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i HttVL s;MH%:efi v skXi n It ' s A Dog ' s Life I NTRODOCTION 2 INTRODUCTION P! V f ' ' i Nowhere but the University of Georgia can a student be called a " Dog " and not have it meant as an insult. Despite hectic daily routines caused by juggling class schedules, studying, extra activities and social lives, students at the University of Georgia are proud to be a part of the World ' s largest Dog Pack. Each of the nearly 22,000 students can find their niche amid the diversity of possible interests. From accounting to art or cave exploring to classical music, a group can be found sharing common interests. Social lives of students are as varied as their interests and play an important part in the distinctive atmosphere found in Athens. The city radiates the friendliness and spirit that can only be found in a college town. From Fall and Football Season, to Winter and people skiing down Baxter Street to Spring and the parade of cruisers, Athens has an individuality unequaled anywhere. It sparks the sort of feeling that grows through the years, bringing alumni back to the school for years after their graduation. As has been said before " Once A Dog, Always A Dog. " How ' bout them Dawgs. ' Z ' V ' " % M J ■ ■ t Accounting; Agronomy Art Astronomy Banking; Biology Botany Chemistry Classics Counseling; DramaEconomics E(hication English Entomology Environmental Design FinajJ Q OP 0| Q[ Forest Resources Geography Geology German Health " .„wmics Horticulture Insurance Journalism Kinesiol ir - £xy VY% | " M t4e ur ' A nagement Marketing Mathematics Musie JP P)ul Philosophy Physical Education Physics Political Science Psychology Ra ' dio-Television-Film Social Work Zoology Speech Statistics Veterinary Medicine Vocational Education Zoolas ' Y Determination and fortitude are two qualities that can be found in just about any student who survives the college experience. When sleep has been indefinitely postponed due to a time shortage, the unknown quantity in Chemistry Lab is not only unknown but unimaginable as well, or the power goes out the night before a test that counts fifty percent of the quarters grade, it takes a special type of person to plod on, shoving trouble aside. This person is a University student. Some say his dedication foolish or futile, but dedication is never wasted when the end product is a well written paper or a theory that is finally grasped. It is the University population which becomes the community leaders, where devotion is a desired quality. Regardless of the amount of persistence exhibited by or the grades applied to a student, the college experience provides a great deal of knowledge. Knowledge not only from the classroom experience but from interaction with other people having varied backgrounds and interests. Yes, determination is necessary to withstand the pitfalls of education, but it is the rungs in the step-ladder to the top. 4 INTRODUCTION r INTRODUCTION 6 : V y ' o , ' o Vv .Ae XV . v .v A® " i-WK m To some students, a perfect day would include sleeping late, a leisurely lunch and then maybe an afternoon of basking in the sun. Then there are other students who would schedule a perfect day of rising early, and after a breakfast on the run, heading to work. No, these are not the students who are working to save money. These are the students who are involved in the Department of Student Activities. This department registers over 300 clubs and organizations, providing the student with an opportunity to gain practical knowledge in relating to others while getting a classroom education. It is only through the hard work and dedication of students and staff members that concerts are brought to campus, a student book exchange established or Homecoming planned. Through this department students are encouraged to meet people who share some of their interests and take positions of responsibility. Anyone who takes the time to become involved receives an addition to a college education as valuable as a degree could ever be. P f INTRODUCTION 7 I 1 IIII Glory, Glory To Old Georgia . . , There are five seasons of the year in Athens, Georgia: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and Football Season. Unlike the others. Football Season can not be recognized by a change in climate or in foliage, however it can be detected by the electricity and enthusiasm among the student body. It starts abruptly as hundreds of cars packed with Bulldog fans descend on the city, crowding streets with red and black hats, shakers, clothes and anything else that can come in that particular color combination. Students pour into Sanford Stadium, some dressed in their party best, some in their faded jeans, but all having one thing in common - They ' re all ready to call the dogs. As the players burst on the field the crowd can be heard to swell into a roaring " Go-o-o-o-o Dogs! Sic ' Em! " 8 INTRODUCTION . . . And To Hell With Georgia Tech! INTRODUCTION 9 KJIHHHiH l n Animal House - Would Plato Approve? Toga Parties . . . Izods . . . Docksides . . . Buttondowns . . . Keg Parties ... Is that what the founders of the Greek System had in mind? Maybe not exactly, but it all leads up to the same thing - close ties, good friends and lots of fun. The Greek System at the University of Georgia is made up of nearly 4000 students in over 40 individual groups. Each group has its own projects and individuality yet it works 6US a system; working together to make college life a little more personal and giving its members an opportunity to do something for a purpose through its philanthropic projects. There are a variety of aspects to the Greek System which make it enjoyable to those who are a part of it. As a Greek from way back, Plato once said " Let . . . education be a sort of amusement, " and that ' s just what today ' s Greeks are trying to do. lO INTRODUCTION )ve? tin hut m INTEODUCTION ll Are You A Pooped Out Puppy? Are your discs too tired to disco? Do weekends wipe you out? Then maybe what you need is a lesson in how to spend your free time without it spending you. There are many alternatives to choose from. There are concerts to attend, parks for picnicing, discos for dancing, movies to watch, but no matter what is chosen there is one pastime that prevails. It is a part of nearly every student ' s life. In fact, this pastime, has been known to inspire students to extend their stay at UGA for eight or even ten years in order to perfect the techniques which are so special to it ' s style. What is this pastime? Partying, what else. Whether the students want to have a hearty party for thirty or a quiet party for two, all are dedicated to the art. It is the desire for perfection that has driven students to gain the title of the Party School of the South for the University of Georgia. This coveted title is what pushes the students to keep the social life in Athens alive and kicking - or should we say dancing? ' f . .. 1 X 12 INTRODUCTION ' JJ«fe. ii ' . ' lit- ' - INTRODUCTION 13 I Bein In The Do House Isn ' t So Bad Ah sweet college life. Where else could a student live in such luxury? Where a bathroom is shared by thirty people. People keep vastly different hours enjoying vastly different kinds of music from disco to classical. After a week or so in a dorm, Grand Central Station could seem calm. Actually the advantages of living in a campus Residence Hall seem to out weigh the disadvantages for many students. It is all these differences that make getting to know hallmates fun. The Residence Halls are not just dorms as they once were, but living communities. They offer programs for the residents which include parties, speakers, and seminars, a choice in visitation privileges and a variety of people and interests to learn about. They offer the resident a chance to become involved through Hall councils and the Residence Hall Association. The Residence Halls truly provide an experience in living. 14 INTRODUCTION V I 1 Words by J. B. Wright, Jr., ' 14 From the hills of Georgia ' s northland Beams thy noble brow. And the sons of Georgia rising Pledge with sacred vow. Alma Mater ' Neath the pine trees " stately shadow Spread thy riches rare And the sons dear Alma Mater Will thy treasures share. chorus Alma Mater, Thee we ' ll honor True and loyal be. Ever crowned with praise and glory, Georgia, hail to thee. Through the ages. Alma Mater Men will look to thee Thou the fairest of the Southland Georgia ' s Varsity. Hail to Georgia down in Dixie, A college honored, fair and true. The Red and Black is her standard proudly it waves, Streaming today and the ages through. She ' s the fairest of the Southland, We ' ll pledge our love to her for aye. To that college dear we ' ll raise a cheer All hail to dear old U G A. Glory Glory, glory to old Georgia. Glory, glory to old Georgia. Glory, glory to old Georgia. G-E-0-R-G-I-A. Glory, glory to old Georgia. Glory, glory to old Georgia. Glory, glory to old Georgia. And to hell with Georgia Tech. 16 INTRODUCTION .• - -v ••ttH •tftkiS 1979 PANDORA Academics 18 Sports 66 Greeks 130 Classes 242 Organizations 306 Ads 364 STAFF Editor Sandra Pounds Associate Editor ... Kathleen Moak Business Manager ... Bill Browning Sports Editors Suzanne Hemphill, Joe Ortega Greeks Editor .... Cheryl Hargrove Classes Editors Leila Hall Nick DeLucco Organizations Editor Denise Lewis Photography Editor Denny Grimes Assistant Photography Editor Tommy Crow TITLE AND CONTENTS 17 1 ' 18 ACADEMICS DIVISION ACADEMICS DIVISION 19 . ■w 20 ACADEMICS These are a few of my favorite things . . . the excitement of a pre-game wardrobe selection, cancelled classes because of snow, young animals nestling near their mother, and always — fresh flowers. And the university is a favorite of mine, too. It ' s a place I associate with friends and good times. But it ' s only for a short while. As the years pass they seem to get shorter and shorter as my scrapbook gets longer and longer. ACADEMICS 21 y MThe Pandora is a time capsule which holds the images and memories of a single year in the life of the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Georgia. Our yearbook helps us to recall the significant happenings of 1979 and of every past year since the first Pandora in the 1880 ' s. The changes in University life are recorded in these books, particularly the changes in students and student life on our campus. Scanning the Pandora helps me to recall the change that has occurred during the years since I graduated from the University in 1952 and particularly during the 12 years I have served as President. The tremendous growth in size of the student body is the most apparent change since 1967 — an increase of 6,000 students to our current level of 21 700 Of course, the campus has grown physically — almost two-thirds of the total lunds spent on construction in the University ' s history has been expended in this period. A remarkable statistic about the University is that over 65,000 students — more than half of all the students in the University ' s history — have graduated since 1967. Changes in the makeup of our student body during the last few years stand out. In 1967, three men were enrolled for every two women. Today, our enrollment is almost exactly 50 percent women students and 50 percent men Our student body has grown older in average age during my years as president. More of our students are married today than 12 years ago. Today we rank among the nation ' s best universities in National Merit Scholars and National Achievement Scholars enrolled. The accademic qualifications of our entering students have steadily risen and students work harder to get in and stay in the University. The last 12 years have seen an ebb and flow in the popularity of the Greek system, of student involvement in social issues, of interest in student government and of student competitiveness in seeking certain careers. Most of the changes I have witnessed in our students during my years as president of the University of Georgia have been reflections of the changes in our society. Our students reflect the national mood, the goals of our society the way we feel about each other. Students today have no changes from those of 1967 in some important ways Students retain their love for the University of Georgia and their loyalty to it Our students question, probe and seek, as students should, and as University of Georgia students always have. One of life ' s rare privileges is to be an educator. I am grateful for the years I have been associated with this fine University and the wonderful people who are its students. 82 PRESIDENT DAVISON wmmmm President of the University of Georgia Fred C. Davison PRESIDENT DAVI80N B3 Administration Vice President of Academic Affairs Virginia Y. Trotter DeaiofStu l icePresidi PerlBtiH 24 ADMINISTRATION Dean of Student Affairs (top) Dwight Douglas Vice President for Development and Public Relations H. Perk Robins Director of Alumni Relations Tyus Butler ADMINISTRATION 25 Director of Health Services John R. Curtis Director of Judicial Programs (top) William R. Bracewell Director of Undergraduate Admissions M. O. Phelps 26 ADMINISTRATION ■aduate Director of Georgia Museum of Art (top) William D. Paul, Jr. Director of Georgia Center for Continuing Education T. W. Mahler ii ' ADMINISTRATION 27 Director of Honors Program Lothar L. Tresp Vice President for Business and Finance (top) Allan W. Barber Director of Career Planning and Placement Anne Seawell 28 ADMINISTRATION 1 Vice President for Research (top) Robert C. Anderson Director of Housing Daniel A. Hallenbeck Registrar (top) Bruce T. Shutt Assistant Vice President for Development and Relations Louis T. Griffith ADMINISTRATION 29 Assoc. Vice President for Academic Affairs Louise McBee Vice President of Services (top) S. Eugene Younts Associate Dean of Student Affairs William R. Mendenhall 30 ADMINISTRATION J mammmmmmmsrsiiaBmsmswsssasa PS Director of Campus Planning (top) William E. Hudson Director of International Services and Programs Richard F. Reiff Director of Public Relations R. Barry Wood ADMINISTRATION 31 ! ' L -r» It ' s 3 a.m. and I ' m still awake working on another one of those infamous last-minute projects, and asking myself, " What ' s it. all for? " In a moment of frustration and exhaustion I remember my next-door neighbor ' s kidding reply, " You could always quit school and go to work at K-Mart! " Then I know why I ' m sitting in this claustrophobic study room accompanied by my typewriter and what seems to be an ever-growing mountain of research notes. My goals are clear and my confidence is re-kindled. Precious minutes tick away as my roommate ' s reflections on life come back to me. " It ' s a mean ole world, " she ' d say with a smile in her voice. The idealist in me wants to make everyone and everything a learning experience. I ' m struggling to find myself, and at the same time searching for someone with whom I can share the me I ' ve discovered. That ' s what college is for me. Not only an academic education, but an entire learning experience. When I finally finish analyzing, and drawing and typing, and sneaking moments for private philosophizing — the project will be done, and I ' ll be worn out. But it ' ll be that good worn out feeling when I can say to myself, " That wasn ' t so difficult after all. " And I ' ll wonder why I questioned myself in the first place. 38 ACADEMICS juwjjjiwiujuuuiutiiwyiu. ' . i iil ' - 1 ■11 If f 1 Dean of the School of Agriculture Henry W. Garren 34 COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE m mmmmsatmsms samssm ' h The College of Agriculture has a young professor. Dr. Allan Rahn, who teaches a unique course entitled, " Agriculture and You. " His course is concerned with the food supply, not only in the United States, but the entire world. It has attracted students not only from our college, but other schools and colleges as well. We have a number of outstanding research programs. One involves Dr. Glenn Burton, who is internationally recognized for his research with Coastal Bermuda grass and millet. His successful research with Coastal Bermuda grass has added hundreds of millions of dollars annually to the income of farmers in the Southeast. Another interesting area of research is conducted by Dr. Edward Law. He has developed a very unusual technique for applying various pesticides. One valuable aspect of his technique is that it greatly reduces the quantity of pesticide required. Dr. Roger Wyatt is another outstanding young scientist who devotes most of his time to the study of mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are wide-spread throughout our environment and are a great source of concern because of their carcinogenic activities. One of the most significant accomplishments in our Extension program during the past year was the Sunbelt Exposition. This was held near Moultrie, Georgia, and over $20 million worth of agricultural equipment was displayed. An estimated 140,000 people attended the Exposition. Dr. Joe Burnside was the person responsible for this project. Jj COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE 35 •k Dean of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences William J. Payne 36 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES mmmmlmmmmslmaRJ lS! m liege of t£ The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences has undergone a reorganization as a result of the study produced by the Edward ' s committee. All students in the college are either in the lower or upper division. All advising for the lower division is handled by 10 advisors hired specifically for that purpose. The college is still totally committed to the concept of a liberal arts education. These changes are simply a rededication of this concept. There is also a growing espirt de corps in the college. To foster this attitude and move the college in a positive direction, we are sponsoring events and programs such as our own concert series, an in-service training program for graduate assistants, and possibly a faculty ball. We place a serious premium on the quality of teaching, for example, we recently received a Slmillion grant from Mr. Beaver to be used for teaching only. Our major and 1 1 foremost mission is still instruction. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 37 T Dean of the College of Business Administration W. C. Flewellen, Jr. 38 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION wmmmmsswmaBSfmnssm! - WSB I I jsiness gg The College of Business Administration has three or four faculty who are working on projects. Dr. John B. Legler has developed a very fine Economic Fore- casting Project. Mr. Larry B. Bramblett directs a Small Business Development Center that has won national recognition. Dr. Albert W. Niemi, Jr. has become an expert on economic data about and understanding of the southeastern region of the United States. Dr. William Glueck has recently written two of the most popular textbooks in the field of management. The number of institutions using the texts is extremely large. Dr. Herbert E. Miller was named the " Accountant of the Year " by Beta Alpha Psi, the national JJ accounting fraternity. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 39 Dean of the College of Education Joseph A. Williams ■ sffilOi, j j 40 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION mmammsimmms! ' T I i I have been a member of the faculty for more than 30 years. During this time I have seen tremendous progress. I would novi? classify the University of Georgia as an institution of top quality. I would rate our college as being in the top half dozen of the top institutions in the nation. The college is recognized as being a leader in the development of teacher education. JJ COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 41 V ' iiM f V V Dean of the School of Environmental Design Robert P. Nicholls ' 42 SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN iiiiiiiiii iiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiii|iiiiii mil iiiiiiiMj, {( Frequently misunderstood and confused with garden art, landscape architecture is primarily concerned with an understanding of the forces of man and nature, and how the needs of man may best be served without the unnecessary destruction of the natural environment. But the profession also involves an ' art. ' Landscape architects also recognize that any modification of the environment to meet the needs of man should be handled in a manner which is aesthetically satisfying. Today, landscape architects take their place with architects, city planners, and civil engineers in designing outdoor space for man ' s use and enjoyment. Roger Moore is one of our assistant professors with some interesting ideas. He uses television equipment to simulate environments as a teaching tool in a design class, pj SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN 43 Dean of the School of Forest Resources AUyn M. Herrick 44 SCHOOL OF FOREST RESOURCES - •»-, mmummmmsmm! ' ' est The forester is really a blend of ecologist and economists, his public image notwithstanding. He knows about plant successions, food chains, and additives to the environment called pollutants, but he also knows about cost-benefit ratios, ad valoem taxes, and systems analysis. Forestry has long been identified with lumbering, via Paul Bunyan, and forest protection from wildfire, through the ubiquitous Smokey Bear. The great impact of forests on water yield — timing and quality — is scarcely recognized by the average layman. Dr. Richard G. Dudley, for instance, uses mini-transmitters that some of our fishery people are using in studying the habits of fish. SCHOOL OF FOREST RESOURCES 45 Dean of the College of Home Economics Emily Q. Pou 46 COLLEGE OF HOME ECONOMICS tmmsmsmmmm m ? .-»js . ' ..yii riflTriS Siii.-. The University of Georgia ' s home economics program is designed to develop the student ' s creative and intellectual abilities as preparation for effective living. The diversity of the curricula offered provides an opportunity for each student to develop individual strengths and interests for professional and personal roles in life. Dr. Carolyn D. Berdanier, head of the Department of Foods and Nutrition, has done research involving laboratory rats. Dr. Theresa Perenich, head of the Department of Clothing, Textiles, Interiors and Furnishing, has a collection of historic costumes. Recently, we are delighted that we have been redesignated from the School of Home Economics to the College of Home Economics. L COLLEGE OF HOME ECONOMICS 47 Dean of the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism Scott M. Cutlip 48 SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM mmmmmm mms m In the Cox Electronic News Laboratory we have full access to all United Press International high-speed newswires — the only journalism school in the nation with such service. Students in editing are given assignments to call up stories from the UPI computer in New York City, edit them, and then compare their editing with the original story. Professor Jeff Clark ' s students get at least six hours work on VDT terminals in that course — well equipping them for the electronic newsroom, now becoming the norm on the nation ' s dailies. We are also well equipped for broadcast electronic journalism. Last year we got a $35,000 RCA X75 portable camera and a Hitachi portable camera for use by students in broadcast news. TV production, public relations and advertising. Professors Don Wright and Otto Smith and Mr. Davis Petterson and their students are completing a $20,000 project for the state Department of Transportation which involves preparation of TV spots, visuals, and other promotional materials designed to get drivers to drive at 55 mph — and live. Another effective area of our instruction is in public relations where students under the guidance of Professor Noel Griese take on contracts for public relations campaigns — such as Dental Health International, a large undertaking built in our PR classes, the Human Growth Foundation, etc. Still another is Professor Al Wise ' s student-produced public service films such as ones done for the Athens Chamber of Commerce, the Clarke County Schools, and the Sheriff ' s Association Boys ' Ranch. A unique asset our students have in broadcasting is access to the priceless Peabody Awards collection of entries dating from 1940. These are available for student use in our new playback booth in the Drewry Room. y • !i SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM 49 Dean of the School of Law J. Ralph Beaird KSf;. 60 SCHOOL OF LAW t This year was a year of renewal and rededication for the University of Georgia School of Law. A new administrative position directing both job placement and student affairs was created. The Law School was named as the site of the new Judicial College for the state ' s judiciary. The college will also provide continuing legal education for Georgia ' s judiciary. The school recognizes the diverse aspects of the practice of law in our society; it constantly reviews and adjusts its curriculum to impart a broad understanding of the nature of the legal system; and it seeks to develop in its students analytical and intellectual skills necessary for effective J J participation in the profession. the Georgia Advocate SCHOOL OF LAW 61 i W 1 Dean of the School of Pharmacy Howard C. Ansel t " ! ■ fWtjH,, Sa SCHOOL OF PHARMACY I ff Perhaps the most ' unorthodox teaching method " utilized in the School of Pharmacy relates to our newly established clinical pharmacy education program. In this program, pharmacy students participate in clinical activities in a number of health care institutions, including hospitals, extended care facilities, clinics, and community pharmacies. The program includes participation on the campus of the Medical College of Georgia at Eugene Talmadge Memorial Hospital and associated clinics. In this enviornment, pharmacy students participate in the delivery of pharmaceutical services to meet the needs of patients. The students are under the guidance of a pharmacy faculty member in each instance. With respect to the research activities of the school, we have a number of faculty engaged in exciting research projects including those supported by the National Cancer Institute, the Food and Drug Administration, and others. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY 53 ' " « ' j; ; jn- V « ¥ ' ■p UjiinO T£ „,.-.- . .PM y " ' ' ' . ifOfi " |! r V ' - ■5A " ' " V Dean of the School of Social Work Charles A. Stewart ri ' ■ ' •r- « 54 SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK It takes a special kind of person to be a social worker. Sometimes he ' s a pusher of new ideas. Sometimes the dynamo that makes old age yet livable. Sometimes the challenger for a drop-out to drop back in. Sometimes the motivation in a prisoner ' s rehabilitation. Sometimes a big brother to a fatherless child. Sometimes just a friend. More concretely, he ' s most often a person with a sense of compassion for other persons. Starting out, he almost has to have an optimism about life and a strong faith in man ' s good nature. And as important as anything else, the social worker must be a decision-maker. He must decide what method is best, what word of advice is soundest, what action is fairest. Very often, he must teach others to decide. Just as it takes a special kind of person to be a social worker, it takes a special kind of school, M a special kind of educator to develop social workers. Georgia Alumni Record SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK 55 wssBBsmammxstmam Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine David P. Anderson . h tlllcatiM.1 llf j 66 COLLEOE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE i i ' - ■ H If I H » 16 " H . J LAk5? B o jg HBBnMk M Hy ifl H v J £ l P 1 B St )2 F; eterinary • • We have a large auto-tutorial learning center that will " accommodate approximately 90 students at once. This center is under the direction of Dr. Milton Adsit, director of our Educational Resources Center. Another area of interest is our teaching hospital. We operate a teaching hospital handling approximately 18.000 patients per year, under Dr. Robert E. Lewis, chairman of our hospital board. We have many interesting and exciting areas of animal disease research and many items of equipment such as a scanning electron microscope used for identification of pathogens. Additionally, we are now using the minicomputer for instructional purposes in our Department j J of Anatomy. J I COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE 57 HKHB Dean of the Graduate School Hardy M. Edwards, Jr. 1 i: " fkwi h %». 