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pan □OR Gl I ! ;■;: 1 i mmm ■i ™ ■■ ■■ Mil ____ __ Anyu places Univer Any university is personalities, places, things. But the University of Georgia 1968 is wm m » b m — » a beginning: Dean Tate, registration ■ i . _ x — « 1 1 1 I • ' •)£ - S5j r 1 i E ??wl im »vir4r , J ' SSfisS - 0r f »vv _ ; ' «w - t -- " jfcW ■ivon ' 1 _0» Dean Tate, lines, IBM cards, classes closed out, -tll the only way to cash a check, buy a beer, » . .•it.iii L.i ' i .K. a beer ' ? -Haul trailer, books and baggage, new roommates, ome away from home B more cars than road, more students than bridge, campus cops, parking stickers, parking tickets, parking fine, find parking, parking places, parking problems, problems, problems, problems . . . 12 fRSff cl : the first day of class, every day of classed! 300, a seminar of six, the mythical crip course, catalysts and chromosomes, chemistry and crap . - tmmtmat -,.. - ■ ►■ ,iy » _ ;•-- ' .. 20 J 21 opinion: compulsory ROTC, ■ women ' s rules, Vietnam, the bomb and napalm, motherhood pie. wM iM L M ii miwm i t , ' . )( Ui 1 f( )rm fit who vv 7 pit bin nil Th ' .peak or 1 hi t continue r until hi , r tt by yelling, I Acre fore the a right to dec be heard ti u i V r protests, placards, the most i apathetic 24 _ s the most apathetic campus in the U.S. 25 parodies, pranksters, " ! don ' t know what apathy means, and vhat apathy means, and what ' s more, I don ' t care r % j0 " ■■■ personalities: H.H.H., McCarthy, Justice Black, Glenn Yarbrough, Eileen Farrell, Jack Jones, Walter Slezak, Dean Rusk, the Association, the Righteous Brothers, Skitch Henderson, Atlanta Symphony, honorable governor Lester Maddox, Glenn Campbell upstages Bobbie Gentry gl— - fk HHBHMHi nam I r ■ ■ ■ ■. , Miss Pandora Beauty Pageant... ■ " ■■■ Linda Jo Maclin... the smell of the crowd " . . . 49 obscure plays •YTj obscure playwrights . . . 1 1 I obscure y F students: poets and paupers . . . 0- paupers. " h A, potters and V I 54 _ J painters . . . 55 r benders and 56 " P menders 57 mt mt Mt planners and... 58 rs and... planters - observers 60 ' I conservers 61 dissectors . . . 62 asters - • • perf ectors . 63 r people: the loner . . the loner..- ■ ■ " . ■-■■ ■ ££ ?£?«, J . J -S • .££ introverts . 67 pF 3BM BMI I % ' " ' t ' JF 0. 4 i- ' jfi jpWP ' • • - .»• , ■ ,• 4i % i jj? ' . and extroverts . . - 69 individuals conforming to non-coi 70 -onforming to non-conformity 71 t r the very marrieds . . . 72 _ gossiping girls... 73 stereotypes - lizards all - . . 74 st depe f 1 ds all ■ - - it just depends on the degree of lizardry 75 I ' 76 4 profs: pedagogue, pragmatist ■■ c pedagoguft pragmatist, propagandist... 78 practitioner, i ophei ractitioner _ philosopher and ph.d. . a mi mm B £- 4 7W7 I®yy ' . s 5C « ! ' ft . »»» » 1 B ■MEHBH5 ■ " ' ■ ' J " « | ■—■i i ,■„ jp " ! vy W 1 - n»« ■■ " ' ■ " » aa ( th « ' »iM v» rs.irw. »••«•- iM »lihA- .fill Mft.U Aj w Jtyi; «c buildings: culmination of... ICHER EDUCATION F |ILITIES PHOGF 1815 FEDERAL GRANT(TITLE I PRESIDENT LYNDSNU150N LI rtiu TTifc. =E-OT ED i CATION WITH ASSISTAN • FM EPtOF H«ySINC ANIXUilANOMlOiBil JT COMMUNITY. FACIL Jl:SDI»lYON LA. -St. » ■ the good V rsfr the bad TO RECrUUl IMPOSED i jlij US.fiOVERIW! ' ASAC9NC ' {)| RECEIPTOR T|ii ' •• nr ■ 8 82 V ;2flON FklTIES PROGRAI «WJIIllll7il79 INSTITUTION F RESIDENT LYND U B.JOHNSON »2 or a tion " HASSISTAIi FROM JS N DEVELOPMENT " ■WYttau; divi5Ton j bad. " and the ugly 83 1 • r if II o c (0 Q) D a ■ o Q) " 0 Q) o Q. O i (0 Q c (D 0) £ Iff J H Iff fc ' ' 1 Iff 1 . ' 1M ' housemothers, URSA ' s, signouts, curfews, demerits, gi 88 s , curfews demerits, girl down the hall . . . !-! " ■ § V Raffia fc«f|»o 19 £? 67 p r ■BUM ■•,■ y • WMRi V _ 91 rush, parties, rush, parties, rush, parties, rush, parties, rush, parties, rush, parties, rush, parties, rush, parties . . . t i mmm 92 ■ 94 ..-..„ ■ ... ..... ,. 95 4 U 4 ' 96 HkflMMh petty pilfering - trophies, rugs, chairs, cc mBmmmm mBM -ophies, rugs chairs, composites, crests . . . lb J, T™« ... ...... - carnations and queens 101 chrysanthemums and canes 102 wmmam ' ! 103 » • ' !■ ■ 104 VS H ti ' ' § Ml A ■ crowds and clowns . . . 105 UGA.the ,1st, " damneood do - tt V • ' I % Sa Ml «44 ■SL mm-wmim 1 good football, but . . . -- " BM -fc Mri ' ji " Whomp ' em up, side the head — bin B -« 4 ' II ' 4 i±tyu •«•: ■»» K b ' y- . r -J M r + K ,- m H " ■ I 112 aOHHBflBHMM Ic Jf • W ± f ■■■« Q) D o c Dick, Jim, Jerry, Ray, Bob, and Ken 114 ■n Y i 1 : ;i- t£mA i -_ football It is carnival time in the classic city. Athens has ground to a Saturday afternoon ' s bumper-to- bumper halt. Crowds, cops, and coeds clamor for attention in the atmosphere of Indian sum- mer. All of Georgia seems to have converged on the little valley between modern Ag Hill and his- toric North Campus. " " " ■UUHI ■ r Wl _i -, l v m ■ S ■r i mmm M £b ■ ?■ J PL ■ J, 9. ' — 3V " 11 a ¥ JS » ?3T 3 " i mini m nuco 3 w. JC ,-,- ■ %• AtffcSW ■ £ 5 L:8 S: Ml - ' Z MMMk ... ™ — _ t « JL 5fc • if • jar-5 . ' " • • • cue na p H ■ SH.Hf! - « . -k. WF •Art . . . for this is Bulldog Country! And fall means football. The scenery is fresh, exciting, nostalgic, now. The new concrete deck of Sanford Stad- ium is completed, and record num- bers of loyal Georgia fans have crowded in. ? A ' I i J 5 4 r t r - «a r J . .f a » ' Tf ♦♦•♦■ n A.f , - . I Vs lim. I ftiW 7a ■ 1 ■ ' ' vi i " r.l Inside, the modern day gladiators and their leaders pause in last minute meditation. As they march forth to do battle, the electric excitement of the gridiron comes alive and surges through young and old alike. 125 The Georgia Bulldogs of 1967 have been recognized across the nation as a winning football team. They are highly talented, high- ly trained. Vince Dooley, calm, young, reflec- tive head coach par excellence, ranks along- side the traditional arch and bulldog as a modern symbol of the University. v The teams line up, the whistle blows, the battle at last be- gins. Game strategy, compos- ed long before in the compli- cated technology of modern football, unfolds before the in- tensely partisan stadium. The team responds to the snap of the ball and roar of the crowd as all eyes follow the quarter- back, initial hero in a game of heroes. »? hi .. Without a television announcer the easiest way to keep track of the heroes is by following the numbers. The numbers may pass the ball or make impossible catches. They may bull- doze their way through the line or around it. Then there are those numbers little watched but nevertheless invaluable to the team. " 71 " is one of those who never touches the ball. But he is an All-American — one of the most precisely violent of all the violent or agile or fleet-of-foot athletes working together to form that remarkable human machine, the football team. Vt 11 R fl llll I ! 1 [ M wB % lLl j Will 1 1 ▼ »» I •« ' ' ________ ft si Time for the commercials, but in the stad- ium it is time to unwind for the moment, drink a coke, talk, or watch the pretty faces - faces in the crowd, faces on the field, sun- burning faces. If it is homecoming, there is even more beauty and pageantry to behold. Or maybe it is the always symbolic Tech game. Then it is time for reflection - of the honor at stake, of the football season finally ending, of the approach of winter. Mean- while, the dazzling majorettes twirl, the pre- cision marching band plays on. Inside the caverns of the stadium the warriors regroup and reform. " flHMwSna w4NMM i ' ▼ ' MVH. • r B § ,WfeU While at the same time a team effort, football is a very person- al sport. The different athletes and coaches together indivi- dualize a regimented game, and the adoring t housands are al- lowed briefly to identify with its giants. A bald bulldog for a coach, an intellectual Rhodes scholar candidate for a lineback- er, a track star, a student body officer, a brotherhood, a class- room, a war, a challenge, a game. The drama is performed live each Saturday. The season opened with a 30-0 showcase win over easily outclassed Mississippi State. Next the Bulldogs narrowly escaped from Death Valley as they scored a final thrilling touchdown to defeat the Clemson Tigers 24-17. Back in Athens the following weekend Georgia com- bined its highly-praised defense with its method- ical and powerful ground game to beat South Carolina 21-0. In a night contest in Jackson, however, Georgia was handed its first loss by the spoiler of the SEC, Ole Miss, 20-29. The loss was partially avenged with a ' Band Day ' romp over Virginia Military Acade- my 56-6. Georgia went into the Kentucky game ranked sixth in the na- tion and came out with a easy 31-7 win, but then the Dogs went to Houston ' s Astrodome and were treated to a heartbreaker, losing 14- 15 via a Cougar two point conversion in the closing minutes. Florida handed the Bulldogs a similar fourth quarter setback as the highly contested Tuscaloosa game ended with Geor- gia again on the bad side of a one point margin 16-17. The perfect sea- son at Sanford was fin- ished, however, with a very satisfying home- coming victory over the completely shutout Au- burn War Eagles 17-0. And the all - important Tech game at Grant Field, perhaps the most savagely-fought and ex- citing contest of the season was finally car- ried away by the Bull- dogs 21-14 before the nation ' s television view- ers. Georgia won the honor of playing in the Liberty Bowl in Mem- phis over the Christmas holidays, but could not match the North Caro- lina defense. Final ver- dict: a successful sea- son, won 7, lost 4. I Jerry Epling 1 . Dick Mcintosh This was the Greatest Season in Georgia basket- ball. Not only was the 17-8 record the best in over a generation, it was the end of a long, long drought that made the unheralded victories that much sweeter and more unforgettable. The 1967-68 season was the culmination in part of patience and brilliance in recruiting, training, and tactics of one of Georgia ' s new breed of coaches — Ken Rosemond. The season opened as scoring and rebounding records were broken — notably by Super Soph Bob Lienhard. But this gave no indication of what was in store. Perhaps the turning point came as Georgia won the holiday Triangle Clas- sic over nationally third-ranked N.C. State. Cer- tainly it was felt in the big home game against LSU and highly publicized Pete Maravich. Bull- dog fans realized, for the first time in almost everyone ' s memory, that the Dogs actually could beat anyone on the hardwood as well as the grid- iron. Soon it became a spine-tingling thrill to hear each game started by the announcement, " You ' re in Bulldog Country! " Modern basketball had finally come to UGA, and the spectators quickly learned their role. The Coliseum would fill early to cheer on Major Bradley ' s spirited Bullpups. Then the varsity would file in to warm up, and the fans would pick their favorites as the lively pep band and Go-Girls entertained. After the prayer and national anthem, the tipoff would finally come before a packed, roaring house. Georgia won 1 1 of 1 3 home games. The sweetest victory came over seventh ranked Tennessee as the Dogs, led by sophomores Lien- hard and Epling, seniors Mcintosh and Young- blood, and especially by Mr. Bulldog, Ray Jef- fords, completely out-shot, out-finessed, and out-fought them. From then on, the season was a Cinderella affair. Georgia went on to beat LSU, win the first half over highly superior Kentucky, destroy ninth ranked Vanderbilt, innundate Ole Miss, and end a beautiful season with a decisive, memorable victory over Florida. Georgia 138 Arkansas A M 91 Georgia 78 Georgia Tech 86 Georgia 84 Jacksonville U. 50 Georgia 94 Furman U. 80 Georgia 79 Ygle 75 Georgia 62 N7C. State 56 Georgia 70 Ole Miss 64 Georgia 72 Miss State 69 Georgia 76 L.S.U. 79 Georgia 72 Tennessee 77 Georgia 73 Kentucky 104 Georgia 81 Miss State 77 Georgia 63 Florida 90 Georgia 76 Auburn 74 Georgia 95 Alabama ■ Auburn X 73 Georgia 56 62 Georgia 95 Alabama 83 Georgia Z 7 Vanderbilt 82 Borgia 93 Tennessee 41 d. - " « 78 L.S.U. , 73 Geoi g - 89 GeorgiajTec 76 Georgia y? Kentucky- " 4 106 Georgia S 5F . Vand rtbilt ' 3 77 jflk ftOle Miss 7? Florida-— , «- m 83 The most unexpected and dramatic fruition of the modern Georgia athletic program came to bear in the form of the gymnastics team of 1 968 - a dedicated, spirited, talented group of athletes under an equally distinguished coach, Lee Cunningham, who worked over three years in developing a nationally recogniz- ed team. Georgia wrestling also enjoyed a banner year with an 8-4 record, thanks partly again to a vigorous coaching staff and the attraction of top state and national talent. Base:; tffr, seasorts. $ ., popyla- s: ...,; effects of KenLaw ai| y Practice - " Georgia tennis and Georgia golf, seemingly always enjoying national esteem, again are predicted to finish high in the SEC. In 1967 the golfers under longtime coach Howell Hollis posted a 17-0 mark and tied for fifth in the SEC, while the tennis squad under Dan Magill in his 13th season finished 18-6, fourth in the conference. And both are to be blessed in 1968 with many returning players and very bright new prospects. k i Baseball, suffering from bad luck and losing seasons, is beginning to gain momentum in year-old Foley Field both as a winner and as a popular spring spectator sport. The track team under Spec Towns also is beginning to show the effects of intensified recruiting and training especially in two-sport athletes Don Wix and Ken Lawrence. And swimming, a true year- round sport, owes its prominence to gifted in- dividuals such as Jim Rambo, Lee Bradford and John Martin, plus the long hours of grueling, daily practice which winning form and en- durance require. w-- ». J 1 JM 6 5SX56XS7 a v ' :| Li m j ' 7 ! WE ... 10 Paul Gilbert 1 1 Spike Jones 13 Jake Scott 14 Kirby Moore 1 5 Max Carnes 16 John Griffin 17 Donnie Hampton 19 Mark Stewart 20 Terry Sellers 22 Ed Allen 23 David McKnight 24 Kent Lawrence 25 Mark Holmes 27 Penny Pennington 30 Bruce Kemp 31 Trav Paine freshmen QB 32 Steve Woodward WE P 33 Hardy King WB S 35 Stu Mosher LB QB 36 Jim McCullough PK PK 37 Crig Herlong WB S 38 Stan Boggus RHd QB 39 Grig Elrod WB S 41 Brad Johnson FB RHd 43 Ronnie Huggins LB LHd 44 Ronnie Jenkins FB UHd 45 Rusty Epperson LB TB 46 Steve Farnsworth TB LHd 48 Bob DuPriest LB RHd 51 Ronnie Rogers C FB 53 Mike Lopatka C-LB TB 54 Ronnie Tidmore C £1 55 Harold Tarrer 56 George White 57 Happy Dicks 58 Tommy Lawhorne 60 Steve Greer 61 Pat Rodrigue 63 Joe Clamon 64 Bruce Yawn 65 Jim Layfield 67 Don Hayes 68 Ronnie Adkins 69 Tim Callaway 70 David Rholetter 71 Edgar Chandler 72 Paul Handmacher 73 Bill Sampson LB »fj LB 77BSUn LGd 78W e d RG 79 £L y SL RGd 8ODmH0« LG 81 Wayne In RG 62 LeeOaniel LG 83 Sandy Mm RG 84 Tommy lyw RGd 65 LaiyKohn LT 86 SaryAdams RT 87 Bitty Payne LTd 88MpRusal RT 10 Jack Nicholson S 51 Steve Chamberlain C 79 Johnny Cambell DT 11 Jack Montgomery S 52 Jack Hodges C 80 Cauthern Westbrook E 12 Mike Cavan QB 47 Steve Kitchens LB 81 Royce Smith E 15 Jim Bolton QB 54 Steve Hudson LB 82 James Hurley E 20 Robert Butterworth TB 60 Hugh Gordon G 83 Wayne McConnell E 23 Harold Callaway TB 61 Vic Belote G 84 Mike Greene E 24 Bill Darby LHB 63 Jimmy Wood G 85 Bill Brice E 26 Dennis Leath LHB 64 Robert Satterwhite G 86 Robert Simpson E 27 Julian Smiley TB 65 Hibby Beddingfield G 87 Buck Swindle E 29 Melvin Osley LHB 66 Ronald Vaughn G 88 Dick DeRose E 31 Ken Shaw WB 67 John Jennings G 89 Terry Henderson E 32 Thomas Edwards WB 68 Bruce Morgan G 18 Bill McElreath HB 33 Jimmy Shirer RHB 69 Richard Morris C 25 Andy Almond HB 35 Craig Hargrove RHB 70 Buck Baker T 66 Jed Achenback G 37 Felix Marbury RHB 71 Corky Bispham T 69 Phillip Crowe G 38 Jan Rogers RHB 72 Ken Dumbleton T 48 Jim Strauss LB 39 Boccy McKinnon WB 73 Bobby Kimsey T 76 Jeffrey Sheets T 41 Johnny Campbell TB 74 Paul McPipkin T 88 Robert Bennett E 42 Tommy Couch FB 75 David Saye T 16 Vince Bond PK 43 Bob Hammock LB 76 Harold Stokes DG 45 Jan Robertson LB 49 Mike Oakes FB 77 Dennis Watson T 28 John Miles LE 50 Bobby Poss FB 78 79 Bob McKinny William Flanders T T 34 Mike Fedback HB 150 1968 bulldogs Vince Dooley Erskine Russell Frank Inman Jim Pyburn John Donaldson Ken Cooper Billy Kinard Howard (Doc) Ayers Malcolm Richard Wood I 3G V m Tommy Bal Mike Pack Alan Edmondson Tom Brennan Lanny Taylor Barry Cohen Andrew Scherriffius Greg Main freshmen Hugh Stith Chuck Dowdle Cauthen Westbrook Georgia 101 Southern Tech 74 James Nash Georgia 71 Ga. Tech 91 Georgia 113 Furman 90 Georgia 103 Gordon 89 Jf Georgia 107 L.S.U. 94 Georgia 80 Clemson 79 Georgia 97 Columbus College 1 08 Wk Georgia 110 Auburn 102 w h. Georgia 101 Alabama 87 ■F Georgia 86 Auburn 83 Georgia 89 Alabama 102 Georgia 95 Vanderbilt 111 Georgia 80 Columbus College 73 Georgia 102 L.S.U. 99 Georgia 74 Ga. Tech 69 Georgia 109 Abac 94 Georgia 119 Gordon 107 Georgia 93 Vanderbilt 96 Georgia 105 Clemson 78 Georgia 111 Florida 104 10 11 14 20 22 24 31 32 40 41 42 52 I roe Bradley, Coach 1968 georgia bulldogs Ken Rosemond, Coach Nick G impel 10 Dick Mcintosh 11 Jerry Epling 14 Herb White 24 Mark Shufelt 31 Ray Jeffords 32 Cort Nagle 33 Jim Youngblood 40 Tom Superka 41 Mike Bracewell 42 Allen Yuhas 50 Don Wix 52 Bob Lienhard 54 {gut .n V Y¥ swimming Alan Gentry, Coach Lee Bradford Ranger Curran Mike Sutherland Mike Willoughby David Harrison Marci Humphries Allen Jones Howard Kirk John McEllen Lawton Nalley Nick Tussing Bobby Walderman Lynn Boling Ken Calender Mike Casper Richard Harrison Jim Holmes Jimmy Klein John Martin Randy Miller Jim Rambo Chuck Wyatt Cleve Meredity H|H H Spec Towns, Coach Duncan Adams Gene Andrews John Baker Richard Barnes Eddie Baxter Ronald Brooks Charles Coate Don Chandler Bruce Chase James Conyers Reid Conyers Leo Cooper Howard Elkins Larry Fenley Dennis Fordham William Greene Paul Hammon John Hart James Hurley Hugh Johnson Michael Jones Allen Joyce Peter Klein Randall Lanier Kent Lawrence Ray Linch Joe Logan Paul MacGregor William McChesney Bernard Mainland Tyler Maxwell James Miller W. B. Morse Sam Posey Tom Rowland Harry Sims Bill Stanfill Richard Stimer E. D. Summer Sam Sutton Jimmy Tuggle Mike Walston Mark Warren Danny White Don Wix John Wolf Michael Wright tennis o Dan Magill, Coach Bryant Bailey Mike Cmaylo Sam Fuller Norm Holmes Rocky Huffman Martin Kilpatrick Tony Ortiz Zach Rice Harry Scott Billy Shippey Craig Smith Jim Watrous gymnastics Dennis Anderson Stephen Arnold Mervin Baxter Jerry Bowen Kenneth Collins John Cunningham Allen Hardy John Hart Reggie Holliday B. M. Janowski Jerry Koger Dennis Levinge Chris Owen Arthur Packard Douglas Peters Thomas Raines James Reeves Henry Rogers Charles Ruble Newlin Satterthwaite Craig Sherman James Stevens John Sutton Charles Tippens James Wisehart MM IfeFM hft Ttoimfi IffHf wm IWlj " MfcMarr KutOMMfl CMMSkr PettDMor GayHokrw fane Kaon JoeKjies toMfcr TmTiytor JotrTm bfiife : c Tm V tn r, ' ,.»•; ' dmbvm Cs© 156 • m i.Coi 1 Rex Jackson, Coach Craig Elrod Mike Floyd Joe Fowler Thomas Gallant Leon Hall Fred Kinney Tommy Lyons Mike Martin Kurt Ohberg Frank Petroski Charles Siler Pete Davison Terry Diehl Gary Holloman Bill Huggins Ronnie Keeton Joe Kunes Allen Miller John Rountree Tim Taylor John Tison Bo Trotter Al Tyre Tommy Valentine Jim Wallace Charles Wood Howell Hollis, Coach wrestling golf 157 HHHniBMHHHRHHMic r k j m «- , r student body officers President, Rullie Harris Vice president, Billy Payne Secretary, Nancy Nalley student ministers Tom Bailey, Traffic Dennis Fordham, Men ' s Affairs Betsy Parker, Women ' s Affairs Esther Ransom, Student Functions Randall Seabolt, Academic Affairs Tyron Spearman, Publications Jerry Walker, Athletics Robbie Williams, Student Affairs Marilyn Wise, Foreign Students ?Sr.S ' :«J » «» ' iii«.i;ii;«:«« :«»;«; ' :•: ' •i ; i ' ;»i ! - ' ' ir. ' i ' -.ti - - — . " - — d Jl ' if; JBJ- ! f 1 5? 5 , " ' ' i i a student senate President, Grady Pedrick Vice president, Hank Lane Corresponding Secretary, David Lucas Recording Secretary, Dale Crawford Treasurer, Bill Swan ™= student I senate David Arrington Barton Baldwin Ruth Barrow David Carlson Pitts Carr Sammy Caves Robert Chanin Katrina Cheek Honey Clein Carol Clum Jerry Coleman Albert Dasher Edward Denham Lawrence Donovan Melissa Douglas John Dover Virginia Dykes Lucy Erwin Laura Gibbs Henry Gnann Gary Goss Glenda Goss Linda Greenberg Barbara Hagey Thomas Harper Vicki Hawley Jack Hennings Bruce Hill Melissa Houseal James Huckaby, Jr. Mary Hurt Art Jackson YYesJefw Mary Knox Russell Kw jeffKryder MikeLey JeffLurey Johnny McWD WiiliamNeSmi John New DewawNoms TedOuzts Donna Overtor Sandra Owens Jrn Parmel Betsy Parte CartParks p student Wes Jefferies Mary Knox Russell Kramer Jeff Kryder Mike Ley Jeff Lurey Johnny Mcintosh William NeSmith John Newell Dewaine Norris Ted Ouzts Donna Overton Sandra Owens Jim Pannell Betsy Parker Carl Parks Greg Perry John Purcell Randall Seabolt Linda Seawell Nancy Simril Charles Smith, Jr. Terry Smith Ann Snellings Carol Spring Lynda Statham Mildred Stutton Jack Tate Sherrod Taylor Robert Williams Jerry Wright Charles Wynn HHBMH B BBj |jn| fefl l ll ■■■§ ■■■ ■■[■■1 J U2 t. sophomore President, Jim Pannell Secretary, Susan Creel junior President, Pitts Carr Secretary, Carol East senior President, Tommy Lawhorne Secretary, Pam Phillips Elaine Barrett Henry Barrow Larry Brewer Horace Crider Marilyn Dement Carol Driver John Dryden Gerald Eunice Henry Gnann Frank Haley Steve Hancock Earl Harris Samuel Horire Oney Hudson Allen Hunt Tom Keenan Ruth Kuhl Janie Lamb Elinor Leland Bob O ' Rear Ethel Orpin John Purcell Thomas Rahn Kenneth Richards William Riley Jimmy Savage Jim Scronce Terry Smith Linda Statham Bob Steele Cecelia Tarver Terry Tatum Cleve Tedford Lang Timson Lendon Tootle James Yule If K- : « i ent ide ' . m V. :25S President, Bill Murray ;e president, Jerry Walker Secretary, Gwen Pittman Treasurer, Jeff Spencer Pat Adams Dixie Barron William Bell Alton Bridges Jack Brookner Cathy Callaway Sheila Carlisle David Carlson J. B. Corrin Kay Davenport Terry Denham Mark Dickerson Sam Dickson Robert Dixon Allan Eidson Bob Everett Dennis Fordham Phillip Fountain Henry Garrard Bennett George Lerer Goldthwaite Susan Greenwald Jerry Griffith George Griffith Tommy Hawk David Hege vlike Kovacich John Lane Rod Long David Lucas anis McElveen Dan Moore Mickey Morris Alan Moss Dewajne Norris David Roper Connie Ryle Randall Seabolt John Sharp Nancy Simril Vron Spearman Sharon Tate ..hmy Thompson Warren Thrasher Dwieht Wiest glWarilyn Wise a Ed Wvsone Phil Zach P w jndon Too X tM i--iS-H JT ■ 9 4 -• 1 1 •X . ' itJfN Bnk £$£i WfB; ' f TWWft women ' s student government association ' interfraternity council r, Mike Vice Pres Randy Jc 170 ] A i W f%Mm ■ 1 L l L » , .n»r T 1 Alpha Gamma Rho Henry Gnann, Lendon Tootle . Theta Chi ewell, Greg Brown panhellenic council President, Judy Lent Vice president, Barbara Hagey Secretary, Lynn McCoy Treasurer, Jeanne Sutton Publicity, Candy Miller Rush advisor chairman, Mary Glass Booklet chairman, Leslie Parker Scholarship chairman, Loy Johnson Advisor, Caryl Lenahan wP . " ji f Mk - ' Lf Wi ■■ ' ■ ' . 