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? I :,.:,i x. 1 P ' = L,. CP jr i2 -i MIa. DOODIS HFrE i I CJldir ' a. o i 1963 PANDORA UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ATHENS, GEORGIA — VOL. 76 WARD TURNER WICK SEARCY iusmess Manager JULIE GREEN Managing Editor BILLIE ELLINGTON Art Editor PETER HUDSON Photography and Layout Assistant JERRY CROWDER Photography PETER HUDSON Cover V r n TABLE OF CONTENTS The Georgia Spirit 6 The Year 36 Beauties 54 Organizations 68 Greeks 126 Sports 300 Military 342 Administration and Classes 362 SPIRIT an inspiring or animating principle such as per- vades and tempers thought, feeling or action the soul or heart a vigorous sense of membership in a group sensations with respect to exaltation or depression the dominant tendency or character of a thing Georgia has a spirit. It is poorly defined as ' " ' gung-ho intellectual, apathetic or " party. " It is inconceivably described by any single word. The spirit of a place is a part of all things that it is. THE GEORGIA SPIRIT IS . . . j ' ' i u.t.- -. ' .mi.; ri. " .-a. -: Uj 5fvi gLa%_ " d .V i-- ' : ■ i. i» !f ■ fa • ds;? t- - J5K- — ?? : W9-J ► - .-.i»%,l»« aM» . •• jp " i_ •4 ' 2% - 1 - .A : 7 y -_vc A beginning in the Fall when mornings are chilly and afternoons bright ... a brisk sea- son . . . red, yellow, brown and golden leaves begin to fall . . . You wake up one Saturday, and ifs football weather. A crowd . . . hig . . . annoying . . . or sweeping you up in its teeming excitement . , . in Stegman ™ in the stands ... a never moving line . . . parked cars in every lot. fy ' i- ' ..J j 5 iscic People . . . who are closer than the crowd . . . you and things you enjoy ... a group of which you are a part ... a friend . . . someone who is close . . . or one who means much to you. H ' L Or a personality . . . who is known hy all . . . who has served the Univer- sity long and well. T The classroom . . . from the impersonal auditorium to the group interrelated through exchange of thought and experience . . . the lah . . . the tools and the textbook ... a struggle with the examination which inevitably comes. 15 A time in between . . , in the Co-op ... a smoke ... a chat . . . in front of C. J. when the weather is good. ' he learning experience ... a give and receive rocess . . . meaningful, even dynamic for lose who allow themselves to become involved. 19 1 A changing campus . . . 800 more students . . . nine stories in a new dorm one and a half million for a pharmacy building . . . and ■ I IP ■ 1 11! a HI I - - I ■ ■■■IlllVr - -riiii| lllllllpl " " ' ll llllllll IIIJlli:! " ' «?fr a flying dome to shelter tivelve thousand. Winter . . . not until late November quiet, grey . . . never snow hut plenty cold . . . sometimes stinging. And rain . . . the day after day kind . . . hut one gets used to it . . . can Spring he far behind? 23 And study . . . some is required of all . . . earnestly pursued hy a few. HO aovs i irniof: ' GOIIUSES ai Lo M-ic I Aou «r C lobVct Sojc-jK r If I Era I " -time. r (I Wonderful spring . . . long awaited . . . joyfully welcomed . . . very visible in all of nature ' s aspects. jr fSiW m.i 27 The Georgia coed . . . of many different aspects . . . with talents and devices un- suspected hy her opposite sex . . . She lives hy the rules hut is vital to the " Spirit. " The party . . . dark . . . loud and blaring . . . people and ac- tivity . . . the paper cup . . . and rock ' n roll in its purest form. .•e. i. 1 r Qi H . ; V— -y — , » • V k l ;■ A ' ;l:,■ vT3!i »s » ' V5!5g i g « ' s JKr yf iw ■- ' esassfi ' s yy.- v-; ' !: ' } : } KiK A burst of vigor . . . spontaneous and care- free . . . unhihited enjoyment of the moment ' I . . . in an effortless energy known only to youth. 33 And at times solemnity . . . an awareness and a Tealiza zation . . . that there is a spirit-of an institution for higher learning and a way of living during a part of the lifetime . . . and of this spirit each is a part. ■■a4 ' ? ' ' gBliJ5 ' - ..• ' " .• ■ i t)--;a?AT3 ,. a-- THE YEAR ■3 ki 1 ' IIm . 38 »: «r ■ ' ■ i ' . «i . B ' If Freshman camp and orientation are over. The year officially begins with its most hectic day. Fighting the masses, frustra- tion and confusion are a part of it all. After standing and standing your course closes out; yet, somehow it all gets done. Students and faculty prepare to begin classes. These are the times that try one ' s nerves, tire one ' s feet, strain one ' s voice and cramp the lip muscles. Skits and costumes of girl ' s rush are nothing short of " The Greatest Show on Earth. " Parties get longer and fewer; de- cisions on both sides must be made. The day finally arrives when all is over. Pledges are ecstatically re- ceived into new bonds of sisterhood. 41 A routine part of every fall quarti is pep rallies. The cheerleaders, sororities and a few ardent fait where you ' re from, hand- gather in Woodruff to boost tl- gpe you went to school, Dogs. But win the Auburn game ar have a shirt tail parade to celebra- a coming bout with Georgia Tec Then see what happens. of chosing brothers for the ;ceived and badges given ges are identified with the A horde of freshmen men gath- er at the starting line. The trig- ger Is pulled and off they go In the annual Cake Race. But for unknown and untradltlonal rea- sons a cake was not Included with the prize. Winner Ed West received a track scholarship from the Athletic Department. •ave f , i A routine part of every fall quarter Is pep rallies. The cheerleaders, the sororities and a few ardent fans gather in Woodruff to boost the Dogs. But win the Auburn game and have a shirt tall parade to celebrate a coming bout with Georgia Tech. Then see what happens. Who will be chosen as Miss Pan- dora? Suspense nnounts as a host of beauties, then twenty, then ten pass before the judges. A final entertainment break, featuring the Navy School Glee Club, gives everyone time to make his own choice. Then Eddie steps to the mike. The " Fairest One of All " is a freshman — Claudia hlope. On a sunny Saturday the Bulldogs made one of their four ties for the season. In lawn decorations the Sigma Chi ' s with a wheel-turning choo-choo and the Tri-Delts with a twisting bulldog took first places. Peter, Paul and Mary were late, but Dean Bixby announced one- thirty permission for the ladies. And Emma Jo reigned over the whole business. Old Woodruff rocked with squealing coeds, flying chickens and discontent- ed cows. The Derby, despite rain and cancellation until winter quarter, was a grand-scale success. The Zetas took the trophy, and Cecelia Looney Alpha Delta Pi pledge was Miss Modern Venus. I 50 Impressive guitar picking and a folk singer who obviously enjoys making music were the first features of the Winter I. F. C. Concert. Walter Forbes and the " Lonesome Travelers " were then followed with entertainment by " the Lettermen. " For the first time in recent history a Negro entertainer was the highlight for an on campus function. The mili- tary ball was reigned over by Mary Lou Greer, and Roy Hamilton led cadets and dates in a rousing ver- sion of " Ain ' t Gone Study War No More. " 52 ' ' " recent entertainer or an on ■ h nil- 9 " «(1 over Teer, and 5(i cadets •using ver- »ie Study A conservative visited the South and received standing ovations. However personal connment was both pro and con when the excite- ment died down. As a whole I. F. C. ' s Barry Goldwater forum was considered a successful event. 53 BEAUTIES .4 . 1 1 1 I... ...■I«4 1 .r 4 fl ' ' PANDORA GiouuuAxxjij MofDC Claudia, sponsored In the Beauty Re- view by South Myers Donnitory, is a freshman at Georgia and Is enrolled in the School of Home Economics. Our Miss Pandora, a member of Kap- pa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Is pledge sweetheart of Sigma Chi Fraternity and holds the title of " Miss North- east Georgia. " Her home Is in Com- merce, Georgia. C SPONSORED BY ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 61 SPONSORED BY KAPPA ALPHA 62 ' A MM n LjiMxIjOU t 9Aittu SPONSORED BY CHI OMEGA SPONSORED BY SIGMA NU JoLi ij JejAkAMA SPONSORED BY ALPHA DELTA PI 66 J o. SPONSORED BY SIGMA PHI EPSILON H SPONSORED BY ALPHA CHI OMEGA i uitfiaiiiMKt k ' nIW •f ,2 ' - A ' l ' , » ' ' i ' ' » ORGANIZATIONS 71 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lamba Delta Is an honorary organization for freshnnan women who nnaintain an eighty- eight average during their first two quarters at the University. Left to right: Diane Benjamin, President; Kathy Fowler, Vice-President; Rima Ford, Secretary; Judy Jarman, Trea- surer. , ;: " i Members: Claire Arnold Mary Ann Asbell Sandra Ayers Maureen Ball Edith Bean Kathleen Becker Etta Benjamin Nora Lynn Benson Patricia Benton Susan Berger Dana Bisen Marjorie Boyd Linda Bright Sarah Brown Virginia Brumby Linda Burdette Linda Butler Bonnie Cain Inez Calhoun Cecilia Chapman Camille Clay Sylvia Cofield Carol Crowe Beverly Dailey Marie Dyer Gwen Eagerton Marianna Eldridge Elizabeth Fincher Rima Ford Kathy Fowler Judith Friedman Jane Garvey Mickey Ginsberg Marilyn Goodrich Sandra Gray Gay Griggs Mary Haley Delores Hart Margie Hayes Fredia Herndon Charlotte Hood Judy Jarman Helen Kemp y; Sharon Kesler Marjorie Kingsley Bonnie Lay Rita Levy Marsha Lurey Marilyn Mann Mary Manship Mary Manter Patricia Martin Chloe Mason Lynne Mason Katherine Meadors Nancy Mitcham Dale Mobley Elaine Myddelton Sandra Newton Marianna O ' Kelley Mary Oliver Ann Powell Susan Russell Sally Rutherford Sandra St. Clair Mary Samoden Jerilyn Satterfield Cynthia Shedd Peggy Shoemaker Bailey Smith Hellen Smith Monica Smith Barbara Storm Joan Summer Ann Talbird Susan Tilghman Berta Tippens Pene Turner Lynn Waldbaum Mary Waller Stella Watkins Janet Weaver Ann Wells Lyn White Laura Wickersham Claudia Williams June Young 72 hi.i I fllJlo V rA ■ i Members: William B. Ansley, Claude D. liartlett, James T. Bass, George M. Bobo, Jerome R. Brandon, Jerry H. Brookshire, Edward D. Burch, Harper V. Burton, Roy L. Chapman, Jr., William L. Clegg, William M. Coppage, James W. Curtis, Howard L. DeMore, Terry A. Dillard, Luther F. Elrod, Jr., John B. Fordham, David H. Furse, James W. Garner, Edwin C. Graves, Michael W. Graves, Thomas H. Hanson, James L. Harrison, Hugh O. Hodges, Pierre Howard, D. Alexander James, Willis E. Lanier, William F. Leake, Roger C. Linton, James E. McKinney, Albert P. McLane, Bennie D. McLendon, Lawrence Martin, Jack T. May, John D. Messer, Phillip J. Muse, David H. Nathan, Daniel W. Nixon, John W. Ramsey, Bob L. Ravan, Herbert J. Rosenberg, Thomas M. Schwartz, Joseph M. Sheridan, Paul J. Siegel, Raymond Steever, Charles W. Swain, John M. Tatum, James N. Townsend, Paul H. Trulock, Charles H. Waits, Bill Walker, Marshall P. Waters, Alan B. Weinstein, James H. Willis, James W. Wimberly, Stanley C. Yerlow. PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma recognizes freshman male students who have maintained an eighty-eight average for the first two or three quarters of their fresh- man year. Officers are Jim Bass, Presi- dent; Pierre hloward, Vice-President, Paul Trulock, Secretary, Jim Willis, Treasurer. . 73 IHJ-. . .Ui ' .Jt : i ' " Tmh. seiecTewuii my UHsis of very high ac demic standards as well as non-schpljsiic; contributions to the University. it ChmUr mf.mbers: Lintoti Dimson Pelc Mrt ' onimons Giis TurnhiiH fimmy Harris Xorval King Waller Stew Jack SiM ' ens Lehman Franklin ' fcimi NeidlinRcr- Hill (.riflin ... - ,13 . |£ £ g -«V3 ' ¥ ' » ■■-, ' ,■ ! , • ' ' ' ' .r ' ' v-C - si " .( «i Membership in " Z " Club isTn iff M ._ jhonor ' .a TPeshman, ' Woman can attai 5 ' ' -- Seven tc -tN et e members are tapped r each sp iHg ' Ibri |he basis of character, I ■ ' leadership, scholefstic record, and partici- ,4 pation in ' ' e| flj)us activities. Officers are f Ti " Gay:.(jTiggs, " r ' fdent; -Sandra Nekton, " Vice-President; DAtte IvMbley, Secretar-- •Dift tie- Kimbrell , Tfeasufer; Betty M ' " ' ' ; Publicity Chairman. . Left 1 ■ Mary AniyAsbdir MaiylM iU i ■; bctty SiaiiJ] ws . C Sundra- ' NeBion Dottie KinfTjrcU Sandra Aycrs- [• » si ' % ' » BIFTAD Biftad, an honorary service club for third quarter fresh- men and first quarter sopho- mores, considers for member- ship all men who have an academic average of eighty or above and who complete the requirements on an ob- jective point sheet. Active members: Robert Anderson Jimmy Bishop Jimmy Chapman Mac Crenshaw Buddy Dallas Tommy Earles Steve Jordan Alex Patterson Dennis Holder Pierre Howard Robert Hurst Mickey McBride Jake Saye Ronald Shelp Ray Stephens Tommy Stripling Paul Whitlock n ' xoed fdtfacter, •dpaftici- ZODIAC I :m» The twelve junior women with the highest aver- ages during their fresh- man and sophomore years are chosen for membership in Zodiac. Members, left to right: Sandrea Gaines Judy Riddick Susan Robinson Nancy Keith Carolyn Wynne Winston Stephens Not Pictured: Dianne Jones Babs Wier Dorothy Pascall Judy Leake Linda Thomas Rebecca Reeves Mm B m » lBbj y ' : 5u ■ L ni ' 1 ' -- ■■■■ ,hTi ' ' . " - 77 Franklin Hitchcock Linda Carstarphen Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities is na- tionally recognized as one of the highest honors for college students. Mennbership selec- tion is based on scholarship, character, and service to the campus. Not only are past attributes of the student con- sidered but also his potential contributions to future so- ciety. Saundra Mooreland Toby Ivey Jimmy Blanchard Janice Berryman Ronnie Griffeth Charlie Haygood WHO ' S WHO tfird Tiinei I ::::,MI ' ' ' • Jim Pleasants I PJ-J J The highest non-scholastic honor a nnale student can attain. HONORARY MEMBERS AE. Richard B. Russel AF. Paul Brown AG John 0. Eidson A. H. Brown B. G. Butler AH James A. Dunlap Al. Phil M. Landrum C. O. S. Sibley D. D. E. Dougherty AJ. AK. Tyus Butler John L. Cox E. W. H. Harris F. H. Bacon G. W. P. Hall H. Frank Kells Boland 1. H. G. Colvln AL. Marion Folsom AM AN AO . Eugene Black Harold Heckman Marvin B. Perry J. W. S. Cothran K. W. Spain L. John Dorsey M. F. R. Mitchell N. Harry Dodd O. C. H. Blacic P. W. R. Tichenor Q. G. T. Jackson R. Walter Hill S. Charles Snelling 1. 2. 3. 4 A. H. Patterson W. D. Hooper L. A. Cothran l -« t- 1 a n r T. D. C. Barrow U. R. E. Park V. Harry C. White 5 ' 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. II. 12. Z7. iG n n C. R. Andrews Edgar Pomeroy Pratt Adams Will Blunn C. W. Davis Marion Dubose R. P. Jones Andrew McBrlde W. Andrew M. Soule X. Willis H. Bocock Y. S. V. Sanford Z. C. M. Strahan AA. Herman J. Stegernan BB. Sylvanus Morris 13. Rnri irt Trv vi CC. G. F. Peabody 14. Tennie Rucker DD. E. A. Lowe EE. Thomas J. Woofter 15. 16. M. M. Thurman John Banks FF. T. W. Reed GG. Harry Mehre 17. 18. Remer Denmark J. E. Hall HH. H. N. Edmunds II. Harold Hirsch JJ. E. L. Secrest KK. Harmon Caldwell LL. Paul W. Chapman 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. Richard Charlton Harry Hull H. C. Johnson J. B. Ridley W. R. Ritchie MM. R. R. Gunn NN. John Wade GO. Hughes Spalding 24. 25. 26. J. L. Erwin Phinizy Calhoun F. McCutcheon PP. Charles Herty QQ. Merton Coulter 27. 28. Longstreet Hull B. C. J. Lamar RR. W. O. Payne SS. Wallace Butts 29. 30. Wilson Hardy Noel Park TT. William Crane 31. W. J. Hammond UU. Henry Shinn 32. Lamar Rucker VV. W. O. Collins 33. S. Blackshear WW. Erie Cocke, Jr. 34. Marvin Dickinson WX. O. C. Aderhold 35. Andrew Calhoun WY. John E. Drewry 36. Cam Dorsey M. Richardson WZ. Herman Talmadge 37. XX. Robert O. Arnold 38. Sanders Walker YY. Charles Bloch ZZ. Frank D. Foley 39. 40. Sandy Beaver Frank Ridley AB. Roy V. Harris 41. G. W. Legwen AC. J. A. Williams 42. Randolph Jacques AD. Hamilton Lokey 43. Ralph Meldrim 44. Marion Smith 45. Wallace Miller 46. Minor Boyd 47. William Turner 48. J. F. Baxter 49. Harold Keton 50. Jack Bower 51. Frampton Ellis 52. Frank Anderson 53. R. Preston Brooks tfA 54. Lucian Goodrich IB 55. Stiles Hopkins wMlfi 56. J. 1. Killorin WSv 57. M. Blackshear M 58. VIrlyn Moore m 59. Tom Connatly amr 60. W. Nunnally w 61. T. T. Turnbull W 62. W. W. Patterson V 63. Authur Sullivan ▼ 64. Charlie Cox 1 65. Rodney Hill 66. Harold Telford 67. A. L Hardy Tommy Johnson 68. J. D. Young 69. W. Marshburn 70. H. M. Scott 71. John Brown 72. George Hains 73. Dan Sage 74. 1. C. Levy 75, Lansing Lee 76. Loring Raoul 77. James Ragan Richard Lea 78. R. S. Parker 79. George Whitman 80. William L. Erwin 81. Harrison Jones 82. C. D. Cabaniss 83. W. G. Brantley 84. Philip Weltner 85. A. Carmichael 86. Kyle Smith 87. Wed Brown 88. Frank Martin 89. Charles Feidelson 90. J. K. McDonald 91. H. L. J.Williams 92. Robb Jones 93. Sidney Smith 94. Morton Hodgson 95. Herman Delaperriere 96. F. C. Newton 97. Claude Derrick 98. Clayton Henson 99. John Harris 00. Young Smith 01. Dan Redfearn 02. Jerome Michael 03. Dwight Rogers 04. Edgar Carter, Jr. 05. J. E. Lucas 06. H. G. Bailey 07. E. M. Brown 08. Abit Nix 09. Omer Franklin 10. E. T. Miller 11. Henderson Lanham 12. Hinton Blackshear 13. Washington Falk, Jr. 14. Alex McDonnell 15. Cliff Hatcher 16. Paul Bartlett 17. Edgar Pennington 18. Warren Moise 19. George Woodruff 20. E. V. Heath 21. Millard Rewis 22. Robert Troutman 23. Arthur Maddox 24. John Sibley 25. Lloyd Brown 26. Cliff Brannen 127. George Northen 128. W. A. Mann 129. Harold Meyer 130. Benton Walton 131. Dave Peacock 132. Virgil Durden 133. Charles Martin 134. Edgar Dunlap 135. Robert McWhorter James Blanchard R. H. Freeman Zack Cowan E. Morgenstern James Lynch Levy Rogers Bentley Chappell Ira Funkenstein Frank Carter Rucker Ginn Aaron Bernd Russell Patterson Victor Victor Hoyt Whelchel Louis Pinkussohn Clark Howell, Jr. David McKamy Dave Paddock John Henderson E. J. Hardin G. S. Whitehead James Conyers Charles Jacobson Hugh Hodgson Robert Wesley George Harrison Charlie Tanner Bill Quarterman Bob Callaway, Jr. Joel Mallett Tom Thrash Max Seagall Holman Sorrells Osmonde White John Stewart Neal Gillis, Jr. Roff Sims, Jr. J. H. Carmical Howard McCall Irvine Levy Hinton Longino Richard Courts L. H. Tlppett Otto Ellars Roger West " Trot " Foreman, Jr. Madden Hatcher Dewey Knight " Whitey " Davis Wallace Zachry Irvine Phinliy Bob O ' Callaghan Murphey Candler McKenzie Dallas Claude Satterfield F. W. Harrold W. D. Miller Arthur Pew Bob Spence Chester Slack 195. John Slater 196. Way HIghsml+h 197. " Bum " Day 198. Charles Strahan 199. Hillary Mangum 200. Hugh Stephens 201. P. B. Ford 202. Nathan Jolles 203. Owen Reynolds 204. Pate Carson 205. Dawson Durden 206. Welborn Cody 207. Malcolm McRainey 208. W. f. Daniel 209. Ellis Dixon 210. Freeman McClure 211. Lewis Hill 212. G. J. Clark 213. C. A. Lewis 214. John Bennett, Jr. 215. Alton Hosch 216. C. G. Henry 217. " Doc " Harper (J.K 218. H. H. Maddox 219. J. L. Watson 220. C. R. Anderson 221. Ed Gurr 222. Hervey Clecltley, II 223. Colquitt Carter, Jr 224. William Tate 225. Charlie Wiehrs 226. John Fletcher 227. J. D. Thomason 228. John Hosch, Jr. 229. Thomas Green, Jr. 230. Walter Sewell 231. Lester Hargrett 232. Charles Gowen 233. " Buster " Kilpatriclc 234. John Allen 235. H. D. Shattuck 236. George Morton 237. Gwinn Nixon 238. Alexis Marshall 239. Carlton Mell 240. Ernest Rogers 241. Walter Forbes, Jr. 242. George S. Johnson 243. Rollin Chambliss 244. Ernest Camp, Jr. 245. Allen Post 246. A. S. Clay, III 247. Kells Boland Wyck A. Knox 248. " Chick " Shiver, Jr. 249. William Young 250. Isaac Hay 251. George Florence, Jr. 252. Tom Nash Tom Hamilton, Jr. B. H. Hardy, Jr. Luke Stancil Dan Tulley Bob Patterson, Jr. Hoke Wofford John Candler, II Glenn Lautzenhiser R. B. Jennings Craig Barrow, Jr. Bobby Hooks Joe Boland G. C. Hamilton Jimmy Harris W. A. Kline, Jr. Kankakee Anderson J. E. Palmour, Jr. Henry Palmer Kelly McCutcheon Guerry Harris Doug Feagin, Jr. M. L. Purvis Joe Oliver Marvin Cox Ellis Arnall Herbert Maffett Sandford Sanford John Maddox Mark Hollls W. C. Latimer Vernon Smith W. Strickland J. W. Mclntlre Marion Gaston McCarthy Crenshaw William Haielhurst Leroy Young Fred Solomon Virlyn Moore, Jr. W. Maddox, Jr. Milton Richardson, Jr. Morton Hodgson, Jr. Randolph Thigpen, Jr. Rob G. Stephens, Jr. John Wesley Calhoun, DeNean Stafford, Jr. John Bond Harry Baxter W. T. Rogers Dan Bowden Carl Strong Lee Rogers Walter Wise Tap Bennett, Jr. Colbert Hawkins Rob T. Anderson Wade Hoyt, Jr. Charles Harrold, Jr. Ben Anderson, Jr. Edward Baxter Dyar Massey Andy Roddenberry Morris Abrai Floyd Newton, Jr. Quinton Lumpkin Bob Troutman, Jr. Robert McCuen Gus Cleveland, Jr. Bob Norman Julian Halliburton Lee Price Howell Hollis Alex McCaskill Stanford Smith Lee Newton Jack Matthews Ernest Vandiver Frank Gunn Alpha Fowler, Jr. Jay Smith, Jr, B. C. Gardner, Jr. Verner Chaffin J. C. Meadows, Jr. Cliff Kimsey Tom Penland John Miller Gus Partee, Jr. Frank Sinkwich Irby Exiey Murray Norman Forrest Champion George Lawrence Jesse Bowles Jim Miller Aubrey Morris Jimmy DeLay Fl uker Stewart 350. Charles Trippi 351. John Sheffield, Jr. 352. Fred Scott 353. Frank Cheatham, Jr. 354. Dan Edwards 355. R. M. Joiner 356. Dempsey Leach 357. Bill Burson 358. Melburne McLendon 359. John Rauch 360. Mims Wilkinson, Jr. 361. Kirk McAlpin 362. Bryan Whitehurst 363. John Griffin 364. Harry Wingate 365. James Bentley 366. Porter Payne 367. James Andrews 368. Ray Burns 369. H. Walraven, Jr. 370. Bob Healey 371. Raleigh Bryans 372. Laurence Crimmins 373. Bob Reinhardt 374. Bill Elinburg 375. Barry Phillips 376. Ted Evans 377. Tom Waddell 378. Robert McArthur 379. E. L. Dunn, Jr. 380. Mike Merola 381. Bill Justice 382. Nick Chilivis 383. M. W. Edwards 384. Tal Arnette 385. Carl Turner 386. Claude Hipps 387. B. S. Middlebrooks 388. Henry Woodard 389. Cecil Spooner 390. H. K. Holladay 391. Phil Beverly 392. R. C. Stubbs, Jr. 393. Hassell Parker 394. Robert K. West 395. Dewey Benefield, Jr. 396. Wesley Harris 397. Frank Salerno Richard Trotter 398. W. D. Moseley 399. C. R. Adams, Jr. 400. Dan Kitchens 401. E. R. Bratkowski 402. Donald Branyon, Jr. 403. Randall Maret 404. John Carson 405. Robert Blalock 406. L. R. Patterson 407. Quentln Gabriel 408. Jay Gardner 409. Frank Seller 410. Richard Trotter 4M. Joe O ' Malley 412. Kermit Perry 413. Jule Felton, Jr. 414. Jabez McCorkle 415. John J. Wllkins, III 4)6. Norman Fletcher 417. Lindsey Bennett 418. R. S. Lowrey, Jr. 419. Donald Joel 420. John O ' Toole 421. Joel Knight 422. Edward Killorln 423. George Scheer, Jr. 424. Joseph Marshall 425. Nathan Knight 426. Robert Rowan 427. Dave Hollis 428. Monte Markham 429. Emmet Bondurant Edward Garland Jay Cox Swain McElmurray, Jr. Harry Hendrix Theron Sapp Bryce Holcomb Thomas E. Dennard, Jr. James P. Walker, Jr. William A. Davis, Jr. Thomas H. Lewis, Jr. Thomas R. Burnside, Jr. James P. Yarbrough Charlie B. Christian Earl T. Leonard, Jr. Francis A. Tarkenton Tom M. Blaylock Ronald " Pete " Case Linton R. Dunson, Jr. Wyck A. Knox, Jr. Bryant F. Hodgson, Jr. John H. Crawford, III Augustus B, Turnbull, III William R. Monfort, Jr. James H. Blanchard Edward T. Garland Wyatt Thomas Johnson, Richard N. Lea GRIDIRON - Membership in Gridiron Secret Society is one of the highest honors that a male student may achieve on the Georgia campus. Qualification for membership, activities, and the purpose of the so- ciety are known only to members. Of- ficers are Wyck Knox, President, and Guy Eberhardt, Secretary-Treasurer. First row: Dick Lea, David Geiger, Don Rountree, George Watts, Carl London, Guy Eberhardt, Wyck Knox. Second row: James Gran- ade, Frank Bloodworth, Tom Linder, Bill Heagland, Charlie Haygood, Tommy Johnson. Third row: Bobby Long, Fred Stowers, Bob Hatcher, Al Temple, Chris Foster, Terrell Benton. Fourth row: Jim Blanchard, Toby Ivey, Richard Trotter, Frank Martin, Eddie Gar- land, Alan Wexler, Jerry Willis. % 82 i Left to right: George Grain, Tommy Johnson, Richard Trotter, Eddie Garland, Wyck Knox, Jimmy Blanchard, Chris Foster. «dn r C ftrfJW " ' Jo» iJtoK f Ctf ' GREEK HORSEMEN 1 Oufstanding fraternity men who have endeav- ored to pronno+e and further the aims and ideals of the Greek way of life are honored by membership in the Greek Horsemen. 83 BLUE KEY Blue Key, national collegiate honor fraternity, recognizes outstand- ing men students of high character for achievement in five fields — athletics, forensics and fine arts, campus leadership, publications, and scholarship. Junior and senior students with an overall average of two points above the all-men ' s average are elected during the fall and spring quarters. Faculty members, alumni and outstanding state and national leaders may be selected for honorary member- ship. Neophytes wear blue blazers with an attached blue key to Friday classes before Sunday ' s formal initiation. The main objectives of Blue Key as an organization are to de- velop an ambition for intellectual attainment and a desire among student leaders to serve the University. Blue Key as a service organization accomplishes its purpose by studying student prob- lems and by carrying out various projects which will promote the progress and best Interests of the University. Officers are Richard Trotter, President; Zack Dozler, Vice-President; John Talmadge, Recording Secretary; Jim Pleasants, Corresponding Secretary; Al Temple, Alumni Secretary. Seated, left to right: John Hayes, David Tribby, Dean William Tate, Al Temple, John Talmadge, Richard Trotter, Zack Dozier, Dr. James Lassiter, Jim Pleasants, Don Rountree, Tommy John- son. Standing, left to right: George Grain, Buddy Dallas, John Rhodes, Franklin Hitchcock, Ted Puffinburger, Bobby Long, Ben Tate, Bob Miller, Frank Enloe, Fred Stowers, W. JR. Dorsey, Alex Patterson, Jake Saye, Charles Haygood, David Boyd, Eddie Gar- land, Horace Sibley, Dick Lea, Tony Branan. Not pictured: David Almand, James Blanchard, Jerry Cox, Dickie Crosby, Guy Eberhardt. 84 : OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omlcron Delta Kappa, National Leader- ship Honor Society for college men, recognizes and encourages the achieve- ment of exemplary character and supe- rior quality in scholarship and leadership- Membership is as much an obligation and responsibility in citizenship as it is a mark of distinction and honor. Officers are George Watts, President; Bab hiatcher, Vice-President; Dave Geiger, Secretary. Left to Right: Richard Trotter George Watts Eddie Smith Dave Geiger Ed Sell Bill Hoagland Frank Bloodworth Not Pictured: Terrell Benton Linton Eberhart Jim Granade Loy Jarrett Wyck Knox Bobby Laslie Tom Linder Jerry Willis Bobby Whitaker 85 PYRAMID Pyramid is an organization of those Independent Men who have shown service and leadership on campus in scholastic, social and organiza- tional activities. Membership in Pyramid is the highest honor a member of the Independent Men may receive. Members: First row: Bob Adamsoa Second row: Jim Pleasants John Rhodes Third row: Jack Perry Loy Jarrett Carl London Fourth row: Jack Pace Al Temple Sara Lowrey Billy Evans Eddy Smith Members: First row: Marilyn Callahan Sheridan Thompson Dianne Hummel Kathy Fowler Pattie Atkinson Second row: Marilyn Hammer Nancy Wise Marjorie Kingsley Linda Hiscock Third row: Helen Barrett Snellen Landrum Fourth row: Bonnie Melear TRIANGLE Membership in Triangle is the highest honor which an Independent woman can attain. Campus participation, scholastic achieve- ment and active membership in Triquetra qualify a woman for membership. ' X CLUB ( Club is an honorary organization hich selects its members on the iflsls of industry, ability, and merit. Tiproving school spirit and loyalty its -foremost function. Officers are rry Pitts, President; Buddy Dallas, ' ice-President; Jim Pleasants, Secre- ry-Trea surer. Front row: Sam Lowrey Jim Pleasants Bobby Lons Franklin Hitchcock Cliff Cheney 5 Second row: ' _ Carl London ;■ Richard Trotter ; Billy Lane i Larry Jones Third row: Jerry Pitts Charlie Haygood Zack Dozier George Watts X ' Back row: David Geiger Eddie Cubbedge First row; Anita Schulman, Emily Jones, Barbara Hill, Lucy Jones, Nancy Wise, Carol Murray. Second row: Sara Isaf, Laura Evans, Bonnie Melear, Vivian Armour, Rosanne Lurey, Kathy Johnsa. GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA Gamma Sigma Sigma is a national service or- ganization which aids the school, community and nation. This organi- zation participates in Registration, the March of Dimes Drive, and the Cancer Drive. Officers are Kathy Johnsa, Presi- dent; Barbara hlill, first Vice-President; Barbara hlannah, second Vice- President; Sara Isaf, Secretary; Lucy Johns, Treasurer. 87 Roaring Twenties Contest Members: W. E. Johns, Ed Steever, Mary Manter, Ray Lee, Margaret Drake, Linda Kay McClurg, Marjorie Kingsley, Betty House, Marie Montante, Bonnie Bowman, June Young, Marie Dyer, Mari- lyn Callahan, Laurie Hinson, Margie Boyd, Nancy Gunter, Monica Smith, Grace Wallace, Charles Ryckeley, Judson Patton, Ann Wood, Margie Hayes, Diane Harper, Betty Johnson, Wayne Olson, Joseph Holloway, Jim Little, Jane Garvey, Richard Murphy, Jimmie Ralston, Johnny Messer, Al Sadler. Miss March of Dimes ' Court: Alice Gilbert; Sally Johnson; Ann Crews; Peggy Hall, Miss March of Dimes. 88 SI well grar acfil deni Men atmi even Wei Man Man Dao( k stodi Ray retar Mari Dyer iorie Maif Ed Si i , iii iii i mwM«JU i U|8ta|HHU m STUDENT CENTER The Student Center strives to promote the welfare of the student body through a pro- grann of social, cultural, and recreational activities for all University of Georgia stu- dents. The Student Center is located in Memorial Hall and provides an " at home " atmosphere for Georgia students. Special events of the year include the Freshman Welcome Dance, caroling at Christmastime, Manhattan Dance, Monte Carlo Party, March of Dimes Dance, Roaring Twenties Dance, and the annual Easter Egg hlunt for the children of the faculty and married students. Officers are Ed Steever, President; Ray Lee, Vice-President; Mary Manter, Sec- retary. Board members are Bonnie Bowman, Marilyn Callahan, Margaret Drake, Marie Dyer, Dianne hiarper, Betty Johnson, Mar- Jorle Kingsley, Ray Lee, Jim Little, Mary Manter, Jimmie Ralston, Barbara Shreve, Ed Steever, June Young. ARGONAUTS The Argonauts are upper-classmen who serve the University of Georgia by as- sisting with the orientation and coun- seling of freshmen men. Each member has under his guidance from six to twenty freshmen male students. The Argonauts live in the Freshmen men ' s dormitories. Officers are President, Jack Barrett; Vice-President, Jim Tarp- ley; Secretary, Bill Saders; Treasurer, Ralph Winter. Jack Barrett, John Hopkins, Emory McKinney, Eddie Dooley, Robert Anderson, Charles Hudson, Jim Tarpley, Luther Elrod, Bob Ravan, Rick Carswell, Joe Ariail, Luther Earless, Jim Wilbanks, Bill Sanders, Ralph Winter, Fred Gilliard, Vernon Williams, Stewart Mellichamp, Bill Rodenberg, Don Sullivan, Jim Moore, Bob Branham, Byron Groszmann, E. L. McMurray, Milton Ganyard, Henry Barker, Gary Hancock, John Hill, Richard Woodham, Hodges Lewis, Ronnie Rainey, Bill Shelton, Harold Nolan, Ray Lee, Willis Lanier, Zannie James, Carter Black, Frank Landrum, Carl Wilson, Buster McConnell, Bill Wages, Charles Gillespie, Billy Jarriel, Larry Dendy. UN 1 Mijm -vW H . dL« — 1 ' . m r 7r» u iKi • ' ' ? y URSA Minors: Jeannie Aiken, Vivian Armour, Kathy Becker, Veronica Bennett, Bonnie Bowman, Connie Boyd, Linda Brooks, Becky Davis, Frances Elmore, Diane Finn, Joyce Ford, Barbara Gavron, Linda Gibson, Connie Grimaude, Mari- lyn Hamner, Robin Hill, Betty House, Lynda Sue In in, Sara Isaf, Lucy Johns, Lynn Jones, Janice Matthews, Margaret Michael, Glenda Mosley, Sherry Nistle, Kathleen Page, Judy Plotkin, Elizabeth Powell, Susan Russell, Nan Schuman, Bailey Smith, Laurene Smith, Janice Thurmond, Sue Wall, Ann Watson, Comeria Whittle, Eileen Wolper, Sallie Wood. UNIVERSITY RESIDENT STUDENT ASSISTANTS URSA Majors: Maureen Ball, Edith Bean, Diane Benjamin, Marge Boyd, Carol Byrd, Nezzie Calhoun, Marilyn Callahan, Daphne Colvard, Susie Coran, Sarah Easley, Kathy Fowler, Gay Griggs, Susan Haley, Theresa Hubey, Jeanette Little, Louise Maddox, Evelyn Manning, Mary Manler, Trudi Martin, Rose McCardel, Barbara McCollum, Andrea McLemore, Nancy Mitcham, Marty Murphy, Nancy Outzs, Beth Parry, Pat Phillips, Liz Powell, Peggy Shoemaker, Janet Weaver, Marjorie Whaley, Martha Wicker, Laura Wickersham, Brenda Wright. URSA majors are " big sisters " to Freshmen women. They live in the Freshmen dormitories for one year and serve as counselors. USRA Majors also help with registra- tion and orientation and with the Argonauts co- sponsor the annual Fresh- man Talent Show. Offi- cers are Daphne Col- vard, President; Nezzie Calhoun, Vice-President; Jeanette Little, Secty. URSA Minors are sophomore, junior and senior women who serve the University in the ca- pacity of women trans- fer students ' orientation, registration and wom- en ' s housing. Officers are Vivian Armour, Pres- ident; Becky Davis, Sec- retary-Treasurer. 91 Mm WWfltrrr -tpi COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Membership in the Cosmopolifan Club is openp to the entire student body. The object of the organization is to bring together students fronn the United States and students from abroad! to engage in cultural, social, and athletic ac- tivities and build good will and understanding I among the nations represented. Officers are| Juan F. Celecia, President; Javiar Tomas, Vice- President; Roy Nissar, Recording Secretary; Anita Trotter, Corresponding Secretary; Ha Xuan Trung, Treasurer. T K .; ir T™vyt,Trm-«:W • " t,-Ts _» ?»Tyv q v ..yi|»j|i.i 111 J i .■ ,S! ' ? ffi.pip - . " l. -nr ' T wWSWSTWBSffTSy l ' WflBB ' i-MuuitiUiimnanmi VOTE FOR PRESIDENT FRESHMAN CU STUDENT GOVERNMENT Arts and Sciences: Jerry Rosenberg, Page Smoot, Jimmy Lee, Saralyn Souter, Ann Talbird. Agriculture School: Jerry Pitts, John Rhodes, Bob Adamson. Arts and Sciences: Ray Pinkerton, Nancy Wise, Rosanne Lurey, Patti Dial, Mike Graves. Law and Graduate School: Ralph Smith, Bob Wade. Education: Bunny Woodruff, Glenda Owens, Spurgeon Richardson, Pat Jusko, Judy Kurtz, Carol Page. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council voices the student ' s needs to the administration of the Univer- sity. Representatives from the eleven schools of the University, Interfraternity Council, W.S.G.A., Independent Men, Triquetra, and Ag hiill Council compose the council. Of- ficers are Dick Lea, President; Buddy Dallas, Vice-President; Ann Talbird, Recording Sec- retary; Jerry Rosenberg, Corresponding Secretary. 94 Representatives at large: Barbara Brown, Sandra Mooreland, Charlie Haygood. Ann Talbird, Recording Sec- retary. Buddy Dallas, Vice-President. erry Rosenberg, Correspond- ig Secretary. Lucy Henry, Panhellenic; Doug Smith, IPC; Larkie Sims, WSGA. David Tribby, Vet. School; Cliff Cheney, Journalism. Business School: W. Cook, Dick Lea, Buddy Dallas, Susan Wasden, Mike Way, Ben Barren, David Geiger. 96 it INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council is composed of two repre- sentatives from each of the twenty-four social fraterni- ties at the University. The purpose of the council is to govern the activities of its member fraternities and co- ordinate events of campuswide interest. This year IFC sponsored the Homecoming Dance, Winter Quarter Concert with " The Lettermen " and Walter Forbes, Sen- ator Barry Soldwater ' s lecture and Greek Week. Seated: Jimmy Blanchard, President; George Grain, Vice-President. Standing: Jimmy Bishop, Treasurer; Charles E. " Chuck " Camp, Secty. Judiciary Council: Frank Fulford, Chief Justice; John Carlisle, Justice; Jimmy Bishop, Justice; John Prince, Justice. JUNIOR INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL l ITY ' Oi 0 repre- wsocV- iftkec. :■. fsWiesd co- st- TfeywIFC WWeel. (. uliir; «b The junior IFC, now in its second year of exist- ence, is composed of two representatives from each fraternity pledge class. The purpose of the organization is to promote better relations among fraternities, the University, and the community. It also assists in and helps to coordinate regular IFC activities. Officers are Joe Frierson, Presi- dent; Terry Fine, Vice-President; Bill Grow, Secre- tary; James Clark, Treasurer. 97 hi I.F.C. REPRESENTATIVES A WJ m%t Doug Smith, Pi Kappa Alpha Spurgeon Richardson, Lambda Chi Alpha Mike Fink, Alpha Epsilon Pi Jeff Russell, Alpha Gamma Rho Perry Gentry, Lambda Chi Alpha Bill Mercer, Chi Psi Buddy Dallas, Alpha Tau Omega Jan Jackson, Tau Epsilon Phi Ray Pinkerton, Pi Kappa Phi Tommy Earles, Sigma Chi Paul Rifkin, Alpha Epsilon Pi Dick Lea, Chi Phi Neal Ray, Kappa Alpha % L t -d Lonnie Hooks, Pi Kappa Alpha Stuart Mosley, Chi Psi John Furman, Sigma Phi Epsilon Ray Stevens, Theta Chi Johnny Weaver, Delta Tau Delta Bill Grow, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ellis Black, Alpha Gamma Rho George Grain, Lambda Chi Alpha Neal Vason, Phi Delta Theta David Furse, Pi Kappa Phi Jack Stevens, Sigma Phi Epsilon Chuck Camp, Sigma Pi John McMennamy, Phi Kappa Tau James Sacha, Delta Tau Delta Larry Jones, Alpha Tau Omega Steve Selig, Phi Epsilon Pi Fran Moscardelli, Phi Kappa Tau : Harry Thompson, Sigma Nu Tommy Dover, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tom Reagan, Sigma Chi Henry Bishop, Sigma Nu First row: Mary Helen Hicks, Lucy Henry, Marilyn Mor- rison; Second row: Claudia Stowers, Louise Ginson, Carole Horton, Sharon Willig. First row: Lucy Braselton, Sybil Stallings; Second row: Linda Langford, Rene Slot, Elaine Kemp, Diane Benjamin; Third row. Charlotte Blass, Vickie Summerhill, Dot Wade. First row: Neva Climer, Judy Wright, Nancy White, Donna Lassiter; Second row: Gay Summers, Linda Carstarphen, Janna Paper. ji fcealeltiori i First row: Nancy Orr, June Whitehead; Second row: Patty Dial, Carolyn Wynn, Shirley Noble, Patti Pattillo; Third row: Judy Whorton, Billie Ellington. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Pan-Hellenic Council is the unifying body of the sixteen sorority chapters on campus. Its purpose is to promote better harmony and co-operation among the sororifies at the University of Georgia. Activities include scholarship devel- opment, inter-sorority functions, and execution of two rush periods during the school year. tofficers, left to right: Vicki Summerhill, Publicity; Donna Lassiter, Secretary; Sharon Willig, Treasurer; Charlotte Blass, President- %.ucy Henry, Student Council; Carol Horton, Scholarship. ' ' iiiiiiiif JJjii y|fl jl A u O ti I H v " " 0 4 i A m ■ ' K CLASS OFFICERS Seniors: Eddie Garland, President; Sandra Talley, Vice- President; Tommy Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer. Juniors: Chatham Murray, Vice-President; Steve Jordan, President; " Beecy " Prince, Secretary-Treasurer. Sophomores: Steve Selig, Secretary-Treasurer; Ben Garland, Presi- dent; Emily Moore, Vice-President. Freshmen: hHamilton Jordan, President; Lynne Wisdom, Vice-Presi- dent; Darryl Cohen, Secretary-Treasurer. 102 Officers, left to right: Winston Stephens, President; Linda Carstarphen, Judicial Chairman; Larky Sims, Vice-President; Ann Goodwin, Secretary; Betty Matthews, Treasurer. Cabinet, first row: Charlene Rushton, Mary Manter, Janice Matthews, Judy Kurtz. Second row: Mary Vaughn Blake, Gay Griggs, Patty Dial, Neva Climer. WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION All women students at the University of Georgia are members of the Women ' s Student Government Association. This self-governing body assures to each stu- dent the greatest possible personal liberty without injury to the liberty of others. The policies of the Association are exe- cuted by its officers and cabinet, both of which are elected by the women stu- dents of the University. H ilPf ' ' yice-Pres- 103 FRESHMEN MEN ' S COUNCIL Members: Jerry Bigner, George Bird. Jerry Blachwell, Frank Boyd, Bobby Chasteen, Marvin Chitwood, George Clark, Earl Davis, Charles Delay, Roger Dodd, Tucker Dorsey, Robert Hall, Bobby Hampton, Ted Hester, John Hirsch, Jimmy Hyde, DeWain Jerkins, Chip Johns, Hank Konigsmark, Tony Lay, Jessie S. Maker, Barry Mansell, Jim Maxwell, Mike McMillan, Alex Mitchell, Eddie Mrok, Elmer Nash, Jim Newman, John O ' Keeffe, White Patton, William Pickens, Ken Pillsbury, George Polatty, Joseph Reaves, Buddy Reid, Howard Reese, David Roberts, George Robinette, Calvin Rowland, Ken Roy, A I Sadler, Daniel Strickland, Albert Wall, Lee Webb, Leo Wells, Richard Wieland, Ken Wildes, Walter Wright, Downey Young. The Freshmen Men ' s Council is the representative body of governnnent for the Freshman men ' s dorms. Members are elected from each floor of the men ' s dormitories. The Council is responsible for holding court to deal with offenders of house rules. Officers are George Polatty, President; Jim Newman, Vice-President; Barry Mansell, Secre- tary; Bill Pickens, Treasurer. Seatei Snfii Any male fratemlt) dependei pus Lead by Jarrf 104 INDEPENDENT MEN MR nKK Jt nilnitf, Seated, left to right: HobOy Long, Jerry McGuire, David Martin, Bob A damson, Jim Pleasants. Standing, left to right: Billy Evans, John Rhodes, Jack Pace, Charlie Haygood, Estes Reynolds, Howard Reese, A I Temple, Hugh Galbreath, Jerry Simpson, Tom Henslee, Dave Emory, John Hyatt, Loy Jarrelt, Dave Fitz, Larry Dunn. Below: Officers-yim Pleasants, John Rhodes, Loy Jarrett. Any male student who is not a mennber of a social ■fraternity may become a member of GOP of In- dependent Men. Officers are Jim Pleasants, Cam- pus Leader; John Rhodes, Vice-Campus Leader; Loy Jarrett, Secretary; Dave Geiger, Treasurer. 105 AG HILL COUNCIL The Ag Hill Council was organized to give the students of Veterinary Medicine, Forestry, Home Econom- ics, and Agriculture a place to pre- sent any gripes or suggestions to promote harmony among students on Ag Hill. Each of the 22 clubs and organizations have three representa- tives who attend the meetings of the council. Officers are Jerry L. Dover, President; Herbert Powell, Vice- President; Jay Williams, Secretary- Treasurer; Jerry Pitts, Reporter. v 1 TRIQUETRA Triquetra serves to create interest among the non sorority girls as to the social, politi- cal, and educational affairs of the University of Georgia. Interest is the only qualification for membership. Officers are Dianne Hum- mel, President; Harriet Embry, Vice-Presi- dent; Pattie Atkinson, Recording Secretary; Janice Thurmond, Corresponding Secretary; Kathy Fowler, Treasurer. First Row: Jerry Dover, Ronnie Posey, John Greene, Jay Williams. Second Row: Johnny Crawford, Wilbur Mull, Tony Branan, Bill Williams, Don Hays. First Row: Pattie Atkinson, Dianne Hummel, Kathy Fowler. Second Row: Bonnie Lee Crawford, Alice Peek, Jane Parker, Mildred Huff, Sheridan Thompson, June Boatright, Linda Hiscock, Linda King, Charlotte Nuite. Third Row: Nancy Wise, Bonnie Melear, Suellen Lan- drum, Marilyn Hamner, Marjorie Wright, Helen Jones, Helen Barrett. .hr laetJ anb IB latU PUBLICATIONS Don Rountree, Fall Quarter Editor George Watts, Winter Quarter Editor RED AND BLACK This year saw an interesting change in the distribution of the Red and Black when it became a bi-weekly publication. Also, in 1963, through Letters to the Editor and stu- dent editorials the Red and Black has be- come a stronger voice of University stu- dents. Babs Thornhill Harriett Terry Noell, Fall Women ' s Editor; Babs Thornhill, Fall Society Editor; Jane Bracewell, Society Staff. Standing: Ellen Warner, Women ' s Staff. Jenny Lynn Morse, Spring Women ' s Editor 108 w Tommy Johnson, Business Editor Larry Jones, Spring Quarter Editor Cliff Cheney, Winter Sports Editor Charlie Miller, Winter News Editor John Withers, Fall Sports Editor Ken Boswell, Spring Managing Editor 100 ■%r»:- a T ' ; ., ' CVAf €1% ;V X. -. ii ifi ' . ' ' ' ' i . 4. j 4A . ' . , i m . - . .. h ' All Me+hodist students at the University of Georgia are automatically members of the Wesley Foundation. Members of the Foundation are concerned with growth and expression of the Christian faith and seek to develop a deeper understanding of Christianity and its relevance to life. Seated: Charlene Rushton, President; Bill Norton, Vice-President; Pat Morrison, Treasurer. Standing: Carol Cartledge, Elizabeth Dillard, Car- olyn Clayton, Jean Farr, Recording Secretary; Becky Davis, Bonnie Cain. ' ■,M WESLEY FOUNDATION 111 sli ajlJLjul dif P r B ' NAI B ' RITH HILLEL Hillel seeks to serve ail Jewish college students regardless of their back- grounds or " denominational " prefer- ences, hiillel is the student Synagogue, a community service agency, a guid- ance agency, and the Jewish Educa- tional Institution. Officers are Sharon Willig, President; Phyllis Greenfield, 1st Vice-President; Judy Plotkin, 2nd Vice- President; Marsha Greenberg, Secre- tary; Eileen Wolper, Treasurer; Rabbi Frank Fischer, Director. ' v- Ki .i-i I - mjkwsb ■ ' ■nflPn hi :)wwaa,- . »sJte -m .-■ ■- •- ' -i " T--i. «- . -f WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP 112 Sponsored by the Synod of Georgia, Presbyter! an Church, United States of America, the West minster Fellowship is an organization of Presby terian students who meet to develop broadei Christian understanding. Officers are Gail Ham ilton, President; LeConte Haddock, Vice-PresI dent; Judy Hoisington, Secretary; Bo May, Treas- urer; Reverend Roland Perdue, University Pastor il " «F The University ' s Baptist Student Union was the first B.S.U. in Georgia and among the first in the United States. The organi- zation primarily of Baptist students works to apply the principles of Christian faith to dally existence through study, worship, service and fellowship. Officers are Walter Bailey, President; Alice Ann Gam- ble, Vice-President; Bob Simpson, Secretary; Sherrlll Petty, Devotional Chair- man. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION he Canterbury Club mites Episcopal students n fellowship and helps hem to be guided by he knowledge which hey acquire by follow- ng the Church ' s teach- ng. The officers are: )usan Sevier, President; :ben Morrow, Vice-Pres- dent; Tommy Dover, secretary; Tom Moody, Treasurer; Dawson Feague, Chaplin to the Jniversity. CANTERBURY CLUB 113 Left to right: Pat Hunnicutt, Joel Darden, Ray Crawford, Coach Johnny Griffeth and the Rev. Charles Boleyn. CHRISTIAN ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION This is a national organization made up of athletes who desire to share in a fellowship of Christian witness and service. The first group to be organized in Georgia was at the University when Francis Tarkenton was here. There is a continuing group made up of athletes, coaches, and interested businessmen and leaders of Athens. The purpose of the organization is to strengthen Christian witness through the churches. Members: Irby K. Barton, Beverly Benton, Susanne Blalock, Eathel Bowie, Charles E. Brown, Sandra Bugg, Judith Clark, Nancy Craft, Becky Davis, Jayne Dye, Corky Ellington, Jean Henri Farr, Joyce Fleming, Judy Ann Folk, Karen Sue Fowler, Ann Fulton, Emily Hitchcock, William Hoagland, Jerry Howington, Jane Howington, Betty Johnson, Harris Langford, Charles Livsey, Dianne Livsey, Juanita McCorkle, Elmire Mende, Jim Moore, Sue Perkins, Bill Rodenberg, Bobbie Rodgers, Patsy Seymour, Shannon Smith, Sybi l Stallings, Claudia Stembridge, Linda Stephenson, Bebe Tabb, Paul Volpitto, Jolene Whitaker, Lynn White, Laura Wickersham, James Williams. INTER-VARSITY Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a nationwide interdenominational student organization of college and university chapters with the objective of growth in Christian discipleship through individual and group Bible study, prayer, study, discussion, and conferences. Officers are Jerry Howington, Pres- ident; Jayne Dye, Vice-President; Eathel Bowie, Secretary; Paul Volpitto, Treasurer. I ■ 4 THE STAGE ir UNIVERSITY THEATER One of the most popular student activities at the University is the University Theatre. Each year hundreds of students fronn the campus at large become actors, costumers, carpenters, painters, make-up artists and members of the business staff. This year ' s season of outstanding plays produced include The Miracle Worker, The Miser, St. Joan and The Playboy of the Western World. In addition to this eight one-act plays were produced in the Laboratory Theatre, and the winning one-act plays in the Thalian-Blackfriars Annual Short Play Com- petition will be staged In the spring. Theatre staff are: Leighton M. Ballew, Executive Director; Gerald Kahan, Associate Director; Richard Weinman, Asso- ciate Director; Paul A. Camp, Technical Director; Raoul John- son, Asst. Technical Director; Mrs. Doris May, Secretary; Wil- liam Hammond, Business Manager; Gail hiamilton. Costume and Made-up Supervisor; Susan Berger, Property Supervisor Y ' ?jt ' ? : SSIi Ski fi. • DEMOSTHENIAN STH ,,, ? oi Officers: Secretary-Treasurer, Crawford McDonald; President, Robert G. Cole; Vice-President, Edward Sell. Founded in 1801 as a men ' s de- bating society, Demosthenian has produced many of the state ' s top political leaders. It sponsors the Freshman Im- promptu Debate and an annual all night meeting. The society has as its purpose " working to- gether with other students to develop a correct mode of speaking. " - f First Row: Dr. O. C. Aderhold, Dr. A. B. Saye, Robert Cole. Second Row: Crawford McDon- ald, George Walts, Tom Linder, Carter Pittman, Gilbert DeArmas, Jim Pleasants. Third Row: Dr. R. E. Clute, Thomas W. Malone, Buddy Dallas, Zack Dozier, B. C. Baxter, Jack Griffin, Fred Stowers. Fourth Row: Robert R. Cook, Bill McCracken, Kermit E. Smith, David | James, A I Denard. Fifth Row: Robert Page. 118 fjil Mil PHI KAPPA Members: Walter Bowman, James Cheatham, James Collins, Donald Dixon, Tucker Dorsey, Ben Garland, Edward Garland, Phillip Graham, Bill Harwell, Stan Heimowitz, Felton Jenkins, Clifford Johnson, Brooks Knapp, Wyck Knox, Norman Laird, Roger Land, George May, Robert Miller, Troy Millikan, Robert McTeer, Thomas Nickerson, Thomas Nunnally, Lewis Peebles, Thomas Reegam, Richard Roberts, Richard Russell, Homer Scarborough, Wyck Searcy, Ray Stephens, John Tabor, Eugene Talmadge, Ben Tate, Richard Trotter, Richard Truitt, Lamar Walter, Dave Wimberly. First Row, Left to Right: Richard Roberts, 1st Associate Justice; Ray Stephens, Chief Justice; John Tabor, 2nd Associate Justice. Second Row: Troy Millikan, Sergeant at Arms; Donald Dixon, Secretary; Stanley Heimowitz. Third Row: Jim Cheatham, 1st Vice-President; Tom Nunnally, President; Homer Scarborough, 2nd Vice-President. Founded at the University of Georgia in 1820, Phi Kappa Literary Society opens its doors to all who seek intelligent, sincere discussion. Many famous Georgian political leaders, Sen- ator hlerman Talmadge, Senator Richard B. Russell, Governor Ernest Vandiver, Alexander Stephens, are former members of this organi- zation. Phi Kappa co-sponsors annually the Freshman Impromptu and Sophomore Decla- mation Debates with the Demosthenian So- ciety. Events of the Spring Quarter include the Junior Oration and a Founder ' s Day Ban- quet. Phi Kappa seeks to develop the highest forms of debate, speaking and oratory. 119 ' VW Ann Andrews, Claude Astin, Charles Baker, Dr. L. M. Ballew, Susan Berger, George Bowling, Mr. Paul Camp, Frank Calvin, Marie Dyer, James Granade, Beverly Guthrie, Walter Guthrie, Gail Hamilton, Mr. Raoul Johnson, Dr. Gerald Kahan, James Knight, Mrs. Doris May, Kimberly Ostrom, John Price, James Ralston, Mrs. Mary Ann Rowland, Allan Sharpies, John Shea, Barbara Thornhill, Joan Underwood, Byron Warner, Margareta Wasterstan, Mr. Richard Weinman, Joan Zitzelman. Officers: Chuck Baker, Secretary; Joan Underwood, Presi- dent; John L. Shea, Treasurer; George Bowling, Vice- President. THALIAN BLACKFRIARS Thalian Blackfrlars Is composed of two rival groups, Thalians and Black- friars, who banded together in 1931. Outstanding achievement in this serv- ice organization for the University Theatre Is rewarded by a point sys- tem which leads to the Key Award and a Lifetime Theatre pass. FORENSICS The Georgia Forensic Association, made up of students interested in public speaking and de- bate, has had one of its most successful sea- sons this year under its new coach Merwyn Hayes. In tournaments the team has been awarded three trophies, thirty certificates of merit and two debating medals. it participated in the " Great Debate Series " against the University of Illinois and Harvard and was one of sixteen colleges teams invited to attend the West Point Tournament. This fall the society also sponsored its invitational tourney with the English team of Oxford Uni- versity. Officers are Chester Gibson, Presi- dent; Mike McLeod, Vice-Pres.; Ted Ramirez, Left to right, first row: Ted Ramirez, Chester Gibson, SeC. Prof. Menuyn Hayes. Second row: Ronald Shelp, Dede Sharpe, Ben Tate. Third row: Bob Ravan, Bob Hurst, Bill Olson. Fourth row: Wallace Youngblood, Dennis Holder, Bill Harwell, Franklin Freeman. Fifth row: Mike McLeod, Charles Campbell, Robert Fear, John Kerr. Left to right, first row: James Willoughby, William Head, Michael Furry, Mary Lou Greer— Sweetheart, Byron Warner, Sr., Pete Leistl, Ernest Plunkett. Second row: Henry Oldham, Ronnie Evans, Harry Harrison, Chet Niemann, Derik, Clackum, Robert Anderson, Richard Woodham, Jimmy Peacock, Jimmy Tidwell, George Watkins, Hans " Butch " Steele, Jack Shafer, Tommy McCook, Jim Wilbanks. Third row: Don O ' Neal, Frank Lane, Horace Fleming, Lamar Welch, Richard Powers, Paul Addison, David Hadaway, Larry Willis, Bill Hunter, Danny Martin, Johnny Mote, Carl Sherrill, Thad Lane, David Graves. Fourth row. Tommy Anderson, Richard Rudolph, Albert Plunkett, Forest Duncan, Charles Searcy, David Adams, Ben McClure, Jimmy Cox, Karl Olsson. PHI MU ALPHA The purpose of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, National Music Fraternity, is to unite men with common musical interests. Members are se- lected by a chapter vote based upon character, musical and academic qualifications. Officers are Michael Furry, President; William Head, Secretary; Ernest Plunkett, Treasurer. BAND OFFICERS: First row: Jatkie Davis, Mary Lou Greer, Dottie Ingraham, Patty Steele, Sandra Newton. Second row: George Watkins, Lesli e Morrison, Jim Willoughby, Jimmy Tidwell, Bailey Smith, Bill Thomas. Third row: Al McLane, Jack Shafer, Denk Clackum, Butch Steele, Morris Eidson, Don Hall. mitation is one of the sin- cerest forms of flattery, " and the Dixie Red Coat Band under the direction of Mr. Roger L. Dancz is probably one of the most flattered bands in the Southeast. " The Red Coats are coming " now means a spectacular half- time show is about to be pre- sented with dancing major- ettes, a field of Georgettes and the national twirling champion. COMPONENTS: Dixie Redcoat Band Show Band Concert Band Basketball Band Dixie Derbies PRESENTATIONS: Football Halftime Pep Rallies SMEA Redding Clinic Music Festival Concert Governor ' s Inaugural Parade Annual Winter Concert Annual Spring Concert Tour G-Day Game Basketball Games Graduation Concert GEORGETTES: First row: Rea Rhodes, Rima Ford, Dottie Ingraham, Karla Saenger, Joan Daves, Judy Hunt. Second row: Karyl Am, Louise Bandy, Gail Nelms, Bonnte Barber, Gayle Vining, Jeannie Walters, Patsy Spinks. Third row: Hala Skelton, Jan Smith, Patty Steele, Rose Smith, Bobbie Harper, Mary Lou Greer, Leslie Irwm, Mickey Ginsberg. 122 iBarbara Emminger Vann, Solo iTwirler. Dawn Cashwell, Understudy Solo Twirler. Abney, Howard Addison, Paul Anderson, Robert Anderson, Tommy Am, Karyn Arneson, Carolyn Arnold, Claire Arnold, Jeanna Atchison, Beth Baker, Peggy Bandy, Louise Barber, Bonnie Barnett, Bob Bennett, Veronica Bradley, Wayne Bush, Ed Cantrell, Tommy Cashwell, Dawn Causey, Bill Cheney, Marion Christian, David Clackum, Derrick Collins, Ronald Conlon, Hugh Cox, James Daves, Joan Davis, Jackie Davis, Mary Beth Davis, Vann Deck, Bob Duncan, Forest Eidson, Dona Eidson, Morris Erwin, Leslie Evans, Ronnie Fleming, Horace Ford, Rima 1963 CONCERT BAND Foster, Lewis Furry, Mike Gaines, Rhetta Ginsberg, Mickey Graves, David Greer, Mary Lou Groszraann, Byron Hall, Don Harp, Merylyn Harper, Bobbie Harrison, Harr y Matcher, Jeannie Head, William Henderson, Dick Hogan, Larry Howard, Becky Lee Hunt, Judy Hunter, William Ingraham, Dottie Joiner, Bobby JoUey, Thomas kahn, Arnold Kesler, Faye Lam, Linda Lane, Frank Lane, Thad Langley, Glenda Lee, Roy Gus Leistl, Pete MacAtchley, Jon Martin, Danny Mays, Sonny McClure, Ben McCook, Tom McFall, Tim McLane, Albert McLane, Kay Medlin, Douglas Merren, Mike Miller, James Mintz, Richard Moor, Ed Morgan, David Morrison, Leslie Mote, Johnny Mower, Linda Nelms, Gail Newton, Sandra Niemann, Chet Olsson, Karl O ' Neal, Herb Outz, Jimmy Parham, Derrell Peacock, Jimmy Plunkett, Albert Plunkett, Ernest Potts, Marion Powers, Richard Rainer, Bill Ramsey, Herman Rhodes, Rea Richey, Joyce Rudolph, Richard Rutherford, Bickie Saenger, Karla Sanders, Doris Schulhofer, George Seabrooke, Billie R. Searcy, Charles Shafer, Jack Sharp, Linda Sherma, Myra Sherrill, Carl Skelton, Hala Solomon, Murray Smith, Bailey Ann Smith, Jan Smith, Rose Smith, Sara Spinks, Patsy Stee le, Butch Steele, Patty Stone, Slick Tate, Jeff Thomas, Bill Tidwell, Jim Traynor, Dennis Vandiver, James Vann, Barbara E. Vining, Gayle Waldrop, Joyce Walters, Jeannie Ward, Brenda Watkins, George Weatherford, W. Weatherly, Bill Weaver, Janet Weston, Barbara Wickersham, Diane Wilbanks, Jimmy Williams, jack Williams, Phil Williams, Worth Williamson, Joy Willis, James Willis, Larry Willoughby, Jim Wingo, Frank Woodham, Richard Woods, Charles DANCING MAJORETTES: Bickie Rutherford, Sara Smith, Peggy Baker, Sandra Newton, Jackie Davis. 123 li UNIVERSITY CHORUS Membership in the University Chorus is open to all students at the University of Georgia. Events of the year include a Christmas Concert, Opera Performance, and a Spring Concert. Ray Leonard is Di- rector. Left to Right, First Row: Sue Wall, Carole Higgins, Sandra Crespo, Lydia Free, Sue Johnson, Bill Pass, Jerry Bowden, Harold Cartee, Carline Wiggins, Pam Greene, Pat Ellis, Mary Ann Spencer. Second Row: Kay Wages, Francis Barrett, Elizabeth Ethridge, Sara Isaf, Peggy Giles, Nancy Adams, Margy Kahn, Tom Laurie, Lamar Welch, John Fordham, Mattie Arnold, Dot Duncan, Peggy Turner, Pat Stiritz, Gloria Har- per. Third Row: Christina Reid, Mary Blackwell, Linda Leslie, Jeannie Walters, Brenda Ward, Jeri Stewart, Sam Venable, Lynn McLaughlin, Ronnie Collins, Tom Poss, Kay Patterson, Margaret Rains, Sue Perkins, Patsy McVeigh, Marie Tippins. Fourth Row: Douglas Campbell, Eddie Bradberry, Tilghman Singleton, Robert Foster, Stanley Yerlow, Tom Ridgeway, James Garner, Roger Dodd, Frank Lane, Joe Barnes, An- thony Bass, Frank Foster, John Penington, David Adams, Tarn Henderson. UNIVERSITY-CIVIC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Membership in the Univer- sity- Civic Symphony Or- chestra is open to Univer- sity students, faculty mem- bers and local residents. Auditions are required. The orchestra acts as a training unit for music students and gives them opportunities to perform throughout the year. David Sweetkind is the Conductor. h enli an k fol E mot Asi Art: I Wi to r Kttiitii: Left to right, First Row: David Sweetkind, Leonard Feldberg, John Edwards, Max Langley, Dearis Miller. Second Row: Dr. Rodney Baine, Lorna Free, Johnny Gerschefski, Susanne Donehoo, Stanton Forbes, Paulien Van Den Tempel. Third Row: Bill Thomas, Bob Hunter, Patty Steele, Tom McCook, Al McLane, Eckhart Richter. Fourth Row: Douglas Medlin, Jeanna Arnold, Alan Atwood, Ben McClure, Bob Barnett. Fifth Row: Chip Rice, John Mote, Van Davis, Jimmy Tidwell. 124 livers " •HMfindiiiie ' Concert, Opf wylwiard «I MEN ' S GLEE CLUB The Men ' s Glee Club is composed of University men who desire to enhance fellowship and good singing. Requirements for membership are an enjoyment of singing and a willingness to attend rehearsal each Tues- day night from eight until ten. hiere in a relaxed and informal atmosphere the group sings everything from Palestrina and Bach to Broadway and folk music. Events for this year have included a performance at the Atlanta Pied- mont Driving Club for the Atlanta Chapter of the Georgia Alumni Association and a trip to Savannah to participate in the Coastal Empire Arts Festival. A Left to right, First Row: Barry Twilley, Joe Moore, Hodges Lewis, Bill Landrum, Melvin Gordon, Doug Campbell, Bob Barnette, David Morgan, Wayne Hammond, John Fordham, Dick Henderson, Charles Douglas. Second Row: Tom Pass, Albert Plunkett, Lewis Foster, Albert McLane, Hans Steele, Frank Hatcher, Mike Furry, David Adams, Johnny Messer, Don Browning, Richard Hanna. Not Pictured: Roger Dodd, LeConte Haddock. 125 ST AND DEPARTMENTAL Members: Garland Anderson, Max Brugh, Johnny Crawford, Jerry Dawson, Hugh Galbreath, Danny Gay, Kenneth Gay, Harmon Griner, William Harrison, Charles Haygood, Franklin Hitchcock, Charles Robertson, Tommy Stripling, Daved Tribby, Jay Williams, Wayne Williams. ALPHA ZETA Alpha Zeta, an honorary agriculture fraternity composed of mennbers of the College of Agri- culture, School of For- estry and School of Vet- erinary Medicine, has as its purpose the promo- tion and fostering of ag- riculture. Membership is based on character, scholarship and leader- ship ability. The Univer- sity of Georgia ' s chap- ter has over one thou- sand alumni members. Officers are Franklin Hitchcock, Chancellor; Bobby Long, Censor; Charlie hiaygood. Scribe; Kenneth Gay, Treasurer. AGHON Aghon is the highest honor a male student in the Col- lege of Agriculture, School of Forestry and School of Veterinary Medicine may attain while attending the University of Georgia. Of- ficers are Al Temple, Presi- dent; Fred Greer, Vice- President; Loy Jarret, Sec- retary; Raymond Cooper, Treasurer; Robert Adam- son, Ag-Hill Council Rep- resentative; J. W. Lassiter, Advisor. Left to right, first row: Al Temple, Fred Greer, Loy Jarrett, Ray Cooper, J. W. Lassiter. Second row: Robert Adamson, Jerry Dover. Third row: Bill Williams, Jerry Pitts, Tony Branan. ! AGRICULTURE Members: Edward Adams, Garland H. Anderson, John D. Ariail, Bill Arnold, John E. Arnold, Nick Bledsoe, Tony E. Branan, Sonny Carlton, Benny Cox, Billy T. Craig, Joel Crenshaxu, Fred Dennis, Guillermo Diaz, Jerry L. Dover, Glenn G. Downs, Jimmy F. Ford, Marvin Franklin, Douglas Goddard, Johnny Gray, Thorpe J. Hatfield, Johnny L. Hyatt, Randall Jarrett, Tommy M. Jones, Robert M. Larkin, Derrell McLendon, Donald L. McPherson, Stanley Maker, Donald L. Mann, Clarence Olsen, Mike Parrish, Frank E.. Parrott, Jr., James M. Paul, Grady S. Pearman, Francisco Pena, Jack L. Perry, Ronny Posey, Johnny L. Prickett, Keith Richter, Joseph W. Root, Thomas L. Smith, Travis Taylor, Jay Williams. A.S.A.E. Promotion of Agricultural Engineering is the objective of the American Society of Agri- cultural Engineers. The University of Geor- gia ' s student branch of this organization has been the First Place Winner in National Competition for the past six out of seven years. The organization publishes the Geor- gia Agricultural Engineer which deals with the latest techniques in Farm Equipment and its usage. Officers, Fall Quarter: Tony Branan, President; Thorpe Hatfield, Vice-President; Garland Ander- son, Secretary; James Paul, Treasurer; Keith Rich- ter, Sergeant at Arms. Officers, Winter Quarter: Jack Perry, President; Ronny Posey, Vice-President; Don McPherson, Secretary; Jay Williams, Scribe; James Paul, Treas- urer; Joseph Root, Sergeant at Arms. GAFFAU t, jmMf f. M, M.lme,iiilmt rnk, fwu £.- Membership in Gaffau is open to any former Fu- ture Farmers of America member or agricultural education major. The club ' s activities include a banquet in the fall and the annual state Seed, Tree and Shuck identifi- cation contest. Officers are Jimmy Dubberly, President; Jim Jones, Vice-President; Glenn Glover, Secretary; Thomas Swint, Treasurer. Left to right, first row: Larry Wilson, Jim Buck Jones, Jimmy Dubber ly, Thomas Swint, Clark Mathis. Second row: Ray Pigott, Jimmy Fowler, Lindy Gay, Roscoe Nash, Earl Thomas, Glenn Glover. Third row: John Morris, Larry Wilkerson. Fourth row: Joe Campbell, Joe Bush, Less Hall, John Redding. Fifth row: Donald Cowan, Frank Westfall, Guil- ford Stalvy. AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS CLUB Membership in the Agricultural Economics Club is open to any student or faculty member who has exhibited an interest in ag- ricultural economics. Officers are John Greene, President; Wayne Williams, Vice-President; John Freeman, Secretary; Troy Porterfield, Treasurer. sft to right, first row: Dr. J. H. Padgett, John Greene, Wayne Williams, John Freebern, Troy irterfield, Wilbur Mull, Nicos Takovdes. Second row: Henry Earle, Ronald Fegan, Dr. Roy E. ■octor, George Gorman, Rudolph Beggs, Paul Olthof, Omri Rawlins, Boyd B. Rose. Third row: eorge Taylor, Harold Hall, Glynn Griner, William Staub, Fred Greer, Dennis Dixon, Gene A. ramlett, Thomas L. Frazier. Fourth row: William Deal, Henry Brodnax, Samuel Lowrey, Charles oak, Gerald Smith, Charles Weaver, Jerry Richmond, Kenneth Cobb, Stephen J. Brannen, Dr. C. McArthur. 120 AGRICULTURE Ift LIVESTOCK • POULTRY Seated: Martha Ann Westmoreland. Left to Right, First Row: Coach Grooms, Herbert Powell, John Rhodes, Emit Deal, Charles Wurst, Jim Patlon, Frank Rentz. Second Row: Tom Kendrick, Ted Perfect, Bobby Brooks, Clark Fain, Charles Brown, J. Robert Howell, Calvin Owens, Bob Rowan, Pat Vitlo, Sidney Bledsoe, Bill Clifton, Charles Bell. Third Row: Dale Redeker, Jaque Mison, Bill Brown, Hiram Usry, Bill Neville, Charles Hopkins, Darvin Eason, Bill Chambers, Stanley Coley, Bobby Joe Cason. Fourth Row: Dr. Cullison, Dr. Lassiter, Dr. Sewell, Dr. Warren, Sam Adams, Bill Wells, Jon Lichner, Mack Bowen, Al Smith, James Wil- liams, Frank Murrah, Charles Maxwell, Tom Allison. BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB lie univef teen fiame f»o years, ii Jjiiying, fcfres,;! iiHforo PC Membership in the Block and Bridle Club is open to all students in the Agriculture School. Each year the club sponsors judging teann trips and the Little International Live- stock Show. Georgia ' s chapter is affiliated with the National Block and Bridle Club. Officers are hierbert Powell, President; Charles Worst, Vice-President; Jimmy Pat- ton, Secretary; Emit Deal, Treasurer; John Rhodes, Reporter. Poiltfy ( " pooltryi practical ■iooion %s,| Oain, y; ICf AGRICULTURE 130 AGKICU Left to right, hrst row: Jerry Pitts, Jimmy Face, Charles Niles, Ralph Staplin, Jimmy Haga. Second row: John Bartell, James Fowler, Mike Barry, Fred Chance, Al Temple, Dr. Fosgate. Third row: Arnold Weisshaar, Joe Esposito, Arthur Hansen, Frank All, Lynn Turner, Mack Reynolds, Barry Eddy. Fourth row: John McKinley, Thomas Appleby, Robert Cunningham, Algie Denham, Burt Hensley, James Soloman. The University ' s chapter of the Dairy Science Club has been named the top chapter of the nation for the past two years. Membership is open to any student interested in dairying. Officers are Jerry Pitts, Pres.; Jimmy Pace, Vice-Pres.; Charles Niles, Sec; Ralph Staplin, Treas.; Frank All, Editor of Georgia Dairyman. DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB The Poultry Science Club is a club for poultry majors. It provides for its members the opportunity of practical application of poultry science practices. The organiza- tion annually sponsors the Chick- en-of-Tomorrow and Miss Poultry Princess contests. Officers are Bill Wages, President; Robert Mc- Clain, Vice-President; Charles Walls, Secretary; John Womack. Treasurer. Left to right, first row: Tommy Hughes, Roger Martin, Larry Long, Dr. Dale Tendell. Second row: Charles Walls, Francisco Suso, Dr. J. Clyde Driggers, Robert Hoffman, Bill Wadges, George Mulkey, Herbert Goldberger. AGRICULTURE 131 AGRONOMY CLUB The Agronomy Club is com- posed of Agronomy majors and any students interested in field-crop production and soil management. Officers are Johnny Crawford, President; Charles Chandler, Vice-Presi- dent; Clarence Lance, Secre- tary; Roger Bell, Treasurer. Members: Ernest Barker, Roger Bell, Joseph Black, Thomas Burton, Juan Celecia, Charles Chan- dler, Jerry Chandler, Johnny Crawford, Robert Dapice, Donald Day, David De Voll, John Eisner, Max Herndon, Emlyn Hockin, Douglas Jinks, Keng Sin Keal, James Lace, Jose Lopez, Robert Mansell, James Murray, John Nelson, Ernest Nicholson, John Padgett, Robert Page, Robert Powitz, Kong Som Ol, William Segars, William Smith, Robert Stanley, Thomas Stocum, William Stovall, Larry Taunton, Frank Westfall, Rex Wilson, Dale Young. Members: Gene Adams, James Andrews, Denny Archer, Maureen Ball, Thomas Bowman, John Brown, James Burns, Douglas Denman, Larry DeMore, Charles Duggan, Jay Empel, Elva Gilliard, Carl Guill, Seaborn Harden, Lollie Jeanne Hayes, John Hendley, George Lent, WHUam Nessmith, Phillip Patterson, Foy Randall, Peter Ropshaw, William Shaw, Leslie Stankiewicz, Charles Tyson, James Verboys, Bill West, Martha Ann Westmoreland. PRE-VET GLUB The Pre-Vet Club is com- prised of students enrolled in the Pre-Vet program in the School of Agriculture who are interested in enter- ing the field of veterinary medicine. Officers are Wil- liam Shelton, President; Maureen Ball, Vice-Presi- dent; Ronald Komich, Sec- retary; Lollie Jeanne Hayes, Treasurer. Han Hi hiliiiH IjlIMli UfiAl tof M; tolMe iiritiMi teSe Anli.Ne m Mfa Hoy tie ]iitiliii[ MM loliStll lilnJIii CitSion RilpkHo JitwTn DiiiJTioi V::JIed tt of Food AGRICULTURE 132 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CLUB ttritjihflwT, ITCLU Yjt Oub is com- (staients enrolled »Vrfptogfw!i )ol of Agridiiire «(wted ' -e-r iyij ■Wl. , M ViCrh n Komlcli C ' AJMfwHjyes, Af embers; Roy Ashley Stanley C. Ayer Joseph Bannigan Alton Barnes Neal Bastable Janice Berryman Everett A. Boccafola Edward Bock, Jr. Arthur Davis Daniel Donelin William Elder Harry Faust Morris Fellheiraer Christopher Folsora Wayne Frazier Herbert Cans Raymond Guy Henry Hammond Cynthia Hooper Raymond Jefferson Edward Laws George Matarazzo Ernest Meadows Charles Monahan Latane Nelms Arthur Nelson Jurgen Pape Albert Pascuillo Henry Rienecker Jack Rowe David Seeler John Sell Wilson Shook Nancy Stiles Guy Stowers Ralph Thompson Robert Tramontane David Trossi The Landscape Architecture Club seeks to advance interest in Landscape Archi- tecture and to profit by giving the mem- bers outside knowledge in this field. Offi- cers are George T. Matarazzo, President; Albert Pascuillo, Vice-President I; Latane Nelms, Secretary; Arthur L. Davis, Treas. r LX iss c FOOD TECHNOLOGY CLUB The Food Technology Club is composed of mem- bers who are majoring in or are Interested in the field of Food Technology. Members: Al Shakir Frank Barber Wilson Barber Paul Chellis John Dawes Richard Demarest John Galbreath James Fearon John Foti William Gray Richard Keller Alvin Kershraan Jahan Khattak John Merkley Left to right: Dr. John Powers, Ad- visor; Frank Barber, President; Clyde Wilson, Vice-President; Dick Sternberg, Secretary; Elois Barber, Treasurer. Members: Leonard Messina Raymond Mickey William Miller M. Mugharbel Daniel Murray Anthony Otto Phillip Parsons Joseph Raymond Wilburn Smith Margaret Sosebee Richard Sternberg Charles Stone Everett Stone David Strong George Sullivan Michael Supran Susan Tilghman Nathaniel Villaire Opal Wheeler Emory Wilson Rosie Wright Sibyl Wright Sylvia Zirkle 4 r ' . i ' HMff W fflfl Members: Baker Allen Wayne Angel Justis Baird Leon Bates Bill Black Larry Brown Ray Davis David Dyre Larry Engle Paul Evans John Franklin Larry Gainous Hugh Galbreath Larry Good Gerard Gosselin Sherwood Hall Sam Harp Gay Hurlbutt Ray Hicks Franklin Hitchcock Ray Jackson Billy James J. D. Kahnke Nathas Keith Sydney Kinnie J. L. Lambert Bobby Long Q. G. Loo Ronnie Maley James McMichael Jerry McCord J. W. Mcllwain Bill Morse Allen Neergaard Bill Nussbaumer David OUiff Charles Partridge Frank Roberson Don Rackley Dwite Raulerson JefF Russell Richard Shaddox Joe Simmons T. L. Smith Allen Stewart Dennis Strickland Dan Sullivan J. W. Taylor TTiomas Theroux Gary ' Tyre Richard Weber James D. Young m-rn - FORESTRY CLUB The Forestry Club promotes research in the field of forestry and encourages friendship among students majoring in this field. Officers are Allen Stewart, President; Ray Jackson, Vice-President; Bill Black, Sec- retary; Hugh Galbreath, Treasurer. FORESTRY 134 ? I he iMitlUn tNdbU ■Mr I XI SIGMA PI Xi Sigma Pi, honorary forestry fraternity, bases its requirennents for membership on personality, leadership and scholarship — a member must be in the upper twenty-five percent of the class. The University of Georgia ' s chap- ter is the largest in the nation. Officers are Steve Harp, Forester; Larry Gainous, Associate Forester; Gary Ritchie, Secretary - Fiscal Agent; Martin Shepherd, Ranger. f imn mnr Members: Frank Bowers, Nelson Brightwell, Joe Bryan, Huey Chesser, Jesse Copeland, Earl Copus, Wayne Dodson, Harold Estes, Hammond Eve, Charles Fitzgerald, Larry Gainous, Hugh Galbreath, Kenneth Gay, Carlton Gill, Charles Gregory, Steve Harp, Robert Hatcher, Charles Haygood, Ray Hicks, Franklin Hitchcock, Robert Howard, Ray Jackson, Fred Kinard, Robert McLendon, Bill Morse, Bill Nussbaumer, Gary Fitchie, Frank Robertson, Robert Rusk, Joe Saucier, Ed Scoggins, Martin Shepherd, Terrell Smith, Dan Sullivan, Guy Thurmond, Gary Tyre, Glenn Ware, David Webb, John Wood. ALPHA MU EPSILON Alpha Mu Epsilon was founded at the University of Georgia in 1956 with twelve charter members. The nature of the organization is to encourage and Increase interest and study in ento- mology and to keep its members in- formed of current news and activities in the field. The Beeline is the publica- tion of Alpha Mu Epsilon. Officers are Ira Caplan, President; David Tietjen, Vice-President; Kinda Butler, Secretary- Treasurer; Barbara Peters, Historian and Editor. tured: Ira Caplan, Lutz Bayer, Kinda Butler, Nathan Bein, ' mest Boland, Cornelius Brown, Juan Celecia, Rodney Cole- n, Nancy Craft, Robert Davis, Dr. P. E. Hunter, Billy Jump, igmund Kay, Dr. H. O. Kund, Marie Mairholtz, Richard lichell, Larry Murphy, Dr. J. J. Paul, Joe Sanzone, Siegfried hewke. Dr. C. H. Tsao-Faculty Advisor, Dr. A. B. Wethers- y, Robert Zack. ARTS AND SCIENCES 135 Irv- Members (clockwise): Faye Swain, Felton Jenkins, Ed Sell, Ben Tate, Joe Pague, Jack Griffin, Francis Sanchez. PI SIGMA ALPHA Pi Sigma Alpha is a nation- al political science honorary fraternity. Members are required to have a " B " av- erage In twenty quarter hours of political science courses and must be in the upper third of their class. During spring quarter Pi Sigma Alpha co-sponsors a model United Nations As- sembly with other organi- zations on campus. Officers are Ben Tate, President; Thomas Dowden, Vice-Pres- ident; Edward Sell, Secre- tary-Treasurer. POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB Membership in the Political Science Club is open to all students who express an in- terest in political science. Officers are Ben Tate, Pres- ident; Thomas C. Dowden, Vice-President; DonThomp- son, Secretary-Treasurer. Members: First Row: Diane Chiffman, Jerry Wall, Charles Barr, Dr. Saye, Dr. Parthemos, Ben Tate, Tom Dowden. Second Row: James Bains, Evelyn Jennings, Faye Swain, Charles Kneel, Chris Middleton, Cliff Johnson, Anne Waters. Third Row: Pat O ' Callaghan, Nora Clarey. Fourth Row: Homer Scarborough, James McElroy, Joseph Butler, Emmett Langley. ARTS AND SCIENCES 136 PI LPHA I- ' anbers are ♦bIowsTjv. I t Bity qmrtj, ' Pofeal science " JwstbemtlK w of tlieir class, (H qiartef iicwpaisorsi WNatnnsA oHief orgaii- ■CMpfi.Ofiicef! I llli, Pitsidedi; DMkVict-Pf» MM,Secr W KAPPA GAMMA Kappa Gamma is an honorary debate fraternity which has as its purpose the promotion of better forensic activities at the University of Georgia. Member- ship is based upon number of debates won at three inter-collegiate debate tournaments, and approval of three- fourths of the members of Kappa Gam- ma. This organization was founded in 1958. Officers are Michael McLeod, President; Charles Campbell, Vice- President; Bob Miller, Secretary. ARTS AND SCIENCES First Row: Mine McLeod, Luiicii Hiiyir.s, Chaiiei Camp- bell. Second Row: Ted Ramirez, Ben Tate. Third Row: Ron Shelp, Chester Gibson. Fourth Row: Franklin Free- man, Dennis Holder. First Row: Dr. Donald C. Scott, Thomas Pullen, Edward Bannister, Joyce Kenner, Martha Rhodes, Ruth Sierra, Urmilla Bhatt, Dr. Eugene P. Odum. Second Row: Fred Badash, Donald Banks, Ted Magg, Barbara Painter, Claude Terry, Gene Michaels, Frank Enloe. Third Row: Dr. Burlyn E. Michel, Larry Waters, Jane Carson, Dr. A. T. Walker, Ira Caplan, John Milner, Dr. Horace O. Lund. PHI SIGMA Phi Sigma Society acts as a stimulus to research and promotes interest in all the biological sciences. All per- sons elected to membership must rank in the upper 35% of their class in general scholarship and must have shown interest in research. Officers are Thomas M. Pullen, Pres- ident; Edward Bannister, Vice-President; B. Joyce Kenner, Secretary; Martha E. Rhodes, Treasurer. 