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,ti5l»5J« .: ' ■ ' ' »«i; . 1972 PANDOR V ir r mm " fc C w o ecu R.oo . ZZ-S V eMO« AU ' v-w T " ' I . J»«n, " •— • " •jm mm s I " ' k0 - A - Jt- yjr.viftts ' y. ' SHssiia iPV « ' % K fTT ' ' ' , ■ ' I., i ■ ' ™ " » ' « - %1 B Bwmmmmmm M dki W M 0 1 ft V-% ' i Faren Sanders, 1972 Miss University of Georgia Beth Dekle, Finalist Susie Branch, Finalist Claudia Trammell, Finalist Stephanie Watkins, Finalist 1972 Miss University i of Georgia n 9 I 18 19 b mmmm I Miss Beth Dekle Sponsored by Alpha Psi 20 I i . Alpha Psi Miss Susan Branch Sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi 21 m i Miss Claudia Trammell Sponsored by Delta Delta Delta 22 Miss Stephanie Watkins, 23 Sponsored by Phi Mu I I 4 I 24 t5Sf, arei I Miss Faren Sanders 25 Sponsored by Mell-Lipscomb Community ■■■mSvi ai 1 I Homecoming Queen, Miss Wendy Wood 26 a Wood 27 I 1 Ii!i!i il •. • 31 " _. " ' ' w C ' j!r;» " ' c .T5r -- ; •,.. ' . . ' •.■■.. s ' .- " !Cui ' - I I 37 " -, j- " ■■; . - 38 ' t M 41 iillHI H. 42 .L lH ■ ovr. ' ' ' « Hfe ' - ' HMMl i AND TO HELL WITH GEORGIA TECH 46 mf B B mmmm: wmmmmmmmmm. . " .. f i I2k lX k f J J Itl i ' iiiiP jUi. H»i«j!ili:iyj|lil, m mm " 50 mmmmk W 1 54 •-SI 55 , ij» nC « mfi m m ' mr ' ' ' ' ' mu I ' r mitpT ' « .• r - ™-! ' t- 1 ' 58 i ' ■ ' ■• ' ' ■ X %■- I 60 -- p FS?! S " S?SiB!S-V ' ' 3 1 1 H : l H H Hj iT r H 1 HN V .... ' . " - .. ._ ' ;■ ' ■ f 1 " ?•-- 61 - T «p| ' M. ►X i. ►. I .irmtlt " i I - -! •• - ». ' i «■ ' yrs .« " ' " ' .1 -s. J w m ' ' VT- 4 it- :i - ' • 1- MnNMHMIlHMM UNITED FOR POWER AND CHANGE W.O.M.E.N. - •» ' ' ■i %s ,.« ' wmjmmM m sm- " Today ' s feminist movement, developing as it is so rapidly and so vigorously, is often confusing and frightening to the observer, particularly if the observer (either female or male) has relatively rigid ideas about women ' s place. If the movement has one outstanding characteristic, it is that it ' s members are challenging all the traditional stereo- types and standards for female behavior and also are seri- ously questioning every model for producing change. " Joann Gardner, " Sexist Counseling Must Stop " The ultimate goal of women ' s liberation is to end the op- pression of women. Last spring a new group formed on campus which was dedicated to this goal. In January, Wo- men ' s Oppression Must End Now (W.O.M.E.N.) and Theta Sigma Phi sponsored a women ' s film festival, which featured Jeanette Rankin, Beverly Bethune, and Dean McBee. A new library of liberation is located in the W.O.M.E.N. ' s office so our sisters may read and become involved in the movement. " I ask no favors for my sex. I surrender not our claim to equality. All I ask of our brethren is that they will take their feet from off our necks. " Sarah Moore Grimke, " Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Women, " 1837 69 Consciousness raising sessions rennove women from the sexually charged atmosphere and enables them to relate to their sisters. Women must under- stand each other without the pressure of competition with men before they can join together to fight for their fundamental rights. 70 " The purpose of women ' s liberation is revolution. " Sally Medora Wood, " Questions I Should Have Answered Better " 71 Ik f Il " We have all been thrown down so low that nobody thought we ' d ever get up again; but we have been long enough trodden now; we will come up again. " Sojourner Truth, " The Women Want Their Rights, " 1853 73 74 . m i " Perhaps itwould not be exact to call them whore- houses, because whores usually charge fees for their services and usually work at their ancient calling on a full-time basis. No, the dormitories for young women at the University of Georgia would be more accurately described as budding communes. " 75 " . . . any girl forced to live for two years under the conditions prevail- ing in Brumby Hall will necessarily have to lower whatever moral stan- dards she had before she arrived. " " If your daughter has to wend her way through six drunken men to get to her bathroom, what does it mat- ter if she is the finest little lady in the world? She is not physically safe! " «il»a ¥mm;! m " " These campus radicals do not in fact represent the student bodies, because most college students couldn ' t care less about campus politics. They are in college to get an education, and they don ' t care much who is elected president of the student body, etc. Most college students know that it is absurd tor the students to have any real power on the campus. " Quotes from Mr. Carl Savage ' s letter to the Georgia Legislature, January, 1972. 77 NMMM mm mr m ( " I I • I u)ST mm (:;Aiu)if 5 •% t 82 Li. m! ? M;:! ' ' cia ssw z mM ¥ 1 .A . ' ' f i _• " ' ' " ■?% ' lllf. j cZ 1 ,iZ K. , ■ l w m KS lid .t a. i iW m i .i !i !ii i . « 1 mmmi L ' " M B» ia9iniiiiii mmmmm 90 91 I i 92 m ' smmm m «l -rs 93 j r ' - P!! S?3E5Pr; " ia 101 mmgBttmm aoBrnm i SMM 103 HnHBVHwnnni j ' I 107 wmm BWS imi »li! m mimi m " All hail! Acclaim us — we ' re the Greeks! What matter if our housetop leaks? Our corn is green, but potent (hie). We drink our fill from week to week, And lord it o ' er the campus meek. We ' re the stuff— all else are freaks. " Dean Ratliffe, ' 27 Reprinted from 1929 PANDORA i£ L msm ' ■ mm •«-»«cii ,.. - U ' V. m i ' m IM ( ' jmsij anmm ' mmmi 121 J ' _ m mmm iU- SS " i •4IB m m mi: ' m U- ■I " There are very few (Campus Cru- saders) that believe that the Kingdom of God is a state of mind. They believe it is a definite point in time when Jesus Christ will return to this earth. This is based on a literal interpretation of the scriptures. " " It looks to me that the coming (of Christ) is soon. " Ron Kyzer Director, U.G.A. Campus Crusade S» . SS£ THE COLD THE COmfTTBE 0 1 Cy fy £ ). iijiu HOLO ITS secoHb dmeniMCf Hall AuoiroRim. 127 V I ) .! h. IV V- m m m ) -M f ' " -• ' -3 ,j„ LJ 134 m F mfmi-: ' sm 135 ..1 Jlcu i ... K?SE " V ' -Jsir " ' mm .; ' ?mmf ' :-sm Jy tMU ' ... (c JjU T THE COPS AND U.G.A. • BOG ART GUY LIMIT OBSERVE Bob Sheuring 30 year old Marshal of Bogart (pop. 600) " Students are generally well-be- haved — but when they get ripped, they go, baby " " Bogart ' s basically a nice little town with retired folks and some young folks moving in. It ' s some responsi- bility being the one marshal for the whole town; the buck stops here. " " Well, we have two cars — one old and one new. The old one was put out of commission when it ran into a horse Our office is in our car since we don ' t have a Police Head- quarters. It ' s a real hassle working the highway for revenue; I ' ve given more warnings than tickets. " y " Sliideny Ksa m :z4mjmtc a I I " Students are like everybody else, they ' re capable of making mistakes. I stopped a car once full of Georgia students coming back from a pop festival. They nad the idea I was going to hassle them. They had been smoking some pot. All I found was a pipe — had enough to make a case. I didn ' t charge them. . . . None of them knew anything about the pipe — said someone must have left it in the car. It was a nice pipe. I asked the driver if he had such a pipe, would he leave it in some- one ' s car? " " They left very surprised — but both of us were on good terms. " — A Cwinett County Police Lieutenant Mayor C D. Holliday Statham, (pop. 800) " Students? We like ' em. They don ' t give us trouble. Most of them that do, get caught going back Sunday nights .... We usually give warnings. " Gerald Thomas Chief of Police of Winder, (pop. 6,000) " We get a lot of interstate traffic from 185 and 175. Most students are courteous. We ' re tough on driv- ing under the influence. If the driver is endangering himself and others, it ' s best to take him off the road. " 139 u Marcel Toney 25 year old Chief of Police of Dacula, (pop. 1000) " There was this red-headed student, long hair and a mustache. He came over that hill doing about 70 mph, passed by where I was parked, and swerved a little. I guess he was trying to see what I ' d do. 1 pulled him over and gave him a warning — told him to slow down. He told me he couldn ' t believe 1 didn ' t ticket him. I told him a lot of things are going to change here. " " Dacula had a bad reputation; 1 think the former Dacula authorities used to pick on the students. Since January, I ' ve stopped about five students — given them each a warning. They all showed surprise. " " I go to Gainesville Junior College night school — working on a degree in Police Sci- ence. " Tom McCahee Chief of Police of Athens (pop. 45,000) " Our officers ' dispositions are good toward the student. They have a young outlook because they are young them- selves. " " I ' ve had to cover many a panty raid. When I was a lieutenant, we drove to the scene of one — parked our squad car near Stegeman Hall. Whenever we ' d try to get out, the students around the car would lift it a few feet and let it drop. I ' d hit my head on the top. " double-ba ' 142 H Edward Kassinger ) Director, UGA Division of Public Safety ! (University pop. 27,000) " When 1 came here in 1968, 1 found many needed changes. We had to recognize we had a city with all the problems of a city, and we needed more than just a traffic and security force. I felt an educational experience was needed, and that a model law enforcement system could come from it. " " The whole thing was to get a force that would relate to the community it serves. Our officers are part of the community. They are students. " 143 I -. . . - : coll-. to " it : - " " f oil ' high sck " - " " ' T -- consl if the ' - next few years ( beKiTini • . 19?i ) s ' I- Q r;v,. _. n . . - .. ._, ._ . , ' • . .. ' — • •:: ' T - ■• -i - - ■ i - ■- r -,--■-: ry Jo -nson. 1 vnl oDrec . % ' a - Becl :; i " 0: ' : ' -r 8722 Izar ti ;7 r -_x ,j , T •V r mim i 145 146 •fir ' ' J ' . ' 13 : .■ , I 147 T BK L ' H . ? ' i :fev.f ttsa»a8M " " ! U|jJIJ,»Kliil.Jl.ijy|Wumu- ■ ' If -M I W?R b?j?SyM-- Wm BflRnETT ' S STflnD mmm T II :13- 154 X mm m m 155 mmmm i-V - ... ' .. y K M- I GEORGIA FOOTBALL Head Football Coach Vince Dooley VARSITY SCORES Oregon State 25 Georgia 56 Tulane 7 Georgia 17 Clemson Georgia 28 Miss. State 7 Georgia 35 OleMiss. 7 Georgia 38 Vanderbilt Georgia 24 Kentucky Georgia 34 South Carolina Georgia 24 Florida 7 Georgia 49 Auburn 35 Georgia 20 Ga. Tech 24 Georgia 28 GATOR BOWL North Carolina 3 Georgia 7 VARSITY TEAM: Bottom Row (L-R): Kim Braswell, Steve Watson, James Ray, Don Golden, Jerone Jackson, Andy Johnson, Phil Sullivan, Billy Griffith, Lenny Ellspermann, Jimmy Poulos, Head Coach Vince Dooley, Dick Conn, Gene Swinford, Jimmy Shirer, Johnny Cobb, Gregg Byrd, Jimmy Harper, Ed Milam, Ralph Clark, Donnie Allen, Chip Wallace. Second Row: Steve White, Bob Burns, Buzy Rosenberg, George Pilcher, Hal Bissell, Bill Fore- hand, Ricky Lake, Dennis Whitt, Steve Sleek, Robert Honeycutt, Mike Cawthon, Rusty Hines, Lee Lenderman, Tom Holt, Chip Wisdom, Ric Reider, Steve Chamberlin, Bob Poss, Tommy Couch, Chris Hammond. Third Row: Steve Kitchens, Don Griffith, Raymond Jones, Kendall Keith, Mac Mc- Whorter, Charles Chavious, Mayo Tucker, Dan Jones, Jim McPipkin, Royce Smith, John Jennings, Danny Dantzler, Joe McPipkin, Jim Currington, Jim Cagle, Dennis Watson, Paul Fersen, Dennis Hester, Milton Bruce, Tom Nash. Fourth Row: Ronnie Smiley, Frank Brice, Rex Putnal, Mison Robin- son, Lynn Hunniecutt, Billy Brice, Mike Greene, Sammy Eskew, Larry McKnight, Mike McCoy, Chuck Heard, Earl Hartsell, Paul McPipkin, Doug Burnett, Rusty Carter, Charles Osbolt, Tommy Smoak, Craig Hertwig. m mi , lU: 30 - 32, 30. 35 361,38 42 4S ] 47 43 TspIJ .» FRESHMAN TEAM: Bottom Row (L-R): Bobby Conner, Tommy Jennings, Wayne Hooks, Abb Ansley, Jeff Bower, Jack Fuqua, Stan Black, Larry Bar- nette, Randy Joseph, Cordon Robbins, David Bartlett. Second Row: Craduate Asst. Coach Steve Greer, Gary Watts, Larry West, Tom Zimmerlink, Horace King, Bobby Holton, Jerry Paul, Tim Crenshaw, Keith Harris, Greg Lester, Mike Robinson, Charles Stapleton, Asst. Coach Mike Castronis. Third Row: Craduate Asst. Coach Jerry Patti, Clarence Pope, Bobby Gibbs, Wallace Wiggins, Vern Smith, Robert McCann, David Wolfe, Len Walker, Jerry Pece, Atlas Buchanan, Randy Johnson, Dan Splvey, Head Coach John Donaldson. Fourth Row: Graduate Asst. Coach Buck Swindle, Richard Wright, David McKnight, Barry Collier, Jack Hudson, Steve Taylor, Mike Smoak, John Gurley, John Thomas, David Schwak, Wade Winslette, Robert Russell, Chuck Kinnebrew. Not Pictured: David Christiansen, Allan Bulloch, Cedric McCall. First Row (L-R): Ernie Golin, Jim Pyburn, Barry Wilson, Erskine Russell, Vince Dooley, Fred Pancoast, Frank Inman, Jimmy Vickers, John Kasay. Second Row: Dr. Marion Hubert, Dick Copas, Byrd Whigham, Sam Murvos, Sterling Dupree, Doc Ayers, Mike Castronis, John Conaldson, Warren Morris. SrfMl MX f it r. OiM ' " ' 161 GEORGIA BASKETBALL I Col.olChs i Uk VjIKiHiiJl, Kentucky LS,y, Auburn VARSITY TEAM: Front Row (L-R): Student Manager Dave Muia, Steve Zilko, Ronnie Hogue, Gino Gianfrancesco, Gary Adier. Back Row: John Fra- ley, Dick Toth, Tim Bassett, Gary Nevinger, Charlie Anderson, Chip Vaughan. 162 i FRESHMAN TEAM: Front Row (L-R): Student Trainer Drew Ferguson, Martin Schott, Randy Runyon, Brian O ' Shea, Kevin Cassidy. Back Row: Mike Plunkett, Billy Magarity, Steve Waxman, Taylor Lovell, Alex Kurland. ai 111 1 .i iv 7 " " " • VARSITY SCORES Sewanee 72 Ga. 102 OleMiss. 74 Ga. 80 ' N.C. State 92 Ga. 81 Miss. State 62 Ga. 58 South Alabama 70 Ga. 85 Georgia Tech 82 Ga. 78 Illinois 84 Ga. 78 Florida 63 Ga. 74 L.S.U. 95 Ga. 115 Vanderbilt 91 Ga. 98 1 Col. of Charleston 61 Ga. 82 Alabama 99 Ga. 91 Rollins 77 Ga. 112 Tennessee 71 Ga. 68 Vanderbilt 80 Ga. 76 Kentucky 87 Ga. 63 Auburn 99 Ga. 93 Ole Miss. 69 Ga. 79 Tennessee 59 Ga. 57 Miss. State 82 Ga. 87 Kentucky 73 Ga. 85 Florida 72 Ga. 75 L.S.U. 69 Ga. 68 Georgia Tech 78 Ga. 93 ! Auburn 72 Ga. 79 Alabama 101 Ga. 73 ,l«ilor.l ' " - 163 SWIMMING First Row (L-R): David Brumby, Tommy Youngblood, Ross Bradford, Mike Marrone, Jack Bauerle, Rick Simms. Second Row: Phil Scoggins, Tim Preagle, Chris Matthews, Jeff Walling, Jack Hazen, Bruce Miller, Andy Flatt. Third Row: Donnie Watson, Steve White, Doug Ward, Jim Poliquin, Bill McGowan. Fourth Row: Coach John Stafford, Head Coach Pete Scholle, Coach Gary Shelton. WR[ST1 C WKA M A Tl C Kneeling (l-R): Gary Lewis, Rick Boyer— Captain, Coac VJ I IVI| | Aj I l 0 Raines. Standing: Mike Gllreath, Gene Hooten, Larry Griffith, Doug Cooper, Norm Baldwin, Marvin Lyons. «H[s( „L mm m WRESTLING Sitting (L-R): Kevin Cleveland, Ronnie Reeser. Knee ling: Val Webb, Dave RIchwIne, Steve Deriso, Louis Ma- zanti, Johnny Weatherford, Mike Blackburn, John Duttenhaven, John Lowry, Randy Goodman, Bill Gillespie. Standing: Head Coach Frank Keller, John Thomas, Weejun Robinson, John Zamoscinski, Curt Robinson, Gary Menefee, David Staska, John Pettry, Tommy Willin, Mark Gabriel, Assistant Coach Tom Ellenberger. f RIFLE SOU AD standing (L-R): David Roberts, Randall Mills, Mike King, Rick Cooper, Donald Williamson. T 4 ' TFN N I S ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ° ' ' ■■ ' ' " ' ops ' ' y ' ' Manual Diaz, Brent Hughes, Charles Browder. Back Row: Head Coach Dan I U I J I U Magill, Danny Birchmore, Bob Tanis, Carey Browder, Gordon Smith, Asst. Coach Norman Holmes. GOLF TRACK Bottom Row (L-R): Dennis Spencer, Rick Curlin, Al Davis, Phillip Tucker, Ray Hamilton, Chuck Carson, Pat Huling, Doug Baxter. Middle Row: Asst. Coach Lewis Cainey, Kenny Rosser, Bill McDaniel, Bill Adams, Danny Sloan, )ohn Davidson, Maxie Foster— Captain, Danny Williams, Glynn Griffin. Back Row: Head Coach Forrest Towns, Richard Patterson, Jim Pinion, John Welsch, Joey Shearouse, Bob Windham, David Settle, John McCord, Rick Thomas, Larry Bixler, ) 5 I rS " " " ! GOLF Kneeling (L-R): David Canipe, Danny Yates, Davis Sezna, Jeff Jerrel, Bob Young, Tom Stacey. Standing: James McDonald, Billy Kratsert, Tap Harwell, Lynn Lott, Mike Fambrough, Coach Dick Copas. BASEBALL Front Row (L-R): Phil Baker, Mike Epps, Richard Groover, Stan Pillion, Joe Herb, Jimmy Can- non, Mike Hampton. Second Row: Bill Ivie, Don Golden, Steve Carp, Jim Carter, Alan Okun, Paul Gordon, Kelly Browning. Back Row: Ed Hill, Billy Griffith, Andy Johnson, Billy Beale, Bill Player, Jim Turner, Billy Kilgore. Head Coach Jim Whatley in back. 167 LV CHEERLEADERS BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS (L-R): Bonnie Boden, Sheron Adams, Janet Ross, Gladys Ware. Not Pictured: Chris Nel- son, Elizabeth Presley. FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS (L-R): Front: Gladys Ware. First Row: Craig Presley, Elizabeth Presley, Bill Hayne, Bonnie Boden. Second Row: Larry Griffin, Chris Nelson, Dan Thazton, Janet Rt)ss, Nell Shartar, Susan Sprayberry. 168 ..i m mm :jm kutiAM- ATTENTION: GEORGIA STUDENTS AND ALUMNI SUBJECT: RECOMMENDED BEHAVIOR AT GATOR BOWL GAME 1. Before leaving for Jacksonville, clean red nnud from windshield. 2. Any cardboard box can be made to look like a suitcase if brown shoe polish is smoothly applied. Boxes must have tops but no ropes. Please, when a few miles out of Jacksonville, remove overalls and BROGANS put them in your box. Change to your Sunday suit, clean shirt, and good shoes (wear socks). 3. Limit occupancy of your car or pickup to a reasonable number of riders. It looks country to overload a vehicle. 4. Those going on their tractors should leave the day after Christmas and remember to drive on the right side of the road at all times, except when passing a slower tractor or a buddy on a wagon. 5. In Route, always buy a full tank of gas. A dollars worth at the time requires too many gas stops. 6. On arrival in Jacksonville, immediately get settled in a tourist home or a boarding house. If they don ' t feed, try to locate near an all night cafe. 7. Leave soda crackers, viennas, R.C. Colas in car or pickup. First class tourist homes and boarding houses do not take kindly to guests who prepare food in their sleeping rooms. 8. Do not take Sears Catalog or corn cobs with you. Down there the outhouses are always inside and they furnish a rolled paper substitute. But, remember to turn the knob on the white bowl as this is a house rule and creates ' ess air pollution problems. 9. If invited by a County Agent, fertilizer manufacturer ' s representative or Hog Vaccine manufacturer ' s sales- man to have a drink in his hotel room, DO NOT spit tobacco juice on the carpeted floor as the stain is very difficult to remove and some say it isn ' t sanitary. When asked what you ' ll drink, don ' t say " Stump Juice. " Keep your shoes on all the time — holes in your socks make bad impressions. 10. By all means DO NOT PICK YOUR NOSE IN PUBLIC 11. And this above all! Don ' t let any Georgia Tech Alumni, North Carolina Tobacco men, or professional people show you up. Constant screaming of " GO DOGS " will make it difficult for them to engage you in conversation on their intelligence level. — Source Unknown ||Hn« ' ' GATOR BOWL: GEORGIA — 6 U.N.C — 3 ir isH m. ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION President, University of Georgia Fred C. Davison 172 mi --i: mmm;i ' : wm it ■1 H ) Assistant to the President Mr. Albert Jones .r Davison Vice-president, Services Dr. J. W. Fanning Provost Dr. S.William Pelletier 173 ff-tr- Acting V.P., Business and Finance Mr. Allan Barber Assistant V.P., Instruction Dr. A. L Kleckner Vice-president, Research Dr. Robert C. Anderson m :mmtnmh§m ' .uS- ' Dean of Agriculture, Dr. Henry W. Garren Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dr. H. Boyd McWfiorter Dean of Pharmacy, Dr. Kenneth L. Waters Dean of Law Dean of Business Administration, Dr. William C. Flewellen, Jr. Mr. Lindsey Cowen Dean of Forest Resources, Dr. Allyn M. Herrick „., rt ' ' TT Dean of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Richard B. Talbot Dean of Social Work, Dr. Charles A. Stewart Dean of Home Economics Dr. Emily H. Quinn tooitmsor:- Hui)enB.O« j Dean of Journalism Dr. Warren K. Agee MmsMmm : :i m Dean of Student Affairs Mr. Suthern Sinns Dean of Education, Dr. Joseph A. Williams Dean of Graduate School, Dr. Thomas Whitehead HHII I HIW I I " 1) ' . .1 i wm m d i» . vaRvemsa AIR FORCE ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF STANDING (I. to r.): Capt Frederick A. Viohl; Capt Raymond O. Boyd; SSgt James L Bunch; TSgt William M. Arnold, jr.; SSgt Lon B. Lovetl; SSgt Daniel O. Burt; Capt Peter, H. Ostergard; MSgt Randall S. Sexton. SITTING (I. to r.): Major John L Golob, Jr.;_ Colonel Jack t. Davis; Major John V. Matthews. 7 mm m ANDSTAFF I Squadron 11 Staff: Briggs, CO. Fox, Barrow. Squadron 12 Staff: Sullivan, CO. Orck, Davis. Squadron 21 Staff: CO. Battle, Johnson, Wall. ANGEL FLIGHT Liz Asbury Jane Barton Merrianne Bulce Lisa Cain Terri Clark Cindy Crawford Susan Dorney Margaret Dubose Heather Fosgate Betty Gaston Fran Coleman, CO. Penny Goolsby Harriet Hagan Karen Harman Cathy Harrison Suzanne Hickson Ginger Lipford Pat Mattson Marilyn Meurray Ditty Miller Gerry Mitchell Cathy McClesky Luanne Ost De Ann Reddick Mary Keith Roe Judy Sanders Barbara Sharit Nancy Smith Cindy Spiflman Gerri Stearns Pam Strother Ann Styles Pam Walker Ann Williamson BAND Jimmy Arnsdorff David Bacchus Randy Blackwood Ken Byrd Tommy Carter James Coulter Robert Crow Mike Erner John Fite Mike Freeman Steve Guthrie Cris Inhuisen Saunders Jones Rick Ludwig John McElveen Tommy Roberson Dino Verenes Mark Watkins Tom Whitmire ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Jimmy Adams Gary Armistead Laurie Battle Terry Baucom Steve Bennett Tim Brock Frank Butler Bud Freeman TomMahlet Fred Manget Richard Moore Bill O ' Donnell Charles Orck David Pesterfiled Richard Piazza Richard Strickland Bob Thomas H. T. Weaver John Weems Flight 21 A Bruce Carter, Flight Commander Flight 31 A Craig Daughtry, Flight Commander Flight 31 B Edward Branch, Flight Commander m :mmm:f: Flight 11A Thomas Mahler, Flight Commander Flight 11 B David Patterson, Flight Commander Flight 12A Louis Buckner, Flight Commander Flight 12B William O ' Donnell, Flight Commander LU ARMY ADMINISTRATION AND INSTRUCTORS Col. Carl Peterson, Department Head LTC James Youngblood MA] Bobby Cowling MAI Peter Feddo MA] Alden Hatch MA] Kenneth Hinson MA] Donald Williamson MA) Jimmy Yancy CPT Herman Cantu CPT Marvin Farmer CPT William Walsh SCM Rovert Gonzales MSC Bobby Spivey SFC Charles Byrd SSG Spencer Dean SSG Joseph Hughes SSG Wallace Reed SP5 Benny Payne SP5 Dale Taylor J I mm WORS PERSHING :: RIFLES CO. Boyd Parker Carl Areseneault Frank Bader Albert Bailey Murphy David David Harrell Gerald Hickson Michael Kilpatrick William Maca Dennis Marline William Miller Randolph Mills John Nash Michael Nunn William Parks Joseph Skipworth Joel Smith David Wilson " C;%.- j ' r-rr- BELLE CORPS RANGERS CO. Steven Berryman William Bates Phil Bennett Bradley Bird Wilburn Blackstock Larry Block John Cortese William Devaux Ronald Dobos William Eggers Steven Goldsmith Eric Hearn David Henry Robert Hooker Bruce Ink Joe Mykytyn James Ogletree Michael Sidewall Michael Stewart Richard Strawder Lee Sweat Peter Swiderek Fred Wingfield CO. Linda Ball Marsha Akin Cookie Akins Kitty Ball Karen Beavers Nancy Bobbitt Cissy Bradford Barbara Brown Bonnie Burdett Julie Caldwell Kathy Collier Marlee Davis Ann Dickinson Karen Dube Lynn Dwosnik Mary Fisher Gail Garban Dianne Garrard LaneGoolsby Nancy Grist Jenny Hankins Eloise Hays Willa Hayes Christy Howes Leslie Jones Lucy Karst Dianne Lindsey Marcia Miller Claire McAuliffe Pam Nolen Dianne Dela Penha Denise Peters Tootsie Schoultz Marty Snyder Mary jane Stafford Laura Whatley Jenifer Williams Kennedy Williams Susan Wienberger Carol Hoffmies Ruth Graves BRIGADE HQ Frederick Oelschig, Brigade Commander Robert Hurley, Exec. Officer S-1 Larry Townsend S- 2 Gregory Premo S-3 Terry Sheehan S-4 Norman Gramling FIRST BATTALION STAFF Battalion Com. Michael Johnson Executive Officer William Hilley Sergeant Major Andrew Fuqua SECOND BATTALION Battalion Com. Joel Wooten Executive Officer Tom Dykes Sergeant Major Ray Nelson tCOWP ST 186 Msa S wmimmmK m A COMPANY CO. Steven Williams tbinlioi 4 . r -i.- C COMPANY CO. Stephen Barnes E COMPANY 187 C.O.Terry Parkman lO riLfc f ORGANIZATIONS ' H GEORGIA STUDENT BRANCH OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS An organization to extend interest in ag engineering John Worley, President Clayton Mabry, Vice-president Ed Jones, Secretary Garland Moon, Treasurer Thomas Allen Clem Anthony Johnnie Arnold David Aspinwall Welborn Balcom Jack Barnes Mike Barton Johnnie Batten J. Barnie Beaseley John Betts Michael Bishop Paul Brown Paul Bunce James Chang MarkChilds Richard Davis Sidney Durham Darryl Elster Kenneth Epps John Fleming Harold Gillespie David Hatcher James Hodges Henry Hopkins Charles Huff Joseph Humphrey Jesani Najmudin J. Ed Jones Timothy Knisel Archie Lee Charles Lee Clayton Mabry James McElroy David McEver Henry McFarland Garland Moon Russell Moye Steve Nevi ' berry Kenneth Obenauf Richard O ' Hanley Ricky Peterson Clyde Phillips William Poole Rodney Reese Richard Rogers Edwin Shadrick James Smith Charles Sumner Jessie Thompson Larry Wheeler Benton Williams W.Kenneth Wills John Wolf John Worley Dempsey Wright AG HILL COUNCIL The coordinating body for South Campus organizations HjH HTiTSV j PlJm fSm 1 n ' M Charles Hall, President Bob izlar. Vice-president Mary Smith, Secretary-Treasurer Julia Boyd Danny Castellaw Myra Cloer Lee Cook John Coyne Ed Davidson Guerry Doolittle Paul Eason Jimmy Forrest Kay Fuller Frank Gilleland Philip Hale Keith Hamilton Dennis Helmreich Danny House Alex Kemp David Loughridge Darrell Lowrey GaryMidkiff Donna Pass Ellen Pinckney Robert Pollard Rodney Reese Dave Richards Harry Sims Bill Sitts Becky Smith Sam Smith David Weaver Nancy Whitehead Donnie Wilburn Kenny Wills t ■WIfl hmimm } -is m AGHON SOCIETY The highest honor a male student can achieve in Ag, Forestry, or Vet Medicine Nelson Garnett David Wise Guerry Doolittle Jimmy Rich, Secretary Frank Gilleland Dave Richards, Vice-president Ch arles Hall Bob Iziar Earl Harris, President Lawrence Camp, Treasurer - 1» ....«b2 SSXihC ' i ' S; :) w AGRICULTURAL MECHANIZATION TECHNOLOGY CLUB An organization for agricultural mechanization technology students Keith Hamilton, President Roger Dyer, Vice-president Mike Brooks, Secretary Sam Miller, Treasurer James Barnes Michael Brooks Roger Dyer Edward Faircloth William Fletcher David Griggs Shelley Hamilton Sam Miller Michael Parten Harry Sims Richard Snell Randy Sodoma James Thompson John Williams limmyforr GeotpCi KenRoiKfl Floyd ALPHA ZETA An honorary agricultural service fraternity Lucius Adkins Thomas Allen Sarnie Beasley James Bramblett Glenn Brewer Lawrence Camp Cecil Campbell Dennis Clarke Jim Cline Terry Conklin Albert Cunningham Herb Daniel Craig Daughtry JedDillard Jerry Dixon Randy Drinkard Lee Eggert Chris Fievet Steve Flagg Frank Gilleland Gary Glover Richard Godbee Ronnie Goodson Errol Graham Jim Graham David Griggs Coleman Hadden Larry Hadden Charles Hall Keith Hamilton Dennis Helmreich Gerald Hickson Robert Izlar Ed Jones Steve Lee Ron Lehfonen Ronald Lockerman Charles Logan David Loughridge Ronald Lovell Darrell Lowrey Clayton Mabry Henry McFarland William McGraw Dales McWhorter Mitch Miletsky Louis Newson Hugh Nix Douglas Nofsinger Rick Oelschig David Pitts Terry Queen A, Radford Rodney Reese Bob Rice Jimmy Rich Richard Robinson Tommy Rogers Randal Smith Sam Smith Don Spenser Charles Sumner Bobby Tankersley Clyde Taylor David Waldrop Henry Wall Ed Walton Clay Washburn Norman Watson David Weaver Larry White Donnie Wilburn Terry Wiley BillWilkens David Wise John Worley I mmimmmimm CLUB DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB An organization for students interested in the dairy sciences Jimmy Forrest, President George Cawl, Vice-president Ken Roberts, Secretary Steve Floyd, Treasurer Mohammed Ansari James Byrns Earl Connely Bill Dell Howard Harrington Ken Howard Bill Johnson Charles Johnston Ruth Kuhl Arthur Long Dale McWorter Sidney O ' Steen Robin Paxson Peggy Perkins Diamond Pirmohamed David Ridgeway Dennis Sheppard Gail Tilton K. C. Vasavada Clay Washburn Ralph Watson Everett Williams Marty Wilson Nancy Winkler FOOD SCIENCE CLUB An organization for students interested in the food sciences : 0»Hislilmni Terry Conklin, President Gail Euler, Vice-president Doris Miller, Secretary Gerald Hickson, Treasurer Ivan Barineau Richard Berman Mark Calloway Terry Conklin Timothy Czupryna James Dale Howard Davenport Steven Drury Gail Euler Linda Glanton 193 Gregory Halloran Gerald Hickson Richard Johnson Paul Keida Delores Kunze Tyre Lanier John Martin Mitchel Miletsky Doris Miller Dennis Paulk Jeff Peterson Joseph Rabhan Krishna Raisinghani Eric Richman Edwin Rosa Shelly Simpson John Trembley Robert Watrous COLLEGE 4-H CLUB An organization for students interested in 4-H David Weatherford, President Joan Norton, Vice-president Donna Pass, Secretary Linda Adkinson Cindy Darden Kay Fuller Sandi Ison Joan Norton Adam Stevens Clem Anthony Janet Davis AlGaskins Harry lohnson Randy Nuckolls Susan Stoneman janie Barbee Philip Davis Carol Green Karol Kotal Donna Pass Donna Walker Cheryl Bradley Tommy Davis Norma Green John Lane Ellen Pinckney Ken Walker lane Caldwell Patricia English Amy Harrell Marilyn LeCroy Walter Reeves David Weatherford Cathy Christy Susan Everett David Harrell George Lee Donny Roberson David Weaver Beth Copelan Sandra Fleming Fred Harris Darrell Lowrey Mary Smith Kay Williams Hub Daniel Gary Freeman WallyHinesley Eddie Mills Susan Moss Melanie Stephens DeniseWyatt %■: : Iffht HORTICULTURE CLUB An organization for students interested in horticulture Frederick Oelschig, President William Sitts, Vice-president Priscilla Johnson, Secretary Robin Ackroyd-Kelly Bruce Beecher James Beeson John Conrad Stewart Cooke Emory Drinkard Donald Edwards Edward Fitzpatrick Stephen Flagg John Giles Richard Gleason Terry Gleason David Hale Charles Hall Nicholette Hennings David Holliday Victoria Hortum Dale Johnson Priscilla lohnson Wayne Juers Mary Kessler Hiram Larew Michael LaRocco John Lavrosky Ronald Lehtonen Harry Lincoln Ronald Lockerman Phillip McCabe Daniel McGlynn William Messina Tom Mitchell 194 Lawrence Motsinger Louie Nitto Patricia North Frederick Oelschig Kantibhai Patel Dave Rice William Robbins William Rood Stephen Santon William Sitts Rebecca Smith Alexander Straaik Nancy Trapnell POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB An organization for students interested in poultry science Um Donald Wilburn, President Sam Smith, Vice-president Mike James, Treasurer Doris Miller, Secretary Mamdouh Armanions Mitchell Biggers Delane Borron Joe Brice David Cantrell Ron Cantrell Larry Chaney Dan Cohn Call Euler Gary Gilpatrick Frank Hardy Mike James Jeff Kass Pat McCombs Doris Miller John Rice Bill Sexton Sam Smith Joe Stubblefield John Tiller Donnie Wilburn BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB For students interested in animal science Lee Eggert, President Ray Williams, Vice-president Randal Smith, Secretary John Martin, Treasurer Lucy Brannen, Reporter Jack Spruill, Parliamentarian Roger Sinyard, Sergeant at arms George Boddiford Carolyn Brinkley Charles Bronson Russell Brooks Jeff Burnette Jim Chapman Martha Clark Chap Cromley Randy Daniels Scott Digby ' jed Dillard Richard Dittman Jimmy Donaldson Nonie Eakle Lee Eggert Gerald Floyd Donald Fatch Judy Goodrich Jimmy Greene L. W. Grimes Edward Gross Larry Hadden Jim Harris Dennis Helreich Ann Hurst Terrell Jenkins Charles Johnston Carol Kirkwood Bobby Lanier George Lee Larry Maddox John Martin Peggy Matthews James McAfee Mike McKee Terry Meek Hector Mestre Hugh Nix Frank Pirkle David Pitts Susan Purdy William Rahn Ronald Seymour Dennis Sheppard Roger Sinyard Randal Smith Jack Spruill Wayne Tankersley John Tiller John Ussery Lawrence VIck Cheryl Walden David Waldrep Richard Waldrep Sue Waldrep Ed Walton Carolyn Ward Norman Watson William Wendelken Everett Williams Randy Williams Ray Williams Tom Williams Larry Wilson Marty Wilson ■ AGRONOMY CLUB An organization open to students interested in agronomy Jimmy Rich, President John Coyne, Vice-president Craig Daughtry, Secretary Frank Gilleland, Treasurer Louis Newsome, Reporter Cecil Campbell, Parliamentarian Fred Goldman, Critic Mohammed Bahrani Wayne Balcom Buddy Boyette Earl Brantley Ed Brown Cecil Campbell Marie Cinque Terry Coffelt Craig Daughtry Bill Davis Jeff Davis Ben Deal Wayne Fordham Frank Gilleland Fred Goldman Coleman Hadden Ron Henning Mike Hutchins Terrell Jenkins Jon Johnson Roger Lawrence Lee Glen Gene Manning Louis Newsome Oscar Olivo Michael Ozark Charles Pannebaker Charles Peace A.J.Radford Jimmy Rich A. M. Rovo Bobby Tankersley Pat Trouth Boyd Turner David Ulfik David Weaver Harold Wilson Doyle Ashley A. R. Brown R. H. Brown William CoHle Earl Eisner A. A. Flemin Joel Gidden R. A. McCrejy Kim Tan KAPPA DELTA EPSILON An honorary sorority for students majoring in Education HOI Cecilia Galiani, President Patricia Thompson, Program Vice-president Anne Porterfield, Membership Vice-president Donna King, Treasurer Janette Cooper, Recording Secretary Sandy Keim, Corresponding Secretary Janice Bateman Bonnie Burdett Nancy Cline Erica Cochran Jan Cox Faye Daube Elaine Ellison Patricia Finley Fran Forman Marilyn Fountain Jill FHaskins Barbara Johnson Mary Kidd Kathy Kyle Judy Landey Linda Levene Sheila Mandel Nancy Nutt Gail Park Gloria Patrick Mary Potts Joy Rainey Joan Rosser Karen Scott Harriet Shayne Mary Shelley Anne Speck Donna Tipton Sheryl Watson Susan Weinberger Judith Williams ll DowK DwbV Ax Ttjiaj i. mmmii i PHIUPSILONOMICRON I Llwo A.llllig kfUdcr mini M Wfail llmr Eiltkna ' 4Ui A.A.fleiii| KlM loelGklilii NMm M.Mc(j| A professional home economics fraternity Judy Herrin, President Sue Stephens, Vice-president Glenda Richardson, Secretary Sally McGee, Treasurer Nancy Whitehead, Chaplain Susan Askew Cayle Bone Julia Boyd Beth Bridgets Harrvette Brookner Jane Caldwell Mary Ann Chambers Priscilla Childers Myra Cloer Teresa Cumuze Sandra Davis Beverly Dunn Deborah Evans Lynn Gamble Carolyn Clover Carol Green Dee Hardin Marcia Hays Judy Herrin Diane Holbrook Carmen Jettinghoff Marsha Lewis Sally McGee Debbie Nash Kim Quillian Glenda Richardson Connie Robinson Becky Snuggs Sue Stephens Louise Turner Cathy Webb Wanda Weeks Nancy Whitehead Deborah Williams Martha Wyatt 1 HOMECON A professional home economics organization Lynn Gamble, President Becky Snuggs, Vice-president Judy Herrin, Vice-president Jane Caldwell, Secretary Sandy Sexton, Treasurer Donna Pass, Reporter Donna Adkerson Linda Adkinson Peggy Ahrenhold Cynthia Allen Laura Allen Nancy Barton Barbara Becker Deborah Benson Patricia Bisbort Denise Blankenship Gloria Boles Cayle Bone Julia Boyd Mary Brasington Grace Bratton Elizabeth Bridgers Mary Broughton Anne Brown Dottie Browning Elizabeth Butler Jane Caldwell Ann Calhoun Mary Cannon Dianne Carter Suzanne Carter Mary Chambers Susan Champion Priscilla Childers Cathy Christy Patsy Clark Rita Cleveland Mary Copeland Karen Curran Gail Darby Ruth Daves Sandra Dean Michelle De Long Anne Dennard Elizabeth Dickey Charlotte Dufford Beverley Dunn Kathryn Dykes Deborah Evans Deborah M. Evans Kathryn Everage Betty Ezzard Valerie Ferch Lynn Gamble Dianne Garrard Carolyn Glover Beverley Graf Dianne Gray Carol Green Norma Green Victoria Griffin Becky Hanvey Donna Harpe Amy Harrell Susan Harrington Martha Haywood Barbara Henderson Judy Herrin Helen Hughes Julia Hyle Mary Jackson Martha James Martha Jobson Jinger Jones Mallery Knee Marilyn LeCroy Margie Lee Marsha Lewis Jeanette Loughridge Miriam Lunsford Jan Manning Esther McAfee Sally McGee Marcia Miller Betty Moore Annette Moorhead Deborah Morris Susan Moss Pamela Oglesby Kay Ogletree Georgia O ' Steen Cindy Parsell Donna Pass Emily Payne Barbara Peele Ellen Pinckney Carol Pitt Sarah Poindexter Linda Poole Kim Quillian Glenda Richardson 197 Ann Richter Deborah Roberts Connie Robinson Donna Schleicher Sandy Sexton JoSewell Willie Sheffield Sandra Shelton Cecelia Shook Helen Short Paula Shurling Mary Smith Shirley Smith Becky Snuggs Linda Spivey Mary Stager Judy Starr Donna Stephens Patricia Stevens Barbara Stewart Nancy Still Patricia Thornton Alice Tidwell Brenda Townsend Louise Turner Kathy Verner Pamela Walker Wanda Weeks Wanda Wheeler Nancy Whitehead Deborah Williams Patricia Williams Dianne Woods Jib BUSINESS SCHOOL COUNCIL An organization to promote communication within the college of Business Administration Scott Owens, President Bill Langly, Vice-President Richard Downing, Vice-President Danny Amos, Secretary Frank Butler Stan Darrell John Hannum BillHilley Mike Hogue Bobby Jordan Larry Jordan Richard Lewis John Longino Tommy Lord Ken McLeod Tim Morris Paula Nickerson Jim Powers Susan Redford Patrick Serkedakis Cliff Sowell Dan Stephens Jesse Thomas BobTritt Roger Ward Joel Wooten Mike Wright -D«,Vi BETA ALPHA PSI An honorary fraternity for accounting majors Kennith McLeod, President Jim McLaughlin, Vice-president Judith Wilson, Secretary Bob Smalley, Treasurer Khalid Abdullah Martin Beach Frank Butler James Chambers William Charles Ken Couch Jack Crum Mark Davis J. Davis Don Dodson Leonard Ellspermann David Faircloth DeliciaHill Steven Hunt James Jackson Pharris Johnson Judith Jones James Jordan Christopher Kitchens Barbara Land Bill Lankford Bob Largen Charles Lee Gary Lindsey Marilyn Maahs Ken Mitchell Jim McLaughlin Ken McLeod CeliaOtwell Ray Pearson Roy Peters Alan Rice Bob Smalley Myra Smith Robert Smith Henry Surum John Trice Mary Turner Andy Vavreck Geoffrey Wehe Charles Williams Judith Wilson « JL mmmf mmim BETA GAMMA SIGMA An honorary society for business students I UTnn A. Ray Grimes, President Edward Selby, Vice-president Thomas Williams, Secretary Nicolai Siemens, Treasurer L. A. Battle Frank Butler Paul Cranman William Eubank John Fain H.Stephen Griffith Steven Hunt Robert Hunter John Jacketti Jan Myers Hansell Smith Myra Smith Robert Tritt Thomas Williams Joel Wooten Ralph Balyeat Hiram Barksdale Nicholas Beadles Joseph Bonin Charles Clement S. Jeff Cobb Virgil Cover Bill Darden Charles Delorme Donald Duke Alan Flaschner William Flevk ellen Warren French James Gates James Green A. Ray Grimes Walter Gross Mark Hanna Clyde Harris Irwin Harvey Harold Heckman Polly Hein Eugene Holshouser Richard Johnson Richard Jones William Keeling Asterios Kefalas Jack Kiger DonaldKyle Donald Law E. J. Leverett John Masten Henry McDonald Louis Mullen Clio Norris Jerry Padgett Lawrence Pinson Fred Reynolds Jerald Rucker Richard Scott Robert Segrest Edward Selby Jacobus Severiens William Shenkel Richard Shick Fremont Shull Nicolai Siemens Howard Smith Richard Still Warren Thrasher Robert Tritt Marvin Tummins Hugh Watson Paul Wendt Rudolph White Jan Williams Norman Wood George Wyatt Percy Yeargan PHI CHI THETA A business fraternity for women I ' ' ' loiirTrice Susan Radford, President Debbie Knight, Vice-president Marilyn Baker, Corresponding Secretary Rose Robinson, Recording Secretary Marsha Akin Eloise Aspinwall Marilyn Baker Carolyn Baylor 199 Judy Daniel Susan Radford Elizabeth TeSelle Rosemarie Fleming Rose Robinson Judy Thomas Debbie Knight Betsey Shook Mary Turner janMashburn Edwina Smith Linda Wisthuff DIGAMMA KAPPA An organization for students interested in electronic media Clifford Sticher, President Bill Martin, Vice-president Veda Watson, Secretary Teri Gore, Treasurer Walter Brand Mark Brannan Bill Carlton loel Coffee Carol Gersten Thea Cordon Teri Core Lynn Hembree Davis James Karen Jones Bill Martin Rusty Miller Skipper Poe David Powers Walter Roberts Cliff Sticher Gary Stoner Veda Watson Larry Wells Brock White Cliff Yeargin PUBLIC RELATIONS STUDENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA An organization for students in public relations Carlton Curtis, President Sally Bunker, Vice-president Judy Bateman, Secretary Judy Bateman Ingrid Berg Myra Blackmon Elaine Blanton Sally Bunker James Campbell Gay Carbonell Charlotte Coleman Tommy Coleman Carlton Curtis Kathy Davies Terry Fetner Rick Gower Susan Hall Gil Hargett Susan Heitert Tommy Jackson Bill Kesler Susan Lester Alice Lovejoy Lynn Matthews Mary Mize Liz Shear Rob Shipley Jean Smith Bill Tipton Barry Walker Noel Walker Carole Willis 200 Cnlliili CinilMd M)i]fSM t;-v-,-. m imm! ii ' m THETA SIGMA PHI An honorary society for women in journalism CniMw UnrHfek MMh Carol Roberts, President Sally Bunker Carol McDonald, Vice-president Cayle Colquitt Mary Stein, Secretary plufa Crouch Leila Davis Marilou DuBose Terry Fetner Fran Fulton Michelle Galea Janice Haigh Nancy Hall Tina Jansak Sharyn Kane Cindy Luke Carol McDonald Teresa Moen Mary Jane Morris Nancy Paris Susan Parker Carol Roberts Ellen Schlosser Cindy Short Kaye Simons Mary Stein Patrice Walters SIGMA DELTA CHI A professional journalistic society Yt Chris Jones, President Camilla Howe, Vice-president Patrice Walters, Secretary Rick Barrs John Bentley Robbi Blanton Ronnie Campbell Tom Crawford Robert Friedman Blake Giles RexGranum Nancy Hall Rick Harris Sam Heys Camilla Howe Chris Jones Sharyn Kane Bill Martin Susan Parker Carol Roberts Phil Sanderlin Lucinda Short Emily Stapler Steve Stewart JimTherrien Patrice Walters Ken Willis lU ALPHA EPSILON DELTA An honorary pre-medical fraternity I Wes Tanner, President Bruce Allen, Vice-president Larry Carson, Secretary Lucy Vidal, Treasurer John Carter, Reporter Tom Fitzgerald, Historian Dr. William Carlton, Advisor Charles Allen Mick Anderson Carol Barfield Linda Bass Victor Batch Steve Bell Danny Bramiett James Braselton James Bumgartner Edmund Byne Kenneth Campbell Mary Cannon David Capallo Marsha Clark Anne Davis William Decker Charles Duncan Mary Faucher Ray Fowler Craig Fredenberg JanisGatlin Larry Cattis Ben Graves Susan Gibson Jacob Goodrich Robert Grey Linda Hall Lester Hardegree Victor Henderson Peggy Hoard Jon Howell Greg Hughes David Kulbersh Paul Kulbersh Howard Kurtzman Mike Lefkove Doug Lewis Eugene Long Robert Lord William Loyd Claude Luke Brown Manning Marcia McCampbell Roy Moody Claire Moore Andy Norman William Oar Ray Paris Terry Parkman James Patrick Bruce Perlman Lee Plunkett Charles Pugh Bill Revell Samuel Richwine Phillip Rigdon Steven Schuette George Snelling Charles Stafford Larry Townsend Robert Walter David Weatherford James Whitehead Edward Winn Suaae InilM Wnk ft, " 202 wfll ft ta«(v mmm Mi m tthif Ml 0Kii dH ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA An honorary scholastic sorority for freshman women Claire Cooper, President Linda Glanton, Vice-president Rose Hicks, Secretary Pat Lane, Treasurer Pat Wright, Historian Peggy Inman, Flame Editor Carrie Adamson Suzanne Alley Debra Ammons Margaret Archer Rosalie Armstrong Leslie Aronovitz Lora Ayala Beverly Ayers Dorothy Baker Eleanor Banister Evelyn Bargmann Debra Bell Elinor Benefield Barbara Bennett Toby Berger Martha Blue Barbara Bobbitt Judith Breiner Sherron Brown Michelle Brunair Kay Bryant Judith Buckley Deborah Buhler Monya Bunn Margaret Bynum Leslie Carlen Andrea Carter Barbara Carter Janet Chandler Amelia Chastain Karen Cheek Patricia Clark Teresa Clark Fab ian Clements Marsha Cline Cherrie Colvin Virginia Cooper Maxine Coplan Patricia Courtney Patricia Craft Mary Ann Cronin Martha Culpepper Priscilla Danheiser Eda Davis Jo Ann Davis Sara Davis Anne Dickinson Jacquelyn Dickman Jan Dietz Patsy Dillard DeLaine Dobson Susan Dorsey Miriam DuBose Janice Duddy Cathy Dunn Tracy Dye Sandra Endrodi Judith Epperson Janice Ethridge Susan Evanovich Cynthia Fannon Susan Fansler Mary Faucher Jane Ferguson Mary Ferguson Karen Fox Beth Gilbert Mary Cilmore Linda Glass Gloria Goelz Sara Coodsell Elaine Cordon Barbara Goss Janet Gottfried Ruth Graves Diane Green MargoGreenberg Cathy Griffin Lisa Hallford Patricia Harden Raye Harris Kathy Hatch Katherine Hayes Sherrie Hembree Cassandra Henderson Madeline Hendricks Dorothy Hickman Elizabeth Hicks Joan Holland Deborah Holliday Patricia Hunter Peggy Inman Susan Isaac Jan Jacobs Abbie Johnson Merry Johnston Sherrilyn Jones Patricia Kershner Mary Kidd Suzan Kinbar Janet Kirby Karen Kirkley Rebecca Knighton Laura Kraul Patricia Lane Katherine Lanfair Mary Ann Lang Dorothy Lee Julia Lewis Marilynn Little Cynthia Love Dona MacArthur Pamela McCabe Julia McCormick Vickie McDonald Sherry McQuown Marselle Maloof Cheryl Mann Nancy Mashberg Sallie Matthews Cheryl Menges Cynthia Mercer Beverly Mickler Becky Mountford Nancy Moynahan Marilyn Murray Leia Nave Deborah Nelson Mary New Gwyn Newsom Patricia O ' Conner Deborah Oeth Linda Oglesby Kay Ogletree Jessica Parks Donna Pass Claudia Perkins Kelli Perkins Beverly Plumb Rita Poetter Lesley Pooley Cynthia Rachels Victoria Raichlen Patricia Reed Beverly Reese Marguerite Reynolds Mary Richards Betty Rose Bettye Royal Janice Royall Margaret Ruppersburg Gail Sacks Judith Schroedei Nancy Scott Rosemary Shade Kathleen Shamley Rebekah Sharp Diane Simpson Linda Skaggs Jennifer STocumb Winifred Smith Carolyn Smock Martha Snowden Janet Spinks Sarah Stebbins JanisSteingruber Rebecca Steinmann Kathy Stephens Mary Stonregen Dorothy Stonebraker Pamela Strother Gloria Sutherland Margaret Sutton Peggy Swain Shannon Swain Patsy Swetn am Nona Swint Nina Tally Charlotte Tate E. Leslie Thornton Sandra Timnick Claudia Townsend Jan Treado Barbara Tuggle Vicki Vernoy Marcia Vuchetich Debra Whaley Gail Watley Wanda Wnitlock Mary Wildey Mary Wilkes La Una Williams Shelly Wischhusen Sheala Withers Jennifer Wren janine Wright Patricia Wright BLUE KEY NATIONAL HONOR FRATERNITY A national honorary service fraternity for men Joel Wooten, President Lawrence Camp, Vice-president Charles Hail, Secretary Bob Tritt, Treasurer Roy Barnes Steve Barnes Danny Birchmore Tommy Boydston Frank Butler Lawrence Camp Price Corr Sam Dickson Mike Donovan Guerry Doolittle Brooks Franklin Robert Fortson Joe Fowler Rex Granum Bill Griffin Charles Hall Earl Harris Robert Hunter Bob Hurley Boblzlar Micke Johnson Tom Landrum Bill Langley Malcolm McArthur Tony Morris David Muschamp Tom Nash Rick Oelschig Scott Owens Jim Pannell Steven Patrick Rodney Reese Jimmy Rich Dave Richards Hugh Ruppersburg Art Ryder Stan Singleton Steve Stewart Terrance Sullivan Bob Tritt Jim Wall Jim Watroos Joel Wooten Mike Wright 204 m ms m Mi GREEK HORSEMEN An honorary for outstanding greek men .