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Ti 5 - 960 m laiiM rmfi p 1960 I SANDRA DAVIS ....... Editor-in-Chief DAVID CLIFFORD Business Manager JOHN KEASLER Managing Editor J AM YE AULTMAN Art Editor GLEN GLADDIN Pictorial Editor CURTIS STEPHENS Photographer GUY ARNALL Sports Editor Cover: DAMON CARTER Theme: PEOPLE lah The University of Georgia, as does any --- - ' state institution, exists to serve Creative Spirit page 16-39 PEOPLE. And here is the story of the PEOPLE for which this institution exists, the students and faculty and staQ by the staff of of the nation ' s oldest chartered state University, as presented PANDORA 1960. PEOPLE make up the subject matter of Sports page 40-35 this book, and you will see them and their feeling in various situations: the creativity of modern dance . . . excitement of both the crowd and the officials over Charley ' s touchdown which tied up the Auburn game . . . antici- pation as Judy, a finalist in the Miss Pandora pageant, steps to Features page 86-117 the mike to answer the questions and give the judges an indication of her presence of mind and her stage personality. Individuals you knoxu . . . compose the University . . . throughout PANDORA 1960 rr i oifl ■J- I llii|ilt! T ' . -. i- » fM wmm m - I Happiness is best expressed when shared with others, and Organizations page 1 18-31 1 numerous campus groups provide ample opportunity for sharing experiences. Students choose spe- cial PEOPLE who stay at the Universi- special group, whether it be fraternity or sorority or other close-knit friendship circles there will be will be close associates throughout their ty. After the student has picked his occasions when group members will enjoy each other ' s company at Uni- versity functions . . . at football games, perhaps, where, with a winning season like that of the ' 59 Bulldogs, happy eyes Schools page 312-463 M will tell any observer how University PEOPLE feel. And for the scholar, of course, there is no company like good books. Someone must see that the entire operation functions Administration page 464-483 smoothly behind the scenes of visi- ( I Ji afe officials and a dedicated local hie at Georgia. New dormitories ble campus life, and the interested administration do that task admira- will soon join the Science Center as People ' s Pupils page 474-479 visible proof of that interest and dedication. Interested student eyes follow the Uni- versity scene close- image of the one Revue, or the ex- the person behind , , ly. Whether those eyes record a permanent person who stands out in a croxud, Tanya at the Pandora posed tonsils in evidence on successful football afternoons, them will remember PEOPLE. And here, in PANDORA 1960, is record of PEOPLE in a great University of Georgia year. ' ■ ' ■ " ' f fll fg ► ' •aiLasEsiMr SUuiaifx. ' . H Between Classes 10 Research and Study MARRIED COUPLES ASSUME IMPORTANT ROLE IN CAMPUS LIFE One fifth of the total enrollment at the University is comprised of married students. Depicting this category are Charlotte and Don Sobersash. LAMAR DODD Recognized as one of the outstanding artists of today, Lamar Dodd is director of College Art Association, and is mennber of U.S. Advisory Committee on the Arts, Commit- tee on Art Education, National Academy, and has served as president of many regional, state, and local art associations. Ten of his thirty-five one man exhibitions have been held in New York City. Other works have been included in major national and regional exhibitions throughout the United States, Germany, Turkey, Austria, and France. Sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Mr. Dodd directed the Study of the Arts of the United States. This study embraces some 18 categories In the field of visual and applied arts. He Is also coordinator for the United States Information Agency for the Visual Arts In a newly established series of lectures In the major fields of knowledge. The program called " Forum-The Arts and Sciences in Mid-Century America " is to be broadcasted internationally through the Voice of America to Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Near East, the Far East, and South Asia. EUGENE P. ODUM Dr. Eugene P. Odum came to the University in I94i after earning his A.B. and M.A. degrees from the Unlj versify of North Carolina and his Ph.D. from the Universit ' of Illinois. Dr. Odum has been associated with the Un versity for the past twenty years advancing from an instru ' tor to full professor In 1954 to Alumni Distinguished Profe: sor in 1957; his major field is ecology. Noted for his outstanding research work. Dr. Odum atj tended the Atomic Energy Conference in Geneva In 195 at the request of the U.S. government. Also in connectioi with the Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Odum conducte- a series of experiments on Eniwetok Atoll. Dr. Odum ha always done great research work in his field, and now he I tracing the effect of atomic waste disposal on plant an animal life. DEDICA TION The 1960 PANDORA is Dedicated to the Promoters Before i ffc l ' : m (ke University in . oeorees froci tlie li ■ n !»;m (ti{ Univefi . - ' -jciined Proi :0Oii )0dOU , proffl LEIGHTON BALLEW Before assuming his position with the University, Dr. Leighton Ballew was co-founder and director of the Memphis Civic Theatre, director of the Nefa Park Players and actor at the Cleveland Playhouse, and managing director of the Jackson- ville Little Theatre. In 1950 the Department of Speech and Drama was organized. In the same year Dr. Ballew initiated the famed Junior Artist Fellowship program. Out- standing young theatre artists from Scotland, Eng- land, Germany, Norway and Austria have been in residence under this unusual program. As president of Southeastern Theatre Conference, he aided in establishment of the New Play Project and toward increased membership in this outstanding regional association. of Creative Spirit HUGH HODGSON Mr. Hugh Hodgson is truly a native Georgian having been born In Athens and educated here at the University where he earned his B.S. degree. Mr. Hodgson founded the Department of Music at the University In 1928 and has since served as dean. Mr. Hodgson was the first president of The Georgia Composers, founded the Georgia Music Teachers Association, and the Athens Guild of Organists. His compositions Include the " Fireworks Suite Ballet, " performed In Atlantic City, and Atlanta: " Atonement at Golgatha, " an oratorio; " Concerto for Piano and Orchestra " and numerous piano and chamber works. 17 1 f ri fi- ■ ' v V f ■- ' ' f l- IFSIT RHODES SCHOLAR in this year ' s annual where the main themes are people and crea- tive spirit, no one person could exemplify these themes more than Bob Edge from Lawrenceville, the University of Georgia ' s fourteenth Rhodes Scholar. hie came to the University to major in music. Developing an in- terest in English literature, he de- cided on a double major in music and literature. Bob is almost a straight " A plus " student with only eight hours of his college work resulting in " A. " Besides being captain of the de- bate team and president of Phi Kappa, he has been president of the English Club, the University Chorus, and Georgia Forensics; vice president of Phi Eta Sigma, Biftad, Kappa Gamma honorary forensics society; treasurer of the Academic Freedom Association; and a member of the American Guild of Organists, Blue Key and the Madrigal Choir. Meanwhile, he picked up assorted honors for excellence such as outstanding freshman award, a prize for being the best student in the junior class, a medal as the best student in Air Force ROTC, and the hlugh hlodgson piano scholarship. Following a tradition already es- tablished at Oxford by his fellow Georgia alumni. Bob Edge is a well deserving ambassador from the University, Georgia, and the South. 20 IM C ' ■ 1 Hn l Science - ' ?s i ' t 22 • % ♦ SCIENCE X •% Where there are people es- taining education, there is also is not lacking on the University . pecially people interested in ob- the urge to create. That urge campus. Science offers inter- ested University students the chance to satisfy that urge, and the students take full advantage of the opportunity. Laboratories are among the busiest spots on campus. w SCIENCE Completion of the University ' s new twelve million dollar kience Center, a cluster of buildings affording a new beauty I pot where Burma Woods once stood on South Campus, xuill )e a drawing ents who will card for more top science stu- make the Georgia campus one of the outstanding cientifically creative centers of the nation an asset to mankind. A DRAMA Aspiring young thespians re-create theatrical works which have existed for centuries as well as works which their own compatriots create. Emo- tion-charged faces show the intense effort with which these talented young people prepare for their work. Appreciative audiences, which ap- plaud their performances, reward them for the effort they expend. Fa- miliar persons who can create many roles are much admired by their col- leagues. i I DRAMA " The boards " of Fine Arts Auditorium, however, beckon not only the actors, but also the persons who best express themselves through movement set to music. Students may study the modern dance and may participate with their friends in an organization dedicated to the study and performance of this art in move- ment. Even if students are interested in performing, 1960 was a good year for University dance enthusiasts, since the Chicago Opera Ballet was among the many and varied enter- tainment and cultural groups appear- ing on campus. MUSIC Musicians are numerous on the University campus, and performers range from jazz concert bands to organ and piano soloists and vocalists. Various sounds pour forth from practice rooms in the Fine Arts basement as talented fingers and dedicated discipline produce fine performers, composers and music educators for the state. the nation, and the world. Each set of hands is contribut- ing its own small part to the musical heritage of coming generations. ms « i nil MUSIC The vocalist has ample opportunity to develop his talent under skilled guidance, and to demonstrate that talent to ap- preciative audiences in recitals, operas, and other performances. Directing the guidance of all music majors for many years has been Hugh Hodgson, creator of many musical scores and de- veloper of talented youth. No amount of direction is effective without desire— lighted practice-room windows show nightly that the University ' s young musicians have that quality. 35 ■, :(1 ART The graphic arts offer wide areas in which creative expression is demon- strated. Self-expression is encouraged among University students who may someday be the " old masters " of our time. •, No longer are they required to reproduce some living object in two dimensions on canvas; they are now free to create visual L I ' ' images of their feelings and their ideas of their culture. And they meet this chal- lenge with overwhelming enthusiasm. m - ' ' • » 1 ART ART " Strange " materials and methods are transformed by the creative minds and hands of modern-day artists into works of expression, symbolism, and beauty. No longer is it unheard of for a girl to xoork with a bloiu torch when she needs to weld together two parts of an iron sculpture. In freeing themselves from unnecessary restraints and allowing their minds to see beauty around them, these students are • . able to create new ideas. Thinking is progress even though some of the ideas are not necessarily for the best. Progress improves the world which youth is creat- ing for itself. p " Wir -- r -, 1959 Coaching staff: Wyatt Posey, Quinton Lumpkin, Sterling Dupree, Charles Trippi, Wally Butts, J. B. Whitworth, John Gregory, Jim Whatley. Wally Butts, SEC Coach of the Year, won his fourth Conference title. 1 ' Wf ' SEC Coach Of The Year Heads The Bulldog Board Of Strategy The Georgia Bulldogs were an extremely successful foo+ball team during the 1959 season. The Bulldogs won the championship of the Southeastern Confer- ence and on January I, I960, were crowned Orange Bowl Champions. The final national ratings listed Georgia fifth. This fine record could never have been achieved without the proper guidance of the Georgia coaching staff. The coaches take a back seat when all of the plaudits are handed out at the! conclusion of a successful year, hlowever, without this group of men workingi diligently together to perfect the football machine, none of the plaudits would] ever be focused on the team. Congratulations are in order for the Georgia coaches, the Bulldog board of strategy, for the excellent job they did during the 1959 football season. Chairman of the Bulldog Board of Strategy is Wallace Butts, Head Coach. Coach Butts was named the SEC Coach of the Year by both AP and UPI for the exceptional coaching job he did during 1959. The Bulldog assistant coaches are responsible for the detail work and planning. The chief Bulldog assistant coach was the late J. B. " Ears " Whitworth who was responsible for Georgia ' s fine defensive record. Charlie Trippi handles the backs with Sterling Dupree ' s help. John Gregory is the end coach, and Wyatt Posey, Jim Whatley, and Quinton Lumpkin are other line coaches. With such outstanding men on the coaching staff, there is no wonder that the Georgia Bulldogs are the SEC Champions. i Three Bulldogs Claim National Honors leads ategy Itrie end and Alt. Capt., Jimmy Vickers was named first team i tEC by AP and UPI. PAT DYE All- American Augusta guard, Pat Dye, was named to the first team All- Ameri- can chosen by the Football Writers of America and NEA second team. Athens quarterback, Francis Tarkenton, named All-SEC by AP and UPI. 43 1959 Southeastern ■3 ' «v» ! m " - i - ¥ .i -1 ' ' ■¥ LhmM : First Row: Francis Tarkenton Dale Williams Tommy Lewis Durward Pennington Charley Britt ' z Tommy Paris Lee Cummings Bill Mckenn Fred Brown George Guisler Second Row: JackShambiin Billy Slaughter , Bobby Walden Pat Smith jChuck McKenney Fred Amtower Bill Godfrey Roger Dansby Max Brunson Bobby Galbreath Dude Thompson Don Soberdash Wayne Tayfdr Bobby Towns Bo Bradley .,.-?ni ' Conference Champions Third Row; Fourth Row: . Walter Bedingfield Roy Betsill Virgil Murphey Bobby Green ' ThilAshe Hinton Davis Jack Bell Tom Tiiornhill Pat Dye Dave Brown Fred Lawrence Warren Gray Tommy Ashe . Jim Cone Kenneth Vann Bud Case Carter Ramsey Billy Roland Denny Shimkus Fifth Row: Pete Case Mike Ish ie Frank Orgel Don Leebern Gorden Kelley John Landry Paul Holmes Don Tomberlin Ray Clark Aaron Box Bill Herron Richard Price. Jimmy vickers 1 CT ... _„ : Quarierftacft Charley Britt circles Alabama end behind vicious Bulldog blocking for short gain. Bulldogs Tame Red Elephants To Win First Opening Day Victory Since ' 54 Georgia ' s powerful Bulldogs rolled impressively over Alabama ' s stunned Crim- son Tide, 17-3, at Sanford Stadium for their first opening game victory since defeating F. S. U. in 1954. The partisan crowd of 40,000 saw the Bulldogs display their finest offensive and defensive wares seen in Athens for years. Sophomore Durward Pennington toed Georgia into an early lead on a 35 yard field-goal after the Bulldogs had savagely denied the Tide a TD. The game was a terrific defensive battle between two great defensive teams. However, Georgia was able to dent the Tide defense midway of the second quarter when Bill Godfrey br9ke up the middle behind perfect blocking and raced 43 yards for a Bulldog score. Pennington added his first of two con- versions. Francis Tarkenton sneaked one yard for the final Georgia score after his pass to Gorden Kelly had moved the Bulldogs into scoring range. It was a great victory for the ' Dogs before the home-folks. Francis Tarkenton sneaks for final Bulldog score climaxing brilliant 60 yard drive. lu, T i ' t-y ■ iffj Garden Kelley finally found the handle and pulled in this Tarkenton toss. • ,?T Georgia ' s Jet-Stream, Fred Brown, fights his way past Vandy tacklers for six-points. 1 1 Bulldogs Sink Commodores 21-6; j|Vandy Falls To Potent Offense Seorgia won its second straight SEC tilt by blasting Vanderbilt ' s Commodores, 21-6. The victory put the Bulldogs into the lead for :onference honors. The Sanford Stadium crowd of 30,000 saw Georgia jump off to an 3arly lead as Tarkenton circled left end from the three midway into fhe first quarter. The score was set up by a beautiful Fred Brown catch at the Vandy 20. In the second period Tarkenton again passed to Brown — -22 yards for a TD. Vanderbilt ' s great halfback, Tom Moore, was the only Commodore to dint the brilliant Bulldog defense, hie scored Vandy ' s only TD on 3 six yard reception in the third quarter. Fullback Bill Godfrey bulled his way into the end zone for the final Georgia tally late in the game. Pennington converted after all three Georgia touchdowns. Dye, Roland, Kelley, and Vickers were the stand-outs in the stubborn Bulldog forward wall. Bulldog halfback. Tommy fans, knocks down he aggressively fights for football. Commodore end as Vanderbilt ' s All-SEC halfback, Tom Moore, is swarmed upon by a whole host of red-shirted tacklers. i|r - " rS- m Francis Tarkenton ' s expression reveals that South Carolina danger lies ahead for the j junior back. (iaiiipi mi Bulldogs Suffer Lone ' 59 Set-back To Ready South Carolina It just wasn ' t Georgia ' s day. That tells the whole story of what hap- pened to the Bulldogs in their 30-14 loss to South Carolina at Colum- bia. The game was a fumble-fest with Georgia on the fumbling end. After many chances, South Car- olina finally utilized a Bulldog fum- ble to register its first TD late in the first quarter. The Gamecocks then added their first of three two- point conversions. Another Geor- gia fumble led to Carolina ' s sec- ond period tally and the Bulldogs trailed by sixteen at the half. Georgia ' s offense finally began to function in the third quarter. Just before the period ended, Bill McKenney snagged a Tarkenton pass for a TD. The two-point play failed. Carolina immediately matched the score when Lavoie smashed over from the two. Following Carolina ' s final TD, Georgia executed the best play of the day when Charley Britt fired a 53 yard scoring strike to Bobby Towns, hlowever, even this could not undo what the costly fumbles had already done. Only the great play of Pat Dye saved the game from complete bleakness; Dye was now an All-American candidate. q; taoce Top: Rugged Bulldog goal-line defense repels Carolina charge. Bottom: Tommy Lewis blasts up field B " ™ ' " ! behind tncious Kelley block. BlHofdl Zoaches and players seek the answer to what ' s up. G. Kelley and B. Godfrey take well-earned rest. Deserving congratulations for job well done. Georgia Mauls Hardin-Simmons; Cowboys Ride Into 35-6 Trap )isregarcllng the rainy day, Georgia ' s Bull- logs trounced the Hardin-Simmons Cow- )oys, 35-6. Georgia ' s great pair of uarterbacks, Britt and Tarkenton, triggered he Sanford Stadium victory. Britt skirted right end from six yards out o give Georgia an early lead. In the second period Britt tallied again to cap a fifty- ight yard drive. Only minutes after the second half kick- ff, Bobby Walden circled end for Geor- ia ' s third TD. A short Cowboy punt ended n a Bulldog score when Tarkenton pushed 3ver from the two. Late in the game foilow- ng a hIardin-Simmons TD, Tommy Paris Diunged four yards for the day ' s final scor- ng. Rangy Georgia end, Aaron Box, and Hardin-Simmons defender fight for Tarkenton pass that neither player was able to catch. 