58 GRADUATE SCHOOL ■ ibool t f The Graduate School actually operates in all twelve of the other schools and colleges at the University. Many graduate students have recently presented papers at national meetings regarding their work and research they have done while studying at the University. Prior to the formal establishment of the Graduate School, courses of postgraduate status were offered under the control of a faculty committee on graduates studies. In 1910, the formal organization of graduate studies into a Graduate School was authorized. The traditional degrees. Master of Arts and Master of Science, are offered in 24 and 88 disciplines respectively. The Doctor of Philosophy degree is offered in 44 disciplines. Professional masters ' degrees are offered in 18 areas. Professional doctoral degrees are J t offered in education and public administration. GRADUATE SCHOOL S9 Outstanding Teacher Awards . . . go to teachers who go that extra mile to be not just an educator, but a teacher. They are selected by their students. James Herbert Art 60 OUTSTANDING TEACHERS itini Art Lisle George Veterinary Medicine OUTSTANDING TEACHERS 61 James Hatfield Herbert Jarrett Business Social Work 62 OUTSTANDING TEACHERS :i itf ' i«Miiii«iiiMii • w Beverly Bethune Hoagie Jackson Journalism Education OUTSTANDING TEACHERS 63 HHHEHnWBSBn 64 OUTSTANDING TEACHERS Ken Papa Agriculture t ■•S. ' 1 1 I C 1 %ill " M. 66 SPORTS DIVISION SPORTS DIVISION 67 68 8P0RTS INTRODUCTION e; Competition, week after week, year after year, begins to take toll on the student athlete. While his body is getting built up for the physical stress of sports, his mind must be psyched up for the competition. Demands are made on his time. While another student goes out for a beer and a pizza, the athlete must watch his weight and turn in early to be sure he is rested for practice. Hours of practice are required daily. Sweat, hard work and the possibility of injury are ever present. Frustration from mistakes and exhaustion from endless hours of work too are a constant compan- ion to the athlete yet none of these seem to deter the athlete. The excitement of a hard-won victory and the cheers of the spectators are enough for the dedicated sports- man, and lucky for the student body, because where would the University of Georgia be without it ' s Bulldogs! SPORTS INTRODUCTION 69 70 SPORTS INTRODUCTION « 1 H H m- H Kv- Villlf m |k ' I B Mi W L l HI 1 p ' fll l H 71 -Hpri 7a SPORTS INTRODUCTION Fans - What Would Competition Be Without Them? Can you picture a football stadium, the teams lined up for the kick-off. The band begins a drum-roll as the cheerleaders line up to call the dogs. The kicker starts to run, the cheer- leaders start to yell, but wait! There ' s no sound from the stands. No students waving red and black streamers. No alumni wearing red and black suits. Pretty scary, huh? Fear not. That could never happen at the University of Georgia. As there will always be a football team, there will always be fans to cheer them on; fans to make banners, wear Georgia hats, cuss the referees and call the plays. Fans. What would competition be without them? It wouldn ' t be competition at all! -■ HH I H IP ' ' ' ' - ' f0 ' ■■ 4 Simf ' v j n SPORTS INTRODUCnON 78 74 SPORTS INTRODUCTION H ' fc- See Willie Run. .K. y -9 W % 1% Willie McClendon, a 6 ' 2 " Senior from Brunswick, Georgia stood out in the 1978 Bulldog line-up as an exceptional ballplayer. Setting a -new school record, he rushed 1312 yards in 887 carries. Coach Vince Dooley called McClendon " the best all-round running back " in his career at the University of Georgia. Elected captain of the Bulldog football team by a unanimous vote, Willie McClendon gained the confidence of the team; the confidence needed to work together to make a winning season. With each game his skills improved, making him a number one draft choice for the pros. McClendon was named co-winner, along with Georgia Tech ' s Eddie Lee Ivery, of the H. J. Stegeman Memorial Award, given by the Atlanta TD Club and was nominated for the State of Georgia Athletic Hall of Fame Athlete of the year. SPORTS INTRODUCTION 76 76 n • • • Larry Munson, though unknown by sight, has a well known voice to most Bulldog fans. In his twelfth year as the voice of the Bulldogs, Munson has gained acclaim for his picturesque play by play descriptions of the Georgia football games. Munson is a native of Minnesota and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Although he has no ties to the University of Georgia there is no mistaking which team he is supporting. Backbone Of The Dogs Harry Jones is not an unusual name, but it belongs to a very unusual man. Better known as Squab, he has been at the University of Georgia since he was eight years old, and can be seen supporting the Dogs at sporting events throughout the year. His duties vary from taking water to hot and tired football players to giving a lot of moral support. Although his actual title is unknown his value to the Athletic Department is visible to everyone. As one secretary summed it up, you just couldn ' t run the Athletic Department without him. 78 SPORTS INTRODUCTION What More Can Be Said? SPORTS INTRODUCTION 79 Baylor Question: Can soccer skills win a football game? Answer: They can if Rex Robinson is the teams placekicker. With his soccer-style kicks, the sophomore from Marietta successfully booted three field goals leading to the 16-14 upset over Baylor. Because of his outstanding performance, Robinson was named ABC Offensive Player of the game. Two fumble recoveries in the fourth quarter gave the offense a chance at more points and burst the Bears ' dreams of a win. Quarterback Jeff Pyburn made a quick pass to Tight-end Mark Hodge for a first down and after three plays Runningback Willie McClendon slid around the right end for the Dogs ' sole touchdown of the game. V »- " 1 :,V •i c 14, Clemson Clemson ' s only loss of the season was a big disappointment but the Dogs demonstrated good defensive play and a no-mistake offense allowing the 12-0 shut out. Rex Robinson scored two field goals and Carmon Prince scored Georgia ' s only touchdown on an 11 yard pass from Jeff Pyburn. The infallible Willie McClendon rushed 826 yards with Stewart following in rushing yardage. Scott Woerner made what proved to be the most important play of the game when, with Clemson on the Bulldog ' s 34 yardline late in the fourth quarter, he intercepted a pass saving the Dogs ' victory. 80 FOOTBALL South Carolina ?« Despite team captain Willie McClendon ' s outstanding run of 81 yards, the Dogs faced their first and only loss of the season. The Gamecocks won a 27-10 victory over the Dogs but only after a tough fight. Jeff Pyburn threw two great passes to Lindsey Scott leading to the Gamecock 32 yard line and Rex Robinson ' s perfect three-pointer, but none of the Dogs attempts could bring the game out of the hole. • ' 4 ' . ' • " i , ' .■• " ■ Jk C.( ' - _ ? v t®S»».v - ' ► f 81 l-i- UGA 16, BAYLOR 14 I 82 BAYLOR The Dogs Blast Clemson, 12-0 CLEMSON 83 Game Cocks Whip The Dogs, 27-10 84 SOUTH CAROLINA Ole Miss SLAUGHTER . . . The only word to describe what the Bulldogs did to Ole ' Miss. 42-3 . . . The only way to describe what the Georgia offense can do when they are hot. If getting six touchdowns and gaining over 400 total yards wasn ' t enough, the Dog defense did their best to suppress the Rebel offense by letting them get only 221 yards. " It was just one of those days when things go right for you and nothing goes right for the other guy, " said Coach Vince Dooley as he summed up the game. Who else but the all-powerful Willie McLendon could have run 145 yards to make the first touchdown and start the offensive cannon ball going? With that initiative, three freshmen: Matt Simon, Anthony Arnold, and Lindsey Scott, kept the momentum rolling. Simon hustled the ball across the endline twice, including his 27-yard run for the final touchdown. It seemed like Scott couldn ' t keep the ball out of his hands with four interceptions and a gain of 59 yards. After two scores and passing for another one. Quarterback Jeff Pyburn said that he felt this was his best game of the season. Instead of using Rex Robinson ' s consistent place kicks on every fourth down, Dooley let the offense try for touchdowns. His intuition worked because three out of four attempts brought TDs. When asked why he took more chances than in previous games, Dooley said, " We had a feel for the game and the momentum was all on our side. " OLE MISS 86 A Rivalry Of Dormancy Ends: LSU 17, UGA 27 Anyone would think that the odds were against the Bulldogs to even come close to beating LSU. After all: -the Dogs were playing in the famous Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge in front of the largest crowd they had confronted since 1969. -this was the first clash between the two teams in 26 years. -LSU was leading the SEC in both offensive and defensive yardage statistics and was the 10th ranked team in the nation. -Willie McLendon was up against the threatening tailback Charles Alex- ander, " Alexander the Great " who broke the SEC single season rushing record last year. In fact, until the end of the second quarter, with the score 0-14, everything seemed to be going as expected. Then with 6:33 remaining in the first half, Jeff Pyburn made two successful passes to Mark Hodge and Willie McLendon sped around the left side for an unbelieveable TD. Defensive coach Erk Russell commented on the second quarter performance by saying " When you ' re down 14-0 in the second quarter, teams with less character might have quit. It ' s hard to come back like we did. It took a lot of heart. " Lindsey Scott set a UGA record by scooting 99 yards on his kick-off return. Good luck prevailed as cornerback Scott Woerner intercept- ed a pass and then ran to the LSU 33 wh ere Rex Robinson tied the score at 17 all. Late in the third quarter " Captain Willie " sealed the victory with a TD to raise the final count to 27-17. • ' f ' ' T » 86 LSU 27 See Willie Run, See Georgia Win 31-10 HI VI V, i VANDY 87 With Eight Seconds To Go, Dooley Called In Robinson DogsCni If nothing else, the 17-16 win over Kentucky proved that the surprising success of the Bulldogs in their 1978 season was more than just luck — it was a new kind of UGA enthusiasm and determination. As in some previous games, the Dogs reached half-time with a total score of ZIP to flounder them. The fact that Kentucky had earned 16 points didn ' t help either. Soon enough though, the " Wonderdogs " woke up to make the score 16-14. With only eight seconds remaining, and the Georgia fans on the edges of their seats. Rex Robinson came to the rescue with a twenty-nine yard field goal. This 17-16 victory gave Georgia a 4-0 half-season lead in the conference and an overall 6-1 record. 88 KENTUCKY BHH WBB IBBBgaiHBiaiMBiBHBBW Dogs Crush VMI, 41-3 " You ' re once, twice, three times a loser " banners were seen the entire week of Homecoming, which would end with the Bulldogs v. VMI Commodores game. Excitement and enthusiasm was displayed throughout the campus in preparing for the season ' s Homecoming game. The game itself was full of surprises, including a marriage ceremony during the halftime festivi- ties. Having such a competitive spirit, the players slaughtered Vandy 31-10. Paul Petrisko set up the first goal for the Bulldogs with Willie McClendon making the score. Arnold recovered a fumble in the end zone for the second half and Georgia scored another touchdown. Robinson boo ted a field goal, making it 84-3. The final touchdown was made by Willie. The " Top Dog " award was given to Robinson for kicking off over the end zone (no return) four times. Homecoming was complete with a successful victory over Vandy. This game aroused even more excitement in the Bulldog fans as they kept their fingers crossed for the last three games. The Georgia v. V.M.I, game was a very boring one for even the most loyal Bulldog fans. In Georgia ' s football history, the Bulldogs have beaten the Keydets by tremendous scores: 46-7 in 1943, 43-7 in 1966, and 56-6 in 1967. This time: Georgia wiped V.M.I, off the field with a 41-3 score. Many students simply left the game, not because of a lack of support for their team, but because of the monotonous victory. VMI 89 Georgia Trims Florida, 24-22, In Thriller The Florida-Georgia game has been called the " world ' s largest outdoor cocktail party. " And after waiting in collasal lines during last spring to get tickets, students were more than willing to have the time of their lives in Jacksonville. To their satisfaction, what started out to be a close neck-to-neck battle turned into an enormous win for the Bulldogs. Willie McClendon scored the first touch- down and Rex Robinson added a field goal to put Georgia up 10-3. The Gators tied the score, but within the next five minutes, the Dogs scored fourteen points, to the Gators ' 3, which made the halftime total at 24-13. After a scoreless third quarter, the nervousness mounted. In the last quarter, Florida creeped up to 22 points with another touchdown. The Gators then attempted to tie Georgia ' s score with a two-point conversion. They failed, allowing the Bulldogs to win 24-22 in one of the most exciting matches of the season. 90 FLORIDA - « m i Auburn Had Georgia Coming And Going The Bulldogs just couldn ' t get their act together during the Auburn game. Freshmen Linsey Scott, however, caught five passes for 70 yards to set a UGA school record of 434 for the season. Rex Robinson made three successful field goals and just before halftime, Willie McLen- don made a TD, giving Georgia a 12-7 lead. Robinson managed another field goal, to balance the addition of an Auburn touchdown. With 5:18 left in the game, McLendon completed a last touchdown that only tied the score at 21-21. i AUBURN 91 II GEORGIA WRECKS TECH! 39-38 ' t " I wasn ' t nervous at all, Belue said. " I ' ve known for a long time that if I got the chance I could do it. When I went in, I knew I had to make something happen. It was the biggest game of my life and the biggest victory. " This was the confident remark Freshman Quarterback Buck Belue made after his history-making success over Tech. It was only after Georgia Tech was ahead 80-0 and only 4:38 remained in the first half that offensive coordinator Bill Pace suggested that Belue be sent in to replace Jeff Pyburn. His intuition proved faithful; in fact, it worked miracles because Belue was responsible for: -Leading Georgia 55 yards for a first touchdown, -running 6 yards at the Bulldogs ' 24 for another touchdown, when Tech was winning 28-21, -passing to Anthony Arnold, who made another TD with only 2:24 left in the game, -completing 7 out of 9 passes for 90 yards. In part, Belue helped create the tremendous pendulum that swung back and forth throughout the game. At first, the Yellow Jackets were winning 20-0. Then, Georgia was ahead 21-20. Tech then moved into the winner ' s circle with a score of 28-21. But the final close victory went to Georgia, who, with the help of some other great plays like the tremendous 72-yard punt return by Scott Woerner, won the game with 29 points to Tech ' s 28. 98 QA. TECH Dogs Were Blue After The Blue Bennett Bowl BLUE BONNETT BOWL 98 94 JV FOOTBALL m BuUpups JV FOOTBALL 96 wmHmaoBBKom T 96 MEN ' S BASKETBALL Men ' s Basketball MEN ' S BASKETBALL 97 ' HI t ' f N :. V tif-V 1 ; -Y 4 i Br r f 98 MEN-S BASKETBALL i-at HHH ' Jt Xt ' -i V MEN ' S BASKETBALL 99 MEN ' S BASKETBALL 101 ! lOe WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL J . JkL. WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 103 104 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL ■ WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 105 Men ' s Gymnastics lOe MEN ' S GYMNASTICS A WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS 107 bo J=! •i-H B B l Oe MEN ' S SWIMMING Dolphin Club DOLPHIN CLUB 109 110 MEN ' S GOLF WOMEN ' S GOLF 111 Men ' s Tennis H8 TENNI8 TENNI8 113 « i » ' 1. 114 TENNIS x- TENNIS 116 Baseball 116 BASEBALL . BASEBALL 117 Ik 118 BASEBALL ll ,» • ai - IT-, Vj . f ' W- J «:• ■«. - ► J laO BASEBALL - m BASEBALL 121 128 BASEBALL TRACK 188 Football GEORGIA 16 Baylor GEORGIA 12 Clemson GEORGIA 10 S. Carolina GEORGIA 42 Ole Miss GEORGIA 24 LSU GEORGIA 31 Vanderbilt GEORGIA 17 Kentucky GEORGIA 41 VMI GEORGIA 24 Florida GEORGIA 22 Auburn GEORGIA 29 Georgia Tech 14 27 3 17 10 16 3 22 22 28 Men ' s Basketball GEORGIA 96 Rollins GEORGIA 51 Georgia Tech GEORGIA 85 UNC-Asheville GEORGIA 56 Idaho State GEORGIA 83 Hofstra GEORGIA 74 Pan American GEORGIA 122 Baptist College GEORGIA 75 LSU GEORGIA 69 Miss. State GEORGIA 71 Alabama GEORGIA 77 Auburn GEORGIA 79 Tennessee GEORGIA 76 Vanderbilt GEORGIA 64 Kentucky GEORGIA 69 Ole Miss GEORGIA 93 LSU GEORGIA 63 Ole Miss GEORGIA 62 Miss. State GEORGIA 59 Alabama GEORGIA 76 Florida GEORGIA 81 Tennessee GEORGIA 56 Georgia Tech GEORGIA 63 Vanderbilt GEORGIA 74 Kentucky GEORGIA 68 Auburn GEORGIA 63 Florida GEORGIA 75 Miss. State GEORGIA 91 Auburn 68 75 73 66 70 72 62 97 67 83 84 75 78 73 53 88 82 86 67 64 87 55 60 90 73 62 72 95 GMBGIA • 2 GEORGIA • • 5E0RGU S GEORGIi « GEORGIA 9 GEOKGU GEORGIA « " GEORGIA 61 57 a 5S I GEORGIA 70 I GEORGIA » 77 » 60 a GEORGU 50 I GEORGU a R GEORGIA S il 46 GEORGIA 80 h GEORGIA 7S 1 GEORGIA 56 N GEORGIA 64 Ti GEORGIA 62 fl ia4 SCOBEBOAKD Jl ketbali 75 73 66 70 72 I Women ' s Basketball GEORGIA 56 Mercer GEORGIA 45 Albany State GEORGIA 60 Florida GEORGIA 49 Georgia Southern GEORGIA 53 Clemson GEORGIA 62 Presbyterian GEORGIA 59 North Georgia GEORGIA 46 Mississippi GEORGIA 66 Florida GEORGIA 61 Albany State GEORGIA 57 Georgia State GEORGIA 53 Erskine GEORGIA 70 West Georgia GEORGIA 63 Vanderbilt GEORGIA 77 Fort Valley State GEORGIA 60 Georgia Southern GEORGIA 50 Erskine GEORGIA 62 Fort Valley State GEORGIA 65 Alabama GEORGIA 46 Georgia State GEORGIA 80 Ferman GEORGIA 73 West Georgia GEORGIA 58 Mercer GEORGIA 64 Vanderbilt GEORGIA 62 Presbyterian 65 69 69 59 77 55 63 58 74 74 65 76 48 80 86 72 64 79 81 74 64 57 66 57 46 Wrestling GEORGIA 40 Jacksonville State GEORGIA 14 North Carolina GEORGIA 37 Kutztown GEORGIA 9 Glennsberg GEORGIA 17 Mt. Claire State GEORGIA 21 Trenton State GEORGIA 38 Middle Tenn. State GEORGIA 14 Florida GEORGIA 23 Fla. International GEORGIA 16 Central Florida GEORGIA Omaha GEORGIA 25 Ga. Tech GEORGIA 8 Clemson GEORGIA 6 LSU GEORGIA 18 Alabama GEORGIA 10 UT (Chattanooga) GEORGIA 16 Auburn GEORGIA 29 Kent GEORGIA 21 Tennessee Overall Record 6-12 SEC Duel Record 1-5 25 12 34 23 24 12 25 25 31 35 18 32 38 21 30 21 6 25 SCOREBOARD 186 BWW IJ T Women ' s Gymnastics GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA 129.55 GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA GEORGIA 1st Place 13th Place 123.50 Appalachian State 117.85 129.05 University of Louisville 126.35 Indiana State 125.00 Eastern Kentucky 132.05 Florida 112.35 Western Carolina 97.65 130.45 Alabama 121.10 130.80 Jacksonville State 128.20 131.50 Memphis State 118.30 132.00 Auburn 124.70 Texas A M 124.70 129.95 Jefferson State 108.80 125.65 use 120.05 Region III AIAW 135.10 National AIAW 131.60 Men ' s Swimming GEORGIA 62 Georgia Tech 37 GEORGIA 45 LSU 68 GEORGIA 67 Georgia State 43 GEORGIA 67 Vanderbilt 43 GEORGIA 67 South Florida 22 GEORGIA 60 Ferman 50 GEORGIA 64 Tulane 44 GEORGIA 63 Wake Forest 46 GEORGIA 35 North Carolina 78 GEORGIA 64 Eastern Kentucky 49 GEORGIA 50 Kentucky 63 GEORGIA 65 South Carolina 48 Womec GEOBGU ' GEOSfiU " ' GEOEGU 5 ' ' GEOBGU " ' GEOEGU • ' GEORGIA « ' GEOEGli C ' GEORGIA » ' GEORGIA » ' 126 SCOREBOARD 37 n 48 41 » 4i 48 n 41 63 Women ' s Swimming GEORGIA 78 Emory 44 GEORGIA 72 Appalachian State 54 GEORGIA 51 Brenau 79 GEORGIA 70 Vanderbilt 61 GEORGIA 82 Georgia Southern 40 GEORGIA 41 Florida State 71 GEORGIA 47 South Florida 83 GEORGIA 55 Ferman 76 GEORGIA 76 College of Charleston 46 f- Men ' s Golf DIXIE INTERCOLLEGIATE Team Finish 2nd Total PAN AMERICAN INVITATIONAL Team Finish 3rd Total GATOR INVITATIONAL Team Finish 6th Total Team Finish SEMINOLE CLASSIC 5th Total PALMETTO INVITATIONAL Team Finish 6th Total FURMAN INTERCOLLEGIATE Team Finish 3rd Total 870 883 867 889 1121 588 SOUTHERN JUNIOR SENIOR INVITATIONAL Team Finish 2nd Total 858 ALL-AMERICAN INVITATIONAL Team Finish 3rd Total 1170 SOUTHERN INTERCOLLEGIATE INVITATIONAL Team Finish 1st Total 874 SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS Team Finish 6th Total 902 SCOREBOAHD ia7 Jw Women ' s Golf Appalachian State Tournament 1st place Lady Seminole Tournament 8nd place Lady Tar Heel Tournament 3rd place Lady Gator Tournament 5th place Beacon Woods Invitational 2nd place Peggy Kirk Bell Women ' s Invitational 8th place Duke Spring Invitational 1st place Lady Paladin 1st place Lady Buckeye 2nd place Women ' s SIC Championship 1st place AIAW National Collegiate Golf Championship 8th in U.S. Men ' s Tennis WoflK GEORGIA 9 Penn State GEORGIA 8 Tennessee (Chattanooga) GEORGIA 5 N.C. State GEORGIA 6 Wake Forest GEORGIA 8 Miami GEORGIA 6 Duke GEORGIA 7 Southern Illinois (Carb.) GEORGIA 7 Virginia GEORGIA 9 VPI GEORGIA 9 Ohio U. GEORGIA 6 Georgia Southern GEORGIA 9 Alabama GEORGIA 9 Kalamazoo GEORGIA 9 Kentucky GEORGIA 6 Furman GEORGIA 4 Miama GEORGIA 5 LSU GEORGIA 6 Clemson GEORGIA 6 Hampton Inst. GEORGIA 9 Tulane GEORGIA 9 Vanderbilt GEORGIA 6 South Carolina GEORGIA 7 Florida GEORGIA 8 Georgia Tech GEORGIA 9 South Alabama GEORGIA 7 Tennessee GEORGIA 6 Auburn 1 4 3 1 3 2 2 3 3 5 4 3 3 3 2 1 2 8 GKEGIA GEOEGU GEORGIi GEOEGIA GEOBfilA GEORGIA GEOEGIA GEOEGIA GEOEGIA 4 7 r 1 I 2 li i A 9 f 1 6 f GEOEGIA 4 Southern IntwfcP GEOEGIA « ' GEOEGIA 9 GEORGIA GEOEGIA GEOEGIA GEOEGIA GEOEGIA GEOEGIA GEOEGIA GEOEGU State Ton GEORGIA GEOEGIA EegionToo GEOEGIA GEOEGIA I » i ft i a i M i a 9 Si 7 k 7 li nt 8 I a g I 1 fi 188 SCOREBOARD Women ' s Tennis GEORGIA 1 use 8 GEORGIA 1 UNC 6 GEORGIA 4 Duke 5 GEORGIA 7 Furman 2 GEORGIA 1 Miami 6 GEORGIA 2 LSU 7 GEORGIA 5 Auburn 4 GEORGIA 9 Valdosta State GEORGIA 1 use 8 GEORGIA 6 Presbyterian eollege GEORGIA 4 eiemson 5 Southern Intercollegiate Championship 5th Place | GEORGIA 6 Furman 3 GEORGIA 9 Brenau GEORGIA 9 Mercer GEORGIA 8 Georgia State 1 GEORGIA 3 Clemson 6 GEORGIA 5 Auburn 2 GEORGIA 3 eharleston 6 GEORGIA 9 Georgia Southern 6 II GEORGIA 7 GEORGIA 7 State Tournament GEORGIA 8 GEORGIA 9 Region Tournament GEORGIA 8 GEORGIA 1 Brenau Auburn Georgia State Georgia Southern South Alabama Florida 2 2 1 1 8 Baseball GEORGIA 6 Jacksonville GEORGIA 2 Clemson GEORGIA 2 Old Dominion GEORGIA 9 Erkskine GEORGIA 12 Georgia State GEORGIA 18 Georgia College GEORGIA 9 Tennessee GEORGIA 2 Tennessee GEORGIA 1 1 Tennessee GEORGIA 10 Cleveland State GEORGIA 10 Cleveland State GEORGIA 17 Cleveland State GEORGIA 10 Cleveland State GEORGIA 4 Mercer (Macon) GEORGIA 9 Kentucky GEORGIA Kentucky GEORGIA 20 Kentucky GEORGIA 2 Georgia Southern GEORGIA 13 Georgia Tech GEORGIA 8 Vanderbilt GEORGIA 8 Vanderbilt GEORGIA 5 Vanderbilt GEORGIA 15 Clemson GEORGIA 6 Georgia Tech GEORGIA 14 Furman GEORGIA Florida GEORGIA 4 Florida GEORGIA 1 1 Florida 1 12 1 2 1 1 8 4 10 5 2 2 3 7 1 8 9 20 4 4 3 7 14 9 1 7 6 14 SCOREBOARD 129 130 GREEKS DIVISION GREEKS DIVISION 131 Shrimp Beer (and Swimming?) 132 QREEKS LKlUI»fc, 136 QREEKS GREEKS 137 138 GREEKS Tryouts for the Pop-n-Fresh dough boysl OREEKS 139 J Interfraternity Council ALPHA EPSILON PI Hal Kravitz Evan Koplin ALPHA GAMMA RHO Keith Boyette Brett Thurmond ALPHA TAU OMEGA Mike Smith George Lilly CHI PHI Alan Franco Hal Wright CHI PSI Chris Schwartz Steve Sheppard DELTA CHI Chuck Cook David Perryman DELTA TAU DELTA John Ferry Dutch Cofer KAPPA ALPHA Ted Pennel Clay Sewell KAPPA SIGMA Sims Rhyne David Sykes liMBDACHlALn lliie Valentine WyBart fffiBaTATHFlA Leijs 140 IPC GAMMA DELTi ijHani %Anden(i lEhrliirt If LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Mike Valentine Andy Burt PHI DELTA THETA Clifford Lewis Floyd Bufford PHI GAMMA DELTA Billy Ham Dany Anderson PHI KAPPA PSI Hal Cook Butch Ehrhart PHI KAPPA TAU Blitz James David Lister PHI KAPPA THETA David Stooksbury Bard Williams PI KAPPA ALPHA Allen Freedman Russ Woodlief PI KAPPA PHI Mark Berre Terry Elder IFC 141 J SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Quin Nolan Rusty Hardin SIGMA CHI Gene Kelly Fred Lanier SIGMA NU Keith Chandler Tom Merritt Gary Smith SIGMA PHI EPSILON Mike Nance Danny Arnhart SIGMA PI Stebve Lorys Keith Shoeman TAU KAPPA EPSILON Ray Mims Eddie Denton TAU EPSILON PHI Rob Levy THETA CHI Rob Worley Brad Davidson ZETA BETA TAU Scott Soloman Chuck Catlett 14S IF0 I IFC 143 Panhellenic Council L to R: Deb Bradfield, Public Relations; Katy Kimbrell, President; Denise Companik. V. P. Rush Advisors; Jenny Hennen, Secretary Treasurer; Second Row: Kris Jensen, Scholarship; Kim Logue. V. P. Rush; Dean Dorsey, Philanthropy; Carol V.Winthrop, Advisor. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Debbie Rykard, Cindy Darrow ALPHA DELTA PI Deb Bradfield, Susan Wempe ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Dean Dorsey, Mindi Holtzman f DETACAI JiJiBectdttar f S! r KAPPA KAPPA C ALPHA OMICRON PI Virginia Adams, Liz Wyman 144 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL I ' ■ !•«; Jenny ' D«u Dmej, 1 DELTA GAMMA Jill Beckett, Jenny Hennen DELTA PHI EPSILON Sherri Levine, Susan Rosenblatt KAPPA DELTA Kim Logue i GAMMA DELTA .MaiHoltaian KAPPA KAP PA GAMMA Linda Vaughan, Ann Grey PHI MU Molly Dye PI BETA PHI Amy Bader, Catherine Rodrig ue « ' SIGMA DELTA TAU Bethany Rosenfield, Darita Kaplan Not Pictured: KAPPA ALPHA THETA Cevonna Frazier ZETA TAU ALPHA Kris Jensen, Marci Rowland SIGMA KAPPA Kathy Johnson, Jocelyn Blackwood PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 145 I 1978-79 was a very successful year for the Beta Sigma chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. Highlighting the year including receiving the National Award for Outstanding Rush. Miss Greek Week, TKE Miss Legs, Outstanding So- phomore and Junior Women were titles held by Alpha Chi ' s. Sisters also placed in competitions such as Miss Modern Venus, Dairy Science Princess, Miss Ag Engineering, and the National Maid of Cotton Pageant. Alphi Chi ' s participat- ed in the Union, Student Government, honorary and business fraternities, and civic organizations. During Spring quarter of 1979, the Alpha Chi ' s worked with the brothers of FIJI on the " Hound Dog Hoedown " for Easter Seals. Hard work and enthusiasm made it a- great year for AXO! 146 AXn Welcome to our home; Won ' t you come on in? . . . P.D.P. . . . Not ham again? . . . the Hulk . . . Another candle ... Go Purdue . . . Side door combo ' s been changed again . . . still collecting Miller cans . . . you ole bitty . . . Poose . . . Football . . . Mac Attack . . . Lion Tamers . . . Hoddy Toddy . . . the Pledging Game . . . Lyre Week Blackout . . . Nick Nick Bobick . . . Izodtogas . . . Betties . . . Window Visits . . . Funtime One . . . Man on the hall? . . . Jerry and Lee . . . Who ' been swiping my soap? . . . Zebra Cake ... I need Tookie . . . Cooper ' s, Steam Co., Papa Joe ' s, F.Q. . . . Mrs. Lubner . . . Alpha of Chi . . . Meepie, he ' s not that old . . . Gee, how lucky can we-WEE, ah how lucky can we-WOW, how lucky can we get- Bidodiodiodi AXOl pj)j...Jotbim j .Bittio. 1 lookie . M- AXB 147 Ui- ' 148 AAn Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was recognized as the largest chapter in the United States and also received the Tap Sullivan Award for the most outstanding chapter in Georgia. To accomodate the chapter and keep commercialization off Milledge Ave., the ADPi ' s purchased the Hodgson house next door to the main house. The annex is being renovated and will eventually house twenty-four actives and house- parents. This year ADPi ' s were chosen as KA Rose, ATO Centennial Sweeth- eart, KA, Phi Delt, Chi Psi, and Chi Phi pledge class sweethearts, Miss Ga. Football, and little sisters of many fraternities. ADPi was also active campus wide with many members involved in student judiciary, honor clubs, and fraternities, and service organizations. what ' s the deal . . . aw, c ' mon . . . HDA . . . live band . . . cut session . . . fall down . . . little-house- on-the-corner . . . Frank, Matt and Mark . . . late night stampede bell . . . Cooper ' s and 5 Q ' s . . . towed to Tech ... a hoddy-toddy-for-anything pledge class . . . snow no light no college for me . . . yea, right . . . what team? . . . " every little thing we are wearing " . . . hit the deck right after the soaps . . . CLI . . . 