-if ' - ' Bill Griffin, President Robert Fortson Grady Pedrick Bill Griffin Andy Scherffius Donald Nesmith Dean O. Southern Sims Jim Pannell Pat Swindall 205 GRIDIRON SECRET SOCIETY A secret organization Sam Dickson, President Jim Pannell, Secretary Mick Anderson Bill Griffin Jimmy Rich Roy Barnes Charles Hall Stuart Spencer Darrel Begnaud Earl Harris Terry Sullivan Joe Belew Boblzlar PatSwindall Tommy Boydston Tom Landrum BillTinsley Lawrence Camp Tommy Lyons Henry Wall Price Corr Malcolm McArthur Robert Wells Mike Donovan David Muschamp David Wise Robert Fortson Grady Pedrick Joel Wooten Mike Wright 1 lohilB -■ ' ■ " ita. 206 ■t-; ' ' mms mmi0m II PHI ETA SIGMA An honorary scholastic fraternity for freshman men him. Joseph Downs, President Charles Craig, Secretary Thomas Melo, Treasurer Jimmy Adams Curtis Ansley James Archer Joseph Argo Richard Arnold John Bass Steve Beard Davis Bell Cifford Berry Michael Blaiss Richard BloodwortP Charles Boatright David Bolyard Charles Bond William Bryant John Bumgartner Sidi Bundy William Carmichael Donald Coffey James Cowart Alan Cowen Duane Cox Charles Craig Dennis Dale Joseph Downs James Driggers Thomas Estes Haynes Evans Douglas Farman Kenneth Faulkenberry Raymond Fowler Gary Freeman Nathan Carren Spencer Garrett Thomas Gattis Thomas Gay John Glenkey William Hahn Mark Mainline Wynton Hall Richard Harpe John Hawkins Thomas Hernandez Gerald Hickson Andrew Hoke James Hilliard David Holbrook Bobby Holland Lee Howe Raymond Hughes Mark Hutto Robert Jackson Timothy Jensen James Jones Ronald KarwoskI Jeffrey King James Langston Steven Lee Julian Lefiles Stephen Looney Peter MacBeth Steven Marshall William McCalley James McDonald Marion McTyre Thomas Melo Richard Meno Alvin Milby Charles Mitchell Patrick Mizelle William Moorehead Gary Morgan Harley Morgan Roger Morrell Frederick Newman John Nickelson Ivan Nossokoff Robert O ' Day David Orr Mark Osmun Charles Ott William Paul James Peay Jonathan Pelletier Glenn Penny Roy Peters Marvin Price Thomas Pyles Robert Randall Adolfo Requejo William Revell Terry Reynolds Horace Richter Thomas Richter David Rigby Robert Sanders William Scott Stephen Shimmel Barry Shiver John Sims Victor Singleton Durwood Smith Lewis Smith Malcolm Smith William Smith Donald Spencer James Stewart Marcus Stewart William Sykes RufusThurman Jeffrey Wall Joseph Watkins Wencil Watson William Weise Steven Whitworth Kim Yancey Thomas Younker Lawson Yow !L 207 ,——«»» ; ; MiijU .: HONORARIES A Henry C. Brown B . Ceorge P. Butler C Samuel H. Sibley D Edward E. Dougherty E . Waller A. Harris F Holcombe Bacon C Mansfield P. Hall H Frank Kells Boland 1 Henry C. Colvin J Walter S. Colhran (Peter) K John W. Spain (Will) L John T. Dorsey M. Frank R. Mitchell N. Harry Dodd O. Charles H. Black P. Walter R. Tichenor (Tic) Q. Ceorge T. Jackson R. Walter B. Hill S. Charles M. Snelling T. David C. Barrow U. Robert t. Park V. Henry C. White w. Andrew M. Soule X. Willis H. Bocock V. Steadman V. Sanford z. Charles M. SIrahan AA. Herman J. Stegeman BB. William S. Morris (Sylvanus] CC. Ceorge F. Peabody DD. Ernest A. Lowe (Rastus) EE. Thomas J. Woofter FF. Thomas W. Reed CC. Harry J. Mehre HH. Harry N. Edmunds II. Harold Hirsch JJ. Edgar L. Secrest KK. Harmon W. Caldwell LI. Paul W. Chapman MM. Robert R. Cunn NN. John D. Wade OO. Hughes Spalding PP. Charles H. Herty QQ. Ellis M. Coulter (Merton) RR. William O. Payne SS. James W. Butts, Jr. (Wallace) TT. Henry A. Shinn uu. William M. Crane vv. William O. Collins WW. Erie E. Cocke, Jr. wx. Omer C. Aderhold WY. John E. Drewry WZ. Herman E. Talmadge XX. Robert O. Arnold vv. Charles J. Bloch zz. Frank D. Foley AB. Roy V. Harris AC. Joseph A.Williams AD. Thomas H. Lokey (Hamilton) AE. Richard B. Russell AF. Paul Brown AC. John O. Eidson AH. James A. Dunlap Al. Philip M. Landrum AJ. Marion Tyus Butler AK. John L. Co , Jr. AL. Marion B. Folsom AM. Eugene R. Blat k, Jr. AN. Harold M. Heckman AO. Marvin B. Perry AP. Carl E. Sanders AQ. Jack J. Spalding, III AR. Augustus O. B. Sparks AS. James W. Woodruff, Jr. AT. William L. Dodd (Lamar) AU. Francis M. Bird AV. Pope F. Brock AW. Robert C. Wilson AX. B. Sanders Walker AV. Inman Brandon AZ. Jesse Draper BA. Alex A. Lawrence, Jr. BC. Jasper N. Dorsey BD. Clarke W. Duncan (Sonny) BE. Philip H.Alston, Jr. BC. J. Phil Campbell BH. Fred C. Davison Bl. Vincent J. Dooley BJ. Jack B. Ray BK. Ceorge S. Parthemos BL. Robert L. Dodd BM. Joel Eaves BN. Augustus H. Sterne BO. Hubert B. Owens BP. Monroe Kimbrel SPHINX The highest honor a University male can attain Charles William Griffin Earl D. Harris Thomas A. Nash, Jr. Patrick L. Swindall Joel O. Wooten, Jr. MEMBERS T. Andrew H. Patterson 2. William D. Hooper 3. Lawrence A. Colhran 4. Carrard Clen 5. Charles R. Andrews 6. Edgar E. Pomeroy 7. Alexander P. Adams (Pratt) 8. William S. Blun 9. Charles W. Davis 10. Marion D. DuBose 11. Robert P. Jones 1Z Andrew J. McBride 13. Robert J. Travis 14. Tinsley W. Rucker, Jr. (Tennie) 15. Merrit M. Thurman 16. John Banks 17. Remer L. Denmark 18. John E. Hall 19. Richard M. Charlton 20. Harry H. Hull 21. Horace C. Johnson 2Z James B. Ridley 23. William R, Ritchie 24. John B. L. Erwin 25. Ferdinand P. Calhoun (Phinizy) 26. Frank K. McCutchen 27. Augustus L. Hull (Longstreet) 28. Henry J. Lamar 29. Wilson M. Hardy 30. Noel P. Park 31. Walter J. Hammond 32. Lamar C. Rucker 33. Sterling H. Blackshear 34. Marvin M. Dickinson 35. Andrew M. Calhoun 36. Cam D. Dorsey 37. Marion S. Richardson 38. Billington S. Walker (Sanders) 39. Sanders A. Beaver (Sandy) 40. Francis M. Ridley 41. Glenn W. Legwen 4Z Samuel R. Jaques (Randolph) 43. Ralph Meldrim 44. Marion H. Smith 45. Wallace M. Miller 46. Minor Boyd 47. William R. Turner 48. Julian F. Baxter 49. Harold W. Ketron 50. John D. Bower (Jack) 51. Frampton E. Ellis 52. Frank B. Anderson 53. Robert P. Brooks (Preston) 54. Lucien P. Goodrich 55. Issac S. Hopkins (Stiles) 56. Joseph I. Killorin 57. Marmaduke H. Blackshear (Hardeman) 58. Virlyn B. Moore 59. Thomas W. Connally 60. Ceorge W. Nunnally (Winship) 61. Theodore T. Turnbull 6Z Walter W. Patterson 63. Arthur R. Sullivan 64. Charles H. Cox 65. Roderick H. Hill (Rodney) 66. Harold W. Telford 67. Arthur L. Hardy 68. John E. D. Vounge 69. Walter O. Marshburn 70. Hugh M.Scott 71. John A. Brown 72. Ceorge Hains, Jr. 73. Daniel V. Sage 74. Issac C.Levy 75. Lansing B. Lee 76. J. Loring Raoul 77. James J. Ragan 78. Robert S. Parker 79. Ceorge P. Whitman 80. William L. Erwin 81. Harrison J. S. Jones 82. Carroll D. Cabaniss 83. William C.Brantley, Jr. 84. Philip R. Wehner 85. Ambrose H. Carmichael 86. Richard K. Smith (Kyle) 87. William W. Brown (Wed) 88. Frank H. Martin 89. Charles N. Feidelson 90. John K. McDonald, Jr. 91. Henry L. J. Williams 9Z Robert H. Jones, Jr. 93. Sidney O. Smith 94. Morton S. Hodgson 95. Herman P. De LaPerriere 96. Floyd C. Newton 97. Claude L. Derrick 98. Wylie C. Henson (Clayton) 99. John B. Harris lOa Voung B.Smith 101. Daniel H. Redfearn 102. lerome C. Michael 103. Dwight L. Rogers 104. Edgar V. Carter, |r. 105. lames I. Lucas 106. Harle C. Bailey 107. Edward M. Brown 108. Hosea A. Nix (Abit) 109. Omer W. Franklin 110. Eralbert T. Miller 111. Henderson L. Lanham, Jr. 112. Hinton B. B. Blackshear 113. Washington Falk, )r. 114. Alexander R. MacDonnell (Alec) 115. Herbert C. Hatcher (Cliff) 116. Paul L. Bartlett 117. Edgar I. Pennington 1 18. Edwin W. Moise (Warren) 119. George C. Woodruff 120. Evans V. Heath 121. Millard Rewis 122. Robert B. Troutman 123. Arthur K. Maddox 124. lohn A. Sibley 125. Lloyd D. Brown 126. Clifford Brannen 127. George T. Northen 128. William A. Mann 129. Harold D. Meyer 130. Benton H. Walton 131. David R. Peacock 132. Virgil E. Durden 133. Charles E. Martin 134. Edgar B. Dunlap 135. Robert L. McWhorter 136. Robert H. Freeman 137. Zachary S. Cowan 138. Edward M. Morgenstern 139. lames M. lynch 140. Henry L. Rogers (Levy) 141. Benlley H. Chappell 142. Casper 1. Funkenstein (Ira) 143. Frank Carter 144. Tinsley R. Cinn (Rucker) 145. Aaron B. Bernd 146. Russell H. Patterson 147. Victor Victor 148. Hoyt H. Welchel 149. Lewis A. Pinkussohn 150. Clark Howell, |r. 151. David K. McKamy 15X David F. Paddock 153. lohn G. Henderson 154. Edward |. Hardin 155. George S. Whitehead 156. lames B. Conyers 157. Charles W. lacobson 158. Hugh L. Hodgson 159. Robert W. Wesley 160. George I. Harrison 161. Charles M. Tanner, |r. 162. William H. Quarterman, |r. 163. Robert L. Callaway, |r. 164. loelB. Mallet 165. Thomas A. Thrash 166. MaxL.Segall 167. William H. Sorrells (Holman) 168. William O. White (Osmonde) 169. lohn P. Stewart 170. NeilL.Gillis,|r. 171. Ro(fSims,|r. 172. lohn H. Carmical 173. Howard H. McCall, |r. 174. Irvine M. Levy 175. Hinton F. Longino 176. Richard W. Courts, |r. 177. Lucius H. Tippett 178. OttoR.EIIars 179. Roger H. West 180. Robert I. Foreman, Jr. (Trot) 181. lames M. Hatcher (Madden) 182. Dewey Knight 183. Louis S. Davis (Whitey) 184. Wallace P. Zachry 185. Irvine Phinizy 186. Robert D. O ' Callaghan (Dennis) 187. Charles M. Candler (Murphey) 188. William M. Dallas (McKenzie) 189. Claude H. Satterfield 190. Frank W. Harrold 191. William D. Miller " 192. Arthur Pew, |r. 193. Robert E. I. Spence, Jr. 194. Chester W. Slack 195. lohn R. Slater 196. Everett W. Highsmith (Way) 197. Ashel M. Day (Bum) 198. Charles Strahan 199. Hillary H. Mangum 200. William H. Stephens (Hugh) 201. Preston B. Ford 202. Nathan lolles 203. Owen G. Reynolds 204. John P. Carson (Pale) 205. Walter D. Durden (Dawson) 206. Welborn B. Cody 207. Malcomb A. McRainey 208. William F. Daniel (Frank) 209. Ellis H.Dixon 210. Freeman C. McClure 211. Lewis H. Hill, |r. 212. George I.Clark 213. Charles A. lewis 214. Joseph J. Bennett, Jr. (John) 215. John A. Hosch (Ahon) 216. Charles C. Henry 217. James K. Harper (Doc) 218. Herbert H. Maddox 219. Josh I. Watson 220. Charles R. Anderson 221. Edward M.Gurr 22Z Hervey M. Cleckley, III 223. Walter C. Carter, |r. (Colquitt) 224. William Tate 225. Charles F. Wiehrs 226. John H. Fletcher 227. James D. Thomason 228. lohn H. Hosch, |r. 229. Thomas F. Green, IV 23a Walter E. Sewell 231. Lester Hargrett 232. Charles I. Gowen 233. Martin E. Kilpatrick (Busier) 234. lohn D.Allen 235. Horace D. Shalluck 236. George D. Morton 237. Gwinn H. Nixon 238. Alexis A. Marshall 239. Carlton N. Mell 240. Ernest P. Rogers 241. Walter T. Forbes, |r. 242. George S. Johnson 243. James R. Chambliss (Rollin) 244. Ernest Camp, Jr. 245. Allen W. Post 246. Alexander S. Clay, III (Steve) 247. Frank K. Boland, Jr. (Kells) 248. Ivey M. Shiver, Jr. (Chick) 249. William H. Young, Jr. 250. IssacK. Hay 251. George E. Florence, Jr. 252. Thomas A. Nash 253. Thomas J. Hamilton, Jr. 254. Benjamin H. Hardy, Jr. 255. Hallman I. Stancil (Luke) 256. Daniel C. Tully 257. Robert I. Patterson, Jr. 258. Hoke S. Wofford 259. John S. Candler, II 260. Glenn B. Lautzenhiser 261. Rufus B. Jennings 262. Craig Barrow, Jr. 263. Robert C. Hooks 264. Joseph H. Boland 265. Guy C. Hamilton, Jr. 266. James J. Harris 267. William A. Kline, Jr. 268. Kankakee Anderson 269. James E. Palmour, Jr. 270. Henry G. Palmer 271. Frank K. McCutchen 272. DuponI C. Harris (Guerry) 273. Robert D. Feagin, Jr. (Doug) 274. Mattox I. Purvix 275. Joseph M. Oliver 276. Marvin H. Cox 277. Ellis G. Arnall 278. Herbert S. Maffell 279. Sandlord W. Sanford 280. John W. Maddox 281. MarkD. Hollis 282. William C. Latimer 283. Vernon S. Smith (Catfish) 284. William M. Strickland, Jr. 285. James W. Mclntire 286. Charles M. Gaston (Marion) 287. McCarthy Crenshaw 288. William M. Hazelhurst 289. Leroy S. Young 290. Frederic Solomon 291. Virlyn B. Moore, Jr. 29Z William T. Maddox 293. James M. Richardson, Jr. (Milton) 294. Morton S. Hodgson, Jr. 295. Troy R. Thigpen, Jr. (Randolph) 296. Robert G. Stephens, Jr. 297. lohn W.Calhoun, III 298. DeNean Stafford, Jr. 299. John P. Bond 30a Harry S. Baxter 301. Winburn T. Rogers 302. John D. Bowden, Jr. (L an) ' 303. Joseph C. Strong (Carl) 304. Augustus L. Rogers (Lee) 305. James W. Wise (Walter) 306. William T. Bennett, Jr. (Tap) 307. William C. Hawkins (Colbert) 308. Robert T. Anderson 309. Wade C. Hoyt, Jr. 310. Charles C. Harrold, Jr. 311. Charles B. Anderson, Jr. (Ben) 312. Edward H. Baxter 313. Dyar E. Massey, Jr. 314. Seaborn A. Roddenberry, III (Andy) 315. Morris B. Abram 316. Floyd C. Newton, Jr. 317. lames Q. Lumpkin, |r. (Quinton) 318. Robert B. Troutman, Jr. 319. Robert P. McCuen 320. Ambrose C. Cleveland, Jr. (Cus) 321. Robert C. Norman 322. Julian D. Halliburton 323. IsmaL. Price, Jr. (Lee) 324. Howell Hollis, Jr. 325. Kenneth A. McCaskill (Alex) 326. William S. Smith, Jr. (Stanford) 327. Lee T. Newton 328. Jack B. Matthews 329. Ernest S. Vandiver, Jr. 330. Frank L. Gunn 331. Alpha A. Fowler, Jr. 33Z Clarence J. Smith, Jr. (Jay) 333. Bernard C. Gardner, Jr. (B.C.) 334. Verner F. Chaffin 335. John C. Meadows, Jr. 336. CIHford C. Kimsey 337. Thomas C. Penland 338. John B.Miller 339. Woodie A. Partee, Jr. (Gus) 340. Frank F. Sinkwich 341. Irby S. Exiey 34Z Ellington M. Norman (Murray) 343. Forest L. Champion, Jr. 344. George D. Lawrence 345. Jesse G. Bowles 346. James P. Miller 347. Aubrey R. Morris 348. James C. Delay 349. Fluker C. Stewart 350. Charles L. Trippi 351. John E. Sheffield, Jr. 352. WUIiam F. Scott, Jr. 353. Frank S. Cheatham, Jr. 354. Dan M. Edwards 355. Robert M. Joiner 356. Dempsey W. leach 357. William H. Burson 358. Melburne D. Mclendon 359. JohnRauch 360. Albert M. Wilkinson, Jr. (Mims) 361. Kirk M. McAlpin 362. Bryan K. Whitehurst 363. John E. Griffin 364. Harry L.Wingate, Jr. 365. James L. Bentley, Jr. 366. Porter O. Payne 367. James A. Andrews 368. Samuel R. Burns (Ray) 369. Harold C. Walraven, Jr. 370. Robert J. Healey 371. Raleigh G. Bryans 372. Lawrence T. Crimmins 373. George R. Reinhardt (Bob) 374. William A. Elinburg, Jr. 375. William B.Phillips (Barry) 376. Walter T. Evans (Ted) 377. Thomas A. Waddell 378. Robert S. McArthur 379. Edward L.Dunn, Jr. 380. Michael E. Merola 381. William H. Justice 382. Nickolas P. Chilivis 383. Michael W. Edwards 384. Talmadge E. Arnetle 385. Carl J. Turner 386. Claude M. Hipps 387. Burton S. Middlebrooks 388. Henry G. Woodard 389. Cecil R. Spooner 390. Howard K. Holladay 391. Phil C. Beverly 392. Roland C.Stubbs, Jr. 393. Hassel I. Parker 394. Robert K. West 395. James D. Benefield, Jr. (Dewey) 396. Wesley I. Harris 397. Frank V. Salerno 398. William D. Moseley (Darrell) 399. Charles R. Adams, Jr. 400. Daniel W. Kitchens 401. Edmund R. Bratkowski (Zeke) 403. Randall T. Maret 404. John R. Carson 405. Robert I. Blalock 406. Logan R. Patterson (Reid) 407. Quenlin R. Gabriel 408. lay D. Gardner 409. Frank W. Seiler 4ia Richard P. Trotter 411. loseph P. O ' Mallev 412. Kermit S. Perry 413. lule W. Fellon, |r. 414. labez McCorkle, III (Jake) 415. John J.Wilkins, III 416. Norman S. Fletcher 417. Lindsay H. Bennett, Jr. 418. Robert S. Lowery, Jr. 419. Donald G. Joel 42a lohn R. O ' Toole 421. Joel J. Knight 422. Edward W. Killorin 423. George M. Scheer, Jr. 424. Joseph H. Marshall 425. Nathan C. Knight 426. Robert A. Rowan 427. David K. Hollis, Jr. 428. Monte W. Markham 429. Emmet J. BonduranI, II 43a Jay C. Cox 431. Ben S. McElmurray, Jr. (Swain) 43Z Harry E. Hendrix 433. Theron C. Sapp 434. Bryce W. Holcomb 435. Thomas E. Dennard, Jr. 436. James P. Walker, Jr. 437. William A. Davis, Jr. 43a Thomas H. lewis, Jr. 439. Thomas R. Burnside, Jr. 44a James P. Yarbrough 441. Charlie B. Christian 442. Earl T. Leonard, Jr. 443. Francis A. Tarkenton 444. Thomas M. Blalock 445. Ronald L. Case (Pete) 446. Linton R. Dunson, Jr. 447. Wyckliffe A. Knox, Jr. (Wyck) 44a Bryant F. Hodgson, Jr. 449. John H. Crawford, III 45a Augustus B. Turnbull, III 451. William R. Montfort, Jr. 45Z James H. Blanchard 45X Edward T. M. Garland 454. Wyatt T. Johnson, Jr. 455. Richard N. Lea 456. James I. Aldridge (Larry) 457. Albert W. F. Bloodworth (Franklin) 45a Jakel.Saye,Jr. 459. Ben B. Tate 46a Charles B. Haygood, Jr. 461. Alexander W. Patterson 46Z Larry C. Rakestraw 46X David C. Tribby 464. Charles L. Bagby 465. John A. Rhodes, Jr. 466. McCarthy Crenshaw, Jr. 467. Neal H. Ray 46a Donald C. Dixon 469. James C.Pitts 470. George B. Watts 471. Bruce G. Bateman 47Z George W. Darden 473. William Roy Grow 474. Turner Lynn Hughes 475. Robert Glenn Elter 476. William Morgan House 477. William Ralph Parker 47a Robert Foster Rhodes 479. Dennis lee Fordham 48a Rutherford C. Harris 4S . Thomas W. Lawhorne, Jr. 482. John Michael ley 483. William Porter Payne 484. Pharis Randall Seabolt 485. Robert Lee Williams 486. George Albert Dasher 487. Robert E.Knox, Jr. 48a Henry E. lane 489. Robert E. Chanin 490. James I. Pannell 491. Paul Cleveland Tedford 492. Thomas Lewis Lyons 49i James Robert Hurley 494. Andrew M. Scherffius 495. William P. Bailey 496. CaderB. Cox,li 497. Thomas A. Nash, Jr. 49a Earl D.Harris 499. Patrick L. Swindall 50a Joel O. Wooten, Jr. 501. Charles William Griffin ZCLUB t The highest honor a freshman woman can attain Anne Benefield, President Cathy McClesky, Treasurer Nancy Moynahan, Secretary Anne Benefield Patti Clark TerrI Clark Kathy Jones Pat Lane Cathy McCleskey Nancy Moynahan Sherry Spurlin 210 m ' fm mi ZODIAC An honorary scholastic society for junior women Ginger Coley, President Julie Carnes, Vice-president Nancy Hadsell, Secretary Ann Black Julie Carnes Mary Coley Belinda Crowley Joy Davis Nancy Hadsell Carolyn King Grace Levan Marith Reheis Myra Smith Barbara Susemihl Carole Wiles MORTAR BOARD 211 The highest honor a university woman can obtain Patty Bruce Rachel Benator Mary Boswell Janice Ward Paula Nickerson Joy Davis Judy Bateman Kathy Raville Candy Collins Beth Harber OMICRON DELTA KAPPA A national leadership fraternity for men Terry Sullivan, President Mike Wright, Vice-president Steve Stewart, Secretary Dean Tate, Faculty Secretary Dr. Rushing, Faculty Advisor Joe Belew Danny Birchmore Frank Butler Price Corr Sam Dickson Mike Donovan Guerry Doolittle Robert Fortson Brooks Franklin Joe Fowler Frank Gilleland Bill Griffin Charles Hall Earl Harris Boblzlar Art Mallory Malcolm McArthur Tom Nash Dink Nesmith Rich Oeschlig Charles Orck Bob Persons Jimmy Rich Hugh Ruppersburg Art Ryder Steve Stewart Terry Sullivan Pat Swindall Bill Tinsley BobTritt Jim Watrous Joel Wooten Mike Wright 212 BAPTIST STUDENT CENTER An organization linking the Georgia campus and the Baptist Church Tom Lowry, President Alan Reddish, Vice-president Jean Parker, Secretary Ray Brown Tony Cartledge John Cawthon Caria Christie Kathy Hatch Elma Kotch Sarah Lanier Marty Lawrence Sally McCee Patricia Turner Linda Worsham BIFTAD The highest honor a freshman or sophomore male can receive Bill Langley, President Tony Morris, Treasurer Art Ryder, Secretary Greg Ainsworth James Altenbach Bill Bradbury Frank Butler Jim Butler Jim Callison Jim Cline Bill Condon Ed Dunbar Joe Fowler Ray Fowler Jack Hancock Robert Hunter Tom Landrum Bill Langley Fred Manget Tony Morris Alan Najaar Ray Nelson Charles Orck Ray Paris John Parker Steve Patrick Sam Richwine Tommy Rogers Art Ryder Terry Sullivan PatSwindall Bob Tritt Joel Wooten Mike Wright JimWyatt 14 . MEN ' S GLEE CLUB The oldest performing organization on campus Dick Burrell, President Rob Shipley, Vice-president Peter Clark, Secretary Frank Green, Treasurer , idtAJ ' « !i}IIB L . IJ j; y ri iJw 1, 41 fc W ' Mm Baxter Bedell Glenn Brown Bill Bryan Ralph Bryant David Burger Dick Burrell John Burton Peter Clark Joel Coffee Martin Cowen Curtis Crawford Jerry Daniel David Davenport HerbDeLeCal Robert Dinwiddle Bruce Edwards Todd Erickson David Fason Eddie Floyd Jon Forrester Clark Fortson Ray Fowler David Gordon Ben Craves Frank Green Mark Greene Ted Guerrant William Hahn Curtis Hornsby Ben Howell Ricky FHutto Chris Inhulsen Michael Inhulsen Charles Johnson George Jones James Jones David Kirkpatrick Chip Lewis Chris Lindstrom Frank Locklear Stacy McDaniel Mike Martin Steve Merritt FHarry Musselwhite Larry Nichols NilsOhberg Michael Otts Richard Owens James Perry Wayne Poole Jack Ray Robert Ray Walter Reeves Alan Rigsby Donny Robertson Anthony Rucker Milton Sams Bruce Sellers Rob Shipley Michael Shoemake Sam Singer Victor Singleton Lewis Sligh Lewis Smith William Smith Edwin Stansell David Stewart Tom Stone Craig Watson Phillip Weatherford John Winchester PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA The professional fraternity for men in music Bruce Edwards, President John Cawthon, Vice-president Chris Clark, Recording Secretary Chris Lindstrom, Treasurer Eddy Floyd, Pledgemaster David Stone, Corresponding Secretary Jane Prather, Sweetheart Court: Joan Clark Deanie May Sissy McCallum Hubert Cross, Warden Greg Price, Alumni Secretary Bob Andrews, Editor Day Whitehead, Historian Dr. Pierce Arant, Advisor f ' sliixistrom,! li«is,lj Baxter Bedell Blake Brantley Ken Cross David Davenport Frank Green Ted Guerrant James Haynes Curtis Hornsby Rick Hutto Chris Inhulsen Charlie Johnson Jeff King Steve Merritt Allen Parham Mike Shoemake Lew Sligh Lewis Smith David Stewart Tom Stone Craig Watson Bobby Woods David Wynne UNIVERSITY CHORUS A student choral group J VnoriMeloii I 1m9 { HmMiIi ttmSwdl IMSnin Toaiuoe CialMsoii M W ' ' |riiiKliesl(r| Bruce Edwards, President Jack Ray, Vice-president Chris Lindstrom, Treasurer Rose Hicks, Secretary Ellen Williams, Librarian Joy Davis, Accompanist Eve Bargman Sue Baughman Bonnie Belcher Rachel Benator Bill Bergerson Bonnie Carlton Chris Carbaugh Chariene Carswell Mike Chalker Linda Chandler Elaine Cooper Jack Crosby Joy Davis Pam Davis Virginia Edmondson Bruce Edwards Paul Evelyn Eddy Floyd Katy Folwell Charles Fountain Joey Freeman Bob Garrett Debbie Gibbs J. Golsan Frank Green Nancy Hadsell Susan Harris Jimmy Haynes Saralynn Haynes Chris Hewlett Rose Hicks Bill jarrett Janet Johnson Mary Ann Kessler Vicki Knight Margie Lee Chris Lindstrom Kathy London Maryrose Longbine Mary Lyie Patti Mathes Sherrie McDaniel Margaret McEver Barbara McLaughlin Kris Montgomery Collene Moore Kitty Moran Joyce Morelock Jane Morgan Patsy Newberry Doug Nix NilsOhberg Jimmy Perry Gerald Pierce Jane Prather Pat Purcell Jack Ray Sally Reeves Mary Reeves Carol Robinson Becca Roddenberry Cindy Russell JoAnn Russell Becky Sanders Jan Sauls Sherrie Scott Rosemary Shade Susan Shaver Ken Shaw Lou Silcox Kaye Simons Marty Snowden Florence Snyder Charlotte Sparrowhawk Sharyn Stansell Carolyn Stewart Susan Stolz Alison Stone Jim Walters Marianne Watson Laura White Susan Whitehead Ellen Williams Mary Wilson Bobby Woods Felicia Wright Rhonda Wright Karen Yearly Beth York 215 WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB I A choral group for women Deanie May, President Vicki Stanley, Vice-president Janice Fulbright, Secretary-Treasurer Patti Albigese Cathy Baker Sheila Berry Joan Bingham Mary Bridges Felicia Bryan Debbie Buhler Nancy Carney Drue Davis Pam Davis Laura Donovan Mary Duke Caroline Folger Lynn Frampton Janice Fulbright Anna Harwell Rose Hicks Margaret Holloway Karen Holub Beth Howard Patsy Hudson Susan Hughes Mary jo Humphries Cynthia Iddins Laura Lewis Mary Lewis Bonnie Locke Deanie May Debbie McCoy Sara McGuirk Connie Moore Mary Jane Morris Kelly Perkins Kathleen Pinion Lucie Pollard Sylvia Shirley Clenda Smith Charlotte Sparrowhawk Vicki Stanley Carol Stephens Beverl y Tnomson Sara Todd Gay Tucker Gail Walsh Susie Wolter Karen Yearty SIGMA ALPHA IOTA An honorary sorority for women in music U(F«Kk,Sib as: Rachel Senator, President Kitty Blissit, Vice-president Beth York, Recording Secretary Barbara Bennett, Corresponding Secretary Rachel Senator Barbara Bennett Kitty Blissit Peggy Borden Nancy Collier Cecelia Dunlap N4artha Guffin Nancy Hadsell Rose Hicks Patsy Hudson Mary Ann Kessler Laura Lewis Sissy McCallum Terri Randall Martie Rannenberg JoAnn Russell Susan Shaver Suzanne Walker Beth York M .tiL mmMmmirm UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA REDCOAT BAND Cookie French, bolo Iwirler GEORGIA GO-GIRLS MAJORETTES GEORGETTES CONCERT BAND ROSTER OF BANDS Roger Dancz, Director of Bands Phyllis Dancz, Supervisor of Twirling Units VARSITY BAND OFFICERS: Teresa Daves, President Brenda Wheeler, Vice-president Beth Bussell, Secretary-Treasurer REDCOAT BAND OFFICERS Day Whitehead, Captain Hubert Cross, Asst. Captain Marith Reheis and John Hemphill, Social Barbara Chester, Alumni Randie Sandlin, Historian Tom Stone, Special Projects Nan Oliver and Janice Lord, Majorette Captains Debbie Montgomery, Lt. Majorettes Janice Sheridan, Georgette Captain Elaine Kelley and Margaret Spence, Its. Georgettes Jane Allen David Bacchus Anne Bandy Barbara Barron Baxter Bedell LuAnn Bell Rachel Senator Barbara Bennett Gifford Berry Gall Bird Nancy Bobbitt Stephanie Boyles Debbie Bragaon Blake Brantley Mike Broder David Brown Janet Brown Felicia Bryan Danny Burke Beth Bussell Beverly Butler Buzzy Carr Susan Carrier Norman Carey Peggy Casey Pam Chandler Charles Cheney Barbara Chester Susan Chester Becky Cheeves Chris Clark Nancy Collier Hubert Cross Ken Cross Robert Crow David Davenport} Teresa Daves Patsy Davis , Sam Davis . Sam Dillender ; Emeral Duncan Carl Duyck ' Tim Embry James Emerick Susan Everett Mike Exner Diane Farkas Donnee Farris Donna Finney John FIte mmmmm i m -tabiy -E MieEinef , Dlwfi b! Dwiwfui IfltaFne Eddy Floyd Ellen Folk Kyle Forinash John Fowler Bud Freeman Gary Freeman Margie Freeman Cookie French Janice Fulbright John Gable Larry Gattis Annette George Kathy Gerald MikeGeyer Paula GiannonI Terry Gilmer Dorinda Gilmore Richard Gladney Ken Goldstein Clarence Gooden Debbie Greene Mark Greene Debbie Greenway Sharon Hahne Tom Hammond Jay Harriman Jimmy Harvey James Haynes Robin Hein Kathy Helms John Hemphill Beverly Holland Tom Hooks Curtis Hornsby Ellen Horton Melodle Howard Chris Hudson Raymond Hughes Stacy Hylton Chris Inhulsen Bucky Johnson Susan Johnson Laura Johnston Vic Jolly Sandra Jones Saunders Jones Pat Karwisch Elaine Kelley Beth Kergosien Caria Kesterson LynKight Pat Kight Tommy Kilgore Jeff King Rachel King Ruth Kleinsteuber Lisa Lacher Ann Lawson David Lea David Levie Danny Lockridge Donna Long Deena Loper Janice Lord Keith McBurnett Susan McDowell John McElveen Terry McGhee John McKinney Cathy McQuaig Rick McTyre Patti Maltz Susan Mauldin Martha May Mary Miles Nancy Miller Sharon Miller Debbi Montgomery Cindy Mercer Dianne Moricle Merrill Morris Kim Neal Rick Netzley Eddie Norwood Nan Oliver Marianne Olson Patti Ozmore Bonnie Palmer Allen Parham Craig Parker Susan Parrish Linda Paulk Karen Payne Rick Peckham Patsy Penland James Perry Stan Pethel Becky Piel John Plunkett James Powers Greg Price John Probst James Proctor Bill Pruitt Jack Randall Terri Randall David Ratts Jack Ray Priscilla Rayburn Marlth Reheis Patti Rich Martha Richbourg David Rigby Ricki Robbins Tommy Roberson Florence Robinson John Robinson Tommy Rogers Robbi Rowell Tony Rucker Cindy Russell Jeff Sanchez Randie Sandlin Carey Scott Harriett Scott Ed Seay Ricki Shaw Bobby Sheppard Janice Sheridan Jim Sims Lew Sligh Claudia Smith Samee Smith Monica Sorrells Margaret Spence Keith Steed David Stewart Mary Stewart David Stone Tom Stone Karen Storey Georgia Stout Jimmy Stowe Richard Strawder Debbie Surplus Janet Sweat Pam Tartaglia Charles Thompson Jane Tuck Hugh Tucker Kendall Tuttle Ed LInderwood Gwen Underwood Cindy VanAlstyne Blair Vaughan Judy Walker Susanne Walker Jerry Wall Mark Watkins Brenda Wheeler Deanna Whelchel Day Whitehead Leigh Williams Renee Williamson John Wills Bill Wilson Susan Wing Sherry Wood David Wynne Mike Yourigblood RoyZierirtg m KAPPA PSI A pharmaceutical fraternity John Fincher, President Lowe Parrish, Vice-president Jim Wilson, Secretary Doug Landrum, Treasurer Dr. Tom Needham, Advisor Jo Bandy, Sweetheart Mitzi Whitmire, Sweetheart David Barber Barry Bilbro Bill Boman Wayne Brown Mike Brunson Grant Dooley Freddie Dwozan Mike Ellington John Fincher Tom Gardner Tim Giddens Curt Hames Mabry Herndon Arthur Hill Ed Hill Julian Hill Jim Hinton Larry Holt Terry Jones Bob Johnson Roger Jordan Doug Landrum Ray Maddox John McManus Don Miller Merrill Norton Lowe Parrish Allen Partridge Sidney Phillips Jerry Purcell Bucky Reddish Lee Rountree Greg Shealy Gary Shipp Kyle Smith Willie Still Perry Streat Tommy Talton Ronnie Thrift Linnie Walls Mike Ward Mitchell Ward Guy Wilson Jim Wilson 220 EW ' ' SSSS t : Sm RHO CHI SOCIETY A fraternity for outstanding pharmacy men Darrell Smith, President Thomas Mansfield, Vice-president Bruce Huckaby, Secretary James Brown William Giddens Michael Gigandet Bruce Huckaby Thomas Mansfield lames Matheson Darrell Smith Gene Smith William Turner STUDENT AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION A professional organization for pharmacy majors i It » I Tim Giddens, President Bucky Reddish, Internal Vice-president John Fields, External Vice-president Jim Wilson, Treasurer Jane Threadgill, Corresponding Secretary Garry Plemmons, Recording Secretary Larry Holt, Parliamentarian PHI DELTA CHI II A professional pharmacuetical fraternity Michael Gigandet, President Joey Fievet, Vice-president Jim Stowe, Secretary Robert Benson Earl Blackstock Michael Bloomfield Otis Bouwsnna Billy Bowen William Brewster Danny Brown Robert Brown William Burroughs Emile Carr Lewis Clark William Cloud Jerry Collins James Cook Ross Cooper David Fann Charles Fievet John Findlay Charles Fuller Michael Gigandet Dan Harris G. Calhoun Harris Raymond Hickman Carl Hill Donald Holliday E.Ralph Kitchens Joseph Loughlin Bud Lunceford John Martin Chris Matheson Gilbert O ' Brien Kerry Plemmons Robert Reynolds William Rivers James Stan sell Donald Stiles James Stowe Gary Tapp Gregory Toole James Tucker Tommy Vickers William Ward Robert Wilkin William Williams Charles Wood LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA A professional sorority for pharmacy women Bonnie Gurr, President Jane Threadgill, Vice-president Ann Courter, Secretary Beth A r wood Jo Bandy Gail Bobbitt Sherry Burnett Susan Cameron Ann Courter Sherry Crouch Bonnie Gurr Miriam Hunter Teresa McVeigh Janice Powell Janet Reid jane Threadgill Cynthia Whiddom VIcki White 1 PI SIGMA ALPHA An honorary organization for students in Political Science r»vvj " iell MNcod % Hardin Byars, President Randy Ascher, Vice-president William Cody, Secretary Tom Artelt Randy Ascher John Battle Mike Bennet Howard Benson William Brandon Mary Braxton Joseph Brewer Ralph Burr Hardin Byars William Cody Edward Conner Daniel Dye Jack Etheredge Charles Catlin William Giles Edward Crandis Stephen Creenberg Carol Hawkins Richard Highlander David Hunter Annette James Frank Jordan Earle Klay Bob Lavender Choong Lee Fred Manget Victor McGuire Fred Miles Ed Milton Bob Munzenrider Wyn Nash Linda Nunez Ramon Nunez Larry Prince John Roberts John Scoville Stephen Segrest Terry Smith Clyde Teasley Timothy Warnock George Weinberger Rick Wingo Gary Yates RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION The voice for on-campus housing residents li. Samir Akruk David Bell Kristen Buffone Susan Cameron Nancy Cline John Duttenhaver Barry Freeman Betsy Fowles Lillie Green Danny Hughes Ray Lanier Elaine Morgan Donna Mullen Joan Norton Stephen Patrick Paul Pruitt Terri Stutts Susan Voncannon Gene Webb ■J. BRUMBY REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY Voice of Brumby Hall residents Nancy Cline, President Laurie Dorman, Vice-president Marsha Cline, Secretary Katie Shinbaum, Treasurer Judy Andel Kathy Baker Jeri Burdick Debbie Coleman Lynette Cook Debbie Corgill Denise Crawford Ashton Dale Susan Douglas Dianne Feafle Jan Franklin Lauri Gregory Rebecca Grimes Nancy Hardwick Susan Hammond Ann Hoselton Lisa Jackson Heidi Joe Laura Kallay Sara Kraft Karen Long Lex! Mattola Vicki McGee Lynn Motelewski Veta Powell Kay Rabjohn Karen Saylors Kitty Seller Joan Shensky Leslie Stagmaier Gin Starr Kathleen Sullivan Carol Taylor Gary Tyson Sally Warren Evelyn Wheeler Jan White Chris Woolen H.T.y Tom loeO Dave! RUSSELL HALL MEN ' S COUNCIL The voice of Russell Hall residents Steve Patrick, President Ken Eilen, Vice-president Charles Morris, Secretary John Anderson Sam Andrews Gordon Austin Ernie Blackburn Danny Burke Michael Clark Ted Cook Joe Foss Lewis Goodman Wayne Hadden Buddy Hanson Jim Hopkins Woody Hunt Melvin Jones Ricky Kelly Gary King Chris McGrath Skip Merriam Charles Miller Walt Munnikuysen David Murphy Mitchell Reddish Randy Reese George Sewell Joel Smith Warren Thornton mm;fm£mmmm ALPHA PHI OMEGA A national service fraternity H. T. Weaver, President Tom McBrayer, First Vice-president Joe Gordan, Second Vice-president Dave Emerson, Secretary Ernie Bettez Michael Blaiss Ken Burnette Kass Cohen Jim Coulter Robert Crout Bob Hess Gene Hice Pete Kiernan Ray Lanier Jim Lawracy George Lee Gene Long Stacy McDaniel BillO ' Donnell Steve Pearce Billy Pope Jon Rapaport Lee Reese Barry Shiver Julius Smith Samuel Smith DaveStahl Kevin Tuttle Alan Weaver Marty Webber Craig Williamson CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL An honorary service organization Steven Patrick, President Bill Phillippe, Vice-president Woody Hunt, Secretary Steve Schuette, Treasurer Dr. John Henkel, Advisor Ben Beazley Woody Breland Dave Chestnut Nancy Cline Jay Hillis Steve Kandul Alan Knuckles Tommy Patterson Richard Westbrook 225 GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA A service sorority for women. II Ifidih Mi Diane Caldwell, President Joanna Warenzak, Vice-president Becky Cronister, Secretary Lois Latham, Treasurer Anne Combs, Historian Lyn Anderson Jan Deas Tomi Elliott Dusty Fields Linda Fleming Barbara Guay Katie Hicks Mickl Hyde Gail Kirk Mary Ann Lang Sally Ann Mathews Mary Jane Morris Kitty Sellers Nina Tally Claudia Townsend GEORGIA STUDENT CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS A club to stimulate interest in the field of Landscape Architecture Robert C. Chesnut, President Robert Clark, Vice-president Hilary Harris, Secretary Gene Wilder, Treasurer Professor Charles Aguar Gary Morgan Glenn Eugster Danny Lawhon Robert Clark Ben Lovejoy Carter Swint Robert Chesnut Mark Zuraw Ronnie Shaddix Doug Warner Hilary Harris Gene Wilder Frank Cuiliano (to Tott mm:m mumm )CIETYOF DOLPHIN CLUB An organization for the highly skilled swinnnrier Tricia Bedingfield, President Cheryl Culberson, Vice-president Jane Adams, Secretary Pam Nolen, Treasurer ]an Adams Jane Adams Rovin Anderson Henrietta Arnold Ann Austin Tricia Bedingfield Shirley Blakewood Kristy Bonner Vicki Byrd Cheryl Culberson Pam Edwards Lin Guenther Pat Haley Debra Hatchet Cassie Henderson Eloise Hayes Bandy Houston Betty Hughey Wilma Hutcheson Cathy Jones Ruth Kleinsteuber Mary Ann Okrasenski Cheryl Mann Ginger Mayne Peggy Meharg Barbara McCutchans Pam Nolen Jody Paramour Cathy Parry Arlynne Robinson Kathy Shrieman Helen Short Sherry Spurlin Stephanie Watkins Becky Weaver Carol Wells Mary Williams Cathy Williamson DEFENDER-ADVOCATE SOCIETY Representatives of the University and the defendant in court cases Kent Schneider, Director Tom Witcher, Associate Director Marianne Carlisle, Secretary Dale Davenport Nelly Fagalde Valerie Henderson 227 Jeannie Higbe John Hoselton Walter Jones Janet Jordan Fred Kramer Fred Miles Rhonda McCollum Carroll McGuffey David McLean Lisa Reisman Philip Sheehan David Stahl Nancy Tibbetts Donald White STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Pat Swindall, President; Joe Fowler, Vice-president; Pam Wooten, Secretary 228 mm mss mii ' m MINISTERS AND ADVISORS Minister to Academic Affairs, Roger Cox Minister to Athletics, Glen Goodman Minister to Business and Finance, David Burch Minister to Public Safety, Frank White Minister to Student Advisory Council, Bill Langley Minister to Student Affairs, Jim Kennedy Minister to University Relations, Hugh Ruppersburg Advisor to Alumni Relations, J ' on S mith Advisor to Communications, Ed Redmond Advisor to Drug Abuse, Jim Williamson Advisor to Housing, Sam Davis Advisor to Public Relations, Cornelia Adams Advisor to University Health Services, Salliann Messenger 229 w STUDENT SENATE Joel Wooten, President Frank Butler, Vice-president Jane Barton, Corresponding Secretary Paula Nickerson, Recording Secretary Bob Tritt, Treasurer Home Economics I I Julia Boyd Diane Garrard Anne Benefield Jim Langford Gary Wainright Jim Wyatt Ray Maddox Lowe Parrish 230 L 1 kv " ' ... " w - ' i msimisU: Business Administration Danny Amos Frank Butler Richard Downing BillHilley Bobby Jordan Richard Lewis John Longino Tommy Lord Paula Nickerson Scott Owens BobTritt Joel Wooten Mike Wright Education nun Janet Andre Billy Brandon Nancy Cline Charles Craig Clo Chegan Barbara Haddle Jenny Hawkins Shannon Landing Betty Long Scott McLarty Anne Porterfield Edith Rasmussen Pamela Seyler Arts and Sciences David Alonso Mick Anderson Gerald Applefield Jane Barton Helen Bird Randy Blackwood Lucky Chandler Bill Condon Ray Fowler Andrea Frahler David Frost Carol Hawkins Peggy Holloway Janie Johnson Gloria Lewis Stu McGarity MollieMcLott Cindy Mercer Harold Miller Alan Najjar John Parker Steven Patrick Jim Purcell Art Ryder Kathy Shamley Ricki Shaw Steve Willoughby Mike Young m Uljas ' iiir Law School Joel Collins Bill Tribble Agriculture James Cook Charles Hall Becky Smith Graduate School I BobAddleton Sally Bullard Bill Cody Sam Davis Bill Ezzard Marlene Hazlett Boblzlar Jim Riordan Steve Saunders Vashakanta Shanthi Mike Stempniak Dan Stephens Rob Thomson Forest Resources Veterinary Medicine Landscape Architecture Jim Cline Danny House Ed Davidson Dave Richards Frank Giuliano Lawrie Jordan ( rctiitectufc tl; STUDENTJUDICIARY JUDICIAL COUNCIL Earl D. Harris, Chief Justice Lawrence B. Camp, Associate Justice Norah W. Thompson, Clerk William M. Phillippe, Associate Justice Beverly Barnard, Associate Justice Samuel N. Werbin, Associate Justice 233 mi Individual Conduct V John T. Rice, Chief Justice Tommy Thompson, Clerk Robert Constantine Judy Durrance David Loughridge Jimmy J. Boatright, Chief Justice Tony Morris, CTerk Jeannie Dutton Charles Orck David Popowski : Traffic Appeals Court f Steve Dalton, Chief Justice Patricia Clark Terry Dollar Debby Gay Mary Williams Mike Kelley, Chief Justice Susan Harrington, Clerk Randy Mozley William Tinsley Debbie Walker Organization ' s Court Robert Carroll, Chief Justice Gina Dyke John Kilmer 234 Craig Presley Carl Westmoreland 1 I Larry Carson Tina Rogers Dan Pelletier smmm mu m Campus Courts Cindy Fryer Sam McKenzie Joe Watl ins Traffic Courts William Badger Billy Boydston KathyMcNally Thomas Melo Brent Patrick Victoria Raichlen Ray Stanford Gay Tucker Office Personnel 4- PatsyMcGill Mary Jane Stroupe 235 Howard Broughton Since its founding in 1931, the University Theatre of the Department of Drama has staged over one hundred and sixty productions. These productions provide students, faculty, and residents of Athens the opportunity of view ing a variety of plays, both contemporary and classic. In the winter and spring of 1971, the University Theatre presented Shakespeare ' s Measure for Measure, Ardele by Jean Anouilh, and William Glennon ' s Alice in Wonder- land. The fall productions of 1971 were William Wycherley ' s The Country Wife and Hadrian VII by Peter Luke. In addition to the annual major productions, over thirty student-directed one-act plays are presented in the Laboratory Theatre. The High School Drama Workshop is held annually. In the summer of 1971 the High School Drama Workshop productions included Arthur Kopit ' s Chamber Music and Jules Feiffer ' s Feiffer ' s People. The Summer Repertory ' 71 company presented Joe Orton ' s What the Butler Saw, Jules Feiffer ' s Little Murders, and Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama ' s Hung You in the Closet and I ' m Feeling So Sad by Arthur Kopit. UNIVERSITY THEATRE ' «fO!0 ' Arthur Kopit " Oh Dad, Poor Dad " — Summer 1971 Jules Feiffer " Little Murders " — Summer 1971 " ■ " S ' iieswi- William Wycheriey " The Country Wife " — Fall 1971 1 V iH ' ■JIk V.! B " r 4j Peter Luke " Hadrian VII " — Fall 1971 ' C tor-,, 236 im mmm m Joe Orton " What the Butler Saw " University Theatre Staff Director Leighton M. Ballevv Associate Director Gerald Kahan Assistant Director Faye Head Assistant Director Caria Waal Assistant Director William Wolak Assistant Director E. A. Peyroux Assistant Director Stanley V. Longman Technical Director and Designer Paul A. Camp Associate Technical Director and Designer W. Joseph Stell Assistant Technical Director and Designer Lawrence Graham Costumer Jackson Kesler Junior Artists-in-Residence Fiona Fraser, Solveig Samzelius, Jan Hansen Shubert Fellow in Playwriting William Mason Secretary Carolyn F. Farr Associate Secretaries ' Kathy Paterson, Joy Elkins Administrative Assistants Sherry Atherton, Richard Farley, Thomas Fuller, Charles Hadley, Barbara Harrison, Sharon John, Mary Kay Messner, Heather McGhee, Jan Wilson, David Beittel Fine Arts Auditorium Manager D. L. Bettisworth Costume Assistants Susan Arl, Robert Croghan, Frank Jackson, Caroline Lentz, Deborah Compton, Martha Barch, Christine Cotter, Kathi Dimant, Susan Greer, Ellen Painter, Diane Waters, Marihelen Gray Technical Assistants Gerald Blades, Walter Gray, Jan Hansen, Jere Hodgin, Stephen Larson, Alan Lyndrup, Richard LeVene, Clifton Marshall, Leo Sauer, Oscar Patterson, Stephen Wisdo, Robert Bridges, John Jennings, James Childers, Rafe Semmes, Toni Smith, Gary Raines, John Rape, Christian Wittwer Performing Arts Assistant Ronald E. Telsch Summer 1971 William Shakespeare " Measure for Measure " — Winter 1971 lean Anouilh " Ardele " — Spring 1971 I William Glennon " Alice in Wonderland " — Spring 1971 V ' ' HJ HHRVm B! H||Hpf HHHH B ' L . M 1 T J j MmtB ff - ■ " B m !l t1 - J 237 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid . . . The Gameroom . . . Patton ... Art Exhibit . . . Catch 22 . . . National Ballet of Washington . . . Bread . . . Bonnie ' s Baby . . . Promises, Promises . . . Football Tournaments . Road Rally . . . Company . . . MASH . . . Bill Russell . .,.. Mad Dogs and English- men . . . Jesus Christ Superstar . . . Bridal Fair . . . Blood Drive . . . Career Carnival . . . Bluegrass Festival . . . Legion Pool . . . Ruby Red ' s Ware- house Band . . . Alice ' s Restaurant ... The Cage Robert Shaw . . . Fiesta Mexicana . . . New York Rock and Roll Ensemble . . . International Gift Bazaar . . . Married Student ' s Picnic . . . Christmas Concert . . . Ann Arbor Film Festival . . . Senator Wayne Morse . . . 