- ing what is best about the Greek system here at the University of Georgia. Our chapter holds that the true purpose of a fraternity is to foster social and academic growth in an environment strengthened through leadership and brotherhood. In order to achieve this goal, the brothers of Phi Gamma Delta must continually balance one of the campus ' s busiest social calendars with the growing intellectual challenges of our university. As the chapter ' s recent successes in academics, athletics, and campus leadership positions indicate, this view of a fraternity ' s purpose is both achievable and rewarding. In the years to come. Phi Gamma Delta will continue to look for men capable of improving upon the standard of excellence that our chapter has established here at UGA. Men who, with the guidance and support of our chapter, will evolve into the university ' s finest examples of quality leadership. The brothers of Phi Gamma Delta would like nothing more than to see a Greek revival on campus as the 21st century begins and will do everything they can to help lead the way. Brun Ash .Brooks Baggett . Brantley Basinger.Jeff Battaglia.Dave Battle " . Brian Bcegle.Adam Bell. Matt Bellem. Scott Berta. William Bennett. Andrew Bingham. Wes Blackwood . Lance Beyer. Jacob Brinson Skipper Brown. Jeff Brumbelow. Jonathan Burke .Dave Capallo . Wick Cauthorn . Taylor Clark . Gregg Cochran . Charlie Conboy.Josh Coonce.Adam Cowart Rusty Cullens.Chad Davis. Zach Delimitros. Andrew Egan. Russell Ewing.Alex Ferguson. Mason Florence Andrew Garbade . Corey Gill . Henry Glascock .John Godbeherc. Blake Goodman .Jim Gowen. Brett Grayson. Mike Gnffin.Matt Han Brian Hendry. Caleb Henson.Jasc Jeff Hudson. Colin Hurd. Scott It Joiner . Nick Johnson . Owen John Dn. Casey Hav Heslep .Jason ne.BillJamies. n.WillKinch( kins Hodge Robby Kinney. Cal Kirby.Drew Kitchen .Brian Leal. Andrew Littlejohn. Marty Long .Trey Lucy.Jim Ludlam Tom Ludlam. Jason Mann . David Marshall . Brad Mauldm Andrew McCallister.John McCarty.Hank McCord Andrew Miller. Matt Mitcham .Travis Moore. Brook Morman .Josh Neel .Leverctt Neville .Brian Nixon .Kary NordJiolz .Michael Odom .John Ozier .Jim Palmer Stephen Polhill. Steve Adam Richardson . N. Showalter . Rick Silvei Stanley .Ben Stapletor Thorns .Jon Vaughn . Robbie Williams. Tin Windley.Rvan Wood Rapp . Scott Revels . Max Richardson te Sanders .Jay Saville .Jeff .Stuart Sims. Matt Smith. Brad .Eric Stewtzer.Ted Tern ' .Andy Sam Welch .Brian West .Wes NXTiite 1 Williamson .Ben Wilson .Chris Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. ' " I believe that Phi Kappa Psi is a brotherhooc of honorable men, courteous and cultured, who pledge throughout their lives to be generous, compassionate, and loyal comrades. " This first line of the Phi Kappa Psi creed exemplifies what the Georgia Alpha Chapter is all about. For 21 years, Phi Psi has had a home at The University of Georgia, and we are walking into the new millennium, planning to uphold our own traditions as well as those that began when the fraternity was founded in 1854. Those traditions closest to the Phi Psi brothers at The University range from Friday ' afternoon cookouts to flag football contests to simply sitting on the front porch and reminisc- ing about times we have all shared. But perhap the two largest traditions are ARAB, one of the Spring ' s largest parties on campus, and the biking of the game ball to the annual Georgia Florida clash on the gridiron. As long as these traditions stand, you will remember Phi Kappa Psi, but had it not been foil our founding fathers, Letterman and Moore, W£ would not reside at 3- 8 South Milledge Avenue today. In order to remember such Phi Psi legends, we honor their memory every February with a tuxedo-clad formal. Remembering what past brothers overcame to bring the fraternity to life is a large part of our brotherhood. Without those memories, we would be lost. Belonging to Phi Kappa Psi is an honor. We stand tall for our beliefs and ideals. And we wi proudly carry on our torch and traditions well past the 21st century. l:m[i Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Georgia in 1908. For ninety years, Pi Kappa Alpha brothers have excelled in all areas of fraternity and campus life. IIKA started the year : with the second largest rush on cam- pus. Brothers and Alumni always make an effort to be a part of the Annual Frank Sinkwich Tailgate Parry for all Georgia football home games. Alumni choose to play an active role in the fraternity, as they realize that Pi Kappa Alpha is a time honored tradition. Besides a huge social calendar which includes Oktoberfest, Epicurean Ball in New Orleans, and Beach Weekend in the Spring, the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha are also involved in the commu- nity. IIKA supports the Boy Scouts of America as well as the Josh Lynch Memorial Scholarship. ' The Piaurc Man Joe Astraucks • Kevin Aycock •Scott Barber Brian Block. Justan Bounds. Jordon Browning . Joinn Busbin Eric Carlson . Robby Ciaborn . Blake Coleman . Rob Cooper . Frank Crane . Trip Creech .John Day . Ryan Denbow • Scott Denbow . Reggie Fay • Neal Flanagan Scott Fleming . Ryan Florence . Ryan Foster .Chris Gallc .Liam Garrity .James Gates .Eric Glidewell Kevin Glidewell . Robby Grant .Joshua Grantham Jason Gray .Mark Hallam . Rob Hickman .Marc Hill John Hinson .Judd Hooks. Ty Howard. Mike Howell Robbs Hunt. Don Ingham .Alex Johnson. Parke Lammert . Scott Lanford .Jelif Leeper . Kevin Little .Chris Litzinger Ryan MafFett . Mclvor Mann. Dean Mannheimer Robby May . Scott McCarty. Ryan McDonald . Jonathan Megel ■ Brekke Mehis.Chad Mentzer . Ryan Mercer Andrew Mercker . Sam Mischner . Mark Montgomery Greg Murphy. Michael Murray . Brad Neave. Brent Nichols. Matt CTNeal . Brian Owens . Brent Paten. Scott Peters . Jarrett Pinto. Chris Phillips . Connor Poe . Geoffrey Reid . Chris Rice. Scott Robbins .Clint Rolv n Don Roberts. Jason Rodriguez . Brantley Rowlen . R .l Runyan . William Scott Samford . Brian Saylors .KeMn Schneider .Danny Seelos.Tim Sherwood .Manning Sm Wade Sonenberg Bryan Steele .Rob Sturgis. David Tipti Blake Turner . Bryan Turner . Brad Walsh • Benson Wan Philip Wolfe . Jody Young 222 " These have been the times of my life. " 223 The Delta chapter ot the Sigma Chi Fraternity; was founded at the University of Georgia in 1872i making it one of the oldest fraternities on campu;! The Brothers of Sigma Chi pride themselves on I practicing and teaching the ideals of friendship, ; lustice, and learning. The strong bonds and , brotherhood found in Sigma Chi are achieved through the constant practice of these ideals. Here at Sigma Chi we have numerous activitif and exciting plans scheduled for the 1998-1999 school year. Our social calendar includes date nights, socials, band parties, and our annual Sweetheart Formal held in Charleston, S.C. We also hold our annual Parent-Alumni weekend in ii October and Derby Days weekend in the spr during which we raise money lor The Childi Miracle Network. The brothers at Sigma C ' lii participate in many other philanthropies and community service activities such as Habitat Humanity, tornado relief projects, highwa cleanups, and canned food drives. At Sigma Chi, the brothers ' communir service, academic achievement, campus inxol ment, and athletic excellence combined with strong social calendar distinguishes Sigma CI leader in the Greek communitv. Michael Ancker •Gregory Ashley John B.iehm.iii Charlie Benson. Ross Bergethon .J.inifs Brady. Ryaji Brandt . Dwayne Bray. Leland Brewer. Clay Caldwell Shea Campbell .Joey Carley. Bruce Carothers Brett Castle . Greg Cox . Eric Crisp . Burns Grotty . Dean Custance. Kevin Davis. Josh Davis. Brad Demicco Jason Doornbos. Jeremy Doss.Zac Duckett .Davis Dunaway. Scott Duvall.Adam Enterkin.Gil Ferguson Eric Figurelli. Justin Gage. Andrew Ginsberg Joe Gordon. Cullen Gossett . W,,lter Hagan.Jay Hall 224 Rvan H.imma.k. Phillip Himri.k. Kh Hatch. Matt Hodges. Gable Holder. Mark Irh . Scott Johnson . Preston Joseph. B.J. Kelley. Patrick Kelly . Richard Kerr. Alan Kimbro.Jay Kimbro.Todd Koretzky . Andrew Lewis Matthew Little. Stephen Little. Patrick Lyon. Chuck MacPhee. Spears Mallis. Anthony Martin. Rob Mautz Kyle McClung.Chesley McLeod.Jud McMillian.Ed Mejia Keith Minisman .Lorie Moore. Brian Moore. Drew Moore Michael Murray. William Naglich.Jack O ' Neill David Olejnik.Ryan Oliver. Jeffer ' arks .J.D. Patrick chad I ' crrat. Chris Petrocco . Eric Pharr.M.ut Phill ymond Prophater . Michael Ridlehoover . Brian Rilcv lliam Rowan. Jason Sadler. Alex Sales. Adam SaunJ lliam Saunders. Bret Schiller. Derek Schwerzler nneth Searles.Tim Shapleigh. Scott Stephens. Edwi Stephens. Patrick Stephe Colin Sutton. Jerry Tass; Matthew Waldrup.Spen Weigandt . Cam Weigani Chris York. Jake York S.Kris Stone. Mike Sullivan • Jason Tolbert. Brian Vorse ;r Walker. Brent Wardrop.N .Jason White. David Wisher " The strong bonds of brotherhood found in Sigma Chi are achieved through the practice of the ideals of friendship, justice, and learning " Established in 1873 on the University ' of Georgia campus, Mu chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity has withstood the test of time. Four houses and over 2000 initiated brothers later, Sigma Nu stands tall in the Greek system, campus, and Athens com- munity. Members of Sigma Nu partici- pate in a wide variety of intramural sports activities and also conduct several philan- thropic events throughout the year. Our brotherhood contains a diverse group of majors and interests, with a unity unparal- leled on this campus. Sigma Nu conducts a wide variety of parties and socials throughout the year. Alamo Scout in the Winter and Woodstock Weekend in the Spring are annual events hosted by our chapter. Sigma Nu organizes two formals annually: the White Rose formal held in DiUard and the White Star Beach Week- end held in Panama City Beach, Florida. In our 123rd year, Mu chapter is proud of its traditions and past accomplishments. Triff Blackwell •Time Blanko •Clayton Boggs .Tim Brennen •Matthew Brooks .Scott Carlock •Josh Chatman •Billy Cheek • Vinnie Clark • Brian Connar Charles Dasher • Keith Davis •Adam Fewstcr • Chris Geiger •Allan Gilmore •Mike Godmin •John Gold Brett Goodman •John Hampton • Bobby Haubein Mason Heidt •Cliff Henley •Brent Hopkins •Corey Jones •Jeff Koontz •Matt Larkin ijim Long •Mike Lyons •Joe Marshel •Jeremy Martin • Donny Norris Ben Newton •J.T. Prather • Rust) ' P,icker •Jeff Pert)- John Pern, ' • Wade Poston • Eric Rivenbark •Will Rivenbark •Teddy Russell •Shane Segars •Andrew Shallal leff Shiver . Harry Shore • Mike Sink •John Sipple • David Sipple •David Slatinski •Jeddy Smith •Josh Smith •Grant Stephens •Donald Stewart •Mike Thomas •Matt Thomasson • Ryon Thompson • Latry Underwood • Fred Victor • Brent Wheeler .Jay Whitner • Rick Williams Candler Wilson •Jimbo Wueste .Sean Yeckley .Will Brown Alex Finland •Fuad Hassanvh • Jacob Goodwin •Mike Groover •Garrett Harvey •Adam No Willingmam ;Ward.Tvk I The bond of brotherhood makes all men one. " PI n ■H p 1 I H: .; - v ri m H J The Picture ljn V 3 : H H 11 ol mjti HlH fy C ss fiH S o Tau Epsilon Founded November 17,1919, Tau Epsiloi Phi has continued to excel academically ani socially. Our large brotherhood is one whici encourages individuals to become leaders in th fraternity, the University, and within the com munity. While academics are important to ou brotherhood, the fraternity also values its socij and altruistic aspects. TEP is recognized for th 1 four aspects of Greek life: academics, athletic; philanthropic, and social. Traditionally, TEP ' social calendar includes numerous football gam : parties, sorority socials, and midnight madnes: The highlights of the year include our wintt formal, Anniversar) ' , and our spring lorma Shipwreck Weekend. TEP has consistcml placed highly in the overall fraternit} ' dP rankings. We stress academics and we are prou of our achievements. Athletically, TEP fielc several teams in every intramural sport otfere i at UGA and has consistently placed highk. 11 members of Tau Epsilon Phi have joined a organization which has provided friendship and memories that will last a lifetime. TE prides themselves on their brotherhood. Shaun Bank « Orcn Bechor • Josh Bernstein Adam Blatc •Etic Broder Robert dayman • jefF Cohen • Mike Davies • Jason Dranove • Brian Drcyfui • Bobby Ehsanipoor • Lance Einstein • Brian Fink • Jeff Flome HyltonGclb • Chan Glazman • Will Goldman • Adam Greenberg • Mike Greenwald • JefFGngBenhcim • Jeff Habcr • Scott Heyman • Ezra Hunvitz • Ben Jacobs ■ Adam JofFe • Danny Joffc ■ Adam Katz • Scotr I Liaky • Evan Loft • Craig Marbach • Greg iller • Scort Mirsky • Josh Moore • Steve ,n • E,an Pin, • Sid RjJ.n Josh Reeves 228 229 Theta Chi Fraternity, founded in 1856 at Norwich University, was organized at the University of Georgia, Deha Beta chapter, in 1 949. With over 1 90 chapters and 1 30,000 initiates, Theta Chi offers its members an unbreakable bond of broth- erhood, deeply rooted in tradition. Theta Chi believes in offering a chance for its members to complete their path towards becoming a well rouiidcd individual. Theta Chi has a full calendar of social events, philanthropy benefits, and intramural activities. vSome of our traditional social events include: tailgating in the fall, our winter formal in Savannah, St. Simon ' s Island Beach Weekend, u d MooCoo Weekend. Theta Chi stresses campus involvement with members active in a variety of clubs and organizari( n ' , such as IFC, Order of Omega, Arch Society, Order of Greek Horsemen, SGA, Habitat for Humanity and many ot ' iers. fiieta Chi challenges you to become a leader- be it within the fraternity, in the classroom, or on campus. Patrick Alkn .M.irk Anac-rsi.n . Mark Barficld.Uri Henderson . DouiJlas Hcne. Michael Herrio. ason HinesK ' Benson. Nevan Black. Robert Brown . Jeffrey Thomas Hollis. Dennis Horton.Joel Huggin .Robert Bubbenheim.Kristofer Bush.Tobin Carr.John Hutson. Benjamin Johnson. Courtney Lanio .Scott Lowe Connell.Asa Cordele. Robert Corruthers . Henr) ' Cran John Martin. Mark Mathis. Ronald Maxwell . Corey May William Davis. Joey Deross . Briley Edwards. James David Mc Arthur. Nicholas McClosky. Benja min McCloud Edwards. Justin Fahey. Charles Ferguson .Jason Fionte Eric McGilvray. William Meyer. Michael Mo rris. Edward Wesley Friar. Hutch Garmany. James Gibbs.lohn Murphy. Keith Newberry .Joshua Newton. J mes Norris Giddens. Michael Hackman . Ridley Hailey. Harris Matthew O ' Shea. Brock Owen . leffrey Pickre n . Mark 230 Rcbillot. Stephen Rehillot. Jason Rjcc. James Rigsbv Connor Roche . Zachar)- Rolen. Jason Settles. Bradford Shanks . Brandon Shepherd .Michael Shingler. Robert Simpson . Gerald Smith. Jack Smith. Patrick Smith. Jo Spring .Frank Stewart. Bryan Tharp.Jeft ' rey Tharp.E Timgle .Joshua Tonge. Darrell Tucker .Timothy Veil Joseph Walker .Phillip Wart . Robert Wellon . Mark Wiggms. Robert Wright Photos bv Picture M.1 231 Greek Philanthropies I 232 Greek Life: Brotherhood .Courte voll inhellenic h, lob TlK ' PiLturrMa p-TTT USA BASEBAUl ■- ' ■ ' v I «- and Sisterhood Meredith Page EDITED BY JC XY BLJXXERIVIORE AISJD JEJNTINJIFER HLJXCHIlNrSOIM Graduate St ' nts 238 Graduate Students Graduate Students 239 seniors 1 t Amber 1. Adams Onv[n c hi Aoba Reginald Alexand ambcrlv L. Aniuld W ' cndv ArasdortT 242 Seniors Antcsia Bc-jiley ■ % Natalie Balyo Public Relations Serving on the Executive Committee for Dance Mara- thon over the past two years has been an experience that I will treasure forever. Serving first as the Director of Marketing for the 1998 Marathon and then as the Executive Director for the 1999 Marathon, these posi- tions have challenged me tremendously. However, after one visit to the children ' s hospitals, a hug from one parent whose child was treated there, or a grateful thank you from a young child who has won against a terminal condition, you realize that the sleepless nights and hectic days are incredibly worthwhile! (L PagL- Bird Charb D. Bla k Douglas Black Alvson Blackhurn RashcLdah Blackmail 244 Seniors i Br.i.Klcn Bl.Kks f ' Rjlnli Bowers r m» t A S Heather Britenbach Margaret Brooks Angela Br. Kyla Brown Seniors 245 Ll hrisiK Buukll 246 Seniors I Senior Leader 1 — ' — i CorcvThn,,,,. Bianca Barksdale Speech Communication When I was selected to be a 1998 Orientation Leader, 1 knew that I would make an impact on incoming fresh- men. I planned to use