0-9 what is . . .a cooler full of ceiling . . . Sadie . . . ceramic animals . . . How can I lose IS pounds in 2 days? . . . let ' s call off college and play . . . H ' - MM Suzanne Williams Melinda Mcintosh Mary Graves H l l Linn Fountain Caro Story Teri Gruenert H I H Lisa Mitchell Laura Halter Phyllis Haggard B Owen Moore Brooks Pyne Carol Hardin ■ p- H yH Cathy O ' Neil Shelly Fogarty Mitzi Harris ■ 1 Jan Oiles Meredith Ellen Hartmann ■r»T i VI Kathy Hall MacFarlane Sydney Herndon CJr - Jt V Mary McCoy Paula Thompson Angeline «!r p?-r i Lelia Ginn LuAnn Binns Hightower __ ' Wr Holly Dozier Jill Jacobsen Mary Hinton ■— Mary Lu James Monica Trapini Francie Houser is kt J H Mary Dukes Kay Rowland Beth Hurst mMiw ! H Gary Jokl Mary Ann Claire Kirby •• •■•« , E L l Anna Paine Pompilio Lisa Kurtz " • J__ t | Betty Ann Clark Gena Mitchell Terry Law ■ tf Hk Stephanie Elizabeth Starr Candy Lees H HBj Gruenert Colleen Combs Glo Leonitis sT r 1 Lisa Phillips Ofe Del Rio Kristy Mack M l Connie Calos Sherrille Cantrell Terri Mack tl I Kay Jervey Alice Ann Kirby AUene Massey mH if j H Leigh Major Patty Carter Dari McDonald H Melissa Prophitt Sally Taylor Kim Reid 1 Allison Berry Frances Holland Lisa Williams H Sharon Anderson Carol Hargreaves Leigh McMillan H| Marifae Meeks NOT PICTURED Susan Mitchell ES I Ann Demere Laura Anderson Maria Montana ™ H Sue Lowe Bambi Thompson Dulce Kingsman Sharon Anderson Patty Montana " Gail Ansley Lyn Askew Tricia Mulherin Kim Nicholson Caroline Hall Shelley Barnette Sue Owens . Catherine Barrs Terry Beasley Ellen Probasco t Terri Dotson Deb Bradfield Patty Rheney ik HV Scotty Johnston Mary Britt Robin Rhodes m Claire Smith Bonnie Brown Kim Ripley m Stephanie Fry Carolyn Burt Cissy Rives m Mrs. Stephanie Fran Buzzell Kim Rome W Layman Lisa Carter Paula Po well %u Ann Haynes Pam Cawley Shelby Spurlock Martha Teasley Carla Celaya Eleanor Stafford B t tL Pam Schladensky Debbie Cerniglia Heni Stratton I H Mary Stevens Vandy Choate Em Tanner H Elizabeth Langley Robin Cochran Mary Helen H Susan Wempe Kathy Cinway Thompson H Nancy Peterson Mac Crumpton Lynn Thompson 1 Lisa Daffin Terri Dawson Detra Thurmond H Rebecca Adams Janie Eaton Jan Thurston H Patty Demarco Patty Flanigan Helen Usher H Karan Lattanze Sally Funk Liv Willis H Tina Kjeldsen Delia Golden Sue Yaeger H Tami Haddad Jo Graves l|,|gl..,|f.c ' WHl- ' ' Hj ... at «»«•■■ littie-lw - " ftuk.JW ' " ' iniiili AAn 149 m ' The year 1978-79 proved to be a great one for Alpha Gamma Delta. Getting out on campus, the Alpha Gams were involved in honorary, philanth- ropic, and spirit activities. The sisters of Alpha Gam were involved in Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, Angel Flight, Dolphin Club, Student Judiciary, Student Senate and Panhellenic. The annual Haunted House was presented once again with all profits going to the national philanthropy. Showing their spirit, the Alpha Gams won the Tau Kappa Epsilon Hairy Dog Spirit Drive for the third yea.r in a row. They also placed first in the Phi Psi 500 and third in the Zeta Beta Tau Basketball Spirit Drive. In addition, they placed in events in the Dairy Fund Night. Sisters also participated in the Panhellenic Fashion Show and the Blood Drive. Representing the sorority. Alpha Gams are fraternity Little Sisters in Alpha Gamma Row, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Delta Chi, and Phi Kappa Psi. Alpha Gam . . . 530 South Milledge Avenue . . . Historic Home . . . Rose garden . . . Ever Ready Teddy . . . Sounds like the hall phone . . . Til get it . . . On a scale of one to ten, let ' s get 18, obnoxious . . . GPSD . . . TKE Spirit Winners . . . Candlelight . . . the Plaza . . . Beaner - my wife ... I feel like Buck Belue . . . CIP ... Is anybody in there? . . . Greased Lightining . . . Tell a joke, Marie . . . NF . . . Sugar Ray . . . Squirrels Pearls . . . The Fun Room . . . KROP signs . . . Shower Cap . . . Pink and Green . . . Firesides . . . Active . . . Giving . . . Devotion . . . Friends . . . 150 ArA ■ : i Melinda Garren Tracy Oliver Jennifer Pinson Gloria Kelly Lynn Gagliardo Kristie Shivers Sallie Jefferies Janet Bryant Terry McGraw Rachel Garrard Laurie Staub Dee Dee Clute Lynda Moore Donna Lawson Sherie Lyon Kathleen Moak Vallory Dearing Karen Parrish Valerie Jones Leigh Touchton Karen Epermanis Lindsey Campbell Patti Davis Vicki Chapman Debbie Hemphill Suzanne Capowich Terry Armstrong Terry Floyd Su Su Thomas Liz Fant Toni Sides Jeanie Lee Marie Ford Valerie Harley Vicky McCraw Liz Kendrick Sister Ponder Deona Bailey Sara Pumphrey Denise Lewis Jennifer Witt Marcia Summers Gina Lyon Valery Benson NOT PICTURED Leslie Annis Rhonda Chafin Kathleen Coen Melanie Condron Jodie Copeland Linda Crossgrove Susie Crowder Susan Dobbins Dean Dorsey Percilla Edwards Peggy Gates Lisa Gunther Elizabeth Heath Angela Henson Mindi Holtzman Lynn Landcaster Dianne Lane Linda Lewis Leslie Moore Vickey Moore Patty Mueller Abbie Nickelson Karen Perkins Karen Price Marcia Robertson Pam Sheriff Linda Shook Ann Marie Smith Mary Kay Spencer Becky Taylor Jami Thorton hbriDriitBepresenting g 4I| Gum " gduChianiiFlii • gp,.,IsaDyWj : flffsf - Fires .. AI ' A 151 n Lambda Sigma Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi had an outstanding year. Involved in every phase of campus life, sisters and pledges served as University Council members, Senators, Senior class officers, and club officers. More little and fraternity sweethearts were chosen than ever. The chapter is proud to have Miss Georgia Agriculture, a Miss Georgia football princess, as well as runners up to Miss UGA, Miss USA World, and Miss Ail-American Girl. Awards won this year include 2nd place in the Homec oming float, with the help of the FIJI ' S, 1st place in the Rodeo Spirit contest, 2nd place in Greek Week and Z-Night. The chapter is very proud to have been chosen as Sorority of the Year by Kappa Sigma. 168 AOn Best Sorority on Campus . . . We love that trophy . . . Call the dogs, Risa . . . Kidnap Breakfast in McWhorter Hall . . . Bustin ' Loose . . . Liz ' s Dating Service . . . Close-but no banana . . . What, another candlelight? . . . another ENGAGEMENT? . . . What a slap in the face . . . Luau, anybody? . . . Go RODEO . . . Hey, fongu . . . nanu, Nanu . . . Will somebody please go to G.P. with me? . . . Wine and cheese . . . Oh, no, Mr. Bill . . . What do you mean. Leader ' s Council ' s snowed in? . . . Oreos and peppermint ice cre am dessert . . . Fairytales . . . Would you let her use your toothbrush? . . . Summer rushin ' — had me a blast . . . year ' s over — it happened so fast . . . We ' ll miss Mrs. Carter . . . Goodbye seniors we love you ... Be there. Aloha. HfM ■■■ ' »• »■» - - ' • : ' yvf " Bonny Lloyd, President. Marilyn Miller, Ut V.P. Lynda Brooks, 2nd V.P. Lisa Whitten, Treasurer Sherri Oakley, Rush Chairman. Julie Rhodes Lisa Harris Liz Wyman Diane Kurtz Debbie Bartliff Sarah Russo Karin Pendley Risa Morris Gayle Smith Jill Johnson Lanier Meadors Peggy Scott Ann Hardin Linda Lee Susan Robinson Pam Parrish Anne Albright Debbie Stopak Vanessa PazSoldan Pam Copp Virginia Adams Lisa Tolleson Laura Smith Marilyn Miller Michelle Hicks Cindy Scott Patty Corley Lisa Richards Carole Tertocha LeeAnne Adamson Kim Fleming Linda Blair Sandra Binion Lisa Ackerman Leigh Kempton Lisa Whitten Jane Sadler Sharon Johnson Lynda Brooks Oinger Ross Terri Meeks Julie Rice Jenny Neal NOT PICTURED Jane Akins Patti Allbaugh Lynn Allgood Lisa Andrews Tracey Barton Melanie Berry Pam Bettis Cathy Bower Barbara Bowman Helen Braswell Kris Brown Lori Burrell Lisa Clark Cathy Coffee Kelly Crosland Elektra Damianos Anne Daves Pam Doenges Nancy ' Dooley Nancy Easterlin Nancy Ellison Susan Ellison Diane Evans Mary Fahey Sharon Floyd Julie Flowers Ann Ford Marian Frain Debbie Freeman Jill Frost Laurie Ann Garrett Daria Garcia Maryanne Garcia Julie Germany Anne Goodman Kim Ooryn Carol Griswell Claudia Hancock Kathy Henry Toni Hurat Polly Introna Kathy Johnson Janet Kitchet Katie Kroeger Cindy Langford Kerry Lathem Sherri Leline Donna Lewis Bonnie Lloyd Lori Logue Linda Lucia Kathy Maloof Laura Manning Linda McKenna Becky Murrah Susan Nesmith Sherri Oakley Karen Pahl Kathy Patierno Kimberly Pierce Corinne Proctor Kathy Rossignol Lisa Roughton Karen Rowlette Karen Schulte Mary Sears Ruthie Sentell Debbie Silverthorn Annika Smith Leila Smith Lynn Taylor Nancy Tidwell Sandy Tucker Cathy Veal Sharon Watkins Vicki Wilson Anne Wooten Tammy Williams Lauren Wynn Cill the dogs. K» " 7Lwi.McWlw« ' | .W " it WP " " •• Hi " MO Cirtef «i» r» ' ' AOn 163 Emily Manchester Laurie A. Dickey Sharon K. Ellis Claire B. Harper Leslie B. Wright M. Katherine Kimbrell Lynn H. Lassiter Louisa M. Stultz Laura Wilson E. Gay Grisamore Mary Claire Pruett K. Darby Ward Alicia Hill Donna Jo Rink Catherine L. Carter Debra Morris Tami R. Johnson Kathy Wickham Katherine J. Norris Karen L. Kunzer Joy A. Jarrett M. Stephanie Starr Virginia R. Hurst Pamela J. Barnette Elizabeth A. O ' Callaghan Karen E. Perkins Denise A. Reitman Mary E. Nelly M. Robinson Craighill J. Karlene Lewis Caroline G. Bleke Kay E. Anrews Lucy A. Tresp Laura Pate Lori E. Sohmitter Wendy A. Woods Anne Boone Shelton Shawn A. O ' Neal Jane Boeckel Elizabeth A. Raines Elizabeth Phifer Sherry Windsor Allison L. Brown C. Anne Hopkins Katherine P. Marshall Virginia B. Vrinson Linda R. Sipple Penny Burnett Lilyan G. Hanberry Susan D. Knight Susan L. Boyett Virginia Anne Franklin 164 Xn The 1978-79 year has been a very successful one for the Chi O ' s. Varied activities range from organizations such as Rho Lambda, Z-Club, and Defender Advocate to awards including Miss Diary Princess, Top 5 Homecoming Court, Top 5 Miss Greek Week, and Graduate Scholarships. But this is far from the end of the list. Chi O also has quite a few girls participating in activities such as UGA Cheerleaders, Georgettes, tennis team members, and intramural sports from football to Softball. The year brought with it participation in numerous benefits including the March of Dimes, Haunted House, the fashion show for the American Cancer Society and communi- ty involvement in reading for the blind and communiversity. The philantropic activities included sponsoring a foster child and a road block for diabetes. And the hard work of the Hootenanny Band cannot be forgotten - first place in the annual Sorority Sing. NUMBER ONE IN FUN . . .Do you remember the last night of September? . . . " The reasons that we ' re here makes me wanna SHOUT. " . . . Baby Hooters take flight . . . Rosan Rosanna Dana II loves Quasi Moto . . . Jumping Bead flash ... 84 Hour Dating Marathon . . . I ' ve got the nicest guy . . . What a fool believes . . . Gonna have a champagne jam . . . Sherry ' s Kitchen Crash . . . Gonggg . . . CJ ' s brogher ' s having a Band Party ... To cruise or not to cruise . . . Courtyard Tan . . . Showerproof Roof . . . Chug-a-lug Champ . . . New South PJ Party . . . Old Conjures hoot-a-long . . . " The Young and the Restless " live here . . . My silk shirt needs starching . . . Congrats, Irene . . . Light the candles at dusk and dinner . . . My heart belongs to Pappy . . . What ' s poppin ' on the Third Floor? . . . See ya, babe. Gotta go to class. Nancy B. Wallace Nancy C. Beare Edith B. Royce Kathryn A. Mobley Thayre D. Bowles L. Angelique Maddox Robin Arden Leigh C. Daly Kathleen R. Bergen M. Mendenhall Perry Robin A. Rowley Elizabeth A. Izard Marie M. Duffy Josephine Powers Elyse A. Billas NOT PICTURED Susan E. AUgood Irene A. Baker Betsy G. Barnes Elizabeth Boardman Marilyn D. Bowden Carter M. Brugh Catherine Carden Debbie Buettner Catherine Cook Emily K. Cook Kristine K. Cook Mary W. Crenshaw Ann Q. Dabney Sally L. Daniel Charlotte F. Davies Susan B. Dixon Kathleen E. Dodd V. Claire Driver M. Katherine DuPree Lisa D. Echols Jean Everett Lisa Fulenwider Ginger Gear Celia R. Ginn Amy J. Ginn Virginia A. Grubbs M. Catherine Hart Helen Harvey Susie H. Henson Eva B. Holland Sarah D. Hopper Debbie Huckabey Julie Jackson Jennifer K. Jones Corrine Kidd Kelli J. Kindred Susan D. Knight Gena H. Lawrence Elaine Ledbetter E. Belle Macauley K. Kenson Marbut Tonda A. Marshall Alva L. Martin Cynthia Merchant Lisa N. Mitchell Christy Miller Elizabeth R. Monahan Elizabeth Morgan Chaeryl Morton F. Marie Nix Irene M. Dates Lisa M. Odom Joan I. Oelschig Virginia L. Parker Claudia S. Patterson Margie Payne Mary Catherine Payne Sheryl J. Perone Nancy A. Pirkle Colleen M. Reardon Marianne Reid Caroline R. Rowley Melissa M. Sage Ann M. Schreiner Ellen M. Scott Holly A. Seely Rebecca T. Shaw Stacy Simpson Mary E. Smith Suzanne Smith Lori B. Stivers Christy A. Stock Karen A. Stowell Dacia S. Sudduth Louise C. Terrell Lisa C. Thompson M. Kimbrough Thompson Nancy B. Thompson K. Leslie Thomson Catherine C. Tindall Judy Todd Julie Turner Katherine L. Watt Mary Ann Way Rachel A. Williams Mary D. Withington Wendy A. Woods ,Doyo« JJj. .BibyHooW " ■ - WW ' « ■■ a ' ,Bt « • ' , Tot™ " LilWtliea • Xn 166 166 AAA 0-DAMN-NINEII ... No more Wombat . . . SHOWER . . . Date a houseboy . . . more tea please . . . The Big Band Sound . . . long dresses and sneakers . . . UH HUH . . . Wronngggl ... let me tell you ' bout some friends I know " . . . Thanks Miss C . . . Kahlua anyone? . . . Hello, this is your Aunt Penelope . . . Patches . . . Will you fry an egg, Louise? . . . We need to vote on a social . . . Up on the sunroof . . . Petrified turkey legs . . . Petrified Sarkiss . . . good job. Grease ... I need a co-cola . . . SAwho? . . . Spacey . . . Pumpkin Bells . . . 2X Sweetheart two years running . . . TRI-DELT . . .1st floor studies too much . . . Roll call . . . European Health Spa . . . separated shoulders . . . Hey, Pork Chop . . . Squirmy . . . Picture Man, over here . . . Tri-Delt on my mind. Martha Johnson Taryn Jones Margaret Miller Rebbecca Johnson Ruth Orahan Beth Martin Terri Wright Jane Polhill Liz Francais Becky Brown Elizabeth Jones Kitty Fritz Kathy Prossen Lisa Blount Nancy Abies Sherri Berry Susan Dowdy Lori Maxey Cindy Smith Lynne Hopkins Liz Chrisler Cheryl Anderson Kathryn Cranford Janer Deloach Ann Jollay Lisa O ' Dell Stepahnie Ferguson Cathi Hawkins Melissa Varner Lisa Bomgardner Terri Bartlett Anne McAllester Paula Owens Stacy Hill Dana Wilhelmi Debi Surmay Allison Henning Lisa Krysiak Laurie Josey Cindy Dekle Debbie Norville Cynthia White Audrey Barnes Caroline Cox Kim Mirschel Carol McCormick Andrea Morrell Susanne Blue Joani Sarkiss Sandi Warwick Janet Butler Karol Summers Sherry Whitehurst Sally Quillian Julie Ford Connie Roberts Nancy Bell Julee Wood BIynn Higgins Lee Ann Mitchell Diana Whipkey Katharine Duvall Karen Harrington NOT PICTURED: Susan Adair Eliza Adams Tammy Allen Nan Andrews Beverly Arnold Kay Bacon Terri Bell Ellen Bercegeay Barbara Blue Wyndee Bradley Linda Brewer Lisa Brodkenbrough Beverly Broder Ellen Burdett Beth Carter Kathy Crockarell Melody Chapman Denise Companik Anne Cook Joy Cook Debbie Cooper Lynn Craddock Jean Crocker Debbie Dalbo Kathy Drake Sara Easterlin Denise Finney Lisa Fivers Annie Ford Julie Qaby Becky Harlow Linda Grieve Becky Hale Laura Haywood Marjorie Hinson Robin Hill Keita Honeycutt Lynda Horton Connie Hurden Jan Jones Sharon Jones Letty Lanier Linda Latimer Mary Lowe Sue Luedtke Carole McCann Nancy Merritt Becky Miller Kathy Moody Nancy Nails Kelly Norris Kathy Parr Oayle Payne Melanie Peacock Tammie Pritchett Kaye Rathbun Mary Robbins Julie Sarkiss Cindy Scott Lee Sewell Celine Sherman Cindy Smith Nancy Sorsdahl Sherry Spicer Christy Turner Linda Wage Debbie Wahl Debbie Waldrop Frances Wheeler Cheryl Wood Am ' flljMf ' J PetriM ft " ' r»« AAA 167 M 158 Ar The Delta Iota chapter of Delta Gamma came to the University of Georgia in 1967 and took the campus by storm. The annual Anchor Splash, Halloween Roadblock, and Greek Dinner, among other things became recognized events on the campus as Delta Gamma took its place among the other greek organizations. Delta Gamma came back to school in the fall and pledged 53 shining faces to add enthusiasm to the chapter. We are proud of our beauty queens, scholastic awards, FIJI lukemia drive trophy, TKE spirit award, outstanding chapter in the province for scholarship and foundation award, and most of recently the Chi Psi pledge class of the year award. We are family . . . let ' s go cruisin ' . . . for real . . . Yassum, Massa . . . come on down . . . Up on the roof . . . Even if you don ' t find a derby, squeal and run . . . Bustin ' loose . . . How are the puppies, Tim? . . . sky high . . . Happy Hannah . . . bronze, pink, and blue . . . we ' re rugged but right . . . Lake Yammacuta ... 41 miles outside of Athens . . . roadtrip to Nashville, Vanderbilt . . . home away from home . . . The Golden Anchor . . . Babe . . . little sister ' s breakfast . . . ANCHOR- MEN ... a dozen roses, WOW! ... Oh the lovely girls of Dee Gee . . . Mama Thurman . . . Hot dot, rocky top . . . QUICHE ... the Tues. 3 a.m. fire drill . . . AVON calling . . . Champagne . . . the " Deal " . . . What do you think this is, college? . . . Who died and left you boss? ... Pi Kappa Alphas at Clemson . . . South Africa bound . . . water- melon . . . it ' s imported . . . Tornado . . . Under the boardwalk . . . Mork and Mindy . . . Bye, Mrs. Thurman. ■jia?- -r - fffs Barbara Bradbury Melissa Kieffer Susan Cox Lynn Baldwin Melanie Cole Sharon Nordman Beverly Bergh Sally Titshaw Patti Troup Ellen Dodd Pam Pearson Dreama Jenkins Kim Schultze Kim Simon Kathy Burgess Julie Megran Diane Powell Teresa Blanchard Chris Lundbergh Pam Braden Susan Rary Carol Muckenfuss Lila Newberry Dee Turton Carol Williams Lisa Bertz Louise Quarles Debbie Manley Dena Glymph Beth Spencer Beth Hardin Carol Pate Carol Huey Barbara Kelvington Lisa Reddick Sheri Kelly Robin Walker Elizabeth Cottle Sandra Pounds Pam Cook Claudia Wright Debbie Barnes Jan Slaughter Gretchen Steiner Cindy Drew Lynn Vickery Rene Shepard Judy Allen Darlene Palmer Leslie Lanier Jean Bridges Christi Canada Beth Elkins Carren Henderson Claudia Griggs Kandy Kane Alison Marsh Malice Still Kristin Olive Christi Lehman Jan Nixon Cynthia Guttery Donna Greenig Sara Murray Nancy Minor Dotsy Evans Donna Norris Diana Crawlwey Laurie Carter Celia Stewart Marcelle Turner Goldie Golden Beverly Friedlander Tish Wagner Susan Sports Livia Bacon Dixie Cely Nancy Taylor Carol Watson Katherine Stepp Arlene Dempsey Debbie Walker Jerod Bailey Rusty Spalding AUyson Harris Polly McGowan Joy Upchurch Debbie Revis Becky Box Kay Young Carol McAllister Lisa Gant Judy Heyl . Janice Bryant I Itf . . . J • Hui Ar 159 ■L 160 Ar s l ' J ' I . The Psi chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon has many accomplishments to be proud of for the 1978-79 year. They raised a record amount of money for Cystic Fibrosis with their Ice Cream Marathon and for Juvenile Diabetes with their Balloon Race. At the TE i stunt night, the Deepher Revue won first place in the song dance category. Other events included their annual street dance, Fall Party, Anniversary Formal, trip to Helen, Ga., Parents ' Weekend, intramurals, and more. Finally, Delta Phi Epsilon has remained number one on campus scholastically for spring and fall of 1978. Is Esse there? . . . Baba ' s . . . Table entertainment . . . Ditto! . . . Who ' s driving to sixth period? . . . Soap Operas! . . . Musical Comedy or Song Dance . . . FP material . . . HDB . . . Debut clothes . . . Foul . . . CK ' s . . . Space cadets . . . Delta Phi ' s . . . Charm holders . . . Bimp, Wimp, and Shrimp . . . DTS . . . Ten more days til anniversary . . . FOD . . . Tapping and more tapping . . . More than the greatest . . . clicking . . . Sinful pie . . . Rummy Q . . . Rose Anna Rose Anna Dana . . . Mah Jong . . . Cabaret . . . Kahlua and Cream . . . some of my favorite people . . . Give me D-PHI-E one time! . . . i6a A E Sharon Rosner Lisa Oreenfeld Patti LaBelle Lori Zimmerman Susan Freidman Carolyn Fox Ellen Waxman Laura Zelony Phyllis Oilston Anne Kiselik Jill Finkelstein Colleen Foskey Mitch Sandfelder Lauren Adler Vicki Steinberg Resa Levetan Gail Sampson Marty Weger Missy Stock Maria Cohen Susie Speir Anna Ranch Pat Praskins Adrianne Feinberg Sharna Fagin Susan Handelman Tammy Cohen Karen Getter Nancy Varon Carol Lichenstein Faye Seigel Jill Klompus Jodi Lasky Evelyn Freid Susan Abroms Carol Rainbow Arlene Perlmutter Vicky Blumenfeld Linda Seidman Spanky Cohen Lisa Merkow Michele Gordon Lynne Reiss Debbie Levine Helene Tiber Roslyn Retchin Gerri Chyatt Bebe Kaplan Marilyn Goldstein Marsha Jacobs Jan Wetherhorn Lori Teichman Sheryl Streiter Lori Fine Toby Berlin Nancy Wise Judy Goldberg Sandra Loewenson Barbara Blumenthal Gerri Droskin Ronna Snyder Susan Chaliff Stacey Rosenblum Jill Dreizin Rhonda Waitzman NOT PICTURED: Polly Jo Ackerman Lori Babbit Susan Berkowitz Carol Berlin Faye Cohen Susan Falkenstein Jodie Frankel Melanie Freeman Ceci Friedman Beth Oelhaar Linda Goldberg Irene Goodman Caryl Greenberg Sharon Greenbratt Susan Gross Jody Gurin Linda Hyman Marsha Kaplan Penny Levetan Sherri Levin Lori Lindenbaum Lisa Little Mindy Marau Pam Nadrich Susan Odrezin Shelly Peskin Debbie Polk Stacey Robinson Laurie Rosenberg Susan Rosenblatt Linda Sarlin Juli Schneps Francee Gilbert A E 168 i ' or Kathy Adams Kelli Anderson Jane Ashely Peggy Beckwith Louise Boiling Steila Bon Patsy Breedlove Barbara Brown Melanie Brown Sandra Brown Jay Burdett Sheila Bushman Kim Butler Vicki Calloway Lisa Carrow Laura Chandler Roxanne Cheek Sharon Cobb Cindy Collier Jean Conner Caroline Cowles Peggy Cruce Betsy Curry Janet Davis Louise Dykes Kristin Erickson Nancy Fowler Cavonna Frazier Betsy Oarlington Doreen Oentzler Colleen Oilmore Alice Grant Lynn Greer Amy Griffith Stephanie Guild Ellen Gurley Rosa Hagan Pam Haire Jennifer Hardie Mary Head Anita Herman Helen Hollingsworth Katie Rave Hollis Sallie Humphries Jan Jennings Barbara Johnson Judy Johnson Joy Kidd Chris Larson LA- The Theta ' s enjoyed an exciting and eventful 1978-79. The Minstrel Show, " That ' s Entertainment, " placed first in the annual Sorority Sing in downtown Athens for the second straight year. The chapter was very proud of Rebecca West who received the Jasper Dorsey Award for Outstanding Senior Woman. Theta ' s continued to combine their efforts in participating in campus and Greek activities. Their service projects inclu ded the National College Pitch-in and the YMCA Halloween Carnival as well as their national philanthropy. The Institute of Logopedics. Their housemother, Mrs. Sue Griene continued to support the Gamma Delta chapter and is deeply appreciated by the sisters. Yeahlll . . . Let ' s Call the Dogs! . . . The Wads, Slinky, and Bubba . . . Taxicabs and the Florida Game . . . Gatoring at Roxanne ' s . . . and a date Morgan got by herself . . . Pam and Patsy-Scott and Mike ' s Pantry Prin- cesses . . . The Grub Room . . . Bert Massengale .... Mega-lip pics . . . Pledge-sister football game . . . Fridays-Cooper ' s-Burgers . . . McWhorter food fights . . . Wizard of UGA . . . Gong Show . . . O ' Q, how did they do it in the olden days . . . Big Canoe Pledge retreat . . . Soaps . . . Spo . . . Tell me I ' m cute, say yes . . . EABO. . .CRUISIN ' . . . Cindy Collier, Kappa Sig sweetheart . . . Stella Bon, FIJI sweetheart . . . Theta for a Lifetime. 164 KAe Kathy Mays Dawn McClain Cathy McClelland Peggy McGarity Tracy Miller Elizabeth Milliams Mary Beth Morley Kathy Morgan Karyn Mosley Julie Neel Patti O ' Neal Tenley Oppenlander Julie O ' Quinn Marie O ' Quinn Bess Page Pam Rafferty Elizabeth Reagin Donna Riley Anne Rockwell Karen Rollins Carol Rosenblum Nancy Rosenblum Julie Sams Susan Sanders Laura Sims Sharon Speer Terri Spyke Preston Sullivan Jill Sutherland Margaret Thomas Amy Thompson Boo Traylor Kate VanDeventer Anne Van Home Beth Vansant Julie Wade Michelle Waters Rebecca West Luann Wiley Helen Jarvis Karen Sample Julie Damron Holly Hubble Beth Porter Nancy Bacastow Patti Bates Donna Bennett Marion Bibb Julie Cates Susan Donzinger Tracy Qoddard Sandy Qossett Mary Grimes Dana Orubbs Wade Haire Meg Harris Page Harty Chris Henderson Jamie Hester Cindy Holcombe Ruth Anne Houser Barbara Howorth Sandra Hudson Elizabeth Jacobs Candy Jones Karen Jordan Val King Kim Landon Sally Landrum Cindy Lanyon Leslie Larson Robyn Lester Becky Linder Sandy McEarchern Linda Marshall Melissa Mays Pattie Magnan Mary Morton Kathy Murphy Deanne Neely Carolyn Nordin Sally Parker Jane Phillips Reney Reeves Julie Riley Dawn Robertson Susanne Salter Susan Sansing Susan Sewell Susan Stanfield Wendy Stauffer Tassie Stoddard Mary Anne Turner Dianne Weisbach Kim Wilkes Wendy Woodward Owen Newman Nancy Walker •US .OndyCoEier, KAe 166 w I-W " Sigma Phi of Kappa Delta had another exciting year. After an extremely successful rush they went on to place first in the Hoinecoming Competition. The Washboard Band has performed at the Atlanta Braves game twice this year. K.D. ' s were represented by: Top 5 Miss Greek Week, Top 5 Miss Ag. Engineering, Top 10 Miss Modern Venus, Miss Georgia Holiday, Vice- Pres. In-charge-of-Rush, All Campus Homecoming Committee chairman, Greek Week chairman, Panhellic Fashion Show chairman, Dolphin Club, UGA Volleyball, Capt. Redcoat Major- ettes, and fraternity sweethearts and little sisters. All in all, it was a very good year! Get Down Baby Bubba . . . That beautiful woman is a sister of mine . . . Tau Delta Ha Ha . . . Nerd Dance . . Century Center — what a blastl . . Invading Tech campus with Evan Williams . . . bathing beauties in the courtyard . . . " The true meaning of sisterhood " . . .. midnight trips to National Pride . . . Roxanne . . . Baby Cakes . . . Jonsie . . . Upset Dynamically at the Pledge Dance . . go ask Norma Cranel . . . waterloft in 1 . . . RAINBOWS . . . KD Calypso Weekend ... Pig Outllllll RHGS Kappa Deltas are the best . . . lee KA Pres. - Lisa Sarajian Vice-Pres. - Gail Patterson Sec. - Joy Bethune Treas. - Stacey Smith Rush Chrm. - Dee Dorsey Sharon Gillooly Donna Day Lisa Mullally Kymy Holcomb Pam Chadwick Anna Ridgeway Anne Spangler Meri Hemphill Pam Barnes Jenny Cardell Gail Patterson Kim MuUis Kathy Stewart Laurie Keller Georgia Tyson Colleen Grimes Donna Jones Anna Hood Merry Lee Huff Robin Craig Debbie Habuda Marianne Mulberg Leigh Coulter Marianne Jones Michele Bevis Susan Patterson Shelia Phillips Donna Mansour Patti Alford Lisa Holt Linda Mammoser Patti Burnes Theresa Battaglia Dee Dorsey Norma Haisten Betsy Boyte Libby Myers Lucy Newton Norma Crane- House Mother Nina Smith Carey Johnson Lisa Sarajan Lauren Payne Laura Delk Gas Sherin Danyse Good Karen Duke Dorothy Dawkins Cathy Grimland Melanie Neal Elizabeth Kelly Karla Lawson Tracy Mixon Cathy Duckworth Hadley Hancock Bonnie Bynum Martha Caroline Brewton Penny Ann Jones Kaity Jones Carleen Baggett Theresa Lewis Merida Belcher Joy Youmans NOT PICTURED: Nita Arnold Donna Bryan Becky Burch Andrea Burroughs Anne Burts Melanie Cobb Patti Crow Lynn Donaldson Tylene Goodwin Kristi Harr Terry Hartin Jan Hulsey Rita Maloof Patty Meagher Patsy Newton Dede Parsons Kim Reneau Mary Robinson Jane Rogers April Sams Mary Schackleford Liz Strauss Beth Agee Carol Dodd Allyn Felder Carla Griswell Susan Hale Susan Holland Jayne Huff Kimbo Logue Terry Morton Shell Russell Stacey Smith Julie Smithwick Elizabeth Brooks Marian Bell Joy Bethune Christi Coker Audrey Franklin Jan Hall Gwen Hill Kymy Holcombe Anna Hood Anita Kelley Karen Minmier Marian Moad Cheryl Moore Tri Quinn Julie Scott Anne Spangler Lisa Spicer Terri Thomas Lisa Wexler Becky Wills Susan Davis Cindy Grabiack Jeanne Linguist Pam Rogers fcfc... »eri !)»