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t y:WBV -- ' % CA s, . l - :■■. ' ' : , :; ' ' ' ' : M: it ' vHH) vi [C ' ' V ' .vv ■:i tm!iimimy i Simply Georgia Photo of North Campus In e rly l )00 ' s courtesy of UGA s Hatgtett Library, Rare Books and Manuscripts PANDORA 1998 The Athenian Oath We will never bring disgrace on this our City by an act of dishonesty or cowardice. We will fight for the ideals and Sacred Things of the City both alone and with many. We will reserve and obey the City ' s laws and will do our best to incite a like reverence and respect in those above us who are prone to annul them or set them at naught. We will strive increasingly to quicken the public ' s sense of civic duty. Thus in all these ways we will transmit this City, not only not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us. This oath was talien by the youth of ancient Athens when they reached the age of seventeen. University of Georgia Volume CXI Forward In presenting the one hundred and eleventh volume of Pandora, the editors offer a book with a simple theme, its sole purpose is to represent the diversity that this University has to offer. With the realization that representing all 30,000 of you is close to impossible, the editors have chosen a wordles s theme that better caters to this school ' s vast size and individuality. Simply Georgia has been designed with the aim to make use of the power of photography to take you through, with pictures, the places you have been before, the pathways you have trudged so many times, it is within these photographs that you will find your own representation, for it is in the interest of the collegiate eye that this book has been created. The format of this 1998 Pandora is dramatically altered from the form of the past. In respect of a new president, new coaches, an altered campus and an entirely new system of schooling, this new Pandora is a clean slate for future editors to build upon. The undesirable sameness of most annuals, which greatly lessens their effectiveness, has been eliminated wherever possible. If the 1998 Pandora is distinctively different from its predecessors, we will be gratified. If, in addition, it is better, we will be delighted. The Editors Dave Bryant of The Picture Man nity m Mfi Haul Scoggins gallery 6 features 20 academics 70 athletics 116 greeks 158 classes 254 organizations 332 portraits 374 downtown 394 ads 406 closing 450 contents Carey Charles ' ; t.. } 1 ■ ' ' " m-M m vsr:. : ' m ■ A ■■ -• A " ! ' ' .; . ' ■ -v 0 ' I: -■■ ' ■ V « .. : David Bryantl Llizabeth Campbell » ' Ik ■ w -. ' •: ,x • " V .• . r W: - Im fJ :, I iSWr f h ' . k ' - ' ik • • ' . ■.. " l i , ' « mS?!r ' r ' ' c ' ■. : ' mt 4. f V ■ h ' " The fifty or so trees in the north quadrangle of the University of Georgia ' s historic North Campus dominate the landscape, but in an unassuming and placid way that subtly suggests those qualities associated with a univer- sity: dignity, tranquility, character and grace. " . Larry Dendy in the Banner- Herald, 1985 .■ ; Thad Goad WScoggif wd WMBlfS H J mS H lie - W « Allison Firor ,■ " All right... we ' re gonna get on the midnight train to Georgia... " Emily Sailers of Indigo Girls is.. : IMGonJ Paul Scoggins Richard Wise A» l! M gUU- J. ' t I " ? :i }§ k - : ■: ' ' ;,. -1 ' : A 4 M z Allison Firor Elizabeth Campbell Stacia Potter " Vj Stacia Potter " One of the most elegant and attractive places in Georgia, and indeed of the entire South. " John N. Waddell " In the parking lot outside Sanford Stadium, Seller lifted Uga onto the roof of his red station wagon... Thus enthroned, Uga accepted the adoration of his fans. Thousands of spectators waved, called his name, patted him on the head, and took snapshots on the way to the stadium. Uga wiggled and panted and licked as many hands as he could reach. " )ohn Berendt in Midnight in ttie Garden of Good and Evil ««i ., - •- M WP - ' : t W»tmiM ai ti1M} . ?f? 1 1 4 M 1 -S 2 lf ' ' " So you will do well by a growing state, Rear its governors, orators, and mate Wisdom with young zeal, freedom with mind, Which is the gospel of our American kind, .T7Tmi5«!fly|V., ' ,lT- - — ' — ™ Hn H ip -i •i ' J-v, ■ ' .:-,..•- .. « All photos by Paul Scogglns And Georgia ' s University will stand Like tine Acropolis above our Land. Robert P. Tristram Coffin in The University of Georgia % " Students gave the University its special tone. Lively, rambunctious, , contentious, and occasionally violent, they challenged both their mentors and the Athens community. " Thomas G. Dyer [iN .anl)iiiKtious, ■-- i,- : . . f-i Paul Scoggins Ik ii ■ IIS ■■«■ « U " K n ?mmB - 1 -sp - I - mtm g m f - ' - ' - " ..- « " • Richard Wise ATi Ufs ' HJ Editor: Molly Buttcrmore Assistant Editor: Clay McLaurin photo by Thad Goad graphic enhancement by David P. Muhlhausen z 11 BEGINNING 23 24 i 25 X CRITERIUM i ■1« 28 Homecoming King and Queen Brian Nixon and Lacy Feldman 29 OF ATHENS 30 [[•ey Charles 31 CD c o 32 COUNTRY SIEORGIA 33 m D PABTY HEBB 34 35 36 Carey Charles Carey Charles Carey Charles 37 H Z " ' " ■ WIDE GOLDEDUNDZ LLC PRESEtJTS CB yt;2t; W. ' G love « SPECIAL SflUCE VI 1841-:el iE DOGS .V FIJI riflRINEPS ' " ALL H WIDESPREAD PfiHIC SEC 5 ' i JOSEPH PI LEV JP. BflLLPRPt 20.08 FPI.-qE ' T. 2t 1= h7 4P[ ROW PRICE — i ' II W A.ial 111 ' s GATES OPEN JPM. flflS FF TAX UW MUH . ' .. ' l l r LIGHT a roadtrip to Widespread 38 ■ h • -I HWlNEpc •- BfiLLPfiRC « i 39 ' ' An honest man with a lingering lead has taken me this far ' -Widespread Panic 41 42 i Music is a revelation far more emcompassing tiian all wisdom or philosophy " -Beethoven 43 44 jirey Charles " Look up look down all around... " Dave Matthews 45 Stacia Porter Catt-y Charles BREAK 46 k ' ■ ca Potie, J I - ' W Carrie Shope a OF SOUL 48 ■k 49 ir5§ S $ STONE 50 ift J 51 X O m m Z 52 IS JUST FOR KIDS Carey Charles i 53 Dawna Mitchell Yvonne Little Jones Woodward- Malcolm X ' s Sister Carey Charles c c SPEAKERS 54 William B. Davis- " Cancerman " from the X ' FUes w Carey Charles Jon Stewart- Comedian Carey Charles Andy Richter- Comedian 55 TkcJiivcrsitv if fieiri University Siiuprsidly presents as part If 56 ■ The B-52 ' s Homecoming Conceit I 57 z o H (7 58 TOM DELUCA 59 60 1 Photos by Allison Firor ;:r: ' ' x - 5 locichmon 61 A day at Tate 62 i liimes |osey 63 o LEGENDS 64 65 The Quarter System 66 President Knapp 1987-1997 UGA SAYS ea Q o o 67 i IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT 68 mm % - 9 k- - . u Ir ' ' Mii ■J F . : - = rf ' k V L 1 IPX. " iW|5 ' TN., 1 » J QS «t ■»». m ' V B ! Oka p wji yijBPisgf ,. 9|0Hi F " ' ,? l H .-• 1, . f J ■ ■ , ifi fc. -. ■-— " . ' »■■» " , _ , ' pWWWb : - Editor: Elizabeth Campbell Assistant Editor: Jaiiil s : ■j)Hpto,byi5» || n Firor School of Law " From a student ' s perspective, I couldn ' t have picked a better school. " says Mike Kent, a second year law student from Sharpsburg, Georgia. The Law school has risen into the top fifteen percent in a national ranking of all law schools and ranks ninth in public law education ac- cording to U.S. News and World Report. Ninety five percent of graduates attain jobs within six months of leaving the university. The school of Law continues to offer one of the best law educations in the country while keeping the cost to a minimum. Patrick Ferris, a first year law student from Alma. Georgia says, " the workload is pretty heavy, but the profes- sors are as good as you can get at any public or private school. " 72 w ■ 3 IT-- ' . ■d W m i r M -1 - H li k I i 1 VI " n B i i g ■J_ 1 A ■■■ 1 1 ' ■ latJiy " The PEOPLE OF Georgia WANT AND deserve nothing short of the best. The University of Georgia School OF Law is,therefore,to be one of such excellence that no citizen of Georgia need ever leave his state because a superior legal education IS available elsewhere. " CARL E. SANDERS LL.B. 1948 University OF Georgia Governor of the State of Georgia 1963-1967 Richard Wise 1 -?( . : I r w _ « AH f Hpr -; „.«?- i 74 ■ { lorgan lohnson " If the University were a cloci , tlie Franldin College of Arts and Sciences would be the battery. For decades we were UGA, long before this cam- pus developed its marvelous diver- sity in teaching, research, and ser- vice. We hope to continue the fine traditions of this college and build on them, as we continue to expand our cooperation with other colleges on campus. " -Wyatt W. Anderson, Dean Arts and Sciences Arts 8v Sciences melia Addison 75 pi BQI ■ Kj H Bi aw — . IE? lit B B B 1 Hh ' ' " mt - I 2 ; vl l p» i ' 1 n MHpHBBB ' A H , .-.« » ' ) ' ' - _ B .«« 1 Environmental Design The Landscape Architecture program stresses the utilization of an environment ' s natural resources when developing land for human use. Matt Sprouse, a third year Master Landscape Architecture student from South Caro- lina, says that one main attraction of this school is its emphasis on a " more eco- logical approach to design. " The pro- gram is preparing for radical curriculum changes that will be in effect next fall while it continues to integrate the art and science interests in the Landscape Architecture program. 76 Paul Scoggins irate the art .Unds«P« 77 78 ' Journalism 8 Mass Communication Richard Wise sflff The Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, wfiich pio- neered journalism education in the 1910 ' s, has moved and expanded throughout the century. By learning i tC51 media in not only newspapers and n magazines, but also television, ra- " ■ ' dio, and online publications, past graduates have become leaders in - «i these fields. ?t : .it ' Cif. X ' " r.. J 79 Veterinary Medicine The College of Veterinary Medicine cel- ebrated its 50th Anniversary this year. At this milestone, the College has a new dean, Keith Prasse, appointed after Dean David Anderson retired. Dean Prasse has served on the faculty in veterinary medicine since 1972. This fiftieth in- coming class, like nearly 3,000 gradu- ates who have come before them, will take classes and eventually proceed to- ward gaining experience in the practical setting of the College ' s Veterinary Teach- ing Hospital. 80 Photos by |oey Rodgers Api) 81 Elizabeth Campbe I 1 82 i School of Business Morgan |ohnson 1 The Terry College of Business offers specialization in accounting, banking, economics, finance, general business, industrial relations, international busi- ness, location analysis, management, management information systems, mar- keting, organization management, real estate, risk management and insurance. Terry College offers excellence in teach- ing while fulfilling the University of Georgia ' s responsibility of instruction, research, and service. 83 Graduate School r WtnWWinlWl i ftTi i itM aB IKW i t i CT- ■ The Graduate school ' s purpose is to administer advanced study in all schools and colleges of the university. Students can obtain degrees of Doctor of Philoso- phy, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Pub- lic Administration, Doctor of Musical arts. Specialist in Education. Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Certificate Programs. Twenty-two professional fields offer master ' s degrees. 84 Photos by Elizabeth Campbell - sional 85 Agricultural v Environmental Sciences " The College of Agricultural and Envi- ronmental Sciences exemplifies the vi- sion that the founders of the University shared by embracing and utilizing the contributions of teaching, research and extension to enhance Georgia ' s leading industry- agriculture. Our hands-on approach to higher education has pre- pared students pursuing careers in agri- cultural and environmental sciences for over 100 years. " -Heather Hardy, President of Ag Hill Council 87 Family 8v Consumer Sciences The College of Family and Consumer Sciences consists of four departments including Child and Family Develop- ment, Food and Nutrition, Housing and Consumer Economics, and Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors. The Col- lege offers both an MS degree and PhD in these departments and sends its graduates into fields such as service relations, education, business and in- dustry, communications, consumer edu- cation and health-related professions. 88 ■ Photos by Amelia Addison 89 Clarissa Cunningham Scl Elizabeth Cwf 90 Ptiarniac search ai i School of Pharmacy Elizabeth Campbe The College of Pharmacy prepares stu- dents interested in practicing pharmacy as a profession. The college is accred- ited by the American Council of Pharma- ceutical Education and provides exten- sive knowledge in the principals of the Pharmaceutical profession while keep- ing up with the latest technological re- search advances. 91 Forest Resources The Warnell School of Forest Resources offers small classes, hands-on learning and field trips that allow students and faculty the chance to work closely to- gether. The College is one of the oldest in the nation with some of the best facilities. There are four majors offered in the school including forestry, wildlife, fisheries and aquaculture, and forest environmental resources. 92 Clarissa Cunnigham ! i m 93 I Amelia Addison diverse i ■ff5 exce ' ents. fa. 94 1 M Elizabeth Campbel mr r ' hi nr; ■•! I School of Education The University of Georgia Peabody school of Education was founded in 1908 and grew into the College of Education in 1932. In just five decades the College has become one of the largest and most diverse institutions of its kind in the country. Through teaching, research and outreach missions, the College of- fers exceptional opportunities to stu- dents, faculty and staff. The modern College is composed of four schools: Health and Human Performance, Lead- ership and Lifelong Learning, Profes- sional Studies and Teacher Education. There are more than 5,000 students enrolled in the College. 95 School of Social Work " The School of Social Work offers stu- dents opportunities to gain expertise in practice intervention designed to en- hance the well being of individuals, fami- lies, and communities. Students are exposed cutting edge social work prac- tice strategies that are theory and re- search based and have opportunities to engage in service learning projects. " -Bonnie L. Yegidis, Dean School of Social Work 96 i Stacia Potter 97 1 997 Graduation 98 Photos b Pirh.irri Wise " Here in the University of Georgia, you are seel ing the l eys to your future. We can- not hand them over to you just because you came. Nor will those keys be bestowed at the end of four years or six years- or ever- automatically. They will be earned as you move to develop your intel- lectual capacity, as you de- velop your mind, and as you cultivate your heart. " Chancellor O.C. Aderhold, 1964 m Photos by Richard Wise " Wherever the bright sun of heaven shall shine, His honor and the greatness of His name shall be, and make new nations. " -King Henry VIII 100 1 Honors Day 101 Studying Here... Clarissa Cunningham Stacia Potter 102 Morgan |ohnson 103 ...and Abroad •mmfffmmmff mmmfmm mmm ' - Courtesy of |ulie Lawrence 104 Courtesy of Kajal Patel Emily Bagwell 1C6 f Hubert H. McAlexander ]r, by Katie Simon josiah Meigs Award The Meigs Award is given for excellence in Teaching. It is the university ' s highest teaching award. Hubert H. McAlexander |r., English Theodore Shifrin, Mathematics Frederick J. Stephenson jr., Marlicting and Distribution Not Pictured: Thomas W. Ganschow. History " Inevef literaiy ■Hugh I College 1557 Geo { Katharina Wilson ■ng. Itisthei " In every conceivable way, Dr. Wilson ' s career at UGA and in the profession of literary studies has been marked by dedication to the craft of teaching. " -Hugh Ruppersburg, Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences I 1 997 Georgia Professor of the Year ' Meigs Award Recipient Six time Outstanding Honors Professor Honoratus Medal 107 I Howard A. Schretter by Emily Scoggins Honored Faculty Members 1997 Wlater Barnard Hill Distinguished Service Fellows Recognizes faculty who have made extraordinary contributions to Univer- sity of Georgia service Programs Howard A. Schretter Don Bower William M. Ozburn David A. Payne Not Pictured: Paul E. Glicl Lamar Zipperer Photo Courtesy of David A. Payne 108 Susan R- Wessler by Michelle Kim Lamar Dodd Award Recognizes outstanding schol- arly or creative activity in tiie sciences Susan R. Wessler Albert Christ-Janer Award Recognizes outstanding schol- arly activity in the creative arts and humanities Not Pictured: William W. Stueck, Jr. Russell Award Recognizes excellence in undergraduate instruc- tion by junior faculty members— those who received their final de- gree no more than 1 years earlier Jay W. Rojewski Alan P. Dennis Not Pictured: Margaret Ann Graham 109 Deans of the Schools and Gale A. Buchanan, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Wyatt W. Anderson, Arts and Sciences James D. Edwards, Interim, Business Russell H. Yeany, Education Kerry J. Dawson, Environmental Design Sharon Y. Nickols, Family and Consumer Sciences Arnett C. Mace, Jr., Forest Resources J. Thomas Russell, Journalism and Mass Communications Edward D. Spurgeon, Law Stuart Feldman, Pharmacy Bonnie L. Yegidis, Social Work Keith W. Prasse, Veterinary Medicine (not pictured) Gordhan L. Patel, Graduate School 111 President Adams " Put the best possible student with the best possible professor in the best possible environment then get the administration out of the way and let good things happen. " -Michael Adams, President of UGA On September 1 , 1997, the University of Georgia wel- comed its twenty first president, Michael Adams, to the campus. Adams was chosen " unanimously and enthu- siastically " by the Board of Regents to succeed Charles B. Knapp. Adams, the former president of Centre College in Kentucky, was " greatly honored to have been se- lected " and said he " [looks] forward with great excite- ment to the challenges that lie ahead for me at this fine institution. " Upon Adams first visit to UGA, it was clear that he was both relaxed and professional. He made it a point to greet students, faculty and staff as he visited different areas of the campus. Frank W. Seller, president of UGA ' s national alumni association said of Adams, " I am con- vinced he could eat at an alumni barbecue at noon and appear at an alumni black tie dinner in the evening and be equally comfortable and well-received at each. " Adams promised a " primary focus " on students and said his philosophy of education was to " put the best possible student with the best possible professor in the best possible environment then get the administration out of the way and let good things happen. " Photo by Peter Frey; Courtesy of Georgia Magazine 113 Vice Presidents Allan Barber, Business and Finance Dwight Douglas, Student Affairs Donald Eastman, Development and University Relations joe Key, Research William Prokasy, Academic Affairs Bryndis Roberts, Legal Affairs S. Eugene Younts, Services 114 Photos courtesy of the Alumni House JHj Hm .i.v. -g U Hr ii : Mjb . -k . m 115 • J% J ,J,.-- ' 1 Paul Scoggins Coach 118 119 120 121 Paul Scoggins Caioy Ch.uli- 122 Ns- 1 Media Allison Firor 123 125 126 Michele Kim 127 University of Georgia Bulldogs ' •.v . i Bruce Adrine • Corey Allen • Robert Amaud • Walker Atrlce • )eremlah • Champ Bailey • Ronald Bailey • Mike Bobo • Ronnie Bradley • Greg Bright • Larry Brown • Johnny Brown • Derrick Byrd • Nick Callaway • Selma Calloway • Drew Camp • Earl Chambers • Antonio Cochran • Chad Holleman • |ames Cornelius • Drew Cronic • Daniel Cobb • Quentin Davis • Robert Edwards • |on England • Demetric Evans • Ryan Fleming • Antonio Fleming • Glenn Ford • Olandis Gary •Will Goldman • Adrian Goodman • Audrell Grace • Orantes Grant • Michael Greer • Eric Hall • Brett Hansen • |eff Harris • Doug Hene • Steve Herndon • Hap Hines • Rhodes Hill • Andy Hogan • Chad Holleman • Adrian Hollingshed • Michael Holt • Marcus Hunter • Kenley Ingram • Chris Jeffries • Jonas Jennings • D.J. Johnson Jevaris Johnson • Mark Johnson • Andy Kardian • Randall Kendrick • Josh Kerr • Seth Kirkland • Drew Kitchen • Matt Knisley • Dax Langley • Clint Larkin • Emarlos Leroy • Jeremy Lewis • Anthony Lonon • Dustin Luckie • Mike Luckie • Miles Luckie • |osh Mallard • Larry Mann • Robert Matthews • Chris Meadows • Curt McGill • Randy McMlchael • Brandon Miller • Brett Millican • LaBrone Mitchell • Kit Mixon • Jason Nesbit • Keith Nesbit • Travers Paine • Thaddeus Parker • Brett Parks • Patrick Pass • Brady Pate • Priest Perry • Jermaine Phillips • Matt Rabon • James Rahal • Brad Register • Rich Robich • Cory Robinson • Curtis Sanders • Jasper Sanks • Richard Seymour • Bruce Sills • Rob Singleton • Trey Sipe • Tony Small • Kirby Smart • Marcus Smith • Reggie Smith • Paul Sneiiings • Matt Sorrells • Brad Stafford • Reggie Stargili • Matt Stinchcomb • Marcus Stroud •Travis Stroud • Bronson Sweatt • Chad Talton • Michael Taylor • Elvir Tepic • Chris Terry • Oliver Tilton • Brandon Tolbert • Vasilios Travlos • Mike Usry • Spencer Walker • Hines W jiA mdlne Wiggins •JDave yyiUi4fns« Kelvin Williams • Matt L WE BELIEVED 129 I ! •u Hi 9! 129 i Outback Bowl Champions f ' ' ' " } u l -jj n T i dHJ JKSi • • • .■Hu JV ' Ks- Xl n 129 -Vfjjj J ii Gooooooo DawgS) Sic ' Em, WOOf, WOOF, WOOF! I -Ryan Strohm Mic Man » 1 i 129 Football Photos by Carey Charles f 130 ' ' . ' 18 y ii - w %: :;- . 131 Managers Trainers 132 133 134 135 Michele Kim 136 I, 3 k 1 1 )V Cheeiteading Missy Spain 137 Photos by Radi Nabuls 138 1 Gymnastics 139 All photos by Sports Information 140 1 Women ' s Basketball 141 Men ' s Basketball " 5( i All photos courtesy of Sports Information 143 144 All photos courtesy of Sports Information .v ' ■- urn ilr- ■• . ' . .u. M IM ?