my knowledge of resources and my school spirit to convince potential Bulldogs that UGA was the right choice. I was not prepared for the impact that serving as an OL would have on my lite. The skits, small group meetings, tours and thousands of friends that I made are memories that will last a lifetime. The highlight of my summer was leading three hundred students in the great tradition of " Calling the Dawgs! " 1 Senior Leader | ri; -.3 t - Uurcn Brooks Mara Kline Bernstein Real Estate There is no single leadership experience that stands out in my mind alone. But instead, it is the combination of all my experiences at UGA that contribute to the memo- ries I will take with me. Getting involved on campus has enriched my four years at UGA by educating me far beyond the classroom. Jpi fk Kristie Chosewood Kimberly Chri 248 Senio rs |k Kathleen Dugan Terry Lee Burston Jr. Speech Communications Pre-Law " The best way to improve yourself is by helping others " is a quote that I live by; thus, my most outstanding leadership experience at UGA was serving as a counselor tor the Howard Hughes Summer Science Experience. During the two summers I spent with these minority children from Georgia, I had the opportunity to ac- quaint them with college lik, encourage them to seek higher education, and inspire them to give back to their respective communities. - | Senior Leader [ Leah M. Christian Criminal Justice Sociology My leadership in the Criminal Justice Society has given me the opportunity to interact with other students with simila r interests. Further, I have been able to help organize activities which provide hands on learning for Crimimal Justice Majors. We have been able to tour training tacililties and other crimimal justice related agencies. Overall, I have enjoyed bringing people with similar interests together and planning activities to facili- tate learning. m 1 I.L I J-memane Kichhoi ¥1 hnikki U.hbs lRn(„hM,.i KvlcC;,eslcr, ClUs i lu!.huj Craiuh, Jennifer Gr Senior Leader -| J 1 ii Phot.iCouricsvul , lL-L,nKl).ni Melanie Davis Photography When I think about what being involved at the Univer- sity of Georgia has meant to me, I give you the teachers, advisors, the friends, and the memories that shaped me into the person that I am; I give you this place and all that we were so blessed to be a part of and all that we loved about being students at the University of Georgia from 1995-1999(+). I realize that in giving to this University it gave itself to me and enabled me to see this University from a perspective I might not of otherwise have had. I will leave Athens knowing that in my years here I met some of the greatest people in the world, and in knowing them, they, like the University of Georgia will always be a part of me. - | benior Leader | - Laura Lacy Feldman Genetics, Microbiology, English While at UGA, I have enjoyed the esteemed honor ot serving as the President of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Phi Mu Fraternity. As President, I have learned to manage an expansive budget, a 1 50-year old house, and a chapter of 1 5 1 women. I have also learned a great deal about myself. I have been forced to balance academics and responsibilities of leadership, and I have expanded my abilities as a communicator, organizer, and motivate. I leave The University of Georgia with fond memories of my experiences at this institution and with Phi Mu. v- - K.irtii Hayes Chad HollL-man Amy Hooper Seniors 257 Danielle Huhii J " ■ ' Emily Hyde 258 Seniors Debbie Ferguson Biology Pre-med For nu- a well rounded woman is one who cares about her mind, body, and community. I came from The Bahamas to UGA on a track scholarship in 1994. Because of my dedication to the idea of both student and athlete, 1 worked hard to excel in both areas. Academically, I was recognized on the SEC 1998 All SEC First Team and 1998 Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll. At UGA, I am a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Professional Honor Society and the Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society. Athletically, I have been NCAA champion three times and have been named NCAA All- American fifteen times. My greatest athletic accomplishment was winning The Silver Medal in the 1996 Adanta Olympic Games. Community betterment has always been important to me. I give my time, love, and talents to positively influence other people ' s lives. Since 1 995 I ha c been a mentor at Barrow Elementary School. In my home country, I am a Teen Pregnancy Volunteer Counselor and Homeless Shelter Volunteer. Every day offers new discoveries that can help us in our quest to be all that we are meant to be. Thanks to the University of Georgia, the Athletic Associa- tion, coaches, counselors, trainers, and professors for helping me to find my.self and reach out beyond my presumed abilities. Kathrvn |ol,ns„n Seniors 259 M 1 senior i caucr p m 35i wa Alex Greenberg Animal Science Although I have been involved hi various leadership experiences throughout my time at the University, the one that will have a lifelong effect is the experience that accompanies being a member ot the University of Georgia Swim Team. As a freshman, I was new to the outstanding traditions of the University and more specifically the swim team. I was surrounded by a group of people who dedicated at least five hours a day to each other. This factor has alone has incredible power to inspire one to achieve not only for personal gain, but for the benefit of all others. As my freshman year passed along with my sophomore and junior, 1 found myself in a unique situation. I remember how I looked to the upperclassmen for advise, support, and friendship. Now I am one of those leaders. I find it very rewarding to answer those awkward questions asked by the freshman with a comforting reply of experience and confidence. You see, leadership is not simply being " in charge " or " running things " . More impor- tantly, leadership includes understanding other people as well as providing a positive influence while representing the University and each other with honor, pride, and respect. So the Outstanding Senior Award is not embodied in myseh alone. 1 would like to represent the leadership qualities of the 1998-99 UGA Men ' s Swim Team Seniors. Leaders have come before us, and in line with tradition, they will continue to step forward ever) ' year. I «l Sindri Kent K innn KlsIu u kiJik Hcuhcr kiim Lk.nrn k.rkhnd Whitncv Korneg, ttte H ' H i jr. ■ iLI mJt M Tzu-Chuan Jane Huang Biochemistry Microbiology It is a difficult task to select a " most " outstanding experience, as my perspective has been shaped greatly by all the activities in which IVe participated. Upon reflec- tion, however, I choose my work with the Chinese Student Association; here was a place where I finally learned to feel comfortable with and proud of the merger of my assimilated American culture with my Chinese heritage and, more importantly, where I have realized that much work still needs to be done in the area of race relations. I am a firm believer in this quote from Shakespeare... " To thine own self be true " and encourage evervone to live bv it. IliifPl i Soo Jin Kim English Economics The best leadership experience that I have had at the Universit) ' of Georgia is hv hir being President of University Union. What makes it such a wonderl " ui organization is the people that I work with ever) ' day. Ever) ' one is so helpful, supportive, and just fun to work with, so no matter how difficult something may happen to be, I enjoy the work that I do. Being in olved with this school programming board has exposed me to so many new, educational, and entertaining things that I honestly feel that I have learned a great deal from University Union. I also have had the most wonderful advisors who have always given the students a lot of freedom and insight. Plus, the Board of Governors for the Union are such a diverse and fun group of students who can always be relied on, and they always make my job easy by working so hard. ' A ' Seniors 26S r mm Heather Melton Tamika Merritt o Christnphcr Middle £ ik Kanika Mitchc Meredith Mitche diki. Michcllf Mo, .11,1,1 .tf l t ' «- B. " I Senior Leader Jim Ludlam History Political Science To sum up the last tour years in merely one experience would not give justice to what my experiences at the University ot Georgia have offered me. The genius of the University is how it has opportunities for every single person to shine. I have had incredible memories thanks to several different organizations, but what I will always remember about my college days is that an enormous school of 30,000 can feel like a small family because of involvement. Action, not apathy, makes life enjoyable and exciting. I am so glad I could do many things, and I encourage everyone to do something. 1 senior Leaaer p Calista Bree Owens Public Relations (Pre-Law) The most rewarding leadership experience I have had at UGA has been my involvement in Student Judiciary. As a member of Defender Advocate Society, I was given the unique opportunit) ' to work with the Office of Judicial Programs in upholding and ensuring enforcement of University conduct regulations. My work with De- tender Advocate Societ) ' on behalf of the Universit) ' provided a wonderkil way for me to give something back to the UGA communit) ' which has so richly blessed my life. r.. ' a jb gg 268 Seniors Kv.111 Oliver Vlu Olivn An l)rd..,|ni Ml tL£Lik ' 3 Joanna P. Tamara Pcale Kajal Patel International Business I recruited and organized the volunteers to build two Habitat for Humanity houses in two years- over 1600 people built with us! Organizing took three months and involved a lot of communication and hard work. We had srtidents from 40 different student organizations work- ing with the new home owners, faculty, and Athens community. It was BEAUTIFUL! I was so happy that Habitat was able to bring people together with such diversirv, all working towards one goal. 1 oenior i.eaaei | =3© ' m Dallas R. Pride Consumer Journalism As a Student Marketing Assistant in our Department of Atinletics, I have the opportunity to be a httle closer to what I love the most: sports. In this capacity, I am serving as a role model by encouraging other students, especially women, to take the initiative to support and participate in women ' s athletics. The skills I have learned have equipped me with the skills a leader must possess: determination, commitment and a strong belief in what you are doing. My enthusiasm and appreciation for women ' s athletics are matched only by the player ' s love for the game. Sar.1 Ruhcrtson Sally Scrniprungsuk L. L £ I tlV. ' i pr,l Sh.tlu, Viun-An .Shih H..hhv Shirks April Dionne Ruffin Biology When I accepted the position as a Resident Assistant, I truly did not realize the many different roles that were involved. I became April the counselor, the disciplinar- ian, the teammate, the programmer, the role model, and the confidant. Also I had to be April the student. While there were many stressful nights I loved it. I loved the new challenges each day presented. Most oi all I loved helping others from resolving a roommate conflict to helping someone decide a major. Without a doubt, my role as a Resident Assistant was my most outstanding leadership experience at UGA. 1 senior Leaaer | Corey Thonus Jill Stephens Agricultural Communications As I look back on the past thtee yeats 1 have been a student at the University of Georgia, I begin to realize how much this place has changed me. I came to Athens a frightened freshman from a small, south Georgia town who was quiet, shy and nervous, but what I have become is all the more important- a Senior who is confident, poised and ready to conquer the wotld. I attribute this change to what I can say was my most rewarding experience at UGA, being an Of ientation Leader. Working as a summer Orientation Leader made me feel a sense ot pride to be a Bulldog, as I stood before groups of 500+ people and shared with them my wonderful college experience. I comforted nervous students and parents, led campus tours, answered questions on the spot in information sessions and c en got to be an actress in our skit. During that summer, I became those students ' first glimpse of the University and I wanted it to be perfect. With such a huge tesponsibility of leading groups of 30 students each session, I can say that the OL experience was like no other. To this day the summer of 1 997 was the best of my life and it forever changed my lite. Rchccc. Str.ckLind |gg 278 Seni -v :i % -.1 m AK Miir Dave Williams 1 rt wmJ 7 H A ' - 1 !• H I B ' ■ . B f 1 B mm H 1 ■I H m m fl MwM Bi 284 Seni Seniors 285 Juniors 1 Erica Brantley Cliassica Braynen kelli Bridgi " - • iHirahAiLlii Staa- BriH ' k Nklu.lf Brooks Dariiie Br ' j 4 Moliss.i Bro vl Micli.U ' l Buckrie |] yi 2 Leslie Carroll Juniors 28 Brian Corbett LrriLk eravvlord r Shannon D.nis Steplvmio Da i Mark DelRosari.. imimroi,, I April Dubson Patrick Doughortv kOian El-|oiirbagv Bryan Hlluif James Fllis tt luniors ! ' ■ ] lonv Kennc ' tiy Nicok ' Licickos 292 Juniors lelkl I Laura McCorklf Juniors 293 294 Juniors 297 LMS St ac Russell Kelvin S.Tmucl i M mt. Segu Kishia SluHiks April Sikes Sharon Smith 298 Juniors Juniors 299 KflK VVilluims H |HHHU Mich.iel Williams Tina Willingham Knox WitliLTs Paul ' li ' oung NkoIl- A-llv 300 Juniors Juniors 301 ,- % Sophomores Christopher 13 302 Sophomores Amandci Dodd Sophomores 303 Sara Greeson 304 Sophomores Sophomores 305 306 Sophomores Mitt K-iinikT HuuhEnv Sophomores 307 308 Sophomores Benjamin Potter Sophomores 309 Ml ' ' • " ffittni ira™ ' ' 1 S B Bl jM HiPlPS ' y p " " It ' 1 ■ M . tiJ gjl ' i -. te.: ' hoto Courtesy of Jennifer Hutchii 310 Sophomores Sophomores 31 Robert Sturgis keithr ii Sutton Tamika Sykes 312 Sophomores Sophomores 313 Mil muii 314 Sophomores Sophomores 315 Freshmen « Christie Canova Jason Coleman 316 Freshmen Freshmen 317 Will Gnmslev c:iiiii-tcsv nl Halcv Ha L ' Freshmen 310 320 Freshmen Steven Martin Freshmen 321 ' (jiiollrey McCann Hr.indv MeLook Todd Peaster Freshmen 525 324 Freshmen iBi Freshmen ?il ' 326 Freshmen Freshmen 327 liiiijBn i Freshmen 320 330 Freshmen Ifib. Er: ITED BY SUZAJM sIE Ky YES AINTD BRAJNTDY IVIARXIIST . GA Student Organizations As Recognized By The Department Of Student Activities Abncetoo Kou Honor Sociciy Ad Club African Student Union Ag Hill Council Agricultural and Applied !ic, riOir.i;:s Graduate Studonis Associati Agricultural and Envi.