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■« I f ■1 I f I P ' Ii ! ■!! I Pi ip piHn4 mm mm go % n -nsfii x x PANDORA 1962 SCOTT COLEMAN NANCY FLOWERS ELLEN ITZKOW . JEAN EPTING . . CAREY HOLLAND FELTON JENKINS . Co-Editor . Co-Editor . Business Manager . Managing Editor . . Pictorial Editor . . Sports Editor Cover: SCOTT COLEMAN THE YEAR PAGE 5 mm I, . ' WSi j ' f !g -V 10 f 3JiL_i- ' ' V ' - i 1 % r I ' jl - .}: , W- .s ! ■ " « - i3A ORGANIZATIONS . . PAGE 70 SPORTS PAGE 244 CLASSES PAGE 300 TABLE OF CONTENTS BEAUTIES . . . PAGE 54 GREEKS PAGE 114 MILITARY . . . PAGE 280 ;: S5 nHraaiaMjmiliai«!fiUI!!H!B The Year . . University of Georgia, 1962 .... Freshman Camp, a three -day orientation period for a select COUNSELORS: Front Row: Lynn Smith, Glenda Elliott, Nancy Flowers, Penny Naylor, Bette Sue Boudreau, Ward Turner, Jolyn Chastain, Hodges Lewis. Second Row: Bob Miller, Margaret King, Ted Ridlehuber, John Tabor, Richard Woodham, Laura Doster, Jack Dawson, Carolyn Wynn, Amy r Ti 1 McGuire. Third Row: Jim Harris, Pete McCommons, Ben Tate, Tommy Earles, Sally Evans, Miss grOUp 01 t reshmen 071 Ann Seawell, Mr. Dan Biggers, Mr. John Cox. leave . . . opportunity for serious thought . . . wholesome fun before college begins ' Mi ' " P) (I At the Presidents reception for Fresh- men many of the new students and their parents had their first opportuni- ty to meet University faculty and staff under conditions that were social rather than business. PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION Orientation is a week of organized mass confusion . . . new clothes, new faces, new over the new crop at Meyers . . . registration 5 not another line! .... looking ; i the perennial rat cap . . ' Z r t. ' tf v if? ■ . ■J .z }l ' ; n. Rush . . . t ie hig handshake . . . and y very large doses of very small talk . . . aching feet. . . . You say your father is president of General Motors? . . . All ni ght cut sessions. . . . Yes, and how J was registration? . . . finally preferen- tials are signed and bids accepted . . . and suddenly it was worth every min- ute of it . 12 . ■■■Wiii Even before classes begin parties! dark basements and ear-splitting rock ' n roll and a large sized paper cup 14 J i 16 . [Then the faculty again takes up their task ... a close community of scholars . . . teachers, hut themselves in- volved in a learning process 17 Pandora Beauty Revue .... Turn off the fog machine! With charming loss of poise, Lynn Shirley hears the announci I ment that she has been chosen Miss Pandora of 1962 . . . . th theme of the revue: She Walks in Beauty entertainmeT hy the Navy Glee Cluh at the Phi Mu Washboard Barii tense beauties waitii backstage ' kdM and mist 18 t md THell with Tech! . , . pep rallys provide the most en- tertaining way to get laryn- gitis . . . pompoms and r Wee Oufe dl banners . . . bonfires and fattoonlJ (lenliesi .jtreedoi screeching females . . . Track ' em dogs, just like beagles. Go to Hell you war damn Eagles! . . . Homecoming miles of chicken wire and crepe paper .... and hours of stuffing .... and the Zetas won again; Pi Kappa Phi ' s too seniors in traditional hat and cane circled the field at half time IFC ' s dance featured Anita Bryant and the bulldogs upset Kentucky, 16-15 20 Hundreds of hoys crowd the track for the annual Cake Race Two miles on a hot October afternoon the good Dean starts the race a pound cake and a scholarship for winner, Cleve Ferguson . M le Sigma Chi Derby dainty id throwing eggs But I don ' t uthern belles chasing chickens 101 how to milk a cow Emm a Jones was chosen Miss Modern ' nus and the Thetas won again. Suddenly-Exams! V Td M F m. J ■k i . . . the No-Doz and coffee game contortions to get the student body comfon table mobs at the library Quiet hour! a sense of the overwheh ing loneliness of study The longer exams last, the worse things get a feeling close to comhat fatigue some loose their tensions at the movies, others in heer a few just give up and go to bed Everybody ' s punchy But when it ' s all over. there ' s Christmas Winter is the dark quarter haloed lampposts on misty nights dusk at five weeks of rain hut never enough snow •1 Robert Frost visited the campus in Jan- uary . . . and dictated a new poem . . ' fm IFC presented the Highwaymen at their Winter Concert -m The Military had a hall . . . sahres and polished brass . . reigned over hy Miss Patricia Campbell 31 The library the echoing lob- by full of break-takers smoking, watching the girls go by, just think- rr ing and the lonesome book- checker a perpetual low mur- mur in the long study rooms, but silence in the carrels sleepers scholars, magazine thumbers, whis ' perers romance among thi reference books the elevatoi is out of order amin ii kiiim, ' ■ igKtamon ' ..M ♦ I .f ' t » fiiifiniif c: .r ' - ¥ The members of the Dixie Red Coat Band are showmen of another type bright red and brass buttons Georgettes - white boots and lots of leg a close comradeship of hardworking musicians practice in ankle-deep mud " T ie Red Coats are coming! ? , ' A 35 ' mkmi l( PllCf m %e I The play months of ehearsal, long hours hack- stage a learning ex- perience intense faces gathered around the footlights for the director ' s criticism the director: sensitive, commanding, hut with a sense,, of humor and finally, t erformance and applause. 37 Fads and fashions . . . knee socks or no socks at all . . . racoon coats for the cheer- leaders. . . . London Fogs for the masses . . . skirts hemmed up above the knees . . . hut 1 everybody let their hair down to do the twist Aecb ' ...i» , ' Weejuns and giant hair-rollers were in. . . . Metrecal was strictly out . . . 39 Only a lucky few sit down in the Co-op two no-trump faculty coffee clatches too much music, too much smoke hut the very best place to cut a class mteS 42 Ya goin all the way to town? . . . Can I get out at Fine Arts? No, better make it Baxter, Oh, ril get out here at Stegman. . . . Thanks. ■l - ' ,»- w - M " f - Misty monsoons in March then a few flowers y an occasional pair of tennis shoes . . . . f and overnight, spring comes to Athens 45 Z Nile, a time for the Frosh to shine Miss Typical Freshman 1961, Janet Vaske skitsm ' and prizes and the suspense of tapping tl ' tz new Z Cluh The ADPis won Sorority Sing with Tar a and Dixie . . . dozens of girls in black and white . . . intense direc- tors . . . delighted winners Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful .. tm.JtM ■ r Ai 3 " " ' - yl blizzard hits Athens in April Everyone ' s snowed! BULLETIN: STUDENTS MAY NOW PARK IN UNIVERSTi PARKING LOTS . . . a collegiate cycle in full bloom-the lavalier, the pin, the ring .{ . . . privacy nowhere, hut togetherness ahounding-hehind the dempsy kf ktkM I dumpster, under a tree, on the library elevator Ah, spring! 40 . . . Let ' s go to the river! . . . baseball in the back yard . . . dinner on the front steps . . . bearded boys live the old south again at fancy dress balls . . . grab your wastebasket, we ' re fix- ing to have a water battle . . . no con- vertible without the top down . no coed without her shades . . . all in a rush to get the most of every moment before June and graduation 50 The Year like others before hut with a s pirit its own A : jE5 ■- ■ i i-i r ■■■ ' :■ ' ' ■■ M ' if ' ' jf MS 3 -4Ai,i : - ' ' S ' f ■ ' ' ti Sartl ti as unique and varied as the people who lived it at the University of Georgia, 1962 53 Miss Pandora of 1962 0 .»« fl »« MX tXi M SPONSORED BY DELTA ZETA Trt-l St ivt vpte-il.- SPONSORED BY ALPHA CHI OMEGA 0 .itl«« «4X. 7 «-M SPONSORED BY ALPHA TAU OMEGA 59 « ' »«Jt«| ' KAe- ' v SPONSORED BY DELTA SIGMA PI nf 60 [ an PI H •xJi ' A XXfit- V » l » »-»l »-l - SPONSORED BY KAPPA ALPHA ■I 1! k 61 • SPONSORED BY CENTER MYERS 62 i U! SPONSORED BY PHI MU r tims » i p•. SPONSORED BY SOUTH MYERS i_. ■j I d ci. at - MISS HOMECOMING FRATERNITY SWEETHEARTS PRISCILLA MARSHALL Kappa Alpha SANDRA ELLIOT Lambda Chi Alpha MARY SUE GRESHAM Delta Tau Delta JUNE WHITEHEAD Pi Kappa Alpha LYNN SMITH Phi Kappa Tau JUDY CA VENDER Sigma Nu m iipk 68 JOSIE SMITH j Alpha Tau Omega Ji HI V- nniTTiu SmCM BETTE MILLER Chi Phi AMY McGUIRE Pi Kappa Phi MARY ANN DILCHER Phi Delta Theta ■x SARA JONES Alpha Gamma Rho BARBARA DAHL Theta Chi SELENA RUSSELL Sigma Phi Epsilon EDWINA TIDWELL Sigma Alpha Epsilon GINGER WADE Kappa Sigma " r- ' i 70 ORGANIZATIONS 71 or illlNA The highest non-scholastic honor a nnale student can attain HONORARY MEMBERS AB.— Roy V. Harris AC— J. A. Williams A.— H. Brown f u.- — namuTon LOKey K ' t ' ' B.— G. Butler C— O. S. Sibley AE.- AF.- -Richard B. Russell -Paul Brown SDb D.— D. E. Dougherty AG.- —John O. Eldson ■nHv E.— W. H. Harris F.— H. Bacon G.— W. P. Hall AH.- Al.— AJ.- —Jame s A. Dunlap ■Phil M. Landrum -Tyus Butler jf ■i ■ . S9 o| H H.— Frank Kells Boland A.K.- —John L. Cox _ _ k 1.— H. G. Colvin h|P ,o mw J,— W. S. Cothran mm K.— W, Spain Q mBMRiV 1 f jticw L. — John Dorsey MEMBERS Cli»jBp, f iCtlf M.— F. R. Mitchell Rk3(P ' ■■ ' ' T k««. . N.— Harry Dodd 1. A. H. Patterson f M 1 jiM O.— C. H. Black 2. W. D. Hooper M ! i ' - n, p._W. R. Tichenor 3. L. A. Cothran W r ! jVHiii« ' |J ' l Q. — G. T. Jackson 4. G. Glenn ! jll,H,ltoi » R._Walter Hill 5. C. R. Andrews f 7 ■-.■V " , «1L«I » S. — Charles Snelling 6. Edgar Pomeroy T rm i J a T.— D. C. Barrow 7. Pratt Adams J n SKHSi " !.i C« U.— R. E. Park 8. Will Blunn " ■jHra H p: smfOiciHii v.— Harry C. White 9. C. W. Davis ' S . , l ' ; ; jlil W«,Jt W.— Andrew M. Soule 10. Marlon Dubose Richard Trotter jItaM X.— Willis H. Bocock II. R. P. Jones !«.W» Y.— S. V. Sanford 12. Andrew McBride ili Ui Z.— C. M. Strahan 13. Robert Travis illhm AA. — Herman J. Stegeman 14, Tennle Rucker ■: ?r :.;«i. }. M . BB. — Sylvanus Morris 15. M. M. Thurman K 132. Virgil Durden !llwi6RN,Jr. CC— G. F. Peabody 16. John Banks 133. Charles Martin iVihMI DD.— E. A. Lowe 17. Remer Denmark ilBHB 134. Edgar Dunlap !l IM EE.— Thomas J. Woofter FF.— T. W. Reed 18. 19. J. E. Hall Richard Charlton Tommy Burnside m 135 136. Robert McWhorter R. H. Freeman !lU«6ow GG. — Harry Mehre 20. Harry Hull ' 137. Zack Cowan ■ill»lk HH.— H. N. Edmunds 21. H. C. Johnson 138. E. Morgenstern UHSM II.— Harold Hirsch 22. J. B. Ridley 139. James Lynch : iHtH«i« JJ.— E. L. Secrest 23. W. R. Ritchie 140. Levy Rogers !E«Kn KK.— Harmon Caldwell 24. J. L. Erwin 78. R. S. Parker 141. Bentley Chappell llmMi LL— Paul W. Chapman 25. Phlnizy Calhoun 79. George Whitman 142. Ira Funkenstein ?.uii»y MM. — R. R. Gunn 26. F. McCutcheon 80. William L Erwin 143. Frank Carter lUlk NN.— John Wade 27. Longstreet Hull 81. Harrison Jones 144. Rucker Glnn GO. — Hughes Spalding 28. B. C. J. Lamar 82. C. D. Cdbanlss 145. Aaron Bernd £(n)tS.Jglmi PP.— Charles Herty 29. Wilson Hardy 83. W. G. Brantley 146. Russell Patterson SliiiClinliti QQ. — Merton Coulter 30. Noel Park 84. Philip Weltner 147. Victor Victor !(MC«v,Jr. RR.— W. O. Payne 31. W. J. Hammond 85. A. Carmichael 148. Hoyt Whelchel llhU SS.— Wallace Butts 32. Lamar Rucker 86. Kyle Smith 149. Louis Pinkussohn lUC III TT. — William Crane 33. S. Blackshear 87. Wed Brown 150. Clark Howell. Jr.. SUiliU UU. — Henry Shinn 34. Marvin Dickinson 88. Franit Martin feii Charles Feldelson S 151. David McKamy VV.— W, O. Collins 35, Andrew Calhoun 89. 152. Dave Paddock WW.— Earle Cocke, Jr. 36. Cam Dorsey 90. J. K. McDonald . -- 153. John Henderson WX.— O. C. Aderhold 37. M. Richardson 91. H. L J. Williams 154. E. J. Hardin WY.— John E. Drewry 38. Sanders Walker 92. Robb Jones 155. G. S. Whitehead WZ. — Herman Talmadge 39. Sandy Beaver " 93. Sidney Smith 156. James Conyers XX.— Robert O. Arnold 40. Frank Ridley 94. Morton Hodgson 157. Charles Jacobson YY.— Charles Bloch 41. G. W. Legwen 95. Herman Delaperriere 158. Hugh Hodgson ZZ.— Frank D. Foley 42. Randolph Jacques 96. F. C. Newton 159. Robert Wesley 43. Ralph Meidrim 97. Claude Derrick 160. George Harrison 44. Marion Smith 98. Clayton Henson 161. Charlie Tanner 45. Wallace Miller 99. John Harris 162. Bill Quarterman 46. Minor Boyd 100. Young Smith 163. Bob Callaway, Jr. « 47. William Turner 101. Dan Redfearn 164. Joel Mallett fl 48. J. F. Baxter 102. Jerome Michael 165. Tom Thrash ■ 1 49. Harold Ketron 103. Dwight Rogers 166. Max Seagall j 1 50. Jack Bower 104. Edgar Carter, Jr. 167. Holman Sorrells fiBHl 51. Frampton Ellis 105. J. E. Lucas 168. Osmonde White 1 ■■■flC 52. Frank Anderson 106. H. G. Bailey 169. John Stewart BjmB m 53. R. Preston Brooks 107. E. M. Brown 170. Neal Gillis. Jr. HDp 54. Lucian Goodrich 108, Abit Nix 171. Roff Sims, Jr. V i «L- A, . ' 55. Stiles Hopkins 109. Omer Franklin 172. James Carmichael fhty 56. J. 1. Killorin 1 10. E E. Miller 173. Howard McCall 1 ■ 57. M. Blackshear II 1. Henderson Lanham 174. Irvine Levy ■ 1 58. Vlrlyn Moore 112. Hinton Blackshear 175. Hinton Longino 1 1 .Z A 59. Tom Connally 113. Washington Falk, Jr. 176. Richard Courts 1 1 w 60. W. Nunnally 114. Alec McDonnell 177. L. H. TIppett 1 1 i Jr 61. T. T. Turnbull 115. Cliff Hatcher 178. Otto Ellars ,.- v r 62. W. W. Patterson 116. Paul Bartlett 179. Roger Wesf «™ : ' - rW 63. Authur Sullivan 117. Edgar Pennington 180. " Trot " Foreman, Jr. J 64. Charlie Cox 118. Warren Molse 181. Madden Hatcher r 65. Rodney Hill 119. George Woodruff 182. Dewey Knight f 66. Harold Telford 120. E. V. Heath 183, " Whitey " Davis 67. A. L Hardy 121. Millard Rewls 184. Wallace Zachry 68. J. D. Young 122. Robert Troutman 185. Irvine Phlnizy »Mh., 69. W. Marshburn 123. Arthur Maddox 186. Dennis O ' Callaghan 70. H. M. Scott 124. John Sibley 187. Murphey Candler 71. John Brown 125. Lloyd Brown 188. McKenzie Dallas 72. George Halns 126. Cliff Brannen 189. Claude Satterfleld 73. Dan Sage 127. George Northern 190. F. W. Harrold ' £! ■ 74. 1. C. Levy 128. W. A. Mann 191. W. D. Miller ' 75. Lansing Lee 129. Harold Meyer 192. Arthur Pew ■ ' S 76. Lorlng Raoul 130. Benton Walton 193. Bob Spence ' Cl. Harry Hendrix 77. James Ragan 131. Dave Peacock 194. Chester Slack j cs . p? " .- 5. John Slater 6. Way Highsmith 7. " Bum " Day 8. Charles Strahan 9. Hillary Mangum 0. Hugh Stephens 1. P. B. Ford 2. Nathan Jolles 3. Owen Reynolds 4. Pate Carson 5. Dawson Durden 6. Welborn Cody 7. Malcolm McRainey 8. W. F. Daniel 9. Ellis Dixon 0. Freeman McClure 1. Lewis Hill 2. G. J. Clark 3. C. A. Lewis 4. John Bennett, Jr. 5. Alton Hosch 6. C. G. Henry 7. " Doc " Harper (J. K.) 8. H. H. Maddox 9. J. L. Watson 0. C. R. Anderson 1. Ed Gurr 2. Hervey Cleckley, III 3. Colquitt Carter, Jr. 4. William Tate 5. Charlie WIehrs 6. John Fletcher 7. J. D. Thomason ,8. John Hosch. Jr. 9. Thomas Green, Jr. 0. Walter Sewell 1. Lester Hargrett 2. Charles Gowen 3. " Buster " Kllpatrlcit 4. John Allen 5. H. D. Shattuck 6. George Morton 7. Gwinn Nixon 8. Alexis Marshall 9. Carlton Mell 0. Ernest Rogers 1. Walter Forbes, Jr. George S. Johnson Rollin Chambliss Ernest Camp, Jr. Allen Post A. S.Clay, III Kells Boland Wycic Kno; " Chick " Shiver, Jr. William Young Isaac Hay George Florence, Jr. Tom Nash 253. Tom Hamilton, Jr. 254. B. H. Hardy, Jr. 255. Luke Stancil 256. Dan Tulley 257. Bob Patterson, Jr. 258. Hoke Wofford 259. John Candler, II 260. Glenn Lautzenhiser 261. R. B. Jennings 262. Craig Barrow, Jr. 263. Bobby Hooks 264. Joe Boland 265. G. C. Hamilton 266. Jimmy Harris 267. W. A. Kline, Jr. 268. Kankakee Anderson 269. J. E. Palmour, Jr. 270. Henry Palmer 271. Kelly McCutcheon 272. Guerry Harris 273. Doug Feagin, Jr. 274. M. L. Purvis 275. Joe Oliver 276. Marvin Cox 277. Ellis Arnall 278. Herbert Maffctt 279. Sandford Sanford 280. John Maddox 281. Mark Hollis 282. W. C. Latimer 283. Vernon Smith 284. W. Strickland 285. J. W. Mclntlre 286. Marion Gaston 287. McCarthy Crenshaw 288. William Hazelhurst 289. Leroy Young 290. Fred Solomon 291. Virlyn Moore, Jr. 292. W. Maddox, Jr. 293. Milton Richardson, Jr 294. Morton Hodgson, Jr. 295. Randolph Thigpen, Jr 296. Rob G. Stephens, Jr, 297. J. W. Chalhoun 298. DeNean Stafford, Jr. 299. John Bond 300. Harry Baxter 301. W. T. Rogers 302. Dan Bowden 303. Carl Strong 304. Lee Rogers 305. Walter Wise 306. Tap Bennett, Jr. 307. Colbert Hawkins 308. Rob T. Anderson 309. Wade Hoyt, Jr. 310. Charles Harrold, Jr. 311. Ben Anderson, Jr. 312. Edward Baxter 313. Dyar Massey 314. Andy Roddenberry 315. Morris Abram 316. Floyd Newton, Jr. 317. Quinton Lumpkin 318. Bob Troutman, Jr. 319. Robert McCuen 320. Gus Cleveland. Jr. 321. Bob Norman 322. Julian Halliburton 323. Lee Price 324. Howell Hollis 325. Alex McCaskill 326. Stanford Smith 327. Lee Newton 328. Jack Matthews 329. Ernest Vandlver 330. Frank Gunn 331. Alpha Fowler, Jr. 332. Jay Smith, Jr. 333. B. C. Gardner, Jr. 334. Verner Chaffin 335. J. C. Meadows, Jr. 336. Cliff Kimsey 337. Tom Penland 338. John Miller 339. Gus Partee, Jr. 340. Frank Sinkwich 341. Irby Exiey 342. Murray Norman 343. Forrest Champion 344. George Lawrence 345. Jesse Bowles 346. Jim Miller 347. Aubrey Morris 348. Jimmy DeLay 349. Fluker Stewart 350. Charles Trippi 351. John Sheffield, Jr. 352. Fred Scott 353. Frank Cheatham, Jr. 354. Dan Edwards 355. R. M. Joiner 356. Dempsey Leach 357. Bill Burson 358. Melburne McLendon 359. John Rauch 360. MIms Wilkinson, Jr. 361. Kirk McAlpin 362. Bryan Whitehurst 363. John Griffin 364. Harry Wingate 365. James Bentley 366. Porter Payne 367. James Andrews 368. Ray Burns 369. H. Walraven, Jr. 370. Bob Healey 371. Raleigh Bryans 372. Laurence Crimmins 373. Bob Reinhardt 374. Bill Ellnburg 375. Barry Phillips 376. Ted Evans 377. Tom Waddell 378. Robert McArthur 379. E. L. Dunn. Jr. 380. Mike Merola 381. Bill Justice 382. Nick Chilivis 383. M. W. Edwards 384. Tal Arnette 385. Carl Turner 386. Claude Hipps 387. B. S. MIddlebrooks 388. Henry Woodard 389. Cecil Spooner 390. H. K. Holladay 391. Phil Beverly 392. R. C. Stubbs. Jr. 393. Hassell Parker 394. Robert K. West 395. Dewey Benefield. Jr. ■ 396. Wesley Harris 397. Frank Salerno 408. Jay Gardner 409. Frank Seller 410. Richard Trotter 411. Joe O ' Malley 412. Kermit Perry 413. Jule Felton, Jr. 414. Jabei McCorkle 415. John J. Wilkins, III 416. Norman Fletcher 417. LIndsey Bennett 418. R. S. Lowrey, Jr. 419. Donald Joel 420. John OToole 421. Joel Knight 422. Edward Klllorin 423. George Scheer, Jr. 424. Joseph Marshall 425. Nathan Knight 426. Robert Rowan 427. Dave Hollis 428. Monte Markham 429. Emmet Bondurant linfon Dunson 430. Jay Cox 431. Swain McElmurray, Jr. 432. Harry Hendrix 433. Theron Sapp 434. Bryce Holcomb 435. Thomas E. Dennard, Jr. 436. James P. Walker. Jr. 437. William A. Davis. Jr. 438. Thomas H. Lewis. Jr. 439. Thomas R. Burnslde. Jr. 440. James P. Yarbrough 441. Charlie B. Christian 442. Earl T. Leonard. Jr. 443. Francis A. Tarkenton 444. Tom Blaylock 445. Ronald Case 446. Linton Dunson 447. Wyck A. Knox 398. W. D. Moseley 399. C. R. Adams, Jr. 400. Dan Kitchens 401. E. R. BratkowskI 402. Donald Branyon, Jr. 403. Randall Maret 404. John Carson 405. Robert Blalock 406. L. R. Patterson 407. Quentln Gabriel MORTAR BOARD .■A : - : ,,.m: . iyltUiiii Carol Watrous, Margaret King, Devara Felson, Jolyn Chastain, Jayne Brown, Nancy Flowers, Amy McGuire, Clenda Elliot. GRIDIRON Bi MM I miaii QiBniicjc Vf.;]iyKBn)TC, 1: Alan Levy, Ross Pittman, Bill Hoagland, Tom Linder, Wyck Knox, Jimmy Harrison, Ned Hamil. ROW 2: William Monfort, Maylon Lon- Chris Foster, Terrell Benton, Richard Bradley, Guy Eberhardt, James Granade, Frank James, John Brown, Robert Hatcher, Jerry Willis. ROW mmy Blanchard, Bryant Hodgson, Rhett Tanner, Linton Dunson, Richard Trotter. Mnbership in Gridiron Secret Society is one of the hi last honors that a male student may achieve on this capus. Qualifications for membership, activities, and pi pose of the society are known only to the members. 75 J. J -0 j ifr-f MmrJ H W!1 U, 1 ' : ?« " ;■ ? ; Frestaan «i flR. iliac sW I ' hi l?eta Kappa, established for the " promotion of friendship, morality and literature. " honors hy mcnii)ership those students of good character who have outsta nding scholastic records in fields of liberal studies. PHI KAPPA PHI I ' hi Kappa Phi honor society recognizes and encourages superior scholarship hi all fields of study by offering mendiership to senior students in all colleges and schools of the University who have out- standing scholarship. k SIGMA XI Sigma Xi sociclv. encouraging original investigation in science, pure and applied, extends full mem- he ' ship to individuals of the instructional or research staff of the l nivcrsity who have shown achieve- ment as original investigators and associate membership to graduate students who have shown marked excellence in a department. ZODIAC Zodiac is the highest scholastic honor a junior woman can at- tain at the University of Geor- gia. Membership includes the twelve junior women with the highest averages during their Freshman and Sophomore years. Zodiac sponsors the annual Honors Day Banquet honoring women junior students. Elizabeth Eidson, Jolaine Chastain, Ellen Thompson, Nancy Flowers, Kay Kennedy Margaret King, Ellen Weaver 77 Jonell Batts, Carol Manter, Barbara Bryant, Marilyn McNeeley. 1? ZCLUB ■.= .,y : -c VC? ■ W S •. tv Membership in Z Club is the highest honor a Freshman woman can attain at the Univer- sity of Georgia. Re- quirements for mem- bership are excellence in scholarship, leader- ship, character, service and loyalty. Members are tapped during " Z Night " in the Spring of each year. 1961-62 of- ficers are: Pres., Nancy Upchurch; V.P., Ann Jemigan; Sec, Patty Dial; Treas., Charlene Rushton. ' ■ ' • ' ■:i ' - f . Carol Wilcox, Larky Sims, Barbara Williams, Nancy Upchurch, Ann Lawton, Patty Dial, and Charlene Rushton. 78 II I H BIFTAD ted: Felton Jenkins, Tommy Earles, Tommy Johnson, Paul Whitlock, Tom Nickerson, Robert Anderson, Mickey McBride, Allen Atwood. Standing: k Stevens, Tommy Sripling, John Hardman, Hodges Lewis. I If c tad is the highest non- lolastic honorary to ich a third quarter shman or first quarter s )homore can aspire, leer ' s are : Tommy Jhnson, Pres.; Paul litlock, V.P.; Tommy fries, Sec. 79 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA ■ F.ycCiitF.; Siidly. T, E ilPffierm, Wild J. P. R Election into membership in Alpha Lambda Delta is the highest honor a Freshman girl may re- ceive. This scholastic hon- orary society requires an 88 average for prospec- tive members. mi ETA SIGMA Eta Sigma, a 1 tional society for 3shman men, of- to each aspiring lie freshm an at ; University recog- ion for his scho- itic achievement. ROSTER: D. D. Anderson, R. T. Anderson, C. L. Bagby, C. A. Baker, T. M. Barksdale, R. E. Blackwell, F. H. Bohannon, M. G. Bolin, C. H. Brown, J. H. Chapman, T. W. Gofer, A. F. Golvin, J. M. Gomolli, J. R. Gosby, W. L. Gousins, McGarthy Grenshaw, D. G. Dixon, E. G. Dowdy, T. D. Earles, J. D. Evans, R. B. Faulk, R. M. Hair, J. B. Hardman, A. P. Hurst, R. W. Hurst, S. M. Jordan, E. H. Kwon, J. H. Langford, W. E. Marks, G. R. Martin, R. W. Miller, F. P. Mulkey, M. T. McBride, W. G. McGart, F. M. McElhannon, T. H. Nickerson, T. M. Nunnally, W. E. Odum, H. N. Oldham, S. L. Oliver, A. W. Patterson, J. W. Peacock, E. H. Perkins, P. M. Prichard, J. P. Richey, L. W. Swindel, H. X. Trung. (forprosp Ji. BLUE KEY Blue Key is a national honorary service fratern- ity for men having a two- fold purpose: the further- ing of co-operation among student leaders and serv- ice to the University through various projects. This organization annu- ally publishes the Stu- dent-Faculty Directory. I OFFICERS: Dr. Ray Payne, Advisor; Greg Wilson, V.P.; William Ml fort, Pres.; Maylon London, Sec. iLL.Li L. UJ|, Row One: Dr. Ray Payne, Greg Wilson, William Monfort, Maylon London. Row Two: Scott Coleman, David Clements, Al Temple, Ken Swindle, Don Kruchko, Ryland Edwards, Dick Lee, Walter Stewart. Row Three: Bryant Hodgson, Dean Tate, Dick Hughes, Dave Welton, Linton Dunson, Ben Brackett, Gus Turnbull, Richard Trotter, Nerval King. 82 " micron Di borarr le; f»r men re ' » sclolarsl ffligious an m and " . forensi He local t 1535, 41 fl ' « OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa is an honorary leadership fraternity for men receiving distinction in scholarship, athletics, stu- dent government, publications, religious and social activities, campus and community serv- ice, forensics, and the arts. The local circle was founded in 1935. Officers are: Pres., Bobby Whitaker; V.P., Rhett Tanner; Sec, Bill Hoagland; and Treas., Johnny Parrish. 83 Left to Right: John Brown, Bobby Whitaker, William Monfort, Jerry Dover, Buddy Dallas, Al Temple " , Don Williams, David Geiger, Hudson Cone, Joe Bowden, George Watts, Eddie Smith, Tommy Wade, Johnny Parrish, Maylon London, Fred Bustrom, Sam Lowery, Guy Eberhardt, Glenn Murrison, Gene Banks, Loy Jarrett, Don Davis, Chick Ramey, Bill Peterson. The objective of X Club is the furtherance of activities which support and contribute to school spirit. Membership is based on achievement, ability, and concern for the University and its endeavors. Officers are: Guy Eberhardt, Pres.; David Almand, V.P.; John Parrish, Sec. X CLUB 84 CABINET: First row: Jolyn Chastain, Winston Stephens, Ward Turner. Second row: Ann Good- win, Ann Lawton, Janice Berryman, Glenda Elliot. TOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION r» [Ib: The Women ' s Student Government Asso- ciation preserves and promotes the inter- est and prestige of the University and assures to each student the largest possi- ble personal liberty without injury to the liberty of others. The officers are Amy McGuire, president; Patty Patillo, vice- president; Linda Carstarphen, secretary; and Ann Sims, treasurer; and Carol Wa- trous, Chairman of the Judiciary. OFFICERS: First row: Carol Watrous, Chair- man of the Judiciary; Amy McGuire, President. Second row: Larkie Sims, treasurer; Patty Pa- tillo, Vice-President; Linda Carstarphen, Sec- retary. 85 Journalism: Bryant Hodgson; Vet School: Bob Bennett. Business School: Glenn Murison, Richard Lea, Katharine Jackson, Rosema Tarpley, Buddy Dallas, Ann McDonald. i GOP: Ross Pittraan; Panhellenic: Mary Bird; IFC: Arnold Young; WSGA: Larkie Sims; Ag Hill Council: John Parrish. Ag School: John Brown, Jerry Pitts, Ellis Black. Home Ec: Eva Sue Floyd; Forestry: Earl Copus; Graduate : Robert Wade. Arts and Sciences: Paul Kilpatrick, Lucy Rawlings, Patty Dial, Ellen Itzkow, Lamar Walter, Tom McGiboney, Edward Dowdy, Murray Freidman, Elizabeth Welch, E. H. Culpepper, Joe Bowden. The Student Council, governing body that voices the student ' s needs to the administration, is composed of representatives from the eleven schools of the University, Interfra- temity Council, WSGA, Independ- ent Men, Triquetra, and Ag Hill Council. STUDENT COUNCIL Officers: Buddy Dallas, Corres. Sec; Lucy Rawlings, Recording 5ec.; Bryant Hodgson, Pres.; E. H. Culpepper, Vice-Pres. GREEK HORSEMEN ) L.-R: Bryant Hodgson, Wyck Knox, Lin- ton Dunson, Chris Foster. Not pictured: Tommy Burnside, Ronald Waller. The Greek Horsemen was es- tablished at the university to honor fraternity men who have endeavored to promote and further the aims and ideals of the Greek way of life. NTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL -•vafflwlK ' Beecy Prince Kappa Sigma Murray Freedman Phi Epsilon Pi Tom Wilson Phi Kappa Tau Artie Scott Pi Kappa Phi Baxter Crane Kappa Alpha % Frank Fulford Sigma Pi INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Hamby •ta Chi Charles Pittard Kappa Sigma tfi «V; ' ' iffS( WWVWftJl ' The Panhellenic Council is the unifying body of the various sorority chapters on campus. The purpose of Panhellenic is to promote better harmony and co-oper- ation among the sororities at the University. Panhellenic is responsible for adminis- tration of rush week, adop- tion of a foreign student each year, aiding the college administration and Athens organizations with cam- paigns and drives, and sup- ports a large Philanthropic Fund by donating to various charities. Panhellenic Representatives: Dee Lawson, Alpha Gamma Delta; Hayes McMillan, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Betty Busbia, Kappa Delta; Ellen Itz- kow, Sigma Delta Tau; Gail Cochran, Zeta Tau Alpha; Sally Evans, Delta Delta Delta; Lee Farry, Kappa Alpha Theta; Phyliss Sappington, Alpha Xi Delta; Mary Bird, Chi Omega; Linda Carstarphen, Alpha Delta Pi; Judy Munoz, Alpha Omicron Pi; Sandy Adgott, Delta Phi Epsilon; Brenda Tipton, Phi Mu; Beth Shep- hard, Pi Beta Phi. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Panhellenic Officers: Judy Munoz, V.P.; Mary Bird, Student Council; Lee Farry, Sec; Sally Evans, Booklet; Margaret King, Pres.; Beth Shephard, Trea.; Hayes McMillan, Scholarship; Phyliss Sappington, Publicity. SORORITY PRESIDENTS: Joan Swanson, Alpha Omicron Pi; Larilee Smith, Pi Beta Phi; Lucy Rawlings, Deha Delta Delta; Mary Ann Dilcher, Chi Omega; Linda Woodall, Alpha Gamma Delta; Joan Davies, Alpha Chi Omega; Carol Watrous, Kappa Delta; Dawn Reynolds, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Joyce Stewart, Delta Zeta; Edna Lou Ward, Phi Mu; Devara Felson, Delta Phi Epsilon; Karen Williams, Kappa Alpha Theta; Kay Mansour, Zeta Tau Alpha; Linda Sutton, Alpha Xi Delta. Absent: Judy Kurtz, Sigma Delta Tau; Jayne Brown, Alpha Delta Pi. PHILARETOS The Philaretos Hon- or Society was or- ganized on the cam- pus on January of 1962. It recognizes Junior and Senior male students who have been of great service to the Uni- versity while main- taining a high aca- demic average. Char- ter members include Seniors Linton R. Dunson, RoUin M. McCommons, and Augustus B. Turn- ball ; and Juniors Robert W. Miller, Ben B. Tate, and A. Felton Jenkins, Jr. RHO EPSILON Rho Epsilon is ar organization in th( business schoo. formed in 1959 tc promote an interest in real estate. Rei quirements for mem bership are a C aver: age and classificatior as a Junior or above; Officers are: Jacl(: Daves, Bill Vandi ver, Charles Castle berry, Roy Schoen feld, John Baker John Cooper. Row 1: Harian Gable, Wayne Dixon, Charles Willcox, Jack Daves, Bill Fretwell, Charles Castleberry, Steve Nance. Row 2: John Hamilton, Charles O ' Dell, M. K. Isbre, Tichard Tisinger, Carol Miller, sweetheart, Eddie Stibell, Don Fosterm, Tom Newman, Al Garrett, Turner Douglas. Row 3: Dan Morse, Robert Breedlove, Dr. William R. Beaton, Advisor, Carl Schultz, James George, John Cooper, William B. Vandiver, Elmer Strickland, Charles Carson, Cecil Altman. 94 Wat Men 1 y m Triangle is an honorary group within the organization of Tri- uetra. Members are chosen on he basis of participation in Friquetra, campus and church ictivities. TRIANGLE First jow: Dianne Mummel, Harriet Embry, Verona Cannon, Janice Thurmand. Second row: Patsy Craft, Judy Folk, Treasa Newton. Third row: Dianne McRae. First row: Maylon K. London. Second row: William Monfort, Glenn MuUison. Third row: Bob Adamson, John Rhodes, Tommy Wade, Bobby Whitaker. Fourth row: Sam Lowery, David Geiger, George Watts, Carl London, Loy Jarrett. ijljouor oralis Ofcfts Will , Roy SJ Pyramid honors with member- 3hip Independent Men who have shown service and leader- ship in campus, scholastic and social activities. It is the high- est honor a member of the In- lependent Men may receive. PYRAMID FRESHMEN MEN ' S COUNCIL Seated: Chris McLoughlin, Richard Mintz, Gene Talmadge, Ben Garland, Hugh Green, Woody Brown, Frank Edwards, Tom Corrish, Joe Weldt, Buster McConnell, Joe Waters, Don Thompson. Standing: Bobby Hemphill, Luther Farless, Steve Sealy, David Wimberly, Milson Ganyard, Fii Moscardell, Claude Surface, Charles Gillespie. Not Pictured: Owen Scott, Jim Roberts, Ronnie Scott, Roy Stephens, Richard Jacobs, Ed Campbt., George Lewis. The Freshmen Men ' s Council is the representative body of government for the Freshmen men ' s dorms. Members are elected from each floor of the men ' s dorms to serve. The G)uncil is responsible for holding court to deal with offenders of house rules. Officers are: Pres., Don Thompson; V.P., Fran Moscardell; Sec, Joe Waters; Trea., Tom Corrish. 96 : OMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION ow 1: Barbara Kesler, Lynn Hungerford, Mary Sue Gresham, Martha Shamhardt, Patsy ims, Billie Barfield, Gail Hamilton, Janice Berryman. Row 2: Ethel Tate, Nancy Kiesch- :ein, Gail Shemper, Nancy Matthews, Jeannie Brease, Camille Clay, Sandra Christie, Nell (ood, Nancy Brittain. Roto 3: Lynn Elzey, Carol Miller, Carol Horton, Becky Birchmore, Pat ;heney, Julie Green, Fran Baxley, Sandra Work, Carol Wilcox, Angela Burton, Kay Horton. DANCE CLUB The WRA provides recreational opportunity for participation and leadership in recreation activities, fosters sportsmanship, and furthers interest in healthful physical activi- ties for women. Trt Cinii ]« ' ' j DOLPHIN CLUB OFFICERS: Angela Burton, Sec; Kay Horton, Pres. ; Lyn Hungerford, V.P.; Janice Berryman, Trea. ; Miss Joiner, Advisor; Janice Dyess, Sec. Aa JiS ' .Wj rfnin " Mi " ' " ' ' UNIVERSITY RESIDENT STUDENT ASSISTANTS URSA MAJORS: Mary Jon Giles, Barbara Spiller, Mary Nell McLaughlin, Marty Wilkins, Sue Johnson, Judy Cox, Georgann Rainesl Carol Page. ROW 2: Flo Langtry, Jeannie Aiken, Linda Cook, Karen Sue Fowler, Julia Deberle, Janice Mathews, Ginny Bargeror Carole Treadwell, Page Smoot, Andee Smith. ROW 3: Monica Mogel, Jean Burdison, Annette, Liz Fenstemacher, Josie Smith, Robii Hill, Elaine Hamlett, Barbara Bowing, Barbara Shearouse. i University Student Resident Assistants work with freshman women throughout the year to help them live together success- fully. The URSA ' s also greet the new- comers and help them through their orientation and that first hectic week of registration. Major officers are Janice Mathews, Pres. ; Gin- ny Bargeron, V.P.; Carolyn Moody, Sec- Treas.; Miss Birdie Bondurant, Adv. URSA MINORS: Eugenia Jolly, Lucy Johns, Roberta Robinson, Reathar Momon, Connie Boy Vivian Armour, Connie Grimaud. ROW 2: Annette, Carter, Mary Kay Giles, Jeannie Morgai Nancy Chin, Janice Thurmond, Larky Sims. ROW 3: Ann Watson, Nancy Langston, Gail Moor Martha Cobb, Sally Wood, Lorraine Worden, Sandra Lott, Peggy Green. ROW 4: Martha Gaskin Donna Lanham, Judy Edwards, Diane Golden, Carolyn Whitesell. ROW 5: Helen Barrett, Lyni Jones. Nancy Knox, Joyce Ford, Pattie Atkinson Pat Taylor. A -» - ! 98 ■He ARGONAUTS The Argonauts is a group of up- per-classmen who serve the Univer- sity by assisting with the orientation and counseling of freshmen men. Each of the fifty members has from six to twenty freshmen under his guidance. Officers for 1961 are Jack Barrett, President; Tom Stripling, Reed Chairman; Pat Patillo, Mil- ledge chairman; Hodges Lewis; " E " Chairman; Allen Neergaard, Sec; Harris Langford, Tres.; and Mr. Dan Diggers, Faculty Advisor. hr Mmi. Cioielli jrCkJoielhi ■n lafM. Ciil Ifa ftlOI(:»lillliy rS:B(bBin«.l« Row One: Jack Barrett, Tommy Stripling, Pat Pattillo, Allen Neergaard. Row Two: Don Johnson, Harris Langford, Henry Ramser, Joel Camp- bell, Jim Granade, Eddie Dooley, David H. Crawford. Row Three: Ron Shelp, Dan Keever, Nick Bledsoe, Roger Ozaki, Al Schwamlein, Jim Wil- banks, Norman Ackerman, Jim Tarpley, Charles M. Hudson, Forrest Gilmore, Alan Atwood. Row Four: Jim Moore, Shedrick Carswell, Morris Eidson, Donald Sullivan, Hendrick Himmler, Richard Clifton, Gerry Lingle, Sydney Kinnie. Row Five: Bill Rodenberg, John Hill, Joseph Ariall, E. L. McBUmurray. Row Six: Vernon Williams, Eben Morrow. ■UMM ■ ' •iWojfc Lejt to right. Row 1: Will Johns, David Hayes, Carol Buckley. Row 2: Eloise Sutton, Alvin Bales, Suzanne Brown, Barney Durrence, Marjorie Boyd, Jimmy Palston, Ed Steever, Carol Boyles. Row 3: Carolyn Jackson, Janet Davis, Daphne Colvard, Mike Dorsett, Don Hall, Brenda Harper, Penny Mills. Row 4: Beth Bell, Mary Manter, Diane Harper, Karen Lee, Nelda Pickern. Row 5: Fred Badash, Lewis Hamrick. The Freshman Welcome Dance and several other major events through- out the year are sponsored by the Student Center, which strives to pro- mote the welfare of the student body through a program of social, cul- tural, and recreational activities for all University of Georgia students. Its officers for 1961 are: David Hayes, Pres.; Carol Manter, V.P.; and Carol Buckley, Sec. STUDENT CENTER Weekend Dance Council Meeting 100 Ill Negley, sponsored by South Meyers Dormi- ry, was named March of Dimes Queen at the nual March of Dimes Dance. . wy School, invited guests for annual I vol sing. .4 Miss Georgia leads out in dance for members of March of Dimes Court. eorgia carolers welcome in the Christmas 101 L RED AND BLACK Chuck Knight, Fall Quarter Editor George Watts, Business Manager Robert Eubanks, Sports Editor Sandra Alley, Fall Quarter Women ' s Editor Julia Fuller, Winter Quarter Women ' s Editor 102 Marcia Powell, Winter Quarter Editor J. V. Ard, Winter Quarter Sports Editor Tommy Johnson, Winter Quarter Managing Editor, Spring Quarter Editor " Margaret Bene field. Winter Quarter Society Editor Don Roundtree, Winter Quarter News Editor 103 UNIVERSITY ORCHESTR. ' The University ( chestra, under 1 ; direction of Dai Sweetkind ; this y was extended to elude the ensembl A training unit music students, Orchestra perfo throughout the y both on student citals and as an tegral part of Spring Orchestr Concert. GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA Gamma Sigma Sig- ma is a national service organization aiding the school, community and na- tion. Officers are: Gail Gilbert, Pres.; Faith Hubert, 1st V.- P.; Julia Fuller, 2nd V.P. ; Lucy Johns, Trea. i»f. L lSi, V ' Row One: Judy Kurtz, Judy Safer, Lynn Waldbaum, Sheila Bromberg, Dana Bisen. Row Two: Helene Goldberg, i J. Young, Daina Rodgers, Eileen Wolper. Row Three: Sandra Gilleland, Linda Smith, Anita Lindsey, Lynn Graves, J Fuller, Delores Rosenberg, Kathleen Page, Jean Lines, Fabianne Wolff, Sandra Camp, Patsy Bohan, Lucy Johns. Four: Gail Gilbert, Bunky Abroms, Theresa Hulsey, Nada Manly, Edith Bean, Judy Leake, Sharon Kesler. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB i le Cosmopolit an Club aims to promote better international ilations by the exchange of ideas and to afford the mem- !rs an opportunity to learn the ways of life and languages foreign countries. The aims of this club are social and Itural. Membership is open to all persons expressing in- rest in the club and desire to become active members. . First row: Janice Thurmand, Patti Atkinson, Judy Folk, Dianne McRae, Dianne Hummel. Second row: Karen Sue Fowler, Patsy Cr;, Kathy Fowler, Betty Johnson, Marjorie Kingsley, Marilyn Callahan, Genelda Mosley, Verona Cannon, Elanor Emberson. TRIQUETA Triquetra ' s aim is to create unity among and further in interest of the Independent women at the University. Officers are: Dianne McRae, Pres. ; Dianne Hummell, V.P.; Harriet Embry, Sec. PHI CHI THETA Phi Chi Theta is an newly o ganized honorary fratemi for women receiving the BB degree. Officers are: Meredii Strickland, Pres. ; Pe ggy Loy V.P.; Joyce Teel, Sec; Nam Short, Treas. First row: Nancy Short, Meredith Strickland, Peggy Loyd, Mary Jane Wheeler. Second row: Lee Farrey, Evylyn Johnson, Rosemary Tarpley. Third row: Dr. Drewry, Judy Mathews, Ann McDonald, Lynthia Wof- ford, Sandra Topshe. Fourth row: Eleanor Williams, Jerry McLain. 106 Un Loi Ink Jin Silestiiilei wkrof a sfi my a icmi Pres.; lP.;To INDEPENDENT MEN Um 11 CHI BETA iilWbiiiiiKfli! i kmrT fnlii ' ■eiieimiiigllicl : Oieers are: Ment J Ted Sec.; ' « Tub. 1st tow: Maylon London, Glenn Murrison, Loy Jarrett, Henry McMillian, George Watts, Sam Lowery, Dave Geiger. Second tow: lliam Monfort, Jim Pleasants, Al Temple, Bob Adamson, Don Southerland, John Rhodes, Carl London. Any male student who is not a member of a social fra- ternity may automatically become a member of the GOP. Officers are: Maylon London, Pres.; Johnny Par- rish, V.P.; Tommy Wade, Sec; Guy Eberhardt, Trea. First row: Tommy Wade, John Brown, Jerry Dover, Bobby Whitaker, David Clements. 107 I II RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS 1 108 CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club unites Episcopal students in fellowship and helps them to be guided by the knowledge which they acquire by following the Church ' s teaching. Officers are : William Payton, Pres. ; Hendree Harrison, V.P.; Eben Morrow, Sec; Virginia Armistead, Trea. B ' NAI B ' RITH HILLEL The Hillel Foundation ' s aim is to bring together Jewish students in an atmosphere of friendship to exchange cultural ideas, to worship, and to gain a more thorough knowledge of Judaism. Officers are: Herb Schulman, Pres.; Nina Good- rich, V.P.; Phyllis Greenfield, Sec.; Rabbi Na- thaniel Zimskind, Advisor. 109 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Through a varied program of study, worship, service and fellowship, the Baptist Student Union works together to apply the principles of Christian faith to daily existence and to find a new and deeper meaning of Christian discipleship as University students. 110 nl " NEWMAN CLUB ( Through a balanced program of religious, in- tellectual, and social activities, the Newman Club deepens the spiritual and enriches the temporal lives of its members. It strives to develop and encourage Catholic leadership and, through its members, to make its Chris- tian influence felt throughout the campus. Clementine Sandwich is president; Maria Totis, V.P. ; Bill Sledieski, Cor. Sec; and Andrea Smith, Rec. Sec. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Each Sunday evening, the Westminster Fellowship, an organization for Presbyter- ian students, meets to wor- ship, to eat supper and to- gether enjoy a program de- signed to develop broader Christian understanding. At the same time Christian fel- lowship is promoted among the students. Officers are: Glenda Elliott, Pres.; Win- ston Stephens, V.P.; Gail Hamilton, Sec. ; LeConte Haddock, Trea. 112 WESLEY FOUNDATION OfiBcers are: Eugenia Jolly, Pres.; Ben Tate, V. P.; Babs Shearouse, Recording Sec; Carol Cartledge, Corresponding Sec; David Clements, Treas. The Wesley Founda- tion is a group of students concerned with growth and ex- pression of their faith. Convinced that religious beliefs do make a difference, the Foundation seeks to develop a deeper understanding of Christianity and its relevance to life. GREEKS ALPHA CHI OMEGA Adams, Bobbye J. Alley, Sandra Andrews, Elizabeth Archbold, Carla Badgett, Barbara S B Barnwell, Elizabeth Beard, Judith Bivins, Susan Bone, Martha Bradberry, Patricia Brandon, Susan Braswell, Martha Breedlove, Claire Bright, Linda Brittain, Nacy Bush, Jennie Byrd, Patricia Camp, Sandra Carroll, Georgia Carey, Ann President .... JOAN DAVES Vice-President . . LYNDA LEWIS Secretary . SANDRA ELLINGTON Treasurer . PATSIE BRADBERRY I f My! Hasn ' t " Byrd " changed! Has anybody seen my Sigma Nu? 116 Davis, Sally Davis, Sandra I yess, Miriam Ellington, Karen Ellington, Sandra Elvidge, Sharon Foster, Harriette Giles, Mary Gilmore, Evelyn Grice, Frieda Hardy, Jacqueline Harper, Brenda Hayes, Lollie Jean Heard, Dian Holbrook, Jan Jones, Sara Johnson, G)rille Kelly, Elizabeth Kahrs, Karol Kirk, Patricia : iO I if Mc Alpha Chi Clan. m f f rfb F ' f How ' bout another cheer, Saralyn? ALPHA CHI OMEGA Kokal, Angela Lamb, Carolyn Lassiter, Donna Lathem, Sally Leigh, Lucile Lemon, Sandra Lewis, Linda Lindsey, Anita Loveless, Diane Markey, Helen Matheson, Charlotte MiUer, Liz Moreland, Saundra Palmer, Betty Paper, Jana Perry, Linda 118 Schley, Martha -t ;t- »f . ' ::... " -r .■■ ' ■• ' ' . ys Our dear Mother Mac. Smile and straighten those lines! •M Smith, Josie Smith, Maxine Smith, Peggy Snelling, Suzanne Steele, Susan Sweat, Sandra Tanner, Jan Tharpe, Jeffie Thomason, Annelle Tobin, Judi Ann Tribble, Nancy Wells, Ann .]tadi )T PICTURED: mpbell. Patsy ssey, Mary Lou mn, Bonnie nes, Carol nry, Roberta )rgan, Angela Try, Harriet raig ra West, Kather Whaley, Marjorie Wilson, Elizabeth Wood, Sallie Wurst, Mary 119 ALPHA DELTA PI WWW Benners, Carol Blair, Neca Bolton, Kitty Bracewell, Jane Bradberry, Merle Brannen, Beverly Braselton, Nancy Brown, Jayne Buchanan, Cookie Buie, Joy Bundrick, Gwynne Busha, Mary Lee Cannon, (Libby Cannon, Nancy Carstarphen, Linda Chambers, Ann Chappell, Kay Clements, Linda Conner, Martha Coulter, Sheila Crandall, Patsy Crews, Anne Crockett, Linda Coursey, Malone Two No-trump! 120 Watch your step. Snowman. : ' m IJennard, Mary Driskell, Margaret Orohomer, Patsy iJuPriest, Judy Klzey, Lynn Everitt, Kittie Flowers, Denise Gleaton, Kay Gillis, Kate l oforth, Joyce Gordy, Sally Green, Ann I ' riffin, Anne Griffin, Charlene Haley, Emily Jean Hally, Diane Harrison, Edith Hays, Harriet Henderson, Caroline Hendrix, Louise Heyward, Bunny Hines, Laney Jemigan, Ann Jones, Emma Jo Keaton, Emma Lou Kelly, Kay King, Margaret Kite, Ann Land, Mary Lyle Leggett, Debbie i ' ■ th f ' ' mi ' 121 Lord, Jackie Lothridge, Patsy Martin, Ellen Massari, Jan Maxwell, Selly McNeely, Craig Miller, Bett Mobley, Dale Montgomery, Patsy Outler, Jo Ann Payne, Gayle Pound, Ida Prather, George A. Richards, Marsha Roberts, Bennie K, Shackelford, Ann Shamhart, Martha Shipley, Nancy Schofield, Mary Smith, Linda Smith, Marsha Solomon, Betsy Souter, Saralyn Southwell, Jerilene Stokes, Gail Summers, Gay Thompson, Camille Dark at the top of the stairs. ALPHA DELTA PI 122 pi dtm The stockings were hung . . . Thurmsin, Linda Tidwell, Edwina Tidwell, Sidney Tumlin, Patti Turner, Molly Turner, Ward Tyler, Jane Vance, Shirley Wall, Erskine Warlick, Ann White, Marion White, Lynn Some of that good ole ADPI spirit. We ' re all dolled up to meet you 123 ALPHA EPSILON PI BARRY PARKS .... President STEVE FIRESTONE . Vice-President ALAN ROSENBLOOM . . Secretary STEVE FINEBURG . . . Treasurer Alexander, Fred Ambry, Bobby Banks, Sammy Barocas, Irving Bellinger, Joel Cherry, Ronnie Cohen, Joel Cohen, Martin Eichel, Irving Feinberg, Steve Firestone, Steve Fox, Stan Friedberg, Stan Goldstein, Gary Golub, Butch Greenburg, Norman GroUman, Bobby Gross, Jerry Haskins, Melvin " Who me? " " Yes, you. " Heimowitz, Stanley Herman, Charles Katz, Jerry Kaye, Bob Kesser, Michael Levy, Jay Lipson, Eric Lobel, Joel Lowey, James Loberbaum, David 124 Markavitt, Mark Marks, Bob What are you up to, Kenny? L Tf.) . 1j( tit Morris, Lewis Orenstein, Richard Parks, Barry Pazol, Norman Eat, Pledge. 125 ALPHA EPSILON PI Rachelson, Jerry Rich, Gilbert Rifkin, Paul Rosenberg, Phil Rosenbloom, Alan ' Look at the fun we ' re missing, George. Future Farmers of Reed Hall. l tHBm r». :CkiM 127 Solomon, Murray Surosky, Art Susman, Seymour Swift, Steve Verner, Alvin Wachsteter, John Wasserman, Robert Weinberg, Fred Weissman, Norman Wiesen, Ronnie Wynne, David Wynne, Marvin Young, Alan Young, Arnold NOT PICTURED: Herman, Barry Fetterman, Harvey Goldwasser, Mike Hackel, Gil Kinsler, Jack Levin, Steve MoUin, Karl Pollock, Ronnie Rosen, Marvin Schreiber, Ronnie Weinberg, Bobby Whiteman, Alan Winer, David ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ? .( r , Adams, Kathryn Akins, Beth Allen, Ellen Allison, Shyrl Allred, Prudence Anderson, Karen Andrews, Elaine Batten, Donna Bell, Nadine Braselton, Lucy Broome, Charlotte Bush, Beckie Cantwell, Ann Carter, Annette Cheshire, Dorothy Chitwood, Glenda Close, Linda Cobb, Martha Cochran, Cynthia Collier, Suzanne Davidson, Jackie Davis, Jackie Davis, Judy Davis, Patsy Smfn ' ilw LINDA WOODALL . LINDA CLOSE . . MELANIE ROBERTS SHYRL ALLISON . . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Get Out the No-Doz Fear, Ann Foster, Jo Ann Garrett, Susan Graham, Kay Haley, Annette Hammond, Emily Harper, Clara Harper, Sandra Harris, Nancy Hendricks, Betty Holland, Carey Holland, Kay Hood, Nell Hurst, Shirley Jennings, Evelyn Johnson, Berta Johnson, Betty Johnson, Marty 128 n ■ " Mr lob H Santa ' s losing her tummy. Fm an Alpha Gamma girl. Jones, Betty Jones, Gloria Kennedy, Kay Kyzer, Barbara Langtry, Flo Lanier, Mary Land, Karen Lanham, Donna Lawson, Dee Lowry, Elaine Luke, Kathy Malcolm, Jayne Manion, Gaile McLauchlin, Mary Nell Mitchell, Barbara Morgan, Jeannie Morrison, Dorothy Parker, Gloria Just what I always wanted. Both Friday and Saturday night!! 129 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Parsons, Freeda Patten, Ann Powers, Sheila Roberts, Melanie Robinson, Roberta Shirley, Wannah Skinner, Madeline Steward, Carole Strickland, Meredith Swear, Kathryn Taylor, Kay Thomason, Linda Thompson, Linda Treadwell, Carole Treadwell, Nicki Tucker, Ann Wade, Dorothy Weaver, Ann Wheeler, Mary Jane Williams, Judy Wingard, 0)nnie Wood, Sally Woodall, Linda Woods, Sharon We ' ll never hitch again! i 131 ALPHA GAMMA RHO DARRELL GIBBS President BOBBY UNDERWOOD . . . Vice-Pres. BUDDY McELMURRAY . . Secretary LAMAR WARNER .... Treasurer m Who put the bop in the Bop-She-Bop-She-Bop? Armstrong, Thomas Bennett, George Chambers, Jimmy Chapman, Marion Dozier, Joe Durham, Joe Eddy, Barry English, Weyman Faulk, Rabun Fegan, Ronald Fields, R. L. Franks, Daniel Garden, Jerry Gibbs, Darrell Griffis, Robert Hanson, E. C Hermance, George Howell, James Hydrick, Richard Jones, Jerry 132 Matthews, Jimmy McDaniel, John McDonsJd, Jessie McElmurray, Forrest Moore, Qarence Mull, Wilbur Nunnally, Gerald Reynolds, Sam Ritchie, Gary Shave, Thomas Sheffield, Jimmy Underwood, Robert Warner, Lamar Whaley, John Wilmer, Charles Womble, Joseph NOT PICTURED Martin, Robert Russell, Barron Sarmaltands, Tony Feelthy Pictures? Oh, I Swanney! Shut up and bid. Oe.:- ■ 133 ■I T And then . . .? and then . . .f and then . . . along came Jones ALPHA OMICRON PI The pledges are restless tonight!!! JOANSWANSON . . President SANDRA BEST . Vice-President PATSY BOHANON . Secretary BRENDA BROWNING, Treasurer Bankston, Brenda Beaty, Suzanne Benefield, Margaret Best, Sandra Bohanan, Pat Briscoe, Mary Sue 134 HMOH . Sm I Ml H • 135 I;,,., ' ALPHA OMICRON PI Why don ' t you come up and see me sometime??? 136 Which way did the Coasters go? Newman, Carol Orr, June Porter, Jennie Ridgdill, Mary Rothrock, Laurenen Shuman, Nan Russell, Belle Smith, Andrea Smith, Diane Stallings, Sybil Swanson, Joan Thomas, Carole Tilghman, Susan Turner, Brenda Waters, Dorothy Welch, Elizabeth Wills, Nancy Yow, Diane NOT PICTURED: Skelton, Sue 137 ALPHA TAU OMEGA JERRY WILLIS President BILL SANDERS . . . Vice-President HARRY WEST Treasurer ALBERT BLOODWORTH . . Secretary ' . . . wasn ' t made in a day. " Adams, Billy Addison, Joel Anderson, David Aycock, Bobby Baggett, Jeb Bagget, Grady Bagwell, Dub Bloodworth, Alba Booth, Don Brown, George Brown, Jim Carr, Mark Gates, Paul Chambers, Frank a ' JipM u Chandler, Jimmy Cheney, Qiff Chew, Scotty White Tea Rose Formal 138 fl Alpha Beta alumni dinner Don ' t love me no mor Cline, Wynn Eugene Gjok, H. Julian, III Crockett, Edward Wray Dallas, Albert Hawes Davis, Ernest Parks Deal, Qifford L., Jr. Dixon, William I. Dozier, Lester Zack Ellison, Billy Emerson, Arthur Lee Evans, Konald Eugene Garrett, Ployd Alton Godwin, Jackson A. Green, Ralph R., Jr. Griffeth, Ronald H. Gunnels, Joe Ed Hamilton, Drew Hatcher, Robert Felton Hernison, G. Hendree Howell, Robert Newton Howell, Rufus Jerome Hughes, Thomas M. Johnson, Donald C Jones, James Larry Jordan, Hubert F., Jr. King, Charles KIopp, Benjamine Lampe, Audie Walter Laslie, Bobby Lamar Lampe, Diedrick 139 ALPHA TAU OMEGA M Lane, Ed Larkin, Robert Long, Robert Malone, Thomas Miller, Charles Morse, Dan Nagle, Bill Neeley, Walley Pugh, Floyd Raymond, Hoyt Redwine, Frank Reed, Charlie Richards, John Sanders, Bill Sanders, Billy Carroll Sell, Edward Scott Sheffield, Ralph Shelton, Richard Smith, Dave Smith, Hoke Smith, James Smith, Larry Stewart, Lamar Stevens, Buzzy Stone, Thomas Tanner, Weldon Wade, Michael Wadsworth, Lew Ward, Alex Watts, Charles j Christmas party for fe ■-i--) ' ' Yes! I have a red Jag End of the " line: T QhiteM jor ' . c Idren of the Jolly Home 141 West, Harry Whatley, Perry White, Robert Whitlock, Paul Wicker, Earl Willis, Jim Willis, Jerry NOT PICTURED Akridge, J. W. Moore, George Prince, Wendall Wright, Stephen ALPHA XI DELTA LINDA SUTTON President PHYLLIS SAPPINGTON . . Vice-Pres. MARLENE EDGE .... Secretary TONI CUBILLAS Treasurer Mwine, Penney J Ayers, Sandra I Becker, Kathleen Bell, Beth Berger, Susan Bishop, Eva Brown, Carol Brown, Margaret Buckley, Carol Burdick, Barbara Burt, Mary Byrd, Tommye Carter, Janice Ceirter, Nancy Chandler, Julia Qifton, Patricia Cubillas, Toni Dahl, Barbara , Davis, Janet i M W ' mmtiti Edge, Marlene Hups, Informal meetings encourage fun and fellowship as well as hard work. Hoidl, HolC Ktiuot. Liiilt,p 142 DKhn S. Milledge was transformed into a little bit of Holland for Homecoming. Favorite, Tricia Gaines, Rhetta Garrett, Leandra Gibson, Linda Giles, Mary Hadley, Barbara Hamilton, Margaret Harper, Gloria Hayes, Margie Hodge, Jane Holbrook, Marie Hoisington, Judith Howell, Martha Hunt, Carole Kennon, Mary Lee, Brenda Little, Peggy Manter, Carol 143 L.. ALPHA XI DELTA Manter, Mary Martin, Kay McDowell, Marie McLain, Gerri Montante, Marie Mower, Linda Murphy, Kay Packard, Pamela Parry, Bonnie Patillo, Paul A pink Killarney Rose Corsage is one memento for each new pledge at the fall formal. Poor, Christina Powell, Marcia Ray, Charlotte Reeves, Rebecca Rushing, Anne Sadler, Syble Sammons, Letitia Sappington, Phyllis Short, Nancy Smith, Monica Smith, Yvonne Sowpel, Beverly Stamps, Anne Stephens, Jane Stephens, Judith Sutton, Eloise Sutton, Linda Thomhill, Barbara Todd, Mina Van Diviere, Cathrine Van Diviere, Cornelia Veal, Barbara Wade, Phyllis Walker, Ellen Webb, Sandra West, Charlotte Wheeler, Linda Whorton, Judith Williams, Nancy Wilson, Myra Wray, Margaret Wright, Nancy Young, Jane 145 Ashcraft, Eleanor Atkinson, Nancy Baker, J ana Barbre, Lynda Barganier, Betty Barrow, Jane Baxley, Frances Bethea, Beverly Bird, Mary Bogle, Rosie Bowie, Eathel Bradford, Judy Bradley, Peggy Bremer, Judith Brown, Barbara Brown, Beverly Christie, Helen Hay Christie, Sandra Cocroft, Kay Coffin, Esther Collins, Jody Coltraine, Pat Coyne, Camilla Crittendon, Betsy Cruikshank, Lila Jei Daniel, Nancy Daughtry, Janet Deriso, Patty Dial, Patty Dilcher, Mary Ann Dubose, Dale Duke, Diane Durham, Nancy Elliot Sandra Estes, Diane Farmer, Elizabeth Fincher, MoUy Floge, Sue Flynt Sally Frasier, Kay Fry, Melinda Green Julie Green, Mary Hall, Linda Hammock, Alice CHI OMEGA OFFICERS MARY ANN DILCHER President BETTY BARGANIER Vice-President CAMILLA COYNE Secretary CAROLYN WHITEHEAD Treasurer Chi Omega Choo-Choo ■pe, Suzanne I ykins, Peggy ird, Peggy IS,, Beth s, Joann I ;htower, Joan 1 ton, Kay we, Diane nter, Mary :es, Shannon J kson, Gay J kson, Mary ] nes, Amy dine, Lottie . inson, Betsy . inson, Mary V. . les, Sally nbrell, Dottie ig, Julene ight, Ruth ■ adrum. Gay wton, Ann japhart, Flo Ing, Marty Lowe, Para Lyle, Linda Marshall, Priscilla Mason, Chloe Matthews, Martha Mays, Rebie Merritt, Panna Miles, Laura Ann Minnich, Katherine Moore, Sherry McMillan, Flossie McPhail, Eleanor Owens, Sarsh Pearsons, Betty Poag, Hope Poole, Peggy CHI OMEGA Caught Looking Beautiful DEFINITELY Fired Up! 148 I Powell, Kitty Prunty, Mimi Raines, Margaret Ravenscroft, Nina Reppard, Harriet Singleton, Betty Smith, Ann Smith, Susan Stembridge, Claudia Talmadge, Mary Upchurch, Nancy Upchurch, Susan Whitehead, Caroline Whitehead, June Wilkins, Becky Williams, Charner Witham, Bunky Woodcock, Bonnie Work, Sandra Akin, Carl Anderson, Dub Anderson, Tommy Baccus, Joe Betette, Phil Blanchard, John Boyd, Jim Bracewell, Jimmy Brown, David Byers, Morgan Carrell, Bobby Catone, Dick Childers, Robert Christian, Wayne Cole, Dargan Cole, Hume Cramer, Walter Cullens, Billy Davis, Kippy DeGolian, Rick Elliott, Henry Fortune, Ronald Fretwell, Bill Futrelle, Mike Garrett, George CHI PHI ALFRED D. KENNEDY JAMES E. VICK . . CARL AKIN . . . . PHILLIP BETETTE . , . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer I Just what I wanted! Ho! Ho! Ho? 150 o Daddy War bucks and Little Orphan Annie. 151 CHI PHI M Hunnius, Howard Inglis, David Irvin, Jim Johnson, Paul Kennedy, Alfred Lea, Dick Matthews, Wayne McCamy, Leighton Mcaelland, Ralph McLeod, Guy Moser, Doug Neighbors, Joe Nicholson, Tony Nottingham, Gardiner Patrick, John Peeler, Dennis Perry, Charles Phillips, Tom Pickett, Albert Powell, Frank Quinnelly, Richard Reeves, Dixon Roberts, Haley Rollins, Jack Royal, Prentice Sanders, Sandy Selman, Walter Seydel, Scott Sink, Dennis Smith, Addison Statham, Ben Stroup, Wesley Taylor, John Thompson, Robbie Trotter, Richard Tucker, Jimmy 152 IcmU im o Brown, Wilder Buckbee, Bob Cooper, John Dreger, Philip Dunn, Gary Farmer, Leon Pittard, Jack Harper, Richard Ricks, Charlie Lively, Milner Schiller, Bill Lucky, Tom Smith, William Matthews, Vince Travis, Mike Miller, Mont Wicker, Robert Payne, Robert Wright, Larry Anderson, Ronald Bell, Mark Berndt, Robert CHI PSI RON. ' 00- Blocker, Ellis Blocker, Gettis Bruce, Charles Burke, Howard Carter, William Clary, Edgar Comer, Frank Cornell, Hal Curry, Andrew Denton, James Elliott, Dwayne Foster, Alvin Freeman, Nicholas Gale, Larry Gibson, Woodran Gladney, John Griggs, Reginald Grismer, James Hall, Paul Hallums, James Herrin, Eugene Hall, James Iseminger, Fred Johnson, Woodson Jones, Alton Kennedy, James Lassiter, William Lewis, Graham McCarty, Thomas McDonald, Richard McKinney, John Mewbome, James 154 ' A man needs . . . togetherness " — R. L. Strickland iwum Oh no, not another snowman. Go-Go-Bosco! RRY GALE President ] JGENE HERRON . . Vice-President (OMAS PADGETT . . Secretary cms BLOCKER . . . Treasurer NOT PICTURED: George Brooks James Hall Robert Jenkins Charles Jones Bill Nutting Henry Sells Mobley, George Morrison, Joseph Mosbey, James Noell, Jerry Norris, Furman Nunnally, William Owens, Comer Padgett, Thomas Peterson, Nick Powell, Hershel Preston, John Price, Robert Rabb, Forte Richards, Reuben Rolfe, Raymond Ryan, John Scott, Ricky Smith, Otto Stelljes, Hank Strickland, Ray Strickland, William Sylvester, John Tate, George Tatum, Thomas Tracey, Lee Tumlin, William Twitty, Russell Vaughn, James Watson, John Williams, Earl 156 DELTA DELTA DELTA LUCY RAWLINGS ANN EULENFELD CAROLINE BYRD DOT CURRAN . . . President Vice President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Allen, Nancy Armstrong, Margie Amall, Betty Baker, Mary Bamer, Diane Barrett, Judy Brown, Emily Brown, Judy Brown, Tonette Byrd, Caroline Cagle, Sally Campbell, Carol Crawford, Lee Curran, Dot Davis, Darrell Davis, Jean Davis, Linda Dixon, Neva Dixon, Susan Eulendeld, Ann Evans, Sally Happier than the average couple! I ' At least we tried 156 1 Friedman, Judy Glendenning, Shirley J f " Green, Madeline Grenn, Peggy Hamilton, Frances Haynsworth, Stuart Henson, Jane Holliday, Page Jarman, Judi Jarrell, Judy Johnson, Susan Keadle, Patsy Kluttz, Jean Lamback, Palmer Lester, Ramonda Lewis, Lillie Carol Louin, Deane Maddox, Joyce Mathias, Charlotte Morton, Jann McCulloch, Nancy McDonald, Anne McGee, Mackie Medlock, Florence Morrison, Leslie Murphy, Carol - ' Myers, Katie Neal, Julianne Aloha, Fraulen! 157 Let there be water! DELTA DELTA DELTA WWTWW Newberry, Gail Newbold, Laurel Norman, Beth Parker, Harriet Peavy, Peggy Perry, Fran Perry, Judy Pryor, Judith Ramsey, Margaret Randolph, Nancy Rawlings, Lucy Reid, Tinah Roberts, Debbie Smith, Nancy Staley, Lynda Stenger, Joanne Stowers, Qaudia Taylor, Judith Tharp, Lynn Thomas, Ann Ride? . . . There ' s always room for one more. ' ' 158 Thomas, Genie Thomas, Pinny Thornton, Susan Todd, Patsy Topshe, Sandra Turner, Trudie Vickery, Judy Wade, Peggy Watkins, Barbara White, Kathryn Whitmer, Cindy Whitmire, Lydia Whitmore, Sherry Wickersham, Laura Wilson, Sally Wilson, Suzanne Woodlee, Jennie Young, Jane NOT PICTURED: Carole Raines ' Aren ' t you impressed? " " They ' re all Tri Belts? " 159 T DELTA PHI EPSILON Abelkop, Judith Abgott, Sandra Abrams, Bunky Abramson, Jane Aftergutt, Ruthy Alhadeff, Renee Aronson, Rosalee Bashuk, Alice Jeanne Bebergal, Marilyn Behrman, Judith Benjamin, Etta Berinhout, Elaine Bemath, Loretta Blass, Charlotte Bork, Arlene Braun, Stephanie Chambers, Rona Cherry, Maxine Cohen, Marlene Cohen, Sara Dell, Arlene Feinberg, Caroline Feinberg, Faye Feinberg, Helen Felson, Devara Franco, Jeanie Freedland, Molly Gerson, Judith Ginsberg, Eileen Ginsberg, Mickey You can never tell what will be ?;oing on in the D Phi E ' s kitchen. 160 J. " u ' o te g2 Goldberg, Helene Goldman, Marilyn Goldman, Paula Goodrich, Marilyn Green, Joanne Gross, Josin Gross, Rosalie Harris, Brenda Hirsch, Brenda Hoffman, Sandy Beck Husney, Sara Jablon, Marian Janus, Shirley Kaplan, Judith Katz, Margot •fc Eiei MBllfcfar Kaufmann, Brenda Kaye, Phillis Kirshstein, Nancy Kirz, Gail Kraft, Gwendolyn W M. :1 Deefers sing happily as they serenade fraternities. ittit : i ime for D Phi E ' s Home- ming decorations. i Forty-five new pledges made their debut at a dance given by the sisters. 161 fiHffi.iNvr ' ' " ' ' ■■ D Phi E ' s Washboard Band has become quite well known around campus. Kramer, Ruthie Leibo, Marsha Leiter, Paula Levy, Rita Libowsky, Elaine Loeb, Marilyn Lurey, Marsha Miller, Shellie Deefer ' s Washboard Band was the main feature of their serenade. DELTA PHI EPSILON Mitchell, Sandra Moret, Suzanne 162 fj LJ,. zsn Q Q O Morse, Patricia Nachman, Carol Odess, Beth Oster, Marcia Penan, Adrienne Perlman, Sandra Persky, Saradona Plisco, Helena Polsky, Reah Roobin, Marcia Rose, Jane Rosenberg, Dolores Rosenberg, Katie Safer, Judith Schemer, Carol Shapiro, Rhonda Shemper, Evelyn Singer, Sandra Slott, Rene Smith, Joan Soldz, Judy Stanfield, Sandra Deefers take that " ten-minute break " which runs into hours. Tillem, Annie Verkauf, Elinor Waldbaum, Lynn Warshaw, Sandra Wasserman, Sherrie Weinstein, Gayle Werbin, Charlotte Wolf, Laura Wolper, Eileen Zalkow, Janice NOT PICTURED Lebos, Sue Ellen Rosenberg, Susan 163 T The Unmagnificent 7 That ' ll teach you to walk thru the front door On to Meyers DELTA TAU DELTA » -4 ' 1 T I i Fearless Fuzzgood Take it slow and easy 1«4 Abney, Howard Bobbitt, Sidney Bowden, Talmadge Cone, Carlos Cook, Glover Davis, Christopher Faulk, John Folsom, Alfred Gait, Robert Garrison, Alton Gilliam, William Gratz, Ben Gregory, Darrell Hall, James Hamilton, John Harden, Jay Hardman, James Hoflfman, L. F. K. Hubley, Fred Kenny, John Kitchens, Robert Little, Tom Mallery, Charles Morrison, Herschel Murdock, Arthur McAlpin, James McKinney, Edward McVinnie, Brian Nebeker, Mark Odum, William Peterson, Bill Richardson, Frank Ridley, Billy Robinson, Ronald Rose, James Rutland, James Sacha, James Shugart, Eddie Southerland, Ronald Strickland, Fred Tanner, Rhett Wemmers, Richard Whatley, Seaborn Williams, William Wilson, William NOT PICTURED: Bush, Thomas Edwards, Ronnie Help stamp out drunks 165 Alcoholics Unanimous H-e-e-y B-a-a-hy? DELTA ZETA JOYCE STUART . BARBARA DAVID TOMMYE ROGERS DIANN PATTILLO . . President Vice-P resident . Secretary . . Treasurer 1 h 9 1 « Bf HL. . jm ■1 1 ■1 m H B ' " Wi B p r 1 F 1 1 B H B ' i ' 7 4 k v- -. nito H k ffl I V liP s». - -« - %» Ct Which way to Milledgeville? Mabel who? What else can one do when there ' s no dancing at " Allen ' s " ? Armistead, Jacqueline Beck, Virginia Bennett, Charlotte Brown, Julia Brown Rosanne Cochran, Beverly Davenport, Melba David, Barbara Denmark, Linda Doster, Gloria Esslinger, Sue Fullilove, Eleanor Gentry, Carolyn Gilliam, Ann A ii 166 M % % Greene, Sarah Gresham, Mary Sue Hale, Louise Hambrick, Lynda Harris, Eugenia Hendry, Gail Hoertz, Jean Jackson, Carolyn Johnson, Cecilia Kyriacou, Stephanie Langford, Linda Lay, Bonny Amazing the results a little work will bring. Lilly, Johnny Mahler, Myra Mason, Carole McDonald, Gloria McGuire, Amy Mclntyre, Margaret McRae, Dorothy Miller, Harley Moore, Judy Parker, Martha Parks, Brenda Parry, Elizabeth Partridge, Brenda Pattillo, Diann Peagler, Linda Perkins, Kay Perry, Emily Picker, Virginia Pipes, Emily Randall, Janice Ridgeway, Mary Bobbins, Jacqueline Rogers, Tommye Schaeffer, Nancy Shirley, Lynne Simmons, Carolyn SprouU, Olivia Stanley, Brenda Stewart, Helen Strickland, Madge Summerhill, Vicki Terry, Hilde Terry, Miriam Thompson, Nancy White, Sherri KAPPA ALPHA Aldred, Skip Anderson, Jim Amall, Alvan JIMMY HARRISON . . . . President NICKY RAWLINS . . . Vice President PAUL KILPATRICK . . . Secretary Barrow, Ben Boland, Joe Bowen, Jack Brantley, Edgar Brunson, Max Bryan, Charlie How ' s this Mr. Brady? Did they have to make Candler into a boy ' s dorm? Hammond, Ed Harper, Glen Harris, Chuck Harris, Wesley Harrison, Jimmy Heeny, Billy Hosch, Charlie Hosch, Hugh Hudson, Lanny Huff, Bill Huff, Blanchard Hutchison, Alan KAPPA ALPHA Them damn yankees took everything. Inglesby, Sam Jardine, Dan Jared, Ed Jernigan, Bo Jones, Otis Jones, Philip Keaton, Peyton Kidd, Willy Kilpatrick, Paul Kirby, Milton Knox, Wyck Laird, Norman Lane, Remer Lawson, Joe Lawton, Spencer Littlejohn, Neal Lovelace, Everett Lowry, Bill Malone, Mike Manderson, Joe Marks, Bill Miles, Bob Millikan, Troy Mitchell, Marvin Mobley, Sonny Go ahead Jackie, kick! Moore, Jim Moore, Willy MuUins, Ralph McNeal, John Nichols, Lyle Page, Sonny Pheil, Peter Prince, David Rawlins, Nicky Ray, Neal Reynolds, Roland Robinson, Ed Rooker, Penn Ross, Charles Salley, Bill Searcy, Wick Sears, Stephen Sims, Tonny Stabell, Eddie Stanley, Bobby Steele, James Strain, Edward Tatum, Richard Tillis, Ralph Act like you don ' t see her. " Say it again, I ' ll punch you in the mouth. ' Turner, Frank Vinson, Tim Wade, Joe Walden, John Warlick, Byrd Wesley, John Wilson, Jim Woodcock, Woody Woodruff, William Wright, Johnny Youmans, Kenny NOT PICTURED Bell, Al Carrol, Bobby Cummings, Lee Denny, Jimmy Dorming, Virgil Dernnon, Gene Grantham, Don Ivey, Bill Jordan, Don Lokey, Steve Newton, Mickey Oliver, Mac Overstreet, John Paramore, Jonny Shepherd, Wester m ' ■-Ik S« ' i " So Ring Out Three Cheers for Theta " g dbii ; J«.ii4. .. «i.i Ku. i.«i i ik. ' ' . P • .14 1 i » . . iMni iJi Adair, Barbara Alexander, Joanne Arnott, Nancy Atkinson, Carol Baker, Nancy Baker, Peggy Meadows, Kathrine Bell, Gladys Breedlove, Brenda Brown, Eva Qaire Brumby, Virginia Burkett, Ann Burton, Angela Carter, Jane Chambers, Dottie Chapman, Celie Qoaninger, Mary Coniff, Carole Dent, Sally Deyerle, Judith Diack, Suzanne Dixon, Joy Dumar, Laura Epting, Jean Etheridge, Katheryn Before and After and " Never Had a Chance OFFICERS KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAREN WILLIAMS . PENNY NAYLOR . HARRIET YOUNG . CAROLINE PRUITT JUDY DEYERLE . . . President . Vice-President . Carres. Sec. Recording Sec. . . Treasurer, 172 I ' ii. Ezell, Betsy Farrey, Lee Flowers, Nancy Giddens, Patsy Gibson, Sue Gladfelter, Lynn Greiner, Carol Haavie, Betsy Hancock, Margaret Hargrove, Amy Harris, Patsy Heston, Nan Hollis, Qeary Hollis, Linda Ann KAPPA ALPHA THETA • ' ui, " u isr ' v ft , lA I I VsiB k i..i Hopkins, Estelle Hubert, Judy Hunter, Barbara Ingraham, Dottie Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Kathryn Johnson, Jo Johnson, Mariellen Johnson, Sally Kerby, Anne Langston, Elizabeth Lippold, Anne MacGregor, Ida Maxwell, Glenda McElderry, Nancy McWhorter, Elaine McGee, Delia Metz, Mary Mims, Melinda Naylor, Penny Nelson, Margie D ' antignac, Lois Oliver, Mary Powell, Nancy Pruitt, Caroline Pullen, Jane Reed, Laurie Reynolds, Barbara Seawell, Margaret Seay, Mary Spivey, Joyce Stantbn, Sally Stephens, Winston Stokes, Judy Summers, Joan Talbird, Ann Thweatt, Marsha Turner, Pene Vereen, Wendy Ward, Susan " WeU Ya Know, Well Ya Know, Well Ya Know, Well Ya Know, Well Ya Know . . . " 174 X ' l Wesley, Mary White, Nancy - Williams, Barbara Williams, Karen Wilson, Ann Wood, Jolaine Wright, Judy Young, Harriet Small Town Girl Makes Good. I r,i«w ' ' Pf Young, Kay Zimmerman, Pat 175 KAPPA DELTA CAROL WATROUS . JEANNE TRUJILLO NEVA CLIMER . . JANICE BERRYMAN . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer Can ' t go wrong if you go our way. 176 Anderson, Sara Anger, Sally Armistead, Virginia Ashenfelder, Gerylyn Barfield, Billie Bass, Beth Beard, Joy Bender, Sandy Bercegeay, Judy Berryman, Janice Blake, Mary Busbig, Elizabeth 6yrd, Jeanne Garden, Janice Faye Cato, Carole Chastain, Edwina Clary, Nora Ann Climer, Neva Clonts, Marilyn Cochran, Betty Jo Coile, Linda Kay Collins, Gloria Comolli, Martha Culclasure, Mary Daniel, Frances Daniel, Beth Darrough, Becky Dorsey, Lynn Edwards, Judy Ruth BUder, Sandra Fenney, Betty Gamer, Camilla Gibson, Marilyn Gibson, Natalie Grevemberg, Ellen Griggs, Qara Hall, Peggy Hamilton, Gayle Hawley, Dorothy Hester, Joan Hill, Gayle Hill, Robin Holland, Anne HoUoway, Willene Hughes, Honey Hughes, Rebecca Hughs, Lynda Hungerford, Lynn Hunter, Ruth Irvin, Joan ftfdjfoi. Jones, Ann Jones, Jerry Jusko, Pat Kimbrough, Linda Lariscy, Penny Latz, Mary Ann Leaphart, Patricia Leggett, Mary Lester, Cornelia Lott, Sandra Lee Matthews, Jane McCurry, Marcia 177 KAPPA DELTA Four classy lassies. " Gonna tell you a story ' bout a KD 178 " The fondest homage of our hearts, Means, Barty Means, Caroline Mellette, Duanne Moore, Emily Norris, Anne O ' Callaghan, Pat Penn, Kelleen Rambo, Ellen Rozier, Lithona Rutherford, Sally NOT PICTURED: Brown, Sandra Davis, Betty Fussell, Charlane Hungerford, Karen MuUeno, Elizabeth Potts, Jo Ann Warren, Myma Saggus, Pegge Sims, Millie Sims, Patsy Smoot, Page Stanford, Nancy Stephens, Susan Swanson, Patricia Talley, Elizabeth Tanner, Amanda Trujillo, Jeanie Tuten, Sara Wansley, Virginia Waters, Anne Watrous, Carol Weatherford, Mary Wilkins, Martie Williams, Carol Woods, Margaret 179 Kappa votes yes for Arrid KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Kappa memories of music Alexander, Candy Alexander, Darcy Allen, Angela Anderson, Linda Bailey, Pat Batts, Jo Nell Beasley, Sandy Birchmore, Becky Blackman, Mario Blakely, Dottie Blalock, Merrill Bowden, Peggy Bradbury, Lynda Bradley, Marsha Brooks, Camilla Brown, Connie Brown, Susan Bryan, Lelaine Clancy, Helen dark, Barrie Clements, Kinda Cooper, Donna Cooper, Jan Cotton, Nancy DAWN DEYNOLDS . . . President PENNY PAYNE . . Vice-fresident CINDY WILKINS . . . Secretary JOAN STEPHENS . . . . Treasurer G)x, Nancy Croxton, Mary Darden, Jane Daniel, Marlece Davidson, Ann Davis Dana Deas, Dianne Dowling, Zanny Driver, Betty Edwards, Barbara Elkin, Elizabeth EUer, Catherine Ellington, Billie Ellington, Sandra Fleming, Beth King, Evelyn King, Mary Kinman, Bette Fleming, Buff Foote, Bea Foote, Margaret Annt Kise, Medora Ford, Judy Fortson, Mary Pat Fox, Nancy Eraser, Jane Gentry, Alice Gentry, Patricia Hardy, Ann Hiers, Jeannine Hodges, Jane Hope, Emily Jones, Del Keller, Georgianna 181 Kokko, Maija Lacher, Ellen ii ' i " itel Lindsey, Linda Luckenbill, Mary Lou Maffett, Shirley Mayher, Frances Meadows, Becky Middleton, Martha A. Mclntire, Elizabeth McMillan, Hayes Oakley, Carol OUiff, Lyn Orr, Nancy Payne, Penny Fetters, Lyn Pratt, Jeannie Friess, Elaine Pye, Susan Rader, Crockett Ramey, Elaine Reeves, Fran Reynolds, Dawn Saunders, Alex Seay, Carolyne Sevier, Susan Smith, Jerry Smith, Judy Smith, Mary Elsie Snapp, Frances Splinter, Karen Stephens, Joan Sterne, Sis Stevens, Karen Storm, Barbara Stuckey, Lynda KAPPA KAPPA GAMM i The arrival of Care packages causes much excitement at the Kappa Hous Lenda, who put the smile on the kool- aid pitcher? Kappa ' s answer to the housing short- age. 182 M Tally, Sandra Tanner, Kay Treanor, Kay Tumlin, Edna Ulrici, Janice Wade, Ginger Wilkins, Qndy Williams, Anne Williams, Harriet Williams, Julie Wilson, Winnie Wilson, Gay Wright, Dorothy Wrigley, Norma KAPPA SIGMA THARPE DERISO .... President LEON JORGENSEN . . Vice-President DAN HARRISON Secretary DICKTISINGER Treasurer ■ " — 1 1 B 1 — s i 1 M V l 4 9 JL IB . - s ' 1 y r Adair, Sam Allen, Benjamin Barfield, Harry Baskett, John Bowen, Paul Brewer, Larry Brackett, Benjamin Brackett, Charles Brannon, George BrightweU, Qiarles Bush, Lucien Cathey, Charles Colquitt, Alfred Compton, Doniild Cook, Kenneth DeLoach, George Deriso, George Deriso, Henry Dickens, Kenneth Dixon, Jerry Mil MM Desk shortage? It ' s a party! 184 f " Sleeping Beauty Rides Again " I ' m not pinned! Duncan, John EUliot, Larry Farrell, William Fountain, James Fowler, Larry Gill Andrew Wade Graham, Chester Green Wilson Grien, Lee Grien, Tommy Grubbs, William Guscio, Don Hall, OrviUe Harper, Lester Harridge, Fred Harrison, Dan Hodges, Fred Jorgensen, Leon 185 KAPPA SIGMA Get fired up Melton, John Melvin, John Montgomery, Henry Moore, Mike Neal, George Owensby, David Parker, Robert Pickard, Dean Pittard, Charles Prince, John Read, Bo ' 11 Shaw, Douglas Shaw, Frazier Smith, Charles Smith, Harold Sommerfield, John Spiller, Lewis Squires, Thomas Stephens, Wiley Stuart, Joe Tabor, John Threlkeld, Larry Tisinger, Dick How high the moon. NOT PICTURED: Arnold, Dan Blount, Juddy Bowden, Prescott CoUier, Ken Dixon, Sammy Fox, BiU Gilchrist, Bill Harris, Tommy Hinson, Byron Jackson, Lee Lance, Jack Maulsby, Gilbert McKemie, Hill Mozingo, Jerry Odum, Ronald Stephens, Ronnie Stone, Buddy Tomberlin, Don White, Robert Townson, Richard Turbyville, James Vennes, Russell Vig, Pete Wick, Arthur Wienges, Hydiek Wilson, Clyde Close! 187 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Brother Dave with two celebrities. The reason for scholastic probation. 188 BRYANT HODGSON .... Presided JIM BRYANT Vice-Preside, MARTIN McGregor .... Secreta, ALAN FLETCHER Treasun Adams, James Adams, Irwin Alexander, Williar AUiston, Curt Anderson, Joe Applebaum, Charli Barnes, Carter Belcher, Ronald Bradshaw, Randy Brown, Charles m Bryant, James Burch, Joh n Calhoun, James Callaway, Robert Campbell, Glenn Carter, Ken Carter, Sanders Chafin, Thomas Chandler, Gordon Christa, Frank Clarke, Farish Coffey, Bob Coleman, Durand Combes, David Cook, Taylor Crain, George Cramer, David Daniel, Donald Davis, Bob Eaton, Uoyd Elser, Fred Ermenthrout, Allen Fletcher, Al Forrest, John Fuehrer, Ed Gentry, Perry Gerrard, Larry Hardwick, Clifford Hardy, Charles Harris, James Henry, Bill Henry, Jimmy Hinds, John Hirtle, Bill Hodgson, Bryant Holman, Marty Hunt, Skip Ingram, Tim Ingrassia, Saluatore Johnson, Bill Jones, Lewis Jones, Richard 189 King, Tom Knight, Cecil Langbein, Jerry Langley, Emmett LeGrande, Nat Lentz, Bill Lewis, John Loyd, Jerry Lynn, Taylor Marbury, Joe Marshall, Nelson McConnell, Buster McBride, Mickey McGregor, Martin McLane, Ray McLendon, Dorrell McLendon, Robert McRae, Billy Meek, Harold Morgan, Steve Mesbit, John Nicholson, Richard Pankey, Bob Pilgrim, George Now it ' s Pepsi for those who think young. Alaska? Really? 190 MA Pitts, Bill Prichard, Phil Prince, Steve Reese, James Richardson, Spungeon Sammons, Sonny Schelhammer, Lance Smith, Mark Storey, Floyd Swords, Herbert Terry, Randy Terry, Tommy Thompson, Harry Thurmond, Robin Troy, Chuck Vignati, Romie Wagner, Robert Weir, Buddy Whitley, Butch Wirsing, Kent Kellar, David 191 PHI DELTA THETA BOYKIN CLARKE BUTCH WALKER . TERRELL JONES . FELTON JENKINS . . President Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer Baxley, Weirren Bell, Steve Bennett, Larry Blackman, Wilbur Bragg, Bob Burrows, Jimmy Butler, Marshall Capel, Larry Carlisle, John Carr, Jimmy Carson, Earl Carson, Richard Carter, Grant Chapman, Steve Qarke, Boykin Qarke, Bryant Cowart, Buzzie Davis, Chevy Davis, Melvin Dawson, Jack 192 Driver, Pat Edison, Joel Ellis, George Everitt, Zach Ferrell, Will Forbes, Walter Fortune, Joel Foster, Chris Fowler, Dickie Franklin, Lehman Garth, Branham Geer, Bucky Gleaton, Billy Grigsby, Billy Hammack, Albert Hardman, John Hardy, Buzzy Hartman, Jack Hawley, Doug Heard, Milton Heggie, Skip Hightower, Hilton Hill, Bill Howe, Don ear Dad, allege is nice. We learn many things at College Your son. Bill Hubbard, John Ivey, Toby Jenkins, Felton Johnson, Parks Jones, Jimmy Jones, Terrell Jordan, Richard Lee, Spencer Mangham, Jimmy Middleton, Chris Middlebrooks Tom Miller, Lawton Minnich, Bill Morgan, Tommy Mosely, Hubert , So much to do ... I think I ' ll go to the movies. 193 PHI DELTA THETA What! A party during finals? I ' ll call earlier next time. McLendon, Bobby . . . But I just found out we were having a party . . . Newberry, Raines Mouchet, Phil Mulkey, Doc McCommons, Pete McCormick, Jimmy Norris, Robert McEachem, John McGibony, Tom McGilvray, Chandler 194 I w lEU O Parker, Don Persons, Gus Porter, Tom Robinson, English Robinson, Peyton Rowland, Hodges Sapp, Johnny Scott, Scotty Seals, Charles Shealy, Sonny Spence, Joe Spratling, Jack Steinmann, Kurt Stovall, John Strickland, Jimmy Stuckey, Skip Tanner, John Taylor, John Thurmon, Donald Vason, Neal Voigt, John Walker, Butch Way, Michael Webster, Bucky Wilcox, Peter Williams, George Wright, Jimmy Wyatt, John Yates, Charlie .«. NOT PICTURED: Driver, Guy Hsirdin, George Libby, James Montgomery, Lee Pirkle, Thomas West, John Q. Staples, Max SIGMA PI W. CLARK BRITT . . . President EARL WILLIAMS . . Vice-President MARVIN SLAPPY . . . Secretary W. L. O ' CALLAGHAN, JR. . Treasurer Adams, Samuel Alford, Bobby Averill, George Baglivo, Philip Blankenship, Albert Boozer, Edd Bracknell, Jim Britt, William Bush, Leron Camp, Chuck Camp, William Chunn, Russell Clayton, Redmond Coleman, Charles Conniff, John Dick, Bruce Dixon, George Dixon, Stephen Dudley, Charles Dudley, Walter Dyar, QiflF Fulford, Frank Fulton, John Gardner, Marvin Gates, Vandy Hardy, Joel Hare, Robert Home, Bill Anybody seen Rabbit? 196 SIGMA PI You are on my toe. »T PHI KAPPA TAU NEAL WEATHERLY . . JOE MIDDLEBROOKS LARRY FLOWERS . . VAN SIKES .... President Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer Bohn, Peter Flowers, Jon Larry Folmar, Jimmy Hamrick, Lewis Hight, Tony Meeks, Alton Middlebrooks, Joe Robinson, Milton Robinson, Tom Sikes, Van ????????? Arnold, Julia Bargeron, Ginny Beall, Mary Bernhardt, Wendy Boatwright, Mary Ann Boudreau, Bette Sue Boykin, Joyce Brown, Judy Carter, Suzanne Cavender, Judy Oiatfield, Mimi Clark, Gayle Clark, Gena Qark, Helen Copeland, Carole Cray, Christie Davidson, Barbara Dean, Carolyn Debele, Julia Diden, Mary Louise Drury, Dana Dykes, Susan Edenfield, Patsy Elder, Norma Elliott, Glenda Estes, Mary Frances Eve Ann Ezell, Virginia Fulford, Ada Lee Goldsmith, Marilyn PHI MU EDNA LU WARD .... President GLENDA ELLIOT . . . Vice-President BETTE SUE BOUDREAU . . Secretary SYDNEY HARDEN .... Treasurer Funny thing happened to me oil the way down stairs. tl Chow Hounds 200 lU • Pi 4C ••r«. f; Goldstein, Ingrid Goodwin, Ann Hambrick, Heidi Hardaman, Kay Harden, Sydney Harrell, Jane Henry, Lucy Hicks, Mary Helen Hubert, Woo Johnson, Bonnie Leathers, Camilla Leavy, Lanny Little, Sara Lucchese, Mary Mangham, Jay Mart, Sue Martin, Nancy Matthews, Betty McQure, Peggy McElmurray, Ruthie McGarity, Louise Milledge, Ann Monica, Phyllis Morgan, Linda Morse, Jenny Lynn Everyone was thrilled when our pledges gave us a television set. 201 Yankee go home! Who cares if it ' s radio active? Phi Mus enjoy themselves at the Christmas party PHI MU Mosteller, Joyce Murray, Chatham Myddelton, Elaine M. Newton, Sandra Nell Norwood, Beth O ' Quinn, Peggy Owens, Glenda Page, Carole Patten, Lynda Peavy, Bonnie Phillips, Lyn Pollock, Elizabeth Riddick, Judy Robinson, Beth Laura Shelton, Mollie i :lA 202 w Sinclair, Polly Smith, Lyn Smith, Lynn Smith, Meredith Smith, Sandra A. Staples, Barry Staples, Diane Carroll St. Clair, Sandra Stephens, Jan Tatum, Kay Thurmond, Betsy Tipton, Bip Todd, Susan Judith Traber, Betty Tucker, Sarah Turton, Rebecca Ray Waits, Joyce Helen Ward, Edna Lu Wasdin, susan Watkins, Marcia Watkins, Nancy V. Weaver, Ellen Webb, Madge Welch, Dorothy West, Lucy White, Sandra Paulette Willcox, Carol Jean Wofford, Jo Wofford, Susan Woodall, Martha Wyatt, Sandra PI BETA PHI Biel, Patricia Bryan, Peggy Ann Busby, Bette Cannon, Caroline Carson, Carol Cowart, Theda Crouch, Frances Crouch, Janet Gadd, Suzanne Garrett, Lynette Gay, Candre Gilson, Jane Golden, Norma Hickov, Carmen Hinson, Laurie Hunter, Harriet Kangaroo or Expectant Fox? Another " Long Distance " Call? 204 OFFICERS LARRILEE SMITH President ROSEMARY MARET .... Vice-President NORMA GOLDEN Secretary CAROLYN WYNN Treasurer Hunter, Ina Sue Irwin, Sandre Janosko, Gayle Kinner, Ann Lee Limperfe, Gail Loflin, Patricia Logan, Nancy Lynch, Brenda MacFarlane, Nancy Marett, Rosemary Martin, Patte Mathews, Harriett McElmurray, Nancy Mosley, Anne Nacy, Marvel Noble, Shirley 205 Let ' s Jazz Up Sorority Sing This Year. PI BETA PHI All ■• JS- .- uma: 206 Padgett, Patricia Phillips, Anne Phillips, Jeannine Rheney, Patricia Riley, Marguerite Howell, Annette Sanford, Sara Sapp, Charlotte Sheppard, Beth Smith, Betty Smith, Larrilee Stickles, Sandra Taggart, Margaret Taylor, Jo Ann ? Tisdale, Kitty V Touchberry, Sandra Van Winkle, Judy Veatch, Linda ' Study Hall (?) Diet Break Williams, Qaudia S. Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Georgia M. Wynn, Martha C. Youngblood, J. Paulette But I Don ' t WANT To Go Swimming! h Who Took My Ladder?! NOT PICTURED Brim, Jan Burdette, Linda Cain, Kay DuBose, Cecile Fuller, Melissa Hosch, Judy Kyle, Elizabeth Murphy, Marty Samoden, Molly Sanders, Doris Spencer, Mary Anne Welch, Gail Wilson, Mary Frances 207 %lAg PI KAPPA ALPHA Atria, Jim Bell, Curtis Bell, Tony Benner, Larry Bells, Tommy Bradshaw, Terry Bray, Charlie Breedlove, Gary Broaddus, Jim Brock, Winston Brookins, Frank Campbell, Tommy Case, Pete Cato, Wallace Cochran, Ty Cook, Jay Coppage, Bob Cowart, Chuck Day, John Dixon, Bobby Dixon, Tracy Donaldson, Thomas Duggan, Henry Durham, Arnold Foster, Don Gaines, Howard Gash, Jimmy Gibson, Ray Gilliam, John Goldsmith, John MATT LINDSAY .... President HAROLD McDonald . Vlce-Presidem CHARLES McDOUGALD . Secretary HERBERT O ' KEEFE . . . Treasurer dla h )Wf Ml know it was a hard smash, but take the ball out of your mouth. Let go, you guys. I told you I ' m not ready to pledge. 208 realize it ' s your new London fog, but don ' t you feel kind of silly. Goodroe, Dickie Graves, Jack Green, R. H. Grider, David Hardin, Hudson Haupt, Bubba Haygood, Thomas Holder, Jimmy Hooks, Lonnie Hudson, Charlie Hudson, Bill Johnson, Allan Joiner, Wilson Lane, Richard Langdon, Jerry Larrieu, Mike Lindsay, Matt Loflin, Bill Long, John Lowenthal, Pat Lyons, Richard Martin, Joe Martin, Roy Massey, Joseph Mk 209 PI KAPPA ALPHA 7 come 11! ■ HE i M 1 l- H IP H. H B ■-ijjj ||mS9 ■ T B li f p H M Hk TAe " King " sings. Mercer, Jim Michel, John Morris, Marlin Morrow, Tommy McAdams, Allen McDonald, Walter McDougald, Charles Ned, Sid Noble, Johnny 210 .a O ' Keefe, Herbert O ' Neal, Bub Oxford, Oliver Pinson, Lawrence O.K., Sid. You ' re not a fat hog. Searcy, Gordon Scroggins, Lee Segars, James Shields, David Shivers, Tate Simpson, Cecil Smith, Barry Smith, Dave Smith, Doug Stettler, Kenneth Tumlin, Jackie Tumell, Steve Wade, Bob Walker, John Wells, AUen White, Hugh Whitlock, Rich Wren, Benjamin Yancey, Jerry Baynes, Tom G)wart, Charles Doss, Ken Fasolp, Mike Gardner, Allan NOT PICTURED : Heygood, Tom Johnson, Lawton Langdon, Jerry Massey, Pierce Walker, Johnny WiUiams, Kenny Wren, Frank Youngblood, Charles Youngblood, Ricky 211 Baker, Tom Beard, Larry Boyett, Art Cesarini, Bob Clark, Andrew Clark, David Cook, Tommy Dalton, Tommy Dudley, Bill Fountain, Lowell Headrick, Charles Holder, Metz Jenkins, Jim Kelley, George McCoUum, Jim Montesani, Mike O ' Kelley, Charles Pickren, Jim Pinkerton, Ray Powell, Len Rearden, Bob PI KAPPA PHI ARTIE SCOTT President PHIL TAPPY .... Vice-President CHARLIE ROWLAND . . . Secretary LEN POWELL Treasurer That Pi Kapp dog is a winner!! Welcome to 930 S. Milledge! " Oh, we ' re the Pi Kapp Brothers! " 212 Sweet Dreams. Rowland, Qiarlie Russell, Tom Scott, Artie Stone, Gerry Tappy, Phil Threeton, Clay Tison, Bill Trotter, David Villaire, Nat Vincent, Joe Wagner, Craig Wightman, Jim Wilkerson, Tommy Williams, Wayne The Big Bad Eight ' Duke or Bust! " — Those pledge trips are too much! " Hey, Guys, Don ' t make pigs yourselves! " of NOT PICTURED Adams, John Almond, Carey Cichanowicz, Frank Geronimo, Ralph Manning, Billy McElderry, Bill Royal, Dan Sinatra, Jim Tracy, Jon Trotter, Wayne 213 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON JOHN BAKER President CHARLES CARMICHAEL . Vice-Pres. JIMMY BLANCHARD . . Secretary JOHN BATES Treasurer Come on in. Dean Bixby MM Albright, Rob Allen, Jimmy Alston, Jimmy Ansley, Bonneau Baker, Archie Baker, George Baker, John Barrow, Craig Bates, John Baxter, Julian Benedict, Charles Blanchard, Jim Bowen, Vernon Bennett, Qaude Boyd, David Bradley, Richard Brandon, Robert Brown, Charles Brumley, Frank Burdell, BiU Calhoun, Murray Carmichael, Charles Chambless, James Chapman, Seab Clarke, Clesby Qark, William Connally, Glen Coppedge, John Cox, Jack Crenshaw, Mack Crumbley, Alex Southern Belles riding high and tight w ■ 1 " " j " fclT S- — » : ' JS- -., . , ,ml HjW ' ' - ' M " P " - :., .: j • - ' ppl ' ' " " 214 Danner, Ray Davis, Scotty Dover, Tommy Dudley, Jim Dunn, Kelly Ferguson, Dick Floumoy, Bob Fluker, Jimmy Gabrielson, Jimmy Glover, Gary Griffin, Gary Grist, Fred Hall, Clarlie Hall, Wit Hallenberg, Scott Unify behind the shack Turn him loose. Cox, he ' s not the one from Valdosta Hawkins, Bill Hill, Charlie Hill, Jefif Hobby, Steve Hopkins, Carter Howard, Pierre Hudson, Frank Hughes, Qiff James, Bill Johnston, Douglas Jones, Harrison Kenimer, Guy King, Jerome Kite-Powell, Steve Leeburn, Fate Maguire, Billy Marsh, Robert Martin, Frank 215 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Squirrel City, you know it! Back in the saddle for good Martin, John May, Charles McCook, Tommy McGriff, George Mcintosh, Jimmy McMains, Harrison McMains, Homer Meredith, Gil Milner, Thomas Mitchell, Ernie Moore, Tommy Moore, Walton Morris, Gene Morton, Trody Mimdy, John Nuckolls, John O ' Kelly, John Oliver, Jack Orell, Bob Pate, Jim Roberts, Billy Rollins, Raleigh Rose, Bennett Sams, Eddy Saye, Jake Shingler, Paul Singletary, Marvin Small, Brown Smith, Harold Stephens, Tommy Now Jake, it must have gone for more than three yards Somebody bring the wheel barrow 216 We used to have fifteen members ' is Sterne, Billy Stevens, Chip Stubblebine, Charlie Swift, George Swift, Henry Thigpen, Ken Thompson, John Thurston, George Tidmore, Bill Trosdal, Einar Trulock, Paul Underwood, Frank Wadley, John Watson, A. D. Weaver, Ronnie Wellborn, Sam White, Billy Wilkes, Jimmy Wilkes, William Willingham, Ronnie Wilson, Richard Yeargan, Jim Young, Robert NOT PICTURED: Arnold, Anthony Bedingfield, Marvin Best, Tommy Bowen, Sonny Crawford, Ray Crisp, Henry Holmes, Paul Humphries, Bill Hunnicut, Pat Landry, John Lockerman, Allen Rutecky, Dick Shaw, Richard Thompson, John . « , . " » ' . ' r ' j - h J, ' ifii 4 f lP f j W-- Tm y ; ' " " ■ ' W Vv- Hi, Lynda! Fraternity Champs at practice 217 Tell Sugar Pie to bring my eye back SIGMA DELTA TAU Another trophy for the Sig Delts! JUDY KURTZ .... Presi4.t SUSAN SWARTZ . V ice-Preside GENIE DETTLEBACH . SecreHy FABIANNE WOLFF . . Treasui 1 Winner and still champion! " Parties make the world go ' round. Parties make the . , . 218 i llOiT •■I« Becker, Brenda Becker, Lynn Berlin, Thea Bisen, Dana Cohen, Harriet Cohen, Joyce Cohn, Judy Dettelbach, Genie Diemar, Roberta Dobran, Linda Facher, Robyn Feldman, Sistie Friedman, Jan Gavron, Barbara Gartner, Linda Goldberg, Gail Goldstein, Dianne Goodrich, Nina Greenberg, Marcia Greenfield, Phyllis Greenholtz, Rhiette Greentree, Pam Ginson, Louise Hackel, Sara Hodes, Shirley Isaacson, Faye Itzkow, Ellen Karpf, Sally Kaye, Toby Kohorn, Fran Bermudas, shades, loafing . . . must be spring quarter! 210 SIGMA DELTA TAU Standing room only! A 4 . • ijl WWW Korman, Janis Kurtz, Judy Lasky, Sandra Levinson, Laura Louza, Judy Lurey, Rosanne Markel, Roberta Marks, Meryl Mirvis, Lois Perlman, Adrienne Plotkin, Judy Poller, Marcia " %,K 220 .a J. SIGMA CHI LINTON DUNSON .... President CARROLL ZEALY . . . Vice-President TOMMY LEWIS Secretary HENRY BOWEN Treasurer Anderson, Benjamin Baer, Dave Bagwell, Jack Bargeron, Lem Bennett, Kontz Beverly, Joe Bishop, Kenneth Boney, Don Bostrom, Jan Bowen, Henry Boyd, James Brown, Bobby Burdeshaw, Bruce Burnett, Robert Carter, James Q)leman, Bill Pledge Sweetheart — Miss Helen Clark Miss Modern Venus, 1961 and 1962. Duncan, Tim Dunson, Linton Earles, Tommy Ellis, Harry Eskedor, Dickie File, Paul Fiveash, Charlie Fox, Paul Friedewald, Dick Friedewald, Jim My name ' s Uga, and I ' m real happy. " " Sho ' beats tvalkin. " Gill, Louis Glover, Skipper Gower, Charlie Gregory, Bill Griffin, HiU Hambrick, George Harden, Oren Harper, Carroll Hays, Robert Heard, Richard Hodges, James Howington, Jerry Jarrard, George Johnson, Foy Jones, Hardman 223 SIGMA CHI How ' s that for a line? The egg that laid the golden chicken. I could have danced all night. Jordan, James Jordan, Steve Kerr, John Langfitt, James Layton, Charles Lee, Bill Lewis, Tommy Mallory, Jack Marshall, AUen McCall, Kesley McDaniel, Charles McHveen, Alan McLane, Tyson McTeer, Robert Memory, Sam Miller, Bob Mills, Pete Mosley, Bill Mull, Kenneth Neal, Tommy 224 Tuten, James Volpitto, Paul Walker, David Walker, Leland M2 Newton, Stuart Noel, Bubba Nunnally, Tom Oliver, Bill O ' Quimi, Don Parrish, Butch Pittman, Tim Prewitt, Dick Prickett, Ernie PuUian, Mike Reagan, Tom Rood, Ralph Russell, Dick Sayeski, Pete Smith, Johnny Snelling, Don Stewman, Jerry Stinnett, Chris Stone, Kise Summers, Henry Temple, Joe Terry, Dan Tibbitts, Raymond Tidwell, William Tobias, Raymond Welch, Matt West, Walter Wilkerson, Joe Wilson, Greg Wimberly, Davt Adams, Wilson Grutchfield, Robert Frazier, Donald NOT PICTURED: Hauss, Ken McGeady, John McCullough, William Mills, Willard Waller, Buddy Zealy, Carroll 225 SIGMA NU R. D. THOMAS President CHARLES DAVIDSON . . Vice-Pres. JAMES BISHOP .... Secretary E. H. CULPEPPER . . . Treasurer Abbott, David Alexander, David Barr, Tommy Batchelor, Allen Bennett, Broughton Bishop, Henry Bishop, Jim Blalock, Joe " ■ Blalock, Toby Boyton, Rooks Brasington, Beau Bridges, Pate Brim, Tally Buckley, Tommy M Butterfield, Fred Castleberry, Charles Cavender, Ralph Oiapin, Keith Christensen, Al Qary, Tommy Qements, Donny Culpepper, E. H. Davidson, Charlie De Grandis, Joe Dobbs, Nelson Douglas, Jim Dyckes, Dunbar Eastland, Jack Exley, Wayne Fannin, Phillip Foy, Byron Garbutt, Bob Garland, Ben Gassaway, Fred George, George George, Lamar Green, Bill Gregory, Ervin Griffin, Jimmy Guin, Don Hammarley, Bob Hartley, Bob Hays, Walter Hillburn, Richard Johnson, Tommy Jones, lioug Kingery, Andrew Land, Roger Land, Inwin Lowery, Bernard Madray, David McGarvey, Comae McNeely, Hal Miller, Sonny Minter, Milton Mitchell, Jesse V t , 226 A • A Heredefugowe. Wait till marriage, Pete. Moorehead, Denny Newsome, Cecil Nix, Milton Ouzts, Jack Parker, Max Peebles, John Perkins, Ted Perry, David Peterson, Pete Price, Clayton Ramsey, John Ramy, Chick Rice, Jimmy Rogers, Vaughn Ross, Doug 227 SIGMA NU House of Lords Roundtree, Don Royal, Tony ;- faV- ' ' - ' ■ v vS Rushkin, John Salter, Douglas Seagraves Earl Shaw, Lamar Smith, Tom Stevens, Harry Sutton, Buddy Tally, Dean Talmadge, Gene Taylor, Dick Terry, Walter Thomas, Dedi Thomas, Ken Thompson, Harry " Should I bid a slam? 738 Ursrey, Lawton Vickers, Edgar WaUer, John Weaver, Jerry Wilkins, Bob Williams, Kenny Wilson, James Wilson, Jerald Wilson, Robert Withers, John NOT PICTURED: Bateman, Vincent Belcher, Jesse BosweU, Andrew Brown, Woody Dyches, Fletcher Gay, Bobby Grimsley, Don Johnson, Gene Lacher, Chris McFather, Ed Pollster, Mike Sirmon, Winston Staples, Pierce Stokes, Clyde Thompson, Olin Williams, Dale Woodward, Brigham Bus leaves for the varsity in five minutes. The two that beat the E ' s SIGMA PHI EPSILON JACK STEVENS . . President JACK ELROD . . . Vice-Pres. BILL LECAIN . . . Secretary CARLETON SMITH Comptroller 230 ahu » j Wfe l IP Now where did I leave my pledge manual? Tom, he ' s taking I.D.s Elrod, Jack Lecain, Bill Malone, Tom Poppell, Paul Simpson, Buddy Singletary, John Smith, Carlton Stevens, Jack Tiller, Chris NOT PICTURED: Bankston, Howell Bussey, Robert Clark, Dave Furman, John Hicks, Alan Holtzclaw, Bud Huey, Harvey Maddox, Joseph Pratt, Harold Stowers, Mercer 231 The night after exams. Dad, send more money. PHI EPSILON PI MYLES OSTERNECK . . Superior FRANK BERNHARD . Vice-Superior MIKE WIENER .... Secretary HANK ROSENTHAL . . Treasurer Amowich, Bob Bernhard, Frank Freedman, Benton Freedman, Murray Lukatch, Gary Ostemeck, Myles Raskin, Fred Rosenberg, Herbert J. Rosenthal, H. M. Supran, M. K, II The right way to study. 232 Selig, Steve Wiener, Michael L. 1 Weinstein, Steven NOT PICTURED: Arnowich, Bill Ghertner, Andrew Lankewicz, Frank Sohn, Lewis II Pass the steak, Luke. New recruits. Another victory? 233 TAU EPSILON PHI Blowdheim, Barry Bogo, Robert Qein, Robert Coffsky, Barry )hen, Davis Cohen, Edward Q)hen, Larry Cohen, Ronald Cohen, Ronald Cohen, Solomon Cohen, Steve Coolick, Arnold Cranman, Marvin Delman, George Dubrof, Robert Eastman, Matthew Edwards, Sanford Fialkow, Alan Friedman, Stan Gaeser, Phillip Gerson, Stanley Glassman, Howard Goldberg, Alan Goldberger, Herb Goldstein, Arthur Goodman, Barron Goodman, Barry Gottlieb, Harris Gray, Ted Hirsh, Robert URRV Eaioi RARRV 234 LARRY COHEN . . ELLIOT PALEFSKY ALAN KANTSIPER BARRY COFFSKY . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Everybody twist! Party time around the Ole TEP House. I Hyken, Richard Jackson, Jan Kantsiper, Alan Karsman, Stanley Kelmanson, Dave Kinbar, Philip Kraselsky, Robert Krissman, Stephen Kurry, William Levin, Kenneth Levy, Alan Marcus, Joseph Martin, Lawrence Mendelson, Lloyd Merren, Michael Miller, David Miller, Irving Nathan, David Palefsky, Elliot Fallen, Jack Perling, David Persky, Marshall Priven, Michael Rodbell, Paul 235 H ■■■■H ■ p Aj Mll Br 1 RM W - iJBi K " jCTl l 1 H ! 8 M r l l . " ) lj A V t % 1 A o again! Varsity, here I come! Ct 19 . . I ' d rather be a TEP. My, what big teeth you have. 236 Rosenberg, William Rosenthal, Gary Rosenthal, Stuart Schaffer, Joel Scherr, Norman Scheuer, Robert Schoenfeld, Roy Schulman, Harvey Schulman, Herbert Sholman, Warren Schwartz, Louis Segall, Terry Shaeffer, Mike Shapiro, Hyman Shapiro, S. R. Silverboard, Stanley TAU EPSILON PB L iU, j ■mi Haim I Tau Ep Exterminating Company. Simmons, Ivan Smith, Edwin Solomon, Michael Stapen, Michael Stem, Mo rton Sussman, Jack Teitel, Ted Weinberger, Ronnie Weiner, Larry Weinstein, Alan Weitz, Nathan Wexler, Alan Wexler, Steve Wolf, Herbert Wolfson, Dennis PHI ■ rk Wolfson, Richard Zaglin, Charles Zelinsky, Ralph Nieman, Howard NOT PICTURED: Center, Melvin Goldman, Bruce Greenfield, Hyman Gross, Stuart Homansky, Joel Scharf, David A night on the town. 237 THETA CHI BILLHAMBY . . GERALD BEDFORD FRANK COLEMAN DANCHILDERS . " . . . and just what are you looking at? " . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Bugs Bunny bugs me. The Pause that Refreshes? 238 NOT PICTURED: Borst, Bill Coleman, Frank De VoU, David 5 Bedford, Gerald Burpee, WOter Childers, Dan Dillingham, Richard ' Well, ' Hamby ' , why did you do it? i«Ji» Hamby, Bill McDowell, Lee Nairn, Charles Noell, James Spear, Thomas Stovall, Albert Villavicencio, Rodolfo ZETA TAU ALPHA l l Anne V B PH I Algers, V " 1 iS IP b ' ' ' B l Archer, Carol Af i« ' l ' Jt m Bentley, Unda y ' V y Bland, Barbara W " ' ' L. Bohannon, Jodie ' 1 ' i i i I ' l ' V Boroughs, Elaine k ' f i I It ' LA J.-i : ' sj[ Bradley, Brenda 3- HH Bradley, Patricia Brantley, Ida , Brown, Gayle -f Brown, Jackie Burroughs, Carole " jfctk ' - Calhoun, Nezzie " j n Callaway, Connie M)ki. i ' I Carroll, Jane °VH H " " iBS Carter, Sarah PHHipi B I Cochran, Florence W m ' jrS %7 ■ Coker! Carolyn ir T yW Coker, Margaret Wr -V wB Cole, Elaine y • ilk ff ' Colvard, Daphne i, ' UlAi 1, ' Copeland, Mary Davis, Ellen Dewitt, Kathie _, _ , _ £ _ « Dillard, Lynn ■XW ' ■ Kc m Dobbs, Dot VSff " W vi ' Doster, Laura _ Eberhart, Susan ' r ' •■ ' . ' Emerson, Patti % Emminger, Barbara OFFICERS KAY MANSOUR President KAY COPELAND Vice-President SHIRLEY SHANNON Recording Sec. ROSALIND SAVAGE Corresponding Sec. LOUISE HYDE Treasurer Go Georgia Typical " Quiet Hour " Just one more time around, Julie 240 Sweetheart of ZTA Ezzard, Martha Fokes, Ann Garrison, Pamela Glenn, Connie Goff, Ellie Goodwin, Dorothy Greene, Linda Greer, Mary Lou Grogan, Caryl Harper, Roberta Henry, Curtis Hilton, Nancy Hobgood, Beverly Horton, Carol Huff, Marie Hyde, Louise Johnson, Mary Jones, Roselyn Kelly, Janet Kerlin, Pat .d The Zetas play Santa Clous 241 Sigma Chi apple of the eye ZETA TAU ALPHA Killian, Mary Libby, Barbara Mansour, Kay May, Carole Medford, Jane Miller, Barbara Miller, Carole J. Miller, Carol L. Mills, Penny Mishoe, Peggy Morrison, Marilyn McCracken, Emily McGee, Lee Phares, Audrey Porter, Nancy Raines, Georgann Ricciardi, Julie-Anne Roberts, Shelia Savage, Rosalind Schell, Judy Shannon, Shirley Shaw, Nancy Smith, Janice Smith, Sandra Spiller, Barbara Spinks Patsy Stephens, Mary Stephenson, Sandra Oh, and a dolly too! 242 Sumner, Joan Tarpley, Rosemary Telford, Rebecca ToUerson, Jo Ann Vaske, Janet Waiters, Sandra Walker, Darlene Wall, Saundra Walters, Jeannie Ward, Carolyn Ware, Sarah Watkins, Janet Weatherford, Myma Wier, Barbara Youmans, Faye Pam wins first place in the chicken race. NOT PICTURED: Gabard, Jan Huxford, Emily Radick, Roberta Roberts, Barbara 243 244 SPORTS 245 K " 1 l0 • ISHIMiBi THE A sunny Saturday cars streaming into Athens town fried chicken lunch on the hack of the car or a long buffet line at the fraternity house a hike to the stadium cars on the drill field a scalper on every corner. FOOTBALL WEEKEND The stadium fills slowly ' " You forgot your LD. card, again? " high spirits hidden low to get past the gate and the good Dean " Get aha colors here? ' M r t, I Vfe- 5 kt 7 t - r ..-W : yv ' -;i Coooocola! a sea of sunglasses and burned noses Oh say, can you see — _i by the sun ' s glaring light? Dogfood! Dogfood! Dogfood! Hey, pass them thirteen cokes! , - _; jvy •» ' » ' ,■ V ' y r s I J Vi r ... • y II 248 Rapt concentration on the field and in the stands all under the serene gazt ot S. V. Sanford 249 I 250 The whole game is reflected in faces i ALABAMA ... the " Bear " ... the Sun ... a National Championship Team . . . Alabama wins 32-6 . . . VANDERBILT ... an under-par game for Georgia ... a determined bunch of Commodores ... 21-0 win for Vandy . . . SOUTH CAROLINA . . . " The Toe " and three points . . . Dogs win first of the year . . . Coach Griffith ' s first as head coach . . . Georgia 17, South Carolina 14 . . . FLORIDA STATE . . . first game away . . . first night game ... third Georgia defeat . . . Georgia 0, FSU 3 . . . MISSISSIPPI STATE . . . " Do or Die " for the Bulldogs . . . They do! ... Georgia mil wintAi Jech! wins 10-7. ► k ' ' m r i m • 9 252 KENTUCKY . . . Homecoming . . . alumni ... a clicking Georgia team ... a fifty-two yard field goal . . . Georgia wins third game 16-15 . . . MIAMI . . . Bad night for the Dogs . . . Miami wins 32-7 . . . FLORIDA . . . Dunn done it . . . Gators 21. Georgia 14 . . . AUBURN . . . tough game . . . the Bulldogs played well . . . but Auburn 10, Georgia 7 . . . GEORGIA TECH . . . Wreck Tech! . . . Well, maybe next year . . . Tech wins first in four years, 21-7 . . . H 254 The gun sounds and it ' s all over fans pour on the field the entrances are jammed rejoicing in the locker room nothing left in the stadium but a wealth of tattered programs and paper cups " Get cha colors, half -price! " 1961 GEORGIA Ul Row One: Larry Rakestraw, Dale Williams, Fate Leeburn, George Cheek, Durwood Pennington, Johnny Wright, Brigham Woodward, Jake Saye, Bill Jackson, Carlton Guthrie, Bill McKenny, David Leverett, Tom- my Runyon. Row Two: Richard Boykin, Don Blackburn, Billy Knowles, Freddie Amtower, Jimmy Reese, Jimmy Bur- rows, Tommy Ross, Jim Mooney, Bill Godfrey, Gary Glover, Ralph Westmoreland, Elmer Blanchard, Eddy Ohletree, Wayne Taylor. 256 Rotv Three: Chuch McKenny, Mad Faircloth, Lem Hauss, Pat Smith, Billy Roberts, Alvin Jones, Rooks Rowan, Vaughn Wendleton, Phil Green, Wayne McMillan, Lee Mont- gomery, Terry Scott. dalles " ilJiil KGliiBULLDOGS JonftK B.L«Moiii ?ou; Four: Bobby Allen, Jim Cone, Wally Williamson, Richard Kelly, Bobby Green, Gerald Winsett, Qiarles Howell, Melvin Crook, Billy Ivey, Joe Martin, Mike Cole, Paul Waldrop, Benny Boyd, Denny Shim- kig. I Rotv Five: Captain Pete Case, Paul Holmes, Jimmy Whitehead, Lenny Vella, Ray Qark, Clyde Childers, Ray Maddox, George Nowicki, Mike Gaboon, Mickey Babb, Gerald Hens- ley, John Landry, Don Tomberlin, John McEachern, Bill McCullough. 257 Coach Johnny Griffith with Captain Pete Case (R) and Co-Captain Bill McKenny. VARSITY COACHES Coaches Wyatt Posey, John TiUitski, Charley Trippi, Head Coach Johnny Griffith, John Gregory, Bob Ford, Bobby Proctor. 258 First Row: Pete Dickens, Leon Armbrester, Ken Camp, Joe Burson, Jimmy Robinson, Fred Barber, Peyton Robinson, Gene Drennon, Gary Hill, Bobby Walser, Ed Johnson, Doug McFalls, Wayne Swinford. Second Row: Harry Cagle, Leroy Dukes, Pat Hunnicutt, Grady Lucky, Jim Denny, Frank Lancewicz, Ken Morris, Bob Coleman, Benny Cimock, Tommy Green, Ronnie Scott, Henry Holland, Duncan Newkirk, Joel Darden, Dick Rutecky, Gene Modzelewski. Third Row: Jerry Snell, Mike Erring, Andy Laurent, Vic Mastistic, Buddy Sutton, Walker Moody, Ray Rismiller, Jimmy Guy, Chuck Arkwright, Lwon Barrett, Chuck Field, Larry Guinta, Ray Crawford, Robert Shuey, Mike Holston, Ben Snipes, Doug Smith, Pat Brennan, Johimy Gilliam, Barry Wilson, Garry Corbin, Tom Allison. Although producing an 0-3 season the BuUpups, under the direction of Coach Mike Castronis will add strength to next year ' s varsity. GEORGIA BULLPUPS Co-Captains trank Lancewicz, left, and Ray Rismiller. Fullback Lancewicz takes handoff from Quarterback Pete Dickens and ploughs into Auburn line. 259 Row 1: John Matthews, Benny Cheek, Frank Clark, Ray Danner, Captain Allan Johnson, Joey Miller. Row 2: Coach " Red " Lawson, Charles Bagby, Allan Stith, Harold Morris, Carlton Gill, Charles Ademek. Georgia beats Tech twice while losing only one to the Yellow Jackets . . . Captain Allan Johnson se- lected as second team All- Southeastern guard . . . Coach Lawson honored with a " Coach Lawson Night " and the Bulldogs present him with a 68 to 61 decision over Tech as a present ... the begin- ning of the end for " scenic " Woodruff Hall as work on the new Coli- seum begins, scheduled for completion by early 1964 . . . These are a few of the highlights of the ' 62 season. Although the Bulldogs failed to have a winning season, they gave all opponents a real fight. With four of the five boys who ended the season as starters returning, next year ' s record should be much improved. BASKETBALL Coach Lawson honored 260 v ' ' ' B l MMSH HS I V iu SWIMMING The 1962 swimming team enjoyed an- other fine season under the tutelage of Coach B, W. Gabrielson. Led by Cap- tain Charlie Gentry, backstroke ace Alex Patterson, and a crack relay team, along with freestyler and former captain, Rolfs Pinkerton, the tankmen again placed high in the final SEC standings. With a fine freshman team led by Buddy Wier coming up, Geor- gia ' s prospects for the ' 63 season look even better. J ' .l Row 1: Jack Burpee, Pete Bauerle, Bob Smith, Ron Carreker, Chester Graham. Row 2: Bob Bardot, David Gride, Captain Charles Gentry, Rolfs Pinkerton, Mike Walsh. Row 3: Alex Patterson, Justus Baird, Ros Butler, Sonny Strock, Coach B. W. Gabrielson. Missing: Richard Wammock, and Don Johnson. 264 I Mike Walsh leads the pack Breaststroke ace Pete Bauerle Justus Baird completes his turn Captain Charles Gentry 265 In its second year of intercollegiate competition, wrestling promises to become a major sports attraction at the University. Under the direction of Coach W. J. Clemence, the team is battling for its position as a lead- er in the S.E.C. ranks. First row: Nicky Janoulis, Ken Bradley, John Wright, Tommy Runyon, Jim Stringer, Jim White- head. Second row: Steve Nance, Ramon Jackson, Ira Fleckman, Jerry Garden, Ken Lloyd, Mike Cole, Coach Clemence. n|B.JiiIlii GYMNASTICS Another relatively new sport on the University sports scene, gym- nastics calls for coordination and stamina from each individual. Headed by Coach Earl Fales, this sport has a bright future and should become an important min- or sport at the University. First row: Terry Jacobs, Lucky Kyle, John Kethley, Edward Hoffer, Jim Anderson, Bobby Abbott. Second row: Earl Fales, Harris Langford, Don Gusico, Mac Bowen, Paul Kubiak, Billy Byars. 287 Kneeling: Jim Stringer, Frank Fulford, Frank Burnhart, John Crawford, Captain Mark Carr, Tommy Milner. Stand- ing: Martin Button, John Conniff, Bert Coursey, Alen Wax- ier, Duane Ball, Elmer Davis. TRACK With Captain Mark Carr and pole-vaulter John Crawford lead- ing the way, Georgia ' s hope for a Southeastern Conference track crown have a good chance of becoming a reality. Hurdler Elmer Davis, sprinter Tommy Milner, and milers Bert Coursey and Doug Hawley add strength to make Coach Spec Towns ' cinder- men a strong conference contender. Captain Mark Carr with Coach Forrest " Spec " Towns Sophomore dashman Tommy Milner 268 m nfdy ooeelndi ■ArEki n ' Older ' IT 1 Sophomore miler Bert Coursey Senior pole-vaulter John Crawford Junior weightman John Conniff Junior hurdler Elmer Davis 269 Senior Billy Gibson Sophomore Charlie Hill Junior Boog Layton Junior David Boyd i H Z I s : - ' ? " 1 is Junior Jimmy Blanchard 270 GOLF : J ; -— j y. .«.ii !«t " ? P 1- Junior immy Gabrielson Senior Al Bell Called by Coach HoUis Geor- gia ' s finest golf team in recent years, the 1962 team is again a solid favorite to win the SEC title. Sams, Gabrielson, Gib- son, Boyd, Womack, Layton, Blanchard, Allen, and Bell have returned from last year ' s team along with Hill who is up from the freshman team. Pros- pects for next year look just as good with many of this year ' s team returning and two more top golfers. Jack Oliver and Tommy Malone, coming up from the freshman squad. Coach Howell T. Hollis y0 I ' tm to Right: Al Bell, Billy Gibson, Coach Howell Hollis, David Boyd, Jimmy Gabrielson, Billy Womack, Jimmy Blanchard, Jimmy Allen, Charles f ' Boog " Layton, Charlie Hill, and Eddie Sams. 271 TENNIS Captain Joe Manderson and G ach Dan Magill Captained by senior Joe Manderson, this year ' s tennis team should] enjoy another fine season under Coach Dan Magill ' s direction. With i lettermen Charlie Benedict, Hill Griffin, Comer Hobbs, and Charles Cowart returning along with Manderson, and newcomers Fuller, Cren- shaw, and Gaston, the netmen will be hard to beat. Left to Right: Coach Dan Magill, Captain Joe Manderson, Charlie Benedict, Hill Griffin, Comer Hobbs, Charles " Buzzy " Cowart, Carlton Fuller, Mack Crenshaw, and Charles Gaston. 272 Captain Joe Manderson Senior Charles Cowart Sophomore Mack Crenshaw Senior Hill Griffin Sophomore Charles Gaston Sophomore Carlton Fuller Junior Charlie Benedict I Sitting: Scotty Fitzgerald. Kneeling: Don Woeltjen, John Wyatt, Ronald Braddock, Benny Cheek, Jerry Templeton, Willy Moore, Captain Joey Miller, and Coach Whatley. Standing: Boot Hunt, Larry Thompson, Tommy Vandiver, Walt Strong, Tommy Perdue, Paul Waldrop, Billy Nun- nally, John Nuckolls, Don Pierce, Larry Rakestraw, Al Queen, Robert Sapp, Buddy Scott, Bobby Hunt, and Jimmy Fluker. smi ' S -:. -rTSsr S ' mmi ' S ' m m BASEBALL Coach Jim Whatley ' s boys again rate high as contenders for the Conference crown. With Captain Joey Miller, first baseman Buddy Scott, and pitchers Don Woeltjen and Ronnie Braddock heading the attack, Bulldog opponents will find themselves facing formidable opposition. Several boys up from last year ' s freshman team should give the ' Dogs added strength. 274 Coach Jim Whatley and Captain Joey Miller p M First baseman Buddy Scott Captain and infielder Joey Miller 275 LACROSSE Under the direction of student coach Walter Forbes, Lacrosse offers an exciting brand of sports for the player and spectator. New to this area and only in its second year on the Univer- sity campus, Lacrosse is considered by many to be one of the roughest sports of all. First tow: Walter Forbes, Sherman Smith, Rollin McCommons, Dan Harrison, Juddy Blount, David Jones, Stuart Miller. Second row: BenneU Rose, Charlie Brown, John Carlisle, Bobby Schever, Eugene Brunson, Jeff Hill, Mike Koslovsky, Tom McGibony, Willard Whitfield, Bob O ' Neil, Larry Yale, Jack Kanupp. 276 ' Ifw ' CHEERLEADERS Nan Barron, Captain Jack Candler, Co-Captain Bill Bagwell Jolaine Wood Nancy Peterson Jayne Malcolm Allen Fialkow Dorothy Wright Norma Wrigley Charlie Stubblebine Deanne Spears Linda Jo Clements Charlie McDougal MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Intramurals at the University are conducted under the super- vision of the Physical Educa- tion department and Coach Frank Bowers. There are sev- eral leagues, and winners are announced in each league for each sport. The competition is keen and the action fast. ti-M ;«. DIVISION OF ARMED SERVICES Dean Alvin B. Biscoe, Armed Services Co-ordinator Mr. William W. Parker, Assistant Armed Services Co-ordinator Mr. J. D. Bolton, Military Property Custodian Mr. Mack E. Allen, Assistant Military Prop- erty Custodian Colonel Robert O ' Brian Professor of Military Science Major William A. Steinberg Adjutant ARMY ROTC The Army Reserve Officers ' Training Corps unit at the Uni- versity of Georgia is engaged in one of the most important tasks of the University ' s academic program: molding and training the future leaders of this State and country. The out- standing students who complete the four years of the Army ROTC program have received training in weapons through advanced tactics with primary emphasis throughout on that most important quality — leadership. The four year course is divided into two parts. The first two years is called basic military and is compulsory for all physically qualified freshman and sophomore students. Stu- dents who complete the basic course and show outstanding qualities are eligible to make application for the advanced course. The Advanced Course consists of two years and is pursued in the junior and senior years of the student. The purpose of the Advanced Course is to acquaint the student with the requirements that a yoimg officer must face upon entry into action and duty. Successful completion of the Ad- vanced Course leads to a commission as Second Lieutenant in the United States Army and to the truly outstanding student the possibility of a Regular Army Commission. Major Donald E. Rivette Executive Officer Captain Lyle J. Mach Sophomore Instructor Major Lee J. Farrell Advance Course Instructor 280 Captain Jack J. Schwartz Sophomore Instructor r J A. : ; y ' m JT. INSTRUCTORS. Left to Right: SFC Doyle L. Clay; M. Sgt. Leonard Roberts; M. Sgt. Ernest E. Fields; SFC Asbury D. Snow; Sgt. Robert Prince. . . ' ««S£«15 i . OLiUSik „ - 0 ' BRIGADE STAFF Left to Right: Thomas E. Kling, Ex- ecutive Officer; Claude M. Morris, S-1; Darryl M. Neidlinger, Brigade Com- mander; Donald Thurmond, S-3; Wil- liam 0. Green, S-4; Alfred L. Auger, Asst. S-4. FIRST BATTALION STAFF e ( to Right: Paul B. Coursey, Jr., 5-1; Thomas F. Brier, Jr., S-3; Robert ). Martin, Jr., S-4; Fred M. Wall, Jr., attalion Commander; Irwin C. Adams, sst. S-4; Thomas A. Garner, Execu- ive Officer. SECOND BATTALION STAFF Left to Right: Lehman Franklin, Ex- ecutive Officer; John E. Hamilton, Jr., S-1; Charles P. Burrell, Battalion Commander; Gilbert J. Foy, S-4; Garnett L. Jarrett, S-3. r FIRST TTA COMPANY A COffAfi Company Commander, Michael ' I ' " " ' ' Eskew; 1st Platoon Leader, John J.Ki ; f ' ' f, Ryan; 2nd Platoon Leader, Frank ! W ' ! ' ' J. Christa; 3rd Platoon Leader,) is! «■ ! " George W. Moore; 1st Sgt. Juliani li, I««s ' ' ■ 1 H. Stalmaker. I -A fit Far Left: M.S. II cadets are given I a thorough course in map reading. I Left: drill. Cadets fall in for Tuesday ' ! COMPANY B Company Commander, Richard A. Pinion; 1st Platoon Leader, Charles H. Brown; 2nd Platoon Leader, James R. Donavon, Jr.; 3rd Platoon Leader, Kenneth N. Hamil; 1st Sgt. John W. Truslow, Jr. 282 1 1 FIRS ATTALION COMPANY C (jmpany Commander, John T. ight; 1st Platoon Leader, Phillip J Betette; 2nd Platoon Leader, Ilniel M. McLeod; 3rd Platoon lader, Lewis W. Spiller; 1st Sgt., igh D. Griffis. • ■ r if ' ■ ' ■ ' a ■ ' »f ■ i. -.r • •.J 1 • • i 1 Squad drill is the order of the day. COMPANY D Company Commander, Ern- est A. Wooten; 1st Platoon Leader, Robert M. Alford; 2nd Platoon Leader, James R. Henry; 3rd Platoon Leader, George W. Wil- liams; 1st Sgt., Remington C. Foss. secon:P COMPANY A Company Commander, Albertl Peterson; 1st Platoon LeaJ John A. Nuchols; 2nd PlatJ Leader, Stuart Rosenthal; Platoon Leader, James P. tJ 1st Sgt., Stanley Simonwitz. COMPANY B Company Commander, Ronald Cohen ; 1st Platoon Leader, Jam P. Langfitt; 2nd Platoon Lead Donald R. Purcell; 3rd Plato Leader, Thomas F. Little, J 1st Sgt., Walter E. Cramer, II lb Flip IhiiUi. I tU Plato m. Above: Hut . . . Hut . . . Hut- Two-Three-Four. Middle: Cadets compete for the best drilled platoon. 284 SECOJ ATTALION .TikrL( COMPANY C Company Commander, Martin L. McGregor; 1st Platoon Leader, William Phillip Rosenberg; 2nd Platoon Leader, Wendell T. Daw- son; 3rd Platoon Leader, John E. Mundy, III; 1st Sgt. William G. Kidd. COMPANY D Company Commander, Joel F. Sum merhill; 1st Platoon Leader, James T. Rutland; 2nd Platoon Leader, Thomas C. Beasley; 3rd Platoon Leader, Charles Ellis, III; 1st Sgt. James H. Blanchard. Inspection is a part of every drill period. Summer camp is a vital segment of an advanced student ' s training. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is a na- tional military honor society and was founded with the pur- pose of developing the ideals and practice of military edu- cation. Members are elected from both the Army and Air Force ROTC on the basis of grades, leadership, military bearing, and interest in further military service. ' ■ ' l i i i Left to Right: John Talbird, Secretary; Fred Wall, President; Steve Burrell, Vice-President. J n .. " " .- ■ ■ IS Standing, Left to Right: Paul B. Coursey, Robert W. Alford, Tommy F. Grier, Joseph B. Smith, Albert B. Sudduth, Lonnie M. Johns, Darryl M. Neidlinger, Mike Medlock, Daniel M. McCloud, Bill Montfort, Ernest A. Wooten. Not pictured: Thomas E. Kling, James Segars, Martin L. McGregor, Lehman Franklin, Donald W. Thurmond, Lewis W. Spiller, Charles P. Burrell, George W. Williams, Richard Pinion. _ 287 Linda Hall Linda Qements Ellen Fenstemacher Sally Johnson Marty Johnson Jane Barrow Joan Summers Rosanne Lurey Carole Miller Bonnie Brinson Trudie Turner Peggy Bowden Mimi Prunty Barbara Bland Mary Lou Greer Sandra White Carol Melton Madeline Skinner Laura Dumar Sara Jones BELLE CORPS The Belle Corps is a pleasant addition to the Army ROTC unit and participates in drill activities and parades with their sponsor- ing organization — The Pershing Rifles. Members are selected on a basis of motivation, general ap- pearance and personality, and academic and campus leadership. The Belle Corps assists the other Army ROTC organizations in var- ious social events. 288 Ann Eve Laura Anne Miles Melinda Mims Billie Ellington SaUy Wood Patti Tumlin Nancy Orr Penny Thomas Charlene Griffin Anne Griffin Angela Allen Josie Smith June Whitehead Erskine Wall Louise Ginson MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Gail Cochran Rosemary Tarpley Carole Arch Rosaline Savage Judy Dupriest Libby Cannon Kay Chappell Emma Lou Keaton Barbara Hunter Ellen Itzkow Susan Wasdin Evelyn King Gay Jackson Sonya Shackteer Carolyn White Elizabeth Welch Marsha Oster Miriam Terrty Sherley Craig Dee Dee Hamilton Dee Ann Spear Brenda Garrett Nancy Peterson Marsha Ann Smith Mary Elsie Smith Bottom Row, Left to Right: Trudy Turner, Squad Leader; Marly Jolinson, Squad Leader; June Whitehead, Commander; Billie Ellington, President. Top Row, Left to Right: Mimi Prunty, Secretary; Liz Fenstemach- er, Squad Leader; Anne Griffin, Squad L eader; Sally Johnson, Supply Sergeant. 289 John WWttington Douglas Wilkinson Robert Woodruff Johnny Ware Charles Low S. Lloyd Newberry James Forrester Robert Hemphill Robert Kitchens David Furse Ebens Morrow Leonard Kitchens Ed Corcoran Baxter Sudduth Pat Calhoun Qiff Lowery Bobby Medders Harris Langford Tommy Ross Lewis Jones Ralph Dewitt Tom Henson Johnny Messer Bill Rodenberg Michael Watts William Weatherlj John Bradford Henry Ransom Don Davis Harold Pritchett Bobby Ansley Gerald Bedford 290 PERSHING RIFLES Pershing Rifles is a national mili- tary honorary organization whose objective is to provide recognition for freshman and sophomore ca- dets and to instill in these cadets a sense of duty and service to- ward their country. Members of the Pershing Rifles develop their ability by precision drilling, pa- rades, and rifle matches, and competing with Pershing Rifle units of other colleges of the Southeast. ]l0U Steve Prince James Butts Worth Williams Carl Willson Miki Vasvary James Curtis Ralph Harris Charles Finch Ray Gardner Dennis Holder Cecil Baldwin Don Thompson James Rutland Rooks Boynton Joe Mann Bert Coursey James Hallums Bill Walker Robert Kraselsky Tom AUanson Mike Dorsett Tommy Dalton Tommy Johnson Forrest GUmore Alex Patterson Chris Wray Barry Kenimer Jerry Brookshire Cliff Hardwick Charles Headrick Bottom Row, Left to Right: Forrest Gilmore, Second Platoon Leader; Tommy Johnson, Company Executive Officer; Baxter Sudduth, Company Commander; Tommy Dalton, First Platoon Leader. Top Row, Left to Right: Cli£E Lowery, Public Information Officer; Captain Lyle Mach, Advisor; Pat Calhoun, Liaison Officer to the Belle Corps. 291 AIR FORCE ROTC The University of Georgia, being a land grant college, is required to offer its male students at least two years of military training. The AFROTC program offers the student a four year program. After successfully completing the first two years of basic military, the student may apply for the Advanced Program. This includes two more years of training, plus a summer camp. After completion of this training the advanced AFROTC student may be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the reserve or active com- ponents of the United States Air Force. The Air Force ROTC is an integral part of the University, performing its mission well and preparing its cadets for a future of service to their country. Lt. Col. John D. Bowden Professor of Air Science INSTRUCTORS: ?om; Otic; Maj. Opal H. Baldree; Lt. Col. Glenn E. Dill, Jr.; Maj. Norman D. Gibson. Row Two: Capt. Arthur W. Johnson Capt. James T. Blakey; Capt. George R. Kimsey. Row Three: T. Sgt. William Hatcher; T. Sgt. Grayson M. Dunford; S. Sgt. Kenneth E. Sammons p AlC Ronald C. Aim. 292 { L-i L Cadet Col. John W. Chapman fFing Commander Cadet Maj. W. Lawrence Burton Information Officer Cadet Maj. Stephen F. Burrell Operations Officer WING STAFF Cadet Maj. William R. Monfort Material Officer Cadet Maj. John D. Talbird Deputy Commander Cadet Maj. Charles M. Norman Administrative Officer 293 Cadet Maj. Mike P. Medlock Personnel Officer GROUP ONE Cadet Maj. Gettis A. Blocker Group I Commander Cadet Capt. John M. Melvin Squadron 11 Commander Squadron 11 Cadet Capt. Fredrick P. Arial } } " ' !f, Group I Executive Officer " ' ' I Cadet Capt. Cotton M. Lindsay Squadron 12 Commander Squadron 12 ! IM 294 GROUP TWO Cadet Maj. Henry H. Stokes Group II Commander Cadet 1st Lt. William C. Clary Group 11 Executive Officer IT Or. GROUP THREE Cadet Maj. Joseph S. Smith Group Three Commander Cadet Capt. John D. McDanhI , Group Three Executive Officer j i AFROTC Band ANGEL FLIGHT j ' , » ' • ' • ' » 1 ' • ' • ;i • I 31 1 If 4 f i ii AAi: ROSTER: Candy Alexander, Nancy Baker, Peggy Baker, Judy Brown, Pat Campbell, Edwina Chastain, Gayle Clark, Helen Clark, Carey Collinsworth, Carole Caniff, Patty Dial, Lynn Dorsey, Kittie Everitt, Dottie Golden, Wil- lene Holloway, Ann Jernigan, Emma Jo Jones, Donna Lassiter, Debbie Legett, Ramonda Lester, Chloe Mason, Betty Matthews, Barbara Mitchell, Marilyn Morrison, Jenny Lynn Morse, Marvel Nacy, Patty Patillo, Sister Pollock, Carolyn Seay, Tony Sloan, Sis Sterne, Sandra St. Clair, Ann Talbird, Sandy Tally, Nancy Upchurch, Susan Upchurch, Carol Willcox, Barbara Williams, Dorothy Wright. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Members of the Advanced Air Force R.O.T.C. who demon- strate outstanding leadership and character traits and who accomplish superior scholar- ship achievement may be elect- ed to membership in Arnold Air Society. Brenda Tipton, Angel Flight Commander Angel Flight is a drill team composed of outstanding wom- en students of the I University of Geor- gia and is an auxil- iary unit of the Ar- nold Air Society. The members are selected on the basis of poise, personal- ity, participation in campus activities and interest in the Angel Flight. ROSTER: James Asbell, Stephen Burrell, Walter Burton, Thomas Campbell, John Hyatt, Lonnie Johns, John McDaniel, John Melvin, James Seagars, Henry Stokes, John Talbird, Sam Adair, James Armor, George Brooks, Billy Byars, George Carter, Terrell Cant rell, Dam Harrison, Rob- ert Hughes, Terrell Jones, James Kittrell, Carl London, Robert Long, Mike Medlock, Charles Norman, Charles O ' DeU, Jack Pace, Jake Saye, Joel Sills, Robert Sims, Warren Stevens, Thomas Stripling, Fred Ward, Virgil Webb. Wit i 1 «M» I - ■ 1 1 Physical training is a part of every cadet ' s morning at Summer Camp ATTENTION! Cadets in high altitude chamber at Eglin AFB, Fla., a part of the training at Summer Camp. AFROTC Color Guard adet Maj. Mike Medlock, the first cadet to start the Flight I Sw I tdoctrination Program. 299 Now, men, turn to page 16 CLASSES 301 Dr. Omer Clyde Aderhold President of the University of Georgia OOHOU) Alvin B. Biscoe, Dean of Faculties 3M W. p. Kellam, Director of Libraries J. P. Bolton, Comptroller 305 Edith Stallings, Dean of Women William Tate, Dean of Men i Ui 306 Dr. Charles T. Young, Director of Infirmary Anne Seawell, Director of Placement John L. Ccyc, Director of Student Activities 307 sc i I Ds u.i SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE I Dean C. C. Murray 309 i Aiken, Joe Bryant Ayers, Ray Alton Bargfrede, Robert C Bates, Garry D. Black, Leonidas L. Blakely, Lee E. Boccafola, Everett Al Bohn, Peter C. Bornemann, Leonard Brown, John F. Jr. Capobianco, Faust J. Chambers, Roy T. Chapman, Marion W. s - ' L ■ " Tmrnrr-f; H Itpli; H Bf -= »n --4B PC pi 4 ol Carter, Cade E. Qements, David G. Cooper, Raymond B. DAVID G. CLEMENTS: Who ' s Who Student ASAE, Pres. ; Georgia Agriculture Engineer, Editor, Business Manager; National ASAE, first V.P.; 4-H Club; Wesley Foundation, treas. Cunningham, Robert C. Dailey, Joel D. Darrow, Ronald L. Deal, Richard Degarde, Ronald L. Davis, Gilbert M. Davis, Thomas W. Dawes, John C. Dondero, Alan J. Dozier, Joe S. Ik 310 mm Eavenson, Dwight Ellison, Robert E. Emerson, Russel W. Evans, Ansley E. Farrell, Raymond F. Fellheimer, Morris M. Fleming, Al S. Jr. Floyd, Henry C Fluty, Michael A. Fountain, Bernard J. Friedman, Jan S. Garner, Thomas A. Gay, Johnny D. Gibbs, Darrell Greer, Fred W. Jr. Gridley, Gordon J. Griffis, Hugh D. Jr. Griner, Harmon G. Hall, OrviUe D. Hall, Thomas E. Hamil, Kenneth N. Hammond, Walter C Hammond, Henry C. Hanna, Will E. RAYMOND B. COOPER: Who ' s Who; Agronomy Club, V.P.; Ag Club; Alpha Zeta ; American Society of Soil Conservation ; Aghon ; Saddle and Sirloin; (ABAC): Sophomore Class, Pres.; BSU; Glee Club, Baldwin Blenders. Hinsch, Robert T. Hirtle, William B. 311 i tf Hodges, John Wallace Howell, Earl S., Jr. Howell, John W., Jr. Howell, Lewis Wayne Howell, Rufus Jerome Howell, Tony Lamar Hoyer, David Paul Hupe, Ronald Andrew Irwin, James Tillman Jarrett, Elbert Loy i Jarrett, Gamett Lee Jensen, Roger V. Jeffers, Benjamin F. Johnson, Woodson C. Jones, David Allen Jordan, Andrew G. Klopp, Benjamin Lowe, James C, Jr. Lowe, Robert Hendley Lober, Hemam Paul Malcom, Robert Ellis THOMAS E. KLING: Who ' s Who; Agronomy Clul Ag Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Aghon, sec| Blue Key, sec; Scabbard and Blade. Massett, Franklin Louis McCarthy, Edmond V. McKinney, Aaron Smith Meinking, Karl H. Monfort, William R., Jr. 312 looney, J. L. Restivo, A. P. Robinson, R. R. Rosenberg, W. P. Schechter, W. Moore, R. D. Murray, D. G. Newton, G. L. Newton, H. W. O ' Leary, J. M. Patchen, J. C, Jr. Raines, F. D. Reynolds, S. J. Sledzieski, W. L. Spier, J. D. Stanley, R, L. Stanton E. T. Stevenson C R. Story, W. L. Strickland, D. M. Sunuuerhill, J. F. Surosky, A. M. Taylor, jf. G. MAYLON K. LONDON: Who ' s Who; Agronaut; Blue Key; Aghon; X-Club; Alpha Zeta; AgricuUure Engineering Club, V.P. and national Sec; Ag Club, Sec, V.P.; Ag Hill Coun- cil, Pres. ; Student Council; Demosthenian ; Gridiron; Phi Alpha Delta; Independent Men, Pres. Thomas, J. E. Thomas, L. W. 313 4 Thornton, Marvin L. Tyson, Qelland A. Villavicencio, Rodolfo Waddell, Ronald A. Ward, William E. Weatherly, Emmitt N. Weintraub, Irwin Williams, Hugh D. Williams, James W. WILLIAM R. MONFORT, JR.: Who ' s Who; Agronomy; Gridiron; The Georgia Agriculturist, Editor; Aghon, Pres.; Blue Key, Pres.; Biftad; Alpha Zeta; Inde- pendent Men; Pyramid; X-Club; Ag Hill Council; Student Council; Demosthenian ; Ag Club, Sec; 4-H Club; Horticulture Club, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade. Williams, Joe B. Williams, Theodore G. 314 VGHON Aghon is the highest honor a student can achieve in the College of Agriculture, School of Forestry, of School of Veterinary Medicine. Officers are: bers: William Monfort, Earl Copus, Bobby Whitaker, Bob Bennett, John Brown, Tom Kling, Ray Cooper, Loy Jarrett, Dr. Lassiter, Advisor. ALPHA ZETA Alpha Zeta is an honorary agricul- ture fraternity aim- ing to foster high standards of schol- arship, character, and leadership a- mong its members. Officers are : Tom Kling, Pres. ; Ben Brackett, V.P.; Tru- itt Fore, Sec; Ner- val King, Treas. low One: Mickey Beland, Earl Howell, Dave Robinson, Bobby Long, Buford Price, Thomas King, Truitt Fore. Row ' ' wo: Joe Summerhill, Franklin Hitchcock, Daniel Strickland, Charlie Haygood, Aaron McKinney, Ray Cooper, Fred jreer. Bob Bennett, Joe Fulford. Row Three: David Clements, Stuart Myers, William Montfort, Henry Bohn, Joe Aiken, ilay Payne. Row Four: Kenneth Gay, John Brown, Dr. John Owen, Advisor, John Mooney, Sam King, Bobby Stanley, ames Harris. 315 The Agriculture Club, one of the oldest Clubs on Ag Hill, is composed of mem- bers from the College of Agriculture, the School of Veterinary Medicine, and the School of Fores- try. Officers are: Loy Jar- rett, Pres.; Sam Lowrey, V.P.; Garnett Jarrett, Sec; Jerry Pitts, Treas. y -i % i ROW 1: Loy Jarrett, John Brown, Earl Howell, Sam Lowery, Jerry Pitts, Don Williams, John Moo ROW 2: Ray Cooper, Cecil Burk, Rex Wilson, George Westburry, Danny Strickland, Jimmy McKelvei Bill Moore, Tommy Wade, Al Temple, Tom Stripling, William Monfort, Jr. ROW 3: Charles Chandlel Dorsey Griffis, Jerry Dover, Marcus Mansell, James Harriss, William Burk, T. W. Davis, Mr. Tom Fraziei AGRICULTURE CLUB AGRICULTURE ENGINEERING CLU 1 T i jJSS H W :1 4d One of the more ac- tive organizations on j the University cam- pus, the Georgia Stu- dent Branch of the American Society of Agricultural En- gineers promotes an interest in the field. Officers are : David G. Clements, Pres.; Hugh D. Griffis, Sec.; Tony Branan, V.P.; Daniel Strickland, Treas.; Dr. R. H. Brown, Faculty Ad- visor. t Row One: David Qements, Samuel Williams, Andrew Jordan, Garland Anderson; Tuny Branan. Row Two: William E. Craig, Cade E. Carter; Nick Bledsoe, Alton Ayres, Daniel M. Strickland, Earl Jay Williams, Warren L. Story, Wood- son Newton. Row Three: James M. Paul, W. C. Hammond, Keith M. Richter, Thorpe Hatfield, Jerry L. Dover, Donald McPherson, Loy Jarrett, Joseph W. Root. Row Four: Ronny Posey, Donald L. Mann, Jack Perry, Clelland Tyson, Joe B. Williams, Earl S. Howell, Roy T. Chambers. 316 GRICULTURAL ECONOMICS CLUB The Agricultural Ec- onomics Club is com- posed of students in- terested in Agricul- tural Economics. The club strives to stim- ulate and encourage this interest. Officers are: Robert Ellison, Pres. ; Fred Greer, V.P.; Glynn Griner, Sec. ; Larry Zuide- ma, Treas. ; Dr. D. Fred Saunders is the organization ' s spon- sor. G CLi: jit row: Freebern, Rose, Bramlett, Proctor, Frazier, Beggs, Hupe. Second row: Smalley, Rainey, Giddens, Ellison, Qtean, McArthur, Wise, Saunders, Hall, Crohan, Greer. Third row: Thompson, McDonald, Williams, Brannen, Worley, iCidema, Risse, Saunders, Hirsch, Bargfrede. nvpoiaiioti! fc I ' liwsilT a| • ■(rieiiiSocitlKj Afritilliral Miillie lkmm:h ' h Qaab, na} b|kD.C(ifc,Si ' mi hahl ni;Dr. iLlf AGRONOMY CLUB Membership in the Agronomy Club in- cludes those students in the College of Ag- riculture with a spe- cific interest in A- gronomy. The organ- ization offers stu- dents a source of in- formation outside that of the classroom. Officers are: John F. Brown, Pres. ; Ray Cooper, V.P. ; James Speir, Sec. ; Bobby Stanley, Treas.; Dr. A. G. Douglas, Ad- visor. Left to right: Willis Hanns, Dr. A. G. Douglas, Dr. T. H. Rogers, Fred Muehibauer, Johnny L. Crawford, James Speir, Joseph Sieczka, Roger Bell, Charles Chandler, John Eisner, Ernest Barker, Dr. A. R. Brown, James Lowe, Leslie Crandall, Raymond Cooper, Robert Mansell, James Lance, Robert Stanley, Chris Stevenson, Yates Smith, Paul Gushiken, William Borst, Roger Jensen, John F. Brown, William Monfort, Faust Capobianco. 317 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CLUB The Landscape Architec ture Club advances the professional and artistic development of its mem- bers and introduces the scope of landscape archi- tecture to the public. Offi- cers are: Bill Rosenberg, Pres.; Jack Rowe, V.P.; Ed Fuehrer, Sec; Joe Summerhill, Trea. ROW 1: Ed PaUerson, Joe Summerhill, Bob Rhode, Jack Rowe, Ed Fuehrer, Ed Smith, Everett Boccafola. ; Sinatra, Eric Lipson. ROW 2: Charles Monahan, Herman Luber, Bob Farmer, Bill Rosenberg. ROW 3: L: Nelms, Ernest Meadows, Janice Berryman. ROW 4: Mary Talmadge, Lamar Adams, Frank Cichanowicz, ! ris Fellheimer. ROW 1: Stephen Barnes, Ronald Waddell, Don Williams, Gordon Wilson, R. E. Roberts, Ad- visor. ROW 2: Al Temple, Jerry Pitts, William Moore, James Grismer. ROW 3: James Haga, John Bartell, Richard Moore. ROW 4: James Pace. Bob Slivinski, Ralph Staplin, Melvin Dur- ham, Richard Howard. ROW 5: Lynn Turner, Leon Bennett, Arthur Hansen, Bob Cunningham, David Jones, Gordon Gridley. ROW 6: Frank All, H. B. Henderson, Russell Emerson. ROW 7: Charles Niles, Vincent Keckison, David Hoyer, Dr. Carl Clifton, Dr. O. T. Fosgate, Anthony Res- tive, Leonard Bornemann. 31 8 DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB The Dairy Science Club is a student affiliation of the American Dairy Science As- sociation with membership open to students specializing in dairy work. In 1960- 1961 the group was the out- standing chapter in the na- tion. Officers are: Don Wil- liams, Pres. ; Gordon Wilson, V.P.; Gordon Gridley, Sec; Bob Cunningham, Trea. FOOD TECHNOLOGY CLUB The Food Technology Club is made up of undergraduate and graduate students in food technology. Its purpose is to promote interest in the science of food and acquaint members with developments in the food industries. Offi- cers are: Dan Murray, Pres. ; Jack Dawes, V.P. ; Al Dandero, Sec; Joe Paterno, Treas. I« tow: Joseph Paterno, Dan Murray, Jack Dawes, Eloise Wright, Al Dondero, Frank assett. Second row: John Khattak, Ronald Robinson, Dardjo Somaatmadjo, Ronald Harrow, Donald Gray, Dayton Ditcher, Hassan Hamid, John Galbreath. Third row: eonard Yaiko, Henry Winawer, Ronald De Garde, William Sledzieski, Leonard lessina, Charles Stone. Fourth row: James Hoctor, John Powell, Mike Mugharbel, arry Kelly, Hassan Hamid, Raymond Mickey. Fifth row: Lee Blakely, Richard Stern- erg, Francis Barber, Wes Pray, Cecil Daigle, John O ' Leary. Sixth row: Dr. Robert Be, Dr. Kenneth May, Dr. John Powers. POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB 1 u ' 7 ' BHHL- : V g l V 1 ' M| bL__ ' - Hi -J1 7 .ML % i " wB Jt ROW 1: Robert Lowe. ROW 2: Dr. Till Huston. ROW 3: Tom Hall, Dale Morris, Tommy Hughes. ROW 4: James Williams, Ned Hamil, Davis, John Womack. ROW 5: Terry Gosselin, Robert McClain, Arnold James. The Poultry Science Club is a departmental club for poultry students which provides its members with the opportunity for the practical application of poultry science and practices. Its membership requirements are attendance and approval of the club by majority vote. Officers are: Robert Lowe, Pres.; Tommy Hughes, V.P.; Dale Morris, Sec; Melvin Davis, Trea. -n mbership in Gaffau open to any former A member or agri- tural education ma- j . Annual projects are fall banquet, and I State Seed, Tree, Shrub identifica- tn contest. Officers for 1 are: Tony How- President; Billy mlinson, V-Pres.; |hn Hodges, Treas.; L. O ' Kelly, Faculty tAFFAU First Row: Danny Jay, Reporter; Tony Howell, Pres. Second Row: Joel Dailey, Sentinel; John Hodges, Treas.; Billy Tomlinson, VLP. ; Larry Thomas, Sec.; Thurston Simmon, Student Advisor. Third Row: Joe Bell Campbell; Henry Floyd; Carl Thomas; Dr. G. L. O ' Kelley, Faculty Adv.; John Fowler; Larry Wilson; Judson Williams; Glenn Glover; Ray Pigott; Jimmy Dubberly. .—S — n - HORTICULTURE ff- .25 i!r ' : : - fift vteAA ' • «(►« Membership in Gaffau is open to any Ag stu- dent who has been a member of Future Farmers of America during his high school years. Officers are Bill Ward, Pres.; Thomas Blood, V.P.; Ramon Barba, Sec.-Treas. One: Duane Hall, Bill Ward, Thomas Blood; Row Two: Harry Bates, Mike Harsen, Gene Bernett, Ramon Barba, Jus Dawell, Shaw Fletcher. 