1 ■ -;V,; . ' • ■ ' ' M IfflM " " " ' ll ' " ' wliH _ jmr - M 1 1 Li-ii] Alpha Chi Omega Kay Hill, Pam Phillips Alpha Delta Pi Melissa Douglas, Skeet Crowley = Alpha Gamma Delta Candy Miller, Carol Harrington Alpha Omicron Pi 174 Terry Postero, Mary Glass Alpha Xi Delta Carol Spring, Lynn McCoy Chi Omega Susan Brown, Diane Gresham Delta Delta Delta Anita Talley, Dale Crawford 175 Advisor Caryl Lenahan Phi Mu Loy Johnson, Ashley Taliaferro w Delta Phi Epsilon Susan Moscow, Jeanie Page Delta Gamma Jan Furchus, Cindy Hil Kappa Kappa Gamma Barbara Hagey, Mary Ann Harrold Delta Zeta Jo Ann Bruner, Jeanne Sutton S«ma Delta T SjraKappi Kappa Alpha Theta Martha Hale, Kathy Home Kappa Delta Madge Sewell, Sandy Owens 176 MP Sigma Delta Tau Leslie Parker, Marsha Kaplan Pi Beta Phi Dee Whitcomb, Beth Dyer Sigma Kappa Corally McElveen, Sherry Swett Zeta Tau Alpha Nancy Nalley, Mary Anne Cleveland junior panhellenic President, Beth Harris Vice president, Nancy Burdick Secretary, Patty Errigo Treasurer, Willa Summerour 177 sphinx The highest honor a male student can attain. HONORARY MEMBERS Henry C. Brown George P. Butler Samuel H. Sibley Edward E. Dougherty Walter A. Harris Holcombe Bacon Mansfield P. Hall Frank K. Boland Henry G. Colvin Walter S. Cothran (Peter) John W. Spain (Will) John T. Dorsey Frank R. Mitchell Harry Dodd Charles H. Black Walter R. Tichenor (Tic) George T. Jackson Walter B. Hill Charles M. Snelling David C. Barrow Robert E. Park Henry C. White Andrew M. Soule Willis H. Bocock Steadman V. Sanford Charles M. Strahan Herman J. Stegeman William S. Morris (Sylvanus) George F. Peabody Ernest A. Lowe (Rastus) Thomas J. Woofter Thomas W. Reed Harry J. Mehre Harry N. Edmunds Harold Hirsch Edgar L. Secrest Harmon W. Caldwell Paul W. Chapman Robert R. Gunn John D. Wade Hughes Spalding Charles H. Herty Ellis M. Coulter (Merton) William O. Payne James W. Butts, Jr. (Wally) Henry A. Shinn William M. Crane William O. Collins Egbert E. Cocke, Jr. (Erie) Omer C. Aderhold John E. Drewry Herman E. Talmadge Robert O. Arnold Charles J. Bloch Frank D. Foley Roy V. Harris Joseph A. Williams Thomas H. Lokey (Hamilton) Richard B. Russell Paul Brown John O. Eidson James A. Dunlap Philip M. Landrum Marion T. Butler (Tyus) John L. Cox Marion B. Folsom Eugene R. Black, Jr. Harold M. Heckman Marvin B. Perry Carl E. Sanders Jack J. Spalding, III Augustus O. B. Sparks James W. Woodruff, Jr. William L. Dodd (Lamar) Francis M. Bird Pope F. Brock Robert C. Wilson B. Sanders Walker Inman Brandon Jesse Draper Alex A. Lawrence, Jr. Jasper N. Dorsey Clarke W. Duncan (Sonny) Philip H. Alston, Jr. J. Phil Campbell Dennis Fordham Rullie Harris MEMBERS Andrew H. Patterson William D. Hooper Lawrence A. Cothran Garrard Glen Charles R. Andrews Edgar E. Pomeroy Alexander p. Adams (Pratt) William S. Blun Charles W. Davis Marion D. DuBose Robert P. Jones Andrew J. McBride Robert J. Travis Tinsley W. Rucker, Jr. (Tennie) Merrit M. Thurman John Banks Remer l_. Denmark John E. Hall Richard M. Charlton Harry H. Hull Horace C. Johnson James B. Ridley William R. Ritchie John B. L. Erwin Ferdinand P. Calhoun (Phinizy) Frank K. McCutchen Augustus L. Hull (Longstreet) Henry J. Lamar Wilson M. Hardy Noel P. Park Walter J. Hammond Lamar C. Rucker Sterling H. Blackshear Marion M. Dickinson (Marvin) Andrew M. Calhoun Cam D. Dorsey Marion S. Richardson Billington s. Walker (Sanders) Sanders A. Beaver (Sandy) Frank M. Ridley Glenn W. Legwen Samuel R. Jaques (Randolph) Ralph Meldrim Marion H. Smith Wallace M. Miller Minor Boyd William R. Turner Julian F. Baxter Harold w. Ketron John D. Bower Frampton E. Ellis Frank B. Anderson Robert P. Brooks (Preston) Lucien p. Goodrich Issac S. Hopkins (Stiles) Joseph I. Killorin Marmaduke H. Blackshear (Hardeman) Vinyn B. Moore Thomas W. Connally George W. Nunnally (Winship) Theodore T. Tumbull Walter w. Patterson Arthur R. Sullivan Charles H. Cox Roderick H. Hill (Rodney) Harold W. Telford Arthur L. Hardy John E. D. Younge Walter O. Marshburn Hugh M. Scott John A. Brown George Hains, Jr. Daniel Y. Sage Isaac C. Levy Lansing B. Lee Loring Raoul James J. Ragan Robert S. Parker George P. Whitman William L. Erwin Harrison J. s. Jones Carroll D. Cabaniss William G. Brantley, Jr. Philip R. Weltner Ambrose H. Carmichael Richard K. Smith (Kyle) William w. Brown (Wed) Frank H. Martin Charles N. Feidelson John K. McDonald, Jr. Henry L. J. Williams Robert H. Jones, Jr. Sidney O. Smith Morton S. Hodgson Herman p. Delaperriere Floyd C. Newton Claude L. Derrick Wylie C. Henson (Clayton) John B. Harris Young B. Smith Daniel H. Redfearn Jerome C. Michael Dwight L. Rogers Edgar v. Carter, Jr. James E. Lucas Harle G. Bailey Edward M. Brown Hosea A. Nix (Abit) Omer W. Franklin Eralbert T. Miller Henderson L. Lanham, Jr. Hinton B. B. Blackshear Washington Falk, Jr. Alexander R. MacDonnell (Alec) Herbert C. Hatcher (Cliff) Paul L. Bartlett Edgar L. Pennington Edwin W. Moise (Warren) George C. Woodruff Evans V. Heath Millard Rewis Robert B. Troutman Arthur K. Maddox John A. Sibley Lloyd D. Brown Clifford Brannen George T. Northen William A. Mann Harold D. Meyer Benton H. Walton David R. Peacock Virgil E. Durden Charles E. Martin Edgar B. Dunlap Robert L. McWhorter Robert H. Freeman Zachary S. Cowan E. M. Morgenstern James M. Lynch Henry L. Rogers (Levy) Bentley H. Chappell Casper I. Funkenstein (Ira) Frank Carter Tinsley R. Ginn (Rucker) Aaron B. Bernd Russell H. Patterson Victor Victor Hoyt H. Welchel Lewis A. Pinkussohn Clark Howell, Jr. David K. McKamy David F. Paddock John G. Henderson Edward J. Hardin George S. Whitehead James B. Conyers Charles W. Jacobson «£i jm Bill House Tommy Lawhorne Neal Ray Foster Rhodes .Ura , • wcOoml CWtMrlCWI 3u.t w» • •VST Mll|«t , Hugh l_. Hodgson Robert W. Wesley George L. Harrison Charles M. Tanner, Jr. W. H. Quarterman, Jr. Robert L. Callaway, Jr. Joel B. Mallet Thomas A. Thrash Max L. Segall William H. Sorrells (Holman) William O. White (Osmonde) John P. Stewart Neil L. Gillis, Jr. Roff Sims, jr. John H. Carmical Howard H. McCall, Jr. Irvine M. Levy Hinton F. Longino Richard W. Courts, Jr. Lucius H. Tippett Otto R. Ellars Roger H. West Robert L. Foreman, Jr. (Trot) James M. Hatcher (Madden) Dewey Knight Lewis S. Davis (Whitey) Wallace P. Zachry Irvine Phinizy Robert D. O ' Callaghan Charles M. Chandler (Murphey) William M. Dallas (McKenzie) Claude H. Satterfield Frank W. Harrold William D. Miller Arthur Pew, Jr. Robert E. L. Spence, Jr. Chester W. Slack John R. Slater Everett W. Highsmith (Way) Ashel M. Day (Bum) Charles Strahan Hillary H. Mangum William H. Stephens (Hugh) Preston B. Ford Nathan Jolles Owen G. Reynolds John P. Carson (Pate) Walter D. Durden (Dawson) Welborn B. Cody Malcomb A. McRainey William F. Daniel (Frank) Ellis H. Dixon Freeman C. McClure Lewis H. Hill, Jr. George J. Clark Charles A. Lewis Joseph J. Bennett, Jr. John A. Hosch (Alton) Charles G. Henry J?mes K. Harper (Doc) Herbert H. Maddox Josh L. Watson Charles R. Anderson Edward M. Gurr Hervey M. Cleckley, III Walter C. Carter, Jr. (Colquitt) William Tate Charles F. Wiehrs John H. Fletcher James D. Thomason John H. Hosch, Jr. Thomas F. Green, IV Walter E. Sewell Lester Hargrett Charles L. Gowen Martin E. Kilpatrick (Buster) John D. Allen Horace D. Shattuck George D. Morton Gwinn H. Nixon Alexis A. Marshall Carlton N. Mell Ernest P. Rogers Walter T. Forbes, Jr. George S. Johnson James R. Chambliss (Rollins) Ernest Camp, Jr. Allen W. Post Alexander S. Clay, III (Steve) Frank K. Boland, Jr. (Kells) Ivey M. Shiver, Jr. (Chick) William H. Young, Jr. Issac K. Hay George E. Florence, Jr. Thomas A. Nash Thomas J. Hamilton, Jr. Benjamin H. Hardy, Jr. Hallman L. Stancil (Luke) Daniel C. Tully Robert L. Patterson, Jr. Hoke S. Wofford John S. Candler, II Glenn B. Lautzenhiser Rufus B. Jennings Craig Barrow, Jr. Robert G. Hooks Joseph H. Boland Guy C. Hamilton, Jr. James J. Harris William A. Kline, Jr. Kankakee Anderson James E. Palmour, Jr. Henry G. Palmer Frank K. McCutchen (Kelly) Dupont G. Harris, Jr. (Guerry) Robert D. Feagin, Jr. (Ooug) Mattox L. Purvis Joseph M. Oliver Marvin H. Cox Ellis G. Arnall Herbert S. Maffet? Sandford W. Sanford John W. Maddox Mark D. Hollis William C. Latimer Vernon S. Smith (Catfish) William M. Strickland, Jr. James W. Mclntire Charles M. Gaston (Marion) McCarthy Crenshaw William M. Hazelhurst Leroy S. Young Frederic Solomon Virlyn B. Moore, Jr. William T. Maddox James M. Richardson, Jr. (Milton) Morton S. Hodgson, Jr. Troy R. Thigpen, Jr. (Randolph Robert G. Stephens, Jr. John W. Calhoun, III DeNean Stafford, Jr. John P. Bond Harry S. Baxter Winburn T. Rogers John D. Bowden, Jr. (Dan) Joseph C. Strong (Carl) Augustus L. Rogers (Lee) James W. Wise, (Walter) William T. Bennett, Jr. (Tap) William C. Hawkins (Colbert) Robert T. Anderson Wade C. Hoyt, Jr. Charles C. Harrold, Jr. Charles B. Anderson, Jr. (Ben) Edward H. Baxter Dyar E. Massey, Jr. Seaborn A. Roddenberry, III (Andy) Morris B. Abram Floyd C. Newton, Jr. James Q. Lumpkin, Jr. (Quinton) Robert B. Troutman, Jr. Robert p. McCuen Ambrose G. Cleveland, Jr. (Gus) Robert C. Norman Julian D. Haliburton Isma L. Price, Jr. (Lee) Howell Hollis, Jr. Kenneth A. McCaskill (Alex) William S. Smith, Jr. (Stanford) Lee T. Newton Jack B. Matthews Ernest S. Vandiver, Jr. Frank L. Gunn Alpha A. Fowler, Jr. Clarence J. Smith, Jr. (Jay) Bernard C. Gardner, Jr. (B. C ) Verner F. Chaffin John C. Meadows, Jr. Clifford C. Kimsey Thomas C. Penland John B. Miller Woodie A. Partee, Jr. (Gus) Frank F. Sinkwich Irby S. Exley Ellington M. Norman (Murray) Forest L. Champion, Jr. George D. Lawrence Jesse G. Bowles James P. Miller Aubrey R. Morris James C. DeLay Fluker G. Stewart Charles L. Trippi (Charlie) John E. Sheffield, Jr. William F. Scott, Jr. (Fred) Frank S. Cheatham, Jr. Dan M. Edwards Robert M. Joiner Dempsey w. Leach William H. Burson Melburne D. McLendon John Rauch Bryan K. Whitehurst John E. Griffin Harry L. Wingate, Jr. James L. Bentley, Jr. Porter O. Payne James A. Andrews Samuel R. Burns (Ray) Harold C. Walraven, Jr Robert J. Healey Raleigh C. Bryans Lawrence T. Crimmins Milan, J-,. L.MI1UUIK J». William B. Phillips (Barry) Walter T. Evans (Ted) Thomas A. Waddell Robert S. McArthur Edward L. Dunn, Jr. Michael E. Merola William H. Justice Nickolas P. Chilivis Michael W. Edwards Talmadge E. Arnette Carl J. Turner Claude M. Hipps Burton S. Middlebrooks Henry G. Woodard Cecil R. Spooner Howard K. Holladay Phil C. Beverly Roland C. Stubbs, Jr. Hassel L. Parker Robert K. West James D. Benefield, Jr. Wesley L. Harris Frank v. Salerno William D. Moseley (Darrein Charles R. Adams, Jr. Daniel W. Kitchens Edmund R. Bratkowski (Zeke) Donald L. Branyon, Jr. Randall T. Maret John R. Carson Robert L. Blalock Logan R. Patterson (Reid) Quentin R. Gabriel Jay O. Gardner Frank w. Seiler Richard P. Trotter Joseph P. O ' Malley Kermit S. Perry Jule W. Felton, Jr. Jabez McCorkle, in (Jake) John J. Wilkins, III Norman S. Fletcher Lindsay H. Bennett, Jr. Robert S. Lowery, Jr. Donald G. Joel John R. O ' Toole Joel J. Knight Edward W. Killorin George M. Scheer, Jr. Joseph H. Marshall Nathan G. Knight Robert A. Rowan David K. Hollis, Jr. Monte W. Markham Emmet J. Bondurant, ll Jay C. Cox Ben S. McElmurray, Jr. (Swain) Harry E. Hendrix Theron C. Sapp Bryce W. Holcomb Thomas E. Dennard, Jr. James P. Walker, Jr. William A. Davis, Jr. Thomas H. Lewis, Jr. Thomas R. Burnside, Jr. James P. Yarbrough Charlie B. Christian Francis A. Tarkenton Thomas M. Blalock Ronald L. Case (Pete) Linton R. Dunson, Jr. Wyckliffe A. Knox, Jr. (Wyck) Bryant F. Hodgson, Jr. John H. Crawford, III Augustus B. Tumbull, III William R. Monlfoit, Jr James H. Blanchard Edward T. M. Garland Wyatt T. Johnson, Jr. Richard N. Lea James L. Aldridge (Larry) Albert W. F. Bloodworth (Franklin) Jake L. Saye, Jr. Ben B. Tate Charles B. Haygood, Jr. Alexander W. Patterson Larry C. Rakestraw David C. Tribbey Charles L. Bagby John A. Rhodes McCarthy Crenshaw, Jr. Neal Hamilton Ray Donald C. Dixon James C. Pitts George B. Watts Bruce Gary Bateman George W. Darden Wilham Roy Grow Turner Lynn Hughes Robert Glenn Etter William Morgan House William Ralph Parker, Jr. Robert Foster Rhodes Dennis L. Fordham Rutherford C. Harris (Rullie) Thomas W. Lawhorne (Tommy) _i» ' mortar board The highest honor a university woman can receive [UJ ME 1 ' - Tl ii» zodiac The twelve junior women with the highest scholastic averages. " » «I i ri ' » ' WW .-• ( pyramid An honorary society for outstanding independent men. ' President, Bill Murray Vice President, Jerry Walker Edwin Cunningham Dennis Fordham Henry Garrard Sam Harp Carl Hobbs Mike Kovacich John Lane Rod Long Billy Nessmith Bill Price Foster Rhodes Tommy Rodgers David Roper Tyron Spearman Jimmy Thompson Ed Wysong Larry Young greek horsemen An honorary society for outstanding fraternity men. mfl J President, Neal Ray Vice president, Bill House Secretary, Jim Wimberly Treasurer, Bob Knox Rullie Harris Marvin Moate David Reddick Kirby Rutherford gridiron secret society A secret society. President, Billy Nessmith Secretary, Bob Knox Dick Bryant Frank Freeman Nat Hansford Sam Harp Chuck Harris Rullie Harris Bill House Pierre Howard Mickey Mills Marvin Moate Elmer Nash Rick Palmer Neal Ray Tyron SpearprSn Jimmy Tfaernp ' sbh blue key An honorary fraternity for outstanding upperclassmen active in campus affairs. Gerald Coleman Nesbit Dasher Comer Duggan James Goodge Rullie Harris William House Randolph Jones Robert Knox John Lane Thomas Lawhorne James Martin Charles Mcintosh Bill Murray President, Dennis Fordham Vice President, David Reddick Secretary, Tyron Spearman Treasurer, Henry Garrard Elmer Nash Billy Nessmith John Parks Bill Payne Michael Peck Foster Rhodes Tommy Rodgers Jeff Spencer Bill Swan Carl Swearingen Jimmy Thompson Ed Wysong Larry Young fejf biftad David Arrington Al Dasher Mark Dickerson Mike Donovan Jimmy Goodroe Steve Harbour Tommy Hawk David Lucas Freddy Reese Zack Rice Rudy Shirley Larry Smith Jeff Spencer Warren Thrasher The highest honor a freshman or sophomore male can attain. President, Randall Seabolt Vice President, Ray Abney Secretary, John Gordon Treasurer, Allen Joyce i § zclub i The highest honor a freshman woman can attain. President, Brenda Newton Vice President, Melissa Houseal Secretary, Gwen Pittman Treasurer, Kaye Shadix Joyce Bozman Susan Creel Kathy Home Mollie Magill Nancy Nix Nancy Simril Ann Spellings Phyllis Van Dyke 187 alpha lambda delta An honorary scholastic sorority for freshman women. President, Nancy Simril Vice President, Gretchen Lund Secretary, Janine Patterson Treasurer, Jane Wong Historian, Stelle Chandler Lea Agnew Brenda Bagwell Kay Barbin Anita Bearden Ellen Blum Carolyn Bolton Joyce Bozman Linda Bradley Becky Brown Gail Brown Claudia Browning Jane Byerly Jane Campbell Lydia Chandler Sandra Chandler Diane Chapman Nancy Coleman Lynnda Collins Sandy Conway Linda Crawley Susan Creel Anita Crocker Mary Dalton Julianne Davis Robin Davis Carolyn Dorris Gail Edwards Elizabeth Ellis Emily Ellis Linda Enloe Theila Falkenstroem Susan Field Virginia Flynt Claudia Garrett Suzanne Garrett Patricia Geiger Joyce Goethe Dera Goodner Julia Grant Priscilla Grant Marsha Haines Vivian Hammond Julia Hastings Joy Hewett Elaine Hinson Margaret Hoehne Sally Hogsette Melissa Houseal Annis Humphries Gloria Jackson Judith Johnston Joan Kelley Karen Kennickell Marilyn Kraar Margaret Layton Ellen Lestor Denise Lipford Cheryl Locke Doris Mathis Carol McGregor Cheryl McLaughlin Linda Michel Leah Mikiel Kay Monaghan Judy Monthie Frances Moye Nancy Nix Susan Norris Patricia Odom Katherine Omelanuk Susan Ott Beryle Paschal Janice Pasek Kay Phillips Gwen Pittman Elizabeth Pitts Nancy Pomerance Sonia Ramirez Karen Reid Patricia Rhodes Patsy Richbourg Mary Rion Mary Rodgers Gayle Rogers Phyllis Sanders Kaye Shadix Ann Snellings Anita Spiller Jennifer Starr Patricia Taylor Sharon Thomas Shirley Thomas Sarah Thornton Carol Thrailkill Helene Uhlfelder Camille Vickers Ruth Wagnon Julia Walraven Linda Ward Pamela Way Jo Anne Whatley Claire Whitaker Maxine Woo Cheryl Wood Susan Wright Ann Young Thomas 1 WxrB " t . MM UnyBrry GeofjeBoo John Bon JohflBwi Barry B WfcmCir Jams Crtr GeorgCM HrtdQvta Chan ten AktiDohr Luther Drew GapDnMl H phi eta sigma An honorary scholastic fraternity for freshman men. Thomas Alligood Martin Alpert Wilbur Bassett Paul Baxter Larry Berry George Bezdek Patrick Blakewood John Bonner John Brown Barry Bush William Cain James Carter George Clark Harold Clayton Charlie Dean Alvin Dollar Luther Drennan George Dressed David Dunbar Francis Elmore Karsten Engh-Kittelsen Richard Epting Donald Freedman Thomas Gilliland Sidney Graham Charles Green John Griffin Tommy Hankinson Steven Harbour Thomas Harper James Hazelrigs Herman Herring Patrick Hitchcock James Hixon Edward Hon Jack Hood Vendie Hooks William Hudson John Huey Philip Hutcheson Ronald Iddins Wayne Inman Stephen Jennings Frederick Jones Allen Joyce Frederick Kinney Dudley Lambert William Lee Kenneth Lowery Malcolm McArthur Henry McCormack Tony Melton Frank Miele Judson Mitcham George Mooradian Johann Ohberg James Pallas Steven Parthemos William Peacock George Pendergast Gregory Petrie Thomas Pittman John Polhill Zachariah Rice James Ricks Steven Roberts George Robertson John Rogers Grady Rozar David Rumph Karl Sanders John Scoville Steven Sealock Stanaland Seery Joseph Segraves Felix Semeli John Sharp Lawrence Smith Norman Sobelson Charles Spence David Steelman Benjamin Stephens Aubrey Strickland David Tanner Robert Thornton Tobin Trotter Thomas Wallace Michael Ward John Ware Jackie Whistenant ®BK o phi beta kappa Members are chosen from students of good character having outstanding scholastic records in the Liberal Arts field. phi kappa phi Good character and superior scholar- ship in all fields of study are recognized by selection for Phi Kappa Phi. sigma xi Membership in Sigma Xi is a recognition of excellence in scientific research by faculty members and graduate stud- ents. " Companions in zealous re- search. " 190 ■L I y i x club bof A President, Henry Garrard Vice president, John Gordon Secretary, Thomas Hank Dick Bryant Al Dasher Nesbit Dasher Dennis Fordham Jimmy Goodroe Bob Knox John Lane Dick Mcintosh Tim Moran Bill Murray Billy Nesmith Billy Payne Tom Peterson Bill Price Jeff Spencer Carl Swearington Sherrod Taylor Jimmy Thompson Jerry Walker Wilbur Wise Jerry Wright pM pom rtfitjy iftud- 191 ag economics club A national organization to stimulate interest in ag economics. A. Carver R. Cole D. Collins B. Costella D. Dvetl J. Eunice J. Gravitt T. Hartley C. Haynes F. Hiott W. Hobby B. Humphrey J. Lanier P. Mackey M. Martin J. Moore G. Pirkle P. Sharma L. Smith C. Wiggins ge aghon The highest honor a student can attain in the College of Agriculture, School of Forestry, or School of Veterinary Medecine. President, Foster Rhodes Vice President, Robert Anderson Secretary, James Garrison Treasurer, Tommy Rodgers 192 Robert Bridges Henry Gnann Sam Harp Alton Hughes Mike McClendon Billy Nessmith John Parks Tyron Spearman John Williams Larry Young f fflh georgia agricultural engineering club An organization for students majoring in agricultural engineering. President, Jack Eubank Vice President, Larry Bramlet Secretaryi Michael Jaros Treasurer, Danny Chandler Jerry Abernathy Richard Acree Gerald Arkin Marcus Bell Charles Bentley Edward Chambers George Cobb Lawton Dasher Roy Dodd John Dryden Brian Foster James Garrison Kenneth Gary Earl Harris Kenneth Hutchinson James Johnson Lee Mulkey Thomas Pollock Duane Simmons Jerry Stephens John Sullivan Alford Underwood Anton Vacinek James Yawn .--.r es ualfcC johnP 10 ■ssg ! L uJ Da Aw PI A » JoKiAiww RonaldAthMi n m ; Retort Bond DavflOW Rgpi 0 LamarCnaby MOM Robftom dairy science club An organization to acquaint students with the dairy industry. President, James Yule Vice president, Horace Crider Secretary, James Larkin Treasurer, Richard Crane Marshall Babb James Baird Dennis Baswell Richard Beaumont Lawrence Bell Paul Blackwood Cleve Bridges Donald Bristol Michael Bucheit James Carter Peter Centner Joseph Cerra Augustine Chuang Ted Clark Thomas Connolly Thomas Copelan Frank Coy Hyman Cutler Houshang Dayan Richard Dean William Dell Vincent DeMasi Marilyn Dement Rosario Donatucci Larry Dunagan Edward Fisher Edward Fuhr Joseph Giroux Arthur Graham William Gravett Darrell Gregory Ghanem Haddad Forrest Hampston Ronald Holl Horace Houser Brian Hunter Fay Johnston James Keith Harris Lancaster George Lapa Jeffery Lauder Loretta Kwei-Ping Liang John Martin Willis McGee Raymond Niles Donald Nunn Ethyl Orpin Findlay Pate Paul Penechansky Suzanne Poppell William Ransom Reginald Rodaro Miguel-Angel Ruiz Henry Russell Phillip Sanf ilippo Geoffrey Sans Robert Scolaro Robert Sherrer Richard Shwedo Charles Slade John Smith Ed Spell Timothy Stalker Paul Swenson Clarence Trammell Thomas Trebilcock Ronald Turpin George Wadde Allen Wagner Ben Wall David West Dennis Whitehead m 194 Free-:.:.,,. Suze E: ■ ' ■-■ JohnCaicIa, WAN wFoshee Jcr,r. -;--;.... ki- ' . ' -. ' :: Dav.; -- ' .:. 5x£ agronomy club An organization for students majoring in agronomy Di-£ e» l - l• ♦• D Krti - l " i ■4-+-,— n President, Robert Dutton Vice president, James Savage Secretary, Robert Earle Treasurer, Lendon Tootle Daniel Aamoth Philip Akins John Ameroso Ronald Athanas Ronnie Balcom Tito Beca Henry Bell Richard Bondy David Carlson Rogers Carroll Lamar Crosby James Doss Robert Dwyer Robert Dyer James Edwards Donald Ford Douglas Garrison Thomas Gibson Cliffrod Goldberg Ronald Grubbs Ronald Hansen Theodore Heitzman Jessie Hickey Daniel Israel Richard Johnston Bobby Jones Raymond Krom Lamar Lane Joseph Lychaik Peter Marziliano Tyler Mazwell Johnny McCrary Robert McCreery Steven McGaughey Arthur Myles Neil Nichols Ken Nobles William Nutt John Parks John Petrie Michael Phillips Tommy Pitts Jack Pointer Donald Poss Krishna Raisinghani Joe Roberts Michael Rogers Kenneth Shaw Joseph Shook Frank Simmons Harold Slade John Sledge Charles Sloan William Stanley Michael Stone James Strickland William Stringer John Stuart Ronald Sumner Lee Taf t Joseph Touchton William Tucker Alvin Tuten Ernest Webb William Wesley Walter Whitwood John Williams Fredrick Bostleman Suzie Bower John Calloway Lucy Clark Bob Flewellen Ed Foshee John Henderson Jud Herrington David Hildreth Dwight Hob by Jerry Holcomb Joe Jackson Richard Johnston Elinor Leland Charles Lowry Bonnie Mayes Carl Nichols Charles Palmer Lonnie Plott Suzanne Poppell Charles Rivers John Spooner Dennis Still Ronald Strickland Paul Sullivan Carl Tankersley Henery Terhune Linton Thompson Jimmy Vance Smith Wilson Gail Wincey block and bridle An organization for students studying animal science. President, Mike Sigman Vice president, George Walker Secretary, Franklin Bledsoe Treasurer, Edmunds Wells Sergeant at Arms, Phil Worley 195 college 4-h club An organization for college students interested in 4-H. President, Robert Dixon Vice president, Terry Tatum Secretary, Betty West Treasurer, Bobby Anderson Debra Adams Ronnie Balkcom Joy Barber Conrad Bell Judy Branch Betty Brewton Ronald Brook Bobby Burton Johnny Calloway Frank Carden David Carlson Joyce Chapman Olin Collins Richard Dixon Rosie Dun Bob Dutton Ellen Eaves Frank Fitc h Suzanne Garrett Gray Gregory Patti Gillock Jerry Griffin Jimmy Gunnels Steve Hancock Carol Harrington Sheenia Harrington Kuniko Hirasaura Patsy Holland Joy House Sara Frances Marshell Shirley Martin Gawyn Mitchell Lynn Moore Peggy Moore Angela Nelms Lynice North Judy Norton Tony O ' Steen Troy Riberon Eloise Rogers Mary Sellers Sharon Smith Tyron Spearman Barber Swint Elyse Taylor Jimmy Thompson Rachel Torrance Dondra Tuck Henry Wall Mike Welborn Nancy West Jim White Janet Wood landsca Anorganiafcr architects. Presider: ItMH MMa Mart tad Wiamtaofa VflmBedgar Vincent BtMm Robert Benson DM : " Dchfdta i i food technology club An organization for food science majors. President, Cleve Tedford Vice president, Bob Steel Treasurer, Andrea Lee Wade James Acton James Belisle Carlie Bell Neil Bird Edward Clausen Jerry East James Elliot She ena Harrington Donald Hawbecker t Leven Henderson Miles Hess John Kohan Yven Kwok Elizabeth Mauldin Mary McMurran Garry Mulson Charlie Potts Richard Renner Ronald Ridenour Yoram Schachter Eli Siegler Michael Supram Ronald Valerio Stephen Delia Vedova Doyle Walters Larry Young Dale Zabel gaga «. Robert Down ryTatum ««■ . Bttty West taHkm MvySrtn vwonSnh |W Sonrnw 9W SWflt BynTaytr JH T Thompson WW I Weill OwdnTur VBtHMom NKfWHt J We) JMtWmJ f k 5S£5t S«S«f SSS— off " " landscape architecture club An organization to further interest in landscape architecture. President, Frank Boffa Vice president, Steve Moreau Secretary, Donna Franklin Treasurer, Collier Ayers Bob Aiken Mart Anacker William Anglin William Bedgood Vincent Bellafiore Robert Benson David Bitters Richard Brox Gorden Chappell John Crone Ron Dale Tom Duggins Len Dupree Chuck Egloff Muriel Fitzgerald Marie Ford Dan Fuchs Gary Gentile Tim Hill Glenn Legwin Melinda McWilliams Ken Paolini Mike Petrow Richard Redler Mary Jane Reith Don Ritchie Richard Robbins Janet Russel Jeff Seblink Jim Speake Jim Titus David Zeigler poultry science club An organization for students interested in poultry and in the poultry industry. Hulan Blackshe ar President, Tyron Spearman Latrvlsrawer Vice president, Randy Wheeler fcSJiiS fr -il Secretary, Willard Redwine frank Ha v Treasurer, Wiley Jones LarryHart Roland Hill David Mann Roger Martin Mike Massey Phil McClain Becky Pittard, Georgia Poultry Princess Charles Scroggs Danny Scroggs Buddy Smith Terry Smith Larry Wilburn gamma theta upsilon President, Richard Oxford Vice president, Michael Jenkins Secretary, June Crowe Treasurer, Margaret McMillan Mike Babb David Ballengee David Barrow Thomas Beall Hobert Breigh James Brown Frederick Brunker Elaine Collier Liz Drake Daryl Edmondson James Fussell David Godfrey Stanley Hames Harry Hayes William Huff Charles Kemp Richard Kleckner Stan Maher Bernard Martin Robert Mathieu Frances McCutchen W. T. Mealor James Meldrum Michael Moody Jesse Moore Henry Posey Steve Preston Carol Rockett Elizabeth Sutton Ernie Whitney alpha epsilon delta President, Larry Collins Vice president, John Martin Secretary, Douglas Beatty Treasurer, Dennis Anderson Historian, James Scott Cha-e mm ' ■ i ' - ' i James Acker Philip Bailey Thomas Bailey Emmett Bishop John Chiles Charles Coleman Louis Cooper Mark Costaritino Robert Cummings Nesbit Dasher Tony Daws Robert Dicks David Dill Steve Gibbons Samuel Graiser Shelley Griffin Tommy Hilsman Ronald Hudson Randolph Jones Alan Langford Thomas Lawhorne John Murray William Newberry William Pearson Victor Silverman Jerry Smaha Lilly Stern Paul Thaxton Dale Thrift Jonathan VanSant Michael Ward Anatah 198 : Helen Anderson Larry Bennett Roy Cleveland Jane Davis Nancy Davis Charles Degenhardt Lee Ellenburg Sidney Gay Helen Gernon George Green Carl Henson Donald Hill John Hunter Marvin Isenberg Frank Jordan Ronnie Keeton William Little Albert Lord Marilyn Malphurs Dwight Mathews James McKoy John Mullis Gunnar Nelson Donald O ' Steen Michael Peck Harold Pilsbury Edgar Quigley Varvin Roberts James Rouse Philip Self John Shanahan James Shaw John Shevlin Robert Shuman Charles Smith George Stembridge Henry Surum Travis Vinson John Wade Newman West Guzla White Columbus Williams beta alpha psi President, Charles Luckey Vice president, Robert Turner Faculty vice president, Dr. Earl Davis Secretary. Peggy Gill Treasurer, Clyde Wright f rho epsilon President, Michael Van Houten Vice president, Marion Ivey Secretary-treasurer, John Bohannon Grover Barfield Ronald Black Elliott Caudell Robert Cook Jay Dunkleberg James Florence Jim Gaines Mike Harper Thomas Hawk Gary Hawkins Gerry Kennon Henry Mizell Charles Owens William Palmer Howard Perling Thomas Plummer Benjamin Sheram Alua Spillers Frederick Stuart Elmer Tanksley Allan Thames William Watson Kenneth Wendt delta sigma pi A professional business fraternity President, Bill Kramer Vice president, Bill Smith Secretary, Dave Conger Treasurer, Steve Wright Coffeen, Lamar Cole, Robert Conger, Dave Cook, Herbert Dalton, Ken Davis, Bob Davis, James Dekle, McAshley Eckhardt, William Fair, Wayne Fenn, Frank Gaines, James Goldberg, Richard Jones, Gordon Kramer, William Martin, David Meehan, William Montgomery, Howard Mullis, David Nesbitt, Edward Peevy, James Pendley, Fred Piefke, Robert Ramsey, John Romanell, Joe Rutherford, Hal Thomas, Sam Woodruff, Philip 200 J m ' " If georgia Ran dy W»t Walter AuW NftBi fttStt FredBW JodnBofamcr Dwdflod Tom Oar Ej SusanCoHO JohiCoi georgia finance club An organization to stimulate interest in finance. President, Don Dow ng Vice president, John Collins Secretary, Clarence Bryant Treasurer, Bernard Mitchell Randy Aderhold Jerry Conner Roy Katz Terry Solcoloff Walter Autrey David Crews Nancy Kesler Tom Soloman Alan Bell Steve Deanman Wilson MacEwen Roger Sullivan Pat Biddy Don Downing Cecille Mathews Larry Swanson Fred Block W. C. Downs Tom Neely William Taylor John Bohannon Dianne Evans Wilkes Nicholson Louis Thomas David Botts Al Fendley Jesse Palmer Dean Towson Tom Clarno Mike Harker Raye Perry Tommy Warner Susan Coaley Julian Heeth Tal Robertson Earle Yancey John Collins Tommy Hill James Sloan David Young pi sigma epsilon President, Joseph Maschio Vice president, Randy Abney Secretary, George Jenkins Treasurer, Steve Saunders Fred Armona Gerald Ballard Mark Berkowitz Michael Carter William Christian Robert Cole Layton Counts Roger Darby Fred Ellman Thurston Estes John Ford Thomas Harkleroad Larry Jacobs Frank Jarnagin Charles Johnson Myron Leonard Thomas Martin Steve McMichael Wilbur Mull James Murchison David Reddick Jerry Rowland Veron Smith Norris Thornton Myr on Threadgill Terry Wasden George White Hugh Wilbur Nda -- Ca-cBa:- " LttMM Susa ' Jxr Sy.