2001: A Space Odyssey . . .. Pierre Salinger . . . Anne of the Thousand Days . . . Rod McKuen . . . Zachariah . . . Isaac Hayes . . . Woodstock . . . Feast of Bacchus . . . Little Big 1 ' s yi± Man . . . Tree . . . Genesis IV . . . YOUR UNIVERSITY UNION ' t B Bbj- UNIVERSITY UNION COORDINATORS Sheila Broome, Entertainment Division Coordinator Ann Hailey, Fine Arts Division Coordinator Ted Kassinger, ideas and Issues Coordinator William Lamb, Cultural Affairs Coordinator Carol McGee, Special Events Coordinator Pam Meisner, Public Relations Coordinator Pat Schretlen, Cinematic Arts Coordinator 239 Sherry Spurlen, Research Coordinator Howard Stouletz, Recreation Coordinator ' - ' m IL ' DEMOSTHENIAN A society for those interested in oratory and debate Martin O ' Toole, President Steve Barnes, Vice-president Tom Mahler, Secretary Hugh Ansley Steve Barnes Linda Butson William Copeland Sam Dickson Patti Enoch George Griffith Michael Johnson Phil Kent Edmund Lanau Mary Ann Lang James Maddox Tom Mahler Jim MItas W. D. Moorhead Rogena Murray Martin O ' Toole Dan Pelletier Charles Sheppard Charles Short John White Chuck Witcher THE GEORGIA AGRICULTURIST An agricultural periodical H fl ' P.r DOuAOdlHl teveEMerii ' evejtoug, Jimmy Rich, Editor Judy Bateman, Assistant Editor James Bramblett, Managing Editor Sam Smith, Business Manager Susan Radford, Women ' s Editor Harold Wilson, Circulation David Levie, Photographer Chuck Anderson Hub Daniel Paul Eason Coleman Hadden Glen Lee Louis Newsome Ellen Pinckney Doug Selby Susan Champion 240 mn ,?i« m mmim THE GEORGIA IMPRESSION The quarterly literary magazine Hugh Ruppersburg, Editor Frazier Moore, Managing Editor Bob Addleton, Literary Editor Sam Davis, General Production Linda Chafin, Feature Editor Steve Enterkin, Business Manager Steve Rousso, Art Editor Lou Toffaletti, Art Editor Tom Alderman L. O. Beasley Alan Campbell Mike Chalker Patti Connell Charles Craig Nancy Espy Paul Evelyn John Fearon Tina Findley Jean Goldsmith Karen Harpe Judy Jones Molly McLott Pinny Morgan Nancy Moynahan Harold Parrish Gayle Peeples Anne Porterfield Karen Ruppersburg Margaret Ruppersburg Katie Shinbaum Ken Soseby Laura Spalding Vicki Thomas John Underwood Joe Watkins Vicki Webb Jim Williamson Karen Ziegenfuss 241 1. THE RED AND BLACK The campus newspaper FALL QUARTER Rex Cranum, Editor Robert Friedman, Managing Editor Gale Roebuck, Business Manager Mike Foran, Advertising Director Ken Willis, News Editor Terry Fetner, Associate News Editor Carol Roberts, Associate News Editor Cindy Luke, Feature Editor Tom Crawford, Sports Editor Patrice Walters, Copy Editor Camilla Howe, Production Manager George Williams, Photography Editor Andrew Hamilton, Art Editor Mike Cumpton, Circulation Manager WINTER QUARTER Robert Friedman, Editor Ken Willis, Managing Editor Joe Bellew, Business Manager Carol Roberts, News Editor Jon Ham, Associate News Editor Mark NIchelson, Associate News Editor Carolyn Stewart, Feature Editor Tom Crawford, Sports Editor Rick Barrs, Copy Editor Emily Stapler, Production Manager Steve Woodford, Photography Editor Andrew Hamilton, Art Editor Steve Woodford, Circulation Manager Bill Lee, Assistant Sports Editor Ray Boss, Assistant News Editor Carlton Curtis, Assistant News Editor Bob Dart, Assistant News Editor Sandy Earle, Assistant News Editor Ann Hutchinson, Assistant Feature Editor Rick Barrs, Assistant Copy Editor Allyn Roland, Assistant Copy Editor Heyward Baxter, Advertising Salesman Dave Chesnut, Advertising Salesman Sharyn Kane, Advertising Salesman STAFF WRITERS Jo Ann Apenbrink Ned Barnett Dianne Belch Phil Bellury Edie Cox Debbie Currier Sharon Fell Kay Giese Bob Giles Bob Gillette Michelle Green Rebecca Kirk Laura Kraul Susan Lester Kevin McGoldrIck Jim Messenger Robert Munford Jim Pettigrew Kathy Shamlee Liz Shear 242 Ken Sosebee Alan Storey John Sutton Charlotte VIrusky Susan Wakefield Holly Weaver i mm mim I ] ; 243 Mi li 1972 PANDORA Tom Landrum, Editor Tommy Altman, Business Manager John Methvin, Managing Editor 244 II J lilVWWM Photography by Da Da Dan Mc Mc McClure. (Whew!) Additional photography, here and there: elate Sanders 245 Terry Champion Assistant Betsy Cottreil Organizations Editor Gene Long Assistant Mike Cranford Assistant DeLaine Dobson Greek Editor Deborah Benson Index Editor H. Lamont Ayers Military Editor Beth Rickborn Classes Editor Anne Butler Assistant 247 . mm rr d mm m muma ' m m PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Margaret Gray, Piesiden Shirley Singleton, Second Vice-presiden Flossie Cunningham, Rush Advisor Chairmar Jennie Reid, Adviso Kitty Ball, Scholarship Chairmar Sara Bushneli, Publicity Chairmar Anne Edmond, Treasure Janet Andre, First Vice-presiden " • ■JH Alpha Chi Omega Debbie Waddell (sitting) Carolyn Frowein Alpha Gamma Delta Carol Newsome Nancy Christ (sitting) Alpha Delta Pi Kitty Ball (sitting) Billie Mann Alpha Xi Delta Jeani Merck Elaine Maloney (sitting) Alpha Omicron Pi Noelle Mills Sharon Adams (sitting) Chi Omega Anne Edmond Ellen Tomskey (sitting) Delta Gamma Frances Hutcheson Shirley Singleton (sitting) Kappa Alpha Theta Debbi Dimond Peggy Ahrenhold (sitting) A Ml k j ti jS m. 1 M MmA 1 m. " ■f " ' ' ' r I Q ,(4)); f 1 4 Delta Delta Delta Mary Sullivan (sitting) Shirley Blakewood Delta Phi Epsilon Windy Reiner (sitting) Renee Sackler Kappa Delta Pam Nolan Starr Eberhart (sitting) Kappa Kappa Gamma Mary Anne Berg (sitting) Jackie Highsmith PhiMu Sherri McQuown Marsha Corbitt (sitting) Pi Beta Phi Flossie Cunningham Caroiyne Williams (sitting) t Sigma Delta Tau Debbie Poliakoff Sigma Kappa Janet Andre Lorraine James (sitting) m H " " ' Rl mi ' Vi fftti. -M «l Jk i; ' Wi Zeta Tau Alpha Dale Adams (sitting) Kay Shulman INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Bill Griffin President Joe Williams Chief Justice Tommy Boydston Executive Vice-president Donald ). Nesmith Advisor frtaAiplu A ' Don Eddins Bill Woolen Alpha Epsilon Pi Brian Shonson Ronnie Merlin Alpha Gamma Rho Joe Deal Tommy Cibbs Charles Bronson Alpha Phi Alpha Rkhard Morgan Alpha Tau Omega George Sewell D»e Carey Rkk Bradshaw Waller Bush Peylon HtMlges Frank Worley Herbert Bond Mills Smith Delta Chi Wesley Berry King Shaw Val Webb Delta Tau Delta |ohn letfcoat Da«id Chatham larry Bowers Farmhouse Ernie Ward Kappa Alpha Roger Frie Carl Westmoreland Andy Knox Davis Williamson Kappa Alpha Psi Samuel Smiley Jodonne Adams Lanert Hood ' 3? m .jobfiier i, Kappa Sigma Holt Davis Uin Sands Mike Hendley Lambda Chi Alpha |et FiUpalricli David lurch Ccof ge MHcheH Phi Delta Theta Ricli Curlin Harry Robinson David Muschamp Phi Kappa Theta Rick Fowler Ed Winn Phi Camma Delta Ray Paris lim Powers Pi Kappa Alpha Ander Horne WQi Jimmy Ezell -.j ' ' ' ' ' Tony Byers Phi Kappa Tau Ted Stewart Billy Boypston BHiTyre Pi Kappa Phi Pete Martin Wink McWhorter Ashley Shoemaker Sigma Alpha Epsilon Charlie Birrow Larry Powell Sigma Pi Danny Hughes Mike Sieelh limmy Cox Sigma Chi tohn Day Tau Epsilon Phi Scott Owens Coleman Goodrich David Carfinkel Michael Mischner Gene Benalor Thela Chi Zela Beta Tau Ed Dunbar Danny Kirtland Ed Keen Robert Teplis Bill Becker Glenn Klausman Sigma Phi Epsiloii Mike Hammond |im Butler Robert Finchcr Tau Kappa Epsilon Alan Najjar lack Hancock lohn Varner ALPHA CHI OMEGA Cyndi Hawk, President Judy Bateman, Vice-president Judy Sanders, Secretary Leigh Shivers, Treasurer Carol Etheridge, Second Vice-president 258 " " Margaret Archer tanelle Baker Betsy Bateman ludy Bateman Karen Beavers Betsy Bennett Andrea Brown Cynthia Bunilsky Beverly Butler Ian Chastain Mary Clack Elizabeth Clark Terri Clark Anne Combs Mary Cox Michelle Delong Deanna Dodd Susan Douglas GinaDyke Gina England Carol Etheridge Cheryl Ethridge Lynn Fluhr fill Franco Carolyne Frowein Diane Garrard Kalhy Guy Nancy Hall Cathy Harrison Karen Hart Theresa Hart Cyndi Hawk Deborah Hendley Leslie Jones Sherry Jones Cheryl Josephson Fran Kernaghan Caria Kesterson RuthKleinsieuber Mimi Levereite Barbara Luke Elinor Mackler Beth Malik Marilyn Mannings Marcia Mattox Yvonne McCollum Debbie McWhirter Arlene Middleton Marcia Miller Shelley Miller Kathy Miracle Geraldine Mitchell Deborah Montgomery Nancy Morgan Nancy Nichols JanOutiar Mary Patterson Phyllis Pittman Diane Ransbotham Diane Robinson Judy Sanders Dottie Sewell Sandy Short Peggy Shiver Leigh Shivers Carol Slate Barbara Smith Claudia Smith Nancy Smith Margaret Spence Mary Stewart Kemper Thompson Debby Traynham Debbie Waddell Claudia Weaver Bonnie Whitehead Gail Williams Kathy Williamson Bonnie Wishard 259 ■« ALPHA DELTA PI Kay Cannon, President Carolyn Clary, First Vice-president Kitty Ball, Second Vice-president Cindy Brown, First Secretary Becky Slade, Second Secretary Julie Osterhout, Treasurer Donna Upshaw, Rush Chairman r r 260 5j«fe ' S; ®a6S« %,SSl [BOH ' 0f» m Mf Martha Allman Mary AUvater Kitty Ball Betsy Barefietd Anne Bianchard i. D. Boswell Betsey Bowles Susan Branch Peggy Braungart Marion Brooks Cindy Brown Ginger Bullock Harriet Cannon Kay,Cannon Pendy Cavaleri Mary Chapin Amy Chastain Regis Chivers Carolyn Clary Patsy Clary Susan Clayton Nancy Curry Pam Daniel Patricia Davidson Marrlee Davis Martha Edge Nan Evans Cecilia Foster Caihy Fulford Carolela Garrelt Laura Goodyear Bonnie Graves Lynn Griffin Sarah Hakman Eve Hale Lisa Hallford Beth Hally Nancy Hard wick Kathy Harrell Anne Hart Martha Hendrix Teresa Hight Debbie Hinson Etten Hotle Katy Hood Susan Hughes Beth lohnson Patty Johnson Sherry Jones Dianne Keller Helen Kelley jeannieKimbrell Andrea Kopp JaneKyser ludy Lee Preston Lee Kathy Linville Lynne Looney Patty Lowe BillieMann Susan Mast in Cathi McClary Doris McCowen Cheryl McDavid Polly McKinney Mary McLennan Bryna McNeely lanet McNeill Lois Miner Melissa Minter Christie Monson Inez Moore Carol Morris Cindy Mosely Claire Olliff Julie Osterhout Pamela Plamer Donna Piefson Linda Portman Debbie Roach Mimsie Roberts Pam Rollins Sally Sabayrac Sharon Samford Ellen Shaw Marcia Sisterhen Karen Skinner Stephanie Skinner Becky Stade Susan Smith Jane Southwell Elsie Stapleton Merrill Talbot Paula Thibadeau Donna Upshaw Beth Vandiver Mary Vandiver Robin Waters Susie While Mary Williams Robin Wilson Betty Wolf Karen Wright 261 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA I.Abbie Miller 2. Bonnie Bullock 3. Betsy Harris 4. Debbie Cost 5. Carol Newsome 6. Susan Harper 7. Cathy Holle 8.Sheryl Dalton 9. Lisa Palmer 10. Anne Calhoun 11. Patsy Biggers 12. Loette Joyner 13. Debbie Redding 14. Denise Gibson 15. Anna Lowe 16. Clenna Faegin 17. Valerie Henderson 18. Kathy Volland 19. Chris Sorely 20. Sheala Withers 21. Debbie Thomas 22. Priscilla Danheiser 23. Cheryl Mumford Corresponding Secretary 24. Barbara Barron 25. Debbie Slade 26. Carolyn Hall 27. Paula Nickerson President 28. Susan Watkins 29. Dorothy Harris 30. Sheryl Burton 31. Debbie Brown 32. Kathy London 33. Sharon Field 34. Debbie Rogers 35. Jannette Brune 36. Joan Sears 37. Susan Pilcher 38. Louise Evans 39. Christy Hawes Vice-president 40. Nancy Bobbitt Treasurer 41. Alicia Sharp 42. Gale Pence 43. Margaret Bustick 44. Debbi Romano Secretary 45. Pam Renfro I fe |{ »»iw 262 kMiM 46. Melissa Lee 47. Becky Smith 48. Ann Jordan 49. Joanne Carlton 50. Sharon Newell 51. Kris Montgomery 52. Peggy Scarborough 53. Micki Hyde 54. Jolly Smith 55. Sherree Hamilton 56. Christy Kirk 57. Nancy Cristy 58. Ann Steadman iL ALPHA OMICRON PI t i - ' m .• v, .. ■y ' :!: - r ' -; m?f ggg , i lJ j " ■Jl . i W y1 w M » i j .j ' - .?1 . tpfffv i« ..; I.Noelle Mills President 2. Kathy Shamley 3. Ceci Shook 4. Suzanne Austin 5. Carole Coleman 6. Betsey Shook 7. Kay Ogletree Corresponding Secretary 8. Barbara Adams 9. Lexie Bush Second Vice-president 10. Beth Howard 11. Elaine Bolynn Recording Secretary 12. Marsha Akin 13. Pam Pittman 14. Nan Purdy 15. Sheron Adams 16. LizAnne Holtzclaw 17. Nanci Campbell 18. Barb Henderson 19. JaneKilpatrick 20. Peggy Paris 21. Gladys Ware 22. Margie Simpson 23. Cindy Fryer 24. Mary Martin 25. Flipper Lawrence 26. GloGhegan First Vice-president 27. Jane Eggleston 28. Ann Maclntire 29. Barbara Edenfield 30. Carol Reichert 31. Saye Sutton 32. Kathy Mathis 33. Cathy Sponseller 34. Andree Clark 35. Deane Feagle 36. Shelley Buford 37. Vanette Musjgraves 38. Lenoir Blanchard 39. Susan Duke 40. Terry Moore 41. Betty Bennett 42. Denise Peters 43. Claire McAuliffe 44. Ruth Graves 264 m - mmti ' m is " " " " ,. Lin Guenther Paula Reid Kathy Tuttle Rush Chairman PegKy Reese MillyMcLott Miriam Harrison Ann Yoder Susan Taylor Opie Mayfield Tina Christenson Devony DePew Carol Hoffmeir Diane Callaway Patti Connell Cindy Bracket! Jannell Knox Cookie Akins ALPHA XI DELTA 1. Debbie Walker 2. Nina Tally 3. Mary Catherine Bretz 4. Karen Mortensen 5. Tory Raichlen 6. Sheila Pedigo 7. Bonnie Ulmer 8. Sherry Connell Secretary 9. Rita Bennett 10. Mary Ripley 11. Nancy Hadsell Vice-president 12. Elaine Davis 13. Linda Gorman 14. Judy Durrance President 15. Mary Williams 16. Elaine Maloney 17. Judy Thomas 18. Su san Russell 19. Susan Shaver Rush Chairman 20. Debra Bailey 21. Diane Cortez 22. Karen Lowe 23. BarbYeager 24. Susie Langrall 25. Melissa Whittemore 26. Lynn Hyde 27. Marty Snowden 28. Patrice Walters 29. Linda McRorie 30. Marith Reheis Treasurer 31. Teresa Dempsey 32. Jackie Knight 33. Carole Nash 34. Helen Bird 35. Susan Parker 36. Nan Payne 37. Cathy Amis 38. Anne Porterfield 39. Eileen Sumner 40. Nancy Miller 266 imm 41. Cynthia Reese 42. Jeani Merck 43. Sandy Endrodi 44. Anne Bandy 45. Mary Elaine Reeves 46. Anita O ' Donnell 47. )an James 48. Sara Goodsell 49.AnnHeisler 50. Kim Johnson ; 51. Sandy Keim j 52. Liz Rigsby ! Pledge Trainer 53. Jeannette Milone ,i CHI OMEGA 4H MU 268 Carroll Travis, President Margaret McPherson, Vice-president Cookie Dennison, Secretary Nancy McNiel, Treasurer Nancy Richardson, Pledge Trainer Lynn Elkins, Personnel i )ent jent imei Lynn Adair Cissy Alexander Suzanne Allen Nancy Andrews Mary Applegaie Merri Artiey Marty Bell Mary Bisselle Tommye Bradley Kathryn Braungart Nancy Brooks Paula Buckner Sara Bussey Susan Byars tutieByrd Lisa Cain Cautey Callaway Andrea Carter Holli Champion Marti Chew Faye Chitwood Cat Cobb Sarah Cobb Cindy Crawford Mary Crawford Elaine Darden Dorothy Deakins Cookie Dennison Denise Dennison Margaret Doubleday MiMi DuBose Laura Duke Anne tdmond Lynn Etkins Lynne Fennel Libba Finch PatFitzhugh AudrezFrahler Tricia Harvey Betsy Irby Ann Jackson Nancy Jamison Anne Johnson Jane Kimbrell Jerry Kinnebrew Beth Lam Anne Lane Lucy Liipfen Ellen Manry Kathy Margeson JanMcClure Cindy McHan Nancy McNiel Margaret McPherson Wayne Mercer Lally Packman Melanie Page Betsy Painter Susan Painter Paige Peterson Leann Petit Dolores Pisano Linda Pope Patty Pope Elizabeth Ransom Nancy Richardson Dinah Roberts Marykeith Roe Anga Sargent Ann Seston Cindy Smith Dianne Smith India Smith Judy Smith Julietta Smith Lida Smith Mona Smith Susan Smith Vickie Southwell Edith Spencer Gin Starr Dee Stone Marianna Swift Grace Tate Melanie Thompson Susan Thompson Pamela Threlkeld Lynne Tolley Ellen Towskey Carroll Travis Betsy Treen Leigh Tyler Beth Wade Patty Watson Carol Wells Carson Wiley Margaret Williams Sue Willingham Becky Worthington Suzanne Wright Rebecca Young 269 DELTA DELTA DELTA Patty Mathes, President Mary Boswell, Vice-president Sarah Sue Ingram, Secretary Pam Wooten, Treasurer Beth Harber, Chaplain Mary Lou Bredlow, Pledge Trainer Nancy Davis, Rush Chairman 270 S» i}. i nHMiii liddii tiiw Itsa Abel Susan Askew lane Barton Nancy Bates Belle Bell lanet Bell Shirley Blakewood Beverly Boggs Mary Boswell Becky Bowers Joy Brjgdon Merrianne Buice Ennily Butts Caren Carmichael Karen Cheek Nancy Cole Cathy Colquitt LizCurrie Cynthia Cutler Nancy Davis Vtcky Deakins Lynn Dwornik Donna Eubanks Kathleen Farrell Lynnann Fischer Laura Gillespie Barbie Ginn Charlotte Golden Penny Goolsby Cathy Grant Jill Grant Marianna Gross Beth Harber Susan Harber Karen Harman Mary Milliard Jill Holmer Helen Holt Dianne Howard Sarah Ingram Jennifer James Jane Johnson Marcia Johnson Candy Ktdd Kitty King Rosalyn Lackey Barbara Langsfield Susie Lansing Anne Livsey Donna Luke BrendaMaduzia Patti Mathes Mary May Beth McCatman Ann McCormick Julia McCormick MimiMcKnight Gynn McMinn Nancy Merritl Susan Miles Nancy Moynahan Cathy New Leila Parker Patricia Pepin Calhi Perry Marcia Phillips Tura Porter Sandy Prunty Beth Rambo Kathy Raville Robin Ritter Gayle Robinson Margaret Ruppersburg Cindy Russell Becky Sexton Argy Sigalos Anne Souder Patti Stonehouse Mary Sullivan TriciaTherrell Janice Thornton Cindy Tolleson Claudia Trammell Fran Veal Joanne Warenzak Dale Williamson Carole Winkenwerder Suzanne Womack Pam Wooten 271 . DELTA GAMMA Carol Fleenor, President Emily Blackwood, Frist Vice-president Janice Bateman, Second Vice-president Diane Lindsay, Recording Secretary Susan Lasseter, Corresponding Secretary Gail Hall, Treasurer 272 M ' am m mM I Carol Ackerman Beverly Barnard )anice Baleman Lee Bauer Ann Bernard Emily Blackwood Mary Bradford Debbie Braziel Margaret Breedtove Nancy Brooks Vickie Brown ludy Buckley Merry Butler Diane Caldwell Connie Col hard Becky Cronister Alison Daves Diane Drake Kalhy Dykes Laurel Eddes Vicki Elder Carol Fender Susan Fields Carol Fleenor Becky Flinchum Deborah Ford Mary Gimball Laura Garvey Gail Hall Nancy Harder Susan Harrington Peggy Heffernan Pamela Henderson Kati Hicks Hil Hinnant Maribeth Hodge Frances Hutcheson Tina |ansak Barbara tones linger )ones Diane lorgenson Beth Kergosier Dindy Kilgore Donna King Mary King Elaine Krol Barbara Lanier Linda Lanier Susan Lasseter Lois Latham Diane Lindsay Caroline Livingston Patty Manning Susan Maret Jane McCorble Joan McCowan Salliann Messenger Peni Miller Marilyn Murray Gale Newer Jill Partain Katie Pedrick Laura Richbourg Carol Roberts Sally Roberts Ginny Roche Mary Sellers Samille Swinson Pam Seyler Barbara Sharit Laura Simpktns Connie Simpson Terry Singletary Shirley Singleton Dianne Smock Cindy Souther Mary Stein Beth Tucker Gay Tucker Cynthia Van Alstyne Deedy Van Dyke Sue Welch Linda Whitten Peggy Woodhall 273 mkuigt DELTA PHI EPSILON Sheila Mandel, President Marilyn Benberisty, Vice-president Harriet Shayne, Secretary Faye Becker, Treasurer Louise Rosenthal, Pledgemother Susan Weinberger, Rush Chairman 274 mmmmi m dent dtM Carol Abrami Paula Alpert Faye Beeber Toby Berger Lynn Berkowitz Leslie Berman Laura Bolgia Maxine Coplan Diane de La Penha Michelle Dorman Charlotte ticholz Kathy Faircloth Harriett Feldman llona Finegold lanie Forsiot Fran Coleman Amy Golden Elten Goldberg Bonnie Goldstein Deborah Goldstein Gail Goldstein Rochelte Greene Marge Green berg Linda Grodsky Harriet Kassel Lisa Klotwog Sally Konter Harriet Levin Gail Litt Sheila Mandel Nancy Mashberg Ellen Masher Sandy Mayer Nancy Miller Marcia Morris Jan Myers Suzanne Oliver Shelly Pollack Terri Prince Wendy Reyner Amy Rosen Debra Rosenberg Louise Rosenthal Renee Sackler Gail Sacks Marilyn Salus Linda Schreck Harriet Shayne Linda Simon Lynn Simon Rae Spar Sheryl Speer Ann Stein Avra Steinberg llene Silverman Sue Tyroler Susan Weinberger Terry Weissman Shana Weiss Ann Wolensky Anne Weid Judy Wolf Mindy Yoffe Lizabeth Zerden 275 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 1. Kitty Sellars 2. Ruthie Hoge 3. Susan Davis 4. Kittyjarell 5. Connie Carter 6. Pat Lane 7. Jackie Clark 8. FranWhatley 9. Irish Fugitt 10. Crechia Stanley 11. Gwyn Newsom 12. Peggy Letson 13. Jackie Herring 14. Cayle Whitlow 15. Peggy Inman 16. Linda Norvet 17. Julie Davis 18. Linda Long 19. Katie Phelps 20. Marilyn Overall 21. Laura Whatley 22. Lee Hayes 23. Molly McMahon 24. Kookie McDouglas 25. Judie Jones 26. Patty Clark 27. Anne Tomlinson 28. Judy Clark 29. Deena Rutledge 30.JenniSlocumb 31. Peggy Ahrenhold 32. Lori Goelz 33. Liz Hopple 34. Peggy Holloway 35. Jan Montgonnery 36. Anne Williamson 37. Sherry McGowan 38. Aletta Woodruff 39. Beth Brandon 40. Carol Osner 41. Susan Head 42. Tippy Harvey 43. Jane Reynolds 44. Diana Woolard 45. Jody Moran 46. Anne Dickinson 47. Janice Lee 48. Louise Williams 49. Vicki Clark 50. Jean Hendee 51. Christy Smith !!«ilsi Hnilfji 276 B:«v : ' !■ i- mm ma 52. Dorothy Stacey 53. Corinne Mears 54. Marilyn Henry 55. Chrys Houck 56. Stephanie Rushing 57. Lyn Landrum 58. Cecelia Hendrick 59. Susan Brown First Vice-president 60. Luck Hendrix 61. Fran Dashiell 62. Susan Presley 63. Betty Gaston 64. Debbi Dimond President 65. Julie Short 66. Debbie Wi 67. Sis Mullins 68. Pam Avery Rush Chairman 69. Suzanne Ball KAPPA DELTA 1. Mary Jarvis 2. Kennedy Williams 3. Starr Eberhart 4. Ruthie McMullen S.WillaHays 6. Teresa Burt 7. Jean Brannan 8. Jean Muss 9. Kim Elliott 10. Beth Dekle 11. Jan Jones 12. KathieDavies 13. Tootsie Schoultz Treasurer 14. Ann Brooks 15. Linda Lee Newman 16. Sharon Black 17. Dianne Harris 18. Sister Britton President 19. Anne Butler 20. Roxie Roberson 21. Nancy Prince 22. Kathy Teajgue 23. Pam Strother 24. Betsy Sewell 25. Linda Rocket 26. Diane Bercegeay 27. June Greer 28. Sally Arnold 29. Sally Williams 30. Pam Nolen 31. jeannie Lathem 32. Debbie Kershner 33. Pat Mattson 34. Karen Harr Secretary 35. Ann Verde! 36. Diane Beales 37. Becky Reeves 38. LizAshbury 39. Dorothea Patrick 40. Cindy Armstrong 41. Canay Brown 42. Susan Carroll 43. Becca Musiaiowski 44. Shirley Hightower 45. Donna Rice 46. Liz Jones 47. Martha Grider 48. Cathy O ' Niell 278 Mm: am iimm 49. Cheri Weir Membership Chairman 50. Mary Bercegeay 51. Julia Boyd 52. Nancy Davis 53. Linda Paulk 54. Carolyn Caulkins 55. Macy Fisher 56. Susan Pormey 57. Heather Fosgate liL KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA I 1. Anne Kimble 2. Marta King Rush Chairman 3. Kevin Anderson 4. Susan Stubbs 5. Mary Rowland 6. Emma Starr 7. Elwyn Green 8. Miriam Williamson 9. TinaGresham 10. JillianMcFarland 11. Mary Anne Lane 12. Blanche Redding 13. Gwen Franklin 14. Beth Brown 15. Bobbi Banzoff 16. Katie Goodhue 17. Dee Ringland 18. Susan Eschenbrenner 19. Murray Watson Treasurer 280 20. Mary Marshall 21. Debbie Duncan 22. Sara Addington 23. Anne Marshall 24. Jane Hightower Vice-president 25. Betsy Cox 26. Cay King 27. Molly Monroe 28. Kirk Bond 29. Emily Chamberlain 30. Barbara Bush 31. Nancy Auriett 32. Margaret Owen 33 MicheleTalley 34. Edith Parker 35. Martha Williams 36. Becky Willingham Secretary 37. Becca Knighton 38. Miriam Williamson 39. Candy Collins 40. Beth Hodges 41. Cathy Clements President 42. Laura Lee Killeen 43. Murray Watson 44. Lynn Fadley 45. Carolyn Ellis 46. Tacy Schatz 47. Linda Anderson 48. Evelyn Bush Second Vice-president 49. Margaret Riley 50. Claire Parker 51. Linda Lee 52. Terry Purpura 53. DeAnne Reddick 54. Donna Archer 55. Becca Lewis 56. Sally Darden 57. Jan Henry i 58.|illUlrici 59. Betsy Stroeffer 60. Robbin Arnold 61. Gail Copeland 62. Janet Riley 63. Jan Wright 64. Lyn Johnson 65. KathyPennell 67. Joslln Davis 68. Patricia McGee 69. Julie Textor 70. Ginger Sheats 71. Jackie Highsmith 72. Toni Tally 73. Margaret Debose 74. Suzanne Swertfeger 75. Dana Wertz 76. Barbara Brown 77. Martha Thwaite PHIMU Sheryl Rogers, President Linda Hobgood, Vice-president Karen Bedingfield, Secretary Sandra Shelton, Treasurer Nancy Harbin, Pledge Trainer Elaine McMichael, Rush Chairman 282 I WmW lacquelyn Almond Kathy Arendall Eloise Askew Mary A kew Katie Barron Melissa Batchelor Karen Bedingfield Barbara Black Nancy Slack Anne Bockman Kathy Boynton Susan Byrd Sallie Capers Mary Carnes Carol Causey Becky Cheves Caro Chisholm Sandra Clark ]ohnna Clements Laura Cole Marsha Corbitl Thea Culbreath Susan Oorsey Deborah Fields Virginia Caddy Mary Greon Elaine Hackett Nancy Harbin Barbara Hartman |o Hatcher Maie Hatcher Cay Hattaway lane Helnris Holly Hess Linda Hobgood Brenda Holloman Catherine Home Martha Hoy Gail Jackson Caroline Jones Cissy Jones Nancy Jones Wood ie Jones Shannon Landing Diane Lewis Carol Lively Ellen Love Elsie Low Denise Mansour Joy Martin Chris McClary Pammie McDonald Elaine McMichael Sherry McQuon Gail Mercer Becky Mobley Ellen Morgan Meredith Morgan Deborah Morris Pamela Morris Allison Murray Nancy Neville Bettie New Cathie Oglesby Sally Oldham Leslie Owen Barbara Pou las Lynn Powell Maria Prichard Irene Pursley Suzanne Respess Sheryl Rogers Twinkle Rollins Susie Rosenberg Mary Lou Saarinen Kippy Scarborough Joy Schultz Sandra Shelton Jeanne Shiflet Helen Short Vkki Slocumb Barbara Small Sherry Smith Anne Sognier Nell Solms Margaret Sorrells Gerri Stearns Ann Stiles Caria Sirother Katrina Stone Ann Walters Stephanie Watkins Beth Watson Margaret Watson Anne Wattles Harriet Williams Karen Ziegenfuss 283 .0iaL PI BETA PHI 1. Linda von Werssowetz 2. Judi Saye 3. JoAnne Dey 4. Kathy Keesling 5. Shirley McDaniel President 6. Susan Prescott 7. Betsy Bennitt 8. Susan Reid Rush Chairman 9. Jane Pennington 10. Ellen Masengill 11. Jill Saye 12. Lillian Rudolph 13. Debbie Jones 14. Luann Ackerman 15. Brenda Cowart 16. Denise Schoerner 17. Nancy Aughinbaugh 18. Duchess Mickler 19. Anne Strom 20. Sally Warren 21.PattiGrigg 22. Susan Goodman 23. Joan Rosser 24. Wana Shelton Secretary 25. Lynda Harden 26. Louise Andrews 27. Tschia Wood 28. Lane Goolsby Vice-president 29. Nancy Moore 30. Laura Allen 32. Vicki Dillon 33. Marilyn White 34. Judi Saye 35. Marilynn Brown 36. Susan Waltman 37. Serena Stillwell 38. Debbie Skin 39. Nancy Davis 40. Becky Lauderdale 41. Mara Jessee 42. Irene Nelson 43. Darlene Driskell , ! ' «« 284 44. Gail Rogers 45. Carol Jacobson 46. Anne Wade 47. Doris Brown 48. Linda von Werssowetz 49. Lou Hardrath 50. Lallie Weatherly 51. Beverly Shipman 52. Salley Tyler 53. Debbie Williams 54. Debbie Tase 55. Sherry Cunningham 56. Kathleen Lower 57. Tracy Miles 58. Jan Duffy i ' SIGMA DELTA TAU 1. Donna Levitch 2. Fran Seidenberg 3. Sherry Konter 4. Karen Wagoner 5. Carol Schwarzman 6. Mara Boris 7. Cheryl Fleishman B.Joan Cuming 9. Judy Landey 10. Susan Wall 11. Vicki Leen Secretary 12. Ilene Weinberg 13. Debbie Poliakoff 14. Lynn Ruskin 15. Bonnie Carl Rush Chairman 16. Lenie Sacks 17. Ellen Kanter 18. Gayle Roobin 19. Marcia Goldberg 20. Joan Shensky 21. Candy Kauvar 22. Marsha Wise 23. Peggy Schwartz !4. Lynn Kruger 25. Barbara Hershberg 26. Marsha Jay 27. Pat Oilman 28. Ilene Ely 29. Diane Rauzin 30. Myra Shapiro 31.PattiSlotin 32. Fran Jurin 33. Linda Goldberg 34. Betty Solnick 35. Jill Sims 36. Eva Feldman 37. Corrine Capelouto President 38. Karen Aronovitz 39. Judy Sims 40. Fran Seidenberg 42. Karen Begner 43. Gayle Mendel 44. Rhonda Wolfe 45. Barbara Blumenthal Second Vice-president 46. Jane Greenberg 286 kil R wm- ' -inmasmL ' u- ' i ' fm 47. Elaine Calanti 48. MyraDeich 49. Sheryl Marks 50. Shelly Kahn 51. Robin Chanin 52. Raye Harris 53. Amy Romoff 54. Robin Rich 55. Laurie Hoffman 56. Susan Jacobson 57. Sharon Bernstein 58. Amy Rosentha 59. Lisa Blumenthal 60. Helena Stern 61. Marguerite Mitchell 62. Vicki Leen SIGMA KAPPA 1. Lane Wilbanks 2. Sue Thomson 3. Lynn Kete 4. Snaron Henry 5. JanisGatlin Secretary 6. Nancy Parish 7. Rebecca Thomas 8. Theresa Flowers 9. Jane Carver President 10. Cathy Fleming 11. Charlene Wages 12. Beth Carret 13. Nancy Addison 14. Lorrame James 15. Sandra Tullis 16. Susan Parish Pledge Trainer 17.CailTea 18. Candie Howard 19. Nancy Edwards Treasurer 20. Hope Pedrero 21. Candy Willey 22. Linda Woo 23. Cina Swendenburg 24. Marina Codwin 25. Jan McCarity 26. Connie Ellen 27. Connie Clamp 28. Janice Royal 29. Vicki Thompson 30. Jenny Crosland 288 mkc m m-v-. ' i ZETA TAU ALPHA II Laura Phillips, President Sheri Johnson, Vice-president Marylyn Fountain, Recording Secretary Nan Oliver, Corresponding Secretary Nancy Winn, Treasurer Janice Lord, Rush Chairman Patti Miller, Historian Goldie Flatt, Ritual Chairman 290 aii _ tmrn ' mmm m aiiif R ft Cathy Anderson Liddeli Avery Cynthia Bankhead Belty Barr Beverly Barr Beverly Bo wen Cerie Brannen Betsy Brown Snooky Brown Bonnie Bullard Karen Chevalier Winston Cobb Vic Crowley Karen Daws Pal Daves Charlotte Dufford Karen tstes lanice Erwin Linda Ewing Marylyn Fountain Beth Franz Gail Carban Margaret God bee Kay Greenway Harriet Hagan Jenny FHawkins Corrine Hilton Mary Hunter Marion Huskey Katy Ingram Susan Johnson Betty Lankford Marsha McClelland Cathy McCleskey MarjorieMcNair Marty McRae Patti Miller lane Mobley LuanneOsi Char Parsons Karen Payne Pam Perkins Ricki Robbins Beth Rollins losie Rubiera Jessica Sheffield Kay Shuman Sally Smalley Marty Snyder Cindy Spillman Mary jane Stafford Doris Stanley Pal Stevens Debbie Surplus Alice Tidwell Jan Treado Beth Waterhouse Jodi Whittle Shearon Wiggins Sane Wimbish Nancy Winn 291 Ho ALPHA EPSILON PI 2. Ronnie Spiegelman President 3. Richard Siegel 4. Michael Kaplan 5. Bruce Perlman 6. Larry Miller 7. Barry Steinberg 8. Martin Friedman 9. Eddie Birnbrey 10. Eric Young Treasurer 11. Kim Perlman 12. Howard Struletz 13. Allen Tenenbaum 14. Gary Solomon 15. Chess Alper 16. Kenneth Shusterman Vice-president 17. Sam Rittenberg 18. Howard Goldstein 19. Sam Levinson 20. Michael Perling 21. Steve Cooper 22. Lester Weiner 23. Jack Arogeti 24. Richard Friedman 25. Brian Shavin 26. Henry Cohen 27. Jeff Howard 28. Bruce Hornik 29. Joey Korn 30. BobSunness 31. Edward Goldberg ' ..: ' ' ' :;i 292 1 mm mm§ , Cohen bn 34,CaryKlepak 35. Bert Stein 36. Ronnie Merlin 37. Buzy Rosenberg 38. Jay Kaplan 39. Bruce Berger 40. Danny Tourial 41. Glenn Rainbow 42. William Monroe ALPHA GAMMA RHO Danny Castelaw, President Charles Logan, Vice-president Mike Carter, Secretary Joe Deal, Treasurer Bill Wilkens, Reporter Not pictured: Rick Roswell Williard Dukes Al Gaskins Paul Herndon Steve Kinensel Robert Allen Bill Breed love Charles Bronson Mike Carter Dan Casteilaw |im Chapman Dennis Clarke JoeDeat Tommy Gibbs Johnny Irvin Byron (eHers Jerry Johnson Charles Logan Chappell Long Gary Midkiff Daniel Powell Travis Reed Ed Smith Roger Thigpen Harry Thompson Dale Walsemann Norman Watson Ralph Watson BillWilkins Charles Williams Tom Williams 294 mm ' iim m ' im J ,?■ »( " .•;}i « ,,v-fi DELTA SIGMA PI John Hannum, President Leslie Legg, Senior Vice-president Thomas Bozman, Secretary William Rogers, Treasurer WilbarBlackstock Thomas Bozeman tames Brewer William Carter William Day James Fleischman Charles Frost Waller Halt iohn Hannum William Maulder Randy Nichols Thomas Parker Leon Roby James Wilson 295 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Stanley Darnell, President Andrew Whalen, Vice-president Edward Trice, Secretary Gerald Plant, Treasurer 296 mr ' m fm ' m A SSl l-JC Mike Bloodworth David Bowman Bob Sutler Michael Camp Glenn Champion Charles Cheney Stanley Darnell Tom Denny Steve Dial Robert Fauver James Fleming Tommy Fox Garrett Gough Edward Harris Paul Harris Roland Hoffman George Hodges John Hudson Jim Jackson Edward Hanes Robert Largen Gary Leither Jose Lopez Douglas Lundell Michael McGahagin Cary Monroe David Miller Howard Mitchell Lyman Munson Dan Paris Jerry Plan! MikeOakes Idwal Owens DarrelRadcliffe Herman Smith lames Smith Ronald Smith Steven Stark Dan Travis John Trice James Ward Andrew Whalen lames Williamson Bill Wilteman Gary Wood 297 JL ALPHA TAU OMEGA Walter Bush, President Steve Goldsmith, Vice-president Jack Tribble, Secretary Ken Colling, Treasurer Brent Armstrong, Pledge Master Ken Collins, Historian Edith Rasmussen, Sweetheart I 298 ' kmm ' mimf m Bill Adams Miley Adams Rob Andersen Timothy Autrey Mitch Avent Wales Barksdale Robert Blackburn Tommy Bradshaw William Brandon William Brooks Mihon Bruce Waiter Bush Jay Butts Paul Carter Gene Coe Kenneth Collins Frederick Constable William Cook Henry Crane Carlton Davis Jimmy Dawson Dimitri Dodys Nick Dodys Richard Downing Lamar Dunn Thomas Esles Schuyler Floyd Stephen Goldsmith William Green Bill Griffin Charles Griffin Allen Gudenrath Frederick Haas Butch Hayes Hugh Hays Sam Hess Tom Howell lohn Hudson Brent Hughes John Johnson Steve Johnston Gary Jordan Ray King Ricky Lake William Lam Dean Lee lames Loughridge David Martin John Martin Charles Maley lliam McCammon GregMclntyre Phil McKenzie Wade Monk Rocky Moore Gilbert Morris Ricky Myers Bob Nolan Edward Parks Tom Petl James Reese lohn Richardson Steve Segrest Gary Settle Michael Scherer John Schmidt Craig Smith Gary Spooner Philip Thompson Jack Tribble Tom LJskton Rick Wade Charles Werk Frank Wigelius Bruce Williams W. M. Winn Robert Wynne 299 CHI PHI 1. Hal Crow 2. Eric Olsen 3. Kim Jennison 4. Carl Stokes 5. Bill H ovis 6. Allen Kuniansky 7. Frank Walker 8. Gary Butts 9. Ben Grantham 10. Tommy Towles 11. James Shepard 12. Bennett Hutchison 13. Bobby Gambrel 14. Larry Jamison Vice-president 16. Scotty Rich 17. Tommy Streets 18. Peyton Hodges 19. Gary Backhand 20. Star-Dust Milner 21. Steve Kerr 22. Jimmy Hardesty 23. John Hickman 24. Robert Heazel 25. Gary Wilkin 26. Ronie Baxley 27. Freddy Morris 28. Houstin Snavely 29. Jimbo Hovis 30. Kathy Kyle Sweetheart 31. Richard Black 32. Larry Thompson 33. Frank Walker 34. Chuck Malone 35. Steve Kennedy 36. Greg Parker 37. Mike Gunnels 39. Richard Glover 40. Jimmy Parker 41. Joe Wilen 42. Jeff Rod bell 43. Mike Aldridge 44. Gary Wilson 45. Dusty Milner 46. Peyton Hodges 47. Greg Pigmey 48. Bev Brantham 49. Hal Hawk 50. Chuck Malone Ih-f. ... 300 1 UiftK-t iS ; ' SS?i-. ' CK«K-- «■ f:§ 51. Bennett Hutchison 52. Curtis Johnson 53. )oeTetrault 54. Carl Stokes 55. Ronnie Baxley 56. Chip Nay 57. Theo Bean 58. Bill Hovis 59. Mark Rapp 60. Milton Sams 61. Denny McCielon 63. Larry Jamison 64. EricOlsen 65. David Wells 66. Slimbo Malone 67. Steve Janlson ■ H H HM HB B JH) fj( % } fL 1A ) ) A I it v vX r i I :jl ll i Ilw V M ■■■■■i H CHI PSI Dennis Whitfield, President Franklin Worley, Vice-president Norman McKinney, Secretary Christopher Smith, Treasurer Charles Callihan, Pledge Trainer Glenn Barber, Rush Chairman Willa Hays, Sweetheart 302 mi m mm§ 7f 7f lim Adkins Gary Baldwin Glenn Barber Chip Barefield Herbert Bond Daniel Brock Bud Brown Warren Burgess Charlie Callihan John Campbell Hal Chambless Don Coffey Lee Cook Tedd Cook Bill Cooper Price Corr Bob Dailey Robert Dristeh David Dukes Wesley Dunn Dougles Farman David Franklin Charlton Griffin Harvey Hays Frank Hinds Thomas Johnson David Kelley John Kilmer Wayne Lester Norman McKinney John McRee Charles Mitchell Bud Morris Rusty Morris LaFayetle Nix Vaughn Padgett Bill Parks Kenneth Peters Steve Proctor Harry Rice Ronald Roberts Keith Rollins Bubba Schlader Buddy Shrader Frederick Shroyer Ernest Sigler Thomas Simpson Christopher Smith Mills Smith Paul Smith Stuart Spencer John Sutton Gary Taylor Dennis Whitfield Ray Williams Frank Worley 303 DELTA CHI I.Tom Wells 2. Carlton Cash 3. Tom Farnell 4. Tom Pharis 5. T.J. 6. Danny Dunagan Vice-president 7. Charles DiNitale S.Greg Young 9. John Lowry 10. Bill Rickett 11. Kim Cody 12. Resident Freak 13. Billy Garrison 14. Al Krot IS.ValWebb 16. Philosopher 17. Jim Bridges 18. King Shaw President 19. Wesley Berry Secretary 20. Virginia Miller Sweetheart " Qsutt 304 5f, Xs r-v 5»4Jt S f Si ' «H 1 L J 1 H H 1 f I ' •»v 1 . _., »♦ " 21. WadeMcCuffey 22. Dick Ford 23. John Welch 24. Mike Redmond 25. Alex Tallentire 26. Steve Randall 27. Gary Giiikin Treasurer wm iU- DELTA TAU DELTA Russell Carlisle, President Mike Deal, Vice-president Hank Richardson, Secretary Kenneth Barbash, Treasurer Bertram Boley, Corresponding Secretary Charles Moore, Pledge Trainer Dianne Drake, Sweetheart 306 Sr-S ftSS Si U-S ! k£ i , M 1 Rick Allen Hugh Ansley Thomas Artelt Kenneth Barbash Bertram Boley Vincent Bond Larry Bowers Malcolm Burns Rusty Carlisle David Chatham Dennis Collier Scoit Coulter Michael Deal Jeffrey Cdmondson John Feltman Sanford Freeman David Furr Scott Hillory lack Hinchliffe Richard Howard Bob Izlar John Jeffcoat Gregory Jerkins Michael Kuhn Marlin Landry Sam Magruder James Martin Gene McCinty Charles Moore Jim Peeler Warren Philips Troy Pass Hank Richardson Bill Rogers Frank Savini Tim Sholar Harry Thompson August Thornton Corry Wilhoit ! 307 IP KAPPA ALPHA Andy Knox, President Bill Blanchard, Vice-president Malcolm Liles, Secretary Dexter Williams, Treasurer Dan Greene, Rush Chairman Charlotte Golden, Sweetheart 308 1 1 mm im miiM oml r i M as ;M1 1SM " 1 eilJ6 S L @ ' ' 9 ' ' H n Michael Arnold Tom Arnold William Baker John Beasley Gene Bishop Bill Blanchard William Boswetl Joseph Brannen William Brown David Bfumby James Cagle Wood Cole Stephen Coleman Robert Constantine Louie Curry Stan Defnall John Demere Robert Dickey L. M. Donovan Pete Dorlch H. T. Dudley Michael Duffey Dan Dunwoody Doc EIridge Robert Ellison James Ewing David Flanigan Robert Fortson Davidson Freeman Jimmy Fuller John Fuqua Dan Greene Robert Cunn Richard Hackney Sid Harper Calhoun Harris Philip Hester John Higgins Joe Hodgson Paul Hodgson Tom Hodgson Murphy Holloway Hoppy Hopkins William Jenkins Peter Jodice Charles Johnston Sieve Kendrick Andrew Knox W. Koningsmark Malcolm Liles David McRae Michael McRae Robert McRae Morgan Murray Henry Nelson Gary Nix Steve Owings Edwin Padgett Thomas Powell John Power Clark Price Rusty Purdy Mid Ramsey Tony Redding lohn Saffold John Sapp David Shell Daniel Slade Marion Smith Thomas Stacy Robert Stewart Frank Streiff Robert Stringer J.H.Tillman Edward Tolley Carl Westmoreland Dexter Williams Charles Williamson Robert Wilson Jay Witt William Wylie Hardeman Cod by 309 .L IBLr ' KAPPA SIGMA 1. Cleveland Goolsby 2. Bruce Shanks Vice-president 3. William Matthews 4. David Hooten 5. Holt Davis 6. Chuck Laubacher 7. Jim Peters 8. Bill Adams 9. Hamp Hart 10. Jim Matthews II.BobPridgen 12. Jimmy Dorsett Treasurer IB.WessNeal 14. Pete Pappas 15. Jim Sheffield 16. William Forehand 17. Asa Kelly 18. Jeff Yeager 19. Stan Sands 20. Noel Hendley 21.RobRinehart 22. Mike Hendley President 23. Steve Duncan 24. Ross Jackson 25. Becky Worthington Sweetheart 26. Rick Summers 27. Steve Mullins 28. Randy Fields 29. Randy Huber 30. Rusty Lawson 31. Randy Rankin 32. Paul Riddle Secretary 33. David Battle 34. Carroll Benson 35. Johnny Carroll 36. Edd Jones 37. David Murphy 38. Wayne Tamplin 39. Bert Campbell 40. Jody Terrell 41. Steve Arnold 42. Mac Bickerstaff 43. Robbie Graham 44. Mike Morris 45. Duke Shiver 310 til n k mi: ;mmm m ml leg iU LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Charles Wells, President Charles Coats, Vice-president James Whatley, Secretary Robert McCarthy, Treasurer Polly Pedrick, Sweetheart 312 WM: ' sim£i mii-m Ills jL3kia! Bill Atchison William Bales Robert Bernard S. C. Bentley David Bishop Frank Boggs Edgar Bohannon Larry Bowen Cecil Brown Michael Brown Russell Bryant Charles Buff ington David Burch Joseph Cannon MikeCarr Charlie Coats Leon Cotiini John Dalis Frank Dempsey Steve Dye Doug Earley Carl Ellington j.J. Fitzpatrick Al Flensing Michael Foley Benjy Folk George Coddard Richard Hanley Thomas Harrell William Hrlley Marvin Hopkins Steve Hurlbutt Edward Kenimer Jim Kennedy Charles La ngford Thomas Lanier Steve Ledbetter Dennis Lee Mike Leech Richard Lynott John Lott Mike McCarthy Ron McCarity Lamar Mealor Lane Miller George Mitchell William Morris Keith Oeike Danny Overstreet Dennis Parks Gabriel Perez J. Stewart Pittman Robert Price C.M.Raines Ed Redmon Jeffery Thomason William Thompson Graham Thorpe Mike Tiller Wade Tomtinson Charles Wells David Williamson T. V. Wilson Lou Wood 313 BU ' PHI DELTA THETA David Muschamp, President Richard Lewis, Vice-president Bobby Heath, Secretary Chauncey Battey, Treasurer Leann Petit, Sweetheart 314 m ' : mmMmmi m LitM m Bruce Agnew Frank Avant Chauncey Battey Brad Bosworth Michael Brown Lawrence Sutler Walter Burl Frank Carter W. P. Conroy Rick Curlin Wayne Dean Thomas Douglas Oliver Easlerlin Bucky Elliott Paul Elliott Gary Evans Larry Fricks C.W. Fry Bob Gardner lohnny Garth Fielding Gurley John Hambrick Greg Haynes Bobby Heath Michael James Kerlh Jerkins Ben Jernigan Bob Johnson David Jones Gene Lewis Richard Lewis John Little David Littlefield Clark Mann Sam McGinness Mac McKellar James Moore David Muschamp Steve Pope Robert Robbins Curt Robinson Harry Robinson Chel Rozier Stephen Rymer William Sartin Harvey Shepherd Chuck Slick Ewing Strang Bill Strolher Brad Turner Rick Vaughn Fred Webster Larry Williford Coot Wilson Fred White 315 PHI GAMMA DELTA 1. Steve Williams 2. George Henderson 3. Chuck Van Horn 4. Bill Thompson S.Jack Rives 6. Sam Richwine 7. Jeff Smith 8. Bill Pannell 9. John Beck 10. Matt Mitcham 11. Bubba Waters 12. Chris Cornwell 13. Jim Langford 14. Ray Paris 15. Glenn Williams 16. David Capallo 17. Steve Beard 18. Ralph Braswell 19. Bill McKenzie 20. Dasher Stewart 21. Alex Johnson 22. Gene Haley President 23. Bill Rowe Treasurer 24. Rob Ceer 25.MikeNellis 26. David Little 27. Brent Patrick 28. Randy Mozley 29. Tom Watson 30. Wayne High ass Alines iUm 316 wm mmtm 31. )im McKenzie 32. Bill Condon 33. Tom Melo 34. Kenny Smith 35. Gerald Applefield 36. JimPurcell 37. Gene Weeks 38. James Altenbach 39. Jim Powers Recording Secretary 1 BL PHI KAPPA TAU 1. Steve Elkins 2. John Ford 3. John Seager 4. Bubba Roper 5. Bill Tyre President 6. Steve Mills 7. Chuck Oxburn 8. Alan Parker 9. Fritz Wanner 10. Bill Cope 11. Mitchell Keith 12. Tommie Fuller 13. Don Crane 14. Phil Benefield 15. Mack Perry 16. Jack Dempsey 17. David Wallace 18. Mike Slover Treasurer to 318 m ' - i7 ! nM fmrnmrnrnti sm PHI KAPPA THETA 1. Randy Dunn 2. John Martin 3. Bob Piatt Secretary 4. Terry Newton 5. Al Hutchins 6. Bobby Forgue 7. Jerry Anthony S.Jerry Collins Vice-president 9. ErIcEdmundson 10. Wendy Barnes 11. Mark D ' Amato 12. Lanier Owen 13. Randy Carroll 14. Dave Pollack 15. Ken Stewart Treasurer 16. Lamar Bowen 17. BobTweedel 18. Steve Norton 19. Darrell Holcomb 20. Griff Ransom 21. Jim Garner 22. Dick Kilpatrick 23. Allen Grijggs 24. Roger Allen 25. Dave Manley 26. Mike Floyd 27. Bob Cocnran aion 320 msmmmm ! PI KAPPA ALPHA Eddie Smith, President Scott Carson, Vice-president Richard Turner, Secretary John Baily, Treasurer Marilyn Miller, Sweetheart i 322 SS?v MlSll f i ' HkJB m Bruce Akins Keith Allison Ralph Amoi Edwin Anderson John Andrews John Bailey Richard Bailey lames Benton Timothy Brands Paul Bullard Fred Byers Scolt Carson Ion Coleman Milton Crosswy Charles Dickson Timothy Estes lames Exell W. f , Cilmore William Gooden Michael Green William Hardman Donald Herring Bill Hewitt Andrew Hill Thomas Holder Michael Home Mike Isaac John Jackson Joseph Keith Michael Lanard Harry Lawter Bobby Luckie lames Lummos Michael Malone loe Mathews MiloMathis lames McPipkin joeMcPipkin Barry Milam Sam Morris Tommy Myers Ernest Nemes Robert O ' Connor loel Ostun David Pittman Jimmy Poulos Barry Pritchett Barry Ray David Reeves Jeff Rominger H. L. Rudy David Sammons John Seay Joseph Shearouse William Shearouse Edward Smith Thomas Smoak John Taylor Lee Taylor Raynrmnd Taylor Richard Turner Billy Varner Chip Wallace JeH Weekly lere Wood Douglas Wray David Young 323 Buu - PI KAPPA PHI Roy Maddox, President Hugh Maddux, Secretary Nick Vansant, Treasurer Steve Jordan, Warden SkipGuilliams, Historian Mary Rowland, Sweetheart 324 Ka .