■ • : i M im - « lt4l . -tafelSP " M . «K I i MW . liiiirii J b2 ■ ■-■- •.: :i 145 146 " — m — rr Shane Hopper 147 tfWWkWlC 148 Travis Hatfield 149 Soccer Paul Scoggins m WMM»F Tdul Stoggii 150 I II 151 David i yM t 152 Diving Swimming 153 154 155 o Anguish Tnumpi h 156 riiotos by Sports Information 157 i ' j .4. JutfJ- :t .»r Editor: Mya Pope Assistant Editor: Jennifer Young photo by Erin McCall Stacia Potter P " ' Photos by The Picture Mau I 160 nnRSj 191 ■T H QB S s i Wn J I t J w m M HiH XilS m Megan Watkins: President Holly Herrin: V.R for Administration a Lacy Feldman: V.R for Kushm Claudia Parker: V. P. for Rho Chis Betsy Graiser: Secretary Treasurer nic Kelli Colwell: Public Relations Director Saralyn Greene: Judicial Board Director H D n o c 3 O 161 i The Picture Man 162 I i Lee Patrick, President Rob Hendrix, V.P. for Rush Gaines Dempsey, V.P. for Administration Sco tt Mu ll ev, V.P. for Pu blic Re lations Will Rivenbark, Treasurer Michael Monk, Secretary :3 (T) r-h (T) n o c n 163 i risti Franldin: Alpha Kappa Alphr Renee Thomas: Delta Sigma Theta Kim Dicl son ig™ Gamma Rho i Carla Zuill: Zete Phi Beta H Tavares Stephens: Alpha Phi Alpha Rashid McGriff: rrfega Psi Phi 164 " Empowerment Through Unity ' ■■■■I IHI Hill z O :t r ?d " n n o c n 165 Missi Abele Amber Albritton Jenny Ardemangi Marie Ballard Elizabeth Barmore Kelly Baskin Stevi Beasley Sandy Beiser Kylie Bishop Shannon Bower Shannon Bradshaw Kelli Bridges Jenny Brinson Bonnie Brown Christy Burke Amy Burns Lee Ann Cailebs Julie Carfang Amanda Cater Claire Coleman Kelli Colwell Holly Cook Stephanie Coon Tarra Corry Carra Crumbley Patti Dalis Brittany Deaner Heather Demery Janna DeMott Amanda Denmark 166 Gretchen D ' Huyvetter Julie Dmetruk Erin Doyle Mary- Rollins Dunagan Caroline Dwyer Dixie Eiland Amanda Emery Lesley Epps Kimberly Faulkner Tiffany Fell Kara Fitzsimmons Krlsten Fitzsimmons Lauren Freeman Mollie Gallaher Stacey Gilbert Brook Hall Whitney Hamilton Natalie Ham met Lindsay Harper Amy Hart Kendra Henderson Elizabeth Hendley Amanda Hill Julie Hogg Gretchen Holt Krlsten Hough Laura Huffman Lauren Jackson Ashley James Carrie Jarnigan Janna Jessup Abby Jones Megan Jones Kris Keller Amanda Kelley Katie Kelley Stacey Kimel Carissa Klatk Claire Knapik Lisl Kuegman Jennifer Landrum Mary Lang Karen Leblang Lindsay Leiand Stephanie Lee Tiffany Lee Amy Lewis Angela Luckett Tiffany Lyie Heather Marsh Megan Marshall Camilyn Martin Kellee Martin Marcie Matheson Shannon Mathis Julianne Maynard Sharon McCormack Dana McDonald Mary Beth McKean Stephanie Meadors Raleigh Mecklin Erin Melick Christina Mobley Emily Morrow Ashley Nelson Erin Nelson Courtney Nuss, Erin O ' Bryant Cara O ' Connell Lindsey Odum Katy O ' Mara Krlsten Opitz Amanda Parker Hannah Parker Katherine Patrick Pinckney Pitcock Meredith Phillips Emily Plttman Lisa Plair Lindsay Podojll Kate Price Kim Rein Christine Riffle Lorraine Riffle Leslie Rodriguez Stacey Russell Kendra Schilf Brooke Schlottman Jennifer Scott Dona Lyn Shirah Rachel Spector Donna Stein Jill Stephens Jennifer Stewart Ivy Stubbs Jessica Stubbs Erin Straight Ansley Surface Kristin Swainey Whitney Taylor Tracey Thomson Allison Tillman Melissa Turner Whitney Varner lennifer Vaughan Kristen Venet Lisa Vrionis Lindsey Waddle Alexis Wasowsk Anna Watkins Betsy Willis Kristy Wilson Kelly Withers Jamie Witt Natalie Wood war Gretchen Worth} Jennifer Young IfliniferScon Dot Lyn Stoat: Rachel Spectoi Donna Stein |ill Stephens Jennifer Stewaii l 7Stubbs ' -s.vcaStubbs Straight Surface jracBmsoi IVamei fnVenet „-,csevJid owsl NjBlieWoodW ' OetchenWo wnifer can ' t remember all the times I tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass. " -Counting Crows " a rr n z o CD 167 Joy Adams Towana Ahren kiel Laura Allen Melanie Allen Mary Grace Alston Kerry Alt Katie Arnold Jenn Arroyo Danna Bagwell Courtney Baker Lindsay Baker Kim Bateman Km Nancy Baynard Martha Beckmann Fran Benedict Natalie Berry Stephanie Bingham Holly Bishop Emily Bowling Dorry Branca Holly Brinson Susie Brown Krissie Browning Amanda Bryant Tish Buntin Jessica Cabral Connell Cannon Maggie Cannon Betsy Carter Lucy Cartledge Mary Catherine Cato Leslie Causey Katie Chamberlain Elizabeth Chandler Alex Clements Lauren Coffey Carolyn Cook Callie Craig Ellen Crawford Molly Cutter Leslie Davis lie Deloach Marni Dodd Rebecca Dopson Brehnan Durham Ellen Elmore Betsy Epps Ginna Ewaldsen Brooke Ewing Mellissa Ewing Ashley Fink Betsy Floyd Katie Floyd Emily Foster Rebecca Franklin Jamison Fulks Adrienne Garbe Megan Gates Michelle Gembala Robin Good let Mandi Gordon Julie Graham Ahren Graves Amanda Griffin Heather Hammond Kathleen Hanner Elizabeth Hardy Lisa Harlen Liz Hartman Jennifer Hattaway Carolyn Haverly Sally Haynes Cassie Head Audrey Hill Amy Holmes Cesser Hughes Mary Scott Huguley Brooke Hummel Susan Humphlet Amy Hurst Mandy Jackson Stephanie jaclcson Paula Jobson Amy Johnson Courtney Johnson Lauren Johnson Lindsey Johnson Brett Jones Erin Jones Caroline Kilgore Catherine Killmaster Jennifer Kimsey t i Jenn Kovacs Hoi lye Lawrence Becky Lee Parky Lee Ellison Lennington Allison Loftiss Audra Macon Catherine Martin Lauren McMillan jodi McPipkin Gary McWilliams Amy Miller Catherine Milligan Julie Mills Sally Moody Devon Morgan Louise Morris Meghan Murphy Becky Nally Christie Nally Sarah Newberry Jodi Nipper Amanda Oliff Bess Oliver Michelle Osborne Kylie Oswald Claudia Parker Ivy Patton Lauren Payne Kathryn Phillips Jenny Pope Misti Pope Kari Reeves Kriya Revter Anna Gate Ridley Natalie Roberts j Katie Robertson AnnaSansdf? Janet Sheeley Carolyn Shervette Sarah Stanley Stephanie Stephen: Katie Stone Melanie Taylor Liz Tharpe Meg Tilley Laura Traub Lauren Tucker Molly Turley Robin Vance Elizabeth Viall Tucker Warnock Alycia Waters Jamie Wharton Jacelyn Wilks Summer Williams Trammel Wilson Mary Beth WombU Kelli Wright Natalie Zschiesche 168 lennyPope MistiPope y Reeves K iyaRevter Anna Cate Ridley Natalie Roberts Katie Roljertson uov.iStief ' eiit I SafaiSHii:ev j S«p ' Steohe j Veiaiieia;; ' ! Ultape I T erWamock AJyda Waters ieWWon lacely Wilks lliaini Stinmer ' i omtt 0 ' We live for each other and for Alpha Delta Pi. " a 169 " U The Picture Man r K Yasemin Arsan Mandy Belcher Lori Bova Amanda Brown Kelly Burrow Melody Bullock Lauren Bush Natalie Bush Anna Campbell Alice Coggin Leah Collins Reagan Collinsworth Mandy Dix Beth Dugan Christine Hallick Rebecka Hedlund Heather Hendricks Nancy Hill Kristen Hiscox 1 Shannon Holloway Erin Jernigan Kara Klinger Kelly Lawson Gina LaPlante Amy McCee |ulie Moon Patricia Oswald Kell Phommahasay Erika Reade-Hiii Kim Re id Sarah Rentz Melanie Rotchford Jessica Schultz Sally Sermprungsuk Sara Sermprungsuk Ann Sherberger Michelle Stephanos Sheri Stickney jen Ware 170 " Both within the family and without, our sisters hold up our mirrors, our images of who we are and of who we are to become. " -Elizabeth Fishei 171 Photos by The Picture Man Jonna Adams Christi Alexander Julie Allen Jennifer Altman Debbie Austin Sarah Bates » Lisa Berkowitz Alyson Biacl burn Laurie Bowers Marialice Boyd Jillian Boyd Danielle Bradley | Heather Br ant Christie Burdell Jennifer Burns Stephanie Caldwell Katie Cantrell Krissie Carter Nicole Carter Anupama Chalam Julie Christian Miranda Cochran Charlotte Coffee Beth Cohorst Meg Collins Robin Conley Ashley Cooper Kathryn Crum Carrie Davis Meg Davis Christina Dickman Shannon Dixon Barbara Doerr Kari Ann Drummonds Jill Duminski Tami Dunham Sharri Edenfield Kristen Galley Laura Gallagher Maka Giles Aimee Greco Ginny Guilfoyle manda Hagan Susan Hagati: Misty Harris Ashley Hill Anne Hogg Mary Holcombe Krista Holthaus Fran Hooper Megan Howard Kristen Howze 4 Beth Anne Hyers Emily Johnson Reeves Joseph Kelly Kimberl Eileen Kramer sSarah Ksiazek Nicole Kuhn Elizabeth Logan Beoncia Loveless Dorian Maxwell Candace McCullough Lizzie McSween Lauren Metivier Nikki Meyers Donna Mooney Anne Muirhead Melissa Nash Chau Ngo VeVie Noble Krystal Nolan Beth Norman Leighanne Ogden Katie ONeil Heather Ould Kara Owens Meredith Page igh Andrea Palmer Ashley Parks Stephanie Paulson Melanie Pearson Kristi Puckett Melissa Rea Ifturen Reace Chrissy Rhodes jhelum Shah Britt Sharpenberg Sandy Slade Jennifer Springer Keilee Springer Caria Stanley Hillary Stewart Sarah Stafford Helen Sutton Kathryn Sutton Amy Swoope Ally Taylor ' - Jennifer Thomas Liz Thompson Lisa Trepes Abby Turick Tina Willingham Heather Wood 172 ( ksan ■■:ion f ty " As sure as seasons are made for change, our lifetimes are made for years, so I will be here. " - Steven Curtis Chapman IT o a 173 Tracina Brown Stefani Carter Tamaiko Chappell Mia Daniels Yolanda Flowers Kristi Franklin April Green rown Hr ' ' ' ' )°h ' o " Tunisia P Hpikki Johnson T)eidre Knight Nadia Evans- Lambert Michelle Laurea Tasha Lumpki pAmber Polk dasha Powell no A m ( Tunisia Pull ins Erika Raper April Ruffin LaRita Shelby Joyette Smith Teshe Stokes Candice Willan 174 " Today many people in the world use people to build up their re- sources... But I think it is a much better world when we use our re- sources to build up our people. " Kristi Franklin, President ■o T3 175 Alison Adams Elixabeth Allain Kristen Alexander Melissa Bailey Lindsay Baker Natalie Balyo Heather Bartlett Katie Beall Rachel Berry Sara Bettencourt Laura Blake Macie Bowen Carrie Brady Tiffany Brannen Brooke Brown Lisa Brown Katie Buckler Leslie Buckler Melissa Bullington Dee Bulloch Melissa Cain Kristine Calandra Melissa Calloway Keri Cannon K.C. Cohen Katie Cowley Sarah Crum Lisa Davis Stephanie Davis Ginny Dixon Heather Dixon Stephanie Dixon Katie Do wis Peyton Dumbleton Kristin Edmonson Staci Epps Shannon Etheridge Whitney Fletcher Kelly Frantz Melissa Fryman Laura Gassaway Katie Gerker Anne Marie Goggins Holly Gooding Sarah lyn Graham Courtney Grimes Cassie Hail Michelle Harbuck Jennifer Hauser Rebecca Heard Allison Hill Michelle Holcomb Susan Hollis Heather Huggins Leigh Anne Hunt Tiffany Jernigan |en Johnson Laura Jones Meredith Jones Sarah Karpick Beth Kelley Julie Kelley Shan Kelley Anne Marie Kierkia Christine Kierkia Brooke Kindle Lisa Kirts Jamie Klein Katie Knaak Katie Kriner Jessica Langston ulie Lawrence.,. Beth Linnen Laura Linton Jennifer Lister Ansley Little Meredith Little Brittany Locklar Kasey McDaniel Courtney McHale Heather McKlesky Sarah McPhillips Catherine McQuaig Kristina Manning Stephanie Mickle Melaney Mills Nichole Mobley Kim Moore Ashley Moore Elizabeth Moylson Christine Mutch Miranda Nance Heather Oliver Kristin Ozburn Jeslyn Parham Kristi Parti n Allison Pate Valerie Payne Lee Peeler Brooke Price Dawn Pugh Paige Putnam Aloson Quod Brittany Raines Lindsay Rakestraw Allison Rea Neely Reddick Ashley Reider Betsy Rlchwine 1 Danae Roberts Emily Ross Kelly Rountree Brittany Rowland Sarah Schmitt Emily Schulten Kathryn Seabrook Christy Shenefield Lauren Simms Hillary Smith Tara Smith Jennifer Snell Candace South Caria Steffani Brandi Summerford Kendi Taylor Sally Tamplin Kelly Teal Kate Thorn loe Jenny Thomas Allison Thome Megan Tiller Stephanie Tope Michelle Towcey Audra Towson Bonnie Travis Stephanie Triplett Mary Paige Tucke Amy Vander Gheyr Courtney VanHoov Melissa Veil Ashley Waldron Sarah Warrick Debbie Weinstein Catherine Welch Stephanie Whelple Anna Kay Wiggin; Courtney William; Leanne Williams Michelle Williams Jennifer Windharr Shelly Wood Krysia Wrobel Kim Yarborough Stacy Youngblooc Whitney Zaeh 176 t ' i II Photos by The Picture Man v5i ellyTeal •■elhofnb ■ " " iHiomas nlliome ' eganl :naiiie : elieTowcej [lie Triplet |igeTuck( terCtiej IWeinstei -eiieWilliaii .lyWood lartwrougl " Friends may change and friendships evolve but they can never truly 3 end, for they are not the destinations of the moment but the journeys of Q a lifetime " Unknown § 177 Photos by The Picture Mar = n H2S3HB rT5r35 KFfOW Laura Albertson Aimee Alexander Sara Allgood Kate Appleyard Brooke Bailey Kristina Bass Heather Belin Claire Benson Kathryn Benton Anne Bickerstaff Jamie Bigsby Courtenay Bond Dana Bosch Lauren Bourgeois Summer Bradley Michelle Brady Sarah Broach Lauren Brodie Rebecca Brooks Mariam Brown Dallas Bullock Sarah Burson Kerri Cannon Tonia Capobianco Olivia Carlton Elizabeth Cely Mary Clarke Christina Clyatt Margaret Cole Rebecca Constantine Elizabeth Cooper Katie Cotney Jennifer Crick Courtney Crowther Heather Crowther Tinsley Davis Maty Delahaye _. Jessica Dow JW Marie Duhe ' Kelly Duncan Molly Escott Candice Freeman Caroline Fuller Margaret Furlow Allison Garrison Margaret Gil lis Holly Golson Kimberly Gotham Elizabeth Hamilton Addie Harris Courtney Harris Ramsey Harris Amanda Harry Ashley Hatch Kristin Heffeman Mary Hobbs Stephanie Home Elinor Howard Erin Howard Emily Irvin Julie Jacobs Laura Jamison Meredith Jordan Elizabeth Kcihe ' • Frances Kilpatrick Carrie Koehler Meredith Kopp Ashley Leary Crace Leatherbury Christa Leveto Jaime Lewis brtney Lynch Mary Maniey Morganne Mares Anna Martin Krista Martin Eleanor McCallie Elizabeth McClure Ann McGuire Amy McKenzie Lacey Moore Amy Myers Jennifer Naccarato Sarah O ' Kelly Katrina Ogden gr Brooks Organ Drandy Pellicano Laura Pennington Cameron Perusse Amy Peskoe Brandon Peterson Allison Piatt Mellie Preis Adrian Price Courtney Ranck Lee Rexinger Allyson Ripley Christina Roberts Kriston Roman Erin Royal Erica Russo Chesley Sadler Meredith Sanders Amy Schultz Margaret Sexton Stacey Shackelford Ashley Sheber Aimee Simmons Cynthia Simmons Anna Skiles Erika Smedstad Martha Spurlock ' I Maresa Stinchfield I Stacia Strickland Monica Trinidad Anne Turner Brittany Turner Holly Tuten Heather Vaughn Meredith Vermillior Lauren Walden Lauren Wampold Medora Ware April Waters Julia Weeks Valerie White Andrea Williams Elizabeth Wilson Georgi Wilson Stacey Wilson 178 " Chi Omega Symphony: To work earnestly, to speak kindly, to act sincerely, to be womanly always. " -Ethel Switzer Howard I VkJigaretSextOE 5uce) ' Shackel(oi Ashley Sheber Aimee Simmon! Cynthia Simmon; Anna Sidles toSmedsad Martha Spurlodt eTumer yTumet :.,Jyten .v,cooi ' atofe :-il Waters Weeks -,,ene White Eliabeiti Wilson Geof Wil5on jaceyWiW n O 3 179 Photos by The Picture Man Laura Ader Lauren Allgood Jaydee Austin Ashley Baker Madonna Barnard Merrill Beck Barbara Betsch Erin Billington Blaire Blankenship Kadie Boedy Kendall Booe Carrie Booher „ April Brooks Kelly Brown Nikki Brown Sadie Burdell Katy Buttermore Molly Buttermore Courtney Carswell Ashley Carver Danielle Chaloux Jennifer Chambers Elizabeth Charles Katherine Cloud Virginie Cloutier Courtney Cochran Sarah Conly Kristy Conner Mandy Cooper Angele Coussan 180 Beth Crawford Kelly Crouch Claire Davis Paige Davis Brooks Deering Caren Delk Katy DeManigold Amanda DiMaria Loren DiSalvo M k Becky Dockter Julie Doering Kaki Dunbar iVlelissa Dyer Wpjodi Dziedzic Marie Edwards leleen Feaster Stephanie Fleming Anne Harrison Flippo Meredith Foshee Hannah Foutch Julie Fox Beth Gordon Caroline Gordon Jessica Gordy Laura Green Christie Grossberg Niki Gutman Kelly Haddon Genny Hardison Gillian Hargett Dana Hartsfield Kelley Head Chrisri Henson Maria Henry Colleen Hirstius Alicia Holloway Regan Howe Leslie Huff Bitsy Humann Haley Hydrick Jenny Jacobs Allison Jenkins Heather Jerue Andrea Jett Connie Johnson Amanda Kalbach Gopi Kashiparekh Katie King Courtney Kinney Christy Kirkland Kendal Korach Jennifer Laird Elizabeth Langevin Alysia Lawrence Nancy Lewis Stephanie Little Megan Lynch Jennifer Lytle Sally Mangel Jennifer Martin Valerie Masten Leigh McCorkle Melissa McElroy Ashley McFarling Eryn McHugh Aimee McPherson Anne Meier Amy Melvin Krista Moore Anna Morriss Ashley Moura. Mamon Murray Jenny Nelson Kelly O ' Brian Marcy Owen Kelly Page Jo Pauley Shea Parker Beth Pearce Marti Perry Courtenay Pfautsch Heather Powell Ashley Pugh Candice Quigley Stephanie Ramsey Ella Reed Becky Rice Jamie Rivers Jan Robinson Moira Rosenthal Rebecca Rountree Saxon Rucks Amy Sanders Kara Schuller Lindsay Seaborn Amy Sedgwick Katie Sedgwick Christina Shemwell Brigitte Smith Erin Smith Julie Smith Tiffany Smith Leigh Spann Cara Staudinger Tammy Sweeney Shana Tesler Anna Turner Keri Vess Ginny Walker Jamie Walker ulie Walker rooke Wells Molly Whalen Kirstie Wiikins Katie Winters Whitney Wood Jamie Yarbrough Jennifer Yearout Callen Young Emily Young Courtney Zamoranc Allison Zatarain " Tri-Delta: Three times better with Just one letter. .u;akhulter Lindsay Seaborn AmySdgwick Katie Sedgwick OuisnnaShemwi BtigitieSmitl Enn Smith lulieSmitti TianySmitt Leigh Spani CaraStaudingei ■.-■ vSweene) ■jTesler ■ Turner ' Vess liylieV .■■■eri CilenYounS Coufni«y Allison Zamora a sr a 181 Photos by The Picture Man Carrie Achuff Julie Allen Autumn Almy Erin Atherton Erin Banke Jaime Bengtson Mandi Bonner Jami Briggs Christi Calfioun Sarah Carson Erin Connelly Meghan Connelly Dana Davis Jeri Davis Sammi DeAngelo Jennifer Dudley Tracy Ford Jaime Foster " Jennifer Fowler Jennifer Gillespie Merri Green Mindy Hall Cindy Harrell Melissa Harrell Drena Hollingsworth Stephanie Huie Heather Huskes Keri Hunt Daphne Jarriel Danielle Joyce | Jessica Legge Amanda Leonard Courtney Lerch Becky Lilak Rebecca Mad d ox Susan Marrs Rachel Martin Kimberly McLean Hope McNaughton m Carrie Miller Amy Mitchell J ulie Moore Tracie Moore Katherine Morton Mindy Mullin Julie Nichols Beth Pagett Ashley Pol luck Melissa Powers Erin Robinson Laurie Rosenbaum Natalie Rogers Meghan Shapiro Beth Terry Mollie Tucker Terri Vance Denise Weiner Kim Williams Lindsey Wolf Meghan Wolf Melissa Wood Meredith Wyatt Kelly Young Denise Zelikovsky 182 ' ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' " ■ ' ■ ' III ' ' ' Friendship is a very comforting sort of thing. ' 183 Photos by The Picture Man Stephanie Abrams Julie Alterman llyssa Asman Michelle Bank Caralyn Beggs Kim Bertrand Betsy Brafrnan Allison Budnick Stefan ie Chen Laurie Cone Maureen Cox Liz Daniel Megan Daniels Angle Frank Liore Friedmai Amy Funk Lee Gabbai Melissa Gaynor Tracy Golden Michelle Gordon Stephanie Gottlich Debra Gottleib Betsy Graiser Rebecca Greenberg Lisa Gurin Candice Halperin Devi Herold Carin Joffe Karen Kopkin m Lor! Krantz Jana Kravitz Amy Lane Heidi Lehman Rachel Lyons Becca Mann Cheryl Mazur Danielle Metz Heather McCin ley Jodi MIgdon Regan Miller Laurie Moes Leila Nadel ennifer Neiss Cass Nelson-Dooley Rachel Orloff Avril Palmquist My a Pope Rachel Posner Amanda Pressman Jenni Ramer Kasey Reeves Erica Resnik Erinne Richter Lili Rouhani Nicole Seller Valerie Schochetman Amanda Sheftman Ijennifer Shilling I Linda Smith Kerry Solomon Stephanie Soloman Gerl Stahl Claire Stienecker ■Allison Swerdlin Stephanie Swerling Mary Anne Symms Kelly Vance Deborah Tarn Ashley Vinson Karen Wade Rachel Wikoff jordana Wolff Meredith Zarett 1 J 184 ' Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same. ' -Emily Bronte r« ' .c ' ter a m o :3 185 r riiolos l)v Hie I ' ictLire NVm 186 o 187 Ginny Adams Brittany Adeeb Brittney Anderson Jennifer Bari er Stephanie Batten Jamie Bell Melissa Benton Brittany Berger Joanna Boone Kristin Bourrie Saraii Bradford Laura Brinson Melanie Brooks Becl y Brown Stacy Buncii Allison Burbage Luci Butler Jennifer Childress Lyssa Cline Devin Clydesdale Allison Coley Beth Connor Nancie Copeland Megan Cranston Nicole Crescenzi Jamie Cristy Susan Crum Desirae Domenico Mandy Dorsett Lindsay Duttera Katie Dye Mary Ellington Amanda Endres Christy Fisher Gretchen Flynn Elizabeth Fradella Kelly Frye Amy Gallois Meredith Glenn Stephanie Goldsmith Lisa Gordon Jenny Hahnfeldt Fran Haley Lori Haley Sydney Hamilton Heather Hardy Heather Hayes Emily Heintz Meghen Henson Erin Hiers Jessica Hill Leigh Honeycutt Maria Humphries Caroline Hur Hope Hutchison Natalie Jones Andrea Ketring Joanna Kirk Jaime Kulas Lauren Lassiter Jamie Lee Jenn Lehman Alyssa Martin Lindsey Mathis Elizabeth Maynard Lindsay Mcilvaine Amy McLarty Sarah McQueen Jennifer Mears Leigh Meiere Melissa Millsap Amy Mock Katy Oliver ■Lristin Papak Angle Parks Kelly Partee ' Julie Pryor Julie Rahm Catherine Ramsay Megan Reisner Sara Reynolds Amanda Rowan Heather Savory Lea Sears Stephanie Seibert Whitney Self Tara Shah Beth Sheldon Angle Shepard Addle Silver Heather Smith Jennifer Stevens Alison Stoica Beth Storey Wendy Walker Joy Watton All West Susan Whitman Amy Williams Sara Williams Maggie Wolman Jamie Wortman New Members Melissa Bien Meghann Bouchane Uicia Brown ?slie Butler Casey Bramblett Jocelyn Bright Cathi Carson Liz Cloud " ' " ' Shannan Dunlap Sharon Ezell Stephanie Fuller Renee Fusco Julia Gatins April Giles Brittney Gray Nickie Guy Annie Hamm Julie Heintz Natalie Herring Natalie Hodges Alice Holmes Lisa Krusemark Krissy Lackey Ginger Manos Lauren Massey Stacy Mathis Ashley Mauser Kelly McCall Jessica McMillen Leslie Meeler Heather Menzies Melissa Modica Summer Moore Rebekah Morgan Tiffany Paulson Lauren Pittenger Kasey Schildhammet Alissa Schor Kim Smith jenny Steimer Dani Turner Lori Valle Kathryn Weber Paige Wojcik Alicia Wrigley xm " Good nature begets smiles, smiles beget friends, and friends are better than a fortune. " ' ■i " i.:e Hodges Alice Holmes lisaKrusemark K issyUckey QngerManos Lauren , tesej Stacy Mathis Ashley Mauser Kel McU lesiaMcMiiei ' Leslie Meelei Heather Menziei Melissa ModlQ Stinmer Moore JetiekatiiV TifenyPa -Idhamm - -5ctior - Smitli -ni Turner | ■ it PageW Alicia Wri ey N 189 Nikki Accettura Jennifer Akin Kelly Albano Cyndi Aldridge Kelly Andrews Lauren Baker Eden Barnett Nicole Bialeck Rhonda Black Christy Bowers Erins Burns Teresa Byokawski Quinn Cameron Kristi Carter Becky Cattie Kathryn Castle Carrie Causey Carolyn Chinn Ashlie Chegwidden Kimberly Colbaugh Danielle Conley Taryn Cook Darci Daniel Jay me Davis Julie Dial Amber Diaz Christie Dominy Ashley Donnelly Lindsey Findley Erin Flanagan 190 Wendy Folds Cherie Gantert Megan Gibbs Cristy Gleason Renee Golden Leslie Grant Melissa Gross Catherine Harrison Audrey Harrell Julie Harms Amy Hauser Annemarie Herman Kim Hindy Alisha Hocevar Kori Home Ashlie Houston Laura Houston Heather Hutson Becky Jackson Jamye Januzelli Andrea Jensen Kristen Jenson Shelby Kazazean Courtney Kemp Leigh Ann Kenerly Johanna Kiehl Summer Knight Amber Koglin Emily Lancaster Kari Langness Angle Lankford 1 . Fern Lloyd Tia Martarella Katherine Markwalter Leslie Mazzara Jill McDougald Derelle McFarland Holly McKnight Abby Middlebrooks Sara Moats Stephanie Moore Renee Moreland Donna Napierala Jennie Nieghbors Jasmine Neighbors Amy Nessler Jennifer Orne Katie Parisher jen Parsons Kori Patterson Kirstin Patterson Krystin Patterso Tricia Petretti Stacia Potter Liz Priddy Lindsey Price Gina Pietrangelo Allison Pressly Melissa Ray Heather Repko Tiffany Richards Heather Rollins Stacy Romino Brandy Saffell Lis Saunders Jodi Savage Kristin Schmit Meredith Sealick Kate Segar Windy Shepard Sara Simmons Emily Sistrunk Jennifer Smith Jenny Stephens Danielle Stokes Emily Teate Sara Tinsley Janie Tribble Anne Vagasky Rhiannon Vaughn Kim Warshaw Megan Watkins Erin Webb Suzi Wessell Hope Willhite Ashley Williams Becca Williams Shannon Williams Corinne Wimberly Heather Woodall Lynne Yarburough Leigh Anne Yeary ' Whatever your hands bind you to, you must do with ail your might " m toe.igaski ' Waj 0» I 3 -0 ft) sr 191 Photos by The Picture Man Shane Anderson Angie Anthony Nicki Breon Callie Browning Rachel Burton Natalie Cooper Nicole Con ette Joanne Eubank Lauren Farley Alice Foster Brooke Gardener Heather Hedrick Lauren Jancik Darby McKinney Jennifer Moore Kelly Mouchet Lauren Murphy Jessica Myers Amy Sauls Jennifer Starr Alyssa Tardif Brittany Tuggle Andrea Watson Kelly White Pepper White Jen Wingarden Avery Youngblood Katie Turner Mary Taylor Gallagher Allison Adams 192 Amy Adams Ashlie Albritton Katie Barkley Heather Britenbach Jennifer Brown Jennie Buckalew Caryn Clyne Jana Darby ■ Meredith Ellis Allie Farlowe Katie Fesuk Jamie Gambol Laurie Garrard Amanda Harrison Amanda Hester Hollyn Jones Courtney Kimbrough Jessica Knapp Kelley Lav in Mary McKinney Heather Nelson Bree Owens Susan Oxford Nicole Perna Whitney Pye Jane Reid Amanda Slover Amy Smith Brooke Stewart Emily Taylor Amanda Vanderslice Allison Weaver Nanci Williams Heather Allen Brooke Anderson Angela Arnold Leah Blalock ■ Aimee Carroll Karen Clark Heather Curl Andrea Cutler Chrissy Daniels Katherine Daniel Erin Degance Cassie Durden Amy Duval I orri Englisby Pamela Harris Kim Jordan Erica Losin Jannie Lowry Rene ' MacNabb Sonia Martinez Shauna McEntyre Katie McKinney Chancey Nichols Brooke Posch Polly Ringo Kelly Routson jena Rutherford Megan Schnelle Mandy Silar Megan Swindell Julie Vreeland Ann Walker Ashley Webber Erin Williams Ashley Winn Kelly Zappas Ellen Zeir Julie Gupton Ann Gower Amanda Akers Brooke Anderson ourtney Annlgan Caroline Beall Brooke Ben ford Christen Bennett Katherine Brown Candice Carbo BethCoker Kelly Crew Gina D ' Agostino Allison Davis Chantal Desplanque Brandi Edwards Sarah Ferguson Andie Findlay Allison Gilchrist Holly Gillis Susan Gunnels Amy Hamon Caroline Harris Carey Kefauver Casey Kelly Martha Kennedy Sarah Kraft Tiffany Lemke Julie Massey Kate McNally Tanya Morrison Amanda Nelson J.C. Nicholson Gita Rai Lauren Rose Jessica Rowel I Brandi Schenck Lindsay Schenck Ashley Starnes Carrie Vansickle f. Kellie Walter Courtney Whittle Laura Willis Jennifer Willson Kelly Willson Zane Wood Katie Zarelli Michelle Markwalt " Honorable, Beautiful, Highest. ' ■ine Hams x-a ' K ' afi ' -•-, Lemke jMassey ■eVlcN ly ■■ lomsoo -anda Nelson CNichoison ;:iRa: ■=- ose _ ,:, Sctienc) e Stames _ -eVansickle . lieWalttf .. r Wilson .V Wilson 193 ;: Pictures by The Picture Man Cullen Albright Mary Margaret Brannen Katie Camblas Angie Coates Abigail Currier Beth Dickey Lindsay Edwards Lissa Ezell Kate Freeman !; Amy Gaines Kimberly Glciser Casey Harris Catherine Hiatt Dele Hudgl: Kappy Kelle Edith Martin Madie McKnight Maggie LcLaughlin Kendall Moore Meade Morris Kathryn Oziej Ashley Prin Katy Pugh BIythe Purdy Jackie Reynolds Amy