««■■ -— I fitb K ' " uwr- ZZ D)C«iyp» K4 167 168 KA 170 KKr The Kappa ' s have had a strong showing in sorority life this year. It began with a successful fall rush. The 1978 fall pledge class has been enthusiastic and involved. Our proof is the Sigma Chi Derby trophy which began its reign in the Kappa house this spring. In academic standing for fall quarter, the pledge class finished near the top with the highest pledge class average in 14 years. During the Greek Week festivities, our own Kathy Butt was elected Miss Greek Week. Our successes included: our annual Parent ' s Weekend in which the attendance was the highest ever. Also, the annual wine and cheese party for the UGA faculty. Five Kappas attended the Province meeting which was held in Miami this year. Spring quarter was topped by our lung run for the Ga. Lung Assoc, our philanthropy. Disco Sidewalk ... " I feel like bustin ' loose " ... Is it Joe? or Dede? . . . Band? Who needs a band? . . . Don ' t worry about your grades, there ' s always the Faculty Wine Cheese Party . . . Ronco Vent Repairs . . . Sunday morning bed check . . . When you date A Kappa, you date ALL the Kappa ' s . . . Nice Sundeck? . . . We won Derby Kappa style . . . Kappa Limousine-A Yellow Texas Pick-up Truck . . . Kathy Butt Agnes Candler Elizabeth Carswell Ruthie Colmer Cynthia Cramer Lynn Conrad Sally Creadick Judy Dantzler Laura Day Lucy deOolian Tara Domingos Lynn Doster Lisa Driggs Katherine Dunlap Lorraine Farkas Joanna Qaines Kathy Gamble Susanne Genter Ginna Gilbert Anne Gray Louise Griffeth Anne Hall Sherri Hall Gail Halley Lynn Hart Dianne Hawles Isabelle Heard Nancy Hight Lisa Hudson Dottie Hutchins Carla Infanta Susan Kingery Brownell Landrum Peggy Lane Vickie Lane Mary Leslie Sandra Lumpkin Kathie Mansfield Lisa Mathison Martha Merritt Connye Morris Janet McClelland Carol McKinney Sally Nalley Val Nielson Lynn Pinson Cindi Pollock Pam Parks Val Powell Jill Pride Cindy Pryor Laura Ramsey Lucy Richardson Suzanne Morris Peggy Miven Brinley Burks Marianna Wilson Teresa Old Tanya Bass Sophie Mantler Lindsey Baker Gail Holly Susan Sheffield Debbie Hanisen Natalie Newton Carole Nichols Lisa Powell Pat Alexander Julie Jarrell Cynthia Manor Mimi Williams Dana Neville Lark Ledbetter Katherine Clay Georgia Graves Laura Norman Lauren Hodges Lisa Lipscomb Laura Lee Burson Amanda Durham Liz Phy Bunnie Morris Hope Miller Karen Waldo Terri Jorsham Kim Holliman Rita Pennington Marian Smith Susie Parker Dee Harrison Julie Estes Becky Morris Jenny Munfort NOT PICTURED Nancy Aldredge Connie Allen Ginny Anderson Joan Bartenfield Carol Baxter Betsy Been Debe Bickerstaff Leslie Bradford Carol Bradshaw Lucy Richardson Vaugn Richardson Lecretia Roddenberry Nina Sanders Blair Savage Libby Saye Georgia Schley Gail Schlosburg Sara Shadbrum Missy Slinker Holly Sloan Mary Lynn Smisson Cathy Smith Faye Smith Fuzz Spalding Laura Sterchi Ivy Stewart Carol Thomson Kylie Todd Beth Troutman Carol Vanderlipp Vivian Van Horn Linda Vaughn Joan Vereen Patty Wilson Amy Wiseman Tricia Wright Cindy Yancey Sandra Brantley Lisa Butler I X •!) (S • • U. The Phi Mu ' s started fall quarter with another fantastic rush. Their enthusiastic pledges went on to win the Homecoming Spirit Award. And to top the week off, Carlton Moxley was crowned the 1978 Homecoming Queen. The Phi Mu Washboard Band competed in numerous fund-raising events and won the " Best Washboard Band " award at Sorority Stunt Night. The chapter also participated in raising funds for scholarship with city Panhellenic and the Athens Jaycees. Their annual philanthropy, Project Hope, was a nation-wide goal for the Phi Mu ' s. By working and cooperating together, the Phi Mu ' s made 1978-1979 another successful and rewarding year. " That you ' d have " . . . broken windows . . . light cream sauce . . . C.B. ' s women . . . Muriel goes to Tech ... pit release . . . Tuna . . . " makes me sick " . . . " she ' s so prissy " . . . Cooper ' s and the 5th Quarter . . . Ryan ' s Hope . . . 0-9 ... Go Ask Alice . . .TheP.B. . . . Boys on the roof again . . . Domestic Items . . . Dirk and Janice . . . SAE Sweetheart . . . little sisters . . . Hot tin roof . . . " man on the hall " . . . A.D. . . . Magnolia Trees . . . V. T. ' s on the Veranda . . . Rose White . . . Pink Carnations ... in the bond. 178 M Claire Presley Jane Jackson Peggy Daniel Jill Ramsey Anna Fesperman Lisa Stultz Michelle Qoldstein Carolyn Means Donna Harvey Ann Travis Nanci DeBoer Nancy Kice Caroline Switzer Audrey Ann Rogers Nancy Marlow Pam Roukoski Ginger Rhodes Leslie Bye Katherine Bass Laura Greer Carol Brinson Janie Spence Bonnie Browder Angle Roberts Owen Kilpatrick Marty Jacobson Suze Sullivan Lisa Litchfield Susan Blitch Jan Chandler Laura Fonseca Jean Moore Cathy Jacobson Paula Murray Carolyn Bass Julie Nichols Debbie Dowis Susan Thompson Leslie Reynolds Stacey Warren Karen Brown Anne McRae Susan Chambers Marianna Hampton Cary Clifton Edith Geer Lynn Bell Leslie Gardner Mayer Martin Laura Taylor Leslie Shanks Melissa Thompson Carolyn Smith Laurie Guess Betty Bickerstaff Jody Snell Kayce Morton Bettina Beaudoin Jenna Hecht Jenny Tippin Kelly Huccabee Leah Twitty Susan Brown Susan Schick Clarissa Cunningham Carol Wood Mrs. Alice McKinley Melissa McKenzie Ann Travis NOT PICTURED Caroline Annandale Catherine Appleton Carolyn Baker Caroline Ballard Patty Barbie Denise Beadles Becky Beard Cathy Bell Mary Bissell Susan Blitch Janet Bradford Mary Jo Brice Carol Brinson Betsy BuUington Barbara Burt Nancy Carter JoAnne Clark Susan Clements Katherine Cohen Connie Collins Amy Cook Ann Coulter Carol Cusick Katie Davis Linda Davis Anne DeFreese Molly Dye Claire Farriba Laurie Faulk Mary Faulker Judy Forrester Vicki Foster Ellen Frank Janet French Beth Fulmer Nancy Gates Laura Oilreath Pendy Goode Laurie Gow Laurie Graham Becky Gregorie Lisa Grover Cathy Guy Kathy Haggard Kitty Hammet Susan Hawk Holly Herman Lori Hewell Kathy Hopper Barbara Johnson Debbie Johnson Oina Jones Kitty Kilgore Denise Leadbetter Claire Ann Mankin Maria Martin Jeni Massenburg Carol Mathis Nell Mathis Mary McLennan Elizabeth Meek Ann Moody Jane Moody Carlton Moxley Elaine Powell Melinda Proctor Cindy Pruitt Gala Rankin Donna Ratchford Susan Robinson Lee Rogers Suzanne Royal Janet Runninger Lisa Schuize Patty Searey Kay Sewell Laura Shearron Sandy Shealy Paige Skidmore Deborah Smith Emily Stegall Laurie Stevens Mary Strong Lisa Stultz Caroline Switzer Lacey Thompson Melissa Thompson Janie Trousdale Amy Wallin Sylvia Walton Stacey Warren Lauie Welsch Lynn West Ginny Wiegand Debbie Wiloaox Emily Jo Williams Kay Wilson 4- ♦M 178 Lexy Alcorn Pam Anderson Donna Avery Amy Bader Debbie Baldwin Alice Benbow Jennifer Blanton Alison Bone Suzanne Bone Libby Boswell Susan Brodie Susan Brooks LaVaughn Brown Gina Bush Laura Busino Margaret Carpenter Kathy Carr Ann Carver Nancy Casabone Kathy Clark Susan Cook Marcia Cousins Millie CuUom Brandt Culpepper Shelia Davis Debbie Dismuke Kathy Douglas Kathy Drew Michelle Dupree Kelly Eulenfield Susan Evans Teresa Everett Marcel Fincher Angle Flippin Adele French Sandy Gabriel a Phi For the Pi Beta Phi ' s, 1978- ' 79 was an exciting and successful year. A super rush bringing in 52 new pledges started the year off right. Pi Phi ' s were actively involved on campus and in the communi- ty in many ways including Mortar Board, Communiversity, Panhellenic Council, and much more. Several girls were honored as sweethearts and little sisters of fraternities. The Annual Kidnap Social took place at Athens Steam Company, and raised money for the Arrowmont School for Arts Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. As well as an improved chapter scholastic average, the winter pledge class ranked third out of all sororities. Pi Phi started Spring quarter with a third place in the Sigma Chi derby; all in all, it was a good and eventful year for Pi Beta Phi. Cute pledges . . . candlelights . . . socia ls, socials, socials . . . Yenny . . . disco pinto . . . carrot . . . the boys next door . . . Darth . . . We love our Arrowmen . . . Our Miss Brook . . . Greek Week Secretary . . . Beach Weekends . . . Baby Arrow . . . I ' m sorry, I ' m just sorry . . . SAE shower- cap ... 1st grade social . . . more candlelights . . . Marcel, finalist-Miss Dairy Princess . . . Kimbo . . . Rugger Huggers ... Pi Phi adds life to everything nice 174 nB Terri Gish Lisa Greenfield Qina Grizzle Ellen Guise Beth Jones Carole Johnson Sandra Kenney Deeoy Kirk Kathy Krauss Linda Laack Brenda Land Juli Lee Donna Lewis Leslie Lyford Pam McCuen Rose McDaniel Melanie Martin Alex Meyer Cindy Mill er Linda Mockler Chris Morrow Nancy Morrow Doreen MeuUer Beth Musick Sue Neisch Renee Nichols Trena Nix Cay Nort Vicki O ' Kelly Maureen O ' Sullivan Dede O ' Sullivan Connie Parker Pam Phillips Kelly Pipkin Diane Pitts Leslie Plumlee Toni Post Julie Price Sheryl Price Alice Reed Gail Reeder Cathy Register Lisa Robbins Jann Robinson Alex Hackworth Anna Hansen Lise Harrison Nancy Harrison Christine Haynes LouAnn Headly Debbie Healey Julie Herron Beth Hinson Judy Hughes Daly Jackson Jody Jacobson Laura Hauck Karen Rockett Catherine Rodrigue Becky Rogers Karen Schwab Cathy Settle Jennifer Seabolt Cyndi Shoemaker Kim Skeen Bonnie Smith Julie Smith Sheila Stowers Lindy Sumner Beth Suttle nB 176 17e 2AT 2AT 177 J - tfl!! % . s For the Sigma Kappa ' s, 1978-1979 was a time of growth and excitement. The chapter house was completely remodeled and refurbished, as well as a series of new additions to the house that increased the capacity. Sigma Kappa ' s campus involvement was wide and varied. Sisters were inducted into numerous honorary societies such as: Rho Lambda, Mortar Board, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Phi Kappa Phi. Members were also active in various other aretis of campus life ranging from fraternity little sisters to SGA. Thus, 1978-1979 was a time of fun and excitement. More or less . . . Let ' s cruise . . . Man on the hall . . . Champagne Friday-Rose Wednesday . . . Green shoes . . . Banana boats . . . Clone Laurie . . . Mr. Bell . . . Kit Karson and her fabulous horses . . . Come to the window . . . oh, no . . . Buns . . . Tengo problems . . . You turned the bed around . . . heyman ... It will be finished . . . Afterdinner cruise ... A case of cokes and a truckload of KA ' s . . . It ' s my date for homecoming . . . Omar . . . Peggy, telephone . . . The many moods of Mantovanti . . . Senoritus ... I don ' t know how to live anymore . . . isn ' t it fun being a Sigma Kappa? . . . c ' est la vie ... Lucy honey, I ' m home . . . Maybe he ' ll call . . . Shrew ' s got the . . . okaythan- kyougoodbye . . . 178 2K Jennifer Coveny Terri Jordan Christina Alvarez Julie Brewer Janice Broadhurst Wanda Floyd Aimee McPheeters Kathryn Cooke Mary Catherine Lockard Robin Hale Zoe Robinson Frances Hay Kim Owen Jocelyn Blackwood Morrie Watts Katie Rogers Julie Bass Suzy Doyle Cindy Stevens Susan Etheridge Cheryl Hargrove Kathy Ross Laurie Cress Cindy Jones Karen Wiegal Teresa Jordy Carla Reifsteck Diane Loworne Mike Battle Catherine Qnann Cathy Lewis Kathy Russ Aimee Maxwell Lynn Armentrout Laura Andrews Anne Spinnenweber Allyson Story Susan Gunsolus Margaret Wilson Mrs. Graves, Housemother Carla Calender Lynn Zimmerman Derin McCubrey Elizabeth Seckinger Becky Parsley Cathleen Carson Kim McNichols Debra Clark Leslie Laury Tammy Andrew Margaret Barnes Ansley Bell Martha Broughton Lynn Bruce Barbara Calvert Suzy Fox Kathy Johnson Carolyn Knebel Julie McDermond Deb McDoewell Debbie Nickell Cinda Powers Terri Ryan Judy Seawright Jill Smith Lucile Smith Carol Staton Karen Stephens Ann Woodard ,lK...L«ficraK . Ch«iiip«P l««i..-W ■J " " " If- ' - 2;K 179 ann L« ' " 11 180 ZTA Zeta Tau Alpha walked away with many honors during the 1978-79 year: first place in the Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s Yell Like Hell rally, second place in Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s Hairy Dog Spirit Drive, first place in Alpha Tau Omega ' s Fabulous Football Friday, first place in the Miller Drive, second place in Sigma Chi ' s Dress-a-Pledge, first place tie in Sigma Chi ' s Derby Hunt, and first place in the G-Day Spirit contest. While working to achieve these honors, Zeta also kept busy with various service projects. We supported our philanth- ropy, the National Association for Retarded Citizens, by selling Georgia visors, sponsoring a 24-hour moonwalk bounce-a-thon, and co-sponsoring a football tournament with the Chi Psi fraternity. This successful year was made possible through the efforts of sisters and pladges. I will survive . . . You too can be an ATO little sister . . . SHOT (X-ZTA) . . . Nip-it . . . Peaches, prunes, or Alfalfa? . . . Pink green . . . Boom-a-rang . . . Reunited ... Go Penguins (Who won?) . . . Where ' s Buffy . . . Jockflies? . . . What I did for love . . . Spring break on Lauderdale . . . Papa Joe ' s . . . Five units out after that jeep . . . Turned into Standards AGAIN . . . How about those soaps? . . . Gamma Gamma Sigma charter members . . . one, two, a- one-two-three-yeahhhhh . . . Jeep or Alpha? ... I think I ' m in love with you . . . Hot to Trot . . . Take me out to the ball game . . . Whats ' that on your shirt? . . . Backwards What ' s in the bag? . . . Wanna go to the Theta dance? . . . Coopers . . . How ' bout them Zeta ' s Karen Newton Beverly Jordan Biddy MacElhannon Kathy Weeks Cindy Johnson Phyllis Weaver Cindy Griffin Christy Rob Terry Richardson Lynn Foster Judy Ruland Sandy Jones Julie Carroll Shelley Vaden Ketherine Mathis Wendy Ashworth Samille Mitchell Kim Drummond Bonney Stamper Judy Swaine Maria Castellanos Kris Jensen Linda Lord Julie Anderson Diane Oilbert Lisa Mitchell Meg Peltier Debbie Hannigan Donna Abernathy Teri King Denise Vermette Diane Bloodworth Tammy Landon Suzanne Singletary Vicky Oolphin Karen Lane Molly Minter Cindy Burch Terri Kraws Leslie Elliott Cindy Gower Lisa Carver Diane Futch Julie Primm Candy Carnes Robyn Watson Carol McMillan Karen Murray Elaine Minnick Jane Rooks Beth Bodenhamer Sherry Norris Jennifer Jenkins Ann Thorpe Tricia Freeman Laurie Scott Carol Wright Gwen Williams Melodie Corey Denise Cummins Karen Cabanas Jenny Arthur Donna Thacker NOT PICTURED Glisa Lindsey Julia Vining Cathy Adams Susan Powell Karen Moeller Jan Estes Kelly Duff Mary Bowden Julie Moore Cheryl Condon Cecilia Douglas Julia Echols Lou Lowery Mary Lou Watson Sally Kite Lisa Ross Suzanne Sinyard Meg Mackechien Sue Taylor Weese Donaldson{X-zr«l flutldiil ' " ■r K- ' -e 9- " j ZTA 181 BBi U« ' ' , 1 188 ArP During fall quarter, Alpha Gamma Rho was very busy. They placed fourth academical- ly among all fraternities on campus. Alpha Eta chapter won the Homecoming float award during Homecoming Weekend. Last winter Alpha Eta of Alpha Gamma Rho won the Soapbox Derby race sponsored by the school of Agricultural Engineering. This spring quarter, 1979, has been, perhaps the busiest quarter yet. They were involved in Rodeo Week, and placed second to all organizations involved. Alpha Gamma Rho won the fourth annual Dean Tate Road Race. They also participated in the Athens Child Fair, providing several types of farm and domesticated animals for children to pet and pester. They have three members in the Ag Hon Society, including the president. They hosted their third annual Country Social this spring for the American Cancer Society. Worn Dog . . . Take my keys but not my Huffmaster . . . Long nights, short days . . . Father Goochy . . . Raw graduates . . . Hole in the wall gang strikes again . . . Vaughn the Sober . . . Gnat . . . Cooper scoops . . . Count T . . . Motorcycle Mania . . . Kelly reaches new spirit levels . . . Swino ' s forever . . . Go to hell, car, goes to hell . . . kitchen manager hides food, house hides kitchen manager . . . Leave it to Bret, here leave it to Bill . . . Happy Otis and his club . . . Cecil Punk Rocks the floor away . . . in Vt . . . 6:00a.m. stall cleaning . . . Bret wins awards . . . boiled frogs? . . . " WHERE ' S Wanda? " . . . Round Man Rolls . . . Binick smiles . . . She ' s in your class? Where ' s Bret? 785 Club, Home Boy quid stays at school . . . Foster at 16. ' OHJ.IIillrt .J% Charles M. Smith James W. O ' Conner David L. Crouch Qraham H. Cecil Jerry L. Slocumb David W. Friedly Barry M. Strickland Douglas D. Hendrlx Ronald N. Dillard Sharon Gillooly Lynn Johnson Rita Patton Donna Lawson Caron Jones Sharon Jones Beth Martin Donna Attaway Sherry Lyons Vicki McGraw Anne Harden Mary Anne Hill Russell A. Thompson, Usher William J. Viokers Michael B. Thurmond, Noble Ruler Danny W. Ashe William D. Russell, Jr., Reporter Thomas E. Haynes James K. Kelly, Vice Noble Ruler Allen W. Vaughn Jon D. Huffmaster Craig S. Cooper Owen M. Maxwell, David B. Lowe Robert D. Collins Charles S. Lanier John A. B ailey Martin E. Weathers Randall C. Maddox Wesley B. Smith David M. Byrd Timothy M. Todd Neely K. Nickle Randall C. Copeland Edward F. Olsen Kenneth L. Gallman Treas. Jr. ArP 183 Celebrating its 100th year on the UGA campus, Alpha Tau Omega enjoyed one of the most successful years in its history. An outstanding rush with the pledging of 45 men and the Centennial Ball and Banquet were the highlights of fall quarter. Also, the annual " Fabulous Football Friday, " an event open to the campus, proved to be a great success. ATO also participated actively in the annual Leukemia Drive raising more than $2500. Other activities such as the Viking Party and the White Rose Formal were instrumental to the morale of ATO. The Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross and Sweetheart Mary Graves provided inspiration and support for the brothers. Let ' s have some discussion . . . pancakes on Thursday . . . death ride . . . River . . . Crack . . . bitter . . . Hummmm Boy . . . viewing . . . Sandwich . . . ' bout sharp on your part . . . Viking . . . Sargie . . . most humble domicile . . . Rooster . . . World Series Social . . . the Abuse Squad . . . what ' s this? ... no parts . . . Chlorets . . . Insta-party . . . horizontal rumba ... Oh I might . . . Nooo Rob ... On the T. liBiitN II InijUt ir. (Ml 184 ATn bii- m»f . liettliriiit bitter.- , " |rf8ti " Soci«l ' , on mijl ' ' • Johnny Pelfrey George Lilly Tom Welch Frank McCleningham Frank Corker Kent Thomas Tim Burkett Bill Waters Bill Davis Welton Davison Andy Davis SECOND ROW: Alice Grant Scottie Johnson Clairissa Cunningham Stephanie Ferguson Sally Taylor Terry Law Elizabeth Reagan Lisa Crim Stephanie Guild Beth Bodenhamer THIRD ROW: Stephan Carter Les Souter Brant Frost Dan Forman Tommy Earnest Mike Garrison Skeeter Davis Bill Atkins Jody Vitale FOURTH ROW: Kevin Rogan Jerry Walker David Salyers Steve Piefke Dave Knowlton Bubba Bennett Hank Davis Mark Techo FIFTH ROW: Peter Hjort Keith Depew Buzzy Stephans David Stewart Tim Wooten Jeff Vann Ray Abernathy Jim Elliot Jim Price Rick Moorehead Hal Niebank Arthur Specht John Goettee Brian Smith Mike Masarek Ous Eurten Mobley Hill SIXTH ROW: Dan McHugh Gray Sessoms Bob Berto Mike Boone Pete Miller Jeff Jordan John Ham Charley Hill Tom Savini Mike Smith Rad Thurston Ellis Kilgore Steve Lansing Vance Hall Tommy Simmons Don Mark Lee Barton TOP ROW: Richard Duffey Bob Ward Preston Griffith Andy Porter John Hyatt Barry Rutherford Greg Autrey Scott Wehunt Jud Davis Robert Bodenhamer Alan Masarek John Weber Tom Bubel Reid Hailey Jeff Sanders Brian Tison Rick Fine Rick Ooggett Bill Souter ATO 186 . J Ai The Eta Chapter recorded another great year beginning with pledging some of the finest men on campus once again this year. Along with the support of their pledges, little sisters, and sweetheart, Carol McCormick, they were able to raise over $4,500 in the IFC Leukemia Drive. Chi Phi ' s excelled in all intramural sports taking first place in two of them. During the year, they once again enjoyed annual events such as the ADPi Halloween social, Mardi Gras and Spring Rush Weekend, finishing the year with an Chakett Beach Weekend in Destin, Fla. With the help of alumni, the Chi Phi ' s were able to make numerous improvements on their southern style mansion located at the corner of Broad and Lumpkin streets. Fall Quarter . . . What an Animal House . . . Pogy, give me that bottle . . . Mr. Mrs. Mudbone . . . Expecting mudpuppies? . . . Steegie . . . More broken windows? . . . Gosh darn . . . Girl ' s Bathroom tonight . . . Hatch and Lissie . . . and Sue . . . Five in the morning . . . De-white . . . Should we initiate them yet? . . . nah . . . Framp, you give good toe . . . Birdman and fish . . . Jackson, control your lips . . . Sweetheart Carol and Pres. Cosmo . . . What a pair . . . We want kegs . . . Cone-the red-eyed bear . . . Mardi Gras . . . Eph you do . . . and eph you don ' t . . . Orka II . . . Griffin ... I swear I can . . . Let ' s go fishing . . . Any lifeguard stands in Rome? . . . Tattoo, Tattoo . . . Kibble Ann . . . Devo . . . Hal? . . . Well, uh . . . Well, uh . . . It ' s Wilma you see . . . " Brad Joy " " Andy Lowe " . . . Fred Garvin ... or Doc . . . Zulu . . . Clearly, Shutup . . . 186 X - -■:( Parte Jtiiiirithi UuhlM " naPnu him, ■ 1 " T tW bottle. • .Eipertinf -l ' Mort •Lit .awJ ' " " t,rt«tk«P M «»I»tt» ' •■■•r ' ififii j Tom Cleary Dee Stanford Gail Ansley Beanie Webb Laurie Parker Carol McCormick Joan Oelschig Jennie Parker Sherry Windsor Alan Franco Morris Franco Tom Tanksley Joe McMillian Dusty Ackerman Joe Hinsley Oeoff Malcolm Frank Lumpkin Greg Sweetin Rob Gibson Tommy Worthington Johnathen Jay Hill Robertson Chip Busbey Melonie Piatt Jay Bardett Edward Marks Doc Kibler Dave Jones Eph Davis Senear Reed Van Price Dwight Horton Wes Gaillard Billy Miller Chenault Hailey Bill Bussey Frampton Simons Doug Bryant Lee Wilkie Meritt Huber Billy Griffin Julian LeCraw Bruce Miller Darrell Alridge Guy Kelly Craig Walsh Bill McKay Kevin Smith Frank Dixon Pete Oyler John Jackson Tommy Withers David Pendergrast David Hatch NOT PICTURED: Qus Arrendale Andy Bairstow Charlie Barnwell Dave Berry Jeff Bohne Don Bradshaw John Chapman George Chase Dale Cooper Bucky Daves Don Faison Jeff Goldberg Phil Huff Stafford Huff Andy Johnson Seth Mellow Keith Mericka Richard Moody Doug Murdock Pat Nesmith Talbot Nunnally Robert Presley Joe Richwine Richard Shivley Joe Stegal Bryan Timberlake Todd Tinkler Hal Wright X4 187 IJ« ' 188 X Alpha Delta of Chi Psi enjoyed one of its best years in history in 1979. Recognized as one of the top three chapters in the nation by the national fraternity, Georgia was the site of the Chi Psi Regional Convention and Alpha Delta was chosen host of the National Convention in 1980. Participation being a strong point, Chi Psi won first place in overall Homecoming competition and excelled in the area of community programs. A Softball tournament in May co-sponsored by Zeta Tau Alpha sorority enabled them to make a sizable contribution to the Athens Mental Retardation Center and other philanthropic projects included participa- tion in the Leukemia Drive and collection for the Heart Fund. Highlights of the year were the Spring Formal, Beachcomber Weekend, WARPATH and Chi Psi football weekend with Bone Holmes co-sponsored by Beta chapter of Chi Psi at South Carolina. Drunk ' n Derelect . . . Sport model . . . Buck and Reba . . . Ain ' t gonna hurt nobody . . . pretty damn sharp . . . voo-doo . . . fish-eyed fool . . . WAR- PATH . . . behind you 100% . . . dimmit, Pimmy ... I don ' t want no baby . . . quack-quack . . . cheat to win . . . Brewmasters . . . Ft. Laurderdale . . . Probably . . . Waterslide . . . Big-time . . . ELI . . . Bob and Camille, the tweets . . . scoot . . . 15 ' 11 get you 20 . . . camel . . . The Faces . . . The MG ' s . . . mmm . . . ssss . . That ' s aaahight . . . Stolen MG-Kansas 4 . . T.D. . . . MpMir ibtliSonliu SirlK kStas Holm, IiieKitttt, I I a ii k 1 k Ck a (b ki « in tl tt Sport IK ' jjj ' tptuturt - . , , . Brt ,11111 Philip Cofer Ruth Goraham Nancy Dooley David Woodruff Karl Keebaugh Pam Rafferty David Long Kathy O ' Neill Scott Anglin Mark Thomas Alex Forrester Don Sasser Melodie Corey Janet Kitchen Patty O ' Neal, Sweetheart Julie Matthews Larry Wells Stewart Cofer Bob Davis Scott Jones Glenn Joanis Betsy Curry Brian Davidson Jim Shaw Harry Haynes Steve Lively Chip Meyer Jim Hershey Terry Delaney Rob Davis Clifton Bobbit Tommy Lowendales Todd Yates Carol Huey Steve Harvin Mike Nelson David Pope Bill Harding Rodney Barmore Tim Stapleton Phil Nulherin Larry Hawk Keith Plyant Helmut VonSchweinitz Janet Bradford Pete Argo Jack Sinclair Jason Kitchens John Peeler Paul Turk Rita Maloof Bob McLeod Sanders Hickey Kim Plyant Bruce White Travis Waters Harry Rice Thomas McEntire Jim Hickey NOT PICTURED Pete Alexander Chris Armistead Mark Crawford Terry Coffee Jimmy Clouser Steve Cole Bob Chester Steve Dailey Scott Puller Howard Guest Keith Guest Joe Hewell George Hogan Jeff Langford Paul Looney Chris Masters Doug Padgett David Perrie Johnny Penninger Jeff Piefke Yancy Robertson Richard Saye Chris Schwentz Tim Shepherd Richard Starrs Brent Snyder Lamar Edwards John Barnum Mike Hearn Jamie Clark Phil Nelms Jimmy Key Reeves Carter John Crister X 189 190 X X+ 191 mw y 1978-1979 was a great year for the Delts, following the 97 year tradition of Delta Tau Delta on the University of Georgia campus. Pall rush proved to be a success with many fine men initiated in the winter. Over the year the Delt house, the historic James White Mansion, was the site of many memorable socials and parties, as well as the Muscular Dystrophy " Bike for Life. " Rainbow Weekend brought the brothers up to the mountains and to the Kingwood Country Club for one of the best formals ever. Once again the Delts held many positions of leadership including an I.F.C. officer, All-Campus Homecoming Committee, Communiversity, and several honorary societies, to name just a few. With the help of Dean Tate and the little sisters, 1 ' 978-1979 was a banner year. Bike for Life . . . Kingwood Country Club. . .The Pitt. . .Softball. . .House Burning . . . Mou . . . Auburn Raid . . . KathyV . . . Raffle . . . Caustic . . . Lil sisters . . . Delt Day . . . Spook Pitt . . . First Grade . . . Jefferson Central . . . The Bus . . . 100% Lofts . . . Bars Around the World . . . Allnight Float . . . Choco . . . T.V. Room . . . Goodbye Pool . . . The Bandage . . . JD . . . Izod Strikes ... 1 Twice . . . Euniburgers . . . Pick Em Up Champs . . . Backgammon . . . Beeker Bill ... No Heat . . . Night Depository . . . Rockers . . . E.C. x 2 . . . B.R.G. . . . Dm, lorieCna liaSkni «telll(i( In « » l i l« Mo I« Mil 198 ATA MhU. . -Hill jjiqgitCatnl ' " HI --- ' ' . Arlene Demsey Cathy Carson Laurie Cress Kathy Vorderbruegge Lisa Tolleson Debbie Gohr Carol Benton Kim Skeen Renee Nichols Leila L ' Abate Mary Hollowell John Ferry Dutch Cofer Walt Qlazer Todd Goulding; Glenn McAllister Jeanne Hopkins Kay Pope Renee Shepard Tom Whatley Kevin Graffins Greg Hendricks Terry Skelton Gary McAvoy Robert McClure Hank Qoble John Crane Jeff Coleman John Lackie Kevin McDaniel Ted Young John AUbritton John L ' Abate Billy Hester Steve Baiocco David Dyke Chris Foley Dan Orr Paul Dellaria Robert Cooper NOT PICTURED Jimmy Cannon Jim Gerstung Phil Orazi Bill Payne Robert Richardson Kendall SherriU Jay Sisson Earl Glazer Eva Lunceford Terry Ryan Debbie Walker Carol Benton Walter Jones ATA 193 Robert E. Lee . . . Old South . . . Cowboy Ball . . . Alumni Day . . . Rosecourt . . . Sue . . . Margaret . . . Mary . . . Stephanie . . . Mary Clair . . . The Unit . . . Hillbilly Social . . . " Animal " . . . Jam Session . . . Cooter Man . . . " Smoke and Bulbs " . . . Robert E. Lee Invitational Christmas Party Tells All . . . New Orleans Party . . . " Let ' s Get Crazy " . . . The " J " . . . Road Trips . . . " Willie D " . . . Cold Budweiser . . . Bags . . . Fifth Party . . . 194 KA hUEi UGAt MIS - ,. , iteecoiirt.