137 WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Recreation Association provides opportunity for participation and leadership in recreation activities. This organization sponsors interest clubs, fosters sportsmanship, and furthers interest in healthful physical activities for women. Officers are Julie Green, President; Nell hlood, Vice-President; Angela Burton, Secretary-Treas- urer; Gail Hamilton, Awards; Gail Shemper, Publicity; Sandra Work, Program. Frances Baxley, Becky Birchmore, Pat Brown, Angela Burton, Sandra Camp, Janice Cardine, Karen Day, Francine DeKoning, Julie Green, Gail Hamilton, Amy Hargrove, Robin Hill, Nell Hood, Carol Horton, Linda Howell, Shirley Hurst, Susette Joerg, Nancy Kirshstein, Elizabeth Kyle, Bonny Lay, Dianne McDuff, Katherine Meadors, Carol Miller, Lucia Nelson, Peggy Peterson, Jane Pullen, Julie Anne Ricciardi, Anita Schuuman, Gail Shemper, Andee Smith, Linda Smith, Sandra Smith, Phyllis Wade, Kay Warren, Sandra Work. Rs OMEN PHYS MEN N CAL ED. EEDED! FOR WORK ON A MUSICAL COfCDY ATHLETIC 138 ATHLETIC First row: Pam Garrison, Craig McNeely, Ginger Brumby, Lollie Hayes, Judy Nuckolls, Liz Fenstemacher, Harriet Muggins, Ginna Preston, Susan Doyle, Peggy Peterson, Peggy Swanson, Robin Hill. Second row: Karen Lange, Julie Ann Jones, Eileen Brown, Leith Taylor, Ellen Fenstemacher, Harriett Murphey, Sue Diack, Pene Turner, Ann Konigsmark, Sandy Smith. DOLPHIN CLUB Women students who show great skill and interest in swinnming, and who are able to pertorm stunts and syn- chronized strokes in the water are eligible for nnember- ship in the Dolphin Club. An annual review, connplete with music and costumes is presented each Spring Quar- ter for the public by the members. Officers are Peggy Peterson, President; Patty Swanson, Vice-President; Camilla Brooks, Secretary; Robin Hill, Treasurer. PEM CLUB The PEM Club is a profes- sional organization for women physical education recreation majors. This organization was organized on the University campus in 1947. Officers are Jane Pass, President; Jean Cheek, Vice-President; Judy Phillips, Secretary-Treasurer; Suellen Landrum, " Gym Clip " Editor. Members: Patricia Beaver, Donna Blue, Patricia Brown, Angela Burton, Patricia Butler, Nancy Carter, Billie Chance, Jane Chanch, Shirley Cheek, Gay Council, Darrell Davis, Joyce Field, Susan Finney, Freda Garrison, Linda Howie, Shirley Hurst, Jean Kegerreis, Suellen Landrum, Terry McNabb, Mary Miltiades, Hannah Pass, Mary Phillips, Margaret Ramsey, Martha Rawls, Ann Watson, Sharon Woods, Diane Yow. ■1 Ifl James R. Bagwell John Barfield Robert Black John R. Brown Robert E. Brown Larry D. Conner Wyndell Cook Charles Cooper Joe D. Cowart Steve Czuchta Norman Edwards Gary Faulkner Harry Gordon Gene Hammond Randall Kimsey Lawrence Mansfield Alpha Kappa Psi is a na- tional professional frater- nity in Business Administra- tion. It seeks as members students who have shown promise of leadership in business management. Any male student enrolled in the Business School who has an overall academic aver- age of C or better Is eligi- ble for membership. Offi- cers are Wyndell W. Cook, President; Steve Czuchta, Vice-President; Randall Kimsey, Secretary; Ralph L. Williams, Treasurer. ALPHA KAPPA PSI BUSINESS fames R. McLeroy Hubert C. Miller Robert Morgan Charles Smith Wm. L. Spangler Albert L. Stone Emil S. Troelston Jimmie D. Walker William E. Watson Scott F. Whiting Ralph L. Williams Bayne Yarbrough 140 icwiar : ltal|i ri Treasurer. Malli«i PI SIGMA EPSILON Pi Sigma Epsilon is a pro- fessional business fraternity in marketing sales and sales management. Membership is based on an expression of interest and desire to enter the selling field. Offi- cers are Bob Hatcher, Pres- ident; Jim Denman, Vice- President; Gilbert De- Armas, Secretary; Grady McAlum, Treasurer. Left to right, first row: Jim Denman, Grady McAlum, Bob Hatcher, Dr. Eakin. Second row. Roger Marini, Bob Black, Javier Tomas, John Bruce, Frank Comer. Third row: Bill Blasingame, Darrell Cox, Larry Mathias, James Teal, Tom Baker, Jerry Rowland. Fourth row: Bob Norris, Haywood Harrington, Fred Hester, Jim Guisenberry. Fifth row: Dr. Horton, John Barfield, Mr. Harris. Not pictured: Wibon Walker, Jim Smith, Brian Johnston, Charles Cary, Dr. Green, Mr. Rucker, Gilbert DeArmas, Frank McDaniel. 5 !;:.LWii» " I PHI CHI THETA Phi Chi Theta is a business sorority whose purpose is higher business education and training for women, high ideals for women in business careers and cooperation among women preparing for such careers. Member- ship is open to women who have a sopho- more or above rating in the School of Busi- ness and a 73 average. Officers are Lynthia Miller, President; Sandre Topshe, Vice- President; Geri McLain, Sec.-Treas. Left to right, first row: Eleanor K. Williams, Gerri McLain, Mary Jane Wheeler, Mr. Drewry. Second row: Norma Golden, Joanne Alexander, Sally Johnson, Katie Conner. Third row: Glenda Owens, Carolyn Marlow, Laura Ann Miles, Martha Ezzard. Fourth row: Nancy Ann Cox, Ruthie Kramer, Kay Matthews. BUSINESS 141 Ifr- ACCOUNTING CLUB Members: David Alexander, Roberto Alonso, Tommy Aultman, J. H. Klenke Bredenberg, W. E. Chambers, Boykin Clarke, Rona ld Coleman, Frank Cooper, Barry Cordell, Buddy Dallas, Al Denard, Charles Friedman, Stanley Gerson, Hugh Giles, Greg Holcomb, Bill Huss, Jan Jackson, David James, Bruce King, Allen Lockerman, John Lovin, John Ryan, Gail Shropshire, Kermit Smith, Fred Strickland, Seymour Susman, Tom Tatum, Ken Thomas, Jimmy Walker, Lamam Whitworth, Peter Wilcox, Don Woelljen. INSURANCE SOCIETY Members: Theo Burt, Ronald Carreker, Sherod Collins, James Cook, Nancy Cox, Jackie Downs, Cliff English, James Griggs, Fred Hardy, Richmond Hanna, William Herman, Roy Hester, Claude Hill, Robert Hurst, Ernest Jones, William Keenan, Jack E. Kitchens, Anne McDonald, James McLeroy, Marion Montgomery, Robert Morgan, Roddy Aglesby, William Parkman, Jimmy Paulk, Charles Pearce, Richard Robinson, Wilburn Robinson, James Skinner, James Straivn, Robert Tarpley, Ralph Williams, William Wilson. The Accounting Club was reorgan- ized in 1962 to further a greater interest in accounting. Member- ship Is open to any student who is at least a second quarter Fresh- man and has a C average. Officers are Wilburn Robinson, President; Robert McLeroy, Vice-President; Alton Hardy, Treasurer; and James Griggs, Publicity Chairman. lota Nu Sigma is an insurance so- ciety for those persons who are interested in insurance and its re- lated fields. The organization was founded during Spring Quarter of 1962. Officers are Greg hlolcomb, President; Seymour Susman, Vice- President; Gail Shropshire, Secre- tary; and Ken Thomas, Treasurer. BUSINESS DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fra+ern- i+y which selects only those who are enrolled in the College of Business Administration and who exhibit high moral ethics. The officers are Tom Helms, President; Horace Davis, Vice-President; Gene Fryer, Secretary; Alton Hardy, Treasurer. , Battle, Joseph Belkan, Robert Bell, William Casey, William Cheatham, James Qoninger. Eugene Cubbedge, Edwin Davis, Horace Downs, Jackie Berry, Floyd Geiger, David Greene, Phillips Hardy, Fred Helms, Tom Hitchcock, Hershel Hoffeditz, Thomas HoUey, Henry, Jr. Hughes, William Huss, William Mosley, Louie Oglesby, Roddy Perkins, William Presley, William Tatum, Thomas Tolbert, James Wilson, William, Jr. Wise, Joel York, Preston BUSINESS 143 kAPP RHO EPSILON Rho Epsllon is a professional business frater- nity which pronnotes an interest in real estate. Membership requirements are a Junior or above classification and a 73 average. Offi- cers are Paul Poppell, President; Carol Miller, Vice-President; James Tolbert, Secretary; Daniel M. Shepherd, Treasurer. In Left to right, first row: Paul Poppell, Carol Miller, James Tolbert, Daniel Shepherd, J. A. Battle, John Schultz, Dr. William R. Beaton. Second row: Jerry Gross, Charles O ' Dell, Stanton Ragsdale, Eugene Fryer, Harry Woods, William Hanson, Aubrey Ogden. Third row: Neal Jackson, James Brown, Barron Kesser, Susman Seymour, John Oliver, Fred Strickland. Fourth row: Charles Carson, James Burton. BUSINESS ZetaPi i pro; arts ' w omen, bvea overall i areSlia fcf;S fiettyl idents; Irei lasure 144 1 KAPPA PHI KAPPA ' Of Left to right: Chuck Cowart, Joe Akin, Bob Hughes, Jack Pace, George Kreeger, Jim Conley. Not Pictured: Ira Fleckman, Floyd Pugh, Ernest Kesler, Robert Brown and Perry Childers, Faculty Ad- EDUCATIONAL Kappa Phi Kappa is a professional education fraternity which came on the University cam- pus in 1962. Membership is open to male educa- tion majors who have maintained an eighty average. Officers are James C. Conley, Pres- ident; George Kreeger, Secretary-Treasurer. ZETA PHI ETA -.,-: D-. ;i.::ii Zeta Phi Eta is a nation- al, professional, speech- arts fraternity for women. Members must have a seventy-three overall average. Officers are Sharon Willig, Pres- ident; Shannon llges and Betty Hill, Vice-Pres- idents; Kathy Johnson, secretary; Eathel Bowie, Treasurer. Left to right: Mrs. Arthur J. Fear, Advisor; Sharon Willig, Eathel Bowie, Kathy Johnsa, Shan- non Illges, Betty Hill, Sara Adams, Anna Willingham, Connie Solomon, Susie Coran, Emily Jones, Linda Thompson, Rosanne Bunker, Gloria Wells, Jan Holbrook. Not Pictured: Jean Berryman, Alice Ann Gamble, Judy Gerson, Gail Hamilton, Laney Hines, Sara Potts, Patty Prince, Bennie Kay Roberts, Linda Smith. HOMECON Membership In Homecon is open to all students In the School of Home Economics. The purpose of the club is " to promote professional attitudes and Interests. " It is affiliated with the Georgia Home Economics Asso- ciation and the American Home Eco- nomics Association. Officers are Eleanor Fullllove, President; Barbara Brown, First Vice-President; Joan Rucker, Second Vice-President; Mar- jorle Whaley, Secretary; Inez Cal- houn, Treasurer. HOME ECONOMICS Members: Louise Adams Sharon Alley Todd Alston Jackie Armistead Jo Ann Atkinson Nancy Baker Marie Bahnsen Sandra Banks Susan Bayer Meg Blackshear Lucretia Bell Nancy Brumit Donnell Burdette Beckie Bush Barbara Brown Lucy Braselton Linda Burrow June Boatright Ellen Bennett Tetty Bird Inez M. Calhoun Nancy Chasteen Pat Chisamore Penny Cochran Suzanne Collier Jane Covington Joan Crosby Pat Dabbs Edna Daughtry Becky Davis Rebecca Darrough Pat Darwin Melinda Dean Elizabeth Dillard Connie Dixon Gloria Doster Margaret Drake Laura Evans Sharon Funk Elizabeth Fenstemacher Eleanor FulUlove Mary Fullilove Karen Gaston Nancy Gunter Zadie Gaines Gail Grier Claudia Gunnin Veryl G. Haddock 146 Mary Hall Kay Hall Frances Harper Curtis Henry Beth Heys Melinda Hennen Margaret Hall Marilyn Hayes Kathleen Horn Claudia Hope Emily Hope Amy Hargroves Lynette Holcombe Jeannie Hiers Janet James Susette Joerg La Reese Holmes Linda Hiscock Mary Ellen Howell Lanoy Higginbotham Nancy Kittles Faye Lyles Flo Langtry Bonny Lay Jeannette Lewallen Sandra Lott Pat Loflin Virginia Lee Martie Long Sandra Lupo Mary Ann Lassiter Waynette Lanterman Winifred MacAllaster Alice MacCulIough Margaret Mclntyre Elaine Maret Priscilla Marshall Judy Mitchell Trudie Martin Marian Moody Carol Murphy Alice Middleton Jane Morris Shelba Morris Carolvn Munde Dorothy Morrison Genelda Mosely Charlotte Mathias Janice Miller Cheryl Miller Karol McMillan Gail Nelms Treasa Newton Gloria Norris Di Ann Pattillo Nancy Pendley Janice Powell Sue Planzer Judy Painter Sherrill Petty Janice Petty Linda Rivers Priscilla Randall Joan Rucker Carolyn Rodgers Emmagene Ragland Mimi Ridgely Carole Raines Sallie Sanders Sara Smith Barbara Snead Nancy Strayhom Sally Schley Dianne Seckinger Rose Smith Claudia Stembridge Patricia Swanson Claudia Stowers Kathy Sommer Mary Raulerson Ruth Roberts Fredna Rogers Joan Rucker Julia S. Thompson Zona Thrift Mary Beth Winship Mary Vivon Young Lorraine Worden Betty Ann Wood Emily Woo Beth Wilkins Judith Worden Dale Marie Widener Marjorie Whaley June Whitehead Martha Wicker Meda Wiser Celia Wright PHI UPSILON OMICRON Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national professional fra- ternity for wonnen students who have reached the last quarter of their sophomore year in the school of hlome Economics. Membership re- quirements are based upon general ability, moral char- acter and a scholastic aver- age of eighty-five. Officers are Margie Mclntyre, Presi- dent; Martha Shackleford, Vice-President; Ann Fulton, Secretary; Nancy Britton, Treasurer. HOME ECONOMICS 5 !ii- =iiai=:5:iri5i mam r ' i. I. ' i. v . 1 J r ' , Left to right, first row: Sandra Lott, Ann Fulton, Karen Gaston, Barbara Brown, Margie Mclntyre, Martha Ann Shackelford, Liz Fenstemacher, Nancy Britton. Second row: Bonnie Lay, Judy Ford, Beverly Benton, Hilda Terry, Celia Wright, Linda Burrough, Frances Harper, Genelda Mosely. §. - iU «■ GAMMA ALPHA CHI Gamma Alpha Chi is a national Professional Advertising Fraternity for women. Require- ments for membership are an eighty average and an interest in ad- vertising. Officers are Harriet Foster, Presi- dent; Fabianne Wolfe, Vice-President; Cyn- thia Cochran, Secre- tary; Bebe Brumby, Treasurer. it luic Left to right, first row: Jane Bracewell, Elaine Kemp, Cynthia Cochran, Mary Jim Higginbotham. Second xnv: Ann Jackson, Nan Shuman, Neva Dixon, Bebe Brumby. Third row: Jill Cochran, Carey Holland, Harriet Foster, Ann Cantwell, Beverly Kelly. Fourth row: Claire Breedlove, Joyce DeBruhl, Harriet Terry. 147 JOURNALISM JOURNALISM Jenny Lynn Morse, Sweetheart Pictured: Larry Aldridge, Thomas Dowden, Patricia Edenfield, Stephen Fifield, David Fitz, William Futch, James Greer, Kay Hardeman, Fred Hartmann, Jerry Hayes, Rodger Jones, Charles Kelly, James Knight, Judy Koenig, DeAlva Leggett, Cliff Lowery, James Mathis, Phyllis Monica, Jenny Lynn Morse, Charles Nairn, Dale Ouzts, Marcia Pittman, Herman Ramsey, James Reinsch, Phillip Salmon, William Swain, Patricia Taylor, Harriette Terry, Norman Underwood, Byron Warner, Robert Williams. Back to front: Fred Hartmann, Treasurer; Larry Aldridge, Advisor; Jim Mathis, Secretary; Jim Reinsch, President; Marcia Pittman, Vice-President. DI GAMMA KAPPA The purpose of Di Gamma Kappa is to Instill in its members the ethics of responsible broadcasting and to familiarize them with all phases of the field in order to prepare them for a career in broad- casting. Membership is open to all of the students in the Journalism School who maintain a C average. 148 SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi, the oldest, largest, and most select professional organiza- tion in the profession of journalism, has a world-wide membership, including students and professional journalists in virtually every field. Undergraduate members are chosen from male stu- dents in good standing who have an above average scholastic rating. Of- ficers are George Watts, President; James Reinsch, Vice-President; Kenneth Boswell, Secretary; Jim Knight, Treas- urer; and Cynthia Cochran, Sweet- heart. JOURNALISM Members: First row: George Watts, Cynthia Cochran, Jim Reinsch, Ken Boswell, Jim Knight. Second row: Dr. Charles B. Kopp, Tommy Johnson, Dan Keever, Cal Owens, Larry Aldridge, Jim Mathis. 1 S to II! iStll ' " ' Members: First row: Bcbe Brumby, Babs Tliornhill. Back row: Nan Shuman, Joyce Mosteller, Marcia Pittman, Jenny Lynn Morse, Harriette Terry Noel, Jane Bracewell, Neva Dixon, Anne Jackson, Jill Cochran, Mary Lucchese, Edwina Moore. THETA SIGMA PHI Theta Sigma Phi is an honorary professional fra- ternity for women in jour- nalism. Membership is based on scholarship, char- acter, leadership, and ac- tive participation in jour- nalistic activities. Officers are Marty Johnson, Presi- dent; Babs Thornhill, Vice- President; Bebe Brumby, Secretary, Harriette Terry Noel, Treasurer; Cynthia Cochran, Historian. 149 Bar Journal Staff, left to right: Julian Stewart, Horace Sibley Eddie Kern, John Tal- madge, David Tisinger, Lawton Jordan, Professor John Rees, Mac McLane. Not Pic- tured: Al Hopkins. The student Bar Association Is nnade up of the entire law school student body. It is gov- erned by four officers and a Board of Governors who rep- resent every student group within the law school itself. It becanne effective Fall Quar- ter, 1962, as a replacennent for the Student Advisory Council. The hlonor Court is the judical body of the law school, which has jurisdiction of all trials concerning the hlonor Code. The Bar Journal Staff is made up of student writers for the Georgia Bar Journal. Requirements for election to the Staff are an academic average of 80, and the sub- mission of two articles suit- able for publication. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION Honor Court, left to right: Dub Anderson, Ken Royal, Julian Stewart, Not Pictured: Terrell Benton. I LAW 1 ; ■ i 50V- LAW Jim Gordon, Treasurer Richard Phillips, Secretary Toby Ivy, President Mac McLane, Vice-president First row: David Tisinger, Julian Stewart, James Mclntyre, Chuck Camp, Toby Ixjy, Arthur McLane, James Gordon. Second row: James M. Barnes, Peter L. Banks, Bill Davidson, Richard Phillips, Ken Royal. Third row: Jim Collins, Frank Bloodworth, Guy Driver, Royal Shannonhouse . Not Pictured: Al Hopkins. ■ f " ' 151 PHI DELTA PHI Phi Delta Phi is an international legal fraternity whose pur- pose is to promote a high standard of professional ethics, culture, and scholarship in its profession. Members: Bruce Abbott John Adams John Akridge Alvin Amall Otis Askin Tyrus Atkinson Terry Ayre Bill Bagwell Peter Banks James Beach Jack Bell Charles Benedict Clifford Blalock James Blanchard A. Bloodworth Morris Boyer Per ry Brannen, Jr. Converse Bright Charles Brown Otis Brumby, Jr. Mack Butler Paul Calhoun, Jr. Patrick Calhoun Wesley Calhoun Thomas Campbell Lee Carroll Earl Carson Anthony Cato Lloyd Clay Wade Coleman James Collins Robert Cook Dean Covinston, Jr. Henry Crisp Richard Crosby Tommy Daniel William Davidson Butler Derrick, Jr. Kenneth Doss Zack Doxier Guy Driver Elliott Dunn George Ellis Zack Everitt Chris Foster James Foughner Lehman Franklin, Jr. James Franklin Howard Gaines Edward Garland Phillip Green Joseph Griggs Earl Guss John Haley Fletcher Hall Walter Hays Michael Herndon Alton Hopkins Jere Huggins Julius Hulsey Sam Inglesby Oliver Ivey Felton Jenkins Jean Johnson Eric Jones Layton Jordan Alfred Kennedy Deward Kern Paul Kilpatrick Steve Kite- Powell Wyck Knox Emmett Langley Robert Laslie Isaac Levy Samuel Maguire Thomas Malone Nelson Marshall Frank Martin John Melvin s Robert Miles !• Ben Miller Montague Miller Bill Moore Thomas Moore James Mowry Ray Nicklson John Nuckolls Oliver Oxford Jack Paller Albert Pickett Preston Rawlings Gates Richards Robert Richardson Ted Ridlehuber Haley Roberts Roby Robinson, Jr. Hodges Rowland Richard Russell, IV Larry Solman Robert Schramm Stanley Sears Edward Sell Daniel Shalloway Robert Sherrell Horace Sibley Ralph Skelton Billy Slaughter Henry Smith Lance Smith Berry Stephens Ronald Stephens JuUian Stewart John Talmadge William Tanner John Taylor Don Thurmond Gerald Thurmond David Tisinger Richard Tisinger Frank Underwood Byrd Warlick Wilbur Warner, Jr. Charles Wessels Robert Wilkins r»l LAW h Law Di social oppoi sod families acquaints it roles as i« k Spivey. by, Vice-Pre Secretary; J Mite ifc«ff LAW DAMES The Law Dames provides regular social opportunities for the wives and families of law students. It also acquaints its members with their roles as wives of members of the legal profession. Officers are Mar- tha Spivey, President; Rose Cros- by, Vice-President; Celia Daniels, Secretary; June Rentz, Treasurer. On floor: Carol Askin, Jeanne Pleasants, Melane McDonald, Elizabeth Mowry. On sofa: Janne Banks, Linda Doss, Jo Benton, Rose Crosby, Martha Spivey, Gladys Morris, Sally Salmon, Jean Strickland, Pat Cook, Elizabeth Corry, Jane McLane, Pat Sams. Standing: June Rentz, Linda Lexjy, Judy Richardson, Lillie Grimes, Celia Daniel, Brenda Covington, Eleanor Charlton, Ann Ellerbee, Pat Baxter, Ann Collier, Sarah Ann Gordon PHI ALPHA DELTA Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraterni- ty has as its requirements for membership high moral char- acter and a scholastic aver- age of C. Annual events in- clude the Barrister ' s Ball and the hienry Shinn Memorial Award, which is given each spring for excellence in the field of legal writing. Officers are Jim Barnes, Chief Justice; William Sams, Vice-Justice; Crawford McDonald, Treas- urer; Wayne Moseley, Clerk. Members: James M. Barnes, Jackson H. Banks, Barnee C. Baxter, Pierre M. Boulogne, Terrell W. Benton, Robert G. Cole, Paul T. Collier, Kenneth S. Charlton, John Corry, Tony Corso, Ronald L. Davis, Guy B. Eberhardt, James A. Elkins, Jr., Olin W. Ellerbee, Billy L. Evans, Morton G. Forbes, James B. Gordon, .Millard G. Gouge, Joseph A. Griggs, Daniel M. Grimes, John F. Hitchcock, Brooks S. Knapp, Karl O. liKoepke, Wade V. Mallard, Timothy H. McFall, E. Crawford McDonald, Thornton W. Morris, James W. Moseley, Richard D. Phillips, James V. Pleasants, Donald D. Rentz, Carl N. Richardson, Jr., Curtis R. Richardson, James K. Royal, Herbert W. Sams, Francis P. Sanchez, Kenneth P. Skuse, Richard A. Slaby, Laurence E. Smith, Ralph C. Smith, Robert J. Smith, HI, Arthur E. Spivey, Fred G. Stowers, Thomas M. Strickland, Louise E. Winter. 153 PSILON . .. ha Epsilon I „._, .„. .medical students who have maintained an o jail average of 84 for five quarters at the Ur„-- ' varsity. Activities include a Pre-Medical day at the Medical College in Augusta and at the : ' Uni «rsity of Georgia. Officers of Alpha ■ Epsilon Delta are William Wilkes, President; ' ' rvin Bedingfield, Vice-President; James Tar- _iy, Secretary-Treasurer. ■)• Afarviii RcdingfioUl, Villi■ lrl Crilihs, Thomas Fair, J ' ivian Joiu-s, Kcilli Kiniinci, laycltc M. McF.lhanon, Dii Albert Schwamlcin, Sybil Still, James Monroe Tarpley, Jamc I Hardmaii, Frank Hudson, Jackie Jackson, F.dwin John- I Miller, (arl N ' anian, I ' am Pclersen, Dr. I,. R. Ponieroy, I owler, Harvey Wages, AVilliam I.ce Wilkes. MEDicirr ' " " ' RHO CHI HONOR SOCIETY Rho Chi seeks to promote scholarship among pharmacy students by requiring an 85 overall average after comple- tion of 135 quarter hours. Rho Chi was the first Nationa Honor Society for Pharmacy and is a member of the Asso- ciation of College Honor So- cieties. Officers are Phil Tay- lor, President; Charles Grow, Vice-President; Saundra Moreland, Secretary; Lestina Smith, Treasurer; Earl Strick- land, Historian. Members: James B. I- ' ulUngton, Charles E. Grow, ]r,. Nancy Keith, Irvin A. Lewis, D. Kathleen Mc- Cleskey, E. Seundra Moreland, B. Lestina Smith, Harold Gordon Smith, Jr., M. Earl Strickland, Philip L. Taylor. Lambda Kappa Sigma is a women ' s professional sorority for those women enrolled in the Pharmacy school who are second year professional stu- dents with a C or better aver- age. Alpha Kappa chapter was founded on campus May 22, 1954. Officers are Sandra Mims, President; Wanda Black, Secretary-Treasurer! Saundra Moreland, Historian. ;; «t4«iii;a-ii:i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittiiiiiiiiiiiimi ' liff ' ' wm PHARMACY Jim AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA STUDENT CHAPTER «1 !N I N » ; ? V, % ' : The American Pharmaceutical Association seeks to acquaint the student members with various phases of the profession of phar- macy and to encourage active participation in professional organizations when they be- come practicing pharmacists. Officers are Dean Smith, President; Randy Durden, Vice- President; John Spear, Recording Secretary; Saundra Moreland, Corresponding Secre- tary; Nancy Keith, Treasurer; Dick Saunders, Parliamentarian. Frankie J. Akin Robert William Allee Thomas E. Armistead Tom Byrd Atkinson Dan H. Baker Robert Little Bethea, III Wanda C. Black Douglas M. Boatright Kenneth Lamar Bradley Thomas H. Braswell Max C. Brown Ralph M. Brown Gary Archer Bunting Leron A. Bush Leslie E. Caldwell James G. Callaway John Pierce Candler I. L. Caplan, Jr. David E. Clements Reuben W. Clements, III Charles Wayne Cook Wyndell Lee Cook Jerrold Neal Crane Charles Culpepper Thomas Ray Dalrymple Charles M. Davis, Jr. Earnest Franklin Davis Kenneth Randy Durden Hugh Franklin Erwin Clayton A. Eubanks, Jr. Ernest W. Evans Stephen Feinberg Thomas Alton Floyd, Jr. Joe Gordon Fuchs Bobby Lee Golden Stanley Bruce Goldman Robert M. Goodson Charles E. Grow, Jr. James F. Hendrix Alan Franchot Hixon Kenneth Wheat Johnson Douglas Jones Kenneth E. Jones, Jr. Nancy Keith !5. f 1 f ? Jerry Hartwell Lancaster Larry Cornelius Lancaster William Jackson Langford Thomas Lawson William Fox Leake Thomas Ferrell Lee Irvin A. Lewis Robert Addison Lindsey Kathleen McClesky Sandra Edith Mims Joseph E. Moore Jan W. Moredock E. Saundra Moreland Hayden Hugh Moye Charles Lewis Mundy, Jr. Frankln Delano Neely Jean Nolan Bobby E. Parham Bill H. Peterson, Jr. Byron H, Phillips, Jr. Franklin Russell Rhodes Jimmy Rice Joe T. Ricketson Thomas Charlton Rogers Wendell Rogers Bobby Thermal Ross Julian Thomas Rushin Hardy Lamar Russell, Jr. Rema H. Sapp George Richard Saunders T. Allison Scott George Richard Skipper Dean Smith, Jr. Donald C. Smith Harold Gordon Smith Lestina Smith William Larry Smith Charles S. Snipes John F. Speer, Jr. Peter F. Stager M. Earl Strickland James Brooks Tennyson Dennis V. Thompson, Jr. Cecil fan Tootle Merrill T. Watson, Jr. Charles Haynes White Fred Wilson Eugene Woo, Jr. PHARMACY ■- sP Members: James Calloway, Fred Colson, Vernon Freeman, Jim Fullington, Bobby Golden, Charles Grow, Jtm Hendrix, Irvin Lewis, Bill Peterson, T. C. Rogers, Bobby Ross, Tommy Rushing, Don Smith, Hal Stewart, Phil Taylor. Faculty: Proj. F. F. Millikin, Advisor; Dr. J. P. LaRocca, Dr A E Wade, Mr. Stonewall King, Mr. C. E. Brackett, Dr. Ben Cooper. PHI DELTA CHI Any person enrolled in the School of Pharnnacy and who has an overall academic average of seventy- three is eligible for mennbership in Phi Delta Chi, professional pharmaceutical fraternity. Officers are Irvin Lewis, President; Hal Stewart, Vice-Presi- dent; James Calloway, Secretary; Charles Grow, Treasurer. 167 PHARMACY AlktfH Akin, Frankie Armistead, Thomas Bunting, Gary Caldwell, Ixslie Carter, George Clements, David Cook, Charles Culpepper, Charles Dalrymple, Thomas Burden, Kenneth Entrekin, Durward Floyd, Raymond Jr. KAPPA PSI Founded in 1951, Gamma Phi Chapter of Kappa Psi inspires pharmaceutical students to a deep and lasting pride in the profession of pharmacy. Offi- cers are Randy Durden, Presi- dent; George Saunders, Vice- President; Bobby Gay, Record- ing Secretary; Ferrell Lee, Cor- responding Secretary; Charles Culpepper, Treasurer. Gay, Bobby Hixon, Allan Lee, Thomas Mewborn, George Mundy, Charles Jr. Noles, Thomas Parham, Bobby Phillips, Byron Rogers, Wendell Sherrer, Carl Smith, Dean Jr. Speer, John Jr. Tootle, Cecil Walker, Jerry Watkins, Charles White, Charles 158 OMEGA TAU SIGMA .PSI James T. Alexander, James T. Anderson, Thomas L. Bass, David E. Birdsall, David L. Booth, Henry A. Brubaker, Robert H. Bryant, Dan C. Cabiness, Jimmy W. Chambers, Marvin R. Clayton, Larry R. Corry, Lowell Croft, Jerry L. Dawson, Wilbur A. Dellinger, Ivey C. Dennard, William R. Dorsey, Jr., William D. Duvall, Charles E. Franklin, Frank P. Freeman, George A. Gardiner, Hugh A. Gardner, Sam Garret, Branham Garth, Benny S. Gaskins, George Gibson, John S. Goodrich, Richard H. Greene, Stu Gross, John R. Hagaman, William E. Harrison, Arlin Haiukins, Hugh V. Hendricks, Robert P. Henke, Jan Hines, George T. Holder, Lanny M. Howell, John Howell, Pat Hudspeth, Ralph Hyatt, Richard S. Hydrick, James Jackson, Raymond A. Jaeger, Joe Tom Jeffries, Tommy Jenkins, Jerry H. Johnson, Ned L. Johnston, Osceola C. Kyle, Jr., Noel Laing, Jerry P. Langdon, Gene S. Lucas, H. O. Lyne, William L. McGee, William O. May, Robert B. Martin, John Martin, Mack Minton, Dwight Mercer, David H. Mobley, Aubrey F. Morgan, Harry Nichiporuk, Richard O. Parks, James R. Pope, Tommy F. Proctor, Victor L. Puckett, William N. Reeves, Steve Rice, Marvin D. Rosen, Billy C. Sanders, Rodney L. Schoelkopf, Zack E. Seymour, Charles T. Shortall, Richard C. Simmonds, George B. Smith, Harold M. Smith, Ted Taylor, John M. Teate, Clifton K. Thigpen, Frederick N. Thompson, James F. Townsend, David C. Tribby, Preston J. Wall, David B. Walrath, James C. Weatherly, Seaborn J. Whatley, Billy Whitaker, Richard E. Whitelock, E. Perkins Williams, Richard A. Williams, Walter L. Witkofsky, C. Raymond Wright, James T. Wright. I Omega Tau Sigma is an inter- national professional fraternity dedicated to promoting interest and participation In activities pertaining to veterinary medi- cine. Officers are David C. Tribby, President; William K. Dorsey, Vice-President; Ned L Johnston, Recording Secretary; Richard C. Simmonds, Corre- sponding Secretary; Marvin D. Rosen, Treasurer. VETERINARY MEDICINE 159 Lesie Ahrens, J. P. Arthur, Paul Austin, Thomas Barlow, Ken Best, Jerome Bloodworth, Dorman Brogdon, Max Brugh, Jones Bryan, Brad Buell, Jim Burns, Allan Cleveland, Donald Cohen, Jack Cook, Ben Daniels, Tom Dantzler, Buddy DeLoach, Wayne Dement, Ray Dunahoo, Joe Eargle, Frank Enloe, John Ervin, Con Filsinger, Dan Fincher, Oscar Fletcher, Ed Freeman, Andrew Frey, Boh Gaines, Sam Gehr, Tom Gibson, Art Hall, John Hayes, Hugh Hayes, Gerald Hardison, Ed High, Mamie Hook, Fred Iseminger, Gene Jessap, Malcom Johnson, Clayton Johnston, Claude Kidd, Grover Ligon, Jim Lee, Mike Mason, Boh May, Frank Maxson, Dick McDuffie, Tom McNeil, Garden Miller, John Miller, Ike Moore, Scott Murnan, Ken Paget, Kenny Page, Ed Philips, Joe Pierce, Harry Polk, Ted Puffinhurger, Jim Ramsey, Rohhie Robin- son, William Rodman, Bill Schoeberlein, Joe Sharp, Gerry Shive, Robert Stephanson, Wayne Taylor, Richard Teske, Ed Timmons, Lee Townsend, Russell Vandegrift, Byron Virden, Bill Williams, John Wise, Jim Woods. ALPHA PSI Alpha PsI attempts to create a stronger bond between vet- erinary colleges of the United States and Canada. To be eli- gible for nnembership, a student must be enrolled in an accred- ited school of veterinary medi- cine, must demonstrate high character and maintain a high scholastic average. Officers are E. H. Timmins, Acting President; Oscar Fletcher, Recording Sec- retary; Lee Townsend, Corre- sponding Secretary; Gene Jes- sap, Treasurer. VETERINARY MEDICINE 160 AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION The Georgia Student Chapter of the A. V. M. A. is patterned after the American Veterinary Medical Association and strives to promote the development of character, leadership, and pro- fessional ethics and conduct in the field of veterinary medicine. Officers are William M. Wil- liams, President; Jerry hi. John- son, Vice-President; Robbie G. Robinson, Secretary; Joe P. Eargle, Treasurer. 161 Ar , " mm BBom msi 1b GREEKS I I ■ I I ilimiwt But I thought this was going to be a cha cha. MAC comes out of moth balls after two years . . . gospel meetings in room 11 . . . Rush and the High Priestess . . . " but the draw bridge isn ' t big enough " . . . what happened to the red carna- tions? . . . Al Capone Kelly on the loose . . . " Mashed Potatoes " one more time . . . Room 12 and Mana . . . the Jets and the Sharks . . . Yes, we passed the W.S.G.A. test . . . " Is that your date with the big nose? " . . . P.C. ' s oration on the technique of getting pinned . . . Love those ATO ' s! . . . Quiet hour! . . . Pam and her adventures in Paradise . . . Nighty-poo, everybody . . . Greggums . . . Promises, promises . . . Paper, get up . . . Beginning a new serial tomorrow Jana Paper President Donna Lassiter Vice-President Nancy Brittain Secretary Mary Kay Giles Treasurer ALPHA CHI OMEGA if 164 y4 Please, girls, we ' ve been out to Harry ' s twice this morning! s. Down deep in the heart of each Alpha Chi girl. Adams, Bobbye Andrews, Ann Bivins, Susan Black, Barbara Bramblett, Carolyn Breedlove, Claire Bright, Linda Brittain, Nancy Brown, Suzanne Bush, Jennie Butler, Mary Camp, Sandra Campbell, Pat Chance, Billie Chance, Sally Colmer, Margaret Cowl, Donna Cowl, Judith Daves, Joan Davis, Sally Davis, Sandra Fisher, Francy Ann Fluker, Patricia Foster, Harriette Fowler, Brenda Franklin, Sue Giles, Mary Glascoe, Elaine Greene, Pamela Gregory, Patricia Halsall, Pamela Hardy, Jacqueline Hayes, Lallie Heard, Dian Holbrook, Jan Hood, Charlotte dt lk 1 Ml tik M k , ' fJt f .il V t 9 Q f Q 4t f f f m m 165 0 f i f ? Hunt, Judy Jay, Linda Johnson, Corille Johnson, Mary Kelly, Elizabeth Kester, JoAnn Kirk, Patricia Lamb, Carolyn Langston, Kitty Lassiter, Donna Lawson, Joy Leigh, Faye Lemon, Sandra Loveless, Dianne Maddox, Phyllis Mann, Mary Micheli, Patricia Miller, Liz Mingledorff, Roberta Moore, Rachel Morel and, Emily McDonald, Kathie Oakley, Imigene Palmer, Betty ALPHA CHI OMEGA Pledge Grace wearing " weejuns, ' ' a f e la Paper, Janna Petersen, Pam Porter, Jackie Rutledge, Leah Smith, Josie Smith, Sigma Snelling, Suzanne Steigerwald, Cynthia Sweat, Jane Tarte, Diane Thomason, Annelle Tobin, Judith Waldrep, Linda Wells, Ann West, Kathee Whaley, Marjorie Williams, Judy Wood, Sallie Woodruff, Elizabeth Worley, Ann Jose in her Spanish Lace. 167 Anderson, Mary Archer, Barbara Armstrong, Dorothy Arthur, Nancy Benners, Carol Blair, Neca Bovard, Ann Bracewell, Jane Braselton, Nancy Burrell, Janice Busha, Mary Lee Cannon, Libby Cannon, Nancy Cochran, Nancy Conner, Martha ALPHA DELTA PI Gay Summers . President Emily Jean Haley . . . Vice-President Jane Bracewell Secretary Kay Kelly Treasurer 168 ' id Roving reporter . . . Jackie Kennedy? I wanta ' go ADPi . . . Well naturally ... 36 wonderful pledges . . . Give me that good ole ADPi spirit . . . Emma Jo — Miss Home- coming . . . How ' bout a PB and J . . . For- get it . . . Where are my keys? ... Is it time for Dr. Kildare? . . . Another KA pin . . . C. B. had a friend in Geography . . . Please try not to scorch the blouse . . . Thanks to the KA ' s for the greased pig . . . Hey, Neca, sing us a song . . . Beebop, P. W., W. . . . Love those garlic pancakes . . . Soup and hotdogs ... A Rose for a President . . . The Art School group . . . Oh, to be Chosen . . . I A.M. — Ring, Ring — Gayle Stokes, please . . . Gatlinburg trips? . . . Laney was sur- prised by her " tapping " . . . Who ' s a jewel? . . . Miss Modern Venus . . . Three on Miss Pandora Court . . . And lots of fun . . . Are you really sure? Congratulations! Coulter, Sheila Crews, Anne Crockett, Linda Daniel, Melissa Dennard, Mary Draper, Merle Driskell, Margaret Dunham, Jane Durand, Laura Durkee, Ann EUzey, Lynn Erdman, Martha Everett, Lyn Everitt, Kittie Fitzpatrick, Gail Furlow, Patti Gillis, Kate Gleaton, Kay Goforth, Joyce Green, Ann Griffin, Ann Griffin, Charlene Haley, Emily Jean Hally, Diane Harris, Lanier Harrison, Edith Hannon, Woody Hendrix, Louise 9 § ll % f 169 ♦ ' ?! ALPHA DELTA PI o a to Surprise! ■i .J ' i ffnf B m 9 KBL ' - ' v ' .- ' r MMBW Pv ' l t x " % ii|» S . Happy birthday, Edith! Heyward, Bunny Hines, Lilaine Jenkins, Jane Jernigan, Ann Johnston, Alice Kay Jones, Emma Jo Kelly, Kay Land, Mary Lyle Leggett, Debbie Looney, Cecelia Lord, Jackie Manheim, Margaret Martin, Ellen Martin, Madeline Miller, Bett Miller, Shewell Millikan, Kathy Mobley, Dale Montgomery, Patsy Moorhead, Georgia Moreno, Eileen f 170 f t f iff " !; f 1 9 4 nlk McAllister, Carol McNeely, Craig McNeill, Bennye Norwood, Margaret Reynolds, Mary Alice Richards, Marion Roberts, Bennie Kay Rollins, Kaye Rooker, Peggy Ross, Connie Sanders, Sallie Schofield, Mary Shamhart, Martha Shipley, Nancy Souter, Saralyn Southwell, Jerilene Smith, Linda Smith, Marsha Stokes, Gayle Summers, Gay Sweat, Donna Swindell, Ann Thielman, Nancy Thompson, Camille Tidwell, Sidney Tumlin, Patti Turner, Ward Tyler, Jane Vance, Shirley Wall, Erskine Wallace, Jean Warlick, Ann Warthen, Mary Ann White, Marian White, Marylyn Williams, Nancy Dee Willinhara, Starr Winston, Lane Yonce, Jane Carstarphen, Linda He ' s such a dearl Thanks, I ' m proud of him. 171 ALPHA EPSILON PI Milivin Slictiel. l .tail Oraadi That old gang of mine. Barry Kesser President Paul Rifkin Vice-President Harvey Fitterman Secretary Charles Herman Treasurer Ladies and gentlemen, our own cow. Bashuk, Michael Beerman, Michael Brenner, Stuart Cohen, Larry Dwoskin, Myron Eichel, Irving Feinherg, Stephen Fink, Don Fishman, Peter Fogel, Warren Gibbs, Leslie Goldberg, Jay Goldman, Victor Golub, Myron Greenberg, Norman Grollman, Robert Heimowitz, Stanley Herman, Charles Kahn, Arnold Kaminsky, Jerry Katz, Jerry 172 Wbil Kesser, Barry Kessler, Jay Krumbein, Charles Lobel, Joel Loewy, James Makavitt, Mark Marshall, Gerry Michael, Amato Mund, Robin Orenstein, Richard Parks, Barry Peck, Sam Pollock, Stanley Ratner, Allan Rifkin, Paul Mll The Gold and Blue— AEPi ' s . . . Pearl Harbor . . . Well ah O. K. . . . Bomber . . . Jolly Green Giant . . . Boo-ed out . . . Kevin . . . You botched it . . . Awk! . . . EEEEYII The kitchen staff. 173 Be sociable— drink Pepsi ALPHA EPSILON PI Rosenbloom, Alan Rubin, Cary Sugarman, Kenneth Schulhoffer, George Seitz, Kenny Susman, Seymour Siegel, Paul Silver, Miltan Silverman, Steve Singer, Richard Smith, Richard Soloman, Murray Stanley, Mendel Swartz, Dale Swartzberg, Ronald 174 The Key and a successful party. fl ' Swit, Steve Travis, Stephen Verner, Alvin Wachsteter, H. Wachsteter, John Weinberg, Fred Weissman, Norman Wiesen, Ronald Wynne, David Yerlow, Stanley The Pi ' s on thp wagon? 175 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Dorothy Wade President Dee Lawson Vice-President Cathy Luke Secretary Annette Carter Treasurer wLt.. ' mkJii m % AUread, Prudy Anderson, Karen Andrews, Elaine Atchison, Beth Barber, Carol Batten, Donna Bean, Edith Bell, Sylvia Berry, June Bledsoe, Jane Brackett, Janet Blake, Carol Braselton, Lucy Brasington, Anne Brown, Beverly Bush, Beckie Cantwell, Betty Carter, Doris Thirteen hours . . . Forget It! . . . Who wants to go to Clemson? . . . Sweet . . . O.K. . . . Let ' s sing " War Chant " . . . Mother Jo promised us a Cadet . . . Army vs. Navy vs. Air Force . . . Europe Is calling . . . We love the Baby Punnpkln . . . Sing along with Leverette . . . Charlotte was on the PANDORA Beauty Court . . . Sally was Comnnander of Belle Corps . . . Want a pepper- mint? . . . Fight -for Intramurals . . . Jackie was Captain of the Majorettes . . . We had two Georgettes, too . . . Sally and Cindy were Sweet- hearts . . . Something happened to our Bulldog ' s head . . . YawwwwwwII . . . Punchbowl ' s In the Foyer . . . Sood-nlght, NIckl . . . We pushed the car around this afternoon . . . Grunchnik . . . Grand Central Station . . . Peanut butter, jelly, catsup, and potato chips . . . and where Is your trophy room? . . . And he always calls at I 1:16 . . . " The Body " by PED . . . More roses!!! . . . Nickl was chosen as a Little Sister of the Maltese Cross . . . Dada . . . Demerits, ugh! . . . What ' s the good word? . . . ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, RAH!! I mnhi Ml Return of the Native. Something happened to our Bulldog ' s head. 176 9 ® »• ' ? r M.JL 1i. f 0 © 9 i f ' % 9 Cheshire, Carole Cheshire, Dorothy Cobb, Martha Cochran, Cynthia Collier, Suzanne Cromartie, Sarah Davidson, Jacqueline Davis, Jackie Davis, Patricia Dean, Sandra Durham, Ann Early, Raynor Evans, Eleanor Futral, Carol Gable, Carole Gaston, Karen Hammond, Brenda Harmon, Janell Harp, Lucy Hartley, Judith Holland, Carey Did he say " Stanley are a good player? " Come with me to the Casbah! 177 il I. ' 4. m iMMl IHI m. in , ' A k Ai « «,.. J. M ' V h : J Holland, Diane Hood, Nell Hurst, Shirley Jacober, Dottie Jennings, Evelyn joerg, Charlotte Johnson, Betty Johnson, Janet Johnson, Martha Joiner, Carol Jones, Julia Jones, Teresa Kittles, Nancy Land, Karen Langtry, Flo Lanham, Donna Lanier, Mary Lawson, Dee Leverette, Dottie Luke, Kathy Medcalf, Karen Michael, Margaret Mitchell, Barbara Moriss, Christine Morrison, Dorothy O ' Neal, Shirley Parker, Alice Payne, Patsy ALPHA GAMMA DELTA I just love this meal, most highly exalted sister. 178 I did— and here he is with some Alpha Gamma Dehas. Rush is soo much fun! Peters, Barbara Ploski, Marlene Poss, Carolyn Robinson, Roberta Smith, Dorothy Smith, Rose Smith, Sara Steward, Carole Steward, Ruth Sweat, Kathryn Thompson, Linda Treadwell, Nicki Troutman, Jean Wade, Dorothy Wainwright, K. Wall, Catherine Wallace, Nancy Wheeler, Mary Wiley, Judy Williams, Judith Wood, Sally Woods, Sharon Woodward, Judith Worden, Judith Carry me back to— The Roaring Twentiesl f ® ' f © . i) " ' ' 179 Bledsoe, Sidney, Jr Carter, Thomas Cason, Bobby ALPHA GAMMA Chambers, Bill Chance, Fred Crocker, Claude RHO Deal, Emit Eason, Darwin Eddy, Barry Jeff Russell President George Hermance Vice-President Wilbur Mull Secretary Robert Howell Treasurer Censored. Twisting the night away. Robert, stop staring. 180 • Fred, you ' re falling. (1 Vhat happened to lover no. 2? ... J. tobert can ' t keep books worth a . Emit made Who ' s Who . . . Let ' s go othe DAV . . . Hiram, Grand Champion, ittle International ... Tie him to the ree . . . Three members on University vestock judging team . . . Where is that ' in? . . . Gary won First Place in Dendrol- gy in the Southeast . . . BO! . . . hiear assanettes are back in style . . . Every- body is headed for Hill Street . . . Jeff oes to National Convention in Minne- polis . . . English, Weyman Faulk, Rabun Fegon, Ronald Hermance, George Howell, Robert Larsen, Harry Maxwell, Charles Mull, Wilbur McElmurray, Forrest Page, Robert Parker, Raymond Richmond, Jerry Ritchie, Gary Russell, Barron Samaltanos, Anthony Sassi, David Thomaier, Raymond Trossi, David Usry, Charles Williams, Judson MM 181 Que Bias me bendiga hasta que veque adone aya gente! ALPHA OMICRON PI Sybil Stallings President Julie Keheley Vice-President Jan Henderson Secretary Chris Collier Treasurer Wanda finally nnade it! . . . Line up and rennem- ber to rotate!!!! Not Rodney again — . . . Last call to breakfast . . . " Remember the times we ' ve had here . . . " Aw, Alice, it ' s only 6:29 . . . Ames, Mary Blackburne, Karen Bostwick, Delores Briscoe, Mary Sue Brooks, Joan Brown, Mary Alice Browne, Gail Brunton, Kathy Busick, Bonni Callaway, Christine Chase, Martha Collier, Martha Coryell, Gayle DeBruhl, Joyce Elmore, Frances Everitt, Melanie Fair, Wanda Fields, Nancy Furr, Kittle Gilbert, Alice Hanna, Barbara 182 Harden, Lane Hayes, Sue Henderson, Jan Higginbotham, M. Hilburn, Roberta Jones, Johnnie Keheley, Julie Kemp, Helen Kemper, Judith Landsbery, Dorothy Lang, Marilyn Morgan, Jackie McDuff, Beverl y McKinley, Lynn Orr, June 213 1} I ' m walking to New Orleans. i in Hit Mine, In 1Mb, lOTt. din All! koncCiil lad Bom CiSvn. OutMinlu CmAGiylt WHA 1 1 My date ' s here? 183 ■■ You dance devinely. AOPi chorus line. ALPHA OMICRON PI Porter, Jennie Roehr, Sharleen Rothrock, Laurene Smith, Andrea Stallings, Sybil Starnes, Glenda Thomas, Carole Tilghman, Susan Varn, Harriet Ware, Patricia Weaver, Carol Williamson, F. Wortham, Joyce Yow, Diane I d Next time let ' s try it with words! 1 184 ■8 i. ■ i Let ' s go out to the car for a lite. Armstrong, Hugh Bagwell, James Bock, Edward Jr. Downer, Richard Gann, Harold Hatcher, Frank Jr. Hudson, Tom Moscardelli, Fran Myers, Carl McMennamy, John Rapp, Lawrence Pettenger, John Sikes, Van Smith, John Jr. Stanley, John Strader, Ben Jr. Strickland, Robert Van Dusen, Lloyd April showers— June wedditigs. PHI KAPPA TAU Fran Moscardelli President John McMennamy . . . Vice-President Van Sikes Secretary Ben Strader Treasurer Vollrath, John Wilbur, Roger Wildes, Kenneth 185 Adams, William Addison, Joel Allison, Richard Archer, David Aycock, Robert Baggett, William Bagiatis, John Bagwell, William Bennett, Asa Black, Dameron Black, Donald Bloodworth, George Booth, Don Bouchillon, Jerry Bowles, Bucky Boyd, Benny Brooks, William Brown, James Chambers, Frank Chandler, James Cheney, Cliff Chew, Walter Jr. Clements, Randall Cook, Jordan ALPHA TAU OMEGA Ronald GrifFeth President Charles Miller Vice-President Grady Baggett Secretary Larry Jones Treasurer i Do that one more time and I ' ll Yes, I ' m in Who ' s Who ' s. Very good, Beachball. So you have a date with Wonder Boy! Barnacle Bill and his cohorts were the grossest bunch of the year . . . Ruff ainnost made Who ' s Who for intelligence . . . Gobbler strikes again . . . Weasel and Lulu . . . The Gross Lounge- Home of Mr. Gross and Mr. Coon . . . hiead . . . Mercy . . . Quail . . . The Black Room . . . Jocko . . . Bogy . . . Zipper and the Undergraduate Clods . . . Orangatang and the Skunk . . . Cordell, Barry Crawford, Ben Dallas, Albert Deal, Lanier Dickerson, Lonnie Dixon, William Dozier, Lester Dunson, Pete Ellington, Coke Ellis, Stephen Ellison, Billy Gaines, Gene Garrett, Al Gerner, Wesley Giles, Bob Glenn, Carl Godwin, Jackson Griffeth, Ronald Gunnels, Joe Harman, Claude Harrison, George Hatcher, Robert Hill, Lamar Jr. Howell, Robert Hunter, John Jaynes, Ronald Johnson, Donald Joiner, Horace Jones, Larry Jones, Sammy Joyner, David King, Charles Lampe, Diedrich Lampkin, Robert Lane, Ed Lofer, Tom Long, Robert Malone, Tommy Mann, Ollie MiUer, Charles MM hdtk 187 r Yea., Pam. No, Pam. Alright, Pam. Ok, Pam. I will Pam. Bye, Pam. Et tu. Scourge! ALPHA TAU OMEGA Mitchell, David Mobley, Clifford Montgomery, Bruce Moon, Ronald Neeley, Robert Nixon, Huxley Parkman, George Pennington, Weems Phillips, Donald Reed, Charles Reese, James Rich, Benjamin Riley, William Salmon, Larry Sandlin, Wayne Sell, Edward Sheffield, Ralph Shelton, Richard Smith, David Smith, James Stevens, Warren MM 188 li We ' ve repulsed them again! Stitcher, Calvin Jr. Stone, John Strickland, WiUiam Taylor, Lawrence Tharpe, Nim Thompson, Donald Thompson, Ray Thornton, John Underwood, James Wade, Michael Wadsworth, Lewis III Wall, Albert Warnell, William Watts, Charles White, Robert Whitlock, Paul Williams, Phillip Willis, James Willis, Jerry Wright, Stephen 189 i « 1M ALPHA XI DELTA Patti Pattillo President Jean Wray Vice-President Beth Bell Secretary Kay Martin Treasurer Well— you silly ol ' gosh darn fools I Akerson, Linda Anderson, Phyllis Ayers, Sandra Becker, Kathleen Bell, Elizabeth Berry, Polly Billips, Kay Bonner, Bonnie H i Brown, Carol Brown, Margaret Freshmen are characters— characters are comics-comics won " Z " Night-we love Freshmen. 190 fFratof " ' 9 % . Brown, Nora Buckellew, Claire Buckley, Carol Byrd, Tommye Sue Cain, Bonnie Carter, Janice Carter, Nancy Dahl, Barbara Davis, Janet Deering, Doris Free, Martha Gaines, Rhetta Garrett, Leandra Gibson, Linda Giles, Mary Groff, Valerie Hadley, Barbara Haines, Martha Harper, Diane Hayes, Margie This is the way we wash our house " 191 jjf 9 f fr i Q 9 lf [,k Hoisington, Judith Horton, Brenda Iconis, Carol Keller, Leslie Kennon, Mary Lee, Karen Little, Peggy Long, Paula Luncetord, Carol Manter, Mary Martin, Kay Matthews, Janice Mills, Star Montante, Marie Mower, Linda Myers, Patricia McClel lan, Helen McDougall, Sandra McLain, Gerri Nichols, Nancy Nistle, Sharon Pattillo, Patti Pippart, Michele Ricketson, Robin 1 " But Bulldogs aren ' t supposed to drink Alums say: " You mean you couldn ' t get us dates? " ALPHA XI DELTA " Meanwhile back at the ranch, someone men- tioned an addition. " (jut 192 -T LTA «rs, Lynda ing, Anne ton, Charlene r, Syble .TS, Mary naker, Eileen e, Barbara , Wendy 1, Carolyn 1, Monica sll, Beverly m, Glenda n, Eloise n, Linda @©9 t f ? 9 les, Carol nhill, Barbara iviere, Catherine iviere, Cornelia •, Phyllis s, Katherine ice, Priscilla fg ? Q f ' f 3, Sandra rton, Judith )n, Judy jn, Myra ' ast, Judith ' , Margaret g, June " Shake it up Baby— The Vibs may get here yet! " 193 CHI OMEGA Chi Omega Queens? June Whitehead President Mary V. Johnson . . . Vice-President Shannon lUges Secretary Laura Ann Miles Treasurer Lawn dance news — Morris billed for first floor flood . . . The for- tune teller was right . . . hlomecom- ing wildcats made TV . . . Smile, you ' re on candid camera . . . Mathews needs a fourth . . . Zorro . . . Somebody stole Ivory . . . Orange marmalade again! . . . " Dr. Pledge Dance Prunty " . . . Today ' s Horrorscope . . . The sling ... Be good, for next year " The Great Gobbler " may miss you . . . At- tendance: Auburn — 99%, Yale — I % . . . Willie and I are back to- gether . . . Rebo roars . . . " V ' s " victims for the sword and shield . . . Pledge Smith featured as KA Rosebud . . . Ninea and her room- mate Ethel . . . Line No. I Melinda . . . They happen in threes . . . Frat sing-along. 1 f ggjii t Mlk Sl to. A kk. Ashcraft, Eleanol Atkinson, Nancyl Barbre, Lynda Baker, Jana Barrow, Jane Baxley, Frances Bethea, Beverly I Binning, Bonny] Bird, Betty Black, Paula Bowie, Eathel Bradford, Judy ] Bradley, Peggy Brown, Barbaraj Brown, Cathy Cain, Devereai CoCroft, Kay Collins, Dorsey Collins, Jody Crittenden, Bi Deriso, Patsy Dial, Patty Durham, Nam Farmer, Eliza! Fincher, Molly Floge, Sue Flynt, Mary Ford, Catherin Fry, Melinda Garges, Natalie -1 I Uit 3ttiso.W Dul.Pi» ' Diirhiin. ' J fCtt, SlK 99 f ? t i 01 A six-foot hunk with big blue eyesl Gerdine, Mary Glass, Ginger Green, Julie Green, Mary Haddock, Grier Hagar, Nancy Hall, Linda Hall, Peggy Harding, Jane Hawkins, Peggy Heys, Beth Heys, JoAnn Holt, Libba Hooper, Cindy Hunter, Mary Hutchinson, Polly Illges, Shannoa Ison, Barbara Jackson, Gay James, Janet Jardine, Lottie Johnson, Betsy Johnson, Mary V. JosHn, Penny Gene giggles. 105 CHI OMEGA « ® laiialt. % % Kimbrell, Dottie Kinnebrew, Carolyn Knight, Ruth Lawton, Ann m Long, Marty Long, Mary W. Lowe, Pam Marshall, Priscilla -m t ■ptp fl B w Mason, Chloe Mason, Sada Matthews, Kay Mays, Rebie 1 Linda, the hand, and Gil againl Merritt, Panna Miles, Laura Anne Minnich, Katherine Moore, Sherry 1 i Morehead, Sissy Morgan, Bonnie McConnell, Alice McCraw, Libbus 1 McMillan, Flossie McPherson, Janet Owens, Sarah Pepper, Dianne 196 Gil ' s Gang. ? f 9( 9 If t Persons, Betty Poole, Peggy Puckett, Flo Raines, Margaret Roach, Caroline Roberts, Mary Roth, Anne Ravenscroft, Nina Sears, Stephanie Shear, Susan Sibley, Mariea Smith, Anne Smith, Linda Smith, Sally Smith, Susu Stembridge, Claudia Talmadge, Mary Tipton, Ellen Traylor, Jodie Upchurch, Susan Whitehead, June Wilkins, Becky Willimon, Weezy Witham, Bunky Work, Sandra Shut up and deal. The lion roars again I 197 Who ... us? CHI PHI William Anderson President Charles Gentry Vice-President Michael Graves Secretary Howard Hunnius Treasurer JSkd Ackerman, Robert Jr. Anderson, William Bahin, James Bentley, Malcolm Bird, George Blair, Wade Blanchard, John Bracewell, James Brown, David Burke, James Catone, Dick Chastain, Jack Clarke, Pendleton Cole, Emried Cramer, Walter III deGolian, Richard Dorsey, Tucker Elliott, Henry Etheridge, Philip Ferguson, Gerry Fortson, David Fortune, Ronald Freeman, Henry Fretwell, Bill Garrett, George Gentry, Charles Giles, George Gingrey, James 198 s i Godfrey, John Graves, Michael Hallman, John Hanson, Thomas Harley, Tison Hedges, James Henson, Pete Herman, William III Higgins, Cam Horner, William Hunnius, Howard Inglis, David Fairy in flight! Lor. J: am it I ie nap pi aril li! t ij80 You ... A marine? 199 IMl Irvin, James Johnson, Paul Kennedy, Alfred Lea, Dick Luckey, Tom Mason, Benjie Matthews, Vincent Matthews, Wayne Means, Al Jr. Miller, Kenneth Jr. Miller, Montague Moser, Douglas McCamy, Thomas McClelland, Ralph Neighbors, Joe Nicholson, Broods Nottingham, Lee Payne, Robert Peeler, Dennis Phillips, John Pickett, Albert Pittard, Warren Pratt, Wiliam Quinnelly, Richard M ' 1 MH Ricks, Charles Roberts, Haley Jr. Roberts Peter Rollins, Jack Russell, Doug Ryckman, Willis Selman, Walter Sanders, Sandy Schiller, Bill Sink, Dennis Slaughter, Nathaniel, III Smith, Addison Smith, Joseph Statham, Ben Statham, Floyd Stroup, Wesley CHI PHI Carl Sanders a Chi Phi? Set serious . . . Boss Weasel and his blood brothers . . . Paine loves mules . . . Goat man Irvin . . . The Rome Clique . . . Stonehenge . . . Merrill . . . Gatlinburg . . . Moser, Sweet- heart of Kappa Sig . . . Troy and Jack Bailey . . . Bixby for President . . . Barn Wilder: Red-Neck . . . Mumbles . . . Noise X2 . . . Chi Phi ' s got record grades in Law School . . . Oh, God, here comes Beanie . . . 200 V Syfan, Jimmy Talmadge, Harry Talmadge, John Trotter, Richard Tucker, Jimmy Ulmber, Howard Upchurch, Harold Valentino, John III Walsh, Mike Wammock, Richard Wayne, Billy Wicker, Robert Wilder, Brown Williamson, Emory Wimberly, Jim Wimbish, Steve Winship, Wadleigh Wright, Alexander But, I did brush them! 201 CHI PSI Robert Burgess President James Grismer Vice-President Raymond Rolfe Secretary Ellis Blocker Treasurer M Aitkens, John Anderson, Ronald Arey, Julius Arnold, Lucius Beard, Phillip Bell, Mark Berndt, Robert Blocker, Ellis Brooks, George Brown, Brevard Bruce, Charles Burgess, Robert Carter, Wilham Clary, Daniel Comer, Frank Curry, Andrew Davis, Len Denton, Ricky Gosh, Felton, so you think all the big cities are like this? Hey Jack, the room ' s on fire! . . . They won ' t catch us . . . How ' re ya doin ' . . . Fudgy Phil . . . I ' ll bet five more on Silent Bob . . . 40, 60, even 100 times a day . . . What ' s that thing In the window? . . . Why do they call him Shotgun? . . . We are the Master race! . . . Gris and his powers . . . McDonald has his door locked again? Now let ' s all run down to the other end of the room and watch this end go up again. 202 " - Duggan, Ralph Grismer, James Hall, Paul Holl. Edward Holl, James Jarboe, James Langford, James Lewis, James II Gee, I heard " going to the river " was fun, but I had no idea I would see so many tadpoles. p ■■■j HHjM ■■E " 3 ! B H h s K ,jii I know George Washington did it, but the boat he was in had a bottom. ' -ff r; ? FLORIDA 84 EXIT FORT LAUDERDALE .n -» KEEP RIGHT NO. 3 " Please excuse James from class. He is ill and unable to attend. ' 203 Iftl MacRoy, Richard Mosbey, James Mercer, Bill Miller, Jack Mobley, George McDonald, Richard Noell, Jerry Parker, Jack Powell, Tom Preston, John CHI PSI All right now, Razor, if you can lift it just a lit- tle higher I ' ll be able to get this last nut off. Go upstairs and it ' s the first door on the left. 204 Does this happen at all your parties, Snake? censored] Proctor, Robert Richards, Reuben Rogers, James Rolfe, Raymond Ryan, John Scott, Rick Sells, Henry Strikland, Ray Tate, George Tracy, Lee Tseminger, Fred Tumlin, William Vaughn, James Jr. Williams, Earl " Wilson, John III L MM, SUCKB UP DUGS No, Garfish, I checked— they don ' t give any kind of a prize for last place. 205 You say the party ' s over? DELTA DELTA DELTA f f ¥ 9 © Adams, Louise Austen, Todd Armstrong, Margie Baker, Mary Bentley, Beverly Berry, Valerie Blalock, Susanne Brown, Judy Browne, Kelly Campbell, Brenda Chatfield, Kissy Crawford, Marjorie Curran, Dorothy Davis, Darrell Davis, Jean Dixon, Neva Dixon, Susan Fleetwood, Betty Friedman, Judith Golden, Dottie Green, Margaret V 1 206 •• Peggy Peavy President Sondra Topshe Vice-President Tinah Reid Secretary Lynn Tharp Treasurer But I ' ve got a LEGITIMATE excuse . . . Palmer ' s Song . . . He ' s all right for a dog, Lotta Woman . . . What ' s for dessert, Madeline? . . . We ' ve Turned to the Country . . . Watch out, Ginny, here comes another one. Green, Marian Gullick, Barbara Hamilton, Frances Havnaer, Suzanne Henner, Malinda Henson, Sylvia HoUiday, Marion Irby, Cheryl Jarman, Judith Jarrell, Judy Jarrett, Jan Johnson, Alice Johnstone, Sylvia Keadle, Patsy Kelly, Beverly LeCraw, Valerie Lee, Ginny Leslie, Linda Lester, Ramonda Maddox, Jodye Mann, Marilyn Mathes, Carol Mathias, Charlotte Morrison, Leslie We worked— We won!! 207 1 f u MA i Mit i Morton, Jann Murphy, Carol Myers, Katie McDonald, Anne Neal, Carol Nelson, Marcia Newberry, Evalyn Norman, Hannah O ' Hara, Patricia Overstreet, Charlaine Pafford, Helen Patrick, Corrie Peavy, Peggy Perryman, Brooks Prendergast, Susan Reid, Christina Ridgely, Mimi Rodefeld, Diane Rutherford, Bickie Schwartz, Susan Scull, Pinkie Siano, Joan Smith, Eileen Smith, Nancy Stone, Barbara Stowers, Claudia Tharp, Mary Thomas, Penny Todd, Patricia Topshe, Sondra Turner, Jean Turner, Mary Vickery, Judy Wahl, Sherry Watkins, Barbara Whitmer, Cynthia Whitmire, Lydia Wickersham, Laura Woodlee, Ginny Youmans, Ronette Young, Jane Zell, Robbie Zunzer, Diane DELTA lELW And where are the other two blind mice? 208 L ' 1 BI Hjjj F DELTiDELTA DELTA Cuddles in Pansy Patch. Delta digs deeper. 209 y ■ i Abramson, Jane Aftergut, Ruthy Alhadeff, Esther Bannett, Joan Bashuk, Alice Behrman, Judith Benjamin, Diane Berinhout, Elaine Blass, Charlotte Braun, Stevi DELTA PHI EPSILON Rene Slott President Judy Safer Vice-President Stevi Braun Secretary Gail Shemper Treasurer DPhiE is riding high . . . Really y ' all Rene ' s the President and I ' m the Parliamentarian! . . . Let ' s major in Bridge 990 . . . Bobby and Kittzle . . . Oh, don ' t pull another Janice . . . Here ' s to the seniors, may they all get!!! . . . the pledges and their famous tricks . . . the nerve, really . . . point of In- formation, please . . . it ' s quiet hour! . . . welcome to the party room . . . Elinor do an imitation . . . Brenda C. tell me a joke. Pledge Dance, the moment of presentation of our pledges. 210 Marlene presents entertainment nightly . . well, almost. Caplan, Brenda Cohen, Marlene Daniel, Susan Dell, Arline Eichel, Sharon Fox, Marsha Freedland, Molly Gerson, Judith Ginsberg, Mickey Golden, Marcia Goldman, Marilyn Goldstein, Barbara Goodfriend, Judith Goodman, Rhonda Goodrich, Marilyn Gross, Rosalie Hackel, Frances Harris, Brenda Hershberg, Sherry Hinden, Michele Hirsh, Brenda Josephs, Joanne Kirshstein, Nancy Kirz, Gail 211 ( d i ii.Ji -At JIM m Oh, oh! 1 he pledges are serious. What are they up to!? DELTA PHI EPSILON Depher enthusiasm for those pep rallies . . . Katz, Margot Kraft, Nonnie Kramer, Ruthie Lesselbaum, Judy Levitt, Geri Levy, Rita Lurey, Marsha Marlowe, Hedy Minkovitz, Donna Mitchell, Sandra Moft, Janice Moret, Sue Morse, Pat Moss, Nancy Nachman, Carol Nash, Nancy Persky, Saradona Piassick, Donna Pincus, Milly Plisco, Helena 212 f f 1 ii f 9f i 9., ■ J Polsky, Reah Pomerance, Dale Raskin, Sharon Robins, Harriet Roobin, Marcia Safer, Judith Satlof, Regina Schemer, Carol Schiffman, Diane Schneider, Ilene Schreiber, Ruth Senter, Gloria Shapiro, Jill Shemper, Gail Shelzen, Mime Siegel, Karen Silverstein, Sandra Singer, Sandy Slott, Rene Smith, Faye Smith, Joan Stein, Lynn Taratoot, Eileen Tillem, Annie W 9. % I? In our hearts you ' ll always be such a beau- tiful memory . . . You are our best, dear Aunt Fretl Trestman, Janice Unger, Jane Waldbaum, Lynn Weisraan, Sherry Honestly, girls, let ' s go put on our weejuns and madras blouses. Werbin, Charlotte Wolf, Laura Wolper, Eileen Zalkow, Janice Mamma don ' t ' low no washboard bands in here . . . i- 213 Spring Quarter at lastl Bell-Bottom Edwards ... The Sid Bobbit doll: you wind it up and it tries to take a shower . . . Manchurian Candidate . . . The Longest Day — Registration . . . Sacha got a queen of diannonds in the mail to- day . . . Thursday night parties . . . Cole ' s last run to Atlanta . . . Who isn ' t pinned or lavaliered? . . . Who hasn ' t been to the tree? . . . Ball! . . . Rain, Rain, Rain and a little snow . . . Two rooms at Howard Johnson ' s Motel and a great New Year ' s Eve party . . . McDaniel totals a Corvette . . . Ridley unveils the masterpiece of the century, the Madonna of the Pit . . . The Zodiacs plus Charlie Williams equals a slightly fabulous Dog Patch drag . . . Weyman ' s new ' Heally . . . Spring Quar- ter in sight through the fog, rain, sleet, and snow, somewhere. . . . Another Sat- urday night at DAV . . . Bossa Nova . . . The Neophytes take a night ride to Au- burn and reap rich dividends . . . The day Gilliam ' s transmission fell out In front of Meyers. . . . Haynes and his izod socks . . . Gotcha! DELTA TAU DELTA I , The price of love. 214 Jl • ' ate ' c ' 8 e a i ' «ate . . , ' •■•Saaa • ■aJto. -..Cofes I ' tpnied i Howrd Year ' s » Corvette Keoffde Wl,! loHiefSet. I Nova idetoAu ' ..He day n front of id sods Arthur Murdock President Bill Peterson Vice-President Charles Mallery Secretary Brian McVinnie Treasurer Abney, Howard Bobbitt, Sidney Bogusky, Thomas Booth, Thomas Burch, John Coakley, Terrance Cole, William Jr. Cook, Glover Davis, Chris Degenhardt, Walter Donaldson, George Edwards, Ronald Flock, James Folsom, Fred Gait, Robert Gilliam, WilHam Good, Lawrence Gratz, Benjamin Jr. Hall, James Harden, John Jr. Harper, Sidney Hicks, Chip Hood, Wallace Jr. Hubley, Fred Jeter, Earl Kidd, Way Kirk, Harrison Kitchens, Ledard Kitchens, Robert Krueger, John Larkins, David Little, Tom 1M.11 215 DELTA TAU DELTA Piher,! PeiHJM. Pelkel,} Ponei ' Watch out for the guy without a thumb. Glaii )ou dropped in. Mill 3 Sl w w 3 Mallery, Charles Mebeker, Mark Miller, Gordon Murdock, Arthur McCuUoch, Burr McDaniel, David Mclntyre, James McVinnie, Brian Netherwood, Douglas III Odum, Bill Ridley, ' Robinsoi Sadiaji Sinpii Stinted Stoiiiio, Weavei, waiiau UI WilioD, Wrisll, 216 I Palmer, Ed Peterson, Bill Pethel, Joe Pope, Roy III Richardson, Frank Ridley, William Robinson, Ronald Sacha, James Simpson, Wayman Stanford, Clifford Storino, Glenn Weaver, John Williams, William III Wilson, William Wright, John M M l It ' s the last house on the street near this covered bridge. Sweetheart— Miss Suzie Schwartz, Tri Delta. 217 »r- DELTA ZETA Let ' s rally . . . Hey Lilly-Lo ... I don ' t wanna hear it . . . Let ' s have an after Party . . . We need to learn to... What is big and white and has two columns? Louise Fisha fcneliia M» ff -i.iil ■ ■♦,fc h M. ' .. .1 . . f it, i i Armistead, Jackie Austin, Jane- Austin, Jean Baker, Nancy Ball, Maureen Beamer, Anita Beck, Virginia Beer, Sylvia Bell, Chris Bickerstaff, Sherry Blackshear, Meg Bridges, Sherry Brinkman, Carol Brown, Carole Bunker, Rosanne Burke, Sheila Cochran, Beverly Curtis, Susie f J 41 :. 218 Linda Langford President Dianne Pattillo Vice-President Louise Fisher Secretary Genelda Mosely Treasurer Oh darn, there goes that Charlie horse again Come back, Shane. m It must be something I ate. Denmark, Linda Dorminy, Melind; Doster, Gloria Esslinger, Sue Fisher, Ann Fowler, Karen Sue Fullilove, Eleanor Gentry, Ann Godbey, Elizabeth Greene, Sarah Hambrick, Lynda Harper, Frances ©9 r 4 1 . 219 fc - . ■ 1 9 ..A 9 Harris, Glenda Hendry, Gail Hill, Susan Holmes, LaReese Jackson, Carolyn Lamb, Lillian Langford, Linda Lay, Bonny Lilly, Johnnye Lingo, Joyce Martin, Trudi Miles, Christine Miller, Helen Miltiades, Diann Mitchell, Arzelle Moseley, Genelda Municie, Carolyn Mclntyre, Margaret McKellar, Ann Painter, Judith You can come to dinner if you don ' t mind imposing. it0, p. TonaW urns. ami) ' (Itv, Diane utr.Sut ipj ' " .,. ,ieii(0«i,Cealii Cmliit (ilod, Santo We got putt out. llBCU But, we ' re waiting on a bus. DELTA ZETA 220 T 11 IV, Beth niiidge, Lynn iittillo, DiAnn prkins, Kay y, Emily Icker, Virginia Vron, Peg obbins, Jacqueline Jgcr.s, Tomraye niiions, Carolyn ics. Margaret aniey, Diane immerhill, Vicki iwzer. Sue ;rry, Jane nderwood, Cecilia lecks, Gyl are, Caroline ms, Sue hitlock, Sandra lliamson, ' atricia f § f 9 © 9 . . ■ . ,V .. . . . ii Ik .m Money isn ' t everything, but it ' s way ahead of what ' s in second place. Have you seen it lately? 221 KAPPA ALPHA f;- ,jiiis,aijtiit ftlejoba Colenian,B " l CM -.] ' Ciane.Baw Cia»forf,Eil»i Davis, Jota I)e»ar,Jii»y D(iiney,Ji«! Highlight of the year: return of the bat . . . Proud of our Rosebud: The Talkative Tiger . . . Telescope in room 9 . . . Chops had loads of Christmas cheer . . . B-e-e-e-n . . . Whippy captures . . . Chunky diet? Bad driv- ers .. . Flat meat . . . Another groid in Reed Hall . . . Ei ' trelte,Mirvi rickleii,John FielkBill Foneser.Unl Fuller, WetM Garliiiii,Eiliiit Ciiii,Billl KA because . Anderson, Jim Arnell, Alvan Atkinson, Tick Barron, Ben Beckham, Ed Bell, Griffin Black, Ed Blalock, Mike Boland, Joe Brantley, Ed Brash, Ed Brumby, Otis Buck, Leslie Cagle, Harry Calhoun, Pat 222 Calhoun, Wendel Candler, Asa III Ellis, Charlie Cheatham, Bob Jr. Clements, Eddie Cole, John Coleman, Buddy Cook, James Copelan, Jesse Coursey, John L. Coursey, John P. Crane, Baxter Crawford, Edward Davis, John Dewar, Jimmy Denney, Jimmy Donaldson, John Everette, Marvin Ficklen, John Fields, Bill Forrester, Link Fuller, Carleton Garland, Eddie Griffin, Billy MM i Do ants really . . . Paul Kilpatrick President Marvin Everette .... Vice-President Wick Searcy Secretary Willie Kidd Treasurer I won ' t be pinned longl 223 Hammond, Exl Hamed, Irv Harris, Chuck Harris, Wesley Heeney, Billy Henderson, Dee Hoke, Skipper Hooper, Charlie Hudson, Lanny Huff, Blanchard Huff, Bill Hutchinson, Al Inglesby, Sam Ivy, Bill Jarrell, Bill Jernigan, Harry Jones, Otis Jones, Pope Kidd, Willie Kilpatrick, Paul Kirby, Milton Knox, Wyck Laird, Norman Lane, Remer Lawson, Joe Malone, Mike Marks, Charles Marks, Bill Mayer, Bob Middleton, Cord Miles, Bob Milliken, Troy Mobley, Sonny Moody, Walker Moore, Willy Morgan, Sara KAPPA ALPHA m ... smooJoM Wade.Al Waldw.]! ' ' " WarliAB™ WarM,B«i Wanen,ll»li Wilm. ]■ Wimbtilv. I ' Vi»iiif,S«lf Five? MuUins, Ralph Murray, Hemdon McNeil, John Newsome, Robert Nickols, Lyle Nickolson, Larry Norman, Lev Overstreet, John Page, Edwin Pantello, Ron Parrish, Jim Patterson, Gary Phiel, Peter Prince, David Ray, Neal Riccardi, Louis Riccardi, Vic Ridgeway, Billy Robinson, Ed Ross, Tommy 224 MM - Sanford, Shelton Searcy, Wick Sears, Stephen Sipple, David Stanley, Bobby Staton, Tommy Vann, Tommy Vinson, Tim Wade. Al Walden, John Warlick, Byrd Warlick, Tom Warren, Budd Warren, Robert Wilson, Jim Wimberly, Kirk Youmans, Kenny Young, Neeley 3 9 3lM Come on in girls, the water ' s finel Third pine tree and take a left. % Double your pleasure, double your fun! Which one is my girl? 225 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Judy Wright President Betsy Langston Vice-President Jolaine Wood Secretary Celie Chapman Treasurer I % 1 ti 1JL2 a© Adair, Barbara Alexander, Joanne Andregg, Hope Arnott, Nancy Atkinson, Carol Baker, Nancy Baker, Peggy Bell, Gladys Bentley, Ann Boardman, Barbara Breedlove, Brenda Brinson, Bonnie Brown, Eva Claire Brumby, Virginia Burton, Angela Butler, Patsy Campbell, Ann Chapman, Celie Connally, Marshall ConnifF, Carole Curry, Mary S. Davis, Pat Dew, Linda Diack, Suzanne Fenstemacker, Liz Ferguson, Dale Fite, Jane Fletcher, Jane Fowler, Joan Fulton, Toni Gaston, Peggy Gibson, Sue 226 Our octapus had six legs— sexapus. " If J Gladfelter, Lynne Griener, Carol Griffin, Tanny Hancock, Margaret Harberson, Linda Hardman, Shell Harris, Patsy Hehl, Louise Hemdon, Cecile Hodges, Patricia Holleman, Nan Hunter, Barbara Jackson, Jackie Jenkins, Jan Johnson, Sally 1 Johnson, Suzanne f Jones, Lynn ( Kerby, Anne I King, Judith I Langston, Betsy I Mannelly, Paige I Maxwell, Glenda ! Maxwell, Tammy ' Meadors, Katherine Metz, Mary ! Mims, Melinda I Murphey, Harriet I McWhorter, Elaine I Noecker, Sally • Nuckolls, Judy Good ole Thetas . . . Turkey shoot? . . . Men working ... If I had a Kite . . . hlori- zontal tinne . . . Ever see an ox catch a fish??? . . . Rural road project 1 . . . Athens Historical Society Specinnen 38 . . . " Lulie " . . . Theta spirit, love and fun . . . NOTHING BETTER! . . . Rat-a-tat-tat-tat. 227 What ' s happening to our columns? Welcome back! KAPPA ALPHA THETA Oliver, Mary Ann Pounders, Mimi Powell, Nancy Prichard, Currie Primm, Edith Pullen, Jane Rainey, Ann Reed, Dusty Richardson, Genie Rish, Becky Sauls, Laura Smiley, Anne Tte ■ 228 2M9g Smith, Cathy Stallings, Judy Stanton, Sally Stephens, Winston Stokes, Judy Summers, Joan Talbird, Ann Thweatt, Marsha Turner, Pene Ward, Susan Webb, Beth Wesley, Mary White, Nancy Williams, Barbara Wine, Karen Wisdom, Lynne Wood, Jolaine Wright, Dinky Wright, Judy Zimmerman, Pat , ' 229 KAPPA DELTA Janice Berryman President Marilyn Gibson Vice-President Page Smoot Secretary Pat O ' Callaghan Treasurer What ever happened to Baby Jane Ashenfelder? . . . No, Kenney doesn ' t really live here . . . AOT? . . . The turtles are drowning! . . . Hey, Honey . . . Vacationing in Cuba, Mary Ann? . . . Yes, I ' m Living on the landing . . . Betty loves Elbert . . . Your labels are showing, Jusko . . . Anyone for Tutu-a-la-carte? . . . Surely there ' s more than ten SAE ' s . . . Top dog Tuten trumps the tigers . . . No, I ' ve only missed dinner five times this week . . . Five-dollar fine . . . Zebra pudding . . . Walk through the kitchen three times and they take your legs away . . . It ' s better to have camel ' s hair than no hair at all . . . Who ' s the third sharpest girl in the house? . . . Emory Board trapping . . . Kimbrough, " The Champ " . . . The apple man is watching . . . Take me to your fallout shelter ... Is there a Sigma Nu chapter on campus? . . . Fatlip Lester ... He who faileth to shutteth the door shall also faileth to get out of the attic . . . Gutters Elder . . . No, we aren ' t all knitting little things . . . Anything but tunafish . . . Pollyanna Darrough . . . r Villagers? f ■ f % f «f ' k.. u«i., ..tall, i: ' ■Mi.iki 4 Anderson, Sara Anger, Sally Ashenfelder, Gerry Bennett, Marie Bercegeay, Judith Berryman, Janice Binder, Sandra Blake, Mary V. Borden, Betty Branan, Kathrine Canfield, Merilyn Garden, Janice Ghastain, Edwina Clary, Ann Glimer, Neva Glonts, Theresa Cochran, Betty Goile, Linda GoUins, Gloria GomoUi, Martha Crenshaw, Pamela Crowe, Gloria Growe, Wanda Daniell, Olivia Davis, Betty Darrough, Becky Davis, Patricia DePounq, Elsie 230 I f Dorsey, Sandra Elder, Sandra Finney, Betty Furr, Claudia Gamer, Camille Gatlin, Kathy Gibson, Marilyn Gillon, Susan Hamilton, Gayle Hatton, Maree Hester, Joan Hicks, Harriet Hill, Robin Holland, Anne HoUoway, Willene Hughs, Lynda Hunter, Ruth Inman, Roberta Jusko, Patricia Johnston, Patricia V, I t». I knew registration could be improved. We ' ve got to get organized tomorrow. Who touched off the sprinkler system? 231 KAPPA DELTA @ 9 II Jones, Ann Kimbrough, Linda Konigsmark, Dorothy Lariscy, Penny Latz, Mary A. Lindsey, Betsy Linebaugh, Sallie Lett, Sandra y 9 t f © Martel, Renee Meyer, Donna Moore, Edwina Moore, Emily Morris, Jane Mullino, Elizabeth McCurry, Marcia Nolen, Carolyn O ' Callaghan, Pat Ostrom, Virginia Pittard, Mima Potts, Jo Ann Rambo, Ellen Rice, Elizabeth Saul, Betty Schley, Sally i r. And only twelve miles from campus. 232 Even your best friend won ' t tell you. I I ' m writing a letter to Dad-dy. f I asked mother not to use that spray starch. ■ to Dili If r . k 9. f ' t f 9 Seagraves, Brenda Selph, Lyn Settle, Cundell Sheehan, Patricia Sims, Millie Skelton, Hala Smoot, Page Sorrells, Berta Stubbs, Margie Sturgeon, Nancy Tanner, Karen Taylor, Carol Thompson, Ann Thompson, Judy Tuten, Sara Waters, Anne Weatherford, Mary Wilkins, Martie Wood, Billie Wood, Ijnda 233 Be kind to your web-footed friends. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Billie Ellington President Marion Blackman .... Vice-President Jane Darden Secretary Edna Tumlin Treasurer 1 ■yy--i--.. A. J All that glitters is not goldl i ttL tlk Albert, Nancy Alexander, Darcy Allen, Angela Anderson, Cynthia Anderson, Karen Antonopoulos, C. Askew, Suzanna Autrey, Kay Baily, jerry Bayer, Susan Birchmore, Becky Blackman, Marion Blalock, Merrill Bowden, Peggy Bradbury, Lynda I Bradley, Marsha Brooks, Camilla Brown, Martha Brown, Susan fc Bryan, Jennie Ji Do I get pledge points for this? 234 m g f 9 ' q Good-morning, the Kappa House . . . Senioritis has struck . . . Several mem- bers in the non-conformity league . . . A curious mixture of individuals . . . Brains, talent, beauty, and other re- markable qualities, too . . . What, me in Life?! . . . Brad was snowed again and again and again . . . And pretty Claudia was Miss PANDORA . . . He ' s re-e-e-e-al nice . . . We maintained a ver-r-r-r-ry high average — uh-huh . . . Aunt Peg, she ' s the greatest . . . Blue and blue — again . . . Can ' t believe it . . . The " Pinks of Prince " have moved — finally . . . When in Rome . . . " Dear John " . . . " Fleet ' s in " from the Navy School . . . Yike-o, Zip, Zip . . . Miss Kappa Claus for Christmas . . . " High Hopes " has its swan song ... Ski school now in session . . . It ' s about those signs on the knee socks . . . Rained rings at Christmas . . . Kappas invade the hal- lowed halls of the Law School . . . Con- fucious right: It ' s great to be a KKG! f 0ik l f f Clancy, Helen Clark, Barrie Clements, Linda Jo Conoly, Agnes Cooper, Donna Cooper, Jan Cox, Nancy Daniel Marlece Darden, Jane Davis, Dana Deas, Diana Driver, Betty Dykes, Etta Eller, Catherine Ellington, Billie Ellington, Sandra Evans, Linda Falconer, Cary Ficklen, Mary Lyon Fleming, Buff Foote, Margaret Ford, Judy Gaines, Charlotte Gates, Patricia Gentry, Alice Gentry, Patricia Gerth, Dorothy Griffin, Marion Hardy, Ann Hay, Mary Heath, Sandy Hewell, Anita Hiers, Jeannine Higgins, Harriet Hill, Judy . . . and then he tried to pin it on . . 235 Q W B (r H ' W 1 Jones, Margaret Keller, Georgianna King, Evelyn Knight, June Kokko, Maijo Lacher, Ellen Latimer, Clayton Latimer, Frances Lindsey, Linda Maffett, Shirley Marnock, Barbara Massie, Tess Middleton, Ann Myers, Beverly Nellingan, Susan Newsom, Katharine Norris, Elaine Orr, Nancy Fetters, Lynn Pye, Susan Ritchey, Rita u Water battles, banged-up knees, muddy clothes, soggy keys. Si2if! I KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ii i Sands, Virginia Saunders, Charlotte Saunders, Nancy Schroder, Mary Seay, Carolyne Sevier, Susan Shannon, Peggy Sharpe, Debera Smith, Jerry Smith, Mary Smith, Sandra Smith, Sue Snapp, Frances Snider, Jean Splinter, Karen Sterne, Frances Storm, Babs Stuckey, Lynda Tally, Sandra Tanner, Kay Thompson, Nancy Tucker, Clare Tumlin, Edna Ulrici, Janice Walker, Anne Wight, Libba Williams, Harriet Williams, Julia Wilson, Gay Wright, Sally Wrigley, Norma Yarbrough, Martha Kappa ' s kapcr at 6:00 A.M.! It ' s a bird— it ' s a plane . . KAPPA SIGMA Dan Harrison President Paul Bowen Vice-President Arthur Wick Secretary Kenneth Cook Treasurer Tearoom! . . . Honey in the Hills is calling scooter pooter again . . . Grass- hoppers vs. ants 0-0 . . . Shepards pie — Agane and agane . . . Long — How did you get your nickname? . . . Let ' s go get some Atlanta cheese . . . Wallace — What ' s the chances on some milk? . . . The Kappa Sig house gets grass! . . . Come out of there, Tony . . . Somebody call the Athens Motel and see if Lum- mus is doing his homework . . . Hello, Dahling, Lee Grier here . . . Adair, Samuel Jr. Allen, Benjamin Alderson, Edwin Austin, Wayne Bailey, David Barlowe, Frank Jr. Beazley, William Berry, Michael Blount, Joddy Bowden, Prescott Bowen, Paul Brackett, Charles Bryant, Morris Buckley, Lawrence Cathey, Bill Colquitt, Alfred Cook, Kenneth DeLoach, George Deriso, Clark Deriso, Tharp Fairest of the fair. I No Sir, Mr. Bixby, just a little old maid. 238 Kalantan who? What— Me worry? The five tyrants— or friends of Cossa. Dickens, Kenneth Dixon, Jerry Dugan, Henry Elliott, Larry Evans, Paul Farrell, William Foster, Harris Jr. Fowler, Britton Gill, Andrew Graham, Chester Grainger, Larry Green, Michael Greer, Butch Grier, Lee Gusdo, Don Harrison, D an Hodges, Fred HI HotAs, Eddy 239 Meebles. The famous Kappa Sig stairs as seen from above— below view unfortunately censored. And what would you like the Great Pineapple to bring you little girl? Hutto, Val Jorgensen, Leon Klingbeil, Cliff Kyle, Osceola Lawson, Buddy Lee, Jimmy Lummus, Robert Manning, Douglas Mayfield, Emory Melton, John Melvin, John Moore, Michael Musarra, Anthony McCoUum, Herb McGarity, Mike McLeod, Michael Newkirk, Duncan Parker, Robert Phillips, Ben Pickard, Dean Pittard, Charles Read, Robert Reeves, Robert Shaw, Douglas JL M M II KAPPA SIGMA 240 Smith, Charles Smith, Harold Smith, James Soley, David Stephens, Ronny Stephens, Wiley Stone, Edward Swanson, Donald Tabor, John Tatum, John Thornton, Ed Threlkeld, Larry Tisinger, Richard Townson, Richard Wall, John Waters, Charles Watts, John Wick, Arthur Wienges, Hydrick Wier, Alex Wilson, Emory Our new home. ' MA Yes, Ken, I definitely do think you should let your hair grow out. Woodall, William Wootten, Joe Word, John Jr. Wray, Chris Young, James 241 Oh, hello Mr. Bixby. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA George Grain President Harry Thompson Vice-President Perry Gentry Secretary James Galhoun Treasurer Adams, Pat Alexander, Bill Anderson, Joe Applebaum, Charles Ashburn, Lee Bates, William Bennett, Jack Bowie, Ronnie Bradford, Dave Bradshaw, Scott Breedlove, Jimmy Brewer, James Brown, Charles Bryant, Jimmy Jr. Calhoun, James Campbell, Glenn Carter, Sanders Cochran, Price Coffey, Bob Conner, Jerome Coppage, Mark Cox, Benjamin Courson, Maxwell Crain, George M 242 T Culvem, Sam Daniel, Don Dewell, Gary Dillard, George Eaton, Loyd Elser, Fred Fanning, Steve Galis, Chuck Gentry, Perry Gerrard, Larry Gillespie, Jim Greene, Rae Grunnah, Bob Guest, Ted Hemphill, Bobby Henry, Billy Hill, Steed Hind, Ed Hinds, John Johnson, Bill Jones, Woody Jordan, William King, Thomas Lamb, Don dASL Hug ' urn . . . Am and Klotz . . . Link ... A bit o ' Whit . . . Fidel Grain ... He can ' t fine me, and I ' ll tell you why . . . You ' ve got a point there . . . Rockle . . . Gentry ' s Judgment . . . Am I purty . . . " Rabbit " . . . Smoopy . . . Gerrard ' s midnight rides . . . The short fat journalist . . . McBride ' s ears . . . Bucky . . The Unsinkable Rudolph . , . Langley, Archie Lowe, Billy Loyd, Jerry Lynn, Taylor Maddox, Richard Marshall, Nelson Meek, Harold Mercer, Ronnie Merry, Briscoe McBride, Mickey McLendon, Bennie McLendon, Robert 243 McRae, Billy Nesbit, John Norris, David W Patterson, Alex Pierce, Lamar Pilgrim, George Poston, Milburn Prichurd, Phil Prince, Steve Redding, Gary Reese, Jimmy Richardson, S. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA I Ronnie Mercer? . . . Wt don ' t know any Ronnie Mercer. Wa GREEN ONIONS Hit him again, Susie. 244 f) Rudolph, Bill Russo, Mat Slaby, Richard Terry, Tommy Thompson, Harry Waits, Charles Ware, Ted Wenzel, Barry Whiteside, John Whitley, Butch Wigelsworth, Joe Woodall, Tommy L2Ji II Its. Wake up and smile, you idiot, he ' s got a camera. Five damn years. (Sigh) 245 PHI DELTA THETA Joe Spence President Terrell Jones Vice-President John Carlisle Secretary Branham Garth Treasurer Half the world is white and free . . . Phi Delta Theta for 1 . . . Clemson Bus Trip . . . Hog Body . . . Fresh- man Election . . . Egg dropping . . . the famed Bowery Ball . . . two-five-0 Woo . . . eating in the crack . . . Christmas party . . . Gus is back in the saddle . . . water bags ... in- formal . . . cleaning up the zoo . . . Lecherous Dunn . . . The Formal ■ What do you mean you lost the opener? MM Bazeraore, Douglas Blackraan, Wilbur Bowden, Wendell Brown, Edward Brown, Walter Bryant, James Burch, Edward Butler, Marshall Capel, Larry Carlisle, John Carr, James Chandler, Chan Clarke, Boykin Clarke, William L. Crockett, Penn Dawson, Jack Edwards, Joe Ellis, George Everett, Ed Ferrell, William Foster, Chris Fortune, Jim Franklin, Lehman Frierson, Joe 246 ' ' Garth, Branham Geer, Bucky Gleaton, William Grigsby, William Hammack, James Hardman, John Harmon, David Harris, Alan Harsh, Wendell Hartman, Jack Hatcher, Richard Haynie, Hoyt Heggie, Walter Hendrick-Holmes, Charles Hightower, Hilton Go, you hairy Bulldogs! 247 Hubbard, John Ivey, Toby Jenkins, Felton Johnson, William Jones, Jimmy Jones, Terrell Jordan, Hamilton Kaliher, Rusty Lay, Tony Libby, James, Jr. Mangham, Jimmy Middlebrooks, Tom Middleton, Chris Moseley, Hubert Mouchet, Phil McCormick, James McGiboney, James Neel, Charles Newberry, Raines Norris, Robert Norwood, Bill PHI DELTA THETA " Two new Phis. " 248 h " Quick, while his head ' s turnedl " Olliff, Robert Palmer, Dana Parker, Don Patterson, Blair Pat ton, Ernest Persons, Gus Roberts, Cuppy Robinson, Peyton Rowland, Hodges Scoggins, William Scott, Scotty Smithgall, John Spence, Joe Steinman, Kurt Stovall, Jon Stuckey, Jr., Skip, Taylor, John Underwood, Benjamin Vason, Jr., Cornelius Vason, Wayne Voigt, John Way, Michael White, William Wilcox, Peter Williams, Jr., George Wood, John Wright, Bill Yates, Albert 249 PHI MU Mary Helen Hicks President Susan Wasdin Vice-President Sydney Harden Secretary Glenda Owens Treasurer - «-i. ' Tell It ... . Shower! ! . . . Scu ' me . . . Vicarious Experiences .... lizzard Lotion .... The System . . . No, this is not an honorary Journalism organization . . . Washboard band goes Pro! . . . You must be crazy . . . Exactly where is married housing — Betty? .... There ain ' t no way .... Ginny, are you married? . . . There Is definitely a boy chained to that column .... I The Thinker. Adams, Sara Alston, Jane Angel, Sally Arnold, Julia Avera, Mary Ann Bargeron, Ginny Barwick, Carolyn Beall, Mary Bettencourt, Dia Blackstock, Mary Ann Brown, Julia Brown, Marian Campbell, Barbara Carter, Marian Cavender, Judy Chatfield, Mary Clark, Gayle Clark, Gena Clark, Helen Clary, Frances Clements, Anna Conner, Katy , Copeland, Carole Crum, Ann © f f f ' - , r 9 9t t 1 ' 9% - 250 canons sn... ion... Of... .ha .hii Oh, Happy Day! a jLjm j jt 9 V V, li t JL J 9 Davison, Barbara Dean, Carolyn Dean, Sharon Debele, JuUa Diden, Mary Edenfield, Patsy Emrich, Beverly Eve, Ann Ezell, Virginia Fowler, Susan Fulford, Ada Gaunt, Helen Gay, Ellen Goldstein, Ingrid Goldston, Cornelia Goodwin, Ann Graves, Judie Green, Martha Hambrick, Heidi Hardeman, Kay Harden, Sydney Hawes, Mary Henry, I.ucy Hester, Patricia Hicks, Mary Helen Hudgens, kathy Kitchens, Jo l.ucchese, Mary 251 Bd Sl U _ K ■HLZZ-PB m 1 ■I ' Will the Real Sandra D ee Please Stand Up! Best Food on Campus. PHI MU Mangham, Jay Martin, Nancy Matthews, Betty Matthews, Millie Medlock, Sue Milledge, Ann Minor, Miriam Monica, Phyllis Morse, Jenny Lynn Mosteller, Joyce Mullis, Diane McClure, Peggy McGarity, Louise McGarity, Susan Newton, Sandra Norton, Jane Nunnally, Penny Owens, Glenda Owens, Sharron Page, Carole 252 ? C f0 f ' J i iM || a 9 ' 4 .ii i - " 9 ? ' 9 9 f 1 J ' f Ferryman, Penny Phillips, Lyn Pollock, Elizabeth Preston, Ginna Ray, Laiiranna Riddick, Judy Shipraan, Jane Shoffner, Celeste Smith, Meredith Staples, Diane St. Clair, Sandra Stephens, Jan Thompson, Ann Thurmond, Susan Todd, Susan Traber, Alia Vining, Gayle Wade, Ann Wasdin, Susan Watkins, Nancy Webb, Madge Welch, Dorothy West, Lucy Whelchel, Cheryl Williams, Susu Willinghara, Anna Woodall, Liz Yancy, Susan Weejuns or Nothing! The Group. 253 i " PHI EPSILON PI In Phi Ep Pi — where every man ' s a king. . . . Goose and Buffalo T.V Peter Rizzen. . . . Hot Dog Madison. . . . Gat- linburg Ski Club. . . . Teddy Bear . . . The Phantom P ' s. . . . Boston Flash. . . . Vicki . . . Phones — phones — phones — . . . Get Sims on phone . . . Crip. . . . Fire In the passion pit . . . Xi member. . . . T. J. and Fanny. . . . Love kick . . . O ' s pinned, hiell week . . . President of his pledge class . . . Love in that gold fish bowl . . . Christmas party . . . Card throwing . . . Juke box controversy . . . 1 Ula Ma MiK Oiin Rtiu m RM RM Rose Selif, Sldn Slias Siipr Nile tteii Wdi Wdi Smile for the birdie, or the goose is loose tonight. Stev Jen Gar Arnowich, William Coolik, Michael Frank, Robert Fine, Terry Friedman, David Ghertner, Andy Ginsberg, Nathan Gordon, Jerry Lankewicz, Frank Upc A shampoo in front of the D Phi E house. 254 . -- Leff, Robert Lightman, Michael Lukatc h, Gary Madison, Herbert Marcus, Charles Nathan, Ivan Ostemeck, Miles Reiman, Richard Rose, Peter Rosenberg, Herbert Rosenthal, Henry Rosenthal, Samuel Selig, Steve Steine, Allan Strasberg, Ronald Supran, Michael Naterman, Stuart Weinberg, Joseph Weinstein, Ronnie Weinstein, Steven Mil I .IMl Steve Selig Superior Jerry Rosenberg Vice-Superior Gary Lukatch . . . Secretary-Treasurer Upon contemplating the Dead Sea Scrolls. Yes, Richie, there is black shaving cream. Maxine, Judy, Marion, Janet, and friend. 255 Our group had 25% fewer cavities. PI BETA PHI Think of the arrow. . . . You ' d be nervous too if you had seven flat tires. . . . Make like a motor, Sandra, the judges are com- ing. . . . Honey, you ' re T-U-F-F. . . . Hariett and Annette are selling motors — cheap! . . . Tell us a joke. Flash. . . . Where ' s my mink hat? ... You IDIOT! ... But it ' s dif- ferent I tell you. ... I know we ' re gonna have fish again, but don ' t you say a word. Susu, let me go out — I ' ve turned in my hours! ... If he ' s drunk again I ' m not going. . . . 11 t J. v-iJ J 1 9f f 1 1 A 91 @ , 1. 1 Adams, Teresa Bandy, Louise Bishop, Barbara Boyd, Marjorie Boyter, Trudi Burdette, Linda Busby, Carole Carson, Carole Collins, Brenda Crouch, Janet Dryman, Emily DuBose, Cecile Exley, Ruby A. Ferrell, Faye Fuller, Melissa Gadd, Suzanne Garrett, Donna Gilson, Jane Golden, Norma Greenwald, Mary Hatcher, Betty Hinson, Laurie Holland, La Verne Horton, Rosemary Jackson, Susan Jordan, Nan King, Sally Kinner, Ann 256 And Then, Ya ' ll Kyle, Elizabeth Lay, Mary Lewis, Nancy Lieberls, Carole Loflin, Patricia Logan, Nancy Lynch, Brenda Marrett, Rosemary Martin, Patti Matthew, Harriett Melton, Carol Morrison, Martha Mosley, Anne Moss, Fredericka Murphy, Margaret McCann, Arleeta McElmurray, Nancy McNair, Rebecca Noble, Shirley Padgett, Patricia Phillips, Anne 4im, 9 9 ww " ' ■• r9mvt Kf mt mfmst-xK t mmkSS ti Carolyn Wynn President Annette Rowell Vice-President Norma Golden Secretary Laurie Hinson Treasurer 257 PI BETA PHI They call me twinkle toes. k S f r 9 Rheney, Patricia Rigell, Susan Riley, Margurite Rowell, Annette Samoden, Mary Sanders, Doris Sewell, Andrea Smith, Elaine Snead, Barbara Stephenson, Harriett Stickles, Sandra Taggart, Margaret Taylor, Ann Taylor, JoAnn Thompson, Janet Tisdale, Katherine Tomlinson, Jane Touchberry, Sandra Vernoy, Lynne Webb, Donna Weiman, Irene I told ya ' U the house was gonna fall in- 258 Tagaroo and Dirty Dave. She ' s Mortar Board, we ' re mortified! White, Shelly Wicker, Martha Williams, Georgi Williams, Linda 5! 9 mi Williams, Mary Williams Mary Jo Williams, Sherry Williford, Mary R. Wright, Frances Wynn, Carolyn i I Jl l m What a weekendl 250 1 Adams, Aron Alderman, Richard Anderson, Peter Atkinson, Tyrus Atria, James Bagley, Hugh Bates, Jack Beach, Jim Bolles, Hamilton Bray, Charlie Breedlove, Phillip Broaddus, James Brock, Winston Brookins, Frank Cambell, Tommy Carlisle, Ralph Cavalli, Fred Clark, James Clements, Charles Cloer, William Cook, Jay PI KAPPA ALPHA Charles McDougald President Allen Johnson Vice-President Tate Shiver Secretary Frank Brookins Treasurer We ' ll remember: The slide at the cos- tume Ball . . . The Hearse . . . Blanket Six . . . The Chinese Bandits . . . Low- rent . . . The bus to Clemson . . Pepto Bilmol ... 198 South Hull Street . . . Chick ' s many women . . . Our own Bear Bryant . . . One-Egg . . . But I ' ve got to go right nowl i Send two box-tops plus 25« ' Get off my toe! 260 i Say Cheese I Coppage, Joen Cota, John Cowart, Chuck Dixon, Tracy Durham, Arnold Earing, Michael English, Paschal Gaines, Howard Gardner, Allen Gash, James Gibson, Ray Gillam, John Goldsmith, John Goodroe, Richard Greene, Richard Haygood, Thomas Holder, Jimmy Honey, Stephen Honney, William Hooks, Lonnie 261 Ml Will this be enough? Johnson, Allen Kores, John Langdon, Jerry Larriev, Michael Leonard, Harley Litteer, Robert Loflin, Bill Long, John Lyndon, Bryan Martin, Joe Martin, Roy Merritt, James Mill, Richard Morrow, Thomas Moss, Henry McAdams, Alan Study hour at the Pike House. J 4F 3 ' McCall, Edward McCracken, Gerald McDougald, Charles Ned, Sid Nielsen, Larry Noble, Johnny O ' Neal, Bub Oxford, Oliver Pinson, Lawrence Poss, Henry Presnell, John Pritchett, Thomas Quinn, Thomas Riddlehuber, Ted Rissmiller, Ray 111 AM dfM PI KAPPA ALPHA 262 T Yes, as a matter of fact, I did sit on my ice cream. Tell me again who won the Georgia-Auburn game. Roberts, James Rose, Bob Sapp, Robert Scott, Ronnie Scroggins, Lee Shields, David Shiver, Tate Simpson, Cecil Smith, Barry Smith, David Smith, Douglas Stone, William Tumell, Steve Wade, Robert Walker, John Whitelock, Richard Wren, Franklin Youngblood, Ricky J_ A PI KAPPA PHI Gimme that good ole Pi Kapp spiritl Ray Pinkerton President Bill Dudley Secretary Lowell Fountain Treasurer Tom Russell Warden I MM Adams, John Baker, Thomas Barrett, Marshall Bastable, Neal Beard, Larry Boyett, Art Brown, Charles Cale, Bennett Clark, Andrew Clements, Charles Cook, Tommy Dalton, Tommy Dudley, Bill Fountain, Lowell Furse, David Grob, Ted Jackson, Thomas Keappler, Gary Matarazzo, George Moelchert, Louis Montesani, Mike 264 Morgan, DeRoy Jr. McClure, John O ' Kelly, Charles Paine, James Patrick, Richard Peacock, Rubin Pinkerton, Ray Pickren, James Powell, Len Powell, Philip Rachels, Ronald Rienecker, Hank Royal, Dan Jr. Russell, Tom Scott, Arthur M JM, Cinderella and her friends. Mark! Mark! . . . Okay, Pledge, gimme ten . . . The Hat . . . It ' s Friday, let ' s eat out . . . Don ' t look now, but here comes that old man from across the street . . . Et tu, old woman? . . . Don ' t put me on it . . . Has anyone seen my mattress? . . . Hey, Bird Legs! ... If you haven ' t tried it, don ' t knock it . . . Okay, guys, this is not a beauty contest. Working out on the patio. Double exposure— or repeat performance? 265 Seeler, David Smith, Gary Tappy, Phil Threeton, Clay Tison, Bill Tolson, John Tracy, Jon Trotter, David Vincent, Joe MJ After-the-game jam session. PI KAPPA PHI I The Rose Queen and her court. 266 - Wagner, Craig Webersinn, T. Wowl What a party last night! Wilkerson, Tommy Williams, Wayne Rose Ball- 1962. 267 Then there was the time against Alabama The Herd . . . O.B. . . . Re-bag . . . Cow-out . . . NB . . . Hopper . . . The Deacon . . . Podner . . . Couger . . . Penguin . . . Skinny Session . . . Moon Pie . . . Chi Mu . . . Ag Root . . . Yingy alarm clock . . . Onion . . . FYL and BYL games . . . Spider . . . Naw, you ain ' t . . . Trolley Party . . . Route 66 . . . " Red " leader . . . P.I. Hunt . . . Porkey . . . Short . . . North Beta Tele- phone Booth Gang . . . Mystery dish . . . MB . . . QB . . . Submarine Room. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Julian Baxter, III President Jack Cox Vice-President Sam Wellborn, III Secretary R. Alex Crumbley, Jr. ... Treasurer Aldridge, Rick Allen, James Arnold, Anthony Baker, Archie Baker, George Barber, Fred Barrow, Craig Baxter, Julian Benedict, Charles Bennett, Rayford Blanchard, Jim Bowdoin, William Bowen, Vernon Boyd, David Brandon, Robert Brown, Dempsey Burdell, William Calhoun, Murray Campbell, Kenneth Carmichael, C. Chambless, James Clarke, Clisby Clarke, Walton Conally, Glen Coppedge, John I 268 a Cox, Jack Crawford, Ray Crenshaw, Alex. Crenshaw, McC. Crumbley, Alex Curry, Jack Banner, Ray Davidson, Wm. Delong, John Devine, Guy Dickens, Pete Dover, Tommy Espy, Joseph Everett, Edward Floumoy, Robert Hi, Doolyl Santa looks like Sam Wellborn did you say? SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON T ■■.m M%U Fluker, Jimmy Gabrielsen, James Gatchell, Doug Glass, Jack Glover, Gary Gordon, Hugh Grist, Fred Grist, Richard Grow, Bill Hailey, Hugh Hall, Charles Hall, Warren Hallenberg, John Harrison, Joseph Hildreth, Phil Hill, Charles Hill, Jeffrey Hobby, Steve Holmes, Sidney Hotard, Thomas Howard, Pierre Hudson, Frank Hulsey, Julius Isakson, Johnny James, Bill Johnston, Douglas Kellett, Stiles Kilpatrick, Andrew Kite-Powell, S. Lanier, John Lawson, Robert Leebem, Fate Lockerman, Allen Maguire, Sam Maguire, Billy Martin, John May, Charles Meredith, Bobby Meredith, Gilbert Milner, Gilbert It ' s an instant mint julep pill. Aw, please just one little ole kiss, huh? 270 11 Drop me off at CJ, Dukes. Nuckolls, John Oliver, Jack Orell, Robert Pate, Jim Roberts, William Rollins, Raleigh Saye, Jake Shingler, Paul Jr. Singletary, Marvin Smith, Con Smith, Joseph Stephens, Tommy Sterne, Billy Swift, Henry Thigpen, Ken Trippe, Bobby Torsdal, Einar Trulock, Paul Underwood, Frank Wansley, Jim Ward, Gene Ware, James Jr. Walker, Larry Wellborn, Sam White, Billy Willingham, R. Wilkes, Jimmy Wilkes, William Willis, Bill Wilson, Richard 1M 271 SIGMA CHI Charles Fiveash President Kelsey McCall Vice-President Alan McElveen Secretary Tyson McLane Treasurer Send it to Wong! . . . Thernnostat, what thermostat? . . . Great zot — a cheeta! . . . What a friend we have in Kelsey . . . h e uglied away . . . High School Bill . . . Stonnach expansion — 15% . . . What ' s that stuff on your head, Yogi? . . . You ' re right, Turtle, you ' re right . . . Mystery explosion on Baxter Street . . . Clean ' ll clean your whole house . . . What yellow stripe? . . . See you at the Derby! . . . Sigma Chi — Fraternity of the Year. k a « ra « T .cj ' ci dmdk Anderson, Ben Averett, Jerry Babb, Mickey Bagwell, Jack Bailey, Martin Beattie, Tony Bennett, Ernest Beverly, Joe Birchmore, Fred Boney, Don Boyd, James Brodie, Paul Carson, Shannon Carter, Gene Channell, Robert Collins, James Colquitt, John Cooper, Dennis Correll, Alston Costley, Bobby Daigh, George Dillard, Terry Drury, Wiley Earles, Tom Eskedor, Henry Ewing, John Fite, Paul Fitzgerald, Clyde 272 • «CTrtflry • Tmam " losfat, wliat Ndieeta! " .y khco! W, Yogi? yw ' re rigdt lii Langfitt, James Layton, Charles MacFerran, John Mallory, Jade Sigma Chi Christmas party. 273 ttttfW SIGMA CHI „ " •. _ fc r ' ' W rfP Markey, Paul Marshall, John Miles, Robert Miller, Bob McCall, Kelsey McDaniel, Charles McElveen, Alan McLane, Walter McRae, Phil McTeer, Robert Noell, John Norman, Warren Nunnally, Tom Oliver, William Parrish, Larry Prickett, Earnest Puckett, Larry Pulliara, Michael Rakestraw, Larry Reagan, Thomas « 274 ii Reeves, Lewis Risenberry, James Rood, Ralph Rountree, James Russell, Richard Sanders, Clayte Sayeski, Peter Schryer, Donald Sessions, Claude Shirley, Donald Slaughter, William Smith, John Snellings, Donald Stephens, Richard Stith, Alan Stone, Kice Summers, David Temple, Joseph Terry, Dan Tidwell, William Volpitto, Paul Walker, John Webb, Gerry Wigh, Russell Wimberly, David University of Georgia — U. S. A.? Miss Cecilia Looney, Miss Modern Venus 1962-63. 275 TT Amiel, Anita Arenstein, Judith Benson, Judy Berlin, Geraldine Berlin, Thea Bernstein, Helene Berz, Diane Cohen, Barbara Cohen, Harriett Cohn, Judy Dattel, Janice Diemar, Roberta Dobran, Linda Epstein, Lynda SIGMA DELTA TAU Louise Ginson President Nina Goodrich .... Vice-President Linda Dobran Secretary Arlene Richman Treasurer Gavron did it! . . . Ten demerits . . . Hey Boo-boo . . . Fair to Middlin . . . l-am-in-tears . . . It ' s required ... I think I ' ll corrode . . . 40 or a larger sweater . . . The coke bottles are in MY sweater bag ... I ain ' t believin it . . . Ya ' ll, now really, let me rebid, I didn ' t see the Ace . . . Sociologically speaking, groups tend to break down into peer groups . . . Let ' s make the Scene . . . Yes, Dearie? . . . The LilOOId Winemaker. Deck of Jokers I rii I Were Pro-men; Anti-bridge. 276 L But, Slimmo said it was a " no trump " bid! Facher, Robyn Feldman, Sistie Garfinkel, Eileen Gavron, Barbara Gemer, Lynn Gerson, Marilyn Ginson, Louise Goldberg, Gail Goldstein, Diane Goldstein, Sherpe Goodrich, Nina Greenberg, Marcia 277 I bid six diamondsl SIGMA DELTA TAU ■■VE f fe l Parties by the " score. " Greenfield, Phyllis Greenholtz, Rhiette Greentree, Pamela Gross, Patricia Hackel, Sara Hodes, Shirley Isaacson, Faye Isaacson, Marcia Kaye, Toby Kohorn, Fran Korman, Janis Kravitz, Judy Krogman, Karen Kurtz, Judy Levin, Natalie Levinson, Laura The King of Spades calls. : t m 278 9 t« ' f f I J 9 0 Lurey, Rosanne Marks, Meryl Mirvis, Lois Nedbur, Susan Page, Kathleen Plotkin, Judy Radin, Bobbi Richman, Arlene Rosenzweig, Judi Schecter, Barbara Serotta, Jayne Shapiro, Carol Shushansky, Roberta Simons, Carole Solomon, Constance Torch, Muriel Turner, Susan Willig, Sharon Withers, Phyllis Wolf, Fabian ne Wolkin, Shirley The Queen of Hearts and her suitl Sharon made a grand slam as sister of the year. 279 SIGMA NU Tommy Johnson President Jimmy Bishop Vice-President Kenny Williams Secretary John Ramsey Treasurer jommmasm B Ml) CHAPTER ■ UNIVERSITY OF GEORCgr H H hi I 1 Tommy Johnson, Sigma Nu man of the year with chapter beauty sponsor Miss Gayle Clark. 1111 dMk Alexander, David Anderson, Ernest Ayre, Terry Barr, Thomas Batchelor, Charles Bennett, Bill Bishop, Henry Bishop, James Blalock, Joe Blalock, Roy Boyton, Rooks Brasington, Beau Brewer, Harold Brim, Richard Brown, Larry Busbee, Charles Cavender, Ralph Chapin, Keith Chapman, Roy Cheshire, Douglas Jr. 280 If Clary, Thomas Cochran, John Crowe, John CuUens, Grady Culpepper, E. H. Davidson, Charles Dobbs, Nelson Drew, William Driver, Robert Dupree, Hylton Eastland, John Edwards, Ronnie Fannin, Phillip Fannin, Truman FuUerton, Edward Garbutt, Robert Gassaway, Fred Garland, Ben Germano, Richard Green, Wyche Greene, William Grimes, Billy Gurley, Don Hallman, James Hamlin, Max AIM JLM Let ' er slide . . . Skinnit . . . Shirley and Milt . . . Motormouth . . . That pink dress again? . . . Root . Chester . . day nights Rifleman . , Fat Rat . . . . . Rabbit . . . Fog . . . Our gal . Why not a pool? . . . Wednes- " were " fun . . . Wong . . . The . How ' bout er beeear? . . . The (avioli again. ' Tube time Bo turns Beau ... I did notttt! . . . Well, I didn ' t do it, but I bet I can tell you who did . . . Man of Year . . . That ' s a niice un! 281 SIGMA NU M l Haney, Thomas Hays, Walter Hearn, Louie Herring, Alvan Hitchcock, John Jerkins, Dewain Johnson, John Johnson, Tommy Jones, Jack Land, Irwin Land, Roger Landers, Guy Lowery, Bernard Martin, Robert Miller, Ralph iAMl Mdli M Minter, Milton Mitchell, Butch Moseley, Robert McBride, Richard Parker, Ted Patrick, William III Perdue, William Perkins, Edwin Price, Clayton Jr. Priester, Michael Ramsey, John Rice, Jimmy Rittenberry, Pete Rountree, Don Sauls, Earl Schramm, Robert Seagraves, Earl Sloan, Mac Smith, Thomas Splinter, Richard Staples, Eric Starnes, Don Stephens, Harry Stokes, Clyde Stovall, William 282 Talley, Dean Talmadge, Gene Taylor, Richard Thomas, Dede Thomas, Kenneth Thomas, Robert Thompson, Harry Ursrey, Gerald Ursrey, Lawton Jr. Vickers, Edgar Ward, James Waters, Jim Wells, Allen Wilkins, Bob Williams, Dale Williams, Kenny Wilson, Jerald Withers, John Woonton, Roger Worlock, Jerry MM 9 ' 5 - Q Ikmu mi The Editor. In the " Pit. ' Steak night. 283 r Basset, David ;y Broome, Wallace Clark, David Donelin, Daniel Dyer, Floyd Greener, John Hardison, Richard Good, John Furman, John Frody, George SIGMA PHI EPSILON Whoops — Charlie did it again . . . Donelin and the Irish Sea . . . Anybody wanna buy a slightly used MS? . . . During the pledge rebellion the roads were busy . . . Eddie dated a 5 ' 6 " ! . . . D. C. and Gioga — DP ' s . . . What gangster party — hie? . . . Now, it you ' ll just follow along these lines . . . John Stevens, Jr President David Clark Vice-President Frederick Tank Secretary Paul Poppell Controller Which one has the Toni? It sure doesn ' t taste like tomato juicel 284 ' ILON 1y Hicks, Alan Hoffman, Chris Holmes, Thomas Huff, Dean LeCain, Bill Maddox, Joseph Madinich, Chris Perry, Andrew Pirrello, Edward Poppell, Paul Pratt, Harold Smith, Kenneth Stevens, John Stowers, Guy Tank, Frederick Wester, William •fat ■te Mi; Who ' s a Fink- P Capone and friend?? 286 1 Iff i Can your housemother come out and play? SIGMA PI There ain ' t no way. . . . Has anyone seen our bell? . . . Naaaaa. . . . Hotty Toddy . . . Yippy Dick. . . . Banzai. . . . GAWJA . . . Hey Rag! Block Vote! Teedom! What floor polisher? Telephone, Boozer . white MG? . . . . Swamp Duck. . . . Has anyone seen a Frank Cliloiii George David Yeah, the bell is missing. MMJJ l H Alford, Robert Ames, William Averill, George Bateman, Bruce Blankenship, Sidney Boozer, Ed Bracknell, Grady Burroughs, Richard Bush, Leron Camp, Chuck Clinn, John Conniff, John Davis, Steven Dixon, Stephen Doubleday, Duke Dudley, Charles Dyar, Cliff Flanagan, Robert Flinn, Charles Fountain, Roger Fulford, Frank 286 Ho, ho, hell! Frank Fulford . President Clifford Dyar Vice-President George Kreegar Secretary David King Treasurer Fulton, John Gates, Vandy Graves, Edwin Gregerson, Eric Griffin, Terrell Hampton, Stephen Harris, Ted Hill, Gary Holcombe, William Hopkins, John Homey, Alex Hurst, Alvin Hutchinson, Arthur James, Frank Janoulis, Nick Jones, Douglas Jones, Ted Kenne dy, Frank King, David Kreeger, George Larson, James Lawson, Jimmy Lingle, Gerald Lloyd, Kenneth 287 MM Loudermilk, James Maddox, David Maddux, Roger Martin, George Martin, Thomas Mercer, James Merritt, Jerry Miller, Cleve Miller, Lee Mixon, John Moye, Hugh McCain, Charles Nagley, Michael Narrie, David Nash, James Nervo, Eugene Nichols, Charlie O ' Callaghan, Robert O ' Callaghan, William O ' Dell, Charles Perkins, Donald Phelps, Paul Pierce, Ralph Poole, John Rainey, Daniel Rivers, Tommy Rodriguez, Cesar Ross, Robert SIGMA PI Coke and What? Don ' t worry Baby, Martin Luther will get him! 288 Naaaaaaaaaaawwww. i Boning up on anatomy. Sandifer, Jim Shupe, Larry Sichveland, Duane Sills, Joel Smith, Harmon Jr. Smith, Harold Jr. Smith, Ro nald Stepp, Jerry Stepp, Joe Strata, Roger Surface, Claude Thigpen, William Tindol, Rufus Townsend, James Vickery, Ken Wainright, Marion Westcott, James White, Gary Whitley, Rupert Williams, Earl Jr. Williams, Thomas Wimer, William Womack, Lynn Yates, Clinton MM [ 289 Michael Merren President Stanley Friedman . . . Vice-President Stanley Gerson Secretary Warren S. Shulman .... Treasurer College Menl TAU EPSILON PHI Schna Batzum Yachum S+umm . . . The kid will handle it . . . Ace . . . Fold . . . Sa-ta-ma-ha-ta . . . The cool school . . . Sweet Dave. Behar, Robert Bennett, Larry Bergman, Carl Berman, Frederic Blondheim, Barry Bluestein, Nicky Clein, Robert Coffsky, Barry Cohen, Darryl Cohen, Lawrence Cohen, Ronald Cranman, Marvin Daitch, Ronald Danish, Michael Empel, Jay Fine, Lowell Fleckman, Ira Foster, Richard Friedler, Gerald Friedman, Charles Friedman, Stan Gaeser, Philip Gerson, Stanley Goldberg, Alan Goldman, Lawrence Goldstein, Allen Goldstein, Arnold Gottlieb, Harris Gray, Ted Green, Mort Greenstone, Sidney Gross, Stuart 290 Harkins, Bobby Harris, Theodore Hellman, Jay Hirsch, John Homans, Philip Jackson, Jan Jacobs, Robert Kaminsky, Sid Kantsipey, Alan Kelmanson, Dave Kingbar, Philip Kraselsky, Robert Krell, Barry Liebross, Lawrence Marcus, Joe Marks, Paul Ml 3AM Un .CM Mai .Ml Im IMI .m ton I (I It " It ' s only root beer. Dean I " Don ' t you like this food? " 291 Martin, Lawrence Merren, Michael Miller, David Nathan, David Nieman, Howard Oster, Steve Paller, Jack Pelesky, Elliot Perling, Howard Perlman, David Price, Jay Rodbell, Paul Rotkow, Joel Safter, Irwin Schaffer, Joel Scherr, Norman Scheuer, Robert Schneider, Irwin TAU EPSILON PHI Are you having a good time? Coach " Charlie Brown. " Shoob, Jerome Shulman, Warren Silverboard, Stanley Simmons, Ivan Spait, Hal Stapen, Michael Teitle, Barry Waldman, Marvin Weinberg, Walter Weinberg, Ronnie Weiner, Larry Weinstein, Alan Wexler, Alan Wexler, Steve Wolf, Herbert Wolfson, Dennis Wolfson, Richard Zaglin, Charles Zelinsky, Ralph !Li 3 " 3 3 JtUL 293 Vive le Theta Chi! ... It is to thee dear old Theta Chi. . . . Thunder? No, it ' s Gilliard ' s war h orse! H as anyone seen Barney s date? Nancy ' s in the living room, and Tonnmy ' s on the phone with Who? . . . Let ' s go over to the D Phi E house. . . . Give me some more of those chips! THETA CHI Nancy, Susan, Margaret, or Joan? Allen, James Jr. Ariail, Joseph III Blackwood, Curtis Borst, William Buckmaster, Ronald Burpee, Walter Chambless, M. Jr. Childers, Dan Creel, Gary Curtis, James DeLay, Charles Denmark, Carroll Durence, Barney Gillard, Fred Hambry, Billy Harwell, William Jarriell, William King, Fredick Kirk, Lawrence Lanier, Willis Lee, Raymond Marines, Robert III Marshall, Orion Meeks, Wayne 294 ' Mintz, Harold Monson, Theodore Jr. Murphy, Richard McCall, John McCrea, Van i Nairn, Charles Jr. Payne, Gary Ralston, Jimmie Ryckley, Charles Schneider, James Jr. Shook, Wilson Skelton, William Steever, Raymond Stephens, Ray Strickland, Dennis Stripling, Thomas Stovall, Albert III Townsend, Robert Vandiver, James Whitley, Lee Jr. rs 1 My three sons! 1 Ray Stephens President Tommy Stripling .... Vice-President Jimmie Ralston Secretary II- • Van McRae Treasurer Sexual intellectual. • 295 f l . my. „Mi jBa JB H Adttik f i» f Adams, Anne Algers, Joyce Amsbaugh, Susan Barnes, Mary Bentley, Linda Bland, Barbara Bohannon, Jodie Brown, Gayle Buckhalt, Linda Burdine, Judy Burrell, Sherri Calhoun, Nezzie Callaway, Constance Carter, Sarah Clifton, Donna Cochran, Florence Cole, Elaine Davis, Ellen Davis, Janis DeWitt, Kathy My lover and I . . . Zeta Zoo. . . . I tell ya what . . . You can ' t be seri- ous. . . . It ' s un-believable. . . . Don ' t go down the front steps — five dol- lars. . . . Monster Morrison. . . . Zeta Zoo — how do you do? . . . I ' ll say that . . . The Green Gronet is watch- ing you! . . . Larkie nnade Who ' s Who! . . . He won the Sigma Chi Derby! . . . You mean you ' re going to study instead of watching the Sunday Night Movie? . . . Marily Morrison President Barbara Spiller .... Vice-President Jane Medford Secretary Lee McGee Treasurer Lookl ' Cr me de Cat was great, 3rd place was in our fate! ZETA TAU ALPHA « Hail, hail, the gang ' s all here! 296 ■ • fvHat ■ Traaw Earnest youngsters grasp the problems of life. Look! There ' s a man with a camera! Jim thinks it ' s high time they brought out the chorus girls Dobbs, Ann Dobbs, Margaret Eberhart, Susan Emerson, Patti Evans, Ethel Evans, Wendy Ezzard, Martha Fudge, Donna Garrison, Para Gibboney, Helen Good, Jo Ann Goss, Julia Green, Linda Greer, Mary Hargis, Olivia Harper, Roberta Heidt, Gay Henry, Lucy Hilton, Nancy Hilton, Patricia Horton, Carol Huff, Vivian Joiner, Jacqueline Killian, Helen % f f 9f ff % (4l -v. . i 297 r ■ r King, Ann King, Ruth Libby, Barbara Lines, Louise 7 f I ' ll Lyon, Andrea May, Carole Medford, Jane Miller, Carol Mills, Jenny Mishoe, Peggy i Zetas raisin ' the Bran the Sigma Chi ' s lovel ZETA TAU ALPHA Zetas take Derby victory. Mitchell, Mary Morrison, Marilyn McElrath, Joanna McGee, Lee ¥ " ,.i..i. McKinney, Nancy Pendley, Shirley Petro, Mary Jane Porter, Nancy ? t ? Dadick, Sallie Redick, Roberta Ricciardi, Julie Richards, Donna Robinson, Elaine Savage, Rosalind Schell, Judy Shedd, Cynthia 298 . Shoemaker, Peggy Sims, Larky Sims, Patsy Smith, Linda Smith, Sandra Spiller, Barbara Spinks, Patsy Stephens, Mary Stewart, Florence Sumner, Carol ToUerson, Jo Ann Turner, Do nna Wall, Saundra Waller, Linda Walters, Jeannie Ward, Carolyn Watkins, Janet Wier, Ann Williams, Margaret Woods, Jane itd t i • . -Jl. l.Jj2 Ji 299 1 I SPORTS Going to a football game is an all-day affair, a holi- day for most, hut an ex- hausting job for many. Anticipation mounts, and so does the crowd; even as the ball is kicked off there is a long line. Extreme calm is the surface glaze over extreme tension. Last minute instructions; ap- prehension: ' ' Are we ready? On the field: at the kick- off, the crowd, the noise, the weak - feeling fall away, leaving power and consciousness . . . jerseys get wet; mouths get dry . . . you HIT again and again. Once in a while you get a break, like turning an opponent ' s fumble into a first down, and the crowd approves. Thirty thousand people play football through you: run with you, feel your joy and your woe. Everybody watches you 308 then they listen . . . and watch GAMES: ALABAMA: fast Alabama team played almost perfect game, offense producing 35 points, defense holding Geor- gia scoreless. VANDERBILT: sophomores ' running game was strong point, averaged four yards per rush for 10-0 win. Ray Clark broke his ankle. SOUThI CAROLINA: one touchdown got through defense, but offense matched it. 7-7. CLEMSON: fourth road game straight. Bulldogs came through 24-16, highest Ga. score since Tulsa I960. 45-7. FLORIDA STATE: com- ing home with 2-2-1 record, the ' Dogs put out several beautiful efforts that didn ' t last long enough. FSU 18, Georgia 0. KENTUCKY: strong defenses held scoring to one TD apiece, ours on a pass interception by Woodward. 7-7. NORTH CAROLINA STATE: NCS scored ten points during first half; the ' Dogs came back in the second half with ten of their own. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA: Bulldogs played a fine game, but high-powered ' Gator offense and a couple of mistakes outdid us 23-15. AUBURN: sophomore Jim Wilson, in his first varsity game, tore up the whole Tiger line. We showed offensive improvement — against 3 defensive team in SEC — and BEAT THEM 30-2 I. GEORGIA TEChI: overheard during the fourth quarter, " Well, at least we ' ll win the damn party. " Tech 37, Georgia 6. SEASON RECORD: won 3, tied 3, lost 4. 310 lading Seoi .!j wilt. Ray J.CLtWSON: llSeofgi« lU NORTH 1- Johnny Griffith ' s second season as head football coach was a little naore successful than his first. In 1961 the Bulldogs won three gannes and lost seven. This year they won three, lost four, and tied the other three. Griffith has done Sonne staff jug- gling with next year in nnind; he hopes thus to make nnore effec- tive use of the considerable tal- ent available to hinn. It ' s over - usually f won or lost - and you ' re drained and empty. So are the spectators . . . and other Auburn 21, Georgia 30 I -r ' A I fMmt 4ii BUY THE BE visnrsts mitii HUM .BUY TEXi l AA ' V wM w H ? " ? ii i ll ' " A E Bullpup roster: Lynn Hughes, Bonnie Faison, Keith Sherman, Jimmy Wil- liams, George Patton, Steve Newhaus, Preston Ridlehuber, Marvin Hurst, Jim Cook, Billy Chamhless, Dick Eick- hoff, James Gray, Ralph Bray, Bob Taylor, Billy Cloer, Ronnie Norman, John Roden, Randy Wheeler, David Rice, Bob Leebern, Robin Holmes, ' James Ewing, Theron Lane, John Glas s, Hank Konigsmark, Buddy John- son, Harold Priest, Dick Dozier, Jack Davis, Andy Brown, Marvin Smith, Wayne Beeland, Gary Minchew, Har- old Steely, Vance Evans, Ken Davis, Joe Thornton, Wayne Brantley, Mike Tinney, Elliott Garner, John Kasay, Bip Bulloch, Jim Slavic, Mike Lyons, Jesse Samples, Ken Pillsbury, Mike Beerman, Sam Zets, Jim Lowery, Paul Cseko, Jerry Varnado, Marvin Tootle, Mike DeLong, Jim Taylor, Par Hodg- son, Ronald Pantello, David Craddock, Glenn Creech, George Julius. t;()A(:illN(. SIAM ' , kneeling: Charlie Trippi, Johnny Griffith, John Gregory, Wyatt Posey. Stand- ing: John Tillitski, Bobby Proctor, LeRoy Pearce, Sam Mrvos, Frank Inman, Mike Castronis, Sam Richwine. 314 GEORGIA BULLDOGS 1962 First row: Larry Rakestraw, Pete Dickens, Pat Hunni- cutt, Jake Saye, Joe Burson, Carlton Guthrie, Richard Boykin, Frank Lankewicz, Alt. Capt. Don Blackburn, Billy Knowles, Don Porterfield, Brigham Woodward. Second row: Douglas McFalls, Leroy Dukes, Gary Glover, Ralph Westmoreland, Leon Armbrester, Fred Barber, Mack Faircloth, Len Hauss, Bobby Allen, Bobby Coleman, Joel Darden, Rooks Boynlon. Third row: Johnny Wells, Jim Wilson, Benny Boyd, Terry Scott, Richard Kelly, Wally Williamson, Melvin Crook, Ray Rissmiller, Mike Cole, Bill Ivey, Gerald Winsett. Fourth row: Jimmy Whitehead, Kenneth Vann, Paul Holmes, Ray Maddox, Captain Ray Clark, Ray Crawford, George Nowicki, Mickey Babb, Bill McCullough, Barry Wilson, Mike Cahoon, John McEachern. lun. jam Bl fl, to.Vrxkinl r .Kron Hiiilj h trkitr. Dm I ' Una Smilll GEORGIA BULLPUPS 1962 V ' xiM ' m i ! mj§ 3P4 i After losing to Auburn in Au- burn and to FSU here (the sec- ond half of the first double- header in the history of Sanford Stadium), the Bullpups walked all over the Georgia Tech fresh- men in Atlanta on Thanksgiving Day. This could be an omen of some sort — maybe they ' ll do the same thing to the same Engineers for three more years. Preston Ridlehuber ' s total sea- son yardage of 39! broke Rake- straw ' s 1959 record of 334 and almost doubled Tarkenton ' s 198 yards of 1957. This and similar performances by other mem- bers of the class of ' 66 make prospects bright for football at the University of Georgia. with Frank Leahy c. 1948 1963 ibeanomenoj t ki ' l dc giotlie iwiweyeaB. saw ::t cf ]]4 m ' jterton ' s 191 ' • ' • id simb :, o r«r m- IS of ' W mab ' toffeoWaf of Seoqia. Wallace Butts: Twenty-four years Eight bowl teams Four SEC championships Resigned as Athletic Director of the University, 1963 Orange Bowl 1948 first year at UGa: 1939 T 1 I BASKETBALL This was the last season in Woodruff Hall . . . no more termites ' holding hands so the game could go on. 1 NP 319 People, referees, and Cokes (in bottles?) are all part of the game, • , ;y ..L - 320 ](ki ik 321 Lawsons first season with an assistant (Rex Frederick) and without the freshmen (Gene Be- Tullio took them). The team that won nine and lost seventeen, most of which were squeakers: Benny Cheek, Dick Cas- well, Ray Banner, Jimmy Pitts, Billy Rado, Bobby Rose, John Mathews, Charles Bagby, Allan Stith, Jack Sullivan, Charles Adamek, Captain Carlton Gill, Carl Ackerman, Mack Crenshaw, Harold Morris. 322 an De. I.IM dC» f-.- ifX 323 -V .4 It happens too fast to think . . . can ' t replay it. Then, no more time. 324 m 1 i m ■■ ■F MEN ' S INTRAMURALS In order to keep the level of ski within the capabilities of most stu dents, no varsity athlete may partici pate in the Intramurals program. Tommy Milner Elmer Davis Frank Fulford Bert Coursey 1II9« TRACK It does no good . . . can ' t possi- bly suck in enough air in time to help, even though breathing is so fast that one gulp of air doesn ' t get in good before it comes back out to make room for another . . . gradually the suf- focating panic subsides . . . de- spite cottony throat and trem- bling legs, the run leaves a good feeling. Elmer Davis Lewis Gainey James Rutland Cleve Ferguson Coach Forrest Towns First row: Bert Coursey, Martin Button, James Rutland, Mark Carr, Tommy Ross, Frank Fulford, Cleve Ferguson. Second row: Elmer Davis, Milton Ganyard, Billy Franklin, Lewis Gainey, Tommy Milner, Edwin West, James Reese, Richard Boykin. Coach B. W. Gabrielsen First row: Ros Butler, Justus Baird, Chester Graham, Captain Mike Walsh, Alan McEl- veen, Jim Carlisle, Alex Patterson. Second row: Coke Ellington, Pat Shields, Warren Norman, Huxley Nixon, Nat LaGrande, Asa Candler, Bob Clein. They won nine meets, lost jive, finished third in SEC. Mike Walsh set a new SEC record for 200-yard freestyle. 328 i SWIMMING Competitive swimming is not fun. It ' s agonizingly strenuous, and swimmers say that the more it hurts a man to work out, the better he will be. Every time a man swims, he is his own op- ponent: he always has to try to beat his own best time. Character shows itself — when the going gets tough, the tough get going. GOLF Tommy Malone Up and out In the cold by eight-thirty every week- end morning of winter quarter, hands and ball alike are cold and sluggish. But still the hands work; the ball soars and rolls and finally drops. Spring comes; the winter ' s work shows its value. Jack Oliver Charlie Hooper (freshman) Pierre Howard Carleton Fuller t ith Captain Charlie Benedict TENNIS Two pair of sweatpants and three sweatshirts and cold hands on winter afternoons . . . when spring connes, swap them for pleated white shorts and a white t-shirt and sunburn ... al- ways concentrating, don ' t give up a point. 1 FRESHMEN Ted Ware Hugh Hailey Henry Field l«Mr- Ronnie Braddock, Mike Pickett, Bennie Cheek. Jerry Templeton, Robert Sapp, Larry Thompson, Tom Per- due. Don Woeltjen, Don Pierce, Tom " Boot " Hunt. BASEBALL The sting of ball into glove hand, the shock of bat on ball and the ball ' s swift re- treat, the race to get there before the ball does, the possibility of making the effort which wins the ganne: even practice is a pleasant prospect. Ronnie Braddock, NCAA Batting Champion 1962 Tom Hunt Larry Thompson Co-Captain Jerry Templeton, 3B m Outfield: Ronnie Braddock, Bennie Cheek, Larry Thompson, Mike Pickett. Robert Sapp, 2B I Open to any interested Uni- versity of Georgia student who can fire certain mini- nnum scores, and using rifles and ammunition supplied by the school, the Varsity Rifle Team competes with rifle teams from other colleges. ■ I First row: Harold Hale, John R. Thompson, Peter Ropeshaw, Lyle Nichols. Second row: Coach John R. Kirby, Steve Huppert, Tony Masaros, Rodney Ritchie, Captain Charlie Reed, Billy Bennett. Not pictured: Dave Eglie, Ronald Simpson, Tommv Crowley. This is a team that wins. At publication time, they have won 24 matches and lost only 3. f 336 i LACROSSE Rough contact as in football, throwing and catching as in baseball, ceaseless running as in basketball, scoring and penalties similar to those in hockey . . . the Indians seem to have included something from most whiteman sports in their invention. L K 5 First row: Bob Orell, Captain Dan Harrison, Jerry Largarmasino, Allen Henson. Second row: Pony Stoddard, Lloyd Alvarado, Ferber Buckley, Skip Haagie. Most of their opponents are schools in the north, where the game rivals football in popularity. 337 GYMNASTICS He good ' p yf pounds 1 1 diet ? coyfagea " liimself Wi bsitating I Coach Earl Fales, Bobby Abbott, Captain Lucky Kyle, Bill Byars, Jim Anderson, Paul Kubiak. The good gymnast has strength and co- ordination — to control a hundred and a half pounds of bone and muscle with pre- cise timing and balance — matched with courage and confidence enough to throw himself into the stunt — holding back or hesitating usually means failure. l-riw - First row: Coach Avery Harvill, Larry George, Co-Captain Ira Fleckman, Dean Huff, John George, Assistant Coach W. J. Clemence, Steve Lanphear. Second row: Co-Captain Alan Hicks, Ramon Jackson, Tim Weinheimer, Ken Bradley, Pete Fietta, Jim Stringer, Gene Nervo, Jim Wheeler. Season record was 5-5, and senior Jim Stringer won the Conference championship in the 191-pound class. 1 WRESTLING Sheer animal mortal combat is re- duced to sport in wrestling, but the emotions involved are little dif- ferent. Instinct says to lash out, to make a tremendous, overwhelming effort; experience says to ration energy to make it last nine minutes. DIVISION OF ARMED SERVICES Dean Alvin B. Biscoe, Armed Services Co-ordinator; Mr. William IV. Parker, Assistant Armed Services Co- ordinator. Mr. J. D. Bolton, Military Property Custodian. 1 ARMY ROTG The purpose of the Reserve Officers Training Corps is to train its men to become efficient leaders pre- pared for a national emergency. Every student at the University is required to take two years of military training. Students who complete the basic course and show outstanding qualities are eligible to make application for the advanced course. The advanced course consists of two years of training during the junior and senior years of the student. Successful completion of the advanced course leads to a Second Lieutenant ' s Commission in the United States Army and for the truly outstanding student the possibility of a Regu- lar Army Commission. Colonel Robert O ' Brian Professor of Military Science Captain Lyle J. Mach Af . S. II Instructor Captain Louis F. Musil M. S. Instructor Lieutenant Colonel Lee J. Farrel M.S. Ill Instructor 343 r FIRS 1 I, Fint Baital Army Sergeant Instructors, left to right: Hayt M. Fowler, Sr., Sergeant First Class James D. Frank, Staff Sergeant Richard B. Harrison, Sergeant John R. Kirby, Sergeant Oliver R. Griffin. Cliailesi 344 w I John Truslow, Commander FIRST BATTALION First Battalion Staff: George Deen, Charles Hunter. FIRST BRIGADE First Brigade Staff: Harold Meek, John R. Stevens, James L. Chambless. Tommy Johns on, Commander SECOND BATTALION Second Battalion Staff: William O ' Callaghan, Grady Baggett. Charles Reed, Commander 345 FIRS iw COMPANY A Platoon Leaders: John Seigler, Pat Calhoun, Barry Keinimer. Jack Wright, Commander COMPANY B Willis Sherrer, Commander Platoon Leaders: Charles Ray, Mike Hardison, Thomas L. Smith. 346 1 3ATTALION COMPANY C Platoon Leaders: Dudley Bowen, David Alexander, Robert H. White. Britton L. Fowler, Commander COMPANY D Platoon Leaders: James E. Holl, Joseph Arial, John Collier. Jimmy Blanchard, Commander Wa SECONI COMPANY A Platoon Leaders: James Nash, John Davis, Stanley Heimowitz. John F. Wright, Commander COMPANY B Platoon Leaders: James Eve, Richard Nelms, C. J. Fleming. Robert Black, Commander 348 SEco: 3ATTALION COMPANY C Platoon Leaders: Joseph Temple, Henry Dunn, Frank Hudson (not pictured). John Moell, Commander COMPANY D Platoon Leaders: Bob Price, Jimmy Chandler, Thomas Soloman. Willie Kidd, Commander 349 n 6» ARMY ROTC BAND Chet Nieman, Band Commander " ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY " JFK 350 Professor of Air Science, Lt. Col. John D. Bowden. AIR FORCE A Student in A.F.R.O.T.C. nnust take two years of military training. Those who complete the first two years of basic military and qualify on a series of tests are tentatively accepted into the advanced program. Here the cadets study the principles of leadership and management, military law, and the duties of being an officer. Upon completing the two year advanced program, a twenty-eight day summer camp, and degree re- quirements, a student is commissioned as an Air Force officer. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Lt. Col. Glenn E. Dill, Jr. Capt. Orocio Acquaviva Capt. James Blakey Capt. George A. Kimsey 351 Capt. Arthur W. Johnson, Jr. Air Force Sgt. Instructors: T. Sgt. Grayson Duntord, S. Sgt. James E. Driskell, AlC Ronald C. Aim, T. Sgt. William N. Hatcher. Cadet Lt. Col. Robert W. Long. Deputy Wing Commander, Cadet Lt.Col.Virgil H.Webb. Cadet Lt. Col. James T. Armour. Wing Commander, Cadet Colonel Jake Saye. Cadet Major Sam Adair. Cadet Lt. Col. William C. Clary. Sijiudiool Cadet Major Carl London Cadet Major Robert Sim WING STAFF GROUP ONE Group I Commander, Cadet Lt. Col. Dan H. Harrison. Cadet Capt. J. D. Kittrell U W JMO I. Squadron 11. .-. r ' ' : :; ' : ' ' j, " hH r " - fy.-. , • ' r . ' 7 ' ' v i BB ylyj -»t I. " ii - Scju.ulroii 10. Cadet Major Warren Stevens. Squadron 12. Cadet Capt. George B. Brooks. WW GROUP TWO Charles L. Odell, Squadron 21 Commander Squadron 22 Robert T. Hughes, Group II Commander s«. ' .» Squardron 21 Thomas L. Stripling, Squadron 22 Commander JoelW.; CtoiijifflCo GROUP THREE Cadet 1st Lt. L. V. Pee- bles, Band Gommander. j lllf jlny Air Force Color Guard A.F.R.O.T.C. Band. A.F.R.O.T.C. Drill Team. Ev m M Cadet 1st Lt. James Lystlund, Commander. Cadet 2nd Lt. Willie Strick- land, Drill Team Commander. Silver Blades Drill Team. 356 Am ■ xJf MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS idi. fc t - f T ' i ■ ,. (;— f g ••n First Squad, line one: .4nn Talbird, Chloe Mason, Lynn Dorsey, Connie Ross, Donna Meyer, Dotte Ingraham, Cheryl Whelchel, Susan Fowler, Deanne Dobbs, Second Squad, line two: Edivina Chastain, Nancy Baker, Betty Matthews, Sandra St. Claire, Judy Brown, Ann Jernigan, Sharon Leonard, Babs Storm, Kaye Rollins. Third Squad, line three: Jenny Lynn Morse, Ramonda Lester, Kitty Everitt, Brenda Seagraves, Dever- eaux Cain, Penny Madray, Ann Walker, Deana Deas. Fourth Squad, line four: Bar- bara Williams, Donna Lassiter, Marilyn Morrison, Glenda Owens, Barbara Mitchell, Carolyn Seay, Judy Cohn, Suzanne Blalock. Not Pictured: Fat Campbell, Gayle Clark, Ginny Coleman, Pam Crenshaw, Sharon Dean, Kathy DeWitt, Patty Dial, Jane File, Diane Golden, Dottie Golden, Barbara Gullick, Heidi Hambrick, Shell Hardman, Willene Holloway, Jane Jenkins, Diane Rodefield, Sis Stern, Lynn Wisdom. ANGEL FLIGHT The Angel Flight is a national women ' s drill team which serves as an auxiliary to the Arnold Air Society. Members are selected on the basis of poise, personal- ity, participation in campus ac- tivities and interest in the Angel F light. Its activities include dress parades, military parades, and regimental drill competition. 358 SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade, national honorary mili- tary society, was founded for the purpose of developing the ideals and practices of military education in American colleges and Univer- sities. Members must be actively enrolled as cadet Officers of the Corps of Cadets of the advanced course of the Army and Air Force ROTC detachments. They are elected to Scab- bard and Blade on the basis of grades, leader- ship, and interest in further military service. OFFICERS: Seated: Robert Hughes, Caplain. Standing: Dan Harrison, Carl Sherrer, Philip Taylor. First row: George Carter, B. L. Fowler, David Alexander, Charles O ' Dell, Alexander Wright, Captain Acquaviva, Robert Sims, James Kittell, John Biggs. Second row: Larry Dunn, George Deen, Robert White, William Clarey, William O ' Callaghan, Joel Sills, Forest Gil- more, William Miller, Joe Temple, Ervin Trammell, Samuel Adair. 359 wr- BELLE CORPS The Belle Corps is the women ' s honorary or- ganization sponsored by the Pershing Rifles. Events in which the Belle Corps participate include dress parades, military parades, Mardi Gras, and the regimental drill competition. Members act as hostesses for the Army R.O.- T.C. Selection of members is based on scholar- ship, personality, appearance, poise, charac- ter, drill experience, and sincere interest. Sally Wood, Commander First Squad, line one: Libby Cannon, Bonnie Brinson, Charlene Griffin, Liz Fenstemacher, Sally Johnson, Nancy Waller. Second Squad, line two: Dee Dee Hamilton, Louise Ginson, Erskine Wall, Ellen Fenstemacher, Ann Eve, Madeline Skinner, Third Squad, line three: Marty Johnson, Jane Barrow, Melinda Mims, Peggy Bowden, Josie Smith, Penny Thomas. Fourth Squad, line four: Trudie Turner, Rosanne Lurey, Barbara Bland, Linda Hall, Mimi Prunty. Fifth Squad, line five: Ann Griffin, Gay Jackson, Carolyn Coker, Carole Miller, Barbara Hunter, Marsha Ann Smith. Not Pictured: Angela Allen, Mary Lou Greer, Evelyn King, Carol Melton, Nancy Orr, Mary Elsie Smith, Joan Summers, Patti Tumlin. iS Laura Ann Miles, Executive Officer. First Squad, line one: Sandy Camp, Lynn Waldbaum, Carey Fat coner, Pat Meroney, Pat Zimmerman. Second Squad, line twq Kathleen Page, Gail Goldberg, Sally Angel, Cindy SteigerwalA Millie Matthews. Third Squad, line three: Anne Crews, Libok Hargis, Melinda Fry, Jane Woods, Jane Dunham. Fourth Squai line four: Marsha Thweatt, Ruth Steward, Suzanne Brown, Mat tha Erdman, Katie Myers. Fifth Squad line five: Sistie Feldman Carolyn Nolen, Beth Atchison, Jody Traylor, Donna Fudge. No pictured: Todd Alston, Charlotte Gaines, Peggy Hall, Judy Jonei Teresa Jones, Beverly Myers, Cunnie Settle, Eileen Smith, Susa Thurmond, Karen Wine, Peggy Wood. Sally Wood, Commander 360 NJ« I PERSHING RIFLES ikiW])Mi,liKa MM, wBMf Ann, I Bowdoin, William Brookshire, Jerry Corcoran, Edward Curtis, James DeWitt, Ralph Dorsett, Michael Dorsey, J ohn Elliott, Wayne Gardner, Marvin Glass, John Good, Lawrence Grogg, Timothy Harcourt, David Harris, Ralph Headrick, John Hemphill, Robert Henson, Thomas Holder, Dennis Huppert, Stephen Johns, Charles Jones, Lewis Kitchens, Leonard Kitchens, Robert Kitchens, William Maley, Ronald Mallary, Nelson Messer, John Moore, Gary Mott, Jackson Perkins, Edward Prince, Joseph Reese, Howard Rietz, Dudley Schnider, Henry Sloan, Mac Strader, Benjamin Tasker, Joseph Theroux, Thomas Townsend, Robert Usry, William Vasary, Miki Wilkerson, Douglas Wilson, Everette Woodruff, Robert Hale, Harold Black, Dameron Ropshaw, Peter Bennett, William Crowley, Tommy Mesaros, Antony Company Executive Committee: Foreground: Tommy Johnson, Commander. Background: Cecil Baldwin, Harris Langford, Harold Prichetl. Not Pictured: Tommy Ross, Alex Patterson. Pershing Rifles is a national nnilitary organization whose objective is to provide recog- nition for freshman and soph- onnore cadets and to instill in these cadets a sense of duty and service toward their country. Activities of the Pershing Rifles include pre- cision drilling, parades, rifle matches and competition with Pershing Rifles units of other colleges. !IUiJillUJi,.l!IJilWiiWJIili . ' , ADMINISTRATION AND CLASSES M. DR. O. C. ADERHOLD President, University of Georgia Edith Stallings, Dean of Women This year terminates her outstanding record of fifteen years of service and contribution to the University. 367 Daniel J. Sorrells, Dean of Students J. D. Bolton, Comptroller m ,1 Alvin B. Biscoe, Dean of Faculties Edith Stallings, Dean of Women This year terminates her outstanding record of fifteen years of service and contribution to the University. Ill 367 William P. Kellam, Director of Libraries Dr. Charles Young, Director of Infirmary 368 -« ' = Dean Calvin C. Murray COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE The College of Agriculture was organized as a part of the University in 1872. Today, the College offers the Bachelor of Science degrees in Agriculture, Agri- cultural Engineering, and in Landscape Architecture. All degree programs include fundannental and applied courses in the biological, physical, and social sciences. The objectives of the College are to provide a broad general education in the fundamental sciences and to prepare young men and women for professional employment or for graduate study. If 300 Adams, Gene S. All, Frank E. Anderson, Henry G., Jr Appleby, Thomas L. Bailey, Ray E. Ball, Duane E. Barker, Ernest V. Bartell, John R. Berndt, Robert B. Berryman, Janice B. Borst, William J. Botsford, Marvin J. Brim, Richard T. Brumby, Russell D. Buonaguro, Louis A. Burke, Howard F. Bush, William J. Branan, Tony E. Brayer, Richard A. Cavender, Ralph H. Chance, Fred L. Cobb, Kenneth H. Cook, Judith L. Corrington, John W. bJfii h ktk Coviello, Carmen R. Crawford, Johnny L. Cunningham, Robert C. Davis, Arthur L. Day, Donald P. Deal, Emit B. Deal, William E. Demarest, Richard J. Dover, Jerry L. Dubberly, Jimmy J. Eason, Darvin R. Eddy, Barry D. Eisenhut, Romey C. Fegan, Ronald J. Ford, Jimmy Freebern, John R. Friendman, Paul A. Gage, Harold M. 370 Hffl,.4lvii «|lI18C, ilmldP. la, Him A. «l»,joiiA, MttarhV. MWkc ' ' •HhiH ' , Hi Glover, Glenn H. Gnass, William E. Goldberger, Herb L. Grismei-, James A. Ham, Huey R. Hammond, Henry C. Hansen, Arthur P. Hansen, Michael E. Hardigiee, Donald H. Harp, Desmond W. Hermance, George W. Hicks, Alan S. i!l Ui I Hoctor, James C. Howell, James R. Hyatt, John L. Jahn, Hugo E. Johnson, Alva W. Jones, Jim B. Kershman, Alvin King, Paul H. Lance, James C. Lane, Ronald P. Larsen, Harry A. Lauten, Fred C. Ijchner, Jon A. Matarazzo, George T. Maxwell, Charles V. McDowell, Lee R. Morris, Dale R. Mull, Wilbur C. Mund, Robin M. Niles, Charles G. Olenski, Donald A. Othof, Paul W. Pace, James E., Jr. Padgett, John G. Panessa, Frank J. Parker, Raymond L. Parsons, Philip C. Paul, James M. Pearman, Grady E. Pendleton, Richard J. 9 B 9 £JLM Perry, Jack L. Peters, Barbara A. Pigott, Willie R. Pitts, William J. Rienecker, Hank F. Rolte, Raymond J. Root, Joseph W. Ross, William W. Rowan, Robert A. Rowe, Jack N. Kong, Sam O. Seeler, David E. Shaw, William I. Silberman, Leonard Slivinsky, Robert W. Smith, Thomas L. Staplin, Ralph A. Steuber, Carl H. Stocum, Thomas N. Stove, Everett W. Stripling, Thomas L. Sullivan, George R. Swint, Tommy Takoudes, Nicos G. Talmadge, Mary Taunton, Larry W. Thomas, Walker E. Thompson, Garland Tilghman, Susan E. Tricarico, Vincent J. Van Dusen, Lloyd J. Vitlo, Patrick D. Weaver, Charles E. Wells, Billy H. Wednt, Paul A., Jr. Westfall, Frank C, Jr. Williams, Edgar W. Williams, Judson J. WiUiams, Williams Wfl Wilson, Emory C. Wilson, James L. Yule, Robert J. 372 Dean John O. Eidson COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Named for Benjamin Franklin and founded in 1801, this was the first college and is now the largest unit of the University. It is organized into five Divisions and twenty Departments and offers its students a pro- gram of liberal education during the first two years and more concentrated study in a major during the junior and senior years. The College conducts approximately half of the instruction in the University, and within the College itself is an Honors Pro- gram in which superior students are given special counseling and are enrolled in spec- ial honors seminars. The Three-Year Master ' s Program is the latest addition of this type and is designed to give special counsel to students planning to attend graduate school. 373 Adams, Anne I. Allen, Angela Allison, Richard M., Jr. Alonso, Rebecca R. Andrews, Elizabeth A. Ariail, Joseph A., Ill Arnold, Julia B. Arnowich, William S. Atria, James A. Atwood, Alan R. Bagwell, John E. Baker, Mary W. Bankston, Brenda J. Barbre, Lynda S. Barrett, Frances G. Baxter, Julian F. Bell, Gladys S. Billips, Bennie K. Birchmore, Rebecca J. Blake, Mary V. t ' KM i Blankenship, Shelba J. Blanton, Mary D. Bliss, Paul H. Blount, Percy J. Bogie, Douglas A. Boleyn, Linda L. Bolin, Marion G. Bowman, E. Walter Bradbury, Lynda L. Branan, Henry D. Braselton, Nancy G. Bridges, Frank A. Brooks, Joan J. Bryan, Jimmie R. Buckley, Carol L. nl 374 Crockett, Linda J 375 Budd, Joseph D. Bush, Jennie C. Busha, Mary L. Burroughs, Milton G. Crowe, Gloria I. Callaway, Dorothy A. Callaway, L. Christine Campbell, Clay J. Campbell, George E. CuUen, Mary E. Carstarphen, Linda A. Carter, Hubert K. Carter, Marian S. Carter, Nancy H. Curran, Dorothy L. Carter, William C. Chapman, Betty A. Chase, Martha Cheshire, Douglas L., Jr. Daitch, Michael B. Chow, Jane Clark, Shanron G. Clifford, Walter A. Cochran, Betty J. Dannish, Michael CoCroft, Catherine C. Coffsky, Barry P. Colburn, Lesley W. Collier, Martha C. Danner ,Ray N. Colmer, Margaret A. Conlon, Hugh F., Ill Conner, Martha L. Cook, James J. Darden ,Jane M. Engrain, Michael E. Epstein, Jerome H. Ethridge, John L. Evans, Linda Evans, Ronald J. Everette, Marvin R. Ezell, Alice V. Ferrell, William M. Finney, Betty M. Foote, Margaret A. Ford, Anita J. Fountain, Andrew A. Frier, Dorothy I. Gait, Robert H. Garrett, Leandra E. Gibson, Marilyn E. Gillespie, Stanley R. Gilliard, Fred E. Gillis, Kate H. Gilmore, Forrest C. Davidson, Charles w! Davidson, Jacqueline ' Davis, Hilda D. Dawson, Jack E., Jr. Dell, Arline P. Dooley, James E., Jr. Glover, Gary A. Green, Julie R. Greene, William K. Griffin, L. Anne Grimaude, Constante E. Drake, Chesta L. Dudley, Charles J. Dye, E. Jayne Eidson, Rodger H. EUer, Catharine M. Ellington, Billie L. ;» 1j D. Hayes, Don M. Heimowitz, Stanley B. Henderson, Jan E. Grissett, Gloria J. Habas, Janet A. Heymann, Laurence H Heyward, Mildred G. Higgins, Harriet C. Hall, Charles H. Hamad, Samira M. Hirsch, Brenda S. Hogan, Larry C. Holland, Carolyn A. Hames, William H., Jr. Hanna, Barbara A. Hollingsworth, Gail E Holmes, H. Earl Honea, Robert B. Harden, Sydney Hardigree, Betty J. Hopkins, Ralph D. Howington, Jane W. Hudson, Frank K. Hardman, John B. Harris, Myra K. hldson, Lanny D. Hummel, Deanne F. Hunt, James T. Isaf, Sara J. Jackson, Barbara A. Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Sarah R. u Jenkins, A. Felton Jennings, Evelyn W. Kerr, John E. Kiley, Rebecca J. King, Carolyn Johnson, Betty L. Jones, Dianne Laird, Norman S. Langston, Elizabeth L. Latz, Mary Ann E. Jones, John P. Johns, Lucy E. Lewis, Hodges Lingo, Joyce E. Little, Tom F. dmd Jones, Robert M. Jones, Jimmy R. Lowry, Marvin M. Maddox, Dean A. Mallory, Jade T. Jones, Roger W. Jones, William B., Jr. Malone, Michael L. Manning, Douglas E. Manry, Gordon T., Jr. Jones, Vivian L. Kantsiper, Alan B. Marcus, Joe L. Marnock, Barbara R. Martin, Ellen C. Keith, James A. Keller, Georgianna J. " Kcnnon, Mary K. Kemper, Judith A. Martin, Joe B. Martin, Kay C. Mathews, Heyward H. 378 I ' A 1 I iatthews, Harriett latthews, Wayne G. lay, George B. IcCall, John W. IcCraw, Elizabeth M. IcDougald, Charles C. IcDuffie, Moody L. IcElmurray, Nancy E. IcGarity, Sarah L. IcGee, Ruby M. IcKemie, Bette Sue B. 4cKinney, James D. i ilk vfcLemore, William H. vlcLeod, Michael R. vIcRae, Christopher P. klelton, John C. klerren, Michael D. vliller, Betsy J. iii miler, Mary S. Vliller, Robert W. Morse, Patricia A. Mullins, W. Ralph Murdock, Arthur E. VIoore, Billy C. Morton, Jann L. Mote. Jacqueline H. ahay, William Y. iNaman, Carl H. iNewberry, Arthur R. ■Niemann, Chet i Noble, George R. Noecker, Sally J. Norris, Elaine P. Norton, William A. O ' Kellv, Charles S. Oldham, Henry N. 379 ' m Sauls, Laura E. Orell, Robert W. Osterneck, Myles N. Ozaki, Roger H. Palefsky, Elliot H. Savage, Rosalind Paper, Mary J. Parrish, Bruce H. Perry, Marion E. Phillips, Lynn Saye, Jake L., Jr. Pickren, James H. Picker, Virginia L. Pinkerton, Eddy R. Powers, Phillip L. Schnedl, Mary B. Price, S. Clayton, Jr. Pritchett, Mark J., Jr. Reagan, Thomas J. Reed, Bruce E. Schulhoffer, George Richburg, Thomas H. Richey, Joyce D. Riddick, Judy L. Ridley, William E. Schwamlein, Albert F., Jr. Rhoden, James H. Roberts, Richard R. Rodgers, Lynda M. Rogers, Tommy A. Seagler, Chip Rumsey, Charles G. Russell, Richard B. Sailors, Jerry C. Samaltanos, Anthony S. Sears, Stephen H. 380 Sevier, Susan L. Shamhart, Martha H. Simmons, Carolyn J. Simmons, Grant P. Sims, Ann L. Singleton, Tilman Singer, Sandra R. Smith, Jerry J. Souter, Saralyn Stallings, Sybil Stanley, Robert H. Stephens, Betty J. I Stephens, G. Winston Stephens, Marvin R. Stevens, John R., Jr. Stogner, Judy A. Stovall, Albert S. J., Jr. Stowe, Betty J. Stuckey, Harvey L., Jr. Stula, Joy A. Sutton, Linda J. Swafford, Mack D. Sweat, Kathryn S. Tabor, John S. Talmadge, Herman E. Tappy, Thomas P. Teitel, Theodore B. Terry, Dan B. Tharp, Mary L. Thomason, Judith E. Threeton, Clay L. Threlkeld, George L. Thweatt, John D. Todd, Susan J. Toney, Arnold A., Jr. Trammell, Erwin G. Turner, Ward P. ■I»f Wade, Dorothy, L. Weems, Arthur H. Weitman, Ravenel T. West, Lucy Y. Wells, Donald L. Wages, Harvey S., Jr. Wells, Jan V. Wheelin, Thomas K. White, Bill E. White, Dorothy E. Wall, Pearla White, Nancy A. S. White, Marian L. Whitley, Louisa A. Whittle, Marie B. Ward, Eugene L. Whorton, Judith F. Wilbanks, James H. Wilcher, Carlton W., Jr. Wilkes, William L. Waters, Anne A. Wilson, Mary E. Willett, Robert E. Willoughby, Jim L. Winship, Wadleigh C. Watkins, Nancy V. Winston, Clara L. Wofford, Dorothy J. Woo, Douglas K. Wray, Margaret J. Webb, Madge P. Wright, Benjamin H. Wright, Judith A. Wylly, John C, Jr. Wynn, Martha C. 382 ) COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 1 1 i£i i Dean J. Whitney Bunting Founded in 1913, this College has these primary aims: to provide a foundation of general culture, to broaden the view-point and develop sound thinking and, at the same time, to supply practical training for students who wish to prepare for business and commercial careers. Considerable emphasis is placed on producing the well-rounded liber- ally educated person who can not only take his place in society, but who also becomes the best business executive. 383 Adams, Pat C. Adair, Samuel Y., Jr. Aghazadeh, Mohsen Belts, William L. Beverly, Joe E. Alexander, David C, III Alford, Robert M. Anderson, Benjamin K., Jr. Black, Robert G. Blocker, Ellis R. Anderson, Edmond L. Applebaum, Charles R. Armstrong, Gerald A. Bloodworth, George A., J Bobbitt, Sidney H. Arnott, Nancy G. Aycock, Robert R. Baggett, William G. Bagwell, James R. Baker, Thomas H. Barnett, Bill H. Boney, Don L. Bostwick, Preston T. Bassett, David D. Battle, Joseph A., Jr. Beazley, Billy B., Jr. Boyd, David E. Brackett, Charles E. Bell, Mark R., Jr. Bell, William G. Belle Isle, William A, Jr. Bracewell, Grady J., Jr. Brasington, Beau 384 Bray, Charlie W. Bredenberg. John H. K. Brogdon, William A. Brooks, George B. Broome, William I. Brown, John R. Burden, William S., Jr. Burdett, James M. Burpee, Walter J. Burton, James S. Bush, Corley S. Byrd, Benny, Jr. Capel, Larry H. Casey, William E. Cashen, Richard J. Gates, Arthur K. Cathey, Charles W. Chambers, F. B. Chambless, James L. Chandler, James H. Cheatham, James R. Cipolla, Bruno G. Clarke, Andrew B. Clarke, Boykin Clarke, George C. Cloninger, Eugene F. Cochean, Beverly F. Cole, Emried D. Collins, David B. Collins, Sherod, Jr. Connally, Harper G., Jr. Copage, John R. L 385 Corbett, Thomas Correll, Alston D. Coursey, John P., Jr. Cox, Nancy A. Cox, Ronald G. Cramer, Walter E., Ill Crane, Baxter C. mMagmm Cranman, Marvin Cravens, Douglas C, Jr. Critchett, Donald J. Cubbedge, Edwin W. Czuchta, Steve, Jr. Davis, Horace L. Davis, Robert H. DeArmas, Gilbert A. Deen, George E. Deloach, George L. Denard, Albert L. Donaldson, John K. Dover, Lawrence E. Downs, Jackie W. Duggan, Henry C. Eaton, Milton L. Eberhardt, Linton W. Elliott, Henry K. Elliott, Larry R. Ellison, Billy Elser, Fred J. Ezzard, Martha J. Fair, Wanda J. Fannin, Truman P. Faulkner, Gary S. Ficklen, John D. Fishman, R. Peter Fiveash, Charlie B. Fluker, Jimmy D. Fortier, Suzanne C. I fclfilbiiH ' fe«iit» J 386 II Fountain, James L. Fretwell, Wm. P. Friedman, Charles Gabrielsen, James Garrett, Floyd A. Geiger, David L. Gentry, Charles J. Gerrard, Larry T. Giles, Wilbur H. Gill, Andrew W. Gingrey, James F. Gladin, Bennie R. QQOOOO ooo OQOOOO 309900® DOOOOOO lOOOOQi Gordon, Harry Gossett, Larry F. Gracia, Octavio O. Greene, Larry F. Green, Madeline Griggs, James E. Gunnels, Joe E. Hamby, Billy C. Hammond, A. Gene Hanner, Richmond Hanson, William D. Hardy, Fred A. 387 Gleaton, William E. Godwin, Jackson A. Goldberg, Alan H. Harrington, Heyward T. Harris, Wesley F. Haynes, Cynthia M. Heam, James P. Heggie, Walter B., Jr. Helms, Roland T., Jr. Hurlbutt, James W. Huss, William L. Henry, Hunter M., Jr. Herman, Charles E. Herman, William A., Ill Hutchison, C. Alan Inglis, David W. Hester, Roy F. Hitchcock, Hershel E. Hobby, Stephens G. Ingram, Henry C. Irvin, James T. Hodges, James E. Hoffeditz, Thomas S. Holder, Metz R. Ivey, William F. Jackson, Jan H. Holland, Harold E. HoUey, Henry W., Jr. Holman, Patricia D. l ' Ioi)t Howard, Larry K. Hubbard, John Hughes, William H., Ill 388 Messier, Jay .idd, William W. iirk, Harrison L. iitchens, Jack E. iramer, Ruth and, Irwin W. angfitt, James P. -anier, William S. V -awson, Jerry C. Lay ton, Charles E. Lea, Richard N. Leebem, Fate D. Libby, James M. Lockerman, Allen E. Johnson, Robert W. Johnston, Brian I. Jones, Roy M. Long, James M. Maddox, Joseph H. Jordan, James H. Jorgensen, Leon P. Katz, Jerry H. ' Mdfk Mangham, Jay R. Mansfield, J. Lawrence Kelly, Kenneth R. Kalmanson, Dave Kesser, Barry M. Mapp, Andrew V. Marlow, S. Carolyn Martin, Melvin D. Mathis, Larry G. McAlum, Grady F. McCain, Charles A. SMlA McCracken, Gerald A. McDonald, Anne M. McFadden Bradford McGowan, Samuel L. 389 ■■Wr McKinney, Robert H. McLain, Gerri McLeroy, James R., Jr. McMains, Harrison McRae, William M. McTeer, Robert D. Meek, Harold F. Middlebrooks, Joseph A. Miles, Robert W., Jr. Miller, Carol L. Miller, Hubert C. Mobley, Garner C, Jr. Moelchert, Louis W. Moore, George F. Morgan, Robert Moseley, Louie R., Jr. Moser, Douglas S. Nash, Thomas M., Jr. Needham, Ronald F. Neeley, Robert W. Nicholson, Brooks A. Norris, Robert E. Nottingham, Gardiner L. ODell, Charles L. Odom, Ernest J. Ogden, Aubrey W. Ogden, Ralph L. Oglesby, Roddy H., Jr. Overby, Edgar C, Jr. Page, Edwin M. Parker, Don G. Parker, Ted M. Parks, Barry M. Parrish, Joe E. 390 Peeler, Dennis H. Perkins, William H. Perling, David J. Persons, Augustus P. Peters, William T. Pheil, Frederick P. Phillips, Donald L. Pickard, Joseph A. Pickelsimer, Joan A. Pickett, James R. Pilgrim, George E., Ill Pitman, Edward S. Pittard, Charles C, Jr. Plunkett, George E., Ill Pittard, Mima Poppell, Paul H. Powell, Hershel R. Powell, Leonard B., Jr. Presley, William H. Price, Robert E. Price, Roy V. Prince, David F. Pritchett, Thomas L., |r. Proctor, Robert A. Quisenberry, James F. Ragsdale, Stanton L. Ray, Charles A. Reed, Charles W., Jr. Jjk k 391 Reese, Bobby D. Richards, Reuben R. Ricks, Charles I. Ritter, Carl A. Robinson, Richard E. Robinson, William E. Rosenthal, Henry M. Sanders, John W. TirplaH ' Tii»ni, ' n Tavlor.W Teiljiaa Schultz, John C. Scott, Arthur A. Sheffield, Ralph B. Shepard, Gene R. Tnipk,) " Tmpit,|o TW,W Ttiijpoi.S TWol, li Sills, Joel W. Silver, Milton Simpson, Cecil R. Sink, Dennis J. Slaton, Roger D. Tlinui,! TbongHi Thonpm Thonpioo Iota,]: Smith, Charles Smith, David M. Snellings, Donald J. Solomon, Thomas J. Spence, Joe T. Squires, Robert E. Statham, Ben G. Stephens, Thomas E. Stephens, Wilbur G. Stevens, Harry G. Stevens, Warren B. Stilwell, James R. Stinnett, Nick Stone, Edward E. Stone, Jones F. Tophe,! Trippt, TlilMlJl Vutt.Sli " " is uart. 392 flj urn. bitC. at Unit Stovall, Jon M. Strawn, James M. Strickland, Fred S. Strickland, Ray L. Susman, Seymour G. Tank, Frederick E. Tarpley, Robert W. Tatum, Thomas F. Taylor, Richard P., Ill Teal, James L. Temple, John H. Temple, Joseph M. Tidwell, William J. Thigpen, Kenneth F. Tindol, Rufus L. Thomas, Kenneth E. T hompson, Harry H. Thompson, Sara C. Thompson, Travis H. Tolbert, James J. Topshe, Sondra P. Trippe, Walter R., Jr. Turner, James P. Upchurch, Harold W. Vance, Shipley A. ! Van Diviere, CatherineVan Diviere, Cornelia Veal, Wendell R. Vinson, Thomas M. Walker, Jimmie D. Walker, Jimmy R. Walker, John D. 393 9 Walsh, Stqjhen M. Wasdin, Susan W. Watson, William E. Weeks, Edson S. Weiner, Larry A. Wheeler, Mary J. White, Charles K. White, Robert H. Whiting, Scott F. Whitley, Robert G. Whitley, William H. Whitlock, William H. Whitmire, Millard M. Whitworth, G. Lamar Wick, Arthur C. Wilcox, Peter W. Wilde, Richard N. Wilder, Carlos B. Wilkerson, Joe E. Williams, Eleanor K. Williams, Ralph L. Wilson, Jerald R. Wilson, William H. Withers, John B. Woettien, Donald A. Wolfson, Dennis Woods, Harry E. Worlock, Jerry E. Wright, Alexander S. Wright, Johnny F. Wynne, David Yarbrough, Johnny Yates, Clinton H. York, Preston B. btsbU ' eoe of Edii ;;ises in ■00, wltli ! general, fc ' : ' year, ait Jfranged fl Udiabai coorse brii cootact wit ' lie itydenl • ' cipates ii classroom. Iiisjoniorof in a pyblj ' ' ef xperis iiisft ouryei II COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Established in 1908, the Col- lege of Education teaches only courses in professional educa- tion, with some exceptions. In general, these begin in the jun- ior year, and the sequence is so arranged that the first course builds a background and begin- ning philosophy. The second course brings the student in contact with children, and then the student observes and par- ticipates in a selected public classroonn. At the beginning of his junior or senior year he visits in a public school for Septenn- ber Experiences, and apprentice teaching is the culmination of h is four years of college. Dean Joseph A. Williams Aaron, Linda Aberson, Gail M. Adams, Betty J. Beninghove, Barbara K. Bennett, Sarah M. i na .21 HI •31 Akin, Franklin W. Akin, Joseph S. Anthony, Judith L. Bentley, Linda S. Berlin, Thea F. Atcheson, Carolyn J. Bagwell, James E. Barber, Preston S. Blass, Charlotte J. Bohannon, Jodie Barnes, Earl D. Barrett, Mary A. Bell, Carleen G. Bowie, Eathel F. Bradley, Linda K. Bradshaw, Randy S. Briscoe, Mary S. Britt, Wilda C. Brown, Martha G. Brown, Robert M. Burdison, Maylin F. Burroughs, Carole Burton, Sarah A. Cannon, Libby F. Campbell, Patricia D Carter, Barbara W. Carter, Janice M. Chambers, Nell C. Clark, Evelan A. Clewis, Carla K. Cohen, Marlene J. Coile, Linda K. Cole, Elaine M. Cnad MIA DM DM DfVi Dolir DM Un Fin Rh FU Fo Fn FqI Ful Cil Ga Harrison, Paula J Haupt, Gail E. Head, William P. Heys, JoAnn Hill, Betty R. Jenkins, Jan P. Johnsa, Kathy Johnson, Mary V. Johnston, Alice K. Jones, C. Ann Jones, Emily W. Jones, James T. Jiisko, Patricia T. Keadle, Patsy G. Kesler, Ernest B., Jr. Kimbrough, Linda R. Knight, Robert E. Knight, Ruth Kreeger, George H. Holcombe, William D. Holland, Diana K. Hornsby, Samuel G. Kurtz, Judith H. Land, Judith M. Hostetter, Elisabeth L. Hubbard, Sammy L. Huff, Vivian M. Land, Mary L. Landrum, L. Suellen Hunter, Ruth B. lUges, Barbara S. Jarrell, Judy A. Langston, Nancy C. Lanier, Mary E. Lawson, Dee Levinson, Laura F. Lewis, Hilda D. Lines, Jean P. Long, Josephine E. Maffett, Shirley W. Martin, Wesley T. Mason, Twila F. I.F ufiiinL ; in Jans H. jhmJoieplD. UnbelAiiiaS. k|tae,MinM. m McElmurray, Florence McEver, Dannettte M. Mcintosh, Peggy I. McMillan, Florence L. McNabb, Terry S. Medford, E. Jane Merritt, Panna I Mitchell, Gloria A. j Mitchell, Sandra L. I Mitchell, William R. I Mobley, George W. Momow, Reatha G. Mooney, James L. Morris, James H. Morrow, Joseph D. i Mougharbel, Aziza S. Murphree, Mary M. Nelms, Richard B. Nerve, Eugene T. Norris, David T. Nowlen, Nancy L. Orr, Nancy E. Owens, Sarah H. Pardue, William G. Pattillo, Patti M. Peavy, Peggy A. Porter, Nancy M. Pound, Ida E. Pugh, Floyd H. Quinnelly, Richard A. Rainey, Margaret A. Rambo, Ellen E. Ravenscroft, Nina Rhodes, JoAnn Richardson, Spurgeon Riley, Marguerite C. Robbins, Julia B. Robinson, Susan D. Wade, Phyllis M. Wall, Saundra Wallace, Lucretia J. Watkins, Barbara F. Watkins, Kenneth H Watson, Ann Weatherford, Mary F Wellborn, Brenda C. Wells, Allen B. Westbrook, Ann Whittle, Mary C. Williams, Dale Williams, Earl F. Williams, Mary J. Willig, Sharon N. Wilson, Patti J. Woodall, Elinor G Zalkow, Janice Dean Allyn M. Herrick SCHOOL OF FORESTRY b The George Foster Peabody School of Forestry, established in 1906, is the oldest in the South. The curriculum leading to the degree of Bache- lor of Science in Forestry provides opportunity to concentrate on one of several phases of re- source management: timber, wildlife, watershed, or recreation. A core of basic studies is required and insures that the graduate is qualified by education to practice professional forestry, al- though ample provision for specialization is made through a liberal choice of electives. In addition to educational services the School manages the University forest properties, works with farmers and landowners through the Agri- cultural Extension, and conducts experiment sta- tions in Griffin and Athens. i L 401 Almand, James D. Barrett, Jimmy L. Barry, Patrick J. I t Biggs, Charles W. Blair, Leslie H. Bryan, Joseph T., Jr Butler, Roswell C. Byars, Billy B. Copelan, Jesse T. Brown, Johnny M. Der, Robert A. Egli, David A. Evans, Thomas E. Fogle, Donnie B. Brown, Lewis P. Gainous, Larry B. Galbreath, E. Hugh Gosselin, Gerard F. Haygood, Charles B., Jr. Hill, Walter J. Hilton, Leroy P. Knight, Herbert A. Long, Robert W. 141 m Loo, Quock G. McCord, Jerry D. McDonald, Richard E. McLendon, Robert E. Maxheimer, John A. Neergaard, Fred A. Nussbaumer, William H Rackley, William D. 403 Reese, Henry A. Fitchie, Gary A. Robertson, Calvin Russell, Barron J. Shaw, Douglas W. Shelton, Richard E. Simmons, Joseph N. Smith, Terrell L. Steedley, Billy H. Taylor, Don R. Thurmond, Guy J, Tumbleston, Roy Underwood, G. P. Voigt, John T. Ware, Glenn O. 404 GRADUATE SCHOOL Dean Gerald B. Huff At first the custom at the University was to con- fer the degree of Master of Arts upon any Bachelor of Arts w ho, three years or more after graduation, made application for the degree and paid a required fee. This practice continued to be followed until 1868, at which time a required course of study was laid down, and at present a candidate Is required to complete an accept- able thesis and forty quarter hours. Since 1936 numerous programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree have been offered. 405 Aapola, Alpo J. E. Aapola, Maija-Liisa Bargeron, Peggy A. Bates, William H. Beasley, Kenneth Agerton, J. A., Jr. Alderson, Edwin B. Bellune, Ruth E. Bilderback, Linda Billips, A. T., Jr. Antell, Christer G. Armour, James T. Blanchard, Yewel Bond, Ronald C. Booth, Don W. Arstad, Sitanala Arze, Carlos G. Boroughs, Emily B. Brown, Benny J. Brown, Robert E. Ashbaugh, Alex C. Ashbaugh, Grace O. Broyles, Carroll D. Bryant, J. G., Jr. wmr Astin, Claude C, Jr. Astin, Joseph S., Jr. Austin, James R. Aydelotte, Wm. H. Badash, Fred BarBeld, John R. 406 irmichael, Charles L. isale, Jorge O. lappell, Robert L. lesser, Aaron H. lilders, Dan J. iristie, Wesley R. iii 1 ark, James D. mft |oud, Ralph M. i )le, John R., Jr. Iquitt, John F. ok, Charles L. ' per, Raymond B. )il 7 -31 d Cx)urson, Maxwell T. Davidson, Sara E. Davis, Margaret B. Davis, Robert Dejong, Donald W. DeWitt, Wallis E. Dixon, William I. Edwards, Norman W. Ellis, Charles El-Zoobi, Ahmed Fleming, Joyce W. Forehand, Oliver C. Gordy, Bob L. Gower, Charles A. Greene, John W. Guffin, Raymond L. Gutierrez, Jose H. Hall, Donald T. Hall, Harold H. Hamad, Nizar 407 tJ ( ' « 1 ' - m Hamid, Hassan A. Hamner, Charles E., Jr. Hamner, Sharon B. Harris, Floyd Harris, James B. Harris, James E., Jr. Herndon, Paul M. Hicks, David L. Hinds, John C. Howell, Tony L. Hummel, Jim J. Hunt, Charlie A. Isanhour, Lina C. James, Frank A. Janosko, Gayle E. Jones, Frank B. Jones, Kenneth W. Jordan, Carolyn V. Keefe, Thomas L. Kinard, Frederick W., Ji Kinzie, Lois M. Kiwan, Obayda H. Knight, Richard W. Koon, William H. Korkis, Abdulahad Landrum, Gloria E. Langford, Linda Lopez, Jose E. Lord, Wallace E. 408 ■IV 1 1 T iBniFmioid ' It Mosely, Robert H. Mougharbel, Sa ' -id K. Nissar, Evy M. Norraan, Billy R. Owens, Ar thur L., Jr. Ozawa, Koji Peeples, Dale H. Petersen, David M. Pierson, Donnie E. Pirrello, Edward N. Powell, George W. Pyun, Chong S. Rabin, Albert N. Rawlins, Omri Rhodes, Martha E. Rivers, Walter G. Robinson, Ronald R. Robinson, Wilburn V. Dollins, Jack B. Russell, James W. Manning, Faye L. Mansell, Robert S. Marini, Rogelio N. Marx, Donald H. McKinnell, Ken P. Meeks, Joseph D. Minser, Patricia M. Mitchell, Ernie W. Moghrabi, Kamel M. Moore, Maggie L. M " A " -r Tegen, Charles R. Thompson, Walter B. Tippens, Paul E. Tomas, Javier F. Tsangarakis, Chris Z. Sasser, Emery L. Satomi, Masako Schoenemann, Donald R. Schultz, Donald P. Seeburger, George H. Shukla, Udai C. Smith, Jack O. Smith, Yates C. Sonntag, Jarl S. Springer, E. Louise Stewart, Helen J. Still, Charles A. Jr. Still, Judith H. Supran, Michael K. Veech, Joseph A. Vinson, Fleming G. Wade, Robert L. Walker, Ted R., Jr. Wells, D. Wayne Wenzel, Barry E. Wexler, Alan Williams, James E. Woodward, David R. Yang, Hui M. Ziekle, Sylvia B. fe fo fe SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS Dean Mary Speirs The University was one hundred and thirty- three years old before it gave to women the privilege of study toward a degree. In 1918 the Division of Home Economics was inaugurated. In 1932 the School moved into Dawson Hall. The School requires a core curriculum in the College of Arts and Sciences and of- fers ten majors which prepare young women for home and family living and related pro- fessional careers. 