■ " ) « i I Richard Arnold Glenn Barton Joseph Barton Bill Bosworth Frank Bowen Stanley Brackin Gene Brooks John Childs Art Cummings Rick Curtis Reedy David Gary Davis Jimmy Davis Tommy Davis Edgar English SkipGuilliams Scoti Hardin Sterling Harris Dee Hewitt Terold Hogue William Huggins Greg Jernigan Steve Jordan Don Kelly John Lanigan Gene Lot( Neal MacFadden Pete Martin Roy Maddox Hugh Maddux Steve McCamy Doug McCurry Joseph McWhorter Charles Munhall Christopher Nielsen Charles Nunez John Pearce Robert Penland Doug Ratliff Greg Roberson Chris Savage Tom Schulte Ed Shelton Ashley Shomaker Steven Skowronski lack Slover Butch Strickland Pat Swindall Micheal Trouche Nick Vansant Daryl Walker Joe Williams William Whorton 325 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON David Everett, President Richard Waddell, Vice-president Steve Brown, Secretary Al Pearson, Treasurer Cheryl McDavid, Sweetheart F 326 m mm m S22flM SM3 HSEllIt f 4 1 .la . Porter Adams Lart Altman Robert Andrews Mick Anderson Bruce Avery William Badger Bernard Bailey Emmett Barnes Maurice Barnett Charles Barron Randy Bates Stephen Brown Bucky Carithers Thomas Carswell John Chafin Sam Chapman Randy Chew Bud Clarke Sporty Cordell Ken Crenshaw Robert Cunningham Tommy David Peter Dunning John Elder Reggie Erwin Robert Evans David Everett losiah Flournoy Arthur Flowers F. D. Foley Miles Cammage Freddy Garner George Garrison Dixon Glover Robert Glover Clark Gore Robert Groover JohnGurley John Hall Bob Hardeman Tim Harris Thomas Hart Andrew Head Brian Henry Samuel Hewlett Richard Higgns Harris Mines Henry Hopkins Edgar Horn Dozier Howard ]. W. Hughes ]ohn Hunnicutt Raymond Jones Ralph Lankford William Leebern Frank Martin Roy Massey Bates McCutcheon Hubie McCutcheon James McDonald Ben McElreath Russell Meers Christopher Mellon lames Mitchell Travers Paine John Patterson A I Pearson Patrick Perry Laurence Powell Ed Roddenberrg Charles Russell Robert Russell Thomas Rybert Stan Salterfield John Shingler Buzzy Spivey John Craig Stone Skeet Strickland Charlie Strong Dirk Thomas Jack Thompson Tom Traves Tommy Turrenline Bert Upshaw Richard Waddell Clyde Wilkins Bryant Williamson Stephen Williams Thomas Wills W. C. WooHolk 327 SIGMA CHI 1. Eli Karatassos 2. Scott Owens President 3. Jim Watrous 4. Coleman Goodrich Vice-president 5. Richard Hunter 6. Roland Daniel 7. Jack Kent 8. VicKohler 9. Alan Anderson 10. Ricky Millines 11. Randy Pace 12. Lofton Odum 13. Randy Jackson 14.GaryBirchall 15. RudyClisson 16. Keith Brady 17. David Frost 18. Lawrence Atkinson 19. BobGaskins 20. Ray Nelson 21. Dan Stephens 22. Tom Neal 23. Shad Steadman 24. Ben Porter 25. Danny Taylor 26. Gene Williams 27. Robert Hunter 28. Henry Walker 29. Byron Camp Treasurer 30. G.W.Johnson 31. Johnny Wynne 32. Lanny Bolmg 33. John Nunn 328 iis?sfe Shall SieaiiKU " hMHunlc iKtfCVV aw. " " 34. Gregg Mautz 35. Wayne Goodin 36. Earl Rogers 37. Robbin Arnold Sweetheart 38. Eddie Foy 39. Billy Hale 40. Edaie Brown 41. Buzzy Kidd 42. lohnny Baker 43. Richard Martin 44. Jeff Allen IW«Mfa.s. SIGMA NU James Reynolds, President Curt Boren, Vice-president Bobby Jordan, Treasurer Carl Vann, Secretary Cindy Cutler, Sweetheart 330 m ' isms m i m S?lf [fsaijiss ! Q (9 ais " 4iMm Danny Amos Richxrd Seacham Gordon Elell William Bozeman Curt Boren Danny Burroughs Stephen Calvin Harold Causey Robert Causey Johnny Cobb Billy Cocker Peter Conlow Dennis Crews Jim Curlington lames Davis William Fosher David Fry Greg Creenway Douglas Hall George Hayes Keys Hayes Wayne Hogan Dewey Holland Steve Holliday Strickland Holloway lerone lackson |im tohnson Mikelohnson Robert lordan Dennis Kornef Collin Lockfield Ron Lowry Rich Marino Henry Martin Randy McAurthur Craig McCrary Michael McEver Richard McGarrah Patrick Mclnleer John McKinley lackson McNeese lames Minchew Tom Moore lohn Moseley |ohn Murphy Tommy Nail Bob Pittard Bobby Poss Lewis Powell Roy Powell Kenneth Pyles Jamie Reynolds Robert Richards limmy Richerson Timothy Ridgeway Virgil Ross Rich Seaton William Shiver James Smith Perry Smith Rick Spitzmilter Brother Stewart Alex Steed George Thorne William Tidwetl Thomas Van Camp CarlVann Michael Vernon Hiram Webb Allen Whipple Kelley Wingate Trip Yarborough 331 SIGMA PHI EPSILON I.June Phillips 2. Bob Cosgrove 3. Mike Hammond 4. KristI Bonner 5. Steve Bramblett 6. Sue Aker 8. Kelly Browning 9. Lisa Bonner 10. Carol Mauldin 11.J. P.GIenkey 12. MikeOtts 13. Chuck Ewing 14. Max Bumgardner 16. Ray Stanford 17. Chris Folger 18. Doug Rhodes 19. Phil Chambless 20. Steve Anderson 21. Billy Medbery 22. Robert Fincher Secretary 23. Billy Kane 24. Greg Fowler 25. Kristi Bonner 26. Buddy Keller Controller 332 wwmmosfmL ' iim ■ ' ■ -- -• ' ■ " ' ■ -•■ -- - ■- -- ' :r SIGMA PI I I Brad Hull, President Jeff Ingram, Vice-president Tom Lamb, Secretary Billy Carmichael, Treasurer Elsie Lowe, Sweetheart 334 " WK - tS Johnny Ashley Mitchell Balle Phil Beegh Charles Bonner Bob Brady Dennis Burton William Byrd Richard Calhoun Johnny Campbell William Carmichael Louie Cason Michael Casper Michael Cassidy Jim Cox Richard Cronic Bill Denny Bruce Dubbert Marion Dunn A. D. Eyier MikeFarrell Alan Greene Mark Hall Charles Hand Tap Harwell Richard Haysiett Lawrence Head Mark Howell Daniel Hughes Richard Huie Brad Hull Jeff Ingram Gary Johnson Von Johnson Walton Johnson Keith Jones Robert Killian Hayne Lamar Tom Lamb Bill Lovett Tommy Luke Barry Lusk Bill Miller Pat Monroe Donald McCinly Lee Osborne Gary Paulson Feo Rodriguez Danny Ross Johnny Rowland Charles Schwa be Janws Shrrer Ed Shaw Charles Siler Mike Sleeth Donald Smith Larry Tiller Thomas Waldrep Tommy Waldrop David Walker Forrest Walker Steve Warrell 335 uif xr " " TAUEPSILONPHI Gene Senator, President David Fox, Vice-president Randall Rockwitt, Secretary Charles Sussman, Treasurer Myra Shapiro, Sweetheart 336 3mr ' »:m mmii- m MIM Herb Abroms Charles Allen Sieve Baras Scott Bayme Gene Senator )ohn Bernstein Gregory Blumberg Todd Blumenfeld Gary Bogo David Borenstein Samuel Christopher RonFerrazzudo Fred Fisher Kenneth Fleishna David Fox Louts Friedman David Garf inkel Bruce Gillen David Gould Stuart Graetz Douglas Green Steve Haskins Lyons Heyman Harry Housen Gary Jaeger Richard Koniansky Jeff Kessler Arnold Kirschman Harold Kornblut David Kulbersh Michael Lefkove Andrew Levtnson Barry Lourie Albert Low Michael Mischwer Barry Mitzner Harris Nathan Ivan Neil Howard Perlow Earl Pollock David Popowski William Pories Marvin Price Michael Reiner leffrey Reyner Randall Rockwitt Bob Rosenfeld Alan Shiver Alan Siegel Charles Sussman Steven Tobin Mitchell Tovart Gary Udinsky Robert Weston 337 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 1. Steve Edwards 2. Larry Edwards 3. Roger Ward 4. John Weems 5. Ken Demmons 6. Ray Grant 7. )onn danker 8. Tommy Taylor 9. Jim Hopkins 10. Steve Gibson Vice-president 11. David Gillon 12. Bobby Lindley 13. H. T. Weaver 14. Jack Hancock President 15. Corky Jewel 16. Mike Greene 17. Mark Hopkins 18. Randy Brittain 19. JimKeifer 20. Ted Padgett 21. Steve Baker 22. Craig Fowler 23. VanBanke 24. Danny Bergsteiner 25. Debbie Stewart Sweetheart 26. John Bemby 27. Lee Sweat 28. Nelson Tomblin Treasurer 29. Bruce Brown 30. Tom Davis 31. Herb Barnes 32. Toby Harris 33. Joey Clark 34. Troyce Jackson 35. Randy Powers 36. Kent Lester 338 -« )« ijf ti as 37. John Powell with Ralph 38. Phil Holcombe 39. John Varner 40. Eddie Welborn 41. Omar Najjar 42. David Langston 43. Scott Hayes 44. Tim Davis 45. Wyndel Peacock 46. Art Ryder 47. Mike Wright 48. Alan Najjar ■■ H HH H H m H H H ■ r ' 1 m m) ff% } A J X j i 1 I 1 ( f I vT T 1 .J i ij ' k « m m J i i Am lH i 1 m §■1 M ■ fl THETA CHI Ed Dunbar, President Jimnny Jones, Vice-president Kran Riddle, Secretary Jimmy Stewart, Treasurer Woody Daniel, Pledge Marshal Beth Kergosien, Sweetheart I- 340 mm m i m " ieni lenl utef eart PlMll Doug Adams Pele Adams Cat Andrews David Bentley Logan Boss Douglas Brooks Jerry Buchanan Joseph Chambers Lucky Chandler Paul Conlon Donald Conner Woodrow Daniel Joel Driggers Steve Drury Eddy Dunbar Richard Flood Robert Foltz Mel Frazier R.F.Gambill Frank Ciuliano Edward Grand is Thomas Grantz Ray HIaman Scooter Harrington A. A. Hirst Jimmy Jones Edwin Keen Arnold Kellos Danny Kirtland Henry Long Bill Maddox Coe Magruder Eugene Martin John Martin Kem Martin William Martin I. Meetes Gary Michalic lohnMcBrrde Arch McGarity James Mcknight ). L. McMillan Hugh Pearson Roy Peters Henry Price Kran Riddle Steve Sanf ratelto Jimmy Shuman Bruce Smith Jack Smith David Sommerlin James Stewart Kurl Ungar Michael Vaughn Larry Walker Robbie Walter James Wink Robert Womack 341 I s -_ n GRADUATE SCHOOL Daniel Aamoth Marc Ackerman Bob Addleton Samir Akruk Randall Albea Adrlenne Anderson lames Autry Linda Bankson Randy Bates Clifton Baxter Brenda Beasley Phillip Benefield Ernest Bettey Jo Ann Beyer Sister R. Birchem Haley Blanchard Janice Bollinger Vickie Bowen Anita Bozardt Sarah Bradford Harriet Brannon R. A. Brannon Linda Brogdon Rex Brown Stewart Brown William Brown Malcolm Burns Bob Butler James Cagle James Cannon Rusty Carlisle Clifford Carman Michael Casper Mary Cebik Hsiao-Lan Chang Kun-Yu Chang Lewis Chang Laura Clements Price Corr Robert Crout Aubrey Currie Elizabeth Dale John Dale John Danhorst Wanda Daniel DmKarini Das Adhir Datta Arthur DeArmond Becky Dennard Sarah Dennard Arvind Dhruv George Dickerson Buddy Dillard Jo Patra Donovant Ben Dupree Jeffrey Edmondson Stacy Edwards Cynthia Eggleston H. C. Erwin Sharon Erwin William Ezzard Homayoon Farzadegan Robert Fauver James Fleming Mike Florence Charlie Gatlin Alan Gershowitz JohnGlaser Sceva Glenn George Giacobbe Prisicilla Grant Linda Green William Green Peggy Grier Wanda Grogan Albert Haack Barbara Hale Jay Halpern Ken Hansing Cheryl Hardwick wmM mm Judith Harper Charles Hawkins lane Hayes Dennis Henry William Highlander lames Holcombe Murphy Holloway William Holloway John Hunnicutt Peter Hwang Boblzlar Betty James Janie Johnson Raye Johnson Herman Kieth LydiaKilgore Carlton Kitchens Harvey Klein W. Koningsmark Ralph Knight Martin Landry Robert Largen Norman Layne Francis Lewis Kathryn Long Douglas Lundell Ray Maddox John Marshall Ben Martin Bill Martin James Martin John Martin Sharron Mays Virginia McChesney Rebecca McCrary Barry Mitznor Charles Moore Harold Morris Sheridan Morris Charles Munhall Ernest Nemes Connie Nicholson Marcus Nobles Diane Nunnelly Betty O ' Hearn Robert O ' Kelley Patrick O ' Neil Eui-Hyun Paik Jim Peeler W. F. Pohl - Joseph Porter Ann Powell Claudia Ramsay Dharam Rana lack Randall William Rhodes Elizabeth Rigsby Prudence Robertson David Rogers Jenell Rogers Stephen Rogers Tina Rogers Robert Rowell Phil Sanderlin Kay Scott John Scoville William Shearouse Jimmy Sheriff Buddy Shrader Mack Sloan Mark Smith Mary Smith Dennis So se bee Pamela Spence Stuart Spencer Joann Spencer limStallard Laila Stino Maher Stino David Sommerlin Gary Sweetin Harold Terry Martin Terrls Rob Thomson Edward Tolley Terry Turner Kamendv Vasavada Henry Wall B. ' Gayle Ward Emory Warrick Wayne Watson Edward Way Catherine Weeks Francis Wen Claudia Whaley Grayson White Ruth Whitlow William Whorton Robert Williams Linda Wilkes Dianne Wimberly Ronald Womack Gary Wood Jere Wood S. S. Yadav Chang Yen PHARMACY SCHOOL Paul Bleckley Ralph Bowers Jim Braziel Bob Brown Danny Brown Danny Burroughs Susan Cameron Emile Carr Lisa Cecchini John Chafin Joseph Clay Sporty Cordell Joyce Courier Grant Dooley Deborah Dowling Betty Durham Robert Dwornik John Ellington Linda Erwin Kelly Farmer Joey Fievet GenaGladIn Andrew Coins Emory Griffin William Hall Dan Klarris Mabry Herndon William hiester Raymond Hickman Arthur Hill Edward Hill Richard Howard Henry Jew Robert Johnston Robert Jones Roger Jordan Lon Lewis Michaelo Lo James Wilson Thomas Mansfield Jimmy Maxwell John McManus Teresa McVeigh Donald Miller Larry Miller Richard Morgan Russell Morris Ricki Oliver Bobby Orp Sharon Parker Joe Price Jerry Purcell Sonya Reagin Vernon Reddish Willie Reed Robert Richardson ii mmmmmm m William Rivers Robert Roddenberry lames Sammons Jerry Smith Samee Smith lames Stansell Donald Stiles Willie Still Jim Stowe Gary Tapp David Tharp Roger Thomas James Tucker Tommy Vickers Bob Ward R. Mitchell Ward Roger Wells John White Victoria White Matt Wise John Wynne SENIORS COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE John Andrews Johnnie Arnold David Aspinwall Mitch Avent Andrew Avery Ronald Baer Jack Barnes James Barnes Bill Bassett William Bell Leo Berube John Betts Sonny Bond David Bradly James Bramblett Paul Bullard James Burns Cecil Campbell John Coyne Jim Chapman Dennis Clarke Craig Daughtry Jefferson Davis James Day Jimmy Donaldson Sidney Durham Stephen Durnin James Fennell Chris Fievet Charlie Gardner Frank Gilleland RicGleason Frederick Goldman Charlie Graham Jimmy Greene David Griggs Edward Gross Keith Hamilton Russell Harrell David hiatcher Charles Hall John Heath Clifford Hopkins James Howard Johnny Jenkins Larry Johns Jerry Johnson William Johnson T Delores Kunze Robert Larson Thomas Lott George Lee Robert Linnertz Donald Lloyd Charles Logan Chappell Long Ronald Lovell Darrell Lowrey William Mansling Steve Maxwell Dale McWhorter William Messina Sam Miller Garland Moon Sam Morton Frederick Oelschig Sidney O ' Steen Michael Parten A I Pearson Michael Pejsach John Piedilato William Poole Philip Potts Daniel Powell Terry Queen Wingard Rahn Gary Ready Rodney Reese Eric RIchman Clara Robinson Richard Rogers Danny Rossman Kathy Seabolt Alford Shanklin Gerald Sheridan Harry Sims Robert Smiley Randal Smith Sam Smith Harry Thompson John Tiller Gail Tilton Ed Walton Norman Watson Ralph Watson Charles Westbrook Larry Wheeler Donald Wilburn Bill Wilkins Charles Williams Tom Williams James Willis Walter Wills John Worley Betty Young COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Craig Adair Lewis Addison Jim Adkins J.H.Aiken Cissy Alexander Bruce Allen Charles Allen Donna Allgood Ches Alper David Alper Mary Altvater Chuck Anderson Mick Anderson Richard Arp Bruce Avery Mary Askew Peggy Bacon Deborah Bailey Sheila Baldwin UMlil fiiTkifs Barbara Barabe Beverly Barnard Wendell Barnes Walter Barrow Jane Barton Danny Bass Richard Bass Betsy Bateman D. Bates Terry Baucom Meredith Beck Mary Bercegeay Mary Berg Gerald Michael Emily Blackwood lanet Blalock Kirk Bond John Bondurant Sandra Bouldin William Bowden Betty Bowen Bonnie Bower Olin Boyd Angie Brackett P. L. Bradly Trudy Brandau Ralph Braswell Skip Bray Carmencita Breitschwerdt )oe Brewer Gerald Briggs Mary Britton Nancy Brooks Dwight Brown Mary Brumby Seth Bryant Bonnie Bullock John Burel David Burnett Dick Burrell Barbara Bush Walter Bush Bobbie Byram Edea Caldwell John Campbell Claudia Carlton Caren Carmichael Mary Carves Mike Carr • Chuck Carson Larry Carson Angela Carter Michael Cassidy Richard Chadburn Donald Chandler Edward Chandler Sam Chapman Cliff Chappell Randy Chew Jerry Christenson Judy Clark Gregory Clarkston Maynard Cliff Sarah Cobb Nancy Cole Jon Coleman Dennis Collier Carolyn Collins JillCollinson William Collyer Melinda Combs Bill Condon Robert Constantine Regina Cook William Cook Carol Cooley Sharon Coombs Elaine Cooper Donald Crane Kathleen Crawley Becky Cronister Casserandia Crouch George Crowley W. C. Curry Amy Darden Allen Davis Ann Davis Kimsey Davis Sharon Davis Susan Davis Tommy Davis Rita Dawson Vicky Deakins William Decker Richard Deery John Demere Cookie Dennison )im Dodson David Donelson L. M. Donovan Deidre Doyle Richard Drekei Ronald DuBose Carol Duke Mark duMas James Dunning Lynn Dwornik Vivian Easier Oliver Easterlin Bruce Edwards Vicki Elder LynnElkins Connie Euer Micheal English Carol Etheridge John Feltman Pat Fitzhugh Lane Fitzpatrick Kenneth Fleishner Ester Fleming Linda Fleming Mary Floyd Linda Fogel Gloria Fortenberry Robert Fortson John Fowler Patrick Fox John Erase Joey Freeman BrendaCannam Jim Garner George Garrison Jane Carver Patricia Gaston JanisGatlin Tommy Gibbs Lane Giddens Laura Gillespie Carole Gilstrap Anne Goldsworthy Gilda Gomez David Gordon Joe Gordon Margaret Gorley Sharon Goss Edward Grandis Cathy Grant Margaret Cray Mary Green Laura Greer Ginger Griffin Bernard Grozine Linda Cuenther Theodore Cuerrant Joyce Hackney Helen Hadley Nancy Hadsell Becky Hale Eric Hale Charles Hall John Hambrick Nancy Harder William Hardman Gayle Harison Karen Harman Diane Harris Carl William Carol Hawkins Helen Haynes Jack Heldt Jane Helms Rosemary Henderson Victor Henderson Bob Hendricks Katie Hicks Peggy Hicks BBK)) ' Mona Hickson Thomas Highsmith Frank Hill Kathleen Hill Mary Hlller Mary Hilliard Frank Hinds Kathy Hines Hal Hinesley Michael Hobbs Linda Hobgood Laurie Hoffman Leo Holahan Wanda Holley Richard Hollinger Brenda Holloman Jill Holmer Linda Hopkins John Hoselton Chrys Houck Dianne Howard Mark Howell John Hudson Mickey Hudson Diane Hughes Gregory Hughes Ed Hullender John Hundley Paul Hunt Barbara Hunter Alan Huong Bob Hurley Frances Hutcheson B. A. Hutchison Alan Huth Camilla Hyden Betsy Irby David Ivey Mark Ivey Joanne Jackson Annette James Carol James Bob Johnson Jane Johnson Jeffery Johnson Raymond Jones Tom Johnson Don Jolley David Jones Jan Jones Judi Jones Elizabeth Jordan Harry Jordan Janet Jordan Robert Jorns Edwin Justice Jeff Kass Joyce Keller Nancy Kent Ralph Kerr Candy Kidd DindyKilgore Wayne Kimberly David Kirkpatrick James Kitchens Terry Knight Andrea Kopp David Kulbersh Gloria Langford Linda Lanier Judith Lantzy Lois Latham Cathy Lee William Leebern John Leggett Alma Lewis Mary Lewis Myron Lewis Kathryn Lillethun Joel Lindemann Gregory Lindquist John Lindsey Anne Livsey Donna Long Michael Loomis Thomas Lowry William Loyd Robert Lytle Sonja Maddox Bill Maddox Donna Maleske James Malone Allison Massey Roy Massey Susan Mastin Patti Mathes Susan Matheson Alice Mathewson Mary May Randy McArthur Tom McBrayer Doris McCowen Gene McBinty Karen McDaniel C.K. McKellar MacMcKellas Phil McKenzie Mickey McKinney Robbie McLeod Cynn McMinn Margaret McPherson Marna McQuinn Robert McRae Virginia McRae Connie Mears J. Meetes Salliann Messenger Fred Miles Larry Miller Marie Miller Nancy Miller Patti Miller Noelle Mills John Mimbs James Minchew Kathi Misenhamer James Mitas Andrew Mitchell June Moncrief Warren Moncrief James Moore Linda Moore Richard Moore Janet Morris John Morris John Mullins Deborah Munroe John Murphy Carole Nash Robert Ogletree Lee Osborne Martin O ' Toole Lally Packman Karyn Page Michael Paget Travers Paine Dorothea Patrick Jerry Payne Susan Pearce Katie Pedrick James Perry Katie Phelps Mark Plotkin Diane Politi David Popowski Jo Poss Troy Poss Lewis Powell Nora Powers Edwin Price James Proctor Cynthia Radcliff Terri Randall Joyce Raper Barry Ray Harold Reeves Sally Reeves Marith Reheis Betsy Rehm Paula Reid Janice Reisman Wendy Reyner John Richardson Laura Richbourg Robin Rifter Ruth Rivera ft A % kfl ' m . f (:■ ' Ricki Robbins Mimsie Roberts June Robertson Sharon Robertson Becca Roddenberry Fee Rodriguez Claudia Rodgers Sheryl Rogers Jeff Rominger Linda Rowley Debbie Ruffin John Rushing Marilyn Sabus William Sartin Michael Sherer TootsieSchoultz Connie Schuize John Seddon Dianne Sellers Betsy Sewell Janice Shaffer Eddie Shaw Dudley Shew Fredrick Shroyer E. D. Sikes Charles Siler Holmes Simons Phyllis Sims Ronald Sims Terry Singletary Shirley Singleton Jack Slover Anita Smith Donald Smith Gayle Smith Hansell Smith lack Smith James Smith Susan Smith Nell Solms Libba Sparrow Leslie Springle Kathi Steed Alfred Steller Caroline Sterns Larry Stine J. E. Stokes Terrance Sullivan Barbara Susemihl Anthony Swanson Marianna Swift Pat Swindall Samille Swinson George Taylor Van Taylor Steven Teate Terry Thomas Angela Thompson C. L. Thompson Drury Thompson Harry Thompson Susie Thrasher Martha Thwzite AnnTillery Carl Tomberlin Larry Townsord Claudia Trammell David Trout Houston Tucker Tom Tune Danny Turner Charles Tuttle Donna Upshaw Mary Vandiver Margaret Verell Lucy Vidal Joyce Waits Charles Walker Deborah Walker Wendy Wall Margaret Walton Janice Ward Gayle Ware Kara Waters Tom Waters Steve Watson Marianne Wilson Rachel Watt ■ ' " • m m amm -. Patricia Welborn D.A.Wells Linda West lames Whatley Homer Whelchel Claude White Richard White Susie White )oe Whitley Sally Wiley Mary Williams Ray Williams Robert Williams Stephen Williams Faye Willingham Gary Wilson Marsha Wilson Micheal Wilson R.W.Wilson Robin Wilson Marion Wingfield Edward Winn Susan Withington Carol Wood Sandra Woodall Ellen Wright Earline Wrinkle Marie Wuesfenberg William Wylie Marion Yao Karen Ziegenfuss Cynthia Ziegler COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Robert Aaron Miley Adams Porter Adams Taylor Adams Bruce Akins Tom Allegood Calvin Allen Suzanne Allen Keith Allison Nancy Andrews Tom Appelt Susan Aspinwall Allen Atkins David Atkinson Lawrence Atkinson Bruce Aycock William Badger David Baggett William Baker Kenneth Barbash Glenn Barber Glenn Barton Joseph Barton J. A. Battle R. C. Baxley Carolyn Baylor Steve Berryman Robert Blackburn Micheal Blackwell Mike Bloodworth J. D. Boardman Sarah Boddiford Frank Boggs Vincent Bond Micheal Boone William Boswell David Bowman Tommy Boydston Timothy Brand Larry Brandon John Branyan James Brewer James Brinson D. W. Brown Larry Brown Micheal Brown M. T. Brown Susan Brown l£i f -L m. .■■ ' ■ ' :ii Russell Bryant Max Bumgardner Lee Bundrick Walter Burt Beverly Butler Frank Butler Lee B. Butler William Byrd Johnny Campbell Loyd Campbell Joseph Cannon Russell Carlisle Thomas Carswell Harold Carter Paul Carter Thomas Carter Walter Carter Louie Cason Glenn Champion David Chatham Ronnie Cheeley John Childs Johnny Cobb Charles Cauley Bud Clarke Robert demons Tom Cloud Charlie Coats Calvin Cobb Cecil L. Collins Kenneth Collins William Collins Curtis Colwell Clark Cooper Larry Cooper Phillip Corbett Jim Cox George Crawford Lamar Crawley Ken Crenshaw Dennis Crews Jim Crews Robert Crews Richard Crighton Richard Cronic Milton Crosswy Michael Compton Louie Curry Gary Daitch Bonnie Daniel Danny Daniel Stanley Darnell Tommy David Hoyt Davis Mark Davis William Day Michael Deal Don Dodson Terry Dollar David Dorsey Pete Dortch Richard Downing Frank Drewry Stephen Dungcan Marion Dunn Ronald W. Durst D. L. Dutson Doug Earley James Echols John Elder Sallie Ellen Carl Ellington Bucky Elliot Debby England Samuel Eskew William Eubank Harrison Eubanks David Everett Martin Eusner John Fain Mike Farrell Robert Filler Russell Finland Byron Finn J.J. Fitzpatrick Carol Fleendr James Fleischman Leonard Fletcher Arthur Flowers Michael Floyd F. D. Foley G. R. Forehand David Franklin Charles Frost Carolyne Frowein Tom Fuller David Furr John Fuqua James Gamble James Garrison BobGaskins David Gentry James Gibson Steve Gibson Stephen Ginn Dixon Glover Gene Clover Rkhard Glover Edward Goldberg DougColdfarb Robert Goocher Edward Goss Ronnie Grace WallyGramling Alan Greene Bill Griffin Peggy Cude Eugene Haley Mark Hall Walter Hall Larry Hallford J. E. Hanger Bob Hardeman Sid Harper Tom Harper Edward Harris Edward Harrison William Harton Don Havenstein Keys Hayes York Hayes Greg Haynes Harvey Hays Richard Hayslett Alvin Henderson Barry Henderson Mkrhael Hendley Bill Hewitt Dee Hewitt James Hicks Delicia Hill William Hilley Harris Hines A. A. Hirst Janice Hobbs George Hodges Wayne Hogan Jack Hogue Darrell Holcomb Sharon Holliday Marvin Hopkins Darrell Hopson Stephen Horan Bruce Hornik John Hudson Betty Huey Paul Huling C. H. Hunnilutt Steven Hunt R.L. Hunter P. D. Hutchens Johnny Irvin John Jacketti Jim Jackson Edward Jeanes Kim Jennison Keith Jerkins Beverly Johnson Bob Johnson Charlie Johnson Frank Johnson Hal Johnson Jim Johnson Marshall Jones Benjamin Jones Benjie Jones " ?1,W W " ' i " i M. h ir i vmiiWi si m:-u:m ' H Jimmy Jones Judith Jones Jerrell Jordan Steve Jordan Terrell Jordan David Kelley Don Kelley Jack Kent S. D. Kent Richard Kilpatrlck Deborah Kirkland Edward Kletzky Debbie Knight Andrew Knox Dale Kreutter R. W. Kienes William Lam Faye Lamhut Barbara Land Willie Land Harold Langston Hank Lanier John Lanigan Susan Lasseter Bobby Lawson Steve Ledbetter Dennis Lee Judy Lee Wayne Lester Malcolm Liles Gary Lindsey Jan Lindsey Lewis Lindsey David Littlefield Billy D. Longino Philip Lord William Lott Bill Lovett Albert Low Ron Lowry Tommy Luke Joseph Lyies Susan Lynch Charles MacDowell Neal MacFadden Roy Maddox Charles Maley Charles Maley J.K. Malone B. B. Magun Dale Martin JanMashburn GregMautz James McCain Steve McCamy D. M. McClelland Steve McClung Bates McCutcheon Steve McEver J. P. McGoldrick Nancy McGuire Patrick Mcinteer Kennith McLeod John McRee W. A. McWilliams Dokali Magharief John Michels Deborah Middleton Pete Middleton Susan Miles Bill Miller Shelley Miller Kenneth Minor Ken Mitchell Cary Monroe Abisail Montalvo Tim Morris W. B. Morse Judson Mall Steven Mullins Lyman Munson Kent Murray David Muschamp Jan Myers Paul Neese Larry Nichols Paula Nickerson Christopher Nielsen Gary Nix Mike Oakes Bucky Oakes John O ' Keefe Celia Otwell Idwal Owens James Owen Scott Owens Robert Pailet Lamar Paris Bill Parks Dennis Parks Robert Patterson Gary Paulson Robert Penland William Peppers Michael Perling Patrick Perry Sherror Perry John Pesterfield Richard Piazza William Pinson John Pipkin Earl Pollock Fred Posey James Powers John Pridgen Robert Pridgen Darrel Rudcllffe Griffin Ransom Pam Renfro Roger Riddle Robert Robbins Ronald Roberts Rose Robinson Gail Rogers William Rogers P.J. Rosenbaum Bob Rosenfeld Chet Rozier Frank Sauni John Seager Steve Segrest David Shell Earl Shipley James Shirer Myron Shmukier Ed Show C. R. Simons Wayne Sirmons Steven Skowronski Mike Sleth Michael Slover Craig Smith Gary Smith Harvey Smith Reggie Smith Wilburn Smith Cameron Smoak Arthur Spurlock Bruce Stefansen Burt Stein Harry Stephenson James Stewart Ken Stewart John Stone Robert Stovall Richard Strasser Butch Strickland Brent Styan C. W. Suggs Wayne Tamplin John Taylor Elizabeth TeSelle J. L. Tetrault Mickey Tharpe Tom Thompson Kenneth Thompson Mary Thompson Philip Thompson William Thompson William Thompson Tommy Thompson W.T.Thompson Graham Thorpe Freddy Thrasher Sheila Tippin John Trice • IL mm mmmM Bob Tritf Richard Turner Tommy Turrenfine Robert Tweedel I Guy Tyler William Tyre Harold Vickers Richard Waddell William Walker Susan Wallace David Wallace Roger Ward Charles Waters Donald Watson Houston Weaver John Weems Albert Whaley Dixon White Jim Whitley Ben Whittle Eddie Wiezonk Thomas Wigley Pat Williams James Williamson James Willis Smith Wilson Thomas Willson James Winn Charlie Womble Lou Wood Glen Wood Jeff Wood Richard Woodruff Joel Wooten Mike Wright ' SlSS COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Mae Annandale Beverly Appelt Katherine Arrington Wanda Arthur Gail Bailey Patricia Bailey Peggy Balkcom Kitty Ball Linda Ball Nancy Barnes Emily Barnhill Beverly Barr Sandra Barton Barbara Batchelor Janice Bateman Robert Bean Barbara Beckham Janet Bell Carol Blalock Linda Blalock Anne Blanchard Ellen Blum Edgar Bohannon Margaret Bostick Mary Boswell Becky Bowers Dede Boyd Robert Boyd Kathy Boynton Mary Bradford Nita Bramlett William Brandon Kendall Brantley Peggy Braungart David Brewer Joy Bridgen Cindy Brown Sandra Brownlee Brock Buchanan Penny Harper Bonnie Bullard Rosemary Bundrick Thomas Surge Bonnie Bush Lavern Butler Susan Byars Mary Cain Diane Caldwell Harriett Cannon Kay Cannon Sallie Capers Scott Carson Linda Carter Nancy Carter Linda Casden Cayle Chandler Karen Clark Elaine Clay Susan Clayton Laura Cole Ginger Coley Cathy Colquitt Patricia Conger Bernlce Cooke Dianne Cooper Nancy Coyne Oriska Crawley Sally Crumley Cheryl Culberson Flossie Cunningham LizCurrie Cynthia Cutler Fran Dashiell Deborah Davenport Lee Davenport Reedy David Patricia Davidson Janice Davis Michael Dawkins Karen Daws Waylon Day Mary Dietrich Diane Drake Sally Eaton Judy Edenfield Anne Edmond Maxine Ensley Constance Epiin Al Epting Linda Estrumse David Evans Marilyn Evans Kathlynn Fadely Susan Fields Suzanne Floersheim Karen Ford Marilyn Fountain Carolyn Fowler Beth Freeman Donna Fulford Jimmy Fuller Nancy Futrelle Cecilia Galiani Caroleta Garrett Ronnie Garrison Betty Gaston Nancy Gerson Barbie Ginn Cathy Glover Carole Godbee Margaret Godbee Marena Godwin Fran Golcman Ellen Goldberg Charlotte Gorden Laura Goodyear Penny Coolsby Katherine Gorman Jill Grant Mary Grant Linda Green Steven Greene Rita Greer Peggy Griffin Elaine Guillebeau Frederick Haas Carolyn Hall Beth Harber e mm smmm Jane Harrell Kathy Harrell Sherrell Harrell Frieda Hartline Jill Haskins Christy Hawes Susan Head Diane Henderson Deborah Hendley lane Hendrix Martha Hendrix Mildred Hill Hugh Hocker James Hoobler Maxine Hubbard Diana Huggins William Hussins Betty Hughes Irma Hughes Libbie Hughes Mary Hunter Carol Jackson William Jackson Byron Jeffers Judy Jett Barbara Johnson Marcia Johnson Judi Johnston Caroline Jones Cissy Jones Debby Jones Patricia Jones Mary Karle Ruthie Kelster Debra Kidd Billy Kilgore Penny Kilgore Mary Kimball Donna King JudieKIng Irene Klay Barbara Kr ox Norma Korstad Kathy Kyle Cynthia Lamas Joyce Land Shannon Landing John Lane Betty Lankford . Marilyn Lee Diane Lewis Diane Lindsay Ron Loftin Kaye Lovinggood Elsie Low Barbara Luke Debbie Maddox Richard Maddox Brenda Maduzia Ellen Mainz Christy Major Patti Malloy BillieMann Mildred Mann Ellen Manry Randy Marks Mary Martin Joseph Massey Randall Mateling Fred Mathis Harriett Mathews Lynda Maxwell Janet Maze Ralph McCay Yvonne McCollum Ann McCormick Julia McCormick Shirley McDaniel Cheryl McDavid Gail McDonald Bob McDonel Cheryl McCowan Joan McCowan Mary McLennan Elaine McMichael Ja net McNeill Fran Mitchell Karen Mitchell Steve Monroe Judy Moon Diane Moore Inez Moore Mary Moore Elaine Morgan Pamela Morris Teresa Morris Merandy Morrison Judy Mosbey Beverly Moss Cheryl Mumford Patricia Musgrove Margaret Myers Ann Neal Cristina Neely Linda Nelms Gale Nemer Bettie New Sandee Newberry Linda Newman Joyce Nolan Jan O ' Lear Suzanne Oliner Catherine O ' Neill Eloise Orr Ricky Owens Barbara Padgeiek Betsy Painter Pamela Palmer Pete Pappas Betty Parham Leila Parker Pamela Parker Ronda Parker JillPartain Patricia Pepin Cathi Perry Betty Peters Leann Petit David Pimental Dolores Pissno Bob Pittard Carolyn Pittman Phyllis Pitt man Lynn Pitts Linda Pope Tura Porter Bobby Poss Barbara Poulos Jan Prince Sandy Prunty Susan Radford Joy Rainey Beverly Ralston Beth Rambo Kathy Raville Becky Reaves Debbi Reen Sheryl Reeves John Reichert Suzanne Respess Nancy Richardson Connie Ridley Roxie Roberson Gayle Roberts Alma Rogers Jo Rol ison Debbie Romano Gloria Rosenbaugh Judith Ross Ann Routon Nancy Royal Kathryn Rudolph Sally Russell Phyllis Rylee Doris Samples Betty Sanders Anga Sargent Linda Sargent Joanna Schlapfer Carey Scott Richard Scott Lenore Scoville Becky Sexton Kathryn Sharitt Deborah Shatley Janice Sheridan r Um. m i mmm: km Peggy Shiver Becky Slade Elaine Sloan Pat Sloan Julian Smiley Angela Smith Barbara Smith Becky Smith Claudia Smith Linda Smith Anita Sneary Ronald Snuggs Chester Spain Gerald Stacy Debbie Stewart Patti Stonehouse Jann Struensee Linda Summerlot Delia Sweat |o AnneTamalis Debbie Tase Grace Tate Stephen Taylor Kathy Teague Bonnie Testa Pearl Thomas Janice Thornton Dana Thorsen Ellen Thurmond Marcia Tillman Donna Lee Tipton Toni Todd ArleneTomberlin Ellen Tomskey Martha Towson Sylvia Trawick Diane Tribble Ruthie Tucker Kathy Tuttle Helen Upson Beth Vandiver Sharon Varner Fran Veal Billy Venable Mary Vincenzi Linda Von Werssowetz Joan Wade Cheryl Walden Clare Walker June Walker Jerry Wall Robert Waller Pat Walterhouse Gladys Ware Joanna Warenjak Deborah Watkins Susan Watkins Sheryl Watson Kate Watt Anne Wattles Leslee Weinstein Judy Weldon Kenneth Weldon Jewel West Ray Wheless Frank White Sara White Bonnie Whitehead Melissa Whittemore Linda Whitten Shearon Wiggins Rosemary Wilder Kathleen Wilkins Dale Williamson Sue Willingham Becki Willingham Carole Winkenwerden Nancy Winn Emily Winship Rhonda Wolfe Suzanne Womack David Wood Tischia Wood Pam Wooten Karen Wright Sandy Wright Pamela York Rebecca Young SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Warrne Burgess Robert Chesnut Thomas Formica Frank Ciuliano Hoppy Hopkins Daniel Jones Alton Kessler Peter Klein Bennie Lovejoy Dan Maples Randolph Marshall Gary Michalic Barry Pritchett Wayne Prosser Sandra Showalter Craig Van Dusen Michael Vaughn SCHOOL OF FOREST RESOURCES Mike Carter William Cobb Stan Defnall Charles Greene Philip Hale Raymond Harrison Henry Henley John Higgins Danny House Cecil Kelly Charles Lovering Tom Mason Berry McKellar Roy Mercer Gary Midkiff Harry Mills Tommy Patterson Robert Pollard Dave Purser Traris Reed James Scroggs Andy Shellhorse Richard Stager Frederick Webb Johnny Wood Guy Wyche SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS Carol Akins Susan Askew Beverly Boggs Cynthia Bankhead Marlene Bartell Shirley Blakewood Annette Bomar Gayle Bone Claudia Bowers Julia Boyd m: ' -- mmwmsm ' u-Mm Tommye Bradley Cathy Branch Beth Bridgers Nancy Brown Cynthia Bunitsky Jane Caldwell Lynn Gamble Lawana Clark Carolyn Clary Joan Cofer Kathi Davis Sandra Davis Sandra Dean Michelle Delong Anne Dennard Kae Dickson Ellen Dyer Mary Ellis Jan English Patricia English Donna Eubanks Lynne Fennel Valerie Fersch Lynnann Fisher Cynthia Fulp Elizabeth Ezzard Marilyn Green Susan Harbor Amy Harrell Cathy Harrison Georgia Harrison Miriam Harrison Jo Hatcher Judy Herrin Jacquelyn Herring DIanne Holbrook Leigh Holmes Patricia Hudson Marion Huskey Carmen Jettinghoff Kay Jobson Rita Johnson Kitty King Ralph Lankford Mimi Leverette Karen Lewis Linda Mason IrisMathis Martha Mayo • Sally McGee Peggy Moon Deborah Morris Ellen Nelson Nancey O ' Barr Barbara Peele Nancy Purcell KimQuilliam Jane Reynolds Glenda Richardson Linda Riggins Mary Ripley Dinah Roberts Mary Roland Carol Ruff Diana Self Jo Beth Sewell Cecl Shook Brenda Smith Mona Smith Rebecca Snuggs Margaret Sorrells Joyce Stephens Sue Stephens Lynne Tolley Laree Wade Donna Walker Dana Wertz Nancy Whitehead Martha Wyatt Suzanne Yarbrough 365 SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM Ulrika Almstrom Mary Anderson Jean Anthony JoAnn Apenbrink Pam Avery Martha Baker Judy Bateman Jimmy Beacham Ray Beck Joe Belew Belle Bell Gene Senator Branson Bishop Sharon Black Myra Blackmon Elaine Bolyn Susan Branch John Brannon Paula Buckner James Butler James Campbell Deborah Carlen Kenneth Chadwick Cathy Clements Joel Coffee Patricia Colquitt Pamela Cook Nancy Cox Tom Crawford Judy Dale Kathy Davies James Davis Mary Davis Nancy Davis Debbi Dimond Judy Durrance Thomas Dykes Steve Elkins Joan Everett Paul Person Terry Fetner Michael Foley Lynda Frieze Michelle Galea John Gorba Lane Goolsby Theodora Gordon Norma Greer Lynn Griffin Alan Griggs Marianna Gross Patsy Gunter Kathy Guy John Hannum Suzanne hlarbison Joseph Harbson David hiarrell Maureen Harris Rick Harris Cyndi Hawk Larry Headrick Susan Heitert Lynn Hembree Sam Heys Dewey Holland Eugene Holloman hielen Holt Verne Hoyt Allen Humphrey Sarah Ingram Ann Jackson Randall Jackson Susan Jenkins Ann Jones Eli Karatassos Carol King Randy Lacienski Wyatt Laney Nancy Lark Patti Leach mk l ' dkk t i Wanda Lesley Elizabeth Leslie Cindy Luke Elaine Maloney John Marcinko Lynne Mathews Vicki Mayfleld Robert McMichael Michael McRae Teressa Moen Nancy Paris Elaine Pascoe Nancy Pearson Fernando Perez Carolyn Phillips Marcia Phillips Lyn Powell Lynne Pressley Ed Redmond Deborah Register Hank Richardson Steve Riddle lohn Risse Debra Rogers Pat Sabin Thomas Sartain |udi Saye Charles Schwabe Edward Seay David Shy Edward Smith Cindy Souther Gary Spooner Ray Stanford Mary Stein Gaye Stewart Steve Stewart Clifford Sticher George Thorne Carroll Travis Christine Tweedell Cynthia Van Alstyne Barbara Vanhouse Marion Waldrep Patrice Walters Garland Watklns Veda Watson Vicki Webb Larry Wells Robert Weston Brock White Dennis Whitfield Ruth Williams Robyn Williamson Jim Wyatt lohnZimbel 368 mmMmdmrnam JUNIORS ' - m Lynn Adair Bill Adams Doug Adams Margaret Adams Pete Adams Sheron Adams Sandy Adcock Susan Addison Bruce Agnew Peggy Ahrenhold Gregory Ainsworlh Laura Akerman Scon Akers Marsha Akin Cindy Allen Don Allen Laura Allen Rich Allen Robert Allen Thomas Allen Wiley Allen Martha Allman Roddy Allmond James Altenbach Danny Amos Ralph Amos Alan Anderson Cathy Anderson Edwin Anderson Kevin Anderson Mark Anderson Steve Anderson Janet Andre Cal Andrews Louise Andrews Judith Angel 369 Hugh Ansley Jarretl Anthony Mary Applegaie Kathy Arendall Frank Arnold Michael Arnold Sally Arnold Susan Arnold Thomas Arteli Merri Art ley Elizabeth Asbury Bill Atchison Carolyn Autry Frank Avant Vivian Avery Nancy Avriett John Bailey Peter Bain Johnny Baker Gary Baldwin Margaret Baldwin Norm Baldwin Lisa Abel Anne Bandy Chip Barefield Tom Barge Herb Barnes John Barnes Teresa Barnes Vance Barnwell Katie Barron Lora Barron Charles Barron Nancy Barton Maria Bastidas Victor Batch Wayne Bateman Chauncey Battey Dale Baxley Scott Bay me John Beacham Richard Beacham Diane Beales John Beasley Karen Beasley John Beauchamp Karen Beavers Ben Beasley Faye Becker Karen Bedingfield Dianne Belch Marty Bell David Benavitch Carroll Benson David Bentley James Benton Brenda Berry Bonnie Beveridge Mac Bickerstaff Gary Birchall Helen Bird Gene Bishop Linda Bishop Mary Beth Brsselle Larry Bixler Barbara Black Betty Black Harry Black ). A. Black Kathy Blalock Bill Blanchard Lenoir Blanchard Denise Blankinship Robbi Blanion Virginia Blount Gregory Btumberg Todd Blumenfeld Nancy Bobbiti Anne Bockman Mark Bodenheim Gary Bogo Gloria Boles Bertram Boley Larry Boling Cissy Booker Curt Boren Larry Bowen Rowe Bowen Thomas Bozeman William Bradbury L. M. Brades Kathy Bradley Shelia Bradley Steve Bramblett Cerie Brannen Joseph Brannen Lorhett Bratton Debbie Braziel Rebecca Breed love Mary Bretz Ansley Briley Cathy Briscoe June Brizendine Thelma Broadrick Daniel Brock Karen Brock Gene Brooks Nancy Brooks Raymond Brooks Suzanne Broomell Charles Bronson Ann Brown Barbara Brown Beth Brown Bo Brown Bruce Brown Candy Brown ii 11 i m£ ' -y ' ' :m ■ ' jm€i3n ' im m i AMHl-M. . 1 J 1 at 111 ' ' - Cecil Brown Deborah Brown Doris Brown Marilynn Brown Micheat Brown Paul Brown Ray Brown R. W. Brown Snooky Brown Stephen Brown Valerie Brown Vicky Brown Kenneth Brownlee Linda Broxton Milton Bruce Patsy Bruce Jerry Buchanan Charles Buff ington Martha Buffington James Bumgartner Sally Bunker Alan Bunn David Burch Bonnie Burdett Sharon Burretl Evelyn Bush Lexie Bush Sara Bushnell Sara Bussey Elizabeth Butler Steve Butler Linda Butson G. T. Butts Jay Butts Fred Byers Sanford Byers Pal Caldwell Mike Callahan Richard Callahan Jerry Callan Mark Callaway Jim Callison Byron Camp Micheal Camp Preston Camp Alan Campbell Nanci Campbell David Capallo Corinne Capelouto Rhona Captan Terry Carden Donald Cargile Rufus Carr Frank Carter Tony Cartledge Patricia Casey Dan Castellaw William Cassels Carolyn Caulk ins Robert Causey Micheal Cavanaugh John Cawthon Joan Caylor Joseph Chambers Hal Cham bless Larry Champion Lucky Chandler Mary Chapin Harry Charbonneau Charles Cheney Van Cherry Ralph Chewning Billy Chism Caro Chisholm Faye Chit wood Eileen Christian Ellen Christian Mary Clack Carol Clark Jackie Clark Paitie Clark Terri Clark William Clayton Johnna Clements Terry Clements William Clements C. D. dines Cat Cobb Winston Cobb Gabby Cochran Vivian Colbert Connie Coleman Phil Coley Kathy Collier Lisa Collins MacColvin Anne Combs Sherry Connell Donald Conner Maxine Conner Robert Conner Karen Cook Katie Cook Ken Cook lanette Cooper Norma Cooper Beth Copelan Marsha Corbiti Christopher Cornwell Debby Cost Donna Costa Betsy Couchman Kenny Coulter James Cox Leslie Cox Dan Coxwell Richard Cunn EOKi oa Henry Crane Mary Crawford Billy Cocker Larry Crockett Clara Croft Paula Crouch H. M. Crow Sharron Crump Sherry Cunningham Jim Curtington Randy Curies Sheri Dacus Bob Dailey John Dalis Peggy Dana Buxton Daniel Judy Daniel Roger Daniel Roland Daniel Royce Daniel Elaine Darden Karen Davey Diane Davies Carlton Davis Drue Davis Duncan Davis Elaine Davis Gary Davis Jimmy Davis Linda Davis Marrlee Davis Nancy Davis Nancy Davis Tim Davis Vince Davison John Day Dorothy Deakins Joe Deal Angela Deaton Susan deSrito Ronald Dean Paco DeFore Gary Deibert Thomas Deitz John deMoll Diane Dement Frank Dempsey Bill Denny Carmen Denney Tom Denny Susan Dentith Debbie Denton Marvin Dewberry JoAnne Dey Steve Dial Lizzy Dickey Barbara Dickinson Jane Dolan Penny Dollar Bo Dolph James Dorbett Chuck Doughty Allen Douglas Judy Dozier Randy Drinkard Robert Driskell Steve Dye Margaret DuBose Yvonne DuBose H. T. Dudley Laura Duke Eddie Dunbar Randall Dunn Lamar Dunn Peter Dunning Dan Dunwoody S. M. Dutson Lou Earle Starr Eber hart Barbara Edenfteld Martha Edge Ellen Edwards Gait Edwards Larry Edwards Nancy Edwards Nita Edwards Jane Eggleston Wayne Ellard Paul Elliott Peggy Ellsworth Lynda Elmore David Emerson Gina England Edgar English Sandra Endrodi Donna Epiey Richard Ernest Susan Eschenbrenner Karen Estes Timothy Estes Margaret Etheridge Gail Euler Deborah Evans R. F. Evans Kathy Everage James Ewing lames Ezell Bob Farrar Russell Feagin Diane Feagle Carol Fender Randy Field Robert Fincher Flip Fisher Fred Fisher Macy Fisher Thomas Fitzgerald k • %4ik f M, k IBi«Ji " «vS3!l i ai WIM f • : 5 ff M iii.t ii r Al Fleming Debbie Fleming Merritt Fletcher Richard Flood Hosiah Flournoy jack Floyd Lynn Fluhr Keith Folds Christopher Folger John Ford Robert Forgay William Forshee Larry Forth Jan Fortson Heather Fosgate Jayne Fountain Joe Fowler Robert Fowler David Fowlkes David Fox Tommy Fox Beth Franz Mel Frazier Marian Freeman C.W.Fry Cindy Fryer Kay Fuller Virginia Caddy Bruce Gadlin Kathryn Galusha MaryCambill Gail Garban Linda Gardner David Garfinket Karen Cargel Freddy Garner Diane Garrard Beth Garrett Timothy Gatuany Rob Geer Annette George Kathleen Gerald Carol Gersten Charles Gibson Ann Giddens Pamela Gilland Raymond Gills Patricia Gilman W.F.Gilmore Alan Ginn Joyce Glisson W. R.GIisson Robert Glover Louise Golden Bonnie Goldstein Sara Good sell Stephen Goldsmith Katie Goodhue Wayne Goodin Allan Goodrich Colman Goodrich Jerald Godroe Marie Gordon Linda Gormair GaryGosseti Debbie Goswick Lynn Graham Robert Graham Ray Grant Thomas Grantz Bonnie Graves Gloria Gray Myskal Gray Norma Green Dan Greene Rachelle Greene Bill Greenwald Greg Green way Patricia Gregg Stephen Gregory PhitGrier Charles Griffin Janet Griner Phillip Griner Barbara Guay Allen Gudenrath SkipGuilliams John Gurley Diane Gutierry Sonny Gwtn John Hadden Harriet Hagan Ann Hailey Laura Hale Sam Hale Gail Halt Richard Rati Rita Hall Sandra Hall Beth Hally Ray Haman Sheree Hamilton Fred Hammock Jack Hancock Julie Hancock Ann Hannah Genevieve Hannum Nancy Harbin R. B. Harcourt Gayle Harden James Hardesly Scott Hardin William Harmon Karen Harr Thomas Harrell Susan Harrington L. C. Harris Paul Harris Tim Harris Henry Hart Karen Hart Barbara Hartman Suzanne Harton Trtcia Harvey Tap Harwell Harry Haslam Don Hatch Jenny Hawkins Jimmy Haynes Hugh Hays Lawrence Head Phillip Head Betsy Headrick Glenn Hearn Bobby Heath Peggy Heffernan John Hemphill Jean Hendee Judy Henderson Pamela Henderson Valerie Henderson Marilyn Henry Sharon Henry Chip Herndon Donald Herring Stan Herrington Holly Hess Richard Hezlep John Hickman Susan Htghsmith Teresa Hight Jane Hightower Phil Holcombe W.C.Hill Corrine Hilton Jack Hinchliffe Karen Hix John Hoban Kathryn Hobby Laura Hodge Maribeth Hodge Roland Hoffman . Ruthie Hoge Anne Holcombe Thomas Holder Ellen Holle Cynthia Hollingsworth Peggy Holloway Strickland Holloway Ronnie Hicks ' Liz Hopple Michael Home Liane Horton Spencer Hostetter Harry Housen Bill Boris Nolen Howard Donna Howard James Howard Beth Howard Esther Howell Tom Howell Jewell Huff hlelen Hughes Leon Hughes Annette Hughe; Richard Huie Brad Hull Karen Humphre Fredric Hunt Malcom Hunt Diane Hurd Ann Hurst Nancy Hurt Sharon Hurt Kathy Hynson Jeff Ingram Kathy Ingram Peter lodice Bonnie Jachimowicz lerone Jackson Ross Jackson Troyce Jackson Anita Jacobson Gary Jaeger Janet James Martha James Larry Jamison Nancy Jamison Tina Jansak Kitty Jarrell John Jeff coat William Jenkins Greg Jernigan Edward Jewell Ann Johnson Anne Johnson Curtis Johnson Dawn Johnson Kathy Johnson Gary Johnson G.W.Johnson Susan Johnson Thomas Johnson Von Johnson Charles Johnston Deborah Johnston Steve Johnston Barbara Jones Danny Jones Greg Jones Woodie Jones Wrision Jones Donia Jordan i taiiac). f t UM mfh A ' m 5 p ( Larry Jordan Mary Jordan Robert Jordan Steve Jordan Cheryl Josephson Pamela Jue Susan Kahle Lacy Karst Jim Keifer Sandy Keim Joseph Keith Dianne Keller Elaine Kelley Elaine Kelley Helen Kelley Emily Kemp Edward Kenimer Jim Kennedy Mary Kessler Mary Kessler Evangeline Key Bradley Kibler Robert Killian MimiKilman Carole King Marta King Mary King Mary King Christy Kirk Leigh Kirkland Vanette Kirkland Arnold Kirschman Gary Klepak Bonnie Knight Jackie Knight Sally Kenter Rhonda KopMn Elaine Krol Howard Kurtzman Jane Kyser Ricky Lake Michael Lanard Oavid Landers Judy Landey Charles Langford Thomas Lanier Chip Lawrence Ted Lawrence John Lawson Harry Lawter David Lea Wanda Leatherwood Julia LeCraw Larry Ledford Bobby Lee Janice Lee Linda Lee Margie Lee Mike Leech Vicki Leen Michael Lefkove Gary Leitner Thomas Lesley David Levie Armigene Lewis Gene Lewis Gloria Lewis Nawanna Lewis Richard Lewis Stephanie Lezinski Verona Light Luch Liipfert Bobby Lindley Linda Linne David Little Carol Lively Caroline Livingston Paula Lofton Henry Long Karen Long John Longino Linda Longino Lynne Looney James Lord Gene Lott James Loughridge Jeanette Loughridge Barry Lourie Ellen Love Alice Lovejoy Anna Lowe Kathleen Lower Jean Lowery David Loyd Bobby Luckie James Lummus Barry Lusk Rosemary Lynch Richard Lynott Judy Lynal James Lyons Sam Magruder John Mahon Michael Mahon William Mahoney Shelia Mandel Jan Manning Kitty Manning Lee Manning Marilyn Mannings Patty Manning Kathy Margeson Rich Marino Rachel Marlow William Marsh Anne Marshall Eugene Martin David Martin Frank Martin Henry Martin John Martin John Martin Joseph Martin Joy Martin Linda Martin Pete Martin William Martin Richard Mathews Marcia Mattox Pat Mattson William Mauldin Randy Mazur Elinor Mackler Cindy MacNabb Hugh Maddux Tom Madison John McBride Marcia McCampbell William McCannon Vikki McCard Mike McCarthy Rhonda McCollum )an McClure Robert McCoy Lynn McCuiston Pammie McDonald Kookie McDougal Mary McElmurray Margaret McEver Karen McEver Michael McGahagin Jan McCarity Ron McGarily Stuart McCarity Carole McCee Patricia McCee Melinda McCinty Sherry McGowan Jim McCrath Carrdet McCuffrey lames McHugh Ronald Mcintosh Charles McKelvey Jim McKenzie John McKinley Norman McKinney Polly McKinney lames McKnrght GailMcMullan Ruthie McMullen Marjorie McNair Kathy McNally Nancy McNiel Eddie McNeill Lynda McPhee Patrick McWhorter Lamar Mealor Russell Meers David Meese Gail Mercer Jeani Merck Ronnie Merlin Nancy Merritt John Methvin Steve Middlebrooks Allison Milam Steven Milberg David Miller Dicky Miller Dorrs Miller Eva Miller Lane Miller Judy Miller Beverly Miller Virginia Miller Jon Millwood Marsha Mims Lois Miner Kathy Miracle Michael Mischwer Geratdine Mitchell Howard Mitchell Sandra Moncus Pat Moore Deborah Montgomery Larry Moody Roy Moody Dennis Moon Claire Moore Green Moore Nancy Moore Pete Moore Tom Moore Jody Moran Joyce Mo relock Nancy Morgan Neil Morgan Gary Morris Linda Morris Lynn Morris Mary Morris Michael Morris Patsy Morris Rusty Morris Sam Morris Charles Morris William Morris Debbie Morrison Karen Mortensen Robert Morton Billy Moscow Ron Moser Charles Moss Lynda Moss Nancy Moynahan Melaine Mugg ridge Cynthia Mulkey Ron Mullins Larry Murkerson Anne Murray Marilyn Murray Morgan Murray Tommy Myers Tommy Nail Dean Najjar Janet Nash Mark Nations Wesley Neal Michael Nellis Henry Nelson Ray Nelson Harrison Neville Richard Newberry Carol Newman Carol Newsome Terry Newton Chip Ney Lafayette Nix William Nix Bob Nolan Pam Nolen Andy Norman Debi Norman Rod Norman Sue Nort Louise Norton Linda Norvet Charlie Nunez Robert O ' Connor Lofton Odum Debbie Oeland Pam O ' Hara Sally Oldham Claire OlliH James Orange Carol Osner LuanneOst Georgia O ' Steen Julie Osterhout Jan Ouitar Margaret Owen Clifford Oxman Randy Pace lanice Pack Jim Padget Melanie Page Lisa Palmer Dan Paris Ray Paris Jamison Parker Thomas Parker Jimmy Parkerson Ben Patrick Emily Payne James Payne Karen Payne Robin Paxson Mini Peach John Pearce Hugh Pearson Polly Pedrick Bet Pendergrasi Richard Penn Jane Pennington Sarah Peppers Gabriel Perez Mitchell Perkins Marge Per row Mack Perry Denise Peter-. James Peters Kenneth Peters Roy Peters Thomas Pharis Warren Philips Leiand Pierce Sharon Pinkerton Frank Pirkle David Pittman Stewart