321 John 0. Eidson, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 323 Aaron, Robert W. Abgott, Sandra R. Allen, Gary P. Anderson, Joe N. Arail, Frederick P. Askew, Marta W. Badgett, Barbara L. Bailey, Patricia Barner, Diane W. Batchelor, Curtis A. LAURA DOSTER: Whos Who; Alpha Lamba Delta ' s Outstanding Freshman Award; Freshman Camp Counselor; Zeta Tau Alpha; Disciples Student Fellowship; Religion-in-Life Week; Freshman Camper. Bates, Gayle E. Batts, Jo Nell Baxley, Warren C. Beard, Joy Bell, Nathan H. Bell, Stephen W. Berryman, James M, Best, M. Sandra Betette, Philip A. Blocker, Gettis A. Bohanan, Patricia A. Bird, Mary A. Blakely, Dorothy N. Bliss, Paul H. 324 Bohn, Carmen W. Bolton, Kitty K. Bone, Martha S. Bowden, Talmadge A. Bradberry, Patricia A. Bradley, Hubert, Jr. Bridges, John W. Browning, Brenda F. Broxton, George A. Bryan, Peggy A. Buie, Miriam J. Burnett, Robert S. BurreU, Stephen F. Butler, Joe E., Jr. Byrd, EmUy A. Byrd, Patricia A. Callaway, Robert M. Cannon, Caroline F. rlSElIp! LINTON R. DUNSON, JR.: Who ' s Who; Sigma Chi, Pres.; Phi Kappa, V.P., Sec; Phi Eta Sigma, Sec; Pi Sigma Alpha; IFC; Religion-in-Life Committee; Greek Horsemen; Senior Class, Pres.; Bert Michael Award; Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship; Phi Xi Sigma Top Freshman Award; Freshman Camp Counselor; Political Science Club; Gridiron; Sphinx. Cantrell, Terrell N. Carr, Mark S. Carson, Katy J. Carter, Jane M. Carter, Suzanne Cathy, Richard J. 325 GLENDA RUTH ELLIOTT: Who ' s Who; Dixie Redcoat Band; Phi Mu, V.P., Chaplain; Mortar Board; Greek Chaplain ' s Asso- ciation, Pres. ; Synod Council of Westminster Fellowship; Stu- dent Religion System Chairman; Freshman Camp Counselor; University Orchestra; WSGA. Davis, Hope P., Jr. DeFoor, E on F. Deriso, George T. Dilcher, Mary A. Coursey, Paul B. Cowart, C. H. Cowart, Theda K. Craft, Nancy J. Crawford, John H. Crockett, Edward W. Crowe, George R. Cubillas, Toni V. Christa, Frank J. Christensen, Albert C. Christie, Sandra L. Cohen, Martin W. Cohen, Steve a1 Cole, Robert G. Coleman, R. Scott Coltrane, Patricia A, Compton, Donald C. Cook, James J. Currie, Cherrie Davis, Diane 326 Donaldson, Thomas R. Doster, Laura A. Downs, Martha E. Dryden, Eloise NANCY MARY FLOWERS: Who ' s Who; Kappa Alpha Theta; Pan- dora, Editor, Managing Editor, Greek Editor; Mortar Board; Zodiac; Student Council, Sec; Delta Phi Alpha, Pres.; Golden Quill; Theta Sigma Phi; Alpha Lamba Delta; Concert Dance Club, Pres.; Fresh- man Camp Counselor. Dunahoo, Charles H. Dunlap, John T. Dunson, Linton R. Dyches, Dunbar H., Jr. Edwards, Judy R. Efird, Anna G. Eidson, Elizabeth J. Elder, Lonzy E. Elder, Norma Elliott, Glenda R. Ellis, Charles Epting, Frances J. Everette, Marvin R. Firestone, Steven A. Flowers, Nancy M. Folds, James D. Foote, E. Bea Forsyth, James F. Fowler, Joan E. Fox, Nancy A. L 327 ELLEN ITZKOW: Who ' s Who, Sigma Delta Tau, Pres.; Panhellenic; PANDORA, Busi- ness Manager, Student Council; Belle Corps, squad leader; Hillel; English Club, V.P. Freedman, M. A. Freeman, Ella R. Furr, Lamar H. Gear, John A. Gibson, William M. Gilbert, Norma G. Gillis, Kate H. Gladney, John M. GoflF, EUie R. Granade, James A. Jr. Green, Gary M. Greene, Ralph R. Jr. Greenway, William J. Gregory, James R. Gregory, William E. Griffin, Leland H. Jr. Gunn, Reginald R. Hall, F. Patricia Hall, Margaret A. Hall, Robert F. Hamilton, Drew Hamrick, George L. ' Harley, Barbara L. Harper, Harry T. 328 Harris, James F. Haynsworth, St uart Hayes, David Heard, Jacob M., HI Heard, Ricliard W., HI Henderson, Conradine Henry, James R. Herrin, Eugene V. Hiott, Andrew W. Hirsch, Robert B. A Hollis, Linda A. Hopkins, Estelle M. Horton, Kay Hosch, Hugh W. House, Daniel M. Hudson, Orran, 11 Hughes, Claudia M. Humphrey, Hal E. Hunt, Richard E. Hyde, M. Louise ' 4 ii i Irwin, Priscilla E. Itzkow, M. Ellen Jackson, John M. Jarrard, George T. BILLIE MARGARET KING: Who ' s Who; Alpha Delta Pi; Pan- hellenic Council, Pres. ; English Club, Pres. ; Mortar Board; Pan- dora, Class Editor; Freshman Camp Counselor; WSGA Cabinet; Alpha Lamba Delta. 329 Johnson, Berta Jones, Philip C. Jones, Roselyn N. Keaton, Emma L. Keaton, Peyton H. Kemble, Ann G Kennedy, Mary Kay Kennedy, Thomas E. King, Margaret Kitchens, Hillary L. t Knight, Ha l Knowles, Vancise Koscielny, Margaret E. Langford, Shelby J. Lawson, Richard A. Leroy, Caroline G. Liles, Joyce A. Long, Jerry L. Lowry, Elaine Malcom, Jayne N. Malone, Michael L. Mann, Samuel W., Jr Manter, Carol K. Markel, Roberta AMY L. McGUIRE: Who ' s Who, Delta Zeta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Freshman Camp Counselor, Sigma Alpha Iota, " Z " Club, Treas., Women ' s Glee Club, WSGA, Pres., Mortar Board, Pres., Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart. 330 Marks, John A. Mathews, Henry M. PENELOPE VESTA NAYLOR: Who ' s Who; Kappa Alpha Theta, V.P.; Alpha Lamba Delta; Z Club; Dolphin Club; Concert Dance Club, accompanist; WRA; University Chorus, Treas. ; Religion- in-Life Committee; Freshman Camp Counselor; Music Scholar- ship. Matthiessen, Robert G. Mayher, Frances L. McCommons, RoUin M. McDonald, Elvyn J. McDougald, Charles C McElmurray, Ruth K. McGee, Delia A. McGregor, Martin L. McGuire, Amy L. McMillen, Catherine McMurray, Ernest L. Medlock, Florence B. Mendelson, Lloyd A. Millans, Robert W. Moore, Billy C. Mulkey, Arnold P. Naylor, Penelope V. Newman, Walter J. Norman, Charles M. O ' Kelly, Charles S. Oler, Raymond W. Owensby, David P. Padgett, Thomas C. Palmer, Earl C Pankey, Robert F. Parker, Carol D. Parker, Martha L. Parker, Harriet T. Payne, Penelope G. Payton, William R. Peppard, William J. Perlman, Adrienne Petersen, Nancy L. Pickern, James H. Powell, Kitty T. Powers, Phillip L. Price, Sanford C. Ralph, Horace S. Rawlings, Lucy A. Ray, Charlotte A. LUCY ANN RAWLINGS: Who ' s Who; Delta Delta Delta, Pres.; Student Council, Sec; URSA, Sec; Student Union; Alpha Lamba Delta. S Redd, Kenneth W. Rossiter, Francis P. Rosenberg, Katie S, Ringwall, Douglas A. 332 Rueter, Henry H. Savage, Rosalind Schaeffer, Nancy Q. 41kJ Schalk, Anna Y. Scoggins, James W. Ill Shea, John L. Sheppard, Beth Skeiton, Marvin E. Smith, Diane M. Smith, Janice V. Smith, Larrilee M. Smith, Lawrence E. Sproull, Olivia M. Stalnaker, Julian H. Staples, Max H. Stephens, James M. Stephens, Joan Stem, Morton W. Stettler, Kenneth 0. Sudduth, Albert B. Talbird, John D. Jr. AUGUSTUS B. TURNBULL, III: Who ' s Who, Agro- nauts; Biftad; Phi Kappa, Treas.; AFROTC, Drill Team, M Sgt. ; Intercollegiate Debate Team, Captain; Political Science Club; Kappa Gamma, Pres. ; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; GE College Bowl Team; head proctor. Talley, Elizabeth L Tappy, Thomas P. Terry, Walter F. 333 Tharpe, Jeffie EL Thomas, R. D. SARA E. WEAVER: Who ' s Who; Phi Mu; Student Council; Zodiac; Senior Class, V.P. ; Pi Mu Epsilon; Jr. Panhellenic; Alpha Lambda Delta. Tidmore, William C. Tidwell, Edwina Tucker, Sarah Q. Tumbull, A. B., Ill JERRY 0. WEAVER: (Troy State College) : Senate Student Government; Drill Hall Council, Sec.-Treas. ; Argonauts: Foot- ball; (University of Georgia) : Who ' s Who; Sigma Nu; IFC; " Scholar of the Year " ; Regents State Scholarship; National Defense Scholarship. Turner, Frank B. Union, Thomas S., Jr. Ursrey, Lawton R., Jr Vanlandingham, Mar) Veatch, Linda A. Vereen, Wendy E. Vignati, Romie, J. Villaire, Nathaniel E Vining, James W. Vinson, Fleming G. Waldrop, Linda A. Walton, Kenneth G. Ware, Sarah O. Waters, Madelyn Watkins, Nancy V. Watrous, Lucy C Watson, Ellen A. Weaver, Jerry O. Weaver, Sara E. Wellborn, Mary F. Wheeler William E. Wheelin, Thomas K. Whitehead Caroline G. Williams, Anne C. ;AMMA SIGMA EPSILON Williams, Chamer M. Williams, Jack G. Wills, Nancy A. Wilson, Greg Wood, Betty A. Woodworth, James W. Wright, Mary J. Wright, Nancy C. Wylds, Susan C Zellner, Daniel E. Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a national honorary chemical fraternity whose membership is selected from per- sons with high character and aca- demic standing who have a mini- mum of five chemistry courses. Officers are James Ramsay, Pres.; Bob Wade, Sec; Walter Stewart, Treas. low One: J. W. Ramsay, Walter Stewart, Bob Wade. Row Two: Bill Wilson, Ben Brackett, Coy pibson, Ronald Bond. 335 PHI KAPPA .m 1 i tl«9P» st; Founded in 1820, Phi Kappa Literary Society aims to promote and develop the highest ideals of public speak- ing, oratory and debate. Officers are: Bob Miller, Pres.; Ben Tate, 1st V.P.; Stan Heimowitz, 2nd V.P.; Tom Nickerson, Sec; Jim Collins, Treas.; Carl Cartledge, Chief Justice. i First row: Tom Nickerson, George May, Brooks Knapp, Tommy! Nunnally, John Tabor. Second row: Stan Heimowitz, Tom Baynes,] Ben Tate, Richard Truitt, Jim Collins. «E.ttFiii)ii loniioii, i tlfc Monk tklloyal.Lini BllipwTilloii,l » t ««l t S " Ji A Hi • ROSTER: Ben Tate, Stanley Heimowitz, Brooks Knapp, George May, Tom Nickerson, Tom Nunnally, Ray Stephens, Richard Russell, Pete McCon mons, Felton Jenkins, Bob Miller, Linton Dunsan, Richard Truitt, Homer Scarborough, Lewis Peebles, Lamar Walter, Eugene Talmadge, Dav Wimberley, Roger Land, Ben Garland, Jack Eastland, Troy Millikan, Edw3rd Garland, Norman Laird, Wyck Searcy, Wyck Knox, Robert McTee ' Phil Graham, Walter Bowman, John Tabor, Tom Earls, Tom Baynes, Faculty advisor: Dr. J. W. Alexander. 336 m iPPA DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY ISTER: Bob Adams, Fred Bostrom, Lamar Burke, Christ Camden, Bobby Carrell, Earl Carson, Rus sell Cheek, Clifford Cheney, Robert G. Cole, E|dson Cone, Joe Culvern, Buddy Dallas, Horace Davis, Ronald Davis, Mack Dekle, Jerry Dover, Zack Dozier, Guy Eberhardt, Linton Eberhardt, Evans, Bob Fitz, Jim Franklin, David Geiger, Jim Gordon, Robert Hall, Harry Hendrick, Earl Howell, Bill Huss, Loy Jarrett, John Kethley, Tom der, Carl London, Maylon London, Mike McCleod, Crawford McDonald, Robert McLain, Mac McLane, Tommy Malone, Howard Mathis, Charles ler, William Monfort, James Pace, Pat Pittillo, Richard P. Phillips, Ross Pittman, Jim Pleasants, Ramon Ponce de Leon, John Ramsey, Don itz. Ken Royal, Larry Saloman, Edward Sell, Ron Shelp, Allen Sikes, Lance Smith, Ralph Smith, Gene Spivey, Charles Stokes, Daniel M. Strickland, nes Dupree Talton, Rhett Tanner, Weldon Tanner, Donald Thompson, Juri Vilval, Tommy Wade, George Watts, Bobby Whitaker, Don Williams, rl Wilson, Dale Young. Founder in 1801 as a men ' s debating society, Demosthenian has produced many of the state ' s top political lead- ers. It sponsors the Freshman Im- promptu Debates and an annual All Night Meeting. Officers for 1961 are Eddy Smith, President; John Parrish, V-Pres.; David Geiger, Secretary; and Dr. Albert Saye, Faculty Advisor, OFFICERS: David Geiger, Sec; Eddy Smith, Pres.; John Parrish, V.P. jioi.liolwtMcT« Di Ross Pittman, Robert Cole, Dr. Albert Saye, Eddie Smith. 337 ZETA PHI ETA Zeta Phi Eta is the pro- fessional speech arts fraternity for women. In order to be a mem- ber a girl must have a seventy-five overall av- erage and be a major of speech correction, speech and drama, or radio-television. Offi- cers are: Pres., Adri- enne Perlman ; V.P., Diane Dulce; Sec, Mary Culclosure; Trea., Elaine Priess. U Left to Right: Betty Hill, Lilaine Hines, Joan Berryman, Eathel Bowie, Laura Hicks, Adriene Perlma Mary Culclasure, Gwynne Bundrick, Mrs. Arthur Fear, Sheron Willig, Nina Revenscroft, Sheinnon Illg Kathy Johnsa, Crockett Rader. THE UNIVERSITY CHORUS . .W ' iklBjkiDnM. lUojJBnai David Boe, Conductor. Sopranos: Claire Arnold, Frances Barett, Nancy Blais, Nina Childs, Amellia Clark, Diane Davis, Elizabeth Davidson,! Alice Ann Gamble, Marilyn Hammer, Frankie Hicks, Lynda Johnson, Sue Johnson, Marjorie Kingsley, Carribel Mueller, Penelope Naylor, Karen Rice, Tommye Rogers, Nancy Skipper, Juanita Tucker, Sue Wall, Carline Wiggins. Altos: Brenda Badgett, Gayle Bates, Beverly Brown, Sally Chance, Patricia Cochran, Lynn Dillard, Peggy Head, Gail Lackman, Jeanette Lang, Glenda Langford, Dotty Leverette, Robyn Lowom, Patsy McVay, Betty Sue Mashburn, Sarah Isaf, Elizabeth Powell, Kay Patterson, Margaret Rains, Mary Ann Spencer, Linda Stowe, Judith Thomp-| son, Marie Tippins, Linda Waldrop, Brenda Ward. Tenors: David Adams, John Fordham, Raymond Gotko, Joseph Meeks, William Pass, Dennis Rice, Tilman Singleton. Basses: Joseph Barnes, Harvey Bohannon, Michel Furry, Byron Groszmann, Jitmes Garner, David Heck, Tarablyn Hen- derson, Leon Rundbaken, Louis Strickland, Cranford Sutton, James Wilbanks. lalk 6k( Me org ielaiversi jidotea stmiiij ot (lie anii gi ta within wdpla iutiogii koftel iWTi, ii 338 ' ' VSKi St I THALIAN BLACKFRIARS ' B ' M :! One: Leighton, M. Ballew, Joan Zitzleman, Bill Royston, Jimmy Ralston, Bonnie Parry, Ann Andrews, Kari Sundby. Row Two: Janet Jewell ;Intyre, Lloyd Bryant, Marie Dyer, George Bowling, Donna Sherman, Raoul Johnson, Joan Underwood, Walter Guthrie, Babs Thornhill, James hur Granade, Gerald Kahan, Marcia Powell, Gail Hamilton, John Shea, Paul Camp, Charles Decor, Johnny Price. Thalian Blackfriars is a service organization of the University Theatre to promote a better under- standing outside the the- atre and good organiza- tion within. Annually a one-act play contest cul- minating in the produc- tion of the best plays, The Winners, is held. OFFICERS: John L. Shea, Treas.; Joan Underwood, Sec; John Davies, Presi- dent; Gail Hamilton, V.-Pres.; Dr. Ballew, advisor. John Brown by Jack LaZebnik Winter 1961 UNIVERSITY THEATRE Arms and The Man by George Bernard Shaw Spring 1961 The University Theater of the Departmeu of Speech and Drama at the University o Georgia was formed in 1931. Over one hun dred and fifteen productions have been pro duced since that time. These presentation; provide the students, facuUy, and townspeoplf with an opportunity to see pre-modern classic; and outstanding phiys for modern repertory. In addition to the annual major productions by the University Theatre, special presenta tions are staged in the Laboratory Theatre each season. One-act plays are included, as well as special projects such as musical revues. liflionBallei Reader ' s Theatre, experimental production;- Ul akon and " The. Winners, " winning one-act plays in J " ™ the Annual Short Play Competition sponsored m by Thalian-Blackfriars, the theatre honorary Biiisiy . at the University. UhM The work of the University Theatre is basic to the body of humanistic studies and provides audiences insight into the nature of man and the meaning of life from the works of out- , standing dramatists. mi . A ' ' 4 Juno and the Paycock by Sean O ' Casey Fall 1961 ,_«v, Leighton Ballew . . . Gerald Kahon . . . Richard Weinman . . Paul A. C mp . . . Raoul Johnson . . . - Doris May .... Janet Jewell Maclntyre . . Director . . . Associate Director . . . . Assistant Director . . . Technical Director Assistant Technical Director Secretary ; . . . Graduate Assistant James Hodges William Roystoh Gail Hamilton Jim Granade, Jimmie Knight, Scarborough Dianne McRae Susan Berger Walter Guthrie William Toyston, Kari Sundby . Business Manager Lighting Technician Make-up Supervisor Homer Technical Assistants . . . Costumiere Properly Supervisor . Sound Supervisor A rtists-in-Residence f Jm. " . J.B. by Archibald MacLeish Fall 1961 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA ROW 1: Patsy McVay, Jenette Lang, Claudia Hughes, Sue Johnson. ROW 2: Diane Davis, Caroline Wiggins, Patsy Bradley, Jan Smith, Le Morrison, Nancy Skipper, Rima Ford, Jean Arnold, Joyce Richie, Ronnie Smith, Carribel Mueller, Margaret Rains. Sigma Alpha Iota is a sorority for music majors of high integrity and musical ability. Membership requirements are a C+ average in academics and a B average in music courses. Officers are: Claudia Hughes, Pres. ; Diane Davis, V.P. ; Peggy Bryan, Sec; Joyce Ritchey, Trea. ROW 1: Hyman Greenfield, Jimmy Fidwell, Jim Willoughby, Ronnie Evans, Jimmy Peacock, George Watkins, Bil ' Thomas. ROW 2: Chet Nieman, William Head, Mike Furry, Pete Heistl, Joe Meeks. ABSENT: Tom Harper, Don Hall, Allen Brown, Jim McFall, Richard Woodham, Bob Barnette, Ernest Plunkett. Phi Mu Alpha is a na-j tional honorary music fraternity. The main purpose is to advance the cause of music in America, and the abil- ity to perform is re- quired of all members. Officers are: Ronnie Evans, Pres ; Mike Fur- ry, V. P.; William Head, Sec. PHI MU ALPHA 342 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB The purpose of the Men ' s Glee Club is to insure the promotion of and the participation in good music and to preserve an atmosphere of fraternal friendship. Officers are: Marvin Lowry, Pres. ; Dan Lindstedt, V.P.; C. Willington Martin, Bus. Manager; LeConte Haddock, Sec. ROSTER: Hans Miller, Thomas Parker, Byron Groszmann, Richard Hanna, Paul Eichel, Jerry Stone, G. E. Malcom, Andrew Fountain, James Rhoden, David Adams, Byron Warner, Ken Coen, Buzzy Davis, James Wilbanks, Dyke Goodin, Bobby Meredith, Bill Dial, Ben Dooley, Mark Edwards, Don Drury, C. Wellington Martin, James Wightman, John Fordham, Bill Perry, Ed Cordoran, Harold Pritch- ett, LeConte Haddock, Rhen Bishop, Daryl Hollis, Robert White, Kenneth Lea, Roy Bonnell, Richard Owen, L. D. Evans, Lewis Hamrick, Charles Hill, Gregory Gargarin, Dan Lindstedt. SOLOISTS: Gloria Doster, Sue Johnson, Kay Patterson, Mary Burt, Frances Barrett, Nancy Skipper, Penny Naylor. 343 wmm Half-time performance during football season. BAND OFFICERS: First row: Jimmy Tidwell, Jim Willoughby, Elmer Bell. Second row: Bill Thomas, Jackie Davis, Nan Heston, Patty Bradley, Karla Saenger, Dottie Ingraham, Don Hall. Third row: Dickie Henderson, Leslie Morrison, Jan Smith, Ronnie Evans, George Watkins, Tom Harper. GEORGETTES: First row: Dottie Ingraham, Pat Martin, Jeannie Walters, Patsy Giddens, Harriett Hayes, Karla Saenger. Second row: Mickey Ginsberg, Sheri Whit- more, Gail Nelms, Liz Welch, Jan Smith, Mary Lou Greer, Claudia Hughes, Jeannie Hurst. Third row: Rima Ford, Joan Daves, Brenda Garrett, Patsy Spinks, Peggy Garrison, Judy Cavender, Fay Knowels. 344 If ' f .lf : ' , ■« i ,t -i f; A 0f if 0- DIXIE RED COAT BAND COMPONENTS: Dixie Redcoat Band Show Band Concert Band Basketball Band Dixie Derbies. PRESENTATIONS: Football Halftime Vandiver Bridge Dedication GMEA Reading Clinic 10 pep rallies Music Festival Concert Richard Franks Goldman Concert Annual Winter Concert Annual Spring Concert Tour Annual Spring Concert G-Day Game 7 Basketball Games Graduation Concert Richard Franks Goldman conducts the diara Emminger, Solo Twirler. Annual Winter Concert in Fine Arts Auditorium. Aaron, Linda Adney, Howard Airaes, Casey Arneson, Carolyn Arnold, Claire Arnold, Jeanna Baker, Nancy Baker, Peggy Bamett, Bob Bell, Brenda Bell, Elmer Bennett, Veronica Bradley, Pattie Buschow, Karen Bush, Edwin Butler, Joe Carder, Ricky Carder, Sandra Causey, Billy Cavender, Judy Clackum, Derik Cotton, Nancy Cribbs, Billy Davidson, Andrew Davis, Jackie Daves, Joan Dixon, Dennis Drake, Chesta Dolvin, Neal Dunahoo, Butch Dyar, Qiff Eidson, Morris EJliot, Dwayne Emminger, Barbara Evans, Ronnie Favor, Ralph Ford, Rima Fordham, John Gaines, Rhetta Garrard, Ann Garrett, Brenda Garrison, Peggy Giddens, Patsy Ginsberg, Mickey Greer, Mary Lou Hoertz, Jeanne Hall, Don Harris, Kay Harrison, Harry Harper, Tom Hatcher, Jeanne Hayes, Harriet Head, William Henderson, Dickie Heston, Nan Hieronymus, Jim Hogan, Larry Howell, Robert Hughes, Claudia Ingraham, Dottie Jackson, Jim Kent, Huey Knowles, Faye Lam, Linda Leistl, Pete McCook, Tom McFall, Tim McLane, Albert Martin, Bill Martin, Pat Matthews, Virginia Medlin, Douglas Merren, Mike Mintz, Richard Morrison, Leslie Mower, Linda Newton, Sandra Nelms, Gail Niemann, Chet Noell, Jimmy Nunnally, Ann Oldham, Henry Padgett, Tom Parkerson, Virginia Peacock Jimmy Plunkett, Ernest Rabb, Forte Raines, Georgann Richards, Ray Richey, Joyce Rundebaken, Leon Saenger, Karla Sanders, Doris Schaffer, Jack Schulhofer, George Seabrooke, Billie Ruth Sherrill, Carl Shirley, Lynn Soloman, Murray Smith, Bailey Ann Smith, Jan Spinks, Patsy Steele, Butch Stephens, Jane Stone, Ed Tate, Jeff Thomas, Bill Tidwell, Jimmie Vandiver, James Waldrop, Joyce Walters, Jeanne Watkins, George Weatherford, Warren Weaver, Janet Weatherly, BiU Welch, Liz Weston, Barbara Whitmore, Sherry Wickersham, Dianne Wilbanks, Jimmy Wilbanks, Woody Williams, Worth Willis Larry Willoughby, James Wilson, Patti Wingo, Frank Winslette, Billy Wofford, Michael Woodham, Richard Wooten, Ernest Wright, Nancy DANCING MAJORETTES: Jackie Davis, Nan Heston, Nancy Baker, Jeanne Hatcher, Georgann Raines, Peggy Baker, Nancy Cotton, Sandra Newton. Hi 346 rr James E. Gates, Dean of The College of Business Administration. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 347 Adams, Irwin C. Alford, Robert M. Allen, Grover L. Anderson, Benjieman K. Anderson, Wylie L, Jr. l! JOHN W. CHAPMAN: Who ' s Who; Lambda Chi Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society, V.P.; Accounting Club; Thalian Blackfriars; Beta Gamma Sigma; Cadet Lt. Colonel and Cadet Com- mander, AFROTC; Distinguished Military Student; Distinguished Military Graduate. Andrews, James A. Asbell, James E. Askew, Grady P. Atkinson, Charles F. Atria, James A. Auger, Alfred L. Ayers, Wendell, G. Bacon, James S., Jr. Bacon, Raymond H Baer, David E. Bagby, Thomas E. Baggett, Max E. Baker, John R. Banks, Arthur £. Barfield, Harry N. Bargeron, Lemuel M Bates, John M. Beasley, Thomas C. 348 Bell, Mark A., Jr. Bell, WiUiam G. Bennett, David H. Berger, Carl J., Jr. Berrong, Robert E. Bishop, Kenneth W. Boatwright, W. C. Bonner, Javis A. Booth, Donald W. Bostrora, Fred J. Boswell, Ray E. Bowen, Henry H. Bracewell, Robert D. Brannon, G. E., Jr. Breedlove, R. A., Jr. Brown, Paul A. Brunson, Howard M. Bryan, Charles M. Burdell, W. S., Jr. Bush, Lucien R., Jr. WILLIAM D. McKENNY: Who ' s Who; var- sity football, alternate captain. Carrell, Bobby Carver, R. D., Jr. Case, Ronald L. Castleberry, C. H. 349 Chance, Carlton K. Chapman, John W. Chapman, Wayman Jr. Chesnut, Thomas J. Childers, Robert T. Christian, Wayne F. Qark, Andrew B. dine, Wynn E. Cochran, Tyrone L. Cohen, Ronald B. Coleman, Charles R. Colhard, Fred T. Cooley, Larry J. Copelan, Jack S. Copeland, George T. Corley, Clifford J. Coursey, John P. Jr. Cramer, Walter E. Ill y Cranman, M. ' - Crutchfield, Ralph L. Culvem, Joe B. Daniel, Rodney E. Daves, Jack E. Davis, Albert W. Davis, Chovine R. Davis, Donald A. Davis, Scott Day, John S. 350 ROSEMARY TARPLEY: Who ' s Who; Zeta Tau Al- pha, Social Chr. ; Sweetheart Court, Delta Sigma Pi; Pandora Court; WAA; Belle Corps, Treas.; Miss Greek Week Court; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; Phi Chi Theta. m Demoor, Maurice A. Dickson, Qarence E. Dorn, Leonard W. Dowling, Kenneth S. Edwards, Norman W. Evans, Ronald E. Exley, David L. Exley, Wayne C Farrey, Leila E. Fennell, Henry F. Ferguson, Richard C. Foster, Don T. Francis, James C. Foster, Jo A. Foy, Byron E. Frank, John H. Franklin, H. Lehman Fretwell, William P. Gable, Harlan L. Gaulding, Charles B. George, James D. Glass, Howell B. Godbee, James W. Goldstein, Arthu r H. Goodman, Barron F. Goodman, Barry S. Goodwin, George C. GottshaU, F. H. Jr. 351 Harris, Myrtice K. Harrison, James E. Hart, Virginia E. Hawthorne, Johnny R. Helms, Roy B. Hill, L. J. Green, Wilson 0. Gregg, Richard D. Grider, John D. Griffin, William M. Griffis, Robert B. Holman, E. Martin Hopkins, Carter W. HiUiard, Edward C. Hinds, John C. Holley, Henry W. Home, Bill E. Horner, Thomas J. Guin, Don L. Hagins, Guerry H. Hamilton, Allyn M, Hamilton, John E. Hawkins, Roy W. Hargrove, Joe M. Harper, Glenn E. Harper, Lester L. Harper, Thomas L. Harrington, M. A. 352 Johnston, Mary E. Jones, Gloria A. Houston, E. Hilton r c,.„- m Hudson, William H. i°°f ' J T " Hughes, Qifton E. ' ' " ' ' ° " " ' °- Hurst, William H. Jordan, Hubert F. Huss, William L. Kenimer, Guy Hyers. Johnny E. Krissman, S. H. Kurry, William M. Lane, Richard Lang, Qarence A. Ingram, John T. . n i ir Jackson, Kathryn Lang Dale E. Jardine, Dan A. Lang " , James P. Johns, Lonnie M. Lanier, William L. Johnson, M. B Laughter, Kent L. Johnson, Sam P. Lawton, James F. Levin, Kenneth H. 353 Mathison, Larry Mattox, Harry Maxwell, Charles Maxwell, Martha Mays, Louie McAopin, William Mc )llum, James McCranie, Curtis McDaniel, J. D. McDonald, Walter McDonell, Gary McElhannon, James McGriff, George Mcintosh, James McKenny, Charles Levy, Alan Lindsay, Cotton Loyd, Peggy Lyons, James Maddox, Clarence Mahany, Joseph Malcolm, Sammy Manderson, Joe Mansfield, William Marini, Rogelio Marks, Lloyd McNeely, Thomas H. Means, Caroline A. Melvin, John M. McKenny.W.p. fc- ' J- McKinney, E. D. Mitchell, E. W. Mock, Ivey C. McKinnon, P. S. JJ " " " ' " ' - , McLendon, R. R. ° " ] ' QajJ e M. Moms, T. W. l ' - fe miWJ. McMillan, C P. Mundy, John E. Murphy, George R. Murrison, Glenn D. Nance, Stephen R. Neal, George T. Neal, Thomas F. Jr. Norris, Donald H. Norris, William T. Nottingham, G. L. Nuckolis, John A. OTCeefe, H. A. Jr. IM Owens, S. Lee Parrish, John E. Jr. Pearson, Murray F. Persky, Marshall J. Pike, Robert G. Pilgrim, G. E. Ill Pinion, Richard A. Pless, Robert H. Pope, Lonnie G. Ramser, Henry W. " ■ Randolph, James G. Redwine, Frank H. Reynolds, Roland R. Roberts, M. A. Robinson, Harry E. Robinson, W. V. Rosenthal, Stuart Russell, Bobbie J. Ryan, John J. Sams, Edward B. Saye, Richard W. Scarbrough, T. F. Schoenfeid, Roy P. Scott, Hal G. Searcy, Gordon B. Shaw, Raph L. Shealy, Martin L Short, Nancy A. 356 fell Sinclair, Polly M. Small, Idus B. Ill Smith, James E. Smith, Joe B. Solomon, Michael Southerland , Donald s Stansbury, W. R. Steele, James P. Ill Storey, W. Gilbert Strickland, M. Swan, Richard M. Tarpley, Joe P. Taylor, Marion A. Teel, Mary J. Smallwood, Billy J. Smith, Harry Smith, Kenneth P. Smith, Sheiman B. Spicer, William T. Spiller, Lewis W. Stewart, D. L. Jr. Stinnett, John C. - ' ' mmi ' Strickland, T. M. Swan, Jerry L. Tanner, Weldon W. Tarpley, Rosemary ' Thomas, Kenneth E. Tibbitts, R. W. Jr. 357 Tobin, Paul Tomberlin, Richjird Trippe, Crawford Vig, Peter Vilval, Juri Walker, Benjamin Walker, William Wall, Fred Waller, John Watson, Alva III Watson, Molen Webster, John Weeks, Edson Wells, James West, Benjamin West, Eston West, Walter III White, Jimmie |«l;Di.CailEi i4SK.J!oi(2 lii:UHitci i Wick, Arthur Wakins, Robert Willoughby William Wilson, James Worley, John Wurst, Mary Wyatt, John W. Jr. Wynne, Marvin I. Young, Tommy 0. Jr. Zealy, Carroll E. Jr. . " iSS ' PI SIGMA EPSILON Pi Sigma Epsilon is a profes- sional fraternity in marketing, sales, and sales management. It was founded nationally in 1952 and on the University of Georgia campus in 1956. Activities of the society include sales projects and attending the National Conven- tion. Row 1: Dr. Carl Eakin, Adv.; James Smith, Pres.; Grady McAlum, Sgt.-at-Arms ; Tom Scar- brough, Sec. Row 2: Mile Johnson, Wylie Anderson, Tom Baker, James Denman, Wilson Walker. Row 3: Bob Hatcher, Don Booth, James Alexander, John Barfield. 359 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Row One: Gary Randolph, Al Davis, Steve Czuchtai Thornton Morris, Jack Hamilton. Row Two: Pete Tothem, Jack Cowart, Scott Whiting, Jimmie Walker, Bob Williams, Joe Weller, Frank Gottshall. Row Three: Ralph Wells, Bob Pless, Bob Bracewell, Ralph Crutchfield, Dick Swan, Bill Watson, Harold Hubert, Lange Taylor, Tom Abernathy. Alpha Kappa Psi is a profes- sional business fraternity. Any male student in the College of Business Administration with a grade average of C or better is eligible for membership. The fraternity stands for the highest ideals of conduct and achievement in University and professional life. OFFIC ERS: Norman Edwards, Master of Rituals; Jay Hill, Pres.; Dr. Troelston, Advisor; Bob Williams, Corp Trea. Row Two: Guerry Hagins, Chapter Treas.; Joel CuUey, V.P.; Brenda Parks, Sweetheart; Doug Jones, Sec. m laPi Elects on | ' .P.;Glen, Row One: Don Morris, Tom Bagby, Chuck Smith, McLeroy Roberts, Doug Jones. Row Two: Larry Mansfield, Dick Swan, Dr. Baker, Henry Fennel Ralph Williams, Dr. Troelston, Ray Boswell, Guerry Hagins, Jay Hill. Row Three: Richard Tomberlin, Ed McKinney, Harvey Tarpley, Gene Alx nathy, Gary Faulkner, Robert Murphy, Larry Davis. .je . ROW 1: Gene Banks, Glenn Murrison, Dave Geiger, Larry Mathison, Richard Pinion. ROW 2: Bill HoUey, Willie Perk- ins, C. A. Lang, Crist Camden, Kenneth Smith, Tommy Hoffeditz. ROW 3: Sonny Mock, G. L. Allen, Nicky Kirkland, Russell Cheek, Tommy Beasley. ROW 4: Gene Fryer, Buster Bell, Horace Davis, Bill Hughes, Maurice DeMoor. ROW 5: Bill Mansfield, Bill GriSen, K. Breenburg, James Bacon, Juri Vilval, Don Southerland, Dick Chapman. DELTA SIGMA PI )elta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity vhich selects only those male students who exhibit high loral ethics. Officers are : Dave Geiger, Pres. ; Bill Huss, 5r. V.P.; Glenn Murrison, Jr. V.P.; Larry Mathison, Prea.; Gene Banks, Sec. 361 I 362 John A. Dotson, Dean of The College of Education. COLLEGE OF EDUCATION 363 Brannen, Beverly Brantley, Ida Bridges, Bobby Bridges, John Jr. Britt, WilUam Brown, Jayne Bryan, Lelaine Bryant, James Jr. Bundrick, Helen Burkett, Ann Buroker, Judith Burt, Mary Busbia, Elizabeth Aaron, Barbara Alford, James Allen, Nancy Archer, Carol Barganier, Betty Bartlett, Jo Bass, Connie Bell, Nadine Beggs, Cynthia Black, Victoria Bracewell, James Branch, Alvin 364 MYRNA R. WARREN: Who ' s Who; Alpha Lambda Delta; Student Coun- cil; Zeta Phi Eta; Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart; Kappa Delta; Freshman Camp Counselor; Angel Flight, commander, executive offi- cer; dormitory president. ' " F Byrd, Caroline Carson, Qyne Cafo, Beverly Chafin, Thomas Chambers, J. Jr. Chambers, Ann Chambers, Rona Chitwood, Glenda Christopher, Jimmy Qose, Linda Cochran, Gail Cohen, Sara Coker, Margaret Combs, Joyce Deltt GAYLE H. WEINSTEIN: (University of Texas): University of Texas Sports Association; Tumbling Qub; Hillil Advisor; Honor Guard; Delta Phi Epsilon; (University of Georgia): Gamma Sigma Sigma; Student Council; Delta Phi Epsilon, V.P. Coryell, Gayle Coursey, Carolyn Courson, Ann Coyne, Camilla Crandall, Patricia Croxton, Mary Culclasure, Mary Damour, Edward Jr. Daniel, Nancy 365 Copeland, Mary Cornelius, Martha D ' Antignac, Lois Davis, Ann Deyerle, Judith Dixon, Joy Dixon, William Dover, Paul DuBose, Lillian Duke, Diane DuPriest, Rosa Dyess, Miriam Edge, Mariene Elkin, Elizabeth 3 Elliot, Sandra Ellington, Sandra Emminger, Barbara Eskew, Michael Eulenfeld, Ethel Faulk, Nancy Fitzgerald, Scott Fleming, Martha Florence, Jean 366 Fokes, Ann Fox, Jesse Fox, Kathryn P. Fraser, Jane Galloway, Barbara Galloway, C3iarles Garrett, Brenda ill m ■ ■m ' m ' ' ' v ' i.fij.yM i i Gentry, Georgia Gordy, Sally Green, William Gresham, Mary Grevemberg, Ellen Griffeth, Ronald Haley, Annette Hamilton, Margaret Hammack, Alice Hammontree, Harold Harkleroad, Roy E. Harper, Clara Harder, Sandra Harris, Mary Harrison, Paula Hawkes, Ramona Hawley, Dorothy Hefner, Beulah Heston, Nan Hicks, Laura Hoegsted, Jeanne Hoffman, Sandybeck Hubert, Faith Hunter, Harriet Husney, Sara Irwin, Sandra Jackson, Mary Fremces Jacobs, Sam 367 Jones, John Jordan, C. Jordan, Martha Kahrs, Karol Kelly, Kathrine Kennedy, Julian King, Mary Kluttz, Martha Kokal, Angela Lamback, Mary Lasky, Sandra Leaphart, Betty Leavy, Lanny Lewis, Linda Lewis, Thomas Libowsky, Haine Moore, Judith Morgan, Linda Morris, Kenneth Murphy, Roger Newton, Stuart Nichols, Amelia l,fW Mansour, Kathryn Markey, Helen McFarlin, Asalene McNeely, Marilyn Michael, John Robert Moon, Hubert Smith, Kay Smith, Kay Smith, Mrs. Sally Speck, Willieun 369 Iiuj Spivey, Joyce Stewart, Patricia Sweat, Elizabeth Sweat, Sandra Tanner, Jan Tate, Ethel Taylor, Connie Taylor, Frederick Taylor, Judith Telford, Rebecca Thomas, Genie Thomason, Linda Threlkeld, Melinda Thurman, S. Tipton, Margaret Tobin, Mrs. Judith Treanor, Kay Trujillo, Jeanie Vandiver, Charles Walter, Kathryn H. Ward, Edna Wasserman, Sherrie Waters, Carolyn Waters, Julian Watkins, Mary Weinstein, Gayle West, Charlotte White, Lamar 370 Tai«(UB Woodcock, Bonnie Whitehurgt, Harry Wilkins, Cindy Willis, Harriet Wilson, Ann Young, Kay PEM CLUB PEM Club is a profes- sional organization for physical education and recreation majors. Of- ficers are: Ann Davis, Pres. ; Lynn Hunger- ford, V-P; Jean Cheek, Sec; Ethel Tate, Gym Clip editor; Miss Clif- ford Lewis, Faculty Advisor. Wilson, George Wilson, George Wilson, Sally WoUner, Muriel Youngblood, P. J. Row One: Brenda Bradley, A. Davis, J. Cheek. Row Two: S. Hurst, B. Chance, J. Dyness, J. McNabb, S. Finny, L. Hale, N. Matthews. Row Three: J. Phillips, S. Landrun, D. Davis, E. Tate, J. Chance, K. Kahars, P. Lamback, M. Hamilton, D. Yew, J. Pass. 371 11 372 Til Dean A. M. Herrick SCHOOL OF FORESTRY pf ' i 373 , Brightwell, Qiarles Cannon, Alton Chesser, Aaron )le, Donald Adkins, Hunter AUgood, Norman Anderson, Pete Barbot, William Barry, Patrick Beasley, Joseph Bennett, Larry Blackman, Joseph C Bloodworth, Stewart EARL COPUS, JR.: Who ' s Who; Forestry Club, Sec, V.P.; Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Student Council; Juvenile Court; Pro( Copus, Earl Durham, Joe Evans, Paul Fair, Thomas Floyd, Wayne Fore, Truitt Franklin, Hiram Gaw, Hershel Geriner, Richard Gilder, William Gill, Louis Griffis, Jack Griffith, William C Hall, Robert Harp, Stephens Harris, Abie Price, Buford Raubar, Ernest Reeves, Charles Robinson, David Rose, Bennett Rudolf, Joseph II Seabrooke, Lee Smith, Joseph Stewart, Qyde Stokes, Henry Stokes, Sam Shave, Thomas III Thomson, Charles Trundle, William Wade, George Jr. Waldrop, Robert Sheffield, Jimmy Warner, Lamar White, John Willoughby, John Womble, Joseph Shelton, Richard FORESTRY CLUB f t r f r ' fr f f m. .m i i.i f I I m The Forestry Club promotes interest and research in the field and encourages friend- ship among students. Officers are: Lamar Beasley, Pres.; Joe Phillips, V.P; Mickey Beland, Sec; Franklin Hitchcock, Trea. 376 ROSTER: Charles Low, Gary Ritchie, J( Greer, Alve Burkhalter, Hamilton Johnsi Randy Richardson, Joseph Bryan, Martin Sh herd, Roberts Krebs, Larry, Gainous, J( Knight, Eddie Evans, John Duncan, Don Ti lor, Conrad Brewer, Ed Jager, Stewart Blm worth, Lee Seabrook, Earl Copus, Allan Stewa John Franklin, Joe Womble, Norman Allgo Steve Harp, Charles Maynard, Charlie Fi gerald, James Mattox, Sam King, Mickey B land, Pat Franklin, Jim Barrett, Jeff Russt Tom Clonts, Justice Baird, James Willoughl Joe Phillips, Charlie Haygood, Aron Chess Joe Scaborough, Tom McCarthy, Henry Ree Wayne Dodson, Bobby Hall, Quock Loo, Al Harris, Tony Harrington, Buford Price, Charl Harrison, Allan Nevegaard, Bobby Long, Fran lin Hitchcock, Paul Evans, Milton Futch, Ro Butler, Eben Morrow, Tom White, Ben Knigl William Guilder. XI SIGMA PI ist row: Fred Kinard, Jimmy Sheffield, Buford Pirce, Franklin Hitchcock, Bobby Long, Gerald Whitehead, Jesse Copeland, Robert Paddon, Joseph jmble. Second row: Joseph Blackmon, Pat Franklin, Bill Morse, Pat Cook, Calvin Robertson, Kenneth Gray, Ed Jager, Lee Seabroofe, John Wood, ;rvin Reines, J. Raid Parker. Third row: Sam King, William Trundle, Hugh Chesser, Tom Fair, Robert Hatcher, Truitt Fore, Steve Harp, Ben liight, Norman AUgood, Earl Copus, Charles Haygood. Xi Sigma Pi is an honorary forestry fraternity which aims to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forestry education and to promote fraternal relations among earnest workers in forestry activities. Officers are: William Morse, Forester; Thomas J. Fair, Associate Forester; Norman AUgood, Ranger; Joseph Womble, Secretary-Fiscal Agent; Dr. Mervin Reines, Faculty Advisor. 37S Gerald B. Huff, Dean of The Graduate School GRADUATE SCHOOL 379 Anderson, Charlotte Anderson, Wyatt W. Arstad, Sitanala Astin, C3aude C. Aydelotte, Wm. H. Badash, Fred Baker, George M. Barba, Ramon C. Barfield, John R. Baxter, G)lin F. Beggs, James R. Boatman, Michael Bond, Ronald C Brannen, Walter G. Brooke, John F. Brown, Louie A. Carlson, Beverly J. Carter, William L. Celecia, Juan F. Chang, Sang I. Chappell, Robert L. Childers, Dan J. Qoud, Ralph M. Cole, John R., Jr. Cory, E. Wallace Davidson, Edwin D Davidson, John K. ROBERT L. WADE: Who ' s Who; (B.S. in Chemistry) ; " cum laude " ; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Biftad; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Sec; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Argo- naut; Air Force Association; Student Council; Dixie Redcoat Band; Outstanding A.S. I; Out- standing A.S. II; Merck Chemistry Awards; American Institute of Chemists Award. Davidson, Sara E. Dawson, Jerry L. 3S0 Minter, Nancy M. Mohammed, Saher Muckenfuss, Ejleen Lewis, James E. Lewis, Ruby C Muran, George E. Neal, Robert A. Oliver, Ben F. Lopez, Jose E. Maclntyre, Janet J. Paul, Joel H. Peeples, Dale H. Perry, James D. Mashbum, Betty S. Maxwell, Carol L Pfannenstiel, Dieter Pounce de Leon, Jose Ramon A. Potts, Sara M. Reaves, Frank B. Reddy, G. R. Rhodes, Martha E. McNew, Wallace E. Jr. Merkleny, John W. Minser, Patricia M. Roberson, Sara J. Rogers, David T. Rollins, Jack B. Russell, James W. Rustin, William O. Saing, Hok San Salley, William J. Sary, Om Seeburger, George H. Seeley, Robert H. Shakil, Matin Sharp, Ralph BL 382 Sharp, Homer F. Sherman, Donna J. Simpson, Robert J. .rK j ' S " ' Smalley, Ronald KDviit Song, Young D. Sparks, Arthur G. Srang, Kiet M Stoae, Billr J. Sundby, Kari Supran, M. K. Talley, F. Edwina Tarver, Fred R. Teal, Janice R. Tegen, Charles R. Thinh, Nghiem X. Thompson, Bill Tobias, Raymond C. Tomas, Zavier S. Wade, Robert L. Walker, Larry S. Walter, William M. Warrenfells, Nancy Waters, Larry C Watson, John H. Webb, John J. Weston, Avis S. Wexler, Alan D. White, Julia A. Wilder, Virginia V. Williams, James D. Williams, T. G. Woo, Dorothy L. Wood, John H. Worley, Edward E. Wrinkle, Sandra J. Wu,Maki 383 384 ■■F Dean Mary Speirs SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS 385 Adams, Virgink iffif Arnall, Betty] ! Sli«t BarretUudJ f Bass, Beth » " , j i Bitely, Barbart Brown, Helen l| (jjl Iw ' ' Cadle, Carolyn Cannon, VeronJ, Carroll, Jane j Cato, Martha E (f lnK lii|«.i««ln.«- Chastain, Ruth!, rtJ ' " RUTH J. CHASTAIN: Who ' s Who; Freshman Council, Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA; Freshman Camp Counselor; Phi Epsilon Omicron, Pres., Treas.; Student-Faculty Committee; Zodiac; Mortar Board, Pres.; WSGA; Editor of Danforth Summer Fellowship; Dean ' s Award in Home Economics; James C. Harris Award in Home Economics in English. Cloaninger, Mary B. Coleburn, Sue Cone, Margaret A. Cruikshank, Lila J. Daughtry, Janet Echols, Nancy S. Ezell, Elizabeth G. Farmer, Janice M. 386 i Vii Fleming, Joyce W. Folk, Judy A. Fortson, Mary P. Frasier, Katherine C. Garrard, Sue Garrett, Betty Gingles, June V. Graves, D. Lynne Ham, Mrs. Dorothy Hamil, Juanita Harper, Sandra M. Hartely, J. Dianne Hooten, Shirley R. Johnson, Martha J. Khatoon, Razia Khattak, Jahan Langford, Linda Lewis, Barbara J. Leper, Coleta B. Lothridge, Patricia E. Maddox, Ila A. McGirkle, Juanita McDuffie, Sandra D McRae, Dianne Mellette, Duane Mugharbel, Mokhless 387 Noble, Angela Outler, Jo Ann Phillips, Jeannie L. Pickern, Nelda L. Saggus, Pegge D. Sappington, Phyllis Seawell, Margaret Seay, Mary Linda Singleton, Qara A. Stewart, Helen J. Stone, Tyler Tanner, Amanda Phi Upsilon Omicron is open to membership to women in the Home Economics School who have maintained an 85 average or above and have shown leadership in campus activities and professional promise in the field of home eco- nomics. Officers are: Jolyn Chastain, Pres.; Sara Roberson, V.P.; Margie Mclntyre, Sec. ; Ann Willett, Treas. Turton, Rebecca R. Weatherford, Myra Williams, Nancy E. Wood, Eleanor R. Wright, Ann PHI UPSILON OMICRON First row: Jolyn Chastain, Glenda Kight, Carolyn Cadle, Barbara Lewis. Second row: Nancy Williams, Sheryl ' • son, Ann Williams, Jenny Thrash, Mafgie Mclntyre. Third row: Hilda Terry, Lynette Garrett, DiAnn Patillo, SI on Hamner, Rite Watersm, Mary Stone, Ann Willett. 388 J w One: Ann Williams, Sula Schols, Helen Barrett, Judy Ford, Gloria Doster, Hilda Terry. Row Two: Genelila Mosely, Janice Petty, Nezzie Ihoun, Gloria Norris, Judy Clark, Linda Langford, Miss Thelma Hinson, Advisor, Bonny Lay, Marie Ingram, Verona Cannon, Margie Mclntyre, 1 ncy Williams. )mecon aims to promote professional growth and interest home economics. Officers are: Ann Williams, Pres.; I|argie Mclntyre, 1st V.P.; Eleanor FuUilove, 2nd V.P.; Ida Terry, Sec; Sherri White, Treas. eGinrttl - " " " I illlliiililllWIiWHIit Jci E. Drewry, Dean of the School of Jomalism. «! i SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM CHARLES H. KNIGHT, JR.: Who ' s Who; The RED AND BLACK, editor-in-chief, managing editor; Sigma Deha Chi, Pres.; Di Gamma Kappa; Student Advisory Council; STAMP OF APPROVAL, editor; Alpha Delta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; transfer from University of Maryland. Alley, Sandra Barrett, Charles Barrow, Jack Benefield Margaret Blalock, Josepha Bowden, Martha Burton, W. Carmichael, Charles Chappell, Eleanor Cohen, Joel Cone, Carlos Felson, Devara Fletcher, Alan Forrest, John Franks, Wells Freeman, Barbara Frier, Thomas Fuller, Julia Furman, John Glover, William Graham, Kay Grier, Tommy Grubbs, William Hammond, Mildred Hawley, Douglas Hodgson, Bryant, Jr. Jolly, Eugenia Jones, Sara Jones, Wm., Jr. Knight, Charles 392 Wemmers, Frederick Jr. Whitley, William Wilson, Tommy Winfield, Daniel iLPHA DELTA SIGMA Knowles, Faye Langbein, Jerold Manio n, Gaile Mewborne, James Miller, Marsha Morrison, Herschel Jr. Munoz, Judith Parsons, Frieda Pattillo, Wesley Penan, Adrienne Powell, Marcia Priest, William Redmond, Qayton Rothrock, Laurene Shaefer, M. Sr. Smith, Rosser Edwards Swanson, Joan Welsh, Rdoyn Alpha Delta Sigma is a professional fraternity for journalism students in advertising. Officers are : Paul Nowlen, Pres.; Richard Wemmers, V.P.; Neal Duncan, Sec. ; Walter Henderson, Trea. t!i M l s I 1 fj f m J -«1 " " V ROW 1: John Newsome, Walter Henderson, Jim Moore. ROW 2: Joe Blalock, Ed Cane, Ed Nichols, Jack Barrow, Rick Carder, Jack Bowman, Cliff Cheney, Ray Abernathy. ROW 3: Burt Priest, Neal Duncan, Ronald Abney, Ronald Lane, Paul Scoville, Charles Miller, Chuck Knight, Hayward Smith, Ross Glover. DI GAMMA KAPPA SI ■ , moral i l«f lation iJ ) ' ;vTaraFi Ffrsf rou;; Jim Reinsch, Mary Lou Gallman, DeAlva Leggett, Dan Knight, Cliff Lowery. Second row: Pat Pa- tillo, Henry Holmes, Jim Hawkins, Marcia Pittman, New Benton. Third row: Dough Hawley, Van Redmond, Marcia Powell, Fred Hartman, Chuck Knight. Fourth row: Jim Mathis, Fred Lindstrom, John Furman, Jim Knight. Di Gamma Kappa, founded in 1939 at the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism, pro- motes interest in broadcasting education among students and professional broadcast- ers. Officers are James Morrison, Pres.; Rosser Smith, V.-Pres.; Charlotte Mathe- son. Sec; Sara Jones, Treas. OFFICERS: Rosser Smith, V.P.; Charlotte Matheson, Sec; Sara Jones, Treas.; Larry Aldridge, Adv. Seated: Jim Morrison, Pres. 394 Til THETA SIGMA PHI ' n;a Sigma Phi is an honorary pr essional fraternity for women in he field of journalism. The section of members is based on sc ' lastic rank, moral ideals, and acj e participation in joumal- isij Officers are: Margaret Bene- fit!, Pres.; Devara Felson, V.P.; Si I Jones, Sec. First row: Sara Jones, Marcia Powell, Margaret Benefield, Devara Felson. Second row: Barbara Thorn- hill, Joan Swanson, Frieda Parsons, Emily Nammond, Marty Johnson. SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi is the oldest, larg- est, and most select organization in the profession of journalism. The society recognizes outstanding achievement in the field snf mfrs- vors to raise the standards of jour- nalism. Officers are: Joseph Zellner, Pres.; Lawrence Burton, V.P.; James Morrison, Sec; Rosser Smith, Treas. k t to right: Joe Zellner, Tom Dowden, Jim Morrison, Chuck Knight, Dr. Charles Kopp, Sara Jones, ry Aldridge, Dean John Drewry, Tommy Johnson, Larry Burton, George Watts, Rosser Smith. 395 SCHOOL OF LAW Hm 396 I Dean J. Alton HoscK Berman, Barry M. Bradley, Richard Y. Bryan, Thomas R. Carson, Earl W. Ellis, Harry Gelletich, Joseph F. Haupt, Reginald C Holland, Hubert G. Howe, Don B. Johnson, Claude W. Kemp, Rene D. Kirby, C. Lowell Littlejohn, Neal B. Maxwell, Charles E. Miller, Alexander L, Roberts, Wiley D. GUY EBERHARDT: Who ' s Who; Law; Gridiron; ODK; V.P.j X-Club; Sec.-Treas., V.P., Demosthenian ; Blue Key; Goldenj Quill; Business Manager, Red and Black; Independent Men. SOS A Amall, Alvan S. Baggett, Jeb Bagwell, Wm. A. Bell, Jack G Benton, Terrell, Jr. Bloodworth, F. Brown, Charles H. Calhoun, Paul, Jr. Camp, Charles E. Campbell, Thomas Cato, A. Wallace Cohen, Larry J. HARRY A. ELLIS: Who ' s Who; Sigma Chi; Geor- gia Bar Journal, Editor; Demosthenian ; University Theatre; member Georgia Bar; Phi Delta Phi Prize; (Wesley an University) : Publications Board; College Body Senate; Glee Club; Choral Society; Georgia Religion Scholarship. ■ Cfidiw; u . Kite-Powell, S. M. Knox, Wyck A. Laird, Norman S. Laalie, Bobby L. Foster, Qiris A. Foughmer, Jim W. Grimes, Daniel M. Haley, John N. Hart, Dan F. Hays, Walter W. Hendrix, Harry E. Hight, Tony H. Hoagland, Wm. J. Inglesby, Sam P. Ivey, Toby Jordan, liichard L. Martin, Frank K. Martin, Robert W. Mason, 0. F. May, George B. STANLEY M. KARSMAN: Who ' s Who; Tau Epsilon Phi, Sec, V.P.; X Club; Gridiron; IFC; Phi Delta Phi; Associate Justice Law School Honor Court; Law School Advisory Council; winner. Law School Moot Court Competition; GEORGIA BAR JOURNAL, executive editor; Accounting Club. Mclntyre, James, Jr. Miles, Robert D. Moore, George W. Moore, Thomas, Jr. It » Rachelson, Jerry J. Rawlins, Preston N. Ridlehuber, Ted R. Rowleind, Emory H. Royal, Kenneth J. Shapiro, Hyman I. Smith, Ralph C. Jr. Tatum, Richard L. Taylor, John W. Thurmond, Donald W. Trotter, Richard P. Underwood, Frank C. Williams, George W. Wright, Jimmy A. i J ' LTER R. TANNER: Who ' s Who; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; liron; GEORGIA BAR JOURNAL, editor-in-chief; Omicron Delta Kappa, .; IFC; Delta Tau Delta, Pres., Sec; Demosthenian; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi . ,:a Phi; Agronauts; Delta Phi Alpha; A.B. Degree, Cum laude; Shinn oorial Award; Lawyer ' s Cooperative Award. li 401 Williams, Ronald C. Young, Robert D. LAW DAMES The Law Dames provide regular social opportunities for wives of law students and their families and ac- quaint members with their roles as wives of members of the legal pro- fession. Officers are: Ara Pittman, Pres.; Kathryn Pace, V.P.; HoUis Barnes, Sec; Carolyn Slaughter, Trea. PHI ALPHA DELTA fra Phi Alpha Delta, a nationa fraternity, promotes a high staiu|illlt|B! of professional ethics and en ages good scholarship. The ity annually gives the Shinn M( rial Award for excellence in field of legal writing. Officers James M. Pace, Justice; Ha Posey, Vice Justice; Ronald D, Sec; Richard Phillips, Trea. b M, Adani; ■imM.Bfl Tltniai Bmsk ' Mfl.CaipeppB ROSTER: S. F. Little, Richard Herndon, Gary Gowan, Ronald Lee Davis, James M. Pace, G. H. Posey, R. D. Phillips, P. H. Collier, J. M. Barnes, H. C. Custer, T. T. Lynch, J. W. Moseley, R. H. Pittman, J. K. Royal, R. C. Smith, J. G. Whitley, T. W. Benton, D. M. Grimes, R. W. Newby, J. B. Gordon, T. H. McFall, A. E. Spivey, J. V. Pleasants, R. W. Martin, E. Crawford McDonald, Harry Hendrix, G. B. May, M. G. Goube, Tony Carso, D D. Rentz, T. E. Baynes, G. B. Eberhardt, M. K. London, H. W. Sams, B. L. Burke, Tom Grier. 402 ltaE.Hu|lies,, • " •1011111,]!.. Si " ■Ii-NomaUi: 5.Si»lijgs.Cjii ♦Uilliins,], Kan I ' Wr pfessioii.OSce ' " l WonMille T s II HI DELTA PHI m m ■ r ■ •4 9 I " x M ■ L H Jl r T.t d H ' -• 1 ' — . a M I ii m y ■4Mk r ♦ -: Vf V ilf,|naiiBiii miforfidlon i19im ltPto,J i FliilkTi R: John M. Adams, John W. Akridge, Jr., Barschall Andrews, Alvin Arnold, Otis Askin, Hudson E. Ayers, James E. Baggett, W. A. Bagwell, . Bell, Barry M. Berman, Qifford C. Blalock, Jr., A. W. Franklin Bloodworth, Morris S. Boyer, Richard Y. Bradley, Thomas R. Bryan, Melvin nrke, Thomas Burnside, Mack 0. Butler, Jr., John Calhoun, Wendal Calhoun, Thomas R. Campbell, Jr., George H. Carley, Earl W. Carson, lony W. Cato, Lawrence J. Cohen, Jr., William R. Coleman, James T. Collins, Jr., Joe H. Collins, Robert R. Cook, Herbert M. Crane, Jr., Henry L. I, Elijah H. Culpepper, Tommy W. Daniel, E. Purnell Davis, Marion K. Doll, Lester Z. Dozier, Jr., Guy F. Driver, Jr., A. Rowland Dye, George R. !», Alfred Z. Everitt, James Foughnel, Hubert L. Franklin, Jr., James B. Franklin, Joseph F. Gelletich, Earl R. Guss, Jr., John Haley, James G. Har- Daniel Hart, Reginald C. Haupt, Walter W. Hays, Hubert G. Holland, George W. Hood, Alton H. Hopkins, John Robert Horton, Donald B. «, Robert E. Hughes, Julius M. Hulsey, Samuel P. Inglesby, Jr., Toby Ivey, Claude W. Johnson, Hollis B. Johnson, Jean Johnson, Eric Jones, d L. Jordan, Jr., Stanley M. Karsman, Austin J. Kemp, Rene D. Kemp, Edward F. Kern, Steven Kite-Powell, William H. Kitchens, Wyckliffe lox, Jr., Norman Laird, Bobby L. Laslie, Neal B. Littlejohn, Walter P. McCurdy, Jr., Samuel F. McGuire, Hubert A. McLane, James Mclntyre, Maguire, Frank L. Martin, Charles E. Maxwell, Finley Henderson Merry, Robert D. Miles, Alexander L. Miller, Mont Miller, George W. Moore, Thomas J. Moore, Jr., Thomas T. Morgan, James B. Mowry, Jr., Richard B. Neville, Jr., John R. Nicholson, Jack Paller, Howell W. Ragsdale, 8ton N. Rawlings, Gates T. Richard, Ted Ridlehuber, Hodges Rowland, Finnis Salmon, Dan Shalloway; William N. Slaughter, John H. Smith, Wil- L. Smith, HI, Marvin W. Sorrells, Ronny Stephens, Julian H. Stewart, Walter R. Tanner, John E. Talmadge, Richard L. Tatum, John W. Taylor, laid W. Thurmond, Gerald P. Thurmond, David H. Tisinger, Richard P. Trotter, F. C. Underwood, Sidney F. Wheeler, Jr., E. Pomeroy Williams, J irge W. Williams, Jr., Ronald C. Williams, Raworth T. Williamson, James A. Wright, Jr., Robert D. Young. Delta Phi is an international legal fra- lity whose purpose is to promote a high [ndard of professional ethics and cidture in profession. Officers are: Rene Kemp, Ma- ster; Lawton Miller, Exchequer; Don Howe, Istorian. 403 sfi Lee Waters,! 404 Cenneth Lee Waters, Dean of the Pharmacy School SCHOOL OF PHARMACY 405 Allred, Albert Armistead, Thomas Bell, Elmer Bowen, William Bruno Frederick Bryant, Oscar Burrell, Charles Cash, Ted Chancy, Hubert Clarke, Toy Clary, Eleanor Crouch, Barney Crow, Hubert, Jr. Culpepper, Charles Davis, Donald Fletcher, Warren Gay, Bobby WALTER STEWART: Who ' s Who; Pharmacy; Pres, Rho Chi; Sec, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, American Pharmaceutical Association. Phi Eta Sigma; Co-Advertising Manager, Georgia Pharmacist; Student Council; Kappa Psi; " Outstanding Soph- omore in Pharmacy " ; I. Z. Harris Award; " Outstanding Jun- ior in Pharmacy. " 406 Gibson, Coy Gibson, Natalie Goldman, Ronald Hames, John Hankinson, Charles Harden, Oren Hartzog, Larry Hemdon, Maron f 3 imil illlli OAN SWANSON: Who ' s Who; Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres.; Junior Pan- lellenic; URSA minor; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Tau Sigma Phi; Gamma Upha Phi; " Miss Athens. " Hicks, Edward Howell, Wendell Jackson, William Johnson, Mariellen Kapetanakos, Chris Kellam, Seth Jr. Kling, Thomas Koslovski, Mike McCowen, James Mills, Isaac Patterson, Rufus Peebles, John Ferry, Rubert Peterson, BiU Pickering, Patricia Pitts, William Rogers, Thomas Sapp, Rema Shaw, Jerry Shirley, Carol Smith, Donald Smith, Richard Stewart, Walter Strickland, M. Thompson, Grannon Thurmond, Gartrell Turner, Mark Veal, Barbara Wainright, Charles Whatley, Perry WhUden, William Willoughby, Linda Wong, Stephen Wooten, Ernest Yancey, Jerry •ffi art; I:if, Advisor. LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMl Lambda Kappa Sigma honors gis in the School of Pharmacy with h character, good grades, and a p fessional interest in her chosen fie] Officers are: Eleanor Clary, Pri Wannah Shirley, V-Pres.; Barh Veal, Sec; Sandra Mims, Trea| Miss Rheta Leverett, Sponsor. • ' fwlColsoii,! 408 mo CHI Rho Chi seeks to promote scholarship among phar- macy students, and students must have an overall aver- age of 85 after completion of 135 quarter hours to be elected to membership. Of- ficers are: Walter Stewart, Pres.; Ted Cash, V.P.; Bar- bara Veal, Sec; Dr. A. E. Wade, Advisor. Row One: Ted Cash, Barney Crouch, Barbara Veal, Ralph McLeod. Row Two: Walter Stewart, Dr. A. E. Wade, Charles Wainwright, Sonny Thurmond, Oren Harden. PHI DELTA CHI Phi Deha Chi is a professional phar- maceutical fratern- ity. Officers are Gar- ry Kimble, Pres. ; Ted Cash, Treas. ; Ralph McLeod, V.P.; Fred Colson, Sec. ; Vernon Freeman, Sec. rw One: Fred Colson, Ralph McLeod, Jim Hendrix, Donald Smith, G. H. Thurmond, William Jackson, Vernon Free- i a, James FuUington, Garry Kimble, Jack Lance, Dr. Ford Millikan, Irvin Lewis, Coy Gibson, Howell Stewart. 409 Row One: Durward Brantley, Charles Burrell, Lester Averitt, George Carter. Row Two: Bob Ballard, Lamar Russell, Barney Crouqh. Row Three: Buddy Harden, Bobby Parham. KAPPA PSI Founded in 1951, Gamma Phi chapter of Kappa Psi inspires pharmaceutical students to a deep and lasting pride in the profession of pharmacy. The officers are W. Benton Bowen, Pres. ; Charles K. Wainwright, sec; Monte S. Kellam, V.P.; Kenneth Randy Durden, Treas.; Donald C. Davis, his- torian; John F. Speer, corre- sponding secretary; Ernest A. Wooten, Chaplain. i Row One: Randy Durden, Ernest Wooten, John Speer, Donald Davis. Row Two: Benton Bowen, Charles Wainwright, Monte Keelam. L.-R: Lamar Creasman, Sidney Haskins, Ernest McClelland, Kenn Herndon, Walter Stewart. 410 him.fci ' iilniisteaii WnBowOT •idiBraiiil, M mint i.Bl!ll t AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION The American Pharmaceutical Association seeks to acquaint the students of pharmacy with various phases of the profes- sion. Promotion of National Pharmacy Week in October and monthly programs high- lighting various phases of pro- fessional activity are two ob- jectives of the association. Offi- cers are: Natalie Gibson, Pres. ; Benton Bowen, V.P.; Eleanor Clary, Rec. Sec; Lestina Smith, Corr. Sec; Saundra Moreland, Treas.; Don Davis, Parlimentarian. i m 1 - i IW bi fM ' l | H| 1 ' ROSTER: Hubert Chancy Coy A. Gibson James Langford Byron Phillips Walter Stewart Marion Allred Toy Qarke Natalie Gibson Bob Lindsey Pat Pickering Earl Strickland Bill Anthony Eleanor Qary Ronald Goldman Charles Maret Bill Pitts Phillip Taylor Tom Armistead Fred Colson Charles Grow Kathleen McClesky Alfred Roberts Grannon Thompson Wayne Ash Jerrold Crane John Hames Jim McCowen Wendell Rogers Gartrell Thurmond Tom Atkinson iLamar Creasman Charles Hankinson James McCurdy Gerald Ross Mark Turner Lester Averett Barney Crouch Oren Harden Ralph McLeod Richard Ross Barbara Veal Robert Ballard Hubert Crowe Larry Hartozg Sandra Mems Thomas Rushin Charles Wainright Benton Bowen Don Davis Kenneth Herndon Pete Mills Rema Sapp Joseph N. Warren Durwood Brantly Sammy Dixon Ed Hicks Marshall Minchey George Saunders Perry Whatley Winston Brock Randy Durden Windell Howell Saundra Moreland Wannah Shirley William Whilden Fred Bruno Clayton Eubanks Kenneth Johnston Hayden Moye G. R. Skipper Charles White Oscar Bryant Bob Fife Mariellen Johnston E. G Oliver Dean Smith Billie Wickliffe Charles Burrell Buster Fletcher Chris Kaoetanokos Bobby E. Parham Donald Smith Duke Williamson b 0 i Leron A. Bush Thomas Floyd Nancy Keith R. H. Patterson Lestina Smith Linda Willoughley Leslie Caldwell Mildred Fortner Monte Kellen John Peebles Richard Smith Stephen Wong Jimmy Calloway James Fullington Gary Kimble Robert David Perry John Spear Ernie Wooten Ted Cash 1 Bobby Gay Jack Lance 411 Bill Peterson Oscar M. Spears Jerry Yancey SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE ■ TV 1 X ' A m 1 9 s ' 1 i gj a S - jHIli 1 1 1 1 1 Dean Thomas J. Jones ii Avadikian, R, G. Birdsall, Alton G. Bohn, Henry E. Brackett, Benjamin Gupton, Ollie J., Jr. Buchanan, Loren, Jr. Butler Bobbie J Harden, Charles R. Lnandler, hklw. L. Davis, Augustine L. Dean, William D. Eason, R. L. Eckroade, Robert J. Edwards, Ryland B. Harrell, Siimuel S, Fader, Howjird G. Fulford, Joseph M. Gaines, James F. Graddick, Qiarles E. Heffeman, Henry J. Hetrick, John M.,Jr. Higginbotham, A. P. Holloway, Clinton Hughes, Richard H. Hurley, Howard A. Jackson, Dennis L. Joiner, W. E. Kaufman, Walter C HERBERT BLALOCK: Who ' s Who; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Phi Sigma; Phi Sigma Outstanding Junior; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Corps; American Veterinary Medicine Association; Kappa Alpha. 413 King, Norval W. Kruchko, Gay D. Lowiy, Harry E. Maag, Ted A. Magdeburger, Robt. D, Matthews, Jimmy K. McCahan, G. R., Jr. Myers, Stuart L. Palmer, James W., Jr. Ramy, Charles T. Ricketts, Ronald L. Staggs, Terry W. Tally, Richard D. Wagner, Floyd R., Jr. Waldrip, Donald W. Wilson, William R. Barlow, Thomas W. Bass, Tom L. G)hen, Donald W. Dantzler, Thomas M. BENJAMIN BRACKETT: Who ' s Who; Veterinary Medicii; Kappa Sigma; Pre- Vet Club; Ag Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Alj Zeta Award for Outstanding Freshman in Agriculture; Pr Student Chapter of AVMA; Omega Tau Sigma; " Outstand! Freshman in Veterinary Medicine " ; Gamma Sigma Epsili Phi Award for Outstanding Undergraduate in Biological ences, V.P., Phi Zeta; Phi Sigma; Southeastern Veterinaric Blue Key; " Outstanding Junior in Veterinary Medicine " ; I. Scholastic Award. 414 Dellinger, Wilbur Deloach, C. J., Jr. J ii 1 1 1 AUL W. CHAPMAN : Who ' s Who ; iigma Chi; Omega Tau Sigma, lec; Pre-Vet Club, Pres.; Pres. ophomore, Junior and Senior Veterinary school classes; Scabbard md Blade; AMVA; Demosthenian. Fincher, Dan H. i Dement, Wayne M. Dorsey, Wm. K., Jr. Ervin, John T. Dennard, Ivey C Dunnahoo, H. Ray Filsinger, Wm. C. Fletcher, Oscar J. Freeman, Frank P. Gardiner, George A. Gaskins, Cecil B. Gibson, George E. Greene, Richard H. Gross, Stuart E. Hydrick, R. S. Hagaman, John R. Hardison, Gerald D. Harrison, Wm. E. Hawkins, J. Arlin Inglett, William A. Hayes, John E. Hendricks, Hugh V. Henke, Robert Hook, Mamie R. Jessop, Gene Johnson, Jerry H. Johnston, William J. Kidd, Qaude S. Kimble, Vernon W. Kyle, Osceola C, Jr. Langdon, Jerry P. .„ f ' v ' ■ ' ' . trail u ■ill} BiiJ - NORVAL W. KING, JR.: Who ' s Who; Student Chapter AVMA, Pres.; Phi Zeta; Alpha Zeta, Treas.; Alpha Psi, Sec; Phi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Lee, James E. Long, Richard H. Lynne, Hiram O. Martin, Robert B. May, William 0., Jr. Merrell, Charles R. Mobley, David H. Page, Robert K. Parks, Richard 0. Patterson, Walter A. Petty, Joseph H. Phillips, Edward H. Pierce, Joseph E. Polk, Harry H. Proctor, Tom F. Ramsay, James W. Reeves, William N. Robinson, Robbie Robman, William K. Sanders, Billy C. Schoelkopf, Rodney 416 1 Simmonds, Richard Stephenson, Robert Sweat, Maurice Teate, John M. Teske, Richard H. Thigpen, Clifton K. Thompson, F. N., Jr. Townsend, James F. Tribby, David C. Whatley, Seaborn White, WiUiam, Jr. Wise, John T. Witkofsky, W. L, Jr. Wright, James T. iMHj ■k.. ■ H i. ' 417 OFFICERS: Ed Freeman, Trea.; John Ervin| Nerval King, Pres.; T. W. Staggs, Ag Hill Repr ' live; Joe Jeffries, Sec. Standing: Henry Brtii Class Rep.; Joe Eargle, Sec; Ben Bracken, elect; Walter Kaufman, V.P. ec. ;nta I ikei res AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICINE ASSOCIATION ;an The Georgia Student Chapter of the Amo Veterinary Medical Association patteied after the American Veterinary Medical i ciation, provides professional knowledge understanding of professional ethics. f«l ' iLPH MFieeijuiy, ' «« GiWn. SI 418 ■•llfllFwil!, I ' kiston, Italt MaonDicki " wtDo.SMt ' iy, Ramj S V Jo L Stepha, t«lien Brill B, He, Allii WHocV l«l»onli,Gi mi ami " U Aatditii ALPHA PSI ROSTER : Les Ahrens, Paul Austin, Dick Avadikian, Ken Best, Henry Bohn, Dorman Brogdon, Max Brugh, Buck Buchanan, Willard Buffkin, Bob Butler, Ed Chandler, Jack Cook, Doug Dean, Joe Eargle, Bob Eason, Bob Eckroad, Ryland Edwards, John Ervin, Con Filsinger, Dan Fincher, Oscar Fletcher, Ed Freeman, Andy Frey, Joe Fulford, Bob Gaines, Bob Garbutt, Sam Gehr, Tom Gibson, Skeet Graddick, O. J. Gupton, Art Hall, Hugh Hayes, John Hayes, Hank Heffernan, Jack Hetrick, Al Higgenbotham, Gregg Howie, Bill Inglett, Fred Iseminger, Dennis Jackson, Gene Jessop Mac Johnson, Qay Johnston, Walt Kauffman, Claude Kidd, Norval King, Mike Mason, Frank Maxon, Dick McDuffie, Tom McNeil, Gordon Miller, Ike Moore, Jerry Mosseller, Scotty Murnan, Ken Padgett, Ed Phillips, Ted Puffinburger, Jim Ramsay, Ramy Chick, Amos Rogers, Bill Schoeberlein, Ron Schueler, Gary Shive, Joe Sharpe, Terry Staggs, Dick Tally, Ed Timmons, Tex Townsend, Byron Virden, Bill White, Bill Williams, Jim Woods. PLEDGES: R. L. Stephenson, Joe Pierce, Tom Dantzler, Russel Van de Grift, Don Cohen Brad Buell, Ed High, Joe Petty, Robbie Robinson, John Wise, Wayne Dement, Robert Taylor, William Rodman, John Arthur, R. H. Teske, Ray Dunahue, Allan Cleveland, Bob May, Thomas Barlow, Clinton Deloach, Marnie Hook, James Simmons, Richard Long, Maurice Sweat, Walter Pat- terson, Ben Daniels, Harry Polk, Gerald Hardison, James Burns, Jerome Bloodworth, Grover Ligon, Bill Rowe. 419 C. E. Graddick, President Lambda chapter of Alpha Psi is one of eight chapters of the veterinary medi- cine fraternity located throughout the country. Officers are: C. E. Graddick, Pres.; Edward Phillips, V .P.; Ron Shueler, Sec; Bob Eckroade, Treas.; Dr. Sam Dreuz, Dr. H. C. Morgan, Sponsors. Senior Class Officers Dunbar Dyches, Secretary; Ellen Weav- er, Vice-President; Linton Dunston, President. Junior Class Officers Edward Garland, President ; June White- head, Vice-President; Thomas Johnson, Secretary. til i m i t Atron, Carole L. Abbolt, David W. Abernathy. John R. Aberson, Gail M. Abney, Ronald W. Adair, Samuel Y. Jr. Adams, Enne I. Adams, Betty J. Adams, Samuel R. Jr. Adams, William D. Addison, Joel N. Jr. Aghazadeh, Mohsen Akin, C. M. Jr. Akin, Frank W. Akin, Joe S. Aldred, Walter H. Ill Barbre, Lynda S. Barnes, Earl D. Harnett, Bill H. Barrett, Helen C. Barrett, Mary A. Barton, William F. Baxter, Julian F. Beall, MaT7 C. Beaty, John R. Beazley, Billy B. Bell, Brenda S. Bell, Carleen G. Beli. Gladys S. Bell, Mark R. Benedict, Charles C. Bennett, George C. Bennett, S. M. Benner, Lawrence L. Bentley, Linda S. Benton, Beverly C. Berlin, Thea F. Bemdt, Robert B. Berngard, Frank A. Berry, William D. Berryman, Janice B. Beverly, Joe E. Biggs, Charles W. Birchmore, Rebecca J. Black, William C. Blackman, Marion H. Blake. Mary V. Blanchard, Jim JUNIORS b__-_i iX-J Blankenship, Shelba J. BledBOe, Bobby W. Blass, Charlotte J. Bledsoe, Nick Blocker, Ellis R. Bloodworth, George A. Bobbitt, Sidney H. Bogo, Robert J. Bohannaon, Jodie Boleyn, Linda Bolton, Frances H. Bolton. William S. Boney, Don L. Boroughs, Elaine Bostrom, Joan D. Botsford, Marvin J. Boudreau, Bette S. Bowen, Dudley H. Bowen, John T. Bowie. Eathel F. Bowman, Jennings B. Boyd, David E. Boyd, James E. Bracewell, Jane C. Brackett, Charles E. Bracknell, Jim Bradberry, Merle Bradbury, Lynda Bradahaw, Randy S. Bradwell, Grey I. Brandon, Susan Branan, Tony Braselton, Lucy E. Braswell, Martha J. Brayson, Robin L. Bredenberg, John H. Brewer, Conrad W. Brewer, Larry H. Bridges, Mary M. Briscoe, Mary S. Brock, Sandra D. Brock, Winston B. Brogdon, William A. Brookins, William F. Broome, William I. Brown, Barbara L. Brown, Charles W., Ill Brown, Clarence E. Brown, Cornelius M. Brown, Etta B. Brown, Gayle Brown, John R. Brown, Johnny M. Brown, Julia A. Bruce, Charles H. Jr. Bnimley, Frank W. Bryant, William L. Buckley, Carol Lee Buondguro, Lou Burdett, Jamei M. Burdette. Donnell Burgess, Robert P. Butler, Roawell C. Burke, Howard J. Burton, Angela A. Burdeshaw, Bruce B. Burpee, Walter J. Burton, Brenda J. Burton, James S. Busby, Bette C. Carr oll, Georgia B. Carson, Carol L. Carson, Richard D. Carstaiphen, Linda A. Carter, Era G. Carter, George M. Carter, Grant Carter, Hubert K. f Carter, James D. Carter, Janice M. Carter, Nancy H. Carter, William C. iM Cartledge, Carl M. Jr. Casey, Eugene R. Caston, Donnie T. Gates, Paul J. Cathey, Charles W. Cavender, Ralph H. Chambers, Dorothy D. Chambers, Frank B. Buschow, Karen L. Bush, Jennie C. Busha, Marry L, Byars, Bully B. Byars, Morgan C. Byrd. Benny J.. Jr. Cain, Patricia K. Caldwell, Leslie E. Calhoun, Patrick P. Calhoun, Sandra L. Callaway, Christine L. Callaway, Dorothy A. Campbell, Clay J. Cannon, Libby F. Chambers, Nell C. Cbambless, James L. Chandler, James H. Chandler, Jerry M. JUNIORS Cobb, Kenneth H. Cochran, Betty J. Cochran, Beverly F. Cochran, Cynthia L. Cochran, Florence G. Cochran, Patricia Dawson, Jack E., Deal, Daniel W. Deal, Emit B. Deal, William E. Debruhl, Joyce L. DeLoach, George L. Denard. Albert L., Jr. Der, Robert A. Dersch, Reinald Devoll, David DilUrd, Frances Dillingham, Richard Dismuke, Diane Dixon, Mary Robran, Linda Donaldson, Johnny Donehoo, Sandra Donovan, James Dooley, Jamet Dorsey, Daniel Dester, Gloria Douglas, James Dover, Jerry Dover, Lawrence Dowling, Alexandra Downs, Jackie Drake, Chesta Drewry, Danna Driver, Charles Dubberly, Jimmy Dubose, Priscilla Dudley, Charles Duggan, Henry Duke, Mary Duncan, Pearla Duncan, Tim Dupree, Betty Durden, Kenneth Dunn, Larry Dye, Jayne Dyer, Sylvan Dykes, Mary Earls, Theodore Eason, James Eberhardt, Linton Eddy, Barry Edge, Richard Edwards, Darwin Edwards, Jan Eidson, Joel Eidson, Rodger Eisenhut, Romey EUer, Catharine Ellington, Billie Elliott, Charlotte Elliott, Henry Elliott, Larry Ellison, Billy Elser, Fred Emherson, Eleanor Emerson, Arthur Emerson, Patti L Eng, Bert H. Erwin, Hugh F. Etheridge, Kathryn S. Eubanks, Clayton A., Jr. Evans, Billy L. Evans, L. D., Jr. Evans, Sally Eve, James H. Ezell, Virginia Faber, Gerald, B. Fannin, Phillip Farris, Frank F. Faulkner, Gary S. Fegan, Ronald J. Feinberg, Stephen L. Feraca, Joseph Fergusen, Julie L. Ferguson, Robert P. Ferrell, William M. Fialkow, Alan R. Finney, Betty M. Finney, H. S. Fiveash, Charlie B. Floyd, Thomas A. Folsom, Edward F. Foote, Margaret A. Forbes, Walter T. Ford, Anita Joyce 424 Uk Ford, Judy B. Foreman, Paula Fortier, Suzanne C. Fortner, Mildred C. Fountain, James F. Fourtain, James L. Fowler, Britton L. Fowler, John T. Frederick, Stanley F. Freedman, Benton E. Freeman, Fletcher V. Friedman, Paul A. Fudge, William C., Jr. Fuehrer, Edward G. Fulcher, Robert M. Jr. Fulford, Ada L. Fuller, William E., Jr. FulUlove, Eleanor A. JUNIORS Fullington, James B. Fulton, Ann K. Futch, Priscilla D. Cabrielsen, James R. iMS Gerrard, Larry T. Gibson, Chester J. Gibson, Emmie M. Gibson, Tom P. Giddens. Wendell F. Gill, Andrew W., HI Gill, Doris E, Gill, Luke K. Gilliard, Fred E. Gilmore, Forrest C. Gingret, James F. Ginsburg, Eileen S. Gladin, Bemie R. Glassman, Howard N. Gaines, Howard C. Gainous, Larry B. Gaines, Sandrea Gammons, Jim H. Gaskins, Martha E. Gates, Vandy S. Garbutt. Robert L. Gale, Larry E. Gait, Robert H. Garland, Edward M. Gamer, Camille Garrett, Floyd A. Garrett. Ora E. Garrett, Leandra E. Garrett, Lynette Garrison, Jimmy R. Gebr, Samuel M. Geiger, David L. Gleaton, William E. Glendenning, Shirley A. Glenn, Mildred A. Glover, Gary A. Glover, Glenn H. Glover, Thomley D. Godwin, Jackson A. Goldberg, Alan H. Goldberger. Herb L. Golden, Norma C. Goldsmith, John P. Goldstein, Gary A. Goodin, Dyke Goodwin, Dorothy L. Gordon, Harryn Gosa, Lloyd J., Jr. CoBsett, Larry F. Gower, Charlie A. Graham. Chester T. Grant, Robert K. Greene. Bill K. Green. Julie R. Greene, Larry F. Greene. Margaret L. Green, Marian M. Gregory. Glen Griffin, L. Anne Griggs, James E. Griggs, Reginald L. Crimaude, Constance E. Grismer, James A. Grissett, Gloria J. Grist, Fred D. Gross, Jerry Gunnels, Joe E. Hagan. Jo A. Hale, Louise W. Hamby. Billy C. Hames, William H., Jr. Hamil, Mary A. Hamilton, Frances L. Hamilton, Kenneth L. Hamilton, Linda G. Hemlet, Gerald L. Hamrick, James L. Hancock, Robert D., J Hansford, Jane Haskins, Sidney S. Harden, Katherine L. Harden, Sydney Hardman, John B. Hardigree, Donald H. Hardison, Richard M. Hardy, Charles L., Jr. Hardy, Marjorie A. Hargrove, Amy K. Geiger. Starlet P. 0«ntry, Charlea J. Harley, Mumford T. Harpe, Suzanne G. Harper, Carroll W. Harrell, Jane P. Harrington, Heyward T. Harris , Wesley F. HarriBon, Dan H. Harrison, Edith N. Harrison, George H. Hartmann, Frederick R. Haupt. Gail E. Hawkina, William E., Jr. Haygood, Charlie B. Haynes, Cynthia M. Hays, Robert B. Haysman, Philip Head, William P. Heggie, Water B., Jr. Heimowitz, Stanley B. Helms, Roland T. Henderson, Jan E. Henegar, Richard W. Hendricks, Betty A. Henry, Hunter M., Jr. Herman, William A., HI Hermance, George W. Hester, Roy F. Heymann, Laurence H. Heys, Joann Heyward, Mildred G. Hilbum, Richard L. Hicks, Lewis C. Hicks, Mary H. Higginbotham, Landy A. Hill, Betty R. Hill, WiUiam J. Hilton, Leroy P. Hirsch, Brenda S. Hitchcock, Hershel E. Hitchcock, John F. Hobby, Stephena G. Hodes, Shiriey Hodge, Jane E. Hodges, James E. Hogan, Larry C. Holcomb, Wayman J. Holder, Metz R. Holland, Carolyn A. Holland, Diana K. Holland, Florence A. Holland, Harold E. Holland. Naomi C. H oil in gs worth, Gail E. HoUis, James E., Jr. Hollister, Alan D. Holly, John W., Jr. Holmes, Hamilton E. Holtzclaw, Charles W. Hopkins, Ralph D., Jr. Honea, Robert B. Hubbard, Sammy L Hubley, Fred C. Hudgins, Edwin P. Hudson, Frank R. Hudson, Lanny D. Huff, E. Harrell Hughes, Joy A. Hughes, Rebecca J. Hughes, William H., Hughes, Lynda B. Hummell, Dianne F. Hungerford, Lynn Hunnius, Howard R. Hunt, Charlie A. Hunt, Wm. Howard Hunter, Ruth Hunter, Charlayne A. Hunter, Charles M., Jr. Hyssong, Richard C. Illges, Barbara S. Inglis, David W. Ingram, Henry C, Jr. Ingram, Marie J. Ingrassi, Salvatore Irvin, James T. Isaf, Sara J. Iseminger, Fred C. Jackson, Barbara A. Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Jan H. Jenkins, James L Jennings, Evelyn W. Jobiu, Lucy E. Johnson, Alva W. Johnson, Betty L. Johnson, Bonnie S. Johnson, Clifford I. Johnson, John B. Johnson, Marty Johnson, Mary V. Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Stanford B. Johnson, Walter R. Johnson, William P. Joiner, Daryl W. Jones, Alton R. Jones, C, Ann Jones, Douglas N. Jones, Elvin D. Jones, Emily W. Jones, James L. Jones, James T. Jones, Jim B. Jones, Jimmie L. Jones, Jimmy Jones, Richard B. Jones, Roy M. Jones, Terrell Jones, Vivian L. Jordan, James H. Jorgensen, Leon P. Juako, Patricia T. Kantsiper, Alan B. Katz, Jerry H. Kaye, Phyllis S. Kaye, Robert H. Keadle, Patsy G. KecIcisoD, Vincent £. Keever, James D, Keheley, Mary J. Keith, Nancy Keller, Ceorgianna J. Kelly, Kenneth R. Kelmanson, Dave Kenimar, Barry K. Kennedy, Alfred D. Kennedy, James H. Kennon, Mary K. Kerr, George S. Kerr, John E. Kesser, Michael B. Kidd, William W. JUNIORS Kiker, Jerald K. Kilcline, Mary E. Kilpatrick, Paul V. Kimbrough, Linda King, Carolyn V. King, Julene Kimgery, Andrew J Kirk, Harrison L. Kitchens, Jack E. Knight, Cecil D. Knight. Daniel P. Knight, James W. Knight, John E. Kramer, Ruthie Kreag, C. Paul Kreeger, George H Kurtz, Judy H. Lam, Linda L. Lampe, Diedrich L. Lancaster, Larry C. Lance, James C. Land, Judith M. Land, Karen A. Land, Mary L. Landrum, L. Suellen Lane, Walter R. Langford, Jamea W. Langley, Emmet! R. Langston, Elizabeth L. Langston, Nancy C. Lankford, James H. Lanier, Mary E. Lapenna, Ralph E. Larkin, Robert M. Laster, Pametia A. Latz, Mary Ann E. W illl ' LawBon, Elizabeth D. Layman, Sydney G. Layton, Charles E., Ill Lea, Richard N. Laeke, Judith I. Lee, Ernestine S. Lee, Thomas F. Lee, Virginia A. Leebem, Fate D. Leggett, Dealva Levinson, Laura F. Lewis, Hodges A. Licbner. Jon A. Lines, Jean P. Little, Tom F. Long, Helen M. Lon , James M. Long, Josephine E. Long, Robert W, Loudermick, Horace R. Lowe, Frances G. Lowery, Clifford C. Lowry, William M. Lyle, Linda C. Maddox, Dean A. MacGregor, Ida H. Maffett, Shirley W. Mallard, Wade V. Mallory, Jack T. Malone, Thomas H. Mangham, Jay R, Manning, Douglas E. Manry, Gordon T. Mansfield, John L. Marett, Rosemary Marshall, Nelson Marshall, Priscilla A. Martin, C. Wellinton Martin, Joe B. Matheson, Charlotte Matthews, Morraine Matthews, Waine G. Mathias, Charlotte 6. Mathias, Larry M. Maund, Anne Mays, Rehie P. Maxwell, Charles V. McAlum, Grady F. McCain, Charles A. McCall, Kelsey K. McCarty, Donald E. McClelland, Virginia E. McCleskey, D. Kathleen McCook, Thomas H. McCullough, Annette McDonald, Anne M. McDowell, Lee R. McEachern, John P. McElderry, Nancy E. McElmurray, Forrest H. McElmurray, Nancy E. McGee, Ruby M. McGilvray, Chandler Mcintosh, Peggy I. Mclntyre, Margaret L McLain, Gerri McLane, James R. McLeroy, James R. McLocklin, Boyd S. McMains, Harrison McMillan, Florence I McNabb, Terry S, McNair, Howard P. McNeely, Craig McPhail, Eleanor F. McPherson, Donald L, McRae, William M. McSwain, Homer E. McVinnie, Brian C. Meaders, Rebecca B. Medford, Jane Meek, Harold F. Meeks, Alton P. Mercer, Dwight H. Merren, Michael D. Merritt, Panna Mewborn, Wayne W. Mickey, Raymond F. Middlebrooks, Joseph Miller, Betsy J. Miller, Carol L. Miller, Charles M. Miller, Gordon P. Miller, Robert W. Miller, William O. Mims, Hal C. Mims, Sandra E. Mitchell, Gloria A. M2 Mitchell, Sandra L. Mladinich, Christopher J Mobley, Gamer C. Momon, Reatha G. Morehead, Johnny C. Manley, Allen E. Montgomery, Cecil M. Montgomery, Patricia A Montoya, Victor J. Moody, John L. Moreland Emily S. Morgan, Byron D. Morris, Lewis A. Morris, Shelba J. Morrison, Joseph V. Morse, Patricia A. Moser, Douglas S. Moselry, Cenelda [ NIORS ««i|« ' , Moseley, Hubert D. Mosteller, Joyce " W. Mote, Jacqueline H. Muehlbaver, Fred J. Mull, Wilbur C. Mullins. Ralph W. Mund, Robin M. Mundy, C. Loui» Murdock, Arthur E. Murphree, Mary M. Murphy, Bennie K. Murphy, Carol D. Murphy, Laurence J. Mustoe, Jamcft L. Nairn, Charles R. Naman, Carl H. Nash, James W. Neale, Juliane L. Neely, Franklin D. Neeley, Robert W. Neei aard, Fred A. Nelson, John S. Nervo, Eugene T. Nesbit, John E. Newberry, Arthur R. Newsome, David C. Newton. Treasa L. Ney, Sidney I. Nicholson, Anthony Nicholson, Julian O. Niemann, Chet Niles, Charles G. Noble George R. Noell. John S. Noles, Thomas A. Norman, Frances E. Norris, Gloria J. Norris, Robert E. Norton, William A. Nunnally, William M. Nussbaumer, William H. O ' Callaghan, William L. O ' Dell, Charles L. Odom, Ernest J. Olenaki, Donald A. Olthof, Paul W. O ' Quinn, Don T. Orr, Nancy E. Osternect, Myle» N. Owens, Sarah H. Oxford, Charles 0. Ozaki, Roger H. Pace, James E. Padgett, Ansley B. . Padgett, Ken R. Palefsky, Elliot H. Panessa F. James Pape, Courtney W. Paper, Mary J. Pardue, William G. Farham, Bobby E. Parker, Ted M. Parks, Barry M. Parrish, Bruce Parriah, Joe E. Parrish, Larry J. Parsons, Philip C. Paschal, Dorothy A. Pascuillo, Albert W. Patterson, Walter A. Pattillo, Alice D. Pattilio, Patti Paul, James M, Payne, Gayle Peavy, Bonnie L. Peavy, Mary F. Peavy, Peggy A. Peeler, Dennis H. Pendleton, Richard J Perdue, Thomas A. Perkins, Kay E. Perkins, William H. Perling, David J. Perry, Frances A. g m MM it %ma. Persons, A. P. Peters, Marilyn Peters, William T. Peterson, Albert E. Phares, Audrey Pheib, Frederick P. Phillips, Byron H. Phillips, John T. Pigott, Willie R. Pichard, Joseph A. Pickelsimer, Joan A. Picker, Virginia L. Pinkerton, Eddy R. Pickett, James R. Pickrell, Bobby E. Pirrello, Edward JUNIORS Fittard. Charles C. Pittard, Mima G. Pitts, Farris A. Plunkett, George E. Poor, Christina A. Poppell, Paul H. Porter, Nancy M. Pound, Ida E. Powell, Hershel R. Powell, James H. Powell, Leonard B. Powers, Ralph F. Pray, Lee W. Prewitt, Dolores R. Priess, Elaine A. Prince, David F. M Pritchett, Thomas L. Pritchetl, Mark J. Proctor, Robert A. Pruitt, Donald I. Pryor, Judith A. Puckett, Victor L. Pugh, Floyd H. Purcell, Wanda M. Queen, Al L. Rabb, Forte C. Rambo, Ellen E. Ramey, Elaine L. Randall, Janice Randall, Priscilla A. Rapp, Robert R. Raskin, Fredrick Ravenscroft, Nina Ray, Charles A, Raymond, William H. Reagan, Thomas J. Reed, Bruce E. Reed, Charlie W. Reese, Bobby D. Reese, Henry A. Reeves, E. Rebecca Reeves, Frances M. Reid, Christina S. Rice, Jimmy P. Richards, John R. Richards, Lillian M. Richard, Reuben R. Richardson, Spurgeon Richburg, Thomas H. Riddick, Judy L. Ridley, William E. Rilay, Marguerite C. Ritchie, Gary A. Ritter, Carl A. Robbins, Julia A. Roberts, Alfred B. Roberts, Barbara R. Roberts, Julian H., Jr. Robertson, Calvin F. Robinson, Susan D. Robinson. William E. Rogers, Tommye A. Rogers, Wendell R. Rogers, Vaughn W. Rolfe, Raymond Rominger, Linda J. Root, Joseph W. Rose, Jaoe E. Rosenthal, Gary S. Rosenthal, Hank M. Ross, Doug B. Roush, John A., Jr. Rowan, Robert A. Rowe, Jack Rowland, Jerry M. Royal, James A. Rudeseal, Sandra V. Rumsey, Charles G. Rushin, Julian T. Russell, Barron J. Russell, Belle C. Russell. John T. Russell, Richard B. Samaltanos, Anthony S. Samol, Kong Sanders, Bill A. Sapp, Robert N. Satterheld, Carl R. Satterheld, Kathryn N. Sawyer, Charles P. Saye, Jake L., Jr. Sayer, Edward M. Schelhammer, Lance E. Schnedl, Mary B. Schoeberlein, William L. Schulhofer, George A. Schwamlein, Albert F., Jr. Scott. Arthur A Scoville, Paul Seagler, J. Chip gM M. IM Summerhill, Vicki D. Sumraers, Gay Susman, Seymour C. Sutton, Linda J. Sweat, Kathryn Sweeny, Mary S. Swords, Herbert J. Tabb, Eleanor A. Tabor, John S. Tally, Sandra K. Talmadge, Mary I. Tanner, John A. Tarpley, Harvey E. Tarpley, Robert W. Taylor, Jo Ann Taylor, Norman L. Taylor, Richard P. Teal, James L. MS!zMl Teasley, Billy F. Teitel, Ted B. Temple, John H. Temple, Joseph M. Terry, Dan B. Terry, Georgia M. Terry, Hilda J. Terry, Randy W. Tharp, Mary L. Thigpen, Kenneth F. Thigpen, William B. Thomas, Walter E. Thomason, V. Annelle Thompson, Denny V. Thompson, Harry H. Thompson, Sara C. Thompson, Travis H. Thornhill, Barbara L. Threeton, Clay L. Threlkeld, George L. Thurmond, Elizabeth W. Thurmond, Guy J. Thurston, George W. Thweatt, John D. Tidwell, William J. Tillem, Annie R. Tindol, Rufus L. Tisinger, Richard G. Todd, Mina L. Todd, Patricia C. Todd, Susan J. Tolbert, James J. Tootle, Jan Topshe, Sondra P. Totis, Maria I. Townson, Richard D. Traber, Betty Traramell, Ervin G. Tricarico, Vincent J. Trotman, Dorothy M. Tucker, Walter F. Tumbleston, Roy H. Turner, George A. Tuten, James R. Tuten, Sara E. Tyre, Gary L. Underwood, Robert G. Upchurch, Harold W. Vance, Shirley A. VanDiviere, Catherine M. VanDiviere, Cornelia E. Veal, Wendell R. Vennes, G. Rossell Vick, James E. Virgin, Rosemary L. Voigt, John T. Walker, Jimmy R. Walker, John D. Waiter, Lamar C. Warlick, William B. Wasdin, Susan W. Waters, Anne A. Watkins, Barbara F. Watkins, Charles J. Watkins, Kenneth H. Watson, Ann Watson, William E. Watts, George B. Weatherford, Mary F. Weatherly, James C. Weaver, Sarah A, Webb, Madge P. Weigand, Sandra G. Weitman, Ravenel T. STP; JUNIORS Weitz, Nathan H. Wells, Allen B. Wells, Donald L. Wendt, Paul A. West, Lucy Y. Westfall, Frank C, Jr. Whatley, Seaborn J. Wheeler, Johnny C. Wheeler, Mary J. Wheeler, Sandra L. White, Charles H. White, Charles K. White, Dorothy E. White, Hugh T. White, Marian L. White, Robert H. White, Sherri A. White, William E. Whitehead, June Whitelock, Richard E. Whitley, Robert G. Whitley, William H. Whitmire, Millard M. Whitmore, Sherry L. Whiting, Scott F. Whittle, Mary C. Whitworth, G. L. Whorton, Judith F. Wicker, Earl L. Wiengea, Hydrick O. Wier, Barbara R. Wightman, James R. Wilchey, Carlton W., Jr. Wilcoi, Peter W. Wilde, Richard N. Williams, Earl F. Williams, Earl S., Jr. Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Karen Williams, Harriet Williams, Ralph L. Williams, Richard A. Williams, Virginia A. Wilkes, William L. Wilkerson, Joe E. Willig, Sharon N. Willis, Jerry P. Willis, Margaret A. Williamson, Emory J. Wilson, Elizabeth S. Wilson, Emory C. Wilson, Fred G. Wilson, Gordon G. Wilson, James L. Wilson, Jerald R. Wilson, Patti J. Wilson, Robert P. Wilson, Walter R. Wilson, William H., Jr. Wilson, Winnie A. Winawer, Henry H. Winship, Wadleigh C. Wirsing, Kent M. Wiser, Meda L. Withers, John B. WolU, Fabianne B. Wolfson, Dennis M. Woo, Douglas K. Woo, Eugene, Jr. Woodall, Linda J. Woodcock, Benny F. Wray, Margaret J, fSM K% S M ' M ' A S I Wright, Alexander S., Ill Wright, Benjamin H. Wright, Faye E. Wright, F. Celia Wright, Johnny F. Wynn, Martha C. Wynne, David M. Yates, Clinton H. York, Prestor B. Youmans, Lawanna Youmans, Norma F. Young, Arnold C. Zalkow, Janice Zuck, Sandra E. 433 SOPHOMOR CLASS :.,J. I • SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFI- CERS: Beecy Prince, Secretary; Barbara Williams, Vice-Presi- dent; Tommy Milner, President. iai, - J iwr.S " " ' ' - S MS™ Abelkop, Judith M. Ackerman, Norman Adair, Barbara H. Adams, Hansford T. Adams, James I. Aiken, Martha J. Aldridge, Roland L. Algers Thalie J. Alexander, Candace A, Alexander, William R. Allen, Carolyn Allen, James L. Alliston, Curt L. Ambery, Robert A. Anderson, Alvin F, Anderson, Harry L. Anderson, James T. Anderson, James W. Anderson Karen E. Anderson, Robert T. Anderson, William H. Andrews, Larry P. Andrews, Montine E. Angel, John W. Anger, Sally S. Archbold, C. Carla Armistead, Jacqueline Armour, Margie V. Armstrong, Marvie M. Armstrong, Thomas L. Arnold, Jeanna R. Arnold, Larry E. Amowich, Robert A. Aronson, Rosalee Ashcraft, Eleanor P. Ashenfelder, Gerrylyn C. BebernlHaitril yMl Averill, George E. Bacon, Charlotte M. Bagby, Charles L. Baird, Justus N. Baker, Charles A. Baker, George W. Baker, Jana Baker, Nancy E. Baldwin, Cecil A. Bargeron, Virginia A. Barr, Thomas A. Bassett, David D. Basham, Leland F. Baxley, Frances E. PHOliiij Baxter, Deliliab A. Baxter, Marianne Beard, Jndith A. I Beard, Lairy H. Beat7, Snaanne II. Beberga], Marilyn K. kRtol •wtet ■a hat mis ' . katail • tkil »« Bedford, Cerand E. Beck, Virginia L. Becker, Brenda R. Beckum, Bascom A. Beckum, Walter S. Bedingfield, George W. Behrman, Judith Belclier, Ronald A. Bell, Freddy R. Benners, Carol M. Beanett. Charles C, Jr. Bennett, Claude R. Bennett, Ernest K., Jr. Bennett, Mary C. Benton, Nancy C Bercegeay, Judith Bethea. BeTerly C. Bethea, Cherry B, Binder, Sandy Bishop, Billie W. Bishop, Henry S. Bishop, Jim A. Bivins, Susan C. Blackwell, Robert B. Blair, Nsea M. Blalock, Joanna M. Blaloek, Roy L. Bland, D. Barbara Blankenship, James L. Blasingame, James W. Blondheim. Barry F. Bogie, Dooglaa A. Bogle, Rosamond M. Bohne, Donald H. Boland, Joseph H. Bolles, Hamilton T. Bork, Arlene C. Bostwick, Charles J. Bostwiek, Preston T. Boswell, Kenneth B. Bowen, Barbara J. Bowen, Charles E. Bowen, Paul B. Bowman, Thoinas T. Boyd, Constance J. Boyd, Martha S. Boyett, Arthur S., Ill Boykin, Joyce S. L . ' ia a M2J Boynton, Marion R, Bradford, Judy A. Bradley, Brenda J. Bradley, Danny W. Bradley, Kenneth L. Bradley, Marsha H. Bradley, Patricia A. Bradley, Shirley A. Brake, William M., Jr. Bramlett, Rachel D. Brandon, Robert W. Brantley, Edgar R. Brantley, Wayne L. Braselton, Nancy C. Braaington, Beau Braswell, Charlie B. Braawell, Donald C. Bray, Charlie W. Breedlove, Claire Breedlove, Phillip G. Brim, Richard T. Brittain, Nancy J. Brock, Mary E. Brodnax, Henry D., Jr. Brooks, Joan J. Brooks, Linda F. Brown, Emory T. Brown, George W. Brown, Jacqueline C. Brown, Jsmet F. Brown, Joseph E. Brown, Max C. Brown, Ralph F. Brown, Susan Brown Toinetle D. Browne, Gail R. Brubaker, Henry A. Brunner, Myra J. Bryan, Joseph T. Buchanan, Frances K. Buckler, Lawrence F. Bullock, Janice D. Bulloch, Paul M. Burdison, Jeanne M. Burger, William H. Burroughs, Carol A. 435 SOPHOMORES Burrow, Linda K. Burrows, Jimmy B. Bush, James E., Jr. Bush, Leron A. Butler, George M. Byrd, Tommye S. Cagle, Gerald F. Cagle, Pamela L. Cain, Sandra E. Calhoun, James N., Jr. Camden, Harry C. Campbell, Glenn M. Candler, John P. Chandler, John S. Capel, Larry H. Carey, Ann H. M M i _ Carlisle, John R. Carrington, Norma A. Carter, Doris A. Carter, George B. Cartledge, Carol A. Cashen, Richard J. Cavender, Judith A. Chalk, Joe F. Chance, Jane A. Chandler, William R. Chapman, Lynda C. Chapman, Stephen A. Chastain, Edwina M. Chatfield, Mary V. Cheek, Shiley J. Cheney, Clifford P. Cheshire, Dorothy S. Childs, Nina A. Chin, Nancy L. Chunn, Russell D. Clack, Jerry C. Clark, Judith L Clark, Virginia G. Clarke, Bonnie B. Clary Edgar D., Ill Clary, Nora A. Clayton, Marvin R. Clements, Linda B. Clements, David E. Clements, Frederick D. Clements, Linda J. Clements, Reuben W., Ill Clifton, Richard E. Climer, Neva M. Cloninger, Eugene F. Clonts, Thomas M. Coates, Edward T. Cobb, Martha V. Cochran, Betty J. Cockcroft, Charlotte A. Coffey, Bob D. Coker, Carolyn Collins, Gloria Collins, Jody M. Comolli, John M. Connally, Harper C., Conner, Larry D. Conner, Martha L. Conniff, John C. Coolik, Michael A. Cook, Charles W. Cook, Glover H. Cook, Julian H. Cook, Kenneth W. Cook, Linda J. Cook, Taylor Cook, Wyndell W. Cooper, Charles W. Cooper, Dennis R. Cooper, Jan A. Copeland, Carole Coppedge, John B., Cornell, Hal D. Corry, Larry R. Cotton, Nancy C. Counts, Walter E. Coursey, Bert M. Cowan, James E. Cowart, Chuck E. Cox, Carolyn K. Cox, Charlotte D. Craft, Nancy P. Crais, Christian M. Crawford, David H. Crawford, Edward E. Crenshaw, McCarthy, Jr. Crittenden, Betsy Crumbley, Alex R. Crump, Ronald S. Culbreth, William P. Cullena, Williams A. Culpepper, James C. Curry, Beth Cuthbert, Grange C. t d IMi f 4 Dabbfl. Patricia DaUas, Albert H. Davis, Patricia E. Davis, Richard S. Davis, Sandra K. Dawson, Warren M. Deal, Clifford L.. Jr. Dean, Carolyn S. Daniel, R. Frances Daniels, Don F. Debele, Julia Debord, Jace W. de Golian, Richard L., J Dell, Arlene P. Delman, George W. DeMayo, Sarah A. Darnell, Dorothe Daughtry, Edna Denham, Algie A. Denward, Ivey C. Dennard, Mary M. Denton, James F. Deraney, David L. Deriaon, Patsy Davenport, Melba J. Davis, Christopher B. Dettelbach, Genie Dewar, Jimmy L. Dial, Patty Dickens, Kenneth B. Diemar, Roberta J. Dillard. Terry A. Davis, Earnest F. Davis, Linda J. Dixon, Donald C. Dixon, Jerry W. Dixon, Neva M. Dixon, Stephen J. Dixon, Tracy A. Dobbs. B. Nelson, Jr. Docurro, Phyllis M. Donaldson, George W Dorsey, Sandra L. Doster, Charles R. Dover, Barbara A. Driver, Betty J. MAX Dudley, William F. Duncan, John L. Dunn, Thomas K. Durham, Dennis A. Durham, Nancy K. Dutton, Martin J. Duvall, William D. Dyar, Cliff H. Dyer, Floyd J. Earles, Tommy D. Eastman, Matthew Eaton, Milton L. Edwards, Barbara C. Edwards, Ronnie A. Eichel, Irving J. Eidson, C. Morris Edler, Sandra Ellis, Robert C. Ellzey, Lynn Elroy, Donald A. Elrod, Joseph S. Eisner, John E. Embry, Harriet Esche, Victor E. Eschenbrenner, Jean R. Esslinger, Susan A. Estes, Dorothy D. Estes, Macy F. Evans, Betty J. Evans, John D. Evans, Wendell L. Eve. Ann W. Everitt, Kittie Ezzard, Martha J. Bolin, ManioD A. Facher, Bobyn A. Fair, Wanda J. Farmer, Billy W. Fanner, Elixabeth D. Farr, Thomas E. Farrell, William C. Faulk, Rabun B. Feinfera, Helen L Fenstemacher, Elizabeth Ferdon, Jon H. FerreU, John K. Ficklen, John D. Fields. Nancy E. Fields, Ross L. Fincher, Molly A. L., ,Ji File, Paul B. Fill, Robelt A. Floge, Sue F. Flowers, Deneae B. SOPHOMORES Flowers, Jon L. Floyd, Berry A. Fluker, Jimmy D, Flynt, James P. Folmar, Jimmy B. Fortune, Ronald T. Gottlieb, Harris N. Gould, Lawrence E. Gracia, Octavio O. Grant, Barbara J. l Jk M% Foster, Harriette G. Fortune, Joel S. Fountain Andrew A., Ill Fountain, James D. Fowler, James A. Fox, Stanley L. Franco, Jeanie Freeman, Frank P., Ill Fryer, Eugene D. Fulford, Frank D. Fuller, Carleton S. Fullilove, Mary E. Funderburk, Darrell F. Futch, Milton £. Futch, William D. Cadd, Suzanne G. Gaeser, Philip M. Gaines, Gene T. Gaines, Rhetta C. Granade, James A., Jr. Gamer, James W, Garrard, Geoi ia A. Garrett, Sammy F. Gartner, Linda Gash, James H. Gassaway, Fred A. Gatchell, Doug L. Gavron, Barbara E. Gay, Sandra M. Gentry, Alice F. Gentry, Perry M. George, Lamar T. Gerlock, John L. Gerson, Stanley M. Gibson, Woodrow W, Giles, Charlotte A, Giles, James T. Giles, Mary J. Giles, Mary K. Giles. Hugh Gilson, Jane D. Ginson, Louise A. Gissendaner, Douglas M. Gieaton, Linda K. Glenn, Walter W. Golden, Agnes D. Golden, Bobby L. Goldman, Marilyn R. Goldman, Paula S. Goldsmith, Marilyn J. Goodrich, John S. Goodrich, Nina M. Goodroe, Richard N. Goodson, Robert M. Goodwin, Dorothy A. Gordon, Julia H. Green, Margaret C. Greene, Linda Greene, John W. Greene, Patricia A. Greene, Sarah R. Greenholtz, Rbiette Greer, Mary L. Greer, Rebeccs Grewell, John N. Grice, Frieda C. Grier, Lee M. Griffin, Arthur C, IH Griffin, Gary L. Griffin, James M. Griffin, Victory J. Gricgs, Becky L. Grogan, Larry W. Grogan, Mary Caryl Grollman, Robert A. Cross, Joan S. Cross, Rosalie Guscio, Don M. Haavie, Betsy Hadley, Barbara A. Hadley, Phil W. Hadley, Robert J. Haga, Herman J., Jr. Haley, S. Edward, Jr. Haley. Emily J. Hall, Charles H. Griggs, Clara J. Grigsby, William M. Grissom, Don A. Grist, Prise ilia A. 438 Hall, Nancy Hall, Warren Hallenberg, Scott Hallums, James Hambrick, Heidi Hamilton, Gayle Hamlett, Elane Hammarley, Robert Hammond, Edward Hanna, Barbara Hancock, Margaret Haney, Billie Hansen, Michael Hanson, E. C. Hardeman, Georgia Hardman, James Hardy, Joseph Hardy, Mai ee Harper, Roberta Harridge, Fred Harris, Bcenda Harris, Grais Harris, James Harris, John Harria, My ma Harrison, Joe, Jr. Hartley, Robert Hartman, Jack Harvill, Ernestine Haskins, Melvin Hatcher, Robert Hawkins, Peggy Hays, Harriet Hayes, Sue Heard, Dian Heaton, Bobbie Hedges, James Hembree, Jerry Henrick, Patricia Hendry, Gail Henry, Lucille Henry, Lucy Henson, C. Allen, Jr. Henson, Jon Henson, Sylvia Henson, Pete Henson, Thomas Herman, Charles Hemdon, Patricia Hickox, Carmen Hicks, Frankie S. Hiers, Jeannine Higginbotham, Linda Higgtnbotham, Mary Hightower, Joan Hill, Barbara Hill. Charlet Hill, Charles HiU. Jeff Hill, John, Jr. f Hill. Robin Hill, Susan Mines, Lilaine Hinson, Laurie Hix, Carolyn Hodges, Julian Hobgood, Beverly Hodges, Jane HoffediU, Tom Hoffman, L. F. Hoisington, Judith Holbrook, Jan Holder, Tom Holder, James Hell, James Holliday, Marion Ilollis, Cleary Holloway, Bessie Hood, Nell Hope, Emily Hopkins, Clarence Hopkins, Melvin Home, Patricia Horton, Carol Norton, Rosemary Horton, Thomas Howe, Paulette Howell, Nancy Hubert, Judy Hudson, Charles Hudson, Charlie Hudson. Peter H HufT, Vamea B. Huff, Vivian Huff, William Hugheym Harvard Hulsey, Gary Hulsey, James Humphries, Demazis Hunt, George SOPHOMORES Hunter, Barbara J. Hunter, Ina S. Hunter, Mary E. Hurlbutt, Guy G. Hurst, Alvin J., Jr. Hurst, Robert W. Hutchison, Alan C. Hutchinson, Arthur G. Hyken, B, Richard Ingram, David M. Jablon, Marion A. Jackson, D. Gay James, William E. James, David T. Jardine, Lottie T. Jenkins, Bob Jerigan, Dorothy A. Jerigan, Harry W. Johnson, Alice S. Johnson, Corille Johnson, Donald C. Johnston, Douglas L. Johnson, Elizabeth B. Johnson, Elliott A. Johnson, Foye E. Johnson, Jamie K. Johnson, Kenneth W. Johnson, Mary A. Johnson, Sally E. Johnson, W. Edwin Johnson, Robert Wayne Johnson, Robert White Johnson, W. Chris Johnson, William P. Johnston, Ned L. Jones, Barbara L. Jones, Del Jones, Doug T. Jones, Emma Jo Jones, Harrison 11 m-JT ,...Mi 21 9; l£. I il X. U Jones, Jerry N. Jones, Jerry R. Jones, Ralph Jones, Sally L. Jordan, Steve M. Kaplan, Judith K. Karpowicz, Linda C. Katz, Joe Kaufiijan, Brenda D. Kellar, David S. Kelley, George C, III Kelly, Sandra K. Kelley, William S. Kennedy, Allen F. Kent, Earl H., Jr. Kernd, H. Elaine Kemp, Pat Killians, Mary H. Kimsey, Cheston B. Kimsey, Randall H. Kinbar, Philip H. King, Charles R. King, David E. King, Horace J., Jr. King, L. Evelyn King, Tom R. Kinne, Sydney B., HI Kinner, Ann L. Kirkland, Annette Kirkland, Glenn N. Kirshstein, Nancy A. Kise, Medora G. Kite, Marion A. Knight, Lveme Knight, Ruth J. Kokko, Maija E. Konigsmark, Dorothy A. Koster, James A. Knox, Nancy C. Kraft, Gwendolyn H. Kreba, Robert P. KruHc, John W. 440 Kull, Linda M. Lacher, Ellen E. Lachmiller, Frank M. Lamb, Carolyn D. Lampe, Audie W. Lancaster, Jerry H. Land, Inwin W. Landrum, Gay Lane, Ed G. Lane, Remer Y. Lane, William J. Langston, Charles L. Langtry, Florence E. Lanham, Donna E, Lariscy, Penny Larrieu, Mike E. Larson, James S. Lasliley, Carol L. A Lassiter, Donna C. Lavender, Frances G. td.A LaVine, Beverly Laws, Edward P. Ligon, Twala R. Lilly, Johnnye L. Lindsey, Anita L. Lindsay, Jerold N. Lingle, Gerald L. Lippold, Anne L, Little, Jonathan R. Loflin, Patricia Loflin, William P. Logan, Nancy M. Loo, Quocfc G. Lott, Sandra L. Louza, Judy A. Lovelace, Everett D. Lawson, Jerry C. Lawson, Jimmy N. Lawton, Ann E. Lee, Jimmy B. Lee, Raleigh R. Leggett, Genevieve M ' ' Leggett, Mary E- Leibo, Marsha C. Leigh, Lucile F. Leistl, Peter F, Lemon, Sandra Lemperle, Gail A. Lester, Cornelia A. Lester, Ramonda N. Levy, Jay S. Levy, Rita J. Lovin, Diane Lowry, Marcus W. Loyd, Eva S. Lucchese, Mary C. Luclcenbill, Mary L. Luedtke, Robert E. Lyles, Margaret F. Lyles, William D. Lynch, Brenda M. MacFarlane, Nancy Ann MacKenzie, Bruce A. Mahler, Myra J. Malcom, G. Edward, Jr. Malcom, Jerry L. Malone, Thomas Wm. Mann, Donald L. Marbury, Joe S., Jr. Marcus, Joseph L. Maret, Elaine Marsh, Robert J. Mart, Susan J. Martin, Charles R. Martin, Ellen C. Martin, John P. Martin, R. Joseph Martin, Kay C. Martin, Roy E., Ill Marks, Meryl Marks. William E., Jr. Mason, Michael Mathews, Janice 0. Matthews, Martha K, Matthews, Nancy M. Mathis, Donald L. Mathis, Howard Doyal Mathis, James D. Maxwell, Glenda J. May, Carole R. May, Charles B. McBride, Michael T. McCants, Edward G., Jr. McCart, William G. McClure, Donald A. McClure, Peggy A. McCommons, W. B., Jr. McCormick, James T. McCracken, Emily J. McCulloch, Nancy R. McDaniel. Charles W. McDowell, Marie L. McDuffie. Clifton St. McGarity, Louise McGarvey, Cormac McGee, Mackie McElhannon, Fayette M. McGee, William L. Lewis, Annie L. Lewis, Graham Lewis, Lillie C. Libby, Barbara A. McGibony, James T., Jr. McGlamery, Andre J. McKelvey, James L. McKenzie, Joe, Jr. McLone, Walter T. McLauchlin, Mary N. zms Miller, Esther E. Miller, Irving H. Miller, James C, III Miller, Ralph H. Miller, SheUie L. Miles, Laura A. Milner, Thomas H. Minnich, William R. McLendoD, Bennie D. McLendon, Robert R. McLocklin, Jerry A. McNeill, John T. McPheraon, James L, McTeer. Robert D. McWhorter, Elaine Means, Barty A. Melton, John C. Memory, Samuel W. Meredith, Gilbert B. Meredith, James R. Middlebrooks, Tom E. Middleton, Hendley C. Milledge, Ann H. Miller, Arthur L. Miller, Barbara A. Miller, David E. Mishoe, Peggy A. Mitchell, Barbara F. Mitchell, Jesse A, Mitchell, Marvin A. Mobley, Geoi e W. Monica, Phyllis L. Monroe, James R. Montesani, Mike P. Montgomery, H. B., Moody, Carolyn D. Moody, Thomas E. Moore, George Moore, Mike P. Moore, Sherry A. Moret, Suzanne G. Morgan, Linda J. Morris, Eugene B. Morrison, Leslie A. Morrison, Marilyn C. Morrison, Sarah J. Morrow, Eben S. Morrow, Tommy E. Morse, Jenny L. Morton, Jann Morton, Singer Mosbey, James S. Moseley, Louie R., Jr. Mosley, Anne L. Mower, Linda S. Moye, Hayden H. Mulkey, Fred P. Murray, Catharine C. Nachman, Carol P. Neighbors, Joseph B. Neiman, Howard F. Nelms. R. Gail Newberry, Lloyd S. Newsome, Cecil G. Nicholson, Richard P. Niebling, John F. Nix, Milton E. Noble. Johnny L. Noble, Shirley M. Noell, James C. Noell Jerry E. Norman, Myron J., Jr. Norris, Anne R. Norris, Furman E. Nunnally, Tom M. O ' Callaghan, Patricia A. O ' Conner, James L. Odess, Beth Odum, William E. O ' Kelley, Robert V. O ' Kelley, W. R., Ill Oldham, Henry N. 00 MM ' im ' ' M M IMFM IMA J !■ ifi; Oliver, Ssm L. Oliver, William W. OlliCf, Frances L. O ' Neal. MaatoD E., Ill Orell, Robert W. Orr, June E. Oster, Marsha Owen, Ralph S., Jr. Owens, Comer L., Jr. Owens, Clenda L. Padgett, Patricia E. Page, Carole Page, Edwin M. Palmer. Robert C, Jr. Pass, Hannali J. Parlcer, Don G. Parker, Gary L. Parker, Hubert B. 442 fH " Sit (■» ' ■„ SOPHOMORES Parker, Johnny Parkman, WiUia: Parks, Brenda Parr, Larry Pate, Jim Patten, Ann Patton, Edward Payne, Patay Peacock, James Peacock, Martha ' ira ' ' " Pearce, CharUe Peebles, Louii Penn, Kelleen Peikina, Donald Perkins, Edwin Perlman, Sandra Perry, M. Peraky, Saradonna Petersen, Pamela Petty, Janice Phelps. Paul Phillips, Anne Phillips. Ea rl, Jr. Phillips, Lluana H. Phillips, Lyn Pickett, Albert Pierce, Donarld Pierce, William Pinson, Edgar Pipes, Mary Pittman, Marcia Pittman, Timothy Poag, Hope Pollock, Elizabeth Polsky, Reah Poole, Peggy Pope, James Porter, Jennie Porter, Thomas Posey, Ronny Powell, Janice Presley, William Preston, John Price, Floyd Price, Robert Price, Shirley Frichard, Philip Prickett, James Prince, John Prince, Patty Fritchett, Harold Pruett, Trauis F. Prunty, Mimi Pullen, Pattie Purcell, Jane Quinnelly, Rkhard Rahn, Jsmes Raines, Georgann Rains, Mai aret Rakestraw, Larry Ramsey, Margaret Randolph, Nancy Read, Robert Reeves, Dixon Reese, James Rheney, Patricia Rhodes, Franklin Rhodes, John Rich, Gilbert Rich. Helen Richards, Ernest Richardson, Frank Richey, Jan Rich man. Arlene Ridgeway, Mary Rifkin, Paul Rivers. Tommy 31 2 2 2M M 1 tm i Rountree, Don Rowell, Annette Rowland, Charles Royal, Dan Royal, Prentice Rushton, Charlene Russell, Lamar H., Sadler, Syble My fMS Sailors, Jerry C. Salter, Arthur D., 11 Sammons, Cathryn L. Sammons, John W. Sands, Brenda Sanders, Raymond C. Sanders, Charlotte A. Saye, Betty M. Scarborough, H. M., Schaffer, Joel Schell, Judy A. Schiffman, Diane I. Schoenborn, Ann K. Schofield, Mary L. Scoggins, James E. Schulman, Anita mnM k ' .M d fMAMI Schulman, Herbert M. Schulman, Warren J. Schwartz, Dale M. Schwartz, Louis S. Scott, Ricky H. Scott, Thomas A. Scroggins, Lee A. Scully, Dorothy A. Seabrooke, Billie R. Searcy, William N. Segall, Terry B. Seigler, John L. Seitz, Kenny J. Selph, James R. Serotta, Jayne Shacter, Sonya F. Shapiro, Loretta P. Shapiro, Rhonda S. Sharp, Joseph W. Shapiro, S. R. Shaw, H. Frazier Shealy, William E., Jr. Shearouse, Barbara J. Shelp, Ronald K. Sherrard, Robert G. Shields, David R. Shirley, D. L. Shirling, Mabel S. Shiver, Tate A. Shulman, Warren S. Shmukler, Charles M. Sheppard, Martha D. Shaw, Rose M, Simpson, Buddy Simpson, Mazine Simpson, Ronald C. Sims, Ann L. Sims, Judy A. Sims, Millie B. Singer, Stuart R. Singletary, Marvin S. Sikes, Van A. Sloan, Mary A. Smaha, Paul G. Smith, Andrea M. Smith, Carlton F. Smith, Gary A. Smith, Harold S. Smith, Hoke, Jr. Smith, James C. Smith, Joel M. Smith, Josie A. Smith, Linda S. Smith, Lyn M. Smith, Martha L. Smith, Mary E. Smith, Otto W. Smith, Ruth L. Smith, Sandra D. Smith, Sandra L. Smith, Waher A. Smoot, Page Solomon, Betsy D. Solomon, Connie A. Sommer, Kathy A. Southerland, Ronald B. Spangler, William L. Spear, Dee A. Speir, Thomas R. Spiller, Barbara L. Spinks, Patsy E. Spratling, John W. i " J Staley, Linda B. Stanfield, Sandra A. Steele, Susan M. Stephens, B. Wiley sM-j . id . Steinmann, Kurt L. Stembridge, Claudia . Sterne, Frances C. Stephens, Gather M. Sterne, William A. Steward, Carole H. Culpepper, Charles Stith. Alan E. ' SOPHOMORES ;• Vemer, Alnn F. Vincent, Joseph J. Volpitto, Perry P. Wade, Michael S. Wadtworth, Lewis E., Ill Wages, William L., Jr. Wagner, Robert E. Wainright, Marion J. WalVer, Darlene E. WalVer, Catha Walker, Lawrence C. Walker, William J. Wall, Anne D. Wall. Nancy S. Wall, Preston J. Wall, Saundra Walrath, David B. Walsh, Michael C. IMZ 1 2M j f Walters, Jeannie E. Wammock, Richard H. Ward, Carolyn Ward, Larry A. Warren, William K. Waters, Dorothy F. Watkins, George Watkins, Marcia L. Watterson, Carole G. Watts, Michael J. Watson, Elizabeth A. Weaver, Ronald M. Webb, William H. Weiner, Larry A. Welch, Elizabeth M. Weldon, Thomas A. Wellborn, Freddie G. Wellborn, Samuel M. Weatherly, William D. Wesley, John C. West, Edwin L. West, Kathee C. Westberry, George 0. Westbrook, Ann Westbrook, Carol Westmorland, Martha A. Weston, Barbara J. Wexler, Michael Wexler, Steve T. Wheeler, Mary V. Wheeler, Opal R. White, Kathryn A. White, Linda J. White, Nancy S. White, Sandra P. Whitesell, Carolyn J. Whitley, James B. Whitlock, Paul A. Whitmire, Lydia C. Wiener, Michael L. Wiggins, Amanda C. Wigh, Russell J. Wilbanks, James H. Wilder, Carlos B. Wilkes, Jimmy B. Wilkins, Martie W. Williams, Barbara Williams, Carol V. Williams, Earl J. Williams, Georgia M. Williams, John J. Williams, Julie C. Williams, Kenny C. Williams, Linda R. Williams, Martha J. Williams, Samuel G. Williams, Vernon C. Williams, William W. Williams, William W. Wilkinson, Douglas L. Willcox, Carol J. Williamson, William D. Willingham, Ronald G. Willis, Richard S. Wilmer, Charles J. Wilson, Catherine Wilson, Jim T. Wilson, Martin E. Wilson, William N. Wimbish, Stephen S. Winslette, Billy E. Wisherd, Barbara E. WofFord, Lynthia L. Wofford, Michael W. WofFord, Susan M. Wolf, Herbert L. Wolfson, Richard J. Womack, Jerry O. Woo, Emily L. Wood, Sarah L Woodham, Richard M. Woodlee, Eleanor V. Woods, Dorothy S. Worden, Lorraine M. MI jj Wortham, Joyce E. Wray, Chris P. Wren, Benjamin F. Wright, Dorothy D, Wright, Judith A. Wright, John M. Wrigley, Norma J. Wyatt, Gloria N. Wyatt, Sandra K. Wyche, Charles 0. Yates, Charles J. Yeargan, Jim L. Youmans, Kenny D. Young, Harriet E. Young, Linda P. Young, Norman D. YouDgblood, James M. Yow, Diane M. Zaglin, Charles F. Zeigler, John R. Zelinsky, Ralph S. Zom, Ann Fobs, Stephani Habiger, Eugene E. Johnson, Donald J. Kethley, John B. Waters, Marshall P. SOPHOMORES FRESHMAN CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Steve Selig, Secretary; Emily Moore, Vice- President; Ben Garland, President. Abney, Howard Abrams, Bunky Abramson, Jane S. Ackerman, Robert A. Adams, Billy W. Adams, Bobbye J. Adams, Jayne C. Aftergut, Ruthy Akridge, Becky A. Albright, R. C. Alexander, Darcy L. Alexander, Fred Alexander, Jim Alexander, Joanne Albadeff, Renee E. Allen, Benjamin F. Allen, Mary E. Allen, Philip R. Allen, Wayne H. Allread, Prudence G. Almond, Cavey M. Alston, Jimmy C. Alwine, Penney L, Anderson, Ronald C. Anderson, Sara D. Andresi, Elizabeth J. Analey, Bobby C. Ansley, Bowneau Archer, William G. Aronson, Sieglinde H. Arteaga, Gene T. Arthur, John P., Jr. Asbell, Mary A. Atkinson, Carol A. Atkinson, Nancy S. Attaway, Richard 0. Austin, Georgette M. Austin, Lenette L. Avera, Brown Avera, Shirley A, Ayers, Marcia A. Ayers, Sandra L. Baccua, Joseph E. Badgett, Brenda M. Bagley, Ernest L. Baglivo, Philip Bailey, Garry Baird, Dale M. Baird, Henry F. Baker, Don H. 448 IV L ' i Baker, Peggy A. Bales, Alvin S., Jr. Ball, Maureen A. BaUew. Carl N. Banks, W. D. Barfield, Billie R. Barksdale, Michael L. Barnes. Carter F. Bamett, Jewel M. Bamett. Mary L. Barnwell, Elizabeth Barocas, Ervin V. Barron, James B. Barrow, Gary J. Barrow, Craig, III Bartenfeld. Robert W. Bartlett, Claude D. Barton, Crawford W. Barton, Irby K. Bfuhuk, Alice J. Baskett, John S. Bass, James T. Batchelor, Joyce Batten, Donna J. ., Jr. Bean, Edith C. Beasley, Sandra G. Becker, Kathleen K. Becker, Lynn M. Beckett, Charles A. Bell, Beth S. Bell, Curtis J. Bellinger, Joel A. Benjamin. Etta D. Bennett, L. Broughton Bennett, Veronica M. Benson, Linda C. Benton, Patricia C. Berger, Susan J. Berinhout, Elaine G. Bemath, Loretta Bernhardt, Wendy A. Betts, Marjorie L. Biebl, Patricia A. Bilbo, Elizabeth A. Birch. W. B.. Jr. Bisen, Dana B. Bishop, Rhen Black. Colquitt C. Black, William J. Blackman. Wilbur L. Blackstock, Mary A. Blaine, Helen A. Blalock, Jay M. Blanchard, John J. Blankenship, Albert S. Bledsoe, Sidney S., Jr. Blevins, Rex A. Boatwright, Mary A. Bobo, George M. Boggs. Caroll B. MM k li ' Mi J mimWm Mf Boggi, Jamea G. M. Boqusky, Thomas S. Bolton. Robert E. Bonner, Bonnie W. Bonnell, Roy O., Jr. Booth, William S. Boozer, Edd Boswell, Philip T. Bowden. Mai aret V. Bowen, John R. Bowen, Vernon W. Bowman, Bonnie J. Bowman, Thomas A. Boyd, James F. Boyd, Marilyn E. Boyd, Marjorie D. Boyles, Carol M. Bozardt, Delphine Bracewell, James L. BriKkett, Janet L. Bradley, Larry A. Bradley. Larry A. Bradshaw, Terry D. Bradshaw, Wayne J. Bragg, Robert A. Brandon, Jerome R. Brassel, Charles H. Braswell, Hoke S., Jr. Breedlove, Brenda Bremer, Judith E. Brese, Amanda J. Bridges, Sherry L. Bridgwater, Judith E. Bright, Linda C. Brinkman, Carol M. Brinson, Bonnie P. Brinson, Ralph D. Broaddus, James E. Brock, James W. Brooks, Ave E. Brown, Suzanne M. Brown, William J. Brunby, Virginia T. Brunson, Willard E. Bryant, EflBe L. Buck, Leslie L. Buckley, Thomas W. Buckmaster, Ronald B. Brooks, Camilla D. Brooks, Larry A. Brookshire, Jerry H. Broome, Charlotte E. Brown, Betty J. Brown, Beverly G. Brown, Carol A. Brown, David D. Brown, Edward L. Brown, Emily P. Brown, Eva C. Brown, Evelyn C. Brown, Jesse R. Brown, Judy E. Brown, Margaret J. Brown, Robert B. Brown, Sandra R. Brown, Stephanie A, 0 Bugg, Sandra J. Burch, John V. Burdick, Barbara L. Burgess, Harold D. Burton, Harper V. Bush, Beckie Bussey, Robert B. Butler, Betty S. Butler, Linda Butler, Mack O., Jr. Butler, Philip S. Butterfield, A. Fred Butts, James E. Byrd, Carol A. Byrd, Jeanne Cagle, Mary S. Cain, Robert L. Calhoun, Charlton H. Calhoun, Inez M. Calhoun, Murray A. Callahan, Marilyn A. Callaway, Connie L. Camp, Sandra A. Camp, William K. Campbell, B. Carol Cannon, Nancy L. Cantwell, Betty A. Capes, Richard E. Carden, Janice F. Carr, Jimmy Carreker, Ronald B. Carter, Huey E. Carter, H. Sanders Carter, Sarah C. Cason, Carole J. Cathey, James F. Catone, Dick A. Chance, Sally Chandler, Gordon M. Chapin, Keith W. Chapman, Celie Chapman, Jane O. Chapman, Roy L. Chapman, Scab M. Christian, Wayne A. Christiansen, Karen E. Christie, Helen H. Christopher, Susan H. Clackum, Ernest D. Clancy, Helen L. Clark, Florence B. Clark, Gem E. Clark. Helen D. Clark, James K. Clark, Johnny L. Clarke, Farish A. J. MM Mmd-. u ' mm ummMmL t SSZT Jt ]iMm Clarke. William L. B. Clarke. William W. Clary, Thomas L. Clay, Camille Clay, James E. Cleghom, James H., Jl Clein, Robert D. Clements, Eddie Clements, Marion D. Cleveland, Allen J. Clifton, Patricia A. Clonts, Marilyn L. Coakley, John J., Jr. Cohen, Edward S. Cohen, Harriet J. Cohen, James D. Cohen. Joyce D. Cohen, Ronald A. ' RESHMEN Cohen, Solomon Cohn, Judith A. Cole, P. Hume Coleman, Charles D. Conins, Brenda A. Collins. Jon W. Colquitt, Alfred O. Colvard, Daphne Comer, Frank W., Ill Comer, R gie L. Comolli. Martha Conniff, Carole F. Cook, Tommy Cooper, Donna S. Coppage, William M. CorbeU, Charles M. Corish, Thomas K. Corish, Walter C, Jr. Coulter. Sheila G. Cowl, Donna L, Craig, William E. Crawford, Marjorie L. Crews, Anne Crisp, Ansel E. Croker, Richard J. Crowe. Carol E. Crowe, Franklin R. Curran. Michael F. Curx7, Andrew J. Curtis, James W. Cutrell, Allen Dahl, Barbara A. Dailey, Beverly J. Dalton, Patricia F. Daniel, Marlece L. Daniel. Jerry W. Daugherty, Brenda E. Davies, Pamela E. Davis, April L. Davis, Betty S. Davis, Christopher B. Davis, Darrell L. Davis, Donald W. Davis. Doris J. Davis, Ellen Davis, Ernest W.. Davis, Janet M. Davis. Jay A. Davis, Jean K. Davis, Larry D. Davis. Rebecca J. Davis, Robert L. Davis, Robert L. Davis, Sally K. Davison, Barbara L. Day, Margaret A. Deas, Diana K. Degenfaardt, Walter P. DeCrandis. J. M., Jr. Dendy, Larry B. Denman, James C. Denmark, Carroll R. Denmark, Linda Dennard. Ralph T. Dent, Sally J. Deriso. Henry C. DeWitt, Kathie M. DeWitt, Ralph W. Diack, Suzanne Dick, Bruce L. Diden, Mary L. Digg ( Margaret A. Dillard, Elizabeth J Dillard, Mary L. Dixon, Faye Dixon, Robert B. Dixon, Susan K. WW ±( Dover, F. Niles Dover, Tom A., Jr. Driskell. Margaret A. Drohomer, Patsy A. Drummono, James O. Drury, Don Dubrof. Robert A. Dudley. Jim W. Dudley, Walter H. Dufour, Carol C. Dumar. Laura H. Dunbar, Paul H. Duncan. John H. Duncan, Robert T. Durrence. Barney J. Dyer, Marie Eagerton, Gwendolyn A. Eaaley, Sarah T. Edwards, J. Frank Edwards, Mark W, Edwards, Sanford M. Eldredge, Marianna A. Ellington, Karen R. Ellington, Coke A. Ellington, Sandra G. Elliott, Billie R. Ellis, Leon F. Elrod, Jackie G. Elrod, Luther F. EUberry, Robert L. Elvidge, Sharon L. Engle, Larry H. English, Donald E. English, Weyroao H. Ermintrout, Robert A. Eskedor, Henry R. Evans, Patrick A. Ewing, John A. Farless, Luther Farr, Jean H, Farrell, Djanne E. Faulk, John H. Faulk, Thomas H. Faver, Ralph G. Favorite, Tricia S. Fear, Ann E. Feild, William M. Feinberg, Caroline Feinberg, Faye Feldman, Sistie Fenstemacher, Ellen Ferguson, Cleve B. Finch, Charles S. Fincher, Diane E. Findley, Clay M. Fink, Don M. Fisher, Thomas M. Fleming, Frances B. Flounoy, Robert T. Floyd, Rufus J. Flynt, Mary S. Folsom, Alfred W. Ford, Kaye A. Ford, Rima L. Fordham, John B. Forrester, James B. MM fA2 4 -tJ MM ' iu i M Forrester, Randall R. Fortson, Josephine Foster, Alvin H. Fowler, Kathy W. Fowler, Nellie M. Fowler, Richard C. Fowler, Zachary S. Fox, William F. Frady, George L. Freedland, Molly B. Freeman, Bonny L. Freeman, John J. Freeman, Nicholas E, Friedberg, Marvin S. Friedewald, James W. Friedewald, Richard W. Friedman, Judith A. Friedman, Stan H. Frost, Bette D. Fry, Melinda A. Fulton, John K. Furse, David H. Fussell, Charlton L. Futrelle, Mike C. Gagarin, Gregory J. Gainey, R. Lewis Gallman, Mary L. Ganyard, Milton C, Jr. Gardner, Marvin R. Garland, Benjamin M. Garrett, George C, Jr, Garrett, Patricia A. Garrett, Susan E. Garrison, Pamela J. Garth, Myron B. Gay, William T. Gear, Claude W. Geiger, Nancy A. Gentry, Patricia B. George, Johnny H. Gcoi es, John T. Gerson, Judith R. Gibson, George E. Gibson, Linda Gibson, Rayford D. Gibson, Susan L. 452 2 li Grimaude, Edith S. Groszmann, Richard B. Guy, Raymond J. Gwyn, William F., Jr. Hackel, Sara D. Haddon, Elizabeth A. Hagan, Albert Q., Jr. Hall, James B., Jr. Hall, Linda Hall, Nancy J. Hall, Paul K. Hall. Reba D. Hallman, James W. Hally, Diane K. Hambrick, Lynda R. Hammack, James A. Hancock, Gary B. Hansford, Donald K. Hanson, Thomas Harden, Jay H. Hardin, Hudson L. Hardwick, Clifford H. Hardy, Charles H. Hardy, Joel C. Hare, Marvin B., Jr. Hare, Robert W. Hardy, Jacqueline H. Harper, Brenda D. Harper, Gloria D. Harrington, Daniel J. Harris, Charles Harris, Nancy M. Harris, Florence P. Harris, Ralph Harrison, James L. 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Wingard, Sara C. Winning, Ruth M, Winship. Mary E. Winter, Ralph E. Wise, Joel A. Witham, Bunky Withrow Kenneth D. Wolf, Laura W. Wolfe, David M. Wolper, Eileen Wood, Betty A. Wood, D. Jolaine Wood, John M. Wood. Sallie Woodall, Martha E. Woodard, Joy Woodcock, Lloyd M. Woodruff, Robert E. Woodruff, William L. Woods, Margaret W. Work, Clemans P. Work, Sandra E. Wright. Sibyl E. Yarbrough, Betty A. Yarbrough, Clyde L. Young, Alan B. Young, Jane Young, June F. Young, Mara V. Youngblood, Cynthia L. Youngblood, Rick S. Zachry, Arthur L. Zaloumes, Strat G. Zaslow, Jane Zimmerman, Roberta P. %M 461 Nancy Flowers and Scott Coleman Co-Editors P Carey Holland, Pictorial Editor " • g ■ m Ellen Itzkow, S ' ?!- nt l Business Manager 462 II HP if umi P l v -•. ■ B Dan Keever 1 Photographer Lynn Smith Organizations Editor John Hardman Classes Editor PANDORA STAFF Jtor Ruthie McEImurray Classes Editor The Pandemonium Office . . . The Lizard Book . . The Trinity ... A Pair of Daddy O ' s . . . Sister Hol- land ... a lost trip to Dal- las .. . the Bobsey Twins . . . This is NOTSoule Hall . . . Call the Shrimp Boat for dinner . . . Mer- cer, you ' re acting like a Freshman ... a faulty fog machine . . . ElUlen . . . fresh paint and flores- cent lights . . . Who stole the wheel. . .WANTED: one escalator . . . F.F.F. . . . Captain Johnson called . . . Hygene . . . May I have the freight depart- ment . . . 463 i»L ■ SENIOR ACTIVITIES SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE AIKEN, JOE B. : Ae Club; Alpha Zeta; Ag Economic Club; Independent Men. AYERS, RAY A.: AEN Club; ASAE. BATES, HARRY D.: Horticulture Club, Pres. BLACK, LENIDAS L.: Agronomy, V.P. BOHN, PETER C: Alpha Phi Lambda; IFC; Phi Kappa Tau. BORNEMANN, LENARD: Dairy Science Club. BROWN, JOHN F., JR.: Ag Club, Agronomy; Ag Hill Council; Alpha Zeta; Independent Men; Student Coun- cil; X Club. CAPOBIANCO, FAUST J.; Agronomy; Newman Club. CHAMBERS, ROY T. : ASAE. CHAPMAN, MARION W.: Alpha Gamma Rho. CARTER, CADE E. : AEN Club. CLEMENTS, DAVID C. : ASAE, Pre»., Ist V.P. National Council; Ag Engi- neer, Editor; 4-H Club; Wesley Foun- dation, Tree. COOPER, RAYMOND B.: Ag Club; Ag- ronomy; Alpha Zeta. CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT C: Dairy Science Club; Ga. Agriculturist, Edi tor. DAILEY, JOEL D.: Gaftau. DARROW, RONALD L.: Newman Club; Institute of Food Tech. DAVIS, GILBERT M.: Poultry Science Club; College 4-H Club; Ag Club. DAVIS, THOMAS W.: Ag Club. DAWES, JOHN C: Food Tech. Club, V.P. ; Newman Club. DEGARDE, RONALD L.: Institute ot Food Technologists, Food Tech. Club. DONDREO, ALAN J.: Food Tech. Club; Newman Club. DOZIER, JOE S.: Block and Bridle Club; Ag Club; Dairy Science Club. EAVENSON, DWIGHT N.; AEN. ELLISON, ROBERT E. : Ag Economic, Pres. EMERSON, RUSSEL W.: Dairy Science Club. EVANS, ANSLEY E.: Block and Bridle Club. FARRELL, RAYMOND F.: Wrestling Team. FELLHEIMER, MORRIS M.: L. A. R., B ' nai B ' rith, Hillel. FLOYD, HENRY C: Gaffau; Ag Club. FLUTY. MICHAEL A.: Ag Economics; Saddle and Sirloin ; Newman Club. FOUNTAIN, BERNARD J.: Ag Econom- ics; Intramural Sports; Newman Club. FREIDMAN, JAN S.: Sigma Delta Tau, Pres.; Dolphin Club; Hillel; Pan-He! ; W.A.A. ; Landscape Arch. Club ; Gold, en Key. GARNER, THOMAS A.: Saddle and Sir- loin Club; Block and Bridle Club; Ag Hill Council ; Pershing Rifles. GIBBS, DARRELL: X-CIub; Phi Kappa; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Alpha Gam- ma Rho, Pres. GREER. FRED W., Jr.: Ag Economics Club, V.P.; Alpha Zeta. CRIDLEY, GORDON J.: Dairy Science Club. GRIFFIS, HUGH D., JR.: ASAE, V.P. CRINER, HARMON G.: Ag Economics Club. HALL. ORVILLE D.: Kappa Sigma; Horticulture Club. V.P. HALL, THOMAS E.: Poultry Science Club. HANNA. WILL E.: Agronomy Club. HAMIL, KENNETH N.: Pyramid; X- Club; Omicron Delta Kappa; Grid- iron; Ag Club; Poultry Science Club; 4-H Club. HAMMOND, WALTER C: Ag Engineer, ing Club. HIRTLE. WILLIAM B.: Lambda Chi Alpha ; Landscape Arch. Club. HODGES. JOHN W.: Alpha Mu Epsilon; Galfau; F.F.A.; 4-H Club. HOWELL, EARL S.: ASAE; Ga. Ag Engineer; Ag Hill Council. HOWELL, J.: Alpha Gamma Rho. HOWELL, LEWIS W.: Ag Economics Club. HOWELL, RUFUS J. : Alpha Tau Omega. HOWELL, TONY L.: Independent Men; Gaflau, Pres.; Ag Club; Demosthenian ; Ag Hill Council. HOYER, DAVID P.: Dairy Science Club, Ga. Dairyman; Ga. Horticultur- ist. HUPE, RONALD A.: Ag Economics Club. IRWIN, JAMES T.: Block and Bridle. JARRETT, ELBERT L.: Independent Men; Pyramid; Ag Club; ASAE; De- mosthenian; 4-H Club. JARRETT. GARNETT L.: Ag Club, Sec; AEN Club; 4.H Club; X-Club; Ag Hill Council, Sec; AUSA, Treas. JENSEN, ROGER V.: Agronomy Club JEFFERS, BENJAMIN F.: Block and Bridle Club. JOHNSON, WOODSON C: Alpha Mu Epsilon. JONES, DAVID A.: Dairy Club; La- Crosse Team. JORDAN, ANDREW G.: ASAE; Co. Agriculturist. KLOPP, BENJAMIN: Alpha Tau Omega; Ag Economics Club. LOWE, ROBERT H.: Poultry Science Club, Pres.; The Ga. Poultryman, Bus. Mgr. LUBER, HERMAN P.: Landscape Archi- tecture Club. MASSETT. FRANKLIN L.: Food Tech. Club. McKINNEY, AARON S.: Ag Economics Club. McCarthy. EDMUND v.; Newman Club. MONFORT, WILLIAM R.: Independent Men; Pyramid; X-Club; Alpha Zeta; AGHON, Pres.; Blue Key, Pres.; Bif- tad; Ag Club, Sec; Student Council; Agronomy Club ; Demosthenian ; Scab- bard Blade; The Ga. Agriculturist, Edit.; Ag Hill CounciL MOONEY, JOHN L.: ASAE; SCSA. MOORE, RICHARD D. : Dairy Science Club. MURRAY, DANIEL G.: Food Tech. Club, Pres. NEWTON, GENE L.: ASAE. NEWTON, HENRY W.: Independent Men; Ag Club; Demosthenian; 4-H Club; Ag Engineering Club; ASAE; Photographer, Red and Black, Pandora. O ' LEARY. JOHN M.: Newman Club; Food Tech. Institute. PATCHEN, JOSEF C, JR.: Ag Engi- neering Club. PAYNE, RAY: Saddle and Sirloin Club, Treas. ; Ag Club. RAINES, FREDERICK D.: Landscape Arch. Club. REYNOLDS. SAM J.: Alpha Gamma Rho; Ag Economics Club. ROBINSON. RONALD R.: Delta Tau Delta. V.P. ROSENBERG. WILLIAM P.: Phi Eta Sigma; Distinguished Military Student; Landscape Arch. Club, Pres.; Red Black, Cartoonist. STANTON, EDWARD A.: Newman Club; Rifle Club; Block and Bridle Club. SLEDZIESKI, WILLIAM L.: Newman Club. SPIER, JAMES D.: Agronomy Club, Sec; B.S.U. ; Ag Club; Independent Men. STANLEY. ROBERT L.: Alpha Zeta; Agronomy Club, STEVENSON. CHRISTOPHER R.: Ag- ronomy Club. STORY. WARREN L.: ASAE. STRICKLAND. DANIEL M.: ASAE; Ag Club. SUMMERHILL. JOEL F.: AUSA; ASLA; B.S.U. ; Pershing Rifles; Varsity Rifle Team ; Distinguished Military Student ; Landscape Arch. Club. Treas. SUROSKY. ARTHUR M.: Alpha Epsi- lon Pi; Hillel; Alpha Mu Epsilon. TAYLOR, JERRY G.: Block and Bridle Club. THOMAS, LARRY W.: Gaffau, Sec WILLIAMS, JAMES W.: Poultry Science Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club. WILLIAMS, HUGH D.: Dairy Science Club, Pres.; XClub; Ag Club. WEATHERLY, EMMITT N. : Phi Kappa Tau, Pres. ; Pershing Rifles. WARD, WILLIAM E.: Horticulture Club. WADDELL. RONALD A.: Dairy Science Club; Ga. Dairyman, Edit. VILLAVICENEIO. RODOLFO: Dairy Sci- ence Club. TYSON, CLELLAND A.: ASAE. THORNTON, MARVIN L.: Alpha Mu Epsilon; Newman Club, Treas. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES AARON, ROGER W.: Gamma Sigma Epsilon. ABOTT, SANDRA R.: Delta Phi Epsi- lon; Panhel Exec. Council. ANDERSON, JOE N.: Lambda Chi Al- pha. ASKEW, MARTHA W. : Sigma Delia Pi. BADCETT, BARBARA L.: Alpha Chi Omega ; Belle Corps ; Girls Chorus ; Bulldog Club. BAILEY, PATRICIA: Kappa Kappa Gamma. BARNER. DIANE: Pre-Legal Club; Can- terbury Club; Delta Delta Delta. BATCHELOR, CURTIS A.: Sigma Nu. V.P. ; Phi Kappa. BATTS, JO NELL: Alpha Lambda Delta, V.P.; WAA; Belle Corps; Bulldog Club; Nu Rho Psi ; Psi Chi; Zodiac, V.P. ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BAXLEY. WARREN C; Phi Delta Theta. BEST, M. SANDRA: Alpha Omicron Pi, V.P.; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Trea. ; Newman Club. BEARD, JOY: Political Science Club. BELL, STEPHEN W. : Phi Delta Theta. BETETTE. PHILLIP A.: Chi Phi. Treas. BIRD, MARY: Chi Omega; Z Club; WSGA; URSA; Dormitory Pres-; Stu- dent Council; Art Student ' s League, Sec; Panhel. BLAKELY, DOROTHY N.: Kappa Kap- pa Gamma. BLOCKER, GETTIS H.: Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Psi. BOHANNAN, PATRICIA A.: Alpha Omi- cson Pi, V.P.; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Pres.; URSA.; Wesley Foundation. BOHN, CARMEN W.: Gamma Sigma Sigma; University Chorus; Glee Club; Geography Club; Dormitory Sec. BOLTON, KITTY K.: Alpha Delta Pi; English Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pandora, Class Edit. BONE, MARTHA S.: Angel Flight, Comm.; Glee Club, Pres.; Jr. Panhel; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta. BOWDEN, TALMADGE A., JR.; Delta Tau Delta, Pres.; Omicron Delta Kap. pa; Student Council; Phi Kappa; X- Club; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade. Tate Frosh Award. BRADBERRY. PATRICIA A.: Alpha Chi Omega. Treas. ; Gamma Sigma. Sigma Pres.; URSA; Freshman Camp Counselor; Phi Mu Epsilon. Sec; Al- pha Lambda Delta. BRIDGES. JOHN W. : Physics Club; Wesley Foundation. BROWNING. BRENDA F. : Alpha Omi- cron Pi. Treas.; B.S.U.. Pres.; Gam- ma Sigma Sigma, V.P. ; Glee Club; Student Religious Council. BRYAN, PEGGY A.: Pi Beta Phi; Sig- ma Alpha Iota, Sec; Soloist. Men ' s Glee Club ; Glee Club ; University Chorus. BURNETT. ROBERT S. : Sigma Chi. BURRELL, STEPHEN F.: Arnold Air Society, Comm.; Scabbard and Blade; Reed Hall Council; Argonauts; Circle K. BUTLER, JOE E.. JR.: Dixie Redcoat Band; University Orchestra, Pres.; University Chorus; M.E.N.C., Sec. BYRD, EMILY A.: Triquetra ; Triangle; Art Student ' s League; B.S.U. BYRD, PATRICIA A.: English Club; N.E.A. ; Alpha Chi Omega. CALLAWAY, ROBERT M.; Lambda Chi Alpha. CANNON, CAROLINE F.: Pi Beta Phi; Art Student ' s League; Pandora, Art Staff; Canterbury Club. CANTRELL, TERRELL N.: Phi Eta Sigma. CARR, MARK S.: Alpha Tau Omicron; Track Team, Capt. CARSON, KATY J.: URSA; Glee Club. CARTER, JANE M.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA Major- WAA. CARTER, SUZANNE: Phi Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pandora; English Club. CATHY, RICHARD -J.: Wesley Founda- tion; Pi Tau Chi, Pres.; Phi Kappa. CHRISTA. FRANK J.: Lambda Chi Alpha. V.P. CHRISTIE. SANDRA L.: Chi Omega; WRA; URSA Minor; Student Union Council; Art Student ' s League. COHEN. MARTIN W.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. COLE, ROBERT G.: Demosthenian Lit- erary Socity: Political Science Club. COLEMAN, R. SCOTT: Kappa Alpha; Pandora, Edit.; Blue Key. COLTRANE, PATRICIA A.: Chi Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Student Center. COMPTON. DONALD C: Kappa Sigma. COOK. JAMES J.: Kappa Alpha. COURSEY. PAUL B. : Wesley Founda- tion; Scabbard and Blade. COWART, C. H.: Phi Delta Theta. COWART, THEDA K.: Pi Beta Phi. CRAFT, NANCY J.: Alpha Mu Epsilon, Sec; N.S.F. CRAWFORD, JOHN H.: Kappa Alpha; I.F.C.; Fellowship of Christian Alh. letes, Pres.; Track Team. CROCKETT, EDWARD W. : U.M.O.C.; Psychology Club; Alpha Tau Onic ' .;3. CROWE, GEORGE R.: Geography Club. CUBILLAS, TONI V .: Alpha Xi Delta, Treas. CURRIE, CHERRIE: Honorary History Fraternity. DAVIS, DIANE: Sigma Alpha Iota, V.P. ; University Chorus; Girls Glee Club. DERISO, GEORGE T.: Kappa Sigma Pres. DILCHER, MARY ANN: Chi Omega, Pres.; Dolphin Club; W.R.A. ; Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart ; Panhellenic Council. DONALDSON, THOMAS R.: Pi Kappa Alpha. DOSTER, LAURA A.: Zeta Tau Alpha; Delta Phi Epsilon Outstanding Fresh- man Award ; Freshman Camp Coun selor; Disciples Student Fellowship; Alpha Lambda Delta. DRYDEN, ELOISE: W.R.A. ; WSGA; Canterbury Club, Tennis Club; Stu- dent Union ; Jazz Club. DUNAHOO, CHARLES H. : Dixie Red- coat Band; Men ' s Glee Club; Uni- versity Chorus; Dixie Derbies; Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship ; Sigma Chi. DUNSON, LINTON R.: Phi Kappa, Pres. ; Sigma Chi, Pres. ; Senior Class Pres.; Biftad, V.P.; Phi Eta Sigma, Sec; Greek Horsemen; IFC; Fresh- man Camp Counselor; Pi Sigma Alpha. DYCHES, DUNBAR H., JR.: Sigma Nu, Treas.; Senior Class Sec; Student Council; Phi Kappa. EDWARDS, JUDY R. : Kappa Delta. EIDSON, ELIZABETH J.: B.S.U.; Al- pha Lambda Delta; Zodiac, Pres.; URSA. ELDER, LNOZY E. : Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; IVCF. ELDER, NORMA: Phi Mu. ELLIOT. GLENDA: Phi Mu, V.P.; Dix. ie Redcoat Band ; University Orches- tra ; Westminister Fellowship. Pres.; Religion in Life Chrm. ; Greek Chap- lain ' s Assn.. Pres.; Student Religious Council; Eng. Club. Sec; Mortar Board. V.P. ; Freshman Camp Coun- selor; WSGA Cabinet; Who ' s Who. ELLIS. CHARLES; Kappa Alpha; Var- sity Wrestling Team. EPTING. F. JEAN: Kappa Alpha Theta; Pandora, Managing Edit. EVERETTE. MARVIN: Kappa Alpha. FIRESTONE. STEVEN A.: Alpha Epsi. Ion Pi. V.P. FLOWERS. NANCY M.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Pandora, Edit.; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Zodiac ; Golden Quill; Theta Sigma Phi; Concert Dance Club. Pres. ; Freshman Camp Counselor ; Delta Phi Alpha. Pres. ; Who ' s Who. FOOTE, ELIZABETH: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club. FOWLER. JOAN: Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Student ' s League; Bulldog Club; Jr. Dolphin Club ; Gamma Sigma Sig- ma. FOX. NANCY: Kappa Kappa Gamma. FREEMAN, ELLA R.: Alpha Omicron Pi ; Gamma Sigma Sigma. GIBSON, WILLIAM M. : Chi Phi; Bull- dog Club; Varsity Golf Team; Stu- dent Council. GILBERT. NORMA G. : B.S.U.; Gail ma Sigma Sigma, Pres.; Sociology Club. Sec; Student Center Council. CILLIS, KATE H. : Alpha Delta Pi CLADNEY. JOHN M.: Chi Psi; BSU; Student Council. GOFF. ELLIE R.: Zeta Tau Alpha; WRA; Psychology Club. GRANADE, JAMES A.: Demosthenian; Pyramid; Independent Men; X-Club. Pres. ; Omicron Delta Kappa. Treas. ; University Theater Staff. Thalian Black- friars; Gridiron. GREENE. RALPH R., JR.: Alpha Tau Omega. GREGORY, WILLIAM E.: Sigma Chi. GRIFFIN, LELAND H., JR.; Phi Kappa; Biftad; Dixie Redcoat Band; Tennis Team; Sigma Chi. GUNN, REGINALD R. : Canterbury Assoc. HALL, MARGARET A.: Kappa Delta; Pandora; Art Student ' s League; WAA; Wesley Foundation. HALL. ROBERT F. : Demosthenians. HAMILTON, DREW: Alpha Tau Omega; Phychology Club ; Varsity Football. HAMRICK, GEORGE L. ; Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Biftad. HARPER, HARRY T. : Chi Phi. HARRIS, JAMES F., JR.: Phi Eta Sig- ma; Freshman Camp Counselor; Silver Blades Commandant ; Religion in Life Comm. Chairman; CCF. HAYNSWORTH, STUART; Delta Delta Delta. HAYES, DAVID: Student Center Coun- cil, Pres. HEARD. JACOB M.: Phi Delta Theta. HEARD. RICHARD W. : Sigma Chi. HENDERSON. CONRADINE: G.E.A. HENRY. JAMES R.: Lambda Chi Alpha; Pershing Ribes. HERRIN, EUGENE V.: Chi Psi. V.P.; Gamma Sigma. HIOTT, ANDREW W. : Disciple Student Fellowship. HIRSCH, ROBERT B.: Tau Epsilon Phi. HOLLIS, LINDA A.: Kappa Alpha The- ta ; Sociology Club. HOPKINS. ESTELLE M.: Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Student ' s League; Modern Dance Club. HORTON. KAY: Chi Omega; W.R.A.. Pres.; Rush Advisor; URSA Minor. HOSCH, HUGH W.: Kappa Alpha; Pandora; Red Black Staff Cartoonist. HUDSON. ORRAN L.: Art Student ' s League. HUGHES. CLAUDIA M.: Sigma Alpha Iota. Pres. ; Dixie Redcoat Band ; Georgette; M.E.N.C. HUNT. RICHARD E. : Sigma Chi. HYDE. M. LOUISE: Zeta Tau Alpha. Treas.; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Pi Mu Epsilon. ITZKOW. M. ELLEN: Sigma Delta Tau. Pres.; Panhel Council; Student Coun- cil; Eng. Club. V.P. ; Belle Corps; Pandora, Bus. Manager; Hillel. JARRARD, GEORGE T. : Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta. JOHNSON, BERTA: Alpha Gamma Delta. JONES, PHILIP C: Kappa Alpha. JONES, ROSELYN N.: Zeta Tau Alpha. KEATON, EMMA L.: Alpha Delta Pi; Belle Corps; W.S.C.A. ; Dormitory Pres.; Bulldog Club. KEATON, PEYTON, H.: Kappa Alpha. KEMBLE, ANN C. : Newman Club. KENNEDY, MARK K.: Alpha Gamma Delta ; Phi Sigma ; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Zodiac KENNEDY, THOMASE: Student Coun- cil. KING, B. MARGARET: Alpha Delta Pi; Panhel, Pres.; Eng. Club, Pres.; Mor- tar Board ; Zodiac. KOSIELNY. MARGARET E.: Delta Phi Alpha; Art Student ' s League; Luth- eran Student Assoc. LAWSON. RICHARD A.: Men ' s Glee Club. LeROY. CAROLINE C.: Alpha Omicron Pi; B.S.U.; Phi Theta Kappa. LILES, JOYCE A.: Alpha Lambda Delta; B.S.U. LOWRY, ELAINE: Alpha Gamma Delta. MALCOM. JAYNE N. : Alpha Gamma Delta; Cheerleader; Pi Sigma Alpha; Bulldog Club. MALONE. MICHAEL L.; Kappa Alpha. MANN. SAMUEL W.. JR.: Sigma Pi. Sec; University Chorus. MANTER. CAROLE: Alpha Xi Delta. V.P. ; Dolphin Club; Concert Dance Club; Belle Corps; Student Council; Alpha Epsilon Delta. V.P.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac. MARKEL. ROBERTA: Sigma Delta Tau; Student Center Board. MATTHEWS. HARRIETT: Pi Beta Phi; Art Student ' s League. MAYHER. FRANCES L.: Kappa Kappa Gamma, ••» I ItlMl L I, « • " ri«» ' McCOMMONS, ROLLIN M.. Jr.: Phi Delta Theta; Who ' i Who; Phi Eta Sigma; Biftad ; Phi Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Lacrosse Team. McDOUGALD, CHARLES C; Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec; Cheerleader; Phi Kappa; Bulldog Cltib. McELMURRAY. RUTH K.: Phi Mu; Pandora. Clasa Edit.; N.E.A. ; Pi Sig- ma Alpha ; Dormitory Pies. McGEE, DELIA A.: Kappa Alpha Thela. McGregor, martin L.: Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec; Scabbard and Blade; Dixie Redcoat Band. McGUIRE, AMY L.: Delta Zeta ; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA; V.P.; Z Club, Treas. ; Glee Club. V.P. ; Freshman Camp Counselor; Mortar Board, Pres. ; WSGA. Pres.; Phi Kappa Tau Sweet- heart. McMILLEN, C. HAYES.: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treas.; Panhel Repr. ; WAA. McMURRAY, ERNEST L. : Argonots. MEDLOCK. FLORENCE B.: Delta Del- ta Delta; Canterburr Club. MENDELSON, LLOYD A.: Tau Epsilon Phi; A. P.O.; Student Union. MILLIANS, ROBERT W.: Arnold Air Society ; Scabbard and Blade ; Geogra- phy and Geology Club. MULKEY. ARNOLD P.: Phi Delta Theta. NAYLOR, PENELOPE V.: Kappa Alpha Theta, V.P.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota ; Freshman Camp Counselor; Z Club; WAA; Religion in Life Comm. Chairman. NEWMAN, WALTER J.; Alpha Tau Omega; Geography Clilb. NORMAN, CHARLES M.; Canterbury Club. O ' KELLEY, CHARLES S.: PI Kappa Phi; N.E.A. ; G.E.A. ; N.S.T.A. ; Tha- lian Blackfriaia. OLER, RAYMOND W.: Proctor. OWENSBY, DAVID P.: Kappa Sigma. PADGETT, THOMAS C: Chi Psi; Phi Ma Alpha; Dixie Redcoat Band; Men ' s Glee Club; Dixie Derbies. PANKEY, ROBERT F.: Lambda Chi Alpha. PARKER, MARTHA L. ; Delta Zeta. PARKER, T. HARRIET: Delta Delta Delta ; Art Student ' s League. PAYNE, PENELOPE G.: Kappa Kappa Gamma, V.P. PAYTON, WILLIAM R.: Reed Hall Council ; Phi Kappa ; Varaity Team ; Kappa Gamma, Pres. ; Canterbury, Pres.; Student Religious Council. PERLMAN. ADRIENNE: Sigma Delta Tau; Women ' s Glee Club; Hillel; Alpha Lambda Delta; Student Union; Zeta Phi Eta, Pres. PETERSON, NANCY L.: Glee Club; Bulldog Club ; Cheerleader. PICKERN, JAMES H.: Pi Kappa Phi. POWELL, KITTY T. : Chi Omega; Bull- dog Club. PRICE, SANFORD C, JR.: Sigma Nu. RALPH, HORACE S. : Independent Men. RAWLINGS, LUCY A.: Delta Delta Delta, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA, Sec. -Treas.; Student Council; Art Student ' s League. RAY, CHARLOTTE A.: Alpha Xi Delta; Gamma Sigma Sigma ; WAA ; Newman Club. ROSENBERG, KATIE S.; Delta Phi Epsilon; Bulldog Club; Hillel; Gam- ma Sigma Sigma. RUETER, HENRY H.: Chess Club. SAVAGE, ROSALIND: Zeta Tau Alpha. SCHAEFFER, NANCY Q.: Delta Zeta; URSA Minor. SCHALK, ANNA Y.: Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Omicron Pi. treas.; Phi Sigma ; Alpha Epsilon Delta ; URSA Minor. SCOCCINS. JAMES W.: Mu Zeta Alpha. SHEA, JOHN L.: Thalian BUckfrian. Treas. SHEPPARD, BETH: Pi Beta Phi; Pan- hel, Treas.; Student Center; WAA. SKELTON, MARVIN E.: Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pres. ; Pershing Riles; AUSA. SMITH, DIANE M.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Debate Team; Young Republicans Club. SMITH, JANICE V.: Zeta Tau Alpha; Sigma Alpha Iota. Treas, ; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Dixie Redcoat Band; Geor- gette; Alpha Lambda Delta; M.E.N.C. SMITH, LARRILEE M.: Pi Beta Phi, Pres.; Panhel Judicial Council. Sec. SMITH, LAURENCE E.: Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres.; Demosthenian ; X-Club; Pyramid; Wesley Foundstion. SPROULL, OLIVIA M.; Delta Zeta. STAPLES, MAX H.: Phi Delta Theta. STEPHENS, JOAN: Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Treas. ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; T.A.G.; WAA. STERN. MORTON W.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel; Psi Chi. STETTLER, KENNETH O.: Pi Kappa Alpha. SUDDUTH, ALBERT B.: Sigma Pi; Pershing Rifies; Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Team. TALBIRD, JOHN D., JR.; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Freshman Camp Counselor; Out- standing Fr. and Jr.; AFROTC Cadet; Reed Hall Council, Pres.; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade. TALLEY, ELIZABETH L.: Kappa Delta; WRA. TAPPY, THOMAS P.: Pi Kappa Phi; Art Student ' s League. TERRY, WALTER F.: Sigma Nu. THARPE, JEFFIE E.: Alpha Chi Ome- ga; Glee Club; B.S.U. THOMAS, R. D., JR.: Sigma Nu, Sec; I.F.C: Phi Kappa. TIDMORE, WILLIAM C: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. TIDWELL, EDWINA: Alpha Delta Pi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart ; Bull- dog Club. TUCKER, SARAH Q. : Phi Mu: URSA; Psi Chi; Psychology Club. TURNBULL, AUGUSTUS B.: Biftad; Phi Kappa; Kappa Gamma, Pres.; Pi Sigma Alpha; Debate Team, Capt.; Senior Class Cabinet. TURNER, FRANK B. : Kappa Alpha. UNION, THOMAS S.: Nu Rho Psi; Newman, Treas. URSEY, LAWTON R„ JR.: Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa. VEATCH, LINDA A.: Pi Beta Phi; Dolphin Club; Student Center. VEREEN, WENDY E.. Kappa Alpha Thela; URSA Minor; WAA; Appren- tice Dance Club. VIGNATL ROMIE J.: Umbda Chi Al- pha; Nu Rho Psi. VILLAIRE, NATHANIEL E.: Pi Kappa Phi. VINING, JAMES W.: A.P.O.; Argo- nauts. VINSON, FLEMING G.: Canterbury Club; Sigma Delta Pi, V.P. WALDROP. LINDA A.: Sigma Alpha Iota. WARE. SARAH O.: Zeta Tau Alpha. WATERS. MADELYN: Phi Mu: Thalian Blackftiars; Zeta Phi Eta. WATKINS. NANCY V.: Phi Mu. WATROUS, L. CAROL. Kappa Delta. Pres.; Mortar Board; WSGA. Judicial Chrm.. Panhel; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Mu Epsilon; UJtSA. WEAVER. JERRY O. : Sigma Nu ; Argo- naut. WEAVER. S. ELLEN: Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Mu. Treas.; Zodiac; Stu- dent Council; Senior Class. V.P. ; Jr. Panhel. WELLBORN. MARY F.: Pi Mu Epsilon. WHEELIN. THOMAS K.: Newman Club. WHITEHEAD. CAROLINE G.; Chi Ome- ga. Treas.; WRA. WILLIAMS. ANNE C: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club; Jr. Panhel. WILLIAMS. CHARNER M.: Chi Omega; Bulldog Club; WRA; WSGA. WILLS. NANCY A.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Glee Club; URSA Minor. WILSON. GREG: Sigma Chi; Student Center. Pres.; Blue Key. V.P.; Phi Kappa ; Dixie Redcoat Band. WRIGHT. NANCY C. : Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Mu Epsilon; Dixie Redcoat Band. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ADAMS. IRWIN C: Lambda Chi Alpha. ALFORD, ROBERT M.: Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Pi. ANDERSON. BENJAMIN K.: Sigma Chi. ANDERSON, WYLIE L., JR.: Pi Sigma Epsilon. ASBELL, JAMES E.: Arnold Air So- ciety. Executive Officer. ATRIA. JAMES A.: Pi Kappa Alpha. AVGER. ALFRED L.: Rifle Team. AYERS. WENDELL G.: Delta Sigma Pi; Accounting Club. BACON, JAMES S., JR.: Delta Sigma Pi. BAER, DAVID E.: Westminster Fellow- ship; Argonauts; Student Center, V.P. ; Sigma Chi. BACBY, THOMAS E.: Alpha Kappa Psi. BAKER. JOHN R.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. Pres. ; Real Estate Society. Treas. BANKS, ARTHUR E. : Delta Sigma Pi, Sec; X-Club; Independent Men. BARFIELD, HARRY N.: Kappa Sigma, V.P. BARGERON, LEMUEL M.: Sigma Chi; Fros. Basketball. BATES, JOHN M.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. Treas. BEASLEY. THOMAS C: Delta Sigma Pi. BELL, MARK A., JR.: Pi Kappa Alpha. BELL, WILLIAM C.: Delia Sigma Pi. BERGER, CARL J.. JR.: Pi Sigma Epsilon. Treas. ; Newman Club. BISHOP. KENNETH W.: Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa. BOOTH. DONALD W. : Alpha Tau Ome- ga ; Pi Sigma Epailon. BOSTROM. FRED J.; Delta Sigma Pi; Demosthenian. BOSWELL. RAY E.: Alpha Kappa Psi. BOWEN. HENRY H.: Sigma Chi. Treas. BRACEWELL. ROBERT D.: Alpha Kap- pa Psi. BRANNON. GEORGE E.. JR.: Kappa Sigma; Track Team. BREEDLOVE. ROBERT A., JR.; Real Estate Society. BROWN. PAUL A.: Newman Club. BRUNSON. HOWARD M.: Kappa Alpha; Varsity Football. BRYAN. CHARLES M.: Kappa Alpha; Tennis Team. BURDELL. WILLIAM S., JR.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BUSH. LUCIEN R.: Kappa Sigma; Ac. counting Club. CARRELL. BOBBY: Demosthenian Lit- erary Society. CASE. RONALD L. : Pi Kappa Alpha; Football Team. Captain. CASTLEBERRY. CHARLES H.: Phi Kappa Literary Society ; Real Estate Society. V.P. ; Sigma Nu; Bulldog Club. CHAPMAN. JOHN W. : Lambda Chi Alpha; Arnold Society; Scabbard and Blade; Beta Gamma Sigma. CHAPMAN. WAYMAN D.. JR.: Delta Sigma Pi. CHILDERS. ROBERT T.: Chi Phi; Football Team. CLARK. ANDREW B.. Ill: Pi Kappa Phi. CLINE. WYNN E.: Alpha Tau Omega. COCHRAN, TYRONE L. : Pi Kappa Alpha. COHEN, RONALD B.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel; Alpha Phi Omega. COLEMAN, CHARLES R. : Sigma Pi; Rifle Team; Barbell Club. COPELAN, JACK S.: Kappa Alpha. CORLEY, CLIFFORD J.