- ■ iliMdBiIbi " ' " Don G. Hix Robert D. Stover Joseph J. Gaines Jr. William P. Gibbs Robert L. Raymond Carl Griffeth G. Michael Scott Jerry White Robert A. Haggard Brian J. Sanders Joel S. Green John Wilson Robert M. Trulock John W. Harbin Brian P. Schultz Thomas B. Stroud J. Douglas Quarles, Jr. Pierce O. English J. Madden Hatcher Robert L. Shaw M. Clay Sewell Robert R. Nichols William L. McElveen William D. Hensley Thomas T. Sharpley William H. Major Lewis E. Jones III Mark A. Howard David P. Hodge Sandy Shepard David J. Thornton Gregory D. Dolson Richard C. Chandler James D. Hudgins William G. Skelley John J. Doolan Chris McGuinnes Richard R. Stroud Mark R, Jernigan John G. Spellman David C. Varn Jack E. Henry Julian B. Flexor Alfred W. Jones III Donald L. Sprayberry Warren T. Wood Remer Y. Brinson Lawrence M. Delaney John C. King Jr. Samuel T. Stewart Ted M. Pennel John R. Jackson John E. Fish Seth L. Knight III Irwin W. Stoltz Charles A. Poe William D. Hart Chuck A. Langford Neal W. Thomas C. Julian Brown Neal J. Quirk NOT PICTURED Nasor J. Manssur William W. Thompson Jr Allen K. Davis Mark B. Mithum William H. Anderson Tim T. Markham Hamilton Tillman III Ralph Martin Charles H. Watson Jr. William C. Bates Robert P. McCambell Ross Tolleson F. Britt Boyd Douglas M. Henderson Michael R. Carson F. P. Meehan William F. Turentine Barry Storey Charles E. McElveen Richard C. Chandler Robert J. Middleton Ben L. Watson William P. Aiken Brown Edwards Michael T. Clayton Edwin R. Neal Mark R. Watson Ben F. Moss III James J. Morrison Jr. Kevin C. Dolan Peter M. Payne Jr. Roger S. Williams William P. Westbrook III Larry H. Mealor Capel C. English Michael J. Pelt William D. Young Jr. Bradley K. Alexander Earl H. Young Albert Fendig IV William C. Phillips KA 196 I Kap gma 1978-79 proved Kappa Sigma to be one of the leading fraternities on campus. Through strong leadership and great alumni support, Beta Lambda made many improvements on the house, including a new deck. The community also benefited from the fraternity through the chapter ' s contribu- tion to the Leukemia Drive, and Muscular Dystrophy. The Kappa Sigs further exemplified their superiority on campus by running away with the Greek Week competition. Strong brotherhood, and an excellent Little Sister Program kept Kappa Sig on top. . . . The Ebony Sphere ... I got the boss Bentley . . . Luau Organ Player . . . Tabo, Grand Poo-Bah . . . Spo-truck . . . Where ' s Cleve? . . . Brother Wilkerson . . . Exec . . . The Valentine ' s Day Lavalier Club . . . Trend Setter . . . Finding Peters a date . . . " Hey there " . . . Nic-Nac . . . DUI Club ... I wanna be reimbursed ... No cooks . . . Bunny . . . Sims and Carson did it . . . Greek Week . . . Minnie, Gladys, and Carlotta . . . Griner needs a date . . . Sikes . . . Ham wheels again? ... A parade, a river, and two oceans . . . Macho Man . . . Sport Models . . . Rolling Disco . . . A.E.K.D.B. ' « ■■■J V kt 196 K2 " joiiijj Di»» • Polly Introna Linda Brooks Marian Smith Tonya Bass Cindy Collier Shell Russell Andrea Burroughs Vicky Oalphin Bess Page Becky Brown Cindy Smith Lisa Powell Elizabeth Langley Nicki Zorn Alan Tomblin Tim Tinsley Gerald Hulett Doug Peters Steve Burns Kathy Jordan Gary Clifton Charlie Gray Barry Morris Jane Turchin Janet Butler Pat Alexander Ken Royal Robert Peacock Barry Greene Bud Collier Ed Heffernan Tal Hutto David Floyd John Dwyer Joe O ' Kelley David Malloy Ryan Mock Brian Hutto Scott Allen Randy Borud Charlie Barron Josh Hardwick Greg Howard Fred Huff Mark Carson Steve Langston David Sikes Phil Harris Tommy Davis John Griner Phillip Stoudenmire Artie Matthew Brett Farrell Charles Kimsey John Lane Tim Montijo Freddie Tolbert Hal Brandon Bill Sheffield Ed Easterlin Kurt Lattanze Tom Evers Charlie Cowan Jed DeLong Cliff Williams Billy Walker Lee Norville Steve King Bobby Newsome Neel McKenzie Ricky Rice Tad Parnell Sims Rhyne Bill Prather Buddy Lane K2 197 Chi The Nu Zeta Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha had another outstanding year in 1978-79. Through close co-operation between the brothers, they ' ve worked to maintain a position as a leader in campus activities and organizations. They par- ticipated in a number of fund-raising drives for charity, intramurals, UGA Football, Greek Week, and the I.F.C. This year ' s rush gave the Lambda Chi chapter continued recognition as one of the strongest fraternities at Georgia. 990 S. Milledge Ave . . . P.W. Award . . . Ophelia ... Ski Man . . . T-Bone with a side order of browns . . . Waffle Q . . . D.Q. . . . The Boat . . . Lofts . . . Ping Pongs . . . Brillo . . . Tripod . . . •Shroom. . . The Deck . . . NIKI . . .The Atlanta Clique . . . Devo . . . Macho Man . . . Bottle Rockets . .. Stand up, Dixonlll bent 198 . . . 9 m mv«m«H a,jUii...T-B«e ..Tripod... _ _ ga inDiiot! " Al NeSmith Karl Cornell Mike Valentine Mark Walsh Ruth Varga Michelle Mayfield Paula Owens Carol Wright Donna Mansour Jill Ramsey Monica Trapani Penny Anne Jones Anna Fesperman Kitty Fritz Ginny Wiegand Scarlet Jones Jill Jacobson Kay Rowland Allison Henning Dean Perry Rudy Underwood John Knight Jeff Watkins Tom Jackson Joe Dixon David Hughs Scott Russell Jeff Kerker Harrison Minchew David Stargel, Pledge Trainer Tyrus Teauge Mike Battle Josh Pumpelly John Mosley Oeri Thompson Wade Williams Ricky Evans Eddie Ausband Mike Malcolm Randy Warner Hugh Hunter Matt Smith Corky Crozier Kevin Workman Keith Caudell Mark Mussellwhite Doug Wiley Chuck Matthews Danny Brown, Pres. John Rhey. Vice Pres. Mike Smith Doug Parks Bobby Key Jeff Turk Jeff Ready Sam Roberson Coleman Aycock Mark Lewis Steve White Tut Smith David Dunlap Matt Thompson John Danztler Craig Barrs. Treas. Mike Adair Mike Sullivan Walter Taylor Jimmy Bailey Brad Vickers Brooks Keiffer Andy McGhee Charles Machelmehl Jimmy Stewart Tom Moynahan Mike Poole Jay Fulenwider Clay Land Joe Ryan Chuck Thrumand Robert Duncan Richard Bowers Kenny Jones George Valdes Billy Glosson David Williams Toby Tate - Sec. Jeff Richards Brad Bradham Pres. Danny Brown Vice Pres. John Rhey Sec. Toby Tate Treas. Craig Barrs Pledge Trainer David Stargel I AX. 199 imi . For Phi Delta Theta, 1978-79 was another successful year at the University of Georgia. The chapter participated in the IFC Leukemia Drive. Many improvements were " made to the house that helped its general appearance. Placing members in Student Government and improvement in intramural sports helped round out the year ' s activities. Winning the Silver Star Award and General Headquarters Trophy awarded by National Headquarters were added achievements. Lindsay Baker and the Little Sisters were a great help to the chapter. Bowlin Ball Butt . . . Spring Formal . . . Phikeia ... I want to thrash . . . Bowery Ball . . . Benji ... Eh, Eh, Eh, Eh, . . . see you later . . . watch the clock . . . 0-9 . . . Sue-Baby ... the Sicilian . . . the Leibster . . . Only in the Country ... a face only a mother could love . . . Bah, bah, bah . . . buffaloes . . . Eddie Munser wench game . . . Christmas party . . . I ' ve got a throb-bah . . . Joe Cool ... do it, Stu Baby . . . the Rookie of the Year . . . Heggee . . . night school . . . pillar of manhood . . . Green Skin . . . strange . . . where ' s the dumpster . . . Mash . . . blow dried Machis . . . Sure, Rob . . . S.C. Bus Trip . . . boobed her . . . let ' s get the head . . . the Macon Flash . . . Spaghetti chairman . . . well, I just declare . . . ring the bell. 800 Ae ■■■»«•« Ik Bona, j totbnali ' ' 1 , . a Q, Bi Cbriitiix flreenSkiii Burt Wilkerson Robin Collins Billy Jarrard Jim Fer son Holt Isom Mark Leib Blaise Adams Art Masters John Dye Steve Williams Brown Edwards Bruce Conn Albert Sewell Matt Burnham Marvin Clary Edward Walsh Bill Moore John Slocumb Charles Walker Dan Strawn Ben Allison Steve Wallace Robert Hill Warren Foley Burton Smith Trace Butler Bill Hopper Bert Madden John Davis Rick Pennell Alan Ryan Ernie Moncrieff Hugh McMaster Robert Burnham Steve Soleman Andy Radford Keith Eisheid Charlie Lokey Phil Rabun Harry Middleton Floyd Buford Tuck Perkins Cliff Milliam NOT PICTURED Ed Allison Ronnie Berry Pete Chambers Mark Chandler Russ Crump Tom Daman John Darrall Bill Donaldson Alec Evins Hanson Farmer Bill Fears John Fendt Joe Ferguson Phil Jones Clifford Lewis Oraham McGoldrick Bobby Montet Hank Ream Bill Reynolds Stewart Richardson Jay Scott Dudley Shannon Wyn Tomlinson Marshall Turner Bill Wittmeier Dan Robinson Bob Cool Ae 801 . The Phi Gams had an outstanding year. The chapter had brothers in leadership positions in ODK, Biftad, Phi Eta Sigma, and Student Judiciary. They ran the Georgia- Georgia Tech game football from Atlanta to Athens in the 3rd annual Hugh Hendricks Memorial Run for leukemia. Once again, the FIJIs sponsored the Pitch-In, an Athens ' community clean up, with Budweiser. And, for the 9th consecutive year, they won the IFC scholarship trophy for having the highest fraternity grade point average. The Kappa Deuteron chapter of Phi Gamma Delta also won the prestigious Cheney Cup for being the best chapter in the nation. 3 Cloverhurst Ct . . . Hurt me . . . Dull . . . M.D. . . . Jaws . . . Facial Club . . . Sonny Boy . . . Snake Lady . . . Florida Fling . . . Star Motel (D.E., S.N., B.B., N.S.) . . . B.D. . . . Frog . . . Governor . . . Native Weekend . . . Purple Garter . . . Tattoo Run . . . Little Sisters . . . Fix me up for a date. Sue . . . Poon . . . Mildred ... Pappa . . . Jukebox . . . Psycho . . . It ' s your wife . . . You ' ll pay if you get lavaliered . . . Capture the flag . . . Cess . . . Big Boy . . . French Whore . . . The Wives ' Club . . . Stickman . . . Boof . . . Black Diamond . . . iikSia .htdto lOICIk, [hlCtaii Si fcWtStat 202 FIJI I !f ' ' fi«l ■i H M K ■1 Pv% B H If r i t ' .. % ' i y Wendy Stauffer Stella Bon Julie Sams Kim Butler Stephanie Mullins Teri Atkinson Lisa Ackerman Kelly Huckabee Sharon Brown Sharon Reddick Lynn Miller Lanier Meadors Sue Knight Judy Johnson Carol Cusick Mark Day Mike Quilling Danny Anderson Mike Bozeman Herbert Short Brett Carver Roy Reeves Jim Braden Mark Day David Reddick David Brazeal Mark McGough Todd Barnes Anthony Cook Larry Brown David Lidwell Mike Dendy Chris Meadows Keith Mason Ray Leake Walker Campbell Buddy Hendick Neal Simmons Rob Zeyfang John Hull Wen Brown Bill Hall Tim Jett Marty Godfrey Randall Bentley Brian Booth Bob Christopher Steve Nail Warren Ragsdale Steve Justice Kirk Jelinek Reggie Davis Billy Williams David Watson Dan Cowart Donnie Chapman Neal Hopper Stephen Puhl Dale Erwin Roger Strauss Stephen Hathorn NOT PICTURED: Anne Wooten Matha Wood Mary Gilgo re Bob Cheeley Jock Connell Dick Falcone Preston Graham Billy Ham John Hankins Gary Heller Johnny Jarman Jim Mallory Steve Newton Gary Plumer Bill Seanor Greg Sowell Pete Stoddard Billy Dillinger Tommy Williams Tim Woodruff Jim Underwood Coyet Lowrey Chris Miles Mike Mills Tim Walker Sid Williams Charlie Ginn Kevin Spillane Charles Smith FIJI 203 ■oP ■■ ' S«P »J ' A 7 •• i( ' ► r ■: : Phi Georgia Alpha of Phi Kappa Psi celebrated its second anniversary on November 20, 1978. Though still young. Phi Psi has strived to maintain a leading position in campus activities. The chapter finished second in the President ' s League overall to receive an intramural sports trophy. Phi Psi scholars were also active during 1978 and 1979 placing members in Biftad, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Mortar Board. The fraternity sponsored its second annual Phi Psi 500 in May, mixing a 5,000 meter road race with band parties, and gave all proceeds to Muscular Dystrophy. Phi Psi ' s proudest achievement of the last school year was being named a top five finalist in AOlI ' s annual Fraternity of the Year competition for the second year consecutively. Mickey ' s Monkey . . . Willie Mac . . . The Dog-Mobile ... St. John ' s Country . . . D.B. . . . Doodle Dashers at the Kappa House . . . " This feels like yours " . . . Homecoming float . . . Raise a little HELL . . . Reindeer-doers . . . South Carolina . . . Founder ' s Day . . . The Purple Death . . . Backyard commit- tee . . . Crazy Zack ' s . . . Bill Deal and the Rhondells . . . Nooky Patrol . . . The Battlestar . . . Stencils . . . " DOG bless you " . . . Sizzlin . . . 500 . . . Merritt ' s Pool Party . . . Beachlll 804 K ' I ' ill rtiqiCiini kUBrta kluta IinlCitlilt Wilat ... Tie Mae ... St Johi ' i W ' .Hiteelsft •DOGbl llerritt ' ! HlDetl i» 1 Chip Marsh Nancy Abies Tom Hayes, Marci Robinette treeisurer , Kim Trotter Philip Curran Butch Ehrhart NOT PICTURED: Abe Banks Bill Baldwin Lee Mitchell Brian Fosgate Greg Harlin Larry Quattlebaum Bill McAbee Allen Pitts Matt Mashburn Danny Mobley Lanny Langley Ronnie Hinson David Catlett Billy Harper Time Price, Merritt Sink president Allen Willoughby Paul Bello Larry Sellers Steve Stephans, Dianne Powell vice president Anne Tyler Tripp Cagle Cindy Andrews Peter Merritt Becky Taylor Mark Adamson Angela Henson Rhonda Lamphear Christy Lehman Ellen Dodd Donna Smith Miller Weeks Karen Waldo Jeff Smith Rosemarie Sakey tK-if aos II ao6 K K i 207 Phi The Beta Zi chapter had a good year as always here at Georgia. The chapter was active in intramural sports throughout the year, and strongly backed the Georgia Dogs with a band party after every home game. Participation in money raising projects for philanthropies took up a lot of man hours in both fall and winter for the fraternity. Several charter members returned to the chapter for a Founder ' s Day party on March 10, which was a big success. The year ended up with Red Carnation Weekend in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Are you very obvious? . . . Nerd . . . Log . . . Magic . . . How ' bout that Lebaneese movement . . . Moore, can I borrow 2 dimes? . . . Two bucks, two burgers . . . Aldo Moro . . . Hymie, get a clothes hanger . . . Rupert . . . Must be my biorhythms ... Go to Rio . . . R.C. Weekend . . . Phi Tau Beach . . . Jasper, and the backwater urchins . . . Balboa . . . So hard it ' ll knock you down . . . the great water battle . . . Skyscraper . . . Socks . . . Greek outl . . . Libby . . . Conrad Kieke . . . Michdur . . . Cubby . . . Gravel . . . Big Jim . . . Rosie Tarr . . . RAISE HELLI!1II!!11!!1 H: Itai ' Tirr Kith, Dm ' ■ " Jim TnijSudn VKmb brilUa, Hit Am, WD. a08 KT _ g« tat ;bat n rt . • « ' ' ' ' " ' .Hjiiiie.?eH Ukltoi ' .hv - .Must be ,R.C. Jasper, Bdboa ..tlie , ..Oo»B»- jitiei Row 1; Greg Anderson Craig Austin Tami Tarr Alec Harper Billy Mona Georgia Tyson Tom Morris Denny Wilson Mike Adkins NOT PICTURED: Mike Demming Russell Grice Mark Najjar Kathy Drew Rick Diecke Mike Adamson Lee Bonner John Mull Curt Ashway Tommy Tarr Barbara Veeder Robert Izlar Tracy Sanders Julie McGran Tommy Rowland Wayne Moore Mike Newman Tommy Tabb Lori Maxey Jeff Browning Ed Whigham David Lister Bill Gooding Steve Clever Krystie Robinson Richard Pepe Charlie Thackston Lisa Carver Jimmy Moore Denny Ashway Sue Niech John Culberson Sven Jorgenson Doug Vereen Tom McGee Pres. - David Lister Alex Ross Kacy Kelhofer Vice-Pres. - Mark Najjar Mil e Auer Doug Morrison Sec. - Lee Davis Mike Charvin David White Tretis. - Jimmy Moore Nathan Curry Steve Tripp Member-at-Large - Wayne Lee Davis Steve McKelvey Moore KT a09 Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded at the University of Virginia on March 1, 1868. Alpha Mu Chapter at The University of Georgia was founded on January 25, 1908. One of the largest and most respected fraternities, Pi Kappa Alpha has grown to the 5th largest fraternity in the country. Alpha Mu ' s success can be attributed to hard work and determination by the brothers and a strong pledge class. The Pikes had another successful year in all intramural sports. They were football champions once again. Socially at Alpha Mu, Friday afternoon Champagne parties. Band parties, Spring Rush weekend, and the annual beach weekend have become popular events at the University of Georgia. The brothers look forward to another successful year and continued improvement. Costume party . . . barn socials . . . Fort Walton Beach . . . Dream Girl . . . " I ' d like to recognize ... " Excellent job Rob Morris . . . Russ and Jimmy avid Bulldog fans . . . the Morgue Hall . . . " appreciate the fireworks Preston " . . . Zack ' s . . . How about that LSU trip Russ, Alan, Linton . . . Broderick ' s sink . . . AOPi Social . . . Okay Woodrunk . . . How about a smile Happy? . . . Daddy Dunn . . . Do it Slap . . . Block ' em tough Mike Miller. . . " We love you Grace " . . . " Go for it Bulldog " . . . Jack Jackson ' s party was great Softball games . . . How about them little sisters? . . . Nice camouflage pants Lee Greene . . . Bridge Club ... Flea . . . We own Jacksonville ... J. ' =» ntm Selrti PuBiiu fittjElB, tap. fcfcSerra b,a«w. teloB, wm. ■imBrDn feBnirtu •noHotri Hit. ' . ' Mw «W,1U iBm, 810 nKA .baniocials- ...DretoC 1 1 jiimjf tvii IM . ' » " ■J I !«« ' ■■ ' We own Ellen Reagan Lisa Brockenbrough Laura White Kim MuUis Connye Morris Pam Hogan Patty Riieney Anna Pesse Kitten Bergen Grace Champion Peter Youtt Steve Brookes Steve Brown Kevin Broderiok Bernice Morris Nancy Aiken Stephanie Tucker, Sweetheart Marifae Meeks Libby Myers Holly Herman Claudia Wright Louise Quarels Gina Swims Robert Faircloth Kevin O ' Brien Chuck Walker Kevin Woodsides Tracy Anderson Bill Ferebee Preston Moss Terry Bartlett Wade Pickard Cynthia White Diana Whipkey Pat Johnson Jon Ozar Byron Daw Cliff Cochran Bras Deen Alan Stone John Shea Kerry Faust Linton Johnson Tom Bailey Kim Fleming Jeff Dunn Joel Lord Fred Ehrlich Jim Taylor Jimmy Taylor Kent Edwards Jeff Rothenburger Mark Allison Jay Gay Mike Lane Stan Dilwodh Craig Nolan Andy Barrett Robby Saye Rob Morris Bob Ryan Bob Bibbings Mike Liss Scott Hoerning Lewis Johnson Don Buggein Robby Guercia Bobby Johnson Todd Barlow Tyler Huhman Danny Morris Russ Woodlief Kevin Eide Kim Lang Bill Hitt NOT PICTURED Linda Lucia Frank Kelly Jeff Rahall John Dawkins Skip Henderson Jack Blackburn Mike Garrity Fred Miller Art Garrison Nick DeLucco Bill Rogers Sam Brewton Jeff Belk Jimmy Hughes Lee Green Mike Duran Mark Hennriot Irving Morris Alan Freedmen Russ Lemieux Steve Carter Hasten Riley Johnny Short Dennis Posey nKA 2n The 1978-79 academic year proved to be very rewarding to Pi Kappa Phi. They again fielded strong and consistent in intramural competition and ended the year ranking high academically among fraterni- ties on campus. The Pi Kap ' s were also active this year in aiding v arious charities through our sponsorship of a Rock-a-thon and a Bingo contest. Come on in me . . . And one . . . Hoghead . . . Produce ... I need assistance . . . shoot that thing . . . Paratrooper . . . Crash Bash . . . Wally gator . . . The belly brigade . . . Perfect by proxy . . . Woman-killer . . . Lawn- mower . . . Rowdy Riley . . . Dr. Wells . . . Disco Rob 812 IIK bulCha HMOn lttr| i(iM SBnn Shtki ■• .ijidote. fnbet . UW ' Greg Elder Donna Jones Mary Lee Gagliardi Marty Jones Richard Cross Debbie Chaffman Bill Larsen Carol Ann Jones Benny Smith Jimmy McLeroy Billy Towson Cindy Thomas Woody McCIure Norma Haister Win Davidson Wells Wheeler Alex Meyer Tammy Spence Weedy Johnson Merry Lee Huff Keith Tudor Cal Prescott Walter Pickens Cindy Gower Alex Bird Bo-J Clayton Randy Brown Riley Davis Randy Hyde Russ Worth Ben Gerard Pam Turner Jimmy Fatten David Barrett Barry Parrish nK 213 i« . J 814 2AE HlUw John Wellburn Greg Mitchum Calder Bon Cy Clark Dickie Smith Chip Compton Rick Quinn Mike Evans Mike Valentine James Liokford Olenn Crawford Henry loccovozzi Bobby Beard Tom Zipperman Bobby Greene Joby MacOnome Ben Miller Willie Edwards Frank Lonzo Billie Anderson Calder Clay Dap Wade Steve White Darren Cash Tom Erb Alfonso Pollock Tim Zipperman Frank Simpson Mel Lattany Fossett Young David Profit Bill Dickey Clifford Lewis James Huff Jeff Turk Kevin Jock Quinn Daniel Fejj Ninruck Carl Rosenblum Mike Tippettfavor ZAE 216 " Ifl If , i . I • w t ti .. The Sigma Chi ' s had a banner year. They pledged a great pledge class and started the year off with a bang. Their sweetheart and little sisters are among the prettiest on campus. Their main events of the year were the annual Derby celebration, Sweetheart weekend, and a very successful Beer and Shr imp Party. Sigma Chi 1. 216 2X dMudittrtei Curtis Adams Trip Agerton Jim Anderson Steve Blackburn Rieliy Brackett David Camp David Cherry Bo Cheves Bobby Cleveland Michael Cooper Charles Crosby Bill Cummings Jeff Dorsey Danny Duke Tom Dunlap Benji Edwards Bill Elais Sam Evans Bob Glynn Brett Franklin Jamie Fritz David Garcia Bob Giannini Don Guritz Dick Guritz Jay Hall Rodney Hall Neal Ham Hal Harper Bill Harris Dale Hendrickson Johnny Heyman Rusty Hilburn David Hogan Jimbo Horn Kyle Jenks Jon Jones Gene Kelley Jonathan Kent Ricky Langhorn Bob Lovett Pat Luke Tony Malone Frank Mashburn Tommy Marsh Walt McBride Rob McConnell Marvin Metzger Gary Michael Philip Millians Mark Newton Jay GUiff Vern Orr Mark Parker Brad Patton Jay Rawls Tim Rawls Brad Rendell Jim Reigal Eddie Rogers Ralph Sandeford Jimmy Sanders Jeff Schermerhorn Charle s Seller Rob Showferty Billy Shuman Wesley Skinner Bobby Sloeumbe Ken Smith Jay Swart Doug Thomas Stacy Thompkins Wade Thompson Frank Tindall Chip Usher David Valentine Don Vaughn Woody Wilkins Ashley Madray Bob Schnieder Bary King Tim Hadaway Bill Browne Ricky Cox Wade King Benson Bottoms Bud Grey Bobby Farnell Willis Everett Doug Walker Phil Hudgens Tommy Kirtland David Gilmore Doug Bennett Bill Longino Mitch Kahlert Buddy Sword Hunt Dunlap 2;X 217 tammmmm Sigma Nu fraternity had a very prosperous year in 1979. The remodeling of the house continued with interior and exterior work. Being a strong member of the IPC, Sigma Nu raised nearly $3000 in the annual leukemia drive. From fall quarter football games to eight spring quarter band parties, the Sigma Nu ' s enjoyed a year filled with prosperity and brotherhood. Boyfriend . . . Topcat . . . Lightnin ' . . . And one . . . Choo-Choo . . . Condo . . . The ' 58 . . . Archie Bell . . . The Tams . . . " That ' s A Fine " ... No Pants Social . . . Who ' s been sleeping in my bed? . . . Quituation . . . Two fisted Dates . . . PHONE ... Chi O Pie Social . . . ais rN I fattm adiLee :.■ Nora, mM t i I . .Ti.lliH W» " Catherine Barrs Mark Maund Grady Turner John Chaffin Janet French Billy Fox Phil Eastman Bo Chance David Smith Betty Biekerstaff Bobby Rives Sam Tidwell Art Barry Bill Burns Glen Green Brenda Ransom Ric " Frog " Frazier Tommy Merit Phil Gentry Marty Dorminy Gary Smith Linda Lee Bert Brown Jack Tidwell Ricky Ingram Ken Futch Bill O ' Neel Jeannie Hunt Bobby Brown Jerry Gay Chuck Wilson Lee " Pool " Carroll Sam " Skoal " Allbritton Alice Roberts Rocky Dillard Billy Jerles Ben Williams David Brawner Hank Swartz Bill Norman Ernie Ward Keith Chandler John Johnson Mike Carr Greg Wright Julie Favorite Adrian Woodruff Matt " Fat Body " Davis Ricky Bryant Bobby Smith John Hurst Lisa Reynolds Bert Thomas William Stultz Chris Alexander Steve Wight 2N 819 r 1978-79 began a very productive year for Georgia Delta chapter of Sig Ep, commencing with a 32-man fall pledge class. The chapter has brothers in such campus organizations as Biftad, Blue Key, Gridiron, O.D.K., Sphinx, Greek Horseman, Student Judiciary, and Intramural Sports Council. Sig Ep sports teams have claimed the inside track on the All-Sports Trophy by dominating the President ' s League. To date, the Sigs Eps have won championships in eight sports, including football, soccer, and Softball. The chapter has placed third in both Greek Week and AOPi Fraternity of the Year competitions. Sigma Phi Epsilon and its little sisters are eagerly awaiting the coming academic year. OK BYE . . . Gimme a highty . . . Son of mine . . . Kutchy . . . Ten years of victory in the tug-of-war . . . Bruh-thar . . Sparkles . . . Chomps Strain . . . Get a grip . . . Batrace . . . Another keg? . . 13-6,1-0 Magoof. . . . . Bulldick 2ao 2; E . . . Squash . . . Peck . . Beerball . . . . . SPE32 . . . Whiptail . . . Love it . . . T-berry . . Boiler-makers . . . Ralph . . . Seascape ' 79 . . . Preps . . . Brother Strother . . . Icebath . . . Drain this thing . . . Wantsome . . . Smack-doo . . . The Shoals . . . Goober . . . Slack . . . Mr. and Mrs. Bithchell . . . Jackie . . . Which Way to the Beach? . . . Mongo . . . Harpo . . . Clem . . . Admiral A . . . The Worm . . . Freida . . . The Yankee . . . Mystery Bro . . . Herman . . . BT . . . Beached Whale . . . Howdy Ruben . . . Sueberry . . . Mo . . . Poke . . . The Mutt . . . Jake, the one-eyed snake . . . Sig Ep-Be There, Aloha . . . AWESOMEll! RiiS " 3« , M w,...i«i«k» ' « ' : 1 ..Biliili ft ' - Tammy Livingston Teri Allison Sue Sawyer, Sweetheart Greg Thruman Danny Sparks Mike Salisbury Will Strother David Dudley Cindy Kerker Robin Lee Karen Stephens Carolyn Knebel Fran Sheldon Laura Kahn Keith Herpy David Thornsberry Pat Maloof Bob Evans Eric Bowles Steve Clement Wayne Edwards Melissa Kieffer Sharon Faye Bill Maguire Peck Lathern Steve Isaf Fred Oates Frank Wilcox Jim Young Jane Akins Paige Perkins Dan Lapwing Robert Blocker Danny Arnhart Jimmy Arnhart Tom Pantlin Freeman Milligan Bill Murray Lisa Bertz Barb Bradbury Josh Borden Dale Smith Hal Walker Jamie Limley Win Oreen John Zittrower Jeff Wade Randy Moore Chandler Vreeland Brian Knauff Scott Everett Michael Partwood z E esi J. ' For the Hi-Lambda chapter of TKE, 1978-79 was one of the most prosperous years experienced in its short history. The great enthusiasm and closeness among the brothers was particularly exemplified in the move to a bigger and more beautiful house up Milledge Avenue. TEKE ' s shared great pride in this accomplishment, as well as others including the winning of Greek Week, and the success of such projects as the Hairy Dog Spirit Drive, TKE Miss Legs, and the annual March of Dimes Haunted House. TKE continued to provide representatives in almost every major organization on campus, including BIFTAD, ODK, Student Senate, Red and Black, and Demosthenian Society. Positions such as Orientation Leader and IFC Justice were also filled by Hi-Lambda members. For TKE, ' 78 was a banner year. The Chemise Lacoste IZOD Open . . . Batman . . . " Wrassling " at the J J Center . . . Spacemen . . . " Hey, whoa " . . . Red Carnation Weekend . . . Stardust . . . Hanging Loose . . . Chocolate . . . TKE Beach . . . " checkl " . . . Garden Club . . . Springfest . . . Pharoahs . . . Suitcase . . . " Laid back " . . . Tattletales . . . " Oobie Doobie " . . . Watch out for Snakes . . . Dad . . . Watch Chapman dance . . . Blanche ' s . . . " Out to lunch " . . . Na-Nu . . . Sheepdog . . . Midnight shows at the Back House . . . Casper the Ghost Pledge . . . " OFF THE GRASSl " . . . Spongewomen ... " I feel like Bustin ' Loose " . . . Frankie . . . " Got a chew? " . . . FISH . . . Ricky Daddy . . . " I ' m so confused " . . . drawers . . . " frack! " . . . the Blues Brothers ... " I gotcha right here! " . . . Back Hall . . . " Dust him off " . . . ROLL, TKEl 228 TKE iiateikCiltk BaSoia ' ' .vl«t, IlltCMIl mBaUa«emimimxima m I unit It the J ' ' .-Hey.fbM ' ffeekeid . if Look Hll » - " Uidlwl •• ' I DMbie ' checT] Lisa Hawkins Michelle Hicks Lisa Holt Bobby Hubbard Johnny Weeks Jimmy DeLoach Suzanne Sinyard Vance Peacock Vince Reynolds Todd Bruno David Waldrop Elizabeth Cottle SECOND ROW: Randal Morris Ben Smith Tim Breedlove Charlie Gregory Kenny Dempsy Jay Leuy Sandy Pike Dale Cash Steve Coleman Pete Foreman Mike Yawn Rodney Beasely Bob Finney Linda Wagge John Sheftall THIRD ROW: Lewis Tumblin Skeeter Rutledge Greg Anderson Ken Exum Bard Marsh Howard Hargere Randy Bannister Mike Ouzts Don Howe David Williford Monty Holecomb Alex McDonnald Ross Adams Jeff DeHaven Dammon Templeton Ray Daniel Andy Crews Sue Bristoe Jimmy Stewart Chuck Wood Russ Mathis FOURTH ROW: " Dad " Laughlin Joe Negley Craig Cox John Mullins Tom Birchett Terry Leary Ben Taylor Matt Vuchetuh Alan Mills Ken Styles Duke Tankersly Spencer Smith Neil Fuller Rick Hill Joe Hartley TKE eSS The Delta Beta chapter of Theta Chi was chartered on the university campus in 1949. The National Fraternity was founded at Norwich University in Norwich, Vermont in 1856. The colors of the fraternity are military red and white and the flower is the red carnation. Famous Alums: Harry Reasoner and Shug Jordan. Ding . . . Zog . . . Inski . . . O.D. . . . Beave . . . Z-Man . . . King of Curl . . . Tyro . . . Debo . . . Yid . . . The Factor . . . Wimpy Wave . . . Exhausted Rooster . . . Captain Banana . . . ee4 ex DotijSna LindiUm JttoP. Williup, MiriC. _ PndBiD SiagirQiinil SSCOKDIOl: SeottB«ti»a: JitiBin MBenj Sow 10, 11 ' RmEranniK»«a«w««M« Dotsy Evans Brad R. Davidson Linda Moore Andrew R. Tito NOT PICTURED: John P. Harrington Gary R. Bowers William P. Bradfield William H. Browning Mark C. Banks William M. Combs Pricilla Daniel Ronald S. Gaynor Ginger Garrett William J. Griffin SECOND ROW: Scott F. Hodges Keith B. Muller Sid Landers Scott Buchanan Kenneth Patrick John Born Steven B. Tomlinson Sam S. Patrick Slade C. Young David Berry Thomas Robertson David W. Odiorne Bruce E. Weaver Joe M. Holland Harold Shaw Troy Ballien Edward Crump Scott Allen William Scarbourgh Robert S. Worley Zach Manos ex 886 Zeta Zeta Beta Tau started the year with its largest pledge class ever. It was just the spark needed to make 1978-1979 the best year ever for ZBT. Fall quarter was highlighted with parties after home football games and fraternity sponsored trips to the LSA and Fla. game . Also fall quarter, the ZBT ' s won first place in the UGA blood drive. With the coming of winter quarter came ZBT and radio station WRFC ' s Basketball Spirit Drive. New Head Coach Hugh Durham inspired increased participa- tion from campus sororities. During spring quarter ' s Greek Week, ZBT made its best showing ever. ZBT ' s formal weekend was spent at Pine Isle on Lake Lanier. The Weekend was a final topping to a year that will be remembered forever by ZBT brothers, little sisters, and friends. Go . . . Showers are great . . . Biggest Fall Pledge Class ever . . . Moving Up . . . Hugh Durham makes a call . . . Macho Mark . . . Eat your ice cream, Jerry . . . Ralph visits often . . . No-oo-o . . . Cited by pigs . . . Pierre is full of bologna . . . Walrus . . . Little bitty date ... No teeth . . . TAB bec omes bucanner Bash . . . " Lyrics " makes it . . . 