1 • 49 Captain Soberdash breaks up Maroon forward pass. Coach Wade Walker of State passes on post-game con- gratulations to winner. Coach Wally Butts. n row, iiiteW Bulldogs Win Againl Maroons Fall, 15-0 On a rainy night in Atlanta, Georgia blanked Mississippi State 15-0 in the second game of a big double-header. The worn condition of the playing field pre- vented the strong Bulldog offense from rolling properly. Durward Pennington kicked the Dogs into an early lead with his 23 yard fieldgoal midway of the first period. Georgia ' s first six-pointer came minutes later after Alter- nate-Captain Jimmy Vickers recovered a Maroon fumble deep in State territory. Tarkenton sliced five yards into the muddy end zone. Pennington failed to convert all night, his only misses of the season. Georgia led at the half, 9-0. Georgia ' s last score came in the final quarter when Charley Britt returned an intercepted pass to the eighteen. Moments later, Bobby Walden crossed the double stripes to wrap it up. Muddy Georgia linemen close in to slam Mississippi State back for a short loss. 50 y.(k A stout hearted defense made the big plays for the Bulldogs as Geor- gia trimmed Kentucky, 14-7, on a cold and muddy night in Lexing- ton. The Georgians were unable to muster an offensive threat and re- lied on its great defense for the victory. The battle was a scoreless stand- off for almost two quarters until Georgia halfback, Bobby Towns, picked off a Kentucky flat pass and raced 43 yards to paydirt. Penning- ton converted. The Wildcats, how- ever, needed only eight plays to knot the score at half-time. Kentucky was unable to move the ball following the second half kick-off and was forced to punt. Larry Lancaster knifed through to block the punt, and Pat Dye re- covered at the twenty-three. The Bulldogs took only five plays to wrap up the game — Bobby Walden circled left end for fourteen yards and a TD. Pennington then added the final point of the game. The victory was a feather in Georgia ' s defensive cap. Great Georgia Defense Stymies Wildcats, 14-7 playiflgW lijoqoiense i)d.Seof5ij ' s ' il,lef after ciersrecove cjfle , !« ifli ' tee ' Mm Phil Ashe, Georgia center, comes up to finally halt the rush of a Kentucky runner after he almost broke into the clear leaving several Bulldogs behind. 51 Head Coach Wally Butts talks over battle plans with assistants Trippi and Posey as players, coaches, trainers, and fans focus their attention on the field of play. Georgia Celebrates Homecoming By Trouncing F. S. U. 42-0 The Georgia Bulldogs celebrated Homecoming in fine fashion by handing the Florida State Seminoles their worst defeat in history, 42-0. The 30,000 fans in Sanford Stadium witnessed the Bulldogs most devastating display of offensive of the season. Wayne Taylor plunged one yard for the ' Dogs first score late in the first quarter after a seventy yard drive. Penning- ton ' s kick was good; his first of six. Georgia tallied again midway of the second period on a Tarkenton to Brown toss for four yards. Charley Britt collaborated with Jimmy Vickers on a 28 yard scoring pass to end the first half. A third period Georgia tally was counterd on a nine yard Tarkenton to Kelley aerial. After Vickers intercepted a Seminole pass, Georgia changed the scoreboard once again. Tommy Lewis swept around end for five yards and the Bull- dogs fifth TD. Georgia ' s final score was made by George Gulsler after taking a Dale Williams pass for twelve yards. Georgia halfback Bobby Walden dives for extra yardage in the Seminole massacre. The " Big Toe " was a thorn in F. S. U. ' s side all afternoon. 52 Bulldogs Register Early Knockout Punches To Deck Gators The 40,000 fans in the Gator Bowl watched the Bulldogs take over the undisputed lead of the Southeastern Conference by marching over the Florida Gators, 21-10. Charley Britt, playing the greatest game of his career, guided the Dogs to a score after only five minutes of play. Bobby Walden passed 14 yards to Gorden Kelley for the TD. Pennington added his first of three kicks. Britt, after alertly returning a quick kick to the Gator 37, fired a 34 yard scoring pass to Bobby Towns. The highlight of the game was a record setting defensive gem by Britt. Charley returned an intercepted pass 100 yards for Georgia ' s final score. Rugged Georgia end Gorden Kelley clutches touchdown pass thrown by Bobby Walden as he jails to end zone turf to put Bulldogs into an early lead at Jacksonville. Bobby Walden, Georgia ' s great triple-threat halfback, leaps to latch onto a Tarkenton aerial only to have penalty nullify the catch. Speedy Georgia quarterback, Charley Britt, races around end to elude would-be Florida tacklers and total more Bulldog yardage. 53 After eluding Auburn ' s Lamar Rawson, Bill Herron pulls in Francis Tarkenton ' s last minute pass for the catch of the year to give Georgia a 14-13 victory over Auburn and win the SEC championship for the Bulldogs. Last Minute Pass Whips Tigers; Dogs Crowned SEC Champs Inspired, determined, and courageous, the Georgia Bulldogs claimed their first SEC title since 1948 by taming Auburn ' s Tigers, 14-13. The red-shirted heroes came from behind twice to win Georgia ' s most precious victory of the last decade. A record crowd of 54,000 jammed Sanford Stadium for the great classic. Auburn received the opening kick-off and swiftly marched downfield. The Tiger drive was halted by the Bulldogs at their own 33, but Dyas toed a field-goal here to give the Tigers a 3-0 lead midway of the first period. Georgia was unable to get its offense in high gear and Auburn again struck deep in Bulldog country on a fumble recovery. The Plainsmen settled for three points once again when Dyas 54 kicked a 43 yarder. This ended the first half scoring. The Bulldogs, keyed to a high second half pitch, took advantage of a Walden punt which went out of bounds at the Tiger two. Dyas punted from here to Charley Britt who magnificently knifed his way 39 yards for a TD. Pennington added the seventh point. The lead dwindled in the final period when Auburn ' s Harvard sneaked one after a blocked punt. Trailing 13-7 with only four minutes remaining. Dye recovered a Tiger fumble. Tarkenton raced the clock. With only 40 seconds left, he passed to hferron for the famous TD. Pennington added the deciding point. , Georgia tackle, Fred Lawrence, lunges for Tech fumble as other Bulldogs move in. Georgia Closes Season With 21-14 Victory Over Georgia Tech Fleet halfback, Fred Brown, breaks into the clear and rambles 38 yards to set up first Bulldog TD. No better ending could have been the closing chapter to a success story than Georgia ' s 21-14 victory over arch-rival Georgia Tech. A great first half on Grant Field almost turned the game into a runaway for the Bulldogs. A beautiful 38 yard run by Fred Brown to Tech ' s two set up Georgia ' s first score which was tallied by George Guisler. Pennington tacked on his point after all three Bulldog touch- downs. Bill Herron made a leaping grab of a Tarkenton pass for Georgia ' s second six-pointer; the third ' Dog tally came on a perfect 40 yard TD toss from Britt to Brown with only seconds left in the half. Georgia played the second half close to the vest, and Tech closed the gap. But the Yellow Jackets couldn ' t quite close it all the way, and the Georgia Bulldogs won their ninth victory of the season. Immediately following the vic- tory, Georgia accepted the Orange Bowl bid. 55 M ±y s«f ; % i 1 " - jff Picture courtesy of Associated Press 56 The scene is Miami ' s 1960 Orange Bowl classic featur- ing the Georgia Bulldogs and the Missouri Tigers. The fans stand for the National Anthem in the sun-soaked j stadium. I The parade of the elephants takes place during the half-time ceremonies in Miami. I960 ORANGE BOWL Georgia- 14 Missouri- Beautiful dancing girls, part of the grand Orange Bowl Pageant, entertain at half-time. 57 1 Bobby Walden takes Charley Britt ' s hand-off and plows straight ahead into charging Missouri line. Bobby set a new Orange Bowl Punting record. Aaron Box, Georgia ' s steady right-end, pulls in Francis Tarkenton ' s third quarter s to sew up Orange Bowl victory. Bill McKenney races final few yards with Tarkentoi pass to tally Bulldogs ' first touchdown. Moving in fast to give help is Phil Ashe, but Wayne Taylor has already been tripped up by a Missouri defensive end. Georgia Captain Don Soberdash and alternate Captain Jimmy Vickers flank the trophy emblematic of the S.E.C. Championship won by the 19 9 Bulldogs. 1959 Bulldogs Are One Of Georgia ' s Greatest Teams The 1959 University of Georgia Bulldogs have been ternned by Coach Butts and other sources around the country as one of the all-time great Georgia football teams. Truly this point can never be questioned — it may well be the greatest team in Georgia ' s history. The 1959 Bulldogs record bears them out as a group which stuck together through a rugged ten game schedule to gain recognition as the SEC champs. On January I, I960, they further added the Orange Bowl crown to their growing collec- tion. While achieving the national rating of fifth in the country, certain individuals made their mark on the football scene. Pat Dye, a junior guard from Augusta, was named to the Look All- American Team and the NEA second team. Pat was also a second team All-SEC choice. Two Bulldogs, quarterback Francis Tarkenton and end Jimmy Vickers, were named to both the AP and UPI All-SEC first teams. Vickers also participated in the hlula Bowl played in Hawaii. Tarkenton was chosen the SEC Back of the Year by the Atlanta Touchdown Club. Charley Britt, Bobby Vv ' alden, and Billy Roland were others named to All-SEC squads. Britt was named MVP for his great play in the Senior Bowl. Durward Pennington set a new percentage mark for PAT ' s, and Francis Tarkenton ' s pass completion record set a new SEC standard. Tarkenton was the leading passer in the Conference, and senior halfback Bobby Towns was the league ' s top pass receiver. Coupled with these fine individual accomplishments was de- termined teamwork which was the real reason that made the 1959 Bulldogs such a great team. Freshman Co-Captains, Jake Saye and Wally Williamson, were instrumental in leading the Bullpups to a fine season. Bullpups Season Brightens Georgia ' s Football Future Georgia ' s fighting Bullpups closed out their season on a very successful note by downing Tech ' s Baby Jackets, 8-7. The Frosh played two other games, losing one to Clemson, 18-0; and the other to Auburn, 13-6. Several individuals were outstanding throughout the season and ap- pear to be headed for stardom on the varsity within the next three years. Billy Jackson, injured during most of the season, is destined for greatness at fullback. Wally Williamson, a tiger at guard, is given an excellent chance of breaking into the starting line next season. Cecil Lowery is a very bright halfback prospect, as are Don Blackburn and Jake Saye at quarterback. Bill Ivey, a big tackle, is slated for varsity action. Other Bullpups showed much ability during the season and are expected to help the Georgia cause. Coach Johnny Griffith and his able assistants, Bill Fulcher, Sam Mrvos, Jack Roberts, Gene Littleton, Cicero Lucas, and hfarold Norten did an excellent job of coaching the Bullpups. The combined efforts of coaches and players ended in a fine showing by the Georgia Bullpups of 1959. First row: Boot Hunt, Phil Green, Dickie Hooten, Jeryl Hensley, Jake Saye, Fate Leeburn, George Cheek, Charles Rhino, Dan Davis, Bozey Thomas, Jimmy Dix, Tommy Runyan. Second row: Alvin Jones, Yvonne Jackson, Wally Willianison, Arnold White, Houston James, Vaughn Wendenhand, John Doris, Cecil Lowery, Gary Spinks, John McEachern. Bob Maxwell, Chandler McGillvray, Bill McCullough. Third row: Bobby Allen, John Wright, Ellis Stephens, Larry Ross, Jack Cox, Barry Levinson, Vandy Gates, Bill Ivey, Richard Brooks, Ben Stanaland, Jim Lihby, Charley Howell, Joe Martin. Fourth row: Phil Moody, Richard Kelly, Richard Wilson, Hugh Deal, Don Blackburn, Ralph Westmoreland, Alvin Butler, Gary Glover, Jimmy Lumpkin. f f i ' S 9 9 Q @ a 1 ■ ' ' %6k ' ' ' " ' ® i-8P°f,S®® itens 1 iture Cheerleaders " scon - " er.SjmMiyi Judy Davis, Bill Bagwell, Nan Barron and Hannah jones live it up at giant pep-rally before Auburn game. f. Georgia cheerleaders leap to end cheer at Sanford Stadium. The Bulldogs success depends greatly upon the spirit which the cheerleaders generate. Cheerleader captain: Charlie J Williams conducts activity at ( a pep rally. Cheerleader Barbara Hagman pets Georgia ' s Bull- dog Mascot, " VGA. " .nice Swift, Alice Bates, and Cynthia Corley lead the student body in singing the illdogs fight song, " Glory To Ole ' Georgia. " 61 THE 1959-60 GEORGIA BASKETBALL TEAM 20 Frank Clark 24 Don Reiser 54 John Johnson 34 Ken Taylor 30 Pat Casey 52 Peter Marsh 40 Dave Myrick 22 Joey Miller 50 Phil Simpson 42 Gordon Darrah 10 Allen Johnson 12 Clarke Royer 62 » fi Bulldog Cagers Show Up Well in SEC Play Georgia ' s 1959 sophomore flashes with that year of experience under their belts formed the nucleus of Coach Harbin " Red " Lawson ' s 1959-60 baslcetbali team. The Bulldogs of I960 were one of Lawson ' s best units since he took over a Georgia ' s basketball boss in 1951. The Bulldogs stayed around the .500 mark all season, and with only about fifteen additional points in the right games, could have been SEC champs. Never has any basketball team lost so many close games as did the I960 Georgia Bulldogs. Two newcomers to the Georgia varsity were the main cogs in the cage machine. Junior Phillip Simpson and sophomore Allen Johnson were the men who were extremely outstanding throughout the campaign. Simpson was the ' Dogs ' leading scorer and rebounder while Johnson was a playmaker delux. Don Keiser, Captain Gordon Darrah, John Johnson, Alt.-Captain Pat Casey, and Ken Taylor were the experienced veterans around which the team really functioned. The most pleasing factor of the I960 season was not in the record itself, but the fact that all the mainstays would re- turn for the cage wars in 1961. The team was predominantly a junior aggregation. Prospects are very bright for next year after the I960 season produced such a fighting team. Coach Lawson and the Bulldogs might well be called the surprise team of the conference. They handed SEC champion, Auburn, one of its only two losses and scared many others into panic. Primarily a road team, Georgia ' s great play could well have meant top honors if they only had had the home court advantage. " Goose " Simpson cuts around Tenneaet: Johnson ' s jump shot. defender into perfect position to rebound John Coach Lawson grimaces in disbelief of Bulldog foul. Don Reiser ' s jump shot adds two more points to Bulldog .lide of the score- board. High jumping Ken Taylor of Chamblee shakes loose under basket and lays ball softly against the board for two. Georgia Southern rebounder barely outleaps Bulldog forward to control ball for Professors in rugged contest at ancient Woodruff Hall. 64 John Johnson moves quickly in to fight Tech rebounders. Georgians " Goose " Simpson fakes Tennessee defenders as he crouches in position to spring up and score two. more for the Bulldogs. The camera catches seven players bunched under Georgia basket an- ticipating the rebound from Dar- rah ' s lay-up. Coach " Red " takes advantage of time-out to explain new strategy to Bulldogs in close game won by rixml Tech. Johnson and Darrah move ball out front to set up the good clos shot for the Bulldogs. Free-throw is good by Simpson to aid in impressive victory over the Professors of Georgia Southern. Jump ball here was controlled by Bulldogs and led to basket in victory of Georgia Southern. Peter Marsh and Phil Simpson jockey for good rebound position of John Johnson ' s close-in shot. Leaping high into the air, " Goose " Simpson catches a hand in the face but still bucketed the shot. The three-point play was completed on Simpson ' s free-throw. The action is fast and furi- ous at Woodruff Hall as Allen Johnson blurs the camera with his speed. 