-onnienial Economics Club Agricultural Coir.nuin ' cators of Tomorrow Agronomy C-luh Aids Coalition ofNortlu-a t Georgia AIESHC Aikido Club All Campus Homecoming Committee Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Kappa Delta Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Omega Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Psi Alpha Sigma Rho Alpha Zeta American Chemical Society Student Affiliates American Society of Agricultural Engineers American Veterninary Medical Association American Water Resources Association Anthropology Graduate Student Organization Anthropology Society Applied Psychology Student Association Arch Society Asian Pacific American Law Students Association Association of School Psychologists Athens Tutorial Program Volunteer Organization Badminton Club Baha ' i Association of UGA Ballroom Performance Group Banking and Finance Society- Baptist Student Union Beta Alpha Psi Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society Biochemistr)- Graduate Student Association Biological and Agricultural Engineering Graduate Club Biological Engineering Club Biomedical Engineering Society Black Accountants, National Association Of Black Affairs Council Black Educational Support Team Black Journalists, National Association Of Black Law Students Association Black Theatrical Ensemble Botany Graduate Student Association Brass Gavel Leadership Society Buddhist Study Group Bulldog Amateur Radio Club Bulldog Christian Fellowship Campus Crusade for Christ Campus Now Caribbean Student Association Catholic Student Fellowship Cellular Biolog) ' Graduate Student Assn. Central Eastern European Club Ceramic Student Association Chess Club Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship Child and Family Development Graduate Student Organization Chinese Student Association Christian Campus Fellowship Christian Parmacists Fellowhsip International Cinematic Arts Circle K International College Bowl College RepublicansCollegiate FFA Collegiate Music Educators National Conference Committee For Black Cultural Programs Concert Bands Concert Choir Concert Dance Company Contemporary Chamber Ensemble Council On Consumer Interest Counseling Psychology Student Association Country Western Line and Coupke Dance Club Criminal Justice Society UGA Cycling Team Dance Marathon Delta Epsilon Iota Delta Sigma Pi Demosthian Literary Society Di Gamma Kappa Broadcasting Society Eckankar Ecology Club Entertainment Entomology Club, H.O. Lund Environmental Health Science Club Episcopal Center Equal Justice Foundation Equestrian Team Fabric Design Club Family Consumer Sciences, Student Association Of Fencing Club Flying Rat Toll Team Food Science Club Forestry Club Gamma Sigma Sigma Genetics Club Geography Graduate Student Organization Georgia Association of Nursing Students Georgia Christians Student Center Georgia Debate Union Georgia Graduate Forum Georgia League Georgia Model United Nations Georgia Outreach Georgia PAC Georgia Recruitment Team Georgia Wresding Global Partners Program Global Studies Association Globes Goethe Golden Key National Honor Society Graduate and Professional Scholars Graduate Business Association Graduate Minor ity Business Association Gtaduate Research in Educational Psychology Graduate Student Association Graduate Student Caucus Graduate Women ' s Business Association Hamagshim.m Hautbois Coterie Hillel Hispanic Student Association Horn Choir Horticulture Club Human Resource Mangement, Society For Ideas and Issues Indian Cultural Exchange (ICE) Indian Student Association Industrial Hygene Student Association Instructional Technology Students Association Insurance Society Integrated Fighting Systems Club Interfratenity Council International And Comparitive Law, GA Society Of Japanese Friendship Society 2 Bands I and II vish Law Students Associ. .glingClub ppa Delta Epsilon ppa Delta Pi tppa Psi Pha rate Club shima Shin Ryu Martial .rean Student Association OSS Kultures Magazine crosse Club, Women ' s mbda Alliance mbda Kappa Sigma nguage Education Citadu.i adership Resource Team elong Learning Associaiin iguist : Socii igazine Club alaysian Student Association arine Sciences Graduate Student Association ith Club jthematics Education Student Association edia Management Club en ' s Ciew icrobiology Graduate Student Association inorities in Agriculture and Applied Sciences ock Trial Board ortar Board National Senior Honor Society usic Thetapy Club usiim Student Association vcology Discussion Group UCP. UGA Chapter itional Association of Black Social Workers it.onall,.wvcr l,u,ld UKiii.i! I ' rcss rhc.iographer ' s Association itional Reh.ibilitaiiun Association Itional Student Speech Language Hearing A; ;uroscience Student Association lysseyOfTheMind nega Tau Sigma nicron Delta Epsilon nicron Delta Kappa ,en Bible Club lera Ensemble der ol Omega moja Dance Company Hellenic Council rforming Arts, U.U ■armacy, Academy Of Students Of Alpha Delta Law Fraternity Interi Alpha Theia li Beta Heata Beta Delta Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity Gamma Delta li Kappa Literary Socier) ' li Sigma Pi i Sigma Tau Sigma Epsilon llitical Science Society Pi Sign viiltry Science Club esbyterian Student Ccntet intmaking Student Associatior Chi Honor Society ology Club iblic Administration, GA Stud ilic Relations Student Society uetball Club Graduate Students, Association Of Estate Society (Creation And L .■dAnd Black Forum :dcoat Band :dcoat Christian Fellowship Community Council sidence Hall Association 10 Lambda I Alpha sFor America ; Studies Student Assoc. Rho Tau Rivers Of The World Rowing Club, Women ' s Rugby Club (Men ' s) Rugby Team (Women ' s) Russian Student Association S.H.A.R.E. Sagan Society Sailing Club Shotokan Karate Club Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sigma Tau Delta Skydivers Soccer (UGA Women ' s Club) Social Psychologists at Work Social Work Association (College) Social Work Doctoral Student Association Social Work Student Faculty Comm. Society For Creative Anachronism Society For Management Information Systems Society of Physics Students Society of Professional Journalists Speech Communication Association (Llndergr,Klu Speech Communication Graduate Forum Sphinx Club Sports Medicine Club Statistics Club Stillpoint Literary Magazine Straight But Not Narrow Student Council For Exceptional Children Student Dietetics Association Student Government Association Student Merchandising Association Student National Medical Association Student Personnel Association (UGA) Student Union of China Students Against Campus Crime Students For A Free Tibet Students For Environmental Awareness Summer Swim Team (Men ' s and Women ' s) Swing Club Symphonic Band Symphany Orchestra Table Tennis Club Tai Chi Chuan Club Tate Honof Society Team Handball Technology Education Collegiate Association Textile Chemists and Colorists Thalian Blackfriars Timothy Baptist Church Campus Ministry Trombone Choir Turf Club. Student Chapter of GCSAA UGAZINE Ultimate Frisbee Club, Men ' s UGA Christian Fellowship Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network University Chorus University Judiciary University Round Table University Union Vietnamese Student Association Visual Arts Volleyball Club (Men ' s) Wesley Foundation Whitewater Club Wildlife Sociery Women Law Student Association Women ' s Running and Walking Club Women ' s Studies Student Organization Women ' s Ultimate Frisbee Club Worldwide Discipleship Association WUOG, 90.5 FM Xi Delta Xi Sigma Pi Young Choreographers Series Young Democrats Young Life Leadership Organizations 335 ]s A A c ' p The purpose of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to promote equality for minorirv ' groups in the United States. The N AACP chapter at UGA conducts voter registration drives, stay in school programs and townhall meet- ings on race relations. NAA CP Executive Members President Erica Brantley Vice President Darius Pattillo Treasurer Meianie Washington Secrctar ' Bibiana Antoine Community Relations Jamika Benson Public Relations Errick Crawford Arts and Entertainment Lori Elmore Newsletter Artisha Johnson Parliamentarian Historian Derrick Bray Fundraiser Donjanea Eletcher Advisor Freda Scott-Giles CHORUS The University Chorus is a group dedicated to singing great musical works ranging from Renaissance- era pieces to those of more modern composers. The goal of the choir is to bring as many voices possible together to produce beautiful mu- sic. They are a non-audition choir, so entry is open to any man or woman who wishes to sing in a creative, focused environment. The Chorus typically performs two or more concerts per semester. They are a dedicated but fun group of people who believe that music should not be for voice majors, but for evervone. resident Karen Smith Vice President Librarian Amy Smith Attendance Secretary Paul Evans Social Chair Carla Brandon Publicity Kristina Heuman Heather Kirk 336 Organizations A S I D i!- Student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers helps design sttidents make a successful transition to the working wjrld. The club provides students with the opportuntiy to network with professionals in their field. Each year the club has a Halloween c( tumc parrs ' and a Spring Fling for it ' s members. As this year ' s project, the club provided both Thanksgiving and Christmas meals rci nccd ' hmiih ' . ASID Officers President Kim Johnson President Elect Lauren Darron Secretary Julie Cartwright Treasurer Lauren Milne i ' tihlic Relations tor Summer Williams the Art School Public Relations for June Isley Family Consumer Sciences Historian Reporter Audrey Janson Speech Procurer Jeanette Steeves N S S L H A The National Student Speech Language Hearing Association is a unique student organization that is heavily community-oriented. Foundedin 1972, it is the only national student organization that is recognized by its parent organization, the Ameri - can Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). Membership is extended to all under- graduates and master ' s candidates interested in studying communication sciences and disorders. NSSLHA is tirelessly involved in fundraising and has donated profits to organiza- tions such as Pediatric AIDS, Hear Now, and the MS Founda- tion. In addition to fundraising, the members volunteer at a Timo- thy Road Elementary School Reading Program, the Athens Au- tism Society, and the Athens Community Council for the Ag- ing. Also important to this orga- nization is continuing education that includes newsletters, speak- ers, a GRE prep seminar, and CSD review sessions. i S v ' - ' m NSSLHA President Vice President Secretary NSSLHA Treasurer COE Treasurer Historian Newsletter Senior Reps Junior Reps 2- Year Grad Rep 3- Year Grad Rep Officers Meredith David Katie Moore Elissa Smith Cindy Riddle Melissa Foley Lucy Tittle Sarah Meyer Shannon Kearney Allison Loftiss Tracy Ford Sam Atcherson Julie Titus Organizations 337 T , RATE riic UCA Kanuc Club has been teaching Tae Kvvon Do on campus since 1960. Their philosophy is that everyone can benefit in some vva ' from studying Martial Arts. The club participates in open tournaments throughout the year and hosts the annual St. Valentine ' s Day Classic. Members are extremely competitive when it comes to tournaments. They also emphasize the value of self-defense and self-discipline. W u Fr . fv€|i Tl J! UGA Karate Club Officers Chic-flnsr uctor Master Jim Couch Assistant Instrtictors Daniel Ancheta Mike Davis Mike Dean Matt Alston Morgan Flo Chris Weaver Ptesident Michelle Moody Vice President Josh Godbois FacLiitv Advisor Dr. John Dowd 338 Organizations R T fie Leadership Resource Team is an orgaiiizarion comprised of udent leaders committed to the development oi student orga- zations. The main focus of LRT is to act as a consultant to ■ganizations by providing programs on leadership topics at thei r quest. Currently, there are 35 different programs designed to ihance club members ' interest and commitment. Members :so provided Leadernotes for the campus, or information sheets n various topics. In addition, LRT hosts The Leadershi access Series, which consists of lectures and programs tailored ) further students ' growth as leaders. OT, I E T E T C S The Student Dietetic Association gives students the opportunity to explore career options available to nutritionists and dietitiai Interaction with peers and faculty outside the classroom, making professional contacts, and learning about dietetic internships are jij some of the benefits of the association. SDA members were also involved in different community service projects throughout the such as the Run Walk For Life and volunteering at the food bank. Student Dietetic Officers President Tricia Peterson Vice President Salli Chism Treasurer Steffanie Atkinson Secretan ' Tarvn McElhannon ACTOffiicers President Josh Allen ; President Megan Howard Treasurer Rachel Martin Secretary Johnie Tucker Reporter Becca Martin luncil Rep Terri Kimble ACT The Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow was devoted to combining uv highly specified areas of interest. Members could be Agricultural Communicatio majors or simply interested in the fields. ACT is a nationally recognized organize tion that encourages growth within the communications arena. A bimonthl newsletter captured the latest developments in the field and kept each chapter up date on relevant national news. ACT also kept members in contact with profession; associates, gave them writing and public speaking experience, and provided acce; to scholarships. In addition, members were encouraged every year to compel nationally in a critique contest. 340 Organizations ill iii J A z n Comprised ot over eighty highly dedicated ladies and gentlemen, Delta Sigma Pi is the Professional Business Fraternity. Their focus was on " fostering the study of business in universities, " and " encour- aging scholarship. " Yet, this well-rounded group was also involved in after school tutoring programs and the Booster Card Fund-raising that benefited local business owners. To encourage fellowship, many social functions were held throughout the year. Professional activi- ties included guest speakers and resume seminars. " If " III . ' ■1 ' Sandpiper-Beac Beach Resort AZn Officers President Brian Brown Senior Vice President Kim Cauthen VP of Public Affairs Beth Connor VP of Finance Chris Rodosta Secretar) ' Lauren Powell VP for Ch.ipter Operations John Mitchell Treasurer Scott Donaldson Chancellor Kevin Moore Historian Kim McGhee Co-Treasurer Heather Crygier VP tor Pledge Education Joel Goodrow VP [or Professional Amy Chastain Activities Alumni Secretary Jen Jones Organizations 341 t N S U R A N C The Insurance Socien is j oroup geared toward the promotion of interaction between it ' s students and professionals in the Insurance industry. It also served as a way to increase contact among Insurance faculty and students. The members were provided with th. opportunity to present themselves to over 40 recruiters as well as having their resumes complied in a book that was sent out to variou fnms. F.ach year the socierv also sponsors a Fall Picnic Social, Career Day, Spring Banquet and quarterly meetings. Insttrance Society Officers President Tina Deukniaji ' ice President JeffFlome Treasurer Kevin Garrison Secretar) ' Angela Crawford Co-Publicity Tinsley Davis Chris Magina Coordinators Hillary Silvers Daniel Baltz Advisor Dr. Sommer Gamma Iota Sigma is a professional honors fraternity organized to promote, encourage, and sustain interest in insurance and risk management as a profession. The fraternity encourages high ethical and scholastic attainments and facilitates the interaction and cooperation of education institutions, industry and professional organizations. The group sponsored the " Intern For a Day " program that allowed members to spend a day at the offices of participating companies. The annual insurance management seminar is a conference that gave the members yet another opportunity for professional exposure. Gamma Iota Sigma Officers President Vice President of Communications Chad Goare Meli Hall Vice President of Finance ' X Baylor Student Relations Officer y " Harrison Advisor Dr. Steven Potti 342 Organizations R U N N I N W A K I N ' " he Women ' s Running and Walking Club was lounded in 1996 to provide women in the Athens area with a saite alternative to lixercising alone. The comoraderie of the club provided more motivation to run. Group runs were planned at bimonthly meetings, peakers came and spoke on topics ranging from nutrition to safety. The group also coordinated local road races and walks. This year, members particiapted in several races such as the Atlanta Ekidn (a team marathon relay), and the Six Miles at Six Flags race. Walki}ig Officers I ' rLsidcnt Shelle Schwamberger Vice President Stacie Schwamberger Secretar) ' Meg Snoke Treasurer Kim Darrow B. E. S. T. " he Black Educational Support Team, or B.E.S.T., is an organization composed of student leaders who provide peer support for first-year and transfer students. Sponsored by the Office of Minority Services and Programs, B.E.S.T. stressed academic achievement, student eadership, and involvement in student activities. To enhance the university experience for nany newcomers, the B.E.S.T. counselors took on the role of a support system. The - ccomplished this by setting up social activities and providing academic assistance for their tudents. The B.E.S.T. objective is to increase the number of minority students on campus. B.E.S.T. Counselors Reginald Alexander Kendrall Graham Kelli Parker Bianee Barksdale Mia Jackson Tamara Pealei ntesia Beaslev Stacy Jackson Ronda Price pnl Benson Veronica Jelks Martella Reid lamika Benson Charles Jennings. Jr April Ruffin Chassica Braynen Sharekia Jones Cedric Sirmons Dangg Brown Mia Long Terrence Steele Charnerra Colton Katlyne Louissant Mvlena Sutton Errick Crawford Yolanda Martin Malika Terrv Jamelia Davis Kellie McKenzie Kim Thornton Sabrina Ellison Kay Milliner Shakendra Toombs Sirniancha Ellison Khristal Moore Chris Walker Donjanea Fletcher Wakeelah Moore Shabeth Watson Drew Gerald Lisa Muhammad LVma Odum Celathia Williams rwwsrrs Organizations 343 Av fG- H iIl AG Hill Council is the governing body for all .south campu;, student organizations. These include clubs from the