-: -J- Am tail Peggy Burn kappa delta epsilon A professional educ President, Vice presid Corresponding secre Recording se — 0nt9Hkk xrt mormon It ■!!! TVl« llllll wpan inmop TryWmlan H lMbur Nonie Bailey Carol Balchin Linda Blackburn Carolyn Bolton Susan Booth Sylvia Bowman Ann Braziel Becky Brown Peggy Burroughs Carol Clum Nancy Coleman Mary Crawford Susan Creel Beverly Davis Dale Davis Joan Davis Joanne Dawson Janet Dimon Arlene Dressel Susan Duffey Peggy Estes Jo Flanagan Kathleen Gilman Carolyn Gould Toni Hammond Jennifer Hancock Carolyn Head Denise Lipford Judy Mathes Jean McDonald Cheryll McLaughlin Charlotte McLendon Nancy Nations Regina Neibert Joann Northcutt Beryle Paschal Jan Potter Kathie Ray Georgia Reiche Barbara Rockwell Connie Ryle Sharon Saylor Anne Schab Virginia Scott Judith Sosebee Caroline Strother Pat Swindle Nancy Towe Julia Walraven Janice Wilson Cheryl Wood Donna Wood Sara Woodson Becky Yeager kappa phi kappa A professional education fraternity for men. President, Eddie Scott Vice president, Mike Leonard Secretary-treasurer, Mark McWhorter James Bellamy Ken Bullock Danny Cronic Lee Cunningham Anthony Dennard Lewis Gainey Carl Gilbert Max Mayo Colby Mosier George Niebuhr James Ross Roy Saine Mel Schoychid Bill Taylor James Walker Bob Williams »_ homecon President, Jane Lamb 1st Vice president, Claudia Thompson 2nd Vice president, Kay Hill Secretary, Ann McBride Treasurer, Carole Miller Rossie Anderson Susan Ansley Joy Barber Eleanor Barnett Linda Bishop Laura Boling Lera Boling Ouida Boyd Joyce Branaman Penny Brewton Nancy Brinson Carol Brodnax Bonnie Brown Susan Brown Douglas Burch Nell Burch Eleanor Calhoun Jean Cathy Claudia Chapman Joyce Chapman Gail Childers Lesley Conway Meredith Creel Julie Davis Margaret Davis Marie Dent Rosemary Dunn Kay Durence Kay Duvall Janet Elam Ann Ellis Jane Evans Linda Gibson Judy Guidoitti Barbara Hawk Gloria Hill Patsy Hiscock Carolyn Holcomb Susan Johnson Margaret Jones Judy Klouda Judith Martin Linda Mosteller Guy Murray Judy Norton Martha Owen Patricia Parks Gail Paulk Jane Phillips Sue Renefroe Beverly Rheney Nancy Saunders Martha Seaton Nancy Shepard Jeanne Stephens Barbara Swint Carol Tanner Pamela Tanzer Cecelia Tarver Terry Tatum Gary Timson Judy Tipton Mrs. G. C. Transmill Dondra Tuck Donna Ulrice Merdy Walz Betty West Sarah Wilkins Cathy Willet Penny Willis Marsha Winn Janis Woop Karen Young Catherine Zimmerman A professij fields of i BiAndn. Larry Mon Janet But Bi Carta MlCtaM DoDwe LoujDi) BoCDeutw StM Garth An organizator phi upsilon omicron n President, Carol Brodnax Vice president, Sherry Conley Secretary, Carol Sprayberry Treasurer, Carol Bradley Zoe Baker Joy Barber Elaine Barrett JoAnne Bruner Cathy Callaway Carol Dillard Carol Driver Anne Ellis Marie Fandt Gail Fox Kay Gantt Susan Hampton Angela Hunt Judy Klouda Carol Miller Anne Reid Sandy Strohbehn 82! ? J? J 1 alpha delta sigma President, John Conniff Vice president, Ober Tyus Secretary, Jerry Wilson Treasurer, Frank Compton Doug Anderson Ron Argo Hugh Braddock David Breedlove Dennis Faber Randall Foskey Pat Gowdy William Guthrie Joe Johnson Wayne Kent Ronnie Lipsitz Darius Loftis Julian Martin Doug Monroe Lee Pardue Phillip Parkerson Sonny Parks Aaron Pass John Pope Burch Roberts Gary Roberts David Strauss Carl Swearingen Don Thompson Van Whittington Harry Willoughby dijamma kappa Deborah Griffith Maryann Harrold Jane Horowitz Gail Lee Becky Leet Carol Lubin Kerry Macris Julian Martin David McCoy Doyle Mote Lyniece North Hugh Rambo Joanne Robinson Jim Satterly Mary Sheely Carol Weaver President, Mike Banks Vice president, John Parks Secretary, Sharyn Groh Treasurer.James Thornley An organization for students interested in broadcasting. gamma alpha chi An organization for sophomore, junior, and senior women planning to enter the field of advertising. President, Madge Sewell Vice president, Cathy Healy Secretary, Susan Hosch Treasurer, Donna Bandy Marianne Andrews Pat Ashley Susan Benoist Marcelle Black Linda Brown Honey Clein Andy Dalgliesh Barbara Dallas Ellen Dalton Lydia Daniell Mary Lou Dixon Catherine Duff Carole Duke Nancy Dupree Mahl a Edwards Jody Estes Marilyn Frailey Janet Harris Laura Hartman Jeanne Hedrick Patricia Brooks Juffman Carol Jean Kreher Jill Laubacher Carol Lubin Barbara Muirhead Bonnie Nichols Elizabeth Bonner Parker Ginger Price Mary Carol Reeves Sharon Rickey Anita Rountree Linda Salese Suzanne Shirley Lois Silver Norma Warwick Jeannie Wickersham Martha Wickliffe £ ; sigma d e " :=:;- theta sigma phi An honorary organization for women in journalism. President, Claire Spiker Vice president, Susan Hosch Secretary, Nancy Nalley Treasurer, Merriel Fritz Donna Bandy Ellen Dalton Mahla Edwards Sharon Groh Nancy Hammond Cathy Healy Hanna Ledford Nancy Lewis Sharon Rickey Ashley Taliaferro Angela Whitlow sigma delta chi President, David Cranshaw Vice president, John Parks Secretary, Don McClure Treasurer, Gary Hollumbs An honorary scholastic organization for male journalism students. 207 s s honor court moot court Dave Burch Thomas Chambless William Goodman Lloyd Sutter georgia advocate The law school newspaper. Editor, Jerry Blackstock Associate Editor, Jim Martin Business Manager, Mike Kovacich Thomas Cooper William Foster David Groves David Johnson James Jordan John Laugh Dunham McAllister John Miller Tim Murphy James Reid Gerald Rutberg Richard Stevens Charles Swartz i M Ml A i a A ■ I hi !l! georgia law review A legal periodical presenting the results of scientific study and scholarly investigation of legal problems. Editor, Howard Turner Executive Editor, Howard Connell Articles Editor, Wayne Elliott Notes Editor, Robert Mabon Recent Decisions Editor, John Tatum Research and Special Projects Editor, Lowell Fine Georgia Editor, Dale Schwartz Business Manager, Ronald Rogers Joseph Anderson Mildred Bell Jerry Blackstock Albert Bowers David Carnahan Robert Chasteen Harry Davis 208 James Fortune David Groves Charles Hatcher Allen Keeble Thomas Moran Charles Pursley Robert Rowe Mark Silvers Nathaniel Slaughter Richard Stephens Robert Sterrett John Strauss Lloyd Sutter Frederick von Unwreth James Wimberly legal aid and defender society A society to provide legal services to criminal defendants who might otherwise be deprived of effective counsel. Frank Allen Anthony Arnold Henry Atkins Milton Avrett Marcus Bergh William Blalock William Boyett Jerry Bussell James Carter Chris CoCroft Neal Conner Sara Dauby George Daves Walter Degenhardt Gustave Dubus Paschal English Robert Foerster William Foster Frank Freeman William Frey W. S. Goodman David Groves Nat Hansford Jim Jordan Stephen Kaplan Richard Katz James Kimbrough Kip Kirkpatrick Mike Kovacich Robert Lawrence Milton Lefkoff John Lewis Donald Loggins James Martin Ralph McClelland Levis McConnell Terry McKenzie Elmer Nash Randy Parrish Jimmy Paul Peter Prutzman Charles Pursley Cesar Rodriguez Ronald Rogers Gerald Rutberg George Saliba Dale Schwartz John Shinal Leonard Skiles John Strauss Danny Tate Terry Willis student bar association The governing body of the school of law. President, Lowell Fine Vice president, Tom Chambless Secretary, Dick Stephens Treasurer, Jerry Blackstock Dave Burch Bill Foster Frank Freeman Nat Hansford Jim Jordan Bruce Kirwan Chris Middleton Leonard Skiles Howard Turner 5 22 353 phi delta phi A legal fraternity. Magister, Bruce Kirwan Exchequer, Robert Mallis Clerk, Anthony Arnold Historian, Gardiner Garrard Alan Alexander Frank Allen Timothy Armstrong Chip Atkins Tick Atkinson Micky Avrett Edward Bates Leo Benton Robert Bezuch Lloyd Black Jerry Blackstock William Blalock Edmund Booth Jerry Bouchillion William Boyett James Brown Joseph Bruckner Clay Bryant Dave Burch William Bushnell Jerry Bussell Dennis Cathy Fred Cavalli Thomas Chambless Don Chappell Bob Chasteen Van Cheney Finley Cheshier William Clienburg Charles Cocroft Robert Cofer Ronald Cohen Boyce Connell George Connell Neal Conner Oscar Cook Soauldinq Craft Charles Davis George Davis Grant Davis Harry Davis David Douglass Mike Dover Frazier Dworet Buck Elder Paschal English Lowell Fine Bob Foerster Jim Fortune William Foster Ronald Ginesberg William Glickman John Grabbe Benjamin Griffith David Groves Tim Haile David Hanks Rullie Harris Tommy Harrold Fred Harvey William Hasty Dee Henderson James Hickey John Hines Scott Hobby Leamon Holliday Charles Hosch William House Pierre Howard Baxter Howell James Humes Bo Jernigan David Johnson George Johnson Tom Jones Richard Katz Ralph Kearns Allen Keeble Robert Kennon Dow Kirkpatrick Bob Knox Robert Kraselsky Spencer Lee William Lee Steve Lewis Joseph MacNabb Jim Martin Ralph McClelland Lewis McConnell William Mcintosh Gilbert McLemore William McWhorter Jim Meadows Christopher Middleton Gordon Miller John Miller Bill Montgomery Theodore Morris James Moushegian Tim Murphy Tray Obenshain Dave Ogilvy Joe Oliver George Olmsted Bill Olsen Charles Pannell Rick Park Huber Parsons Jimmy Paul Leo Phillips Bob Price Peter Prutzman Neal Ray Charles Reeves Ed Robb Cesar Rodriguez Ronald Rogers David Schein Victor Schwieger Jeff Sewell John Shinnall Richard Shirah John Shiver Mark Silvers Nat Slaughter David Smith Lee Smith Tom Smith Leroy Spell Hank Spires Leonard Spooner Chuck Staples John Stembler Richard Stephens Bob Sterrett Edward Strain Lloyd Sutter Charles Swartz Danny Tate John Tatum Larry Taylor Ray Taylor Gerald Tenenbaum Willard Thompson Butch Thurmond John Timmons Cary Tye Joseph Vallotton John Vaught Rick Von Unwerth Tom Warlick Dan Weigle Bill Welch Paul Wilgus Jay Wilson Jim Wimberly Samuel Worthington Jack Wotton Phillip Wright John Wylly Secretary.,:; ; ,. Treasurers ' Joe Ar £ Sr Jim Of Walter D ™ - -. President, Frank Freeman Vice president, Linwood Thompson Secretary, Ralph Hill Treasurer, Dave Daniel phi alpha delta Joe Anderson Marcus Bergh Robert Bomar Al Bowers Kent Campbell Jim Carter Tom Couper Walter Dagenhart Les Davis Gus Dubus Wayne Elliott Charles Erion Pete Frey Bill Goodman Charles Haddaway Nat Hansford Charles Hatcher Andy Heiskell John Hewson Wendell Johnston James Jordan James Kimbrough Fred Kitchens Mike Kohout Mike Kovacich Charles Krumbein Bob Lawrence Milton Lefkoff Donald Loggins Cliff McDonald Terry McKenzie Clarence Miller Tom Moran Elmer Nash Randv Parrish Tom Phillips Charles Pursley Robert Rowe Gerald Rutberg George Saliba A legal fraternity. Larry Shackelford Robert Smith Pete Stanford John Strauss Brock Timmons Jim Todd Howard Turner David Waddell Bill West Phillip West Terry Willis L lambda kappa sigma An organization for women in pharmacy. President, Ann Metcalf Vice president, Betty York Corresponding Secretary, Loretta Crowe Recording Secretary, Kathy Kidd Treasurer, Jane Booth 211 Marilyn Cochran Carolyn Lindsey Carol Martin Sara Schieder Debbie Smith Patty Stacy Jan Thompson Mary Wood student pharmaceutical association A professional organization for pharmacy majors. President, William Horton Vice president, Jeff Hornsby Treasurer, Henry K. Williams Recording Secretary, Larry Battu Corresponding Secretary, Carol Ann Martin J. Alexander D. Almond J. Anderson W. Ansley J. Aultman P. Aultman K. Autry P. Bagley R. Balchin E. Battle A. Baur C. Berlin E. Black T. Blake W. Blood worth M. Booth H. Bowen M. Brown R. Brown R. Byrd J. Cain R. Cannon G. Carver D. Cation R. Chaney G. Chow J. Clark H. Cobb T. Cobb M. Cochran T. Coleman J. Garner J. Colston G Gibbs J. Concar E. Gillespie H Cook J. Godley J. Cook R. Gordy J. Cooper J. Grady J. Corley A. Graham T. Craven H. Greene 1 . Crow C. Grimes L. Crowe R. Hall W Crowe J. Hamdberry W Culpepper H. Hamm C. Dark D. Hammond T. Davis B. Harden W Davis R. Harden n. Duke M Harris j. Ellington R. Harris G. Etheredge W Harris W Fackler T. Harrison R. Farr M Hartley W Ford A. Heywood M Fouts D. Henderson I-. Free S. Henley R. Fulp A. Herzberg C. Fussed R. Hickson C. Fussell C. Hitchock J. Gable G. Hobbs W Gailey M Hollingsworth J. Gaines Z. Hossain D. Gamadanis B. Houston P. Howard C. Irwin J. Jackson R. Jennings A. Johnson S. Jones R. Jordan T. Kay J. Keith K. Kesler K. Kidd J. King C. Kuipers W. Lackey W. LeCain V. Licht W. Lifsey K. Linse D. Lotti T. Lovett J. Lurey D. Madan D. Malcom S. Maney C. McDuffie D. Melroy A. Metcalf G. Mills J. Mills H. Mixson J. Mixson M. Moon G. Morgan B. Moss J. Myrick C. Nichols W. Norred N. Nunnally A. Nuland H. O ' Cain T. Okerlund F. Page J. Page R. Parkerson L. Parkman P. Parks W. Parrish C. Patterson H. Payne S. Pearson M. Pinckney T. Pollard M. Pouryousefi F. Purvis A. Ray J. Redding R. Rice J. Rising R. Roberts L. Roper C. ROSS H. Weitman D. Rushing J. Weldon C. Schafer R. Wells D. Seymour K. White T. Shaw L. White D. Shepherd R. Whiten J. Sherwood W Whiten A. Smith R. Whitlow D. Smith L. Whitman R. Smith K. Whitworth P. Stacy G. Williams E. Stone T. Willson S. Strickland C. Wilson B. Summey W Wise W Swearingen J. Wong H. Tamplin M Wood J. Taylor R. Woodall W Taylor C. Wynn Z. Terry A. Yawn W Thomas B. York J. Thompson W Tye J. Underwood T. Vancel D. Varnadoe H. Wade G. Walker A. Walton L. Webb L. Weed rho chi An honorary society for students in the School of Pharmacy. President, Martin Pinckney 212 Vice president, Kathy Kidd Secretary, Jane Booth Treasurer, Larry Smith James Cooper Ernest Crowe William Horton Carl Irwin Franklin Page Anthony Ray Jerry Teal Larry Whitman 2 ition -St " - M w iar r Mg MM oodn Mn vwn lTfct 3t» I W] ktftolTfc 4 31 55 BR« «JI2 L ry» Ken Autry Ralph Balchin Eliot Battle Larry Battu Wayne Bloodworth Ronald Byrd Sammy Caves Anthony Cobb Jim Corley Gary Cowan Wesley Crowe William Ford John Gaines Robert Hall Bill Holcomb Jeff Hornsby William Horton James Jackson Jack Keith Wendell Lifsey Thomas McKendrick Donald Melroy Jack Mills Martin Pi nckney Tom Pollard Don Sailers Terry Shaw Johnny Taylor Billy Tye Wallace Whiten Larry Whitman Warren Williams Charles Wynn kappa psi A professional pharmaceutical fraternity. President, Thomas Pollard Vice president, Thomas Bloodworth Secretary, Charles Wynn Treasurer, Martin Pinckney NOT PICTURED Douglas Almond Gerald Chow Thomas Craven Timothy Davis Cecil Fussell James Godley James Hiott James King Arthur Noland David Rushing Charles Schafer Don Shepherd Samuel Toole Kenneth White university theatre Director . . . Leighton M. Ballew Associate Director . . . Gerald Kahan Assistant Director . . . Faye Head Assistant Director . . . Carla Waal Technical Director and Designer . . . Paul A. Camp Associate Technical Director and Designer . . . Joseph Stell Assistant Technical Director and Designer . . . Edmund Lynch Administrative Assistant . . . Jack Beasley Costumer . . . Sally Stroup Secretary . . . Ellen Schoenborn Graduate Administrative Assistants . . . Mike Moody, Nevin Lenhardt Associate Secretaries . . . Patsy Galliher, Barbara Walker Lighting Supervisor . . . Jim Olmsted Make-up Supervisor . . . Joseph Cabell Sound Supervisor . . . Shirley Adams Property Supervisor . . . Seth Reines Technical Assistants . . . Douglas Buchannon, Joseph Cabell, Douglas Collins, Donald Hayes, Mike Kerley, Gene Massey, Jim Olmsted, Wayne Ragland, Luis Ramirez, Seth Reines, Buddy Williams Costume Assistants . . . Virginia Dukes, Marcia Guerin, Pennie Powell, Linda Prosser, Norma Jean Young Blood Wedding, Garcia Lorca, Fall 1967 She Stoops to Conquer, Oliver Goldsmith, Fall 1967 The Night of the Iguana, Tennessee Williams 214 - - " Hi The University Theatre of the Department of Speech and Drama at the University of Georgia was formed in 1931 . Over one hun- dred and forty productions have been pro- duced since that time. These presentations provide the students, faculty, and towns- people with an opportunity to see pre-modern classics as well as outstanding plays from the modern repertory. In addition to the annual major productions by the University Theatre, special presenta- tions are staged in the Laboratory Theatre each season. One-act plays directed by stu- dents, as well as Reader ' s Theatre and ex- perimental productions, are included. In the Summer of 1967 the University Theatre inaugurated its " Summer repertory " program of plays. -.- « m thalian blackfriars An organization to stimulate interest in the theatre. President, Michael Reines Recording secretary! Ginger Bailey Corresponding secretary, Virginia Knight Treasurer, Norma Jean Young univ 216 ItyfcDenoSmrv " ft %e«, university-civic symphony orchestra An orchestra composed of University students and faculty, and of residents of the Athens area, who are interested in participating in the organization. Conductor, J. Kimball Harriman Associate, Conductor, Ronald Wain Librarian, John Hasty Business Manager, John Mote Business Manager, David Trued Deborah Adams Dr. Rodney Baine Judy Ball Victor Benedict Sally Bennett Sharman Benton Judy Berman Joe Borden Ennis Bragg Connie Carstensen Bill Chalker John Covil Mercer Crook Helen Davis Gwyn Decker Abb Dickson Carolyn Douglas Daron Douglas D. B. Edwards John Edwards Lorn a Free Judy Graham Beth Grovenstein Phil Grovenstein Arlene Hargrove Jay Harriman Calvin Hasbrouck Josh Hatkin Dan Huff Jodie Hyder John Jackson Patricia Karwisch Ann LaPlante Judy Lee Fred Lege Marcia Levy Patty Lindsay Dan Martin Jan McClung Sandra McRae Birch O ' Neal Raymond Patricio Charlene Pressley Sonia Ramirez Eckhart Richter William Robison Patty Romine Fred Schab Helen Schab Genie Scott Alan Siegel Susie Stewart Don Suder Ada Weaver Frederick Wessel William Wilder Patricia Ziomek the fabulous georgettes Mrs. Phyllis Dancz, Supervisor 1+ Seorgia Anne Reiche, Solo Twirler Bette Aitken Kaye Anderson Kathy Byrd Cheryl Casey Ann Coker Nancy Cowles Frances Fincher Phyllis Fincher Sherri Fulmer Susan Holmes Becky Holt Pat Karwisch Sherry Little Karen Matthews Sally Ricketson Pat Roberts Jane Rodefeld Paula Sharpe Vi Van Vleck Diane Wallace Angela Whitlow Cheryl Wysocki Joyce Baker Sarah Dickinson Kathy Home Sandi McPhee Donna Mondy Judy Monthie Brenda Newton Peggy Spears Elizabeth Turner Jane Turner the dancing majorettes dixie redcoat band Director, Roger L. Dancz Supervisor of Twirling Groups, Mrs. Phyllis Dancz Captain, Dennis Reid Assistant Band Captain, Dan Martin Social Officer, Mercer Crook Alumni Officer, Pam Croom Historian, Ray Patricio Special Projects, Ab Dickson Georgette Captain, Cheryl Wysocki Georgette Lieutenant, Angela Whitlow Georgette Lieutenant, Karen Matthews Majorette Choreographer, Donna Mondy Majorette Lieutenant, Joyce Baker Solo Twirler, Georgia Anne Reiche Drum Major, John Mote Jamie Acker Bette Aitken Kaye Anderson Linda Anderson Linda M. Anderson David Barrows Tom Beall Jordi Beasley Martha Beasley Charles Berry Linda Boling Joe Borden Ennis Bragg Melanie Britt Patricia Browning Lee Butts Kathy Byrd Donna Carter Nancy Carter Cheryl Casey Scott Cathey Ron Cavitt Ann Coker Mike Coleman Leon Collins Robert Collins Greg Copeland Tom Corbett Bob Cowles Nancy Cowles Charles Davis rW J Wi m 0m Sarah IW " Don " ™ Frances cm » 2 GeraBFUmrf uryFnw W W PtiiGaa m 0 Ricky GM f Gw» SamGrMV BoBvGfifflW MatHM mHM mm Susanna Hiyi to Hon Andrea Hart Susan How M M Kathy Hon Jgn Houston ■Ml EdJohnon l« ■ j. - . __ — i 1 3M Helen Davis Wayne Davis Sarah Dickinson Don Downing Frances Fincher Phyllis Fincher Cheryl Fleming Gerald Fleming Larry Freund Sherri Fulmer Phil Gazaway Dale Gibson Ricky Gilmore Phillis Gowen Sam Graiser Bobby Grammer Beth Grovenstein Phil Grovenstein Arlene Hargrove Tony Harris John Hasty Susanna Hays Alvin Hazan And rea Helms Susan Holmes Becky Holt Kathy Home Jim Houston Bill Jarrett Ed Johnson Charles Jordan Pat Karwisch Jeanne Lancaster Cindy Landrum David Lester Sherry Little Larry Loden John McCain Jan McClung Pat McFall Jim McKillip Cheryl McLaughlin Shannon McNeely Charles McPhail Sandi McPhee Sue Milhous Bill Mohony Judy Monthie Gay Moore Brenda Newton Ronny Odell Jim Peacock Faye Perry Albert Plunkett Lourene Plunkett Clay Posey Charlene Pressley Rodney Pritchett Jack Randall Sally Ricketson Alice Ridley Patricia Roberts Jane Rodefeld Nancy Roland Genie Scott Paula Sharpe Ann Shelton Gary Smith Susie Smith Peggy Spears Rhea Spence Claire Spiker John Stephens Don Suder Sylvia Suder Jere Sumner Dave Trued Jane Turner Libba Turner Vi Van Vleck Ronna Waldman Gary Walker Diane Wallace Tommy Wallace Ada Weaver Jack White Bill Wilder Cheryl Wood Richard Woodham Cheryl York «» ' ■ki; ■ ' T3 T tZZ, — ■ V I Wj m ! L I. «i ir» - — T »i K . Wi K », " I . ' ■ ' .% yU brass choir A performing organization for music majors President, John Mote Vice president, Jim McKillip Secretary, Helen Davis Treasurer, Patricia Browing Ennis Bragg Helen Davis Jim McKillip Dennis Reid Pat Browning Don Martin John McCain Ronny McVey John Mote John Hasty Rodney Pritchett Jack Randall Dave Trued Pat West George Geasley Larry Freund Pat Romine Bill Wilder tWk varsity band President, Walter Turner Vice president, Gary Palmer Social Officer, Pat Laipple Historian, Brenda Romine Personnel Officer, Martha Galbreath Librarian, David Lester Publicity Officer, Linda Green Operations Officer, Harry Thompson Albert Arnau Peggy Asbell David Ballengee David Barrow Lee Bridges Charlie Chalker Bill Coryell John Covil Rusty Demarest Patricia Gillock Joe Glawson David Haigler John Halloway John Hilliard Mary Jo Horning Red Horton Dave Hughs Randy Joiner Dan Jones Joy Jones Carol Kitchens Danny Lamb David Lewis Debbie Linzza Tommy Lloyd Larry Loden Stephanie Loden Joan Loescher Jim McClearen Bennie Mitchell Marcella Mosely Dale Parry Robert Peavy Tommy Poale Jack Randall Toni Reeves Bill Robison John Royall Chris Sackellares Genie Scott Brandon Shields Eddie Simmons Lewis Stafford Steve Towns Arthur Trader Craig Watson Bob Willbanks John Williams Ken Woodington MMQmfM topwidrt,Vinl C InfcCMBCtta Operos.V, few tes:r Ktr-; I Student AKOTpwt., Faculty Aaonpnfc: , LeabiAnmtw -l MM ! M| hyfifeU Sfttoftu mSST ta H wtat fe; • -•:• ' Vote ' W faH JmMcKih tkM winy Pntchett Ml Ml :j.e ruec PXWest tap Mi liryFretrt -2: RdhIm : Ml men ' s glee club An Organization of University men interested in music. jrsity band :i dfcfcrTill i y Thompson s BBS • ToniR rt johnRoy JS • Br " ? ? S SI? 3 ft wnWoo " StsfW I TOW Witson a m President, Danny Fendley Vice president, Van McCollum Librarian, Charles Cleiborne Operations, Terry Verner Assistant Director, Ray Forrester Student Accompanist, Ken Sanders Faculty Accompanist, Raymond Gotko Lealon Anderson Russell Arnold Paul Barrett Patrick Blackwood Don Boyd Tommy Cleveland Bill Evans Dale Gibson Roy Grime Wayne Grinstead Karl Hastedt James Hill Parks Hoh Steve Jennings Danny Lamb Tracy Lindsey Carl Meyes Henry McDaniel Michael McGahee Charles McPhail Daniel Schwarz Eddie Simmons Fred Tatum Walter Turner 221 A seiec: : " ..:• ' ■ ' ■ phi mu alpha An honorary musical fraternity for University men. President, Dan Martin Vice president, Wayne Grinstead Secretary, Bob Cowles Treasurer, Raymond Patricio Tom Beall Vic Benedict Charles Berry Joe Borden Ennis Bragg Tommy Camp Clay Causey Tom Corbett Mercer Crook Wayne Davis Abb Dickson Gerald Flemming Roy Forrester Susan Gamel, Sweetheart Phil Gazaway Mike Gerschefski Rick Gilmore Phil Grovenstein Tony Harris John Hasty Alvin Hazan Bill Jarrett Ed Johnson Darrell Kinsey David Lester Larry Lester Johnny McCain Van McCollum Charles McPhail Ronny McVey John Mote John Neighbors Ronny Odell Rodney Pritchett Dennis Reid Ken Sanders Gary Smith John Stephens Mike Taylor Walter Turner Terry Verner Tommy Wallace A( 222 f v ltt igift J % I i A select group of vocalists from the different schools and colleges of the University. Carolyn Anderson Paul Barrett Mary Bruker John Butler Barry Carter Donna Carter Clay Causey Sara Crawford Donald Forrester Roy Forrester Kathy Foster Jean Gressang Wayne Grinstead Julia Hastings Clara Johnson James Jordan Jerry Lorentz Gretchen Lund Cheryl McDaniel Sue Milhous Albert Plunkett Tom Poss Janet Reeve Judy Ware Ada Weaver sigma alpha iota A professional honorary fraternity for women majoring in music. President, Linda Boling Vice president, Kathee Tomlin Secretary, Susan Gamel Secretary, Gretchen Lund Treasurer, Pam Croom Chaplain, Ada Weaver Editor, Luann Garland Sergeant at arms, Rita Heflin 223 Donna Carter Ann Case Judy Dalton Helen Davis Lucile Dennison Carolyn Dorris Cheryl Fleming Dera Goodner Jean Gressang - Beth Grovenstein Julia Hastings Jeanne Lancaster Cheryl McDaniel Sue Milhous Charlene Pressley Rhea Spence Marguerite Stevens Marguerite Wilder university chorus An organization for students interested in singing in a large choral group. President, Chris Hornsby Vice president, Maureen Murphy Secretary-treasurer, Martha Sentell Accompanist, Sara Crawford Margaret Allgood Barbara Allred Mary Altenbach Mary Ariail Barbara Atkinson Nancy Barber Joseph Barnes Mickie Batalo Ronald Bates Margaret Benton Linda Blackmon Ann Blakeney Judy Blakeney Lee Bridges Patricia Browning Edith Bruner Cathy Callaway Tommy Camp Susan Carroll Connie Carstensen Carol Carswell Barry Carter James Carter Allen Case Clay Causey Patricia Chitwood Charles Claiborne Linda Clay Robert Cowles Marianne Currie Judith Dalton Barbara Daniel Dennis Daniels Katherine Davis Ron DeLay Lucile Dennison Cindy Doolittle Carolyn Dorris Winkle Durand Kay Durrence Beth Ethridge Betsy Felkel Betty Ferguson Cathy Floaker Louise Foster Larry Freeman Mary Galloway Susan Gamel Luann Garland Gloria Garrett Dera Goodner Jim Goolsby Glenda Goss Kay Graham Aurena Griffin Susan Griffin Barbara Hagey Mary Hammond Wayne Hammond Julia Hastings Rita Heflin Laura Hickson James Hill Donna Hope Sheryl Hudson Caro Humphey Sallie Igo Sandra Jenkins Jill Jennings