1960 Bulldog Tankmen Termed SEC Threats The I960 University of Georgia swimming team is another in a long line of outstanding squads which Coach Bump Gabrielson has turned out in the past few years. The team is composed primarily of sophomores as only two lettermen, Dave Tyre and Larry hiamrick, returned for the I960 season. The Bulldog tankmen are ranked as the second best team in the conference behind scholarship- heavy Florida. Florida is the only team to defeat Georgia in the I960 dual meets. The Bulldogs are termed a serious threat to end Florida ' s domina- tion of the SEC swimming championship. Top point getters for Georgia are sophomore Rolffs Pinkerton, free-style sprints; and the 400 yard relay team of John Ludwig, Rolffs Pinkerton, Dave Tyre, and Jim Carlisle. The Bulldogs should capture firsts in these events at the SEC meet. ' f ' ■% Bottom Row: Jim Carlisle, Jere Huggins, Rolffs Pinkerton, CI Dave Tyre, Pete Bauerle, Martin Cohen, John Ludwig. Sophomore great, Rolffs Pinkerton, is considered top free-style sprinter in the Conference. t ' h-. Pete Bauerle takes deep breath as he comes out of his turn. ,Ulif« ' Wfp Row: Coach Gabrielson, John McDaniel, Doug Ross, Bobby }kMi- Ip " " ) ' ' ■ ' " Tatum, Jimmy Wright, Charley Gentry (mgr.) " i " , : ■ " «. ' " Crack relay team of Ludwig, Pinkerton, Tyre, Carlisle rate as SEC ' s best. ' V ' i Captain Tyre of Jesup did excellent job in relay for the Georgia tankmen. 1960 Georgia Tennis Team Is Hard Hit Through Graduation The I960 Georgia tennis team returns four le+fermen who played the lower positions on the 1959 team, which was recognized as the greatest team ever to play for Georgia. These four are Co-Captains Spencer Allen and Scott hHenson, Charley Bryan, and Zuhair Nejib. But gone from the teamf are last year ' s great twosome of Foster and hiopkins. The I960 team must play its best to achieve the record made by last season ' s squad of third in the SEC. Coach Dan Magill hopes to mold a winning combination from his four veterans and the other candidates who are Joe Manderson. Charles Cowart, hHIII Griffin, and Guy Arnall. Twenty-two matches and two tournaments are on the I960 schedule. By SEC tournament time, the Georgia netters should be a very seasoned outfit. Bryan, Manderson, Nejib, Allen, Henson, and Cowart are expected to make a fine showing in the SEC tourney. Allen and Henson were finalists last- year and quite possibly could be winners this year. Georgia could be the surprise of the conference. Coach Dan Magill and team Co-Captains Spencer Allen of Atlanta and Scott Henson of Rome. 1960 TENNIS TEAM: Coach Dan Magill Spencer Allen Scott Henson Zuhair Nejib Charley Bryan Joe Manderson Buzzy Cowart Guy Arnall Hill Griffin I Varsity tennis team works out during the cold of Jan- uary and February whenever possible. Delacey Luke goes up and over the cross-bar to earn vital points for the Bull- dogs. Georgia Trackmen Seek 1960 Conference Crown For the first time in years, the Bulldog track team is gifted with depth. Ten returning lettermen, four of whom scored points in the 1959 SEC meet, form the nucleus of Coach Spec Towns ' I960 track squad. The squad should be one of Georgia ' s greatest and could well win it all at the Conference meet. The Bulldogs ' chief point-getters during the season of four dual meets and six championship meets, should be Jack Thompson — hurdles, Don Soberdash — javelin, De- lacey Luke — high-jump, and Warren Gray — discus. All four won points at the 1959 SEC meet. Other veteran performers who should capture some victories are Capt. Loran Smith — mile, Bobby Towns — hurdles, David Cleghorn — 880, and Jim Crowley — 440. Newcomers Mark Carr and John Crawford add strength to the team in the pole vault. Coach Spec Towns, molder of Georgia trackmen. Buddy Broadnax and Steve Squires make perfect baton exchange to aid relay win. Leaving a row of fallen hurdles behind him, Jack Thompson noses out Tennessee hurdler for first place. Take a look at the action on Georgia ' s Ag Hill from Coach Jim Whatley ' s position in the dug-out. The impire ' s signal of " safe " brings joy to the faces of the Florida State Seminoles in a game won by the Bulldogs ilia Captain Tommy Lewis of Decatur returns to fill his All-SEC shoes in left-field. Tommy should be the best in the Conference in 1960. ' 60 Bulldogs Tagged Contenders Georgia ' s I960 baseball Bulldogs have been pegged as a dark-horse contender for Conference honors. Coach Jinn What- ley ' s nine plays a rugged 25 game schedule beginning in nnid March. Four returning starters are the main reasons the Bulldogs have been given pre-season rating. Foremost among them is Captain Tommy Lewis. Lewis was named to the All-SEC team in 1959, and promises to be even greater in left field during the 1960 season. Senior Art Patchin returns to his right field berth. Two juniors round out the veteran quartet, Jimmy Rogers at second base and Francis Tarkenton at shortstop. In addition to these four starters, five more lettermen return: catcher Phil Ashe, third baseman Buddy Minshew; and three pitchers. Max Staples, Jerryl Pinnell, and Bob Cagle. Cagle is a veteran righthander who should be one of the best in the league. Graduation hurt Georgia quite a bit; but with newcomers from the freshman team mixed with varsity veterans, the Bulldogs should have a very successful baseball season. I ; ' a ' -» JSi,iXiUK , £i miii3a.i,»:r-. lior righthander. Max Staples of Atlanta, showed enough f mise last season to be rated as a top hurler in 1960. tenders inning 1(1 mid n W Second baseman Jim Rogers of Augusta is a talented man with a glove. The Tech batter strides into the pitch as it sails toward homeplate and the catcher. The base-runner leads off second as the umpires ready to call the play. Coach Jim Whatley holds a brief conference with his pitcher as the infielders listen n. t I vTf vyi v7 vjoyoj vioTi CTlli vza. i Cipi !• HjC 1960 Georgia golf team (l-r): Captain Cobby Ware, John Brim, Coach Howell Mollis, Richard Tatum, William Adams, Al Bell, Don Patterson, Eddie Sams, Billy Gibson. Bulldog Golfers Seek Fourth Straight SEC Championship The I960 University of Georgia golf team, with only two returning lettermen, will be seeking the Bulldogs ' fourth consecutive SEC crown. Captain Cobby Ware of Augusta, who finished third in the conference tourney last year, and John Brim of Columbus are the two lettermen returning to Coach hiowell Mollis. The success of the I960 golf season will depend largely on the play of six newcomers. These " rookies " are sopho- mores Eddie Sams of Athens, Billy Gibson of Macon, and Al Bell of Columbus; and juniors Richard Tatum of Atlanta, Don Patterson of Decatur, and William Adams of Valdosta. All six are proven golfers and certainly should add the necessary points to make the I960 team one of Georgia ' s strongest. The schedule for the I960 season lists sixteen dual matches plus Ihe annual SEC and SIC tournaments held concurrently in Athens. Coach hlollis ' golfers will be his most inexperienced squad since he took over the golf reins in 1946. Ware and Brim are the only proven veterans of SEC competition and should rank as two of the Conference ' s best players. Their steady play coupled with the play of the newcomers should turn out another SEC championship team for Georgia. Captain Cobby Ware of Augusta finished in third place at the 19!9 SEC Tournament and could be champ this time. 76 Al Bell is considered one of Georgia ' s best with an iron. Returning letterman John Brim has neces- sary experience. Don Patterson has added power to his already sharp game. Young Eddie SaTns utilizes his perfect control to great advantage. William Adams lines up his shot to the green. Long-knocker Richard Tatum powers golf ball with ease. KA Frank Barron takes aim from free-throw line in game won by KA ' s. Men participate in team bowling in each of the four leagues Competition Is Kee n in Men ' s Intramurals The men ' s intramural program at the Uni- versity of Georgia is one of the finest of its kind in the country. The main aim of the program is to give each Georgia man the opportunity to participate in some athletic event either as a member of a team or as an individual. The program is divided into four separate leagues with a champion be- ing crowned in each league per sport. The four leagues are the Governor ' s Lea- gue, President ' s League, Independent League, and Professional League. Each league plays many different sports ranging from touch foot- ball to table tennis. Great emphasis is placed on winning the championship in each sport so as to become the true league champ at the end of the intramural year. The men ' s intramural program is directed by Frank Bowen of the Physical Education Department. His job is a tough one — ironing out all the kinks in the usually silk smooth op- eration of the program. Intramural events have always been a large part of the campus life of the men. The com- petition between opponents is keen and in- tense. The program creates a great spirit of cooperation within the participation organ- ization. Above: Intramural tennis action takes place each spring on the varsity courts. Below: Francis Tarkenton pushes shot from the charity line in Stegeman Hall. 1 wKr ' Intramural broad-jumper leaps into the sawdust pit in hopes of winning his team the vital first place points leading to championship. Swimmers ' diving start at Stegeman pool is caught per- fectly by the camera at the big Winter quarter intra- mural meet. ■==-a ' j- . II - In Governor ' s League football action, the league ' s championship team. Kappa Alphas, defeat the SAE ' s on Legion Field. Intramural football games , are extremely hard fought affairs with vicious block- ing, hard charging line- men, and speedy pass re- ceivers who roam far and wide to snare passes. | A beautiful artistic exhibit of precision footwork and co-ordination takes place during an intramural football clash. i Badminton tourney takes place in shadowy Stegeman Hall during the Winter quartel athletic schedule. Lay-up shooter rides defend- er piggy-back under goal to tack on two points and an- other foul in Governor ' s League action-filled game in Stegeman Hall. Bowling is one of the most popular of all the intramural sports and draws many top bowlers from campus organizations. A packed crowd excitedly watches the intense play of a very decisive basketball game in league play for fraternities. Women ' s Intramural Program Includes Variety of Sports The co-eds of the University are afforded the op- portunity of participating in the well-run intramural program handled by the W.A.A. A fine spirit of competition is created through the tournaments and matches officiated by the members of W.A.A. Each organization which participates in the program has its own representative on the W.A.A. Council. The intramural season runs from Spring quarter through the following Winter quarter with competi- tion in the following sports: volleyball, swimming, table tennis, tennis ' singles and doubles, bowling, badminton, softball, basketball, archery, and golf. Champions are crowned in each of these sports and trophies awarded accordingly. There Is keen competi- tion among the many competing organizations during the year for the title of champion of the intramural program. Facilities and officials for all events are provided by the Women ' s Physical Education Department which works as a part of the W.A.A. The job they do is both excellent and thorough in all cases. Meetings are held from time to time to work out any problems in the administration of the intramural program. Each organization representative attends these meetings. The women ' s intramural program at the University of Georgia has been a smooth running one for many years because of the knowledge and ability of Its supervisors. The great success of the program will only improve with time as the response and coopera- tion of the participants is now at its peak. } U Badminton participant stretches high to re- turn lob in match to decide W.A.A. cham- pion and receive vital points toward title. 82 Jump shot is good for two points in hard fought game of intramural basketball in sun filled Women ' s Physical Education Building. Intramural bowler displays perfect form in trying for all important strike. H Alpha Delta Pi and Phi Mu doubles team battle for the championships of the league on the Georgia varsity tennis courts. 83 Badminton doubles action takes place during Winter quarter of each year. Jumping co-ed eager makes long cross-court pass to set up her team in scoring position. Archers take aim at the big bullseye in match for cham- pionship honors of the intra- mural league for the year 1960. The bowling ball rolls down the alley as co-ed hopes for that big ten-pin strike. " fif-t! jf mk n I ttfti fgr (ill- «« If Ik Bin- p |» IV « " Push shot floats toward basket as rebounders move into position under the goal. Women table-tennis players possess great ability and finesse at this game of fast pace and expert co-ordina- tion. I Long-range view of women ' s badminton matches reveals the smoothness that the players use in their intramural contests. FRESHMEN CAMP Some one hundred outstanding students attending the first University Freshnnan Cannp at Rock Eagle State Park during the three days preceding orientation week. Upperclassmen active in campus activities spent the days helping the Freshmen pre- pare themselves for campus life. f 4 ♦ f tut ' vHP WSL PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION New students meet University Presi- dent O. C. Aderhold at the fall quarter reception at the president ' s home. „..:«»»■%! The tension mounts day by day as the sororities and fraternities prepare and present their skits. The rushees are confronted with a decision that will influence their friendship circle for a lifetime. As the days go by, the rushees learn that there are specific ideals that bind Greek life together. These ideals promote developing all phases of col- lege to its fullest extent: the curiosity and quest for knowledge, the cultivation of friendships, and the " participation in other campus activities. Each group has its own way of appealing to rushees — some are serious, others are strictly fun loving. But after the big decision has been made, there is a solid ground for these friendships to progress. 90 1, RUSH 91 SIGMA CHI DERBY An event of Sigma Chi chapters across the nation, the derby was born on the Georgia campus in 1935. Marilyn Delong, lovely ADPi, was named " Miss Modern Venus " in the ' 59 version, and her sorority ' s pledges took first prize in the unusual track events. The only fatality — one pig, victim of screaming pledges participating in the secret event. i SHIRT TAIL PARADE Imof Striped, plaid, and multicolored shorts; shirts with long tails; and legs, legs, legs. . . . With such assorted and outlandish apparel, the Fresh- men began the spirited march from Myers to the Arch and ignited what proved one of the most exciting affairs in USA ' s history — the Auburn pep rally. The candidates, presented during this tumultu- ous occasion, were judged by their critical and aroused audience, and the best set of legs proved victorious. 93 HOMECOMING The weekend of October 30-3 1 brought beauty, bands, and a lopsided football victory to help Georgia celebrate hlome- coming, ' 59. Barbara DuPree topped the beauties as hlomecoming Queen, with Hannah Jones, Jane Hemderson, Gloria Harrell, and Marilyn Delong composing her court. Bands included the Dixie Redcoats and the Florida State University Marching Chiefs, who staged a battle of their own when they matched sterling performances during half-time, and Woody Herman ' s group who played for two dances. And, of course, the champion Bulldogs capped the festivities with a 42-0 scalping of the FSU Seminoies. 95 96 i ' : I MARCH OF DIMES This year Alpha Phi Omega sparked the March of Dimes campaign on campus with the annual March of Dimes Queen contest. The climax was the presentation of Sherry Adelman as queen. hHer court included Betty Sue Boudreau and Martha Evans, while Marlene Cowen and Judy Furry were awarded honorable mention. 97 ■r»Wri»»- ' LITTLE COMMENCEMENT Spring quarter brings a raft of social activities to the University of Georgia campus. Among these activities is Little Commence- ment, sponsored by I.F.C. Held in honor of graduating seniors, guests enjoyed the jazz artists Chris Connor, vocalist, and Kai Wilding ' s band. 98 I ENT GRADUATION Graduation is the symbol of the accom- plishment for which each student has aspired and with it the dreams of the future are transformed into the challenge of the present. 99 CELEBRITIES Aubrey Morris, News Editor of WSB; Mrs. George Therringer; Jody Shattuck Sodell, first runner-up Miss America; Harrell Brooks, Illustrative Artist. Governor Ernest Vandiver J. Alton Hosch with Roscoe Pound, leading American legal scholar. Wolfgang Schniederhan, First Violinist in Lucerne Festival of Strings. i Tfie University is fortu- nate in the calibre of visi- tors that it has on campus. The social sessions after the appearances gave the students an opportunity to meet and talk with some of the important figures in American life today. From all walks of life these visitors came: poet, legal scholar, musician, statesman, and advertis- ing executive. Meeting men who are outstanding in their fields stimulates an inspiration that comes only from personal ap- pearances. Through actual contact the students ab- sorbed a little of the per- sonality that goes Into this greatness. Flor Peelers, organist n Robert Frost Out through the fields and the woods And over the walls I have wended; I have climbed the hills of view And looked at the world, and descended; I have come by the highway home, And lo, it is ended. (from Reluctance) I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference. (from The Road Not Taken) The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep. (from Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening) So was I once myself a swinger of birches. And so I dream of going back to be. It ' s when Tm weary of considerations. And life is too much like a pathless wood Where your face burns and tickles with the cobwebs Broken across it, and one eye is weeping From a twig ' s having lashed across it open. Fd like to get away from earth awhile And then come back to it and begin over. May no fate willfully misunderstand me And half grant what I wish and snatch me away Not to return. Earth ' s the right place for love: I don ' t know where it ' s likely to go belter. Fd like to go by climbing a birch tree. And climb black branche s up a snow-white trunk Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more. But dipped its top and set me down again. That would be good both going and coming back. One could do worse than be a swinger of birches. (from Birches) You linger your little hour and are gone. And still the woods sweep leafily on. Not even missing the coral-root flower You took as a trophy of the hour. (from On Going Unnoticed) Complet. Po«ms of Robeft Frost. Copyright 1930, 1947 by Henry Holt and Company. Inc. by permission of Holt, Reinhart, and Winston, Inc. ing BEAUTY REVIEW ' •y , . ' . .ilpi |?il - " ' : ' ;- " . ' ..V -. ' 5 Pandora, the perfect woman . . . amid a setting of classic simplicity, lovely Alice Whitehead won acclaim as the University ' s modern counterpart. Torch singing and interpretive dancing filled the gaps while hard- working judges decided which of the forty lovelies was to reign as campus queen ' 60 i MISS PA MISS PANDORA Ali ;e vJ mXmsJVc kJi Miss Pandora of I960, a senior majoring in Edu- cation, comes to the University from Gainesville, Georgia, by way of Stephens College, Missouri. In addition to wearing the Miss Pandora crown Alice is an Alpha Delta Pi, serving as Chaplain of the local chapter; Vice President of the Chaplain ' s As- sociation; a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Education organization; a member of Kappa Delta Epsilon orary; and a member of the SAE Sweetheart Court. 