College o Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Family and C on sumer Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and the Warnell School o Forest Resources. Their main purposes included piomotmg harmony bctw ' een the students, faculty, and administration o the colleges, serving as the voice across UGA for south campus and allocating funds for student organizations. AC, Hill alsc organized service and social activities for students. BKj T RLliiSH W y fJAP WBpW AG Hill Officers President John McCormick ice President Julia Kornegay Treasurer Josh Allen Secretar) ' Megan Howard iriiamenrarian Aaron Shurtleff Alumni Rep. Andy Whiten 344 Organizations ifti K 4 he Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity is an organization committed to preparing students for the buisness world. Members participated in unique mixture of professional, social and leadership activities on campus and in the community. Alpha Kappa Psi has the distinct putation of being the only professional buisness fraternity on campus with a house. In bet, one ot this year ' s goals was to further novate the structure. The fraternity worked towards the Alpha ppa Psi national award for an excellent chapter. The group w, heavily involved in local charities. Chapter President Melissa IntVeldt Corporate President Gilbert Miller Master of Rituals Charlie Gunti Chapter Secretary Lauren Irving Chapter Treasurer Amy Echols Corporate Vice President Kendall Starr Duttor Corporate Treasurer David Todd Vice President of Pledges Seth Canterbury Vice President of Performance Jennifer Storey Vice President of Professional Alexa Smith Vice President of Public Relations Kim Nungesser Vice President of Social Mark Weeks Vice PResident of Membership Leslie Carroll Warden Tony Uhrich Historian Joanna Stovall Alumni Secretar) ' Joelle Schatzel Intramural Chair Stacy Slowik Parliamentarian Jennifer Wildt Resource Manager Katie Wahl Secretary of Information Systems Talal Ghosheh Organizations 345 C A R I SA tf-¥i " The Caribbean Stiidcpi Association, founded in 1992, aims to unite those who share a love of i,sland Hfe. Better known as Caribsa, the organization provides a learning environment for all. " For instance, contrary to popular belief, [the islanders] eat more than Jerk Chicken, listen to more than Bob Mariey, and marijuana is NOT [their] primarv ' export. " Through nriusic, food, and cultural tales, Caribsa brought " the flavor of the Caribbean to Athens. " =if r CARIBSA Officers President Kylie Hamilton Vice President Sonal Harbaran Secretaries Arlene Martin Lisa Morgan Public Relations Kellee Richards Shanese Armstrong Events Coordinators Fasha Lewis Vanessa Glover Treasurer Jillian Stewart Historians Leonette Kemp Anura Harbaran 346 Organizations fi B. J. The purpose of the National Association ot Black Journalists is to strengthen ties amongAfrican American journalists, pro- mote diversity in newsrooms, and to honor outstanding achievement in the media industry. NABJ Officers Picsidciu Jamika Benson Vice President Cassandra Heard Treasurer Sean Faulkner Secretaries Renita Ward Johnnesha Stiggles Histt)rian Kenny Williams Pi Sigma Epsilon is the only national, professional fraternity in sales and marketing. It offers practical experience to members through active involvement in sales and marketing projects, marketing research, profes- sional programs, community service, social events, and general chapter operations. To enrich membership, they hosted football tailgates, retreats, trivia nights, and holiday parties. n I E Pi Sigfua Epsilon Officers President Chrissy Godwin VP of Administration Kori Patterson Lisa Brown VP of Finance Jessica Squires VP of Human Resources Becky Holmes Robyn Miller VP of Marketing Stephanie Moore VP of Public Relations Shiketa Jones Adam Causey Gerry Smith Aimee Greco Kim Koonce- Stebbins Suzie Senk Krj ' stal Moore Ching Wang Faculry Advisors Kevin Ellis Dr. Tom Leigh National Advisor Teresa Baily Organizations 347 K D E The Universiry of Georgia Kappa Delta Epsilon - Alpha Epsilon Chapter - is an honor societ}- for The College of Education, and one of the most active honor societies on campus. KDE s members are undergraduates with a 3.3 GPA or higher and graduate students with a 3.5 or higher. The aims of KDE hicluded, but were not limited to, such goals as promoting pride in education as a career choice; recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievement in scholarship, service, and leadership; promoting individual achievement in preparation for a career in education; uniting men and women in an active professional organization for the UGA campus and the educational commu- nity that will enhance the accomplishments of these huure educators. When translated, the Cheek words mean " Circle of well trained teachers. " 348 Organizations I KDE Officer Team President Marianne Cordell First Vice President Swati Shah Second Vice President Sara Kienast Corresponding Secretan, ' Leanne Peters Recording Secretary Linda McAllister Treasurer Tiffany Johnson Parliamentarian Emily Clonts Historian Edee Payne Advisor Dr. Frank Flanders Council Members Julie Ackeret Jennifer Arroyo Angela Brown Shannon Kearney Jenny Leeper Lisa Levin Tiffany Pongsomboom Organizations 349 Q 4 F c The purpose of the Srudcnt Association of Family and Con- sumer Sciences is to empower students to contribute to the optimal well-being of families and individuals through educa- tion, professional development, service, and networking oppor- tunities. Activities this year included a trick-or-treat for McPhaul, a Kids Day , an adopt-a-kid program, an Easter egg hunt at the Athens Boys and Girls Club, and food drives. SAFCS Officers Co-chairs Robyn Baxter April Griggs Secretar) ' Belissa Anderson Treasurer Julie Henson Advisors Connie Rash Gladys Shelton 350 Organizations H S C nee its beginning in I960, the Honors Program has come to be ■cognized for its high standards, and for the opportunities and ' iiallenges it offers undergraduates in all disciplines, majors and :hools. The Program ' s 2000 students represent about 8% of UGA ndergraduates. The Honors Program Student Council is made up if 28 students. The Council consists of the Executive Board and pmniittees dealing with publicity, hospitality, recruitment, service, [)cial activities, and the web page. The Council seeks to provide lonors students with academic programs, informative Coffee Talks, prvice events, social activities, and intramural sports teams. HPSC Officers Co-Prcsidcnts Jason Reingold Nicole Zellweger Co-Secretaries Brian Basinger Christy Entrekin Hospitalit 7Recruitmenc Chairpersons Jehan Ei-Jourbagy Bill Raskind Service Chairperson Chitra Thadhani Social Chairperson Clay Moore Web Mistress Megan Jones Grad Assistant Tina Bnant Organizations 351 H I The Phi Kappa Liu-rary Society is a Hterary debating society which was founded n 1820 by Josh Henn ' Lumpkin for the purpose of improving the oratorical and Hterary skills of its members. The Society still exists today to promote improvement in both speaking and writing among its members and guests. Since the refoundmg of the Phi Kappa Literar) ' Society in 1991, the organization has endeavored to both maintain close relations with its alumni and to provide a forum on the campus for excellence in oratory and debate The Socierv celebrated its 179th anniversary in February. P ji Kappa Officers President Mathew Nee 1st Vice President Cade Joiner 2nd Vice President Brandon Butler Secretar} ' Carole Van Sickle Chief justice Jennifer Martin Cieri Sarah McAfee Associate justice Steven Simko Historian Josh Hoge Treasurer JeffBriks Sergeant-At-Arms Katie Burgess Chancellor Camille Tribble 352 Organizations use he Undergraduate Speech Communication Association brings ludents together that are interested in the communications pro- ram. USCA was dedicated to providing its members with infor- liation regarding internships, job searches, and possible career laths. Activities included producing a newsletter, participating in i ' sCommuniversirv ' and holding resume portfolio workshops. J H r W USCA Executive Officers President Matt Kilgos Vice President Of Public Relations Todd McLure Amy Sanders Vice President of Meeting Planning Rebecca Cheney Rachel Bruns N ' ice President of Social Activities Events Tara Tyler Vice President of Finances Heather McCleskey Faculty Co-Advisors Dr. Roxanne Parrott Dr. John Hocking % Organizations 353 X I D The purpose ofXi Delta is to cultivate a true spirit of friendship among its members and to encourage, aid, and protect each other by all honorable means during life. In every action, they hoped to attain " the highest sense of honor and duty. " Some of the activities this year included a Adopt-A-Highway pro- gram, a Magnolia Ball, a Sister Retreat, and a Halloween Crush Party. Xi Delta Executive Officers President Sara Sermprungsuk Vice President Kelly Lawson Secretar) ' Natalie Bush Treasurer Jessica Schulz Parliamentarian Melanie Rotchford Rush Chair Yasemin Arsan 354 Organizations a ROUND he University Round Table provides about 400 indi ' iduals with opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions over current Students, faculty professional staff, and members ot the rhens-Clarke County community meet twice a semester to share leir diverse backgrounds and individual viewpoints. One meeting egins with a prominent speaker ' s presentation that is designed to voke debate during dinner. The second is a Dessert Discussion consists of open discussion, sweets, and coffee. TABLE University Round Table Board Students President Brooke Raily VP for Finance Garrett Nelson VP Membership Richie Jones VP Programming Becky Rice VP Communications Erin Brown Recorder Gwen Motz Faculty Speech Communications Dr. Bonnie Dow Chemistry Dr. Charles Kutal Romance Languages Dr. Nancy K. Paulson Student Affairs Dr. Rick Rose Community Joan Zitzelman Art Jackson Peggy Galis Organizations 355 C PHINX: THE HIGHEST A STUDENT 1. Andrew H. I ' atieison 73. Daniel y. Sage 145. Aaron B. Bernd 2. William D. Hooper 7 ' i. Isaac C. Levy- 146. Russell H. Patterson 3. Lawrence D. Coilirin ' s. Lansing B. Lee 147. Victor Victor 4. Garrard Glen 76. J. Loring Raoul 148. Hoyt. H. Welchel 5. Charles R. Andrews 77. James J. Ragan 149. LewisA. Pinkussohn 6. Edgar E.Pomerroy 78. Robert S. Parker 150. Clark HowelL Jr. 7. Alexander P. Adams 79. George P. Whitman 151. David K. McKamy 8. William S. Ulun 80. William L. Envin 152. David F. Paddock 9. Charles X ' . Davi. 81. Harrison J. S. Jones 153. John G. Henderson 10. Marion D. DuBose 82. Carroll D. Cabaniss 154. Edward J. Hardin 11. Roberr P. Jones 83. William G.Brantley, Jr. 155. George S. Whitehead 12. Andrew J. McBride 84. Philip R Weltner 156. James AB. Conyers 13. Roberr J. Travis 85. Ambrose H. Carmichael 157. Charles W. Jacobson 14. -l-inslcyW. Rucker.Jr. 86. Richard K. Smith 158. Hugh L. Hodgson 15. Merrir M. Thurman 87. William W. Brown 159. Robert W. Wesley 16. John Banks 88. Frank H. Martin 160. George L. Harrison 17. Remer L. Denmark 89. Charles N. Fiedelson 161. Charles M. Tanner, Jr. 18. John E.Hall 90. John K. McDonald, Jr. 162. William H.Quarterman, J 19. Richard M. Charlron 91. Henry L. J. Williams 163. Robert L. Callaway, Jr. 20. Harry H. Hull 92. Robert H. Jones, Jr. 164. Joel B. Mallet 21. Horace C. Johnson 93. Sidney O. Smith 165. Thomas A. Thrash 22. James B. Ridley 94. Morton S. Hodgson 166. MaxL.Segall 23. William B. Rirch.e 95. Herman P. De LaPerriere 167. William H. Sorrels 24. John B. L Erwin 96. Floyd C. Newton 168. William O. White 25. Ferdinand P. Cilhoun 97. Claude L. Derrick 169. John P. Stewart 26. Frank L. McCurchen 98. Wylie C. Henson 170. NeilL.Gillis,Jr. 27. Augustus L. Hull 99. John B. Harris 171. Rolf Sims. Jr. 28. HenryJ. Umar 100. Young B.Smith 172. John H. Carmical 29. Wilson M. Hardy 101. Daniel H. Redfearn 173. Howard H.McCall, Jr. 30. Noel P. Park 102. Jerome C. Michael 174. Irvine M.Levy 31. Walrer J. Hammond 103. Dwighr L. Rogers 175. Hinron F. Longino 32. Lamar C. Rucker 104. Edgar V. Carter, Jr. 176. Richard W. Courts 33. Sterling H. Blackshear 105. James E.Lucas 177. Lucius H. Tippett 34. Marvin M. Dickinson 106. Harle G. Bailey 178. Otto R. Ellars 35. Andrew M.Calhoun 107. Edward M. Brown 179. Roger H. West 36. Cam D. Dorsey 108. HoseaA. Nix 180. Robert L. Foreman, Jr. 37. Marion S. Richardson 109. Omer W. Franklin 181. James M. Hatcher 38. Bilhngton S. Walker 110. EralbertT. Miller 182. Dewey Knight 39. Sanders A. Beaver 111. Henderson L. Lanham, Jr. 183. Louis S.Davis 40. Francis M. Ridley 112. Hinton B. B. Blackshear 184. Wallace P. Zachry 41. Glenn W. Legwen 113. Washington Falk. Jr. 185. Irvine Phinizy 42. Samuel R. Jaques 114. Alexander R. MacDonnell 186. Robert D. O ' Callaghan 43. Ralph Meldrin 115. Herbert C. Hatcher 187. Charles M. Candler 44. Marion H. Smith 116. PaulL. Bardett 188. William M. Dallas 45. Wallace M. Miller 117. Edgar L. Pennington 189. Claude H. Satterfield 46. Minor Boyd 118. Edwin W.Moise 190. Frank W. Harrold 47. William R. Turner 119. George C. Woodrufif 191. William D. Miller 48. Julian F. Baxter 120. Evans V. Heath 192. Arthur Pew, Jr. 49. Harold W. Setron 121. Millard Rewis 193. Robert E.LSpence, Jr. 50. John D. Bower 122. Robert B. Troutman 194. Chester W. Slack 51. Frampron E. Ellis 123. Arthur K. Maddox 195. John R. Slater 52. Frank B. Anderson 124. JohnA. Siblev 196. Everett W. Highsmith 53. Roberr P. Brooks 125. Lloyd D.Brown 197. Ashel M.Day 54. Lucien P. Goodrich 126. Clifford Brannen 198. Charles Strahan 55. Isaac S. Hopkins 127. George T. Northen 199. Hillary H. Mangum 56. Joseph 1. Killorm 128. W.lham A. Mann 200. William H. Stephens 57. Marmaduke H. Blackshear 129. Harold D. Meyer 201. Preston B. Ford 58. Virlyn B. Moore 130. Benton H. Walton 202. Nathan Jolles 59. Thomas W. Connallv 131. David R. Peacock 203. Owen G. Reynolds 60. George W. Nunnallv 132. Virgin E. Durden 204. John P. Carson 61. Theodore T. Turnbull 133. Charles E. Martin 205. Walter D. Durde n 62. Walrer W, Patterson 134. Edgar B. Dunlap 206. Welborn B. Cody 63. Arrhur R. Sullivan 135. Robert L. McWhorter 207. Malcomb A. McRainey 64. Charles H. Cox 136. Robert H. Freeman 208. William F. Daniel 65. Roderick H. Hill 137. Zachary S. Cowan 209. Ellis H.Dixon 66. Harold W. Telford 138. Edward M. Morgenstern 210. Freeman C. McClure 67. Arthur L. Hardy 139. James M Lynch 211. Lewis H.Hill 68. John E. D. Younge 140. Henry L. Rogers 212. George J. Clark 69. Walter O. Mashburn 141. Bentley H. Chappell 213. Charles A. Lewis 70. Hugh M.Scott 142. Casper 1. Funkenstem 214. Joseph |. Bennett, Jr. 71. John A. Brown 143. Frank Carrer 215. JohnA.Hosch 72. George Hains, Jr. 144. Tinsley R. Ginn 216. Charles G. Henry 217. James K. Harper 290. Frederic Solomon 218. Herbert H. Maddox 291. Virlyn B.Moore, Jr. 219. Josh L. Watson 292. Wiliiam T. Maddox 220. Charles R. Anderson 293. James M. Richardson. |r. 221. Edward M.Gurr 294. Morton S. Hodgson, Jr. 222. HerveyM. Cleckley, 111 295. Troy R. Thigpen, Jr. 223. Walter C. Carter, Jr. 296. Robert G. Stephens, Jr. 224. William Tare 297. John W. Calhoun, III 225. Charles F. Wiehrs 298. DeNean Stafford. Jr. 226. John H. Fletcher 299. John P. Bond 227. James D. Thomason 300. Harry S. Baxter 228. John H. Hosch, Jr. 301. Winburn T. Rogers 229. Thomas F. Green, IV 302. JohnD. Bowden.Jr. 230. Walter E. Sewell 303. Joseph C. Strong 231. Lester Hargrett 304. Augustus L. Rogers 232. Charles L. Gowen 305. James W. Wise 233. Martin E. Kilpatrick 306. William T. Benntett. |r. 234. John D. Allen 307. William C. Hawkins 235. Horace D. Shattuck 308. Robert T. Anderson 236. George D. Morton 309. Wade C. Hoyt, Jr. 237. Gwinn H. Nixon 310. Charles C. Harrold, Jr. 238. Alexis A. Marshall 311. Charles B.Anderson, Jr. 239. Carlton N. Mell 312. Edward H. Baxter 240. Ernest P. Rogers 313. Dyar E. Massey, Jr. 241. Walter T. Forbes, Jr. 314. Seaborn A Roddenberry, III 242. George S. Johnson 315. Morris B. Abram 243. James R. Chambliss 316. Floyd C. Newton, Jr. 245. Allen W. Post 317. James Q.Lumpkin, Jr. 246. AlexanderA. Clay, 111 318. Robert B. Troutman, Jr. 247. Frank K.Boland, Jr. 319. Robert P. McCuen 248. IveyM. Shiver, Jr. 320. Ambrose G.Cleveland, Jr. 249. William H.Young, Jr. 321. Robert C. Norman 250. Isaac K. Hay 322. Julian D. Halliburton 251. George E. Florence, Jr. i2i. Isma L. Price, Jr. 252. Thomas A. Nash 324. Howell Hollis, Jr. 253. Thomas J. Hamilton, Jr. 325. Kenneth A. McCaskill 254. Benjamin H. Hardy 326. William S.Smith, Jr. 255. Hallman L. Standi 327. Lee T.Newton 256. Daniel C. Tully 328. Jack B. Matthews 257. Roberr L. Patterson, Jr. 329. Ernest S.Vandiver, Jr. 258. Hoke S. WofiFord 330. Frank L. Gunn 259. John S. Chandler 331. Alpha A. Fowler, Jr. 260. Glenn B. Laurzenhiser 332. Clarence J. Smith, Jr. 261. Rufus B. Jennings 333. Bernard C.Gardner, Jr. 262. Craig Barrow 334. Verner F. Chaffin 263. Robert G. Hooks 335. John C. Meadows, Jr. 264. Joseph H. Boland 336. Clifford C. Kimsey 265. Guy C. Hamilton, Jr. 337. Thomas C. Penland 266. James J. Harris 338. John B. Miller 267. William A. Kline 339. Woodie A. Parree, Jr. 268. Kankakee Anderson 340. Frank F. Sinkwich 269. James W. Palmour, Jr. 341. IrbyS. Exiey 270. Henry G. Palmer 342. Wllington M. Norman 271. Frank K. McCutchen 343. Forest L. Champion, |r. 272. DuPont G. Harris 344. George D. Lawrence 273. Robert D. Feagin 345. Jesse G. Bowles 274. Mattox L. Purvis 346. James P. Miller 275. Joseph M. Oliver 347. Aubrey R. Morris 276. Marvin H. Cox 348. James C. DeLay 277. Ellis G. Arnall 349. Fluker G. Stewarr 278. Herbert S. Maffett 350. Charles L. Trippi 279. Sanford W. Sanford 351. John E.Sheffield, Jr. 280. John W. Maddox 352. William F. Scott, Jr. 281. Mark D. Hollis 353. Frank S.Cheatham. Jr. 282. William C. Latimer 354. Dan M. Edwards 283. Vernon S. Smirh 355. Robert M. Joiner 284. William M.Strickland, Jr. 356. Dempsey W. Leach 285. James W. Mclntire 357. William H. Burson 286. Charles M. Gaston 358. Melburne D. McLendon 287. McCarthy Crenshaw 359. John Ranch 288. William M. Hazelhurst 360. Albert M. Wilkinson, Jr. 289. Leroy S.Young 361. KirkM. McAlpin EfN NON-ACADEJVIIC HONOR CAN ATTAIN ' ' « ' !