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wmmmammm mm 1 UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA PAN VOLUME 93 1980 m- 1980 Pandora The Presidents House-on Prince Avenue University of Georgia Athens, Georgia Volume 93 PROLOGUE 3 I IIIIII I I I II I I II M I II II II IIII II i mi l l l lM II II II B I II IIIII HIII II II I I I IIHI I III I IIl l l l l iiiiiw iaiiiiiiw ll lll ll ll l ll lllllll l l l lll iiiiiMiiiiiiNflil l li I N Al a 4 PROLOGUE ••: Athens. What? Where? In Greece? Are you kidding? Traditions. Constructions, of the past. Things that last. Ringing the bell. Can ' t you tell? You ' re at UCA. Things like G-Day, Co Dogs, Red and black, Glory, Glory To old Georgia And to Hell With Georgia Tech. Standing in line For everything. Hurry up To wait. Things like Parking stickers, Parking tickets, Parking. Late classes, Getting classes, Boring classes, Cutting classes. Football games, Basketball games, Baseball games, Games we play, Games we stay Away from. Under the Arch. Ringing the bell. Caps and gowns And tassles. PROLOGUE 5 Rollerskating. Blind dating. What ' s her name? She ' s a Suzy. Catch her eye. Don ' t I know you? wanna dance? Take a chance. A bite to eat. A bit to drink. Conversation. Sad and funny. Who ' s your honey? One more. Happy hour. More power to you. Plastered. Sloshed. Zonkered. Wiped out. Smashed. Looped. Blasted. Buzzed. Blown away. Knee walking Drunk. L wade 6 PROLOGUE - gWihereye : " taowyou? «Jna dance? JJp to eat } w to drink. to ersation. ad and funny. psvour honey ' Onemore. HWyhour. " ore power ' . : • " -- PtJBtered. ire; loitered. flpedout Looped. : HO iBtf Bonn away. (nee walking m L wade PROLOGUE 7 8 PROLOGUE Who ' s gonna win? Jimmy and Kennedy Vs. R. Reagan. Blanches at 2 a.m. Tonight I ' ve got to cram. Don ' t give a damn. English 102. Me and you and a Dog named Belue. Bolton and Smelling. Porkin ' Out. What ' s your number? l.D. number. Social Security number. Driver ' s License number. Phone number. Room number. Course number. Locker number. Who ' s number? 50 captives. What did he say? Shitonlran. What ' s ABSCAM? Jack Potts. Hurts lots. School ' s a world of its own. Let ' s go home. PROLOGUE 9 ——— ' .. ' ' —- nmmmmmmmimi Jay Ferguson Jhfr " _, ,-Wf w 10 PROLOGUE ...-..,-. -.. .-.■-... mmmmiw 1 •-or- S saBftSi i i PR0L0CUE 11 Richard c. Hottelett I 12 PROLOGUE t PROLOGUE 13 ARMED UTTH flDNEV, Ofc. CIASS SCHECUUE, MOD YOOft SftWTY. . « ? 1 NO.Stf.YbuPOMt UMoe smroD... I WANT Tb JM ENGLISH HJWH I ' HOu)TDSPeft»ilT } u $ W0tfDEfcRAl...|VE6CrT FOW? ClASSES SCH60WEO po« q Am in we maeMir OtflY NEED TO TAKE OWE ioo e cattse— clonic. . get your ID... that mRkes YouvmJE. :cutt! IFUCT U)ElL, IF " WATT ' S Triec c OooftSP- you e 66T LEFT. I ' m su«e i BaflPfwee.-oV. W i w sorb , sir— ear ooc com ?UTE SAYS TOO 0Otf T EXIST... I " 06 rVvQfl HaAtf . -ft6€-IS_ voDwrrry fiU tDU. 14 }FILL OUT FORMS Q ( WtOUR VL -X tote ation HISTORY Q 1 f TlCALSCAMt £... J PAD ft l£ARtt- WHICH li WHY 0WR6 WOT l£TTI te wv NOU ' Vt 6€ f0 STAUONM KO THE U)ftOW utie FOR TfclOtfllOUTes. ' ' ■mtRe... V coFFeebrear (ytz) y StoAHIU 1014 Tttfc 0UE Trtesisow WEWIB6 PlASTlCS SESAME stooy profit wia loo move this ume?. . WCKBIS 0p| W 6€««isMii To Gfxu Roots ' 1Esfl fctfATH-pf I -THE RAO BASKET FWH M2A— Disa FENOHfc UN ? 7 WHAT DO YOl) MEM) THffT J ■was just a pmctkje Riic ' j HOME STRETCH - j Something Old, Something New l M I Something Borrowed, Something Blue 16 PROLOGUE PROLOGUE 1 18 PROLOGUE PROLOGUE 19 H ■ " ■■■ - ; .:•« ' ... ' ., ' Golden Memories, Golden Dreams Homecoming 1979 The Homecoming festivities for 1979 came under the title of Golden Memories, Golden Dreams, it was Sanford Stadium ' s 50th anniversary, and alumni poured in from every corner of the state. The Chi Omega Road Race, the parade, featuring Joel Eaves as Grand Marshall; a shrimp and beer party complete with cheerleaders and old timey Georgia cheers, and finally the crowning of Sara Collins as Miss Homecoming 1979 made the week a busy but memorable one. HHHI 20 PROLOGUE j PflWWW I»W ' L 1 ' l t ll», " W !■■ lUL I. I ' I Win !■ li ■«■ " ■ N..iP-.pp.iwiwiinp.ii n. ip, «!.«- ■WPw pWWl pW in " The Worlds Largest f Outdoor Cocktail 22 PROLOGUE PROLOGUE 23 24 PROLOGUE imi v i At a ' ' ?% £ ' - f fi J •■ R " - PROLOGUE 25 J MS 26 PROLOGUE Tim Settimi and Michael Martin PROLOGUE 27 1 Being born and raised in the South doesn ' t particularly make me an expert on the South. Quite the contrary; some may argue, it would tend to make one prejudiced. Having never lived anywhere in the North, the Yanks maintain that I don ' t have any basis for comparison. Not so. I have been out of the South, usually, just long enough to know I wanted to head back south in a hurry. You don ' t have to eat an entire apple to know it ' s bad. Lest some Northerners get their hackles up over that statement; the North is not bad. I have always enjoyed my brief stays up North. I like the North. But l love the South. I love, " yawl come back, heah, " and especially because I know whoever says it means it. I love the hospitality, Southern style. The cooking, Southern style. The lifestyle, Southern style. I love the Southern style. Many years ago, Phil Harris recorded a song called That ' s what l like about the South " that extolled the Souths virtues. " Baked rice and candied yams, sugar cured Virginia hams, basement full of them berry jams. Collard red and turnip greens, hamhocks and buttered beans, home grown down in New Orleans . . . that ' s what I like about the South. " ' That ' s not what I like about the South. That ' s what I love about the South. 28 PROLOGUE Laff at a good ole Suthan univuhsitee K22K h fe HS ke J«0»SOUttl.Q ute ySJ? make one 1«5 never lived £5 North, the »Widonthave Jr comparison. J ten out of the ■f.W long enough W to head back tf V-Voudonthave woreappietoicnow s some Northerners r nackies up over that ft North is not bad. W enjoyed my brief Wi lie the North. But I love the South, i cow back, heah, icaty Deause I know SK means it. I love I. Southern style. g Southern style. The Southern style, i love the Southern style, !»»$ ago, Phil Harris : j song called Ms attuttheSoutri that AW Souths virtues. ce and candied yams, rcured Virginia hams, HM of them berry Coftrd red and turnip iTtfiocks and buttered me grown down in 5f tnars what i nx about the south. MitBtlW about 5P the South. Oi ut . p PROLOGUE 29 t 6 ' s£ K i 30 PROLOGUE rr I sx 32 PROLOGUE ■rn.T-.wnt. ifrwi.,.wmwiimi, tf e 5 e P p sF 34 PROLOGUE r PROLOGUE 35 36 PROLOGUE Barry Cold water PROLOGUE 37 GREAT SOUTHLAND STAMPEDE With Jerry Clower F 38 PROLOGUE PROLOGUE 39 40 PROLOGUE All H B H H Hmbe B«- V b I L l U ' ' r 1 V M M B H™ ' iJ " - ; - ' ' ' - ' : - ' -- , " v , - ' - " ' (frr- ' - ' PROLOGUE 41 How ' s your Poolside Manner? Watch out when that tanned young man struts over and asks, " What time is it? " If pools could talk! More lines have probably been used at Legion Pool than at O ' Malley ' s on a Friday night. Spring quarter and the pool go hand in hand and you can be sure that that sixth period English 102 class will be forgone for fun in the sun. 42 PROLOGUE I nner? HA out when tliat nd young man stmts F ynightspnn .flfw3d the pool go " LoiSthatttiatsixtti PROLOGUE 43 1980 Miss University of Georgia Pageant Miss University of Georgia, Amy Heetderks; First runner up, Deona Bailey; Second runner up, Alisa Daffin; Third runner up, Michelle Hicks; Fourth runner up, Beth Bodenhamer. Contestants: Judi Allen, Laura Baldwin, Joy Bland, Cindi Cook, Ann Coons, Kathy Dysart Kelly Eulenfeld, Joy Jarrett, Jody Lazarus, Lynn Matthews, Mary Ann Mehre, Mariam Moad, 1 1 a 1 m A I Anne Tyler and Ginger Vaughan. Judges: Barbara Pearce, Steve Kennedy, Pat Johnson Terry Chandler, and Gene Phillips. Director Denise Lewis. Mistress of Ceremonies, Deborah Mosley Pyburn. 1 8 1 v fT • - • •■■■■ r i.- . i . •■ . . . ; :m : i y : WW L Crossgrove PROLOGUE 47 jmm L. Crossgrove I 48 PROLOGUE i l l " J ' J L. Crossgrove PROLOGUE 49 T. Crowe 50 PROLOGUE rib T5 T. Crowe PROLOGUE 51 L%BP rTrw r ' rill 3 M ' hi _, x f %£lH BL •- I4 fi J UL4I P jwMtm X o-t m kim 2 5? ' t « 1 " • ' • ' • . r O.; , ' V fcvsKsstr r«: . , ; L fl?. ' wo.v Wj t y 3 T» | 4L«.J5b 5 T Jimi HA fcj- Wmm ' Ig i t Ji mil, ■ MT W 1BL 1 52 PROLOGUE I PROLOGUE 53 vmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmimmmmmmmimmmmmmmmmmmmm ' m l$t. ' Iff 58 SHOOT YOURSELF SHOOT YOURSELF 61 SHOOT YOURSELF 67 7 | t 72 SHOOT YOURSELF - SHOOT YOURSELF 73 SHOOT YOURSELF 75 SHOOT YOURSELF 77 ! ■ I m ¥L L» 1 f i Cm ■EPff » a ! i t 78 SHOOT YOURSELF 82 SHOOT YOURSELF B i ,,- » 84 SHOOT YOURSELF SHOOT YOURSELF 85 - - - 86 SHOOT YOURSELF 4 ft SHOOT YOURSELF 87 y 4- % 88 SHOOT YOURSELF ■j t ' 1 ' mtr K r 1 : 1 i i 1 SHOOT YOURSELF 89 J ra SHOOT YOURSELF 93 1 c m .1 i 94 SHOOT YOURSELF V SHOOT YOURSELF 95 r 96 SHOOT YOURSELF L V a The Section Of: SPORTS The section Of: SPORTS Editor: John Johnson SPORTS 97 Optimism Falls . . . As usual, Head coach Vince Dooley offered a cool pre-season evaluation of the 1979 Bulldogs. But most fans disregarded his caution; with a 9-1-1 season under their belt, how could the Dogs end up with anything less than ten wins in the 1979 season? With a host of top recruits and talented veterans returning, the outlook was nothing less than sensational. No more Junkyard Dogs — it would be Sugar Dogs all the way to New Orleans. Even Sports Illustrated ranked the Dogs seventh in the nation in its college preview. Opening the season against wake Forest, Georgia expected to rack up an easy win. Scott woerners 50-yard interception in the opening minutes left no doubt in the minds of Bulldog fans. Yet, the Deacons, not known for offensive strength, gobbled up the overconfident Bulldog defense. Time after time, wake Forest connected despite the struggles of the Georgia backfield. Favored by at least 14 points, the disillusioned Dogs trotted dejectedly out of Sanford Stadium after a frustrating second half. This was only the start for the Wake Forest team that went on to ravage their Atlantic Coast Conference foes. Head coach Vince Dooleys awards speak for themselves: five-time SEC Coach of the Year, five-time NCAA District IV Coach of the Year, three SEC titles, and 11 bowl invitations. Throughout the season, he remained calm, looking ahead rather than behind to concentrate on the next opponent. 98 SPORTS Mike Fisher (3D congratulates Scott woerner on his interception and 50 yard touchdown run early in the Wake Forest came. . . . TO Disappointment The Bulldogs charged into the Clemson game determined to make a clean start. But those orange paw prints soon covered the football field as well as the surrounding roads. Defensively, Georgia was much improved; Clemson remained scoreless at halftime. inexperience on the line accounted for many of the weak spots; injuries claimed several key players. Despite three losses in three games, sophomore Lindsay Scott, 1978 SEC Rookie of the Year, returned to continue his sensational receptions. Scott snagged four passes against Clemson for 60 yards which gave him a two game total of 197 yards. The rest of the season proved just as successful as he averaged 15 yards per catch. --.. • ' • ' " • ' " ' ■•:■ " • ' ■ . . . To Heartbreak Bald heads bopped around campus the week before South Carolina came to Bulldog country. Up until the third quarter of the game it looked as if the shaved Dogs had started a successful sacrifice. Amp Arnold ran 66 yards to the goal line on the first play from scrimmage, teasing the fans with visions of victory. Robinson kicked a field goal, and Belue passed in to Lindsay Scott to end the half with a 17-12 lead. Though the defense continued to mature, offensively Georgia sputtered. Where inexperience plagued the secondary earlier, it shifted over to the offensive unit to leave the Dogs with a heartbreaking defeat: 27-20. _ M Georgia Breaks The Jinx 100 SPORTS After three unsuccessful tries, the Bulldogs finally won their first game of the season, 24-21. The win came to Hemingway stadium, Oxford, Mississippi — a place where no UCA football team had ever won before. Sidelined with a bruised shoulder, Jeff Pyburn witnessed another first: sophomore Buck Belue quarterbacked the entire game. Belue ' s eight pass completions and two touchdown passes practically assured Georgia of its first win of the season. Belue ' s performance also assured him of starting honors — a position he retained until, ironically, he too was benched due to injuries. Freshman carnie Norris, helped the Bulldogs ' offense and Rex Robinson added his six points worth to bring Dogs home with a victory. Somehow, the three previous non-conference losses seemed unimportant compared to an unblemished SEC record. However, Vince Dooley was quick to remind the fans that Georgia had just begun its SEC schedule and still had a long way to go. in the next game though, the Bulldogs earned another win, their first of the season in Sanford Stadium, with an impressive 21-14 victory over the 12th ranked LSU Bengals. This win added to the festivities of the rededication of the stadium on its 50th anniversary. A reunion of the remaining members of the team that defeated Yale University, 15-0, in the stadium ' s first game, was held over the weekend as a part of the event. The game also served to show a side of the Bulldogs that most fans had not seen over the season, a side much like the 76 Sugardogs. With the Dogs awesome performance, Georgia entered a tie for the conference leader. Despite the seasons dismal beginning, the crowd knew that the SEC championship and a Sugar Bowl berth were still a possibility. The result of the LSU game was an impressive win for the Dogs, and an even more impres- sive performance by 11. Geor- gia found its running game in sophomore tailback Matt Simon, who found holes in the LSU de- fense to rush for 128 yards. Simon rushed 11 yards for one touchdown and exploded 19 yards on another run to set up the winning touchdown. SPORTS 101 " Sugar " was the word for the day as Georgia trampled vanderbilt 31-10. Bulldog fans quit whispering hopes for the post season bowl and started hedging bets for the Kentucky-UGA match. The rushing game was the key to success over Vandy; Georgia hit its highest rushing mark in two seasons. Two reserve players, Steve Kelly and Don McMickens, led the rushers. The defense held the second leading rusher in the SEC, Frank Mordica, to only 18 yards. Georgia could do no wrong during the first half resulting in a 21-0 halftime lead. When the Commodores finally put up a field goal in the third quarter, even their fans booed. Fans back in Athens were happy with a 3-3 - record, undefeated in the SEC. As usual, Head Coach Vince Dooley seemed more concerned with the immediate future: the Kentucky Wildcats. But unlike the 1978 game played in Kentucky, there was never any doubt of the outcome of the 79 version played on the Dogs ' home turf. Although the Dogs did not rely on Rex Robinson to kick a last second field goal for a tense victory, he did tally the last points with a field goal making the final score 20-6. A Pre-season playboy am American, Rex Robinson showed fine form in Nashville as he set a new career field goal record for the Bulldogs by connecting on a 39 yard attempt. Robinson went on to set two SEC placekicking records by in- creasing his field goal total to 40 and running his string of consecutive extra points to 65. Robinson was selected to the prestigious 1979 UPl All-SEC team. SMOf V: WWW J consist tan a ti| | Blue-Gray cl. 102 SPORTS [•UM Double Victory for the Dogs UK! ; Sfess Senior Matt Braswell, a 1979 Pre- season All American by the COMPLETE HANDBOOK OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL, per- formed well in his final season as a Bulldog. Against Kentucky, Braswell excelled with a blocking grade of 75. His consistant performances earned him a berth in the 1979 UPl All-SEC team and a chance to play in the Blue-Cray Came in Montgomery. supe r spotff m. SPORTS 103 Homecoming Was A Sorry Sight Virginia was not the typical easy Homecoming opponent, but then, the Dogs, an eight point favorite, were definitely not up to par for an afternoon between the hedges. Two fumbles and four passes to the Cavaliers clinched the Bulldog loss. Two minutes into the game, the opposition broke loose and raced 53 yards to the goal line. The Cavaliers increased their lead with a field goal 43 seconds before the half. Seconds into the fourth quarter, a five yard run put the Cavaliers ahead 17-0. Georgia continued to flounder as the Cavaliers gained another touchdown. As the shocked Bulldog fans began their early exit to drown their sorrows, the Cavaliers jumped on a fumbled punt in the Georgia endzone to shutout the Bulldogs 31-0. SUPER SPORT Punter Mike Garrett saw more action than usual in the embarrassing loss to Virginia. Garrett marched on the field seven times and punted for a total of 235 yards, averaging 34 yards a punt. A three-year punter for Georgia, Garrett av- eraged over 41 yards per kick this season. According to many scouts, Mike is a definite pro prospect. 104 SPORTS t Dogs Partied Hearty in Jacksonville g[M GATOR at M ft 111 s ttk ft i pro sP otf A trip to the university of Florida ' s Gator Bowl offered the Bulldogs a chance to continue their perfect SEC record and offered the fans an opportunity to attend " the world ' s largest outdoor cocktail party. ' ' And continue their perfect conference mark is what the Dogs did in the 33-10 win. Georgia outscored their 0-6-1 opponent in every category to claim bragging rights for the next year in the big rivalry. All of the scoring came in the first half as the Dogs converted six of their seven possessions into points while holding the Gators to a touchdown and a field goal. Bulldog touchdowns by Carnie Norris, Carmon Prince, Lindsay Scott, and Norris Brown, three resulting from Buck Belue passes, highlighted the televised game. The Dogs now stood atS-0 in the conference, one win away from the division crown and a Sugar Bowl invitation. A win against Auburn the next week would clinch the trip to New Orleans for New Years Day. Vince Dooley considers Ray Donaldson not only the best offen- sive lineman he has coached, but the best he has ever seen. This pro- ved to be a reliable judgement as Donaldson graded his highest ever against Florida: 95 percent, the fourth time he has broken the school record. Donaldson was a member of the 1979 southern liv- ing " All-south Team, " " Associated Press Lineman of the week, " member of the 1979 Atlanta Journal south s Best II " Team, and re- garded by pro scouts as capable of being an NFL first round draft pick. SPORTS 105 Sugar Dreams Ended Yellow Jac SSSS •i Boasting a 5-0 SEC record before its final conference match. Georgia had hopes of sharing the SEC crown but Auburn kept that Sugar dream from becoming a reality. The Bulldogs ' hopes began to fade on Georgia ' s first offensive play as quarterback Buck Belue ' s ankle was broken when he was tackled. Jeff Pyburn came in to direct the team to a 10-9 halftime lead. But in the third quarter the Auburn offense exploded. The game ended with the score 33-13, and Georgia ' s dreams were shattered. Despite sharing playing time throughout most of the season, senior Jeff Pyburn proved himself when Buck Belue went down with a frac- tured ankle in the Auburn game. Pyburn showed fans his old self-confidence with the Dogs ' first scoring drive and ended up completing 17 of 26 passes for 179 yds. 106 SPORTS Yellow Jackets Feel the Sting of Defeat With a Sugar Bowl berth practically impossible (Auburn had to beat Alabama the next week. They lost 25-18.) the Dogs were concentrating on one final thing — defeating the ramblin ' wreck from Georgia Tech. Despite miserable weather, 49,000 fans witnessed the 16-3 defeat of the Yellow Jackets in Atlanta when the game was moved up a week to the Thanksgiving weekend to allow national television coverage. Jeff Pyburn ended his Georgia football career by completing 13 of 22 passes. Steve Kelly supplemented the offensive thrust with 117 of Georgia ' s 275 yards rushing while Rex Robinson booted three field goals and an extra point for the winning effort. The win left the Dogs with an overall record of 6-5, quite different than pre-season hopes. J safety Jeff Hipp, abc-tvs " Most valuable Player " for Georgia, was involved in five super plays that led to the vic- tory over Tech. Hipp made three key interceptions, caused one fumble with a hard tackle, and caused an interception with another hard tackle. sport SPORTS 107 I RHn) c • B ? r SUPER SPORTS Quarterback Buck Belue and Scott woerner From different positions and in different ways, Scott woerner and Buck Belue have proven themselves leaders on the football field. Buck calls the shots on the offense; Scott provides a vital spark to the defense. Both admit they hate interviews because they " put you on the spot. " Scott also worries about wrinkles in his shirts — he claims there ' s an art to washing clothes 0: Why did you come to Georgia? Buck: l guess when it really comes down to it, l am just a Georgia boy. Georgia had a winning program and they were going to give me a chance to play baseball. After l signed, I had the pro baseball opportunity but I just didn ' t think it was time for me to pass up a college education. Scott: Actually, I had committed myself to the university of Texas but then their coach resigned. I decided that Georgia was the next place: all my friends were going there and I figured it was the best place for me. Texas went 11-0 the next year; Georgia went 5-6: it was the first losing team I ' d ever been on. 0: were you satisfied with your personal performances in the 1979 season? Scott: That ' s a pretty good question. I had a pitiful year; I expected to play | ' V | Mki better than l did. I j E Most of the vear ' r C -flfetaJMv played hurt with a knee problem. I don ' t want to put the blame on that, but l don ' t think I recovered fully. That ' s no one ' s fault but my own; I just didn ' t give myself enough time. at a " washeteria. " Buck is an undercover ham — put him behind a camera or microphone and he makes hilarious faces and comments, in and out of the spotlight, Buck and Scott shine as super sophomores. The Pandora asked them a few questions about football, Georgia, and themselves. Here ' s what they had to say. Buck: I try to do my job the best I can and help the team. It was rough on me and Jeff Pyburn both not knowin g who was going to play. If one of us was in, we knew if we made a mistake we were coming out. 0: what are your opinions about the 1980 team? Buck: We ' re going to be rebounding from a bad year, we ' ve got the talent, it ' s just putting it together. We ' re getting some new people coming in, and coaching changes are being made. It might be good for us to get some new blood and excitement. Scott: Getting the guys to work together will be the most important thing, we ' re only losing twelve players. 0: How do you relate sports to academics? Buck: I think the coaches are pressing education a lot more these days when they recruit. They try to help you out as much as they can, but it ' s really rough during the fall. You know how those dumb jocks are. Scott: I ' ve taken a light load for three quarters and I ' m not behind. I was surprised, because I thought I would be. SPORTS Bullpups Gain Experience in 3-2 Season Doc Ayers ' Bullpups got their season underway Oct. 1 with an impressive victory over the Clemson Tigers. Bullpup placekicker Jim Broadway had a 31 -yard field goal in the first quarter and booted another for 42 yards to lead the Bullpups in the 19-13 win. Tight end Tim Bobo and quarterback John Lastinger had one touchdown apiece. Two weeks later, they won, 18-17, over the Auburn Baby Tigers at home. Quarterbacks John Lastinger and Jeff Paulk completed 13 of 24 passes for 163 yards. Tight end Tim Bobo snagged an 11 yard pass to score the first Georgia touchdown. Melvin Dorsey scam- pered 10 yards for the other. They recorded their third straight victory by thrashing the Tennessee Baby Vols 42-19. Run- ningbacks Chris McCarthy and Melvin Dorsey led Georgia as McCarthy walloped the Tennessee de- fense, rushing 199 yards in 10 carries including a 76 yard touchdown drive, and Dorsey soared 73 yards scoring two touchdowns. The perfect 3-0 record ended as the Bulldogs travelled to South Carolina Nov. 5 only to be embarrassed by the Baby Gamecocks with a 63-2 defeat. On Thanksgiving Day the annual game be- tween the Bullpups and the Baby Jackets was sponsored by the Scottish Rite Hospital. The Baby Jackets took advantage of five Georgia fumbles and two interceptions to send the Bullpups home with a stinging 16-6 defeat. 110 SPORTS _ aw : m ■ " SMB. lospital. Tne W!S T SPORTS 111 wrestlers Booted ou 112 SPORTS wrestling UCP t Opponent 22 Trenton 23 19 Northern Iowa 15 34 Georgia Tech 11 22 UT — Chattanooga 22 42 Jacksonville State 2 21 Clemson 18 27 Central Florida 15 9 Kentucky 33 13 Louisiana state 27 33 Appalachain State 6 23 Tennessee 19 13 Auburn Fifth in SEC Championships Won 7 — Lost 4 — Tied 1 25 J.- la looted out of Program Four pre-season tournaments served to demonstrate the improvement of the 1979-80 Bulldog wrestlers. At the North Carolina invitational, six of the Dogs placed in their respective weight classes. Two also placed in the Southern Open. Competing in the Tiger 8 Tournament the wrestlers captured second place in team competition. A first place finish at the Lock Haven invitational helped establish the tempo for season matches. Although the Bulldogs lost their first dual-meet, they came back to win or tie their next six competitors. But the SEC foes proved to be stiffer competition as the Dogs ended the season with a 1-3 conference mark lowering their record to 7-4-1 for the year. At the SEC Championships in Lexington, Kentucky, the matmen finished a discouraging last place, missing third place of the five teams by one and a quarter points. At these championships, Matt Skove, who placed first at 150 pounds, and Don St. James, third place at 134, qualified to compete at the NCAA Championships. Other Bulldogs placing at the conference championships included John warlick, second at 118, Bob Kyff, second at 167, and Eric Hehl, fourth at 190. Three wrestlers were also named to NATIONAL MAT NEWS magazines Southern All-star Team. Skove made the first team while St. James and Mark Reeve were selected for the third team. Yet the improvement of the wrestling team was overshadowed by unfortunate news. On January 23, 1980, the University ' s Athletic Board cut the wrestling team from the school ' s intercollegiate sports program, becoming the third SEC school to do so within one year. The board felt that the team did not justify its existence because only 10 of the 25 team members were residents of Georgia, spectator interest was low, only four other SEC colleges sponsored teams, and also because the board was unable to allocate the money necessary to finance the team next season. The financial reason, the major cause cited by the board, was attributed by many to Title IX regulations requiring equally proportionate spending for men and women ' s athletics. 5 L» a tSSm 2 ijN 4 m 1 5! 1979-80 BULLDOG WRESTLING TEAM. Front Row: Coach George Reid, Brian McFariand, John warlick, Troy Soberdash, Jonathan Kent, Bob Misita, MarkAssini, Matt Skove. Second Row: Richard Boland, John Pemer, Chris Johnson, Joe Birmingham, Matt Morris, Steve Castro, Eric Hehl, Bob Tannenbaum, Gaylon Tootle, John Thomson, Student coach Dave Landis. Back Row: Bob Kyff, Scott Tanner, Ed Luke, Don St James, Tom Lucey, Mike Beckley, Greg Raber, Rick cromartie, Bill Spindler, Mark Reeve, Student coach John Stallings, Will Wolfe. SPORTS 11 3 Volleyball Team Displayed Talent After achieving their first winning season ever in the 1978 campaign, the Spikedogs hoped to improve their record, but, with few returning players, the season appeared uncertain. Yet, after an extensive recruiting program, Coach Sid Feldman stated " I honestly believe we signed eight of the best volleyball players east of the Mississippi River. " The quality was definitely evident as the Volleyball Team, despite their inexperience, compiled a 19-12 mark. Over the course of the season, the women faced such competition as Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and North Carolina while competing in four tournaments as well as the Regional Championships. The team also hosted the Georgia invitational in which they placed third of the ten competitors. 7979 BULLDOG volleyball TEAM. Front Row: Assistant Coach Katny Hood, Diane Kerrin, Mary Beth Dahlstrom, Jane Lembke, Joan Benson, Elizabeth Bauer, Mary Tarbuck, Sandra Blask. Back Row: Assistant Coach Pat Chastin, Sue Archer, Deborah Hughes, Becky Mclver, Juanita Hayes, Rhonda Perry, Head Coach Sid Feldman. Not Pictured: Mary Beth Strantz. women ' s volleyball UCA — Opponent 15-2, 15-12 10-15, 13-15 wesleyan Clemson Auburn Tournament Alabama — Birmingham North Alabma Mississippi State vanderbilt 11-15, 11-15, 15-8, Troy State North Alabma Fifth of eight South Carolina Tournament North Carolina state 12-15,2-15 Kentucky 11-15,7-15 South Carolina 15-1,9-15,15-6 East Carolina 15-11,15-6 Tennessee 15-12,3-15,4-15 15-8, 15-11 15-4, 15-12 8-15, 5-15 15-10, 11-15 15-7, 15-8, 15-7 15-9, 15-6, 15-5 North Carolina 2-15, 2-15 Fifth of ten Erskine 15-10,15-13 Furman 15-7, 15-2 Georgia Invitational Tennessee — Chattanooga 15-9, 15-12 west Georgia 15-4, 15-8 Presbyterian 15-6, 15-9 North Alabama 15-9. 15-12 Auburn 8-15, 15-10, 13-15 Tennessee — Chattanooga 15-8, 15-10 Third of ten Erskine 7-15, 19-17,9-15 Baptist College 13-15, 15-11, 15-3 SEC Tournament Vanderbilt 15-7, 15-8 Auburn 11-15, 15-8, 15-4 Alabama 7-15, 15-8,7-15 Mississippi 7-15,8-15 Tennessee 14-16, 9-15,3-15 Fifth of nine use — Spartanburg 15-1, 15-6 use — Aiken 15-2, 15-6 won 19 Lost 12 OCA JH 15-11 15-4, 15-12 315-8,15-7 , w 15-9,154,15.5 itannent 12-15,2-15 15-1, 9-15, 15-6 „ 15-11. 15-6 15-12.3-15,4-15 M5.2-15 often 15-10,15-13 15-7,15-2 ft ' in i mi 15-9,15-12 1M.1M 154,15-9 15-9.15-12 US. 15-10,13-15 15-8,15-10 I 7-15,19-17,9-15 G-15, 15-11, 15-3 15-7,15-8 11-15,15-8,154 7-15,15-8,7-15 7-15,8-15 14-16,9-15,3-15 15-1,15-6 15-2,154 Rifle Team UGA Opponent 2486 Clemson 2561 990 Fort valley forfiet 980 Georgia Tech varsity 936 980 Georgia Tech Navy 922 980 Auburn 617 1020 Augusta College 641 2059 North Georgia 2120 2070 Auburn 2169 2087 Jacksonville State 1920 1016 North Georgia 1066 1016 Tennessee — Chattanooga 1019 1016 Wofford College 1010 1016 Georgia Military 1004 1016 Georgia Tech 921 4205 Auburn 4231 4205 Kentucky 4221 4205 vanderbilt Big Ben Invitational 3463 2050 Tampa 2057 2050 Georgia Military 2033 2050 Florida State 1923 2050 Clemson 1823 2050 Florida 1692 2050 Florida A M Second of seven Mardi eras Invitational 1386 2087 Florida Inst, of Tech. 2248 2087 Texas A M 2184 2087 Pittsburgh State 2175 2087 Auburn 2156 2087 Tampa 2132 2087 Hardin — Simmons 2115 2087 Sam Houston State 2110 2087 Southwest Missouri 2082 2087 Kentucky 2060 2087 Rice University 2048 2087 Texas — Arlington 2044 2087 Missouri Southern 2022 2087 Arkansas Tech 2001 2087 South Alabama 1992 2087 Arkansas State 1950 2087 Tennessee Eighth of seventeen 1461 Jacksonville State invitational 2008 North Georgia 2115 2008 Auburn 2107 2008 South Alabama 2017 2008 Georgia Military 1998 2008 Alabama 1950 2008 Marion Military 1934 2008 North Alabama 1926 2008 Tennessee — Martin 1904 2008 Tuskegee 1761 2008 Alabama A M Fourth of eleven won 32 Lost 18 1012 Young Team improves This year, the Rifle Team, sponsored by the Army ROTC, made great progress under the first year direction of Sargeant Major Lemuel Morris. The young team faced stiffer competition than they ever had before, competing with almost every top ranked squad in the eastern half of the nation. The Cundogs ' schedule included competing in six tournaments including the Big Ben, Mardi eras, and Jacksonville State invitationals. Gargeant Major Morris summed up the season as " a good one for us being such a young team. We fired against more teams than ever before and shot against bigger and better teams than before. I feel that we will be near the top next year because we improved all through the season and continued practicing after it was over. " 1979-80 BULLDOG RIFLE TEAM. Donna Dedeeks, Paul Dennis, Eubanks, Kristi Klrbow, Larry Smallwood, Luther Thomas. Ken SPORTS 11 5 I i V some HUfljJJ- " SB? " $hyffletoart-- w Fla= : ' :- " ; .