109 upw. ! ! m Qu X 1 i no I lt« I V P-4 jUjuLjiGu 111 J t X iX Vo i d 1 ►t ,; ... I ' T lr l« - «X« CL % X4sXV 113 V » lot- ' m if- A ' wvt % aX a % 114 T% % Lt «.% i x f-%y %■ 115 I -d-4 » .« ' m ' »|- a % Lf 4S 116 i VT cpM- t apIt T 0-Wt4i O RG AN I Z ATI O ISI S HONORARY ? First row: Gay Coker; Second row; JoXell Baits, Judy P or, Barbara Little, Nnncx Wright, Nancy Flowers, Shelley Quillian, Marilyn Belong, Margaret King, Mary Ellen Morion, Jamye Aultman, Phenny Heard, Myrna Warren; Third row: Patsy Bradberry, Louise Green, Jan Smith, Ann Oldham, Barbara Taylor, Betty Barganier, Linda Latimer, Francis Wallice, Joan Stephens, Jolynn Chastain, Jeannie Intro, Suzanne Carter; Fourth row: Sandra Sweet, Amy McGuire, Dot Paine. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta honors freshman women who have maintained an 88 average during their first two or three college quarters. The group seeks to inspire better scholarship among freshman women. ilKJ k«i itit 120 HONORARY Wyck Knox, Joe Harris, Lehman Franklin, E. H. Culpepper, Pete ' McCommons, Dan Minchew. fc«l.i»TJI " ' ' Bill Speir, Randall Hicks, William Monjort, Tommy Maddox, James Harris, Darrell Bigner. Biftad honors third-quarter freshmen and first-quarter sophomore men who have been outstanding in scholar- ship and leadership. BIFTAD Linton Dunson, Bill Dunaway, Hill Griffin, Richard Truitt, Gus Turn- bull, Al LeRoy. im iimf Harold Hirsch, Sonny Thurmond, Charles Peek, Bobby Wade, Mark Manseil, Robert Carpenter. HONOT.ARY ij,uc i a national honorary service fraternity for men, ha ' , a twofold purpose: The furthering of cooper- ation ai . ng student leaders and service to the Uni- versity through its various projects. The fraternity apQually publishes the student-faculty directory, the proceeds support a scholarship fund. The group then awards a scholarship to the freshman man who has shown the most outstanding abilities in academic pursuit and leadership. First row: Loxoell Kirby, Dean Tate. W Paxne, Bryce Holrouibe. Second row: 7 Zeke Thomas, Eugene Wright. " ■ ' ■ , Willunii Lee, WiUtnm C iri iirharl, Pete Lorzeaux, Theodore R. Ridgexoay, Dr. Raymond HonaUl M(htnli lii ' lx IViihnn, jiiiiixy Vicker.i, Tommy Lewis, David Cleghorn, Robert Edge. BLUE KEY Mi Tf HONORARY i y ort ' n «« FOUNDERS Helen H. Lanier Earl T. Leonard, Jr. Ben Swain McElmurrary, Jr. STUDENTS Sandra Davis Ronald Hatcher Harry Haisten, Jr. Ben N. House Lowell Kirby Powell A. Moore Cherry Newton Pease David Clifford John Keasler David S. Parkman, HI Curtis Stephens James W. Watson, Jr. James Paul Yarbrough ASSOCIATE John L. Cox, Jr. John E. Drewry Harold M. Heckman Daniel W. Kitchens William A. Simpson Robert S. Wheeler Clause Davidson A. A. Fleming Can Magill HONORARY George Boswell Don Carter Quimby Melton, Jr. B. D. Pendley Robert Turner James Woodruff William H. Fields H. Randolph Holder William S. Morris, lU John Pennington Stanford Smith John L. Sutlive leaitii -I , J til 123 Membership recognition into Golden Quill are of three types — Student; students at the Uni- versity who have held major edi- torial positions: Associate: mem- bers of the University faculty and staff who have participated in journalistic activities and or have advised the staffs of student pub- lications, and Honorary: journalists of the State of Georgia who have shown particular interest in the University and its progress. HONORARY Jay Cox Tom Dennard Carr Dodson Jimmy Walker Swain McElmurray The Greek Horsemen was es- tablished at the Uni- versity to honor fraternity men who have en- deavored to promote and further the aims and ideals of the Greek way of life. GREEK HORSEMEN 124 ' ' ,[!.,, HOXOR. Ry GRIDIRON Membership in Gridiron Secret Society is one of the highest honors that a male student may achieve on this campus. This year completed the fifty-first year on campus. Qualifications for membership, activities, and purpose of the society are known only to the members. First row: Earl Leonard, Billy Davis, Charlie Williams, Bucky Johnson, Tommy Burnside, Jimmy Walker, r,ui,i,y Towns, David Cleghorn, Tom Pound, Jack Romano, Kathan Knight, Swain McElmurray. Second row: Cecil Davis, Lowell Kirby, Jay Cox, Joe Estes, Ronald McKinley, Bobby Raley, Tom Dennard, Carr Dodson, Tom Gray, M. T. Simmons. 125 HONORARY MORTAR BOARD Left to Right: Sandra Trapp, Mary Alice Benedict, Valerie Soule, Ryan Mura, Adv., Gay Forrester, Ann Sexton, Ilene Lichtenstein, Dolores Artau, Adv., Ann Corbitt, Maxanne Coursonn, Wilda Story, Carolyn Sears, Marie LeRoy, Helen Huff, June Bibb, Gloria Poterfield. Mortar Board seeks to provide for cooperation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance a spirit of service and fellowship among University women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership and to stimulate and develop a finer type college woman. It is the highest campus honorary for women. 126 ' M D irlm Omicron Delta Kappa honors men who have achieved special distinc- tion in at least one of the following collegiate activities: scholarship; athletics; student government; so- cial and religious affairs; publi- cations, and speech, music, drama and the other arts. The national leadership fraternity seeks to bring together representative men in all phases of college life. The local circle was established in 1935. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA ROSTER Dean William Tate Tom Dennard Ronnie Hatcher Bobby Towns Tommy Burnside M, T. Simmons Bucky Johnson Douglas Smith Dr. Parthemos Jimmy Rivers Kirby Roberts Paul Yarbrough Billy Davis John Keasler Carr Dodson Swain McElmurray Nathan Knight Joe Estes Jim Emerson Bob Mansell Carlton James Ed Blackburn Terrell Benton Bill Clark HONORARY u.-iV un l.t-ii to right: Truitt Jarrard, Huij n Hn.s Billy Stone, James Brantley, Charles Peek, Bob Smith. Musgrove, Thomas Kling, Phi E+a Sigma, national scholastic honor society for freshman men, elects sttjdents who have maintained aver- ages of at least 88. A man Is eligible for election at the end of his second or third quarter as a University fresh- man. P " 13 pii . - l , M If 1 1 Ij L ' - ' ' o H i aaw ' B 1 r Left to right; Randall Hicks, Hill Speir, James Mor son. Dean William Tate, Gus Turnbull, James StokeH Left to right: Darrell Bigner, Charles Davis, Terrell Cantrell, Wesley Calhoun, Norman Strickland, Howell Towler, Robert Carpenter, Marvin Skeleton, Mack Swafjord, Charles Youngblood, Wilburn Robinson. PHI ETA SIGMA 128 ■K ' 4pp ,1 ' ,,00 ' A. H. Patterson W. D. Hooper L A. Cothran G. Glenn C. R. Andrews Edgar Pomeroy Pratt Adams Will Blunn C. W. Davis Marion Dubose R. P. Jones Andrew McBride Robert Travis Tennie Ruclcer M. M. Thurman John Banks Remer Denmark J. E. Hall Richard Charlton Harry Hull H; C. Johnson J. B. Ridley W. R. Ritchie J. L. Erwin Phinizy Calhoun F. McCutcheon Longstreet Hull B. C. J. Lamar Wilson Hardy Noel Park W. J. Hammond Lamar Rueker S. Blackshear Marvin Dickinson Andrew Calhoun Cam Dorsey M. Richardson Sanders Walker Sandy Beaver Frank Ridley G. W. Legwen Randolph Jacques Ralph Meldrim Marion Smith Wallace Miller Minor Boyd William Turner J. F. Baxter Harold Ketron Jack Bower Frampton Ellis Emmet Bondurant 52. Frank Anderson 53. R. Preston Brooks 54. Lucian Goodrich 55. Stiles Hopkins 56. J. I. Killorin 57. M. Blackshear 58. Virlyn Moore 59. Tom Connally 60. W. Nunnally ■|. T. T. Turnbull 62. W. W. Patterson Arthur Sullivan Charlie Cox Rodney Hill Harold Telford A. L. Hardy J. D. Young W. Marshburn H. M. Scott John Brown George Hains Dan Sage I. C. Levy Lansing Lee Loring Raoul James Ragan R. S. Parker George Whitman William L. Erwin Harrison Jones C. D. Cabaniss W. G. Brantley Philip Weltner A. Carmlchael Kyle Smith Wed Brown Frank Martin Charles Feldelson J. K. McDonald H. L. J. Williams Robb Jones Jay Cox Sidney Smith Morton Hodgson Herman Delaperriere F. C. Newton Claude Derrick Clayton Henson John Harris Young Smith Dan Redfearn Jerome Michael Dwight Rogers Edgar Carter, Jr. J. E. Lucas H. G. Bailey E. M. Brown Abit Nix Omer Franklin E. T. Miller Henderson Lanham Hinton Blackshear Washington Falk, Jr. Alec McDonnell Cliff Hatcher Paul Bartlett Edgar Pennington Warren Molse George Woodruff E. V. Heath Millard Rewis Robert Troutman Arthur Maddox John Sibley 125. Lloyd Brown 126. Cliff Brannen 127. George Northern 128. W.A.Mann 129. Harold Meyer 130. Benton Walton 131. Dave Peacock 132. Virgil Durden 133. Charles Martin 134. Edgar Dunlap 135. Robert McWhorter 136. R. H. Freeman 137. Zack Cowan 138. E. Morgenstern 139. James Lynch 140. Levy Rogers 141. Bentley Chappell 142. Ira Funkenstein 143. Frank Carter 144. Rueker GInn 145. Aaron Bernd 146. Russell Patterson 147. Victor Victor 148. HoytWhelchel 149. Louis PInkussohn 150. Clark Howell, Jr. 151. David McKamy 152. Dave Paddock 153. John Henderson 154. E.J.Hardin 155. G. S. Whitehead 156. James Conyers 157. Charles Jacobson 158. Hugh Hodgson 159. Robert Wesley 160. George Harrison 161. Charlie Tanner 162. Bill Quarterman 163. Bob Callaway, Jr. 164. Joel Mallett 165. Tom Thrash 166. Max Segall 167. Holman Sorrells 168. Osmonde White 169. John Stewart 170. Neal GIllIs, Jr. 171. Roff Sims, Jr. 172. James Carmichael 173. Howard McCall 174. Irvine Levy 175. Hinton Longino 176. Richard Courts 177. L H. Tippett 178. Otto Ellars 179. Roger West 180. " Trot " Foreman, Jr. 181. Madden Hatcher 182. Dewey Knight 183. " Whitey " Davis 184. Wallace Zachry 185. Irvine Phinliy« 186. Dennis O ' Callaghan 187. Murphey Candler 188. McKenzIe Dallas 189. Claude Satterfield 190. F. W. Harrold 191. W. D. Miller 192. Arthur Pew 193. Bob Spence 194. Chester Slack 195. John Slater 196. Way Highsmlth 197. " Bum " Day 198. Charles Strahan 199. Hillary Mangum 200. Hugh Stephens 201. P.B.Ford 202. Nathan Jolles 203. Owen Reynolds 204. Pate Carson 205. Dawson Durden 206. Welborn Cody 207. Malcolm McRainey 208. W. F. Daniel 209. Ellis Dixon 210. Freeman McClure 211. Lewis Hill 212. G.J.Clark 213. C.A.Lewis 214. John Bennett, Jr. 215. Alton Hosch 216. C.G.Henry 217. " Doc " Harper (J.K.) William Davis 218. H. H. Maddox 219. J. L. Watson £Mi 220. C. R. Anderson S|H _ 221. Ed Gurr - • ■ 222. Hervey Cleckley, III 223. Colquitt Carter, Jr. 224. William Tate 225. Charlie Wiehrs 226. John Fletcher 227. J. D. Thomason U. 228. John Hosch, Jr. w. 229. Thomas Green, Jr. n 230. Walter Sewell v . 231. Lester Hargrett m. 232. Charles Gowen m. 233. " Buster " Kllpatrick m. 234. John Allen Bi 235. H. D. ShaHuck Vi 236. George Morton w. 237. Gwinn Nixon n 238. Alexis Marshall n. 239. Carlton Mell a. 240. Ernest Rogers ». 241. Walter Forbes, Jr. V. 242. George Saynor Johnson ai 243. Rollln Chambliss M. 244. Ernest Camp, Jr. K 245. Allen Post S. 246. A. S. Clay, III a?. 247. Kells Boland n. 248. " Chick " Shiver, Jr. ». 249. William Young n 250. Isaac Hay a. 251. George Florence, Jr. !tt 252. Tom Nash Hi. 253. Tom Hamilton, Jr. !H 254. B. H. Hardy, Jr. IR 255. Luke Standi in 256. Dan Tulley 91. 257. Bob Patterson, Jr. ill 258. Hoke Wofford m Thomas Dennard 259. John Candler, II 260. Glenn Lauhenhlser 261. R. B. Jennings 262. Craig Barrow, Jr. 263. Bobby Hooks 264. Joe Boland 265. G. C. Hamilton 266. Jimmy Harris 267. W. A. Kline, Jr. Bryce Holcomb 268. Kankakee Anderson 269. J. E. Palmour, Jr. 270. Henry Palmer 271. Kelly McCutcheon 272. Guerry Harris 273. Doug Feagin, Jr. 274. M. L Purvis 275. Joe Oliver 276. Marvin Cox 277. Ellis Arnall 278. Herbert MaffeH 279. Sandford Sanford 280. John Maddox • 281. Mark Hollis 282. W. C. Latimer 283. Vernon Smith 284. W. Strickland 285. J. W. Mclntlre 286. Marlon Gaston 287. McCarthy Crenshaw 288. William Haielhurst 289. Leroy Young 290. Fred Solomon 291. VIrlyn Moore, Jr. 292. W. Maddox, Jr. 293. Milton Richardson, Jr. 294. Morton Hodgson, Jr. 295. Randolph Thigpen, Jr. 296. Rob. G. Stephens, Jr. 297. J.W.Calhoun 298. DeNean Stafford, Jr. 299. John Bond 300. Harry Baxter 301. W.T.Rogers 302. Dan Bowden 303. Carl Strong 304. Lee Rogers 305. Walter Wise 306. Tap Bennett, Jr. 307. Colbert Hawkins 308. Rob. T. Anderson 309. Wade Hoyt, Jr. 310. Charles Harrold, Jr. 3! I. Ben Anderson, Jr. 312. Edward Baxter 313. Dyar Massey 314. Andy Roddenberry 315. Morris Abram 316. Floyd Newton, Jr. 317. Qulnton Lumpkin 318. Bob Troutman, Jr. 319. Robert McCuen 320. Gus Cleveland, Jr. 321. Bob Norman 322. Julian Halliburton 323. Lee Price 324. Howell Hollis 325. Alex McCasklll 326. Stanford Smith 327. Lee Newton 328. Jack Matthews 329. Ernest Vandiver 330. Frank Gunn 331. Alpha Fowler, Jr. 332. Jay Smith, Jr. 333. B. C. Gardner, Jr. 334. Verner Chaffin 335. J. C. Meadows, Jr. 336. Cliff KImsey 337. Tom Penland 338. John Miller 339. Gus Partee, Jr. 340. Frank Sinkwich 341. Irby Exiey 342. Murray Norman 343. Forrest Champion 344. George Lawrence 345. Jesse Bowles 346. Jim Miller 347. Aubrey Morris 348. Jimmy DeLay 349. Fluker Stewart 350. Charles TrIppI 351. John Sheffield, Jr. 352. Fred Scott 353. Frank Cheatham, Jr. 354. Dan Edwards 355. R. M. Joiner 356. Dempsey Leach 357. Bill Burson 358. Melburne McLendon 359. John Rauch 360. Mims Wilkinson, Jr. 361. Kirk McAlpin 362. Bryan Whitehurst 363. John Griffin 364. Harry WIngate 365. James Bentley 366. Porter Payne 367. James Andrews 368. Ray Burns 369. H. Walraven, Jr. 370. Bob Healey 371. Raleigh Bryans 372. Laurence Crimmlns 373. Bob Relnhardt 374. Bill Elinburg 375. Barry Phillips 376. Ted Evans 377. Tom Waddell Nalhan Knight 378. Robert McArthur 379. E. L Dunn, Jr. 380. Mike Merola 381. Bill Justice 382. Nick Chilivis 383. M. W. Edwards 384. Tal Arnette 385. Carl Turner 386. Claude Hipps 387. B. S. Middlebrooks 388. Henry Woodard 389. Cecil Spooner 390. H. K. Holladay 391. Phil Beverly 392. R. C. Stubbs, Jr. 393. Hassell Parker 394. Robert K. West 395. Dewey Benefield, Jr. 396. Wesley Harris 397. Frank Salerno 398. W. D. Moseley 399. C. R. Adams, Jr. 400. Dan Kitchens 401. E. R. BratkowskI 402. Donald Branyon, Jr. 403. Randall Maret 404. John Carson 405. Robert Blalock 406. L. R. Patterson 407. Quentin Gabriel 408. Jay Gardner 409. Frank Seller 410. Richard Trotter 411. Joe O ' Malley 412. Kermit Perry 413. Jule Felton, Jr. 414. Jabez McCorkle 415. ,John J. Wilklns, III 416. Norman Fletcher 417. LIndsey Bennett 418. R. S. Lowrey, Jr. 419. Donald Joel 420. John O ' Toole 421. Joel Knight 422. Edward Killorin 423. George Scheer, Jr. 424. Joseph Marshall 425. Nathan Knight 426. Robert Rowan 427. Dave Hollis 428. Monte Markham 429. Emmet Bondurant 430. Jay Cox 431. Swain McElmurray, Jr. 432. Harry Hendrix 433. Theron Sapp 434. Bryce Holcomb 435. Thomas E. Dennard, Jr. 436. James P. Walker, Jr. 437. William A. Davis, Jr. 438. Thomas H. Lewis, Jr. HONORARY MEMBERS A.— H. Brown B.— G. Butler C— O. S. Sibley D.— D. E. Dougherty E.— W. H. Harris F.— H. Bacon G.— W. P. Hall H.— Frank Kells Boland I.— H. G. Colvin James Walker .— C. H. Black — W. R. Tichenor , — G. T. Jackson -Walter Hill —Charles Snelling —David C. Barrow —Robert E. Park -Harry C. White . — Andrew M. Soule -Willis H. Bocock — Steadman V. Sanford —Charles M. Strahan V. — Herman J. Stegeman . — Sylvanus Morris . — George Foster Peabody ).— E. A. Lowe . — Thomas J. Woofter r— Thomas W. Reed = . — Harry Mehre H.— H. N. Edmunds —Harold Hirsch — E. L. Secrest . — Harmon Caldwell —Paul W. Chapman . — Robert R, Gunn J.— John Wade ). — Hughes Spalding — Charles Herty ). — Merton Coulter .— W. O. Payne —Wallace Butts —William Crane . — Henry Shinn — W. O. Collins v.— Earle Cocke, Jr. (.— O. C. Aderhold ' . — John E. Drewry - — Herman Talmadge —Robert O. Arnold —Charles J. Bloch — Frank D. Foley —Roy V. Harris .—J. A. Williams . — Hamilton Lokey —Richard B. Russell — Paul Brown Swam Mrl-.lmurray J.— W. S. Cothran K.— W. Spain L. — John Dorsey M.— F. R. Mitchell N.— Harry Dodd HONORARY HONORARY TRIANGLE Triangle Is the highest honor a nnember of Triquetra, independent women ' s organization, may attain. Jean Wingate Angela Baxter Betty Jean Teal Jeanette Ardell Eugenia Jolly Nancy Lee Martha Lanford Janet Johnson Ann Oldham Janice Bagley Annette Janney Barbara Cone Mary Ann Gibson Pat Tumlin Sue Deniock Judy Folk Dianne McRae Myra Sherard Geraldine Dollar Emily Bird Left to right: Jim Emberson Bob Raley Terrell Benton Joe Estes Robert Carpenter Kirby Roberts Jim Slater Bill Miller Jim Rivers Bill Hoagland Cecil Davis Jimmy James Jim Granade Ned Hamil William Monfort George Norman 132 PYRAMID Pyramid is an honorary organization for independent men who have excelled in service leadership. Bob Edge Dan Minchew Larry Aldridge Billie Ruth Duncan Albert Rentier Marie LeRoy Sandra Davis Olivia Taylor Marian Quante Mitchel Henson Mary Alice Benedict Gay Forrester Marilyn Midkiff Berkeley Smith John W. Garland Joe Wang Robert Mansell Carolyn Sears Martha McElveen Janet Johnson Jennie Wren Tommy Close Meriam McDonald Ann Corbitt David Brantley ' Tommy Burnside Cherry Newton Norman Pease Brad Page Joe Estes Cynthia Corley Helen Huff Who ' s Who in America Universities and Col- leges is nationally rec- ognized as one of the highest honors for col- lege students. Member- ship selec tion is gauged on scholarship, charac- ter, and service to the campus. But not only are past attributes con- sidered because the ex- pected future contribu- tions these members will make to society are greatly emphasized. HONORARY First row: John Garland, Norman Boulus, Bob Raley, Terrel Benton, Larry Young, Paul Yarborough, Kirby Roberts, Johnny Long, Jim Emberson, Robert Carpenter, Bill Miller. Second row: Jimmy James, Tommy Blalock, Roy Noble, Unidentified, Cecil Davis, Jim Granade, Bill Hoagland, Jerry Dykes, Freeman Taylor. X CLUB The X Club was founded at the University in 1931 by the late S. V. Sandford, Chan- cellor of the University System at that time. An honorary organization for male students, X Club promotes general feeling of con- geniality and school spirit on the part of the student body. Membership selection is made each quarter followed by a three day initiation which includes service on various campus and city projects. Guiding this year ' s activities are Joe Estes, president; Batch Flythe, vice-president; Bill Miller, sec- retary-treasurer. 