Loy Johnson Linda Johnston Janice Joiner Freddy Jones Leslie Jones Darrell Kinsey Currie Kitchens Emily Kohler Jeanne Lancaster Cindy Landrum Linda Lantzy Eileen Law Lisa Lawson Judy Lee Ed Lester Elizabeth Levy Kirby Lewis Robert Lewis Karen Lilley Lee Lovvorn Vicki Lowe Gretchen Lund Suzan Lund Sueleata Mann Judy Maret James Martin Van McCollum Gail McCrary Emma McLaurin Linda McMullen Ronnie McVey Kathy Meredith Carl Meyer Mary Miller Phil Miller Anne Mitchell Vici Mitchell Susan Morrill Donna Mull Christine Mullaney Regina Nix Lynn Noell Christine Odom Jean Odom Shay Paris Deborah Parker Anne Perry Genie Pierce Joseph Porter Barbara Poulos Kristin Poulsen Rebecca Roberts Patty Romine Annette Ryder Pat Saggus Janelle Sale Rocand Samber Kenneth Sanders Daniel Schwarz Barbara Schwenke Angela Shuman Eddie Simmons Mary Singleton Gail Smith Libby Snowden Charlotte Stanford Marguerite Stevens Richard Stewart Anne Taylor James Taylor James Thigpen Kathee Tomlin Preston Towns Donald Tucker Cathy Turner Terry Verner Sylvia Wages Gary Walker June Walker Lynn Ward Alan Watson Mike Webster Lynda Whatley Robert White Beth Wilkinson Deborah Williams Mary Wilson Nancy Wilson Gerald Wright J zeta phi eta A professional fraternity for women students in the arts and sciences of speech. President, Rosanne Bunker Vice president, Nancy West Secretary, Jackie Raymond Treasurer, Bettye Ann Price Vicki Abney Patsy Aed Jerrilyn Akins Joan Cawthon Katrina Cheek Joanne Dawson Sandra George Bette Jo Hamilton Virginia Knight Patricia Marshall Sara Marshall Patricia McDaniel Diane Reddy Rita Schreck Minta Severud Dee Whitcomb . Lii ' i Mft« women ' s recreation association A recreational organization of which all University women are members. President, Jeanne Sutton Vice president, Donna Overton Secretary, Martha Stanton Program chairman, Jane Davis Tavay Able Teresa Adams Kay Anderson Allen Arthur Pat Ashley Ann Bennett Linda Bowers Susan Brewer Claudia Brown JoAnn Brown Bonnie Burke Dianne Butler Fran Conner Carolyn Curran Vickie Dardin Jane Evans Gwynn Fain Claudia Garrett Suzanne Gaskins Barbara Hammitt Sandy Hargrove Janet Harris Estelle Hearn Claire Hutcheson Bonnie Jarrell Carol Jones Lois Kendall Vickie Knight Kay Langley Karen Lee Nancy Mathis Sally McPherson Gay Moore Barbara Mullen Kitsey Murphy Gena Paine Linda Peeples Shirley Phelps Linda Proctor Linda Ramer Karen Ratthaus Sandra Rosenberg Margaret Rubel Beth Schlitzkus Brenda Scruggs Pam Sigl Nina Stamation Janice Stephens Kathy Szekeres Helen Taylor Darla Templeton Donna Ulrice Vicki Van Vleck Candace Wadsworth Pamela Way Lucia Williams Jane Wood |«fttf of speech. ffiSK 225 P ' tri-m club A club for women in health, physical education, recreation, and dance. President, Ann Deifell Vice President, Judy Smith Secretary, Claudia Brown Gym Clip Editor, Martha Etheridge Teresa A dams Gladys Alammond Mary Bird Donna Dooley Jo Ann Gibson Merrinelle Hagan Lois Kendall Vickie Knight Ann Mealer Gay Moore Linda Proctor Duanne Royall Carol Sanders Susan Shaddix Helen Taylor alpha phi omega A service organization for men. President, Sam Henley 1 st Vice president, Mike Pertch 2nd Vice president, John Dankel Secretary, Dewaine Norris Treasurer, John Wood Ron Bennett Danny Blitch Mike Brookbank Wendell Carter Fred Clark Jerry Conner Joe Cook Bill Deckle Larry Fitzgerald Pete Fountain Harry Franklin John Fuller Gary Hammontree Robert Heller Sam Henley Gary Hollums Odell Justice Tony King Danny Lamb Kerry Macris Steve Masak David McCoy Terry Miller Bill Moss Jim Music Larry Parks Randy Pinnen Steve Presten John Rast Jerry Smaha Charles Smith Jimmy Stokes Gary Swearingen Jim Sweeny Bob Tharpe Robert Trowell Gerry Tyre Alfred Wendel Gary Wilder -•:3 : " :tc fame Royal Caroi Sanders Susan Shaddix H nT»ylor argonaut society An organization to aid freshman men in making the transition to university life. President, Doyle Woodruff Glen Hendrix Vice president, John Zimmerman Ron Johnson Secretary, Jackie White . David Jones Treasurer, Bill Andrews L,nde " Adders delta phi omega A woman ' s service sorority. President, Pamela Clapp Vice president, Dotti Gay Secretary-treasurer, Diane Cunard Pledge trainer, Neala Cohen Projects, Susan Brown an 1 " Allen Arthur Vicki Bowen Ernestine Braziel Betty Brewton Karel Brooks Sandy Browning Linda Clay Marianne Curry Liz Edwards Barbara Hammett Sandra Hargrove Estelle Hearn Mary Kane Brenda Moates Margarite Prispus Mary Ann Rainey Donna Reptske Pat Rogers Pat Williams Janie Williamson demosthenian literary society A literary society for those interested in learning to understand and to debate. President, Paul Chellis Vice president, Jack Brookner Secretary-treasurer, James Todd Gerald Asher Mike Bray Alton Bridges Les Davis Sam Dickson Ora Eades Phillip Fountain John Fuller Bill Goddman Jerry Griffin George Griffith Charles Hadaway Charles Hatcher David Hege Richard Hendry Thad Joiner Robert Low Bill McCracken Frank McVay George Morradian Alan Moss Fred Neal Jack Rabin David Roper Charles Smith Carl Wilson Charles Wilson Rick Wilson gamma sigma sigma A service organization for women. Vice president, Mae " Roberts Corresponding Secretary, Laurie Scott Recording Secretary, Ann Taylor Treasurer, Anita Rountree Irene Andrews Mary Lou Dixon Carol Keanig Elaine Smith Pat Ashley Ginny Dykes Patsy Kimbro Pam Smith Eve Atchison Ann Ford Sally Laison Susie Smith Peggy Bache Janet Foster Kathy Mayo Elizabeth Spence Kay Baker Brenda Fowler Cindy McCloud Susie Stanton Pat Bartlet Angela George Mary Ann McCormack Debra Strickland Susan Benoist Cindy Gregory Janis McElveen Karen Summers Ginny Burnett Suzanne Grogan Pam Mitchell Joan Todd Kitty Carlan Beth Harris Regina Neibert Judy Upchurch Diane Crider Carol Hoelzer Cynthia Nevill Lee Waddell Harriett Davies Susan Hosch Linda Norton Pat Wallin Carol Davis Kathy Hutchens Sandra Saggus Andrea Waters Mary Davis Sharon Jackson Sheila Sedita Donna Wier 228 phi kappa literary society A literary society to promote debate and free speech. President, Mike Swinford Vice president, Mike Kovacich mS ZH o£stn £ Jo 10 . 2%? ■tf Mike Agnew Cynthia Baugh William Bell Nathan Blau Linda Brownley Susan Cooper J. B. Coram Andy Cowart William Daniel John Fetner Harriet Few Marlene Goldstein John Gordon Brenda Grimes Jacqueline Harmon David Hofstadter Carl LaRocca Nancy Lewis John Lough Pat Mateer Richard Moore Edward Pough Dick Ramondt Mae Roberts Tim Robinson James Saxon David Simpson Carol Spring Annette Vajda David Willard Russell Williams John Zimmerman student center A center of social, recreational, and cultural activities for all students on the University campus. President, Wayne Godfrey Vice president, Rodie McDaniel Secretary, Kay Davenport Kelly Ackroyd Deborah Adams Sandy Allen Marguerite Allgood David Andrews Irene Andrews Phyllis Atkins Barbara Atkinson Trammell Ault Richard Bondy Gary Brightman Barbara Burgess Russell Catalano Wade Chappell Thomas Cheek Nora Clement Ross Cooper James De Foor David Dickey Reginald Eaton Myra Farrar Brenda Finch M. G. Finney Johnny Giles John Gillam Patricia Gillock Priscilla Grant David Gray Tom Greeson Gail Hall David Hearin Frances Henning Peggy Hewitt Steve Hill Donna Hope David Humphries Penny Johnson James Jordan Carol Kaslprzykowski Linda Kendrick Elizabeth Kennedy Susan Kesler Joseph Kinard Linda Kubitz Linda Lee Debbie Linzza Candi Logue Kathryn Luke Richard Malarz Adrianne Massey David McDonald Phil Miller Nancy Moon Patrick Neville Rita Nott Debby Palmer Jane Paugh Rachel Peddycoart Charles Pendley Margaret Pierce Rita Poetter Margaret Prisbus Linda Prosser Linda Quackenbush Linda Sanders Donna Schwartz June Schwartz Andrea Sickles Randy Simmons William Sitton James Sommerville Martha Summerfield Lillian Threlkeld James Turner Freddie Wendel Martin White Mary Wilkes Deborah Williams Peggy Wilson Mary Ann Witte COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Anita Bearden Rick Martin Kay Phillips Alan Pickens | John Thompson Warren Thrasher ' 35 ? lin» M rAmWitti ursa An organization to help new women students become a part of the University. President, Cathy Calloway Vice president, Suzanne Murphy Secretary-treasurer, Kay Davenport Peggy Adelstone Linda Anderson Debra Arnbal Kaye Baker Patricia Bartlett Rebecca Bell Faye Brantley Lynn Brazell Nancy Brinson Margaret Brown Virginia Burnett Jane Byerly Anita Carroll Pamela Carson Alice Chandler Nancy Coleman Dette Compton Frances Conner Katherine Conway Diane Cunard Susan Dekle Julie Dykes Mahla Edwards Madelyn Farkas Luanne Fowler Martha Fudge Virginia Godley Christine Gray Crisanda Grogan Phyllis Grogan Judy Hanson Marlene Hazlett Christine Hempleman Nancy Jo Higginbotham Sarah Hogsette Patricia Holcomb Carolyn Hudgins Ethel Huie Jill Jennings Julia Johnson June Johnson Norma Jones Cheryl Kelley Pauline King Ruth Kuhl Harriette Lane Cheryl McDaniel Rosemary McDaniel Janis McElveen Charlotte McLendon Gail Maloof Faye Mathis Dianne Medlock Candace Miller Jolinda Miller Sue Mixon Virginia Montgomery Linda Mulkey Brenda Mull Cynthia Nevill Sydney Overton Janice Pasek Rachel Peddycoart Anne Perry Kay Phillips Pamela Phillips Frances Pirkle Barbara Plagens Gail Price Martha Proskauer Patricia Ragan Janet Reeve Beverly Rheney Charlene Rich Marvine Rider Nancy Saunders Sheila Sedita Julia Shearer Suzanne Shirley Angela Shuman Bond Snowden Susan Snyder Linda Sosebee Martha Sullivan Elizabeth Sutton Joan Tanner Sue Taylor Carol Thompson Carol Thrailkill Stephanie Tobias Dondra Tuck Lee Waddell Sylvia Wages Brenda Weathersbee Caroline West Lynda Whatley Elizabeth Wilson Ellen Yancey baptist student center An organization to serve the Baptist students on campus. President, David Roper Vice president, Mike Davis Secretary, Marsha McKinney Treasurer, Jerry Glenn COUNCIL Robert Anderson Jon Breshears Janice Burrell Elyse Carmichael Mike Carmichael Ronald DeLay David Godfrey Carol Hall Mary Hawkins Keith Ivey Bill Jones Larry Jones Cheryl Kelley Judy Lee Cecil Lockett Keith Marr Malcolm McArthur Lynne Miller Marie Parks Faye Perry Katrina Pittman Penny Prince Katie Scarborough Jo Sentell Mel Story Ann Tyson June Walker Lee Ward university of georgia circle k A service club for men to develop leadership while creating a better college or university life. President, Ronald Hudson Vice president, Steve Malone Secretary, Stephen Williams Treasurer, Edward Hartness Jerry Adams Wally Askew Jay Boedecker Claude Cavender Phil Duderwiez Frank Edenfield Marvin Foster Mike Gardner Gerry Guthrie John Hatcher Mike Kovacich Danny Lamb Jim Morrison Charles Scarborough Mike Swinford Steve Watkins David Willard intervarsity christian fellowship President, George Landis Vice president, Carlton Arnold Secretary, Elizabeth Weede Treasurer, J. R. Peevy Bob Allyn Rita Allyn Sandra Brown Brenda Campbell James Cramer Martha Etheridge Jean Landis Edward Merry Gay Moore Linda Quaekenbush Arthur Rounsaville Karen Scott Laurie Scott Virginia Scott Mary Stroud catholic student center President, Patrick Skees Vice president, Mike Buchheit Secretary, Suzanne Jeffrey Treasurers, Mike Petrow John Haar Annette Shoemaker An or campr Retard Door. Gerald Euro HenyGnmn 1 Rick Andreoli Rosalind Andrews Mike Beerman Myra Black Brad Bradberry Harvey Brown Linda Brown Jim Campbell Steve Enke Dennis Faber Mike Loving Doug Monroe Woodie Morris Martha Nabors Phillip Parkerson Eddie Peabody Beverly Phillips Sharon Rickey Don Smith Lynn Souther David Strauss Ober Tyus Al Wise georgia impression Editor, John Conniff Executive Editor, Colleen Kelly Managing Editor, Jim Graham Business Manager, Patrick Gowdy Art Director, Lee Pardue OfcffL HS js2 k v. i i 4 J I fc ft " § A student campus magazine ' endffl University of Georgia student the terest articles. ing to bring the Best in general in- " L Billy Camp Richard Dixon Gerald Eunice Bennett George Henry Gnann Bill McGraw Beverly Rheney Cleve Tedford Bob Ward georgia agriculturist Editor, John Parks Executive Editor, Tyron Spearman red and bla Editor, Larry Shealy Managing editor, Claire Spiker News editor, David Ginn News editor, Richard Moore Sports editor, Harry Franklin Sports edit or. B utch Scott Women ' s e »tor, Cynthia Baugh Women ' s editor, Sharon Tate Business manager, Ronnie Lipsitz Assistant business manager, Way Photographer, Bennett George Photographer, Kurt Sutton m -— - ■ pandora Jean Morton, Editor Nicky Nichols, Business Manager 238 Nona Repass, Managing Editor " I 7 Fred Brown, Layout and Design % l Patti Owen, Greek Editor 239 Stelle Chandler, Organizations Editor I0» L A I Becky Yeager, Military Editor John Albright, Sports Editor Janice Cone, Scheduling Editor Ruth Wagnon, Asst. Greek Editor Jar Pierce. C n = E: Am Perry, AsstQjMe 240 | ::,. ;»- Ann Perry, Asst. Classes Editor i II Carol Head, Assistant Joy Hewett, Asst. Organizations Editor Mary Lou Dixon, Asst. Scheduling Editor 241 4 1 7-. The decision to become a part of the Greek way of life is a difficult one. It involves a certain type of mature perspective on the part of the young collegiate. Once this decision has been made, how- ever, he is thrust into a unique type of experience known as Rush. , Sign-ups, meetings with the Rush Advisors, bus rides up and down Mil- ledge all introduce to the Rushee a weekend of um- brellas, Panhellenic rib- bons and flashlights and well remembered south- ern drawls of " I am a Kap- pa Kappa Gamma, " " X and a Horseshoe, " and " Well, Well, Well, Hannah. " Chanting on the walks, echoes from smiling faces, the shaking of hands, and insecurely fastened name cards con- structed the night before with pains and care wel- come the Rushee into the continuous conversations of " where are you from and where did you go to high school? " , embarras- sing moments of forget- ting someone ' s name, and the reacquaintance with an old friend. For the sister or brother, Rush means practice and then even more practice . . . $$ %: . r -- 3t i o ' v 1 ' s tort means ipractice. ., . . . the endless requests for and the arrangement of recs, long nights of cut sessions, and the nervous wait for the party list of the coming evening. Punch parties, band night, and at last the Preferential with all its tears and affectionate exchange of words, a time when both Rushee as well as the fraternity and sorority members ex- amine ideals and goals. Finally Bid Day arrives epitomizing the excite- ment and heartbreak of the long pre- ceding weeks ... an ending ... a be- ginning . . . another turn in a never end- ing cycle. ■ 1 1 A - The Pledgeship period is a time of adjustment and acquaintance, weekly pledge tests, work- days, pranks, and the acquisition of a Big Brother or Big Sister. It is a working toward the final goal . . . sisterhood and brotherhood . . . the wearing of a cherished pin. Punch parties, band night, and at last the Preferential with all its tears and affectionate exchange of words, a time when both Rushee as well as the fraternity and sorority members ex- amine ideals and goals. Finally Bid Day arrives epitomizing the excite- ment and heartbreak of the long pre- ceding weeks ... an ending ... a be- ginning . . . another turn in a never end- ing cycle. The Pledgeship period is a time of adjustment and acquaintance, weekly pledge tests, work- days, pranks, and the acquisition of a Big Brother or Big Sister. It is a working toward the final goal . . . sisterhood and brotherhood . . . the wearing of a cherished pin. • i£d Life in the house is unique, a com- position of individuals living to- gether as a unit. Life in the sorority or fraternity is a giving, a receiving, a sharing of lives, whether it be merely a card game with the group or a special candlelighting of a sister. The " house " provides a home away from home, a close community of friends. ■ I « ;. -. -- 5 Lavaliering, pinning ... all sym- bolizing the Greek ' s eternal awareness of the bonds and ideals equated with his fratern- ity. Dinner at the house is a special time when pledges may converse with one another and with the sis- ters or brothers. Whether the meal be formal or casual the atmos- phere remains the same . . . fra- ternal friendship among its mem- bers. •in m ' % I cuim pi may converse f and with the sis- Whether the meal aue) the atmos- the same . . . fra- 3 among its mem- i ■ ' i m 44YSB ■P i Homecoming ... a time for reminiscence, anticipation, excitement and fatigue. For the Greeks Homecoming begins with a hammer and nails, colored tissue paper, chicken wire, and late Friday night and early Saturday morning final touches on a display. It is a white mum with red Greek letters, canes and hats and a final walk with the fraternity around Sanford Stadium. Home- coming ... a legend in itself for both the old and new members of the Greek life. 260 i 261 The Greek life is a competitive life where a title becomes a goal, a means of bring- ing honor and glory to the group. The pride and joy of seeing one ' s own sister crowned Miss Pandora, the honor in re- ceiving the Scholarship Trophy, and the excitement of winning Sorority Sing all contribute to the development of an in- trafraternity spirit as well as spirit among the members. " Treeing, " the stealing of composites, sidewalk painting ... an end to an old tra- dition. Serenading and t socials.., the esi new tradition. illillfHa ramfBBSZGaHQVY s j vb fc i i 1, ■ V IS " Her fciair is th St As it fa rf jsunset tern sky. ■b-ftowerthat grows is like the rose ,%he ' s the flower of Pi rappa Phi. " I know triStt Iheve r tfg fe -- r Pi Kappa Phi pin neath my golden key. dge my love to you alone rnity. " nnn The Greek life whether rt be after at the house, d dances or parties The Greek life is a social life, whether it be after the game dinners at the house, date night, pledge dances or parties . . . .4 J . . . Saturday afternoon jam ses- sions or " girl watching " and side- walk conversations. The atmos- phere remains the same, a per- petual and unchanging series of activity, a collage of ideas and at- titudes. 271 -... . m m I I 272 ttllllfth The Greek story is a simple one, a way of life one has chosen to live. It is a committment of self, a total involvement with a group and a sphere of activity. It is a universal story of individuals learning, developing, and grow- ing in a world of groups. It is a youthful story, one of parties, happy times, and laughter. The Greek story is a story of mutual bonds, a way of feeling for someone . . . brotherhood and sisterhood. Perhaps, in es- sence, it is merely the story of friendship. sasmpieone, j has chosen to ttr ent of setf , rtwithagroup 1 activity. It is a of Wwiduals pug, and grow- f groups. It isa one of parties, d laughter. The story of mutual :• ; I for rottiertwod and jrnaps. in s etythe story of sweethearts Linda Jolly Acacia Lucia Williams Delta Chi Saba Wise Alpha Epsilon Pi Carol Kreher Alpha Gamma Rho Martha Hale Delta Tau Delta Donna Centola Alpha Tau Omega id Mary Eleanor Wood Farmhouse Ester Ransom Kappa Alpha live, a to and uni lear ing you hap Gre« born som sist€ senc frien Delores Brannon Kappa Sigma LiM - " Alpha Candy Roberts Phi Delta Theta Barbra Rubin Phi Epsilon Pi iBwtni A |p ha «paSigma ' Leslie Grider Lambda Chi Marcia Davis Sigma Phi Epsilon Ann DeLong Sigma Pi Larry Young Sigma Nu 277 Jan Bledsoe Phi Gamma Delta Helen San Miguel Phi Kappa Tau Meg Grevemberg Phi Kappa Tau Melissa Douglas Sigma Chi Beverly Finninger Pi Kappa Alpha Joanne Gunby Pi Kappa Phi Lyn Ray Sigma Alpha Epsilon ■ acacia President, William Wise Vice president, James Owen Secretary, Ronnie Hickox Treasurer, Charles Thomason T. Quails M. Nolan 278 J. Owen i " l ? C. Thomason C. Roberts MUM - ! A ' ■(■:■ K. Wiemeyer S. Tucker B. Wise I vyx. tf : i N.NB V alpha omicron pi President, Terry Postero Vice president, Chris Melton Secretary, Sandy Browning Treasurer, Guyla White N. Watson C. Walters alpha epsilon pi President, Ronald Robbins Vice president, Gary Ronin Secretary, Marcus Katz Treasurer, Bobby Solomon S. Small M.KIM I R. Flewellen ; IM C. Lester ium Iff : •. Nuckolls P ■1 L« alpha gamma rho H. Gnann L. Hardegree J. Griff eth L. Marchant 281 W. Herrington W. Hondrix J. Parks President, Lendon Tootle Vice president, John Parks Secretary, Bob Ward Treasurer, Bob Flewellen C. Crews J. Hill P. Hildret h J. Stancil J. Savage S. Trapnell L. Tootle R. Strickland 22 G. Ward D. Webb M. Welborn J. Williams alpha chi omega President, Kay Hill Vice president, Mary Ann Carroll Secretary, Pam Smith Treasurer, Susan Bateman V W V j L. Anderson S. Armour K. Anderson B. Aitken D. Andrews w l_. Boling P. Ashley L. Boling E. Atchison L. Blackmon S. Bateman K. Baker B. Bennett J. Campbell M. Carroll C. Carson K. Carlan . C. Casey J. Cathy w R. Early C. Cox F. Conner M. Dixon M. Duffy C. Engle L_. Everhart J. Epting C. Goff A. George M. Fairrel L. Fingerson ' R. Gould C. Gregory S. Grogan L. Botts S. Brewer RHuCW W n I :i p. Grogan CT w S. Harris Y Sfiw 282 I «Ma I Bachi s im I •«« !» I I «» pStf »• » f $. K. Hill if J. McClendon L ' - ' S. Holmes D. Hogan T M. Jones N? D. Overton ' iir M. Payne L. Padgett K. Judy A. McBride C. Hunt H. Hudson YW G. Lightsey M. Philips P. Philips K. Matthews K. Mayo J. Pierce B. Price P. Pomazal ' L. Rambo V jL j. Reeves ■ a B TT L. Scott L. Salese B. Schlitzkus B. Rigdon S. Saggus J. Sessions M P. Smith G. Smith r T Rushlow lli W S. Stanton _ ™K| f l " f MKV R Wagnon Summers fl TI hmhj C. Thompson S. Wallace B. Thoman P J. Tindall 283 S. Wright ■i—umM alpha delta pi President, Skeet Crowley Vice president, Frances Dudley Secretary, Betty Garrett Treasurer, Carol McKay M. Adams v. Baer " B. Bowers p. Blakely A. Beeler J. Brinson B. Britton w S. Chandler S. Coakley B. DuBose p. Camp p. Burke J. Cooper C. Cotton N. Calhoun M. Daniel M. Douglas s - Dillard L. Davis A. DeLong S. Crowley F. Dudley £ J. Durrett S. Doskin P. Errigo J. Duskin WW l_. Navarre G. Fain E. Heaton K. Henard J. Fisher J. Flagler P. Fernald H. Hood f 9 I JLtW I «.W:-i: N. Hendrix M. Holland M. Fowler K. Fuller B. Garrett M. Glover F. Franklin M. Gunn C. Hughs! IMWS H « N. Hudlow 284 K. Haddock S. Hampton E. Javo i-Ruffo tfe " ■p K. Kennickell f " !? N. Lawson m T S. Kever M. Knox 3 SuGose ITP l IBM P J. Kimbrell D. Lipford S. Martin P. Manning V® J. Metzger P. Millican T J. Musk rove L. Morgan alpha gamma delta President, Carol Harrington Vice president, Linda Mitchell Secretary, Sharon Lyle Treasurer, Suzanne Hill w C. Adams A. Allen . Aenchbacher M. Allen M. Brizendine w D. Arnbal " W O. Boyd D. Black S. Benoist B. Camp G. Brown S. Brewer A. Braziel E. Braziel P 8 B. Church D. Carson J. Durden P H. Davies T$ V. Dykes B. Ford C. Harrington I S. Haskell S. Hightower P5 J. Lancaster B. Harris S. Hill P. Holcomb n K. Brooks K. Langley S. Leonard D. Lynch W S. Lyle w% C. Mac Innes 1 I C. McCloud L. Manly 286 M. Holmes C. Kranig - Smitti 1 I v 5 n ip M. McGill K. Meacham J. Meier c _ Mi||er L. Mitchell W B. Moore S. Morrison W " R. Neibert n JF C. Newby - ► B. Potter _ J P. Patstone b - pritche " rri I BH S. Purswel, f J l_. Roelofs McW»J ' -4 ' » v M. S. Purswell ' -W p m C Quillian M. Rainey " wl v « FTI Hi " fi r Reiche J 1 B. Smith G. Rogers CMcCW lfc :3| C G. Rogers V J3ji J. Tanzine , , G. Slade e. Spence K. Walters l_. Teed J- Wilson E. Smith J. Thomas alpha tau omega President, Jerry Wright Vice president, Robert Tamplin Secretary, Donald Frost Treasurer, Carlton Dover -. C. Brooker J. Bailey J. Aaron ih M. Ayres D. Adams R. Adams F. Allcorn G. Austin D. Adcock M. Chitwood J. Fievot K. Garrett W. Lambert 8 D. Maico C. Matheson D. Maddux j. Mosely Moran C. Pannell J. Veal will ■ f ; B. Taliaferro D. Stewart V. Whittington R. Wilson KB J. Matheson J. Nix 7 mk £± Ail ..1 T. Pickren J. Nort J. Pannell w. Pedrick 2 R. Ramey R- Roberts R. Rooksby E. Russell Mi Mil A. Santarsiero B. Sargent J. Scheiwe W. Sexton L. Spooner 289 R. Tamplin alpha xi delta President, Carol Spring Vice president, Sherry Conley Secretary, Meg Grevemberg Treasurer, Barbara Werk F. Ballard fj A. Belknap L. Bennitt A. Bearden L. Boyd E. Barrett K. Braswell P. Champion N. Coleman S. Broadhurst S. Conley w D. Crider L. Coppins A. Cox L. Cronic L. Conway flP H. Firor m. Eubanks J. Gibson R. Drohan G. Senkbeil B. Daniel J M. Greene S. Cubillas J. Godwin L. Jeffrey w I • H. Jeffrey J. Kaiser G. Griffin M. Grevemberg ? S. Kinsman M. Kemen L. Knight C. King M. Lawrence P. Kimbro E. Lowe 9 p VmDyk, I » .:■« J. n P. Swindle T L. McCoy W9 S. Lund H P. Marshall S. McKee N. McCurry R. Matthews K. Meier JP l| J. Mooney F . Moye B. Muller P. Mitchell B. Rummel M. Slowik A. Shoemaker J. Richards E. Park wm J. Upchurch S. Rich S. Smith M. Solms A. Taylor S. Tobias J C. Spring V S. Waldrip b. Work J. Wagner ■• M. Summerfield G. Whiteman G. Zeigler C. Willis K. Wimbish chi omega President, Diane Gresham Vice president, Luciie Dennison Secretary, Corinne Brown Treasurer, Mae Mays T. Able M. Adkins ' Zf A. Alston L. Avery M. Anderson 1 S. Brown L. Barrow s. Bowen - ► C. Brown J. Broome L_. Bowers J. Brooks J. Buhr M. Buhr E. Chatfield J. Cannon M. Carithers E. Calhoun P B. Burrell S. Butler J. Burt B. Byars B. Coggins M. J. Coleman G. Clary A. Cheshire 4 1 J. Dawson J. Condon - S V. Dardin _ C. A. Dekle L. Dennison J. Elkins N 1. Estes A. DuRant G. Eberhart G. Durham N 1. Finch D. Ellis C. Gower M. J. Finney D. Gresham S. Hannah C. Grider S. Fitts H. Hosch 292 D. Howland D. Hulslander f f K. Lott n J. Martn I M.Pemx J I. 5 D. Hewlett m ' ■Worn , p ff . Hurt V. t ' L. Lindgreen J. Jenkins B. Jones L. Jordan IP ; CMn K. Lott M. Magill S. Magill C. Marchman f " | If Iff i M. Oxborne S. Wingard J. Zimmerman C. Zimmerman chi phi President, Kip Morse Vice president, Gene Kelly Secretary, John McEllen Treasurer, Robby Williams ' ■ I. Smith J. Peters M5JI MlM p J. Traylor " W W W . D. Trent _ -4 P N. Turner W. Tyo R. Williams ■I A. Turner G. Wilson J. Wimberly R. Wood 295 W. Wilson R. Wilson M. Wright C. Wyatt chi psi President, Harold White, Jr. Vice president, Howard Elliott Secretary, Jonathan Brookshire Treasurer, Kenneth Kerby, Jr. iTM " il C. Metts K. Kirby H. Merritt B. Hattendorf D- Maury 296 l_. Holden J. Womack R. Whitehead delta chi President, Jerry Whistenant Vice president, David Arrington Secretary, John Neidlinger Treasurer, Joe Montgomery J. Montgomery G. Wills 298 delta gamma President, Jan Furches Vice president, Patricia Owen Secretary, Blitch Ann Bird Treasurer, Carlene Moore L. Williams A. Watson delta delta delta President, Anita Talley Vice president, Cathy Healy Secretary Susan Martin Treasurer, Bunny Sanders 5 UflP U H. Adams J. Awtrey S. Bailey L. Bishop M. Black P. Bowers S. Bramblett P. Blackwell J. Bledsoe N. Brice B. Branyon P. Cress 5» f i A. Ewing G. Ferris K. Flynt M. Gay ■H] c . Garrett J. Hedrick M. Jackson D. Kingston T. Latchum D. Bandy C. Baker D. Blomgren K. Blythe D. Crawford B. Bruce N. Bunn i G. Brown L. Brown u. urown w J. Davis A. Dalgliesh MHH M. Davis R- Dominy xj| J. Foster J. Freeman K. Harber E. Gibbs C. Grogan H. Gladden H. Gladden J. Jarvis J- Kennedy S. Jones M. Juhan W G. Lester J. Lester " If j.wC ilfcua! i MM T f CM C. Healy ' l n I : ,- D. Veil (I •• T . » J. Logan %v s w A. McCullough C. McDonald G. Martin J. Mathes S. Martin • Mi Crnvfonj S. McLeod I IP w L. Merritt B. Muirhead • OM ' Hominy n I in. rvii: P 3 M. Milligan H pa J. Milligan • ' g M. Quint S. Owen T. Paugh C. Reed J. Paynter M. Roberson 4 ' J. Rodefeld L. Rounds 1 L. Rowan N. Rushton r ' K. Stephens K. Stephen D. Veal C. Stewart M. Wade W. Summerour ISP A. Talley H . Thornton L. Williams J. Walker J. Wickersham « — l_. Williams E. Yancey W. Willingham 301 C. Young delta phi epsilon President, Jeanie Page Vice president, Marlene Goldberg Secretary, Judy Feldman Treasurer, Helene Miller E. Abelkop f If K. Caslar C. Adler M. Anapol R Applebai C. Aronstam B. Siresky D. Cohen L. Cohen ♦% S. Cole L. Cohen J. Feldman B. Enenstein f5 B. Frank A. Gerson J. Horowitz M. Goldberg 8tf J. Katzif w K. Kaye ( D. Goldstein G. Kraselsky A- Hirsch " f J MaS ' ia %V reenbers ■■■ et ] |f k M 1 ' ■ Lvons H. MiNer J.Laderber W J " J 1 A - Kru « er m. Levin 1% C. Lind N. Lodinger A. Rosenberg t B. Rosenberg S. Rosenberg C. Rosenthal ft M. Rothman J. Royal D. Sutker B. Slaughter delta tau delta President, James Myrick Vice president, Gary Goss Secretary, Mac Nelms Treasurer, Goree Waugh W. Beasley F. Coloy M. Davis T. Collins J P. COOK W. Decker W. Ellis B. Donnelly " » f M. Finger J. Miller I B. Myrick G. Goss J- Hess IE B. Slaugenhop delta zeta President, Jo Ann Bruner Vice president, Susan Holder Secretary, Barbara Castleberry Treasurer, Janie Lamb l_. Anderson D. Austin L. Basye C. Blackman L. Best ■ " ■ I B. Castleberry C. Cody J. Bruner M. Couey T9«f C. Cram M. Crawford A. Ellis M. Fort F. Adams M. Benson S. Brown S. Cooley C. Curran E. Edwards C. Goss V J. Harris 7J E. Hearn S. Hargrove B. Hammett D. Hagerman 5r A. Hughes I D. Hasty S. Holder ; -Sttw», 306 S. Jollett L. Jolly C. Jones fl L. Kendall B. King N. Klemann J. Jones J. Lamb f T S. Loggins C. Lucas rT 1% L. McAbee H J. McCall , ..f %0 S. Stewart C. Spray berry T. Thatcher J. Williamson J. Sutton I. Walters kappa alpha President, Timothy Furlow Vice president, William Knox Secretary, Joseph E. Morgan Treasurer, Barton Baldwin 1 R. Bishop ki - :.