411 Barrett, Helen C. Bell, Chris L. Benton, Beverly C. Braselton, Luq ' E. Brock, Sandra D. Brown, Barbara L. Burdette, Elizabeth D • Carson, Carol L. Carter, Diane Cochran, Florence G. Collier, Suzanne Crawford, Yvonne H. X Crowe, Marianne Dabbs, Patricia Darrough, Becky Darwin, Patsy R. Dean, Melinda A. Doster, Gloria E. ■ Eraberson, Eleanor L. Evans, Mary L. Fisher, Ann L. Ford, Judy B. FuUilove, Eleanor A. Fulton, Ann K. . I 412 11 i Lee, Virginia A. Long, Helen M. Lott, Sandra L. Gaines, Zadie P. Gaston, Karen S. Hardy, Marjorie A. Harper, Sandra M. MacCullough, Alice Marshall, Priscilla Masters, Frankie J. Heard, Dian V. Higginbotham, Lanoy Mathias, Charlotte Mays, Rebie P. McCoy, Brenda W. Hodes, Shirley Hughs, Lynda B. Hutasoit, Rulia M. Ingram, Marie J. Jones, Antoinette Joyner, Frances P. Keheley, Julia M. Lee, Ernestine S. 413 McCuUough, Annette Mclntyre, Margaret L. Montgomery, Patricia A. Morris, Shelba J. Moseley, Genelda Murphy, Carol D. Newton, Treasa L. Norris, Gloria J. Perkins, Kay E. Pattillo, Alice D. Purcell, Wanda M. Randall, Priscilla A. Roberts, Barbara R. Rominger, Linda J. Shackelford, Martha A. Summerhill, Vicki D. Sutton, Eloise C. Taylor, Jo A. Terry, Hilda J. Whitehead, June Wilson, Sherley A. Wiser, Meda L. Wright, Frances C. 414 Dean John E. Drewry SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM The School of Journalism began In 1915 and In 192! was named for the editor, orator, and statesman, hienry W. Grady, an alumnus of the University. The School offers the degree of Bachelor of Arts In Journalism, which combines a broad lib- eral arts background with professional training and practical experience under supervision. The School sponsors several Institutes for students and active jour- nalists each year, and aspiring journalists have the opportunity to meet many mem- bers of their future profession. 415 Clark, David K. Cochran, Cynthia L. Cooksey, Gordon L. Cooper, Dennis R. Courson, John H. Crain, George H. Dalton, Thomas W. Daniel, Donald J. Daniell, Olivia B. DeBruhl, Joyce L. DuBose, Priscilla G. Foster, Harriette G. Algers, Thalia J. Anderson, Carol Ard, John V. Baker, Archie J. Beall, Mary C. Blalock, Joseph A. Boswell, Kenneth B Bowman, Jennings Bracewell, Jane C. Brookins, William I Brown, Etta B. Brumby, Bebe D. 416 Mbit Furman, John D. Gammons, James H. Greene, Linda Hardison, Richard M. Harrington, Terry L. Hartmann, Frederick R. Hicks, Mary H. Holmes, Jr., William H. Howell , Robert N. Hunter, Charlayne Jackson, Ann B. Jones, J. Larry Jones, Terrell Johnson, Martha A. Johnson, W. Tommy, Jr. Keever, James O., Ill Knight, Daniel P. Lampe, Diedrich L. Lane, Walter R. Lowery, Clifford C. Luckey, Tom M. Marett, Rosemary Matthews, Lyda M. Miller, Charles M. . . McVinnie, Brian C. Mosteller, Joyce Nairn, Charles R., Jr. Nesbit, John E. Overstreet, John O. Owens, Calvin G. Phillips, John T. Reid, Christina S. Rothrock, Laurene B. Rountree, Don C. Russell, John T. Sapp, Robert N., Jr. Sawyer, Charles P. Harriet, J. Terry Thomhill, Barbara L. Townson, Richard D. Watts, George B. Welch, Anita C. Whitley, William A. Waite, John C. Wall, Erskine R. Willis, Jerry T. Wolff, Fabianne B. Busby, Bette Carol 418 ;t i Dean J. Alton Hosch SCHOOL OF LAW Classes in the School of Law began in October, 1859, and in December of that year, this school, the second unit of the University, was chartered by Act of the General Assembly. In inviting students to attend the School, the founders wrote this: " Our object shall be, as far as in us lies, to teach law, not as a collection of arbitrary rules, but as a connected logical system, founded on principles which appeal for their sanction to eternal truth. " Courses of study are designed to give the student a thorough knowledge of the common law and its statutory modifications, emphasis being placed on Georgia law and also upon the practical application of theory. 419 Abbott, Bruce D. Anderson, W. H. Amall, Alvan S. Atkinson, Tyrus R. Ayre, Terry P. Bagwell, William A. Banks, Jack H. Barnes, James M. Baxter, Barnee C, Jr. Beach, James R., Jr. Benedict, Charles C. Benton, Terrell W., Jr. Blanchard, Jim H. Bloodworth, Franklin Bowen, Dudley H. Boyer, Morris S. Brannen, Perry, Jr. Brown, Charles H. Brumby, Otis A. Burgess, Robert P. Calhoun, Patrick P. Calhoun, Paul W., Jr Camp, Charles E. Campbell, T. R. ■ Forbes, Morton G. Foster, Chris A. Foughner, Jim W. Fowler, Britton L. Franklin, H. Lehman Gaines, Howard C. Garland, Edward T. Gordon, James B. Grimes, Daniel M. Haley, John N. Hays, Walter W. Hitchcock, John F. Hitchcock, John P. Hoagland, William J. Hopkins, Alton H. Hulsey, Julius M. Inglesby, Sam P. Ivey, Toby Jones, Eric L. katz, Richard A. Kennedy, Alfred D. Kilpatrick, Paul V., Jr. Kite-Powell, Stephen M. Knapp, Brooks S. Knox, Wyck A., Jr. Langley, Emmett R. Leggett, DeAlva Loflin, W. P., Jr. Maguire, Samuel F. Malone, Thomas W. Marshall, Nelson W. McElmurray, Forrest H. Mclntyre, James T., Jr. McLane, H. Arthur Melvin, John M. Miles, Robert D. Miller, A. Montague Miller, J. Cleve Moore, Thomas J. Moore, William T., Jr. Morris, Thornton W. Moseley, James W. Mowry, James B. Nash, James W. Noell, John S., Jr. Nuckolls, John A. O ' Callaghan, Williai Oxford, Charles O. Paller, Jack Phillips, Richard D. Pickett, Albert M. Pleasants, James V. Rentz, Donald D. Ridlehuber, Ted R. Roberts, Julian H., Jr. Rowland, Emory H. Royal, J. Ken Ryan, John J. Salmon, Finnis L. Schramm, Robert I. Sell, Edward S. Shalloway, Philip D. Skuse, Kenneth P. Slaby, Richard A. Slaughter, William N. Smith, Laurence E. Smith, Ralph C. Smith, Robert J. Soley, David M. Stephens, B. Wiley Stephens, Ronny D., Jr. Stowers, Fred G. Talmadge, John E. Thomas, R. D., Jr. Tisinger, David H. Tisinger, Richard G. Trotter, Richard P. Underwood, Frank C. Ursrey, Lawton R., Jr. Walker, Lawrence C. Warlick, William B. Wilkins, R. D. Williams, George W., Jr. Williamson, Emory J. " if Dean Kenneth L. Waters SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Established in 1903, the School of Pharmacy was the third school of the University. The primary function of the School is to train young men and women for positions of responsibility in retail pharmacy or for service in one or more branches of pharmacy. It adopted the five-year program in I960, which leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and it also offers the Master of Science. When the school becomes established in its new building in the fall of 1963 with its modern equipment and ample research facilities, graduate work leading to the Doc- tor of Philosophy will be offered. 423 Davis, Earnest F. Adams, John C. Akin, Frankie J. Alday, Daniel H. Allee, Robert W. Durden, Kenneth R. Armistead, Thomas E. Atkinson, Tom B. Bagwell, Edward L. Baker, Dan H. Erivin, Hugh F. Blondheim, Barry F. Boatright, Douglas M. Bradley, Kenneth L. Braswell, Thomas H. Eubanks, Clayton A., Jr. Brock, Winston B. Brown, Max C. Brown, Ralph F. Bunting, Gary A. Evans, Ernest W. Caldwell, Leslie E. Bush, Leron A. Callaway, James C. Carter, George M. Feinberg, Stephen L. Chappelear, Edward H. Colson, Charles F. Cook, Wyndell L. Crane, Jerrold N. Floyd, H. Raymond, Jr. Creasman, D. LaMar Culpepper, Charles R. Dalrymple, Thomas R. Davis, Charles M., Jr. j ' mci Floyd, Thomas A. 424 I ' owler. Douglas P. ■reeman, Fletcher V. ■ulcher, Robert M., Jr. ' uUington, James B. ay, Bobby G. leaton, Johnny W., Ill Golden, Bobby L. " .oldstein, Allen S. ;oodson, Robert M. ,oolsby, Arthur J., Jr. Irainger, Larry G. Jreene, Johnny J. Larson, James S. Lawson, Jimmy N. Lee, Thomas F. Lewis, Irvin A. Lindsey, Robert A. Mathis, Ira H. McKneely, Augustus L, McCleskey, Doris K. Mewborn, George W. Mims, Sandra E. Moore, Joseph E. Moreland, Emily S. Moseley, Hubert D. Moye, Hayden H. Mundy, Charles L., Jr. Neely, Franklin D. Nolan, Shelba J. Noles, Thomas A. Parham, Bobby E. Park, Sammy D. Parrish, Larry J. Peterson, Mill H., Jr. Phillips, Byron H. Phillips, William C. Prince, Joseph S. Rawlins, Tony S. Reese, James R. Rhodes, Franklin R. Rice, Jimmy P. Rogers, Thomas C. Rogers, Wendell R. Ross, Bobby T. Royal, Daniel C, Jr. Rushin, Julian T. Russell, Hardy L., Jr. Sapp, Rema H. Schaffer, Joel Sherrer, Carl W. Shirley, Donald A. Skipper, George R. Smith, Dean, Jr. Smith, Harold G., Jr. Smith, B. Lestina Speer, John F., Jr. Stewart, Howell E., Jr. Strickland, Marion E. Talley, Dean B. Thomas, George T. Tootle, Cecil J. Varn, Harriet L. Watkins, Charles J. Watson, Merrill T. White, Charles H. Woo, Eugene, Jr. .. iL Dean Thomas J. Jones SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE Although the University offered a degree course in veterinary medicine as early as 1918, the present school was organized in 1946 and requires four academic years for completion of the professional career in veterinary medicine. The School is composed of five departments and was established to train stu- dents from the southeastern states and to serve as a research center for the investigation of animal and poultry diseases. It is one of three schools of veteri- nary medicine in the South. 427 Ahrens, Leslie H. Anderson, James T. Austin, Paul D. Baldwin, D. Charlene Barlow, Thomas W. Bass, Tom L. Birdsall, David E. Bloodworth, James R. Booth, David L. Brogdon, Vernis D. Brown, Carl G. Brown, Leon G. Brubaker, Henry A. Bryan, Jones W. Bryan, Robert L. Bryant, Robert H. Buell, Bradford E. Buffkin, William S. Burroughs, William H. Cabaniss, Daniel C. Caskins, Cecil B. Chambers, Jimmy W. Clayton, Marvin R. Croft, Lowell T. Cohen, Donald W. Cook, John R. Corry, Larry R. Cottinghara, John D. Dantzler, Thomas M. Dawson, Jerry L. Dellinger, Wilber A. DeLoach, Clinton J. Dement, Wayne M. Dennard, Ivey C. Deriso, G. Tharpe B I Dickson, Thomas G. Dorsey, William R. Garrett, Sara F. Gates, James B., Jr. Gehr, Samuel M. Dunahoo, Horace R. Enloe, Frank R. Gibson, George E. Gibson, Tom P. Goode, Richard B. Ervin, John T. Estes, Lila C. Goodrich, John S. Greene, Richard H. Gross, Stuart E. Filsinger, William C. Flanders, Bennett Hagaraan, John R. Hall, Arthur S. Harrison, William E. Franklin, Charles E. Freeman, Edwin L., Jr. Hawkins, J. Arlin Hayes, Hugh A. Hayes, John E. Freeman, Frank P., Ill Gaines, W. Robert Hendricks, Hugh V. Henke, Robert P. High, Edward O. Garbutt, Robert L. Gardner, Hugh A. Hines, Jan C. Holder, George T. Hook, Mamie R. 429 Herman, Joseph T. Howell, John W., Jr. Howell, Lanny M. Hudspeth, Pat Hyatt, Ralph F. Hydrick, Dick S. Iseminger, Fred C. Jackson, James H. Jaeger, Raymond A. Jeffries, Joe T. Johnston, Ned L. Jenkins, Thomas W., Jessop, Gene Johnson, Jerry H. Johnson, Clayton P. Johnson, Ned L. Johnston, William J. Kimble, Vernon W. Kyle, Osceola C, Jr. Laing, Noel A. Langdon, Jerry P. Lee, James E. Ligon, Grover C, III •lai Lipscomb, Robert W. Long, Richard H. Lucas, Gene S. Lyne, H. O. Margues, Paul A. Martin, John H. Martin, Robert B. Mason, Louis M. Maxson, Frank B. May, Howard C, Jr. May, William O., Jr. McCart, William G. t McCreery, Betty K. ■■-.TDb,« l ' LntllO. IkOit «iS ' Minton, Mack B. Mladinich, Christopher R. Mobley, David H. Moore, Isaac J. McCurdy, Harry D. Nichiponik, Harry O ' Hara, Dennis D. Padgett, Kenneth R. Page, Robert K. McDuffie, Richard C. Page, Robert S. Parkin, William E. Parks, Richard O. Phillips, Edward H. McGee, William L. Pierce, Joseph E. Pope, James R. Proctor, Tom F. Ramsay, James W. McLeod, Charles G., Jr. Reeves, William N. Rice, Stephen E. Ridgeway, Theodore R. Robinson, George R. Mercer, Henry D. Rodman, William K. Rosen, Marvin D. Sanders, Billy C. Sauer, Barry W. Miller, Gordon P. Schoeberlein, William L. Schoelkopf, Rodney L. Seymour, Zack E. Sharp, Joseph W. Miller, John M. 431 md M Shive, Gary F. Shortall, Charles T. Simmonds, Richard Smith, George B. Smith, Harold M. Stephenson, Robert L. Stark, Dennis M. Sweat, Maurice T. Szabo, Tibor Taylor, Harold T. Taylor, Robert W. Teate, John M. Thigpen, Clifton K. Thompson, Frederick W., Jr. Timmons, Edward H. Townsend, James F. Townsend, Lee R. Tribby, David C. Wall, Preston J. Walrath, David B. Washington, George E. Weatherly, James C. Whatley, Seaborn J. Whitaker, William R. AVhitelock, Richard E. Williams, Richard A. Williams, William M. Wise, John T. Witkofsky, Walter L., Jr. Woods, James W. Wright, Childs R., Jr. VanDeGrift, Edward R., IH Verdin, Daniel B., Jr. 432 «p JUNIOR CLASS Abney, Howard T. Adair, Barbara H. Adams, Charles B. Adams, Sara E. Adams, Shirley A. Addison, Joel N. Jr. Aiken, Jeannie M. Alexander, Anita W. Alexander, William R. Ill Allen, Benjamin F. Allen, James B. Allen, James D. Allen, Keren N. Ames, William R. Anderson, Alvin F. Anderson, Cynthia Anderson, Ernest R. Anderson, James W. Anderson, Karen E. Anderson, Karen H. Anderson, Phyllis I. Andrews, Bobby J. Andrews, Sandra Andrews, Montine E. Angel, John W. Anger, Sally S- Archer, David G. Arenstein, Judith H. Arey, Julius N. Armistead, Jacqueline Armour, Margie V. Armstrong, Margie S. Arneson, Carolyn E. Ashcraft, Eleanor P. Ashenfelder, Gerrylyn C. Atkin, Catherine S. Atkinson, Pattie M. Anerett, Jerry C. Averill, George E. Ayers, Lawerence R. Babb, M. W. Jr. I agby, Charles L. Bagley. Hugh J. Baird, Justus N. Baker, Charles A. Baker, George W. Baker, Helen G. Baker, Nancy C. Baker, Nancy E. Baldwin, Cecil A. Ballard, Phyllis M. Bargeron, Ginny A. Barksdale, John G. Barlowe, Frank W. Jr. Barnes. Alton A. Jr. Bart, Charles F. Jr. Barr, Thomas A. Barrett. Helen F. Bastable. Neal P. Batten, Alvin C. Baxley, Frances E. Baxter, Catherine W. Bayer, Lutz J. Beard, Larry H. Beard, Phillip Beasley. Daniel J. W. Beck, Virginia L. Beckham. Ellis E. Beer, Sylvia E. Behar, Robert I. Behrman, Judith Belknap, Robert H. Bell, Freddy R. Benners, Carol M. Bennett, Asa W. Bennett, Claude R. Bennett, Ernest K. Jr. Bennett, Robert G. Bennett, Robert K. Bennett, Willie Bercegeay, Judith Bergdorf, Robert L. Berry, Michael T. Bethea, Beverly G. Bethea, Cherry B. Biggs, John W. Binders, Snadra V. Bivel. Elizabeth H. Bishop, BiUie W. Bishop, Henry S. a f 9 9 f i . h3 ii 0 M Bishop, James A. Bivins, Susan C. Black, Barbara L. Black, Edward M. Black, Joseph W. Black, Paula E. Blackwell, Robert E. Jr. Blair, Neca M. Blalock, J. Merrill Blalock, Roy L. 433 0 2 Blanchard, Kathrine F. Bland, Dorothy B. Blankenship, James L. JL Branden, Robert W. Brantley, A. Carol Brantley, Constance E. Brantley, Edgar R. Brasch, C. Edwin, Jr. Breedlove, H. Claire Blasing-ame, James W. Bock, Edward L., Jr. Boggs, Glenda E. Bohne, Donald H. Boland, Joseph H. Bolles, Hamilton T. Bolton, John L. Borders, Homer P. Bovard, Anne C. Bowden, Prescott D. Bowen, Paul B. Bowers, Emory F. Bowles, Bucky Bowman, Thomas T. Boyd, Benny A. Breedlove, Jimmy A. Breedlove, Phillip G. Brehm, Diana J. Bridges, Vashtie H. Brinkley, Milton S. Britt, Marion J. Brittain, Nancy J. Brodie, Paul M. Brodnax, Henry D., Jr. Broome, Linda G. Broome, Linda G. Brown, Betty J. Brown, Brevard M. Brown, Calvin H. Brown, Charles A. Brown, Dempsey S,, Jr. Brown, Eileen R. Brown, James F. Brown, Joseph E. Brown, Nora L. Browne, Gail R. Bruce, Charles H., Jr. Bruce, David V. Brunner, Myra J. Boyd, Constance J. Boyd, James E. Boyd, Ronald G. Boyle, Patricia A. Boykin, M. R. Bradford, John D. Bradford, Judy A. Bradley, Frances O. Bradley, Marsha H. Bryant, Morris I. Buckley, Lawrence F. Bulloch, Paul M. Bullock, Janice D. Bullock, Kenney L. Burdine, Judy K. Burdison, Jeanne M. Burger, William H. Burkhalter, Douglas L. Burns, Oliver W. Burnett, Hal E. Burrow, Li nda K, Burton, Emory A. Bush, James E., Jr. Bush, Thomas G., Jr. Butler, Marshall G. Byrd, Tommye S. Calhoun, James N., Jr. Callicott, Callie A. Camden, Harry C. Campbell, Deryl E. Campbell, Glenn M. Candler, John P. Canfield, Marilyn 1 Brake, William M., Jr. Bramlett, Rachel D. Branan, Katherine it-ai i Cantrell, Dottie A. Cantwell, Betty A. Carlisle, John R. Carlton, Silas T., Jr. Carnes, James R. Carrington, Norma A. Carroll, G. Blythe Carter, Doris A. Cater, Gene F. Carter, George B. Carter, Jacob L. Carter, Myrna E. Carter, Nancy L. Carter, Sarah C. Carter, Thomas L. Carter, Thomas W. Cartledge, Carol A. Cash, Patricia A. Caston, Donnie T. Cavender, Judith A. Chambers, William H., Jr. Chambliss, Ed. H. Chance, Jane A. Chandler, William M. ■;.H ' iniP. 5 Wi E. ' riDjt S. ■;ijp. ' J(.fctH. slroji liefoiJE. r ' trida Wl Chandler, William R. Channel!, Robert M. Chapman, Stephen A. Chapman, Teddie L. Chastain, Edwina M. Chatfield, Mary V. Cheek, Shirley J. Chenejr, CUflF P. Cheshire, Dorothy S. Chouinard, Marie B. Clark, Virginia G. Clark, Judith I. Clary, Edgar D., Ill Clary, Nora A. Gotten, Wallace A., Jr. Cousins, William L. Clayton, Carolyn Clements, David E. Clements, Frances Mary Clements, Linda J. Clements, Randall R. Cleveland. Jere L. Clifford, Hatton B., Jr. Clifton, Richard E. Climer, Neva M. Cline, Joan C. Clonts, Thomas M. Coaklcy, Terrance M. Cobb. Martha V. Cochran, B. Jill Cochran, John T, Cochran, Nancy D. Coffey, Bob D. Coleman, M. E Jr. Collins, Gloria D. Collins, Jody M, Collins, Mary C. Colston, Margaret A. Connor, Jerome A. Conner, Katy C, Conner, Larry D. Conniff, John C. Cook, Charles W. Cook. Glover H. Cook, James T. Cook, Julian H. Cook, K, W., Jr. Cook, Linda J. Cook, Wyndell W. Coolik, Michael A. Cooper, Charles W. Cooper, Jan Copeland, Evelyn Coppage, Richard L. Coppedge, John B. Corcoran, Edward J. Cordell, Barry T. Cota, John J, Cibreth, William P. C|Iens, Grady R. Cjpepper, William R. CjTy, Jack B. C;hbert, Grange S. C;nore. John P. liil, Barbara A. Has, Albert H. I ' liel. Melissa A. htel. Janice R. I;jghtry, Edna L. livis, Betty K. livis, Helen A. livis, James B. Patricia E. vis, Sandra K. 1, Clifford L., Jr. , Carolyn S. ... Troy A. «le, Julia lesc, Raeford E. ieo, Joseph T. Golian, Richard L, pele. Janet G. Impsey, James F. jnmark, Anne E. Doard Mary M. Qnis, Wilton F. l fj l Bonny D. ■nton, Ricky piso, Mary P. ' , Linda L. ar, Jimmy L. pi, Patricia tx, Guillermo Cowan, Donald E. Cowart, Joe D., Jr. Cox, Carolyn K. Cox, Jack E. Cox, James J. Craft, Nancy P. Crawford, Charles Crawford, David H. Crawford, Edward E. Crenshaw, McCarthy, Jr. Crocker, Claude E. Cross, Floyd E. Croxton, Jerry H. Crumbley, R. Alex Dickson, Thomas P. Diemar, Roberta ,. A Dillard, Terry A. 435 Disharoon, Martha Dixon, Neva M. Dixon, Donald C. Dixon, T. A., Jr. Dixon, Jerry W. Dixon, Stephen J. Dobbs. Nelson B. Donaldson, George W. Donelin, Daniel W. Dorsey, Sandra L. Dowdy, Larry W. Drew, William P., Ill Driver. Betty J. Dryman, Emily Dudley, William F. Duffie, Dottie L. Duggan, Charles C. Dunbar, James W. Duncan, Kenneth E. Dupree, Hylton B. Durham, Dennis A., Jr. Durham, Nancy K. Dutton, Martin J. Dyar, Cliff Dyer, Floyd J. Dykes, Etta W. Earle, Henry F. Earles, Tom D. Early, Sally R. Edenfield, James E. Edwards, Harper S. Edwards, Ronald A. Eichel, Irving, Jr. Eichler, John A. Eidson, Gorman C, Jr. Eidson, C. Morris Elder, Sandra K. Ellington, Coke A. Ellis, Robert C. Ellzey, Lynn Elrod, Don A. Eisner, John E. Emrich, Beverly A. England, Louise E. Engle, Larry H. English, Weyman H. Esche, Victor C. Eschenbrenner, Jean R. Eskew, John B. Esslinger, Susan A. Estes, Harold L. Estes, Ronald P. Etheridge, Philip F. Evans, Betty J. Evans, Ethel H. Evans, Wendell L. Eve, Ann W. Everitt, Mary K. Exley, Ruby A. Facher, Robyn A. Fallaw. Jerold J. Farr, Thomas E. Farrell, William C. ' " n M.MJ 3J Jl k!k% Falconer, Cary Farmer, Billy W. Fason, Virginia A. Faulk, Raobun B. Fearfon, James O. Fenstemacher, Elizabeth R. Fields, Nancy E. Fields, Ross L. Fietta, Peter M. Finley, Elizabeth A. Fite, Paul B. Floge, Sue F. Flowers, Jon L. Floyd. Berry A. Floyd, Edmund H. Folmar, Jimmy B. Ford, Cecil G. Forester, Frank L. Forester, Jay B. Fortson, William B. Fortune. Ronald T. Fowler Karen S. Frost, Leslie K. Fryer, Eugene D. FuUord, Frank D. Fuller. Carlton S. Fullilove, Mary E. Furr. Claudia C. Futch. Cecil B. Futch. Milton E. Gable, Nedra C. Gadd, Suzanne G. Gaeser, Philip M. Gaines, Gene T. Gaines. Rhetta C. Galanty, Ellen Gallick. John R. Gardner, Edward E. Gardner, John G. Garner, Camille Garner, James W. Garrard, Georgia A. Garrison, Freda E, Garrison, Jimmy R. Garth, Branham Gash, James H. Gassaway, W. A., Jr. Gaunt, Helen M. Gaut. William L. Gavron, Barbara E. Gay, Adgate E. 436 " ?f .,;i ; ' tl l. f 1,1 f Gay, Lendy L. Geiger, Nancy A. Geiger, Starlet P. Gentry, Perry M. Gerlock, John L. Gerson, Stanley M. Gibboney, Helen C. Gilbert, Wanda O. Giles, Mary J. Giles, Mary K. Giles, James T., Jr. Giles, Peggy J. Gilmer, Henry L. Gilson, Jane D. Ginson, Louise A, Gleaton, Linda K. Godfrey, John M. Golden, Norma C. Goldman. Marilyn R. Goldsmith, John F. Good, Jo Ann Goodrich, Nina M. Goodroe, Richard N. Goodwin, Dorothy A. Gordon, Hugh H. Gorman, George M. Gottlieb. Harris N. Gould, Lawrence E. Grady, Mary E. Granade, James A,, Jr. Grant, Barbara J. Gray, Ted A. Grayson. James T. Green, Margaret C. Green, Mort J. Greene, Carol A. Greene, Sarah R. Greene, Patricia A. Greener, John L. Greenholtz, Rhiette L. Greer, James L. Greer, Mary L. GreV esa. Maiorie J. Grier, Lee M. Grier, Linda G. Griffin, Terrell F. Griffin, Victory J. Grigsby. William M. Grissom, Donald A. Grissom, Patricia E. Grist, Fred D. Grist, Priscilla A. Groce. Lillian R. Grogan, Larry W. Grollman, Robert A. Gross, Patricia H. Gross, Rosalie Guscio, Don M. Gutmaker, Alan Hackman, Kent J. Haddock, Veryl G. Hadley, Barbara A. Hadley, Phillip W. Haley, Clea E., Jr. Hall, Leslie G. Hall, Nancy J. Hall, Nicholas J. Hall, Warren R. Haley, Emily J. Hambrick, Heidi D. Hambrick, Lynda R. Hamilton, Betty J. jL 1 9 Hamilton,, Frances L. Hamilton, Gayle B. Hammond, Edward H. Hancock, Margaret M. Hand, Larry E. Haney, Thomas O. Hardeman, G. Kay l " ! m Harden, Katherine L. Harden, Thomas P. Harding, Jane Hardman, James F. Hardman, William H., Hardy, Brenda A. Hargrett, Lucy L. Harley, Mumford T. Hartman, Jack E. Harms, Richard S. Harper, Frances H. Harper, Roberta A. Harper. Sidney W. Harper, William W. Harrelson, Verma J. Harrell, James M. Harris, Alan W. Harris, Betty A. Harris, Lourie B. Harris, Brenda S. Harris, John O. Jr. l L Harrison, Clarence M Harrison, George H. Harrison, Joe B. Hart, Phillip L. Hart, Thomas E. Hartmann, Joseph T. Hatcher, Robert F. Havnaer, Susan A. Hauss, Len M. Hawes, Mary M. Hawkins, Peggy Hayes, Sue A. Healy, James P. Hearn, Louie H. Heath, Sandy K. Heaton, Bobbie E. Hedges, James R. Hellman, Jay M. Hehl, Louise R. Henderson. John T. Hendley, John C. Hendry, Gail S. Henry, Charlie C. Henry, Lucille C. Henry, Lucy L. Henslee, Tom L. Henson, Carter A., Jr. Henson, Pete Henson, Sylvia J. Herndon, Patricia F. Herrin, Luther V., Jr. Hester, Patricia A. Hiers, Jeannine I. Higginbotham. Mary J. Higgins, Elizabeth H. Hill, Barbara A. Hill, Charles D. Hill, Charles M. Hill, Jeffrey S. Hill, John B., Jr. Hill, Robert T. Hill, Robin Hill, Susan J. Hines, Lilaine Hinson, Laura L. Hodges, Patricia Hoffman, John C. Hoisington, Judith D. Holbrook, M. Evelyn Holbrook, Jan Holland, Dave F. Holliday, Marion P. Holloway, B. Willene Holmes, LaReese Holmes, Thomas R, Holt, Elizabeth R. Hood, Binny W. Hood, Nell L. Hooks, E. Lonnie Hope, Emily C. Hopkins, John T. Horton, Carol J. Horton, Rosemary Houston, Willie C. Hubley, Fred C. Hudgens, Katherine A. Hudgins, Edwin P. Huff, Dean W. Huff, James B. Huff, William C. Huff. William S., II Hughes, Larry K, Hughey, Carolyn L. Hulsey, Gary B. Hunnius, Howard R. Hunt, George H. Hunter, Barbara J. Hunter, Mary E, Hurlbutt, Guy G. Hurst, Alvin P., Jr. Hurst, Robert W. Hutchinson, Arthur G. Ingram, Charles D. Ingram, William W. lokB -- 9 9 5 9 f JotTiB tifk it m, Ml 1 Ivey, Harvey R. Jackson, D. Gay Jackson, James F. Jackson, Ramon G. Jackson, Thomas R James, Bill E. James, Billy L. James, David T. James, Janet W. Jamerson, Helen Janoulis, Nick J. Jardine, Lottie T. Jefferson, Raymond Jenkins, Jane Jernigan, Dorothy j Jernigan, Harry W Joerg, Charlotte E. Johnsen, Paul E. Johnson, Alice S. Johnson, Clifford I Johnson, Corille Johnson, W. C. Johnson, Donald C. Johnson, W. Edwin Johnson, ElHott A. Johnson, H. JeanctI Johnson, Kenneth V Johnson, Sally E. Johnson, William P Johnston, Douglas 1 1 438 4 Johnstone, Sylvia Jolly, Brenda G. Jones, Barbara L. Jones, Douglas G., Jr. Jones, Kenneth E. Jones, Linda G. Jones, Margaret A. Jones, Sidney P. Jones, William E. Jordan, Nan M. Jordan, Robert E. Jordan, Steve M. Jordan, William H., Jr. Kahn, Arnold J. Karpowicz, Charles E. Kay, Sigmund A. Kelly, Beverly J. Kelly, Charles A. Kelly, James H. Kelly, Sandra K. Kemp, Helen E. Kenarick, Thomas C, Jr. Kennedy, Alien F. Kent, Earl H., Jr. Kerr, Sandra K. Kester, Jo Ann Kidd, Way H. Killian, Mary H. Killingsworth, Ruby D. Kimble, Donna J. Kimsey, Randall H. Kimsey, William F. Kinbar, Phillip H. King, Charles R. King, David E. King, Evelyn L. King, Larry B. King, Linda P. King, Thomas R. Kinne. Sydney B., Ill Kinner, Ann L. Kirkland, Glenn N. Kirkman, Jerry D. Kirshstein, Nancy A. Konigsmark, Dorothy A. Knight, James R. Knight, William Lee Krulic, John W. Kyle, Elizabeth T. Lacher, Ellen E. Lachmiller, Frank M. Lamb, D. Carolyn Lancaster, Jerry H. Lancaster, Larry C. Land, Karen A, Landrum, William L. Langtry, Florence E. Lane, Ed G., Ill Lang, Linda L. Lane, Remer Y. Lane, William J., Jr. Lange, Karen D. Langston, Charles L. Langston, Kitty L. Langston, Robert C. Lanham, Donna E. Larkin, Robert M. Lariscy, Winifred Larrieu, Michael E. Lassiter, Donna C. Lassiter, Mary A. Lathem, William H., Jr. Latimer, Frances W. La Vine, Beverly M. Lawson, Robert W. Leatherwood, Nancy R. l mil illJ LeCraw, Valerie G. Ledford, Thomas H. Lee, James A. Lee, Timmy B. Lee, Joe E. Lee, William D. LeflF, Robert L. Leggett. Genevieve Leigh, Fay L. Leistl, Peter F. Lemon, Sandra F. Lequire, David A. r slie, Linda E. Lester, Clinton A. Lester, Ramonda N. Levy, Rita J. Lewis, James G. Libby, Barbara A. Lilly, Johnnye L. Lindsey, Jerold N. Lineberger, Ralph L., Linegle, Gerald L. Litteer, Robert T. Littlefield, Mary J, Jr. Livsey, Dianne M. Lloyd, Kenneth R. Loflin, Patricia Logan, Nancy M. Lokey, Molly F. Lord. Margarette O. Loudermilk, Horace R. Lovein, Norman M. ' ; ■ I . iiT ir ' ' ■ " " f ' ' ?r-» Jh ' iiil ■ -ii- 1 1 1 r iiiSti ri ' " ' ' ' rififTJii H Lucchese, Mary C Lucky, Robert R. r.uedtke, Robert E Llyes, Mararet F. Lyles. William D. Lynch, Brenda M. Lytle, Mary J. Macferran, John B MacRoy, Richard Maravitt, Mark H Malcom, George E[r ' Malcom, Jerry L. Mann, Donald L. Mann, Oreon E. Mannheim, Sarah Maret, Martha E. Marks, Meryl Marks, William E, Marshall, Allen W Martel, Renee F. Martin, Charles R. Martin, George N. Martin, John P. Martin, Roy E.. II Martin, Trudi S, Martin, Wilton W. Mason, Benjie L. Massey, Mike C. Massie, Tess Mathis, Howard D. Mathis, James D. Matthews, Martha K. Mauldin, Julian R. Maxwell, Glenda J. Maxwell, Hugh C. May, Carole R. May, Charles B. McAllister, Carol W. McBride, Michael T. McCall, Kelsey K, Jr. McCann, Arleeta McGants, Edward G., Jr- McClellan, Helen F. McClure, Peggy A. McCommons, William B., Jr. McConnell, Alice E. McCormick, James T. McCosh, John A. McCoy, Ernest E., Jr. McCoy, John J. McDaniel, Charles W. McElhannon, Fayette M., Jr. McElrath, Joanna McGarity, Linda G. McGarrah, William M. McGibbony, James T. McGregor, Michael R. McKelvey, James L. McLane, Walter T. McLaughlin, Walter L. McLendon, Bennie D. McLendon, Robert R. McLeod, William M. McMillan, Linda K. McNamara, Marion F. McNeely, Craig McNeill, John T. 4 f MJLl McWhorter, M. Elaine Meadows, J. Steve Means, Alfred I., Jr. Melear, Nora B. Mercer, Ronnie A. Meredith, Bobby M. Meredith, Gilbert B. Mertins, Frederick G., Ill Mitchell, Jess A. Michell, Richard E. Middlebrooks, Rebecca L. Middlebrooks, Tom E. Middleton, Alice J. Ti r:„„„ Tnl, Q Middleton, Hendley C. " ' ° " - J " " " S. Middleton, Cord L. Miles, Laura Anne Milledge, Ann H. K Miller, David E. Miller, Arthur L. Miller, Howard W. Miller, James C, III Miller, Liz Miller, Janice M. Miller, Ralph H. Mills, Freeman Milner, Thomas H. Miltiades, Diann Miltiades, James E. Milton, Edward V. Minor, Miriam E. Mishoe, Margaret A. Mitchell, Arzelle C. Mitchell, Barbara F. Monica, Phyllis L. Montesani, Michael P. 440 9AA 9 9 MJL. I i.%m Montgomery, H. Bruce, III Montgomery, Florence I. Moody, Thomas E. Moon, Allen J. Moore, Edwina W. Moore, Hertha J. Moore, James L. Moore, Michael P. Moore, Sherry A. Moredock, Tan W. Moreland, June E. Moret, Suzanne G. Morgan, Toby S. Moris, Christine A. Morris, Eugene B. Morrison, Leslie A. Morrison, Marilyn C. Morrow, Eben S. Morrow. Thomas E. Morse, Jenny Lynn Morton, Clement R., Jr. Morton, Mary B. Mosbey, Tames S. Mosley, Anne L. Mower, Linda S. MuUins, Charles W. Muncie, Carolyn L. Murden, William H., Jr. Murray, James J. Nachman, Carol P. Nash, Rosco Neal, Carol C. Xeal, Charles M., Jr. Neighbors, Joseph B. Neiman, Howard F. Xelligan, Susan C. Xelms, R. Gail Neville, William E Jr. Newberry, S. Lloyd. Jr. Newsome, Robert T. Ney, Sid I., Jr. Nix, Glenda J. Noble, John L. Noble. Shirley M. Noell, Jerry E. Noles, Marvin A. Norman, Harold Ley Norton, Jane G. Norton, B. Marguerette Nunally, Tom M. Oakley, Patricia L. O ' Callaghan Patricia A. O ' Conners, James L. O ' Kelley, William R., Ill Oliver, John C, Oliver, William W. - 9 13 J. Olliff, Robert S. O ' Neal. Maston E. Orr, June E. Otto, Anthony B. Owen, Max E. Owen, Ralph S. Owens, Carolyn S. Owens, Glenda L. Owens, Oliver W. Padgett, Ansley B„ Jr. Padgett, Patricia E. Pafford, Larry M. Page, Carole D. Palmer, Robert C, Jr. Park, Lynn Parkman, William T., Jr. Parr, Larry W. Parrish, Tim C. Parrish, Wayne L. Pate, Jim D. Padrick, Cornelia O. Patten, Judson W. Patterson, Alex W. Patterson, John P. Paulk, Ella M. Payne, Patsy A. Payne, Robert L. Peabody, William J. Peacock, James W. Peavy, Hoyt M. Peeples, Louis O., Jr. Peeples, David J. Peluso, Gustave J., Jr. Pepper, Dianne R. Perdue, William H. Perkins, Donald H. Perkins, Robert G. Perryman, Penny L. Persky, Saradona Peterson, Pamela A. Petro, Mary Jane A. Petty, Janice E. Phelps, Paul R. Phillips, Anne B. Phillips, Earl J Jr. Phillips, Mary L. Pickett, Bunny E. Pierce, Donald L. Pierce, Thomas M. f.fUU 441 Pierce, William R. Pindston, Rachel Pinkerton, Julia E. Pinson, E. L., Jr. Pittman, Marcia M. Pitts, Roy H. Planzer, Linda S. Poindexter, Kay T. Pollock, Elizabeth N. Polsky, Reah Poole, Jack T. Poole, Margaret E. Poole, William M. Porter, Jennie L. Porter, Nancy F. Posey, Ronny A. Poss, Carolyn Poss, Henry O. Powell, Herbert L. Powell, Janice A. Powell, William C. Power, Jerald E. Powitz, Robert W. Pratt, Harold J. Preston, Ginna Preston, John T. Price, Donald M. Price, Jay Pritchard, Nona C. Pritchard, Philip M. Prickett, James E. Priester, Michael C. Pritchett, Harold C, Jr. Proctor, Sally I. Proskine, Paul B. Pullen, Pattie J. Purcell, Jane A. Pyron,, Peg Rachels, Ronald C. Radick, M. Roberta Rahn, James T. Rainer, William G. Rains, Margaret Rakestraw, Larry, J r. Ratner, Allan J. Rauan, Robert L. Ray, Lauranna Ray, Robert L. Read, Robert A. Readdy, Fleur L. Readdy, Charles S. Reese, James E. Reeves, Robert C. Reid, George E. Jr. Rheney, Patricia A. Rhodes, John A. Jr. Riccardi, Vic L. Rice, Charles L. Rice, Mary E. Rice, Sandra G. Richards, Marion B. Richardson, Frank H. Richey, Jan P. Richey, William E. Richman, Arlene S. Richmond, Jerry K. Ridgely, Mimi M. Ridgeway, John W. Rifkin, Paul L. Ritter, Sarah O. Rivers, Linda C. Roben, Lloyd H. Roberson. Arvis D. Roberts, Bennie K. Roberts, Judy L. Roberts, William N. Robinson, James M.. Robinson, Roberta F. Rodenberg, Neil W. II Rogers, Judith A. Rollins, Raleigh W. Roney, Margaret E. Robins, Harriet F. Roobin, Marsha A. Rose, Bob Rose, Bob L. % X MA 1 f .f 9 Ml f J ill Rose, Peter M. Rosenbloom Alan H. Ross, Tommy Rowell, B. Annette Rushton, Charlene E. Ryals. Patricia L. Quarterman, Alex L. Quick, John L. Quinn, Thomas E. Sadler, Syble M. Safer, Irwin H. Salter, Beth Sanders, Raymond C. Sands, Virginia S. Sapp, Horace W. Sassi, David B. Saunders, Charlotte A. Schamitzky, William A. Schell, Jucfy A. Schiflfman, Diane I. Schlicter, Joseph A. Schoenborn, Ann K. Schofield, Mary L. Schulman, Anita 442 Ml Schulman, Herbert M. Schulman, Warren J. Schweers, Carl M., Jr. Schwartz, Dale M. Schwartzberg, Ronald Scott. Jerry R. Scott, John W., Jr. Scott, Rick H. Scroggins, Lee A. Searcy, William N. Seigler, John L. Seitz, Kenny J. Sells, Henry T. Selman, Walter B. Serotta, Jayne Severud, Karin L. Sharp, Linda L. Shealy, William E., Shear, Susan P. Shell, Robert E. Jr. Shelp, Ronald K. Sheppard, Ray C. Sherrard, Robert G. Shields, David R. Shiver, Tate A. Shivers, Derrill Shoemaker, Nova E. Shoob, Jerome P. Shook, Wilson R. Shore, Mary L. Shulman, Warren Shuman, Nan L. Shupe, Larry L. Sickveland, Duane P. Sikes, Van A. Simons, Carole B. Simpson, Ronald C. Sims, Judy A. Sims, Marion D. Sims, Millie B. Singletary, Marvin S. Sitton, James M. Skinner, Eddie C. Slayden, Janice M. Sloan, Tommie E. Sommer, Kathy A. Southerland, Ronald B. Smaha, Paul G. Smith, Andrea M. 9m Smith, Billy W. Smith, Gary A. Smith, George W. Smith, Gerald E. Smith, Harmon T., Jr. Smith, James C. Smith, James E. Smith, Joel M. Smith, John G., Jr. Smith, Joseph C. Smith, Josie A. Smith, Linda S. Smith, Margaret M. Smith, Mary E. Smith, Maryline G. Smith, Ronald L. Smith, Sandra D. Smith, Sara E. Smith, Su zanne Smith, Timothy D. Smith, Troy L. Smith, Vera S. Smith, Walter A. Smith, Wilburn W. Smoot, Page Snipes, Charles D. Snyder, BUI D. Solomon, Constance A. Spangler, William L. Spies, Margaret L. Spiller, Barbara L. Spinks, Patsy E. Stalnaker, Ed B. Stalvey, Guilford S. Starling, James E. Staub, William J. Stankiewicz, Lesie M. Storbello, Anthony F. Staples, Eric P. Staton, John T. Stembridge, Claudia A. Stepp, Joe M. Sterne, Frances C. Sterne, William A. Steward, Carole H. Steward, Kenneth H. Stewart, Edwin, C. Stevens, Dorothy N. Stith, Alan E. Stone, Kice H. Stovall, William J., Jr. Stowers, Claudia J. Strange, George W. Straughan, Jerry S. Strayhom, Nancy J. Strickland, Carolyn H. Strickland, Ella C. Strickland, James F., Jr. Strickland, James R. Strickland, Lonnie Strickland, William M. Strickland, WUlis C. ' Strock, Vibert L., Jr. Stoffel, Gerald C. Stokes, Harriette A. Stone, William E. Stowers, Guy M. Stuart, Marilyn E. Sullivan, Paul F. Summers, H. David Summers, Joan L. Swain, William N. Sweat, James R., Jr. Swift, Henry W. Swint, Lorene Talton, Gerald B. Tanner, Tony G. Tarpley, James M. Tate, George L. Taylor, Andra G. Taylor, Ann W. Taylor, Carol L. Taylor, George W. Taylor, Howell C. Taylor, Janis D. Taylor, June E. Taylor, Lawrence A. Taylor, Patricia A. Taylor, Patricia R. Taylor, Rebecca A. Taylor, Travis W. Tilby, James L. Tinley, Beryl A. Tison, William G. Thielman, Nancy J. Thigpen, William B, Thinh, Nghiem Xuan Thomaier, Raymond K. Thomas, Penelope W. Thompson, Carolyn M Thompson, James P. Thompson, Linda C. Thompson, Nancy O. Thompson, Sheridan Thornton, John P. Thornton, Marion B. Thrailkill, Homer M. Thrift, Zona P. Thurmond. Janice Thweat, Marsha E. Tisdale, Katherine D. Tobin, Judith A. Todd, James G. Tollerson, Jo Ann Toole, Phil J. Touchberry, Sandra C. Towler, James E. Tracy, Jon L. Tracy, Lee L. Trammell, Mary C. Travis, Stephen M. Treadwell, Nicki Trotter, David L. Troutman, Joan C. Troutman, Wayne B. Trung, Ha Xuan Tucker, Clare Tuttle, Charles W. Tumlin, Edna T. Turner, Charlotte A. Turner, David W. Turner. Mary G. Tyler, Jane L. Ulmer, Howard D. Underwood, Benjamin H. Underwood, J. H., Ill Underwood, Norman L. Unger, Jane S. Upshaw, Rosemary I. Ursrey, Gerald L. Usry, Charles H. Usry. William G. Valentino, John G., Ill Van Allen, Ronald H. Vance, Patricia A. Vannier, Lavon Dale Van Sant, Thomas J. Van Valkenberg, R. E. Vardaman, Carl T. Vason, Cornelius, Jr. Vaughan, James C, Jr. Veio, Ernest A. Verboys, James L. Verner, Alvin F. Vincent, Joseph J. Voyles. Linda A. Wachsteter, John I. Wade, Michael S. Wadsworth, Lewis E. Wages. William L., Jr. Wainright, Marion J. Waldrep, Linda B. Walker, Anne M. Walker, Terry R. Walker, Robin O. Walker, Walstein L. Walker, William P. Wall, Nancy S. 1 Ml Waller. Linda K. Walsh, Michael G. Walsh, Robert D. Walters, Jeannie E. Wammock, Richard H. Ward, Carolyn Warnell, William D. 11 k w Warren, Robert B. Warren, William K,, Jr. Waters, Charles, W. Waters, Marshall, III Watkins, George E. Watterson, G. Carole Watts, Michael J. Weathersby. William C. Weatherly, Bll D. Weaver, James W. Weinberg, Walter M. Weinberger, Ronnie L. Welch, Russell C. Weldon, Thomas A. Wellborn, Freddie G. Wellborn, Samuel M. West, Edwin L. West, Bill M. West, Kathee C. West, Sharon H. Westmoreland, Martha A. Westow, Barbara J. Wexler, Michael Wheeler, Opal R. Whitaker, Helen J. White, Gary A. Whitehurst, Judith F. Whitley, James B. Whitlock, Paul A., Jr. Whitmire, Lydia C. Wicker, Robert H. Widener, Dale M. Wienges, Hydrick Wier, Ann B. Wigelsworth, William J., Jr. Wiggins, Amanda C. Wiggins, Gerald M. Wigh, Russell J. Wilhite, Kitty C. Wilkes, Jimmy B. Wilkins, Beth L. Wilkins, Martie W. Williams, Barbara 9 1 Williams, Earl J. Williams, Earl S., Jr. Williams, Georgia M. Williams, Julia C. Williams, Kenny C. Williams, Linda R. Williams, Robert L. Williams, Thomas J. Williams, Vernon C. Williams, William W., Ill Williamson, Patricia A. Williamson, Raymond M. Willingham, Ronald G. Willis, Kenneth J. Wilson, Charles C. Wilson, Gay Wilson, James W., Jr. Wilson, Tim T. Wilson, Martin E. Wilson, Walter R. Wilson, William N. Wimberly, Kirk S. Wimbish, Barbara A. Wimbish, Stephen S. Winslette, William E. Winters, Thomas A. Wise, Nancy C. Withrow, Robert H. Wofford, Michael W. Wolf, Herbert L. Womack, L ynn Woo, Emily L. Wood, D. Jolaine Wood, Linda K. Wood. Raymond M. Wood, Sarah I. Woodham. Richard M. Woodlee. Eleanor V. Woodruff, Elizabeth T. Woods, Diane H. Woods, Dorothy S. Woody, Brenda A. Woonton, Roger A. Worden, Lorraine M. Wortham, Joyce E. Wray, Chris P. Wren, Benjamin F., Ill Wright, William M. Wright, Sally Wrigley, Norma J. Wurst, Charles G., Jr. Wyatt, Gloria N. Yarbrough, Martha C. Yates, Albert M. Yawn, Thomas Youmans, Kenny D. Young, Frances H. Young, Norman D. Yow, M. Diane Zaglin, Charles F, Zeigler, John R. Zelinsky, Ralph Zogg, Gary R. 445 Harris, Ted D. SOPHOMORE CLASS tO l Abramson, Jane S. Ackerman, Robert A., Jr. Adams, Alecia A. Adams, Bobbye J. Adams, Jayne C. Adams, William W. Aftergut, Ruthy Alter, Betty J. Albert, Nancy D. Alderman, Richard C. Alexander, Darcy L. Alexander, Joanne Allanson, Walter T. Allen, James E., Jr. Alley, Sharon J. Allison, James S. Allmond, Reamer W., Jr. Allread, Prudy G. Alston, Mary J, Amiel, Anita Anderson, Judy D. Anderson, Peter W. Anderson, Ronald C. Anderson, Sara D. Andrews, John L. Andrews, Larry P. Antonopoulos, Christa Arnold, Anthony M. Arthur, Nancy S. Arthur, Robert A. Asbell, Mary Ann Atkinson, Carol A. Atkinson, Jo Ann Atkinson, Nancy S. Austin, Georgette M. tf f lf Austin, Jane Austin, Jean Austin, I. Wayne Austin, Lenette L. Avera, Brown Ayers, Sandra L. Bacon, M. Philip Bahnsen, Ellen M. Bailey, Donna R. Bailey, Shirley J. Baird, Henry F. Baird, Ralph H., Jr. Baker, Peggy A. Ball, Maureen A. Barber, Fred W. Barger, Garth D. Barnett, Mary L. Barrett, Ma rshall H. Barron, James B. Barrow, C. Jane Barrow, Craig, III Bartlett, Claude D. Bartow, Teri P. Barwick, Carolyn D. Bashuk, Alice J. Bashuk, Michael A. Batten, Donna J. Bazemore, Charles J. Bazemore, Douglas A. Beamer, Anita t. Bean, Edith C. Becker, Kathleen K. Bell, Elizabeth S. Bell, Griffin B. Bell, Sylvia S. Benjamin, Etta D. Bennett, Bern L. Benson, Linda C. Benson, Nora L. Bentley, Malcolm M, Benton, Patricia G. Berinhout, Elaine G. Berlin, Geraldine L. Bernstein, Helene S. Berry, Valerie A. T ! ■ tiL iiLIc it ! tl M.fll 9 f f l t BickerstafF, Sherry L. Bishop, Rhen Black, Colquitt C. Black, Donald E. Blackman, Wilbur L. Blackstock, Mary Ann Blackwood, Jacob C. Blalock, Jay M. Blalock, V, Susanne Blanchard, John J. Blankenship, Albert S. RIedsoc, Jane P. Bledsoe Sidney S., Jr. Bluestein, Nicky Bobo, George M. Bogusky, Thomas S. Bonner, Bonnie W. Bonner. Cecil A., Jr. Bonnell, Roy O., Jr. Booth, Thomas G. Boozer, Ed Boatwick, Nancy J. Bothwell, Barbara J. Bowden, Peggy V. Bowen, John R. Bowen, Vernon W., Jr. Bowman, Bonnie J. Bowman, Patricia L. Bowman, Thomas A. Boyd, Majorie D. Boyett, Arthur S. Bozardt, Delphine A. Bracewell, James L. Brackett, Janet L. Bradley, Margaret L. Branham, Robert S. Brannon, George W. Brasington. Anne A, Brassel, Charles H. Braswell, Hoke S., Jr. Braun, Stevi A. Breedlove. Brenda Bridges, Sherry L. Bright, Linda C. Brinkman, Carol M. Brinson, Bonnie P. Broaddus, James E. Broadwater, Tobias F. Brock, James W. Brook, Erwin C. Brooks, Ave E. Brooks, Camilla D. Brooks, William C. Brooks, William P. Brookshire, Jerry H. Brown, Carole A. Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Carol A. Cathy T. David D. Edward L. Eva C. Judy E. Margaret J. Marian C. Brown, Sandra W. Brown, Sarah B. Brown, Suzanne M. Brown. Walter B. Brown, William J. Brumby, Virginia T. Broxton, Eugene H. Bryant, Effie L. Buck, Leslie L. Buckelcw, Claire G. Buchmaster, Ronald B. Budd, Warren C. Bull. Dan F. Bunker, Rosanne S. Burch, Edward D. Burch, John V. Burdette, Linda C. Burke, James R. Burrell, Sherri A. Burroughs, Mary J. Burt, Theo C. Bush, Beckie R. Busick, Bonni L. Butter, Jesse J. Butler, Linda Butler, Patricia A. Byrd, Carol A. 447 If f9 IM. ? J f Cadenhead, Thomas R. Cad well. Bert P., Jr. Cagle, Harry O. Cain, Bonnie P. Calhoun, Inez M. Calhoun, Murray A. Callahan, Marilyn A. Callaway, Constance L. Camp, Sandra A. Campbell, Brenda C. Candler, Asa W., Ill Cannon, Nancy L. Carden, Janice F. Carlisle, Cornelia O. Carlisle, William R. Carpenter, Benny W. Carr, James C. Carreker, Ronnie B. Carson, Homer S., Ill Carstarphen, Robert B. Carter, Huey E. Carter, H. Sanders Cash, Toby M. Cason, Bobby J. Cason, Carole J. Cason, Robert M. Catliey, James F. Catone, Dick A. Cawthon, Thomas H. Chance, BilHe R. Chance, Sally Chandler, Francis W., Jr. Chandler, William B. Chapman, Cecilia Chapman, Roy L. Chastain, Jack T. Chatfield, Myrta V. Cheshire, Carole L. Chitwood, Martin D. Clackum, Ernest D. Clancy, Helen L. Clark, Florence B. Clark, Grace E. Clark, Helen D. Clark, Nancy B. Clarke, W. Bryant Clarke, W. Walton Clary, Frances C. Clary, T. L., Ill Clay, James E. Cleghorn, J. H., Jr. Clein, Robert D. Clements Anna G. 4 If 11 Clements, Charles Clements, Charles C, Clements, Joseph E. Clifton, Patricia A. Cofer, Tom W. Cohen, Barbara J. Cohen, Harriet J. Cohen, Ronald A. Cohn, Judy A. Coker, Willis G. Cole, Curtis O. Cole, William C, Jr. Coleman, Linda A. Collins, Brenda A. Colquitt, Alfred O. Comer, Reggie L. Comolli, Martha M. Compton, Patricia J. ConnifT, Carole F. Cook, Thomas R. Cooper, Donna Coppage, William M. Corish, Thomas K. Corish, Walter C, Jr. Corley, John A. Coulter, Sheila G. Cowl, Donna L. Cowl, Judith A. Cox, Benjamin N. Cox, John A. Craig. William E. Crandall, Cathy R. Crawford, Marjorie L Crews, Anne M. Crittenden, Elizaheth Crockett, R. Penn Croker, Richard J. Crowe, Carol E. Crowe, John F. Crowe, Wanda L. Crum, Ann F. Crump, Ronald S. Cunningham, John R. Curtis, James W. Daigh, George M. Dailey, Beverly J. Daniel, Marlee Daniel, Robert C, Jr. Daniels, Don F. D ' Antignac, Julia Davis, Betty S. Davis, Chris B. Davis, Darrell L. Davis, Ellen Davis, M. Florence Davis, Janet M. 448 .1 VWI •■lU ■i I «a f, Davis, Jean K. Davis, John G. Davis, Patricia A. Davis, Rebecca J. Davis, Sally K. Davison, Barbara L. Deas, Diana Deer, Sue A. Degenhardt, Walter P. Dendy, Larry B. Denman, James C. Denmark, Carroll R. Denmark, Linda Denney, Jimmy R. Dennis, Frederick W, Dent, Otha C. Deriso, Henry C. Dewel, Gary E. DeWitt, Kathleen M. DeWitt, Ralph W. Diack, Suzanne Dickens, Kenneth B. Dickens, Pete L. Diden, Mary L. Dillard, Elizabeth J. Dillard, George A. Dixon, Faye Dixon, Robert B., Jr. Dixon, Susan K. Dobbs, Dorothy A. Dockray, Karen E. Dooley, Patricia J. Dorminy. Melinda R. Dorsett, Michael J. Dover, F.Niles Dover, Tom A., Jr. Drisbell, Margaret Drury, Wiley L. DuBose, Cecile H. Dufour, Carol C. Omii. Nl! (Km. Fi ' nii Cifa.TxK. Cita,Bita Uai,Bnl| Ciii,M( tor " w C»M, ' r " (ar.IlitWtl ciwt. ;■.■:■■, -A D«f L ■ ' .-xl«| isii ' - r Duong, Sole San Duncan, Robert T. Durrence, Barney J. Dyer, Linda K. Earing, Michael E. Easley, Sarah T. Eastland, John C Jr. Eberhart, Susan J. Edenfield, Patricia L. Eldredge, Marianna A. Ellington, Sandra G. Elliott, Billie R. Ellis, Patricia C. Elmore, Frances A. Elrod, Luther F. Elsberry, Robert L. Ennis, Ann G. Eskdor, Henry R. Estes, Nina S. Evans, Patrick A. Everett, Ed B. Everett, Lynn B. Ewing, John A., Jr. Fahnestock, Paulette K Farley, Harold F. Farr, Jean H. Feild, William M. Feldman, Sistie Ferguson, Gerry H. Ferrell, Faye E. Fincher, Elizabeth D. Fink, Don M. Fitzgerald, Bonnie D. Flanagan, James R. Fleming, Frances B. Flock, James L. Flournoy, Robert T. Floyd, Rufus J. Flunt, Mary S. Folsom, Fred W. Forrester, James W., Jr. Fortson, Josephine Foster, Alvin H., Jr. Fowler, Kathy W. Fowler, Nellie M. Fox, William F. Frady, George L. Frank, Robert D. Free, Martha L. Freedland, Molly B. If Ml Freeman, Bonny L. Freeman, Henry R. Freeman, Walker F., Jr. Friedewald, Jim W. Friedewald, Richard W. Friedman, David B. Friedman, Judith A. 449 Friedman, Stan H. Fry, Melinda A. Fuller, Melissa D. Fulton, John K. Fulton, Tonita L. Furlow, Patricia Furse, David H, Gainey, Ralph L. Ganyard, Milton C., Jr. Garges, Natalie H. Garland, Ben M. Garrett, George C. Garrison, Pamela J. Garvey, Jane F. Gaston, Peggy E. Gatlin, Alice K. Geer, Claude W., Ill Gentry, Alice F. Gentry, Patricia B. Georges, John T, Gerhardt, Howard C. Germano, Richard R. Gerson, Judith R. Gerth, Dorothy A. 1 j„ t Q s ® fttt ll • 13l tf H Ghertner, Andy L. Gibbs, Lendon D. Gibbs, Leslie M. Gibson, Linda Gibson, R. D. Gibson, Susan L. Gilbert, Alice E. Gillespie, Charles W., Jr. Gillespie, James A. Gillam, John Gilliam. WilHam T. Gillespie, James I. Ginsberg, Mickey Ginsberg, Nathan J. Gladfelter, Lynne G. Glass, James F., Jr. Gleaton, William E., Jr. Glenn, Carl E. Golden, Marcia F. Goodrich, Marilyn E. Goodrum, John W. Gordy, Richard S., Jr. Gore, Sherry D. Godbey, Catherine E. Goforth, Mary J. Goldberg, Gail E. Golden, Dorothy G. Goldstein, Diane Goldstein, Ingrid Golub, Myron B. Grainger, Gerald S. Gratz, Benjamin, Jr. Graves, Edwin C. Graves. Michael W. Gray, Richard D. Gray, Sandy L. Green, Mary S. Green, N. Ann Greenlaerg, Marcia F. Greenberg, Hormon J. Greene, Hugh P., Jr. Greenleld, Phyllis Greentree, Pamela V. Greer, N. Sandy Greeson, Judith M. Greiner, Carol L. Grice, Frieda C. Griffin, Charlene Griffin, Janet D. Griffin, Marion R. Griffin, Tanny Griffin. William F. Griggs, M. Gay Grimaude, Edith S. Grooms, James R. Grover, Rebecca W. Groszmann, Richard B. Groves, Pamela Gullick, Barbara S. Guy, Raymond J. Hackel, Sara D. Hadaway, David T. Haines, Martha J. Hall, E. Linda Hall. Sherwood W. Hall, Susan K. Hallenberg, John S. Hallman, James W. Hally, Diane K. Hamilton, S. Barbara Hamilton, Walter C. Hammack, James A. Hammond, Billie B, Hammond, Jane C. Hancock, Gary A. Hannon, Leewood O. Hansford. Don K. Hanson, Thomas H. McH. Harden, John H., Jr. Hardy, Jacqueline H. m ? F Harman, Claude P., Jr. Harman, Janell Harper, Diane Harrington, Walter E. Harris, Chuck N. Harris, F. Patricia Harris, Glenda K. Harris, Jaynita L. Harris, Ralph Harrison, James L. Harriss, PhylHss A. Harsh, Wendell W. Hart, Dee Harwell, William L., Jr. Hatcher, Richard P. Hawes, James D. Hawkins, Charles E. Hawkins, James D., Jr. Hawthorne, Ann K. Hayes, Jerry L. Hayes, Lallie J. Hayes, Margie N. Haygood, Thomas C, Jr. Headrick, John C. Heeney, William B. Heidt, H. Gay Relfman, David J. Hemphill, Robert L. Hendricks, Jean B. Hendrix, Melvin R. Hendrix, Selene L. Henry. William J. Henson, Charles W. Herin, Walter G., Jr. Herndon, Craig Herndon, Fredia D. i Herring, Alvan A. Hester, Joan L. Hewell, Anita L. Heys, R. Elizabeth Hicks, Beverly A. Hicks, Chip L. Hicks, Harriet L. Hicks, Patsy L. Hiers, John W. Higgins, Cam W. Higgins, James T. Hightower, Hilton E. Hill. Arnold S. Hill, Charles W. Hill. Judy H. Hilsman, Elizabeth B. Hilton. Nancy L. Hind, Edwin A. Hinds, Tonita L. Hobbs, Bess D. Hodges, Fred B., Ill Hodges, Hugh O. Holder, J. R. Holleman, Nan K. Holland, Anne L. Holton. Thomas B. Honey, William E. Hood, B. Wallace, Jr. Hood, Charlotte L. Hopkins, John H. Homey, Alex C. Horton, Michael V. Hotard, Thomas G. House, Betty E. Howard, Pierre D. Howell, Mary E. Howell, Sandra N. Howie, Nancy L. Hubbard, Barbara J. Hudson, Tom B. HufF. Mildred C. Hulme, Douglas W. Hulsey, Theresa K. Hunter, Barbara L. Hunter, Charles B. Hunter, John G. Hurst, Shirley A. Hutcheson, Jerry L. Hutchison, Alvin M. Hutto, Val M. Igoe, Robert S. Ingram, Benny G. Ingham, John W. Inman. Roberta A. Irvin, Lynda S. Isaacson, Faye tf Ison, Barbara G. It, Sareth Jackson, Carolyn Jackson, Jonathan B. Jacobs, Richard E. James, Duncan A. Jamian, Judith O. Jarriel, William H. Jeter, Robert E., Jr. Johns, Ida G. Johnson, Elizabeth B. Johnson, JoAnn Q. Johnson, John A. Johnson, Lynda L. Johnson, William M. Johnston, Patricia J. Jones, Barbara A. Jones, Daniel C. Jones, Frank E. Jones, Jerilyn tk £ A9 Jones, Lewis N. Jones, Nita Jones, Otis F. Jones, Ralph Jones, Robin D. Jones, Sammy W. Jones, Teresa A. Jones, Tommy M. Kaliher, Rusty E. Kaminsky, Jerry L. Kaminsky, Sid Katz, Margot E. Kaye, Toby R. Keat Keng, Sin Kelly, Myrtle E. Kerby, Anne C. Kern, Candy L. Kerr, Thomas H. Kesler, Sharon P. Kimbrell, Dorothy A. King, Frederick J. Kingsley, Marjorie J. Kirby. Milton W. Kirk, Lawrence F, Kirk, Patricia A. Kirz, Gail I. Kitchens, Leonard H. Kitchens, Mary J. Kitchens, Robert T. Kleinpeter, William L. Kn-erim, Jane C. Kohorn, Fran Kokko, Maija E. Komich, Ronald J. Korman, Janis P. Kontos, George D. Kraselsky, Robert L. Krell, Barry Krogman , Karen Krueger, John A. Kunze, John H. Lake, Beverly Lamb, Don N. Lamb, Lillian W. Lambert, John L. Land, George R. Landrum, Darrell F. Lanier, Willis E. Lankewicz, Frank H. Lassetter, Janice C. Lawson, C. C, Lawson, Joseph H. Lawton, Ann E, Lay, Bonny G. Lay, Mary C. Lea, Kenneth H. Leatherwood, Curtis N. LeCain, William K, Lee, Brenda K. Lee, Henrietta A. Lee, James E. Lee, Raymond H. Lee, Thomas M. Lee, William W. Leggett, Lora D. Leonard, Harley F. Leverette, Dorothy G, Liles, Donald F. Lill, Gordon T. Lindsey, Linda D. Lines, Louise W. Linton, Roger C. Little, Betty J. Little, Marisue Little, Peggy E. Livsey, Charles T. 9 9M. M Skg i i 452 5M i I ' tj. .m, f Lobel, Joel C. Locklear, Dennis A. Loewy, James E. Loftis. William E. Long, Robert C. Lord, Jackie A. Loudermilk, James A. Mims, Melinda L. Loveless, Patricia D. Lowe, Pam Lowery, Mercer B. Loyd, Jerry L. Lucas, Mary V. Lukatch, Gary C. Luke, Kathy L. Lummis, Robert H. Lurey, Marsha A. Mingledorff, Roberta Lurey, Rosanne Lyon, Andrea D. Lyndon, Bryan G. Lynn, H. Taylor Maddox, Jodye K. Maddox, Louise Maddox, Richard F. Maguire, William A. Mahaffey, Marilyn Mahle, Robert E. Mallery, Charles H. Manly, Nada R. Mann, Edward L. Mann, Marilyn S. Mann, Ollie B.. Ill Mann, William C. Mannelly, Paige J. Manning, Evelyn P. Manning, Michael S. Manter, Mary A. Marines, Archibald R, Marshall, Jabez O. Martin, Lawrence Martin, Nancy C. Martin, Patti G. Martin, Thomas M. Mason, Chloe E. Mason, Lynne N. Mason, Sada L. Massari, Janice J. Mathews, MilHcent Mathis, Donald L. Matthews, Betty M. Matthews, Nancy M. Matthews, Vincent, Mangham, James P. Maxwell, Authur R. Maxwell, Pamela A. Maynard, Charles Mayo, Wayne H. McAdams, Spurgeon McBrayer, Thomas G. McCardel, Rosa H. McCamy, Thomas L. McCarson, Clifford M. McClain, Robert T. McClelland, Ralph J. McClurg, Kay McCrea, Van A. McCuUoch, Burr McCollum, Barbara McCollum. J. Herb, McCook, Thomas L., McCreary, Audrey P. McDaniel, Danny F. McDaniel, David M. Minnich. Katherine N. McDuff, Beverly D. McElveen. Alan R. McKellar, Ann McKenzie, Joe H., Jr. McKinney, James E. McLane, Albert P. McLemore, Andrea E. McMennamy, John A. McNeill, Bennye J. Meadors, Katherine Mealor, Lucy F. Mealor, Olen G. Medlin, Douglas S. Mceks, Barbara A. Melton, Martha C. Mendel, Stanley M. Mercer, James E., Jr. Meroney, Patricia A. Merritt, James W. Merritt, Jerry L. Merry, Ernest B. Messer, John D. Mctz, Mary C. Mic hael, Margaret S, Micheli, Patricia E. Middleton, Ann M. Miller, Demaris H. Miller. Helen H. Miller, Kenneth A., Jr. Millikan, Katherine S. Millikan, Troy R. Mills, Penelope F. Minter, Milton M. Minter, Richard G., Jr. Minton, Warren S., Jr. Mintz, Harold R. Mirvis, Lois F. Mitchell, David K. Mobley, Clii ford C. Mobley, Elizabeth D. Mobley, John D. Moflf, Janice E. Montante, Marie C. Moody, John W. Moon, Ronald W. Moore, Emily F. Moorhead, Georgia K. Moreno, Eileen H. Morris, Mathews W. Morrison, Dorothy L. Morrison, James P. Ill Morrison, Martha L. Moscardelli, Francis G. Moss, Henry P., Jr. Mouchet, Phil J. Moxley, Patricia A. Mullinax, Linda A. Mullino, Elizabeth A. Murphey, Harriett A. Murphy, Margaret M. Murrah, Jesse F. Murphy Richard W. Murphy, R. Shawn Murray, Hemdon H. Muscarra, Elmer A. Myers, Katie A. Nagle, Margaret J. Narrie, David B. Nathan, David H. Neal, Richard G., Jr. Nebeker, Mark E. Nelms, Vivian L. Nessmith, William B. Newberry, Evalyn G. Newkirk, Duncan C. Newman, Carol F. Newton, Milton L., Jr. Newton, Sandra N. Nichols, Charlie V., Jr. Nichols, Lyle D. Nicholson, Linda G. Nicholson, William L. Nielsen, Larry R. Nistle, Sharon Nix, Mary L. Nix, James E. Nix, Joseph N. Nixon, Gwinn H., Jr. Nolen, Carolyn Nolen, Harold R. Norman, Warren A. Norwood, William V. Nouth. Chhoeun B. Nuckolls, Judy A. Nunnally, Betty Y. Nunnally, Penny P. Oakley, Linda I. O ' Connell, Jeanne M. Odum, Bill Ogilvie, Jane S. Okerstrom, Nancy S. Olcott, Judith S. Oliver, Jack C. Oliver, Mary A. fiiii O ' Neal, Shirley K. Omestein, Richard N. Ostrom, Virginia K, Ou, Thuok Ouzts, Dale K. Owens, Sharon L. Page, Kathleen E. Palmer, Betty Palmer, Dennis E. Palmer, Stephen D. Parish, Sylvia F. Parker, Mary A. Parker, Robert A. Parry, Elizabeth A. Partridge, Brenda L. Partridge, Charles A. Pass, William R. Patterson, Calvin G. Patterson, Edward L. Peacock, Rubin C. Peacock, Walter R., Jr. Peek, Joseph D. Pember, Nancy L. Pendergrass, James T. Pendley, Nancy L. Perbins, Dorothy J. Perkins, Edwin H. Perkins, Pamela G. Perkins, Susan R. Perling, Howard A. Ferryman, Varnelle B. Persons, Betty t II II 1 A L« Peters, Kenneth H. Pethel, Joe P. Pettenger, John F. Petters, Lynn J. Piassick, Donna Pierce, Lamar D. Pittard, Robert C. Pitts, Jim C. Pitts, John A. Phillips, A. Diane Phillips, Mary J. Plisco, Helene P. Plotkin, Judy E. Pollock, Stanley H. Poole, John R. Potts, Jo A. Powell, Anna E. Powell, Elizabetth C. Powell, Nancy J. Powell, Philip H. Powell, Tom F. Powell, Walton C. Prewett, Thomas L. Pritchett, Edith G. Prickett, John L. Puckett, Larry E. Pulliam, Michael A, Purcell, Paul M. Purvis, Thomas F. Pye, Susan N. Rainey, Daniel L., Jr. Rainey, Ronald M. Ralston, Jimmie A. Ramsey, John W. Randall, Foy C, III Ray, Alta J. Ray, Neal H. Read, Robert C. Redwine, Jacob R. Reed, Laurie C. Rentz, William F. Ricciardi, Julie A. Rich, Benjamin H. Richards, Barbara E. Ricketson, Robin J. Ridley, Carl A., Jr. Riley. Janet L. Rissmiller, Ray H. Rivers, Tommy E. Robbins, Jacqueline A. Roberts, James L. Roberts, Virginia E. Robinson, Peyton Robinson, Thomas Y. Rodbell. Paul N. Rodgers, Bobbie E. Rogers, Edward L. Rogers, Frenda Rood, Ralph E. Rocker, Peggy D. Rosenberg, Herbert J., Ill Rosenzweig, Judi Rosner, Virginia R. Ruark, Charles G. Rubin. Cary E. Rushin. Jane C. Rushing. Anne Russell, Colleen G. Russell. Susan W. Rutland, Charles J. Rutledge, Leah A. Ryckeley, Charles J. Sacha, James E. Saenger, Karla M. Safer, Judith E. Samoden, Mary E. Sanders, Clate M. Sanders, Doris L. Sanders, Mary E. Sanders, SybU A. Sanders, William G. Sanderson, Eneida Sandifer, Jim W. Saunders, Nancy T. Sayeski, Peter F. Scarborough, Homer M., Jr. Schemer, Carol A. Scheer, Norman I. Scheuer, Robert A. Schiller, Bill M. Schneider, Henry J., Jr. Schreiber, Ruth B. Schroder, Mary B. Schryer, Donald W. Schulraan, Harvey S. Schwartz, Susan A. Scott, R. T. Scott, Scotty Scull, Pinkie W. Seagraves, Earl Searcey, James B. Seay, Anna C. Selig, Steve S. Senn, Jana L. 9© f 455 f.l Shipman, Jane A. Shipley, Nancy L. Sheridan, Joseph M. Shemper, E. Gail Shelton, William H. Shedd, Cynthia O. Shealy, Frances B. Shingler, Paul E., Jr. Shoemaker, Peggy J. Shreve, Barbara A. Shuey, Robert N. Siano, Joan L. Siegel, Paul J. Siler, Janice O. Silverboard, Stanley Silverstein, Sandra Simmons, Ivan N. Simmons, William B. Simpson, Silvey J. Simpson, Wayman S. Sims, Patsy H. Sin, Meng S. Singer, Richard Skelton, John E. Skinner, Mary M. Slaughter, James F. Slygh, Wendy J. Smaha, Charles N, Smith, Addison G. Smith, Anne B. Smith, Bailey A. Smith, Barry T. Smith, Betty E. Smith, Charles M. Smith, David E. Smith, Elsmer J. Smith, Faye S. Smith, Frances A. Smith, James F Smith, Joan E. Smith, John L. Smith, John W. Smith, Joseph W. Smith, Kenneth L. Smith, Marshal A. Smith. Meredith T. Smith, Monica G. Smith, Nancy C. Smith, Sandra B. Smith, Shannon S. Smith, Sigma C. Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Snapp, Snead, Susan W. Thomas F. Walter J. William D. Frances E. Barbara K. 3. Stames, Millie R. Statum, Glenda D. St. Clair. Sandra S. Steever, Raymond G., Jr. Steinmann, Kurt L. Stephens, Mary A. Stephens, Ray G. Stephens, Thomas W. Stepp, Jerry Stevenson, John B,, Jr, Stevison, Richard D. Stewart, Patricia A. 0 9 1 1111 Snelling, Suzanne M Snider, M. Jean Solomon, Murray Southwell, Jerilene Sowpel, Beverley J. Spiceland, Jack L. Stanley, Brenda D. Stanton, Sarah E. Stapen, Michael Staples, Diane C. Starnes, Donald D. Starnes, Glenda E. 5 9 i Stewart, Raymond M. Stickles, Sandra S. Stokes, Clyde W. Stokes, Gerald L. Stokes, Judy A. Stokes, Judith G. Stone, Albert L., Jr. Stone, Jackie E. Storm, Barbara R. Strasberg, Ronald N Stratman, John G. Strickland, William D. Stringer, Winston P. Stroup, Wesley E. Stuart, Jane K. Sullivan, John C, Sumner, Joan C. Surface, Claude E. Swanson, Donald W. Taggart, Margaret A. 111 456 m Talbird, Sara A. Tallant, Wansley D. Tanney, James R. Tarantine, James A. Tasker, Joseph W. Tatum, Hal E. Tatum, John M. Taylor, John M. Taylor, Rose A. Taylor, William I. Teagle, Robert C. Teasley, Howell K. 1 Tucker, Jimmy R. Tumlin, Patti K. Tumlin, William N, IM Terry, Thomas E. Thacker, John W. Thomas, Carole A. Thomas, Robert L. Thomason, Virginia E Thompson, Anne W. Turley, Helen M. Turnell, Steve A. Turner, Corrie P. mi Thompson, Harry E. Thompson, John R. Thompson, Larry N. Thompson, Ray A. Thompson, Trudy D. Thompson, Willard D. Turner, Eugenia J. Uk, Tmal Llrici, Janice Thornton, Ed E. Thurmond, Susan R. Tidwell, Sidney Tillman, David A. Tillman, Loretta A. Townsend, James N. Underwood, Cecilia B. Upchurch, Susan E. Vandiver, James H. Townsend, Linda D. Trang Meng, Kry M. Treadway, James C, J Trosdal, Einar S. Trossi, David J. Trulock, Paul H. VanHouten, Joseph S. Varnedoe, Lonnie E. Vernoy, Deryl L. 21 Vickers, Doris C. Vickers, Edgar B. Vickery, Judy K. Vining, Gayle Volpitto, Paul P. Wade, Joseph A. Waits, Charles H. Waldbaura, Lynn D. Walden, John W. Waldrop, Joyce H. Wagner, A. Craig Walker, J. W. Walker. William L. Wall. Albert M. Wall, Jerry J. Wall, Joan A. Wallace, Nancy E. Waller, Jerry M. Ward, James E. Ward, Susan S. Ware, Caroline K. Warlick, Ann Warner, Linda R. Watkins, Arlie L. Watkins, Janet Watkins. William C. Watts, Dan T. Watts, Charles L. Way. Michael S. Weatherford, Warren C. Weaver. John V. Webb, Gerry F. Webb, Sandra L. Webersinn, Theodore H. Weinberg, Fred L. Weinstein, Alan B. Weinstein, Steven B. Weissman, Norman M. Welch, Dorothy M. Wells, Ann L. Wells, Jerry B. Wells, Sharon L. Wells, Wesley L., J r. Werbin, Charlotte Wesley, Mary M. Wessinger, Linda L. Westberry, Kay F. Wester, William D. 457 1 i4iki , MA Wexler, Steven Whatley, Marjorie L. White, Ellen E. White, Marylyn T. White, Shelly Whiten, Morris L. Williams, Sherry Williamson, Lorace J. Williamson, Morris T. Williford, Mary R. Willingham, Anna N. Willis, James H. Willis, Larry F. Willson, Charles P. Whiteside, John H. Wilson, Everette C. Whitfield, William W. Whitmcr, Cynthia A. Wicker,. Martha C. Wickersham, Laura ' Wier, Marion A. Wiesen, Ronald C. Wight, Sarah E. Wilbanks, James E. Wilbur, Roger C. Wilderson, Herbert T. Wilderson, Thomas R. Wilkins, Bebecca T. Williams, James R. Williams, Judith Wilson, Myra J. Wilson, Randall E. Wilson, Robert D. Wimberly, David T. Wimberly, Jim W. Wimer, Williams S. Winning, Ruth M. Winship, Mary E. Wimer, William S. Winter, Ralph E. Wise, Joel A. Wise, John M. Witham, Bunky Wolf, Laura W. Wolfson, Richard Wolper, Eileen B. Wood, Betty A. Wood, Carolyn D. Wood, Donald W. Wood, Richard B. Wood, Sallie Woodall, Liz Woodard, Joy Woodruff. Robert F. Woods, Eleanor J. Wootten, Joe T. Word, John J., Jr. Wright, Brcnda S. Wright, John B. Wright, Sibyl E. Wright, Stephen W. Wynne, Pamela D. Yarbrough, Clyde L. J.f£ ri Yerlow, Stanley C. You, Sambath Youngblood, Cynthia L. Youngblood, R. Young, Benjamin N. Young, Jane Young, June F. Young, Mary V. Zettler, James L. Zimmerman, Roberta P. 458 FRESHMAN CLASS I k- 1], i MJm9 m f J. l JLl Adams, Aaron C, III Adams, Carol B. Adams, Dorothy R. Adams, Louise A. Adams, Roger L. Adams, Teresa Adamson, Lewis E. Addison, Paul R. Aitkens, John L., Jr. Alters, Juanita G. Akerson, Linda S. Akin, Lynda J. Aldridge, Rick B. AlhadefF, Esther Allen, Larry M. Allen, Nancy P. Allen, Philip R. Alston, Sara Todd Amato, Michael Ames, Mary A. Ammons, Martha F. Amsbaugh, Susan L. Anderson, Barbara J. Anderson, Dallas W. Armstrong, Hugh H., Arnold, Lucius P. Ashburn, Arthur L. Askew, Suzanna N. Atchison, Beth C. Atkinson, William Y., IV Auerbach. Elaine F. Autrey, Katherine A. Anderson, Hugh B., Jr. Anderson, Joe M. Anderson, John T. Anderson, Mary E. Andregg, Hope E. Andrews, Donald R. Angel, Sally Apple, Robert C. Archer, Barbara A. Ariail, Frank R. Armour, James D. Armstrong, Dorothy Avera, Mary A. Avery, Elizabeth A. Awtrey, Anne C. Bachelder, Sandra J. Baer, Jo Ann Bagiatis, John P. Bagley, Betty L. Bahin, James M, Bailey, David J. Bailey, Jerry A. Bailey, Martin T. Bailey, Michael E. Bailey, William T. Baker, Dwight L. Bandy, Mabel L. Banks, Sandra D. 459 lit J. Bannett, Joan Barbara, Barabara A. Barber, Bonnie C. Barber, Carol A. Barnes, Mary J. Barnett, Alan L. Barrom, Robert T. Barton, Patricia F. Batchelor, Charles R. Bateman, Bruce G. Bates, Jack W. Bates, Marshall J. Bayer, Susan S. Beattie, Tony Beazley, William A. Beck, Robert E. Beckham, James H. Beckwith, Everett G. Beerman, Michael Belgio, Louis Belkofer, George V. Benbow, Peter G. Bennett, Larry Bennett, Margaret E. Bennett, Thomas J. Bennett, William P, Bennett, Judy H. Bentley, Ann H. Bentley, Beverly F. Bergman, Carl H. Berman, Frederic K. Berrong, Delores A. Berry Commie J. Berry, Henry T. Berry, Polly A. Berz, Diane F. Bettencourt, Dia J. Bigner, Jerry J. Binning, Bonny M. Birchmore, Freddy C. Bird, George A. Bird, Rosalyn M. Bishop, Barbara C. Black, Dameron, III Blackburne, Karen N. Blackshear, Margaret C. Blackstock, Nelson P. Blackwell, Jerry N. Blackwell, Mary L. Blair, Carlton W. Blake. Carol J. Blalock, William H. Blocker, Ann L. Boardman, Barbara A. Booth, Beverly B. Booth, O. Christine Borden, Betty M. Boston, William K. Bostwick, Dolores A. Bouchillon, Jerry D. Bowden, Wendell L. Bouter, Trudi Bowen, Jeannie Bowie, Ronnie L. Boyd, James F. Boykin, Christia L. Brackett, Colquitt P., Jr. Bradley, Richard W. Bowdoin, William R. fp -( Bramblett, Nancy C. " iL Brantley, Wayne T. Braswell, Dennis W, Brenner, Stuart A. Bridwell, Harry E., Jr. Brim, Sandra E. Brinkley. Elizabeth M. Brooking, Ernest L. Broome, Wa llace S. Brown, Benjamin S. Brown, Beverly A. Brown, Carlton, Jr. Brown, Edward E. Brown, James D. Brown, James P., Jr. Brown, Joanne H. Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Larry A. Martha A. Martha E. Mary A. Pat A. Brewer, Harold J. Brewer, James C. Brown, Susan N. Browne, Kelly M. Bruce, Richard M. Bruce, Roy Brumit, Nancy L. Brunton, Kathy L. Bryan, Jennie ilk41kA L J.1 9 11 1 1 Cobn, Din f ' ' in, Iffl _ , fr " " ! y Utaa, J r . I CikBii V ' Mtr, hi Cohj, t ] Collbs, WJ J " i ' ,Fti Unnallj f C«tl,,,ll( %m ? !l.Pn Iwlord 6 460 r I Bryan, Joseph T., Jr. Bryan, Patricia V. Bryant, James R. Buckhalt, Linda B. Bulloch, Cyprian W. Burgett, Henry L. Burke, Sheila D. Burkett, Robert N. Burks, Paul H. Burrell, Emily J. Burroughs, Richard P. Busbee, Charles A. Butler, Mary J. Byers, Anderson S. Cain, Julia D. Caldwell, Joyce V. Cale, Bennett. F. Calhoun, William F. Cam-p, John T. Campbell, Barbara A. Campbell, Barbara J. Campbell, Elizabeth A. Camt bell, Kenneth A. Cannon, Alice A. Cannon, Jeffie R., Jr. Cantrell, Charles T. Caplan, Brenda Caples, Lola A. Card, Nancy E. Carter, Janice R. Carter, June C. Carter, Sandra L. Cashwell, Dawn L. Cason, Jerry L. Causey, James Y., Jr. Cavalli. Fred L. Chambless, Rubyen M., Jr. Chance, James L. Chapin, Keith W. Chapman, Harry E. Chapman, Roy E. Chasteen, Nancy I. Chasteen, Robery Wymer Chatham. Raymond T. Cheatham, Robert W., Jr. Chellis, Paul H. Chhim, Him S. Chipley. John R. Chinn, Robert C. %M 11 ii IM Ciordia, Richard H. Clamon, John R. Clark, Dorothy D. Clark, James K. Clark, Richard W. Clarke. S. Pendleton Cleland, Lorene W. Cliett, Otis J. Clifton, Donna K. Clifton, Richard E. Cloer. William J. Clonts, Theresa J. Cochran, Price, Jr. Cohen, Darryl B. Cohen, Larry M. Coker, Daniel W. Coleman, Donald E. Coleman. Virginia P. Collier, Klaine Collier, Jerry H. Collins, C. Dorsey Collins. William R. Coltman J. Joyce Comer, Frank W., Ill Connally, Florence M. Conner, Robert D. Conoly, Agnes A. Cooper, Donald B. Copus, Gary D. Costley, Bobby M. Coursey, John L. Cox, Sharon R. Craddock, B. David Craig, Penelope R. Grain, Linda C. Cranford. Sherry L. Crapps, Cheryl A. Crawford, Ben L. Crawford, Bonnie L. Crawford, Patricia A. Crawford, J. Ray Creech, Glenn E. %Jfkd M, i JL ? %M.l t Cunningham, David C. Cunningham, Edwin E. Curry, Antirew J. Curry, Mary Stewart Curtis, Genia S. Cutchin, Johnson H. Donehoo, Beverly S. Creel, Gary M. Creel, S. M., Jr. Crenshaw, A. M. Crenshaw, P. G. Daniel, Janice L. Daniel, Susan H. Davis, Albert H. Davis, Arthur E. Davis, Charles F., Davis, Janis G. Davis, Leonard Jr. Crespo, Sandra J. Cromartie, Sarah Corss, Patricia A. Crozer, Clark G. Culvem, Robert S, Cummins, Jack E. Davis, Mary E. Davis, Raymond P. Davis, Stephan A. Davis, Steven V. Davison, Davenport, Jr. Day, Louis A, Dean, Sandra K. Dean, Sharon L. Deering, Doris A. DeKoning, Eleanor F. Delay, Charles A. DeLong, John M. Denham, Edward T, DePourcq, Elsie H. Devine, Guy A. Dickerson, John T. Dickerson, Lonnie W. Dietz, Harriett P. DiGiacomo, Evans F. Dillard, John P. Dixon, Lynda E. Dobbs, Harriett S. Dobbs, Margaret P, Donaldson, Linda G. Dorsey, John T. Dorsey, PhilHp A. Doster, Simuel F. Doubleday, Duke M f i i it2. a JL . JL SJlMH 9 Dover, Higah J, Dover, John M. Downer, Richard L. Dozier, Robert F. Draper, Merle R. Driver, Robert F. Duggan, Ralph W. Duncan, Forest A., Jr. Duncan, Margaret L. Dunham, Jane D. Dunn, John S. Dunson, Pete G. Durand, Laura A. Durham, Ann T. Durham, Carol A. Durham, Mary D. Durkee, Margaret A, Dwoskin, Myron A. Eason, Alice J. Eaton, Clyde E. Edwards, Charles R. Edwards, Edgar J. Eichel, Sharon B. Eickhoff, Dick C. Eidson, Dona L. Ellis, William S. Empel, Jay M. English, Paschal A. Epstein, Lynda J. Erckman, Richard L. Erdman, Martha O. Ervin, William. J., Ill Eschenbrennerj Joan M. Espy, Joseph S. Evans, Brenda K. Evans, Elvard V. Evans, Lyn E. Evans, Paul H. Evans, Wendy Everett, Edward L. Everitt, C. Melanie Faison, Donald D. Fanning, Steve E. Farran, Susan A. Feast, Grace E. Ferguson, Dale A. Ferguson, Linda G. Ficklen, Mary L. 462 I Finch, Alfred J., Jr. Fine, Lowell S. Fine, Terry L. Fisher, Francy A. Fischle, Daniel K. Fite, Jane E. Fitz, David A. Fitzgerald, Clyde W., Jr. Fitzgerald, William A. Fitzgibbons, Jo Ellen Fitzpatrick, Gail E, Flanagan, Robert S. Fleetwood Betty J. Fletcher, Jane Flinn, Charles D. Floyd, John E. Fluker, Patricia L. Fogel, Warren B. Ford, L. Catherine Fore. Troy H., Jr. Fortson, David L. Fortune, Jim R., Jr. Foss, Tony J. Foster, Alice T. Foster, Jeannine A. Foster, Richard S. Foster, William A., Ill Fountain, Geraldme P. Fountain. Roger G. Fowler, Brenda J. Fowler, Charles W. Fowler, Joan Fowler, Susan E. Fox, Marsha G. Franklin, Sue A. Franklin, William W. Freeman, Myra Fricks, Ann M. Friedler, Gerald A. Frierson, Joseph C, Jr. Frisbee, Eugenie M. Fudge, Donna E. Fullerton. Edward H. Fuller, Ernest A. Furr, Anna Furr, Kittie S. Futral, Carol A. Gaines, Charlotte L. Galbreath, Ronald W. Galis, Chuck Gann, Harold P. Gartinkel, Eileen C. Garrett, Donna E. Garner, Elliott F. Geiger, Jerry A. Gentry, Emily A. Gentry, Sharon L. Gerdine, Mary H. Gemer, Wesley C. Gerson, Marilyn S. Gertler, Lynn T. Gholston, Cornelia L. Gibson, Reba C. Gilbert. Robert L. Giles, Bob Giles, George R. Gilleland, Harry E., Jr. Gillham. Martha B. Gillon, Susan E. (ilascoe. Nancy E. Glass, Ginger K. Glass, L, Jackson Godwin, Gayle E. Goldberg, Jay A. Goldstein, Arnold S. Goldstein, Barbara L. Goldstein, Sherrie E. Goldman, Victor B. Goldman, Lawrence N. Good, John C. Good, Lawrence P. Goodfriend, Judith M. Goodman, Rhonda S. Gordon, Jerry M. Gordon, Martha Goss, Julia G. Grantham, Ted F. Graves, David L. Graves, Judie D. Gray. William A., Ill Gray, William H. Grayson, Ann M. 463 Green, Martha G. Green, Michael L. Green, Wyche T. Greene, Pamela A. Greene, Wilmot M. Greenwald, Mary L. Greenway, Betty J. Greer, Butch C. Gregerson, Eric A. Gregory, Patricia D. Gribble, William H. Griffin, Howard A. Griggs, David T. Griggs, Gloria J. Grimes, William H. Grimm, Bernd H. Hiley, Sandra L. Hill, D. Gary iwLtair Mitlk Ml Grist, Richard D. Grob, Ted A. GrofT, Valerie K. Gross, David I. Grow, Bill R. Grunnah, Robert J. Guest, C. Byron Guest, George N. Gunnin, Claudia J. Gunter, Nancy J. Gunter, Nancy S. Gurley, Don Ilackel, Frances L. Hagar, Nancy E. Hailey, Hugh E. Hall, Carole E. Hall, James W. Hall, Jim A. Hall, Mar garet S. Hall, Mary D. Hall, Paul K. Hall, Robert C. Hallman, John F, Halsall. Pamela A. Hamlin, Max A. Hamling, Nancy C. Hammond, Brenda F. Hammond, Lester W. Hampton, James E. Hampton, Robert W. Hampton, Stephen N. Hanchey, James W. Haralson, Jesse R., Jr. TTarberson, Linda J. Harden, Joseph R. Harden, Seaborn J., II Hardman, Dorothy S. Hargis, Mary O, Harkins, Bobby L. Harmon, David M. Harned, Irving A. Harp, Lucy R. Harp, Merylyn L, Harp, Sam S. Harpe, Loyce E. Harrell, Edward J. Harrington, Jack B. Harris, Donald H. Hill, Lamar B,, Jr. Hilton, Patricia A. Hinden, Michele F Hines, Michaei L. Hirsch, John E. Harris, Ernest V. Harris, Ronald W. Harris, Theodore R. Harris, Winton C, Jr. Harrison, Joseph H. Harrison, Nancy J. Harrison, Ronald W. Harrison, Tommy C. Hart, David A. Hart, Eleanor C. Hart, Joseph F. Hartley, Charles L. Hartley, Judith A. Hatch er, Betty A. 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Worley, Margaret A. 12.1 472 " t « PANDORA » Ward Turner, Editor Wick Searcy, Business Manager Julie Green, Managing Editor Billie Ellington, Art Editor Jolinny Messer, Sports Editor Molly Turner, Greek Editor Troy 474 Donald Dixon, Classes Editor Ji Troy Millikan, Military Editor Sally Wood, Organizations Editor The steeple people . . . Hello Peter Hudson . . . Just get the prints . . . Scarbard and Blade . . . J. C. and J. C Brooks-Baby . . . " What Ever Happened to Donald Dixon? " . . . But you ar-r-re the editor . . . south Georgia ' s nnost acconn- plished wit . . . no Juice in the add- ing machine . . . the iceman com- eth . . . Billie El . . . malt balls and Steerburgers . . . Rho Epsilon . . . Midas was here . . . twenty-four jellyburgers. Rosanne Lurey, Index Editor Sylvia Johnstone Ann Warlick Jodie Traylor David Sipple Not Pictured: Tucker Dorsey Ruth CoflEee, Darkroom Assistant SENIOR ACTIVITIES SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE ALL. FRANK E.: Dairy Science Club; Ga. Dairyman, Ed. ANDERSON, HENRY C, JR.: Alpha Zeta; ASAE. APPLEBY. THOMAS L. : Newman Club; Dairy Science Club. BARKER. ERNEST V.: Agronomy Club. BARTELL. JOHN R.: Dairy Science Club; Newman Club. BERNDT, ROBERT B.: Chi Pii; Land- scape Arch. Club. BERRYMAN, JANICE B. : Kappa Del- ta, Pres. ; W.R.A.; Mortar Board; Panhellenic; Landscape Arch. Club; Alpha Gamma Delta ; Key Club ; Who ' s Who. BORST, WILLIAM J.; Theta Chi. BRIM, RICHARD T. ; Sigma Nu. BRANAN, TONY E.: ASAE, Pres. Ca. Chapter and National Council; Blue Key; AGHON. BRUMBY, RUSSELL D.: Ag. Econ. Club. BUOAGURO, LOUIS A.: Food Tech. Club; Institute of Food Technologist. BUSH, WILLIAM J.: GAFFAU Club. CAVENDER, RALPH H.: Sigma Nu. CHANCE, FRED L. : Alpha Gamma Rho; Dairy Science Club. COBB, KENNETH H.: Ag. Econ. Club. COOK, JUDITH L.: Tennis Club, Sec; Wesley Foundation; Freshman Camp; URSA Major. CRAWFORD, JOHNNY L. : Agronomy Club, Sec, Pres.; Alpha Zeta. CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT C; Dairy Science Club; Newman Club. DAVIS, ARTHUR, L.: Landscape Arch. Club, Treas. DAY, DONALD P.: Agronomy Club. DEAL, EMIT B.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle Club, Treas.; Livestock Judging Team; Who ' s Who. DEMARST, RICHARD J.: Food Tech. Club. DOVER, JERRY L.: XClub; Demos- thenian Society; ASAE; Ag. Club, Pres; Ag. Hill Council; Ga. Agri- culturist, Managing Ed. DUBBERLY, JIMMY J.: GAFFAU Club, Pres.; Ag. Hill Council. EASON, DARVIN R.: Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle Club; Live- stock Judging Team. EDDY, BARRY D. : Alpha Gamma Rho; Dairy Science Club. FEGAN, RONALD J.: Alpha Gamma Rho. FREEBERN, JOHN R. : Ag. Econ. Club, Sec. FRIEDMAN, PAUL X.: Food Tech. Club; Institute of Food Technolo- gists. GAGE, HAROLD M.: Food Tech. Club. GLOVER, GLENN H.: GAFFAU Club, Sec. GNASS, WILLIAM E.: Dairy Science Club. GOLDBERGER, HERB.: Poultry Club. GRISMER, JAMES A.: Chi Psi; Gun Club Dairy Science Club. HAM, HUEY R.: GAFFAU Club. HAMMOND, HENRY C: Landscape Arch. Club. HANSEN, ARTHUR P.: Dairy Science Club. HANSEN, MICHAEL E.: Horticulture Club, V.P. HERMANCE, GEORGE W. : Alpha Gamma Rho; Landscape Arch. Club. HICKS, ALAN S. : Sigma Phi Epsilon; Landscape Arch. Club; Wrestling, Co.Capt. HOCTOR, JAMES C; Food Tech. Club. HOWELL, JAMES R.: Alpha Gamma Rho, Treas.; Block and Bridle Club; Ag. Club; Ga. Agriculture; Men ' s Glee Club; Livestock Judging Team. HYATT, JOHN L.: AEN Club; Ag. Club; Arnold Air Society. JONES, JIM B.: GAFFAU Club, V.P. KERSHMAN, ALVIN: Food Tech. Club. KING, PAUL H.: Institute of Food Technologists. LANCE, JAMES C. : Agronomy Club, Soil Conservation Society of Am., Pres., V.P. ; Ag. Hill Council. LARSEN, HARRY A.: Alpha Gamma Rho. LAUTEN, FRED C: Food Tech. Club. LICHNER, JON A.: Block and Bridle Club. MATARAZZO, GEORGE T. : Pi Kap- pa Phi ; Landscape Arch. Club. MAXWELL, CHARLES V.: Block and Bridle Club; Livestock Judging Team. MORRIS, DALE R.: Poultry Science Club, V.P., Sec; Ga. PouUryman, Bus. Manager. MULL, WILBUR C: Alpha Gamma Rho, Sec; Ag. Econ. Club. MUND, ROBIN M.: Phi Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel. NILES, CHARLES G.: Dairy Science Club, Sec Landscape Chi Psi ; OLENSKI, DONALD A.: Horticulture Club. OLTHOL, PAUL W. : Lutheran Student Assoc; Ag. Econ. Club. PACE, JAMES E., JR.; Dairy Science Club; Ag. Hill Council. PADGETT, JOHN G. : Agronomy Club. PANESSA, FRANK J.: Pre-vet Club, V.P., Treas.; Newman Club. PARKER, RAYMOND L.; Agronomy Club; Alpha Gamma Rho. PARSONS, PHILIP C: Food Tech Club. PAUL, JAMES H.: ASAE; Ag. Engr. Club, Treas.; Co. Ag. Engr., Bus. Manager; Ga. Agriculture, Bus. Manager. PEARMAN, GRADY E.: ASAE; Co. Ag. Engr., Ass ' t Ed. PERRY, JACK L.: Ag. Club; 4-H Club; Ag. Hill Council; Ag. Engi- neering Club. PETERS, BARBARA A. : Alpha Gam- ma Delta; Alpha Mu Epsilon; Bee- line, Ed. ; Newman Club. PIGOTT, WILLIE R.: GAFFAU, Pres. PITTS, WILLIAM J.: Alpha Zeta; X.Club, Pres.; Dairy Science Club, Pres.; Ag. Club. RIENECKER, HANK F.: Arch. Club; Pi Kappa. ROLFE, RAYMOND J.: Landscape Arch. Club. ROOT, JOSEPH W.: ASAE; Newman Club. ROSS, WILLIAM W. : Ag. Club; In- dependent Men; Arnold Air Society; X-Club. ROWE, JACK: Landscape Arch. Club. SEELER, DAVID E.: Pi Kappa Phi; Landscape Arch. Club. SILBERMAN, LEONARD : Agronomy Club. SLIVINSKY, ROBERT W. : Dairy Sci- ence Club. SMITH, THOMAS L. : Wesley Founda- tion. STAPLIN, RALPH A.: Dairy Science Club, Treas. STEUBER, CARL H.: Food Tech. Club. STOCUM, THOMAS N.: Agronomy Club; Soil Conservation Society. STONE, EVERETT W.: Food Tech, Club; Newman Club. STRIPLING, THOMAS L.: Theta Chi, V.P.; BIFTAD; Alpha Zeta; I.F.C.; Argonauts, V.P.; Arnold Air Society. SULLIVAN, GEORGE R.: Newman Club; Food Tech. Club. SWINT, TOMMY: GAFFAU Club, Treas. ; Independent Men. TAKOUDES, NICOS G. : Ag. Econ. Club. TALMADGE, MARY I.: Chi Omega; Z Club, Sec; Kappa Sigma Sponsor; Angel Flight; Alpha Lambda Delta; Landscape Arch. Club; Freshman Camp. TAUNTON, LARRY W.: Agronomy Club. THOMAS, WALTER E.: GAFFAU Club. TILGHMAN, SUSAN E.: Alpha Omi- cron Pi ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; URSA Minor; Food Tech. Club; Pi Mu Epsilon; Freshman Camp. TRICARICO, VINCENT J.: Institute of Food Technologists. VAN DUSEN, LLOYD J. Tau, Treas. VITLO, PATRICK D. : Bridle Club. WEAVER, CHARLIE E. Club. WELLS, BILLY H.; Block and Bridle Club. WENDT, PAUL A., JR.: Varsity Track. WESTFALL, FRANK C: GAFFAU Club; Agronomy Club. WILLIAMS, EDGAR W.: Ag. Econ. Club, V.P. WILLIAMS, JUDSON J. ma Rho ; Block and Phi Kappa Block and Ag. Econ. Alpha Zeta ; Alpha Gam- Bridle Club; GAFFAU Club; Livestock Judging Team; I.F.C. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM W., Ill: Pi Kappa Phi; Landscape Arch. Club. WILSON, EMORY C: Food Tech. Club, V.P.; Kappa Sigma. WILSON, JAMES L. : GAFFAU Club. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ADAMS, ANNE I.: Zeta Tau Alpha. ALLEN, ANGELA: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Belle Corps; Bulldog Club; English Club. ALLISON, RICHARD M.: Alpha Tau Omega; Demosthenian. ALONSO, REBECCA R.: Phi Theta Kappa. ANDREWS, ELIZABETH A.: Alpha Chi Omega; URSA Minor; Alpha Lambda Delta; Thalian Blackfriars; Debate. ARIAIL, JOSEPH A.: Theta Chi; Alpha Phi Omega, Sec-Treas. ; Ar- gonauts; Scabbard and Blade. ARNOLD, JULIA B.: Phi Mu; Canter- bury Club. ARNOWICH, WILLIAM S.: Phi Epai- lon Pi. ATRIA, JAMES A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. ATWOOD, ALAN R.; Biftad; Phi Eta Sigma; Argonauts; Pi Mu Epsilon; Univ. Orchestra; Dixie Redcoat Band. BAGWELL, JOHN E.: Sigma Chi; Freshman Camp. BAKER, MARY W. : Delta Delta Delta; URSA Minor; Westminster; W.S.R.G.A.; Glee Club. BARBRE, LYNDA S.: Dance Club; Newman Club; Chi Omega. BARRETT, FRANCES G.: Dixie Red- coat Band; Univ. Chorus; M.E.N. C, soloist; Men ' s Glee Club, Soloist. BAXTER, JULIAN F.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres., V.P. BELL, GLADYS S. : Kappa Alpha Theta. BILLIPS, BENNIE K.: Alpha Xi Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta. BIRCHMORE, REBECCA J.: Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Hon- or ' s Program; Tennis Club, Pres.; M.Y.F. BLAKE, MARY V.: Kappa Delta; U.G.I.F.: W.R.A. Art Students League, Treas.; Canterbury Club; URSA Major; Alpha Lambda Delta; W.S.G.A. Cabinet Chrm. ; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. BLISS, PAUL H.: Classics Club; Cos- mopolitan Club ; Westiminster Fel- lowship ; Chorus. BLOUNT, PERCY J.: Kappa Sigma; Lacrosse. BOLIN, MARION G. : Phi Eta Sigma; Physics Club. BOWMAN, E. WALTER: Honors Pro- gram ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Biftad ; Phi Kappa; Phi Alpha Theta; Debate Team; Kappa Gamma. BRADBURY, LYNDA L. : Kappa Gam- ma, Pledge Trainer; Univ. Theater; Dorm Pres., V.P. ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart Court ; Canter- bury Club; Bulldog Club, Sec; Cheerleader. BRASELTON, NANCY C: Alpha Del- ta Pi. BROOKS, JOAN J.: Alpha Omicron Pi, Chaplain; Univ. Chorus; Chris- tian Youth Fellowship, Treas.; See. and Anthropology Club. BRYAN, JIMMIE R.: Phi Eta Sigma. BUCKLEY, CAROL L.: Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Trainer; Freshman Camp Counselor; URSA Minor; Stu- dent Center, V.P., Sec; Gamma Sigma Sigma, V.P.; Pink and Gray. BUDD, JOSEPH D.: Canterbury Club. BUSH, JENNIE C. : Alpha Chi Omega. BUSH A, MARY LEE: Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; English Club; Bulldog Club. CALLAWAY L. CHRISTINE: Alpha Omicron Pi; Thalian-Blackfriars; Univ. Theater; Bulldog Club. CAMPBELL, CLAY J.: Argonauts: Amer. Chem. Society. CARSTARPHEN, LINDA A.: Alpha Delta Pi; W.S.C.A., Cabinet, Sec, Judicial Chrm.; URSA Minor; Z Club, V.P.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board, V.P. ; Panhellenic; Freshman Camp Counselor; Pink and Gray, Who ' s Who. CARTER, H. KENNON: Phi Eta Sig- ma ; Sigma Pi Sigma ; Lambda Chi Alpha. CARTER, MARIAN S.: Phi Mu. CARTER, NANCY H.: Alpha Xi Del- ta; PEM Club. CARTER, WILLIAM C: Chi Psi. CHASE, MARTHA: Alpha Omicron Pi, Historian ; Art Students League. CHESHIRE, Douglas L.: Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta. CLARK, SHARON G. ; English Club; Lutheran Student Association. COCHRAN, BETTY J.: Kappa Delta; Sociology Club; Bulldog Club; Wes- ley Fellowship; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart Court. COCROFT, CATHERINE C: Chi Omega; Intervarsity. COFFSKY, BARRY P.: Tau Epsilon Phi, Treas., Vice-Chancellor; Alpha Phi Omega; Hillel, Phi Kappa. COLLIER, MARTHA C: Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Treas.; Gamma Sigma Sig- ma; Student Center. COLMER, MARGARET A.: Alpha Chi Omega; English Club; W.S.G.A. CONLON. HUGH F.: Phi Mu Alpha, V.P. ; Dixie Redcoat Band. CONNER, MARTHA L.: Alpha Delta Pi; Bulldog Club; Art Student League ; Amer. Interior Design. COOK, JAMES J.: Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa ; Political Science Club. CROCKETT. LINDA: Alpha Delta Pi. CROWE, GLORIA I.: Kappa Delta; Pres. of Dorm. CURRAN, DOROTHY L. : Delta Delta Delta, Treas. DANNER, RAY N. : Sigma Alpha Ep- silon ; Basketball. DARDEN, JANE M.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Bull- dog Club; Westminster Fellowship. DAVIDSON, CHARLES W. : Sigma Nu, Pres. ; Sec-Treas. of Soph. Class. DAVIDSON, JACQUELINE P.: Alpha Gamma Delta. DAVIS, H. DANA: Kappa Kappa Delta; Bulldog Club. DAWSON, JACK E.: Phi Delta Theta; Freshman Camp Councilor. DELL. ARLENE P.: Delta Phi Epsi- lon; Gamma Sigma Sigma; A.C.E.I. ; Hillel; Syracuse Univ. DOOLEY, JAMES E.: Argonauts: Wesley Foundation. DRAKE, CHESTA L. : Dixie Redcoat Band ; Wesley Foundation ; Alpha Lambda Delta. DUDLEY, CHARLES J.: Sigma Pi. DYE, E. JAYNE: Inter. Varsity ; Clas- sics Club. ELLER, CATHARINE M.: Kappa Kap- pa Gamma. ELLINGTON, BILLIE L.: Kappa Kap- pa Gamma, Pres. ; Alpha Lambda Delta; Bulldog Club; Student Union; Belle Corps, Pres. ; Pandora, Art Ed.; Who ' s Who. ENGRAM, MICHAEL E.: Phi Eta Sigma. EVANS, LINDA: Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. EVANS, RONALD J.: Phi Mu Alpha, Pres. ; Dixie Redcoat Band ; Dixie Derbies; M.E.N. C; Sinfonia Stage Band. EVERETTE, MARVIN R.: Kappa Alpha, V.P. EZELL, VIRGINIA: Phi Mu; Dorm V.P. ; Little Sisters of Maltese Cross, V.P. FERRELL, WILLIAM M.: Phi Delta Theta. FINNEY, BETTY M.: Kappa Delta; Art Student League ; Bulldog Club. FOOTE, MARGARET A.: Kappa Kap. pa Gamma, Schol. Chrm. ; Canter- bury Club. FORD, ANITA J.: Alpha Lambda Delta; B.S.U. ; Women ' s Glee Club; Honors Program; URSA Minor. FOUNTAIN, ANDREW A.: Cosmopoli- tan Club; Westminster Fellowship; Men ' s Glee Club. GALT, ROBERT H.: Delta Tau Delta. GARRETT, LEANDRA E. : Alpha Xi Delta ; Wesley Foundation. GIBSON, MARILYN E.: Kappa Delta, V.P. CILLIARD, FRED E.: Theta Chi; B.S.U. ; Freshman Councilor; Ar- gonaut. GILLIS, KATE H.: Alpha Delta Pi. CILMORE, FORREST C. : Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa; Argonauts; Per- shing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Amer. Chem. Soc; Proctor. GLOVER, GARY A.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GREEN, JULIE R.: Chi Omega; W.R.A., Pres.; Pandora, Managing Ed.; URSA Minor; Phi Alpha Theta. GREENE, WILLIAM K. : Sigma Nu. GRIFFIN, ANNE L.: Alpha Delta Pi; Belle Corps, V.P.; English Club, Pres. GRIMAUDE, CANSTANCE E.: Weit- minster Fellowship; URSA; Clas- sics Club. HALL, CHARLES H.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HAMES, WILLIAM H.: Amer. Chem. Society. HANNA, BARBARA A.: Alpha Omi- cron Pi ; Gamma Sigma Sigma ; Stu- dent Center; Newman Club. HARDEN, SYDNEY: Phi Mu, Treas., Sec; Alpha Lambda Delta. HARDMAN, JOHN B.: Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Biftad; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; Pandora, Clas- ses Editor, Mil. Ed.; Phi Kappa. HARRIS, MYRNA K. : Dixie Redcoat Band ; Univ. Orchestra. HARRISON. DAN H.: Kappa Sigma, Sec, V.P., Pres.; LaCrosse Team Capt.; Scabbard and Blade, Treas.; Arnold Air Society. HEIMOWITZ, STANLEY B.: Alpha Epsilon Pi ; Phi Kappa, Pres. HENDERSON, JAN E.; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Student Council. HEYWARD, MILDRED G.: Alpha Del- ta Pi. HICGINS, HARRIET C. : Kappa Kap- pa Gamma; Dolphin Club. HIRSCH. BRENDA S. : Delta Phi Ep- silon; URSA Minor; W.S.G.A.; Hil- lel, Treas.; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Pandora. HOGAN, LARRY C. : Dixie Redcoat Band; Men ' s Glee Club. HOLLAND, CAROLYN A.: Alpha Gamma Delta: URSA; Pandora, Pic- torial Editor; Gamma Alpha Chi; Newman Club. HOLLINGSWORTH, GAIL E.: Art Students League. HOLMES, HAMILTON E.: Alpha Phi Alpha; Canterbury Club; Alpha Ep- silon Delta. HOWINGTON, JANE W.: Intervaraity Christian Fellowship. HUDSON, FRANK R. : Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Scabbard and Blade ; Al- pha Epsilon Delta. HUDSON, Lanny D.: Kappa Alpha. HUMMEL, DIANNE F. : Triquetra, Pres.; Triangle; Disciple Student Fellowship, Pres. ; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Student Council. HUNT, JAMES T.: Pi Ma Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Football; Baseball; Wrestling; Fellowship of Christian Athletes, V.P. ISAF, SARA J.: University Chorus; Newman Club; Gamma Sigma Sig- ma; URSA Minor; Sociology Club. JACKSON. JACKIE: Kappa Alpha Theta, Sec; Delta Phi Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta. JACKSON, SARAH R.: Alpha Lambda Delta. JENKINS, A. FELTON: Phi Delta Theta, Treas. ; PhiLaretos, Pres.; Biftad, Pres.; Debate Team; Phi Kappa; Pandora, Sports Ed.; Pre- legal Club, V.P. ; Political Science Honorary. JENNINGS, EVELYN W.: Alpha Gam- ma Delta; Political Science Club. JOHNSON, BETTY L.: Alpha Gamma Delta; W.R.A. JONES, DIANNE; Alpha Umbda Del- ta; Sigma Delta Pi; Zodiac. JOHNS, LUCY E.; URSA Minor; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Sigma Sigma. JONES, ROBERT M.: Phi Kappa; Pre-Legal Club. JONES, JIMMY R.: Phi Delta Theta. JONES, WILLIAM B. : Wesley Founda- tion. JONES, VIVIAN L.: Alpha Epsilon Delta. KANTSIPER, ALAN B.: Tau Epsilon Phi. KELLER, GEORGIANNA J.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dorm Pres.; Socio- logy and Anthropology Club. KENNON, M. KAY: Alpha Xi Delta. KEMPER, Judith A.: Alpha Omicron Pi. KERR, JOHN E.: Sigma Chi; B.S.U. LAIRD, NORMAN S.: Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Phi Kappa; Circle K; I.F.C. LANGSTON, ELIZABETH L.: Kappa Alpha Theta, V.P.; URSA Minor; Sigma Delta Pi. LATZ, MARY ANN: Kappa Delta; Phi Alpha Theta. LINGO, JOYCE E.: Delta Zeta. LEWIS, HODGES: Freshm an Camper and Counselor; Biftad; Argonauts; Men ' s Glee Club; Who ' s Who. LITTLE, TOM F. : Delta Tau Delta; Canterbury Club. MALLORY, JADE T. : Sigma Chi. MALONE. MICHAEL L.: Kappa Al- pha. MANNING, DOUGLAS E.: Kappa Sig- ma. MARCUS, JOE L.: Tau Epsilon Phi. MARNOCK, BARBARA R.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pandora; Canter- burty ; English Club ; Dorm Treas. MARTIN, ELLEN C: Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Bulldog Club; English Club. MARTIN, JOE B.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Football Team. MARTIN, KAY C: Alpha Xi Delta, Treas.; Canterbury Club, Treas.; Freshman Camp; Art Students League; A.I.D. MATTHEWS, WAYNE G.: Chi Phi. MAY. GEORGE B.: Phi Kappa, Pres. McCALL, JOHN W. : Theta Chi, Treas.; B.S.U. ; Argonauts; Proctor. McCRAW, ELIZABETH M.: Chi Ome- g«- McDOUGALD, CHARLES C: Pi Kap- pa Alpha, Sec, Pres.; Cheerleader; Phi Kappa; Bulldog Club. McELMURRAY, NANCY E.: Pi Beta Phi; W.R.A. McGARITY, SARAH L. : Phi Mu. McGEE, RUBY M.: Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA Minor; Freshman Camp; Dixie Red- coat Band. McKEMIE, BETTE SUE B. : Phi Mu, Sec; Pi Kappa Alpha Calender; Lambda Chi Alpha pledge sweet- heart; Miss Typical Freshman Court; March of Dimes Court ; Gamma Sigma; Sociology and Anthropology Club; W.R.A.; Bulldog Club. McLEOD, MICHAEL R.: Intercollegi- ate Debate Team ; Kappa Gamma, Pres. ; Demosthenian ; Ga. Forensic Assoc, V.P. McRAE, C. PHILLIPS: Sigma Chi. MELTON, JOHN C: Kappa Sigma; Pershing Rifles; A.I.D. ; Art Stu- dents League. MERREN, MICHAEL D.: Tau Epsilon Phi, Scribe; Dixie Redcoat Band; University Orch.; HiUel, Pres.; Al- pha Phi Omega. MILLER, BETSY J.: Alpha Delta Pi; Chi Phi Sweetheart; Bulldog Club; English Club. MILLER, M. SHEWELL: Alpha Del- ta Pi ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Bulldog Club. MILLER, Robert W. ; Sigma Chi; Biftad; Phi Kappa, Pres., V.P.; Philaretos, Chrm. ; Blue Key; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta; Var- sity Debate Team; Kappa Gamma; Freshman Camp; Who ' s Who. MORSE, PATRICIA A.: Delta Phi Epsilon; W.S.G.A.; W.R.A.; Hillel; Gamma Sigma Sigma ; Phi Epsilon Pi Sweetheart Court; URSA Minor. MULLINS, W. RALPH: Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa. MURDOCK, ARTHUR E.: Delta Tau Delta, Pres.; X Club; I.F.C. MOORE, BILLY C: LaCrosse. MORTON, JANN L.: Delta Delta Delta ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Sigma Delta Pi; Women ' s Glee Club. NAM AN, CARL H.: Alpha Epsilon Delta. NEWBERRY, ARTHUR R.: Phi Delta Theta. NIEMANN, CHET: Phi Mu Alpha; M.E.N.C. : Circle K; Argonauts; Freshman Men ' s Council; Dixie Redcoat Band; Univ. Orchestra; Dixie Derbies; Basketball Pep Band. NOECKER, SALLY J.: Kappa Alpha Theta. NORRIS, ELAINE P.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Zeta Phi Eta. O ' KELLEY, CHARLES S.: Pi Kappa Phi. OLDHAM, HENRY N.: Phi Eta Sig- ma; Dixie Redcoat Band; Phi Mu Alpha. ORELL, ROBERT W. : Sigma Alpha Epsilon; LaCrosse; Phi Kappa. OSTERNECK, MYLES N.: Phi Epsi- lon Pi, Pres. OZAKI, ROGER H.: Argonauts; Proc- tor. PALEFSKY, ELLIOT H.: Tau Epsilon Phi, V.P.; Alpha Phi Omega; Nu Rho Psi; Hillel; Phi Kappa. PAPER, MARY J.: Alpha Chi Omega, Pres. ; Panhellenic. PERRY, MARION E.: Delta Zeta. PICKREN, JAMES H. : Pi Kappa Phi. PICKER, VIRGINIA L,; Delta Zeta. PINKERTON EDDY R. : Pi Kappa Phi, Sec; Student Council; I.F.C; Pandora; Cheerleader; Bulldog Club; Art Students League, V.P. ; A.I.D., Pres. PRICE, S. CLAYTON: Sigma Nu. REAGAN, THOMAS J.: Sigma Chi; Wesley Foundation; I.F.C; Phi Kappa; Armstrong — Outstanding Soph.; V.P. of Soph. Class. REED, BRUCE E.: Intercollegiate Debate Team; Kappa Gamma. RICHBURG, T. HAROLD; B.S.U.; Cosmopolitan Club; Intervarsity. RICHEY, JOYCE D.: Dixie Redcoat Band ; Univ. Orchestra ; Sigma Al- pha Iota. RIDDICK. JUDY L. ; Phi Mu; Jr. Panhellenic, Treas. ; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Gamma Sigma Sigma. RIDLEY, WILLIAM E.: Delta Tau Delta ; Rtd and Black. RHODEN, JAMES H.: Glee Club. ROBERTS, RICHARD R.: Phi Kappa. RODCERS, LYNDA M.: Alpha Xi Delta. ROGERS, TOMMY E A.: Delta Zeta, V.P. RUSSELL, RICHARD B.: Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa. SAMALTANOS, ANTHONY S. : Alpha Gamma Rho. SAULS, LAURA E.: Kappa Alpha Theta. SAVAGE, ROSALIND: Zeta Tau Al- pha. SAYE, JAKE L.: Varsity Football; Biftad ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Who ' s Who; Blue Key. SCHNEDL, MARY BETH: A.I.D. SCHULHOFFER, GEORGE: Alpha Epsilon Pi. SCHWAMLEIN, ALBERT F.: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Argonauts; B.S.U. SEARS, STEPHEN H.: Kappa Alpha; Wrestling Team. SEAGLER, CHIP: Delta Tau Delta; Demosthenian; Pre-Law Club; Clas. sicB Club. SEVIER, SUSAN L. : Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club, Pres.; Dorm V.P. SHAMHART, MARTHA H.: Alpha Delta Pi; Jr. Panhellenic; Tennis Club; Concert Club. SIMMONS. CAROLYN J.: Delta Zeta; A.I.D. Gamma Alpha Chi; Art Stu- dents League. SIMS, A. LARKIN; Zeta Tau Alpha; W.S.G.A., Treas., V. P.; Outstand- ing Sophomore Award; Student Council, Freshman Camp; Z Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Who ' s Who. SINGLETON, TILMAN: Univ. Chorus; M.T.N.A., Treas. SINGER, SANDRA R.: Delta Phi Epsilon; Glee Club; Hillel. SMITH, JERRY J.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dance Club; Bulldog Club; Political Science Club; Thalian Blackfriars. SOUTER, SARALYN: Alpha Delta Pi; Student Council; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sec; Eng- lish Club, Bulldog Club. STALLINGS, SYBIL; Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres.; Intervarsity; Sociology Club; Westminister Fellowship; Bull, dog Club. STANLEY, ROBERT H.: Kappa Alpha. STEPHENS, BETTY J.: Univ. Band; Alpha Xi Delta; Cosmopolitan Club. STEPHENS, G. WINSTON: Kappa Alpha Theta; Pink and Gray, Fea- ture Ed.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Westminster Fellowship, Sec, V.P. ; Mortar Board; Zodiac; W.S.C.A., Cabinet, Pres.; Freshman Camp; Who ' s Who. STEVENS, JOHN R.: Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Pres.; Biftad, V.P. ; Argo- nauts; Phileratos; Sociology-Anthro- pology Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Circle K, Pres.; Pink and Gray, Circ. Mgr. ; I.F.C. ; Scabbard and Blade. STOVALL, ALBERT S.: Theta Chi, Treas. ; Swimming Team. STUCKEY, HARVEY L.; Phi Delta Theta. SUTTEN, LINDA J.: Alpha Xi Delta, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Panhellenic ; Rush Advisor. SWAFFORD, MACK D.: Phi Eta Sig- ma ; Gamma Sigma Epsilon ; Amer. Chem. Society. SWEAT, KATHRYN S.: Alpha Gam- ma Delta ; Dance Club ; Bulldog Club. TABOR, JOHN S.: Kappa Sigma; Phi Kappa, Assoc. Justice; Argonauts; Freshman Camp ; Political Science Club. TALMADGE, HERMAN E.: Sigma Nu. TAPPY, THOMAS P.: Pi Kappa Phi; Arts Students League. TEITEL, THEODORE B.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Pre-Law Club; Hillel. TERRY, DAN B.: Sigma Chi. THARP, M. LYNN; Delta Delta Delta, Treas.; Wesley Foundation. THOMASON, JUDITH E.: University Chorus. THREETON, CLAY L. : Pi Kappa Phi. THRELKELD, GEORGE L. : Kappa Sigma. TODD, SUSAN J.: Phi Mu. TONEY, ARNOLD A.: Reed Hall Council. TRAMMELL, ERVIN G.: Scabbard and Blade. TURNER, WARD P.: Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Chr.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Freshman Camp; W.S.C.A. Cabinet; Pandora, Greek Ed., Editor; Who ' s Who; Dance Club. WADE, DOROTHY L.: Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Psi Chi ; Honors Program ; Panhel- lenic. WAGES, HARVEY S.: Alpha Epsilon Delta. WALL, PEARLA: Wesley Foundation; Soc. Anthropology Club. WARD, EUGENE L.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WATERS, ANNE A.: Kappa Delta, House Pres. ; Political Science Club. WATKINS, NANCY V.: Phi Mu. WEBB, MADGE P.: Phi Mu; A.I.D., Sec; Dolphin Club; ATO Sweet- heart Court. WEEMS, ARTHUR H.: Phi Eta Sig- ma. WEITMAN, RAVENEL T. : Phi Eta Sigma; Honors Program. WEST, LUCY Y.: Phi Mu. WELLS, DONALD L.: Amer. Chem. Society; Wesley Foundation. WELLS, JAN v.: U.Ga. Forestry Stu. dent Wives Club, Pres. ; Nat. Asso. For. Student Wives, Pres. WHEELIN, THOMAS K.: Newman Club; Alpha Mu Epsilon. WHITE, BILL E.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. WHITE, DOROTHY E.: Amer. Chem. Society. WHITE, NANCY A.: Kappa Alpha Theta, Rush Chr. ; Panhellenic ; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA: Eng- lish Club ; Honors Program. WHITE, MARIAN L. : Alpha Delta Pi. WHITTLE, MARIE B.: Art Students League. WHORTON, JUDITH F.: Alpha Xi Delta; Panhellenic. WILBANKS, JAMES H.: Argonauts; Debate Team. WILKES, WILLIAM L. : Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pres.; Physics Club. WILSON, MARY E.: Gamma Beta Phi; Phi Theta Kappa. WILLETT, ROBERT E.: Phi Kappa. WILLOUGHBY, JIM L. ; Phi Mu Al- pha; Dixie Redcoat Band; M.E.N.C; Dixie Derbies. WINSHIP, WADLEIGH C : Chi Phi, Pledge Trainer; Bulldog Club, V.P. WINSTON, C. LANE: Alpha Delta Pi. WRAY, MARGARET J.: Alpha Xi Delta, V.P.; Pi Mu Epsilon. WRIGHT, JUDITH A.: Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; English Club; Panhellenic; Honors Program. WYNN, M. CAROLYN: Pi Beta Phi, Pres. ; Sigma Delta Pi ; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Zodiac; Mortar Board, Pres.; Student Center Board; Fresh- man Camp ; Most Outstanding Sopho- more ; Who ' s Who. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMIMSTRATION ADAMS, IRWIN C: Lambda Chi Al- pha. ADAIR, SAMUEL Y.: Kappa Sigma; Arnold Air Society, V.P.; Scabbard and Blade. AGHAZADEH, MOHSEN : Cosmopoli- tan Club. ALEXANDER, DAVID C: Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Insurance Soc. ALFORD, ROBERT M.: Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade. ANDERSON, BENJAMIN K. : Sigma Chi, Pres. APPLEBAUM, CHARLES R.: Lambda Chi Alpha. ARNOTT, NANCY G.: Kappa Alpha; Theta Chi Phi Sweetheart Court; Phi Chi Theta. AYCOCK, ROBERT R.: Alpha Tau Omega. RAGGETT, WILLIAM G.: Alpha Tau Omega; Argonaut. BAGWELL, JAMES R.: Alpha Kappa Psi ; Economic Society. BAKER, THOMAS H.: Pi Kappa Phi; Pi Sigma Epsilon. BASSETT, DAVID D.: Sigma Phi Ep- silon; Alpha Kappa Psi. BATTLE, JOSEPH A.: Delta Sigma Pi; Rho Epsilon, Pres. BELL, MARK R.; Chi Psi. BELL, WILLIAM G.: Delta Sigma Pi; Demosthenian. BELLE ISLE, WILLIAM A.: Phi Sig- ma Epsilon. BEVERLY, JOE E.; Sigma Chi. BLACK, ROBERT G.: Alpha Kappa Psi ; Economic Society. BLOCKER. EL LIS R.: Chi Psi. BLOODWORTH, GEORGE A.: Alpha Tau Omega; Wrestling Team. BOBBITT, SIDNEY H.: Delta Tau Delta. BONEY, DON L.: Sigma Chi. BOSTWICK, PRESTON T.: Basket- ball Team ; Varsity Track. BOYD, DAVID E.: Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Phi Eta Sigma; Varsity Golf, Capt. BRACKETT, CHARLES E.: Kappa Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Ac- counting Club. BRACKNELL. GRADY J.: Sigma Pi; Argonauts; Phi Kappa; Accounting Club. BRASINCTON. BEAU: Sigma Nu. BREDENBERG, JOHN H.: Insurance Societv. BROOKS. GEORGE B.: Chi Psi; La- Cross Team; Arnold Air Society. BURDELL. WILLIAM S.: Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. BURPEE. WALTER J.: Theta Chi; Swimming Team; Circle K. BUSH, CORBEY S.: Freshman Camp. CAPEL. LARRY H.: Phi Delta Theta. CASEY, WILLIAM E.: Delta Sigma Pi. CASHEN, RICHARD J.: Newman Club; Freshman Camp. CATHEY, CHARLES W. ; Kappa Sig- ma. CHAMBERS. FRANKLIN B.: Alpha Tau Omega. CHAMBLESS. JAMES L. : Sigma Al- pha Epsilon. CHEATHAM. JAMES R.: Delta Sig- ma Pi; Phi Kappa, V.P. ; Debate Society. CLARK, ANDREW B.: Pi Kappa Phi. CLARKE, BOYKIN: Phi Delta Theta. CLARKE, GEORGE C: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CLONINGER, EUGENE F.: Delta Sig- ma Pi. COCHRAN. BEVERLY F.: Delta Zeta. COLE, EMRIED D.: Chi Phi. COLLINS, SHEROD : Accounting Club. CONNALLY, HARPER G.: Prelegal Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. COPPAGE, JOHN R.: Pi Kappa Al- pha. CORRELL, ALSTON D. : Sigma Chi; Westminster Foundation; Phi Kappa. COURSEY, JOHN P.; Kappa Alpha. COX, NANCY A.: Kappa Kappa Gam- ma; Accounting Club. CRANE. BAXTER C: Kappa Alpha; I.F.C. CRANMAN. MARVIN.: Tau Epsilon Phi. CUBBEDGE. EDWIN W. : Delta Sigma Pi; Accounting Club. CZUCHTA, STEVE: Alpha Kappa Psi; Economic Society. DAVIS, HORACE H.: Delta Sigma Pi, V.P. ; Demosthenians. DE ARMAS, GILBERT A.: Phi Sig- ma Epsilon, Sec. ; Circle K, Treas. ; Officers Saber Club. DEEN, GEORGE E.: Scabbard and Blade. DeLOACH, GEORGE L.: Kappa Sig- ma. DENARD. ALBERT L. : Demosthenian; Independent Men ; Insurance Society. DONALDSON, JOHN K.: Kappa Al- pha. DOVER, LAWRENCE E.: Phi Theta Kappa; Accounting Club. DOWNS, JACKIE W.: Delta Sigma Pi; Accounting Club; Disciple Stu- dent Fellowship, Pres. DUCGAN, HENRY C: Kappa Sigma; Phi Theta Kappa; Circle K. EATON. MILTON L.: Umbda Chi Alpha; Circle K; Student Council. EBERHARDT. LINTON W.: Demos- thenian; Independent Men; Omicron Delta Kappa. ELLIOTT, HENRY K. ; Rho Epsilon; Chi Phi. ELLIOTT, LARRY R.: Kappa Sigma. ELLISON, BILLY: Alpha Tau Omega; Reed Hall Council, Treas. ELSER, FRED J.: Lambda Chi Alpha; Pershing Rifles. EZZARD, MARTHA J.: Zeta Tau Al- pha. FAIR, WANDA J.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Student Center; B.S.U.; Bulldog Club; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl Court ; Red and Black, FANNIN, TRUMAN P.: Sigma Nu. FAULKNER, GARY S.: Alpha Kappa Pai; Economic Society. FISHMAN, R. PETER: Alpha Epsilon Pi. FIVEASH, CHARLIE B.: Sigma Chi. FLUKER, JIMMY D.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FORTIER, SUZANNE C: Newman Club ; Belle Corps. FOUNTAIN. JAMES L.: Pi Kappa Phi. FRETWELL, WILLIAM P.: Chi Phi, Treas., Pledge Trainer. FRIEDMAN, CHARLES: Tau Epsilon Phi; Insurance Society; Hillel; Bull- dog; Alpha Phi Omega. GABRIELSEN, JAMES R.: Sigma Al- pha Epsilon : Varsity Golf. GARRETT, FLOYD A.: Alpha Tau Omega, V.P.; Rho Epsilon, V.P. GEIGER, DAVID L.: Delta Sigma Pi, Pres. ; Gridiron; X Club; Demosthe- nian, V.P.; Pyramid; Student Coun- cil; G.O.P.; Omicron Delta Kappa, Sec. GENTRY, CHARLES J.: Chi Phi; Swimming Team, Capt. ALL SEC. GERRARD, LARRY T.: Lambda Chi Alpha. GILES. WILBUR H.: Insurance So- ciety. GILL, ANDREW W. : Kappa Sigma. GINGREY, JAMES F.: Chi Phi. GLEATON, WILLIAM E.: Phi Delta Theta. GODWIN, JACKSON A.: Alpha Tau Omega; Demosthenian. GOLDBERG, ALAN H.: Tau Epsilon Phi, Pledgemaster; Phi Kappa; Al- pha Phi Omega; Hillel. GORDON, HARRY: Alpha Kappa Psi; Economic Society. GRACIA, OCTAVIO C: Cosmopoli- tan Club ; Newman Club. GREENE, LARRY ¥.: Baseball Mgr. GREEN, M. MADELINE: Delta Delta Delta; Bulldog Club; W.R.A.; Wes- ley Foundation. GRIGGS, JAMES E.: Accounting Club. GUNNELS, JOE E.: Alpha Tau Ome- ga- HARDY, FRED A.: Delta Sigma Pi, Treas.; Accounting Club, Treas. HAMBY, BILLY C: Theta Chi, V.P., Pres.; I.F.C.; Baseball; Circle K. HAMMOND, A. GENE: Alpha Kappa Psi. HANNER, RICHMOND R.: Account- ing Club. HANSON, WILLIAM D.: Track Team. HARRIS, WESLEY F. : Kappa Alpha. HEGGIE, WALTER B,: Phi Delta Theta. HELMS, ROLAND T.: Delta Sigma Pi, Pres.; Radio Club, Pres.; For- eign Relations Club; Demosthenian. HERMAN, CHARLES E.: Accounting Club; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treas. HERMAN, WILLIAM A.: Chi Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club; Accounting Club. HESTER, ROY F.: Pi Sigma Epsilon; Accounting Club; Wesley Founda- tion ; Economics Society. HITCHCOCK, HERSHEL E.: Delta Sigma Pi. HOBBY, STEPHENS G.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HODGES, JAMES E.: Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa; B.S.U.; Accounting Club. HOFFEDITZ, THOMAS S.: Delta Sig- ma Pi. HOLLEY, HENRY W. : Delta Sigma Pi; Demosthenian. HOLM AN, P. DAWN: Student Union. HUBBARD, JOHN: Phi Delta Theta. HUGHES, WILLIAM H.: Delta Sigma Pi. HUSS, WILLIAM L.: Delta Sigma Pi, V.P. ; Insurance Society; X Club; Demosthenian. HUTCHISON, C. ALAN: Kappa Alpha. INGLIS, DAVID W.: Chi Phi. IRVIN, JAMES T.: Chi Phi; Varsity Golf. IVEY, WILLIAM F.: Kappa Alpha; Varsity Football. JACKSON, JAN H.: Tau Epsilon Phi; I.F.C.; Hillel; Insurance Society. JOHNSTON, BRIAN I.: Pi Sigma Ep- silon; Westminster Fellowship. JORDAN, JAMES H.: Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa. JORGENSEN, LEON P.: Kappa Sig- ma, V.P.; Phi Kappa; Pre-Law Club. KATZ, JERRY H.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Accounting Club. KELMANSON, DAVE: Tau Epsilon Phi; Basketball. KESSER, BARRY M.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. KESSLER, JAY D.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. KIDD, WILLIAM W.: Kappa Alpha, Treas.; Distinguished Mil. Student. KIRK, HARRISON L. : Delta Tau Delta. KITCHENS, JACK E.: Accounting Club; B.S.U. Sigma Al- imming. Sigma Phi KRAMER, RUTH: Freshman Camp; Hillel, V.P.; Student Union; URSA Minor; Student Religious Council; Gamma Sigma Sigma ; Delta Phi Ep- silon; Phi Chi Theta. LAND, IRWIN W.; Sigma Nu. LANGFITT, JAMES P.; Sigma Chi, Pledge Trainer; Phi Kappa. LEA, RICHARD N.: Chi Phi, Pres.; Demosthenian; Blue Key; I.F.C.; Gridiron; Student Council, Pres. LEEBERN, FATE D. : Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LIBBY, JAMES M.: Phi Delta Theta; Football Team. LOCKERMAN, ALLEN E. pha Epsilon ; Varsity Sw MADDOX, JOSEPH H. Epsilon. MANGHAM, JAY R.: Phi Mu; Phi Chi Theta. MANSFIELD, J. LAWRENCE: Alpha Kappa Psi, Treas. ; Canterbury Club ; Economic Society ; South Georgia College— r ie Record, Ed.; Student Council. MARLOW, S. CAROLYN: Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Phi Chi Theta. MATHIS, LARRY G. : Pi Sigma Ep- silon. McALUM. GRADY F.: Pi Sigma Epsi- lon. McCain, CHARLES a.: Sigma Pi. McCRACKEN, GERALD A.: Pi Kap- pa Alpha ; Bowling Team, SEC champion. McDonald, ANNE M.: Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chmn. ; Alpha Lambda D elta; Phi Chi Theta; WAA ; Bull- dog Club; Accounting Club; Who ' s Who. McFADDEN, BRADFORD: Delta Sig- ma Pi ; Sailing Team, V. Commodore. McLAIN, GERRI: Alpha Xi Delta; Phi Chi Theta, Sec. -Treas. ; Beta Gamma Sigma. McLEROY, JAMES R.: Alpha Kappa Psi; Accounting Club, V.P. ; Eco- nomic Society. McMAINS, HARRISON: Epsilon. McRAE, WILLIAM M.: Alpha; Phi Kappa. McTEER, ROBERT D. : Phi Kappa. MEEK, HAROLD FIRTH: Chi Alpha. MILES, ROBERT W. : Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa. MILLER, CAROL L. : Zeta Tau Al- pha; Rho Epsilon, Sweetheart, Sec; Dance Club, Pres.; D.S.F., Sec; W.R.A. Council. MILLER, HUBERT C.i Psi. MOBLEY, GARNER C. MOELCHERT, LOUIS W. : Pi Kappa Phi. MORGAN, ROBERT: Alpha Kappa Psi ; Accounting Club. MOSELEY, LOUIE R.: Delta Sigma Pi; Demosthenian; Insurance Socie- ty- MOSER, DOUGLAS S.: Chi Phi. NEELEY, ROBERT W.: Alpha Tau Omega, Pledgemaster. NICHOLSON, BROOKS A.: Chi Phi. NORRIS, ROBERT E.: Phi Delta Theta. NOTTINGHAM, GARDINER L. : Chi Phi. O ' DELL, CHARLES L.: Sigma Pi; Rho Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Alpha Phi Omega. OGLESBY, RODDY H.: Delta Sigma Pi ; Accounting Club. OVERBY, EDGAR C: B.S.U. PACE, EDWIN M.; Kappa Alpha. PARKER, DON G.: Phi Delta Theta. PARKER, TED M. : Sigma Nu; " G " Club; Varsity Basketball, Mgr. PARKS, BARRY M.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. PEELER, DENNIS H. : Chi Phi. PERKINS, WILLIAM H.: Delta Sigma Pi, V.P. PERLING, DAVID J.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; Hillel; Real Estate Society; A.P.H.A. PERSONS, AUGUSTUS P.: Phi Delta Theta. PHEIL, FREDERICK P.: Kappa Al- pha. PHILLIPS, DONALD L. : Alpha Tau Omega. PICKEARD, JOSEPH A.: Kappa Sig- ma. PILGRIM, GEORGE E.: Lambda Chi Alpha. PITTARD, CHARLES C. : Kappa Sig- ma; Sec. .Treas. Freshman Class; I.F.C. PLUNKETT, GEORGE ERNEST: Phi Mu Alpha, Treas.; Dixie Redcoat Band; Univ. Symphony Orch.; Univ. Chorus; Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman Camp. PITTARD, MIMA: Kappa Delta. POPPELL, PAUL H.: Sigma Phi Ep- silon ; Rho Epsilon. POWELL, LEONARD B.; Pi Kappa Phi, Pres., Treas.; I.F.C, Jud. Council, chief justice; Circle K, Treas. PRESLEY, WILLIAM H.: Delta Sig- ma Pi. PRINCE. DAVID F.: Kappa Alpha, Treas.; Accounting Club. Sigma Alpha Lambda Chi Sigma Chi ; Lambda Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha. PRITCHETT, THOMAS L.: Pi Kappa Alpha. PROCTOR, ROBERT A.: Chi Psi. QUISENBERRY, JAMES F.: Sigma Chi. RAGSDALE, STANTON L. : Rho Ep- silon; Scabbard and Blade. REED, CHARLES W. : Alpha Tau Omega; Demosthenian; Varsity Rifle Team, Capt. RICHARDS, REUBEN R.: Chi Psi; Reed Hall Council; Dixie Redcoat Band; Dixie Derbies; Arnold Air Society; Economic Society; Phi Eta Sigma. RICKS, CHARLES I.: Chi Phi. ROBINSON, RICHARD E.: Account- ing Club. ROBINSON, WILLIAM E. : Kappa Al- pha. ROSENTHAL, HENRY M.: Phi Epsi- lon Pi, Pres. SANDERS, JOHN W.: Circle K, Pres.; Wesley Foundation, Pres. SCHULTZ, JOHN C: Rho Epsilon, Pres., V.P. SCOTT, ARTHUR A.: Pi Kappa Phi. SHEFFIELD, RALPH B.: Alpha Tau Omega. SILLS, JOEL W. : Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society. SILVER, MILTON: Alpha Epsilon Pi. SIMPSON, CECIL R.; Pi Kappa Al- pha. SINK, DENNIS J.: Chi Phi. SLATON, ROGER D.: B.S.U. SMITH, CHARLES: Alpha Kappa Psi; Economic Society, V.P. SMITH, DAVID: Pi Kappa Alpha. SNELLINGS, DONALD J.: Sigma Chi. SPENCE, JOE T.: Phi Delta Theta, Pres., Sec; Pre-Law Club. STATHAM, BEN G.: Chi Phi. STEVENS, HARRY G.: Sigma Nu. STEVENS, WARREN B. : Alpha Tau Omega; Arnold Air Society; Scab- bard and Blade. STILWELL, JAMES R. : Accounting Club. STONE, EDWARD E.: Kappa Sigma; Soc. of Amer. Bus. Students. STONE, JONES F.: Beta Gamma Sigma. STOVALL, JON M.: Phi Delta Theta. STRICKLAND, FRED S.: Insurance Soc. STRICKLAND, RAY L.: Chi Psi. SUSMAN, SEYMOUR C.: Alpha Ep- silon Pi; Insurance Soc, V.P. ; Rho Epsilon. TANK, FREREDICK E.: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sec. TATUM, THOMAS F. : Delta Sigma Pi. TAYLOR, RICHARD P.: Sigma Nu. TEMPLE, JOHN H.: Reed Hall Coun- cil; Argonauts. TEMPLE, JOSEPH JOSEPH M.: Sig- ma Chi ; Scabbard and Blade ; Phi Kappa. TIDWELL, WILLIAM J.: Sigma Chi. THIGPEN, KENNETH F.: Sigma Al- pha Epsilon ; Cosmopolitan Club ; LaCrosse. TINDOL, RUFUS L.: Sigma Pi; Pershing Rifles. THOMAS, KENNETH E.: Sigma Nu; Insurance Soc. THOMPSON, HARRY H.: Lambda Chi Alpha, V.P. THOMPSON, SARA C. : Alpha Delta Pi. TOLBERT, JAMES F.: Delta Sigma Pi. TOPSHE, SONDRA P.: Delta Delta Delta, V.P.; USRA Minor; Bulldog Club; W.R.A. ; Phi Chi Theta, Pres.; Newman Club ; Glee Club. TRIPPE, WALTER R.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. UPCHURCH, HAROLD W. : Chi Phi. VANCE, SHIRLEY A.: Alpha Delta Pi. VAN DIVIERE, CATHERINE M.: Al- pha Xi Delta. VAN DIVIERE, CORNELIA E.: Alpha Xi Delta. VINSON, THOMAS M. : Kappa Alpha. WALKER, JIMMIE D.: Alpha Kappa Psi; Accounting Club; Economic Soc. WALKER, JIMMY R.: Reed Hall Council; Insurance Soc WALKER, JOHN D.: Sigma Chi. WASDIN, SUSAN W.: Phi Mu, V.P.; Student Council; Belle Corps. WATSON, WILLIAM E.: Alpha Kap- pa Psi; Economic Soc. WEINER, LARRY A.: Tau Epsilon Phi. WHEELER, MARY J.: Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Chi Theta; URSA: W.S.G.A. WHITE, ROBERT H.: Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard and Blade. WHITING, SCOTT F.: Alpha Kappa Psi; Basketball. WHITLEY, ROBERT G.: Sigma Pi. WHIT WORTH, G. LAMAR: Insurance Soc; Argonaut. WICK, ARTHUR C; Kappa Sigma, Sec; Rho Epsilon. WILCOX, PETER W.; Phi Delta Theta. WILDER, CARLOS B.: Chi Phi. WILLIAMS, ELEANOR K.: Phi Chi Theta. ACEI. : Kappa Delta; Zeta Tau Al- Delta WILLIAMS, RALPH L.: Alpha Kappa Psi ; Accounting Club ; Economic Society. WILSON, JERALD R.: Sigma Nu. WILSON, WILLIAM H.: Delta Sigma Pi; Accounting Club. WITHERS, JOHN B. : Sigma Nu; Stu- dent Council ; Red and Black, Sports Ed. WOELTJEN, DONALD A.: Varsity Baseball; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Insurance Club. WOLFSON, DENNIS: Tau Epsilon Phi. WOODS, HARRY E.: Rho Epsilon. WORLOCK, JERRY E.: Sigma Nu; Bulldog Club; Phi Kappa; Alpha Kappa Psi. WRIGHT, ALEXANDER S. : Chi Phi; Scabbard and Blade. WRIGHT, JOHNNY F.: Scabbard and Blade; Argonauts. WYNNE, DAVID: Alpha Epsilon Pi. YARBROUGH, JOHNNY: Alpha Kap- pa Psi. YATES, CLINTON H.: Sigma Pi; Phi Beta Lambda. YORK, PRESTON B.: Delta Sigma Pi. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AARON, LINDA: Dixie Redcoat Band; ACEI. AKIN. FRANKLIN, W.: Kappa Phi Kappa. AKIN, JOSEPH S.: Kappa Phi Kappa. ANTHONY, JUDITH L.: URSA Ma- jor; Zodiac; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wesley Foundation ; Gamma Sigma Sigma. BELL, CARLEEN G.: BENNETT, SARAH M. ACEI. BENTLEY, LINDA S.; pha; Bulldog Club; W.R.A. BERLIN, THEA F.: Sigma Tau, Sec. ; Hillel. BLASS, CHARLOTTE J.: Delta Phi Epsilon; Panhellenic, Pres.; ACEI. BOHANNON, JODIE: Zeta Tau Alpha; Bulldog Club; W.R. A. BOWIE, EATHEL F.: Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta, Treas.; Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship, Sec. BRISCOE, MARY S.: Alpha Omicron Pi, Sec; WSGA; Student Center; Bulldog Club; Wesley Foundation; URSA Minor; Freshman Camp; Re- ligion in Life Week. BROWN, MARTHA G.: Zeta Tau Al- pha. BROWN, ROBERT M.: Kappa Phi Kappa. BURDISON, MAYLIN F.: Univ. Cho- rus. BURROUGHS, CAROLE: Zeta Tau Alpha; ACEI. BURTON, S. ANGELA: Kappa Al- pha Theta, V.P.; W.R.A., Sec- Treas. ; Key Club. CANNON, LIBBY F.: Alpha Delta Pi; Belle Corps; Kappa Sigma Sweet- heart. CAMPBELL, PATRICIA D.: Alpha Chi Omega; Miss Pandora Ct.; Mil- itary Queen; Miss Air Angel; Angel Flight. CARTER, BARBARA W.: Kappa Del- ta Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Zodiac; Zeta Tau Alpha. CARTER, JANICE M.: Alpha Xi Del- ta; Rush Advisor; URSA Major; Women ' s Glee Club; Pres., Sec- Treas. of Dorm. CLEWIS, CARLA K.: Abraham Bald- win, Tabac; Stallion. COHEN, MARLENE J.: Delta Phi Epsilon, Sec; Miss Typical Fresh- man ; Tau Epsilon Phi Sweetheart ; Panhellenic, Sec; Alpha Epsilon Pi Sponsor; ACEI; GEA; NEA ; Stu- dent Council; Bulldog Club; Red and Black. COILE, LINDA K.: Kappa Delta. COLE, ELAINE M.: Zeta Tau Alpha; Belle Corps. CONLEY, JAMES C: Kappa Phi Kap. pa, Pres.; P.E. Majors Club. CORYELL, GAYLE A.: Alpha Omi- cron Pi ; Bulldog Club ; Dolphin Club. COWART, CHUCH: Pi Kappa Alpha; Kappa Phi Kappa. CROUCH, JANET A.: Pi Beta Phi; Bulldog Club. DAVES, JOAN F.: Alpha Chi Omega, Pres., V.P.; Georgette, Dixie Red- coat Band; Panhellenic; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Gamma Rho Sweetheart Ct.; Kappa Delta Epsi- lon Society. DAVIS, DORIAN E.: ACEI. DAVIS, JACKIE: Alpha Gamma Delta; Georgette, Dixie Redcoat Band ; Ma- jorette, Capt.; ACEI. DOBRAN, LINDA A.: Sigma Delta Tau, Sec; Gamma Sigma Sigma; English Club, V.P.; Phi Epsilon Pi Sponsor; Phi Epsilon Pi Sweetheart Ct. DUNN, LARRY D.: Scabbard and Blade. EDWARDS, DARWIN G.: Kappa Phi Kappa. EMERSON, PATTI I.: Zeta Tau Al- pha; Alpha Lambda Delta; Bulldog Club; W.R.A. FARMER. ELIZABETH D. : Chi Ome- ga ; Alpha Lambda Delta. FINNEY, SUSAN H.: P.E.M. Club. FLECKMAN, IRA L.: Tau Epsilon Phi ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; Varsity Wrestling Team. FOX, JESSE P.: Sigma Chi; Phi Kap- pa ; Physics Club ; Mars Hill College. FULFORD, ADA L. : Phi Mu; G«. Southern College. GARNER, PHYLLIS J.: Mercer Uni».; Alpha Gamma Delta; B.S.U. GATES, PATRICIA L. : Kappa Kappa Gamma. GATES, VANDY S.: Sigma Pi. GRAHAM, CHESTER T. : Kappa Sig- ma ; Swimming Team. GRIFFETH, RONALD H.: Alpha Tau Omega, Pres. ; Demosthenian Society; Who ' s Who. HAMNER, MARILYN: B.S.U. ; URSA Minor; Univ. Chorus; Dorm V.P. ; SNEA ; ACEI; Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship. HARRISON, EDITH: Alpha Delta Pi. HARRISON, PAULA P.; Cosmopolitan Club, Sec. ; Student Union. HEAD, WILLIAM P.: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Dixie Redcoat Band; MENC; Lutheran Student Assoc; Dixie Derbies. HEYS, JOANN: Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Epailon, V.P. ; ACEI; URSA Minor. HILL, BETTY R. : Zeta Phi Eta. HOLCOMBE, WILLIAM D.: Sigma Pi. HOLLAND, DIANA K.: Alpha Gamma Delta; ACEI; Lutheran Student Assoc. ; Emory. HOSTETTER, ELISABETH L.: ACEI; Canterbury Club. HUFF, VIVIAN M.: Zeta Tau Alpha; URSA Minor; ACEI; Women ' s Glee Club. HUNTER, RUTH B.: ACEI; Panhel- lenic. ILLEGES, BARBARA S.: Chi Omega, Sec; Zeta Phi Eta; Bulldog Club. JARRELL, JUDY A.: Delta Delta Delta. JENKINS, JAN P.: Kappa Alpha Theta. JOHNSA, D. KATHY: Gamma Sigma Sigma; Zeta Phi Eta, Sec; B.S.U., Sec JOHNSON, MARY V.: Chi Omega, V.P. ; Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart; ACEI; W.R.A.; Bulldog Club. JOHNSTON, ALICE K.: Alpha Delta Pi. JONES, C. ANN: Kappa Delta; Rush Advisor; ACEI; Bulldog Club; W.R.A. JONES, EMILY W.: Zeta Phi Eta; Gamma Sigma Sigma; SNEA; B.S.U. JUSKO, PATRICIA T.; Kappa Delta; Student Council, ACEI. KEADLE, PATSY G. : Delta Delta Delta. KESLER, ERNEST B., JR.: Kappa Phi Kappa. KIMBROUGH, LINDA R.: Kappa Delta. KNIGHT, RUTH J.: Chi Omega. KREECER, GEORGE H.: Sigma Pi. Sec; Kappa Phi Kappa. Sec, Treas. KURTZ, JUDITH H.: Sigma Delta Tau, Pres.; Mortar Board. Treas.; WSGA; Panhellenic; Hillel; Gamma Sigma Sigma. Sec; Student Council; Pandora; English Club; Who ' s Who. LAND. JUDITH M.: ACEI; SNEA; Newman Club. LAND. MARY L. ; Alpha Delta Pi; Bulldog Club; Homecon. LANDRUM. L, SUELLEN: West Ga,; P.E.M. Club; B.S.U.; Triquetra. LANGSTON, NANCY C: URSA Min- or; Gamma Sigma Sigma- LANIER, MARY E.: Alpha Gamma Delta; ACEI, V.P,; Bulldog Club. LAWSON, DEE: Alpha Gamma Delta, V.P. LEVINSON. LAURA F.: Sigma Delta Tau, Sec; Women ' s Glee Club; ACEI; Hillel. LINES, JEAN P.: Kappa Delta Epsi- lon ; Gamma Sigma Sigma. MAFFETT, SHIRLEY W.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Univ. Chorus; Eng- lish Club; Transfer Aid Guide. MASON, TWILA F.: Delta Zeta, Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Univ. Chorus; URSA, V.P. McMillan, Florence l.: cw Omega. Personnel ; Kappa Delta Ep- ailon. Pres.; CEC; URSA Minor; Bulldog Club; WAA. McNABB, TERRY S.: PEM Club; PEM Paper, Assoc. Ed. MEDFORD. E. JANE : Zeta Tau Alpha. Sec; Bulldog Club. MERRITT. PANNA: Chi Omega. MITCHELL, SANDRA L.: Delta Phi Epsilon ; Kappa Delta Epsilon. MOBLEY. GEORGE W. : Chi Psi. MOMON. REATHA G.: B.S.U. MOONEY. JAMES L.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MORRIS, JAMES H. : Varsity Basket- ball. MURPHEE, MARY M.: B.S.U. NERVO, EUGENE T.: Sigma Pi; Var- sity Wrestling Team. NOWLEN, NANCY L.: ACEI; B.S.U. ORR. NANCY E.: Kappa Kappa Cam- ma. Panhellenic; Belle Corps; Bull- dog Club; ACEI- OWENS, SARAH H.: Chi Omega. Pledge Trainer. PARDUE. WILLIAM G.; Kappa Phi Kappa. PATILLO. PATTI M.: Alpha Xi Del- ta. Pres. ; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec; Jr. Panhel. Sec; URSA Min- or; Univ. Chorus; Angel Flight; Kappa Delta Pi; WSGA, V.P.; Pan- hellenic ; Freshman Camp ; Mortar Board ; Who ' s Who. PEAVY, PEGGY A.: Delta Delta Delta. Pres.; Angel Flight. PORTER. NANCY M.: Zeta Tau Al- pha. POUND, IDA E.: Alpha Delta Pi. QUINNELLY, RICHARD A.: Chi Phi. RAINEY, MARGARET A.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart Ct. ; Little Sister of the Maltese Cross. RAMBO. ELLEN E.: Kappa Delta; ACEI. RAVENSCROFT. NINA: Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta; Chi Psi Sweetheart. RICHARDSON. SPURGEON: Lambda Chi Alpha; I.F.C.; Student Council. RILEY. MARGUERITE C: Pi Beta Phi; ACEI; Canterbury Club. BOBBINS. JULIA D.: SNEA; Kappa Delta Epsilon ; Zodiac. Sec-Treas. SIKES, JOE A. : Demosthenian So- ciety. SLOTT, IRENE S.: Delta Phi Epsilon. Pres.; Hillel, Sec; Gamma Sigma Sigma; URSA Minor; Freshman Camp; Bulldog Club; ACEI; Pan- dora; Student Center. SPLINTER, KAREN M. : Kappa Kap- pa Gamma. STEPHENS, JANCY D.: Phi Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon. ST UCKEY, LYNDA C: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Bulldog Club. SUMMERS, GAY; Alpha Delta Pi, Pres. ; Kappa Alpha Rose ; Panhel- lenic ; English Club. TALLY, SANDRA K.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Nu Sponsor; Home- coming Ct ; Pandora Ct. ; Best Dressed Co-ed; Sr. Class, V.P.; Angel Flight; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart Ct. ; Who ' s Who. THOMASON, V. ANNELLE: Alpha Chi Omega, V.P.; ACEI. TILLEM, ANNIE R,; Delta Phi Ep- silon; ACEI; SNEA; HilleL TODD. PATRICIA C: Delta Delta Delta; Bulldog Club. TORCH, MURIEL L.: Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel; Pandora Ct. TUMLIN, PATRICIA A.: N. Ga. Col- lege- TUTEN. SARA E.: Kappa Delta. TYRE, GARY L.: Foresty Club. WADE, PHYLLIS M.; Alpha Xi Delta; W.R.A. WALL, Saundra: Alpha Gamma Delta; Bulldog Club; DSF ; Zeta Tau Alpha. WALLACE. LUCRETIA J.: Alpha Delta Pi; Bulldog Club. WATKINS, BARBARA F.: Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Glee Club. WATKINS, KENNETH H. : SNEA. WEATHERFORD, MARY F.: Kappa Delta; Bulldog Club; Wesley Found- ation; ACEI; WAA. WELLS. ALLEN B.: Sigma Nu. WESTBROOK, ANN; WSGA; Dorm Pres. WHITTLE. MAYR C: URSA. WILLIAMS. DALE: Varsity Football. WILLIAMS, EARL F. : Chi Psi. WILLIAMS, MARY JO.: Pi Beta Phi; ACEI; Student Council. WILLIG, SHARON N.; Sigma Delta Tau, V.P. ; Freshman Camp; Home- con; Hillel, Pres.; Zeta Phi Eta. Pres. ; Panhellenic. Treas, WILSON, PATTI J.: Dixie Redcoat Band; ACEI. ZALKOW, JANICE: Delta Phi Epsilon; ACEI, Pres.; GEA; Phi Epsilon Pi Sweetheart Ct.; Gamma Sigma Sig- ma; Hillel. SCHOOL OF FORESTRY ALMAND. JAMES D.; Aghon. Pres.; X-Club. V.P.; Student Council; Foresty Club; Cypress Knee, Bus. Mgr. ; Ga. Agriculturist, Assoc Bus. Mgr. ; Pyramid ; Demosthenian ; Ag Hill Council; Society of Wildlife Management; Blue Key. BARRETT. JIMMY L. : Foresty Club; Society of American Foresters. BARRY, PATRICK J.: Forestry Club. BIGGS, CHARLES W.: Forestry Club. BROWN, JOHNNY M.: Soc of Amer. Foresters. BROWN, LEWIS P.: Forestry Club. BUTLER, ROSWELL C: Varsity Swimming Team; Forestry Club; Soc of Amer. Foresters. BYARS, BILLY B.: Gymnastics Team; Arnold Air Society. DER, ROBERT A.: Dixie Redcoat Band; Forestry Club; Soc ot Amer. Foresters. ECLI, DAVID A.: Varsity Rifle Team. EVANS. THOMAS E.: Forestry Club; Soc of Amer. Foresters. FOGLE. DONNIE B. : Soc. of Amer. Foresters. GAINOUS. LARRY B.: Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Amer. Soc. of For- esters. GALBREATH. E, HUGH: Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. Treas.; Wesley Foundation. GOSSELIN. GERARD F.: Forestry Club; Soc. of Amer. Foresters; Poultry Science Club; Abraham Baldwin — Glee Club; Forestry Club. HAYGOOD, CHARLES B.: Who ' s Who; Gridiron; Xi Sigma Pi; X Club; Blue Key; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club; Soc of Amer. Foresters; Demos- theian; Independent Men; Sawdust, Ed.; Cypress Knee, Bus. Mgr. Fresh- man Camp. KNIGHT. HERBERT A.: Soc. of Amer. Foresters. LONG, ROBERT W. : Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Gridiron; Forestry Club; Soc of Amer. Foresters; Ag Hill Council; Demosthenian; In- dependent Men; Arnold Air Society; Silver Blade. McCORD, JERRY D.: Forestry Club. McDonald, RICHARD E.: Chl Psl; Forestry Club. McLENDON, ROBERT E.: Forestry Club. NEERGAARD. FRED A.; Argonauts. Sec; Forestry Club. NUSSBAUMER, WILLIAM H.: Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. RACKLEY, WILLIAM D. : Forestry Club. REESE. HENRY A.: Forestry Club; Wesley Foundation; Proctor. RITCHIE. GARY A.: Alpha Gamma Rho ; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. ROBERTSON, CALVIN F.: Xi Sigma Pi ; Alpha Zeta ; Forestry Club ; Cypress Knee, Editor; Soc. of Amer. Foresters. RUSSELL. BARRON J.: Alpha Gam- ma Rho, Pres.; Forestry Club; I.F.C. SHAW, DOUGLAS W. : Soc. of Amer. Foresters. SHELTON, RICHARD E.: Alpha Tau Omega; Soc. of American Foresters; Forestry Club. SIMMONS, JOSEPH N.: Forestry Club; Wesley Foundation; Soc. of Amer. Foresters. SMITH, TERRELL L. : Forestry Club. STEEDLEY. BILLY H.: Forestry Club. TAYLOR, DON R.: Forestry Club; Ag Hill Council. THURMOND. GUY J.: Freshman Swimming Team; Soil Conserva- tion Soc. of America; Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi. TUMBLESTON. ROY H.: Forestry Club. UNDERWOOD, GEORGE P.; Forestry Club. VOIGHT. JOHN T. : Phi Delta Theta. WARE. GLENN O.: Forestry Club; Soc. of Amer. Foresters; Xi Sigma Pi. SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS BARRETT. HELEN C: URSA Minor; Homecon; Phi Upsilon Omicron. BELL, CHRIS L.: Delta Zeta; Home- con; Canterbury Club; Education Club; Spec. Ed. Club; Phi Eta Tau. BRASELTON. LUCY E.: Alpha Gam- ma Delta; Panhellenic. Rush Advisor Chrm.; Homecon; Assoc. Ed. Ga. Agriculturist; Bulldog Club; Modern Dance Club; Lambda Chi Alpha Pledge Sweetheart Court. BROWN. BARBARA L.: Chi Omega; Homecon. V.P. ; Student Council; Dolphin; Who ' s Who. BURDETTE, ELIZABETH D.: Home- con. COCHRAN, FLORENCE G.: Zeta Tau Alpha ; Homecon ; URSA Minor. COLLIER, SUZANNE; Alpha Gamma Delta; Homecon. DARROUGH, BECKY: Kappa Delta; Homecon; W.R.A. DEAN, MELINDA: Homecon. DOSTER. GLORIA E.: Delta Zeta; Homecon; U. Ga. Men ' s Glee Club, Soloist. EMBERSON, ELEANOR L.: Trique- tra: Homecon; College 4.H Club. EVANS. MARY L. : Wesley Founda- tion. FISHER. ANN L.: Delta Zeta, Sec; Homecon. FORD, JUDY B.: Kappa Kappa Gam- ma; Homecon; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. FULLILOVE, ELEANOR: Delta Zeta; Homecon, Pres. ; Newman Club. FULTON, ANN K.: Intervarsity Chris- tian Fellowship; Classics Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec. GAINES, ZADIE P.: Homecon. GASTON, KAREN S.: Alpha Gamma Delta; Homecon; URSA Major. HARDY, MARJORIE A.; Kappa Kap- pa Gamma; W.R.A.; Homecon; Bull- dog Club; A.I.D. HEARD, DIAN V.: Alpha Chi Omega; Homecon ; Wesley Foundation. HIGCINBOTHAM, LANOY A.: Home- con. HODES, SHIRLEY: Sigma Delta Tau; Homecon; English Club; Hillel, V.P. HUGHS, LYNDA B.: Kappa Delta; Homecon; Dophin Club. INGRAM. MARIE J.: Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon; B.S.U. KEHELEY. M. JULIA: Alpha Omi- cron Pi, V.P. ; Student Council; Bulldog Club; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. LEE. VIRGINIA A.: Delta Delta Delta. LONG. HELEN M. : Chi Omega ; Home- con; Glee Club; URSA Minor; W.R.A. LOTT, SANDRA L. : Kappa Delta; Homecon ; URSA Minor. MacCULLOUGH, ALICE A.: Omega Rho Alpha; Homecon. MARSHALL, PRISCILLA: Chi Ome- ga ; Kappa Alpha Rose ; Pandora Beauty Court ; Student Council ; Homecon; URSA Minor; Bulldog Club; WAA. MATHIAS, CHARLOTTE B.: Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain; URSA Ma- jor; Bulldog Club; Homecon; Inter- varsity. MAYS, REBIE P.: Chi Omega; Angel Flight ; Homecon ; Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. McCULLOUCH, ANNETTE: Homecon; Phi Theta Kappa. McINTYRE. MARGARET L.: Phi Upsilon Omicron. Pres. ; Mortar Board, Sec; Alpha Lambda Delta; Homecon, V.P. ; Delta Zeta. MONTGOMERY, PATRICIA A.: Al- pha Delta Pi. MORRIS, SHELBA J.: Homecon. MOSELEY, GENELDA; Homecon; Delta Zeta, Treas.; URSA Minor. MURPHY, CAROL D.: Delta Delta Delta; W.S.G.A.; Homecon; Glee Club; Bulldog Club; Miss Tech- nique at Ga. Tech. NEWTON, TREASA L. : URSA Minor; Triquetra; Triangle; Homecon. NORRIS, GLORIA J.: Homecon; BSU. PERKINS, KAY E.: Delta Zeta. PATTILLO, ALICE D.: Delta Zeta. Treas., V.P. ; Homecon; Phi Upsi- lon Omicron; B.S.U. RANDALL. PRISCILLA A.: Homecon. ROBERTS. BARBARA R.: Homecon; Student Christian Assoc. V.P. SHACKELFORD. MARTHA A.: Phi Upsilon Omicron. V.P. ; Alpha Lambda Delta. SUMMERHILL. VICKI D.: Delta Zeta. SUTTON, ELOISE C. : Alpha Xi Delta; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Home- con. TAYLOR. JO ANN: Pi Beta Phi; Homecon ; Wesley Foundation. TERRY, HILDA J.: Homecon, 2nd V.P.; Phi Upsilon Omicron. WHITEHEAD, JUNETTE: Chi Omega. Pres.; Belle Corps, Commander; URSA Minor; Homecoming Court; Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl; March of Dimes Court; V.P. of Jr. Class. WILSON, SHERLEY A.: B.S.U.; 4-H Club. WISER, MEDA L.: Homecon. WRIGHT, FRANCES C: Homecon. SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM ANDERSON, CAROL: Red and Black; Women ' s Glee Club. ARD, JOHN v.: Red and Black. BAKER, ARCHIE J.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BEALL, MARY C: Phi Mu. BLALOCK, JOSEPH A.: Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa; Alpha Delta Sigma. BOSWELL, KENNETH B.: Sigma Delta Chi; Red and Black, Asst. News Ed.; Independent Men. BOWMAN, JENNINGS B.. JR.: Alpha Delta Sigma, Pledge Trainer. BRACEWELL, JANE C: Alpha Delta Pi, Sec ; Red and Black, Society Ed.; Gamma Alpha Chi. BROOKINS, WILLIAM F.: Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas. ; Ga. Southwestern College ; Bulldog Club ; Varsity Cheerleader. BRUMBY, BEBE D.: Gamma Alpha Chi; Theta Sigma Phi; Red and Black. BUSBY. BETTE C: Pi Beta Phi. CLARK, DAVID K.: Sigma Phi Ep- silon, V.P. COCHRAN. CYNTHIA L.: Theta Sig- ma Phi; Gamma Alpha Chi; Sigma Delta Chi Sweetheart ; Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart Ct. COOKSEY. CORDON L.; Argonauts. COOPER, DENNIS R.: Sigma Chi. COURSON, JOHN H.: Red and Black. GRAIN, GEORGE H.: Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres.; Greek Horseman; I.F.C, V.P. DALTON, THOMAS W. : Pi Kappa Phi. DANIEL, DONALD J.: Lambda Chi Alpha. DANIELL, OLIVIA B.: Kappa Delta; Bulldog Club; Red and Black, Society Staff. DeBRUHL. JOYCE L.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Alpha Chi; Red and Black; Gamma Sigma Sigma; W.R.A. FOSTER. HARRIETTE G.: Alpha Chi Omega; Gamma Alpha Chi, Pres.; Journalism Student Advisory Board; Theta Chi Sweetheart. FURMAN. JOHN D.: Sigma Phi Ep- silon ; Di Gamma Kappa ; I.F.C. ; Red and Black; Pandora; Alpha Phi Omega ; Argonaut ; Track Manager. GREENE, LINDA: Red and Black. HARDISON, RICHARD M. : Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Scabbard and Blade, HARTMAN, FREDERICK R. : Di Gamma Kappa, Treas. ; Alpha Delta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. HICKS, MARY H. : Phi Mu, Pre». ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Theta Sigma Phi. HOLMES, WILLIAM H., JR.: Di Gamma Kappa; Newman. HOWELL, ROBERT N. : Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Delta Chi; Dixie Red Coat Band. HUNTER, CHARLAYNE: Newman Club; Red and Black; Delta Sigma Theta. JONES, J. LARRY: Alpha Tau Omega, Treas.; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Delta Sigma; I.F.C; Red and Black, News Ed. ; Demosthenian ; Who ' s Who. JONES, TERRELL: Phi Delta Theta, V.P.; Arnold Air Society; Track Team; Red and Black. JOHNSON, MARTHA A.: Alpha Gam- ma Delta, V. P.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres. ; URSA Major; Theta Sigma Phi, Pres. ; Belle Corps ; Gamma Alpha Chi, V.P.; Student Advisory Board. JOHNSON, TOMMY: Sigma Nu, Sec; Sec. -Treas. Senior Class; Red and Black, Ed., Business Manager; Per- shing Rifles, Commander; Biftad, Pres.; Greek Horseman; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Kap pa Phi ; Distinguished Military Stu- dent ; Argonauts; Sigma Nu National " Man of the Year " ; Who ' s Who. KEEVER, JAMES D., Ill: Wesley Foundation; Red and Black Photo Ed.; Pandora, Photographer; Sigma Delta Chi. KNIGHT, DANIEL P.: Di Gamma Kappa; B.S.U. LAMPE, DIEDRICH L. : Alpha Tau Omega ; Demosthenian. LANE, WALTER R.: Alpha Delta Sigma, V.P.; Ga. Agriculturist, Ed. LOWERY, CLIFFORD C: Pershing Rifles; Red and Black, Photographer; Di Gamma Kappa. LUCKEY. TOM M.: Chi Phi; Swim- ming Team; G Club; Alpha Delta Sigma. MARETT, ROSEMARY: Pi Beta Phi, Sec. MILLER, CHARLES M.: Alpha Tau Omega, V.P.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Demosthenian; Pre-Legal Club; Red and Black, Asst. News Ed. McVINNIE, BRIAN C: Delta Tau Delta, Treas.; Di Gamma Kappa. NAIRN, CHARLES. JR.: Theta Chi, Steward, Pledge Marshal, House Mgr. ; Forestry Club; Di Gamma Kappa. NESBIT. JOHN: Varsity baseball. OVERSTREET, JOHN, Kappa Alpha. OWENS, CALVIN: Sifima Delta Xi; Di Gamma Kappa; Baptist Student Union; Baptist Bulldog, Ed. PHILLIPS, JOHN: Chi Phi. REID, CHRISTINA: Delta Delta Delta, Rec. Sec; Red and Black staff; Women ' s Glee Club ; University Chorus; English Club. ROTHROCK, LAURENE: Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Red and Black. ROUNTREE, DON C: Red and Black, Ed.; Phi Kappa Literary Society; Sigma Delta Chi; Reed-Milledge Hall Council-President; Gridiron; Who ' s Who. RUSSELL, JOHN: Pi Kappa Phi, Warden. SAPP, ROBERT: Baseball. SAWYER, CHARLES : Alpha Delta Sigma. TERRY, HARRIET J.: Alpha Chi Omega. THORNHILL, BARBARA: Alpha Xi Delta, Historian ; Red and Black, Society Ed. ; Thalian-Blackfriars ; Theta Sigma Phi; Newman Club. TOWNSON. RICHARD: Kappa Sigma. WAITE, JOHN WALL, ERSKINE: Alpha Delta Pi, Historian, Belle Corps, Publicity Chrm. ; Red and Black staff. WATTS, GEORGE: Red and Black, Business Mgr., Managing Ed., News Ed.; Omicron Delta Kappa, Treas., Pres. ; Demosthenian, Sec ' Treas., V.P., Historian ; Sigma Delta Chi, Pres. ; Gridiron ; X Club ; Pyramid Honor Society; Jrs. Student Advi- sory Council; Who ' s Who. WELCH, ANITA: Baptist Student Union. WHITLEY, WILLIAM: Dixie Redcoat Band ; Lambda Chi Alpha. WILLIS, JERRY: Alpha Tau Omega. Social Chrm., Pres.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Demosthenian; Gridiron; Freshman Track Team; IFC ; Reed Hall Council. WOLFF, FABIANNE: Sigma Delta Tau, Treas.; Gamma Alpha Chi, V.P.; Hillel, Treas.; Dolphin Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma; UR SA; Bull- dog Club ; English Club; Senior Class Fund Comm.; Red and Black. SCHOOL OF LAW ABBOTT, BROLE D. : Phi Delta Phi. ANDERSON, W. H.: Chi Phi, Pres. ARNALL, ALVAN S.: Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. ATKINSON, TYRUS R.: Pi Kappa Alpha. AYRE, TERRY P.: Sigma Uu. BAGWELL, WILLIAM A.: Alpha Tau Omega. BARNES, JAMES M.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; I.F.C; Emory University; Phi Alpha Delta, Pres.; Ca. Student Bar . asoc. BEACH, JAMES R., JR.: Pi Kappa Alpha. BENEDICT, CHARLES C: Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Varsity Tennis Team, Capt. BENTON, TERRELL W., JR.: Who ' s Who ; Omicron Delta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Zeta; AGHON; Pyrmid, Gridiron; X-Club. BLANCH ARD, JIM H. : Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Biftad; Gridiron; Blue Key ; Greek Horseman ; Scabbard and Blade; I.F.C., Pres.; Who ' s Who. BLOODWORTH, A. W. FRANKLIN: Davidson College ; Alpha Tau Ome- ga; Phi Delta Phi, Pres.; Student Bar Assoc, Gov. ; Omioron Delta Kappa, V.P. ; Gridiron; Who ' s Who. BOWEN, DUDLEY H.: Sigma Delta Pi. BROWN, CHARLES H.: Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Agronauts. BRUMBY, OTIS A.: Kappa Alpha. BURGESS, ROBERT P.: Chi Psi. CALHOUN, PATRICK P.: Kappa Al- pha. CALHOUN, P. UL W., JR.: Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Sec.-Treas. Second Yr. Law Class; Student Advisory Council; Legal Aid Society. CAMP, CHARLES E.: Sigma Pi. CHEW, WALTER S., JR.: Alpha Tau Omega; Pre-Law Club. CLAY, CHARLES L.: Phi Delta Phi. COHEN, LAWRENCE J.: Tau Epsilon Phi, Pres., V.P.; Pandora; APHA ; Phi Delta Phi. COLLINS, JAMES T., JR.: Sigma Chi. CULPEPPER, E. H.; Sigma Nu. DAVIDSON, WILLIAM E., JR.: Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Kappa Phi Delta Phi; Pres. First Yr. Law Class; Student Bar Assoc. DAVIS, RONALD L. : Phi Alpha Delta; Honor Ct.; Demosthenian; Legal Aid Society. DOZIER, LESTER Z.: Alpha Tau Omega; Pres. Law Class; Demos- thenian, Pres.; Blue Key, V.P.; Student Advisory Council. ELLIS, GEORGE R.: Phi Delta Theta. EVANS, BILLY L.: Reed-Milledge Council; Argonauts; Demosthenian. FOSTER, CHRIS A.: Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi, V.P.; I.F.C; Red and Black, Sports Ed.; Gridiron: Creek Horseman. FOUGHNER. JIM W. : Phi Delta Phi; Legal Aid Society; Newman Club. FOWLER, BRITTON L.; Kappa Sig- ma ; Scabbard and Blade ; Pre-Law Club. FRANKLIN, H. LEHMAN; Phi Delta Theta. GAINES, HOWARD C: Pi Kappa Alpha. GARLAND. EDWARD T. M.: Kappa Alpha; Pres. Sr. Class; I.F.C. Grid- iron; Blue Key; Biftad; Greek Horseman ; Who ' s Who. HALEY, JOHN N.: Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma ; Delta Sigma Pi; Real Estate Society; Phi Delta Phi; Legal Aid Society. HAYS, WALTER W.: Sigma Nu. HITCHCOCK, JOHN F.: Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; For- estry Club; Who ' s Who. HULSEY, JULIUS M.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi, V.P.; Phi Kappa. INGLESBY, SAM P.: Kappa Alpha. IVEY, TOBY: Phi Delta Th eta; Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade, Pres.; Sec.-Treas. First Yr. Law Class; V.P. Second Yr. Law Class; Student Bar Assoc, Pres.; Gridiron; Law School Advisory Delegate; Who ' s Who. JONES, ERIC L.; Phi Delta Phi. KENNEDY, ALFRED D.; Chi Phi. KILPATRICK, PAUL V., JR.: Kappa Alpha, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade; Student Council. KITE. POWELL, STEPHEN M.: Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon ; Scabbard and Blade, V.P.; Phi Delta Phi. KNAPP, BROOKS S. : Phi Kappa. KNOX, WYCK A., JR.: Kappa Alpha. LANCLEY, EMMETT R.: Umbda Chi Alpha. LEGGETT, DeALVA: Di Gamma Kap- pa, Treas.; URSA; Red and Black. MAGUIRE, SAMUEL F.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treas. ; Scabbard and Blade ; Phi Delta Phi; Pres. First Yr. Law Class; Sec. Student Advisory Council. MARSHALL, NELSON W. : Lambda Chi Alpha. McELMURRAY, FORREST H.: Alpha Gamma Rho. McINTYRE, JAMES T., JR.: Delta Tau Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Delta Phi ; Student Bar Assoc. MELVIN, JOHN M.: Kappa Sigma. MILES, ROBERT D. : Kappa Alpha. MILLER, A. MONTAGUE: Chi Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Varsity Team; G Club; Legal Aid Society. MILLER, J. CLEVE: Sigma Pi. MOORE, THOMAS J.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MOORE, WILLIAM T., JR.: Kappa Alpha. MOSELEY, JAMES W.: Reed HaUs Council ; Scabbard and Blade ; Men ' s Glee Club; Pershing Rifles; Phi Al- pha Delta, Treas.; Demosthenian; Board of Governors. NASH, JAMES W.: Sigma Pi; Scab- bard and Blade, NOELL, JOHN S., JR.: Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Kappa; Student Center Board and Council; Sec.-Treas. First Yr. Law Class; Freshman Camp. NUCKOLLS, JOHN A.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Pres.; G Club; Varsity Baseball; Bulldog Club. O ' CALLAGHAN, WILLIAM L.: Sig- ma Pi, Treas.; Phi Eta Sigma; Stu- dent Council; Phi Kappa; Scabbard and Blade ; Pi Sigma Alpha ; Varsity Baseball; Pre-Law Club. PALLER, JACK: Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; Sec.-Treas. Third Yr. Law Class. PHILLIPS, RIC HARD D.: Phi Alpha Delta, Pres., V.P. ; Student Bar As- soc ; Demosthenian, Assoc. Justice. PICKETT, ALBERT M.: Chi Phi. RIDLEHUBER, TED R.: Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres., V.P. ; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Delta Phi. ROBERTS, JULIAN H., JR.: Chi Phi. ROWLAND, E. HODGES: Phi Delta Theta. ROYAL, J. KEN.: Honor Ct., Chief Justice; Student Bar Assoc; Phi Alpha Delta, V.P.; Advisory Coun- cil; Demosthenian. SALMON, FINNIS L.: Alpha Tau Omega ; Demosthenian ; Phi Delta Phi; Legal Aid Society. SCHRAMM, ROBERT I.: Sigma Nu, Pres., Treas. ; Phi Kappa. SELL, EDWARD S. : Alpha Tau Ome- ga; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Demosthenian; I.F.C, Sec SHALLOWAY, PHILIP D.: Reed Hall Council; Student Union; Delta Sig- ma Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Kappa; Hillel; Real Estate Society; Insur- ance Society. SLABY, RICHARD A.: Lambda Chi Alpha. SLAUGHTER, WILLIAM N.: Phi Del- ta Phi. SMITH, RALPH C: Phi Alpha Delta; Demosthenian, Pres. ; Student Coun- cil; GOP; Board of Governors. SOLEY, DAVID M.: Kappa Sigma. STEPHENS, B. WILEY: Kappa Sigma. STEPHENS, RONNY D., JR.: Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi. TALMADGE, JOHN E.: Chi Phi, Sec; Phi Delta Phi; Blue Key, Sec.- Treas. ; Law Student Advisory Coun- cil; Student Editorial Board of Ga. Bar Journal; Honor Ct., Assoc. Jus- tice; Legal Aid Comm., Sec.-Treas. THOMAS, R. D., JR.: Sigma Nu. TISINGER, DAVID H.: Student Edi- torial Board of Ga. Journal, Exec. Editor; Honor Ct., Assoc. Justice; Phi Delta Phi, Pres.; Legal Aid Society, Treas. ; Who ' s Who. TISINGER, RICHARD G.: Kappa Sig- ma, Treas.; Pre-Legal Club, Pret., Sec.-Treas. ; Rho Epsilon, Treaa. TROTTER, RICHARD P.: Chi Phi. UNDERWOOD, FRANK C: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Kappa. URSREY, LAWTON R., JR.: Sigma Nu. WARLICK, WILLIAM B.: Kappa Al- pha. WILLIAMS, GEORGE W., JR.: Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY AKIN, FRANKIE J.: Kappa Pai. ALDAY, DANIEL H.: APHA. ARMISTEAD, THOMAS E.: Kappa Psi. ATKINSON, TOM B,: APHA. BLONDEIM, BARRY F. : Tau Epsilon Phi. BRASWELL, THOMAS H.: APHA. BROCK, WINSTON B.: Pi Kappa A|. pha. BUNTING, GARY A.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Psi; APHA. BUSH, LERON A.: Sigma Pi. CALDWELL, LESLIE E.: Kappa Pai; APHA. CALLAWAY, JAMES C; Phi Delta Chi; Lambda Chi Alpha; APHA. CARTER, GEORGE M. : Kappa Psi; APHA; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; GEORGIA PHARMA- CIST. COLSON, CHARLES F.: Phi Delta Chi; APHA. COOK, WYNDELL L.: APHA. CRANE, JERROLD N.: APHA. CREASMAN, D. LAMAR: Lambda Chi Alpha; Kappa Psi; APHA. CULPEPPER, CHARLES R.: Kappa Psi, Treas.; APHA. DALRYMPLE, THOMAS R.: Kappa Psi. DURDEN, KENNETH R.: Kappa Psi, Pres., V.P.; APHA. EUBANKS, CLAYTON A., JR.; Kap- pa Psi, Chaplain; APHA. FEINBERG, STEPHEN L.: Alpha Ep- silon Pi, Treas. ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Kappa Psi; APHA. FLOYD, H. RAYMOND, JR.: Kappa Psi. FLOYD, THOMAS A.: Kappa Psi. FREEMAN, FLETCHER V.: Phi Del- ta Chi. FULLINGTON, JAMES B.: Rho Chi; Phi Delta Chi; APHA. GAY, BOBBY G.: Kappa Psi, Sec; APHA. GRAINGER, LARRY G.: Kappa Sig- ma. GREENSTONE, SIDNEY T.: Tau Ep- silon Phi. HIXON, ALLAN F.: Kappa Psi; APHA. HOLL, JAMES E.: Chi Psi. JONES, DOUGLAS N.: Sigma Pi; APHA. KEITH, NANCY: Zodiac, Pres.; APHA, Treas.; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; Rho Chi; Kappa Psi Sweetheart. LARSON, JAMES S.: Sigma Pi. LEE, THOMAS F.: Kappa Psi, Sec; APHA. LEWIS, IRVIN A.: Phi Theta Kappa; Rho Chi; Phi Delta Chi, Pres.; APHA. McCLESKY, DORIS K. : Rho Chi; Alpha Lambda Delta; APHA. MEWBORN, GEORGE W.: Kappa Pai. MIMS, SANDRA E.: Lambda Kappa Sigma, Pres. ; APHA ; Georgia Phar ' macist, Treas. MORELAND, EMILY S. : Alpha Chi Omega; Student Council; APHA; Rho Chi; Lambda Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Chi Sweetheart. MOSELEY, HUBERT D.: Phi Delta Theta. MUNDY, CHARLES L., JR.: Kappa Psi. NEELY, FRANKLIN D. : APHA. NOLES, THOMAS A.: Kappa Psi. PARHAM, BOBBY E.: Kappa Pai; APHA. PARRISH, LARRY J., Sigma Chi. PETERSON, BILL H., JR.: Delta Tau Delta, V.P., Sec; I.F.C; X-Club; Phi Delta Chi; APHA. PHILLIPS, BYRON H.: Kappa Psi. REESE, JAMES R.: Alpha Tau Omega. RICE, JIMMY P.: Sigma Nu. ROGERS, WENDELL R.; Kappa Pai; APHA; Georgia Pharmacist. ROSS, BOBBY T.: Phi Delta Chi; APHA. ROYAL, DANIEL C, JR.: Pi Kappa Phi. RUSHIN, JULIAN T.: APHA; Phi Delta Chi. SAPP, REMA H: APHA. SCHAFFER, JOEL: Tau Epsilon Phi. SHERRER, CARL W.: Kappa Psi. SHIRLEY, DONALD A.: Sigma Chi. SKIPPER, GEORGE R.: APHA. SMITH, DEAN, JR.: Kappa Pai; APHA, Pres.; Pres. SR. Class ol Pharmacy School. SMITH, HAROLD G., JR., Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma Rho Chi; APHA; Georgia Pharmacist, Editor. SMITH, B. LESTINA: Rho Chi; Lambda Kappa Sigma; Georgia Pharmacist; Phi Delta Chi Sweet- heart. SPEER, JOHN F., JR.: Kappa Psi, Sec; APHA; Georgia Pharmacist, Coeditor; Freshman Student Council. STEWART, HOWELL E., JR.: B.S.U. Council; Argonaut, V.P., Prea.; Phi Delta Chi, V.P.; Sec-Treas. Jr. Class Pharmacy School STICKLAND, MARION E.: APHA; Rho Chi. TALLEY, DEAN B.: Sigma No. TOOTLE, CECIL J.: Kappa Pai; APHA; Georgia Pharmacist; B.S.U., Exec. Council. WATKINS, CHARLES J.: Kappa Pai. WHITE, CHARLES H.: Kappa Psi. SCHOOL OF VETERmARY MEDICINE AHRENS, LESLIE H.: Alpha Psi. ANDERSON, JAMES T.: Omega Tau Sigma. AUSTIN, PAUL D. : Alpha Pai. BARLOW, THOMAS W. : Alpha Psi. BLOODWORTH, JAMES R.: Alpha Psi. BOOTH, DAVID L.: Omega Tau Sig- ma. BROGDON, VERNIS D. : Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. BROWN, CARL C: Alpha Psi. BROWN, LEON C: Alpha Psi. BRUBAKER, HENRY A.: Omega Tau Sigma. BRYAN, JONES W. : Alpha Psi. BRYAN, ROBERT L.: Alpha Psi. BRYANT, ROBERT H.; Omega Tau Sigma. BUELL, BRADFORD E. : Alpha P«i. BUFFKIN, WILLARD S.: Alpha Pai; A.V.M.A. BURROUGHS, WILLIAM H.: Alpha Pel. CABANISS, DANIEL C: Omega Tau Sigma. CASKINS, CECIL B. : Omega Tau Sigma; A.V.M.A.; Sigma Epsilon. CLAYTON, MARVIN R.: Omega Tau Sigma. CROFT, LOWELL T. : Omega Tau Sigma. COHEN, DONALD W.: Alpha P»i. CORRY, LARRY R.; Omega Tau Sig- ma, COTTINGHAM. JOHN D.: Alpha Pai. DANTZLEY, THOMAS M.: Alpha Pai. DAWSON, JERRY L.: Omega Tau Sigma. DELLINGER, WILBUR A.: Omega Tau Sigma. DELOACH, CLINTON J.: Alpha Pti. DENNARD, IVEY C: Omega Tau Sigma. DERISO, G. THARPE: Kappa Sigma. DICKSON, THOMAS G.: Alpha Psi. DORSEY, WILLIAM R.: Omega Tau Sigma. DUNAHOO, HORACE R.: Alpha Psi. ENLOE, FRANK R.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; Blue Key; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Sigma; Phi Zeta; Gamma Sigma Deha; Who ' s Who. FILSINGER, WILLIAM C: Alpha Psi. FLANDERS, BENNETT: Alpha Psi. FRANKLIN, CHARLES E.: Omega Tau Sigma. FREEMAN, EDWIN L. : Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A., Treas. FREEMAN, FRANK P.: Omega Tau Sigma. GARBUTT, ROBERT L.: Sigma Nu; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; X Club. GARDNER, HUGH A.: Pi Kappa Al- pha ; Omega Tau Sigma. GATES, JAMES B.: Alpha Psi. GEHR. SAMUEL M.: Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A., Sec; Gamma Sigma Ep- silon. GIBSON, GEORGE E.; Omega Tau Sigma. GIBSON, TOM P.: Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. GOODE, RICHARD: Alpha Psi. GREENE, RICHARD H.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Omega Tau Sigma. GROSS, STUART: Tau Epsilon Phi. HAGAMAN, JOHN R.: Omega Tau Sigma. HALL, ARTHUR S.: Alpha Psi, Treas.; A.V.M.A.; Southeastern Vet- erinarian, Asst. Editor. HAWKINS, J. ARLIN: Omega Tau Sigma; A.V.M.A.; Southeastern Vet- erinarian, staff. HAYES, HUGH A.: Alpha Psi. OAYES, JOON E.: Alpha Psi, Pres.; A.V.M.A., Pres. NENDIICKS, OUGH V.: Omega Tau Sigma. HENKE. ROBERT P.: Omega Tau Sigma. HIGH, EDWARD O.: Alpha Psi. HINES, JAN C: Omega Tau Nigma. HOOK. MARNIE R.: Alpha Psi. HORMAN, JOSEPH T. : Alpha Psi. HOWELL, JOHN W.: Omega Tau Sig- ma. HOWELL, LANNY M.: Omega Tau Sigma. HUDSPETH, PAT: Omega Tau Sigma. HYDRICK, DICK S.: Omega Tau Sigma. ISEMINGER, FRED C: Chi Psi, V.P. ; Alpha Psi; Southeastern Vet- erinarian; A.V.M.A.; Newman Club; Rifle Team. JACKSON, JAMES H.: Omega Tau Sigma. JEFFRIES, JOE T. : Omega Tau Sig- JENKINS, THOMAS W.: Omega Tau Sigma. JOHNSON, JERRY H.: Omega Tau Sigma; A.V.M.A., V.P. JOHNSTON, CLAYTON P.: Alpha Psi. JOHNSTON, NED L.: Omega Tau Sigma, Sec. JOHNSTON, WILLIAM J.: Omega Tau Sigma. KYLE, OSCEOLA C: Kappa Sigma; Omega Tau Sigma. LANGDON, JERRY P.: Pi Kappa Al- pha; Omega Tau Sigma. LEE, JAMES E.: Alpha Psi. LIGON, GROVER C: Alpha Psi. LONG, RICHARD H.: Alpha Psi. LYNE, HIRAM O.: Omega Tau Sigma. MARQUES, PAUL A.: Alpha Psi. MASON, LOUIS M.: Alpha Psi. MAXSON, FRANK B.: Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. MAY, WILLIAM O. : Omega Tau Sig- ma; A.V.M.A. McCALT, WILLIAM G. : Alpha Psi. McCURDY, HARR D.: Alpha Psi. McDUFFIE, RICHARD: Alpha Psi. McLEOD, CH.A,RLES G. : Alpha Psi. MERCER, HENRY D.: Omega Tau Sigma, Sec.; Pre-Vet Club; Sec- Treas., Jr. Class, Vet. Med.; Honor Court, Chmn. Hearing Board. MILLER, GORDON P.: Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; Honor Court. MILLER, JOHN M.: Alpha Psi. MOORE, ISAAC: A.V.M.A. O ' HARA, DENNIS D.: Alpha Psi. PADGETT, KENNETH R. ; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. PAGE, ROBERT S.: Alpha Psi. PARKIN, WILLIAM E.: Alpha Psi. PHILLIPS, EDHARD H.: Alpha Psi, V.P.; A.V.M.A.; Southeastern Vet- erinarian, Circ. Mgr. PIERCE, JOSEPH E.: Alpha Psi. POPE, JAMES R.: Omega Tau Sigma. PROCTOR, TOM F.: Omega Tau Sig- ma. RAMSAY, JAMES W. : Alpha Psi, Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Phi Zeta, Sec. Treas.; Phi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pres.; Who ' s Who; Honor Court, Pros. Atty. REEVES, WILLIAM N. : Omega Tau Sigma. ROSEN, MARVIN D.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. SANDERS, BILLY C: Omega Tau Sigma. SAUER, BARRY W.: Alpha Psi. SCHOEBERLEIN, WILLIAM L.: Al- pha Psi; A.V.M.A.; Southeastern Veterinarian, Small Animals Ed. SCHOELKOPF, RODNEY L.: Omega Tau Sigma. SHIVE, GARY F.: Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. SHORTALL, CHARLES T. : Omega Tau Sigma. SIMMONDS, RICHARD: Omega Tau Sigma. SMITH, GEORGE B.: Omega Tau Sig- ma: A.V.M.A. SMITH, HAROLD M.: Omega Tau Sigma. SWEAT, MAURICE T.: Alpha Psi. SZABO, TIBOR: Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; V.P. Senior Class, Vet Med. TEATE, JOHN M.: Omega Tau Sigma. THIGPEN, CLIFTON K.: Omega Tau Sigma; Pre-Vet Club; X Club, Sec; Treas. Sr. Class, Vet. Med. TIMMONS, EDWARD H.; Alpha Psi, V.P. ; A.V.M.A. TOWNSEND, LEE R.: Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; Southeastern Veterina- rian, Large Animal Ed. TRIBBY, DAVID C: Omega Tau Sig- ma. Pres. WALRATH, DAVID: Omega Tau Sigma. WASHINGTON, GEORGE E. : Alpha Psi. WHATLEY, SEABORN J.: Omega Tau Sigma. WHITAKER, WILLIAM R.: Omega Tau Sigma. WHITELOCK, RICHARD E.: Pi Kap- pa Alpha. WILLIAMS, RICHARD A.: Omega Tau Sigma; A.V.M.A., V.P. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM M.: Alpha Psi; A.M.V.A., Pres.; AGHON; Honor Court. WITKOFSKY, WALTER L. : Omega Tau Sigma. WOODS, JAMES W. : Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. WRIGHT, CHILDS R.: Omega Tau Sigma; Pi Kappa Phi; A.V.M.A.; Pres., Fresh. Class, Vet. Med.; Honor Court. VAN DE GRIFT, EDWARD R.: Alpha Psi. VERDIN, DANIEL B.: Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. STUDENT INDEX i Aspola, AIpo T. Eljas, Finland, 406 Aapola, Maija Liisa, Finland, 406 Aaron, Carole Linda, Atlanta, 443 Aaron, Larry Daniel, Decatur, 464 Abbott, Bruce Duncan, Pembroke, 420, 125 Abbott, Robert H.. Jr., Tifton, 338 Abernathy, Thomas P., Columbus, 4 Aberson, Gail M., Waregboro, 445 Abney, Howard T., Jr., Athens, 123, 215 Abney, Ronald Woodrow, Cochran, 445 Abramson, Jane Sue, Atlanta, 446, 210 Ackerman, Robt. A., Jr., Atlanta, 446 Ackermann, Carlton H., Chamblee, 319, 446 Adair, Barbara H., Columbus, 226 Adair, Emmitt Harold, Ashburn, 445 Adair, Samuel Y., Jr., Madison, 384, 352. 363, 238 Adamek. Charles G., Chicago, 319 Adams, Aaron C, III, College Park, 459, 260 Adams, Alecia A., Dahlonega, 441 Adams, Anne I., Miami, Fla., 374, 296 Adams, Betty Jean, Hartwelt, 445 Adams, Bobbye Jean, Jacksonville, Fla. 446, 165 Adams, Brenda Louise, Buford, 464 Adams, Carol Brown, Macon, 459 Adams. David Elam, Washington, 124, 121 Adams, Dorothy R., Macon, 459 Adams, Edward, Commerce, 128 Adams, Gene Stewart, Tignall 370, 132 Adams, Jayne Carol, Elberton, 446 Adams, John Clarence, Statesboro, 424, 152. 264 Adams, Louise Anne, Decatur, 459, 146 206 Adams, Nancy Skipper, Atlanta, 124 Adams, Roger L., LaGrange, 459 Adams, Samuel R., Jr., Americus, 130 Adams, Sara EHz, Statesboro, 145, 250 Adams. Theresa, Atlanta, 459, 256 Adams, William Dee, Tallapoosa, 186 Adams, Wm. Walter, Jr., Atlanta, 446 Adamson. Lewis Ellon, Mt. Vernon, 459 Adameon, Robert Walter, Sharpsburg, 86, 127, 94, 105 Addison. Joel N., Jr.. Atlanta, 186 Addison, Paul Robert, Atlanta, 459, 121, 123 Aftergut, Ruthy, Atla nta, 446, 210 Agerton, James A., Jr.. Augusta, 406 Aghazadeh, Moheen, Douglas, 384 Ahrens, Leslie H., Aiken, S.C., 428 Aiken, Martha Jean. Macon, 91 Aitkens, John L. Jr., Jesup. 459. 202 Aker, Betty Jane, Atlanta, 446 Akers, Juanita Gail, Juniper, 459 Akerson. Linda Sue, Atlanta, 459, 190 Akin, Frankie Jerrel, Carrollton, 424, 156 Akin, Franklin W., Milledgeville, 158 Akin, Joseph Samuel, Milledgeville. 145 Akin, Lynda Jeannette, Hapeville, 459 Akridge, John W., Jr., Camilla, 152 Albert, Nancy Diane, Athens, 446, 234 Alday. Daniel Hugh, Albany, 424 Alderman, Richard C, East Point, 446, 260 Alderson. Edwin B., Jr., Eldorado, Ark., 406, 238 Aldridge, Richard B., Athens. 459. 268 Alexander, Darcy Lee, Decatur, 446, 234 Alexander. David, HI, Atlanta. 384, 142, 363, 347 Alexander, Jas. Thomas, Louisville. 159 Alexander. Joanne, Talbotton, 446, 226 Alexander, Wm. R., Ill, Athens. 242 Alford, Robert Marlin, Milledgeville. 384, 156. 286 Algers. Thalia Joyce, Atlanta, 416, 296 AlhadefF. Esther, Montgomery, Ala., 459, 210 All, Frank Edward. Stamford, N.Y., 370, 131 Allanson, Walter T., East Point, 446 Allee, Robert William, Rome. 422. 156 Allen, Angela. Atlanta. 374. 234. 360 Allen, Benjamin F., Madison, 238, 422 Allen. James B.. Jr., Athens. 268, 294, 331 Allen. James E., Jr., Augusta, 446 Alien, James Wills. Atlanta, 455 Allen, Janice Elaine. Monroe, 464 Allen, Larry Miller, McDonough, 459 Allen, Nancy Paula, Summerville, 459 Allen, Paul B.. Jr., Hapeville, 134. 315 Allen, Philip Ramsey. Beaumont, Texas, 459 Alley. Sharon Jane. Clarkesville, 446, 146 Allison, Jas Sherwin. Gainesville. 446, 130 Allison. Richard. Jr., Cochran. 374, 186 Allmond, Reamer W.. Jr.. Millen. 446 Allread, Prudence G., Decatur. 446, 176 Almand, James David, Stockbridge. 402. 84 Alonso, Rebecca R., Augusta, 374 Alonso, Roberto Jose, Athens, 142 Alston, Mary Jane, Columbus, 446, 250 Alston, Sara Todd. Atlanta 459, 146, 360 Amato. Michael, Atlanta. 459 Ames. Mary Anne. Atlanta, 459, 182 Ames. Wm. Ralph. Americus, 286 Amiel, Anita F., Atlanta. 446, 276 Ammons. Martha Faye, Rome, 459 Amsbaugh, Susan Lou, Macon, 459. 296 Anderson, Barbara J., Jonesboro. 459 Anderson, Benjamin. Jr.. Midville, 384 Anderson, Carol, Athens, 416 Anderson, Cynthia, Rome, 234 Anderson, Dallas W., Eagle RWer, Wis. 459 Anderson, Edmond L., Epworth, 384 Anderson, Henry C.. Jr., Register. 370, 128, 127 Anderson, Hugh B.. Jr., Bamesville, 459 Anderson, James T., Chester, S.C., 159, 428 Anderson, James W., Statesboro, 338 Anderson, Joe M., Jr., Anderson, S.C., 459, 242 Anderson, John Thomas, Dublin. 123, 459 Anderson, Judy Deale, Washington. 446 Anderson, Karen H., Alexandria. Va., 234, 176 Anderson, Mary Eliz., Augusta, 459, 168 Anderson. Peter W.. Atlanta. 446, 260 Anderson, Phyllis I., Perry, 190 Anderson, Robert T., Jr., Dublin, 121, 90, 77, 123 Anderson, Ronald C, Augusta, 446, 202 Anderson, Sara Day. Athens, 446, 230 Anderson, Wm. Hodges, Athens, 420, 150 Andregg. Hope Elaine, Augusta. 459, 226 Andrews, Donald Reeve, Briarcliff Manor. N.Y., 459 Andrews, EHz. Ann, Pelham, 374, 165 Andrews. James F., Jr.. Decatur, 132 Andrews, John Lamar, Columbus, 446 Andrews, Larry Price, Ringgold, 446 Angel. John Wayne, Cave Spring, 134 Angel, Sally. Atlanta. 459. 250. 360 Anger. Sally Sue. Atlanta, 230 Antell, Christer G. K., Helsinki. Finland, 406 Antonopoulos. Christa, Augusta, 446, 234 Apple, Robert Carl, Warner Robins, 459 Applebaum. Charles R., Athens, 384, 242 Appleby. Thomas L., Flushing, N.Y., 370, 131 Archer, Barbara Ann, Decatur, 459. 168 Archer. David Gordon, Cartersville, 186 Archer. Denny Elias. Commerce, 132 Ard, John Vaughn, Eatonton, 416 Arenstein, Judith H., Richmond. Va., 276 Arey, Julius N., Jr., Winston-Salem, N.C., 219 Ariail, Frank Ritchie, Villa Rica, 459 Ariail. John David, Sparta. 128 Ariail, Joseph A., III. Villa Rica, 374, 90, 294. 347 Armbrester, Leon A., Childersbury, Ala., 315 Armistead. Jacqueline, Stone Mountain, 146. 218 Armistead, Thomas E., Augusta, 422, 156, 158 Armour, James Douglas. East Point, 459, 406 Armour, James. T.. Washington. 352, 87 Armour, Margie Vivian, Rayle, 91 Armstrong, Dorothy. Savannah. 459. 168 Armstrong. Gerald A., Augusta, 384 Armstrong, Margie S., Athens, 206 Am, Karyl Lee, Albany, 122, 123 Arnall, Alvan S., Newnan, 420, 152 Arneson, Carolyn E., Albany. 123 Arnold. Anthony M.. Atlanta, 446. 124, 268 Arnold, Jeanna R.. Baxley, 124, 123 Arnold, John Edward. Niagara Falls. N.Y., 128 Arnold. Julia Babb, Atlanta, 374, 250 Arnold, Lucius P., III. Hogansville, 459, 219 Arnold, William Sells. Watkinsville, 128 Arnott. Nancy Gay, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. 384. 226 Arnowich, Wm. Sidney. Columbus, 374, 254 Arsjfld. Sitanala, Bogart, Indonesia, 406 Arthur, Nancy Steele, Cordele, 446, 168 Arthur. Robert A., Jr.. Athens, 446 Arze, Carlos Gustavo, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 406 Asbell, Mary Ann, Brunswick. 