« S»!o,. » ' 0St,j .?. Bnan K. Whitchursi 435. Thomas K. Denn.ird, |r. :3. John E. Griffin 437. James P. Walker. Jr. ;i Harry L.Wingatc, Jr. 438. Thomas H. Lewis, Jr. 5. James L. Bentley 439. Thomas R.Burnside, Jr. hS. Porter O. Payne 440. James P. Yarborough ' 7. James A. Andrew 441. Charlie B. 8. Samuel R. Burns 442. Had T. Leonard 19. Harold c. Walraven, |r. 443. Francis A. Tarkenton (0. Robert J. Heale ' 444. Thomas M. Blalock 1. Raleigh G. Br -ans 445. Ronald L. Case 2. Lawrence T. Crimmins 446. Linton R. Dunson 13. George R. Reinhardt 447. WycliffA. Knox.Jr. 4. William A. Elinburg, Jr. 448. Br ' ant F.Hodgson, Jr. 5. William B. Phillips 449. John H. Crawford, III ly k. Walter T.Evans 450. Augustus B. Turnbull, III «T f„ !J7. Thomas A. Wadell 451. William R. Montfort, Jr. ' ' ™T,B,„„„|, l8. Robert S. McArthur 452. James H. Blanchard 9. Edward L.Dunn. Jr. 453. Edward T. M. Garland ' 0. Michael E. Mcrola 454. Wyatt T.Johnson, Jr. 1. William H. Justice 455. Richard M. Lea 2. Nikolas P. Chivihs 456. James L. Aldridge 3. Michael W. Edwards 457. Albert W. F. Bloodworth ■A. Talmadge E. Arnette 458. Jake L. Saye ; « .,),, 15. Carl J. Turner 459. BenB.T.ite " AMffllml :6. Claude M. Hipps 460. Charles B. Haygood, Jr. «B.,(1,» ' 7. Burton s. Middlebrooks 461. Alexander W. Patterson JtS.,.,),, ;8. Henry G. Woodward 462. Larry C. Rakestraw Q k)-, 19. Cecil R. Spooner 463. David C. Tribby nB.T«cj,, 10. Howard K. Holladay 464. Charles L. Bagby ' •f.McCB n. Phil C. Beverly 465. John L. Rhodes, Jr. (KCQivdlflll 12. Roland C.Stubbs. Jr. 466. McCarthy Crenshaw, Jr. nCSom. " 13. Hassel L. Parker 467. Neal H. Ray D.H „, 14. Robert K. West 468. Donald C. Dixon LPnc.),, 5. James D. Benefield, Jr. 469. James C. Pitts IH.IM., )6. Wesley L. Harris 470. George B. Watts Mam )7. Frank V. Salerno 471. Bruce G. Bateman «.S,SAJ,. )8. William D. Moselev 472. George W. Darden Nto 9. Charles R. Adams, jr. 473. William Roy Grow Miiiliw 0. Daniel W. KJtchens 474. Turner Lynn Hughes iVufaJt. 1. Edmund R. Bratowski 475. Robert Glenn Ett ' er LGb 2. Donald D. Branyon, Jr. 476. William Morgan House Uo.let,|r, 3. Randall T. Maret 477. William Ralph Parker c ),S«lJ,. 4. John R. Carson 478. Robert Foster Rhodes CGittorJi, 5. Robert L. Blalock 479. Dennis Lee Fordham .ri,s. ' ! 6. Logan R. Patterson 480. Rutherford C. Harris 7. Quentin R. Gabriel 481. Thomas W. Lawhorne, Jr. 8. Jay D. Gardner 482. John Michael Ley 9. Frank W. Seller 483. William Porter Payne 0. Richard P. Trotter 484. Pharis Randall Seabolt 1 1. Joseph P. O ' Malley 485. Robert Lee Williams 1 2. Kermit S. Perry 486. George Albert Dasher 1 3. JuleW.Felton.Jr. 487. Robert E. Knox, Jr. ,1 4. Jabez McCorkle, HI 488. Henr) ' E. Lane 1 5. JohnJ.Wilkins.IlI 489. Robert E. Chanin 1 6. Norman S. Fletcher 490. James L. Pannell 1 7. Lindsay H. Bennett. Jr. 491. Paul Cleveland Tedford 1 8. Robert S. Lowery, Jr. 492. Thomas Lewis Lyons 1 9. Donald G. Joel ' 493. James Robert Hurley 1 0. John R. O ' Toole 494. Andrew M. Scherfius 2 .Joel J. Knight 495. Williiam P. Bailey 2 2. Edward W. Killorin 496. Cader B. Cox, II 2 3. George M. Scheer, |r. 497. Thomas A Nash, Jr. 2 i. Joseph H. Marshall 498. Earl D. Harris 2 X Nathan G. Kn.ght 499. Patrick L. Swindall }■ Robert A. Rowan 500. Joel 0. Wooten, Jr. 2 7. David K. Holhs, Jr. 501. Charles William Griffin 2 . Monte W. Markham 502. Joseph H. Fowler 2 . 503. Michael S. Wright 3 . Jay C. Cox 504. Chades T. Hall 3 . Ben S. McElumurray. Ir. 505. Robert P. Killian 3 ■ Harry E. Hendrix 506. James S. Watrous 3 . Theron C. Sapp 507. Anderson S. Johnson 3 . Bp, ' ce W. Holcomb 508. Thomas M. Melo 509. Charles H. Bund 510. Robert E. Tritt 511. Manuel Diaz. Jr. 512. John McKissick 513. Michael P. Haggerry 514. Georgia Robert Reinhardt 515. Benjamin H. Cheek 516. JohnA. Gilleland 517. Glynn A. Harrison 518. Carl E. Westmoreland, Jr. 519. J. Rivers Walsh 520. Kevin L. Knox 521. William Harry Mills 522. James Rayford Gofif 523. Alexander H. Booth 524. John Henry Hanna, IV 525. Gordon Allen Smith 526. John Michael Levengood 527. Leonard W. fussell 528. Jefifrey Young Lewis 529. Willie Edward McCIendon 530. Samuel Scott Young 531. David C. Jensen 532. Bret Thurmond 533. Carl Michael Valentine 534. Jeffrey T. Pyburn 535. James B.Durham 536. Rex Robinson 537. Scott Woerner 538. Gregory C. Sowell 539. Christopher C. Welton 540. Francisco P. Ross 541. Drew Harvey 542. Keith Wayne Mason 543. Clay D. Land 544. FrankJ. Hanna, III 545. Terrell L. Hoage 546. Thomas H. Paris, III 547. Knox Culpepper 548. Mikael Pernfors 549. HolgerWeis 550. Joseph B. Atkins 551. Stuart E. Smith 552. Stephen W. Smith 553. James B. Ellington 554. Thomas K. Foster 555. Brett M. Samsky 556. Stephen M. McCarter 557. Kim Stephens 558. Stephen C. Enochs 559. Mark A. Lewis 560. William M. Ray 561. Tammie M.Tate 562. James W. Childs 563. Alec C. Kessler 564. Mark D. Johnson 565. Kelly R. Curran 566. CaleH. Conley 567. Vernon E. Googe 568. Nevada Ann Waugh 569. Gregory Alan Gunter 570. Matthew William Nichols 571. Robert Kirk Harris 572. Don Ray Christian, Jr. 573. J. Todd Peterson 574. William Alex Millen 575. Eric Royce Zeier 576. Middleton Albert Parker, Jr. 577. Andrea Lee Bortoms 578. Travis Jones 579. Kristopher B. Nordholz 580. Natalie A. Dopson 581. Brians. Smith 582. Robert M. Sutherland 583. Donald A. Grimsley 584. Vijaya R. Palaniswamy 585. Robyn A. Painter HONORARY MEMBERS: A. Henry C. Brown B. George P. Buder C. Samuel H. Sibley D. Edward E. Doughertv E. Walter A. Harris F. Holcombe Bacon G. Mansfield P. Hall H. Frank Kells Boland I. Henry G. Colvin J. Walter S. Cothran K. John W. Spain L. John T. Dorsey. M. Frank R. Mitchell N. Harry Dodd O. Charles Black P. Walter R. Tichenor Q. George T. Jackson R. Walter B. Hill S. Charles M. Snelling T. David C. Barrow U. Robert E. Park V. Henry C.White W. Andrew M. Soulc X. Willis H. Bocock Y. Steadman V. Sanford Z. Chades M. Strahan AA. Herman J. Stegeman BB. William S. morris CC. George F. Peabody DD. Ernest A. Lowe. EE. Thomas J. Woofter FF. Thomas W. Reed GG. HarryJ. Mehre HH. Harry A. Edmunds II. Harold Hirsch JJ. Edgar L. Secrest KK. Harmon W. Caldwell LL. Paul W. Chapman MM. Robert R.Gunn NN. John D. Wade GO. Hughes Spalding PP. Charles H. Herrj- QQ. Ellis M. Coulter RR. William O. Payne SS. James W. Butts TT. HenryA. Shinn UU. William M. Crane W. William O. Collins WW. Erie E.Cocke, Jr. XX. Omer C. Aderhold T. John E. Drewery ZZ. Herman E. Talmadge AB. Robert O. Arnold AC. Charles J. Bloch AD. Frank D. Foley AE. Roy V. Harris AF. Joseph A. Williams AG. Thomas H. Lokey AH. Richard B. Russell Al. Paul Brown AJ. John O. Edison AK. James A. Dunlap AL. Philip M. Landrum AM. Marion Tyus Butler AN. John L. Cox, Jr. AO. Marion B. Folsom AP. Eugene R. Black, Jr. AQ. Harold M. Heckman AR. Marvin B. Perry AS. Carl E. Sanders AT. JackJ. Spalding, III AU. Augustus O. B. Sparks AV. James W. Woodruff, Jr. AW. William L. Dodd AX. Francis M. Bird AY. Pope F. Brock AZ. Robert C. Wil.son BA. B. Sanders Walker BC. Inman Brandon BD. Jesse Draper BE. Alex A. Lawrence BF. Jasper N. Dorsey BG. Clarke W. Duncan BH. Philip H.Alston, Jr. BI. J. Phil Campbell BJ. Fred C. Davison BK. Vincent J. Dooley BL. Jack B. Ray BM. George S. Parthemos BN. Robert L. Dodd BO. Joel Eaves BP. Augustus H. Strene BQ. Hubert B. Owens BR. Monroe Kimbrel BS. George L. Smith, II BT. Robert G. Edge BU. Winship Nunnally BV. DanH. Magill.Jr. BW. David W. Brooks BX. William C.Hartman, Jr. BY. William R. Cannon BZ. Robert S. Wheeler CA. Chappelle Matthews CB. Dean Rusk CD. Don Carter CE. Eugene Odum CF. George D. Busbee CG. Robert Perry Sentell, Jr. CH. Sam Nunn CI. Henry G. Neal CJ. William R. Bracewell CK. W. H. NeSmith CL. Henry King Stanford CM. Julius F. Bishop CN. M. Louise McBee CO. Tucker Dorsey (posthumously) CP. J. W. Fanning CQ. Lothar Tresp CR. Peter Shedd CS. Pierre Howard CT. William P. Flatt CU. F. Abit Massey CV. C. Richard Yarborough CW. Donald Leeburn, Jr. CV. Michael F. Adams HORTICULTURE " Horticulture is the art and science of growing fruits, nuts, vegetables, and ornamentals - ' garden or yard culture. ' " The Horticuliure Club provides an avenue where students can gain skills in socialization, business, and horticulture. They participated in semcc projects and two annual plant sales. Horticulture Officers President Carl Valenzano Vice Presidents Leah Turner Mike Dover Treasurer Kristen Papak Secretar) ' Vickie Hall Historians Jim Roberts Cathleen Corless Ag Hill Reps Cathy Findley Kristin Papak Z A I Sigma Alpha lota, the second old- est music fraternity, limits its mem- bership to women who are inter- ested in the single academic disci- pline of music. " As a national organization, Sigma Alpha Iota is committed to furthering the devel- opment of music by supporting national music organizations and advancing the interests of music and musicians in this country and abroad through philanthropic en- deavors, scholarships, and various service projects related to music. " The sisters bonded at socials. Prov- ince Weekend, mixers, the intra- mural Softball team, the Valentine ' s Dance and the Spring Banquet. 358 Organizations Sigma Alpha Iota Officers President Joy Richardson VP Membership Ashley Hunt VP Ritual Karen Stout Recording Secretary Carrie Schmaidig Corresponding Secretar, ' Lindsay Lasseter Projects and Programs Chair Karen Pachal Fraternity Education Officer Anna Painter Editor Kathleen Bennett Sergeant-at-Arms Rylan Smith Treasurer Heather Hughes Social Chair Kim Nystrom Delta Epsilon Iota Officers President Vice President Public Relations ; Publicity Chairman Treasurer Recording SecretaPi- Webmaster Elizabeth Ma nard Chaun Johnson Catherine Sanders Keenan Khnger Nicole Zellweger Ben Daniel A E I Delta Epsilon Iota is a national honor societ} ' established in order to recognize and encourage academic excellence in all fields of study. They promoted the founding goals of Dedication, Enthusiasm, and Initiative by rewarding financial scholarships and by providing leadership opportunities, career planning and placement activities. Scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding new members. Last year, more than $4,000 was given to over 20 members. The University chapter also engages in seminars focused on interviewing, resume writing, and internships. CIRCLE K Circle K International is a service organiza- tion. Members can be " seen either reading to children at Fourth Street Elementar) ' , tutoring at the local Boys and Girls Club, in a game of Bingo with the elderly, or in such special events as the Relay for Life and Habi- tat. " Circle K is the collegiate member of the K-family sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Athens. Together, the two clubs attend a weekly luncheon and collaborate on two service projects. Circle K is a wonderful opportunity ' to de- velop leadership skills and friendships. Some of their so- cials included potluck dinners, the Sweetheart Dance, and a picnic at Stone Mountain. Circle K Officers President Angela Hamilton Vice President Scott Alexander Treasurer Neil Hirsch Secretar} ' Kathryn Hull Organizations 359 UNION " Wow! Talk about programming diversity. The University Un ion played host to the most diverse blend of pure talent ever assembled on campus. The programs were thought provoking, like rhe Ideas and Issues lecture staring James Carville and the cinematic arts sneak preview of American Histor, ' X. Classic acts of pure entertainment made its way to UGA thanks to careful planning by the division heads. Bill Cosby was the Homecoming show thanks to Entertainment and A Tribe Called Quest marked Athens for a stop on their final toui courtesy of CBCP. Fatty Torno hung intricately stitched quilts from the Tate Gallery after her art work survived the scrupulous selection process of the Visu;d Arts Division. The Performing Arts encouraged people to get up and swing when they brought the Glenn Mi Orchestra. With its diverse lineup, the Union touched upon ever ' area of entertainment. Consequently, they won the NACA award for kst Programming board for the fourth year in a row. " Union Board of Govertiors President Soo Jin KJm Vice President Elizabeth Simpson Secretary Brooke Murdock Promotions Director Jared Tolla Ideas and Issues Coordinator Wayne McGowan Committee tor Black Cultural Yarneil Culler Programs Entertainment Coordinator Katherine Atterberry Performing Arts Coordinator Blakeley Waters Visual Arts Coordinator Joslyn Diramio Cinematic Arts Joey Greene 360 Organizations CLUB The Ad Club is an affiliate of rhe American Advertising Federation that offers students majoring in marketing, promotion, or ad- vertising design real-world experience. Their own ad agency ADWORKS allowed stu- dents to work with clients on real projects. Workshops for career advice as well as agency tour trips in Atlanta and New York were also Ad Club Executive Board resident Vanessa Higgins VP Programs Greg Meeler VP Membership Jay Wright VP Information Meredith Blencoe VP Alumni Relations Julie Dowdy Treasurer Elisabeth Baird Senior Representativ e Elana Sauer Junior Representative Michelle Humphrey Newsletter Editors Laura Mead, Karen Wats ADWORKS Richie Grantham Allison Travers Deb Allen DEMOSTHENIAN Where can one find over 195 years of tradition and great debate? At the Demosthenian Hall every Thursday evening, the Literary Society was committed to improving effective speaking skills. With the prestige of being the oldest student led organization on campus, the mem- bership reached record numbers this year. Char- acteristic of their dedication, the Demosthenians held an all night meeting for their annual anni- versar ' celebration. Literary Officers President Michael Shumaker Vice President Jennifer Yarber Secretary JeffSlone Chief Justice Travis Lowe Associate Justices Adam Smiley Tiffany McKinney Treasurer David Stevenson Historian Tiffany McKinney Sergeant-At-Arms Jeffrey Callahan Librarian Josh Head Faculty Advisor Dr. Parkes Organizations 361 1 R C H S O T Y " The purpose of The Arch Sociery is to provide a core of students to act as official hosts for appropriate functions and as goodwill ambassadors of The University of Georgia. The men and women selected for membersl-iip in this organization are called upon by the Office of the President, the Office of Development and University Affairs, the Athletic Association, and other University officials to represent i he University of Georgia to its many varied constituen- cies. " Arch Society Executive Staff: Chairman - Tim Veil, Vice Chair - Beth Blomgren, Secretary - Julie Mills, Historian - Heather Nelson Men of the Arch EIron Austin Dave Battle Jeff Baxter William Bennett Doug Black Toby Carr Paton Faletti Brett Grayson Sam Hodge Hunter Hopkins Mike Kelly Brandon