- ' Volleyball,- •« Table Tenros - A " m MM..M Tennis . . . IAT Mean lap Flag Rxjtbal ... Pi Volleyball... Grtt Table Tennis... 015 Badminton... Grtt FAUOUARTS-I Foots; 1 : n ' Tennis, a te ,. T Temis.. t» " " idog Pushups i MmiBut ' football, ta m:.m n " s . . . nK» e fcfls. .in ...ill . • £owfnor 1 wr v 116 SPORTS MM ' i 5 Something for Everyone, Sports FALL QUARTER Governor ' s League: Flag Football . . . kki volleyball . . . Ar Table Tennis . . . axq Badminton . . . Ar Tennis . . . XQ Shuffleboard . . . axq President ' s League: Flag Football . . . ArA volleyball . . . ArA Table Tennis . . . ao e WOMEN Badminton . . . ai a Tennis . . . IAT Shuffleboard . . . riBO Professional League: Flag Football . . . P.E. Majors Volleyball . . . Crads Table Tennis . . . 0TS Badminton . . . Crads FALL QUARTER — MEN Governor ' s League: Football . . . xi4J volleyball . . . axa Tennis . . . zx Racquetball . . . xuj Table Tennis . . . teo Bulldog Pushups . . . FIJI President ' s League: Football . . . OKT volleyball . . . dkt Tennis . . . nK D ex Racquetball . . . nK0 Table Tennis . . . ata Bulldog Pushups . . . ata Professional League: Football . . . DAO volleyball . . . aw Tennis . . . aw Racquetball . . . aw Table Tennis . . . aip Bulldog Pushups . . . HPEC WINTER QUARTER — WOMEN Governor ' s League: Basketball . . . kki Bowling . . . Ar Cross country . . . om Badminton . . . ai ka Shuffleboard . . . Ar Table Tennis . . . ka Racquetball . . . KKr President ' s League: Basketball . . . iat Bowling . . . ZTA Cross country . . . aoa Badminton . . . ai a Shuffleboard . . . Ai " A Table Tennis . . . ao e Racquetball . . . iat Professional League: Basketball . . . OTS Badminton . . . Coop. Ext. Table Tennis . . . OTS Racquetball . . . OTS WINTER QUARTER — MEN Governor ' s League: Basketball . . . axa Soccer . . . ka Badminton . . . FIJI weight-lifting . . . FIJI Shuffleboard . . . ioe Cross country . . . kz Bowling . . . TE t President ' s League: Basketball . . . kau Soccer ... ex Badminton . . . riKO Weight-lifting . . . dkt i.e. intramural SPRING QUARTER — WOMEN Governor ' s League: Archery . . . KA6 Softball . . . Ar Track . . . dm coif . . . KA6 Horseshoes . . . KAe, ka Tennis . . . om Swimming . . . a M President ' s League: Archery . . . nB t Softball . . . Ad E Track . . . ai a Golf . . . ArA Horseshoes . . . ArA, Aon Tennis . . . ArA Swimming . . . nB t Professional League: Softball ... OTS SPRING QUARTER — MEN Governor ' s League: Softball . . . FIJI Swimming . . . io e Shuffleboard . . . nK t Cross Country . . . nK4 Bowling . . . ATA Professional League: Basketball . . . kuj Soccer . . . Forestry Badminton . . . Forestry, HPEC weight-lifting . . . auj Shuffleboard ... OTS Cross country . . . ahj Bowling . . . AFROTC Archery . . . FIJI Horseshoes . . . FIJI Tennis . . . FIJI Track . . . FIJI, axa, riKA Golf . . . ATQ President ' s League: Softball . . . dkt, ex Swimming . . . ata Archery . . . ata Horseshoes . . . d KT Tennis . . . okt Track . . . dkt Golf ... AX Professional League: Softball . . . AFROTC Swimming . . . auj Archery . . . Forestry Horseshoes . . . AH) Tennis . . . aw Track . . . Killer Cells Golf . . . HPEC SPORTS 117 ' t Dur 118 SPORTS Coming off a .500 season last year, second-year coach Hugh Durham and the Men ' s Basketball squad had hopes of a record basketball year for Georgia. The Bulldogs were a young, inexperienced team, yet one with a lot of talent. After losing standouts Walter Daniels and Mark Slonaker, Durham held an extensive recruiting program to add players Terry Fair, Derrick Floyd, Lamar Heard, Bobby Miles, and Dominique Wilkins to the Georgia roster. Returning was such talent as Jimmy Daughtry, Eric Marbury, Lavon Mercer, Zack Richardson, and Jeff Thomas. The roundballers began their season November 30, against Troy State in the Coliseum. With over 9,000 fans looking on, Wilkins scored 26 points to lead the Dogs in a 100-77 victory. The season continued the next week as Georgia defeated Whittier College by an almost two-to-one margin, with the score breaking into a triple figures for the second consecutive game. The Bulldogs continued their winning streak over Christmas break as they outscored Eckerd College, Mississippi, and Georgia Tech. Durham ' s Dogs Off To A Fast Start SPORTS 119 Kentucky, one of the top SEC teams, ended the perfect record, though, as the Wildcats handed the Dogs a 95-69 defeat in the presence of a standing room only crowd at the Omni in Atlanta. The Dogs and the cats stayed together for most of the first half until Kentucky broke loose to take a 17-point lead by intermission. The Wildcats continued their aggressive offensive and defensive play when the game resumed to assure them of the victory. Despite this setback, the cagers commended their next three matches to defeat opponents Erskine College, Belmont College, and Lenoir-Rhyne. The Bulldogs totaled 102 points in the victory over Lenoir-Rhyne that tied the University record for the most scores over 100 points in one season established during the 1971-72 season. As they entered the new year, the Dogs travelled to Gainesville to take on SEC rival Florida in a game that marked the start of a long SEC schedule. The Dogs, boasting an 8-1 record, were heavy favorites in the contest but were unable to maintain their intensity with the Gators ' slowed-down play. As a result, they racked up their second loss. The Georgia basketballers returned home as winter quarter began, to clash with the vanderbilt commodores. The SRO crowd left the Coliseum satisfied as the Dogs exploded to crush Vandy by a 22-point margin. Four Bulldogs: Daughtry, Wilkins, Heard, and Mercer broke into double-figure scores to lead the effort. 120 SPORTS SEC Teams Caused Problems J SPORTS 121 «■ 122 SPORTS Georgia Stunned LSI), Bama The Dogs then took to the road to battle Mississippi State. State combined a tight defense with the scoring of Kent Looney, Greg Grim, and Rickey Brown, the top rebounder in the nation at the time, to control the match. Georgia played a close game through the first half, but fell behind after the intermission because of several mistakes. A State rally during the final minutes clinched the win for them. The Dogs then returned to Athens, where they were undefeated for the season, to take on nationally sixth-ranked Louisiana State in a regionally televised game. LSU held the lead in the final seconds of the contest after Georgia had kept it most of the game. With three second left in the game, Daughtry raced down the court and put in a layup as the buzzer sounded to tie the game at 66-a-piece. The overtime period ended in another deadlock, 70-all, after the two teams did little more than trade baskets. During the second overtime period, a free throw by Wilkins and a foul line jump shot by Mercer pushed the Dogs ahead by one point and the Dogs stunned LSU, 73-72. in their next match the Georgia roundballers rolled over Alabama ' s crimson Tide in the final minutes to capture their second win on the road. Unfortunately, three minutes into the game, forward Dominique Wilkins injured his right knee scrambling for a loose ball. After he returned to the game during the second half it was discovered that the joint was sprained and the star freshmen would be out for about fiv e weeks. Wilkins had led the Dogs in scoring through the season averaging 19.2 points per game. He also averaged seven rebounds per contest. SPORTS 123 Wilkins ' scoring was badly missed in the next meet as Auburn downed Durham ' s Dogs with the aid of a strong zone defense that severely limited Georgia ' s field goal percentage to 34.5. Up until this point, Georgia was the SEC ' s best shooting team making 53% of their shots. The Dogs were also averaging 81 points a game, second only to LSU. The Dogs of Dunk returned to Athens, where they held a perfect 9-0 home court record, to take on the SEC-leading Tennessee Volunteers. Georgia led the game until the final 36 seconds. Once the Vols took the lead, Georgia ran the clock down until, with two seconds left in the game, Heard landed an inside shot to shame Tennessee 55-54. Georgia clashed with Kentucky for a second and final time during the season in their next contest and was, once again, defeated. Durham introduced a new, much-slowed, offensive strategy in hopes of containing the fifth-ranked Wildcats. The strategy almost worked as Georgia remained with its opponent through the entire game and almost took the lead in the final minutes. 0- ' } l i; - a i kill •tJRFC » i gJTHE 124 SPORTS Next, the Dogs received their revenge on the Florida Gators blasting them by a 28-point margin resulting from explosive offensive and defensive play. This win proved to be the last for a while as Durham ' s men entered a seven game losing streak in the final stretch of the season. Vanderbilt defeated the Dogs in a disputed game. The teams exchanged baskets most of the nig ht until, with three seconds left and a score of 70-69, Coach Durham called a time-out. During this break, two seconds elapsed from the clock; two seconds that many Bulldogs fans felt would have given the basketballers a chance, although slight, to earn a victory. The maroon Bulldogs of Mississippi state handed the Georgia Dogs their first loss of the season at home in what Coach Durham termed the " worst loss we ' ve had since I ' ve been associated with the University. ' ' The Dogs shot only 30%; this low percentage, coupled with sveral questionable calls, allowed the equally sloppy State to pull ahead in the final minutes and record their first win since they had defeated Georgia eight games previously. M Season End Brought A Losing streak SPORTS 125 - LSU continued the Dogs ' losing streak by controlling every aspect of the next game. Fair recorded a career game high with 25 points in the 96-77 loss. Through most of the next match, Bama had to play catch up to the Bulldogs until they tied the meet at 56 each to send the game into overtime, in overtime, the Tide outscored the Hoopdogs, 8-6, for the victory. Wilkins, after returning to play in the LSU game, reinjured his knee in a collision late in the contest and was benched for the remainder of the season. The Auburn match-up that followed also resulted in an additional five minutes of play. For a second straight match, Georgia controlled the game and maintained a comfortable lead until the final moments of play. Yet, in the overtime period, the War Eagles changed the 55-55 tie into a 69-65 win. Arch-rival Georgia Tech retaliated against their defeat earlier in the season to supply the Dogs with a sixth straight loss. The Dogs fell in another close contest, this time to Tennessee. Georgia was unable to make up a one-point deficit at the end resulting in the 50-49 loss. Men ' s Basketball UGA Opponent 100 Troy state 77 122 whittier College 62 87 Eckerd College 61 64 Mississippi 62 66 Georgia Tech 59 69 Kentucky 95 94 Erskine College 70 73 Belmont College 53 102 Lenoir-Rhyne 74 52 Florida 57 88 Vanderbilt 66 75 Mississippi State 88 73 Louisiana State 72 68 Alabama 65 53 Auburn 58 55 Tennessee 54 49 Kentucky 56 76 Florida 48 69 Vanderbilt 70 56 Mississippi State 62 77 Louisiana State 96 64 Alabama 66 65 Auburn 69 38 Georgia Tech 40 49 Tennessee 50 77 Mississippi 65 71 Auburn won 7 Lost 12 in SEC won 14 Lost 13 79 4 1979-80 BULLDOG mens basketball team Front Row: Eric Marbury, Eddie Small, Joe Childers, Jimmy Daughtry, Jeff Thomas, Lamar Heard, Derrick Floyd. Back Row: Zack Richardson, Mike Morris, Lavon Mercer, Bobby Miles, Terry Fair, Dominique Wilkins. wk 126 SPORTS in the final game of regular season play, Georgia recorded its fourteenth win to ensure the men ' s first winning season in eight years. Mercer added 22 points, his highest total of the season, as the Dogs easily slid by the Ole Miss Rebels. The Dogs ended their regular season play with a 14-12 record, 7-11 in the conference. This mark placed Georgia in a three way tie for sixth place in the SEC with Mississippi State and vanderbilt. This ranking gave the Dogs a berth in the SEC Tournament. Bad luck of the draw pitted Georgia against Auburn in the first round of the play-off. During the first half, the lead changed back and forth until Auburn gained a 36-31 lead at the half. When play resumed, Auburn exploded while holding the Dogs with a strong defense, in the final minutes, Auburn began a semi-delay game strategy to ensure their victory. The Auburn victory marked Auburn ' s twelfth straight over Georgia and ended the Dogs ' season at 14-13. Three men, Jimmy Daughtry, Lavon Mercer, and Zack Richardson, retired from the Georgia squad after this season. Daughtry left as Georgia ' s twenty-eighth all-time scorer and was just four career assists short of breaking Gino Gianfrancesco ' s school record of 276. Mercer was selected to the 1980 Coaches All-SEC Team and the Associated Press ' third All-SEC Team after achieving Georgia ' s best career field goal percentage with 60.2%. He was the fifth all-time Bulldog scorer, increasing his record for blocked shots to 302, and setting the record of playing in 106 games during his career. SPORTS 127 128 SPORTS SPORTS 129 The Lady Bulldog Cagers began preparing for the 79-80 season with the hope of achieving a turnabout from their 6-19 mark of the previous season. With the addition of new Head Coach Andy Landers and his fast style of play and with a balanced mixture of experienced collegiate players and new recruits, the ladies were able to achieve the turnabout and post a respectable 16-12 record for the season. Landers assumed the role of head coach after gaining a highly-regarded reputation at Roane State Junior College by quickly building their program to one of national prominence. In order to do the same for Georgia, Landers introduced a fast style of play marked by full court pressure defensive patterns and quick, surprise scoring drives. He also recruited many outstanding freshmen and junior college transfers to supplement the few returning players. The women combined consistent performances with steady improvement throughout the season to characterize their even performance over the year. Outstanding games included an 87-85 overtime victory over Mercer, followed by a one point victory over Georgia Tech in regulation play. A 99-96 double overtime victory over Valdosta State was the final win of the season. Women Had A Turnabout season i 130 SPORTS | Wwtca ft mm- 76 3 tag MM :■-- ' S3 ttfcaSJ I SB 99 H " ! 65 irnen Had a »ut Season fc Jt women ' s Basketball UGA Opponent 88 Piedmont College 69 73 Alabama — Huntsville 46 76 Albany state 79 81 Clemson 83 91 Georgia Tech 78 83 West Georgia 70 56 Georgia Southern 68 85 Florida 71 98 Albany State 72 88 Mississippi State 76 79 Florida 66 58 Georgia State 64 79 use — Aiken 63 69 Georgia state 72 87 Mercer 85 78 Georgia Tech 77 61 Kentucky 82 64 Miami of Ohio 72 98 UNC — Asheville 53 65 Valdosta State 69 83 Piedmont College 66 87 North Georgia 42 63 Georgia Southern 65 70 Ole Miss 80 74 Mercer 113 79 Auburn 71 99 Valdosta state 96 65 Valdosta state Won 4 Lost 2 in SEC Won 16 Lost 12 74 1979-80 BULLDOG WOMEN ' S basketball team Deborah Arndt, Diann Stone, Ber- nadette Locke, Cynthia Collins, Teresa Duncan, Michelle Hartley, Denise Dunlap, Sarah Edwards, Deedy Taylor, Candis Broome, Cathy Bennett Not Pictured: Joy Barnwell. SPORTS 131 Gymnasts Set All-Time High Marks After a year ' s absence while working on his Doctorate at FSU, Coach Lee Cunningham returned to Georgia to lead the Mens Gymnastics Team to an 8-5 season record. The season did not start well as the Dogs were unable to field a team at the Peach State invitational. Due to a rash of injuries five of the top performers were unable to compete. Going into their first match all of the gymnasts except Paul Odze had recovered, but the team had lost two top members — Pepe Peruyero and Bill Etchison. Facing these hardships, the Bulldog team was unable to place a single performer in the top three in any event against Louisiana State. But the Dogs came back strong against Jacksonville State as they broke the 200-point barrier for the first time in school history. A much improved Odze captured second overall in the meet. Although the Georgia squad broke their scoring record a second week in a row, they were unable to defeat Georgia Tech in their next meet, in this meet, Bill Etchison made an impressive showing as he returned to the team for his first collegiate match. The gymnasts kept improving as they set a new record score for the squad as they defeated North Carolina State and the Citadel in a three-way meet. The next match of the season saw Georgia soundly defeat Clemson. Although they competed without Steve Holt, the Georgia men took the top three places in every event. Cunningham intentionally held some competitors out and put in younger men for the experience aginst the weak opponent. In the final meet before the SIC, Georgia was unable to outscore the tough Eastern Kentucky team although they once again broke their high score record, this time by over 14 points. The Bulldogs ended the year with a third place finish in the Southern intercollegiate Championships, marking the fifth time during the season that they had broken their record for the most points in a meet. Steve Holt and Paul Odze each had their best meets ever. Competing against forty-two gymnasts in each event, Holt finished seventh all-around and fifth in the vault. Odze came away with third place all-around honors, missing second place by one-tenth of a point. He took second in the floor exercise, third in the rings, and first in the vault. Notable performances were also turned in by Robert Vetter and Bill Slater, who finished second and fifth in the pommel horse. Also placing for the Bulldogs were Hubert Etchison, third in the vault; Mark Wells, sixth in the horizontal bars; and Mike Bojarski, tenth in the parallel bars. 132 SPORTS SPORTS 133 » 134 SPORTS SPORTS 135 136 SPORTS women Earned a Place in the Prestigious Top 20 The traditionally strong Georgia women ' s Gymnastics team upheld its reputation under the first year coaching of Terri Parsons Richie. Earning an 8-4 season record and sending two girls to the individual competition in the AlAW National Championships, the women ended the season ranked eighteenth in the nation. Although they faced a slow start, the team showed improvement throughout the season. A strong showing at the end of the year allowed the women to outclass their final four rivals. At the AlAW Region III Championships, the defending champion Georgia women set a new school high total for the team, yet were defeated by Jacksonville State by .65 of a point. Martha Benner became the region champion in the floor exercises with a 9.0 score at the meet. Diane Cantrell successfully defended her region title in the balance competition with a score of 8.85. Benner and Coleman Birgel, two freshmen from North Carolina, qualified to compete in the individual all-around competition at the AlAW National Championships with their performances at the regional meet. Both women finished near the middle of the field in more than 100 top competitors from across the country. SPORTS 137 •mJL 138 SPORTS 1980 BULLDOG WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS TEAM Front Row: Cyndi Braucher, Bonnie Bowen. Second Row: Coleman Birgel, Becky Oppenheimer, Linda Zobler. Third Row: Martha Benner, Jackie Clifton. Back Row: Diane Cantrell, Cathy Shotwell. SPORTS 139 Coach Pete Scholle was uncertain of what to expect from the men ' s team going into the season. The team of 36 was composed of 18 freshmen who would be counted on for most of the depth and strength of the team. But this, the youngest team in Georgia swimming history, proved to be an outstanding one as the dogs swam to a 12-2 season record losing only to North Carolina and Louisiana state. Young Team Finished 12-2 Georgia hosted two major competitions, the Southern invitational Championships and the Southeastern Conference Championships, in Stegeman Pool. At the Southern invitational, Georgia took second place behind Auburn, in this meet, Peter Ulvestad won the 400 yard individual Medley as well as placing second in the 200 yard IM and fifth in the 200 yard Backstroke. John ward captured the three-meter diving competition and placed second in the one-meter. The Bulldogs finished fifth in the SEC championships behind four of the top 10 teams in the nation. At the SEC meet, Rick Brackett qualified for the NCAA Championships in both the 100 yard and 200 yard Backstroke. He ended the season ranked twelfth in the nation in the 200. The 800 yard Medley Relay team of Brackett, Jim Jacobson, Mark Nedza, and Mike Taylor as well as diver John Ward also qualified for the National meet. 140 SPORTS SPORTS 141 ™ ■-«. „ Men ' s Swimming «r UGA Opponent p 59.5 Florida State 53.5 63 Georgia State 44 68 Georgia Tech 42 65 Vanderbilt 47 66 South Carolina 47 Second of five in Tennessee relays 66 Virginia 47 65 South Florida 41 63 Furman 47 56 North Carolina 57 68 wake Forest 45 65 Eastern Kentucky 48 66 Kentucky 42 48 Louisiana State 65 62 Tulane 51 Second of fourteen in soutn Fifth in SEC Championships won 12 Lost 2 i ■9MMN I opponent 47 SVweerW (7 y 4S « t IL Men Finish With 12-2 Record 1979-80 BULLDOG MENS SWIMMING TEAM Front Row: (sitting) Peter Ulvestad, Oyvind Thorsen, Allen Joel Billy Sutton, Bill Longino, Ricky Brackett, Andy Satterfield. Second Row: (sitting) Randy Russell, Bill Weiss, Jim Jacobson John Ward, Bob Llyod, Greg Ellwanger. Third Row: (sitting) Jim Benson, Perry McCullen, Kevin Emery Doug Rem Tor Wist, Tom Raines. Back Row: (standing) Alex Bailey, Don Currie, Oyvind Ericksen, Bob Wassel Coach Jack Bauerle, Head Coach Pete Scholle, Bemie Rafferty, Mark Nedza, Henry Harrington, Dave Jacobson Doug Thain Mark stovall, Ray weiser, Bill Jachthuber, Mike Taylor, Steve Bass, Bret Lewis, Coach Larry Shoeman SPORTS 143 — — i— 144 SPORTS Coach Jack Bauerle termed this year ' s women ' s Swimming Team " the best team ever assembled at Georgia " at the start of their s eason. After the 9-1 season and many newly established school records, few can argue with him. Facing possibly the toughest schedule the ladies have ever had, the young team showed exceptional talent and maturity as the season progressed. Ann Fitzgerald set university records in four Women Set New Records separate events. Helen Wheeler set school records in two others while Laura walker established records in the three individual Medley distances. The team of Fitzgerald, Aasland, Johanson, and Weber broke the school record for the 200 Medley Relay while Nunn, O ' Daniel, Fitzgerald, and Scott established a new time for the 200 Freestyle Relay. Fitzgerald, Wheeler, walker, and Scott swam the 800 Freestyle Relay in a new record time. Many girls qualified to compete in the AlAW Championships. The 200 and 400 Medley Relay team of Fitzgerald, walker, Scott, and Johanson along with the 800 Freestyle Relay team of Wheeler, walker, Fitzgerald, and Scott also qualified. The Freestyle Relay team finished twentieth in the nation. Fitzgerald qualified in both the 100 and 200 Backstroke while Wheeler swam in the 1650 Freestyle and finished twenty-second in the nation. SPORTS 145 KJ Aquadogs Finish Fifth in SIC 1979-80 BULLDOG WOMEN ' S SWIMMING team Front Row: (sitting) Tammy Speck, Julie Daniel, Sally snaw, Cheryl weber, Michelle Wilkes, Janet Nunn. Second Row. (sitting) Jeanette Aasland, Laura walker, Janet Mcwhite, Lora Busino, Ann Fitzgerald, Julie Robinson, Karen stapleton. Back Row: (standing) Linda Daniel, Becca stirewalt, Ginger Bryant, Kirsten Seebolm, Helen Wheeler, Head Coach Jace Bauerle, Coach Larry Shoeman, Dana Dycus, Liz Johansen, Cathy Scott I Women s ! H 146 SPORTS Georgia Continued To Dominate the South Georgia has been one of the top Southern tennis powerhouses over the past decade and the Dogs continued their domination during their 1980 campaign, under the direction of Coach Dan Magill, the " winningest " collegiate tennis coach in history with over 500 wins in his 26 years at Georgia, the team set a 22-4 record and went to the NCAA Championships. The season began as Georgia captured the SEC indoor Championships held in Athens. Individual indoor Champions were Brent Crymes, number four singles; Bill Rogers, number five singles; Paul Groth, number six singles; Crymes and Groth, number two doubles; and Tom Foster and Kelly Thurman, number three doubles. At the ITCA Team indoor Championships, Southern California defeated Georgia 5-4. Later in the season, at the Princeton indoor Championships, Georgia defeated Utah 7-2, but was then defeated by Michigan 5-4. At Princeton, Marko Ostoja, who shortly after the tournament left Georgia and returned home to Split, Yugoslavia, was defeated in the finals of the singles championships, but, along with Bill Rogers, captured the doubles title by upsetting Robert van ' t Hof and Roger Knapp of Southern California. Georgia dominated the State collegiate Championships held in Athens. Paul Groth became the State collegiate Singles Champion by defeating teammate Bill Rogers in the finals. The team of Brent Crymes and Paul Groth took the doubles title from teammates Bill Rogers and Kelly Thurman in their finals. During regular season play, Georgia suffered losses to three schools, all by 5-4 final scores. The first loss, a " fluke " according to coach Magill, came at the hands of North Carolina. The other losses came from Clemson and, twice, Tennessee. Each of these meets went through the third doubles match, each of which went three sets. Tennessee again troubled the Dogs as they took the SEC Outdoor Championships, marking only the second time in 10 seasons that Georgia did not take the title. SEC Champions for the Bulldogs were Bill Rogers who defeated Tennessee ' s Gary Lemon at number four singles, Paul Groth who defeated Maurico Aguero of Louisiana state at number five singles and the team of Peter Lloyd and Tom Foster who defeated Mark Shoptaugh and Steve Lovett of LSU at number three doubles. Piss u. c firstroundD¥S rate ' s t mthcftstroif mber twc see- and John ! ig Pair 6-7 5- 148 SPORTS Georgia, because of their outstanding season, qualified for the NCAA Championships played in Athens. Seeded twelfth of the 16 competitors, Georgia was defeated in the first round by fifth-seeded Pepperdine 5-3. Peter Lloyd qualified for the national singles championships, but, was defeated 6-2, 6-3 in the first round by second seeded Scott McCain of California-Berkeley. In the doubles championships, Georgia ' s team of Brent Crymes and Paul Groth defeated San Jose State ' s team of Neil Brash and Paul Batten 6-3, 6-3 in the first round, in the second round, the number two seed team of Tony Giammalva and John Benson of Trinity defeated the Bulldog Pair 6-7 (5-3), 6-4, 6-2. SPORTS 149 Bulldogs Finished Second in sec Mens Tennis UGA Opponent SEC indoor Championships First of eight 6 Rice 3 4 North Carolina 5 North Carolina State Forfeit 8 Georgia Southern 1 7 South Carolina 2 7 Wichita State 2 6 Texas 3 9 Virginia 5 S. lllinois-Edwardsville 4 7 Hampton Institute 2 9 S. lllinois-carbondale 7 Duke 2 8 Missouri 1 8 Furman 1 8 Louisiana State University 1 9 Kalamazoo 4 Clemson 5 Georgia State Collegiate Championships First of seven 4 Tennessee 5 9 Georgia Tech 8 vanderbilt 1 8 Auburn 1 5 Alabama 4 4 Tennessee 5 9 Kentucky 8 Florida 1 6 Miami SEC Outdoor Championships Second of ten Won 22 Lost 4 3 1980 BULLDOG MEN ' S TENNIS TEAM Front Row: Peter Lloyd, Lane Curlee, Tom Foster, Kip Tumage, Kelly Thurman, Marko Ostoja. Back Row: Head Coach Dan Magill, Bill Rogers, Brent Crymes, Paul Groth, John Mangan, Stephen Maloney, Assistant Coach Norman Holmes. 150 SPORTS Comp £ Henry Feild stadium was the site of the 96th Annual NCAA Tennis Championships May 19-26 as the university of Georgia while Southern Cal took third place in the tournament by defeating Pepperdine 5-4 in the consolation round. Georgia Hosted the NCAA Championships hosted the games for the fourth straight year. Competing in the prestigious playoffs, in order of their seed, were Stanford, Southern California, California-Berkeley, defending champion UCLA, Pepperdine, Trinity, Arkansas, Clemson, Princeton, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, Miami, Houston, Wichita State, and Utah. In the finals, Stanford defeated California 5-3 in individual play, fifth-seeded Robert van ' t Hof of Southern Cal upset the number one seed Peter Rennert of Stanford 6-3, 7-5 to capture the national title. Tennessee ' s doubles team of Mel Purcell and Rodney Harmon outplayed Tony Giammalva and John Benson of Trinity 7-6 (5-3), 7-6 (5-4) in the final round of doubles competition. sports msi Returning Players Add Depth to women ' s Tennis With the top seven players from the previous season returning, the Women ' s Tennis Team was optimistic about their season from the beginning. The depth and experience that these girls added allowed the team to overcome several of their weaknesses of the past few seasons and end this season with a 22-9 record. In addition to their dual-match schedule, the women competed in the Southern inter-collegiate Championships, the Southeastern Conference Championships, and the Region III aiaw Tournament. At the SIC the team placed third behind Clemson and Tennessee in the field of 10 teams. A hard fought fourth place finish behind Florida, LSU, and Tennessee in the sec Championships placed the Georgia women in the upper division of the conference. The women concluded their season at the Region III Tournament losing to South Florida after a victory over South Alabama in the first round competition. Mary Lynee Smisson, the 1980 SEC singles champion and runner-up in the SIC, was named to the 1980 All-Region III team and earned to berth in the AIAW National Singles Championships. 152 SPORTS women ' s Tennis UGA Opponent 4 Clemson 5 South Carolina 9 6 College of Charleston 3 2 Florida 7 3 South Carolina 6 9 Valdosta State 4 Florida State 5 6 Virginia 3 7 Iowa 2 Southern intercollegiate Championships 56 Clemson 90 56 Tennessee 76 56 Alabama 36 56 Auburn 31 56 College of Charleston 30 56 Kentucky 27 56 lowa 13 56 Virginia Tech 9 56 Furman Third of ten 2 Clemson 7 8 Presbyterian college 1 9 Mercer 7 Kentucky 2 8 Michigan State 1 9 Georgia State Furman forfeit Auburn forfeit 5 Alabama 4 8 Georgia Southern 1 8 Georgia State 1 7 South Alabama 2 3 South Florida Fourth of ten in SEC Won 22 Lost 9 6 1980 BULLDOG WOMEN ' S TENNIS TEAM Front ROW: Paula Westmoreland, Janet McClelland, Sherri Byrd, Dana Crubbs. Back Row: Head Coach Creg McGarity, Nancy Cohen, Jaime Kaplan, Leigh Shepherd, Mary Lynne Smisson. Not Pictured: Laurie Allen, Susan Boyett, Julie Lumpkin. 