Shepherd Laura Spears Dori Sponcler Carrie Stith Lindsay Taylor Leigh Tollison Patty Vizurraga Carrie Whelchel Mandy Aiken Jennifer Blanchard Elizabeth Bowen Julia Carper Anna Kristin Coker Kristin Cotton Cadie Cox Suzanne Dasher Melanie Davis Elizabeth Dixon Sarah Earp Anna Greene Aynsley Greer Kelli Hardie Sarah Holliday Elizabeth Howard Staci James ■6 Liz Kay Catey Kettles Krissy Kilgore Laura Lester Ginny Moore Jeannie Morris Cile Swift Emily league Brinsley Thrash Vanessa Whelch Lea Whiteside Margaret Wilgus Laura Winters Lizzie Bowles Catherine Braswell Cason Buzzell Shan na Cody Eason David Ali Davis Corie Dempsey Catherine Dennis Jamie Dortch Alexis Fink m Lane Fluker M Jennifer Gaines Carter Garrett Middi Hagan Holly Hartley Julie Hodges Julia Holliday Anna Huffma Mary Katherine Husser Paige Jackson Shamey Lawand Caroline Lee Dana Massih Susan McDonald Elizabeth Morgan Catherine Pilcher t ' ?s Bn t . Eli; Eli Alissa Portman Katie Pritchett Mary Watson I y Carson Rudisill Haley Sams Kate Schneider Jane Servine Kelli Shivei Betsy Teller Katherine Tharpe Jessica Todd Jill Walker Katherine Baile Bronwyn Bates Amanda Bauer Brooke BeaversI Elizabeth Beeler Anna Binion Karen Black Betsy Brady zabeth Cai imner Caude DeeDee Clements Stephanie Coates Morgan Coyle Louise DeLong Rebecca Foshee Whitney Haslam Dorothy Hiatt Molly Hill Ka Laura Holliday Leigh Hutchinson Sloane Hyatt Beth Johnson Beth Laney Catherine Lattimore ' joanie Lipke Kate Lovein Lauren Logan Helen Mathews Rosemary Mathias Rachel McCall Missy Means elyn Ogbum innie Pepper : ' Brooke Ray Allison Reece Mandy Reeves Kendra Reger Amy Rhodes Betsy Roberts ana Schultz Emily Smith Whitney Trask Katherine Waddell Courtney Weaver Jill Whittington Meredith Wildes 194 " Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. " -Philippians 4:8 vHi uuraHolliday LejIiHutctiinsoi Stole Hyatt " lolinsoii -■1 Uney -eLaitimoi Helena -jlySmitti K,j,eyTrasli Cfluitney ■a 195 Photos by The Picture Man Connette Gayle Alice Barganier Laura Wheelock Allison Jackson Kerry Townsend jen Bolton Miriam Moore Isabel Strong Em ily Shivell Lindsay Moore Ashley Arnall Jenny Parramore Dorothy Sa Tami Kimes Ashley Peterson Guilds Bennett Sydney Hutcheson Cade Abney Ashley Borger Kenan Coulon Marjorie Evans Lauren Gray Adrienne Hicks Rosemary Hooks Margaret Knapp Perrin Lambeth Bess Leverett Katherine Martin Julie McDonald Carolyn McGuire Ashley Nations Cannon Nichols Kyle Nichols Courtney Octave Lady Catherine Reiss Lynn Rumbley Tina Sevier Lillian Shelton Jennifer Ward Neal Wilder Carolyn Zollo Jen Yudin Morgan Andrews Allison Blackshaw Megan Evans Celeste Flower Kemp Marks |en McDonald. Claire Muth Rae Phillips Jennifer Wardlaw Chambless Camp Tara Peace Jey Perryman Annie Baltzell Ashley Bearden Marigny Begue Cress Boswell Chris Buchanan Mattie Chisholm Jessica Cothran Raine Crumpler Erica Derr Cindy Edwards Stacy Elledge Iteigh Elliott Katie Ernst Julia Fitzpatrick Shera Gibson jere Harris Grey Hynson Christy Jones Cynthia Lester Elizabeth Lester Mary McCulloch Caf son McCutcheon Amy Sibley Emily Smith Giini Smith Bryce Vann Kim Ward Whitney Young Heidi Zimmerman Kimberly Cagle Molly Cummings Meghan Lee Nena Morton Maren Wilker Lindsay Westlake Beth Harris Bentley Bickerstaff Janet Ann Aid ridge Abby Beard Hannah Beavei Elizabeth Brown Christine Buchanan Ann Burns ,-f.v E.E. Brewer Callie Burt Katy Coan Laura Cone Lucy Daigle Biz Ethridge Cindy Fulenwider Mindy Glass Meaghan Goodwin Maranda Hancock Jill Harris Morgan Henritze Manda Henry Susanna Hooks Whitney Husby Jennifer Jones Michelle Juneau Sydney Kinzie Kristin Langley Elizabeth Martin Kendall McCulloch Aiyson McGoldrid Meredith Mc Sr Whitney Nations Jenny Rigamer ■ Marian Ripley Chelsey Seawell Ryan Smith Caroline Stewart Katherine Swope Betsy Terrell Katie Tidwell Caroline Tilghman Cameron Tornow Julianne Watt Kelli Wells Lisa Wheelock Marianne Wilder Lindsay Wilson Jessica Ziegler 196 Kappa Kappa Gamma is a group of women which seel s life bonds of friendship, mutual support, and an allegiance to ethical principles. piniferjones MicWIelyiieay Sydney Kinzie KretinLangley Ltoiti Martin er.dail VcCul .neSwop« •sy Terrell elidwell ■elilghmai one Watt 1 Wells .y lieelock ' ranne Wildef ■a ■a 197 Photos by The Picture Man Allyson Adcock Amy Anderson Ashlie Anderson Amanda Arnold Elizabeth Baker Stacy Baker ]Stephanie Baker Katie Baldwin Jenny Bellnap Jenni Blake Cathryn Bo All Brack© Leila Bra; Kimberly Brock Emily Brunk Millie Brya Mandy Butts ' ' Elizabeth Cain Laura Capes Christy Carr Laura Chambless Beth Chandler Summer Clay Candace Clifton Lauren Cohen Sharon Cohen Katie Crawford Lisa Croy Gralyn Crumpler Kim Curth Anne Daigh Dana Darden Katie Davidson Brandice Dawson Laura Dawson Carrie Diercks Angela Droll Cindy Dunaway Caroline Durst Beclcy Ellis Kate Exall Allison Farr Lacy Feidman Emeie Ferrara Robin Fierer Leigh Forester Lauren Foster Courtney Frye Beth Garland Molly Garren Lisa Ghirardi Marissa Giglio Allison Godwin Laura Griffin Sidney Hagler Catherine Halligan Tara Hamilton Kathryn Ham ling Chapman Handberry Bridget Harrington Carrie Haskins Mary Barrett Hatch Ashlee Heath Meghan Heflin Stac! Howard Katie Hughes Kristen Johnson Kelly Joiner Lolly Jopling Kami Joyce Melissa Keeney Kacey Keith Caroline Knox Laura Krisher Alison Lamb Rachel Lamb Niki Lane Amy Langford Lisa Lawrence Sarah Bess Lee Sarah Lindsey Anna Lovein Rebecca Marshall Elizabeth Martin Merrill Massey Emmie Mathews Melanie May Lindsay McAdams Susanne McCarn Shawn McGuinn Anna McKibbon Amy McMath Ginger McMath Jenni Middleton Melanie Moore Amy Mulkey Molly Muschamp Kyle Orr 1 Tricia Page ' Ruthie Pannell Cacye Payton Tara Pennigton Amy Peterman Caroline Phelps Katie Poitevint Meg Poitevint Alyssa Pol I man Natalie Pope Jenna Powell Amanda Reeves Jodi Riggins Emily Sacco Michelle Sandburg Holly Schiller Melissa Schondlemayer K Kal Summer Shoates Barbara Shoffner Julia Simmons Lindsay Slaughter Meredith Smith Jessica Squires Tankersley Katie Throne Ashton Thurmond Caty Trammell Ghana Tucci Jessica Turner Anglea Tutt Jami Vansant Juliane Walker Meredith Weeks Carroll Ann Wellman Katie Westling Carrie White Mandy Wiggins Kristen Wild Anna Williams Meredith Winitt Erin Wood Shannon Wright Stephanie Yarem Mandy Yates 198 " Sometimes the best way to find out who you are is to get to that place where you don ' t have to be anything else. " - 5hoates ■ Shoffner ; itnons ■ ;.• , jiaughtef Meredhti Smith : ' 0 ■ I ' jca ■ ]m eaTuti .ansant -Walker - ' A ' eeks rnaii .White ,rsteiWld Mert tt weVafeni c 199 I Photos by The Picture Man Sarah Abbott Annie Adkins Whitney Akin Lisa Armitage Jenn Aschermann Courtney Atkinson Katie Baku Mandy Barn Caria Beltran Michelle Boucher Mary Bowman Jamie Bryant Brooke Cox Erin Craig Kelly Crowe Dana Dabruzzi Ann Deardorff Jessica Doty Ashley Emerson Sarah Fiester Beth Frank Jennifer Frazier Meg Fuller Jennifer Gardner Kellie Gillette Alysia Gold wire Evelyn Graham Jennifer Graham Rachel Greene Susan Habel Samantha Hales Rachel Hall Karin Hampton Christy Hannaford Jennifer Harper amantha Hayes Meg Hearon Erin Hirsekorn Jennifer Hirsekorn Ashley Hobbs Darby Hodgetts Stacy Hughes Amy Jackson Elizabeth Jackson Gina Jackson. Andrea )one| Jolene Jonesi Tyler Jones I Katherine joyner Debra Keezell Kimber Keplinger Jamie Langel Heat her Layfield Elizabeth Led better Allison Lee Sydney Linn Elizabeth Lintner Claire Lord Karen Lubeck Allison Maddox Allison Mancini Jennifer Mallett Melissa Marchant Valerie Martin Meredith Mclntire Lindsey Mehan Lauren Mengel Andrea Moody Michelle Moorman Janet Neal Amber Norris Tiffany North Meg Norton Amy Olson Erin Parish irandi Plunkett Amy Pollingue Ashley Prather Laura Priven Heather Quinn Liz Robertson Wendy Rogers Andrea Sapp Jill Schenck 1 Meredith Season Amy Sosebee Michelle Stevens Jessica Stone Colleen Sweeney Kristin Szurovy Katy Tramm Lindsay Travis Aimee Tuten Bitsy Urvan Rachelle Wade Chere White Erin Wilson Georgia Wood Erica Zehnder Erica Zeitman Erin Alford Breck Allgood Brooke Baker Annie Barocas Katy Barrs Courtney Beltzer Jennifer Bennett Amy Blount Ally Boyenga Sara Chapman Sara Checkelsky Emilie Collins ennifer Comissionj Kara Griffin Michelle Hales Mindy Harbeson Vivian Hudson Lindsay Kincaid i Kinnett eigh Koehler Ansley Mason ' alge Mathias Meredith Matthew Bonnie McBee Niki Mercer ephanie Mueller Keri O Connell Amy Prince Kelli Pushman m Roll wood ennifer Ruffin Anne Marie Schroerr Errka Slavenski Brandi Stearnes Lisa Swindell Erin Turner Emily Walker Whitney Walker Anna Warner m ■ i ■Ke 200 ■ , ' There is no better friend than a sister. lenniterComissioi Kara Griffin Vtchelle Hales iViixtyHarbeson v. ' ii Hudson aviincaid .,, Kinnett n Koehler .ev Mason iX ' HnieN iki. leoliaiiiel OCd IKen .■«Siavenski -ijiSteames ,, Swindell nTumef ..lyWalkef . eyWalke ' ■a Warned DO sr IT 201 Photos by The Picture Man Amy Aarons Alisa Altman Maria Altman Torie Barnes Ellen Benbennisty jenny Benuck Michelle Bergman Mara Bernstein Susan Bloom Susan Bracker Becky Brlgnac Adrienne Brilliant Sarah Cohen Erin Cranman Rachel Diamond Leigh Diangelo Ivy Em pel ]odi Fink Allison Glass Elena Goldberg Beth Greenblatt Robin Halpern Tara Holzer Amanda Isenberg |enn Jacobs Tammy Joss Daniella Josset Jaime Kahn Susan Kolevsohn Melana Kopman Nicole Korsen Leslie Kulbersh Dana Kulbersh Karen Lasky Lisa Levin Amy Lifiowsky Robin Lipman Michelle Luber Erin Marcus Laurie Mindeil Lisa Musher Sara Ognibene Freida Orange Margaret PrI Dara Rosen b Mara Rosenberj Danielle Rupright Elana Sauer Amy Scheuer Rachel Schlansky Jill Schoeman Joy Sherman Hilarie Silvers Lori Simonoff Jessica Smolen Carrie Stern Jodi Sukloff Dana Susman r Sara Wallack Jaime Adelman Kerri Bernstein Brittany Brook Meredith Budnick Mindy Drucker Rebecca Dunn jenn Edelstein Stacie Ember Heather Epstein Elisa Held Laura Malickson Gia Miller Shana Moore Meredith Peiken Nara Pomerance Heather Miller Rachel Rittman Lauren Sack chel Sciiyyljnan Kim Schultz Lisa Schectman Emily Slotin Terri Sonnabend Deborah Spitalnick Melanie Steele Cynthia Wiley Amanda Zedd 202 ' The flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today. " i I 3 a rD. C 203 Kim Dickson Janelya Lewis Shanese Armstrong HuiChin Bamhill Pamela Lafuente Yolonda Rogers Chenee Sands 204 ' Greater Service. Greater Progress. I I ' " M %g yf ii 3 o 205 Heather Abernathy Audrey Baggett Leah Barkoskie Kate Baumann Amy Beers Amie Blanchard Kelli Braun Kristy Brightman Ramsey Bryant Sydney Buck Elizabeth Bugbee Elizabeth Carpenter Laura Clark Michelle Clark Julie Cooper Kelly Crisp Dana Culp Breezy Dampier Amy Day Cara Daly Abby Denham Tina Deukmaji Katherine Dixon Wendy Dreyer Michelle Duke Laura Dunbar Misty Dutton Ashley Edwards Anne Feighner Kelly Fitzgerald Lisa Caddy Kim Gallagher Stephanie Gibson Lindsay Gordon Kristi Gossett Kim Green Saralyn Greene Kate Griffin Brooke Hammond Amanda Hardee Kinley Harrell Donna Harris Sarah Hart Blake Hassett Jenny Hill Suzanne Holden Leslie Hood Amber Jones Johnna Jones Brienne Joubert Anne Kengia jeannie Kesler Maria Kenimer Brie Kline Kelly Lackey Ashley Lamb Melanie Lamb Tempe Landrum Traci Liberto Kellie Linscott Kristin Lisenb] Amy Loushine Rose Macaluso Phoebe Magee Katharine Mandel Eva Marble Michelle Marbury Ginger Marshall Amy Martin - - Amanda Mason Leigh Massey Nicole Mays Beth Mc Bride Sarah McDermott Ashley McGee Nicole Meyer Meredith Miller Tasha Mitchell Cameron Montgomery Shelly Montgomery Ann Nama Yvonne Nettleton Casey Norton Mary Evelyn Norwood Ryan O ' Neill Courtney Osborne Erin Owens Tami Owens Amy Pennington Keisha Perdue Christy Pike Kelly Pilgrim Rachel Piatt Kimberly Popp Priscilla Powers Stacie Radcliff Amy Ramsey Heather Ramsey Jackie Rao Julia Rechstelner Brooke Romanowski Catharine Sanders Alissa Santarsiero Jenn Schier Kiki Shields Joanna Sikes Kelly Simpson Kelli Smith Megan Smith Tiffany Smith Erin Spensley Katie Spivey Christy Stiltner Jessica Tanner Kyle Tanner Brooke Thompson Julie Torbert Kristi Uhrinek Meridith Vinson Stephanie Volk Kathleen Wager Carly Wenzel Alecia White Melanie White Ginger Wilder Jennifer Williams Kimberly Williams Alison Witheridge Danielle Wright Marsha Yancey Yvonne Young Eriene Zierke 206 " You ' ll be the brightest star the world has ever seen. " -Natalie Merchant Viegan Smith " !tany Smith " Spensley •eSpivey :yStiltner :aTaiinef ...elannet Brooke tapso eTorbett .-Utirineli vwitiiVinsoii SKphanieVol KatileenWagB •vWenzel -::a White elleWnghi s. J 3 ■o ■a 207 Photos by The Picture Man Ashley Alexander Beth Andrews Jessica Annest Nealie Ash Angela Avakian Emily Barnard Carrie Barnes Brandi Bays Annalese Bayley Brenna Bentley Mandi Besecker Jenny Bisson Christina Black Kayce Blackmon Beth Blomgren Kate Booth Lynn Bowers Meredith Braintwsan Betsy Brov Joda Brownin; Sarah Burch Libby Carter Gretchen Cherry Julie Childers Jenny Chovanec Kelly Christian Cecilia Clark Brooke Cline Beth Coleman Ivy Cook Brooke Cottingham Libby Cottingham Elisa Crittenden Alice Crowe Kelly Crowe Anna Curington Mandi Curry Kelly Cushing Sara Dennis Megan Dunnington Corry DeSart Shelby Dollar Leslie Marie Dye Anna Dynarski Katie Echols Erin Ellis Sara Beth Evans Marley Fields Kristen Fox Emily Freeman Lauren Geible Laney Gilliam Lindy Gillespie Lauren Giovingo Elizabeth Goff Jennifer Greenhaw Mary Griffin Mary Lois Grounsell Tosha Haddock Lisa Hall Allison Hannay Brooke Harris Mary Beth Hatcher Amy Hendrickson Ann Hendrickson Holly Herrin Erin Holden Amy Hull Abbey Hunt Mandy Ihrig Leslie Irving Jacque Jones Elizabeth Kelly Amy King Jennifer Kitchens Rati Kloet Courtney Kohn Kim Kuczmarski Kathryn Land Catherine Langsfield Jana Ledford Grade Lovell Kiplyn Lively " Allison Maddox Amanda Malley Ally Marshall Becca Martin Ellie May Cathy McCormack Jana McDaniel Kelly McGuire Tyler Mclndoo Katy McNaughton Ashley McRae Suzanne Meadow Kimberly Michael Drue Miller Sabrina Miller Kristen Morgan Stacy Morgan Bethany Morris Melissa Mosby Kathryn Murchison Melissa Murray Anne Nelson Stephanie Nixon Holly Northey Anna Gail Odum Jessica Ort Cara Orton Greer Ostiiw Adrienne Owings Dana Owings Miranda Page Elizabeth Painter Sydney Patrick Tara Peery Mande Penland Mandy Petrella Jacie Pieper Lauren Piersante Kathryn Pirkle Celia Price Ashley Quigley Jennifer Raulerson Jennifer Rhodes Amy Robinson Jennifer Rocker Kerri Sandlin Molly Seward Megan Shannon Leanne Sheperd Julie Slocum Kimsey Smart Colleen Snell Missy Spain Amy Stone Jordan Stuart Kate Suggs Emily Thompson Ashley Tift Stacia Tison den Valentino Melanie Wages Kerri Waggoner April Warren Summer Warren « »akeley Waters Lauren Webb Brandy Wheeler Kate Whitlock Mary Wilson Shannon Wink Leah Yates Nancy Young 208 . vf MU " -■ " ocker --, 5ione ■icalison . - rValentim ■ H Aarren ker Warren HVaters ■3-, ' Alison ■iipon .einVaies vi-c young ' As long as I have sisters, as long as there ' s a song for me to sing, I can find my way, I can see a brighter day, the sisters in my life will set my spirit free! " N r-h 209 ' If your life at night is good, you thinl you have everything. ' -Euripides, Medea 210 niRg; Photos by The Picture Man Louis Alterman Eric Bernath Kerry Bossak Brian Cohen Seth Cohn Jason Coolil Brian Cutler Lance Dasher Eric Davis Brett Finl elstein: Adam Fisher Jason Ganz Ben Gerber Darryi Glade Jeff Gold Eric Goldscher Ryan Goldstein Marc Gordan iesse Greene Cort Haber Mitch Haber Matthew Halenn Nathan Handmacher Adam Handwerger Kenneth Holzer David Isaacs Craig Kaplan Jonathan Kasper Evan Kellner Laurence Kessler Brian Kulbersh Jonathan Kulbersh Michael Landis Richard Lerner David Levine Hal Lubin Aaron Michelman Stuart Nelson Joshua Parker Keith Perlstein Darren Price Ian Puree! Harris Rainbow Jeremy Raxter Kevin Raxter Eric Rieman David Rosenberg Eliot Rosenberg Cary Rosenblum Adrian Sasine Scott Schaeman,; Joshua Stein Jeff Taranto Martin Toporek Shaun Traub Robert Unell Eric Van Damm Jeff Weiss Jarrod Wise Brian Wolborsky David Ziff ■a m o 21 ' Walking In High Cotton. " -Alabama ; I 212 i w i Matt Anderson Clint Beckham Eric Blair John Bozeman Jeff Burton Josh Connell Nathan Connell Chase Cook lavid Coyle ' odd Dobson Nathan Fountain Kevin Gay Jamie George Brad Godwin Russ Goodman Monroe Goss MikeGovignon Bo Griffin Jim Grindler Jeff Hammock Bee Hart Daniel Hayes Judson Herrington Brian Hickey Jesse Hickey Brett fohnsonj lex Pattersori Sam Pope Ross Prichett Austin Pugmire John Scrugg Mike Smith Rans Thomas Kevin Toole Todd Walkerl Kevin Wilde Brian William Ryan William Ryan Wilson Alex Wiseman Jerry Wood Billy Jack Woodall Lanair Worsham c o 213 " Again, the Beta is distinguishable and distinguished fronn all other Wnds of fraternity men whatsoever... we know it, who are inside, and they see and record it who are outside the Beta pale. " 214 id rhey see Nick Adams Brandon Adkins Scott Allen Rick Amundsen Brent Anderson Brian Anderson Ethan Atkinson Jeff Baxter Matt Boyer . Steven Brom John Cahill Pierce Campbell Jon Candee Brian Carpenter James Cobb Scott Cohen Reid Columbia Ben Comerford Kevin Condon Chris Connell Chris Cousins Brent Cox Ben Crosby Tyler Cruse Brad Dennis Tom Drake Geoff Duncan Lewis Earnest Andy Evers Chris Fitzgerald Rob Fitzgerald William Fletcher Joe Gleason Matt Hogan Blair Holden Clark Howard Grant Jaax Jeremy Joel Cory Kampfer Phil Knight Shawn Lewis Mark Linnen John Longmire iilmore MacGregof Doug Magee John Melton Chad Miller Drake Miller Chip Mitchell Jeremy Mulderick Tim Murphy Ray Myers Samir Nassar Brett Newman David Nix Reid Nix Larry Preston Chris Radding Jeff Rash tChuck Richardson Wes Robinson Steven Rogers Geoff Sanders Peter Sanford Jeffrey Schroeder Nick Smith f Steven Sprague John Teeter Chris Temple Greg Thomas Mike Timlin Stephen TimlirT Lev Vaysman Adam Walker John Weir Greg Wheeler Evan Zapf CD H) sr sr 215 ' A tradition unlil e any other. 216 Photos by Picture Man V Matt Ades Michael Anderson judd Baker Reid Barksdale Brian Bell Carl Blount Bill Bradley Jamie Brewer Jim Canady : Philip Clinckscal Dan Colquitt James Couch Matt Daley Adrian Davis Brad Disque Chris Dozier James Dunne Brent Eberhardt Matt Fantdci Ryan Farrar Michael Gebel James Gribbon Chris Henretty Brandon Herring Brad Hinson Carson Hodges Wes Howard Matt Jones William Joseph Ryan King Gray Kitchens Curtis Knight Marc Koretzky Reid Lambert Robert Lammers Jake Lee Kieth Louer Kieth Mangum Miich Masters Chris McGhee Scott McRae avid Mills Mark Mullinax Mcloed Norman Troy Nuss Will Parrot Jeremy Pope Chad Pullins Ryan Ragsdale Les Ramsey Dan Richardson Matt Richardson Jonny Rockwell John Ross Matt Sawhill Andy Schwartz Wes Scott Brian Selander Sheldon Shelton Jacob Sigmon Eddie Skipper J.C. Smith Rusty Smith Brad Stephens Nate Stibbs Graham Thompson Hunter Towns Lance Underwood Dallas Washburn Chad White James Whitley Sean Williams Denny Wuerl Donnie Wuerl {! 217 " By your own soul learn to live, And if men thwart you, take no heed, If men hate you, have no care; Sing your song, dream your dream, hope your hope, pray your prayer. " Adoiph Rupp p SJil II ■ 111 nil A A ]M ' iiiiii iPH J L. f • iy 218 Josh Alexander Blaine Andrews Mark Avery Tom Bartlett Jake Blackman Josh Blackman Patrick Blalock David Bober Brad Bohannon Brad Bowling Stuart Bracey Matt Brass Jeff Buice Jeff Carter Matt Certain Jim Chasteen John Chasteen Benjie Christie Co?e Christie Adam Conard Eric Cook Blake Cothran Derrick Corbett Nathan Davis Ryan Dawkins Andy Dillard Joey Dillard Stuart Espy Carle Felton John Fordham Brian Geer Jay Gillespie Lige Gillis Nate Gillis Christopher Gladden Billy Gravely Michael Greene Tim Gregory Dave Griffin Drew Griffin Josh Gundalach Christian Hall Bo Hammack Lappin Hammond Michael Hammond Hil Harper Bo Hatcher G. O. Heath Geoff Hill Scott Hill Bill Hobbs McCol lough Hodgson Ben Holland Rob Holland John Howell Penn Hurst Ben Hutchinson Greg Ingram Cleve James Matt James latum Johnsi Brooke Jones Matt Jones Hank Jordan Lee Jordan Jack Justice James Kane Cam Kersey Nelson Kunes David Lassiter Ashur Lawand Jim Legg Ryan Lybarger Robert Lyons Rob Martin Sean McHugh Brian McMillen Jeff Mills Jay Moore Joey Mulivein Damon Odegard ;s , Ryan O ' Keefe Daniel Parker Lee Patrick Maxwell Penn Pat Perry Brad Peskoe Jake Pettee Paul Pilcher John Raffa Brandon Rees Trey Ren fro w Travis Riddle Jeremy Rogers Scott Russell Alfred Sams Jason Sayer Dean Scoggins Casey Silcox Mitch Smith Reid Smith-Vaniz Arthur Steedman Win Stuart Brett Testerman Brad Thomas Charlie Thompson Lloyd Turley Ed Vaughn Chris Wages Daniel Wagnon Scott Watkins Lance Watson Greg Watts Nick West Bo Wester Ben Williams Brett Willis Andy Wise Brian Zeh 3 cr a n 219 " It is the spirit of true brotherhood that touches the depths of a man ' s inner life and wards off sorrows and disappointments, opens the way for the highest services, and furnishes the inspiration for right living. " -John Wolfe Lindley 220 Lilians H living. " i[ Michael Burton Gordon Denney Eddie Dillon John Downing Daniel Epting Ricky Ford Carter Hubbard Jason McClellan William Mcintosh Arlo Rogers Mark Rogers Andrew Stewart Albie Whitaker Morgan Williams Thomas Zachary a sr 221 " No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a part of the continent, a part of the main. " John Donne t, 222 Photos by The Picture Man ' continent. 4 Brian Ash Brooks Baggett Jeff Battaglia Dave Battle Marshall Beckham Adam Bell Matt Beliem William Bennet Scott Berta Drew Bingham Wes Blackwood Jeff Brumbelow Jonathan Burke Dave Capallo Wick Cauthorn Brandon Clements Josh Coonce Greg Cochran Brian Courcelle Zack Delimitros Andrew Egan Alex Ferguson Brad Frost Andrew Garbade Cory Gill Henry Glascock Josh Glenn Chad Goare Jim Go wan Brett Grayson Andy Griffin Mike Griffin Scott FHarris Casey Hawkins George Hein Caleb Henson Jason Heslep Jason Hodge Ryan Hood Evan Howell Jeff Hudson Colin Hurd Bill Jamieson Owen Johnson Paul Joiner Robby Kinney Stephen Kinney Cal Kirby Jeff Langford Brian Leal Marty Long Trey Lucy Jim Ludlam Tom Ludlam Jason Mann David Marshall Chris Maggart Brad Mauldin Andrew McAllister Hank McCord Trey McGowen Adam Miller ' Travis Moore Scott Mulkey Leverett Neville Brian Nixon Cary Nordholz Michael Odom Jim Palmer Stephen Polehill Steve Rapp Scott Revels Adam Richardson Max Richardson jay Roberts Jay Saville Brian Shaker Jeff Showalte f josh Shoemake Stewart Sims Matt Smith Ben Stapleton Brad Stanley Ted Terry Sam Welch Wesley V hite Robbie Williams Tim Williamson Ben Wilson Chris Windley Ryan Wood Guy Young o a 223 224 ' Just some good ol ' boys, never meaning no harm. " -Waylon Jennings I k I Travis Almy Frank Apicella Mike Aseron Ryan Beasley Jason Bobertz Shannon Broclc Casey Cailari Jeff Carter Justin Gas Josh Cattle Adam Causey Waymon Chen Mike Cobley Steve Craft Casey Crock Kevin Crook John Dall Nick Daviou Brandon Dodson Andrew Dudley Bobby Duerre Gray Elliot Brian Evre Barry Ferguson Jim Fletcher Ryan Fotzenlogal Matt Freeman Matt Gordan Nathen Grass Scott Gustafson Joe Hall Mike Hammond Nick Harris Pfodd Harri tank Hartley Scott Hartman Dennis Head Chris Heard Rob Hendrix Jay Hickey Jon Hokanson Sean Holland Toby Horton Chris Houck Scott Humphrey Jose Huseman Jeremy Jacobs Danny Johnson Mike Johnson Hathaway Jones Tim Kelly Scott Laramore Jason Logan Stewart MacAlpine Steve Macau ly Dave McWhirter Jeff Miller Chael Mizell Adam Moody John Moody Scott Morris Steve Moss Sonic Nessler Don Parker Scott Pochick Kris Prayan Josh Prescott Steve Rowe Grey Russel Dave Ryan Jed Sackash Andy Schroer Eric Skinner Ed Smith Steve Smith Mike Spencer Kevin Stafford Jason Steele John Striet IV James Thomas Josh Weeks Johnny Wentzell Reed White ■a 225 ' Give, expect nothing thereof. T, " 226 Ryan Belair hane Bensi Chris Bentor Tyson Birrel Louis Boestfleisch Marc Brambrut Robert Bryant Chris Church Caleb Edge Dave Fried Marl Giddens Chucic Goodyear Barry Hancock Chris House Jonathan House Brent How Barry Huff Franic lames Ryan Jones Dan Kelly Bhrett Kistlef; Tyler Love Andrew Maciejewski joe Mears Christian Mitchell Khaled Moad Nick Rapplean Steve Sanders Chad Schaedei Doug Smith Steven Sommet - Chris Wells Scott Whitehun Jeff Wienstroer Josh Zielaskiewicz 227 Photos by The Picture Man ! 