Marlow Bart Newman Steve Nunn Jon Pannell Godfrey Powell Greg Skowronski Charlie Thompson Tim Veil Greg Watts Women of the Arch Sondra Bell Beth Blomgren Meredith Braintwain Melanie Davis Peyton Dumbleton Lacy Feldman Holly Gooding Kendrall Graham Renita Jain Jessica Langston Julie Mills Holly Moore Heather Nelson Jan Robinson Kelly Rountree Monca Shyder Jill Stephens Brinsley Thrash Melissa Veil 362 Organizations P BACCHUS jAIAP (Advice on Substance Abuse Prevention) Peer Educators are fi,mally trained to present educational programs on alcohol as well a ither drugs. They are nationally certified to present in residence h Is and other classrooms. ASAP ' s goal is help educate their peers ii making low-risk drinking and drug related choices. Further, as a pt of their educational efforts, the ASAP Peer Educators promote s ' cial events such as the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness ek, the Great American Smokeout, and Safe Spring Break. Organizations 363 BLACK AFFAIRS The Black Affairs Council was created to address the issues and concerns of black students on campus. Through B.A.C., students gain an outlet in resolving minority issues. One of their goals was to promote racial harmony and awareness. B.A.C. promotes forums on developing positive relationships among students. The Relation- ship Forum series concluded with a speech entitled " Sister I ' m Sorr) ' . " The organization also promotes the development of leader- ship skills through netu ' orking, self development programs, and career placement assistance. B.A.C. is designed to expose students to various resources and to provide invaluable experiences. B.A. C. Executive Board President Christopher 2X Middleton Vice President Keshia Wesby Secretar) ' Tameka Curry Treasurer Stephanie Gaines Arts Entertainment Chairperson Rhoneda McGrady Community Relations Chairperson Courtney Alben Publications Chairperson Quanza Brooks Public Relations Chairperson Deborah Bambo Student Advocacy Chairperson Veneetia Smith 364 Organizations M N L A R O S S E e Georgia Women ' s Lacrosse Team was formed in 1 994 with the lis of playing and spreading the game of lacrosse. Celebrating its :h year in existence, the team posted a very exciting 1998-99 .son. The highlight was defeating UNC for the first time with a )reoflOto5. In the spring, they hosted a league-wide tournament Athens to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. This year ' s rosse team has the largest roster ever and has competed in more Ties than e er before. Organizations 3b5 A K S I ' he purpose of Lambda Kappa Sigma is to promote the pharmaceu lical profession among women. The fraternity is part of the Alph. Kappa Chapter. Some of their activities include Fall Rush, a Hallow een party, socials, a preformi!, a formal, and Parent ' s Day. ! i Lambda Kappa Sigrna Officers President Vice President Treasurer Recording Secretary- Corresponding Secretary Historian Pledge Trainer Chaplain Sporrs Coordinator Social Carol Crosby Joy Carlton Kimberly Abney Trish Owen Michelle Cofer Kara Owens DeeDee Waters Kim Kaminski Sandra Moore Shayna Levy A O Q Meredith Page Alpha Phi Omega Officers President Aimee Konwinski VP Membership Monique Quindsland VP Service Jill Volin VP Fellowship Finesha Lee Secretar) ' Heather Johnson Treasurer Amanda Diemer Historian Sonya Manning 366 Organizations Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity that stresses the principles derived from the Scout Oath and the Law of the Boy Scouts ot America. The fraternity promotes leadership, friendship, and service to humanity. To assist the community, they worked at a food bank, helped cook for the Athens area Homeless Shel- ter, tutored at the Boys and Girls Club, and played Bingo with the elderly at a nursing home. CHILD FAMILY The C hild and Family Development Association helps to foster the growth and development of children, adoles- cents, the elderly, and families. This year, several guest speakers were invited to come talk about everything from managing stereotypes and prejudices in the classroom to possible career options for child and family development majors. For the holiday season, members also gathered canned goods and presents for the less fortunate. Child dr Family Development Association Officers President Rebeccah Williams Vice President Charla Black Treasurer Ashlie Anderson Secretary Janie Tribble Reporter Cindy Aldridge Faculty Advisor Dr. L. Paguio Organizations 367 I rFeId coat B N D " Founded in 1 905, The Redcoat March- ing Band is one of the most visible represen- tatives Of th ? University oi Georgia. The band perForiiis at all home football games and all awav games that can be attended without sacrifice of academic time, hi addi- tion, the Redcoat Band and its related orga- nizations serve as musical ambassadors for the university at a variety of other athletic and civic events throughout the area. The Redcoat Band is over 400 members strong. It consists of 286 wind musicians, 25 alternates, 49 percussion, 65 atixiliary personnel, 4 drum majors, and 3 feature twiders. In addition to the performing members, the Redcoats require the service of a support staff which includes 10 properties crew members, 4 percussion instructors and arrangers, 3 drill technicians, 2 personnel managers, 5 graduate assistants, 2 auxiliary coordinators, 2 directors, an administrative secretary, an arranger, a photographer, a nurse, an anotmcer, and other support per- sonnel. The auxiliary units of the Redcoats have long been a source of pride for the organization. First organized in 1955 by Mrs. Phy Dancz, the 22 Georgettes, 32 Flagline members, 8 Majorettes, and 3 Feature Twirlers continue to present innovative visual routi. under the direction of auxiliary coordinator Joan Clark and majorette advisor Julie Hayes. In addition to the Marching Band, students also participate in other musical groups. One can chose from the Wind Sympho the Symphonic Band, 3 Concert Bands, 2 Jazz Bands and the Basketball Pep Band. On September 1, 1998 , the Redcoat Band lost Director of Bands Emeritus Roger Dancz. Mr. Dancz became director in IS md and remained until his retirement in 1 99 1 . Twenty-five people showed up for his first rehearsal. By the time of his 1 99 1 retireme ' ■ however, the band numbered over 300 - a true testament to the loyalty and willingness to work that Mr. Dancz seemed to bring ab in ever ' one he ever met. F e will be missed. ,IB. 368 Organization? The 1998 Redcoat Marching Band iM Betz HvMrs.Pl vc visual rai SindSympli (lireciorin J to (inn; i IlllretireiJ s ' Buckelew lecca Buffington lily Buice ennen Burns ichael Burns urr} ' m Jvin Byrd drew Bvrd ' shua Byrd elinda Cain-Martin :gory Campbell th Canseco ;cki Carr ichael Carroll Carter iron Carter nnifer Castleberr) ' nniter Chang hris Chappell it Chatman yuno Cho lul Clark shely Clark Brian C:iemcnts Jason C oleman Jonathan Collins Melissa Conway Wendy Copeland Timothy Cotten Chad Cottle Matthew Cotton David Cox Jim Cox Jennifer Coyle Eric Crawford Adam Crawley Janice Crews ' Ror ' Crook Jelfery Crouch lason Curies David Daly Amanda Dameron Allison Deal Adam Deli Monica DeLoach James DeLuccia Sonia Demetrios Roy Denton Joshua Dewitt Jill Dickerson Megan Ditmore Amanda Dodd Richard Dorsey David Drake Mattew Droms Heather Duffey Joey Earnhardt Krist) ' Edge Jehan El-Jourbagy Mike Elam Brian Ely Patrick Erwin Ellen Evans Randy Evans Jamil Facdol Josh Farr Derick Faulkenberry Katie Felgate Stephen Fischer Joseph Flanders Katie Flemming Robyn Flowers Heather Folsom Tracy Ford Erik Forst Melissa Foster Emily Franzen Jeftery Fricks Bradley Frink Lynsey Gardner Michael Gavrielides Joshua Gibson Kyle Giesler Courtney Golden Devin Gordon Melanie Gossett James Grandinetti Porsha Cirant Jack Gray Sara Greeson Will Grimes Kevin Groover Aiisa Guardiola Manolo Guardiola Christopher Guiliory Julie Gunnells Jason Gwinn Emily Gwinn Angela Harrell Joseph Hast) ' Todd Hayes Adam Hayes Greg Haynes Wilson Hein Heather Henderson Janna Hendrix Jim Hendrix Michael Henr ' Andrew Hertel Leslie Higgs Keith Hightower Casey Hill Alison Hoeh Meredith Holland Rastataria Hollingsworth Rob Holman Michael Hough Jonathan Howard Steve Howard Alexis Howell John Huenecke Heather Hughes Kevin Hyde Keith Hyde Patrick Hydo Shaun Hydock Patricia Irvin Allison Ivey Mary Jacobs Jessie Jameson Bill Jarrell David Jones P.J. Jones Matt Jones Abby Kakritz Nick Keith Jennifer Keller Chris Kelly Sandi Kent Chaka Khan Brian Kittle Jason Knight John Knox Mattew Koperniak Patrick Hydo Shaun Hydock Patricia Irvin Allison Ivey Mar ' Jacobs Jennifer Jacobs Jessie Jameson Bill Jarrell KimbcrK- Jiske Jodie Johnson Charity Johnson lad lohnson I ivid Jones P.J. Jones Matt lones Jessica lordan Abby Kakrit Nick Keith Jennifer Keller Chris Kelly Sandi Kent Chaka Khan Brian Kittle Jason Knight John Knox Mattew Koperniak Kathryn Kosty Lori Lange David Langley Lindsay Lasseter Timothy Lasseter Edward Ledford Michael Lee Adam Lessard Katie Lewis Curt Lewis Robert Locket} ' Cole Loughridge Josh Lovett Patrick Lower} ' Rachel Lunde Daniel Lunde Patrick Lynch Michelle Marbur - Brandy Martin Darne Mathe Robert Maury Sean McBride Marney McCauge Geoffery McCann Dan McClendon Laura McCorkle Alex McDonald Elizabeth McFarland Mack McGufTey David McKenzie Colin McKinney Trey McKnight Paul McLanahan Melissa McNeely Michael McSpadden Jeremy Medlin Heathet Melton Andrew Mercer Emily Messner Hillaray Middleton Joshua Miller Brian Mills Steve Minster Jeffrey Mitchell Amy Moates Laura Moates Nicole Moore Jaime Ryan Art Ryder Helen Sailc Alicia Sapp Travis Sari Michelle Moorehead Michael Sasser David Morrison Rusty Sauve Matthew Mortensen Chris Savage Heather Mosley Dion Muldrow Lance Mailer Jennifer Mullinax Jas..n Murray Andrea Nabors Dean Nava Samuel Neher Lee Newman Todd Nichols Trey Nihoul Emily Noel Frederick Norton Marc Schaub, Barrv White Nick White Justin Whitford Todd Wilson Susan Wilson Elizabeth Winecoff Amy Wolfe Elizabeth Woodward Jeremy Worley Shannon Schauber Michael Wright Clirrie Schmaedig Nathan Wright Brian Sealock Meghan Shapiro Julia Shelton Justin Sheppard Justin Shuttlewo Gina Sillitti Tony Simon Sam Simon Brandy Sims Richard Sinda Steven Yockey r enise Young Megan Zollondz Kimberly Nystrom Angle Slaughter Katie O ' Connell Courtney Osborne Eric Osmer Sarah Oubre Michael Oubre William Owens Anna Painter Rhett Parker Keren Paschal Marlon Patton Anthony Pearson Joseph Perry Sean Perry Michael Peters Nicholas Peters Ryan Peterson Kellv Phelps Julie Pickett Andrew Pilgrim Andy Plemmons Jeffrey Pollock Ryan Posner Brian Potect Heather Pugh Eric Purser David Raeder Geoff Randolph Sarah Rentz Meredith Reynolds Elizabeth Reynolds Matt Rhinehart David Richardson Clint Ricker David Rivero Melissa Riviere Chip Robeson Nicole Roland David Romine Tony Rossomano Ben Russell Chris Ruszkowski Scott Smith Rylan Smith Summer Smith Ryan Smith Melanie Smith Robert Snellings Tim Spanjer Charlene Sproul Chris Stallings Darren Stanley Jason Stein Leslie Still Karen Stout Jacob Summer Knox Summerour Bobby Tamburrino Mary Tate Erik Tate Chris Terrell Miriam Terry Warren Thomas Heather Thompson Jason Thompson Ann Marie Thorton Jason Tiller Erin Tillman Alicia Timm Alisa Toy Erik Toy Bryan Trice Michael Trimble Jeremy Trimmer Brain Trundle Rachel Tucker Brian Turnmire Jason VanLandingham Lindy Verduci Clyde Vickery Brooke Walker Patricia Wells Thomas West Organizations 369 Mary- Beth Andrt Krisn- Brightman Melody Carver Allison Cerqiieda Julie Cooper l.ucie Cozan Krisrina Crane Elenita Kisenhart Shana Evans Sarah Heniir.j; Jenny Gilbeii FLAG LINE Mary Beth Harris( Amv 1 lilley Jennifer Jacobs lovlie Johnson K-ii ' iifer Mercer Si.ephany Meyer Dcna Miller C;arey Miller Jennifer Nelson Staccy Osborn Melissa I ' ardue Laurie Ryan Darcie Schumacher Ashley Siler Gina Spangler Natasha Splaine Leigh Stanford Rilee Terrel Candice White Meredith Zarett Amanda Zeigler SECTION LEADERS Karen Stout, Marney McCague, Kim Nystrom, Helen Saile, Scott Smith, Steven Yockey, Sean McBride, Amy Moats, Kevin Hyde, Angie Slaughter, Jonathan Adams, Dion Muldrow, Marc Schaub, Kit Chatham ASSISTANT BAND CAPTAIN Elizabeth Reynolds HISTORIAN SOCIAL CHAIR Lindsay Lasseter DRILL TECHNICIANS Paul Clark Adam Hayes Elizabeth Reynolds DRUM MAJORS Josh Byrd Laura Moates Todd Nichols Jeremy Trimmer BAND CAPTAIN Jeremy Trimmer 370 Organizations THE GEORGETTES Holly Blanchard Kristin Breda Susie Brown Krissie Browning Avery-Blythe Callan Salli Chism Michelle Clark Tami Dunham Trichelle Griggs Cristi Hare Haley Hunt Kimberly Jiske Jessica Jordan Michelle Ann Mclnrv ' i Ginger Morris Agatha Nichols Amanda Penland Crystal Richards Susan Whitman Lea Whitman THE MAJORETTES Stevi Beasley Heather Hayne Lucy Carter Charity Johnson Amanda Carter Louise Morris Rachel Greenway Anna Wiggins Phi Alpha Delta Pre Law Fraternity is a professional service organization composed of students with the intent to pursue a career inlaw. Members were provided with knowl- edge about the practice of law as well as how to get into law school through events such as The Annual Georgia Law forum, The Law School Admissions workshop, and speakers such as judges and attorneys. Phi Alpha Delta Officers President Tricia Hise Vice President John Banaghani Treasurer Talal Ghosheh Secretary Katie Diack Publicity Chair Amanda Tonge Advisor Wanda Wilcox BOARD " Mortar Board is a national senior honor society that selects its mem- bers on the basis of scholarship, lead- ership, and service. The Parthenian Chapter ol Mortar Board was founded at the University of Geor- gia in 1939. Today, Mortar Board continues to improve student life through its national project of " learning knows no boundaries. ' " Organizations 371 T i T ' % R S S A Public Relations Sr-jJent Society of America provides sttidents with knowledge of fAibiic relations as well as access to professional opncjritinities. The (. ' niversit} ' chapter of PRSSA has several com- mittees Ciaued for students to gain hands-on experience in public relations along wirh an award-winning newsletter called the PReredcnt. PRSSA aJso participates in national and district confer- ences and other activities and events coordinated by the Georgia chapter in Atlanta. PRSSA offers many scholarship opportunites to its members. PRSSA Executive Board President Mary Sue Kopeclvo Vice President-Membership Heather Erson Vice President-Committees Becky Strain Secretar) ' Amy Aarons Treasurer Katie Cotney PR Director Qiristine John Creative Consultants Director Cat Jennings Creative Consultants Deepa Shaw Assistant Director Precedent Editor Nathan Solheim 372 Organizations I ' B N O O K U O ' benectoo Kuo, the Swahili phrase meaning " Circle ot Honor, " is le first and only honor society at the University dedicated to frican-American students. Founded in 1997, Abeneefoo Kuo rovides educational, career, and personal assistance to academi iccessfiil students. Members participate in several leadership and immunity activities. This year ' s theme, " Facing the Mi ] eadership, Scholarship, and Service " upholds the Abeneefoo Kuo M ' adition and purpose. Members must maintain a 3.0 or higher to av active. Organizations 373 BLUE KEY Blue Key Honor Society Alumni Advisory Board Peter Shedd Tom S. Landrum Jim Ellington Chris Carr Andy Devooght Natalie Dopson Buddy Darden Earl Harris Bob Izar Mark Lewis Randy Nuckolls Lisa Read Dick Yarbrough The second chapter of the Blue Key National Honor Fraternity was established at U( in 1926. Membership in this organization is considered one of the highest honors campus. Blue Key recognizes junior and senior men and women of outstandi character and ability who have achieved distinction for scholarship and recognition service and leadership. An important tradition is The Blue Key Alumni Banquet which business and government leaders from across the state are invited. OAK Omicroti Delta Kappa Officers Prtsident Julie Lawrence Vice President Cassie Brill Faculty Secretary Jim Crouch 374 Organizations Since 1914, the nationally recognized leader- ship honor society of Omicron Delta Kappa has been promoting superior scholarships, leadership, and exemplary character among college students. UGA ' s chapter continues to uphold these standards by honoring key students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni who have achieved distinction in one of five areas. These areas include scholarsh athletics; campus