Pittman Robert Piatt Morris Podber Paul Poe Deb Poliakoff Thomas Pope William Pories Ben Porter Anne Porterfield Linda Portman Jimmy Poss Clark Price April Priesler Nancy Prince Marcia Proctor Steve Proctor Paul Pruett Danny Pruiti Jan Pugh Jim Purcell Rusty Purdy Carolyn Posey Marian Queen lames Quinn Barbara Rainbow Melba Raley Robert Ramey Mid Ramsey Esther Randall Betty Randolph William Rankin Diane Ransbotham Blanche Redding Tony Redding Warren Reddish Mike Redmond Ron Reece Susan Reed Karty Reese Beverly Reeves David Reeves JimReid Rebecca Reid R. E. Reider Jamie Reynolds Samuel Rhodes T. E. Rhodes Harry Rice Lee Richardson Sam Richwine Kran Riddle Paul Riddle Margaret Riley lack Rines Bill Ripley Mark Rivkin Gregory Roberson Carol Roberts Milton Roberts Martin Robinowich Connie Robinson Linda Rockett lenny Roddy Wendell Rodgers Billy Roe Bill Rogers David Rogers Tommy Rogers Beth Rollins Keith Rollins Susan Roscoe Buz Rosenberg Debra Rosenberg Louise Rosenthal Janet Ross Virgil Ross loan Rosser lohnny Rowland Mary Rowland losie Rubiera Lillian Rudolph Stephanie Rushing Cindy Russell Susan Russell Art Ryder Mary Saarinen Renee Sackler Lenie Sacks Brenda Sadler John Safford Alan Salmon Sharon Samford David Sammons Judy Sanders John Sapp Chris Savage Ceri Saye Peggy Scarboro Kippy Scarborough William Scaton Tary Schatz Dee Schen Bubba Schlader Ellen Schlosser Ginger Schultz Joy Schultz Peggy Schwartz Carol Schwarzman Elizabeth Scouten Ann Seaton Rich Seaton Rafe Semmes David Settle Oottie Sewell Ronald Seymour Ronald Shaddix Jeff Shadrick Bruce Shanks Susan Shaver Harriet Shayne Joseph Shearouse Stephanie Sheats Wana Shelton J. H. Shepard Tim Shields Duke Shiver Leigh Shivers Tim Sholar Brian Shonson Betsey Shook Julie Short Jimmy Shuman Ann Sickle Richard Siegel Gena Simmons Martha Simmons Rome Simmons Lynn Simon Connie Simpson Victor Singleton Deborah Sink Stephanie Skinner Lon Slack Debbi Slade Carol Slate Chuck Slick Vicki Slocumb Patty Slotin Sue Slover H 3 AM Alii ■ m - t fimm t mi mwm Alan Smith Anne Smith Christopher Smith Christy Smith Cindy Smith Dale Smith Ed Smith Edward Smith Edwina Smith Herman Smith James Smith folly Smith julietta Smith Kay Smith Lida Smith Marion Smith Mary Smith Mills Smith Nancy Smith Perry Smith Rebecca Smith Ronald Smith Sherry Smith Thomas Smeak |. H. Snavely Susan Smith Anne Sognier Chris Sorchy Vickie Southwell Susan Spears Sheryl Speer Margaret Spence Edith Spencer John Spinks Linda Spivey Sharon Spratlin Dorothy Stacey Joan Stafford Mary Stafford David Stahl Cathy Stallings Sharyn Stansell |udy Starr Carole Statham Gerri Stearns Alex Steed Steve Steinberg Robert Stephens Calvin Stephen Helena Stern Barbara Stewart Brother Stewart Ann Stiles Serena Stillwell Andy Stone David Stone Katrina Stor e Mitchell Stover Celeste Strickland Caria Strother Brenda Strickland Jerry Strickland Robert Stringer Bill Strother Howard Struletz Marsha Sullins Mary Sullivan Charles Sussman Robert Swan Wally Sweat Regina Swedenburg Sara Swenton Ann Swett Bobby Tankersley James Tanner Andrew Taylor Jan Taylor Jerry Taylor Lee Taylor Neill Taylor Phil Taylor Richard Taylor Ava Teague Malinda Teasley Judy Tebeau Allen Tenenbaum Julie Textor Paula Thibadean Roger Thigpen Judy Thomas Charles Thompson Charles Thompson Kemper Thompson Melanie Thompson Sue Thompson August Thornton Jan Thornton Susan Thornton Ken Thrasher Connie Tibbitts Alice Tidwell Larry Tiller Gordon Titcomb Nelson Tomblin Anne Tomlinson Susan Tootle Brenda Townsend Betsy Treen Terry Tripp Beth Tucker James Turner Patsy Turner Susan Turner Leigh Tyler Gary Udinsky Bonnie Ulmer Jody Unser Carol Urda Jim VanLandingham Nick Vansant Billy Varner Terry Varner Chip Vaughan Linda Vaughn John Vitange Beth Wade Karen Wagner Steven Wakefield Thomas Waldrep Daryl Walker David Walker Forrest Walker Frank ie Walker Fred Walker Henry Walker Chip Wallace Terry Walls Dale Walsemann Kathleen Walsh Robbie Walter Ann Walters Susan Waltman Fritz Wanner Carolyn Ward Douglass Warner Chris Watson Steve Worrell Allan Waters Beth Watson Eugene Watson Margaret Watson Murray Watson Ronald Watson Thomas Watson Jackie Weaver Jerry Weaver Jeff Weekley Beverly Weeks Susan Weinberger Shana Weiss Sue Welch Charles Wells Lynn Wells Margo Wells Clifford Welsh Mary Wenck Charles Werk David Werner Zena West Andrew Whalen Cathy While Glenn White Janice White Marilyn White Ronnie Whitfield Frank Wigelius Larry Wiggins Carson Wiley Sanford Willard Carolyn Williams Debbie Williams Deborah Williams Dexter Williams Gail Williams Harriet Williams Janet Williams JoAnn Williams Joe Williams Joe Williams Louise Williams Margaret Williams Peggy Williams Sally Williams Steve Williams Bryant Williamson Jim Williamson Jim Williamson Mike Williamson Mirian Williamson Susan Williamson Cheryl Wilson Coot Wilson Dave Wilson James Wilson Kay Wilson Robert Wilson T.V.Wilson Virginia Wilson Sane Wimbish Kelly Wingate W.M.Winn Jay Witt Susan Wolter Robert Womack Kaye Wood Scott Wood Peggy Wood hall Louise Woodruff Missie Woodruff Frank Worley Gary Worsham Linda Worsham Ann Wright Robert Wynne Frederick Wysong Barbara Yeager Anne Yoder John York Dickie Youmans David Young Eric Young Mack Zi» rower Brenda Zopfi Mark Zuraw U ™ f} P Ml tllil h i mm i % I 381 SOPHOMORES Neel Ackerman Barbara Adams Jane Adams Wayne Akins Nancy Alberson Patricia Allen Roger Allen Denise Alligood Lari Allman David Alpert Susan A mason Cathy Amis Debra Ammons Wayne Amos Yvonne Anderson John Andrews Donna Archer Margaret Archer Joseph Argo Cindy Armstrong Rosalie Armstrong Richard Arnold Robin Arnold Tom Arnold Brenda Arrington Johnny Ashley Kathy Atkins Nancy Aughinbaugh Ann Austin Gordon Austin LkJdell Avery Lora Ayala Emily Butts Becky Bacon Bernard Bailey Jane Baker Eleanor Banister Steve Baras Betsy Baref ield David Borenstein Wales Barksdale Emmett Barnes Roland Barnes Tommy Barnetl Barbara Barton Norah Baslidas Melissa Batchelor William Bates David Battle Lee Bauer lames Beal T. B. Bean John Beck Diane Becker Gordon Bell Lynn Bellamy David Abbott Carol Ackerman iMM %mn MA a mmmi dstAA ' Ifa mmmmm im 8 % Johnny Bembry Anne Benefield Betsy Bennett Kaihy Bennett Angle Bennett Betsy Bennitt S. C. Bentley Diane Bercegeay Toly Berger Ann Bernard Gary Bernes John Bernstein Wesley Berry Bessie Bierer Joan Bingham David Bishop Emily Blackburn Wilburn Blackstock Richard BIriz Patricia Baatright Gary Bochmer Laura Bolgia lane Bolt Herbert Bond Marsha Bone Charles Bonner Judith Bonnette Mary Booth Logan Boss ED. Boswell Brad Bosworth Beverly Bowen Larry Bowers Betsey Bowles Jeannie Boyd Bob Brady Kathryn Bracken Cindy Brackett Tommy Bradshaw Beth Brandon Mark Brannan Mary Brasington Margaret Breed love Babe Brewer Ralph Bringham Randy Brittain Sam Bromberg Anne Brooks William Brooks Andrea Brown Barbaree Brown Betsy Brown Debbie Brown Sherron Brown Vickie Brown William Brown Dottie Browning Wayne Brubaker Ann Bruner Kay Bryant Kieth Bryant Bern ie Buchanan Judy Buckley Deborah Buhler Suzanne Buhm Kristen Buffone Kathy Buford Merrianne Buice Danny Burgsteiner Linda Burleson Ken Burnette Janet Burson Dennis Burton Donna Burton Bill Butler Lawrence Butler Julie Byfd Carolyn Cable Julie Caldwell Lizz Cain Mack Cain Cantey Callaway Cindy Callaway Charlie Catlihan Jan Camp Kay Campbell Bucky Cariihers Bonnie Carl Leslie Carlen loAnne Carlton Patrick Carmichael William Carmichael Randolph Carroll Susan Carroll Andrea Carter Barbara Carter Connie Carter Jacqueline Carter Carol Cato Carol Causey Harold Causey Pendy Caualeri Phillip Chambless Hoiti Champion Susan Champion Janet Chandler Debbie Charles Amy Chastain Michael Chesler Marti Chew Regis Chivers Christina Christenson Andree Clark Sandra Clark Patsy Clary Margaret Clay Fabian Clements Elizabeth Clesen Larry Cleveland Jim Cline lames Cobb Kermit Cody CeneCoe Don Coffey Deborah Cohen Henry Cohen Rebecca Cotdren Woodie Cole Carole Coleman Connie Colhard Nancy Collier Jerry Collins Rosalyn Collins Julian Colquitt Beverly Cone Paul Conlon W. P. Conroy Lee Cook William Cook Bill Cooper Claire Cooper Robert Cooper Wayne Cooperman Bill Cope Maxine Coplan Dianne Cortez Joseph Costa Betsy Cottrell Alan Cowen Mary Cox Mike Cranford Charles Crawley Karen Cheek Nancy Crist Vic Crowley Thea Culbreth Daniel Cullinane Robert Cunningham Rick Curlin Nancy Curry Carol Dailey Valen Dodge Mark D ' Amato Priscilla Danheiser Kathryn Daniel Pam Daniel Thomas Daniel Woodrow Daniel Sally Darden Holt Davis Joslin Davis Julie Davis Tom Davis Jimmy Dawson Nancy Deadwyler DeAnna Dean June Deen Darlene Driskell Beth Dekle Diane deLa Penha Karen Denman Denise Dennison Doug Dent Devony Defew Anne Dickinson Jacki Dick man Charles Dickson Vicky Dillon DeLaine Dobson Nick Dodys Debby Doran Susan Dorney George Doster Joe Downs Ricky Doyle Squeaky Drewry ]rm Driggers Joel Driggers Mimi Dubose Michael Duffey Charlotte Dufford Karen Duke Susan Duke Danny Dunagan Enrieral Duncan Wesley Dunn Angle Dunson JohnDuttenhaver Cina Dyke Kathy Eales William Early June Echols Joe Edens Bettina Edge James Edmunds Charles Elliott Cathy Ellis Jimmy Ellison DougUs Elson Mary Ennessy Linda Epstein Thomas Estes Susan Euanovich Deborah Evans Gary Evans Linda Evans Robert Evans Linda Ewing Kathy Favicloth Susan Fansler Douglas Farman Tom Farnell Kathleen Farrell Glenna Feagin i ft Hl mr ' - ' Thomas Fearrington Debby Fears Harriet Feldman Barbara Ferguson Patricia Ferguson Ron Ferrazzuolo Dusty Fields Libba Finch Mona Finegold Elizabeth Fink John Fite Joe Fitzgerald David Flanigan Cheryl Fleish man Cathy Fleming Charles Flowers Schuyler Floyd Benjy Folk Robert Foltz Deborah Ford Joseph Foss Cecilia Foster Albert Fournier Ray Fowler Ricky Fowler Andrea Frahler Debbie Francavage Pamela Frank Gwen Franklin Gary Freeman Margaret Freeman Larry Fricks Marty Friedman Richard Friedman David Frost David Fry Paula Fry Trish Fugitt CalhyFulford R.F.Gambilt Bob Gardner Stanley Gardocki William Garrison Paul Garter Johnny Garth Laura Garvey DougGaskins Greg Gay John Cay Michael Geigerman Dan George Lynn George Glo Ghegan Elizabeth Gibson Belh Gilbert Deborah Giles Pam Gillen Gary Gillikes David Gillon Debbie Ginn John Glankler John Glenkey JohnGlenkey II George Coddard Lori Goelz Beth Goethe Deborah Goldstein Joanie Goldsworthy William Gooden Susan Goodman Elaine Gordon Felding Gurley Barbara Goss David Gould Stuart Graeiz BenGrawtnam Ruih Graves Jerry Gray Elwyn Green Marge Greenberg Debbie Greene Martha Grider Charlton Griffin Carolyn Grim Angela Grisham Ronald Grizzle Linda Grodsky Steven Guitiar ElyseGulakowski Robert Gunn Richard Gutierrez Stanly Haddock Diane Hadsell Martin Hagan SaraT) Hakman Nancy Hale Eve Hale John Hall Nancy Hall Lisa Hallford Larry Halpern Michael Hammond Charles Hand Richard Han ley John Hanna Deborah Harbour Lynda Harden Peggy Hardin Joe Harley Karen Harpe Richard Harpe Betsy Harris Dorothy Harris Linda Harris Raye Harris Hollace Harrison Hamilton Hart Theresa Hart Maie Hatcher Gay Hatlaway Preston Hawkins Butch Hayes George Hayes lames Haynes Willa Hays Mark Heard Phyllis Heard Vicki Hearn Bob Heazel Ann Hisler Sherrle Hembree Barbara Henderson Cassie Henderson Elaine Henderson George Henderson h4oel Hendley Luck Hendrix Brian Henry Jan Henry Thomas Hernandez Barbara Hershberg Sam Hess Pamela Hester Samuel Hewlett Lyons Heyman Suzanne Hickson Richard Higgins Charles Higley Andrew Hilt Edwin Hill Rosemary Hill Scott HJtIey lames Hllliard Jamie Himebaugh Wally Hinesley Hil Hinnant lames Hinshaw Russell Hinton Beth Hodges loe Hodgson Tom Hodgson Carol Hoffmeier Terold Hogue lack Holdridge Ray Holland Debbie Holliday Steve Holliday Peggy Hollingsworth Lizann Holtzclaw Kathy Hood David Hooten Elizabeth Hope leffery Howard loe Howard Martha Hoy Kathleen Huegel Daniel Hughes J. W. Hughes Jeffrey Hunt Lowry Hunt Nancy Hunt Woody Hunt Steve Hurlbutt Witma Hutcheson Allen Hulchins Rick Hutto Lynn Hyde Peggy Inman Debra lackson Gail Jackson lohn lackson Nancy Jackson Robert Jackson ]an Jacobs Carol Jacobsen Susan Jacobson Jean James Jennifer James Loraine lames Michael lames Sandy Jarrell Joyce Jarvis Marsha Jay Becky Jennings Carol Jerram Jeffrey lerrel Abbie lohnson Alex Johnson Charlie Johnson Jan ie Johnson Jann Johnson Lynn Johnson Walton lohnson Debbie lohnston Jane Johnston Joy Johnston Debra Jones Edd Jones James Jones linger lones lohnny lones Kathy Jones Leslie Jones Nancy Jones Sherry Jones Sherry Jones Gary Jordan Georgia Jordan Loette loyner ludy Justice Wayne Kaminsky Ellen Kanter loan Kazmier David Kee I) Mark Keel Edwin Keen Kathy Keesling L. S. Kuclehear Herman Keller Diane Kelley Donnie Kelly Arnold Kellos Bruce Kemp Steve Kendrick Steve Kennedy Beth Kergosien Fran Kernaghan )eff Kesler Caria Kesterson Sharon Key Herman Key John Kilmer Jane Kllpatrick JeannieKimbrell Jan Kimbrough Rachel King Stephen King William King lerry Kinnebrew Karen Kirk ley Danny Kirtland Janet Kinard Ruth Kleinstenber Rebecca Knighton Kathleen Kohn Harold Krinsky Alan Kuniawsky Beth Lam Tom Lamb Anne Lane Mary Lane Patricia Lane Mary Lang ]ames Langford Susie Langrall Barbara Langsfield James Langsion Charles Laubacher Sheryl Lawrence Deborah Layton William Lee Nancy Leffier Harriet Levin Andrew Levinson Donna Levitch Sanders Lewalten Becca Lewis Cindy Lewis Debbie Lewis Gary Lewis Laura Lewis Laura Lewis Gait Litt Marilynn Little Cynthia Lockett Collin Lockfield ]an Lohman Kathy London Anita Long Stephen Looney Jose Lopez John Lott Cindy Love Diane Loveon Leon Lovett Emily Lowery John Lowry Martha Lucas Joseph Lynch Marilyn Malone Michael Malone Cheryl Mann Denise Mansour Ann Marien John Martin Ken Martin Mary Martin Ellen Masengill Nancy Mashberg Joe Mathews William Mathews MiloMathis Connie May Ginger Mayne Terry Mayne Claire McAuliffe Penni McCall Cathi McClary Chris McClary Cathy McCleskey Robert McCloud Jane McCorkle Scott McCoy Craig McCrary James McDonald Jim McDonald Becky McDonell Jefferson McElheney Ben McElrealh Arch McGarity Gail McGee Sam McCinness Donald McGinty Cindy McHan Greg Mclnlyre Mimi McKnight Mollie McLott ). L McMillan Marilyn McNair Bryna McNeely Jackson McNeese James McPipkin Debbie McQuown Sherry McQuown Debbie McWhirter Joseph McWhorier Karen Meadors Peggy Maharg Christopher Mellon Tommy Melo Cheryl Menges Wayne Mercer Donn Mershon Duchess Mickier ArJene Middleton Susan Miles Tracy Miles Charles Miller Marcia Miller Nancy Miller Peni Miller Richard Millians Charles Mitchell George Mitchell Marguerite Mitchell Brenda Mize George Mize Becky Mobley Jane Mobley Wade Monk Molly Monroe Christie Monson Kris Montgomery Diane Moon Rocky Moore Susan Moore Terry Moore Bernard Morgan Ellen Morgan Jane Morgan Roger Morrelt Bud Morris Deborah Morris Marcia Morris Cindy Moseley John Moseley Randy Mosley Donna Mullen Ann Murdock Ken Murphy Allison Murray Ben Murray Rebecca Musialowski Ricky Myers John Nash Diane Nave Thomas Neal Ann Neiner Chris Nelson Debbie Nelson Irene Nelson Cathy New Sharon Newell Fred Newman Harvey Newman Gwyn Newsom Nancy Nichols Kathryn Norman Walter Norris Michael Norvett Ivan Nossokoff Mike Nunn Natalia O ' Bryant Patti O ' Connor Kay Ogletree Elizabeth Oliver Jenny Oliver EricOlsen Danny Overstreet Chuck Ozburn Barry Page Susan Painter William Pannell Karen Papy Bonnie Parker Edilh Parker Jean Parker Edward Parks Char Parsons Debbr Pass Donna Pass Mary Patterson Linda Paulk Bruce Pearlman David W. Pearson Stephanie Pearson Beth Peden Tom Peil Gale Pence P ggy Perkins Jimmy Perren Cat hi Perry Robert Perry Paige Peterson Karen Phillips Donna Pierson Susan Pilcher Pam PJttman Jerry Plant Linda Plott Russell Plunketl Lynn Poitevini Michele Pollack Jan Pooley Patty Pope Steve Pope Nancy Porter Julie Posey m y ' :! yy i jimmy Poulos David Powell Laurence Powell Roy Powell John Power Jane Pralher Susan Presley Henry Price Marvin Price Robert Price Maria Prichard Terri Prince Leta Prow Carol Puree!) Nan Purdy Judy Purvis Kenneth Pyles Tory Raichlen G. M. Raines Robert Randall Stephen Randall Mark Rapp Doug Ratlrff Diane Rau2in Debbie Reed Cynthia Reese iames Reese Mary Reeves DeAnn Reddick Carol Reicherl Laura Reid Michael Reiner Adolfo Requejo Jeffrey Reyner Debbie Rhodes Donna Rice Major Ride Fredric Rich Robin Rich Martha Richbourg Pope Richier Scott Riddle VickiRigdon Becky Riley Cynthia Roark Randy Roberts Wayne Robertson Debbie Robinson Diane Robinson Harry Robinson Leanne Robyn Crnny Roche Randall Rockwitt Jeffrey Rodbeli Ed Roddenberry Mary Roe Mary Rogers Francisco Rolandi Pam Rollins Amy Romoff Beverly Root Amy Rosenthal Danny Ross Charlotte Rowe Janice Royal! Tish Rumsey Margaret Ruppersburg Robert Russel! Peggy Ruthven Denna Rutledge Sally Sabayrac Milton Sams Stans Sands Steve Sands Steve Sanfratello AnneSouder Johnny Saye John Schmidt Denise Schoerner Linda Schreck Becky Schwartz Phillip Scoggins Rhonda Sconyers Joan Sears John Seay Fran Seidenberg Eva Selman Ann Senkbeil James Sessions Gary Settle George Sewell Pam Seyler Gregory Shackleford Rosemary Shade Kathy Shamley Stephen Shanks Myra Shapiro Barbara Sharit Alicia Sharo Becky Snarp David Shatley Clyde Shaw Ellen Shaw P. Shaw Ginger Sheats James Sheffield Jessica Sheffield Mary Jo Sheil Sandra Shelton Katie Shinbaum William Shiver Ashley Shomaker Charles Short AnnaShouse Kay Shuman Kenneth Shusterman Alan Siegel ' " •wBaww... Argy Sigalos Anne Signnon Lou Silcox JulianneSillay Alan Shiver llene Silverman Linda Simon Debbie Simons Laura Simpkins Irene Simpson Thomas Simpson Linda Skaggs Jennifer Slocumb Susie SI ye Cathy Smith Dianne Smith Owain Smith Joel Smith John Smith Judy Smith Judy Smith Kenny Smith Lewis Smith Lynda Smith Michael Smith Michael Smith Michael Smith Paul Smith Rebecca Smith Roben Smith Sherry Smith Stephen Smith Susan Smith Terry Smith William Smith Dianne Smock Kathryn Smotherman Marty Snowden Marty Snyder Gary Solomon Jeannine Sosebee Jane Southwell Laura Spalding Ronnie Spiegel man Susan Spiel hotz Cindy Spillman Jan Spinks Rick Spitzmiller Cathy Sponseller Ray Stahl Jacqueline Staley Chris Standridge Susan Stanford Anita Stanley Doris Stanley Emily Stapler Elsie Siapleton Emma Starr Ann Stein Avra Steinberg Barry Steinberg Becky Steinmann Pat Stevens Dasher Stewart David Stewart Mary Stewart Robert Stewart Theodore Stewart Susan Stidham Mary Stoffragen Susan Stolz Dee Stone Kim Stowe Frank Streiff Denise Stringer Glynda Stripling Charlie Strong Pam Strother Mile Sullivan Richard Summers John Sutton Saye Sutton Anne Sweat Janet Sweat Lee Sweat Pat Swetnam Ed Tabaka Alex Tallentire Nina Talley Charlotte Tate Gary Taylor Jan Taylor Craig Temples Bruce Teper Joseph Terrell David Thomas Dirk Thomas Metinda Thomas Rebecca Thomas Sherry Thomas Jeffery Thomason Caria Thompson Susan Thompson Patricia Thornton Pamela Threlketd lames Thrift Alan Thrower Mile Tiller Anita Tillman PaulTilson Tom Tinley Mike Tippett Steven Tobin W, T. Towles Debby Trayntlam Jan Treado Jack Treble flM IIP I David Trice Terri Trippe Michael Trouche Dennis Truitt Hugh Tucker Brad Turner Jimmy Turner Marcy Turner Salley Tyler Sue Tyroler Kurt Unger William Upchurch Tom Uskton Bill Vanderkloot Deedy VanDyke Carl Vann Rick Vaughn Vicki Vinson Marilyn Vogt Debbie Waddell Charlene Wages Nathaniel Wages Lynn Waits Tommy Waldrop Elaine Walker Larry Walker Linda Walker Pam Walker Susanne Walker Susan Wall Debi Wallace Frances Waller Claudia Ward Earl Ward Beth Waterhou e lanis Waters Patty Watson Laliie Weatherly David Weaver Dianne Weavers Val Webb AnnWeid llene Weinberg Eddie Welborn lohn Welch Carol Welfare Carol Wells Rhonda Wells Carl Westmoreland Gail Whatley Laura Whatley Nancy Whatley Kristine Wheeler Allen Whipple Lynne White Susan Whitehead Gayle Whitlow Evelyn Wike Nancy Wilbanks Mary Wildey Joseph Wilson Mary Wilkes Michael Wilkes Clyde Wilkins Betsy Williams Bruce Williams Ann Williams Martha Williams Bob Williamson Charles Williamson Kathleen Williamson Kathy Williamson Thomas Wills Beth Wilson Gail Winkler Shelly Wischhusan Marsha Wise Bonnie Wishard Sheala Withers Bill Witteman Roslyn Wolffe Linda Woo Gail Wood Debbie Wooddy Margaret Woodruff W. C. Woolfolk David Wooten lulieWorrill Becky Walhington Douglas Wray Jennifer Wren Jan Wright Patricia Wright Kim Yancey Cindy Yates Jeffery Yeager Phyllis Yeager John Young Ann Ziegter 391 J 392 ;: m.%mm mii ' - Mi FRESHMEN •i ii ' A MaiiM Marlene Addis Nancy Addison SueAdkerson David Agnew Robert Atkens Barbara Alexander Brady Allen Patricia Allen Stephen Allen Philip Allison Paula Alpert Judy Andet Rob Andersen Nancy Andre Robert Andrews Kenneth Andruck lack Arogeti Karen Aronovitz Sharon Arthur Eloise Askuv Suzanne Austin Timothy Autrey Cathy Baker Janelle Baker Albert Bailey Richard Bailey Walty Bair John Baird Mitchell Balle Barbara Banzhoff lanie Barber Maurice Barnett Betty Barr Richard Barrett Pam Barry Dellyn Basom Nancy Bates Debbie Batson Susan Baugheum Buddy Beckert Karen Begner Deborah Benson Bruce Berger Lynn Berkowitz Leslie Berna Robert Bernard Terry Bernath Patsy Biggers Doug Birch Edmund Birnbrey Patty Bisbort Nancy Black Stanley Black Rachel Blackwell Tommy Bobbitt Tommy Bordeaux Mara Boris Bill Bosworth Beth Bowden Frank Bower James Bowen Janie Bowen Betsy Boyd Billy Boydston William Bozeman Stanley Brakin Cheryl Bradley Bruce Braselton Kathryn Brangart Woodrow Breland James Bridges Sally Brinson Gary Brock Joseph Brock Douglas Brooks Marion Brooks Sieve Brooks Bud Brown DoUn Brown Ccnna Brown James Brown Judy Brown Mary Brown Pam Brown Kelly Browning Diane Brownlee Cordelia Brumby David Brumby J Charles Brunson Felicia Bryan Goodwin Bryan Lee Bufford Pat Buford Ginger Bullock Hugh Burgess Beth Bussell Merry Butler Susan Byrd Terry Callahan Dianne Calloway Connie Camp Jennifer Campbell Nan Campbell Michael Cassidy Emily Chamberlain jan Chastain Livie Cheatham Myra Cheney Karen Chevalier Becky Cheves Hiram Childs Samuel Christopher Elizabeth Clark Jeffrey Claril Gil Clary JohnCleaveland Charles Cohen Stephen Coleman Leon Collins Jim Combs Peter Conlow Patti Connell Cathy Coleman Karen Coleman Pamela Cook Tedd Cook Steve Cooper Gail Copeland Claire Cordon Tina Coresham Susan Corry Frederick Constable Julia Cothran Sicott Coultei Betsy Cox Sharon Cox Charles Crangle Carole Crawford Cindy Crawford Chap Cromley Art Cummings Charles Cunningham lames Curry Rick Curtis Sheryl Dalton Lynn Daniel Alison Daves Pat Daves Patrick Day Wayne Dean Tommy Deas Myra Deich Jack Dempsey Teresa Dempsey Richard Denward Kathryn Dennis Robert Dickey Sam Dillender Charles Dinatale Beverly Dinsmore Joan Dismer Deanna Dodd Dimitri Dodys David Dol John Donnelly Michelle Dor man Susan Dorsey Margaret Doubled ay Susan Douglas Thomas Douglas Mardi Downs Nancy Drinkard Steve Drury Mari Dryden Bruce Dubbert Ian Duffy David Dukes Steve Duncan Trisha Dunwoody Michael Dyal Kathy Dykes Brenda Dyles Lawrel Eddes Eric Edmondson Pam Edwards Charlotte Eichholz John Elder Linda Ellington Kim Elliott Bill Ellis Robert Ellison Marsha Epperson Janice Erwin Reggie Erwin Jan Escoe Nancy Espy Donna Esserman Cheryl Et bridge Jan Ethridge Lynn Evans Nan Evans Charlotte Everly A. E. Eyier Michael Exner Dennis Farr SS? ;iWJ tew - . ii • 11 I ' V ' «s ' II ' i3 . ' Wi A m a tM aAiAAfM.t VickiFain David f ason Eva Feldman Deborah Fields Craig Flevet Cheryl Fincher TinaFindley Brenda Fisher Sandra Flemming Becky Flinchum Te Flowers Richard Foisy Richard Ford Janie Fortslol Michael Fowler MaymeFox Lynn Frampton Jill Franco Truitt Franklin Davidson Freeman Sanford Freeman Louis Friedman Ed Fryzel Richard Caddy Pamelia Gaines Elaine Galanti Jimmy Cambrell Miles Gammage Karen Carcar Roger Gardocki Janice Garna Teri Garner Mike Garrard Martha Garrison Lee Garzia KalhlynGay Karta Gemes John Gerson Denise Gibson JillGiese Bruce Gitten Jackie Gillespie Jon Goldberg Linda Goldberg Amy Golden Gail Goldst ein Howard Goldstein Susan Goldstein Rita Gomez Kenneth Good Bonnie Goodman Kent Goodman Randy Goodman Karen Goodroe Clark Gore Sally Gossett Rhonda Gowen Beverly Graf John Cray Douglas Green Mike Green Pam Green JayneGreenburg Kay Greenway Betty Greer Robert Groover Garrett Cough Linda Gross Michael Gunnels Elaine Hackett Deborah Hadley Douglas Hall Vicky Hamilton Debbie Hammond Susan Hammond Cathy Hancock Jo Harvey Lori Hardraih Nancy Hardwick Susan Harper Clinl Harrelson Scooter Harrington Sterling Harris Anne Hart Thomas Hart Tippy Harvey Steve Raskins Deborah Hatley Jane Hawkins Andrew Head Pat Hendrick Billy Hendricks John Hester Ellenda Hewell Carrie Hickey Shirley Hightower Debbie Hrnson Judy Hirsch Martin Hirsch Peyton Hodges Paula Hoffman Thomas Holder Cathy Holle Dee Holley Margaret Holloway Jones Hooks Henry Hopkins James Hopkins Edgar Horn Catherine Home Ed Horiman James Hovis Candie Howard Dozier Howard Patrick Howard Ben Howell Randall Huber Darrell Huckaby Patricia Hudson Brentus Hughes Susan Hughes Emily Hutchins Ann Hutchinson }o Hulto Mkki Hyde Melinda Ingram Mike Isaac John Jackson Robert Jansen Scott jarrell Margaret Jarvis Jane Jaskwhich Gregory Jenkins Ben Jernigan Daniel Jewell Beth Johnson John Johnson Mike Johnson Palsy Johnson Patty Johnson Susan Johnson Carol Johnston Laura Johnston Elizabeth Jones Keith Jones Randy Jones Saunders Jones Greg Jones Ann Jordan Diane Jorgenson Fran Jurin Kristina Juusela Shelly Kahn James Kane William Kane Jay Kaplan Mike Kaplan Harriet Kassel Candy Kauver Steve Keadle Mitchell Keith Warner Kennon Debbie Kershner Karen Kessler Buzzy Kidd Jane Kimbrell Cathy King Ray King Carol Kirk wood Marian Kitchens Kathy Kittle Lisa Klatwog Brenda Knight Vikki Knight Jannell Knox Joey Korn Harold Kornblut Dennis Korner Karol Kotal Michael Kuhn Richard Kuniansky Lisa Lacher Hayne Lamar Rosalyn Lackey Robert Lane Barbara Lanier Susie Lansing Marilyn LeCroy Dean Lee Ck}ria Lee Preston Lee Kimberby Lees Jane Leigh Sam Levinson Gary Lewis Maridonna Lewis Abby Liltethun John Little Mike Limerick Kathy Linville Ginger Lipford Linda Long Susan Lott Vikki Lovett Patty Lowe Donna Luke Gary Lynn Ross MacFadden Ann Maclntire David MacKenzie Karen Magill Coe Magruder Beth Malik Chuck Malone David Manley Clark Mann Wallace Thornton Susan Maret |ohn Markham Mary Marshall Ceilia Martin Miriam Martin Ellen Master Robert Massey Kathy Mathis Sandy Mayer Beth McCalman Sally McCarthy Grace McClain Marsha McClelland Gregory McCollum Robert McConnell Mary McCrary Doug McCurry -m ! T%mm . I I J Hubie McCutcheon Barbara McDevit t lames McDonald Betsy McFall Richard McCarrah Beverly McCowan Randy McKenney William McKenzie John McKinney Brenda McKinnon Mack McKown Molly McMahon Cathy McQuaig David McRae Marty McRae Dennis McWilMams William Med be ry Mary Melton Carol Mensing Barry Milam Robert Milam Abbie Miller Cayleen Miller William Miller Randall Mills Steve Milts GeneMilner Melissa Minter Ann Miser lames Mitchell Wilson Mitcham Robert Mitchell Cole Mobley Jan MontgorT ery Claire Moore Annette Moorhead Rebecca Moore ChipMoree Meredith Morgan Carol Morris Gilbert Morris Robert Morrison Deborah Mosely Sherry Moses Dorothy Moss Jean Moss Sara Murray Kay Murray Harry Musselwhite Jere Myers Harris Nathan Bobby Nation Mack Neal Kirk Nelson Nancy Neville Steve Newberry lanet Newsome Randy Nichols Sherry Nixon Paul Noe Keith Oeike Cathi Oglesby Pam Oglesby Jane Oliver James Osborne Marilyn Overall Leslie Owen Steve Owings Edwin Padgett Vaughn Padgett Marilyn Parham Alan Parker Gregory Parker Lynn Parrish Susan Parrish Donna Parry |ohn Patterson Phyllis Payne Kim Pearlman Shelia Pedigo Hope Pedrero Jim Pefinis Rebecca Pelletier Patsy Penland Samuel Pensula Pam Perkins Howard Perlow Ernest Perry Cathy Pickard Janet Piede Juli Piggolte Patricia Pinckney Laureen Pinion Mary Piskor William Plumer John Plunkett Jim Poliquin Vela Powell Wanda Powers Susan Prescott Karen Pugh Terry Purpura Irene Pursley Doug Quarterman Floyd Quartlebaum Anne Ragsdale Glen Rainbow Elizabeth Ransom Mitchell Reddish Carole Reed Patricia Reed Randal Re id Terry Rettig Beaty Reynolds JanisRhyne Cindy Rhodes Douglas Rhodes L ' Sharon Rich Roberts Richards Jan Richdsa Timothy Ridgeway Don Risher jimmy Richerson Debbie Roach Candy Roach Tommy Roberson Salty Roberts Curt Robinson Gayle Robinson Rita Rogers Clay Rogers Earl Rogers Mary Rogers Patricia Rogers Patricia Rogers Allyn Roland Melissa Rollick Twinkle Rollins Bubba Roper Amy Rosen Susie Rosenberg Vickie Rowe Matthew Rowland Leslie Rowston Tony Rucker H. L. Rudy Charles Russet Kathie Roltenbur Thomas Tybert Monica Bydell Karen Ruppersburg Gale Russell Susan Rust Stephen Rymer Cerri Sabot Gail Sacks Meredith Sammond Kaihy Sanders Virginia Sanders Fran Sanderson Linda Sands Karen Sassevitle Stan Satterfield lilt Saye Curt Sayers Lawrence Scaf uti Carol Scarborough Donna Schleicher Jeff Schramm Fredrick Schrger Tom Schulte Alvin Scott Leslie Scott Peggy Seawright Kiny See Mary Sellers Melba Sexton Patty Shank Brenda Sharpe Brian Shavin Richard Shaw Tom Sheffield Ed Shelton Harvey Shepherd Barbara Sheppard David Shew Jeanne Shiflet John Shingler Eileen Shipley Beverly Shipman Sylvia Shirley Betsy Short Helen Short Sandy Short Ernest Sigler Tommy Sigman Mary Silva Margie Simpson Jill Sims Marcia Sisterhen Karen Skinner Avery Sledge Barbara Small Sally Smatley Robert Smiderski Bruce Smith Cynthia Smith Gloria Smith Gordon Smith India Smith Joan Smith Nancy Smith Pamela Smith Dawn Snell RaeSpeer Buxxy Spivey Thomas Stacy Jane Sianaland Nathene Stark Gin Starr George Stead man Marcia Stevens Teri Stewart Nancy Still Carl Stokes Rkrhard Stone Susan Stoneman Ewtng Strang Skeet Strickland Anne Strom Susan Stubbs Kathleen Sullivan Alma Summeroue Sandy Sumner 2 a.f3iaAlflM V I Mm I ijj -w " : ?» ' :. 5 ;i«fcitf rtii ' a ft a I i Bob Sunness Debbie Surplus Dale Swint Merrill Talbot Janice Talley Teresa Talley Michele Talley Toni Talley Benjamin Taylor Daniel Taylor Raymond Taylor Susan Taylor Judy Terrell Judy Terrill Tricia Therrell Suzanne Thibodeaux Betty Thomas Sharon Thomason Anna Thompson Charles Thompson Dotiie Thompson Jack Thompson Kenneth Thompson Louise E. Thompson E. Leslie Thornton Wallace Thornton Warren Thornton Reiha Tibbitts William Tidwell I.H.Tillman Gail Timmis Cliff Tippens Cindy Tolleson Debro Tolley WadeTomlinson Mitchell Touart Dawn Trammel Gayle Trammell Tom T raves Dan Travis Cindy Tucker Gay Tucker Linda Turnipseed Ray Tyler Jill Ulrici Georgia Usry Bert Upshaw Thomas VanCamp Pamela VanPelt Anne Verdel Michael Vernon Gary Verville Kaihy Volland Charles Vrono Anne Wade Marie Wade Rick Wade Joan Wafford Terry Wagner Frank Walker Linda Walker Kalhy Walsh James Ward David Ware Sally Warren Robin Waters Stephanie Watkins • Roger Wallerson Johnny Weatherford Claudia Weaver Rebecca Weaver Hiram Webb Fred Webster Les Weiner Terry Weissman Joe Welch Tom Wells Jeffrey West Judy West Mary West Elaine Westbrook Fran Whatley Brent White Fred White Gayle Whitehead Randy Whitfield Marilyn Whitman Jodi Whittle LaneWilbanks CorryWilhoit Matthew Wilhoit Caria Williams Mary Williams Sandra Williams David Williamson Larry Williford Patty Willingham Carolyn Wills John Wilson Rick Wilson Teressa Wilson James Wink Ann Wolensky Betty Wolf Judy Wolf Harold Wolfe Lydia Woodard Aletta Woodruff Susan Woods Diana Woolard Suzanne Wright Nancy Yarbrough Trip Yarbrough Mindy Yoffe Greg Young Lizabeth Zerden Elizabeth Zuck INDEX Organizations Index Alpha Epsilon Delta 202 Ag Hill Council 190 Aghon Society 191 Agricultural Mechanization Technology Club 192 Agronomy Club 1% Alpha Lambda Delta 203 Alpha Zeta 192 Alpha Phi Omega 225 Baptist Student Union 213 Beta Alpha Psi 198 Beta Gamma Sigma 199 Biftad 213 Blue Key 204 Block and Bridle Club 195 Brumby Representative Assembly 224 Business School Council 198 Circle K 225 Dairy Science Club 193 Defender Advocate Society 227 Demosthenian 240 Di Gamma Kappa 200 Dolphin Club 227 Food Science Club 193 Gamma Sigma Sigma 226 Georgia Agriculturist 240 Georgia Redcoat Band 217 Georgia Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineering 190 Greek Horsemen 205 Gridiron 206 4-H 194 Homecon 197 Horticulture Club 194 Impression 241 Kappa Delta Epsilon 1% Kappa Psi 220 Lambda Kappa Sigma 222 Men ' s Glee Club 214 Mortar Board 211 Omicron Delta Kappa 212 Pandora 244 PhiChiTheta 199 Phi Delta Chi 222 Phi Eta Sigma 207 Phi Mu Alpha ' . 214 Phi Upsilon Omicron 197 Pi Sigma Alpha 223 Poultry Science Club 195 Public Relations Student Society of America 200 Red and Black 242 Residence Hall Association 223 RhoChi 221 Russell Hall Men ' s Council 224 Sigma Alpha lota 216 Sigma Delta Chi 201 Sphinx 208 Student American Pharmaceutical Association . ' 221 Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects 226 Student Government 228 Student Judiciary 233 Student Senate 230 Theta Sigma Phi 201 400 I ' S »: ' 6«Sff; em- ' fes ' il University Chorus 215 University Theatre 236 University Union 238 Women ' s Glee Club 216 ZClub 210 Zodiac 211 Greek Index I Alpha Chi Omega 258 Alpha Delta Pi 260 Alpha Epsilon Pi 292 Alpha Gamma Delta 262 Alpha Gamma Rho 294 Alpha Kappa Psi 296 Alpha Omicron Pi 264 Alpha Tau Omega 298 Alpha Xi Delta 266 Chi Omega 268 Chi Phi 300 Chi Psi 302 Delta Chi 304 Delta Delta Delta 270 Delta Gamma 272 Delta Phi Epsilon 274 Delta Sigma Pi 295 Delta Tau Delta 306 Inter-Fraternity Council 254 Kappa Alpha 308 Kappa Alpha Theta 276 Kappa Delta 278 Kappa Kappa Gamma 280 Kappa Sigma 310 Lambda Chi Alpha 312 Panhellenic Council 250 Phi Delta Theta 314 Phi Gamma Delta 316 Phi Kappa Tau 318 Phi Kappa Theta 320 PhiMu 282 Pi Beta Phi 284 Pi Kappa Alpha 322 Pi Kappa Phi 324 Sigma Alpha Epsilon .• 326 Sigma Chi 328 Sigma Delta Tau 386 Sigma Kappa 388 Sigma Nu 330 Sigma Phi Epsilon 332 Sigma Pi 334 Tau Epsilon Phi 336 Tau Kappa Epsilon 338 Theta Chi 340 Zeta Tau Alpha 290 Aamoth, Daniel 344 Aaron, Robert 354 Abbott, David 382 Abdullah, Khalid 198 Abel, Lisa 275,370 Abernathy, Dale 359 Abrams, Carol 279,393 Abroms, Herb 341 Ackerman, Carol 277,382 Ackerman, Marc 344 Ackerman, Neel 382 Ackroyd-Kelly, Robin 194 Adair, Lynn 279,369 Adair, Craig 348 Adams, Barbara 268,382 Adams, Cornelia 393 Adams, Doug 345,369 Adams, )an 227 Adams, )ane 227,257,382 Adams, Jimmy 185,186,207 Adams, Porter 303,354 Adams, Judonn 259 Adams, Margaret 369 Adams, Miley 303,354 Adams, Pete 345,369 Adams, Taylor 354 Adams, Sheron 168,255,268,369 Adams, William 393 Adams, Bill 166,303,314,369 Adams, Yewell 203 Adcock, Sandy 369 Addington, Sara 284 Addis, Marlene 393 Addison, Lewis 348 Addison, Nancy 292,393 Addison, Susan 210,369 Addletta, Bob 241,344 Adkerson, Donna 197 Adkerson, Sue 393 Adkins, |im 307 Adkins, |im 348 Adkins, Lucius 192 Adkison, Linda 194,197 Adier, Gary 162 Agnew, Bruce 319,369 Agnew, David 393 Ahrenhold, Peggy 197,256,288,369 Aiken, |. H. 348 Ainsworth, Gregory 21 3,369 Aker, Sue 336 Akerman, Laura 369 Akers, Scott 369 Akin, Marsha 189.199,268,369 Akins, Bruce 327,354 Akins, Cookie 189,269 Akins, Wayne 382 Akruk.Samir 223,344 Albea, Randall 344 Alberson, Nancy 382 Albigese, Patti 216 Alderman, Tom 241 Aldridge,Mike 304 Alexander, Barbara 393 Alexander, Cissy 279,348 Allegood, Tom 315,354 Allen, Bruce 202,348 Allen, Calvin 354 Allen, Charles 341,348 Allen, Ricky 311,346 Allen, Cindy 197,369 Allen, Don 369 Allen, lane 218 Allen, Brady 393 401 Allen, Jeff 333 Allen, Laura 197,369 Allen, Melody 359 Allen, Ginger 359 Allen, Patricia 382 Allen, Patricia 393 Allen, Rich 369 Allen, Robert 298,369 Allen, Roger 322,382 Allen, Stephen 393 Allen, Suzanne 279,354 Allen, Thomas 190,192,369 Allen, Wiley 369 Alley, Suzanne 203 Allgood, Donna 348 Alligood, Denise 382 Allison, Keith 327,354 Allison, Philip 393 Allman, Lari 303,382 Allman, Martha 265,369 Allmond, Roddy 369 Almstrom, Ulrika 366 Alonso, David 231 Alper, David 348 Alper, Ches 296,348 Alpert, David 382 Alpert, Paula 279,393 Altenbach, James 21 3,239,369 Altman, Okeefenokee 244 Altvater, Mary 265,348 Amason, Susan 382 Amis, Cathy 270,382 Ammons, Debra 203,382 Amos, Danny 198,231,335,369 Amos, Ralph 327,369 Amos, Wayne 382 Analey, Abb 161 Andel, Judy 224,393 Andersen, Robb 303,393 Anderson, Adrienne 344 Anderson, Cathy 295,369 Anderson, Chuck 240,348 Anderson, Charles 162 Anderson, Edwin 327,369 Anderson, Alan 332,369 Anderson, John 224 Anderson, Kevin 284,369 Anderson, Lyn 240 Anderson, Lynda 284 Anderson, Mark 369 Anderson, Mary 366 Anderson, Mick 202,231 Anderson, Mick 313,348 Anderson, Rovin 227 Anderson, Steve 336,369 Anderson, Yvonne 382 Andre, Janet 231,254,257,293,369 Andre, Nancy 293,393 Andrews, Cal 345,369 Andrews, John 347 Andrews, John 327,382 Andrews, Louise 369 Andrews, Nancy 279,354 Andrews, Robert 214,393 Andrews, Sam 224 Andruk, Kenneth 93 Angel, Judith 369 Annandale, Mae 359 Ansar, Mohammed 193 Ansley, Curtis 207 Ansley, Hugh 240,311,370 Anthony, Clem 190,194 Anthony, Jarrell 322,370 Anthony, Jean 366 Apenbrink, Jo Ann 242,366 Appelt, Beverly 359 Appelt, Tom 354 Applefield, Gerald 237,321 Applegate, Mary 279,370 Archer, Donna 284,382 Archer, James 207 Archer, Margaret 203,263,382 Arendall, Kathy 287,370 Areseneault, Carl 189 Argo, Joseph 207,382 Armanious, Mamdouh 195 Armislead, Gary 185,186 Armstrong, Brent 302 Armstrong, Cindy 282,382 Armstrong, Rosalie 203,382 Arnold, Bill 314 Arnold, Frank 370 Arnold, Henrietta 227 Arnold, Johnnie 190,347 Arnold, Richard 207,329,382 Arnold, Michael 313,370 Arnold, Sally 282,370 Arnold, Robin 333,382 Arnold, Tom 313,382 Arnsdorff, Jimmy 185 Arogeti, Jack 296,393 Arononitz, Karen 290,393 Aronovitz, Leslie 203 Arp, Richard 348 Arrington, Brenda 382 Arrington, Katherine 359 Artelt, Thomas 223,31 1,370 Arthur, Sharon 393 Arthur, Wanda 359 Artley, Merri 279,370 Arwood, Beth 222 Asbury, Liz 185,282,370 Ascher, Randy 223 Ashley, Johnny 339,382 Askew, Eloise 287,393 Askew, Mary 287,348 Askew, Susan 197,275,364 Aspinwall, David 190,347 Aspinwall, Susan 199,317,354 Atchison, Bill 317,370 Atkens, Robert 393 Atkins, Allen 354 Atkins, Kathy 382 Atkinson, David 354 Atkinson, Lawrence 332,354 Attenback, James 321 Aughinbaugh, Nancy 382 Auriett, Nancy 284 Austin, Ann 227,382 Austin, Suzanne 268,393 Austin, Gordon 224,382 Autrey, Timmothy 303,393 Autry, Carolyn 370 Autry, James 344 Avant, Frank 319,370 Avent, Mitch 303,347 Avery, Andrew 347 Avery, Liddell 295,382 Avery, Bruce 313,348 Avery, Pam 366 Avery, Vivian 370 Avriett, Nancy 370 Ayala, Lora 203,382 Aycock, Bruce 354 Ayers, Beverly 203 Ayers, Lamont 247 B Baatright, Patrica 383 Bacchus, David 185,218 Bacon, Peggy 348 Bacon, Becky 382 Badakhsh, Farrokh Bader, Frank 189 Badger, William 235,354 Baer, Ronald 347 Baggett, David 354 Baggs, Beverly 364 Bahrani, Mohammad 196 Bailey, Albert 189,393 Bailey, Bernard 313,382 Bailey, Gail 359 Bailey, Debora 270 Bailey, Deborah 348 Bailey, John 326,327,370 Bailey, Patricia 359 Bailey, Richard 327,393 Bain, Peter 315,370 Bair, Wally 393 Baird, John 337,393 Baker, Cathy 216,224,393 Baker, Jane 203,382 Baker, janelle 263,393 Baker, Johnny 310,333 Baker, Marilyn 199 Baker, Martha 366 Baker, Phil 167 Baker, Steve 342 Baker, William 313,354 Balcom, Wayne 196 Baldwin, Gary 307,370 Baldwin, Norm 164,370 Baldwin, Margaret 370 Baldwin, Sheila 348 Balkcom, Peggy 359 Balkcom, Wellborn 190 Ball, Kitty 189,254,255,264,265,359 Ball, Linda 359 Ball, Susanne 281 Balle, Mitchell 339,393 Bandy, Anne 218,271,370 Bandy, Jo 222,346 Banister, Eleanor 203,382 Bankhead, Cynthia 295,364 Bankson, Linda 344 Banzhoff, Barbara 284,393 Barabe, Barbara 349 Baras, Steve 341,382 Barbash, Kenneth 298,311,354 Barbee, Janie 194 Barber, David 220 Barber, Glenn 306,307,354 Barber, Janie 393 Barefield, Betsy 265,382 Barefield, Chip 307,370 Barfield, Carol 202 Barge, Tom Bargmann, Eve 203,215 Barineau, Ivan 193 Barksdale, Wales 303,382 Barnard, Beverly 233,277,349 Barnes, Emmett 313,382 Barnes, Herb 342,370 Barnes, Jack 190 Barnes, James 192,347 Barnes, John 370 Barnes, Stephen 191 Barnes, Nancy 359 Barnes, Wendy 322 Barnes, Steve 204,240 Barnes, Roland 382 Barnes, Roy 204 Barnes, Teresa 370 Barnes, Wendell 349 Barnett, Maurice 313,393 Barnett, Ned 242 Barnett, Tommy 382 Barnhill, Emily 359 Barnwell, Vance 370 Barr, Betty 295,393 Barr, Beverly 295,359 Barrett, Richard 393 Barron, Barbara 218,266 Barron, Charles 31 3 Barron, Katie 287,370 Barron, Lora 370 Barrow, Charles 261,370 Barrow, Walter 185,349 Barrs, Rick 201,242 Barry, Pam 393 Bartell, Marlene 364 Bartlett, David 161 Barton, Glenn 329,354 Barton, Joseph 329,354 Barton, Jane 185,230,231,275,349 Barton, Barbara 382 Barton, Mike 190 Barton, Nancy 197,370 Barton, Sandra 359 Barwick, Michael 346 Basom, Dellyn 393 Bass, Danny 349 Bass, John 207 Bass, Linda 202 Bass, Richard 349 Bassett, Tim 162 Bassett, Bill 347 Bastidas, Norah 382 Batchelor, Barbara 359 Batchelor, Melissa 287,382 Bateh, Victor 202,370 Bateman, Janice 196,276,277,359 Bateman, Wayne 370 Bateman, Judy 200,211,240,262,263,366 Bateman, Betsy 263,349 Bates, D. 349 Bates, Randy 344 Bates, Nancy 275,393 Bates, Randy 313 Bates, William 189,317,382 Batson, Debbie 393 Batten, Johnnie 190 Battey, Chauncey 318,319,370 Battle, David 314 Battle, J. A. 354 Battle, L. A. 199,223 Battle, Laurie 185,186,382 Baucom, Terry 185,186,349 Bauer, Lee 277,382 Bauerle, John 164 Baughcum, Susan 393 Baughman, Sue 21 5 Baxley, Dale 304,370 Baxley, R. C. 305,354 Baxter, Clifton 344 Baxter, Doug 166 Baxter, Heyward 242 Baylor, Carolyn 199,354 Bayme, Scott 341,370 Beach, Martin 198 Beacham, John 370 Beacham, Jimmy 366 Beacham, Richard 335,370 402 Seal, James 382 Beale, Billy 167 Beales, Diane 282,370 Bean, Robert 359 Bean, T. B. 305,382 Beard, Steve 207,320 Beasley, Brenda 344 Beasley, Barnie 190,192 Beasley, John 313,370 Beasley, Karen 370 Beasley, L. D. 241 Beauchamp, John 370 Beavers, Karen 189,263,370 Beazley, Ben 225,370 Beck, John 320,382 Beck, Meredith 349 Beck, Ray 366 Becker, Barbara 197 Becker, Diane 382 Becker, Faye 278,370 Becker, Bill 261 Beckert, Buddy 393 Beckham, Barbara 359 Bedell, Baxter 214,218 Bedingfield, Tricia 227 Bedingfield, Karen 286,287,370 Beeber, Faye 279 Beecher, Bruce 1 94 Beegh, Phil 339 Beeson, James 194 Begner, Karen 290,393 Belch, Dianne 242,370 Belcher, Bonita 215 Belew, Joe 212,242,366 Bell, Belle 275,366 Bell, David 207,223 Bell, Debra 203 Bell, Gordon 335,382 Bell, Janet 275,359 Bell, Luann 218 Bell, Marty 279,370 Bell, Wayne 364 Bell, Steve 202 Bell, William 347 Bellamy, Lynn 382 Bembry, Johnny 342,383 Benator, Gene 261,340,341,366 Benator, Rachel 211,215,216,218 Benavitch, David 370 Benbenisty, Marilyn 278 Benefield, Anne 203,210,230,383 Benefield, Philip 322,344 Bennett, Betsy 203,216,218,263,383 Bennett, Betty 268 Bennett, Kathy 383 Bennett, Angle 383 Bennett, Michael 223 Bennett, Phil 189 Bennett, Rita 270 Bennett, Steve 185,186 Bennitt, Betsy 383 Benson, Carroll 314,370 Benson, Bangs 197,247,393 Benson, Howard 223 Benson, Robert 222 Bentley, David 345,370 Bentley, John 201 Bentley, S.C. 317,383 Benton, James 327,370 Bercegeay, Diane 282,383 Bercegeay, Mary 283,349 Berg, Ingrid 200 Berg, Mary 257 Berger, Bruce 297,393 Berger, Toby 203,279,383 Bergeron, Bill 215 Berkowitz, Lynn 279,393 Berman, Leslie 279,393 Berman, Richard 193 Bernard, Ann 277,383 Bernard, Robert 317,393 Bernath, Terry 393 Bernes, Gary 383 Bernstein, John 341,383 Bernstein, Sharon 291 Berry, Brenda 370 Berry, Gifford 207,218 Berry, Wesley, 308,383 Berry, Sheila 216 Berry, Sesley 259 Berryman, Steve 1 89,354 Berube, Leo 347 Bettez, Ernest 225,344 Betts, John 190,347 Beveridge, Bonnie 370 Beyer, Jo Ann 344 Bickers, Olen 346 Bickerstaff, Mac 314,370 Biddle, Kran 344 BirOi 9i ! tat Slid ill Bierer, Bessie 383 Biggers, Mitchell 195 Biggers, Patsy 266,393 Bilbro, Barry 220 Bingham, )oan 216,383 Birch, Doug 393 Birchall, Gary 332,370 Birchem, Sister Regina 344 Birchmore, Danny 166,204,212 Bird, Bradley 189 Bird, Gail 218 Bird, Helen 231,270,370 Birnbrey, Edmund 296,393 Bisbort, Patty 197 Bishop, Branson 366 Bishop, David 317,383 Bishop, Gene 313,370 Bishop, Linda Bishop, Linda 370 Bishop, Michael 190 BIssell, Hal 160 Bisselle, Mary Beth 279,370 Bixler, Larry 166,370 Black, Ann 211 Black, Barbara 287,370 Black, Betty 370 Black, Harry 370 Black, |. A. 370 Black, Nancy 287,393 Black, Sharon 282,366 Black, Stanley 161,393 Blackburn, Emily 383 Blackburn, Ernie 224 Blackburn, Mike 165 Blackburn, Robert 303,354 Blackmon, Myra 200,366 Blackstock, Carl 222 Blackstock, Wilburn 189,299,383 Blackwell, Michael T. 354 Blackwell, Rachel 393 Blackwood, Randy 185,231 Blackwood, Emily 276,277,349 Blaiss, Michael 207,225 BlakewQod, Shirley 227,256,275,364 Blalock, Carol 359 Blalock, Janet 349 Blalock, Kathy 370 Blalock, Linda 359 Blanchard, Anne 265,359 Blanchard, Lenoir 268,370 Blanchard, Haley 344 Blanchard, Bill 312,313,370 Blankinship, Denise 197,370 Blanton, Robbi 201,370 Blanton, Elaine 200 Bleckley, Paul 346 Blissit, Kitty 216 Blitz, Richard 383 Block, Larry 189 Bloodworth, Richard 207 Bloodworth, Mike 301,354 Bloomfield, Michael 222 Blount, Virginia 370 Blue, Martha 203 Blum, Ellen 359 Blumberg, Gregory 341,370 Blumenfeld, Todd 341,370 Blumenthal, Barbara 290 Blumenthal, Lisa 291 Boardman, |. D. 354 Boatright, Charles Danny 207 Boatright, )immy 234 Bobbitt, Barbara 203 Bobbitt, Nancy 189,218,266,370 Bobbitt, Tommy 393 Bobbitt, Gail 222 Bockman, Anne 287,370 Bochmer, Gary 383 Boddiford, George 