228 " You ' ve got to fight for your right to party! ' -Beastie Boys ■o ' eMan | Christopher Ahrenkiel Joseph Astrauckas Need ham Bateman Jeremy Bernerth Edward Black ustan Bounds Adam Burton John Busbin Kevin Carnes Christopher Cochraj Steven Coleman Frank Crane William Creech Andrew Day Scott Den bow pOrnothy Flanagan | Ryan Florence Ryan Foster Christopher Galle Liam Garrity James Gates Kevin Glidewell Robert Grant Joshua Grantham Jason Gray Mark Hallam Patrick Harris Robert Hickman iV arcus Hill )hn Hinson Donald Hooks Christopher Hopper Stephen Howell Donald Ingham George Johnson Robert Jones Brian Knutson Michael Lanard icott Lanford ?ffrey Lang Kevin Little Christopher Litzinger Robert Mann Michael McCarty Matt McFerron John Melton William Miles Jeffrey Milman David Moorman Gregory Murphy Brent Nichols David Nicholson Brent Paten Jarrett Pinto Christopher Rice Eric Robach Christopher Robbins Charles Roberts Douglas Runyan William Samford Brian Saylors Thomas Schneider Daniel Seelos Timothy Sherwood Bryan Steele H Bradley Sumra David Tipton Blake Turner Bryan Turner Bradford Walsh Joseph Young 229 ' Honor all people. Love the Brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the King. ' 1 Peter 2: 17 riiotos hy Picture Man 230 i Matthew Almand Lawrence Baldree Scott Beaver Kelly Bennett )oel Bergstedt Christopher Bisan Anthony Blanda Ernest Bond Matt Bon ham Michael Boyer Grant Brewer Kyle Brock John Browne Jr. Cobie Buchman Michael Carroll Louis Coffee 111 George Connolly Jr. Jefferson Davis IV Joshua Davis Michael Decker William Diehl Michael Donovan Michael Doyle Jonathan Dridge Jason Dunn Keith Eason George Eichler Stewart Esary Lane Force David Frank David Gallagher David Gershmel Matthew Girardot Brian Goss Thomas Greenfield Matthew Hake Robert Hamilton hitney Hemphill bert Herman jr. Sean Hernan Jeffrey Homans David Hughes ichael Johnson Brian Jones lason Jones Christopher Kirk Christopher Kuzniak Robert Laney Michael Lee Jeffrey Leggett Brandon Lemke Robert Lenhardt Jonathan Lindvig John Lintner Joshua Long William Lovejoy Edward Macuch 111 Brent Majors Seth Majors Brandon Marlow Kevin McCann Jason McCormick John McCormick Christopher McCullough Martin McKinney Brantley McLean Brett McQuillken John Misback William Noody Richard Moore Bryan Musolf Garrett Nail Robert Nelson Andrew Nix Scott Nix Christopher Oberholtzer Randolph Poynter Paul Painter 111 Douglas Phelps Jr David Preston Grant Quick Forrest Quinn John Rich Jonathan Roberts Ryan Rocco Douglas Root Michael Savula Jason Sellars Richard Shaw Andrew Sheintal Dana Sherrill Bobby Shirley Rhett Shirley Jason Simmons James Skognes Reece Sted Odin Stevens Tyson Sullivan jason Tate Nathan Thompson Carl Varnedoe B Andrew Walden P Mark Walker I David Wells Robert West William Westmoreland Evan Williams Matthew Williams Matthew Wood Brian Worley , Jared York - 231 " Southern Pride ' 232 ■ Photos by The Picture Man ' Patrick Abernethy Hunter Amos Bonneau Ansley Clinton Barfield John Bearden Christopher Beciier James Berg Colby Beuck Robert Bishop Walter Bishop Derrick Black ■ Frank Blair 9 Davis BrannaaaP Ryan Brinson " Alexander Broyles Blakely Bryant Charles Butler Doulgas Butlei; Graham Carpenter Matthew Casper Russell Chambiess John Clark Edward Cochran Richard Collier Cader Cox Christopher Crawford Michael Daily jon Daniel Andrew Day Charles Dorminy John Downey Michael Dunlap Benjamin Easterlin William Easterlin Slate Fluker Kenneth Forrester Lawrence Gannaway James Garland James Gatewood Harold Gay Charles Gilliland Emmel Golden Hardy Gordon Michael Greer Michael Hall William Hardman Courtland Harris Roderick Hill Hap Hines Brewer Holmes John Hoof Christopher Irby Clinton Ivy Benjamin Jones John Jones Randolph Jones Martin Killgallon A lexander Kirkpatrick Christopher Lane Dax Langley Alexander Lesley Lamar Lewis Eric Logue Andrew Marquii Benjamin McElrea Mark Metcalf Michael Monk Judson Moritz Stephen Murphy Street Nalley Wycliffe Orr ravers Paine eid Penuel ifirey Peters Bbert Peterso Scott Plomgren Harrell Rackley Todd Ray Trip Reynolds Trey Rhodes Chandler Riley John Roberts Anderson Roddenbery Lee Rogers Leslie Rue alK " David Rumph John Russell Curtis Scott Brian Simmons Todd Sloan Kirby Smart Tyler Smith John Spivey Wiley Stephens Andrew Swan Richardson Swan Lawson Swan Kent Tucker Richard Vann Spencer Waddell James A. Walker James D. Walker Stuart Walker William Wilkins iexander Wilson Robert Wilson Johnson Yarbrough Spence Yarbrough Christopher Yoder Stephen Yoder Justin York Eugene Young 3 3 " m O 233 " The brother ' s community service, academic achievement and athletic excellence combined with a strong social calendar distinguishes Sigma Chi as a leader in the Greek Community. " The ritture Man 234 -etic Micheal Anckner Gregory Ashley Steven Baldas Ross Bergethon Ryan Brandt Leiand Brewer Richie Carver Jonathan CastI Eric Crisp Burns Crotty Dean Custance Keven Davis Crisstopher Dekreek Jason Doom bos Douglas Dumont Davis Dunway Scott Duval I Adam Enterkin David Esary Eric Figurelli Erich Frye Corbett Gilliam Joesph Gordon Cullen Gossett Philip Hamrick i chard Holder Joesph Jackson Edward Jacques Robert Johnson Patrick Kelly Alan Kimbro Stephen Little Thomas Lucas Patrick Lyon Anthony Martin William Naglich David Olejnik Ryan Oliver jerrery Parks Eric Pharr Raymond Prophat Alan Redding William Rowan David Rowlett Adam Sanders William Saunders Bret Schiller Jonthan Scruggs Kenneth Searles Edwin Stevens Patrick Stevens John Stokes Jason Tolbert Brian Vorse Ralph Watson Cameron Weighandt Jason White Micheal Wiley Zac Duckett Preston Joseph Scott Stephens Spears Mallis Jimmy Brady Gil Ferguson Richard Kerr Josh Myers Brent Wardrop Joseph Carley Max Weigandt Keith Minisman Mitch Rosenbery Jake York Christopher Petrocco Micheal Anderson Michael Murray Ed Mejia Brad Demicco Andrew Gisberg By ran Kelly Jay Kimbro Jerry Lanier Robert Mantz Lorie Moore Jack O ' Neill JD Patrick Michael Perrett Alexander Sales Colin Sutton Jerry Tassa Lul e Williams 02 O n 235 Photos by The Picture Man Jim Alley David Allen Yates Anderson Travis Baird Leiand Barrow Cory Bennett Russell Bennett William Boswell Read Brennan Jake Bryant John Bussey Jere Campbell Bo Cheek Nick Chilivis Zachary Cowart Elliott Davenport Charles Davidson Jess Davis Patrick Deal Zack Demin Gaines Dempsey Sambo Dumlap Charles Dunstan Bryan Edwards Branan Elliott Kelly Garges Jeff Garza Woody Gayle Jason Gil ley Jack Glasgow Jay Griffin Joel Harber Michael Hargrove jon Harvey Tyler Hedges Andy Hogan Bryan Holland Hunter Hopkins Matt Horn J.T. Johnson Davis Knox Hardman Knox Thompson Kurrie John Langston Baker Leavitt |ay McAfee llson McGinness David Marler Craig Melton Tripp Middleton Will Miller J R Moore Joseph Morris Vann Mottola Allen Oakley Beau Odom Mark Perry Bill Pardue Will Rehberg Bart Rhodes Brant Richerson Joe Roper Matt Rushton Mike Saccone Allen Satterfield Kinney Scruggs Sean Simmons Clay Smith Dixon Smith David Stephenson Colin Stokes Jed Strange Bo Strickland Michael Thompson .de Thompson •PaulThrelkeld Mark Varnadoe Trav Walden Blake Waller Chad Warner Travis Watson J.T. Watters lack Woodail 236 " Ever since I was a little boy, 1 have dreamed of being a member of the Kappa Alpha order. At UGA, my dream has come true. " -Patrick Deal J -son C TD 237 ' At Tau Epsilon Phi, we pride ourselves on our commitment to friend ship, chivalry, and service. " 238 r Shaun Bank Oren Bechor Robert Beldick Adam Benjamin Joshua Bemstein Eric Broder Robert dayman Marc Coiien Evan Cohn ■ Brendon Coughtry Michael Davies Jason Dranove Brian Dreyfus Robert Ehsanipoor Brian Fink Jeff Flome Hylton Gelb Chan Glazman Will Goldman Andy Grant Jeffrey Guggenheim Bill Guggenheim Jeffrey Haber Ben Halpert Jerry Hendelberg Scott Heyman Wayne Joss Adam Katz Jared Kirschner Jason Konter Todd Koransky Burt Kosmal Lance Kosmal Micah Levin Gary Lips Evan Loft Jonathan LoW Craig Marbach Brett Miller Scott Mirsky Josh Moore Steven Morse TBen Needle Josh Needle Aaron Nelson Evan Paris Alex Pollak Gabe Pressman Sidney Radin Josh Reeves Jason Reingold Asher Rivner Justin Rodgers Mark Salmenson Jason Shemper Michael Skott Jason Smith Michael Smith Andy Solodar Darrell Solomon Doug Sperry josh Spitdlnick Nat Strohl Jared Sugerman Aaron Surasky Myles Taffel Jason Tanenbaum oel Tanenbaum Michael Tanenbaum Shawn Tritt Paul Watson Martin Weinberg Michael Wikoff Gregg Yedvarb Tommy Zivitz c m o 239 " The mystic bond of brotherhood makes all men one. " Thomas Cariyie il rhi)tos bv I ' lu ' 1 ' ii.turi ' NUm 240 Ujyle Patrick Allen Mark Barfield Doug Beechum Ian Benson Nevan Black Jeff Braun Mark Brown Jeff Bubenheim Kris Bush Eddie Casneiro Toby Carr Chris Chalk Geoff Clark Rob Corruthers J. P. Dionne James Edwards Chip Ferguson John Fox Mitchell Gibbs Justin Grubbs Mike Hackman Doug Hene Mike Herrig T.J. Mollis Spence Johnson Eric Kenyon Scott Lowe Todd Leupke Scott Masterson Mark Mathis Allen Maxwell Benji McCleod Cliff McCoy Will Meyer Billy Moore Mike Morris Kirk Munsayae Ed Murphy Keith Newberry Steve Newton Jamie Norris Matt O ' shea Ryan Ott Jeff Pickren Jason Rice eremy Robinson Zach Rolen v au mirn ■ ■Ijerry Smith - IBj Bferic Thomas r Bill Seacrest Brad Shanks Brandon Shepard Rob Simpson Matt Smith jerry Smith ric Thomas Neil Tingle Charlie Tisdale Scott Tripp Tim Vail Brookes Versaggi James Versaggi Phillip Warr Rob Wellen Mark Wiggins Matt Wisdom Scott Wise rice Wright Dan Zizich Jason Fionte Dennis Norton David Piatt Tripp Martin Robert Brown David McCarthur Connor Roche Doug Brady Roth Friar Frank Stewart Brad Shingler Briley Edwards Trey Rigsby Court Lanio Patrick Connell Josh Tonge Nick McClosky Henri DeLaunay Jack Smith Pat Smith FHank Crane Robert Hutson Harris Henderson Brian Ussery Hutch Germany Asa Cordele n 241 242 on (75 0) J ll " i g m m V -.- - J y Photos by I he Picture Man 244 o O 53 CD 245 i riiolob by The Picture Man 246 m (T) (L DO a a 247 248 n) H D o 249 250 ' i ' i MAR AT H ON X Photos by The Picture Man 251 1! 252 253 " ' II s w 1, i Hi m r? " ig H f W ' " j 1 C aJii r r, lim ' , Editor: April Kimbrell Assistant Editor: Jennifer Tuclcer photo by Carey Cjifarles Graduate Students Charles Poole Jack Sarfaty jhelum Shah Harry Tolley 256 Mary Caroline Bell Katie Casey Katie Casey 257 Seniors Laura . Hairy 258 Lada 8 Paul knd Harris Wendy 8 Candy 259 Seniors David Andrews Cindy Andribt Alyson Angchr Rlcardo Aranda onnilor Archdeacon , 260 ■ A i Patrick Beatty Brandy Lee Bell Derrick Bentley 261 Mclanie IViyd Michelle Boyd c» Btadv 262 |ason Bullington Anthony Burch Senior Leader Christy Cromley Food Science " There are two things I will miss consider- ably when I leave the University of Georgia. The comradery of my fellow students on South Campus is very admirable. Through club ac- tivities and friendships, I have met many de- pendable people who will always be there for me, as 1 will be for them. Secondly, the Wesley Foundation holds a special place in my heart. During my time here, my relationship with the Lord has deepened. The Lord has truly blessed the ministry and the numberous students whom it has touched. " Kathy McGuire 263 M N- Amy Burns :x bi I James Camiichael Eddie Cameiro Heather Cm NimlfCiiioll Carmen Cash 264 ■| Senior Leader |- Grant Shih Marketing " Three years ago, I stepped off a DC- 10 from San Francisco and looked around. I saw. ..trees. Lots and lots of trees. But now. when I scan my surroundings at the University of Georgia. I see lots more than mere foliage. I have built a life here, a start to my future. For starters, let me thank all my friends who have helped me along the way. 1 also want to thank my professors (even the bad ones) for their help and the education they provided me. Thanks to my roommate, Brett Stewart, who will be heading to my homeland of California in August to begin a job with Deloitte and Touche. Brett, I ' ll seeyou in ten years and we ' ll race our Mercedes and Ferrari together. Then there ' s my girl- friend. Angle Lin, who has been with me through thick and thin. I love you Bun-Bun for being so sweet. Last, but not least, I want to say a special thanks to my parents. They have always supported me throughout my life and I owe them everything. I love you Mom and Dad! I hope you ' re proud of your favorite son. Ok fine, so I ' m your only child. That ' s not my fault. So as I bow a gracious farewell, God bless you all and best of luck. Thanks for everything. I ' ll catch you on the flip side. " Peggy Chavis 265 266 Pip Cornish ■j Senior Leader 1- Kristi Franklin Child and Family Development " Being a student at the University of Geor- gia, I have had many great experiences. Being crowned Miss Black UGA was special to me because it was something that I wanted as a freshman, and to have accomplished that makes it even more worthwhile. Likewise, joiningAlpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. helped me to grow as a person. Finding my strengths and weaknesses and leading a group of women who excel on this campus. I cannot really say that I have had a bad experience because in anything that happens, I turn it around to a positive situation. The memories I have cap- tured here will last a lifetime! " eniamin Culpepper |oel Culpepper Brent Culwell 267 Michelle Darden Kristian Darnell Benjamin Daugherty luanchellise Davenport Jennifer Davies i ) Jeieft Jessica Dempsey Chandra Dennis Michael Dickens StephaTiic Dickens Beth Dickey 268 Senior Leader Danielle Mosley Dietetics During my time here at the University of Georgia, I have been fortunate in that 1 have had the opportunity to be involved with many different events and leader- ship opportunities. The most memorable experience that I have had Is having served as an Orientation Leader during the summer of 1997. This experience was quite unique because I was able to share my love for the university with over 5,000 newly entering freshmen and transfer students, and their parents. Serving the university in that way not only allowed me to meet a wide variety of people, but It taught me so much about I Ife and how to work efficiently with others. The othe r members of the 1997 Orientation staff also made my job worthwhile by supporting me. struggling with me. and proving to be the most special group of people that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. After I graduate In June, I will take many fond memories with me of the years that I have spent here at the University of Georgia: my summer position as an Orientation Leader will be the memory that I will forever hold closest to my heart. 269 Erik Fitzgerald Kristin Fitzsinitnons Canctee Fleming Walter Fleming Jason Fleury 270 Senior Leader Amy Thompson Mathematics Education My four years at UGA have given me the opportunity to discover new facets of my personality and become a more well roun ded individual. I will always be grateful for making the decision to attend the University of Geor- gia. The friendships and memories I have made will last me a lifetime. My experience as the Editor-in-Chief of the 1997 Pandora has been the most rewarding and challenging experience of my college career. I learned that being an effective leader requiresdedication, commitment, understand- ing, and an ability to work with a variety of people. Also, I learned that leadership is more about diplomacy and a willingness to try new ideas than controlling the situation. Mary Gallagher William Gait III |ason Gamel 271 272 Senior Leader Robert Patrick Lucas Biology Pre-Med ' Involvement is the key to finding your place at a large university. " Carev Charles Katilia Harden Michael Hardman Heather Hardy 273 Camisha Hayes Carlton Todd Hayes Daniel Hayes Barbara Hearon Rebecka Hedlund Akilali Hcggs •i ' " i ' ii i " " MB w ■ W Sc- • ■Br ' • ' fc l ' F ' • Ik. ▼ ft P H . i»i . « | g ErK Haun T ' " vHicls 1 I Hr v Hf ? M " tit iS B . m iiiiii r " ' HB v.. lB Alecia Heath 3IP ' i B( HL K.- 1 J 4 1 Ki Ib ' . H f ■ ■ H 1 U-Aniu- Mi-iKloisor 1 i 274 ■j Senior Leader Allison Suzanne Jenkins Public Relations " Getting involved at the University has helped me develop skills and friendships that will last a lifetime. " Clarissa Cunningham 275 I Lewis Jackson. Jr 276 ■iL ; Charles |ennings. |r. A D, |oe lohnson lennifer |etton Cullen lohnson Mark |ohnson Chritopher |ones Dianesia Jones Page |ones ■| Senior Leader |- Jessica Dempsey Political Science Geography " I am an alcohol peer educator, the president of ASAP, and one of two national Student Trustees for the Bacchus and Gamma Peer Education Network. Be- cause of my diverse interests. I also serve as the Teacher Assistant Coordinator for Communiversity, the largest volunteer organization on campus. My strong leadership in this position promotes volunteerism and selflessness. Further, I am the social chairperson for the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. My most recent leadership interest is with the Georgia Campus Com- munity Service Association, a new service-oriented organization that held its first conference this October. Aside from my involvement on campus, I also partici- pate in several community projects. Apart from volun- teering as a teacher assistant and Big Sister, I volunteer a lot of time to the State YMCA Y-clubs of Georgia working with children in both classroom and recre- ational settings. 1 teach classes on leadership roles, presidential duties, and Christian values as well as serve as the gym director for the district tournaments. As one can see, I am involved in a variety of activities. I have broadened my experience and training that I have received at UGA to a level most students do not achieve, but most of all, I am a good example for following through on my commitments with integrity. My confidence and genuine concern for others stands out through my participation as a member, and more importantly, in my role as a student leader. " 277 I 278 Jason King Rumiko Komiya Karen Kapkin I Allison La Sure ennifer LaFountaine Wei Yeei E Lai Senior Leader Harry Marquez Telecommunication Arts " 1 am particularly fortunate for the experi- ences that 1 have acquired during my years at UGA. Although I admittedly had a shaky start, it was the early difficulty tht ultimately shaped my outlook and perspective. All that uncom- fortable squirming gave me incentive to take a more pragmatic approach to what I was doing to myself, and I have no regret about what I have accomplished. In fact. 1 only wish that I had disc overed my direction sooner so that I could ha -e taken adantage of all the opportunities that I know ibut didn ' t know then) were dangling in front of me. This is the essence of any kind of ad ice I could give to anyone: before you step out into the working world and are saddled with its inherent bur- densome intricacies. don " t skip out on all the possibilities this place has to offer. For me. figuring this out opened all the doors and unclouded my whole view of higher learning and made my time here much more memo- rable. All the accolades that went along were strictly, as they say. the icing on the cake. " 279 Michael Lapid Gina Laplante Karen Lasky ID «H. f.- 1 ■E y W " " J -rOV i 1 T Ellen Laney R Tamieka Lewis Ying Li jn, Livaditi ' Beth Lockerbie 280 Vito Loiacono Amanda Loverde % msk Patrick Lucas T. Stewart Lucas Ldward Macuch ■j Senior Leader |- lanelya M. Lewis Child and Family Development " I believe it is truly important to give of yourself to ensure someone else ' s well being. Being part of various activities over the past four years has enriched me as a person. As a result, everyday 1 strive to perform a random act of kindness to brighten another ' s day. " Latriiia McBride 282 Senior Leader n ■ I 1 M t k m r J 1 m 1 i f . ■ . Nicole Corvette Telecommunication Arts " Some of my fondest memories here at the University of Georgia include cheering on the bulldogs and being in Sanford Stadium on game day. The UGA tradition runs in my family and I was thrilled to attend here myself. Also, the strong journalism school here influ- enced my decision to choose the University of Georgia. I am very glad to say that I have no regrets, however, I can safely say that soon I will be leaving behind the best choice 1 have ever made in my life. " Candice McNei Stephanie McNicoll 283 Kdbav MLWhorte I ' 7 1 i 4 tmmett Mitchell Kelley Mitchell Stephen Molinari Kobin Moon 284 Scott Mulkey Yvonne Nettleton Senior Leader Megan Watkins Political Science " One of the most important events in my life has been my involvement with the 1996, 1997, and 1998 Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is a twenty-four hour campus-wide philanthropy that benefits Children ' s Miracle Network. At first glance, my plans for the future do not seem to relate to my work with Dance Marathon. I plan to go to law school to study international law and work towards obtaining my PhD in international law. I would like to run for the state senate and governor of Georgia. Eventu- ally I would like to run for President of the United States. My involvement with Dance Marathon has impacted these plans because it has made me realize that if I truly believe in a cause and if I put all the effort that I have into it, I can help to make a significant improvement in the lives of others. I want to make a difference in the world and Dance Marathon has demonstrated to me that anything is pos- sible. I know that I want to " change the world " and by continuing to work as hard as possible, I believe that I can. " 285 tmmelccn Phan Alice Phillips 286 I.A. Suzanne Powella Randall Towers Senior Leader Jeffrey Langford Microbiology Pre-Med " Although I have engaged in many activities in a variety of areas, it has been with Alpha Epsilon Delta that I have had my most meaning- ful leadership experience. In my junior year, I noticed a disturbing trend of pre-med students not obtaining substantial work or volunteer ex- perience in the medical field, so I began to investigate opportunities that may be available in the Athens area. This investigation led me to the revelation that although the local hospitals already had volunteer programs in place, the Athens Clarke County Health Department was in desperate need for volunteers. During the past summer, I met repeatedly with the UGA pre-med advisor and administrators of the health department to organize and initiate an unprec- edented volunteer program for AED members at the health department. This hard work re- sulted in my being chosen as AED Volunteer Services Chairman, which was a real honor. However, the true reward of this experience was seeing the students of the university and members of the community working together for the common good. The health department is benefiting from additional workers, while AED students are receiving invaluable hands-on experience. " 287 288 jcickic Reynold Senior Leader Dawn Smith Telecommunication Arts " There are several reasons why I chose to attend the University of Georgia. Due to the funds provided by the HOPE Scholarship, the university is very affordable. Also, the univer- sity is very close to home and that enables me to keep in touch with many of my friends in Atlanta. Plus, the journalism school here is excellent and has even given me the ability to write a book of poetry. All in all, the University of Georgia has provided me with both good experiences and bad experiences. However, I feel I am a much better person for taking the ride. " Mercedes Santaella Michelle Santos Richard Sargent 289 MIchele Shoemare William A. Short. Ill 290 ■Ai Kimberly Smith ■ Senior Leader |- Kyla Smith Pameel a Smith Scott Hershovitz Political Science Philosophy " When I look back at the University of Georgia, I will always remember the many people who took an interest in me and in helping me to grow and succeed. I am inca- pable of repaying that debt. I only hope that they realize that my accomplishments are theirs as well. And to my best friend, Julie, I love you always. Thank you. " Vickie Stone Catherine Stout Jennifer Street 292 ■ Nicola Thomas Amy Thompson Heather Thompson Senior Leader Wendy Fong International Business " By far, my most outstanding leadership experience at UGA is starting UGA ' s Asian Pacific American Schoiarsiiip Fund. As the founder of this scholarship, I had enormous power, ranging from deciding what the name of this scholarship should be, to who the judges are, to the qualifications of the recipi- ent, i feel by not taking advantage of this power, I achieved leadership at its best. I allowed others to help me make decisions, and kept my focus on the cause. Once the designated amount of money has been raised , a new and enthusiastic Asian leader will be awarded each year for his or her hard work. I feel that by encouraging students to step up and become leaders for years to come, I have done my job as a leader on campus. " 293 Ann Valentine Cheryl Van Voorhles Amy Vander )onnlfor Vaughan 294 Donna Walker Katye Walker Kermit Walker Senior Leader Yolanda Johnny Taylor Newspapers Political Science " One of my most most memorable experi- ences at the University of Georgia was serving as a student judge for tfie George Foster Peabody Awards. As student judges, we fieiped select the list of winners who demon- strated excellence in broadcasting and radio. At the award ceremony in New York, every- one was so impressed that the University of Georgia allowed its students to be so directly involved in a process as well-recognized and prestigious as the Peabody Awards. The University of Georgia offers so many opportunities for its students. As a freshman, I never could have imagined that I would later be meeting " X-Files " creator Chris Carter or shaking hands with actress Lily Tomlin. You can do all this and more if you get involved! " Carissa Warner Mchelle Waters 295 296 W ' ! 