446, 76, 72 Ashbaugh, Alexander C, College Park, 406 Ashbaugh, Grace Otto, College Park. 406 Ashburn, Arthur L., Ill, Seagrove, N.C., 459. 242 Ashcraft, Eleanor P.. Atlanta. 194 Ashenfelder. Gerrylyn, Macon. 230 Ashley. Roy Otis, White Plains, 1 33 Askew. Suzanna Nell, Atlanta, 459, 234 Askin, Otis Franklin, Athens. 152 Astin. Claude C. Jr., Palmetto. 120, 406 Astin. Joe Sewell, Jr.. Rome, 406 Atchison, Beth Cathy. Newberry, S.C, 459. 123, 176, 360 Atkinson, Carol Ann. Augusta, 226, 446 Atkinson. Joann D.. Broxton, 146, 446 Atkinson, Nancy S., Montezuma, 146, 446 Atkinson. Pattie Mann. Greenville, 106, 86 Atkinson, Tom Byrd, Broxton, 422, 156 Atkinson, Tyrus R., Jr., Atlanta, 420, 152, 260 Atkinson, William, IV, Newnan, 459 Atria, James Adrian, Sumter, S.C, 374, 260 Atwood. Alan R., Atlanta, 374, 124 Auerbach. Elaine Faye, Atlanta. 459 Aultman, Tommy Warren, Ocilla. 142 Austin, Georgette M., Perry, 446 Austin, Ira Wayne, Savannah, 446, 238 Austin, James R., Jr., Macon, 406 Austin, Jane, Warner Robins, 446, 218 Austin, Jean, Warner Robins, 446, 218 Austin, Lenette L., Perry, 446 Austin, Paul D., Falls Church, Va., 428 Autrey. Katherine A.. Valdosta, 459. 234 Avera, Brown. Jr.. Byron, 446 Avera, Mary Ann, Moultrie. 459. 250 Averill, George E., Jr., Montezuma, 286 Avery, Elizabeth A., Atlanta, 459 Awtrey, Anne Carol, Acworth, 459 Aycock. Robert Ray, Albany, 384, 186 Aydelolte. Wm. Henry. Fairbum, 406 Ayer, Stanley Calvin, Fort Montgomery, N.Y.. 133 Ayers, Sandra Louise, Athens, 76, 72, 446, 190 Ayre, Terry, Palmer, Springfield, Mo., 420. 152 B Babb, Michael Wilmer, Atlanta, 315 Bachelder, Sandra J., Athens, 459 Bacon, Merrill Philip, Pembroke, 446 Baer, Jo Ann, Mt. Airy, N.C., 459 Bagby, Charles Lester, Marietta, 319 Baggett, Wm. Grady, Jr., Douglasville, 384, 186, 345 Bagiatis, John Pete, Atlanta, 459, 186 Bagley, Betty Louise, Marietta, 459 Bagley, Hugh James, Atlanta, 260 Bagwell, Edward L., Jr., Douglas, 424 Bagwell, James R., Canton, 384, 140, 185 Bagwell, John E., Duluth, 374 Bagwell, William A., Gainesville, 420, 252, 186 Bahin, James Merwin, College Park, 459 Bahnsen, Ellen Marie, Cornelia, 146, 446 Bailey, David John, Coral Gables, Fla., 459, 238 Bailey, Donna Ray, Fernandina, Fla., 446 Bailey, Jerry Ann, Kingsport, Tenn., 459, 234 Bailey, Martin Thomas, Augusta, 459 Bailey, Michael E., Hartwell, 459 Bailey, Ray Ernest, Dawsonville, 370 Bailey, Shirley J.. College Park, 446 Bailey, Walter Ronald, Decatur, 113 Bailey, William, Thos., Macon, 459 Baine, James Everitt, Montevallo, Ala., 136 Baird, Henry Franklin, Vero Beach, Fla., 446 Baird, Justus N., Ill, Kingston, Tenn., 134, 328 Baird, Ralph H. Jr., Vero Beach, Fla., 446 Baker, Chas. Stafford, Palm Harbor, Fla., 120 Baker, Dan Huguley, Zebulon, 424, 156 Baker, Dorris C, Jr., Danielsville Baker, Dwight Ladon, Trion, 459 Baker, George Wallace, Monroe, 268 Baker, Helen G., Lafayette, 194 Baker, Mary Wooddall, Marbleton, 374, 206 Baker, Nancy Carole, Summerville, 226, 218 Baker, Nancy Elaine, Decatur, 362, 218 Baker, Peggy Ann, Decatur, 226, 123, 446 Baker, Thomas Hadley, Decatur, 384, 264 Baldwin, Cecil A., Macon, 365 Baldwin, Dora C, Suwanee, 428 Ball, Duane Edward, Corfu, N.Y., 370 Ball. Maureen Alice, Arlington, Va., 132, 72, 446, 91, 218 Bandy, Mabel Louise, Ringgold, 459, 122, 123, 256 Banks, Donald Jack, Auburn, Ala., 137 Banks, Jackson H., Douglasville, 420, 153 Banks, Peter Louis, Barnesville, 152, 151 Banks, Sandra Diane, Atlanta, 459, 146 Bankston, Brenda J., Barnesville, 374 Bannett, Joan, Savannah, 460, 210 Bannigan, Joseph M., Greenlawn, 133 Bannister, Edward R., Delharton, 137 Barber, Bonnie Carole, Marietta, 122, 123, 460 Barber, Carol Anne, Marietta, 176 Barber, Francis M., Jr., Leesburg, 133, 460 Barber, Fred W., Jr., Bainbridge, 268, 446, 315 Barber, Wilson Crews, Leesburg, 133 Barbre, Lynda S., Rome, 374, 133 Barfield, John R., Athens, 140, 406 Barger, Garth Dewey, Doraville, 446 Bargeron, Peggy Agnes, Waynesboro, 406 Bargeron, Virginia A., Waynesboro, 250 Barker, Ernest Verlyn, Rochelle, 370, 132 Barker, Henry H., Ill, Albany, 90 Barlow, Thomas Wright, Smithfield, 428 Barlowe, Franklin, Jr., Gastonia, 238, 454 Barnes, Alton, A., Jr., Richmond, Va., 133 Barnes, James M., Jr., Athens, 420 Barnes, James Martin, Tallapoosa, 151, 153 Barnes, Mary Jon, Kingsland, 460 Barnett, Alan Lee, Athens, 460 Barnett, Bill Harold, Gumming, 384, 124 Barnett, Mary Lisa, Atlanta, 446, 296 Barr, Charles F., Jr., Jesup, 136 Barrett, Gloria F., Commerce, 374, 124 Barrett, Helen C, Cornelia, 106, 86 Barrett, Jimmy Leon, LaGrange, 402 Barrett, Marshall H., Atlanta, 264, 446 Barrom, Robert T., Decatur, 460, 446, 95 Barrow, Gary Jane, Rockmart, 194, 446, 360 Barrow, Craig, III, Savannah, 268, 446 Barry, Patrick J., Savannah, 402, 131 Bartell, John Rollin, Hornell, N.Y., 370, 131 Bartlett, Claude Dale, Atlanta, 446 Barton, Patricia F., Jacksonville, Fla., 460 Barton, Teri Patton, Marietta, 446 Barwick, Carolyn D., St. Simmons Island, 446 Bashuk, Alice Jeanne, Macon, 446, 210 Bashuk, Michael A., Macon, 172, 446 Bass, Thomas Lewis, Avon Park, Fla., 159, 428 Bassett, David Dale, Jacksonville, Fla., 284, 384 Bastable, Neal Philip, Flushing, N.Y., 133, 264 Batchelor, Charles R., Carrollton, 460 Batchelor, Joyce, Eatonton, 460 Bateman, Bruce Gary, Chamblee, 460, 286 Donalsonville, 138, Jr., Augusta, 118, Bates, Amos Leon, Benton, Tennessee, 134 Bates, Jack Williford, Columbus, 260, 460 Bates, Joseph H., Nashville, 460 Bates, Patrick M., Powder Springs, 460 Bates, William Howard, Albany, 242, 406 Batten, Donna Joan, Athens, 446 Battle, Edith L., Rome, 454 Battle, Joseph A., Ill, Savannah, 384, 144 Baxley, Frances E., 194 Baxter, Barnee C, 420, 153 Baxter, Julian F., Atlanta, 374, 268 Bayer, Lutz Julius, Williston, N.Y., 135 Bayer, Susan Scott, Nashville, Tenn., 146, 234, 460 Bazemore, Charles J., Savannah, 446, 246 Bazemore, Douglas A., Sylvania, 446, 246 Beach, James R., Jr., Macon, 420, 152, 460 Beall, Mary Clark, Louisville, 416, 250 Beamer, Anita Elnora, Calhoun, 446, 218 Bean, Edith Carolyn, College Park, 72, 446, 91, 176 Beard, Larry Holden, Commerce, 264 Beard, Phillip, Buford, 454, 202 Beasley, Geo. Kenneth, Athens, 406 Beasley, William Dana, Savannah, 454, 238 Beattie, Anthony B., Jr., Jacksonville, 460 Beaver, Patricia . nne, Rossville, 139 Beazley, Billy B., Jr., Augusta, 384 Beazley, William A., Atlanta, 460 Beck, Virginia L., Athens, 218 Becker, Kathleen K., Rome, 72, 446, 91, 190 Beckham, James Harvey, LaGrange, 460 Beckwith, Everett G., Albany, 460 Bedingfield, Herbert, Savannah, 154 Beeland, Wayne Hulon, Thomaston, 314 Beer, Sylvia Edwina, Athens, 218 Beerman, Michael, Plattsburgh, N.Y., 172, 460, 314 Behar, Robert Issac, Columbus, 290 Behrman, Judith, Dothan, 210 Bein, Nathan, Bronx, N.Y., 135 Belgio, Louis, Jr., Hinesville, 460 Belkofer, George V., Jr., Atlanta, 460 Bell, Charles Turner, Buckhead, 130 Bell, Eliz. Simmons, Douglas, 446, 190 Bell, Fulton Roger, Savannah, 132 Bell, Gladys Smith, Atlanta, 374, 226 Bell, Griffin, B., Jr., Atlanta, 446 Bell, John C, Gainesville, 152 Bell, Lucretia Evelyn, Knoxville, Tenn., 146 Bell, Mark R., Jr., Gainesville, 384, 202 Bell, Sylvia Stewart, Gaiesville, 446, 176 Bell, Wm. Graham, Stone Mountain, 384 Belle, Isle Wm. A., Jr., Morrow, 384 Bellune, Ruth Ethel, Georgetown, S.C, 406 Benbow, Peter Glenn S., Marietta, 460 Benedict, Charles C, Atlanta, 420, 152, 268, 332 Benjamin, Etta Diane, Bowman, S.C, 72, 100, 446, 91, 210 Benners, Carol Moore, Birmingham, Ala., 168 Bennett, Asa William, Washington, 186 Bennett, Bern Leroy, Macon, 446 Bennett, Claude R., Madison, 268 Bennett, Larry, Silver Spring, Md., 290, 460 Bennett, Margaret E., Moore Haven, Fla., 146, 460 Bennett, Sarah Marie, Waycross, 230 Bennett, Thomas J., Athens, 460 Bennett, Veronica Mae, Gainesville, 123, 91 Bennett, William Paul, Athens, 336, 460, 361 Benson, Linda Carol, Decatur, 446 Benson, Nora Lynn, Montgomery, Ala., 72, 446 Bentlcy, Ann Howard, Decatur, 226, 460 Bentley. Beverly Faye, Augusta, 460, 114 Bentley, Linda Sue, Cartersville, 296 Bentley, Malcolm M., Atlanta, 446 Benton, Beverly Carol, Commerce, 206 Benton, Patricia Gail, Colbert, 72, Benton, Terrell W., Jr., Jefferson, 82, 150, 85, 153 Bercegeay, Judith, Savannah, 230 Berger, Susan James, Buffalo, N.Y., 72 Bergman, Carl Howard, Atlanta, 290, 460 Berinhout, Elaine C., Montgomery, Ala., 210. 454 Berlin, Gcraldine L., Gastonia, N.C., 276 Berlin, Thea Fern, Gastonia. N.C., 276 Berman, Frederick K., Somerdale, N.J., 290, 460 Berndt, Robert Bayard, Chads Point, Penn., 370, 202 Bernstein, Helene S., Macon, 276, 460, 446 Berry, Commie June, Milledgeville, 460, 176 Berry, Henry Thomas, Forest Park, 460 Berry, Michael Truby, Oil City, Penn., 238 Berry, Polly Ann, Warner Robins, 190 Berry, Valerie Ann. Villa Rica, 446, 206 Berryman, Janice B., Athens, 370, 145, 133, 230, 79 Berz, Diane Frances, Chattanooga, Tenn., 276, 460 Bethea, Cherry B., Blakely, 194 Bethea, Robert L., Ill, Louisville, 156 Bettencourt, Dia J., Savannah, 460, 250 Beverly, Joe Edward, Ochlochnee, 384 Bhatt, Urmilla Alfred, Athens, 137 147, 446 420, 120, Bickerstaff, Sherry L., Buena Vista, 446, 218 Biggs, Chas. William, Newland, 402 Biggs, John William. Athens, 363 Bigner, Jerry Joe, St. Simons Island, 460 Biiderback, Linda G., Wayside, 406 Billips, Bennie Kay M., Cordele, 374, 190 Binder. Sandra V., Savannah, 230 Binning, Bonny Murray, Nashville, Tenn., 194, 460 Birchmore, Frederick C, Athens, 333 Birchmore, Rebecca J., Athens, 374, 138 Bird, Eliz. Howell, Atlanta, 194 Bird, George Arthur, Atlanta, 460 Bird Rosalyn Marie, Athens, 460 Birdsall, David E., Gloucester, Va., 159, 428 Bishop, Barbara Cody, Charlotte, N. C, 460, 256 Bishop, Henry Samuel, Alma, 99 Bishop Bishop iiivins, Black, Black, Black, 361 Black, Black, Black, 194 Black Black Black James Alex, Alma, 77 Rhen, Macon, 446 Susan Carr, Atlanta, 165 Barbara L., Savannah, 165 Colquitt C, III, Ringgold, 90, 446 Dameron, III, Atlanta, 186, 460, Donald E., Rome, 186, 416, 99 Joseph William, Waynesboro, 132 Paula Eliz., Spartanburg, S. C, Atlanta, 234 Atlanta, 446, 246 Jr., Elberton, 450 Washington, 450 Decatur, 146, 460, 460 176 Robert George, Rome, 384, 140 Thomas Lanier, Millen, 402 Wanda C, Tunnel Hill, 155. 156 Black. Wm. Clinton, Atlanta, 134 Black, Wm. Jerrold, Sylvania, 455 Blackburn, Donald B., Smyrna, 315 Blackburne, Karen N., College Park, 182, 460 Blackman, Marion, H., Blackman, Wilbur L., Blackmon, Robt., C, Blackmon, Wm. Gene, Blackshear, Margaret, 218 Blackstock, Mary Ann, Decatur, 446, 250 Blackstock, Nelson P., Hapeville, 460 Blackwell, Jerry Neal, Jasper, 460 Blackwell, Mary Lee, Athens, 124, 460 Blackwell, Robt. E., Jr., Atlanta, 440 Blackwood, Jacob C, Jr., Charlotte. N. C, 294. 446 Blair, Carlton W., Jr., Savannah, Blair, Frances Lee, Athens, 464 Blair, Karen Louise, Athens, 464 Blair, Leslie Harold, Tiger, 402 Blair, Maudine, Tifton, 408 Blair, Neca Maria, Albany, 168 Blais, Wilfred A., Athens, 408 Blake, Carol Jane, Marietta, 460, Blake, Mary Vaughn, Savannah, 374, 75, 103, 230, 78 Blalock, Barbara, Jesup, 443 Blalock, Bernice S., Decatur, 408 Blalock, Clifford, Jr., Cleveland, 152 Blalock, Harold D., Cleveland, 455 Blalock, Herbert G., Jonesboro, 408 Blalock, Jay Michael, Rome, 446 Blalock, Joanna M., Atlanta, 234 Blalock, Virginia S., Cleveland, 362, 446, 114, 206 Blalock, William H., Jr., Clayton, 460 Blanchard, James H., Columbus, 420, 84, 152, 83, 82, 268, 347, 80, 78 Blanc hard, John J., Jr., Crawford, 446 Blanchard, Kathrine F„ Pelham, 434 Blanchard Yewel Mack, Meigs, 406 Bland, Dorothy B., Eastman, 434, 286. 296, 360 Blankenship, Albert S., Rome, 446 Blankenship, James L., Dalton, 434 Blankenship, Shelba J., Resaca, 374 Blanton, Mary Dale, Camilla, 374 Blasingame, James W., Ft. Valley, 434 Blass, Charlotte J., Atlanta, 101, lOO, 210 Bledsoe, Jane P., Augusta, 446, 176 Bledsoe, Sidney S., Jr., Pinehurst, 130. 446 Bliss. Paul Henry. Keysville. 374 Blocker, Anna Louise, Glennsville, 460 Blocker, Ellis R., Glennsville, 384, 202 Blondhcim, Barry F., Columbus, 424, 290 Bloodworth, Franklin, Atlanta, 420, 80, 151, 85, 79 Bloodworth, George, Jr., Milledgeville, 186 Bloodworth, James J., Elko, 384, 428 Blount, Percy J., Memphis, Tenn., 374, 238 Blue, Donna Marie, Ashburn, 139 Bluestein, Nathan J., Charleston, S. C. 290, 446 Boardman, Barbara A., Atlanta, 226, 460 Boatright, Douglas M., Carrollton, 424, 156 Boatright, Nellie J., Alma, 146 Bobhitt, Sidney H., Macon, 384, 215 Bobo, George Martin, Hapeville, 446 Boccafola, Everett A., Hicksville, 133 Bock, Edward L., Jr., Staten Island, N. Y., 434, 133, 185 Boggs, Glenda Eliz., Atlanta, 434 Bogie, Douglas .Mian, Winnetka, 111., 374 Bogusky, Thomas S., Columbus, 215, 446 Bohannon, Jogelyn R., Tifton, 296 Bohne, Donald Hoyt, Atlanta, 434 Boland, Joseph H., Jr., Atlanta, 434 Boleyn, Linda Lee, Athens, 374 Bolin, Marion G., Macon, 374 Bolles, Hamilton T., Atlanta, 434, Bolton, John Lee, Jr., Waynesboro, Bond, Ronald Carey, Athens, 406 Boncy, Don Louis, Tifton, 384 Bonnell, Roy O., Jr., Sandersvi ' Bonner, Bonnie Walker, Marietta, 446, 190 Bonner, Cecil A., Jr.. Moultrie. 446 260 434 446 Booth. Beverly Branch, Macon, 460 Booth, David L., Middleburg, 159, 428 Booth, Donald W., Manor, 406, 186 Booth, Dorothy C, Athens, 460 Booth, Thomas Gary, Columbus, 215, 446 Boozer, C. Edwin, Columbus, 446, 286 Borden, Betty Mae, Atlanta, 460, 230 Borders, Homer Parker, LaGrange, 434 Boroughs, Beatrice E., Decatur, 406 Borst, Wm. John, West Caldwell. N. J., 294 Boshears. Willis M., Jr.. Augusta. 370 Boston. William K.. Jr.. Waleska. 460 Bostwick. Dolores Ann. Charleston, S. C, 182, 460 Bostwick, Nancy Jean, Arlington, 446 Bostwick, Preston T., Arlington, 384 Boswell, Kenneth Boyd, Athens, 149, 416, 384 Bothwell, Barbara J., Atlanta, 446 Botsford, Marvin Jas., Cattaraugus, N. Y., 370 Bouchillon, Jerry D., Covington, 186, 460 Boulogne, Pierre M., Brunswick, 153 Bovard, Anne Creamer, Augusta, 434, 168 Bowden, Chas. Gerald, Athens, 124 Bowden, Margaret V., Atlanta, 364, 234, 446 Bowden, Prescott D., Athens, 238, 434 Bowden, Wendell Lee, Gray, 460, 246 Bowdoin, William R., Jr., Atlanta, 268, 460, 361 Bowen, Dudley H., Jr., Augusta, 347, 420 Bowen, Jeannie, Brunswick, 460 Bowen, John Robert, Metter, 446 Bowen, Paul Benjamin, Doraville, 238, 434 Bowen. Vernon W.. Jr.. Waycross, 268, 446 Bowen, Wm, McGowan, Athens, 130 Bowie, Eathel Findley, Anderson, 194. 145. 114 Bowie, Ronald Lee, Athens, 242, 460 Bowles, Royce J., Jr., Moultrie, 186, 434 Bowling, George B., Jr., Atlanta, 120 Bowman, Bonnie Jean, Falkville, Ala., 89, 88, 446, 91 Bowman, Etheldred, III, Fort Valley, 119, 374 Bowman, Jennings, Jr., Augusta, 416 Bowman, Patricia Lee, Arlington, Va., 446 Bowman, Thomas Albert, Atlanta. 132, 446 Bowman. Thomas T., Augusta, 434 Boyd, Benny Alvin. Haines City. Fla. 434. 186. 315 Boyd, Constance Jane, Fairbum, 434, 91 Boyd, David Emory, Jacksonville, Fla., 384, 84, 268, 331 Boyd, James Edward, Sarasota, Fla., 434 Boyd, James Franklin, Fayetteville, 460 Boyd, Marjorie Deane, Swainsboro, 88, 72, 446, 91, 256 Boyd, Ronald Gary, Dalton, 434 Boyer, Morris Sanford, Devereux, 152 Boyett, Arthur S., Ill, Buena Vista, 420, 264, 446 Boykin, Christia Lou, Sylvania, 460 Boykin, Melvin R., Sylvania, 434. 327. 315 Boyle. Patricia Ann. New York. N. Y.. 434 Boyter. Gertrude Toy, Decatur, 256 Bozardt, Delphine A., College Park, 446 Bracewell, James L., Toccoa, 446 Bracewell, Jane C. Toccoa. 416. 149. 147, 168, 108 Brackett, Charles E., Athens, 238, 384 Brackett, Colquitt, Jr., Athens, 460 Brackett, Janet Lynn, Macon, 446, 176 Bracknell, Grady J., Jr., Newnan, 286 Bradberry, Robert E., Augusta, 124 Bradbury, Lynda Lane, Atlanta, 234 Braddock, Ronald P., Savannah, 334, 335 Bradford, John David, Decatur, 242, 434 Bradford, Judith Ann, New Orleans, La., 194, 434 Bradley, Danny W., Campton, 123 Bradley, Kenneth L., Campton, 156, 424, 340 Bradley, Margaret L., Atlanta, 194, 446 Bradley, Marsha Hill, Savannah, 234, 434 Bradley, Richard W., Rossville, 460 Bradshaw, Randolph S., Carrollton, 242 Bramblet, Charlotte G., Atlanta, 434 Bramblett, Nancy C, Athens, 460, 165 Bramlett, Rachel D., Rome, 434 Branan, Henry Dawson, Griffen, 374 Branan, Katherine, Atlanta, 434, 230 Branan, Tony Edward, Athens, 84, 370, 106, 128, 127, 78 Brandon, Jerry R., St. Marys, 268 Branham, Robt. Samuel, East Point, 446 Brannen, Perry, Jr., Savannah, 420, 152 Brannon, George W., Jr., Cairo, 446 Brantley Anna Carol, Augusta, 434 Brantley, Constance E., Augusta, 434 Brantley, Edgar R., Blackshear, 4 34 Brantley, Wayne Thos., Vidalia, 314 Brasch, Charles E., Jr., Grantville, 434 Braselton, Lucy Edith, Braselton, 146, 100, 170 Braselton, Nancy C, Braselton, 374, 168 Brasington, Bonnie P., Waycross, 446 Brassel, Chas. Henry, Alma, 446 Braswell, Dennis W., Adrian, 460 Braswell, Hoke S., Jr., Pelham, 446 Braswell, Thomas H., Winterville, 424, 156 Braun, Stephanie Ann, Atlanta, 446, 210 Bray, Charlie W., Manchester, 385, 260 Bray, Wm. Ralph, III, Athens, 314 Brayer, Richard Allen, Rochester, N. Y., 370 Bredenberg, John H. K., Athens. 385, 142 Breedlove, Brenda, Campton, 226, 446 Breedlove, H. Claire, Watkinsville. 434. 147, 165 I Breedlove, Jas. Agnew, Greensboro, 434, 242 Breedlove, Phillip G., Decatur. 434, 460 Brehm, Diana Jaye, Augusta, 434 Brenner, Stuart Alan, Atlanta, 172, 460 Brewer, Harold J., Jr., Blairsville, 460 Brewer, James Camp, Gainesville, 242, 460 Bridges, Frank Amis, Newnan, 374 Bridges, Sherry L., Vienna, 446, 218 Bridges, Vashtie H., Blakely, 434 Bridweli, Harry E., Jr., Springfield, 460 Bright, Joseph C, Valdosta, 152 Bright, Linda Carole, AvonJale Estates, 446, 72, 165 Brim, Richard T., Jr., Dawson, 370 Brim, Sandra Emily, Decatur, 460 Brinkley, Elizabeth M., Shannon, 460 Brinkley, Milton S., Smyrna, 434 Brinkman, Carol M., Rome, 446, 218 Brinson, Bonnie P., Atlanta, 226, 446, 360 Briscoe, Mary Sue, Atlanta, 182 Britt, Marion Jane, Dacula, 434 Britlain, Nancy Jane, Monticello, 147, 434, 165 Broaddus, James E., Jr., Atlanta, 446, 260 Broadwater, Tobias F., Wrens, 446 Brock, James Willard, Columbus, 446 Brock, Winston B., Bainbridge, 260, 424 Brodie, Paul Michael, St. Marys, 434 Brodnax, Henry, Jr., Conyers, 434 Brogdon, Vernis D., Adel, 428 Brogdon, Wm. Allan, Columbus, 385 Brook, Erwjn C, Jr., Augusta, 446 Brooking, Ernest, III, Chattanooga, Tenn., 460 Brooks, Amy Marie, Gastonia, N. C, 416, 260 Brooks, Ave Edwin, Rossville, 446 Brooks, Bobby James, Bluffton, 130 Brooks, Camilla D., Aiken, S. C, 139, 234, 446 Brooks, George B., Jr., Crawford, 385, 353, 202 Brooks, Joan Janelle, Atlanta, 182, 374 Brooks, Linda Faye, Way cross, 434, 91 Brooks, Wm. Clyde, Atlanta, 446 Brooks, William P., Monroe, 446, 186 Brookshire, Jerry H., Colbert, 446, 361 Broome, Linda Gale, Augusta, 434 Broome, Wallace Scott, College Park, 284, 460 Broome, Wm. Isaac, Washington, 385 Brown, Andrew T., Ill, Jacksonville, Fla., 314 Brown, Barbara Louise, Decatur, 146, 194, 147, 95, 79 Brown, Benjamin S., Culloden, 460 Brown, Betty Julia, Atlanta, 406, 434, 250 Brown, Beverly Anita, Toomsboro, 460, 176 Brown, Brevard M., Roanoke Rapids, N. C, 434, 202 Brown, Calvin Hugh, Athens, 434 Brown, Carl Gerard, Chestertown, N. D., 428 Brown, Carlton W., Jr., Cleveland, 460 Brown, Carol Anne, Milledgeville, 446, 218, 190 Brown, Carole Andrea, Gainesville, 446 Brown, Catherine Jane, Atlanta, 194, 446 Brown, Charles Arnold, Anderson, S, C, 434 Brown, Charles Escott, College Park, 114 Brown, Charles Harris, Marietta, 264 Brown, Charles Hilton, Garfield, 420. 152 Brown, Chas. Milford, Sylvester, 130 Brown, Cornelius M., Woodmere, N. Y., 135 Brown, David Dineen, Lookout Mt., 446 Brown, Dempsey S., Jr., Macon, 434, 268 Brown, Edward E., Ill, Lookout Mt., 460 Brown, Edward Larry, Macon, 446 Brown, Eileen Rhea. Tampa, 139. 434 Brown, Etta Bagley, Columbus, 416 Brown, Eva Claire, Athens, 226, 446 Brown, James A., Jr., Monroe, 446 Brown, James Albert, Comer, 446 Brown, James Dewey. Homer, 460 Brown, James Franklin, Statesboro, 434, 144 Brown, James P., Jr., Locust Grove, 460 Brown, Joanne H., Macon, 460 Brown, John Robt., Canton, 140, 385 Brown, Johnny Mack, Sale City, 402 Brown, Joseph Elton, Blakely, 434 Brown, Judy Elizabeth, Decatur, 362, 446, 206 Brown, Larry Andrew, Macon, 134, 460 Brown, Leon Grayson, Kingstree, 428 Brown, Lewis P., Jr., Greensboro, 416 Brown, Margaret J.. Dalton, 446, 190 Brown, Marian C, Augusta, 446, 250 Brown, Martha Ann, Royston, 460 Brown, Martha Eleanor, Greensboro, 234, 460 Brown, Mary Alice, East Point, 182, 460 Brown, Max Charles, Lumber City, 424, 156 Brown, Nora Lee, Camilla, 191, 434 Brown, Patricia Ann, St. Augustine, Fla., 138, 139, 460 Bro wn, Ralph Felton, Calhoun, 424, 156 Brown, Robert Earl, Louisville, 140, 406 Brown, Sara Beverly, Williamson, 72, 446 Brown, Susan Nowlin, Lyons, 234, 460 Brown, Suzanne M., Andalusia, Ala., 446, 165, 360 Brown, Walter Baxter, Lake Charles, La., 446 Brown, Wm. Jerry, Gainesville, 446 Brown, William Lee, Montezuma, 130 Browne, Gail Rene, Atlanta, 182, 434 Browne, Margaret K., Savannah, 460, 206 Broxton, Eugene H., Jr., Unadilla, 446 Broyles, Carroll Dean, Atlanta, 406 Brubaker, Henry Allen, WinterviUe, 159, 428 Bruce, Charles H., Jr., Atlanta, 202, 434 Bruce, David Victor, Port Henry, N. Y., 434 Bruce, Richard M., Boston, 460 Bruce, Roy, Dawsonville, 460 Brugh, Max, Jr., Troutville, Va., 127 Brumby, Bebe Dobbs, Marietta, 416, 149, 147 Brumby, Otis A., Jr., 420, 152 Brumby, Russell D., Westbury, N. Y., 370 Brumby, Virginia Tift, Atlanta, 72, 139, 226, 446 Brumit, Nancy Lynn, Atlanta, 146, 460 Brunner, Myra Jean, Pana III., 434 Brunton, Kathy Lee, Forest Park, 182, 460 Bryan, Jennie Lamb, Union Point, 234, 460 Bryan, Jimmie Ransel, East Point, 374 Bryan, Jones W., Luray, S. C, 428 Bryan, Joseph Thomas, Athens, 461 Bryan, Joseph ThoB., jr., Athens, 402, 135 Bryan, Patricia V., Dalton, 461 Bryan, Robert Lewis, Luray, S. C, 159. 428 Bryant, Effie Louise, Dalton, 446 Bryant, James G.. Jr., 242, 406 Bryant, James Russell, Statesboro, 461, 246 Bryant. Morris Irvin, Tifton, 238, 434 Bryant, Robert H., Ft. Gaines, 428 Buck, Leslie L., Columbus, 446 Buckelew, Claire G., Decatur, 446, 191 Buckhalt, Linda Bess, Atlanta, 461, 296 Buckley, Carol Lee, Athens, 191, 374 Buckley, Lawrence F., Augusta, 238, 434, 337 Buckmaster, Ronald B., Winterpark, 294, 446 Budd, Joseph Dearing. Oxford, 375 Budd, Warren C, Jr., Atlanta, 446 Buell, Bradford E., Silver Spring, Md. 428 BuiTkin, Willard S., Clarendon, N. C, 428 Bull, Dan Francis, Williamsville, N. Y., 446 Bulloch, Cyprian Wm., Manchester, 461, 314 Bulloch, Paul M., Manchester, 434 Bullock, Janice Diane, Athens, 434 Bullock, Kenney Lee. Duluth, 434 Bunker, Sandra Brown, Athens, 145, 446. 218 Bunting, Gary Archer, Macon, 156. 158, 424 Buonaguro, Louis. Plainview, 370 Burch, Edward D., Atlanta, 446, 246 Burch, John Vernon, Atlanta. 215, 446 Burdell, William S., Jr., Augusta, 268, 385 Burdett, James Murray. Trion, 385 Burdette, Elizabeth D., Rebecca, 385 Burdette, Linda C. Greenville, 72, 446, 256 Burdine, Judith Kay, Atlanta, 296, 434 Burdison, Jeanne M., Augusta, 434 Burger, William Harry, Atlanta, 434 Burgess, Jas. Rowland, Waleska, 450 Burgess, Robt. Phillip, Rocky Mount, N. C, 420 Burgctt, Henry L., Jr., Chamblee, 461 Burk, Robert Cecil, Rome, 450 Burke, Howard Joseph, North Bellmore, N. Y., 370 Burke, James Robert. Columbus, 446 Burke. Sheila Donna, 218, 461 Burkhalter, Alva P., Glennville. 434 Burkhalter, Douglas L,, Savannah, 440 Burks, James Roe, Jr., Smyrna. 440 Burks. Paul Harrison. Thomaston, 461 Burnes, James C, III. Sparta, 450 Burnett, Hal Eugene. Winston, 434 Burnett. John E., Jr., Fort Valley. 440 Burns, James Joseph, Silver Spring, Md., 132 Burns, Oliver W., Jr., Thomaston, 434 Burpee, Walter J., Jr., Athens, 294, 385 Burrell, Emily Janice, Savannah, 168, 461 Burrell, Sherri Ann, Clayton, 446, 296 Burrell, Stephen F., Clarkesville, 408 Burroughs, Carole A., Crawford. 440 Burroughs, Mary J., Danielsville, R. I., 446 Burroughs, Milton G., Augusta, 286, 375 Burroughs, Richard P., Atlanta, 464 Burroughs, Wm. Haywood, Princess Anne, Va., 428 Burrow, Linda Kay, Lumber City, 434, 146, 147 Burson, James Paul, Bridgeton, Mo., 464 Burson, Joseph S., Newnan, 315 Burt, Theo Laud, Dawsonville, 142, 446 Burton, Emiry Allen, Washington, 434 Burton, James Seaborn, Rome, 144, 385 Burton, Sarah Angela, Athens, 139, 138, 226 Burton, Thomas J., Tifton, 132 Busbee, Charles Allen, Atlanta, 461 Busby, Bette Carole, Hephzibah, 256, 385 Bush, Corley Sue, Columbus, 385 Bush, James E., Jr., Colquitt, 434, 123 Bush, Jennie Carraway, Decatur, 165, 375 Bush, Leron Arthur, Leary, 156, 424, 286 Bush, Rebecca Rae, Athens, 146, 446, 176 Bush, Thomas G., Jr., Macon, 434 Bush, William Joseph, Lumpkin, 129, 370 Busha, Mary Lee, Toccoa, 168, 375 Busick, Brona Lee, Reidsville, N. C, 182, 446 Butler, George M., Alma, 246, 434 Butler, Jesse James, WatkinsviUe, 446 Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, Butler, 446 Butler, Byars, 338 Byers, Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, 434. , Joseph Gray, Westleld, N. J., 136 , Linda, Odum, 135, 72, 446 , Mack O., Jr., Camilla, 152 , Mary Jane, Dallas, 461, 165 , Patricia Ann, Columbus, 226, 139, , Roswell Craig, Atlanta, 402, 328 Billy Baldwin, Monroe, 402, 355, Anderson S., Gainesville, 461 Benny, Jr., Atlanta, 385 Carol Ann, Rossville, 446, 91 Tommye Sue, Oak Ridge, Tenn., 191 Cabaniss, Daniel C, Maxeys, 159, 428 Cadenhead, Thos. R., Ill, Ft. Pierce, Fla., 448 Cadwell, Bert P., Jr., Bainbridge, 448 Cagle, Harry Odell, Florence, S. C, 448 Cahoon, George M., Rome, 315 Cain, Bonnie Pamela, Rossville, 72, 448, HI, 191 Cain, Julia Devereux, Athens, 194, 133, 461 Caldwell, Joyce V. A., Silver Creek, 461 Caldwell, Leslie Earl, Jackson, 424, 156, 158 Cale, Bennett Ferrell, Atlanta, 264, 461 Calhoun, Inez Morgan, Tifton, 146, 72, 146, 91, 296 Calhoun, James N., Jr., N. Augusta, S. C, 434, 242 Calhoun, John W., Jr., Tifton, 152 Calhoun. Kenneth H., Lyons, 455 Calhoun. Murray A., Ill, Columbus, 268, 331 Calhoun. Patrick P., Mt. Vernon, 420, 152. 346 Calhoun, Paul W., Jr., Mt. Vernon, 420, 152. 223 Calhoun, William Ford, Vienna, 461 Califf, Cheryl D., Atlanta, 448 Callahan, Marilyn Ann, Atlanta, 88, 89, 86, 91 Callaway, Constance L., Atlanta. 448, 296 Callaway, Dorothy A., Madison, 375 Callaway, James C. Jr., Chattanooga, Tenn., 424, 156, 175 Callaway, Leah C„ Smyrna, 375, 182 Callicott, Caltie Ann, N. Augusta, S. C, 434 Camden, Harry C, Toccoa, 434 Camp, Charies E., Jr., Rome, 99, 420, 151, 286 Camp, John Thomas, Jr., Jonesboro, 461 Camp, Sandra Adelle, Villa Rica, 138. 448. 168, 360 Campbell, Barbara J., Atlanta. 250 Campbell, Brenda C. Columbus. 206 Campbell, Chas. Edward, Jackson, 137, 121 Campbell, Clay Joel, Rossville, 375 Campbell, Deryl £., Madisonville, Tenn., 434 Campbell. Elizabctli A., WatkinsviUe, 226, 461 Campbell, George E., Chapel Hill, N. C, 375 Campbell, Glenn M., Rossville, 434, 242 Campbell, Joe Bill, Meansville, 129 Campbell, Kenneth A., Atlanta, 268, 461 Campbell, Patricia D., Marietta, 67, 362, 165 Campbell, Thomas R., Jr., Atlanta, 152, 420, 206 Candler, Asa W., Ill, Atlanta, 2, 328 Candler, John Pierce, Villa Rica, 156 Canfield, Merilyn, College Park, 434 Cannon, Eliz. Frost, Lavonia, 168, 360 Cannon, Jeflfie R., Jr., Warner Robins, 461 Cannon, Nancy Lucile, Cordele, 168 Cantrell, Charles T., Acworth, 123, 461 Cantrell, Dottie Ann, Pitts, 434 Cantwell, Betty Ann, Decatur, 434, 147 Capel, Larry Hamilton, Griffin, 246, 385 Caplan, Brenda Lynn, Atlanta, 461, 129 Caplan, Ira, Little Silver, N. J., 135, 137 Caplan, Isaac L., Jr., Athens, 156 Caples, Lola Arlevia, Gainesville, 461 Garden. Janice Faye, Marietta, 461, 230, 448 Carlisle, Cornelia O., Athens, 448 Carlisle, James Allen, Athens, 328 Cariisle, John Reid, Griffin, 246, 434 Cariisle, Wm. Ralph, Decatur, 448, 260 Cariton, Silas T., Jr., Norman Park, 434 Carmichael, Charles, Augusta, 407, 268 Carnes, Jas. Ronald, Clayton, 434 Carpenter, Benny W.. Lafayette, 448 Carr, James C, Jr., Atlanta, 246, 448 Carr, Mark Simpson, Calvary, 327 Carreker, Ronald B., McDonough, 142, 448 Carrington, Norma Ann, Tifton, 434 Carroll, Georgia B., Augusta, 434 Carroll, Jeannine Ann, Augusta, 152 Carson, Carol Lucille, Savannah, 256 Carson, Earl Webb, Jr., Monroe, 152 Carson, Homer 5., Ill, Augusta, 448 Carson, Richard Dykes, Albany, 137 Carstarphen, Linda A., Macon, 75, 100, 171, 375, 103, 78 Carstarphen, Robt., Jr., Macon, 448 Carswell, Shedrick J., Thomaston, 90 Cartee, Harold Lee, Atlanta, 124 Carter, Barbara Wier, Athens, 77 Carter, Doris Annette, Savannah, 434 Carter, George Brent, Martinez, 434 Carter, George M., Augusta, 424, 158, 363 Carter, Hubert Kennon, Athens, 375 Carter, Huey Eugene, Augusta, 448 Carter, Jacob L., Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 434 Carter, Janice Rhetta, Newington, 461, 191 Carter, June Cheryl, Atlanta, 461 Carter, Marian Starr, Lumpkin, 375, 250 Carter, Myrna Ellen, Columbus, 434 Carter, Nancy Harriet, Augusta, 375, 191 Carter, Nancy Leigh, Jacksonville, Fla., 434 Carter, Sandra Louise, Fairmount, 461 Carter, Sarah C, Columbus, 434, 296 Carter, Thomas L., Alma, 434, 180 Carter, Thomas Wm., Loganville, 434 Carter, Wm. Causey, Jesup, 375, 202 Carter, William Jerry, Alma, 375, 202 Cartledge, Carol A., Columbus, 111 Carvounis, Christos C, Thessale, Greece, 434 Casale, Jorge Oscar, Buenos Aires, Rep. Argentina, 407 Casey, Wm. Eugene, Jonesboro, 385 Cash, Patricia Ann, Bogart, 434 Cash, Toby Mack, Wrightsville, 448 Cashen, Richard J., CarroUton, 385, 123, 461 Cashwell, Dawn Lauree, Brunswick, 130, 448 Cason, Bobby Joe, Statesboro, 180, 448 Cason, Carole Jean, Atlanta, 461 Cason, Robert Michael, LaGrange, 448 Caston. Donnie Tyrone, Jackson, 434 Caswell, Fred Richard, Cartersville, 455, 319 Cater, Eugene F., Jr., West Point, Miss., 434 Gates, Arthur K., Henderson, N. C, 385 Cathey, Charles Wm., Mountain City, 385, 238 Cathey, James Frank, Mountain City, 448 Cato, Anthony Wallace, Bainbridge, 152 Catone, Richard A., Atlanta, 448 Causey, James Y., Jr., Davidson, N. C, 461, 333 Cavalli, Fred Louis, East Point, 461, 260 Cavender, Judy Ann, Claxton. 434, 250 Cavender, Ralph H., WatkinsviUe, 370 Cawthon, Thomas H., Forsyth, 448 Celecia, Juan Felix, Athens, 132, 135, 92 Chambers, Franklin B., Milledgeville, 385, 186 Chambers, Jimmy W., Blakely, 159 Chambers, Wm. Edward, Athens, 142 Chambers, Wm. H., Jr., Macon, 180, 434. 130 Cbambless, James L., Columbus, 385, 268. 345 Chambless, Rubyen, Jr., New York, N. Y., 294, 461 Chambless, Warren Wm., Fitzgerald, 314 Chambliss, Edwin H., Jacksonville, Fla., 434 Chance, Billie R., Macon. 139, 165 Chance, Fred Linton, Perkins, 180, 370, 131 Chance, James Lewis, Conley, 461 Chance, Jane Ann. Alexander, 139, 434 Chance, Sara Lee, Hapeville, 165 Chandler, Charles M., Pitts, 132, 246 Chandler, Francis, Jr., Milledgeville, 448 Chandler, James H., Milledgeville, 385, 186, 349 Chandler, Jerry M., Good Hope, 132 Chandler, Wm. Brannon, Gainesville, 448 Chandler, Wm. M., Jr., Albany, 434 Chandler, Wm. R., Jr., Manchester, 435 Channell, Robert M., Jr., Greensboro, 435 Chapin. Keith Wm., Chapel Hill, N. C, 461 Chapman, Betty Ann, Savannah, 375 Chapman, Cecilia, Athens, 72, 226, 448 Chapman, Harry Edwin, Hart well, 461 Chapman, James H., Newnan, 77 Chapman, Roy E., Jr., Decatur, 461 Chapman, Stephen A., Macon, 435 Chapman, Teddie Louis, Sandersville, 435 Chappell, Emily Bates, Waynesboro, 424 Chappell, Robert L., Atlanta. 407 Charlton, Kenneth S., Columbus, 153 Chase, Martha, Shelbyville, Tenn., 375, 182 Chassevent, George L., Port Orange, Fla., 375 Chastain, Edwina Mac, Athens, 435, 362, 230 Chastain, Jack Terry, Thomasville, 448 Chastain, Thomas Earl, Danielsville, 464 Chasteen, Nancy Irene, Forest Park, 146, 461 Chatfield, Mary Vann, Atlanta, 250 Chatfield, Myrta Vann, Marietta, 191 Chatham, Raymond, Jr., Atlanta, 461 Cheatham, James Robt., Clarkston, 119, 385 Cheatham, Robert W., Jr., Griffin, 223, 461 Cheek, Ben J., Jr., Augusta, 334, 335, 319 Cheek, Shirley Jean, Eastanollee, 139, 435 Chellis, Paul Harold, Easley, S. C, 133, 461 Cheney, Cliflord P., Jacksonville, Fla., 435, 109, 87, 186, 95 Cheney, Marion Pope, Washington, 123 Cheshire, Carole Lee, Colquitt, 448, 177 Cheshire, Carolyn T., Elberton, 464 Cheshire, Dorothy S., Colquitt, 435, 177 Cheshire, Douglas, Jr., Moultrie, 375 Chesser, Aaron Huey, Folkston, 135, 407 Chester, Wm. Randall, Nicholson, 186 Chew, Walter S., Jr., Macon, 420 Chhim, Him Sun, Phnom Penh, Cam- bodia, 461 Childers, Dan Jerry, Covington, 407, 294 Childers, Perry Robt., Athens, 145 121, Chinn, Robert Carson, Atlanta, 461 Chipley, John Raymond, Bogart, 461 Chisamore, Patricia B., Onondaga, N. Y., 146 Chitwood, Martin, D., Dalton, 448 Chovinard, Marie B., Independence, Kan., 435 Chow, Jane, Augusta, 375 Christian, James D., Athens, 123 Christie, Wesley R., Athens, 407 Ciordia, Richard H., Griffin, 461 Cipolla, Bruno, Milano, Italy, 385 Clackura, Ernest Derik, Marietta, 122, 123, 448 Clamon, John Richard, Marietta, 461 Clancy, Helen L, Macon, 235, 448 Clark, Andrew B., Ill, Thomasville, 385, 264 Clark, David Kent, Avondale Estates, 416 Clark, Dorothy Dianne, Jacksonville, Fla., 401 Clark, Grace Eugenia, Augusta, 448 Clark, Helen Drew, Waynesboro, 488, 250 Clark, James Kermit, East Point, 461, 97 Clark, Judith Irma, Jonesboro, 435 Clark, Nancy Bess, Toccoa, 448 Clark, Raymond David, Miami, Fla., 315 Clark, Richard Wilson, Park Forest, 111., 461 Clark, Sharon Gene, Savannah, 375, 250 Clark, Virginia Gayle, Macon, 435, 64, 362, 250 Clarke, Burwell B., Waycross, 246, 385 Clarke. George C, Marshallville, 385, 268 Clarke, Sylvester P.. Atlanta, 461 Clarke, Wm. Lewis, Waycross, 246, 448 Clarke, Wm. Walton, Atlanta, 268, 448 Clary, Edgar Daniel, Harlem, 202 Clary, Frances Cora, Harlem, 448, 435, 250 Clary, Nora Ann, Warrenton, 435, 136, 230 Clary. Thomas L, III, Augusta, 228. 448 Clary, Wm. Claiborne, Toccoa, 352, 363 Clay, Charles Lloyd, Macon, 420, 152 Clayton, Carolyn, Thomasville, 111, 435. 448 Clayton, Marvin R., Savannah, 428, 159 Cleghorn, James H., Jr., Rocky Face, 448 Clein, Robert David, Miami, Fla., 290, 448, 328 Cleland, Lorene W., Atlanta, 461 Clements, Anna Gwyn, Moultrie, 448, 250 Clements, Charles, III, Athens, 448 Clements, Chas. M., Ill, Buena Vista, 448, 260 Clements, David Ellis, Woodbury, 435, 156, 158 Clements, Joseph E., St. Simons Isl., 223, 448 Clements, Linda Jo, Waycross, 435. 235 Clements, Randall, Jr., Valdosta, 435, 186 Clements. Reuben, III, Athens, 186 Cleveland, Jere Lynn, Columbus, 435 Cliett, Otis J., Ill, Metter, 461 Clifford, Hatton B., Jr., Augusta, 435 Clifford, Walter A., Augusta. 375 Clifton, Donna Kay, Decatur, 461, 296 Clifton, Patricia Ann, Atlanta, 448 Clifton, Richard E.. Greensboro. 435, 461 Clifton, William P., Jr., Statesboro, 130 Climer, Neva Margaret, Atlanta, 100, 103, 230, 435 Cline, Joan Carolyn, Dalton, 435 Cloer, William James, Washington, 461, 314, 260 Cloninger, Eugene F., Atlanta, 385 Clonts, Theresa Jan, Powder Springs, 461, 230 Clonts, Thomas M., Jonesboro, 435 Cloud, Ralph Martin, Athens, 407 Coakley, Terrance M., Utica, N. Y., 435, 215 Cobb, Kenneth Howard, Greene, N. Y., 370 Cobb, Martha Vera, Lafayette, 435. 177 Cochran, Betty Jill, Sylvester, 435, 149, 147, 230 Cochran, Betty Jo, Griffin, 375 Cochran, Beverly Faye, Atlanta, 385 Cochran, Cynthia L., Dalton, 416, 149, 177 Cochran, Florence G., Columbus, 296 Cochran, John T., II, Butler, 435, 281 - Cochran, Mary Penny, Gainesville, 146 Cochran, Nancy Dean, Tampa, Fla., 435, 168 Cochran, Price, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 242, 461 Cocroft, Catherine C, Thomasville, 375, 194 Cofer, Tom W., Jr., Thomson, 448 Coffey, Robert Dixon, Salisbury. 435, 242 Coffsky, Barry P., Augusta, 375, 290 Cohen, Barbara Jean, Atlanta, 276, 448 Cohen, Darryl Brandt, Atlanta, 290, 461, 102 Cohen, Donald Warren, Baltimore, Md., 428 Cohen, Harriet Jaye, Atlanta, 276, 448 Cohen, Larry Michael , Atlanta, 172, 461 Cohen, Lawrence J., Savannah, 420, 290 Cohen, Marlene J., Dot ban, Ala., 448, 211 Cohen, Ronald Allen, Brunswick, 290 Cohen, Solomon, Atlanta, 464 Cohn, Judith Ann, Harrison, N. Y., 276, 362 Coile, Linda Kay, Athens, 230 Coker, Carolyn, Atlanta, 360 Coker, Daniel Woodson, McDonough, 461 Coker, Willis Cordon, Macon, 455 Colburn, Lesley W., Lookout Mt., Tenn., 375 Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, 420 Cole, Coleman Coleman. 448 Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Coleman. Coleman Coleman Curtis Orell, Lindale, 448 E. Dargan, III, Cartersville, 385 Elaine Mattie, Hazlehurst, 296 John Rufus, Baconton, 407, 223 Joseph F., Decatur, 464 Nanci Jean, Atlanta, 464 Robert George, Athens. 153, 118, Wm. Clyde, Jr., Atlanta, 448, 215 Donald Edwin, Atlanta, 461 Linda Ann, St. Simons Is!.. Louise O., Atlanta, 223 Mihon E., Jr., Valdosta. 435 Robert Dean, Roswell, 315 Ronald, Augusta, 142 Virginia P., Macon, 362, 461 Wade H., Valdosta, 152 Coley, Stanley Lamar, Hartsfield, 130 Collier, Elaine, Athens, 461 Collier, Jerry Hilton, Griffin, 461 Collier, John Thomas, Dawson, 420-347 Collier, Martha C, Macon, 375, 182 Collier, Paul Thomas, East Point, 153 Collier, Suzanne, Cartersville, 146, 177 Collins, Brenda A., Coco Solo. Canal Zone, 256, 448 Collins, Catherine D., Atlanta, 194, 461 Collins, David Bruce, Myrtle Beach, 385 Collins, Gloria Diane, Austell, 230, 435 Collins, James T. Jr., Savannah. 152. 151, 119 Collins, Josephine M., Atlanta, 435, 194 Collins, Mary C, Savannah, 435 Collins, Sherod, Jr., Waycross, 385, 142 Collins, William R., Toccoa, 124, 123, 461 Colmer, Margaret Anne, Decatur, 375, 165 Colquitt, Alfred, III, Marietta, 238, 448 Colquitt, John F., Macon, 407 Colson, Charles F., Moultrie, 175, 424 Colston, Margaret Ann, Plains, 435 Coltman, Janet Joyce, Park Ridge, 111.. 461 Colvard, Daphne, Statham, 91 Colvin, Ashby F., Jr., Atlanta, 120 Comer, Frank W., Ill, Macon, 1202 Comer, Reggie Lynwood, Jackson. 448, 461 Comolli, Martha Maria, Elberton, 448, 230 Compton, Patricia, Atlanta, 448 Conley, James Claude, East Point, 397, 145 Conlon, Hugh F., Ill Connally, Florence M 461 Connally, Harper G., 385 Conner, Katherine C, Dalton, 436, 250 Conner, Larry Dennis, Decatur, 140, 435 Conner, Martha Louise, Cartersville, 375, 168 Conner, Robert Daniel, Decatur, 461 Conniff, Carole Flynn, Tenafly, N. J., 226, 448 Conniff, John C, Jr., TenaBy, N. J. 435, 286 Connor, Jerome A., Jr., Atlanta, 242, 435 Conoly, Agnes Anne, Valdosta, 235, 461 Cook, Charles Lenwood, Columbus, 407 Cook, Charles Wayne, Macon, 156, 435, 158 Glover H.. Jr.. Elberton, 215, 435 James Julian. Albany, 223, 375 Jas, Thomas, Albany, 435 James Vincent, Augusta, 314, 435, , Augusta, 123, 375 „ Miami, Fla., 226, Jr., Newnan, 268, John Randolph, Frederick, Md., Judith Lynn, Annandale, 370 Julian Harris, Albany, 186, 435 Julius v., Jr., Savannah, 420, 260 Kenneth Wayne, Fitzgerald, 435, Linda Jolene, Sandersville, 435 Robert Ripley, Alfred, N. Y., 118, III, Rapid City, N. Cook, Cook, Cook, Co ok, 142 Cook, 428 Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, 238 Cook, Cook. 152 Cook, Thomas R., D., 264. 448 Cook, Wyndell Lee, Guyton, 156, 424 Cook, Wyndell Wilson, Athens, 140, 95, 435 Cooksey, Gordon Lee, Opelika, Ala.. 416 Coolik, Mike Arthur, Columbus, 435, 254 Cooper, Charles Wayne, Athens, 140, 435 Cooper, Dennis Reeves, Athens, 416 Cooper, Donald B., Haddock, 461 Cooper, Donna Seymour, Atlanta, 235, 448 Cooper, Janice Ann, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 435. 235 Cooper, Raymond B., Meigs, 407, 127 Copelan, Jesse T., Jr., Greensboro, 402, 135. 223 Copeland, Evelyn C, Atlanta, 435, 250 Coppage, John Robert, Athens, 262, 385, 435, 242 Coppage, Richard Lee. Valdosta. 435 Coppage, Wm. Mark, Jr., Macon, 448 Copus, Earl. Jr., Savannah, 135 Cordell, Barry Thomas. Hartwell, 187, 435. 142 Corish, Thomas Knox, Savannah, 448 Corish Waller C, Jr., Savannah, 448 Corley. John Allen, Woodbury, 448 Correll, Alston D., Jr., Brunswick, 386 Corrington, John W., Groton, N.Y., 370 Corry. John, Tiflon, 153, 420 Corry, Larry Randall. Union Point, 428, 159 Corso, Anthony P., Jr., Augusta, 153. 420 Corwin, Francine L. K., Athens, 455 Coryell. Gayle Ann. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 397, 182 Costley, Bobby M., Covington, 461 Cota, John Joseph, Jr.. Atlanta, 262, 435 Gotten, Wallace A., Jr., Perry, 435 Cottingham, John D. Jr., Lynchburg, S.C., 428 Coulter. Sheila Grace, Decatur, 169, 448 Council, Manila Gay, Albany, 139 Coursey, Bert Marcel, Atlanta, 327, 326 Coursey, John L., Ill, Atlanta, 223, 461 Coursey, John Paul. Jr., Vidalia, 386, 223 Courson, John Hinson, Hazlehurst, 416 Courson, Maxwell, T., Jr., Hazelhurst, 407, 242 Cousins, Wm. Lamar, Greenville, 435 Covington, Dean. Jr., Rome, 152 Covington, Jane E., Lindale, 146 Cowan, Donald Edward, Bartow, 129, 435 Cowart, Chas. Elwood, Arlington. 397. 145, 262 Cowart, Joe D., Jr.. Atlanta, 435, 140 Cowart, Mary Kay Duke, Buena Vista, 397 Cowl, Donna Lee, Toms River. N.J., 165, 448 Cowl, Judith Ann, Toms River, N.J., 165, 448 Cox, Benjamin Norman, CarroUton, 128, 242. 448 Cox. Jack Elliott, Waynesboro, 435, 269, 268 Cox, James Jerry, College Park, 435, 123 Cox, James Monroe, III, Waycross, 121 Cox, John Albert, Newnan, 448 Cox, Loyd Croley Cox, Nancy Anne, Ft. Meyers, Fla., 235, 386, 142 Cox, Ronald Glenn. Griffin, 386 Cox. Sharon Rey, Decatur, 461 Craddock. Ben David, Huntsville, Ala., 461. 314 Craft. Nancy Patricia, Lawrenceville, 135, 435 Craig, Penelope Ruth, Harlem, 461 Craig, Wm. Edgar, Farmington, 448 Grain, George H., Athens, 84, 416, 99, 83, 242 Grain, Linda Carol, Atlanta, 461 Crandall, Cathy Reed, Clarkesville, 448 Crane, Jerrold Neal, Cleveland, 156, 424 Cranford, Sherry Lee, Macon, 461 Cranman, Marvin, Savannah, 386, 290 Crapps, Cheryl Anne, Sanford, Fla., 461 Cravens, Douglas C, Jr., Atlanta, 386 Crawford, Benjamin L., Atlanta, 187, 461 Crawford, Bonne Lee, Cairo, 106, 461 Crawford, Carol B.. Cleveland, 300 Crawford. Charles, Augusta, 435 Crawford. Charles R., Tucker, 269 Crawford, David Earl. Birmingham, 300 Crawfo rd, David H., Pooler, 435 Crawford, Edward Eve, Hartsville, 223, 435 Crawford, James R., Jr., Columbus, 461, 315 Crawford, Johnny Lee, Cairo, 106, 132, 127 Crawford, Marjorie L., Decatur, 206. 448 Crawford, Patricia A., Commerce, 461 Crawford, Ronald C, Macon, 455 Crawford, S. Yvonne H., Whigham, 424 Creasman. Dewey L., Rossville, 424 Creech, Glenn Eldon, Claxton, 461, 314 Creel, Gary Maurice, College Park. 294, 462 Creel, Stewart M., Jr., Doraville, 462 Crenshaw, Alexander M.. Jacksonville. Fla.. 269, 462 Crenshaw, Joseph T., Jr., Augusta, 128 Crenshaw, McCarthy, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 35, 332, 77. 269. 319 Crenshaw, Pamela Gail, Decatur, 362, 462, 230 Crespo, Sandra Jo, Atlanta, 124, 462 Crews, Millicent Anne. Brunswick, 88. 189, 448, 360 Cribbs, Billy Eugene. Claxton, 154 Crisp, Henry Lumpkin, Americus, 152 Critchett, Donald J., Decatur, 386 Crittenden, Eliz. W., Albany, 194. 448 Crocker, Claude E., Thomasville, 435, 180 Crockett, Linda. Tampa, Fla., 375, 169 Crockett, Robert Penn, Atlanta. 246, 448 Croft, Lowell Thomas. Acworth, 428, 159 Croker, Richard Jos., Albany, 448 Cromarlie, Sarah H., Gainesville, 462 Crook, Thomas Melvin, Horse Shoe, N.C., 315 Crosby, Barbara Jean, Douglas, 397 Crosby, Joan Larue. Moultrie, 146 Crosby. John Dickey, Adel, 152 Cross, Floyd Ellis, Midville, 435 Cross, Patricia A., Decalur, 462 Crouch, Janet A., Fort Belvoir, Va.. 397, 256 Crowe, Carol Elaine, Bogart, 72, 448 Crowe, Gloria Inez, Rome, 281. 448, 375 Crowe, Wanda Lee. Rome, 448, 230 Crowley, Tommy Joseph, Athens, 336. 361 Croxton, Jerry Huff, Richland, 435 Crozer, Clark Gay, Palm Beach, Fla., 462 Crum, Flora Ann, Tifton. 250, 448 Crumbley, Reuben A.. Jr., McDonough, 269, 435. 268 Crump, Ronald Steve, Dalton, 448 Cseko, Paul Charles, Isabella, Pa., 314 Cubbedge, Edwin W., Ill, Savannah. 386, 87 Cuibreth, Wm. Paulk, Bainbridge, 435 Cullen, Mary Eliz., Macon, 375 Culpepper, Charles R., Cordele, 156, 424, 158 Culpepper, Elijah H., Cordele, 281, 420 Culpepper, Wm. Robert, Beuna Vista, 435 Culvern, Robert Samuel, Louisville, 243, 462 Cummins, Jack Edward, Atlanta, 462 Cunningham, David C. Statesboro, 462 Cunningham, Edwin, Jr., Athens, 462 Cunningham, John R., Richmond, Va., 448 Cunningham. Robert C. Maplewood. N.J., 131 Curran, Dorothy L., Macon, 206. 375 Curry, Andrew J,, Jr., Columbus, 202, 462 Curry, Jack Bimey, Jr., Atlanta, 269, 435 Curry. Mary Stewart, Atlanta, 226, 462 Curtis, Genia Sue, Columbia, S. C, 462 Curtis, James Wm., II, Atlanta, 448, 294, 361 Cutchin, Johnson H., Ensley, S. C, 462 Cuthbert, Grange, III, Summerville, S. C, 435 Cymore, John Perry, Nanuet, N. Y., 435 Czuchta, Stephen, Linden, N. J., 140 D Dabbs, Patricia, Emerson, 146 Dahl, Barbara Ann, Moultrie, 435, 191 Daigh, George Michael, Atlanta, 448 Dailey, Beverly Jane, Commerce, 72, 448 Daitch. Ronald, Augusta, 290, 375 Dallas. Albert Hawes, Lincolnton, 78, 187, 118, 435, 84, 142. 98, 95, 94, 77, Dairy mple, Thomas Ray, Tuscumbia, Ala., 424, 156, 158 Dalton, Thomas W.. Jr., Athens, 416, 264 Daniel, Donald J., Swainsboro, 243 Daniel, Helaine Susan, Columbia, 211, 462 Daniel, Janice Loree, LaGrange, 462 Daniel, Linda Marlece, Atlanta, 23 Daniel, Melissa Anne. Athens, 169, 435 Daniel, Robert C. Jr., Augusta, 448 Daniel, Tommy Wm., Athens, 152 Daniell, Olivia Beth, Waco. Texas. 416, 230 Daniels, Donald F., Chattanooga, Tenn.. 416, 448 Danish, Michael Barry, Augusta, 375, 290 Danner, Ray Newman, Athens, 375, 269, 319 Dantignac. Julia B., Augusta, 448 Danlzler, Thomas M.. Holly Hill, S. C, 428 Dapice, Robt. Walter, White Plains. N. Y., 132 Darden, Jane M.. Waycross. 375, 235, 234 Darden, Joel Melton. LaGrange, 315 Darrough, Evelyn R., Hartwell, 146, 230 Darwin, Patsy Evans, Atlanta, 146 Dattel, Janice Rae, Grenada, Miss., 435. 276 Daughtry, Edna Lee, Louisville, 435, 146 Daves, Joan Frances, Calhoun. 397, 165, 123, 122 Davidson, Charles W., Atlanta, 281 Davidson, Edwin D., Statesboro, 376 Davidson, Gerald T.. Gainesville. 397 Davidson, Jacqueline, Gainesville. 177, 376 Davidson. Sara EHz., Clover, S. C, 407 Davidson, Wm. E., Jr., Gainesville, 151, 420. 152, 269 Davis, Albert H., Montezuma, 462 Davis. Arthur Earl, Albany, 462, 370 Davis, Arthur Lee, Nashville, 133 Davis, Betty K.. Athens, 230, 435 Davis, Charles F., Jr., Stockbridge, 462 Davis, Charles M., Jr., Jefferson, 156, 424 Davis. Chris Blake, Atlanta, 448. 215 Davis, Darrell L., Macon, 448, 139, 206 Davis, Dorian Eliz.. Homestead, 397, 146 Davis, Earnest F., Columbus, 156, 424 Davis, Helen Anne, Augusta, 435 Davis, Hilda Dana, Atlanta, 235, 376 Davis, Horace L., Columbus, 386 Davis, Jacqueline, Marietta, 397, 123. 122, 177 Davis, James Blanton. Doerun, 435 Davis, Janis Gail, Chamblee, 191, 206, 296, 462 Davis, Jean Katherine, Gainesville, Davis. John Gross, Jr., Hazlehurst, 449 Davis, John Wright. Cornelia, 348 Davis, Kenneth Dewitt, Commerce, Davis, Louis Elmer, Cairo, 327. 326 Davis, Margaret B., Macon, 407 Davis, Mary Elizabeth, Jacksonville, Fla., 123, 462 Davis, Mary Ellen, Atlanta, 296, 448 Davis, Mary Florence. Augusta, 448 Davis, Mary Janet, Newnan, 448 Davis, Patricia Ann, Miami, Fla., 226, 449, 230, 177 Davis, Patricia E., Butler. 435 Davis, Paul J., Jr., Atlanta, 314 Davis, Raymond P.. Jr., Canfield, Ohio. 134, 462 Davis, Rebecca Jane. Atlanta, 111, 91. 449 Davis, Robert, Athens, 407, 135 Davis, Robert Halton, Jefferson, 386 Davis. Ronald Lee, Cartersville, 153, 420 Davis, Sally Kay, 449, 165 Davis, Sandra K., Atlanta, 435. 165 Davis. Stephan Alan, Briarcliff Manor. N. Y., 462 Davis, Steven Vernon, Avondale Estates. 286, 123, 462 Davidson, Barbara Lee, Marietta, 250, 449 Davidson, Davenport, Jr., Augusta, 462 449 223, 314 Dawes, John Cail, Franklin Springs, N. Y., 133 Dawson, Jack E., Jr., Brunswick, 376, 246 Dawson, Jerry L., Newport News, Va., 428, 159, 127 Day, Donald Preston. Martinez, 370, 132 Day, Karen Elizabeth, Atlanta, 138 Day, Louis Alvin, Columbus, 462 Deal, Clifford L., Jr., Atlanta, 187, 43S Deal, Emit Bernard, Stateshoro, 370, 130, 100, 78 Deal, Wm. Edgar, Athens, 370 Dean, Carolyn Sue, Athens, 435, 250 Dean, Melinda Ann, Martin, 146 Dean, Sandra Kay, Blackshear, 462, 177 Dean, Sharon Lealane, Athens, 362, 250, 462 Dean, Troy Allen, Fairmount, 435 Dearmas Gilbert A., Jr., Dalton, 118, 386 Deas, Diana Kathryn, Atlanta, 362, 449, 235 Debele, Julia, Savannah, 435, 250 Deen, George E., Jr., Athens, 363, 386, 345 Deer, Sue Ann, Decatur, 449 Deering, Doris A., Atlanta, 462, 191 Defeo, Joseph Thomas, Floral Park, N. Y., 435 Degenhardt, Walter P., Savannah, 449, 215 Degolian, Richard, Jr., Atlanta, 435 Dejong, Donald Warren, Manhattan, Mont., 407 Dekoning, Eleanor F., Atlanta, 462, 138 Delay, Chas. Anthony, Marietta, 294, 462 Dell, Arlene Phyllis, Savannah, 211, 376 Dellinger, Wilbur A., Newland, N. C, 428, 159 Deloach, Clinton J., Jr., Walterboro, S. C, 428 Deloach, George L., Waynesboro. 386, 238 Delong, John Michael, Gainesville, 269, 462, 314 Demarest, Richard J., Morrisville, N. Y., 370, 133 Dement, Wayne Morris, Takoma Park, Md.. 428 Demore, Howard Larry, Clarkesville, 132 Dempsey, James F., Dalton, 435 Denard, Albert L., Jr., Washington, 118, 386, 142 Dendy, Larry Baldwin, Columbus, 90, 449 Denham, Algernon A., Jr., Eatonton, 131 Denham, Edward T., Warner Robins, 462 Denman, Douglas C, Athens, 132 Denman, James C, Jr., Ringgold, 449 Denmark, Anne Eiiz., Savannah, 435 Denmark, Carroll Ray. Brooklet, 294 Denmark. Linda, Glennville, 219 Dennard, Ivey C, Gordon, 428, 159 Dennard, Mary Mann, Pineview. 169 Denney, Jimmy Ray, Newnan, 223, 449 Dennis, Frederick, Jr., Lyons, 128, 449 Dennis, Wilton F., Columbia, S. C, 435 Dent, Oiha Cleveland. Roberta, 449 Denton, Bonnie Dare, Macon, 435 Denton, James F., Ill, Augusta, 202 Depourco, Elsie H., Hogansville, 462, 230 Der, Robert Adam, Jr., Lithonia, 402 Deriso, George T.. Leslie, 428, 238 Deriso, Henry Clark, Leslie, 99, 238, 449 Deriso, Mary Patricia, Americus, 194, 435 Derrick, Butler C, Jr., Johnston, S. C, 152, 420 Devane, Carolyn, Adel, 397 Devine, Guy Alfred, Augusta, 2 69, 462 Devoll, David Allyn, Shortsville, N. Y., 132 Dew, Linda Lee, Columbus, 226, 435 Dewaa, James L.. Jr., Valdosta, 223, 435 Dewel, Gary Edward, Fort McPherson. 243. 449 Dewitt, Kathleen M., Cornelia, 362, 296, 449 Dewitt, Ralph Wayne. Jesup, 449, 361 Diack, Suzanne, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 139, 226, 449 Dial, Patricia, Orlando, Fla., 100, 435, 94, 194, 103. 362 Dickens, Kenneth B., Atlanta, 449, 239, 435, 128 Dickens, Lewis Luck, Bogart, 449, 315 Dickerson, John Thos., Athens, 462 Dickerson. L. W.. Jr.. Athens, 187, 462 Dickson, Thomas Grey, York, S. C, 429 Dickson, Thos. Paul, Shelter Isl. Hgts, N. Y. 435 Diden. Mary Louise, Rome, 449, 250 Diemar, Roberta Janet, SavannaJi, 435 Dillard, Eliz. Jane, Amoldsville, 111 Dillard, Terry Arthur, Waycross, 462, 435 Dixon. Connie Brenda, Elberton, 146 Dixon, Donald C, Bailey, 119. 474, 436 Dixon, Faye, Bristol, 449 Dixon, Jerry Wayne, Fitzgerald, 239, 436 Dixon, Lynda Edith, Macon, 462 Dixon, Neva McCann, Atlanta, 149, 147, 206 Dixon, Robert B., Jr., Atlanta, 449, 436 Dixon. Stephen J., Atlanta, 436, 206, 286 Dixon, Susan King, Savannah. 449 Dixon. William 1., Gordon. 407 Dobbs. Dorothy Anne. Atlanta. 297, 449 Dobbs, Harriett S., Atlanta, 462 Dobbs. Margaret P., Atlanta, 297, 462 Dobbs, Mildred Deanne, Roswell, 362 Dobbs, Nelson B., Jr., Carrollton, 281 Dobran, Linda Ann, Sardis, 397, 276 Dockray, Karen Eliz., Atlanta, 449 Dodd, Roger Herman. Toccoa, 124 Dodson, Hubert Wayne, Athens, 135 Donaldson, George Wm., Twin City, 215, 436 Donaldson, Johnny K., Savannah, 223, 386 Donaldson. Linda G.. Atlanta, 462 Donehoo. Beverly S., Roswell, 124, 462 Donelin, Daniel Wm., Yonkers, N. Y., 133, 284, 436 Dooley, James £., Jr., Gainesville, 376, 90 Dooley, Patricia J., Watkinsville, 449 Dorminy, Melinda Ruth, Atlanta. 219, 449 Dorsett, Michael J., Columbus, 449, 361 Dorsey, John T., II. Marietta, 462. 119. 361 Dorsey, Phillip Asa, Cleveland, 462 Dorsey, Sandra Lynn, Athens, 436, 362, 231 Dorsey, Wm. Rufus, Jr., Athens, 429, 159, 84 Doss. Marion Kenneth. Atlanta, 152 Doster, Gloria Eunice, Abbeville, 219, 146 Doster, Simuel F., Jr.. Winder, 462 Doubleday. Chas. W.. Ill, Wildwood, 286, 462 Dover. Fred Niles. Athens, 449 Dover, Higah Jackson, Ellijay. 462 Dover, Jerry Lee, Ringgold, 106, 370, 128, 127 Dover, John Michael. Leslie. 462 Dover, Lawrence E., Macon, 386 Dover, Tom A., Jr., Athens, 99, 113, 269, 449 Dowden, Thomas Clark, Nashville, Tenn., 136. 148 Dowdy, Larry Warn, McRae. 436 Downer, Richard Lee. Smyrna. 185. 462 Downs, George Glenn, Statham, 128 Downs, Jackie Wayne. Americus, 386, 142 Doyle, Susan Webster, Hanover, Conn., 139 Dozier, Lester Zack, Morgan, 118, 420, 84. 152. 87. 187 Dozier, Richard Lee, Thompson, 314 Dozier, Robert Fenton. Marietta, 462 Drake. Chesta L., Pearson. 376 Drake. Margaret L., Hendersonville, N. C, 88, 89. 146 Draper, Merle Ruth, Jacksonville, Fla., 169, 462 Drew, Wm. Palmer, Brunswick, 436, 281 Driskell, Margaret A., Bainbridge, 169, 449 Driver. Betty Jane, Athens, 235. 436 Driver. Guy F., Jr., Athens, 152, 151 Driver. Robert F., Jr.. Dublin, 281, 462 Drohomer, Patricia A., Daytona Beach, Fla., 449 Dryman, Emily. Savannah. 436. 256 Duhberly, Jimmy J.. Baxley, 370, 129 Dubose, Cecile Hardy, Dunwoody, 256. 449 Dubose, Priscilla G., New York, N. Y.. 416 Dudley, Charies J., Winterville, 376, 286 Dudley. Wm. Floyd. Atlanta. 264, 436 Duilie. Dorothy Leone, Martinez. 436 Dufour, Carol C. Savannah, 449 Duggan, Chas. Comer. Valdosta, 436, 132 Duggan, Henry C, III. Albany, 239 Duggan, Ralph W.. Jr., Athens, Tenn., 203. 462 Dukes, Harry Leroy, AfTerman, 315 Dunahoo. Horace Ray, Winder, 429 Dunbar. Jas. William, Bamesville, 436 Duncan, Dorothy Helen. Athens, 124 Duncan, Forest A., Jr., Waycross, 121. 123. 462 Duncan, Jeanne. Lawrenceville. 455 Duncan, Kenneth E.. Thomaston. 436 Duncan. Lane Mitchell. Atlanta, 472 Duncan, Linda Jane. Eatonton, 464 Duncan, Margaret L., Atlanta, 462 Duncan. Robert Terry. Comer, 449 Duncan, Shelbie Jean, Marion, N. C, 455 Dunham, Jane Daniel, Augusta, 364, 169. 462 Dunn. John Shepard. Fitzgerald, 462 Dunn. Larry Durwood, Bamesville, 397, 362. 105 Dunn. Reginald E.. Jr.. Gainesville, 420, 152 Dunson, Albert C.. Jr., Summerville, 187. 462 Duong, Sok San, Cambodia, 449 Dupree, Hylton B., Jr., Athens, 281, 436 Durand, Laura Ames, Lookout Mt., Tenn., 169, 462 Durden. Kenneth Randy. Statesboro, 156. 158. 424 Durham, Ann Tietjen, Brooklyn, 462, 177 Durham, Carol Ann. Atlanta, 462 Durham, Dennis A., Jr., Americus, 261 Durham, Mary D.. Thomaston, 462 Durham, Nancy K., Americus, 194 Durkee, Margaret Ann, Macon, 169, 462, 436 Durrence, Barney Joe. Daisy, 449. 294 Dutton. Martin Joseph, Tennille, 327. 436 Duvall, Wm. Downing. Athens. 159 Dwoskin. Myron Alan, Atlanta, 172, 462 Dyar. Clifford Henry. Atco, 436 Dye. E. Jayne, Blylhe, 376, 114 Dyer, Floyd Jackson. Decatur, 284, 436 Dyer, Harrold David, Macon. 134, 286 Dyer, Linda Kay, Cookeville. 449 Dyer, Marie. Athens. 88, 89, 120, 72 Dykes, Etta Williams, Columbus, 235. 436 Eagerton. Gwendolyn A., Brinson, 72 Eargle. Joe Palmer. C olumbia. S. C., 161 Earing, Michael E., Atlanta, 449, 261 Earles, Tommy Drew, Waycross, 77, 436, 98 Early, Sally Raynor, Jeffersonville, 177, 436 Easley, Sarah T., Murphy, N. C, 449, 91 Eason, Alice Juaoita, East Point, 462 Eason, Darvin Randle, Screven, 130. 370 Eason, James Hampton, Bowdon, 180 Eaton. Clyde Edward. Lenox, 462 Eaton, Milton Lloyd, Blue Ridge, 386, 243 Eberhardt, Guy Bailey, Athens, 84, 82, 153 Eberhardt. Linton. Ill, Athens, 386, 85 Eberhart, Susan Jane, Athens, 449. 297 Eddy. Barry Dennis, Portville, N. Y., 370, 131. 180 Edenfield. Patricia L., Swainsboro, 148, 436, 449, 250 Edwards. Charles R., Atlanta, 462 Edwards. Darwin G., Whigman. 397 Edwards, Edgar Joseph, Atlanta, 462, 246 Edwards, Harper S., Summerville, 436 Edwards, James F., Macon, 455 Edwards. Jan Beth. Cedartown, 397 Edwards, John Solomon, Macon, 124 Edwards. Mark W.. Jr., Columbus, 464 Edwards, Martha Janet. Cornelia, 464 Edwards, Norman W., Albany, 407, 140 Edwards. Ronald A.. Atlanta, 281, 215, 436 Egli, David Arthur, N. Tonawanda, N. Y., 402 Eichel, Sharon B.. Atlanta, 462, 211 Eickhoff, Richard C, Decatur, 462, 314 Eidson, Charies M., Fitzgerald, 122 Eidson, Dona Lee, Fitzgerald. 462 Eidson, Rodger Henry, Newnan, 376 Eisenhut, Romey C, Canastata, N. Y., 370 Elder, Bobbie Eliz., Farmington. 455 Eider. Harry Cauthen. Bishop, 464 Elder, Sandra Kay. Naperville, III.. 231 Elder. Wm. Donald, Douglaston, N. Y., 133 Eldredge, Marianna A.. East Point, 72, 449 Elkins, James A.. Jr., Columbus, 153 Eller, Catharine M., Savannah, 376, 235 Ellerbee, Olin Wayne, Columbus, 153, 420 Ellington, Billie L., Atlanta, 100, 235, 376, 234. 2, 78 Ellington, Coke A., Moultrie. 187, 436, 114, 328 Ellington, Sandra G., Atlanta, 235. 449 Elliott, Billie R., Swainsboro, 449 Elliott, Henry K., Jr.. Stockbridge. 386 Elliott. Larry Robt.. Dallas, 239. 386 Elliott. Wayne Thomas, Atlanta. 361 Ellis. George R.. Jr., Americus. 420. 152, 246 Ellis, Patricia Carol, Athens, 124, 449 Ellis, Robert C, Hull, 223 Ellis, Wm. Stephens, Jr., Athens, 187, 462 Ellison, Wm. T., Jr., Gainesville. 386 Ellzey, Madeleine L., Brunswick, 169, 436 Elmore, Frances Anne. Savannah, 449, 182 91 Elrod, Donald Alton. Chicopee, 449, 436 Elrod, Luther F., III. Jefferson, 90, 449 Elser, Fred J., Jr., Palm Springs, Calif., 243, 386 Eisner. John Earl. Austell. 132, 436 Emberson, Eleanor Lee, Ringgold, 414 Embry, Harriet, Athens, 108 Emerson, Palti I., Athens. 397. 297 Emory, David F., Jr., Evans, 105, 464 Empel, Jay Martin, Montgomery, Ala., 132, 290, 462 Emrich, Beverly Anne. Aiken, S. C 436, 250 England, Louise Eliz., Blairsville. 436 Engle. Larry Harvey, Easton, Md., 134. 436 English. Clifford. Jr., Macon, 142 English, Paschal A., Jr., East Point, 462, 261 English, Weyman Henry, Union Point, 181, 436 Engram, Michael E., East Point, 376 Enloe, Frank Robert, Waynesville, N. C, 84, 79 Ennis. Ann Gray, Atlanta, 449 Epstein, Jerome H., Augusta, 376 Epstein, Lynda Joyce, Atlanta, 276, 462 Erckman, Richard L., Atlanta, Erdman, Martha Owens. Decatur, 462, 169, 360 Ervin. John Travis. Valdosta, 429 Ervin, William J.. Ill, Brunswick, 462 Erwin, Hugh Franklin, Benevolence, 156, 424 Erwin, Mary Leslie, Murray, Ky., 123 Esche, Victor Clemens, Jacksonville, Fla., 436 Eschenhrenner, Jean. Decatur, 436 Eschenbrenner, Joan M., Decatur, 462 Eskedor, Henry R., Jr., Savannah, 449 Eskew. John Bernard. Fairbum, 436 Esposito, Joseph John, Brooklyn. N. Y., 131 Espy, Joseph S.. Jr., Savannah, 269, 462 Esslinger, Susan A., Coral Gables, Fla., 436, 219 Estes. Harold Lee. Whittier, N. C, 135, 436 Estes, Lila Cynthia, Gordonsville, Va., 429 Estes, Nina Sue, Atlanta. 449 Estes, Ronald P., Jr., Atlanta, 436 Etheridge, Eliz. W., Athens, 124 Etheridge, Philip F., Atlanta, 436 Ethridge, John L., Jr., Bamesville, 376 Eubanks, Clayton A., Jr., Augusta, 156, 424 Evans, Betty Jane, Moreland, 436 Evans, Billy Lee, Tifton, 86, 420, 105, 153 Evans, Brenda Kay, LaGrange, 462 Evans, Elvard V., Jr., Tuscumbia, Ala., 462, 314 Evans, Ernest William, Iva, S. C, 156, 424 Evans, Ethel Hatcher, Atlanta, 436, 297 Evans, Gwendolyn, East Point, 462 Evans, Lyn Eleanor, Decatur, 462 Evans, Mary Laura, Columbus, 146, 87 Evans, Mary Linda, Sylvania, 376, 235 Evans, Patrick A., Atlanta, 449 Evans, Paul Brown, Fairbum, 134 Evans, Paul Howard, Jr., Atlanta, 462, 239 Evans, Ronald James, Rebecca, 121, 123 Evans, Thomas Eddie, Milan, 402 Evans, Wendell L., Wamer Robins, 436, 297 Eve. Anna Wright, Augusta, 436, 250, 360 Eve, James H., Ill, Jesup. 135, 348 Everett, Edward B., Ill, Atlanta, 449, 246 Everett, Edward Lane, Macon, 269, 462 Everett, Lynn Birdsey, Macon, 169, 449 Everette, Marvin R., Savannah, 376, 223 Everitt, Alfred Z., Madison, 152 Everitt, Carol M., Atlanta, 182. 462 Everitt. Mary K., Madison, 169, 436 Ewing, James Paul, Jr., Fernandina Beach. Fla., 314 Ewing, John Allen. Jr., Ashbum, 449 Exley, Frank Sprague. Savannah, Exley. Ruby Ann, Garden City, 436, 256 Ezell, Alice Virginia, Macon, 376, 250 Ezzard, Martha Jean, Lawrenceville, 386, 297 Facher. Robyn Ann. Atlanta, 277, 436 Fahnegtock, Paulette, Chicago, III., 449 Fain, Mallie Clark, Donalsonville, 136 Fair, Wanda Jean, Marietta, 182, 386 Faircloth, Douglas M., Moultrie, 315 Faison, Donald D., Moultrie. 462. 314 Falconer. Alice C, Kenilworth, 111., 235. 436. 360 Fallaw, Gerald Jerry, Batesburg, S. C, 436 Fannin. Truman P.. Columbus, 281, 386 Fanning, Steven Erie. Atlanta, 243, 462 Farless, Luther J., Jr., Macon, 90 Farley, Harold F., Sandersville, 449 Farmer, Billy Wayne, Conyers, 436 Farmer, Elizabeth D., Newnan, 397. 194 Farr. Jean Henri. Auburn, 449, 114, 111 Farr. Thomas Emory. Tyrone, 154. 436 Farran. Susan Alice, Decatur, 462 Farrell, Wm. Cosgrove, Atlanta, 239, 436 Fason, Virginia A.. Baltimore. Md., 436 Faulk, Beverly Rabun, Jeffersonville, 181 Faulkner, Gary S.. Atlanta. 386. 140 Faust. Harry Foachin, Hicksville, N. Y., 133 Fear, Robert G., Athens, 121 Fearon, James David, Munnsville, N. Y., 133. 436 Feast, Grace Ellen, East Point, 462 Fegan, Ro nald James, Brockport, N. Y., 370, 181 Feild, Wm. Meade, Jr., Albany, 449 Feinherg, Stephen L., Brooklyn. N. Y., 424, 156, 172 Feldman, Norma Sue, Atlanta, 277, 449, 360 Fellheimer, Morris, Bronx, N. Y., 133 Fenstemacher, Eliz. R., New York, N. Y., 139, 146, 147, 226, 436. 360 Fenstemacher. Ellen P., New York, N. Y., 139, 360 Ferguson, Dale Ailinn, Atlanta, 226, 462 Ferguson. Gerry H., N. Augusta, S. C, 449 Ferguson, Linda Gale, Powder Springs, 462 Ferrell, Faye Elir., Thomaston, 449, 256 Ferrell, Wm. Morgan, Waycross. 376. 246 Ficklen. John D., Atlanta, 386, 223 Ficklen, Mary Lyon, Atlanta, 235, 462 Field, Henry S.. Athens. 333 Fields. Nancy Ellen. Atlanta, 182, 436 Fields, Ross Leonard, Atlanta, 436 Fietta, Peter Martin, Manlius, N. Y., 436, 340 Fife, Robert P., Elberton, Ga., 436 Fifield, Steve. Atlanta, 148 Filsinger, Wm. Conaad, Frostburg, Md., 429 Finch, Alfred J., Jr., Dallas. 463 Fincher, Eliz. Diane. Atlanta, 72, 449 Fincher. Molly Ann., Macon, 194 Fine, Lowell Steven, Atlanta, 290, 463 Fine, Terry Louis, Atlanta, 254. 463, 97 Fink, Don Michael, Canton O., 172, 449, 98 Finley. Eliz. Ann, Lavonia, 436 Finn, Mary Dianne, Atlanta. 91 Finney. Betty Marie, Shelbyville, Tenn., 376, 431, 231 Finney, Harriett S., LaGrange. 139. 397 Fischle, Daniel Karl. Athens, 463 Fisher, Ann Louise, Savannah, 219 Fisher, Francy Ann, Atlanta, 463, Fisher, James S., Randolph, Wis., 165 Fishman, R. Peter, Atlanta, 386, 172 Fite, Jane Ellen, Atlanta, 362, 226, 463 File, Paul Boston, Dalton. 436 Fitterman. Harvey. Atlanta. 172 Fitz, David Alan. Jasper, 148, 463, 105 Fitzgerald, Bonnie D., Lakeland, Fla., 449 Fitzgerald Charles H., Conyers, 135 Fitzgerald, Clyde, Jr., Athens, 463 Fitzgerald, William A., Warner Robins, 463 Fitzgibbons, Jo Ellen, Macon, 463 Fitzpatrick, Gail E., Columbus, 169, 463 Fiveash. Charlie B., Brunswick, 386, 273 Flanagan, James Ray, Winder, 449 Flanagan, Robert S., Atlanta 463, 286 Flanders, L. Bennett, Lyons, 429 Fleckman, Ira Leonard, Douglas, 397, 296, 340 Fleetwood, Betty Jane, Cartersville, 463, 206 Fleming, Clarence, Jr., Winterville, 348 Fleming, Frances Buff, Waycross, 235, 449 Fleming, Horace W., Jr., Elberton, 121, 123 Fleming, Joyce W., Atlanta, 407, 114 Fletcher, Oscar J., Jr., McColl, S. C, 463 Fletcher, Peggy Jane, Atlanta, 226 Flinn, Charles D., Jr., Fort Riley, Kan., 463, 286 Flock, James Lee, Atlanta, 449, 215 Floge, Sue Fair, Atlanta, 194, 436 Flournoy, Robert T., Columbus, 269 Flournoy, Thomas M., Jr., Columbus, 449 Flowers, Jon Larry, Avondale Estates, 436 Floyd, Berry Alton, Clayton, 436 Floyd, Edmund H., Jr., Macon, 436 Floyd, Herbert R., Jr., Sylvester, 124, 158 Floyd, John Elbert, Clayton, 463 Floyd, Rufus Jerry, Clayton, 449 Floyd, Thomas A., Jr., Dublin, 424, 156 Fluker, James D., Jr., Atlanta, 386 Fluker, Patricia L., Decatur, 463, 165 Flynt, Mary Sally, Orlando, Fla., 194 Fogel, Warren Barry, Atlanta. 172, 463 Fogle, Donnie Bruce, North, S. C, 402 Folk, Judy Ann, Shiloh, 114 Folmar, James Bruce, Albany, 436 Folsom, Alfred W., Jr., TenaBy, N. J., 449, 215 Folsom, Christopher P., Saddle River, N. J., 133 Foote, Margaret Anne, Atlanta, 376, 235 Forbes, Morton Gerald, Atlanta, 421, 153 Ford, Anita Joyce, Rochelle, 376, 91 Ford, Cecil Glenn, St. Simons Island, 436 Ford, Jimmy Jennings, Augusta, 370, 128 Ford, Judy B., Atlanta, 147, 235 Ford, Lily Catherine, Atlanta, 194, 463 Ford, Rima Louise, Marietta, 72, 123, 122 Fordham, John B., Ill, Dublin, 124, 121 Fore, Troy Howard, Jr., Jesup, 463 Forehand, Oliver C, Sylvester, 407 Forester, Frank Link, Thomasville, 436 Forester, Jay B., Hyde Park, N. Y., 436 Forrester, James W., Jr., Leesburg, 449 Fortier, Suzanne C, St. Marys, 386 Fortson, David L., Augusta, 463 Fortson, Josephine, Bowman, 449 Fortson, William B., Jr., Columbus, 436 Fortune, James R., Jr., Griffin, 463, 246 Fortune, Ronald T., Atlanta, 436 Foss, Tony James, Augusta, 463 Foster, Alice Theresa, Brunswick, 463 Foster, Alvin H., Jr., Barnesville, 449 Foster, Anna Jeannine, Atlanta, 463, 246 Foster, Chris Anthony, Atlanta, Foster, Diana F., East Point, 421, 83, 152, 82 Foster, Frank H., Jr., Decatur, 124, 239 Foster, Harriette G., College Park, 147, 416, 165 Foster, Lewis W., Ill, Spartanburg, S. C, 123 Foster, Richard S., Atlanta, 290, 403 Foster, Robert Howard, Monroe, 124 Foster, William A., Ill, Dallas, 463 Foti, John Angelo, E. Syracuse, N. Y., 133 Foughner, James W., II, Savannah, 152, 420 Fountain, Andrew, III, Savannah, 376 Fountain, Gerald ine P., Tucker, 463 Fountain, Jas. Lowell, Griffin, 387 Fountain, Robert E., Macon, 463 Fountain, Roger G., Dublin, 286 Fowler, Brenda Jo, Lavonia, 165 Fowler, Britton L., Tifton 263, 420, 347, 239 Fowler, Charles Wayne, Ringgold, 463 Fowler, Frank Bluford, Warm Springs, 397 Fowler, James Austin, Ringgold, 129, 131 Fowler, Joan, Athens, 463 Fowler, Joan Eliz., Decatur, 226 Fowler, Karen Sue, Warm Springs, 436, 114, 219 Fowler, Kathy Wynn, Warm Springs, 72, 86, 449, 108, 91 Fowler, Nellie Marie, Lawrenceville, 449 Fowler, Susan Eliz., Atlanta, 362, 463, 250 Fox, Jesse Paul, Jr., Hickory, N. C, 397, 273 Fox, Marsha Gail, Beaufort, S. C, 463, 211 Fox, William Francis, Savannah, 273, 449 Frady. George Lenford, Canton, 449 Frank, Robert Davis, Macon, 449, 254 Franklin, Charles E., Henderson, N. C. 159, 429 Franklin, John Orr, Nashville, Tenn., 152 Franklin, Lehman H., Statesboro, 74, 152, 246 Franklin, Marvin A., Lyons, 128 Franklin, Sue Ann, Metier, 165 Franklin, Wm. Walters, Zebulon, 463 421, 327, Frazier, Wylie Wayne, Tucker, 133 Free, Martha Lydia, Athens, 124, 449, 191 Freebern, John Robt., Wingdale, N. Y., 370. 129 Freedland, Molly B., Wilmington, N. C, 449. 211 Freeman, Bonny Lee, Jasper, 449 Freeman, Edwin L., Jr., Sumter, S. C, 429 Freeman, Fletcher V., Rebecca, 175 Freeman, Frank P., Ill, Talbotton, 159, 429, 121 Freeman, Henry Ronald, Savannah, 449 Freeman, John J., Atlanta, 129 Freeman, Myra, Mclntyre, 463 Freeman, Walker, F., Jr., Forsyth, 449 Fret well, Wm. Parker, Anderson, S. C, 386 Fricks, Ann Marie, Rising Fawn, 463 Friedewald, James W., Atlanta, 273, 449 Friedewald, Richard W., Atlanta, 273, 449 Friedler, Gerald A., New Haven, Conn., 290, 463 Friedman, Charles, Brunswick, 142, 386, 290 Friedman, David Byron, Chicago, III., 449, 254 Friedman, Judith A., Atlanta, 72, 449, 206 Friedman, Paul A., Elmhurst, N. Y., 370 Friedman, Stanley H., Savannah, 290, 450 Frier, Dorothy Inez, Millwood, 376 Frierson, Joseph, Jr., Elberton, 463, 246, 97 Frisbee, Eugenie M., Atlanta, 463 Frost, Bette Don, Macon Frost, Leslie Kenneth, Alley, S. C, 436 Fry, Melinda Ann, Columbus, 364, 194, 450 Fryer, Eugene David, Leesburg, 436, 144 Fuchs, Joe Gordon, Warner Robins, 156 Fudge, Donna Eliz., Colquitt, 463, 297, 360 Fulford, Ada Lee, Swainsboro, 397, 250 Fulford, Frank D., Atlanta, 327, 326, 436, 286 Fuller, Carleton S., Atlanta, 223, 436, 332 Fuller, Ernest Alton, Chamblee, 463 Fuller, Melissa Diane, Aruba, Nether- lands, Antilles, 450, 256 Fullerton, Edward H., Decatur, 281, 463 Fullilove, Eleanor A., Athens, 146, 219 Fullilove, Mary Eliz., Griffin, 146, 436 Fullington, James B., Macon, 175, 155 Fulton, Ann Kathryn, Birmingram, Mich., 147, 114 Fulton, John Kent, Smyrna, 450 Fulton, Tonita Leigh, New Canaan, Conn., 226, 450 Funk, Sharon Thomas, Arcadia, Calif., 146 Furlow, Patricia, Americus, 169, 450 Furman, John D., Jr., Hillsdale, N. J., 284, 98 Furr, Anna, Aome, 463 Furr, Claudia Cameron, Ocala, Fla., 231, 436 Furr, Kittie Sue, Rome, 463, 182 Furry, Michael W., Los Altos, Calif., 121, 123 Furse, David Houseal, Decatur, 264, 450, 99 Futch, Cecil B., Savannah, 436 Futch, Milton Eugene, Statesboro, 436 Futch, Priscilla D., Atlanta, 397 Futch, William D., Jr., Statesboro, 148 Futral, Carol Ann, Experiment, 463, 177 Gable, Nedra Carole, Carrollton, 177, 436 Gabrielsen, James R., Athens, 387, 330 Gadd. Suzanne G., Atlanta, 436, 256 Gaeser, Philip M., Williston, S. C, 290, 436 Gage, Harold Marcus, Brooklyn, N. Y., 370 Gahnz, Mary Jean, Augusta, 397 Gaines, Charlotte L., Athens, 364, 235, 463 Gaines, Gene Thomas, Washington, 187, 436 Gaines, Rhetta C, East Point, 123, 436, 191 Gaines, Sandrea, Tucker, 77 Gaines, Wm. Robert, Warrenton, Va., 429 Gaines, Zadie Pruitte, Royston, 146, 413 Gainey, Ralph Lewis, Cairo. 327. 450 Gainous, Larry Benson, Cairo, 135, 403, 134 Galanty, Ellen H., Atlanta, 436 Galbreath, Elbert H., Reidsville, 135, 403, 134, 127, 105 Galbreath, John Wm., Morrisville, N. Y.. 133 Galbreath, Ronald W.. Savannah, 463 Galis, Costa, Athens, 243, 463 Gallagher, Gary D., East Point Callick, John Robert, E. Aurora, N. Y., 436 Gait, Robert H., Jr., Rome, 215, 376 Gamble, Alice Anne, 113, 145 Gann, Harold P., Jr., Lawrenceville, 185, 463 Cans, Herbert Jay, New York, N. Y., 133 Ganyard, Milton C, Jr., Boston, 90, 327.450 Garbutt, Robert L., Lyons, 281, 429 Gardiner, George A., Macon. 159 Gardner, Edward E., Jr., Atlanta, 436 Gardner, Hugh Allan, Americus, 159, 261, 429 Gardner, John Garrett, Hot Springs, N. C, 436 Gardner, Marvin Ray, Hapeville, 361 Garfinkel, Eileen C, Charlotte, N. C, 277, 463 Atlanta, 194, 450 M., Jackson, 281, Atlanta, 84, 421, 83, Garges, Natalie H., Garland, Benjamin 102, 119, 450 Garland, Edward T., 152, 82, 223, 102 Garland, Nancie Alice, Johnson City, Tenn., 99, 81, 79 Garner, Camille, Milledgeville, 231, 436 Garner, Elliott F., Ray City, 463, 314 Garner, James Wm., Lilburn, 124, 436 Garner, Phyllis Jean, Bowman, 397 Garrard. Georgia A., Washington, 436 Garrett, Donna E., Athens, 463, 256 Garrett, Floyd Alton, Albany, 387 Garrett, George C, Jr., Warrenton, 450 Garrett, Leandra E., Athens Garrett, Samuel F., Woodbury, 159, 429 Garrison, Freda E., Gainesville, 139 Garrison, Jimmy R., Manchester, 436 Garrison. Pamela Jo, Miami, Fla., 139, 297, 450 Garth, Myron Branham, Madison, 159, 436, 247 Garvey, Jane Frances, Warner Robins, 88, 72, 450 Gash, James Hart, St. Simons Island, 436. 261 Gaskins, Cecil Benny, Willacoochee, 159 Gassaway, Wilfred, Jr., Hinesville, 159, 281 Gaston, Chas. Marion, Chattanooga, Tenn., 332 Gaston, Karen Sewell, Decatur, 146, 147, 413, 177 Gaston, Peggy Eliz., Rome, 226, 450 Gatchell, Douglas L., Athens, 436 Gates, James Bruce. Jr., Rice, Va., 429 Gates, Patricia Lee, Athens, 397, 235 Gates, Vandy S., Reynolds, 397 Gatlin, Alice Kathryn, Atlanta, 231, 450 Gaunt, Helen Marie, Charlotte, N. C, 436. 250 Gaut, William Lundy, Albany, N. Y.,436 Gavron, Barbara Ellen, Atlanta, 436 Gay, Adgate Ellen, Columbus, O., 436, 250 Gay, Bobby Gene, Sylvester, 158 Gay, Johnny Dan, Sylvester, 127 Gay, Kenneth Norman, Folkston, 135, 127 Gay, Lendy Lanier, Sylvester, 129, 437 Geer, Claude W., Ill, Albany, 450 Geer, Rebecca, Marietta, 397, 247 Gehr, Samuel Martin, Baltimore, Md., 429 Geiger, David Lee, Macon, 82, 85, 87, 95 Geiger, Jerry Aubrey, Blackshear, 463 Geiger, Nancy Adamson, Mt. Vernon, 437 Geiger, Starlet P., Albany, 437 Gensler, Dale Lavem, Clarkesville Gentry, Alice Findley, Columbus, 235, 450 Gentry, 387 Gentry, Gentry Charles J., Knoxville, Tenn., Emily Ann., Roswell, 463, 219 Patricia B., Columbus, 23 5, 450 Gentry, Perry Michael, Ft. Oglethorpe, 243, 242, 437, 98 Gentry, Sharon Louise, Ringgold, 463 George, John Harvey, Atlanta, 340 George, Larry Norman, Atlanta, 340 Georges, John Timothy, Savannah, 450 Gerdine, Mary Hill. Athens, 195, 463 Gerhardt, Howard C, Jr., Savannah, 450 Gerlock, John L., Fairburn, 437 Gerner, Wesley Chas., Manasquan, N. J., 187, 463 Gerrard, Larry T., Anderson, S. C, 387, 243 Gerson, Judith Rae, Columbus, 145, 211, 450 Gerson, Marilyn Sue, Atlanta, 277, 463 Gerson, Stanley M., Macon, 142, 290, 437 Gerth, Dorothy Ann, Atlanta, 235, 450 Gertler, Lynn Tobie, New Orleans, La., 277, 463 Ghertner, Andrew L., Atlanta, 254, 99, 450 Gholston, Cornelia L., Atlanta, 463 Gibboney, Helen C, Augusta, 437, 297 Gibbs, Lendon David, Tifton, 450 Gibbs, Leslie Michael, Deland, Fla., 172, 450 Gibson, Emmie Marilyn, Hawkinsville, 230, 376, 231 Gibson, George E., Florence, S. C, 429 Gibson. James Chester, Marietta, 121 Gibson, Linda, St. Simons Island, 450, 191 Gibson, Reba Cynthia. Hapeville, 463, 450 Gibson, Susan Lynn, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 226, 450 Gibson, Thomas P., Jr., N. Charleston, S. C, 429 Gilbert, Alice Elaine, Pendergrass, 88, 182, 450 Gilbert, Robert L., Ill, Lindale, 463 Gilbert, Wanda Olivia, Augusta, 437 Giles. George R.. Jr., Decatur, 463 Giles, James T., Jr., Avondale Estates, 437 Giles, Mary Jon, College Park, 437, 191, 165 Giles, Mary Kay, Santa Ana, Calif,, 437 Giles, Peggy Jo, Simpsonville, S. C, 124, 437 Giles, Robert T., Athens, 187, 463 Giles, Wilbur Hugh, Athens, 387, 142 Gill, Andrew W., Ill, Albany, 387, 239 Gill, Louis C, Jr., Richmond Hill, 135, 319 Gillam, John Fred, Cartersville, 261, 450 Gilleland, Harry E., Jr., Macon, 463 Gillespie, Chas. W., Jr., Carnesville, 90, 450 Gillespie, James A., Jr., Grantsville, 450 Gillespie, James I., Atlanta, 450 Gillespie, Stanley R., Gainesville, 370 Gillham, Martha B., Atlanta, 463 Gilliam, Wm. Thomas, Albany, 215 Gilliard, Fred E., Nicholls. 90, 294, 376 Gillis, Kate Hudmon, Soperton, 169 Gillon, Susan Elaine, Atlanta, 463, 231 Gilmer, Henry L., Augusta, 437 Gilmore, Forrest C, Columbus, 363 Gilson, Jane Doane, Atlanta, 437, 256, 376 Ginsberg, Mickey, Savannah, 72, 123, 122, 211, 450 Ginsberg, Nathan J., Chicago, IlL, 254, 450 Ginson, Louise Amy, Orlando, Fla., 364 Gladfelter, Grace L., Atlanta, 450 Gladin, Bennie R., Warthcn, 387 Glascoe, Nancy Elaine, Avondale Estates, 463, 165 Glass, James F., Jr., Savannah, 450 Glass, John Delmas, Winter Haven, Fla., 314, 361 Glass, Kathryn V. A., Watkinsville, 195, 463 Gleaton, Linda Kay, Warwick, 169, 437 Gleaton, William E., Jr., Cordele, 387, 450 Glenn, Carl Edward, Jr., Folkston, 187, 450 Glover, Gary A., Waynesboro, 376, 315 Glover, Glenn Henry, Ty Ty., 129, 371 Gnass, Wm. Ernest, West Chazy, N. Y., 371 Godbey, Catherine E., Atlanta, 219, 450 Goddard, Roy Douglas, Lithonia, 128 Godfrey, David Aaron, Charlotte, N. C, 437 Godwin, Gayle Eugenia, Atlanta, 463 Godwin, Jackson A., Raleigh, N. C, 387, 187 Goforth, Mary Joyce, Gainesville, 169, 450 Goldberg, Alan Howard, Savannah, 387 Goldberg, Jay Alan, Atlanta. 290, 172, 463 Goldberg, Gail Elise, Sylacauga, Ala., 277, 450, 360 Goldberger, Herbert L., Brooklyn, N. v., 131 Golden, Agnes Diane, Marietta, 370, 362 Golden, Bobby Lee, Tunnel Hill, 156, 175 Golden, Dorothy Gale, Marietta, 362, 450, 206 Golden, Marcia Faye, Atlanta, 371, 450 Golden, Norma C, Athens, 437, 256 Goldman, Lawrence N., Atlanta, 290, 463 Goldman, Marilyn R., Atlanta, 437, 211 Goldman, Stanley B., Hazlehurst, 156 Goldsmith, John F., Jr., Atlanta, 437, 261 Goldstein, Allen S., Savannah, 290 Goldstein, Arnold S., Savannah, 290, 463 Goldstein, Barbara L., Jacksonville, Fla., 463, 211 Goldstein, Dianne, Greensboro, 277, 450 Goldstein, Gail I., Greensboro, 250, 450 Goldstein, Sherrie E., Atlanta, 277, 463 Golub, Myron Benard, Atlanta, 172 Good, Jo Ann, Augusta, 437, 297 Good, John C, Toccoa. 463, 284 Good, Lawrence P., Wynnewood, Pa., 284, 134, 215, 463, 361 Goode Richard B., Winchester, Va., 429 Goodfriend, Judith M., Jacksonville, Fla., 463, 211 Goodman, Rhonda Sue, Savannah, 463, 211 Goodrich, John S., Atlanta, 159, 429 Goodrich, Marilyn E., Milledgeville, 72, 211, 450 Goodrich, Nina M., Sandersville, 276, 277, 437 Goodroe, Richard Neal, Buena Vista, 437, 261 Goodrum, John Wesley, Bogart, 450 Goodson, Robt. Melson, Franklin, 156 Goodwin, Dorothy Ann, Atlanta, 103 437, 251 Gordon, Harry N., Athens, 140, 387 Gordon, Hugh H., IV, Danville, Calif., 437 Gordon, James Berry, Augusta 153, 420 Gordon, James D., Athens, Cordon, Jerry Milgram, Atlanta, 254, 463 Gordy, Bobby Lee, Louisville, 407 Gordy, Richard S., Jr., LaGrange, 450 Gore, Sherry Dianne, Decatur, 450 Gorman, George Martin, Franklin Sq., N. Y., 437 Goss, Julia Glee, Macon, 463, 297 Gosselin, Gerard F., Amesbury, Mass., 403, 134 Gossett, Larry P., Griffin, 387 Gotsch, Linda Ruth, Albany, 446 Gottlieb, Anita Faye, Norfolk, Va., 464 Gottlieb, Harris N., Savannah, 446 Gouge, Millard Gene, Athens, 153 Gould, Lawrence E., Atlanta, 446 Gower, Charles A., Columbus, 407 Gracia, Octavio Orta, Athens, 387 Grady, Mary Ellen, Savannah, 446 Graham, Chester T.. Atlanta, 397, 328 Graham, Elizabeth G., Atlanta, 464 Grainger, Gerald S., 450 Gramm, Wm. Philip, Columbus, 455 Granade, James, Jr., Grande, Jeffrey W., Conn., 464 Grant, Alicia Jane, Atlanta, 450 Grant, Barbara J., Atlanta, 440 Grantham, Ted Fryar, Jacksonville, Fla., 463 Avondale Estates, Washington, 446 West Hartford, Cratz, Benjamin, Jr., Atlanta, 450, 215 Graves, David Lee, Macon, 121. 