154 SPORTS Lady Netters Third in SIC, Fourth in SEC SPORTS 155 olfers Place i TTiree of 11 oumaments J H Bf , ti - -■■ " We set some high expectations, some realistic expectations, but we didn ' t live up to them, ' ' commented Coach Dick Copas on the Men ' s Golf Team ' s season. The team, competed in 11 tournaments during the season, but captured only one, the Palmetto invitational, and placed in the top three in only two others, the Dixie and the Southern Junior-Senior Invitationals. The men finished fourth in the SEC Championships against many greatly improved conference foes. The Bulldog Golfers were led through the season by Senior Griff Moody, last years SEC Golfer of the Year, who averaged 73. Madden Hatcher aided the team by shooting 73.6 for the season. Other lea ders were Mike Cook with a 73.9 average, Jack Larkin, the 1979 National Junior Champion, with a 74.6 average, and Dickie Thompson with a 74.7 average. SPORTS 157 1979-80 BULLDOG MENS COLF TEAM Front ROW: johnny Hammond, Dick Stimart, Dickie Thompson, Hall Fowler, Jack Larkin, Seth Knight. Back Row: Head Coach Dick Copas, Cntt Moody, Mike Cook, Buck Blanton, Madden Hatcher, Pete Hiskie, Greg Guyer, John Yerger, Hugh Darsey. 158 SPORTS SPORTS 159 II Women Take Six Tournaments The women ' s Golf Team had an outstanding season taking first place honors in six of the 10 tournaments in which they competed. The women lost a seventh win in the Lady Gator invitational by losing to Tulsa on the first play-off hole. Capturing the Women ' s Southern intercollegiate Championship was one highlight of the season. Georgia, the host and defending champion, placed four golfers in the top eight. Martha Stacy won individual top honors, Mitzi Edge and Cindy Pleger tied for fourth, and Carol Donald placed eighth in the field composed of teams from 27 schools. Terry Moody also led the team through most tournaments taking first place in the Lady Mountaineer and Lady Seminole invitationals. 1 1 160 SPORTS women ' s Golf Lady Mountaineer Invitational First of fourteen Total 613 Lady Seminole Invitational First of sixteen Total 898 Nancy Lopez invitational Third of fifteen (tie) Lady Gator invitational Second of twelve South Florida Invitational Fourth of eleven Tiger-Tide invitational First of eight Duke invitational First of sixteen Lady Paladin Invitational First of twenty-four Lady Buckeye invitational Second of seventeen Women ' s Southern Intercollegiate Championships First of twenty-seven Total 922 162 SPORTS Ladies Capture WSIC Title , »- ' • ' . f SrW L J f± Ol 19 1979-80 BULLDOG WOMEN ' S COLF TEAM Front Row: Sherry Kamens, Mitzi Edge, Terri Moody, Lori Clark, Martha Stacy, Carrie Conrad. Back Row: Carol Donald, Misty Wray, Debbie wooley, Cindy Pleger, Kathy Spaugh, Melissa Nault, Karen Epermanis, Tish Miller. SPORTS 163 Mens Track Clemson cross Country Meet Second of Five Florida State Invitational Fourth of five Furman Invitational Seventh of eleven Georgia State intercollegiate First of thirteen SEC Cross Country Championships Sixth of ten NCAA District III Qualifying Meet Eleventh of thirty-one Ohio State Meet First of three Louisiana State University Meet Fourth of six Southeastern conference Indoor Championships Seventh of nine Georgia State Outdoors inter-collegiate First of seven Florida Meet Third of three Home Meet Second of three Home Meet Second of four Southeastern Conference Outdoors Championships Fifth of ten y «3i A combination of many experienced competitors and some outstanding recruits helped to lead the Mens Track Team through their season. The Cross country Team recaptured the Georgia Intercollegiate title placing six competitors in the first 12. Joe Kauffman, Jerry carnes, and Jimmy Futch were selected for the All-State Team. The harriers continued to place sixth in the SEC and eleventh in the District III. During the indoor season, the Bulldogs finished seventh in the SEC. Melvin Lattany was conference champion in the 60 Meter Dash. Lattany was conference champion in the 60 Meter Dash at the NCAA indoor National Championships and was named Ail-American for his outstanding effort. At the Georgia relays in Athens, the Dogs began their outdoor schedule by taking first place in nine events. Lattany and Rick Campbell qualified for the NCAA Championships and the Plympic Time Trials in the 100 Meter Dash while Amp Brown qualified for the Nationals in the Triple Jump. Georgia took the State intercollegiate Championships with eight first place finishes. Once again, the team hosted the Spec Towns invitational. The Bulldog tracksters placed fifth in the SEC. They also earned 26 points in the Athletic Attic Quad-Conference invitational to help the sec defeat the Southwest, western atlantic, and Big 8 Conferences. 1979-80 BULLDOG MEN ' S TRACK TEAM Bill Agee, Greg Baker, William Breeding, Bill Brock, Anthony Brown, Norris Brown, Bill Butler, Rick Campbell, Philip Cannon, Jerry Carnes, Mark Carter, Jim Casson, Clarence Christian, Michael Durham, Floyd Eubanks, Jeff Fain, Jimmy Futch, Jeff Caither, Rick Cildard, Scott Griffith, Jack Hardman, Scott Harris, Joey Herd, Pete Johnson, Mike Jones, Joe Kauffman, Travis Keltner, Melvin Lattany, Brad Lewis, John McCartney, Steve Moore, Mike Moss, Eric Negley, Barry Odom, Eric Pepper, Kyle Poplin, Steve Porter, Bill Powell, John Prucha, Wayne Radloff, Billy Richard, David Sailors, Darryl Simmons, Darryl Starkey, Joe Tribble, Mike Van winkle, Ken Vassey, Eddie Weaver, Mike Welsh, Jeff Whitfield, Scott Woerner. SPORTS 165 in their first season ever, the women ' s Track Team, or the Bulldog Babes as they have been nicknamed, showed potential of becoming one of the most respected such programs in the South. Coach Bill Katz, with only a nucleus of a team composed entirely of walk-ons, scheduled the team for many prominent meets and got it well on its way to national recognition. The cross country Team, in their first meet ever and the first cross country competition for most of the girls, travelled to the Georgia State intercollegiate invitational and placed a surprising first. Jane Nixon, the state cross country champion, participated in the Region III Cross Country Championships and finished eighteenth in the longest distance she had ever run. Lisa Adamson finished second in the 10,000 meter Bonnie Bell Run. in their indoor meet, the team finished second in the field of four just two points behind LSU. The Babes and the Ben-gals were tied going into the final event, the mile relay, that LSU captured to take the win. Also during the indoor season, selected girls participated in the East Tennessee invitational, the Mason- Dixon Games, and the Montgomery TFA-USA invitational. During the outdoor season, several women travelled to the Lady Gator Relays, South Carolina Relays, and Penn Relays. At the Jacksonville State invitational, the team placed second of six teams. The Babes captured eight first place finishes, more than any other team, but a lack of depth caused them to fall to second place. The women hosted one home tri-meet in which they soundly defeated East Carolina university and Berry College. Taking nine first places, the team captured the state title at the Georgia State intercollegiate Championships. Veronica walker was named " Outstanding Performer of the Meet. ' ' coach Katz took several of the girls to the Region III Championships where Georgia finished seventh of nine schools, in this meet, Lisa Adamson placed first in the 10,000 Meter Run; Veronica Walker placed third in the Long Jump while Renee Thompson finished sixth in the event; Lynn cruickshank earned sixth in the Discus. Veronica Walker continued to the AlAW National Championships to compete in the 100 Meter Dash that she qualified for in the Jacksonville State meet. Bulldog Babes Off and Running in First Season ■ " IS OBWw ■as 166 SPORTS 1979-80 BULLDOC WOMEN ' S TRACK TEAM Lynn Cruckshank Chris Howell, Valarie Viall, Linda Miller, Ver- onica walker, Renee Thompson, Susie Cooge, Nan Pluggeukhele, Carrie Daniels, Rose Doby, Nancy Stewart, Kelli Anderson, Lisa Adamson, Laura Adamson, Katie Roche, Summer Jones, Jane Nixon, Ginger Bryant, Ernie Griffin. ul| dog Babes W Running First Season women ' s Track Georgia State Cross Country Intercollegiate invitational First of five Louisiana State university Meet Second of four Jacksonville State invitational Second of six Georgia State intercollegiate Championships First of five Region III Championships Seventh of nine SPORTS 167 iamon II of Pre-Season Optimism 1 ' 1 • ' , Uv i returned their top three batters and several key pitchers for the 1980 season. The returnees provided Head coach Roy Umstattd with good reason for his optimistic ltVUT:l.-¥«lllnl«]fr Tj|iI»HiU«|SJ Coach umstattd ' s pre-season optimism seemed justified as the Baseball Dogs got the season underway in fine fashion whipping Albany State twice by scores of 14-0 and 21-3. The Dogs ' offense was awesome in the double-header as they collected six home runs, 29 hits, and six ►. Eric Alfredson led the Dogs with two round-trippers. Two days later, the Bulldog diamondmen soundly defeated the Georgia State Panthers 14-6. The Dogs then took to the road to face the nationally- ranked Clemson Tigers. Clemson lived up to The Bulldogs returned to Athens only to be beaten again by the same Clemson team — this time by an 8-5 score. The following week, the Florida Gators showed little hospitality as they upended the visiting Bulldogs three times. 168 SPORTS t mmmmmmmm y £fe .,. ' ■i i :■ . _ «♦- " •. ' ' wm Sameoogstner Oflsonwi ' HI woMwnaHBUwi SPORTS 169 i Street ft ife VA The unsuccessful Gainesville visit left the Dogs at 3-5 for the season. The Bulldogs returned to the confines of Foley Field only to be whipped 14-9 and 11-6 by the vanderbilt Commodores in a double-header. Jeff Pyburn had a great day at the plate in the opener smashing two home runs — one of them a grand slam — pounding out a double and a single, and accounting for five of Georgia ' s nine runs. The next day, though, the diamondmen snapped their seven-game losing streak by winning 9-6 over Vandy behind the sterling performance of pitcher Gene Ritchie. During spring break the Baseball Dogs travelled to Nashville and came away wit h two victories at the expense of Vanderbilt The Dogs lost first, 6-0, yet returned to win, 3-0 and 7-4. The Bulldog diamondmen then returned home to trounce Georgia college, 12-2 and 5-1, in a double header. Freshman first baseman Glenn Davis had two home runs mM for the day. The victories over Georgia College upped the season record to 8-8 to start off spring quarter. Georgia defeated the Mercer-Atlanta team and a day later held off a late rally to beat Georgia Tech. The Dogs stole eight bases on Tech catcher Danny watkins en route to the win. Georgia then hosted Tennessee for a weekend series; however, rain prevented all but one game from being played. Georgia defeated the tough Tennessee team by relying on homers from Bubba Chrismer, Keith Street, and wade McKinney. Pitcher Gene Ritchie went the distance and upped his record to 4-0 in the Dogs ' 8-5 win. The Dogs swept two games from visiting stetson College in their next outing. A day later, Georgia bombed hapless Hope college of Michigan 9-0 and 15-0. The victories improved the Bulldogs ' record to a resoectable 15-8 The Georgia machine kept rolling as the Dogs downed Westminster College 19-9 and 12-0. Kentucky stormed into Athens sweeping two of three weekend games from the Dogs. The Wildcats dominated on Saturday by scores of 10-2 and 6-2. SPORTS 171 fMSsi ik EK Baseball squad Was a Recor The losses to Kentucky snapped a 13-game IVillllllll ! l»li|lL [»l»kl one by a Georgia team since Jim Whatley ' s 1950 squad, for 12 consecutive games. The Dogs got back to their winning ways by the Dogs swept two games from Howard University. The diamondmen took the double-header by scores of 4-3 and 6-3. The Dogs upended Shorter 10-5 and took two games from Sienna Heights 13-1 and 11-3. Georgia then had three crucial SEC games against Kentucky cancelled due to rain and sleet. The Bulldog machine kept on rolling as they drummed Augusta college 11 -1. A day later, the bats of the Bulldogs bombarded Erskine College. The Dogs, on the strength of five home runs (three by freshman Glenn Davis), trounced the visiting Erskine team 27-2. The Erskine win left the Dogs at 25-10. The Dogs then took to the road to meet won two of the three weekend games there. Tennessee won the first, 6-4, then the Dogs won the second, 8-7, in 11 innings, and the kiii-rl co The firct A in in thic cpripc markpn " the 400th in coach umstattd ' s career at Georgia. The season continued with another win over Mercer of Atlanta. The I4th-ranked Eagles of Georgia Southern visited the Dogs next and left with a 5-5 tie after the game was called for darkness in the 11th inning, in the fifth inning, Jeff Pyburn knocked in his 14th home run of the season to break the Georgia record for the most in one season. Later, in the ninth inning, Rodney Bellamy established a new school record for stolen bases during a single season by taking his 30th. Piedmont college proved to be no threat to the Dogs in their next game as Georgia chalked up an easy victory. A crucial series with Florida completed the Dogs ' SEC schedule. To reach the conference Eastern division playoffs, Georgia needed to take every game against the division — the leading Florida team. The Bulldogs defeated the Gators 10-7 and 8-7 in a game called in the fifth inning because of darkness. The following day, Florida retaliated to destroy Georgia 25-0. The diamonddogs then ended their season with easy wins over Georgia State and Georgia Tech. As the regular season ended coach Umstattd announced that with the Dogs ' impressive team batting average and their high number of runs scored per game, an at-large berth in the NCAA tournament might be a possibility. 172 SPORTS . jm i mi iilPiH •».. . -.., ... SPORTS 173 4 m 1 ,v:.. i l .:L ii.,...;. ia .- i) . J : , ::-..,iri i ...- , .,. :J - . .- . :.-: - U u..., u !. Team finished an Outstanding Season with Many New Records Although the Baseball team did not receive the NCAA at-large bid, they had an impressive year finishing 33-12-1. Rodney Bellamys University record of 30 stolen bases for the season placed him twelfth in the nation for the year. Bellamy also set the Georgia record for most bases stolen in a game as he stole four in the second game against Westminster. His batting average, .415, was good for thirty-sixth place nationally. Senior Jeff Pyburn also had an outstanding season. He set the school record for most home runs in a season with 15, breaking Buck Belue ' s record of 13 from the season before. Nationally, these 15 homers placed Pyburn thirteenth for the season. Pyburn tied Don Clatterbuck ' s 1978 school record for runs scored with 54. He also broke Dave Lanning ' s 1978 school record of 64 RBis by two to rank fourteenth nationally. He was drafted fifth in the nation in the first round by the San Diego Padres. The team as a whole also set many records. The Bulldogs batted a total of 74 home runs for a school and a conference record. The Diamondmen earned a .360 batting average for the team that also set a school and SEC record and ranked the team fifth in the nation in percentage. The team was ninth nationally in runs per game with 8.9 for the season. k :s? 9 Season ew I 1 Mcon. Pytwm tied Don mol record for runs V?64R9s Vtwotoran« 5rouSovtnesanDiego ojetinany«!j STs? UGA 14 21 14 7 5 2 6 9 6 9 3 7 12 5 7 6 8 6 7 9 15 19 12 2 2 12 4 6 10 13 11 11 27 4 8 5 7 5 18 10 8 9 17 12 Baseball Albany state Albany state Georgia State Clemson Clemson Florida Florida Florida vanderbilt vanderbilt Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Georgia college Georgia College Mercer — Atlanta Georgia Tech Tennessee Stetson Stetson Hope College Hope College Westminster Westminster Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Howard university Howard university Shorter College Siena Heights College Siena Heights College Augusta College Erskine College Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Mercer — Atlanta Georgia Southern Piedmont College Florida Florida Florida Georgia State Georgia Tech won 33 Lost 12 Tie 1 Opponent 1980 bulldog baseball TEAM EricAlfredson, Tim Barnette, Rodney Bel- lamy, Buck Belue, Pete Bilson, Bubba Chrismer, Glenn Davis, Rob Elsea, David En in, Jim Glass, Bud Gray, Mark Harris, David Loper, Scott Maughon, Paul McDowell, Vic McKinney, wade McKinney, Greg Morris, Peyton Mosher, jeffPybum, Gene Richie, Tony Riche, Keith Street, Matt Walton, Bob White, Head Coach Roy Umstattd, Assistant Coach Earl Fates. SPORTS 175 w How do you characterize " Sports " at this university or, for that matter, anywhere? Georgia has its share of winners and of losers. There are record breakers and those who will always have to be satisfied with dreaming. There are enthusiastic supporters of Georgia athletics — just look at the cheerleaders, band, or " spirited " fans — yet there a re also those who care little or nothing about the many programs. Since " Sports " is viewing for most Bulldogs, credit must be given to the athletes who engage in the actual competition. These people spend hours training and sacrificing to stay in shape and at their best for their performance. A special thanks goes to all of them for giving their best while representing the University. Whether they win or lose, they always maintain the Bulldog pride and spirit. With this section, I have tried to represent the Georgia Bulldog athletes and their accomplishments of this year. I realize that it is far from perfect, so please overslook the flaws and concentrate on the finer qualities of the section. Of course, as with any worthwhile project, there were many problems. My biggest regret, however, is that, since I did not assume the position of editor until several pages had already been completed, I was unable to produce the section as I would have had, had I complete control. in conclusion, I would like to thank many people: Jenny Mills, my predecessor, and Kathleen Moak for doing most of the football section; the fantastic people at Sports information and the coaches who gave me never-ending help; EQ; SH; my staff — Rob Hall, Debbie Hannigan, Vivian Hoard, Jeanne McMullen, and Anne Spangler; Kathleen, again, for her continuous support; and, finally, the photographers who contributed to this section — Tommy Crow, Wingate Downs, Richard Fowlkes, Karekin coekjian, Russ Mathis, Perry Mclntyre, Louie Morgan, Susan Thomas, and, especially, Frank Fortune. John Johnson Sports Editor 176 SPORTS rfk ? toen tod, tod i the g to thank » al(for 2.Wormation JSSSr " J w» Spangier; continuous £ Photographers Mssection— fctarc, Richard 9Jan. Russ Mathis, BMorgn Susan Frrt Fortune. John Johnson Swts Editor The Section Of: CREEKS — The Section Of: CREEKS Editor: Karin Pendley CREEKS 177 (left to right) Anne Tyler, Alpha Chi omega; Angie Johnson, Kappa Alpha Theta; Miss Creek Week, Kim Logue, Kappa Delta; Karin Pendley, Alpha omicron Pi; Cinny Parker, Chi omega. 178 CREEKS CREEKS 179 I 1 X ▼ .i ' f M IPO Vf c T Jm B . M| n»vjfl k .flp CJ Hl_2 ■ -. 180 CREEKS TOT ' v Mr —•V •3 ?. , ' miM CREEKS 181 (• - " CREEKS 183 SIGMA CHI DERBY — it brings to mind different things to different people. Crowded band parties . . . funny black hats . . . mud . . . beer . . . WOMEN . . . 5:00 a.m. Derby, a Sigma Chi tradition for years at campuses across the nation, this year it took on a new project. efforts of the Sigma Chis and 15 sororities raised over $6000 for Hope Haven School for the Retarded with Chi Omega alone pulling in over $1000. The Catalinas played to a crowded kick-off party on Wednesday night. Dress-a-pledge skits followed on Thursday, and 5:00 a.m. came all too early for sorority women preparing to hunt for derbies. i f 184 GREEKS l|H pmiipii ii|«ii.iii.ii ii I n. 1 1 vr $• ftP - so M i jQ MB KBUJ I Wl q?M r Saturday ' s Derby parade and events went on under cloudy skies, but the rain never materialized for Tug-a-war, Flour Power, Egg Toss, or the Mystery Event, competition was close, but at the end of the day, the exhausted but proud ZTAs were announced as the 1980 Derby winner. Smiling faces of the losers lowed it was all in fun anyway. k?: 0o?, back at the .iouse, between sets of The Swinging Medallions, the new Miss Modern Venus and her court were announced — 4th Runner-up, Katherine Lumus (Theta) 3rd Runner-up, Dawn Raymond (Zeta), 2nd Runner-up, Anne Kelly (Tri Delt), 1st Runner-up, Patty Scott (Kappa), and the winner, Lisa Popham (AO Pi). Derby, not just a time for lucky Sigma Chis to have sorority women all to themselves, but also a time for sharing fun, friendship, and that traditional Creek Spirit! CREEKS 165 TK YELL LIKE H Y-e-l-l L-i-k-e H-e-l-l Adding to the spirit of football season is the annual Tau Kappa Epsilon Hairy Dog Spirit Drive. Sorority women competed by painting banners for each home game. On Thursday before the Homecoming game, all 16 sororities converged at the tke house, where they YELLED LIKE HELL, hoping to outscream each other and to show a little of the good ole " CO you HAIRY DOCS " spirit! .. ■ r Mr% n» -v s V i£ - Sfetti m if " X " ) 7B4 ,06, w 186 CREEKS nsrt! . : ,. ..-. i ■•■ m:(n I I A»V« V Panhellenic Fashion Show Ask most UCA students to name a word beginning with P — they ' ll probably say PARTY. Not so if you ask the Panhellenic council — they ' ll most assuredly say PHILANTHROPY. For the 2nd year, Panhellenic sponsored a fashion show which benefited the American Cancer Society. Debi Surmay of Tri Delta, directed the show, assisted by Choreographer, Anne Jollay; Music Director, Jan Estes; Fashion coordinator, Betsy Curry; Technical Director, Sharon Cillooly; Budget Director, Linda Laack; Media Director, Jill Dreizin; Ticket Director, Penny Kienzle; Donations Director, Trena Wolfe; and Program Editor, Christie Robison. Hard working committees under each director made sure that the show went on without a hitch. " Medley of Spring ' ' was chosen as the theme for the show, as Creek men and women modeled spring fashions from local Athens stores. The successful event raised nearly $3000 for the cancer Society. 1 • ti : s ' ♦♦♦I ♦ :♦:♦ ' VI 3fcW WT ♦♦♦ ♦ %♦♦♦ 1 CREEKS 187 _ i k ift 188 GREEKS 9J ;. :s%F mppQUppmmp lpaiiniKIW V im iwnwvaiiK mi- fo gfig y- i ii ..s T 2 The founding of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in 1865 inspired the growth of fraternal organiza- tions across the nation. Naturally, they came to Georgia, and with them came ideas and events which are now beloved traditions, weekends like Kappa Alpha ' s Old South Ball are traditions among UGA Greeks which everyone looks forward to. Young women, resplen- dant in their antebellum gowns, anxiously await the arrival of their escorts. The KA brothers ride horseback through the city and campus, clad in outfits reminiscent of Civil War days. After the festivities in Athens, the celebration continues further south with a weekend away. As traditions spread through the Greek system, other fraternities also head for sandy, sunny spots. Whether it ' s Ft. Walton, Panama City, or Jekyll Island, the brew is always flowing and the beach music is playing — which means a great time. ' I ' ■• ' " f The UCA Panhellenic Council is composed of two representatives from the sixteen member houses on campus. The council, run by its Executive, is a self-governing body that serves as a communication network between the sororities. It plans and expedites sorority rush, encourages its members to maintain scholastic excellence, and provides leadership opportunities for sorority women, it helped boost spirit at the Homecoming game with a banner flying over the stadium. Interested council members attended a leadership retreat, sponsored by the university of Florida ' s Order of omega. At the end of winter quarter, the council co-sponsored a retreat in Atlanta and tapped charter members of the UCA Order of Omega, under the direction of Debi Surmay, the Council also held the second annual fashion show for the American cancer Society. During spring quarter, the Council once I again c ° " s P° n A s ° r h e J h £ r fpr k Executive Officers (above): Standing, Left to Right: Catherine Rodrigue, Chief week witn tne ii-l. JUS fj Ce . Bethany Rosenfeld, Vice Pres. of Rush Advisors; Ellen Scott, Secretary; Dean Dorsey, vice Pres. of Rush; Ann Exline, Advisor. Seated: Denise Companik, President; Kristin Jensen, Cabinet Director; Sherri Levin, Treasurer. i ) L Delegates: 1. Alpha Chi Omega: Debbie Rykard, Holly Dorsey. 2. Alpha Delta Pi: Julie Baumgardner. 5. Alpha Camma Delta: Leslie Moore, Cretchen Heyn. 4. Alpha Omicron Pi. Liz Wyman, Lynn Akins. 5. Chi Omega: Ellen Saye, Katie Marshall. 190 CREEKS ■IMi I Delegates-. 1. Delta Delta Delta: Denise Ntsuko, Kathi Hawkins. 2. Delta Gamma: Jill Beckett, Jeanne Hopkins, Debbie Romig. 3. Delta Phi Epsilon: Susan Rosenblatt, Bebe Kaplan. 4. Kappa Alpha Theta: Caroline Cowles, Molly Minter. 5. Kappa Delta: Anne woolf, Lisa Sarajain, Melanie Neal. 6. Phi Mu. Maria Martin, Van Kea. 7. Pi Beta Phi: Debbie Dismuke, Anne Curtis. 8. Sigma Delta Tau: wendy Fine, Julie Kamrass. 9. Sigma Kappa: Jocelyn Blackwood. (Not Pictured: Kathy Johnson.) 10. Zeta Tau Alpha: Peggy Bush, Cornelia Ham. Not Pictured: Kappa Kappa Camma — Anne Cray, Patti Scott. CREEKS 191 Alpha Chi Omega X u 1. Jackie Clifton 50. Jodie Crlmm 2. Patrice Hunter 51. Allison Shaw 3. Leslie Younts 52. Laura Lambert 4. Judy Saunders 53. Peggy Haas, President 5. Jodi Robinette 6. Stephanie Mulllns, 54. Patty Di tiling Corresponding Secretary 55. Julie Dlbllng 7. " Mama B " Levertt 56. Mary Eileen Bulkley 57. Robin Graham 8. Karen Honkanen 9. Lynn Miller 58. Danette Demarrals 10. Norma Summer 59. Tammy Lanier 11. Kim Storch 60. Susanna Hyatt 12. Cindy Chandler 61. Beth Allen 13. Melanle Jones 62. Debbie Wright 14. Laura Boothby 63. Terrl Rodman 15. Leslie Smith 64. Lisa Reynolds 16. Ruth Ann Koehler 65. Elizabeth Muldrew 17. Karen Kammerer 66. Betsy Stout 18. Marie Kllllan 67. Lisa Corley 19. Jodv Jones 68. Margaret Black 20. Meg Green 69. Kate Rawllngs 21. Mary Ruth Owens 70. Jennifer Dreschel 22. Lisa vanderbreggen 71. Debbie ward 23. Leah Hudspeth 72. Angle Boatwrlght 24. Beth Ann snarr 73. Amy Allred 25. Marcie Roblnnette 74. Kathy Benton 26. Nancy Benson 75. Carol Pantlln 27. Cathy Chambley 76. Angle Burgess 28. Holly Dorsey Not Pictured: 29. Kelly Nelligan Kathy Black 30. Melanle Robinson, Carolyn Cox House President Tenna Dyers 31. Pam Kerr Sarah Hlgglnbotham 32. Kathy Lee Jane Jolly 33. sue chapman Katie McLendon 34. Julie Donaldson Ellen Ragan 35. Rose Marie sachey Alex Ross 36. Holly Harbin Llbby spencer 37. Shannon Swan Kathy Bethel 38. Susanne Fournler Stacy Blankenshlp 39. Carol Becht Nancy Clark 40. Denice Dickson Deborah Jenkins, 41. Cindy Cash Social Chairman 42. Maude Bishop Marl Randall 43. Sharon Annast Dixie Berry 44. Lisa Eubanks Mary Lynne Butler 45. Linda Pike Cindy Copeland 46. Susan Williams Rhonda Hill, 47. Marcla Harris Rush chairman 48. Laura Welsh Becky Jenkins, 49. Cindy Darrow First Vice President 192 CREEKS Ellen Lerch Monlque Sanford Pam Scarboro Lynn Taylor Julie Toland, Recording Secretary Anne Tyler Leslie westaway Marie Smith Sharon Alexander Bonnie Burns Lori Donaldson Evle Guebert Pam Henderson Laurie Hutchinson candace Marshall Cindy Mitchell Kristle Nielsen Kim O ' Neal Emily Pollltt Kim Ragland Debbie Rykard Nancy Vinson June walasek Beth Brunt Tammy Shiver Patty Lyle Pam Alexander Candace Bailey Lauren Betts Sharon Cook Ann Coons Deborah Drummond Leslie Jacob Janet Lleberman Beth Maddox Sherry Marable Theresa Mitchell Susan Morris Lorl Payne Karen swann Carla Weed Paige Wiggins Sarah Williams Jill Wright Carol Youmans CREEKS 193 Alpha Delta Pi M — J B 1. Susie Boatwright 2. Marcle Yoakum 3. Michelle Largln 4. Margaret Stevens 5. Courtney Andrews 6. Anne Alderman 7. Pam Schladensky 8. Brenda Patterson 9. Sarah Ann LeCraw 10. Leigh Payne 11. Julie Bomgardner 12. Jennifer Turk 13. Elaine Echols 14. Meredith MacFarlane, President 15. sally Taylor 16. Terrl Cruenert, Treasurer 17. Lu Ann Binns, Secretary 18. Beth Flint 19. Patty Greene 20. Nanci Aiken 21. Detra Thurmond 22. Leigh McMillan 23. Jennifer Troy 24. Laura Beckham 25. Lynne Thompson, Pledge Trainer 26. Shelby Spurlock, Social Chairman 27. Allison Berry 28. Cary Jokl 29. Kay Jervey 30. Phyllis Haggard 31. Kim Malcolm 32. Debby Goldberg 33. Dottle Palmer 34. cailie Duncan 35. Anne Gregory 36. Stacy Stormont 37. Kim Rome 38. Shelley Fogartv 39. Dede King 40. Stephanie Fry 41. Leila Crieff 42. Pam Holland 43. Beth Tlppett 44. Nancy Burt 45. Terry Dawson 46. Carol Hargreaves 47. Susan Edrington 194 CREEKS 48. carla Celaya 49. Rebecca Adams 50. Scottie Johnson 51. Claire Zink 52. Tricia Mulherin 53. Carolyn Burt 54. Jo Graves 55. Terry Law 56. Pam cawley 57. Dolly Johnson 58. Bonnie Brown 59. Lucinda Crouch 60. Nancy Cody 61. Alice Ann Klrby 62. Ann Harrison 63. Cena Mitchell 64. Cynthia Wllburn 65. Darri McDonald 66. Albert Tharin 67. Paula Thompson, Rush Chairman 68. Deb Bradfield 69. Ofe Del Rio 70. Colleen Combs 71. Ann Haynes 72. Catherine Barrs 73. Skyla Barnette 74. Shelley Barnette 75. Suzanne Williams 76. Dulce Kingsman 77. Dale Hunter 78. Ellen Hartmann 79. Sharon Anderson 80. Patty Heermann 81. Kayla Kitchens 82. Kim Reid 83. Martha Teasley 84. Jan Giles 85. Teri Joseph 86. Sally Harris 87. Kay Rowland 88. Claire Smith 89. Patty Carter 90. Melissa Prophitt 91. Leigh Major 92. Susan wempe 93. Krysta Hardin 94. Holly Dozler 95. Laurie Edwards 96. Leila Ginn 97. Kathy Hall 98. Beth Boston 99. Matt Conners 100. Mitzi Harris 101. Paula Rowell 102. Gena Farr 103. Lisa Daffin 104. Kristv Mack 105. Kim Ripley 106. Gail Ansley 107. carol Wilcox 108. ivlary Hinton 109. Laura Halter 110. Nancy Peterson Not Pictured: Lynne Askew Mary Britt Fran Buzzell Vandi choate Anne Demere Tami Haddad Jill Jacobsen, Vice-president Lisa Kurtz Sue Lowe Mary McCoy Marifae Meeks Maria Montana Patty Montana Gwen Moore Cathy O ' Neill Brooks Payne Mary Ann Pompllio Ellen Probasco Patty Rheney Robin Rhodes, House President Kim Ripley Mary Stevens Em Tanner Leslie Turner Sue Yeager Cahty Anderson Tracy Asher Karen Dever Marie English Mindy Haar Nancy Hancock Leigh Kain Ann Monahan Karen O Malley Nan schuessler Audrey Carter Marty Fogarty Betts Singleton fwiPT £)frf f ffYVfffl ij l mi 1979-80 was a busy and successful year for Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. Once again the UCA chapter received the Tap Sullivan Award for the most outstanding chapter in Georgia. Fall initiation was particularly meaningful as Mother [ Sadie was included in the cermonies. This year the chapter was proud to have three cheerleaders, the Lambda Chi sweetheart, sisters on KA, Phi Delt, SAE, Pike, and Lambda Chi sweetheart courts, little sisters of many fraternities, and finalists in Miss UCA, Miss Modern Venus, Miss UGHA Agriculture, Homecoming Court, Maid of Cotton, and Miss Georgia Football. Additional ADPi activities include the annual M DA Teeter-Teeter Marathon, McHappy Day, l Sorority Feud and Phi Delt 0-9 winners, and our annual Homecoming Brunch. CREEKS 195 Alpha Gamma Delta . Joanne zebeau, corresponding Secretary . Jennifer Whitt . Suzl Crowder . Dean Dorsey, Panhellenic Rusn cnairman . Sara Pumphrey . Cindy Forbes . Marcia Summers . Laurie Esterbrook . Carole Kustoff , Altruism Chairman . Mary Kay Spencer . Denise Lewis . sherie Lyon . Michelle Hein . Terry McCraw . Teresa Adams . Mlndy Holtzman, Recording Secretary . cina Lyon !. Leslie Moore, Panhellenic . Rhonda Chafln i. Cretchen Heyn . Sarah walker !. Terry Armstrong, vice President, Scholarship ;. Jamie Thornton i. Ava Mckenzie i. Glnny Fox ;. susu Thomas, Rush Chairman ' . Mellnda Carren i. Susan Thomas l. Suzanne Capowlch I. Linda Crossgrove, President 31. Jennifer Scott 32. Donna Lawson, Vice President, Fraternity Ed. 33. Jane Lauer 34. Jennifer Pinson, Publicity Chairman 35. Kim Whitehurst 36. Ann Marie smith 37. Liz kendrick 38. Valerie Jones 39. Deona Bally 40. sally Jeffares 41. Lindsey Campbell 42. Betsy schandolph 43. Linda Lewis, Membership Chairman 44. Bendy Bonier, Social chairman 45. Dee Dee clute 46. valery Benson 47. Karen Epermanis, Activities Chairman 48. Pam Sheriff 49. Kathleen Moak, Alumnae Chairman 50. Jeanie Lee 51. Vicky McCraw 52. Terry Lamb 53. Sandl Coodspeed 54. Vicki Chapman Not Pictured: Marie Ford Peggy Gates Linda Shook Janet Bryant, Treasurer Patti Davis Susan Dobbins Cheri Gilbert Valerie Harley Angela Henson Elizabeth Jones Sister Ponder Sharon Turner Pam Welch Rachel Garrard Pam kirk Tracy Oliver, Standards Chairman Maggie Roche Susie Googe, Ritual Chairman Anneilia Holton Lisa Holztrager Kim Landon Lisa Orr Julie Sligh Laurie Staub Becky Williams Abbie Mickelson Cindy Steele Holly Lindsay Jackie cowart Debe Adams Julie Roche Terran Cooper Angela Charles Madge Hafner Nancy Bagwell Debbie Cox cassle Nawrocki Karen Young 196 CREEKS ArA it ' s sisterhood the Alpha Cam way and for the girls in the Gamma Alpha Chapter it ' s the greatest way. The Alpha Cams are always on the lookout for fun and games. They even have a way to make their work fun. As a matter of fact, this fall the Alpha Cam ' s raised $700.00 for their philanthrophy by working at Six Flags. Spirit, the Alpha Cam way! This year they were participants in events like EX Derby, Creek week, TKE Hairy Dog Spirit Drive and the 2BT Spirit Drive. They ' re also tops in intramural sports with first place in football, volleyball, badminton, second place in basketball, and third in bowling. The Alpha Gamma Delta ' s are also proud of their heritage. And during formal fall rush they capitalized on their house ' s history by dressing in Antebellum dresses and they took a step back in time. With their rich past, their competitive spirit, and their love for laughter the Alpha Cam ' s are really a fraternity to behold. CREEKS 197 Alpha Omicron Pi 1 KMM irt r " «:; ' -! N ii fl , Sb " ..