1 If , A m ' ' H 1 Janet Weaver 1 [ ' : i Amy VVestbrook 1 m 1 F L 1 1 Hr ? ' 1 -»« i Kimborly Williams Lateoiiia Willuinib ugLus Zatycki Denise Zelikovsky Courtney Zeo 297 Bianca Barksdale jamika Benson Mini ' lmah Bashir Brian Basinger Antesia Beasley r f . )■ • ■ ■ • si , • i Alyson Blackburn William Blackwell Leah Blalock h ' - iJLii William G, Bennett Alicia BloodwoiUi Christy Boone Laurie Bowers IcioiiK- BianiicU Martha Brandt 298 M Darby Chadwick Monica Chase Robert B. Chase, |r. Tracy Chason Karen Cipolla 299 Julie Dial Ri ' bi ' ccd Dopson Lawrence Edmonds Jason Edwards Nekisha Edwards 300 m lonathan Giesler 301 lames Holliiigsworth I.1I1U-S WaWv B.iiiianiin Hoist! Lydia Hood Stephanie Hule 302 303 304 Mclanir Mcirl Joshua M. Needle Heather Nelson Katy O ' Mara 305 Allison Priebe 306 ■Ik Andrea Steuer Hillary Stewart Rebecca Strain Lindsey Stratton 307 Sarah Trammell Mary Paige Tucker hctson Uiidotwood , 308 Kelly Young Robin Zielinski Natalie Zimmerman 309 Sophomores Loretta K. Bradley Kelli Bridges Darigg Brown Susan Brown 310 April M. Dobson Jehan El-Jourbagy Marielle Engels Kelly Fair 311 312 Heather Gray Josh Jamell 313 Toriana Kittles Allysoii Larke Nicole Llackos Nellie Lovelace 314 ■ Michelle McBee Michael McCarroll Kim McClung Laura McCorkle Page McCorkle 315 Mdlt Morgdn Karen Moses Diana Mueller Anne Nelson 316 Paige Putnam Heather Quinn Chanda Reed 317 Leigh Stewart Kiniberly 318 319 Freshmen Leslie Buschbom William Bush Patricia Bynes 320 Bbn «■ J W tf ir Bpl £ H Emily Barnard lieiAU n L M « VW ' , ■L ill Allison Black |ta Cenw BL II ' m Hope Bowman Bj K m " i ' 1 Carman Brown i B ■ H ■ f. ' l-- ' ' Christie Cabe ' ■ ■ i Courtney Cray Lisa Crowley Fruzsina Csaszar Candyce Davis Kimberly Davis 321 322 Lizzi Hamrick Stephanie Hanson 323 Leigh Hutchinson 324 Benjamin Lynch Anna Manlapat Bethiny Marable Howie Matthews 325 326 i 1 U l ' " K I m la Aimee McPherson p e, ■ ji -:- jH Lk " nfl R BH m3 i Kate Meyer p f M JA c.|, If If j n - F ! 3i pH Keith Miller Bi ' fflOndie Jl ■ i j f l y i John Moorhead 327 Allen Robertson i|urlinr KobcUb Stacy KoMiino Chimere Ross 328 Leigh Spann Sarah Stafford Trisha Stephenson Caroline Stewart Sarah Stokes 329 330 Kevin Wilson Miriam Wing Kelly Withers |osh Woods Melissa Yonce 331 • ifviimibit lor rnang ttr ' -Arann|M«f » «-M (iO lOOl f s, v- ' Q. I I -:» if n £ i I :s ' u % r- i Mibi hi f J I 2 1 . mil . = ! 10 Ul — Editor: Shelby Hill Assistant Editor: Katie Whitehead w - UGA Officialh Abneefoo Kou Honor Society Ad Club African Student Union AgHill Council Aghon Agricultural and Applied Economics Graduate Students Association Agricultural and Environmental Economics Club Agronomy Club Aids Coalition of Northeast Georgia AlESEC AikidoClub All Campus Homecoming Committee Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Kappa Delta Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Omega Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Psi Alpha Upsilon Alpha American Association of Pharmeceutical Scientists Alpha Zeta American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists American Chemical Society Student Affiliates American Indian Science and Engineering Society American Israel Public Affairs Committee American Society of Agricultural Engineers American String Teacher ' s Association American Water Resources Association Amnesty International of UGA Animal Behavior Club Anthropology Graduate Student Organization Applied Psychology Student Association Arch Society Ariel Ministries Arnold Air Society Artificial Intelligence Club Asian American Christian Fellowship Asian American Students Association Association of Archaeological Geologists Association of Educational Researchers Association of Graduate Art Students Association of School Psychologists Association of Reading Graduate Students Athens Folk Music and Dance Society Athens Tutorial Program Volunteer Organization B ' nai Birth Hillel |ewish Student Union BACCHUS ASAP Bahai Association of UGA Ballroom Dance Club Banking and Finance Society Baptist Student Union Beta Alpha Psi Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society Bhakti Yoga Club Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Student Association Biological and Agricultural Engineering Graduate Club Biological Engineering Club Black Affairs Council Black Educational Support Team Black Law Students Association Black Theatrical Ensemble Block and Bridle Club Blue Key Honor Society Botany Graduate Student Association Brain Group Brass Gavel Brazilian Student Association Brumby Community Council Bulldog Amateur Radio Club Bulldog Christian Fellowship Campus Crusade for Christ Campus Habitat for Humanity Campus Now Caribbean Student Association Catholic Student Fellowship Central Eastern European Club Ceramic Student Association Chess Club Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship Chi Sigma lota Child and Family Development Association Child and Family Development Graduate Studies Organization Chinese Christian Fellowship in Athens Chinese Undergrauduate Society Christian Campus Fellowship Cinematic Arts Circle K International Collage Minority Art Society College Bowl Team College Republicans Committee For Black Cultural Programs Communiversity Concert Bands I 8 II Concert Choir Concert Dance Company Contemporary Chamber Ensemble Contemporary Concerts Counseling Psychology Student Association Country Western Line and Coupke Dance Club Criminal justice Society UGA Dance Marathon Defender Advocate Society Delta Chi Delta lota Epsilon Delta Phi Alpha Delta Sigma Pi Demosthian Literary Society Di Gamma Kappa Broadcasting Society Ecology Club English Graduate Organization Environmental Health Society Environmental Law Association Episcopal Center Equal Justice Foundation Eta Sigma Gamma Eta Sigma Phi Family Consumer Sciences ( Preprof Grad Stdt Assn) Defender Advocate Society Federalist Society Fellowship of Christian Athletes Flying Rat Toll Team Food and Nutrition Graduate Student Organization Food Science Club Forest Resources Graduate Student Association Forestry Club French Organization of Georgia Freshman and Sophomore Student Advisory Board Gamma Beta Phi Gamma lota Sigma Gamma Sigma Sigma Gate of Life Geography Graduate Student Organization Georgia Agribusiness Council Georgia Allies Georgia Debate Union Georgia Outdoor Recreation Program Georgia Outreach Georgia Recruitment Team Georgia Sculptors Society Georgia Society of International and Comparative Law Georgia Students For Public Administration Georgia ' s Women ' s Ultimate Frisbee Club German Club Global Studies Association Globes Golden Key NHS Graduate and Professional Scholars Graduate Business Association Graduate Caucus Graduate Minority Business Association Graduate Recreation Organization Graduate Student Association Graduate Students in Educational Psychology Guitarist Guild H-O Lund Entomology Club Hamagshimim Hautbois Coterie Hispanic Student Association Hong Kong and Macau Students Association Ice Hockey Ideas and Issues Indian Cultural Exchange Instructional Technology Students Association Insurance Society Intellectual Property Club Interfratcnity Council Internatioiial Business Society International Outreach Intervarsity Christian Fellowship |apan Club Japanese Friendship Society jazz Bands I 8. II lewish Law Students Association lukldo lusitsu Sa |i Do Club Kappa Delta Epsilon Kappa Delta PI Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Kappa Alpha Tau Karate Club Kashlma Shin Ryu Martial Arts Club Mik ciaii Recognized Organizations lub Kuumba orean Student Association orean Traditional Play Association orean Undergaduate Student Association ross Kultures Magazine jmbda Kappa Sigma Jtino Law Students Association aadership Resource Team " sbian. Gay . Bisexual Student Union lalaysian Student Association ilathematics Education Student Association lledia Management Club ilicrobiology Graduate Student Association linorities in Agriculture and Applied Sciences Association lock Trial Board lodel United Nations Team ioonlight Tennis Club lortar Board lUslc Therapy Club luslim Student Association iycology Discussion Group ames Project AIDS Memorial Quilt Host Committee ational Association of Black )ournalists ational Press Photograplier ' s Association ational Student Pharmeceutical Association ational Student Speech Language Hearing Assn euroscience Student Association lordic American Student Association (mega Tau Sigma imicron Delta Epsilon micron Delta Kappa ' pen Bible Study Club irder of Omega [therworlds ligan Students Association limoja Dance Company fndora I ' rcussion Ensemble larmacy Christian Fellowship li Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International li Alpha Theta li Beta Heata i Beta Delta I Beta Kappa i Chi Theta li Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity i Kappa Literary Society (i Kappa Phi Honor Society III Sigma Pi [i Sigma Tau fi Upsilon Omicron jDelta Phi Kappa Lambda Sigma Epsilon tnt Pathology Graduate Student Association •ultry Science Club =sbyterian Student Center ntmaking Student Association ,i Chi Honor Society ychology Club Iblic Relations Student Society of America !al Estate Society ading Graduate Students creation Majors Club dcoat Band dcoat Christian Fellowship led Hall Council ligion Graduate Student Association isidence Hall Association oTau wing Club at the Univeristy of Georgia gby Club ssian Student Association ' ngetsu Club ottish Heritage Society mper Fidelis Society are ' otokan Karate Club ' ;ma Alpha lota ' ma Gamma Epsilon ' ;ma Delta Tau ' ver Stars iccer (UGA Women ' s Club) cial Psychologists at Work !cial Work Association at UGA (College) Social Work Doctoral Student Association Social Work Student Faculty Comm. Society For Creative Anachronism Society For MAnagement Information Systems Society of Physics Students Speech Communication Association (Undergraduate) Speech Communication Graduate Student Forum Sphinx Club Spice (Social Programs For the Indian Cultural Exchange) Statistics Club Stillpoint Magazine Student Art Society Student Bar Association Student Chapter of Society of American Foresters Student Chapter of the Association For Computing Machinery Student Chapter of National Art Education Association Student Council For Exceptional Children Student Dietetics Association Student Financial Aid Concerns Student Financial Management Association Student Government Association Student Historic Preservation Organization Student |udiciary Student Merchandising Association Student National Medical Association Student Personnel Association (UGA) Student Qualitative Interest Group (SQUIG) Student Union of China Students Against Campus Crime Students For Environmental Awareness Symphonic Bands I - II Symphonic Orchestra Taiwanese Society Tate Honor Society Technology Education Collegiate Association Thai Student Association Thalian Blackfriars The Genetics Club The Georgia Christians Student Center The Georgia League The Graduate Women ' s Business Association The UGA juggling Club The Opportunity Empire The Red and Black Forum The Rutherford Institute at UGA School of L aw The Young Entrepreneurs Society Timothy Baptist Church Campus Ministry UGA Christian Fellowship UGA Clean and Beautiful UGA Cycling Team UGA Athens Friends of Tibet UGA Men ' s Glee Club UGA Women ' s Glee Club UGA Golf Course Superintendents Association UGA Horn Choir UGA Horticulture Club UGA Kendo Club UGA Lacrosse UGA Libertarians UGA Lifelong Learning Association UGA Linguistic Society UGA Lutheran Chapel UGA Math Club UGA National Rehabilitation Association UGA Odyssey of the Mind UGA Racquetball Club UGA Reading is Fundamental UGA Skydivers UGA Trombone Choir UGA Tuba Euphonium Ensemble Uganime Ugazine Magazine Club Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network University Chorus University of Georgia Equestrian Team Club University Round Table University Union Vietnamese Student Association Wildlife Society WUOG Xi Delta Xi Sigma Pi Young Choreographers Series Young Democrats Republicans of UGA Zodiac Honor Society 335 1 Advice on Substance Abuse Prevention " Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed it ' s the only thing. " -Margaret Mead ASAP is a registered student organization of peer educators. ASAP teaches students not only about aicolnoi and other drugs, but many other issues surround- ing these topics. " It is our overall goal to change the environ- ment through educa- tion and positive peer counseling. " feventioj Sisters: Yasemin Arsan, Mandy Belcher, Lori Bova, Amanda Brown, Melody Bullock. Kelly Burrow, Lauren Bush, Natalie Bush, Anna Campbell, AliceCoggin, Leah Collins, Reagan Collinsworth, Mandy Dix, Beth Dugan, Christine Hallick, Rebecka Hendricks, Nancy Hill, Kristen Hiscox, Sh- annon Holloway, Erin )ernigan, Claire Johnson, Kara Klinger, Kelly Lawson, Gina LaPlante, Amy Gee, Julie Moon, Patricia Oswald, Beverly Peters. Keli Phommahasay, ErikaReade-Hill, Kimberly Reid, Sarah Rentz, Heather Roe, Jessica Schultz, Sally Sermprungsuk, Sara Sermprungsuk,Ann Sher- berger, Sheri Stickney, Jen Ware ' Our memories together, may they never end, Always together. Sisters Forever. " XiDeha h Beta Beta Beta TriBeta was founded in 1922 at Oklahoma City University by Dr. Franl G. Brool s and a group of fiis students. It emphasizes a threefold program: Stimu- lation of scholarship; dis- semination of scientific knowledge; and promo- tion of biological research. The University of Georgia Chapter was organized in 1988. " Science says the first word on every - tiling, and tiie last word on notiiing. " -Victor Hugo BSU is a student-led, church related organiza- tion which puts Christ at thecenterofitsfocus. " We provide University of Georgia students like your- self with social and out- reach opportunites in which you can be accepted for who you are yet be challenged to seriously develop your Christian faith. " .,, " Tlie joy of life is living it and doing things of worth, in making bright and fruitful all the barren spots of earth. " -Anonymous 338 Baptist Student Union Delta Sigma Pi ' Fortune sides with liim who dares. -Virgil Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity founded at New York University. " As a professional fraternity we learn to live and work with each other, share experiences and ideas, observe and develop principles of leadership, com- munications, and human rela- tions. " a Sigma Alpha lota, founded in 1903, is an international mu- sic fraternity for women. Its purposes are to foster interest in music and to promote con- tact among those with an in- terest in music. The lota Zeta Chapter at UGA currently con- sists of 44 active undergradu- ate members and is one of the largest in the nation. " Vita Brevis, Ars Longa " (Life is short, art is long Sigma Alpha Iota 339 The Arch Society " I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor. " -Henry David Thoreau The purpose of the Arch Society is to provide a core of students to act as official host for appropriate functions and as goodwill am- bassadors of the University of Georgia. The men and women selected for membership in this organization are called upon by various departments to repre- sent UGA. 4 Men of the Arch: William Bennett, Charlie Bethel. Charlie Bethel. Doug Black. Peter Dale, josh Glenn, |ames Kane, )ason Lane, Patrick Lucas, Bart Newman, Brian Nixon, Steve Nunn, Godfrey Powell, Shalon Rucker, Greg Skwronski, Tim Veil, Greg Watts. Women of the Arch: Beth Blomgren, Meredith Braintwain, Lisa Christian, Angle Coates, Melanie Davis, Lacy Feldman, Kendrall Graham, Allison Jenkins, Cynthia Levatte, Tomika Miller, Anna Morriss. Danielle Mosely, Jessica Myers, Jessica Ort, Dallas Pride, Kelly Rountree, Amy Vandergheynst. Karin Walkc, Amy Young. I I 340 The Equestrian Team competes under the Intercolliegiate Horse Show Association which encompasses the entire country. The UGA Equestrian Team con- sists of approximately 40 members. " We stress good horsemanship, good sportsmanship, and a great attitude to all of the members. " ., Meianie What does the equestrian team mean to me? That ' s simple: Every- thing. It means laughing, crying, winning, losing, working, playing, screaming, learning, trying, falling, and getting up to try again. But most of all it means friends (two and four legged). The Equestrian Team 341 University Union " We do it while you watch. " 342 of wienies grilled at Day of Soul ' 97: 400 of miles driven to Atlanta Airport: 5000 of artists researched for Homecoming ' 97: 127 of weird objects purchased (tube of red lipstick, cap gun, breast pump): 3 of people embarrassed by hypnotist Tom Deluca: 20 of RealWorld cast members programmed: 1 of movies shown at Tate theater: 1 40 of nails driven into Tate Gallery walls: 463 of semi-nude dance performances: 1 of years as National Association of Campus Activities Best Programming Board in the Nation: 3 of UGA students entertained by University Union: 30,000 I Alpha Kappa Psi is the nation ' s oldest and largest business fraternity. It was founded on October 5, 1904 at New York University and only 18 years later in 1922, the Alpha Epsilon Chapter was chartered at the Univer- sity of Georgia. Currently our chapter has over 80 mem- bers and many active alumni. Alpha Kappa Psi not only builds life-long business skills, it also builds life-long friendships. ' To be a success in business, be daring, be first, be different... ' -Marchant Alpha Kappa Psi 343 ' It takes wild courage to play this music, it takes even more to listen to it... " -Tom Waits WUOG 90.5 FM 1997 marked the 25th anniversary of the student-run campus radio station and 90.5 fm celebrated with an alumni reunion. Those who returned to the fifth floor of Memorial Hall found that although WUOG studios had a whole new look (due to extensive renovations last year), the mission of 90.5 fm continues to serve the campus and community by provid- ing unique and diverse programming in the true college radio spirit. li- bniittod liy WUOG 344 T ■, M(fi 345 ' Strength is found in many a man, determination is found in fewer; but only courage provides us with a leader. " Air Force ROTC I The Air Force ROTC mission is clear: Produce leaders for the Air Force; and build better citizens for America. Brig. Gen. William " Billy " Mitchell said it best when he stated, " It is probable that future war will be conducted by a special class, the Air Force, as it was by the armored knights of the Middle Ages. " The AFROTC MISSION: To produce leaders for the Air Force; and build better citizens for America. submitted by Cirolyii Pitko ot AFROTC I 346 ,J 347 Black Educational Support Team " Simply the B.E.S.T..., and still rising " Making the transition from high school to college can be difficult especially for African-American students. The Black Educational Support Team (B.E.S.T.) is a stu- dent group trained to provide in- formation and peer support for entering first year and transfer stu- dents. submitted by B.E.S.T. 348 ■ lill The Black Affai rs Council is the larg- est non-Greek organization for Af- rican-Americans on Campus. This year BAC focuses on getting in touch with the students ' needs, wants, and expectations. The motto of BAC is... " Reconstructing Black Unity. " , ' Our heritage lays the foundation of our future. Black Affairs Council 349 Conceit Choir ' The heart of the melody can never be put down on paper. -Pablo Casals ' «. The Concert Choir was founded in 1978 by Dr. Pierce Arant. This choir is the premier audition group of UGA. Membership is open to all students. This year ' s officers include Ann Larie Valentine, Presi- dent; Davis Stephenson, Vice President of Men; Lilli Lewis, Vice President of Women; Kim Crumley, Secretary; Kami Blake and Courtnaye Webb, Librarians. submitted by Concert Choir 350 The purpose of the Women ' s Glee Club is to provide musical opportu- nity for young women who enjoy singing. The goals ofthe group are to sing well, develop a reputation of good musicianship throughout the University as well as the Athens community, and establish friend- ships with other women who share at least one common bond. ' Where there is music, there can be no evil. -Miguel de Cervantes Women ' s Glee Club 351 Kappa Delta Epsilon Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition. -Jacques Barzun Bieisi«fiPQisiei BiffiilQllSSaifiiafil The University of Georgia chap- ter of Kappa Delta Epsilon cur- rently holds the distinc tion of bei ng the " most active KDE chap- ter " in the nation. KDE member- ship includes undergraduates preparing to teach and graduate students pursuing professional study, as well as faculty mem- bers. Founded in 1 956, the UGA chapter admits members on ba- sis of scholarship, leadership, personal qualities, and profes- sional interests. 