463 Craves, Edwin C, Talladega, Ala., 450, 287 Graves, Judie Deanne, Savannah, 463, 251 Graves, Michael Wyatt, Savannah, 450, 99, 94 Gravitt, Donald Allan, Calhoun, 446 Gray, James H., Jr., Albany, 314 Cray, Johnny Michael, Atlanta, 128 Gray, Richard David, Wilmington, Del., 450 Cray, Sandra Lynn, Atlanta, 450, 72 Gray, Theodore A., Brooklyn, N. Y., 290, 437 Cray, William A., Ill, Swainsboro, 463 Cray, William Henry, Batavia, N. Y., 133, 463 Grayson, Ann Michele, Atlanta, 463 Grayson, James Turner, Atlanta, 437 Green, Harry Alfred, Green, Henry Martin, Tifton, 455 Green. Julie R., Madison, 376, 138, 195, 2, 473 Green, Mai aret C, Avondale Estates, 437, 206 Green, Marian M., Falls Church, Va., 207 Green Martha C, Macon, 468, 251 Green, Mary Spence, Madison, 450, 195 Green, Michael Lee, Atlanta, 464, 239 Green, Mortimer Jay, Wantagh, N. Y., 290, 437 Green, Nina Ann, Athens, 450, 169 Green, Philip Louis, Montgomery, Ala., 152 Green, Wyche T., Jr.. Carrollton, 281, 464 Greenberg, Marcia F., Birmingham, Ala., 112, 450, 277 Greenberg, Norman J., Atlanta, 450, 172 Greene, Carol Ann, Kennesav , 437 Greene, Hugh P., Jr., Augusta, 450 Greene, John W., Athens, 106, 407, 129 Greene, Larry Fred, Thomaston, 387 Greene, Pamela Ann, Rossville, 124, 464, 165 Greene, Patricia A., Atlanta, 437 Greene, R ichard Hayes, Americus, 429, 261 Creene, Sarah Ruth, Athens, 437, Greene, Wm. Kemp, Adel. 281 Greene, Wilmot M., Jr., Gainesville, 464 Greener, John Larue, Glen Mills, Pa., 284, 437 Greenfield, Phyllis S., Augusta, 112, 450, 278 Greenholtz. Rhiette L., Savannah, 278, 437 Greenstone, Sidney T., Albany, 290 Greentree, Pamela V., Richmond, Va., 450, 278 Greenwald, Mary Lynn, Atlanta, 464, 256 Greenway, Betty Jane, Winder, 464 Greer, Fred Warren, Jr., Hayston, 127 Greer, James Larry, Decatur, 148, 273, 437, 239 Greer, John D., Jr., Morrow, Greer, Mary Louise, Tifton, 121, 123, 122, 437, 297, 360 Greer, Norris Sanders, Unadilla, 450 Greeson, Judith M., Marietta, 450 Gregerson, Eric A., Atlanta, 464, 287 Gregory, Charles G., Vienna, 135 Gregory, Patricia D., Moultrie, 46 1 Creiner, Carol Lee, Atlanta, 450 Greksa, Marjorie J., New York, N. Y., 437 Cribble Wm. Henry, Jr., Atlanta, 464 Grice, Frieda Carole, Stone Mountain, 450 Crier, Lee McDaniel, Swainsboro, 437 Crier, Linda Gail, Blairaville, 146, 437 Griffeth, Ronald H., Brooklet, 397, 186, 79 Griffin, Charlene, Bainbndge, 450, 169, 360 Criflfin, Howard A., Jr., Washington, 464 C tiffin, Jackie Allen, Dou glas, 136 Griffin, Janet Dale, Glennville, 450 Griffin, Lois Anne, Bainbridge, 376, 169, 360 Griffin, Marion R., Atlanta, 450, 235 Griffin, Tanny Rudene, Villa Rica, 450 Griffin, Terrell F., Albany, 437, 287 Griffin, Victory J., Silver Creek, 118, 159. 219 437 Griffin N.C. William F., Jr., Fayetteville. 450, 223 Griffin. Woodruff H., Charlotte, N.C, 74 Griggs, David T., Atlanta. 464 Griggs, Gloria Jean, Pinehurst, 464 Criggs, James Edward, Atlanta, 387, 142 Griggs, Joseph Alonzo, Cornelia, 152, 153 Griggs, Margaret Cay, Hartwell, 450. 76, 72, 103, 91 Grigsby, Wm. Mosley, Jr. Atlanta, 437, 247 Grimaud, Constance E., Grovetown, 376, 91 Grimaude, Edith S., Grovetown. 450 Crimes, Daniel Mercer, Milledgeville, 421, 153 Grimes, William H., Ill, Atlanta, 281. 464 Grimm, Bemd Herbert, Huntington, N.Y.. 464 Griner, Harmon G., Meigs, 127 Crismer, James Allen, New Hyde Park, N. Y., 371, 203 Crissett, Gloria J., Ray City, 377 Crissoni, Donald A., Marietta, 437 Crissom, Patricia E., Atlanta. 437 Crist, Frederick, Jr., Blakely. 437 Crist, Prise ilia Ann, Mt. Vernon, 437 Crob, Ted Allan, Atlanta, 264, 464 Groce, Lillian Ruth, Macon, 437 Croff, Valerie Kay, Greenville, S.C., 464, 191 Crogan, Larry W ' arren, Calhoun, 437 Grogg, Timothy Joel. Decatur, 361 Grollman, Robert A., Bainbridge, 172, 437 Grooms, James Richard, Blue Ridge, 450 Groover, Rebecca W., Athens, 450 Gross, David Ian, Rome, 464 Gross, Irvin Jerold, Richmond, Va., 144 Gross, Patricia H., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 278, 437 Gross, Rosalie, Chattanooga, Tenn., 437 Gross, Stuart Edward, Brooklyn, N.Y., 159, 429, 290 Croszmann, Richard B., Waycross, 90, 450. 123 Groves, Pamela Eliz, Greenwood, S.C., 450 Crow, Charles E., Jr., Colquitt, 155, 156, 175, 464 Crow, William Roy, Colquitt, 98, 97 Grubb, Sara Ann, Atlanta, 464 Grunnah, Robert James, Atlanta, 243 Guest, George Norman, Atrens, 464 Cuffin. Raymond L., Jr., Marietta, 407 Guill. Carl A., Sparta, 132 Gullick. Barbara S., East Point, 450, 362, 201, 207 Gunnels, Joe Ed., Calhoun, 387, 187 Cunnin, Claudia Jean, East Point, 146, 464 Cunter, Nancy Jean, Atlanta, 88, 464 Gunter. Nancy Sue, Doerun, 464 Gurley, Wellon S., Jr., Macon, 281, 446 Guscio, Don Marion, Atlanta, 437, 239 Guss, Earl R., Jr., Athens, 152 Guthrie, Carlton C, Blue Ridge, 315 Guthrie, Walter D., Athens, 120 Gutierrez, Jose H., Bogota, Colombia, S.A., 407 Gutmaker, Alan, Wantagh, N.Y., 437 Guy, Raymond Joseph, St. Petersburg, Fla., 450, 133 H Habas, Janet Anne, Savannah, 377 Hackel, Frances Lyn, Columbus, 464, 211 Hackel. Sara Donna, Memphis, Tenn., 450. 278 Hackman, Kent James, Arcadia, Calif., 437 Hadaway, David T., Atlanta, 121, 450 Haddock, Very! Grier, Damascus, 146, 195, 437 Haddock, Wm. Leconte. Atlanta, 112 Hadley, Barbara A., Pine Mountain, 437, 191 Hadley, Phillip W., East Point, 437 Haga, Herman J.. Jr., Ft. Valley, 131, 337 Hagaman, John R., Zionville, N.C, 159, 429 Hagan, Jo Ann. Athens, 397 Hailey, Hugh E., Jr., Atlanta, 333, 464 Haines. Martha Jean, Atlanta, 450, 191 Hale, Harold Perkins, Athens, 336, 361 Haley, Clea E.. Jr., Dalton, 437 Haley, Emily Jean, Albany, 169, 168, 437 Haley, John Nicholas, Elberton, 421, 152 Haley, Mary Susan, Lobeco, S.C., 72, 91 Hall. Arthur Stuart, Clifton Forge, Va., 429 Hall. Carole Edna. Moultrie, 464 Hall. Charles H., Macon, 377 Hall, Donald Terrell, Hartwell, 407, 123, 122 Hall, Ernestine L., Atlanta, 450, 364, 195 Hall, Fletcher K., Macon, 152 Hall, Harold Howard, Meigs, 407 Hall, James Battle, Jr., Rome, 215 Hall, James Wm., Jr., Albany, 464 Hall, Jimmy Anthony, Warren ton, 464 Hall, Leslie George, Walworth, N.Y., 129, 437 Hall, Margaret L., Atlanta, 146 Hall, Margaret Sieger, Savannah, 88, 364. 195, 464 Hall, Marion Ann K,, Macon, 461 Hall, Mary Doris. Bethlehem, 146, 464 Hall, Nancy Joan, Augusta, 437 Hall, Nicholas John, Augusta, 437 Hall, Paul Kenneth, Gainesville, 203. 464 Hall, Robert Clark. Metter, 464 Hall. Sherwood Wm., Tate, 450. 134 Hall. Susan Kay, East Point, 450 Hall. Warren Rhodes, Atlanta, 437 Hallenberg, John S., Anchorage, Ky., 450 Hallman, James W., Ill, Macon, 450. 281 Hallman, John F.. HI, Atlanta, 464 Haily, Diane K., Aalhens, 450. 169 Halsall. Pamela Anne, Decatur, 464. 165 Ham, Huey Ronald. Nahunta, 371 Hamad, Mouhamed Nizar, Athens, 407 Hamad. Samira Mourad, Athens, 377 Hambrick, Heidi D., Marietta, 362, 437, 250 Hambrick, Lynda R., Albany, 437, 219 Hamby, Billy Charles. Warner Robins, 387 Hames, Wm. Howard, Jr., Newnan, 377 Hamilton, Betty Jane, Columbus, 437 Hamilton. Deirdre Ann, Lookout Mountain. 364 Hamilton, Frances L.. Miami, 437, 207, Hamilton, Cayle B., Savannah, 437, 231 Hamilton, Linda Gail, Athens, 112, 145, 138. 120 Hamilton, Sara B., Augusta, 450 Hamilton, Walter Carl. Brunswick. 450 Hamlin, Max Arthur, Albany, 281. 464 Hamling, Nancy Coe, Avondale Estates, 464 Hammack, James Albert, Blakely, 450, 247 Hammond. Alfred Gene, Waycross, 387, 140 Hammond, Billie B., Comer, 450 Hammond, Edward H., Jr., Berlin, Md., 224, 437 Hammond, Frances B., Avondale Estates, 464 Hammond, Henry C, Raleigh, N.C, 371, 133 Hammond, Jane Carter, Columbus, 450 Hammond, Lester Wayne, Athens, 464 Hamner. Marilyn, Augusta, 106, 397, 91 Hampton, James Edward, Dahlonega, 464 Hampton, Robert Wayne, Atlanta, 464 Hampton, Stephen N., Atlanta, 464, 287 Hanchey, Jas. Winston, Tyrone, 464 Hancock, Gary Alonzo, Griffin, 90, 450 Hancock, Margaret M., Jefferson, 437 Hand, Larry Ellon, Hazlehurst, 437 Haney, Thomas Oscar, Carrollton, 282, 437 Hanna, Barbara Ann, Douglas, 377, 87, 182 Hanner, Richmond R., Parrott, 387, 142 Hannon, Lee wood O., Marietta, 450, 169 Hansen, Arthur Paul, Brooklyn, N.Y., 371, 131 Hansen, Michael Ebbie, Dublin, 371 Hansford, Donald K., Watkinsville, 450 Hanson, Thomas H., Rochester, N.Y., 450 Hanson, William D., Covington, 387 Hanson, Wm. Lewis, Rutledge, 144 Haralson, Jesse R., Jr., LaGrange, 464 Harcourt, Roy David. Austell, 361 Hardeman, Georgia K., Fort Valley. 148, 437, 251 Harden, John Henry, Jr., Athens, 215 Harden, Jos. Richard, Ashburn, 464 Harden, Katherline L., Athens, 183, 437 Harden, Seaborn J., 11. Eastman, 132, 464 Harden, Sydney, Waynesboro, 377, 251 Harden, Thomas P., Augusta, 437 Hardigree, Betty June, Bishop, 377 Hardigree, Donald H., Statham, 371 Harding. Martha Jane, Tampa, 195, 437 Hardison, Richard M., Toccoa, 284, 346 Hardman, Dorothy S., Commerce, 362, 464 Hardman, James Felix, Macon, 437 Hardman, John Barnett, Commerce, 377, 154, 247 Hardman, Wm. Holden, Jr. Athens, 437, Hardy, Brenda Ann, Sycamore, 437 Hardy, Fred A., Jr., Perry, 387, 142 Hardy, Jacqueline H., Stone Mountain, 450, 165 Hardy, Marjorie Ann, Atlanta, 235, 413 Hargis, Mary Olivia, Tucker, 364, 464, 297 Hargrett, Lucy Leila, Screven, 437 Hargrove, Amy Katbryn, Pendergrass, 138, 146 Harkins, Robert Lee. Augusta, 291, 464 Harman, Claude P., Jr.. Greenville, 451, 187 Harman, Janell. Stovall, 451 Harmon, David M., Decatur, 464, 247 Harms, Richard S., Savannah, 437 Harned. Irving A.. Jr., Sea Island, 224, 464 Harp, Desmond W., Reynolds, 371 Harp, John Samuel. Toccoa. 134 Harp, Lucille Ray. Hapeville, 464, 177 Harp, Merylyn Lavada, Macon, 123, 464 Harp, Stephens L., Jr., Toccoa, 135 Harpe, Loyce Earl, Cordele, 464 Harper, Alice Daniel, Elberton, 397 Harper, Frances Hogc, Athens, 146, 147, 437. 219 Harper. Gloria Diane, College Park, 124, 88, 89, 451, 191 Harper, Roberta Ann, Douglasville, 437, 297 Harper, Sandra M.. Fairburn, 413 Harper, Sidney Wm., Jr., Atlanta, 437, 219 Harper, Harrell, 464 Harrell, James Marvin, Griffin, 437 Harrelson, Verma J., Helena, 437 Harrington, Hey ward T., Macon, 388 Harrington, Jack B., Paducah, Ky., 464 Harrington, Walter, Jr., Macon, 451 Harris. Alan Weathers. Griffin, 437, 247 Harris, Betty Anne, Lavonia, 437 Harris, Brenda S.. Ocilla, 437, 451, 211 Harris. Charles N.. Columbus, 451, 224 Harris. Donald Gibson, Athens, 464 Harris. Ernest Vivian, Winder, 464 Harris, Florence P., Winder, 451 Harris, Glenda Kay, Ringgold, 451, 220 Jaynita L.. Savannah, 451, 169 John Oscar, Forest Park, 437 Lourie Blane, Hartwell, 437 Myrna Kay, Valdosta, 377 Ralph. Jr.. Jesup, 451, 361 Ronald Walter. Atlanta, 464 Sandra Cain, Watkinsville, 397 Theodore D., Charlotte, N.C, 287 Wm. Whitehead, Augusta, 437 Edward J., Hawkinsvilie, 273, Harris, Harris, Harris. Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris. 445, Harris, Theodore Robt., Griffin, 291, 464, 287 Harris, Wesley Fields, Columbus, 388, 224 Harris, Winton C, Jr., Odum, 464 Harrison, Clarence, Jr., Gainesville, 438 Harrison, Dan H.. Bowdon, 377, 353, 363, 239, 337 Harrison. Edith Nell, Thomson, 397, 169 Harrison, George H., Rome, 187, 438 Harrison. Harry N.. Jr.. Atlanta, 121, 123 Harrison, James Loyd, Manassas, 451 Harrison, Joe B., Jr., Winder, 438 Harrison, Joseph H., Jr., Savannah, 464 Harrison, Nancy Jane, Atlanta, 464 Harrison, Paula J., Athens, 397 Harrison, Ronald W., Homerville, 464 Harrison, Tommy C, Fitzgerald, 464 Harrison, Wm., Eldridge, Musella, 159, 429, 127 Harriss, Phylliss A., Harlem, 451 Harsh, Wendell W., Jr., Atlanta, 451, 247 Hart, David Allen, Rome, 464 Hart, Dolores Ellen, Atlanta, 451, 72 Hart, Eleanor Cecile, Decatur, 464 Hart, Joseph Franklin, Athens, 464 Hart. Phillip Lee, Elberton, 438 Hart, Thomas E., Elmhurst, N.Y., 438 Hartley, Charles L., Winder, 464 Hartley, Judith Anne, Bronxville, N.Y., 464, 177 Hartman, Jack E., Brunswick, 437, 247 Hartmann, Frederick R., New York, N.Y., 148, 438 Harwell, W. Lovejoy, Jr., Kingston, Tenn., 451, 119, 121 Harwood, Peter Keith, Wanganui, New Zealand, 377 Hatcher, Betty Anne, Irwinton, 464, 256 Hatcher, Frank P., Jr., Gainesville, 185, 464 Hatcher, Mary Eugenia, Bainbridge, 123 Hatcher, Richard P., Albany, 451, 247 Hatcher, Robert Dale, Irwinton, 82, 85, 438 Hatcher, Robt. Felton, Kewanee, 111., 135 Hatfield, John Thorpe, Leesburg, 128 Hathcock, Stanley L., Ellenwood, 464 Hatton. Maree Hulsey, Warner Robins, 462, 231 Haupt, Gail Elaine, Savannah, 397 Hauss, Leonard Moore, Jesup, 273, 438, 315 Havnaer, Susan Ann, Columbus, 438, 207 Hawes, Mary Minor, Elberton, 438, 250 Hawkins, Charles E., Marietta, 451, 273 Hawkins, James Arlin, Sarasota, Fla., 159, 429 Hawkins, James D., Jr., Arnoldsville, 451 Hawkins, Peggy, Columbus, 195, 438 Hawthorne, Ann King, Herndon, Va., 451 Hay, Mary Bradley, .Atlanta, 235, 464 Hayes, Donald Merrill, Belmont, N.C, 377, 145 Hayes, Hugh Ansel, Mayo, S.C, 429 Hayes, Jerry Lamar, Trion, 451, 148 Hayes, John Edson, Bryans Rd., Md., 124, 429 Hayes, Lallie Jeanne, Avondale Estates, 139, 132, 451, 165 Hayes, Margie Nell, Colquitt, 88. 451, 72, 191 Hayes, Marilyn M., Atlanta, 146 Hayes, Sue Anne, Atlanta, 183, 438 Haygood Charles B., Jr., Forsyth, 84, 135. 403, 82, 127, 87, 261, 95, 105, 79 Haygood, Thomas C, Jr., Lexington, S.C, 451 Haynes, Cynthia M., Calhoun, 388 Haynes, Philip J., Dublin, 464 Haynie. Holland H., Jr., Atlanta, 464, 247 Hays, Walter William, Colquitt, 421, 152, 282 Head. Wm. Perry, Atlanta. 397, 123 Headrick, John Chas., Atlanta, 451, 361 Healy. James Patrick. Fleming. N.Y., 438 Heard, Dian Virginia, Atlanta, 413, 165 Heard, Roger Lee, Gumming, 464 Hearn. James Palmer, Decatur, 388 Hearn, Louie H., III. Colquitt, 282, 438 Heath, Sandra Kay, Augusta, 233, 438 Heaton, Bobbie Eliz., Hartwell, 438 Healon, Francine L., Warner Robins, 464 Heavner, Patricia C, Warner Robins, 464 Hedges, Jas. Robinson, Lookout Mountain, Tenn., 438 Heeney. Wm. Burke, Atlanta, 451, 224 Heery, William Henry, Hapeville, 464 Hehl. Louise Robstal, Forest, Va., 438 Heidt, Helen Gay. Savannah. 451. 297 Heimowitz. Stanley B.. S. Plainfield, N.J., 377, 172. 348, 119 Helfman. David Jay, Brooklyn, N.Y., 451 Hellman, Jay Michael, Brooklyn, N.Y., 291, 438 Helms, Gary Lee, Thomaston, 464 Hemphill, Robert L., Decatur, 451, 243, 361 Henderson, Devaul, Jr., Savannah 464 224, Atlanta, 377, 182, Jr.. Jesup, 124 III, Hinesville. 438 Henderson, Jan E., 183 Henderson, John T., Henderson, John T., Hcndley, John C, Jr., Albany, 132, 438 Hendricks, Hugh V., Woodland, 159, 429 Hendricks, Jean Barry, Jeffersonville, 451 Hendrix, James F. Murphy, N.C, 156, 175 Hendrix, Melvin R., Bremen, 451 Hendrix, Selene L., Canton, 451, 169 Hendry, Gail Sterne. Atlanta, 438. 220 Henke, Robert P., Duluth, 159. 429 Hennen. Malinda Ann, Gainesville, 164, 464, 207 Henry. Charlie Cooper, Calhoun, 438 Henry, Hunter M., Jr., N. Augusta, S.C, 388 Henry. Lucille Curtis, Atlanta, 164, 100, 101. 438. 251, 95 Henry, Lucinda L.. Athens. 438, 297 Henry, Waymond L.. Crandall. 464 Henry, Wm. Jones. Athens, 451, 243 Henslee, Thomas Lee, Decatur, 438. 105 Hensley. Talmadge B., Greensboro, 131 Henson. Carter A., Jr., Macon, 438, 337 Henson. Charles Wm., Canton, N.C, 451 Henson, Sylvia Jane, Athens, 438, 207 Higgins, Higgins, Higgins, Higgins, Henson, Thomas H., Colbert, 361 Herin, Ethel Jane, Macon, 464 Herin, Walter G., Jr., Macon, 451 Herman, Chas. Edward, Atlanta, 388, 172 Hermance, George Wm., Brooklyn, N.Y., 371, 181 Hemdon, Angela C, Brunswick, 464 Hemdon, Charles H., Jr., Toccoa, 464, Herndon, Craig, Toccoa, 451 Herndon, Fredia D., Carl, 451, 72 Herndon, Michael Neil, Thomasville, 152 Herndon, Patricia F., Brunswick, 438 Herndon, Paul Maxwell, Moultrie, 132 Herrin, Luther V., Jr., Milledgeville, 438 Herring, Alvan A., Jr., Macon, 451, 282 Herring, Harold H., Cairo, 464 Hershberg, Sherry, Atlanta, 464, 211 Hertwig, Willa, Porterdale Hester, Joan Louise, East Point, 451, 231 Hester, Patricia Anne, Columbus, 438, 251 Hester, Roy Fred, Richmond, 388, 142 Hester, Ted Martin, Richland, 464 Hewell, Anita Louise, Atlanta, 451, 235 Hewell, Susan Eliz., Elherton, 464 Heymann, Laurence H., Richland, 377 Heys, Jo Ann, Athens, 397, 195 Heys, Ruba Elizabeth, Athens, 451, 164, 195 Heyward, Mildred G., Macon, 377, 170 Hicks, Alan Sarrett, Corning, N.Y., 285, 371, 340 Hicks, Beverly Anne, University, Miss., 451 Hicks, Burry Little, Atlanta, 451 Hicks, Harriet Lynn, College Park, 451, 231 Hicks, Mary Helen, Swainsboro, 100, 251 Hicks, Patricia Lou, Comer, 451 Hicks, Ray Rolston, Madisonville, Tenn., 135, 134 Hiers, James M., Jr., Ehrhardt, S.C., 464 Hiers, Jeannine L, Waycross, 146, 235, 438 Hiers, John William, Walterboro, S.C., 451 Higginhotham, Lanoy A., Washington, 146, 413 Higginhotham, Mary J., Hartwell, 147, 183, 438 Higgins, Carole E., Bremen, 124 Elizabeth H., Augusta, 438 Harriet C, Sautee, 377, 235 James Thomas, Winder, 451 William Cam, Atlanta, 451 High, Edward Omer, Durham, N.C., 429 Hightower, Hilton, Jr., Blakely, 451, 247 Hilburn, Roberta Ann, Columbia, S.C., 182, 464 Hilderbrand, Henry L., Atlanta, 464 Hildreth, Philip L., Atlanta, 464 Hiley, Sandra Lillian, Fort Valley, 464 Hill, Arnold Steed, Jr., Dalton, 451, 243 Hill. Betty Ruth, West Point, 145, 397, 87, 438 Hill, Charles D., Atlanta, 438, 330 Hill, Charles Madison, McRae, 438 Hill, Charles Walter, Albany, 451 Hill, Claude M., Augusta, 142 Hill, Dorsey Gary, Rome, 464, 287 Hill, James Walter, Canon. 403 Hill, Jeffrey Steven, Atlanta, 438 Hill, John Bunn, Jr., Atlanta, 90, 438 Hill, Judy Hester, Rome, 451, 235 Hill, Lamar B., Jr., Cartersville, 187, 464 Hill, Robert Thomas, Savannah, 438 Hill. Robin, Tampa, Fla., 139, 138, 438, 231, 91 Hill. Steven Bradley, Winder, 220 Hill, Susan Jayne, Athens, 438 Hilsman, Elizabeth B,, Madison, 451 Hilton, Leroy Puttman, Screven, 403 Hilton. Nancy Lee, Sylvania, 451, 297 Hilton. Patricia Anne, Sylvania, 464, 297 Hind, Edwin A., Jr., St. Simons Island, 451. 243 Hinden. Michele P., Sarasota, Fia., 464, 211 Hinds, John Clinton, Rossville, 243 Hinds, Tonila Lea, Rossville. 451 Hines, Jan Creighlon, Chamblee. 159, 429 Hines, Lilaine. Cordele. 145, 170, 438 Hines, Michael Lee. Atlanta, 464 Hinson, Laura Lee, Mill Haven, 88, 438, 256 Hirsch, Brenda Sue, Savannah, 377, 211 Hirsch, John Emile, Macon, 291, 464 Hiscock, Linda Carole, Quitman, 106, 146, 86 Hitchcock, Hershel E., Albany, 388 Hitchcock. John F., Devereux, 421, 84, 135. 127, 87, 153, 78 Hitchcock, John P., Jr., Augusta, 421, 282 Hixon, Allan Franchot, Bainbridge, 156, 158 Hixon, Nancy Lee, Rossville, 465 Hoagland, Wm. Justus, Athens, 421, 82, 85, 114 Hobbs, Bessie D., Atlanta, 451 Hobbs, James Nicholas, Guyton, 465 Hobby, Stephens Gary, Macon, 388 Hockon, Emlyn Richard, Schenectady, N. Y., 132 Hoctor, Jame s C, Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y., 371 Hodes, Shirley, Chattanooga. Tenn., 278, 413 Hodges, Fred B., HI, Atlanta, 451. 239 Hodges, Hugh Oscar, SandersviUe. 451 Hodges, James Eli, Statesboro, 388, 273 Hodges. Patricia, Savannah, 438 Hodgson, Patrick S. Atlanta, 314 Hoffeditz, Thomas S. Macon, 388 Hoffman, John C, Gainesville. 285, 438 Hoffman. Robert G.. Berlin, Mass., 131 Hogan, Larry Chester, Bogart, 377, 123 Hoisington, Judith D., Athens, 112, 438, 192 Hoke, Roland Thomas, Newnan, 465, 224 Holbrook, Jan, Canon, 145, 438, 165 Holbrook, Marie E., Buford, 438 Holcomb, Gregory F., Athens, 142 Holcombe, Lynette E., Dacula, 146 Holcombe, Wm. David, Bowdon, 398, 287 Holcombe, Willis C, Dacula, 465 Holder, Dennis Jerome, Marietta, 137, 451, 77, 261, 361, 121 Holder, George Thomas, Monroe, 159, 429 Holder, Metz Raymond, Bainbridge, 388 Holl, James Edward, Augusta. 203, 347 Holland, Anne L., Atlanta, 451, 231 Holland, Carolyn A., Atlanta, 377, 147 Holland. David Furman, Miami Springs, Fla., 438 Holland, Diana Kay, Gainesville, 398, 178 Holland. Harold E., Buford. 388 Holland, William J., Lumber City. 465 Holleman, Nan K., Athens, 451 Holley, Henry W., Jr., Athens. 388 Holliday. Marion P., Athens, 438, 207 Hollimon, Thomas R., Chamblee, 465 Hollingsworth Gail E., Greenville, S.C., 377 Hollingsworth, M. E., Jr., Dalton, 465 Hollis, Cheryl C, Warner Robins, 465 Hollomon, William, III, Brooklyn, 465 Holloway, Bessie W., Indian Springs, 362, 438, 231 Holloway, Joseph M., Thomaston, 88, 465 Holman, Patricia Dawn, Forest Park, 388 Holmes, Brenda Dianne, SandersviUe, 465 Holmes, Hamilton Earl, Atlanta, 377 Holmes, John P., Jr., Atlanta, 315 Holmes, Lareese, Atlanta. 146. 438, 220 Holmes, Robin Michel. Fair Haven, Mass., 314 Holmes, Sidney Rankin, Atlanta, 465 Holmes, Thomas Raynor, Newark, N.Y., 285, 438 Holt, Elizabeth Raid. Atlanta, 195, 438 Holton, Thomas B., Tennille, 451 Homans, Philip A.. Savannah, 465, 291 Homyk, Theodore, Jr., Toccoa, 465 Honea, Robert Ben, Athens, 377 Honey, Vaughn Stephen, Doraville, 465, 261 Honey, William Ernest, Roswell, 451, 261 Hood, Beverly W., Jr., College Park, 451. 438 Hood, Charlotte L., Gainesville, 138, 451, 72, 165 Hood. Nell Lecount, Waycross, 178, 438 Hook. Mamie Ray. Columbia, S.C, 429 Hooks, Lewis Eddy, Barnesville. 465, 438, 239, 126, 198 Hooper, Charlie H., Jr., Athens, 465, 332, 224 Hooper, Cynthia M.. Columbus, Miss, 465, 133, 195 Hope, Claudia Durham, Commerce, 465, 146, 59, 236 Hope, Emily Caroline. Commerce, 146, 236, 438 Hopkins. Alton Hunter, Brunswick, 421, 152, 150, 151 Hopkins, Charles E., Canton, 130 Hopkins, Clarence B., Stone Mountain, Hopkins, John H., Jr., Atlanta, 90, 451 Hopkins, John Taylor, Waycross, 438, 287 Hopkins, Ralph D., Washington, 377 Horn, Kathleen Jeanne, Atlanta, 465, 146 Home, Dennis P., Jr.. Albany, 465 Horner, William Leroy. Augusta. 465 Homey, Alexander C, Atlanta, 451, 287 Hornsby. Samuel G. Jr., LaGrange, 398 Horton, Brenda Eve, Columbus, 465, 192 Horton, Carol Joyce, Cedartown, 138, 100, 101, 438, 297 Horton, Michael V.. Athens, 451 Horton, Rosemary, Savannah, 438. 256 Hostetter, Eliz. Lnwe, Winder, 398 Hotard, Th omas G.. Columbus, 451 House. Betty Eliz., Eastman. 88, 451, 91 Houston, Willie C, Donalsonville. 438 Howard, Larry Keyes, Ft. Oglethorpe, 388 Howard, Pierre D,, Jr., Decatur, 451, 332, 77 Howard, Rebecca Lee, Marietta. 123 Howard, Robert Leon, Knoxville, Tenn., 135 Howell, James Robert, Atlanta. 371 Howell, John W., Jr., Fayetteville, N.C., l. ' ig Howell. Lanny Mont., Fayetteville, N.C., 159 Howell, Mary Ellen, Sandy Springs, 451, 146 Howell, Robert N., Gainesville, 130, 181, 187 Howell, Sandra N., Augusta, 451 Howington, Jane W.. Augusta, 377, 114 Howington, Jerry W., N. Augusta, S.C. East Point, 139, LaGrange, 451 Green Hills, O., 114 Howe, Nancy Linda, 138, 451 Hubbard, Barbara J., Bubbard, James S., Jr 465 Hubbard, John Stephen, Bremen, 588, 248 Hubbard, Sammy Lou, Carnesville, 398 Hubley, Fred Curtis, York, Penn., 438, 219 Huckabee, Jean Percer, LaGrange, 465 Hudgens, Katherinc A., Albany, 438, 251 Hudgins, Edwin Philip, Gainesville Hudson, Charles M., Ill, Eatonton, 90, 438 Hudson. Frank Raiford, Stone Mountain, 377, 154, 349 Hudson, Orlando D., St. Marys, 377, 224 Hudson, Thomas B., Acworth, 451, 185 Hudspeth, Jep P., Covington, 159 Huff, Dean Walton, Holcomb, N. Y., 285, 438, 340 Huff, James B., Jr., Columbus, 224, 438 Hug, Melissa Lynn, Athens, 465 HufE, Mildred C, Carrollton, 106. 451 Huff, Vivian Marie, Buckhead. 398, 297 Huff, Wm. Cooke, Columbus, 224, 438 Huff, Wm. Stinnie, II, New York, N. Y., 438 Huggins, Jere Pound, Athens, 152 Hughes, Larry Keith, Waresboro, 438 Hughes, Robert Thomas, Warner Rob- ins, 363, 354 Hughes, Thomas M., Atlanta, 131 Hughes, Turner Lynn, Atlanta, 314 Hughes, William H., Ill, Macon, 388 Hughey, Carolyn Lee, Salisbury, N. C, 438 Hughs, Lynda Barnard, Athens, 413, 231 Hulme, Douglas Warren, Dewy Rose, 451 Hulsey. Gary Bright, Alto, 438 Hulsey, John A., Jr. Hulsey, Julius Melton, Gainesville, 421, 152 Hulsey, Theresa Kaye, Alto, 451, 91 Hummel, Frances D., Macon, 377, 106, 86 Hunnicutt, Wm. C, III, LaGrange, 315, 114 Hunnius, Howard R., Athens, 438 Hunt, George H., Jr., Thomson, 438 Hunt, James Thomas, Perry, 377, 334 Hunt. July Cheryl. Athens, 465, 123, 122 Hunt, Richard James, Thampa, Fla., 166 Hunter, Barbara Jean, Macon, 364, 438 Hunter, Barbara Lynn, Columbus, 451 Hunter. Charles B., Macon, 451 Hunter, Charles M., Jr., Sylvania, 345 Hunter, John Gilmour, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 451 Hunter, Mary Eliz., Atlanta, 195, 438 Hunter, Ruth Butler, Quitman, 398, 231 Hunter, William James, Orlando, Fla., 465, 123 Huppert, Steven Harry, Ft. Benning, 336, 465, 361 Hurlhurt, Guy G., Augusta, 134, 438 Hurlbutt, James W., Ft. Lauderdale, 388 Hurst, Alvin P.. Jr., Waycross. 438, 287 Hurst, Robt. Wayne, Waycross, 142, 77, 438, 121 Hurst, Seaward M., Jr., Waycross, 314 Hurst, Shirley Ann, Macon, 139, 138, 451. 178 Huss, John Riley, Decatur, 465 Huss, Wm. Leonard, Jr., Decatur, 388, 142 Hutasoit, Rulia M., Java, Indonesia, 413 Hutcheson, Jerry L., Riverdale, 451 Hutchinson, Pauline, LaGrange, 465, 195 Hutchison, Alvin M., Jr., Albany, 451, 224 Hutchison, Carlton A., Athens, 388 Hutto, Valene Monroe, St. Simons, 240, 451 Hyatt, John Luther, Elijay, 371, 128, 105 Hyatt, Ralph Frick. Athens, 159 Hyde, Legrand Putnam, Tupelo, Miss., 465 Hydrick, Dick S., Baconton, 159 Iconis, Carol Lynne, Decatur, 465, 192 Igoe, James Thomas, Columbia, S. C., 451 Illges, Barbara S., Columbus, 145, 398, 194, 195 Ingham, John William, Royston, 451 Inglesby, Samuel P., Jr., Savannah, 421, 152, 224 Inglis, David Wright, Athens, 388 Ingraham, Dorothy M., Daytona Beach, Fla., . ' J62, 123, 122 Ingram, Benny G., Gainesville, 451 Ingram, Charles David, Gumming, 438 Ingram, Henrj ' C, Jr., Lilly. 385 Ingram, John Timothy, Edison, 451 Ingram. Marie J., Chicopee. 413 Ingram, William W.. Lilly, 438 In man, Roberta Athena, Miami, Fla., 451, 231 Irby, Cheryl Sue, Avondale Estates, 465, 287 Irvin, James T., Jr., Bennettsville, S. C, 200, 388 Irvin, Lynda Sue, Gainesville, 451, 91 Isaacson, Faye, Atlanta. 451, 278 Isaacson, Marcia Jean. Atlanta, 465, 278 Isaf, Sara Josephine, Macon, 377, 124. 87, 91 Isakson. Johnny Hardy, Atlanta, 465 Ison, Barbara Greene, Atlanta, 195. 452 It, Sareth, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 452 Ivey, Toby, Albany, 421, 152, 82, 151, 248 Ivey, Wm. Fredrick, Albany, 388, 224, 315, 78 Jackson, Ann Blake, Sheffield, Ala., 149, 147 Jackson, Carolyn, Summerville, 256, 452 Jackson, Carolyn Sue, Marietta, 465, 220 Jackson, Charles Ray, Clyde, N. C, 134 Jackson, Daniel Gay, LaGrange, 364, 195, 438 Jackson, Jackie, McCrae, 154, 377 Jackson, James F., Jr., Chattahoochee, Fla., 438 Jackson, James Howard, Mooresboro, N. C, 159 Jackson, James Wm., Lilburn, 465 Jackson, Jan Harvey, Atlanta, 388, 142, 291, 98 Jackson, Jonathan B., Dalton, 452 Jackson, Ramon Gordon, LaGrange, 340, 438 Jackson, Stephen F., Gainesville, 377 Jackson, Thomas C, Atlanta, 465 Jackson, Thomas R., Jr., Kennett Square, Pa., 135, 438 Jacober, Dorothea W., Atlanta, 465, 178 Ja cobs, Richard E., Hornell, N. Y., 452 Jacobs, Robert Sidney, New Haven, Conn., 465, 291 Jaeger, Raymond A., Lynchburg, Va., 159 Jahn, Hugo Ernest, Athens, 371 Jamerson, Helen, Sylvania, 438 James Billy Lewis, Homerville, 134, 438 James, David Thomas, Athens, 118, 142, 438 James, Duncan Alex, Waycross, 452 James, Frank Anthony, Royston, 287 Janosko, Gayle E., Clairton, Pa. Janoulis, Nicholas J., Atlanta, 438, 287 Jarboe, James P., Jr., LaPlata, Md., 465, 203 Jardine, Lottie T., Douglas, 195, 438 Jarman, Judith Oliver, Ashburn, 72, 207, 452 Jarrell, Judy Ann, Gray, 398, 207 Jarrell William Lee, Falls Church, Va., 465, 224 Jarrett, Elbert Loy, Armuchee, 86, 127, 105 Jarrett, Randall F., Maysville, 128 Jarrett, Sara Jan, Albany, 465, 207 Jarriel. Billy H., Collins. 90, 294, 452 Jay, Linda Joy, Atlanta, 465, 166 Jaynes, Ronald M., Tarrytown, N. Y., 465, 187 Jeffries, Joe Tom, McRae, 159 Conn., 133, 438 Jeffries, Joe Tom, McCrae, 159 Jenkins, Albert F., Madison, 378, 136, 152, 150, 74, 248, 119 Jenkins, Chas. Rhoten, Elherton, 465 Jenkins, Jan Palmer, Waycross, 398 Jenkins, Jane, Augusta, 65, 362, 170, 438 Jenkins, Thomas Wm.. Jr., Macon, 159 Jennings, Evelyn W., Wytheville, Va., 378, 136, 178 Jerkins, Dewain D., Macon, 465, 282 Jernigan, Dorothy Ann, Atlanta, 362, 170, 438 Jernigan, Harry W., Ill, Augusta, 224, 438 Jeter, Robert E., Jr., Bainbridge, 219, 452 Jinks, Douglas David, Gloverville, N. Y., 132 Joerg, Charlotte Eliz., Orlando, Fla., 61, 178, 438 Joerg, Susette Wood, Orlando, Fla., 138, 465, 146 Johns, Charles Edward, Fayetteville, N. Y., 361 Johns, Ida Gayl, Savannah, 452 Johns, Lucy Eliz., Canton, 87, 91 Johnsa, Dortha K., Austell. 145, 398, 87 Johnsen, Paul Edward, Savannah, 200, 438 Johnson, Albert S., Athens, 262 Johnson, Alice Susan, Valdosta, 124, 438, 207 Johnson, Alva Wm., Tifton, 371 Johnson, Betty L., Savannah, 378, 88, 89, 178 Johnson, Donald C, Moultrie, 187, 438 Johnson. Dorothy L., Savannah, 119 Johnson, Elizabet h B., Waynesboro, 452, 195 Johnson, Elliott A., Atlanta 438 Johnson, Hazel J., Augusta, 438 Johnson, Janet Eliz., San Francisco, Calif., 465, 178 Johnson. Jean E., Jr., Smyrna, 152 Johnson, Jerry Holmes, Waynesboro, 159, 161 Johnson, Jimmy T., Hahira, 465 Johnson, Jo Ann Q., Waynesboro, 452 Johnson, John Alfred, Smyrna, 452, 282 Johnson, Joy Lee, Arlington, Va., 465 Johnson, Kenneth W., Camilla, 156, 438 Johnson, Lynda Lewis, Washington, 452 Johnson, Martha Ann, Decatur, 149, 364, 178 Johnson, Martha L., Marietta, 465 Johnson, Mary Anne, Chattanooga, Tenn., 465 Johnson, Mary V., Atlanta, 398, 194, 195 Johnson, Sally Earle, Ellaville, 88, 364, 438 Johnson, Suzanne D.. Atlanta, 465 Johnson, Thomas Peter, Batavia, N. Y., 109, 365 Johnson, Valerie Ann, Athens Johnson, Walter E., II, Union Pt., 154, 438 Johnson, William C, Decatur, 438 Johnson. Wm. Hubert, Summerville, 452 Johnson. Wm. Parks, Pelham, 438 Johnson, Wyatt T.. Jr., Macon, 94, 149, 83, 82, 282, 102, 345, 80, 79 Johnson, Zada Byrnese, Decatur, 465 Johnston. Alice Kay, Sylvester 348, 170 Johnston, Douglas Lee, Atlanta, 438 Johnston, Nedrick L., Sarasota, Fla., 159 Johnston, Patricia J., Decatur, 452, 231 Johnstone, Sylvia C, Athens, 207, 439, 475 Joiner, Carol Knight, Atlanta 465, 178 Joiner, Horace G., Jr., Douglas, 465, 187 Joiner, Jacqueline, Atlanta, 465, 297 Jolley, Thomas Glenn, Bremen. 123 Jolly, Brenda Gail, Lavonia, 439 Jones, Antoinette, Atlanta, 413 Jones, Barbara Ann, GrifBn, 452 Jones, Barbara Lynne, Dalton, 439 Jones. C. Ann. Gainesville, 398, 232 Jones, Charles W., Jr., Bartow. 465 Jones, Daniel Carl, Whigham. 452 Jones, Douglas G., Jr.. Valdosta, 287, 439 Jonet, Douglas Neal, Fayetteville, 156 Jones. Eliz. Dianne. Norfolk. Va., 378, 77 Jones, Emily Weigle, Savannah, 145, 398. 87 Jones, Emma Jo, Macon, 60, 170, 439 Jones, Eric Lance, Uvalda, 121, 152 Jones, Ernest Gordon, Soperton, 152, 439 Jones. Franklin E., Whigham. 452 Jones, Helen Renee, Atlanta. 106 Jones. Jackson R., Macon, 465 Jones. James Larry, Atlanta, 109, 99, 87, 186, 187, 78 Jones, James R., Jr., Macon, 378. 248 Jones, James Terrell, Columbus, 398 Jones, Jerilyn, Alma. 452 Jones, Jim Buck. Nashville, 371. 129 Jones. John Bums. Jr., Savannah. 224 Jones, John Paul. Talbotton. 378 Jones. Johnnie Faye, Cordele, 183, 439 Jones, Judith Ann, Macon, 465, 364 Jones. Julie Ann. Birmingham. Ala.. 39. 465, 178 Jones. Kenneth E., Jr.. Newton, 156, 439 Jones. Lewis Norwood, Atlanta, 452. 361 Jones, Linda Garrett, Augusta. 439 Jones, Lynn Darien. Jacksonville, Fla., 465, 91 Jones, Margaret Ann, Memphis, Tenn., 236, 439 Jones, Otis F., Jr.. Newnan. 452, 224 Jones, Ralph, Greenville. 452 Jones. Robt. Mclntyre, Atlanta. 378 Jones, Robin Dee, Warner Robins, 452 Jones, Roger Wayne. Atlanta. 148 Jones. Roger Willis, Augusta. 378 Jones, Sammy Owen. Resaca. 465, 187 Jones. Sidney P., Jr.. Newnan. 439 Jones, Stella Delavan, Athens, 236 Jones. Ted Gilland, Atlanta. 465, 287 Jones, Teresa Annette. Bremen, 452, 369. 178 Jones. Terrell. Atlanta. 248 Jones, Tommy Marvin. High Shoala. 128, 452 Jones, Virginia Sue, Macon. 465 Jones. Vivian Lee, High Shoals, 154 Jones, Vivien Lee, Hapeville, 378, 465 Jones. William B., Jr.. Summerville. 378 Jones. William Eugene. Waleska. 439 Jordan, Nan McCray, Marietta. 256, 439 Jordan, Pamela Coye. Albany, 465 Jordan, Richard L.. Jr.. Albany, 152. 150 Jordan, Robert Edward, Fitzgerald, 439 Jordan, Steve Marion, Sylvania, 77, 273, 439, 102 Jordan, William H., Albany, 465. 243. 439. 102 Jorgensen, Leon P., Arlington. Va., 240 Josephs. Joanne M., Atlanta, 465, 211 Joslin, Anne DuBoae, Newport, R. I., 465, 195 Joyner, David Walton. Fort Valley. 465, 187 Joyner, Frances P.. Winder. 413 Julius, George P.. McKees Rocks. Pa., 314 Jump, Billy Joe, Macon, 135 Juiko, Patricia T.. Brunswick, 398, 94 Kahn. Arnold Jay, Atlanta. 123, 172. 439 Kahn, Marjorie H., Pahokee, Fla.. 124 Kalick, Carol Ann, Downers Grove, 111. Kaliher, Russell E.. Jr.. Albany. 248. 452 Kaminsky, Jerry L., LeGrange, 452, 172 Kaminsky, Sidney Fine, Savannah, 452,, 291 Kanatas, Victoria P.. Atlanta, 465 Kantsiper, Alan B.. Sava nnah. 378, 291 Karpowicz, Charles E., Athens, 439 Kasay, John Paul, Johnstown, Pa., 314 Katz. Jerry Herbert, Atlanta, 172 Katz, Margot Esther, Atlanta, 212, 452 Katz, Richard Alan. Atlanta. 421 Kay. Sigmund Avram, Flushing. N. Y.. 135, 439 Kaye, Toby Rose, Griffin, 452, 278 Keadle, Patsy Grace, Barnesville, Ga., 398, 207 Keappler, Gary Lee, East Point, 465, 264 Keat. Keug Sin. Athens, 132, 452 Keenan, Wm. Francis, Jr., Augusta. 142 Keever. James D., Ill, Rome, 149 Kegerreifl. Jean L.. Hershey, Pa., 139 Keheley, Mary J., Newnan, 378, 413, 182, 183 Keith, Jas. Anderson, Omega, 155 Keith, Nancy, Omega, 77, 156 Keith, Nathan R.. Jr.. Hopkinton. Mass., 134 Keith, William W., Ill, Eton, 465 Keller, Alex Paul. Athens. 465, 333, 273 Keller, Georgianna J., Savannah, 378, 236 Keller, Leslie J., Tangerine, Fla.. 465, 192 Keller, Richard M., Fulton. N. Y.. 133 Kellett, Stiles A., Jr., Atlanta, 465 Kelly, Beverly Jean, Atlanta, 207, 147, 439 Kelly, Charles Ashley, Charlotte, N. C. 148, 439 Kelly, Eugene A., Jr., Savannah, 465, 273 Kelly, James Haynes, Cheraw, S. C. 439 Kelly, Myrtle Eliz.. Warner Robins. 166, 452. Kelly, Nancy Carole, Atlanta, 465 Kelly. Richard Edwin. Savannah, 315 Kelly, Sandra Kay, Macon, 168, 170, 439 Kelmanson, David A., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.. 291 Kemp, Helen Elaine, Jonesboro, 72, 100, 147, 183. 439 , 452 Kemper, Judith Ann, Riverdale, 378. 183 Kendrick, Holmes Chas., Zebulon, 465 Kendrick, Thomas C. Jr., Chatsworth, 130, 439 Kenimer, Barry Keith. Greensboro, 154 Kennedy. Alfred D., Ill, Atlanta, 200, 421, 152 Kennedy, Allen Frank. Smyrna, 287. 439 Kennon, Mary Kay, Athens, 192 Kent, Earl Hilton. Thomson, 439 Kerby, Anne Clayton, Arlington, Va Kern, Candace Lee, San Bernardino. Calif., 452 Kern, Edward Franklin. Atlanta. 152. 150 Kern, Kenan James. Statesboro, 465, 273 Kerr, John Edwin, Savannah, 378. 273 Kerr, John Hull, Jr., Savannah, 121 Kerr, Robert Allard, Cave Spring. 465 Kerr. Sandra Kay, Gainesville, 439 Kerr, Thomas Howell, Cave Spring, 452 Kershman, Alvin, Brooklyn, N. Y., 371. 133 Kesler, Ernest B.. Jr., Baxley 145, 398 Kesler, Linda Faye, Toccoa, 123 Kesler, Sharon P.. Toccoa. 452, 72 Kesaer, Michael B., Norfolk, Va., 173, 172, 144 Kessler, Jay David, Atlanta, 173 Kester, Jo Ann, Salisbury, N. C, 166, 439 Khattak, Jahan Nabi, W. Pakiston, 133 Kidd, Way Harris. Augusta 439. 219 Kidd, Wm. Wallace, Thomasville, 219, 223, 224, 349 Kiley, Rebecca Jean, Savannah, 378 Killian, Mary Helen, Atlanta, 297, 439 Killian, William J., Jr., Atlanta. 465 Killingsworth, Ruby D., Buena Vista, 439 Kilpatrick, Andrew, II. Augusta, 465 Kilpatrick. Paul V., Columbus, 152. 223, 421, 224, 350 Kimble. Donna Jewel. Macon, 439 Kimbrell, Dorothy A., Athens, 452, 76, 196 Kimbrough, Jas M.. III. Ft. Monmouth, N. J., 465 Kimbrough, Linda Ray, Fairburn, Ga.. 398, 232 Kimsey, Wm. Franklin, Clarkesville. 439 Kinard, Fredrick W., Jr., Charleston, S. C, 135 Kinbar, Philip Howard, Macon, 291, 439 King, Carolyn Va., Monroe, N. C, 378 King, Charles Robert, Montgomery, Ala., 187, 439 King. David Eugene, Marietta, 287, 439 King, Elizabeth Ann, Atlanta, 465 King, Frederick J., Marietta. 452, 294 King, Judith March. Coral Gables, Fla.. 465 King, Larry Bruce. Hartwell. 142, 439 King, Linda Paulette, Atlanta. 106, 439 King, Lula Evelyn, Cusseta, 364. 236, 439 King, Paul Harry, Palatine Bridge, N. Y., 371 King, Phyllis Ann. Charleston Hgts., S. C, 466 King. Ruth Shariel. Atlanta, 298, 466 King, Sally Anne. Covington, 460. 256 King, Thomas R.. Jr., Decatur, 243. 439 Kingsley, Marjorie J.. Hapeville, 8B, 89, 452, 72, 86 Kinne, Sydney B., III. Pooler, 134, 439 Kinnebrew, Nancy C, Americus, 466, 196 Kinner, Ann Lee, Atlanta, 256, 439 Kinney, Frances Tolee, Atlanta, 466 Kirby, Milton W., III. Atlanta. 452. 224 Kirk, Harrison L.. Winterville 219 Kirk, Lawrence F., Martinez. 452, 494 Kirk. Patricia Anne. Kennesaw, 452 Kirkland. Glenn N., Jr.. Hapeville, 439 Kirkland. Helen M., Warner Robins, 466 Kirkland, Wiley Meeks, Waycross, 466 Kirkman. Jerry David, Cartersville. 439 Kirshtein, Nancy A., Savannah, 138, 211, 439 Kirr. Gail Ida. Dublin. 211. 452 Kitchens, Jack Edward. Hephzibah, 152 Kitchens. Leonard, Jr.. Thompson, 452, 219, 361 Kitchens, Mary Jo, Douglas, 251. 452 Kitchens. Robert T., Augusta, 452. 219, 361 Kitchens, William. Jr., Athens, 361 Kite. Powell Stephen. Marietta, 421, 152 Kittles, Nancy Louise, Greenville, S. C, 466, 146. 178 Kittrell, James D.. Jr., Kingsland. 353. 363 Kleinpeter, William L., Savannah, 452 Klesa, Lois Carole Warner Robins. 466 Klingbeil. Clifford T., Marietta. 240. 466 Knapp, Brooks Simmons. Auburn, Ala., 421, 119, 153 Knierim. Jane Clair, Arlington. Va.. 452 Knight. Herbert Allen, Calhoun. 403 Knight, James Ronald, EUijay, 439 Knight, James Wm., Moultrie. 149. 120, 148. 439 Knight, Nina June. Waycross. 466, 236 Knight. Robert E., Griffin. 398 Knight. Ruth J.. Atlanta. 398, 196 Knowlea, Wm. Cecil Jr.. Ozark. Ala Knox, Wvckliffe A., Jr., Thompson 83, 152. 82, 85. 224. 119. 80 Koenig. Judith Helen, Miami, Fla. Koepke, Karl Otto, Athens, 153 Kohnke, Vernon Daniel. Decatur. 466 Kohorn. Frances N., Spring Hill, Ala., 4.S2. 278 Kokko. Maija Eva, Decatur, 452. 236 Komich. Ronald J., Statesboro, 132. 452 Konigsmark, Dorothy A.. Smyrna. 139. 439 Konigsmark. Henry III. Smyrna. 466, 232, 314 Kontos, George D.. Waycross, 452, 273 Korman, Janis P., W. Englewood, N.J., 452, 278 Kortes, John E., East Point, 466. 262 315 421, 148 Kraft, Naomi Gail, Charlotte. N.C.. 212, 466 Kramer. Mary Ruth. Madison, Fla.. 212 Kraselsky, Robert L., Albany, 452, 291 Kravitz, Judith Linda, Birmingham, Ala., 466, 278 Kreeger, George H., Smyrna, 145, 398, 287 Kreli, Barry, Charleston. S.C.. 452. 291 Krueger, John Michael, Macon. 452, 219 Krugman, Karen R., Atlanta, 452, 278 Krulic. John Wesley. Rocky Ford, 439 Krumbein. Charles H., Richmond, Va., 466, 173 Kunze, John Herman, Commerce. 452 Kurtz, Judith Harriet, Rock Hill, S.C., 398, 94. 75, 278, 103. 78 Kyle, Eliz. Taylor, Miami, Fla., 138 Lacher, Ellen Elisa, Athens, 236, 439 Lachmilter, Frank M.. Moultrie. 439 Lacy, James Grady, Acworth. Ga., 466 Lacy, Thomas Scott, Atlanta, 132 Laing, Noel Armstrong, Amissville, 159 Laird, Norman Samuel, Milledgeville, 224, 119, 378 Lake, Beverly, Lincolnton. 452 Lam, Linda Lavicie, Rome, 123 Lamb, Carol Olivia, Augusta. 166 Lamb, Donald N., Jr., Dublin. 452. 243 Lamb, Dorothy C, Atlanta. 439 Lamb. Lillian Wilma, Isle of Palms. C.S.. 220, 452 Lambert, John Larason, Trenton, N.J.. 452. 134 Lambert, Joyce Diane, Atlanta, 466 Lambries, Norman J.. Greenville, S.C. Lampe, Diedrich L., Jacksonville, Fla., 187 Lampkin, Betty G.. Stone Mt. Lampkin, Ronald H., Athens, 187 Lancaster, Jerry H., Decatur, 156, 439 Lancaster, Larry C. Decatur, 156. 439 Lance. James Clarence, Washington. 371 Land, Geot e Roger, Albany. 452, 282. 119 Land, Judith Marie, Lake City. Fla., 398 Land, Karen Ann, Cochran, 178. 439 Land. Mary Lyle. Columbus, 398, 170 Landers. Guy A., Jr., Albany, 466, 282 Landrum, Darrell F., Austell, 90, 452 Landrum, Lillia S., College Park, 139. 106, 398, 86 Landrum, William L., Canton, 439 Landsberg, Dorothy E.. Savannah. 466, 183 Lane. Edwin Green III, Atlanta. 187, 439 Lane. Frank Lewis 11, Atlanta, 124, 121, 466. 123 Lane. James Theron. Augusta, 314 Lane, Linda Jeanne. Atlanta, 466 Lane, Remer Y.. Jr.. Yemassee, 224, 439 Lane, Ronald Paton, Jackson, 371 Lane. Thad Homer, Athens, 121. 466, 123 Lane, William Jones. Statesboro. 87. 439 Lanford, Daniel C, Jr.. Lilbum, 466 Lang, Linda Lou, Commerce, 439 Lang, Marilyn M., Concord. N.C.. 466. 183 Langdon, Jerry P., Smithfield, N.C.. 159, 262 Lange, Karen Darlene. Savannah, 139, 439 Langfitt, James P., St. Simmons, 273 114 Langford, James Robt., Griffin, 466, 203, Langford, John Harris. Gadsden. 365 Langford. Linda, Athens, 220, 100 Langford. William J., Gainesville, 156 Langley, Emmett Ray, Athens, 421, 136, 152, 243 Langley, Glenda Faye, Hapeville, 123 Langley, Max Alonzo. Columbus. 124 Langston, Chas Lee. Rome, 439 Langston. Eliz Lynn. Miami Beach, Fla., 378, 226 Langston, Kitty L., Rome, 166, 439 Langston. Nancy Carol, Cave Springs, 398 Langston, Robt. Carl, Augusta. 439 Langtry, Florence E., Albany. 146, 178, 439 Lanham. Donna Eliz. Decatur, 178, 439 Lanier, John Reese. Atlanta, 466 Lanier, Mary Eliz. Athens, 398, 128 Lanier, Willis E.. Cobbtown, 90. 452.294 Lankewicz, Frank H., Butler, Penn., 452, 254, 315 Lanterman, Waynette J., Mayfield, 146 Lariscy, Winifred P.. Sylvania. 439. 232 Larkin. Robert Milton, Ringgold. 128, 439 Larkins, David Brooks. Decatur, 466, 219 Larrieu, Michael E.. Atlanta, 262. 439 Larsen, Harry Albert, Desoto, 181. 371 Larson. James S., Jr.. Marietta, 287 Laslie, Bobby Lamar, Attapulgus, 152, 85 Lassetter, Janice C. Villa Rica, 452 Lassiter. Donna C, Atlanta, 196. 100, 101, 362. 439 Lassiter. Mary Ann. Alma. 146, 439 Lathem. Wm. Herbert, Jr., Canton, 273, 439 Latimer, Frances W., Atlanta, 236. 439 Latimer. Josephine C, Atlanta, 466. 236 Latz, Mary Ann Eliz. Atlanta, 378, 232 Lauten. Fred Carl. Bronxville, N.Y.. 371 Lavine. Beverly Marie, Sea Island, 4 39 Law. Max Wayne, Mountain City. 466 Laws. Edward Patrick, Chicopee, 133 Lawson, Clarage C, Jr., Columbia, S.C. 240. 452 Lawson, Eliz Dee, Gainesville. 398. 178 Lawson, Jimmy Neal, Adrian, 287 Lawson. Joseph H.. Jr., Sharpsburg. 452, 224 Lawson, Joy, Atlanta, 466. 166 Lawson, Robert W., Jr., Gainesville. 439 Lawson. Thomas Irvin, Morven, 156 Lawton, Ann Evans. Atlanta, 452, 196 Lay, Bonny Gay, Shellman, 138, 220. 452, 146, 72, 147 Lay, James Anthony. Winder, 466, 248 Lay. Judith Ann. Norcross. 466 Lay, Mary Carol, Atlanta, 452 Layton, Chas. £. IIL Waycross, 273. 330 Lazarus, Herbert P., Brunswick. 455 Lea, Kenneth Hardin, Hapeville. 452 Lea, Richard Norton, Atlanta. 200, 84, 98, 94, 95, 82, 81 Leake, Wm. Fox. Rossville, 156 Leatherwood, Curtis N., East Point, 452 Leatherwood, Nancy R., Atlanta, 439 Lecain, Wm. Kimball, Darien, 452. 285 Lecraw, Valerie Gay. Allison Park, Penn.. 207, 439 Ledford, Thomas H., Vannville, S.C, 439 Lee, Brenda Karen, Decatur. 452. 192 Lee. Ernestine S.. Lavonia, 413 Lee, Henrietta Ann, College Park, 452 Lee. James Armon, Jr.. Chester, S.C, 439 Lee, James Bothwell, Augusta, 439 Lee, Joe Earl, Conway, S.C, 439 Lee. Raymond H., Jr., Norcross, 90, 88, 89, 294 Lee, Roy Moncrief. Jr., Atlanta. 123 Lee, Thomas Ferrell, Millwood, 156, 158 Lee, Virginia A., Statesboro, 207, 146. 413 Lee, William Don, Tellico Plains, Tenn., 439 Leff, Robert Lewis, Wantagh, N.Y.. 439, 255 Leggett. Dealva. Jesup, 421. 148 Leggett, Genevieve, Jesup, 439 Leggett, Lora D., Macon, 170 Leigh, Fay Lucile. Decatur, 439. 166 Leistl, Peter Frank, Forest Park. Ga., 121. 123, 439 Lemon. Sandra Floy, Augusta 439, 166 Lent. George Freeman, Savannah, 132 Leonard, Harley F., Jr., Columbus, 262 Leonard, Sharon Hazel, Decatur, 362 Lequire, David A., Rossville, 439 Leslie, Linda Eliz, Doraville, 124. 439, 207 Lesselbaum, Maxine J., Kingstree, S.C, 212. 466 Lester, Clinton A., Jr., Cedartown, Ga., 439 Lester, Linda Louise, Athens, 466 Lester, Clyde Edwin, Rome, 466 Lester, Ramonda Nell. Rockmart. 362. 439. 207 Leverette. Dorothy G., Ashburn. 178 Levin, Natalie Toby, Atlanta. 466, 278 Levinson. Laura F.. Rome. 398. 278 Levitt. Geri Lee. Miami. Fla.. 212. 466 Levy. Issac Louis, Athens, 152 Levy. Rita Jane, Columbus, 72, 439. 212 Lewallen, Jeannette H., Athens, 146 Lewis, Hilda Doris, Buford, 398 Lewis, Hodges Alvin, Eatonton. 90, 79, 378 Lewis, Irvin Arvie, Hazlehurst, 156, 175, 155 Lewis, James G.. Jr., Falls Church, Va., 439. 203 Lewis, Leslie Ruth, Jonesboro. 466 Lewis, Nancy Eliz, West Point, 466, 257 Libby, Barbara Ann, Atlanta, 298, 439 Libby, James M., Jr., Atlanta. 248 Lichner. Jon Alan. Bronx, N.Y.. 371, 130 Lieberls, Carole Ann, Savannah. 466, 257 LiebroBs. Lawrence E., Brooklyn. N.Y., 466, 291 Lightman, Michael A.. Memphis, Tenn., 466, 255 Lilly, Johnnye L.. Lilly, 439, 220 Linder, Thomas M., Jr., Hawkinsville, 118, 82, 85 Lindsey, Beverly L.. Fort Gaines. 466, 232 Lindsey, Jerold N., Albany. 439 Lindsey, Linda Diane, Griffin, 236 Lindsey, Robt. Addison, Athens. 156 Linebaugh, Sallie I., Tampa, Fla.. 466. 232 Lineberger, Ralph. Jr., Gray, 439 Lines, Jean P., Decatur, 398 Lines, Louise Wynn, Atlanta, 298 Lingle, Gerald Lloyd, Avondale Estates, 439, 287 Lingo, Joyce Elaine, Tampa. Fla., 378. 220 Litteer, Robert Tate, East Point. 439. 262 Little. Betty J.. Eatonton, 91 Little, Georgia Ann, Tennville, 466 Little, Peggy Earline. East Point, 192 Little. Tom F.. Jr., Ocilla. 219 Littlefield. Mary J.. Gastonia. N.C, 378. 439 Livsey, Chas. Thomas, Stone Mtn., Ga., 114 Livsey, Dianne Miller, Charleston, 439, 114 Lloyd. Kenneth R., Atlanta, 439, 287 Lobel, Joel Charles, Atlanta, 453, 173 Lockerman, Allen E., Roswell, 142 Locklear, Dennis A., Gainesville, 453 Loewy, James E., Atlanta, 453, 173 Loflin, Patricia, Augusta, 146. 439, 257 Loflin, Wm. Pierce, Augusta, 421 Loftis, Wm. Edwin, Jr., Comer, 453 Logan, Nancy Marie, Atlanta, 439, 257 London, Carl Jerry, Cornelia, 352, 86, 82, 87 Long, Helen Martin, Thomasville, 146, 196. 413 Long, John Wheat, Bainbridge, 466. 262 Long, Larry Harwell. Loganville, 131 Long, Mary Warren, Thomasville. 466. 196 Long. Paula Marie. Hamburg, Pa.. 466, 192 Long. Robert C, Jr., Monroe, 466 Long, Robert Claude, Decatur, 453 Long, Robert Walter, Washington, 84, 403, 352, 134, 82, 127, 105 Long, Walter K., Jr., Savannah, 466 Long, William Alvah, Waycross, 466 Longshore, Gloria J., Atlanta, 466 Loo, Quock Gay, Augusta, 403, 134 Looney, Cecelia Anne, Albany, 466, 275, 170 Lopez, Jose Edgar, £1 Salvador, C. A., 132 Lord, Jackie Ann, Athens, 453, 170 Lord, Margarette O., Douglas, 439 Lott, Sandra Lee, Tampa, Fla., 146, 147, 413, 232 Loudermilk, Horace, Jr., Marietta, 439 Loudermilk, James A., Sandy Springs, 453, 288 Lovein, Norman M. Ill, Nashville, 439 Loveless, Patricia D., Chickamauga, 453, 166 Lovin, Johnny Edward, Griffin, 142 Loving, David M., Albany, 466 Lowe, Pamela, Macon, 453, 196 Lowery, Clifford C., Monroe, 148 Lowery, James C, Grindstone, Pa., 314 Lowery, Mercer B., Jr., Monroe, 453, 282 Lowrey, Samuel M., Rome, 86, 87 Lowry, Marvin Mack, Moultrie, 378 Loyd, Jerry Leslie, Atlanta, 453, 243 Lucas, Gene Shirley, Clinton, S.C., 159 Lucas, Mary Virginia, Washington, 453 Lucchese, Mary C, Atlanta, 149, 440, 257 Luckey, Tom Mann, Harlem, 200 Lucky, Robt. Randolph, Augusta, 440 Luedtke, Robert E., Marietta, 440 Lukatch, Gary Cook, Atlanta, 453, 255 Luke, Kathryn L., Decatur, 453, 178 Lummus, Robert H. Ill, Atlanta, 453, 240 Lunceford, Leila C, Washington, 466, 192 Lurey, Marsha Adele, Greer, S.C., 212, 453, 72 Lurey, Rosanne, Augusta, 453, 279, 87, 94, 475. 360 Lyleg, Margaret Fay, Toccoa, 146, 440 Lyles, Wm. Douglas, Macon, 440 Lynch, Brenda Marie, Atlanta, 440, 257 Lyndon, Garnett B., Jr., Washington, 453, 262 Lyne, Hiram O. Ill, Front Royal, Va., 159 Lynn, Harmon Taylor, Smyrna, 453, 243 Lyon, Andrea Dale, Homer, 298, 453 Lyons. Michael J. Ill, Augusta, 314 Lystlund, James R., Warner Robins, 352 Lytle, Mary Janet, Whiteville, N.C., 440 M MacAllaster, Winifred, Ellenwood, 146 MacCullough, Alice A., Atlanta, 146, 413 MacFerran, John R., Atlanta, 273, 440 Mackey, Mildred C, Macon, 466 MacNabb, Herbert W., Hartwell, 466 MacRoy. Richard P., Hartadale, N.Y., 204, 440 Maddox, David Wayne, Atlanta, 466, 288 Maddox, Dean A., Augusta, 378 Maddox, Jeffie Louise, Eatonton, 453, 91 Moddox, Jodye Kathryn, Griffin, 453. 207 Maddox, John Raymond, Miami, Fla., 315 Maddox, Joseph Horace, Luella, 285 Maddox, Phyllis Ann, Atlanta, 466, 243, 166 Maddox. Richard F.. Atlanta, 453 Maddox, Roger P.. Warner Robins, 466, 288 Madison, Herbert C, Atlanta. 466. 255 MaiTett, Shirley Wood, Montezuma, 398, 236 Maguire, Samuel Fiske. Augusta 152, 421 Maguire, Wm. Flournoy, Augusta, 453 Mahaffey, Marilyn. Apopica, Fla., 453 Maher. Jesse Stanley, Atlanta, 466. 128 Mahle, Robert Erik, Atlanta, 453 Mairholtz, Marie Ann, Athens, 135 Maitlin, Robt. William, Irvington, N.J., 173 Makavitt. Mark H.. Atlanta. 440 Malcom. George E., Jr., Decatur, 440 Jerry Lee, Statham, 440 Maley, Ronald Wesley, Millington, Tenn., 466, 1.34, 361 Mallard, Wade Videlto, Augusta. 153 Mallarv. Nelson D. Ill, Marietta, 466, 215, 216. 361 Mallery. Chas. Henry, Oakland, N.J., 453 Mallory, Jack T., Jr., Atlanta. 273. 378 Malone, Thos. Benjamin, Macon, 330 Malnne, Thomas Wm, Albany, 118, 421. 152 Manpham, James P., Jr.. Bremen, 248 Mangham. Jav Rivers. Bremen, 453. 252 Manly, Nada Reberra, Alto. 453 Mann. Donald Lewis. Atlanta, 128, 440 Mann, Edward L., Jr., Macon, 453 Mann, Marilyn Sue. MrRae. 453, 72, 207 Mann. Mary Beltv, Atlanta. 466. 166 Mann. Ollie B. III. Chamhlep. 453. 187 Mann. Orcon Earl. Atlanta, 440 Mann. Wm. Crawford, Alliens. 4.53 Mannelly, Joan Paige. Augusta, 453 Mannheim. Sarah M., Hawkinsville. 440 Manninc, Douplas E.. Knoxville. Tenn., 378. 240 Manning, Evelyn P.. Anderson, S.C., 453, 91 Manning, Michael S.. Dudley. 453 Manning, Sidney A., Deratur, 466 Manr -. Cordon T.. Jr.. Edison. 378 Mansell. Barry Earl, Roswell, 466 MansfU. Robert S., Roswell, 132 Mansfield, John I,., Albany. 140 Mantrr. Marv Autrusta, Augusta. 45.1, 88. 89, 72. 76. 91, 192 Marbut, Mari-inn, Clr-msnn, S. C, 466 Marc us, Charles A.. Atlanta. 466. 255 Marcus. Joseph Leo. Savannah, 378, 291 Maret, Martha Elaine. I.avonia. 146, 440 Marett, Ralph Kendall, Hartwell, 466 Marines, A. Robert, III, Seattle, Wash., 453, 299 Markey, Paul Boatwick, College Park, Ga., 466, 274 Marks, Charles R., Augusta, 466, 224 Marks, Meryl, New Orleans, La., 279, 440 Marks, Paul Taylor, Lakeland, Fla., 466, 291 Marks, Wm. Earl, Jr., Augusta, 224, 440 Marlowe, Hedy Royce, Charleston, S.C., 212, 466 Marnock, Barbara R., Atlanta, 236, 378 Marsh, Robert J., Savannah, 173 Marshall, Allen W., Ill, Griffin, 440 Marshall, Gerald S., Macon, 466 Marshall, Jabez Orion, Evans, 453 Marshall, John G., Nashville, Tenn., 466, 274 Marshall, Priscila A., Blakely, 146, 196, 413 Marshall, Willis N., CaroUton, 152, 721, 243 Marston, Robert M., Stockbridge, 466 Martel, Renee Frances, Miami, Fla., 323, 440 Martin, Charles R., Dawson, 440 Martin, Corliss Eliz, Macon, 466 Martin, David Pryor, Falls Church, Va., 105 Martin, Ellen Clare, Atlanta, 170, 378 Martin. Elsie M., Augusta, 466, 170 Martin, Frank Kieffer, Columbus, 152, 82 Martin, George B., Bannberg, S.C, 440, 288 Martin, Geo. Noble, III, Jacksonville, Fla., 288 Martin, Gertrude S., Atlanta, 146, 91, 220 Martin, James Daniel, Marietta, 121 Martin, Joe Bernard, Decatur, 378, 262 Martin, John H., Jr., Atlanta, 159 Martin, John Pierce, Atlanta, 440 Martin, Kay Coates. Flemington, 190, 378, 192 Martin, Lawrence, Savannah, 453 Martin. Lee Wilder, Perry, 466 Martin, Nancy Carol, Gainesville. 453, 252 Martin, Patricia Coff, Atlanta, 453, 72, 257 Martin, Robert B., IV, Cuthbert, 466 Martin, Robert Bruce. Blakley, 159 Martin, Roger Pierce. Gumming, 131 Martin, Roy Elmo, III, Columbus, 440, 262 Martin, Thomas Myron. Lithonia, 453, 288 Martin, Wesley Thomas, Lawrenceville. 398 Martin, William E., Jr., Sylvania. 466 Martof, Steve Stewart, Athens, 466 Mason. Benj. Lester, Augusta, 200 Mason, Chloe Eliz, Decatur, 453, 362, 196. 72 Mason, Jaque Verner, Athens, 130 Mason. Lynne Neely, Atlanta, 453, 72 Mason. Sada Lamar. Augusta, 453, 196 Mason. Twila Floy, Albany. 398 Massari, Janice J., Tampa. Fla. 453 Massie. Marguerite T., Flagler Beach, Fla., 236 Masters. Frankie Jo, Atlanta, 413 Matarazzo, George T., N. Caldwell, N.J., 371, 264 Mathes. Carol Marie, Atlanta. 466. 207 Mathews, Heyward H., Orlando, Fla., 378 Mathias, Charlotte B., East Point. 146. 413, 207 Mathis, Donald Louis. Calhoun, 453 Mathis, Ronnie Robt.. Ellijay, 466 Mathis, Walter Clark, Cuthbert, 129 Matthews. Betty M., Smyrna. 453, 76, 362. 103, 252 Matthews, Harriett. Kansas City, Mo., 379, 257 Matthews, Janice Faye, LaGrange. 466, 103. 91. 192 Matthews. Martha Kay, Pavo. 196 Matthews, Millicent. Gainesville, 453, 252, 360 Matthews. Nancy M., Hartwell. 453 Matthews. Vincent, III, Pittsburg, Pa.. 200, 453 Matthews, Wayne G., Augusta, 200, 379 Maxhcimer, John A., Jacksonville, Fla., 403 Maxwell. Arthur R., Cairo. 453 Maxwell. Charles V., Jr., Mergs. 130. 371. 181 Maxwell, Pamela Ann. Savannah, 453 Maxwell, Sammie C, Tallulah Falls, Ga.. 466 Maxwell, Tamara Sue, Wheaton, III., 466 May. Carole Ruth, Clayton. 298 May, Gayle Elizabeth. Moultrie, 466 May. George B.. Marietta. 112. 379, 119 May, William O.. Jr.. Moultrie, 159 Mayberry, John Neil. Acworth. 466 Mayer. Robert Donald. Miami. Fla.. 466. 224 Mayfield, Emnry L.. Cairo. 466, 240 Maynard. Charles, Athens. 453 Mayo. Wayne Herman, Macon. 453 Mays. Rebie Parker, Millen, 196. 413 Mc MrAdams, Spurgeon A.. Athens, 453, 262 MrAIIisttT, Cirnl W., Macon, 171 MrRraycr, Thomas C, Thomson, 4. ' 53 Mcnri.lo, Michael T., Villa Rica, 77, 243 MrBritle, Richard Neil, Brunswick, 466, 282 McCall. Eilwaril James, Atlanta, 466, 262 McCall, John Wilson, Alma, 379, 295 McCall, Kelsey K., Savannah, 274 McCamy, Thomas L., Dalton. 453, 250 McCann, W. Arleeta, Colquitt, 257 McCardel, Rosa H., Columbus, 453, 91 McCarson, Clifford, Jr., Rockmart, 453 McCarty, Barbara Ann, Atlanta, 466 McClain, Robert T., Eastanollee, 453, 131 McClellan, Helen F., Thomaston, 192 McClelland, James, 111, Atlanta, 453 McCleskey, Doris K., Atlanta, 156, 155 McClure, Benjamin G., Madison, 121, 124, 123 McClure, Peggy Ann, Covington, 252 McClurg, Linda Kay, LaGrange, 453, 88 McCoUum, Barbara Lee, Eatonton, 453, 91 McCollum, Helen L., Kingsland, 453 McCoUum, James H., Jr., Fairmont, 240 McCommons, Wm. B., Jr., Thomson, 74 McConnell, Alice Eliz, Royston, 196 McCook, Thomas Harlan, Macon, 121, 124, 123 McCook, Thomas L., Jr., Atlanta, 453 McCord, Jerry Donald, Gumming, 403, 134 McCormick, James T., Canandaigua, N.Y., 248 McCoy, Brenda Weaver, Cartersville, 413 McCracken, Gerald, Jr., Ft. Bliss, Texas, 262 .McCracken, William R., Avera, 118 McCraw, Eliz Milam, Sandy Springs, S.C, 379, 196 McCrea, Van Allen, Alma, 453, 295 McCreary, Audrey P., Rome, 453 McCulIough, Wm. Howard, Macon, 216, 315 McCurry, Marcia Ann, McDonough, 466, 232 McDaniel, Charles, Jr., Thomaston, 274 McDaniel, Danny F., Rock Springs, 453 McDaniel, David M., Atlanta, 453, 216 .McDonald, Anne M., Gainesville, 142, 208 McDonald, Ernest C, Dalton, 153, 118 McDonald, Jeannette S., Milledgeville, 464 McDonald, Kathleen A., Warner Robins, 466, 166 McDonald, Richard, Jr., Metuchen, N.J., 403, 204 McDougald, Charles C, Americus, 379, 262 McDougall, Malcolm, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla. McDougall, Sandra Lee, Marietta, 466, 192 McDowell, Lee Russell, Lyons, N.Y., 371 McDuff, Beverly D., Austell, 138, 453, 183 McDuffie, Moody L., Carnesville, 379 McEachern, Philip J., Tallahassee, Fla., 315 McEachin, Lemuel, 111, Thomasville, 467 McElhannon, Fayette M., Athens, 154 McElmurray, Florence, Aiken, S.C, 399 McElmurray, Forrest H., Atlanta, 181 McElmurray, Nancy E., Augusta, 257, 379 McElrath, Joanna, Sandersville, 298 McElroy, Benjamin R., Quitman, 464 McElroy, James Merle, Murphy, N.C., 136 McElveen, Alan Rimes, Sylvania, 453, 274, 325 McEver, Dannette M., Hogansville, 399 McFadden, Bradford, Jr., Atlanta, 446 McFall. Timothy Hayes, Robins A.F.B., Ga., 123, 153 McFalls, Douolas L.. Rome, Ga., 315 McGarity, John L. M., Monroe, 240, 467 McGarity, Lintla Gayle, Bowman. 2,52 McGarity, Sarah L., Moultrie, 252, 379 McGarity. Susan M., Moultrie, 467 McGee, Miriam Edwina, Macon. 467 McGee, Ruby Matilee, Atlanta, 298, 379 McGee, William Lee, Red Oak. 159 McGibony, James T., Jr., San Antonio, Texas, 248 McGuire, Jerry D., Dalton, 467, 105 McGuire, Marjorie L., Houston, Texas, 467 Mcllwain, James Wade, Camden, S. C, 134 Mcintosh, Peggy I., Covington, 399 Mclntyre, James T., Jr., Atlanta, 151, 721, 216 Mclntyre, Margaret L., . thens, 146, 75, 147. 220 McKellar, Eleanor Ann, College Park, 453, 220 McKcmie, Bette Sue B.. Atlanta, 379 McKenzie, Harolyn T., Milledgeville, 467 McKenzie, Joe H., Jr., Milledgeville, 453 McKinley, John Frank, Greensboro, 131 McKinley, Lynn Gayle. Atlanta, 183, 467 McKinney, James David. Gainesville, 379 MrKinney, James Emory, Cordcle, 453, 90 McKinney, Nancy Eliz, Marietta, 298, 467 MrKinney, Robt. Harrol, Waynesboro, 390 Mcl.ain, Geraldine, Valdosta. 453, 192 McLane, . lbert Philip, Valdosta, 453, 121, 124. 131, 123 McLane, Hubert Arthur, Valdosta, 150, 421, 151 McLane, Walter Tyson, Valosta, 274 McLean, David S., Jr., Brunswick, 467 McLemore, .Andrea Eliz. Atlanta, 453, 91 McLemore, Wm. Hickman, Atlanta. 379 McLendon, Bennie D., Cuthbert, 128, 243 McLendon, Robert E., Blakely 135, 352, 273 McLeod, Michael R., Dixie, 137, 379, 240, 121 McLeroy, James R., Jr., Augusta, 142, 390, 140 McMajns, Harrison, 111, Huntsville, Ala., 390 McMennamy, John A., Marietta, 453, 185, 99 McMichael, Emerine F., Atlanta, 467 McMichael, James H., Monticello, 134, 467 McMillan, Florence L., Thomasville, 196, 399 McMillan, Linda Karel, Tifton, 146 McMillan, Michael D., Atlanta, 467 McMurray, Ernest L., Jr., Atlanta, 90 McNabb, Terry Sharon, Edwin, Tenn., 139, 399 McNair, Rebecca A., Atlanta, 467, 257 McNeely, Evelyn Craig, Toccoa, 139, 171 McNeill, Bennye J., Thomson, 171, 453 McNeill, John T., Jr., Thomson, 224 McPherson, Donald Lee, Dawson, 128 McPherson, Janet C, Athens, 196, 467 McRae, Christopher P., Talhotton, 274 McRae, Wm. Milton, Eastman, 390, 379, 244 McTeer, Robert D., Jr., Ranger, 390, 274, 119 McVinnie, Brian C, Atlanta, 219, 216, 418 Meadors, Katherine, Albany, 138, 453, 72 Meadows, Ernest W., Jr., Athens, 133 Mealor, Lucy Frances, Athens, 453 Mealor, Olen Grover, Lawrenceville, 453 Mealor, Ronnie Ellis, Adairsville, 467 Means, Alfred I., Jr., Atlanta, 200 Medcalf, Karen Joy, Thomaston, 178, 467 Medlord, Emily Jane, Tifton, 298, 399 Medlin, Douglas Sam, Atlanta, 453, 124, 123 Medlock, Sue C Atlanta, 252, 467 Meek, Harold Firth, Atlanta, 390 Meek, James Allen, Decatur, 243, 345, 467 Meeks, Barbara Ann, Dublin, 453 Meeks, Wayne Darrell, NichoUs, 294, 467 Melear, Nora Bonnie, Palmetto, 86, 87 Mellichamp, Stuart P., Toccoa, 90 Melton, John Chives, Gaflney, S.C, 379, 241 Melton, Martha Carol, Monroe, 453, 257, 360 Melvin, John M., Jefferson, 421 Mende, Elmire Aina, Toccoa Falls, 114 Mendel, Stanley M., Atlanta, 453 Mercer, Harriet Lynn, Columbus, 467 Mercer, Henry Dwight, Blakely, 159 Mercer, James E., Jr., Albemarle, N.C., 453, 288 Mercer, Ronald Adolph, Eastman, 243 Mercer, William Robt., New York, N.Y., 204, 467, 98 Merkley, Jack Wilburn, Buffalo, N.Y., 133 Meroney, Patricia A., Atlanta, 453, 364 Merren, Michael David, Albany, 290, 123, 379 Merritt, James Wesley, Augusta, 453, 262 Merritt, Jerry Lee. Blairsville, 453, 288 Merritt, Panna, Decatur, 196, 399 Merry, Ernest B., Ill, Augusta, 453, 243 Mesaros, Anthony C, Jr., Savannah, 361 Messer, John D., Jr., Athens, 453, 88, 474, 361 Messina, Leonard Jos., Brooklyn, N.Y., 133 Metz, Mary Crews, Greenville, S.C, 453 Mewborn, George Wayne, Royston, 158 Meyer, Donna Denise, Winterville, 362, 232, 467 Michael, Margaret S., Port Charlotte, Fla., 453, 178, 91 Michaels, Gene Earl, Athens, 137 Micheli, Patricia E., Hapeville, 453, 166 Michell, Richard E., Rocky Point, N.Y., 135 Mickey, Raymond Frank, Oakfield, 133 Middlebrooks, Joseph, Macon, 390 Middleton, Alice Jean, Colquitt, 146 Middleton, Cordia, Jr., Savannah, 224 Middleton, Hendley C, Darien, 136, 248 Middleton, Martha Ann, Ludowici, 453, 236 Miles, Christine K., Sandy Springs, 467, 220 Miles, Laura Anne, Baxley, 194, 196, 360 Miles, Robert Donald, Baxley, 421, 152, 224 Miles, Robert W., Jr., Athens, 390, 277 Mill, Richard Alison, Savannah, 467, 262 Milledge, Ann H., Atlanta, 252 Miller, Alfred M., Augusta, 421, 152 Miller, Anne Kendrick, Ellenwood, 467 Miller, Ben Joseph, Richland, 152 Miller, Betsy Jones, Macon, 170, 379 Miller, Carol Lee, Athens, 138, 298, 390, 144 Miller, Carole Joan, Highland Park, 111., 364 Miller, Charles David, Hapeville, 467 Miller, Charles M., Trion, 109 Miller, Cheryl Olivia, Chamblee, 146, 467 Miller, David Eugene, Augusta, 154 Miller, Dcmaris H., Athens, 453, 124 Miller, Gordon Hunter, Colquitt, 467 Miller, Helen Harley, Rockmart, 453, 220 Miller, Hubert C, Dudley, 390, 140 Miller, Jack, Decatur, 204, 467 Miller, las. Cleveland, Elberton. 123, 721 Miller, Jane Eliz, Anderson. S.C, 467 Miller, Janice Marie, Lula. 146 Miller, John M. Pulaski, Va., 467 Miller, Judith Anna, Atlanta, 467 Miller. Kenneth A.. Jr.. Atlanta, 453, 200 Miller, Lee Karl, Atlanta, 467 Miller, Mary Shewell, Macon, 379, 170 Miller, Ralph H., Jr., Cartersville, 282 Miller, Robt. Wayne, College Park, 84, 379, 137, 74, 274, 119 MiHikan, Katherine S., Savannah, 453, 170 ■ 0.8 , 81, If ( £. Millikan, Troy Rivers, Savannah, 453, 224, 119, 474 MiUs, Lionell Star, Ciocinatti, Ohio, 467. 192 Mills, Margaret Va., Fitzgerald, 467 Mills, Michael Cater, Baxley, 467 Mills, Penelope F., Chamblee, 298, 453 Milner, James Gilbert, Athens, 467 Milner, John H., Ill, Monticello, 137 Milner, Thomas H., Athens, 327, 326 Mihiades, Mary Diann, Austell, 220, 139 Mims, Melinda Lee, Athens, 453, 155, 467, 360 Mims, Sandra Edith, Pavo, 156 Minchew, Gary F., Valdosta, 314 Mingledorfi, Roberta, Savannah, 453, 166 Minh, Voan Thien, Pnnom Penn, Cambodia, 467 Minish, Wilbum, Commerce, 467 Minkovitz, Donna, Statesboro, 212, 467 Minnich. Katherine N., Atlanta, 453, 196 Minor, Miriam Eliz, Thomaston, 252 Minter, Milton M., Jr., Donalsonville, 282, 454 Minter, Richard G., II, Columbus, 454 Minton. Mack B., Ill, Macon, 159 Minton, Warren S., Jr., Macon, 454 Mintz, Harold Richard, Marietta, 123, 457, 295 Mirvis, Lois Frances, Norfolk, Va., 279, 454 Mishoe, Margaret Ann, Cordele, 298 Mitcham, Nancy C, Ludowici, 91 Mitchell, Alexander R., Augusta, 467 Mitchell, Arzelle C, Charlotte, N.C., 220 Mitchell, Barbara F., Atlanta, 362, 178 Mitchell, David K., Macon, 188, 454 Mitchell, Gloria Anne, Duluth, 399 Mitchell, Judy J., Athens, 146, 467 Mitchell, Louis J., Columbus, 467 Mitchell, Mary K., Memphis, Tenn., 298, 467 Mitchell, Paul Martin, Atlanta, 467 Mitchell, Sandra Eliz, Marietta, 467 Mitchell, Sandra Lynn, Savannah, 212, 399 Mitchell, Wm. Roger, Lithonia. 399 Mixon, John Stephen, Douglas, 288 Mixson, Joyce F., Ill, Valdosta, 467 Mizell, Matthew C. Jr., Pearson. 467 Moate, Marvin E., Jr., Sparta, 467 Mobley, Clifford C, Broxten. 188, 454 Mobley, David Har -ey, Decatur, 159 Mobley, Eliz Dale, Decatur, 72, 76. 170, 454 Mobley, Garner C, Jr., Savannah, 390 Mobley, George W., Jr., Augusta, 204, 399 Mobley, John Demond, Pelham, 454 Mock, James Rufus, Sylvania, 467 Moelchert, Louis W., jr., Jackson, 390, 264 Moff. Janice Elaine. Dunn. N.C., 212, 454 Momon. Reatha Geneva, Rome. 399 Monahan, Charles P., Cameron, N.Y., 133 Monica, Phyllis Lee, Atlanta, 148. 252 Monson, Magnus T., Jr., Savannah, 295, 467 Montante, Marie C, New York, N.Y., 88, 192 Montario, Michael A., Brooklyn, N.Y., 264 Montgomery, Florence, Highstown, N.J., 441, 88 Montgomery, H. B., III. Atlanta, 441 Montgomery. Leolene C. Montgomery, Patricia, Knoxville, Tenn., 170 Moody. John Walker, Newnan, 224. 454 Moody, Leonard Bryson, Alma Moody. Marian K., Georgetown, 176, 467 Moody. Robert Earl, Hazelhurst, 467 Moody, Thomas Edward, Atlanta, 113, 441 Moon. Allen Jarkson, Tifton, 441 Moon. Ronald Wm.. Atlanta 188, 454 Mooney. James L., Charlotte. N.C.. 399 Moor. Edward A.. Jr., Marietta, 123, 467 Moore, Gary Charles, Savannah, 379, 467. 361 Moore, Edwina W., Milledgeville, 441, 149. 232 Moore. Emily Fay, Anniston, Ala., 454. 102. 232 Moore, George Fleming, Barnesville, 390 Moore. Hertha Jane, LaGranee, 441 Moore, James Ansley, Blakely, 114 Moore. James L., Jr., Decatur, 441, 114 Moore, Joseph Elias, Nicholls, 156 Moore, Joseph Wend ll, Newnan, 467 Moore. Joy Larue, Wheaton. 111.. 467 Moore. Linda Jo, Smyrna, 467 Moore. Michael Paul, Stone Mountain, 441, 240 Moore, Norma Eliz, Elherton. 467 Moore, Paul Harold. Athena, 467 Moore. Rachel Ann, Tucker, 467. 166 Moore, Sherry Anne. Atlanta, 196 Moore, Thomas J., Jr., Waycross, 152, 421. 441 Moore. Wm. Theodore. Jr., Savannah, 421. 152. 150. 224 Moorhead. Georgia Kay. Albany. 170, 454 Moredock, Janice W.. Aueusla, 156, 441 Morehead, Louise F., Nashville, Tenn., 196, 467 Moreira, Rosemary A,. Brunswick. 467 Moreland, E. June, Hiawiassee. 441 Moreland. Emily S., Chatsworth, 155, 156. 95. 166, 78 Moreno, Eileen Hunter. Savannah, 170. 454 Moret. Suzanne Good, Atlanta. 212, 441 Morgan, Ashley G., Jr., Athens Morgan, Aubrey F., Suffolk, Va.. 159 Morgan, Bonnie Jean, Atlanta, 196, 467 Morgan, David William, Earlville, N.Y., 123, 467 Morgan, Deroy S., Jr., Atlanta, 467 Morgan, Jacqueline, I, Chattanooga, 467 Morgan, Robert Max, Franklin, N.C., 142. 390, 440 Morgan, Samuel H., Jr., Savannah, 224, 467 Morgan, Stephen C, Hawkinsville, 464 Morgan, Toby Scott, Jr., Augusta, 441 Moris, Christine Ann, Atlanta, 441, 178 Morris, Albert L., Ill, Fairburn, 464 Morris, Alice Berona, Athens, 446 Morris, Alice J., Dalton, 467 Morris, Chas. D., Jr., Wilmington, Del., 454 Morris, Dale Raybum, Gainesville, 371 Morris, Donald Jack, Lyons, 464 Morris, Eugene B., Jr., Atlanta, 441 Morris, James F,, Lyons, 454 Morris, James Harold. Gadsen, 399, 319 Morris, Jane M., Augusta, 146, 232, 467 Morris, John Luther, Collidge, 129 Morris, Matthew Wayne, Cartersville, 454 Morris, Michael A., Bartow, 464 Morris, Mimi Guerry, Atlanta, 464 Morris. Shelha Jean, Thomaston, 146 Morris, Thornton W., Rome, 153, 421 Morrison, Dorothy L., Decatur, 146, 178, 454 Morrison, Dorsey D., Jr., Pelham, 454 Morrison, Gemma M., Hazelhurst, 454 Morrison, Harry D., Chickamauga, 454 Morrison, James P., Ill, Glenwood, 454, 111 Morrison, Leslie Ann, Atlanta, 131, 441, 123, 207 Morrison, Marilyn C., Atlanta, 100, 298, 441, 362 Morrison, Martha L., Savannah, 454, 257 Morrow, E ben Sturges, Brevard, N.C., 113, 441 Morrow, Joseph Devane, Columbus, 399 Morrow, Thomas E., Decatur, 454, 441, 262 Morse, Jenny Lynn, Atlanta, 149, 362, 441, 148, 252, 108 Morse, Patricia A., San Francisco, Calif., 212, 379 Morse, William Edgar, Atlanta, 135, 134 Morton, Clement R., Jr., Columbus, 441 Morton, Jann Lillys, Gray. 379, 208 Morton, Mary Eliz. Miami, 441 Moebey, James Stewart, Athens. 204, 441, 98 Moscardelli, Francis, Quincy, Mass., 185, 454, 99 Moseley, Genelda, Soperton, 146, 147, 91, 220 Moseley, James Wayne, Dublin, 421, 153 Moseley, Louie R.. Jr., Athens, 390 Moseley. Robt. Harlan, Commerce. 282 Moser, Douglas Scott, Atlanta, 200, 390 Mosley, Anne Lynn, Columbus, 441, 257 Moss, Fredericka C, Alexandria, Va., 467, 257 Moss, Henry Parks, Jr., Brunswick, 454, 262 Moss, Nancy Katherine, Jacksonville, Fla.. 212, 467 Mosteller, Joyce W., Athens, 149, 252, 418 Mote, Jacqueline H., Decatur, 379 Mote, Johnny Boyd, Marietta, 121, 123, 467 Mott, Jackson Taylor, Fort Benning, 467, 361 Mouchet, Philip Jess, Atlanta. 454, 248 Moultrie, Wayne C, Molena. 467 Mower, Linda Sue. Atlanta, 123, 441. 192 Mowry. Jas. Bedell Jr.. Decatur, 152. 421 Moxley. Patricia Anne, Cobhtown, 454 Moye, Hayden Hugh, Leary, 156, 288 Mugharbel, Mokhless K., Syria, O.A.R., 133 Muha, Kenneth Michael. Warner Robins, 467 Mulkey, George J., Dalton. 131 Mull, James Emile Jr., San Mateo, Fla., 129, 181 Mull. Wilbur Charles. Albion, N. Y.. 371 Mullinax, Linda Ann, LaGrange. 445 Mullino, Eliz Anne. Savannah, 445, 232 Mullins, Charies W., Griffin, 441 Mullins, Willicc R. Jr., Columbus, 379, 224 Mullis, Diane Willene, Savannah, 252, 467 Muncie, Carolyn Lee, Augusta, 441, 176, 220 Mund, Robin Myles. Atlanta. 371, 173 Mundy, Chas. Louis, Jr., Atlanta, 156, 158 Murden. Wm. Hugh. Jr.. East Point, 441 Murdock, Arthur E., Springfield, N. J., 379, 215, 216 Murphey, Harriett A., Macon, 139, 454 Murphree, Mary M., Gainesville, 399 Murphy, Billy Norman, Duluth, 454 Murphy, Carol Diane, East Point, 146, 208 Murphy, Margaret M., Savannah, 454, 91, 257 Murphy. Richard Wm., Savannah, 88, 454. 295 Murphy, Roderick S., Columbus, 454 Murrah, Jesse F., Jr., Richland, 130, 454 Murray, Carlos C, Atlanta, 102 Murray, Carol Clarke, Atlanta, 87 Murray, Daniel G.. Troy, 133 Murray, Herndon H., Atlanta. 224. 454 Murray, James Jack, Screven, 132, 441 Musarra, Elmer A., Marietta, 240, 454 Muse, Philip John, Brunswick. 454 Myers, Beverly L., Atlanta, 364. 236, 467 Myers, Carl Weston, Nashville, 185, 467 Myers, Katherine A., Atlanta, 454, 208, 360 Myers, Leonard Dean, Watkinsville. 467 Myers, Patricia Lou, Charlotte, N. C, 467, 192 N Nachman, Carol P., Newport News, Va., 212, 441 Naff, Samuel Leroy, Atlanta, 454 Nagle, Margaret Jane, Mary, Fla,, 454 Nagley, Michael E., Atlanta, 467, 288 Nahay, Wm. Yaroslaw. Savannah, 379 Nairn, Charles R., Jr., Massapequa Park, N. Y., 148, 295, 418 Naman, Carl H., Sandersville, 379, 154 Nantz, Theodore W., Jr., Hapeville, 467 Napier. Rosalind D., Macon, 454 Narrie, David Bruce, Chamblee, 454, 288 Nash, Daniel Wade, Winterville, 467 Nash. Elmer Luther, Lilburn, 421, 467 Nash. James Wright, Smyrna, 212, 348 Nash, Nancy Susan, Coral Gables, Fla., 467 Nash, Roscoe, Blakely, 129, 441 Nash, Thomas M., Jr., St. Simons, 390, 288 Naterman, Stuart F., Newton, Mass., 255, 467 Nathan, David Harris, Ft. Valley, 454 Nathan, Ivan Harris, Brunswick, 467 Neal, Carol Comstock, Miami. 441. 208 Neal, Richard G., Jr.. Athens, 454 Nebeker, Mark Edward, Waban, Mass., 454 Nechtman, James Allen, Columbus, 454 Nedbor, Suzan Gorman, Miami, Fla., 279, 467 Needham, Ronald F., Jonesboro, 390 Neel. Charles M., Jr., Atlanta. 248, 441 Neel, Kitty Ruth, Chipley, Fla., 467 Neeley, Robert Walter, Bridgeport, W. Va., 390, 188 Neely, John J., Jr., Woodbury, 254 Neergaard, Fred A., Fountain City, Tenn., 403, 134 Negri. Stephen Thomas, Atlanta, 121 Neidich, ISlarilyn. Beaufort, S. C., 454 Neighbors, Joseph B., Athens, 200, 441 Neighbors, Nancie J,, Swainsboro, 454 Neiman. Howard F.. Savannah, 441 Nelligan, Susan L., Lynchburg, 236. 441 Nelms. Richard Buren, Washington, 348, 399 Nelms, Ruth Gail, Toccoa, 146, 131, 441, 123 Nelms, Vivian Latane, Lawrenceville, 133, 454 Nelson, Arthur Jack, Oceanside, N. Y., 133 Nelson, Ellis Harold, Ideal, 454 Nelson, John Scott. Brockport. N. Y., 132 Nelson, Lucia H., Woodbine, 138 Nelson. Marcia Lynn, Decatur, 467, 208 Nervo, Eugene Thomas, Washwood, N. J., 288. 340 Nesbit, John E., Jr., Roswell. 244, 418 Nessmith, Wm. Benjamin, Statesboro, 132, 454 Netherwood, Douglas B., Coronado, Calif., 216, 467 Neville. Wm. Elmer, Jr., West Point, 130, 441 Newberry, Arthur R., Macon, 379, 248 Newberry, Connie L.. Macon, 467 Newberry, Evalyn Gail, Indianapolis, 454, 208 Newberry, Samuel L.. Jr., Gray, 441 Ncwbold. Laurel C, Miami. Fla.. 454 Newkirk. Duncan C, Orange Park, Fla., 240. 454 Newman. Carol F.. Canton, N. C, 454 Newsom. Katharine S., Union Point, 236, 467 Newsome, Robert Thos., Decatur, 224, 441 Newton, Milton Lee. Rossville. 454 Newton, Sandra Nell, Millen, 72, 76, 122 123, 454, 252 Newton, Treasa L., St. Elma, Tenn.. 146 Nichiporuk. Harry. Riverdale, Md., 159 Nicholas. Melanie J.. Athens. 454 Nichols. Charles V., Jr.. Atlanta, 454 Nichols. Lyle D., Valdosta, 336, 224. 454 Nichols, Nancy Evelyn, Cedartown, 467, 192 Nicholson, Brooks A., Atlanta, 390, 200 Nicholson, Charles W., Hiawassee, 288 Nicholson. Ernest, Jr., Macon, 132 Nicholson. John Rae, Athens, 152 Nicholson, Linda G., Commerce, 454 Nicholson, William L.. Valdosta. 224, 454 Nickerson. Thomas H., Athens, 119 Nielsen. Larry R.. Atlanta. 454 Niemann, Chester S., Jr., Lincolnton, 379, 121, 123, 350 Niles. Charles Gerald, East Freetown, N. Y., 371. 131 Nissar, Evy Margareta, Stockholm, Sweden, 92 Nistle, Sharon, Arlington, Va., 454. 192 Nix, Glenda Janice, Cleveland, 441 Nix. James Elbert, Clermont. 454 Nix, Joseph N., Jr., Commerce, 454 Nix. Mary Linda. Commerce, 454 Nix, Milton E., Jr., Commerce, 454 Nixon. Daniel Walker, Alma, 454 Nixon, Gwinn H., Jr., Augusta, 188. 454, 328 Noble, George Robert, Rome. 379 Noble, Johnny Lee. Vienna, 441, 262 Noble, Shirley Marie, Atlanta, 441. 100, 257 Noecker. Sally Jean. Atlanta, 379 Noell, Jerry Eugene, Athens, 441, 204 Noell, John S.. Jr.. Thomaston. 422, 274, 349 Nolan, Shelha Jean, Atlanta, 156 Nolen, Dan Turner, Bainbrldge, 454 Nolen, Harold Raymond, Atlanta, 90, 454 Nolen, Sara Carolyn, Jacksonville, Fla., 364, 454, 232 Noles. Marvin Albert, Milledgeville, 441 Noles. Thomas Andrew, Milledgeville, 158 Norman, Hannah Macon, Moultrie, 208 Norman, Harold Lev, Columbus, 441, 224 Norman, Ronnie Lee, Atlanta, 314 Norman, Warren A., Dover, 274, 454, 328 Norris, Amy Ruth, Zebulon, 467 Norris, Claude J., Jr., East Point, 454 Norris, David Thad, Bainbridge, 399 Norris. Elaine Priess, Atlanta, 379, 236 Norris, Gloria Jean. Watkinsville, 140 Norris. Robert Edward, Atlanta, 248 Norton, Bessie M., Fairburn, 441 Norton, Jane Goodwin, Rome, 441, 252 Norton, Myra, Rome, 465 Norton, Virginia Ann, Athens, 465 Norton, William A., Jr., Fairburn, 379, 248, 111 Norwood. Margaret, Bethesda, Md., 171, 467 Norwood, Wm. Usher, III, Bethesda, Md., 454 Nottingham, Gardiner, Atlanta, 200, 390 Nouth, Bun Chhoeun, Cambodia, 454 Novak, Jean Gail, Atlanta. 465 Nowicki, George Alan, Miami, Fla., 315 Nowlen, Nancy Lee, Camden, S. C, 399 Nuckolls, John A.. Atlanta, 421, 152 Nuckolls. Judith Ann, Toccoa, 139, 454 Nuile, Charlotte E., Hephzihah, 106 Nunnally. Betty Ann, Athens, 454 Nunnally. Frances P., Atlanta, 454, 252 Nunnally, Thomas M., Athens, 441, 274 Nussbaumer, Wm, H., Nashville, Tenn., 135. 403, 134 o Oakley, Linda Imogene, Columbus, 454, 166 Oakley, Patricia L., Cornelia, 441 O ' Callaghan, Patricia, Austell, 441, 136, 230, 232 O ' Callaghan, Robert S., Austell, 467, 345, 288 O ' Callaghan, Wm. L., Jr., Austell, 422, 363 O ' Connell, Jeanne M., Metuchen, N. J., 454 O ' Conner. James Lacy, Danielsville, 441 O ' Dcll, Charles L., Jr., Greenville, S. C, 390, 363, 354, 288, 144 Odom, Ernest Jerome, Augusta, 390 Odum, William Eugene, Athens, 454, 216 Oellerich, Dietrich W. Ogden, Aubrey Wyman, Bruswick, 390, 144 Ogden, Ralph Lindsey, Jesup, 390 Ogilvie, Jane Sharon, College Park, 454 Oglesby. Roddy H.. Jr., McDonough, 390 O ' Hara, Patricia Kay, Marietta, 467, 208 O ' Keelle, John C, Jr., Bluefield, W. Va., 464 O ' Kelley, Wm. Robt., Ill, Augusta, 441 Okerstrom, Nancy Sue, Lake Worth, Fla., 454 Olcott. Judith Susan, Chicago, 111., 454 Oldham, Henry Novel, Athens, 379, 121 Olenski, Donald A., Shelter Island, N. Y., 371 Oliver, Edward L., Macon, 464 Oliver, Jack Cantey, Valdosta. 454, 331 Oliver, John Calvin, Warner Robins, 441, 144 Oliver, Mary Ann, Fernandina Beach, Fla., 72, 454 Oliver. Wm. Wiley, Jr., Valdosta, 441 Oliveros, Caroleta L., Jacksonville, Fla., 467 Olliff, David Paul, Argyle, 467, 134 Olliff. Robert Sidney, Statesboro, 441, 249 Olsen, Clarence, Jr., Brooklyn, N. Y., 128 Olsen. William S., Atlanta, 467 Olson, Wayne Carroll. Experiment, 88, 467. 121 Olsson, Karl Sigurd, Gloversville, N. Y., 121, 123 Olthof, Paul Warner, Elmira, N. Y., 371 O ' Neal, Herbert D., Jr., Thomson, 468, 121, 123, 262 O ' Neal. Maston E., III. Bainbridge. 441 O ' Neal, Shirley Kay, LaGrange. 178, 454 Onopricnko, James Ray, Miami, Fla., 468 Orcll, Robert W., Longmeadow, Mass., 380, 337 Orenstein, Richard N.. Atlanta, 173, 454 Orr, June Elizabeth, East Point, 441, 66, 183 Orr, Nancy Eliz, Atlanta, 399, 364, 100, 236 Oster, Stephen Gerald, Tampa, Fla., 468 Osterneck, Myles N., Lumberton, N. C, 380 Ostrom, Virginia K., Atlanta, 120, 454, 232 Otto, Anthony B., Verona, N. Y., 441, 133 Ou. Thouk, Cambodia, 454 Ouzls. Dale Keith, Cairo. 148, 454 Ouzts. Douglas L., Atlanta, 454 Ouzts, James Meredith, Winder, 123 Ouzts, Nancy Damaris, Winder, 91 Overby, Edgar C, Jr., Fortson, 390 Overstreet, Charlaine, Atlanta, 468. 208 Overstreet, John O., Jr., Augusta, 418, 224 Owen, Max Eddie, Alapaba, 441 Owen, Ralph S., Jr., Decatur, 441 Owens. Betty Jane, Milledgeville, 468 Owens. Calvin Giles. Rome, 149, 418, 130 Owens, Carolyn S., Augusta, 441 Owens. Glenda Lola, Newnan, 441, 362, 252. 94 Owens, Oliver Walton, Augusta, 441 Owens, Sarah Hodgson, Athens, 399, 196 Owens, SharroD Leigh, Annapolis, Md., 454, 252 Oxford. Chas. Oliver, Americua. 422, 152, 262 Ozaki, Roger Hiroshi, Woodbine, 380 Pace, Jack Lamar, Athens, 145, 86, 105 Pace, Jaraes E., Jr., Rex, 371, 131 Pacifici, James Grady, Savannah, 371 Padgett, Ansley B., Jr., Atlanta, 441 Padgett, John Gerald, Glenville, 132, 129 Padgett, Patricia E., Conners, 441, 257 Pafford, Helen Carol, Albany, 468, 208 PafFord, Larry Mills, Brunswick, 441 Page, Carole Dean, St. Simons Island, 441, 252, 94 Page, Edwin Magruder, Augusta, 390, 224 Page, Kathleen Ellen, Atlanta, 364, 279, 454, 114 Page, Robert Franklin, Hoboken, 132. 