745 or 247? . . . ZBT is ' Busting Loose ' . . . aae ZBT • " ' " Milt wITi I IMiiilw | 1 .btjoirioe] .Idrt...Ii j ..liJbecaWj Spanky Cohen Jessica Thomas Sharna Fagin Terri Savo Bonnie Hodges Sheila Davis Jim Mitchell John Myers Laura Qsegner Tammy Himelfarb Karen Dunn Diane Killingsworth Shirley Saalfrenk Page Aspinwall Walt Miller Ann Spinnenweber Lynn Hicks Connie Church Connie Griffin Terry Himelfarb Lauren Morris Bera Leonard Bill Sims Scott Soloman Jimmy Duncan Mike Sumner George Slusser Rick Sjoblom Ron Debransky Ray Barron Earl Pendley Chris Hoover Mark Preisinger Phil Manson Bill West Bruce Fine Jeff Rooks Eric Wells Jay Rollins Greg Hodges Rick Dreger Mart Eubanks Greg Hix Jay Morgan Pete Bezkor Larry Johnson Wayne Marchildon Bob Fleener Will Rice ZBT as? i-iim mmmmmiimmmmfiiii mm . . . Bulletin . . . We interrupt this yearbook to bring you the following special report University of Georgia sources reported that hundreds of Georgia students participated in a bizarre Shoot Yourself Day, sponsored by the campus yearbook, the PANDORA . . . Stay tuned for further information . . 228 SHOOT YOURSELF SHOOT YOURSELF 2a9 lU 230 8HOOT YOURSELF MaaahHtaHHwaBgiBUMiiwaii 1 I 1 1 - SHOOT YOUBSELP 881 i« 232 SHOOT YOURSELF JiL SHOOT YOUR8ELF 233 lU 834 8HOOT YOURSELF SHOOT YOURSELF 236 836 SHOOT YOURSELF SHOOT YOURSELF 237 lE .■ aSS SHOOT YOURSELF SHOOT YOURSELF 239 i 840 8HOOT YOURSELF SHOOT YOURSELF 841 RRBBBSSOa X I 848 CLASSES DIVISION CLASSES DIVISION S4S mmammBa m woBmamim e44 CLASSES 1 " The most satisfactory thing I ' ve run into " says Dr. Jack C. Thompson of his experiences in the teaching profession. His career in the field began in the Army. He came to the University of Georgia in August of 1956 as a professor in Agricultural Economics. He holds BS and MS degrees from the University of Florida and a PhD from Parnell, all in Agricultural Economics. He says he has always known he would teach and finds that students never get boring. He is a concerned teacher and a friend to all of his students as they are to him. Dr. Thompson, originally from Bartow, Fla., is married with three daughters. He enjoys shooting, hunting, research and especially travel. CLASSES 246 Georgia kinda grows on you . . . ; ' 1 6 ■1 846 QROUNDS -• mmmmsmm GROUNDS a47 248 WALK WZkM Conserve Energy, Use Yours! WALK a49 J Gilbert Memorial Health Center The Gilbert Memorial Health Center serves nearly 80% of the UGA students each year in almost 75,000 visits. The Center, under the guidance of Dr. John Curtio, M.D. considers preventive medicine to be its main purpose. The Center, which in actuality is a minature hospital, ranks 6th in the nation among collegiate health facilities. It has a 32-bed inpatient facility, pharmacy, treatment room, laboratory and five specialty clinics. There are 14 M.D. ' s, 1 physical therapist, 8 nurse practioners and a full lab on the staff to aid the student. There is also a Mental Health Clinic to serve the student. The Health Center offers educational programs in several areas and hopes to add a full time Health Educator to the staff in the future. The students at the University of Georgia can consider themselves lucky with this excellent facility at their disposal. There is no charge except for medications, which are at a reduced rate. 260 CLASSES - uu arial nter ■i mtftteDGA iGMr.ndtrtbe ■liMMdiciMtobe v»;.u. rub 6th in tf 1 £-oed inpatient I ud Imipedalt; impnctiooen niiin I Mental ■mnlimi MfliltlMfltlR. loatotaMiies innlmocliarge HI. ! CLASSES 251 Food: mg UGA style ' 262 FOOD POOD 268 Ma Bell What would we do without our precious phones? Waiting for that phone call from that one special guy . . . and waiting . . . and waiting . . . Talking on the phone could probably be named our next national pastime, but what about the phone bill? 254 CLASSES CLASSES 266 Though working toward a Bachelor ' s Degree is a lot of hard work, for those students who plan to get a graduate degree the work has only just begun. Hours of research experiments and practical experience are added to the hours in the classroom allowing the Master ' s or PhD candidate to receive more specified knowledge in his or her field. These students work in the classroom as Teaching Assistants, with professors as Research Assistants and with various departments in practicuum, gaining invaluable experience, for no amount of classroom time can equal on the job training. In proportion to the hard work these students put in, graduate degrees offer a wider variety of possible jobs so it all evens out in the end. Graduates Phillip Aldridge Eli Barlag Lynn Bullard Michael Carroll Edie Cox Patrice Davis Mark Gebert Patrice Gillis Margaret Greer Kyna Hinson Barry Irwin Colin Knight GRADUATES 257 Lisa Lacher Kay McDade William Newton Becky Nichols Francis Ochda Doug Oliver Cynthia Parker Teresa Paschal H. B. Pate Marc Pitts Brenda Pullin Judy Seaman Lynn Yarbrough Gretchen York a68 GRADUATES Vi -Kl L «G» ' S Mi i V ' nl ' i . 1 l m 9 ■i «nn HUN : 1 ••• wn MM « 1 I s H K. - i3P ' - j ' ' t £ i«w kc;:;a 1 f 3 1 ' s « 4 gij jr - ' 1 P jwl w ).w SSSL .- -J y 13 - , y 1 fI 1 1 ' f ; J . J rOn ■1 IF 1 Seniors Peggy Anderson Harry Angevine Sybil Argintar Slater Arnold Jaru Ash Julie Askew Sonia Aultman Melissa Averitt Burney Bailey Walter Ballew, III Susan Baldwin Maria-Teresa Barata Debbie Barnes Marjorie Baum, Lo la Bell Steve Bell Kathy Bennett Richard Bigler Jaunita Birmingham Cathy Blizzard Joan Boudousquie Mike Bozeman Randy Brantley Mona Bress Trade Brown Martha Brundige Carol Bryant SENIORS 2eg Bobby Bryde Michele Burns Glenn Burrell Ronald Busbee Lisa Busshaus Arnold Butler Brian Cady Yvonne Camp Ann Caragher Elaine Carter Tony Cason Steven Cataldo Robert Chafin, Jr. James Chandler David Chastain Cornelia Cho Joon Choi Albert Clarke 260 SENIORS Margaret Clay Lawrence Coffee Charlotte Coleman Mardella Collins Anthony Cook Cherilyn Coover Sonja Craven Lisa Crim Thomas Crow Janice Daniel Cindy Darnell Karen Deadwyler Susan Dease Michael DeCaatro Darryll Dixon Pamela Dixon Steve Doak Patty Dodson Linda Downer Regina Downey Dawn Dozier Peter Dreisbach Theresa Dunn Michael Earnest Chuck Egnaczak Charlene Elliot Robert Ennis Deborah Etchison William Evelyn Lu Fendig Joseph Fischer Michael Fleischer Olenn Forehand SENIORS 261 Sharon Foster Lisa Frampton Deborah Garrison Beth Gault Julie Gibson Jeffrey Gillman Barbara Ginsburg Alex Glover Julia Godwin Philip Goldstein Freddie Goodman Cyndy Goodson Connie Gray Rhonda Green Randy Greenway George Griffin Gregory Griffith Denny Grimes Kimberly Gross Will Gunley Leila Hall Mike Hall Delvie Hansard Carolyn Hargrove Byron Harper, III Kel Harper 262 SENIORS Margaret Harvey Nancy Harvey Conrad Haslett Scott Hester Edward Herren Leonard Herring, III Lisa Hester Richard Hester, Jr. Rose Heath Wesley Hester Annette Hightower Robin Holdaway Theodosia Hollingsworth Keith Hollinshead Kathy Hood Antionette Horton Bob Hubbard Paul Huckfeldt Donna Huffines Richard Huggins Clay Hulsey Sharon Hunter Lynne Hunt Mary Hope Sandra Inman Cynthia Jackson Steven Jackson Susan Jennings Caroline Jernigan Bill Johns SENIORS a63 ■«» ' Rhonda Johns Candy Johnson Troy Johnson Hal Jones Mary Jones Mike Juberg Q N SMDWICH SHOPS ™ ■■ " O- - ' d Jeffrey Kaufman John Keeble Kimberley Kelley Gary Kelly Barbara Kelvington John Kennedy Alicia Key Charles Kimbrough Patrice Kindler Helen King Carol Koeble Mary Krick Robert Lamutt Mark Latty John Leeb Glisa Lindsey Greg Linton Thomas Little Brad Lohsen Laura Lubowicki Elizabeth Lytle Helen Madill Debbie Majors Patricia Maloney 264 SENIORS f -- :■ ■ ' .? I ' -w-aj Martha Manbeck Chris Mann Mary Manza Daven Mashburn James Mashburn Laura Mashburn Diane Masters Maria McCann Valerie McCormick William McCranie James McCoy Julie McDaniel Pamela McDougall Scott McDougal Mark McGoldrick Lee McMichael Ray Meadows Scott MerriU Cindy Miles Nancy Miller David Mitchell Martha Mitchell Rutli Mitchell Vicki Moon Mary Moore Robin Morris William Morris Leslie Moseiey Jane Murphy Patricia Neblett SENIORS 265 m» Carol Nichols Bomar Noles, Jr. Dean Novotny Ngoc B. Cong Huyen Ton N V Carol Olds Thomas Oliver Tim Oliver Karen Otterback Bettie Ott Reece Padgett Chuck Palmer Vincent Papsidero Deanne Parker Robert Parrish DeDe Parsons Laurie Patton Walter Paulk Von Peavy Frank Perry, III Lynn Pfannkuche Patricia Phillips Venneta Phillips Cindy Pickard Patti PitU Mark Porter Sandra Pounds 266 SENIORS Jane Prichard Matthew Prichard Scott Pronger Anita Pruett Keith Pugh Jacques Pye Nancy Quattlebaum Jane Radenhausen Mary Ann Rae Anita Ramsey Lisa Reddick Susan Reedy Alan Reeves Anne Renshaw Vickie Riggins Kitty Richardson Teresa Richardson Janis Ricks Angle Roberts Ginger Roberts Barbara Rodrtques Jean Rollins Linda Rollins Mark Rollins Judy Ruland Catherine Santos Thomas Scharko Lisa Schulze James Segars Connie Sewell Lee Sewell Frances Sheldon Donna Shiver SENIORS ae? Allen Smith Cheryl Smith Powell Smith Kenneth Snider Lorene Sprayberry Bonnie Stephens Nathaniel Stevenson Elizabeth Stewart David Stone Diana Stone Jeffrey Stone Nancy Stowers Reggie Stowers Annie Stripling LuAnn Sullivan Linda Sweat Barbara Tamplin Susan Templet Linda Theisen Elaine Tidwell Michael Tigges Freddie Tolbert Carole Tomter Sharon Trull Jeffrey Tuggle Benjamin Turner Deborah Turner Susan Turner Horace VanHoy Glen Vey 268 SENIORS Joe Vines Debra Waddle Gail Walker Jackie Waller Susan Waters Jerry Weaver Lynn Webb Jimi-Lee Weber James Wesberry, III John West Bill Whipple Tricia Whitlock Janice Wilkes Joel Williams Saribeth Williams Melanie Woods Douglas Wright Terry Wright Karen Wyndham Tim Yancey Timothy Young Valencia Young SENIORS 269 Juniors Faben Akly Bruce Ambrose David Anchors Clark Anderson Mark Anderson Bill Andrews Kay Andrews Craig Annis Debbie Aulday Cynthia Bagrwell John Bailey Michael Baine John Baker Sheila Banks • Cindy Barnes Pam Barnes Patricia Barnes Karen Barnhill Georgia Batty James Beck Tim Bell Robin Bennett Janice Bentley • Lynn Bentley Beth Boland Lisette Bordon Mitchell Bowling Dan Boyce Randy Brooks Patricia Brunton Stephen Bryant Chris Bufkin • Scott Burnette Sharon Burt Robert Byrd Linda Cagle Kim Campbell Peggy Campbell Sandra Capps Carol Carpenter Robert Carpenter • Gary Carter Gregory Chastain Gregory Chastain Lynn Clark Hunter demons Pam Cochran Steve Cole Bonnie Collins Claudia Connell • Elizabeth Cottle Patrice Council Paula Cowart Lera Cox Anthony Craig Barney Craven Susan Crowe Charles Davis Lance DeLoach • Martine de Monye Henry Doan Kackie DuPree Karen Earnest Jim Edwards Kathy Ellington Donna Elliot Kelly Eulenfield 270 JUNIORS Paul Evans Liz Fant Maria Fazio Kathy Federspiel Mark Folker Frank Fortune Gary Fouts Karen Frost Nancy Fryer • Frank Furbish Georgia Gause Kathryn George Susie Gipson Cindy Gissendaner Danny Glickman Jon Glovingo Tommy Goddard Marty Godfrey • Chris Graves Emily Green Ernestine Griffin Carol Hadsell Marilyn Hairston Debra Hambley Lilyan Hanberry Anne Harden Barbara Harrington • Kathy Hatcher Margo6 Haynie Cynthia Hays Barry Heard Lorri Helfin Ann Helgeson Kessanee Hemwatanaghail Carren Henderson Jenny Henkel • Carolyn Henry Kathleen Henry Dianne Hickman Hirokazu Hikida Alicia Hill Frances Hill Susan Hix Pamela Hobbs Margaret Hoeler • Robyn Hogan Rony Hood Matthew Horton Belinda Howard Tomi Howe Melissa Howell Roy Huff Bruce Hunter Karen Hutson Linda Jackson I Randy Jackson Janis Johnson Pam Johnson Rhonda Johnson JUNIORS a71 Tom Johnson Mike Jones Jane Killian William Key, Jr. Greg Kinnamon Francye Klus Brian Knauff Karen Koster Paul Lad Melissa Lamas • Lanny Langley Dave Lee Ross Lee Les-Lee Linden Vicki London Linda Long Carol Lee Angela Little Frank Lumpkin III • Douglas MacKenzie Margaret Mackie Ashley Madray Lena Malmstrom Susan Mayer Tony McAfee Carol McAllister Cassandra McCIuster Susan McDaniel • Carol McDowell Stan McElroy Thomas McGehee Nadine McMahan Jo Medley Kay Melvin Bill Miller Sheila Millier Bart Mitchell Kathleen Moak George Mock Angel Moore Lauren Morris Terry Morton Lisa Muller Siah Hee NG Fran Norman iB BS Teresa Nunn Deidre Nunnally John Nunnally, Jr. Willaim Ogletree Cynthia Olson Jane Orr 272 JUNIORS Stephen Osborne Janet Owen Margery C. Pace Lee Brian Padove Pace S. Palaio Darlene Palmer Savela Pappas Suzanne Patterson Jan Pattillo • Jimmy Patton Suzanne Peavy Meg Peltier Micah Penn Venn Pennington Paige Perkins David Perry Merrabeth Petty Ginger Pfalo • Leslie Plumlee Doug Pradat Nancy E. Preston Kevin D. Price Vincent Pritchett Sharon Proctor F. Parker Rahn Regina Re Renee Reid • Susan Rey Robert C. Reynolds Mike Robbins Arsburn Roberts Ginny Roberts Rebecca A. Roberts Theresa Lynn Roberts Marcie Robertson Gerry Romano • Paul Salter. Jr. Delores Sanchez Virginia Sue Sawyer Suzanne Scogin Mary Seawright Thomas Sellars Emily G. Sewell Judy Sheilds Karen Slay • Bonnie Smith James A. Smith Thomas A. Smith Carla Snell Herman Grayson Snider Randy Southerland Jim Spruell Charlotte Stallworth Helen Starks • Clint Starks Deborah Stephens Denise Stevens Mark Stevens Sandra Stocks Laura Stokes Teresa Strickland Susan Stubbs Karol Summers • Debbi Tawney Tim Thomas Sally Titshaw Andrew Towson Patti Troup Ginny Troxell Michael Truitt Mary Turlington Renata Turner • Barbara Veeder Tony Walker Stuart Wallace Roland Ward Ben Warren Stacy Warren Susie Wasley Steve Wattron Lynn Weems • Nedine Welch Edward Whigham Ra Vonda White Bryan Whitfield Lea Whitfield Linda Williams Dianna Wilson Laura Wilson Betty Wiseman • Gail Woffard Joey Wofford Lisa Wolf Debra Womack Gail Wood Douglas Wright Elaine York Heather York Glenn Zuern ' JUNIORS 273 4. Sophomores Robin Aaron Terry Aaron Clinton Ard Bruce Aston Janet Baltzell Abe Banks Stacy Barber Cori Bargmann Todd Barnes Barry Batson • Linda Beck Kathy Benson Mack Bird Lisa Bledsoe Martha Boley Camilla Bond Nancy Bossen Rosalie Boyd Diane Bridges • Tina Brininger Janet Bryant Scott Buchanan Mary Bulkeley Ann Buonanno Kathy Burgess Brinkley Burks Michael Bishaw Elizabeth Caldwell • Stephen Caldwell Ted Carellas Ed Carpenter Becca Carter Marie Carty Jeff Casurella Lynn Cline Frances Cole Richard Cook, Jr. • Dawn Cost Ellen Crane Curtis Crawford Debra Daniel Carrie Daniels Dorothy David Mathew Davis Michelle De Haven 274 SOPHOMORES A Parking Space, A Parking Space. My Kingdom for a Parking Space! But, alas there are none. That is there are none to be found unless you arrive at the desired location before first period begins. Once the day gets into full swing, the chance of parking becomes less and less. There are several different parking areas. There is H-Zone. H stands for home, and once you have found a space, home is where you stay unless you can ride a bus or go with a friend. It would be terrible to lose that space! Then there is X-Zone which stands for X-tremely away from everything. Although a parking space may be found here, it might be easier to walk from home. There is C-Zone which stands for center because it is in the center of campus and then there is B-Zone. B stands for Bookstore or Beyond because it is beyond your wildest imagination to ever get a B-Zone sticker. Highrise parking areas may be the solution, or a larger population of bikers (see page 277). nBKnAKSianiEBXKi Valerie Delaney Oscar Dodek Jenny Doss Suzanne Dunn Beth Elkins Denise Elliott Susan Etheridge Michael Evans Kathy Fitzpatrick Reuden Flanders Christopher Fletcher Julie Fletcher Lisa Fontaine Erlyn Filcher Gail Fulford Carol Fulghum Neill Fuller Edriel Gaston Samuel Gear Cheri Gilbert Kathryn Golden Eric Grafman Debi Griffith Max Grizzard Kimberley Hamm Beverly Harckastle Sandra Harris • Terri Hartley Zan Harvill Robert Haywood Gary Henderson Pam Henderson Rodney Henderson Kay Herrin Donna Herro Avis Hester • Bonnie Hodges Eliza Hoernle Mary Hollingsworth Susan HoUon Carrie Hudson Kevin Jameson Shirley Jenkins Seavy Jennings Jerry Jobe • Renee Johnson Sharon Johnson Kathleen Jones Nancy Jones Russell Jones David Kennedy Case Kinder Jeff Kwan Angela Latimore • Lisa Lautenschleger Megan Leib Denise Lewis Ethan Lewis Jo Ann Lewis Linda Lewis Eric Lievsay Carol Long Wayne Lord SOPHOMORES 275 Edgar Ludgar Frank Mashburn Denise McCarthy Kathleen McConnell Terry McGraw Bruce McLellan Cindy McNeal Robert McNeill Martha McWhorter Ruthie Merritt • Susan Metcalf Hariett Mlms Samille Mitchell Sandra Mohr Randal Morris Maryann Muhlberg Melanie Neal Louis Nicholas Jan Nixon • Prances Northington Amy Nostrandt Theresa Oetgen Rapunzel Parham Timothy Parker Joey Payne Ronald Payne Nan Marie Payne Josie Perrin Pam Phillips Bobby Pinckney Jennifer Pinson Tara Pipes Jean Pirkle Adam Poppell, III Derrick Price Gail Price Jeanne Reese Linda Reeves Roy Reeves Kathy Rennell Dana Robertson Blanche Robinson Joe Robinson Vikki Robison Howard Rothbloom 276 SOPHOMORES More and more students are turning to the bicycle as an alternative method of travel. It has many advantages over the conventional car. Parking places for a bicycle are easy to find and can easily be created where one does not exist using a bench, tree or a lamp post. Bikes unlike the gregarious gas guzzlers are inexpensive to operate and are reliable. While providing a convenient mode of transporta- tion, they also provide an enjoyable way to keep in shape. Yes, these two wheeled vehicles might be the best invention since the napkin. And to you, you inconsiderate autos, move over ' cause bikes are here to stay! Elaine Schmelz Richard Sewell Dorothy Shelby Winston Skinner Kathy Smothers Rusty Spaulding Kevin Spillane Ruth Stahl Meredith Steinbauer • Carol Stevens Angela Stewart Patti Strickland Tim Sullivan Robert Tanenbaurn Claude Terry, III Lori Thomas Lynda Thomas Terri Thomason • Scott Thomaston Janet Thornton Nelson Tidwell Lisa ToUeson Evan True Barbara Turk Marcelle Turner Tammy Tutterow Patsy Varner • Carie Vaughan Jackie Wade Eric Wells Steven Whittingslow Kurt Wolfe Robby Wood Jeff Wright Wendy Wright Lori Zimmerman SOPHOMORES 277 Freshmen Ray Abernathy Susan Adams Andrea Adamson Robin Addleton Nancy Adier William Aiken Anne Alderman Pam Alexander Ulycia Alford Cindy Allen Ally Allison James Allison Cindie Andrews Mimi Argo Katherine Armour Wendy Ashworth Debra Ault Eddie Ausband Gary Austin Nick Backus • Chery Ballard Rena Barnette Charles Barron Arthur Barry, III Jeff Bashuk Denice Beadles Tom my e Beal Terri Bedgood Jill Beckett • Jeff Belk Julia Bell Randy Benson Tammey Bentley Kathy Benton Margaret Benya Joan Berry Hal Bierce Leslie Blank • Lisa Blankenship Bonnie Bloom Brenda Boler Tami Bond Allen Booker Leslie Booth James Borden. Jr. Larry Bouzek Stewart Bowers • Thaier Bowles Lore Branch Lucy Branch Sam Brewton William Britt Tracie Brochu Wendell Brock Charlene Brown Lee Brown • Deborah Browning Judy Bumbarger Teresa Burel Bonnie Burns William Burns, III Rebekah Burton Viki Busdicker Margaret Butler 278 FRESHMEN Mary Byram Sherri Byrd Karen Cabaniss Chris Campbell Gina Caplena Rick Carlsen Philip Carpenter Greg Carroll Eva Carter • Karen Carter Cathryn Carver Lisa Carver Missie Cauthen Wayne Cawthon Karleen Chalker Cliff Chandler Lynn Charms Juanita Chisenhall • John Choffin Ron Cholfin Chris Clegg Yasmin Clements Melanie Cline Gary Cochran Chris Cohard Melanie Cole Carol Elaine Condon 9 .;.1 Jeanie Conkle Madelyn Conner John Cook Gena Cooper Lisa Corr Steve Cotey Janet Cox Ricky Cox Annette Craft • Clifton Crawford Catherine Crittenden David Crittenden Suzanne Crow Felecia Crowder Ginny Crowder Brandt Culpepper Jan Daniel Mary Katherire Daniel • Sheila Daniel Craig Dankewich Julie Davis Lee Ann Davis Melinda Davis Neale Davis Terry Davis Terri Deal Chris Dean FRESHMEN 279 --H Arlene Dempsey Tommy Dent Roberto Diaz Susan Dodd Darren Domain Jack Dominey Kerry Doolittle Greg Drake Sally Drews David Dudley • Anthony Dunbar Robert Duncan Desiree ' Durham Katherine Duvall Becky Echols Tim Echols Jan Egins Tommy Ellerbee David EUgass • Sally Ensley Kari Erikson Tracy Eulenfield Laura Evans Scott Everett Winfred Evans Lisa Faulkner Pam Faulkner Steve Fairchild • Pat Ferguson Howard Finch Kathy Fincher Jim Flanders Ulanda Fleming Jeff Foltz Tamera Foltz Susie Fox Evelyn Fried Beverly Friedlander Pamela Frost Alesa Garner Jim Garrett Luca Giaturco William Gibson Jenny Giles Nick Givens Tracey Glaspey Alan Glassman Joe Giosson Jay Glover Charles Gobin Beth Goodrich Peter Gorman Scarlett Gordon Cindy Grabiac Susan Graham Cassandra Green • Cheryll Green Joann Greer Naomi Gregory Wilma Grier Catherine Grocock Dennis Gurka Karen Hairston Dale Hansen 280 FRESHMEN i f • " 1 Tim Hamil Charles Hancock Jack Handmacher Scott Harris Mitzi Harris Neal Harris Wade Harrison, 11 Kim Hargett Alice Hart ' • Rick Hawkins Ley Hayes Tom Heard Donna Helton Suzanne Hemphill Steve Henley Keith Herpy Jamie Hester Donna Hester • Henry Hibbs Kim Hightower Mobley Hill Janice Hines Denise Hnatusko Monty Holcombe Karen Hood Bill Hopper Ron Hoven • Dale Howard Mike Howard Ruth Howell Kathleen Ann Hughes Patrice Hunter Robert Inwright Janet Irby John Ivy Carole Jackson • Sandrea Jackson Jill Lauren Jacobs Don St. James Jeffrey Jay Drema Jemkins Lillie Jenkins Tommy Jennings Doug Jewett John Joiner FRESHMEN i381 Barbara Jones Kathy Jones Laurie Jones Marty Jones Rachael Jones Summer Jones Bob Johnson Brian Johnson Cathy Johnson Dennis Johnson Walter Johnson Barbara Kane Kandy Kane Gary Kaufman Melanie Kearns Elizabeth Kelly Robert Kelly Cameron Kimball Mark King Norma Kinser Gwendolyn Knight Kyle Knox Kevin Kooken Leah Koster Staci Kramer Michael Krause Karen Kunter Bob Kyff John L ' Abate Javy Lawson Harry Lee, Jr. Ed Legge Donna Levy Deborah Lewis Bob Libutti • Janet Lieberman Michael Liss Janet Loftis Chuck Lovelace Ruth Lowenstein Dan Lowring David Ludvigson Julia Lumpkin David Lynn. Jr. • Daryl Macon Alex MacDonnell. Ill Lamar Maddox Robin Maffett Steve Mai rose Pam Maloof Marylee Malone Charline Mandeville Jeff Marion • Michael Marjenhoff Matt Mashburn Charles Masimore Carol Mathis Catherine Mathis Greg Mauldin Melissa Mays Gayle Maxwell Scott McClellan • Lori McClellan William McClure Caffery McCurdy Laurel McDaniel Mark McDowell Billy McElhaney Brian McFarland Neel McKenzie Michael McNeely • Terry McWhorter Kathy Meeks Joy Melton Ann Messick Abbie Mickelson Joey Miller Jonathan Mills Joan Milton 282 FRESHMEN IHUI " A AI»M1. SHI urn KLi _ (! :-« t rw IMH As registration rolls around each quarter, so do the hassles that go with it. One of the most bothersome registration companions is Flagged Records. Somehow it seems, regardless of the pains taken to follow the rules, someone, somewhere manages to come up with something to hold up the hordes of red tape involved in registering. How can you avoid this hazard? Pay those fines, return those books, and above all, be careful! Melissa Minor Denise Missere Lisa Mitchell Teresa Mitchell Tracy Mixon Denise Mobtey Jay Mogila Wayne Montgomery Pegg:y Moody • Lisa Morgan Donna Morris Cathie Morrison Jo hn Morton Jeff Mosteller Doris Moulder Cecil Murphy Debra Neal Lila Newberry • Van Newcomer Alice Nicholas Mike Nolan Cynthia Norman Pat Norris Cathy Norville Jackie Nowacki Evan Nunn George O ' Brien • Julie O ' Daniel Andrew Oliver Gary O ' Neal Jose Otero. Ill Carolyn Ott Joanna Ozburn Karen Pahl Belinda Parker Kathy Parr • Sandy Partridge Carole Pate Russell Patterson Jill Pavuk Marilyn Payne Rick Payne Lynn Pearlman Donna Peavey Lynne Peek • Elizabeth Penn Carol Peterson Renard Phillips. Ill Marcus Phillips Sharon Phillips Kim Plumblee Kenneth Poe Pamela Poythress Carlos Preston FRESHMEN 283 Lorri Preston Gregory Prince Amy Pugh Bill Querin Kim Ragland Don Reese Peter Reuning April Rich Louise Richards G. G. Rigsby • Dave Ringer Jerry Rittenberg Fran Roberts Dawn Robertson Beth Robinson Scott Rogers Starr Rogers Debbie Roland Tracey Rosemond • Paula Rowell David Rupp Wayne Rush Bobby Ryals Betty Saffold Rhonda Sailors Aileen Sampson Diane Savage Janie Schlosser Gary Schwartz Danielle Schneider Peggy Scott Robert Seaman Elizabeth Seckinger Nancy Self Sheryl Selman Pam Settle Len Shackelford Dale Shedd Deanna Sheppard Marilyn Siegel Scott Sikes Kim Simon Chris Simpson Wilford Sims Suzanne Sinyard Marcia Siskind • Shelly Sivas Missy Slenker Wayne Smith Warren Smith Lisa Smith Michael Smith Spencer Smith Sue Smith Teresa Smith • Toyya Smith Elizabeth Snarr Geneine Snell Renee Sobak Susan Stanfield Alane Spangler Jim Spell Vic Spooner 284 FRESHMEN .§ % 4 4 C BB Susan Sports Kem Spradley Anita Springer Bobby Stailings Susan Stenger Cindy Stevens Lynn Strickland Will Strother Mark Stuart • William Stultz Beverly Surowire Mark Sweny Thomas Tabb Marcella Taylor Lynn Teague Julie Thacker Eric Thomas Mike Thomas • Susan Thomas Becky Thompson Chuck Thompson Lavell Thornton Terry Thornton Deborah Tidwell Brad Tippins Katherine Tobin Shannon Toole • Theresa Toomer Daniel Trammell Arthur Tribble Joe Tribble Todd Turk David Vance Jan Vining Kristen Wacker Karla Wade • June Walasek Christine Waldo Helen Waldrop Charles Walker Mary Walsh Pamela Walter LaKeita Walters Kathleen Walton Bob Ward Leslie Weiher Denise Wellington Jimmy Wielinga Sharon Wiesenmeyer Rodney L. Wilkerson Benjamin Williams Dave Williams Dill Williams Leila Williams Stanley Williams Carl Willis Sharon Witt Sallie Wolper Julie Wood Terri Wood Janet Woods Kate Yeager Joy Youmans Pete Zimmerman FRESHMEN 285 Rising costs of films prevent the average stu dent from fitting very many nights at the movies into his budget, that is unless he takes advantage of the films provided by the University Union ' s Division of Cinematic Arts. Nightly throughout each quarter top quality films are shown at a cost of only $1.00 to University students — quite a savings over the $3.00 and $3.50 flicks in town. 1978 brought many new and different films to the screens of American theatres. The " Deer- hunter " starring Robert DeNiro took top honors at the Academy Awards by winning five oscars for Best Picture, Director, Support- ing Actor, Sound and Film Editing. It ' s the story of three hometown buddies — their tours in Viet Nam brought Americans a new awareness of the effects of the Viet Nam War. " Coming Home, " a film starring Jane Fonda and Jon Voight also dealt with this subject. " Animal House " and its bizarre depiction of college life added a few new dimensions to college campuses from Toga Parties to shouts of " Food Fightl " A remake of an old film in " Heaven Can Wait " received nine Academy Award nominations. Warren Beatty plays a man whose soul was prematurely removed from his body by a novice guardian angel. The ensuing action carries him through two other bodies, romance and several comic situations. " Superman " returned innocent romance to the screen in a new twist to an old tale. While stealing the heart of Lois Lane, Christopher Reeve also stole the hearts of the female viewing audience. While these films enter- tained theatre goers among the general public, students at the University of Georgia were offered a wide variety of films. From Science Fiction Week, to the Western Film Festival, nearly every student could find films to enjoy. A night at South P-J couldn ' t be beat, with vending machine cokes and candy, class- room desks replacing the plush rocking chair seats of other theatres, and lots of friends. Greg Nicoll, the coordinator of the Division of Cinematic Arts did an outstanding job of bringing entertaining films to the students at an affordable price. FALL Ql ' AETIf. ; ' •- • Oie, Everjtiii U - To Kioi About So. 1 Nislit. Fooloh Wm Murder, Ik Bm U FrankeuMi, Rvt a Witat Ml, Dtr li Star, The kfiiM. ' Greatest Low. W Bandit, Fart , Over :- »lik, la Dme. Tonto. Pink Putkr i f Eider, SWLIh :bo, IV Bid; i (. Tbe fiiu% B TlieCreepi]{FVi,te Strav Dop, f " Fisheng8i,Hi|k5 VbcLiMlVai Californit lehk, Oi iiiericaa QnUi, k ridge, Dr. Jti q Bebe«a,OkQo| 286 CINEMA io tiller bodies, ui NKril conic lIpWiE refjrned iTceniD Mkttoliiule. li bud «( Lou Lue, fflmilnitoiethe I tktaiie liewii; I tkM fin enter- MtibMiitthe tj tf Oeor;ia were liiinnlifofiiii. M rieta WeeL to iiniFMiv l.ii»rl! laleRldliiiiriliiisto It South P-J Mfitli nfhdKtbeplub iHti of otli ' I e«4»»- ' ' ' ' ' ■■ ' I Oolitic irti did tn Hi ' FALL QUARTER FILMS: The Loved One, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, A Hard Day ' s Night, Foolish Wives, Dial M For Murder, The Horse Soldiers, Young Frankenstein, Start the Revolution Without Me, Dirty Harry, Flaming Star, The Beguiled, The World ' s Greatest Lover, Smokey and the Bandit, Fort Apache, Gigi, Alice Doesn ' t Live Here Anymore, One Flew Over the Cuckoo ' s Nest, Danger: Diabolik, Taxi Driver, Harry and Tonto, Pink Panther Strikes Again, Easy Rider, Sleuth, The Last Wagon, Psycho, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Haunting, Day of Wrath, The Creeping Flesh, Carnival of Souls, Straw Dogs, Cocaine Fiends, The Fisherman, High Plains Drifter, The Man Who Loved Women, Julia, The California Reich, Oliver, Marnie, American Graffiti, Myra Brecken- ridge. Dr. Zhivago, Coogan ' s Bluff, Rebecca, Oh GodI WINTER QUARTER FILMS: A Night At the Opera, Take The Money And Run, The Goodbye Girl, Help, Rio Grande, Our Man Flint, One on One, The Enforcer, I Changed My Sex, Paint Your Wagon, The Turning Point, Student Nurses, Voyage of the Damned, Between the Lines, Night of the Living Dead, Semi-Tough, The Bridge On the River Kwai, Retreat Hell, Black and White in Color, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, The Wild Bunch, Goldfinger, The Devil is a Woman, Which Way is Up, Blue Collar, Bambi, Bonnie and Clyde, St. Valentines Day Massacre, Jeremiah Johnson, An American in Paris, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, You Only Live Twice, Pretty Baby, Reefer Madness, Two Mules for Sister Sara. SPRING QUARTER FILMS: Holly- wood Boulevard, Saturday Night Fever, Looking for Mr. Goodbar, The Birds, Revenge of the Pink Panther, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Last Waltz, Guys and Dolls, Dark Star, Allegro Non Troppo, King of Kings, O Lucky Man, Jackson County Jail, The Eyes of Laura Mars, Duck You Sucker, Night of the Igruana, Spell- bound, Life of Judge Roy Bean, The Wind and the Lion, Flesh Gordon, Big Wednesday, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, Cousin Cousine, The Maltese Falcon, High Anxiety, Martin, Fiddler on the Roof, Theatre of Blook, Robin and Marian, Black Christmas, It Came from Outer Space, A Boy and His Dog, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Casablanca, Foul Play, The Spy Who Loved Me, Play it Again Sam, The Driver, The Cheap Detective, Play Misty for Me, The End. CINEMA 287 Lectures I Ralph Nader 288 LECTURES 1 EK Ben Bradley LECTURES aSO BHMtfiH 1 1. r Rf JI r li Ct Wk IJ m mi ■j ' i H H " k 1 li l 1 . H T - ' l l fS H " " " , ' ' ' ' ' ' H A tf 1 A r i f J ft. ' 1 " " f n Jean Cousteau Martin Luther King, Sr. 290 LECTURES J n? ' Sr. Maynard Jackson I. LECTURES 291 Hot Box girls from Guys and Dolls (Left) Melinda Hall, Gina Castillo, Kitty Bradbury, and Emily Williams. (Below) Eddie Phillips and Gina Castillo. A " family " portrait from A Former Gotham Gal Daphne, Laurie Denton; Papa, Don Finney; Geraldine, Judith Midyett; Rhet, Chuck Gobin; and Cissy, Theresa O ' Shea. .r- - - OluL A W ft % m m ' ' t. M iJ -:=M; J cai i :.