• ' ta 1 " : ' ; ' .. ' :.:::: I 1. Marian Frain 2. Katie Kroeger 3. Linda Harris 4. Colleen Brophy 5. Laura Smith 6. Nancy Easterlin 7. Kelly Chambers 8. Margie Rossignol 9. Anne Daves, Chapter Relations 10. Lisa Popham 11. Paula Stevens 12. Debbie Dubac 13. Leslie Sykes 14. Laurette Speir 15. Mary Lou Meyer 16. Rajayne custafson 17. Donna Lewis 18. Lisa Harris 19. Sarah Russo, House President 20. Debbie Bartliff 21. Lauren wynn 22. Pam Lide 23. Lisa Tolleson 24. Liz wyman 25. Leslie Wilson 26. Joni Farmer 27. jenny Neal 28. Karin Pendley 29. Pam Parrish 30. Nancy Ellison 31. Polly Introna 32. Cindy Scott 33. Lanier Meadors 34. Anne Albright 35. Pam Pruett 36. Pam chirpe 37. Rhonda McClean 38. Becky Johnson 39. Julie Rice, Second Vice President 40. Virginia Adams, Panhellenic 41. Cayhy Bower, Recording Secretary 42. Bonnie Henselin 43. Annika Smith 198 CREEKS 44. Kathy Rossignol 45. Susan Hoover 46. Holly Davidson 47. Anne wooten, President 48. Cindy Bartliff 49. Karen Pahl 50. Linda Blair 51. Sharon Watkins 52. Laurie Ann Garrett 53. Ann Ford 54. Nancy Dooley 55. Sandy Johnson 56. Dianne Evans, First Vice President 57. Elizabeth Gibson 58. Kathy Patierno 59. Debbie Silverthorn 60. Joll Hearn 61. Anne Goodman 62. cahty Veal 63. Kimberly Pierce 64. Lindsay Nelson 65. Sharon Johnson 66. Leigh Kempton 67. Ginger Ross 68. Linda Lee Not Pictured: Lisa Ackerman Lee Anne Adamson Lynne Aklns Stacey Allison Lisa Balfour Melanie Berry Sandra Binion Leigha Branyon Beth Bridges Stevie Cannon Ann Marie Carnahan Linda Chocollo Lisa Clark Lauren Clegg Cathy Coffee Cindl Cook Pam copp Patty Corley Kelly Crosland Susan Ellison Mary Fahey Julie Flowers Jill Frost Marne Gfroerer Carol Criswell Claudia Hancock Ann Harden Melissa Heard Michelle Hicks Tonl Hurst Jill Johnson Karen Kane Caroline Kassinger Kimberly Knapp Cindy Langford Kerry Lath em Paige Lee Sherrl Leline Lori Logue Linda Lucia Kathy Maloof Carolyne Martin Linda McKenna, Corresponding Secretary Becky Murrah Lynne Parker Beverly Raynor Julie Rhodes, Treasurer Jane Sadler Peggy Scott Terrl Schnatmeier Mary Sears Carol Slark Gayle Smith Jan Sophianopoulos Barbie Super Lynn Taylor Trlcia Tidwell Sandy Tucker Lisa Varn Lisa Whitten, Rush Chairman Claire Williams Kellle wohar Vanessa Pazsoldan With the hustle and bustle of a hectic fall quarter under its belt, AOII was ready to settle down and shine — both in beauty and brains. Lisa Whitten represented the group on the 1979 Homecoming Court; Lauren Wynn was crowned Festival of Roses Queen; Lisa Popham did double duty as first runner-up Miss Georgia Football and as reigning Miss Modern Venus; Michelle Hicks captured third place in the Miss UCA Pageant; and Liz Wyman placed as first runner-up in the Miss Georgia Agriculture contest. Panhellenic awarded AOII as most improved scholastically. The group is represented in such prestigious honoraries as Blue Key, Palladia, Rho Lambda, Z-Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pre-Med, Palladia, Rho Lambda, Z-Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pre-Med Honor Society, Agriculture Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi, and Golden Key. aoiis served a chairman of All Campus Homecoming Committee, president of Residence Hall Association, Pharmacy School award recipient, and as Orientation Leaders for UGA. Well represented in the fraternities on campus, AOTT ' s became little sisters for Sigma Chi, iika. ato, TKE, Chi Psi, FIJI, and on TEP ' s Sweetheart Court. As September ushered in a new school year, AOll ' s fall was filled with promise. It was off to a great start with a pledge class of 51 fired up girls. Paired with FIJI in Homecoming, the two captured trophies for best float, highest ticket sales, and were overall winners in their division. Sounds of AOll ' s " That ' s Entertainment " wowed judges at TEP sorority Stunt Night as the group placed first overall. GREEKS 199 Chi Omega 1. Rebecca Shaw Betsy Barnes Mary Catherine Payne 2. Sally Hopper Rush Chairman Karen Stowell 3. Karen Kunzer Marilyn Bowden Lori stivers 4. Lynn Lasslter Herald Mary Crenshaw 5. Claire Driver Lori Schmitter Cissy Cook E. Alice Plrkle Cinny Parker Gena Lawrence 7. Frances Wall Ann Dabney Jennifer Jones 8. Ellen Scott House President Darby Ward 9. Robin Craignill Catherine Cook Elizabeth Boardman 10. Catherine Tindall Denise Reitman Jane Boeckel 11. Lilyan Hanberry Donna Jo Rink Alicia Hill 12. Susan Myers Pledge Trainer Cheryl Morton 13. Wendy woods Kristi cook Kathy Wlckham 14. Mary Claire Pruitt Carol Johnson Pam Barnett 15. Thayer Bowles Elizabeth Rainers Mendy Perry 16. Lisa Odom Katherine Hart Ann Schrrener 17. Melissa Sage Leslie Thompson Sherry Perone 18. Holly Seely Kitten Bergen Elizabeth Izard 19. Leslie Wright Rachel Williams Katie Marshall 20. Grace Champion Virginia Anne Franklin Julie Turner 21. Kenson Marbut Leigh Daly Robbin Arden 22. Mary Wlthington Sue Knight Julie Jackson 23. Elizabeth Phifer Karen Perkins Cathy Carden 24. Elizabeth Mahoney Jodie Powers Catherine Davis 25. Webdy Clanton Stephanie Starr Lisa Fullenwlder 26. Sean Dodd Anne Boone Shelton Carolyn waters 27. Susan Dixon Sharon Ellis Paige Moore 28. carter Brugh Karlene Lewis Allison vadnals 29. Suzanne Spinks Stacy Simpson Margaret Capers 30. Katy summers Cathy Carter Ellen Saye 31. Julie Oliver Ginger Grubbs Joanne Alflerls 32. Nancy Beare Laurie Dickey Sally Ansley 33. Alvie Martin Nancy Plrkle Nan Storey 34. Under sipple Clare Murray Muff et Campbell 35. Anne Hopkins, Laura Pate Mellguin Chesser Secretary Mary Smith Molly Crawford 36. Marie Nlxs Cella Glnn Margaret Butler 37. Eva Holland Kathleen Dodd Lisa Lane 38. Claire Harper Kay Andrews Susan Jensen 39. katy Klmbrell Elizabeth Morgan Marianne Seals 40. Lisa Thompson Vice-President Clare Whitney 41. Susan Boyeit, Kathe watt Dana Walton Treasurer Ginger Geer Lulu Durkee 42. Joy Jarrett Shawn O Neai Randi wood 43. Robin Rowley Colleen Reardln Julie Snodgrass Not Pictured: Cindy Merchant Edle Few Beth o Callahan Caroline Bleke Carol Mobley Belle Macauley Charlotte Davies Sally Woodall Angela Maddox Kathy Moblev Jana Thomas President Suzanne Smith Ann Kern Joan Oelschig Susu Henson Miml Halls Marianne Reid Edle Royce Lucy Fay Personnel Maggie Duffey Margaret Hungerford Sherry wldsor Glnny Hurst Holden Anthony Sally Daniel Elyse Bi lias Frankle Hawkins Debbie Hughes 200 CREEKS « . Mu Beta chapter of Chi Omega had an outstanding year. They were the Creek Week Champions and placed second in Sigma Chi Derby, raising $1,100 for Hope Haven. They are proud to have a Top Five finalist in the Miss Creek week competition, a Hesperia award winner, Angela Maddox; and Miss Georgia Football, Elizabeth Morgan. Chi Omegas are sweethearts at the Sigma Chi, Fiji, Chi Phi, and Kappa Alpha houses. CREEKS 201 Delta Delta Delta I.Julia Miller 2. Glna Price 3. Susan Morris 4. Marcla Hemingway 5. Cheryl Anderson, Sponsor Chairman 6. Terrl, Wright, Recording Secretary 7. Ruth Graham 8. Beth Martin, Social Chairman 9. Lee Ann Mitchell 10. Lettie Lanier, Treasurer 11. Connie Culpepper 12. Lynn Morrell 13. Tammy Allen 14. Kadi Tate 15. Deryl Johnson 16. Beverly Broder, vice President 17. Sara Easterlln 18. Dana Wllhelml 19. Liz Chrisler 20. Kathy Prosser 21. Theresa Klngery 22. Susan Mehre 23. Leslie Mohr 24. Mary Sue Betfiune 25. Andrea Morrell 26. Kim Whitehurst 27. Kelly Norrls 28. Kitty Fritz 29. Alesa Garner 30. Deedy Taylor 31. Donna Dendy 32. Becky Brown, House President 33. Stephanie Fergason 34. Caroline Cox 35. Denise Hnatusko 36. Sally Handwerk 37. Cindy Smith 38. Susan Gillespie 39. Lynn Hopkins 40. Nancy Merrltt 41. Jan Clark 42. Margaret EtheMdge 43. Lisa Krysiak 44. Ellen Burdett 45. Kathy Parr 46. Robin Hill 47. Karol summers 48. Debbie wahl 49. Debbie waldrop 50. Leigh Ann walker 51. Jan Stone 52. Sherro Berry 53. Sharon irby ' 54. Carole McCann 55. Julie Frod 56. Margaret Miller 57. Taryn Jones, Chaplain 58. Kathy Hawkins 59. Melody chapman 60. Kim Mirschel 61. Stacy Hill 62. Betsy Porter 63. Sally Langstaff 64. suzl Almand 65. Lanie Pryles 66. Becky Harlow 67. Terrl Bartlett 68. Susan Trigg 69. carol coney 70. Tammle Pritchett 71. Kane Polhlll 72. Karen Harrington 73. Patricia Forester 74. sue Luedtke 75. Mary Helen Wright 76. Cheryl wood 77. sue Luckasavage 78. Lee Sewell 79. Anne Jollay 80. Frances wheeler 81. Sherrl whitehurst 82. Diane Schussel 83. Nancy Sorsdahl 84. Terrl Jones 85. Kathy Moody 86. Nan Andrews 87. Nancy Nails 88. Cynthia white 89. Susan Adair 90. Laura Thompson 91. Martha Johnson 92. Sally Ouillian 93. Leslie Harris 94. Paulette Knox 95. Elizabeth Jones, Scholarship Chairman 96. Suzanne Blue 97. Eliza Adams 98. Diana Whipkey 99. Anne Kelly 100. julee wood 101. Leslie Hodges 102. Linda Waage Not Pictured: Laurie Baker Terry Ballard Audrey Barnes Nancy Bell Ellen Berceguay Joy Bland Barbara Blue Lisa Blount wyndee Bradley Linda Brewer Lisa Brockenbrough Beth Carter Denise Companik Joy Cook Debbie Dalbo Sheila Daniel Jenni Darby Cindy Deke Janet Deloach Susan Dowdy Kathy Drake Denise Finney Annie Ford Liz Francis Julie Gaby NOT PICTURED: Linda Grieve, President Becky Hale Elanor Hanson jullanne Harrison Laura Haywood Allison Henning, Pledge Trainer Carole Holland Connie Hurden Kyle James Rebecca Johnson Anne Lambert Anne McCallester Merrie Nichols Martha Pearce Sandy Ramsey Mary Robbins Connie Roberts Joanle Sarklss Dee Dee schaefer Cindy Scott Celine Sherman Cindy Smith Debl Surmay, Fraternity Education Chairman Terri Thomas Melissa Verner 202 CREEKS . r» Tr! Delta reached quota in their pledge class, who placed first in fall quarters scholarship averages among sororities. The chapter as a whole moved up to third place in scholarship. __ Active in fund raising and community relations, Tn Deltas raised $1000 for their annual Jail ' N ' Bail project in which all proceeds went to the March of Dimes. To promote Creek-faculty relations, Tri Deltas invited their professors to an " Apple Polishing Party. " The chapter raised $750 for their annual scholarship award by selling Beach Buff Suntan Products. initiation was held spring quarter for Psi Psi Psi, the only national Creek letter organization for mothers and grandmothers of sorority members. „ in campus events and competition, the Tn Delta washboard Band won first place in the song and dance division of the Tau Epsilon Phi Sorority Sing competition. Laurie Baker became the second Tri Delta in a row to win the crown when she was named Miss Georgia Agriculture. Tri Delta had two finalists in the Miss Modern Venus Court, one in the top ten Miss Creek Week contestants, one Miss Georgia Football Princess and one member of the varsity cheerleading squad. Denise companik was named Panhellenic President and Debi Surmay directed while Anne Jollay choreographed the Panhellenic Fashion Show. Social events included the annual Lambda Chi Alpha Pumpkin Seranade, a pledge dance at Poss ' Lakeview, a winter Wine and Cheese party followed by Shrimp and Beer in spring. Tri Deltas celebrated their swing in Spring weekend with a beach band party at Lake Yamacoota followed the next night by the Lloyd Hinson Orchestra at Sheraton History Village. Tri Delta also captured the title of Kappa Sigma Sorority of the Year by scoring over 1700 points in the year-long sorority competition. The Kappa Sigma trophy, which resides one year in the winning sorority house, joined another sorority of the Year trophy which was retired for permanent display at the Tri Delta house in 1977, after the chapter won the competition for seven consecutive years. greeks 203 Delta Gamma Joy Atkinson Judy Bailey Jill Beckett Beverly Bergn Teresa Blanchard Barb Bradbury Pam Braden Jill Bradley Jean Bridges Nancy Broadhurst Lisa Burtz Holt Byrum Laurie Carter Dixie Cely Beth Chalmers Lorl Chllders karen Clay Candy curry Dee Lane Eades Beth Elklns Lorl Eskew Heidi Falls Beverly Friedlander Lisa Cant Tracey Claspev Rhonda Golden Rhonda Griffin Allyson Harris katy Harwood Jennifer Hennen Judy Heyl Carole Hogan Mary Hollowell Dreama Jenkins Melissa Kieffer Penny klenzle Christy Lehman Kris Lund berg Alison Marsh Debbie Manley Elizabeth McDowell Julie Megran Nancy Minor carol Muckenfuss Sara Murry Beth Newberry Jan Nixon Sharon Nordman Darlene Palmer Dlanne Palmer Carole Pate Louise Quarles Jeanlne Reese Debbie Revis Patty Robins Lisa Rohrer Debbie Romig Janet Rushing Sheila Sartain Kim Simon Cindy Smith Rachel Staats celia Stewart Cretchen Stiner Nancy Taylor Carolyn Tlppett sally Titshaw Pattl Troup LeAnne Turner Marcelle Turner Dee Turton Joy upchurch Mary Ann Vande Linde Jeanle Veazey Tracy Ward carol Watson Alison webb carol Williams Claudia Wright NOT PICTURED: Judy Allen Livia Bacon Ellen Baker Lynn Baldwin kathleen Beaty Karen Bennett Becky Box Nancy Calhoun Lori Campbell Susan caudell Lisa chamberlain Melanie Cole Pam Cook Elizabeth Cottle Susan cox Diane Crawley Marsha Dooley Debi Feltner Cindy Cissendanner Dena clymph Donna Creenlg Claudia Griggs Lisa Grimsley Cynthia Guttery Betsy Hale Beth Hardin caron Henderson Jeanne Hopkins Susan Horlock Kim Hurd Merrill Johnson Sherl Kelly Barbara Kelvington Mary kreamer Shelley Lampton Leslie Lanier Julie Matthews Donna Morris Joy Morris Susan Nanning Lindsay Neal Li la Newberry Janet Owen Diane Powell Sana Schmalhorst Kim schultz Donna Shaw Rene shepard Chris Simpson Dawn Smith Beth Spencer Susan Sports Maliece Still Julie Thacker Cassandra Vaughn Robin walker Michele Wilcox Kay Young Mary Alice Hannon, Housemother The Delta lota chapter of Delta Gamma had a banner year in 1979-80. They started the year off right with a fall pledge class of fifty-one — and the year was a busy one! Sisters and pledges were involved in a number of activities including Anchor Splash, Halloween Roadblock, Panhellenic Fashion Show, ZBT Basketball Spirit Drive, and Sigma Chi Derby Week. Delta Gamma school spirit and enthusiasm were recognized as they won the TKE Hairy Dog Spirit Drive during football season. DCs participated in a wide range of campus and community activities, and many sisters were honored with scholastic awards and as little sisters to fraternities. Finally, the Delta lota chapter was proud to be chosen as the Outstanding Chapter in the province and to receive the province Foundation Award for 1979-80. 204 CREEKS W CREEKS 205 " " Delta Phi Epsilon 1. Sheryl Strelter 2. Carrie Sacks 3. Marsha Kaplan 4. AnneSussman 5. Lauren Adler, House President 6. Lori Teichman 7. Nancy Varon 8. Marty Weger 9. Amv Wise 10. Robyn cohen 11. Helen Baranouitz 12. Hillary Pekin 13. Kathy Hackman 14. Linda sarlln, 1st Vice-President 15. Lori Babbit 16. Jodie Frankel 17. Sandra Loewinsohn 18. Patti Labelle 19. Debbie Polk, Treasurer 20. Vicki Blumenfield 21. Susan Abroms 22. Irene Goodman 23. Lisa creenfeld 24. Faye Siegel 25. Cayle Conen 26. Susan Levy 27. Sharon Creenblatt 28. Laurie Rosenberg 29. Anne Kiselik 30. Shana Safer 31. Faye Rosing 32. Amy Allen 33. Jill Drelzin 34. Anna Rauch 35. Suzanne Labelle 36. Karen Getter 37. Penny Levetan 38. Debbie Levine 39. Sharon schultz 40. Nancy wise, Member-at-large 41. Evelyn Fried 42. Mindy Maran, Pledge Mother 43. Pat Praskins 44. Linda Hyman, President 45. Agnes Hoffman, Housemother 46. Lorraine Cohen 47. Lisa Merkow 48. Colleen Foskey 49. Amy Friedman 50. Michelle Gordon 51. Bebe Kaplan 52. Laura Zelony 53. Gerri Chyatte 54. Susan Rosenblatt 55. Shelly Peskin 56. Toby Berlin, Rush Chairman 57. Vicki Steinberg 58. Jill Klompus 59. Vivki Shapiro 60. Marilyn Goldstein Not Pictured: Nancy Abroms Polly Ackerman Tracy Aronouitz Sharon Barton Susan Berkowitz Jo Binder Barbara Blumenthal, Recording Secretary Susan Chaliff Kathy Cohen Tammy Cohen Eve Coltman Geri Dvoskin, Recording Secretary Marti Eisenberg Julie Epstein Adrianne Feinberg Carolyn Fox Ceci Friedman, 3rd Vice-President Susan Friedman Beth Gehaar Phyllis Gilston Allison Glass Judy Goldberg Lisa Greenblatt Barbara Greenspan Susan Handleman Susan Hennes Marsha Jacobs Kerl Krafchick Jill Kraft jodi Laskey Sherri Levin, panhellenic Representative Stephanie Little Debra Messing Lisa Michalove Peggy Miller Arlene Perlmulter Carol Rainbow Roslyn Retchin Stephanie Rickles Gail Sampson Susan Schulman Robyn Siegel Jonee signoff Lorri Silverman Susie Spier Missy stock Marcy Tanenbaum Joyce Tanenbaum Heleen Tibor Jan wetherhorn Karen Yokel Bun zeiden Lori Zimmerman i . 206 GREEKS .PW 4] I ». " The 1979-80 year was a very outstanding one for the Psi Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon. Among the chapters many achievements were several awards at National Convention. Psi was named the overall Best Chapter of the Biennium. Other national honors included the Best Rush Program, Most Active on Campus, Highest Scholastic Average, and Best Community Service. Back in Athens, Psi remained number one on campus scholastically for the entire year. The sisters are very active in campus organizations and have members in Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board and Palladia. Phi entered the decade with outstanding enthusiasm, determination, and achievements. CREEKS 207 Kappa Alpha Theta TUIttf n r 1. Julie wade 2. Tracey Miller 3. Shelly RucK 4. Beth vansant 5. Cevonna Frazler 6. Jean Conner 7. Louisa Dykes 8. Terri Spyke 9. Angela Johnson 10. Luann Wiley 11. Lisa Almy 12. Nancy Clutter 13. Elizabeth Reagln 14. Bess Page 15. Betsy Curry 17. Melanle Moffett 18. Ree English 19. Cindy Barnett 20. Julie Cates 21. Sally Parker 22. Benlta Doggett 23. Chris Henderson 24. Pattl Magnon 25. Sydney Hastings 26. Mary Anne Turner 27. Kathy Linsley 28. Diane Weisbach 29. Ruth Anne Houser 30. Jane Paustlan 31. Karen Jordan 32. Julie Riley 33. Emily Read 34. Tracy clower 35. Cheryl iverson 36. Mary Morton 37. Sandra Hudson 38. Sandy Cossett 39. Elizabeth Mllllans 40. Marlon Bibb 41. Nancy Rosenblum 42. Sandy McEachern 43. Nancy Walker 44. Shelly Menetre 45. Anne Rockwell 46. Marie O ' Ouinn 47. Elizabeth Jacobs 48. Lisa Carrow 49. Stella Bon 50. Betsy Carlington 51. Kim Landon 52. Anita Douglas 53. Susan sewell 54. Amy Heetderks 55. Kay Flowers 56. Tracey Coddard 57. Beth P orter 58. Lane Weathers 59. Nancy Rosenblum 60. Melanle Brown 61. Karyn Mozley 62. Kate Van Deventer 63. Holly Hubbell 64. Pam Bellamy 65. Sharon spear 66. Patti O ' Neal 67. Kelly Belcher 68. Lyn Lowenthal Not Pictured: Kelll Anderson Nancy Bacastow Pattl Bates Donna Bennett Louise Boiling Jay Burdett Caroline Cowles Julie Dameron Susan Donzinger Nancy Fowler Mary Crimes Dana Grubbs Ellen Curley Rosa Hagan Wendy Haire Jenny Hardle Meg Harris Mary Head Jamie Hester Cindy Holcomb Barbara Howorth Jan Jennings Barbara Johnson Judy Johnson Candy Jones Leslie Larson Robyn Lester Becky Under Dawn McLaln Linda Marshall Kathy Mays Melissa Mays Mary Beth Morley Deanne Neely Cwen Newman Carolyn Nordln Pam Rafferty Donna Riley Dawn Robertson Carol Rosenblum Suzanne Salter Susan Sanslng Susan Stanfield Wendy Stauffer Tassie Stoddard Amy Thompson Anne van Home Michelle Waters Diane weisbach Kim Wilkes Jill Chesnut Jody Brown Cathy Caronls Karen Correnty Mildrld Cross Lisa Cunningham Lisa Caughtry Ellen Davidson carla Dltrick Elizabeth Dantzler Jenni Doss Catherine Duncan Charlene Frazler Michelle Callager Beth Grant Katie O ' Neal Hattrlch Summer Jones Beth Kelly Kathryn Lummus valarie Lalrose Nell Mallory Kim Matthlessen Jill Metz Kim Michaels Cindy Morrison wight McDonough Ann McMillan Lisa O ' Ouinn Chambllss Troxler Judy Whatley 208 CREEKS Kappa Alpha Theta had another year of success and good times. The year started with the pledging of fifty-one girls. Annual events such as the Big Sis-Lil-Sis retreat at Big Canoe, the Winter Pledge Dance, the Pledge-Sister footPall game, Spring Weekend Kite Day and Kite and Key Day all contributed to the fun. The Theta placed second in the Kappa Sigma ' s Sorority of the Year competition. The year was full of memories ... 35 at Ft Heetderks, Miss UCA; Susan oSiger Miss Contemporary water Pic. Road trip to Tech breakfast with Shaun cassidy, THE best IN THE CREEKS 209 Kappa Delta 1. Elaine York 2. Bonnie Bynum 3. Sharon ciiooiy 4. Lisa Holt 5. Cretchen Guenther 6. Robin Craig 7. Sheila Phillips 8. Libby Myers 9. Sherry Cuest 10. Lisa Mullally 11. Donna Day 12. Kay Breeden 13. Becky Whltton 14. Laurie Eubanks 1 5. Pam Barnes 16. vickl Wilson 17. Donna Jones 18. Cathy Chapman 19. Stacey Smith 20. Cas Shearin 21. Call Patterson 22. Judy Futch 23. Patricia Spratlln 24. Patty Burns 25. Irene Munn 26. Anne Walsh 27. Ladden Tabatabal 28. Georgia Tyson 29. Lucy Stout 30. mary lacovetta 31. Betsy Boyte 32. Cathy Duckworth 33. Nancy Farrar 34. Rhonda Blaylock 35. Lisa Rayner 36. Jean Koenlg 37. Susan Downer 38. Pam Rogers 39. Ann coolidge 40. Jan Youmans 41. Cwen HIM, Secretary 42. Susan Davis 43. Lucy Newton, Treasurer 44. Kim Heaton 45. Anna Rldgeway 46. Reglna warren 47. Karen Larson 210 CREEKS 48. Melissa Veal 49. Lisa Smith 50. Anne woolf 51. Ann Spangler 52. Mamie Clarkston 53. Shelly McCarthy 54. Kim Fraser 55. Meianie Neal 56. Diane Brown 57. Holly Hutchinson 58. Carey Johnson 59. Donna Bryan 60. Bit Harper 61. Cindy Brown 62. Janet clanton 63. Liz Hurley 64. Beth Almand 65. Debbie Habudaf66. Jenny Cardell 67. Tern Hartin 68. Christl Coker 69. Theresa Battaglia 70. Linda Acton 71. vicki Slauson 72. Dee Dorsey 73. Karla Larson 74. Tylene Goodwin Not Pictured: Tonl Avant Len Cobb Lisa Coker Nora Conners Leslie inghram Janet irby Carlin McArthur Christine Mlleski Liz Nesmith Carol Osenga Pammy Piggott Shawn Sarajlan Gay Speer Kitty Adams Pam Chadwick Katie Dallas Jan Hall Haldey Hancock Rita Hatcher Men Hemphill Elizabeth Kelly Lucy Landress Jeanne Lindqulst Carol McEwen Mariam Moad Kim Morrison Kim Mullls, vice President Susan Pattterson Julie Smithwlck Lisa Splcer Lisa wexler Becky Wills Joy Youmans Allyn Felder Karen Duke Laurie Keller Carla Griswell Karen Minmler Kathy Stewart Leigh Coulter Susan Davis Maryann Muhlberg Merry Lee Huff Kimbo Logue, Rush Chairman Snell Russell Rita Maloof Danyse Good Lymy Holcombe Norma crane, Housemother DeDe Parsons Marian Bell Marhta Caroline Brewton Meianie Cobb Audrey Franklin Jan Hulsey beth Agee Joy Bethune Suzy Holland Marianne Jones Terrl Thomas Cathy Crimland Lisa sarajian, President Anna Hood Susan Hale Dnvesspre ' f: bytheRea: ?:; tfiesorcn; Sroyrx m a: successful rush ' and setup Biewr fcrgra Mvitiesw :::3r;wn Mi w riou ' i ■jmA fess 1980 was a top year for the Sigma Phi chapter of Kappa Delta. The sorority proved to be a well-rounded addition to the University campus and the community by again handling the quarterly Blood Drives sponsored by the Red Cross, the sorority ' s key philanthropy. Socially, fall brought KD a very successful rush and « ' setup vV | the year for great activities and socials and the Winter Pledge Dance and Hayride were, as usual major events. Kappa Delta was represented on campus through such activities and organizations as Z-Club, Rho Lambda Panhallenic Council, the Redcoat Majorettes, and Flag Corp, and took great pride in seeing Miss Kim Logue capture the title of Miss Creek Week for 1980. kds we, e also Sweethearts and Little sisters for campus fraternities. KD enjoyed still another year as one of the top sororities on campus. TV Kappa Kappa Gamma 1. Brinkley Burks, Philanthropy 2. Natalie Newton 3. Beth Troutman 4. Nancv Hight 5. Lisa Powell. Social Chairman 6. Kathy Gamble, Public Relations 7. Val Nielson 8. Ellen Felner 9. Jane Beckham 10. Kathy Allen 11. Peggy Miner 12. Sharon Reasoner 13. Suzie Parker 14. Rite Pennington 15. Anne Hall, President 16. Lynn Conrad 17. Elizabeth Carwell 18. Kristen Carmichael 19. Susan Sheffield, Recording Secretary 20. Ashley Johnson 21. Katherine Dunlap 22. ivy Stewart 23. Nan Harris 24. Joanna Richardson 25. Lynn Hart 26. Marge Hackney 27. Ree Harrison 28. Cinny Anderson 29. Julie Jarrell 30. Laura Ramsey 31. sabina Miller 32. Janet McClelland 33. Linda Vaughn, Panhellenic 34. Lisa Matheson, 2nd Vice President 35. Leisa Libscomb 36. Sophie Mantler 37. Nancy Aldredge 38. Lauren Hidges 39. Marion smith 40. Lori smith 41. Lucy Richardson 42. Teresa Old 43. Nancy Lowell 44. Laurie Rowland 45. Vaughn Richardson, corresponding secretary 46. Mary Fletcher 47. Bernice Morris 48. Anne Cray, Panhellenic 49. cinna Gilbert, Asst. Pledge Trainer 50. Valerie Von Canon 51. Diane Hawks, Personnel-at-large 52. Beth Points 53. Tonja Bass 54. Mildred Neal 55. Kim Dobbs 56. Laurie Eckard 57. Libby Save 58. Jean Jeffords 59. Bev Surwiec 60. Mary Anne Sewell 61. Eleanor Gillespie 62. Jamie Andrick 63. Georgie Graves Registrar 64. Marianna Wilson Not Pictured: Pat Alexander Betsy Been Leslie Bradford Carol Bradshaw Ruth Colmer Sally Creadick Judy Dantzler Lucy de Gollan Marshall sally Dixon Joanna Gaines, House President Louise Griffith, Membership Chairman Sherry Hall Kim Holleman Lisa Hudson Carla infante Peggy Lane Vickie Lane Mary Leslie jenny Monfort, Slush Fund Conny Morris Suzanne Morris, Activities sally Nalley Dana Nevil Laura Norman Rhonda Pearlman Liz Phy Lynn Pinson Clndv Pollock Pam Poulos, Scholarship Cindy Pryor Lucretia Roddinberry Nina Sanders Blair Savage Sara Shaburn, Pledge Trainer Missy Slenker Holly Sloan Mary Lynn Smisson Cathy Smith Fuzz Spalding Carol Thorson Terry Thorson, Treasurer Ellen vereen Joan vereen Mimi Williams, 1st vice President Laura Sterchi Kim Barrett Julie Cook Anne Douglass Laura Evans Brenda Fesser Kim Hodges Helen Hull Paula lllingworth Belinda Jenson Susan Kingery Tandy McNeal Katherine Mansfield Debbi Massey Mary Ann Mehre Patti Scott Elizabeth Stewart Patty Thompson Julie weckeriing Amy Williams Virginia Wright Mary Zeiter 212 CREEKS ;a The Kappa Kappa Gammas started off the school year with a fantastic rush. The pledge class won the TKE sign competition at the beginning of football season. The Kappas once again beat the Chi Omegas in intramural football which put them in first place, and their success continued when they became the champions of intramural basketball. Furthermore, two Kappas hold first and second places on the UCA tennis team. In fact, Mary Lynn Smisson won the SEC. This year Kappas were represented on the Sweetheart courts of Sigma Chi, Kappa Sig, and SAE. Patti Scott was first runner-up in Miss Modern Venus. The chapter was proud to have representatives on Miss Ga. Football Court and the top 10 of Homecoming Court. Sisters were involved in many honor societies such as Rho Lambda, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, and Golden Key. Also, six Kappas attended the National Convention held in Miami, Fla. Kappa ' s philanthropy, the Lung Run, was a great success once again along with the annual wine and cheese party for the UGA faculty. CREEKS 213 Phi Mu 1. Buffi Lee 2. Mary Faulkner 3. Claire Presley 4. Lisa Stultz 5. Laurie Stevens 6. Portia Payne 7. Jane Jackson 8. Holly Herman 9. Faith Crenshaw 10. Sara Edwards 11. Carolyn Means, Corresponding Secretary 12. Nana DeBoer 13. Anna Fesperman 14. Laura cilreath 15. Laura Taylor 16. Leslie Shanks 17. Van Kea 18. Maria Martin, panhellenlc 19. Becky Hinson 20. Ellen Frank 21. Leah Twltty 22 Janet French, President 23. Libby HIM 24. Amy Cook 25. Ann Moody 26. Mary Beth Ingram 27. Donna Adams 28. Kit Townsend 29. Jackie Crosby 30. sandy shealy 31. Debbie Dowls 32. Leslie Reynolds 33. Patty Barbee 34. Paula Murray 35. Eve Killingsworth 36. Liz Mori 37. Katherine Cohen 38. Emily Joe Williams 39. Kathy Hopper 40. Lisa Litchfield 41. Kitty Kilgore 42. Gwen Kilpatrick 43. carol wood 44. Clarissa Cunningham, Rush Chairman 45. Debbie Wilcox 46. Laurie Graham 47. Janet Bradford 48. Elizabeth Asbury 49. Dona Josey 50. Betty Bickerstaff 51. Paige Skidmore 52. Julie Nichols 53. Carol Brinson 54. jenny Tlppin 55. Jodie Snell 56. Kim DeBoer 57. Emily Nunn 58. Molly Dye 59. Laura Fonseca 60. Michelle Goldstein 61. Allen Travis 62. Lisa Bryant Not Pictured: Caroline Annandale Catherine Appleton Caroline Ballard, House President Carolyn Bass, Treasurer Katherine Bass Denice Beadles Bettina Beaudoin Cathy Bell Lynn Bell, Recording Secretary Mary Bissell Susan Blitch Bonnie Browder Susan Brown Barbara Burt Gigi Bush Jan Chandler Susan Clements Cary Clifton Connie Collins Ann Coulter Carol Cuslck Peggy Daniel Katie Davis Linda Davis Lesley Dye Claire Farrlba Judy Forester, Pledge Trainer Vickl Foster Beth Fulmer Nancy Gates Lori Gow Laura Greer Lisa Groover Marianna Hampton Donna Harvey Susan Hawk Jenna Hecht Lori Hewell Amanda Hubbard Kelly Huckabee Suzanne James Barbara Johnson Gina Jones Denise Ledbetter, Vice President Peggy Long Mayer Martin Jem Massenburg Melissa Mckenzie Mary McLennan Anne McRae Jane Moody Angela McDonald Elaine Powell Melinda Proctor Jill Ramsey Nancy Rice Angie Roberts Lee Rodgers Audrey Anne Rogers Suzanne Royal Janet Runninger Susan Schick Patti Searcy Deborah Smith Kelli Smith janie spence Caroline Switzer Suzie Sullivan Lacey Thompson Susan Thompson Ann Travis Sylvia Walton Stacey warren Amy Wallin Laurie welsch Lynn west Cathy Wilcox Quincy Brewer Carol Brinson Susan Camp Susan Chambers Victoria Crawley Lisa Edwards Melanie Gav Betsy Hudson Mary janas Margaret Jenkins joni Lesage Terrell Luck Margaret MCAIpIn Laurie Mitchell Mary Mornlngstar Melissa Morrison Carrie Richards Shelly Smith Catharine Varn Ginger Vaughn Tracey Ware Lynn Wells Cherie Yates Nlcki Zorn t The Phi Mus followed their annual tradition of participating in several philanthropy projects. During the 1979-80 year, the Phi Mus, the Fijis, and Budweiser sponsored a successful Human Growth Foundation project. The Phi Mus also served as " Playboy bunnies " in the Lambda Chi Alpha ' s Second Annual Casino Night for Leukemia. When spring quarter was in full swing, everyone anticipated the Rock-a-thon, on the Phi Mus front lawn. The proceeds from this event benefited Project Hope. The Phi Mus actively involved themselves in several campus groups including Sigma Delta Chi, Rho Lambda, Zodiac, PRSSA, Communiversity, and the University Union. They also promoted the Creek system by participating in the little sister programs of Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Gamma Delta, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Nu, and Kappa Alpha. The Phi Mus are proud to have sisters who are the Kappa Sigma and Alpha Tau Omega sweethearts. The Phi Mus fired up for the year ' s intramural season by winning the swim meet and the track meet. Phi Mus can also be found on the Lady Bulldog Basketball team, the Golf team, and they also have members on the Bat Girl squad. CREEKS 215 1. juli Lee 2. Mary Evelyn Hammond 3. Jane Teaster 4. Cindy Lou Thomas 5. Tonl Post 6. Alison Bone, Vice President Morals 7. Nancy Harrison 8. Marcla Gromme 9. Karen Markham 10. Anne Carver 11. Sue Nelsch 12. Amy Rlngler 13. veiinda Jones 14. Debbi Baldwin 15. Angle Fllppin 16. Suzy Whatley 17. Kathy Realster 18. Carol Mammoser 19. Amy Swart e 20. Alice Benbow 21. Debbie Dlsmuke 22. D D Carter 23. Anne Santoll 24. Jeanne DeLamar 24. Kelly Pipkin 26. Terrl wall 27. Amy Bader, Panhellenlc 28. Suzanne Patterson 29. Cathy Adcock 30. LaVaughn Brown 31. Debbie Healy 32. Donna Avery 33. Bonnie Smith 34. view Kelly 35. Melanle Martin 36. Diana Key 37. Michelle Bryant 38. Peggy Thrasher 39. Yogi Pitts 40. Laura Hauck, Vice Pres. Scholarship 41. Pat Hutcherson 42. Kathy Clark 43. LouAnn Headly 44. Janet Mccowan 45. Sherry Spencer 46. Julia Clean 47. Delia Durham 48. Linda Mockler 49. Marcel Fincher 50. Leslie Plumlee 51. Deecy Kirk, Treasurer 52. Chris Smith 53. Brandt Culpepper 54. Diane Savage 55. Robin Lee 56. Liz Morris 57. Linda Miller 58. Kathy Krauss 59. Nancy Morrow 60. Debbie Dodson 61. Michelle Hester 62. Linda Bledsoe 63. Angela Mangold 64. Peggy McDonald 65. Alice Reed 66. Cathy McCullen 67. Karen Schwab 68. Jill Taylor 69. Ellen Guise 70. Dee O ' Sulllvan 71. Terrl Allison 72. Beth Jones 73. Cindy Miller 74. Susan Brodle 75. Catherine Rodrlgue 76. Lisa Robbins, Vice Pres. Socials 77. Anne Curtis 78. Laura Underwood 79. Terry Tucker 80 Karen Talley 81. Fran Vlckers 82. Sheila stowers 83. Cathy sue Gordon 84. Kelly Eulenfeld 85. Cindy Wall 86. Susan Brooks, House Manager 87. Leslie Lyford 88. Llse Harrison Not Pictured: Linda Laack, President Lisa Greenfield, secretary Suzanne Bone, social Chairman Maureen O ' Sulllvan, Rush chairman Sandra Kenney Kim Skeen Donna Lewis Lee Rhodes Carolyn waters Glna Bush Karen Thatcher Gall Reeden Beth Muslck Jenny Seabolt Rose McDanlel Michelle Dupree sandy Gabriel Julia Barrett Karen ciprarl Amy cooksey Kim Dunbar Lisa Garrard Cameron Kimball Brenda Ladd Terry Posey Susan Rice Michelle Weems Carole Johnson Linda Tllley Rhonda Sward Terrl Glsh Pam McCven Anna Hansen Adele French 216 CREEKS J h 9 s V Pi Beta Phi sisters were recognized for many achievements during 1979-80. They were tapped in such honoraries as Rho Lambda, Order of Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Z-Club, and Linda Laack received the prestigious Hesperia Award. Pi Phis actively involved on campus, severed as secretary treasurer of the Union, Creek week Co-chairman, Panhellenic Chief Justice, sweetheart of Sig Ep, and little sisters of FIJI, TKE, Sig Ep, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Tau, Sigma Nu, Chi Psi, and Chi Phi. Winter quarter the Pi Phis turned their attention to their philanthropy, the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. The annual Kidnap Social was the means to raise money, and to have a good time. The pledge dance followed the tradition of a usual great time at Poss ' . Spring quarter was no exception with the dance held in Atlanta and many enjoyable cookouts held in the backyard with the Arrow Men. ff J ir: " r riBO fc %3 1 fr fc 217 1. Bethany Rosenfield, 19. Debbie Cohen 44. sally willensky Panhellenic Representative 20. Barbara Brown 45. Laurie Weiner 2. Lori Levlne 21. Babs Karesh 46. Brenda Taporlk 3. Jodi Fields 22. Dorlta Kaplan 47. Kim Gerstein 4. jody Lazarus 23. Barbara Reznick 48. Hillary Abroms 5. Lisa Creenberg 24. Jill Altman 49. Karen Carter 6. Ellen Renee Lehman 25. Michelle Krys 50. Nancy Cohen 7. Lori Lacoff 26. Lori Alperln Corresponding Secretary 8. Merrill Schwartz 27. cay Kamlnsky 51. Dlna Liss 9. Barrle Sherman 28. Andy Elrad 52. Lynne Kerscher 10. Suzy Slosberg. 