352 w The Leadership Resource Team ' s main goal is to function as a consulting body to various cam- pus and community organiza- tions. LRT continuously updates their programs to stay informed of current events concerning a wide range of topics. The team educates and furthers the de- velopment of leaders through- out the UGA community. tl " Our memories together, may they never end, Always together, Sisters Forever. " XiDeha 353 National Association of Blacic Journalists The UGA chapter of the National Association of Blaci Journalists holds many interesting and in- formative programs throughtout the year. The organization is not just for broadcast jour- nalism majors. It also incorporates public re- lations as well as film and print media. The Demosthenian Lit- erary Society is a unify- ing force which defies the fragmentation of modern University stu- dent life by providing a forum where students from all backgrounds and disciplines can come to- gether and debate. " You don ' t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say " -F. Scott Fitzgerald Clarissa Cunningham " The reading of all good books is lil e conver-| sation with the finest men of past centuries. " -Rene Descartes rerp 354 Demosthenian Literary Society ifialists • nCmnJm Ag Hill Council ' Good order is the foundation of all tilings. " -Edmund Burke The Ag Hill Council is a representative body for the clubs and activities within the Colleges of Agricultural and Environ- mental Sciences and Fam- ily and ConsumerSciences as well as the Warnell School of Forest Re- sources. submitted by Ag Hill Council submitted by Order of Omega Order of Omega is a Greek Honors Society that is made up of the top 3% of the sorority and fraternity mem- bers on campus. The pur- pose is to recognize the Greek members who have not only been extremely in- volved in their own chapter but with the Greek system as a whole either through Panhellenic, IFC or NPHC. " No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave. " -Calvin Coolidge ietv Order of Omega 355 Asian-American Students Association " The great law of culture: let each become ail that he was created capable of being. " Thomas Carlyle -[ofwhe jagainsty orloi The mission of the Asian- American Students Asso- ciation is to promote unity and enhance greater un- derstanding among Asian Americans of different na- tionalities, and to advance social, political, cultural, and educational causes and growth of Asian- American col lege students at UGA. Stacia Potter The purpose of The Genet- ics Club is to form a more tightly knit group of genet- ics majors and undergradu- ates interested in genetics and to plan activities re- lated to genetics which will enrich the undergraduate experience. submitted by GC " Science is vastly more stimulating to the imagination than are the classics. " from Daedalus 356 Genetics Club f tiation Women ' s Lacrosse " For when the One Great Scorer comes To mark against your name, He writes- not that you won or lost- But how you played the game. " Grantland Rice rem .f " " " ' ' " ' " ' ' . The University of Georgia ' s Women ' s La- crosse team practice, play and participate in the game of Lacrosse. The club ' s goal is to promote and attempt to popular- ize the game of Lacrosse while focusing on exer- cise, team work and La- crosse skills. submitted by WL submitted by GIS " Gamma lota Sigma- to promote, encour age and sustain student interest in insur- ance as professions. " The purpose of Gamma lota Sigma is to promote, encour- age and sustain student inter- est in insurance, risk manage- ment, and actuarial science as professions; to encourage the high moral and scholastic at- tainments of its members; and to facilitate interaction of edu- cational institutions and indus- try by fostering research activi- ties, scholarships and improved public relations. Gamma lota Sigma 357 Insurance Society ' Insurance Society- to enhance the professional development of students majoring in Risk Management and Insurance. " The Insurance Society at UGA stimulates interac- tion among students and industry leaders through social activities and interviews for em- ployment. It hosts so- cial events and business meetings in which busi- ness professionals pro- vide " real world " insight to Insurance Careers. 358 The Recreation Majors Club generates profes- sional and social oppor- tunities for i nterested stu - dents. This club helps to generate student in- volvement in Recreation and Leisure Club activi- ties on both the state and national level. Members are involved in intramu- ral sports and assume po- sitions of responsibility and leadership. ' In America, it is sport that is the opiate of the masses. Russell Baker, The New York Times Recreation Majors Club 359 The Child and Family Development Association Children are our most valuable natural resource. -Herbert Hoover The Child and Family Development Associa- tion provides profes- sional development and leadership opportunities among its members as well as helps to foster the growth and devel- opment of children, ado- lescents, and families. This organization works out of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. 360 ment 1 p A. 1 Communiversity is an organization that pro- vides the community with students who are willing to donate their time and service in in- novative and creative ways. This organization has created projects such as Best Buddies, teacher assistant, Adopt-a-grand parent and Big Brother Big Sis- ter. cofiMUNivEKS ry No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of th? -John Donne Communiversity S361 ' Hey, lift your head up to the sky, cause we " re the Red Coats pass- ing by, and if you heard what 1 just said, get down on your l nees and bow your head. Hey, what ' s that coming down the trade, a huge machine that ' s Red and Black, ain ' t nothin ' finer in the land than the Georgia Redcoat Marching Band! " Redcoat Band The band program provides a vehicle through which qualified and talented students can express themselves musically, while sharpen- ing their skills as amateurs or professionals. The program also provides a social community for students with common interests and to help students in their personal and social growth, making University life more pleasant, productive, and meaningful. I I m b photos by Amelia Addison 362 m V ! i 1 363 Red Coat Band Members Heather Abernathy Jennifer Adair Jonathan Adams Lanie Adams )ill Agerton ].). Ahern Paul Allmon Amy Anderson Brool e Anderson Annie Andrews Mary Beth Andrews Ryan A rata Heather Arnold Ryan Ashley Javier Aviles Melissa Babinec Nikki Baldwin Dana Barona Kristen Barge Stephanie Batten Chesley Baxter Kimberly Beadle Stevi Beasly Robin Bechtel J.R. Beckwith Mary Catherine Begnaud Skye Beiser Zandra Bell Wayne Bennett David Bernstein Lynanne Betz Amy Beyer Farredeh Binesh Rowena Bishop Holly Blanchard Shelly Boardman Wade Bohannon Rachael Bottari Allison Boulware Erin Boxt Jesseca Brakeen Jason Brazeal Kristy Brightman Jeff Briks Myra Brooks Angela Brown Chris Brown Chris Brown Joshua Brown Susie Brown Krissie Browning Erica Bruce Daniel Bryan Christy Bryant Ray Buck Lisa Budwash Rebecca Buffington Emily Buice Brennen Burns Michael Burns Andrew Byrd Calvin Byrd 364 Joshua Byrd Joshua Cahill Avery-Blythe Callan Keith Canesco Becki Carr Michael Carroll Aaron Carter Brian Carter Erica Carter Melody Carver Raymond Castleberry Amanda Cater Michael Causey Allison Cerqueda Kit Chatham Garrick Cheyne Salli Chism Michael Clair Joan Clark Heather Clay Amy Cobb Azure Coleman Jonathan Collins Allison Connelly Melissa Conway Kati Cooper Matthew Cotton Sharon Cozart Meghann Croft Michael Crook Rory Crook Jeffery Crouch John Culvahouse Amanda Dameron James David James Deluccia Kevin DiPetrillo Megan Ditmore Amanda Dixon Chris Dobrow Amanda Dodd Richard Dorsey Amy Dover Travis Downs Amy Drake David Drake Matt Driggers Heather Duffey Smantha Dunn Lawren Durocher Jeremy Edmondson Jehan El-Jourbagy Mike Elam Brian Ely Ellen Evans Randy Evans Shana Evans Jamil Facdol Katie Felgate Gabe Fernandez Ginny Ferrell Holly Fincher Katy Fleming Robyn Flowers Heather Folsom Tracy Ford Matthew Forshee Erik Forst Lindsay Foster Margaret Frasier Emily Franzen Jeffery Fricks Jimmy Friedlander Michael Gavrielides Kyle Giesler Jenny Gilbert Courtney Golden Devin Gordon James Grandinetti Sara Greeson Trichelle Griggs Will Grimes Kevin Groover Ailsa Guardiola Manolo Guardiola Christopher Guillory Julie Gunnells Christi Guthrie Jason Gwinn Jason Ham Cristi Hare Jeff Harper Angela Harrell Cindy Harrell Mary Beth Harrison Joseph Hasty Julie Hayes Todd Hayes Greg Haynes Lisa Headington Wilson Heln Michael Henderson Leslie Higgs Keith Hightower Casey Hill Amy Hilley Meredith Holland Rastafaria Hollingsworth Laura Hollis Rob Holman Jonathan Howard Steve Howard Beth Huber John Huenecke Heather Hughes Haley Hunt Kevin Hyde Shaun Hydock Patricia Irvin Allison Ivey Jennifer Jacobs Mary Jacobs Bryce Jaeck Jessie Jameson Bill Jarrell Elisc Jensen Charity Johnson Chaundolyn Johnson Jodie Johnson Allison Jones Christopher Jones David Jones Karen Jones Matt Jones P.J. Jones Amanda Jordan Franher Joseph Chris Kelly Sandi Kent Brian Kittle Ashley Koppe LisI Kuegeman William Lance Lori Lange Lindsay Lasseter Timothy Lasseter Greg Leathers Edward Ledford Kristina Lee Katie Lewis Curt Little Robert Lockery Lesley Longino Josh Lovett Elizabeth Luckett Rebecca Maddox Michelle Marbury Andrew Martin Martin Matheny Robert Maury Daniel May hall David Mcizon Sean McBride Marney McCague Laura McCorkle Alex McDonald Carroll McGuffey Michelle Ann Mclntyre Paul McLanahan Melissa McNeely Rosemary McNeely Hunter McRae Michael McSpadden Jay Meeks C.Ryan Mellard Heather Melton Andrew Mercer Jennifer Mercer Heather Middlebrooks Hilary Middleton Carey Miller Dena Miller Steve Minster Amy Moates Laura Moates Ginger Morris Louise Morris Heather Mosley Kate Mowbray Jennifer Mullinax Jason Murray Andrea Nabors Dean Nava David Nelson Anna Nero Lee Newman Agatha Nichols Todd Nichols Trey Nihoul Frederick Norton Kimberly Nystrom Shannon O ' Kelley Stacey Osborn Courtney Osborne Eric Osmer Sarah Oubre Michael Owens Anna Painter Melissa Pardue Rhett Parker Keren Paschal Cori Pelletier Amanda Penland Joseph Perry Sean Perry Michael Peters Nicholas Peters Tricia Peterson Chester Phillips Jennifer Plasman Andy Plemmons Jeffery Pollock Ryan Posner Heather Pugh Eric Purser David Raeder Sarah Rentz Erica Resnik Elizabeth Reynolds Meredith Reynolds Matt Rhinehart Crystal Richards Joy Richardson David Rivero David Romine Tony Rossomano Ben Russell Christopher Ruszkowski Mandy Ryan Art Ryder Helen Saile Dwight Satterwhite Rusty Sauve Chris Savage Marc Schaub Shannon Schauber Carrie Schmaedig Jeffery Scoggins Ashley Scott Jonathan Scroggs Brian Sealock Kimberly Sewell Meghan Shapiro Julia Shelton Justin Sheppard Ashley Siler Gina Sillitti Angle Slaughter Christian Smith Emily Smith Ryan Smith Rylan Smith Scott Smith Summer Smith Margaret Snoke Gina Spangler Charlene Sproul Chris Stallings Anne Stanton Candice Staplin } Leslie Still Karen Stout Katy Stout Beth Strickland Ivy Stubbs Jacob Summer Bobby Tamburrino Mary Tate Chris Terrell Beth Terry Miriam Terry Brad Thomas L Christina Thomas i Warren Thomas i Ann Thornton Alicia Timm ■ Alisa Toy I Bryan Trice I Michael Trimble Jeremy Trimmer Brian Trundle Angela Turk Brian Turnmire Dan Van Hiel Jason Van Landingharr Lindy Verduci Patricia Wells Barry White Candace White Nate White Nick White Justin Whitford Kristen Whitman Susan Whitman Carrie Whittington Emily Wiggins Todd Wilk Matthew Wilkerson Todd Wilson Jeremy Worley Michael Wright Kristin Wyatt Nick Yates Steven Yockey Denise Young Meredith Zaretf Blue Key Honor Society ' - ' ■ ' : SmiiS ;ii Smith ' y SmiiJ 5«tt Smith etSiiiit -■■i wSptot -ifOiceSupif Leslie Sill ■to Stout laiy Stout 3e Ssic)(lai« )Stiibl» sobSuiiime ' - ' ■ ' Xij Ifflite VaiyTaie Oirslertel 3et!iTetP ' Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them. " Aristotle The Blue Key Honor Society is based upon academic and leadership skills for juniors, seniors, and graduate stu- dents. Pictured here: Vijaya Rangan Palaniswamy, Chris Carr, Karin Walke, Jack Kingston, Paul Brown, Presi- dent Michael Adams, Sonny Purdue, and Chris Carr. submitted by Blue Key submitted by WF f« 0 " ' S II " Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we at the Wesley Foundation are committed to raising up I a new generation of Christian leaders. " Wesley Foundation is an orga- nization where students can come for Christian growth and fellowship as well as become involved in Christian ministry to the Athens community through agencies of the United Methodist Church. Wesley Foundation is " dedicated to winning the lost to Christ, train- ing believers to be disciples and equipping disciples to be- come disciple makers. " Wesley Foundation 365 " In every society some men are born to rule, and some to advise. ' Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Young American Student Government Association The Student Government Association acts as an organized voice for the students of the University of Georgia; SGA relates views and suggestions to administrators and organized governing bodies of UGA to assist in operating more effectively in the interest of students. The officers of the Student Government Asso- ciation are: President, Kevin Abernethy; Vice- President, Ryan Oliver-, President Pro-tempore, Ross Burris; Secretary, Rebecca Heinzer; Trea- surer, Doug Black; Academic Affairs Chair, Holly Gooding; Student Life, Brett Newman; Internal Affairs, Ross Burris. photos by Allison Firoc 366 ■ Hi 11 4 367 ' In naked beauty more adorn ' d, More lovely, than Pandora. John Milton ' s Paradise Lost Pandora The Pandora is a self-supported organization made up of student volunteers. It consists of an Editor-in-Chief, an Operations Business Manager, a Marl eting Manager, A Photogra- phy Editor, a Photography Manager, a Com- puter Advisor and a general staff of 80-90 students. It ' s sole purpose needs no explana- tion. photos submitted by Pandora 368 369 1998 Pandora Staff 370 T 371 Sphinx: the highest n a student ca 1. Andrew H. Patterson 73. Daniel Y. Sage 145 Aaron B. Bernd 2. Williann D. Hooper 74. Isaac C. Levy 146 Russell H. Patterson 3. Lawrence D. Cothran 75. Lansing B. Lee 147 Victor Victor 4. Garrard Glen 76. J. Loring Raoul 148 Hoyt. H. Welchel 5. Charles R. Andrews 77. James J. Ragan 149 Lewis A. Pinkussohn 6. Edgar I. Pomerroy 78, Robert S. Parker 150 Clark Howell. Jr. 7. Alexander P. Adams 79. George P. Whitman 151 David K. McKamy 8. William S. Blun 80. William L. Erwin 152 David F. Paddock 9. Charles W. Davis 81. Harrison j. S. Jones 153 John G. Henderson 10 Marion D. DuBose 82. Carroll D. Cabaniss 154 Edward J. Hardin 1 1 Robert P. Jones 83. William G. Brantley, Jr. 155 George S. Whitehead 12 Andrew |. McBride 84. Philip R. Weltner 156 James AB. Conyers 13 Robert |. Travis 85. Ambrose H. Carmichael 157 Charles W. Jacobson 14 Tinsley W. Rucker. |r. 86. Richard K, Smith 158 Hugh L. Hodgson 15 Merrit M. Thurman 87. William W, Brown 159 Robert W. Wesley 16 John Banks 88. Frank H, Martin 160 George L. Harrison 17 Remer L. Denmark 89. Charles N, Fiedelson 161 Charles M. Tanner, jr. 18 John E. Hall 90. John K, McDonald, Jr. 162 William H. Quarterman. Jr 19 Richard M. Charlton 91. Henry L. J, Williams 163 Robert L. Callaway, Jr. 20 Harry H. Hull 92. Robert H, Jones, Jr, 164 Joel B. Mallet 21 Horace C. Johnson 93. Sidney O. Smith 165 Thomas A. Thrash 22 James B. Ridley 94. Morton S. Hodgson 166. Max L. Segall 23 William B. Ritchie 95. Herman P De LaPerriere 167. William H. Sorrels 24 John B. L. Erwin 96. Floyd C. Newton 168. William O. White 25 Ferdinand P. Calhoun 97. Claude L. Derrick 169. John P. Stewart 26 Frank L. McCutchen 98. Wylie C. Henson 170. Neil L. Gillis, Jr. 27 Augustus L. Hull 99. John B. Harris 171. RoffSims. Jr. 28. Henry J. Lamar 100 Young B. Smith 172. John H. Carmical 29. Wilson M. Hardy 101 Daniel H. Redfearn 173. Howard H. McCall. Jr. 30. Noel P. Park 102 Jerome C. Michael 174. Irvine M. Levy 31. Walter J. Hammond 103 Dwight L. Rogers 175. Hinton F. Longino 32. Lamar C. Rucker 104 Edgar V. Carter, Jr. 176. Richard W. Courts 33. Sterling H. Blackshear 105 James E. Lucas 177. Lucius H. Tippett 34. Marvin M. Dickinson 106 Harle G. Bailey 178. Otto R. Ellars 35. Andrew M. Calhoun 107 Edward M. Brown 179. Roger H. West 36. Cam D. Dorsey 108 Hosea A. Nix 180. Robert L. Foreman, Jr. 37. Marion S. Richardson 109 Omer W. Franklin 181. James M. Hatcher 38. Billington S. Walker 110 EralbertT. Miller 182. Dewey Knight 39. Sanders A. Beaver 111 Henderson L. Lanham. Jr. 183. Louis S. Davis 40. Francis M. Ridley 112 Hinton B. B. Blackshear 184. Wallace P. Zachry 41. Glenn W. Legwen 113 Washington Falk. Jr. 185. Irvine Phinizy 42. Samuel R. jaques 114 Alexander R. MacDonnell 186. Robert D. OCallaghan 43. Ralph Meldrin 115 Herbert C. Hatcher 187. Charles M. Candler 44. Marion H. Smith 116 Paul L. Bartlett 188. William M. Dallas 45. Wallace M. Miller 117 Edgar L. Pennington 189. Claude H. Satterfield 46. Minor Boyd 118 Edwin W. Moise 190. Frank W. Harrold 47. William R. Turner 119 George C. Woodruff 191. William D. Miller 48. Julian F. Baxter 120. Evans V. Heath 192. Arthur Pew, Jr. 49. Harold W. Setron 121. Millard Rewis 193. Robert E. L. Spence, jr. 50. John D. Bower 122. Robert B. Troutman 194. Chester W. Slack 51. Frampton E. Ellis 123. Arthur K. Maddox 195. John R. Slater 52. Frank B. Anderson 124. John A. Sibley 196. Everett W. Highsmith 53. Robert P. Brooks 125. Lloyd D. Brown 197. Ashel M. Day 54. Lucien P. Goodrich 126. Clifford Brannen 198. Charles Strahan 55. Isaac S. Hopkins 127. George T. Northen 199. Hillary H. Mangum 56. Joseph 1. Killorin 128. William A. Mann 200. William H. Stephens 57. Marmaduke H. Blackshear 129. Harold D. Meyer 201 Preston B. Ford 58. Virlyn B. Moore 130. Benton H. Walton 202. Nathan jolles 59. Thomas W. Connally 131. David R. Peacock 203. Owen G. Reynolds 60. George W. Nunnally 132. Virgin E. Durden 204. John P. Carson 61. Theodore T. Turnbull 133. Charles E. Martin 205. Walter D. Durden 62. Walter W. Patterson 134. Edgar B Dunlap 206. Welborn B. Cody 63. Arthur R. Sullivan 135. Robert L. McWhorter 207. Malcomb A. McRaincy 64. Charles H. Cox 136. Robert H. Freeman 208. William F, Daniel 65. Roderick H. Hill 137. Zachary S. Cowan 209. Ellis H. Dixon 66. Harold W. Telford 138. Edward M, Morgenstern 210. Freeman C. McClure 67. Arthur L. Hardy 139. James M Lynch 211. Lewis H. Hill 68. John E . D. Younge 140. Henry L, Rogers 212. George j. Clark 69. Walter O. Mashburn 141. Bcntley H, Chappell 213. Charles A. Lewis 70. Hugh M. Scott 142. Casper 1, Funkenstein 214. Joseph J. Bennett. Jr. 71. John A. Brown 143. Frank Carter 215. John A. Hosch 72. George Hains. Jr. 144. Tinsley R. Ginn 216. Charles G. Henry 217 218 219. 220. 221. 222. 223. 224. 225. 226. 227. 228. 229. 230. 231. 232. 233. 234. 235. 236. 237. 238. 239. 240. 241. 242. 243. 245. 246. 247. 248. 249. 250. 251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. 257. 258. 259. 260. 261. 262. 263. 264. 265. 266. 267. 268. 269. 270. 271. 272. 273. 274. 275. 276. 277. 278. 279. 280. 281. 282. 283. 284. 285 286. 287. 288. 289. James K. Harper Herbert H. Maddox Josh L. Watson Charles R. Anderson Edward M. Gurr Hervey M. Cleckley. Ill Walter C. Carter. Jr. William Tate Charles F. Wiehrs John H. Fletcher James D. Thomason John H. Hosch, jr. Thomas F. Green. IV Walter E. Sewell Lester Hargrett Charles L. Gowen Martin E. Kilpatrick John D. Allen Horace D. Shattuck George D, Morton Gwinn H. Nixon Alexis A. Marshall Carlton N. Mell Ernest P. Rogers Walter T. Forbes. Jr. George S. Johnson James R Chambliss Allen W. Post Alexander A. Clay. Ill Frank K. Boland, Jr. Ivey M. Shiver, jr. William H. Young. Jr. Isaac K. Hay George E. Florence, jr. Thomas A. Nash Thomas J. Hamilton, jr. Benjamin H. Hardy Hallman L. Standi Daniel C. Tully Robert L. Patterson. Jr. Hoke S. Wofford John S. Chandler Glenn B. Lautzenhiser Rufus B. Jennings Craig Barrow Robert G. Hooks Joseph H. Boland Guy C. Hamilton, Jr. James j. Harris William A. Kline Kankakee Anderson James W. Palmour. Jr. Henry G. Palmer Frank K. McCutchen DuPont G. Harris Robert D. Feagin Mattox L. Purvis Joseph M. Oliver Marvin H. Cox Ellis G. Arnall Herbert S. Maffett Sanford W Santord John W. Maddox Mark D. Hollis William C. Latimer Vernon S, Smith William M. Strickland, jr James W. Mclntire Charles M. Gaston McCarthy Crenshaw William M. Hazelhurst Leroy S. Young 290 291 292. 293. 294. 295. 296. 297. 298. 299. 300. 301. 302. 303. 304. 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 31 1. 312. 313. 314. 315. 316. 317. 318. 319. 320. 321. 322. 323. 324. 325. 326. 327. 328. 329. 330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339. 340. 341. 342. 343. 344. 345. 346. 347. 348. 349. 350. 351. 352. 353. 354. 355. 356. 357. 358. 359. 360. 361. Frederic Solomon . Virlyn B. Moore. Jr. William T. Maddox James M. Richardson. |i Morton S. Hodgson. Jr. Troy R. Thigpen, jr. Robert G. Stephens, jr. John W. Calhoun. Ill DeNean Stafford. Jr. John P. Bond Harry S. Baxter Winburn T. Rogers John D. Bowden, Jr. Joseph C Strong Augustus L. Rogers James W. Wise William T. Bennten. jr. William C. Hawkins Robert T. Anderson Wade C. Hoyt. Jr. Charles C. Harrold. jr. Charles B. Anderson. |r, Edward H. Baxter Dyar E. Massey. Jr. Seaborn A. Roddenberry, Morris B. Abram Floyd C. Newton. Jr. James Q. Lumpkin. Jr. Robert B. Troutman. Jr. Robert P. McCuen Ambrose G. Cleveland, Robert C. Norman Julian D. Halliburton Isma L. Price. Jr. Howell Hollis. Jr. Kenneth A. McCasklll William S. Smith, jr. Lee T. Newton Jack B. Matthews Ernest S. Vandiver. Jr. Frank L. Gunn Alpha A. Fowler, jr. Clarence j. Smith, jr. Bernard C. Gardner. Jr. Verner F. Chaffin John C. Meadows, jr. Clifford C. Kimsey Thomas C. Penland John B. Miller Woodie A. Partee. jr. Frank F. Sinkwich Irby S. Exiey Wllington M. Nomian Forest L. Champion, jr. George D. Lawrence Jesse G. Bowles James P. Miller Aubrey R. Morris James C. DeLay Fluker G. Stewart Charles L. Trippi John E. Sheffield, jr. William F. Scott. |r, Frank S. Cheatham, jr. Dan M. Edwards Robert M. joiner Dcmpsey W. Leach William H. Burson Melburne D. McLendoi John Rauch Albert M. Wilkinson Kirk M. McAlpin jIteiyL i laities L Ben ifoneiO.Pa) A,Aiii Samuel IB " Harold cWi tobeitl.Hea MeigliC.Br ItaTencel.l ICeoigetRe IfflliamAif SiWamB.Pli [va :itarasA, EtobeitS.Mcj I idwardLDu WcliaelfMi MliimH.|ui INiUasP.Qii WcliaelWii lalmdjeU Cailflumei iOaii(leM,Hi| luiton S.Midi Hen CWoc MR. Spoor HowaidK.H(] ifebiidCSlu NasseILP btieitK.We iND.Beni IWeyLHa ' ImlV.Saler ! ' iliamD,Mi G»te«.Ad toelW.Bii fcndU! Wall I. Ma nl Hi, Witio [. G s 3 Udne (. dP,l[o ,«ephf, ' Wis, Pen teMtCoik fcilWIlin ■l yH,Be " ' " Uo ' ' dW,l5 S«M.S( tihaiiC . | i.Bo tic. Co, «c[|, ihesti non-a Ccicleniic honor dent! can attain 362. 363. 364. 365. 366. 367. 368. 369. 370. 371. 372. 373. 1 374. 375. 376. 377. 378. 379. 380. 381. 382. }383. 1384. |385. 1 386. l387. }388. 389. 390. 391. 392. 393. 394. 395. 396. 397. 1398. !399. Uoo. |401. 1402. BJfOTkL im 1403. B( »«ter,ii ,404. 12 0««t|.S™ l ' |405. gjjeiBiJCWK jli lft ' SW(y Hi iae ' L 3(10(0? )i7 ,yin pUwieiiK p.ffls -J. (talis .LliiPPi , W»f ' ■ » ' (. 3«r |406. 407. i408. 409. J410. 411. 412. 413. 414. 415. 416. 417. |418. |419. 420. !421. :422. ;423. |424. 425. |426. 1427. ,428. 429. 430. : 431. 432. I433. 434. i Bryan K. Whitehurst John E. Griffin Harry L. Wingate. |r. lames L. Bentley Porter O. Payne lames A. Andrew Samuel R. Burns Harold c. Walraven, |r. Robert |. Healey Raleigh G. Bryans Lawrence T. Crimmins George R. Reinhardt William A. Elinburg. |r. William B. Phillips Walter T. Evans Thomas A. Wadell Robert S. McArthur Edward L. Dunn. |r. Michael E. Merola William H. lustice Nikolas P. Chivilis Michael W. Edwards Talmadge E. Arnette Carl |. Turner Claude M. Hipps Burton s. Middlebrooks Henry G. Woodward Cecil R. Spooner Howard K. Holladay Phil C. Beverly Roland C. Stubbs. |r. Hassel L. Parker Robert K. West lames D. Benefield, |r. Wesley L. Harris Frank V. Salerno William D. Moseley Charles R. Adams, |r. Daniel W. Kitchens Edmund R. Bratowski Donald D. Branyon. |r. Randall T. Maret |ohn R. Carson Robert L. Blalock Logan R. Patterson Quentin R. Gabriel lay D. Gardner Frank W. Seller Richard P. Trotter |oseph P. O ' Malley Kermit S. Perry |ule W. Felton. |r. jabez McCorkle. Ill John |. Wilkins. Ill Norman S. Fletcher Lindsay H. Bennett, jr. Robert S. Lowery, Jr. Donald G. |oel |ohn R. OToole |oel |. Knight Edward W. Killorin George M. Scheer. Jr. Joseph H. Marshall Nathan G. Knight Robert A. Rowan David K. Hollis, |r. Monte W. Markham Emmet |. Bondurant, II Jay C. Cox Ben S. McElumurray, |r. Harry E. Hendrix Theron C. Sapp Bryce W. Holcomb 435. 