■■ R. Bolford J. Duckworth R. Foster J. Blakesmith l W.GW Si 9 M. Blanchard R. Elmore W. Farfour A. Erwin •M r. E. Feagin - T» 308 Furlow A. Hinson C. Harris W. Glover • ' s mJ n. i FI W i fti f H. Harris B. Hart B. Joiner W. Hoyt N. Holloway R. Jones R. Harris C. Harris S. King J. Head J. Jopling = " B. Knox rA + w - Ma cNabb 1 F. Nolan T. Murphy E. Morgan T. Warlick G. Zachry p kappa alpha theta President, Martha Hale Vice president, Fran Jarrell Secretary, Linda Seawell Treasurer, Sally Rich N. Alfriend R . Anderson J. Bickerstaff P. Binneveld B. Batchelor D. Baldridge C. Auston l_. Brewster l_. Bradley L. Bomar yi B. Brown S. Butts S. Brinson T1 Tf B. Cobb D. Cowley K. Cheek C. Chapman M. Cartledge V. Campbell B. Carey iW J. Duffey C. Duggan 1_. Dobbs S. Creel S. Dickinson Kl I vr 3 B. Oliver f!i C.W S. Kennedy C. King D. Kitchens J. Lewis S | V S .;--. ' f - n Tl «•« , , « im D Cowley Ml y - Np f B R j. jordtf R. Milam B. Oliver C. Rich P. Manor J. Mann £3F S. Martin P P. Means G. McCrary J. McGaha w. McGowan E. Maxwell S » S. Moore Wf A. Munford N. Patton S. Peck t5? B. Pittard S. Murphy E. Ransom N. Pruitt M. Pope L. Rabb R. Roddenbery S. Rich S. Ritchie P. Rogers " J. Saussy m M. Severud B. Stanley ! :. :7 M. Stanton M. Staples V.T L. Seawell jjftte- I s ' Stephensor M. Vining A. Vollentine —WM A. Waters K. Strickland p. Terry G. Thomas w l_. Whatley P. Spears K. Thomas C. Traeger L. Turnbull a N. Whitaker m p. Wilson P. Williams S. Williams 311 L. Willis L. Wood kappa delta President, Sandy Owens Vice president, Betsy Parker Secretary, Mary Dalness Treasurer, Carol Brodnax p vr K. Adair C. Brodnax Bell D. Ballas A. Beall R. Anderson IM. Burdick V M. Clark S. Carter D. Centola A. Burnsed N. Connors J. Cope P. Clay V. Dalton 1 K. De Vore J. Oimon M. Dalness C. Fair C. Dodd R. Farnum J. Estes K. Duval I u K. Gower M. Houseal D. Hodges T A. Jerome 9 N. Donald B. Cowan B. Dallas D. Douglas S. Downs W 9 f i i «h A. Fricks M. Gil lon B. Jarrell . Mm I KSpin J. Gnann . fl S Downs M. Lay ton Mil B E. Jones JMM S. Melet HI M. McKeown W S L B. Lindsay Jltoilft v ' M. Norris R. O ' Callaghan J. Meyer S. Nelson j » " CM P w If S. Renfroe G. Price M. Phelan B. Polatty M. Sheahan J. Reynolds R- Royster M. Sewell K. Shadix p •«■ . k _ 1 E. Sanders rtJ H J. Selman J. Thornton n »•«— 3 mr r F I v B.J 1 K. Spindle T. Watts P. White ■ ■ Whitener l P B. J. Wood K. Woodruff M. Wickliffe L. Williamson kappa kappa gamma President, Mary Ann Harrold Vice president, Becky Lindsey Secretary, Larry Young Treasurer, Barbara Pond A. Barge r r n P. Bowden B. Blanchard H. Ames hkm S. Beard N. Davis C Cunningham A. Epting M. DeVita A. Fordham W£ - A. Gude y P M. Harrold H. Gude J. Jeffreys 3P J J. Kelly S. King C Duff n L. Freeman L. French S. Frazier C. Harris N. Guest B. Hagey D. Harris B. Hawk V. Hawley v " rf F. Henning P. High D. Johnson r J. Hoffman P J. Hollingsworth B ff r l J. Cauthen w J 14 Vi Bozman 1 r ▼ PH Wf K. Cartledge r I - M. Cavender J. Evans N ' • " r r v ' K.I M. Chapman U« f 5 UMM) 8 D J M i S. Hulsey ' S:t.. S. Mlges 1 %! , 314 » ' ««» I I ' Cmm 5 M.CHW K. Lanier L. Lee If B. Lindsey D. Long f g rt r 9 J. Mcintosh E. Lide h- E. MacGregor B. Maffett J. Newton S. Mosley M. Merritt P. Orr ' S.H » f ; gK R. Spratlin S. Spickerman P. Owens H. Owen E. Marshall C. Pierce B. Pond C. Sheriff T. Richardson L. Price L. Richardson S. Roberts w C. Stephenson C. Robbins 9 B. Smith S. Simpson M. Singletary N. Swift 7 T. Sterne V D. Ulrici C. Sweet L. Turman J. White S. Washburn S. Wheeler VJ9H G. Williams B. Young S. Williams B. Worthington M. Wright J. Young L. Young 315 A. Youmans kappa sigma President, Richard Grimm Vice president, Robert McKinnon Secretary, Glenn Black Treasurer, Thad Riddle R. Harrill T. Harris D. Jolly B. Kelly W. Kent R. Jones R. McKinnon D. Millard H. Mashburn 1 C. Minor J. Neal R. Padgett T. Mullinax J. Murray K. Moore A. Moore T. Sellers M. Smith M. Smith V ' A v l H. Rominger H. Rhodes J. Riddle ■» f I mk W. Rivers J. Rutledge W. Smith ■ ■ Squier D. Studdard S. Eugene S. Stevens D. Summers G. Talbert J. Stone R. Tucker T. Westbrook E. Wiggins 2 3W R. Weeks p. William R. Wimberry D. Wrenn lambda chi alpha President, Gary Roberts Vice president, Dick Freeman Secretary, George Baxter Treasurer, Beachie Wray R. Harrell J. Hennings K. Hilley S. McMichael C. Moran ill M - Ley 0% C. Leathers r . W £ JKVjfl L. Nalley f I ' D. Mote P. Parkerson R. Parkerson J. Peoples H. Wilbur j Wilkinson farmhouse President, Rex Edmonds Vice president, Thad Willson Secretary, Howard Perry Treasurer, Larry Frazier R. Edmonds C. Meeks A. SanFratello 320 B. Johnstone Hunter a dim M. Agnew phi kappa theta President, Hugh Platten Vice president, Mike Agnew Secretary, Don Ritchie Treasurer, Hans Broder J. Booz W. Beasley B. Cavan H. Broder Wmk tf ' JL b A. OAmbrosio r% mm % m ' r. M. Davis J» K ) a! mm P mm T " S» i P T , Duffey . R. Mosely R. Maggiore P. Kleeman Flynn D. Rienzo E. Quill H. Platten D. Ritchie 17 K. Stula p. Schreck A. Thibodeau 321 p. Woodhall phi epsilon pi President, Franklin Trell Vice president, Robert Chanin Secretary, Donald Friedman Treasurer, Fred Barnett P. Ducoffe F. Trell J. (Mint 322 mma delta President, Christy Blaine Vice president, Jeff Kryder Secretary, Morris Bradshaw Treasurer, Chuck Crump D. Willard phi delta theta President, Tom Beard Vice president, Al Tyre Secretary, Phil Greene Treasurer, Jim Williams i D. Hughes ■ B. Hulslander 1 D. Mangham L. LW I .. J. McGoogan B. Thompson f T. Mobley D. Mrachek D. Newton K ■ ■ Newton H. Newton x . J. O ' Neal R. O ' Callaghan 2 J. Pennington J. Robinson J. Steedman A. Tyre E. Vandiver M. Wood ? ■ L r MP? ' J. Williams B. Wisdom phi kappa tau President, Robert Kinard Vice president, Donny James Secretary, Buddy Childs Treasurer, John Hatcher M. Florence F. Haley J. Hatcher I i T. Henry 326 IP Hfc D. Mitchell i m B Mehl T. Moss ¥1 tfrg T. Ouzts 1H k H flkS 2 K B - Ragsdale C. Padgett J. Pool W. Read R. Sumner M. Skaggs C. Swing K. Thomason C. Van Rysselberge ttl J. Fain E. Wheeler 327 phi mu President, Ashley Taliaferro Vice president, Suzanne Barnes Secretary, Linda Kight Treasurer, Jane Pierce H. Cheshire S. Driskell gjH ca n-.-_ 4. . S. Griffin B. Barrett A. Fortune w. Gray N. Hammond I 328 w M. Harris U C. Head P:f B. Clark C. Copeland C. Hodges M. Holland N. Hobgood S. Harris S. Hinson j - a rt " : I . MM 52 " I, f A. Howard F? !■ Hoskins ■ Hunter LJ pi beta phi President, Beth Dyer Vice president, Carol Clum Secretary, Maureen Waindle Treasurer, Linda Hollman V T C. Buda K. Barton PM. Brown C. Bradbury G. Brittain R Butler J. Byerly S. Chestnut D. Clark C. Clum D. Davis S. Craig C. Daniel S. Condon G. Davis E. Finger A. Fleming K. Fristoe K. Hopkins C. Hughes J. Kenimer D. Jernigan f i-Stnfbrd S. Jeffrey 330 J. Inman 9 ft Dm C. Hughes L. Komac M. Kilgore W p S. Laney M. Kyle L. Lane K. Kyle J. Lent L. Logan t w " P. Ludlow B. Manley C. Maund T% 3P Ml jjf O. MoredocK M M| M. McNair ' J , __ M. McNeal J. McLemor ! r S. McBride A . oisen J. Owens 9 9 9 C. Richardson F3r P D. Rosser f B V- B - ■ Patterson R. Sharp B. Shook w w p W w S. Sanford c S i mpS on D. Smith j. Sumner J| w D. Whitcomb A. Turner H. Symmes L. Tassin A. Young pi kappa alpha President, Michael Sullivan Vice president, Ronald Sorrow Secretary, Carl Voelker Treasurer, William Shearouse J. Long B. Razzouk pi kappa phi President, Steve Wood Vice president, Tom Robinson Secretary, Dink Nesmith Treasurer, Hank Hamilton W. Hatcher B. Hill ' Bon J. Lester M. Lewis T. Mallory C. Munhall i D. Nesmith T. Nelson B. O ' Brien — V R. O ' neill C. Parks C. Owen S. Powell M.uwrtoei G. Stone S. Smith : • : - " T. Robertson jfl Wk M g» T. Robinson N. Satterthwaite r h in ■■■ S. Wood W. Shankle D. Tanner M. Thompson T. Wages J. Scholfield tf J. Thurman B. Woodruff B. Wendell R. Waters K. Wall M. Ward 335 D. Worley H. White R. Tyler sigma alpha epsilon President, Malcolm Everett Vice president, Calvin Evans Secretary, Mat Swift Treasurer, Jesse Palmer 1 f T. Pendens 336 B. Holland I KM R. Powell T. Pendergrast M. McClure W. McConnell P $ — - iii it D. Price d. Reddick H. Westbrook J. Ward D. Wilkins p. yow 337 sigma chi President, Nesbit Dasher Vice president, Jimmy Goodroe Secretary, Rudy Shirley Treasurer, Al Dasher F hnm J. Goodroe R. Haney R. Hooks III ft. HtfnphriH O.Jonn S. McQueen R. Shirley P. Scarborough S. Sutton A I R. Kohn M. Logsdon C - Mann R. Owens P. Odom R. Smith H. Sims tffr J. Swart R. Thiebaut L. Thompson if J. Walker R. Warner T. Jones R. Kirkpatrick B. Lane J. Klein J. Lee I C. Mann D. McGowan I J. Manning W. Poulson G. Petrie W. Perry 22 T. Price J. Prickett B. Riley L. Torrence K. Waldrop L. White J. Wisehart sigma delta tau President, Marsha Kaplan Vice president, Ellen Polk Secretary, Carolyn Cohen Treasurer, Barbara Kruger m. Alien w w jr. B. Bayme Z. Behr S. Allen M. Ball J. Barnett T S. Belger S. Bolgla M. Cohen K. Cohen J. Coplon M. Goldstein M. Cohen C. Galanti P. Fraley S. Fligel . ■U Aj S. Grol A. Friedman p. Hewett J. Kahn (• G. Kline w f S. Klitzner S. Hassor M. Kaplan A. Kruger K. Kornman D. Lefkowitz M. Leder C. Lipsitz l_. Koblenz C. Gould B. Kruger ■ hltMn G. Price N. Rabin J. Rabinowitz W ' S_ w M. Salkin r B J. Solomon S. Rainbow R. Schreck K. Ratthaus n R. Sulman m • 1 G. Solnik B. Tabackman H. Strauss B. Sternthall H . Whlfelder F 5 ■R sigma kappa President, Sherry Swett Vice president, Carol Crymes Secretary, Cheryl Hardison Treasurer, Debra Strickland D. Baker M. Beasley G. Brantley L. Bell C. Cherry S. Caras C. Caudell C. Davis M. Daniels L. Fulghum A. Elder ? P. Gamadanis N. Gregory , f S. Hill D. Goldin w C. Hardison P. Harwell 17 W. Braswell L. Callaway c Von canon S. Brinkley f T B. Daniel C. Crymes J. Clarke ■ « S. Cook B. Jenkins J. Guidotti P ' " SJ S. Hounsom C. Jones J. Johnson J. Jones E. Keith Or J. Lambert D. McCrea •( ;«£•« ' C " » J. MCV« n = Saul 342 B. Lester S. Hunter L. Jackson I iS» w ■» i C Von Canon IP mm C. McElveen C. McLaughlin J. McVey j. Metzler R. Wood G. Williamson sigma nu President, Harry Greene Vice president, Danny Sorrells Secretary, Jim Hines Treasurer, Steve Tumlin W. Daniel J. Carswell J. Cobb A. Davis L. Davis B. Dollar p. Edwards J. Fair C. Finch R. Folmar W. Harvey D. Hulbert J. Hudson J. Hines E. Hight D. Johnson O. Howell J. Hornbuckle D. Hayes 344 D. Lewis |j S " " " t r t. Tin B. Garland L. Gilbert H. Greene B Love jMr Iv R- Watson , j " " % % ., J R. Walden ' " 1 BLAm f Jf ■ H% A I ■■Er aHB —M - ■ Watson l|fl . A a A H. woolloy S. Tumlin s T. Turner B. Timbes M. Thomas A. Thomas ' ™ G.Spencer | J W. Stanfill WL M G. Parrish sigma phi epsilon President, Bob Mathis Vice president, John Murphy Secretary, Steve Kimbro Treasurer, Paul Johnson C. Alford G. Brooks R. Booth J. Alford W. Alford A. Barker H. Brooks J. Brooks J. Bruner J. Chambers W. Childers F. Christiansen R. Cowden D. Daniels J. Dodd t-: m D. Formby G. Donaldson J. Gillam K. Fisher J. Elder R. Dyer W. Hopper gf ' A M M T. Harris H. Harvell - 1, r P. Johnson ■H - £ J. Gottschalk ' -» — . ' K. _» , Tj D - Hearin Hl l MB m J ' Huggins H P. Joseph SMS S. Kimbro C. Kendrick R. Laseter J. Hatch G. Harmon B. Kane M - i-assiter J. Phelps B. Mathis rz sigma pi President, William Blackmon Vice president, Marcus Reed Secretary, William Cantrell Treasurer, Arthur Wallace H. Avery J. Barnwell R. Bearden O. Brown G. Busko ■ Layfiew E. Watkins J 0O HjySiett .! ' L. Smith tau epsilon phi President, Hill Feinberg Vice president, Larry Schulman Secretary, Steve Cohen Treasurer, Howie Hyman H. Hyman S. Floersheim P. Isaac R. Kramer 350 M. Turetsky . rz zeta tau alpha President, Mary Anne Cleveland Vice president, Sharon Lamb Secretary, Judy Stetson Treasurer, Florrie Glendenning V. Adair J. Altman m B. Boyd B. Brown D. Bennett iP J. Cone M. Oavis S. Duffy I T. Driskell C. Edenfield G. Edwards M. Greenman S. Griffin f V. Abney + w R. Barrow P. Andrews D. Atwater M. Andrews M. Cleveland WK ' N. Chitwood J. Brown M. Collins J. Cochran G. Cochran w L. Couchman G. Copeland A. Costello F. Glendenning J. Gnann S. Morga " f B • " C PI B. Pascttf B. Emmett B. Fears ■ -» " 9 ■« B ■? S. Hudson a. Hunt W. Henderson N. Horen J. Hurley H . Laber 4 S. Lamb 352 D. Hambrick C. Lee S = ■..■ w I S: " Collins . J-Jtl " A. Hunt $ if W B. Mock ff S. Morgan b. Musarra P. pace B. Parsons C. Palmer B. Paschal N. Price J. Stetson S. Shires P M. Smith L. Proffitt K. Ray l_. Rhodes J. Sosebee j. Stanley A. Spiller r W C. Strother A. Vuchetich J J. Tillman E. Veatch D. Svatos T. Tolbert m. Wiley h. Miguel W _m S. Ricketson w S. Schell «- R. Schmitt D. Ward M. Warnock I A. Whitlow PS. Whalen B. Yeager C. Williams 353 E. Williamson theta chi President, John Robinson Vice president, Malcolm Jowers Secretary, John Mason Treasurer, Pat Waldron !£ tii K. Bladen T. Hendrick M. Jowers B. Hendrick S. Gould J. Edwards 5 W p - Collinsworth H Sj ... ?P W$]k ° " jfr AS P (• P J. Campbell = " ( {M T. Lindsey l E A " « ' i: " i D. Pershing L. Staulcup J. Weaver C. Summerlin 354 S :;::« T, Mvtr Mtr m I 5% 1 i T, Lmasey H tfl I D Andrews Lj? I B C. Addis alpha kappa psi President, Gene Windham Vice president, Drew Story Secretary, Al Spillers Treasurer, Andy Gill B. Anderson R. Bailey . ; Iff i R. Black L. Bridges B. Carroll J. Bates J. Cody J. Cox B. Cochran R. Christian S. Carter i_. Crandell 1 u H.Smitti a j weW S. Sharp 355 ■Tm t 111 l_. Warnock G. Windham $ " N0 " Colonel Robert P. Crow Professor of Aerospace Studies air force rote Captain Eugene Haskins Instructor k N Instructor 358 Hi cerotc Captain Robert L. Levison Instructor . Captain William R. Carroll Instructor Major Edward E. Jarvis Instructor Major William D. Garner Instructor 359 Major Charles H. Keek Instructor administration SSgt. Ucal D. Cohron, Jr. TSgt. Johnny J. Coleman SSgt. Larry D. Freeman SSgt. Charles Lowry, Jr. TSgt. Carl F. Niswander SSgt. Francis D. Roberts SSgt. Allen H. Stever wing staff l_t. Col. Ronald Channell Lt. Col. Randolph Dudley l_t. Col. Henry Garrard III Lt. Col. Randolph Jones Lt. Col. William Le Cain Lt. Col. Richard Oxford Lt. Col. Richard Peck Lt. Col. James Self Lt. Col. Carl Swearingen Lt. Col. Gary Szwast Lt. Col. Larry Thrailkill 361 m h ft: Lt. Col. Frederick Ehrlich group commanders Group I, Lt. Col. Frederick Ehrlich Group II, Lt. Col. Robert Hinsch Group III, Lt. Col. Robert Simpson Group IV, Lt. Col. Ronald T. Sorrow Group V, Lt. Col. Nelson Garnett Lt. Col. Robert Hinsch A Lt. Col. Robert Simpson Lt. Col. Ronald T. Sorrow Lt. Col. Nelson Garnett 362 m Commander, Lt. R. C. Elsdon jirtft Commander, Lt. G. A. Dressel 363 group 1 Squadron 12 Squadron 13 group 2 Squadron 21 Commander, Lt. P. C. Hutcheson Squadron 22 Commander, Lt. J. W. Walker Squadron 23 Commander, Lt. T. L. Edwards 364 un» . , ' . MK ---:.r.i group 3 Commander, Lt. L. A. Norman Commander, Lt. D. H. Hendon 365 Squadron 32 Squadron 33 ■ group 4 Squadron 41 Commander, l_t. L. P. House Squadron 42 Commander, Lt. J. D. Fagan QaaaA Squadron 43 Commander, Lt. V. M. Armistead 366 t kk , l U J D Pagan I if ArmsBad group 5 Commander, Lt. T. H. Phillips Commander, Lt. R. E. Chanin Commander, l_t. B. C. Love Squadron 51 Squadron 52 Squadron 53 367 silver blades Commander, Robert S. Harris j at DaleAn janAwtry Louise Be Ju dyBicW«w f janeBrooW Betti Carey Donna Cert Louise Cole Andy Da Barbara D 1 Lucy Em Sandy Pitts Gwen Fonjhanc AdeHeFnedman LeS i:e MM Mary Lou Holrt Ann Hun janeKimbnl jULaubacrw Gwen Man CherMcCHod Molly Magi Sharon Magi L 368 angel flight Commander, Linda Seawell Executive Officer, Kay Harber Drill Instructor, Lynda Ivey Comptroller, Dianne Kingston Administrative Officer, Roberta Roddenberry Materiel Officer, Jane Condon Information Officer, Honey Clein Dale Andrews Jan Awtry Louise Beavers Judy Bickerstaff Jane Brooks Beth Carey Donna Centola Louise Cole Andy Dalgleish Barbara Dallas Lucy Erwin Sandy Fitts Gwen Forehand Adelle Friedman Leslie Friedman Mary Lou Holland Ann Hunter Jane Kimbrell Jill Laubacher Gwen Martin Cher McCleod Molly Magill Sharon Magill Judy Mann Julianne Murray Julie Musgrove Frannie Oliver Ellen Potter Janet Rabinowitz Esther Ransom Patty Richards Barbara Roth Elise Shapiro Betty Slaughter Lyn Souther Susan Spickerman Lilly Stern Barbara Thornton Donna Ulrici Pat Warson Cristy Waters Jeannie Wickersham Kathy Woodruff Bonnie Young Cay Young Helena Zimmerman 369 air force color guard air force rote band Band Commander, Second Lt. Samuel Fite Paul Barrett Charles Berry Marvin Butts Scott Cathey Charles Chalker John Cavil Charles Davis Abner Dickson John Ewing Jerry Gerson John Gilley Daniel Glass Phil Grevenstein Tim Hall Rick Hammond Van Haywood Charles Henderson James Houston Allem Humphrey William Jarrett Peter Klein Mike Tassiter Daniel Lamb Andrew Mclear Bonnie Mitchell Roger Mull Joseph Nelson Jerry Norman Rodney Pritchett Phil Reed Alan Rigsby Stanley Tatum Harry Thompson Nolan Walters Wendell Williams William Young Assistant PMS, Captain Ed Stead Assistant PMS, Sergeant Jesse Lunsford Assistant PMS, Major Jason Hoffman Assistant PMS, Captain Spurgeon Ambrose Assistant PMS, Captain Michael Morse Assistant PMS, M Sgt. Carl Hutto 372 ' ■ I army rote instructors Sergeant Major William Franklin Specialist Lee Miller Sergeant Bobby Mason Major William Shirley Sergeant Robert Hendrick Sergeant Robert Gonzales Lieutenant Colonel Richard Gecoma Major Charlie Andreas Major Anthony Herbert Major Gary Race brigade staff Clyde Aderhold Edward Bryan Edward Gillespie Steven Moushegian Jerry Walker James Wood 373 n scabbard and blade X i Captain, Jerry Walker Luther Bridges Gary Cannon Charles Claiborne Clifton Crews Robert Deemer Corky Hilton Marion Ivey Keith Linse Walter Schmidt Peter Shockley George Steinbridge John Swint Elmer Tanksley battalions First Battalion Commander, James E. Morrison Second Battalion Commander, D. W. Levinge Third, Battalion Commander, Joseph B. Waters Fourth Battalion Commander, George Walker first battalion Commander, Capt. Alfred Carver Company B Commander, Capt. John Swint Company C iX Commander, Capt. Raymond Patricio Company D 376 H e second battalion Company A Commander, Capt. S. Critchfield Company B Company C Commander, Capt. Simon Cohn Commander, Capt. J. Story Company D Commander, Capt. Harry Hottell 377 J third battalion 3 4 HSA fl . ' ! !rS ■ ■-.. " ■■ . .-. ■. Commander, Capt. B. Lennington Company A ■MWflW Commander, Capt. Bruce Langford Company B Commander, Capt. J. Frost Company C Commander, Capt. Thomas Wright Company D 378 r 11,11 fourth battalion Company A Commander, Capt. R. M. Deemer Company B Commander, Capt. J. M. Dye Company C Commander, Capt. Theodore Mataxis Company D Commander, Capt. Ruel Parker 379 belle corps t y Commander, Ruth Barrow Deputy Commander, Sandy Owens Executive Officer, Sara Portman Administrative Officer, Linda Brown Finance Officer, Angela Hunt Operations Officer, Bunny Sanders Supply Officer, Jo Anne Gunby Public Information Officer, Carol Clum Betsy Aitken Marcl Ball Anita Beall Lynn Betts Sharry Brinson Barbara Castleberry Katie Cohen Lynn Cohen Dale Crawford Nancy Dakan Gene Daniels Cecelia David Meredith Davis Melissa Douglas Sheryl Driskell Judi Durrett Cindy Engle Linda Everhart Rosemary Farnum Linda Greenberg Leslie Grider Cecelia Grider Barbara Hagey Beverly Hall Carol Head Wanda Henderson Gloria Hill Anne Howard Donna Howland Karen Konnickel Connie Lawson Judy Lent Ellen Lively Linda Logan Debbie Mcintosh Candy Miller Chris Newby Betsy Parker Leslie Parker Barbara Parsons Millie Payne Sally Peck Susan Purswell Pat Rogers Sandra Saggus Mimi Salkin Mary Schroeder Kaye Shadix Cathy Sheriff Jane Simpson Debbie Spector Page Steinmann Caroline Strother Bobbie Tabackman Barbara Taylor Helen Thornton Terri Wilson pershing rifles Commander, Elmer Lee Tanksley- 3 Earnest Bachman Robert Banning David Barrett Alan Bowman Harvey Brown Roger Cain Charles Claiborne William Dekle James Delashaw Charles Dennis James Evans Dale Johnson Bruce Kilgore Derrell Lee Stephen Libby Russell Maples Henry Osborne Larry Parks Aaron Pass Joe Pendergrass John Pertsch William Pounder Charles Rice Stephen Rollison Van Searcy Harry Sewell John Sosebee John Todd Lee Trimble Edward Tyler Byron Vansant John Vaughan Frank Vella John Wasson Mike Wohner Crisp Flynt Janie Reynolds Stephen Davis Jane Evans Robert Williams rifle team Richard Hayes Robert Jones Truitt Mallery Hugh Hammentree Henry Osborne counte 382 ill M Aldridge D. Littlefield R. Allen D. Lucas T. Alvis E. Malone P. Arnold D. Mansell C. Ashley C. Martin R. Bates G. McCallum G. Benator D. McLeroy R. Braddy H. Midgette H. Bruce L. Mitchell J. Bryant T. Moss J. Burger K. Ohberg R. Butts N. Ohbert A. Cassidy L. O ' Riley D. Cheek T. Paris J. Cook H. Patterson C. Crews F. Petroski B. David B. Roberson J. Eubands S. Root T. Gabriel D. Saunders J. Garner W . Short R. Greene c. Simon R. Hammock R. Simpson T. Harrell A. Smith R. Hayes S. Smith A. Haygood T. Smith J. Hazelrigs F. Stokes N. Hennessey D. Summerhill J. Irwin P. Sunday R. Jacobson A. Tyner R. Joe G. Ward D Johnson P. Ward N Keith M Warren B. Kelly R. Watson M Kelly J. Whistenant J. Kennedy J. Wiggins G. Lancaster A. Williams D. Lawson J. Woodruff M Liberman E. Young counter-guerilla company 383 army rote band Commander, John Mote s I. Alhadeff J J. Borden R. Cavitt C. Chandler R. Coles I. Davis D. Disney D. Fiesler G. Fleming S. Floirshiem S. Fordham L. Freuend D. Gibson J. Hasty J. Hilliard M. Hunt L. Jackson D. Johnson D. Lambert J. McClain R. McCrary C. McPhall G. Palmer J. Parry J. Paschal A. Piland T. Poole J. Sackellareous R. Seabolt J. Shields A. Smith l_. Smith G. Tolbert S. Towns A. Trader W. Turner R. Veatch T. Wallace W. Watson J. Weldon ! - color guards H Earnest Bachman A. Howeth Dale Johnson Harry Sewell ■ i»Hli f$S ■ ' .J jl_ i f - 11 S3H llPSfl 11 1 AMIIM . mk£ • fH • Sjjfc ' K fl B ! I L J i M ■ i mm Fred C. Davison President of the University of Georgia 389 I " " " Robert C. Anderson Vice President for Research John L. Green Jr. J Vice President for Business and Finance ■ ■ %■ ' ■ ■v Dean John E.Drewry School of Journalism Dean A. M. Herrick-r School of Forestry Dean Mary Spiers School of Home Economics " - l Jk : IJ .. - Dean Lindsey Cowen School of Law V WET Dean Gerald B. Huf Graduate School v VWoA ui Dean Charles A. Stewa School of Social Work Dean L. Meyer Jones OcAbO " db X Dean Kenneth L. Waters School of Veterinary Medicine S 1 ' School of Pharmacy - William Tate Dean of Men Walter N. Danner r Director of Admissions Mary Louise McBee Dean of Women W. Porter Ki Director of Lit John Cox udent Activities college of agriculture Bishop, George Bitters, David Blackwood, Paul Bledsoe, Larry Boffa, Frank Bonfanti, Richard Bostelman, Frederick Brox, Richard Canupp, Don Carlson, David Carpenter, Earl Carroll, Rogers Carver, Alfred Centner, Peter Chapman, Bruce Chappell, Gordon Chester, Louis Cole, Robert Connolly, Tom Crawford, John Crider, Horace Dale, Ronald D ' Ambrosio, Artie Defazio, Allan Dell, William Dodd, Roy | Dollar, James Donatucci, Rosario |, Dryden, John Duggins, Thomas Durrani, Dost Dutton, Robert Egloff, Charles Elliot, James