29. Wendy Fine Not Pictured: Rush Chairman 30. Anne Schiller Ellen Mezritch 11. Nanci Klein, 31. Cathy Goldstein Renee weiner Treasurer 32. Natalie Rich Beth Bassner 12. Laure Axelrod 33. Susan Zier Gall Kruger 13. Llllie Silver, 34. Susan Guld Cathy Shapiro President 35. Stacy Ergel Moe Winter 14. Kathy culd, 36. Susan Gordon Lisa wainer Recording Secretary 37. Sherry Meddin Lori Lash 15. Julie Kamrass, 38. Donna Welsler Lisa Weitz Panhellenic 39. Helen Korn Robin Katz 16. Amy Celllns, 40. Ruthle Lowensteln Jamie Kaplan Pledge Trainer 41. Kathy Friedman Cindy Cohen 17. Sue Herman 42. Ellen Kohn Reisha Behr, 18. Beth Goodrich 43. Mindy Singer House President 218 CREEKS Sigma Delta Taus hold many traditions within their sisterhood. New pledges are surprised during fall quarter when they are kidnapped and presented teddy bears by their big sisters. This years pledge class was no exception. They held a carnival for retarded children and helped the sisters give a Halloween Party for underprivileged children. Spring quarter, Sig Delt was proud to name Coack Mike as the Macho Man Winner and to present Multiple Schlerosis with a large donation. Sig Delt has sisters in Rho Lambda, as Panhellenic officers, and sweethearts and little sisters of TKE, TEP, AEll, and Kappa Psi. During the year, the girls enjoyed their Fall Party, Pledge Formal at Poss ' , and especially the Spring Fling. In recent years, they ' ve added two new traditions — the annual Scholarship Banquet, to which favorite teachers are invited, and a quarterly open social, which anyone may attend. CREEKS 219 Sigma Kappa i«MOT9MHM Ssli mmm—m ffiffl I w t 1. John Born 2. Sam Patrick 3. Nell Coombs 4. Mike Beshaw 5. Rart Watts 6. Carol welch 7. John Garcia 8. wavne Edwards 9. Sid Gottlieb 10. Lauren Lyles 11. Linda Harris 12. Carol culbreth 13. Melissa Groening 14. Karen Knight 15. Wanda Floyd 16. Susie Fox 17. Lynn Bruce 18. Cathy Gnann 19. Zoe Robinson 20. Debbie Payne 21. Pam waiter 22. Beth Thompson 23. Mary Catherine Lockard 24. Cathy Lewis 25. Nancy Ann Stachecki 26. jennefer Duncan 27. Missy Nicholson 28. Elizabeth Mayo 29. Francis Hay 30. Tammy Andrew 31. Lisa Lindgren 32. Teresa Jordy 33. Karen Stephens 24. Suzy Doyle 35. Jocelyn Blackwood, Panhellenic 36. Julie Bass 37. Julie McDermond 38. Susan Etheridge, Recording Secretary 39. Derln McCubrey, Rush Chairman 40. Kathy Johnson Panhellenic 41. Cindy Stevens, Pledge Education 42. Morne Watts 43. Karen Wlegle 44. Cathy Dunwoody 45. Jane Murrlll 46. Susan Gunsolus 47. oebra Clark 48. Becky Parsley 49. Katie Rodgers 50. Kathy Russ, President 51. Bunnie Secklnger 52. Cathy Carson, Treasurer 53. Ann Splnnenweber 54. Carolyn Knebel 55. Laurie Cress 56. Cile Smith, Vice Pres. 57. Almee Maxwell 58. Carla calender, Corresponding Sec 59. Margaret Wilson 60. Judy Seawright 61. Carla Reifsteck Not Pictured: Margie Coleman Earl Glazer Robin Hale Cheryl Hargrove Terrl Jordan Diane Loftus Deb McDowell Kim MCNickel Amy MCPheeters Kim Owen Cheryl Perkins David Platz Jeff Smith Jill Smith Bob Spell Allyson Story Susan Weaver Debbie Williamson David Woodruff ugnr M mw-.r.-::: ' brought in axing Dyh thetrophyfoi MkHMM CammaRtx " Country S( MtttyftstplttlnM tater contest Signal were active tlrougtn yearin campus orgnz; 220 CREEKS Sigmas got the year off to a great start with rush in their newly decorated house. During fall duarter the chapter received the Most improved Scholarship award, and washboard Band placed third in the annual Sorority Sing, in December Sigma Kappa had their first annual Holiday Spirit contest and raised over $200 for Gerontology projects. Winter duarterwas highlighted with the beginning of a Little Brother program with 13 active pledges. Sisters had a chance to express themselves through activities such as Iranian, Western and Ticket socials, with the high point of the ouarter being the Violet Ball pledge formal and champagne reception. Sigmas brought in spring by winning the trophy for Most Participation in the Alpha Gamma Rho " Country Social, " and taking first place in the Fifth Quarter Contest. Sigma Kappas were active throughout the year in campus organizations CREEKS 221 Zeta Tau Alpha . Robyn Watson . Cindy Johnson . Brenda Lane . Sharon Brown . Helen Heyburn . Donna Andrews . Suzanne Sinyard . Bonnie Giles . Alicia Harvey . Laurie Caldwell . Karen Moeller . Donna Abernathy . Trena Wolfe . Biddy McElhannon . Lisa Mitchell . Dolores Burton . Kelly Flncher . Mary Lou Watson L Susie Bennet L Lorl Vanderbreggen . Kelly Alverson . candl carnes . Catherine Mathls L Lisa carber i. Diane Futch i. Sandy Jones . Julie Anderson . Denlse Cummins i. Nancy Craig l Denlse Vermette . Nancy Rauschenberg :. sherry Norrls i. Dawn Bryant i. Payson comer i. Meg Machamer I Jean Thomas ' . Tammy Nlsewonger . Paula Allen i. Sally Kite l Cornelia Ham . Mard Rowland !. Terrl Thorton ;. suzie Dement l. Karen Cabanlss L Dawn Raymond I. Katy Wise ' . Donna ThacKer, 2nd V. P. — Pledge Trainer i. Beverly Jordan i. Karen Lane, House President i. Bonney Stamper, President i. Cretchen Shartle, Rush Chairman 52. Krts Jensen Panhellenlc 53. Linda Ford 54. Susan Benolt 55. Shelly vaden 56. Gleesa Llndsey 57. June Guest 58. Kathy weeks 59. Cindy Buttrill 60. Debbie Hannlgan Historian 61. Kelly Duff 62. Meg Peltier 63. Suzanne Slngletary 64. Allison Rackley 65. Carol Seaton 66. Carol Wright 67. Phyllis Weaver 68. Laura Klltsch 69. Christie Roblson Not Pictured: Kathy Adams Kaye Adcock Jenny Arthur Wendy Ashworth Wanda Barton Dena Bates Diane Bloodworth Beth Bodenhamer Mary Bowden Liz Brown Marti Burllson Peggy Bush Dale Cabanlss Julie Carroll Cheryl Condon Madelyn Conner Donna Cook Melodle Corey, Treasurer Darylann Davis weese Donalson Cecelia Douglas Betsy Duggan Cathy Dyer Leslie Elliot Jan Estes Vlckl Galphln Keri Garbers Diane Gilbert Kay Gober Cindy Gower Cindy Griffin Terrl Halley Kathy Harp coney Hawkins Alice Hollahon Tammy Howard Jennifer Jenkins Joy Johnston Melanie Kearns Kendra Kelley Lynn Kraft Terrl Kraus Tammy Landen Linda Lord Lou Lowery Julie Lumpkin Pat McDaris Nancy McRae Tracy Matthews Laura Meadows Elaine Mlnick Molly Minter Samllle Mitchell Kim Moody Tanya Moody Julie Moore, Secretary Beth Myrlck Karen Newton Lynne Peek Julie Prlmm, 1st V. P. — Chairman of Committees Denlse Ridgeway Cindy Robinson Erica Roblsch jane Rooks Lisa Ross Cindy Salerno Laurie Scott jeanlne Slneath Lawana Slocumbe Monica Smith Martha Thome Anne Thorpe Ritual Vlckl vest Julia Vlning Kathy vorderBruegge Elisha wade Lynn Waites Cindy Watkins Nancl witte Donna Woods Nancy Wright SmmaPHBilBtn StateantlaiscBesrS:-: :- ' State.AJsoParenrsOavan HMtinsDnzvMou cndidcalngtr dance were hen Zeasi j pteceintheZBTSptit! MflMMlttfiH nupientofMosDoi m to the Cancer Soaa Wander Fasncri Getting dosertctre! theyear. spring quarts metwtmandcipadon WAs usual, me ceas toe crowned mn therowdnessofsoi Wter was busy I 222 CREEKS L Zetas returned to Athens in September from their sumemr of work and relaxation to make the 1979-80 year one of the best ever. Rush proved to be very successful as Zeta gained 51 great pledges. Fall quarter everyone was kept busy with football games on the weekend, pledges getting their Big Sis, getting fired up for TKE Hairy Dog Spirit Drive, winning Alpha Tau Omega Fabulous Football Friday, Denise Cummings placing in Top Five on the Homecoming Court, working with A lpha Tau Omega on the Homecoming float, and also winning the Miller Drive for fall. They ended the quarter with a Christmas party for all the sisters and pledges. Winter quarter proved to be just as exciting as fall quarter. The pledges were honored with a Pledge Dance which was held at Poss ' Lakeview. At Zeta Day.which was held in Augusta, Gamma Pi won Best Chapter in the State and also Best Scholarship in the State. Also Parent ' s Day and the Zeta Hawkins Dance with our beloved Coach Mike calling the square dance were held. Zetas won first place in the ZBT Spirit Drive for Basketball and also became the first recepient of Most Donations given to the Cancer Society given at the Panhellenic Fashion Show. Getting closer to the end of the year, spring quarter was met with anticipation and spirit. As usual, the deck soon became crowded with greased bodies as the rowdiness of spring set in. The quarter was busy with rush parties, socials, spring dances and beach weekends. Some of the highlights of the quarter included a Wine and Cheese Party given for the alumnae; winning Sigma Chi Derby, including first place in Dress-A-Pledge, first place in Derby Hunt, second place in the Banner Contest, Dawn Raymohd placing in Top Five for Miss Modern Venus; the annual White Violet Weekend; placing fifth in Greek week and our own Bonnie Stamper placing in Top Ten for Miss Greek Week; winning first place in Miller Lite Tug-o-War; Beth Bodenhammer placing in Top Five for Miss UGA; Most Contributions to Scottish Rite Hospital sponsored by the Compass Club; winning Miller Drive; sponsoring the annual Bouncethon in which $1700 was raised for their philanthropy, the Association for Retarded Citizens. CREEKS 223 Officers (left to right Standing): Billy B. Ham, Adm. Vice President; Dutch w. cofer, Secre- tary; Robert A. Ellis, Jr., Treasurer; Howe Q. Wallace, Jr., Advisor; Michael R. Smith, Exec. Vice President; K. Marc Barre, Chief Justice. Sitting: t. Michael Valentine, President. Serving as a governing bod ftfr a¥M{4fflfytyisi tri fs£ nearly 2000 members is the main function of the interfraternity Council. Expanding and revamping the image of Georgia ' s fraternity system continues to be the goal of the IFC since the election of Mike valentine as President in 1979. According to DutaiCofer, newly elected 1980 President and past Secretary, " there is a fraternity for ev lman on campus. " This seems to be somewhat of a departure from the stereo type that only men who wear Khakis and izods belong to fraternities, in an all out effort to prove its point, the IFC has completely re- vamped its rush program. Bob Schneider, iFC ' s Rush Chairman, is positive that the work of 1979-80 brought the most productive and open fafo rush ever. His goals included better rushees prior to rush and more personalized rush b the " fraternity wl " il turned ; jn order to in philan- pus. The nsley who communicate turn more mL in addition toTMh, the, FCM usual turned a lot f .attention to thropy, the Leukemia Drive, now in existence for over 10 years on UGA ' s drive, which raised $31,000 in 1979, is named in memory of Georgia SAE Han. died of leukemia. Each fraternity conducted individual efforts to raise the money, as well as participated in the Penthouse Car Wash and the IFC celebrity Auction. IFC also serves the Athens Rapid Transit System and sponsors several Little League sports teams. They work in conjunction with Pan Hellenic to sponsor Greek week. This year the groups and the Order of Omega began what hopefully will become a tradition. They sponsored a joint Leadership Conference in Atlanta to which each house sent officers and interested members. _ _ IFC had many projects to keep its members busy throughout the year. The future will be no exception since the coming of a new advisor, Howe Wallace. Dutch Cofer describes Wallace as " conscious of everything which needs to be done . . . able to realize potential The potential of IFC and the fraternity system will continue to be realized under such strong leadership and with full steam ahead! . C OuKfi W. Cofer Secre- r tttti W, Exec. «fW President orfy 2000 members is the PMHpkig tne image of m tne election of Mike r elected i960 President bus. Ws seems to be m «ev icnakis and tzods fSSS JSiMnonlerto philan- pus. The m Little League fesss (Above) Traditionally, the IFC sponsors the Miss Homecoming contest and escorts the Homecoming Court the day of the game. (left, bottom) The IFC definitely appreciated the support of Penthouse Magazine, which supplied models and all publicity for the 1st UCA Penthouse Carwash for Leukemia. .. CREEKS 225 1. Alpha Gamma Rho: Jim O ' Connor, Keith Kelly. 2. Alpha Tau omega: Ray Abernathy, Jim Price, Garrett Wolters. 3. Chi Phi: Merritt Huber, Bill McKay, Chip Busbey. 4. Chi Psi: Jeff Langford, Bob McLeod, Karl Keebaugh. 5. Delta Chi: Ernie Mosteller, David Perryman, Bill Miller. 6. Delta Tau Delta: Tom whatley, wait Blazer, Terry Skelton. 7. Kappa Alpha: Mark Mansour, Freddy Stroud. 8. Kappa Sigma: Allen Howe, Phillip Coleman, Ford Brewer. 9. Lambda Chi Alpha: Eddie Ausband, Danny Brown, Charlie Fiveash. 10. Phi Delta Theta: Steve Wallace, Bill Jarrard. 11. Phi Gamma Delta: Mark McGough, warren Ragsdale, Jim Braden. Not Pictured: Alpha Epsilon Pi. k m 226 CREEKS 1. Phi Kappa Psi: Mark Adamson, Butch Ehrhart. 2. Phi Kappa Tau: Jim Moore, David Lister, Billy Mona. 5. Phi Kappa Theta: Mike Price, Robert O ' Quinn. 4. Pi Kappa Alpha: George Crutch field, Cliff Cochran, Michael Uss. 5. Pi Kappa Phi: John Davis, Barry Parrish, Bill Rhyne. 6. Sigma Chi: Bob Schneider, Danny Duke, Jim Sanders. 7. Sigma Nu. Ben Williams, Gary Smith, Mark Maund. 8. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Danny Sparks, David Thornsberry, Tom Pantlin. 9. Tau Kappa Epsilon: Randall Morris, Bob ovannell, Ray Mimms. 10. Theta Chi: Troy Balliew, Bill Browning, John Born. 11. Zeta Beta Tau: Jay Rawlins, Jay Morgan, Mark Preisinger. Not Pictured: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Pi, Tau Epsilon Pi. CREEKS 227 : v Arp 228 CREEKS Alpha Gamma Rho started the year in style by winning first place in their division in Homecoming events, and placing second overall. During fall quarter, the chapter participated in the IFC Leukemia Drive and contributed close to $700. Alpha Gamma Rho ended the quarter by placing second in GPA among campus fraternities. Winter was a busy time as the chapter son first place in the Micro-Mini Tractor Pull sponsored by the Ag-Engineering Club, adn celebrated their 53rd Founders Day with Alum, Bill Lanier as the guest speaker, spring saw Alpha Gamma Rho hosting its fourth annual Country Social. Proceeds from the carnival booths, the Tony Pritchett Band, barbecue and the Miss UGA Agriculture Pageant were donated to the American Cancer Society. The chapter raised over $900 in the events. Alpha Gamma Rho CREEKS 229 9 Alpha Tau Omega had another awesome year in 1979-80. Fall quarter, they continued their tradition of hosting an open campus social, band parties, and the ever-Fabulous Football Friday. They participated, once again, in the IFC Leukemia Drive, and in many campus activities. Brothers were active in the Honors Program, Gridiron, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Judiciary, Marketing Club, and many other campus clubs and organizations. Winter quarter, the annual Viking Party was a success as usual, even if the weather was a bit chilly. During spring, the brothers traveled to Panama City for the White Rose Formal and also enjoyed the Parent-Alumni Banquet. The support of Sweetheart, Terri Lawn and the Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross was greatly appreciated by the ATO brotherhood. ? agg SBHHawrier.the 8B f Alpha Tau Omega 1. Robin Callahan 2. woody Faulk 3. Steve McCraw 4. Kevin Rogan 5. Jeff Granger 6. Alan Masarek, Historian 7. Robbie Estill 8 Mike Boone 9. Andy Hill 10. Ray Abernathy 11. Cus Eurton 12. Steve Piefke 13. Donnie Phipps 14. Armand Busino 15. Jeff Jordan, Secretary 16. Bubba Bennett 17. Dan McHugh, Treasurer 18. Jim Price worthy Master 19. Jeff Sanders, Vice President 20. Hal Mebank 21. MarkTecho 22. Steve Dunn 23. Frank Burns 24. Vance Hall 25. Jim Couch 26. George Lilly 27. Preston Griffith 28. Mobley Hill 29. Lee Barton 30. Lee Broom 31. John Henderson 32. Rick Doggett 33. Dan Foreman 34. Thomas Herman 35. Brian Stanley 36. Mile Smith 37. Judd Davis 38. Rad Thurston 39. Wil Katz 40. Richard Stamper 41. Matt Childs 42. Matt Forbes 43. Andy Smith 44. Roger Madden 45. Lane Johnson 46. Keith Depew 47. Ellis Kilgore 48. Tom Welch 49. Trip Copeland 50. Bob ward 51. Hank Davis 52. Brad Hackson 53. John Hyatt 54. Pete Frye 55. John Battle 56. Buzzy Law 57. Clay Campbell 58. Tommy Earnest 59. Brian Tyson 60. Jeff Ciuba 61. Mark Stroup 62. Willie vason 63. Mark Bittick 64. Tommy Savlnl 65. Richard Duffey Not Pictured: Rick Fine Skeeter Davis Jody Vitale Tim Burkett Arthur specht John King Frank Corker David Dadisman David Salyers Bruce McWhorter Stephen Carter Scott Courtney Reid Haley Dennis Herring Tom Bubel Les Sowder Jeff Van Bobby Berto Don Monk Rodney Rice Charlie Bell Charley HIM Doug Rocket Barry Rutherford Larry Williams Carlton Collins Tom Moody Chris Hunt Jimmy Elliot Mike Masarek Frank McCleneghan Bill Davis Billy Bolton Garrett Wolters John Morton Bobby Connelly Carl Belk Sidney Elliot Steve Smith Brad Jackson Doug Guedry Matt McDonald CREEKS 231 The Eta Chapter once again had a very successful year. Rush produced one of the best pledge classes on campus this fall. With the help of these pledges, the brothers raised over $4,000 in the IFC Leukemia Drive. The year was filled with parties and socials, but especially outstanding were the ADPi Halloween social, Mardi eras, Spring Rush Weekend with a lake party, and the Chackett Beach Weekend in Panama City. The little sisters and Sweetheart Jenny Parker also helped the brothers to enjoy 1979-1980. Overall, the brothers and pledges of Chi Phi met with success throughout the year. Ifl I 232 CREEKS Chi Phi 1. Dwlght Horton ' 19. Tom Cleary 37. Frank Dixon, 2. Susan Hawk 20. Ed Laughlln Treasurer 3. Ann Moody 21. Pete Oyler 38. Kevin Smith 4. Caroline Klrby 22. Dave Jones 39. Merit Huber 5. Billy Griffin 23. Wes Glllard 40. Doug Murdock 6. call Ansley 7. Jenny Parker 24. Edward Marks 41. Doug Bryant 25. Frampton Simons 42. Dave Berry 8. Marilyn Bowden 26. Andy Johnson 43. Joe McMillan 9. Dusty Ackerman 27. Frank Lumpkin 44. Daryl Aldrldge 10. Seth Mellon 28. Tommy Worthlngton 45. Eph Davis 11. Andy summerland 29. Tom Tankslev 46. Ed waits 12. J. 0. Stegall 30. Danny west 47. Bryan Klbler 13. Mike Massenglll 31. Tommy Tuggle 48. Bill McKay, 14. Honorary CM Phi 32. " Flounder " President 15. HIM Robertson 33. William Slsk 49. Morris Franco 16. Jay Mitchell 34. Bill Bussey 50. Robert Presley 17. Alan Franco 35. Creg swetln 51. Chenault Halley 18. Allison Weaver 36. Call Duskln rti GREEK 233 The Alpha Alpha Delta chapter of Chi Psi had another great year in 1980. Fall quarter was ended with a first place in intramural football, in conjunction with the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, the Chi Psis sponsored the Hound-Dog Hoedown, featuring Ben Dover and Tennessee Tucker, to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy drive. In addition, Chi Psi once again participated in the IFC Leukemia drive. Chi Psi was supported by several little sisters including their 1980 sweetheart, Mary Morton. The annual events such as Beachcomber weekend and Warpath once again were the highlights of the year. 234 CREEKS Chi Psi 1. lanie Pryles 40. Jeff Unsley Douglas Padgett 2. DeeDee Schaeffer 41. Steve Dalley Timothy Stapleton 3. Melodie Corey 42. Thomas Mclntyre James Hlcky 4. Janet Bradford 43. David Long David Perrie 5. Peggy O ' Neal 44. David Pope Phillip Cofer 6. Nancy Dooley 45. Jimmy Jeffcoat Bruce White 7. Joni Farmer 46. Phillip Nelms Timothy Shepard 8. Lucy Newton 47. bo Sides Brian Davidson 9. Wendy Ashworth 48. Keith Plyant Todd Yates 10. Mary Morton 49. Joseph Morris Donald Sasser 11. Cathy O ' Neal 50. Evan Nunn Phillip Mulherin 12. Andy Joiner 51. Macky Cain James Hershey 13. Jamie Farr 52. Michael Hearn Jeffery Piefke 14. Rustln McAllster 52. Richard Saye R. Sanders Hickey 15. Ruth Graham 54. Bill Woods Jeff Langford 16. Bill Harding 55. Ben May Chris Masters 17. Gary Orris 56. Pete Argo Robert M. Davis 18. Jack sinclalre 57. Willie Mangham George Hogan 19. Brian Brooks 58. Johnny Pennlnger Yancey Robertson 20. Todd Townshend 59. Bob McLoud, President Lawrence Wells 21. David Carlton 60. David woodruff James Shaw 22. Robin Kelly 23. Jason Kitchens 61. Parks McLeod Fred Eggers Not Pictured: Mike Nelson 24. Stuart Cofer William Joanis James Clark 25. Terry DeLaney Peter Alexander Brent Snyder 26. Tom Lowendale Christopher Schwartz Mark Thomas 27. Clifton Bobbit Harry Haines William Forrester 28. Carl Keebaugh Terry Coffey John Townsend 29. Bob Davis Paul Turk Scott Anglln John Peeler 30. Patty O ' Neal William Cooper 31. Steve Lively Steve Cole Richard Warren 32. Steve Secrest Travis Waters Andrew Day 33. Pres Smith Ronnie Ayers Robert Carter 34. Billy Key Helmut VonSchweinltz Jon Crisler 35. Gary Ogcten Daniel Rampey Henry Smith 36. Jimmy Key James Clauser A. Gary Avants 37. Mike Webb Keith Guest Randolph O ' Connor 38. Jim Shaw Howard Guest Terrell Lee 39. Glenn Gues R. Lamar Edwards CREEKS 235 I 236 CREEKS flPSfiffi " 23 winning seasons in snorts Bridgway Home for Boys and f ° Urthin « a m viK S The brothers also enjoyed an active social calendar. Fall quarter, they were entertai ned by band parties after football games and Halloween and Christmas parties. In February the annual White Carnation Ball was held in the North Georgia mountains. Karyn Mozley, Kappa Alpha Theta, was named sweetheart. Spring quarter, the Delta Chis held an awesome Hawaiian Luau. The year was fun-filled, as well as beneficiary to the strengthening of Delta Chi brotherhood at UCA. « £% % ;s Delta Chi wrtOftstnus mmdUte WBhOKNorch alioztev Kappa MCOM (MdlMdl raduTTvyearwas BDRKUrytothe OOtaCMbrotnertnod A It =70 M . m | • . } o N -S5C ' 1. Mike Robinson 16. Mike Pickle P.J. Nagle 2. Bill Scruggs, 17. Bill Miller, Ken Chalker Sargeantatarms Secretary Billy Hlnesley Richard Cook 3. Billy Priest 18. John Johnson 4. Ernie Mosteller, 19. Chris Mlleskl John Shepherd vice President 20. Tim Bonner, Darren Dahl 5. Theresa Mitchell Corresponding Secretary Little Sisters: 6. Angela Mangold 21. Blaine Newman Ellen Burdett, 7. Bill Miller, 22. Roy Talledo sweetheart Treasurer Not Pictured: Linda Ellis 8. Alicia Hill Mike Dunagan Valarle Jones 9. Ken Hagerman Bob Perry valarle Hubbard 10. Karyn Mozley Rich Wood Jill Conley Chalker 11. David Perryman, Bill Stout Melanie Martin President Paul Edwards Maria Martin 12. Robert Williams Carry Moon Leslie Hodges 13. Bobby Vandlver Lance Kern Cindy Sheldon 14. Matt Towery Eugene Ryan Liz Fant 15. Paul Clayton Bill Hames Lisa Cunther CREEKS 237 • I _ Delta Tau Delta had an active and fun-filled year in 1979-80. During fall quarter, the Crescent Fall rush weekend helped draw some of the finest pledges ever. The Delts placed first overall in the 1979 Homecoming competition and they also participated in the IFC Leukemia Drive. The Southeastern Pledge Olympics proved to be physically exhausting, but fun, as were the annual Halloween Party, Christmas Hay Ride, and the New Years ' Eve Party. Winter quarter was highlighted by such events as the Little Sister Valentine Party, and the House Burning Band Party. For the Delts, spring quarter was packed with traditional fun. It ' s a custom of the UCA chapter to invite all southeastern chapters to Delt Day; a chance to show skill at Softball, meet other brothers, and to drink a little beer! Dates, little sisters, and brothers alike enjoyed dressing up in antebellum clothes for Mint Julep, held in Athens. Shortly afterward, they traveled south for the annual Rainbow Beach weekend. Delts looked ahead to next year ' s rush with a successful Atlanta rush weekend, closing out the year ' s activities. 238 CREEKS Delta Tau Delta Remee Shepard Debbie Walker Kay Pope Lorl Kress Kathy Benton Kathy VorderBreugge Mary Hollowed 8. Cathy Carson 9. Lisa Tolleson 10. Renee Nichols 11. Jean Hopkins 12. John L Abate 13. Robert McLure 14. Billy Hester 15. John Lackle Corresponding Secretary 16. Greg Hendricks 17. John Ferry 18. Terry skelton 19. Dutch cofer. Third Vice President 20. Todd Gouldlng 21. Paul Dellaria 22. Glenn McAllister 23. Ted Young, 43. Rob Lowenthal Second Vice 44. Terry Austin President 45. Bob ward 24. Hank Coble 46. Tom Dickson 25. Jim Gerstung, 47. Charlie Franck Vice-President 48. Ronnie Smith 26. Steve Balcco 49. Bob McVay 27. Tom Whatley, Not Pictured: President Leila l Abate 28. Kim Skeen Terry Pemberton Phillip Beggs 29. Kevin McDanlel 30. Sam Dyke Earl Glazer 31. Tom Bradley Ross Zafonte, 32. Henry Harp Treasurer 33. Kevin Moore John Albrltton 34. Lee web Walt Glazer 35. Billy Roundtree Craig Smith 36. Bill Lee Joe Coble 37. Robert Cooper Kevin Grafflus 38. Dan Orr Tim Boothe 39. David Dyke Brooks Garcia 40. Jack Laury Jeff Elelson 41. Jeff Brlggs Don Candy 42. Bill Payne, Rick Matheny Recording Don Fitzgerald Secretary Chuck Mapes 1 CREEKS 239 The Kappa Alphas had another outstanding year in 1979-80. They participated in Muscular Dystrophy, their philanthropy, and the Penthouse Leukemia Drive, in which the pledges won first prize for selling the most tickets. 240 CREEKS ; ! » Kappa Alpha 1. Casey Dolan 2. Mary Claire Prultt 3. Mike Dolan 4. David Varn 5. Hank Watson 6. Bill Turrentlne 7 Paige Aiken 8. Tim Jordan 9. Ben Moss 10. Will Weston 11. Dan Hannan 12. Billy Hurdle 13. Mike Paine 14. Jerry white 15. Doug Henderson 16. Larry Delaney 17. Barry Storey 18. Bud Fry 19. Mark Watson 20. Mark Mansour 21. Came Halter 22. Mary Ann Pomelio 25. Mary Stevens 24. Luke Mansour 25. Bo Pup 26. Neil Quirk, Treasurer 27. Louise Jones 28. Freddy Stroud 29. Ted Pennel 30. Ben watson 31. Joey Doolan 32. Mike Scott 33. Seth Knight 34. Pete English 55. Sue Lowe 36. John Jackson 37. Chris Mitchum 38. Rickey Chandler 39. Bee Thompson 40. Brown Edwards 41. Barry Major 42. John King 43. Robert Trulock, secretary 44. Dan Hlnsley 45. Ed MCEIven 46. James Jackson 47. Fisher Stolz 48 David Wynett 49. Bobby Raymond 50. Bo dog Pup 51. Danny Stover 52. George Summers 53. Tim Markum 54. Steve Burdette 55. Joe Green 56. Joe McGawen 57. Jack Knight 58. Eric Price 59. Madden Hatcher 60. Mark Mitchum 61. Howard Young 62 Penn Hodge 63. Rob Haggard 64. Mark Howard 65. Michael Carson Not Pictured: Brad Alexander Billy Anderson Smith Anderson Brltt Bowd Brad Boylan Joe Brennan Remlr Brinson Julian Brown Dan Carlton Gil Danaldsan Greg Datson Joe Gains Brent Harris jack Larken Bob Little Jep Lipford Kelly Mckenzie Bob Mcleod Larry Mealar Jamie Morrison Eddie Neel, Vice President Robby Nichols chuck Phillips Chris Phillips Howard Pound Tom Sharply Donald Sprayberry Will Stolz, President Nordick Thompson Hamilton Tillman Gus Vaughn Bill Wilfong David Loper GREEKS 241 + For Kappa Sigma 1979-1980 proved to be another outstanding year. The Black and White Winter Formal was a blast as usual, as was the Fire Hydrant Hunt. Luau Beach Weekend was held at Fort Walton Beach for the first time this year. With Tri-Delta winning, their Sorority of the Year Trophy Jam was a smashing success. Regretfully, the River Road Express Band saw its last year at Kappa Sig. The fraternity is proud to have members in such distinguished organizations as BIFTAD, Gridiron, and Phi Eta Sigma. They also received campus-wide recognition from a Red and Black editorial written by Barrett Smith. 