134 inity iilTIC. ys, con- ft of onii I day fioiis sec- Roster: Joyce Schenkman, Myrna Warren, Marilyn DeLong, Marianne Bugg, Jan Butler, Nancy Flowers, Rosalyn Odrezin, Peggy Ferryman, Marie Shirley, Mary Bird, Anita Paris, Pete McCornmons, Elaine Lubousky, Lucy Rawlings, Winkle Booker, Linda Treadway, Harold Solomon, Tommy Close, Billy Gibson, J. W. Garland, Bobby Raley, Larry Young, Daniel Boone, Dickie Crosby, Laddie Scott, Tommy Burnside, Larry Aldridge, Norman Boul- ous, Norman Kesner. m STUDENT COUNCIL Representatives from the eleven schools, Interfraternity Council, Pan- Hellenic Council, WSGA, Independent Men, Triquetra, and Ag Hill Council compose the governing body that voices the students ' needs to the administration. This year an amendment was passed allowing class officers the privilege of voting. The Council is currently work- ing out a plan that may secure telephones for each student on campus. L id, Pa " - dents ' needs sed alM itufieiito " Tom Close, Norm Kesner, Tommy Burnside, Rosaland Odrezin. 137 STUDENT GOVERNMENT SENIOR CLASS Marilyn Midkiff, vice president Jimmy Walker, president Tom Pound, secretary-treasurer STUDENT GOVERNMENT CLASS OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS David Fletcher, president Bill Dunaway, secretary-treasurer Linda Treadway, vice president SOPHOMORE CLASS Mike Lee, president Marilyn DeLong, vice president FRESHMAN CLASS Frances Hitchcock, vice president Charles Pittard, secretary-treasurer Eddie Garland, president ' : Ofan: Cro W0. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Cabinet, First row: Sandra Trapp, Helen Cochran. Second row: Lynn Crovalt, Carolyn Kelly, Judy Leggett, Ann Sexton, Mary Byrd. OJS WOMEN STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Through the FRATERNITY WAY, the Council sup- plies information to all potential rushees prior to the opening of school; then the Council acts as the officiating body for the rush program during orien- tation week. Being an established body on campus, IFC is able to bring nationally known entertainment to the University during the Homecoming and Greek Week dances. Burnslde Solomon Greenfield MeDaniei Castorina Representatives: Melba Wages, Berkeley Smith, Mary Hiott, Maxanne Courson, Rebecca Rhodes, Valeric Soule, Jinny Wren, Linda Dickey, Natalie Hull, llene Litchenstein. Panhellenic has as its basic purposes the maintenance on a high plane of fraternity life and interfraternity relations among women, the furtherance of intellectual accomplishment, a nd cooperation with the University administrators in maintaining high social standards. The Women ' s Panhellenic Council compiles rules governing rushing, pledging and initiation, and the council is composed of representatives of all eligible fraternities on campus. Cbio Council: Charlotte Jones, Linda Treadway, Mary Alice Benedict, Gloria Porterfield, Lynn Beasley, Cler Colson, Peggy Ferryman, Alice Todd. : ' M DifJfl, I Rtpicsentatives, I ' iist row: Carol Johnson, Alary Byr3, Gay Forrester, Roslyn Odrezin, Roberts. Second row: Arlene Huggins, Marion Quante, Jan Solomon. Marie LeRoy, Eleanor Crane, Joan Gardner, Melanie Rush Advisors: Gay Davis, Susan Suritz, Sara Roberson, Ann McClendon, Betty Wilson, Jane Safrit, Elaine Gaeser, Carolyn Byrd, Marian Huggins, Mary Ann Williams, Mary Eleanor Walden, Sandra Thacker, Lorena Stupes. iff Of i.ii« jd PANHELLENIC 143 STUDENT GOVERNMENT 1 . Jn KaS ■■I JR. PANHELLENIC Each sorority pledge class is represented by two dele- gates on Junior Panhellenic Council. The office of presi- dent is rotated among the sororities each year, but the council elects the other officers. The Council strives to foster a spirit of unity among the first year sorority girls and to prepare them for Senior Panhellenic work. First row: Martha Shamhart , Betty Wiseman, Norma Golden, Judy Kurtz, Judy Riddick, Char- lotte Matheson, Jean Trujillo, Sarah Cul- len, Jane Davis, Patti Pattillo, Ros- alyn Goldstein, Bet- ty Jo Stokes, Frances Hitchcock, Lynne Chardkofj. Second row: Linda Sutton, Suella Harris, Mar- got Lewis, Marty Calmer, Jane Rich- ardson, Karen Sew- ell, Julianne Neal, Barbara Jones, Liz Talley, Linda Lane, Karen Williams, Susan Dykes, Helen Kaplan. Third row: Judy Wagner, Joan Makuta, Carolyn Wynn, Robbie Lo- gan. AG HILL COUNCIL Through the representation of two members from each organization on South Cam pus to Ag hHill Council, the students and organizations on South Campus become a unified body. This closer rela- tionship enables Ag Hill Council to represent these organizations more effectively in Student Council and other student committees on campus. First row: Larry Young, Paul Yarbrough, Ted Stokely, James Timmons. Second row: Ed Maclntyre , Terrell Ben- ton, Joe Rowan, James Rivers, Robert Mansell. Third row: Kirby Roberts, Jimmy James, Ralph Adamson, Roger Wil- liams. Fourth row: Bill Patterson, Dennis Deloach, Charles Hamner. Fifth row: Bill Beland, Don Krucko. STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT GOVERNMENT REED-MILLEDGE HALL COUNCIL Left to right: Fred Hubley, John LaRosch, John Speer, Bill Davis, Wayne Holland. Left to right: Eddie Mcintosh, Beth Cottingham, Hugh Temple, Grady Baggett, Billy Evans, Jimmy Hawes, Billy Ellison, Roger Ozaki, N. Lewis, Mrs. Haley, Nick Bledsoe, Jan Johnson, Raymond Rich- ards, Tommy Johnson, Bill Sweeney, Tommy Strip- ling, Gerald Young. With the influx of freshman nnen this year, Reed Hall Council be- came Reed-Milledge Council. The representatives, elected from dormitory precincts, govern Reed and Miliedge Hall freshmen and represent them to the administration. 145 MILITARY AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. n Col. George Grain PAS At the University of Georgia, the Air Force Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps is outstanding in the training of future leaders. Every year many outstanding students are commissioned as Second Lieu- tenants in the regular and reserve components of the United States Air Force. These young men have successfully completed the four- year AFROTC Program. The four-year program is divid- ed into two major sections. The first two years are required for all physically qualified male students at the University. During the sec- ond year, comprehensive-qualify- ing examinations are administered to all students. Those who qualify by the examination, successfully pass the military physical, and re- ceive acceptance from a formal interview by a Board of Officers and the Professor of Air Science are tentatively accepted into the advanced program. In the Advanced Program, ca- dets study the principles of lead- ership and management, military law, and the duties of being an officer in the United States Air Force. Upon completion of the two- year Advanced Program, a 28-day summer camp between the third and fourth year, and degree re- quirements the student is commis- sioned as an officer in the Air Force. Capt. Gibson Capt. Holcombe AIR FORCE OFFICER INSTRUCTORS MILITARY TICER 3RS Administrative Personnel: Sgt. Sammons, Sgt. Dunford, Sgt. Nixon, Sgt. Horak. And the Band played on 149 MILITARY WING STAFF Cadet Col. Lewis Cadet Lt. Col. Roush Cadet Lt. Col. Hotchkiss Cadet Lt. Col. Cagle Cadet Lt. Col. Daniel Curiosity primes imagination. Cadet Lt. Col. Murphy i CAaw,: 150 GROUP I GROUP II GROUP UI ! Cadet Maj. Dukes Cadet Capt. Fullilove Cadet Maj. Eulenfield Cadet Capt. Paul Cadet Maj. Coody Cadet Capt. Lester Color Guard Cadet Maj. Carpenter 151 ■ - " i-. ' •Nf - ' 5 g ' ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Members of the advanced Air Force ROTC who demon- strate outstanding leadership and character traits and who accomplish superior scholas- tic achievement may be elec- ted to membership in Arnold Air Society. The number of members is limited to one- half the number of advanced Air Force ROTC students. The society sponsors the An- gel Flight. First row: Douglas Dukes, Thomas Lewis, Duncan Roush, Troy Dennis, Carl- ton Fullilove, Burt Haskins, Richard Lowry, Allen Summers, Ronald McKin- ley, Fremon Dixon. Second row: John Broadnax, Eddie Bunten, William Rushing, Bailey Mitchell, Robert Davis, Ronald Bond, Leonard Scruggs, Joseph Davis, Robert Wade. Third row: Charles Brighlwell, Sanford Richard- son, Thomas Rish, J. W. Chapman, Robert Millians, Dennis Adams, John Stephens, George Williamson, George Norman. •i ' « t. ' : !f:7 i - ' mmm innnni Duncan Roush, Fremon Dixon, Burt Haskins, Troy Dennis, Richard Lowry, Douglas Dukes. ANGEL FLIGHT A womens ' drill team, the University Angel Flight is an auxiliary to the Arnold Air Society and is one of some 40 such organizations ex- isting throughout the nation. Members are selected on the basis of poise, personality, par- ticipation in campus ac- tivities and interest in the Angel Flight. Slate Jones MILITARY Officer Instructors: Maj. Rivette, Maj. Farrell, Capt. Steinberg, Capt. Polichnowski, Capt. Reynolds. Col. Carl Hill PMS T. ARMY ROTC The University of Georgia Reserve Officer Training Corps is doing its share in moulding the future leaders of tomorrow ' s world. Every student in Army ROTC learns many things: the operation of small arms, the method and techniques used in Army class- room instruction; and how to read and use a map. However, the most important quality learned in ROTC is leadership. The four year course is divided into two parts. The first two years is called basic military and is compulsory for all physically qualified freshman and sophomore students. Students who complete the basic course and show outstanding qualities are eligible to make application for the advance course. The advance course consists of two years and Is pursued In the junior and senior years of the student. The purpose of the advance course is to acquaint the student with the require- ments that a young officer must face upon entry Into action and duty. Suc- cessful completion of the advance course leads to a Second Lieuten- ant ' s commission In the United States Army and to the truly outstanding student a possibility of a Regular Army Commission. 1 154 space Age comes to Army classroom RIGHT SHOULDER . . . ARMS i lit II ' ■ m ' -m ' ' ' ■■ : •• ■ : • s " • : ■ • • • • 4 - r €, %. ■ " 1 Sergeant Instructors: First row: Sgt. Lumley, Sgt. Hamilton, Sgt. Fields, Sgt. Ogle. Second row: Sgt. Bland, Sgt. Bunn, Sgt. Prince, Sgt. Butters 155 BRIGADE STAFF Cadet Capt. Schneider Cadet Capt. Johnson Cadet Col. James Cadet Lt. Col. Becton MILITARY Cadet Capt. Harper si » 1 ■ 1 1 ►1 ' t 4 ■ li y r MILITARY Second Battle Group Commander Cadet Lt. Col. Waldhour Second Battle Group Adjutant Cadet Lt. Myers BATTLE GROUP STAFFS Second Battle Group Executive Officer Cadet Maj. Sessions First Battle Group Adjutant Cadet Lt. Smith First Battle Group Executive Officer Cadet Maj. Quinn First Battle Group Commander Cadet Lt. Col. Towns 157 First year cadets learn about the Army ' s basic lueapon MILITARY Company C ... . s.ii ' -? x-: x ;i M ' : mj ' M$-f The trait of being a leader is demonstrated on the drill field Color Guard Army ROTC Rifle Team mMfmtf ' i tllM, U £stn,irflSii |llSiir.ii»M, ' |«iri tan, Join t if, KM VMi. Ii provide! reox nitioiufflonql bisiccme cadets fa J !■: degree of T? ' »bili().OtV coleoesjf SoufWofff frequent C(»i Predsiondrl ™tcliei,«) psredei. Eib JlUltr » First row: James Hall, Walter Moody, Wayne Moseley, William James, John Phillip; Second row: Stephen Kite Powell, Daryl Neidlinger, Larry Murrey, James Chambless, Harlan Cable, Harvey Tarpley; Third row: Bruce Coursey, Hope Davis, Richard Pinion, William Sweeney, Charles Daws, Edward McKinney. Fourth row: Cliff McGaughey, Baxter Sudduth, Pat Calhoun, John Melton, Marvin Skelton, George Thurmond. Griffin First row: Bela Vasvary; Second row: William Hamilton, Fred Elser, Richard Baumen, Lee Bergman, Forrest Gilmore; Third row: Michael Eskew, William Alexander, Robert M. Elder, James Henry, Joe Sumvierhill; Fourth row: Garnett Jarrett; Tufus Tindol; James Harrison, John Voigt, Wyatt Johnson; Fifth row: Thomas Gamer, Richard Whitelock, Ross Fields, Henry Ezzard, Terrell Hope. PERSHING RIFLE SOCIETY Pershing Rifles provides recog- nition annong the basic course cadets for a high degree of military ability. Other colleges in the Southeast offer frequent compe- tition in the mili- tary fields of precision drill and marching, rifle matches, and parades. P 7 M I Barrett " . W ortier ' • " IT Fortier McLeod Ardell Butler Little m T Hillow m Stewart 1% Itzkow rr Bryan » V- ' IT Badgett Whitehead Mansour Manter BELLE CORPS Belle Corps participates in the Army R.O.T.C. drill activities and parades with the Pershing Rifles. The members, who are selected on ability to drill and general appearance and person- ality, serve as hostesses for the Army R.O.T.C. events. MILITARY " cy- ' m . ' } ' A. Jcuttr,! in. Am David Tyre, James Howard, Garr- nett Jarrett, Wayne Moseley, Bela Vasuary, Bill Hatcher, Capt. Rey- nolds. Pat Casey, M. E. Skelton, J. F. Sum- merhill, Thomas Campbell, R. A. Pinion, James Hall, Terrell Hope. Louis Waldhour, Russell Prescott, Carlton James, Wyatt Anderson, David Fletcher, Randall Hicks, Joe Johnson. ASSOCIATION OF U. S. ARMY 162 G. W. Daniel, C. M. James, N. B. Barber, H. E. Lowry First row: E. O. Murphy, N. B. Barber, F. P. Dixon, P. C. Lingle, G. W. Daniel, G. G. Weston, J. A. Sanster, S. I. Snyder, H. W. Andrews, C. M. James, J. D. Carpenter, J. C. Johnson, B. R. Eulenfield, J. R. Howard, D. A. Roush, D. A. Cleghorn, H. E. Loiory, W. H. Whitley. Second row: R. H. Garrison, B. H. Holcombe, L. G. Waldhour, D. H. Tyre, J. M. Hall, M. L. Coston, L. J. Farrell, B. J. Vasvary, L. G. Quinn, G. L. Barnard. I fl A « Scabbard and Blade is an honor society for advanced students in military departments of American universities. It seeks to develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers. Cadet commissioned officers of Air Force and Army ROTC are eligible, and members are elected on the basis of grades, interest in the military, and campus activities. SCABBARD AND BLADE MILITARY BALL At the Military Ball, which is sponsored by Scabbard and Blade, the Military Ball Queen is announced. Elected by the entire corps, this year ' s queen Is Judy Davis. Jonle James was guest entertainer. 164 r«f: 165 RE IGI LZJ,_ hMl i ir i k 1 1 )us4 1 1 1 dm 1 ' r ! IV ■CWWB BW WESLEY FOUNDATION K " m. " aV It . The Christian Scientists conduct their weekly meeting. I mL iJ» " - ' we TfTT— —■ ' -■• Vjjjjj H r IT ' ' ' ' ' f ( w ' - . . - . ' ?.- . " - ' •i n j H ' " j B X KjI Mfl ™2S|| HH W D H M . S HfeMIB |[B[ i BB TB T ie Canterbury Club enjoys a casual discussion at their weekly meeting. 168 A moment of seriousness as the Newman Club observes Mass. The Newman Club relaxes at a party at Charlie Williams. tt» -3 ) Home— a well known sight for a ll BSU. BSU members at a summer assembly at Ridgecrest. BSU Council directs members in campus re- ligious activities. SERVICE ,«»ss: ' lSi Argonauts are a group of upperclassmen who serve the University by assisting with the orientation and counseling of freshmen men. Some 50 upperclassmen comprise the group, and each member has a group of six to 20 freshmen under his guidance. The Argonauts live in the freshman men ' s dormitories, meet the newcomers on arrival and answer questions arising during the first weeks of new quarters. The men ' s group also sponsors with the co- operation with their women counterparts. University Resident Student Assistants, the annual freshman talent show, when freshmen representing various dormitories compete for a rotating trophy housed each year in the dormitory home of the winner. Left to right: Robert Roundtree, John Furman, Randall Hicks, Mark Turner, Doug Chatham, James Vining, Pat Pattitlo, Henry Ramser, Gary Winkle, David Baer, Steve Burrell, Harlan Gabel, Bill Gladney, Andy Clements, Bob Smith, Pete Bohn, Wyatt Anderson, Howell Stuart, Gus Turnbull, Jerry Payne, James Morrison, Bob Franklin, Lawrence Burton, Howard Cordell, Harvey Tarpley, Bill Speir, R. C. Hamilton, Mike Eskew, Benton Bowey, Charles Brown, Howell Towler. ARGONAUTS 172 ,y COSMOPOLITAN CLUB The Cosmopolitan Club meets twice monthly to present lectures, discus- sion, and movies onvarious phases of life in the United States. This activ- ity is done to acquaint the Club ' s cosmopolitan mem- bers with the peculiarities of American customs. Similar activities are pre- sented on foreign coun- tries to familiarize the American members with their neighbors. Bi-monthly dances are arranged to facilitate friendly co- operation between the members of the various countries represented. 