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Economic Society. COURSEY, JOHN P., JR.: Kappa Alpha. CRAMER, WALTER E., HI: Chi Phi. CULVERN, JOE B.: Delta Sigma Pi; Demosthenian Literary Society. DANIEL, RODNEY E.: Kappa Alpha. DAVES. JACK E.: Rho Epsilon, Pres. DAVIS, CHOVINE R.: Phi Delta Thela. DAVIS, DONALD A.: XClub; Red and Black, Edit. DAVIS, SCOTT: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Real Estate Society. DAY, JOHN S.: Pi Kappa Alpha. DEMOOR, MAURICE A.: Delta Sigma Pi. DORN, LEONARD W. : Accounting Club. EDWARDS, NORMAN W.: Alpha Kappa Psi, Sec. EVANS, RONALD E.: Alpha Tau Omega. EXLEY, DAVID L. : Wesley Foundation. EXLEY, WAYNE C: Varsity Baseball. FABRY, LEILA: Kappa Alpha Theta; Panhellenic, Sec. ; WAA. FERGUSON, RICHARD C: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sec. FOSTER, DON T. : Pi Kappa Alpha; Rho Epsilon. FRANCIS, JAMES C. : Accounting Club. FOSTER, JO ANNE: Alpha Gamma Delta: Angel Flight, Sec; WAA; URSA. FOY, BRYON EVERETT. Sigma Nu. FRANK, JOHN H.: Delta Sigma Pi; Frosh Football. FRANKLIN, LEHMAN H. : Phi Delta Theta, Rush Chairman ; Biftad ; Frosh Football, Track; P hi Kappa; Scab- bard and Blade; AUSA;, Pres.; Fresh- man Law Claas, Pres. ; Kappa Gamma ; Law Student Advisory Council. FRETWELL, WILLIAM P.: Chi Phi; Proctor. CABLE, HARLAN L.: Delta Sigma Pi; Independent Men; Argonauts; Persh. ing Rifles; BSU. GEORGE, JAMES D.: Sigma Nu, Rho Epsilon; Phi Kappa. GOLDSTEIN, ARTHUR H.: Tau Epsi- lon Phi. Pledgetrainer. GOODMAN. BARRON F.: Tau Epsilon Phi. GOODMAN. BARRY S. : Tau Epsilon Phi. GOTTSHALL. FRANKLIN H.: Alpha Kappa Psi; BSU. HORNER. THOMAS J.: Chi Phi. GREEN, WILSON O.: Kappa Sigma, Pres. GRIDER, JOHN D.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Varsity Swimming Team. GRIFFIS, ROBERT B.; Alpha Gamma Rho. GUIN, DON L.: Sigma Nu. HACINS, GUEBRY H.: Alpha Kappa Psi. HAMILTON, ALLYN MORRIS; Chi Phi. HAMILTON, JOHN E.: Delta Tau Delta; Pre-Law Club; Rho Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Pershing Rifles. HARPER, GLENN E. : Kappa Alpha. HARPER, LESTER L. : Kappa Sigma. HARPER, THOMAS L.; Dixie Redcoat Band; Phi Mu Alpha. HABRINGTON, MICHAEL A.: Chi Phi; Newman Club. HARRISON, JAMES E.: Kappa Alpha, Pres.; Reed Hall Council, V.P.; Pan- dora, Sports Editor; Gridiron; Phi Kappa. HAWTHORNE, JOHNNY R.: Pi Sigma Epsilon. HILL, L. J.: Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Economic Society. HINDS, JOHN C; Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres.; Outstanding Intramural Athlete, I96I. HOLLEY, HENRY W.: Delta Sigma Pi. HOLMAN, E. MARTIN: Dixie Redcoat Band; Circle K; Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi. HOPKINS, CARTER W.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HORNE, BILL E.: Sigma Pi. HUDSON, WILLIAM H.: Pi Kappa Alpha. HUGHES. CLIFTON E.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HUSS. WILLIAM L.: Delta Sigma Pi. V.P. ; Demosthenian: Yellow Dog So- ciety. HYERS. JOHNNY E.: Accounting Club. INGRAM. JOHN T.: Lambda Chi Alpha. JACKSON. KATHRYN McGILL: Kappa Alpha Theta; WAA; Student Council. JARDINE. DAN A.: Kappa Alpha. JOHNS. LONNIE M.: Men ' s Glee Club; Circle K; Arnold Air Society. Sec; Argonauts; Scabbard and Blade ; Saber Drill Team. JOHNSON. MICHAEL B. ; Pi Sigma Epsilon. JOHNSON. SAM P.: Pi Sigma Epsilon. JOHNSTON. MARY: Beta Sigma Phi. Sec; Phi Chi Theta. JONES. GLORIA: Alpha Gamma Delta. Treas.; Bulldog Club: UGIF. JONES, STEVE M.: Delta Sigma Pi. JORDAN, HUBERT F.: Alpha Tau Omega. KENIMER. GUY; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KRISSMAN. STEPHEN H.: Tau Epsi- lon Phi. KURRY. WILLIAM M.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Alpha Phi Omega. V.P.; Debate Club; Barbell Club; Varsity Wrestling Team; Landscape Architecture Club. LANE. RICHARD: Real Estate Society. LANG. CLARENCE A.: Delia Sigma Phi. LANGFITT. JAMES P.: Sigma Chi. LAUGHTER. KENT L.: Kappa Sigma, LAWTON, JAMES F.: Kappa Sigma; Pre. Legal Club. LEVIN, KENNETH H. : Tau Epsilon Phi. LEVY, ALAN J.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel, IFC. LINDSAY, COTTON M.: Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres.: Arnold Air Society: Phi Kappa ; Freshman Scholarship. LOYD, PEGGY L.: Phi Chi Thela, V.P. ; Accounting Club, Sec; Beta Sigma Phi, Treas. LYONS, JAMES RICHARD: Pi Kappa Alpha. MANDERSON, JOE B. : Kappa Alpha; Varsity Tennis Team. MANSFIELD, WILLIAM E.: Delta Sig- ' ma Pi. MARKS, LLOYD R.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. MASSEY, JOSEPH P.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Rho Epsilon. MATHISON, LARRY B.: Delta Sigma Pi, Treas. ; Accounting Club ; Argo- naut. MATTOX, HARRY W. : Delta Sigma Pi; Order of the Yellow Dog; Students for Kennedy. MAXWELL, CHARLES E.: Pi Sigma Epsilon. MAXWELL, MARTHA S.: Alpha Delta Pi, Sec; GAA; Bulldog Club. MAYS. LOUIE C: Delta Sigma Pi; In- dependent Men. McCOLLUM. JAMES R.: Pi Kappa Phi. McDonald. WALTER H.: pi Kappa Alpha. V.P.; XClub; Phi Kappa; IFC; Bulldog Club. McGRIFF. GEORGE E.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. McINTOSH. JAMES LEE: Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Kappa. McKENNY. CHARLES J.: Varsity Foot- ball; Frosh Baseball and Football. McKENNY, WILLIAM D. : G Club; Football, Alternate Captain. McKINNEY, EDWARD D.: Pershing Rifles; Delta Tau Delta, Treas. McKINNON, PHILIP S. : Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Independent Men. McLENDON, ROBERT R.: Phi Delta Thela. McLEOD, DANIEL M.: Chi Phi; Scab- bard and Blade. McNEELY, THOMAS H.: Sigma Nuj Bulldog Club. MEANS, CAROLINE A.: Kappa Delta; Bulldog Club. MELVIN, JOHN M.: Kappa Sigma; Arnold Air Society. MERCER, JIM C: Pi Kappa Alpha. MOCK, IVEY C: Delta Sigma Pi. MORRIS, CLAUDE M.: Pi Kappa Alpha. MORRIS, THORNTON W.: Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi. MORSE, JOHN D.: Alpha Tau Omega; Real Estate Society. MOSELY. WILLIAM J.: Sigma Chi. MUNDY. JOHN E.: Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. MURPHY. GEORGE R.: Alpha Kappa Psi. MURRISON. GLENN D.: Delta Sigma Pi. V.P. ; X-Club; Student Council. NANCE. STEPHEN R.: Vanity Wres- tling. NEAL. GEORGE T.: Kappa Sigma; Pershing Rifles. NEAL. THOMAS F.. JR.: Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa. NOTTINGHAM, GARDINER L.: Chi Phi. NUCKOLLS, JOHN A.: Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Varsity Baaeball ; G Club; Fresh. Basketball; Phi Kappa; Bull- dog Club ; Fellowship of Christian Athletes. O ' KEEFE, HERBERT A., JR.; Pi Kap- pa Alpha, Treas. ; Newman Club ; Ac- counting Club. PARRISH. JOHN E.. JR.: Delta Sigma Pi; X-Club. Treas.; Omicron Delta Kappa. Treas.; Pyramid. Pres.; De- mosthenian. V.P. ; Independent Men. V.P. ; Argonaut. PERSKY. MARSHALL J.: Tau Epsilon Phi. PILGRIM. GEORGE E. : Lambda Chi Alpha; Thalian Blackfriars. PINION, RICHARD A.: Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; AUSA. RAMSER, HENRY W.: Aijonauts; BSU, Pres. RANDOLPH, JAMES G. : Economic So- ciety ; Alpha Kappa Psi. Pres. REDWINE. FRANK H.: Alpha Tau Omega. Treas. REYNOLDS. ROLAND R.: Kappa Alpha. ROBERTS. MELANIE A.: Alpha Gam- ma Delta, Sec; Student Union; Pan- hel Council; Angel Flight. ROBINSON. HARRY E.: Phi Delta Theta. ROBINSON. WILBURN V.: Phi Eta Sigma ; Beta Gamma Sigma. ROSENTHAL. STUART: Tau Epailon Phi. V.P. RYAN. JOHN J.: Chi Psi. SAMS. EDWARD B. : Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Varsity Golf Team. SCARBROUGH. THOMAS F.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Pi Sigma Epsilon. Sec. SCHOENFELD. ROY P.: Tau Epsilon Phi. Treas.; Real Estate Society, V.P. ; Hillel. SCOTT, HAL G.: Sigma Pi. SEARCY, CORDON B.: Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa. SHAW. RALPH L.: Sigma Nu; Real Estate Society. SHEALY. MARTIN L.: Phi Delta Thela; Llandscape Architecture Club; Phi Kappa; Wesley Foundation. SHORT. NANCY A.: Alpha Xi Delta; Phi Chi Theta. Treas.; Modern Dance Club; Junior Dolphin Club. SINCLAIR, POLLY M. : Phi Mu. SMALL, IDUS BROWN: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SMALLWOOD, BILLY J. : Delta Sifma Pi. SMITH, JAMES E.: Dairy Science Club; Pi Sigma Epsilon, Pres. SMITH, KENNETH P.: Delta Sigma Pi. SMITH, SHERMAN B.: Varsity Lacrosse Team ; Christian Athletes Association. SOLOMON, MICHAEL: Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel; APO. SOUTHERLAND, CONALD: Delta Sigma Pi ; Independent Men. SPICER, WILLIAM T.: Pi Sigma Epsi- Ion, Treas. SPILLER. LEWIS W.: Kappa Sigma; Scabbard i Blade. STANSBURY, WILLIAM R.: Pi Sigma Epsilon. STEELE. JAMES P.: Kappa Alpha. STEWART, DORRIS L.: Alpha Tau Omega. STINNETT, JOHN C. : Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa ; Newman Club. STRICKLAND, MEREDITH: Alpha Gam- ma Delta; Tennis Club; Phi Chi Theta, Pre.. SWAN, JERRY: Alpha Kappa Psi; Eco- nomics Club; Accounting Club. SWAN, RICHARD M.: Alpha Kappa Psi; Accounting Club. TARPLEY, JOE P.: Accounting Club. TANNER, WELDON W.: Alpha Tau Omega; Demosthenian; Pershing Rifles; Drill Team. TARPLEY, ROSEMARY: Zeta Tau Al- pha; Belle Corps, Trea. ; Student Coun- cil; Phi Chi Theta; Sigma Chi Sweet- heart; Pandora Court. TAYLOR, MARION A.: BSU; Beta Cam- ma Sigma. TEEL, MARY J.: Triquetra; Phi Chi Theta; BSU. THOMAS, KENNETH E.: Sigma Nu. TIBBITTS, RAYMOND W.: Sigma Chi. VIC, PETER R. : Kappa Sigma; Junior Class President. VILVAL, JURI: Delta Sigma Pi; Cos- mopolitan Club, Pres.; Demosthenian; Lutheran Student Association. WALKER, BENJAMIN P.: Chi Phi. WALKER, WILLIAM Q. : Phi Delta Theta, V.P. WALL, FRED M.: Scabbard Blade, Captain; ROTC Battalion Commander. WALLER, JOHN R.: Sigma Nu, Pres.; Student Council; X-Club; ODK ; Creek Horsemen ; IFC, Sec. WATSON. ALVA D.: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, Sec; G-CIub. WEBSTER. JOHN R.: Phi Delia Theta; Phi Kappa. WELLS, JAMES R.: Alpha Kappa Psi. WEST, BENJAMIN H.: Alpha Tau Ome- ga, Trea.; Demosthenian; Political Sci- ence Club. WEST, ESTON C: Delta Sigma Pi. WEST III, WALTER B. : Sigma Chi; Intervarsity ; Wesley Foundation. WHITE, JIMMIE M.: Delta Sigma Pi; Athletic Intramural Board. WICK, ARTHUR C: Kappa Sigma. WILKINS, ROBERT D.: Sigma Nu, V.P; Phi Kappa; IFC; Pi Sigma Epsilon. WILSON, JAMES W.: Sigma Nu. WURST, MARY O.: Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Glee Club; Bulldog Club; Student Union. WYATT, JOHN W., JR.: Phi Delta Theta; Varsity Baseball. WYNNE, MARVIN I.: Alpha Epsilon Pi, House Mang. ; Reed Hall Council; Pre. Legal Club. YOUNG, TOMMY O., JR.: Delta Sigma Pi. ZEALY. CARROLL E., JR.: Sigma Chi, V.P. EDUCATION AARON, BARBARA I.: URSA; TAG; Student Union. ALLEN, NANCY L.: Delta Delta Delta; Bulldog Club ; Student Council. ARCHER. CAROL: Zeta Tau Alpha; Belle Corps, Pres. BARGANIER, BETTY A.: Chi Omega, V.P.; WRA; Bulldog Club; Alpha Lambda Delta ; SAE Sweetheart ; URSA ; Panhellenic Rep.; Kappa Delta Epsilon. BELL, NADINE E.: Alpha Gamma Delta; NEA. BLACK, VICTORIA A.: ACEI. BRANNEN, BEVERLY S.: Alpha Delta Pi. BRANTLEY, IDA C: Zeta Tau Alpha. BRIDGES. JOHN P., JR.: Sigma Nu. BRITT, WILLIAM C: Sigma Pi, Pres.; P.E. Club; Alpha Phi Omega. BROWN, JAYNE E.: Alpha Delta Pi, Pres. ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Sec; Panhellenic Exec. Council; Mortar Board, Sec. BRYAN, LELAINE : Kappa Kappa Gamma BRYANT, JAMES G., JR.: Lambda Chi Alpha, V.P.; P.E. Club. BUNDRICK, HELEN G.: Alpha Delta Pi; Zeta Phi Eta. BURKETT, ANN: Kappa Alpha Theta. BURT, MARY E.: Alpha Xi Delta; Con- cert Dance Club; University Chorus; NEA Rep.; WAA ; Wesley Foundation. BUSBIA, ELIZABETH A.: Kappa Delta; WRA; Jazz Club; TAG; Sigma Nu Sweetheart Court. BYRD, CAROLINE: Delta Delta Delia, Sec. CATO, BEVERLY C: Kappa Delta; Homecoming Queen. CHAFIN, THOMAS L.: Umbda Chi Al- pha. CHAMBERS, JAMES R., JR.: P.E. Club. CHAMBERS, MAHALA A.: Kappa Delta Epsilon, Pres. ; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec; Alpha Delta Pi, V.P. CHAMBERS, RONA G,: Delta Phi Epsi- lon; NEA; ACEI; Gamma Sigma Sigma. CHITWOOD, GLENDA M.: Alpha Gam- ma Delta; Concert Dance Club; PEM Club; WAA, CLOSE, LINDA A.: Alpha Gamma Delta, V.P.; WRA; PEM Club, Sec-Trea. COCHRAN, MILDRED G.: Zeta Tao Al- pha, Panhellenic Rep.; Belle Corps; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Dorm Sec. COHEN, SARA R.: Delta Phi Epsilon. COKER, MARGARET G.: Zeta Tau Al- pha, Corresp. Sec; Alpha Lambda Delta. COPELAND, MARY K.: Zeta Tau Alpha, V.P. ; Sec-Treas. of Jr. Class; Student Council. CORYELL, GAYLE A.: Alpha Omicron Pi. COURSEY, CAROLYN M.: Alpha Delta Pi; Belle Corps; Rush Advisor. COURSON, ANN C: Zeta Tau Alpha; ACEI; Bulldog Club; WAA. COYNE, CAMILLA C: Chi Omega, Sec; WAA; URSA Minor; Jr. Panhellenic; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Sec; Bulldog Club. CRANDALL, PATRICIA A.: Alpha Del- ta Pi. CROXTON, MARY L.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Rush Advisor; TAG; URSA Minor; Bulldog Club; WAA. CLUCLASURE, MARY O.: Zeta Phi Eta; Bulldog Club; Kappa Delta. CAMOUR, EDWARD A., JR.: Dixie Red- coat Band; University Orchestra; Phi Mu Alpha. DANIEL, NANCY L.: Chi Omega; Bull- dog Club; WSGA; Rush Advisor; Bap- tist Student Union. D ' ANTIGNAC, LOIS F.: Kappa Alpha Theta; WAA; Newman Club; URSA Minor; Red and Black. DAVIS, ANN B.: PEM Club, Pres.; WRA. DEYERLE, JUDITH L.: Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas.; Kappa Delta Epsilon, V.P.; URSA Minor; WAA. DIXON, JOY C: Kappa Alpha Theta, Sec; URSA Minor; WAA; Sigma Chi Sweetheart Court; Senior Class Cabinet. DIXON, WILLIAM I. : Alpha Tau Omega. DUBOSE, LILLIAN D.: Chi Omega; WAA; URSA Major; Bulldog Club. DUKE, DIANE: Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta, V.P.; Bulldog Club; WSGA. DUPRIEST. ROSA J.: Alpha Delta Pi; Belle Corps. DYESS, MIRIAM J.: Alpha Chi Omega; Dolphin Club; Dance Club; Key Club; PEM Club; WRA, Sec. EDGE, MARLENE J.: Alpha Xi Delta, Rec Sec; NEA; ACEI; WAA. ELKIN, ELIZABETH S.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. ELLIOTT, SANDRA H.: Chi Omega; Bulldog Club; Dorm V.P. ; Lambda Chi Crescent Girl; NEA; Pandora Beauty Review ; Kappa Delta Epsilon. ELLINGTON, SANDRA J.: Alpha Chi Omega, Rec. Sec; N.E.A. ; Student Union ; Glee Club. EMINCER, BARBARA A.: Zeta Tau Al. pha; Angel Flight; Dixie Redcoat Band, Solo Twirler; Phi Mu Alpha, Sweetheart. ESKEW, MICHAEL P. : Reed Hall Coun- cil; Pershing Rifles; Argonauts;- Circle K; P.E. Majors Club; B.S.U. EULENFELD, ETHEL A.: Delta Delta Delta, V.P.; Dolphin Club; Belle Corps; Student Council; Bulldog Club. FLEMING, MARTHA E.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. FLORENCE, JEAN: Phi Mu ; Bulldog Club; Women ' s Glee Club, Student Union. POKES, ANN T.: Zeta Tau Alpha; Belle Corps. FOX, JESSE P.: Phi Kappa; Sigma Chi; Physics Club. FOX, KATHRYN P.: Kappa Delta Up- ailon; Dorm V.P. ERASER, JANE E.: Belle Corps; Bull- dog Club ; Kappa Kappa Gamma. GARRET, BRENDA B.: Georgettes; Belle Corps. GENTRY, GEORGIA C: Delta Zeta; AECL CORDY, SALLY C: Alpha Delta Pi. GRESHAM, MARY S. : Delta Zeta; Dol- phin Club; P.E.M.; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart. GREVEMBERG, ELLEN C: Kappa Del- ta- W.A.A. • W.S G.A CRIFFETH, RONALD H.: Alpha Tau Omega. HALEY, ANNETTE D.: Alpha Gamma Delta; ACEI. HAMILTON, MARGARET L.: Alpha Xi Delta; WRA; PEM Club. HAMMACK, ALICE K. : Angel Flight; WRA; Jazz Club; Bulldog Club; URSA Minor; Jr. Panhellenic. HARPER, CLARA B.: Alpha Gamma Delta; WAA; Red and Black. HARPER, SANDRA J.: Alpha Gamma Delta; ACEI; Canterbury Club. HARRIS, MARY E.: Delta Zeta. HARRISON. PAULA J.: Cosmopolitan Club, Sec; Student Union. HAWLEY, DOROTHY J.: Kappa Delta; WAA • WSGA HESTON, NAN A. K.: Majorette-Cap- tain; Angel Flight-Treas. ; " Miss Mod- em Venus " ; Sig ma Chi Beauty Spon- sor; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sports Queen. HICKS, LAURA H.: Interjarsity Chris- tian Assc. HOFFMAN, SANDYBECK : Delta Phi Ep- silon ; Gamma Sigma Sigma ; Religion in Life Committee; Zeta Phi Beta. HUBERT, FAITH C: Phi Mu; Angel Flight; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Pep Club; ACEI. HUNTER, HARRIET O.: Pi Beta Phi. HUSNEY, SARA S. : Delta Phi Epsilon; Hillel; Pershing Rifle Court. IRWIN, SANDRA: Pi Beta Phi; AECI ; Student Council; Student Center; Nu Rho Psi. JACKSON, MARY FRANCES G.: Chi Omega; Bulldog Club. JACOBS, SAM E.: Sigma Pi. KAHRS, KAROL A.: Alpha Chi Omega. 2nd V.P.; PEM Club, V.P.; Dolphin Club-Pres. ; Tennis Club; tfAA; URSA Minor; Key Club; CARFCW. KELLY, KATHRINE J. Zeta Tau Alpha. KING, MARY M.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. KLUTTE. MARTHA J.: Delta Delta Delta, Treas. KOKAL, ANGELA: Alpha Chi Omega; Bulldog Club; Jr. Panhellenic. LAMBACK, MARY P.: Delta Delta Del- ta; PEM Club; WRA. LASKY, SANDRA A.: Sigma Delta Tau- Corr. Sec. ; Hillel. LEA PH ART. BETTY FLORENCE: Chi Omega; WAA; Dance Club; Bulldog Club; Dormitory Sec; TAG; N.E.A. LEAVY, LANNY: Phi Mu ; English Club; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Canterbury Club. LEWIS. LINDA A.: Alpha Chi Omega- 1st V.P. LEWIS, THOMAS J.: Sigma Chi; Reed Hall Council; Argonaut. LIBOWSKY, ELAINE S. : Delta Phi Ep- silon-Treas. ; Hillel; Gamma Sigma Sig- ma, Tau Epsilon Phi Sweetheart. MANSOUR, KATHRYN E.: Zeta Tau Alpha-Pres. ; URSA Major; Pershing Rifle Sponsor; Belle Corps; Military Ball Court; Chi Psi Sweetheart. MARKEY, HELEN K. : Alpha Chi Omega. McNEELY. MARILYN DELONC : Alpha Delta Pi ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Who ' s Who; Zodiac; Miss Modem Venus; Angel Flight; V.P. Soph, and Jr. Classes; Dormitory V.P.; Homecoming Court; Student Council; Bulldog Club; Sigma Chi Sponsor. MICHAEL, JOHN R.: PEM Club. MOORE. JUDITH E. : Delta Zeta; Pan- hellenic Repr. MORGAN, LINDA I.: Phi Mu; Pandora Staff. NEWTON, STUART W.: Sigma Chi. OAKLEY, CAROL S.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; N.E.A. -Pres. PARKER, GLORIA A.: Alpha Gamma Delta. PARKERSON, DON N.: PEM Club; Frea. Basketball. PATTEN. LYNDA: Phi Mu-Sec; Dol- phin Club; English Club. PAYNE, JERRY M. : Reed Hall Council; Wesley Foundation; Argonauts; Stu- dent Center Board ; Freshman Camp Counselor; Pi Tau Chi; 4.H. PERRY, JUDY M. : Delta Delta Delta. PONDER, MARTHA L.: Delta Delta Delta; Dormitory Officer. POWERS, SHEILA A.: Alpha Gamma Delta; URSA Major; Rush Advisor; Newman Club. PRATHER, GEORGE ANN: Alpha Delta Pi. PRUITT. CAROLINE D.: Kappa Alpha Theta, Sec; WAA; URSA Minor- RADER, CROCKET M.: Kappa Kappa Gamma. RAMSAY, ROBERTA L.: A.V.M.A., Pres. REPPARD, HARRIETT M.: Chi Omega; Bulldog Club. REYNOLDS. DAWN L.: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Prea. ; Alpha Lambda Delta; WAA. REYNOLDS, LUKE A.: Bulldog Barbell Club. Sec. ROUSH. BARBARIANNE G. : Alpha Chi Omega; NEA; Ag Club. RUTLAND, JAMES T.: Delta Tau Delta. SANFORD, SARA G.: Pi Beta Phi; ACEI; Canterbury Club. SAPP, CHARLOTT A.: Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club. SCHARFF, PHYLLIS W.: Sigma Delta Tau. SHANNON, SHIRLEY A.: Zeta Tau Alpha, Sec; Angel Flight. SIMS. PATSY L.: Kappa Delta; WRA. SMITH, JUDY A.: Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. SMITH, KAY C: Intervanity Christian Fellowship, Sec; Phi Mu. SMITH, KAY P.: WAA. SPECK, WILLIAM R. : Varsity Basket- ball; Fellowship of Christian Athletes. SPIVEY, JOYCE: Kappa Alpha Theta; Zeta Phi Eta. STEWART, PATRICIA C.: NEA; B.S.U. ; Glee Club. SWEAT, SANDRA: Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Women ' s Glee Club; Bulldog Club; WSGA; Student Union. TANNER, JAN: Alpha Chi Omega; B.S.U.; Glee Club. TATE, ETHEL L.: Dolphin Club; PEM Club. TAYLOR, CONNIE L.: Dormitory Pres. • TAG. TAYLOR, FREDERICK W.: Varsity Football. TAYLOR, JUDITH K.: Alpha Gamma Delta; Dance Club; Newman Club; Ruah Advisor. TELFORD, REBECCA C: Zeta Tau Alpha; Bulldogs; WRA; ACEI. THOMAS, GENIE: Delta Delta Delta- URSA Major, Pres.; Angel Flight; Jr. Panhellenic. THOMASON, LINDA D.: Alpha Gamma Delta; ACEI, Sec. THURMAN, S. LINDA: Alpha Delta Pi; Dormitory Pres.; WSGA Rept. TIPTON, MARGARET B.: Phi Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta; Angel Flight! Comm.; Panhellenic Council. TREANOR, KAY: Kappa Kappa Cam- ma; NEA; Westminister Fellowship. TRUJILLO. JEANIE A.: Kappa Delta, V.P. ; Panhellenic Council. VANDIVER, CHARLES M.: Lambda Chi Alpha. WARD, EDNA L. : Phi Mu, Prea.; Pan- hellenic Council; URSA Minor; Eng- liah Club ; Gamma Sigma Sigma. WASSERMAN. SHERRIE S.: Delta Phi Epsilon; WRA; ACEL V.P. ; Hillel; NEA. WATERS, CAROLYN: Triquetra; Dormi- tory Sec. WEINSTEIN, GAYLE H.: Delta Phi Epsilon, V.P.; NEA; ACEI; Student Council; Hillel. WEST, CHARLOTT K.: Alpha Xi Delta, Corr. Sec. ; Lambda Kappa Sigma ; URSA Minor; University Chorus, Wes- ley Foundation; NEA; ACEI. WHITEHURST, HARRY S.: Phi Mu Alpha. WILKINS, CINDY; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma. Sec. WILSON, ANN M.: Kappa Alpha Theta. WILSON, GEORGE O.: Art Student League ; Baptist Student League. WILSON, GEORGE W.: PM Sigma Kappa. WILSON, SALLY L.: Delta Delta Delta; ACEI; Bulldog Club. WOLLNER, MURIEL F.: Sigma Delta Tau, Corr. Sec and Pres. ; Hillel ; Student Union. WOODCOCK, BONNIE P.: Chi Omega; Bulldog Club; WSGA. YOUNG, KAY C: Kappa Alpha Theta; Gamma Sigma Sigma. YOUNCBLOOD. J. PAULETTA: Pi Beta Phi; NEA; Student Center. SCHOOL OF FORESTRY ALLCOOD, NORMAN: Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi. ANDERSON, PETE: Forestry Club; So- ciety of American Forestera- BARBOT, WILLIAM R. : Society of Am. Foresters; Forestry Club; Varsity Swimming Team. BEASLEY, JOSEPH L.: Forestry Club. Pres.; Xi Sigma Pi; Society of Am. Foresters. BENNETT, LARRY E.: Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa; B.S.U. BLACKMON, JOSEPH C: Xi Sigma Pi. BLOODWORTH, STEWART I.: Society of Am. Foresters; Forestry Club. BRIGHTWELL, CHARLES S. : Kappa Sigma. CHESSER, AARON H.: Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. COLE, DONALD: Forestry Club. COPUS, EARL, JR.: Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club ; Alpha Zeta ; Student Council. DURHAM, JOE V.: Forestry Club; So- ciety of Am. Foresters. EVANS. PAUL B.: Forestry Club; Wrestling Team. FAIR. THOMAS J.: Xi Sigma Pi; For- estry Club; Society of Am. Foresters. FLOYD, WAYNE L.: Forestry Club. FORE, TRUITT M.: Forestry Club; Alpha Zeta ; Xi Sigma Pi. FRANKLIN, HIRAM P.: Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi. GERINER, RICHARD M.: Chi Phi; Forestry Club. GILDER, WILLIAM H.: Forestry Club; Society of Am. Foresters. GILL, LOUIS C: Forestry Club. HALL, ROBERT E.: Forestry Club; Ag Hill Council. HARP, STEPHENS L.. JR.: Forestry Club ; Xi Sigma Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Wesley Foundation ; Cypress Knee Staff. HARRIS, ABIE A.: Forestry Club. HARRISON, CHARLES M., Jr.: For- estry Club. JAGER, EDWARD M.: Xi Sigma Pi; Society of Am. Foresters; Forestry Club, Sec. KINARD, FRED W.: Xi Sigma Pi; For- estry Club; Society of American For- esters. KING. SAM A.: Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters; Alpha Tau Omega. LANIER, JOHN V.: Xi Sigma Pi; For- estry Club, Society of American For- esters. LASSITER. WILLIAM A.: Chi Psi; Intramural Sports. MASSEY, JAMES M.: Forestry Club. McCARTY, THOMAS: Chi Pal; For- estry Club; Editor, Cypress Knee; Editor, Sawdust. McDonald, JESSE LEE: Alpha Gamma Rho; Society of American Foresters. McDonald, richard e., jr.: chi Psi; Forestry Club. MILEY, ROBERT W.: Forestry Club. MOORE, CLARENCE M.: Alpha Gamma Rho; Forestry Club. NAGLE, WILLIAM B., JR.: Alpha Tau Omega; Forestry Club; Pershing Rifles. NEIDLINGER, DARRYL M.: Xi Sigma Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Forestry Club ; Track Team ; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade. NHO, do HUU: Forestry Club, Cosmo, politan. NIX, WILLIAM R.: Forestry Club; So- ciety of American Foresters. NUNNALLY, GERALD N.: Alpha Gam- ma Rho; Forestry Club. PARHAM, ALLEN GLENN: Forestry Club. PAYNE. GROVER C.: Society of Amer- ican Foresters; Baptist Student Union; Forestry Club; Independent Men Or- ganization. PETERSON, NICK A.; Chi Psi; Xi Sigma Pi ; Forestry Club. PHILLIPS, JOE H., JR.: Forestry Club, V.P. ; Xi Sigma Pi. PRICE, BUFORD W.: Forestry Club; Alpha Zeta. ROBINSON, DAVID H.: Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters; The Georgia Agriculturist; Cypress Knee; Ag Club, Independent Men; Wesley Foundation. l ' " ' ils ' OlpiR • t:aiM: Ml Oil. 1 1 k: r MB Hi till ROSE, BENNETT S.: Sigma Alpha Ep- ailon ; Forestry Club. SEABROOKE. LEE F. : Forestry Club. SHAVE, THOMAS J., HI.: Forestry Club; Alpha Gamma Rho. SHEFFIELD. JIMMY H.: Alpha Gamma Rho; Xi Sigma Pi; Society of Ameri- can Foresters. Forestry Club. SHELTON, RICHARD E.: Alpha Tau Omega. SMITH. JOSEPH S.r Forestry Club; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Pres. ; Scabbard and Blade. STOKES. HENRY H. : Arnold Air So- ciety. THOMSON, CHARLES R.: Chi Phi. TRUNDLE. WILLIAM A.: Xi Sigma Phi. WADE. GEORGE T., JR.: Forestry Club; Ag Club; Independent Men, Sec; Demosthentan Literary Society; Pyra- mid; X-Club. WALDROP, ROBERT K.: Society of American Foresters; Forestry Club. WARNER, LAMAR H.: Alpha Gamma Rho, Treas. WHITE. JOHN T.: Forestry Club; Al- pha Zeta. WILLOUGHBY, JOHN H.: Forestry Club. WOMBLE, JOSEPH R.: Alpha Gamma Rho; American Society of Foresters, Forestry Club, Sec; Xi Sigma Pi; Cypress Knee . SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS ADAMS, VIRGINIA K. : Alpha Gamma Delta; Home Econ Club; Glee Club. AKINS. MARY E.: Alpha Gamma Delta. Treas.; Homecon Club; Wesley Foun- dation; Georgia Agriculturist. ARNALL, BETTY J.: Delta Delta Delta; Angel Flight; Jr. Panhel. BARRETT, JUDY L.: Delta Delta Delta; URSA; Cheerleader; Bulldog Club; Homecon Club; Wesley Foundation; WSGA Cabinet; Rush Advisor. BASS, BETH: Kappa Delta. BITELY. BARBARA K.: Homecon. BROWN, HELEN S.: Homecon. CANNON, VERONA L.: Triqueta; Tri- angle. CARROLL, JANE: Zeta Tau Alpha. CHASTAIN. RUTH J.: Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA; B.S.U.; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pres. ; Moitar Board ; Zodiac ; Freshman Camp Counselor. CLOANINGER, MARY B.; Kappa Alpha Theta. COLEBURN, SUE: 4-H Club; Homecon. CRUIKSHANK, LILA J.: Chi Omega; WAA; Homecon; URSA Minor; Dor- mitory Treas. DAUCHTRY. JANET L.; Chi Omega; Homecon Club; WRA. EZELL, ELIZABETH G.: Kappa Alpha Theta. FARMER, JANICE M.: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. FORTSON, MARY P.: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Homecon. FRASIER, KATHERINE C: Chi Ome- ga; URSA; Homecon; Bulldog; WRA Repr. GRAVES. D. LYNNE: Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Sigma Sigma, V.P. ; Home- con; URSA; Rush Advisor, Pres.; Nu Rho Psi. HAM, DOROTHY M.: Homecon. HAMIL, JUANITA: Homecon. HARTLEY, J. DIANNE; Homecon. HOOTEN, SHIRLEY R.: 4-H Club; Homecon. JOHNSON, MARTHA ].: Homeeoo; Kappa Alpha Theta. LANGFORD, LINDA: Delta Zeta, V.P.; Homecon ; Pandora. LOPER, CLOETA B.: Homecon; Tri- queta; B.S.U. LOTHRIDCE. PATRICIA E.: Alpha Delta Pi. McCORKLE. JUANITA: Homecon; Tri- quetra ; Wesley Foundation. McDUFFIE. SANDRA D.: B-S.U.; Home- con ; Triquetra. McRAE, DIANNE: Triquetra, Pres. Tri- angle; Homecon; Intervarsity Chris- tian Fellowship; 4-H Club; Student Council ; Georgia Agriculturist, Asst. Edit. FLEMING, JOYCE W.: Homecon; B.S.U. FOLK, JUDY A.: Triquetra; Triangle; Georgia Agriculturist, Aast. Editor; D.S.F.; 4-H Club: Dormitory V.P.; Homecon ; Glee Club. NOBLE, ANGELA: B.S.U.; Homecon; Ag Hill Council. Repr. ; Georgia Agri- culturist, OUTLER, JO ANN: Alpha Delta Pi; Homecon; WAA; Ag Hill Council, Repr. PHILLIPS, JEANNINE L.: Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; Homecon. PICKERN, NELDA L.; Student Center Board, Sec ; Homecon Club ; Student Center Council, Sec. SAGCUS, PEGGE D.: Kappa Delta; Homecon Club ; Bulldog Club. SAPPINGTON, PHYLLIS D.: Alpha Xi Delta, V.P.; Panhel Council; Home- con. SEAWALL, MARGARET E,: Kappa Alpha Theta; Bulldog Club; WAA; Modem Dance Club; Homecon; Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Court. SEAY, MARY L.: Kappa Alpha Theta; WAA; Homecon. SINGLETON, CLARA A.: B.S.U. STEWART, HELEN J.: Delta Zeta, Pres.; Homecon, Sec; Military Court. STONE, TYLER: Homecon; Ag Hill Council; 4-H Club, Pres. TURTON, REBECCA R.: Phi Mu. WEATHERFORD, MYRNA J.: Zeta Tau Alpha. WILLIAMS, NANCYE: Alpha Xi Delta; Homecon; WAA. WOOD, ELEANOR R.: Homecon. SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM ALLEY. SANDRA A.: Alpha Chi Ome- ga; Di Gamma Kappa, Sec; Univer- sity Theater; Theta Sigma Phi. Pres.; Gamma Alpha Chi, Pres.; Pandora; Women ' s Glee Club; Red and Black. BARROW, JACK E.: Alpha Delta Sigma. BENEFIELD, MARGARET R.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Red and Black; Theta Sigma Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Sigma Sigma. BLALOCK, JOSEPH A.: Alpha Delta Sigma ; Sigma Nu ; Phi Kappa. BOWDEN, MARTHA G. : URSA Minor; Di Gamma Kappa; Gamma Alpha Chi; Tag; Red and Black; Student Center Council; Student Center Board of Di- rectors. BURTON, W. LAWRENCE: Sigma Delta Chi, Sec, V.P. ; Di Gamma Kappa; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Mu Alpha. CARMICHAEL. CHARLES L.: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, V.P. CHAPPELL, ELEANOR K.: Alpha Del- ta Pi; Thalian Blackfriars; Di Gamma Kappa; Belle Corps, V.P. ; Bulldog Club. COHEN, JOEL H. : Alpha Epsilon Pi; Men ' s Glee Club; Alpha Delta Sigma. CONE, CARLOS H.: X-Club ; Demos- thenian Literary Society; Red and Black. FELSON, DEVARA S.: Delta Phi Epsi- lon, Sec, Pres.; Theta Sigma Phi, V.P. ; Mortar Board, Treas.; Hillel. Pres. ; Red and Black. FLETCHER, ALAN D.: Lambda Chi Alpha. Treas.; Alpha Delta Sigma. FORREST, JOHN D.: Lambda Chi Al- pha. FRANKS. WELLS D. : Alpha Gamma Rho. Sec FULLER, JULIA M.: Theta Sigma Phi; Tag; Student Center Council; Gamma Sigma Sigma, V.P. ; Women ' s Glee Club; B.S.U. FURMAN. JOHN DUNN: Alpha Phi Omega; Dixie Redcoat Band; Pandora; Red and Black; Di Gamma Kappa; Argonauts. GRAHAM. KAY: Alpha Gamma Delta, GRIER, TOMMY F.: Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade. GRUBBS, WILLIAM DOUGLAS: Kappa Sigma. HAMMOND, MILDRED E.: Alpha Gam- ma Delta. HAWLEY, DOUGLAS N.: Phi Delta Theta; Track; Red and Black; Di Gamma Kappa; FCA. HODGSON. BRYANT F.: Lambda Chi Alpha. Pres.; IFC; Student Council; Who ' s Who ; Gridiron ; Greek Horse- men. JOLLY, ENCENIA L. : Triquetra. Treas., V.P. ; Wesley Foundation; Red and Black; Tbela Sigma Phi; Pi Tau Chi. JONES, SARA J.: Alpha Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi ; Di Gamma Kappa, Treas.; Sigma Delta Chi, Sweetheart; Belle Corps; Red and Black. JONES, W. HARDMAN: Sigma Chi, Pres., Sec; Dixie Redcoat Band; X- Club; Alpha Delta Sigma; IFC. KNIGHT, CHARLES H. : Red and Black, Edit.; Sigma Delta Chi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Di Gamma Kappa; Alpha Kap- pa Psi ; Pershing Rifles. KNOWLES, FAYE B.: Georgettes; Dixie Redcoat Band; Belle Corpa; Alpha Chi Omega. LANCBEIN, JEROLD H.: Umbda Chi Alpha. MANION, GAILE S.: Alpha Gamma Delta; Red and Black; Pandora; Gam- ma Alpha Chi; WAA. MEWBORNE. JAMES H.: Chi Psi; X- Club; Red and Black. MORRISON, HERSCHEL J.: Di Gamma Kappa, Pres.; Sigma Delta Chi, Sec; Phi Eta Sigma; Argonauts; Student Union; Delta Tau Delta; Red and Black. MUNOZ. JUDITH B.: Alpha Omicron Pi; Panhellenic. RV.P.; Red and Black; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Nu Rho Psi. PARSONS, FRIEDA J.: Alpha Gamma Delta. PATILLO. WESLEY M. : Argonanla; B.S.U.; Sigma Delta Chi; Di Gamma Kappa; Demosthenian. PENAN, ADRIENNE M.: Delta Phi Ep- silon; Theta Sigma Phi; Belle Corps; Hillel; Red and Black. POWELL, MARCIA L.: Red and Black; Di Gamma Kappa; Theta Sigma Phi; Thalian Blackfriars; University The- atre; University Chorus; Freshman Camp; Alpha Xi Delta. PRIEST, WILLIAM B.: Alpha Delta Sigma; Baptist Student Union; Red and Black. REDMOND, CLAYTON V.: Sigma Pi; Di Gamma Kappa; Thalian Blackfriars. ROTHROCK, LAURENE B. : Alpha Omi- cron Pi. SMITH. ROSSER E. : Di Gamma Kappa, V.P.; Sigma Delta Chi, Treas. SW ANSON, JOAN: Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres. ; Panhellenic Council ; Red and Black; Gamma Sigma Sigma; URSA Minor. WELSH, ROLEYN P.: Pandora; Red and Black; Thalian Blackfriars. WEMMERS. FREDERICK R.: Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Delta Sigma, V.P.; Red and Black. WHITLEY, WILLIAM A.: Umbda Chi Alpha; Alpha Delta Sigma; Dixie Red- coat Band. WILSON, TOMMY R.: Phi Kappa Tau, Sec. ; Dixie Redcoat Band ; Alpha Delta Sigma. WINFIELD, DANIEL THOMAS: Red and Black; Chi Phi. SCHOOL OF LAW BRADLEY, RICHARD Y. : Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres.; Varsity Football; Grid- iron; G Club; Assoc Justice; Honor Court; Phi Delta Phi. BRYAN, THOMAS T.: Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. CARSON. EARL WEBB, JR.: Phi Delta Theta. ELLIS, HARRY A.: Sigma Chi; Who ' s Who; University Theatre; Georgia Bar Journal, Editor. CELLETICH, JOSEPH F. : Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi. HAUDT, REGINALD C: Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. HOLLAND. HUBERT G.: Sigma Delta Kappa; Demosthenian; Phi Delta Phi. HOWE, DON B.. JR.: Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Assoc Justice, Honor Court; Student Advisory Council; Sopr. Law Class, Pres. JOHNSON, CLAUDE: Lambda Chi Al- pha; Phi Delta Phi. JOHNSON, HOLLIS B.: Phi Delta Phi; Sopr. Law Class, Pres. ; Student Ad- visory Council. Sec; Honor Court Justice ; Georgia Bar Journal. KARSMAN, STANLEY M.: Tau Epsilon Phi. V.P.; X-Club; Phi Delta Phi; Honor Court; Student Advisory Coun- cil ; Georgia Bar Journal, Executive Editor; Moot Court Tream, 1960; Frosh Golf Team. KEMP, REME D. : Phi Delta Phi. KIRBY, LOWELL C: Gridiron; Inde- pendent Men. Pres.; Red and Black, Business Manager; Who ' s Who; Golden Quill, Pres.; Pi Sigma Alpha, Pres.; Political Science Club, Pres.; Blue Key, Sec; Sigma Delta Chi, Sec; Student Council; Phi Alpha Delta; Pyramid; X-Cluh. LITTLEJOHN. NEAL B.; Kappa Alpha; Chief Justice. Honor Court; Sopr. MAXWELL, ' CHARLES E. : Phi Delta Phi ; Christian Science Organization. Pres. MILLER, ALEXANDER L. : Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Sr. Law Class. Pres.; Student Advisory Council, V.P. ROBERTS, WILEY D.: Phi Alpha Del- ta; Demosthenian. TANNER. W. RHETT: Delta Tau Delta. Pres.; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; ODK, V.P.; IFC; Georgia Bar Journal, Editor; Demosthenian; Dixie Redcoat Band; Argonauts; Shinn Me- morial Award. WILLIAMSON, THEODORE R.: Phi Delta Phi; Student Advisory Council, Pres.; Honor Court, Chief lustice; Georgia Bar Journal, Editor. SMITH, RICHARD L. : Circle K; APHA; Agronauts; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. STEWART, WALTER E. : Kappa Psi; APHA; Student Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Ion; Ga. Ph. THOMPSON, GRANNON I.: APHA. THURMOND, GARTREEL Rho Chi; Sigma Epsi- Kappa Psi; H.: Biftad ; APHA; SCHOOL OF PHARMACY ALLRED, ALBERT M.: APHA; Fresh- man Baseball. BELL, ELMER H. : Dixie Redcoat Band; Phi Mu Alpha, V.P. ; Kappa Psi; University Orchestra. BOWEN, WILLIAM B.: Kappa Psi; Regent; APHA, V.P.; Student Coun- cil ; Argonauts. BRUNO. FREDERICK J.. JR.: APHA. BRYANT. OSCAR L.: APHA. BURRELL, CHARLES P.: Kappa Psi; APHA; Scabbard and Blade. CASH, TED D. : Rho Chi; Phi Delta Chi. CHANCY, HUBERT F.: APHA. CLARKE. TOY C: Kappa Psi; APHA. CROUCH, BAR NEY R.: APHA; Kappa Psi. DAVIS, DONALD C: APHA; Kappa Psi. GAY, BOBBY G. : APHA; Phi Kappa. GIBSON. NATALIE V.: Kappa Delta; Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart ; Lambda Kappa Sigma; APHA. GOLDMAN. RONALD M.: Alpha Epsi- lon Pi; APHA. HAMES, JOHN D.: Kappa Psi; APHA. HANKINSON, CHARLES R.: Phi Delta Chi; APHA. HARDEN. OREN H.: Sigma Chi; Kappa Psi; APHA. HARTZOG. LARRY E.: APHA. HERNDON, MARON KENNETH: Kappa Psi; APHA. HICKS, EDWARD C.: APHA. HOWELL. WENDELL H.: APHA. JACKSON, WILLIAM O. : APHA; Phi Delta Chi. JOHNSON, MARIELLEN: Kappa Alpha Theta; APHA. KAPETANAKOS. CHRIS J.: APHA. KELLAM, SETH M., JR.: Kappa Psi, V.P.; APHA. KLING, THOMAS E.: Agronomy Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Zeta; AGHON; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Ag Hill Council. KOSLOVISKI, MIKE: Lutheran Student Ass. of Am.; Food Tech. Club. MARET, CHARLES D.: APHA. McCOWEN. JAMES C: Alpha Tau Omega; APHA. MILLS. ISAAC P.: Sigma Chi. PATTERSON, RUFUS H.: APHA. PEEBLES. JOHN E.: APHA. PERRY. ROBERT D.: Sigma Nu ; APHA. PETERSON. BILL H., JR.: Delta Tau Delta; I.F.C.; APHA. PICKERING, PATRICIA A.i APHA; Lambda Kappa Sigma. PITTS, WILLIAM R.: Lambda Chi Al- pha; APHA. SAPP. REMA H.: APHA; Pandora. SHAW, JERRY: Phi Delta Chi. SHIRLEY. CAROL W. : Alpha Gamma Delta; Kappa Psi Sweetheart; URSA Major; Lambda Kappa Sigma, V.P.; APHA; Belle Corpa, V. P. : Kappa Psi ; Rho Chi; Alpha Tau Rho Chi; Phi Delta Chi; Wesley Foundation. TURNER, MARK H.: APHA; Agro- nauts. VEAL. BARBARA A.: Lambda Kappa Sigma; Alpha Xi Delta, Treas.; Rho Chi, Sec; APHA; Co. Pharmacist StaH. WAINRIGHT, CHARLES K. Gamma Sigma Epsilon ; APHA. WHATLEY. PERRY Omega; APHA. WHILDEN. WILLIAM C: APHA. WILLOUGHBY. LINDA L.: Lambda Kappa Sigma; Rho Chi; APHA; Kap- pa Psi Sweetheart; Alpha Lambda Delta. WONG. STEPHEN: APHA; Kappa Psi. WOOTEN, ERNEST A.: Dixie Redcoat Band; Dixie Derbies; Scabbard and Blade; Kappa Psi; Argonauts; Alpha Phi Omega; AUSA. YANCEY, JERRY D.: Pi Kappa Alpha, V.P.; Phi Delta Chi. SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE BIRDSALL, ALTON G.: Omega Tau Sigma; A.V.M.A. ; Wesley Foundation. BOHN, HENRY E.: Alpha Psi; Phi Kappa Tau, V.P.; A.V.M.A.; Phi Zeta; Argonauts. V.P. ; Reed Hall Council; Pershing Rifles. BRACKETT, BENJAMIN G.: Kappa Sig- ma; Omega Tau Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Phi Zeta, V.P. ; Phi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Key; A.V.M.A., Pres. BUCHANAN. LOREN. JR.: Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. BUTLER. BOBBIE J.: A.V.M.A.; Vet. School Honor Court; Alpha Psi, Sec. CHANDLER, EDWARD L. : Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. DAVIS. AUGUSTINE L. ! A.V.M.A. DEAN, WILLIAM D.: Alpha Psi. ECKROADE, ROBERT J.: Alpha Psi. Treas.; A.V.M.A. EDWARDS, RYLAND B. : Alpha Psi, Pres.; A.V.M.A.; Southeastern Veteri- narian; Blue Key. FADER. HOWARD G.: A.V.M.A. FULFORD, JOSEPH M.: Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; Alpha Zeta; Southeastern Veterinarian, Staff. GAINES, JAMES F.: A.V.M.A.; OTS; Southeastern Veterinarian, Staff. GRADDICK , CHARLES E.: Alpha Psi, Pres. GUPTON, OLLIE I., JK.: Alpha Psi. HARDEN. CHARLES R.: Omega Tan Sigma; A.V.M.A.; V.I.F.C. HARRELL. SAMUEL S.: OTS: A.V.- M.A.; Honor Court. HEFFERMAN, HENRY J.: Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. HETRICK. JOHN M.: Alpha Pai; A.V.M.A. HIGCINBOTHAM, ALLEN P.. JR.: A.V.M.A.; Alpha Psi; Southeastern Vet- erinarian, Staff; Sigma Nu. HOLLOW AY, CLINTON M.: A.V.M.A.; OTS ; Demosthenian ; Independent Men : Saddle and Sirloin ; Gamma Sig- ma Epsilon. HUGHES, RICHARD H.: Omega Tau Sigma; Phi Sigma; Blue Key; JAVMA; Southeastern Veterinarian, Ass. Edit. HURLEY, HOWARD A.: Omega Tau Sigma; A.V.M.A. JACKSON, DENNIS L.: Alpha Psi; Southeastern Veterinarian, Ass. Edit. KAUFMAN, WALTER C. : Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; Southeastern Veterinarian. KING. NORVAL W.; Alpha Psi, Sec; A.V.M.A., Pres.; Phi Zeta; Alpha Zeta; Phi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Ep- silon; Southeastern Veterinarian. KRUCHKO. GAY D.: Omega Tau Sig- ma, Pres. LOWRY, HARRY E.: Omega Tau Sig- ma. V.P. MAAC. TED A.: Phi Sigma, Pres.; Sigma Xi; Southeastern Veterinarian, Staff. MACDEBURGER, ROBERT P.: Omega Tau Sigma; J. A.V.M.A. MATTHEWS, JIMMY K. : Alpha Gamma Rho; Omega Tau Sigma; A.V.M.A. McCAHAN. G. R., JR.: A.V.M.A.; Phi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. MYERS, STUART L.; Alpha Psi; Phi Sigma Phi Zeta; Alpha Zeta; Honor Court. PALMER, JAMES W., JR.: Omega Tau Sigma; A.V.M.A. RAMY, CHARLES T.: Sigma Nu; Alpha Psi; Varsity Track; A.V.M.A. RICKETTS, RONALD L.; Phi Zeta; Phi Sigma; A.V.M.A. STAGGS. TERRY W.: Alpha Pai; A.V.M.A. TALLY, RICHARD D.: Alpha Psi; Phi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A.V.M.A. WAGNER. FLOYD R.: Omega Tau Sig- ma. Pres.; Alpha Tau Omega; A.V.M.A. WALDRIP, DONALD W. : Omega Tan Sigma; A.V.M.A.; Southeastern Vet- erinarian. WILSON, WILLIAM R.: Omega Tau Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A.V.M.A. Aaron, Barbara Jean, Dalton, 364 Aaron, Carole Linda, Atlanta, 421, 345 Aaron, Roger Walter, Rome, 324 Abbott, David Wright, Warrenlon, 421, 226 Abbott, Robert H., Jr., Tifton, 267 Abelkop, Judith M., Spartanburg, S. C, 434 Abernathy, Eugene S., Colubmus, 360 Abernathy John R., Atlanta, 421, 393, 230 Abernathy, Thomas P-, Columbus, 360 Aberson, Gail M., Waresboro, 421 Abgott, Sandra R., Atlanta, 324, 92 Ahney. Howard T., Jr., Athens, 448, 164, 345 Abney, Roland Woodrow, Cochran, 421, 393. Abrams, Charles Ella. Georgetown, S. C, 448 Abramson, Jane Sue, Atlanta 6, 448 Abroms, Bunky, 104 Ackerman, Norman, Miami, Fla., 434, 99 Ackerman, Robt. A., Jr., Atlanta, 448 Adair, Barbara H.. Columbus, 434, 172 Adair, Samuel Y., Jr., Madison, 421, 184, 298 Adamek, Charles C., Chicago 18. UK. 260 Adams, Anne I., Miami, Fla., 421, 240 Adams, Betty Jean, Hartwell, 421 Adams. Bobbye Jean, Jacksonville, Fla., 448, 116 Adams, David Elam, Washington, 338 Adams, Hansford Tyson, Batesburg, S. C, 434 Adams, Irwin Cecil, Jeffersonville, 348 Adams, James Ivyson, Dublin, 434 Adams, Jayne Carol, Elberton, 448 Adams, John Clarence, Decatur, 213 Adams, Jon Murtha, Albany, 403 Adams, Kathryn, 128 Adams, Samuel R., Jr., Americus, 421, 196 Adams, Virginia K., Norman Park, 386 Adams, William Dee, Tallapoosa, 421 Adams, Wm. Walter, Jr., Atlanta 6, 448, 138 Adams, Wilson L., Jr., Atlanta, 225, 318 Adamson, Robt. Walter, Sharpaburg, 107, 95 Addison, Joel N., Jr., Atlanta, 421, 138 Adkins, Hunter Mell, Crawford, 374 Aftergut, Ruthy, Atlanta, 448 Aghazadeh, Mohsen, Iran, 421 Ahrens, Leslie H., Aiken, S. C, 419 Aiken, Joe Bryant. Covington, 310, 315 Aiken, Martha Jean, Macon, 434, 98 Aimes, Casey, 345 Akin, Carl Milton, Jr., Atlanta 6, Ga., 421, 150 Akin, Franklin W., Milledgeville, 421 Akin, Joseph Samuel, Milledgeville, 421 Akins, Mary Elizabeth, Athens, 386, 128 Akridge, Becky Ann, Jefferson, 448 Akridge, John W., Jr., Athens, 141, 403 Albright, Robertson C, LaCrange, 448, 214 Aldred, Walter H., Ill, Statesboro, 421 Aldridge, Roland L., Blackshear. 434, 394 Alexander, Candace A., Atlanta 7, 434. 180. 298 Alexander, Darcy Lee, Decatur, 448. 180 Alexander, David, III, Atlanta, 421, 226 Alexander. Fred, Atlanta. 448, 124 Alexander, James W., Jr., Atlanta, 448, 359 Alexander, Joanne, Talbotton, 448, 172 Alexander, Wm. R.. III. Athens, 434 Alford, James Gibson, Cedartown, 364 Alford, Robert Marlin. Milledgeville. 348, 287. 196 Algers. Thalia Joyce. Atlanta, 434, 240 Alhadeff. Renee E., Atlanta 7. 448 All, Frank Edward, Stamford, N. Y., 318 Allanson. Walter T., East Point, 291 Allen, Angela, Atlanta. 421, 180 Allen. Benjamin F., Madison, 448, 184 Allen, Carolyn, Waynesville, N. C, 434 Allen, Gary Paul, Marietta, 324 Allen. Grover Lamar, Monroe. 348. 361 Allen, James B., Jr., Athens, 421. 270, 271. 214 Allen, Judith N., Trion, 421 Allen, Mary Ellen. Butler, 448. 128 Allen. Nancy Louise, Bowersville, 364, 156 Allen, Phillip Ramsey, Savannah, 448 Allen, Robt. Bernard, Columbus. 257 Alen, Wayne Henry. Columbus, 448 Alley. Dannelet G., New York, N. Y., 421 Alley, Sandra Anne. Atlanta, 392, 116, 102 Allgood, Norman, Coinmerce,374, 376. 377 Allison, Richard, Jr., Cochran, 421, 259 Allison. Shyrl H., Ahseville, N. C, 421, 128. 388 Altiston. Curtis L.. Eatoaton, 434 Allread. Prudence G.. Decatur, 448. 128 Allred, Albert Marion, Tate, 406, 411 Almond. Carey Mercer, Athens, 448, 213 Alston. John Goddard. Atlanta, 448, 214 Altman, Cecil Frank, Atlanta, 421, 94 Alwine, Penney Lee, Chamblee, 448, 142 Ambery. Robert Alan. Atlanta. 434, 124 Anderson, Alvin F., Lawrenceville, 434 Anderson. Benjamin, Jr., Midville, 348, 222 Anderson, Carol, Athens, 421 STUDENT INDEX Anderson, Chas. Earl, Nashville, 421, 230 Anderson, Charlotte, K., Statesboro, 380 Anderson, David W., N. Ferndale, Md. 138 Anderson, Douglas D., Athens, 150 Anderson. Grice J., Savannah, 374 Anderson, Harry L., Columbus, 434 Anderson, Henry G.. Jr., Register, 316 Anderson, James T., Chester, S. C, 434 Anderson, James T., Ill, Marietta, 421, 267 Anderson, James W., Statesboro, 434 Anderson, Joseph N., Aragon, 324 Anderson. Karen Eliz, Bremen, 434, 128 Anderson, Lenda P., Vidalia, 421. 180 Anderson, Lynda M., Danielsville, 421 Anderson, Mary Eliz. Pearson, 421 Anderson, Robert T., Jr., Dublin, 434, 79 Anderson, Ronald C., Augusta, 448, 154 Anderson, Sara Day, Athens, 448, 176 Anderson, Wm. David, High Springs, Fla. 421, 138 Anderson, Wm. Hodges, Athens, 434 Anderson, Wyatt, W., Brunswick, 381 Anderson. Wylie L., Jr., Augusta, 348 Andreas, Elizabeth Jo, Augusta, 448 Andrews Barschall, Columbus, 403 Andrews, Eliz Ann, Pelham, 421, 339, 116 Andrews, James Arthur, Macon, 348 Andrews, James W., Jr., Robinson, 421 Andrews, Larry Price, Ringgold, 434 Andrews, Montine E. Eastman, 434, 128 Angel, John Wayne, Cave Spring, 434 Anger, Sally Sue, Atlanta 5, 434. 176 Ansley, Bobby Gene, Harlem, 448, 290 Ansley, Wm. Bowneau, Atlanta, 448, 214 Anthony, William Luke, Nicholson, 411 Applebaum, Charles R.. Athens, 421 Appleby, Thomas L., Flushing, 54, N. Y., 421 Arata. Howard Paul, Jr., Savannah. 421 Archbold, Grayce C, Atlanta, 434, 116 Archer, Carol. Atlanta 11, 364, 240 Archer. Wm. Glynn, Sparta. 448 Ard, John Vaughn, Eatonton, 421 Ariail, Frederick P., Maysville, 324. 294 Ariail, Joseph A., Ill, Villa Rica, 421, 99 Arkwright, Charles R., Ellwood, Pa., 259 Armbrester, Leon A., Childersbury, Ala., 259 Armistead, Jacqueline, Stone Mtn., 434, 166 Armistead, Thomas E., Augusta, 406, 411 Armistead, Virginia W., Little Rock, Ark., 421, 176 Armour, James T., Washington, 421, 298 Armour, Lutrelle F., Sharon, 421 Armour, Margie Vivian, Rayle, 434, 98 Armstrong. Margie S., Athens, 434, 156 Armstrong, Thomas L., Jackson, 434, 90, 132 Arnall, Betty Joyce, Decatur, 386, 156 Arneson. Carolyn E., Albany, 345 Arnette, Vernal G., Ill, Florence, S. C, 421 Arnold, Albert C., Revan, 403 Arnold, Anthony M., Atlanta, 217 Arnold, Claire Andrea, Griffin, 345, 338 Arnold, Dan McCay, Athens, 187 Arnoll, Jeanna R., Baxley. 434, 345 Arnold, Julia Babb. Atlanta, 421, 200 Arnold. Larry Edward, Macon, 434 Amott, Nancy Gay, Ft, Lauderdale, Fla., 172 Arnowich, Robt. Arthur, Columbus, 434, 232 Aronson. Rosalee. Adcl, 434 Aronson, Sieglinde H., Statesville, N. C, 448 Arsjad, Sitanala, Bogar Indonesia, 380 Arteaga, Eugene T., Atlanta, 448 Arthur. John P., Jr., Winchester, Va., 448, 419 Asbell, James Eustace, Macon, 348, 296. 298 Ashell. Mary Ann., Brunswick, 448 Ash. Roy W., Douglas, 411 Afthcraft, Eleanor P.. Atlanta, 434, 146 Ashenfelder, Gerrylyn, Macon, 434, 176 Askew, Grady Pearson, Columbus, 348 Askew, Marta W., Manchester, 324 Askin. Otis Franklin, Athens, 403 Astin. Claude C, Jr., Palmetto, 380 Atcheson, Carolyn J., Dallas, 421 Atkinson, Carol Ann., Augusta, 448, 172 Atkinson, Charles F., Garfield, 348 Atkinson, Nancy S., Montezuma, 448, 146 Atkinson, Pattie Mann, Greenville, 98 Atkinson, Tom Byrd, Broxton, 411 Atria, James Adrian, Sumter S. C, 348 Atraway, Richard 0.. Stone Mtn., 448 Atwood, Alan R., Atlanta 19. 421, 79, 99 Auger, Alfred. Larry, Columbus, 348 Austin, Georgette M., Perry, 448 Austin. Lenette L., Perry, 448 Austin. Paul D., Falls Church, Va., 419 Avadikian, Richard G., Wheaton, Md., 413. 419 Avera, Brown, Jr., Byron, 448 Avera, Shirley Ann, Macon, 448 Averett, Lester W., Macon. 410, 411 Averill. George E., Jr.. Montezuma, 434, 196 Aycock, Robert Ray, Albany. 421, 138 Aydelotte. Wm. Henry, Fairbum, 380 Ayers, Hudson Edmund, Savannah, 403 Ayers, Janice Ann. Jefferson, 421 Ayers, Marcia Ann.. Cornelia. 448 Ayers, Ray Alton, Hartwell, 310, 316 Ayers, Sandra Louise, Athens, 448, 142 Ayers. Wendell Glenn, Elberton, 348 B Babb, Michael Wilmer, Atlanta. 257 Baccus, Joseph Ewey, Monroe, 448. 150 Bacon, Charlotte M., 434 Bacon, James S., Jr.. Hinesville, 348, 361 Bacon, Raymond H., Irwinton, 348 Badakhsh, Fairborz, Tehran, Iran. 100 Badgett, Barbara L., Savannah, 324, 116 Badgett, Brenda Mary, Savannah, 448. 338 Badesh, Fred, Athens, 380 Baer, David Einstein, Chicago. III., 348 222 Bagby, Charles Lester, Marietta, 434, 260 Baghy, Thomas Eric, Buford, 348, 360 Baggett, James Emory, Lawrenceville, 138. 403 Baggett, Max Eugene, Columbus, 348 Baggett, Wm. Grady, Jr.. Douglasville, 421, 138 Bagley, Ernest Lamar, Dalton, 448 Baglivo, Phillip F., Landsowne, Pa., 448, 196 Bagwell, James R., Canton, 421 Bagwell, John E., Duluth, 421, 222 Bagwell, William A., Gainesville, 138, 403 Bagwell, William D., Atlanta, 277 Bailey, Garry Alan, LaFayette, 448 Bailey, Patricia, Kingsport, Tenn, 324, 180 Baird, Henry Franklin, Vero Beach. Fla., 448 Baird, Justus N., Ill, Kingston, Tenn., 434, 376, 264, 265 Baird, Merelyn Dale, Cornelia, 448 Baker, Archie J., 421, 214 Baker, Charles Alfred, Atlanta, 434 Baker, Dan Huguley, Zebulon, 448 Baker. George Marvin, Pavo, 380 Baker, George Wallace, Monroe, 434, 214 Baker, Helen G., LaFayette, 434, 146 Bakeo, John R., Jr., Atlanta, 348. 214 Baker, Mary Wooddall, Marbleton, 4. 1, 156 Baker, Nancy Elaine, Decatur, 434, 345, 172, 298 Baker, Peggy Ann, Decatur, 449, 345, 172, 298 Baker, Thomas Hadley, Decatur, 421, 212, 359 Baldwin, Cecil A., Macon, 434, 291 Bales, Alvin S., Jr., Albany, 449, 100 Ball, Duane Edward, Corfu, N. Y., 421, 268 Ball, Maureen Alice, Arlington, Va., 449 Ballard, Robert W., Monticello. 410, 411 Ballew, Carl Newton, Chatsworth. 449, 339 Banks, Arthur Eugene, Macon, 348, 361, 84 Banks, Sammy Louis, Atlanta, 421, 124 Banks, Wm. Donald, Winder, 449 Bankston, Brenda J., Bamesville, 421, 134 Bankston, Howell A., Macon, 231 Barber, Francis M., Jr., Leesburg, 319 Barber, Fred W., Jr., Bainbridge, 259 Barber. Preston S., Jr., Augusta, 421 Barbot, Wm. Robert, Savannah, 374, 264 Barbre, Lynda S., Rome, 421, 146 Barfield, Billie Rae, Atlanta, 449, 91, 176 Barfield, Harry NeiL Marietta, 348, 184 Barfield, John R., Ashbum, 359 Barganier, Betty, Dalton, Ga. 364, 146 Bargeron, Lemuel M., Sylvan! , 348, 222 Bargeron, Virginia A., Waynesboro, 434, 98, 200 Bargfrede, Robert C, Bronx 67. N. Y., 310 Barker. Ernest Verlyn, Rochelle, 317 Barksdale. Michael L.. East Point. 449 Barlow. Thomas Wright, Smithfield, Va.. 414, 419 Bamer, Diane Wallace, Athens, 324, 156 Barnes, Carter Foster, Atlanta 19, 449 Barnes, Daniel H., Atlanta, 402 Barnes, Earl David, Blooming Grove, N. Y., 421 Barnes, James Martin, Tallapoosa, 402 Barnes, Joseph Carl, Union Point. 338 Barnes, Stephen G., Rome, N. Y.. 318 Barnett, Bill Harold, Gumming, 42 Barnett, Jewell M., Nicholson, 449 Barnett, Mary Lisa, Atlanta, 449 Bamette. Bob Ray, Macon, 345 Barnwell, Elizabeth, Columbus, 449. 116 Barocas, Ervin Victor, Atlanta, 449, 124 Barr, Thomas Aubrey, Cuthbert, 434, 226 Barrett, Charles G., Atlanta. 392 Barrett. Gloria F., Commerce, 338, 343 Barrett, Helen C, Cornelia, 421, 98, 389 Barrett, Jimmy Leon, LaGrange, 99, 259, 376 Barrett, Judy Louise, Decatur, 386, 156 Barrett, Mary Annette, CaDioun. 421 Barron, James Ben, Atlanta, 449 Barron. Nan Armour, Atlanta, 277 Barrow, Gary Jane, Rockmart, 449, 146, 288 Barrow, Craig, III, Savannah, 449, 214 Barrow, Jack Elwin, Winchester, III.. 392, 393 Barry. Patrick J.. Savannah, 374 Bartell, John Rollin, Homell, N. Y., 318 Bartenfeld, Robert W., Gumming, 449 449 421 214 128 Bartlett. Claude Dale, Atlanta, 449 Bartlett, Jo Beth. Ft. Valley, 364 Barton, Crawford W., Resaca, 449 Barton, Irby Kaigler, Georgetown, Barton, William F., Jr., Augusta, Basham, Leland Frank, Athens, 434 Bashuk, Alice Jeanne, Macon, 449 Baskett, John S., Jr., Chamblee, 449, Bass, Connie Tanner, Dacula, 364 Bass, James T., Jr., Macon, 449 Bass, Mary Elizabeth, Savannah, 386, 1 Bass, Thomas Lewis, Avon Park, FU., 414 Bassett, David Dale, Jacksonville, Fla., 434 BatcheloT, Curtis A., Carrolton, 324, i Batchelor. Curtis A., Eatonton, 449 Bateman, Vinson C, College Park, 229 Bates, Gayle Elaine, Cordele, 324, 338 Bates. Harry Douglas, Griffin, 310 Bates, John Morries, Dalton, 348, Batten, Donna Joan, Athens, 449, Batts. Jo Nell, Moultrie, 324, 180 Bauerle, Peter Louis, Atlanta, 264, 265 Baxley, Frances E., Donalsonville, 434, 146, 91 Baxley, Warren C, Jr., Blakely, 324, 1 Baxter, Delilah Anne, Commerce, 435 Baxter, Julian F., Atlanta, 421, 214 Baxter, Marianne, Moultrie, 435 Baynes, Thomas F„ Jr., Columbus, 33i 402 Beall. Mary Clark, Louisville, 421. 200 Bean, Edith Carolyn, College Parit, 44 ' 104 Beard, Judith Anne. Atlanta S. 436, 11 Beard, Larry Holden, Commerce, 435, 212 Beard, Sabra Joy, Brunswick, 324, 176 Beasley, Joseph Lamar, Sylva, N. C., 37 Beasley, Sandra Gayle, Savannah, 449, 180 Beasley, Thomas C., Lavonia, 348, 361 Beaty, John Robert, Thomasville, 421 Beaty, Suzanne M., Savannah, 435, 135 Beazley, Billy B., Jr., Augusta, 421 Bebergal, Marilyn Kay, Charleston, S. C, 435 Beck, Virginia L., Athens, 435, 166 Becker, Brenda Rae, Roanoke, Vt. 219 Becker, Kathleen K., Rome, 449, 142 Becker, Lynn Michele, Savannah, 449, 21; Beckett, Charles Alan, Smyrna, 449 Beckum, Bascom A., Jr., Louisville, 43:1 Beckum, Walter Sidney, Louisville, 43;: Bedford, Gerald E., Atlanta, 435, 90, 239, 290 Bedingfield, George W., Dudley, 435 Bedingfield, Herbert, Savannah, 217 Beggs, Cynthia Ellen, Tifton, 364 | Behrman, Judith, Dothan, Ala., 435 Beland. John Milton, Atlanta. 315, 376 Belcher, Jesse C, West Point, 229 Belcher, Ronald, Allen, Cartersville, 435 Bell, Brenda Suellen, Jonesboro, 421, 345 Bell, Carleen Grey, Blakely, 421 Bell, Curtis Joe, Buckhead, 449 Bell, Eliz Simmons, Douglas, 449, 142 Bell, Elmer Herring, Cairo, 406, 345, S4 Bell, Ernest Ray, Jr., Climax, 361 Bell, Fred Russell, Athens, 435 Bell, Fulton Roger, Savannah, 317 Bell. Gladys Smith, Atlanta, 421, 172 Bell. John C, Gainesville, 403 Bell, Mark Anthony, Jr., Douglaa, 349 Bell, Mark R., Jr., Gainesville, 421, 154 Bell, Nadine Eliz, Doerun, 364, 128, 100 Bell, Nathan H., Jr., Greensboro, 324 Bell, Stephen Warner, Jacksonville, Fla. 324, 192 Bell, Wm. Graham, Stone Mtn, 349 Bellinger, Joel A., AtUnta, 449, 124 Benedict, Charles C, Atlanta, 421, 272, 273, 214 Beneneid, Margaret R., Cedartown. S9S 134 Benjamin, Etta Diane, Bowman, S. C 449 Benner, Lawrence L., Atlanta, 421 Benners, Carol Moore, Birmingham, Alt. 435, 120 Bennett, Charles C., Jr., Athens, 435 Bennett, Claude R., Madison, 435, 315, 214 Bennett. Bennett, 222 Bennett, George C., Portville, N. Y., 421 132 Bennett Bennett, MO. oi ' « fcH ' t l « ui Unu. I.. " " " ' n-i Juia l,»4» I ill U,l..l9 ' ' ' V-w. ■■ ' " : ■ w. ' - s So.. ' ' , ' " ■» " " - ' - U l!,p. Ulil. l4fV | ■ ' s " »fia»i ' ;:.),,[,„ I, Diont , , ,,. Cin. J:Jtt ' ititni tal. I » • ... I a.I=: ' : i-lmll . 1 ; ;;k1: David H., Jr., Etne« K., Jr. WaycroM, 349 WaycroM, 435. Larry Edward, Atlanta, 374, 192 Leon Franlc, Bradfoid, Pa., 318 Bennett, Leonard B., Jr., Alma, 449, 226 Bennett, Mary C, Athena, 435, 166 Bennett, Sarah Marie, Waycross, 421 Bennett, Veronica Mae, Caineaville. 449, 345 Benaon, Linda Carol, Decatur, 449 Bentley, Linda Sue, Carteraville, 421, 240 Benton, Beverly Carol, Commerce, 421 Benton, Nancy Carolyn, Commerce, 435 Benton, Ned Dawaon, Thomaaville, 394 Benton, Patricia Gail, Colbert, 449 Benton, Terrell W., Jr., Jefferaon, 75, 402 Bercegeay, Judith, Savannah, 435, 176 Berger, Carl Joseph, Savannah, 349 Berger, Susan James, Rome, Italy, 44 142, 341 vk -i, t ;„:..,_.-.• ' , ikt HM A.. M a H,l. J.mi V C I SJiitlt. L ( Ecw:: 111 111 IW, CliM. ii. Omta iw,i ifki,ai«i llil«UiTL)i,aviii,« I ' iiiU, dm I, haat it:iri.lia I.CMl a run k 4 Iiki J, I,, Cb la !!iiJ.Dmbi!,taM,« XI iiinbiip, .UWn S, Iw, Bliiimhip, Jim L, t GloifDiluf, Syk i, l«M IliiiuiKjuaTJaiTi ■ W !h« hmJiuciiLKCM at " «,sa»TS,ii,B«ti ' SMP- « ' »- ; St ' Wwali, FiaU, Um, ! ■ « ' t, IK ::o ' " " I tllUl! ™ " - ' h.a a, at ' ,C.F« . ' ' ' ' Berinhout, Elaine C, Montgomery, Ala., 449 Berlin. Thea Fern, Castonia, N.C., 421, 219 Berman, Barry Marvin, Wyncode, Pa., 398, 403 Bemath. Loretta, Atlanta, 449 Bemdt. Robert Bayard, Chadds Ford, Pa.. 421, 154 Bemgard, Frank A., 421 Bernhard, Frank A., Columbus, 89, 232, 268 Bernhardt, Wendy Ann, Atlanta, 449, 200 Berrong, Robert E., Athena, 349 Berry, Wm. Deiter. Jr.. Buford, 421 Bcrryman, Jamea M.. Royaton, 324 Berryman, Janice B., Athens, 421, 85, 318. 91. 176 Berryman, Joan Ditto, Athens, 338 Best, Mary Sandra, Macon, 324, 134 Best, Wm. Kenneth. Athens, 419 Betette, Philip A.. Ponte Vedra. Fla., 324, 150 Bethea, Beverly Gray. Albany. 435, 146 Bethea, Cherry B., Blakely, 435 Betts, Marjorie L.. Watkinsville. 449 Beverly, Joe Edward, Ochlochnee, 421, 222 Biehl, Patricia A.. Atlanta, 449 Biggs, Chas. William. Newland. N.C., 421 Biggs, John William, Athens, 421 Bilbo. Elizabeth Ann, Atlanta, 449 Binder. Sandra V.. Savannah. 435, 176 Birch. Wm. Benjamin, Jr., Macon, 449 Birchmore, Rebecca J., Athens, 421, 180, 91 Bird, Mary Adair, Atlanta, 324, 93, 146 Bird, Mary Elizabeth, Conyers, 93 Birdsall, Alton C, Jr., Gloucester, Va.. 413 Bisen. Dana Beth, Maywood, N.J.. 449, 104, 219 Bishop, Billie Wailes, Lookout, 435 Bishop, Eva Lou, Athens, 421, 142 Bishop, Henry Samuel, Alma, 435, 226 Bishop, James Alex, Alma. 435, 91, 226 Bishop, Kenneth W., Portal, 349, 222 Bishop, Rhen, Macon, 449, 343 Bitely, Barbara K., Decatur, 386 Bivins, Susan Carr, Atlanta, 435, 116 Black, Colquitt C, III, Ringold, 449 Black, Leonidas, Lamar, Millen, 310 Black, Thomas Lanier, Millen, 421 Black, Victoria Kent, Tilton, 364 Black, Wm. Clinton, Atlanta, 421 Black, Wm. Jerrold. Sylvania, 449 Blackburn, Donald B., Smyrna, 256 Blackman, Marion H.. Atlanta. 421, 180 Blackman, Wilbur L., Atlanta, 449, 192 Blackmon, Joseph C. Atlanta. 374. 377 Blackstock. Mary Ann, Decatur, 449 Blackwell, Robt. E.. Jr.. Atlanta, 435 Blaine, Helen Ann, Atlanta, 449 Blair, Neca Maria, Albany, 435, 120 Blais, Wilfred A.. Athens, 338 Blake, Mary Vaughn, Savannah, 421, 176 Blakely, Dorothy N.. Griffin, 324. 180 Blakely. Lee Edward. Springville. N.Y.. MO, 319 Blalock, Clifford, Jr.. Cleveland, 403 Blalock, Herbert G.. Jonesboro. 226 Blalock. Jay Michael. Rome, 449. Blalock, Joanna M.. Atlanta. 435, 180 Blalock, Joseph A.. Clayton. 393, 226 Blalock, Roy Lee, Clayton, 435 Blanchard, Elmer R., Decatur, 256 Blanchard, James H., Columbus, 89, 421, 270, 271, 214 Blanchard, John J., Jr., Crawford, 449, 150 Bland, Dorothy B., Eastman. 435, 240, 288 Blankenship. Albert S., Rome, 449, 196 Blankenship, James L., Dalton, 435 Blankenship. Shelba J.. Resaca. 421 Blasingame, James W.. Fort Valley, 435 Blass. Charlotte J., Atlanta, 421 Bledsoe, Bobby Wayne, Newnan, 421, 99 Bledsoe, Francis N., Jr., Georgetown, 421, 316 Bledsoe, Sidney S., Jr., Pinehurst, 449 Blevina, Rex Allison, Trenton, 449 Bliss. Paul Henry. Keysville. 324 Blocker. Ellis R.. Glennville, 421, 1S4 Blocker, Cettis Adair, Glennville, 324, 294, 154 Blondheim, Barry F.. Columbus. 435, 234 Bloodworth, Franklin, Atlanta 19, 138, 403 Bloodworth, George, Jr., Milledgeville, 421, 138 Bloodworth, James J.. Elko. 414, 419 Bloodworth, Stewart I.. Elko. 374. 376 Blount. Percy J.. Memphis, 187, 276 Boatwright, Mary Anne, Johnston, S.C., 449. 20O Boatwright, William C, Rayle, 349 Bobbitt. Sidney H., Macon, 421, 164 Bobo, George Martin, Hapeville, 449 Boccafola, Everett A., Hicksville, N. Y., 310, 318 Boggs, Carroll B., Jr., Doraville, 449 Boggs, James George M., Aragon, 449 Bogie, Douglas Allan. Winnetka, 111., 435 Bogle, Rosamond M., Cuthbert, 435, 146 Bogo, Robert Joseph, Batesburg, S.C, 421, 234 Bogusky, Thomas S.. Columbus. 449 Bohanan, Patricia A., Flintstone, 324, 104, 134 Bohannon, Felton H., Jackson, 338 Bohannon, Jocelyn R., Tifton, 422, 240 Bohn, Henry Edmond, Atlanta. 413, 315. 419 Bohn, Peter Cornelius, Atlanta, 310, 90, 109 Bohne, Donald Hoyt, Atlanta, 435 Boland, Joseph H.. Jr.. Atlanta, 435 Boleyn, Linda Lee, Athens, 422 Bolin, Marion G.. Macon, 437, 81 BoUes, Hamilton T., Atlanta, 435 Bolton, Frances, M. H., Waynesboro, 424, 422 Bolton, Kathryn K., Athens, 325, 120 Bolton, Robert E.. III. Marietta, 449 Bolton, Wm. Sidney, Waynesboro, 422 Bond, Ronald Carey, Athens, 335 Bone, Martha S., Atlanta, 325, 116 Boney, Don Louis, Tifton, 422, 222 Bonnell. Roy O.. Jr.. Sandersville. 449, 343 Bonner, Bonnie Walker, Marietta, 449 Bonner, Javis Adron, Atlanta, 349 Booth. David L.. Middleburg. Va., 414 Booth, Donald W.. Manor. 349. 138, 359 Booth, Wm. Stiles, Manor. 449 Boozer. C. Edwin. Columbus, 449, 196 Bork, Arlene Claire. Orlando. Fla., 435 Bornemann, Leonard, Bronx, N.Y., 310, 318 Boroughs, Elaine, Hinesville, 422, 240 Borst, Wm. John, West Caldwell, N.J., 317. 239 Bost, Thomas M., Charlotte. N.C., 217 Bostrom. Fredrick J.. Evans. 349, 337 Boslrom, Jan Douglas, Augusta, 422, 222 Bostwick, Charles Joe, Milner, 435 Bostwick. Preston T.. Arlington, 435 Boswell, Andrew M., Greensboro, 229 Boswell. Kenneth Boyd. Athens, 435 Boswell. Philip T., Greensboro, 449 Boswell. Raymond E.. Augusta. 349. 360 Botsford. Marvin Jas.. Cattaraugus, N.Y., 422 Boudreau, Bette Sue, Atlanta, 422, 200 Bowden, Margaret V.. Atlanta. 449. 180. 288 Bowden. Martha Gail. Atlanta. 392 Bowden. Pescott D.. Athens. 187 Bowden. Talmadge A.. Jr.. Atlanta, 325. 146 Bowen, Barbara Jean, Register, 435 Bowen, Charles Edwin, Metter, 435 Bowen. Dudley H.. Jr.. Augusta. 422 Bowen. Henry Horace, Register, 349, 222 Bowen, John Robert, Metter, 449 Bowen, John Thomas, Swainsboro, 422 Bowen, Paul Benjamin, Doraville, 435, 184 Bo wen, Vernon W., Jr., Waycross, 449, 214 Bowen, William B.. Jr., Register, 406, 410, 411 Bowen, Wm. McCowan. Decatur, 267 Bowie, Eathel Findley, Anderson, S.C, 422, 146, 338 Bowling, George B.. Jr., Atlanta, 339 Bowman, Bonnie Jean, Falkville, Ala., 449 Bowman, Etheldred, III, Fort Valley, 336 Bowman, Jennings, Jr.. Augusta. 422 Bowman. Thomas Albert. Atlanta. 449 Bowman. Thomas T.. Augusta, 435, 393 Boyl, Benny Alvin. Haines City. Fla.. 257 Boyd. Constance Jane. Fairbum, 435, 98 Boyd, David Emory, Jacksonville 7, Fla., 421, 422, 270, 271, 214 Boyd, James Edward, Sarasota, Fla.. 422. 222 Boyd. James Fortson, Atlanta 7, 449, 150 Boyd, Marilyn Eliz.. Andrews. S. C, 449 Boyd. Marjorie Deane. Swainsboro. 449. 100 Boyd. Martha Sue. Swainsboro. 435 Boyer. Morris Sanford, Devereaux, 403 Boyett, Arthur S., Ill, Buena Vista, 435, 212 Boykin, Joyce Smith, Atlanta, 435, 200 Bbykin, Melvin R., Sylvania, 256 Boyles, Carol Mac. Dalton. 449. 100 Boynton. Marion Rooks. Adel, 435, 291 Boynton, Rooks, 226 Bo zardt, Delphine A., College Park, 449 Bracewell, James L., Toccoa, 449, 150, 360 Bracewell. James R., Sr., N. Augusta, S.C, 364 Bracewell, Jane C, Toccoa. 422. 120 Bracewell. Robert D.. Eastman. 349 Brackelt. Benjamin G.. Athens. 413, 82, 184, 335, 315. 418 Brackett, Charles E.. Athens, 421. 422. 184 Brackett. Janet Lynn. Macon. 449 Bracknell. Grady J.. Jr., Newnan, 422, 196 Bradberry, Merle R.. Atlanta. 422. 120 Bradberry, Patricia A.. Abbeville. S.C. 325. 116 Bradbury. Lynda Lane. Atlanta, 422, 180 Braddock, Ronald Paol, Savannah, 274, 275 Bradford, John David, Decatur, 290 Bradford, Judith Ann, New Orleans, La., 435. 146 Bradley. Brenda Joyce. Cartersville. 435, 240 Bradley. Danny W.. Campton, 435 Bradley, Hubert. Jr.. Athens. 325 Bradley. Kenneth L.. Rossville. 435, 266 Bradley, Larry Adams. Campton. 449 Bradley. Margaret L.. Atlanta, 435 Bradley. Marsha Hill. Savannah. 180 Bradley. Patricia A.. Atlanta. 435. 146, 344. 240 Bradley. Richard Y., Columbus, 398, 345, 75, 403, 214 Bradley, Shirley Ann, Athens, 435 Bradshaw, Randolph S.. CarroUton. 422 Bradshaw. Terry Dean. Atlanta, 449 Bradshaw, Wayne J., Deland, Fla., 449 Bradwell, Grey Irvin. Valdosta, 422 Bragg, Robert A.. Gray. 449. 192 Brake. Wm. Mell. Jr.. Macon. 435 Bramlett. Rachel D., Rome. 435 Branan. Tony Edward. Athena. 422, 316 Branch, Alvin Edward, Baxley, 364 Brandon, Jerry R.. St. Marys. 449 Brandon. Robert W., 435 Brandon, Susan. Decatur. 422. 116 Branham. Robt. Samuel, East Point, 214 Brannen, Beverly Sue, Statesboro, 364, 120 Brannon, George E.. Jr., Atlanta, 349, 184 Brantley, Durward L., Savannah, 410, 411 Brantley, Edgar R.. Blackshear. 435 Brantley. Ida C, Quitman. 364, 240 Brantley, Wayne L.. 435 Braselton. Lucy Edith, Braselton, 422, 128 Braselton, Nancy C, Braselton. 435, 120 Brasington, Edgar L., Waycross, 435, 226 Brassel, Chas. Henry. Alma. 449 Braswell. Charlie Bob. Pelham, 435 Braswell, Donald Clay, Macon, 435 Braswell. Hoke S.. Jr., Pelham. 449 Braswell, Martha J., Atlanta 5, 422, 116 Bray, Charlie W.. Manchester. 435 Brayson. Robin L.. Cam bridge. N.Y.. 422 Bredenberg, John H. K.. Athens, 422, 361 Breedlove, Brenda. Campton. 449, 172 Breedlove, Claire, 435, 116 Breedlove, Phillip C, Decatur, 435 Breedlove, Robt. A.. Jr.. Campton, 349, 94 Bremer, Judith Eloise, Atlanta 5, 449, 146 Brennan, John Patrick, Orlando, Fla., 259 Brese. Amanda Jean, Thomaston, 449 Brewer, Conrad W.. Atlanta 6, 422, 376 Brewer, Larry Hackett, Smyrna, 422, 184 Bridges, Bobby B., Crawford, 364 Bridges, John P.. Jr.. Bainbridge, 364, 226 Bridges, John Wm.. Marietta. 325 Bridges, Mary M., Marietta, 422 Bridges. Sherry L.. Vienna. 449 Bridgwater. Judith K., Nashville, Tenn., 449 Bright, Linda Carole, Avondale Estates, 449, 116 Brightwell. Charles S.. Maxeys, 374. 184 Brim. Richard T.. Jr.. Dawson. 435. 226 Brinkman. Carol M.. Rome, 449 Brinson, Bonnie P., Atlanta, 449, 288 Brinson, Ralph Dean, Jesup, 449 Briscoe, Mary Sue, Atlanta, 422, 134 Britt, William Clark, Snellville. 364, 196 Brittain. Nancy Jane. Monticello, 435, 91, 116 Broaddus, James E.. Jr., Atlanta, 449 Brock. James Willard. Columbus, 449 Brock. Mary E.. Atlanta. 435 Brock. Sandra Dean. Watkinsville, 422 Brock. Winston B.. Bainbridge. 422, 411 Brodnax. Henry. Jr.. Conyers, 435 Brogdon. Vernis D.. Adel. 414. 419 Brogdon. Wm. Allan, Columbus, 422 Bromberg, Sheila Rae, Atlanta. 104 Brookins. Wm. F.. Jr.. Columbus. 422 Brooks. Ave Edwin. Rossville. 449 Brooks. Camilla D.. Aiken. S.C, 450, 180 Brooks, George B.. Jr., Crawford, 155, 298 Brooks, Joan Janelle, Atlanta 7, 435, 135 Brooks, Larry Alfred, Pendergrass, 450 Brooks, Linda Faye, Waycross, 435 Brookshire, Jerry H.. Colbert. 450. 291 Broome. Charlotte E., Augusta, 450, 128 Broome, Wm. Isaac, Washington, 422 Brown, Barbara Louise, Decatur, 422, 146 Brown, Betty Julia, Atlanta 5, 450 Brown, Beverly Gail, Atlanta, 450, 146, 338, 135 Brown, Calvin Hugh, Athens, 81 Brown, Carol Anne, Milledgeville, 450, 142 Brown, Charles Hilton, Garfield, 276 Brown, Charles W.. III. Savannah, 422, 214 Brown, Clarence E.. Helena. 422 Brown. Cornelius M., Woodmere, N.Y., 422 Brown, David Dineen, Lookout Mtn., 450 Brown, Edward Larry, Macon, 450 Brown. Emily Paula. Thomson. 450. 156 Brown, Emory Truett, Ellijay, 435 Brown. Etta Bagley. Columbus. 422 Brown. Eva Claire. Athens. 450, 172 Brown. Evelyn C. Atlanta. 450 Brown. George W.. Jr., Marietta, 435, 138 Brown, Helen Sue, Sylvester, 386 Brown, Jacqueline C. Clayton, 435, 240 Brown, James Franklin, Statesboro, 435, 138 Brown, Jayne Emilyn, Atlanta, 364, 74, 120 Brown, Jesse Robert, Lilbum, 450 Brown, John Franklin, Dublin, 310, 138, 315, 317, 75, 84 Brown, John Robt., Canton, 422, 316, 317 Brown, Johnny Mack, Sale City, 422 Brown. Joseph Elton. Blakely. 435 Brown, Judy Elizabeth. Decatur, 450, 156. 200. 298 Brown, Julia Austin, Chatsworth, 422, 166 Brown, Margaret J.. Dalton, 450, 142 Brown, Martha Gayle, Lithonia, 240 Brown. Max Charles. Lumber City. 435 Brown. Paul Anthony. Savannah, 349 Brown, Ralph Felton, Calhoun, 435 Brown, Robt. Bennett, Statesboro, 450 Brown, Sandra Eliz.. Moultrie, 179 Brown, Sandra Rosanne, Athens. 