199 Boddiford, Sarah 354 Boden, Bonnie 168 Bodenheim, Mark 370 Boggs, Frank 317,354 Boggs, Beverly 275 Bogo, Gary 341,370 Bohannon, Edgar 317,359 Boles, Gloria 197,370 Boley, Bertram, 298,31 1,370 Bolgia, Laura 279,383 Boling, Larry 332,370 Bollinger, Janice 344 Bollury, Phil 242 Bolt, lane 383 Bolyard, David 207 Bolynn, Elaine 268,366 Soman, Bill 220 Bomar, Annette 364 Bond, Herbert 207,259,307,383 Bond, Sonny 347 Bond, Kirk 284,349 Bond, Vincent 311,354 Bondurant, John 349 Bone, Gayle 197,364 Bone, Marsha 383 Bonner, Charles 339,383 Bonner, Lisa 336 Bonner, Kristin 227,336 Bonnette, Judith 383 Booker, Cissy 370 Boone, Michael 354 Booth, Mary 383 Bordeaux, Tommy 393 Borden, Peggy 216 Boren, Curt 334,335,370 Borenstein, David 341,382 Boris, Mara 290,393 Borron, Delane 212 Boss, Logan 345,383 Boss, Ray 242 Bostick, Margaret 359 Boswell, E. D. 265,383 Boswell, Mary 211,274,275,359 Boswell, William 313,354 Bosworth, Brad 319,383 Bosworth, Bill 329,393 Bouldin, Sandra 349 Bouwsma, Otis 222 Bowden, Beth 393 Bowden, William 349 Bowen, Beverly 295,383 Bowen, Betty 349 Bowen, Billy 222 Bowen, Frank 329,393 Bowen, James 393 Bowen, Janie 393 Bowen, Lanny 322 Bowen, Larry 317,370 Bowen, Ross 370 Bowen, Vickie 344 Bower, Jeff 161 Bowers, Claudia 364 Bowers, Larry 259,311,383 Bowers, Ralph 346 Bowers, Becky 275,359 Bowles, Betsy 265,383 Bowman, David 301,354 Boyd, Dede 359 Boyd, Jeannie 383 Boyd, Julia 190,197,230,283,364 Boyd, Betsy 393 Boyd, Olin Buna III 349 Boyd, Robert 359 Boydston, Tommy 258,354 Boydston, Bill 235,260,393 Boyer, Richard 164 Boyette, Buddy 196 Boyles, Stephanie 218 Boynton, Kathy 287,359 Bozardt, Anita 344 Bozeman, Thomas 299,370 Bozeman, William 335,393 Bracken, Kathryn 383 Brackett, Angle Voe 349 Brackett, Cindy 269,383 Brackin, Stanley 329 Bradbury, William 213,370 Brades, L. M. 370 Bradford, Cissy 189 Bradford, Ross 1 64 Bradford, Sarah 344 Bradley, Cheryl 194,393 Bradley, David 347 Bradley, Kathy 370 Bradley, Paul Lewis 349 Bradley, Shelia 370 Bradley, Tommye 279,365 Bradshaw, Tommy 303,383 Bradshaw, Rick 259 Brady, Keith 332 Brady, Bob 339,383 Bragdon, Deborah 218 Brakin, Stanley 393 Bramblett, James 192,240,347 Bramlett, Danny 202 Bramlett, Nita 359 Bramlett, Steve 336,370 Branch, Cathy 365 Branch, Edward 1 86 Branch, Susan 21,265,366 Brand, Timothy 327,354 Brand, Walter 200 Brandau, Gertrude 349 Brandon, Beth 280,383 Brandon, Larry 354 Brandon, William 223,231,303,359 Brangart, Kathryn 393 Brannan, Jean 282 Brannan, Mark 200,383 Brannen, Cerie 295,370 Brannen, Joseph 270,313 Brannon, Harriett 344 Brannon, John 366 Brannon, R. A. 344 Brantham, Bev 304 Brantley, Blake 214,218 Brantley, Earl 196 Brantley, Kendall 359 Brantner, John 354 Braselton, Bruce 393 Braselton, James 202 Brasington, Mary 197,383 Braswell, Ken 160 Braswell, Ralph 320,349 Bratton, Lorhett 197,370 Braungart, Kathryn 273 Braungart, Peggy 265,359 Braxton, Mary 223 Bray, Skip 349 Braziel, Debbie 277,370 Braziel, Jim 346 Bredlow, Mary Lou 274 Breedlove, Margaret 277,383 Breedlove, Rebecca 370 Breedlove, Bill 298,364 Breiner, Judith 203 Breltschwerdt, Carmen A. Morales 349 Breland, Woodrow 225,393 Bretz, Mary 270,370 Brewer, David 359 Brewer, James 299,354 Brewer, Joe 223,349 Brewer, Glenn 192 Brewer, Babe 383 Brewster, William 222 Brice, Frank 160 Brice, Joe 195 Brice, William 160 Bridgers, Beth 197,365 Bridges, lames 308,393 Bridges, Mary 216 Brigder, Joy 275,359 Briggs, Gerald Raeburn 185,349,383 Briley, Ansley 370 Brinkley, Carolyn 199 Brinson, James 354 Brinson, Sally 393 Briscoe, Cathy 370 Brittain, Randy 342,383 Britton, Mary Heathcote 282,349 Brizendine, June 370 Broadrick, Thelma 370 Brock, Daniel 307 Brock, Daniel 370 Brock, Gary 393 Brock, Tim 186 Brock, Joseph 393 Brock, Karen 370 Broder, Mike 218 Brogdon, Linda 344 Bromberg, Sam 383 Bronson, Charles 199,258,298,370 Brooks, Anne 282,383 Brooks, David Allen 345 Brooks, Douglas 393 Brooks, Gene 329,370 Brooks, Marion 265,393 Brooks, Michael 192 Brooks, Nancy Louise 277,349 Brooks, Nancy 273,370 Brooks, Raymond 370 Brooks, Russell 199 Brooks, Steve 393 Brooks, William 303,383 Broome, Sheila Rebecca 239 Broomell, Suzanne 370 Broughton, Howard 235 Broughton, Mary 197 Browder, Carey 166 Browder, Charles 166 Brown, Andrea 263,383 Brown, Anne 197 Brown, Ann 370 Brown, Barbara 189,370 Brown, Barbaree 383 Brown, Bo 370 Brown, Bruce 342,370 Brown, Bud 307,393 Brown, Betsy 295,383 Brown, Cecil 317,371 Brown, Candy 282,370 Brown, Cindy 264,265,359 Brown, Danny 222,346 Brown, David 218 Brown, Deborah 371 Brown, Debbie 266,383 Brown, Dolan 393 Brown, Doris 289,371 Brown, Dwight Lee 349 Brown, D. W. 354 Brown, Ed 196 Brown, Eddie 333 Brown, Beth 284,370 Brown, Genna 393 Brown, Glenn 214 Brown, James 393 Brown, James 221 Brown, Janet 218 Brown, Judy 393 Brown, Larry 317,372 Brown, Marilynn 371 Brown, M. T. 354 Brown, Mary 393 Brown, Michael 317,319,354,371 Brown, Nancy 365 Brown, Pam 383 Brown, Paul 190,371 Brown, R. W. 371 Brown, Ray 213,371 Brown, Rex 344 Brown, Bob 346 Brown, Robert 222 Brown, Sherron 203,383 Brown, Snooky 295,371 Brown, Stephen 313,371 Brown, Steve 330 Brown, Stewart 344 Brown, Susan 281 Brown, Susan 354 Brown, Valerie 371 Brown, Vickie 277,383 Brown, Vicky 371 Brown, Wayne 220 Brown, William 344 Brown, William 313,383 Browning, Dottle 197,383 Browning, Kelly 167,336,393 Brownlee, Diane 393 Brownlee, Kenneth 371 Brownlee, Sandra 359 Broxton, Linda 371 Brubaker, Wayne 383 Bruce, Milton 160,303,371 Bruce, Patsy 371 Bruce, Patty 211,239 Brumby, Cordelia 393 Brumby, David 313,393 Brumby, Mary Brevard 349 Brunair, Michelle 203 Bruner, Jannette 266 Bruner, Ann 383 Brunson, Charles 394 Brunson, Mike 220 Bryan, Felicia 216,218,594 Bryan, Goodwin 394 Bryan, Bill 214 Bryant, Kay 203,383 Bryant, Keith 315,383 Bryant, Ralph 214 Bryant, Russell 317,355 Bryant, William 207 Buchanan, Bernie 383 Buchanan, Atlas 161 Buchanan, Brock 359 Buchanan, Jerry 345,371 Buckley, Judy 203,277,383 Buckner, Louis 187 Buckner, Paula 279,366 Buffington, Charles 317,371 Buffington, Martha 371 Buffone, Kristen 223,383 Bufford, Lee 394 Buford, Kathy 383 Buford, Pat 394 Buford, Shelley 268 .Buhler, Deborah 203,216,383 Buhm, Suzanne 383 Buice, Calvin White Buice, Merrianne 185,275,383 Bullard, Bonnie 295,360 Bullard, Paul 327,347 Bullock, Bonnie 266.349 Bullock, Ginger 265,394 Bullock, Alan 161 Bumgardner, Max 336,355 Bumgartner, James 202,371 Bumgartner, John 207 Bunce, Paul 190 Bundrick, Rosemary 360 Bundrick, Lee 355 Bundy, Sidi 207 Bunitsky, Cynthia 263,365 Bunker, Sally 200,201,205,371 Bunn, Alan 371 Bunn, Monya 203 Burch, David 260,317,371 403 Burdett, Bonnie 189,196,371 Burdick, Jeri 224 Burel, John Charles 349 Surge, Thomas 360 Burger, David 214 Burgess, Hugh 394 Burgess, Warren 307,364 Burgsteiner, Danny 383 Burl e, Danny 218,224 Burlce, Vann 342 Burleson, Linda 383 Burnett, David Wallace 349 Burnett, Doug 160 Burnett, Sherry 222 Burnette, Jeff 199 Burnette, Ken 225,383 Burns, James 347 Burns, Malcolm 311,344 Burr, Ralph 223 Burrell, Dick 349 Burrell, Dick 214 Burrell, Sharon 371 Burroughs, William 222 Burroughs, Danny 335,346 Burson, Janet 383 Burt, Theresa 282 Burt, Walter 319,355 Burton, Dennis 339,383 Burton, John 214 Burton, Sheryl 266 Bush, Barbara 284,349 Bush, Bonnie 360 Bush, Evelyn 284,371 Bush, Lexie 268,371 Bush, Walter 259,302,303,349 Bushnell, Sara 254,371 Bussell, Beth 218,394 Bussey, Sara 279,371 Bustic k, Margaret 266 Butler, Anne 247,282 Butler, Beverly 218,263,355 Butler, Bob 301 Butler, lames 213,261,337,366 Butler, Elizabeth 197,371 Butler, Frank 186,198,199,204,212,213, 230,231,355 Butler, Lawrence 319,383 Butler, Lee 355 Butler, Merry 277,394 Butler, Bob 344 Butler, Steve 371 Butler, Bill 383 Butson, Linda 240,371 Butts, Emily 275,382 Butts, G. T. 304,371 Butts, Jay 303,371 Byars, Hardin 223 Byars, Susan 279,360 Bydell, Monica 398 Byerly, David Robert Byers, Tony 260 Byers, Fred 327,371 Byers, Sanford 371 Byne, Edward 202 Bynum, Margaret 203 Byram, Roberta Ann 349 Byrd, Greg 160 Byrd, Julie 273,383 Byrd, Ken 185 Byrd, Susan 287,394 Byrd, Vicki 227 Byrd, William 339,355 Byrns, James 193 Cable, Carolyn 383 Cagle, James 31 3,344 Cain, Lisa 185,273,383 Cain, Mack 383 Cain, Mary 360 Caldwell, Diane 226,277,360 Caldwell, Edea Marie 349 Caldwell, Pat 371 Caldwell, Jane 194,197,365 Caldwell, Julie 189,383 Calhoun, Ann 197,266 Calhoun, Richard 339 Callahan, Richard 371 Callahan, Mike 371 Callahan, Terry 394 Callan, Jerry 371 Callaway, Cantey 273,383 Callaway, Cindy 383 Callaway, Dianne 269,394 Callaway, Mark 193,371 Callihan, Charlie 306,307,383 Callison, Jim 213,371 Calvin, Stephen 335 Cameron, Susan 222,223,346 Camp, Byron 332,371 Camp, Connie 394 Camp, Preston 371 Camp, Jan 383 Camp, Lawrence 191,192,204,233 Camp, Michael 301,371 Campbell, Alan 241,371 Campbell, Bradley 314 Campbell, Cecil 192,196,347 Campbell, David 371 Campbell, James 200,366 Campbell, Jennifer 394 Campbell, John 307 Campbell, Johnny 339,349,355 Campbell, Kay 383 Campbell, Kenneth 202 Campbell, Loyd 355 Campbell, Nanci 268,371 Campbell, Nan 394 Campbell, Ronnie 201 Canipe, David 167 Cannon, Kay 264,265,360 Cannon, Harriett 265,360 Cannon, James 167,344 Cannon, Joseph 317,355 Cannon, Mary 197,202 Cantrell, David 195 Cantrell, Ron 195 Capallo, David 202,320 Capelouto, Corinne 290,371 Capers, Sallie 287,360 Caplan, Maxine 279 Caplan, Rhonda 371 Carbaugh, Chris 21 5 , Carbonell, Gay 200 Carden, Terry 371 Carey, Dave 259 Carey, Norman 218 Cargile, Donald 371 Carithers, Bucky 313,383 Carl, Bonnie 290,383 Carlen, Deborah 366 Carlen, Leslie 203,383 Carlisle, Marianne 227 Carlisle, Rusty 311,344 Carlisle, Russell 298,355 Carlton, Claudia 349 Carlton, Bonnie 21 5 Carlton, Joanne 267,383 Carlton, Bill 200 Carman, Clifford 344 Carmichael, Caren 275,349 Carmichael, Patrick 383 Carmichael, William 207.338 3 Q 383 Carnes, Julie 21 1 Carnes, Mary 287 Carney, Nancy 216 Carp, Steven 167 Carr, Emile 222,346 Carr, Buzzy 218 Carr, Mike 317,349 Carr, Rufus 371 Carrier, Susan 218 Carroll, Johnny 314 Carroll, Randolph 322,383 Carroll, Robert 234 Carroll, Susan 282,383 Carson, Charles David 349 Carson, Chuck 166 Carson, Larry 235,349 Carson, Scott 326,327,360 Carswell, Charlene 215 Carswell, Thomas 313,355 Carter, Andrea 203,273,383 Carter, Angela Delores 349 Carter, Diane 197 Carter, Barbara 203,383 Carter, Bruce 186 Carter, Connie 280,383 Carter, Diane 270 Carter, Mike 298,364 Carter, Frank 319,371 Carter, Harold 355 Carter, Jacqueline 383 Carter, Jim 167 Carter, John 202 Carter, Linda 360 Carter, Nancy 360 Carter, Paul 355 Carter, Rebecca Ann 303 Carter, Rusty 160 Carter, Suzanne 197 Carter, Thomas 185,355 Carter, Walter 213,299,355,371 Carves, Mary 349 Cary, Norman Miller Jr. Casen, Linda 360 Casey, Patricia 371 Casey, Peggy 218 Cash, Carlton 308 Cason, Louie 339,355 Casper, Michael 339,344 Cassels, William 371 Cassidy, Kevin 163 Cassidy, Michael 339,349,394 Castellaw, Dan 190,298,371 Castles, Louise Sapp 178 Cato, Carol 383 Caualeri, Pendy 383 Cauley, Charles 315,355 Caulkins, Carolyn 283,37 1 Causey, Carol 287,303 Causey, Harold 335,383 Causey, Robert 335,371 Cavaleri, Pendy 265 Cavanaugh, Michael 371 Cawl, George 193 Cawthon, Joan 371 Cawthon, Mike 160 Cawthon, John 213,214,371 Cebik, Mary 344 Cechini, Lisa 346 Chadburn, Richard 349 Chadwick, Kenneth 366 Chafin, John 313,346 Chafin, Linda 241 Chalker, Mike 215,241 Chamberlain, Emily 284,394 Chamberlin, Steve 160 Chambers, Guy Samuel Jr. Chambers, James 198 Chambers, Joseph 345,371 Chambers, Mary Ann 197 Chambless, Phillip 336,383 Chambless, Hal 307,371 Champion, Holli 273,383 Champion, Glenn 301,355 Champion, Larry 371 Champion, Susan 197,240,383 Champion, Christmas Tree 247 Chandler, Lucky 231 Chandler, Donald 349 Chandler, Edward 349 Chandler, Janet 203,383 Chandler, Gayle 360 Chandler, Linda 215 Chandler, Pam 218 Chandler, Lucky 345,371 Chaney, Larry 195 Chang Liang, Hsiao Lan 344 Chang, Kun-Yu 344 Chang, Lewis 344 Chang, James 190 Chanin, Robin 291 Chapin,Mary 265,371 Chapman, Jim 199,298,347 Chapman, Samuel 313,349 Chappell, Clifford 349 Charbonneau, Harry 371 Charles, Debbie 383 Charles, William 198 Chastain, Amy 203,265,383 Chastain, Jan 263,394 Chatham, David 259,311,355 Chavious, Charles 160 Cheatham, Livie 394 Cheek, Karen 203,275,384 Cheeley, Ronnie 315,355 Cheeves, Becky 218 Cheney, Myra 394 Cheney, Charles 218,301,371 Cherry, Van 371 Chesler, Michael 383 Chesnut, David 225,242 Chesnut, Robert 226,364 Chester, Barbara 218 Chester, Susan 218 Chevalier, Karen 295,394 Cheves, Becky 287,394 Chew, Marti 273,383 Chew, Randy 313,349 Chewning, Ralph 371 Childers, Priscilla 197 Childs, Hiram 394 Childs, John 329,355 Childs, Mark 190 Chisholm, Carol 287,371 Chism, Billy 371 C hitwood, Faye 273,371 Chivers, Regis 265,383 Christ, Nany 255 Christ, Christina 383 Christenson, Tina 269,349 Christian, Eileen 371 Christian, Ellen 371 Christianson, David 161 Christie, Carla 213 Christopher, Samuel 341,394 Christy, Cathy 194,197 Cinque, Maria 196 Clack, Mary 263,371 Clamp, Connie 292 Clark, Andree 268,383 Clark, Carol 239,371 Clark, Charles Clark, Elizabeth 263,394 Clark, Jackie 280,371 Clark, Chris214,218 Clark, Joan 214 Clark, Joey 342 Clark, Judy 280,349 Clark, Karen 360 Clark, Lawana 365 Clark, Lewis 222 Clark, Marsha 199,202 Clark, Michael 224 Clark, Pattie 203,210,234,280,371 Clark, Patsy 197 Clark, Peter 214 Clark, Ralph 160 Clark, Robert 226 Clark, Sandra 287,383 Clark, Terri 185,203,210,263,371 Clark, Vicki 280 Clarke, Dennis 192,298,347 Clarke, Bud 31 3,355 Clarkson, Gregory 349 Claril, Jeffrey 394 Clary, Carolyn 264,265,365 Clary, Gil Clary, Patsy 265,383 Clay, Elaine 360 Clay, Joseph 346 Clay, Margaret 383 Clayton, Susan 265,360 Clayton, William 371 Cleaveland, John 394 Clements, Cathy 284,366 Clements, Fabian 203,383 Clements, Johnna 287,371 Clements, Laura 344 Clements, Terry 371 Clements, William 371 demons, Robert 355 Clesen, Elizabeth 384 Cleveland, Larry 383 Cleveland, Rita 197 Cliff, Maynard 349 Cline, Jim 192,213,232,384 Cline, Marsha 203,224 Cline, Nancy 196,223,224,225,231 Clines, C. D. 371 Cloer, Myra 190,197 Cloud, Tom 355 Cloud, William 222 Coats, Charlie 316,317,355 Cobb, Calvin 355 Cobb, Cat 273,371 Cobb, Winston 295,371 Cobb, James 384 Cobb, johnny 160,335,355 Cobb, Sarah 273,349 Cobb, William 364 Cochran, Erica 196 Cochran, Gabby 371 Cochran, Bob 322 Cocker, Billy 335,371 Cody, Kermit 308,384 Cody, Bill 223,232 Coe, Gene 303,384 Cofer, Joan 365 Coffee, Joel 200,214,366 Coffelt, Terry 196 Coffey, Don 207,303,307,384 Cohen, Charles 394 Cohen, Deborah 384 Cohen, Henry 296,384 Cohen, Kass 225 Cohn,Dan 195 Colbert, Vivian 371 Coldren, Rebecca 384 Cole, Woodie 313,384 Cole, Laura 287,360 Cole, Nancy 275,349 Cole, Steve 315 Coleman, Carole 268,384 Coleman, Cathy 394 Coleman, Charlotte 200 Coleman, Connie 371 Coleman, Debbye 224 Coleman, Fran 185 Coleman, Jon 327,349 Coleman, Karen 394 Coleman, Tommy 200 404 1 Coleman, Stephen 313,394 Coley, Ginger 21 1,360 Coley,Phil 371 Colhard, Connie 277,384 Collier, Dennis 311,349 Collier, Kathy 189,371 Collier, Nancy 216,218,384 Collier, Harry 161 Collins, Candy 211,284 Collins, Carolyn 349 Collins, Cecil 355 Collins, Jerry 222,322,384 Collins, Joel 232 Collins, Kenneth 302,303,355 Collins, Leon 317,394 Collins, Lisa 371 Collins, Rosalyn 384 Collins, William 355 Collinson, Jill 293,349 Collyer, William 349 Colquitt, Cathy 275,360 Colquitt, Gayle 201 Colquitt, Julian 384 Colquitt, Patricia 205,366 Colvin, Mac 371 Colvin, Cherry 203 Colwell, Curtis 355 Combs, Anne 226,263,371 Combs, Jim 394 Combs, Melinda 349 Compton, Michael 355 Condon, Bill 213,231,321,349 Cone, Beverly 384 Conger, Patricia 360 Conklin, Terry 192,193 Conlon, Paul 345,384 Conlon, Peter 335,394 Conn, Dick 160 Connell, Patti 241,269,394 Connell, Sherry 270,371 Connely, Earl 1 93 Conner, Donald 345,371 Conner, Edward 223 Conner, Bobby 161 Conner, Robert 371 Conner, Maxine 371 Conrad, John i94 Conroy, W. P. 319,384 Constable, Frederick 303,394 Constantine, Robert 234,313,349 Cook, Lee 307,384 Cook, James 222,232 Cook, Karen 371 Cook, Katie 371 Cook, Lee 190 Cook, Lynette 224 Cook, Pamela 394 Cook, Pamela 366 Cook, Peggy 201,205 Cook, Regina 349 Cook, Tedd 224,307,394 Cook. William 303,349,384 Cook, William Cooke, Bernice 360 Cooke, Stewart 194 Cooley, Lydia 349 Coombs, Sharon 349 Cooper, Clark 355 Cooper, Doug 164 Cooper, Elaine 215,349 Cooper, Janette 196,371 Cooper, Larry 323,355 Cooper, Norma 371 Cooper, Dianne 360 Cooper, Robert 384 Cooper, Ross 222 Cooper, Steve 296,394 Cooper, Claire 203,384 Cooper, Bill 307,384 Cooperman, Wayne 384 Cope, Bill 322,384 Copelan,Beth 194,197,203,371 Copeland, Gail 394 Copeland, William 240 Coplan, Maxine 384 Corbett, Phillip 355 Corbitt, Marsha 257,287,371 Cordell, Sporty 313,346 Cordon, Claire 394 Corgill, Deborah 224 Coresham, Tina 394 Cornwell, Christopher 320,371 Corr, Ice 204,212,307,344 Corry, Susan 394 Cortese, John 189 Cortez, Dianne 384 Cosgrove, Bob 336 Cost.Debby 264,371 Cosla, Donna 371 Costa, Joseph 384 Cothran, Julia 394 Cottrell, Ripple 247,384 Couch, Tommy 160 Couch, Ken 198 Couchman, Betsy 371 Coulter, Scott 311,394 Coulter, James 185,225 Coulter, Kenny 371 Courter, Joyce 222,346 Courtney, Patricia 203 Cowan, Anne 384 Cowart, James 207 Cowen, Alan 207 Cowen, Martin 214 Cox, Betsy 284,394 Cox, Duane 207 Cox, Eddie 242 Cox, Jim 261,339,355 Cox, James 371 Cox, Jan 196 Cox, Leslie 37 1 Cox, Mary 263,384 Cox, Nancy 366 Coxwell, Dan 371 Coyne, John 190,347 Coyne, Nancy 360 Craft, Patricia 203 Craig, Charles 207,231,241 Crane, Don 322,349 Crane, Henry 303,372 Cranford, Mike 247,384 Crangte, Charles 394 Cranman, Paul 199 Crawford, Curtis 214 Crawford, Cindy 185,273,394 Crawford, Dena 224 Crawford, George 355 Crawford, Mary 273,372 Crawford, Carole 394 Crawford, Tom 201,242,366 Crawley, Charles 384 Crawley, Lamar 355 Crawley, Kathleen 349 Crawley, Oriska 360 Crenshaw, Ken 313,355 Crenshaw, Tim 16 1 Crews, Dennis 335,355 Crews, Jim 355 Crews, Robert 355 Crighton, Richard 355 Crist, Nancy 267,384 Crockett, Larry 372 Croft, Clara 372 Cromley, Chap 199 Cronic, Richard 339,355 Cronin, Mary Ann 203 Cronister, Becky 226,277,349 Crosby, Jack 215 Croslin, Jenifer 292 Cross, Hubert 214,218 Cross, Ken 214,218 Crosswy, Milton 327,355 Crouch, Paula 201,205,372 Crouch, Sherry 222 Crout, Robert 225,344 Crow, H. M. 304,372 Crow, Robert 185,218 Crowley, Belinda 211 Crowley, George 349 Crowley, Vic 295,384 Crum, Jack 198 Crumley, Sally 360 Crump, Sharron 372 Crump, William Henry Culberson, Cheryl 227,360 Culbreth,Thea 287,384 Cullinane, Daniel 384 Culpepper, Martha 203 Cumins, Joan 290 Cummings, Art 329,394 Cumpton, Mike 242 Cumuze, Teresa 197 Cunn, Richard 372 Cunningham, Albert 192 Cunningham, Charles 394 Cunningham, Flossie 254,257,360 Cunningham, Robert 31 3,384 Cunningham, Sherry 289,372 Curington, Jim 335,372 Curies, Randy 372 Curlin, Rick 166,260,319,384 Curran, Karen 197 Currie, Aubrey 344 Currie, Liz 275,360 Currier, Debbie 242 Curry, James 394 Curry, Louie 313,355 Curry, Nancy 265,384 Curtis, Rick 329,394 Curtis, Carlton 200,242 Cutler, Cynthia 275,334,360 Czupryna, Timothy 193 D Dacus, Sherri 372 Dailey, Bob 307,371 Dainty, David Daitch,Gary 355 Daiton, Sherry 266 Dale, Ashton 224 Dale, Dennis 207 Dale, Elizabeth 344 Dale, James 193 Dale, John 344 Dale, Judy 366 Dalis, John 317,372 Daiton, Steve 234 Daiton, Sheryl 394 Damato, Mark 322,384 Damhorst, John 344 Dana, Peggy 372 Danheiser, Priscilla 203,266,384 Daniel, Bonnie 355 Daniel, Buxton 372 Daniel, Danny 355 Daniel, Herb 192,194,207 Daniel, Jerry 214 Daniel, Judy 199,372 Daniel, Kathryn 384 Daniel, Lynn 394 Daniel, Pam 265,384 Daniel, Roger 372 Daniel, Roland 332,372 Daniel, Royce 372 Daniel, Thomas 384 Daniel, Wanda 344 Daniel, Woody 344,345,384 Daniels, Randy 199 Dantzler, Danny 160 Darby, Gail 197 Darden, Cindy 194 Darden, Sally 284,384 Dardin, Elaine 273,372 Darnell, Stanley 198,300,301,355 Dart, Bob 242 Dashiell, Fran 281,360 Datta, Adhir 344 Daube, Faye 196 Daughtry, Craig 186,192,196 Davenport, Dale 227 Davenport, David 214,218 Davenport, Deborah 360 Davenport, Howard 193 Davenport, Lee 360 Daves, Pat 295,394 Daves, Alison 197,277 Daves, Teresa 218 Davey, Karen 372 David, Murphy 189 David, Tommy 313,355 David, Reedy 329,360 Davidson, Ed 190 Davidson, Dave 232 Davidson, John 166 Davidson, Patricia 265,360 Davies, Diane 372 Davies, Kathy 366 Davis, 166,349 s, Carlton 303,372 s, Drue 216,372 s, Duncan 372 s, Edna 203 s, Elaine 270,372 s, Gary 329,372 s. Holt 384 s,Hoyt 260,314,355 s, Jimmy 329,372 s, J. 198 s, James 335,366 • s, Janet 194 s, Janice 360 s, jeffery 196,347 s, Jo Ann 203 s, Joslin 384 s, Joy 211,215 s, Julie 280,384 s, Kathi 200,282,365 s, Leila 201,205 s, Linda 372 s, Mark 198,355 s, Mary 366 s, Nancy 274,372 s, Nancy 283,372 s, Nancy 275,366 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Pam 215,216 Davis, Patsy 218 Davis, Philip 194 Davis, Richard 190 Davis, Sam 218,232 Davis, Sandra 197,365 Davis, Sara 203 Davis, Sharon 350 Davis, Susan 280,350 Davis, Thomas 342,384 Davis, Tommy 194,329,350 Davis, Tim 343,372 Davis, Bill 196 Davison, Vince 372 Dawkins, Michael 360 Daws, Karen 295,360 Dawson, Jimmy 303,384 Dawson, Rita 350 Day, James 347 Day, John 261,372 Day, Patrick 394 Day, Waylon 360 Day, William 299,355 Deakins, Dorothy 273,372,384 Deakins, Vicky 275,350 Deal, Ben 196 Deal, Joe 258,298,372 Deal, Mike 298,311,355 Dean, Ronald 372 Dean, Sandra 197,365 Dean, Wayne 319,394 Dean, DeAnna 384 Dearmond, Arthur 344 Deas, Tommy 226,394 Deaton, Angela 372 Debrito, Susan 372 Decker, William 202,350 Deery, Richard 350 Defew, Devony 384 Defnall,Stan 313,364 DeFore, Paco 372 Deibert, Gary 372 Deich,Myra 291,394 Deitz, Thomas 372 Dekle,Beth 20,282,384 Del Porto, Heriberto 214 Dell, Bill 193 Delong, Michelle 191,263,365 Dement, Diane 372 Dembre, John 313,350 Demmond, Ken 342 Demon, John 372 Dempsey, Frank 317,372 Dempsey, Teresa 270,394 Dempsey, Jack 322,394 Denman, Karen Theresa„384 Dennard, Anne 197,365 Dennard, Becky 344 Dennard, Sarah 344 Denney, Carmen 372 Dennis, Kathryn 394 Oennison, Cookie 272,273,350 Dennison, Denise 273,384 Denny, Tom 301,372 Denny, Bill 339,372 Denton, Debbie 372 Denward, Richard 394 Depew, Devony 269 Deriso, Steven 165 Devaux, William 189 Dewberry, Marvin 372 Dey, Joanne 372 Dhruv, Arvind 344 Dial, Steve 301,372 Diaz, Manuel 166 Dickerson, George 344 Dickey, Lizzy 197,372 Dickey, Robert 313,394 Dickinson, Anne 189,203,280,384 Dickinson, Barbara 372 Dickman, Jacquelyn 203,384 Dickson, Charles 327,384 Dickson, Kay 365 Dickson, Sam 204,212,240 Dietrich, Mary 360 Dietz, Jan 203 Digby, Donald 199 Dillard, Buddy 344 Dillard, Jed 192,199 Dillard, Patsy 203 Dillender, Sam 218,394 Dillon, Victoria Ann 384 Dimond, Debbi 256,281,366 Dinatale, Charles 308,394 Dinsmore, Beverly 394 Dinwiddle, Robert 214 Dismer, Joan 394 Dittman, Richard 199 Dixon, Jerry 192 405 Dobos, Ronald 189 Dobson, Deranged 203,247,384 Dodd, Deanna 263,344 Dodge, Valen 384 Dodson, Don 198,355 Dodson, Jim 350 Dodys, Dimitrioj 303,394 Dodys, Nicholas Angelo 303.384 Dol, David 394 Dolan, Jane 372 Dollar, Penny 372 Dollar, Terry 234,323,355 Dolph, Bo 372 Donaldson, Jimmy 199,347 Donelson, David 350 Donnelly, John 394 Donovan, Laura 216 Donovan, L. M. 204,212,313,350 Donovant, Jo Palra 344 Dooley, Grant 220, 346 Doolittle, Guerry 190,191,204,212 Dorbeit, James 372 Dorman, Laurie 224 Dorman, Michelle 2 79,394 Dorney, Susan 185,384 Dorrance, Judy 270 Dorsett, James 314 Dorsey, David 355 Dorsey, Susan 203,287,394 Dortch,Pete 313,355 Doubleday, Margaret 273,384,394 Doughty, Chuck 372 Douglas, Allen 372 Douglas, Susan 224,263,394 Douglas, Thomas 319,394 Dowling, Deborah 346 Downer, Richard Nettles 303 Downing, Richard 198,231,303,355 Downs, Joseph Rogers 207,384 Downs, Mardi 394 Doyle, Deimore 350 Doyle, Ricky 384 Dozier, Judy 372 Drake, Diane 277,298,360 Drewry, Frank 355,384 Drexel, Richard 350 Driggers, Joel Stuart 345,384 Drinkard, Randy 192,194,372 Drinkard, Nancy 394 Driskell, Darlene 384 Driskell, Robert 307,372 Drury, Steve 193,345,394 Dryden, Mari 394 Dubbert, Bruce 339,394 Dube, Karen 189 Dubose, Margaret 185,372 Dubose, Yvonne 372 Dubose, MiMi 201,205,273 Dubose, Miriam 203 Dubose, Ronald 350,384 Duddy, Janice 203 Dudley, H.T. 313,372 Duffey, Michael 313,384 Dufford, Charlotte 197,295,384 Duffy, Jan 289,394 Duke, Carol 350 Duke, Karen Elizabeth 384 Duke, Laura 273,372 Duke, Susan 268,384 Dukes, David 307,394 Dukes, Mary 216 Dukes, Willard 298 Dumas, Mark 350 Dunagan, Danny 308,384 Dunbar, Eddie 213,261,344,345,372 Duncan, Charles 202 Duncan, Deborah 284 Duncan, Emeral 218,384 Duncan, George Duncan, Stephen 355 Duncan, Steve 314,394 Duntap, Cecilia 216 Dunn, Beverly 197 Dunn, Cathy 203 Dunn, Lamar 303,372 Dunn, Marion 339,355 Dunn, Randall 322,372 Dunn, Wesley 307,384 Dunning, James 350 Dunning, Peter 313,372 Dunson, Lucy 384 Dunwody, Dan 313,372 Dunwoody, Trisha 394 Dupree, Ben 344 Durham, Betty 346 Durham, Sidney 190,347 Durnin, Stephen 347 Durrance, Judy 234,366 Durst, Ronald W. 355 Dutson, D. L. 355 Dutson, S. M. 372 Duttenhaver, John 165,223,384 Dutton, Jeanne 234 Duyck, Carl 218 Dwornik, Robert 346 Dwornik, Lynn 189,275,346,350 Dwozan, Freddie 220 Dyal, Michael 394 Dye, Daniel 223 Dye, Steve 317,372 Dye, Tracy 203 Dyer, Ellen 365 Dyer, Roger 192 Dyke, Gina 234,263,384 Dykes, Kathryn 197,277,394 Dykes, Thomas 190,366 Eakle, Nora 199 Eales, Kathy 384 Earle, Lou 372 Earle, Sandy 242 Earley, Doug 317,355 Early, William 384 Easier, Vivian 350 Eason, Paul 190,240 Easterlin, Oliver 319,350 Eaton, Sally 360 Eberhart, Starr 256,282,372 Echols, James 355 Echols, June 384 Eddes, Lawrel 258,277,394 Edenfield, Barbara 268,372 Edenfield, Judy 360 Edens, Joseph 384 Edge, Bettina 384 Edge, Martha 265,372 Edmond, Anne 254,256,273,360 Edmondson, Eric 322,394 Edmondson, Jeffrey 31 1 ,344 Edmondson, Virginia 215 Edmunds, James 384 Edwards, Nita 372 Edwards, Donald 194 Edwards, Bruce 214,215,350 Edwards, Larry 342,372 Edwards, Nancy 292,372 Edwards, Ellen 372 Edwards, Pam 227,394 Edwards, Stacy 344 Edwards, Gail 372 Edwards, Stephen 342 Eggers, William 189 Eggert, Lee 192,199 Eggleston, Cynthia 344 Eggleston, Jane 268,372 Eichholz, Charlotte 279,394 Eilen, Kenneth 224 Elder, John 355 Elder, John 313,394 Elder, Vicki 277,350 Elkins, Lynn 272,273,350 Elkins, Steve 322,366 Ellard, Wayne 372 Eller, Connie 292 Eller, Sallie 355 Ellington, Carl 317,355 Ellington, Mike 220 Ellington, John 346 Ellington, Linda 394 Elliott, Bucky 319,355 Elliott, Charles 384 Elliott, Kim 282,394 Elliott, Paul 319,372 Elliott, Tomi 226 Ellis, Carolyn 284 Ellis, Cathy 384 Ellis, Mary 365 Ellis, Bill 394 Ellison, Elaine 196 Ellison, James 384 Ellison, Robert 3 13,394 Ellspermann, Leonard 160,198 Ellsworth, Peggy 372 Elmore, Lynda 372 EIridge, Doc 313 Elson, Douglas R. 384 Elster, Darryl 190 Ely, llene 290 Embry, Tim 218 Emerick, James 218 Emerson, David 372 Endrodi, Sandra 203,271 ,372 England, Debby 355 England, Gina 263,372 English, Edgar 329,372 English, Jan 365 English, Michael 350 English, Patricia 194,365 Ennessy, Mary Jean 384 Enoch, Patricia 240 Ensley, Maxine 360 Enterkin, Steven 241 Epiey, Donna 372 Epiin, Constance 360 Epperson, Judith 203 Epperson, Marsha 394 Epps, Kenneth 167,190 Epstein, Linda Susan 384 Epting, Al 360 Erickson, Todd 214 Erner, Mike 185 Ernest, Richard 392 Erwin, Reggie 313,394 Erwin, H. C. 344 Erwin, Janice 295,394 Erwin, Linda 346 Erwin, Sharon 344 Eschenbrenner, Susan 284,372 Escoe, Jan 394 Eskew, Samuel 160,355 Espy, Nancy 241,394 Esserman, Donna 394 Estes, Karen 295,372 Estes, Thomas 207,303,384 Estes, Timothy 307,372 Estrumse, Linda 360 Etheredge, Jack 223 Etheridge, Carol 262,263,350 Ethridge, Cheryl 263,394 Ethridge, Jan 203,394 Ethridge, Margaret 372 Eubank, William 199,355 Eubanks, Harrison 315,355 Eubanks, Donna 275,365 Euer, Connie 350 Eugster, Glenn 226 Euler, Gail 193,195,372 Eusner, Martin 355 Evanovich, Susan 203,384 Evans, Deborah Jo 197,384 Evans, Lynn 394 Evans, Deborah 197,372 Evans, David 360 Evans, Gary 319,394 Evans, Haynes 207 Evans, Louise 266 Evans, Linda Ann 384 Evans, Marilyn 360 Evans, Nan 265,394 Evans, R. F. 372 Evans, Robert 313,384 Evelyn, Paul 215,241 Everage, Kathy 197 ,372 Everett, Donald 355 Everett, David 313,330 Everett, Joan 366 Everett, Susan 194,218 Everly, Charlotte 394 Ewing, Chuck 336 Ewing, James 313,372 Ewing, Linda 295,384 Ewing, William Lane Exner, Michael 218,394 Eyier, A. E. 339,394 Ezell, James 260,327,372 Ezzard, Elizabeth 197,365 Ezzard, William 232,344 Fadely, Kathlynn 284,360 Faegin, Glenna 266 Fagalde, Nelly 227 Fain, John 199,355 Fain, Vicki 395 Faircloth, David 198 Faircloth, Edward 192 Faircloth, Kathy 279 Fambrough, Mike 167 Fann, David 222 Fannon, Cynthia 203 Fansler, Susan 203,384 Farkas, Diane 218 Farman, Douglas 207,307,384 Farmer, Kelly 346 Farnell, Tom 308,384 Farr, Dennis 394 Farrar, Bob 372 Farrell, Kathleen 275,384 Farrell, Mike 339,355 Farris, Donnee 218 Farzadegan, Homayoon 344 Fason, David 214,395 Patch, Donald 199 Faucher, Mary 202,203 Faulkenberry, Kenneth 207 Fauver, Robert 301,344 Favicloth, Kathy 384 Feagin, Glenna Elizabeth 384 Feagin, Russell 372 Feagle, Diane 224,268,372 Fearon, John 241 Fearrington, Thomas 385 Fears, Debb y 385 Feldman, Eva 290,395 Feldman, Harriet 279,385 Fell, Sharon 242 Feltman, John 311,350 Fender, Carol 277,372 Fennel, Lynne 273,365 Fennell, James 347 Ferch, Valerie 197 Ferguson, Barbara 385 Ferguson, Mary 203 Ferguson, Patricia 385 Ferrazzudio, Ron 341,385 Fersen, Paul 160,366 Fetner, Terry 200,201,205,242,366 Field, Sharon 266 Fields, Deborah 287,395 Fields, Dusty 226,385 Fields, John 221 Fields, Randy 314,372 Fields, Susan 277,360 Fievet, Joey 346 Fievet, Chris 192,347 Fievet, Charles 222 Filer, Robert 355 Fillion, Stan 167 Finch, Libba 273 Finch, Jim 315 Fincher, Cheryl 395 Fincher, John 220 Fincher, Robert 261,336,372 Findlay, John 222 Findley, Tina 241, 395 Finegold, Mona 279,385 Fink, Elizabeth 385 Finland, Russell 355 Finley, Patricia 196 Finn, Byron 355 Finney, Donna 218 Fioersheim, Suzanne 360 Fischer, Lynnann 275,365 Fisher, Brenda 395 Fisher, Flip 372 Fisher, Fred 341,372 Fisher, Macy 189,283,372 Fite, John 185,218,385 Fitzgerald, Joe 385 Fitzgerald, Thomas 372 Fiuhugh, Pat 273,350 Fitzpatrick, Lane 260,350 Fitzpatrick, Edward 194 Fitzpatrick, J. J. 317,355 Flanigan, David 313,385 Flatt, Diane 294 Flatt, Andy 165 Fleenor, Carol 276,277,355 Fleischman, James 299,355 Fleishman, Cheryl 290,385 Fleishner, Kenneth 341,350 Fleming, Al 317,373 Fleming, Catherine 292 Fleming, Debbie 373 Fleming, Ester 350 Fleming, James 301,344 Fleming, John 190 Fleming, Linda 226,350 Fleming, Rosemarte 199 Fleming, Sandra 194,395 Fletcher, Leonard 355 Fletcher, Merritt 373 Fievet, Craig 395 Fllnchum, Becky 277,395 Flood, Richard 345 Florence, Mike 344 Flournoy, Josiah 313,373 Flournoy, Josiah 313,373 Flowers, Arthur 313,357 Flowers, Charles 323,385 Flowers, Theresa 292 Flowers, Te 395 Floyd, Eddie 214,215,219,314 Floyd, Gerald 199 Floyd, Jack 373 Floyd, Mary 350 Floyd, Michael 322,357 Floyd, Schuyler 303,385 Floyd, Steve 193 406 Wi -i ■»:.: Fluhr, Lynn 263,373 Fogel, Linda 350 Foisy, Richard 395 Folds, Keith 373 Foley, F. D. 313,357 Foley, Michael 317,366 Folger, Christopher 336,373 Folger, Caroline 216 Folk, Benjy 317,385 Folk, Ellen 219 Foltz, Robert 313,385 Folwell, Kathy 215 Foran, Mike 242 Ford, Deborah 277,385 Ford, John 322,373 Ford, Karen 360 Ford, Dick 309 Fordham, Wayne 196 Forehand, G. R. 357 Forehand, William 160,314 Forgay, Robert 373 Forgue, Bobby 322 Forinash, Kyle 219 Forman, Fran 196 Formica, Thomas 364 Forrest, (immy 190,193 Forrester, Jon David 214 Forshee, William 373 Forstot, Janie 279 Fortenberry, Gloria 350 Forth, Larry 373 Fortson, Jan 373 Fortson, Clark 214 Fortson, Robert 204,205,212,313,350 Fortstot, Janie 395 Fosgate, Heather 185,283,373 Fosher, William 335 Foss, Joseph 224,385 Foster, Cecilia 265,385 Foster, Maxie 166 Fountain, Jayne 373 Fountain, Marylyn 196,294,295,360 Fountain, Charles 21 5 Fournler, Albert 385 Fowler, Carolyn 360 Fowler, Greg 336 Fowler, John 219,350 Fowler, Joe 204,212,213,228,373 Fowler, Michael 342,395 Fowler, Ray 202,207,213,214,237,385 Fowler, Ricky 260,323,385 Fowler, Robert 373 Fowles, Betsy 223 Fowlkes, David 373 Fox, David 340,341,373 Fox, Karen 203 Fox, Mayme 293,395 Fox, Eugene 1 85 Fox, Patrick 350 Fox, Tommy 301,373 Foy, Eddie 333 Frahler, Andrea 231,273,385 Fraley, John 162 Frampton, Lynn 216,395 Francavage, Debbie 385 Franco, Jill 263,395 Frank, Pamela 385 Franklin, Brooks 204,212 Franklin, David 307,357 Franklin, Jan 224 Franklin, Gwen 284,385 Franklin, Truitt 395 Franz, Beth 295,373 Erase, John 350 Frazier, Mel 345,373 Fredenberg, Craig 202 Freeman, Barry 223 Freeman, Beth 360 Freeman, Bud 186,219 Freeman, Davidson 313,395 Freeman, Marian 373 Freeman, Gary 207,219,385 Freeman, Joey 215,350 Freeman, Margaret 219,385 Freeman, Mike 1 85 Freeman, Sandra 194 Freeman, Sanford 311,395 French, Cookie 219,221 Fricks, Larry 319,385 Erie, Roger 259 Friedman, Louis 341,395 Friedman, Marty 296,385 Friedman, Richard 296,385 Friedman, Robert 201,242 Fr4eze, Lynda 366 Frost, Charles 298,299,357 Frost, David 231,332,385 Frowein, Carolyne 255,263,357 Fry,C. W. 319,373 Fry, David 335,385 Fry, Paula 385 Fryer, Cindy 235,268,373 Fryzel, Ed 395 Fugitt, Trish 280,385 Fulbright, Janice 216,219 Fulford, Cathy 265,385 Fulford, Donna 360 Fuller, Charles 222 Fuller, Jimmy 313,360 Fuller, Kay 190,194,373 Fuller, Tom 322,357 Fulp, Cynthia 365 Fulton, Fran 201,205 Fuqua, Andrew 190 Fuqua, Jack 161 Fuqua, John 313,357 Furr, David 311,357 Futrelle, Nancy 360 Gable, John 219 Garbriel, Mark 165 Caddy, Richard 395 Gaddy, Virginia 287,373 Gadlin, Bruce 373 Gaines, Pamelia 395 Galanti, Elaine 291,395 Galea, Michelle 201,205,366 Galiani, Cecilia 196,360 Galusha, Kathryn 373 Gambill, Mary 277,373 Gambill, R. F. 345,385 Gamble, James Quillian 357 Gamble, Lynn 197,365 Gambrell, Bobby 270 Gambrell, Jimmy 395 Gammage, Miles 31 3,395 Gannam, Brenda 350 Garban, Gail 189,295,373 Garcar, Karen 395 Gardner, Charlie 347 Gardner, Linda 373 Gardner, Bob 319,385 Gardner, Tom 220 Gardocki, Roger 395 Gardocki, Stanley 385 Garfinkel, David 261,341,373 Gargel, Karen 373 Garna, Janice 395 Garner, Freddy 313,373 Garner, Jim 322,350 Garner, Teri 395 Garnett, Nelson 191 Garrard, Diane 189,197,230,263,373 Garrard, Mike 395 Garren, Nathan 207 Garrett, Beth 292,373 Garrett, Bob 215 Garrett, Spencer 207 Garrison, George 31 3,350 Garrison, James 357 Garrison, Martha 395 Garrison, Ronnie 360 Garrison, William 308,385 Garsten, Carol 200 Garter, Paul 385 Garth, Johnny 319,385 Garver, Jane 292,350 Garvey, Laura 277,385 Garzia, Lee 395 Gaskins, Al 194,298 Gaskins, Doug 385 Gaskins, Bob 332,357 Gaston, Betty 185,281,360 Gathany, Timothy 373 Gatlin, Charlie 223,344 Gatlin, Janis 202,350 Gattis, Larry 202,219 Gattis, Thomas 207 Gay, Debby 234 Gay, Greg 385 Gay, John 385 Gay, Kathlyn 395 Gay, Thomas 207 Geer, Rob 320,373 Geigerman, Michael 385 Gemes, Karia 395 Gentry, David 357 George, Annette 219,373 George, Dan 385 George, Lynn 385 Gerald, Kathleen 219,373 Gershowitz, Alan 344 Gerson, John 395 Gerson, Nancy 360 Gersten, Carol 373 Geyer, Michael 219 Ghegan,Glo 231,268,385 Gtacobbe, George 344 Gianfrancesco, Gino 162 Gibbs, Bobby 161 Gibbs, Debbie 215 Gibbs, Tommy 258,298,350 Gibson, Charles 373 Gibson, Denise 266,395 Gibson, Elizabeth 385 Gibson, James 357 Gibson, Steve 342,357 Gibson, Susan 202 Giddens, Ann 373 Giddens, Lane 350 Giddens, Tim 220,221 Giese, Jill 395 Gigandet, Michael 221,222 Gilbert, Beth 203,385 Giles, Deborah 385 Giles, Blake 201 Giles, John 194 Giles, Bob 242 Giles, William 223 Gilikin, Gary 309 Gilland, Pamela 373 Gilleland, Frank 190,191,192,196,212,347 Gillen, Pam 385 Gillespie, Harold 190 , Gillespie, Jackie 395 ' Gillespie, Laura 275,350 Gillespie, William 165 Gillette, Bob 242 Gillikin, Gary 385 Gillis, Raymond 373 Gillon, David 342,385 Gilman, Patricia 290,373 Gilmer, Terry 219 Gilmore, Mary 203 Gilmore, W. F. 327,373 Gilpatrick, Gary 195 Gilreath, Mike 164 Gilstrap, Carole 350 Gilten, Bruce 341 Ginn, Alan 373 Ginn, Barbie 275,360 Ginn, Debbie 385 Ginn, Stephen 357 Gitter, Bruce 395 Giuliano, Frank 345,364 Gladin, Gena 346 Gladney, Richard 219 Glankler, John 342,385 Glanton, Linda 193 Glase, Kay 242 Glaser, John 344 Glass, Linda 203 Gleason, Ric 194,347 Gleason, Terry 1 94 Glenkey, John 207,336,385 Glenkey, John II 385 Glenn, Sceva 344 Glisson, Joyce 373 Glisson,W. R. 332,373 Glover, Carolyn 197 Glover, Cathy 360 Glover, Dixon 313,357 Glover, Gene 357 Glover, Gary 192 Glover, Richard 304,357 Glover, Robert 313,373 Godbee, Carole 360 Godbee, Margaret 295,360 Godbee, Richard 192 Goddard, George 31 7,385 Godwin, Marena 292,360 Goelz, Beth 385 Goelz, Gloria 203 Goethe, Lori 280,385 Coins, Andrew 346 Goldberg, Edward 296,357 Goldberg, Ellen 279,360 Goldberg, Howard 296 Goldberg, Jon 395 Goldberg, Linda 290,395 Goldberg, Marcia 290 Golden, Amy 279,395 Golden, Charlotte 275,312 Golden, Don 160,167 Golden, Louise 373 Goldfarb, Doug 357 Goldman, Fred 196,347 Goldman, Fran 360 Goldsmith, Jean 241 Goldsmith, Stephen 189,302,373 Goldstein, Bonnie 279,373 Goldstein, Deborah 279,385 Goldstein, Gail 279,395 Goldstein, Howard 395 Goldstein, Ken 219 Goldstein, Susan 395 Goldsworthy, Joanie 385 Goldsworthy, Anne 350 Goleman, Fran 279 Golson, J. 215 Gomez, Gilda 350 Gomez, Rita 395 Goocher, Robert 357 Good, Kenneth 395 Gooden, William 219,327,385 Goodhue, Katie 284,373 Goodin, Wayne 333,373 Goodman, Bonnie 395 Goodman, Lewis 224 Goodman, Kent 395 Goodman, Randy 165,395 Goodman, Susan 385 Goodrich, Colman 261,332,373 Goodrich, Allan 202,373 Goodrich, Judy 199 Goodroe, Jerald 373 Goodroe, Karen 395 Goodsell, Sara 203,271,373 Goodson, Ronny 1 92 Goodyear, Laura 269,360 Goolsby, Cleveland 314 Goolsby, Penny 185,275,360 Goolsby, Lane 189,366 Gorby, John 366 Gordon, Charlotte 360 Gordon, Marie 373 Gordon, David 214,350 Gordon, Elaine 203,385 Gordon, Joe 350 Gordon, Paul 167 Gordon, Theodora 200,366 Gore, Clark 313,395 Gore, Terri 200 Gorley, Margaret 350 Gorman, Katherine 360 Gorman, Linda 270,373 Goss, Barbara 203,385 Goss, Edward 357 Goss, Sharon 350 Gossett, Gary 373 Gossett, Sally 395 Goswick, Debbie 373 Gottfried, Janet 203 Gough, Garrett 301,395 Gould, David 341,385 Gowen, Rhonda 395 Gower, Rick 200 Grace, Ronnie 357 Graetz, Stuart 341,385 . Graf, Beverly 197,395 Graham, Charlie 347 Graham, Errol 192 Graham, Jim 192 Graham, Lynn 373 Graham, Robert 314,373 Gramling, Norman 305,357 Grandis, Edward 223,345,350 Grant, Ray 373 Grant, Jill 275,360 Grant, Mary 360 Grant, Roy 342 Grant, Cathy 275,350 Grantham, Ben 304 Grantz, Thomas 345,373 Granum, Rex 201,204,242 Graves, Ben 202,314 Graves, Bonnie 265,373 Graves, Ruth 189,203,268,385 Grawtnam, Ben 385 Gray, Gloria 197,373 Gray, Jerry 385 Gray, John 395 Gray, Loring Albert Jr. G.ray, Margaret 254,350 Gray, Myskal 373 Green, Carol 194,197,203 Green, Douglas 341,395 Green, Ellen Lynn Green, Elwyn 284,385 Green, Frank 214,21 5,314 Green, Michelle 242 Green, Lillie 223 Green, Linda 344 Green, Linda 360 Green, Marilyn 365 Green, Mary 287,350 Green, Mike 327,395 Green, Norma 194,197,373 Green, Pam 395 Green, William 303,344 Greenberg, Margo 279,385 Greenberg, Stephen F. 223 407 Greenburg, Jayne 290,395 Greene, Alan 339,357 Greene, Charles 364 Greene, Dan 312,3)3,373 Greene, Debbie 2)9,385 Greene, )immy 199,347 Greene, Marl 2)9,3)4 Greene, Michael ) 60,342 Greene, Rochelle 279,373 Greene, Stephen 360 Greenwald, Bill 373 Greenway, Deborah 2)9 Greenway, Greg 355,373 Greenway, Kay 295,395 Greer, Betty 395 Greer, June 282 Greer, Laura 350 Greer, Norma 366 Greer, Rita 360 Gregg, Patricia 373 Gregory, Laurie 224 Gregory, Stephen 337,373 Gresham, Tina 284 Grey, Robert 202 Grider, Martha 282,385 Grier, Peggy 344 Grier, Phil 373 Griffin, Cathy 203 Griffin, Charlton 307,385 Griffin, Charles 373 Griffin, Emory 303,346 Griffin, Lynn 265,366 Griffin, Ginger 350 Griffin, Peggy 360 Griffin, Victoria )97 Griffin, Bill 204,205,208,2)2,258,303, 357 Griffith, Glynn )66 Griffith, Don 160 Griffith, George 240 Griffith, Stephen )99 Griffith, Larry )64,168 Griffith, Billy 160,167 Griggs, Alan 322,366 Griggs, David 192,347 Grim, Carolyn 385 Grimes, L. W. )99 Grimes, Rebecca 224 Griner, Janet 373 Griner, Phillip 373 Grisham, Angela 385 Grist, Nancy )89 Grizzle, Ronald 385 Grodsky, Linda 279,385 Grogan, Wanda 344 Groover, Robert 167,395 Gross, Edward ) 99,3) 3,347 Gross, Linda 395 Gross, Marianna 275,366 Grozine, Bernard 350 Guay, Barbara 226,373 Gude, Peggy 357 Gudenrath, Allen 303,373 Guenther, Linda 269,350 Guerrant, Ted 2)4,3)4,350 Guffin, Martha 2)6 Guiliano, Frank 226,232 Guillebeau, Elaine 360 Guilliams, Skip 328,329,373 Guittar, Steven 385 Gulakowski, Elyse 385 Gunn, Robert 3)3,385 Gunnels, Michael 304,395 Gunter, Patsy 366 Gurley, Fielding 319,385 Gurley, John 161,313,373 Gurr, Bonnie 223 Guthrie, Steve 185 Gutierrez, Diane 373 Gutierrez, Richard 385 Guy, Kathy 263,366 Gwin, Sonny 373 H Haas, Frederick 303,360 Hackett, Elaine 287,395 Hackney, Joyce 350 Hackney, Richard 3)3 Hadden, John 373 Hadden, Larry ) 92,1 99,224 Hadden, Coleman 192,196,240 Haddle, Barbara 231 Haddock, Stanley 385 Hadley, Deborah 395 Hadley, Helen 350 Hadsell, Diane 216,335 Hadsell, Nancy 211,2)5,2)6,270,350 Hagan, Harriet 295,373 Hagan, Martin 385 Hahn, William 207,314 Hahne, Sharon 219 Haigh, Janice 201,205 Hailey, Ann 239,373 Hainline, Mark 207 Hakman, Sarah 265,385 Hale, Barbara 344 Hale, David 194 Hale, Becky 350 Hale, Eric 350 Hale, Eve 265,385 Hale, Laura 373 Hale, Nancy 385 Hale, Philip 190,364 Hale, Sam 373 Hale, Billy 333 Haley, Eugene 320,357 Haley, Pat 194 Hall, Carolyn 266,360 Hall, Charles 191,204,350 Hall, Charles 192,194,212,232,347 Hall, Charles 190 Hall, Douglas 335,395 Hall, Gail 276,277,373 Hall, Rita 373 Hall, John 303,385 Hall, Linda 202 Hall, Mark 339,357 Hall, Nancy 201,205,263,385 Hall, Richard 373 Hall, Sandra 373 Hall, Susan 200 Hall, Walter 299,357 Hall, William 346 Hall, Wynton 207 Hallford, Larry 357 Hallford, Lisa 265,385 Halloran, Gregory 193 Hally, Beth 265,373 Halpern, Jay 344 Halpern, Larry 385 Ham, Jon 242 Haman, Ray 345,373 Hambrick, John 3)9,350 Hames, Curt 220 Hamilton, Andrew 242 Hamilton, Keith ) 90 Hamilton, Sheree 267,373 Hamilton, Ray 166 Hamilton, Keith 192,347 Hamilton, Vicky 395 Hammock, Fred 373 Hammond, Chris 160 Hammond, Debbie 395 Hammond, Michael 261,336,385 Hammond, Susan 224,395 Hammond, Tom 219 Hampton, Mike 167 Hancock, Cathy 395 Hancock, Julie 373 Hand, Charles 339,385 Hanes, Edwa rd 301 Hanger, J. E. 357 Hanley, Richard 3)7,385 Hanna, John 385 Hannah, Ann 373 Hannum, Genevieve 366,373 Hannum, John 198,299 Hansing, Ken 344 Hanson, Buddy 224 Hanvey, Becky 197 Harber, Susan 275 Harber, Beth 211,275,360 Harbin, Nancy 286,287,373 Harbour, Deborah 385 Harbor, Susan 365 Harbson, Joseph 366 Harcourt, R. B. 373 Hardegree, Lester 202 Hardeman, Bob 313,357 Harden, Lynda 385 Harden, Gayle 373 Harden, Patricia 203 Harder, Nancy 277,350 Hardesty, James 304,373 Hardin, Dee 197 Hardin, Peggy 337,385 Hardirf, Scott 329,373 Hardman, William 327,350 Harmon, William 373 Hardrath, Lori 289,395 Hardwick, Cheryl 344 Hardwick, Nancy 224,265,395 Hardy, Frank 195 Hargett, Gil 200 Harison, Gayle 350 Hark, Hal 304 Harley, Joe 385 Harman, Karen 185,275,350 Harnun, John 299 Harpe, Donna 197 Harpe, Karen 241,385 Harpe, Richard 207,385 Harper, Beth 274 Harper, Judith 345 Harper, Penny 359 Harper, Steve 160 Harper, Sid 313,357 Harper, Susan 266,395 Harper, Tom 357 Harr, Karen 282,373 Harrell, Amy 194,197,365 Harrell, Jane 36) Harrell, David )89,)94,366 Harrell, Kathy 265,361 Harrell, Russell 347 Harrell, Sherrell 361 Harrell, Thomas 317,373 Harrelson, Clint 395 Harriman, Jay 219 Harrington, Howard 193 Harrington, Susan 197,234,277,373 Harrington, Scooter 345,395 Harris, Betsy 266,385 Harris, Dan 222,346 Harris, Diane 282,350 Harris, Dorothy 385 Harris, Earl ) 9), 204,208,2) 2, 233, 266 Harris, Edward 30),357 Harris, Fred )94 Harris, Calhoun 222,313 Harris, Hilary 226 Harris, Jim 199 Harris, Keith 161 Harris, Linda 385 Harris, L. C. 373 Harris, Maureen 366 Harris, Paul 301,374 Harris, Rick 201,366 Harris, Sterling 329,395 Harris, Susan 215 Harris, Tim 313,374 Harris, Toby 342 Harrison, Cathy 185,263,365 Harrison, Edward 357 Harrison, Georgia 365 Harrison, Hollace 385 Harrison, Miriam 269,365 Harrison, Raymond 364 Hart, Anne 265,395 Hart, Hamilton 314,385 Hart, Henry 374 Hart, Karen 263,374 Hart, Teresa 263,351 Hart, Thomas 3)3,395 Hartline, Frieda 36) Hartman, Barbara 287,374 Harton, Suzanne 374 Harton, William 357 Hartsell, Earl )60 Harvey, Jimmy 2)9 Harvey, Jo 395 Harvey, Tricia 273,374 Harvey, Tippy 280,395 Harwell, Anna 216 Harwell, Tap 167,339,374 Haskins, Jill 196,361 Haslam, Harry 341,374,395 Hatch, Don 374 Hatch, Kathy 203,213 Hatcher, Marie 287,386 Hatcher, David 190,347 Hatcher, Jo 287,365 Hatchett, Debra 227 Hatley, Deborah 395 Hattaway,Gay 287,386 Havenstein, Don 357 Hawes, Christy 266,361 Hawk, Cyndi 262,263,366 Hawkins, Carol 223,231,350 Hawkins, Charles 360 Hawkins, Jane 395 Hawkins, Jenny 231,295,373 Hawkins, John 189,207 Hawkins, Preston 386 Hayes, Jane 345 Hayes, Eloise Ann 189,227 Hayes, Butch 303,386 Hayes, George 335,386 Hayes, James 386 Hayes, Katherine 203 Hayes, Keys 335,357 Hayes, Lee 280 Hayes, Scott 343 Hayes, Wilk 282 406 Hayes, York 357 Hayn, Bill )68 Haynes, Helen 350 Haynes, James 