242 CREEKS m Kappa Sigma r. [r (yijjMk LN , la , r • r« r i v .) f » % 2C 6 Sis i is I.Tim Tinslev 37. Freddy Tolbert Susan Blitch 2. Charles Upchurch 38. Charles Allen Cindy Smith 3. Fred Huff 39. Kent Belan Tonja Bass 4. Ford Brewer 40. John Bowden Shell Russell 5. Marion smith 41. Bill Prather Nlcki Zorn 6. Pat Alexander 42. David Peacock Jeff Jerkins 7. Polly introna 43. Phil Fortson Clip Grlssom 8. Lisa Powell 44. Tom Dukes Greg Dial 9. Bess Page 10. Cary Clifton 45. David Floyd Don Chandler 46. Lee Bentley Sheppard A. Bowen 11. Ed Easterlin 47. Cliff Williams, Noel Lane 12. Brett McClung secretary Gil Gillls 13. Neel McKensie 48. Barry Morris Alan Tomblln, 14. Bill scheffleld 49. Gerald Hulett President 1 5. Charlie Barron 50. David Belue Charlie cowen 16. Jim Saunders 51. Tom Evers David sikes 17. David Malloy 52. William Gaby Jim McKoon 18. Greg Howard 53. Steve Cain Mark Carson 19. Tim Christie 54. John Griner Buddy Lane 20. Allen Lowe 55. Steve Langston, Ryan Mock Phil Lukert 21. Ken Smith vice President 22. Billy Yearta 56. Jed DeLong Britt Earhardt 23. Phillip Coleman 57. Sims Rhyne John Dwyer, 24. Harley Smith 58. John Lane Vice President 25. Butch Blblrey 59. Bud collier Rodney Thomas 26. Phillip stoudenmlre 60. Tad Parnell Brett Farrell 27. Kale Jackson 61. Hall Brandon Mark Mobley 28. Scott Allen 62. Tal Hutto Josh Hardwick 29. Jack Drew 63. Phil Harris Bobby Newsome 30. Randy Borud Not Pictured: Tim Montijo 31. Kirt Lattanze Elizabeth Langley Artie Matthew 32. Richard Middleton Lynn Lowenthal Sissy cook Allen McMlchael 33. Brian Hutto Bart Danlelson, 34. Robert Peacock Shelly Menetre Treasurer 35. Larry Brick Becky Brown 36. joe OKelley Jayne Turchln CREEKS 243 The 1979-80 year for Lambda Chi Alpha proved to be one of the most successful. Through close cooperation between the brothers, they ' ve worked to maintain a position as a leader in campus activites and organizations, such as numerous charitable fund-raising drives, intramural sports, Creek Week, and the Interfraternity Council. The strong little sister program, led by the Sweetheart Kay Rowland, added to the successful year. Brothers enjoyed such events as the spring rush Gator Weekend and the famed beach weekend to Panama City Beach, with the naming of the Crescent Girl. 244 CREEKS Lambda Chi Alpha r t I 1. Mlchele Mayfleld 2. carol Wright 3. Emily Tanner 4. Allison Hennlng 5. sally Oullllan 6. JIN Ramsey 7. Monica Trapani 8. cwen Newman 9. Kay Rowland, sweetheart 10. JIM Jacobson 11 Elizabeth Dantzler 12. Anna Fesperman 13. Andrea Morrell 14. Scarlett Jones 15. Hugh Hunter 16. Rudy underwood, Ritual 17. Chris welch 18 Mike Malcom 19. Jeff Cobb 20. Dean Perry 21. Scott Russell. Alumni Relations 22. Andy Burt, Rush chairman 23. Sam Roberson 24. Matt Smith 25. Tyrus Teague 26. Larry Rogers 27. Brad Crosby 28. Danny Brown, President 29. Gary Thompson 30. Mike valentine 31 Billy Clossen 32. Sherwood McDufHe 33. Jim Harvard 34. Randy Warner 35. Michael Smith, Scholarship 36. John Martin 37. Mike Sullivan 38. Mike Adair 39. William Parks 40. Brad Vickers 41. Matt Thompson 42. Jeff Kerker 43. Hap Seward 44. Eddie Ausband 45. John Dantzler 46. Toby Tate, Secretary 47. David Hughes, Social chairman 48. Mark Musselwhlte 49. Brian Perry 50. Kevin workman 51. Tray Paris 52. Joe Ryan 53. David Semones 54. Bobby Key 55. Jimmy Stewart 56. Jim McMurtray 57. Jorge valdes 58. Greg Brown 59. Ray Paulk 60. Clark Knlppers 61. Andy McChee 62. waiter Taylor 63. Mike Poole 64. Jeff Dodd 65. David Stargel, Pledge Trainer 66. Kevin Brown 67. cliff Barnes 68. Karl Cornell 69. Al Nesmith 70. Clay Pope 71. Clay Land 72. chuck Camp 73. Mark Lewis 74. Kenny Jones 75. Jeff WatWns 76. Allen Bone 77. Brooks Kleffer 78. Will Katz 79. John Mosley 80. Charlie Flveash Not Pictured: Douglas Wiley Lanny Morris John Little Charles Matthews Vincent Keane Mark Walsh Tom Bryan, Jr. Lane Tucker Mike Battle Craig Barrs, Treasurer John Rhea, Vice-President Joseph cornett Robert Richards James Bailey Julian Bradham, Jr. George Kesler Jeffery Larklns Tommy Dabbs Courtney Crozler Robert Duncan Hugh Hunter Michael winter David Williams Julian Fulenwlder Charles Thurmond Jeff Turk Mike Malcom Brad McGlnnls Richard Bowers James Smith Ronald Wilkes Tracy Moody John Morgan Jay Land Ronald Hoven Philip Pompllio CREEKS 245 246 CREEKS I m Fijis had a great year socially and scholastically. The Georgia chapter won many honors including the IFC Academic and intramurals trophies, and the Cheeny Cup for the Best Chapter in the Nation. Social highlights of the year were the Florida Fling, Commodore Ball, Native Weekend and Fiji Island at Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Brothers were active in a variety of campus societies such as omicron Delta Kappa, Blu Key, Gridiron, Phi Beta Kappa, and Greek Horsemen. Fijis also served as BIFTAD president, IFC treasurer and SAM president. 1 248 CREEKS ladisonaon OtittHaneniea m 1. Lynn Miller 2. Lanier Meadows 3. Judy Jonnson 4. Stephanie Mulllns 5. Carol Cusick 6. Sharon Brown 7. Lisa Ackerman 8. Ann wooten 9. Bob Christopher 10. David Klvett 11. Keith Mason 12. Herbert Short 13. Grant Smith 14. Donnle Chapman, Recording Secretary 15. warren Ragsdale, President 16. David Brazeal, Treasurer 17. Mitch stelllng 18. Mark McCough 19. Rob Zeyfang 20. David Llndwall 21. Rick Hawkins 22. Jim Braden 23. Kirk Boggs 24. David corley 25. Lee Crowley 26. Greg Drake 27. Jimmy Woods 28. Greg Sowell 29. Roger Strauss, corresponding secretary 30. Steve Poole, Historian 31. Jimmy Adams 32. Dale Erwln 33. Buddy Hendricks 34. Marty Godfrey 35. coyet Lowrey 36. Wen Brown 37. Matt Frederick 38. Steve Justice 39. Dan Cowart 40. Todd Barnes 41. Lou Bert on 42. Roy Reeves 43. Chris Meadows 44. Ray Leake 45. John Hull 46. David Watson 47. Dick Falcone 48. Tim Jett 49. Rusty Wolfe 50. Mark Rusmussen 51. Kevin splllane 52. Neal Hooper 53. Mark Howard 54. Bob Anderson 55. Reggie Davis 56. Kirk Jellner 57. Gary Plummer 58. Bill Hall 59 Mark Johnston 60. Preston Graham 61. David Tucker 62. Chris Miles 63. Tim woodruff 64. Rusty Blair 65. Randall Bentley 66. Steve Anderson 67. Billy Ham 68. Tim McElhannon Not Pictured: Mike Dendy Billy Delllnger Tommy Williams John Mccarty Ellis Greg Sam Wilson Mike Quilling Bob Cheeley Steve Hathorn Sue Knight Kelly Huckabee Stella Bon, Sweetheart CREEKS 249 1979-1980 proved to be a great year for the Phi Psi ' s. They have been delighted by the quality of pledges they have had throughout the year. Fall quarter was highlighted by their third annual Anniversary Banquet and reception which was attended by the National Vice-President and Executive Secretary. Phi Psi ' s actively i participated in Homecoming i with Sigma Kappa and in Creek I Week. Their representative for Homecoming and also, little sister, Anne Tyler, made top five Homecoming Court and also (con ' t) top five in Miss Creek Week. Brothers are involved in all facets of university life including Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mortar Board, Senior Superlative, Biftad, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Delta Chi, Pi Gamma Kappa, UCA Men ' s Glee Club, Student Jud iciary including Chief Justice and Defender Advocate society including Chief Advocate and the first Advocate of the month. Spring quarter was highlighted (con ' t) by the formal featuring the Dirk Howell Band, a lawn party, and the annual pool party. Also the Phi Psi ' s participated in the annual I.F.C. Leukemia drive. 250 . sfeaar Phi Kappa Psi ■1 n — — ■ ' " pVjfetB .. 1. Mary Quarnguesser 11. Jeff Smith Not Pictured: 2. Mary Lynn Butler 12. Phil Curran, Tripp Cagle 3. Lannv Langley Treasurer Vice President 4. Diane Powell 13. Butch Ehrhart Kim Trotter 5. Dldl Clute 14. Rhonda Lamphere President 6. Lisa Clements 15. Mark Adamson Matt Mashburn, 7. Steve Stephens 16. Steve Clements Secretary 8. Greg Harllns 17. Scott Peacock Wayne Chambers 9. Merritt Sink 18. David Catlett Allen Driver 10. Bill Baldwin 19. Bill McAbee Lee Mitchell GREEKS 251 Phi Kappa Taus opened fall quarter by celebrating the Bulldog ' s wins and losses with a number of band parties after Saturday ballgames. The annual Christmas Costume Party brought brothers, little sisters, and dates together for a spirited burn session. According to one brother, anyone within a 25-mile radius was burned for misdeeds and bad habits. 252 CREEKS Brothers and little sisters starred in rehearsed acts in the Cong Show winter quarter. Winners, Tom Morris and Wayne Moore, received the Howard Joe award, named after a well-known Phi Tau alumnus. A successful year in intramurals put the Phi Taus in the top position for the Presidential League All Sports Trophy. They won first place in an undefeated football and volleyball season. Red Carnation, a weekend trip to Panama City, was the main spring event. Included in festivities was an awards banquet in which Tom Morris was named Brother of the Year and Connie Sandusky was crowned Sweetheart. The front lawn was decorated with bamboo, sand and tiki torches for a tropical atmosphere at the spring beach party. Brothers and rushees enjoyed a barbeque and " Bobby Williams and the Total Experience " with their dates. Phi Kappa Tau 151 I! Pi Kappa Alpha is one of the largest and most respected fraternities in the country. Alpha Mu chapter at the university of Georgia had another excellent year. Along with the support of the pledges, little sisters, and Dream Girl, Bernice Morris, the brothers enjoyed one of the most successful years in its history. Socially at Alpha Mu, Friday afternoon champagne parties, the annual Costume Ball, band parties after football games, and Dream Girl weekend were popular events on the campus. Also, Steve Carter was chosen as AOPi sweetheart. The Pikes were runners-up in intramural football, basketball, and Softball. Also, they placed second in Homecoming competition and were the 1980 Greek Week Champions. 254 CREEKS » Pi Kappa Alpha TTKA 1. Preston Moss 2. Byron Daw 3. John Dawklns 4. Holly Herman 5. Mike Uss 6. Grace Champion 7. Marlfae Meeks 8. Kim Mullis 9. Pat Johnson, Little Sister Coordinator 10. Ubby Myers 11. Andy Barrett 12. Jim Hughes 13. Bernlce Morris 14. wade Hudson 15. Kevin Broderlck 16. Alan Freedman 17. Russ lemieux 18. Jeff Dunn 19. Tracy Anderson 20. Clna Swims 21. Claudia Wright 22. Jeff Rahall 23. Robbie Saye, Pledge Trainer 24. Mike Durand 25. Skip Henderson 26. Jon Ozar 27. Chuck walker 28. Ken Woodsldes 29. Kevin O ' Brien 30. David Posey 31. Robert Falrcloth 32. Bill Rogers 33. Cliff Cochran, President 34. Craig Nolan 35. Tyler Huhman 36. Keith Green 37. Bob Blbblngs 38. Don Wynne 39. Joel Lord, Secretary 40. Lewis Johnson 41. Bruce wyatt 42. Don Buggeln 43. Tlmmy Taylor 44. Steve Brown 45. Billy Lowe 46. Mark Henrlott, Rush Chairman 47. Patty Rheney 48. Steve Douglas 49. Terrance Craig 50. Bill Hitt 51. David Gayle 52. Jack Knocke 53. Bob Ryan 54. Lee Greene, Treasurer 55. Alan Fuller 56. Fred Miller 57. Rusty Estes 58. Mike Miller 59. Mark McDowell 60. Brent Evans 61. Darren Domain 62. Russ woodllef, Vice Pres. 63. Britt Wilson 64. Kevin Eide 65. Mark Allison 66. John Shea Not Pictured: Tom Bailey Todd Barlow Jeff Belk Steve Brooks Steve Carter, Social Chairman George Crutchfleld Jeff Dunn Kent Edwards Mitch Furbush Art Garrison Jay Gay Scott Horning Linton Johnson Billy Jones Kim Lang Ed Luke Mark mckooI Danny Morris Irving Morris John Perner Jeff Rothenberger John Short Allen Stone Robbie Tanenbaum Peter Youtt CREEKS 255 Pi Kappa Phi had an active year in 1980. in February the brothers sponsored a Valentine ' s Day carnation sale to benefit project P.U.S.H., Play Units for the Severly Handicapped. The end of fall quarter brought the Christmas party and winter quarter brought the annual Viking Party, the big band bash of the year. May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th was the Rose Ball weekend which was held at Jekyll island 256 CREEKS Pi Kappa Phi The SAE ' s became the largest men ' s fraternity on campus after a successful fall rush which increased total membership to 108. Highlighting fall quarter was the first annual Doc Banks-Paul Johnson Alumni Reunion, named in honor of two Athens men, well respected among brothers and alumni, who served 27 years as butlers at the SAE house. The SAEs won first place for the ninth time in 10 years for raising $6500 in the campus-wide Leukemia Drive, begun by the chapter after Ham C. Anelsy, 1969 SAE president, who died of leukemia. Plans were made winter quarter for chapter house renovations which include a complete repainting job, landscape work, window and door repairs, a new basketball court and a split level shack featuring a TV room and band stage. The second annual Shower Cap festivities were won by Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, with Alpha Chi Omega coming in second. According to an SAE spokesman, Shower Cap was designed as an alternative to Sigma Chi Derby. Magnolia, the main spring event for SAEs, is a week-long festivity that has a detrimental effect on liver and grades. Members are allowed to express Confederate spirit and parents are invited to attend. Rush Weekend is the second largest spring event. It features a cookout, a Slip ' N ' Slide, two band parties and a Sunday brunch, with abundant beverages provided at all events. A newly organized group this year is the SAE Songbirg Extermination Croup, which reached quota at a surprising early date. After a dinner given in honor of this sporting group, special events followed, including a dead squirrel toss and catch. Events were halted by a visit from the game warden and the Audabon Society. Lee Smith, rush chairman, said this year 258 creeks was unsurpassed in that all brothers have remained out of jail and off probation. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Not Pictured: Bill Henderson Ely Simpson Cam Adams Roy Hopkins Charles Sligh Howell Adams Kim locovozzi Larry Smith Darren Ash Felix Jackson Lee smith Bill Avery George Jarrell Mark Solana Joe Barton Jody Judd John Spalding Chris Beckman David keeble John spivey Fred Bergen Jim Lovett Chandler Spratlin Bill Calhoun John Mangan Ron Stegall Bill Candler Scott McGregor Keith Stepenson Dick Candler Joby McLead Steve Speyer Mike Carrlngton Hal McSwain Rob Strickland Howard Carson, Hugh Macaulay Johnny Sullivan Deputy Treasurer Bobo Malcho Vic Sullivan Jim Clausson Dan Marlow Johnny Terrell, Jim Cohen Bill Martin Vice President Jon Cook Brother Massenburg Mike Tlppett Brent Crymes David Mitchell Kip Turnage Jay curnln Jeff curnin Jay Mitchell Hooper Turner Heny Monsees Tripp walden Cliff Dales Godfrey Newton Bill Walker Jarrett Davies Nick Nickerson Duncan Walker Denny Dallas Quinn Nolan Jimbo walker Richard Denny Richard Papy Bob Watkins Tommy Duffy Ross Payne Kevin Weakley Chuck Duggan Chuck Polluck Hank Williams Bubba Edge Rick Quinn Mark Williams, Frank Eldridge, Scott Reese Recorder Treasurer Chris Rickey Joe Wills Rob Ellis David Rink Sam Wills Tim Gunter Tommy Robinson Pitts Wilson Sheffield Hale Bert Sams Scott Wilson joe Hamilton Lloyd Shane Rick Winn Chip Hancock Jamie Shuford Oran woodall Robby Hardin Tim Zay Rusty Hardin, President Frank Heald _ CREEKS 259 7 Yabba Dabba Doo! Sigma Chi Derby jumped into full swing this spring with the theme of cartoons, underlying all of the fun and partying, however, was a more serious and meaningful cause for the Sigma Chi ' s. This year for the first time ever, Derby worked for a philanthropy. Sororities raised $6000 for Hope Haven School for the Retarded. (Quite an accomplishment for a first attempt!) Of course the competition in Derby remained just as stiff as ever with sororities pushing hard for victory in such events as Dress-A-Pledge, Derby Hunt, and Derby Day activities. This year Zeta captured top honors. Spring was not only the time for Derby. Another highlight of the quarter was annual shrimp and beer rush party. This year ' s festival was topped off with trips into the pool by most everyone attending. Spring also brings Sigma Chi ' s share of luau and beach socials. Looking back on the year, Sigma Chi celebrated in high style as usual. Football games proved to be wild times in the block. More fun followed with band parties after every home game. On a more serious note, Sigma Chi participated in iFC ' s annual Leukemia Drive in the fall. Although winter quarter might have been dreary and dismal for some, not so for Sigma Chis. In high spirits, they trekked to Catlinburg for their annual Sweetheart weekend. Amidst all of the skiing and partying, they crowned Sally Hopper as the sweetheart. Other members of the court included Ann Cray, Linda McKenna, Mary Crimes, Elizabeth Jacobs, and Donna Bennett. V 260 CREEKS X Sigma Chi 6 :. P- I o ? , 1 Mh A " aT iVff ' J " " ' • i • « -» Si - ; ft 7 Emm Kwrwsa agmacws. nortrtfora torHopewven fora wtftdUft mor m« «t art Dew bcwhs ■iriteeriust) fflff Btfobrtngsagma -iMDnwintfie BBS sSSft Swcray, JSoonna 1. Mark Brock 2. Bobby Farnell 5. Phil Hudgens 4. Huht Dunlap 5. Bo Cheves 6. Carol Rosenblum 7. Mary Crimes 8. Dan Vaughn 9. Tim Hadaway 10. Katie Kimbrell 11. Jeff Schermerhorn 12. Tom Klrtland 13. wade King 14. James Hill 15. Frank Tlndal 16. James Sanders 17. Mitch Kahlert 18. Barry King 19. Gene Kelly 20. James Fritz 21. Mark Parker 22. Jay Swart 23. Bill Ellas 24. David Camp 25. Eustace Tompkins 26. Marie Nix 27. Donna Bennett 28. Jerry Cabe 29. Brad Patton 30. Rodney Hall 31. Rob snoferty 32. Liz wyman 33. Holly Dozler 34. Scott Shores 35. Brett Franklin 36. Bob Cleveland 37. John Heyman 38. John Jones 39. David Garcia 40. Bob Slocumb 41. Charles Crosby 42. Mark Calvert 43. Sam Evins 44. Dick Curtz 45. Jeff Dorsey 46. Sally Hopper 47. Mary Ann Turner 48. Woody Wllkins 49. Bill Longino 50. Kim Michaels 51. Nell Ham 52. Elizabeth Jacobs 53. Julie cates 54. jay Hall 55. Jonathen Kent 56. Jay Oliff 57. Jim Horn 58. Frank Mashburn 60. Sherry Norris 61. Bob Flynn 62. Bill Brown 63. Harry Lee 64. John Turner 65. Wesley Skinner 66. Ralph Sandeford 67. Bob Patton 68. Jay Rawls 69. Vern Orr 70. Tony Malone 71. Trip Agerton 72. Debl Surmay 73. Phillip Mlllians 74. Doug walker 75. Mark Newton 76. Tom Dunlap 77. crad Rendell 78. Curtis Adams 79. Bob Claninl 80. Ann Cray 81. Bill Doran 82. Bob Schneider, IFC 83. Gary Davis 84. Rob Mcconnell 85. Ofe Del Rio 86. David Gilmore 87. Cecilia Douglas 88. Doug Bennett, President CREEKS 261 T- As part of their philanthropy the Sigma Nus annually contribute time and money toward the Leukemia Drive. During the 1979-1980 year the brothers involved themselves in such activities as IFC and Phi Eta Sigma. The Sigma Nus carry on many traditions throughout the year. Each year the Sigma Nu House resembles a barn yard as they ready themselves for Alamo Scout. Piles of hay, cowboy boots, holsters, and Stetson hats are all part of their annual party, in the spring the brothers cruise to the Sunshine State for fun in the sun at Fort Walton. This White Star adventure will always be a part of the Sigma Nu tradition. The brothers and pledges sponsor an open band party each quarter. (And rumor has it that there is a championship poker team which resides at the Sigma Nu house, which welcomes challenges.) The Sigma Nus appreciate their little sisters and they are especially proud of their sweetheart, Betty Bickerstaff. • ■o J . It W 262 CREEKS Sigma Nu 1. David Edwards 21. Adrian woodruff, Kitchen Manager 2. Gregg Loudermilk Pledge Trainer 39. William Stultz 3. Sonny Hall 22. Hugh Fleming 40. Matt Davis 4. Dan Hammock 23. Johnny Bell 41. Keith Chandler 5. Cifford Usher 24. Mark Thompson 42. Phil Gentry 6. Art Barry 25. Hal Ragan 43. Mayo sexton 7. Gary Smitfi, 26. Ernie Ward, 44. Mark Maund, Commander Member-at-Large Rush Chairman 8. Ben Williams, 27. BUI Burns, 45. Jerry Gay IFC Recorder Not Pictured: 9. Bill Fox 28. Rick Frazier Steve Wight 10. Speer Mabry 29. Billy jerles, Bill Norman 11. Bill Norman, Social Chairman Edmund Strickland Athletic Director 30. David Smith, Rocky Dillard 12. Hubert Clark, Treasurer David Beal Lt. Commander 31. Greg Wright Sam Albritton 13. Ken Henderson 32. Gary Bowman Conner Gray 14. Jim Turner 33. Bo Chance, Art Barry 15. Bobby Rives House Manager Ricky Bryant 16. Reggie Gay 34. Hank Swartz John Allen 17. Gene Calloway 35. John Hurst Jeff Freedline 18. Marty Dominy 36. Rick Ingram Ed Bode 19. Bobby Brown 37. David Shaver David Dubbs 20. Casey Brogdon 38. David " Lighting " Brawner, Lawton Johnson CREEKS 263 264 CREEKS Sigma Phi Epsilon CREEKS 265 v- - 266 CREEKS For the Xi Lambda chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, the 1979-80 year was one of advancement forward as well as one of reinforced tradition. On the heels of winning both the AOPi " Fraternity of the Year " trophy and the chapter ' s seventh " TOP TKE in the Nation " award, Xi Lambda remained a big name on campus and in the community through such activities as the March of Dimes Haunted House, the Yell Like Hell pep rally, and the TKE Miss Legs contest for the Scottish Rite Hospital. Socially, the highlights of the year included many successful socials and band parties and especially the annual Red Carnation Banquet and White Pearl Weekend. Above all else, TKE stands for men and it is the strong bond of friendship within the brotherhood that has made TKE the 1 fraternity on campus for yet another year. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1 . Brad Bray 35. Rodney Beasley Ed Laughlin 2. John Baxter 36. Alex MacDonnell Fran Leach 3. Alison Bone 37. J. Campbell Jay Levy 4. Karl Ulienwald 38. Steve Hornsby Mark Little 5. Kenny Dempsey, 39. Russ West Allen Mills Treasurer 40. Howard Hague Tom Moore 6. Adam Cashin 41. Paul Martin Randall Morris 7. Ray Darnell 42. Jim Kalvin John Mullins 8. Jeff Denton 43. Ken Exum Joe Negley 9. Lisa Holt 44. Tim Skidmore Mike Ouzts 10. Clyde Jackson 45. Mitch Hunt Vance Peacock 11. John Garcia 46. Wayne Hoover Dave Riddle 12. Janet Irby 47. Bob O ' Donnell, Vlnce Reynolds 13. Don Hadden President Dennis Rouse 14. David willlford Not Pictured: Skeeter Rutledge 15. Johnny weeKs Greg Anderson Jim Slerocki 16. Jimmy Deloach Randy Bannister Ben Smith 17. Steve Coleman Lenny Barnette Spencer smith 18. Robert Holman Greg Barfleld Ricky Smith 19. Larry Youngner Brltt Bobbltt Jimmy Stewart 20. Robert Mlssroon Todd Bruno Ken Stiles 21. Lewis Tumlln Dale Cash Ben Taylor, 22. Tony Craig David Chapman Pledge Trainer 23. Pete Foreman Marty Child Damon Templeton 24. Greg Smith, Mike Child Bill Thome Historian Craig Cox Jon TranKina 25. Tim Breedlove Gary Diffley Ron Valdes 26. Cindy Chandler, Alan Dooley Matt vuchetich sweetheart Mark Esoda Steve Whipple 27. Deona Bailey Neill Fuller Bruce wood 28. Rick Hill, Charlie Gregory Chcuck wood Vice-President Todd Hahn, Scott Sink 29. Josh Lawson chaplain Ed Wehrman 30. Jeff DeHaven Mark Hall Mark Mahoney 31. Tom Blrchett Monty Holcombe Ron Josey 32. Brad Marsh, Don Howe Bill Nelson Secretary Steve Hyde Bob Waters, 33. Chuck Adams Randy Kieffer Advisor 34. Bill Kees Scott Koike CREEKS 267 In all areas of fraternity life, 1979-1980 proved to be a great year for Theta Chi. Rush was a terrific success, aided by a new system called Operation Hometown. Theta Chi brothers rushed in their own hometowns then brought the rushees to the house at UCA. This year the chapter also had the largest showing ever at the Rebel Reunion convention in Panama City and the most well-attended alumni weekend ever. A little bit of Holly wood came to the Theta Chi house at the end of winter quarter as it was chosen as a filming location for the TV pilot of " Breaking Away. " A lot of rearranging was necessary but temporarily being Sigma Chi Epsilon was definitely worth the glamour! Theta Chi enjoyed an excellent social year topped off with a Christmas Bash, Hay Party at the house, and the annual Red Carnation Ball at Athens Country Club. The brothers were proud to have Miss Carol Keily serve as the 1979-80 Sweetheart. .«t»j B » 1 J i W Hi !«■ eorc 270 CREEKS »S% GREEKS 271 From signing a bid to pledgeship to full initiation, being a fraternity or sorority member means being a part of individual traditions. Nowhere are those traditions stronger than here at Georgia. Active Panhellenic and Interfraternity councils support individual Creek houses and a strong creek system. Nearly 4000 members make sure that the age old customs, some dating back to before 1900, are carried out in style. The secret bonds of fraternity and sorority ritual make each house a strong unit within itself. These units come together as one Greek system, be- cause the members are proud to be a part of such a tradition. Creek at UGA has always stood for fun, partying, and crazy times, but more importantly for scholarship, leadership, friendship, achievement and philanthropy. Greeks can be found active in every phase of the campus, and they lead wherever they are found. 1979-80 for Greeks at UGA was a year in which they, aware of how some view Greek life, set out to achieve, to lead, and to excel. Not only for themselves did they do this, but for those less fortunate as well, raising thousands of philanthropic dollars and giving precious hours of time. Partying, fun, and friendships received the same enthusiasm. For such traditions will never be forgotten ... red and black . . . band parties . . . beach music . . . funk . . . Mad Hatter on Tuesday night . . . football, basketball, baseball, tennis SPIRIT! . . . gator . . . beach weekends . . . pledge dances . . . beer . . . button downs and khakis . . . not always . . . Greek Week . . . Poss ' . . . rush, rush, rush ... for the Greek way — an outstanding tradition at UGA! Karin Pendley Greeks Editor 272 OR i The Section of ORGANIZATIONS ORG — The Section of ORGANIZATIONS Editor: Kevin Workman ORGANIZATIONS 273 — What is An Organization? A number of persons united for the same purpose. 274 ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS 275 276 ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS 277 Continuing a time-honored and unquestioned tradition. Or venturing out to begin a new one. 278 ORGANIZATIONS fc 280 ORGANIZATIONS I -. mSSSSSi mm ■:■ .. Pandora Staff (left to right): Meredith MacFarlane, Ben Taylor, Cheryl Iverson, Tammy Allen. Not Pictured: Don Hadden, Cheri Gilbert, Susu Thomas, Rob Hall. TOP rCA ' ,:-:;-;-• | ' Donna Cook, cvtw - Captain — Mary Lee Huf 284 PROLOGUE Co Girls Top row (left to right): Debbie Lindsey, Dena Orr, Nancy Wright, Michelle Mataxes, Vicki Foster, Cathy Hood, Suzanne Harrell, Shelly Lampton. Bottom row (left to right): Susan Weddle, Christie Floyd, Donna Cook, captain — Bettye Hackney, Coach — Hugh Durham, Captain — Mary Lee Huff, Samille Mitchell, Anna Hood. ORGANIZATIONS 285 -fl Rugby Club 286 ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS 287 La Crosse Club 288 ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONS 289 women ' s Glee Club Officers: President, Joni Hunnicutt; Business Manager, Wendy Sauly; Vice President, Melanie Jenkins; Personnel, Mary Walsh; Secretary, Linda Lewis; Librarian, Suzanne Domian; Accompanist, Trish Miller; Conducted by Mrs. Ann Jones Soprano I: Darlean Burden, Lynn Charms, Valerie Delaney, Suzanne Domian, Suzanne Dunn, Laura Evens, Salli Marotta, Cheryl Mclnvale, Amy Miles, Valerie Mote, Melanie Ne ' al, Anne Robertson, Karen Hope Thompson, Clair whitworth, Julie Williams, Jill Wright. Soprano II: Jody Bell, valery Benson, sedie Blank, Karleen Chalker, sondra Crawford, Jenni Darby, Margaret Engelmann, Pam Faulkner, Debbie Fowler, Lorri Carrell, Twila Cay. Elizabeth Gibson, Sonya Greenlee, Lisa Grimsley, An- nette Harrison, Jean Jacobs, Melanie Jenkins, Susan Johnson, Jenny Lewis, Phyllis McAvoy, Trish Miller, Armandine Sanchey, Betsy Schan- dolph, Carol Shepherd, Monica Singor, Judy Stroud, Priscilla Turner, Mary Walsh, Missy white. Alto l: Valerie Hammond, Joy Holloway, Joni Hunnicutt, Sandra Martin, Jennie McFarland, Sabina Miller, Kathleen Moak, Melanie Moffett, Carolyn ott, Terry Oxley, Janet Parr, Pam Ryals, Linda Springer, Karla Stone, Amy Taylor, Allison Turnner, Chris Waldo, Lisa Wiegert, Lori Williams, Patty Wilson, Pam Richmond. Alto ll: Kristl Evans, Alice Hemingway, Cynthia Kinkaid, Judy Muse, Marcia Oshinski, Nancy Quinn, Dawn Smith, Karen Smith, Denise Thompson, Terri Tillman, Delia wager, Dena Williams, Susan Williams. 290 ORGANIZATIONS Floyd M. Denise A LeraCatn Ellen Bed joan Man Jennifer! James Be Mark Tim Gary Antr Thomas Alfred De June Eliza Stephanie Elizabeth Mary Eliza Cynthia Ai James Will Margaret- Lloyd Bruc James ciu Daniel v. j Jane Heler Gregory if Lewis How abettu 1980 Senior Superlatives Floyd M. Buford, Jr. Denise Ann Companik Lera Catherine Cox Ellen Beth Crane Joan Marie Dawson Jennifer Dreschel James Benjamin Durham Mark Timothy Elder Gary Anthony Fouts Thomas Marvin Godfrey Alfred Devoe Groover June Elizabeth Guest Stephanie Anne Guild Elizabeth Anne Hardin Mary Elizabeth Harris Cynthia Ann Hatton James William Hawkins Margaret Ann Haynie Lloyd Bruce Hedricks, Jr. James Charles Jackson Daniel v. Jacobs Jane Helen Jolly Gregory Lee Jones Lewis Howard Kamrass William Ollie Key, Jr. Elizabeth Ann Kowalchuk Kimberly Ann Logue Florence Lee Minish Kathleen Carole Moak Frances Josephine Northington John Robert Nunnally, Jr. Rita Ann Patton Mark Taffel Pollock Jeffery Thomas Pyburn John Allen Richmond, Jr. Viveca Jean Rosser Delores Maria Sanchez Richard Rabun Scott John McKay Sheftall Charles Martin Smith Jimmy Powell Smith Gregory Carl Sowell Micheal Bret Thurmond Timothy Neal Toler Russell Anthony Tolley Anne Elizabeth Tyler Carl Michael Valentine L. Chandler Vreeland Carla Elaine Wooten Heather Susan York ORGANIZATIONS 291 A.S.I.D. The Student Chapter of the American Society of interior Designers (ASID) is an auxiliary to the professional organization; both work to advance the interior design profession. This year, ASID activities include monthly guest lectures from the Atlanta design community; trips to High Point, N.c. for a student convention, and to Charleston S.C. for tours of the historic city; participation in the regional and national conventions; a car wash; an annual Halloween costume party; and the annual end-of-the-year picnic. Vice President, Maggie Watkins; President, Betty Wiseman; Faculty Advisor, Paul Martin; Secretary, Nancy courtenay; Treasurer, Theresa Hart. commun community and i student-runww university of Ceoj concerned saw grown into one o on campus. Cow Kwttmsrt serving the needs County commLini The 4-H Club furthers leadership and personal qualities; gives volunteer services to the Extension Services in N.E. SA and to state 4-H office; offers social activities for personal interaction; provides opportunities for an educational fellowship: President, Anne Cook; Vice President, Holly; Secretary, Sharon Smith; Treasurer, Judy Ashe; Social Chairman, Frances Northington; Ag Hill Representatives, Teri Sepphens and Harry Hall. 292 ORGANIZATIONS S33BB Communiversity Community and university= communiversity, a student-run volunteer organization at the University of Georgia. Started by a handful of concerned students in 1970, Communiversity has grown into one of the largest service organizations on campus, communiversity, through student allocations and various donations, is dedicated to serving the needs of persons in the Athens Clark County community. Communiversity Coordinators 79-80: (left to right): Lori Mizelle, Tutoring Teacner assistant, Karen Arne- son, special Events, Linda Crossgrove, Administrative, Mike Hackett, Child services, Linda Lewis, Big Brother Big Sister, Anne Davenport, Financial, Dan Jacobs, Organizational. ORGANIZATIONS 293 — Advertising Club The Ad Club promotes a fuller understanding of the functions of advertising and provides an intellectual environment which promotes advertising professionalism. The club also offers a social atmosphere which encourages the free exchange of ideas and provides a creative atmosphere which challenges each student to develop individual talents and abilities. Ad Club New York Trip: Scott Henderson, Mr. Frost, Chris wills. Graduate Panel. Chaired by Dr. Moore i, 2M ORGANIZATIONS .. Finance Club Front row: Tom Cotney, president. Second row: Carole Johnson, public relations; Meri Hemphill, vice president. Third row: Claudia Hancock, Peng Yap, Todd Barnes, Diane Palmer, Dianne Evans. Fourth row: Joseph Sinlhey, Jr., Faculty advisor; Lee Green. Offers business majors the opportunity to enrich their academic experiences and obtain practical experiences for their careers. ORGANIZATIONS 295 ™ The highest honor a freshman or sophomore male student can attain. Biftad Hesperia Omicron Delta Kappa A national leadership honor society which recognizes and encourages achievement in scholarship, athletics, social, services, religious activities, campus government, journalism, speech, the mass media, and certain cre- ative and performing arts. 296 ORGANIZATIONS -as jkj encourage Linda Laack, Pi Beta Phi. Not Pictured: Angela Maddox, Chi Omega; Linda Grieve, Delta Delta Delta. ORGANIZATIONS 297 international Club Russian C tne universitvoj sponsors sever p year. - t Pres: carmela Saint Anna-Fall Peng Yew Yap — Winter Jeffrey l lg — Spring Sec: Prakash Lai Potluti Tres: Leslie Moore Public Relations: Debbie Lowe General Committee: Debra Clements Rekha Lain Rekha Saxena Cynthia Hargrove To foster an international under- standing in a social atmosphere through interchange of ideas, views, ethnic customs and cultural ex- change among the international stu- dents, the American students, and other U.S. Citizen. Chinese student Association Pres: Chen, Shu-Kong V.P.: Chen, Der-Fa Tres: Keng, Hai-Chuan Sec: Lin, Fuan-lang King, Balas Public Relations: Huang, Ruey Shiang Liu, Huan-Ta Shieh, Hon Yie Ou, Cheng-Ni Coordination of Recreation: Tu, Shu-Hwa Kuo, Chung-Cheng Activities: To promote cultural ex- change and the famed China Night. Nigeria Student union Pres: Angus Emeka Chidebelu. V.P.: Sampson Babalola Sec: Don Uche Ogbuokirk Asst. Sec: Bosun Awoyemi Social Sec: Lawrence Okonya Objectives: To provide a forum for Nigerian students and to define, analyse and solve problems peculiar to them. African Students Pres: Oputa N. onumonu V.P.: Juanita Anyane Ntow Sec: Gmmett c. Dennis Pub: Florence Whande Tres: Leonard Kantiki Activities: Soccer team, dance troupe, picnics, sight-seeing trips, social events, forums, work-study groups arts and crafts, fashion shows. India Club Pres: H.B. Patel Sec: Swarna Krihnamurty Tres: Jayant Thakkar P.R.O: Nandu Shilotri Activities: Indian movies, celebration, picnics, parties, mation in various activities related to international students. Diwali partioi- 298 ORGANIZATIONS i fWltfWcBMMia, fdafiMonTScS www I 8 {OMt prooiems pecu 1 a r :: IIOMRW |MilN BCD Russian Club The Russian Club furthers the understanding of Soviet politics, and Russian history, and culture on the university of Georgia campus. The club also sponsors several parties and excursions during the year. Sjfrwm, dance W .