173 SERVICE I Top row: Nancy Wills, Roberta Freeman, Lynn Graves, Charlotte Young, Unidentified, Jennie Intro, Toby Rosenberg, Sandra Levy, Ruth Dugger, Polly Brooks, Joan Makuta. Bottom row: Sherrie Wassernian, Eillen Little, Elaine Libowsky, Devara Fclson, Brenda Browning; Pat Haygood, Jean Wingate, Genie Hunter, Carolyn Rily, Irene Miller, Patsie Bradbury, Drucilla Giddens. UNIV GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA Any woman on campus who has a C average and is beyond a second quarter freshman is eligible to join Gamma Sigma Sigma. Each active member must earn ten hours of work on a service project to re- main active. The projects include assisting at registration, the March of Dimes Drive, aiding in the Dean of Women ' s office, and volunteering service to any organization on campus. ALPHA PHI OMEGA fcssiji, Jlr; ' --■, H Pbiu, lay b Membership qualification for Alpha Phi Omega stipulates previous affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America. In I960 A. P.O. con- ducted the March of Dimes drive on the campus and also assisted with the main drive in Athens. The money that was raised at the U.M.O.C. Drive was donated to the Boy Scouts of America and Care Foundation. First row: Mr. Mosteller, Jud Good- man, Nathen Coleman, Louis Romesco, Terry Mann. Second row: Henry Renter, James Vining, Tom Baynes, Bill Stephens, Joel Homansky. Third row: Doug Chatham, Alan Kansiper, Irving Weitzman, Barry Coffsky, Daxris Cohen. Fourth row: Elliott Palefsky, Mike Merren, Joe Arial, Murray Gins- berg, Laney Goldberg. SERVICE UNIVERSITY RESIDENT STUDENT ASSISTANTS jEfafaifcf pl ' e ri«iiiAtlieri.Tlie « raised at tlie , vjs doMted to ; of Amrica sfid Mai n " " URSA Major Roster: Jainye Aultman, Betty Barganier, Judy Barret, Mary Bird, Beverly Blick, Patsie Bradberry, Jolyn Chastain, Susan Cormwell, Jackie Cummings, Mary George East, Betsy Foote, Tanya Frantz, Kay Frasier, Jane Hawkins, Barbara Lewis, Shelby Lindsey, Kay Mansour, Amy McGuire, Sheila Powers, Lucy Ann Rawlings, Jan Smith, Sharon Spieks, Barbara Taylor, Genie Thomas, Sarah Tucker, Carol Watrous. University Resident Student Assistants work with freshman women throughout the year to help them live together successfully. The URSA ' s begin their year with a retreat and then arrive on campus in time to greet the newcomers and help them through their orientation and that first hectic registration. I They also co-sponsor with the Argonauts the fresh- I man talent show and sponsor scholastic competition I among floors in the freshman women ' s dormitories. i URSA Minors write freshmen women before their arrival on campus to let them know a little about Georgia. URSA Majors live in the freshman dorms. URSA Minors SERVICE STUDENT CENTER Miss Roaring ZVs President chats Members Student Center Board 176 f W Pw The annual Freshman Welcome Dance, jam sessions, and after-basketball game dances were highlights of Student Union ' s program for the year. Other special events — dances, tournaments, movies, Kiddie Karnivals, coffee hours — are planned throughout the year. 177 Concert Dance Club SERVICE 178 SERVICE All Universitywomen are members of Woman ' s Athletic Association, which seeks to provide op- portunities for par- ticipation and lead- ership in athletics, to foster true sports- manship, and to further athletic in- terest and activities among University women. Tennis Club Dolphin Club 179 PANDORA ' DORA Jamye Aultman Curtis Stephens Glynn Gladdin PUBLICATIONS Work on the PANDORA actually begins during the summer. During these months, there are staff meetings held to decide the theme of the book and how it will be carried out. While the majority of students are just arriving on campus in September the PANDORA staff has begun the daily grind that will continue until the book is completed and sent to press Winter Quarter. This work takes time and patience and couldn ' t be done without the help of many people. The PANDORA staff wishes to extend its thanks and apprecia- tion to all those people who so willingly gave their time, energies, and co- operation in the production of this book. 181 Hilda Hubbard, Religious Editor David Fletcher, Military Editor Billy Rushing, Humour Editor Guy Amall, Sports Editor Editorial Assistants PUBLICATIONS PANDORA ■ ■A ' 1 L HMI BiLX ■!£ 1 v yW ' mm n Wfm 1 jm 1 He M wpWp tTt 1 H ; ' - L fB i 1 Hi K Irt Assistants Ellen Itzkow, Index Editor Ronnie Hatcher, Organizations Editor Nancey Flowers, Greek Editor Recognized as one of the leading college newspapers, the RED AND BLACK is circu- lated each Thursday providing readers with news, opinions, features, sports, and women ' s news. The campus weekly is the primary means of published communications on campus with the week ' s cycle of preparations and presen- tation beginning on Monday mornings. David Cleghorn, Editor, Fall Quarter i Lowell Kirby, Business Manager Loran Smith, Sports Editor RED AND BLACK News Staff: Randy Jay, Joe Zellner, Carol Lupo, Tony Middleton. Flozelle Thompson, Women ' s Editor, Fall Quarter. Ronnie Hatcher, Editor, Spring Quarter 185 I ,.v. Billy Watson, Editor, Winter Quarter. P|M m -Xj ' l .k r ' HBl J H v ' ' P i 9k 1 9 V. i U n Women ' s Staff: Linda Cullom, Linda Hotbrook. Daxnd Parkman, Managing Editor, Winter Quarter. Martha Wren, Women ' s Editor, Winter Quarter. RED AND BLACK Bill Hoagland, News Editor, Winter Quarter. Sports Staff: Ken Wynn, Alan Wexler, Ed Bernd. , ' !■»» ' ■ss k« ' Front I U) R- liist Row Trrre BenUm lorn hinder, Hob Rain, Ned Haiiiil, Paul Ynrhmiigh. Second Row: Joe Wang, Johnny Dckle, Bobby Whitaker, Hubert ' Holland Third Row: Jim Rivers, Jim Slain; Kirby Roberls. l-ourtli Row: James Hembree, George Norman, Gary Wilson, William Monfort, May- Ion london Filth Row: Tommy Stripling, Niek ISledsoe, Mareus Mansell, Bill Clark. Jim Emberson, Cecil Davis. Sixth Row: Norman Underwood, Jack Perry Frank ]ones Robert Carpenter, Jerry Dover, Larry Young, Terry Carter, Donald Johnson, Dale Young, Sam Lowrey, Lee Jarrcll, Raymond Adams, ycnyDvAra. Seventh Row: Tommy Blalock, Bob Adamson. Joe Esles, Bill Hoagland, Freeman. Eighth Row: Jim Harris, Bob Mansell, Jim Granade, Bill Miller, Boyd Locklin, Jimmy James. SOCIAL INDEPENDENT MEN Ellen Floyd Oharlsey Moon Janet Johnson Judy Leake DIAnn Magill Judy Folk Mary Ann Gibson ianne McRae iane Tucker IMyra Sherard acquellne Kight anne Hummel Marilyn Peters Beverly Cochran ]Jolyn Chastain iNancy Lee Hilda Terry |Dean Edith Stallings Sue Dimock iMellie Jane Nalley IVerona Cannon iReba Rowan ■Martha Aycock iNell Satterfield ■Nancy Clements Hirlam Terry Cynthia Haynes Faye Swain harlene Baldwin Kay Martin Sue Cheek adge Strickland ' atsy Payne andra Mims arolyn Waters jEugenia Jolly ulie Brinkley Patricia Hunt Janice Bagley Anne Cadle Ann Oldham Joyce Teel Pat Tumlin Betty Jean Teel Emily Anne Byrd Nellie Mae Whitehead nn Gillam Louise Wardlow Helen Milford Becky Counts Peggy Maner Angela Baxter Martha Langford Linda Martin Seraldine Dollar Elliabeth Graham m f f!% B ( ■■% O f ' V f TRIQUETRA ■w 0 f l m P V l««» 3 1 ■-4- f M. Albertson E. D. Alexander S. A. Alley (5 DO M. J. Almand E. A. Andrews B. L. Badgett S. A. Baker E. Blackwell S. Bone F. Bottoms P. Bradberry M. Braswell J. Bryan D. Cavan M. Clarke B. Cobb M. Colmer F. Cox ALPHA CHI OMEGA Arabrab Red made the rounds " Hold that pose. " Cox had trouble with Chigger (or was it Jigger. ' ) Arlene was our glorious Leade the six elevens and their size 8 ' s and etc Room 7 had FF, JJ, BB, hlH, SS anchors away Norma was snowed (again and again) " Tell ole Jo " Russian Bank was the thing to play " Bren- da, that Auburn tiger ' s here again. " " Who greased the seats? Wren-Tin-Tin and her New York Times " Please don ' t call Homer, ' Homley ' " KA and Hillis were gonna join the army 7-Roll-a-Meal Swanson " Snello, are you wearing your pin? " Pusie had a wild laugh " I ' ll bet you a Bud, Betty " double bubble there were fire ex- tinguishers in the Pit Kacka Homecoming turned out to be wet feathers we had the shortest and the tallest in the Georgettes " Be sure and look on the bathroom mirror " Mary Lou swore the wires were vibrating " We came to college to get some knowledge, and what did we meet? We met the fleet! " ALPHA CHI OMEGA • n S. Cox J. Daves J. A. Davis M. Dossey S. Ellington N. Ellis M. Feild K. Franlis B. Gaulding L. Gr ena L. 6riffeth M. Happoldt M. Hardage B. Harpar M. Hatchar A. Hillis I 191 9 1 D. Hlllow L. Home K. Muggins J. Ingersoll B. Jandraw C.Johnson K. Kahrs C. Langford C. Matheson gh ( ( H J. Miller N.Norton M. O ' Kon E.Oliver C. Pelmer M. Paper M.Perry M. Poston M. Pugh oTPf B. Robertson M. Rowland J. Snelling L. Stoops J. Sullivan B. Swann K. Swanson S. Sweat M. Welsh 192 r4 S. West v E. Wilson C. Wiseman S. Woods M. Wren M. Wurtt S. Wynn ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI " »: . -.• _ " - |i ! — — - — ' ■ .. " ' 1 mm. D. S. Anderson N. Armstrone N. A. Barron M. A, Benedict 1 ' ' ■t ' ![4j - C. Blanchard F. R. Blount 194 l . u, H.. f I p. A. Crandall C. Crock«tt L. Crock»tt M. E. Culltn S. Davis M. L. D.Lonq S. E. Dowell C. A. Downs B. A. Dupre« M. G. East M. A. Evani R. R. Fann B. J. Farguson B. A. FUhar K. M. Floyd M. C. Fowtar E. J. Mann f 15 1 M.Franklin R.Gilbert M. J. Gladden K.P.Graham W.D.Gray L. J. Harris M. G. H«yward H. B. Jones P. F. Jones M. B. King H B. J. Kloss M. L. Land M. P. Law M. F. Leguln B. L. LittI L. H. Martin M. Maxwell A. E. Merrell M. A. Midkiff B. J. Millar M. S. Mllltr P. M. Mlnttr P. A. Montgomery L. L. Musgrove N. D. Nauman ALPHA DELTA PI Big Mamou, our leader " I ' m not believing it " the tod and the tube many money ' s .... we received the Standard Leadership award Paula, the stitch .... the Geechee Rockin Robin hang it up the pen- guin, the owl, the crane, the sparrow, and the hawk the PiKa ' s put a present on our lawn Fog made two courts " you swear " The Organizer was prexy of the Motor Boats and on Pan-Hell and the KA ' s lost R. E. Lee again (and we lost our chairs) there was J. V., B. B., D. A., and M. F., the speck Miss Apple Nimble Viva!! the Gay Blade and Sweet Alice was Miss Pandora. S. C. O ' Naal A. O. Power S. Quilllan v|r 5- ' 4 i. t( J M lypN ' -m ■ lAirt ■HBH8BHH HR:- A. Reagan ' j P. E. Rtavas L. F. Robinson J. B. Scott M. H. Shamhart B. N. Smith J. Smithy i ij G. F. Solomon S. Souter G. Summers E. TIdwell W. p. Turner S. V. Vance J. A. Vaughn E. R. Wall C. S. Ward A. E. Whitehead ALPHA DELTA PI 197 ALPHA EPSILON PI Zot for homecoming Uppy ' s for supper anyone Pasties downstairs in five minutes what do you think of Robert Frost, Salo? Cracked Bar-B-Que pits are the best Wonder how Whiteman and Gold are getting along How was your prac- tice for the cake race, Paul the hIi-Fi set sort of disappeared over the holi- days who ' s that bad pledge mast- er-Booger? Seems like everyone ' s in favor of Cherry Pie Beatnic parties in a red atmosphere Let ' s have it quiet in this house tonight Correspondence courses the line forms at the rear nightly bull ses- sions as you were I ' ve got a list upstairs, everybody sign it H.I.. Belson B. M. Berman M.J. Berman H. Chaffkin M.W.Cohen L.Friedman B. M. Gillett S. F. Gold G. A. Goldstein MM N. B. Solivesky I. Goodrich S. S. Goodrich I. J. Gross B. S. Hasitins S. Kahn L. G. Kessler R. N. Merahn H. Minfier I K. Mollin S. Morris W. N. Moses B. M. Parks R. L. Pollock J. J. Rachalson S. N. Richman M. D. Rosen H. Saundars R. L. Schreiber G. A. Schulhofer R. T. Seiti M. Scligman M. D. Shaffer ALPHA EPSILON PI ' 199 ALPHA EPSILON PI M.L. Silver M.I. Silver B. B. Specter S. M. Sternberger S. G. Susnun J. B. Taifi R. A. Weinberg A. S. Whitemen £ D.M.Wynne M.I.Wynne N.I.Sb iltiHi HJ-Wrm ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Esther Williams never delivered the pool. . . . Gradoo. . . . " Yes, I ' ll return the chuclcwagon next week " .... Wash the tub, please . . . water battles were a blast. . . . " Okay, let ' s sing, chums " . . . Lost and Found: where ' s Jan ' s car? . . . " Just put her in the window seat. . . . Marriage or Bust had a few successful occupants. . . . " Watch out for flying PiKA pins, Jeordie " . . . Tank . . . Gloria was Pan Hell prexy. . . . " Ya ' ll when I wave it ' jriously, you know I forgot " . . . Grunchnik. . . . We ate ham in honor of the new addition. . . . Mary Ann was on the Pandora court and headed Zodiac . . . " they ' re practicing Tonettes again " . . . " But he ' s vurrry nice. " . . . The Night Owl earned its name. . . . Mother Jo had an upset at the Alpha Z ' s. . . . Virginia had a few articles hung on the ceiling. . . . " Ya ' ll, we ' re changing the homecoming decoration again. " . . . B. J. Aaron M. E. Akins H. J. Barton L. E. Braselton B. Broome S. J. Capla R. Cleveland 1 m t i M. Clough M. L. Cromartie J.P.Davidson J.Davis M.A.Eaton J. L. Feclltman l_ Fjgid J 1 . pord J. A. Foster J. A. Furry K. Graham M. Hagood S. J. Harper B. A. Hill C. A. Holland A. L. Johnson M. A. Johnson B. L. Jones G. A. Jones 201 Q p M. A. Kernp M. K. Kennedy M. E. Lanier E. D. Lawson C. Longino fl ' J. ni p. A. Lunsford J. Mailey N. J. Malcom G, Manion A. M. Manning 3 E. L. Mayes V. C. McDaniel M. E. Maaderi M. Montgomery C. Mc. Moss 0 f» f c S. R. Naih L C. Northcutt N. G. Pennington G. Porferfield S. A. Powers B. S. Rea P. Richardson C. Riley S. J. Roberson M. Roberts ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 202 i K. p. Shepard C.W.Shirley W.N.Smith P. Sudderth K. S. Sweat f Sl ■ 11 ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■1 ■■■■■■ J.K.Taylor E. H. Thacliston L. D. Thomaton P. A. Tucktr L. Vinton ALPHA GAMMA DELTA i M.M. Wages N. L. Warrenfells J. A. Watson M. L. West G. Willson f ' 9 B. J. Womack P. L. Wood L. J. Woedall F. L. Wortham M. S. Young ALPHA GAMMA RHO Death " What ' s that Noise? " " Come through, hlydrick " " Who-o-o-o-o wonder how Sterling is getting along with Paul, (or vise versa) " Oh, Parich is working " who threw the chair in the waterwheel " Reel it out one time, Benny " the return of Prohibition Jelly Belly Chief B. G Lamar said, Dat ' s all, there is poker was the only game we knew " No damn cussing in chapter meeting Paul wanted to have his cake and eat it too Mom landed again Don ' t let the door knob Pink Lady was our guest, escorted by Jimmy Parker Spaghetti again the keg was removed I told Daddy not to sent any more money(Hic) Miracle, I made my average " Dat ' s all " " You want a medal or a chest to pin it on " Fabbo J. Barker P. Bryan M. Chapman H. Deal £kk£ J. Deal J. Durham S. English W. Ritral J. Garden R. Griffjs LGroqu I ALPHA RI 204 ■»« k I J.Cmb) L. Grogan W. Gurr E. Hanson J. Herrman J. Hill ALPHA GAMMA i RHO M D. Hydrick C. Lamb J. Little J. McDani«l W. Mixon R. Norton R. Nunn G. Nunnally J. Parrish D. Pirkle A. Rigsby J. Scott J. Sesco R. Walker L. H. Warner ALPHA GAMMA RHO I iiH ILQ 206 .1 S. J. Allen M. R. Benefield M. S. Best S. A. Billard P. A. Bohanan M. S. Briscoe B. Browninq 8. C. Butler J. A. Gates L. Chambers E. P. Clocr P. A. Coffey ALPHA OMICRON PI 207 ALPHA OMICRON PI M. C. Collier M. Courson E. L. Croom J. M. Davidson G. A. DtLoach D. E. Demeree B. J. Denton L. D. Dismuke H. D. Ealy P. J. Echols W. J. Fair S. C. Fisher It ' B J. E. Fowler W. L. Gaff S. Gannaway P. R. Gorman 208 « yacWat.. kdy »(i ;: ' ! " s " : " « Jdn ' t g« • iwie it ilwisliscaW «. Psyckolog) ' . le bser ciitf " (jfijofol ' ' k ii t Ijptaiiina ' ' fc temp ' s rivef " --- ■■ member $.:;• : ! love . Ai iista " I I nr.N iF f ' • ' " " w I i , ill.0i4w " ' ItW f,li r " The cherry Nunu ' s those midnight serenades the red turtle and the black rat Yogi bear " Sonne- body said something about our pledges " and the white line up the walk just wouldn ' t go away Rosa finally made it " I could have kissed her when she called me sister " Shirl vs. Psychology " Don ' t put her in the loser chair " M. E " Let ' s go to Brunswick " " Oh me! " the big Momma and Jean kept asking, " hHave I grown any? " the temple " Let ' s gather at the river " Pot Luck " But re- member Sugar, Sherman came through " " How are you fixed for blades " ? Muzshi and Pollocki had a recipe for love " Where ' s your girdle " ? " Operator, give me the road to Augusta " ALPHA OMICRON PI D. L. Graves D. Giddens H. A. Harper B. C. Herrall M. P. Haygood N. L. Herner L. L. Holbrook M.P.Holland C.J.Hawkins J. A. Jarrell M. L. Johns J.C.Johnson S. K. Johnson C. R. Jones M. R. Jon J. P. Latham 1 §M L. Rrtch! B. S. Livingston E.L.Martin M.N.Martin D. V. Matthias R. A. Matthia L. J. Morgan J. Mu G. L. Nswton M.Nixon N. J. Otwell S.A.Phillips A. M.Pollocli K.A.Pope E.F.Rice © L. Rice S. Sther M. A. Sheffer M. W. Shirley D.Smith W.Story J. Swanson p. A. Thornton E. A. Toomer M. E. Walden A. A. Walker S. A. Walton J. A. Weathers R. M. Webb M. A. Westfall M. P. Whitworth N. A. Willi A. G. Young ALPHA OMICRON PI C. A. Young 210 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Cannonball " Fraid so " Zeke .... Horny Hank ' s place Rose, Queen of the cuisine Stick young Athens socialite Jocko ' s Gym E. T. and Ruben, attorneys at law Bilard Jet Jaws, or Motor Mouth or automatic palate Fish Pinkerton " Now that you brought it up " Obese Reece Fly Face " Let ' s get stoked up in the caboose " Jolly Jack showed hidden talent while under the influence " Where are those pins! " Dalhi Lamha the world ' s densest fraternity brother Jump ' in George " Get these girls out through the windows " Ivy Ben " I hate banjo players " Snake Taylor " We are the great big (huh) hairy chested men, the men of A. T. O IM M C. J. Botsarts B. L. Brannen J. Browr T. R. Burntide G. H. Carley M. S. Carr J. H. Chandler R. D. Crawford E. L. Craie E. W, Crockett E. P. Dav!i H. L. Dunn T. Dw!ght . G. Glass W. A. Goin 211 ALPHA TAU OMEGA ALPH.1 OMl J. G. Harris J. R. Harris H. B. Hawkins R. N. Howell H. D. James C. R. Jenkins h K. R. Kee B. Klopp B. L. Laslie ALPHA TAU OMEGA E.T.Leonard A. J. Mackenn J. McCowen H. G. Menefee D. P. Muse W.J.Newman . 