2)4,2)9 Haynes, Jimmy 2)5,374 Haynes, Saralynn 2)5 Haynes, Greg 3)9,357 Hays, Hugh 303,374 Hays, Harvey 307 Hays, Marcia 197 Hays, Willa 189,306,386 Hayslett, Richard 339,357 Haywood, Martha 197 Hazen, John 164 Hazlett, Marlene 232 Head, Andrew 313,395 Head, Lawrence 339,374 Head, Phillip 373 Head, Susan 280,361 Headrick, Larry 366 Headrick, Betsy 374 Healy, Anthony Eugene Heard, Chuck 160 Heard, Mark 386 Heard, Phyllis 386 Hearn, Eric 189 Hearn, Glenn 374 Hearn, Vicki 386 Heath, John 319,347 Heath, Bobby 3)8,374 Heazel, Bob 304,386 Heffernan, Peggy 277,374 Heidt, Jack 350 Heisler, Ann 27), 386 Heitert, Susan 366 Helmreich, Dennis ) 90,) 92,) 99 Helms, Jane 287,350 Hembree, Lynn 200,366 Hembree, Sherrie 203,386 Heming, Cathy 385 Hemphill, John 2)9,374 Hencock, Jack 26) Hendee, Jean 280,374 Henderson, Alvin 357 Henderson, Barbara 197,268,386 Henderson, Barry 357 Henderson, Cassie 203,227,386 Henderson, Diane 361 Henderson, George 320,386 Henderson, Judy 374 Henderson, Pamela 277,374 Henderson, Rosemary 350 Henderson, Elaine 386 Henderson, Valerie 227,266,374 Henderson, Victor 202 Hendley, Deborah 263,314,361 Hendley, Michael 260,357 Hendley, Noel 314,386 Hendrick, Pat 395 Hendricks, Cecelia 28) Hendricks, Bob 350 Hendricks, Billy 395 Hendrix, Martha 265,36) Henley, Henry 364 Henning, Ron )96 Hennings, Nicoletle 194 Henry, Brian 3)3,386 Henry, David 189 Henry, Dennis 323,345 Henry, Jan 289,386 Henry, Marilyn 281,374 Henry, Sharon 292,374 Herb, Joe 167 Hernandez, Thomas 207,386 Herndon, Chip 374 Herndon, Mabry 220,346 Herndon, Paul 298 Herrin, Judy 197,365 Herring, Donald 327,374 Herrington, Stan 374 Hertwig, Craig 160 Hess, Holly 287,374 Hess, Bob 225 Hess, Sam 303,386 Hester, William 346 Hester, Dennis 160 Hester, John 313,395 Hester, Pamela 386 Hewell, Ellenda 395 Hewitt, Dee 329,357 Hewitt, Bill 327,357 Hewlett, Chris 21 5 Hewlett, Samuel 313,386 Heyman, Lyons 341,386 Heys, Sam 201,366 Hezlep, Richard 374 Hice, Gene 225 Hickey, Carrie 395 Hickman, Dorothy 203 i mi ' x Hickman, )ohn 304,374 Hickman, Raymond 222,346 Hicks, Elizabeth 203 Hicks, lames 357 Hicks, Peggy 350 Hicks, Katie 226,277,350 Hicks, Rose 215,216 Hicks, Ronnie 374 Hickson, Gerald 189,192,193,207 Hickson, Mona 351 Hickson, Suzanne 185,386 Higbe, leannine 227 Higdon, William Dale Higgins, John 313,364 Higgins, Richard 313,386 High, Wayne 320 Highlander, William 223,345 Highsmith, lackie 257 HIghsmith, Susan 374 Highsmith, Thomas 351 Hight, Teresa 265,374 Hightower, |ane 284,374 Hightower, Shirley 282,395 Higley, Charles 386 Hill, Andrew 327,386 Hill, Arthur 220 Hill, Carl 222 Hill, Delicia 198,357 Hill, Edward 346 Hill, Edwin 386 Hill, Ed 167,220 Hill, Frank 351 Hill, Julian 220 Hill, Kathleen 351 Hill, Lenora Hill, Mildred 361 Hill, Rosemary 386 Hill, W. C. 374 Hill, Arthur 346 Hiller, Mary 351 Hilley, Scott 311,386 Hilley, William 190,198,231,317,357 Hilliard, lames 207,386 Hilliard, Mary 275,351 Hillis, lay 225 Hilton, Corrine 295,374 Himebaugh, lamie 386 Hinchliffe, lack 311,374 Hinds, Frank 307,351 Hines, Harris 313,357 Hines, Rusty 160 Hines, Kathy 351 Hinesley, Hal 351 Hinesley, Wally 194,386 Hinnant, Hil 277,386 Hinshaw, lames 386 Hinson, Debbie 265,395 Hinton, |im 220 Hirsch, ludy 395 Hirsch, Martin 395 Hirst, A. A. 345,357 Hix, Karen 374 Hoard, Peggy 202 Hoban, |ohn 374 Hobbs, lanice Tucker 357 Hobbs, Michael 351 Hobby, Kathryn 374 Hobgood, Linda 286,287,351 Hocker, Hugh 361 Hodge, Laura 374 Hodge, Maribeth 277,374 Hodges, Peyton 259,304,395 Hodges, George 301,357 Hodges, lames 190 Hodges, Beth 284 Hodges, Beth 386 Hodgson, |oe 313,386 Hodgson, Tom 313,386 Hodgson, Paul 313 Hoffman, Laurie 291,351 Hoffman, Paula 395 Hoffman, Roland 301,374 Hoffmeier, Carol 189,269,386 Hogan, Wayne 335,357 Hoge, Ruthie 280,374 Hogue, la ck 357 Hogue, Terold 329,386 Hogue, Ronnie 162 Hoke, Andrew 207 Holahan, Leo 351 Holbrook, David 207 Holbrook, Diane 197,365 Holcomb, Darrell 357 Holcomb, Darrell 322 Holcombe, Anne 374 Holcombe, lames Maynard Holcombe, )ames 360 Holcombe, Phil 343,374 Holcombe, Stephanie Lynn |ordan Holder, Thomas 395 Holder, Thomas 327,374 Holdridge, lack 386 Holland, Bobby 207 Holland, Dewey 335,366 Holland, Beverly 203,219 Holland, Ray 386 Holle, Ellen 265,374 Holle, Cathy 266,395 Holley, Dee 395 Holley, Wanda 351 Holliday, David 194 Holliday, Debbie 203,386 Holliday, Donald 222 Holliday, Steve 335,386 Holliday, Sharon 357 HoUinger, Richard 351 Hollingsworth, Cynthia 374 Hollingsworth, Peggy 386 Holloman, Brenda 287,351 Hollomon, Eugene 366 Holloway, Peggy 374 Holloway, Margaret 216,395 Holloway, Murphy 313,345 Holloway, Peggy 231,280 Holloway, Strickland 335,374 Holmer, |ill 275,351 Holmes, Leigh 365 Holt, Helen 275,366 Holt, Larry 220,221 Holt, Tom 160 Holt, Timothy Lee Holton, Bobby 161 Holtzclaw, Lizann 268,386 Holub, Karen 216 Honeycutl, Robert 160 Hoobler, lames 361 Hood, Levert 259 Hood, Richard 373 Hood, Katy 265 Hood, Kathy 386 Hooker, Robert 1 89 Hooks, lones 395 Hooks, Tom 219 Hooks, Wayne 161 Hooten, David 314,386 Hooten, Gene 164 Hope, Elizabeth 386 Hopkins, Clifford 347 Hopkins, Henry 190,313,395 Hopkins, Happy 313,364 Hopkins, lames 224,342,395 Hopkins, Linda 351 Hopkins, Mark 342 Hopkins, Marvin 317,357 Hopple, Liz 280,374 Hopson, Darrel 357 Horan, Stephen 357 Horn, Edgar 313,395 Home, Catherine 287,395 Home, Michael 260,327,374 Hornik, Bruce 296,357 Hornsby, Curtis 214,219,314 Hortman, Ed 395 Horton, Liane 374 Horton, Ellen 219 Horton, Steve 322 Hortum, Victoria 194 Hoselton, Ann 224 Hoselton, |ohn 227,351 Hostetter, Spencer 337,374 Houck,Chrys 281,351 House, Danny 190,232,364 Housen, Harry 341,374 Houston, Bandy 227 Hovis, lames 304,395 Hovis, Bill 304,305,374 Howard, Candle 292,395 Howard, Nolen 374 Howard, Dianne 216,275,351 Howard, Donna 374 Howard, Dozier 313,395 Howard, Richard 311,346 Howard, lames 374 Howard, leffrey 296,386 Howard, loe 386 Howard, Joseph Lee Howard, Beth 268,374 Howard, Melodie 219 Howard, Ken 193 Howard, Pat 395 Howe, Camilla 201,242 Howe, Lee 207 Howell, Ben 314,395 Howell, Esther 374 Howell, Ion 202 Howell, Mark 339 Howell, Tom 303,374 Howes, Christy 189 Hoy, Martha 287,386 Hoyt, Verne 366 Hubbard, Maxine 361 Huber, Randall 314,395 Huckaby, Bruce 221 Huckaby, Darrell 396 Hudson, Chris 219 Hudson, lack 161 Hudson, lohn E. 301,303,357 Hudson, lohn M. Hudson, Patricia 365 Hudson, Patricia 293,396 Hudson, Patsy 216 Huegel, Kathleen 386 Huey, Betty 357 Huff, Charles 1 90 Huff, Jewell 374 Huggins, Diana 361 Huggins, William 329 Hughes, Brent 166,303,396 Hughes, Danny 223 Hughes, Betty 227,361 Hughes, Gregory 202.351 Hughes, Helen 197,374 Hughes, Irma 361 Hughes, |. W. 313,386 Hughes, Daniel 339,386 Hughes, Libbie 361 Hughes, Leon 374 Hughes, Raymond 207,219 Hughes, Susan 216,265,396 Hughey, Annette 374 Huie, Richard 339,374 Huling, Paul 166,323,357 Hull, Brad 338,339,374 Hullender, Ed 351 Humphrey, Allen 366 Humphrey, Joseph 190 Humphrey, Keren 374 Humphries, Mary Jo 216 Hundley, |ohn 351 Hunnicutt, C. H. 357 Hunnicutt, Lynn 160 Hunnicutt, |ohn 313,360 Hunt, Fredric 374 Hunt, leffrey 386 Hunt, Lowry 386 Hunt, Malcolm 374 Hunt, Nancy 386 Hunt, Paul 351 Hunt, Steven 198,199,357 Hunt, Woody 224,225,386 Hunter, Barbara 351 Hunter, David 223 Hunter, Mary 295,361 Hunter, Miriam 222 Hunter, Richard 204,332 Hunter, Robert 332 Hunter, R. L. 213,357 Hunter, Robert 199 Huong, Alan 351 Hurd, Diane 374 Hurlbutt, Steve 317,386 Hurley, Bob 190,204,351 Hurst, Ann 199,374 Hurt, Nancy 374 Hurt, Sharon 374 Hussins, William 295,361,365 Hutchens, P. D. 357 Hutcheson, Frances 256,277,351 Hutchins, Allen 322,386 Hutchins, Emily 396 Hutchenson, Bennet 305 Hutchins, Mike 196 Hutchinson, Ann 242,396 Hutchison, 8. A. 304,351 Huth, Alan 3 51 Hutto, Mark 207 Hutto, |o 396 Hutto, Rick 214,314,386 Hwang, Peter 345 Hyde, Micki 226,267,396 Hyde, Lynn 270,386 Hyden, Camilla 351 Hyle, lulie 197 Hylton, Stacy 219 Hynson, Kathy 374 Iddins, Cynthia 216 Ingram, Jeff 338,339,374 Ingram, Kathy 295,374 Ingram, Melinda 396 Ingram, Sarah 274,275,366 Inhulsen, Chris 185,214,219 Inhulsen, Michael 214 Ink, Bruce 189 Inman, Peggy 203,386 lodice, Peter 374 Irby, Betsy 273,351 Irvin, Johnny 298,357 Isaac, Mike 327,396 Isaac, Susan 203 Ison, Sandi 194 Ivey, David 351 Ivie, Bill 167 Izlar, Bob 190,191,192,204,212,232, 311,345 lachimowicz, Bonnie 374 lacketti, John 199,357 Jackson, Ann 273,366 lackson, Carol 361 lackson, Debra 386 Jackson, Jim 301,357 Jackson, James 198 Jackson, Jerone 160,335,374 Jackson, John 327,386 Jackson, John 396 Jackson, Lisa 224 Jackson, Mary 197 Jackson, Nancy 386 Jackson, Gail 287,386 Jackson, Robert 207,386 Jackson, Randall 332,366 Jackson, Ross 314,374 Jackson, Tommy 200 lackson, Troyce 342,374 lackson, William 361 Jacobs, Jan 203,386 Jacobson, Anita 374 jacobson, Carol 289,386 Jacobson, Susan 291,386 Jaeger, Gary 341,374 James, Annette 223,351 James, Betty 345 James, Carol 35 1 James, Jean 386 James, Davis 200 James, Janet 271,374 James, Jennifer 275,386 James, Loraine 257,292,386 James, Martha 197,374 James, Michael 195,319,386 Jamison, Larry 304, 305, 374 Jamison, Nancy 273,374 Jamison, Steve 305 Jansak, Tina 201,205,277,374 Jansen, Robert 396 Jarrell, Kitty 280,374 Jarrell, Sandy 386 Jarrell, Scott 396 Jarrett, Bill 215 Jarvis, Mary 282 Jarvis, Joyce 386 Jarvis, Margaret 396 laskwhich, |ane 396 jay, Marsha 290,386 leanes, Edward 357 leffcoat, lohn 238,311,374 jeffers, Byron 298,361 lenkins, Gregory 396 Jenkins, Johnny 323,347 Jenkins, Susan 366 Jenkins, Terrell 196,199 Jenkins, William 313,374 Jennings, Denise Elaine Jennings, John 160 Jennings, Becky 386 Jennings, Tommy 161 lennison, Kim 304,357 Jensen, Timothy 207 Jerkins, Gregory 31 1 Jerkins, Keith 319,357 Jernigan, Ben 319,396 Jernigan, Greg 329,374 Jerram, Carol 386 Jerrel, Jeffrey 167,386 Jett, Judy 361 Jettinghoff, Carmen 197,365 Jew, Henry 346 Jewell, Daniel 396 Jewell, Edward 374 Jewell, Corky 342 Jobson, Kay 197,365 Jodiee, Peter 31 3 Joe, Heide 224 Johns, Larry 347 Johnson, Abbie 203,386 Johnson, Alex 320 409 Johnson, Andy 160,167 Johnson, Ann 273,374 Johnson, Anne 374 Johnson, Barbara 196,361 Johnson, Lynn 386 Johnson, Bucky 219 Johnson, Bob 319,351 Johnson, CharMe 214,386 Johnson, Charlie 357 Johnson, Charles 214 Johnson, Beth 265,396 Johnson, Curtis 305,374 Johnson, Dale 194 Johnson, Dawn 293 Johnson, Frank 357 Johnson, Gary 339,374 Johnson, G.W. 332,374 Johnson, Hal 357 Johnson, Harry 194 Johnson, Jim 335,357 Johnson, Jamie 345 Johnson, Jane 231,275,351 Johnson, Janel 21 5 Johnson, Janie 386 Johnson, Jann 386 Johnson, Jeffrey 351 Johnson, Jerry 298,347 Johnson, Alex 386 Johnson, John 303,396 Johnson, Jon 196 Johnson, Judy 361 Johnson, Kathy 374 Johnson, Kim 271 Johnson, Marcia 275,361 Johnson, Patty 265,396 Johnson, Michael 240 Johnson, Mike 355,396 Johnson, Michael 190 Johnson, Micke 204 Johnson, Patsy 396 Johnson, Pharris 198 Johnson, Priscilla 194 Johnson, Ray 345 Johnson, Dawn 374 Johnson, Randy 161 Johnson, Richard 193 Johnson, Rita 365 Johnson, Robert 346 Johnson, Bob 220,357 Johnson, Sheri 294 Johnson, Susan 295,374 Johnson, Susan 219,396 Johnson, Thomas 307,374 Johnson, Thomas Cole Johnson, Tom 351 Johnson, Von 339,374 Johnson, Walton 339,386 Johnson, Bill 193 Johnson, William 347 Johnston, Carol 396 Johnston, Charles 31 3,374 Johnston, Charles 193,199 Johnston, Debbie 386 Johnston, Deborah 374 Johnston, Joy 386 Johnston, Laura 219,396 Johnston, Mary 203 Johnston, Jane 386 Johnston, Steve 303,374 Joiner, Vickie 293 Jolley, Don 351 Jolly, Vic 219 Jones, Ann 366 Jones, Barbara 277,374 Jones, Benjamin 357 Jones, Caroline 287,361 Jones, Cissy 287,361 Jones, Catherine 227 Jones, Chris 201 Jones, Daniel 160,364 Jones, Danny 374 Jones, David 319,351 Jones, Debby 361 Jones, Edd 192,386 Jones, Ed 314 Jones, Elizabeth 282,396 Jones, George 314 Jones, James 190,207,214,386 Jones, Jimmy 344,345,356 Jones, Raymond 313,351 Jones, Jan 282 Jones, Jinger 197,277,386 Jones, Greg 396 Jones, Greg 374 Jones, Johnny 386 Jones, Judi 351 Jones, Judith 198,280,356 Jones, Judy 241 Jones, Kathy 210,386 Jones, Karen 200 Jones, Leslie 189,263,386 Jones, Marshall 357 Jones, Melvin 224 Jones, Keith 339,396 Jones, Nancy 287,386 Jones, Patricia 361 Jones, Sandra 219 Jones, Saunders 185,219,396 Jones, Sherrilyn 203 Jones, Sherry 263,265,386 Jones, Randy 396 Jones, Terry 220 Jones. Walter 227 Jones, Woodie 281,374 Jones, Wriston 374 Jordan, Elizabeth 351 Jordan, Ann 267,396 Jordan, Frank 223 Jordan, Gary 303,386 Jordan, Georgia 386 Jordan, Harry 351 Jordan, James 198 Jordan, Janet 227,351 Jordan, Jerrell 356 Jordan, Larry 198,375 Jordan, Lawrie 232 Jordan, Mary 375 Jordan, Donia 374 Jordan, Robert 231,335,375 Jordan, Robert 346 Jordan, Bobby 198,334 Jordan, Roger 220 Jordan, Steve 356 Jordan, Steve 328,329,375 Jordan, Terrell 356 Jorgensen, Diane 277,396 Jorns, Robert 351 Joseph, Randy 161 Josephson, Cheryl 263,375 Joyner, Loette 266,386 Jue, Pamela 375 Juers, Wayne 194 Jump, Roy Howard Jurin, Fran 290,396 Justice, Edwin 351 Justice, Judy 386 Juusela, Kristina 396 K Kahle, Susan 375 Kahn, Shelly 291,396 Kallay, Laura 224 Kaminsky, Wayne 386 Kandul, Steve 225 Kane, Carolyn Kane, James 396 Kane.Sharyn 201,205,242 Kane, William 336,396 Kanter, Ellen 290,386 Kaplan, |ay 297,396 Kaplan, Michael 296 Karatassos, Eli 332,366 Karle, Mary 361 Karst, Lucy 189,375 Karwisch, Pa 219 Karwoski, Ronald 207 Kass, Jeff 195,351 Kassel, Harriet 279,396 Kassinger, Ted 239 Kauvar, Candy 290 Kazmier, Joan 386 Keadle, Steve 396 Keane, Melinda Mary Kee, David 386 Keel, Mark 387 Keen, Edwin 261,345,387 Keesling, Kathy 387 Keida, Paul 193 Keifer, Jim 342,375 Keim, Sandy 196,271,375 Keister, Ruthie 361 Keith, Herman 345 Keith, Mitchell 322,396 Keith, Joseph 327,375 Keith, Kendall 160 Kelehear, L. S. 387 Keller, Buddy 265,336,375 Keller, Herman 387 Keller, Joyce 351 Kelley, Asa 314 Kelley, David 307,356 Kelley.Diane 387 Kelley, Helen 265,375 Kelley, Elaine 219 Kelley, Elaine 375 Kelley, Mike 234 Kelley, Ricky 224 Kellos, Arnold 345,387 Kelly, Cecil 364 Kelly, Don 329,356 Kelly, Donnie 387 Kemp, Alex 190 Kemp, Emily 375 Kempe, Bruce 387 Kendrick, Steve 313,387 Kenimer, Edward 317,375 Kennedy, Jim 258,317,375 Kennedy, Steve 304,387 Kenneth, James 347 Kennett Julianne Kennon, Warner 396 Kent, Jack 356 Kent, Nancy 357 Kent, Phil 240 Kent, S.D. 332,356 Kenter, Sally 375 Kernaghan, Fran 263,387 Kerr, Ralph 304,351 Kershner, Debbie 282,396 Kershner, Patricia 203 Kesler, Bill 200 Kessler, Alton 364 Kessler, Jeff 341,387 Kessler, Karen 396 Kessler, Mary 215,216,375 Kessler, Mary 194,375 Kesterson, Caria 219,263,387 Kete, Lynn 292 Key, Herman 387 Key, Sharon 387 Kibler, Bradley 375 Kidd, Debra361 Kidd.Buzzy 333,396 Kidd, Candy 275,351 Kidd, Mary 196,203 Kienes, R. W. 356 Kiernan, Pete 225 Kight, Lyn219 Kight, Pat219 Kilgore, Tommy 219 Kilgore, Dindy 277,351 Kilgore, Lydia 345 Kilgore, Penny 36! Kilgore, Billy 167,361 Killeen, Laura Lee 284 Kilman, Mimi 375 Kilmer, John 234,307,387 Kilpatrick, Jane 268,387 Kilpatrick, Michael 189 Kilpatrick, Richard 322,356 Kimball, Mary 361 Kimberly, Wayne 351 Kimble, Anne 284 Kimbrell, Jane 273,396 Kimbrell, Jeannie 265,387 Kimbrell, Rosemany Kinard, Janet 387 Kinbar, Suzan 203 Kincaid, James Crofford Kinensel, Steve 298 King, Carol 366 King, Carole 375 King, Carolyn 21 1 King, Cathy 396 King, Donna 196,277,361 King, Gary 21 1 King, Gay 284 King, Horace 161 King, Jeffrey 207,214,219 King, Judie 361 King, Kitty 275,365 King, Mary 277,375 King, Marta 284,375 King, Mary 375 King, Rachel 387 King, Ray 303,396 King, Stephen 387 King, William 387 Kingsley, David Kingston, Kathy Kinnamon, John Kinnebrew, Jerry 273,387 Kinnebrew, Chuck 161 Kirby, Janet 203 Kirk, Christy 267,375 Kirk, Rebecca 242 Kirkland, Deborah 356 Kirkland, Danny 261 Kirkland, Vanette 375 Kirkland, Leigh 375 Kirkland, Ronald Kirkley, Karen 203,387 Kirkpatrick, David 214,351 Kirkwood, Carol 199,396 410 Kirschman, Arnold 341,375 Kirtland, Danny 345,387 Kitchens, Carlton 345 Kitchens, Christopher 198 Kitchens, E, Ralph 222 Kitchens, James 351 Kitchens, Marian 396 Kitchens, Steve 160 Kittle, Kathy 396 Klatwog, Lisa 396 Klausman, Glenn 261 Klay, Irene 361 Klay, Earle 223 Klein, Harvey 345 Klein, Peter 364 Kleinsteuber, Ruth 219,227,263,387 Klepak,Gary 297,375 Kleuky, Edward 356 Klotwog, Lisa 279 Knee, Mallery 197 Knight, Bonnie 375 Knight, Brenda 396 Knight, Debbie 199,356 Knight, Jackie 270,375 Knight, James William Knight, Ralph 345 Knight, Terry 351 Knight, Vikki 215,396 Knighton, Rebecca 203,284,387 Knisel, Timothy 190 Knobel Cathy Knox, Andrew 259,31 2,31 3,356 Knox, Barbara 361 Knox, Jannell 269,396 Knuckles, Alan 225 Koehler, Vic 332 Koester, Belinda Kohn, Kathleen 387 Koniansky, Richard 341 Konigsmark, Warren 31 3,345 Konter, Sally 279 Konter, Sherry 290 Kopecky, Bill 166 Koplin, Rhonda 375 Kopp, Andrea 265,351 Korn, Joey 296,396 Kornblut, Harold 341,396 Korner, Dennis 335,396 Korstad, Norma 361 Kotal, Karol 194,396 Ketch, Elma 213 Kraft, Sarah 224 Kramer, Fred 227 Kratzert, Billy 167 Kraul, Laura 203,242 Kreutter, Dale 356 Krinsky, Harold 387 Krot, Al 308 Krol, Elaine 277,375 Kruger, Lynn 290 Kuhl, Ruth 193 Kuhn, Michael 311,396 Kulbersh, David 202,341,351 Kulbersh, Paul 202 Kulick, Catherine Anna Kung, Jueng Sheng Kuniansky, Alan 270,387 Kuniansky, Richard 396 Kunze, Dolores 193,348 Kunze, Marcia Kurland, Alex 163 Kurtzman, Howard 202,375 Kyle, Kathy 196,361 Kyser, Jane 265,375 Lacher, Lisa 219,396 Lacienski, Randy 366 Lackey, Rosalyn 275,396 Laitala, Erwin William Lake, Ricky 160,303,375 Lam, Beth 273,387 Lam, William 303,356 Lamar, Hayne 339,396 Lamas, Cynthia 361 Lamb, Tom 338,339,387 Lamb, William 239 Lamhut, Faye 356 Lanard, Michael 327,375 Land, Barbara 198,356 Land, Joyce 361 Land, Willie 356 Landau, Edmund 240 Landers, David 375 Landey, Judy 196,290,375 Landing, Shannon 231,287,361 j s 1 1 «l E Si ' Sii :»:j tiii.i i i.,, ' .il Landrum, Doug 220 Landrum, Lyn 281 Landrum, Flit 204,213,244 Landry, Martin 31 1,345 Lane, Anne 273,387 Lane, )ohn 194,361 Lane, Mary 284,387 Lane, Patricia 203,210,280,387 Lane, Robert 396 Laney, Wyatt 366 Lanfair, Kathryn 203 Lang, Mary 203,226,240,387 Langford, Charles 317,375 Langford, Gloria 351 Langford, James 230,320,387 Langley, Bill 198 Langley, Carl Richard Langley, Wanda Lou Langley, Bill 204,213 Langrall, Susie 270,387 Langsfeld, Barbara 275,387 Langston, Harold 343,356 Langston, James 207,387 Lanier, Barbara 277,396 Lanier, Hank 356 Lanier, Linda 277,351 Lanier, Ray 223,225 Lanier, Robby 199 Lanier, Sarah 213 Lanier, Thomas 317,375 Lanier, Tyre 193 Lanigan, John 329,356 Lankford, Betty 295,361 Lankford, Ralph 313,365 Lankford, Bill 198 Lansing, Susie 275,396 Lanthem, Jennie 282 Lantzy, Judith 351 Larew, Hiram 194 Lar gen, Robert 198,301,345 Lark, Nancy 366 Larocco, Michael 194 Larson, Robert 348 Lasseter, Susan 276,277,356 Lastinger, Anthony Latham, Lois 226,277,351 Lau, James Victor Laubacher, Charles 314,387 Lauhon, Danny 226 Lavender, Bob 223 Lavrovsky, John 194 Lawracy, James 225 Lawrence, Flipper 268 Lawrence, Chip 375 Lawrence, Martha 21 3 Lawrence, Roger 196 Lawrence, Sheryl 387 Lawrence, Ted 375 Lawson, Ann 219 Lawson, Bobby 356 Lawson, John 375 Lawson, Rusty 314 Lawter, Harry 327,375 Layne, Norman 345 Layton, Deborah 387 Lea, David 219,375 Leach, Patti 366 Leathers, Clarence Luther Jr. Leatherwood, Wanda 375 Lecraw, Julia 375 Lecroy, Marilyn 194,197,396 Ledbetter, Steve 317,356 Lederer, John Ledford, Larry 375 Lee, Archie 190 Lee, Cathy 351 Lee, Charles 190,198 Lee, Choong 223 Lee, Dennis 317,356 Lee, Dorthy 203 Lee, Dean 303,396 Lee, George 194,199,225,348 Lee, Glen Terry 240 Lee, Gloria 396 Lee, Janic e 280,375 Lee, John Thomas Lee, Judy 265,356 Lee, Lik Lee, Linda Lee, Linda 284 Lee, Margie 197,215,375 Lee, Marilyn 361 Lee, Melissa 267 Lee, Preston 265,396 Lee, Bobby 375 Lee, Steve 192 Lee, Steven 207 Lee, Wiley Lee, William 387 Lee, Bill 242 Leebern, William 313,351 Leech, Mike 317,375 Leen, Vicki 290,291,375 Lees, Kimberly 396 Leffler, Nancy 387 Lefiles, Julian 207 Lefkove, Michael 202,341,375 Legg, Leslie 299 Leggett, John 351 Lehtonen, Ron 192,194 Leigh, Jane 396 Leitner, Gary 301,375 Lenderman, Lee 160 Lesley, Thomas 375 Lesley, Wanda 367 Leslie, Elizabeth 367 Lester, Kent 342 Lester, Greg 161 Lester, Susan 200,242 Lester, Wayne 307,356 Letson, Peggy 280 Levan, Grace 21 1 Levene, Linda 196 Leverette, Mimi 263,365 Levie, David 219,240,375 Levin, Harriet 279,387 Levinson, Andrew 341,387 Levinson, Sam 296,396 Levitch, Donna 290,387 Lewalten, Sanders 387 Lewis, Alma 351 Lewis, Armigene 375 Lewis, Cindy 387 Lewis, Chip 214 Lewis, Debbie 387 Lewis, Diane 287,361 Lewis, Doug 204 Lewis, Gene 319,375 Lewis, Francis 345 Lewis, Gary 164,396 Lewis, Gloria 231,375 Lewis, Julia 203 Lewis, Karen 365 Lewis, Laura 216,387 Lewis, Laura 387 Lewis, Lon 346 Lewis, Maridonna 396 Lewis, Marsha 197 Lewis, Mary 216,351 Lewis, Myron 351 Lewis, Nawanna 375 Lewis, Becca 284,387 Lewis, Richard 198,231,258,318,319,375 Lezinski, Stephanie 375 Light, Verona 375 Liipfert, Luch 273,375 Liles, Malcolm 312,313,356 Lillethun, Abby 396 Lillethun, Kathryn 351 Limerick, Mike 396 Lincoln, Harry 194 Lindeman, Joel 351 Lindley, Bobby 342,375 Lindquist, Gregory 351 Lindsay, Diane 189,276,277,361 Lindsey,Gary 198,356 Lindsey, Jan 356 Lindsey, John 351 Lindsey, Lewis 356 Lindstrom, Chris 214,215 Linne, Linda 375 Linnertz, Robert 348 Linville, Kathy 265,396 Lipford, Ginger 185,396 Litt, Gail 279,387 Little, David 320,375 Little, John 319,396 Little, Marilynn 203,387 Littlefield, David 319,356 Lively, Carol 287,375 Livingston, Caroline 277,375 Livsey, Anne 275,351 Lloyd, Donald 348 Lo, Michael 346 Locke, Bonnie 216 Lockerman, Ronald 192,198 Lockett, Cynthia 387 Lockfield, Collin 335,387 Locklear, Frank 214 Lockridge, Danny 219 Loftin, Ron 361 Logan, Charles 192,298,348,375 Lohman, Jan 387 London, Kathy 215,266,387 Long, Anita 387 Long,Chappell 193,298,348 Long, Betty 237 Long, Donna 219,351 411 Long, Gene 202,225,247 Long, Karen 224,375 Long, Kathryn 345 Long, Linda 280,396 Longbine, Mary Rose 215 Longino, Billy 356 Longino, John 198,231,375 Loomis, Michael 351 Looney, Lynne 265,375 Looney, Stephen 207,387 Lopez, Jose 301,387 Lord, Janice 219,294 Lord, Philip 356 Lord, Robert 202 Lord, Thomas 198,231 Lott, Lyn 167 Lott, Gene 329,375 Lott, John 317,387 Lott, Susan 396 Lott, Thomas 348,356 Loughlin, Joseph 222 Loughridge, Jeanette 197,375 Lourie, Barry 341,375 Love, Cindy 203,387 Love, Ellen 287,375 Lovejoy, Alice 200,375 Lovejoy, Bennie 226,364 Lovell, Ronald 192,348 Lovell, Taylor 163 Lovering, Charles 364 Lovern, Diane 387 Lovett, Bill 339,356 Lovett, Leon 387 Lovett, Vikki 396 Lovinggood, Kaye 361 Low, Albert 341,356 Low, Elsie 287,338,361 Lowe, Anna 266,375 Lowe, Karan 270 Lowe, Patti 265,396 Lower, Kathleen 289,375 Lowery, Emily 387 Lowrcy, Darrell 190,194,348 Lowry, John 163,308,387 Lowry, Ron 335,356 Lowry, Thomas 213,351 Loyd, David 375 Loyd, William 202,351 Lucas, Martha 387 Luckie, Bobby 327,375 Ludwig, Rick 185 Luke, Barbara 263,361 Luke, Cindy 242,367 Luke, Claude 202,205 Luke, Denna 275,396 Luke, Tommy 339,356 Lummus, James 327,375 Lunceford, Bud 222 Lundell, Douglas 301,345 Lunsford, Miriam 197 Lusk, Barry 339,375 Lyie, Mary 215 Lyies, Joseph 356 Lynch, Joseph 387 Lynch, Susan 356 Lynn, Gary 337,396 Lynott, Richard 317,375 Lyons, James 164,375 Lytle, Robert 351 Lynal, Judy 375 M Maahs, Marilyn 198 Mabry, Clayton 190,192 Maca, William 189 MacArthur, Dona 203 MacBeth, Peter 207 MacDowetl, Charles 356 MacFadden, Ross 396 MacFadden, Neal 329,356 Maclntire, Ann 268,396 MacKenzie, David 396 Mackler, Elinor 263,376 MacNabb, Cindy 376 Macomber, John Austin Jr. Maddox, Bill 345,352 Maddox, Larry 199 Maddox, Debbie 361 Maddox, Richard 240,361 Maddox, Ray 220,230,345 Maddox, Roy 328,329,356 Maddox, Sonja 352 Maddux, Hugh 328,329,376 Madison, Tom 376 Maduzia, Brenda 275,361 Magarity, William 163 Magharief, Dokali 356,396 Magruder, Coe 345,396 Magruder, Sam 31 1,375 Magan, B. B. 356 Mahler, Tom 186,187,240 Mahon, Michael 375 Mainz, Ellen 361 Major, Christy 361 Maleske, Donna 352 Maley, Charles 303,356 Malik, Beth 263,396 Mallory, Art 212 Malloy, Patti 361 Malo, Tom 321 Malone, Chuck 304,396 Malone, James 352 Malone, J. K. 356 Malone, Marilyn 387 Malone, Michael 327,387 Maloney, Elaine 270,255,367 Maltz, Patti 219 Mandel, Sheila 196,278,279,375 Mangel, Fred 186,213,223 Manley, David 322,396 Mann, Billie 255,265,361 Mann, Cheryl 203,227,387 Mann, Clark 319,396 Mann, Mildred 361 Manning, Brown 202 Manning, Charles Hodges, Jr. Manning, Jan 197 Manning, Gene 196 Manning, Katherine Mary 375 Manning, Lee 263,375 Manning, Jan 375 Manning, Kitty 375 Manning, Patty 277,375 Manry, Ellen 361 Mansfield, Thomas 221,346 Mansling, William 348 Mansour, Denise 287,387 Maples, Dan 364 Marcinko, John 367 Maret, Susan 277,396 Margeson, Kathy 273,375 Marien, Ann 387 Marino, Rich 335,375 Markham, John 396 Marks, Randy 361 Marks, Sheryl 291 Marritt, Steve 214 Marrone, Mike 164 Marshall, Anne 284,375 Marshall, John 345 Marshall, Mary Eileen, Marshall, Mary 284,396 ' Marshall, Randolph 364 Marshall, Stephen 207 Martin, Ken 345,387 Martin, Ben 345 Martin, Ceilia 396 Martin, Dale 356 Martin, David 303,376 Martin, Deborah Kay Martin, Eugene 345,375 Martin, Frank 313,376 Martin, Pete 329,376 Martin, John 222,345 Martin, Henry 335,376 Martin, John 376 Martin, John 199,376 Martin, John 303,322,345,387 Martin, John 193 Martin, Joseph 376 Martin, Joy 287,376 Martin, Linda 376 Martin, Mary 387 Martin, Mary Elizabeth Martin, Mary Linda Martin, Mary 268,361 Marti n, Mike 214 Martin, Miriam 396 Martin, Pete 260 Martin, Richard 333 Martin, William 345,376 Martin, Bill 200,201 Martino, Dennis 189 Masengill, Ellen 387 Mashberg, Nancy 203,279,387 Mashburn, Jan 199,356 Masher, Ellen 279 Mason, Linda 365 Mason, Tom 364 Massey, Joseph 361 Massey, Allison 352 Massey, Robert 396 Massey, Roy 313,352 Master, Ellen 396 Mastin, Susan 265,352 Mateling, Randall 361 Mathes, Patti 215,274,275,352 Maiheson, |ames 221,222 Matheson, Susan 352 Mathews, Lynne 200,367 Mathews, )oe 327,387 Mathews, Richard 376 Mathews, William 387 Mathewson, Alice 352 Mathis, Fred 361 Mathis, Iris 365 Mathis, Kathy 268,396 Mathis, Milo 327,387 Matthews, Chris 164 Matthews, Harriett 361 Matthews, James 314 Matthews, Peggy 199 Matthews, Sallie 203,226 Matthews, William 314 Mattola, Lexi 224 Mattox, Marcia 263 Mattson, Pat 185,282,376 Maulder, William 299 Mauldin, Carol Lynn 336 Mauldin, Susan 219 Mauldin, William 298,376 Maury, Ellen 273 Mauu, Greg 333,356 Maxwell, jimmy 346 Maxwell, Steve 348 Maxwell, Lynda 361 May, Connie 387 May, Deanie 214,216 May, Martha 219 May, Mary 275,352 Mayer, Sandy 279,396 Mayfield, Randy Lane 269 Mayfield, Vicki 367 Mayne, Ginger 227,387 Mayne, Terry 387 Mayo, Martha 365 Mays, Sharron 345 Mazanti, Lewis 165 Maze, Janet 361 Mazur, Randy 376 McAfee, Esta 197 McAfee, James 199 McCalman, Beth 396 McArthur, Randy 335,352 McArthur, Malcolm 204,212 McAuliffe, Clare 189,268,387 McBrayer, Tom 352 McBlnty, Gene 352 McBride, John 345,376 McBurnett, Keith 219 McCabe, Pamela 203 McCabe, Philip 194 McCain, James 356 McCall, Andrea Scott McCall, Cedric 161 McCall, Penni 387 McCalley, William 207 McCallum, Cissy 214,216 McCalman, Beth 275 McCammon, William 303,376 McCampbell, Marcia 202, 376 McCamy, Steve 329,356 McCann, Robert 161 McCard, Vikki 376 McCarthy, Robert 316 McCarthy, Mike 317,376 McCarty, Sally McCay, Ralph 361 McChesney, Virginia 345 McClain, Grace 396 McClary.Cathi 265,387 McClary, Chris 287,387 McClelland, D. M. 305,356 McClelland, Marsha 396 McCleskey, Cathy 185,210,387 McCloud, Robert 387 McClung, Steve 356 McClure, Jan 273,376 McCollum, Gregory 396 McCollum, Rhonda 227,376 McCollum, Yvonne 263,361 McCombs, Pat 195 McConnell, Robert 396 McCord, John 166 McCorkle, Jane 277,387 McCormick, Julia 203,275,361 McCormick, Ann 275,361 McCowen, Doris 265,352 McCoy, Debra 216 McCoy, Scott 387 McCoy, Robert 376 McCrary, Craig 335,387 McCrary, Mary 396 McCrary, Mary 396 McCrary, Rebecca 345 McCuiston, Lynn 376 McCurry, Doug 329,396 McCutchen, Barbara 227 McCutcheon, Hubie 313,397 McCutcheon, Bates 313,356 McDaniel, Karen 352 McDaniel, Sherrie 215 McDaniel, Shirley 361 McDaniel, Stacy 214,225 McDaniel, Bill 166 McDavid, Cheryl 265,330,361 McDevitt, Barbara 397 McDonald, James 313,387 McDonald, James 207,397 McDonald, Jim 387 McDonald, James 167 McDonald, Carol 201,205 McDonald, Pammie 287,376 McDonald, Gail 361 McDonel, Bob 361 McDonell, Becky 387 McDougal, Kookie 280,376 McDowall, Susan 219 McElheney, Jefferson 387 McElmurray, Mary 376 McElreath, Ben 313,387 McElroy, James 190 McElveen, John 185,219 McEver, Michael 190,335 McEver, Margaret 215,376 McEver, Karen 376 McEver, Steve 356 McFall, Betsy 397 McFarland, Henry 190,192 McFarland, Jillian 284 McGahagin, Michael 301,376 McGarity, Arch 345,387 McGarity, Jan 292,376 McGarity, Ron 317,376 McGarity, Stuart 231,376 McGarrah, Richard 335,397 McGee, Gail 387 McGee, Carole 239,376 McGee, Patricia 376 McGee, Sally 197,213,365 McGee, Vicki 224 McGhee, Terry 219 McGill, Patsy 235 McGinness, Sam 319,387 McGinty, Donald 339,387 McGinty, Gene 311 McGinty, Melinda 376 McGlynn, Daniel 194 McGoldrick, Kevin 242 McGoldrick, J. P. 356 McGowan, Beverly 397 McGowan, Cheryl 361 McGowan, Joan 277,361 McGowan, Sherry 280,376 McGowan, Bill 164 McGrath, Chris 224 McGrath, Jim 376 McGraw, William 192 McGuffey, Carroll 227,309,376 McGuire, Nancy 356 McGuire, Victor 223 McGuirk, Sara 216 McHan, Cindy 273,387 McHugh, James 376 Mclnteer, Patrick 335,356 Mcintosh, Ronald 376 Mclntyre, Greg 303,387 McKee, Mike 199 McKellar, Berry 364 McKellar, C. K. 352 McKellas, Mac 319,352 McKelvey, Charles 376 McKenney, Randy 397 McKenzie, Jim 321,376 McKenzie, Phil 235,352 McKenzie, William 303,320,397 McKinley, John 219,335,376 McKinney, John 397 McKinney, Mickey 352 McKinney, Norman 306,307,376 McKinney, Polly 265,376 McKinnon, Brenda 397 McKnight, David 161 McKnight, James 345,376 McKnight, Larry 160 McKnight, Mimi 275,387 McKown, Mack 397 McLarty, Scott 231 McLaughlin, Barbara 215 McLaughlin, )im 198 McLelland, Marsha 295 McLennan, Mary 265,361 McLeod, Kennith 198,356 McLeod, Robbie 352 McCleskey, Cathy 295 McLott, Mollie 231,241,269,387 McMahon, Molly 280,397 McManus, John 220,346 McMichael, Elaine 286,287,361 McMichael, Robert 367 McMillan, J. L. 345,387 McMinn, Gynn 275,352 McMullan, Gail 376 McMullen, Ruthie 282,376 McNair, Marilyn 387 McNair, Marjorie 295,376 McNally, Kathy 235,376 McNeely, Bryna 265,387 McNeese, Jackson 335,387 McNeill, Janet 265,361 McNeill, Eddie 376 McNiel, Nancy 272,273,376 McPhee, Lynda 376 McPherson, Margare 272,273 McPherson, Margaret 352 McPipkin, James 327,388 McPipkin, Joe 160,327 McPipkin, Paul 160 McQuaig, Cathy 219,397 McQuinn, Marna 352 McQuown, Debbie 388 McQuown, Sherry 203,257,287,388 McRae, David 313,397 McRae, Marty 295,397 McRae, Michael 313,367 McRae, Robert 313,352 McRae, Virginia 352 McRee, John 301,356 McRorie, Linda 270 McTyre, Marion 207,219 McWhirter, Debbie 263,388 McWhorter, Dale 192,193,348 McWhorter, Joseph 329,388 McWhorter, Patrick 376 McWhorter, Wink 260 McWhorter, Mac 160 McWilliams, Dennis 397 McWilliams, W. A. 356 Meadors, Karen 388 Mealor, Lamar 317,376 Mears, Connie 352 Meddery, William 336,397 Meek, Terry 199 Meers, Russell 313,376 Meese, David 376 Meetes, J. 345,352 Meharg, Peggy 227,388 Meisner, Pamela 239 Mellon, Christopher 31 3,388 Melo, Tommy 207,235,388 Melton, Mary 397 Menefee, Gary 165 Menges, Cheryl 203,388 Meng, Richard 207 Mensing, Carol 397 Meors, Corrine 281 Mercer, Gail 287,376 Mercer, Cynthia 203,219,231 Mercer, Wayne 273,388 Mercer, Roy 364 Merck, Jeani 255,271,376 Merlin, Ronnie 258,297,376 Merriam, Skip 224 Merritt, Nancy 275,376 Merritt, Steve 214 Mershon, Donn 388 Messenger, Jim 242 Messenger, Salliann 277,352 Messina, William 194,348 Mestre, Hector 199 Methvin, John 244,376 Michael, Gerald 349 Michels, John 356 Mickler, Duchess 203,388 Middlebrooks, Steve 315,376 Middleton, Debra 356 Middleton, Arlene 263,388 Middleton, Pete 356 Midkiff, Gary 190,298,364 Milam, Barry 327,397 Milam, Allison 376 Milam, Robert 397 Milam, Ed 160 Milberg, Steven 376 Milby, Alvin 207 Miles, Fred 223,227,352 Miles, Susan 275,356 Miles, Susan 388 Miles, Tracy 289,388 Miletsky, Mitch 192,193 Miller, Abbie 266,397 412 Miller, Beverly 376 Miller, Bruce 164 Miller, Charles 224,388 Miller, David 301,376 Miller, Dicky 376 Miller, Donald 220,346 Miller, Doris 193,195,376 Miller, Eva 376 Miller, Lane 317,376 Miller, Gayleen 397 Miller, Harold 231 Miller, Judy 376 Miller, Larry 296,346 Miller, Larry 352 Miller, Marcia 189,197,263,388 Miller, Marie 352 Miller, Nancy 219,279,352 Miller, Patti 294,295,352 Miller, Ditty 185 Miller, Rusty 200 Miller, Sam 348 Miller, Sharon 219 Miller, Shelley 263,356 Miller, Virginia 308,376 Miller, Bill 339,356 Miller, William 189 Miller, William 397 Millians, Richard 314,388 Mills, Eddie 194 Mills, Harry 364 Mills, Noelle 255,268,352 Mills, Randall 397 Mills, Randolph 189 Mills, Stev 322,397 Millwood, Jon 376 Milner, Gene 397 Milner, Dusty 304 Milone, Jeannette 271 Milton, Ed 223 Mimbs, John 352 Mims, Marsha 376 Minchew, James 335,352 Miner, Lois 265,376 Minor, Kenneth 356 Minter, Melissa 265,397 Miracle, Kathy 263,376 Mischner, Michael 261,341 Misenhamer, Kathi 352 Miser, Ann 397 Mitas, James 240,352 Mitcham, Wilson 320,397 Mitchell, Andrew 352 Mitchell, Charles 207,307,388 Mitchell, Fran 361 Mitchell, George 260,317,388 Mitchell, Gerry 185,263,376 Mitchell, Howard 301,376 Mitchell, James 313,397 Mischwer, Michael 376 Mitchell, Karen 361 Mitchell, Ken 198,356 Mitchell, Marguerite 291,388 Mitchell, Robert 397 Mitchell, Tom 194 Mitzner, Barry 341,345 Mize, Brenda 388 Mize, George 388 Mize, Mary 200 Mizelle, Patrick 207 Mobley, Cole 397 Mobley, Jane 295,388 Mobley, Becky 287,388 Moen, Teressa 201,205,367 Moncrief, June 352 Moncrief, Warren 352 Moncus, Sandra 376 Monk, Wade 303,388 Monroe, Gary 301,356 Monroe, Molly 284,388 Monroe, Pat 339 Monroe, Steve 362 Monroe, William 297 Monson, Christie 265,388 Montalvo, Abisail 356 Montgomery, Deborah 219,263 Montgomery, Jan 280,397 Montgomery, Kris 215,267,388 Montgomery, Robert Lester Jr. Moody, Roy 202 Moon, Diane 388 Moon, Garland 190,348 Moon, Judy 362 Moon, Peggy 365 Moone, Kathryn Sue Moore, Betty 197 Moore, Charles 298,31 1,345 Moore, Claire 202,376,397 Moore, Collene 215 Moore, Connie 216 % -1 I I Moore, Diane 362 Moore, lames 319,352 Moore, Linda 352 Moore, Inez 265,362 Moore, Mary 362 Moore, Nancy 376 Moore, Richard 69,70,74,80,186, 260,352 Moore, Rebecca 397 Moore, Rocky 303,388 Moore, Pete 376 Moore, Susan 388 Moore, Terry 268,388 Moore, Tom 335,376 Moorhead, William 207,240 Moran, Jody 280,376 Moran, Kathleen 215 Moree, Chip 397 Morelock, Joyce 215,376 Morgan, Bernard 388 Morgan, Elaine 223 Morgan, Ellen 287,388 Morgan, Harley 207 Morgan, Gary 207,226 Morgan, )ane 215,388 Morgan, Elaine 362 Morgan, Meredith 287,397 Morgan, Nancy 263,376 Morgan, Neil 323,376 Morgan, Ralph 241 Morgan, Richard 259,346 Moricle, Diane 219 Morrell, Roger 207,388 Morris, Charles 224,376 Morris, Bud 307,388 Morris, Deborah 197,365 Morris, Deborah 287,388 Morris, Gary 376 Morris, Gilbert 303,397 Morris, Freddy 304 Morris, Carol 265,397 Morris, )anet 352 Morris, John 352 Morris, Linda 376 Morris, Lynn 376 Morris, Marcia 279,388 Morris, Mary 201,205,216.226,376 Morris, Merrill 219 Morris, Michael 314,376 Morris, Pamela 287,362 Morris, Patsy 376 Morris, Sam 327,376 Morris, Sheridan 345 Morris, Terry 362 Morris, Tony 204,213,234 Morris, Tim 198,356 Morris, William 317,376 Morrison, Debbie 376 Morris, Rusty 307,376 Morrison, Merandy 362 Morrison, Robert 397 Morse, W. B. 356 Mortensen, Karen 270,376 Morton, Robert 376 Morton, Sam 348 Mosbey, |udy 362 Moscow, Billy 376 Moseley, Bette Lynne Moseley, Cindy 265,388 Moseley, |ohn 335,388 Mosely, Deborah 397 Mosley, Randy 388 Moser, Ron 376 Moses, Sherry 397 Moss, Beverly 362 Moss, Charles 376 Moss, Dorothy 397 Moss, Lynda 376 Moss, Susan 194,197 Moss, lean 282,397 Motelewski, Lynn 224 Motsinger, Lawrence 194 Mountford, Becky 203 Moye, Russell 190 Moynahan, Nancy 203,210,241,275,377 Mozley, Randy 234,320 Mozetle, Sharon 394 Muggridge, Melanie 377 Muia, David 162 Mulkey, Cynthia 377 Mull, ludson 356 Mullen, Donna 223,388 Mullins, Sis 281 Mullins, Ron 377 Mullins, )ohn 352 Mullins, Steven 314,356 Mumford, Cheryl 266,362 Mumford, Robert 242 Munhall, Charles 329,345 Munnikhuysen, Walt 224 Munroe, Deborah 352 Munson, Lyman 301,356 Munzenrider, Robert 223 Murdock, Ann 388 Murkerson, Larry 377 Murphy, David 224,314 Murphy, )ohn 335,352 Murphy, Ken 388 Murray, Allison 287,388 Murray, Anne 377 Murray, Ben 388 Murray, Kay 397 Murray, Kent 356 Murray, Marilyn 185,203,277,377 Murray, Morgan 313,377 Murray, Rhonda 240 Murray, Sara 397 Muschamp, David 204,260,318,319,356 Musgraves, Vannelte 268 Musgrove, Patricia 362 Musialowski, Rebecca 282,388 Musselwhite, Harry 214,397 Myers, )an 199,279,356 Myers, )ere 397 Myers, Margaret 362 Myers, Ricky 303,388 Myers, Tommy 327,377 Mykytyn, Joe 189 N Nail, Tommy 335,377 Najjar, Dean 213,231,261,343,377 Najjar, Omar 343 Nash, Carole 270,352 Nash, Debbie, 197 Nash, Janet 377 Nash, John 189,388 Nash, Wyn 223 Nash, Tom 160,204,208,212 Nathan, Harris 341,397 Nation, Bobby 397 Nations, Mark 377 Nave, Diane 203,388 Nay, Chip 305 Neal, Kim 219 Neal, Mack 397 Neal, Ann 362 Neal, Thomas 332,388 Neal, Wesley 314,377 Neely, Christina 362 Neese, Paul 356 Neil, Ivan 341 Neiner, Ann 388 Nellis, Michael 320,377 Nelms, Linda 362 Nelson, Chris 161,388 Nelson, Debbie 203,388 Nelson, Ellen 365 Nelson, Henry 313,377 Nelson, Irene 388 Nelson, Kirk 323,397 Nelson, Ray 190,213,332,377 , Nemel,Gale 362 Nemes, Ernest 327,345 Nesmith, Donald 205,212,258 Netzley, Rick 219 Neville, Harrison 377 Neville, Nancy 287,397 Nevinger, Gary 162 New, Bettie 287,362 New, Cathy 275,388 New, Mary 203 Newberry, Patsy 215 Newberry, Richard 377 Newberry, Sandee 362 Newberry, Steve 190,397 Newell, Sharon 260,388 Newer, Gale 277 Newkirk, Bryan Winslow III Newman, Carol 377 Newman, Fred 207,388 Newman, Harvey 388 Newman, Linda 282,362 Newsom, Gwyn 203,280,388 Newsome, Carol 255,266,377 Newsome, Louis 192,196,240 Newton, Terry 322,377 Ney,Chip 377 Nichols, Larry 214,356 Nichols, Nancy 263,387 Nichols, Randy 299,397 Nicholson, Connie 345 Nicholson, Mark 242 Nickelson, John 207 Nickerson, Paula 198,211,230,231,356 Nicolai, Ana-Maria Nielsen, Christopher 329,356 Nielsen, Dennis John Nitto, Louie 194 Nix, Lafayette 307,377 Nix, Doug 215 Nix, Gary 313,358 Nix, Hugh 192,199 Nix, William 377 Nixon, Sherry 397 Nobles, Marcus 345 Noe, Paul 397 Nofsinger, Douglas 192 Nolan, Joyce 362 Nolan, Pam 282 Nolan, Bob 303,377 Nolen, Pam 189,227,256,377 Norman, Andy 202,377 Norman, Debi 377 Norman, Kalhryn 388 Norman, Rod 377 Norris, Walter 388 Nort, Sue 377 North, Patricia 194 Norton, Joan 194,223 Norton, Louise 377 Norton, Merrill 220 Norvet, Linda 280,377 Norvett, Michael 219,388 Nossokoff, Ivan 207,388 Nuckolls, Randy 194 Nunez, Charlie 329,377 Nunez, Linda 223 Nunez, Ramon 223 Nunn, David Earl Nunn, Douglas Ashby Nunn, John Hoyt Nunn, Michael 189,332 Nunn, Mike 388 Nunn, Renee Eugenie Desloges Nunnally, Carolyn Williams Nunnally, Charles Patterson Nunnelly, Diane 345 Nutt, Nancy 196 Nutt, James Harold III Nutt, Karen Ruth Nutt, Terry Edward Nutter, Dale Elbert Jr. Nylander, Elaine Louise Nylander, Herbert William Jr. O ' Barr, Kenneth F. O ' Barr, Nancy 365 O ' Bear, Raymond O ' Briant, Mary Prevette O ' Connor, Eileen Theresa O ' Neil, Patrick Mahlen Oakes, Bucky 358 Oakes, Mike 301,358 Oakes, William Hal Oar, William 202 Oates, Patti Mary Oatley, Mary Ellen Oatman, Peter Lange O ' Barr, Richard Dale O ' Benauf, Kenneth 190 O ' Brien, Gilbert 222 O ' Bryant, Natalia 388 O ' Connor, Patti 203,388 O ' Connor, Robert 327,377 O ' Day, Robert 207 Odom, Lofton 332,377 O ' Donnell, Anita 266,271 O ' Donnell, Bill 186,187,225 Oeland, Debbie 377 Oeike, Keith 317,397 Oelschig, Frederick 190,192,194,204,212,348 Ortel, Leila Faith Oeth, Deborah 203 Oglesby, Kathy 287,397 Oglesby, Linda 203 Oglesby, Pam 197,397 Ogletree, James 189 Ogletree, Kay 203,268,388 Ogletree, Robert 352 O ' Hanley, Richard 190 O ' Hara, Pam 377 Ohberg, Nils 214,215 O ' Hearn Betty 345 O ' Keefee, John 358 O ' Kelley, Robert 345 O ' Krasinski, Maryann 227 O ' Kun, Alan 167 Oldham, Sally 287,377 O ' Lear, Jan 362 O ' Liner, Suzanne 279,362 Oliver, Jane 397 Oliver, Elizabeth 388 Oliver, Jenny 388 Oliver, Nan 219,294 Oliver, Ricki 346 Olivo, Oscar 196 Olliff, Claire 265,377 Olsen, Eric 304,305,388 Olson, Marianne 219 O ' Neill, Cathy 282,362 O ' Neil, Patrick 345 Orange, James 377 Orck, Charles 186,212,213,234 Orr, David 207 Orr, Eloise 362 Orr, Bobby 346 Osbolt, Charles 160 Osborne, James 397 Osborne, Lee 339,352 Oshea, Brian 163 Osmun, Mark 207 Osner, Carol 280,377 Ossick, John Joseph Jr. Ost, Luanne 185,295,377 O ' Steen, Georgia 197,377 O ' Steen, Sidney 193,348 Oslerhout, Julie 264,265,377 Ostun, Joel 327 O ' Toole, Martin 240,352 Ott, Charles 207 Otts, Mike 214,336 Otwell,Celia 198,358 Outlar, Jan 263,377 Overall, Marilyn 280,397 Overstreet, Danny 317,388 Owen, Idwal 358 Owen, James 358 Owen, Lanier 322 Owen, Leslie 287,397 Owen, Margaret 284,377 Owens, Ricky 362 Owens, Idwal 301 Owens, Richard 214 Owens, Scott 198,204,231,261,332,358 Owings, Steve 313 Oxman, Clifford 377 Ozark, Michael 196 Ozburn, Chuck 322,388 Ozmore, Patti 219 Pace, Randy 314,377 Pack, Janice 377 Packman, Lally 273,352 Padgeiek, Barbara 362 Padget, Jim 377 Padgett, Edwin 313,397 Padgett, Ted 342 Padgett, Vaughn 307,397 Page, Barry 388 Page, Karyn 352 Page, Melanie 273,377 Paget, Michael 352 Paik, Eui Hyun 345 Pallet, Robert 358 Paine, Travers 313,352 Painter, Betsy 273,362 Painter, Susan 273,388 Palmer, Pamela 265,362 Palmer, Bonnie 219 Palmer, Helen Melissa Palmer, Lisa 266,377 Pankey, Don Fredrick Pannebaker, Charles 196 Pannell, James 204,205 Pannell, William 320,388 Pappas, Pete 314,362 Papy, Karen 388 Paramore, Jody 227 Parham, Betty 362 Parham, Marilyn 397 Parham, Allan 214,219 Paris, Dan 301,377 Paris, Lamar 358 Paris, Nancy 201,205,367 Paris, Peggy 268 Paris, Ray 202,213,320,377 Parish, Nancy 292 Parish, Susan 292 Park, Gail 196 Parker, Alan 322,397 Parker, Bonnie 388 Parker, Boyd 189 Parker, Claire 284 Parker, Craig 219 Parker, Edith 284,388 413 Parker, Gregory 259,304,397 Parker, Jim 259,304 Parker, Jamison 377 Parker, Jean 213,388 Parker, John 213,231 Parker, Leila 275,362 Parker, Pamela 362 Parker, Ronda 362 Parker, Sharon 346 Parker, Susan 201,205,270 Parker, Thomas 299,377 Parkerson, Jimmy 377 Parkman, Terry 191,202 Parks, Dennis 317,358 Parks, Edward 303,388 Parks, Jessica 203 Parks, Bill 307,358 Parks, William 189 Parrish, Harold 241 Parrish, Susan 219 Parrish, Susan 397 Parrish, Lowe 220,230 Parrish, Lynn 397 Parry, Donna 227,397 Parsell, Cindy 197 Parsons, Char 295,388 Partain, Jill 277,362 Parten, Michael 348 Partridge, Allen |r. 220 Pascoe, Elaine 367 Pass, Debbi 388 Pass, Donna 190,194,197,203,388 Patel, Kantibhai 194 Patrick, Brent 235,320 Patrick, Dorothea 282,352 Patrick, Gloria 196 Patrick, Ben 377 Patrick, James 202 Patrick, Steven 204,213,223,224,225,231 Patterson, David 1 87 Patterson, John Patterson, John 313,397 Patterson, Mary 263,388 Patterson, Richard 166 Patterson, Robert 358 Patterson, Tommy 364 Patterson, Tommy 225 Paul, Jerry 161 Paul, William 207 Paulk, Linda 219,283,388 Paulk, Dennis 193 Paulson, Gary 339,358 Paxson, Robin 193,377 Payne, Emily 197,377 Payne, James 377 Payne, Jerry 352 Payne, Karen 219,295,377 Payne, Nan 270 Payne, Phyllis 397 Peace, Charles 196 Peach, Mini 377 Peacock, Wyndell 343 Pearce, John 329,377 Pearce, Stephen 225 Pearce, Susan 352 Pearlman, Bruce 388 Pearlman, Kim 397 Pearson, Al 313,330,348 Pearson, David 388 Pearson, Hugh 345,377 Pearson, Nancy 367 Pearson, Ray 198 Pearson, Stephanie 388 Peay, James 207 Pece, Henry 161 Peckham, Rick 219 Peden, Beth 388 Pedigo, Sheila 270,397 Pedrero, Hope 292,397 Pedrick, Katie 277,352 Pedrick, Polly 316,377 Pedrick, Grady 205 Peele, Barbara 197,365 Peeler, Jim 311,345 Peeples, Gayle 241 Pefinis, Jim 397 Peil,Tom 303,348,388 Pelletier, Dan 207,235,240 Pelletier, Rebecca 397 Pence, Gale 266 Pence, John 388 Pendergrast Bet 377 Penland, Patsy 219,397 Penland, Robert 329,358 Penn, Richard 377 Pennington, Jane 377 Penny, Glenn 207 Pensula, Samuel 397 Pepin, Patricia 275,362 Peppers, Sarah 377 Peppers, William 358 Perez, Fernando 367 Perez, Gabriel 317,377 Perkins, Claudia 203 Perkins, Kelli 203,216 Perkins, Mitchell 377 Perkins, Pam 295,397 Perkins, Peggy 193,388 Perling, Michael 196,358 Perlman, Bruce 202,296 Perlow, Howard 341,397 Perren, Jimmy 388 Perrow, Margo 377 Perry, Cathi 362 Perry, Cathi 275,388 Perry, Ernest 397 Perry, James 214,215,352 Perry, James 219 Perry, Mack 322,377 Perry, Mark Hamilton Perry, Patrick 313,358 Perry, Robert 388 Perry, Sherron 358 Persons, Bob 212 Pesterfield, John 186,358 Peters, Betty 362 Peters, James 314,377 Peters, Kenneth 307,377 Peters, Denise 189,268,377 Peters, Roy 198,207,345,377 Peterson, Jeff 193 Peterson, Ricky 190 Peterson, Paige 273,388 Pethel, Stan 219 Petit, Leann 273,318,362 Pettigrew, Jim 242 Pettry, John 165 Pharis, Thomas 308,377 Phelps, Katie 280,352 Philips, June 336 Philips, Warren 311,377 Phillippe, Bill 225,233 Phillips, Carolyn 367 Phillips, Clyde 190 Phillips, Karen 