-;::-: ?:« 50C1 M aominKty t«tf •ffmovies. DJj Front row: Barbara Lovenger, Leslie Moore, Olga Korbut, Dr. Paul Pobov. Second row: Dr. Horold Schefski, Kathy Adams, Randall Morris, Matt Foster. Third row: Ralph Askren, Scott Sikes, Kelly waters, President. ORGANIZATIONS 299 Gridiron Secret Society " The best organization on campus " Back row (left to right): Jeff Lewis, Dutch cofer, Peter Quist, Mark Forsling, Greg Sowell, Jimmy Durham, James Ellis. Middle row (left to right): Jim Brya, Floyd Newton, Mike Valentine, Marc Barre, James Jackson, Gary Fouts, Freddie Tolbert, Jim Hawkins. Bottom row (left to right): Steve Newton, Gary Black, Alex Booth, Dave Jensen, John Gilleland. 300 ORGANIZATONS t } creek Horseman An honorary society for outstanding fraternity men. i -3fL (Left to right): Bob Scheider, Sigma Chi; Dutch cofer, Delta Tau Delta; Rob Ellis, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vice President, Mike valentine, Lambda Chi Alpha; President, Marc Barre, Phi Kappa Phi. ORGANIZATIONS 301 f Palladia An honorary organization for women active in campus affairs. First row (left to right): Cori Bargmann, Dr. Neil Scholz, Mrs. Phyllis Barrow, Dr. Louise McBee, Ms. Anne Seawell, Susan Poyett, Delores Sanchez. Second row (left to right): Mrs. La Grange Du Pree, Joan Dawson, Linda Sarlin, Treasurer; Carla Wooten, Sharon Johnson, Katy Kimbrell, Frances Northington, Michele Burns, Sara Collins, Jodie Powers, Secretary. Not Pictured: Terri Atkinson, Debbie Darns, Lydia Beavers, Becky Brown, Patti Brunton, Miriam Diemmer, Laura H. Edwards, Caryl Creenberg, June Guest, Peggy Haas, Beth Hardin, Meg Harris, Beth Harrison, Rita Patton, Jule Rhodes, Anne Tyler, Mary Beth wenger, Anne wooten. Honoraries not pictured: Mrs. Ruth B. Bracewell, Mrs. Laura R. Forson, Dr. Virginia Y. Trotter, Dr. Betty J. Whitten, Mrs. Carol V. Winthrop. 2tJMnOwson, ■MWWeBums, ikMlBedty LftnptM VWDoten. ■r.Or.htDfj i Blue Key An honorary fraternity for upperclassmen active in campus affairs. ORCANIZATONS 303 Alpha Lambda Delta A national honorary for freshmen women. Pamela Ellen Abercrombie Nancy Louise Adler Sharon Elizabeth Alexander Cindy Marie Allen Terry Selene Armstrong Debra Marie Ault Barl Lynn Baker Karen Raye Baker vickl Leigh Bean Jill Irene Beckett Karen Machelle Bennett Joan Elizabeth Berry Sandy Kay Blevlns Elizabeth jane Blizzard Vicki Lynn Blumenfeld Lois Elizabeth Boston Mary Jill Bradley Donna Anne Branscum Jean Ellen Bridges Susan Ceraldlne Brodie Judy Carol Bumbarger Ellen Hendry Burdett Vicki Elizabeth George-Busdlcker Karen Louise Cabaniss Nancy Jayne Calhoun Christine Jane Campbell Margaret Ann Campbell Melinda Jane Campbell Elizabeth Anne Carter Laurie Michelle Carter Cynthia Louise Carver Catherine Ruth Chapman Karen Denise Clay Edie J. Cohen Sharon Lynn cook Paula Annette Corbltt Janet Marie Cox Linda Marie crossgrove Tracey Ann Currier Lucinda Anne Darrow Sarah Grace Davis Lisa Kin Demer Sharon Denise Denney Julie Ann DeSa Carol Elizabeth Duncan Victoria Margretta Eagon Peggy Teresa Elder Carole Marie Enos Merry Lee Findley Jill Iris Flnkelstein Evelyn Fried Diane Lucille Futch Barbara Blythe Gentry Allison J. Glass Beth Lynn Goodrich Anne Merel Goodman Irene Leslie Goodman Patricia Claire Goslee Janet Gail Green Sabrina lyle Greenspun Cheryl Ann Groover Stephanie Jane Guenert iris sallna Hall Sara Cornealia Ham Elizabeth Anne Hanie Maureen Marie Hannan Holly Harbin Jill Elaine Hardy Jeanne E. Harkins Linda Mary Harris Jean Garner Helms Nancy Bagley Henderson Dawn Louise Henning Caroline Fredrice Herring Wendy Wonne Herring Lisa Ann Hicks Vivian Denise Hoard KlmberlyjoyHofeldt Mary Helen Hollowell Ruth Elizabeth Howell Sandra Dawn Hudson Wendy Diane Jackson Lisa Gall James Sally Miller jeffares Katherlne Gage Jervey Becky Ann Jenkins Dreama Sue Jenkins Theresa Anne Joe Angela Dawn Johnson Cynthia Denise Johnson Jill Leslie Johnson Beverly Renata Jones Elizabeth Diane Jones Natalie Ann Jones Sandra Lynn Jordan Mary Laura Kane Rebecca Ellen Kaplan Melanie Sue Kearns April Renee Keck Dorothy Kennedy Pamela Lynn Kerr Cynthia Forester Kinkald Ann Leila Kiselik Pamela June Klser Nancy Lynne Knueppel Ellen Phyllis Kohn Terri Ann Koth Karen Marie Kartzer Christine Anne Karul Tracee Diane Kvam Jacquelyn Lenise Lago Kimm Alison Landon Robin Diane Lee Barbara Ann Legett Katherine Sue Lelter Donna Kay Lewis Jeanne Ann Llndgulst Bonnie a. Lloyd Julia Wlllcox Lumpkin Pattie Ann Magnan Katherine Kenson Marbut Alison Marie Marsh Maria Lea Martin Carol Louise Mathis Lynette Roseann Mauge Karen Sue Mayberry Kitty Lee McChesney Lorl Jean McClellan Donna Elaine McDonald Marian R. McDonald Michele Ann Meyers Sandra L Michaels Donna Kay Miller Patricia Ann Miller Mary Elizabeth M Inter Melissa Murrell Montgomery Leslie Anne Moore Lisa Ruth Morgan Mary Elanor Morningstar Mary Kathryn Morton Andrea Mowrey Cynthia Lee Murphy Mary Janet Nance Maria Lucille Newton Jemi Elizabeth Nicoll Krlstie Lane Nlelsin Jan Nixon Carolyn AnnNordin Patricia Ellen Norris Cathy Gayle Norville Abbie Lora Nye Georgina Odom Tracy Ann Oliver Shelley Marie Orr Shelby Lynn Parmarance Susan jean Pearce Patricia Allynn Pike Leah Keller Pine Elizabeth Claire Presley Colleen Marie Quamme Janet sue Reddin Alice Jean Reed Natalie Jo Rich Gwendolyn Gezelle Rigsby Rebecca A. Rives Janet Lynn Robinson Catherine Rodrigue Pamela Gayle Rogers Starr Cox Rogers Marcl Lynn Rowland Diane Renee savage Tammy R. Sayre Patricia Ann Schayer Amy Ann Schayer Laura Lynne Settles Allison Laurice Shaw Nancy Elizabeth Shaw Snadra Kay Shealy Christine Renee Simpson Mary Suzanne Slnyard Marcia Kay Slsklnd Paige Elizabeth Skldmore Elizabeth Lynn Smith Leigh Ann Smith Lisa Jo Smith sue Marie Smith Susan Denise Smith Kathryn Ann Steffens Vicki Rose Steinberg Celia Stewart Cynthia Maliece Still Lucy Genene Stout Maureen Agnes Sullivan Myra Emelyn Tanner Patricia Carol Tanzer Taml Renee Tarr Amy Elizabeth Taylor Enna Lynn Teague Lorl SalenFrlend Telchman Susan Terea Thornton Catherine Coleman Tindall Catherine Leigh Touchton Katherine Ann Updegraff Linda Susan Vail Denise Marie Vermette Kristen Laura wacker Sharon Elaine waddle Deborah Ann Wahl Lisa Gall Wainer Brenda Hughes Walsh Sharon Louise walsh Kathleen Hall Walton Carolyn Jean Waters Rebecca Lynn Waters Cynthia Jeanne watklns Mary Louise Watson Susan Elizabeth whatley Priscllla Clair Whltworth Lisa Anne Wiegert Abbe Susan Wiesenthal Julia Catherine Williams Susan Rebecca Williams Rebecca Gayle wills Darla Frances Wilson jane Marie Maxwell Wilson Sallie Rae Wolper Cynthia Anne wood wendy Ann woods Phi upsllc 304 " " Upflonomcv. Mortar Board Mortar Board is a national honor society for juniors and seniors who exemplify the ideals of the university through, leadership, scholarship and service. Front row, left to right, are Viveca Rosser; Rusty Tolley; John Sheffall, historian; Joan Dawson, treasurer; Cindy Bradford; Kathleen Moak; Susan copeland; and Rita Patton, vice-president. Second row, left to right, are Steve Stephens, scholarship chair; Jennifer Drecksel; Carla wooten, president; Patty Brunton; Lydia Beavers; Jimmy Durham; Bobby Nunnally; and Mark Pollock, secretary. Third row, left to right, are Billy Key, Jimmy smith, James Jackson, Dave Lee, Gary Fouts, Greg Sowell, Peggy Haas and Lewis Kamrass. Not pictured are Cissy Hatton, editor, and Dolores Sanchez. Advisors are Dr. Nelle Scholz, Mrs. Phyllis Barrow, Mrs. Robert Stephens and Tom Cochran. Phi upsilon omicron Phi upsilon Omicron is an honor society for junior and senior home economics students who have exemplified scholarship and service. Officers are Kelli Smith, president; Julia Simpson, vice-president; Debbie Aulday and Beverly Guined, projects chairmen; Melanie Neal and Carla wooten, program chairmen; Cindy Gregory, chaplain; Debbie Hannigan, reporter; Debbie Patton, secretary; Jill Hayes, historian; Jimi Lee Weber, librarian; Kim Owens, marshall; and Rhonda Sword, sergeant at arms. ORGANIZATIONS 305 F . 5 P n I FIX The highest non-scholastic honor a male student can attain Members Of Sphinx Secret Society 109. 1. Andrew H. Patterson no. 2. William D. Hooper 111. 3. Lawrence A. Cothran 112. 4. Carrara Glen 113. 5. Charles R. Andrews 114. 6. Edgar E. Pomeroy 115. 7. Alexander P. Adams (Pratt) 116. 8. William S. Blun 117. 9. cnarles w. Davis 118. 10. Marion D. DuBose 119. 11. Robert P. Jones 120. 12. Andrew J. McBride 121. 13. Robert J. Travis 122. 14. Tinsley W. Rucker, Jr. (Tennie) 123. 15. Men-it M. Thurman 124. 16. John Banks 125. 17. Remer L. Denmark 126. 18. John E. Hall 127. 19. Richard M. Charlton 128. 20. Harry H. Hull 129. 21. Horace C. Johnson 130. 22. James B. Ridley 131. 23. William R. Ritchie 132. 24. John B.L Erwin 133. 25. Ferdinand p. Calhoun (Phinizy) 134. 26. Frank K. Mccutchen 135. 27. Augustus L. Hull (Longstreetl 136. 28. Henry j. Lamar 137. 29. Wilson M. Hardy 138. 30. Noel P. Park 139. 31. Walter j. Hammond 140. 32. Lamar C. Rucker 141. 33. Sterling H. Blackshear 142. 34. Marvin M. Dickinson 143. 35. Andrew M. Calhoun 144. 36. Cam D. Dorsey 145. 37. Marion S. Richardson 146. 38. Billington S. Walker (Sanders) 147. 39. Sanders A. Beaver (Sandy) 148. 40. Francis M. Ridley 149. 41. cienn w. Legwen 150. 42. Samuel R. Jagues (Randolph) 151. 43. Ralph Meldrim 152. 44. Marion H. Smith 153 45. Wallace M. Miller 154. 46. Minor Boyd 155. 47. William R. Turner 156 48. Julian F. Baxter 157 49. Harold w. ketron 158 5. John D. Bower (jack) 159 51. Frampton E. Ellis 16O. 52. Frank B. Anderson 161. 53. Robert P. Brooks (Preston) 162. 54. Lucien P. Goodrich 163. 55. issac S. Hopkins (Stiles) 164. 56. Joseph I. Killorin 165. 57. Marmaduke H. Blackshear (Hardeman) 166. 58. Vlrlyn B. Moore 167. 59. Thomas w. connally 168. 60. George w. Nunnally (Winshop) 169. 61. Theodore T.Turnbull 170. 62. Walter W. Patterson 171. 63. Arthur R. Sullivan 172. 64. Charles H. cox 173. 65. Roderick H. Hill (Rodney) 174. 66. Harold w. Telford 175. 67. Arthur L. Hardy 176. 68. John E.D. Younge 177. 69. Walter 0. Marshburn 178. 70. Hugh M. Scott 179. 71. John A. Brown 180. 72. George Hains, Jr. 181. 73. Dan Y. Sage 182. 74. issac C Levy 183. 75. Lansing B. Lee 184. 76. J. Loring Raoul 185. 77. James J. Ragan 186. 78. Robert S. Parker 187. 79. George P. whitman 188. 80. William L Erwin 189. 81. Harrison J.s. Jones 190. 82. Carroll D. cabaniss 191. 83. William G. Brantley, Jr. 192. 84. Philip R. weltner 193. 85. Ambrose H. Carmichael 194. 86. Richard K. Smith (Kyle) 195. 87. William W. Brown (Wed) 196. 88. Frank H. Martin 197. 89. Charles N. Feidelson 198. 90. John K. McDonald, Jr. 199. 91. Henry L. J. Williams 200. 92. Robert H. Jones, Jr. 201. 93. Sidney O. Smith 202. 94. Morton S. Hodgson 203. 95. Herman P. De LaPerriere 204. 96. Floyd C. Newton 205. 97. Claude L. Derrick 206. 98. wylie c. Hensbn (Clayton) 207. 99. John B. Harris 208. 100. Young B. Smith 209. 101. Daniel h. Redfearn 210. 102. Jerome c. Michael 211. 103. Dwight L. Rogers 212. 104. Edgar v. carter, Jr. 213. 105. James E. Lucas 214. 106. Harle G.Bailey 215. 107. Edward M. Brown 216. 108. Hosea A. Nix (Abit) 217. omer w. Franklin 218. Eralbert T. Miller 219. Henderson L. Lanham, jr. 220. Hlnton B.B. Blackshear 221. Washington Falk, Jr. 222. Alexander R. MacDonnell (Alec) 223. Herbert C. Hatcher (Cliff) 224. Paul L Bartlett 225. Edgar L. Pennington 226. Edwin W. Moise (Warren) 227. George C. woodruff 228. Evans V. Heath 229. Millard Rewis 230. Robert B. Troutman 231. Arthur K. Maddox 232. John A. Sibley 233. Lloyd D. Brown 234. Clifford Brannen 235. George T. Northen 236. William A. Mann 237. Harold D. Meyer 238 Benton h. Walton 239. David R. Peacock 240. Virgil E. Durden 241 Charles E. Martin 242. Edgar B. Dunlap 243. Robert L. McWhorter 244. Robert H. Freeman 245. Zachary S. Cowan 246. Edward m. Morgenstern 247. James M. Lynch 248. Henry L. Rogers (Levy) 249. Bentley H. chappell 250. Casper I. Funkenstein (ira) 251. Frank Carter 252. Tinsley R. Ginn (Rucker) 253. Aaron B. Bernd 254. Russell H. Patterson 255. Victor Victor 256. Hoyt H. welchel 257. Lewis A. Pinkussohn 258. Clark Howell, Jr. 259. David K. McKamy 260. David F. Paddock 261. John G. Henderson 262. Edward J. Hardin 263. George S. Whitehead 264. James B. Conyers 265. Charles W. Jacobson 266. Hugh L. Hodgson 267. Robert w. Wesley 268. George L. Harrison 269. Charles M. Tanner, Jr. 270. William H. Quarterman, Jr. 271. Robert L. Callaway, Jr. 272. Joel B. Mallet 273. Thomas A. Thrash 274. Max L. Segall 275. William H. sorrells (Holman) 276. William 0. White (Osmonde) 277. John P. Stewart 278. Neil L Gillis, Jr. 279. Roff Sims, Jr. 280. John h. carmical 281. Howard H. McCall, Jr. 282. Irvine M. Levy 283. Hinton F. Longino 284. Richard W. Courts, Jr. 285. Lucius H. Tippett 286. Otto R. Ellars 287. Roger H. west 288. Robert L. Foreman, Jr. (Trot) 289. James M. Hatcher (Madden) 290. Dewey Knight 291. Louis S. Davis (Whltey) 292. Wallace P. Zachry 293. Irvine Phinizy 294. Robert D. O ' Callaghan (Dennis) 295. Charles M. Candler (Murphey) 296. William M. Dallas (Mckenzie) 297. Claude H. Satterfleld 298. Frank W. Harrold 299. William D. Miller 300. Arthur Pew, Jr. 301. Robert E.L Spence, Jr. 302. Chester w. slack 304. John R. Slater 305. Everett w. Hlghsmith (way) 306. Ashel M. Day (Bum) 307. Charles Strahan 308. Hillary H. Mangum 309. William H. Stephens (Hugh) 310. Preston B. FordNathan Jolles 311. Owen G. Reynolds 312. John P. Carson (Pate) 313. Walter D. Durden (Dawson) 314. Welborn B. Cody 315. Malcomb A. McRalney 316. William F. Daniel (Frank) 317. Ellis H. Dixon 318. Freeman C. McClure 319. Lewis H. Hill, jr. 320. George J. Clark 321. Charles A. Lewis 322. Joseph J. Bennet, Jr. (John) 323. John A. Hosch (Alton) 324. Charles G. Henry 325. James k. Harper (Doc) 326. Herbert H. Maddox 327. Josh L. Watson Charles R. Anderson Edward M. Gurr Hervey M. Cleckley, III waiter c. Carter, Jr. (Colquitt) William Tate Charles F. Wiehrs John H. Fletcher James D. Thomason John H. Hosch, Jr. Thomas F. Green, IV Walter E. Sewell Lester Hargrett Charles L. Gowen Martin E. Kilpatrick (Buster) John D. Allen Horace D. Shattuck George D. Morton Gwinn H. Nixon Alexis A. Marshall Carlton N. Men Ernest P. Rogers Walter T. Forbes, Jr. George S. Johnson James R. Chambliss (Rollln) Ernest Camp, Jr. Allen w. Post Alexander S. Clay, III (Steve) Frank k. Boland, Jr. (Kells) ivey M. Shiver, Jr. (Chick) William H. Young, Jr. issac K. Hay George E. Florence, Jr. Thomas A. Nash Thomas J. Hamilton, Jr. Benjamin H. Hardy, Jr. Hallman L Standi (Luke) Dani el C. Tully Robert L. Patterson, Jr. Hloke S. wofford John S. Candler, II Glenn B. Lautzenhlser Rufus B. Jennings Craig Barrow, Jr. Robert G. Hooks Joseph H. Boland Guy C. Hamilton, Jr. James J. Harris William A. Kline, Jr. Kankakee Anderson James E. Palmour, Jr. Henry G. Palmer Frank K. Mccutchen Dupont G. Harris (Guerry) Robert D. Feagin, Jr. (Doug) Mattox L. Purvis Joseph m. Oliver Marvin H. Cox Ellis G. Arnall Herbert S. Maffett Sandford W. Sanford John w. Maddox Mark D. Hollis William C. Latimer Vernon s. smith (Catfish) William M. Strickland, Jr. James w. Mclntire Charles M. Gaston (Marion) McCarthy Crenshaw William M. Hazelhurst Leroy S. Young Frederic Soloman vlrlyn B. Moore, Jr. William T. Maddox James M. Richardson, jr. (Milton) Morton s: Hodgson, Jr. Troy R. Thigpen, Jr. (Randolph) Robert G. Stephens, Jr. John W. Calhoun, III DeNean Stafford, Jr. John P. Bond Harry S. Baxter winburn T. Rogers John D. Bowden, Jr. (Dan) Joseph c. Strong (Carl) Augustus L. Rogers (Lee) James w. wise (Walter) William T. Bennett, Jr. (Tap) William c. Hawkins (Colbert) Robert T. Anderson wade c. Hoyt, Jr. Charles c. Harrold, Jr. Charles B. Anderson, Jr. (Ben) Edward H. Baxter Dyar E. Massey, Jr. Seaborn A. Rodden berry, III (Andy) Morris B. Abrmam Floyd C. Newton, Jr. James Q. Lumpkin, Jr. (Quinton) Robert B. Troutman, Jr. Robert P. Mccuen Ambrose G. Cleveland, Jr. (Gus) Robert c. Norman Julian D. Halliburton isma L. Price, jr. (Lee) Howell Hollis, Jr. Kenneth A. McCaskill (Alex) William s. smith, Jr. (Stanford) Lee T. Newton 306 ORGANIZATIONS tt m » 328. Jack B. Matthews E . J2 329. Ernest S. Vandlver, Jr. «■ 330. Frank L. Cunn HI 331. Alpha A. Fowler, Jr. 440 332. Clarence J. Smith, Jr. (Jay) jf 333. Bernard C. Gardner, jr. (B.C.) " 12 334. Verner F. Chaffln Jg 335. John C. Meadows, Jr. 444. 336. Clifford C. Klmsey 445. 337. Thomans C. Penland 446. 338. John B. Miller 447. 339. Woodle A. Partee, Jr. (Cus) 448. 340. Frank F. Slnkwlch 449. 341. Irby S. Exley 450. 342. Ellington M. Norman (Murray) 451. 343. Forest L. Champion, Jr. 452. 344. George D. Lawrence 453. 345. Jesse G. Bowles 454. 346. James P. Miller 455. 347. Aubrey R. Morris 456. 348. James C. DeLay 457. 349. Fluker G. Stewart 458. 350. Charles L. Trippl 459. 351. John E. Sheffield, Jr. 460. 352. William F. Scott, Jr. 461. 353. Frank S. Cheatham, Jr. 462. 354. Dan M. Edwards 463. 355. Robert M. Joiner 464. 356. Dempsey W. Leach 465. 357. William H. Burson 466. 358. Melburne D. McLendon 467. 359. John Rauch 468. 360. Albert M. Wilkinson, Jr. (Mlms) 469. 361. kirk M. McAlpIn 470. 362. Bryan k. Whitehurst 471. 363. John E. Griffin 472. 364. Harry L. Wlngate, Jr. 473. 365. James L. Bentley, Jr. 474. 366. Porter O. Payne 475. 367. James A. Andrews H. 368. Samuel R. Burns (Ray) 477. 369. Harold c. walraven, Jr. 478. 370. Robert J. Healey 479. 371. Raleigh G. Bryans 480. 372. Lawrence T. Crlmmlns 481. 373. George R. Relnhardt (Bob) 482. 374. William A. Ellnburg, Jr. 483. 375. William B. Phillips (Barry) 484. 376. waiter t. Evans (Ted) 485. 377. Thomas A. waddell 486. 378. Robert S. McArthur 487. 379. Edward L Dunn, Jr. 488. 380. Michael E. Merola 489. 381. William H. Justice 490. 382. Nlckolas P. Chlllvls 491. 383. Michael w. Edwards 492. 384. Talmadge E. Arnette 493. 385. carl J. Turner 494. 386. Claude M. Hipps 495. 387. Burton s. Middlebrooks 496. 388. Henry G. Woodard 497. 389. Cecil R. Spooner 498. 390. Howard k. Holladay 499. 391. Phil C. Beverly 500. 392. Roland C. Stubbs, Jr. 501. 393. Hassel L. Parker 502. 394. Rovert k. west 503. 395. James D. Benefleld, Jr. (Dewey) 504. 396. Wesley l. Harris 505. 397. Frank V. Salerno 506. 398. William D. Moseley (Darrein 507. 399. Charles R. Adams, Jr. 508. 400. Daniel W. Kitchens 509. 401. Edmund R. Bratkowski (Zeke) 510. 402. Donald L. Branyon, Jr. 511. 403. Randall T. Maret 512. 404. John R. Carson 513. 405. Robert L Blalock 514. 406. Logan R. Patterson (Reid) 515. 407. Quentin R. Gabriel 516. 408. Jay D. Gardner 517. 409. Frank w. Seller 518. 410. Richard P. Trotter 519. 411. Joseph P. o Malley 520. 412. Kermit S. Perry 521. 413. jule w. Felton, Jr. 522. 414. Jabez M cCorkle, III (Jake) 523. 415. John J. Wllkins, III 524. 416. Norman S. Fletcher 525. 417. Lindsay H. Bennett, Jr. 526. 418. Robert S. Lowery, Jr. 527. 419. Donald G. Joel 528. 420. John R. OToole 529. 421. Joel J. Knight 530. 422. Edward W. Killorin 531. 423. George M. Scheer, Jr. 532. 424. Joseph H. Marshall 533. 425. Nathan G. Knight 534. 426. Robert A. Rowan 427. David K. Hollis, Jr. A 428. Monte w. Markham 429. Emmet J. Bondurant, II 430. Jay C. Cox D 431. Ben S. McElmurray, Jr. (Swain) 432. Harry E. Hendrix 433. Theron C. Sapp 434. Bryce W. Holcomb H 435. Thomas E. Denard, Jr. 436. James P. Walker, Jr. J William a. Davis, Jr. Thomas H. Lewis, Jr. Thomas R. Burnside, Jr. James P. Yarbrough Charlie B. Christian Earl T. Leonard, Jr. . Francis A. Tarkenton Thomas m. Blalock Ronald L. Case (Pete) Linton R. Dunson, Jr. Wyckliffe A. knox, Jr. (Wyckl Bryant F. Hodgson, Jr. John H. Crawford III Augustus B. Turnbull, III William R. Montfort, Jr. James h. Blanchard EdwartT.M. Garland wyatt T. Johnson, Jr. Richard N. Lea James L Aldrldge (Larry) Albert W.F. Bloodworth (Franklin) Jake l. Saye, Jr. Ben B. Tate Charles B. Haygood, Jr. Alexander w. Patterson Larry C. Rakestraw David C. Trlbby Charles L Bagby John A. Rhodes, Jr. McCarthy Crenshaw, Jr. Neal H. Ray Donald C. Dixon James c. Pitts George B. Watts Bruce G. Bateman George w. Darden William Roy Grow Turner Lynn Hughes Robert Glenn Etter William Morgan House William Ralph Parker Robert Foster Rhodes Dennis Lee Fordham Rutherford C. Harris Thomas W. Lawhorne, Jr. John Michael Ley William Porter Payne Pharis Randall Seabolt Robert Lee Williams George Albert Dasher Robert E. Knox, Jr. Henry E. Lane Robert E. Chanin James L Pannell Paul Cleveland Tedf ord Thomas Lewis Lyons James Robert Hurley Andrew M. Scherfflus William P. Bailey Cader B. Cox ll Thomas A. Nash, Jr. Earl D. Harris Patrick L. Swindall Joel 0. Wooten, Jr. Charles William Griffin Joseph H. Fowler Michael S. Wright Charles T Hall Robert P. Killian James S. Watrous Anderson S. Johnson Thomas M. Melo Charles H. Bond Robert E. Tritt Manuel Diaz, Jr. John Chase Mckissick Michael P. Haggerty George Robert Relnhardt Benjamin H. Cheek John A. Gilleland Glynn A. Harrison Carl E. Westmoreland, Jr. J. Rivers walsh Kevin L. Knox William Harry Mills James Rayford Goff (Ray) Alexander h. Booth (Alex) Jack Hanna (John Henry Hanna IV) Gordon smith (Gordon Allen Smith) Mike Levengood (John Michael Levengood) Leonard W. Fussell Jeffrey Young Lewis Willie Edward McClendon Samuel Scott Young David C. Jensen Bret Thurmond C. Michael Valentine Jeffrey T. Pyburn Honorary Members: Henry c Brown George P. Butler Samuel H. Sibley Edward E. Dougherty Walter A. Harris Holcombe Bacon Mansfield P. Hall Frank Kells Boland Henry G. Colvin Walter S. Cothran (Peter) k John w. Spain (Will) L John T. Dorsey M Frank R. Mitchell N Harry Dodd O Charles h. Black P Walter R. Tlchenor (Tic) Q George T. Jackson R Walter B. Hell S Charles M. snelling T David C. Barrow u Robert E. Park v Henry c White w Andrew M. Soule x Willis H. Bocock Y Steadman V. Sanford Z Charles M. Strahan aa Herman J. Stegeman BB William S. Morris (Sylvanus) CC George F. Peabody DD Ernest A. Lowe (Rastus) EE Thomas J. Woofter FF Thomas w. Reed CG Harry J. Mehre HH Harry N. Edmunds ll Harold Hlrsch JJ Edgar L. Secrest kK Harmon W. Caldwell LL Paul w. Chapman MM Robert R. Gunn nn John D. wade OO Hughes Spalding PP Charles H. Herty QQ Ellis M. Coulter (Merton) RR William O. Payne SS James W. Butts, Jr. (Wallace) TT Henry A. Shlnn uu willlam M. crane W William O. Collins WW Erie E. Cocke, Jr. XX omer c. Aderhold YY John E. Drewry zz Herman E. Talmadge AA Robert O. Arnold AB Charles J. Bloch AC Frank D. Foley AD Roy v. Harris ae Joseph A. Williams AF Thomas H. Lokey (Hamilton) AG Richard B. Russell AH Paul Brown Al John O. Eldson AJ James A. Dunlap Ak Philip M. Landrum AL Marlon Tyus Butler am John L. cox, Jr. AN Harold M. Heckman AO Marvin B. Perry AP carl E. Sanders AO jack J. Spauldlng, III AR Augustus OB. Sparks AS James W. Woodruff, Jr. AT willlam L. Dodd (Lamar) au Francis M. Bird av Pope F. Brock AW Robert C. Wilson AX b. Sanders Walker AY inman Brandon AZ Jesse Draper BA Alex A. Lawrence, Jr. BB Jasper N. Dorsey BC Clarke W. Duncan (Sonny) BD Philip H. Alston, Jr. " J. Phil Campbell Fred c. Davison Vincent J. Doo ley Jack B. Ray George S. Parthemos BJ Robert L Dodd bk joel Eaves BL Augustus H. Sterne BM Herbert B. Owens BN Monroe Klmbrel BO George L Smith ll BP Robert G. Edge BO winshlp Nunnally BR Dan H. Magill, Jr. BS David w. Brooks BT willlam C. Hartman, Jr. BU William R. cannon BV Robert S. Wheeler BW chappelle Matthews BX Dean Rusk TA Don Carter TB Eugene Odum rr George D. Busbee ta Robert Perry Sentell, Jr. te Sam Nunn rz Henry G. Neal BE BF BG BH Bl ORGANIZATIONS 307 Honors Council Honors Program Student Association Council is composed of elected members of the Honors Program. Demost z-ciub Z-Club is the highest honor a freshman woman can receive at the university of Georgia. The selection of members is based on scholarship, leadership, and service to the University. Sandra Hudson, (Secretary); Suzanne Sinyard, (President); Karen Cabaniss, Anne Goodman, (Treasurer); Susan Williams, Jill Beckett, (Vice President); Elizabeth Sones. Not Pictured: Advisor, Ms. LeAnne Seawell; Catherine Rodrigues, Theresa Smith, Linda Crossgrove, Leigh Touchton, Michelle Hicks. Demost whose pu JeffJowdy Elizabeth Mote Nacjine McMarv John Shefta; Tommietiv Robert O ' Qii LizO ' Doms Fred Young JaneDenson auisctnefe Niton c lnsBonneS 308 ORGANIZATIONS Demosthenian Literary Society Demosthenian Literary Society is a collegiate society whose purpose is free expression of ideas and debate. Jeff Jowdy Elizabeth Motes Nadine McMahan John Sheftall Tommie Elaine Shattuck Robert O ' Quinn Liz O ' Donnell Fred Young Downing Bethune John Richards Diane Denson Paul Schleifer Randy Peterman Angela Reynolds Chris Bonnenberg Julie Brackett Greg Drake David Barrett David Motes Mike Price Heather York Walter Johnson Hartford Campbell Robert Rohr Rick Wharton Robert Bean Mark King Bart Danielson Aaron H. Davidson Leila L ' Abate Scott Merrill Peggy Beckwith Mike Webb Betsy Lions Jim Sullivan Beth Matthews David Thompson John Garcia Ted Carellas Peter Reuning Brown Russell Gene Shiles Harry Griffith Daniel Mitchell ORGANIZATIONS 309 Demosthenian Literary Society Facts on Demosthenian Hall: It Is located on the campus of the university of Georgia, within the Old North campus Historic District which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. constructed in 1824, Demosthenian Hall was described by the Historic American Building Survey in the 1930s as a superb example of an early club building. Today, having served as the home of the Demosthenian Literary Society for 156 years, Demosthenian Hall is the fourth oldest original building on the university campus and is the only privately owned structure located on University property. Members (cont ' d): Tim Elder, Jay Hopkins, Brad Marsh, Marc Porter. Spring Officers: President, Robert O ' Quinn; Vice President, Paul Schleifer; Sec Treas., Walter Johnson. or.P JJ TornmyBBrm ccompart sfes Barney WflW Brian smith " Jerri Chairman; Bjiry purnam.Asst Membership: Farr Gilmer, Asst MembersnjfDjn Mccranfcgw Relations; WW Scharff, Alumni Records; Ort Fletcher, PuMW Chairman; Ted Schulte.AsstPutt Chairman, ftp Double Quartet S Rodgers, Billy Durham, Joe Aire Stuart Bowers, narsMwn M Fowler, Dermis Johnson, Pat Mate 310 ORGANIZATIONS HOKtlWiBder.Ja mm- BSES m jonnson. Dr. Pierce E. Arant, Director; Tommy Bryant, Accompanist; Tony Adams, President; Mark Hadden, Vice President; David McTier, Secretary; Victor Wilson, Librarian; Barney craven, Librarian; Brian Smith, Membership Chairman; Billy Purham, Asst. Membership; Farrell Gilmer, Asst. Membership; Dan McCranie, Alumni Relations; Michael Scharff, Alumni Records; Chris Fletcher, Publicity Chairman; Ted Schulte, Asst. Publicity Chairman, (right) Double Quartet: Scott Rodgers, Billy Durham, Joe Allred, Stuart Bowers, Jim Marshburn, Mark Fowler, Dennis Johnson, Pat Maloof. Men ' s Glee Club ORGANIZATIONS 311 F - GEORGIA REDCOAT BAND mi, t. ' » ' aw, ' M ' ' . " v XyUVAt W% M u £-J 4- L 1n % UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA READCOAT BAND STAFF 1979-1980 Director of Bands: Roger Dancz Marching Director: Gary Teske Acting Assistant Director of Bands: Russ Laib Director of Auxiliary Units: Phyllis Dancz Assistant Director ofAuxilary units: Janice Stowe Drum Instructor: Tony McCutchen Arranger: Tom Wallace Secretary-Treasurer: Ruth Kiney Graduate Assistant: Ernie Phillips Drum Majors: Laurie Kiney and John Richmond Rehearsal Assistant: Joyce Latham, Sam Kyzer, Joel Tarpley, Ernie Phillips Properties Chief: Jerrie Kay Hulsey, Fall Gene Gaultney, Winter-Spring Administrative Assistant: Herb Gilmore Librarian: Julie McCoy Rehner Assistant Librarian: Guy Smith Uniforms: Joyce Latham REDCOAT BAND OFFICERS Captain: John Richmond Assistant captain: Joyce Latham 1st Lt. Social: Billy Florence, Karen Bradley committee members: Majorettes: Michelle Metaxas Georgettes: Bettye Hackney Banners: Beth Martin 1st Lt. Special Projects: Gene Gaultney, Joe Livingston, Laurie Kiney 1st Historian: Becky Ritch 1st Lt. Alumni: Alice Nicholas, Sam Kyzer Majorette Captain: Merry Lee Huff Majorette Lt: Vicki Foster Georgette Captain: Sharon Burt Georgette Lt: Sebrina Hall Georgette Lt: Ginny Parker Bulldog Banners Captain: Cathy Bickel Bulldog Banners Lt: Shari Lowe Drum Section Leader: Jeff Hulsey ORGANIZATIONS 313 Jazz Band « • i 314 ORGANIZATIONS Concert Band ORGANIZATIONS 315 316 ORGANIZATIONS 4? 