1 J. B. Pliillips J. W. Prince 1 F. Redwine C. W. Reed W. M. Reese J. f. Reeves M 1 F. L. Salmon E. S. Sell W. L. Smith F. N. Sumter E. F. Taylor C. L. Terry J. D. Tollerson R. H. Tolleson F. R. Wagner L. R. Wallier W. Winqfield C.L.Welch i . G.H.Wells B. H.Wesf P. A. Whatley M.White £k£ R. H. White F, L. Williamj C. J. Willis J. T. Willis ALPHA TAU OMEGA ALPHA XI DELTA January 24th was our big day . . . and now we ' re charter members. . . . Who pitches tents? . . . " B ' lieve I ' ll jine up. " . . . " Gar Blimy " . . . Carmel had car trouble (to say the least). . . . We ' ve got a chipped marble porch (slung paint). . . . Sumpthin Smith. . . . hHomecoming was " on the right track " . . . . B.V.D. . . . " Guess what, I may not graduate " . . . . The Blue Goose sat out in front, so did Birdsy, the Silver Streak, and Lou Burdette. . . . " Gronk! " . . . love those I AM pep rallys. . . . " Dahlink " . . . line to the bath tub. . . . Anjette . . . " Bring lemon, Emma! " . . . Cupid Kaminis. . . . " Gimme an S " . . . . Tang ' s surprises . . . shark bait. . . . Mary got lost in Academic, but she got out fast. . . . Bennett had night classes . . . and who says Fuzzies never stay out late? . . . " Let ' s have your grades girts " . . . . Judy Beth, where ' s your key? . . . let ' s hope the pledges like spaghetti. . . . " Next year we ' ll organize our volley- ball team. . . . J. M.Amason J.K.Bibb E. L. Bishop M. E. Blanchard C.L.Buckley M. E. Burt J. M. Carter J. A. Causey E. T. Cran E. R. Crawford S. A. Fenn M. J. Harrison M. P. Head L. J. Hodges A. Hollintworth H. A. Hubbard N. W. HuM M. E. Johnson C. R. Kamlnli S. A. Kemp 215 M. E. Kilclin C. Manter M. B. Morris B. K. Murphy B. G. Parsons P. Pattillo M. I. Philllpi M. Pittman M. L. Powell R. Reeves P. D. Sappington J. A. Smith J. Smith M. L. Smith A. E. Sparks L. C. Stewart L. J. Sutton B. L. Thornhill ALPHA XI DELTA .A. Veal C. A. Wade M.L. Wages C. K. West M.J.Williams N.E.Williams 216 CHI OMEGA «T % V B ' a Wf 7 Jt ? « R. A. Allen B. D. Babbitt L. S. Barbra B. A. Barqanier B. L. Barrett A. Batas 3 M. A. Btrd L. J. Blanehard R. S. Bowers J. Brantley R. 6. Bright P. K. Chapman C. M. Chestnut S. Christie N. A. Clarlc K. Clarno K. CoCroft W. Coa M. E. Coffin C. C. Coyne L. J. Cruikshank N. L. Daniel B. A. Delashrrutt M. A. Dilcher 3 Y 1 L. D. DuBose S. E. DuBose L.Elder B. L. Ellis S. V. Ethridge V.G.Forrester A. 5. Fowler K. C. Frasier C A. Hammack A.W.Hammond M.A.Harbin S. G. Harpe J. A. Heys IIHHBHI ■■■■■■ HK " M. V. Salnes L. M. Goodrum J. R. Green © € %l ■■■■■■■■ mmWK mnt.. . .i ' l " . . B. A. Hightower C. J. Holbrook N. C. Holleman K. Horton P. D. Howe G. Hudson J. E. Jackson M. V. Johnson CHI OMEGA Anybody for a trip to Miami? Orange Bowl festivities and Fat Alice selling tickets to hear " Misty " . . . non-stop but from Cavalier directly to O Bowl Stadium. . . . Will somebody please turn off the crest? . . . Have you started your unit? . . . Long distance phone calls from Hawaii and Lexington, Va. . . . Joke of the year, " This is Sergeant Jenkins of the Athens Police De- partment " . . . . Winter quarter road trips. . . . Egla Mertz ' boys loved the potted plant. . . . Rudy Judy queen of the SAE ' s and her understudies Ol ' Chap, Caria and Jen. . . . Punch Ponder featured as KA Rose. . . . Kappa Sigs serenading their sponsor — Mary. . . . It ' s never too early to start planning for the Lawn Dance. . . . Valentine Day and " If you don ' t love me honestly and sincerely, fake it " . . . . Flick Team replaced by Bowling Team. . . . Olympic Volleyball Champs. . . . Sorority devotion to 552 C. . . . Little Bo— Cheerful Readiness. . . . Question of the year — Is Baxter Street a four lane highway? ' ■ W 218 •s-« ii.a.d:;cW i I ICfrm ItLJowi f CHI OMEGA mm, ; x- : L, G. Lursford P. A. Marshall R.P.Mays F. L. McMillan M. E. Merritt M. B. Mitchell X V. A. Moody L. S. Neblett F. V. Nichols D. D. Orma S. H. Owens N. S. Page .M (I. C. lull J. A. Parker P. E. Parramour J. J. Ponder A. M. Rankin H. Reppard A. M. Shepard M.J.Simmons M. Slada S. Sfark M. Talmadqe L.K.Taylor B. C. Thompson D. J. Thompson L. G. Thompson S. B. Trapp If 9 C. L Turner E. F. Warner C. G. Whitehead C. M. Williams E. S. Williamson A. E. Wolfe CHI OMEGA CHI PHI 221 CHI PHI C. M. Akin F. L. Armtower P. A. Betette H.W.Brown R. Childers Z. J. Choat« ik HK i-: ' E. D. Col« R.B.Collins J.S.Cooper H. M. Crane, Jr. J. B. Cuilens E.P.Davis | Vi " ' W. p. Dobbs, Jr. P. F. Dye G. G. Garner W.M.Gibson D.V.Gill J. G. Hadaway, Jr. | JCHlcWl II S. A. Hale, Jr, M. T. Harley H.T.Harper W.F.Harper W.W.Harper P.E.Harris a l .M I.? E iJCIwt, :. ' H.H.Hemphill E. C. Henson P. T. Hickey H. R. Hunnis J. H. Inglis J. T. James S. P. Klllian J. A. Lacey , SJJJiA D. P. Lanier C. M. Lively T. M. Luckey K. MacArthur D. M. McLeod W. G. Matthews A. M. Miller J. Mulkey J. C. Nichols G. Nottingham ' P. M. Payne A. M. Pickett R. C. Porter F. (Puillian J. H. Rasnake C. P. Rhin rw HHrii I H.Roberts J.B.Rollins N.G.Scott J.W.Shaw D. J. Sink E. H. Strain J. E. Talmadge J.T.Taylor G.M.Todd CHI PHI We were famous for our Pig Parties. . . . The PentHouse boys: President-Enis; Veep-Bambi; Treasurer-Shifty; and Janitor-Water Howard had parties after I A.M. featuring Ted Brown. . . . They Caught Butler for bootlegging " white stuff " . . . . Pig. . . . Wong. . . . D. Covington was put first on the uncool list. . . . Sweet John. . . . Circuit riders. . . . Humpty Dumpty . . . much money and time was spent in Moto ' s Pin Ball Room. . . . Augusta Bus. . . . Cloud . . . the Jam Sessions brightened up the week. . . . Ape. . . . Rat. . . . Barbara Barnes was a terrific sweetheart . . . catfish. . . . Snake ... we maintained a ver-r-r-y high average. . . . Weenieville . . . two days of continuous partying in Atlanta with Roy hHamilton. . . . hiiya . . . the Chi Phi ' s rocking in their famous chairs were a sure sign of spring. . . . Gimme a dri nk. . . . Little Pig and the pledges. . . . BeachBall . . . the ole Drunk trick. . . . Bambi. . . . Chekette was a blast — took two weeks to recover. . . . Buckby. ... Big Daddy. . . . 223 -! CHI PHI M. J. TravU H. W. Upchurch B. C. Upton B. P. Walker J. H. Walker J. W. Walker L. C. Walter L. L. Wilkes J. E. Wiliher A. T. Wilson W. C. Winship R. Womack B. Woodcock R. A. Yonce 224 |.A.Tl « CHI PSI 225 M. R. Bell R. D. Bishop G. B. Blasingame N. P. Boulus I I CHIPS G. O. Cone D. H. Eager CHI PSI ...HitCw ibp. ... Pass Ibling? ..S li [Gypsy Rjidirs. . » five point Isrfa iegs . . . wjter ste ■0 . . . . Moa •ti(ig Frjddie. . li ' ' ti ' k w of tills coKb htlieSjIeDrir, 226 in J. B, Flythe L. E. Gal S. S. Hsrmafiuk f. C. Iseminger F. S. Jarrell, Jr. M. S. Locke J. E. Lowe D. R. McNeill W. M. Nunnally CHI PSI Four monsters and the dwarf In the nursery. . . . Mallard, the duck. . . . Ubangi Lips. . . . Foxy. . . . hHIck . . . the Crusher. . . Sot ya covered . . . T.V. Champ. . . . Pass the fix. . . hias it stopped bub- bling? . . Big Blue Pool. . . . Deal the cards. . . . Gypsy Raiders. . . . Bird Watching Society. . . . Five point landing in Daytona, including arms and legs . . . water skiing in the back yard, with goggles no less. . . . Moose. ... 96 Proof Sells. . . . Fer- menting Freddie. . . . Set up, Pedro . . . the hiawk. ... Ed Murdock. . . . Bean. . . . Mad Bomber. . . . What, beer in the coffee urn? Yeah, the foam on top of this coffee does taste funny. . . . Mewborne was the Safe Driver of the Year. . . . Brew. . . . L. S. Prather H. Sells W. C. Sills J. A. Shulin R. Syndar J. M. Succi W. J. Tatum J. H. Watson, Jr. N. A. Williams 227 DELTA DELTA DELTA Deck the halls with . . . Nuh-huh a sewing ma- chine in the nniddle of the night. . . . Loudmouth. . . . Susan ' s goosing alligator . . . the blue room was wild, and the yellow was wilder. . . . Nasty Nancy. . . . Pilcle-simer week end was wonderful . . . the BPOL sweetheart . . . we ' re got a monopoly on ACE ... the art gallery . .• . and the bulldog ' s eyes ran ... we use too much , Tri Delts drip dry. . . . Linda ' s teeth were picked . . . the scooter and the clutch. . . . " hHow bad for us " . . . . Doodie did a tap dance. . . . B.M.Adams M. L. Aldai N.L.Allen M. L. Alley M.W.Baker D. W. Banner J.L.Barrett J.M.Bass S.L.Burns (P C C C ©f $ f ■ t " ! I. J. Butler S. C. Byrd M. A. Connerat D. L. Curran C.R.Daniel N. H. Daniel J.D.Duffy C. S. Etienhouser E. A. Eulenfeld DELTA DELTA DELTA S. Evans J. M. Gammage S. F. Gardner A. S. Glendenning M. M. Graen J, S. Hadaway F. L. Hamilton D. N. Hancock L. A. Harrell M. E. Hiott G. V. Hopper C. L. Jackien N.L.Jackson B. B. Jernijan L, G. Jones M.S.Jones M. A. Maddox J. M. Makuta B. F. McAlum DELTA DELTA DELTA ! A. M. McDonald M. McKinney B. Mitchell J. L. Neal | I It itl ' V ' 1 B. A. Nemec F. E. Norman M. F. Palmer H. Parker M. S. Patterson P. A. Peavy J. M. Perry F. Pierce L. A. Powell J. A. Pryor L. Rawlings B. V. Rhodes C. W. Stovall J.E.Taylor S. E. Temples M.L. Tharp M © . I !■■■ T. A. Thayer S. Thomas P. A. Thornley H. J. Turner W fe ' Hi M. Van Seuns M. J. Warlick M. A. Whaley S. L. Whitmora 9 M L. B. Yarbrough DELTA DE Ulh Itei KJ,!!™ ? I [.WW K i E ' " 4 ! AAA iw. ) H| P ' lf rT-mP ' ' " y A- ' 1 1 Tjfii ' fif -■ ' 1 1 : I ° DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA PHI EPSILON 9P 0£ % 1; , |gjy|j|y. f fT f S. R. Abgott R.Barron C. J. Blass F.Blum R.G.Chambers J. L. Chardkoff M. P. Cherry M.J.Cohen R. A. Cohm R. I. Dannaman I. Dubarman O. Erai G. N. Feldser D. S. Felson P. C. Foor L. H. Friadland E. Gaeser D. L. Garvin L. N. Garson R. Ginsberg R. M. Goldstein S. J. Goldstein G. S. Gottesman B. K. Haskins I. P. Hecklin B. S. Hirsch E. M. Horowitz S. S. Hu f f f f« J. Intro H. E. Kaplan M. A. Kantiiper M. R. Kramer E. R. Left S. H. Levy E. S. Libov sky £f.££.f f I. Uchtanttain S. B. Lieber E. Little B. F. Mattes S. L. Mitchell P. A. Morse k 232 t 1 ! 1 ' PWBSi F iJmJ, P y . 1 1, fp -i i DELTA PHI EPSILON B B M lr ' " ' tV ■ P ' V I ■ ■ 1 1 B l Bi T Eg HH IH H H H HF I B H l v l l 1 1 t JJM " ' B r jni Bs B lal 1 (itJL f ' 1 Bk«jj ' I P H f n r n 9R v ' H I B P ' f B I M 1 ■H K-K «- .i H r H ■ H Hi H HI H W%: jwjp-- 1 K H H m V H .,, 1 ■ WKL ii ' -::! ' f W My tf ■ n si I 9 1 L ( HpP f... If A ■ H I DELTA PHI EPSILON The Senior initiation of under classmen into Emery Board. . . . Tough as Texas. . . . Sal- amandra . . . Eat your heart out, cha, cha, cha. . . . It ' s a shonde. . . . Who has the key to my room? . . . The Sportswoman . . . peanut butter and jam. . . . Mon Dieu. . . . Who ' s going up to get the suitcases this time. . . . Oh, it Ain ' t? . . . I ' ve got that sink after you. . . . The Gazer. . . . Tub. . . . It ' s not only a hi-fi, its a stereo. . . . The Loser. . . Dollinck ... I promise you. . . . Springtime water fights. . . . Pledges ' funny little tricks during Help Week. . . . Aunt Fret, she ' s the Greatest. . . . Early morning initiation. . . . Fraternities seem to have good timing when they come to serenade. . . . Thanks for the silver punch bowl, alums. . . . The Moo-cow Club. . . . Who tied these knots in my socks? ... So many tears flowed at the Banquet that we almost had to man the life boats. . . . M. Pechter " ■■■■B ■HMMBMHl ■■■■■■■■ BP . P ii H. Pilton T. Rosenberg R. Rundbaken M. J. Schwarti J. Schemer DEL K. Singar S. R. SIng«r S. Sirow.r M. P. Ste in B. S. Surasky E. H. Tarlyn A. R. Tillem D.Tillem S. E. Wasserman R. Walnar J. Zaikow 234 ttt.Tl f " DELTA TAU DELTA I DELTA TAU DELTA Huggy-bear. . . . L M wouldn ' t do it but M N did. . . . Hoot. . . . Tom Culthumper. . . . " Got dandruff! " ... 110 acres of cot- ton and 3 slaves for Christnnas . . . the vil- lage idiot. . . . Rhettangular . . . and there was always Whispering Jack . . . and Rosie Elliot. . . . Courtney Clarke was Richard ' s Queen. . . . Scrooge. . . . " Great Zotl " . . . T.V. Scout. . . . Rowdy Bowdy. . . . Please Alpha Gams, remember the shaaa- aades. . . . Bret and Bart Mavrick. . . . Dur ' damn ' wood . . . crashdriver. . . . KK Chester. . . . " Egar! " . . . Hire ' em and fire ' em in the back room. . . . HodgePodge. . . . Nose Crowley. . . . Wild Bill Davis was. . . . Schatzie. . . . Dog Patch was the usual Orgy. . . . What ever Lola wants, Lola gets — trench mouth! . . . Thompson, the Stumbler. IMM. J. Abercrombie T. A. Bowden C. E. Clapp D. G. Clark L. Cohran C. H. Cone J. Crowley T. J. Culpepper K. K. Davis W. S. Davis Ekd fhM ik k D. C. Duvall A. F. Garrison G. L. Gartner J. E. Hamilton J. L. Harper W. D. H-atton E. J. Hobbs A. J. Homer F. C. Hubley G.D.Jones MM ' SZ B.G.Johnson T.H.Lambert C. A. Lanq O.L.Mason J. T. Mclntyre E. McKinney A. E. Murdock C.G.Owens P.G.Phillips D.M.Poland 4l l R. J. Renaud W. E. Ridley R. R. Robinson W. K. Smith J. Stout W. R. Tanner C. J. Thompson R. L. Walls F. R. Wemmers A. D. Willard 236 DELTA TAU DELTA DIM t-i ' ' lihi»i iWiih " ' 237 E. S. Abernathy G. C. Arnall W. M. Askew P. L. Banks W. J. Barr J. E. Broadndx H. M. Brunson C. M. Bryan P. P. Calhoun J. S. Candler C. W. Carroll J. G. Chandler K. W. Chandler T. M. Close J. R. Cole M R. S. Coleman J. H. Collins M. M. Cooper J. S. Copelan J. p. Coursey R. W. Cousins B. C. Crane J. H. Crawford J- 1- Davis J. K. Donaldson J. L. Dunn C. Ellis R. I. Evans J. M. Feild H. W. Fisch F. L. Forester E. T. Garland R. A. Gay J. O. Grant T. S. Gray R. A. Griffies T. F. Harlow G. E. Harper J. C. Harris W. F. Harris Give ' em Hell, K.A. . . . Fa+eyes, wi+h a little round body. . . . Jackie was our Rose again. . . . Hiya-hiya-hiya . . . the Cowboy Ball was a blast . . . but we still like over the hump parties. . . . T. Lewis led the A.F.R.O.T.C., made Sphinx too . . . the ADPi ' s had their chairs " bor- rowed " again . . . the round regime. . . . P. B. gets tied to the chair on his " weaker " nights. . . . P-A-R-T-Y. . . . Buddah made the rounds, so did Bat . . . and we hung the Chi O owl. . . . " Let ' s go to the River! " . . . motor . . . chop- chop pledge. . . . Swain walked off with a few honors. . . . Oh, those orbit parties ... an annual toast to R. E. Lee at the convivium . . . flat meat ... a few brothers were known to hang out the second floor windows in their unmen- tionables. . . . KAPPA ALPHA i IS | r KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA i l 1 Jl J. E. Harrison W. L. Hayej S. W. Hearin E. Hobgood H. W. Hosch C. A. Hutchison G. O. Jackson J. O. Jackson E. F. Jared J. B. Johnson J. C. Johnson P. H. Keaton W. W. Kidd P. Kilpatrick W. A. Knox N. S. Laird vM M A. G. LaRoy T. H. Uwis S. S. Lokay J. Manderson A. B. McDouqald B. S. McElmurray M. A. Mitehall KAPPA ALPHA MM G. Mobly D. L. Myrick J. Newfon C. H. Oiburn P. B. Patterson J. K. Porter A. W. Post D. F. Prince H. E. Ramsey P. Rawlins J. L. Romano W. J. Salley W. L. Sanders J. P. Saussy M. W. Shahan L. S. Shepherd R. R. Smith J. F. Sommers R. B. Sowell W. A. Summerlin k R. L. Tatum P. B. Turner G. S. Varnedoe H. Varnedoa W. p. Waller W. B. Warllck J. H. Warren P. G. Weiqie J. M. Wriflht F. T. Young 241 --T I I.H.MKenr KAPPA ALPHA THETA It was a great year for Kangaroos at the Theta house . . . but what happened to Tewaddie ' s oriental friend at the slave market . . . poor Vereen, the Campus Queen never made a playmate. . . . Mariellen was so proud of Durwood ' s toe. ... " I love every minute of it. . . . Page the Rage. J.Allen H. J. Alnandw J.C.Alexander J. M. Carter D. Chambers 5. Chapman % I. O. Cullom L. F. D ' Antiinac M. D. Dell P. C. Fechtel N. M. Flowers D. G. Gardner " I ' m not believing you said that. . . . Colson had her " Cozy " moments. . . . Jeanne pulled the string. . . . Penny and Ellis. . . . " Rush those Miami girls (didn ' t we?) . . . Harri, Kitty and Winki made mad rnusic. . . . Stumpy, the farmer ' s friend. . . . Gidget. . . . Ducky. . . . Hi B. A. Barnes J. M. Brown L. E. Brown V. A. Burkett S. A. Burton f © |» P K. W. Coleman C. M. Colson H. L. Censtantine H. Z. Costa S. D. CiHIen J. L. Deyerle J. C. Dixon R. S. Dugger J. A. Fagan L. E. Farrey It,, X, ■ft T. L. Grant N. V. Green B. J. Ragman P. L. Harris R. M. Heitwnan I N. K. Heston B, R. Hill M. A. Mollis C. A. Hood F. E. Hooper E. M. Hopkins M. R. Hubert M. K. Huff m Ukrfoi ;S,MW ? llhrn ) I i, HifW I II uM cv ■ ' .f © M. H. Huff B. L Hunt S. S. Hutchinson J.Jackson M.Johnson S.J.Johnson E. Langston A, L, Lippold R. Little S. M. Lovett ff I. H. MacGregor M. B. MacGregor J. J. Maelntyre A.Malcolm N.A.Martin G. A. McClendon M. F. McEWeen K. McGill P. Naylor N.Noble © !l P.Oeffing.r S. K. Pafford S.E.Powell C. J. J.B.Richardson C. L. Sears M. Seawsll B. G. Shepard E. L Shuey R. J. Sioblom M. Slate V. B. Sparling A. B. Telfer F.M.Thompson L. H. Tumlin W. E. Veraen M. A. Wilbanks K.Williams A.M.Wilson K.C.Young KAPPA ALPHA THETA 244 i 245 KAPPA DELTA ¥ f 9 § f M. Akridge V. W. Armistead S. M. Allen A. L. Allen R. Alexander c N. K. Bass J. B. Berryman M. V. Blake E. A. Busbia L. J. Caldwell M. F. Chesser K. Coila M.V.Davis P.Davis F. M. DePourcq 9 3 S. L. Douglas A. O. Easley T. E. Franti R. A. Fletcher N. V. Gibson J. Gordon E. C. Grevemberg E. Hamilton E. L. Hankinson H. S. Harris J.M i N.W,- f.N.taii «.D.Itnlti l««i 1 J. Heard E. F. Hitchcock V. C. Horton R. J. Hughes L. B. Hughs UmH 11 N.W. Hughs R. B. Hunter J.A.Jensen H. D. Johnson C. A. Jonn ' HWoRq 1 i F. M. Jones C. H. King H. E. Knox E. Leggeft P. McDonald r l.»5; ; M. J. McElhannon C. McEwen C. Meant C. S. Morris T. L. Morton w A. D. Newton E. Oliver J. L. Oudshoff A. Ow«r J. Piatt 247 M. H. Quante C. B. Ridgway L. Rimstidt P. Saul M. A. SchoM H. V. Scogg!ni F. A. Sexton N. E. Shu P. Sims M. A. Slattery J.V.Smith S. J. Spaulding Ik ' 248 i N. E. Standard S. Stivers B. J. Summerell H. Sutter E. L. Talley C. N. Taylor O. A. Taylor S. G. Thacker I. E. Treadway J. A. Truiillo D. A. Waldrop M. R. Warren L. C. Watrous M. F. Weatherford C. S. White M.S.Wilkes I H.Sd) i.6. ' I IllWini ' ii m KAPPA DELTA Water battles plus police equals Pool Sweepers. . . . Who ' s missing some toes from discovering an alligator in the bath tub at 7:17 A.M. . . . We looked for secret pannels all year. . . . First stop for the Navy School. . . . Did the babies live in the nursery. . . . Who made the corn likker In the Pantry What did the Fat Rabbit do to H.K. ' s car? . . . Jell around. . . . That ' s attractive. . . . Grizzley. . . . Who Is the masked bandit? . . . Could it be they turned the porch light out before 11:15? . . . Operation on the telephone. . . . Fre- quent visits from the plumber. . . . Have you got our lion? . . . Who v ants old bills, anyway. . . . Who killed the fish. . . . 