388 Phillips, Laura 294 Phillips, Marcia 275,367 Phillips, Sidney 220 Phillips, Simmons Larry Piazza, Richard 186,358 Pickard, Cathy 397 Piede, Janet 397 Piedilato, John 348 Piel, Becky 219 Pierce, Gerald 215 Pierce, Leiand 323,377 Pierson, Clarene Pierson, Donna 265,388 Piggotte, Jul! 397 Pigney, Greg 304 Pike, David Brooks Pilcher, George 160 Pilcher, Susan 266,388 Pimental, David 362 Pinckney, Patricia 190,194,197,240,397 Pinion, Jim 166 Pinion, Lauren 216,397 Pinkerton, Sharon 377 Pinson, William 358 Pinto, Jerome Anthony Pipkin, John 358 Pirkle, Frank 195,377 Pirmohamed, Diamond 193 Pisano, Dolores 273,362 Piskor, Mary 397 Pitt, Carol 197 Pittard, Bob 335,362 Pittman, Carolyn 362 Pittman, David 327,377 Pittman, Stewart 317,377 Pittman, Pam 268,388 Pittman, Phyllis 263,362 Pitts, David 192,195 Pitts, Lynn 362 Pitts, Susan Kathryn Plage, Sharon Elizabeth Plant, Jerry 300,301,388 Piatt, Robert 322,377 Player, William 167 Plemmons, Kerry 221,222 Plotkin, Mark 352 Plott, Linda 388 Plumb, Beverly 203 Plumer, William 397 Plunkett, John 219,397 Plunkett, Lee 202 Plunkett, Michael 163 Plunkett, Russell 388 Podber, Morris 377 Poe, Skipper 200 Poe, Paul Marshall 377 Poetter, Rita 203 Pohl, W. F. 345 Poindexter, Sarah 197 Poitevint, Lynn 388 Poletis, Andrea Poliakoff, Deb 251,290,377 Poliquin, Jim 164,397 Polit i, Diane 352 Polivka, Phillip Edward Pollack, Shelly 279 Pollack, Michele 388 Pollard, Lucie 216 Pollard, Robert 190,364 Pollock, David King 322 Pollock, Earl 341,358 Poole, Linda 197 Poole, Wayne 214 Poole, William 348 Poole, William 190 Pooley, Jan 203,388 Pope, Clarence 161 Pope, Linda 273,362 Pope, Patty 273,388 Pope, Steve 225,319,388 Pope, Thomas 377 Popowski, David 234,341,352 Pories, William 341,377 Pormay, Linda 283 Porter, Ben 332,377 Porter, Joseph 345 Porter, Nancy 388 Porter, Tura 275,362 Porterfield, Ann 196,231,241,270,377 Portman, Linda 265,377 Posey, Carolyn 377 Posey, Fred 358 Posey, Julie 388 Poss, Jimmy 377 Poss, Jo 352 Poss, Bobby 160,335,362 Poss, Troy 311,352 Potts, Mary 1 96 Potts, Philip 348 Poulos, Barbara 287,362 Poulos, Jimmy 160,327,389 Powell, Daniel 298,348 Powell, David 389 Powell, Janice 222 Powell, John 343 Powell, Ann 345 Powell, Laurence 261,313,389 Powell, Lewis 335,352 Powell, Lyn 287,367 Powell, Roy 335,389 Powell, Thomas 313 Powell, Veta 224,397 Power, John 313,389 Powers, David 200 Powers, lames 198,260,358 Powers, James 219 Powers, John 321 Powers, Nora 352 Powers, Randy 342 Powers, Wanda 397 Prather, Jane 214,215,389 Preagle, Tim 164 Premo, Gregory 190 Presley, Susan 281,389 Presley, Craig 164,168,234 Pressley, Lynne 367 Price, Clark 313,377 Price, Edwin 352 Price, Greg 219 Price, Henry 345,389 Price, )oe 346 Price, Marvin 207,341,389 Price, Robert 317,389 Prichard, Maria 287,389 Pridgen, John 358 Pridgen, Robert 314,358 Priester, April 377 Prince, Larry 223 Prince, Nancy 282,377 Prince, Jan 362 Prince, Terri 279,389 Pritchett, Barry 327,364 Probst, John 219 Proctor, James 219,352 Proctor, Marcia 377 Proctor, Steve 307,377 Prosser, Wayne 364 Prow, Leta 389 Prowell, Paul Pruett, Paul 377 Pruitt, Paul 223 Pruitt, Bill 219 Pruitt, Daniel 377 Prunty, Sand 275,362 Pugh, Charles 202 Pugh, Karen 397 Pugh, Jan 377 Purcell, Carol 389 Purcell, Jim 231,321,377 Purcell, Jerry 346 Purcell, Nancy 365 Purcell, Pat 215 Purdy, Rusty 313,377 Purdy, Nan 268,389 Purdy, Susan 195 Purpura, Terry 284,397 Purser, Dave 364 Pursley, Irene 287,397 Purvis, Judy 389 Putnal, Rex 160 Pyles, Kenneth 207,335,389 Quarterman, Doug 397 Quattlebaum, Floyd 397 Queen, Marian 377 Queen, Terry 192,348 Quillian, Kim 197,365 Quinn, James 377 Rabhan, Joseph 193 Rabjohn, Kay 224 Rachels, Cynthia 203 Radcliff, Cynthia 352 Radcliffe, Darrel 301,358 Radford, A. J. 192,196 Radford, Susan 199,240,362 Ragsdale, Anne 397 Rahn, Wingard 195,348 Raichlen, Tory 203,235,270,389 Rainbow, Barbara 377 Rainbow, Glenn 291,397 Raines, G. M. 164,317,389 Rainey, Joy 196,362 Raley, Melba 377 Ralston, Beverly 362 Ramey, Robert 377 Ramsay, Claudia 345 Ramsey, Mid 313,377 Rana, Dharam 345 Randall, Esther 376 Randall, Irma Jean Randall, Jack 219,345 Randall, Paula Lynn Randall, Robert 207,389 Randall, Stephen 307,389 Randall, Terri 216,219,352 Randolph, Betty 377 Rankin, Randy 314 Rankin, William 377 Rannenberg, Martha 216 Rannenberg, Martha 216 Ransbotham, Diane 263,377 Ransom, Elizabeth 397 Ransom, Henry Cleveland 273 Ransom, Griffin 322,358 Rapaport, Jon 225 Raper, Joyce 352 RapR, Mark 305,389 Rasmussen, Edith 231,302 Ratliff, Doug 329,389 Ratts, David 219 , Rauzin, Diane 290,389 Raville, Kathy 211,275,362 Ray, Barry 327,352 Ray, Jack 214,215,219 Ray, James 160 Ray, Robert 214 Rayburn, Priscilla 219 Ready, Gary 348 Reagin, Sonya 346 Reaves, Becky 362 Reddick, DeAnn 185,284,389 Redding, Tony 313,378 Redding, Blanche 284,378 Redding, Debbie 266 Reddish, Mitchell 224,397 Reddish, Vernon 221,346 Reddish, Warren 213,378 Reddock, John Thomas Reddock, Bucky 220 Redford, Susan 198 414 ki :-{fX:ifi iin. ' l- Redmond, Mike 309,378 Redmond, Ed 317,367 Reece, Ron 378 Reed, Debbie 389 Reed, Carole 397 Reed, Nell Hester Reed, Patricia 203,397 Reed, Susan 378 Reed, Terry William Reed, Travis 298,364 Reed, Willie 346 Reen, Debbi 362 Reese, Cynthia 271,389 Reese, Karty 378 Reese, James 303,389 Reese, Randy 224 Reese, Peggy 269 Reese, Rodney 190,192,204,348 Reese, Beverly 203 Reese, Lee 225 Reeser, Ronald 165 Reeves, Beverly 282,378 Reeves, David 327,378 Reeves, Harold 352 Reeves, Mary 215,271,389 Reeves, Sally 215,352 Reeves, Sheryl 362 Reeves, Walter 194,214 Register, Deborah 367 Rebels, Marith 21 1,219,270,352 Rehm, Betsy 352 Reichert, Carol 268,389 Reichert, )ohn 362 Reid, )anet 222 Reid, Laura 389 Reid, Paula 269,352 Reid, Randal 397 Reid, Rebecca 378 Reider, R. E. 160,378 Reiner, Michael 341,389 Reiner, Windy 256 Reisman, Janice 352 Reisman, Lisa 227 Renfro, Pam 264,358 Requejo, Adolfo 207,323,389 Respess, Suzanne 287,362 Rettig, Terry 397 Revell, William 202,207 Reyner, Jeffrey 341,389 Reyner, Wendy 279,352 Reynolds, Beaty 397 Reynolds, Jane 365 Reynolds, James 334 Reynolds, Jamie 335,378 Reynolds, jane 280 Reynolds, Marguerite 203 Reynolds, Robert 222 Reynolds, Terry 207 Rhodes, Cindy 397 Rhodes, Debbie 389 Rhodes, Samuel 378 Rhodes, T. E. 378 Rhodes, Doug 336,397 Rhodes, William 345 Rhyne, Janis 397 Rice, Alan 198 Rice, Bart 323 Rice, Dave 194 Rice, Donna 282,389 Rice, Harry 307,378 Rice, John 195,234 Rice, Bob 192 Rich, Sharon 398 Rich, Fredric 389 Rich, Jimmy 191,192,196,204,212,240 Rich, Patti 219 Rich, Robin 291,389 Rich.Scotty 304 Richaras, Mary 203 Richards, Dave 190,191,204 Richards, Robert 335,398 Richardson, Glenda 197,365 Richardson, Hank 298,31 1,367 Richardson, Lee 378 Richardson, John 352 Richardson, Mary Elizabeth 303 Richardson, Nancy 272,273,362 Richardson, Robert 346 Richbourg, Laura 277,352 Richbourg, Martha 219,389 Richdsa, Jan 398 Richelson, Janice Lynne Richerson, Jimmy 335,398 Richman, Eric 193,348 Richter, Ann 197 Richter, Pope 389 Richter, Thomas 207 Richwine, Dave 165 Richwine, Sam 202,213,320,378 Rickborn, Racie 247 Rickett, Bill 308 Riddle, Kran 345,378 Riddle, Paul 314,378 Riddle, Scott 389 Riddle, Steve 367 Riddle, Roger 358 Ride, Major 389 Ridgeway, David 193 Ridgway, Timothy 335,398 Ridley, Connie 362 Rigby, David 207,218 Rigby, Liz 271 Rigdon, Vicki 389 Rigdon, Phillip 202 Riggins, Linda 365 Riggs, Donald Herschel Rigsby, Alan 214 Rigsby, Elizabeth 345 Riley, Becky 389 Riley, Margaret 284,378 Rinehurst, Rob 314 Riner, Jack 378 Ringland, Dee 284 Riordan, Jim 232 Ripley, Mary 270,365 Ripley, Bill 378 Risher, Don 323,398 Risse, John 315,367 Rittenberg, Samuel 296 Ritter, Robin 275,352 Rivera, Ruth 352 Rivers, William 222,347 Rives, Jack 320 Rivkin, Mark 378 Roach, Debbie 265 Roark, Cynthia 389 Robbins, Gordon 161 Robbins, Ricki 219,295,353 Robbins, Robert 319,358 Robbins, William 194 Roberson, Tommy 185,398 Roberts, Carol 201 ,205,242,277,378 Roberts, Deborah 197 Roberts, Dinah 273,365 Roberts, Mimsie 265,353 Roberts, Gayle 362 Roberts, John 223 Roberts, Ken 193 Roberts, Milton 378 Roberts, Ronald 307,358 Roberts, Randy 389 Roberts, Sally 277,398 Roberts, Walter 200 Robertson, Denny 194,214 Robertson, June 353 Robertson, Wayne 389 Robertson, Gregory 318,329 Robertson, Prudence 345 Robertson, Roxie 282,362 Robertson, Sharon 353 Robertson, Tommy 219 Robinowich, Martin 378 Robinson, Arlynne 227 Robinson, Carol 215 Robinson, Connie 197,378 Robinson, Clara 165,348 Robinson, Debbie 389 Robinson, Diane 263,389 Robinson, Florance 219 Robinson, Gayle 275,398 Robinson, Harry 260,319,389 Robinson, John 219 Robinson, Curt 319,398 Robinson, Mike 161 Robinson, Mixon 160 Robinson, Richard 192 Robinson, Rose 199,358 Robinson, Weejun 165 Roby, Leon 299 Robyn, Leanne 389 Roche, Ginny 277,389 Rockett, Linda 282,378 Rockwitt, Randall 340,341,389 Rodbell, Jeffrey 304,389 Roddenbery, Ed 313,389 Roddenbery, Becca 215,353 Roddy, Robert Marques Roddy, Jenny 378 Rodgers, Claudia 353 Rodgers, Wendell 378 Rodriquez-Feo 339,353 Roe, Mary 185,273,389 Roe, Billy 378 Roebuck, Gale 242 Rogers, Alma 362 Rogers, David 378 Rogers, David 343 Rogers, Debra 266,367 Rogers, Gail 289,358 Rogers, Earl 333,398 Rogers, Jenell 345 Rogers, Leslie Clay 398 Rogers, Mary 398 Rogers, Mary 389 Rogers, Patricia 398 Rogers, Patricia 398 Rogers, Richard 190,348 Rogers, Rita 398 Rogers, Sheryl 286,287,353 Rogers, Stephen 345 Rogers, Tina 235,345 Rogers, Thomas Clark III Rogers, Tommy 197,213,219,378 Rogers, William 299,358 Rogers, Bill 311,378 Roland, Allyn 242,398 Roland, Mary 365 Rolandi, Francisco 389 Rolison, Jo 362 Rollick, Melissa 398 Rollins, Twinkle 287,398 Rollins, Beth 295,378 Rollins, Keith 307,378 Rollins, Pam 265,389 Romano, Debi 266,362 Rominger, Jeff 327,353 Romoff, Amy 291,389 Roobin, Gayle 290 Rood, William 194 Root, Beverly 389 Roper, Bub ba 322,398 Rosa, Edwin 193 Roscoe, Susan 378 Rose, Betty 203 Rosen, Amy 279,398 Rosenbaugh, Gloria 362 Rosenbaum, P. J. 358 Rosenberg, Susie 287,398 Rosenberg, Debra 279,378 Rosenberg, Buz 160,297,378 Rosenfeld, Bob 341,358 Rosenthal, Amy 291,389 Rosenthal, Louise 278,279,378 Ross, Danny 339,389 Ross, Janet 168,378 Ross, Judith 362 Ross, Virgil 335,378 Rosser, Joan 196,378 Rosser, Kenneth 166 Rossman, Danny 348 Rottenbur, Kathie 398 Rountree, Lee 220 Rousso, Steven 241 Routon, Ann 362 Rovo, A. M. 196 Rowe, Charlotte 389 Rowe, Vickie 398 Rowe, Bill 292 Rowell, Robert 219,345 Rowland, Mary 284,328,378 Rowland, Johnny 339,378 Rowland, Matthew 398 Rowley, Linda 353 Rowston, Leslie 398 Royal, Bettye Lu 203 Royal, Nancy 362 Royall, Janice 203,292,389 Rozier.Chet 319,358 Rubiera, Josie 295,378 Rucker, Tony 219,398 Rucker, Anthony 214 Rudolph, Kathryn 362 Rudolph, Lillian 378 Rudy, H. L. 327,398 Ruff, Carol 365 Ruffin, Debbie 353 Rumsey, Tish 389 Runyon, Randy 163 Ruppersburg, Hugh 204,212,241 Ruppersburg, Karen 241,398 Ruppersburg, Margaret 203,241,275,389 Rushing, John 353 Rushing, Stephanie 281,378 Ruskin, Lynn 290 Russell, Charles 313,398 Russell, Cindy 215,219,275,378 Russell, Gale 398 Russell, Jo Ann 215,216 Russell, Robert 161 Russell, Robert 313,389 Russell, Sally 362 Russell, Susan 270,378 Rust, Susan 398 Ruthven, Peggy 389 Rutledge, Deena 280,389 Rybert, Thomas 313 Ryder, Art 204,212,213,231,343,378 Rylee, Phyllis 362 Rymer, Stephen 319,398 Saarinen, Mary 287,378 Sabayrac, Sally 265,389 Sabin, Pat 367 Sabot, Gerri 398 Sabus, Marilyn 353 Sackler, Renee 256,279,378 Sacks, Gail 203,279,398 Sacks, Lenie 290,378 Sadler, Brenda 378 Saffold, John 313,378 Salmon, Alan 378 Salus, Marilyn 279 Samford, Sharon 265,378 Sammond, Meredith 398 Sammons, David 327,378 Sammons, James 347 Samples, Doris 362 Sams, Milton 214,305,389 Sanchez, Jeff 219 Sanderlin,Phil 201,345 Sanders, Betty 362 Sanders, Faren 25 Sanders, Judy 185,262,263,378 Sanders, Kathy 398 Sanders, Becky 215 Sanders, Robert 207 Sanders, Virginia 398 Sanderson, Fran 398 Sandlin, Randie 219 Sands, Linda 398 Sands, Stan 260,314,389 Sands, Steve 315,389 Sanfratello, Steve 345,389 Santon, Stephen 194 Sapp, John 313,378 Sargent, Anga 273,362 Sargent, Linda 362 Sartain, Thomas 367 Sartain, William 319,353 Sasseville, Karen 398 Salterfield, Stan 315,398 Sauls, Jan 215 Saunders, Steve 232 SaunI, Frank 358 Savage, Chris 329,378 Savini, Frank 31 1 Saye, Geri 378 Saye, Johnny 389 Saye, Judy 367 Saye, Jill 398 Sayers, Curt 398 Saylors, Karen 224 Scafuti, Lawrence 398 Scarboro, Peggy 267,378 Scarborough, Carol 398 Scarborough, Kippy 287,378 Scato, William 378 Schatz, Tary 284,378 Schen, Dee 378 Scherer, Michael 353 Scherffius, Andrew 205 Schlader, Bubba 307,378 Schlapfe r, Joanna 362 Schleicher, Donna 197,398 Schlosser, Ellen 201,205,378 Schmidt, John 303,389 Schderner, Denjse 389 Schott, Martin 163 Schoultz, Tootsie 189,282,353 Schramm, Jeff 398 Schreck, Linda 279,389 Schretlen, Patrick 239 " Schrette, Steve 240 Schrger, Frederick 398 Schroeder, Judith 203 Schuette, Steven 202 Schulte, Tom 329,398 Schultz, Joy 287,378 Schultz, Ginger 378 Schuize, Connie 353 Schwabe, Charles 339,367 Schwak, David 161 Schwartz, Peggy 290,378 Schwartz, Becky 389 Schwarzman, Carol 290,378 Scoggins, Phillip 164,389 Sconyers, Rhonda 389 Scott, Carey 219,362 Scott, Alvin 398 Scott, Harriet 219 Scott, Karen 196 Scott, Kay 345 415 Scott, Leslie 398 Scott, Nancy 203 Scott, Rictiard 362 Scott, Sherry 215 Scott, William 207 Scouten, Elizabeth 378 Scoville, John 223,345 Scoville, Lenore 362 Scroggs, James 364 Seabolt, Kathy 348 Seager, )ohn 322,358 Sears, Joan 266,389 Seaton, Ann 378 Seaton, Rich 335,378 Seawright, Peggy 398 Seay, Edward 219,367 Seay, John 327,389 Seddon, John 353 See, Kitty 398 Segrest, Steve 223,303,358 Seidenberg, Fran 290,389 Selbee, Doug 240 Self, Diana 365 Sellers, Bruce 214 Sellers, Kitty 224,226,280 Sellers, Mary 277,398 Sellers, Dianne 353 Selman, Eva 389 Semmes, Rafe 378 Senkbeil, Ann 389 Serkedakis, Patrick 198 Serna, Davis 167 Sessions, James 389 Seston, Ann 273 Settle, David 166,378 Settle, Gary 303,389 Sewell, Dottie 263,378 Sewell, Betsy 282,353 Sewell, George 224,259,389 Sewell, Jo Beth 365 Sexten, Bill 195 Sexton, Melba 398 Sexton, Becky 275,362 Sexton, Sandra 197 Seyler, Pam 231,277,389 Seymour, Ronald 195,378 Shackleford, Gregory 389 Shaddix, Ronald 226,378 Shade, Rosemary 203,215 Shadrick, Jeff 190,378 Shaffer, Janice 353 Shah, Akshay Vajubhai Shamley, Kathy 203,231,242,268,389 Shank, Patty 398 Shanklin, Alford 348 Shanks, Bruce 314,378 Shanks, Stephen 389 Shanthi, Vashakenta 232 Shanson, Brian 258 Shapiro, Myra 290,389 Sharit, Barbara 185,277,389 Sharitt, Kathryn 362 Sharp, Alicia 266,389 Sharp, Becky 203,389 Sharpe, Brenda 398 Shartar, Neal 168 Shatley, David 389 Shatley, Deborah 362 Shaver, Susan 215,216,270,378 Shavin, Brian 296,398 Shaw, Clyde 389 Shaw, Dudley 353 Shaw, Ed 339 Shaw, Eddie 353 Shaw, Ellen 265,389 Shaw, King 259 Shaw, Ken 215 Shaw, P. 389 Shaw, Richard 398 Shaw, Ricki 219,231 Shawe, Anne Therese Shayne, Harriet 196,278,279,378 Shealy,Greg 220 Shear, Liz 200,242 Shearouse, Joseph 166,327,378 Shealy, Greg 220 Shear, Liz 200,242 Sherouse, Joseph 166,327,378 Shearouse, William 327,345 Sheats, Ginger 389 Sheehan, Philip 227 Sheehan, Terry 190 Sheffield, James 314,389 Sheffield, Jessica 295,389 Sheffield, Tom 398 Shell, Mary Jo 389 Shell, David 313,358 Shelley, Mary 196 Shellhorse, Andy 364 Shellman, Feay Shelton, Phillip Wayne Shelton, Ed 329,398 Shelton, Sandra 286,287,389 Shelton, Wana 378 Shensky, Joan 224,290 Shepard, James 304 Shepherd, Harvey 319,398 Shepherd, J. H. 378 Sheppard, Barbara 398 Sheppard, Charles 240 Sheppard, Dennis 193,195 Sheppard, Bobby 219 Sherer, Micheat 353 Sheridan, Gerald 348 Sheridan, Janice 219,362 Sheriff, Jimmy 345 Sherrill, Marcee Shetty, Raghav Vasee Shew, David 398 Shields, Tim 378 Shiflet, Jeanne 287,398 Shimmel, Stephen 207 Shinbaum, Katie 224,241,389 Shingler, John 313,398 Shipley, Earl 358 Shipley, Eileen 398 Shipley, Rob 200,214 Shipman, Beverly 289,398 Shipp, Garry 220 Shirer, James 160,339,358 Shirley, Sylvia 216,398 Shiver, Alan 341,390 Shiver, Barry 207,225 Shiver, Duke 314,378 Shiver, Jerald Stephen Shiver, Peggy 263,363 Shiver, William 335,389 Shivers, Leigh 262,263,378 Shmukler, Myron 358 Shoemake, Michael 214 Shoemaker, Ashley 260 Sholar, Tim 311,378 Shomaker, Ashley 329,389 Shonson, Brian 378 Shook, Ceci 197,268,365 Shook, Betsy 203,268,378 Short, Betsy 398 Short, Charles 240,389 Short, Helen 197,227,287,398 Short, Julie 281,378 Short, Cindy 201 Short, Sandy 205,263,398 Shouse, Anna 389 Showalter, Sandra 364 Show, Ed 358 Shrader, Buddy 307,345 Shrieman, Kathy 227 Shroyer, Frederick 307 Shuman, Jimmy 345,378 Shuman, Kay 251,295,389 Shurling, Paula 197 Shusterman, Kenneth 296,389 Shy, David 367 Sickle, Ann 378 Sidwell, Michael Winter 189 Siegel, Alan 341 Siegel, Alan 389 Siegel, Richard 296,378 Sigalos, Argy 275,390 Sigler, Ernest 307,398 Sigman, Tommy 398 Sigmon, Anne 390 Sikes, E. D. 353 Silcox, Lou 215,390 Siler, Charles 339,353 Sillay, Julianne 390 Silva, Mary 398 Silverman, llene 279,390 Simmons, Martha 378 Simmons, Gena 378 Simmons, Rome 378 Simon, Lynn 279,378 Simon, Linda 279,390 Simons, C. R. 358 Simons, Debbi 390 Simons, Kaye 201,205,215 Simpkins, Laura 277,390 Simpson, Connie 277,378 Simpson, Diane 203 Simpson, Irene 390 Simpsdn, Margie 268,398 Simpson, Shelly 193 Simpson, Thomas 307,390 Sims, Harry 190,348 Sims, Jim 219 Sims, Jill 290,398 Sims, John 207 Sims, Judy 290 Sims, Phyllis 353 Sims, Rick 164 Sims, Ronald 353 Singer, Sam 214 Singletary, Terry 277,353 Singleton, Shirley 254,256,277,353 Singleton, Stan 204 Singleton, Victor 207,214,378 Sink, Deborah 378 Sinyard, Roger 195 Sirmons, Wayne 358 Sisterhen, Marcia 265,398 Sitts, William 190,194 Skaggs, Linda 203,390 Skinner, Karen 265,398 Skinner, Stephanie 265,378 Skipworth, Joseph 189 Skowronski, Steven 329,358 Slack, Lon 378 Slade, Debbi 266,378 Slade, Rosemary 389 Slade, Becky 264,265,363 Slade, Daviel 313 Slate, Carol 263,378 Sledge, Avery 398 Sleek, Steve 160 Sleeth, Mike 261,339,358 Slick, Chuck 319,378 Sligh, Lewis 214,219 Sloan, Elaine 363 Sloan, Mack H, 345 Sloan, Pat 363 Sloan, Danny 166 Slocumb, Jennifer 203,280,390 Slocumb, Vicki 287,378 Slotin, Patty 290,378 Slover, Jack 329,353 Slover, Sue 378 Slover, Michael 322,358 Slye, Susie 390 Small, Barbara 287,398 Smalley, Bob 198 Smalley, Salley 295,398 Smiderski, Robert 398 Smiley, Jul! 363 Smiley, Robert 348 Smiley, Ronnie 160 Smith, Alan 379 Smith, Angela 363 Smith, Anita 353 Smith, Anne 379 Smith, Barbara 263,363 Smith, Brenda 365 Smith, Bruce 345,398 Smith, Cathy 390 Smith, Christy 280 Smith, Christopher 306,307,379 Smith, Claudia 219,263,363 Smith, Craig 303,358 Smith, Cynthia 398 Smith, Cindy 273,379 Smith, Darrell 221 Smith, Dianne 273,390 Stnith, Donald 339,353 Smith, Durwood 207 Smith, Dwain 390 Smith, Edward 367 Smith, Ed 298,379 Smith, Edward 326,327,379 Smith, Edwina 199,379 Smith, Christy 379 Smith, Gary 358 Smith, Gene 221 Smith, Glenda 216 Smith, Dale 379 Smith, Gayle 353 Smith, Gloria 398 Smith, Gordon 166,398 Smith, Hansen 199,353 Smith, Harvey 358 Smith, Herman 301,379 Smith, India 273,398 Smith, James 301,353 Smith, James 335,379 Smith, James 190 Smith, Jean 200 Smith, Jeff 320 Smith, Jerry 347 Smith, Joan 398 Smith. Joel 189,224,390 Smith, John 390 Smith, Jack 345,353 Smith, Jolley 267 Smith, Judy 273,390 Smith, Judy 390 Smith, jolly 379 Smith, Kay 379 Smith, Kyle 220 Smith, Kenny 321,390 Smith, Lewis 207,214,390 Smith, Lida 273,379 Smith, Linda 363 Smith, Lynda 390 Smith, Malcolm 207 Smith, Marion 31 3,379 Smith, Mark 345 Smith, Mary 379 Smith, Mary 345 Smith, Mary 190,194,197 Smith, Michael 390 Smith, Michael 390 Smith, Michael 390 Smith, Mills 259,307,379 Smith, Mona 273,365 Smith, Myra 198,199,21 1 Smith, Nancy 185,263,398 Smith, Nancy 379 Smith, Pamela 398 Smith, Paul 307,390 Smith, Perry 335,379 Smith, Randal 192,348 Smith, Becky 190,232,267,363 Smith, Rebecca 194,379 Smith, Rebecca 390 Smith, Reggie 358 Smith, Robert 198,390 Smith, Ronald 301,379 Smith, Royce 160 Smith, Samee 219,347 Smith, Sam 190,192,195,225,240,348 Smith, Sherry 379 Smith, Sherry 287,390 Smith, Shirley 197 Smith, Stephen 390 Smith, Susan 273,353 Smith, Susan 265,390 Smith, Susan 379 Smith, Terry 223,390 Smith, Tommy 323 Smith, Vern 161 Smith, Wilburn 358 Smith, William 207,214,390 Smith, Winifred 203 Smoak, Cameron 358 Smoak, Mike 161 Smoak, Thomas 160,327,379 Smock, Diane 203,277,390 Smotherman, Kathryn 390 Snavely, J. H. 304,379 Sneary, Anita 363 Snelling, George 202 Snowden, Marty 203,215,270,390 Snuggs, Rebecca 197,363,365 Snyder, Florence 215 Snyder, Marty 189,295,390 Sognier, Anne 287,379 Solms, Nell 287,353 Solnik, Betty 290 Solomon, Gary 296,390 Sommerlin, David 345 Sorchy, Chris 266,379 Sorrells, Margaret 287,365 Sorrells, Monica 219 Sorrells, Robert David Sosebee, Jeannine 390 Sosebee, Ken 241,242 Sosebee, Dennis 345 Souder, Anne 275,389 Souther, Cindy 277,367 Southwell, Jane 265 Southwell, Viola Lynn 390 Southwell, Vickie 273,379 Sowell, Cliff 198 Spain, Chester 363 Spalding, Laura 241,390 Spar, Rae 279 Sparrow, Libba 353 Sparrowhawk, Charlotte 215,216 Spears, Susan 379 Speck, Anne 196 Speer, Rae 398 Speer, Sheryl 279,379 Spence, Margaret 219,263,379 Spence, Pamela 345 Spencer, Dennis 166 Spencer, Donald 192,207 Spencer, Edith 273,379 Spencer, Stuart 345 Spencer, Joann 307,345 Spiegelman, Ronald 296,390 Spielholz, Susan Ann 390 Spillman, Cindy 185,295,390 Spinks, Janet 203,390 Spinks, John 379 Spitzmiller, Rick 335,390 Spivey, Dan 161 Spivey, Linda 197,329 Spivey, Buzzy 313 416 m M-SS SifBaV- SSI Sponseller, Catherine 268,390 Spooner, Gary 303,367 Spratlin, Sharon 379 Sprayberry, Susan 168 Springle, Leslie 353 Spruili, )acl 195 Spurlin, Sherry 210,227,239 Spurlocl(, Arthur 358 Stacey, Dorothy 379 Stacy, Gerald 363 Stacy, Dorothy 281 Stacy, Thomas 167,313,398 Stafford, Charles 202 Stafford, Mary 189,295,379 Stafford, )oan 379 Stager, Richard 364 Stager, Mary 197 Stagmaier, Leslie 224 Stahi, David 225,227,379 Stahl, Raymond Lee 390 Staley, Jacqueline Dale 390 Stallard, )im 345 Stallings, Cathy 379 Stanaland, Jane 398 Standridge, Richard Chris 390 Stanford, Ray 336,367 Stanford, Susan Delores 390 Stanley, Anita Kaye 390 Stanley, Doris 295,390 Stanley, Grechia 280 Stanley, Vici i 216 Stansell, Edwin 214 Stansell, James 222,347 Stansell, Sharyn 215,379 Stapler, Emily 201,242 Stapleton, Charles 161 Stapleton, Elsie 265,390 Stark, Nathene 398 Stark, Steven 301 Starr, Emma 284,390 Starr, Judy 197,379 Starr, Gin 224,273 Staska, David 165 Statham, Carole 379 Steadman, Ann 267 Steadman, Shad 332 Steadman, George 398 Stearns, Gerri 185,287,379 Stebbins, Sarah 203 Steed, Kathi 353 Steed, Keith 219 Steed, Alex 335,379 Stefansen, Bruce 358 Stein, Ann 279,390 Stein, Bert 297,358 Stein, Mary 201,205,277,367 Steinberg, Arra 379,390 Steinberg, Barry 296,390 Steinberg, Steve 379 Steingruber, Janis Faith 203 Steinmann, Rebecca 203,390 Steller, Alfred 353 Stempniak, Michael 232 Stephen, Calvin 379 Stephens, Amy Lynn Stephens, Carol 216 Stephens, Dan 198,232,332 Stephens, Donna Sue 197 Stephens, Joyce 365 Stephens, Kathy 203 Stephens, Melanie 194 Stephens, Robert 379 Stephens, Sue 365 Stephenson, Harry 358 Stern, Helena 291,379 Sterns, Caroline 353 Stevens, Marcia 398 Stevens. Adams 194 Stevens, Patricia 197,295,390 Stewart, Barbara 197,379 Stewart, Carolyn 215,242 Stewart, Brother 335,379 Stewart, Dasher 390 Stewart, David 214,219,390 Stewart, Debbie 342,363 Stewart, Dasher 320 Stewart, Gaye 367 Stewart, James 207,239,345,358 Stewart, Jimmy 344 Stewart, Ken 322,358 Stewart, Marcus 207 Stewart, Mary Ellen 390 Stewart, Mary 219,263 Stewart, Michael 189 Stewart, Robert 313,390 Stewart, Steve 201,204,212,367 Stewart, Teri 398 Sticher, Clifford 200,367 Stiles, Donald 222,347 Stiles, Ann 287,379 Still, Nancy 197,398 Still, Willie 220,347 Stillwell, Serena 379 Stine, Larry 353 Stino, Laila 345 Stino, Maher 345 Stoffregen, Mary 203,390 Stokes, J. E. 353 Stokes, Carl 304,305,398 Stolz, Susan 215,390 Stone, Alison 215 Stone, David 214,219 Stone, Dee 273,390 Stone, John 313,358 Stone, Katrina 287,379 Stone, Andy 379 Stone, Richard 398 Stone, Tom 214,219 Stonebraker, Dorothy 203 Stonehouse, Patti 275,363 Stoneman, Susan 194,398 Stoner, Gary 200 Storey, Alan 242 Storey, Karen 219 Stout, George 219 Stovall, Robert 358 Stover, Mitchell 379 Stowe, Jim 219,222,347 Strang, Ewing 319,398 Strawder, Richard 189,219 Streat, Perry 220 Street, Tommy 304 Streiff, Frank 313,390 Strickland, Brenda 379 Strickland, Butch 329,358 Strickland, Jerry 379 Strickland, Richard 186 Strickland, Skeet 313 Strickland, Celeste 379 Stringer, Robert 313,379 Strom, Ann 398 Strong, Charlie 313,390 Strother, Caria 287,379 Strother, Pam 185,203,282,390 Strother, Bill 319,379 Struensee, Jane 363 Struletz, Howard 239,296,379 Stubblefield, Joe 195 Stubbs, Susan 284,398 Stutts, Terri 223 Styan, Brent 358 Styles, Ann 185 Suggs, C. W. 358 Sullins, Marsha 379 Sullivan, Kathleen 224,398 Sullivan, Mary 256,275,379 Sullivan, Mile 390 Sullivan, Phil 160 Sullivan, Terrance 204,212,213,353 Summerlin, David 345 Summerlot, Linda 363 Summerour, Alma 398 Summers, Ried 314 Summers, Richard 390 Sumner, Charles 190,192 Sumner, Sandy 398 Sunness, Bob 296,399 Surplus, Debbie 219,295,399 Susemihl, Barbara 21 1,353 Sussman, Charles 340,34 1 ,379 Sutherland, Gloria 203 Sutton, John 242,307,390 Sutton, Saye 203,268,390 Swain, Shannon 203 Swan, Robert 379 Swanson, Anthony 353 Sweat, Anne 390 Sweat, Delia 291,363 Sweat, Janet 219,390 Sweat, Lee 342,390 Sweat, Wally 379 Swedenburg, Regina 292,379 Sweetin, Gary 345 Swenton, Sara 379,390 Swett, Ann 379 Swift, Marianna 273,353 Swindall, Pat 205,208,212,213,228,329, 353 Swinford, Gene 160 Swinson, Samille 277,353 Swint, Carter 226 Swint, Dale 203,399 Sykes, William 207 T Talbot, Merrill 265,399 Tallentire, Alex 309,390 Talley, Toni 399 Talley, Janice 399 Talley, Teresa 398 Tally, Nina 203,226,270,390 Talton, Tommy 220 Tamplin, Wayne 314,358 Tanis, Robert 166 Tankersley, Wayne 195 Tankersley, Bobby 192,196,379 Tanner, James 379 Tanner, Wes 204 Tapp, Gary 222,347 Tartaglia, Pam 219 Tase, Debbie 287,363 Tate, Charlotte 203,390 Tate, Grace 273,363 Taylor, Andrew 379 Taylor, Benjamin 399 Taylor, Carol 224 Taylor, Clyde 192 Taylor, Daniel 399 Taylor, Gary 307 Taylor, George 353,390 Taylor, Van 353 Taylor, Phil 379 Taylor, Jan 379,390 Taylor, Jerry 379 Taylor, John 327,358 Taylor, Lee 327,379 Taylor, Neill 379 Taylor, Raymond 327,399 Taylor, Richard 379 Taylor, Stephen 363 Taylor, Steven 161 Taylor, Susan 269,399 Tea, Gail 292 Tea gue, Ava 379 Teague, Kathy 292,363 Teasley, Clyde 223 Teasley, Malinda 379 Teate, Steven 353 Tebeau, Judy 379 Temples, Craig 390 Tenenbaum, Allen 296,379 Teper, Bruce 390 Teplis, Robert 261 Terrell, Joseph 390 Terrell, Judy 314,399 Terrill, Judy 399 Terris, Martin 345 Terry, Harold 345 Teselle, Elizabeth 199,358 Testa, Bonnie 363 Tetrault, J. L. 305,358 Textor, Julie 379 Tharp, David 347 Tharpe, Mickey 358 Thaxton, Dan 168 Therrell, Tricia 275,399 Therrien, Jim 201 Thew, Dee 293 fhibadeau, Paula 265,379 Thibodeaux, Suzanne 399 Thigpen, Roger 298,379 Thomas, Betty 399 Thomas, Brenda Joyce Thomas, Dirk 313,390 Thomas, David 390 Thomas, Debbie 266 Thomas, Jesse 198 Thomas, John 161,165 Thomas, Judy 199,270,379 Thomas, Melinda 390 Thomas, Pearl 363 Thomas, Rebecca 292,390 Thomas, Rick 166 Thomas, Bob 186 Thomas, Roger 347 Thomas, Sherry 390 Thomas, Terry 353 Thomas, Vicki 241 Thomason, Jeffery 317,390 Thomason, Rob 232 Thomason, Sharon 399 Thomason, Sue 292 Thompson, Angela 353 Thompson, Anna 399 Thompson, Charles 379 Thompson, Charles 219,399 Thompson, Charles 379 Thompson, C. L. 353 Thompson, CarIa 390 Thompson. Darrell Alan Thompson, Doris Jacobs Thompson, Dottie 399 Thompson, Orury 353 Thompson, Harry 298.311,348 Thompson, Jake 31 3,399 Thompson, Jesse 190 Thompson, Jesse McPherson Thompson, Kemper 263,379 Thompson, Kenneth 399 Thompson, Kenneth 358 Thompson, Larry 304 Thompson, Louise 399 Thompson, Mary 358 Thompson. Melanie 273,379 Thompson, Patricia 196 Thompson, Philip 303,358 Thompson, Harry 353 Thompson, Stephen Alan Thompson, Sue 379 Thompso, Susan 273,390 Thompson, Tom 358 Thompson, Tommy 234,358 Thompson, Vickie 292 Thompson, William 317,358 Thompson, William 358 Thompson, Bill 320 Thompson, W. T. 358 Thomson, Beverly 216 Thomson, Rob 345 Thorne, George 335,367 Thornton, August 339,379 Thornton, E. Leslie 203,399 Thornton, Jan 379 Thornton, Janice 275,363 Thornton, Patricia 197,390 Thornton, Susan 379 Thornton, Wallace 399 Thornton, Warren 224,399 Thorpe, Graham 317,358 Thorsen, Dana 363 Thrasher, Freddy 358 Thrasher, Ken 379 Thrasher, Susie 353 Threadgill, Jane 221,222 Threlkeld, Pamela 273,390 Thrift, James 390 Thrift, Ronnie 220 Thrower, Alan 390 Thurman, Rufus 207 Thurmond, Ellen 363 Thwaite, Martha 353 Tibbets, Nance 227 Tibbitts, Connie 379 Tibbitts, Retha 399 Tidwell, Alice 197,295,379 Tidwell, William 335,399 Tiller, Miles 390 Tiller, John 195,348 Tiller, Larry 339,379 Tiller, Mike 317 Tillery, Ann 353 Tilley, Stanley David Tillman, Anita 390 Tillman, J. H. 313,399 Tillman, Marcia 363 Tilson, Paul 390 Tilton, Gail 193,348 Timberlake, Anne Pentecost Timmie, James Davis III Timmis, Gail 399 Timnick, Sandra 203 Tinley, Tom 390 rinsley,Bill 212,234 Tippett, Mike 390 Tippin, Sheila 358 Tippins, Cliff 399 Tipton, Donna 196,363 Tipton, Bill 200 Titcomb, Gordon 379 Tobin, Steven 341,390 Todd, Sarah 216 Todd, Toni 363 Toffaletti, Lou 241 Tolleson, Cindy 275,399 Tolley, Debra 399 Tolley, Edward 313,345 Tolley, Lynne 273,365 Tomberlin, Arlene 363 Tomberlin, Carl 353 Tomblin, Nelson 342,379 Tomlinson, Anna 280,379 Tomlinson, Wade 317,399 Tomskey, Ellen 256,363 Tookes, Aaron Lorenzo Toole, Gregory 222 Toole, Jeanne Orr Tootle, Susan 379 Torzilli, Albert Phillip III Toth, Dick 162 Touart, Mitchell 297,341,399 Towles, W. T. 304,390 Towner, Jeffrey Kline Townsend, Brenda 197,379 417 Townsend, Claudia 203,226 Townsend, Larry 190,202,353 Towskey, Ellen 273 Towson, Martha 363 Trammel, Dawn 399 Trammell, Claudia 22,275,353 Trammell, Gayle 399 Trapnell, Nancy 194 Traves, Tom 313,399 Travis, Dan 301,399 Travis, Carroll 272,273,367 Trawick, Sylvia 363 Traynham, Debby 263,390 Treado, )an 203,295,390 Treble, Jack 303,390 Treen, Betsy 273,379 Trembley, John 193 Tribble, Jack 302 Tribble, Diane 363 Tribble, Bill 232 Trice, David 394 Trice, Edwin Trice, John 198,300,301,358 Tripp, Terry 379 Trippe, Terri 391 Tritt, Bob 198,199,204,212,213,230, 231,359 Troth, Pat 195 Trouche, Michael 329,391 Troutman, Benjamin Iber Jr. Trout, David 353 Truett, Robert Leiand Truitt, Dennis 391 Tuck, Jane 219 Tucker, Cindy 399 Tucker, Ga y 216,235,277,399 Tucker, Houston 353 Tucker, Hugh 219,390 Tucker, James 222,347 Tucker, Janis Tucker, Mayo 160 Tucker, Beth 277,379 Tucker, Phillip 166 Tucker, Ruthie 363 Tuggle, Barbara 203 Tullis, Sandra 292 Tune, Tom 353 Turner, Brad 319,391 Turner, Boyd 196 Turner, Danny 353 Turner, Jimmy 167,391 Turner, James 379 Turner, Richard 359 Turner, Louise 197 Turner, Mary 199 Turner, Marcy 198,391 Turner, Patsy 213,379 Turner, Richard 326,327 Turner, Susan 379 Turner, Terry 345 Turner, William Turner, William 221 Turnipseed, Linda 399 Turrentine, Tommy 31 3,359 Tuttle, Charles 353 Tuttle, Kendall 219 Tuttle, Kathy 269,363 Tuttle, Kevin 225 Tweedell, Christine 367 Tweedell, Robert 322,359 Tybert, Thomas 398 Tyler, Leigh 379 Tyler, Guy 359 Tyler, Gay Tyler, Leigh 273 Tyler, Ray 399 Tyler, Salley 289,391 Tyner, Thomas Jr. Tyre, William 260,322,359 Tyroler, Sue 279,391 Tyson, Gary 224 Upshaw, Donna 264,265,353 Upshaw, Bert 313,399 Upson, Helen 363 Urda, Carol 380 Uskton, Tom 303,391 Usry, Georgia 399 Ussery, John 195 u Van Alstyne, Cynthia 219,277,367 Van Camp, Thomas 335 Van Dussen, Craig 364 Van Dyke, Deedy 277 Van Horn, Charles 320 Van House, Barbara 367 Van Landingham, Jim 380 Van Pelt, Pamela 399 Vancamp, Thomas 399 Vanderklott, Bill 391 Vandiver, Mary 265,353 Vandiver, 265,363 Vandyke, Deedy 391 Vann.Carl 334,335,391 Vansant, Nick 328,329,380 Varner, Billy 327,380 Varner, John 261,343 Varner, Sharon 363 Varner, Terry 380 Vasavada, Kamendu 193,345 Vaughan, Blair 219 Vaughan, Chip 162,380 Vaughn, Linda 380 Vaughn, Michael 345,364 Vaughn, Rick 319,391 Vaureck, Andrew 198 Veal, Fran 275,363 Venable, Billy 363 Verdel, Anne 282,399 Verell, Margaret 353 Verenes, Dino 1 85 Verner, Kathy 197 Vernon, Michael 335,399 Verville, Gary 399 Vick, Lawrence 195 Vickers, Harold 359 Vickers, Tommy 222,347 Vidal, Lucy 202, 353 Vincenzi, Mary 363 Vinson, Vicki 391 Virusky, Charlotte, 242 Vitange, John 380 Vogt, Marilyn 391 Volland, Kathy 266,399 Von Werssowetz, Linda 289,363 Voncannon, Susan 223 Vrono, Charles 399 Vuchetich, Marcia 203 w Udinsky,Gary 341,379 Ulfik, David 196 Ulmer, Bonnie 270,379 Ulrici, Jill 399 Underwood, Ed 219 Underwood, G wen 219 Underwood, John 241 Unger, Kurt 345,391 Unser, )ody 379 Upchurch, William 391 Waddell, Debbi 255,263,391 Waddell, Richard 313,330,359 Wade, Anne 289,399 Wade, Joan 363 Wade, Beth 273,380 Wade, Marie 399 Wade, Laree 365 Wade, Rick 303,399 Wafford, Joan 399 Wages, Nathaniel 391 Wagner, Karen 380 Wagner, Terry 399 Wagoner, Karen 290 Waits, Lynn 391 Waits, Joyce 353 Wakefield, Susan 242 Wakefield, Steven 380 Walden, Cheryl 195,363 Waldrep, David 195 Waldrep, Marion 367 Waldrep, Richard 195 Waldrep, Thomas 339,380 Waldrep, Sue 195 Waldrop, David 192 Waldrop, Tommy 339,391 Walker, Barry 200 Walker, Charles 353 Walker, Clare 363 Walker, Daryl 329,380 Walker, David 339,380 Walker, Debbie 234,270,353 Walker, Donna 194,365 Walker, Forrest 339,380 Walker, Frank 304,399 Walker, Frankie 380 Walker, Fred 380 Walker, Henry 332,380 Walker, Elaine 391 Walker, Judy 219 Walker, June 363 Walker, Linda 399 Walker, Larry 345,391 Walker, Linda 391 Walker, Ken 194 Walker, Noel 200 Walker, Pam 185,197,391 Walker, Len 161 Walker, Susanne 216,219,391 Walker, William 359 Wall, Wendy 353 Wall, Jim 204 Wall, Jeffrey 207 Wall, Jerry 219,363 Wall, Suzan 290,391 Wall, Henry 192,345 Wallace, Chip 160,327,380 Wallace, Debi 391 Wallace, Susan 359 Wallace, David 322,359 Waller, Frances 391 Waller, Robert 363 Walling, Jeff 164 Walls, Linnie 220 Walls, Terry 380 Walsemann, Dale 298,380 Walsh, Gail 216 Walsh, Kathleen 380 Walsh, Kathy 399 Walter, Robbie 202,380 Walterhouse, Pat 363 Walters, Patrice 201,205,240,270,36 ' Walters, Jim 215 Walters, Ann 287,380 Waltman, Susan 380 Walton, Ed 192,348 Walton, Ed 195 Walton, Margaret 353 Wanner, Fritz, 322,380 Ward, Carolyn 195,380 Ward, Claudia 391 Ward, Doug 164 Ward, Earl 391 Ward, Ernie 259 Ward, James 301,399 Ward, Janice 211,353 Ward, Mitchell 220 Ward, Mike 220 Ward, Bob 347 Ward, Roger 198,342,359 Ward, Mitchel 347 Ward, William 222 Ware, David 399 Ware, Gayle 353 Ware, Gladys 168,268,363 Warenzak, Joanna 226,275,363 Warner, Douglass 226,380 Warnock, A. Timothy 223 Warrell, Steve 339 Warren, Sally 224,399 Warren, Victor 346,350 Washburn, Clay 192,193 Watercuse, Beth 295,391 Waters, Allan 380 Waters, Bubba 320 Waters, Charles 359 Waters, Janis 391 Waters, Kara 353 Waters, Robin 265,399 Waters, Tom 353 Wathington, Becky 391 Watkins, Deborah 363 Watkins, Garland 367 Watkins, Joe 207,235,241 Watkins, Mark 185,219 Watkins, Susan 266,363 Watkins, Stephanie 23,227,287,399 Watrous, James 212,332 Watrous, Robert 193,204 Watson, Craig 214 Watson, Chris 380 Watson, Dennis 160 Watson, Donald 164,359 Watson, Beth 287,380 Watson, Eugene 380 Watson, Margaret 287,380 Watson, Marianne 215 Watson, Murray 284,380 Watson, Norman 192,195,348 Watson, Patty 273,391 Watson, Ralph 193,298,348 Watson, Ronald 380 Watson, Sheryl 196,363 Watson, Steve 160,353 Watson, Thomas 320,380 Watson, Veda 200,367 Watson, Wencil 207 Watt, Kate 363 Watt, Rachel 353 Watson, Wayne 346 Watterson, Roger 399 Wattles, Anne 287,363 Watts, Gary 161 Waxman, Steven 163 Weatherford, David 194,202 Weatherford, Johnny 165,399 Weatherford, Phillip 214 Weatherly, Lallie 289,391 Weaver, Alan 225 Weaver, Claudia 263,399 Weaver, David 190,192,194,196,391 Weaver, Holly 242 Weaver, Houston 186,342,359 Weaver, Jackie 380 Weaver, Jerry 380 Weaver, Rebecca 227,399 Weavers, Dianne 391 Webb, Frederick 364 Webb, Hiram 335,399 Webb, Val 165,259,308,391 Webb, Vicki 241,367 Webb, Gene 223 Webber, Martin 225 Webster, Fred 319,399 Weekley, Jeff 327,380 Weeks, Beverley 380 Wee ks, Gene 321 Weeks, Wanda 197 Weems, John 186,342,359 Wehe, Geoffrey Lott 198 Weid, Anne 279,391 Weinberg, llene 290,391 Weinberger, George 223 Weinberger, Susan 196,278,279,380 Weiner, Les 296,399 Weinstein, Leslee 363 Weir, Cheryl 283 Weise, William 207 Weiss, Shana 279,380 Weissmann, Terry 279,399 Welborn, Eddie 343,391 Welborn, Patricia 354 Welch, Joe 399 Welch, John 309,391 Welch, Susan 277,380 Weldon, Judy 363 Weldon, Kenneth 363 Welfare, Carol 391 Wells, Carol 227,273,391 Wells, Charles 316,31 7,380 Wells, D. A. 305,354 Wells, Larry 200,367 Wells, Margo 380 Wells, Rhonda 391 Wells, Roger 347 Wells, Tom 308,399 Wells, Lynn 380 Welsch, John 166 Welsh, Clifford 380 Wenck, Mary 380 Wendelken, William 195 Werbin, Samuel 233 Werk, Charles 303,380 Werner, David 380 Wertz, Dana 365 West, Jeffrey 399 West, Jewel 363 West, Larry 161 West, Linda 354 West, Mary 399 West, Zena 380 Westbrook Charles 348 Westbrook, Elaine 399 Westbrook, Richard 225 Westmoreland, Carl 234,259,31 3,391 Weston, Robert 341,367 Whalen, Andrew 300,301,380 Whaley, Albert 359 Whatley, Fran 280,399 Whatley, Gail 391 Whatley, James 316,354 Whatley, Laura 189,280,391 Whatley, Nancy 391 Wheeler, Brenda 219 Wheeler, Evelyn 224 Wheeler, Larry 190,348 Wheeler, Kristine 391 Wheeler, Wanda 197 i I 418 i ' l i ' UZi Whelchel, Deanna 219 Whelchel, Homer 354 Wheless, Ray 363 Whiddon, Cynthia 222 Whipple, Allen 335,391 White, Brock 200,367 White, Cathy 380 White, Dixon 359 White, Fred 319,399 White, Donald 227 White, Brent 399 White, Frank 363 White, Glenn 380 White, lanice 224,380 White, )ohn 347 White, )ohn 240 White, Larry 192 White, Laura 215 White, Lynne 391 White, Marilyn 380 White, Richard 354 White, Sara 363 White, Steve 164 White, Steve 160 White, Susie 265,354 White, Victoria 222,347 White, Claude 354 Whitehead, Gayle 399 Whitehead, Ronnie 263,363 Whitehead, lames 202 Whitehead, Nancy 190,197,365 Whitehead, Day 214,219 Whitehead, Susan 215,391 Whitfield, Dennis 301,306,367 Whitfield, Randy 399 Whitfield, Ronnie 380 Whitley, )im 359 Whitley, )oe 354 Whitlow, Gayle 280,391 Whitlow, Ruth 346 Whitman, Marilyn 399 Whitmore, Tom 185 Whittemore, Melissa 270,363 Whitten, Linda 277,363 Whittle, Jodi 295,399 Whittle, Ben 359 Whitworth, Steven 207 Whorton, William 329,346 Wienberger, Susan 189 Wiezorek, Eddie 359 Wigelius, Frank 303,380 Wiggins, Larry 380 Wiggins, Shearon 295,363 Wiggins, Wallace 161 Wigley, Thomas 359 Wike, Evelyn 391 Wilbanks, Nancy 391 Wilbanks, Lane 292,399 Wilburn, Donald 190,192,195,348 Wilder, Eugene 226 Wildey, Mary 203,391 Wilen, loe 304 Wiles, Carole 211 Wiley, Carson 273,380 Wiley, Sally 354 Wiley, Terry 192 Wilhoit, Corry 339,399 Wilhoil, Matthew 399 Wilkes, Linda 346 Wilkes, Mary 203,391 Wilkes, Michael 391 Wilkin, Gary 304 Wilkin, Robert 222 Wilkins, Clyde 313,391 Wilkins, Kathleen 363 Wilkins, Bill 192,298,348 Willard, Sanford 380 Willey, Candy 292 William, Carl 350 Williams, Ann 391 Williams, Benton 190 Williams, Bruce 303,391 Williams, Caria 399 Williams, Carolyn 257,380 Williams, Charles 198,298,348 Williams, Dannie 166 Williams, Debbie 289,380 Williams, Deborah 197,380 Williams, Dexter 312,313,380 Williams, Betsy 391 Williams, Ellen 215 Williams, Everett 193,195 Williams, George 242 Williams, Glenn 320 Williams, Janet 380 Williams, Harriet 287,380 Williams, Gene 332 Williams, |enn 189 Williams, )oe 329.380 Williams, )oe 258,380 Williams, Judith 196 Williams, Kennedy 189,282 Williams, Kay 194 Williams, La Una 203 Williams, Leigh 219 Williams, Louise 280,380 Williams, Peggy 380 Williams, Margaret 273,380 Williams, Martha 284,391 Williams, Mary 234,265,354 Williams, Mary 227,399 Williams, Pat 197,359 Williams, Gail 263,380 Williams, Randy 195 Williams, Robert 346 Williams, Robert 354 Williams, Ruth 367 Williams, Sally 282,380 Williams, Sandra 399 Williams, Stephen 191,313,354 Williams, Steve 320,380 Williams, Tom 298,348 Williams, Thomas 195,199 Williams, William 222 Williamson, Ava 280 Williamson, Ann 185 Williamson, Bryant 313,380 Williamson, Cathy 227 Williamson, Dale 275,363 Williamson, David 259,399 Williamson, Craig 225 Williamson, James 301,359 Williamson, Jim 380 Williamson, Jim 241,380 Williamson, Bob 391 Williamson, Kathleen 391 Williamson, Mike 380 Williamson, Miriam 284,380 Williamson, Kathy 263,391 Williamson, Renee 219 Williamson, Susan 380 Williford, Larry 319,399 Willingham, Faye 354 Willingham, Patty 399 Willingham, Becky 284,363 Willingham, Sue 273,363 Willis, Carole 200 Willis, Debbie 281 Willis, James 359 Willis, James 348 Willis, Ken 201,242 Willoughby, Stephen 231 Wills, Carolyn 399 Wills, John 219 Wills, Thomas 165,313,391 Wills, Walter 190,348 Willson, Thomas 359 Wilson, Beth 391 Wilson, Bill 219 Wilson, Cheryl 380 Wilson, Coot 319,380 Wilson, David 189 Wilson, Dave 380 Wilson, Gary 354 Wilson, Gary 304 Wilson, Guy 220 Wilson, Harold 196,240 Wilson, James 380 Wilson, Jim 220 Wilson, James 346 Wilson, James 299 Wilson, Jan 221 Wilson, John 399 Wilson, Judith 198 Wilson, Kay 380 Wilson, Larry 195 Wilson, Teressa 399 Wilson, Marianne 353 Wilson, Marsha 354 Wilson, Mary 195,215,270 Wilson, Marty 193 Wilson, Michael 354 Wilson, R. W. 354 Wilson, Rick 399 Wilson, Robert 313,380 Wilson, Robin 265,354 Wilson, Smith 359 Wilson, Tom 323 Wilson, T.V. 317,380 Wilson, Virginia 380 Wilteman, Bill 301 Wimberly, Dianne 346 Wimbish, Jane 380 Wimbish, Sane 295 Winchester, John 214 Windham, Bob 166 Wing, Susan 219 Wingate, Kelly 335,380 Wingfield, Marion 354 Wingo, Rick 223 Wink, James 345,399 Winkenwerder, Carole 275,363 Winkler, Gail 391 Winkler, Nancy 193 Winn, Edward 202,260,323,354 Winn, James 359 Winn, Nancy 294,295,363 Winn, W. M. 303,380 Winship, Emily 363 Winslette, Wade 161 Wischhusen, Shelly 203,391 Wise, David 191,192 Wise, Matt 347 Wisthuff, Linda 199 Witcher, Chuck 240 Withers, Sheala 203,266,391 Witt, Jay 313,380 Witteman, Bill 391 Wolensky, Ann 279,399 Wolf, John 190 Wolf, Judy 279,399 Wolf, Betty 265,399 Wolfe, Harold 399 Wolfe, David 161 Wolfe, Rhonda 290,363 Wolffe, Roslyn 397 Wolter, Susan 216,380 Womack, Suzanne 275,363 Womack, Robert 345,380 Womack, Ronald 346 Womble, Charlie 359 Woo, Linda 292,391 Wood, Charles 222 Wood, David 363 Wood, Lou 317,359 Wood, Jeff 359 Wood, Jere 327,346 Wood, Johnny 364 Wood, Gail 391 Wood, Kaye 380 Wood, Tischia 363 Wood, Glen 359 Wood, Gary 301,346 Wood, Carol 354 Wood, Scott 380 Wood, Sherry 219 Wood, Wendy 26 Woodall, Sandra 354 Woodard, Lydia 399 Wooddy, Debbie 391 Woodford, Steve 242 Woodhall, Peggy 277,380 Woodruff, Aletta 280,399 Woodruff, Louise 380 Woodruff, Margaret 391 Woodruff, Missie 380 Woods, John Benjamin Jr. Woods, Dianne 197 Woods, Bobby 214,215 Woods, Susan 399 Woolfolk, W. C. 313,391 Woollen, Chris 224 Woolen, David 391 Wooten, Joel 190,198,199,204,208,212, 213,230,231,359 Wooten, Pam 228,274,275,363 Worley, Frank 259,306,307,380 Worley, John 190,192,348 Worrell, Steve 380 Worrill, Julie 391 Worsham, Gary 380 Worsham, Linda 213,380 Worthington, Becky 273,314 Wray, Douglas 327,391 Wren, Jennifer 203,391 Wright, Ann 380 Wright, Dempsey 190 Wright, Ellen 354 Wright, Felicia 215 Wright, Jan 203,391 Wright, Karen 205,363 Wright, Mike 204,212,213,225,231,343, 359 Wright, Patricia 203,391 Wright, Paul A. Wright, Rhonda 215 Wright, Richard 161 Wright, Sandy 363 Wright, Suzanne 273,399 Wrinkle, Earline 354 Wuestenberg, Marie 354 Wyatt, Jim 213,230,367 Wyatt, Denise 194 Wyatt, Martha 365 Wyche, Guy 364 Wylie, William 313,354 Wynne, David 214,219 Wynne, John 332,347 Wynne, Robert 303,380 Wysong, Fredrick 380 Yancey, Kim 207,391 Yao, Marion 354 Yarbrough, Trip 335,399 Yarbrough, Nancy 399 Yates, Cindy 391 Yates, Gary 223 Yates, Danny 167 Yeager, Barbara 380 Yeager, Jeffery 314,391 Yeager, Phyllis 391 Yeargin, Cliff 200,270 Yearly, Karen 215,216 Yen, Chang 346 Yoder, Anne 269,380 Yoffe, Mindy 279,399 York, Beth 215,216 York, John 380 York, Pamela 363 Youmans, Dick 380 Young, Betty 348 Young, Eric 296,380 Young, Richard 323 Young, John 391 Young, Mike 231 Young, Rebecca 273,363 Young, Bob 167 Young, David 327,380 Young, Greg 308,399 Youngblood, Mike 219 Youngblood, Thomas 164 Younker, Thomas 207 Yow, Lawson 207 Zamoscinski, John 165 Zerden, Lizabeth 279,399 Ziegenfuss, Karen 241,287,354 Ziegler, Cynthia 354 Ziegler, Ann 391 Ziering, Roy 219 Zilko, Stephen 162 Zimbel, John 367 Zimmerlink, Tom 161 Zittrouer, Mack 380 Zopfi, Brenda 380 Zuraw, Mark 226,380 Zubrown, Phread 196,254,328 419 ;- M.OJHIM|j ' i-«r ,Kt!ftiv:tuiniD«n ' ' am ifM iiSiifeitSii »■,- ■ ij y p -■I j ?»fi «fefiai; ' M.ii:ia mmi-imMkmi£i:: nvsi 427 Em ) c« iSta(ia H J:-w.--- l 429 :-( mnif« ' i Mm ' :i M- « kt m i [». v 431 CREDITS Photography, Dan McClure Cover Photography, Clate Sanders Harrell Brooks, Publishing Representative Delmar Printing Company, Publisher Frank Baird, Advisor Martin O ' Toole, p. 135 Richard Gentry, pp. 136, 137 Kenny Chadwick, p. 153, top pn m M ;ik mi!mi ' Sv ii I ws wM ' jmrnmBMi rtk ' Etf " ' fi f w mi m s) mm ' m 4 t " ' ' %■ a?;w m. ' I . , . » vH F ' ...,. dBilBiiii ■ " ' -■ ■■---r. - « ' ia: ' - illP «■

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