4 f The People Who Add Life To Georgia Football 318 ORGANIZATIONS ; Who Add ia Footba REDCOAT BAND ROSTER Melanie Aaron Mack Alexander Mark Anders Chris Archambeault Greg Armlstead Wendy Ashworth Tom Atveo Doug Bailey Stacy Barber Scott Barman Joe Barrow Steve Baxter Rocky Beeland Tyran Bennett Cathy Blckel Lisa Blckel vickl Blckel Hal Blerce David Blttner Joy Bland Leslie Blank Rosemarle Bobon Bill Bodln Mike Boggs Jim Bohannon Larry Bollng John Bonning Alex Boskoff James Bothwell Paula Bowers Stewart Bowers Karen Bradley Doris Braunsroth Jackie Brock Sandra Broome David Brown Robert Browning Darryl Buntyn Cathy Burgess Teddl Burgoon Matthew Burrlll Sharon Burt Janet Bryant Debbie Cabe Nancy eagle Scott C ampbell Maria Capece Ed Carpenter Robert Carpenter Cathy Carr Pam Cash Keith Cavender Leslie Chambers Angella Charles Doug Clark Emily cofield Cathy Coghlan Jeanine conkle Donna Cook John Cook Katie cotter Walter cotter janle cowan Ben Crlder David Crittenden Felicia Crowder Dan Crowe Glen Daily Denlse Daugherty Lee David Tommy DeLoach Susan Dennis Donna Dobson Jeff Durden Pam Edwards Laura Ellington Patrick Ellis Keith Enterkln Laura Ewing Wayne Fears Jeff Fllliater Cathy Fincher Jerry Flndley Chris Fletcher Billy Florence Christy Floyd Angela Ford Vickl Foster Gary Fouts David Fulcher David Fulton Robin Gary Fred Gates Gene Gaultnev Mark Gaultney Joe Glosson Jay Glover Cathy Gnann Nancy Bogln Mark Goldenberg George Grace Debbie Grlner Judy Guebert Watson Gulllebeau Chip Habersetzer Bettye Hackney Kim Hair John Hall Sebrlna Hall Suzanne Harrell Jullanne Harrison Sammy Hawkins Alice Hemingway Bryan Hendrix Keith Henrlch Terrl Herzlinger Marty Heyler Susie Holland Sandl Hollls Kathy Hood Anna Hood Steve Hooten Marie Hopkins Harry House Merry Lee Huff Jeff Hulsey Jerrie Kay Hulsey Bob Hurt jay Hutcherson Janet irby Joe Jackson Margie Jackson Scott Jacobs Carol Johnson Cellndy Johnson Richard Johnston Jim Kalvln Howard Kaufman Chuck Kay Jim Kesler Laurie Klney Hal King Lee King Debbie Kumle Sam Kyzer Lenise Lago Shelley Lampton Ricky Land Joyce Latham Brent Lawson Don Lee Ed Legge Rusty Lenox Rita Leonard Robyn Levlne Howard Levlne Ethan Lewis Joe Livingston Jim Loebl Tony Logsdon Deedie Love Ron Lowe Sharl Lowe Suzanna Luttrell Beth Martin Jim Martin John Masak Theresa Maske Lynn Matthewr Ella Kay McCampbell Tim Mccannon Rebecca McCool Bill Mccown Kay Melvln Ruthle Merrltt Michelle Metaxas James Mintz Samllle Mitchell Mike Montague Tanya Moody Wayne Montgomery Kay Moore Debra Morris Jeannie Morris Howard Moses Valerie Mote Maureen Murphy Alice Nicholas Frances Northlngton Laurie Nowell Bob Nunnally Susan Nunnally Julie Oden Tim Oliver Dena Orr Jane Orr Marchla Oshinskl Keely Palmer Glnny Parker Steve Parker Melody Parrott Phil Parsons Lewis Patterson Jeff Penick Mark Perry Steve Pharrls John Phillips Nancy Ouinn David Ray Phil Redmond Jamie Reesman Julie Rehner Susan Richardson Susan E. Richardson John Richmond pam Richmond Arsburn Roberts Ben Roberts Danny Roberson Ginny Roberts Scott Rogers Pam Rountree David Rubnitz Mark Rudowske Mlchele Schmidt Donna Schneider Bill Scholz Cindy Scott van Scott Pam Sell Frank Seymore Harold Sharp Cindy Smith Darryl Smith Greg smith Guy Smith Sim Sorrow Lorene Sprayberry Mary Springer Terrl Stephens Dennis stone Mark stone Don strand Chris Striggow Kelly Tadsen Steve Taylor Joel Tarpley Karl Temple Julie Thacker joey Thomas Denlse Thompson Michael Thompson Mark Thomson Foy Todd Jim underwood Kim underwood Dan Vaughn Tim Vaughn Ron valdes Peggy wagener carol Waldrip Wendell walker Jeff Wakefield Mike Wakefield Ken ward Troy Webb Susan Weddle Allen Weir Lorl White Martha Jo white scott wilcher Brenda Williams Jane Williams John Williams Brad Wood Jim woolbrlght Nancy Wright Tina Zeitler 320 ORGANIZATIONS The Section Of: DORMS Editor, Jane Lauer DORMS 321 Russell mmim m f Brumby Milledge| | ■■«• 1 Bnll tin ii luB 1 1 1 1 III iiiiH ] iV a ■R- m WK M Payne Hall ft I 4 k a ■■cte ?° 99S ' urch, Hill, J Mel! Hal,, Oglethorpe House The Section Of: MILITARY Editor, Jodi Robinette MILITARY 329 Air Force ROTC Detachment 160 of the Air Force ROTC is an important part of academia at the University of Georgia. The AFROTC curriculum is divided into four parts corresponding to class year. As freshmen, the cadets are taught the basic functions of and information about the Air Force. The second year is devoted to the history of the air component of the Armed Forces, in the junior year, students are instructed in management techniques and theories. Air Force defense policy and military law is the program for seniors. The program gives students the opportunity to work on leadership and interpersonal communications. These opportunities are provided through the cadet corps which directs these activities and through leadership lab where cadets are exposed to the fundamentals of marching and parade formation. AFRCfTC 6 00 environffljj jfiintramurtj commumtypn and social w» such as the a Dining-M Mvpn Front row (I to r): Charles Kinney, Stan Barrett, Rick Hawkins, Teresa Babers, Danita Williams, Richard Coc- hran, John Cillham, Lynn Tasker. seond row ( to r): Keith Bennett, Val Smith, Earl Clayer, Jacquelyn Famy, Rick Stephens, Doug Alexander, Randall Cupton. third row (I to r): Joe Henry, Leila L Abate, David Ellgass, Robert Little, Suzanne Crow, Greg Quesenhene, Debra Hawkins, Mike Child, Mitch Clowe, Jon Tuck, Mark Stuart, David Pool, Joe Vazquez, Sam Thurman, Ricky Freeman. 330 MILITARY AFROTC is not only an academia environment but it also has many extracurricular activities. The members participate in intramural sports, community projects and social activities, such as the annual Dining-Out and the Aerospace Ball. (left to right): Col. Merritt Pound, Jr., Maj. Robert Long, capt. James Weber, capt. Loretta Lee, MSgt. Harry Moyers, MSgt. Steven Beals, SSgt. Mario Molina. Front row (left to right): Tony Oxley, Neill Fuller, Todd Joseph, Rob Haire second row (left to right): Mike Pressley, Kim Hurd, Steve DeLoach, Lisa ward, Carol Vicars, Cody Smith, Bobby Nunnally, Alan Dooley, Ron Cochran third row (left to right): Denise Reynolds, Chris Brewer, Stan McElroy, Rici Lucas, Ricky Coff, Randy worley fourth row (left to right): Sid Clarke, Randy verble, Kerry Burklow MILITARY 331 Arnold Air Society The Roger E Kindig Squadron of the Arnold Air Society has been a very active arm of the Air Force ROTC program. The Arnold Air Society is an honorary professional organization that works with the campus and community. Some of their projects have included the Ronald McDonald House Putt-Putt-A-Thon, the March of Dimes Super-Run, campus Blood Drive, and the entertaining children in the local hospitals. f 332 MILITARY Front-; ft y 911091 -,; " Hurt, Wendy Hermg Denixse RevnoUs, Jo " NOTBly.tai Arnold Society " ofJeAroiflAir £?JoftiieAir Wswietyis JS5«ie Ronald JJa«e March sjood Drive, and ' :■- Front row (I to r): Neill Fuller, Steve DeLoach, Todd Joseph, Stan McElrov, Barr O ' Neal, second row (I to r): Kim Hurd, Wendy Herring, Suzanne Crow, Carol Vicars, Laura Bussert, David Ellgrass. third row (I to r): Mark Nasworthy, Denixse Reynolds, Jon Tuck, Kerry Burklow, Ricky Goff, Bobby Nunnally, David Watson. MILITARY 333 Angel Fli organizaoondec furttieringWJ Society, and W 1 Georgia. Bottom row (I to r): stevie cannon, Joyce Dalton, Jeanne Hopkins, Rhonda McLean, Becky Johnson, Sarah Russo, Abbie Mickelson, Cindy Scott, middle row (I to r): Bonnie Giles, Joy upchurch, Jenny Hennen, Liz Fant, Lisa Whitten, Susan Nunnall, Linda Chocallo. top row (I to r): carren Henderson, Caye Bell, Tricia Tidwell, Susan Sports, Joli Hearn, Pam Chirpe, Debbie Romig, Tonya Hawkins, Letty Lanier, Julia Miller, Julia Sligh, Suze Crowder, Mary Lou Meyer, Terry McCraw, Major Robert w. Long. 334 MILITARY - l Angel Flight Angel Flight is an honorary service organization dedicated to furthering the understanding of the United States Air Force by supporting and promoting interest in Air Force ROTC, Arnold Air Society, and the University of Georgia. i Irtr Jonnson. Sarah xrviv Hennen Liz Fant, SwdaiKWlw gjpjASigtlSuze MILITARY 335 So That ' s an Organization . . . one of over 350 registered student clubs on the university of Georgia campus. Each one is special in its own way. With that many organizations there ' s just about something for everyone — that is if the student chooses to become involved on top of studies and class time. Being a part of an organiza- tion makes the journey of a college career more rewarding and enjoyable. Kevin workman Organizations Editor 336 ORGANIZATIONS I in... The Section of ii CLASSES Editor: Lori Campbell CLASSES 337 I . I 1 ' 1mJ± tt M frw n BEAUTIES 339 B. Rodrigue i - «! vl - . + .V , i | " i H ill • A w EAUTIES 341 k B. Rodrigue $ » J 1 j hi J «SHK - k V i in 1 it. f m m i « n . k : . i. ,: BEAUTIES 345 S. Rodrigue xK .•J. I jP ' 1 1 : ifc SH : wf 1 J 4i tm -■ • «• » • i id 1 - M » y) v T «SV •• o K ».. v . -- . r r . 4 i mmmm WS ' .• ' i r ac ' i .t i J 1 Not Pictured: Elizabeth Morgan, Miss Georgia Football m . h BEAUTIES 34 Donna Albrecht Bill Barker Barbara Brisco carol Bryant Yvonne Bryant Julie Cain Un callinan Stephen cannon Marguetta carringer Angus Childebelu Juanita Cunningham Janice Daniel Harriett Diciola Karye Evans John Fleming Jean Florence Charles Fowler !■■■! Lisa Frampton Terri Cermann Margaret Greer Linda Grimes Ramona Crizzard Thomas Hafley Desiree Hill Marjorie Houghton Manti Hu 350 CLASSES arw MMM OWJfartf ra - - MgM Rhonda Johnson Susan Johnson T.F. Johnson Caron Jones ii war it Sharon Jones Say June Kim Mary Maddox Murray McCollumn John McCarlty Joseph McCuire Bonnie McLean George Mock Eflson Munjanganja Ro Nemeth Doug Oliver Brenda Pullln Donna Rodgers Nancy Rogers M w James Segars Deborah Sharp William sigmond Pamela Rita Stowers Michael Swain Mary Tlgles Denise verenes Joe Vines Sara Jane ware James Wesberry Angelynn Whltlock Beth Wiley Cherry Williams Gary Wiseman CLASSES 351 !« Marc Barre Georgia Batly Donna Bauer Floretta Bazzell Cindy Beauchamp Lydia Beavers James Beck IWW BroM 352 CUSSES m M u : » Mtf« ■mmm urttrw 1 0 !■» pglMM rs!3» Lori Campbell Peggy Campbell Jenny Cardell CLASSES 353 354 CLASSES ••t Carolyn cowen KatJiy cox Roger coyle Tony craig m i m Maiena Cunningham Anne Davenport Maxine David Charles Davis Dianne Davis Jackie Davis Edward Dean Ralph Delgiorno Lance DeLoach Katherlne Denig Randy Dill Jeannie Dismer Denise Dougherty Gloria Dumas Karen Duncan Kathy Dysart Karen Earnest Jim Edwards 1 ' Z f Pamela Edwards David Ellin Donna Elliott Sandra Elliott lone English ■IBBflil .MH Edward Erkes Richard Erlandson carol Evans CLASSES 355 Paul Evans Michael Evert James Fair, jr. Liz Fant Kathy Federspiel Cathy Flncher Patricia Flanagan mmam Tammy Foltz Dibiaezue Francis Warren Franklin Jim Franko Diahann Frederick Karen Frost Frank Furbish Cynthia Furches Bill Garrett Spencer Celernter Tony Cievlngo Dale Gllllland Ferrell Gilmer Cecilia Ginn CkNIHM H Mh James Greene Randy Greenway Reid Griffin photo by G. Sicay 356 CLASSES :r " ;: " - " " " " «Wtt ■Mr casern ■I ' 1 9 pi i Watson Cuillabeau Beverly Guined Peggy Haas Mark Haddon Debbie Hambley Mary Hamlin Anne Harden Barbara Held James Hershey Dlanne Hlckma Lynne Hicks J.c. Highsmith, Jr. Alicia Hill m w Elolse Hill Scott Hill Tom Hlnderlelder Margaret Hoeler Nancy Holloman Lewis Holsten Mary Hope Sellna Hopkins Myron Hosea Kenya Houghton CLASSES 357 a I cristin Houser Caroline Howell Roy Huff Sharon Hutchlngs Sandy Inman Janet Ivey James Jackson a 358 CLASSES Lloyd Kerr CLASSES 359 p Susan Mayer crystal Mccall Joe Mccall M. Mccommon Robin McDanlel Susan McDaniel Laine McGarity Bruce Meyer Kim Michael Malinda Miller Rebekah Miller Arthur Miltiades Teresa Mitchell Kathy Mitchen Ellen Mize Lori Mizelle 1m. 1 . fc 1 r I W Kathleen Moak Martine deMonye mm ebjwiiiwb J 360 CLASSES • J •mus, ■m uniKfir ir. ve tm 0t0 i Thomas Nelson Wanda Nipper Sharon Norman Amy Nostrandt Ray Nunn Teresa Nunn John Nunnally, Jr. I , P Julia Oden Lisa Odom Patricia ODonnell Karen Olllce Diane Olyha Becky oppenhelmer wendl O ' Reilly Bobby orr Jane Orr Nancy Ostwalt Rodney Owen Billie Jean Owens Patricia Paape Margery Pace Virginia Paine Morris Palefsky Darlene Palmer savela Pappas Cathy Parker Melody Parrott Mitsy Patterson CLASSES 361 — i Mi j Jonathan Pern man Lynn Pfannkuche Amanda Philhaven Venneta Phillips Robert Porteous Nancy Preston Sharon Pridgen Claire Pryor Donnie Pulliam Sally Ramsey Peggy Redfern Penny Redfern Dorothy Respess Susan Reu Denise Reynolds Malcolm Richter Sharon Rickerson Marie Rietmann Ellen Rina Mary Ritzert Mike Robbins Arnsburn Roberts Cinny Roberts Theresa Roberts 362 CUSSES ttfc .. ■hi ImlPjftlfis flWttPNttMfl 9 tm »ttw litem mt 0d Jill smith Jim Smith Lorre Smith CLASSES 363 Robert Smith Carla Snell Kelly Snelllng Herman Snider Randy Southerland Jim Spruell Cindy Steele Deborah Stephens Stephanie Stephens Mary stipick sandy stocks Laura stokes Nancy Stuart Susan stubbs II Yvette summerour Michael Sumner Kellum Tadsen Gary Tanner Debbi Tawney Owen Taylor Claude Terry III v?n ' - Darcell Thaxton Don Thomas Mary Thompson Sally Tltshaw Clnny Troxell Sarah Tumblln Nancy Turner 364 CUSSES 41 -mmmmmi CHjue Ter w II Betsy Vingle John Vlahos Tonv Walker Fave Walton Roland Ward Joe Wardlaw David Warren ? » V Lynn Weems Randy Weise Jan weltzbarker carol Wheeler Donald White Ginger white Kenneth white Melissa White RaVonda White Joey wofford Debra womack Frank Woodall Elaine York Heather York Mary Yosvlak CLASSES 365 JUNIORS • Bonnie Adams Cynthia Adams • Kathy Sue Allen David L Anderegg, Jr. • Klmberty Anderson Clint Ard • Karen Ameson Debra Ault • Matt w. Avera Terri Baker Scott Ballard Cori Bargmann Kim Barker Betsey Barnett Susan Barnette Stanley Barrett Linda Barron • Brenda Bates Susan Beacham Ken Becker Beverly Bell Deann Bell Ronald Bell Debbie Bennett Darrell Benson Carol L Benton • Mark Blackman Cindy Blunk Jane Boeckel Connie Bone Jeff Boss Nancy Bossen Ann Bowen David Bowen Mitchell Bowling • Rosalie J. Boyd Scarlett Bragg Sandy Brandt Donna Branscum Ken Brantley Cyndi Braucher Dianne Brett Lawanda Brewer Diane D. Bridges • Connie Brinkley Julia L. Brooks Angle Brown Colleen Brown Debbie Brown Elizabeth Brown LaKita Brown Scott Buchman Elizabeth Buckley !■■ 366 CLASSES 4W PI Ann Marie Buonanno • Kathy Burgiss Michael C. Bushaw Nancy Butler Charlie Butterworth Jeff Cain Stephen Caldwell Ted Carellas Donna Can- Greg Carroll • Becca Carter John Addison cash Mary Jane Cassidy Wendy chagnon Rita Clark Pamela Cleaver Robyn s. Clendenin Barbara Clinkscales Katny Cobb • Bill Coker Francis E. Cole Stuart Compton Beth Conley Joyce Conrad Christa Constein Julie Cook Richard Cook Dawn Cost • Debra Cox Timothy Cox Sue Crain Curtis Crawford Cinny Crowder Trade Crutchfield Lynn cutcliff Vanessa Dameron Debra Daniel • Lenny Daniel Michael Davis Michelle DeHaven Joan DeProspero Sandy Dlugozlma Oscar Dodek Bruce C. Dorminey Rhonda Douglas Jennifer Duncan • Emma Niyl Efienokwu Elisabeth Egger Michael Ehrhart Janet Eldan • Denise Elliott Carol Ellison • Thomas Edward Elllston CLASSES 367 • Azibonato C. Emiete Susan Epps Angie Evans David Evans Michael Evans • Becky Finfrock Ashlyn Foster Nancy Foster Marty Frazir Louise Freeman • Sharon Freeman Carol J. Fulghum Peter Caffney Cyndy Calzerano Melinda Gaskamp • Edriel D. Gaston Carolyn Caynor Samuel Ceer Judy Cenbert Walter George • William Gibbon Jeff Gill Karen Golden vickl Goodrich Anne Gregory • Loretta Griffeth Max Grizzard Janis L. Grubbs Toppy R. Gurley Carol Hall Georglna Hammock Dexter Hammond Trena Hammond Cathy Hamrlck • Gail Hancock Craig Harbin Beverly Hardcastle Sharon Harding uressee Hargett Maria Harris Joleen D. Harvey Connie Head Rise Hegwood • Scott Henderson Anne Herring Bill Hinesley Sylvia Hise Pam Holland Mary Holllngsworth LaRee Holloway Nancy Howard Susan Huck • Cindy Hudson Rhette Jackson Sherry Jackson Joy Jarrett Dwayne Johnson Anne Jollay Kathleen c. Jones Randy Keith Cindy Kelly 368 CLASSES ri Mary Kate Kelly • Sherry Kennedy Call Kerns Elaine Kimball Katy Klmbrell Laurel Ann Kiney • Robyn King Jimmy Knowles Sally Kroehnke Angela Latlmore Jane Lauer Lisa Lauterschleger Karen R. Lee Bruce Lewis Denlse Lewis Linda Lewis • Susan Lisker Gerald Livingston Wayne Lord Edgar R. Ludgar Cindy Lyon • Maura MacDonell Kelly Maddox Lois Martin Cathy Mason Eric Maxwell • Tony McAfee Kevin P. McCauley Kathleen M. McConnell Darryl D. McDonald Lynn McDonald Deborah Mclntyre Bruce McLelland Jeanne McMullen Cheryl McNair Rutnie Merritt Michele Meyers Kimberly J. Miller Sheila Miller Jenny Mills Linda Mills Harriett Mims Laura Mington Sherry Minish • Samille Mitchell Janet Jordan Mock Stephen Moeller Charles E. Moore Debra Morgan Denise Motuz David Mueller Maryann Muhlberg Emily Ann Munnell John Myers Melan ie Neal Cary Negley Susan Neylans Melissa Nicholson Martha Odom Angela Osborne Pace s. Palaio CLASSES 369 • Dianne Palmer Rapunzel Parham Tim Parker Julie Payne • Sherry Perdue Cheryl Perman David B. Perry Christy Phillips • Luclnda Plnkstaff Jennifer Pinson Jean Pirkle Natasha Porterfleld • Susan Power Joanne Powers Benny Priest Lee Ann Pritchett • Laurie Prushinski Elaine Pursley Kathy Ratliffe Larry E. Reagan Janet Reddin Shirley Redmond Nancy Reeves Bruce Reisman Nancy Reynolds • sally P. Richardson Diane Ricketson Donna Rigsby C.C. Rigsby Johnny 0. Roberts Janice Rogers Tony Roseberry Robin Routt Janet Rush • Sheryl Ryan Elaine schmetz James D. Scott, Jr. Harold N. Sharp Charles Shields Jill Shirley Stephen Simonds Frampton Simons Julia Simpson • Angle smith Anita Michelle smith Cody smith Julie M. Smith Mary Smith Scott Solomon Bernadine Spivey Myra Springfield Beth Sproat • Wayne steed Ollle Stephens Sandra Stevenson Sharon L. Still jan E. stone Keith stoney Heni stratton Karyn Strauss Pamela Stovall HB 370 CLASSES If f Lex s. Strickland • Rhathelia Stroud Timmy Sullivan Barbara Super Helen Sweat Ann Taylor Ben Taylor Angie Temples Lon S. Thomas Lynda Thomas • Terri Thomason Christy Thompson Janet Thornton Kelly Thurman Nelson Tidwell Beth Todd Dale Todd Cathy Tolbert Lisa Tolleson • Lelsha Topshe Meg Troy Travis Trussed Tammy Tucker Connie Turnbull Betsy Tyson Mike van winkle Patsy Varner Scott Vaughan • carol A. vicars Kathy vickers Bonnie Walker Kelvin M. walker Laurie walker Lalne Walsh Polly watkins Susan Wea ver Pamela w. welch • Lee Weldon Pam weaver Gary whaley Martha Jo White Melissa R. White Rikl Whitehiil Beth Whitlow Steven Whittingslow Jeffrey Wilkes • Cindy Wilkins Becky Williams Becky Williams Bob Williams Elaine Hope Williams Pam Williams Susan Lynn Williams Patricia Wilson victor Wilson • waiter Wolfe Leanne Wood Kathy Woodson Jeff Wright • Pam Wright Wendy Wright Margaret Zelgler CLASSES 371 SOPHOMORES • Kathy Adams Robin Addieton Nancy Adler uiycia Alford johnny Amos Miml Argo • James M. Amhart Emmanuel Aspras Gary Austin Joy Ball cherryl Ballard John T. Barfleld • Steve Baxter Fonda Beasley Margaret Benya Ambie Berry Terrl Blackwell Vivian Blaine • Sandy Blevins Mike Boggs Belinda S. Bohler Brenda Boles Paula Bowers Thayer D. Bowles • Susan Boyle Lore B. Branch Tommy Branch Susan Brandt Susan D. Brandy Kurt Braunsroth Angie Broder Charlene Brown Denise Brown • Treg Brown Kris Buckley Lee Burch Bill Burke Sara Jane Bums Kim Busby Nancy Calhoun Sylvia calwell Dicksy Campbell • Richard Campbell Diane carl Jean Carl Dianne Carson Karen Carter Betty Catlett Karieen Chalker Willie o. chance in Cliff Chandler • Joyce Chaney Cindy Channell Vicki Chapman James Chatman Nancy Chesna Mike Child Joon K. Choi Yasmin Clements Terry Coffaro • Ken Coleman Carol Condon Jeanine Conkle John Cook Pam Corn Veronica Covington Janet Cox David Crittenden Debbie Crochet TJ 372 CLASSES J Suzanne Crow • Brandt Culpepper Candy Curry Dot Dasch Mellnda Davis Joe Dean Lisa Demer Julian T. Dent Rachel Dickey Reglna Dobson • Diane Donatelli Chris Dossa Theresa Dove Jonathan C. Durrence Don Eidam Carol Ellington Alan c. Epps Richard W. Evelyn Steven Fairchlld • Jonl D. Farmer Pam Faulkner Jeanlne Fields Barbara Fishburne Yolanda Fleming Evelyn Fried Alesa Garner John Olln Ginn NickGivens Paulette Gleaton Charles E. Gobln Paul Gonter Julie Gordy Susan Graham Cassandra Green Cheryll Green Joann Greer Debbie G finer Tommy Hadden Robert P. Hall III Maureen Hamman Debra Hannah Angela Hansen Clint Hardwood Jeannie Harkins Traci Harlan Kye Harrell • Jane Harris Debra Hawkins Tom Heard Janice Hembrick Michael B. Henry Henry Hibbs Janice Hines Ruth Anne Houser CLASSES 373 r«jtt» - • Mike Howard Christina Howell Angela Jackson Carole Jackson Leslie Jacob Jeff Jay Mary Annette Jenkins Melissa Johnston Mary Lynn Johnson • Roger joiner Laurie Jones Racheal Jones Sheila Jones Will Katz Gary Kaufman Margaret King Mark King Norma Kinser • Jill s. Klompus Barbara Kurth Tracee Kvanm Paul Lad Jack Laury Lynn Lawler Ernie Lee Jan Lee John Lehon • John Lindsey John Lister • Holli Lockhart Janet Loftis • Maggie Logan Rodney Lowery • Romie R. Lucas Julie Lumpkin Donna Maddox Lamar Maddox Mary Lee Malone Charlene Mandevllle Charles Maslmore Cynthia Mathews Terry Matthews • Gayle Maxwell Monique S. Mccall Scott McClellan Laurel McDanlel Elizabeth McDowell Susan McDuffie Billy McElhaney Wendy McCarey David V. McCuIre • Ava Mckenzie Joseph McMillan Lisa Messing Cindy Miller Lisa Mitchell Denlse Mobley Melanle M. Moffett Leslie A. Moore Joseph W. Morris 374 CLASSES I Steve Morris • Lisa E. Muller Pam Mundy Cecil Murphy Sue Musslewhite Laura Neace Denise Nealey Mark Nedza David c. Norton Julie O Daniel • Rebecca Osborne Carolyn E. Ott Joanna Ozburn C.S. Partridge Larry Peebles John Renard Phillips Linda Phillips Kim Plumblee Kenneth T. Poe • Patti L. Popped Brenda Porter Allen Posten Greg Prince Nena K. Puckett Teresa Quintero Katherine Rambo William Renfroe Alison Rice • Louise Richards Julie Riley Claire Roberts Fran Roberts • Lynn Robinson Nina Robinson • Debbie Roland Dwayne Ruff Betty Saffold Rhonda Sailors Steve Samples Laurene Sanders janle Schlosser Ted Schulte Julie Scoggins • Nancy Self Pam Settle Dellarie Shilling Scott Sikes Monica Singer Suzanne Sinyard William Sisk Marcia Sisklnd Anita smitn • Beth smith Toyya M. Smith Wayne Smith Geneine Snell Alane Spangler Pat ty Stakes Stacy M. Stein Susan Stenger CLASSES 375 P U- • Cynthia Stevens Susan Stevens Don St James Tim Sumners Beverly Surowlec Lisa Swinson Susan Thomas Lavel Thornton Brad Tlppens • Craig Underset Jan vinlng Helen waldrep Linda a. walker Suzanne Wallace Sharon Walsh LaKeita Walters Lisa Warren Jay Watson • Carol welch Denlse Wellington Vanessa J. Wells Patrick whlddon Rodney Wllkerson Kim Wilkes Cindy D. Williams Dave Williams Janls Wilson • Dawn Wlsecarver Sharon Witt Elizabeth Wong Terri L wood Janet A. Woods Kevin workman Kate Yeager Claire Zink Chrol Zobay i 376 CLASSES Kathleen Adair Michael Adams Keith Akin Amy Allen Norma Amadei Kelly Anderson Tamara Andrews M. Keith Argo Susan Armstrong Tracy Asher • Amy Ashley Joseph B. Atkins Sylvia Attaway Rosemary B. Avera Candace Bailey Doug Bailey Hal Balrd Bret Baker Bill Ballew Kathy Banks Bryan Barrett Stan Barfoot Elizabeth Bauer Liz Bauer Laura Beatty Edwin Bennett Susan Bennett Donna Bentley Phil Bettendorf Joanne Binder Sandra Blask Daniel Blumenfleld Brltt Bobbitt Mellnda Boley William Bosbyshell Jeffrey D. Bowles Cindy Bowling • Darlene Brackins Tom Bradley Jeff Brlggs Dan Brown David Brown Ken Brown Parks H. Brown Theresa Brown CLASSES 377 p T Ml ' • J. Michele Bryant Darrell A. Brysa Karen Buchanan Susan Buckner Teresa Burel Angelia Burgess Dieter Burrell Clarissa Busby Gail Bussian • Susan Cadwallader Lisa Calhoun Julie camp D. Timothy Campbell Kimberly Carlton Kristen carmichael Mary Carson Danae carter Cindy Cash • Carol Chandler John Chandler Angelis Charles Janet cianton Janice Clark Lisa ciemans Richard Cloudy Susan Conn David Alan cole • Sharon E. cole Blake Collins Kelly Collins Sandra Conway Lisa Cook Judi Copas Karen Correnty Tony Coy Kerry Crosby • Pat Culpepper Amy Cummins Don Currie Alex Currin Liala Dahan Denise Daly Allen Daniell Mike Dawson Lynn DeLoach • Timothy M. Dempsey Herbie Denmark Janice Diggs Leslie A. DiLeo Christopher DiNapol Stephanie Dockery Debbie Dodson Cindy Donaldson Julie Donaldson • Rodorfo Dorado Jerri Lynn Doss Kevin Duffy Elaine Dukakis Karen Dukes Cathy Dunwoody Daryl Dykes Cindy Eargle Teresa Earwood • Connie Edgil Brad Edmonds David Eith Walter Elleiotte Margaret Engelmann Debbie English D. Mark Epperson Lori Eskew Laurie Estererook • Theresa Eubanks Sharl Evans Don Exley Heidi Falls woody Faulk Lisa Faulkner Laurie Federspiel Norma J. Ference Maxine Finkel WWW ' » +- £ • 378 CLASSES -«f " IV £ n Angle Fortner • Stanley Fouts Dorothy Friedlander Terry Fromm Andrla Fronek Tammy Gallup • Jody Garner Jeff Garrison Robin Gary Judi Gleman Karen Gerlner • Lori Gladstein Elizabeth Gnann Jay Goldstein Sandy Goodspeed Layne Graham • Klmberly Gray Bettlna M. Greene Linda Guess Judson Guest Diane Hackney Don Hadden Linda Hagan Laura Hale cassle Hammond • Mary Evelyn Hammond Jane Hanan Nonma Hardlson Cynthia Cargrove kathy Harp Elizabeth Harrington Barbara Hathcock Tonya Hawkins Bryan Hearn • Amy Heetderks Sherry D. Hendrix Glenn Henry Hope Herkert Donna Hester Lee Ann Hlleman Edlene Hiles S hirley Hill Cindy Hinebaugh • Deborah Hodges David T. Holdt Carole Holland Leigh Hood Jay Hopkins Harry House valarle D. Hubbard Jeff Huff Sharon Huggins • Valerie Huggins Todd Hughes Bob Hunter Lee Hunter Joseph ingui Cheryl Iverson Elaine Jackson Susan Jacobs Rick M. Jenkins • Candy Johnson Deryl Johnson Dianne Johnson Susan Johnson Cheryl A. Jones Scott R. Jones Stephen R. Jones Velinda Jones CLASSES 379 w • David Jordan Susan Jordan Sammye Justice Mary E. Kameron Debbie Karr • Allsa Kay Scott Kay Lee Keeble Bill Kent Roger Klncaid • Lisa Knight Tina Knight Misty D. Ktieglitz Michael Kwan Lee Ann Kyff • Brenda Lee Ladd Mary LaFiatta Joan Lamia Libby Langston Robert Law George Lawton John T. Lassig Kathy Lee Mary Ann L ee Jane Lembke • Laurie Lemmons Kimberly D. Leonard Darlene Lewis Cindy Limbaugh David Little Jill Lord Jill Love Lisa Lucks Cynthia Lurry • Jill Lyerla Michael E. Lynch Antonia Lynn Betsy Lyons Donna Lytle Becky Marian Mark S. Mahoney Yolanda Mahoney Valerie Mairose • Nell Mallory Jean Malsbary Amy Martin Jody Martin Sandra Martin Lee H. Marsh Cindy Marvin Kelvin Mason Carolyn Massengale • Jill Matthews Kim Matthiessen Bill Mattox Crystal Mauldin Tami Maxwell Molly McCarthy Patricia McCarthy Amy McCune Mike McCurley 380 CLASSES Chuck McElveen • Rick Mclenkin Janice McKlnney Sharon D. McMlllar Robin McMulien Suzanne M. McNally • Janet McWhite Redonna McWhorter Mark D. Merritt Stephanie Meuesen Julia Miller Mack Miller Linda Minion Bob Misita Jo Carol Mitchell Andrea Moore • James Moore Joe Moore Kathv Moore Susan E. Morgan Mary Morris • Susan Elizabeth Morris Patricia Morse Richard Moss Lyn Murray Carol Nauratil • Cassie Nawrocki Joy Ngo Kathy M. Nichols Myrna Nichols Robert Nichols Lynda O ' Daniel Jim ogletree Chris Ann Ogilvie Terrle C. Oliver • Chris Orr Gary Orris Joe Page Becky Paine Nancy Painter Sharon Parker Janet Pan- Paige Parrish Karin Patterson • Becky Pellett John Penland Eric Pepper Rhonda Perry Scott Peskin Mark Phillips Sabrina Pickels Phyllis Yvett Pope Daniel Post • Doug Pound Gary Prendergast Ann Marie Price Dena Qui Richard Qutz Dennis Rains Robert Ramseur Chariley Ray CLASSES 381 • Brian R. Reese Jeff Reusse Mark Reynolds Donna Rhodes Jane Richey Craig Riker Richard Riley Mark Rivers Marie Rochefort • Sally Rodgers Shirley Rogers Christy Roland Thomas Rumph, jr. Janet Rushing Barbra Saboda Scott Sanders Anne Snatoli Greg Sapp • Kevin sark Julie Scoggins Robert Keith Screws Donna Segars Ron Seib Connie Shelnutt Alan Shelton Nancy Shepherd Tom Shilling • Angle Shurling Eva Silbiger Robert Simpson Kris Skaar Kelly small Lisa Small Charles smith Chris smith Edgar smith, Jr. • Laura Smith Michael w. Smith Mike smith Kelly Snooks Michael S. Sohatz Lea s. Sorrow Laurette Speir Sheryl Spencer Linda Springer • Luanne Spruell Martha L. Stacy Donna Stanaland Angela R. Stanford Jean Stelgerwalt Jeanie Stempinskl Julie Stempinskl Mark stocks Fisher stolz • Angle Strickland Kathleen L. Stroh Marcie Stroud Alice A. Stuart Pamela Sullivan Elizabeth Sutherland Mitchell Sutherland Miranda Swann Deborah Szmanski • Mary Tarbuck James F. Taylor Jennifer Thigpen Hilda Thompkins Beth Thompson Denlse Thompson Laura Thompson Mark Thomson Veronica Y. Thrash • JackThreadgill Ronnie Tillman Chuck Tlndol Dee Ann Todd David Tolleson Hilda Tompkins Lelsha Topshe Leah Townsend Diane Tumlin £ h £M x SS: in ? e 382 CLASSES " IS " 1 Metvln Turman • Kim Underwood Dana Van Meter Jeanie Veazey Janet Walker Sarah walker Ann Walton Laura Ward Tracy ward Claire Warren • Steve Warren Betsy Washburn Mark waters Valerie watkins Monique Watson Tonya Watson Chandra Weavear Mable Webb Susan weddle • Susan R. Weimar Brian C. welch Patrick Whiddon Karen L White Lori White Lee Whiteside Mellnda whittin Jeff Wigley Pocahontas Wlibum • Connie W ilkinson Jean Marie Wilson Medina Wilson Mary A. Windsor Laura Winkler Ted wise Wendy Wltowski Garrett Wolters Sally J. woodall • Jane woodruff Pam Wright Ellen Yawn Trudy York Jan Youmans Rebecca Ann Youngblood Larry D. Younger Linda Zobler CLASSES 383 p« » 384 CLASSES SSEUS2 Compliments of ADS 385 p J % " Enough is enough " can be a valuable axiom, but there are instances where it simply doesn ' t apply. Education is one such instance. You may graduate from college, but you never outgrow your need to learn. The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education is uniquely equipped to satisfy your continuing education needs through a wide variety of programs and instructional formats — everything from residential conferences to instructional television. The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education Learning has nojtgerUmit. f Member FDIC instant Banker Located at the university Bookstore Other instant Banker Locations: 110 E. Clayton Street Beechwood Shopping Center Gaines School Road There is nothing better after a dC long night of sitting on toadstooj; than milk and cookies ... 198 College Street OfiB ® Downtown 353-2461 Loo) B " Only the Freshest of ingredients " Our dough is made daily. Pizza — Soup — Salads — Sandwiches Cold Beer and Wine 199 N. Lumpkin Street Open 6 Days 549-1226 386 ADS era 5 open 6 Days 549-1226 Holsum Bread our name says it all Look for Golden Acres and Country Hearth Breads at your neighborhood grocery. tfiensorfs 243 tfort t cTfiomas Street ?. B. Zox 1432 Jltfiens, Georgia 30613 ADS 387 The University Bookstore Watch for the Publishers New Book Closeout Sales — for Savings up to 50 percent and more. Help us help you. To get used textbooks priced and back on the shelf for next quarter, sell them back during exams. t»mu»ijt is For Everyone . . . . . . Everyday! In appreciation of our student customers 137-149 N. Lumpkin BAKERY FOOD STORE 543-0244 543-8846 Athens ' Most Complete Pizza and Sub Shop ERINO ' 5 PIZZA SUBS SALADS 1583 S. Lumpkin at Five Points 353-7777 353-7827 Fast Delivery — Free Parking 388 ADS ttE SFLOft We Send Flowers Worldwide Flowers For All Occasions Parties and Socials, Corsages, Boutonniers, Nosgays 1072 Baxter Street, Athens, CA 30606 Ed and Sharyn Sams (404) 549-9940 The Hair Designers Use and Recommend REDKEN Beachwood Shopping center Athens, Georgia 543-3229 books on the shelf . sell them us. OD STORE aUSAUDS Patrons James E. Bonner, Jr. James L. Branyon Rufus S. Davis Frederick A. Miller E.L. Moak Steve Secrest Dr. Robert White First National Bank of Athens ADS 389 IIIIII " PP.J I. 390 EPILOGUE WNmmMmnmm mm — J - ,r- 1 ) ••l., EPILOGUE 391 L. Crossgrove 392 EPILOGUE L crossgrove EPILOGUE 393 394 EPILOGUE " ■ EPILOGUE 395 L Crossgrove II EPILOGUE 397 Baseball Bubblegum Belue Bats Balls Bases Ballpark Ballgame Ballplayers Bubba Bellamy Barnette Bob Bilson Big Al Barn-Bam Buck Batting Average Batting Practice Bunt Base Hit Bullpen Bandages Bustin ' Loose Big League Big Time Bulldogs 398 EPILOGUE n i iniMm i wHiirni i i iwuii r iinmmnmnMiMmmn T. Allen EPILOGUE 399 ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■l I!!IIII!I!!!!!! in 1 f Al M " %!■ ' I i i

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