- ' - " rl ., T ' ], B B J ■ ' ■ ' 1 •u::. ' -.: !! tf4 1 Hf ' 9 i k i » «». " . „ ' m l M li 89a PLAYS il H Panhellenic Fashion Show for philanthropy PANHELLENIC FASHION SHOW a93 mmsmam 294 CONCERTS CONCERTS 296 896 CONCERTS The Village People with Gloria Gaynor % CONCERTS 297 |i:| f d Ozark Mountain Daredevils New Riders of the Purple Sage V - .K ' .u-. ' dH Hi ' ' Miil " r • . , -- ' t ' 2 — • f 1 1 A )g fjM j l KoT ' f - :?! yCW - - - - «k. 1 ' . 1 " ' ■ ? i . ' -jM 298 CONCERTS MISS UGA PAGEANT 299 Carlton Moxley Homecoming Queen r 300 BEAUTIES tS ' T v: . • r .7- : f% -. Anne Boone Shelton Dairy Princess BEAUTIES 301 I Sara Collins Miss Black UGA 308 BEAUTIES - r !; Scottie Johnson Miss Georgia Football BEAUTIES 303 Jf Stephanie Guild Miss Agricultural Engineering 304 BEAUTIES J h ' v-ii I Lisa Carter Miss University of Georgia BEAUTIES 306 BEoanBRBn 306 OROANIZATIONS DIVISION i ORGANIZATIONS DIVISION 307 Bo Bodeo ! I 1 « ' ■91 r H 1 MiMi i HiHflHHHHHHiHHHBBBBHBHB HHHI f ' SOe RODEO ■ p Whoever sang " Mama, don ' t let your babies grow up to be cowboys ... " never went to a rodeo! Those cowboys and cowgirls sure knew how to put on a show. They were all part of the fifth annual Great Southland Stampede Championship Rodeo, spon- sored by the Block and Bridle Club. The Rodeo was held at the UGA Coliseum, April 1-7. The Budweiser Clydesdales led a parade that kicked off a week of hard work and competition. Ride slack competition and team roping (two cowboys working against the clock to rope a steer by its horns and heels) were two of the competition events. Other events included the AQHA horse show and the crowning of Miss Rodeo Georgia. The fans were entertained by country comedian Jerry Clower during the rodeo. This year ' s rodeo was the second largest indoor rodeo in the state. G RODBO 309 G 1978 Orientation Leaders: (top, left to right) Jo Lewis, Pam Drake, Lisa Bussliaus, Dan Jacobs, Greg Sowell, (seated) Robert LaMutt, Sandra Pounds, James Jackson, (not pictured) Kurt Wolfe and Bill Ingram. Getting To Know You, And You, And You . . . ... is what Orientation is all about. " We ' re having some fun here at Orientation " was the theme song chosen by the 1978 Orientation leaders, and that ' s just what many students did while learning about their future home away from home. The purpose of Summer Orientation is to acquaint the new student with the UGA campus so that his first college days will be a little easier. 310 ORIENTATION Summer Orientation provides an opportuni- ty for students and parents to ask questions about cirriculum, activities, housing, or any other aspects of college life. Students are also given the chance to meet prosepective classmates — a familiar face among the campus ' thousands can be a welcome sight in the fall. Nearly 5,000 students and parents took advantage of the Orientation sessions. Placement tests were given and course registration was held, making the transition to college life a little smoother. .SJi- ORIENTATION 311 KBBBamxmiBBi lUHUHlMBI r What would you do with 5.7 million dollars? No matter, the State Board of Regents has decided for you. They plan to convert the Stegman Hall parking lot into the University ' s new Student Activities Center. The project will be broken up into two phases. Construction of Phase I is scheduled to begin in early 1980. When completed, the Student Center will be five stories high. The first three levels will be primarily parking decks. Level three will also contain an art gallery, a multi- purpose program area, and a ballroom. The fourth and main level will be on the Stanford Bridge level and will house an I.D. room, a games area, a cinema, an information area, a financial office, program division offices, administrative offices, and a food services area. Level five will contain meeting rooms and a student organizations area. The Amphitheatre will be at all levels on the south side. VIEW DF LOBBY 818 8TUDENT ACnVITIES CENTER VIEW OF PLAZA ENTRY G jlOS " , s£ rm; ;-. VIEW OF AMPHITHEATRE i STUDENT ACTIVITIES CENTER 818 !ii»»s9»wesai:!Mtna«i You might know Communiversity as people helping people. Or you might know it as an organization of young college kids serving even younger and less fortunate kids. Or you might just know it as Communa-what? But whatever you think of it, it ' s a viable organization with something to offer most anyone. Activities of the past year included a party some children gave to nursing home occupants, a day-trip to Fernbank Science Center, a day at the park, a tutoring program, and the big brother big sister program. Officers: David Chastain, organizational coordinator; Jeff Raines, program coordinator; Martha Jane Brundige, financial coordinator; Karen Anderson, events coordinator; Susan Reu, public relations; Mike Hackett, big brother big sister coordinator; Pam McDougall, outreach; Dan Jacobs, tutoring; Jan Moon, assistant tutoring; Elaine Mitchrll, staff advisor. Communiversity COMMUNIVERSITY 3 1 5 ■BHRnRRmRflmm THE CHAPEL The Chapel is one of the simplest yet most beautiful buildings on the UGA campus. It is Greek rectangular in design with a Doric columned portico adorning the front. After the War Between the States, the Chapel was badly damaged when Federal soldiers were quartered on the campus. Legend has it that the Yankee soldiers used the columns as targets for rifle practice. The present Chapel was built in 1832 on the site of the old chapel at a cost of $15,000. Housed inside the Chapel is an oil painting of the interior of the Sistine Chapel in St. Peter ' s Cathedral in Rome, Italy. It was painted by an American painter, George Cook, and was given to the University in 1867. This painting is said to be the largest framed picture in the United States and probably in the world. It measures 17 feet high by 33i b feet wide with the canvas alone weighing more than 500 pounds. The mounted picture, in total, weighs more than a ton. Mr. Cook ' s painting was damaged by fire and was restored in 1955. 816 THE CHAPEL G THE CHAPEL 317 ■ ' Ya ' know, somebody told me that Playboy surveyed all the biggest party schools in the country. And Georgia wasn ' t even on the list. " " What?! " " Yep. They said they couldn ' t list Georgia in their survey ' cause we ' re pro ' s. " G Everybody parties at Georgia. That ' s a well known fact. No matter what kind of partying you ' re into — you can find one somewhere. On this page and bottom of the following page: a punk rock party. Top of next page: a red Izod party. 318 PARTYI mumsmm PARTYI 319 BCBOn Biftad (birtad) - The highest honor a freshman or sophomore male student can attain. » .„. 1978-1979 Officers and Members: Oreg Sowell, President; Joe Negley, Secretary; Ray Mims, Treasurer; Mike Betz, Tommy Bryant, Floyd Buford, Ted Carellas, Bob Christopher, Walker Campbell, Carlton Collins, Alan Dooley, Paul Felser, Gary Fouts, Al Groover, Tim Hamil, Steve Hathorn, Rick Hawkins, Roy Huff, Dan Jacobs, Dave Jensen, Tim Jett, Richard Johnston, Craig Kent, Billy Key, Jamie Lemley, Billy McDonald, Walt McOill, David McTier, Brtul Marsh, Chip Marsh, Alan Brian Masarek, Keith Maaon, Chris Meadows, Marc Mitchell, Tom Moore, Mark Najjar, Bob O ' Donnell, Rodney Owen, Gary Plummer, Mark Pollock, Ken Powers, Herbert Short, Frampton Simons, Charles Smith, Ben Smith, Steve Stephens, Claude Su, Ben Taylor, Damon Templeton, Bret Thurmond, Larry Wells, Bryan Williams, Bill Woods, Herschel Hatcher, Steve Isaf, Jacques Pye. Honorary Members: Bill Bracewell, Fred Brown, Mike Castronis. Z-Club (ze klub) -To honor outstanding freshman women who have made significant contributions to the University through leadership, scholarship, and civic invol- vement. 1979 Members: Kathleen Bergen, Secretary; Denise Companik, Becky Brown, Linda Sarlin, President; Frances Northington, Anne Tyler, Vice President; Betsy Barnett, Meg Harris, Denise Cummins, Valerie Jones, Treasurer Joan Benson. Not Pictured: Donna Musil. 320 BIFTAD-Z CLUB Mftilmihrt ■irwikianii. Bml In; Willi Mkli ,aiMliif, iNlkMmLFnd r.l » HA Omicron Delta Kappa (o ' me kran del ' ta kap ' e) - A national leadership honor society which recognizes and encourages achievement in scholarship; athletics; social, service and religious activities and campus government; journalism, speech and the mass media; and certain creative and performing arts. 1978-1979 Officers and Members: Stephen Thomas Isaf, President Robert David Cheeley, Vice-President Caryl Ann Greenberg, Secretary Treasurer Teresa Vadna Attiinson Betsey Elgin Barnett David Eugene Barrett Lydia Leigh Beavers Michael Joseph Betz David Paul Brazeal Floyd M. Buford, Jr. Martha Michele Burns Steve Cash Joseph Elbert Cheeley Cornelia Cho Kerry Sanford Clem Vivian Claire Cornwell Lera Catharine Cox Miriam Anne Diemmer Thomas Hughes Draffin Jennifer Drechsel James Benjamin Durham Jeff Alan Kicheid Mack Timothy Elder Sandra Gale Elliott Reuben Kenneth Exum, Jr. Lisa Marilyn Fivars Mark Waldemar Forsling Thomas Marvin Godfrey, Jr. Russell Alan Greer June Elizabeth Guest Christine Margaret Guide Stephanie Anne Guild Margaret Ann Haas John Mark Hankins Steven Anthony Hathorn Marget Ann Haynie Sally Humphries David Jensen William Ollie Key, Jr. Joseph C. Kirkland Elizabeth Ann Kowalchuk Robert Bruce Lamutt Dave Childress Lee Gail Susan Livings Therese Qlisson McOill Roy Harold Meeks, Jr. J. Tom Morgan Patricia Jo Mueller Nancy Elizabeth Neal Deborah Anne Norville John Robert Nunnally, Jr. Kristine Ann Olive Janice Lois Parker Rita Ann Patton Sandra Kay Pounds Ricky Rice Dolores Maria Sanchez John McKay Sheftall Cheryl Lynn Smith Gregory Carl Sowell Raymond Weathers Stephen, III Roger Lynn Strauss Diana Lynn Stuhrenberg Angela Joye Swain Michael Bret Thurmond Alfred William Tolbert, Jr. Lucy A. Tresp Carl Michael Valentine Rebecca Lee West Stephen Franklin White Caria Elaine Wooten Gretchen Hope York Mark Edmond Young OMICRON DELTA KAPPA 8S1 Gridiron (grid ' iern) - " The best organization on campus. " ; ' ' - y y Left to Right: Scott Young, Steve White, Alec Booth, Jay Tom Morgan, Robert Durham, Steve laaf, Dave Jenaon, Neil McCoUum, Peter Quiap, Henry Turner, Jeff Muir, Mike Lev engood. 3a2 QRIDIRON VsMmiWm ' PiiJm! kqTiwt. Greek Horsemen (grek hors ' men) - An honorary society for outstanding fraternity men. Front: Dave Watson, Pyi. Back: Mike Valentine, Lambda Chi Alpha; Marc Barre, Pi Kappa Phi; Robert Durham, Sigma Nu; Tommy Stroud, Kappa Alpha. GREEK HORSEMEN 32a RnislffiiRBBI Mortar Board (mor ' tar bord) - A national honor society for rising Senior men and women who exemplify the ideals of the University through scholarship, leadership, and service. Mortar Board taps its new members with a surprise late-night candlelight ceremony followed by a day-long period of silence in cap and g-own. [Ml w aiva iit ' iSiiiifeariyirff- 324 MORTAR BOARD ■Mn(M«t.WH« H«Hn Ba««w««j»,« Golden Key ■,39 Anittk ottlie •■rpriie (gold ' en ke) - a national honor society. If ' _ GOLDEN KEY 325 fnmemsammm Palladia (pala ' dea) - an honorary organization for women active in campus affairs. (left to right) Front Row: Patty Mueller, Lucy Tresp, Gretchen York. Back Row: Patty Brunton, Claire Cornwell, Michele Burns, Dr. Betty Whitten, Linda Sarlin, Mrs. Phyllis Barrow, Sallie Humphries, Peggy Haas, Carol V. Winthrop, Jodie Powers, Caryl Greenberg. Not pictured: Joan Dawson. Mary Beth Wenger, Carla Wooten, Meg Harris, June Guest, Julie Herron, Louise Hill, Dr. Louise McBee, Dr. Virginia Trotter. Zodiac Club (zo ' deak klub) - an honorary organization for the twelve rising junior women and the twelve rising junior men with the highest academic averages. 326 PALLADIA ZODIAC CLUB K WBt«Hv»iBiWw»a8a%BV»Taa»«ta TO«n q«iWfci 1979 Senior Superlatives Laura Andrews Lydia Leigh Beavers Michael Joseph Betz Carlton Michael Bozeman Charles Bradley Bray David Paul Brazeal Martha Michele Burns Lisa Marie Busshaus Cornelia Cho Vivian Claire Cornwell Tina Craddock Robert Eugene Durham Jeff Alan Elcheid Sandra Gale Elliott Reuben Kenneth Exum, Jr. Lisa Marilyn Fivars Caryl Ann Greenberg John Mark Hankins Steven Anthony Hathon Julie Herron Marvin Hightower Louise Hill Mary Maxine Horton Judy Hughes Sally Humphries Stephen Thomas Isaf Janis Lynn Johnson Terri Amelia King Robert Bruce Lamutt Dave Childress Lee Gail Susan Livings Bonny Lloyd Charles H. Marsh Kathleen Jane Morgan Patricia Jo Mueller Carol Anna Nichols Deborah Anne Norville Sandra Kay Pounds Michael E. Salisbury Dolores Maris Sanchez Lori Ellen Schmitter Cheryl Lynn Smith Pam Dian Stallings Raymond W. Stephens, III Roger Lynn Strauss Diana Lynn Stuhrenberg Angela Joye Swain Dave Taylor, Jr. Alfred William Tolbert Lucy A. Tresp Stephen Franklin White Anne Wooten Samuel Scott Young SENIOR SUPERLATIVES 327 Sphinx (sfinkx) - The highest non-scholastic honor a male student can attain. Honorary Members: Henry C. Brown George P. Butler Samuel H. Sibley Edward E. Dougherty Walter A. Harris Holcombe Bacon Mansfield P. Hall Frank K. Boland Henry Q. Colvin Walter S. Cothran (Peter) John W. Spain (Will) John T. Dorsey Frank K. Mitchell Harry Dodd Charles H. Black Walter R. Tichenor (Tic) Qeorge T. Jackson Walter B. Hill Charles M. Snelling David C. Barrow Robert E. Park Henry C. White Andrew M. Soule Willis H. Bocock Steadman V. Sanford Charles M. Strahan Herman J. Stegeman William S. Morris (Sylvanus) George F. Peabody Ernest A. Lowe (Rastus) Thomas J. Woofter Thomas W. Reed Harry J. Mehre Harry N. Edmunds Harold Hirsch Edgar L. Secrest Harmon W. Caldwell Paul W. Chapman Robert R. Gunn John D. Wade Hughes Spalding Charles H. Herty Ellis M. Coulter (Merton) William O. Payne James W. Butts, Jr. (Wally) Henry A. Shinn William M. Crane William O. Collins Egbert E. Cocke, Jr. (Erie) Omer C. Aderhold John E. Drewry Herman E. Talmadge Robert O. Arnold Charles J. Bloch Frank D. Foley Roy V. Harris Joseph A. Williams Thomas H. Lokey (Hamilton) Richard B. Russell Paul Brown John O. Eidson James A. Dunlap Philip M. Landrum Marion T. Butler (Tyus) John L. Cox Marion B. Folsom Eugene R. Black, Jr. Harold M. Heckman Marvin B. Perry Carl E. Sanders Jack J. Spalding, III Augustus O.B. Sparks James W. Woodruff, Jr. William L. Dodd (Lamar) Francis M. Bird Robert C. Wilson B. Sanders Walker Inman Brandon Jesse Draper Alex A. Lawrence, Jr. Jasper N. Dorsey Clark W. Duncan (Sonny) Philip H. Alston, Jr. J. Phil Campbell Alfred O. Halsey Fred Davison Vince Dooley Jack Ray George S. Parthemos Robert L. Dodd Joel Eaves Augustus H. Sterne Hubert B. Owens Monroe Kimbrell George L. Smith, II Robert G. Edge Winship Nunnally Dan H. Magill, Jr. David W. Brooks William C. Hartman, Jr. William R. Cannon Robert S. Wheeler Chappelle Matthews Dean Rusk Don Carter Eugene Odum George Dekle Busbee Robert Perry Sentell, Jr. Members: Andrew H. Patterson William D. Hooper Lawrence A. Cothran Garrard Glen Charles R. Andrews Edgar E. Pomeroy Alexander P. Adams (Pratt) William S. Blun Charles W. Davis Marion D. DuBose Robert P. Jones Andrew J. McBride Robert J. Travis Tinsley W. Rucker, Jr. (Tennie) Merritt M. Thurman John Banks Remer L. Denmark John E. Hall Richard M. Charlton Harry H. Hull Horace C. Johnson James B. Ridley William R. Ritchie John B.L. Erwin Ferdinand P. Calhoun (Phinizy) Frank K. McCutchen Augustus L. Hull (Longstreet) Henry J. Lamar Wilson M. Hardy Noel P. Park Walter J. Hammond Lamar C. Rucker Sterling H. Blackshear Marion Dickison (Marvin) Andrew M. Calhoun Cam D. Dorsey Marion S. Richardson Billington S. Walker (Sanders) Sanders A. Beaver (Sandy) Francis M. Ridley Glenn W. Legwen Samuel R. Jaques (Randolph) Ralph Meldrim Marion H. Smith Wallace M. Miller Minor Boyd William R. Turner Julian F. Baxter Harold W. Ketron John D. Bower (Jack) Frampton E. Ellis Frank B. Anderson Robert P. Brooks (Preston) Lucien P. Goodrich Issac S. Hopkins (Stiles) Joseph I. Killorin Marmaduke H. Blackshear Virlyn B. Moore Thomas W. Connally George W. Nunnally (Winship) Theodore T. TurnbuU Walter W. Patterson Arthur R. Sullivan Charles H. Cox Roderick H. Hill (Rodney) Harold W. Telford Arthur L. Hardy John E.D. Younge Walter O. Marshburn Hugh M. Scott John A. Brown George Hains, Jr. Daniel Y. Sage Issac C. Levy Lansing B. Lee J. Loring Raoul James J. Ragan Robert S. Parker George P. Whitman William L. Erwin Harrison J.S. Jones Carroll D. Cabaniss William G. Brantley, Jr. Philip R. Weltner Ambrose H. Carmichael Richard K. Smith (Kyle) William W. Brown (Wed) Frank H. Martin Charles N. Feidelson John K. McDonald, Jr. Henry L.J. Williams Robert H. Jones, Jr. Sidney O. Smith Morton S. Hodgson Herman P. De LaPerriere Floyd C. Newton Claude L. Derrick Wylie C. Henson (Clayton) John B. Harris Young B. Smith Daniel H. Redfearn Jerome C. Michael Dwight L. Rogers Edgar V. Carter, Jr. James E. Lucas Harle G. Bailey Edward M. Brown Hosea A. -Nix (Abit) Omer W. Franklin Eralbert T. Miller Henderson L. Lanham, Jr. Hinton B.B. Blackshear Washington Falk, Jr. Alexander R. MacDonnell (Alec) Herbert C. Hatcher (Cliff) Paul L. Bartlett Edgar L. Pennington Edwin W. Moise (Warren) George C. Woodruff Evans V. Heath Millard Rewis Robert B. Troutman Arthur K. Maddox John A. Sibley Lloyd D. Brown Clifford Brannen George T. Northen William A. Mann Harold D. Meyer Benton H. Walton David R. Peacock Virgil E. Durden Charles E. Martin Edgar B. Dunlap Robert L. McWhorter Robert H. Freeman Zachary S. Cowan Edward M. Morgenstern James M. Lynch Henry L. Rogers (Levy) Bentley H. Chappell Casper I. Funkenstein (Ira) Frank Carter Tinsley R. Ginn (Rucker) Aaron B. Bernd Russell H. Patterson Victor Victor Hoyt H. Welchel Lewis A. Pinkussohn Clark Howell, Jr. David K. McKamy David G. Paddock John Q. Henderson Edward J. Hardin George S. Whitehead James B. Conyers Charles W. Jacobson Hugh L. Hodgson Robert W. Wesley George L. Harrison Charles M. Tanner, Jr. William H. Quarterman, Jr. Robert L. Callaway, Jr. Joel B. Mallet Thomas A. Thrash Max L. Segall William H. Sorrells (Holman) William O. White (Osmonds) John P. Stewart Neil L. Gills, Jr. Roff Sims, Jr. John H. Carmical Howard H. McCall, Jr. Irvine M. Levy Hinton F. Longino Richard W. Courts, Jr. Lucius H. Tippett Otto R. Ellars Roger H. West Robert L. Foreman, Jr. (Trot) James M. Hatcher (Madden) Dewey Knight Louis S. Davis (Whitey) Wallace P. Zachry Irvine Phinizy Robert D. O ' Callaghan (Dennis) Charles M. Candler (Murphey) William M. Dallas (McKenzie) Claude H. Satterfield Frank W. Harrold William D. Miller Arthur Pew, Jr. Robert E.L. Spence, Jr. Chester W. Slack John R. Slater Everett W. Highsmith (Way) Ashel M. Day (Bum) 388 8PHINX i%K tw«»icn «3(p!(«ia»i»e K)K! Uiha ' »»». ■lib ■In imm« Km I MM WlJt. IMW liMk IMM ICtqn ilMa Mr Lfenta iI«iMw.)r. Ml ilIM ;lln (IUM) AMilCmlt) » J, ,|»«l) Charles Strahan Hillary H. Mangum William H. Stephens (Hugh) Preston B. Ford Nathan Jolles Owen Q. Reynolds John P. Carson (Pate) Walter D. Durden (Dawson) Welborn B. Cody Malcomb A. McRainey William F. Daniel (Frank) Ellis H. Dixon Freeman C. McClure Lewis H. Hill, Jr. George J. Clark Charles A. Lewis Joseph J. Bennett, Jr. (John) John A. Hosch (Alton) Charles G. Henry James K. Harper (Doc) Herbert H. Maddox Josh L. Watson Charles R. Anderson Edward M. Gurr Hervey M. Cleckley, III Walter C. Carter, Jr. (Colquitt) William Tate Charles F. Wiehrs John H. Fletcher James D. Thomason John H. Hosch, Jr. Thomas F. Green, IV Walter E. Sewell Lester Hargrett Charles L. Gowen Martin E. Kilpatrick (Buster) John D. Allen Horace D. Shattuck George D. Morton Gwinn H. Nixon Alexis A. Marshall Carlton N. Mell Ernest P. Rogers Walter T. Forbes. Jr. George S. Johnson James R. Chambliss (Rollin) Ernest Camp, Jr. Allen W. Post Alexander S. Clay, III (Steve) Frank K. Boland, Jr. (Kells) Ivey M. Shiver, Jr. (Chick) William H. Young, Jr. Issac K. Hay George E. Florence, Jr. Thomas A. Nash Thomas J. Hamilton, Jr. Benjamin H. Hardy, Jr. Hallman L. Standi (Luke) Daniel C. Tully Robert L. Patterson, Jr. Hoke S. Wofford John S. Candler, II Glenn B. Lautzenhiser Rufus B. Jennings Craig Barrow, Jr. Robert O. Hooks Joseph H. Boland Guy C. Hamilton, Jr. James J. Harris William A. Kline, Jr. Kankakee Anderson James E. Palmour, Jr. Henry G. Palmer Frank K. McCutchen, Jr. (Kelly) Dupont G. Harris (Guerry) Robert D. Feagin, Jr. (Doug) Mattox, L. Purvis Joseph M. Oliver Marvin H. Cox Ellis G. Arnall Herbert S. Maffett Sandford W. Sanford John W. Maddox Mark D. HoUis William C. Latimer Vernon S. Smith (Catfish) William M. Strickland, Jr. James W. Mclntire Charles M. Gaston (Marion) McCarthy Crenshaw William M. Hazelhurst Leroy S. Young Frederic Solomon Virlyn B. Moore, Jr. William T. Maddox James M. Richardson, Jr. Morton S. Hodgson, Jr. Troy R. Thigpen, Jr. (Randolph) Robert Q. Stephens, Jr. John W. Calhoun, III DeNean Stafford, Jr. John P. Bond Harry S. Baxter Winburn T. Rogers John D. Bowden, Jr. (Dan) Joseph C. Strong (Carl) Augustus L. Rogers (Lee) James W. Wise (Walter) William T. Bennett, Jr. (Tap) William C. Hawkins (Colbert) Robert T. Anderson Wade C. Hoyt, Jr. Charles C. Harrold, Jr. Charles B. Anderson, Jr. (Ben) Edward H. Baxter Dyar E. Massey, Jr. Seaborn A. Roddenberry, III Morris B. Abram Floyd C. Newton, Jr. James Q. Lumpkin, Jr. (Quinton) Robert B. Troutman, Jr. Robert P. McCuen Ambrose G. Cleveland, Jr. (Gus) Robert C. Norman Julian D. Halliburton Isma L. Price, Jr. (Lee) Howell Hollis, Jr. Kenneth A. McCaskill (Alex) William S. Smith, Jr. (Stanford) Lee T. Newton Jack B. Matthews Ernest S. Vandiver, Jr. Frank L. Gunn Alpha A. Fowler, Jr. Clarence J. Smith, Jr. (Jay) Bernard C. Gardner, Jr. (B.C.) Vomer F. Chaffin John C. Meadows, Jr. Clifford C. Kimsey Thomas C. Penland John B. Miller Woodie A. Partee, Jr. (Gus) Frank F. Sinkwich Irby S. Exley Ellington M. Norman (Murray ) Forest L. Champion, Jr. George D. Lawrence Jesse G. Bowles James P. Miller Aubrey R. Morris James C. DeLay Fluker G. Stewart Charles L. Trippi John E. Sheffield, Jr. William F. Scott, Jr. (Fred) Frank S. Cheatham, Jr. Dan M. Edwards Robert M. Joiner Dempsey W. Leach William H. Burson Melburne D. McLendon John Rauch Albert M. Wilkinson, Jr. (Mims) Kirk M. McAlpin Bryan K. Whitehurst John E. Griffin Harry L. Wingate, Jr. James L. Bentley, Jr. Porter O. Payne James A. Andrews Samuel R. Burns (Ray) Harold C. Walraven, Jr. Robert J. Healey Raleigh G. Bryans Lawrence T. Crimmins George R. Reinhardt (Bob) William A. Einburg, Jr. William B. Phillips (Barry) Walter T. Evans (Ted) Thomas A. Waddell Robert S. McArthur Edward L. Dunn, Jr. Michael E. Merola William H. Justice Nickolas P. Chilivis Michael W. Edwards Talmadge E. Arnette Carl J. Turner Claude M. Hipps Burton S. Middlebrooks Henry G. Woodard Cecil R. Spooner Howard K. Holladay Phil C. Beverly Roland C. Stubbs, Jr. Hassel L. Parker Robert K. West James D. Benefield, Jr. (Dewey) Wesley L. Harris Frank V. Salerno William D. Moseley (Darrell) Charles R. Adams, Jr. Daniel W. Kitchens Edmund R. Bratkowski (Zeke) Donald L. Branyon, Jr. Randall T. Maret John R. Carson Robert L. Blalock Logan R. Patterson (Reid) Quentin R. Gabriel Jay D. Gardner Frank W. Seller Richard P. Trotter Joseph P. O ' Malley Kermit S. Perry Jule W. Felton, Jr. Jabez McCorkle, III (Jake) John J. Wilkins, III Norman S. Fletcher Lindsay H. Bennett, Jr. Robert S. Lowery, Jr. Donald G. Joel John R. O ' Toole Joel J. Knight Edward W. Killorin George M. Scheer, Jr. Joseph H. Marshall Nathan G. Knight Robert A. Rowan David K. Hollis, Jr. Monte W. Markham Emmet J. Bondurant, II Jay C. Cox Ben S. MoElmurray, Jr. (Swain) Harry E. Hendrix Theron C. Sapp Bryce W. Holcomb Thomas E. Dennard, Jr. James P. Walker, Jr. William A. Davis, Jr. Thomas H. Lewis, Jr. Thomas R. Burnside, Jr. James P. Yarbrough Charlie B. Christian Earl T. Leonard, Jr. Francis A. Tarkenton Thomas M. Blalock Ronald L. Case (Pete) Linton R. Dunson, Jr. Wyckliffe A. Knox, Jr. (Wyck) Bryant F. Hodgson, Jr. John H. Crawford, III Augustus B. Turnbull, III William R. Montfort, Jr. James H. Blanchard Edwart T.M. Garland Wyatt T. Johnson, Jr. Richard N. Lea James L. Aldridge (Larry) Albert W.F. Bloodworth Jake L. Saye, Jr. Ben B. Tate Charles P. Haygood, Jr. Alexander W. Patterson Larry C. Rakestraw David C. Tribbey Charles L. Bagby John A. Rhodes McCarthy Crenshaw, Jr. Neal H. Ray Donald C. Dixon James C. Pitts George B. Watts Bruce G. Bateman George W. Darden William Roy Grow Turner Lynn Hughes Robert Glenn Etter William Morgan House William Ralph Parker Robert Foster Rhodes Dennis Lee Fordham Rutherford C. Harris Thomas W. Lawhorne, Jr. John Michael Ley William Porter Payne Pharis Randall Seabolt Robert Lee Williams George Albert Dasher Robert E. Knox, Jr. Henry E. Lane Robert E. Chanin James L. Pannell Paul Cleveland Tedford Thomas Lewis Lyons James Robert Hurley Andrew M. Scherffius William P. Bailey Cader B. Cox, II Thomas A. Nash, Jr. Earl D. Harris Patrick L. Swindall Joel O. Wooten, Jr. Charles William Griffin Joseph H. Fowler Michael S. Wright Charles T. Hall Robert P. Killian James S. Watrous Anderson S. Johnson Thomas M. Melo Charles H. Bond Robert E. Tritt Manuel Diaz, Jr. John Chase McKissick Michael P. Haggerty George Robert Reinhardt Benjamin H. Cheek John A. Gilleland Glynn A. Harrison Carl E. Westmoreland, Jr. J. Rivers Walsh Kevin L. Knox William Harry Mills James Rayford Goff (Ray) Alexander H. Booth (Alex) John Henry Hanna, IV (Jack) Gordon Allen Smith (Gordon) John Michael Levengood (Mike) Leonard W. Fussell Jeffrey Young Lewis (Jeff) William McClendon (Willie) Samuel S. Young (Scott) SPHINX 3a9 Who ' s Who (hooz hoo) - Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties and Colleges recognizes outstanding achievement by college and university students. Laura Andrews Floyd M. Buford Kevin Boone Buice Martha Michele Burns Larry E. Calhoun Anthony Campbell Amy Lynn Cartledge Robert David Cheeley Pamela Lee Cheshire Susan Clemmer-Jordan Sidney Gail Cohn Joan Marie Dawson Linda Jean DeGuire M. Timothy Elder Lisa Marilyn Fivars D. Kenimer Giles Caryl Greenberg John Mark Hankins Michael A. Herbert Marvin Hightower, Jr. Margena Hinely William Ollie Key, Jr. Terri Amelia King John Scott Kinney Michael Vernon Lawless Lucinda R. McLaurin Nancy Suzanne Miller Kathleen Jane Morgan Walter J. Muller, III Anita Gail MuUinax Steven Andrew Nichols Deborah Anne Norville Daniel Lankester Parsons Brenda Faye PuUen Lisa Betts Redell Robert Richardson Rice Ginger Roberts William H. Shepherd Phillip Edmund Soucy Gregory Carl Sowell Heidi J. Staples Elizabeth Arnold Stone EUie Traynham Strugis Martha Jane Thompson Carole Helen Tomter Lucy Tresp Rebecca L. West Mark Edmond Young Patricia N. Young Caroline F. Ziemke 330 WHO ' 8 WHO |Rt«VtR!VWWUK1WV«! »U ' K WiV WkWW. Pandora (pan dor ' a) - The yearbook of the University of Georgia. Front to Back: Sandra Pounds, Editor; Kathleen Moak, Aaaociate Editor; Denise Lewis, Organizations Editor, Ben Taylor, Oreek Staff; Julie Moore, Advertising Sales; Cheryl Hargrove, Oreek Editor, Bill Browning, Business Manager; Karin Pendley, Oreek Staff; Butch Terry, Design Staff; John Mullins, Oreek Staff; Joe Oaines, Oreek Staff; Tom Dover, Advisor; Denise McCarthy, Photography Staff; Tommy Crow, Assistant Photography Editor; Suzanne Hemphill, Sports Editor; Frank Fortune, Photography Staff; Leila Hall, Classes Editor; Denny Orimes, Photography Editor Not Pictured: Kathy Burgess, Linda Lewis, Lila Newberry, Renard Phillips, Kim Plumblee, Liorri Preston, Rachel Staats. PANDORA aSl Pandora Staff Section Editors: (left to right) Leila Hall, Classes Editor; Editorial staff: Kathleen Moak, Associate Editor; Bill Cheryl Hargrove, Greeks Editor; Suzanne Hemphill, Sports Editor; Browning, Business Manager; Sandra Pounds, Editor. and Denise Lewis, Organizations Editor. 