or commu- nity service, social and reli- gious activities, and campus government; journalism, speech, and the mass media; and creative and performing arts. They participate in ac- tivities such as leadership workshops. Honor ' s Day, Career days, fund-raising projects for charity, and coop- erative projects with other honor societies and alumni associations. ODYSSEYOFTHE MIND UGA Odyssey of the Mind participates in the Odyssey of the Mind International creativit) ' com- petition. Teams of five to seven students develop sokitions to problems and are given the opportunity to test their creative solutions against those of other teams. They compete against other colleges from around the world, hi competition, teams are judged in three areas: the effectiveness of the solution to the long-term problem; the style of the solution and its overall effect; and the solution to a spontaneous problem given to the teams on competition day. In addition, they provide support for teams from the elementary level to the high school level. In 1998, the technical team placed second in the world. This year, UGA ' s OM had the largest turnout ever. Odyssey of the Mind IVlenibers Richard Wise Sara Kravig Katherine Stone Peter Grieco Kelly Frawley Natasha Rodgers Monica Fambrough Sayward Wyatt Brent Jacobs Nicole Roland Lee Sewell Allison Bennett Lisa Timmons Meg Duffy Jonathon King Jessica Rissmiller Aliya Turner Gaelen Burns Rolf Ryham Avril Palmquist Clarissa Cunningham Organizations 375 ' •A; a; N D O R A I ' he Pandora is a self-supported organization made up entirely of student volunteers. An executive staff made up of an editor-in-chief, a copy editor, a staff advisor, a marketing manager, a photography editor and photog- raphy manager, and a business operations manager, lead a staff of about 60 general staff members, section editors, photographers, and m.arketing team members. The faculty advi- sor and graduate advisor work with the edi- tor to keep the organization running and to make book production run smoothly. (The Editor ' s acknowledgments are on pages 412- 413 and a staff list is provided oji page 415) 1998-1999 Pandora Staff T 1998-1999 Section Editors 376 Organizations Organizations 377 EDITED BY ELIZ BEXM C IMPBELL y JMD Ky XIE CASEY ss: Georgia on my mind. A hotbed of creativity for technomaniacs. The sparks have been flying for over a century. NCR ' s full-service IT solutions have allowed businesses to develop stronger customer relationships, determine key trends and to devise more effective strategies for clients the world over With four of the top five US- retailers, three quarters of the world ' s banks, seven of the top nine telecommunications companies and three of the top five U.S. airlines counting on us for complete IT solutions, chances are, you can count on us, too. That ' s why more and more people are finding that opportunities at NCR are something to really get fired up about. As a member of our Retail Soultions Group in Atlanta, GA, you ' ll take part in the design, development and testing of retail data warehousing and store automation solutions for some of the world ' s top retailers. We ' re currently seeking the following: • Hardware Engineers • Software Engineers • Systems Engineers • Supply-Line Management • Order Logistics and Management • Marketing • Product Project Management • Database Consultants • Application Services Consultants For challenge and opportunity without equal, mail your resume to NCR, P.O. Box 1084, Findlay, OH 45839 o e-mail to: ncr(a)ssihiringsolutions.ccm. Reference Source Code: NCCOLREC. NCR Transactions in the Age of the Consumer An Equal Opponunty Ewptyer M f D V PROPERTIES DonH settle for second best when it comes to your career, . . Getting ready to enter the work force? Turn to the leader in property management - POST PROPERTIES. We recruit Georgia Graduates each year that have aspirations to be successful and the best at what they do! If you want to be the best at what you do, and are interested in a position as a leasing consultant, fax your resume to Kristi Forbes at 404-846-6171! Don ' t miss out on a GREAT CAREER OPPORTUNITY! We believe in our people, product and service at Post. We continuously strive to provide the supe- rior apartment living experience for our resi- dents. We have been doing so for 28 years. You could be a part of our leading team! • Team Atmosphere • Extensive continuous training programs • Promotion from within and career tracking at all levels • Industry leader of Continuous recognition and incentive for outstanding team and per- sonal performance. • Medical, dental, and flexible spending plans • 401k, Employee stock purchase plan • Paid holidays, vacation and sick leave POST PROPERTIES Setting the standard for our associates - Setting the standard for your future! Post Propenies is an Equal Opponunity Employer. Post Properties is a member of the National Apartment Association, the Georgia Apartment Association and the Atlanta Apartment Association. GEORGIA J POWER A SOUTHERN COMPANY GoodCents Congratulations to Graduating Class of 1 999! FIND r Tree Expert Co Since 1907 Great Career opportunities throughout the U.S., Canada 8; Europe in the flelds of arboriculture as well asi In many support services. Our i»afety record has consistently surp assed other companies in our flc:ld, and as a result Bartlett employees are eligible for a varietur of safety incentive programs. C cel.ciit benefits package! Phonet (203) 323-1131 Fax: (203)323-3631 CiUIEl UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA Gear up for a career with ALLTEL, a Fortune 500 compony thot specializes in telecommunications and information services, oringina tfiem togetfier in new ways. With more than 20,000 employees in 48 countries, ALLTEL has a place for you on the fast poce cutting edge of technology. ALLTEL offers coreer growth and diverse opportunity in a progressive environment. Our benefits package is supplemented by competitive salaries and excellent working conditions. Take a ride on our web page for more informatio, and let your skills and determination take you where you want to go! ■iiliamJIUlHILHUfimmJiHMmilklMJIM When school has got you on the run, a Golden Pantry is always nearby with everything you need to keep you going. Redstone soft drinks, ice-cold beverages, a variety of snacks, quality Texaco gasoline and fresh hot coffee will help you slay on schedule. So remember, during those alt night cram sessions... your good friends at Golden Paniry are always ready to help. j golden pantry [ Where the Convenience is Free and We Always I.D. p " University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine Congratulations to the Class of 1999 jHfR Esiahiishing a partnership with our veterinary customers is tite foundation upon which we build our business. One way we do this is by offering new account and new practice programs to help malie your dreams a reality. Call us for details. Phone: 1-800-551-DVMl Fax: 1-888-FAX-DVMl ' u " WYPgR fm Ryder Transportation Services Proud Supporter of the University of Georgia 6600 Button Gwinnett Drive Doraville, GA 30340 (770)449-1341 ARGENBRIGHT INTELLIGENT OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS GROW WITH US!!! •PART-TIME FOR STUDENTS •MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR GRADUATES Argenbright 3355 Lenox Road, Suite 1000 Atlanta, GA 30326 (404) 869-8358 iorgia Our business isgoii tD theDav l I Publix« SUPER MARKETS And we couldn ' t he happier. PuhHx, where shopping is a pleasure. UNIFIED GOVERNMENT OF ATHENS-CLARKE COUNTY We employ approximately 1 ,400 Employees in positions ranging from Managers, Department Directors, Equipment Operators, Systems Analyst, Secretary, Public Safety, and many more. We are proud of the service our employees provide to our community. For information on current job vacancies call our Job Hotline at 706-613-3100, visit our website at , or come by the Personnel office at: 325 East Washington St. Courthouse Annex, Rm 180 Athens, Georgia 30613 We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Located at the corner of Lumpkin Baxter, next to the Tate Student Center and across from Sanford Stadium (706) 542-3171 Your on campus source for new and used texts • general interest books • school, office and art supplies • computers • sportswear • cosmetics • sundaes snacks AAA AIRPORT EXPRESS, INC. ATLANTA Group Rates Available Upon Request Depate Daily Call For Reservations (770) 725-5573 (Atlanta) or (800) 354-7874 10 Southeastern Data |f Cooperative, Inc. RAY MILLER Chief Executive Officer 2100 East Exchange PI. Tucker, GA 30084 (770) 414-8400 APAC-CEORCIA, INC. MacDOUCALD-VVARREN DIV. ASPHALT Port Colli. Dn e, Sins 404-351-4430 FOREST PARK KENNESAVV 404-767-8412 770-422-1530 LITHONIA ■70-482-7238 PAVING NORCROSS 770-279-1356 FORS ' iTH " 0-889-8112 COLUMBUS 706-322-1401 7 PLANTS SERVING THE METRO AREA AND COLUMBUS Athens Orthopedic Clinic, P A EST 1 1 0 Spoil Injums Total Joml Replac«m 3its Shoijder Injuries William B. Mullerin, M.D. Billups P. Tillman, M.D. R. Mixon Robinson, M.D. Daniel D. Moye, M.D. Ormonde N. Mahoney, M.D. Robert E. Hancock, M.D. 125 King Avenue, Athens, Georgia 30606-2989 (706) 549-1663 FAX (706)546-8792 ' ffJ Ci ] The Unique Taste Sensation i Udlly Try It! Delicious, Low Calorie, Low Fat, High Protein! 1940 Hwy 15 South Greenstxjro, Georgia 30642 Phone: (706) 453-2376 Fax: (706) 453-7269 WWW.QUAILNETCOM CLIFF SMITH Sales Representative NATL 1 -800-922-8767 LOCAL 1-770-840-7665 BURNS VETERINARY SUPPLY 4274 Schakelford Road Norcross, GA 30093 Travelod ge Whirlpool 2 Bed Rooms CENDANT 3 Bod Rooms Efficiency Electronic Locks 898 W. Broad St., Athens, GA 30601 (706) 549-5400 (800) 578-7878 GODAWGS! TO JOHNNYS HIDEWAY RABERN NASH Specialists in Floor Covering 3771 ROSWELL ROAD ATLANTA, GA 30342 . (404) 233-8026 PO BOX 1518 727 E. COLLEGE AVE DECATUR, GA 3003 1 Phone (404) 377 - 6436 Fax (404)377-7988 l( 0 Dl£ 770-998-8686 NISSAN AUDI, INC 1090 Holcomb Bridge Road, Rosweil, Georgia 30076 C7ilt dtMluiJiifi lAal 1 cLffLiuit GUARANTEED INSULATION, INC. COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL LONNIE MOSS P O Box 5 181 PHONE ATHENS. GA 30604 (706I 353-6 WATS (706 S 404 ONLYI 1800 273 6618 ROBERT E. SURRENCY ATTORNEY AT LAW 46 Hwy 15 South RO Box 254 Watkinsville, GA 30677 Telephone (706) 769-9079 Fax (706) 769-2076 E-mail- Surrency@aol com SHARIAN, INC Rug And Carpet Cleaning Oriental Rugs Decatur, GA 368 W. Ponce De Leon Ave. 404-373-2274 idaie 2500 W. Broad Street Athens, GA 30606 [DDSIDI »H VR!F C O M I ■ IP PRODI Copiers Fax 706 613-9000 800 749-1025 SEAL STAMP COMPANY, INC. Stephen J Schmidt, CEO Uoense Plates Name Plates Corporate Kits Rubber Stamps Daters Corporate Seals Ph: (404) 875-8883 Fax (404) 872-3504 Email: dixie@sd-software com Web address: www.dlxieseal com From ihf hills of Georgia ' s northland Beams they noble brow , And the sons of Georgia rising Pledge with sacred vow, ' Neath the pine tree ' s stately shadow Spread thy riches rare. And thy sons, dear Alma Mater, Will thv teasure share. And thy daughters proudly join thee. Take their rightful place. Side by side into the future. Equal dreams embrace. Through the ages. Alma Mater, Men will look to thee; Thou the fairest of the Southland Georgia ' s Varsiu ' . Alma Mater, thee we ' ll honor. True and loyal be. Ever crowned with praise and glory, Georgia, hail to thee. ■ilJlllllJll|.ILJI.IMIIII I ' lnvlor mgineemg • inirastruckirv ulilily analysis • energy systems emtuation and aesign • power ptani iiHjficiis " lonstruction management • deferred mainleimncc ' capital renrwa! management • security analysis ' II fj ri„ J ' . Ill j ' li i i , • ' iu u • J rr plant (ogenerttlwn analysis mirastruclure utility anaiy , ' - • eneretu deterred mamtenaiue iitvtal analysis • operations and i I analysis • laaiity iondition analysis • rifMor engineerma • inlrasiruiture utility You AND ISES . . . Partnering For a Higher Standard. ISES CORPORATION 2165 West Park Court • Suite N • Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087 Telephone: {770)879-7376 • Fax: {770)879-7825 • Web Address: ht : www.! 390 " Finest Steaks Known to Man " We also have the finest seafood know to man — and dishes for the Vegetarian. The folks here at T-Bones want to thank the Georgia Bulldog fans for their patronage and hope you will continue to let us serve you. Open Sundaysl 1 1 AM - 1 1 PM Friday Saturday Open 11 AW - 1 0:30 PM Monday - Thursday 1 2 Noon -10PM Sunday T-BONES TAKE OUT 353-6908 Athens: Q6 Baxter Street • 548-8702 Commerce: Interstate 85 441 • 706-335-5062 iw Data General Customer Support Center Are you an Inronnation Systems mi(jor? Are you about to craduale? Are you looking for a place where you can be challenged in your work? Are you looking for 4 place where you can gel great pay and work with great people? Do you want a Oasual work enrironment with great opportunities for growth? IT the answer is yes, then consider Data General. We have been a leader in the computer indust ry for over 30 years. If you want to work with the latest in: NT Unix C+ + SQL Oracle So, as you look at your next step, look at Data General. Come check out our website Data General 2850 Premiere Parkway Duluth, GA 30057 Fax Resumes to: 770-814-3359 KIKKOMAN KIKKOMAN INTERNATIONAL INC. 1979 lakeside Parkway, Suite 170 Tucker. GA 30084 (770)496-0605 FAX: (770)496-0918 DON HANEY Assistant Vice President Southeast Regional Manager CertainTeed employees produce enough high quality insulation each year to insulate more than 250,000 new homes all over the South. CertainTeed El Quality made Certain ... ...satisfaction guaran Teed ! It s great to be a Georgia Dawg. i IHE BUSINESS JET ? wm SPEED HAS AN §P TO MATCH. The CitJtior : iwoiia s fastest busiresr f.) c?.u novy count on Standaici Ae o AiiidOce (world ' s fastest cr.fjine shop) to service its nt- ' A-generation AE3007 power plaiU ' . itand.ird Aero is a world leader in turbine engine service and the first Allison-authorized maintenance center for AE series engines in North America. The Alliance facility is proud to become Standard Aero ' s exclusive site for AE3007 support in the U.S. And while we ramp up to meet the needs of Citation X and regional jet operators, we ' ll continue our record-setting workonAlliedSignalTFE731s, TPE331S and APUs. With the same great technical teams. The same dedication to quality. The same unprecedented turn-times. Call us for a quote. We ' ll prove that an industry built for speed has an engine shop to match. AEROA 1.906.8726 • 423.983.2992 • Fax 423.983.1936 GLEIM PUBLICATIONS wishes to thank Embry Riddle students, faculty, and staff for their use of our PILOT TRAINING BOOKS, SOFTWARE, and AUDIOS. For all your flight training needs, contact Gleim Publications at (800) 87-GLEIM. Fasf, friendly service has never been better! Visit our home page at! great price! Featuring: Studio, 1 , 2 3 bedrooms ' f i M DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY MORE ERAU STUDENTS CHOOSE THE BARRINGTON OVER ANY OTHER COMMUNITY IN TOWN??? POOLS, LIGHTED TENNIS COURTS, LAUNDRIES. FREE WATER EXPANDED CABLE ! ONLY MINUTES FROM E.R.A.U. A TALENTED AND TRULY CARING STAFF! ' LUXURY APPLIANCES, ON BUS LINE! SPECIAL SUMMER STORAGE RATES! FREE FAX USE, PHOTOCOP IES OTHER SERVICES! ALL CORNER APARTMENTS $$$ RESIDENT REFERRAL REWARDS $$$ 875 DERBYSHIRE ROAD DAYTONA BEACH, FL 32117 252-6406 FAX 257-3245 KMR Esbilac have something in common with the valedictorian. (They too enjoy a 1 ranking.) I ' l ' ijdiiiiiiiKe (.iiimsli ' iu . Every batch produced and lesled under , food-grade processing specilicalions KMR and Esbilac also meel me nulrrlronal tfrvjv . - " ' ' " H4HK . ' ' iMS It) ll needs ol a vanety ol olher small animals ■ ' ku ' ' . ' . ' 5 ' ' Iw „ . . - ivhir-vj N " . . . • ' w -m m Readyloleed liquids or easyio-mix powders The world ' s 1 selling milk replacers. I ' ii|.|. ,111(1 kiiicii (minis li.i ( icli.d on KMR ,iii(l Kbil.K loi ovri m ' ciii c.iis IVl-, -; M.ill (.1 |)(•ll(■1l(.