468, 181 Paine, James Averill, Atlanta, 468 Painter, Barbara Gene, Chattanooga, Tenn., 137 Painter, Judith Ellen, Augusta, 468, 146, 220 Palefsky, Elliot H., Savannah, 380 Paller, Jack, Atlanta, 422, 1S2 Palmer, Betty, Camilla, 454, 166 Palmer, Camilla, Warner Robins, 454 Palmer, Charles L., Jr., Bainbridge, 468 Palmer, Dennis Edward, Louisville, 454 Palmer, Edward Eaton, Atlanta, 468, 217 Palmer, Robert C, Jr., Elberton, 441 Palmer, Stephen Dana, Atlanta, 454, 249 Panessa, Frank James, Yonkers, N. Y., 371 Pantello, Ronald G., Coral Gables, Fla., 468, 224, 314 Pape, Jurgen Heinrich, Wyandanch, N. Y., 133 Paper, Mary Janna, Knoxville, Tenn., 380, 100, 167 Pardue, Wm. Gerald, Evans, 399 Parham, Bobby Eugene, Milledgeville, 156, 158 Parham, James Derrell, Hapeville, 468, 123 Paris, Corben Andre, Athens, 468 Parish, Sylvia F., Defuniak Springs, 454 Park, Lynn, Molena, 441 Parker, Don Godbee, Millen, 390, 249 Parker, Earl Jack, Chamblee, 468, 204 Parker, James P., Jr., Hogansville, 468 arker, Jane Virginia, Millen, 106 Parker, Mary Alice, Decatur, 178, 454 Parker, Paul Chapman, Marietta, 468 Parker, Raymond L., Jr., Rocky Ford, 371, 181 Parker, Richard Dekle, Metter, 468 Parker, Robert Allan, Griffin, 240, 454 Parker, Ted Maxwell, Pine Mt., 390, 282 Parkman, George M., Jr., Clarkston, 468, 188 Parkman, Wm. Thomas, Jr. , Tifton, 441, 142 Parks, Barry Michael, Atlanta, 390, 173 Parks, Jarvin L., Atlanta, 454 Parks. Richard 0., Gainesville, 159 Parr, Larry Wayne, Athens, 441 Parrish, Bruce Hudson, Winterville, 380 Parrish, Henry M., Twin City, 128 Parrish, James C, Jr., Valdosta, 441, 224 Parrish. Joe E., Jr., Watkinsville. 390 Parrish, Larry Joe, Swainsboro, 274 Parrish. Wayne Lee. Gainesville, 441 Parrott. Frank E.. Jr., Red Oak, 468, 128 Parry, Elizabeth Ann, Atlanta, 221, 454, 91 Parsons, Marty O ' Neil, Athens, 468 Parsons, Philip Craig, W. Hartford, Conn., 371. 133 Partridge, Brenda L., Clarkston, 221 Partridpe, Charles A., Macon, 454, 134 Paschall, Ronald F., Washington, 468 Pascuillo. Albert W., Baldwin. N. Y., 133 Pass, Hannah Jane, Lawrenceville, 139 Pass, Wm. Richard. Carlton, 124. 454 Pate, Jim Devauehn, Columbus, 441 Patrick, Carol Eliz, Carrollton, 208 Patrick, Cornelia O.. Atlanta, 441 Patrick, Linda Ann. Gainesville, 468 Patrick, Richard L., Jr., Atlanta. 468 Patrick, William. III. OmeRa, 468. 282 Patten, Judson Walker, Columbus, 441 Patterson, Alexander, Athens, 441, 84, 3 65. 77. 244, 328 Patterson, Blair A., Chattanooga. Tenn., 468, 249 Patterson, Calvin G., Atlanta, 224, 454 Patterson, Edward L., Porterdale, 454 Patterson, John Paul, Whilcsboro, N. Y., 441 Patterson, Kay, Dalton. 124 Patterson. Phillip E., Gillsville, 132 Pattillo, Alice Diann. Lithonia, 221, 146 Pattillo, Emory M., Atlanta, 399. 75. 100, 190. 192, 79 Palton. Ernest W., Jr., Lookout Mt., Tenn.. 468, 249 Patton. George Edward, Tuscumbia. Ala., 468. 314 Patton. James D., Cordele. 130 Paul. James Monroe, Comer, 371. 128 Paul, Jerilyn Joyce, Athens, 468 Paulk, Carol Delores, Fitzgerald, 468 Paulk, Ella Melinda, Ambrose, 441 Paulk, Jimmy Allen, Ocilla, 142 Payne, Gary John, Powder Springs, 468, 295 Payne, Patsy Allan, Athens, 441, 178 Payne, Robert Lee, Rome, 285, 441 Paynter, Calvin F., Jr., Atlanta. 468 Pcabody, Wm. Jaudon, Jr., Milledgeville, 441 Peacock, James Wm., Jr., Atlanta, 441, 121, 123 468, 468, Peacock, Rubin C, Winston-Salem, N. C, 454 Peacock, Walter R, Jr., Macon, 454 Peak, Cass ius S., Jr., Atlanta, 468 Pearce, Charlie A., Dawson, 142 Pearman, Grady E., Chula, 371, 128 Pearson, Charles L., Blackshear, 468 Peavy, Hoyt Marion, Columbus, 441 Peavy, Peggy Ann, Barnesville, 399, 208 Peck, Samuel, Richmond, Va., 468, 173 Peebles, Louis O., Jr., Pitts, 441, 121, 119 Peek, Alice Everett, Savannah, 106, 468 Peeler, Dennis Haig, Anderson, S. C, 200, 391 Peluso, Gustave J., Jr., Columbus, 441 Pember, Nancy Louise, Atlanta, 454 Pena, Sanchez F. V., Athens, 128 Pendergrass, James T., Lawrenceville, 454 Pendleton, Richard J., Wallkill, N. Y., 371 Pendley, Nancy Lou, Cumming, 146, 454 Pendley, Shirley E., Hiram, 298, 468 Pennington, Jack W., Haddock, 468 Pennington, John, III, Atlanta, 124, 121 Pennington, Weems, Jr., Lincolnton, 188 Pepper, Dianne R., Memphis, Tenn., 441, 196 Perdue, Thomas A., Jr., Thomaston, 335, 334 Perdue, William Hal, Macon, 441, 283 Perfect, Ted Howard, Elko, 130 Perkins, Donald H., Griffin, 441, 288 Perkins, Dorothy J., Rome, 454 Perkins. Edward E, III, Cave Spring, 468, 454, 361 Perkins, Edwin Hunt, Tryon, N. C, 282 Perkins, Kay Estelle, Canton, 221 Perkins, Pamela Gale, Falls Church. Va., 454 Perkins. Robert G., Statham, 441 Perkins, Susan Rose, Bainbridge, 124, 454, 114 Perkins, William H., Jr., Augusta, 391 Perling, David Jacob, Manchester, 391 Perling, Howard Alan, Manchester, 454 Perry, Andrew R., Jr., Canton, 285, 468 Perry, Jack Lamer, Calhoun, 372, 128, 86 Perry, Marion Emily, Atlanta, 380, 221 Ferryman, Lillian P., Leary, 441, 253 Perryman, Vamelle B., Atlanta, 454, 208 Persky, Saradona, Augusta, 212, 441 Persons, Augustus, III, Talbotton, 391, 249 Persons, Betty, Talbotton, 196, 454 Peters, Alberta K., Newington, 468 Peters, Barbara Ann, Ithaca, N. Y., 372, 135, 178 Peters, Kenneth H., Ringgold, 455 Peters, Wm. Thomas, Monroe, 391 Petersen, Pamela Ann, Marietta, 441, 154, 167 Peterson, Bill H., Jr., Mt. Vernon, 156, 175, 217, 215 Peterson, Margaret A., Jacksonville, Fla., 138, 139 Pethel, Joe Tenland, Gainesville, 455, 217 Petro, Mary Jane Anne, Naugatuck, Conn.. 298, 441 Pettenger, John F., Blooroingdale, N. J., 455, 185 Petters, Lynn Johnson, Atlanta, 455, 236 Petty. Janice Elaine, Crandall, 441, 146 Petty, Sherrill Ann, Crandall, 113, 146 Pheil, Frederick P., St. Petersburg, Fla., 391, 224 Phelps, Paul Raymond, Warrenton, 288 Phillips, Alva Diane. Macon, 455 Phillips, Anne Branch, Augusta, 441. I luUips, Ben Douglas, Gainesville, 441, PhiTTTps, Byron H., Jr., Augusta, 156, 188 Phillips, Donald L., Damascus, 391. 188 Phillips, Earl J., Jr., Pine Mountain, 441 Phillips, John T., Jr., Atlanta, 200, 418 Phillips. Mary Judith, Macon, 139, 445 Phillips, Mary Lyn, Cordele, 441, 253 Phillips, Patricia D., Atlanta, 114 Phillips, Richard D., Ludowici, 422, 151, 153 Piassick, Donna Bert, Atlanta, 212, 455 Pickard, Joseph A.. Columbus, 391, 240 Pirkelsimer, Joan A., Fairmount, 391 Pickens, Wm. Sherrill. Fitzgerald. 468 Picker, Virginia L., Athens, 380, 221 Pickett. Albert M.. Athens. 290, 422, 152 Pickett, Bunny E.. Crawfordville, 441 Pickett, James R., Symrna. 391 Pickett. Michael Alan, Atlanta. 335. 334 Pickren, James H., Jr., Jacksonville, Fla ., 380 Pierce, Donald Lester. Griffin, 441, 334 Pierce. Glenn Russell. Sylvania, 468 Pierce. Lamar David. Dalton. 455. 244 Pierce. Thos. Merrill. Hamilton. 441 Pierce. Wm. Ralph. Milledgeville. 288 Pigott, Willie Ray, Crawfordville, Fla.. 372. 129 Pilgrim, George E., Ill, Gainesville, 391, 244 Pillshury, Kenneth E., Jacksonville, Fla., 314 Pinrus, Milly Sue, Orlando, Fla., 212. 468 Pinkcrton. Eddy Ray, Sycamore, 380. 264, 28, 94 Pinkston. Rachel, Atlanta, 454 Pinyan, Crover H., Nelson, 454 Pippart, Michele, Cincinnati, Ohio, 468, 192 Pirkle. Merrie Lynn, Augusta, 454 Pirrello, Edward, Hempstead, N. Y., 285 Pitman, Edward Smith, New Haven, Conn., 391 Pittard, Charies C, Jr., Duluth. 391, 240 Pittard, Jack W., Jr., Atlanta, 200, 468 Pittard. Mima G.. Duluth, 391. 232 Pittard, Robert Chas., Decatur, 455 Pittman, Chatty Roger, Whitehall, 118 Pittman, Marcia M., Griffin, 149, 148 Pittman, Mary Jayne, Nicholson, 455 Pitts, James Cleon, Smyrna, 455, 319 Pitts, John Alfred, Jr., Gray, 455 Pitts, Wm. Jerry, Tucker, 372, 127, 87, 131, 94 Planzer, Linda Sue, Dalton, 146 Pleasants, James V.. Athens, 118, 422, 84, 86, 87, 105, 153, 79 Plisco, Helene P., Wilmington, N. C, 212, 455 Ploski, Marlene Mary, Prospect, Conn., 468, 178 Plotkin, Judith E., Savannah, 112, 455, 279, 114 Plunkett, Albert A., Conyers, 468, 121, 123 Plunkett, George, III, Conyers, 391, 121, 123 Pollock, Eliz Nowell, Monroe, 362, 253 Pollock, Stanley H., Atlanta, 455, 173 Polsky, Reah Pauline, Chattanooga, 213 Pomerance, Dale Ann, Atlanta, 468, 213 Poole, John Randolph, East Point, 455, 288 Poole, Margaret Erwin, Atlanta, 197 Pope, James Robert, Lafayette, 159 Pope, Roy, III, Chickamauga, 217 Poppell, Paul Harry, Savannah, 285, 284, 391, 144 Popwell, Donna Eliz, Brunswick, 468 Porter, Jennie Lou, Jefferson, 184 Porter, Nancy M., Adrian, Mich., 298, 399 Porterfield, Donald R., Moultrie, 455, 315 Porterfield, Troy, Jr., Athens, 129 Posey, Ronny Andrew, Reynolds, 106, 128 Poss, Carl Thomas, Cordele, 124 Poss, Carolyn, Thomson, 178 Poss, Henry O., Jr., Atlanta, 455, 262 Poston, Autice M., Smyrna, 468 Potts, Jo Ann, College Park, 455, 232 Potts, Marian Deanna, Macon, 123 Potts, Sara Martin, Chickamauga, 145 Pouncey, Richmond, III, Chamblee, 455 Pound, Ida Eliz, Columbus, 399 Pounders, Mary Etta, Atlanta, 468 Powell, Anna Eliz, Gainesville, Fla., 455 Powell, Barbara Ann, Gray, 72 Powell, Clyde L., Jr., Columbus, 455 Powell, Eliz Claudia, Miami, Fla., 455, 114 Powell, Frank Herndon, Dalton, 455 Powell, Herbert Louis, Hampton, 106, 130 Powell, Hershel R., Anderson, S. C, 391 Powell, Janice Amanda, Douglas, 146 Powell, Judy Ann, Savannah, 455 Powell, Leonard B., Jr., Thomasville, 391 Powell, Nancy Jacklyn, Buford, 455 Powell, Philip Horace, Thomasville, 455 Powell, Thomas F., Chamblee, 455, 204 Powell, Walton C, Jr., Hartwell, 455 Power, Susan Cantrell, Toccoa, 468 Powers, Phillip L., Commerce, 380 Powers, Richard Wm., Tifton, 468, 121, 123 Powitz, Robert Walter, Corona, N. Y., 132, 455 Pratt, Harold Joseph, Buffalo, N. Y., 285 Pratt, Wm. Adams, Atlanta, 200. 468 Prendergast, Susan W., Atlanta, 468, 208 Presley, Wm. Harvey, Jackson, 391 Presnell, John C, Athens, 468, 262 Preston, John T., Ill, Monroe, 204 Preston, Virginia, Decatur, 139 Prewett, Thomas L., Evans, 455 Prewitt, Richard D., Atlanta, 455 Price, Robert Eugene, Brunswick, 391 Price, Roy Vincent, Monticello, 391 Prickett, John Loyd, Toccoa, 455, 128 Priest, Harold Edward, Athens, Tenn., 314 Priester, Michael C, Jesup, 282 Primm, Edith P. Bailey. Atlanta, 468 Prince, John B., Ill, Loris, S. C, 102 Prince, Joseph S.. Rome, 361 Prince, Patricia W., Athena, 145 Pritchett, Edith G., Commerce, 455 Pritchett, Harold, Jr., College Park, 365 Pritchett, Mark J., Jr., Pritchett, Thomas, Jr., Proctor, Joseph D., Jr., Proctor, Robert Allen, N. C, 391, 205 Proctor, Thomas F., Jr., Augusta, 159 Prunty, Mary Merle, Athens, 364 Puckett, Flo., Blakely, 468, 196 Puckett. Larry E., Decatur, 455. 274 Puckett, Victor Lee. Swanee, 159 Puffinhurger, T. Lee, Athens, 84 Pugh, Floyd Houser, Lumpkin, 145, 399 Pullen, Pattie Jane, Atlanta, 138 Pullen, Thomas M., Jr., Rockmart, 137, 455 PuIIiam Michael Ard, Gray, 455, 274 Purcell, Paul Milton, Glennville, 455 Purser, Billy Lee, Cochran, 455 Purvis, Thomas F., Bartow, 455 Puster, Delores L., Macon, 468 Pye, Susan Norris, Atlanta, 455, 236 Pyrgioles, Demetrius, Athens, 455 Pyron, Margaret Rosa, Norcross, 221 Quarterman, Dale L., Rochester, N. Y,, 468 Quinn, Thomas Edwin, Atlanta, 262 Quinnelly, Richard A., Chamblee, 200, 399 Quisenberry, James, Jr., Tampa, Fla., 391 R Rackley, Wm. Don, Mineral Bluff, 403, 134 Radick, Mildred R., New Castle, Pa., 298 Cochran, 380 Atlanta 391, 262 Woodbine, 455 Rocky Mount, Radick, Sallie Ann, New Castle, Pa., 298, 468 Radin, Roberta Lenore, Elberton, Ga., 468, 279 Rado, Wm. Charles, Jr., Naugatuck, Conn., 319 Ragland, Emmagene, Moultrie, 146 Ragsdale, Stanton L., Athens, 391, 144 Rainer, Wm. Guesaman, Savannah, 123, 455 Raines, Carole Anne, Ashbum, 146 Raines, John D., Jr., Ashbum, 468 Rainey, Daniel L., Jr., Barnesville, 455 Rainey, Ronald M., Eatonton, 455, 90, 288 Rains, Margaret, Atlanta, 124, 399, 197 Rakestraw, Larry C, Atlanta, 274, 315 Ralls, Wilma EUse, Decatur, 468 Ralston, Jimmie A., Gainesville, 455, 89, 88, 120, 295 Rambo, Ellen Eliz, Columbus, 399, 232 Rambo, Florence K., Athens, 468 Ramirez, Theodore L., New Brunswick, N. J., 137, 121 Ramsay, James Walter, Pooleaville, Md., 79 Ramsey, Herman Tiras, Doraville, 468, 148, 123 Ramsey, John White, Macon, 455, 282 Ramsey, Margaret A., Swainsboro, 139 Randall, Foy C, III, Glennville, 132, 455 Randall, Priscilla A., Lavonia, 146 Raper, Miles Maxie, Athens, 468 Rapp, Lawrence H., Jr., Atlanta, 468, 185 Raskin, Sharon Harvie, Norfolk, Va. 468, 213 Ratner, Allan James, Scarsdale, N. Y., 173, 455 Raulerson, Dwight L., Alma, 134 Raulerson, Mary Eliz, Alma, 146 Ravan, Robert Lee, Cleveland, 121 Ravenscroft, Nina, Savannah, 399, 197 Rawlins, Preston N., Jr., McRae, 152 Rawls, Martha Carol, Jonesboro, 139, 468 Ray, Alta Jean, Columbus, 455 Ray, Chas. Augustus, Macon, 391, 346 Ray, Lauranna, Moultrie, 253 Ray, Neal Hamilton, Norwood, 455, 224, 98 Ray, Robert L, III, Columbus, 224 Raymond, Constance E., Athens, 133 Raymond, Jos. Ernest, Athens, 133 Read, Robert C, Jr., Atlanta, 455 Reagan, Thomas J., Jr., Savannah, 380, 274, 99, 119 Redd, Wilbur, B., Ill, Lexington, S. C, 455 Reddick, Loy W., Jr., Waynesboro, 455 Redding, John Gary, Cedartown, 468, 244 Redding, John H., Bluffton, 129 Redmer, Martha A., Carrollton, 468 Redwine, Jacob Roht., Dalton, 455 Reed, Bruce Eari, Waleska, 380 Reed, C. Collins, Jr., Chicopee, 188, 345 Reed, Charles W., Jr., Albany, 391, 336 Reed, Laurie Clare, Atlanta, 455 Reese, Bobby Donald, Newnan, 392 Reese, Henry Albert, Baxley, 404 Reese, Howard W., Jr., Harlem, 105, 361 Reeves, Lewis E., Jr., Atlanta, 468, 274 Reeves, Robert Conrad, Atlanta, 240 Reeves, Wm. Nathaniel, Americus, 159 Reeves, Wilma Wilson, Atlanta, 124, 418, 208 Reid, Christina S., Atlanta, 124, 418, 208 Reiman, Richard Alan, Atlanta, 468 Reinsch, James L., Jr., Atlanta, 149, 148 Rentz, Donald Dodson, Bainbridge, 422, 150, 153 Rentz, Wm. Franklin, Ehrhardt, S. C, 455, 130 Ressler, Steven M., Athens, 489 Reuther, John Nelson, Hamburg, N. Y., 433 Reyna, Brenda Gail, Brunswick, 464 Reynolds, Aaron E., Jr., Grovetown, 105, 464 Reynolds, Mack, Hogansville. 468, 131 Reynolds, Mary Alice, Jacksonville Bch., Fla.. 171, 468 Reynolds, Mary Ellen, Detroit, Mich., 454 Rhee, Choon Jai, Seoul, Korea, 408 Rheney, Patricia Ann, Tennille, 433 Rhoades, Sarah V., Greensboro, N. C, 417 Rhoden, James Hubert, Savannah, 380 Rhoden, Johnny M., Jacksonville, Fla., 94 Rhodes, Eula Rea, Athens, 131, 123, 455 Rhodes, Franklin R., Ellijay, 156 Rhodes, Joann, Canon, 399 Rhodes, John A., Jr., Martinez, 84, 86, 130. 105 Rhodes, Martha Ellis, Athens, 137 Rhyne, Nancy Ann, College Park, 468 Riccardi, Louis Allen. Atlanta, 468, 224 Riccardi, Victor L., Atlanta, 224 Ricciardi, Julie Anne, Atlanta, 138, 298, 455 Rice, David Alan, Manchester. 468, 314 Rice. Jimmy Patrick. Atlanta. 156 Rice, Mary Elizabeth, Vidalia, 232 Rice, Robert Fleming. Atlanta. 188 Rice. Stephen E., Oakton. Va.. 159 Rich. B. Horace, III, Bainbridge, 455 Richards, Barbara E., Atlanta. 455 Richards. Donna Gould, Atlanta. 468. 298 Richards, Gates T., Cincinnati, Ohio, 152 Richards. Marion Bell, Augusta, 200 Richards, Reuben R., Augusta, 392, 205 Richardson, Carl N.. Jr., Griffin, 153 Richardson, Curtis R., Atlanta, 153 Richardson, Eugenia B.. Houston, Tex., 469 Richardson, Frank H., Athens, 217 Richardson, James A., Lithonia, 464 Richardson, Sandra E., Covington, 469, 152 Richardson, Spurgeon, Bluffton, 399, 244, 98. 94 r ' i Ricbburg, Thomas H., Columbus, 380 Richey, Joyce Dean, Claxton, 123, 380 Richey, Rodny Marion, Athens, 45S Richman, Arlene Sue, Savannah, 279, 276 Richmond, Jerry Kent, Dansville, N. Y., 181 Ricketson, Joe T., Douglas, 156 Ricketson, Robin Jean, Marietta, 455, 192 Ricks, Charles Idus, Aiken, S. C. 200, 392 Riddick, Judy L., Atlanta, 380, 77, 253 Ridgely, Miriam M., Decatur, 146, 455, 208 Ridgeway, Loretta C, Winder, 469 Ridgeway, Thos. Harper, Elberton, 124 Ridgway, John Wm., Savannah, 224 Ridlehuber, Howard, Jr., Gainesville, 314 Ridlehuber, Ted Ruff, Athens, 152, 422, 262 Ridley, Carl A., Jr., Augusta, 455 Ridley, Wm. Edward. Jr., Griffin, 217, 380 Rieker, Heverly Anne, Atlanta. 469 Rienecker, Henry F., Jr., Rellmore, N. Y., 372, 133 Rietz, Dudley Eugene, Atlanta, 469, 361 Rifkin, Paul Lewis, Asheville, N. C, 173, 172, 98 Rigell, Susan, Kingsport, Tenn., 469 Riley, Janet Louise, Decatur, 455 Riley, Margueirte C, Rninswick, 399 Riley, William Stuart, Amcricus. 469, 188 Rish, Rebecca Terrell. Rome, 470 Rissmiller, Raymond H., Easton, Pa., 455, 262, 315 Ritchey, Rita Claire, Griffin, 469, 236 Ritchie, Gary Alan, Atlanta, 135, 404, 181 Ritlenberry. Charles, Macon, 469, 201 Ritter. Carl Albert, Atlanta, 392 Rivers, Linda Carol, Isle of Palms, S. C. 146 Rivers, Thomas Edgar, Favetteville, 455, 288 Roach, Linda Gaile, Marietta, 197, 455 Roach, Myric Caroline, Atlanta, 469 Robbins, Jacqueline A., Rome, 455, 221 Robbins. Julia B.. Athens. 399 Roberts. Benoie Kay, Tampa, Fla., 171, 145 Roberts. Huey Allen, Alexandria, Va., 455 Roberts, James Leon, Blackshear. 455, 263 Roberts. John E.. Jr., Mableton, 469 Roberts, Julian H., Jr., Augusta, 200, 422, 152 Roberts, Marion S.. Atlanta, 455 Roberts. Mary Elizabeth, Columbus, 469, 197 Roberts. Peter Sansom. Fairbum, 200, 469 Rob rt8, Richard R., Clarkston, Wash., 380, 119 Roberts. Ruth. Atlanta. 146 Roberts. Virginia E.. Decatur, 455 Robertson. Calvin F.. Athens, 135, 134, 404 Robertson, Douglas C., Andover, Mass., 127 Robinette. Geo. M., Jr., Shellman, 469 Robins. Harriet F.. Norfolk, Va.. 213 Robinson, Dumah D., Jr., Decatur, 469 Robinson, George R., Stephens City, Va., 161 Robinson, Pamela E., Atlanta, 298, 469 Robinson, Peyton C. Atlanta, 455 Robinson. Richard E., Whigham, 392, 142 Robinson. Roberta F., Decatur, 178 Robinson. Roby, Jr., Atlanta, 152 Robinson, Ronald R., Canajoharie, N. Y., 272 Robinson. Susan D., Athens, 399 Robinson, Thomas Y., Albany, 455, 77 Robinson, Wavell D., Pavo, 455 Robinson, Wilbum V., Whigham, 142 Robinson, Wm. F.. Ill, Milledgeville, 392 Roche, Kathleen Mary, Atlanta, 469 Rockett, Carol Ruth, Albany, 469 Rodbell, Paul Norman, Atlanta, 455 Roddcnbery, Seaborn A., Columbus, 469 Rodefeld, Diane E., College Park, 469, 362, 208 Rodgers, Bobbie E., Atlanta, 455, 114 Rodgers, Carolyn S., Columbus, 469, 46, 146 Rodgers, Linda M., Valdosta, 193. 380 Rodriguez, Cesar, Haworth, N. J., 469, 288 Roehr, Sharleen J., Washington, 469, 183 Rogers, Edward Leroy, Dalton, 455 Rogers, Fredna, Athens, 455, 146 Rogers, Clenda Beth, Doraville. 469 Rogers. James Rhodes, Darien, 469, 205 Rogers, Thomas C, Glennville, 156, 175 Rogers. Tommye Ann, Hapeville, 380. 221 Rogers, Wendell Roy. Franklin, 156, 158 Rolan. Calvin Lee, Rome, 469 Rolfe, Raymond John, Huntington, N. Y., 72, 205 Rollins, Jack B., Jr., Savannah, 200 Rollins, Kaye Ellen, Bainbridge, 171, 469, 362 Rollins, Raleigh W., Bainbridge, 450 Roney. Margaret E.. Savannah, 455 Rood, Ralph Edward, Atlanta, 455, 275 Rooker, Margaret D., Atlanta, 455, 171 Rooker, Penn Winston, Atlanta, 455 Root, Joseph Wm., Poultney, Vt., 372, 128 Ropshaw, Peter, Anoandale, Va., 132, 336, 361 Rose, Jane Ellen, Taylors, S. C, 372 Rose, Peter Marcus, Syracuse, N. Y. Rose, Robert Lee, Winchester, Ky., 319 Rosen, Marvin Dean, Baltimore, Md., 159 Rosenberg, Herbert J., Atlanta, 455, 255, 95, 94 Rosenberg, Philip, Brooklyn, N. Y. Rosenbloom, Alan H., Richmond, Va., 174 Rosenthal, Henry M., Jr., Athens, 392, 255 Rosenthal, Samuel C, Athens, 469, 255 Rosenzweig, Judith, Savannah, 455, 279 Rosner, Virginia Rae, Orlando, Fla., 455 Ross, Bobby Thermal, Franklin Springs, 156, 175 Ross, Charles Thomas, Albany, 327, 365, 224 Ross, Connie Lee, Decatur, 469, 362, 171 Ross, Robert Durham, Marietta, 469, 288 Ross, Wm. Wesley, Lincolnton, 355, 372 Roth, Elizabeth Anne, Atlanta, 469, 197 Rothrock, Laurene B., Spartanburg, S. C, 418, 184 Rothschild, Eileen R., Albany, 469 Rolkow, Joel Martin, Savannah, 469 Rountree. Don Carl, Dawson, 84, 418, 82, 282, 79 Rountree. James R.. Jr., Toccoa, 469, 275 Rouse, Virginia Sue, Augusta, 455 Roulh, Eliz. Campbell, McRae, 130 Rowan, Robt. Arthur, Long Island City, N. Y., 372 Rowe, Jack, Alapaha, 133, 372 Rowell, Barbara A., Orlando, Fla., 258 Rowland, Emory Hodges, Wrightsville. 152, 422, 249 Roy. Arnold Kendrick. Atlanta, 464 Royal, James Kenneth, Baxley, 150, 151, 422. 153 Ruark, Charles G., Madison, 455 Ruben, Marjorie G., Augusta, 213 Rubin, Carey Edward, Atlanta, 455, 174 Rucker, Joan Maxine, Elberton, 146, 455 Ruddock, Ernest John, Athens, 469 Rudolph. Richard Jos., Atlanta, 123, 455 Rudolph. Wm. Joseph, Atlanta, 469, 245 Rumsey, Charles G., Athens, 380 Rushin, Jane Cheryl, Jonesboro, 455 Rushin, Julian Thomas, Thomson, 156, 175 Rushing, Anne, Donalsonville, 455, 193 Rushton, Charlene E., Marietta, 103, 193, 111 Rusk. Charles Robert, Knoxville, Tenn., 135 Russell, Barron J., Juliette, 134, 404, 181 Russell, Colleen G., Colbert, 455 Russell, Douglas S., Sewickley, 200, 469 Russell, Hardy L., Jr.. Reynolds, 156 Russell, John Thomas, Atlanta, 418, 264 Russell, Richard B., Statesboro, 380, 152, 275. 119 Russell, Susan Way, Winder, 455, 72, 91 Russo, Matthew Lucio, Atlanta, 469, 245 Rutherford, Biilie C, Atlanta, 469. 123, 208 Rutland, Chas. James, Upatoi, 455 Rutland, James Truitt, Atlanta, 327 Rutledge, Leah Anne, Hapeville, 455, 167 Ryan, John Joseph, Atlanta, 142, 422, 205 Ryckeley, Chas. Joseph, Atlanta, 88, 455. 295 Ryckman, Willis G., Jr., Atlanta, 200 Sacha, James Edward, Atlanta, 455, 217, 99 Sadler, Alton M., Milledgeville, 469. 88 Sadler, Syble Marie. Donalds, S. C, 193 Saenger, Karia M., Daytona Beach, Fla., 455, 123. 122 Safer, Judith Eileen, Jacksonville, Fla., 455, 213 Sailors, Jerry C, N. Augusta, S. C, 380 Salmon, Finnis Larry, Rome, 152, 188, 422 Salmon, Philip Neal. Bogart, 148 Salter. Hubert S.. Jr., Alma. 469 Sam, 01 Kong, Ahrom Penh. Cambodia, 372 Samallanos, Anthony S., Atlanta, 181, 380 Samoden, Mary Ellen, College Park, 455, 72, 258 Samples, Jesse Ford, Sandy Springs, 314 Sampson, Frances J., Blairsville, 469 Sams, Herbert W., Jr., Atlanta, 153 Sanchez, Francis P., Eatonton, 136, 153 Sanders, Barbara Ann, Hapeville, 469 Sanders, Billy C, Savannah, 159 Sanders, Clate M., Anderson, S. C, 455, 275 Sanders, Doris Lee, Gordo, Ala., 455, 123, 258 Sanders, John Willis, Rockmart, 392 Sanders, Mary Eliz., Tifton, 455, 193 Sanders. Raymond, Jr., Atlanta, 455 Sanders, Sallie N., Royston, 171, 469, 146 Sanders. Sybil Ann, Edison, 455 Sanders, William A.. Athens. 200. 90 Sanders, Wm. Grady. Hartwell, 455 Sanderson, Eneida, Atlanta, 455 Sandifer, James W., East Point, 455 Sandifer, Robert L., Athens, 289 Sandlin, Wayne M., Jr.. Atlanta. 469, 188 Sands, Virginia S.. Waycross, 237 Sanford. Shelton P., Savannah, 469. 225 Sangster, Clovis J.. Jr., Unadilla, 469 Sanzone, Joseph F., Bethpage, N.Y.. 135 Sapp, Rema Harris, Athens. 156 Sapp, Robert N., Jr., Brunswick, 335, 334. 418. 263 Sary. O. M., Athens, 455 Sasai. David Bruce, Staten Island, N.Y., 181 Satcher. Mary Joan, Augusta, 400 Satlof, Regina Gay, Columbus, 469, 213 Saucier, Joseph Roger, Macon, 135 Saul, Elizabeth Anne, Augusta, 469, 232 Sauls, Earl Wade, Jr., Albany, 469, 282 Sauls, Lara Eliz, Atlanta, 380 Saunders, Charlotte A., Columbus, 237 Saunders, George R., Athens, 156, 158 Saunders, Nancy Thos., Columbus, 455, 237 Saunders, Roderick A., Winder, 469 Sawyer, Charles P., Americus, 418 Saye, Jake Lee, Rutledge, 84, 380, 352, 77, 315, 79 Sayeski, Peter F., Mouhrie, 455, 275 Scarborough, Homer, Jr., Macon, 455, 136, 119 Schapiro, Carol Lee, Rockville Centre, N.Y., 469 Schecter, Barbara Gay, Atlanta, 469, 279 Schell, Judith Ann, Atlanta, 298 Schemer, Carol Ann, Waycross, 455, 213 Scherr, Norman Irving, Akron, Ohio, 455 Scheuer, Robt. Allen, Great Neck, N.Y., 455 Schiffman, Diane, I., Jesup, 213 Schiller, Wm. Michael, Atlanta, 455 Schley, Sally Ann, East Point, 469, 146, 232 Schmidt, Wm. Ray, Albany, 469 Schnedl, Mary Eliz, Alexandria, La.. 380 Schneider, Henry J,, Jr., Marietta, 455, 295, 361 Schneider, llene H., Lakeland, Fla., 469, 213 Schneider, Irwin Alan, Great Neck, N.Y., 469 Schoelkopf. Rodney L., Albany. 159 Schofield, Mary L., Savannah, 171 Schramm, Robt. Irving, Ozone Park, N. Y., 422, 152, 282 Schreiber, Ruth Bella, Moultrie, 455, 213 Schroder, Mary Barge, Atlanta, 455, 237 Schryer, Donald W., Atlanta, 455, 275 Schulhofer, George A., Atlanta, 380, 123, 174 Schulman, Anita, Atlanta, 138, 87 Schulman. Harvey S., Atlanta, 455 Schulman, Herbert M., Sylva, N.C., 443 Schulman. Warren J., Savannah, 443 Schultz, John C, Jr., Savannah, 392, 144 Schwamlein, Albert, Jr., Forsyth, 380, 154 Schwartz, Dale M., Winder, 443 Schwartz, Susan A.. Marietta, 455, 208 Schwartzberg, Ronald, Atlanta, 443 Schweers, Carl M., Jr., Augusta, 443 Scoggins, James E.. Ashbum, 135 Scoggins, Wm. Greer, Commerce, 469 Scott, Arthur A., Decatur, 392 Scott, Esric H., Jr., Atlanta, 205 Scott. Hugh H., Jr., East Point, 443, 469 Scott, Jerry Randall, Morganton, N.C., 443 Scott, John Wm., Jr., Richmond Hill, 443 Scott, Owen O., 111. Union Point, 455 Scott, Terry Brown, Atlanta. 315 Scott, Thomas Allison, Live Oak, Fla., 156 Scroggins. Lee A., Jr., West Point, 443 Scrutchin, Clifford W., Athens, 263 Scull, Patricia W., Pine Valley. 455, 208 Seagler, John Chip. Forsyth, 380 Seagraves, Brenda J., Winterville, 469, 362, 233 Searcey, James B., Dalton, 455 Searcy, Chas. Mathes, Thomson, 121, 469, 123 Searcy. Wm. Nelson, Thomasville, 443, 225. 223. 2, 119, 473 Sears. Stanley B., Savannah, 152 Sears, Stephanie K.. Tampla, Fla., 469, 197 Sears. Stephanie K., Tampa, Fla., 469, Seawright. Bobby T.. Hartwell, 455 Seay. Anna Carolyne, Atlanta, 455, 362, 237 Seckinger, Dianne, Jacksonville, Fla., 469, 146 Sedgwick, Sylvia I,, Waycross, 455 Sedita. Juanita P., Marietta, 469 Seelbinder, Mary C, Memphis, Tenn., 133 Seeler, David Eric, Huntington, N.Y., 372 Segars, Wm. Isaac, Commerce, 132 Seigler, John Leroy, Loganville, 443, 346 Seitz, Kenneth Joel, Atlanta, 443, 74 Selig, Steve S., Atlanta. 255, 455, 102, 99 Sell, Edward S., Ill, Macon, 152, 85, 118, 422, 136, 188 Sell, John George, Experiment, 133 Sells, Henry Thomas, Winder, 443. 205 Selman, Walter B.. Rome, 443, 200 Selph, Lyn Amelia, Atlanta, 469, 233 Senn, Jana Lane, Shaw AFB, S.C., 455 Senter, Gloria F., Montgomery, Ala., 469, 213 Serotta, Betty Jayne, Augusta, 443, 279 Sessions, Claude E., Fort Benning, 469, 275 Settle. Cundell B., Atlanta, 469, 364, 233 Severud, Karin Lynn, Miami, Fla., 443 Sevier, Susan Love, Savannah, 237, 113, 381 Sewell, Andrea C, Savannah. 469, 258 Seymour, Patricia A., Athens, 114 Seymour, Zack Ernest, Bowman, 159 Shackelford. Martha A., Lexington, 147 Shaddix, Richard M., Decatur, 134 Shafer, Jack Storey, Atlanta, 121, 123, 122, 455 Shalloway, Phillip D., Alma, 142, 422 Shamhart, Martha H.. Lookout Mt., Tenn., 171, 381 Shannon, Margaret Ann, Greenwich, Conn., 470, 237 Shapiro, Dede Jill, Atlanta, 470, 213, 279 Sharp, Linda Lee, Athens, 443, 123 Sharpe, Debera Luis«. Winder. 470, 237 Sharpies, Eric A., Bolton, Eng., 120 Shaw, Douglas Wm., Savannah. 240, 404 Shaw, William Ira, Halifax, N.C., 372, 132 Shea. Ralph C, Jr.. Monroe, 120 Shealy, David Lee, Newberry, S.C., 470 Shealy, Frances B., Silvertstreet, S. C, 456 Shealy, Wm. Elmer, Jr., Newberry, S.C, 443 Shear, Susan Pruett, Rome, 443, 197 Sheats, Mary K., Winder, 400 Shedd, Cynthia O.. East Point, 72, 298. 456 Sheehan, Patricia A., Augusta, 470, 233 Sheffield, Ralph B., Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 392, 188 Shell, Robert Edward, Hogansville, 443 Shelp, Ronald Kent, Atco, 137, 77, 404, 188, 121 Shelton, Richard E., Asheville, N.C., 456, 295 Shelton, Wm. Henry, Jasper, 132, 90 Shemper, Evelyn Gail, Hattiesburg, Miss., 138, 456, 213 Shepard. Gene Ray, Watkinsville, 392 Shepherd, Daniel M., Thomasville, 135, 144 Sheram, Myra Kathleen, Ringgold, 470, 123 Sherberger, Fred F., Decatur, 456 Sheridan, Joseph M., Powder Springs, 456 Sherman, Arlene, Atlanta, 470 Sherman, Robert Keith, Clairton, Pa., 314 Sherrard, Robt. G., Ill, Canal Zone, 443 Sherrell, Robert E., Atlanta, 152 Sherrer, Cari Willis, Rayle, 158, 363, 346 Sherrill, Cari W., Marietta, 121, 123 Shetzen, Mimi, Atlanta, 470, 213 Shields, David Robert, Shokie, 111., 443, 263 Shields, Joanne C, Atlanta, 470 Shields, Patrick R., Athens, 328 Shields, Sarah Va., Athens, 464 Shingler, Paul E., Jr., Donalsonville, 456 Shipley, Nancy L., Marietta, 456. 171 Shipman, Carolyn J., Atlanta, 470 Shipman, Jane Austin, Atlanta, 456, 253 Shirley, Donald Alan, Langley, S.C, 275 Shiver, Tate Aultman, Savannah, 443, 263 Shivers, Derrill, Cuthbert, 443 Shoemaker, Nova E., Atlanta, 143, 443 Shoemaker, Peggy J., Decatur, 456, 72, 299, 91 Shoffner, Celeste, Calhoun, 470, 253 Shoob, Jerome Prager, Augusta, 443 Shook, Wilson R., Bangall, N.Y., 133, 443, 295 Shore, Mary Leona, Blairsville, 443 Shores, James H., Jr., Rome, 470 Short, Sandra Lucyle, Rayle, 470 Shortall, Chas. T., Jr., Towson, Md., 159 Shreve, Barbara Ann, Atlanta, 456, 89, 193 Shriner, Mary Jane, Eustis, Fla., 400 Shropshire, Eliz Gail, Athens, 142 Shuey, Robt. Norman, Athens, 456 Shulman, Warren Scott, Atlanta, 290, 443 Shumake, Grady F., Decatur, 147, 443 Shuman, Nan Lucile, Vidalia, 149 Shupe, Larry Luke, Austell, 443, 289 Shushansky, Roberta M.. Norfolk, Va., 470, 279 Siano, Joan Lee, Atlanta, 456, 208 Sibley, Horace Holden, Atlanta, 84, 152, 150 Sibley, Karen Mariea, Atlanta, 470, 197 Sichueland, Duane P., Marietta, 443, 289 Siegel, Karen Jane, Norfolk, Va., 470, 213 Siegel, Paul Jay, Atlanta, 456, 175 Sierra, Ruth N., Atlanta, 139 Sikes, Joe Allen, Athens, 400 Sikes, Van Allen, Riedsville, 185, 443 Silberman. Leonard M., Rego Park, N.Y., 372 Siler, Janice Odelle, Atlanta, 456 Sills, Joel Wm., Lithonia, 392, 363, 355. 289 Silver, Milton Ivan, Hawkinsville, 392, 175 Silverboard, Stanley, Atlanta, 456 Silverman, Stephen C, Atlanta, 470, 175 Silverstein, Sandra, High Point, N.C., 456, 213 Simmonds, Richard C, Baltimore, Md., 159 Simmons, Carolyn J., Rossville, 381, 221, 279, 443 Simmons, Herschel E. B., Athens, 381 Simmons, Ivan Norman, Athens, 456 Simmons, Joseph N., Oak Ridge, Tenn., 134, 404 Simmons, Scott M., St. Simons IbL. 470 Simmons, Wm. Bridges, Albany, 456 Simpson. John David, Lawrenceville, 470 Simpson, Judy F., Atlanta, 470 Simpson, Robert J., Murfreesboro, Tenn.. 113, 105 Simpson, Ronald C, Winterville, 336, 443 Simpson, Silvey James, Macon, 456 Simpson, Wayman S., Albany, 456. 217 Sims, Ann Larkin, Gaffney, S.C, 299, 381, 103, 299, 95, 78 Sims, David Kennon, Athens, 470 Sims, Helen Patricia, Atlanta, 456. 299 Sims. Judy A.. Statham. 443 Sims, Marion David, Alma, 443 Sims, Mildred Blanche, Hampton, 443, 233 Sims, Robert Elvin, Ashbum, 352, 363 Sin, Meng Srun, Phom Penh, Cambodia, 456 Singer, Richard, Thomaston, 456, 175 Singer, Sandra Rae, Washington, D.C., 381, 213 Singletary, Marvin S., Blakely, 443 Singleton, Tilman, Jr., Norcross, 381. 124 Sink, Dennis Jackson, Atlanta, 200, 392 Sipple, David Furae, Savannah, 470, 225, 475 Sitton, James Melvin, Ashville, NX., 443 Skelton, Hala Louise, Hartwell, 470, 123, 122, 233 Skelton, John Edward, Hartwell, 456 Skelton, Ralph T., Jr., Decatur, 152 Skinner, Eddie C, Heath Springs, S.C, 443 Skinner, Mary M., Athens, 456, 364 Skipper, George R., Chattanooga, Tenn., 156 Skipper, James K., Ft. Wentworth, 142 Skure, Kenneth Phipps, Savannah, 153, 422 Slaby, Richard Allen, Augusta, 153, 422, 245 Slaton, Roger David, Gainesville, 392 Slaughter, James F., Jr., Marietta, 456 Slaughter, Nathaniel, LaGrange, 200, 470 Slaughter, Wm. M., Jr., LaGrange, 275 Slaughter, William N., Athens, 422, 470, 152 Slavic, James, Jr., Ellwood City, Pa., 314 Slayden, Janice M., Columbus, 443 Slivinsky, Robert Wm., Moonachie, N.J., 372 Sloan, Mac Henry, Colquitt, 470, 282, 361 Sloan, Tommie Eugenia, Columbus, 443 Slott, Irene Sylvia, Jacksonville, Fla., 400, 100, 213 Slygh, Wendy Joan, Atlanta, 456, 193 Smaha, Chas. Norman, Macon, 456 Smaha, Paul George, Macon, 443 Smiley, Dorothy Anne, Atlanta, 470 Smith, Addison G., Atlanta, 456, 200 Smith, Alfred L., Jr., Rutherfordton, N.C., 130 Smith, Andrea Marie, Rome, 138, 443, 184 Smith, Anne Buchanan, Tampla, Fla., 456, 197 Smith, Bailey Ann, Atlanta, 456, 72, 122, 123, 114 Smith, Barry Terrence, Athens, 456, 262 Smith, Bernice L., Gainesville, 155 Smith, Betty Elaine, Fitzgerald, 456 Smith, Billy Wayne, Rome, 443 Smith, Carolyn Joan, Miami Springs, Fla., 470, 193 Smith, Cason C, Jr., Augusta, 470 Smith, Cathey, Anderson, S.C, 470 Smith, Charles, III, Fresh Meadows, N.Y., 392, 241, 140 Smith, Charles M., Comer, 456 Smith, Charles O., Athens, 470 Smith, Dan Lamar, Tifton, 456 Smith, David Earnest, Covington, 456 Smith, David Merritt, Americus, 392 Smith, Donald Calvin, Helena, 156, 175 Smith, Dorothy E., Cartersville, 470, 178 Smith, Dean, Jr., Savannah, 156, 158 Smith, Edward Denton, Decatur, 470 Smith, Eileen Marion, Atlanta, 470, 364, 208 Smith, Elsmer Jean, Glenwood, 456 Smith, Faye Sandra, Spartanburg, S.C., 456, 213 Smith, Frances Ann, Augusta, 456 Smith, Francis Scott, Macon, 470 Smith, Gary Allen, Hartwell, 443 Smith, Gary Truman, Charlotte, N.C., 470 Smith, George Benton, Decatur, 159 Smith. George W., Jr., Athens, 443 Smith, Gerald Ernest, Preston, 443 Smit h, Guy Richard, Hapeville, 456 Smith, Harmon T., Jr., Copperhill, Tenn., 443. 289 Smith. Harold G., Jr., Fort Valley, 241, 156 Smith, Harold M., Jr., Savannah, 159, 289 Smith, Harold Sidney, Lexington, 443 Smith, Henry C, III, Buford, 152 Smith. Henry T., Jr., Newman, 470 Smith, Howard W.. Jr., Jonesboro, 155 Smith, Jacqueline Kay, Atlanta, 470 Smith, James Clifton, Maitland, Fla., 443 Smith, James Edward, Camilla, 86, 443 Smith, James Franklin, Cartersville, 456, 241 Smith, Janice V., Atlanta, 123. 122 Smith, Jerry J., Millhaven, 237, 381 Smith, Jerry Robert, Columbus, 470 Smith, Joan Esther, Pittsfield, Mass., 456. 213 Smith, Joel M., Forest Park, 443 Smith, John Lacy, Waycroas, 456, 275 Smith, John P., Jr., Soperton, 185, 443 Smith, John Walter, Washington, 456 Smith, Joseph Clinton, Savannah, 445 Smith. Joseph Walton. Atlanta, 456, 200 Smith, Josie Anne, Atlanta, 364, 443, 167 Smith, Juliann, Perry, 470 Smith, Kenneth Lane, Atlanta, 456, 285 Smith, Kermit Eldred, Calhoun, 142. 118 Smith, Laurence E., Calhoun, 152, 153, 422 , 91 Smith, Lena Rose. Camilla, 470, 123, 178 Smith. Linda Brooks, Marietta, 470 Linda Nadine, Dalton, 470, 63, Smith 197 Smith, Linda Suzanne, McRae, 171, 145, 138, 443 Smith, Margaret M., Monticello, 443 Smith, Marsha Ann, Cordele, 456, 17, 443 Smith, Marvin Huston, Huntsville, Ala., 470, 314 Smith, Mary Diane, Decatur, 470 Smith. Mary Elsie. Columbus, 443, 237, 364 Smith, Mary Tindel, Winder, 456 Smith, Maryline G., Camilla, 443 Smith, Meredith T.. Buford, 253 Smith, Monica Gray, Spartanburg, S.C, 456. 88. 72 Smith, Nancy Colquitt, Decatur, 456, 193, 208 Smith, Phillip C, Athens, 164 Smith, Ralph C, Jr., Bainbridge, 153, 422, 94 Smith, Richard Brian, Vidalia, 470 Smith, Richard Dennis, Thomaston, 464 Smith, Robert Alan, McLean, Va., 464 Smith, Robert B., Jr., Augusta, 153 Smith, Robert Ford, Oakland, Calif., 422 Smith, Ronald Lee, Sandy Springs, 443, 289 Smith, Russell Lamar, Valdosta, 456 Smith, Sandra B., Sarasota, Fla., 456 Smith, Sandra Diane, East Point, 443 Smith, Sandra Lynn, Leesburg, Fla., 456 Smith, Sara Elizabeth, Oneida, Tenn., 146, 178, 443 Smith, Sara Margaret, Atlanta, 470, 197, 123 Smith, Shannon Sue, Lakemont, 456, 114 Smith, Sigma Carter, Savannah, 456, 167 Smith, Silas Jay, Jr., Dawson, 456 Smith, Sue Anne, Waycross, 470, 237 Smith, Susan Wynn, Americus, 456, 197 Smith, Suzanne, Tifton, 443 Smith, Terrell Lee, Waycross, 135, 134, 404 Smith, Thomas Field, Starke, Fla., 456 Smith, Thomas Lorin, Powder Springs, Ga., 372, 128, 346 Smith, Timothy D., Macon, 443, 95, 98 Smith, Troy Lee, Dalton, 443 Smith, Vera Suzanne, Toccoa, 443 Smith, Walter Allan, Suwanee, 443 Smith, Walter Jacky, Thomaston, 456 Smith, Wilburn Wayne, Eastman, 133, 443 Smith, William Berry, Atlanta, 470 Smith, Wm. Douglas, Barnesville, 456 Smith, William Edward, Athens, 85 Smith, Wm. Gerard, Jr., Montclair, N.J., 464 Smith, Wm. Hampton, III, Statesboro, 470 Smith, Wm. Larry, Union City, Pa., 156 Smith, Wm. Patrick, III, Stone Mt., 153 Smith, Wilson Harris, Union Point, 456 Smithgall, John F., Gainesville, 470, 249 Smoot, Martha Page, Manchester, Tenn., 443, 230, 233, 94 Snapp, Frances Eliz, Fort Valley, 456, 237 Snead, Barbara Kay, Ellerslie, 456, 146, 258 Snell, Jere Rollins, Hallowell, Maine, 456 Snell, Jerry Alton, Skipperville, Fla., 456 Snellgrove, John L., Augusta, 456 Snelling, Mary S., Lavonia, 456, 167 Snellings, Donald J., Duluth, 392, 275 Snider, Margaret J., Sarasota, 456, 237 Snider, Michael C, Columbus, 456 Snipes, Charles David, Buena Vista, 443 Snipes, Charles S., Athens, 156 Snipes, John Bernard, Dublin, 456 Snipes, Stephen Mabry, Atlanta, 456 Snyder. Wm. Dean, Atlanta, 443 Soley, David Michael, Warner Robins, 422, 241 Solomon, Constance A., Conway, S. C, 279, 443 Solomon, Eliz. Dubose, Macon, 443 Solomon, James L., Macon, 131 Solomon, Murray, Atlanta, 456, 123, 174 Sommer, Kathy Ann, Decatur, 146, 443 Sorbello, Anthony F., Canasota, N. Y., 443 Sorrells, Berta Dean, Monroe, 470, 233 Sorrells, Grady V.. Royston, 456, 233 Sorrow, Joan Elaine, Monroe. 470 Sosebee, Margaret E., Demorest, 133 Sotuon, Chim, Athens, 456 Souter, Saralyn, Savannah, 171, 3 81, 94 Southerland. Ronald B., Macon, 443, 171 Southwell. Jerilene, Athens, 456 Sowpel, Beverley J., Bethpage, N. Y., 456, 193 Spaet, Harold W., Miami Beach, Fla., 470 Spangler, Wm. Lebron, Smyrna, 140, Spann, Patricia, Americus, 470 Sparks, Jon Michael, Atlanta, 470 Sparks, Lucy Stephens Spears, Cecil J., Jr., Enfield, N. C, Anderson, S. C, 443 470 Camilla, 392, 249 Jr., Decatur, 456 Atlanta, 443, 221 Speer, John F., Jr, 156, 158 Spence, Joe Thorpe Spiceland, Jack L. Spies, Marparet L. Spiller, Barbara Lee, Macon, 299, 443 Spinks. Patsy Ellen, Marietta, 299, 443, 123, 122 Spivey, Arthur Eugene, Columbus, 153 Spivey, Era Ruth, Atlanta, 470 Splinter, Karen Mary, Atlanta, 400, 237 Splinter. Richard Lee. Atlanta, 470, 282 Squires, Robert Elwin, Atlanta, 392 St. Clair, Sandra S.. Decatur, 72, 362, 253 Stabenow, Patricia A,. Atlanta, 470 Stacer, Peter Thomas. Athens, 156 Stallings. Judith B.. Atlanta. 470 Stallings, Sybil, Ft. Screven, 381, 100, 182, 184. 114 Stalnaker, Edward B., Aueusta, 443 Stalvey, Giitlford, Jr.. Valdosta, 443, 129 Standridee. Robert, Winder, 470 Stanford. Clifford C, Atlanta, 470, 217 Stankiewicz, Leslie M., St. Simons Island, 132 Stanley, Brenda Diane, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 456. 221 Stanley, John Alan. Smyrna. 470. 185 Stanley. John Michael. GrifTin. 174 Stanley. Robert H., Jr.. Atlanta, 381, 225 Stanley, Robert L., Jr., Milan. 132 Stanton. Sarah Eliz., Orlando, Fla., 456 Staples, Diane C, Carrollton. 456, 253 Staples, Eric P., Jr., Perry. 282, 443 Stapleton, Wm. T., Jr.. Griffin, 470 Staplin, Ralph Asa, Black River, N, 372, 131 Starling, James E., Athens, 443 Starnes, Donald Dale, Augusta, 456, 282 Starnes, Glenda E., Atlanta, 456, 184 Starnes, Millie Ruth, Rome, 456 Staten, Constance W., Atlanta, 470 Statham, Benjamin, Jr., Atlanta, 285, 392 Statham, Edgar F., Atlanta, 285, 470 Staton, John Thomas, Augusta, 225, 443 Statum, Glenda Demyra, Chickamauga, 456, 193 Staub, Wm. Jerome, Rochester, N. Y., 443 Stauffer, Donna Sue, Macon, 470 Steed, David Presley, Atlanta, 470 Steed, Olivia Diane, Statham, 470 Steedley, Billy H., Waycross, 404 Steele, Hans Alex, Atlanta. 121, 123, 122 Steele, Patricia B., Atlanta, 124, 123, 122 Steely, Harold R., Anniston, Ala., 470, 314 Steever, Raymond G., Jr., Doraville, 456, 89, 88, 295 Steigerwald, Cynthia, Huntsville, Ala., 470, 364, 167 Stein, Leonora Lynn, Indianapolis, Ind., 470, 213 Steine, Allan Michael, Atlanta, 470, 255 Steinmann, Kurt L., Atlanta, 456, 249 Stembridge, Claudia A., Ellijay, 146, 197, 443, 114 Stephens, Berry W., Athens, 422 Stephens, Betty Jane, Hapeville, 381 Stephens, Carol Anita, Roberta, 470 Stephens, Fredda A., Anderson, S. C, 470 Stephens, Grace W., Athens, 381, 75, 103, 78 Stephens, Jancy D., Millen, 400 Stephens, John R.. East Point, 472 Stephens, Marvin R., Sandersville, 371 Stephens, Mary Anne, Atlanta, 299, 456 Stephens, Ray G., Atlanta, 456, 77, 295, 119, 98 Stephens, Ronny D., Jr., Athens, 422, 241, 152 Stephens, Thomas E., Gordon, 392 Stephens, Wayne Gray, Atlanta, 470 Stephens, Wilbur G., Jr., Adrian, 392, 241 Stephenson, Harriett, Chattanooga, Tenn., 470, 258 Stephenson. Linda M., Augusta, 114 Stepp, Jerry Lenn, McCaysville, 456, 289 Stepp, Joe Michael, McCaysville, 443, 289 Sternberg, Richard Wm., Newport, N. Y. Sterne, Frances C, Atlanta, 362, 237. 443 Sterne, Wm. Augustus, Atlanta, 443 Sterrett, Robert W., Jr., Park Ridge, IlL, 470 Stettler, Kenneth, Jr., Huntington, W. Va. Steuber, Carl A., Montclair, N. J., 372 Stevens, Dorothy N., Preston, 443 Stevens. John R., Jr., Decatur, 74, 345, 285, 284, 381, 99 Stevens, Warren Busby, Jacksonville, Fla., 392. 353, 188 Stevenson, John B., Jr., Atlanta, 456 Stevison, Richard D., Ft. Oglethorpe, 456 Carole H.. Decatur, 178, 443 Kenneth H., Warner Robins, Steward, Steward, 443 Steward, 178 Y.. Ruth D., Decatur, 470, 364, Stewart. Allen Mize, Camilla, 134 Stewart, Edwin Carter, Cornelia, 443 Stewart, Florence M., Athens, 299, 470 Stewart, Howell E., Jr., Warner Robins, 175 Stewart, John W., Jr., Cartersvi lle. 74 Stewart, Julian H., Monroe, 152, 150, 151 Stewart, Patricia Ann, LaGrange, 456 Stewart, Raymond M., Tifton, 456 Sticher, Calvin H., Jr., Athens, 470, 189 Stickles, Sandra S., Atlanta, 456, 258 Stiles, Nancy Stuart, Owings Mill, Md., 133 Still, Judith Hardin, Hatliesburg, Miss. Still, Sybil Burt, Atlanta, 154 Stilwell, James Rhett, Ochlochnee, 392 Stiritz, Patricia B., Winterville, 124 Stith, Alan Elton, East Point, 275, 443, 319 Stocum, Thomas Norman, Castle Creek, N. Y., 372, 132 Stoddard, Louis E., HI, Aiken. S. C, 337 Stoffel, Gerald C. Lowville, N. Y., 444 Stogner, Judith Anne, Waco, 381 Stokes, Clyde W., Jr., Alma, 456, 282 Stokes, Gerald Lamar, Brunswick, 456 Stokes, Harriette Ann, Bishopville, S. C, 444 Stokes, Judith Gayle, Tampa, 456, 171 Stokes, Judy Ann. Atlanta, 456 Stone, Albert L.. Jr., Nicholson. 456, 140 Stone. Barbara Jane, Atlanta, 470, 208 Stone, Charles D., Tallahassee. Fla., 133 Stone. Edward E., Jr., Charlotte, N. C, 392, 123 Stone, Edward Harold, Greensboro, 241 Stone, Everett W., Jr., Nyack, N. Y., 372, 133 Stone, Jacquelynn E., Fitzgerald. 456 Stone, John Martin, Savannah, 470. 189 Stone, Jones Fritz, Adel. 392 Stone. Kice Hagan, Ocilla. 275, 443 Stone, Wm. Edmondson, Atlanta. 444, 263 Storino, Glenn Steele, Atlanta, 470, 217 Storm, Barbara R., Atlanta, 4.56, 72, 362, 237 Stnry, Helen Clair, Pelham, 470 Stovall. Albert S. J.. Athens, 381, 295 Stovall, Jon Murrow. Decatur. 393, 249 Stovall, William J., Jr., Waycross, 132 Stowe, Betty Joyce, High Shoals, 381 Stowers, Claudia J., Decatur, 146, 100, 443. 208 Stowers, Fred Gober, Dawsonville, 118, 422, 84, 82, 153 Stowers, Guy M., Conyers, 285, 133. 444 Strader, Ben Jeter, Jr., Roswell, 470, 361 456, Slraka, Roger Harold, Decatur, 470, 289 Strange, George W.. Douglas, 443 Strasberg, Ronald N., Tallapoosa, 456, 255 Stratman, John G., Atlanta, 456 Straughan, Jerry S., Decatur, 443 Strawn, James Micheal, Winston, 142, 393 Strayhorn, Nancy J., Decatur, 146 Strickland, Alonzo, Trion, 443 Strickland, Carolyn H., Commerce, 443 Strickland, Daniel M., Gainesville, 470 Strickland, Dennis J., Westfield, N. J., 470, 134 Strickland, Ella C, Canon, 443 Strickland, Frederick. Baxley, 142. 393. 144 Strickland, Howard L., Calvary, 443 Strickland, Jas. F., Jr., Douglas, 443 Strickland, Linda C, Carnesville, 400 Strickland, Marion E., Bowdon, 155, 156 Strickland, Ray L., Waycross, 393, 205 Strickland, Rena K., Miami Springs, Fla. Strickland, Robert H.. Athens, 470, 185 Strickland, Thomas M., Athens, 295, 153 Strickland, Wm. Doyle, Claxton, 456 Strickland, William M., Royston, 354, 443 Strickland, Willis, Jr., Comer, 443 Stringer, James C, Rockmart, 340 Stringer, Winston P., Rockmart, 456 Stripling, Thomas L., Cordele, 372, 77. 127, 354. 245, 99 Strock, Vibert L., Jr., Brunswick, 444 Strong, David Ralph, Pittsford, N. Y., 133 Strong. Sandra Ann, Athens, 470 Stroud, John Beasley, Athens, 464 Stroup, Wesley Edwin, Westfield, N. J., 285, 456 Stuart, Jane K., Raleigh, N. C, 456 Stuart, Marilyn E., Baxley. 444 Stuart. Phyllis Ann, Decatur, 464 Stubblefield, Alison, Rome. 455 Stubblefield, John Wm., Atlanta, 471 Stubbs, Marjorie Daw, Douglas, 233, 471 Stuckey, Harvey L., Jr., Albany, 381, 249 Stuckey, Lynda C, Eastman, 400, 237 Studdard, Rebecca A., Atlanta, 471 Stula, Joy Anne, Athens, 381 Sturgeon, Nancy Lee. Atlanta, 233 Sugarman, Kenneth P., Atlanta, 174, 471 Sullivan. Dan G., Franklin, Tenn., 135, 134 Sullivan, George R., Brooklyn, N. Y., 372. 133 Sullivan, Gerald F., Hapeville, 455 Sullivan, John Chas., Orlando, Fla., 319 Sullivan, Patricia E.. Decatur, 471 Sullivan, Paul F.. Thomaston. 444 Sullivan, Thomas D., Memphis, Tenn., 90 Summerhill, Vicki D., Atlanta, 221, 100, 101 Summers. Gay, Savannah, 171, 400, 62, 100, 168 Summers, Henry D., Ill, Marietta. 444 Summers, Joan Louise. Atlanta. 364. 444 Sumner, Joan Carol, Macon. 299. 456. 72 Supran, Michael K., Miami Beach. Fla., 133, 255 Surface. Claude E., Jr., Albany. 456. 289 Susman. Seymour G., Atlanta, 174, 142, 393, 144 Suso, Francisco, Sevilla, Spain, 131 Sutton. Catherine E.. Cedartown. 193 Sutton. Linda Jane, Macon, 381, 193 Swafford. Mack Dale. Villa Rica, 381 Swain, Irma Faye, Waycross. 136 Swain, Wm. Neel, Silver Spring, Md., 148. 444 Swanson. Donald Wayne. Cartersville, 456. 241 Swanson. Patricia M., Coral Gables, Fla., 146, 139 Swartz. Susan M., Salisbury, N. C, 174 •Sweat, Donna Marie, Brunswick. 171, 471 Sweat, Julie Jane, Jacksonville. Fla., 444, 167. 471 Sweat. Kathryn S., Jacksonville, Fla.. 381, 178 Sweeney, Mary Sue, Savannah, 400 Swift. Henry W.. Jr.. Columbus. 444 Swindell, Patricia A., Atlanta, 171, 471 Swint, Alonza T., Jr., Tifton, 372, 129 Swint, Ida Lorene, Milner, 444 Swit, Steven Elliott, Atlanta, 175, 471 Syfan, James K.. Ill, Decatur, 471 Symmes, Carol Gwen. Atlanta, 193, 471 Tabb, Eleanor Ann, Augusta, 114 Tabor, John Seaborn. Brunswick, 381, 241, 119 Takoudes, Nicholas G., Athens, 372, 129 Talbird, Sara Ann, Macon, 457, 72, 76, 362, 94, 95 Tallant. Wansley Dian, Gumming, 457 Tally, Sandra K., Homerville, 400, 237, 102, 78 Talmadge, Harry E., Jr., Athens. 471 Talmadge, Herman E., Jr., Lovejoy, 381, 119 Talmadge. John E., Ill, Athens, 422, 84. 152, 150 Talmadge, Mary I., Athens, 372, 197 Talton, Gerald Burten, Kingsland, 444 Tank. Frederick Emil, Toledo, Ohio, 285, 284, 393 Tanner, Johnnie E., Jacksonville, Fla., 471 Tanner. Karen Orita, Douglas, 237, 233, 471 Tanner, Tony Gideon, Dacula. 444 Tanner, Wm. Gordon, Lawrenceville, 152 Tappy, Thomas Philip, Morganton, N. C, 381 Tarantine, James A., Augusta, 457 Taratoot, Eileen Beth. Atlanta, 213, 471 Tarpley, James Monroe, Rome, 90, 154, 444 Tarte, Barbara Diane, Augusta, 167, 471 Tasker, Joseph W., Jr., Columbus, 457, 265, 361 Tate, Ben Barrow, Athens, 84, 136, 74, 119, 79, 121 Tate, George Lee, Elberton, 205, 444 Tate, Wm., Jefferson, Athens, 123 Tatum, Hal Edward, Glennville, 457 Tatum, John Milton, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla., 457 Tatum, Thomas Frank, Savannah, 142, 124 Taub, David Alan, Passaic, N. J., 393, 471 Taunton, Larry W., Reynolds, 372 Tawzer, Sue Evelyn, Atlanta, 132, 221, 471 Taylor, Andra Caye, Haysi, Va., 444 Taylor, Ann Wells, Taylors, S. C, 444 Taylor, Carol Leith, Walterboro, S. C, 139, 444, 233 Taylor, Don Richard, Albany, 404 Taylor, Elton R., Ill, LaCrange, 314 Taylor, George Wm., DeKalb Junction, N. Y., 444 Taylor, Harold T., College Park, 159 Taylor, Howell C. Jr., Ocilla, 444 Taylor, James Marvin, Madison, 314 Taylor, Janis Darlene. Conley, 444 Taylor, Jo Ann, Demorest, 258 Taylor, John Meadows, LaGrange, 457 Taylor. John W.. Jr.. Savannah, 134, 471 Taylor, John Willson, Staunton, Va., 152 Taylor, June EUz., Douglas, 444 Taylor, Lawrence A., Eustis, Fla., 444, 158 Taylor, Patricia Ann, Atlanta, 444 Taylor, Patricia R., Barnwell. S. C, 444 Taylor, Philip Larry, Nashville, 155, 175, 363 Taylor, Rebecca Anne, Talbotton, 444 Taylor, Richard P., Ill, Jacksonville, Fla.. 393 Taylor, Rose Ann, Blackshear, 457 Taylor, Travis W., Folkston, 128, 444 Taylor. Wm. Ira, Atlanta, 457 Teague. Robert C, Decatur, 457 Teague, Addison D., Jr., Athens, 113 Teal, James Lunie. Carrollton, 393 Teasley, Howell Kyser. Elberton, 457 Teale, John Mackie, Bowdon, 159 Teitel, Theodore B., Brooklyn, N. Y., 381 Temple, AUred Arthur, Sandy Hook. Conn.. 84, 86. 82, 127, 131, 105 Temple, Joseph Martin. Hartwell, 393, 363, 275, 349 Tennyson, James B., Pelham, 156 Terry. Claude E., Jr., Gumming, 137 Terry, Daniel B., Jr., Homerville, 381, 275 Terry, Harrielte J., Atlanta, 149, 221, 148. 147 Terry, Hilda Jane, Chatsworth. 147 Terry, Thomas Edward. Athens — 457, 245 Thacker, John Willis, McDonough, 457 Tharp. Mary Lynn. McRae, 208 Tharpe. James Sanchez, Ft. Valley, 188. 471 Tharpe. Jerry Watts. Ft. Valley. 381 Theroux, Thomas R., Agawam, Mass., 134, 471, 361 Thewke, Siegfried E., N. Bellmore, N. Y., 135 Thielman. Nancy J., Atlanta, 171, 444 Thigpen, Alton Robert. Waycross, 471 Trigpen, Clifton K., Athens, 159 Thigpen. Kenneth F., Macon, 393 Thigpen, Marion Bert, Dublin. 444 Thigpen, Wm. Barton, Waycross, 289 Thinh, Nghiem Xuan, Saigan, Vietnam, 444 Thomaier, Raymond K., Jamaica, N. Y., 444, 181 Thomas, Carole Ann, Macon, 457. 184 Thomas, Kenneth Erie, Patterson, 142, 393. 129 Thomas, Penelope Wall, Sandersville, 364. 444. 208 Thomas. Robt. Lindsay, Patterson. 457 Thomas, Roma D., Jr., Patterson, 422 Thomas. Walter Earl, Rhine, 372 Thomas, Wm. George, Jr., N. Augusta, S. C. 124. 123. 122 Thomason, Judith E., Columbus, 381 Thomason, Virginia A.. Dalton, 400 Thomason, Virginia E., Dalton, 457 Thompson. Anne Walton. Savannah. 457, 233, 167, 253 Thompson, Carolyn Mae. Oxford, 444 Thompson, Dennis V., Jr., Metter. 156 Thompson, F. Nimrod. Jr., Newport News. Va.. 159 Thompson. Garland, Soperton, 372 Thompson, Harry E., Jesup, 457, 242 Thompson, Harry H., III. Athens. 393, 99 Thompson, James P., LaGrange, 444 Thompson, Janet A., Athens. 258, 471 Thompson. John Robt., Swainsboro, 457, 336 Thompson, Judith Dawn. Atlanta, 233, 471 Thompson, Julia S.. Fairmounl, 146, 86 Thompson, Larry Neal, Lawrenceville, 457, 334. 335 Thompson, Linda C, Douglasville, 178, 444 Thompson, Nancy O., Atlanta, 237, 444 Thompson, Paul Ashton. Chamblee. 444 Thompson. Ralph Craig. Germantown, Tenn., 133. 471 Thompson. Ray Allen, Sylvania. 457, 189 Thompson, Sara C, Bremen. 171, 393 Thompson, Travis H., Dalton. 393 Thompson, Trudy Dawn. Hull. 457 Thompson, Warren Ann. Jacksonville, Fla.. 471 Thompson, Willard D., Greenville, 457 Thome. Jere Tuttle, Millen, 455 Thomhill, Barbara L.. Gainesville, 149, 120, 193, 418, 108 Thornton, Dorothy N., Athens, 455 Thornton, Edmund E., Madison, 457, 241 Thornton, Joe L., Athens, 314 Thornton, John P., Hartwell, 444, 189 Thornton, Marion B., Royston, 444 Thrailkill, Homer M., Ridge Spring, S. C, 444 Threeton, Clay L., Jr., Atlanta, 381 Threlkeld, George L., Vidalia, 381, 241 Thrift. Zona Phaye, Cobbtown, 146, 444 Thurmond, Donald W., Madison. 152 Thurmond. Gerald P.. Madison, 152 Thurmond. Guy J., Jr., Madison, 135, 74, 404 Thurmond, Janice, Monroe. 106. 444 Thurmond. Susan R., Gainesville, 457, 364. 253 Thweatt. John Dorman, Augusta, 381 Thweatt, Marsha E.. Columbus. 364. 444 Tidwell, Jimmie O., Carlersville, 124, 121. 123, 122 Tidwell, Sidney, Macon, 171, 457 Tidwell, Wm. Jerry, Statesboro, 393, 275 Tilby, James Larry, Thomson, 444 Tilghman, Susan E., Decatur, 372, 72, 133, 184 Tillem, Annie Ruth. Atlanta. 400, 213 Tillman, David Arnold, Moultrie, 457 Tillman. Loretta Ann, Decatur, 457 Tindol, Rufiis L.. Ill, Atlanta. 393, 289 Tinley, Beryl Ann. McBean, 444 Tinney, Michael Eron, Huntsville, Ala., 471. 314 Tippins, Berta Marie, Baxley, 124, 72 Tipton, Ellen R., Madison. 197, 471 Tisdale, Katherine D,. Decatur. 444, 258 Tisinger. David H., Athens, 152, 151, 150, 78 Tisinger, Richard G., Carrollton, 422, 241. 152 Tison, Wm. Glenn. Deland. Fla., 444 Tobin, Judith Ann. Marietta. 44. 167 Todd. James Gale, Shiloh, 444 Todd, Patricia C, Perry. 400, 208 Todd, Susan Judith, Lookout Mountain, Tenn., 381, 253 Tolbert. James Joseph, Albany, 393, 144 Tollerson, Jo Ann. Gibson. 299, 444 Tolson, John F., Jr., Lakeland. Fla., 471 Tomas, Javier F., Barcelona, Spain, 92 Tomberlin, Martha R., Macon, 471 Tomlinson. Lea Jane, Columbus, 258 Tomlinson, Luther L., Valdosfa. 471 Toney, Arnold Arthur, Decatur, 381 Toole, Phillips Joe, Albany, 444 Tootle, Cecil Jan, Savannah, 156 Tootle, Marvin Lewis, Childersburg, Ala.. 158. 471. 314 Topshe, Sondra P.. East Point. 393. 206 Torch, Muriel Lorette. Macon, 400. 279 Torok, Jeanne Ann, Decatur, 471 Totter, Anita Ruth. Athens, 92 Touchberry, Sandra C. Savannah, 444, 258 Towler. James Everett. Logansville, 154, 444 Townsend, James F.. Athens. 159 Townsend, James N.. Bremen. 457 Townsend, Linda Diane, Savannah, 457 Townsend, Robt. Carter, Atlanta. 295, 471. 361 Townson. Richard D., Marietta. 241, 418 Traber. Mary Alia, Madison, 471, 253 Tracy, Jon Lunsford, Sylvester, 444 Tracy, Lee Lamkin, Harlem. 205, 444 Trammell, Ervin C., Jr.. Covington, 381, 363 Tramontane, Robert M., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.. 133 Trang, Meng Kry. Phnom Penh, Cam- bodia, 457 Travis, Stephen M.. Atlanta, 175, 444 Traylor. Joanna. Athens, 364. 197, 475 Traynor. Dennis W., III. Stone Moun- tain, 123, 471 Treadway, James C. Jr., Union, S. C, 457 Treadwell. Dorothy S.. Valdosta, 179 444 Trestman, Janice, New Orleans, La. 213 471 Tribby. David Cosby. Purcellville, Va.. 159. 84, 127. 95 Tricarico. Vincent J., Catskill, N. Y., 372 Trippe. Walter R.. Jr., Atlanta. 393 Trosdal. Einar S., Ill, Sav.innah, 457 Trossi. David Julio, Puerto Rico. 457, 133, 181 Trotter, David Lee, Decatur. 444 Trotter. Richard P., Atlanta. 422, 84. 83, 82, 85, 87, 119, 81 Troutman, Joan C, Atlanta. 179, 444 Troutman, Wayne B., Eatonton, 444 Truitt, Richard A., Warner Robins, 119 Trulock. Paul H., III. Climax. 457 Trung Ha Xuan. Washington D. C. 92, 444 Truslow. John W.. Jr., Atlanta, 345 Tucker, Jimmy Ray. St. Simons Island. 457 Tucker, Nellie C. Eatonton, 237, 444 Tumbleston. Roy H., Cravenel, S. C, 404 Tumlin, Edna Tate, Marietta, 237, 234, 444 Tumlin, Patricia Ann, Cave Sprine, 400 Tumlin, Patricia Kay, Decatur, 171, 457, 364 Tumlin, Wm. Newton, III, Savannah. 457, 305 Turk, Hollis Andru, Gainesville, 471 Turley, Helen M., Augusta, 457 Turnell. Steve Armour, Athens. 457, 263 Turner. Charlotte Ann. Carlersville, 444 Turner, Corrie P., Rnyston, 457, 72 Turner, David William. Mineral Bluff, 444 Turner, Donna Lee, Atlanta, 299, 471 Turner, Eugenia Jane, Conyers, 457 Turner. Harrison V., Elberton, 464 Turner, James Parks, Mineral Bluff, 393 Turner, Jos. Franklin, Tate, 471 Turner, Lynn Gilbert, Davenport. N. Y., 131 Turner, Margaret Ann, Columbus, 124, 471 Turner. Mary Gertrude, Brunswick, 364, 444, 208 Turner. Molly Banks. Cordele, 474 Turner, Robert A., Jr., Macon, 464 Turner. Susan Rivka, Atlanta, 279, 471 Turner, Ward Parker, Cordele, 171, 381. 75, 2, 473, 78 Turner, Wm. Waugh, III, Nashville, 400 Tuten, Sara Eleanor, Baxley, 233 Tuttle. Charles W.. Manlius. N. Y.. 444 Twilley, Barry Haynes, Warrenton. 471 Tyler, Jane Lenox, Macon, 171, 444 Tyre, Gary Lawton, Waycross, 135, 400, 134 Tyson, Charles Wayne, Valdosta, 132, 471 u Uk, Tinal, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 457 Ulmer, Howard D.. Jr., N. Augusta, S. C, 444 Ulrici, Janice Jean, Atlanta, 457, 237 Underwood, Benjamin H., Savannah. 444, 249 Underwood. Cecilia B.. Jefferson. 457, 221 Underwood, Frank, III, Savannah, 422, 152 Underwood, George, Jr., Milledgeville, 404 Underwood, James, III, Augusta, 444, 189 Underwood, Joan, Rockville Centre, N. Y., 120 Underwood, Norman Lee, Calhoun, 148, 444 Unger, Jane Sharon, Hampton, Va., 213, 444 Union, Joseph Michael. Macon, 471 Upchurch. Harold W.. McDonough. 393 Upchurch, Susan E.. Athens. 457, 197 Upshaw, Rosemary I., Rydal, 444 Ursrey, Gerald Lyman, Hazelhurst, 444 Ursrey, Lawton R.. Jr., Hazelhurst, 422 Usry, Charles Hiram, Smithville, 130, 181, 444 Usry, William Gerald, Washington, 444, 461 Van Allen, Ronald H., Wyoming. N. Y.. 444 Van Dusen. Lloyd J.. Coopers Plains, N. Y., 372. 185 Van Valkenburg, Ruth, Aiken, S. C, 444 ■Vance, Patricia A., Tifton, 444 Vance, Shirley Anne, Bowdon, 171 Vandiver, James H., Martin, 457, 123, 295 Vandiviere, Catherine, Savannah, 393, 193 Vandiviere. Cornelia, Savannah. 393. 193 Vann, Barbara Ann E., Binghamton, N. Y., 123 Vann, Kenneth Espy, Midland, 315 Vann. Thomas H.. Jr., Thomasville. 225, 471 Vannier, Lavon Dale, Athens, 444 Vansant, James P., Jr.. Jasper, 471 Vansant. Thomas J., Jasper, 444 Vardaman, Carl T.. McRae, 444 Vam. Harriet Louise, Macon. 184 Vamado, Gerald Ray, Valdosta, 314 Varnedoe, Lonnie E., Jr., Brunswick, 457 Vason, Cornelius, Jr., Madison. 444, 99. 249 Vason, Wayne Randolph, Madison, 249. 471 Vasvary, Miki Peter, Athens, 361 Vaughan. Carol Louise, Lookout Moun- tain, Tenn., 471 Vaughn, James C, Jr.. Augusta, 205, 444 Veal, James S., Jr., Hogansville, 471 Veal, Wendell Ray, Milledgeville, 393 Veio, Ernest Augustus, Albany, 444 Verboys, James L., White Plains, N. Y., 132, 444 Verner, Alvin Frank. Atlanta. 175, 444 Verner, Brenda Joyce, Tucker, 471 Vernoy, Deryl Lynne, Atlanta. 457. 258 Vickers, Doris C, Brunswick. 457 Vickers, Edgar B., Macon. 457 Vickcry. Judy Kyme, Decatur. 457, 208 Vickery, Kenneth M., Atlanta. 289, 471 Villaire, Nathaniel E.. Athens, 133 Vincent, James Monroe, Grand Island, N. Y.. 471 Vincent, Joseph J.. East Point. 444 Vining. Frances Gayle, Marshallville. 457. 123. 122. 253 Vinson, Thomas M., Ill, Valdosta, 393, 225 Vitio, Patrick Donald, Malveme, N. Y., 372, 130 Voecks, Gyl Kathleen, Medford Lakes, N. J.. 221. 471 Voigt. John Tomberlin. Waycross, 404, 249 Vollrath. John Hansen, Atlanta, 185. 471 Volpitto, Perry P.. Jr., Augusta. 457, 275, 114 Voyles, Linda Ann. Toccoa, 444 w Wachsteter, Howard E., Atlanta, 175, 471 Wachsteter, John Ira, Atlanta, 175, 444 Wade, Anne Treutlen, Marshallville, 471, 253 Wade, Carolyn Burke, Rome, 471 Wade, Dorothy Lee, Dalton, 382, 100, 179 Wade, Joseph A., Jr., Columbus, 457, 225 Wade, Michael Stone, Atlanta, 444, 189 Wade, Phyllis Marie, Atlanta, 400, 138, 193 Wade, Robert Lane, Athens, 94, 263 Wadsworth, Lewis, III, Bunnell, Fla., 444, 189 Wages, Harvey S., Jr., Savannah, 382, 154 Wages, Katherine E., Lawrenceville, 124, 193, 471 Wages, Wm. Lamar, Jr., Lawrenceville, 90, 131, 444 Wagner, Arthur Craig, New Hope, Pa., 457 Wahl, Sharon Louise, Decatur, 208, 471 Wainwright, Marion J., Waycross, 444, 289 Wainwright, Catherine, Jacksonville, Fla., 179, 471 Waite, John Carnahan, Thomasville, 418 Waits, Chas. Hardy, McDonough, 457, 245 Waits, Laurel Anne, Atlanta, 471 Waldbaum, Lynn D., Miami, Fla., 457, 364, 72, 213 Walden, John W., Jr., Columbus, 457, 225 Waldman, Marvin H., Savannah, 471 Waldrep, Linda Burke, Forsyth, 444, 167 Waldrop, Joyce Helen, Marietta, 457, 123 Walker, Anne Marshall, Augusta, 362, 237, 444 Walker, Jerry Ronald, Montezuma, 158, 444 Walker, Jimmie Dudley, Athens, 393, 140 Walker, Jimmy Rogers, Union Point, 393, 142 Walker, John David, Morrow, 393, 275 Walker, John Woollolk, Athens, 457 Walker, Lawrence C, Jr., Perry, 422 Walker, Robin O., Brunswick, 444 Walker, Walstein L., Jr., Macon, 444 Walker, William Larry, Reidsville, 457 Walker, Wm. Preston, Fitzgerald, 444 Wall, Albert M., Ill, Savannah, 457, 189 Wall, Catherine Marie, Gainesville, 179, 471 Wall, Erskine R., Tampa, Fla., 171, 364, 418 Wall, Jerry Jackson, Lawrenceville, 457, 136 Wall, Joan Ann, Marietta, 457 Wall, John Warren, Fort Valley, 241, 471 Wall, Nancy Sue, Dacula, 124, 444, 91 Wall, Pearla Duncan, Lawrenceville, 382 Wall, Preston Jackson, Hoschton, 159 Wall, Saundra, Statham, 299, 400 Wallace, Grace B., Thomasville, 89, 471 Wallace, Lucretia J., Piedmont, Ala., 171, 400 Wallace, Mary Pamela, Atlanta, 471 Wallace, Nancy E., Marietta, 457, 179 Wallace, Priscilla, East Point, 193, 471 Waller, Jerry Milton, Thomaston, 457 Waller, Linda Kay, College Park, 444, 299 Waller, Mary Lenoir, Decatur, 72 Waller, Nancy Lee P., Athens, 364 Walls, Charles Alton, Gumming, 131 Walrath, David B., Hagerstown, Md., 159 Walsh, Michael G., Atlanta, 444, 328 Walsh, Robert D., Jr., Floral Park, N. Y., 444 Walter, Lamar Cobb, Long Meadow, Mass., 119 Walters, Jeannie Eliz., Fitzgerald, 444, 299, 124, 123, 122 Wammock, Richard Hoke, Augusta, 444 Wansley, James Hoyt, Macon, 471 Ward, Brenda Carol, Commerce, 124, 123 Ward, Eugene Long, Jr., Gainesville, 382 Ward, James Earl, Adel, 457 Ward, Margaret C, Albany. 299 Ward, Susan Spence, St. Simons Island, 457 Ward, Suzanne Carol, Warner Robins, 444 Ware, Caroline Keese, Benevolence, 457, 221 Ware, Glenn Oren, Athens, Tenn., 135, 404 Ware, James E., Jr., Columbus, 471 Ware, Patricia Anne, Rome, 184, 471 Ware, Theodore G., Bronxville, N. Y., 245, 333, 471 Warlick, Ann, Macon, 171, 457, 475 Warlick, Thomas H., Jr., Cartersville, 225, 471 Warlick, Wm. Byrd, Cartersville, 152, 225, 422 Wamell, William D., Pembroke, 444, 189 Warner, Byron H., Jr., Athens, 120, 148 Warner, Clarence W., Jr., Valdosta, 152 Warner, Linda Ruth, Chattanooga, Tenn., 457 Warren, Mary Katbryn, Atlanta, 138, 471 Warren, Robert Burke, Durham, N. C, 225, 445 Warren. William K., Jr., Milan. 225, 445 Warthen, Mary Ann. Atlanta, 171, 471 Wasdin, Susan W., Bremen, 95, 253 Washburn. Martha F., Gray, 471 Waters, Anne Allen, Greenville, S. C, 382, 136, 233 Waters, Charles Woody, Marietta, 241, 445 Waters. Larry Chas.. Blackshear, 137 Waters, Marshall, III, Augusta, S. C, 445 Watkins, Barbara F., Atlanta, 400, 208 Wfltkins, Charles J., Commerce, 58 Watkins. George E., Louisville, 121, 123, 122, 445 Watkins, Janet Stella, Athens, 457, 299 27 Watkins, Nancy V., Marietta. .382, 253 Watson, Ann. Augusta, 139, 400, 91 Watson, Merrill Taber, Athens, 156 Wauon, Wm. Elbert, Jr., Athens, 140 Watterson. Georgia C, LaGrange, 445 Watts, Chas. Leslie, Thomaston, 457, 189 Watts, Daniel Thomas, Decatur, 457 Watts, George Brinson, Brinson, 118, 149, 82, 85, 87, 418. 79 Watts, John Thomas, Newton, Mass., 241 Watts, Michael J., Hapeville, 445 Way, Michael Slade, St. Simons Island, 457, 95, 249 Weatherford, Mary F., Athens, 400, 233 Weatherford, Warren C., Greensboro, 457 Weatherly, James C., Jr., Augusta, 121, 123 Weatherly, Wm. Donald, Winder, 159, 123, 449 Weathersby, Wm. Cecil, Phenix City, Ala., 445 Weaver, Carol Ann, Marietta, 184 Weaver, Chas. Eugene, Bergen, N. Y., 372 Weaver, James Wallace, Pamplico, S. C, 445, 98 Weaver, Janet Leigh, Marietta, 72, 123, 91 Webb, Donna Patricia, Vidalia, 258 Webb. Gerald Fred, Moultrie, 457, 275 Webb, Madge Priscilla, Macon, 382, 253 Webb, Sandra Lee, Cordele, 457 Webb, Virgil Harris, Athens, 352 Weber, Richard E., Jr., Yonkers, N. Y., 134 Webersinn, Theodore H., Rumson, N. J., 457 Weems, Sue Osborne, Lyerly, 382 Weiland, James R., Jr., Marietta, 221 Weinberg, Fred Lewis, Atlanta, 175 Weinberger, Ronald L., South Orange, N. J.. 445 Weinburg, Walter M., Atlanta, 445 Weinheimer, Thomas B., Cammilus, N. Y., 340 Weinstein, Alan B., Savannah, 451 Weinstein, Ronnie K., Atlanta, 255 Weinstein, Steven E., Atlanta, 255, 457 Weisman, Sharon A., Charlotte, N. C, 213 Wcisshaar, Arnold G., Floral Park, N. Y., 131 Weissman, Norman M., Atlanta, 175. 459 Weitman, Ravenel T., Springfield, 382 Welch, Anita Carolyn, Atlanta, 418 Welch, Dorothy Melina, Atlanta, 457, 253 Welch, George Lamar, Athens, 124, 121 Welch, Russell C, Martinez, 445 Weldon, Thomas Alfred. Palmetto, 445 Wellborn, Brenda C, Pine Mtn. Valley, 400 Wellborn, Freddie G., Campton, 445 Wellborn, Samuel, III, Columbus, 268, 445 Wells, Ann Louise, Hapeville, 72, 457, 167 Wells, Billy Hugh, Athens, 372, 130, 457 Wells. Gloria Coile, Athens, 382 Wells, Jan Van Horn, Athens, 382 Wells, John Matthew, Savannah, 315 Wells, Sharon Layne, West Van Lear, N. Y., 457 Wells, Wesley L., Jr., Commerce, 457 Wendt, Paul A., Jr., Pelham Manor, N. Y., 372 Wenzel. Barry Erhart, Monroe, 245 Werbin, Charlotte, Atlanta, 213, 457 Wesley, Mary Meadors, Atlanta, 457 Wessels, Chas. Henry, Savannah, 152 Wessinger, Linda L., CarroUton, 457 West, Bill Moore, Lakeland. 445 West, Edwin Lee, Sautee, 327, 445 West, Kathleen C, Atlanta, 445, 167 West, Lucy Yancey, Athens, 382, 253 West, Sharon Harriet. Atlanta, 445 West, Wm. Garvin, Jr., Gainesville, 132 Westberry, Kay F., Jessup, 457 Westbrook, Ann, Lumpkin, 400 Westcott, James L., Jr., Chattanooga, Tenn., 289 Wester, William D., Thomasville, 285, 457 Westfall, Frank C, Jr., Gallupville, N. Y., 372, 132, 129 Westmoreland, Martha, Thomasville, N. C. 130, 445 Westmoreland, Ralph B., Griffin, 132, 315 Weston, Barbara Jane, Atlanta, 123 Wexler, Alan David, CarroUton, 82 Wexler, Michael, Monroe, 445 Wexler, Steven Tony, Atlanta, 458 Whaley, Frances P., Whaley, Marjorie Lee, Shellman, 458, 146, 167, 91 Wheeler, Chas. Randall, Macon, 314 Wheeler, James S., Attica, N. Y., 340 Wheeler, Mary Jane, Canton, 179 Wheeler, Opal Rebecca, Watkinsville 133, 445 Whelchel, Barbara A., College Park, 450 Whelchcl, Nancy C, Statesboro, 362, 253 Whiddon, Sara Stamps, Griffin, 464 Whitaker, Helen J., Rutledge, 445, 114 Whitaker, Robert H., Jr., Hampton, 85 White, Alice Cashion, Elberton, 450 White, Anna S., Bainbridge, 382 White, Charles Haynea, Augusta, 156, 158 White, Dorothy Evelyn, Savannah, 382, 458 White, Franklin. C, Jr., Cairo, 464 White, Gary Alfred, Scotia, N. Y., 445, 289 White, Karen Ann, Madisonville, Tenn., 464 White, Marian Lenelle, Atlanta. 171, 382 White. Mary Shelly, Decatur, 259 While, Marylyn T., CarroUton, 114, 171, 458 While, Robert Hugh, Albany, 363, 189, 347 White, Wm. Ernest, Midland, 382 While, Wm. Spalding, Atlanta, 464 Whitehead, James L., Augusta, 315 Whitehead, Junette, Atlanta, 146, 100, 194,197 Whitehurst, Judith F., Macon, 445 Whilelock, Richard E., Oak Park, 111., 263 Whiten, Morris Lewis, Toccoa, 458 Whitesell, Carolyn I., Atlanta, 458 Whiteside, John H., Elberton, 245 Whitfield, Wm. Wilton, Chicopee, 458 Whiting, Scott F., Linden, N. J., 140 Whitley, Forrest L., Jr., Griffin, 445 Whitley, James Bartow, Lithonia, 295 Whitley, Louisa Anne, Macon, 382 Whitley, Robert Gary, East Point, 289 Whitley, Wm. Avery, Atlanta, 418 Whitley, Wm. Howard, Monroe, 489 Whitlock, Paul A., Jr., Newnan, 77, 445, 189 Whitlock, Sandra Jean, Roswell, 221 Whitlock, Wh. H., Jr., Marietta, 450 Whitmer, Cynthia Ann, Miami, Fla., 456, 208 Whitmire, Lydia C, Atlanta, 445, 208 Whittle, Marie B., St. Simons Island, 382 Whittle. Mary Comeria, Augusta, 400, 91 Whitworth, Glover L., Douglasville, 142 Whorton, Judith Faye, Brunswick, 382, 100 Wick, Arthur Conrad, Atlanta, 241 Wicker, Martha C, Gray, 458, 91, 146, 445 Wickersham, Dianne, Washington, 445 Wickersham, Laura L., Washington, 458, 114, 208, 91 Wienges, Othniel H., Jr., St. Matthews. S. C, 241 Wier, Ann Bird, Athens, 299, 445 Wier, Marion Alex, Augusta, 458, 241 Wiesen, Ronald Chas., Dalton, 458, 175 Wigelsworth, Wm. J., Jr., Albany, 245, 445 Wiggins, Amanda C, Ashburn, 124, 445 Wiggins. Gerald M,, Brunswick, 445 Wigh, Russell John. Augusta, 275, 445 Wight, Sarah Eliz.. Atlanta, 458, 237 Wilbanks, James Alvin, Nicholson, 123 Wilbanks, James E., Jr., Dublin, 458, 90, 123 Wilbanks, James H., Dacula, 382 Wilbur, Roger Clyde, Kennesaw, 458, 185 Wilcher, Carlton W., Jr., Columbus, 382 Wilcox, Peter Wynne, Atlanta, 142, 249 Wildes, Kenneth D., Jr., Brunswick, 185 Wiley, Julia Edith, Stone Mountain, 179 Wilhite, Killy Claire, Walhalla, S. C, 445 Wilkerson, Thomas, Jr., Athens, 129, 361 Wilkes, Jimmy Burpee, Augusta, 445 Wilkes. Wm. Lee, Augusta, 154, 382 Wilkins, Beth Louise, Dalton, 146, 445 Wilkins. Martha W., Annandale, Va., 445 233 Wilkins, Rebecca T., Orlando, Fla., 458, 197 Wilkins, Robert David, Rome, 152, 148, 422 Wilkinson, Douglas L., Dublin, 365 WiUett, Robt. Earl, Jr., Columbus, 382 Williams, Barbara. Columbus, 362, 445 Williams, Claudia S., Atlanta, 72 Williams, Earl F., Blackshear, 400 Williams, Earl Jay, Rocky Ford, 445 Williams. Earl S., Jr., Americus, 205 Williams, Edgar W., Colquitt. 372, 289 Williams, Edward P., Madison, 159 Williams, George W., Jr., Savannah, 422, 249 Williams, Georgia M., Hamilton, 299, 445, 259 Williams, Harriet V., Ocala, Fla.. 237 Williams, Jack L., Jr., Lancaster, S. C, 123 Williams, James Reed, Marietta, 458, 314 Williams, James Wiley, Buchanan, 127, 130, 114 Williams, John Judson, Stapleton, 372, 181 Williams, Judith, Athens, 458 Williams, Judy Carol, Chamblee, 179, 167 Williams, Julia C, Atlanta, 237, 445 Williams, Kenneth P., Melbourne, Fla. Williams, Kenny C, Douglas, 445 Williams, Linda Ray, Villa Rica, 445 Williams, Mary C, Glenn, 259 Williams, Mary Jo, Union, S. C, 400, 259 Williams, Nancy Dee, Gainesville, Fla., 171 Williams, Phillip A., Athens, 123, 189 Williams, Ralph Lee, Augusta, 140 Williams, Richard A., Colquitt, 142, 127 Williams, Robert L., Canton, 445 Williams, Ronald C, Axson, 152 Williams, Thomas Jos., Aragon, 445 Williams, Vernon C, Atlanta, 90, 445 Williams, Wanda Sue, Cordele, 253 Williams, William M., Athens, 161, 217 Williams, Wm. W., Ill, Ft. Oglethorpe, 372, 127, 129 Williams, Wm. Worth, Macon, 123, 445 Williamson, Emory J., Augusta, 422, 152 Williamson, Johnnie F., Athens, 184 Williamson, Joy L.. Kingsland, 123 Williamson, Patricia, Albany, 221, 445 Williamson, Raymond M., Carlersville, 145 Williamson, Robert W., Atlanta, 315 Williford, Mary Ruth, Bronxville, N. Y., 458 Willig, Sharon Nancy, Ashville, N. C, 112, 145, 400, 100, 279, 101 WiUimon, Louise M., Clemson, S. C, 197 Willin ham, Anna N., Atlanta, 145, 458, 253 Willingham, Ronald G., Atlanta, 445 Willingham, Starr. Rome, 464, 171 Willingham, Wright, Rome, 152 Willis, James Gerald, Marietta, 123 Willis, James Hull, Macon, 458 Willis, Jerry Talbert, Bonaire, 418, 82, 85, 189 Willis, Kenneth James, CarroUton, 445 Willis, Larry F., Cartersville, 458, 121, 123 Willoughby, James, Milledgeville, 382, 121, 123, 122 Willson, Charles P.. Conyers, 458 Wilner, David Melton, College Park, 464 Wilson, Barry Lynn, Savannah, 464, 315 Wilson, Catherine Gay, Atlanta, 440 Wilson, Charles C, Greensboro, 445 Wilson, Christopher C, Athens, 464 Wilson, Deena Marie, Fort Valley, 464 Wilson, Emory C, Jr., Fort Valley, 372, 241, 133 Wilson, Everette C, Jr., Atlanta, 458, 361 Wilson, Fred Gerald, Pearson, 156 Wilson, India Brown, Athens, 408 Wilson, James Larry, Fitzgerald, 372 Wilson, James Lee, Cracewood, 464 Wilson, James M., Edgewood, Pa., 315 Wilson, James T., Jr., Augusta, 225 Wilson, James Wm., Jr., Gainesville, -445 Wilson, John C, 111, Hartford, Conn., 205 Wilson, Judy Carole, Atlanta, 193 Wilson, Lawrence, Jr., Atlanta, 129 Wilson, Martha Jean, Rossville, 464 Wilson , Martin Eugene, Baxley, 445 Wilson, Mary Eliz., Warner Robins, 382 Wilson, Myra Jean, Atlanta, 458, 193 Wilson, Patti Joyce, Jonesboro, 400 Wilson, Randall E., Plainville, 458 Wilson, Rex Bowman, Abbeville, 132 Wilson, Robert Donald, Warner Robins, 458 Wilson, Walter R., Ft. Valley, 445 Wilson, William H., Jr., Augusta, 217 Wilson, Wm. Neil, Gainesville, 445 Wilson, William Roger, Sycamore, 142 Wimberly, David T., College Park, 458, 275, 119 Wimberly, James W., Jr., Atlanta, 458 Wimberly, Kirk S., HI, Thomasville, 225, 445 Wimbish, Barbara Ann, Canton, 445 Wimbish, Stephen S., Rome, 445 Wimer, Wm. Stanley, Marietta, 458, 289 Wine, Karen Gail, Arlington, Va., 364 Wingo, Hugh Franklin, Newnan, 123 Winning, Ruth Mary, Greenville, S. C, 458 Winsett, Gerald, Auburndale, Fla., 315 Winship, Mary Eliz., Augusta, 458, 146 Winship, Wadleigh C, Atlanta, 382 Winslette, Wm. Ennis, Macon, 445 Winston, Clara Lane, Valdosta, 171, 382 Winter, Louis Edward, Detroit, Mich., 153 Winter, Ralph Edwin, Albany, 90, 458 Winters, Thomas A., Jr., Atlanta, 445 Wisdom, Lynne Roden, Atlanta, 362, 102 Wise, Joel Alton, Leary, 458 Wise, John Michael, Thunderbolt, 458 Wise, Nancy Caroline, Plum Branch, 106, 86, 87, 445, 94 Wiser, Meda Louisa, Tifton, 146 Withers, John B., Ill, Atlanta, 109 Withrow, Robert Hugh, Forest City, N. C, 445 Witkofsky, Walter, Jr., Baltimore, Md., 159 Wittner, Phyllis Ann, Birmingham, Ala., 279 Woeltjen. Donald A., Savannah, 142, 334, 335 Wofford, Dorothy J., Gainesville, 382 Wofford, Michael W., Gainesville, 445 Wolf, Herbert Larry, Macon, 213 Wolf, Laura White, Washington, D. C. 458 Wolff, Fabianne B., Durham, 418, 279, 147 Wolfson, Richard Jay, Jacksonville, Fla., 458 Wolkin, Shirley Marie, Atlanta, 279 Wolper, Eileen, Charleston, S. C, 112, 458, 213, 91 Womack, John Carl, Miami, Fla., 131 Womack, Wm. Campbell, Florence S. C, 330 Woo, Dorothy Louise, Augusta, 155 Woo, Douglas King, Augusta, 382 Woo, Emily Lois, Augusta, 146, 445 Woo, Eugene, Jr., Augusta, 156 Wood, Betty Ann, Loganville, 458, 88, 146 Wood, Billie Jean, Douglas, 233 Wood, Carolyn Dean, Dawson, 458 Wood, Dana Jolaine, Atlanta. 226, 445 Wood, Donald Wayne, Rochelle, 458 Wood, John Douglas, Rossville, 135 Wood, Linda Kathleen, College Park, 445, 233 Wood, Peggy Beattie, Atlanta, 364 Wood. Raymond Monroe, Americus, 445 Wood, Richard Barry, Newnan, 458 Wood, Sara Annetta, Atlanta, 458, 91 Wood, Sarah Inez, Pacolet, S. C, 364, 179. 449, 167, 474 Woodall, Elinor G., Columbus. 400 Woodall, John Thomas, Gainesville, 245 Woodall, Martha Eliz., Barnesville, 458, 253 Woodall, Wm. Joseph, Atlanta, 241 Woodard, Eva Joy, Atlanta, 458 Woodham. Richard M., Jonesboro, 90, 121, 123. 445 Woodlee, Eleanor V., Barnesville, 445, 208 Woodruff, Elizabeth I.. Washington, 445, 167, 94 Woodruff, Robert F.. Rome, 458, 361 Woods, Charles Dale, Bremen, 123 Woods, Diane Helen, Bonita Springs, Fla., 445, 179 Woods, Dorothy Sharon, Coral Gables, Fla., 139 Woods, Eleanor Jane, College Park, 299, 458, 364 Woods, Harry Earl, Athens, 144 Woodward, Brigham E., Augusta, 315 Woodward, Judith Anne, Decatur, 179 Woody, Brenda Ann, Harlem, 445 Woonton, Roger Allan, Pompano Beacb, Fla., 445 Woollen, Joe Thomas, Smyrna, 458, 241 Word, John James, Jr., Milledgeville, 458, 241 Worden, Judith Ann, Decatur, 146, 179 Worden, Lorraine M., Savannah, 445 Work, Sandra Edith, Macon, 138, 197 Worley, Margaret Ann, Athens, 167 Wortham, Joyce E., Athens, 445, 184 Wray, Christopher P., Macon, 445, 241 Wray, Margaret Jean, Chickamauga, 382, 193, 190 Wren, Benjamin F., Ill, Louisville, 445, 263 Wright, Alexander, 111, Atlanta, 363 Wright, Benjamin H., West Point, 382 Wright, Brenda Sue, Macon, 458, 91 Wright, Childs R., Draper, N. C, 159 Wright, Frances C, Atlanta, 472 Wright, Frances C, Atlanta, 147 Wright, Frankie A., Commerce, 472 Wright, Glenda Jo, Tucker, 472 Wright, James T., West Brookfield, Mass., 159 Wright, Jerry Ernest, Toccoa, 472 Wright, John Edward, Gainesville, 217, 348 Wright, Judith Anne, Decatur, 100, 382, 226 Wright, Marjorie Ann, Cartersville, 106, 472 Wright, Posie Joyce, Athens. 133, 472 Wright, Sara Ellen, Rome, 237, 472 Wright, Sibyle E., Athens, 458, 133 Wright, Stephen Wynn, Chamblee, 458, 189 Wright, Thomas Wiley, Forsyth, 472 Wright, Walter G. B., Killeen, Texas, 472 Wright, William Henry, Albany, 445 Wrigley, Norma June, Atlanta, 237, 443 Wurst, Charles C., Jr., Meigs, 130, 443 Wyatt, Chas. Rembert, East Point, 472 WyatI, Gloria Nerine, St. Louis, Mo., 443 Wylly, John C, Jr., Savannah, 382 Wynn, Martha Carolyn, Athens, 77, 75, 100, 382, 259, 78 Wynne, David Melvin, Blakely, 175 Wynne, Pamela Diane, Atlanta, 458 Yancev, Susan Hawkins, Atlanta, 253, 472 ' Yapp, William Perry, Atlanta, 472 Yarbrough, Clyde L., Funston, 458 Yarbrough, Johnny B., Lumber City, 1 Yarbrough, Larry Deal, Nashville, 472 Yarbrough, Martha C, Columbus, 237, 445 Yarbrough, Robert C, East Point, 472 Yates, Albert M., Jr., Pelham, 445, 249 Yates, Clinton Harrod, Marietta, 289 Yawn, Thomas Dorsey, Glennville, 445 Yerlow, Stanley C, Atlanta, 124, 458, 175 Yetter, James Alan, Wilmington, 472 Yoder, Cindy T., Athens, 472 Yonce, Barbara Jane, Augusta, 472, 17) York, Susan Kay, Atlanta, 472 You, Sambath, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 458 Youmans, Kenny D., Savannah, 225, Youmans, Ronette, Atlanta, 208, 472 Young, Benjamin Neely, Cedartown, 45 225 Young, Dale Harry, Macedon, N. Y., 1, Young, Frances Hudson, Elberton, 445 Young, James Downey, Atlanta, 134, 4 ' Young, James Roscoe, Athens, 472 Young, Jane, Washington, D. C, 458, 208 Young, June Ferol, Hapeville, 458, 89, 88, 72, 193 Young, Larry Lee, Amoldsville, 472 Young, Mary Vivion, Toccoa, 458, 146 Young, Susan Lynn, Toccoa, 472 Youngblood, Cynthia L., Savannah, 45 Youngblood, Frederick, Athens, 263 Youngblood, Wallace A., Augusta, 121 Yow, Martha Diane, Martin, 139, 445, 184 Yule, Robert James, Franklin Sq., N. C, 372 Zack, Robert Edward, Chicopee, Mats, 135 Zaglin, Charles F., Greenville, S. C, 445 Zaikow, Janice, Waynesboro, 400, 213 Zeigler, David Luther, Gulfport, Miss., 472 Zeigler, John R., Jr., Macon, 445 Zeltnsky, Ralph S., Norwich, Conn., 4 Zell, Harriet Roberta, Atlanta, 208, 47! Zellner, Carlos L., Trion, 472 Zeis. Sam, Fredericktown, Pa., 472, Zettler, James L., Guyton, 458 Zimmerman, Joy Ellen. Augusta, 472 Zimmerman, Richard, Jr., Americus, Zimmerman, Roberta P., Ft. Lauderdl Fla., 458, 364 Zirkle, Sylvia B., Athens, 133 Zitzelman, Joan, . thens, 120 Zogg, Gary Royce, Liverpool, N. Y, Zunzer, Diane Lucia, Atlanta, 208, 47 ■ ' ■« S), ■■ ! " Wi«M,ia tall, !«,»,„ « Li»«,M,a ■ ' »(. F«i!lk,ffl l«C.k.ini4)B I i» iJB U FhM, tit «i|clvl.UitetCit;, I »,i.k,»»«, r (U ar t , yia rUu

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