3a2 PANDORA a%w ««rawHt«s • «• Editor; 1 i Sandra Pounds, Kath- leen Moak, Denise Lewis, Bill Browning, Julie Moore, Cheryl Hargrove, Tom Dov er (Advisor), Ben Tay- lor, Karin Pendley, Butch Terry, Tommy Crow, Suzanne Hemphill, Frank Fortune, Leila Hall, and Denny Grimes, Photo- graphy Editor. li PANDORA 333 The Red and Black (the red and blak) - The student newspaper of the University of Oeorgia. Staff; Editor, Hope Dlugozima; Executive Editor, Cathy Lewis; General Manager, Ed Stamper; Advertising Manager, Charles Russell; Copy Editors, Scott Jacobs, Gary Fouts, Winston Skinner; Campus Editors, Bill Krueger, Justin Gills; City Editor, Brian O ' Shea; Features Editor, Tammy Savage; Entertainment Editor, Ben Fugitt; Sports Editor, Norm Reilly; Photo Editor, Hal Brooks; UOA Today Coordinator, Helen King; Graphic Designer, Wayne Nail; Assistant Campus Editors, Bobby Byrd, Cindy Jackson; Assistant City Editors, Seth Cohen, Vincent Papsidero; Assistant Features Editor, Kris Young; Assistant Sports Editor, Frank Malloy; Assistant Photo Editor, Talbot Nunnally; Editorial Assistant, Joel Andrews; Advertising Representatives, John Baker, Greg Griffith, Donna Peavey, Donna Ratchford, Mitzi Saul, Brenda Shell, Linda Spikes, Liz Wilson; Classified Advertising Manager, Sharon Oillooly; Production Manager, Kenny York; Graphic Coordinator, Frank Lee. jUttt B ' X ' i jMP l ' - E mT Jm Li r - z w! g i J ' t 334 THE RED BLACK - fimemsssivs! imT!}sxaffis,-N i ' THE RED BLACK 336 . WUOG (dub ' alyoo yoo O je) - is the student owned and operated radio station at The University of Georgia. WUOG broadcasts, in stereo, at 90.5 FM. W 336 WUOG ti«n«jnH«MWi!Ki%n ' iin;ni«,««i» i Marketing Club (mar ' kiting klub) - the collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association. It acquaints students with business practices and updates them on current issues and employment opportunities in marketing. 1978-1979 Officers - (seated) Ronnie Goodwin, Barbara Kolander, Suzanne Patterson, (standing) Professor Jerald J. Pucker, Advisor; Peter Stoddard, President; Warren Ragsdale, Mark Day. MARKETING CLUB 337 Business Administration Student Council (biz ' nis admin ' a stra ' sh n stood ' nt koun ' sl) - is a representative body whose members include the business delegation of the Student Senate, presidents of all recognized student organizations of the College, and several appointed members-at-large. % 6 S» Leo Amaker, Greg Anderson, Brock Baker, Scott Baldwin, Betsey Barnett. Michele Burns, Chuck Campbell, Steven Cataldo, Chuck Coker, Steven Conner, Tom Cotney, Sherry Craig, Tom Glenn, Charlie Gray, Jeff Hill, John Jahera, Mark Jernigan, Keith Mason, Michelle Moseley, Mark Najjar, Brooks Pennington, III, David Perry, Mark Pujda, Roy Reeves, Jimmy Stewart, Mimi Watson, Tom Welch. 1978-1979 Officers - Brad Hobbs, President; Peter Stoddard, Vice President; Mark Najjar, Secretary; Greg Sowell, Treasurer (not pictured); Dean William Flewellen. 338 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STUDENT COUNCIL 1 tl«iVHHH«iK»9»«wewsu%i»«»»iK«tn«imxAimi fi M " % 1 v Sigma Delta Chi (sig ' ma del ' ta ki) - the society of professional journalists. f a«» m SIGMA DELTA CHI 339 Accounting Club (a kount ' ing klub) - is an all inclusive participatory accounting association for the School of Accounting potential majors and majors. Delta Sigma Pi (del ' t a sig ' m a pi) - fosters the study of busi- ness in universities; en- courages scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement. Officers: Richard Allison, President; Charles Hall, Vice President-Professional Activities; Julius Davidson, Vice President-Pledge Education; Pam Morrow, Secretary; Steven Conner, Treasurer; Sandra Harris, Chapter Efficiency Chairman. 340 ACCOUNTING CLUB . DELTA SIGMA PI I i«HKI««a»S,W«l» n " I Redcoat Band t»» - Redcoat Band Staff 1978-79: Roger Dancz - Director of Bands, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band I Gary Teske - Asst. Director Of Bands, Marching Band Russ Laib - Acting Asst. Dir. Of Bands, Concert Band, Jazz Band II Tom Goolsby - Graduate Assistant, Jazz Band III Janice Stowe - Director of Auxiliary Units Dodie Grenig - Asst. Director of Auxiliary Units Tom Wallace - Arranger Ruth Kiney - Secretary Treasurer David Jones - Marching Band Rehearsal Asst. (Captain) Ellen Crim - Marching Band Rehearsal Asst. Peter Zervakos - Marching Band Rehearsal Asst. Frank Folds - Marching Band Rehearsal Asst. Laurie Kiney - Drum Major John Richmond - Drum Major Kimberly Palmer - Properties Chief, Administrative Asst. Debbie Welcher - Majorette Captain Sharon Burt - Georgette Captain Peggy Anderson - Bulldog Banner Captain Jeff Hulsey - Drum Section Leader Herb Gilmore - Administrative Asst. Connie Sheppard - Administrative Asst. Julie McCoy - Librarian Beth Bowen - Uniforms Joyce Latham - Uniforms Phyllis Dancz - Advisor, Auxiliary Units REDCOAT BAND 341 UiUUHIMU Melanie Aaron Perry Acuff Mack Alexander Judy Allen David Anders Bill Anderson Paggy Anderson Tom Atyeo Deona Bailey Doug Bailey Jo Ellen Baker Stacy Barber Shelley Barnette Joe Barrow Karen Bennett Kathy Bickel Lisa Bickel Hal Bierce Irene Birch Ron Blum Rosemarie Bobon Bill Bodin Mike Boggs Jim Bohannon Alex Boskoff James Bothwell Stewart Bowers Beth Bowen Karen Bradley Doris Braunsroth Kurt Braunsroth Lucy Bray Jackie Brock Benny Brooks David Brown Steve Brown Janet Bryant Mike Bryant Darrell Buntyn Kathy Burgess Rick Burgess Teddi Burgoon Ruben Burney Sharon Burt Jihad Cabey Nancy Cagle Scott Campbell Maria Capece Bill Carlan Ed Carpenter Cathy Carr Robin Chandler Gary Cochran Reggie Colbert Greg Compton Jeanine Conkle Tom Cooper Redcoat Band Membership 1978-79 Donna Cook Patti Corder Katie Cotter Walter Cotter Catherine Coughlan Janie Cowan Ellen Crim David Crittenden Jeff Crompton Denise Daugherty Lee Davis Janet Dobbs Shawn Dooley Liz Drew Joey Duke Pam Edwards Pat Ellis Mitch Enos Keith Enterkin Tom Fee Harold Fennell Jeff Filliater Cathy Fincher Jerry Findley Greg Fisher Natalie Fisher Chris Fletcher Billy Florence Tommy Florence Frank Folds Vicki Foster Gary Fouts Lynette Francis Frank Fraticekki Anne Marie Frohn David Fulton Bob Gabriel Cheryl Gardner Fred Gates Dale Giddens Jeff Gillespie John Glover Cathy Gnann Nancy Govin Daphne Golden Mark Goldenberg George Grace Dody Greenig Jennifer Grizzle Judy Guebert Chip Habersetzer Sebrina Hall Tony Harris Connie Harrison Sammy Hawkins Alice Hemingway Bryan Hendrix Keith Henrich Jim Martin Cindy Scott MYJ Nan Herbrecht Theresa Maske Van Scott MM Marty Heyler Kay Melvin Pam Sell M Sandy Hollis Ruthie Merrit Sheryl Selman VI Susan Hollon Michelle Metaxas Frank Seymore Susan Holland Cookie Middlebrooks Donna Schneider J V Anna Hood James Mintz Harold Sharp 1 7 Kathy Hood Samille Mitchell Fran Sheldon 1 Jerrie Kay Hulsey Dan Mobley Steve Shelnutt ' I Jeff Hulsey Mike Montague Connie Sheppard Merry Lee Huff Wayne Montgomery Janelle Shimley Lynne Hunt Tanya Moody Al Shultz M M Bob Hurt Bill Moon Merritt Sink WL r David Hutchins Jeannie Morris Darryl Smith hM ' Jay Hutcherson Terry Morton Janice Smith ■■ Steve Hutcherson Valerie Mote Greg Smith IIm Joe Jackson Ella Kay McCampbell Guy Smith ■f Margie Jackson Julie McCoy Lorene Sprayberry ■I H Robert Jennings Stephanie MuUins Mary Springer nl Carol Johnson Alice Nicholas Susan Stenger bI Celindy Johnson Robert Noble Terry Stephens v V Judy Johnson Frances Northington Mark Stone H Renee Johnson Dean Novotny Don Strand 1 Ir ' Richard Johnston Laurie Nowell Chris Striggow 11 vjl Charles Jones John Nunnally Shannon Swann 1 I David Jones Julie Oden Kelly Tadsen 1 Greg Jones Tim Oliver Joel Tarpley 1 Chuck Kay Jane Orr Pam Tarratus KlM Bill Kent Jacque Page Steve Taylor jLI Jim Kesler Keely Palmer Julie Thacker IM Alicia Key Ginny Parker Joey Thomas !■ Stanley Kimbro Melody Parrott Patti Troup m Laurie Kiney Phil Parsons Cynthia Tucker Jan King Lewis Patterson Rick Turnbull I ' l Lee King Jeff Penick Jim Underwood m Ken Kirkland Pam Perdue Peggy Wagener ' W Debra Kumle Ray Perren Mike Wakefield 1 Sam Kyzer Mark Perry Lisa Ward Steve LaMarsh Steve Pharris Ken Ward Ricky Land Ernie Phillips Troy Webb Joyce Latham John Phillips Allen Wier Brent Lawson Bob Pless Debbie Wilcher Ed Legge Kenneth Poe Scott Wilcher Rita Leonard David Ray Brenda Williams ::( Howard Levine Valerie Ready John Williams A Robyn Levine Don Rehner Jim Woolbright tit 4 Ethan Lewis Susan Richardson Gene Woolfolk w M Fran Lewis John Richmond Greg Wright WfJt Joe Libingston Ellen Rini Nancy Wright Et John Logsdon Becky Ritch Kathy Wright T Denise Lago Ginny Roberts Terry Eynne j M, Shari Lo we Scott Rogers Tim Yancey i8 Jackie Lucas Vernon Rogers Kenny York Lg Suzanna Luttrell Linda Rollins Tim Young wLi Larry Madison Pam Roundtree Tim Youngblood mi Beth Martin Jim Sandlin Peter Zervakos H Jeb Martin Bill Scholz Tina Zeitler H 34a REDCOAT BAND 7 n " ■ bMHw»»H»»s»«» ' «wra»»«» ' awww hi 818 ill ' teShUe, ilftllh terjllrilli mm MMw lnStnii CM9t%i •mSmu UtMm FuTkmiu ftmTk]fliir MiTkter MTmp UTnbull kIWnnd hnfWiiaer laifinl lalird Tn;W«tt Ukififf OMiWiicher Wtfildier Jita Willi JtaMriitt GmVooKA TtaTKBJ !« DiTtOlUi " ' h REDCOAT BAND 343 Block and Bridle (blak and bri d ' l) - It is a club devoted to students interested in the animal phase of Agriculture. But the purpose of this club is not so simple for there are other main themes underlying the surface: to develop a closer relationship between students and faculty; to promote higher scholastic standards; to create more interest in the livestock judging teams; and to create more interest in Animal Science as a major and as a profession. The only criteria for being a member is to have an interest in animals. The club activities for the 1978-79 year included: Fall Field Day, Fall Harvest Ball, Little International Livestock Show, Assisted State 4-H Market Hog Show, Co- Sponsored State and District Steer and Heifer Show, 5th Annual Great Southland Stampede Championship Rodeo, AQHA-Approved Horse Shows, NCHA-Approved Cutting Shows, 1979 Rodeo Parade, " Miss Rodeo Georgia " Pageant, Spring Trip to Southwest Georgia Farms and Panama City, Florida, Intramural Softball Team, Block and Bridle 1978-79 Yearbook, Spring Awards Banquet, Spring Cookout, and Athens Summer Classic Horse Show. Summer-Fall 1978 Officers: Suzanne Miller, President; Brian Tankersley, Vice-President: Martha Poss, Secretary; Tom Abbott (Summer) and Keith Nichols (Fall), Treasurer; Patty Brunton, Reporter: Karl Davis. Sargeant-at-Arms; Jeff Miller, Chaplain. Winter-Spring 1979 Officers: Tim Marshall, President; Joe Young. Vice-President; Ali Makowski, Secretary; Keith Nichols, Treasurer; Patty Brunton, Reporter. Sonny Winters, Sargeant-at-Arms; Jeff Miller, Chaplain. 1978-79 Members: Cindy Adams, Laura Adamson, Lisa Adamson, Andy Adsit, Sonya Alexander, Clark Anderson, Mark Anderson, Marsha Anderson, Wayne Anderson, Joanne Asher, Jan Baltzell, Jane Barber, Candler Bennett. Mike Betz. Bob Blalock. Sydney Boettcher. Garth Boyd. Don Bridges. John Bridges, Paula Brooks, Deb Browen. Charlene Brown. Patty Brunton, Bill Buell. David Byrd. Carrie Cain. Stephanie Capito, Cathi Caputi. Diane Carson. Roxanne Cheek. Susan Chinn. Terry Clekis, John Cook, Kathy Couture. Curtis Crawford, Oinny Crowder. Craig Daniel, Debbie Darsey, Cheryl Davis, Karl Davis. Jim Davison. Tommy Dent, Doug Depew, Desiree Dewberry, Glenn Donnelly, Ken Dorough. Bob Dorton, Karen Duncan. Keith Ellis. Craig Evans, Dick Farrell. Georgia Fee, Reuben Flanders, Sylvia Fleming. Nancy Fuller. David Funderburke. Joey Garner. Randy Garrett, Peggy Gates, Tamara Gavin. Ken Giles, Joe Gotti. Pam Ootti, Carla Griswell. Nancy Green, Debbie Groves, John Hall, Reid Hanson, Joyce Harman, Mary Hart, Mike Hayes, Tori Henry, Anne Herring, Henry Hibbs. Jim Highsmith, Dale Hodges, Jim Hoggard, Bobby Hunt. Jerome Jaggers. Vicki Jenkins. Julian Jones. Sandy Jordan. Steve Jordan, Darrell Kinkaid, Norma Kinser, Kevin Knight, Lori Kumin, Lannie Lanier, Beth Large, Kathy Larson, Donya Lester. Amber Lincoln. Stephen Lipsky, Valerie Love, Herb Malcom. Peggi Malone. Ali Makowski, Wayne Marks, Tim Marshall, Kathy Martin. Mike Massey. Rebecca Mausteller, Allan McBrayer. Jim McClure, Kevin McCorkle, Anna McElhannon, Norman McOlohan. Tom McJilton. Eve McLendon, David McTier, Lucy McTier, Tim Meeks, Cindy Miller, Jeff Miller, Malinda Miller, Suzanne Miller, Lee Minish, Steve Moeller, Tim Montgomery. Ann Morris. Peyton Mosher, Andrea Mowrey, Chuck Nichols, Keith Nichols, Amy Nostrandt, Keith Odom, Kim Oglesby, Nina Oortman, Silvia Orkand, Russell Patterson, Terri Perkins, Merrabeth Petty, Margie Piper, Tara Pipes, Allan Pope, John Pope, Barbara Popiela. Harvey Pool. Brenda Pullin. Amy Rosen, Ann Scharko, Susan Senter. Leslie Sinn, Jerry Slocumb, Ben Smith, Glenn Smith. Marty Smith, Lyndel Spillers, Joe Stone, Ed Sutton, Lisa Szczukowski, Brian Tankersley, Tommy Tatum. Terry Thigpen. Diane Thomas, Nancy Thornton. Walt Tibbetts, Rob Tinsley, Pat Todd, Leigh Touchton, Debbie Tucker. Mike Tustian. Susan Vester. Don Vrono, Marianne Waindle, Bob Waldorf. James Webb, Allan Wehner, Carla Windham, Bonnie Williams, Martha Winter, Sonny Winter, Joe Young. Advisors: Dr. Terry Klaer, Dr. Larry Benyshek. 344 BLOCK BRIDLE IKWIIW WM¥t lKm»Hi«W«« I. i l lBir.Bith lj,-ii- ilk.flu Oku University Union (yoo nevuf sete yoo n yen) - Provides programs in several areas of student interest. Steve Cash, President; Carla TWooten, Secretary Treasurer; Lynn Stuhrenberg, Vice-President for Pro-ams; Donna Sparks, Concerts; Brenda Brown, Performing Arts; Kristin Olive, Visual Arts; Qreg NicoU. Cinematic; Chip Marsh. Recreation; Jimmy Durham, Ideas and Issues; Brenda Land, Special Events; Amy Walter, Entertainment; Danny Newman, Summer. UNIVERSITY UNION 346 - Alpha Kappa Psi (al ' fa kap ' a si) - a professional business fraternity. 545 (Wtloriptij Stfpkfu P: briKuf J., TemHina.! 346 ALPHA KAPPA PSI KWmBSWJCUOBU KlinHWIfi»(»«lWflra«JU» ' K ' «- ' ' m Residence Hall (rez ' idans hal) Residence Hall Association acts as an inter-residence hall council, providing service to and social activi- ties for housing and the campus as a whole. Phi Upsilon Omicron (fi yoop salan ' o makran) - a national professional home economics fraternity having scholarship plus other criteria for membership. (left to right) Row One: Kelli Smith, 1st Vice President; Bonnie Stephens, President; Renee Sawliosky, 2nd Vice President; Terri King, Treasurer. Row Two: Sheryl Henson, Susan Daigle, Terri Hartin, Laurie Faulk, Susie Jones, Cindy Gregory. Row Three: Lydia Beavers, Amelia Allison, Sue Taylor, Lynn Ellis, Patty O ' Neal, Lou Ann Backsdale, Lynn Shapiro, Anne McAllistar. Not pictured: Rhonda Sward, Jill Hayes, Kim Owens. RESIDENCE HALL PHI UPSILON OMICRON 347 I — ASID (a es i de) - is the American Society of Interior Designers. Carole Tomter, Peggy Sweeney, Ann Renshaw, Emily Manchester, Debra Cornett, Paul Martin, Faculty Advisor; Beth Stroupe, Stephanie Stephens, Susan Reedy, Leslie Ennis. Mary Jarnalin, Lynne Sheridan, Kathy Jordan, Tali Majidi. Laurie Faulk, Donna Park, Cindy Wheeler, Hilda Albright, Virginia Anderson, Betty Wiseman, Theresa Hart, Tricia Schaaf, Diana Stone, Sonia Craven, Terry Postero, Maggie Watkins, Laura Buttermore, Diane Coward, Susan Templet, Debra Hendrix, Debbie Niokell, Becky McElroy, Vicki Moon, Sherry Brown, Mary Kathryn Clark, Ruth Mitchell, Sandy Inman, Shahnaz Hodaei, Julius Morgan, Linda Cagle, Doris Hager, Jan Cobb, Susan Ellis, Pam Rice, Therea Foley, Cindy Griffin, Ellen Vereen, Joan Vereen, Kristi Harr, Lynn Pratt, Renee Sawilosky, Laura Taylor, Janet Shenk, Anne Garby, Nancy Courtenay, Karen Otterbach, Liesha Bauknecht, JoAnne Gay, Kay Childers, Marie Miller, Pam Adamson, Patricia Albea, Amelia Allison. Allison Beinke, Betsy Boyte, Ginger Brinson, Laura DeGennaro, Theresa Ellwood, Donna Hargrove, Judy Seaw- right, Jeanne Strong, Helen Tiliacos, Carol Wheeler, Rachel Williams, Karen Williamson. Donna Tasse, Deanne Bell, Beth Shroeder, Sally Masters, Joani Sarkis, Susan Holland, Jeannine Roush, Julie Cantrell, Joyce Richardson, Kim Detty, Kathleen Henson, Paula Johnson, Dana Keiss, Philan Medford, Sivlana Mega, Allison Minick, Karyn Mozley, Debbie Ragsdale. 348 ASID - .IWWMKRMiWnnUWRaMKnwwiawaK " ! SHEA (es ach e a) - a professional student home economic as- sociation. Angel Flight (an ' jl flit) - " aids in the progress of the Arnold Air Society, and ad- vances and promotes interest in the U.S. Air Force. SHEA ANGEL FLIGHT 349 smmnmm Alpha Phi Omega ? (al ' fa fi oma ' g ) - A national service fra- ternity which develops leadership skills and lifelong friendships through meaningful service to the college, community, state and nation. Beta Zeta chapter of UGA is one of the most active, diverse, and produc- tive units of Alpha Phi Omega. (left to right) - Danny Myers, Corresponding Secretary; Lynn Myers, James Segars, Patsy Wade, Dale Anderson, Victor Wilson, Steve Moeller, Renard Phillips. Mark Jeffrey. Randall Coleman, Jim Chandler, Recording Secretary; Bo Alexander, Cannon Doan, Tim Jeffrey, Jim Hamilton, Jacques Pye, Vice President; Brad Shimmel, Jim Tucker, Christopher Fletcher, J.B. Hopkins, James Ellis, Vice President; Berto Lopez, President. Not pictured: Craig Kent. Vice President; Wayne Aiken. Treasurer; Tom Hamilton. Ravija Badarinathi, Johnny Alisson. Howard Payne, Swamy Arantheswaran, Chris Clayton, Allen Free. Ben Turner. Gamma » Sigma Sigma (gam ' a sig ' m sig ' ma) - assembles college-aged women in service to school, community, and na- tion. Pint Bor ami ' (iruig«,Mn ' inii|t.BilMi BorKutiiki SbunHnkr-f cwTNimii 350 ALPHA PHI OMEGA GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA -il s iinnKtra«nBiw«HLi-K -v7 v» ' « Karate Club (karat e klub) - instruction of the Mortial Arts, and training of self-defense skills and techniques. Pictured Below: (left) fighting practice; (right) warm up drill, side kick. . -» ? 3i ;V Wiyr,f I I ' »x-S.L Join:; First Row: Sherri Clay - white, Mark Boswell - orange, Craig Reynolds - orange. Brad Williams - orange, Rodrigo Lopez - orange, Allen Payne - orange. Bill Johns - orange, Mike Webb - green, David Cross. Second Row: Martin Eaves - yellow, Bruce Ekland - white, Jim Turner - yellow, Sharon Hunter - yellow, Bobby Smith - red, Kathy Wright - yellow, Toni Casey - red, Mike Baron - white. Randy Peterman - green, Mike Griffin, Beau Hammond, Alastair Hawkins - green. Chip Cook - blue, Danny Porter - blue. Third Row: James Dunlap - green, Sidney Gottlieb - white, Patrick Lane - white, Jerry Dunn - green, Steve Brown - white, Ross Marland - orange, David Glenn - orange, Mike Cantrell - red, Bruce Posey - red. Butch Terry - green, Victor Hammond - white, Mark Jordan - blue, Jim Couch (coach) - 4th Degree Black. KARATE CLUB 351 Demosthenian Literary Society (dimasthanean lit ' arere sasi ' ate) - promotes the cause of science and truth by public speaking and the art of debate at weekly meetings. V il (lefllon 35a DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY aiKn ' «iA ' !EKi«w« fSBm9»s ««iwiMB ! i« iBW X Hi ?« ® f| » ;-J [ Collegiate 4-H Club (kal ' i je at t6r ach klub) - gives volunteer service to the Extension Services in N.E. Georgia and the State 4-H office. ' Compass Club (kum ' pas klub) - promotes the development of initiative and leadership among the UGA students. (left to right) - Lynn Taylor, Wanda Barton, Becky Burton, Debbie Lewis, Robin Addleton, Lynne Peek, Deann Bell, Kim Kerb, President; Lynn Craft, Margaret Johnston, Faculty Adviser; Martha Jo White. Patty Carter, Jennifer Jones. COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB COMPASS CLUB 353 354 MYERS HALL ataii»e»«iii»tt3»i» ' ;sa» wiHS3! Myers Hall MYERS HALL 366 wasaaaaaa Russell Hall (zoo) n. A place where a collection of wild animals are kept for public showing. 366 RUSSELL HALL L ' «»)Swa!«i»s sa»n»s«3sa!U»i«B6gieMHBH| RUSSELL HALL 867 358 REED HALL mmsmimaimim I REED HALL 359 360 HILL i ■ ' I I l I ! Mell-Lipscomb MELL-LIPSCOMB 361 it I 362 BRUMBY HALL 1 Creswell Hall CRESWELL HALL 363 ADS DIVISION 36e MH The ULTIMATE In Student Living! . . and just a walk away. River Mill Apartments and the Mill Wheel Club located on the Oconee River, next to the University of Georgia campus. 101 Stone Mill Run, Athens, GA 30601 404 548-1188 366 at 5 Points Come In And Enjoy: Pizza - Subs - Salads Ice Cold Beer T07 •7 Casual Wear for ItlC Guys and Gals Traffic In ' Ll II ' t® Beech wood Shopping Center Open till 1 A.M. And yes, we deliver! : SHERATON IS AVi ORLD I OF SHOWPLACES Sheraton History Village Inn 295 E. Dougherty St. Athens, GA 30601 Creating the finest in handcrafted products for all your leather needs with quality that lasts long " after you leave. MASADA bEATHER 255 E. Clayton St. - Downtown . There is nothing better after a long night of sitting on toadstools, than milk and cookies . . . Homemade at JOHN W. " SMOKEY " BEAR of BEAR ENTERPRISES Leasing Specialists The Complete Line of Lincolns and Mercuries Available 198 College Ave. Downtown 353-2461 Athens Lincoln - Mercury, Inc. 2410 West Broad St. Athens, Georgia 30604 404 548-2600 367 x 3! J pi .1 f " College at Clayton 190 Gaines School Road Athens, Georgia Sandwich Shops® THE CLASSIC SANDWICH Abrom ' s Casual Shop At hen ' s Leading ' Ladies ' Shop for 30 Years 301 E. Clayton St. Athens, Georgia In appreciation of our student customers 137-149 N. Lumpkin BAKERY FOOD STORE 543-0244 543-8846 369 msHi HI Holsum Bread our name says it all Look for Golden Acres and Country Hearth Breads at your neighborhood grocery. QtlSOlfs 2i6 ortfi i Romas Street f .(B.Soj: K22 JltHens, Beorgia 30602 370 The University Bookstore Watch for the Publishers New Book Closeout Sales - for savings up to 50% and more To get used textbooks priced and back on the shelf for next quarter, sell them back during exams. This helps us help you. J. P. is for Everyone TONY ' S RESTAURANT Since 1923 Oldest and Finest Balfour CLASS RINGS SOUVENIRS SPORTSWEAR Compliments of Q-105 Athens, Georgia 372 !!l C S Instant Banker Located at University Bookstore VILLAGE DELI 984 South Lumpkin St. Athens, Georgia 30602 Phone: 548-4937 Open: 10 A.M. - Midnight, 7 days a week Thanks to Our Patrons Tuck s Shoe Service Captain D s THE PICTURE MAN • FRATERNITIES • SORORITIES • GRADUATIONS STEVE COUNTS — 353-7565 YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE 373 Associate Editor ' s Note: I would like to apologize for the many delays that held up the delivery of this book. It seems that the odds were stacked against us from the start. We went through several staff changes and were oper- ating for most of the year in a staggering deficit. But here it finally is. And I hope it was worth the wait for you, because it was certainly worth the struggle for us. 374 GOODBYE I S6j»a«aaMSttaK»»w»TEta»«! wwnwa wiM CHik I ' i ' ■in • ' 1 ' " - J GOODBYE 376 krumSI Another edition of the PANDORA is sent to press and another editor sent out to pasture. Heaven knows anyone who makes it through a year as editor of a college yearbook needs a little rest. Working on the PANDORA for the past two years has been a very interesting venture and quite an education in itself. Hmm, I wonder if I could get a degree in Yearbook? Anyway, as every editor ' s letter usually points out, all staffs have problems and I can ' t deny that our staff has had its share, but for the most part we have worked well together . . . and played well together. It would be very easy for me to get sentimental at this point because I have made some very special friends through the PANDORA, lunches in the Bulldog Room and chats in the Activities Center. I want to thank all of the people who have made this year so special. I also want to thank my staff who stayed by my side throughout the year, working hard for only a small amount of reward and recognition. There are always those staff members who can be counted on to step in and help when things get rough. I ' d like to say an extra thank you to the following people: to Kathleen, my associate editor for a superb Miss UGA Pageant and for letting me depend on her when I skipped the country; to Bill for an excellent job as Business Manager, my personal Public Relations Manager and special friend; to Denise for sticking it out with me to the end, scary nights in Memorial Hall and all, and for her friendship; to Cheryl for pushing not only to get the job done, but done well; to Leila for stepping in as Classes Editor; to Denny for being patient with us and giving up a few days of his vacation; to Tommy for taking every picture no one else could take; to John James for not yelling at me when I missed deadlines, and more deadlines and for being a really good rep; and to Jerry Anthony and the Business Office for answering thousands of questions; to Tom Dover and Dr. Powell for not losing faith in us; and to the rest of the staff and photographers for all of their efforts and hard work. Without these people the book wouldn ' t be, however without the hard PANDORA . . . PANDOREA . . . POUNDS-DORA . . . Bill ' s a crustacean ... I feel a Volvo Commercial coming on . . . Little Frat ears . . . The liquor was spilled on the bar room floor . . . Secre- tary ' s Week and no flowers . . . Liver Pate ... Oh no, Mr. Bill . . . Memorial Hall Sauna . . . David, which office do you work in? . . . Sandra, line three . . . Bullfrog room . . . Yogurt Cultures . . . George and Martha . . . But what will the neigh- bors say? . . . Photo- graphy staff - lookin ' good . . . They ' ve can- celled their picture again . . . Tom and Jerry . . . Sandra ' s going to Europe with a Man . . . No, it ' s only Dan . . . Swiss Bank Account . . . Staff pic- ture on the beach . . . Bill ' s heart tattoos . . . What, locked in the closet again? . . . Miss UGA Pageant ... Do ANY of these typewriters work? . . . Happy Hour at the Peddler . . . E.S. ' n D.Y.A. . . . Surely you jest . . . Scissors poised, letter opener in hand . . . one interesting (?) night in Memorial Hall . . . You want to go out with him, too? . . . Only 300 pages and two days to go . . . Bon Voyage work of Kathleen Moak, the Associate Editor, there literally would be no 1979 PANDORA. She stepped in and stood it out when I couldn ' t and deserves a great deal of the credit for this book. Before I thank every person I ' ve ever known at the University, I will bring this letter and the 1979 edition of the PANDORA to a close. I hope it fulfills the expectations of the students and will help to bring back the memories that are made on this campus. Sincerely, Sandra Pounds Editor GOODBYE 376 (» ' student Life .(l STUDENT LIFE 377 378 STUDENT LIFE i 380 STUDENT LIFE - 1 STUDENT LIFE 381 38a STUDENT LIFE - 1 xumxmniem STUDENT LIFE 883 384 STUDENT LIFE m STUDENT LIFE 385 386 STUDENT LIFE msmmsimim. Jn • p. - ' V STUDENT LIFE 387 388 STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE 389 fi (fr J ' -H 390 STUDENT LIFE i ' » vi KTKtJnnrhmr ' Miff vwwb ' viw ■ STUDENT LIFE 391 392 STUDENT LIFE .nn«!B« «BVMAHn«xiA«nawjw H ' «uun vvnv« " w«Ki ' i -. STUDENT LIFE 393 mimximimm STUDENT LIFE 396 396 STUDENT LIFE mn STUDENT LIFE 397 II ' I 398 STUDENT LIFE ?w iW(msB.iimsa»fx Bf m KM. STUDENT LIFE 399 400 STUDENT LIFE _. STUDENT LIFE 401 402 STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE 403 404 STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE 406 iwrfwy w n 406 STUDENT LIFE STUDENT LIFE 407 408 STUDENT LIFE BP tiWS tsillil9m!miVtsimi!a.ayt»eis» ' ismt3t9!i . STUDENT LIFE 409 kk. 410 STUDENT LIFE I gL«fiSKH«e$!Ri%%»S8«9IH £K$» I I I J1 J STUDENT LIFE 411 412 STUDENT LIFE SB»!KHBBSSm%WeW«!S»B)6S»S««WW«f5 STUDENT LIFE 413 ♦ i 414 STUDENT LIFE - 416 STUDENT LIFE m WALS WORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MARCELINE, MISAOURI, U .A. llllll mi . w I T

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