450, 166 Brown. Stephanie Ann. 450 Brown. Susan. Atlanta 5, 435, 180 Brown, Suzanne M., Andalusia, Ala,, 450, 100 Brown, Toinette D., Atlanta, 435, 156 Brown. Wm. Jerry. Gainesville. 450 Brown. Woodrow A.. Atlanta. 229. 96 Browne, Gail Rene, Atlanta, 435 Browning, Brenda F.. Bridgeport, Ala., 325, 135 Broxton, George Allen, Campus Station, 325 Brubaker, Henry Allen, Mt. Crawford, Va.. 435, 418 Bruce, Charles H. Jr., Atlanta, 422, 154 Brugh, Max, Jr., Troutville, Va., 419 Brumby, Virginia Tift, Atlanta 5, 450, 172 Brumley, Frank Warner, St. Marys, 422, 214 Brunner, Myra Jean, Pana, Illinois, 435 Bruno, Frederick J.. Jr., Long Branch. N.J.. 406. 411 Brunson. Howard M.. Jr., Meridian, Miss.. 349 Brunson. Willard E.. Reynolds. 450, 276 Bryan, Charles M., Columbus. 349 Bryan, Joseph Thomas, Norfolk, Va., 435, 376 Bryan, Lelaine. Ft. Pierce, Fla., 364, 180 Bryan, Peggy Ann.. Warner Robins. 324 Bryan. Thomas R.. Jr., Columbus, 398, 403 Bryant, Eflie Louise, Dalton, 450 Bryant, James C. Jr.. Athens, 364 Bryant, Oscar Lee. Trion, 406. 411 Bryant, Robert H.. Ft. Gaines. 414 Bryant. Wm. Lloyd. Fitzgerald. 422, 339 Buchanan, Frances K., Americus, 435, 120 Buchanan, Loren, Jr., Valdosta, 413, 419 Buck, Leslie L., Columbus, 450 Buckler, Lawrence F.. 435 Buckley, Carol Lee, Athens, 422, 142, 100 Buckley, Thomas Wayne, Atlanta, 450. 226 Buckmaster, Ronald B., Winter Park, Fla.. 430 Buell. Bradford E.. Silver Springs, Md., 414, 419 BuRkin, Willard S., Clarendon, N.C, 414. 419 Bugg, Sandra Jeanette, San Francisco, Calif.. 450 Buie. Miriam Joy. White Oak. 325, 120 Bulloch, Paul M., Manchester. 435 Bullock, Janice Diane, Athens, 435 Bundrick, Helen C, Cordele, 364, 338, 120 Buonaguro, Louis, Plainview, N.Y., 422 Burch, John Vernon, Atlanta, 450 Burdell, William S.. Jr.. Augusta, 349, 214 Burdeshaw, Bruce B., Hampton, 422, 222 Burdett, James Murray, Trion, 422 Burdette, Elizabeth D.. Rebecca, 422 Burdick, Barbara L.. Valdosta. 450. 142 Burdison. Jeanne M., Augusta, 435, 98 Burger. William Harry, Atlanta, 435 Burgess, Harold D., Murphy, N.C, 450 Burgess, Robt. Phillip. Rocky Mount. N.C. 422 Burk. Robert Cecil. Rome. 316 Burk. Wm. Franklin, Jr.. Rome, 316 Burke. Barney Lamar. Millen. 337. 402 Burke. Howard Joseph. North Bellmore. N.Y., 422, 154 Burke, Melvin Albert, Wadley, 403 Burkett, Valeria Ann, Redstone Arsenal Ala.. 364. 172 Burkhalter. Alva P.. Glennville. 376 Burnett. Robert Swan, Columbus, 325, 222 Bums, James Joseph, Silver Spring, Md., 419 Bumside, Thomas R., Jr.. Thomson, 72, 403 Buroker, Judith Mae, Swayzee, Ind., 364 192, 256 Burpee. Walter J.. Jr.. Athens. 422. 239. 264 Burrell. Charles P., Clarkesville. 406. 410. 411. 287 Burrell. Stephen F.. Tallulah Lodge, 325, 293, 287. 298 Burroughs. Carole A.. Crawford. 435. 240 Burrow. Linda Kay. Lumber City, 436 Burrows, James Brown, Waycross, 436, 192, 256 Burson, Jsoeph S.. Newnan, 259 Burt, Mary Elizabeth, Atlanta, 364, 142, 343 Burton, Brenda Jan, Rome, 422 Burton, Harper V.. Camesv ille, 450 Burton, James Seaborn, Rome, 422 Burton, Sarah Angela, Athens, 422, 91, 172 Burton, Walter L.. Washington. 392, 293, 298 Busbia, Elizabeth Ann, Augusta, 364, 92, 176 Busby, Bette Carole, Hephzibah. 422 Buschow, Karen Lee, Austell, 422, 345 Bush, Jsmes E.. Jr., Colquitt, 436, 345 Bush, Jennie Carraway, Decatur. 422. 116 Bush, Leron Arthur, Leary, 436, 411, 196 Bush, Lucien Ross, Jr.. Camilla, 349, 184 Bush, Rebecca Rae, Athens, 128 Bush, Thomas G.. Jr., Macon. 165 Busha. Mary Lee. Toecoa. 422. 120 Bussey, Robt. Benjamin, Midland, 450, 231 Butler, Betty Sharon, Clemson, S.C, 450 Butler. Bobbie Joe. Athens, 413, 419 Butler, George M.. Alma, 436, 192 Butler, Joe Donald, Chatsworth, 345 Butler, Joe Earl, Jr., Marietta, 324 Butler, Linda, Odum, 450 Butler, Mack O., Jr., Camilla, 450, 403 Butler, Philip S., Elberton, 450 Butler, Roawell Craig, Atlanta 5, 422, 376, 264 Butterfield. Albert F., Tifton, 450, 226 Butts, James Ernest, Thomaston, 450, 291 Byars, Billy Baldwin, Monroe, 422, 267, 297, 298 Byars, Morgan C, Rome, 422, 150 Byrd, Benny, Jr., Atlanta, 422 Byrd, Carol Ann, Rossville, 450 Byrd, Caroline, 365 Byrd, Emily Anne, Kingstree, S.C, 325 Byrd, Mary Jean, Lookout Mtn., Tenn., 450, 176 Byrd, Patricia Ann, Marietta, 325, 116 Byrd, Sarah Caroline, St. Simons Island, 156 Byrd, Tommye Sue, Oak Ridge, Tenn., 436 Cabaniss, Daniel C, Maxeys, 414, 142 Cadle, Alice Carolyn, Augusta, 386, 388 Cagle, Gerald Frank. Lula, 436, 259 Cagle, Mary Sue, Canton, 450, 156 Cagle, Pamela Lee, Athens, 436 Cahoon, George M., Rome, 257 Cain, Patricia Kay, Birmingham 13, Ala., 422 Cain, Robert Lamar, Watkinsville, 450 Cain, Sandra E., Watkinsville, 436 Caldwell, Leslie Earl. Jackson, 422, 411 Calhoun, Charlton H., Swainsboro, 450 Calhoun, Inez Morgan, Tifton, 450, 389 240 Calhoun, James N., Jr., N. Augusta, S. C, 436 Calhoun, John W., Jr., Tifton, 403 Calhoun, Murray A., IH, Columbus, 450, 214 Calhoun, Patrick P., Mt. Vernon, 422, 290 Callahan, Marilyn Ann, Hapeville, 450 Callaway, Constance L., Atlanta, 450, 240 Callaway, Christine L., 422 Callaway, Dorothy A., Madison, 422 Callaway, James C., Jr., Chattanooga, Tenn., 411 Callaway, Robert M., Washington, 325 Camden, Harry C, Toccoa, 436, 361, 337 Camp, Charles E., Jr., Rome, 337, 196 Camp. Sandra Adelle, Villa Rica, 450, 104, 116 Camp, Wm. Kenneth, Rome, 450, 259, 196 Campbell, Brenda C, Columbus, 450, 156 Campbell, Chas. Edward, Jackson, 96 Campbell, Clay Joel, Rossville, 422, 99 Campbell, Glenn M., Rossville, 436 Campbell, Patricia D., Marietta, 119, 298 Campbell, Thomas R., Jr., Atlanta, 403, 298 Candler, John Pierce, Villa Rica, 436 Candler, John S., Jr., Atlanta 5, 436, 277 Cannon, Alton James, Tiger, 374 Cannon, Caroline F., Sumter, S.C, 325 Cannon, Eliz. Frost, Lavonia, 422, 120 Cannon. Nancy Lucile. Cordele, 450, 120 Cannon, Verona L., Atlanta, 386, 389, 95 Cantrell, Terrell N.. Adairsville, 325, 296, 298 Canlwell. Betty Ann, Decatur, 450, 128 Capel, Larry Hamihon. GrifRu, 436, 192 Capes, Richard E., Atlanta, 450 Capobianco, Faust, Broni 51, N.Y., 310, 317 Garden, Janice Faye, Marietta, 450, 176 Carder, Richard Mark, Thomson. 345, 393 Carder. Sandra Teagle, Athens, 345 Carey, Ann Hiner, Atlanta 5, 436, 116 Cariey, George H., Athens, 403 Carlisle, John Reid, Griffin, 436, 90, 192, 276 Carmichael, Charles, Augusta, 392, 214 Carr, James C, Jr., Atlanta, 450, 192 Carr, Mark Simpson, Calvary, 325, 138, 268 Carreker, Ronald B., McDonough, 450, 264 Carrell. Edmond D., Ill, Monroe, 349, 337, 150 Carrington. Norma Ann. Tifton, 436 Carroll, Georgia B., Augusta, 422, 116 Carroll, Mary Jane. Gumming, 386, 240 Carson. Carol Lucille, Savannah, 422 Carson, Charics M., Charlotte, N.C., 94 Carson, Earl Webb. Jr., Monroe, 398, 192. 337, 403 Carson, Katy Jane, Smyrna, 325 Carson, Richard Dyes, Albany, 422, 192 Carson, Wm. Clyne, Carnesville, 365 Carstarphen, Linda A., Macon, 422, 85, 92. 120 Carswell, Shedrick J.. Thomaston, 99 Carter, Cade Edward, Hartwell, 310, 316 Carter, Doris Annette, Savannah, 436, 98, 128 Carter. Era Gillis, Willacoochee, 422 Carter. Geroge Brent, Martinez, 436 Garter, George M., Augusta, 422 Carter, H. Sanders, Jr., Athens, 450, 189 Carter, Hubert Kennon, Athens, 422 Carter. Huey Eugene, Augusta, 450 Carter, Jamca M., Alma, 422, 222 Carter, Jane Malcom, Rutledge, 325, 172 Carter, Janice M., Poulan, 422, 142 Carter, Nancy Harriet, Augusta, 422, 142 Carter, Sarah C, Columbus, 450, 240 Carter, Suzanne, Thomaston, 325, 200 Carter, Wilbur Grant, Atlanta, 422, 192 Carter, Wm. Cole, Garrollton, 154 Cartledge, Cari M., Jr., College Park, 422 Cartledge, Carol A., Columbus, 436, 113 Carver, Reuben D., Jr., Augusta, 349 Case, Ronald Lee, Decatur, 349, 73, 257 Casey, Eugene Roy, Savannah, 422 Cash, Ted Dewayne, Bremen, 406, 409, 411 Cashen, Richard J., Garrollton, 436 Cason, Carole Jean, Atlanta, 450 Caslleberry, Chas. H., Monroe, 349, 226, 94 Caston, Donnie Tyrone, Jackson, 422 Gates. Paul Judson, Jr., McDonough, 422, 138, 184 Cathey, Charles Wm., Mountain City, 422 Cathey, James Frank, Mountain City, 450 Cathy, Richard J., Atlanta, 325 Cato, Anthony Wallace, Bainbridge, 403 Cato, Beverly Carole, Gainesville, 365, 176 Cato, Martha Eliz., Gainesville, 386 Catone, Richard A., Atlanta, 450, 150 Causey, Wm. Claude, Jr., Athens, 345 Gavender, Judy Ann, Claxton, 436, 200, 345 Gavender, Ralph H., Claxton, 422, 226 Center, Melvin Samuel, Savannah, 237 Certain, Alan Nelson, Savannah, 423 Cesarini, Robert, Canaatota, N.Y., 423, 212 Chafin, Thomas Lee, Hartwell, 365, 189 Chalk, Joe Floyd, Decatur, 436 Chambers, Dorothy D., Madison, 422, 172 Chambera, Franklin B., Milledgeville, 422, 138 Chambers, James R., Jr., Cochran, 365 Chambers, Jimmy W., Blakely, 414, 132 Chambers, Mahala Ann, Atlanta ,365 120 Chambers, Nell C, Cochran, 422 Chambers, Rona Gale, Greenville, S.C, 365 Chambers, Roy T., Moultrie, 310, 316 Chambless, James L., Columbus, 422, 214 Ghambliss, Shelia, Buena Vista, 422 Chance, Carlton K., Athens, 350 Chance, Jane Ann, Alexander, 436 Chance, Sara Lee, Hapeville, 450, 338 Chancy, Hubert F., Jr., Quitman, 406, 411 Chandler, Charles M., Pitts, 317, 316 Chandler, Edward L., Cr«enville, S.C, 413, 419 Chandler, Gordon M., Atlanta, 450, 189 Chandler, James H., Milledgeville, 422, 138 Chandler, Jerry M., Good Hope, 422 Chandler, Julia Ann., Atlanta, 423, 142 Chandler, Wm. R., Jr., Manchester, 436 Chapin. Keith Wm., Chapel Hill, N.C., 450, 226 Chapman, Betty Ann, Savannah, 423 Chapman, Cecilia, Athens, 450, 172 Chapman, James H., Newnan, 81 Chapman, Jane Osbun, Atlanta, 450 Chapman, John Wilson, Athens, 350, 293, 361 Chapman, Lynda C, Newnan, 436, 117 Chapman, Marion W., Sylvester, 310, 132 Chapman, Roy L., Jr., McCaysville, 450 Chapman, Scab M., Jr., Lafayette, 450, 214 Chapman, Stephen A., Macon, 436, 192 Chapman, Wayman D., Jr., Athens, 350 Chappell, Eleanor Kay, Spartanburg, S. C, 392, 120 Chase, Martha, Shelbyville, Tenn., 423, 135 Ghastain, Edwina Mae, Athens, 436, 176, 298 • Ghastain, Ruth Jolyn, Atlanta, 386, 74, 85, 388 Chatfield, Mary Vann, Atlanta, 436, 200 Cheatham, James Robt., Clarkston, 423 Cheek, Ben J.. Jr., Augusta, 260, 274 Cheek, George Wm., Estanollee, 256 Cheek, John Russell, Toccoa, 423, 361, 337 Cheek, Shirley Jean, Estanollee, 436 Cheney. Clifford P., Jacksonville, 436, 138, 393, 337 Cherry, Maxine P.. Jacksonville, Fla., 423 Cherry, Ronald Alan, Jacksonville, Fla., 423, 124 Cheshire, Dorothy S., Jacksonville, Fla., 436, 128 Chestnut, Thomas John, Lavonia, 350 Chesser, Aaron Huey, Folkston, 374, 376, 377 Chew. Walter S., Jr., Macon, 422, 138 Childers, Clyde J., Massillon, Ohio, 257 Childers, Dan Jerry, Covington, 239 Childers, Robert T., Dalton, 350, 150 Childs, Nina Allison, Athens, 436, 338 Chin, Nancy Leo. Savannah, 436, 98 Chilwood, Glenda M., Dalton, 365, 128 Chon, Judith Ann, 451 Chow, Jane, Augusta, 422 Christa, Frank Joseph, Verona, N.J., 326, 189 Christensen, Albert C, Decatur, 226 Christian, Wayne A., Atlanta, 450 Christian, Wayne F., Eastman, 350, 150 Christiansen, Karen E., Athens, 326, 450 Christie, Helen Hay, Tampa, Fla., 450, 146 Christie, Mary T., Columbus, 146 Christie, Sandra L., Tampa Fla., 326, 91 Christopher, Jimmy L., Watkinsville, 365 Christopher, Susan H., Atlanta, 450, 117 Chunn, Russell Dennis, Marietta, 196 Cichanowicz, Frank A., Peconic, N.Y., 423. 213, 318 Chimock, Benjamin John, Orlando, Fla., 259 Clack, Jerry Eugene, Atlanta, 436 Clackum, Ernest Derik, Marietta, 450, 345 Clancy, Helen L., Macon, 450, 180 Clark, Andrew B., Ill, ThomasviUe, 350, 212 Clark, David Harmond, Ochlochnee, 423, 212 Clark, Florence B., Albany, 450 Clark, Frank C, Augusta, 260 Clark, Grace Eugenia, Augusta, 450 Clark, Helen Drew, Waynesboro, 450, 200 Clark, James Kermit, East Point, 450 Clark, John L., Jr., Hartwell, 450 Clark, Judith Irma, Jonesboro, 436, 389 Clark, Raymond David, Miami, Fla., 257 Clark, Sharon Gene, Savannah, 423, 200 Clark, Virginia Gayle, Macon, 436, 200, 298 Clarke, Bonnie B., Oliver, 436 Clarke. Burwell B., Waycross, 423 Clarke, Farish Alton, Smyrna, 450, 189 Clarke, George C, Marshallville, 423, 214 Clarke, Toy Clint, Jr., Cordele, 406, 411 Clarke, Wm. Lewis, Waycross, 450 Clarke, Wm. Walton, Atlanta, 450 Clary, Edgar Daniel, Harlem, 436, 154 Clary, Eleanor Faye, Odum, 406, 408, 411 Clary, Nora Ann, Warrenton, 436, 176 Clary, Thomas L., Ill, August a, 450, 226 Clary, Wm. Claiborne, Toccoa, 295 Clay, Camille, Atlanta, 450, 91 Clay, James Ellis, Loganville, Ga., 450 Clayton, Marvin R., Savannah, 436, 196 Cleghorn, James H., Jr., Rocky Face, 450 Clien, Robert David, Miami 56, Fla., 450, 234 Clements, Andy Carter, Rhine, 423 Clements, David Ellis, Woodbury, 436 Clements, David G., Alamo, 310, 82, 316, 315, 107, 113 Clements, Frederick D., Atlanta, 450 Clements, Joseph E., St. Simons Island, 436 Clements. Linda B., Great Neck, N.Y., 436, 120, 288 Clements, Linda Jo, Waycross, 436, 180, 276 Clements, Marion D., Fitzgerald, 450, 226 Clements, Reuben, IH, St. George, S. C, 436 Cleveland, Allen, III, Matthews, N.C., 450, 419 Clifton, Patricia Ann, Atlanta, 450, 142 Clifton, Richard E., Greensboro, 436, 99 Climer, Neva Margaret, Atlanta, 436, 176 Gline, Wynnton E., Ill, Hamilton, 350, 139 Cloaninger, Mary B., Clemson, S.C, 386, 172 Cloninger, Eugene F., Atlanta, 436 Clonts, Marilyn Lee, Atlanta, 450, 176 Clonts, Thomas M., Jonesboro, 436, 376 Close, Linda Ann, Macon, 365, 128 Cloud, Danna Sue, Climax, 423 Coakley, John J., Jr., Lynn. Mass., 450 Coates, Edward Truman, Tappan, N.Y., 436 Cobb, Kenneth Howard,- Greene, N.Y., 423 Cobb, Martha Vera, Lafayette, 436, 98, 138 Cochran, Betty Jill, Sylvester, 436 Cochran, Betty Jo, Griifin, 423, 176 Cochran, Beverly Faye, Atlanta, 423, 166 Cochran, Cynthia L., Dalton, 423, 128 Cochran, Florence G., Columbus, 423, 240 Cochran, Mildred G., Atlanta, 365, 240 Cochran, Patricia, Watkinsville, 423, 338 Cochran, Tyrone Lee, Decatur, 350 Cockcrolt, Charlotte, Atlanta, 436 Cocroft, Catherine C, ThomasviUe, 423, 146 Coen, Kendall Barclay, Forest Park, 343 Coler, T. W., 81 Coffey, Robert Dixon, Salisbury, N.C, 436, 189 Coffin, Maude Esther, Cuthbert, 423, 146 Coffsky, Barry P., Augusta. 423, 234 Cohen, Davis, Savannah, 423, 234 Cohen, Donald Warren, Baltimore, Md., 414, 419 Cohen, Edward Wm., Savannah, 450, 234 Cohen, Harriet Jaye, Atlanta, 450, 219 Cohen, James D., Rossville, 450 Cohen, Joel Harris, Dalton, 392, 124 Cohen, Joyce Diane, Albany, 450, 219 Cohen, Lawrence J., Savannah, 403, 234 Cohen, Marlene J., Dothan, Ala., 423 Cohen, Martin William, Atlanta, 326, 124 Cohen, Ronald Allen, Brunswick, 450, 234 Cohen, Ronald Barry, Atlanta, 350, 234 Cohen, Sara Rebecca, Hickory, 365 Cohen, Solomon, Atlanta, 451, 234 Cohen, Steve, Alma, 326, 234 Cohn. Judith Ann, Harrison, N.Y., 451, 219 Coile, Linda Kay, Athens. 423, 176 Coker, Carolyn, Atlanta, 436, 240 Coker, Margaret Gail. Duluth, 365, 240 Cole, Donald, Talmo, 374 Cole, E. Dargan, III, Cartersville, 423, 150 Cole. Elaine Mattie, Hazlehurst, 423, 240 Cole, Michael Dennis, Austell, 257, 266 Cole, Peter Hume, Rome, 451, 150 Cole. Robert George, Athens, 326, 337 Coleburn, Lilla Sue, Ray City, 386 Coleman, Charles D., Rossville, 451, 189 Coleman, Chas. Ronald, Atlanta, 350, 196 Coleman, Francis W., Waycross, 239 Coleman, Robert Dean, Roswell, 259 Coleman, Ronald Scott, Jackson, 326, 82 Coleman, Susan Beth, Sarasota, Fla., 423, 135 Coleman, William R., Jr., Augusta, 223, 403 Colhard, Fred T., Athena, 350 Collier, Martha C, Macon, 423, 135 Collier, Paul Thomas, East Point, 187, 402 Collier, Suzanne, Cartersville, 423, 128 Collins, Brenda A., Coco Solo, Canal Zone, 451 Collins, David Bruce, Myrtle Beach, S.C, 423 Collins, Gloria Diane, Austell, 436, 176 Collins, James T., Jr., Savannah, 222, 336, 403 Collins, Joe H., ThomasviUe, 403 Collins, Jon W., Hinesville, 451 Collins, Josephine M., Atlanta, 436, IM Collins, Renee W., Conway, S.C, 423 CoUinsworth, Carey C, Atlanta. 298 Colmer, Margaret Anne, Decatur, 423, 117 Colquitt, Alfred, III, Marietta, 451, 184 Colson, Charles F., Moultrie, 423, 409, 411 Coltrane, Patricia A., Toccoa, 326, I4ti Colvard, Daphne, Statham, 451, 100, 240 Colvin, Ashby F., Jr., Atlanta, 423, 81 Combes, David Newton, Milledgeville, 423, 189 Combs, Joyce Rau, Athens, 365 Comer, Frank W., Ill, Macon, 451, 154 Comer, Reggie Lynwood, Jackson, 451 Comolli, John Morgan, Elberton. 436, 181 Comolli, Martha Maria, Elberton, 451, 176 Compton, Donald Gurry, Warner Robins, 326, 184 Gone, Carlos Hudson, Cairo, 392, 164, 337, 84 Cone, James Daniel, Haines City, Fla., 257 Cone, Margaret Alice, Eatonton, 386 Cone, Natalyn Daniel, Bamesville, 423 Conley, James Claude, Eaat Point, 423 Connally, Harper C, Jr., Newnan, 436, 214 Conner, Larry Dennis, Decatur, 436 Conner, Martha Louise, Cartersville, 436, 120 Conniff, Carole Flynn, Tenafly, N.J., 451, 172, 298 Conniff, John C Jr., Tenafly, N.J., 436, 268, 269, 196 Cook, Charles Wayne, Macon, 436 Cook, Glover H., Jr., Elberton, 436, 146 Cook, James Julian, Atlanta, 326 Cook, John Randolph, Frederick, Md., 419 Cook, Judith Lynn, Annandale, Va., 423 Cook, Julian Harris, Albany, 436, 139 Cook, Kenneth Wayne, Fitzgerald, 436, 184 Cook, Linda Jolene, Sandersville, 436, 98 Cook, Robert Ripley, Alfred N.Y., 403 Cook, Taylor, Jr., Cochran, 436, 189 Cook, Thomas R., Ill, Rapid City, S.D„ 451, 212 Cook, Wyndell Lee, Guyton, 423 Cook, Wyndell Wilson, Athens, 436 Cooley, Larry James, Garrollton, 350 Coolick, Arnold, Manchester, 423, 234 Coolik, Mike Arthur, Columbus, 436 Coon, Robert L., Jr., Bessemer City, N.C, 423 Cooper, Barbara Anne, Chattanooga, Tenn., 423 Cooper, Charles Wayne, Athens, 436 Cooper, Curtis P., Jr., Pendergrass, 423 Cooper, Dennis Reeves, Columbus, 436, 222 Cooper, Donna Seymour, Atlanta, 451, 180 Cooper, Janice Ann, Ft. Lauderdale, FI«. 436, 180 Cooper, John S., Rome, 317, 94 Cooper, Raymond B., Meigs, 310, 316, 315, 317 Copelan, Jack S., Columbus, 350 Copelan, Jesse T., Jr., Greensboro, 377 Copeland, Evelyn C, Atlanta, 436 Copeland, George T., Augusta, 350 Copeland, Mary Kawin, Norcross, 365, 200, 240 Coppage, John Robert, Athens, 423 Coppage, Wm. Mark, Jr., Macon, 451 Coppedge, John B., Ill, Atlanta, 436, 214 Copus, Eari, Jr., Savannah, 374, 315, 377 Corbell, Chas. Maxwell, Savannah, 451, 222 Corbin, Gary Lamar, Vidalia, 259 Corcoran, Edward J., Augusta, 290, 243 Cordell, James Arthur, Sanford, Fla., 423 Corish, Thomas Knox, Savannah, 451, 96 Cotish, Walter C, Jr., Savannah, 451 Corley, Clifford J., Macon, 330 Cornelius, Martha R., Cartersville, 365 Cornell, Hal Duwayn», Atlanta, 436, 154 Gomwell, Hardie Jo, Smithville, 423 Correll, Alston D., Jr., Brunswick, 423 Gorry, Larry Randall, Union Point, 436 Coryell, Gayle Ann, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 365, 135 Cosby, John Roger, Elberton, Ca., 81 Cotton, Judith D., Thomson, Ca. Cotton, Nancy Carol, Atlanta, 436, 180, 345 Coulter, Sheila Grace, Decatur, 451, 120 Counts, Walter Eugene, Atlanta, 436, 222 Coursey, Bert Marcel, Atlanta, 436, 268, 269 Coursey, Carolyn M., Atlanta, 365, 120 Coursey, John Paul, Jr., Vidalia, 350 Coursey, Paul B., Jr., Atlanta, 326, 287, 291 Courson, Ann Cowan, Garfield, 365 f«E- " - SJHlU i fe!iA «- yd: If •- 1 Wsi.l ' ta ' l ' ' ., Dm U « " ' 1-C.r,lii. lu l " b i affl.» .111 " ' a ■ ■., ».„ Inilis, " ■• iflKtrtl, Edwi ' . ' ' ■ ■ WWi,Ta)i W Li,nMlM.Mi ll.ffl lA Tl«a Wo, Ui, I hi, l«m •.»• • ill,tll U],riiwiUta|M.fl hik, IM t Fa Hak, ai Iii ,CnlI]i i,li«ll.« hi, IniUii l, 1iU«i B , C oi|i hk Qniit [nsoi, VuT Um Mm in bUul, lili Jai. Ita Wq. Iota 1, k, II ItiU bi(,l « USM.M«l UilU, llllb I, lilK WkU, libel I. him. UkliiiV.CinlUta Unk. ti. Fiill. UM Ciklutn, hi) 0. Gaa i iwn i.t..ii.iki H Iilmti. CUa l, W tiip mt, Etjik I, U ' mlwCiWi llUl! Mi UK,., I wu,llicWF.ildai, ' (M.iraat.l S, Wth I, J, c .HAiIuhoi ' « • ' " » ' a. Ullk t «,Cnm,ni,s,. ! ' • ' ■» Jin !i Mm Is™ ?s • " " feltt, MUi Ui,.iiM.t EAlMtii,, twill . telvCakS tea ■ KB «iki.i .r.ii hat-.VCmit r M Hi C ui t " fcfct • « " ' »ta.|r, ! " !•■ ' =■ ' ' ' ■ ' ' ■ ' ■ Ql Hav- r •rtitU. I ■ ;rla« Courson, John Hinson, Hazelhurst, 423 Cousins. Robert W., Atlanta, 423 Cousins, Wm. Lamar, Greenville, 81 -Cowan, James E., Jr., Silver Creek, 436 Cowart, Chas. Elwood, Arlington, 192 Cowart, Chas. Heath, Atlanta, 326, 272, 273 Cowart, Joe D., Jr., Atlanta, 360 Cowart, Theda Kay, Griffin, 326 Cowl, Donna Lee, Toms River, N.J., 451, 117 Cox, Carolyn Kennedy, Decatur, 436 Cox, Charlotte Dunlap, Athens, 436 Coi, Jack Elliott, Waynesboro, 423, 214 Cox, Judy Brown, Gainesville, 98 ' Cox, Nancy Anne, Ft. Myers, Fla., 423, ' 180 Coyne, Camilla Crouch, Atlanta. 365, 146 Craft, Nancy Jane, Elberton, 326 Craft, Nancy Patricia, Lawrenceville, 436, 95 Craig, Wm. Edgar, Farmington, 451, 316 Crain, George H., Athens, 89, 423, 189 Crais, Christian M., Birmingham, Ala., 436, 200 Cramer, David, Jr., 423 Cramer, Walter E., Ill, Savannah, 350, 150, 189 Crandall, Leslie, Berlin, N.Y., 317 Crandall, Patricia A., St. Simons Island, 365, 120 Crane, Baxter C, Jr., Athens, 423, 90 Crane, Herbert M., Jr., LaGrange, 403 Crane, Jerrold Neal, Cleveland 411 Cranman, Marvin, Savannah, 350, 234 Cravens, Douglas C, Jr., Atlanta, 423 Crawford, David H., Pooler, 436, 99 Crawford, Edward Eve, Hartsville, S.C., 436 Crawford, James R., Jr., Columbus, 259 Crawford, John H., Ill, Laurel, Miss., 326, 268, 269 Crawford, Johnny Lee, Cairo, 423, 317 Crawford, Marjorie L., Decatur, 451, 156 Crawford, S. Yvonne H., Whigham, 423 Creasman, Dewey L., Rossville, 410, 411 Crenshaw, McCarthy, Jr., Jacksonville 5, Fla., 436, 81. 272. 273, 214 Crews, Millicent Anne, Brunswick, 451, 120 Cribba, Billy Eugene, Claxton, 345 Crisp, Edwin Ansel, New York, N.Y., 451 Crisp, Henry Lumpkin. Americus, 217 Crittenden, Elir. W., Albany, 436, 146, 403 Crockett, Edward W., Valdoata, 326, 139 Crockett, Linda. Tampa Fla.. 423, 120 Crohan, Thomas Edward, Riverhead, N.Y., 423 Croker, Richard Jos., Albany, 451 Crook, Thomas Melvin, Enka, N.C., 257 Crosby, Barbara Jean, Douglas, 423 Crouch, Barney R., Augusta, 406, 409, 410, 411 Crouch, Frances L., Augusta, 423 Crouch, Janet A., Fort Belvoir, Va., 423 Crow, Hubert A., Jr., Gainesville, 406, 411 Crowe, Carol Elaine, Bogart, 451 Crowe, Franklin R., Wilmington, Dela., 451 Crowe, George Rufus, Chicopee. 326 Croxton. Mary Lucas. Montezuma. 365, 180 Cruikshank. Lila Jean. Atlanta. 386. 146 Crumbtey, Reuben A., Jr., McDonough, 436. 214 Crump, Ronald Steve, Dalton, 436 Crutchfield, Ralph L., Macon, 350. 360 Crutchfield, Robert B., Atlanta, 225 Cubillas, Toni V., Coral Gables, Fla., 326, 142 Culbreth, Wm. Paulk, Bainbridge, 436 Culclasure, Mary O., Greenville, S.C, 365, 176 CuUens, William A., St. Simons, 436, 150 Culley. Joel Thomas, Atlanta, 360 Culpepper, Charles R., Cordele, 406 Culpepper, Elijah H., Cordele, 226, 403 Culpepper, James C, Pinehurst, 436 Culvem, Joseph B., Louisville, 350, 337 Cunningham, Robert C, Maplewood. N.J., 310, 318 Curl, Wm. Edward, Cadwell, 423 Curran, Dorothy L.. Macon, 423, 156 Curran, Michael F., Atlanta, 451 Currie, Cherrie, Savannah, 326 Curry, Andrew J., Jr., Columbus, 451, 154 Curry, Beth, Atlanta, 436 Curtis, James Wm., 11, Atlanta 6, 451, 291 Cuthbert, Grange, III, Summerville, S.C, 436 Cutrell, Wayne Allen, Ft. Valley, 451 Czuchta, Stephen, Linden, N.J., 360 Dabbs, Patricia, Emerson, 437 Dahl, Barbara Ann, Moultrie, 451, 142 Daigle. Cecil John. Athens, 319 Dailey, Beverly Jane, Commerce, 451 Dailey, Joel Dean, Alto, 310 Daitch, Ronald. Augusta. 423 Dallas. Albert Hawes. Lincolnton, 437, 91, 139, 337, 84 Dalton, Patricia Faye, Danielsville, 451 Dalton, Thomas W., Jr., Athens, 423, 212, 291 Damour, Edward A., Macon, 365 Daniel, Donald J., Swainsboro, 423. 189 Daniel, Jerry W., Athens, 451 Daniel, Linda Matlece, Atlanta, 451, 180 Daniel, Nancy Lee, LaGrange, 365, 146 IL Daniel, Rena Frances, Montezuma, 437, 136 Daniel. Rodney E., Elberton, 350 Daniel, Tommy Wm., Athens, 403 Daniell, Olivia Beth, Waco, Texas, 423, 176 Daniels, Donald F.. Chattanooga. 437 Danish. Michael Barry. Augusta, 423 Danner, Ray Newman. Athens. 423. 260. 215 Dantignac, Lois F., Augusta, 366. 174 Dantzler. Thomas M.. Holly Hill. S. C, 414 Darden. Jane M.. Waycross. 423. 181 Darden, Joel Melton, LaGrange, 259 Darnell, Dorothy, Oak Grove, Ky, 437, 135 Darrough, Evelyn R., Hartwell, 423, 176 Darrow, Ronald L., Wyoming, N.Y., 310, 319 Daugherty, Brenda E., Lookout Mtn., 451 Daughtry, Edna Lee, Louisville, 437 Daughtry, Janet L.. Miami, Fla., 386, 146 Davenport. Melba Jane, Whitesburg. 437. 166 Daves, Jack Edward, Hurst, 350, 94 Daves, Joan Frances, Calhoun, 423, 93, 345, 117 David, Barbara Ann, Brevard, N.C., 423, 200, 166 Davidson. Andrew, Athens, 345 Davidson, Charles W., Atlanta, 423, 226, Davidson, Jacqueline, Gainesville, 423, 128 Davidson, Lillian Ann, Jacksonville, Fla., 423, 181 Davidson, Sara Eliz., Clover, S.C, 338 Davies, John Henry, Somerset, England, 339 Davies, Pamela Ellen, Macon, 451, 135 Davis, Albert W., Ill, Columbus, 350, 360 Davis, Ann Becton, Adel, 366 Davis, April Louise, Marietta, 451 Davis, Augustine L., Athens. 413 Davis. Betty K.. Athens. 179 Davis, Betty Sue, Lawrenceville, 451 Davis, Chovine R., Ill, Albany, 350, 192 Davis, Christopher B., Atlanta 5, 451, 105. 437, 164 Davis. Darrell L., Macon. 451, 156 Davis, Diane, Ashburn, 326, 338 Davis. Donald Alan. Savannah, 350, 84 Davis. Donald C, Atlanta, 406, 411 Davis, Donald Wayne, Colbert, 451, 390 Davis, Doris Jane, Elberton, 451 Davis, Earnest F., Columbus, 437 Davis, Ephraim P., Warrenton, 403 Davis, Ernest Parks, Gainesville, 423, 139 Davis, Ernest W., II, Lewes, Delaware, 451 Davis. Gilbert Melvin, Rome, 310 Davis, Hilda Dana, Atlanta, 423. 181 Davis. Hope P., Jr., Danielsville, 326 Davis, Horace L., Columbus, 423, 345, 361, 337 Davis, Jacqueline, Marietta, 423, 128, 341 Davis, James Allan, Tifton, 423 Davis, Jean Katherine, Gainesville, 451, 156 Davis, Judith Marie, Butler, 128 Davis, Larry Dean, Smyrna, 451, 360 Davis, Linda Janice, Springfield, Va., 437, 156 Davis, Louis Elmer, Cairo, 268, 269 Davis, Mary Ellen, Atlanta, 240 Davis, Mary Janet, Newnan, 451, 142, 100 Davis, Melvin Lewis, Pearson, 423, 192, 320 Davis, Patricia E., Butler, 437, 128 Davis, Rebecca Jane, Atlanta, 451 Davis, Richard Lee, Arkport, N.Y., 451 Davis, Richard S.. Acworth, 437, Davis, Robert L., Jr., Chattanooga, Tenn,, 451 Davis, Ronald Lee, Cartersville, 337, 402 Davis, Sally Kay, Decatur. 451. 117 Davis, Sandra K., Atlanta. 437, 117 Davis, Thomas Wm., LaFayette, 310. 316 Davis, W. ScotI, III, LaGrange, 350, 215 Dawes, John Carl, Franklin Springs, N.Y., 310, 451, 319 Dawson, Jack E., Jr., Brunswick, 423, 192 Dawson, Warren Mushat, Milledgeville, 437, 222 Day, John Stuart, Decatur, 350 Day, Margaret Anne, Southport, Conn., 451 Deal, Clifford L., Jr., Atlanta, 437, 139 Deal, Daniel Wallace, Waycross. 423 Deal, Emit Bernard, Statesboro, 423 Deal. Richard Merrill, Montezuma, 310 Dean, Carolyn Sue, Athena, 437, 200 Dean, George C, Jr., College Park. 419 Dean, William Douglas, Louisburg, N.C, 413 Deas, Diana Kalhryn, Atlanta, 451, 181 Debele, Julia, Savannah, 437, 98, 200 Debord, Jace Willard, Waleska, 437 Debruhl, Joyce L., Miami, Fla., 423, 135 Defoor, Don Fleetwood, Austell, 326 Degarde, Ronald Louis, Ridgewood 27, N.Y., 310, 319 Degenhardt, Walter P., Savannah, 451 DeGolian, Richard, Jr., Atlanta, 437, 150 Degrandis, Joseph, Jr., Macon, 451, 226 Dejong, Donald Warren, Manhattan, Montana, 381 Dell, Arlene Phyllis, Savannah, 437 Dell, Tommy Ray, Bainbridge, 381 Dellinger, Wilbur A.. Newland, N.C, 415 Delman, George W., Atlanta, 437, 234 Deloach. Clinton J., Jr., Walterboro, S.C, 415, 419 Deloach, George L., Waynesboro, 423, 184 Demayo, Sarah Anne, Atlanta. 437 Dement, Wayne Morris, Takoma Park, Md., 415, 419 Demoor, Maurice A., Lavonia, 351, 361 Denard, Albert L., Jr., Washington, 423 Dandy, Larry Baldwin, Columbus, 451 Denham, Algernon A., Jr., Eatonton, 437 Denman, James C, Jr., Ringgold, 451, 359 Denmark, Carroll Ray, Brooklet, 451 Denmark, Linda, Glennville, 451, 166 Dennard, Ivey C, Gordon, 437, 415 Dennard, Mary Mann, Pineview, 437, 121 Dennard, Ralph T., Jr., Atlanta, 451 Denney, Jimmy Ray, Newnan, 259 Dent, Sally Jane, New Orleans, La., 451, 172 Denton, James F., Ill, Augusta, 437, 154 Der, Robert Adam, Jr., Lithonia, 423 Deraney, David Larry, Jackson, 437 Deriso, George T. Leslie, 326, 184 Deriso, Henry Clark, Leslie, 451, 184 Deriso, Mary Patricia, Americus, 437, 146 Dersch, Reinald Hans, Binghamton, N.Y., 424 Dester, Gloria, 424 Dettelbach, Eugenia, Atlanta, 437, 219 Devoll, David Allyn, Shortsville, N.Y., 424, 239 Dewas, James L., Jr., Valdosta, 437 Dewitt, Kathleen M., Cornelia, 451, 240 Dewitt, Ralph Wayne, Jesup, 451, 290 Deyerle, Judith Lee, Atlanta, 366, 172 Diack, Suzanne. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 451, 172 Dial, Patricia, Orlando, Fla., 437, 146, 298 Dial, Wm. Allen, College Park, 343 Dick, Bruce Lloyd, Atlanta. 451, 196 Dickens, Charles P., Watkinsville, 259 Dickens, Kenneth B., Atlanta, 437, 184 Dickson, Clarence, Jr., Anderson, S.C, 351 Diden, Mary Louise, Rome, 451, 200 Diemar, Roberta Janet, Savannah, 437, 219 Diggs, Margaret Anne, Lake City, Tenn., 451 Dilcher, Dayton D., Jr., Bergen, N.Y., 319 Dilcher, Mary Ann, Atlanta, 326, 93, 146 Dillard. Eliz. Jane. Amoldsville, 451 Dillard. Frances C, Amoldsville, 424 Dillard, Mary Lynn, Atlanta, 451, 338, 240 Dillard, Terry Arthur, Waycross, 437, 222 Dillingham, Richard A., Rome, 424, 239 Dismuke, Linda D., Douglas, 424, 135 Dixon, Donald C, Baxley, 437, 81 Dixon, Faye, Bristol, 451 Dixon, George S., Jr., Savannah, 381, 196 Dixon, Jerry Wayne, Fitzgerald, 184, 94 Dixon, Joy Carlisle, Atlanta, 366, 172 Dixon, Mary Louisa, Blackshear. 424 Dixon, Neva McCann. Atlanta, 437, 156 Dixon, Robert B., Jr.. Atlanta, 451 Dixon, Sammy Daniels. Fitzgerald, 187, 411 Dixon, Stephen J., Atlanta, 437, 196 Dixon, Susan King, Savannah, 451, 156 Dixon, Tracy Allen, Savannah, 437 Dixon, William I., Gordon, 366 Doar. J. Benjamin, III, Myrtle Beach, S.C, 139 Dobbs, Dorothy Anne, Atlanta, 451, 240 Dobbs, Nelson B., Jr.. Carrollton. 437. 226 Dobran. Linda Ann, Sardis, 424, 219 Docurro, Phyllis M., Augusta, 437 Dodd, Betty Dianne, Macon, 451 Dodson, Hubert Wayne, Thomasville, 376 Dolvin, Pete O., Jr., Greensboro, 345 Donaldson, George Wm., Twin City, 437 Donaldson, Johnny K., Savannah, 424 Donaldson, Thomas R., Bainbridge, 327 Dondero. Alan John, Woodside, N.Y.. 310, 319 Donehoo, Sandra Eliz., Roswell, 424 Donovan, James R., Jr., Jacksonville. Fla. 424 Dooley. James E.. Jr., Gainesville, 424, 99 Dooley, Loyd Benjamin, Oakwood, 451, 343 Dorn, Leonard W., N. Augusta, S.C, S50 Dorsett. Michael J., Columbus, 451, lOO, 291 Dorsey, Reuben Daniel, Lovejoy, 424 Dorsey, Sandra Lynn, Athens, 437, 176, 298 Dorsey, Wm. Rufus, Jr., Athena, 415 Doss, Marion Kenneth, Wildwood, Fla., 403 Dossey, Mary Lewis, Statesboro, 119 Doster. Charles R., Eatonton, 437 Doster, Gloria Eunice, Abbeville, 389, 166, 343 Doster. Laura A.. Athens. 327. 240 Douglas, James N., Jr., Macon, 424, 226 Dove, Donald Rueben, Lawrenceville, 451 Dover, Barbara Anne, Ringgold, 437 Dover, Barbara Joyce, Atlanta, 451 Dover. Fred Niles, Athens. 451 Dover. Jerry Lee. Ringgold. 424. 316, 337, 107. 84 Dover, Lawrence E., Macon, 424 Dover, Paul Wm., Clayton, 366 Dover, Tom A., Jr., Athens, 215 Dowden, Thomas Clark, Nashville, Tenn., 451 Dowely, E. C. 81 Dowling, Alexandra P., Valdosta, 424, 181 Dowling, Kenneth S., Douglas, 351 Downs, Jackie Wayne, Americus, 424 Downs, Martha Evelyn, Statham, 327 Dozier, Joseph Sibley, Thomson, 310, 132 Dozier, Lester Zack, Morgan, 130, 337, 403 Drake, Chesta L., Pearson, 424, 345 Drennon, Frederick E., Atlanta, 259 Drewry, Danna P., Atlanta, 424 Driskell, Margaret A., Bainbridge, 451, 121 Driver, Betty Jane, Athens, 437, 181 Driver, Charles P., Atlanta, 424, 193 Driver, Guy F., Jr., Athens, 200 Drohomer, Patricia A., Daytona Beach, Fla., 451, 403, 121 Drummond, James 0., Jr., Atlanta, 451 Drury, Wiley Ladon, Vidalia, 451, 200 Dryden, Lois Eloise, Waycross, 327 Dubberly, Jimmy J., Baxley, 424 Dubose, Lillian Dale, Waycross, 366, 146 Dubose. Priscilla C, New York, N.Y., 424 Dubrof, Robt. Alan, East Orange, N.J., 451, 234 Dudley, Charles J., Winterville, 424, 196 Dudley, James W., Jr., Athens, 451, 215 Dudley, Walter Henry, Winterville, 451, 196 Dudley, Wm. Floyd, Atlanta, 437, 21? Dufour, Carol C, Savannah, 451 Duggan, Henry C, III, Albany, 424 Duke, Diane, Edison, 366, 146, 338 Duke, Mary Kay, Buena Vista, 424 Dukes, Harry Leroy, AITerman, 259 Dumar, Laura Helga; Augusta, 451, 172, 288 Dunahoo, Charles Hugh. Winder. 327 Dunahoo, Horace Ray, Winder, 222. 345, 419 Dunbar, Paul Hammond, Augusta, 451 Duncan, John Haralson, Murphy, N.C, 451, 184 Duncan, John Lawrence, Sharon, S.C, 437, 376 Duncan, Neal H., Atlanta 5, 393 Duncan, Pearla, Lawrenceville, 424 Duncan, Robert Terry, Comer, 451 Duncan, Timothy Hill, Decatur, 424, 223, 232 Dunlap, John Timilin, Atlanta, 327 Dunn, Larry Durwood, Bamesville, 424 Dunn, Thomas Kelley, McDonough, 437, 215 Dunnahoo, H, Ray, 415 Dunson, Linton R., Jr., Athens, 327, 88, 82, 336, 72, 223, 420, 75, 94 Dupree, Betty Jane, Pinehurst, 424 Dupriest, Rosa Judith. Sylvester, 366, 121 Durden, Kenneth Randy, Statesboro, 424, 410 Durden, Phillip H., Jr., Athens, 411 Durham, Dennis A., Jr., Americus, 437 Durham, Joe Vinson, Greensboro, 374, 132 Durham, Nancy K., Americus, 437, 146 Durrence, Barney Joe, Daisy, 451, 100 Dutton. Martin Joseph, Tennille, 437, 268 Duvall, Wm. Downing, Athens, 437 Dyar. Clifford Henry, Atco, 437, 345, 196 Dyches, Aiken F., Augusta, 229 Dyches, Dunbar H., Jr.. Augusta. 327, 420. 226 Dye. Alden R.. Waynesboro, 403 Dye, E. Jayne, Blythe, 424 Dyer, Floyd Jackson, Decatur, 437 Dyer, Marie, Athens, 451, 339 Dyer, Sylvan Raymond, Commerce, 424 Dyess, Miriam Janice, Claxton, 366, 117 Dykes, Mary Susan, Farrar, 424, 200 Eagerton, Gwendolyn A., Brinson, 452 Eargle, Joe Palmer, Columbia, S.C, 419, 418 Earles, Tommy Drew, Waycross, 437, 79, 81, 223, 336 Earls, Theodore John, Bryson City, N.C, 424 Easley, Sarah T., Murphy, N.C, 452 Eason, James Hampton, Bowdon, 424 Eason, Robert L. Valdosta, 419 Eastland, John C, Jr.. Atlanta, 452, 226 Eastman, Matthew, Fitzgerald, 437, 336, 234 Eaton, Milton Lloyd, Blue Ridge, 437, 189 Eavenson, Dwight, Athens, 311 EberhardI, Guy Bailey, Athens, 399, 337, 75, 402, 107, 84 Eberhardt, Linton, III, Athens, 424, 337 Eberhart, Susan Jane, Athens, 452, 240 Echols, Nancy Sula, Cumming, 386 Eckroade, Robert J., Athens, 419 Economos, Evonthea, Augusta, 452 Eddy, Barry Dennis, Portville, N.Y., 424, 132 Edenfield. Patricia L., Swainsboro, 200 Edge, J. D.. Dahlonega. 452 Edge. Marlene Joanne. Doenin, 366, 142 Edge, Richard Marlin, Thomasville, 424 Edwards, Alice Joy, Athens, 183 Edwards. Barbara C. Coral Cables. Fla., 437, 181 Edwards, Darwin C, Whigham, 424 Edwards, James F. Macon, 452 Edwards, Jan Beth, Ccdartown, 424 Edwards, Judith Ruth, West Point, 327. 98, 176 Edwards, Mark W.. Jr., Columbus, 452, 343 Edwards, Norman W., Albany, 351, 360 Edwards, Ronald A., Atlanta 5, 437, 165 Edwards, Ryland B., Jr., Smitheeld, Va., 82, 419 Edwardi, Sanford M., Jickaonvilla, Fli., 234 Edwards, Vernon G., Hartwell, 452 Efird. Anna Ceraldine, Blairsville, 327 Eichel, Iriving Jerome, Atlanta, 437, 124 Eichel, Paul Leonard, Atlanta, 343 Eidson, Charles M., Fitzgerald, 437, 99, 343 Eidson, Eva Jackson, Newnan, 327 Eidson, Joel P., Madison, 424, 193 Eidson, Rodger Henry, Newnan, 424 Eisenhut, Romey C, Canastota, N.Y., 424 Elder, Lonzy E., Jr., Bishop, 327 Elder, Norma, Columbus, 327, 200 Elder, Sandra Kay, Montgomery, Ala., 176 Eldredge, Marianna A., East Point, 452 Elkin. Eliz. Susan, Oreland, Pa., 36«, 181 Eller, Catharine M., Savannah, 424, 181 Ellingson, Karen R., Tampa, Fla., 452, 117 Ellington, Billie L., Atlanta 5, 424, 181 Ellington, Coke A., Moultrie, 452 Ellington, Sandra C, Altanta, 366, 452, 181, 117 Ellington, Sandra J., Dalton, Ga., 366 Elliott, Billie R., Swainsboro, 452 Elliott, Charlotte E., Decatur, 424 Elliott, Dwayne Kelly, Carl, 381, 345, 154 Elliott, Clenda Ruth, Thomson, 327, 74, 85, 200 Elliott, Henry K., Jr., Stockbridgo, 424, 150 Elliott, Larry Robt., Dallas, 424 184 Elliott, Sandra H., Rome, 146 Ellis, Charles, III, Savannah, 327 Ellis, George R., Jr., Americus, 193, 403 Ellis, Harry A., Jr., Rome, 398, 223, 399 Ellis, Leon F., Jr., Hull, 452 Ellis, Robert C, Hull, 437 Ellison, Robert E., Kennesaw, 311, 317 Ellison, Wm. T., Jr., Gainesville, 424, 139 Ellzey, Madeleine L., Brunswick, 437, 121 Elode, Karam Elias, Souweda, Syria, U. A. R.. 381 Elrod, Donald Alton, Chicopee, 437 EIrod, Jackie Carman, Chatsworth, 452, 231 Elrod, Joseph S., Winder, 437 Elrod, Luther F., Ill, JeReraon, 452 Elsberry, Robert Lee, Lilbum, 452 Elser, Fred J., Jr., Palm Springs, Calif., 424. 189 Eisner, John Earl, Austell, 437, 317 Elvidge. Sharon Lee, Atlanta, 452, 117 Emberson, Eleanor Lee, Ringgold, 424 Embry, Harriet, Athens, 437, 95 Emerson, Arthur, III, Bamesville, 424, 139 Emerson, Patti I., Athens, 424, 240 Emerson, Russel W., Athens, 311, 318 Emminger, Barbara Ann, Binghamton, N.Y., 366, 345, 240 Eng, Albert Harvey, Augusta, 424 Engle, Larry Harvey, Easton, Maryland, 452 English, Donald E., Oglethorpe, 452 English, Weyman Henry, Union Point, 452, 132 Epting, Frances Jean, Athens, 327, 173, 462 Ermentrout, Robert, II, College Park, 452, 189 Ervin, John Travis, Valdosta, 451, 419, 418 Erwin, Hugh Franklin, Benevolence, 424 Esche, Victor Clemens, Jacksonville, Fla. 437 Eschenbrenner, Jean, Decatur, 437 Eskedor, Henry R., Jr., Savannah, 452, 223 Eskew, Michael P., Louisville, 366 Esslinger, Susan A., Coral Cables, Fla., 437, 166 Estes, Dorothy Diane, Haralson, 437, 146 Estes, Mary Frances, Gainesville, 437, 200 Etheridge, Kathryn S., Atlanta 5, 424, 173 Eubanks, Clayton A., Jr., Augusta, 424, 411 Eubanks, Robert E., Tate, 102 Eulenfeld, Ethel Ann, St. Simmons Island, 366, 156 Evans, Ansley Earl, Eastman, 311 Evans, Betty Jane, Moreland, 437 Evans, Billy Lee, Tifton, 424, 337 Evans, Ethel Hatcher, Atlanta, 376 Evans, John Dell, Newington, 437, 81 Evans, Luther D., Ill, Augusta, 424, 343 Evans, Patrick A., Atlanta, 452 Evans, Paul Brown, Fairbum, 374, 376 Evans, Ronald Eugene, McRae, 351, 139 Evans, Ronald James, Rebecca, 345, 344, 342 Evans, Sally, Atlanta, 424, 92, 93, 156 Evans, Wendell L., Warner Robins, 437 Eve, Anna Wright, Augusta, 437, 27 Eve, James H., Ill, Jesup, 424 Everette, Marvin R., Savannah, 327 Everitt, Alfred Z., Madison, 399, 193, 403 Everitt, Mary K., Madison, 437, 121, 298 Ewing, John Allen, Jr., Ashburn, 452 Exiey, David Lewis, Savannah, 351 Exley, Wayne Clarke, Culhbert, 351, 226 Ezell, Alice Virginia, Macon, 424, 200 Ezell, Elizabeth G., Macon, 386, 173 Ezzard, Martha Jean, Lawrenceville, 437, 241 Faber. Gerald Basil, Atlanta 19, 424 Facher, Robyn Ann, Atlanta, 437, 219 Fair, Thomas J., Athens, Tenn., 374, 377 Fair, Wanda Jean, Marietta, 437, 135 Faircloth, Douglas M., Moultrie, 256 Fales, Earl Edward, Athens, 267 Fannin, Truman P., Columbus, 424, 226 Farless, Luther J.. Jr., Macon, 452, 96 Farmer, Billy Wayne, Conyers, 437 Farmer, Elizabeth D., Newnan, 437, 146 Farmer, Janice Marie, Gainesville, 386 Farmer, Robert Elman, Nicholson, 318 Farr, Jean Henri, Auburn, 452 Farr Thomas Emory, Tyrone, 437 Farrell, Dianne Eliz., Macon, 452 Farrell, Raymond F., Northport, N.Y., 311 Farrell, Wm. Cosgrove, Atlanta, 437, 185 Farrey, Leila Emily, Miami Beach, Fla., 351, 92, 93, 106, 173 Farris, Fank F., Atlanta, 424 Faulk, Beverly Rabun, Jeffersonville, 437, 81, 132 Faulk, John H., IH, Shaw, AFB, S.C, 452, 164 Faulk, Nancy Jane, Augusta, 366 Faulk, Thomas Henry, Dry Branch, 452 Faulkner, Gary S., Atlanta, 424 Faver, Ralph Glenn, Marietta, 452, 345 Favorite, Patricia S., Atlanta, 452, 143 Fear, Ann Eliz.. Athens, 452, 128 Fegan, Ronald James, Brockport, N.Y., 424, 132 Feild, Wm. Meade, Jr., Albany, 452 Feinberg, Caroline R., Opelika, Ala., 452 Feinberg, Faye L., Atlanta, 452 Feinberg, Stephen L., Brooklyn, N.Y., 424, 124 Feldman, Norma Sue, Atlanta, 452, 219 Fellheimer, Morris, Bronx, N.Y., 311, 318 Felson, Devara Sandra, Ocilla, 392, 74, 93 Fennell, Henry F., Athens, 351, 360 Fenstemacher, Eliz. R., FPO, New York, N.Y., 437, 98 Fenstemacher. Ellen P., Atlanta, 452, 288 Feraca, Joseph Frank, New Paltz, N.Y., 424 Ferdon, Jon Haskell, Homerville, 437 Ferguson, Cleve B., Atlanta, 452 Ferguson, Julie Long, Macon, 424 Ferguson, Richard C, Athens, 351, 90, 215 Ferguson, Robert P., Macon, 424 Ferrell, John Kenneth, Albany, 437 Ferrell, Wm. Morgan, 424, 193 Fialkow, Alan R., Savannah, 424, 276, 234 Ficklen, John D., Atlanta, 437 Fidwell, Jimmy, 342 Field, Chas. Crawford, Natrona Hgts., Pa., 259 Fields, Nancy Ellen, Atlanta, 437, 135 Fields, Ross Leonard, Atlanta, 437, 132 Fife, Robert P., Elberton, 411 Filsinger, Wm. Conaad, Frostburg, Md., 415, 419 Finch, Chas. Samuel, Augusta, 452, 291 Fincher, Dan Harold, Cave Spring, 415, 419 Fincher, Eliz. Diane, Atlanta, 452 Fincher, Molly Ann., Macon, 437, 146 Findley, Clay Martin, Atlanta, 452 Fink, Don Michael, Canton, Ohio, 452, 124 Finney, Betty Marie, Shelbyville, Tenn., 424 Finney, Harriett S., LaCrange, 424 Firestone, Steven Alan, Charlotte, N.C., 327, 124 Fisher, Thomas McAvoy. Caithersburg, Md.. 452 Fite, Paul Boston, Dalton, 437, 223 Fitz, Robert Allen, Houston, Texas, 337 Fitzgerald, Bonnie D., Lakeland, Fla., 437 Fitzgerald, Charles H., Conyers, 381, 376 Fitzgerald, Scott M., Moultrie, 366 Fiveash, Charlie B., Brunswick, 424, 223 Fleckman, Ira Leonard, Do uglas, 266 Fleming, Allison S., Jr., Atlanta, 311 Fleming, Frances BulT, Waycross, 452, 181 Fleming, Joyce W., Atlanta, 387 Fleming, Martha Eliz., Waycross. 366, 181 Fletcher. Alan D., Knoxville, Tenn., 392, 189 Fletcher, Oscar J., Jr., McCoU, S.C, 419. 411 Fletcheo, Robt. Shaw, Locust Grove, 381 Fletcher, Warren D., West Green, 406 Floge, Sue Fair, Atlanta, 437, 146 Florence. Alice Jean. Winder, 366 Flournoy, Robert T., Columbus, 452, 215 Flowers. Denese Belle. Albany, 437, 121 Flowers, Jon Larry, Avondale Estates, 438, 199 Flowers, Nancy Mary, Augusta, 327, 74, 173, 462, 8 Floyd, Berry Alton, Clayton, 438 Floyd, Henry Carlton, Canon, 311 Floyd, Rufus Jerry, Clayton, 452 Floyd. Thomas A., Jr., Dublin, 424 Floyd, Thomas Johncey, Griffin, 411 Floyd, Wayne Lamar, Cochran, 374 Fluker, James D., Jr., Atlanta, 438, 215, 274 Fluty, Michael A., Schenectady, N.Y., 311 Flynt, James Purke, Crawfordville, 438 Flynt, Mary Sally, Orlando, Fla., 452, 146 Pokes, Ann Thomas, Columbus, 366, 241 Folds, James Donald, Augusta, 327 Folk, Judy Ann, Shiloh, 387, 95 Folmar, James Bruce, Albany, 438, 199 Folsom, Alfred W., Jr., Tenafly, N.J., 452, 164 Folsom. Edward Fenn, Monticello, Fla., 424 Foote, Elizabeth Bea, Atlanta 5, 327, 181 Poote. Margaret Anne, Atlanta, 424, 181 Forbes, Walter T., Lookout Mtn., Tenn., 424, 193, 276 Ford, Anita Joyce, Rochelle, 424, 98 Ford, Judy B., Atlanta, 181, 424, 389 Ford, Kaye Anita, Hapeville, 452 Ford, Rima Louise, Marietta, 452, 345, 342 Fordham, John B., Ill, Dublin, 452, 345, 338, 343 Fore, Truitt Malone, Monticello, 374, 315, 377 Foreman, Paula Ann, Colbert, 424 Forrest, John D., Plains, 392, 452, 189 Forrester, Randall R., Gainesville, 452 Forsyth, James Floyd, Cairo, 327 Fortier, Suzanne C, St. Marys, 424 Portner, Mildred C, Metter, 424, 411 Fortson, Josephine, Bowiman, 452 Portson, Mary P., Columbus, 387, 181 Fortune, Joel S., Jr., LaPayette, 438, 193 Fortune, Ronald T., Atlanta, 438, 150 Foss, Bradbury P., Jr., Athens, 381 Foster. Alvin H., Jr., Barnesville, 154 Poster, Chris Anthony, Atlanta 19, 89, 88, 400, 193, 78 Poster, Don T., Decatur, 351, 94 Foster, Harriette G., College Park, 438, 117 Foster, Jo Anne, Marietta, 351, 128 Foughner, James W., II, Savannah, 400, 403 Fountain, Andrew, III, Savannah, 438, 343 Fountain, Bernard J., Gloversville, N.Y., 311 Fountain, James D., Macon, 438, 185 Fountain, James F., Wilmington, N.C., 424 Fountain, Jas. Lowell, Griffin, 424, 212 Pouts, James Allen, Gainesville, 438 Fowler, Britton L., Tifton, 424, 185 Fowler, Joan Eliz., Decatur, 327, 135 Fowler, John Tyrone, Montezuma, 424 Fowler, Karen Sue, Warm Springs, 98 Fowler, Kathy Wynn, Warm Springs, 452 Fowler. Nellie Marie, Lawrenceville, 452 Fowler, Richard C, Jr., Lookout Mtn., Tenn., 452, 193 Fowler, Zachary S., Sandersville, 452 Fox, Jesse Paul, Jr., Hickory, N.C., 366, 223 Fox, Kathryn Patricia, Augusta, 366 Pox, Nancy Antoinette, Richmond, Va., 327, 181 Pox, Stanley Leon, Beaufort, S.C, 437, 124 Pox, William Francis, Savannah, 452, 187 Foy, Byron Everett, Rome, 351, 226 Frady, George Lenford, Canton, 452 Francis, James C, Jr., Davisboro, 351 Franco, Jeanie E., Atlanta, 437 Frank, John Herbert, Lancaster, Pa., 351 Franklin. Hiram P.. Jackson, 374, 376. 377 Franklin, James B.. Statesboro, 337, 403 Franklin, John Orr, Hashville, Tenn., 376 Franklin, Lehman H., Statesboro, 351, 193, 403, 287 Franks, Daniel Wells, Brunswick, 392, 132 Praser, Jane Evelyn, Hinesville, 366, 181 Frasier, Kagherine C, Jacksonville 11, Fla., 387, 146 Frazier, Donald E., Tucker, 225 Frederick, Stanley H., Martin, 424 Freedland, Molly B., Wilmington, N.C., 452 Freedman, Benton E., Savannah, 424, 232 Freedman, Murray A., Savannah, 328, 90, 232 Freeman, Barbara Ann, Milledgeville, 392 Freeman, Bonny Lee, Jasper, 452 Freeman, Edwin L., Jr., Sumter, S.C, •419, 418 Freeman, Ella Roberta, Atlanta, 328, 135 Freeman, Fletcher V., Rebecca, 424, 409 Freeman, Frank P., Ill, Talbotton, 438, 415 Freeman, John J.. Atlanta. 452 Freeman. Nicholas E., Evansville, Ind., 452, 154 Fretwell, Wm. Parker, Anderson, S.C, 351, 150. 94 Frey. Andrew N.. Forest Hill. Md., 419 Friedberg, Marvin S., Norfolk, Va., 452, 124 Friedewald. James W.. Atnalta, 452, 223 Friedewald, Richard W., Atlanta, 452, 223 Friedman, Jan Solomon, Savannah, 311, 219 Friedman, Judith A., Atlanta 5, 452, 157 Friedman. Paul A., EIrohurst. N.Y., 424 Friedman, Stanley H., Savannah, 452, 234 Frier, Thomas H., Jr., Douglas, 392 Frost, Bette Don, Macon, 452 Fry, Melinda Ann, Columbus, 452, 146 Fryer, Eugene David, Leesburg, 438, 361 Fudge, Wm. George Jr., Jacksonville, FU 424 Fuehrer, Edward C, Jamaica 32, N.Y., 318, 189 Fugate, Edward Lee, College Park, 424 Pulcher, Robert M., Jr., Waynesboro, 424 Fulford, Ada Lee, Swainsboro, 424, 200 Pulford, Frank D., Atlanta, 438, 90, 268, 196 Fulford, Joseph M., Farmville, N.C, 315, 419 Puller, Carleton S., Atlanta, 438, 273 Fuller, Julia Mae, AtUnta, 392, 104, 102 Fuller, Wm. Emory, Jr., Columbus, 424 FuUilove, Eleanor A., Athens, 424, 389, 166 FuUilove, Mary Eliz., Griffin, 438 FuUington, James B., Macon, 425, 409, 411 Fulton, Ann Kathryn, Birmingham, Michigan, 425 Fulton, John Kent, Smyrna, 452, 196 Funderburk, Darrell P., Moultrie, 438 Furman, John D., Jr., Hillsdale, N.J., 392, 394, 231 Furr, Lamar Howard, Villa Rica, 328 Furry, Michael W., Los Altos, Calif., 342, 338 Purse, David Houseal, Decatur, 452, 290 Fussell, Charlton L., Atlanta, 452, 179 Putch, Milton Eugene, Statesboro, 438, 376 Futch, Priscilla D., Atlanta, 425 Futch, William D., Jr., Statesboro, 438 Futrelle, Michael C, Atlanta, 452, 150 Gabard, Jan Fielding, GrilEn. 243 Gable. Harlan Lanier, Douglasville, 351, 94 Cabrielsen, James R., Athens, 425, 215 Gadd, Suzanne C, Atlanta, 438 Gaeser. Philip M.. Williston, S.C, 438, 234 Gagarin, Gregory J., Atlanta 6, 452 Gaines, Gene Thomas. Washington, 438 Gaines, Howard Clark, Elberton, 425 Gaines, Rhetta C, East Point, 438, 143, 345 Gaines, Sandrea, Tucker, 425 Gaines, Wm. Robert, Warrcnton, Va., 419 Gainey, Ralph Lewis, Cairo, 452 Gainous, Larry Benson, Tifton, 425 Galbreath, John Wm., Morrisville, N.Y., 319 Gale, Larry Edwin, Darien, 425, 154 Gallman, Mary Lou, Calhoun, 452, 394 Galloway, Barbara H., Macon, 366 Galloway, Charles, Jr., Greenville, S.C, 366 Gait, Robert H., Jr., Rome, 425, 164 Gammons, James H., Atlanta, 425 Ganyard, Milton C, Jr., Boston, 452, 96 Garbutt, Robert L., Lyons, 425, 419,. 226 Garden, Jerry Ross. Adel, 381, 132, 266 Gardiner, George A., Macon, 415 Gardner, Marvin Ray, Hapeville, 452, 196, 291 Garland, Benjamin M., Jackson, 452, 336, 448, 226, 96 Garland, Edward T., Atlanta, 425, 336, 420 Gamer, Camille, Milledgeville, 425, 177 Gamer, James Wm., Lilbum, 438, 338 Garner. Thomas Aaron. Dublin, 311 Garrard, Georgia A., Washington, 438, 345 Garrard, Laura Sue. Washington, 387 Garrett, Brenda Bell, Spartanburg, S.C, 366, 345 Garrett, Floyd Alton, Albany, 425, 139 Garrett, George C, Jr., Warrenton, 452, 150 Garrett, Leandra £., Athens, 425, 143 Garrett, Lynette, Vidalia, 425 Garrett, Nora Eliz., Decatur, 387 Garrett, Ora Eliz., Marietta, 425 Garrett, Patricia A., Decatur, 452 Garrett, Samuel P., Woodbury, 438 Garrett, Susan Eliz., Gainesville, 452, 128 Garrison, Alton Frank. Augusta, 381, 164 Garrison, Jimmy R., Manchester, 425 Garrison, Pamela Jo, Miami 56, Fla,, 452, 345, 241 Garth, Myron Branham, Maidison, 452, 193 Ganner, Linda N., Jacksonville, Fla., 438, 219 Gash, James Hart, St. Simons Island, 438 Gaskins, Cecil Benny, Willacoochee, 415 Gaskins, Martha E., Willacoochee, 425, 98 Gassaway, Wilfred, Jr., Hinesville, 438, 226 Gaston, Chas. Marion. Chattanooga, 273 Gatchell, Douglas L., Athens. 438 Gates, Vandy S., Reynolds, 425, 196 Gaulding. Charles B., Macon, 351 Gavron, Barbara Ellen, Atlanta, 438, 219 Gaw, Hershel A., Jr., Harlan, Ky., 374 Gay, Bobby Gene, Sylvester, 406. 229, 411 Cay, Johnny Dan, Sylvester, 311 Gay, Kenneth Norman, Folkston, 315 Gehr, Samuel Martin, Baltimore 7, Md., Gay, Wm. Terrell, Warner Robins, 452 Gear, John A., Bogart, 328 Ceer, Claude W., Ill, Albany, 452, 193 Gehr, Samuel Martin, Baltimore, Md., 425, 419 a.t ' ' - ' ' " " ' b fiS» 4» C«r|i i- " p, W., Si. S " is, Vi,I«» i WD.C« f«, .,!« tl " . " ' ' ,iC.,ia. ' i ' _ ,!-■ ' ' ■ » Jii , TwJrw ' .. 9m JM . ' •• ' " iBi.CmUtl ' ' . ] ' ' let, Norw Ctt. «• ■ atei.ra ' aii. ' " iiiQiAi»j..OiW,a h tlin ki. Uli|i W fc)lB,|[i,,!iiiita.C hnuiii|k.iiKi .ai g, Urn T, 111, Uoi, B ia[iiriiini,iiiiciw,a U Ml C, It., Ubd ■ t, Uk b k, It, luim _iittUCmpli,i BiUSiiliiLii,IUii. l gin)if,aii.fJi.Caa(l DhiK liaa t. It., (Mi B]iiti.Eli,lll,lllCl)l ;l It Vtm. Is. Ttw IN. Eiti.FiriL,l(kUi,C aa»i i.i.ii,Mi c«i .tttiiiciik«ai iiKi.FiiiUiii,UKa Cliiit.EnliiDaq.lialKi li! im. Foimi C, dl n CliK. lui Dm, Mia. gi tii(k Vitpnii J. Inig,, l, «,! . Uiie % Oi1h4 f in (M t, Clio U Hihu ' i ll«ili.i.H„I,Bi 5j n, „ " ' " " ' " •««, Kiiinl .N., j„m4 " •»■. liili Ji, 1, ,, " " ' ' ■■ W, I,, Uk, fehni,,, ta S, I— , •■ ' t,l,„v,i,l J " ,;• ' ■ ' • ' ■• ' n ' " " lllJt.Ili i!i " " " we . ' I ' WBii.Stt,.. a,!:) ' ' ' ' Si BLJita,« ■ten. Luiik - ' ' ' ., !iji J-ger, David Lee., Macon, 425, 337, J SI. 107, 84, 95 .1) iger, Nancy Adamson, Mount Vernon, 52 iger. Starlet P., Albany, 425 Uetich, Jo«eph F., Athens, 398, 403 ntry, Alice Findley, Columbus, 438, 81 itry, Charles J., Knoxville, Tenn., , 151, 264 Itry, Georgia C, Roswell, 367, 166 Mry, Karl Ray, Roiboro, N.C., 381 Itiy, Patricia B., Columbus, 452, 181 Itry, Perry Michael, Ft. Oglethorpe, 189 .,.; James David, Blakely, 351, 226 rge, John Harvey, Atlanta, 452 porge, Lamar Tarver, Blakely, 438, 226 lorges, John Timothy. Savannah, 452 brincr, Richard M., Savannah, 374, 151 krlock, John L., Fairbum, 438 llonimo, Ralph F., Floral Park, N.Y., J13 llTard, Larry T., Ande rson, S.C., 425, 189 inon, Judith Rae. Columbus, 452 ;rson. Stanley M., Macon. 438, 234 bbs. Darrell, Moultrie, 311, 132 .bson. Coy Avery, Athens, 406, 335, 411 lion. Emmie Marilyn, Hawkinsville, 425, 177 ibsnn, George E., Florence, S.C., 452, 415 n, James Chester, Marietta, 425 n, Linda, St. Simons Island, 452, 143 ibson. Natalie Va., Toccoa, 406, 408, 411. 177 ibson, Rayford D.. Carrollton, 452 ibsnn. Susan Lynn, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 152, 173 ibsrm. Thomas P., Jr., North Charles- ton. S.C, 425, 419 ibson, Wm. Maxwell, Macon, 328, 151 ibson, Woodrow W., Donalsonville, 438, 154 llddens, Evelyn P., Nashville, 453, 345, 173 llddens, Wendell F., Eastman, 425 irt, Alice Elaine, Pendergrasi, 453, irt, Gary Luther, Athens, 453 , Herbert M., Rome, 453 lert. Norma Gail, Rossville, 328, 104 Ichrist, William D., Ellaville, 187 ier, Wm. Hightower, Alamo, 374 Charlotte A., Oxford, 438 James T., Jr., Decatur, 438 Its, Mary Jon, College Park, 438, 98, 117 ;iles, Mary Kay, Santa Ana, Calif., 438, M, 143 ilea, Wilbur Hugh, Macon, 438 ' Andrew W., Ill, Albany, 425, 185 II, Doris Bray, Manchester, 425 HI, Louis C, Jr., Richmond Hill, 374, 223, 260 ill, Luke Knight, Jr., Manchester, 425 liUam, John Fred, Carteraville, 453, 259 ;iUeland, Sandra Lee, McRae. 104 lillespie, Chas. W., Jr., Caraesville, 453, 96 illespie, James A., Jr., Crantville, 453 ' illiam, Eliz., Aon, McCaysville, 453, 166 illiam, Wm. Thomas, Albany, 453, 164 Cllliard, Fred E., Nicholls, 425 Cillis, Kate Hudmon, Soperton, 328. 121 Gitman, Brenda C, Atlanta, 453, 135 Gilmer, Franklin B., Athens, 425 Gilmer, Jimmy Wilton, Winlerville, 453 Gilmore, Evelyn Denny, Decatur, 453, 117 Gilmore, Forrest C, Columbus, 99, 291 Gilson, Jane Doane, Atlanta, 438 Ginglcs, Virginia J., Kirksey. Ky., 387 Gingrey, James Frank, Augusta, 425, 151 Ginsberg, Mickey, Savannah, 453, 345 Ginsburg, Eileen S., Charleston, S.C, 425 Cinson, Louise Amy, Orlando, Fla., 438, 219 Cissendanner, Douglas, Albany, 438 Cladfeller, Grace L., Atlanta, 453, 173 Cladin, Bennie R., Warthen, 425 ICIadney, John Marion, Tifton, 328, 154 Class, Howell Benton, Newnan, 351 Class, James F., Jr., Savannah, 453, 151 Classman, Howard N., Savannah, 425, 234 Cleaton, Linda Kay, Warwick, 438, 121 Gleaton, Wm. Earl, Jr., Arlington, 425, 193 Glendenning, Ann S., Macon, 425, 157 Glenn, Mary Connie, Athens, 453, 241 Glenn. Mildred Anne, Hull, 425 Glenn, Walter W., Athens, 438 Glover, Gary A., Waynesboro, 425, 256, 215 Glover, Glenn Henry, Ty Ty, 425 Glover, Thornley D., Jr., Douglasville, 425 Glover, Wm. Ross, Jr., Cedartown, 392, 223, 393 Godbee, James W., Claxton, 351 Godfrey, David Aaron, Charlotte, N.C., 256 Godwin, Jackson A., Raleigh, N.C., 425, 139 Goif, Ellie Rachel, Tifton, 328, 241 Goforth, Mary Joyce, Gainesville, 453, 121 Goldberg, Alan Howard, Savannah, 425, 234 Goldberg, Gail Elise, Sylacauga, Ala., 453, 219 Goldberg, Helene, Charleston, S.C, 453, 104 Goldberger, Herbert L., Brooklyn, N.Y., 425, 234 Golden, Agnes, Diane, Marietta, 438, 98 Golden, Bobby Lee, Tunnel Hill, 438 Golden, Dorothy Gale, Marietta, 298 Golden, Norma C. Athens, 425 Goldman, Marilyn R., Atlanta, 438 Goldman, Paula S., Macon, 438 Goldman, Ronald M., Hazelhurst, 406, 411 Goldman, Stanley B., Hazlehurst, 237 Goldsmith, John F., Jr., .Atlanta, 425 Goldsmith, Marilyn J., Atlanta 5, 438, 200 Goldstein, Arthur H., Savannah, 351. 234 Goldstein, Dianne, Greensboro, 453, 219 Goldstein, Gail I., Greensboro, 453, 201 Goldstein, Gary A., Atlanta, 425, 124 Gnlub, Myron Benard, Atlanta, 453, 124 Goodin, Dyke, Griffin, 425, 343 Goodin, Gayle, Griffin, 381 Goodman, Barron F., Savannah, 351, 234 Goodman, Barry S., Savannah, 351, 234 Goodrich, John S.. Atlanta, 438 Goodrich, Marilyn E., Milledgeville, 453 Goodrich, Nina M.. Sandersville, 438, 219 Goodroe, Richard Neal, Buena Vista, 438 Goodson, Robt. Melson, Franklin, 438 Goodwin, Dorothy Ann, Atlanta, 438, 85, 201 Goodwin, Dorothy L., Summerville, 425, 241 Goodwin, George C, Columbus, 351 Gordon, Harry N., Sparta, 425 Cordon, James D., Athens, 337 Gordon, Julia H.. Sparta, 438 Gordy, Richard S., Jr., LaGrange, 453 Gordy, Sally Cole, Columbus, 367, 121 Gore, Sherry Dianne, Decatur, 453 Gosa, Lloyd J., Jr., Americus, 425 Gosnold, Chas. Henry, Rome, 453 Gosselin, Gerard F., Amesbury, Mass., 320 Gossett, Larry F., Griflin, 425 Gotko, Raymond Morgan, Albany, 338 Gottlieb. Harris N., Savannah, 438, 234 Gottshall, Franklin H., Boyertown, Penn. 351, 360 Gouge, Millard Gene, Athens, 453 Gould, Lawrence E., Atlanta, 438 Gowen, Gary Eugene, Bishop, 402 Cower, Charles A., Columbus, 425, 223 Gntcia, Octavio Oria, Athens, 438 Graddick, Charles Jr., Athens, 419 Graham. Chester T., Atlanta, 425, 185, 264 Graham, Kay, Eastman, 392, 128 Gramm, Wm. Philip, Columbus, 336 341 Granade, James, Jr., Washington, 328 90. 341 Granade, James A., Jr., Savannah, 438, 339, 75 Grant, Barbara J., Atlanta. 438 Grant, Robert K., Milner, 42S Grata, Benjamin, Jr., Atlanta. 453, 164 Craves, Diana Lynne, Ctarkesville, 387, 104, 135 Graves, Edwin C, Talladega, Ala., 454 Graves, Jack Hammond, Decatur, 454 Graves, Michael Wyatt, Savannah, 454, 151 Gray, Donald Terrence, Batavia, N.Y., 319 G ray, Kenneth, 377 Cray. Theodore A., Brooklyn, N.Y., 453, 234 Green, Gary Marshall, Atlanta, 328 Greene, Joanne Maida, Savannah, 4S3 Green, Julie R.. Madison, 425, 14«, 91, 463 Green. Margaret C, Miami, Fla., 438, 98, 157 Green, Marian M., Falls Church, Va., 425 Green, Mary Spence, Madison, 453, 146 Green, Nina Ann, Athens, 453, 121 Green, Philip Louis, Montgomery, Ala., 256 Green. Ronald H., Atlanta, 381 Green, Thomas Mack, Rossville, 259 Green, William Bobby, Bowdon, 367, 257, 226 Green, Wilson O., Jr.. Atlanta, 352, 185 Greenberg, Marcia F., Birmingham, Ala., 453. 219 Greenberg. Norman J., Atlanta, 453, 124 Greene, Hugh P.. Jr.. Augusta, 453, 96 Greene, John W.. Athens, 438 Greene. Larry Fred, Thomaston, 425 Greene, Linda, Douglasville, 438, 241 Greene, Margaret L., Midwille, 425, 157 Greene, Patricia A., Atlanta, 438 Greene, Ralph R.. Jr., Ringgold, 328, 139 Greene, Richard Hayes, Americus, 415 Greene, Sarah Ruth, Athens, 438, 167 Greene, Wm. Kemp, Adel, 425 Greenfield, Hyman I., Augusta, 342, 237 Greenfield, Phyllis S., Augusta, 453, 219 Greenholtz, Rhiette L., Savannah, 438, 219 Greentree, Pamela V., Richmond, Va., 453, 219 Greenway, Camett J., Flowery Branch, 453 Greenway, Wm. Jerry, Macon, 328 Greer, Fred Warren, Jr., Hayston, 311, 315, 317 Greer, John D., Jr., Morrow, 453, 376 Greer, Mary Louise, Tifton, 438, 345. 241, 288 Greer, Rebecca, Lindale, 438 Gregg, Richard Dennis. Dalton, 352 Gregg, Winston R., Jr., Athens, 453 Gregory, Darrell W., Bethesda 14, Md., 453. 164 Gregory, Ervin B., Havana, Fla., 453, 226 Gregory, Jas. Royce, Athens, 328 Gregory, Robert L., Jr., Atlanta, 453, 151 Gregory, William E., Jr., Waycross, 328, 223 Gregory, William Glen, Moultrie, 425 Creiner. Carol Lee, Atlanta, 453. 173 Gresham, Mary Sue, Plant City, Fla., 367, 91, 167 Grcvcmberg. Ellen C.. Savannah, 367, 177 Grewell, John Nolting, Athens, 438 Crice. Frieda Carole, Stone Mtn., 438, 117 Grider, John David, Columbus. 352. 264 Gridley. Gordon J., Athens, 311, 318 Grier, Lee McDaniel. Swainsboro, 438.185 Grier, Thomas Cartin, Blairsville. 185 Crii r. Tommy F., Jr., Swainsboro, 392, 102. 287 Griflclh. Ronald H., Brooklet. 367, 139 Griffin, Arthur C. Ill, Waycross. 438 Griffin. Cliarlene. Bainbridge. 453, 121 Griffin, Gary Lon, Columbus. 438, 215 Griffin, Jackie Allen. Douglas. 374 Griffin. James M., Jr., Rulledge, 226 Griffin, Janet Dale, Glcnnville, 438 Griffin, Leiand H.. Jr.. Brunswick, 328, 223, 273 Griffin, Lois .Anne, Bainbridge, 425, 121 Griffin. Victory J.. Silver Creek. 438 Griffin. William M., Augusta. 35, 361 Crilfis. Hugh D., Jr.. Adel. 311. 316 Griffis. Robert B.. Adel, 352. 132 Griffith, William C, Athens, 374 Griggs, Clara, Copperhill, Tenn., 438, 177 Griggs, James Edward, Atlanta, 425 Griggs, Rebecca Lee, Macon, 438 Griggs, Reginal Lamar, Acworth, 425, 154 Grigsby, Wm. Mosley, Jr., Atlanta, 438, 193 Grimaud, Constance E., Grovetown, 425, 98 Grimaude. Edith S.. Grovetown, 453 Grimes, Daniel Mercer, Milledgeville, 400 Crimsley, Donald Alan, Adel, 229 Griner, Harmon G., Meigs, 311, 317 Grismer, James Allen, New Hyde Park, N.Y., 425, 318, 154 Crissett, Gloria J.. Ray City. 425 Grissom. Donald A., Marietta, 438 Crist, Frederick, Jr.. Blakely, 425, 215 Grist, Priscilla Ann, Mt. Vernon, 438 Grogan, Larry Warren, Calhoun, 438 Grogan. Mary Caryl, Norcross, 438, 241 Crollman, Robert A.. Bainbridge, 438, 124 Gross, Irvin Jerold, Richmond, Va., 425, 124 Gross, Joan Shirley, Richmond, Va.. 438 Gross, Rosalie, Chattanooga, Tenn, 438 Gross, Stuart Edward, Brooklyn, N.Y., 415, 237 Croszmann, Richard B., Waycross, 453, 338. 343 Crow, Charles E.. Jr., Colquitt, 411 Grubbs, Wm. Douglas, Bolingbroke, 392, 185 Guilder, Wm., 376 Cuin, Don Lester, Haynesville, La., 352, 226 Cuinta. Larry, 259 Cunn. Reginald R., Tifton, 328 Gunnels, Joe Ed, Calhoun, 425, 139 Gupton, Ollie J., Jr., Louisburg, N.C, 419 Cusclo, Don Marion, Atlanta, 438, 185, 267 Cushiken, Paul Kioshi, Lima Peru, 317 Cuss. Earl R., Jr., Athens, 403 Guthrie, Carlton C, Blue Ridge. 256 Guthrie, Walter D., Athens, 339, 341 Guy, James L., Jr., Waycross, 259 Guy, Raymond Joseph, St. Petersburg, Fla., 453 Gwyn, Wm. Floyd, Jr., Atlanta 5, 453 H Haavie, Anna Eliz., Cedartown, 438, 151, 173 Hackel, Sara Donna, Memphis, Tenn., 453, 219 Haddock, Wm. Leconte, Atlanta, 343 Haddon, Elizabeth Ann, Live Oak, Fla., 453 Hadley, Barbara A., Pine Mountain, 438, 143 Hadley. Phillip W., East Point, 438 Hadley, Robert Joel, Atlanta. 438 Haga, Herman J., Jr., Ft. Valley, 438, 318 Hagaman, John R., Zionville, N.C, 415 Hagan, Albert Q., Jr., Athens, 453 Hagan, Jo Ann, Athens, 425 Hagins, Guerry Hall, Savannah. 352, 360 Hair, Robert Max, Fitzgerald, 81 Hale, Wilma Louise, Cave Springs, 425, 167 Haley, Clea E., Jr., Dalton, 438 Haley, Deloyce A., Canton, 367, 128 Haley, Emily Jean, Albany. 438, 121 Haley. John Nicholas, Elberton, 400. 403 Hall, Arthur Stuart, Clifton Forge, Va., 419 Hall, Charles H., Macon. 438. 21S Hall, Don Charles, Atlanta, 345, 342, 344, 100 Hall, Ernestine L., Atlanta, 453, 146, 288 Hall, Frances P., Buena Vista, 328 Hall, Harold Howard, Meigs, 381 Hall, James Battle, Jr., Rome, 453, 164, 1S4 Hall, Margaret Agnes, Norfolk, Va., 328, 177 Hall, Nancy Jane, Augusta, 453 Hall, Nancy Joan, Augusta, 439 Hall, Orville D., Jr., Athens, 311, 185 Hall, Paul Kenneth, Gainesville, 453, 154 Hall, Reba Dorothy, Macon, 453 Hall, Robert Eugene, Albany, 374, 376 Hall, Robert Fulton, Hawkinsville, 328, 337 Hall. Thomas Earle, Gainesville, 311, 320 Hall. Warren Rhodes. Atlanta 5, 439, 215 Hallenberg, John S., Anchorage, Ky., 439, 215 Hallman, James W., Ill, Macon, 453 Hallums, James Davis, Atlanta, 439, 154, 291 Hally, Diane K., Athens. 453. 121 Ham, Dorothy Morgan. Nahunta, 387 Mouhamed Nizar, Djeroud, Syria, 381 Hambrick, Heidi D., Marietta. 439, 201 Hambrick. Lynda R., Albany, 453, 167 Haniby. Billy Charles, Warner Robins, 425, 91, 239 Hames, John Davis, ClarkesviUe, 406, 411 Hames. Wm. Howard. Jr., Newnan, 425 Hamid, Hassan A., Athens, 381 , 319 Hamil. Juanita. Bremen, 387 Harail, Kenneth Ned, Temple, 311, 320, 78 Hamil, Mary Ann, Roopville, 425 Hamilton, Allyn M., Lookout Mtn., Tenn., 352, 151 Hamilton, Andrew W., Haines City, Fla., 328. 139 Hamilton, Frances L., Miami, Fla., 425, 157 Hamilton, Gayle B., Savannah, 439, 339, 341. 91. 177 Hamilton, John E.. Jr., Doraville, 352, 164, 360. 94 Hamilton. Kenneth L., Macon, 425 Hamilton. Linda Gail, Athens, 425 Hamilton, Margaret W., Lawrenceville, 367, 143 Hamlet, Gerald Lee, Augusta, 425 Hamlett, Elane, Molena, 439, 98 Hammack, Alice Kate, Blakely, 367. 146 Hammack, James Albert, Blakely, 453, 193 Hammarley, Robert J., Mt. Prospect, 111., 439, 226 Hammond, Edward H., Jr., Berlin, Md., 439 Hammond, Henry C, Raleigh, N.C, 311 Hammond, Mildred E., Bogart, 392, 128 Hammond, Walter C, Bogart, 311, 316 Hammontree, Harold E., Athens, 367 Hamner, Charles E., Jr., Esmont, Va., 381 Hamner, Sharon B.. 381, 388 Hamrick, George L., Pine Lake, 328, 223 Hamrick, James Lewis, Rome, 425, 199, 100. 343 Hancock. Gary Alonzo, Griffin, 453 Hancock, Margaret M., Jefferson, 439, 173 Hancock. Robert D., Jr., Athens, 425 Haney, Billie Arthur, Lawrenceville, 439 Hankins, Roy Woodard, Greensboro, 352 Hankinson, Charles R., Rocky Ford, 406, 411 Hanna, Barbara Ann, Douglas, 439 Hanna, Richard Robt., Atlanta, 343 Hanna, Willis Edward, Honeoye Falls, N.Y., 311. 317 Hansen, Arthur Paul, Brooklyn, N.Y., 318 Hansen, Michael Ebbie, Dublin, 439 Hansford. Donald K., Watkinsville, 453 Hansford. Jane, Macon, 425 Hanson, Edgar Calquit. Albany, 439, 132 Hanson, Thomas H., Rochester, N.Y., 453, 151 Hardy, Joseph William, Savannah, 439 Hardeman, Georgia K., Fort Valley, 439, 193, 201 Harden. John Henry, Athens, 453, 164 Harden, Katherine L., Athens, 425, 135 Harden, Oren Hall, Jr., Tifton, 406, 223, 409, 411 Harden, Sydney, Waynesboro. 425, 201 Hardigree. Alice Ann, Watkinsville, 381 Hardigree, Donald H., Statham, 425 Hardin, Hudson Lee, Atlanta, 453, 195 Hardison, Gerald D., Wallace, N.C, 415, 419 Hardison, Richard M., Toccoa, 425 Hardman, James Felix. Macon. 439. 164 Hardman, John Barnett, Commerce, 425, 79, 81. 463 Hardwick. Clifford H., Fitzgerald, 453, 189, 291 Hardy, Charles H.. Jr., Avondale Estates, 453. 189 Hardy, Charles L., Jr., Gainesville, 425, 193 Hardy, Jacqueline H., Stone Mountain, 453. 117 Hardy. Joel Cecil. Jr., Jefferson, 453, 196 Hardy, Margee Eliz., Savannah, 439 Hardy. Marjorie Ann, Atlanta, 425, 181 Hare, Marvin B., Jr., Auvergne, Ark., 453 Hare. Robert W., Jr., Albany, 453, 196 Hargrove, Amy Kathryn, Pendergrass, 425. 173 Hargrove, Joe Mac. Canton, N.C, 352 Harkleroad. Roy Edgar. Broxton, 367 Harley, Barbara Lee, Augusta, 328 Harley, Mumlord T., Brunswick, 425, 151 Harp, Stephens L., Jr., Toccoa, 374, 376, 377 Harpe, Suzanne Gail, Cedartown, 425, 147 Harper, Brenda Dianne, Rome, 453, 100, 117 Harper, Carroll Wayne, Albany, 223 Harper, Clara B., Stone Mountain, 367, 128 Harper, Glenn Earle, Walhalla, S .C, 352 Harper, Gloria Dinae, College Park, 453, 143 Harper, Harry T., Ill, Anguata, 328, 151 Harper, Lester L., Columbus, 352, 185 Harper, Roberta Ann, Douglasville, 439, 241 Harper, Sandra Jane, Atlanta, 367 Harper, Sandra M., Fairbum, 387, 128 Harper, Thomas L., Douglasville, 352, 345, 342. 344 Harrell, Jane Pickett, Tifton, 425. 201 Harridge, Fred A.. Jr.. Madison. 439. 185 Harrington. Daniel J., Marietta. 453 Harrington. Heyward T.. Macon, 425 Harrington, Michael A.. Marietta. 352, 151 Harrington, Terry L., Alma, 376 Harris, Abie A., Jr., Madison, 374, 376 Harris, Brenda S., Ocilla, 439 Harris, Charles N., Columbus, 453 Harris, Florence P., Winder, 453, 173 Harris, Grais, ClarksviUe, N.Y., 439 Harris, James F., Jr.. Watkinsville, 329, 315, 403. 316 Harris. James M.. Jr.. Cuthbert. 439 Harris, John Oscar. Forest Park, 439 Harris, Mary Eugenia, Americus, 367, 167 Harris, Myma Kay, Valdosta, 439, 345 Harris, Myrtice K., Macon, 352 Harris, Nancy Marie, Athens, 453, 128 Harris, Ralph, Jr., Jesup, 453, 291 Harris, Thomas Mercer, Washington, 187 Harris. Wesley Fields, Columbus. 425 Harrison. Charles Jr., Windermere, Fla., 375, 376 Harrison, Dan H., Bowdon, 426, 185, 276, 298 Harrison. Edith Nell, Thomson, 426, 121 Harrison, George H. Rome, 426 Harrison, Harry N., Jr., Atlanta, 345 Harrison, James E., Ill, Thomson, 352, 75 Harrison, James Loyd, Manassas, 453 Harrison, Joe B., Jr., Winder, 439 Harrison, Paula J.. Athens. 367 Harrison. Wm. Elridge. Musella. 415 Han, Daniel F.. Jr.. Quitman. 400, 403 Hart, Dolores Ellen, Atlanta, 453 Hart, Virginia Elaine, Annandale, Va., 352 Hartley. Janice D., Sandersville, 387 Hartley. Robert L., Jr.. Macon. 439. 226 Hartman. Jack E., Brunswick, 439, 193 Hartmann, Frederick R., New York, N.Y-, 426, 394 Hartzog, Larry Earl, Athens, 406, 411 Harvill, Ernestine, Athens, 439 Harwell, W. Lovejoy, Jr.. Kingston, Tenn 453 Haskins, Melvin H.. Macon. 439. 124 Haskins. Sidney S., Douglas. 426, 410 Hatcher. Billie Jean. Bainbridge. 453 Hatcher. Mary Eugenia. Bainbridge. 345 Hatcher. Robert Dale. Irwinton. 377. 359 Hatcher. Robt. Felton, Kewanee. III.. 439. 139, 75 Haupt. Gail Elaine. Savannah, 426 Haupt, Reginald C, Jr.. Savannah. 398. 403 Hauas. Leonard Moore. Jesup, 256 Hawkes, Ramona Pearl, Hull. 367 Hawkins. Elizabeth. Columbiis. 