Eunice, Jerald Fennell, George Flewellen, Robert -Folk, John Foshee, Edwin Fowlkes, Richard Abernathy, Jerry Acree, Richard Aiken, Robert Anacker, Matthew Anderson, Peter Ariail, John Arnett, Dean Arnett, Gene Baird, James Barbaree, Earl Barnes, John Barrow, Henry Bedingfield, Eldridge Bell, Carlie Bell, Marcus Beneke, Susan MmmMAim MTM MJ7h WrilTfa • -i 400 IB i ik 9 f P ' y JfMJTkmT Jk th tm Fulbright, Garnett, Garrison, Gibson, Gibson, Giroux, Gleason, Gnann Dennis Nelson James George Walter Joseph Robert Henry Gravett, William Hadsock, Charles Hampston, Dale Haynes, Charles Heath, Jerry Hiott, Floyd Holl, Ronald Henderson, Ashton Herrington, Wycliffe Hood, Charles Hudgens, Harold Humphrey, William Hunter, Brian Ivett, David Jackson, Joe Jeffries, Wesley Johnson, Kendall Keenan, Thomas Kerby, Kenneth Kime, Robert Krom, Raymond Ladue, Vincent Lane, Jimmy Laseter, Robert O T7 T3T _? f " 1 1 ■ ■ 1 1 i» 401 Lemmon, Richard Lin, San-Teh Liggett, Alan Malone, Thomas Marshall, James Martin, David McGee, Willis Meadows, J. B. Milek, Daniel Mitchell, John Morrau, Stephen Morgan, Harris Moss, Billy Myers, Howard Niles, Raymond Nuckolls, Tommy Palmer, Charles Perham, Lloyd Persichelli, Joseph Petrow, Michael Porter, Ralph Quill, Edward Raisinghani, Krishna Ramsey, Brownie Redd, Michael Reddler, Richard Riden, Carl Rienzo, Dominic Riley, Carter Ritchie, Donald Robinson, John Rud d, Calvin Russell, Janet Sanders, Thomas Sanfilippo, Philip Savage, Jimmy Schroeder, Paul Scolaro, Robert Shuman, Henry Sigman, Mike Sorensen, David Steele, Robert Stinson, Robert Strickland, Ronald Stringer, Billy Stubits, Thomas Suber, Ernest Sumner, Ronald Terman, Fred Thibodeau, Allen Thompson, Michael Thompson, Linton Titus, James Tootle, London Tuten, Alvin Uehtmann, Fredrick Vogel, Karl Vought, Chance Wade, Andrea Ward, Ken Ward, Micheal Ward, Murray Webb, Ernest Welborn, Michael Wheeler, Bernard Whiten, Larry Whitwood, Walter Williamson, Warren Youngs, Wayne Zeigler, David 402 Mfl Adams, Cecile Adams, Ronnie Addington, Ronald Akin, Danny Akins, Derene Alexander, Don Alford, John Allen, Anita Allen, Marilyn Allison, Mimi Altman, Jan Amann, Peter Anderson, Ellen Andrews, Gene Appleby, Peter Arnau, Albert college of arts and ▼HSF wy 403 Arrendale, Bruce Atchison, Eve Atkinson, Charles Auston, Cherry Averett, Jack Ayers, Frank Badger, Nancy Baggerly, Patsy Bailey, Garry Bailey, Philip Bailey, Sharon Bailey, Tom Ballard, Richard Baralt, Olga Barker, Al Barron, Dixie Barrow, Ruth Barrow, Scott Batchelor, Becky Bateman, Pearce Baylor, Beverly Beadle, Frank Beall, Thomas Bearden, Maureen Begal, Jerome Behr, Zelda Bell, Becky Bell, David Bell, Lee Benedict, Thomas Bennett, Beth Bennett, Jereal Berry, Carlton Bigham, Marcia Billstein, Douglas Bingham, Sue Bishop, Emmett Bishop, William Black, Jim Blaine, Belford Blakely, Peggy Blakeney, Judy Blaylock, Joan Boedeker, Jay Boguski, Billy Bordeaux, Barbara Bo wen, Betty Bowen, Judy Boyd, Robert Boyle, Thomas Brackin, Sheila Bridges, Alton Brooker, C. B. Brooks, Doug Brooks, Drew Brooks, Leslie Brown, Bryan Brown, D. L. Brown, David Brown, George Brown, Gregory Brown, Sandra Brunson, William Buffington, Gary Burgess, Betty Burkholder, Bruce Burrough, Tom Butler, Sally Butts, Carol Butts, Sally Byars, Barbara Cabaniss, Bill Caldwell, Larry Callaway, Helen Callaway, Kristen Cannon, Jane Canten, Sam Carlisle, Sheila Carr, Elaine Carroll, Gawain Carroll, Mary Carter, Alice Carter, James Carter, Susan Case, Allen Castleberry, Barbara Cates, Mack Cathey, Richard Cavan, Bruce Cavender, Claude Cawthon, Jeannie Certain, John Chamblin, Ann Chandler, Robert Cheek, Katrina Cherry, Cheryl Cheshire, Harrilee Chiles, John Church, Barbara Claiborne, Charles Clarke, J. Caleb Clark, Robert Cleveland, Mary Ann Cleveland, Tommy Coakley, Sandy Coker, Laurie Coleman, John Collins, Lelia Ann Conger, Dave Conger, Gray Connelly, Donald Copeland, Sally Cowan, Cathie Craig, Anne Craven, Carol Crook, Ronald Cubillas, Susan Dalness, Mary Daniel, Dannette Darrah, Don Dasher, Charles Dasher, Marion Davis, Carlos Davis, Helen Davis, James Davis, Marcia Davis, Thomas Daws, Tony Dearing, Thomas Dennard, Tim Dill, David Dinsmore, Edwina Dionne, Barbara Disher, Jan Dittman, Richard Dixon, T. C. IS ' HiW ' P " pp !! ?F f " iJJk a¥± ■IRRWffSGl P fi w W J5P if p 3 f t Pt ? 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Jopling, John Jordan, Jane Jordan, Judy Joseph, Paul Kaiser, Nan Karolyi, Don Keefe, Karen Keel, Grice Keel, Ren Kellum, Henry Kelly, Julie Kemp, Charles Kennerly, B. T. Kersey, Pamela Kincaid, Joseph King, Claire King, Sally King, Tom Kinsman, Susan Lamb, Sharon Lambert, Larry Lambert, William Lancaster, Jeanne Landrum, Cindy Lane, Harriette Lane, John Langford, Alan Lanier, Karen Lanier, Margie Lee, John W. Lee, Lana Leo, Augustine Leonard, Michael Lester, Judy Lester, Larry Glenn Lewis, Robert M. Lichirie, Dahlis Lindsey, Tracy Loesch, John Long, James Long, Suzanne Looper, Randy Loring, Michael Loyd, Tommy Lynch, Diane Maner, Polly Maney, Edie Manlore, David Manly, Lynda Maple, Donald Marchant, Lennon Marshall, J. Daniel Marshall, Thomas Martin, Bernard Martin, James Martin, John Martin, Sarolyn Martin, Rick Martin, Susan Mason, Eleanor Mathews, Cecile Maxwell, Eloise McAbee, Lady McCallum, Larry McClelland, Walter McCloud, Cindy McCollum, Van McCoy, David McCrary, Gail McCullough, Charlene McCutchen, Robert McDaniel, Rosemary McElreen, Corally McKee, Susan McKellar, Robert McKinney, Diane McKinney, Marsha McKnight, Robin McLain, Martha McPherson, Sally McWhirter, Dana Meltzer, Tom Meredith, Ronnie Merritt, Jane Merritt, Margaret Metzler, Janis Miller, John Mitchell, David Mitchell, Linda Mobley, Tom Moody, Berry Moon, Judy Moore, Anne Moore, Bob Moore, Lee Moran, Timothy Morgan, Sandra Morgan, Warren Morris, Marnie Morrison, Sally Moscow, Susan Moskos, Jerry Mounts, Elizabeth Murphy, John Murray, Bill Naman, Durwood Neil, Danny Nelms, Leonard Nelson, Sherri NeSmith, Ralph Nevius, Jill Newell, John Nord, Charles Norman, Pam Norris, Martha O ' Brien, David Odell, Ronny Odom, Parnell Oliver, Mary O ' Neal, Michael Osborne, Gwendoyln Osborne, Riggs Ouzts, Corinne Owen, Jim Oxford, Rick Pace, Almon Padove, Stuart Patterson, Joanne Patti, Howard Palton, Nancy Peavy, John Pedrick, Wilson Perling, Howard Peters, Malcolm Peterson, Sharon Philips, Pam Phillips, Steve Pinner, Randall Poole, Carol Pope, Martha Posey, Henry Powell, John Preston, Steven Preston, Ronald Price, Bettye 4 H PI IMS £+ j k W % y P P 408 ■ .4 .5 . Pritchett, Betsy Pryles, Victor Pryor, Mary Pullen, Joe Raisin, Linda Rast, John Ravita, John Reed, David Reed, Don Rehberg, Kay Reid, Andrea Reid, Elaine Reinecker, Rita Rentz, Ronald Repass, Nona Rich, Kathy Richardson, Laurie Richmond, Steve Riddle, Junior Ridley, Paula Ritch, Paul Robbins, Kenneth Roberts, Eddie Robinson, Lynn Rockwell, Memory Roelofs, Linda Romine, Patty Rosenberg, Bernice Roth, Barbara Ruffo, Lynn Rummel, Rebecca Rushton, Nancy ft 41 409 Russinof, Penny Saliba, Phil San Miguel, Helen Satterthwaite, Newlin Schilb, Lynn Scheppler, William Schnell, Mary Lou Scott, Laurie Screws, Donald Seay, Sandra Senkbeic, Gloria Sentell, Martha Shadron, Marion Shaw, Dwain Shedrow, Barry Sheppard, Brenda Shepherd, Robert Shiflet, Elaine Shipp, Sandra Shook, Douglas Shuman, Harry Simpson, Laura Sipper, Fred Sloan, Wayne Smith, Brenda Smith, Charles Smith, Norman Souther, Sammy Spence, Rhea Spencer, Carol Ann Staples, Marcy Steedman, John Stephenson, Sue Stern, Allen Stewart, Peggy Stine, Veronica Storey, Guy Stowe, Nancy Strickland, Sara Stuart, Hoff Sullivan, Martha Sullivan, M. E. Swanbeck, Robert Sweat, Travis Swett, Sherry Swinford, Mike Swindle, Linka Sykes, Norman Szekeres, Kathleen Terrell, Thelma Thacker, Wayne Thigpen, Patricia Thomas, Kitsy Thomas, Ronnie Thompson, Jimmy Thompson, John Thornton, Barbara Tison, John Traeger, Cindy Traub, Richard Trowell, Robert Truelove, John Tye, William Tyer, Gerald Vail, Nancy Van Dusen, Susan Varnadoe, Jim Vincent, James Waldron, Patrick Walker, Gary Wallace, Robert Ward, Andy Ward, Bernie Ward, Genie Waters, Kristy Waters, Sheila Watson, Nancy Watson, Robert Watts, Tyler Weaver, Shirley Webb, James Webersinn, Amy Welch, Rick West, Joe Westbrook, Dale Westbrook, Peggy Whalen, Jeffrey Whaley, Jacquelyn Whatley, Mary Wheeler, Anita Whiddon, Betty White, Max White, Robert Whitener, Janice Whitford, David Wiemeyer, Kent Wigginton, Susan Williams, J. B. Williams, John Williams, John Williams, Laura Williams, Rachel Williams, Susan Williamson, Elizabeth Wilson, Diane Wilson, Mary Wilson, R. W. Wise, Marilyn Wisenbaker, Nancy Woods, Jack Woodbury, Sally Woodhall, Phil Wren, Carolyn Wright, David Wright, Gerald Wright, John Wright, Larry Wyatt, Frances Wysong, Edward Young, Larry T } -7 -7 " - ' " • " ■ if 11 Aim I ™ ■ B I .€lT J I Ml M 47fcAlk m m 1 i Aaron, John N. Abbott, John T. Adams, A. C. Ill Adams, George Terry Adams, Jerry Adcock, Don W. Addis, Charles Lesley Adilman, Ray A. Agnew, Michael Alfonso, Anthony Alford, Jon L. Allen, William Almon, Ronnie Amass, Bob Anderson, Bobby Anderson, Helen college of business administration - ' « • ?■! • ■ T u - ■ zk fMi?kSh f fMkti iir 1M 1™ Anderson, Jim Anderson, Uealon Anderson, Richard Andrews, Donald Reeve Ansley, Gene Armona, Frederick C. Arnold, Kenneth Arnold, Lorain Joseph Jr. Ayers, Larry Bailey, Robert Vernon Baldwin, Barton W. Ball, Hal Bartlett, William Batchelor, Edward Bates, Jerry Baxter, George Gibbs Beard, Tom Bearden, Richard Beasley, Jimmy H. Beaufort, Ira McDonald Bell, G. Alan Berry, Russell Black, Ron Blackwood, J. O. Jr. Blalock, Billy Blanchard, Martin G. Blitch, Daniel Bloch, Frederick J. Bolt, Phil Bookout, Bobby Gene Booth, Robert Craig Bowers, Sam B. Ill Bowman, John Newton Boyd, Don Bradbury, Carolyn Brady, Terry Brewer, Frank Bridges, Leon G. Brilliant, Stephen Drew Brinson, Marion Brown, Jim Brown, Joseph T. Ill Brown, Patrick John Bruce, E. P. Bryant, Clarence Bryant, Joseph A. Ill Bryant, Thomas Richard Jr. Bullard, Anthony R. 1 Bush, Mike Cain, Tommy Cantrell, Myron Carroll, Benny D. Carswell, Johnny Carter, Danny Reece Carter, Sid W. Caudell, Elliott Chase, Bruce Cheatham, Walter B. Christensen, Lee Christian, Robert A. Christian, William T. Christiansen, Fletcher Christie, David K. Clark, Wayne Clarno, Tom Clements, Al Clements, Rick Cleveland, Roy M. Cloaninger, Bob Cobb, Jimmy Cochran, Broughton Cody, Jerry Coffeen, G. Lamar Cohn, Alan S. Cole, Howard Coleman, Barry Wayne Coles, Rusty A. Collins, John P. Colquitt, Michael Comer, Bruce i " V €$: (IP » J| P. 3 i t p £ ' fetf i fli n ft Conner, Jerry Cooper, E. L. Costello, Ann Counts, Layton Coursey, Steve Cowart, Allen Cox, Anne Cox, James Craig, William Crandell, Larry Crane, Frank Crawford, Newell Croom, David Crump, Charles Crump, Michael Cullens, Thomas Curl, Benny Dabbs, Sam Danziger, Stephen Darracott, Anthony Davis, Bob Davis, Jane Davis, Nancy Jo Detwiler, Bill DeVore, Kathy Dew, Thomas Dixon, Ben Dixon, Byron Dobbs, Danny Dodd, Joel Dominick, James Dorschel, R. J. Dougherty, Michael Downing, Donald Dudley, Thomas Duffey, Mary Dunagan, Gary Dunkleberg, Jay Eckhardt, William Echols, Joel Edmondson, Daryl Edwards, David Eley, Terrell Ellington, Terry Estes, Pinky Estes, Richard Evans, Stephen Ewing, Lloyd Farber, Robert Farr, James Farrar, Charles Feagin, Edwin Ferrelle, John File, Smitty Fincher, Benjy Finnerty, John Fischer, Pat Fitzherald, Larry Fitzgerald, Neal Fletcher, Harold Folk, Joseph Folmar, Rodney Forrester, Phillip Forthe, James Fortson, David Foshee, Randy Fountain, Jess Fowler, John Frampton, Charles Freeman, Dick Frost, John Fudge, James Fulmer, Olin Furlow, Timothy Furr, David Gaines, James Garmon, Joan Garner, Terence Gasaway, Kress Gay, William Gerhardt, Thomas Gheagan, Drury Gibson, Dan Gilbert, Eddie Gill, Andy Goldberg, Richard Grimm, Dick Grogan, Suzanne Groover, Stephen Gunnells, Jimmy Hall, Bill Hall, Lee Hallman, John Hance, Bill Hawey, Robert Harber, Phyllis Harper, James Harper, John Harrell, Richard Harris, Harry Harris, Robert Hatcher, William Hatcher, William Hattendorf, Bill Haugan, Nils Hawk, Jerrell Heilgeist, John Hein, Fred Hellman, Gordon Henderson, Valerie Hendricks, Robert Henson, Larry Higginson, Van Hinson, Angus Holcomb, Mike Holden, William Holland, Greg Hollis, Thomas Holloway, John Hooker, Gene Housworth, Frank Howell, Linn Hulslander, Bob Hunt, James Hunter, Jacky Ingram, Kent Ivey, Marion Jacobs, Larry James, Donny Jarrett, Larry Javetz, Lee Jay, David Jeffords, Ray Jenkins, David Jenkins, George Jernigan, Sandy Johnson, Barry Johnson, Paul Joiner, James Jolly, Hilliard Jolly, Paul Jones, Al Jones, Meta Jones, Richard Jones, Thomas Jones, Tom Kahn, Roger Karpf , Michael Katz, Roy Kavanaugh, Mike Keel, Eugene Keith, Judy Kelly, Pepper Kennon, Gerry Kimbro, Stephen Kinard, Robert King, Larry Kinney, G. M. Kirk, James Knox, W. L. M. Kohn, Larry Kramer, William LeMarsh, Denis Lancaster, Ray Langley, William Lawhorn, Gerald Layfield, Jimmy Legg, Michael Leggett, Mendese Leonard, Jeff Lester, Jim Lever, Charles Leverett, James Levinge, Dennis Lifsey, Mary Little, William ?A t AfL " PI r «i BHB3IIBS- ft ft ft ft ft I ■■i M B H B MBM L- — ■ - h Sfc I ■■H BH in r ft " J 11 ft ft ft ifn ct fa .- M f mink 7 ■ S ft fl% T 4 ' Logan, William Long, John Lord, Albert Luke, David Lund, Suzan Lynd, Patrick Maggiore, Rick Malaier, Ashley Malcom, George Mangham, Dick Mann, Cam Marcus, Gary Marett, Bill Marlow, Leslie Marshall, Gay Martin, Gilbert Martin, Thomas Martin, Tom Machio, Joseph Mashburn, Wes Mason, Hugh Masser, William Massey, Donnie Mathis, Bob Mattox, Jhan Mayo, William McAdams, Larry McClure, Robert McConnell, William McGarity, John McGill, Eugene McKinnon, Lowell McKinnon, R. J. McCoy, James McLaughlin, Charles McMichael, Steve Meredith, Cleve Menleners, Richard Miller, David Miltiades, Milton Mimbs, Jack Mitchell, Loy Moore, Alan Moore, Kirby Moore, James Moore, Vic Morgan, Bobo Morgan, Donald Mosely, John Mullis, David Murphy, Mike Neal, Charles Neely, Thomas Nelson, Gunnar Nelson, Wendy Nesbitt, Edward Newton, John Nichols, Philip Nichols, Tommy Nicholson, Wilkes Novak, Leon Nunn, James O ' Callaghan, Richard Ogden, Jared O ' Keefe, Daniel O ' Kelley, Ed Oliver, James Orr, Douglas O ' Steen, Donald Outlaw, Bud Owens, Charles Owens, Glenn Padgett, Don Palmer, Jesse Palmer, William Pares, Antonio Patrick, Jason Patterson, Jerry Paulding, David Peede, Eddie Peeples, Gary Peevy, J. R. Pennington, Grady Pertsch, Mike Phelps, John Phillips, David Pickren, Tom Pierce, Robert Pinson, Larry Pogue, Larry Poole Randall Pope, Norman Powell, Del Prince, Penny Puckett, Carl Pulos, Charles Purvis, Lonnie Quarles, Richard Bahn, Albert Raines, Carol Rambo, Charles Reddick, David Reed, Jim Reed, Mark Reed, William Rhodes, Richard Riberun, Troy Rice, Edward Rickett, Danny Roberts, Edward Romanell, Joe Rosh, Karl Rowan, William Royall, John Sams, Henry Saunders, Stephen Scarborough, Hershell Schaufele, Fraser Schilb, Jo Schramm, Marvin Seabrook, Guy Sea well, Linda Seagraves, Patrick Self, James Shapiro, Ronald Sharp, Sherman Shaw, James Shensky, Allen Shensky, Jerome Shepherd, Stephen Sheppard, John Sheulin, John Sikes, Wilbur Simonton, Robert Sims, Donald Sims, Harris ■BP t i fkv lt lU 1 1 1 I H M, r £ | +7kJM Alb iL ' ft . Slaugenhop, Bill Sloan, James Slocumb, Robert Smith, Charles Smith, Charles Smith, John Smith, Richard Smoak, David Sorrow, Ronald Souther, Shelton Spears, Nancy Spillers, Al Srotta, Abram Stafford, Ernest Stembridge, George Stevens, Glynn Stevens, Gloria Stevens, Shelton Stewart, Robert Stone, Gerald Stone, Sammy Story, Drew Stroupe, Jerry Sullivan, John Surum, Henry Sweat, Quentin Swing, Charles Tanksley, Lee Taylor, Wingate Thalhimer, William Thames, Allen Thomas, Sam Thompson, Biff Thornton, James Threadgill, Myron Tidmore, Ron Tippins, James Towson, Dean Traylor, Ed Tuck, Michael Turetsky, Mark Turner, Robert Tuten, Jeryl Tyre, Albert Vinson, Travis Wade, John Wade, Walter Walden, Ralph Walker, Jimmy Wallace, Arthur Walters, Irene Walters, Stevie Ward, Harry Warnock, Larry Wash, Sidney Wayne, Tommy Weaver, Ted Weitz, Julian Wellons, Michael Wells, Elliott White, Chuck White, George White, H. Douglas White, Lowell White, William Whiting, Susan Wiggins, Eddie Wilbur, Hugh Wilder, Jim Williams, Carolyn Williams, David Williams, Linda Williams, Lummie Wilson, Robert Windham, Gene Wise, Joel Wolfes, George Wood, Marshall Wood, Steve Woodbury, John Woodruff, Bill Wray, Beachie Wright, Arthur Wyche, Alwyn Yancey, Earle Yarbrough, James York, Robert Grey, Thomas college of education Adair, Karen Adams, Francine Adams, Gary Adams, Margaret Adler, Carolyn Aed, Patricia Akins, Jerrilyn Alger, Ralph Allen Brenda Anderson, Janet Anderson, June Anderson, Marie Arkin, Karen Arnstrong, Ruth Arp, Bennett Atkinson, Elizabeth Atwater, Dee Barr, Victoria Ballas, Cynthia Barnes, Suzanne Baugher, Barbara Beason, Luther Beeler, Alice Belknap, Agnes Bell, Conrad Bell, Linda Bellamy, James Bennett, Don Bennett, Linda Berlin, Susan Benton, Janie Bevers, Gail Black, Judy Blackerby, Nancy Blackmon, Fred Blanchard, Betsy Block, Sharon Bohanan, Becky Bolen, Michael Bourus, Vicki Bowers, Betty Bowman, Sylvia Branyon, Bonnie Braswell, Kay Braziel, Ann Brock, Lucy Brooks, Tellene Brooks, Vicki Brown, Carol Jo Brown, J. E. Brown, Jeanie Brownlow, Jacquelyn Bryant, Sheryl Bryant, Carol Buhr, Judy Bull, Dan ' 1§ H ?1P 418 A 522 ?S Bunker, Rosanne Burcher, Judy Burke, Bonnie Burns, Bob Bush, William Carithers, Martha Carroll, J. Robert Case, Ann Caughman, Gayle Champion, Constance Chandler, Kaye Chastain, Shirley Clary, Ginna Clements, Susan Cobb, Betty Neel Cohan, Ellen Cohen, Louise Cohen, Neala Cole, Sue Cole, Wayne Coley, Roy Compton, Luana Connor, James Connor, John Cook, Phillip Copeland, Ann Coplon, Judy Coppins, Lynn Covey, Marilyn Cowley, Donna Cox, Luther Crawford, Mary Jo 1 wL- Crawford, Paul Cross, Ann Crowley, Skeet Crynes, Carol Curran, Carolyn Currie, Susan Daniel, Barbara Daniel, Dannette Davis, Carol Dawson, Janet Deen, Luzy Deifell, Ann Dekle, J. McAshley DeLoach, Paul Dillard, Susan Dodd, Mildred Dollar, Van Driskell, Thelma Drohan, Rosemary Dunn, Patsy Durden, Roderick Dyar, Susan Dyer, Beth Elliott, Howard Enerstein, Betty Epps, Virginia Etheridge, Martha Fair, Cindi Fairrel, Marilyn Fernald, Patricia Fisher, Janet Fitts, Karen Flynt, Marlin Fowler, Dwain Freeman, Ernest Fricks, Ann Friedlander, Kenneth Fristoe, Kathy Frith, Sherrill Garrett, Betty 419 Gardner, Cara Giles, Judith Gladden, Helen Glover, Mary Godfrey, David Godwin, Janet Goldin, Donna Gooch, Douglas Gordon, Lynn Goss, Carolyn Gould, Ruthann Grantham, Nancy Gray, Alice Gray, A, Van Gray, Wendell Gemmell, Jackson Griner, Carrie Guest, Nancy Gunter, Gloria Hacker, Harriet Haddock, Kathleen Hale, Martha Hale, Sandra Hall, Donald Hall, Susan Hammond, Barbara Harber, Kay Hardage, Glenda Harper, Richard Harris, Sallie Hayes, Patricia Heard, Paula Heery, Marcia Heidt, Sue Henard, Carolyn Henderson, Judy Hicks, Diane Hicks, Sandra Highnote, Margaret Hill, Russell Hirsch, Aelene Holmes, Mary Beth Horen, Nan Howell, Star Hogan, Leigh Holcomb, Edris Holland, Sue Holland, Nancy Hollifield, James Holt, Linda Hudson, Sue Hunnicutt, Margaret Hutto, Ginger Ingram, Johnny James, Peggy Javo, Ellery ' »Who w®m w mmw ? wwmwz $m?G® Jeffreys, Jan Jenkins, Ronald Jenkins, Virginia Johnson, Loy Johnson, Jean Johnston, Gayle Jollett, Saundra Jones, Judith Jones, Patricia Jordan, Douglas Jordan, Ida Kearns, Cecilia Keller, Susanne Kelly, Joel Kendall, Lois Kennedy, Jane Kennedy, Nancy Kesler, Jane Kight, Linda King, A. F. King, Carol King, James Kleeman, Peter Kline, Gerri Klitzner, Susan Knox, Mary Komac, Liz Kraselsky, Gayle Kruger, Arleen Kyzer, Stephen Langley, Raymond Langley, Tommie Lee, Judith Lent, Judy Leonard, Michael Lewis, Janet Lightsey, Glenda Lindsey, Becky Lipford, Denise Littlefield, Mickey Lott, Kathie Love, Margaret Lowe, Eula Lunsford, Hal Lurey, Marilyn Lyons, Irene MacGregor, Ethel Mamalakis, Elaine Mann, Julia Marchman, Carol Marsh, Gloria Marshall, Pat Martin, Sid Mathes, Judy Mathews, Becky Maund, Claire McBride, Connie McBride, Sarah McCoy, Lynn McFarlane, Pauline McGee, Jenny McKay, Carol McNeill, Mary McVey, Jo Melet, Sarah Meyer, Peggy Miller, Fred Miller, Ollis Millican, Pat Milligan, Mimi Mitchell, Raye Mize, Sandra Mobley, James Mock, Barbara Montgomery, Anna Moore, Kathy Moore, Robin Morabito, Susan Morris, Martha Morrison, Margaret Muller, Barbara Murphy, Brenda Musgrove, Julie Nalley, Sandy Napier, Hazel Nash, Barbara Neal, Fred Neal, Jo IT» Newell, Sally Nichols, Beverly Nichols, Carole Niebuhr, George Nix, Frances Noe, Carolyn Nowicki, Marilyn Oatman, Margaret O ' Callaghan, Rebecca O ' Conner, Barbara Overton, Donna Owens, Sandy Padgett, Kathryn Padgett, Margaret Page, Jeanie Palmer, Cheryl Parker, Ruel Parks, Guy Paulk, Wanda Paulsen, Martha Peebles, Joe Pierce, Marta Pierce, Judy Pirkle, Frances Polatty, Barbara Posey, Jane Powers, John Pritchett, Harry Proser, Nancy Rabin, Nanci Raub, Kathleen Ray, Lynn J P P P W 422 Ray, Madelyn Reddy, Susan Rich, Sara Ricketson, Sara Riden, Lynda Rider, Marvine Rigdon, Betty Ritchie, Sallie Robinson, Jean Romeo, Mary Ross, James Rush low, Lynndi Rust, Bobbie Ryais, Maxie Sargent, Jerald Schreck, Rita IM: Scott, Cynthia Scott, Eddie Scroggs, Glenda Scruggs, Brenda Segal, Beverly Sellers, Mary Severud, Minta Sheppard, Jeanette Sherman, Tommy Shevlin, Flora Shoemaker, Annette Shoemaker, Richard Shook, Barbara Shuman, Angela Sides, Patricia Simpson, Robert Singletary, Margaret Siresky, Beverly Slowik, Maria Smith, David Smith, Glenda Smith, Lynn Smith, Pamela Smith, William Sneed, Grethel Snellings, Nancy Solms, Mary Solomon, Jennifer Sorrells, Grady Spence, Don Spratlin, Rosemary Stanfield, Susy Stanton, Martha Steinmann, Page Stephens, Kristina Stoltz, Pam Streetman, Janice Strickland, Debra Stringer, Marsha Stroud, Nita Sullivan, Gayle Sutton, Jeanne Swain, Jerry Sweat, Donna Swindle, Patricia Swint, John Tassin, Laura Taylor, Anne 423 Taylor, Cherry Taylor, Helen Terry, Penny Thompson, Frances Thompson, Judy Thompson, Carol Tindall, Janice Tinsley, Joan Trapnell, Julie Tregone, Susan Tyler, Gordon Velinsky, Dianne Vickers, Margie Vollentine, Ann Wadsworth, Candace Waldrip, Suzanne Walker, Charlotte Walker, John Walker, Patti Walker, Virginia Wallace, Kay Waller, Richard Watkins, Vicki Watson, DaAnn Way, Nell Weaver, Brenda Webb, Beverly West, Nancy Whitcomb, Dee White, Edna Whitenton, Char Whitman, Susan Williams, Cheryl Williams, Geraldine Williams, Gloria Williams, Linda Willingham, Wendy Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Patti Witcher, Glenda Womble, Patricia Wood, Anne Wyche, Mary Wyndham, Eddie Yates, James Yongue, Marion Zeigler, Gwen Zorn, Phil f |[ I mWrm i 424 ii wdi i sMv , p i W j mm %► i Vi9 i y 5W32F T3»i4 fl IL . 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O. Olson, Trudy Palmer, Charla Parks, Marie Quinn, Barbara Reid, Anne Rogers, Carol Sessions, Jeri Shepherd, Dotty Sprayberry, Carol Smith, Mary Statham, Lynda Stegmayer, Peter Stephens, Lynn Stetson, Judy Strickland, Mary Strohbehn, Sandy Tanner, Carol Ann Tatum, Teresa Taylor, Sue Teed, Lynda Tipton, Judy Tucker, Ruth Veal, Dawn Wansley, Gail West, Betty Jean White, Judy White, Marguerite Wiley, Mary Ann Williams, Paulette Willis, Carole Wood, B. J. 427 school of journalism Brice, Dianne Brinson, Emory Lee Jr. Brookshire, Jonathan C. Brown, Linda Jane Buckley, Dan Buda, Carol M. Byers, Ronnie Harry Calhoun, Nancy R. Campbell, Vivian Cavender, Martha Warren Cheek, Ellen Celeste Clein, Honey J. Compton, Franklin C. Curth, Noel Dalgliesh, Andrea Dallas, Barbara Daniels, Paul Edward Davis, Harry Davis, Ken Dawkins, William Floyd Dekle, William A. Duff, Catherine Duke, Carole Edwards, John Entrekin, Robert Lee Estes, Jody Estes, Mary Evans, John Mclver Foskey, Randall Johnnie Fowler, Frank E. Fritz, Merriel Ginn, David Glenn, Goldstein Gowler, Inez Curtis Gowdy, Pat Greene, Richard D. Griffin, Harriette Grott, Sharyn Hammond, Nancy Harrington, Carol A. Able, Tavay Smith Allen, James M. Anapol, Myra Anderson, Douglas Andrews, Archie Daniel Jr. Bandy, Donna Ann Banks, William Michael Bartholomew, Nancy Carol Beerman, Michael Bell, John Andrew Benoist, Susan Bickerstaff, Judy Black, Marcelle Block, Mary Braddock, Hugh B. Breedlove, David ?SF1 Ai fM " 11 j? 428 Harris, Carol Harris, Janet Harris, Thomas Harrold, Mary Ann Hart, Rosiland Hasty, Dixie Healy, Cathy Hearn, Estelle Hendrick, Jeanne Hinson, Harold Holliman, Henry Horowitz, Janie Hos ch, Susan Huffman, Patricia Johnson, Joe Johnstone, Brian Jordon, Charles Kapian, Marsha Kelley, Rose Ann Kelsey, Sally Kimbrell, Jane King, Ted Kirk, Connie Langham, James Lawson, Nancy Ledford, Hanna Lewis, Nancy Lipsitz, Ronald Long, Alexander Lubin, Carol MacNabb, William Maoris, Kerry Mann, Frank Martin, Jay Martin, Julian McBride, Reid McCune, Dan McCurry, Noel McLemore, Jeannie Means, Patricia Sewell, Madge Shiflet, Johnny Slutsky, Sandra Smith, Don Smith, Elaine Sorrells, Danny Sonther, Lynn Stanley, Bonnie Summers, Diane Taliaferro, Ashley Thames, Becky Thames, Michael Thompson, Larkin Thompson, Sherwood Tipton, William Tison, Robert Trell, Frank Turner, Nelson Turner, Thomas Union, James Van Rysselberge, Charles Vickers, Beth Weaver, Carol Webb, Suzanne West, George Whitlow, Angela Whittington, Van Wickersham, Jeannie Wickliffe, Martha Willey, Charles Williamson, John Willonghty, Harry Wilson, Jerry Wrigley, Graham Young, Cay Melton, Donald Metts, Carlisle Miller, Wayne Moore, Pauline Morgan, Richard Morgan, Ronald Moss, Carter Muirhead, Barbara Nalley, Nancy Nichols, Bonnie Norton, Mitchell Omelanuk, Michael Pace, Patsy Parkerson, Phillip Parks, Carol Parks, John Pass, Aaron Peacock, James Perkins, Greg Perry, Carolyn Phillips, John Phillips, Robert Pitcher, Suzanne Pope, John Pressman, Richard Price, Ginger Rapp, Michael Reeves, Carol Richardson, Carter Rickey, Sharon Ricks, Sandra Roberts, Burch Roberts, Gary Roberts, Patricia Robinson, Charlotte Robinson, J. R. Roble, Richard Rogers, Emmett Russo, Matthew Salese, Linda Schreck, Pete Schulman, Lawrence -a r 1 ' 4i 1 fll| W- l l«JJ ■ 52SH «r 4iMTfc Anderson, Joseph Atkinson, William Baker, M. G. Belknap, R. H. Blalock, William Bomar, Robert Bush, Sanders Bushnell, William Chappell, Don Cheshier, Finley Cofer, Robert Dauby, Sarah Davis, Jeff Doner, Mike Elder, Lamar Foster, William Ginsberg, Ronnie Grimes, Carl Hansford, V. Harris, Rullie Hasty, Bill Hendry, Richard Howell, Baxter Johnston, Wendell Kaplan, Stephen Knox, Bob Kovacich, Mike Lough, John Mallis, Robert McAllister, J. McClelland, Ralph McKenzie, Terry Meeks, Wayne Murphy, Tim Pannell, Charles Parsons, Huber Ray, Neal Sewell, Jeff Shinall, John Skiles, J. Thurmond, C. Warlick, Thomas Williams, Anna Wimberly, Jim 431 school of law 1 school of pharmacy Adams, David Anderson, Jimmy Andrews, Andy Aultman, Jerry Aultman, Phillip Bagley, Harris Bagley, Alan Black, Edsel Bladen, K. R. Boatwright, Jerry Bond, Tom Brown, Marvin Brown, Robert Burge, Gerald Cain, Ranee Callaway, Edward Cannon, Bob Carver, Jerry Clark, Robert Cobb, Nubbin life h m Coburn, Middleton Cochran, Marilyn Cooper, Jim Crowe, Loretta Dark, Steve Dennis, Gene Flanders, Hugh Ford, Myron Free, Larry Fussell, Carl Gaines, Marx Gamaoanis, David Gibbs, Garry Gordy, Richard Greene, Harry Hale, Prince Hall, Douglas Harris, Ronald Hartley, Martha Held, Robert Henley, Sam Hickson, Richard Hight, Eddie Hightower, Jimmy Hines, James Hollingsworth, Morris Hopkins, Jerry Huey, Gordon Irwin, Carl Johnson, Al Johnson, Glen Jordan, Ralph Kanter, Harvey Kay, Terry Kidd, Kathy Lackey, Bill Logan, Kent Lovett, Tom Marines, Buddy McGowan, Larry : JfM J «» Pj- M« V m I 1 4tik P r { } r ! 