437. 438. 439. 440. 441. 442. 443. 444. 445. 446. 447. 448. 449. 450. 451. 452. 453. 454. 455. 456. 457. 458. 459. 460. 461. 462. 463. 464. 465. 466. 467. 468. 469. 470. 471. 472. 473. 474. 475. 476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482. 483. 484. 485. 486. 487. 488. 489. 490. 491. 492. 493. 494. 495. 496. 497. 498. 499. 500. 501. 502. 503. 504. 505. 506. 507. 508. Thomas E. Dennard. |r. lames P. Walker, Jr. Thomas H. Lewis, |r. Thomas R. Burnside, |r. lames P. Yarborough Charlie B. Christian Earl T. Leonard Francis A. Tarkenton Thomas M. Blalock Ronald L. Case Linton R. Dunson Wycliff A. Knox, jr. Bryant F. Hodgson, |r. |ohn H. Crawford, III Augustus B. Turnbull, III William R. Montfort, jr. lames H. Blanchard Edward T. M. Garland Wyatt T. Johnson, |r. Richard M. Lea lames L. Aldridge Albert W. F. Bloodworth lake L. Saye Ben B. Tate Charles B. Haygood. |r. Alexander W. Patterson Larry C. Rakestraw David C. Tribby Charles L. Bagby |ohn L. Rhodes, |r. McCarthy Crenshaw. |r. Neal H. Ray Donald C. Dixon lames C. Pitts George B. Watts Bruce G. Bateman George W. Darden William Roy Grow Turner Lynn Hughes Robert Glenn Etter William Morgan House William Ralph Parker Robert Foster Rhodes Dennis Lee Fordham Rutherford C. Harris Thomas W. Lawhorne, |r. |ohn Michael Ley William Porter Payne Pharis Randall Seabolt Robert Lee Williams George Albert Dasher Robert E. Knox, |r. Henry E. Lane Robert E. Chanin lames L. Pannell Paul Cleveland Tedford Thomas Lewis Lyons James Robert Hurley Andrew M. Scherfius Williiam P. Bailey Cader B. Cox. II Thomas A Nash. |r. Earl D. Harris Patrick L. Swindall |oel O. Wooten. |r. Charles William Griffin loseph H. Fowler Michael S. Wright Charles T. Hall Robert P. Killian lames S. Watrous Anderson S. |ohnson Thomas M. Melo 509. Charles H. Bond 582 . Robert M. Sutherlanc 510. Robert E. Tritt 583 . Donald A. Crimsley 51 1. Manuel Diaz. |r. 584 . Vijaya R. Palaniswam 512. |ohn Chase McKissick 585 . Robyn A. Painter 513. Michael P. Haggerty 514. Georgia Robert Reinhardt HONORARY 515. Benjamin H. Cheek MEMBERS: 516. |ohn A. Gilleland 517. Glynn A. Harrison A. Henry C. Brown 518. Carl E. Westmoreland, |r. B. George P. Butler 519. |. Rivers Walsh C, Samuel H. Sibley 520. Kevin L. Knox D. Edward E. Dougherty 521. William Harry Mills E. Walter A. Harris 522. lames Rayford Gofl " F. Holcombe Bacon 523. Alexander H. Booth G. Mansfield P. Hall 524. |ohn Henry Hanna, IV H. Frank Kells Boland 525. Gordon Allen Smith 1. Henry G, Colvin 526. |ohn Michael Levengood )■ Walter S. Cothran 527. Leonard W. fussell K. John W. Spain 528. leffrey Young Lewis L. John T. Dorsey. 529. Willie Edward McClendon M. Frank R. Mitchell 530, Samuel Scott Young N. Harry Dodd 531. David C. lensen 0. Charles Black 532. Bret Thurmond P. Walter R. Tichenor 533. Carl Michael Valentine Q George T. Jackson 534. leffrey T. Pyburn R. Walter B. Hill 535. James B.Durham S. Charles M. Snelling 536. Rex Robinson T. David C. Barrow 537. Scott Woerner U. Robert E. Park 538. Gregory C. Sowell V. Henry C. White 539. Christopher C. Welton W. Andrew M. Soule 540. Francisco P. Ross X. Willis H. Bocock 541. Drew Harvey Y. Steadman V. Sanford 542. Keith Wayne Mason Z. Charles M. Strahan 543. Clay D. Land AA Herman |. Stegeman 544. Frank |. Hanna. Ill BB. William S. morris 545. Terrell L. Hoage CC. George F. Peabody 546. Thomas H. Paris, III DD Ernest A. Lowe. 547. Knox Culpepper EE. Thomas |. Woofter 548. Mikael Pernfors FF. Thomas W. Reed 549. Holger Weis GG Harry |. Mehre 550. loseph B. Atkins HH Harry A. Edmunds 551. Stuart E. Smith II. Harold Hirsch 552. Stephen W. Smith I|. Edgar L. Secrest 553. lames B. Ellington KK. Harmon W. Caldwell 554. Thomas K. Foster LL. Paul W. Chapman 555. Brett M. Samsky M V . Robert R. Gunn 556. Stephen M. McCarter NN |ohn D. Wade 557. Kim Stephens 00 Hughes Spalding 558. Stephen C. Enochs PP. Charles H. Herty 559. Mark A. Lewis QQ Ellis M. Coulter 560. William M. Ray RR. William 0. Payne 561. Tammie M. Tate SS. lames W. Butts 562. lames W. Childs TT. Henry A. Shinn 563. Alec C. Kessler UU William M. Crane 564. Mark D. |ohnson W. William 0. Collins 565. Kelly R. Curran WW. Erie E. Cocke, |r. 566. Cale H. Conley XX. Omer C. Aderhold 567. Vernon E. Googe YY. John E. Drewery 568. Nevada Ann Waugh ZZ. Herman E. Talmadge 569. Gregory Alan Gunter AB. Robert 0. Arnold 570. Matthew William Nichols AC. Charles |. Bloch 571. Robert Kirk Harris AD Frank D. Foley 572. Don Ray Christian. |r. AE. Roy V. Harris 573. |. Todd Peterson AF. loseph A. Williams 574. William Alex Millen AG Thomas H. Lokey 575. Eric Royce Zeier AH Richard B. Russell 576. Middleton Albert Parker, |r. Al. Paul Brown 577. Andrea Lee Bottoms A|. |ohn 0. Edison 578. Travis |ones AK. lames A. Dunlap 579, Kristopher B. Nordholz AL. Philip M. Landrum 580. Natalie A. Dopson AM Marion Tyus Butler 581. Brian S. Smith AN |ohn L. Cox. |r. AO. Marion B. Folsom AP. Eugene R. Black, |r. AQ. Harold M. Heckman AR. Marvin B. Perry AS. Carl E. Sanders AT. jack |. Spalding. Ill AU. Augustus 0. B. Sparl s AV. lames W. Woodruff, Jr. AW William L. Dodd AX. Francis M. Bird AY. Pope F. Brock AZ. Robert C. Wilson BA. B. Sanders Walker BC. Inman Brandon BD. Jesse Draper BE. Alex A. Lawrence BF. Jasper N. Dorsey BG. Clarke W. Duncan BH. Philip H. Alston, Jr. Bl. J. Phil Campbell B|. Fred C. Davison BK. Vincent J. Dooley BL. Jack B. Ray BM. George S. Parthemos BN. Robert L. Dodd BO. Joel Eaves BP. Augustus H. Strene BQ. Hubert B. Owens BR. Monroe Kimbrel BS. George L. Smith. 11 BT. Robert G. Edge BU. Winship Nunnally BV. Dan H. Magill. Jr. BW. David W. Brooks BX. William C. Hartman, Jr. BY. William R. Cannon BZ. Robert S. Wheeler CA. Chappelle Matthews CB. Dean Rusk CD. Don Carter CE. Eugene Odum CF. George D. Busbee CG. Robert Perry Sentell. Jr. CH. Sam Nunn CI. Henry G. Neal C|. William R. Bracewell CK. W. H. NeSmith CL. Henry King Stanford CM. Julius F. Bishop CN. M. Louise McBee CO. Tucker Dorsey (posthumously) CP. |. W. Fanning CQ. Lothar Tresp CR. Peter Shedd CS. Pierre Howard CT. William P. Flatt CU. F. Abit Massey CV. C. Richard Yarborough CW. Donald Leeburn, Jr. CV. Michael F. Adams 373 -1 s H H Editor: Erica Scharf photographs by David Bryant and Michele Kim 1 HmH t L photo by Michele David M. Lang Chi Budo Kwon Martial Arts; 1 st Dan Black Belt Bouncer at Nowhere Bar 376 " There are only two ways you can be defeated; if you die, or if you give up. John Jason Brazeal Red Coat Marching Band Freshman 377 Joe Burnette President of Baptist Student Union " For the joy of the Lord is your strength. " Nehemiah 8:10 378 4 Habitat for Humanity Roybn, Bronson, Indu, Kajal, Randal, v Marc " Lets get hammered " 379 Gisou Afshin Ravanbaksh President of Baha ' i Association of UGA. Students, married August 5, 1995 " Love is the light that guideth in dari ness, the living linl( that uniteth God with man... " -From Baha ' i Writings " My dream is to go to law school, rewrite history, get my pilot ' s license, open my own school on some island, become famous as an incredible history teacher, and have children that will change the world for the better. " -Gisou Ravanbaksh 380 ■ i ' ' : tm- Hk 3 1 Kristi Franklin Miss. Black UGA 381 1 Alice Jankowski UGA Comedy Club 382 Audrey Frazier Second Lieutenant in tiie United States Air Force 383 384 Random Acts of Kindness Heather, Megan, Kelly, Betsy, Emily, Carrie, Melissa, jacque • Shakendra Toombs Pamoja Dance Company 385 Scott Mulkey 8c Kathiyn Hamling Fiji and Phi Mu Presidents ' Love doestVt make the world go round, it makes the ride worthwhile " 386 Cries of cA oun(: cStrf Dawn Smith Published Author 387 1 1 J i Pres President of Young Democrats President of College Republicans Michael Andel and Bert Guy 388 " 1 Presidents of Time Management Mandy, J.j., Jennifer, Megan, Karin, Julie, v Jessica (who was too busy for the group photo) ' What won ' t kill us will only make us stronger ' 389 LGBSU Chris Carter and jerry Kennedy 390 Alpha Phi Omega Vice President Oglethorpe RA Lexi Lacroix and Erica Lauren 391 UGA Swim Team Mike " Atlas " Norment 392 i David Bryant Whos Who at UGA Jesalyn Parham Coordinator of " Best Buddies, " a division of Communiversity Scott Traugh RHA, student supervisor of the Satellites division of University Food Services Shane Benson member of Plii Kappa Theta Jonathan L. Moore " All that and then some. " Rejected Harvard to come to UGA. Art Ordogui Circle K International President Caria Zuill Captain of " Equality, " the Champion Intra- mural Softball team: Advocate for racial harmony; President of Zeta Phi Beta Jarome Bramlett A little bit of everything; Alpha Phi Alpha Treasurer Dallas Regina Pride Chair of UGA ' s Arch Society Teshewande B. Stokes member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Christina de Varona GIrton General Ma nager of 90.5fm FM Laura Barton Life Guard at the Oglethorpe Pool Natalie Baylo Leadership Resource Team Travis Harkey Successful entrepreneur, co- founder of Swerve, inc. Valerie Masten Artist 393 ;. i: OAA i N msNsmii s . yjam — sf-- • ■A 1 i K p " VK Edited by Allison Firor photo by Thad Goad Fiona Apple The Wallflowers Shawn Colvin Rusted Root Paul Scoggins Cirey Charles B-52 ' s homecoming 1997 Locals only K " These guys play as if their life depends on it. " Mark Pilvinsky on The Fountains ¥ M f. Students ' growing disinterest in Athen ' s music scene lias been an important issue to me tfiroughout tinis entire year. I had planned on writing on this problem myself, but I know 1 could not say it better than it was said in this letter to Flagpole Magazine last September. -A.F. I am not exactly sure to whom I should direct this commentary, i it is not entirely aimed at your publication. But Flagpol e ' ' lagazine is a definite contributor to the farcical statement that thens IS a music town. Some people may even go as far to say lat it is " the college music capital of the world, " but after moving I this town two years ago for its reputation, I have to laugh at ose who believe this to be true. Coming from Miami where salsa rampant and the techno drum beats into the wee hours of the , j orning, I had such high hopes for the music potential I was sure thens had to offer. But as every day goes by, I have to wonder ' this town can save its own reputation ifore the dim spark it has left finally fizzles. Unlike a substantial percentage of this wn, I cannot live in the memories of thens ' heyday. When bands like REM, B- ' s, Widespread Panic and Drivin ' N ' Cryin ' j tuld play any given night and people were -J ippy to pay their $5 to come inside and ve a listen listen being the l ey word. . le only memories that I can live in are the t les created today by this music scene, I ayers and listeners both. We should be . ateful to those who came before us for tapping into something eater on these grounds that we call home. They paved the way r the music scene " to come " in this town, and we should be hamed of ourselves for the role we have played in its decay. It f riot enough to ride on the glory of others, you must be an active H rticipant in evolution. It is the lack of participation in this town j at prompts me to write this letter. It is sad that American society h : a pop culture has never known the tribal, spiritual, raw energy :i. at music offers life. When most of us seek out music, it is for the 3 cial event, and the entertainment aspects, not forgetting the :ohol and other unmentionable party favors. Is this bad? No, t necessarily, but depending on the individual, it tends to work ainst the music ' s purpose. It amazes me how many people , ' ft mpletely miss the point of a live music experience because they ' If ve had one too many and feel the need to yammer away about a H I the ills of their day, instead of devoting a few short hours to Tni ' : let their minds and open their hearts to the power of music. It ' f ■ ikes me wonder if this town would be happier with nickel ' : aught nights and jukebox cover bands in every bar. " i I went to see The Charlie Hunter Quartet at the 40 " Watt last ' day evening. Despite a favorable article byyour magazine, the jcwHB endance was a little over half full. I find it disappointing that so ■ iny people would miss out on witnessing a true music pioneer B out time. However, myself and approximately 30 others were B too aware of the talents of this band and stared in am lzement f tB their magic. Still, somehow I felt alone in my enthusiasm, and m en worse I was terribly embarrassed of this town I live in. Mr. m inter had to ask the audience several times to be quiet, saying S Ings like, " We are not music machines " and " You will hurt my JB filings if you talk, " but alas the rumble continued. I question K lether the rest of the crowd heard his pleas for silence at all, or if they just thought he was introducing his next tune of back- ground music. I admire the amount of vulnerability a musician has to possess in order to open themselves to the music they hear inside and then physically release it for the audience to respond to. It is not an easy position to be in, raised above a room full of people exposing a piece ofyour soul for all to see. Itisajobthat demands respect for it to reach its heightened potential. I wish I could say that this was an isolated experience, but the same thing happened a year ago with another jazz band that is taking large steps forward in music. Billy Martin of Medeski, Martin, and Wood screamed at the audience, " This ain ' t no damn TV show. This is live music, so quit your talkin ' l " I once sat back and watched an audience talk over Victor Wooten ' s version of " Amazing Grace " on bass guitar. Now, this is a song that even the most ignorant of people stop and give a moment of silence for, and our beer drinkers of Athens barely heard it over their topics of discussion. Even hometown heroes Widespread Panic had to take a moment to chastise the audience for disinterest two years back at Halloween. So what is it that is so important that we have to spend price of admission and the cost of beers to talk about? If music is supposed to soothe the savage beast, perhaps we have become so beastly and ill-mannered that it no longer works. The stagnancy of our music scene can not be blamed solely on the Athens audience. Shared fault lies within the venues, the T| media and even the bands themselves. How can you blame someone for choosing to stay home instead of going out to the Georgia Theatre for a night of music? Be- tween the faulty sound system, lifeless light shows, gunky beer li nes, flooded bathrooms, crumbling ceilings and god knows what on those seats, the atmosphere is not conductive for a prime music experience. And with the 40 Watt ' s unwelcoming vibe for music of another feather than rockabilly punk progres- sive and predominantly unhappy music, they prevent a whole group of listeners from ever venturing to their side of town. I do not care if people enjoy negative music as long as they are listening, but does this really happen at their shows either? Then there is the lack of camaraderie between the bands that comprise Athens music scene. There are several mildly talented bands in town that draw large numbers strictly because their members are college students or even lamer because they belong to our strangely elitist food and bar service work force. Most of these bands lack the courage to test their skills on the road and usually resent the bands that do. How often it must happen that a band is labeled as " sucking " by someone who has never seen them play? As disastrous and irreparable as I make out our lackluster scene to be, there is still a faint pulse in Athens. And those that have the determination to nurse back to health our ailing music scene deserve credit and applause for their efforts. " " ... There are all the touring bands like REM, Widespread Panic and lesser-known but soon-to-bes Day by the River and Dayroom, who spread their music far and wide and proudly say, " We are ft-om Athens, Georgia. " Most importantly, there is you, the few members of the audience who actually " GET IT " and agree that the time is now for revolution even if that revolution is as minimal as turning to that loud mouth next to you and saying, " If you came to talk, could you pleas e leave, because I came to hear the music. " I do not mean to be righteous, only conscious, and I haveagreat desire for things to be different. Here ' s hoping.... Kristina Raines The year in review " It is accurate to say that if we had it to do all over again, we would do it differently. " Boulder. Colo., Police Chief Tom Koby. on the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. " I ' m a Versace girl. I grew up with Gianni, I started to work with Gianni, so I ' m not going to have another philosophy. " Donatella Versace, at her first show since her brother ' s murder. " John D. Rockefeller wanted to dominate oil, but Microsoft wants it all, you name it: cable, media, banking, car dealerships. " Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, on Microsoft ' s monopolistic agenda. " I know that it is customary for witnesses to express their great pleasure to appear before you, but because I am under oath, I am unable to say I share that sentiment. " Former Clinton aide Harold Ickes, to senators investigating campaign-finance abuses. " I love kids. " British au pair Louise Woodward, 19, at the trial where she is charged with murder- ing her 8-month-old charge. " I ' m sick of hearing the weak comments about the pitchers and everybody crying because Atlanta, Baltimore and New York aren ' t here... to be honest with you, the subject is over, and it ' s making me puke. " Florida Marlins manager Jim Leyland on the perceived lack of interest in this year ' s World Series. " It is inevitably very difficult to cope with grief at any time. But perhaps you might realize it is even harder when the whole world is watching at the same time. " Prince Charles, in his first public-speaking engagement since the death of his former wife, Diana, Princess of Wales. " Funny, because everyone would have thought it would have been the other way around. " Singer Paul McCartney, confessing that he introduced Mick Jagger to marijuana two years after Bob Dylan turned him on to the drug in a New York hotel room. " A billion ' s a good round number. " Ted Turner, on the donation he ' s making to United Nations projects. " We inherited the planet from our ancestors 3,000 years ago. " Adam Ismail. Mustafa Khalil and Abdullah al-Umari, three Yemeni men, in a lawsuit they filed against NASA for trespassing on Mars. " There is a big difference... A porno movie has better music. " Record producer Phil Spector. responding to allegations by some American Christian groups that watching the Spice Girls per- form is like watching a pornographic film. " I ' m not a psychotic bimbo cheerleader... people thought that for a while. " TV personality Jenny McCarthy, attempting to set the record straight on " Access Fiollywood. " " You can ' t pat them on the butt anymore. " Michael Jordan, on how the game will be changed by the NBA s decision to hire two women referees. 402 Quotes compiled from Newsweek Magazine ■ ze It IS Sii}S ijntdNiwni ■i ) " We ' ve had a few people ask for Hillary and her husband, what s his-name. But we ' ve sold more Fred and Barney. " jlm Howard, at the New York City party store Paper House, on the lack of interest in political masquerade this Halloween. ' I guess 1 was a bit troublesome as a kid. Like, in school, when we had to write sentences on the blackboard and then diagram them, I would write stuff like, The baby on the meat hook jerked. ' Kevin Williamson, screenwriter of " Scream " and " Scream 2 in Spin Magazine. ' if you believe you have been sexually harassed by Bill Clinton, please leave your name and num- ber that we may follow up. All reports will be kept confindential. ' A recording on the toll-free Clinton sexual-harassment hot line set up by two conservative advocacy groups. (At 3 p.m. EST on Nov. 15, an automated voice added. " Mailbox is full. " ) That ' s cool. I ' m involved in too many things. I have a Web site I ' m working on. " Charles Manson, reacting to news that he had been denied parole for the ninth time. ' He was my hero. ' Bill Cosby, on his son. Ennis, 27. who was shot dead on a deserted Los Angeles road. Tm just glad to be feeling better. I really thought I ' d be seeing Elvis soon. " Bob Dylan, on his release from a hospital after being treated for a potentioally fatal heart infection. " It was God who made me so beautiful. Evangelista If I weren ' t, then I ' d be a teacher. " Supermodel Linda " They were never the family next door. They are a very strange, Gothic, German dynasty. It took Diana to tell just how weird that family is. They re like the Munsters or something. " Writer Julie Burchill, a longtime critic of the royal family. Quotes from The Red and Black " I go to UGA; I ' m used to lines. " Elizabeth Campbell on the line for B-52 " s tickets. " Here in Athens, they may not give to the church, but theyre going to get their football tickets. " Bill Hartman: Former Georgia player, and Chairman of The Bulldog Club. " This is a tradition students can expect for many years to come. " Michael Adams, University president, on Homecoming 97. " It makes life suck. Were busy and everybody ' s drunk. " Mike Leeds, manager of Mellow Mush- room on night games. 403 In Memoriam Joseph Allen LaFleur Erin Michelle Oppenheimer Matthew Douglas Wheeler Lauren Elizabeth Tardif Harold Joseph Day Brandi Lynn Burley Shelley Diane Knox Michelle Lynnee Stevens-Phillips Dean Allen Lindholm Zachery Alan Jones Rafael Enrique Jordan Daniel Keith Smith John Avery Smith John Marshall Teeter Carl Jack Formann 11 Shelley Martine Strickland Kamal Jitendra Desai Elizabeth Leigh Martin Christopher Mallory Tollon Joshua Michael Lynch John Shannon Davis tm : i WALTHAM FORUM Video for Small Animal Practitioners® • WATCH procedures performed on actual patients • LEARN from the experts — Presenters are board-certified veterinarians • PLAN future issues — topics suggested by subscribers • EARN CE credits — Every issue approved for credit by The University of Georgia CALL TOLL FREE TO ORDER; 888-371 -7900 Receive four videotapes (issued quarterly) for just $89.95 a year. WALTHAM Videos - Innovations for Veterinary Medicine ' [Order No. D7W07A| 408 « Emily Scoggins 409 410 ; Superior Rioqino fc Erecting Co. 880 CONFEDERATE AVE , S E PO BOX 17565 ATLANTA. GA 30316 (404) 627-1335 Benny L. Tumbleston ' (800) 242 2509 PRESIDENT FAX (404) 627-4889 James n. bearden TELEPHONE (770) 457-6606 Bearden Smith A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS 1776 OLD SPRING HOUSE LANE • SUITE 200 ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30338 770-998-8686 NISSAN AUDI. INC 1090 Holcomb Bridge Road. Rosweil, Georgia 30076 Jhj. dcalLiiJiLfi that i dilfcxud =FIAG FUEI INJECTION NORTH AMERICA INC 2909 LANGFORD RD BUILDING A SUITE 900 ATLANTA GA 30071 re: 404 446 3328 404 416 8646 1 -800-727-8799 Fax 404 446 - 5311 Athens Orthopedic Chnic, P A EST 1966 SpcaihaJM Iji. • Trauma • Spoft Injunes • Total Jomt Replaceinenta • Shoulder ti]junes 125 King Avenue, Athens, Georgia 30606-2989 (706) 549-1663 FAX. (706) 546-8792 Wiiyam B. Mullerin, M.D. Billups P. Tillman, M.D. R. Mixon Robinson, f.D. Daniel D. Moye, M.D. Ormonde N. Mahoney, M.D. Robert E. Hancock, M.D. 627-3547 ' NO MEAL COMPLETE WITHOUT C S MEATS ' lAY RFRNATH ' " CONFEDERATE AVE . S E JAYbtKNAlH ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30312 JCPenney J.C. Penney Company, Inc. 5500 South Expressway Forest Park, GA 30050 SHARIAN, INC Rug And Carpet Cleaning Oriental Rugs Decatur, GA 368 W. Ponce Die Leon Ave. 404-373-2274 lA Plantation Quail a Leading Supplier of Quail In America Quail International offers fresh and frozen Quail Meat that is sure to attract and please. Delicious, Low Calorie, Low Fat, High Protein! 