439. 147 Hawkins. James Arlin. Sarasota. Fla., 415 394 Hawkins, Wm. Ewing. Jr.. Columbus. 426, 215 Hawley, Dorothy Jo, Columbus, 367, 177 Hawley, Douglas N., Valdosta. 392. 193. 394 Hawthorne. Johnny R., Gordon. 352 Hayes. David. Trion. 329, 100 Hayes, Hugh Ansel, Mayo, S.C. 419 Hayes. John Edson, Bryans, Rd.. Md., 415i 419 Hayes. Lallie Jeanne. Avondale Estates. 453. 117 Hayes. Margie Nell. Colquitt. 453, 143 Hayes, Sue Anne. Atlanta. 439 Haygood. Charles B.. Jr.. Forsyth. 426. 315. 376. 377 Haygood. Thomas C. Jr., Lexington, S.C, 453 Haynea, Cynthia M., Calhoun. 426 Haynsworth. Sylvia S.. Gastonia. N.C.. 329. 157 Hays, Harriet. Colquitt. 439. 121 Hays. Robert B., Jr.. Hartwejl. 426. 223 Hays. Walter William, Colquitt, 400, 226, 403 Haysman, Philip, Savannah, 426 Head. Wm. Perry. Atlanta, 426, 345, 342, 338 Headrirk. John Chas., Atlanta. 453. 212. 291 Heard. Dian Virginia. Atlanta. 439. 117 Heard. Jacob M.. III. Macon, 329, 193 Heard, Peggy Price, Elberton, 453, 147 Heard, Richard W.. Ill, Savannah, 329, 223 Heatnn, Bobbie Eliz.. Hartwell, 439 Hedges. Jas. Robinson. Lookout Mtn., Tenn.. 4.39. 151 Heeney. Wm. Burke. Atlanta. 453 Heffrrnan. Henry J.. Athens. 419 Hefner. Beiilah L.. Athens. 367 Heggie. Walter B.. Jr., Atlanta. 426. 193 Hcimowitz. Stanley B., S. Plainfield, N.J.. 426. 3,16. 124 Helms. Roland T., Jr., Concord, N.C, 426 Helms. Roy Bruce, Chattahoochee, Fla., 352 Hembree, Jerry M., Villa Rica, 439 Hemphill, Robert L., Decatur, 453, 96, 290 Henderson, Caroline L., Brooksville, Fla., 453. 121 Henderson, Conradine, Plant City, Fla., 329 Henderson. Henry M., Macon, 318 Henderson, Jan E.. Atlanta, 426, 135 Henderson, John T., Jr., Jesup, 338 Henderson, Richard L., Athens. 345. 344 Henderson, Waller B.. Atlanta, 393 Hendrick, Patricia A.. Athens, 439, 128 Hendricks, Eliz. Anne. Sandersville, 426 Hendricks. Hugh V.. Woodland. 415 Hendricks. James R.. Sandersville, 453 Hendrix, Harry E., Jasper. 400, 72 Hendrix, James F., Murphy, N. C, 409 Hendrtx. Rosalyn K.M.. Athens. Ga. Hendrix. Selene L., Canton, 453, 121 Hendry, Gail Sterne, Savannah, 439, 167 Henegar, Richard Wm., Athens, 426 Henke, Robert P.. Duluth. 415 Henry. Hunter M., Jr., N. Augusta, S.C, 426 Henry, James Russell, Athens, 329, 189 Henry, Lucille Curtis, Atlanta, 439, 201, 241 Henry, Lucinda L., Athens, 439 Henry, Roberta Jacq., Avondale. 119 Henry, Wm. Jones, Athens, 453, 189 Hensley, Arthur J., 257 Henson. Carter A.. Jr.. Macon, 439 Henson, Edward C, Atlanta, 439 Henson. Jon David, Ttlanta, 439 Henson, Sylvia Jane, Athens, 439, 157 Henson, Thomas H., Colbert, 439, 290 Herin, Walter C, Jr., Macon. 453 Herman. Chas. Edward. Atlanta, 439, 124 Herman, Wm. Andrew, III, Augusta, 426, 151 Hermance, George Wm.. Brooklyn, N.Y., 426, 132 Herndon, Craig, Toccoa, 453 Hemdon, Maron K., Millwood, 406, 410. 411 Hemdon, Patricia F., Brunswick, 439 Herndon, Richard H.. Athens, 139. 402 Herrin, Eugene V.. Winder. 329, 154 Hester, Joan Louise, East Point, 453, 177 Hester, Roy Fred, Richland, 426 Heston, Nan Anna C, Decatur, 367, 345, 344, 173 Hetrick, John M.. Jr.. Forestville, Md., 419 Heymann, Laurence H.. Richland, 426 Heys, Jo Ann. Athens, 426. 147 Heys. Ruba Elizabeth. Athens. 454, 147 Heyward, Mildred C. Macon. 426. 121 Hickman. Mary Ann. Atlanta. 201 Hickox. Carmen Eliz.. Brunswick. 439 Hicks. Alan Sarrett, Corning. N.Y., 231 Hicks, Burry Little, Atlanta, 454 Hicks, Edward Gray, Reynolds, 407, 411 Hicks, Frankie S., Gainesville, Fla., 439, 338 Hicks, Laura Helen, Decatur, 367, 338 Hicks, Lewis C, Jr., Tampa. Fla.. 426 Hicks, Mary Helen. Swainsboro. 426 Hicks, Patricia Lou, Comer, 454 Hicks, Theresa Gold, Thomasville, 454 Hieronymus, James K. Newnan, 345 Hiers. Jeannine I.. Waycross, 439, 181 Higdon, Donald Lynn, Greensboro, 454 Higginbotham. Allep. Thomasville, 419 Higginbotham. Lanoy A.. Washington. 426 Higginbotham. Linda G.. Brunswick. 439 Higginbotham, Mary J.. Hartwell. 439, 135 Higgins, Marion Nancy, Atlanta, 454 Higgins, William Cam, Atlanta, 454, 151 High, Edward Omer, Durham. N.C. 454 Hight. Tony Harlan. Columbus. 400. 199 Hightower. Ethel J.. Albany. 439, 143 Hightower, Hilton, Jr., Blakely, 454, 193 Hilbum, Richard Lee, Atlanta, 426, 226 Hill, Arnold Steed, Jr.. Dalton. 454 Hill. Barbara Alice. Griffin. 439 Hill. Betty Ruth. West Point, 426, 338 Hill. Charles D.. Atlanta. 439. 215 Hill, Charles Madison. McRae, 439, 343 Hill, Gary Harvey, Marietta, 259 Hill, Gayle Lydia, 454 Hill, Jeffrey Steven. Atlanta. 439. 276. Hill. John Bunn. Jr.. Atlanta. 439, 99 Hill. Joseph W.. Jr.. Pelham. 193 Hill. L. J.. Jr.. Montezuma. 352. 360 Hill. Lydia Gayle, Hawkinsville, 177 Hill, Robin. Tampa. Fla.. 439. 98. 177 Hill. Susan Fuss. Macon. 439 Hilliard. Edward C, Rhine. 352 Hilsman. Elizabeth B.. Madison. 454 Hilton. Leroy Puttman. Screven. 426 Hilton, Nancy Lee, Sylvania. 454, 241 Hind, Edwin A.. Jr., St. Simons Island, 454 Hinds. John Clinton. Rossville. 352, 180 Mines. Lilaine. Cordele. 439. 121 Hinsch. Robert Tom. Garden City, N.V., 311 Hinson, Byron Hunter, Athens. 188 Hinson. Laura Lee. Millhaven, 439 Hiott. Andrew Warren. Waycross, 329 Hirsch, Brenda Sue, Savannah, 426 Hirseh, Robert B.. Savannah. 329. 234 Hirlle. Wm. Blanton. Toccoa. 311, 189 Hitchcock, Hershel E., Albany, 426 Hitchcock. John F., Devereux, 426, 315, 376, 377 Hix, Carolyn Virginia, Commerce, 439 Hnagland, Wm. Justus. Athens. 400. 75 Hobbs. Aubrey Comer. Marion. N.C, 272 Hobby, Stephens Gary, Macon, 426, 215 Hobgood, Beverly Jill, Calhoun, 439, 241 Hoctor, James C, Croton on Hudson, N.Y., 319 Hodes, Shirley, Chattanooga, Tenn., 426, 219 Hodge, James E., Denton, Texas, 381, 223 Hodge, Jane Eliz., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 426, 143 Hodges, Fred B., IIL Atlanta, 454, 185 Hodges, Hugh Oscar, Sandersville, 454 Hodges, James Eli, Statesboro, 426, 341 Hodges, Jane S.. Savannah. 439. 181 Hodges. John Wallace. Claxton, 312 Hodges, Julian Paul, Cave Spring, 439 Hodgson, Bryant F., Jr., Atlanta, 392, 88, 82, 75, 189 Hoegsted, Jeanne I., Savannah, 367 Hoertz, Jean P.. Decatur. 454, 345, 167 Hoffenditz, Thomas S., Macon, 439, 361 Hoffer, Edward C, Atlanta. 267 Hof fman, Lynn F., Atlanta, 439, 164 Hozman, Sandra R., Mobile. Ala., 367 Hogan, Larry Chester, Bogart, 426, 345 Hoisington, Judith D.. Athens. 439. 143 Holbrook. Jan. Canon. 439. 117 Holbrook, Marie E.. Buford, 454, 143 Holcomb, John Allman, Ft. Valley, 454 Holcomb, Wayman J., Toccoa, 426 Holder, Dennis Jerome, Marietta, 454, 291 Holder, George Themas, Monroe, 439 Holder, James Russell, St. Simons, 439 Holder, Metz Raymond, Bainbridge, 426, 212 Holl, James Edward, Augusta, 439 Holland, Anne L., Atlanta, 454, 177 Holland, Carolyn A.. Atlanta. 426, 128 Holland, Diana Kay, Gainesville, 426, 128 Holland, Florence A., Jesup, 426 Holland, Harold E., Buford, 426 Holland, Henry E., Jr., Calhoun, 259 Holland, Hubert G.. Acworth, 398, 403 Holland, Naomi C. Athens, 426 HoUey, Henry W., Jr,. Campua Station, 352. 361 Holliday. Marion P.. Athens, 439, 157 Hollingswortb, Gail E., Greenville, S.C, 426 Hollis. Cecil Daryl. Ft. Oglethorpe, 343 Hollis, Cleary, College Park, 439, 173 Hollis, Daniel W., Ill, Auburn, Ala., 454 Hollis, James E., Jr.. Hardwick, 426 Hollis, Linda Ann, Savannah, 329, 173 Hollister, Alan D.. Oneonta, N.Y., 426 Holloway, Bessie W., Indian Springs, 439, 177, 298 Holly, John Wm. Jr., White Plains, N.Y. 426 Holman. E. Martin, Jr., Forest Park, 352, 189 Holmes, Hamilton Earl. Atlanta, 426 Holmes. John P., Jr., Atlanta, 257, 217 Holmes, Wm. Henry, Jr.. Augusta, 394 Holston, Michael S.. Atlanta. 259 Holstun. Madeline M.. Lavonia, 454 Holton. Thomas B., Tennille, 454 Holtzclaw, Charles, Jr., Macon, 426, 231 Homansky, Joel C, Savannah, 237 Hood, Charlotte L., Gainesville, 454 Hood, George Wm., Decatur, 403 Hood, Nell Lecount, Waycross, 439, 128, 91 Hook, Marnie Ray, Columbia, S.C, 415, 419 Hooks. Everitt L.. 426 Hooten, Shirley Ruth. Jenkinsburg. 387 Hope. Emily Caroline, Commerce, 439, 181 Hopkins, Alton Hunter, Brunswick, 403 Hopkins, Carter Wayne, Miami Beach, Fla., 352, 215 Hopkins, Clarence B., Stone Mountain, 439 Hopkins, Estelle M.. Atlanta, 329, 174 Hopkins, John H.. Jr.. Atlanta. 454 Hopkins. Melvin L., Hortense, 439 Hopkins, Ralph D., Washington, 426 Home, Patricia Anne, Tifton, 439 Home, Thelma Wrella, Cochran, 426 Home, Wm. Edward. Doraville, 352, 196 Hornea, Robert B., 426 Horner. Thomas J., Ill, Augusta, 352, 151 Homey, Alexander C, Atlanta, 197 Horning, Philip Wayne, Greensboro, 454 Horton, Carol Joyce, Cedartown, 439, 91, 241 Horton, John Robert, Memphis Tenn., 403 Horton. Kay. Atlanta, 329, 143, 91 Horton, Rosemary, Savannah, 439 Horton, Thomas O.. Jr.. Milledgeville, 439 Hosch. Charles Roop. Gainesville, 454 Hosch. Hugh Wm., Jr., Gainesville, 329 House, Betty Eliz.. Eastman. 454 House. Daniel M.. Jr., Rutherfordton, N.C. 329 Houston. Elisha H.. Sylvester. 353 Howard. Anna K.. Macon. 426, 135 Howard, Pierre D., Jr., Decatur, 454, 215 Howard, Richard Allen, Holley, N.Y., 318 Howe, Donald B.. Jr., Tallapoosa, 193, 403 Howe, Paulelte D.. Atlanta. 439. 147 Howell. Earl S.. Jr.. Rebecca, 312, 315, 316. 337 Howell, Gordon C. Jr.. Spartanburg. S. C. 257 Howell. James Robert. Atlanta. 132 Howell. John W.. Jr.. Fayetteville, N.C, 312, 454 Howell, Lanny Mont, Fayetteville, N.C, 454 Howell, Lewis Wayne, Rebecca, 312 Howell, Martha Kay, Thomaston, 454, 143 Howell, Nancy Jane, Atlanta, 439 Howell, Robert N.. Gainesville, 426, 139, 345 Howell, Rufus Jerome, Haines City, Fla,, 312, 139 Howell, Tony Lamar, Bainbridge, 312 Howell, Wendell Harry, Pitts, 407, 411 Howie, Allan Greig, Salisbury, Md., 419 Howington, Jerry W., N. Augusta, S.C. 426, 223 Hoyer, David Paul, Penn Yan, N.Y., 31J, 318 Hubbard, Barbara J., LaGrange, 454 Hubbard, John Stephen, Bremen, 426, 193 Hubbard, Sammy Lou, Camesville, 426 Hubert, Faith Catogni, Athens, 367, 201 Hubert, Harold, 306 Hubert, Judith Gail, Marietta, 439, 174 Hubley, Fred Curtis, York, Penn., 426, 165 Hudgins, Edwin Philip, Gainesville, 426 Hudson, Charles M., Ill, Eatonton, 439, 99 Hudson, Chas. Wade, Columbus, 439 Hudson, Frank Raiford, Stone Mtn., 426, 215 Hudson, Orlando D., St. Marys, 426 Hudson, Orran L.. II, Sandersville, 329 Hudson, Peter F.. II, Augusta, 439 Hudson, Robert J.. Jr., Atlanta, 454 Hudson, Wm. Howell, Columbus. 353 Hudspeth. Jep P.. Convington, 454 Huff, Elmer H., Union Point, 426 Huff, James B., Jr., Columbus, 439 Huff, Vivian Marie, Buckhead, 439, 241 Huff, William, 439 Hughes, Alethia Marie, Acworth, 454, 135 Hughes, Claudia Marie, Alwany, 329, 345, 342 Hughes. Clifton E., Jr., Breman, 353, 215 Hughes, Joy Ann, Augusta, Ga., 426 Hughes, Rebecca J. Athens, 426, 177 Hughes, Richard H., Athens, Ga., 82 Hughes, Robert E., Camilla, 403 Huyhes, Thomas M.. Atlanta, 454, 139 Hughes, Tommy B., Gainesville, 320 Hughes, William H., Ill, Macon, 426, 361 Hughey, Harvard P., Ill, Atlanta, 439 Hughs, Lynda Bamard, Athens, 426, 177 Hulme, Douglas Warren, Dewy Rose, 454 Hulsey, Gary Bright, Alto, 439 Hulsey, James Robt., Canton, 439 Hulsey, Julius Melton, Gainesville, 403 Hulsey, Theresa Kaye, Alto, 454, 104 Hummel, Frances D.. Macon, 426, 95 Humphrey, Hal Euegne, Augusta, 329 Humphries, Demaris G.. Atlanta . 439 Humphries. Wm. Farrior, Atlanta, 217 Hungerford, Karen, Gray, 179 Hungerford, Lynn, Gray, 426, 91, 177 Hunnicutt, Ceraldine, Keysville, 217 Hunnicutt, Wm. O., Ill, LaGrange, 259 Hunnius, Howard R.. Athens, 426, 152 Hunt, Carole Elese, Atlanta, 454, 143 Hunt, Charles Willard, Bainbridge, 42 Hunt, George H.. Jr., Thomson, 439 Hunt, Richard Eugene, Columpus, 329 Hunt, Robert F., Atlanta, 274 Hunt, Wm. Howard, Athens, 426, 189 Hunter, Barbara Jean, Macon, 440, 174 Hunter, Barbara Lynn, Columbus, 454 Hunter, Charlayne A., Atlanta, 426 Hunter, Charles M., Jr., Sylvania, 426 Hunter, Harriet O.. Cairo, 367 Hunter, Ina Sue, Aubum, 440 Hunter, Mary Eliz., Atlanta, 440, 147 Hunter, Ruth Butler, Quitman, 426, 177 Hupe, Ronald Andrew, W. Hempstead, N.Y., 312 Hurlbutt, Guy G., Augusta, 440 Hurst, Alvin P., Jr., Waycross, 440, 81 Hurst, Jo Anne Burke, Commerce, 454 Hurst, Robt. Wayne, Waycross, 440, 81 Hunt, Shirley Ann, Macon, 454, 128 Hurst, Wm. Henry, Waycross, 353 Husney, Sara Shirleo, Atlanta, 367 Huss, Wm. Leonard. Jr., Decatur, 353, 337 Hutcheson, Jerry L., Riverdale. 454 Hutchinson, Arthur II, Atlanta, 197 Hutchison, Alvin M.. Jr.. Albany, 454 Hutchison, Carlton A., Athens, 440 Huxford, Emily C. Homerville. 243 Hyde. Mildred L., McCaysville, 329, 241 Hydrick. Dick S., Baconton, 415, 132 Hyers, Johnny Earl, Alma, 353 Hyken, Boyd Richard, Jacksonville, Fla., 440, 235 Hyssong, Richard C, Philadelphia, Pa., 426 Igoe. Robert Stanley, Santurce, Puerto Rico, 454 Illgea. Barbara S., Colnmbua, 426. 147, 338 Imperatore, Wm. Alex, Ellwood City, Pa.. 381 Inabinet, Lawrence R., Spartanburg, S.C, 381 Inglesby, Samuel P., Jr., Savannah, 400, 170, 403 Inglett. William A., Bradenton, Fla., 415, 419 Inglis. David Wright, Athens, 426, 152 Ingraham, Dorothy M.. Daytona Beach, Fla.. 454. 345. 344. 174 Ingram. David M.. Jr.. Arlington. 440 Ingram. Henry C, Jr.. Lilly. 426 Ingram. John Timothy, Edison, 353, 189 Ingram, Marie J.. Chicopee, 426, 389 Ingrassia, Salvatore, Valley Stream, N.Y., 426, 189 , j:, ,!l,.- " ' ' %i» t: ' ' .Ml l ' Tb it«. ' Viii 11 .tlil .S .iicrri -. ' 1 , CilolTl. ■ taw, ' « •It- Sm ' ' ! ' " ■■ ' ?■, ? ' ' tis 11 I ,tiSai « » ' " ,. ' n..JM«i«M " »»41., 1-— ' I ■( M r. k. ta « an Hat .! " ' ' " ' Imr- : i» III Xrby, Lillian Joyce, Athens, 454 Iivin, James T., Jr., Bennettsville, S.C, 426, 152 Irvin, Jo An, Atlanta, 454, 177 Irvin. Linda Anne, Swainsboro, 454 Iivin, Lyda Sue, Gainesville, 454 Irwin, James Tillman, Abbeville, S.C, 312 Iiwin, Priscilla C, Calhoun Falls, S.C, 329 Irwin, Sandra. Atlanta, 367 Isaacson. Faye, Atlanta. 454, 219 Iiaf, Sara Josephine, Macon. 426 lieminger. Frederick, McLenn, Va., 426, 419, 154 Itakow, Mary Ellen, Thomson, 329, 219, Wey, Toby, Albany, 400. 193, 403 Irey, Wm. Fredrick, Albany, 257, 171 Jablon, Marion Alice, Spartanburg, S.C, 440 Jackson, Barbara A.. Douglas, 426 Jackson. B. Kathryn M., Washington, 353, 174 Jackson, Carolyn, Summerville, 454, 100, 167 Jackson, Daniel Cay, LaGrange, 440, 147 Jackson, Dennis Lee, Hope Mills, N.C., 187. 419 Jackson, Ernest P., Ill, Lavonia, 454 Jackson, Jackie, McRae. 426. 174 Jackson. James C, III, Augusta, 345 Jackson. Jan Harvey, Atlanta, 426, 235 Jackson. John M., Statesboro, 329 Jackson. Jonathan B.. Dalton, 454 Jackson, Mary Frances, LaGrange, 367, 147 Jackson, Olin Ronald, Bartow, 454 Jackson, Ramon Gordon. LaGrange, 266 Jackson. Roger Neal. Campton, 426 Jackson. Wm. Otis, Valdosta, 407. 409 Jacobs, Richard E., Homell, N.Y., 96 Jacobs, Sam Edenfield, Savannah, 367, 197 Jacobs, Terry Stewart, Decatur, 454, 267 Jacques. Harry F.. Alma, 454 Jager, Edward Marion, North Bergen, N. J.. 375, 376, 377 Jamenon. Joan, Sylvania. 426 James, Amy Cameron, Atlanta, 454, 147 James, Arnold Walker, Jacksonville, Fla.. 320 James, David Thomas, Atlanta, 440 James. Duncan Alex, Waycross, 454 James. Frank Anthony, Royston, 381, 75, 187 James, William E., 440. 215 Janney, Earl H.. Jr.. Macon, 454 Janosko. Gayle E., Clairton, Pa., 381 Janoulis. Nicky. 266 Janus, Shirley Faye, Richmond. Va., 454 Jardine. Dan A., Jr., Douglas. 353, 170 Jardine, Lottie T., Douglas, 440. 147 Jared, Edmond Ferris, Gainesville, 426, 170 Jarman, Judith Oliver, Ashbum, 454, 157 Jarrard, George T., Jr., Sylvania. 329, 223 Jarrell, Judy Ann, Cray, 426, 157 Jarrett. Elbert Loy. Rome, 312, 315, 316, 337, 107, 84, 95 Jarrett, Camett Lee, Rome. 312 Jarriel, Billy H., Collins, 454 Jarriel, Jack Lester, Collins. 381 Jelfers. Benjamin F., Sylvania, 312 Jeffries. Joe Tom. McRae, 426, 418 Jenkins, Albert F., Madison, 426, 193, 336, 94 Jenkins, James Ira, Thomasville, 426 Jenkins, Robt. F., Ill, Waynesboro, 440, 79, 155 Jennings. Evelyn W.. Wytheville, Va., 426, 128 Jensen, Roger Vtggo. Geneva, N.Y., 312, 317 Jemigan, Dorothy Ann, Atlanta, 440, 121, 298 Jemigan. Harry W., Ill, Augusta, 440, 170 Jessop, Morris E., Jr., Towson, Md., 415, 419 Jeter, Robert E., Jr., Bainbridge, 454 Johns, Lonnie M., Jr.. Atlanta, 353, 345, 287. 298 Johns, Lucy Eliz., Canton, 426, 98, 104 Johns, Will Ewing. Jr.. Atlanta, 100 Johnsa. Dortha K.. Austell. 338 Johnson, Alice Susan, Valdosta, 440, 157, 342 Johnson. Alva Wm., Tifton, 426 Johnson, Beatrice Ann, Tinley Park, 111., 454 Johnson. Berts, 330 Johnson, Betty L., Savannah, 427, 128 Johnson. Billie Kav, Griflin, 454 Johnson, Bonnie Sue, Macon, 427, 201 Johnson. Claude Wm., Augusta, 398, 403 Johnson. Clifford Ivy. Savannah. 427, 419 Johnson, Donald C, Moultire, 440, 99, 139 Johnson, Edward Lloyd, JackaonTiUe, Fla., 259 Johnson. Elizabeth B., Waynesboro, 440, 128, 147 Johnson. Elliott A.. Atlanta, 440 Johnson, Foye E., Duluth, 440, 223 Johnson, Hollis B., LaGrange. 398, 376, 403 Johnson, Jamie Kay, Albany, 440 Johnson. Jean E.. Jr.. Smyrna. 229, 403 Johnson. Jerry Holmes. Waynesboro, 416 Johnson, Jo Ann Q.. Waynesboro, 454 Johnson, John B., Camilla, 427 Johnson. Kenneth W., Camilla. 440 Johnson L. Angele C. Alma, 454 Johnson, Lynda Lewis, Washington, 454, 338 Johnson, Malcolm C, Denmark, S.C, 419 Johnson, Mariellen, Albany, 407, 174 Johnson, Martha Ann, Decatur, 128, 288 Johnson, Martha J., Lithonia. 427 Johnson. Martha J.. Hartwell. 387, 174 Johnson, Mary Anne. Folkston, 440, 241 Johnson. Mary V. Atlanta, 427, 147 Johnson. Michael B.. Moultrie, 353 Johnson, Paul E., Ill, Marietta, 454, 152 Johnson, Phillip S., Talking Rock, 338 Johnson, Richard A., Atlanta, 260 Johnson. Robert Wayne, Macon, 440 Johnson, Robt. White. Burgaw, N.C, 440 Johnson, Sally Earie, Ellaville, 440, 174, 288 Johnson, Sam Paul. Augusta. 353 Johnson, Stanford B., Townsend, Tenn., 427 Johnson, Thomas D.. Mt. Vernon, 427, 79. 420. 226, 102. 291 Johnson. Walter E., II, Union Point, 440 Johnson, Walter Rex. CriSn. 427 Johnson. William C, Decatur, 440 Johnson. Wm. Hubert. Summerville. 454 Johnson, Wm. Parks. Pelham. 427, 193 Johnson, Wm. Prentice, Dublin, 440 Johnson, Woodson C, Eastman, 312. 154 Johnston, Douglas Lee. Atlanta, 440, 215 Johnston, Mary E., Athens, 353, 411 Johnston, Nedrick L., Sarasota. Fla., 440 Johnston, Wm. John, Woodstock, 416 Joiner, Daryl Wayne, Louisville. 427 Jolliffe. Linda R., Hemdon. Va., 454 Jolly, Eugenia Louise, Kingston, 392, 98, 113 Jones, Alton Ray. Thomson, 427, 154 Jones. Alvin B., Jr.. Tampa, Fla.. 256 Jones, Barbara Ann, Griffin, 454 Jones, Barbara Lynne, Dalton, 440, 98 Jones. Betty Harper, Monroe, 454, 129 Jones, C. Ann. Gainesville. 427 Jones. Carol Diana, Atlanta, 119 Jones, Charles Joseph, Athens, 155 Jones. David Carlton. Brunswick, 312 Jones, Douglas Neal, Fayetteville, 427, 197 Jones, Douglas Ray, Elkin, N.C, 440, 226, 360 Jones, Elvin Darsey, Macon, 427 Jones, Emily Weigle, Savannah, 427 Jones, Emma Jo. Macon. 440. 121, 298 Jones, Eric Lance. Uvalda. 403 Jones, Etoyle Lonita. Atlanta, 454 Jones, George Edward, Athens, 381 Jones, Gloria Ann. Carrollton, 353, 129 Jones, Harrison, Atlanta, 440, 215 Jones, James Larry, Atlanta, 427, 139 Jones. James M., Jr., East Point. 454 Jones, James Terrell, Columbus, 427 Jones, Jerry Nell, Dixie, 440 Jones, Jerry Paul, Atlanta, 440, 132 Jones. Jim Buck, Ocilla. 427 Jones, Jimmie Lou, Pickens, S.C, 427 Jones, John Ralph, Athens, 368 Jones, Lewis Norwood, Atlanta, 454, 180, 290 Jones, Margaret Mae, Maron, 454 Jones, Mary Danelle, Americus, 381, 181 Jones, Otis F., Jr., Newnan. 454. 170 Jones, Philip Cowherd, Chatham, 330, 170 Jones, Ralph, Greenville, 440 Jones, Richard Byrd, Alma, 427, 189 Jones, Roselyn Neysa, Eastman. 330, 241 Jones, Roy Maxwell. Whigham, 427 Jones, Sally Lynn, Atlanta. 440. 147 Jones, Sara Jean. Alma, 392, 394, 117, 283 Jones, Steve Mills, Jackson, 353 Jones, Terrell, Atlanta, 427, 193, 298 Jones, Tommy Marvin. High Shoals, 454 Jones. Vivian Lee. High Shoals. 427 Jones. Wm. Hardman. Jr., Commerce, 392. 90. 223 Jordan, Andrew C. Wrens, 312, 316 Jordan, Carol Linda, Athens. 368 Jordan. Charles D.. Jr.. Columbus, 353 Jordan, Hubert F., Jr., Bartow, 353, 139 Jordan, James H., Jr.. Canton. 427, 224 Jordan. Martha C. LaFayette. 368 Jordan. Richard L., Jr., Albany. 400, 193. 403 Jordan. Steve Marion, Sylvania, 440, 81. 224 Jorgensen, Leon P., Arlington, Va., 427, 185 Jusko, Patricia T.. Brunswick. 427, 177 Kahn, Richard Lee, Hawkinsville, 341 Kahrs. Karol Anne. Atlanta, 368, 117 Kantsiper, Alan B., Savannah, 427, 235 Kapetanakos. Chris J., Abbeville, S.C, 407, 411 Kaplan, Judith Karen, Chevy Chase, Md., 440 Karpf, Sally, Savannah, 454, 219 Karpowicz, Linda C. Athens. 440 Karsman, Stanley M., Savannah, 398, 403. 235 Katz. Jerry Herbert. Atlanta, 427, 124 Katz. Joe. Jr.. Atlanta. 440 Katz. Margot Esther, Atlanta, 454 Kaufman. Brenda Diane, Columbus, 440 Kaufman, Walter C, 111, Catonsville, Md.. 419. 418 Kaye. Phyllis Sheila. Savannah. 427 Kaye. Robert Henry. Griffin, 427, 124 Kaye, Toby Rose. Griffin. 454. 219 Kazelskia. Richard. Rome. 454 Keadle. Patsy Grace. Bamesville, 427, 157 Keat, Keug Sin, Athens, 454 Keaton. Emma Lou, Colquitt, 330. 121 Keaton, Peyton Howard, Colquitt, 330. 170 Keckison, Vincent E., S odus, N.Y., 427 318 Keener, Beulah Joyce, Greenback, Tenn., 381 Keever, James D., Ill, Rome, 427, 99, 102, 463 Keheley, Mary J., Newnan, 427, 135 Keith, Nancy, Omega, 427, 411 Kellam, Seth M., Jr., Waycross, 407, 410 Kellar, David Sykes, Hull, 440, 189 Keller, Georgianna J.. Savannah, 427, 181 Kelley, George C, III, Cordele, 440 Kelley, Robert E., Jr., Rossville, 454 Kelley, Wm. Sheldon, Lincolnton, 440 Kellum, George C III, Annandale, Va., 212 Kelly, Kathrine Janet, Atlanta, 368, 241 Kelly. Kenneth Clovis. Louisville, 427 Kelly, Larry Eugene. Morrisville, N.Y.. 319 Kelly, Myrtle Eliz., Warner Robins, 454, 117 Kelly, Richard, Savannah, 257 Kelly, Sandra Kay, Macon, 440. 121 Kelmanson. David A., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 427. 235 Kemble. Ann Cecelia, Augusta, 330 Kemp. Austin James. Athens. 403 Kemp, Helen Elaine, Jonesboro, 440, 135 Kemp, Patricia Ann, Swainsboro. 440 Kemp, Rene Drew, Swainsboro, 398, 403 Kenard, Gary Edward. Savannah, 454 Kenimer, Barry Keith, Greensboro, 427, 291 Kenimer, Guy, Columbus, 353, 215 Kennedy, Al fred D., 111. Atlanta, 427, 152 Kennedy, Allen Frank, Smyrna, 440, 197 Kennedy, James Howard, Fitzgerald, 427, 154 Kennedy, Julian V., Lyons, 368 Kennedy, Mary Kay, Rossville, 330, 129 Kennedy, Thomas E., Guyton, 330 Kenney, John T., Jr., Augusta, 454, 165 Kennon, Mary Kay, Athens, 427, 143 Kent, Eari Hilton, Thomson, 440 Kent, Huey Glen, Nashville, 345 Keo, Saric, 454 Kerby. Anne Clayton, Arlington, Va., 454, 174 Keriin, Janet P., Atlanta, 454, 241 Kem, Edward Franklin, Atlanta, 403 Kerr, George S., Dalton, 427 Kerr, John Edwin, Savannah, 427, 224 Kerr, Thomas Howell, Cave Srping, 454 Kesler, Barbara Ann, Gainesville, 91 Kesler, Sharon P., Toccoa, 454, 104 Kesser, Michael B., Norfolk, Va., 427. 124 Kessler, Jay David, Atlanta, 454 Kethley, John Bryan, Decatur, 267, 337 Khan, Iftikhar Mohd, Athens, 381 Khatoon, Razia, Athens, 387 Khattak, Jahan Nabi, W. Pakistan, 387, 319 Kidd, Claude S., Jr., Haw River, N.C, 416, 419 Kidd. Wm. Wallace, Thomasville, 427, 170 Kight, Glenda Newton. North Augusta, S.C, 381, 388 Kight, Joe Nmi, Clarkston, 381 Kiker, Jerald K.. Atlanta. 427 Kilcline, Mary E., Savannah. 427 Killian. Mary Helen. Atlanta. 440, 242 Kilpatrick, Paul V., Columbus. 427, 170 Kimble, Thomas Garry, LaFayette, 409, 411 Kimble, Vernon Wayne, Newnan, 416 Kimbrell, Dorothy A.. Athens. 454, 147 Kimbrough, Linda Ray, Fairbum, 427, 177 Kimsey, Cheston B., Jr., Clarkesville, 440 Kimsey, Randall H., Colbert, 440 Kinard, Fredrick W., Jr., Charleston, S. C. 375. 377 Kinbar. Philip Howard, Brooklyn, N.Y., 440, 235 King. Alice Julene, Atlanta, 427 King, Billie Margaret, Athens, 330, 74, 93, 121 King. Carolyn Va., Monroe, N.C. 427 King, Charles Robert, Montgomery, Ala.. 440, 139 King. David Eugene, Marietta. 440 King. David Wesley. Rebecca, 197 King. Frederick J.. Marietta. 455, 215 King, Gloria Jean, Savannah, 147 King, Horace J., Jr.. Dalton. 440 King, Lula Evelyn, Cusseta. 440. 181 King. Mary Matilda, Columbus, 368, 181 King, Norval W.. Jr., Salisbury. Md., 414, 82, 419, 418 King. Ralph C, Jr., Robinson, 455 King, Sam Albert, Sevierville, Tenn., 375, 315, 376. 377 King. Thomas R.. Jr., Atlanta, 440, 315, 190 Kingery, Andrew J., Jr., Cochran, 427, 226 Kingsley, Marjorie J., Hapeville, 455. 338 Kinman, Betle Cole, Montezuma, 455, 181 Kinne, Sydney B., III. Pooler, 440, 99 Kinner, Ann Lee, Atlanta, 440 Kirby, Lowell Carmie, Blue Ridge. 398 Kirby. Milton W.. IIL Atlanta. 455, 170 Kirk, Harrison L., Winterville, 427 Kirk, Lawrence F., Martinez. 455 Kirk. Patricia Anne, Kennesaw, 440, 117 Kirkland, Annette, Columbus, 440 Kirkland, Glenn N., Jr., Hapeville, 361 Kirkpatrick, Margaret, Greenville, S.C 381 Kirshstein, Nancy A., Savannah, 440 Kirz, Gail Ida. Dublin. 455 Kise. Medora Gladys, Atlanta, 440, 181 Kisselburg, Eddie H., McCaysville, 455 Kitchens, Hillary L., Athens, 330 Kitchens, Jack Edward, Hephzibah, 427 Kitchens, Leonard, Jr.. Thomson, 290 Kitchens, Robert T., Augusta, 455, 165 Kitchens, Watson H., Covington, 290 Kitchens, Wm. Hansel, Quitman, 403 Kite, Marion Ann, Macon, 440, 121 Kite, Powell Stephen, Marietta, 400, 403, 215 Kittrell, James D., Jr., Kingsland, 298 Kling, Thomas Edwin, Menlo, 407, 315, 287 Klinze, John Herman, 455 Klopp, Benjamin, Olney, Md., 312, 139 Kluttz, Martha Jean, Gastonia, N.C, 368, 157 Knapp, Brooks Simmon, Auburn, Ala., 336 Knight, Benjamin H., Irwinville, 376, 377 Knight, Cecil Donald, Ellijay, 427, 393, 190 Knight, Charles H., Jr., Columbus, 392, 394, 102 Knight, Daniel P., Rentz, 427, 394 Knight, James Wm., Moultrie, 427, 341, 394 Knight, John Elwin, Social Circle, 427, 376 Knight, Laverne, Macon, 440 Knight, Lester H., Jr., Wilmington, N. C, 330 Knight, Ruth J.. Atlanta. 440. 147 Knowles, Ola Faye B., Griffin, 393, 345 Knowles, Vancise, Albany, 330 Knowles, Wm. Cecil, Jr., Ozark, Ala., 256 Knox, Nancy Carole, Smyrna, 440, 98 Knox, Wyckliffe A., Jr., Thomson, 73, 88, 400, 336, 75, 170, 403 Kohorn, Frances N., Spring Hill, Ala., 455. 219 Kokal. Angela. Marietta, 368, 118 Kokko, Maija Eva, Decatur, 440, 181 Konigsmark, Dorothy A., Smyrna, 440 Korman, Janis P., W. Englewood, N.J., 455. 220 Koscielny, Margaret E., Jacksonville, Fla., 330 Koslovski, Michael, Bronx, 58 N.Y., 407. 276 Koster. James A., Robins AFB, 440 Kraft, Gwendolyn H., Florence, S.C, 440 Kramer, Mary Ruth. Madison. Fla., 427 Krantz, Allen Curtis, East Point, 455 Kraselsky, Robert L., Albany, 454, 235, 291 Kreag, C Paul, Schenectady, N.Y., 427 Krebs, Robert Peter, Princeton JCT., N.J., 440. 376 Kreeger. George H., Smyrna, 427. 197 Krissman, Stephen H., Savannah, 353, 235 Kruchko, Cay Donovan, Danville, Va., 414, 82 Krueger, John August, Harrington Park, N.J., 455 Krulic, John Wesley, Rocky Ford, 440 Kubiak, Paul Leonard, Augusta, 267 Kull, Linda Marie, Macon, 440 Kurry, William Mark, Hillside, N.J., 353, 235 Kurtz, Judith Harriet, Rock Hill, S.C, 427, 93, 104, 220, 463 Kwon, Tai Hyung. Kyung Puk, Korea, 81 Kyle, Osceola C, Jr., Miami 43, Fla., 416. 186. 267 Kyriacou. Stephanie A., Columbus, 455, 167 Kyzer, Barbara Jean, Trenton, 455, 129 Lacher, Ellen Elisa. Athens, 440, 181 Lacher, Robert C, Athens. 229 Lachmiller. Frank M., Moultrie, 440 Lackman, Gail Allene. Augusta. 338 Laird. Norman Samuel. Key Biscayne, Fla.. 400. 336. 170. 403 Lam, Linda Lavicie, Rome. 427, 345 Lamb Donald N.. Jr.. Dublin, 455 Lamb, Dorothy C. Atlanta. 440. 118 Lamback. Mary Palmer, Macon, 368, 157 Lampe. Diedrich L., Jacksonville, Fla., 427, 139 Lampe, Walter Mott, Jacksonville, Fla., 139 Lancaster, Larry C. Decatur, 427 Lance, Jack Collins, Blairsville, 407, 187, 409. 411 Lance. James Clarence, Washington, 427, 317 Land, George Roger, Albany, 455, 336, 226 Land, Irwin Willis. Allentown, 440, 226 Land, Judith Marie, Lake City, Fla., 427 Land, Karen Ann, Cochran, 427. 129 Land, Mary Lyle, Columbus, 427, 121 Landrura, Gay, Tampa, Fla., 440, 147 Landrum, Lillia S., College Park, 427 Landry, Cyril J., Jr., Baton Rouge, La., 217 Landry, Hilton J.. Jr.. Miami. Fla., 257 Lane. Edwin Green, III. Atlanta, 440, 140 Lane, Remer, Y.. Jr., Yemassee, 440, 110 Lane Richard Luther. Columbus. 353 Lane. Ronald Paton. Jackson. 393 Lane. Walter R., Jr.. Wilmington, N.C, 427 Lane, William Jones. Statesboro, 440 Lang, Clarence A.. III. Augusta, 353, 361 Lang, Ernest Dale. Vidalia, 353 Lang, Jeanette Loflin. Augusta, 381, 342 Langbein, Jerold H., Ft. Washington, Pa., 393, 190 Langdon, Jerry P., Smithfield, N.C., 416 LangBtt, James P., St. Simons Island, 353, 224 Langford, Daniel C, Brooks, 381 Langford, James Waldo, Manchester, 427, 411 Langford, John Harris, Gadsden, Ala., 81, 99, 267, 290 Langford, Linda, Athens, 387, 389, 167 Langford, Rollin K., Stephens, 455 Langford, Shelby Jean, Pendergrass, 330 Langham, George W., Jr., Rome, 455 Langley. Emmett Ray, Athens, 427, 190 Langston, Chas. Lee, Rome, 440 Langston, Eliz. Lynn, Miami Beach, Fla., 427, 174 Langston, Nancy Carol, Cave Springs, 427, 98 Langtry, Florence E., Albany, 440, 98, 129 Lanham, Donna Eliz., Decatur, 440, 98, 129 Lanier, John Vaughan, Metier, 375 Lanier, Mary Eliz., Athens, 427, 129 Lanier, Wm. Luther, Athens, 353 Lanier, Willis E., Cobbtown, 455 Lankewicz, Frank H., Butler, Penn., 259 Lankford, Berthene C, Athens, 381 Lankford, James H., Easley, S.C., 427 Lapenna, Ralph Edward, Liverpool, N.Y.. 427 Lariscy. Winifred P., Sylvania, 440, 177 Larkin, Robert Milton, Ringgold, 427, 140 Larrieu. Michael E., Atlanta, 440 Larson, James S., Jr., Marietta, 440, 197 Laghley, Carole L., Burlington, N.C., 440 Lasky, Sandra Ann, Savannah, 368, 220 Laslie, Bobby Lamar, Attapulgus, 400, 139, 403 Lassiter, Donna C, Atlanta, 441, 118, 298 Lassiter, Wm. Albert, Tifton, 375, 154 Laster, Pamelia Anne, Porterdale, 427 Lathem. Sally K., Canton, 455, 118 Latz, Mary Ann Eliz., Atlanta, 427, 177 Laughter, Kent Leon, Andrews, N.C., 353, 186 Laurent, Eugene A., Bartow, Fla., 259 Lavender, Frances, G., Elberton, 441 Lewis, Irvin Arvie, Hazlehurst, 409 Lewis, James G., Jr., Falls Church Va., 154 Lewis, John SprouU, Cartersville, 455, 190 Lewis, Lillie Carol, Brunswick, 441, 157 Lewis, Linda Ann, Flowery Branch, 368, 118 Lewis, Thomas Jackson, Sylvania, 368, 224 Libby, Barbara Ann, Atlanta, 441, 242 Libby. James M., Jr., Atlanta, 195 Libowsky, Elaine S. Atlanta 368 Lichner, Jon Alan, Bronx 62, N.Y. 427 Ligon, Grover C. III., Brookeville, Md. 455, 419 Ligon, Twala Rea, Warner Robins, 441 Liles, Joyce Ann, Leslie, 330 Lill, Gordon Talmadge, Bostwick, 455 Lilly, Johnnye L., Lilly, 441, 167 Lim, Lay, 455 Linder, Tom, 75 Lindsay, Cotton M., Atlanta, 354, 294 Lindsey, Anita L., Dublin, 441, 104, 118 Lindsey, Jerold N., Albany, 441 Lindsey. Linda Diane, GrifHn, 455, 181 Lindsey, Robt. Addison, Athens, 411 Lindstedt, Alfred D., Mableton, 343 Lindstrom, Donald Jr., Atlanta, 455, 394 Lineberger, Robert B., Gray, 455 Lines. Jean P., Decatur, 427, 104 Lingle, Gerald Lloyd, Avondale Est. 441 99, 197 Linton, Roger Charles, Rome, 455 Lippold, Anne Louise, Atlanta, 441, 174 Lipson, Eric Michael, Macon, 455 124 318 Little, Betty J., Eatonton, 45 5 Little, Jonothan R., Clermont, 441 Little, Peggy Earline, East Point, 455, 143 Little, Samuel Fenn, Athens, 402 Little, Sara Alice, Athens, 201 Little, Tom F. Jr., Ocilla, 427, 165 Littlejohn, Neal B.. Columbua, 398, 170, 403 Lloyd, Kenneth R., Atlanta, 455, 266, 197 Lobel, Joel Charles, Atlanta, 455, 124 Loberhaum, David, 124 Loeb, Marilyn, Atlanta, 455 Loewy, James E., Philadelphia Pa., 455 Loflin, Patricia, Augusta, 441 Logan, Nancy Marie, Atlanta. 441 Lokey, Stephen S., Atlanta, 171 London, Carl Jerry, Cornelia, 337, 107 298. 95 London, Maylon Kermit, Cornelia, 82, 78, 337, 402. 107. 84. 95 Long, Helen Martin, Thomasville, 427 U7 Long, Jerry Lee, Augusta, 330 Long, John Wheat, Bainhridge. 455 Long, Richard Harold, Griffin, 416 Long, Richard Herbert, Athans, 419 Long, Robert Claude. Decatur, 455. 140 Long. Robert Walter, Washington, 315, 376, 377 Loo, Ouock Gay, Augusta, 441. 376 Loper, Coleta Belinda, Alma, 387 Lorberbaum, David S., New York City, N. Y.. 455 Lord, Jackie Ann, Athens, 455. 122 Lothridgc, Patricia E., Gainesville, 387, 122 Lott, Ernest Calvin. Decatur, 455 Lott, Sandra Lee, Tampa, Fla., 441, 98, :77 Loudermilk, James A., Sandy Springs, 455, 197 Louza, Judy Ann, Savannah, 441, 220 Lovelace, Everett D., Indianola, Miss., 441, 170 Loveless Patricia D., Chickamauga, 455, 118 Lovin, Diane, Brunswick, 441, 157 Lovvom, Robyn, Forsyth, 338 Low, Frederick C. Jr., Towson 4, Md., 455, 376, 197, 290 Lavine, Beverly Marie, Sea Island, 441 Laws, Edward Patrick, Chicopee, 441 Lawson, Clarage C, Jr., Columbia, S. C, 455 Lawson, Eliz Dee. Gainesville, 427, 92, 129 Lawson, Jerry Carlton, Adrian, 441 Lawson, Jimmy Neal, Adrian, 441. 197 Lawson. Joseph H., Jr., Sharpsburg, 455, 170 Lawson, Richard Allen, Augusta, 330 Lawton, James Fowler. Soperton, 353 Lawton, Spencer. Jr., Atlanta, 455, 170 Lay, Bonny Gay, Shellman, 455, 389, 167 Lay, Mary Carol, Atlanta, 455 Layman, Sydney Gene, Winter Haven, Fla. 427. 135 Layton, Chas. E., Ill, Waycross, 427, 224, 270 Lea, Kenneth Hardin, Hapeville, 455, 343 Lea, Richard Norton, Atlanta, 427, 90, 152 Leake, Judith Irene. Rossville, 427, 104 Leaphart, Betty F.. Jesup, 368, 147 Leaphart, Patricia, Jesup, 455, 177 Leathers, Camilla E., Athens, 455, 201 Leatherwood, Curtis N., East Point, 455 Leavy, Charlotte L., Brunswick, 368, 201 LeCain, Wm. Kimball, Darien, 455, 231 Lee, Brenda Karen. Decatur, 455, 143, 150 Lee, Henrietta Ann, College Park, 455 Lee, James Bothwell, Augusta, 441, 186 Lee, James Edmond, Monroe, 416 Lee, Julian R., 381 Lee, Raleigh Randall, Waycross, 441 Lee, Raymond H., Jr., Norcross, 455 Lee, Thomas Ferrell. Millwood, 427 Lee, Thomas Michael, Winder, 455 Lee, Virginia A., Statesboro, 427 Lee, William Spencer, Albany, 455, 193 Lee, William W. Jr., Bishop, 455, 224 Leebern, Fate Daniel, Columbus, 427, 256, 215 Leggett, Dealva, Jesup. 427, 394, 296 Leggett, Genevieve. Jesup, 441 Leggett, Lora D., Macon, 455, 121 Leggett, Mary Elaine, Baxley, 441, 177 LeGrande, Wm. E., Jr., Douglassville, Pa., 455, 190 Lehocky, Alan John, Lincolnton, 455 Leibo, Marsha C, Jacksonville, Fla., 441 Leigh, Fay Lucile, Decatur, 441, 118 Leistle. Peter Frank. Forest Park, 345 Leiter, Paula Sue, Atlanta, 455 Lemon. Sandra Floy, Ft. Lee, Va., 441, 118 Lemperle, Gail Anne, Staten Island, N. Y.. 441 Lentz, Wm. Dudley. Ringgold, 455, 190 Leroy, Caroline Grist, Augusta, 330, 135 Lester, Cornelia Anne, Tampa. Fla., 441, 177 Lester, Ramonda Nell, Rockmart, 441, 157, 298 Lester, Sherry C. Royston, 455 Leverett. Marjorie S., Athens, 408 Leverette, Dorothy G.. Ashbum, 455, 338 Levin, Kenneth Hyman, Atlanta, 353, 235 Levinson, Laura F., Rome, 427, 220 Levy, Alan Joseph, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 354, 70. 235 Levy, Jay Sheldon, Atlanta, 441 Levy, Rita Jane, Columbus, 441, 124 Lewis, Annie Laura. Hampton, 441 Lewis, Barbara Joann, Rome, 387, 388 Lewis, George R., Warner Robins, 455, 96 Lewis. Hodges Alvin, Eatonton. 427. 79 Lowe. James C, Jr., Athens, 312, 317 Lowe. Pamela. Macon, 455. 148 Lowe, Robert Hendley, Athens, 312, Lowenthal, David P.. Savannah, 455 Lowery. Clifford C, Monroe. 394. 291 290 Lowery, Mercer B.. Jr., Monroe. 455, 226 Lowey. Joel, 124 Lowrey, Samuel M. 84, 95 Lowry, Alice Els 320 Rome, 316, 107, p. Macon, 330. 129 Lowry, Harry Ethridge, Rockmart. 414 Lowry. Marcus Wardlow, Decatur, 441 Lowry. Marvin Mark, Moultrie, 343 Lowry. Wm. Minnis, Jr., Greenville. Miss.. 170 Loyd. Eva Sue, Decatur, 441, 135 Loyd, Jerry Leslie, Atlanta. 455, 190 Loyd, Pfggy Louise. Athens. 354, 106 Luber, Herman Paul, Ridgefield, N.J., 312. 318 Lucchese. Mary C. Atlanta, 441, 20 Luckenbill. Mary L., New Canaan, Conn.. 441. 181 Luckey, Grady Alrx. Augusta, 259 Luedtke, Robert E.. Marietta. 441 Lukatch, Gary Cook. Atlanta. 455, 232 Luke. Kathryn L.. Decatur, 455. 129 LummuB, Robert H.. Ill, Atlanta. 455, 186 Lurey, Marsha Adrle, Greer, S. C, Lurey, Rosanne, Augusta, 455, 220, 455 288 Lyle, Linda Carol, Memphis, Tenn., 148 Lyles, Margaret Fay, Toccoa. 441 Lyles. Wm. Douglas, Macon, 441 Lynch, Brenda Marie, Atlanta, 441 Lynch, Travis Taylor, Monticello, 402 Lyne, Hiram O., Ill, Front Royal, Va., 416 Lynn, Harmon Taylor, Smyrna, 455, 190 Lyons, James Richard, Brunswick, 354 M MacFarlane, Nancy Ann, Atlanta, 441 MacGregor, Ida, H., St. Simons Island, 428, 174 Maclntyre, Janet J., Gainesville, 382 339, 341 MacKenzie, Bruce A., Hartwell, 441 Maddox, Clarence E,, Barnesville, 354 Maddox, Dean A., Augusta, 428 Maddox, Hazel C, Colbert, 455 Maddox, Ila Ann, Chatsworth, 387 Maddox, Jodye Kathryn, Griffin, 455, 157 Maddox, John Raymond, Miami, Fla., 257 Maddox, Joseph Horace, Luell.1, 231 Madray, David Larry, Jesup, 455, 226 Maffett, Shirley Wood, Montezuma, 428, 181 Maguire, Samuel Fislce, Augusta, 403 Maguire, Wm. Floirnoy, Augusta, 455, 216 Mahany, Joseph E., Savannah, 354 Mahler, Myra Jenkins, Athens, 441, 167 Makavitt, Mark H., Atlanta, 455 Malcom, George E., Jr., Decatur, 343 Malcolm, Sammy F., Fitzgerald, 354 Malcon, G. Edward, Jr., 441 Malcolm, Jerry Lee, Statham, 441 Malcolm, Nancy Jayne, Monroe, 330, 129, 277 Malcom, Robert Ellis, Monroe, 312, 186 Mallard, Wade Videtto, Augusta, 428 Mallery, Chas. Henry, Oakland, N.J., 455, 165 Mallory, Jack T., Jr., Atlanta, 428, 224 Malone, Michael, Dublin, 330, 170 Malone, Thomas B., Macon, 231 Malone, Thomas Wm., Albany, 441, 140 Malone, Thomas Hugh, Oneida, N.Y., 428 Manderson, Joseph B., Atlanta, 354, 170, 273, 272 Mangham, James P., Jr., Breman, 455, 193 Mangham, Jay Rivers, Bremen, 428, 201 Manion, Gaile Sharron, Stone Mountain, 395 Manley, Allen Edward, Alto, 428 Manley, James Barton, Marietta, 455 Manly, Nada Rebecca, Alto, 455, 104 Mann, Donald Lewis, Atlanta, 441, 316 Mann, Edward L., Jr., Macon. 455 Mann, Joe Wesley, Royston, 291 Mann, Marilyn Sue, McRae, 455 Mann, Samuel W. Jr., Atlanta, 330, 197 Mann, Wm. Crawford, Athens, 455 Manning, Douglas E., Knoxville, Tenn., 428, 186 Manning, Evelyn P., Anderson, S.C., 455 Manry, Gordon T. Jr., Edison, 428 Mansell, James Marcus, Roswell, 316 Mansell, Robert S., Roswell, 317 Mansfield, John L., Albany, 428, 360 Mansfield, William, II, Atlanta. 354, 361 Mansour, Kathryn E., Barnesville, 368, 93, 242 Manter, Carol Elaine, Augusta, 330, 143 Manter, Mary Augusta, Augusta, 455, 144, 100 Manton, John Paul, Decatur, 455 Marbury, Joe S., Jr., Atlanta, 441, 190 Marcus, Joseph Leo, Savannah, 441, 235 Maret, Charles David, Lavonia, 407, 411 Maret, Martha Elaine, Lavonia. 441 Marett, Rosemary, Hartwell. 428 Marines, A. Robert, III, Seattle, Wash., 455 Marini, Rogelio N., Argentina, 354 Markel, Roberta, Columbia, S. C, 330, 220 Markey, Helen K., Waycross, 368, 118 Marks. John Alvin, Savannah. 331 Marks, Lloyd Robert, Cleveland Hts., Ohio, 354, 125 Marks, Meryl, New Orleans, La., 441, 220 Marks. Wm. Earl, Jr., Augusta, 441, 81, 170. 463 Marsh. Robt. Jefferson, Chicago. 111., 441. 216 ■ Marshall, Allen W., Ill, Griffin, 456, 221 Marshall, George H., Jr., Appling, 456 Marshall, Jabez Orion, Evans, 436 Marshall, Nelson. 428, 190 Marshall. Priscilla A.. Blakely, 428. 148 Mart Susan Jane. Athens, 441. 201 Martin, Charles Billy. Smyrna. 345 Martin. Charles R., Dawson. 441, 81 Martin. Charles W., .Savannah, 428, 343 Martin, David Pryor, Falls Church, Va., 456 Martin, Ellen Clare, Atlanta, 441, 122 Martin, Frank Kieffer, Columbus, 400, 403, 216 Martin. Gertrude S., Atlanta, 456 Martin, Joe Bernard, Decatur, 428. 257 Martin, John Pierce, Atlanta. 441, 216 Martin, Kay Coates, Flemington, 441, 144 Martin, Lawrence, Savannah, 456, 235 Martin, Nancy Carol, Gainesville, 456, 209 Martin, Patricia Goff, Atlanta, 456, 345 Martin, Robert Bruce, Blakely, 416, 133 Martin, Robt. Winston, Hinesville, 400, 402 Martin, Thomas Edward, Cartersville, 354 Martin, Thomas Myron, Lithonia. 456 Mashburn, Betty Sue, Pineview, 382, 328 Mason, Carole Ruth, Perry, 456, 167 Mason, Chloe Eliz, Decatur, 456, 148, 298 Mason, Louis Michael, Takoma Park, Md., 441, 419 Mason, Lynne Neely, Atlanta, 456 Mason, Oscar Franklin, Gastonia, N.C., 400, 186 Massari, Janice J., Tampa, Fla., 456, 122 Massett, Franklin L., Athena, 312, 319 Massey, James M., Ill, Waycross, 375 Massey, Joseph P., Columbus, 354 Massey, Ward Douglas, Camesville, 456 Mastistic, Vic, 259 Matheson, Charlotte M., Tampa, Fla., 428, 394, 118 Mathews, Henry M., Dixie, 331 Mathews, Heyward H., Orlando, Fla., 331 Mathews, Janice O., Gay, 441, 98 Mathias, Charlotte B., East Point, 428, 157 Mathis, Donald Louis, Calhoun, 441 Mathis, Howard Doyal, Calhoun, 441, 337 Mathis, James David, Gainesville, 441, 394 Mathison, Larry B., Waycross, 354, 361 Matthews, Betty M., Smyrna, 428, 456, 201, 298 Matthews, Harriett, Kansas City, Mo., 331 Matthews, James J., Carrollton, 260 Matthews, Jane A., Villa Rica, 456, 177 Matthews, Jimmy Keith, Moultrie, 133 Matthews, Judith A., Dallas, Ca., 106 Matthews, Lawton V., Moultrie, 456 Matthews, Martha Kay, Pavo, 441, 148 Matthews, Nancy M., Hartwell, 441, 91 Matthews, Richard M., Bowdon, 375 Matthews, Virginia J., Fitzgerald, 456, 345 Matthews, Wayne G., Augusta, 428, 15S Matthiessen, Robt. C., Ellijay, 331 Mattox, Harry W., Murphy, N. C, 35 Mattox, Ja ' ies Douglas, Elberton, 456, 376 Mauldin, John F., Jr., Bogart, 456 Maulsby, Gilbert, III, Tifton, 187 Maund, Janet Anne Columbus 428 Maxson, Frank B., Bladensburg, Md., 419 Maxwell, Carol Lou I., Athens, 382 Maxwell, Charles E., Brunswick, 354 Maxwell, Charles E., Athens. 398, 403 Maxwell, Charles V., Jr., Meigs, 428 Maxwell, Clenda J., Macon, 441, 174 Maxwell, Martha S., Augusta, 354, 122 May, Carole Ruth, Clayton, 441, 242 May, Charles Bush, Bainbridge, 441, 216 May, George B., Marietta, 400, 336, 402 May, Robert Marius, Churchville, Va., 419 May, William 0., Jr., Moultrie, 416 Mayher, Frances L.. Columbus, 331, 182 Maynard, Charles, Athens, 376 Mayo, Wayne Herman, Macon, 456 Mays, Louie Chandler, Midville, 354 Mays, Rebie Parker, Millen, 428. 148 McAdams, Spurgeon A., Athens, 456 McAIpin, Jamea L., Tallapoosa, 456 McAlpin, William K., Blackshear, 354 McAlum, Grady Fennis, Waycross, 428, 359 McBride, Michael T., Villa Rica, 441, 79, 81, 190 McBroom, Joan Eliz, Columbus, 167 McCain Charles Alton. Atlanta, 428, 197 McCall, Kelsey K., Savannah, 428, 224 McCall, Larry Thomas, Danielsville, 456 McCamy, Thomas L., Dalton, 456, 152 McCants, Edward G., Jr., Covington, 441 McCart, Wm. Grant, Covington, 441, 81 McCarthy, Edmond V., Jr., Ozone Park, N. Y., 312 McCarthy, Judith B., Waresboro, 456 McCarty, Donald E., Athens, 428 McCarty, Thomas M.. Forsyth, 375, 376, 154 McCay, Andrew F., Cordele. 320 McClelland, Ernest R., Douglas, 152 McClelland, James, III, Atlanta, 456 McClelland, Virginia. Millwood, 428 McCleskey, Doris K.. Atlanta, 428, 411 McClure. Donald A., Albany, 441 McClure, Peggy Ann, Covington, 441, 201 McClurg, Linda Kay, LaGrange, 456 McCollum, Barbara Lee, Eatonton, 456 McCollum. James H., Jr., Fairmont, N. C 456, 186 McCollum, James Roger, Kingsland, 354, 212 McCommons, Rollin M., Greensboro, 331, 194, 336, 94 McCommons. Wm. B., Jr., Thomas. 441 McConnell, Levis, Jr., Warner Robins, 456 McConnell, Thomas J.. Athens, 96 McCook, Thomas Harlan, Macon, 428, 345 McCook, Thomas L., Jr., Atlanta, 456, 217 McCorkle, Juanita, Tazewell, 387 iKinii- OirHl ' - H , Snto ' I McCormick, James T., Canandaigua. N. Y., 441, 194 McConen, James C, III, Macon, 407, 411 McCracken, Emily J., Avera, 441, 242 McCranie, Curtis C, Eastman, 354 McCuUoch, Nancy R., Atlanta, 441, 157 McCuilough, Annette, Eastman, 428 McCullough, Wm. Howard, Macon, 225, 257 McCurdy, James C, Jr., Manchester, 411 McCurdy. Walter P., Jr., Decatur, 403 McCurry, Marcia Ann, McDonough, 456, 177 McDaniel. Charles, Jr., Thomaston, 441, 224 McDaniel. Danny F., Rock Springs, 456 McDaniel, David M., Atlanta, 456 McDaniel, John Dana, Atlanta, 354, 133, 296 McDonald, Anne M., Gainesville, 428, 157, 106 McDonald, Elvyn J., Athens, 331 McDonald, Ernest C, Dalton, 337, 402 McDonald, Gloria, Metuchen, N. J., 456, 167 McDonald, Jesse L., Jr., LaGrange, 375, 133. 239 McDonald, Richard, Jr., Metuchen, N. J., 375, 154 McDonald, Walter H., East Point, 354, 91 McDonell, Gary T., Atlanta, 354 McDougald, Charles C, Americus, 331, 277 McDowell, Lee Russell, Lyons, N. Y., 428 McDowell, Marie L., Atlanta, 441, 144 McDuH, Beverly D., Austell, 456, 135 McDuffie Clilton S., Fitzgerald, 441 McDuffie, Richard C, Adelphi, Md., 419 McDuffie, Sandra D., Carnesville, 387 McEachern, Philip J., Tallahassee, Fla., 428, 194, 257 McElderry, Nancy Eliz, Augusta, 424, 174 McElhannon, Fayette M., Athens, 441, 81 McElhannon, James S., Winder, 354 McElmurray, Forrest H., Atlanta, 428, 91, 99, 133 McElmurray, Nancy E., Augusta, 428 McElmurray, Ruth K., Augusta, 331, 201, 463 McElveen, Alan Rimes, Sylvania, 456, 224 McFall, Timothy Hayes, Robins A.F.B., 345. 402, 342 McFalls. Douglas L.. Rome, 456, 259 McFarlin, Asatene, Carnesville, 368 McCarity, Sarah L., Moultrie, 441, 201 McGarvey, Cormac M., Brunswick, 441, 226 McGaughey, Judy C, Monroe, 456 McGeady, John E., Duluth, 225 McCee, Delia Anne, Wadesboro, N. C, 331, 174 McGee, Mackie Ware. Atlanta, 441, 157 McGee, Ruby Malilee. Atlanta, 428, 242 McGee, William Lee. Red Oak, 441 McGibony, James T., Jr., Bethesda 14, Md., Ul, 194 McCilvray, Chandler, Atlanta, 428, 194 McGlamery, Andrew Joe, Statesboro, 441 McGowan, Donald R., Marietta, 456 McGregor, Martin L., Jr., Rossville, 331, 287. 190 McGriif. George E., Jr., Melrose, Fla., 354, 216 McGuire, Amy Lillian, Chickamauga, 331, 74, 85. 167 McGuire. Samuel F.. 403 Mcllwain. James Wade. Camden, S. C.» 354 Mclntire, Eliz Malone, Savannah, 456, 182 Mcintosh, James Lee. Dalton. 216 Mcintosh. Peggy I.. Covington. 428 Mclntyre. James T., Jr., Atlanta, 400, 165. 403 Mclntyre. Margaret L., Athens, 428, 388, 389, 167 McKay, Rosemary, Atlanta 6,456 McKelvey, James Lee, Rockmart, 441, 316 McKenny, Chas., J., Ill, Jacksonville, Fla.. 354, 256 McKenny, William Dee, Jacksonville, Fla., 355. 256 McKenzie Joe H., Jr., Milledgeville, 441, 187 McKinney, Aaron Smith, Abbeville, 312, 315 McKinney, Edward D.. Atlanta. 355. 165, 360 McKinney, James Emory, Cordele, 456 McKinney. John S.. Atlanta. 456, 154 McKinnon, Philip S., Dixie, 355 McKnight, Wm. Douglas, Albany, 144 McLain. Ceraldine. Valdosta. 428 McLane. Albert Philip. Valdosta, 456, 345 McLane, Hubert Arthur, Valdosta, 337, 403 McLane. James Ray, Athena, 428, 106, 190 McLane, Walter Tyson, Valdosta, 441, 221 McLauchlin, Mary Nell, Tampa, Fla., 441, 98, 129 McLemore, Andrea Eliz, Albany, 456 McLendon, Bennie D., Cuthbert, 442, 190 McLendon, Robert E.. Blakely. 410, 190 McLendon, Robert R., Jr., Blakely, 355, 194 McLendon, Robert R., Jr., Edison, 442 McLeod. Daniel Melvin. Augusta. 355 McLeroy, James R., Jr., Augusta, 428 Mcl.ocklin, Boyd S., Statham, 428 McLocklin, Jerry A., 442 McLoughlin, C. John, Atlanta. 456, 96 McMains, Harrison, 111, Huntsville, Ala., 428, 216 McMennamy, John A., Marietta, 456 McMillan, Christopher, Tifton, 355 McMillan, Daniel W., Macon, 256 McMillan, Florence L., Thomasville, 428, 148 McMillan, Henry H., Demorest, 107 McMillen, Catherine H., Atlanta, 331, 92, 93, 182 McMullen, John Daniel, Port Wentworth, 456 McMurray. Ernest L.. Jr., Atlanta, 331 McNabb, Terry Sharon, Erwin, Tenn., 428 McNair, Howard Pierce, Thomson, 428 McNeely, Evelyn Craig, Toccoa. 428, 122 McNeely, Marilyn D., Athens, 368 McNeely, Thomas S., Toccoa, 355, 226, 419 McNeill, John T., Jr., Thomson, 442, 171 McNew, Wallace E., Jr., Portsmouth, Va., 382 McNulty. Wm. David, Madison, 456 McPhail Eleanor F., Atlanta, 428, 148 McPherson, Donald Lee, Dawson, 428, 316 McPherson, James L., Dawson, 442 McRae, Dorothy Ann., Ridgewood, N. J., 456, 341, 167. 95 McRae. Genevieve D., Decatur, 387 McRae, Wm. Milton, Eastman, 428, 190 McSwain, Homer E., Jackson, 428, 216 McTeer, Robert D., Jr., Ranger, 442, 224, 336 McVay, Helen Patricia, Columbus, 342, 338 McVinnie, Brian C. Atlanta, 428, 165 McWhorter, Jerry P., Chamblee. 456 McWhorter. Mary E.. Decatur. 442. 174 Meaders, Rebecca B.. Commerce, 428, 182 Meadors, Katherine, Albany, 456, 172 Meadows, Ernest W., Jr., Athens, 318 Mealor. Lucy Frances. Athens. 456 Mealor. Olen Grover. Lawrenceville. 456 Means. Barthel An.. Atlanta. 442, 179 Means, Caroline Anne, Comer. 355. 179 Medders. Robert Leo. Brunswick. 456, 290 Medford, Emily Jane, Tifton, 428, 242 Medlin, Douglas Sam, Atlanta, 345, 456 Medlock, Florence B., Western Springs, III., 157 Medlock, Mike Parks, Atlanta, 331, 293, 287, 298 Meedk, Harold Firth, Atlanta, 428, 190 Meeks, Alton P., Jr., Alma, 428, 199 Meeks, Joseph Donald, Belton, S. C, 342, 338 Megar, Patricia Eliz, Coral Cables, Fla., 456 Meinking. Karl H., Queens Village 27, N. Y., 312 Mellette, Bonnie D.. Blakely. 387. 179 Mellichamp, Stuart P., Toccoa, 456 Melton, John Chives. GaRney. S. C. 442, 186 Melton, Martha Carol. Monroe. 456 Melvin. John M.. Jefferson. 355. 186, 294 Memory, Samuel W., Waycross, 442, 224 Mendelson, Loyd Alan, Atlanta, 331, 235 Menze, Henry John, Jr., Malveme, N. Y., 456 Mercer, Henry Dwight, Blakely, 428 Mercer, James C, Jr., McDonough, 355 Meredith, Gilbert B., Atlanta, 442, 216 Meredith, James Robt., Powder Springs, 442, 343 Merkley, Jack Wilbum. Buffalo 10, 382 Merrell, Charles R., Roopville, 416 Merren, Michael David. Albany, 428, 345, 235 Merritt. Panna. Decatur, 428, 148 Merry, Finley H., Augusta, 403 Messer, John D., Jr., Athens, 456, Messina. Leonard Jos., Brooklyn, N. Y.. 319 Metz. Mary Crews, Greenville, S. 456, 174 Mewborn, George Wayne, Royston, 428 Mewborne, James H., Winder, 393 Michael. John Robert. Bogart. 368 Michel, John Ney, Atlanta 9. 456 Micheli. Patricia E.. Hapeville. 456 Mickey. Raymond Frank, OakBeld, N.Y., 428, 319 Middlebrooks. Joseph, Macon, 428, 199 Middlebrooks, Thomas, Athens, 442, 193 Middleton, Hendley C, Darien, 442, 193 Middleton, Martha Ann., Ludowici, 456, 182 Middleton, Mary Ellen, Decatur, 456 Miles. Laura Anne. Baxley. 442. 148 Miles. Robert Donald. Baxley. 400, 403 Miles, Wm. David, Baxley, 170 Miley, Robert Wm., Savannah, 375 Milledge, Ann H., Atlanta, 442, 201 Miller, Alexander, Jr., Macon, 398, 403 Miller, Arthur L., Jr., Moultrie, 442, 193 Miller, Barbara Anne, Decatur, 442, 242 Miller, Betsy Jones, Macon, 428, 122 Miller, Carol Lee. Athens, 428, 91, 242, 94 Miller, Carole Joan, Highland Park, III., 456, 242, 288 Miller, Charles M., Trion, 428, 140, 337, 393 Miller, David Earl, Monroe, N. Y., 456, 235 Miller, David Eugne, Augusta, 442 Miller, Esther Eliz, Atlanta 17, 442 Miller, Gordon P., Laurel Springs, N. C, 428. 419 Miller. Helen Harley. Rockmart. 456, 167 Miller, Irving Howard, Augusta, 442, 235 Miller, Jamea C, III, Conyers, 442 290 35. C, Miller, Joey Hugh, Moultrie, 260, 274, 275 Miller, Marsha Ann, McBean, 393 Miller. Ralph H.. Jr.. Cartersville, 442 Miller, Robt. Wayne, College Park, 428, 81, 224, 336, 94 Miller, Rochelle L., Atlanta, 142 Miller, Wm., Olin, Albany, 428 Millians, Robert W., Newnan, 331 Millikan, Troy Rivers, Savannah, 456, 336, 170 Mills, Isaac P., Jr., MiUen, 407, 224, 411 Mills, Penelope F., Chamblee, 456, 100, 242 Mills, Willard J., Jr., Athens, 225 Milner, Thomas H., Athens, 442, 268, 216 Mims, Harold Clifton, Augusta, 428 Mims, Melinda Lee, Athens, 174, 456 Mims, Sandra Edith, Pavo, 428, 408, 411 Minchey, Marshall V., Athens, 411 Minnich, Katherine N., Atlanta, 456, 148 Minnich, Wm. R., Jr., Atlanta, 442, 193 Minser, Patricia M., Oak Ridge, Tenn., 382 Minter, Milton M., Jr., Donalsonville, 456 226 Minter, Nancy Maude, Elberton, 382 Mintz, Harold Richard, Marietta, 456, 345, 96 Mirvis, Lois Frances, Norfolk 5, Va., 456, 220 Mishoe, Margaret Ann., Cordele, 442, 242 Mitcham, Nancy C, Ludowici, 456 Mitchell. Barbara F., Atlanta 10, 442, 129, 298 Mitchell, Ernie Wiley, Athens, 355, 216 Mitchell, Gloria Anne, Duluth, 428 Mitchell, Jess A., San Francisco, Calif.. 442, 226 Mitchell, Marvin A., Jr., Atlanta, 170 Mitchell, Nancy Ann, Wrightsville, 456 Mitchell, Sandra Lynn, Svavannah, 428 Mize, Joe Gerald, Macon. 456 Mladinich. Chris John. Richmond, Va., 428 Mobley, David Harvey, Decatur, 416 Moble . Eliz Dale, Decftur, 456, 122 Mobley, Garner C, Jr., Savannah, 428, 170 Mobley, George W., Jr., Augusta, 442, 155 Mock, Ivey Clark Jr., Augusta, 355, 361 Modzelewski, Eugene D., West Natrona, Pa., 259 Mogel, Monica Ina D., Augusta, 98 Mohammed, Saher, Baghdad, Iraq, 382 Momon, Reatha Geneva, Rome, 428, 98 Monahan, Charles P., Cameron, N. Y., 318 Monfort, Wm., Reese, Jr., Dawson, 312, 82, 293, 315, 317, 337, 75, 107 316, 84, 287, 95 Monica, Phyllis Lee, Atlanta, 442, 201 Monroe, James Robert, Cartersville, 442 Monroe, Katherine E., .Ashhurn, 456 Montague, Mary C, Lookout Mtn. Montante, Marie C, New York, N. Y., 456, 144 Montcsani, Michael P., New York City, N. Y., 442, 212 Montgomery, Cecil M., Butler, 428 Montgomery. H. B., Ill, Atlanta, 442, 186 Montgomery, Lee, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 256. 195 Montgomery, Patricia, Knoxville. Tenn., 428, 122 Montoya, Victor, Jr., Vidalia, 428 Moody, Carolyn Dove, Richmond, Va., 4-42 Moody, John Walker, Newnan, 259 Moody, Johnny L., Greensboro, 428 Moody, Thomas Edward, Atlanta, 442 Moon, Hubert Dan, Atlanta, 368 Mooney. James L.. Charlotte. N. C, 256 Mooney, John Lewis, Franklin, 313, 316, 315 Moore, Billy Carter, Franklin Springs, 331, 316 Moore, Clarence M., Willacoochee, 375. 133 Moore. Emily Fay. Anniston. Ala., 456, 336, 179 Moore, George, III, Atlanta. 442. 141 Moore, George W., Ill, Gainesville, 403, 216 Moore, Isaac J.. Elberton. 393, 419 Moore, James H., Jr., Atlanta, 456 Moore, James Horace. Griffin, 99, 171 Moore, Judith Elise, Atlanta, 368, 167 Moore, Marsha Gail, Nashville, 98 Moore, Richard Dennis, Athens, 313, 318 Moore, Sherry Anne, Atlanta, 442, 148 Moore, Thomas J., Jr.. Waycross, 400, 403. 216 Moore. Wm.. Allison, Newborn, 316 Moore, Wm. Theodore, Jr., Savannah, 401 171, 318. 274 Moorehead. Dennis L.. Athens. 227, 456 Morehead, Johnny C, Ocilla, 428 Moreland. Emily S., Chatsworth, 428, 408, 411, 118 Moret, Suzanne Good, Atlanta, 442 Morgan. Angela Chas.. Augusta, 191 Morgan, Byron Douglas, Roanoke, Va., 428 Morgan, Linda lone. Augusta, 368, 201 Morgan, Linda Jeannie, Stone Mtn., 442, 98, 129 Morgan. Stephen C, Hawkinsville, 456, 190 Morgan, Thomas Truitt, LaGrange, 401, 193, 403 Moring, Joel J., Jr., Soperton, 355 Morris, Chas. D., Jr., Wilmington, Del., 456 Morris, Chas. Kenneth, East Point, 456 Morris. Claude Marlin, East Point, 355 Morris. Dale Rayhurn. Gainesville, 320 Morris, Eliz Marshall, Marietta, 456 Morris, Eugene B., Jr., Atlanta, 442, 216 Morris, James Harold, Gadsden, Ala., 260 Morris. Kenneth T., Hartwell, 368. 259 Morris, Lewis Alan, Atlanta, 428, 125 Morris, Michael A., Bartow, 456 Morris, Shelba Jean, Thomaston, 428 Morris, Thedford A., Thomaston, 456 Morris, Thornton W., Rome, 355, 360 Morrison, Dorothy L., Decatur, 456, 129 Morrison, Herschel J., Decatur, 393, 165 Morrison, James P., Ill, Glenwood, 456, 394. 155 Morrison. Joseph. Jr., Savannah, 428 Morrison, Leslie Ann., Atlanta, 442, 157, 345, 342, 344 Morrison, Marilyn C, Atlanta, 442, 242, 298 Morrison, Sarah Jane, Commerce, 442 Morrow, Eben Sturges, Brevard, N. C, 442, 99, 376, 290 Morrow. Thomas E.. Decatur. 442 Morse. Jenny Lynn, Atlanta, 442, 201, 298 Morse, John Daniel, Atlanta 5, 355, 140 Morse, Patricia A., San Francisco, Calif., 428 Morse, William Edgar, Atlanta, 377 Morton, Fred Singer, Americus, 216 Morton, Jann Lillys, Gray, 442, 157 Morton, Sandra R.. Athens, 442 Mosbcy, James Stewart. Athens. 442 Moscardelli. Francis, Quincy, Mass., 96 Moseley, Genelda, Soperton, 428, 389 Moseley, Hubert D., Jr., Dawson, 428, 193 Moseley, James Wayne, Dublin, 401, 402 Moseley. Louie R.. Jr.. Athens, 442 Moseley, Wm., John, Eastanollee, 355, 224 Moser, Douglas Scott. Atlanta. 429, 452 Moseley. Anne Lynn, Columbus, 442 Mosseller, Gerald A., Cottage City, Md., 419 Mosteller, Joyce W., Athens, 429 Mote, Jacqueline H., Decatur, 429 Mouchet, Philip Jess, Atlanta, 456, 194 Mower, Linda Sue, Atlanta, 442, 144, 345 Mowry, Jas. Bedell, Jr., Atlanta, 403 Moye. Hayden Hugh, Leary, 442, 411, 197 Mozingo, Jerry Lee, Rock Hill, S. C 187 Muckenfuss, Eileen, Summerville, S. C, 382 Muehlhauer, Frederick, West Seneca 24, N. Y., 429, 317 Mueller, Carribel S., Athens, 342, 338 Mugharbel. Mokhless K., Syria, U.A.R., 387, 319 Mulkey, Arnold P., Jr., Millen, 331, 194 Mulkey, Fred Paul. Dalton, 442, 81 Mull, Kenneth Leroy, Augusta, 456, 224 Mull, Wilbur Charles, Albion, N. Y., 429, 133 Mullino, Eliz Anne, Savannah, 179 Mullins, Willice R., Jr., Columbus. 429, 171 Mund, Robin Myles, Bronx 58, N. Y., 429 Mundy, Chas. Louis, Jr., Atlanta 11, 429 Mundy, John E., Ill, Waynesboro, 355, 216 Munoz, Judith Beverly, Atlanta, 393, 92, 93, 135 Murdock. Arthur E.. Springfield, N. J., 429, 165 Murnan. George E., Jr.. W. Hyattsville, Md., 382, 419 Murphree, Mary M., Gainesville, 429 Murphy, Bennie Kay, Cordele, 429 Murphy, Carol Diane, East Point, 429, 157 Murphy, George Robt., Augusta, 355 Murphy, Laurence J., Flushing, N. Y., 429 Murphy, Roger Keith, Winder, 368, 360 Murray, Catharine C. Atlanta, 442, 144 Murray, Daniel G., Troy, N. Y., 313, 319 Murray, Patsy Laverne, Brunswick, 456 Murrison, Glenn D., Atlanta 17. 355. 361, 107. 84 Muse. Philip John, Brunswick. 456 Mustoe. James Leslie. Kensington. 429 Myddelton. Elaine M.. Waycross. 456 Myers. Katherine A., Atlanta, 457, 157 Myers, Stuart Lee. Ellicott City. Md.. 315 N Nachman. Carol P.. Newport News, Va., 442 Nacy, Marvel Anne, Robins A.F.B., 457, 298 Nagle, Wm. Binder, Jr.. Glen St. Mary, Fla. 375. 140 Nairn, Charles R., Jr., Massapequa Park, N. Y., 429, 239 Naman, Carl Hawkins, Sandersville, 429 Nance. Stephen R., Folkston. 355, 266, 94 Nash, James Wright, Smyrna. 429. 197 Nathan, David Harris, Ft. Valley, 457 235 Naylor, Penelope V., Decatur, 331, 338, 174, 343 Neal, George Thomas, Atlanta, 355, 186 Neal, Julianne L., Miami, Fla. 429, 157 Neal. Robert Arthur, Coalinga, Calif., 382 Neal, Thomas F., Jr., Millen, 355, 224 Nebeker, Mark Edward, Waban, Mass., 457, 165 Neeley, Robert Walter, Bridgeport, W. Va., 429, 140 Neely, Franklin D., Hephzibah, 429 Neergaard, Fred A., Fountain City, Tenn, 429, 99 Neidlinger, Darryl M., Rincon, 374, 287 Neighbors, Joaeph B., Athena, 442, 152, 287 Neiman, Howard F., Savannah, 442 Nelms, Ruth Gail, Toccoa, 442, 345 Nelms, Vivian Latane, Macon, 457, 318 Nelson, Emma Ann, Hawkinsville, 457 Nelson, John Scott, Brockport, N. Y., 429 Nelson, Marjoe R., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 357, 174 Nervo, Eugene Thomas, Wastwood, N. J., 429, 197 Nesbit, John E., Jr., Roswell, 429, 190 Neville, Richard B., Jr., Lanett, Ala., 403 Newberry, Arthur R., Macon, 429, 194 Newberry, Evalyn Gail, Western Springs, 111, 457, 158 Newberry, Samuel L., Jr., Gray, 442, 290 Newbold, Laurel C., Coral Gables, Fla., 457, 158 Newby, Rand W., Jr., Rome, 402 Newkirk, Duncan C, Orange Park, Fla., 259 Newman, Carol F., Canton, N. C, 457, 197 Newman, Thomas Colson, Athens, 94 Newman, Walter J., Ill, Brunswick, 331 Newsome, Cecil G., II, SandersviUe, 442, 227 Newsome, David C, Thomson, 429 Newsome, John C, Jr., Decatur, 393 Newton, Gene Lanier, Moultrie, 313 Newton, Henry W., Ill, Athens, 313 Newton, Milton Lee, Rossville, 457, 171 Newton, Sandra Nell, Milieu, 457, 202, 345 Newton, Stuart Wayne, Amarillo, Tex., 368. 225 Newton, Treasa L., St. Elmo 9, Tenn., 429, 95 Newton, Woodson, 316 Ney, Sidney I., Jr., Ormond Beach, Fla., 429 Nho, Do Huu, Saigon, Vietnam, 375 Nichols, Amelia Ann, Mineral Blui!, 368 Nichols, Charles V., Jr., Atlanta, 457 Nichols, Lenos E., Jr., Clarkesville, 393 Nichols, Lyle D., Valdosta, 457, 171 Nicholson, Brooks A., Atlanta, 429, 152 Nicholson, John Rae, Athens, 403 Nicholson, Julian, Jr., Decatur, 429 Nicholson, Linda G., Commerce, 457 Nicholson, Richard P., Athens, 442, 190 Nickerson, Thomas H., Athens, 79, 81, 336 Niebling, John F., Parsippany, N. J., 442 Niemann, Chester S., Jr., Lincolnton, 429, 345, 342, 237 Niles, Charles Gerald, East Freetown, N, Y., 429, 318 Nistle, Sharon, Arlington 2, Va., 457 Nix, Joseph N., Jr., Commerce, 457 Nix, Milton E., Jr., Commerce, 442, 227 Nix, William Ray, Hillsboro, 375 Nixon, Gwinn H., Jr., Augusta, 457 Noble, George Robert, Rome, 429 Noble, Johnny Lee, Vienna, 442 Noble, Myrtle Angela, Vienna, 388 Noble, Shirley Marie, Atlanta 5, 442 Noell, James Collum, Athens, 442, 345, 239 Noell, Jerry Eugene, Athens, 442, 155 Noell, John S., Jr., Thomaston, 429, 225 Nolen, Harold Raymond, Atlanta, 457 Noien, Sara Carolyn, Jacksonville 11, Fla., 457 Noles, Thomas Andrew, Milledgeville, 429 Norman, Chas. Madison, Washington, 331, 293, 298 Norman, Frances Eliz, Moultrie, 429, 158 Norman, Myron J., Jr., Dublin, 442 Norman, Warren A., Dover, 457 Norris, Anne Roberta, Columbus, 442, 179 Norris, Claude J., Jr., College Park, 457 Norris, Donald Hunter, Bogart, 355, 360 Norris, Furman Edwin, Thomson, 442, 155 Norris, Gloria Jean, Watkinsville, 429, 389 Norris. Robert Edward. Atlanta, 429, 194 Norris. Wm. Tillman, Adel, 355 Norton, William A., Jr., Fairburn, 429 Norwood, Eliz Buck, Atlanta, 457. 202 Nottingham, Gardiner, Atlanta, 355, 152 Nowicki, George Alan, Miami, Fla., 257 Nowlen, James Paul. Jr., Atlanta, 393 Nowlcn, Nancy Lee. Camden, S. C, 457 Nuckolls, John A., Toccoa, 355, 274, 216 Nunnally, Ann L., Kingsland, 4.57, 245 Nunnally, Gerald Neal, Campton. 375, 133 Nunnally. Thomas M., Athens, 442, 81, 225, 336 Nunnally. Wm. Moore, Athens, 429, 274, 155 Nussbaumer, Wm. H., Nashville, Tenn., 429 Nutting, Wm. Mills, Atlanta, 155 Oakley, Carol .Shumate, Montezuma, 369, 182 O ' Callaghan, Patricia, Austell, 442, 179 O ' Cailaghan, Wm. L., Jr., Austell, 429, 197 O ' Connell, Jesnne M., Metuchen, N. J., 457 O ' Conner, James Lacy, Danielsville, 442 O ' Dcll, Charles L., Jr., Greenville, S. C, 429, 197, 94, 298 Odess, Beth Arony, Savannah, 442 Odom, Ernest Jerome, Augusta, 429, 187 Odum, William Eugene, Athens, 442, 81, 165 Ogletree, Edward E., Albany, 256 O ' Keefe, Herbert A., Jr., Savannah, 355 O ' Kelley, Chas. Saxon, Grantville, 331, 212 O ' Kelley, John M., Athens, 457, 216 O ' Kelley, Mariana W., Atlanta, 457 O ' Kelley, Robert V., Savannah, 442 O ' Kelley, Wm. Robt. Ill, Augusta, 442 Oldham, Henry Novel, Athens, 442, 81, 345 Oleary, John Michael, Astoria, N. Y., 313, 319 Olenski, Donald A., Shelter Island, N. Y., 429 Oler, Raymond W., Baltimore IS, Md., 332 Oliver, Benny F., Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., 382 Oliver, Eldon C, Jr., Thomasville, 171, 411 Oliver, Jack Cantey, Valdosta, 457, 216 Oliver, Mary Ann, Fernandina Beach, Fla., 457, 174 Oliver, Samuel L., Commerce, 442, 81 Oliver, Wm. Wiley, Jr., Valdosta, 442, 225 Olliff, Frances E., Griffin, 442, 182 Olthof, Paul Warner, Elmira, N. Y., 429 O ' Neal, Maston E., Ill, Bainbridge, 442 O ' Neal, Shirley Kay, West Point, 457 O ' Ouinn, Don Tillman, Brunswick, 429, 225 O ' Quinn, Peggy Laraine, Brunswick, 457 Orell, Robert W., Longmeadow 6, Mass., 442, 216 Orenstein, Richard N., Atlanta, 457, 125 Orr, June Elizabeth, East Point, 442, 137 Orr, Nancy Eliz, Atlanta, 429, 182 Oshields, Douglas F., Atlanta, 457 Osterhoudt, Linda C, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 457 Osterneck, Myles N., Lumberton, N. C, 429, 232 Outler, Jo Ann., Rome, 388, 122 Ousts, John Wm., Jr., N. Augusta, N.C. 457, 227 Overstreet, John O., Jr., Augusta, 171 Owen, James Jarratt, Blacksburg, Va. Owen, Ralph S., Jr., Decatur, 442 Owens, Robert Richard, Stockbridge, 457, 343 Owens, Comer L., Jr., Athens, 442, 155 Owens, Glenda Lola, Newnan, 442, 202 Owens, Sarah Hodgson, Athens, 429, 148 Owens, Shirley Lee, Nicholson, 356 Owensby, David Paul, Gastonia, N.C, 332, 186 Oxford, Chas. Oliver, Americus, 429, 91 Ozaki, Roger Hiroshi, Woodbine, 429, 99 Pace, Jack Lamar, Athens, 298 Pace, James E., Jr., Rex, 429, 337 Pace, James Monroe, Bainbridge, 402, 318 Packard, Pamela Loree, Athens, 457, 144 Paddon, Robert A., Jr., Athens, 377 Padgett, Ansley B., Jr., Atlanta, 429, 197 Padgett, Kenneth Ray, Jacksonville, N. C, 429. 419 Padgett, Patricia E., Conyers, 442 Padgett, Thomas C, Glennville, 332, 345, 155 Page, Carole Dean, St. Simons Island, 442, 98, 202 Page, Edwin Magnider, Augusta, 442, 171 Page, Kathleen Ellen, Atlanta, 457, 104 Page, Robert Kenny, Winder, 416 Palefsky, Elliot H., Savannah, 429, 235 Pallcr, Jack, Atlanta, 401, 403, 235 Palmer, Betty, Camilla, 457, 118 Palmer, Camilla, Warner Robins, 457 Palmer, Dennis Edward, Louisville, 457 Palmer, Earl Carlton, Cleveland, 332 Palmer, Robert C, Jr., Elberton, 442 Panessa, Frank James, Yonkers, N.Y., 429 Pankey. Robert F., Athens, 332, 190 Pape, Courtney W., Savannah, 429 Paper, Mary Janna, Knoxville, Tenn., 429. 118 Pardue. Wm. Gerald, Evans, 429 Parham, Allen Glenn, Winterville, 375 Parham. Bobby Eugene, Milledgeville, 429. 410. 411 Parish, Sylvia F., DeFuniak Springs, Fla., 457 Parker, Carl David, Mauk, 332 Parker, Don Godbee, Millen, 442, 195 Parker, Gary Lowell, Savannah, 442 Parker, Gloria Anne, Cordele, 369, 129 Parker. Hubert B., Ellijay, 442 Parker, John David, Macon, 443 Parker, Joseph R., Jr., Millen, 377 Parker, Larree, O ' Steen, 457 Parker, Martha Louise, Lyons, 332, 167 Parker. Robert Allan. Griffin, 457, 186 Parker, Ted Maxwell, Pine Mtn., 429, 227 Parker, Theresa H.. Atlanta, 332, 158 Parker, Thomas L., Jr., Douglas, 457, 343 Parkerson, Don Newton, Eastman. 369 Parketson, Virginia N., Valdosta, 457, 345 Parkman, Wm. Thomas, Jr., Tifton, 443 Parks, Barry Michael, Atlanta, 429, 125 Parks, Brenda Joyce, Atlanta 15, 443, 360, 167 Parks, Richard O., Gainesville, 416 Parr, Larry Wayne, Athena, 443 Parramore, John T., Valdosta, 171 Parrish, Bruce Hudson, Winterville, 429 Parrish, Joe E., Jr., Watkinsville, 429 Parrish, John E., Jr., Portal, 356, 107, 84 Parrish, Larry Joe, Swainsboro, 429, 225 Parry, Bonnie Gay, Stone Mtn., 457, 144, 339 Parry, Elizabeth Ann, Atlanta, 457, 167 Parsons, Frieda Jean, Athens, 393 Parsons, Philip Craig, W. Hartford Conn., 429 Partin, Dennis Wayne, Dalton, 457 Partridge, Brenda L., Clarkston, 457, 167 Paschal, Dorothy A., Eatonton, 429 Pascuillo, Albert W., Baldwin, N. Y., 429 Pass, Hannah Jane, Lawrenceville, 442 Pass, Wm. Richard, Carlton, 457, 338 Pate, Jim Devaughn, Columbus, 443, 216 Patemo, Joseph Frank, Athens, 319 Patillo, Pattie, 85 Patrick, James Gordon, Athens, 457 Patrick, John Herron, Decatur, 457, 152 Patten, Ann Thompson, Adel, 443, 129 Patten, Lynda Wayne, Quitman, 369, 202 Patterson, Alexander, Athens, 81, 264, 291 Patterson, Calvin G., Atlanta, 457 Patterson, D. C, Jr., Lawrenceville, 457 Patterson, Edward L., Porterdale, 457, 318 Patterson, Kay, Dalton, 338, 343 Patterson, Rufus H., Jr., Covington, 407, 411 Patterson, Walter A., Waycross, 429, 416, 419 Pattillo, Alice Diann, Lithonia, 429, 388, 167 Pattillo, Emory M., Atlanta, 429, 144, 298 Pattillo, Wesley M., Jr., Birmingham 9, Ala., 393, 99, 337, 394 Patton, Edward Rudell, Athens, 443 Paul, James Monroe, Comer, 429, 316 Paul, Joel Harris, Carlton, 382 Payne, Grover G., Blue Ridge, 375 Payne, Jerry Myron, Bogart, 369 Payne, Mary Gayle, Savannah, 429, 122 Payne, Patsy Allan, Athens, 443 Payne, Penelope Gay, Augusta, 332, 182 Payne, Tommy Ray, Chatsworth, 313 Payton, William Rufus, Warner Robins, 332 Pazol, Norman Elliott, Atlanta, 457, 125 Peacock, James Wm., Jr., Atlanta, 443, 81, 345, 342 Peacock, Martha Rae, Ashbum, 443 Peacock, Walter R., Jr., Macon, 457 Peagler, Linda Elise, Waycross, 457, 167 Pearce, Charlie A., Dawson, 443 Pearson, Murray F., Newnan, 356 Peavy, Bonnie Louise, Fitzgerald, 429, 202 Peavy, Mary Frances, Dublin, 429 Peavy, Peggy Ann., Bamesville, 429, 158 Pecor, Charles Joseph, Boneville, 339 Peebles, Lewis, 336 Peebles, John Edwin, Alamo, 407, 226, 411 Peeples, Dole H., 382 Peeples, Loois, 443 Peek, Joseph David, Griffin, 457 Peeler, Dennis Haig, Anderson, S. C, 429, 152 Penan, Adrienne M., Jacksonville, Fla., 393 Pendergrass, James T., Lawrenceville, 457 Pendleton, Richard, J., Wallkill, N. Y., 429 Penn, Kelleen V., Atlanta, 443, 179 Pennington, Thomas D., Albany, 256 Pepperd, William J., Nanuet, N. Y., 332 Perdue, Thomas A., Jr., Thomaston, 429, 274 Perkins, Donald H., Griffin, 443, 197 Perkins, Dorothy J., Rome, 457 Perkins, Edwin Hunt, Tryon, N. C, 443, 81, 227 Perkins, Kay Estelle, Canton, 429, 167 Perkins, William H., Jr., Augusta, 429, 361 Perling, David Jacob, Manchester, 429, 235 Perlman, Adrienne H., Jacksonville 7, Fla., 332, 220 Perry, Charles Biret. Atlanta, 457. 