1 «L 2 McWilliams, Joseph Metcalf, Antoinette Myrick, Bob O ' Cain, Harry Page, Larry Parkerson, Rex Parks, Phyllis Patterson, D. C. Perdue, Paul Powers, Douglas Ray, Andy Rewis, Daniel Riley, Bill Riley, Jim Rising, James Roberts, Charles Roberts, Reuben Robinson, Roy Rogers, John Roper, Earl Rosella, Robert Ross, Charles Sanders, Tim Scheider, Sara Seymour, Denny Smith, Debby Smith, Robert Smith, Steve Stacy, Patty Staley, Dennis Stanley, Ross Stokes, Thomas Story, James Sumner, Joseph Tamplin, R. A. Teal, Eugene Thompson, Jan Vinson, Joe Walker, Richard Wall, Ken Waters, Charles Webb, Lee Weed, Lawrence Weitman, Mitchell Weldon, John Wells, Roger Whitlow, Ruth William, Lecain Willson, Thaddeus Wilson, Charles Wise, Bill Wood, Mary Woodall, Robert York, Betty r school of veterinary medicine Addison, Cody Allen, Danny Anthony, Calvin Barden, Joel Bentley, Larry Bioscia, Roderick Boone, Frank Bowen, Smokey Bowman, Roland Boyd, William Brown, Ben Brown, Bob f 5 nuts Bryan, Richard Camp, Leslie Carr, S. G. Caudle, William Chandler, Charles Clayton, Lewis Copelan, Edwin Cook, Walter Dewhurst, Larry Dixon, T. W. Droughton, John Duke, E. Lee Dunavant, Roland Fox, Ernest Franck, Robert Fulmer, Ronnie Gorman, Robert Grant, John Griffith, S. L. Haile, John Harden, Rich Harrison, Wendel Henry, Charles Hicks, James Howard, Don Huckabee, Eddy Jaco, Thomas Jolley, John Johnson, James Jones, Alonzo Jones, G. Wayne Killingsworth, Ruby Knipling, Gary Koontz, John Lee, Charles Little, Craig Marston, Samuel McCallum, Patrick McKoy, Peter McPhail, Walter HSi 111 IT»P c C ) C| " fc fl Y ' 7M ¥ ¥ ) fi l M L r r » w j " B g-i ■ jm 4 ( Hs j » Hi % ' - Ilk " . m 4 fc ; Mullikin, James Ott, Randall Phillips, Harvey Pitts, Carl Portman, Michael Price, Millard Price, William Reeves, Richard Ried, Poag Rogers, Steven Rothgeb, Donald Ruehle, David Schwarz, Ronney Shuler, James Shuler, Kenneth Shuler, R. R. Silberman, Mort Smiley, Dick Smith, J. R. Smitherman, L. R. Southard, James Spencer, Crispin Stonesifer, Craig Suber, Larry Swart, Jim Talbot, George Taylor, Edward Taylor, Locke Thomson, Frank Timmerman, Charlie Truitt, K. A. Wagner, Frank Waldrop, Kenneth Webster, Jesse Wilbur, Roger Wilkins, Lewis Wise, Wilbur Wright, Edward Young, James Zehmer, Reynoldson graduate school Adamson, Lewis Andrews, Donald Barry, Walter Bell, Edwin Bennett, John Benson, Earl Bhullar, Hardeep Black, James Blackshear, Hulan Bolton, Shirley Branch, Roger Bridges, Robert Brookner, Allen Brookner, Jack Brown, Fred Brown, Joanne Burgamy, Rosemary Burrell, Janice Carmichael, John Chipley, Raymond Jtk ?3P i Jl«rf«fJb ■i Ciordia, Richard Clark, Francis Cockrell, Bob Collier, Elaine Cook, Harriett Couch, Dorothy Covey, Leeman Crane, Elsie Crews, Clifton Crosby, Ellisa Crowe, Carol Culp, James Davidson, Dorothy Dumas, Richard Dunn, Ben Edwards, Sheila Eichhorn, Toni Eley, Michael Elmore, Richard Evans, J. W. Farfour, Neil Ferry, James Finch, Brian Fussell, James Gardner, Harold Gay, Shirley Gheesling, Ronnie Glick, Marvin Gomez, Enrique Graham, Arthur Gray, Otis Griffeth, James Griffith, Jerry Griggin, Sandra Grist, Caroline Hall, Carole Haltman, Jeffrey Hammer, John Harris, Chuck Haywood, Faye : -i Md 436 (ft ft - : " i rt ft ft ft 3 Hellman, Louise Henry, Michael Herrod, William Hill, James Hoffmann, William Houff, Dennis Howard, Natalie James, Vicki Johnson, George Jones, Gordon Jones, John Kimmons, John Kipp, William Kuthiala, Kumar Lam, David Lawrence, Roger Lester, Clyde Liebrass, Lawrence Lin, Gong-Yuh Little, Donald Luckey, Charles Lunsford, Marthellis Martin, Paul Masters, Gene Mathews, Richard McCorkle, Juanita McCormack, John McDuffie, John McGee, Mary McRee, Lillian Meeks, Charles Mercer, Neil Miller, Marshall Moore, Alan Montaldi, Francis Mosley, James Music, James Myers, Sara Jean Nance, Stephen Narrie, David Nix, Everett Noble, Thomas Owen, W. S. Pao, Beling Peterson, Chandler Plank, David Plunkett, Albert Quarterman, David Ragsdale, Bob Ramirez-Mejia, Cesar Ray, Malinda Rentz, Turner Ries, Paul Roper, James Rushton, Luke Schulman, Harvey Spearman, Tyron Stafford, Gerald Staley, Bill Standard, Mary Taylor, John Tiwari, Suresh Tuttle, Edward Ungkarpla-ong, Chamrus Watts, David Whitaker, Gerald Willard, David Williams, John Wilson, George Yang, Shirley Yawn, Carol Zabel, Dale 437 juniors Abbott, Glen Abney, Ray Abney, Vicki Abelkop, Elaine Abramson, Michael Ackrogd-Kelly, Michael Adair, Vonnie Adams, Beth Ann Adams, Emory Adams, Helen Adams, James Adams, Patrick Addington, Lynn Adkison, Louie Adkins, Missy Aenchbacher, Ann Agoos, Larry Aitken, Betsy Akin, Joel Akins, Philip Ashton, Albert Aldred, Adria Aldridge, Tommy Alexander, Allen Alexander, George Alexander, Jimmy Alford, Lou Allcorn, Frank Allen, Doug Allen, Emily Allen, Joe Allen, Marilyn Allen, William Allen, W. M. Alston, Amanda Alston, Robert Altenbach, Mary Ames, Holly Andersen, Richard Anderson, Carter Anderson, Hank Anderson, Kaye Anderson, Laura Anderson, Marelyn Anderson, Patti Anderson, William Andrew, Bill Andrews, Dale Andrews, David Andrews, Irene Andrews, Rosalind Andrews, Sandra Ansley, William Armour, Susan Arnold, Carlton Arnold, Vernon Aronstam, Cheryl Arrington, David Ashley, Pat Ashley, William Avery, Lee Babb, Mike Babcock, R. B. Bachman, Barbara Bailey, Danny Bailey, Louise Bailey, Susan Bailey, Wayne Bair, Zane Baker, Ken Baker, Kaye Baker, Steve Balkcom, Ronnie Baldridge, Debbie Ball, Marci Ballard, Frances Ballard, Gerald Ballengee, David Ballew, Stanley Banks, Terry Banning, Bob 3EFWS3W2 4 iLr fk ™ 25 J2 TFH F$ fW 3 raja 4 4 c i% 438 47fa " J " tftl ATI y Jfk ' w fil MP Barbano, Michael Barber, Nancy Barfield, W. E. Barge, Anne Barker, William Barnes, Cindy Barnet, Fred Barnick, Terry Barrett, John Barron, Donald Barrow, David Bartlett, Patricia Barton, Suann Barton, Kendall Barwick, Gloria Batalo, Mickie Bateman, Susan Bates, W. B. Baugh, Cynthia Beach, Marcia Beale, Carolyn Beard, Martha Bearlund, Buff Beasley, William Beaty, Fred Belford, Richard Belger, Susan Bell, Frank Bell, Thomas Bell, Wanda Benbenisty, Klewis Bennett, Dianne Bennett, Ron Bennett, Gray Benson, Mary Ann Bentley, Judy Benton, Rebecca Berry, Kippard Bess, Raymond Beusse, Thomas Beyer, Michael Bickley, John Biebel, Katey Binneveld, Pat Bird, Blitch Bird, G. J. Bishop, Linda Black, Glenn Black, Jesse Black, Myra Blackburn, Dwayne Blackmon, Linda Blackwell. Gayle Blake, Thomas Blalock, Bob Blalock, Bob Blalock, Lynn Blanchard, Elizabeth Blanton, Elizabeth Bleckley, James Bledsoe, Jan Bliek, James Blitch, Mary Blount, Edward Blount, Fritz Boggs, Brenda Boling, Lynn Bolton, Carolyn Bonanova, Risa Bond, Andy Booker, Frank Boone, David Boren, Joel Bossak, Peter Boswell, Steve Bouck, Dean Bowden, Pat Bowden, Tommy Bowen, Jennie Bowen, Lennon Bowen, Victoria Bowers, Linda Bowers, Smokey Bowers, Theresa Bowman, William Boyd, Becky Boyd, Linda Boynton, Bruce Bradford, Mickey Bradford, Gerry Bradley, Lynn Bradshaw, Morris Bramblett, Sheila Brandau, Rosemary Brandon, Rosalyn Brannon, Milton Brantley, Mary Brantley, Michael Brantley, Wayne Bray, Robert Brewer, Susan Brewster, Linda Briggs, Fredda Brinkley, Richard Brinkley, Sabra Brinson, Jessie Brinson, Nancy Brinson, Sharry Britt, Melanie Broadhurst, Sandy Broder. Hans Brogdon, Roy Brook, Ronald Brookbank, Michael Brooks, Karel Brooks, Gene Brooks, Henry 439 Brooks, James Brooks, John Brookshire, Joseph Broome, Donald Broome, Judy Brothertox, Judy Brown, Barbara Brown, Claudia Brown, Corinne Brown, Gail Brown, Owen Brown, Henry Brown, Susan Brown, Wiley Brown, William Broxton, David Bruce, Beverly Brunker, Fred Brush, Sandra Bryan, Harold Buhr, Mary Bundrick, Leila Buntin, John Burch, Douglas Burge, Rita Burgess, Alice Burgess, Kathy Burkhart, Eugene Burke, Pam Burnett, Ginny Burnham, Bill Burns, Judi Burrell, Bette Burroughs, Dennis Burt, Fran Burt, Judy Burton, Ed Burton, Daniel Bush, Michael Bush, Pam Bushmiaer, Dottie Bussell, Ronny Bussey, Henry Butler, Bobby Cabaniss, Kathryn Cabe, Kenneth Cagle, Bubba Cagle, Tommy Cahill, John Caldwell, Harry Calhoun, Eleanor Calhoun, Morgan Callan, Scott Callaway, Cathy Callaway, John Calton, Alan Camp, Carl Camp, Pam Camp, Randy Camp, Tommy Campbell, Colin Campbell, Jane Campbell, J. D. Candler, David Cannady, Larry Cannon, Bobby Cannon, Patti Cannon, Robert Cannon, Tommy Cantrell, Bill Carey, Beth Carlan, Kitty Carlan, Ronald Carmichael, Sylvia Carr, William Carroll, Nancy Carson, Carol Carson, Francis Carson, Pam Carter, Rita Casey, Cheryl Cashman, Bette Caslar, Karen Casper, Michael Cass, Bunny Cater, Robert Cauthen, Judy Caudell, Carolyn Cearley, Joseph Centola, Donna Chaffin, Ted Chambers, Jimmy Champion, Patti Chandler, Don Chandler, Muse Chandler, Rick Chandler, Sally Chapman. Joseph Chapman, Joyce Chapman, Mary Chapman, Jerome Chappell. Carl Chastain, Phyllis Chatfield, Esther Chandler, Hill Cheshire, Ann Childers, William Childs, Buddy Childs, Thad Chitwood, Norma Chonko, Mike Christian, Elizabeth Christie, Dud Christie, Jane Clark, Bill Clark, Irma Clarke, Ted .£ •. : , f» " ) f % £ tf f % i ■■ % { % » 1T% r t 225. 332 4 tV " . » j» jfH r] 440 t4 ' irkii 2W223 r :3! 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Cook, Susan Cook, Robert Cooley, Susan Coolik, Kenneth Cooper, Lamar Cooper, Louis Cope, James Copeland, Buddy Copeland, Robert Coppage, Don Coppage, Ronald Corbett, Tom Cordell, Bill Cornwall, William Coughlin, Carolyn Cowan, Bonnie Cowden, Ralph Cox, Carl Cox, Rena Craig, Cynthia Cranford, Janna Crawford, Dale Creech, E. L. Creel, Merry Crews, David Crider, Diane Crofton, Rich Croley, Mary Cronic, Lee Crook, Mercer Crook, Richard Croom, Pamela Crowe, Buzz Crowe, June Crowe, Tommy Crowley, Roy Cuminskey, Dennis Cunard, Carol Cunningham, Carole Dalton, Ken Dana, Joe Daniel, Brenda Daniel, Carolyn Daniel, Dee Dee Daniel, Marie Daniell, Peggy Daniels, Dennis Daniels, Gene Daniels, John Daniels, Mimi Dasher, Al Dasher, Richard Davenport, Kay David, Cecilia Davies, Harriett Davis, Carol Davis, Charles Davis, Dana Davis, David Davis, James Davis, Katherine Davis, Mimi Davis, Michael Davis, Mike Davis, Peggy Davis, Phil Davis, Phil Davis, Robin Davis, Stephen Davis, Ted Davis, Don Davison, Peter Day, T. E. Dayan, Houshang Dearman, Pavon DeFoor, James Dekle, Cheryl Delong, Ann Denmark, Steve Dennis, Douglas Dennison, Lucile DeVita, Margaret Dickens, Ernest Dickson, Richard Dixon, Jerry Dixon, Linda Dixon, Mary Lou Dixon, Patricia Dixon, Robert Dobbs, Linda Dobrow, Richard Dodgen, Wayne Doi, Janice Dolcimascolo, S. B. Dollar, Sandy Donaldson, Pete Donovan, Mike Dorn, Joe Douglas, William J. Drake, Gail Drashin, Bob Driskell, Sheryl Dudley, Frances Duffy, Sharon Dukes, Donald Dunlap, Jodi Dunn, Phillip Durand, Winkie Durden, Diane Durden, Jane Durrett, Judi DuVall, Kay Dyer, Cooper Dyer, Jerry Dyer, Robert Dykes, Albert Dykes, Virginia Early, Rebecca East, Carole Edmonds, John Edwards, Elisabeth Edwards, Mahla Ann Edwards, Pam Eidson, Laura Elder, Ann Elkington, Ken Ellington, John Elliot, Ben Elliott, Ann Elliott, Mary Jane Elliott, Tony Ellis, Ann English, Billy Epley, Alan Ermenc, Andrew Erwin, Lucy Estes, Martha Estes, Peggy Estrumse, Douglas Etheredge, Sarah A. Ethridge, Beth Eubanks, Mary Lynn Evans, Dona Evans, Dianne Evans, Victoria Evans, Donovan Everhart, Linda Evert, Connie Ewing, Andrea Fain, Carol Fair, John Fair, Wayne « w ?) o Cf FSf Si $ j ± jtA± s% ' ■ ' - ■if a jf± Nf WWHWWtyW l 442 ■ I Jeanrt Sutten, Who ' s Who --..■■ " ' ■ ' ■•■ 52275 WWP TWS d7± 7M 112 H 22PTO 443 Farkas, Madelyn Farnum, Rosemary Faulkner, James Fears, Barbara Feinberg, Hilt Feisler, William Felkel, Billy Fendley, Danny Ferris, Ann Ferris, Ginny Fields, Zachary Finch, Carolyn Finch, Charles Finch, Millie Fingarson, Lynn Finger, Eve Finland, Lance Finley, Charles Finney, Mary Fisher, Kin Fisher, Dianne Fisher, Tommy Fitts, Sandy Fiveash, Raymond Flanagan, JoAnn Flanagan, Jerri Fleming, Corky Fleming, Steve Florence, Mike Floyd, Donald Floyd, Patricia Flynn, Terrence Ford, Jim Ford, Larry Fordham, Amanda Fordham, Joe Formby, Dan Forrester, John Fort, Mary Ford, Susan Foster, Judy Fountain, Robert Fox, Marshall Frank, Barbara Frankel, Lorraine Franklin, Frances Franklin, Harry Freeman, Sharon Fresh, Tom Fricks, Roy Friedlander, Betsy Friedman, Eunice Fulenwider, Leonora Fulghum, Linda Fuller, Jim Fuller, Wanda Gable, Jerry Gabrielsen, Bobbie Gailey, Ward Gaissert, Elwyn Gaither, Martha Galanti, Cookie Paynter, Joan Gambrell, Joe Gamel, Susan Gardner, John Garges, Douglas Garner, John Garner, Judy Garrett, Nancy Garrett, Gloria Garrett, Kirk Garrett, Mary Garwood, John Smith, Gary Gauger, Ken Gaultney, John Gay, Jimmy Gay, Lawrence Gentry, Ellen George, Angela Gibbs, Evelle Gibby, Michael L. Gibson, Carole Gibson, Judy Gibson, Tommy Gilbert, H. Linwood Gill, Andrew L. Gillam, John B. Ill Gillespie, Caroline III Gillespie, Ronald Gillis, Charles Wayne Gillis, Jerry Gillock, Patricia Ann Gnann, Joyce Goen, Bobby Goldberg, Marlene Golds worth, Joel Goldthwaite, Lerea Golosky, Michelle Golson, Donnie Gonzales, Martha Anne Good, R. Spence Goodman, Alan H. Goodman, Marjorie Goodroe, Jimmy Gordon, Janis Gordon, John Lambert Jr. Gordon, Kay Goss, Gary Goss, Glenda Gottschalk, James Gould, Carolyn Gower, Carol Grady, John T. Graham, Harry Graiser, Samuel R. Granberry, Lenore Grant, Johnny R. Graves, Bugsy Grayson, Chip Greenberg, Linda Green, James L. Greene, Phil Greene, Beverly Greene, Mary Greene, Richard Greene, Warren Greenfield, Bruce Gregory, Nell Marie Gregory, Ruth G. Grevemberg, Meg Griffin, Aurena Griffin, Peter Gude, Anne Gude, Helen Gunby, Jo Anne Gunn, Meg Guth, Shirley Hagan, Merrinelle Hagerman, DeEtte Hagey, Barbara Hagood, Sarah Haley, Bill Haley, Frank Hall, Joey Hall, John Hall, William Halligan, Michael Ham, T. M. Hambrick, Diane Hames, Ann Hamlen, Herschel Hamm, Harry Hammond, Toni Hampton, Susan Handberry, James Hanger, John Hannah, Susan Hanning, Frances Hannon, Mike Hanson, Claire Hanson, Ingrid Harden, Barry Harden, Ronald Hardin, Judi Hardison, Cheryl Hardman, Evelyn Hardy, Dan Hardy, Donna Hardy, Janet Harley, Thompson Harper, George Harrell, Henry Harrill, Ray Harris, Mardee Harris, Susan Harrison, Elsie Harrison, George Harrison, John Hart, Ginny Harvey, William Harwell, Peaches Hasty, William Hatcher, Alvin Hatcher, Carol Hatton, T. H. Hawes, Glenn Hawk, Thomas Hawwe, Joseph Hayes, Bud Hayes, Denny Hayes, Harry Hays, Preston Hazaman, David Hazlett, Allen Head, John Heaton, Elaine mm -. A. 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Hopkins, Bill Hopkins, Kathy Hoppor, Will Hornbuckle, Jim Horner, Richard Hosch, Holly House, Theressa Houston, Phil Howard, Anne Howard, Robin Howard, Ridley Howell, Douglas Howington, Cherry Hudgins, John Hudson, Helen Hudson, Kay Hudson, Susie Huff, Brenda Huggins, James Huggins, Ronnie Hughes, Dana Hughes, Danny Hughes, Royce Hulslander, Donna Humes, John Humphries, Jimmy Humphries, Joyce Humphries, R. E. Hunnicutt, Larry Hunt, Carole Hunt, Terry Hunt, Claire Hunter, Suzanne Hurley, Judy Hutsey, William Hurt, Jetee Hutchison, Tyrone Hyman, Howie lllges, Susie Ingram, Gwen Irwin, Ronald Ivester, Doug Ivey, Eugene Ivey, Lynda Jackson, Carol Jackson, Lynn Jackson, Pat Jackson, Becky Jackson, Ellen Jacobson, Richard Jardine, Walter Jarrell, Bonnie Jarrell, Fran Jar-vis, Judy Jenkins, Roger Jenkins, Sandra Jennings, Lane Jessup, Phillip Johanson, William Johnson, Wayne Johnson, Cynthia Johnson, Danny Johnson, Harrell Johnson, John Johnson, Julia Johnson, Larry Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Vi Johnson, Tommy Joiner, Bobby Joiner, Janice Joiner, Kay Joiner, Nancy Jolly, David Jolly, Linda Jones, Phil Jones, Carol Jones, Carolyn Jones, Charles Jones, Janie Jones, John Jones, Larry Jones, Larry Jones, Norma Jones, Samuel Jones, Sherron Jordan, Dallas -lowers, Malcolm Judy, Kay Juhan, Madelyn Justus, Barbara Kaiser, Kathi Katopodis, Gregory Katzif , Joscelyne Kawazoe, Beth Kaye, Tommy Keene, Grant Keeton, Ronnie Keich, Ernest Keith, Ellen Kelley, Cheryl Kelley, Eugene Kelley, Francis Kelly, Craig Kelly, Jim Kelly, John Kelly, Ralph Kemp, Larry Kendrick, Chan Kenimer, Judy Kennedy, Janet Kennedy, Sheila Kent, Wayne Kersey, Ronald Kesler, George Kesler, Wayne Kesseler, Michael Keys, Ronald Kilgore, Mimi Kilgore, Phil Kimbro, Patsy Kimel, Larry King, Ann King, Bama King, Barrett King, Charlie King, George King, Natalie King, Sam King, Sue Kingston, Diane Kirk, Betty Kirkiand, Donna Kirkpatrick, Ronald Kiser, Thomas Kiser, Wanda Klein, Jimmy Klemann, Nancy Knight, Carolyn Kohn, Randy Kopelman, Joel Komman, Kay «B2fl If™ W» l 446 m a. ■ WdSBSBm ansAz PlF Koteas, George Kranig, Carol Kres, Jan Kruger, Barbara Kunes, Joe Kyle, Martha Laber. Honey Laderberg, Joan Lad ley, Jane UaGrone, Mike Lamb, Charlie Lambert, Judy Landau, Robert Lane, Bob Lane, Henry Lane, Richard Laney, Sharon Lanier, James Lanier, Jimmy Lastinger, Huey Latchum, Terry Lawrence, Michael Lawson, Connie Lawson, Kent Leake, Pat Leathers, C. L. Leder, Marcia Ledford, Michael Lee, Cathy Lee, John W. Lefkowitz, Debbie Lenhardt, Sherry Leonard, Marion LeRoy, John Lester, Ellen Lester, Gloria Levin, Madelyn Levin, Neil Levinge, Jacqueline Lewis, David Lewis, Gary Lewis, Robbie Ley, Mike Lide, Janet Lifsey, Sara Lind, Charlet Linder, Joe Lindgren, Louise Lipson, Sharon Lloyd, Bill Loden, Larry Loggins, Sandra Loehr, Lavonia Logan, Joe Logan, Karen Long, Douglas Long, Betsy Long, Bill Hugh Lott, Dan Low, Robert Lowe. Vickie Lowry, George Ludlow, Pam Luke, Kathryn Lumpkin, Pat Lurey, Jeff Luther, Tommy Lyle, Thurman Lynch, Dee Dee Lynch, Gary Mabe, Judy Maffett, Beth Magill. Sharon Mahaffey, Richard Major, J. M. Malcolm, Tony Malone, Jane Maloney, Gayle Manley, Betsy Mann, Christopher Mann, George 447 Manning Manning Manning Mansour Manton, Marshall Marshall Marshall Marshall Allison John Prissy Pam Tom , Ellen , Ellen , Judy i Sara Martin, Johnny Martin, Josephine Martin, Millard Martin, Suellen Mashburn, Henry Mason, J. W. Matheson, Chris Matheson, John Mathews, Gail Mathews, Karen Matthews, Randy Mauldin, Howard Mauldin, Howell Maury, Deane Maxwell, John Mayfield, Terry Mayo, Kathy Mays, Carl Mazza, Alan McAfee, Lance McAllister, Delane McBride, Anne McBride, Beverly McCall. Judy McCallar, James McCallum. Ed McCleese, Patricia McCollum, Daniel McCorkle, Robert McCormack, Mary McCoy, Richard McCrea, Dorothy McDaniel, Helen McDonald, Roy McDonough, Jo McElhannon, Daisy McElreen, Janis McGinness, Margaret McGill, Marque McGirt, Laurin McGowan, Don McGowan, Wingfield Mcintosh, John Mcintosh, Julie Mclntyre, Marilyn McKeown, Millie McKinney, Burke McKinnon, Wade McLaughlin, Amanda McLendon, Charlotte McLendon, Michael McLeod, Patricia McLeod, Sher McNair, Mary McPherson, Helen McQueen, Jerome McQueen, Steve McVey, Ronnie Meacham, Karen Meehan, William Meier, Janie Meiere, Cheney Melchers, Fay Meredith, Kathy Merritt, Marcus Merritt, Missy Metzger, June Mikoponlos, John Milam, Randall Millard. Donald Millender, Martin Miller, Cynthia T ? 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Tom Mote, Doyle Moye, Darrell Moye, Frances Mrache, David Muessle, Mary Munha, Richard Mullins, Dorothy Murphy, John Murphy, Suzanne Murrah, Mark Murray, Guy Murray, John Murrell, Timothy Murrow, George Musarra, Beth Naiour, Glenda Nash, Pope Nathan, Mark Nations, Nancy Nau, Fritz Neal, Jim Neal, Harold Neal, Marjorie Neidlinger, John Neighbors, John Neiman, Stuart Nelms, Mac Nelson, Lynn Neves, Roy New, Brantley Newberry, Hal Newberry, William Newby, Chris Newman, Jackie Newsome, Carole Newton, Howell Nicholas, Mark Nicholes, Martin Nichols, Nicky Nichols, William Nix, Douglas Noble, Mobley Nolan. Michael Norris, Dewaine 449 Norris, Steven Norton, Judy Nunnally, Nancy O ' Brien, Bill O ' Bryant, Shirley Odom, Joseph Odom, Lynna Oliver, Betty Oliver, Frannie Orr, Peggy Osborne, Molly Oster, Carl Ouzts, Ted Owen, Brenda Owen, John Owen, Kenneth Owen, Patricia Owen, Sara Owens, Anne Owens, Johnny Ozier, Bill Padgett, Carroll Padgett, Jimmy Padgett, Roy Park, Esther Parker, Betsy Parkman, Larry Parks, Phyllis Parrish, Dwight Partridge, Steve Pastey, Judy Pasley, Mike Patrick, Harold Patstone, Penny Paugh, Tina Paulk, William Paulsen, Tudie Payne, Gena Payne, James Payne, Jimmy Payne, Millie Payneter, Ronald Pearsall, Gail Pearson, William Peck, Sally Peebles, Maryl Pendley, Fred Penland, Jim Pennington, Jackie Peoples, James Perdue, Tom Perry, Faye Perry, Robert Perry, William Pershing, David Peters, Jimmy Petitt, Bryant Phelps, Shirley Phelps, Susan Philips, Davison Phillips, Joanne Phillips, Neal Phillips, Paul Pickard, Lee Pickens, Alan Piefke, Robert Pierce, Jane Pierce, Margaret Pierson, Gary Pinson, Susan Pirkle, George Pittard, Mike Plagens, Barbara Platten, Hugh Plotkin, Barry Plotkin, Stuart Plunkett, Lourene Poitevint, Alec Polk, Ellen Pomazal, Priscilla Pond, Barbara -il 2S life T-AlL ' ' mW 47aw4 fclWAYfc yj 450 i i 2 4 lifi II1SWJ iiim m 451 Pool, John Porter, E llen Porterfield, Michael Portman, Sara Poss, Donna Post, Nancy Potter, Babs Potter, Jan Pounds, James Powell, Tom Power, Michael Powers, Ken Prater, Katherine Prescott, Susan Presley, Hoyal Pressley, Melda Price, David Price, Laetitia Price, Molly Prickett, Jerry Prior, Charles Pritchard, Robert Proffitt, Lynn Provda, Nancy Pruett, Richard Pruitt, James Purswell, Susan Putman, John Quails, Thomas Quillian, Chris Quinn. William Rabun, Truitt Rader, Hugh Ragan, Kathy Rahn, Thomas Rainbow, Susan Raines, Thomas Rainey, Mary Ann Rambo, Linda Ramey, Richard Ramsay, Anne Ramsay, Ellen Ramsey, John Randall, Jack Ransom, Esther Ratliff, Larry Ratthaus, Karen Raulerson, William Ray, Bartow Ray, Kathie Ray, Kathy Raynor, Jet Reed, Steve Reeder, Thomas Reese, Roger Reeve, Janet Rei, Joseph Reiche, Georgia Repetske, Donna Reynolds, Charles Reynolds, Gloria R eynolds, Janie Rholetter, David Rice, Susan Rich, Charlene Richard. Patty Richards, Dave Richardson, Judy Richter, Karl Ridenour, Ron Rigsby, James Riley, Mike Robbins, Beth Robbins, Ronald Roberson, Mary Roberts, Bonnie Roberts, Candy Roberts, Harolyn Roberts, Joan Roberts. Julie Roberts, Lee Robertson, Bill Robertson, Joe Robinson, Jerry Robinson, Thomas Roddenberry, Roberta Rodefeld, Jane Rodriguez, Janis Rodriguez, Robert Rogers, John Rogers, Pat Roland, Nancy Romoff, Mark Ronin, Gary Rood, Medie Roper, David Rosenthal, Carol Rosser, Dolly Roth, Harriet Rothenburg, Marilyn Rothman, Margie Rounds, Norma Rountree, Anita Rountree, Rachel Rountree, William Rowland, Daniel Rox, John Royal, Joyce Rozier, Frances Rubin, Barbara Ruble, Mike Ruff, Carol Rusk, Peggy Russell, Catherine Rutledge, Jim Safer, Sherrie Saggus, Pat Sak, Suzanne Sammons, Edward Sams, Ellen Sanders, Carol Sanders, Sandra Sanford, Sally Sapp, Tommy Sasser, Warren Sari, Roberta Scarborough, Jan Schaaf, Monika Schab, Anne Schell, Fran Schell, Susan Schen, Frank Schlein, Connie Schmitt, Rente Schneider, Mark Schrader, Susan Schroeder, Mary Schuller, Kay Schwarz, Daniel Schwartz, Ted Schwenke, Barbara Scott, Connie Scott, Jack Scott, Butch Scroggs, Charles Scroggs, Danny Seagraves, Linda Searcy, Sue Sellers, Terry Shellman, Betty Sells, Alyn Selman, Julie Settle, Steve Sewell, Marilyn Sexton, Bobby Sharp, John Shafer, Jerry Shankle, Will Shapiro, Jerry Shapiro, Steven Sharp, Rita Sheahan, Marie Sheats, James Shepard, Nancy Sheppard, Susie Sherwood, Joseph Shipp, Dianne Shires, Susan Shirley, Rudy Shirley, Suzanne Shiver, Martha Shore, Jeffrey Shropshire, Ed Shuler, Peggy Shuman, Joseph Sickle, Nancy Siler, James Silsby, Lowell Silver, Lois Silverman, Victor Simmons, Randy Simpson, Christie Simpson, Sharon Sinclair, Carol Singley, Margie Sinsheimer, Paul Skaggs, Melton Skelton, Kay Slade, Grace Slater, Ann Slocumb, Click Smaha, Jerry Small, Stanley Smith, Barry Smith, Betsy Smith, Betty Smith, Ernie Smith, Roger WW ww h Z. nr w ¥ MLtOL Km I 452 Batt) : ■ V Betty Oliver, Who ' s Whc 1a L Mm,AJk WW IP t A 453 Smith, Frank Smith, Gail Smith, Gary Smith, Henry Smith, Ian Smith, Larry Smith, Linda Smith, Martha Smith, Mike Smith, Nancy Smith, Roger Smith, Susie Snellings, Anne Snow, Wanda Snowden, Bond Snyder, Susan Solomon, Robert Swell, Edward Spector, Debby Spell, Bill Spence, Elizabeth Spencer, Jeff Spindle, Kay Spivey, Mary Sprayberry, Ronald Spring, Carol Squires, Ken Stacy, Suzanne Stafford, Lew Stafford, Ralph Stambler, Errol Stancil, John Stanf ill, William Stanton, Douglas Stanton, James Stapleton, Dave Steed, Patti Steele, Penny Stephens, Janice Stephens, Kay Stewart, Becky Stewart, Joye Stewart, Lewis Stewart, Susan Stinson, Roberta Stone, Joanne Stone, Martin Stonecypher, Barbara Stover, Joe Strasser. Richard Strauss, Helene Strickland, Thomas Strother, Caroline Sturgill, Art Summerfield, Martha Summers, Karen Sumner, Jere Sutker, Debbie Sutton, Sam Svatos, Denise Swain, Ellen Swan, Bill Swift, Mat Swift, Nancy Swint, Barbara Symmes, Holly Tabackman, Bobbie Tanney, David Tarver. Cecilia Tate, Miriam Taylor, Donna Taylor, Lee Taylor, Mary Taylor, Pam Taylor, Patricia Taylor, Robert Taylor, Roland Taylor, Sara Taylor, Sherrod Taylor, William Teague, Wilson Tedford, Cleve Thacker, Nancy Thames, Tina Tharp, Robert Thatcher, Toni Thiebaut, Robert Thoman, Barbara Thomas, Claire Thomas, Bruce Thomas. Greer Thomas, Orrin Thomason, Charlie Thompson, Claudia Thompson, Donald Thompson, Mason Thompson, Thomas Thornton, Josephine Thrash, Elmo Thrasher, Warren Threlkeld, Lilly Thurman, James Tilgren, Lana Tillman, Carole Timbes, Bubba Todd, Joyce Tolbert, Linda Tolbert, Toni Tomberlin, Delinda Tomlinson, Marguerite Tonge, Jack Tonge, Samuel Torrance, Rachel Towe, Nancy Townley, Alvin Trammell, Lou Ann Trapnell, Solly Trent, David Trout, Donna Tucker, Al Tucker, Jewett Tumlin, Steve Turman, Laura Tumbull, Wayne Turnbull, Louisa Tyler, Lonnie Tyson, Jane Tyson, Ted Underwood, Dorothy Underwood, Lee Underwood, Margie Underwood, Patricia Upchurch, Judy Upshaw, Nancy Van Buren, Sherry Van Houten, Patricia Van Sant, June Vann, Krista Vansant, Jonathan Vaughn, Steven Veal. Josh Veatch, Ellen Venema, Pamela Verner, Ellen Vickery, Charles Vining, Marie Voelker, Carl Volpitto, David Wages, Sylvia Waits, Janice Waldman, Samuel Walker, David Walker, Edward Walker, Jane Walker, Jay Walker, Johnny Walker, Dickie Wall, Bob Wallace, Sche Walraven, Tony Walsh, William Ward, Donna Ward, George Ward, James Warwick, Norma Waters, Richard Watkins, Curtis Watkins, Marcy Watson, Ann Watson, Pat Watson, Philip Watson, Thomas Waugh, Goree ZGtiBSBIB 3HHE 2 2 7 jj 1 ? 