1940 Hwy 15 South Greensboro, Georgia 30642 Phone: (706) 453-2376 or (706) 453-2377 I SEAL STAMP COMPANY, INC. P.O. BOX 546 1 6 ATLANTA. GEORGIA 30308 (404) 875-8883 GODAWGS! TO JOHNNYS HIDEWAY 3771 ROSWELL ROAD ATUINTA, GA 30342 • (404) 233-8026 LAW ENGINEERING AND ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LAW ENGINEERING, INC. )«• DUSTERS AVENUE ATLANTA. GA 30324 ow or THC utw eatumu 404-873-4761 FAX404-ni-050t 411 GEORGIA k POWER A SOUTHERN COMPANY GoodCents Congratulations to Graduating Class of 1998! Cagle ' s Inc. P.O. Box 4664 • Atlanta, Georgia 30302 • Telephone: 404-355-2820 2000 Hills Avenue, N.W • Atlanta, Georgia 30318 • FAX; 404-355-9326 Little Parts. Big Difference. Manufacturers of architectural aluminum products; plastic and metal zippers; hook loop fastening tapes; buttons; webbings: plastic notions and buckles; plus metal buttons, burrs and snaps from Universal Fasteners Inc.: and quality narrow fabrics from Tape Craft Corporation. YKK America Group supports U.S. industry and salutes the students of the University of Georgia! Compliments of YKK Corporation of America We Support THE UMVERSnY OF GteOR(3A Without Reservations ATiANTA arriott . l. W.JUIS 265 Peachtree Center Avenue Atlanta, GA .lO.KJj Tel (404)521-0000 412 eslnc. Richard Wise Richard Wise 413 . 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" REPRESENTING THE BEST IN PACKAGING MACHINERY " 814 SANDTOWNROAD MARIETTA, GA 30060 (770)422-8500 FAX (770) 425-5860 415 FOLLEn TEXTBOOK EXCHANCE 72 J BAXTER STREET Phone: 369-7399 Reach Us On Line at http: Compliments Of nam Ryder Truck Rental Leasing of Athens Proud Supporter of the University of Georgia 730 Wlntenllle Road Athens, BA 30605 (706) 548-6301 B F CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. 4023 Gillsville Hwy. Gillsville, GA 30543 (770) 532-8269 AOC ACRKE OIL COMPANY WHOLESALE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Acree Oil Co. Athens Oil Co. Acree Oil Co. Toccoa, GA Athens, GA Seneca, SC (706)886-2836 (706)543-0135 (803)882-7593 Opinlli I fl li 416 " Finest Steaks Known to Man " We also have the finest seafood know to man — and dishes for the Vegetarian. The folks here at T-Bones want to thank the Georgia Bulldog fans for ttieir patronage and hope you will continue to let us serve you. Open Sundays I 1 1 AM - 11 PM Friday I. Saturday Open 1 1 AM - 1 30 PK4 Monday - Thursday 1 2 Noon - 1 PM Sunday T-BONES TAKE OUT 353-6908 Athens: 1061 Baxter Street • 548-8702 Commerce: Interstate 85 441 • 706-335-5062 Thirst Quencher Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 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Crawford® 5620 Glenrldge Drive • PO Box 5047 • Atlanta, Georgia 30342 T S HARDWOODS, INC. RO. Box 1 233 Milledgeville, Georgia 31061 USA Telephone: (912)453-3492 ' Wood Is Wonderful " SAVE MONEY!!!!!!! WARREN FEATHERBONE COMPANY OUTLET STORE tVIANUFACIURERS OF THE ALEXIS BRAND. WARREN FEAIHERBONE OFFERS BOIH FIRST aUALITV AND SECONDS OF SIZES PREMIE THRU 41, THE SIORE ALSO CARRIES OTHER WELL KNOWN BRANDS OF CHILDREN ' S CLOTHING GIRLS SIZES UP TO 6X AND BOYS SIZES UP TO 7 WARREN FEATHERBONE COMPANY OUTLET SIORE CHESTNUT STREET OFF HIGHWAY 129 GAINESVILLE (BESIDE WEST BLDG, SUPPLY) M-F 9:00 AM UNTIL 5:00 PM SAT 8:00 AM UNTIL 4:00 PM 77n-MS -inilil CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1998 For All the Commitments You Make " Atlanta Branch Commercial Insurance 2302 Parklake Drive, NE Atlanta, GA 30345 Tel: 770-491-5100 • Wats: 1-800-282-7084 UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Located at the comer of Lumpkin Baxter, next to the Tate Student Center and across from Sanford Stadium (706) 542-3171 Your on campus source for new and used texts • general interest books • school, office and art supplies • computers • sportswear • cosmetics • sundaes snacks 420 WKSTORE l ! ' . t. ARGENBRIGHT INTELLIGENT OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS GROW WITH US!!! • PART-TIME FOR STUDENTS •MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR GRADUATES Argenbright 3355 Lenox Road, Suite 1000 Atlanta, GA 30326 (404) 869-8358 Congratulations, Universit} ' of Georgia Class of 1998! Ss vou look toward selecting a career, why not consider the baking industry? Give us a call. (770)459-2883 Flowers Baking Co. of Villa Rica, Inc. Baker ofSalures Own Sunbeam breads; and hum. " THE PUCE TO UVE " UNIUERSITV TOWER AT THE CAMPUS SlUdlOS it PcnihOUMS I Dcdroom. 2 Bedroom:. All Furnished Non-smoking 131 E BROAD STREET 543 ' 0 I 32 lOS Capital is a leader in the field of equipment leasing, but also a leader in customer service. Our extensive tect nology systems enable us to serve customers with efficiency and speed. IKON Data Center is the central site for IKON Office Solutions Computer hardware and related services. IKON Financial Center is the central center for IKON Office Solutions financial processing. Cornea Sol - Macon Resource Center OfflcaSoMkM P.O. Box 91 15, Macon, GA 31208-91 15 1738 Boss Road, Macon, GA 31210 912-471-2300 1-800-800-0367 421 m Congrotulatfons Tijvss Class of 1998 TbyfttAa EtevQtor Corporation 3471 Ationtd Industrial Parkway $uito 100 Atlanta, OA 30331 (404)699-5701 FAX (404)699 .«7 10 Atb«nj« Augusta, Rome (800)798-344 Charlestown MyrtI Baoch (800)568-3637 CertainTeed employees produce enough high quality insulation each year to insulate more than 250,000 new homes all over the South. nualitx made Certain... . . . satisj ' iictluii guaran T d! CertainTeed El Alheiid liklusln»l V-ir c .A(hti s, GA 30613 (706) D46-900S luuRata GUARANTEED INSULATION, INC. COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL LONNIE MOSS Owi«:r P O Box S18I PHONE ATHENS, GA 30604 (706) 353 67 16 WATS (706 a04 ONLY) 1 800 273 6618 Murata Ele 22 Sm (Sub. of M A wo of elec related EmpIo ctronics North Air 00 Lake Park Dri yrna, Georgia 300 urata Mfg. Co. Ltd rid leader in thie manufa tronic oeramic capacito Diezo and high voltage c ys: 1.400 Recruits: Nat E-O-E lerica, Inc. fe 80 . ■ Japan) cture rs and Jevices onally Akins Lincoln Mercury AMC Jeep Renault 3375 Atlanta Hwy. Athens, GA 30606 (706)54( 7104 V QfVQ SprcTiaiuin m Volvo RqMirs Buford Highway Body Shop 4317 Burford Hwy Chamblee, GA 30341 404-325-5305 NO CREDIT CHECK • PAWN TITI .E • KEEP CAR EXCHANGE )F ATHENS, INC. exington Road IS, GA 30605 N CLEAR CAR riTLES 546-0727 ROBERT E. SURRENCY ATTORNEY AT LAW 46 Hwy. 15 South Telephone (706) 769-9079 P.O. Box 254 Fax (706) 769-2076 Watkinsviile, GA 30677 E-mail: Surrency@aol.coni TITLE 1 lO - Ather _L- Xi ■ CASH O GEORGIA ' S OLDEST T DONNA NICHOLSON Office Manager 706- 422 •tw KMR Esbilac have something in common with the valedictorian. (They too enjoy a 1 ranldng.) Four 01 in« hignesi quainy proiem sources - skim milk whey cesein and egg yolh . I ' i ' ljinminiii ' . Taurine addeo lor neaithy nean and eyes 1 ' ( ' IS(llilll . KMR and Esbilac also meet me nuintiona! needs of a variety of oirier small animals ' - " KMR I ' lLK HI-.PLACER I ' njo Vitamin toriiliea. wim minerals ptovided m suitaie Form lor optimal skeletal development (jniMsh ' iin. Every Patch produced and tested under food-grade processing specilicaiions hl Id USi ' . Ready-to-teed liquids or easy-lo-mix powders The w ' oi ' Id ' s 1 selling milk replacers. I ' ii|)|n .111(1 killcil iiuilfis ll,l c icliid nil k IR ,lll(l Ishil.K Im (i c-| scvciilv i-,ii . I ' ii-. i; ' s l,|ll nl r |)cinii( 1(1 null II II III isls will 111 li,i|)|) 111 ,iiis vn .iiix (|iicsliiiii . mhi iiii hl li,i c, |iinI (.ill I-SIKI-. ' V . ' VIINT — f " 3 09 Plulm»mt ® " KS tUMt . 3030S 404 26S-7S79 AragN Go paw s CUFF SMITH Sales Representative NATL 1-800-922-8767 LOCAL 1 -770-840-7665 BURNS VETERINARY SUPPLY 2815 Colonnades Court, Suite C Norcross, Georgia 30071 i RABERN-NASH CARPET 0 4E Specialists in Floor Covering P.O. BOX 1518 727 EL COLLEGE AVE! DECATUR, GA 3003 1 PHONE (404) 377-6436 Fax (404)377-7988 I ic : J. O. KING INCORPORATED P.O. Box 1088 Alptiaretta, Georgia 30239 productions Remembe ' " - ' When ANNIVERSARES BRTHDAY PARTES CORPORATE FUNCTIONS 770-476-2845 770-736-3757 Mark Pltft " TRIBUTE TO ELVIS • ' THE LEGENDS OF ROCK t RO X ' Show j When Money Matters. SuiyTTRUST Be Ready Par life ' Visit our web site at llinb» FOm» l») lirfTwi 1i I rciliurri Mnta r»irt Mor«)r« giliahtir u tiiOKK tiria Inr Alt IK? 423 I University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine Congratulations to the Class of 1998 BumfR ® Establishing a partnership with our veterinary customers is the foundation upon which we build our business. One way we do this is by offering new account and new practice programs to help make your dreams a reality. Call us for details. Phone: 1-800-551-DVMl Fax: 1-888-FAX-DVMl INTREPID STEALTH DAKOTA AVENGER NEON STRATUS VIPER CARAVAN I— . RAMVANs kjooge tMci UeMci Wocla f no. L iin ' L ' ii(ier tJie IBiy T)udqe ' Dome " (770) 424-6580 FAX (770) 424-9512 W Jordan Jones CoHiprebetisive Boulding INCORPORATED eiigiiieeriHg, ttrbtiH pltmuitig. 3722 ATLANTA HIGHWAY PARK PLACE SUITE 7 ATHENS. GEORGIA 30606 PHONE (404)353-2868 FAX; (404)549-0423 ami landscupe arcbiteclure services. 7, step Into A Career . . Witti A future. You have completed a major portion of your educotion. Now is the time to put your new-found knowledge to work In a way that will benefit you and the company you choose to serve. You ' ll begin your new career with a conviction that you have made the best career decision possible. Therefore, you owe It to yourself to thorouglTty Investigate all facets of any career opportunity. Does the position provide for career advancement? Are the financial considerations healthy? Does the opportuntty include competitive salary and the benefits package you need to sustain yourself and perhaps a forruiy? 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She would ' ve donated Sara ' s roonn if she could ' ve Kids with outside nterests are likely 1 to watch less TV. The dog gets walked more often, too. A volunteer program for kids who care. Help your child do something fun and important while helping the community, Encourage them to volunteer or volunteer with your child. For more information on how you can get your kid into it, give us a call. call 4-H toll free ati 1-888-77-YOUTH Coincil j :all. Jf ■T 4-H IS a program of Ihe Cooperative Ex 434 f TOP TEN SCARIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH 10. Prune-eating Sumo wrestler. 9. High-rise window cleaner with bladder problem. 8. Near sighted knife juggler. 7. Megalomaniac Third World Dictators. 6. Grown men named " Biff. " 5. Heavily armed hot dog vendors. 4. Carsick brother in the seat next to you. 3. Brain surgeon with hiccups. 2. Anyone with a cranky disposition and a chainsaw. I . People who offer you drugs. 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( WITHOUT WAITING UNTIL SENIOR YEAR. ) Start a Greek chapter. Why submit to housecleaning and the elephant walk when you can be a founder? Champion a cause. Focus on something most people take for granted like field mice or saturated fats. Dress unusually. Recent retro styles are too obvious. Try genie shoes and a fez, instead. Enter poetry competitions. Sonnets about lost love, sunflowers and the space under staircases tend to win. Get a Citibank Photocard. With your picture on your card, you ' ll be recognized everywhere. As will fraudulent users. cmBAN o WE ' RE LOOKING OUT FOR YOU. ' " To apply, call l-800-CITIBANK. Mor inCi Stan ofG 440 Carry on the greatest of traditions Secure the past and ensure the future with the no-annual-fee University of Georgia MasterCard ' or Visa® The Arch. The Chapel. The Bulldogs. A walk through history. Our alma mater is the home of countless proud traditions. Now, a new tradition emerges m Athens. The University of Georgia Cards from MBNA America. 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" » » «» ■- " • v «?:S «5i«i!» i: -- -. .■» ia ii i«SJiJki » ' :jj . . .- jL AIBNK There are costs associated mth the use ol this card You mav contact MBNA Amenca to request sf by calling 1-800-847-7378 or wntmg to MBNA. PO Bo.x 15020, Wilmington. DE 19850 MBNA Amenca is a federally registered service mark of MBNA Amenca Bank, N A MasterCard i MasterCard International, Inc . used pursuant to l icense Visa is a federally registered sc ©1994 MBNA America Bank, N A VISA AD 12-3349-94 441 University Issues •ATHENS UNITE Take Back The Night Kathleen Cole 442 Richard Wise 443 Pandora Contributors Patrons offered a gift of $25+ and Sponsors offered a gift of $5-$24. Patrons Jerry and Sue Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Fisk Robert A. Deuster Mr. and Mrs. Jesus R. Manlapat Regency Dental Lab, Fayatteville, Ga. William H. Brantley, Jr. Allen and Fran Bower Bo and Jeannie Boohaker Mark and Anita Loftin Joe and Sue McMakon Robert and Krista Steinke Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kobernus Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Robinson Terry and Linda Cantrell Donald L. Lamberth Dennis Looney Family Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Rentz Dr. and Mrs. Martin M. Huggins, Sr. Carrol Heggs Jack and Sylvia Coulter Sally and Gerald Scott Gary and Susan Alford Palaniswamy Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Rodie Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Fussell and Family David and Katherine Haskell Carol and Kevin Cleveland Cathy and Kenny Funderburke Jonathan C. Peters Agnes and Ede Csaszar Thomas J. and Dorothy L. Adams Renee Moreland The Showalters Daryl and Jeanne Hower Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pazdzinski Bruce and Maureen Wright Thomas and Gloria James Tim Anderson and Martha Van Deusch Rick and Jill Schwartz Paul and M£ixine Shilling Mrs. Hannah L. Chambley Marissa Giglio Rick and Elaine Bagley Richard Bone The Editor would like to thank: Walter and Claudia Hutchins Tricia Christine Williamson Thomas Y. Whitley, Jr. John Duelge Lois M. Echols Anne H. Flippo Wes and Vivian King Carolyn W. Holliday William and Virginia Phipps Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kimball Larry and Sheila Ricks Kelly Harrison Paula and Joe Pharr Yoshihiko Teramoto Larry and Julie Krupa David and Kay Ramsey Tom and Patricia Ruffin Richard and Denise Howard Asst Qrri i lenni ACA Asst Ama Ally: m Beth Ryar |enn Qro " 4 Don " Boone " Jackson; Athens Banner Herald: Nelson Morgan . Melissa Bush from Hargrett Library-. Maria Cleghorne; Laura Abbott; Steve Nunn; Julie Lawrence; Paul at The Picture Man; David Scharff; Kathleen Cole; Trey Boyer; the entire staff at Wolfl Camera and Video (Alps . Downtown) expecially Chris. Tony, Radi. Mike, Bill. Heather. Me (Dale). Phil, Suzanne, John 8. Jonathan, for always breaking the Copy Print Station just before deadline; Courtney Kohn; Martin Armes. Chris Lakos, Tim Hix, Mike Mobley, Bucky Ware, Leigh Dillard . Sports Information; Kristina Raines Flagpole Magazine: The Red and Blad 444 Center Building Managers; Conan Gallaty; Kacey Crosthweit; Spare Tire (Larry, Eddie, Don . Johnny). | Amj Tina Tarn lenn Qrc kn 5tac 1 997- 1 998 Pandora Staff ! li EXECUTIVE STAFF Editor-in-Chief: Business Operations Manager: Marl eting Manager: Photography Manager: Photography Editor: Computer Advisor: Allison Firor Jennifer Young Keith Smith Stacia Potter Carey Charles Amy Thompson ;?in; r FEATURES Editor: Molly Buttermore Asst. Ed.: Clay McLaurin Karee Greene Jay Lowe Lauren Piersante Carrie Shope Jennifer Archdeacon Cathy Lo Ashley Attaway Brianne Holliday Mary Beth Harrison Shannon McLoughlin Kristi Cavalier ACADEMICS Editor: Elizabeth Campbell Asst. Editor: Jami Briggs Lindsay Isaacs Morgan Johnson Amanda Smith Allyson Malcom Jana Ledford Beth Kozinsky Ryan Koppe Jennifer Baxter Caroline Carlisle Jessica Paramore GREEK LIFE Editor: Mya Pope Christie Grossberg Amy Sanders Tina Willingham Tammy Sweeney Jennifer Hutchinson Carolyn Shervette Jennifer Hauser Stacy Baker -K.4 PORTRAITS EDITOR Erica Scharf CLASSES Editor: April Kimbrell Asst. Ed.: Jennifer Tucker Kristin Ferguson Maimunah Shah Jennifer Meador Jill Downey Kristen Chase Elizabeth Hill Caralena Johnson Rachel Parish ORGANIZATIONS Editor: Shelby Hill Asst. Ed.: Katie Whitehead Elizabeth Bradniix Natalie Hammett Alexa Johnson Jami Van Sant Courtney Cray Jenny Gilbert Julie Allred Megan McGovern Jessica Capuano ATHLETICS Editor: Rebecca Heinzer Asst. Ed.: Heather Newton Melynn Cole Nedra Deadwyler Romy Simpson Aimie Taluyo Keri Wall Julie Sykora Kelly Ard Katie Foxworth Farrah Ann Beckham Stephanie Hanson Candyce Davis Kellie Wall Kelly Ard MARKETING Erin Doyle Jacqueline Jauregul Shiketa Jones James Josey Kelly Ogle Damian Dunn Elizabeth Baird Tiffany Dillard Jennifer Vaughan Shelby Mirabal PHOTOGRAPHY Amelia Addison Thad Goad Michele Kim Molly Lysaught Erin McCall Dawna Mitchell Paul Scoggins Richard Wise Clarissa Cunningham David Bryant Elanit Habas Meredith Page Katie Simon Robin Daitch Emily Scoggins Chitra Thadhani Alisha Hocevar Ashley Cameron 1998 Pandora Executive Staff: Stacia, Carey, Jennifer, Keith, Allison, Katie . Jim Keith . Allison on Oprah ' s Show 1997! 447 448 Sometime in between moving into tiie dorm. And begging for an ID. Somewhere in the middle of an 8 o ' clock class, And watching Friends on our 8 inch TV. Shortly after you figured out, This newfangled ' e-mail ' thing. And after you stopped dreaming about. The fun a 21 ID would bring. Maybe the morning after you pulled the all-nighter, But finally got the paper done. Or maybe when you can ' t remember, The last Sunday night you had fun. Somewhere between the day you met your dorm roommate. And you were sure you got one of the duds. And the day four years later when he ' s still your roommate. And he ' s one of your best buds. Definitely after you realized how lucky you are. To have such a great group of friends. And after you get that sick feeling in your stomach. Wondering what will happen when it ends. Maybe on the beach for spring break. Hot sun, tan bodies, cold beer. Maybe after you started looking for a job, And your happy world turned to fear. Soon after you discovered there ' s just not enough time. To do everything you should. But not before you realized Thanksgiving dinner. Never tasted so good. Sometime after the day your parents came to visit, So you were forced to make your bed. Or the morning after a tough night downtown. And you can ' t believe the things you said. Somewhere between day one and year four. The best years of your life were spent. And looking back with a smile and a sigh, You wonder where those years went. You try to figure out who made you a victim. Of the most serious crime. You offer a reward for any information leading, To the one who stole the time. The day is coming closer, Until one day it will be your last. And someone is guilty of doing this to you, The years have gone way too fast. Sometime when you were too busy to notice, Happy as a newborn pup. Someone came along and did the unthinkable. Somebody grew us up. 449 Georgia vs. Georgia Tecii 27-24 450 Photos courtesy of Athens Banner Herald It was nice to beat you 451 452 Clay McLaurin ■ From the hills of Georgia ' s northland Beams thy noble brow, And the sons of Georgia rising Pledge with sacred vow... Clay McLaurin 453 Kathleen Cole ' Neath the pine trees stately shadow Spread thy riches rare, And thy sons, dear Alma Mater, Will thy treasure share... 454 Todd Bennett 455 Sports Infomiatior 456 And thy daughters proudly join thee, Take their rightful place. Side by side into the future. Equal dreams embrace... •i 457 € k K w t 458 Through the ages, Alma Mater, Men will look to thee; Thou the fairest of the Southland Georgia ' s Varsity. 459 Alma Mater, thee we ' ll honor True and loyal be Ever crowned with praise and glory Georgia, hail to thee I i 460 461 Paul Scoggins I inilv Scoggins 462 Colophon Pandora ' s offices are located in the Tate Student Center. Correspondence should be sent to: Pandora Yearbook, 325 Student Tate Center, UGA, Athens, GA 30602, or we may be contacted by phone at (706) 542-8003. This 1 1 1th volume of the UViiversity of Georgia 1997-1998 Pandora Yearbook was printed by the Printing and Publishing division of Jostens Inc., Clarksville, Tennessee. The only font used was Friz Quadrata, with the exception of several Zapf Dingbats and Symbol for the Greek letters. Four Macintosh llvx computers were used with Aldus PageMaker 5.0. Advertising was sold by Scholastic Advertising Company. Class portraits were supplied by Carl Wolf Studios, Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania. The cover was designed by Allison Firor, with the help of Clay McLaurin, Elizabeth Campbell, and Pat Cornelius. The Pandora staff receives no financial compensation or tuition credit. It ' s production is based on student volunteers. The Pandora yearbook costs $27, if mailed the cost is $32. Pandora is completely self-supportive. It receives no University funds, but raises funds selling space to advertisers, Greeks, and organizations. Book sales are the largest contribution. Photographs were taken by student photographers. Sports Information, The Picture Man, Inc., and other contributors. Staff photography was developed by Wolf Camera . Video and Photo Express in Athens. Photographs in the Portraits Section were developed in the UGA photography lab by David Bryant and Carey Charles. The plant consultant for Pandora is Pat Cornelius, Atlanta, Georgia. The Jostens in-plant consultant was Chrys Brummal, Clarksville, Tennessee. Special thanks to the University of North Carolina ' s Yackety Yack for divine inspiration. i ©The 1997-1998 Pandora " Simply Georgia " is copyrighted. No part ol " this bool may be reproduced without the written consent of the Pandora Editor and staff. 463 ? I ?; M J. !mc ? tO - U - : it ¥ C 0- bO I u M (U (U ■o •- ' n n o -c 00 Q. x: m U qj t_ iz; o i (U t ■ -i ■§ " - " n (1; ,n sJ 1 ■?- o (U c (U (U bO b e u £ IV1 E £ t. u (LI c E o o (U 00 D ■ ' C 1 (U o O JZ £ O - £ C X V % 0 V 6 c. u 00 ■o 00 00 00 o u £ I ■— tsz -q 5 o £ o (u it; I- x: (LI 3 -V- o c o " = T; " " it; (U ■ D 00 t; (LI c ' o 1 1 — , ■G n •u c c o ra l " T " , o o 00 o CQ 5 " c vZ o 2 -Q 00 00 jr l l o o 00 :? O (u -o o O 1 1 O c 00 c; ■£ c (U 00 t: • f - It O (U kn x: " .a 00 Tj o -o x: • u :5 s c 01 (U c • o u o C JZ 1 1 •l£ =5 f ss Uj o (D -t- « Q. a; .E f ' V if ■c t5 o 3 o U1 flj ,i E 6 5 I !! a r «C S5 I iS s 3 3 « S l 9 r £ Ml I «. I « t f o ' bO p u 3 ■ (I ( II i : ! i i lla ||c6 i i — £ E u5 00 -ri ON u lyi ,4_, o OJ WJ = :i - i : .E J3 o u DO tJO ° - Q 130 00 = u I ) re " 7 i 5 n Tl o 1 1 x: (i; " ti u a; fc L 1 ii Jsi ( ) 2 o i bO O Xi E E bO a Q. o 2 £ 5 o u c o c 1 1 o 2 d c c c UJ o u £ X ■d o a; fs , Q. Q B L» bO E o b O ■o . u O ■o N i i x: (U o j — D ■t i i UJ c c o ii; t (Li (U IL (|» , , o :=: " O :£ F -5 n; F p CQ 1 1 :n 3 c c CQ C7 U 13 x: o " =1; U ;z - " c bO — 3 5 f = bO n -« 0. xi 1 1 1 1 0; u 1 (U c Tj . _, P 1 1 .5P 3 l 1 E = £ t= e bO - -§ c ' c " I " 5 i l - c -« a; aj i i e bO ■c -= It; x: £ ( l -e 5 n H- SI 20 1 S ' ' ' '

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