152 Perry, Frances Ann, Henderson, N. C 429, 158 Perry, George Wm., Hartwell, 457, 343 Perry, Jack Lamer, Calhoun, 316 Perry, James Depew, Johnson City, Tenn. 382 Perry, Judy Mae, Sylvania, 369, 158 Perry, Linda Lee, Moultrie, 457, 118 Perry, Marion Emily, Atlanta, 167 Perry, Michael Howard. Dawson, 443 Perry, Robert David, Carrollton, 407, 227, 411 Persky, Marshall J., Augusta, 356, 235 Persky, Saradona, Augusta, 443 Persons, A. P., 429. 195 Persons, Betty. Talbotton, 457, 148 Peters, Kenneth H., Ringgold, 457 Peters, Marilyn, Ringgold, 429 Petersen, Nancy Lee, Atlanta 19, 332, 277 Petersen, Pamela Ann, Marietta, 443, 118 Peterson, Albert E., Jr., Wadley, 429 Peterson, Bill H., Jr., Mt. Vernon, 407, 165, 227, 84 Peterson, Nick, Alton, Tifton, 375, 155 Pettenger, John F., Bloomingdale, N. J., 457 Petters, Lynn Johnson, Atlanta, 457, 182 Petty, Janice Elaine, Crandall, 443, 389 Petty, Joseph Howard, York, S. C, 416, 419 Pfannenstiel, Dieter, Hessen, W. Ger- many, 382 Phares, Audrey, 429, 242 Pheil, Frederick P., St. Petersburg, Fla., 429, 171 Phelps, Paul Raymond, Warrenton, 443 Phillips, Anne Branch, Augusta, 443 Phillips, Byron H., Jr., Augusta, 429, 411 Phillips, Edward H., Greenpond, S. C, 416, 419 Phillips, George E., Blue Ridge, 443 Phillips, Jeannine L., West Palm Beach, Fla. 388 Phillips, Jimmy Lloyd, Hartwell, 457 Phillips, Joe H., Jr., LaGrange, 375, 376 Phillips, John T., Jr., Atlanta, 429, 152 Phillips, Ludna H., 443 Phillips, Mary Judith, Macon, 457 Phillips, Mary Lyn, Cordele, 443, 202 Phillips, Richard D., Ludowici, 401, 337, 402 Pickard, Joseph A., Columbus, 429, 186 Pickelsimer, Joan A., Fairmount, 429 Picker, Virginia L., Athens, 429, 167 Pickering, Patricia A., Dalton, 407, 408, 411 Pickem, Nelda Louise, Fortson, 388, 100 Pickett. Albert M., Athens, 443, 91, ISS Pickett, Sharon J., Moultrie, 457 Pickrell, Bobby E., Covington, 429 Pickem, James H., Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 332, 212 Pierce, Donald Lester, Griffin, 443, 274 Pierce, Joseph E., Portsmouth, Va., 416, 419 Pierce, Lamar David, Dalton, 457 Pierce, Wm. Ralph, Milledgeville, 443, 197 Pigett, Willie Ray, Crawfordville, Fit., 429 Pike, Robert Gregory, Athens, 356 Pilgrim, George E., Ill, Gainesville, 356, 190 Pinion, Richard Arlen, Hapeville, 356, 361, 287 Pinkerton, Eddy Ray, Sycamore, 429, 212, 463 Pinkerton, Jerry Lee, Atlanta, 457, 197 Pinkerton, Rollfs S., Daytona, Fla., 264 Pinson, Edgar L., Atlanta 5, 443 Pipes, Mary Emily, Oak Ridge, Tenn., 443, 167 Pirkle, Thomas L., Jr., Atlanta, 195 Pirrello, Edward, Hempstead, N. Y., 42S Pittard, Charles C, Jr., Duluth, 430, 91 Pittard, Kenneth, Jr., Duluth, 186 Pittard, Mima G., Duluth, 430 Pittman, Marcia M., Griffin, 443, 394 Pittman, Ross H., Jr., Athens, 337, 75, 402 Pittman, Timothy O., Commerce, 443, 225 Pitts, Farris Alton, Athens, 430 Pitts, Roger Wayne, Alamo, 375 Pitts, Wm. Jerry, Tucker, 316, 318 Pitts, Wm. Reuben, Smyrna, 407, 411, 191 Pleasants, James V., Athens, 337, 402, 107 Pless, Robert H., Jr., Warwick, 356, 360 Plisco, Helene P., Wilmington, N. C, 457 Plotkin, Judith E., Savannah, 457, 220 Plunkett, George, III, Conyers, 430, 345, 342 Poag, Hope Eliz, McAdenville, N. C, 443, 148 Polk, Brenda Jewel, Jackson, 457 Polk, Harry Hershel, Islandton, S. C, 116, 419 Poller, Marcia Raye, Savannah, 457, 220 Pollock, Eliz Nowell, Monroe, 443, 202, 298 PollocK Stanley H., Atlanta, 457 Polsky. Reah Pauline, Chattanooga, Tenn., 443 Ponce de Leon, Jose R., Philippines, 337 Ponder, Martha Louise, Madison, 369 Poole, Margaret Erwin, Atlanta, 443, 148 Poor, Christina A., Portsmouth, Va., 430 Pope, James Robert, LaFayette, 443 Pope, Lonnie Gordon, Douglas, 356 Poppell, Paul Harry, Savannah. 430, 231 Porter, Jennie Lou, Jeflerson. 443, 137 Porter. Martha C, Atlanta, 369 Porter, Nancy M., Adrian, Mich., 430, 242 Porter, Thomas J., Jr., Macon, 443, 195 Posey, Grover Harold, Columbus, 402 Posey, Ronny Andrew, Reynolds, 443, 316 Potts, Jo Ann, College Park, 179 Potts, Sara Martin, Chickamauga, 382 Pounce de Leon, Jose R., 382 Pound, Ida Eliz, Columbus, 430, 122 Powell, Anna Eliz., Gainesville, Fla., 338 Powell, Clyde L., Jr., Columbus, 457 Powell, Eliz Claudia, Miami. Fla., 457 Powell, Frank Herndon, Dalton, 457, 152 Powell, Hershel R., Anderson, S. C, 430, 155 Powell, James H., Balavia, N. Y., 430, 319 Powell, Janice Amanda, Douglas, 443 Powell, Kitty T., Atlanta 19, 332, 148 Powell, Leonard B., Jr., Thomasville, 430, 212 Powell, Lucion Wayne, Oak Park, 457 Powell, Marcia L., Columbus, 393, 394, 102 Powell, Nancy Jacklyn, Buford, 457, 174 Powell, Thomas F., Chamblee, 457 Powers, Phillip L., Commerce, 332 ■ Powere, Ralph F.. Lake City, Fla., 430 Powers, Shelia Anne, Savannah, 369, 129 Prather, George Ann, Statesboro, 369, 122 Pratt, Harold Joseph, Buffalo, N. Y., 231 Pratt, Margaret J., Atlanta 5, 457, 182 Pray, Lee Weston, Waterville, N. Y., 430, 319 Presley, Wm. Harvey, Jackson, 443 Preston, John T., Ill, Monroe, 443, 155 Prewitt, Dolores Rae, Atlanta, 430 Prewitt, Richard D., Atlanta, 457, 225 Price, Butord W., Savannah, 375, 315, 376, 377 Price, Floyd Wendell, Americus, 443 Price, John Albert, Thomaston, 339 Price, Robert Eugene, Brunswick, 443, 155 Price, Sanford C, Jr., Toccoa, 332 Prickett, James E., Toccoa, 443, 225 Priess, Elaine Ann, Atlanta, 430, 182 Priest, Wm. Bert, Colquitt, 393 Prince, David, 429, 171 Prince, John B., Ill, Loris, S. C, 90, 187 Prince, John Wendall, Albany, 141 ' H Prince, Joseph S., Rome, 457, 191, 291 Prince, Patricia W., Athens, 443, 118 Pritchetl, Harold, Jr., College Park, 443 290, 343 Pritchett, Mark J., Jr., Cochran, 430 Pritchett, Thomas, Jr., Atlanta, 430 Priven, Michael Peter, Atlanta, 457, 235 Proctor, Joseph D., Jr., Woodbine, 457 Proctor, Robert Allen, Rocky Mount, N. C, 430 Proctor, Thomas F., Jr., Aupusta, 416 Pruett, Travis F., Buckhead, 443 Pruitt, Caroline D., Columbus, 369, 174 Pruitt, Donald Ivan, Buford, 430 Prunty, Mary Merle, Athens, 443, 149, 288 Pryor, Judith Ann, Albany, 430, 158 Puckett, Larry E., Decatur, 457 Puckett, Victor Lee, Suwanee, 430 Pufhnburger, T. Lee, Mt. Ranier, Md., 419 Pugh, Floyd Houser, Lumpkin, 430, 140 Pullen, Pattie Jam, Atlanta 5, 443, 174 Pulliam, Michael Ard, Gary, 457, 225 Purcell, Jane Archer, Atlanta, 443 Purcell, Wanda M., Camesville, 430 Pye. Susan Norris, Atlanta, 457, 182 Pyrgioles, Demetrius, Athens, 457 Queen, Alfred Lee, Thomaston, 430, 274 Quinn, Thomas Edwin, Atlanta, 457 Quinnelly, Richard A., Chamblee, 443, 152 Rabb, Forte C, Augusta, 430. 345, 155 Rachelson, Jerry Jay, Atlanta, 401, 126 Rader, Margaret C, Macon, 369, 182 Radick, Mildred R., New Castle. Pa., 243 Ragsdale, Howell W., Dallas, 403 Rahn, James Troy, Rocky Ford, 443 Raines, Frederick D., Hurricane, W. Va., 313 Raines, Georgann, Macon, 443, 98, 345, 242 Rainey, Patricia Gail, Athens, 457 Rainey, Ronald M., Eatonton, 457 Rains, Margaret, Atlanta, 443, 148, 342, 338 Rainwater, Linda G., College Park, 457 Rakestraw, Larry C, Atlanta 18, 443, 256, 274 Ralph, Horace S., Douglas, 332 Ralston, Jimmie A., Gainesville, 458, 339 Rambo, Ellen Eliz, Columbus, 430, 179 Ramey, Elaine Lucille, Coalinga, Calif., 430, 182 Ramsay, Roberta L., Winterville, 369 Ramser, Henry W., Lawrenceville, 356, 99 Ramsey, James Edward, Seven Mile, Ohio 416 419 Ramsey, John White, Macon, 458, 335, 337, 227 Ramsey, Margaret A., Swainsboro, 443, 158 Ramy, Charles Taylor, Atlanta, 227, 419, 84 Randall, Janice, Rockmart, 430, 167 Randall, Priscilla A., Lavonia, 430 Randolph, James G., Macon, 356, 360 Randolph. Nancy L., Athens, 443, 158 Ransom, Henry C, Chattanooga, Tenn., 290 Rapp, Robert Rumsey, Atlanta, 430 Raskin, Frederick, Lousville. 430, 232 Rauber. Ernest L., Winder, 375 Ravan, Robert Lee, Cleveland, 458 Ravenscroft, Nina, Savannah, 430, 148 Rawlings, Lucy Ann, Gastonia, N. C, 332, 93, 158 Rawlins, Preston N. Jo., McRae, 401, 171, 403 Ray, Chas. Augustus, Macon, 430 Ray, Charlotte Anne, Atlanta, 332 Ray, Neal Hamilton, Norwood, 400, 171 Raymond, Wm. Hoyt, 111, Columbus, 430, 140 Read, Robert C, Jr., Marietta, 187 Reagan, Thomas J., Jr., Savannah, 430, 225 Rearden, Robert W., Jr., Athens, 458, 212 Reaves, Frank Bell, Decatur, 382 Redd, Kenneth Wayne, Augusta, 332 Redd, Wilbur B., Ill, Lexington, S. C, 458 Reddick, Loy W., Jr., Waynesboro, 458 Reddy, G. R., 382 Redlem, Camille R., Atlanta 7, 458 Redmond, Clayton Van, Cedartown, 393, 394, 198 Redwine, Frank H., Ill, Newnan. 356, 140 Redwine, Jacob Robt., Dalton, 458 Reed, Bruce Earl, Waleska, 430 Reed, Charles W., Jr., Albany, 430, 140 Reed, Laurie Clare, Atlanta, 458, 174 Reese, Bobby Donald, Newnan, 430 Reese, Henry Albert, Baxley, 430, 376 Reese, James Edward, Phenix City, Ala., 443, 256 Reeves, Charles Alton. Cartersville, 375 Reeves, Dixon Furse, Atlanta, 443, 152 Reeves, E. Rebecca, Franklin, N. C, 430 Reeves, Frances M., Clayton, 430, 182 Reeves, Wm. Nathaniel, Americus, 416 Reid, Christiana S., Atlanta, 430, 158 Reid, James T., Jr., Hapeville, 458 Reid, John Douglas, Atlanta 6, 458 Reid, Thomas L., Jr., Macon, 458 Reinsch, James L., Jr., Atlanta, 394 Rentz, Donald Dodson, Bainbridge, 337, 402 Rentz, Wm., Franklin, Ehrhardt, S.C, 458 Reppard, Harriett M., Dade City, Fla., 369, 149 Restivo, Anthony P., Corona, N, Y., 313, 318 Reynolds, Barbara A., Augusta, 458, 174 Reynolds, Dawn Lilyan, Atlanta, 369, 93, 182 Reynolds, Luke A., Franklin, Spg., 369 Reynolds, Richard R., Richmond, Va., 356, 171 Reynolds, Samuel J., Sylvester, 313, 133 Rheney, Patricia Ann, Tennille, 443, 91 Rhoden, James Hubert, Savannah, 343 Rhodes, Franklin R., Ellijay, 443 Rhodes, John A., Jr., Martinez, 443, 107, 95 Rhodes, Martha Ellis, Athens, 382 Rhodes, Wm., Greer, Murphy, N. C. 318 Ricciardi, Julie Anne, Atlanta 5, 458, 242 Rice, Jimmy Patrick, Blakely, 430, 227 Rich, Gilbert Barry, Atlanta, 443, 126 Rich, Helen May, Manchester, 443 Rich, Phyllis Ellen, Atlanta, 458. 221 Richards, Ernest L., Columbus, 443 Richards, Gates T., Cincinnati, Ohio, 403 Richards, John R., Jacksonville, Fla., 430, 140 Richards, Lillian M., Augusta, 430, 122 Richards, Raymond R., 345, 297 Richards, Reuben R., Augusta, 430, 297, 155 Richard son, Curtis R., Atlanta, 376 Richardson, Frank H.. Athens. 443, 165 Richardson. John R., Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 458 Richardson, Sandra E., Covington, 458 Richardson, Spurgeon, Bluffton, 430, 191 Richburg, Thomas H., Columbus, 430 Richey, Jan Parke, Athens, 443, 81 Richey, Joyce Dean, Claxton, 345, 342 Richman, Arlene Sue, Savannah, 443, 221 Richter, Keith M., Athens, 458. 316 Riddick, Judy L., Atlanta. 436, 202 Ridgdill, Mary Judith, Forest Park, 458, 137 Ridgeway, Mary, Winder, 443, 167 Ridlehuber, Ted Ruff, Athens, 401, 403, Ridley. Wm. Edward, Jr., Griffin, 430, 165 Rifkin, Paul Lewis, Asheville, N. C, 443, 126 Riley, Margueirle C, Brunswick, 430 Rimler. Richard B., Athens. 458 Ringwall, Douglas D., Great Neck, N. Y., 332 Rissmiller, Raymond H., Easton, Pa., 259 Ritchie. Gary Alan, Atlanta 6,, 430, 133, 376 Ritter, Carl Albert, Atlanta 5, 430 Rivers, Thomas Edgar, Fayetteville, 443, 197 Roach, Linda Caile. Marietta, 458 Roaden, Joyce Nickey, Commerce, 458 Robbins, Jacqueline A., Rome. 458, 167 Robbins, Julia B., Columbus, 430 Roberson, Sara Jean, Odum, 382 Roberts, Alfred, Jr., Hazleburst, 430, 411 Roberts, Barbara R., Eton, 430, 243 Roberts, Bennie Kay, Tampa, Fla., 443, 122 Roberts, Deborah Sue, Chicago, Hts., Ill, 443, 158 Roberts, James Leon, Blackshear, 458, 360, 96 Roberts, Julian H., Jr., Augusta, 430, 152 Roberts, Marion S., Atlanta, 443, 242 Roberts, Melanie Ann, Decatur, 356, 129 Roberts, Virginia E., Decatur, 458 Roberts, Wiley Dan, Monlicello, 398 Roberts, Wm. Nunnally, Atlanta, 443, 256, 216 Robertson, Calvin F., Athens, 430, 377 Robinson, David H., Hapeville, 375, 315 Robinson, Elinor J., Griffin, 458, 221 Robinson, Harry E., Jr., Atlanta, 356, 195, 171 Robinson, James C, Jr., East Point, 259 Robinson. James M., 11, Albany, 199 Robinson, Laura Eliz, Atlanta, 458, 202 Robinson, Peyton C, Atlanta, 458, 195, 259 Robinson, Robert F., Decatur, 443, 98, 416, 129, 419 Robinson, Ronald R., Canajoharie, N. Y., 313, 165, 319 Robinson. Susan D., Athens, 430 Robinson, Thomas Y., Albany. 458. 199 Robinson, Wilburn V., Whigham, 356 Robinson, Wm, E., Ill, Milledgeville, 430 Rodbell, Paul Norman, Atlanta, 458, 235 Rodenberg, Neil Wm., Augusta, 443, 99, 290 Rodgers, Bobbie E., Atlanta, 458 Rodgers, Diana Vann, Yaldosta, 458, 104, 118 Rodman, Wm. Kenneth, Falls Church, Va., 416, 419 Rogers, Arnos Neven, Jesup, 419 Rogers, David T. Jr., Wadley, Ala., 382 Rogers, Edward Leroy, Dalton, 458 Rogers, Jeffrey H., Thomaston, 458 Rogers, Thomas C, Glennville, 407, 338 Rogers, Tommye Ann, College Park, 430, 167 Rogers, Vaughn Willis, Clayton, 430, 227 Rogers, Wendell Roy, Franklin, 430, 411 Rolfe, Raymond John, Huntington, N. Y. 430, 155 Rollestone, Cleo 0., Avondale Estates, 458 Rollins, Jack B., Jr., Savannah, 382, 152 Rollins, Raleigh W., Bainbridge, 443, 216 Rominger, Linda Jo, Rossville, 430 Roobin, Marcia Ann, Cordele, 443 Rood, Ralph Edward. Atlanta, 458, 225 Rooker, Penn Winston, Atlanta, 458, 171 Root, Joseph Wm., Poultney Vermont, 430, 316 Rose, Bennett S., Jr., Greenville, S. C, 375, 216 Rose, James Marks, Shaw A.F.B., S. C, 458, 165 Rose, Jane Ellen, Taylors, S. C, 430 Rose, Patricia Emily, Ashburn, 443 Rose, Robert Paul, Rossville, 443 Rosenberg, Dolores G., Atlanta, 458, 104 Rosenberg, Herbert J., Atlanta 5, 458, 229 Rosenberg, Katherine, Tallahassee, Fla., 332 Rosenberg, Philip, Brooklyn, N. Y., 458, 126 Rosenberg, Wm. Philip, Coral Gables, Fla.. 313, 318, 236 Rosenbloom, Alan H., Richmond, Va., 443, 126 Rosenblum, Jerome, Atlanta, 458, 126 Rosenthal, Gary, Savannah, 430, 236 Rosenthal, Henry M., Jr., Athens, 430, 232 Rosenthal, Stuart, Savannah, 356, 236 Ross, Charles Thomas, Albany, 443, 171, 290 Ross, Douglas B., Athens, 430, 227 Ross, Gerald Wade, Eastman, 411 Ross, Ralph Thomas, Thomaston, 256 Ross, Richard Wm., Elberton, 411 Rossiter, Francis, Jr., Savannah, 332 Rothrock, Laurene B., Spartanburg, S. C 393, 137 Rountree, Don Carl, Dawson, 444. 228 Roush, Barbarianne G., Colbert, 369 Roush, John A., Jr., Colbert, 430 Rowan, Robt. Arthur, Long Island City, N. Y., 430, 256 Rowe, Jack, Alapaha, 430, 318 Rowe, Ronald, Social Circle, 458 Rowe, William Spruill, Charleston, S. C, 419 Rowell, Barbara A., Orlando, Fla., 443 Rowland, Charlie A., Athens, 443 Rowland, Emory Hodges, Wrigbtsville, 401, 195, 403 Rowland, Jerry Monroe, Tifton, 430 Royal, Daniel C, Jr., Ashburn, 443 Royal, James A.. Atlanta, 430 Royal, James Kenneth, Baxley, 401, 337, 402 Royal, Prentice B., Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 443, 152 Royston, Wm. Nicholas, Berks, England, 339, 341 Rozier, Rhoda Lithona, Jacksonville, Fla., 458, 179 Rubin, Carey Edward. Atlanta. 458, 126 Rudcseal. Sandra V., Troy, Ohio, 430 Rudolf, Joseph Thomas, Pleasantville, N. Y., 375 Rueter, Henry Hermann, Savannah. 333, Runsey, Martha J., Toccoa, 430 Rundbaken, Leon, Hazelhurst, 345, 338 Runyon, Thomas W., Jasper, Tenn, 256, 266, 198 Rush, Leila Marie. Kensington, 458 Rusbin, John Franklin, Ellerslie, 458, 228, 411 Rushin, Julian Thomas. Thomson, 430 Rushing, Anne, Donalsonville, 458 Rushton, Charlene E., Marietta, 443 Russell, Barron J., Juliette, 430, 133, 376 Russell, Belle C, Jasper, Ala., 430, 137 Russell, Bobbie Joan, Wayside, 356 Russell, Colleen G., Colbert, 458 Russell, Hardy L., Jr., Reynolds, 443, 410 Russell, James Wm., Dublin, 382 Russell, John Thomas, Atlanta, 430 Russell, Richard B., Statesboro, 430, 225, 336 Rustin, Wm. Clin, Glennville, 382 Rulecky, Richard M., Hollywood, Fla., 259, 217 Rutherford, Sally A., Coral Gables, Fla., 458, 179 Rutland, Chas. James. Upatoi, 458, 291 Rutland, James Truitt, Cuthbert, 369, 165 Ryan, John Joseph, Atlanta, 356, 155 Ryckeley, Chas. Joseph, Atlanta, 458 Saalfield, Robt. S., Ill, Akron 3, Ohio, 458 Sadler, Syble Marie, Donalds, S. C, 443 Sacha, James Edward, Atlanta, 458, 165 Saenger, Karla M., Daytona Beach, Fla., 345, 344 Safer, Judith Eileen, Jacksonville, Fla., 458, 104 Saggus, Pegge Dolores, Elberton, 388, 179 Saing, Hok San, 382 St. Clair, Sandra S., Decatur, 203 Salley, Wm. Joseph, Augusta, 382, 171 Salmon, Finnis Larry, Rome, 337, 403 Salter, Arthur D., Jr., Savannah, 228 Sam, 01 Kong, Phnom Penh Cambodia, 430 Samaltanos, Anthony S., Atlanta 5, 430 Sammons, John Wm., Jr., Shellman, 191 Sams, Edward B., Athens, 356, 271, 216 Sams. Herbert W., Jr., Atlanta, 402 Sanders, Billy C, Savannah, 430, 416, 140 Sanders, Doria Lee, Gordo, Ala., 345 Sanders, Kay, Girard, 458 Sanders, Patricia A., Sylvania, 458 Sanders, Sonja Ann, Colbert, 458 Sanders, William A., Atlanta, 152 Sanders, Wm. Grady, Hartwell, 458, 140 Sandifer, James W., East Point, 458 Sands, Brenda, Savannah, 221 Sanford, Sara Grace, Athens, 369 Sapp, Charlotte Ann, Hawkinsville, 369 Sapp. John Wesley, Jr., Camilla, 458, 195 Sapp, Rena, Sr., Phar., 407, 411 Sapp, Robert N., Jr., Brunswick, 430, 274 Sappington, Phyllis D., Thomaston, 388, 92, 93 Sary, Om, Athens, 382 Satterfield, Carl R., Americus, 430 Salterfield, Jerilyn. East Point, 458 Satterfield, Kathryn, Ringgold, 430 Saunders, Charlotte A., Columbus, 182 Saunders, George R., Athens, 411 Savage, Rosalind. Statham, 333, 242 Sawyer, Charles P., Americus, 430 Saye, Jake Lee, Rutledge, 430, 256, 216, 298 Saye, Richard Wilson, Athens, 356 Sayer, Edward M., Watkinsville, 430 Sayers, Libbye Rae, Chattonooga, Tenn., 458 Sayeski, Peter F., Moultrie, 458, 225 Scarborough, Homer, Jr., Macon, 336, 341 Scarborough, Joseph J., Columbus, 396 Scarborough Thomas F., Decatur, 356, 359 Schaeffer, Nancy Q., Moultrie, 333, 167 Sohaffer, Joel, Atlanta, 345, 236 Schalk, Anna Young, Ft. Oglethorpe, 333 Scharff, David Edwin, Savannah, 237 Scharff, Phyllis W., Gastonia, N. C, 369, 221 Schechter, William, Oceanside, N. Y., 313 Schelhammer, Lance, E., New York, N. Y., 430, 191 Schell, Judith Ann, Atlanta, 242 Schely, Martha Bert, Rockmart, 458, 118 Schemer, Carol Ann, Waycross, 458 Scherr, Norman Irving, Akron, Ohio, 458, 236 Scheuer, Robt. Allen, Great Neck, N. Y., 458. 236 Schnedl, Mary Eliz, Augusta, 430 Schoeberlein, Wm. L., Baltimore 6, Md., 430, 419 Schoelkopf, Rodney L., Albany, 416 Schoenleld, Roy P., Columbus. 356, 236 Schofield, Mary L., Savannah, 122 Schueler, Ronald Lee, Baltimore, 25, Md., 419 Schulhofer, George A., Atlanta, 430, 345. 126 Schulman, Harvey S., Atlanta, 458, 236 Schulman, Herbert M., Sylva, N. C, 236 Schulman, Warren, J., Savannah, 236 Schultz, John C, Jr., Savannah, 94 Schultz, Susan Leslie, St. Petersburg, Fla.. 458 Schwamlcin, Albert, Jr., Forsyth, 430, 99 Schwartz. Dale M., Winder, 126 Schwartz, Louis S., Augusta, 236 Schwartzman, Sivia, Atlanta 5, 458, 221 Scoggins, James W., Ill, Bowdon, 333 Scott, Arthur A., Decatur, 430, 90 Scott, Esric H., Jr., Atlanta, 155 Scott, Hal Glenn, MiUedgeville, 356, 197 Scott, Owen O., Ill, Unio» Point, 458, 185. 96, Scott, Ronald Thomas, Decatui, 458, 259, 96 Scott, Terry Brown, Atlanta, 256 ScoviUe, Paul, Jr., Atlanta 5, 430. 393 Scull, Patricia W., Moultrie, 458 Seabrooke, Billie R.. Fitzgerald, 345 Seabrooke, Lee F., Fitzgerald, 376, 377 Seagers, James J., 295 Seagler, John Chip, Forsyth, 430 Seago, Richard W., Cracewood, 431 Seagraves, H. Earl, Athens, 458, 228 Seals, Chas. Harrold, Macon, 458, 195 Sealy, Stephen G.. Decatur, 96 Searcey, James B., Dalton, 458 Searcy. Gordon B., Jr., Bainbridge, 356 Searcy, Wm. Nelson, Thomasville, 336, 171, 463 Sears, Stephen H., Tampa, Fla., 431, 171 Seawell, Margaret E., Anderson, S. C, 388, 174 Seawright, Eddie M., Hartwell, 431 Seay, Anna Carolyne, Atlanta, 458, 182, 298 Seay, Mary Linda, Kingsport, Tenn., 388, 174 Seeburger, George H., Phillips, Wise, 382 Seeley, Robert H.. Hollis, N. Y., 382 Segall, Terry Barron, Savannah, 236 Segars, James J., Jr., Decatur, 287 Seitz, Kenneth Joel. Atlanta, 126 Selig, Steve S., Atlanta, 458, 233, 336 Seligman, Sanford L., Atlanta, 458, 126 Sell, Edward S., Ill, Macon, 89. 431. 140, 337 Selman, Walter B., Rome, 431, 152 Serotta, Betty Jayne, Augusta, 221 Sevier, Susan Love, Savannah, 431, 182 Sewell, Hubert J., Jr., Sandy Springs, 431 Sewell, Jerry L., Gumming, 458 Seydel, Scott O.. Atlanta 5. 431, 152 Sliackleford, Martha A., Lexington, 431 Shackleford, Marie A., Albany, 431, 122 Shacter, Sonya Faye, New York, N. Y., 221 Shafer, M., Sr., 393, 236 Shaffer, Harvey J., Atlanta 9, 458, 126 Shaktl, Matin Fatma, Athens, 382 Shalloway. Phillip D., Alma, 403 Shamhart, Martha H., Lookout Mtn., Tenn. 431. 91, 122 Shannon, Howard M., Jr., Atlanta, 458 Shannon, Neil, Demorest, Shannon, Shirley Ann, Atlanta, 369, 242 Shapiro, Hyman Isaac, Wagener, S. C, 401. 236 Shapiro, Loretta Pike, Sylvania. 221 Shapiro, Samuel R., Augusta, 236 Sharp, Homer F., Jr.. Covington. 383 Sharp, Joseph Wm., Covington, 419 Sharp, Ralph Emerson. Adairville, Ky., 382 Shave, Thomas J., Ill, Fernandina, Fla., 376, 133 Shaw, Douglas Wm., Savannah, 431, 187 Shaw, Evelyn Patricia, Lenox, 431 Shaw, Hugh Frazier. Carrollton, 187 Shaw. Jerry Ann, Athens, 431 Shaw, Nancy Ann, Avondale Estates, 458, 242 Shaw, Ralph B., Jr., Decatur, 356 Shaw, Ralph Lamar, Starke, Fla., 228 Shaw, Richard Royce, Gainesville, 217 Shea, John Louis, Bloomington. 111., 333, 339 Shealy, Martin L., Jr., Oglethorpe, 356, 195 Shearouse, Barbara J., Springfield. 98, 113 Sheffield, Jimmy H., Cordele, 376, 133, 377 Sheffield, Ralph B., Jr., Jacksonville, Fla., 431, 140 Shell Robert Edward, Hogansville, 431 Shelp, Ronald Kent, Atco, 99, 337 Shelton, Brenda Ella, Macon. 458 Shellon. MoUie M.. Atlanta 5, 458, 202 Shelton, Richard E., Asheville, N. C. 376, 140 Shelton, Wm. Henry, Jasper. 458 Shemper. Evelyn Gail, Hattiesburg, Miss., 458, 91 Shepherd. Daniel M., Thomasville, 431, 376 Sheppard. Beth. Tignall, 333, 92, 93 Sheridan, Joseph M., Powder Springs, 458 Sherman. Donna Jean. Spartanburg, S. C, 383. 339 Sherrer. Carl Willis. Rayle, 431 Sherrill. Carl W., Marietta, 458. 345 Shier, Irene Patricia, Weaver. Ala.. 458 Shimkus. Denny. 257 Shingler, Paul E., Jr.. Donalsonville, 458, 216 Shipley. Nancy L., Marietta, 458, 122 Shirley. Carol Wannah. Ranger, 407, 129, 411 Shirley, Darragh L., Jacksonville, Fla., 345, 167 Shirley, Donald Alan, Langley, S. C, 431 Shirley, Rose Mary, Bowersville, 458 Shive, Gary Francis, Baltimore, Md., 419 Sh crl, Nancy Augusta, Gadsden, Ala., 356, 106 Shropshire, Lewis, Jr., Cartersville, 458 Shucy, Robt. Norman. Atlanta. 259 Shu art. Eddie S., Atlanta, 458, 165 Shumiu. Nan Lucile. Vidalia. 459, 137 Side«, Myra Anne, Charlotte, N. C, 431 Sieczka. Joseph B., Blasdell, N. Y., 431. 317 Si. gel, Paul Jay, Atlanta, 459 Sikes, Joe Allen. Albany, 431 Aiket, Van Allen, Reidsville. 199. 337 Siler. Janice Odelle. Atlanta, 459 Sills. Joel Wm., Lithonia. 431, 198, 298 Silver. Milton Ivan. Hawkinsville, 431, 126 Silverboard. Stanley. Atlanta, 459. 236 Simniondi. Richard C, Baltimore 10, Md.. 417 Fimnioru. Carolyn J., Rossville, 431. 167 Simmons, Ivan Norman. Athens, 459, 237 Simmons, Jamet G., Harrisonburg, Va., 419 Simpson, Anne Cooper, Washington, 459 Simpson, Cecil Roscoe. Bainbridpe, 431 Simpson, Martha B., Macon. 459 Simpson, Robert J., Murfreesboro, Tenn., 383 Simpson. Wayman S.. Albany, 458 Sims. Ann Larkin. Gaffney, S. C, 85, 98 Sims, Elizabeth Ann, Pembroke, 431 Sims, Mildred Blanche. Hampton. 178 Sims, Patsy Lee, Atlanta 11, 369, 91. 179 Sims, Robert Elvin, Ashburn, 431, 298 Sims, Thomas D.. Jr., Atlanta, 459, 171 Sinatra, James B., Syosset, N. Y., 431, 318 Sinclair. Paula Moor, Marietta, 357, 203 Sinyer, Richard, Thomaston, 459 Singer, Sandra Rae, Washinyton, D. C, 431 Singer, Stuart I., Atlanta, 126 Singletary, John W., Dawson, 431, 231 Singletary, Marvin S., Blakely, 216 Singleton. Clara A.. Lilburn, 388 Singleton, Eliz S., Athens, 459, 149 Singleton, Tilnian, Jr., Norcorss, 338 Sink, Dennis Jackson, Atlanta. 431, 152 Sirmans, Winst.m A.. Waycross, 229 Sitton, James Melvin Ashville, N. C, 431 Skelton, Marvin E., Woodstock, 333 Skelton, Rachel Sue, LaGrante, 137 Skinner, Mary M.. Athens. 459, 129, 288 Skipper, George R.. Chattanooga, Tenn., 411 Skipper, Nancy Ellen, Atlanta, 342, 338. 343 Skuse. Kennc ' tli Phipps, Savannah, 431 Slaby, Richard Allen, Augusta, 431 Slappey, Lennick M., Jr., Araericus, 431, 198 Slaughter, William N,. Athens. 403 Sledzieski, Wm., Lee, Mattituck, N. Y.. 313, 319 Slivinsky, Robert Wm., Moonachie, N.J., 318 Sloan, Mary A., Milledgeville, 298 Slott, Irene Sylvia, Jacksonville. Fla., 431 Smaha, Cecelia Maiy, Macon, 459 Smaha, Chas. Xorman, Macon, 459 Small. Idus B.. III. Americus, 357, 216 Smalley. Harry R., Flushing 54, L. I., N. Y., 383 Smallwood, Billy Joe, Athens, 357 Smith, Addison, G., Atlanta, 459, 152 Smith, Andrea Marie, Rome, 98. 137 Smith, Angus Mark, Eatonton, 459 Smith, Anne Buchanan, Tampa, Fla., 459. 149 Smith, Bailey Ann, Atlanta, 459, 345 Smith, Barry Terrence, Athens, 459 Smith, Bemice L., Gainesville, 431 Smith, Betty Elaine, Fitzgerald, 459 Smith, Brenda Elaine, Augusta, 431 Smith, Calvin James, Ringgold, 459 Smith, Carlton F., Mableton, 321 Smith, Charles, III, Fresh Meadows, N. Y., 431 Smith, Charles B., Jr., Decatur, 459 Smith, Charles M., Comer, 459, 187 Smith. Charles O., Athens, 459 Smith. Corinne F., Demorest, 459 Smith, David Earnest, Covington, 459, 140 Smith, David Merritt, Americus, 431 Smith, Donald Calvin, Helena, 407, 409, 411 Smith, Dean, Jr.. Savannah. 431, 411 Smith, Diane Marjorie, Atlanta, 333, 137 Smith. Edgar J.. Athens. 431 Smith, Edward Dennis, Peru, S. A., 431, 318, 84 Smith, Edwin Byron, Atlanta, 459, 237 Smith, Evelyn Mozelle, Athens, 203 Smith, Frances Ann. Augusta, 459 Smith, George Robt., Washington. 459 Smith, George W., Jr., Athens, 431 Smith, Harmon T., Jr., Copperhill, Tenn. 459, 198 Smith, Harold G., Jr.. Fort Valley, 431, 216, 198 Smith, Harold M.. Jr.. Savannah, 431, 187 Smith, Harry, Pearson, 357 Smith, Hellon Maxine. Villa Rica, 459 Smith, Hey ward George. Elberton, 393 Smith, Hoke, Jr., Valdosta, 140 Smith. Howard W.. Jr., Jonesboro, 459 Smith, James Edward, Augusta, 357, 140, 359 Smith. Janice V.. Atlanta 9, 333, 342, 345. 344. 242 Smith, Jerry J., Millhaven. 431, 182 Smith. Joan Esther. Pittsfield. Mass., 459 Smith. Joe Braxton, Savannah. 357 Smith, Joel M.. Forest Park Smith, John Hartwell, Gainesville, 403 Smith, John Lacy, Waycross. 459 Smith, John Walter. Washington, 459 Smith, Joseph Sanders, Gainesville. 376, 296 Smith, Joseph Walton. Atlanta. 456, 228 Smith. Josie Anne. Atlanta. 98. 119 Smith, Judy Allan. Sarasota, Fla., 369, 182 Smith. Kay Carol. Vero Beach, Fla., 369 Smith, Kay Pridgen. Macon. 369 Smith. Kenneth P.. Cochran. 357, 361 Smith, Larrilee M., Atlanta, 333, 93 Smith, Laurence E., Calhoun 333, 140, 337 Smith, Linda Jane. Comer, 104 Smith. Linda Suzanne, McRae. 122 Smith. Marsha Ann. Cordele. 459. 122 Smith, Martha. Louise, Forsyth, 431 Smith. Martha Lynn. Winder, 203, 463 Smith, Mary Elsie, Columbus, 182 Smith, Meredith. T., Buford, 459, 203 Smith, Monica Cray. Spartanburg, S. C. 459 Smith, Muriel Peggy, Atlanta 11, 459 Smith, Nancy Colquitt, Decatur, 459. 158 Smith, Otto Welborn. Jacksonville, Fla., 155 Smith, Patrick Fred. Miami. Fla.. 256 Smith. Ralph C. Jr., Bainhridge. 416, 337, 402 Smith, Richard L., Toccoa, 407, 411 Smith, Robert B., Jr., Augusta, 274 Smith, Robert Melvon, LaGrange, 431 Smith, Ronald Joseph, Miami, Fla., 342 Smith. Rosser Edwards. Macon, 393, 394 Smith, Russell Lamar. Valdosta, 459 Smith. Sally Pharr. Pearson, 369 Smith, Sandra Ann, Lawrenceville, 459, 242 Smith. Sandra Annette. Augusta, 203 Smith. Sherman B., Newnan. 357 Smith, Susan Wynn, Americus, 459, 149 Smith. Thomas Field, Starke, Fla., 459 Smith, Thomas Lorin, Powder Springs, 431 Smith, Wm, Douglas, Barnesville, 459 Smith, Wm. Lance. III. Macon, 403 Smith, Wm. Larry. Union City. 431 Smith. Yates Curtis, Athens, 317 Smith, Yvonne M., Dalton. 459 Smoot, Martha Page, Manchester, Tenn., 98 179 Smraker, Daniel M., Lizella, 431 Snapp, Frances Eliz, Fort Valley, 459, 182 Snead, Barbara Kay, Ellerslie, 459 Snell, Jerry Alton, Skipperville, Ala., 259 Snell, Virginia Bird, Metter, 459 Snelling, Mary S., Lavonia, 119 Snellings, Donald J., Duluth, 225 Snipes. Charles S.. Bainbridge, 431 Snipes, John Bernard. Dublin, 259 Snyder. Richard A., Montclair, N. J., 431, 199 Soldz, Judy, Atlanta, 459 Solomon, Constance A., Conway, S. C, 221 Solomon, Eliz Dubose. Macon, 122 Solomon. Mickey. Atlanta. 357, 237 Solomon. Murray, Atlanta, 459, 345 Somaatmadja, Dardjo, Tasikmalaja, Java, 319 Sommerfield. John C., Atlanta, 431, 187 Song, Young Dahl, Seoul, Korea, 383 Sopas, Earl, 376 Sorrells, Marvin Wms., Monroe, 403 Sorrells, Rebecca Ann, Danielsville, 431 Sotuon, Chim, Athens, 459 Souter. Saralyn. Savannah, 431, 122 Southerland, Donald L.. Clarkesville, 357, 361, 107 Southerland. Ronald B., Macon, 165 Southwell, Jerilene, Athens, 459, 122 Sowpel, Beverley J., Bethpage, N.Y., 459 Spann, Martha K., Macon, 459 Sparks. Arthur Godwin, Brooklet, 383 Spaulding. Sandra J., Atlanta, 431 Spear, Dee Ann, Tampa. Fla., 277 Spears, Oscar Mahlon, Athens, 411 Speck, Wm. Ray, Americus. 369 Speer, John F., Jr., Anderson S.C., 433, 410 Speir, James Dalton, Bronwood, 313, 317 Speir. Thomas Reid, Valdosta. 239 Spence, Joe Thorpe. Camilla, 459. 195 Spicer. William Troy, Alapaha. 357 Spencer. Mary Anne, LaGrange. 338 Spiller, Barbara Lee, Macon, 357, 98. 242 Spiller, Lewis Walker, Macon, 187, 287 Spinks. Patsy Ellen, Marietta, 345, 242 Spivey. Arthur Eugene. Columbus, 337, 402 Spivey, Joyce, Moultrie. 370, 174 Splinter. Karen Mary, Atlanta. 431. 182 Spratling. John W., Waycross, 195 Sproull. Olivia M.. Rockmart, 333, 167 Squires, Thomas Eric. Atlanta, 459, 187 Srang. Kiet. 383 Stabell, Edward R., Daytona Beach, Fla., 431. 171 Staggs, Terry Wayne, Landrum, S.C, 418, 419 Staley, Linda Beth, Brunswick, 158 Stallings, Sybil. Fort Screven, 431, 137 Stalnaker, Julian H., Thomaston, 333 Stamps, Anne Marie, Macon, 459 Stanford, Nancy C, Atlanta, 459, 179 Stanley, Brenda Diane, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 459, 167 Stanley, Robert H., Jr., Atlanta, 431, 171 Stanley. Robert L., Jr.. Milan, 313, 315, 317 Stansbury, Walter P. E., Cummings, 459 Stansbury, Wm. Richard, Chattanooga 9, Tenn., 357 Stanton, Edward A.. New York. N.Y.. 313 Stanton, Sarah Eliz., Orlando. Fla.. 174 Stapen. Michael G.. Savannah. 459. 237 Staples, Barry M.. Carrollton. 431, 203 Staples. Diane C, Carrollton, 459. 203 Staples. Eric P., Jr.. Perry, 229 Staples. Max H., Jr.. Atlanta, 333, 195 Stapleton. Wm. T., Jr., Griffin, 459 Staplin. Ralph Asa, Black River, N.Y., 431. 318 Statham, Benjamin, Jr., Atlanta, 431, 152 Steedley. Billy H., Waycross. 431 Steele. James P.. HI. Atlanta, 357, 345. 171 Steele. Susan Minton. Atlanta. 119 Steever. Raymond G., Jr.. Doraville, 459, 100 Steinberg. Merle P., Skokie. III., 459, 221 Sleinmann. Kurt L., Atlanta, 195 Stelljes, Henr -. Atlanta. 459. 155 Stembridge, Claudia A.. Ellijay. 149 Stenger. Jo Anne S., Coral Gables, Fla., 459, 158 Stephens, Betty Jane, Hapeville, 431, 345 Stephens, Grace W., Athens, 431, 85, 174 Stephens, James M., Moultrie, 333 Stephens, Jancy D., Millen, 431, 203 Stephens. Joan. Atlanta. 333, 182 Stephens. Judith Sue, Valdosta. 431 Stephens, Marvin R., Sandersville, 431 Stephens, Mary Anne, Atlanta, 459 Stephens, Ralph T., Seneca, S.C, 431 Stephens, Ray G., Atlanta, 459. 336, 96 Stephens, Ronny D., Jr., Athens, 187, 307 Stephens, Susan B., Thomasville, 459, 179 Stephens, Thomas Wade, Athens. 459, 216 Stephens, Wilbur G., Jr., Adrian, 431, 187 Stephenson, Robert L., Saltville, Va., 417, 419 Stephenson, Sandra J., Avondale Estatei, 459, 242 Stcpp, Jerry Lenn, McCaysville, 459, 198 Stepp, Joe Michael, McCaysvjlle, 431, 198 Stern, Morton Warner, Columbus. 333, 237 Sternberg, Richard Wm., Newport, N.Y,, 431, 319 Sterne, Frances C, Atlanta, 182, 298 Sterne, Wm. Augustus, Atlanta, 217 Stettler, Kenneth, Jr., Huntington, W. Va., 333 Stevens, Hazen H., Atlanta. 459 Stevens, Harry Gibson. Athens. 431, 228 Stevens, John R.. Jr., Decatur, 29, 91, 431. 231 Stevens. Karen Lee, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 431. 182 Stevens, Warren Busby, Jacksonville, Fla., 431, 140, 298 Stevenson, C. Remsen, Westbury, N.Y., 313, 317 Steward, Carole H., Decatur, 129 Stewart, Allen Mize, Camilla, 431, 376 Stewart, Clyde A., Jefferson, 375 Stewart, Dallas W., Marietta, 140 Stewart, Doris L., Jr., Albany, 357 Stewart, Edwin Carter, Cornelia, 459 Steart, Helen Joyce, Hollywood, 388, 93, 167 Stewart, Howell E., Jr., Warner Robini, 409 Stewart, Julian H., Monroe, 403 Stewart, Patricia G., Shannon, 370 Stewart, Walter E., Jr., Good Hope, 407, 82, 335, 410. 409, 411 Stewman. Jerry H., Jonesboro, 459, 225 Stickles, Sandra S.. Atlanta. 459 Still. Sybil Burt, Atlanta, 431 Stilwell, James Rhett, Ochlochnee, 431 Stinnett, John C, Marietta, 357, 225 Stinnett, Nick, Jr., Jackson, S.C, 431 Stith, Alan Elton, East Point. 260 Stogner, Judith Anne, Waco. 431, 174 Stokes, Charles, Empire, 337 Stokes, Clyde W., Jr., Alma, 229 Stokes, Gerald Lamarr, Brunswick. 459 Stokes, Henry Holt. Blakely, 376. 295 Stokes, Judith Gayle, Tampa, Fla., 459. 122 Stokes, Judy Ann, Atlanta, 459 Stokes, Sam Watson. Pickens, S.C, 376 Stone, Albert L., Jr., Nicholton, 459 Stone, Billy J., 383 Stone, Charles Edward, Athens, 319 Stone, David Lawrence, Dania, Fla., 459 Stone. Edward E., Jr., Charlotte, N.C., 187 Stone, Edward Harold. Greensboro, 345 Stone, Everett W., Jr., S. Nyack, N.Y., 431 Stone, Gerald S., Jr.. Scarsdale, N.Y., 431, 343 Stone, John Martin, Savannah, 459 Stone. Kice Hagan. Ocilla. 225 Stone, Thomas Jackson, Atlanta, 459, 140 Storey, Floyd Larry, Columbus, 459, 191 Storey, Washburn G.. Waycross. 357 Storm. Barbara R.. Atlanta, 459, 182 Story, Warren L., Jr., Atlanta, 313. 316 Stovall, Albert S. J., Athens. 431. 239 Stovall, Jon Murrow, Decatur. 431. 195 Stowe, Martha Linda. Martin. 4 9. 338 Stowers. Claudia J.. Decatur, 158 Stowers. Guy M., Conyers, 231 Strain, Edward Eugene, Hoganisville, 459, 171 Strayhom. Hugh E., Brunswick, 459 Strickland. Bobbie J., Danielsville, 431 Strickland, Daniel M.. Claxton, 313. 316. 315. 337 Strickland, Eleanor M., Calhoun, 431, 167 Strickland, Elmer L., Clavary, 338, 411, 94 Strickland, Frederick, Baxley. 431, 165 Strickland, James, Jr.. Atlanta, 459, 195 Strickland, Linda C. Carnesville. 431 Strickland, Marion E.. Bowdon, 408 Strickland. Meredith, Waycross, 357. 129, 106 Strickland, Ray L., Waycross. 431, 155 Strickland, Thomas M., Athens, 357 Strickland, Wm. A., III. Glennville, 155 Stringer, James C, Rockmart, 266 Stringer, Winston P., Rockmart, 459 Stripling, Thomas L., Cordele, 79, 431, 99. 316. 298 Strock. Vibert L., Jr., Brunswick. 264 Strong, Walter John, Windsor, Conn., 274 Stroup. Wesley Edwin, Westfield. N.J., 459. 152 Stuart, Jane K., Raleigh, N.C, 459 Stuart, Joe McCallum, Hamer S. C. 187 Stuhblebine, Charles, Decatur. 431. 277 Stuckey, Harvey L., Jr., Albany, 195 Stuckey, Lynda C, Eastman, 431, 182 s Itt ta.U. Sudduth, Albtrt B., Rome, 333, 287, 198, 290 Sullivan, Donald M., Harlem, 99 Sullivan, Frank B., Jr., Chamblee, 459, 198 Summer, Brenda P., Mountainview, 431 Summerhill, Joel F., Atlanta, 313, 315, 318 Summerhill. Vicki D., Atlanta, 432, 167 Summers, Gay, Savannah, 432, 122 Summera, Henry D., Ill, Marietta, 225 Summers, Joan Louise, Atlanta, 174, 288 Sumner, Joan Carol, Macon, 459 Sundby, Kari, Oslo, Norway, 383, 339, 341 Supran, Michael K., Miami Beach, Fla. 383 Surface. Claude E. Jr., Albany, 460, 96, 198 Surosky, Arthur M., Paterson, N.J., 313 Susman, Seymour C, Atlanta, 432 Sussman, Jack Howard, Savannah, 237 Sutker, Marlene, Savannah, 460, 221 Sutton, Alfred Wayne, Brunswick, 460, 259 Sutton, Catherine E., Cedartown, 100 Sutton, Cranford C, Willacoochee, 228, 338 Sutton, Linda Jane, Macon, 93, 431 Swan, Jerry Lawson, Athens, 357 Swan, Richard M., Wrens, 357. 360 Swanson, Joan, Atlanta. 393, 93, 137 Swanson, Patricia M., Coral Gables, Fla., 179 Swartz. Susan M., Salisbury, N. C, 221 Sweat, Eliz Joan, Waycross, 370 Sweat, Kathryn S., Jacksonville, Fla., 431 Sweat, Maurice Tripp, Jesup, 419, 417 Sweat, Sandra, Athens, 370, 119 Sweeney, Mary Sue, Savannah, 431 Swift, George Parker, Columbus, 460, 217 Swift, Henry W., Jr., Columbus, 217 Swindel, Lawrence W., Athens, 81 Swindle, Kenneth D., Winterville, 82 Swinford, Lenis W., Munford, Ala., 259 Swit. Steven Elliott, Atlanta, 460 Swords, Herbert James, Blakely, 431, 191 Sylvester, John C, Augusta, 460, 155 Tabb, Eleanor Ann, Augusta, 431 Tabor, John Seaborn, Brunswick, 431, 187, 336 Taggart, Margaret A., Blossburg, Pa., 460 Talbird, John Duncan, Macon, 333, 293, 287 Talbird, Sara Ann, Macon, 460, 174, 298 Talley, Eliz Lee, Chattanooga, Tenn., 333, 179 Talley, Florence E., Dublin, 383 Tally, Richard Donald, Walkerlown, N. C, 228, 419 Tally, Sandra K., Homerville, 431, 183. 298 Talmadge, Herman E., Jr., Lovejoy, 460, 336, 228. 96 Talmadge, John E., Ill, Athens, 403 Talmadge, Mary I., Athens, 432, 149, 318 Tanner, Amanda C, Commerce, 388. 179 Tanner, Cora Jan. Axson, 370. 119 Tanner, John Andrew, Douglas, 431, 195 Tanner, Kay Ellen, Atlanta, 183 Tanner, W. Rhett, Athens, 398, 140, 165, 337, 75. 403 Tanner, Woodrow W., Pendergrass, 357. 337 Tappy. Thomas Philip, Morganton, N. C, 333 Taranto, Vicki Kay, Atlanta, 460, 221 Taratoot, Vivian J., Atlanta, 460, 221 Tarpley, Harvey E., Dublin, 432, 360 Tarpley. James Monroe, Rome, 99 Tarpley. Joe Parham. Athens. 357 Tarpley, Robt. Wilson, Macon, 432 Tarpley, Rosemary, Hampton, 357, 106, 243 Tarver, Fred R., Jr., Athens, 383 Tasker, Joseph W., Jr., Columbus, 460 Tate, Ben Barrow, Athens. 336. 113, 94 Tate, Ethel Louise, Sylvania, 370 Tate. George Lee. Elberton, 155 Tate, Wm. Jefferson, Athens, 460. 345 Tatum, John Milton, Wichita Falls, Texas. 460 Tatum. Mary Kathleen, Carrolllon. 203 Tatum, Richard Luther, Atlanta, 401, 171, 403 Tatum, Thomas Frank, Savannah, 155 Taylor, Connie Lynn, Clarkesville, 370 Taylor, Don Richard, Albany, 376 Taylor. Frederick W., Port St. Joe, Fla., 370 Taylor, James O. J. III. Thomson, 460 Taylor, Jerry Cay. Millen, 313 Taylor, Jo Ann, Demorest, 432 Taylor, John Meadows, LaGrange, 460, 195 Taylor, John Willson, Staunton, Va.. 401, 152, 403 Taylor, Judith Kay, Beaufort, S. C, 370. 131. 158 Taylor. Marion Allan. Columbus, 357 Taylor, Norman Lange. Columbus. 432 Taylor. Patricia Ann. Atlanta, 98 Taylor, Philip Larry, Nashville, 411 Taylor, Richard P., Ill, Jacksonville, Fla., 432. 228 Taylor, Robert Edward. Macon, 419 Taylor. Robert Wayne, Franklin, N.C., 460, 256 Taylor, Wm. Ira, Atlanta, 460 Teal, James Lunie, Carrollton, 432 Teal, Janice Rebecca, Carrollton, 383 Teasley, Billy Farris, Macon, 432 Teate, John Mackie, Bowdon, 417 Teel, Mary Joyce, Chipley, 357 Tegen. Charles Robert, Central, S.C, 383 Teitel, Theodore B., Villa Rica, 432, 237 Telford, Clara R., Gainesville, 370, 243 Temple, Alfred Arthur, Sandy Hook, Conn., 318, 107, 316, 84 Temple, John Hugh, Hartwell, 432 Temple, Joseph Martin, Hartwell, 432, 225 Templetoo, Jerome, Jr., Savannah, 274 Terry, Daniel B., Jr., Homerville, 432, 225 Terry, Georgia M., Chatsworth, 432, 167 Terry, Harriette J.. Atlanta, 119 Terry. Hilda Jane, Chatsworth, 432, 388, 389, 167 Terry. Thomas Edward, Athens, 460, 191 Terry, Walter F.. Hamilton. 333, 228 Teske, Richard Henry, Blacksburg, Va., 417. 419 Thaggard. Wm. R.. Savannah, 432 Tharp, Mary Lynn, McRae, 432, 158 Tharpe, Jefhe Eliz. Americus, 334, 119 Thigpen. Clifton K., Mt. Vernon. 417 Thigpen. Kenneth F., Macon, 432, 217 Thigpen, Wm. Bartow, Waycross, 432, 198 Thinh, Nghiem Xaun, Saigan, Vietnam, 333 Thomas, Ann Petersen, Fairyland, 460, 158 Thomas, Carole Ann, Macon, 460, 137 Thomas, Genie, Washington, 370, 159 Thomas. Jerry E., Martin, 313 Thomas, Jimmy Emerson, Watkinsville, 460 Thomas, Kenneth Erie, Patterson, 357, 226 Thomas, Larry Wm., Martin, 313 Thomas, Penelope Wall, Sandersville, 159 Thomas, Roma D.. Jr., Patterson, 334, 91 Thomas, Walter Earl, Rhine, 432 Thomas, Wm. George, Jr., N. Augusta, S.C. 345, 342. 344 Thomason. Linda D.. Atlanta, 370, 131 Thomason, Virginia A., Dalton, 432, 119 Thompson, Billy B., Athens, 383 Thompson, Dennis V.. Jr., Metter, 432 Thompson, F. Nimrod, Jr., Newport News, Va.. 417 Thompson, Grannon I.. Jesup, 408. 411 Thompson, Harry E., Jesup, 460. 191 Thompson. Harry H., Ill, Athens, 432, 228 Thompson, John Lovett, Wrightsville, 217 Thompson, Julia S.. Fairmount. 338 Thompson, Larry Neal. Lawrenceville, 274 Thompson, Nancy Lou, Atlanta, 167 Thompson, Olin David, Vidalia, 229 Thompson, Ray Allen. Sylvania. 460 Thompson. Robt. L.. III. New York, N.Y.. 460, 152 Thompson. Sara C. Bremen. 432. 122 Thompson. Travis H.. Dalton, 432 Thompson, Trudy Dawn. Hull. 460 Thompson. Willard D.. Greenville. 2»1 Thomson. Charles R.. Savannah, 376 Thomhill, Barbara L., Gainesville, 432, 339 Thornton. Marvin, Jr., Flushing 58, N. Y., 314 Thornton, Susan Ann, Columbus, 460, 159 Thrash, Geraldine R.. Athens. 388 Threeton, Clay L.. Jr.. Atlanta, 432 Threlkeld, George L.. Vidalia. 432. 187 Threlkeld, Melinda A., Athens, 370 Throckmorton, Marion, Savannah, 460, Thuock. Ou. 160 Thurman. Sara L.. Midville. 370. 123 Thurmond, Donald W.. Madison. 401, 195. 403, 287 Thurmond, Elizabeth W., Gainesville, 432, 203 Thurmond, Gartrell, Jr., Greensboro, 408, 409. 411 Thurmond, Gerald P.. Madison, 403 Thurmond, Guy J.. Jr., Madison, 432 Thurmond, Janice, Monroe, 98, 95 Thurmond, Robin L., Jr., Roanoke, Va., 460. 191 Thurston, Frank Bay. Gainesville, 460 Thurston, George W., Athens, 432. 217 Thweatt. John Dorman. Augusta. 432 Thweatt, Marsha E.. Columbus. 174 Tibbitts, Raymond, Jr., Columbus, 357, 225 Tidmore, William C. Atlanta, 334. 217 Tidwell, Edwina. Athens. 334. 123 Tidwell. Jimmie 0., Cartersville. 345, 344 Tidwell, Sidney, Athens. 460, 123 Tidwell, Wm. Jerry, Statesboro, 432, 225 Tilghman. Susan E.. Decatur, 137 Tillem, Annie Ruth, Atlanta. 432 Tiller. Henry Chris, Swainsboro. 231 Tillis, Ralph Dixon, Jacksonville 10, Fla.. 171 Timmons. Edward Hays. Lavale, Md., 419 Tindol. Rufus L.. III. Atlanta. 432. 198 Tippins. Berta Marie. Baxley. 460. 338 Tipton. Margaret B.. Dalton, 370. 92. 203 Tisinger. David H.. Athens. 403 Tisingcr. Richard G., Carrollton, 432, 187, 94 Tobias, Raymond C, Waycross, 383, 225 Tobin, Judith Ann, Marietta, 119 Tobin, Judith Oliver, Pinelevel, N.C., 370 Tobin, Paul Curtis, Chapel Hill, N.C., 358 Todd, Mina Lou, Bowdon, 432 Todd, Patricia C, Perry, 432, 159 Todd, Susan Judith, Lookout Mtn., Tenn., 432. 203 Tolbert, James Joseph, Albany, 432 Tollerson. Jo Ann, Gibson, 243 Tomas, Javier F., Barcelona. Spain. 383 Tomberlin, Lester D., Waycross, 187, 257 Tomberlin, Richard E., Macon, 358, 360 Tootle, Cecil Jan. Savannah. 432 Topshe, Sondra P., East Point, 432, 159, 106 Totter, Anita Ruth, Athens, 460 Totis, Maria Isabella, Athens, 432 Townsend, James F.. Athens, 417 Townsend, James N., Bremen, 460 Townsend, Lee R., Clinton, Md.. 419 Townsend. Lewis A.. Atlanta. 460 Townson. Richard D., Marietta, 432, 187 Taber. Elizabeth. Madison. 432, 203 Tracy, Lee Lamkin, Harlem, 155 Trammell, Ervin G., Jr., Covington, 432 Treadwell, Carole E., Columbus. 129. 98 Treadwell, Dorothy S., Warner Robbins, 131 Teanor, Kay, Athens, 370, 183 Tribby, David Cosby, Purcellville, Va., 417 Trippe, Crawford V., Adel. 358 Tricarico, Vincent J.. CatskiU, N.Y., 432 Trosdal, Einar S., Ill, Savannah, 460, 217 Trossi, David Julio, Puerto Rico, 460 Trotman, Dorothy M.. Eastanollee, 432 Trotter, Richard P., Atlanta. 401, 82, 72, 152 75 403 Troy Chas. Stuart, Atlanta, 460, 191 Trujillo. Jean Ann, East Point, 370, 179 Truitt, Richard, 336 Trulock, Paul H.. III. Climax, 460. 217 Trundle, Wm. Allison. Ringgold, 376, 377 Tning, Ha Xaun, Washington 25, D.C., 81 Tucker. Carolyn T., Pine Lake. 131 Tucker, Jimmy Ray, St. Simons Island, 460, 152 Tucker, Sarah Quigg, Carrollton, 334, 203 Tucker, Walter Fuller, Athens, 432 Tumbleston, Roy H.. Ravcnel. S.C. 432 Tumtin. Edna Tate. Marietta, 183 Tumlin, Patricia Kay. Decatur. 460, 123 Tumlin, Wm. Newton, III, Savannah, 460. 155 Turbyville, James R., Jackson, Mich., 187 TurnbuU, Augustus B.. Toccoa, 334, 82, 94 Turnell, Steve Armour, Athens, 460 Turner, Brenda B., Augusta, 460, 137 Turner. Corrie P.. Royston. 460. 174 Turner, Frank Burney, Covington, 334, 171 Turner, George A.. Jr., BIythe, 432 Turner, Lynn Gilbert, Davenport, N.Y., 318 Turner, Mark H., Jr., Toccoa, 408, 411 Turner, Mary Gertrude, Brunswick, 159, 288 Turner, Molly Banks, Cordele, 460, 123 Turner, Ward Parker, Cordele, 85, 123, 463 Turton, Rebecca Ray, Brunswick. 388, 203 Tuten, James R., Jr., Brunswick, 432, 225 Tuten, Sara Eleanor. Baxley. 432. 179 Twitty. Russell J.. Ill, Hawkinsville, 460. 155 Tyler, Jane Lenox. Macon. 123 Tyre, Gary Lawton. Waycross. 432 Tyson. Clelland A.. Enigma, 314, 316 u Ulrici, Janice Jean. Atlanta. 460. 183 Underwood, Cecilia B., Jefferson, 46 Underwood, Frank, III, Savannah, 401, 403, 217 Underwood, Joan, Rockville Centre, N.Y.. 339 Underwood. Robert C, Swainsboro, 432, 133 Union, Thomas S., Jr.. Macon, 334 Upchurch, Harold W., McDonough, 432 Upchurch. Nancy Eliz., Athens. 149, 298 Upchurch, Susan E.. Athens, 460, 148, 298 Ursrey. Lawton R.. Jr.. Hazlehurst, 334, 229 Vallecorse, Roger Jas., Chamblee, 460 Van Degrifl, Edward R., Easley, S.C, 460, 419 Vance, Patricia A., Tifton, 460 Vance, Shirley Anne, Bowdon, 432, 123 Vandiver, Chas. M.. Athens, 370 Vandiver. Charies S.. Hartwell. 460 Vandiver. James H., Martin. 460. 345 Vandiver, .Sanford T., Good Hope. 274 Vandiver, Wm. Brannon, Commerce, 94 Vandiviere, Catherine. Savannah, 432, 463 Vandiviere. Cornelia, Savannah. 432, 463 VanLandingham. Mary C. Ellaville, 334 VanWinkle, Judith C. Atlanta, 460 Varnedoe, Lonnie E., Jr., Brunswick, 460 Varon. Helaine Lynn. Tallahassee, Fla., 460, 221 Vaske, Janet Elaine, Atlanta, 243 Vason, Cornelius, Jr., Madison, 91, 195 Vasvary, Miki Peter, Athens, 291 Vaughn, James C. Jr., Augusta, 155 Veal, Barbara Anne, Macon, 408, 409, 11 Veal. Wendell Ray, Milledgeville, 432 Veatch, Linda Arlene, Atlanta, 334 Vella, Leonard S., Pittston, Penn., 257 Venues, Grant R., Jr., Ft. Valley, 432, 187 Verdin, Daniel B., Jr., Simpsonville, S.C, 419 Vereen, Wendy Ellen, Miami, Fla., 334, 174 Vernoy, Deryl Lynne, Atlanta, 460 Vick, James Everett. Rome. 432 Vickers. Claude Leon. Ambrose, 460 Vickers, Edgar B., Macon, 460, 229 Vickery, Judy Kyme. Decatur, 460, 159 Vig, Peter Reynolds, Columbus, 358, 187 Vignati, Romie Joe, Augusta, 334, 191 Villaire, Nathaniel E.. Athens. 334 Villavicencio. R., Guatemala, Guate mala, 314, 239 Vilval, Juri, Stockholm, Sweden, 358, 361, 337 Vining, Frances Gayle, Marshallville, 460 Vining, James W., Eatonton, 334 Vinson, Fleming C. Athens. 334 Vinson. James Lewis. Moultrie, 460 Vinson, Thomas M., III. Valdosta, 171 Virgin, Rosemary L.. Atlanta. 432 Voigt, John Tomberlin, Waycross, 432, 195 Volpitto, Perry P., Jr., Augusta, 225 w Wachsteter, John Ira, Atlanta. 460 Waddell. Ronald Allen, Devereux, 314, 318 Wade, Dorothy Lee, Dalton, 432, 131 Wade, George T., Jr., Austell, 376, 337, 107, 316, 84 95 Wade, Joseph A., Jr., Columbus, 460, 171 Wade, Michael Stone, Atlanta, 140 Wade, Peggy Louise, 460, 159 Wade, Phyllis Marie, Atlanta, 432 Wade, Robert Lane, Athena, 383, 335, 380 Wade, Virginia Mary, Columbus, 432, 183 Wadley, John E., Macon, 460, 217 Wadsworth, Lewis, III, Bunnell, Fla., 140 Wages. Harvey S., Jr.. Savannah, 432 Wagner, Arthur Craig, New Hope, Fa., 460 Wainright, Charles K.. Waycross, 408, 410. 409, 411, 191 Wainright, Marion J., Waycross. 198 Waits. Chas. Hardy. McDonough. 460 Waits. Helen Joyce. Macon, 460, 203 Waldhaum, Lynn D., Miami, Fla., 460, 104 Walden, John W., Jr., Columbus, 460, 171 Walden, Wayne Douglas, Defuniak Springs, Fla.. 460 Waldrop, Joyce Helen, Marietta, 460, 345 Waldrop, Linda Ann, Forest City, N.C., 334, 338 Waldrop, Raymond P., Phenix City, Ala., 257, 274 Waldrop, Robert K.. Jr., LaFayelte, 376 Walker, Benjamin P.. Augusta, 358 Walker, Bill. Pearson. 291 Walker. Dariene Edna, Dululh, 243 Walker, Ellen Clyde. Manchester. 432 Walker, Jimmy Rogers, Union Point, 432, 360 Walker, John David, Morrow, 432 Walker, John Woolfolk, Waynesboro, 460 Walker, Kenneth D., Guilford, N.C, 225 Walker, Larry S., Carrollton, 383 Walker, Wm. Quealy, Jr., Sea Island, 358, 195 Walker. Wilson. Hazlehurst, 359 Wall, Albert M.. III. Savannah. 460 Wall, Erskine R., Tampa 9. Fla., 432, 123 Wall. Fred M., Jr., Athens, 358, 287 Wall, Jerry Jackson. Lawrenceville, 460 Wall, Nancy Sue. Dacula, 338 Wall, Saundra, Statham. 243 Wallace. Lucrelia J., Piedmont, Ala., 432 Waller, John Ronald, Hinesville, 358, 229 Waller. Leiand Ervin. Atlanta. 432, 225 Walser, Robert Lee, Daytona Beach, Fla., 259 Walsh. Michael G.. Atlanta. 264 Walsh, Robyn Peeples, Atlanta, 393 Walter, Kathryn H., Ward, S.C, 370 Walter, Lamar Cobb, Longmeadow, Mass., 432, 336 Walter, Wm. Mood, Jr., Sumter, S.C, 383 Walters, J eannie Eliz., Fitzgerald, 446, 345, 243 Wallers. Sandra Gail. Columbus. 460, 243 Walton. Kenneth C. Temple, 334 Wammock, Richard Hoke, Augusta, 446 Wansley, Virginia Ann, Decatur. 460, 179 Ward, Brenda Carol, Commerce, 338 Ward, Edna Lu, Fitzgerald, 370, 93, 203 Ward, Fred T.. Jr.. Athens. 298 Ward, Larry Alex. Thomaston, 446, 140 Ward. Margaret C, Albany, 446, 243 Ward, Susan Spence, St. Simons Island, 460, 174 Ward, Wm. Elmer, CrifSn, 314 Ware, Johnnie Kelley, Lincolnton, 460, 290 Ware, Sarah Obie, Vidalia, 334, 243 Warlick, Ann, Macon, 460, 123 Warlick, Wra. Byrd, Cartersville, 432, 171 Warner, Lamar H., Decatur, 376, 133 Warren, Joseph Neal, Tallapoosa, 411 Warren, Myrna Ruth, Covington, 179 Warren, William K., Jr., Milan, 446 Warrenfells, Nancy L., LaFayette, 383 Warshaw, Sandra Lee, Tampa, Fla., 460 Wasdin, Susan W., Bremen, 432, 203 Wasserman, Robert Noa, Griffin, 460 Wasserman, Sherrie E., Nashville, Tenn., 370 Waters, Anne Allen, Greenville, S.C., 432, 179 Waters, Carolyn, Sylvania, 370 Waters, Dorothy F., Athens, 44(fc 137 Waters, Joseph Boyd, Arlington, Va., 96 Waters, Julian Oscar, Gainesville, 370 Waters, Larry Chas., Blackshear, 383 Waters, Rita H., Alma, 388 Waters, Sara Madelyn, Decatur, 334 Watkins, Barbara F., Atlanta, 432, 159 Watkins, Charles J., Commerce, 432 Watkins, George E., Louisville, 446, 345, 342, 344 Watkins, Janet Stella. Athens, 460, 243 Watkins, Kenneth H., Suches, 432 Watkins, Marcia, Marietta, 446, 203 Watkins, Mary S., Lexington, 370 Watkins, Nancy V., Marietta, 334, 203 Watkins, Sharon Kay, Arlington, Va., 460 Watkins, Wm. Carroll, Rosaville, 460 Watrous, Lucy Carol, Atlanta, 334, 74, 85, 93, 179 Watson, Alan Hall, Nelson, N. Zealand, 460 Watson, Alva D., Ill, Gainesville, 358, 217 Watson, Ann, Augusta, 98, 432 Watson, Eliz. Ann, Macon, 446 Watson, Ellen Agnor, Atlanta, 334 Watson, John Hugh, Jr., Decatur, 383, 155 Watson, Molen Bunyon, Batesburg, S.C., 358 Watson, Wm. Elbert, Jr., Auburn, 432, 360 Watterson, Georgia C, LaGrange, 446 Watts, Chas. Leslie, Thomaston, 460, 140 Watts, George Brinson, Brinson, 432, 337, 107. 84, 94. 95 Watts, Michael J., Hapeville, 446, 290 Way Michael Slade, St. Simons Island, 460, 195 Weatherford, Mary F., Athens, 432, 179 Weatherford, Myrna J., Watkinsville, 388, 243 Weatherford, Warren C, Greensboro, 460, 345 Weatherly, Emmitt N., Leesburg, 314, 199 Weatherly, James C, Jr., Augusta, 432 Weatherly, Wm. Donald, Winder, 446, 345, 290 Weaver, Janet Leigh, Marietta, 345 Weaver, Jerry Octave, Cedartown, 334, 229 Weaver, Ronald Morris, Columbus, 446, 217 Weaver, Sarah Anne, Ocala, Fla., 432, 131, 334 Weaver, Sara Ellen, Covington, 335, 203, 420 Webb, Dorothy M., 460 Webb, John Jackson, Athens, 383 Webb, Madge Priscilla, Macon, 432, 203 Webb, Sandra Lee, Cordele, 460 Webb, Virgil Harris, Athens, 298 Webb, Wm. Hogan, Jr., Cartersville, 446 Webster, John R., Jr., Monroe, 358. 195 Weeks, Edson Shamhart, Savannah, 358 Weeks, Wm. Calvin, IH, Decatur, 460 Weigand, Sandra Grace, Hialeah, Fla., 432 Weinberg, Fred Lewis, Atlanta, 460 Weinberger, Ronald L., South Orange, N.J., 460, 237 Winer, Larry Arnold, Savannah, 446, 237 Weinstein, Alan B., Savannah, 460, 237 Weinstein, Gayle H., New Orleans, La., 370 Weinstein, Steven E., Atlanta, 460, 233 Weintraub, Irwin, Brooklyn, N.Y., 314 Weissman, Norman M., Atlanta, 461 Weitman, Ravenel T., Springfield, 432 Weitz, Nathan Harvey, Savannah, 433, 237 Welch, Alva Curtis, Jr., Cooperstown, N.Y., 461 Welch, Dorothy Melina, Atlanta, 203 Welch, Eleanor Jane, Columbus, 461 Welch, Eliz., Montese, Jonesboro, 446, 345, 137 Welch, Eric Newman, Athens, 461 Welch, Matthew C, Atlanta, 461, 225 Welch, Roger James, Augusta, 461 Weldon, Joseph H., Jr., South Dennis, N.J., 461, 96 Weldon, Thomas Alfred, Palmetto, 446 Wellborn, Freddie G., Campton. 446 Wellborn, Mary F., Campton, 335 Wellborn, Samuel, III, Columbus, 446, 217 Weller, Gilbert J., Atlanta, 360 Wells, Allen Barrett, Bailey, 433 Wells, Ann Louise, Hapeville, 461, 119 Wells, Donald Leon, Buena Vista, 433 Wells, James Ralph, Buena Vista, 358, 91, 360 Wells, Sharon Layne, West Van Lear, Ky., 461 Welton, Dane, 82 Wemmers, Frederick R., Atlanta, 393, 165 Wendenland, Vaughn, Jacksonville, Fla., 256 Wendt, Paul A., Jr., Pelham Manor, N. Y., 433 Werbin, Charlotte, Atlanta, 461 Wesley, John Charles, Atlanta, 446, 171 Wesley, Mary Meadors, Atlanta, 461, 175 West, Benjamin H., Calhoun, 358, 141 West, Charlotte Kay, LaFayette, 370 West Edwin Lee, Sautee, 446 West, Eston Garry, Macon, 358 West, John Quinn, Athens, 195 West, Kathleen C, Atlanta, 446, 119 West, Lucy Yancey, Athens, 433, 203 West, Walter B., Ill, Marietta, 358, 2y Westberry, Georee O., Patterson, 446, 316 Westberry Kay F., Jesup 461 Westbrook, Ann, Lumpkin, 446 Westbrook, Carol. Lumpkin, 446 Westfall. Frank C, Jr., Gallupville, N.Y., 433 Westmoreland, Martha, Thomasville, N. C, 446 Westmoreland, Ralph B., GrifKn, 256 Weston, Mrs. Avis C. Fort Gaines. 383 Weston, Barbara Jane, Atlanta, 446, 345 Wexler, Alan David, Carrollton, 383, 268, 237 Wexler, Michael, Monroe, 446 Wexler. Steven Tony. Atlanta. 446, 237 Whaley, John Wm., Columbus, Ohio, 461, 133 Whaley, Marjorie Lee, Shellman, 461, 119 Whatley, Perry A., Jr., Athens, 408, 141, 411 Whatley, Seaborn J., Rome, 433, 417 165 Wheeler, Johnny C, Jesup, 433 Wheeler, Linda Marie, Summerville, 461 Wheeler, Mary Jane, Canton, 433, 131, 106 Wheeler, Mary V., Jasper, 446 Wheeler, Opel Rebecca, Watkinsville. 446 Wheeler, Sandra Lois, Jasper, 433 Wheeler, Sidney F., Monroe, 403 Wheeler, Wm. Earl, Homerville, 335 Wheelin, Thomas K., Augusta, 335 Whilden, Wm. Chafee, Augusta, 408, 411 Whitaker. Robert H.. Jr., Hampton, 315, 337. 107, 84, 95 White, Anna S., Bainbridge. 446, 175 White, Charles K., Canton, 433, 411 White, Charles Haynes, Augusta, 433 White, Dorothy Evelyn, Savannah, 433, 123 White, Ellen Eliz., Atlanta, 461 White, Hugh Thomas, Atlanta. 433, 376 White, John Thomas. Augusta. 376 White. Julia Anna, Macon, 383 White, Kathryn Ann, Avondale Estates, 446. 159 White. Lamar Ewing. Athens. 370 White, Linda Joyce, Calhoun, 446 White, Marian Lenelle. Atlanta. 433, 123 White, Marylyn T.. Carrollton, 461 White. Michael. Atlanta. 358 White. Robert Clifton, Decatur, 187, 343 White. Robert Hugh. Albany. 433. 141 White. Sandra P.. Cuthbert. 446, 203, 288 White, Sherri Ann, Lindale, 433, 389, 167 White, Wm. Ernest, Midland, 433. 217 White. Wm. Herbert, Jr., Reidsville, N.C.. 417, 419 Whitehead, Caroline G., Blakely, 408, 148 Whitehead, Gerald W.. Livingston. La.. 257. 266. 377 Whitehead. Junette. Atlanta. 433. 148. 420 Whitehurst. Harry S.. Brooksville, Fla.. 371 Whitelock. Richard E.. Oak Park. III., Whiten. Morris Lewis. Toccoa, 461 433 Whitesell. Carolvn J.. Atlanta. 446. 98 Whitfield. Wm. Wilton. Chiconee 461 Whiting. Scott F.. Linden, N.J., 433, 360 Whitley, James Bartow. Lithonia, 446 Whitley. James G., Ocilla. 402 Whitley. Robert Gary. East Point, 433. 198 Whitley. Wm. Avery, Atlanta, 393 Whitley. Wm. Howard. Monroe. 433 Whitlock. Paul A.. Jr.. Newnan. 446, 79. 141 Whitman. Carmen Eliz. Atlanta 325 Whitmer Cynthia Ann. Miami. Fla., 461. 159 Whitmire. Lvdia C. Atlanta. 446. 159 Whitmire. Millard M.. Canton. 433 Whitmore. Sherry L., Jacksonville. Fla., 4.33. 159. 345 Whittington. John. III. Wi nter Park, Fla., 290 Whittle. Marv Comeria, Augusta, 433 Whitworth, Glover L.. Douglasville. 433 Whorton. Judith Faye. Brunswick. 433 Wick, Arthur Conrad. Atlanta. 358. 187 Wicker. Earl L.. Valdosta. 433. 141 Wicker. Martha C. Gray, 461 Wickersham, Dianne, Washington, 345 Wickersham, Laura L., Washington, 461, 159 Wicklilfe, Winell, Athens, 411 Wiener, Michael L., Ft. G. Meade, Md., 446, 233 Wienges, Othniel H., Jr., St. Matthews, S.C, 433, 187 Wier, Barbara Ruth. Athens. 433. 243 Wier. Joel A.. III. Athens. 461. 191 Wier. Marion Alex. Augusta. 461 Wiesen. Ronald Chas.. Dalton. 461 Wiggins. Amanda C. Ashbum, 446. 342, 338 Wigh. Russell John. Augusta, 446, 198 Wightman, James Robt., Forest Hills. N.Y.. 433. 343 Wilbanks. James Alvin, Nicholson. 99. 345. 338 Wilbanks. James E.. Jr., Dublin, 461, 345, 343 Wilbanks, James H., Dacula, 446 Wilcher, Carlton W., Jr., Columbus, 433 Wilcox, Peter Wynne, Atlanta, 433, 195 Wilde, Richard Neal, Atlanta, 433 Wilder, Carlos B., Jr., Sylvester, 446 Wilder, Virginia V.. Athens, 383 Wilkerson, Joe Earl, Omega, 433, 225 Wilkerson, Thomas Jr., Athens. 461 Wilkes. Jimmy Burpee. Augusta. 446, 217 Wilkes, Wm. Lee, Augusta, 433, 217 Wilkins, Cynthia. Atlanta, 371, 183 Wilkins, Martha W., Annandale, Va., 446, 98, 179 Wilkins, Rebecca T., Orlando, Fla., 461. 148 Wilkins. Robert David. Rome, 358, 229 Wilkinson, Douglas L., Dublin, 446, 290 Willcox, Carol Jean, Dublin, 446, 203, 91, 298 Willcox, Chas. Hugh, Fitzgerald, 94 Willett, Ann M., Athens, 388 Williams, Anne C, Atlanta, 335, 183, 388, 389 Williams, Barbara, Columbus, 446, 175, 298 Williams, Carol V., Atlanta, 446, 179 Williams, Charner M., Atlanta, 335. 148 Williams. Claudia S.. Atlanta, 461 Williams, Donald John, Nashville, 337, 318, 316, 84 Williams, Earl F., Blackshear, 433 Williams, Earl Jay, Rocky Ford, 446, 316, 198 Williams, Earl S., Jr., Americus, 433, 155 Williams, Edward P., Madison, 403 Williams, Eleanor Kay, Athens, 106 Williams, Elizabeth S., Dawson, 433 Williams, George T., Vidalia, 383, 195 Williams, George W., Jr., Savannah, 401, 403, 287 Williams, Georgia M., Hamilton, 446 Williams, Harriet V., Ocala, Fla., 433, 183 Williams, Hugh Don, Aragon, 314, 316 Williams, Jack G., Axson, 335 Williams, James D., Thomson. 383 Williams. James Edwin. Old Bridge, N.J.. 320 Williams. James Wiley, Buchanan, 314 Williams, Joe Blake, Glenn, 314, 316 Williams, Judith, Athens, 461, 131 Williams, Julia C, Atlanta, 446, 183 Williams, Karen, Columbus, 93, 433, 175 Williams, Kenny C, Douglas, 446. 229 Williams, Langdale, Valdosta, 256, 229 Williams, Linda Ray, Villa Rica, 446 Williams, Martha, Smyrna, 446 Williams, Nancy E., Ocilla, 408, 388, 389 Williams, Ralph Lee. Augusta. 433, 360 Williams, Richard A., Colquitt, 433 Williams, Robert M., Juliette, 360 Williams, Ronald C, Axson, 401, 403 Williams, Samuel Guy Blakely, 446 Williams, Samuel Mark, Rome, 316 Williams, Theodore G., Cordele, 314 Williams, Vernon C, Atlanta, 446, 99 Williams, Virginia A., Aragon, 433 Williams, Wm. W., Ill, Ft. Oglethorpe, 446, 419 Williams, Wm. Worth, Ma con, 446, 165, 345, 291 Williamson. Emory J., Augusta, 433 Williamson, Lorace J., East Point, 461 Williamson, Morris T., East Point, 461 Williamson, Robert W., Miami, Fla., 257 Williamson, Theodore, Augusta, 398 Williamson, Wm. Duke, Lyons, 446, 411 Willig, Sharon Nancy, Asheville, N.C., 433. 221 Willingham. Ronald G.. Atlanta, 446, 217 Willis, James HuU, Macon, 461, 141 Willis, Jerry Talbert, Bonaire, 433, 141, 75 Willis, Larry F. Cartersville, 461. 345 Willis. Margaret Ann. Reynolds. 433 Willis. Mary H. Bell. Cairo. 371 Willis, Richard S., Columbus, 446 Willoughby, James. Milledgeville, 345, 376, 342, 344 Willoughby, John H., Thomaston, 376 Willoughby, Linda L., LaGrange. 408, 411 Willoughby, Wm. Albert, Winder, 358 Wills, Nancy Ann, Atlanta, 335, 147 Willson, Charles P., Conyers, 461 Wilmer, Charles James, Atlanta, 446, 133 Wilson, Ann Mitchell, Atlanta, 371, 175 Wilson, Barry Lynn, Savannah, 259 Wilson, Catherine Gay, Atlanta. 446. 183 Wilson. Elizabeth S., Athens. 433. 119 Wilson. Emory C. Jr., Ft. Valley, 433, 187, 337 Wilson, Everette C, Jr., Atlanta, 461 Wilson, Fred Gerald, Pearson, 433 Wilson, George Oscar, Dalton, 371 Wilson. George Wayne. Toccoa. 371 Wilson. Granville G.. Dorchester, Md., 433, 82 Wilson, James Larry, Fitzgerald, 433 Wilson, James T.. Jr., Augusta, 446, 171 Wilson, James W., Jr., Carrollton, 358, 229 Wilson, Jerald R., Bremen, 433, 225 Wilson. Mariam S., N. Charleston, S,C., 461, 159 Wilson, Martin Eugene, Baxley, 446 Wilson, Myra Jean, Atlanta, 461 Wilson, Oliver G., Ill, Savannah, 335, 225 Wilson, Patti Joyce, Jonesboro, 433, 345 Wilson, Robert F., Decatur, 461 Wilson, Robert P., Carrollton, 433. 229 Wilson. Sally Lucia. Decatur. 371, 159 Wilson, Tommy R., New Holland, 393, 90, 199 Wilson, Walter R., Ft. Valley, 433, 217 Wilson, William H., Jr., Augusta, 433, 165 Wilson, Wm. Neil, Gainesville, 446 Wilson, William Roger, Sycamore, 335 Wilson, Winnie Ann, Atlanta, 433. 183 Wimberly. David T., College Park, 461, 225, 336, 96 Wimberly, James W., Jr.. Atlanta. 461 Wimbish. Stephen S., Rome. 446 Winawer. Henry Hill. Brooklyn, N.Y., 433. 319 Winfield, Daniel T.. Savannah, 393 Wingard, Sara C, Atlanta. 461. 131 Wingo. Hugh Franklin. Newnan. 345 Winning. Ruth Mary. Greenville. S.C, 461 Winsett, Gerald, Aubumdale, Fla., 257 Winship, Mary Eliz., Augusta, 461 Winship, Wadleigh C, Atlanta, 433 Winslette, Wm. Ennis, Macon, 446, 345 Winter, Ralph Edwin, Albany, 461 Wirsing, Kent M., CarroUton, 433, 191 Wise, Joel Alton. Leary. 461 Wise. John Tracy. Ft. Defiance, Va., 417, 419 Wiser, Meda Louisa, Tifton. 433 Wisherd. Barbara E.. Lula. 446 Witbam. Eloise M.. Atlanta. 461. 149 Withers. John B., III. Atlanta. 433, 229 Withrow, Kenneth D. Ellijay, 461 Witkofsky, Walter, Jr., Baltimore 13, Md., 417 Woeltjen, Donald A., Savannah, 274, 275 WofTord, Lynthia Jo, Martinez, 446, 203. 106 WofTord, Michael W., Gainesville, 446, 345 Wotford, Myra Susan. Martinez, 446, 203 Wolf, Herbert Larry, Macon, 446, 237 Wolf, Laura White, Washington 15, D.C., 461 Wolfe. David M.. Jr., Albany, 461 WollI, Fabianne B., Durham, N.C.,433, 104, 221 Wolfson, Dennis M., Jacksonville, Fla., 433, 237 Wolfson, Richard Jay, Jacksonville, Fla., 446, 237 Wollner, Muriel F., Atlanta 5. 371. 221 Wolper. Eileen. Charleston, S.C. 461, 104 Womack. Jerry O.. Dallas. 446 Womack. John Carl. Miami. Fla.. 320 Womack. Wm. Campbell, Florence, S.C, 271 Womble, Joseph Ryan, Savannah, 376, 133, 376, 377 Wong, Stephen, Augusta. 408. 411 Woo, Dorothy Louise, Augusta, 383, 408 Woo, Douglas King, Augusta. 433 Woo. Emily Lois. Augusta. 446 Woo. Eugene. Jr.. Augusta, 433 Wood. Betty Ann. Camesbille, 335 Wood. Betty Ann, Loganville, 461 Wood, Dana Joliane, Atlanta, 461, 277, 175 Wood, Eleanor Rose, Tifton, 388 Wood, John Howard, Jr., Colbert, 383 Wood, John Marion, Fairmount. 461. 377 Wood. Sara Annetta, Atlanta. 461. 131 Wood. Sarah Inez. Pacolet, S.C, 446, 98, 119, 463 Woodall. Linda Jane. Gainesville, 131, 93, 433 Woodall, Martha Eliz., Bamesville, 461, 203 Woodard, Eva Joy, Atlanta, 461 Woodcock. Benny F., Jr.. Savannah. 433 Woodcock, Bonnie P., Statesboro, 371, 149 Woodcock, Lloyd M., Jr., Haddock, 461, 171 Woodham, Richard M.. Jonesboro, 446, 345, 342 Woodlee, Eleanor V.. Bamesville, 446, 159 Woodruff. Robert F.. Rome. 461. 290 Woodruff. Wm. L.. Jr.. Atlanta. 461. 171 Woods. Dorothy Sharon. Coral Cables, Fla.. 446. 131 Woods. James Walker. Martinsville, Va., 419 Woods. Margaret W., Raleigh, N.C, 461, 179 Woodward, Brigham E., Augusta, 256. 229 Woodworth. James W.. Farmington. 335 Woolen. Ernest A.. Jr.. Sandy Springs, 408. 345. 410, 411 Worden, Lorraine M., Savannah, 446, 98 Work, Clemens Paul, St. Mountain. 461 Work, Sandra Edith, Macon, 461, 149, 91 Worley, Edward E., Cedartown, 383 Worley, John D., Gumming. 358 Wortham. Joyce E.. Athens. 446 Wray, Christopher P., Macon. 446, 291 Wray, Margaret Jean, Chickamauga, 435 Wren, Benjamin F., IH, Louisville, 446 Wright, Alexander, III, Atlanta, 433 W ( ■ lU,! " l(.n.l» ' ' Wright, Barbara Ann, Smyrna, 167 Wright, Benjamin H., West Point, 433 Wright, Dorothy Delph, Augusta, 446, 183, 277, 298 Wright, Faye Elaine, Jefferson, 433 Wright, Frances C, Atlanta, 433 Wright, James A., Jr., Sanford. Fla., 401, 403 Wright, James T., W. BrookBeld, Mass., 417 Wright, John Meek, Tampa, Fla., 446, 195. 171 Wright, Johnny F., Columbus, 433, 256, 266 Wright, Judith Anne, Decatur, 446, 175 Wright, Mary Ann, Alpharetta, 388 Wright, Mary Janelle, Roswell, 335 Wright, Nancy Claire, Commerce, 335, 345 Wright. Sibyle E., Athens, 461 Wright, Stephen Wynn, Chamblee, 141 Wrigley, Norma June, Atlanta 5, 446, 183, 277 Wrinkle, Sandra J., Dalton, 383 Wu, Maki, Taiwan, China, 383 Wurst, Mary Olivia, Meigs. 358, 119 Wyatt. Gloria Nerine, St. Louis, Mo., 446 Wyatt, John W., Jr., Buchanan, 358, 195, 274 Wyatt. Sandra Kay, Marietta, 446, 203 Wyche, Charles Olin, LaCrange, 446 Wylds, Susan Caroline, Augusta, 335 Wynn, Martha Carolyn, Athens, 433 Wynne, David Melvin, Blakely. 433 Wynne, Marvin Irvin, Bainbridge, 358 Yaiko, Leonard, Clymer, N.Y., 319 Yancey, Jerry D.. Atlanta 10. 408, 411 Yarbrough, Betty Ann, Athens, 461 Yarbrough, Clyde L., Funston. 461 Yates, Charies James, Pelham, 446. 195 Yates, Clinton Harrod. Marietta, 433. 198 Yeargan, James L., Rome. 446, 217 York, Preston Byron. Thomaston. 433 Youmans, Kenny D., Savannah, 446, 171 Youmans, La Wanna, Nashville, 433 Youmans, Norma Faye, Waycross, 433, 243 Young, Alan Barry, Hampton, S.C., 461 Young, Arnold Carlton, Beaufort, S.C., 91. 433 Young, Harriet Eliz., Decatur, 446, 175 Young, Jane, Washington 15, D. C, 461, 159 Young, June Ferol, Hapeville, 461 Young, Kay Caroline, Winder, 371; 104, 175 Young, Linda Phyllis, Hampton, S.C, 446, 221 Young, Mary Vivion, Toccoa, 461 Young, Norman Dale, Fairmount. 446 Young, Robert Donald, Columbus. 401, 403, 217 Young, Thomas O., Jr., Rockmart, 358 Youngblood. Cynthia L., Savannah, 461 Youngblood, Pauletta, Millen, 371 Youngblood, Rickey S., Columbus, 461 Yow, Martha Diane, Martin, 137 Zachry, Arthur L., Ill, Dalton, 461 Zaglin, Charles F., Greenville, S. C, 237 Zaikow, Janice, Waynesboro, 433 Zaloumes, Strat G., Macon, 461 Zasiow, Jane, Jacksonville, Fla, 461, 225 Zealy, Carroll E., Jr., Savannah, 358 Zelinsky, Ralph S., Norwich, Conn., 237 Zellner, Daniel E., Culloden. 335 Zimmerman, Roberta P., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 461, 175 Zitzelman, Joan, Athens. 339 Zuck. Sandra Eliz., Birmingham, Ala., 433 Zuidema, Lawrence Wm.. Roxbury, N.Y., 317 ) ' ! i r f5®sawss» «!s.«» ' «s®s ■■ • • .

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