454 ! » Weaver, Jerry Weaver, Jean Webb, Sherry Weeks, John Weeks, Rodney Weiner, Roslyn Weinstein, Marc Weldon, Jean Wells, Emory Werk, Barbara Werner, Fred Wesson, Carol West, Caroline West, Judy West, Larry Westbrook, Harold Westbrook, Tommy Weston, Kenneth Whalen, Susie Wheeler, Edgar Whisler, Pam Whistenant, Jerry Whitaker, Dwight Whitaker, Shari White, Marshall White, Janet White, Janice White, John White, Larry White, Peggy Whitehead, Bob Whiteman, Ginger Whiten, Ronnie Whitefield, Earl Whitner, Kit Whitt, Kathy Whitworth, Bobby Whitworth, Gerrie Widis, Laurence Wiest, Wayne Wight, Lane Wilensky, Jack Wilkins, David Wilkinson, Joe Williams, Ann Williams, Becky Williams, Jim Williams, Judee Williams, Linda Williams, Luta Williams, Robby Williams, Stella Williams, Susan Williamson. Gail Williamson, Jane Willingham, Emmy Willis, Lucy Willis, Penny Wills, George Wilson. Charles Wilson, Donna Wilson, Everette Wilson, Judy Wilson, Mike Wilson, Sherry Wilson, Terri Wilson, Warren Wimberly, Robert Wimbish, Kitty Wingo, Vance Wise, Al Wise, David Wise, Eli Wolfe, Jennie Wolfe, Sharon Wolfe, Steve Womack, James Wood, Catherine Wood, Charles Wood, Linda Wood, Renee Wood, Roy Woodington, Ken Woodlief , Charles Woodruff, Frederic Woodruff, Philip Woods, Von Woodson, Penny Woodward, Harriet Woody, Bill Woolley, Harry Wooten, Bill Worley, Davis Worthington, Brenda Wrazen, Richard Wrenn, Don Wright, Margot Wright, Miller Wrublesky. Robert Wyatt, Chuck Wylie, Teaky Yandle, Patricia Yawn, Carolyn Yawn, Sammie Yeager, Becky Yearwood, Claude Yoe, Meredith York, Judy Youmans, Alice Youmans, Dan Young, Anne Young, Gail Yow, Field Zachry, James Zimmerman. Cathy Zimmerman, Helena Zuber, Helen 455 sophomores Aarnaes, Dag Abdou, Jeannie Abernathy, Boyce Abernathy, Brenda Adair, Rodney Adams, Duncan Adams, Jann Adams, Martin Adams, Teresa Adelman, Rich Adelstone, Peggy Ailion, Robert Akin, Susan Akins, Kay Albright, John Alderman, Penelope Aldridge, Mark Alfriend, Neil Alford, Bebe Allen, Annette Allen, Sheryl Allen, Terrell Allison, Keith Allred, Bobbie Jo Almond, Ralph Alport, Martin Anderson, Bucky Anderson, Linda Anderson, Michael Anderson, Rossie Andrews, Marianne Andrews, Pam Antopolsky, Daniel Applebaum, Ray Applebury, Richard Armistead, Vince Arnbal, Debbi Arnhols, Janice Arnold, John Arnold, Russell Ash, Waymon Austin, Dianna Austin, Glenn Autry, Charles Avery, Hal Awtrey, Jan Ayres, Mike Bache, Peggy Bagby, Judy Bagwell, Brenda Bailey, Brant Bailey, John Baird, Jim Baker, Cynthia Baker, Dianne Baker, Kay Balchin, Jane Balue, Barbara Bannister, Sue Barber, Patricia Barbin, Kay Barfield, Ken Barnes, Charles Barnes, Linda Barnes, Roy Barnett, Janis Barnwell, Jay Barrow, Laura Barton, Kitty Basye, Lee _Y_-;_ _4_r_ ' ' _____ 456 fin A i-k 1 BP!OT 3BBW? ?1 Batchelor, Bill Batson, Peggy Bayme, Bonnie Beacham, Kendall Beall, Anita Bearden, Anita Beasley, Martha Beck, Stanley Beckler, Jerry Bedenbaugh, Chesley Bedingfield, Carl Behl, John Bell, Lynne Bellamy, Sandra Bennitt, Lara Benson, Jim Bernstein, Alfred Berry, Larry Bevil, Charles Bienstock, Steven Bishop, Richard Black, John Black, Linda Black, Diane Blackwell, Patty Blair, Susan Blaisdell, James Blakesmith, John Blankenship, Donnie Blomgren, Donna Blum, Richard Blythe, Kathy Bolgla, Susan Boling, Laura Boling, Lera Bomar, Lynda Bond, J. Pennington Bondy, Richard Booker, Jeff Booz, John Botts, Lynn Bowen, Scott Bowen, Martha Bower, Allen Bower, Gail Bower, Margaret Bowers, Lucy Bowers, Paula Boyd, Kathy Boyd, Randy Bozman, Joyce Bradley, Linda Bradon, Rick Brady, James Branan, Merriana Brandes. Susan Brantley, Geneva Braswell, Wadene Brazell, C. Lynn Braziel, Ernestine Brewer, Candy Brewer, Sheila Brewster, Bill Brewton, Betty Brewton, Penny Brice, Nancy Brickhouse, Johnette Bridgers, Dan Brittain, Gwen Britton, Bonnie Brizewdine, Marian Brock, Emory Brock, Les Brooks, Jane Brown, Becky Brown, Conway Brown, Gail Brown, Ginny Brown, John Brown, Margaret Brown, Steve Brown, Wayne Bruker, William Brumby, Thomas Bruner, Joseph Bryan, Linda Bryant, Anne Buchanan, Sammy Buckler, Robert Buckley, Alice Buffington, Robbie Bugajski. Connie Bullard. Sally Bundesman, B. B. Bunn, Nancy Burdick. Nancy Burns, Diane Burnsed, Adelle Burousas. Bonnie Burroughs, Peggy Burton, Robert Bush, Barry Busko, Gregory Butler, Glenn Butts, Marvin Byerly, Jane Byrd, James Cabe, Walton Cadle, George Cagle, Chuck Caldwell, Robert Callaway, Lucy Calloway, Ben Camp, Becky Camp, Cindy Camp, Lawrence Camp, Melody 457 iiMmnyimy i Hri H ri»niinMH n » Campbell, James Campbell, James Campbell, Tommy Cannady, Glenda Cannon, Janie Caras, Snookie Carrell, Tyrone Carroll, Anita Carroll, Linda Carson, Donna Carter, Ann Carter. Robert Cartledge, Kitty Cartedge, Mary Carver, Miriam Cash, Betty Cash, Ed Catledge, Clin Causey, Clay Chandler, Clayton Chandler, John Chandler, Robert Chandler, Stelle Chanin, Robert Chapped, Larry Chesnut, Sylvie Clamp, Mary Clark, Marion Clark, Mary Clark, Robert Clarke, Diane Clarke, Jane Clay, Linda Clayton, Wayne Clements, Milton Cline, Linda Clines, Dennis Cloer, Winston Cobb, Frances Cobb, Stewart Coffee, Elizabeth Coggins, Bebe Cohen, Katie Cohen, Margie Cohen, Missy Cohen, Steven Cole, Douglas Cole, Tricia Cole, Susan Coleman, John Coleman, Nancy Collins, Joel Collins, Lynnda Collinsworth, Phil Cone, Charles Connah, James Connors, Nancy Conyers, James Cook, Lynn Cooper, Connie Cooper, Judy Cooper, Susan Cooper, Danny Cope, Janelle Copeland, Gwynne Copeland, Cheryl Corbitt, Larry Corn, Dennis Coryell, Bill Cotton, Carolyn Couchman, Linda Cowan, Kevin Cowden, Richard Cox, Carol Cox, Cheryl Craig, Jep Craig, Sally Cranford, Leonard Crawford, Sara Crawley, Linda Creel, Susan Crenshaw, Calvin Cress, Polley Crittendon, Mary Croft, William Crouch, Andy Crowder, Joe Crumbley, Jimmy Cummings, Dale Curran, Mike Currie, David Currie, Marianne Curry, Seaborn Dale, Mitchelle Dalton, Mary Dalton, Vickie Daly, Terry Daniel, Danny Daniel, Warren Dankel, John Danner, Anita Dardin, Victoria Daves, Priscilla David, Robert Daidson, Dave Davin, James Davis, Allen Davis, Carol Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Dawn Dolores Frank Ginger Jay Lee Louise Margaret Martha n 3E !TO | s- 4fet mm t$ Mmmm afck f w Ik f J(M PCPl H of " i f p 458 T i 3f 9SE9SE!E 1 . 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Davis, Meredith Dawkins, Selinda Day, Johnie DeCastro, Al Decker, William DeLong, Harold Demere, Robert Denard, Judy Denney, Talley Dent, Marie Dickinson, Sarah Diers, Bruce DiLetto, Joe Dimon, Janet Dinsmore, Cheryl Dinsmore, Steven Disney, David Dobbs, Buffie Dodd, Cheryl Dolan, Chip Dollar, Butch Dollar, Jerry Dollar, Penny Donnelly, Brian Dooley, Cheryl Dooley, Laurie Doss, Sharon Douglas, Melissa Douthit, James Dover, Carlton Downs, Susan Drage, Wallace Drennan, Luther Drewyer, Dennis Duckworth, Kenneth Ducoffe, Pete Duffey, Julia Duggan, Cissie Dulinawka, Robert Dunagan, Patricia Dunn, Robert Dupree, Ben Duskin, Jane Dwornix, Robert Eaves, Ellen Eberhart, Gail Eberhardt, Joan Edenfield, Bruce Edmondson, Tony Edwards, Dennis Edwards, Gail Edwards, Joseph Edwards, Pitt Elder, John Elkins, Judith Elliott, Charles Elton, Melinda Ely, Karen Emmett, Barbara English, Teresa Epting, Jean Errigo, Patricia Evans, Bill Evans, Jan Evans, Jane Everett, Robert Ezzard, William Fanning, Karen Fegley, James Feinberg, Ronnie Feldman, Judy Feltman, John Fenn, Frank Ferrell, Malinda Fetner, John Few, Harriet Field, Susan Fields, John Fincher, Hoyt Fincher, John Firor, Helen Fite, Sammy Fitzgerald, Michael Flanagin, Stewart Flatt, Sharon Fleming, Ann Fligel, Sandi Flocker, Cathy Floersheim, Steve Flynt, Kay Foran, Cathie Forehand, Susan Forester, Jack Forrester, Carol Fort, Barbara Fortson, Robert Foster, John Griffeth, George Griggs, Carolyn Griscom, Liza Grist, Stanford Grogan, Cris Grogan, Penny Grubbs, Tony Guthrie, Jerry Fowler, Brenda Fowler, Luanne Fowler, Joy Fox, David Frailey, Marilyn Fraley, Phyllis Franklin, Brooks Freeman, Elizabeth Freeman, June Freeman, Lane French, Anne French, Lyla 459 Friedberg, Stephen Friedman, Adele Friedman, Michael Friedman, Morris Fry, Daniel Fuller, Darrell Fuller. Robert Fuller, Samuel Fulmer, Amelia Galbreath, Martha Gallo, Vincent Gardner, Gordon Garland, John Garmon, Tommy Garner, Rebecca Garr, Miriam Garrett, Henry Garrett, Suzanne Gaskins, Susan Gay, Martha Gayle, Richard Gerson, Arleen Ghegan, William Giddens, Margaret Gifford, Charles Gillon, Mary Ann Gilman, John Ginn, Judy Glenn, Jimmy Glover, Wallace Goff , Charlene Goldberg, Barry Goldberg, Henry Goldberg, LeRoy Goldstein, Dotti Goldstein, Marcia Goodman, Andy Gordy, Roxie Goss, Raymond Gowen, Phyllis Gower, Kitty Graf, Robert Graham, Janice Graham, Keith Grant, Gary Grant, Larry Grant, Priscilla Graves, James Green, Charles Green, Donnie Green, John Green, Christy Greene, Donald Greenman, Martha Greenway, Hubert Greer, Becky Gregg, Joe Gregory, Cindy Gresham, Tyler Grider, Cecilia Griffeth, Robert Griffin, Bert Griffin, Gail Griffin, Susan Griffeth, Deborah Haas, Ed Haber, Michael Haley, Margaret Haley, Bob Hall, Allen Hall, Randall Hall, Vicki Lynn Haluski, Julia Hammett, Barbara Hammond, Don Hammond, Mary Hammond, Michael Hampton, Patricia Hamrick, Mark Hansard, Bonnye Hanson, Judy Hanson, Bob Harding, Bill Hardwick, Cheryl Hardy, Wayne Hargrove, John Hargrove, Sandra Hargrove, Wally Harrell, Pat Harris, Beth Harris, Delle Harris, Calhoun Harris, Teresa Harris, Tom Hart, Robert Hart, Bill Hartman, Walter Hartman, William Haskell, Suzi Hasson, Sara Hatch, Jim Hauswirth, Philip Hawk, Barbara Hawley, Vicki Hays, Ricky Hayslett, Charles Hazlett, Marlene Head, Carol Heard, Pat Hearin, David Heavner, Nancy Hector, Robert Hendrick, Bill Hendrick, Tom Hendrix, Phoebe Henley, Amy Henry, Michael J 2T!P 2t ?JH1 I 460 If Hi k P fO flPTT Henry, Thomas Herzog, Richard Hess, James Hewitt, Peggy Hewlett, Dee Higdon, Beverly Hill, Cynthia Hill, Lyda Hill, Sharon Hill, Sharon Hines, Sally Hinson, Sherry Hirasawa, Kuniko Hixon, Jimmy Hobgood, Nancy Hobgood, Nancy Hodges, Dell Hoegsted, Louie Hoffman, Judy Hoffman, Kipp Hogan, Deborah Hogan, William Hogsette, Sally Holcomb, Patty Holland, Martha Holland, Mary Lou Holland, Sherrie Holliman, Johnny Holloway, Nell Holmes, Susan Hoff, Rebecca Hood, Beth Hooks, Vendie Hornbuckle, William Horn, Kathy Hornsby, Lawrence Horton, Beckie House, Larry Houseal, Melissa Houston, Janus Howard, Susan Howe, Ernmet Howell, Olin Howeth, John Howland, Donna Huckaby, Jim Hudgins, Carolyn Hudlow, Nancy Hudson, Howard Hudson, Linda Huff, Judson Huggins, Tim Huggins, William Huges, David Hughes, David Hughes, Carol Huie, Ethel Lynn Hulbert. David Hulsey, Sandy Humphries, Annis Hunnicutt, Walter Hunt, Grady Hunt, Terry Hunter, Ann Hunter, Norman Hutcheson, Claire Ingram, Gwendolyn Inman, Joan Irvin, James Isaac, Paul Ison, Lindsey Jackson, Larry Jackson, Mem Jackson, Robert Jackson, Sharon Jacobs, Alan Jacobs, L. R. Jarrett, Bill Jay, Charles Jenkins, Barbara Jenkins, Charles Jenkins, Jan Jenkins, Nancy Jenkins, Sherry Jerome, Ann Johnson, Carol Johnson, Cindy Johnson, Don Johnson, June Johnson, June Johnson, Robert Jones, Beth Jones, David Jones, Gary Jones, Kenneth Jones, Lewis Jones, Margaret Jones, Paul Jones, Patrick Jordan, Don Jordan, Judith Jordan, Lenora Jowers, David Kahn, Jan Kaiser, Juliann Kane, Brian Kane, Mary Kanne, Marc Kaye, Arlene Kaye, Karol Kedan, Gregg Keith, Nick Kellar, Frank Kennedy, James Kennedy, Robinette Kennickell, Karen Kent, William 461 Khoury, James Kilpatrick, Mart King, Connie Kinney, Larr Kinsey, H. Darrell Kitchens, Diane Klug, Judith Klugger, Jeri Lynn Knight, Linda Sue Koblene, Lynn Konigsmark, Reed Kopp, David Kramer, Russell Kramer, William Kruger, Anne Kryder, Jeff Kuhl, Ruth Kyle, Kathleen Kyzer, Brad Lamb, Charlene Lambert, Dudley Landrum, Don Lane, Julia Ann Lane, Laura Jean Lane, Mary Lane, Sara Alice Langsfeld, John Lanier, Ann Lankford, William Lapidus, Stephen Lassiter, Mike Latham, Howell Lattay, James Lawrence, Molly Lawson, Bobby Layton, Margaret Lee, Bill Lee, Carroll Lee, David Leeb, James Leet, Carol Leibowitz, Mark Leonard, Sara Lester, Barbara Lewis, David Lewis, Lamar Lewis, Marion Lindsay, Barbara Lines, Bob Lipsitz, Charlotte Lipson, Fran Llewellyn, William Lodinger, Nora Logan, Linda Long, Ann Long, Joe Long, Peggy Logsdon, Michael Loreberbaum, Ralph Lord, Gwen Love, Bonny Lovett, Bill Lowe, Alan Lowe, Jeanne Lowery, Beth Lucas, David Lucas, John Lundin, Karen Lyerly, Nancy Lyle, Sharon Lynn, Charles Maclnnes, Cathy Maddux, Dickie Magill, Mollie Maico, Dan Major, Everett Malkin, Sidney Mallory, Truitt Maloof, Gail Manley, Carole Mansour, Mary Jo Maret, Judy Margeson, Henry Martin, Gwen Martin, J. M. Martin, Jane Mascia, Jeannie Mathews, Beth Matthews, Dyanne McChesney, William McClurg, Brenda McCormack, Henry McCreery, Robert McCullough, Anne McDaniel, Patricia McDonald, Cheryl McDonald, Mary Beth McElhannon, Mary McEMen, John McFail, Patrick McGaha, Jackie McGoogan, Johnny McGowan, Diana McHugh, Carey Mcintosh, Debby McKinney, Catherine McLaughlin, Cheryll McLaughlin, David McLeod, Beth McLeod, William McMillan, Joseph McNeal, Maxine McRae, Sandy McWilliams, Melinda Meadows, Paula Medlock, Dianne (fff EHHI ft » n to W )|ii« .35vn 462 i ' 5 ESZK273 ■ ti A P I 2a32lP? P hi Meeks, Jerod Meier, Kathy Meltz, Leonard Mendel, Mary Mendenhall, Kathleen Mercier, Helen Meyer, Jacola Meyer, Rick Mikell, Leah Miller, Candy Miller, Phil Miller, Robin MiUigan, Julie Minford, L. W. Minnick, Betty Minor, Charles Minsk, Frederic Misseri, Danny Mitcham, Judson Mitchell, Marilyn Moates, Brenda Mobley, Jack Moedjig, Indra Mohney, Jack Montgomery, Dwain Montgomery, Joe Montgomery, Ellen Moody, Art Mooradian, George Moore, Brenda Moore, Gay Moore, Jack Moore, Janice Moore, Judy Moore, K. Anniki Moore, Peggy Moore, Rena Moran, Charles Moredock, Dell Morgan, Jefferson Morgan, Leslye Morgan, Turner Morris, Mike Morrison, Kay Moseley, Larry Motz, Edna Moultrie, Martha Mulkey, Linda Mull, Charlie Mull, Donna Mullinax, Thomas Munford, Mary Munhall, Chick Murphy, Clark Murphy, Kitsy Myers, Lisbeth Myrick, Phil Nagle, Cort Nalley, Donna Nalley, Lawton Nativi, Gloria Navarre, Laura Neibert, Regina NeSmith, Dink Nevill, Cynthia Newman, Natalie Newton, Brenda Newton, David Newton, Lillian Nicholson, Felicia Nix, John Nix, Nancy Noble, Carolyn Noell, Lynn Nolan, Ferrell Nolen, Johnny Norman, Lee Nort, John North, Teri Norton, Linda Norton, Nedra Nossokoff, Myra Nussbaum, Sonya Nutting, Nancy Oakleaf, Gregory Odom, Joy Odom, Pat Odum, Jean Olsen, Ann Olson, Mary O ' Neal, John O ' Neill, Robert O ' Steen, Robert Overton, Sydney Owen, Harriet Owen, Martha Owens, Joanna Owens, Peggy Owens, Rick Pannell, James Park, Susan Parker, Deborah Parker, Lynn Parker, Pamela Parks, Patricia Parr, Barbara Parrish, Gid Parsons, Barbara Parthemos, Steve Paschal, Beryle Pasek, Janice Patterson, H. T. Patterson, Janine Patterson, Penny Paulk, Gale Peabody, John Pearce, Carol 463 Peck, Gail Peddycoart, Rachel Peeples, Linda Pendergrast, Tommy Penland, Danny Penley, Bonnie Penny, Dianne Perkins, Patsy Perry, Anne Perry, Chuck Perry, Edwin Perry, Greg Petrie, Greg Pettyjohn, Carol Pharris, Patsy Phelan, Maureen Phelps, James Phillips, Dick Phillips, Kay Phillips, Rogsbert Phillips, Pamela Pickard, Kay Pickle, Lindsey Pierce, Chip Pierce, Connie Pierce, Larry Piland, Andrew Pilcher, Wyman Pittard, Becky Poiterint, Howard Polhill. John Pollard, Sharon Pollock, Stanley Pomerance, Nancy Pope, Scott Porton, Jay Poss, Donald Poss, Robert Potter, Rita Poulson, William Pounder, Tom Powell, Judy Powell, Richard Powell, Steve Powell, Thomas Pressley, Charlene Price, Gail Price, Nancy Price Terry Prisant, David Pritchett, Mary Lou Proskauer, Martha Pruitt, Nancy Puckett, Pat Pullen, William Pyles, Alan Quaif, Heather Quint, Margie Rainey, Lydia Rabb, Lane Rabinowitz, Janet Radler, Harlane Raine, Johnny Ramage, Lynn Ramondt, Dick Rand, Phil Rask, Sara Rayborn, Mary Raymond, James Razzouk, Bill Reaid, Bonnie Reed, Cynthia Reed, Philip Rees. Sandra Reese, Peggy Reese, Sherie Reeves, David Reeves, Janice Reeves, Toni Reichert, Robert Reid, Barbara Reid, Karen Reid, Robert Renfroe, Carolyn Rentz, Frieda Rheney, Beverly Rhodes, Allison Rhodes, Lynn Rhodes, Patty Rice, Charles Richards, Judy Richardson, Taffy Ricks, James Ridley, Alice Robbins, Cindy Roberts, Sally Roberts, Steven Robertson, Tal Robinson, Daryl Robinson, John Robinson, Lyn Rockwell, Barbara Rogers, Gayle Rogers, Patricia Rogers, Patrick Rooksby, Robert Rosenberg, Arlene Rosenberg, Sandra Rosier, Susanne Rothberg, Richard Roux, Robert Rowan, Lisa Royse, Charles Royall, Duanne Rozar, Grady Rudikoff, Lynn Russell. Edwin 5P 7 mi ' 1:M ,m • • ow fusESH ■Na s l4» i M 464 35292 ■2k 3i SSBESZm. 2WH II II ■ raas iG 465 Rybert, Kay Rypma, Sheila Sackett, Janet Saggus, Sandra Sale, Andy Salkin, Mimi Sanders, Camille Sanders, Eilie Sanders, Glynda Sanders, Karl Sanders, Randy Santarsiero, Anthony Sargent, Bradford Saunders, Nancy Saunders, Phil Saussy, Jeanne Sawyer, Alfred Saxon, James Scarborough, Katie Schaefer, James Scheiwe, John Schlitzkus, Beth Schmidt, Richard Schulten, Donna Schwartz, Dinah Schwartz, Donna Sciurra, James Scott, Harry Scott, Jim Scoville, John Seagraves, Bob Searcy, Van Seawell, Glenn Seagraves, Joe Sellers, Mary Margaret Semeli, John Sewell, Susan Shadix, Kaye Shapiro, Elise Sharpe, Paula Shaw, Ed Shearouse, Bill Shelley, Ann Sherard, Laura Sheriff, Cathy Sherwood, Ray Shevlin, Barbara Shields, Brandon Shipley, Becky Shipp, Jean Shrader, Buddy Siegel, Judy Sigl, Pam Simmons, Ruth Simmons, Suellen Simowitz, Jon Simpson, Jane Simril, Nancy Singerman, Niann Skott, Myron Slaughter, Betty Sloan, Harry Sloan, Marilyn Smaha, Trudy Smetter, Stephen Smith, Andy Smith, Betty Smith, Brenda Smith, John Smith, Judy Smith, June Smith, Larry Smith, Peggy Smith, Michael Smith, Paul Smith, Rankin Smoak, Carla Snellings, Ann Sobelson, Norma Solnik, Goldie Somberg, Bonnie Sosebee, Judy Souther, Jean Sowers, Janet Spears, Peggy Spence, Charles Spence, Sue Spencer, Gerald Spickerman, Susan Spiller, Anita Spooner, Luther Squier, Jim Stacy, Gil Stanley, Judith Stanton, Brenda Stanton, Susan Staples, David Starnes, Jeffrey Staulcup, Lynn Steedman, Arthur Steelman, David Steely, Thomas Stephens, Benjamin Stephens, Jeanne Stephenson, Carol Sterne, Taffy Sternthall, Betsy Stevens, Samuel Stewart, Cantey Stockbridge, Decry Stoddard, Calvin Story, Jacob Stover, Ronny Strickland, Bill Strickland, Kathy Studdard, Danny Sulman, Robin Summerhill, Dan Summerlin, C. Summerour, Charles Summerour, Gary Summerour, Willa Summers, Denny Swafford, Dorothy Sweet, Cathy Talbert, Gary Tanenbaum, Gail Tanner, David Tanner, Joan Tanner, Patricia Tanzine, Janice Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Don Tennant, Neena Thigpen, James Thomas, Gail Thomas, Jo Ann Thomas, Mary Thomas, Sandra Thomas, Shirley Thomason, Karl Thomason, Tance Thomason, Ronald Thompson, Brenda Thompson, Delores Thompson, Ken Thompson, Pamela Thompson, Sandra Thornton, Helen Thurmond, Phil Tillman, Jan Tobias, Stephanie Tomlinson, Ashley Todd, Joan Torrence, Larry Totis, Tony Towns, Steve Trader, Arthur Traylor, John Tribble, William Trotter, Barrett Tuck, Dondra Tucker, Stephen Tucker, Tuck Tuggle, Jimmy Turner, August Turner, Jane Turner, Libba Turner, Walter Tyler, Ronny Uhlfelder, Helene Ulrici, Donna Upchurch, Carol Vandiver, Ernest Van Dyke, Phyllis Van Hooven, Cherri Van Ingen, Richard Vann, Bunny Vann, Emory Vam, Kathryn Vaughan, Chipper Volz, Dot Von Almen, Cherry Von Canon, Caroline Von Werssowetz, Christopher Vuchetich, Angelle Wadded, Lee Wade, Mary Wages, Thomas Wages, William Wagner, Jennifer Wagner, Paul Wagner, Steve Wagnon, Ruth Waits, Janis Walden, Jerry Wallace, Kathy Wallace, Marilyn Walraven, Judy Walraven, Ronald Walters, Cheryl Walters, Raymond Walker, James Walters, Kay Ward, Henry Ward, Linda Ward, Randy Warnock, Murray Warner, Richard Washburn, Susie Waters, Andrea Waters, Angie Waters, Chip Watson, Eddie Watson, Jimmy Watson, Nancy Watson, Roger Way, Pamela Webb. Jan Weeks, Robin Weeks, Ronnie Weems, Dee Weiser, Mary Welch, Thomas Wells, David Wendel, Barry Westbrook, Jan Whatley, Lynda Wheeler, William Wheelus, Michael Whitaker, Claire Whitaker, Pamela White Herb White, Kathy ■am aaaal W AM If! £ 1 466 41 ft t 2 7 252 freshmen i RHHSHPf White, Veronica Whittle, Joseph Wier, Donna Wigley, Louise Wilkins, Kathleen Williams, Lucia Williams, Richard Williamson, Loretta Wilson, Bob Wilson, Gary Wilson, Grace Wilson, Rick Wmgard, Susan Wilson, Sherry Wins, Steven Winn, Marcia Wisdom, Buzz Wise, Barbara Wise, Saba Wisehart, James Witt man, Linda Wolf, Janice Wolfe, Larry Wolford, Melanie Wollner, Herbert Womble, Peggy Wood, Andrew Wood, Bruce Wood, Cheryl Wood, Cheryl Ann Wood, Jamie Wood, Jane Wood, Jerri Woodall, Dwight Woodruff, Kathy Woods, Libby Wright, Stephen Wright, Susan Yancey, Jenny Young, Bonnie Young, Julie Young, Wendie Zachry, G. Zank, Ellen Zinn, Richard Aaron, Jimmy Abercrombie, Paula Acton, Oeidre Adams, Barbara Adams, Cheryl Adams, Karen Adams, Teresa Ahl, Judy Akins, Dian Alderson, Faye Aldridge, Alison Allen, Ricky Allen, Greta Allen, Sandra Almond, Andy Altman, Janis Amason, Eleanor Anderson, Linda Arp, Joseph Aul, Karen Avedisian, Gregg Ayers, Carla Ayers. Susan Baggs, Dee Dee Bailey, George Baker, Ken Baker, John Baker, Judith Baker, Angee Ballard, Nancy Bankhead, Jan Barker, Kathy Barrett, David Barrow, Hugh Barton, Neal Bates, Randy Baxter, Jerry Baxter, Mervin Bealer, Alex Bearden, Jerry Beatie, Carolyn Becker, E. Wendell Belcher, Richard Belew, Joe Bell, Jean Bell, Jeannie Bennett, Sally Berry, Kay Betts, Julian Bigler, Jimmy Bird, Mary Blackman, Charlotte Blake, Darby Blakenay, Alice Boland, Betty Boom, Frank Bowers, Clifford Bowles, Jesse Bowman, Danny Boyd, William Boseman, Ann Bradley, Dennis Brannen, Mickey 467 Brantley, Kendall Brazell, Junior Brennan, Michelle Brightwell, Lyn Britt, Linda Brock, Ronald Brooks, Linda Brower, Mary Brown, Bonnie Brown, Don Brown, George Brown, Harvey Brown, Joseph Brown, Mike Brownlow, Jill Bruch, Louise Bruker, Mary Bruner, Edith Bryant, Kathy Buckner, Laura Budnick, Barbara Bunch, Michael Burch, Nell Burdett, Judy Burgess, Warren Burnett, Sherry Burt, Vicky Bush, Judy Bush, Lane Buttram, Gayle Butler, Beth Bynum, Frances Byrd, Dorothy Byrd, Susan Caldwell, Mimi Callaway, Beth Camak, Coe Camp, Marilyn Campbell, Debby Carlton, Karen Carmichael, Dorner Cams, Sukey Carroll, Kay Carter, Gale Carter, Nancy Cason, Debra Cato, Cal Cato, Earline Cecchini, Lisa Chambless, Proctor Champion, Stewart Chandler, Vicki Chapman, Mike Chalker, Charles Chastain, John Chastain, Marie Cheves, Cecil Childs, Julie Chitwood, Mike Chitwood, Patricia Christensen, Margaret Clancy, Carolyn Clark, Barbara Cleveland, Robin Cobb, Anita Cochran, Karen Coe, Barbara Cohen, Betty Coley, Barbara Collier, Lewis Collins, Dottie Cone, Suzy Connelly, Jane Coon, Bobby Cooper, Kaye Cooper, Ross Copeland, Carol Corley, Cynthia Cornwall, Betty Corr, Price Costa, Carol Crain, Janet Crowe, David Crowe, Jim Crowe, Ralph Crozier, Marsha Culbreth, Sara Culpepper, Joseph Cumbie, Johnnie Cunningham, John Dana. 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Allan Webb, Linda Weber, Donna Wehner, Mike Weir, Susan Welch, Edward Wetzel, Martha Whallen, Norah Whetsell. Katharine White, Christy Wicker, Jan Wickersham, Alice Widener, Karen Wiggins, John Wilkes, Linda Wilkes, Mary Williams, Ann Williams, Judy Williams, Kenneth Williams, Pat Williams, Peggy Williams, Stephen Williamson, Ann Wilson, Alonzo Wilson. Judy Wilson, Carol Wise, Brenda Witte. Mary Womack, Brenda Womack, Ronald Wood, Julie Woodson, Herbert Wright, Mary Wulz, Merrioy Wyche, Guy Wynne, Lucile Yancey, Margie Yarbrough, Nancy Young, Linda Young, Laurence Young, Sarah Zell. Yale Zeigler, Lorrie 473 ' p ■of i 2 " % binoculars and bods 476 i ; u blue-jeans, and bermudas . . . - 1 1 I bells, books and buses 482 483 planning.. 484 cramn ■ fe£j i u ! D ' m cramming... r f r T i 486 -u -j : cramming 487 ♦ 1 " - 1 m • -•■- C HDUJ I ! 1 damning 488 __ K : w JOBS 4 obs in GEOGRAPHY caps, gowns, , and diplomas, li the colis 492 mas, lines, the coliseum, graduation 493 ■■ fc I IKftilj! .. . " • -

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