•(l niiiiili..niMsuill l)c Im|)|) k. .iiimum mw iucM1(.iis voii iiiii;lil |iisi(.ill l-,S(l(l-:Vj: )S7 • Architecture • Interior Design • Engineering • Construction Management • Program Management • Facility Management Congratulations Graduates ! HEERY 99 Peachtree Street, NE lanta,GA 30367-5401 W4-881-9880 (FAX) 404-875-1283 1-800-52-HEERY IF SUCCESS IS YOUR STYLE. You have completed most of your education and are ready to look to the future Now is the time to join the premier food retailer, Kroger We are offering the future and benefits that can come only from being with the best We are interviewing candidates from all educational backgrounds who have an interest in store management With Kroger you will begin your career with a firm conviction that you made the best career decision possible We provide the opportunity for advancement that few companies provide. We offer a competitive salary and a benefits package that will allow you to provide for today as well as tomorrow. At Kroger we pride ourselves in being able to assure you these considerations. Generations of Americans have identified the Kroger name with leadership in the food chain industry. Today, more than ever before, we are excited and optimistic about our future expansion, for 116 years we have grown steadily. We currently have managerial openings to ambitious and hardworking individuals, regardless of educational experience. Kroger is the company for your future if you want a career rather than a job. Forward your resumes to: The Kroger Company Human Resources Department Rebecca Clark 2175 Parklake Drive Atlanta, GA. 30345 An Equal Opportunity Employ tr Turnout the Lights.. The Party ' s Over! Or IS it? As graduation approaches, even. one is telling you that the fun times ;ire o er it ' s time to lit serious ;uid work hard tor the rest ol sour lile ,At I .N 11 kl ' KISi-. we tA to make that ine ilahle statement lun ' lliere ' s ne era dull 4 in I moment. ;inil there is no lime limit as to how far you can go with the eomp;ui We rewar«l our employees lor their hiiril work, aiul we promote Irom uilhin Hily 1 I1 1 II 1 lL is eurreiitly seeking ;uiihitioiis. e;ireer-orienled indix iduals. Business Development Trainees Sales ;ukI euslomer serv i nleniships Maple idler an exeellent training program aiul heneCits paekaue. ineliidim; medieal dental and 401(k). Mail or 1 resume to KM KRPRISK RKNr-A-( AK. J 109 Dr.. Suite 325, Atlanta, (;a 3(»305. Kax: 404-364- L all 404-364-5210. 1 1 )pportiinit l.mpin Enterprise rent-a-car 398 i Athens, Ga i is II a-carj 399 CongratLMons,you ' ve made your dream come true. 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Molly Buttennore, I can ' t thank you enough fe ' ' ' for your help. You are amazing and I don ' t know what 1 would have done without you. Allison Firor, you told me how hard this job t] was, but I guess I ' m just too stubborn to listen. Next time I ' ll take the warning more seriously. Thad Goad, thanks for listening to me |ii) ' W ' complain. You are a great photographer. Clay McLaiirin, I know this year has been a pain, but you did a good job. Rebecca Heinzer, thanks for the food. Erica Scl a f I ' m sorry if I messed up portraits. Your help this year has been a blessing. Katie Casey, You are the I) reason I am still alive. Without your help and friendship I couldn ' t have done this job. You are definitely an invaluable part of this Imikt " book. Thanks a million. Section Editors, You guys are terrific. Aimie Taluyo, the layouts look great. I have really enjoyed being on the yearbook staff with you for the past three years. Lauren Piersayite, it ' s great to know that there is someone else out there who writes yearbook copy like I jilifor do. Brian Corbett, Athletics looks awesome (and I don ' t think there can be too many pictures of Uga). Dominique Holloman and Katie idioui Walker, Greeks was a huge undertaking this year. You both did a wonderful job. ; Suzanne Kayes, thanks for being on staff this year. You have always been so jsumi dependable (even on our high school yearbook staff). Brandy Martin, you always make the yearbook office a little cheerier. I love listening to your stories. Sarah Stafford, I really appreciate your diligence. Academics looks really good, and I know how tough it can be getting some of those faculty pictures. Jennifer Hutchinson and Katy Buttennore, thanks for taking on more than you expected ka with classes. I have really enjoyed working with both of you. General Staff and Photographers, You all helped a lot. Every single one of you iouoli jfologi 412 Pandora Editor iim Citief tiyed a key role on this staff and I really " jotof. ipreciate all ot your hard work and sacrifice. 1 j;o want to give a special thanks to Richard ' " ' v ' ise. the weh page looks terrific and the cover ot S tie yearbook wouldn ' t have been the same with- " § ' «t lit N ' oiir picture. ' ' ' ■ " fifiiis : jjj Crouch, thank ) ' ou for the computers! Pat iXm yrnehiis, Collette Van Eldick, and Jill Wolocko, ' f pjnoti jjanks for putting up with my endless questions. ' hanks tor all your help. wtstaff I Cathy Lindsay aiid Tara Hays, I blame vou l! ■ ■ Juopjiilt |)th tor getting me involved in yearbook, but MHUk liithout your advisement I would probably never ive been able to do this. Patsy Huey, AP nglish changed my life. Thanks for everything, apologize in advance tor any and all grammatical, spelling or other errors in this book. Anjia Wages and Tracye Murphy, you guys are vesome. Thanks for letting me practically live at your apartment for the past year. Suzanne and Laura Schaeffer, I will never be able I torget all of the sayings I ' ve picked up from you two. It ' s so fun to gossip with you. Chris Mueller, thanks for always giving me a male ;rspective on my problems. Jack and Trisha Campbell, you are the best parents in the world to whom I owe everything. I love you. ebecca Cainpbell, you are my best friend. I will always be there for you. Amanda Carroll, I am a better person for having known you lese past 9 or 10 years. Thanks for always being there for me. I also want to thank the rest of my tamily and friends that helped me irough this year. Pandora 413 iora Contributors a t ift of $25+ and Sponsors offered a gih of $5-$24 Mr. Mrs. Danny Bennett Dr. Hcitry W. Nancy Brown Fred jane Campbell Richard C. Fox Sue 6c jerry Fuller Laur.i Dawn Gibbs Michael Carolyn Harr Donald L. Lamberth Armond Delette T. Lewis Mark Anita Loftin Patrons John Kathy McLean Betsy Ronald Mesimer Elise Sonny Miller Jack Susan Miller Jack Rooker Sayre Sayre Associates Mr. Mrs. James Seaver Mr. Mrs. Rick Tew R. Steve Tumlin, Jr. Sponsors Mary Singh Ahluwalia Mrs. Emma Eula Bell Mr. Mrs. Robert Lee Bell William R. Bennett Rosie M. Blackwell Linda Fulghum Bruggermann George R Burdell Mr. Mrs. Fiarry J. Buder, Jr. Dave Dianne Christian Bruce Linda Clark Melvin, Donald Doris Collins Family Mr. Mrs. James E. Davis Mr. Mrs. Michael Delahaye Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Dious Son Mr. Mrs. John T. Douglas, Jr John Duelge Ms. Mattie Sue Dunn Family Mr. Mrs. Traywick DufFie Mrs. Annie Laura Edwards Family Mrs. Nora Lee Ellis Family Sally B. Gardner Sharon Bill Gibson and son, Brian Messer Don Carolyn Glenn Mr. Fiurschul Goosby Family Tedi Chuck Hahn Martha G. Fiamby Mr. Mrs. Robert J. Labbe Mr. Mrs. Chades Lipscomb, K, Sons Mr. Fiubert Lyle, Jr., Son Rod Lira Manuel Virginia Price Masingill Mr. Mrs. Larry O ' Dell John W. Peach Morris Sharon Purcel David Kay Ramsey Tom Patricia RufFm Kate Seger Mr. Philip Keith Sims Daughters Mr. Stefan Lamont Sims Daughters Frank Felton Stewart Joseph Lillian Sullivan Calvin and Gail Stockett Charles Lynn Sussman Dr. Mrs. John Williams Brennan and Ryan Wood Susan Bill Wood Vickie Jerry Young 1998-1999 Pandora Staff Editor-in-Chief: Copy Editor Photography Editor Photography Manager Marketing Manager Staff Advisor Business Operations M;; Graduate Advisor FacLilry Advisor Features Editors: Lauren Piersante and Aimie Taluyo Mary Beth Harrison Quanza Brooks Sneha Pai Acadeinics Editor: Sarah Stafford Amanda Carroll Jessica Walsh Carrie Burnett Greek Life Editors: Katie Walker and Dominique HoUoman Karee Greene Leah Corgel Sarah Glower Kim Skowronski Portraits Erica Scharf Allison Firor Classes Editors: Jennifer Hutchinson and Katy Buttermore Eunice Kwon Kameko Nichols Matia Storey Web Page Designer and Cover Photograph Richard Wise Executive Stajf Elizabeth Campbell Molly Buttermore Thad Goad Clay McLaurin Erica Scharf Allison Firor ' • " ff Rebecca Heinzer Katie Casey Jim Crouch Organizations Editors: Suzanne Kayes and Brandy Martin Jennifer Meador Avidahn Buckner Mark DelRosario Jennifer Mercer Athletics Editor: Brian Corbett Alyssa Jeter Jami Leverett Amanda Wooley Roslyn Skinner Marketing Katy Jones Jeff Harter Mary Beth Hatcher Carrie Barnes Julie Rodebush Melissa Brown Photography David Bryant Robin Daitch Dan Henry Adam Ledford Alyssa Jeter Michele Kim Brooke Morris Meredith Page Richard Wise David Luke Lauren Brooks Kai Bates Kendall Vann Corey Thomas Jamie Chesin Allyn Webb Amanda Hilario EDITED BY ERIC SCHy RF, y LLISOISr FIROR S ISID ELIZ BEXtd C VJVIPBELL I i; Straight But Not Narrow ' Until we open our minds, we are all in the closet ' -Marc Handler 418 p Benjamin Hoist I like to expose myself through my music... but sometimes Til just expose myself. " Guitarist and Vocalist of " The Avenues " 415 Debbie Ferguson Olympic Silver Medalist 420 • ' . - Melissa Parker James ' To the world you may be just one person... but to one person you may be the world. " -Anonymous Julie Lawrence Matt Bellem " A true friend is someone who dances with you in the sunlight and walks with you in the shadows. " -Anonymous 422 Sarah Schindler Headed For Hollywood 423 I til University of Georgia Ice Hockey Team 424 Brenda Moody FuU-Time Student Full-Time Mom We asked her to bring props, so she brought her kids. William Heath Moody " Frisbee Junkie " University of Georgia Ultimate Frisbee Team 426 Waldo Turf Grass Management You ever wonder who keeps Sanford Stadium looking so green? Well, somebody has got to trim the hedges 427 428 Daniel Skelton Graphic Design Major 1 Arvell " DJ Mastrmynd " Poe King of all UGA Media... and dien some 429 Who ' s Who At UGA ,, , , a peek. at Georgia ' s resijme ., John ,v!arsnah :■.■ " - ' Soo jiii Kin ' Nicole Bi,i,i.:c: iv:!;vvsr, Jessica Dempscy Mary Sue Kopccko Larina Shabeth Watson Mark Anthony Thomas Chris Groskopf Jonathan Latroy Moore Quanza S. Brooks Habitat For Humanity Shao Ming Cheng Jeff Baxter Seniors of Deka Gamma Gregon ' Douglas Watts Lorraine Riffle Matthew Payne Hilley Allen W. Yee Shelle Schwamberger Quindelda McElroy Erica Brantley Antesia M. Beasley Tzy-chuan Jane Huaug Melissa IntVeldt Candice Willard Christopher 2X Middleton Oarigg Brown Shiketa Jones 430 :. ' .-.;; Student in Management Information Systenis, owner of Promotions Express, Inc., a successful I - ' le marketing business Member of the Student Programming Board of Governors ! 998 Orientatioti Leader ASAP Peer Educators- President; Conimuniiiersity- Chairperson; Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity- Initii Advisor Georgia Recruitment Team; Public Relations Student Society of America University Housing Resident Assistant The Red and Black staff writer; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; i ?iiversity Leadership Roundtable, Minority Admissions Advisory Panel Amazing representative of housing residents Housing 12- Senior Anchor; University Housing News. Accepted into Harvard and NYU, but here at Georgia in full effect, representing the best UGA has to offer. Black Affairs Council Publications Committee Chairperson. Most involved and most interesting freshm With Bronson Lee as President, Habitat is one of UGA ' s largest and most active student organizations, UGA Tai Chi Club-President; judge for the United States Kungfu Wushi Federation Beta Theta Pi Fraternity (Alumni Relations, former President and Rush Chairman); Blue Key national honor fraternity; Mortar Board; Order of Omega and Georgia Students of Landscape Architecture With all different majors from Pre-Law to Business, these seniors add so much to Delta Gamma Lambda Chi Alpha- President Alpha Chi Omega- President; Communications Chair and Sign Chairman of Alpha Chi Omega; UG Diamond Darlings, Georgia Basketball Girls; Recruiting Director; Georgia Girls; The Georgia Recruit ment Team; Oniicron Delta Kappa secretary; Mortar Board; Order of Omega; Rho Lambda; Delta Epsilon lota; Homecoming Committee; Dance Marathon; UGA at Oxford Program; volunteer at Parkvieiv Day Care; Hesperia Society; Alpha Chi Omega ' s " Omega Award " fan Hester Most Out standing Senior " Alpha Kappa Lambda- Vice President; Sports Communications Dept.; Two most appropriate words to describe himi ' " Georgia " and " Bulldog " Sigma Pi Fraternity- President President of The Women ' s Running and Walking Club Henry W. Grady College of journalism and Mass Communications, Publication Management Major NAACP- President; BEST- Secretary Black Educational Support Team- Counselor Experienced every aspect of the University of Georgia. Excited about life and what it has to offer and believes that optimism and a smile guarantee success. Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity- President Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority- President Black Affairs Council- President; Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program- Advisor; Alpha Phi Alplia Fraternity Inc.- Community Service Chairperson Black Lducational Support Team- Co-team leader Abeneefookuo Honor Society- VP of Public Relations; Pi Sigma Episilon- VP of Marketing; Minority Student Business Association- Vice President Pandora Yearbook would like to thank Michelle Kim, David Bryant, Thad Goad, and The Picture Man, Inc. tor your help with this section. 431 closirrg EDITEID BYELIZABETt CAJMPBELL HIDING OUT ibookor delve into that HOW BIZARRE. Lions, and tigers, and bears... Okay, maybe not, but you have to admit that huge boa con- strictors and stringed quartets in the middle ot a city are a little bit odd, but the can be a normal occurrence tor downtown Ath- ens. Downtown is a center for di- versity and you ' ll never know what vou might run into in the citv. 436 ci s. CL r s fit Ail 438 C7 os , Meredith Page 43 mr TukT 440 : cjs ,.. HV-CKV !« 1 i W i v r ...... I l W A 1 ■♦i r jP ■■| F 3 P H ; ! cdoA v niio v rT 442 dfjs tif Elizabeth Campbe 444 c:icfs ? " So it ' s back and forth again dreaming on the doorstep... society comes to visit me when I ' m staring at the sunset. It ' s juice and coffee in the morning after staring at the stars all night. . . society runs rings around the sun, and Saturn too. -The Olivia Tremor Control Coloph on Pandora ' s offices arc locared in the Tate Student Center. Correspondence should be sent to: Pandora Yearbook, 325 Student Tate Center, UGA, Athens, GA 30602, or we may be contacted by phone at (706) 542-8003. Pandora ' s web page was designed by Richard Wise; the web page address is pandora. This 1 12th volume of the University of Georgia 1998-1999 Pandora Yearbook was printed by the Printing and Pubhshing division of Jostens Inc., Clarksville, Tennessee. The fonts included Adobe Garamond and Palatino for body copy and several other fonts for special sect ions. Four Macintosh IIvx computers were used with Aldus PageMaker 5.0 and two Dell OptiPlex GXl computers were used with Aldus PageMaker 6.5. Advertising was sold by Scholastic Advertising Company. Class portraits were supplied by Carl Wolf Studios, Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania. The cover was designed by Elizabeth Campbell, with the help of Allison Firor, Clay McLaurin, Katie Casey, and the staff members th.u took the trip, including Jennifer Hutchinson, Katy Buttermore, Sarah Statlord, and Brian Corbett. The cover photograph was taken by Richard Wise. The Pandora staff receives no financial compensation or tuition credit. It ' s production is based on student volunteers. The Pandora yearbook costs $27, if mailed the cost is $32. Pandora is completely self-supportive. It receives no Univer- sity funds, but raises funds selling space to advertisers, Greeks, and organizations. Book sales are the largest contribution. Photographs were taken by student photogra- pher. Sports Information, The Picture Man, Inc., and other contributors. Staff photography was developed by Wolf Camera Video and Photo Express in Athens. The plant consultant tor Pandora is Pat Cornelius, Atlanta, Georgia. The Jostens in-plant consultant was Jill Wolocko, Clarksville, Tennessee. 1 1 r " ' " " ' ' " " " B H 1 ■ b I mj Jb " ' - H! 1 C _J fc i S 1 H E iftW nv H ..; ,_ -■ - ' ' :sK ' ' ' ' Km 7 ipn B E closirrg tincre . If f ' : , , ' I, , ' ■ h ;;■ r, Is ■■ V ijy 1

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