249 Kappa s+ili houses the Governor ' s trophy even though it ' s protector has graduated. . . . Nancy took her Phi Delt wall paper and left. . . . Patsy and Lynn are still nnoping about their Orange Bowl trip. . . . Bopper. . . . Egg. . . . King Kappa. . . . Scene of the Navy School Orientation. . . . The funeral home is dying for us to move out so that they can move their friends in. . . . Attention University Students: Need medicine? See Ivy Jernlgan. . . . Lizzard. . . . Bug. . . . Who needs a T.V. Guide, we ' ve got the flick team. . . . Wagon Wheel. . . . Kitty will star as the cackling hen with Suzanne as the Road Runner. . . . KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA L. L. Beasley R. J. SirchmfDnij Ui, W:T II M. H. Blackman B. W. BookJ ' .Hii(l, uh, 250 C. C. Boyd L. L. Bradbd KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA B. Branch K. S. Bryan M. Buqg S. C. Campbell N. Carmichael M. A. Caskey S. G. Clayton M. L. Croxton E. C. Darden J. Mc. Garden f f c Lteim l.i - ' ' ' d M.D.Day N.A.Douglass L. E. Dryden B.R.Duncan A.J.Edwards B.L.Ellington A.E.Gardner J.Gardner A.V.Hand iiL. ._. ;wlJ ' |.A. Hardy L A. Hay J. I.HUrt H. R. Hunt I.A.Jtrnigan N. M. J«rnlg«n S.M.Jones S. J. Knight A. R. Laiard M. A. Little C .L.Logan J.S.Lowe S. W. Maffett R.S.Maxwell H. McMillan R. L. Nowell C. S. Oaiday N. E. Orr L.B.Parker P.E.Parker KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA S. D. Patrick S. W. Peck M. A. Read C. L. Reynolds D. Reynolds i P ' %, M.J.Richardson M. Rowe B. Sayre I. D. Sharpley J. J. Smith J. Smith J. Stephens K. L. Stevens M. D. Stewart R. A. Strickland © E.S.Swift J.P.Thornton K. Trunor N. 6. Trout M.A.Trowbridge iHHlfliiMiHHHil I p. A. Usher A. Weidinger H. V. Williams L. H. Williams W. A. Wilson Ki IR M„, rt 1 • . ' Sc:!!i If umm I WAWita KAPPA SIGMA 253 4M D. M. Arnold P. M. Avery H. N. Barfield J. M. Bartenfeld D. L. Bliss C. S. Brightw«ll S. B. Brooks B. E. Burdeil L. R. Bush D. A. Clcghorn D. O. Cola D. C. Compton How ' s Cosey riding up the hill now? . . . more egg nog, Prosser ... we sell knee pads wholesale for Thompson and Bliss . . . double-clutch that tractor, 4-H King. . . . Where ' s your other one, Phillip. . . . How ' bout ya Head Hunter. . . . Hey Bliss, what ' s a blivet? . . . the Vatican ... we give up, no more ice at ball games ... is the Pope Catholic . . . what ' s the latest from Chinia, Mason. . . . D. C. collects Panda Bears. . . . C. Gates turned up for his 6th consecutive fall quarter. . . . Daddy Gilchrist, get the hair out of your eyes. . . . Does Mary st date over here? . . . How ' s your blood clot, Bruce. . . . Golly, Tricky has a new date. . . . Tell us another dirty joke, Ann. . . . P. O. has the Albino. . . . Cleghorn raked in a few honors (seen Tate lately?) . . . Shirley wants to talk to just anybody. . . . KAPPA SIGMA I A ' H;,n;. V. Gates W. D. Gilchrist W.O.Green W. E. Griffen R. A. Hagman G.J.Harris D. H. Harrison R. M. Hairston kk • Si-i C.E.Hill A. O. Hinely B. L. Hinson M. D. Hobby O.C.Kyle K. L. Laughter J. F. Lawton J.W.Long KAPPA SIGMA 255 R, E. Malcolm C. H. McKemie J. E. McLean J. C. Melfon ik M J. Melvin B. Mlllenbaugh W. W. Mitchell J. A. Newcomba P. Odum P. B. Owenby J. A. Pickard J. E. Pirkle C. Piltard T. G. Pound E. L. Prosser W. E. Ray M. L. Ricki H. H.Saya D.W.Shaw M.C.Smith L. Spiller S. O. Squiars R. D. Stephens J. M. Stuart I 1 H. S. Symmers R. G. Thomas T. J. Thompson R. G. Tisinqer R. L. Turner J. R. Valdes T. N. Vickery P. R. Vig KAPPA SIGMA 256 ■■ ' t. 1 S. M. Adams W. H. Bates, Jr. J. R. Beall M. Bertino J. W. Bray R. Brooks C. H. Brown I. A. Brown, Jr. dM J. G. Bryant, Jr. J. W. Callaway R. J. Cathy T. L. Chafin LAMBDA CHI ALPHA F. J. Chritta J. C. Corbett, Jr. G. H. Crain D. L. Craasman 257 Bullet. . . . Get serious. . . . Mr. Dillon. . . . The sidewalks were too low for Stumpy. . . . Belfry. . . . Rocket. . . . Rice Paddy Daddy. . . . Judge White ' s library was the Passion Pit. . . . Frank the Snowman. . . . Hammock was voted most outstanding athlete. . . . Dirty Foote. . . . Puddin. . . . Rocky. . . . Four pledges were shot by the housemother when caught in the act . . . greasy tea. . . . That drunken car is parked on the front lawn again. . . . What ' s going on here? . . . IQ ' s are three below plant life . . . the New Jersey snowman . . . poka-dot phonebooth. . . . Law finals for sell. . . . Fifi and Pierre. . . . " hHey Sweets " overheard. . . . Big Bev. . . . Wop. . . . What is it? . . . Marlon . . . Depot Debutants. . . . II M. L. Davis K. J. Deedy S. L. DeLoach S. A. Easfman W. T. Ellison, .f.iiSii A.D.Fletcher R.J.Francis E. G. Fuehrer J. W. Garland, III J. T. Hamm. W. H. Hunt J. T. Ingram W. F. James R. A. Jay L. J. KakatU 258 " ' ! ' » .1 J. F. Kelley L. P. Lewis J. R. McLane E. McLendon UIU.I.Itaiii J p_ Nicholson J, E. Palmour, III D. S. Parkman, Ml G. Pilqrim. Ill IW.Krt: i W. R. PitH B. C. Plant R. K. Robinson R. G. Robiion iSMIi LJ.( IJ. R. Seagraves K. J. Shoup K. E. Smith L. H. Stanley LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 259 r LAMBDA CHI ALPHA R.T. starling H. H. Tliompson, III H. C. Touard, Jr. A. F. Townsend W.A.Whitley C. C. W!ko G.M. Winkle 260 h PHI DELTA THETA H. T. Adkins S. T. BarneH W. C. Baxley R. H. Belcher L. E. Bennett £i£ D. D. Bigner T.D. Body, III E. L. Bothwell W. E. Brown W. P. Brown, Jr. J.R.Bryant J. D. Campbell, Jr. T. L. Carelock J. D. Carpenter E. W. Carson, Jr, R.P.Carson W.G.Carter R. B. Chappell . Clarke D. S. Clifford J. D. Curran 261 J. E. Dawson. Jr. T. E. Dennard J. N. Dobbs, Jr. G. R. Doiier G. F. Driver A. R. Dy« i J. F. Eidson G. R. Ellis Ik H. E. Evans, III A. Z. Everitt W. M. Ferrell T. D. Fletcher, Jr. £ F. T. Forman, Jr. A. R. Fortune C. A. Foster H. L. Fran klin How bout Ya? ... Phi Delts don ' t drink anymore. . . . Dean Tate and the Phi ' s agree, drinking destroys brain tissue. . . . Alert, what do you want to borrow this time? . . . Wilcox is finally going to graduate. . . . hiatcher, what ' s the key to the six man room. . . . Powell ' s gone home again . . . our own Annie Tripp was up for sweetheart again. . . . hiawley ■ — I ' d like to wait him. . . . " Do it you little pur+ies! " . . . the pledges loved that Hooker. . . . Tom Dennard, " The Big Stick " vies for the governorship In ' 60. . . . Bullet and Carter were roommates. . . . T. C. Bothwell is going all out for All American honors . . . will Haggerman ever make it? . . . The Phi Delts out did IFC on their annual dance. . . . Clyde is KO ' d in the 9th round. . . . Boardman was going to enter the Indianapolis 500 . . . these new beds sure are comfy. . . . Pin Ball; our vice since Prohibition ... his trade mark was a smile and a " v " for victory . . . the Bobsey Twins go to war. . . . PHI DELTA THETA A. Freeman P. T. Fulmer L. L. Glascock, Jr. J. B. Hardman W. S. Hatcher, M D. N. Hawley J.M.Heard J. H. Highsmith, Jr G.W.Hood J. A. Home, Jr. I. B. Howe, Jr. J. Hubbard C. L. Hunt r. Hunter A. P. Jenkins M. L. Jones, Jr. V. C. Leamon J. M. Libby, Jr. E. H. Linch J. B. Long T. Jones S. W. Kendrick R. E. Kirkland M. E. Lackey M M M! J. S. Majors J. E. Majors P. McCommons R. McClendon A. T. McRae, Jr. J. Mobley T.T.Morgan H. Mosley J. S. Moinette D.G.Parker W. L. Pierce T. L. Pirkle C. W. Ricketson H. E. Robinson, Jr. T. A. Rogers E. H. Rowland 263 F. W. Rushing M.B.Scott J. P. Singletary, II L. Singletary R. T. Skelton, Jr. J. Smith J. T. Spencc M. H. Staples K. L. Steirmann J. Stovall P. G.Stovall R. B. Strange E. M. Thorne, Jr. J. P. Tye F. W. Voight, Jr. J. T. Voight C.D.Walker J. T. Wasdin J. R. Wetherbee C. F. Whitner J. G. Wilcox, Jr. P. W. Wilcox R.D.Williams J.Wood J.A.Wright J. W. Wyatt PHI DELTA THETA PH PHI EPSILON PI Obie, the Schmoo ... the Professor ... the Belle- ville Flash. ... I ' m 23 years old and I have a mind of my own. . . . Starchy Monograms. . . . Pittsburg! . . . Someday I ' ll be great. ... V for Victory. . . . Cough, cough, how ' d you like the Orange Bowl. . . . She ' s in a meeting to call a meeting. . . . A Ilie here on my death bed . . . that ' s Tacky. . . . Don ' t be a candy. . . . Let ' s go Dutch. . . . You know I love you. . . . Norm, the con man. . . . T. J., what did you put in the pancakes . . . gotta call rent-a- car tonight. . . . Let ' s be obnoxious. . . . Florence, the upstairs maid. . . . World ' s greatest hunting ground. . . . Let ' s sample the French Fries. . . . lU L.R.Bergman F. A. Bernhard N.C. Coleman R. P. Kaden N. A. Kesner P. Lenoble B. S. Lsvinson J. R. Meddin M. Osterneck H. Pomp A. Shutro M. K. Supran R. C. Wachs 265 PHI EPSILON PI 266 PHI KAPPA TAU We are next when Theta left. ... 1 like it but the modern Renaissance is much better. . . . T. R. is so devoted . . . our Captain Quug put away his marbles while the Warden R. V. was here. . . . John ' s still patronizing Peggy ' s in Rome. . . . Fog went to courts, PANDORA, Homecoming. ... I must go where the Volvo goes — Sebring. . . Poss ' s barbecue, umm good. . . . We have everything at the corner . . 5 in I. . . . Sweeter than sweet . . . left, right, left, right, left, right . . . Phiny the Elder controls the brass. . . . Where ya ' at. Tiger. . . Gridiron?, What ' s a Gridiron. . . . The big Three, Joel, John, Bob. . . Twinkle Toes has the Army, the Army has Twinkle Toes, so let it be . . . Gee Who unpluged me. . . . J. W. Benefield P. C. Bohn J. I. Canada W. R. Ford J. D. Fountain, Jr. B. R. Sladin R. E. Herner C. H. Medd H. L. Oglesby J. B. Sheurinq S. J. Smith J. R. Stepliens A W Summ«rs G. R. Toth H. H. Towler, Jr. L. J. Van Dustn W. H. WhitUy, Jr. J. H. Wilson T. R. Wilson D. B. Wefford 1 M, PHI KAPPA TAU ■N ' .1 Hee. . . . Where is that hiappy KA Breakfast Man? . . . hiarriett hlostess and Tilly Telephone on duty again. . . . hHe ' s a pistol, but full of blanks. . . . What! Another Phi Delta pin? . . . Ferryman B. for H. P. . . . Kelly on the strings; Pat on the piano; this lodge really swings to the Phi Mu Musicano. . . . " Annie, My Dear Annie " . . . . hfow ' bout ' cha fruit? ... I ' m not prone to argue. . . . When did Naomi say " Now y ' all " . . . . hloller before ... A Wabbitt and a Goat Spot a Bip with a Boo. . . . Does anyone have a nickel? . . . hHow ' s your body? . . . Need a trophey, call a Kappa Sig. . . . Would you like some coffee? . . . Phi Mu: " It ' s so cold out here. " Date: " Well, Baby, as I say, you sunk the Titantic! " . . . Are you in the know? One of three Henry be. . . . Let ' s make something. ... A pledge presents, " I ' m sorry. " . . . Brainy Barry is sponsor of the Hoot Club. . . . Where ' s Bell. . . . He ' s such a Toad. . . . Tip for Hannah Bannah, It takes three to strike out. . . . Nee. . . . PHI MU 269 O f l CIP J. Aultman A. Baldwin P. Bargeron M. Beall C. Bell A. Bickerstaff P B. Blick B. Boudreau M. Bowen S. Bowen C. Braswell P. Brooks " IT TWWf JHHilH »• BHBHBBHBB BHHHBBBHI B E. Brown P. Buck C. Burns F. Butler N. Carpenter C. Carter 5. Carter T. Christie L. Crovatt D. Davis S. Davis D. Dickey •0 f » il -«■■■■■■■ I MHHHW ■liii iMHHHB i S. Dykes W. Elliott L. Estes V. Evtrtti H. Fespen J. Fox A. Gordon G. Gritfeth B. Griggs S. Harden J. Harrell E. Hart I H. Hicks E. Hornbuckle y Hubert - J ' " " M. Jones C. Kelley L. Lane PHI PHI MU Lanny Leavy J. Lee M. LeRoy J. Malone M. H. Maloney H. Martin L. McLanahan E. Molder L. Morgan J. Mosteller C. Nelson C. Newton D. Paine L. Patten P. Patttrwn P. Perryman N. Pet«rjon C. Pollock fi f f P. Pounds J. Riddick J. Roberts S. Shirah J. Shores P. Sinclair Smith 9 $ TO Tp 8- Smith G. Smith L. Smith V. A. Smith B. Staples E. Stokes B. Tipton k i E. Tolbert E. Traber H. Turner B. Turton J. Tyler E. L. Ward E. Weave M. Webb L. West B. Wilson E. A. Wilson D. Williams S. Wimberly D. Wolfe S. Youngblood PHI MU PI BETA PHI Like Wow. . . . Lena Lop. . . . B. B. Jad. . . . Christie Phillips. . . . We found the name tags! . . . purple hearts were exchanged with the Lambda Chi ' s. ... A chain is only as strong as it weakest wink. . . . Scrappy. ... If ya ' ll don ' t quit I ' m going to cut your tongues out and send them to Main Court. . . . Nickel Broker. . . . Coffee Seller. . . . Be Feminine Week was a flop. ... Hi Ho. . . . Conkin loved lavender. . . . Cha-cha-cha. . . . Shan- non ' s father. . . . Tad and her wholy nightgown . . . we were hankering to hunker while watching Huckle- berry Hound. . . . Miriam had a twenty-five dollar green hair-do. . . . ■■■iBHiihi IBs M. D. Betts M. E. Bird S. L. Blair C. G. Blount J. A. Carswill C. F. Cannor K. E. Charlas S. D. Cohan M. A. Conkin T. K. Cowart J. A. Crouch M.L.Dickey 273 PI BETA PHI 1 1 m ' ' Adr-J r A WiLsM Wtt ■ S. G. Few M. J. Frakes D. D. Gerharf M.J.Ghent N. C. Golden S. J. Gunn R. Marett M. McDeviH M. E. McDonald K. B. Pearson S. C. Pearson E. C. Poole fl Pi0f M w jtaHM mn w H|g h|hhh«hH MB ■HHHRSHH HHHHHBM ■HHHHHBHR BBBHII . H. C. Radford J. A. Ridaout S. Sanford M. Scrivener B. Sheppard M. J. Shrir 274 PI BETA PHI 275 C. SIngletary A. J. Smith L. Smith -- " C. ZS i M ii.i.i.yii.J PI BETA PHI L. A. Veatch E. A. Thompson A. E. Todd L. Stovall B. A. Washington B. A. Weatherford N. K. Widdls M.A.Williams P.D.Williams L . A. Wright M. C. Wynn J. P. Youngblood U« ' W.A.WI I 276 J. A. Atria H. J. Bagley N. S. Barber W. M. Barnes T. E. Baynes W. A. Beldon L L. Benner H. W. Blair R. P. Braddock B. Brown R. R. Buckley B. R. Burke G. F. Garden H. H. Choyce W. P. Cliatt I G. H.Collis E.M.Crook G. W. Daniel J. S. Day W. B. Dunaway M. G. Durden B. R. Eulenfeld W. F. Fennell T. L. Gash R. H. Greene PI KAPPA ALPHA Probation plexed. . . . That was the last time you ' ll back out of the driveway. . . . Split-level shower. . . . Rednecks. . . . Moses Groves. . . . Mole. ... " I love Jimmy Brown " by Bubba Haupt. . . . Five-quarter- Pledge Smith. . . . Watusi. ... Bo- hemian. . . . Pod McDonald. . . . " Probably will " ... we gave the ADPi ' s a new chapter room. . . . One- Date Dunaway. . . . Alfred E. New- man. . . . Ted and Caroline finally got pinned. . . . Packrat. . . . " How to charm girls by sweet whispers " by Butch Smith. . . . Found: one chair in the boxwood . . . gigolo. . . . Hog- head. . . . Nineteen-year-old house mother open for week-end dates. . . . Zipper was afraid to go to bed at night because of his strong room- mate; once he was found on the coat- hanger. . . . " Probably will. " . . . " Mighty sharp! " . . . 277 E. G. Griffin A. G. Grove R. C. Haupt J. T. Haielwood J. W. Hendon D. M. Hodges E. L. Hooks T. C. Mollis R. E. Huflj PI KAPPA ALPHA ft AM M, C. R. Imes W. E. Joiner C. M. Linsay P. L. Lingle K. A. Livingston J. P. Massey E. J. Maymo W. H. McDonald W. D. McKni JHi„j i 278 ItHJ I.e. Mercer B.Morris M.Morris N.Stephen H. O ' Keefe C.O.Oxford R. S. Pentegost T. L. Pritchett T. R. Ridlehuber PI KAPPA ALPHA n ( . A. Roush J. R. Rowe J. J. Segars T. A. Shiver G.R.Smith R.S.Stone V. L. Stun H.C.Thomas J.H.Thompson 279 PI KAPPA ALPHA A. A. Toney C. D. Westfall R. E. Whitelock E.S.Williams B.T.Willis J.D.Yancey 280 PI KAPPA PHI President, Mr. Peeps led us through a hell raising year ... a real card. . . . Alton, why did they call you Foots? . . . Ralph ' s idea of dinner music was bongo drums. ... J. Loyd, the only brother who could say " Gimme a cigarette " in Latin. . . . Pvt. Manning, U. S. Army, Retired. . . . Cliff was the reason for the worn out road to Watkinsville. . . . Drummer, Jene Crupa, had nothing on Ted. . . . Spurgeon, the Tinker. . . . hHow was trailer life, Spurgeon? . . . How did Jarrett ' s pin get worn out? . . . Things developed fast when Sure Shot Ed was around. . . . Barfield ' s night was always " dead " . . . this year was best . . . work by some (pledges) ... fun by all. . . . R. BIgham J. A. Buller C. M. Cartledge S. N. Cole B. H. Fouts T. F. Hall C. R. Jackson PI KAPPA PHI C. L. Jarrett J. O. Loyd B.L. Manning N. H. Mitcham I C. S. O ' Kellay M. C. Olbon C. W. Peeples L. B. Powell, Jr. T. W. Rains J. A. Rtwis ••ill R. B. Shaw, Jr. W. H. Stone W. C. Thomaj, III 282 W. Acree L.Adams S. Ansley J.M.Bates F. Battle J.Baxter C.Benedict J. H. Blanchard O. E. Boyd J. Brim J. Cliambleis " J " W. Coggini, Jr. R. Crawford H. L. Crisp S. Dillard C. Dodson W. Dulles R. Eberhardt D. Fitzpatricli L. Fleming J.FIuk r R. Sarard C. Goodwin H. Goodwin W. Hall C. Harris B. Howard G. Hurst C. M. Jam«s, Jr. E. Jones S. Kite-Powell N. Knight SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Some slosh was seen Spring Quarter. . . . The world series of Volleyball was held between t he 552 Cobb Street Turtles and the Pulaski Street Lions. . . . Francis and Buster vote Gene Morris an excellent driver, chaperone, and lifeguard . . . and the Knox- ville jail isn ' t so bad, is it boys? . . . Mr. Estes of S.A.T.O. showed us a few tricks. . . . Doc Banks is still Dean of American Butlers. . . . Coggins never put his Bible down. . . . Ole Shorty never wore a hat . . . family movies were shown after hours. . . . Cox became a desciple of Bear Bryant. . . . The Ready Club had a few parties at the Biltmore with the hlot Nuts backed by Rooker and Wheeless and Joe Turner backed by Charlie Williams. . . . Kraf- ferdi. . . . Chipper the Flipper, Ray the Ripper, Silky the Slammer, Goofy the Grabber, and Spike had their glory. . . . Dukes made the Dean ' s Other List. . . . Flim, Flam, by Damn, we ' re the SAE ' s. . . . A. Little A. Lockerman T. Long J. Ludwig M G. MacWinborn S. Maguire F. Martin J. Math«son W. Mayher J. Mcintosh K. Minl W. Moody C. Morris E. Morris SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON J. Nuckolls B. Pafferson J. N. Paai C. R«hberg J. Rooker A J. W. Strickland F. C. Underwood J. M. Vollotton B.S.Walker G. Weston, Jr. C. Wheeless R. Whitton W.Wilkes C.Williams J. Willingham G.Wood R.Young SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 286 (I ilk L " r 1 1 ' I love every minute of it. . . . Who knocked over the rubber tree plant — Tilly? . . . How ' bout ya wheels. . . . Remennber the night the Troups invaded? . . . Hooter and Scooter the Sig Delt turtles . . . the Dexedrene crew and their bridge games at 3:00 A.M. . . . the greatest room in the house, but wern ' t they a little untidy at times? . . . Ellen was always saying, " Won ' t somebody help me with the Pandora? " . . . Sandra ' s noon- time pledge entertainment. . . . Marilyn, watch out for that tre-e-e- . . . Think Helaine will ever learn to " Wreck Tech " . . . . Moose and Tuttie, the unbeatable combina- tion. . . . Hey Tuffy, when ' s the next meeting? . . . Y ' all it ' s Quiet Hour. . . . S. A. Adclman B. 6. Bahr T. F. Berlin J. S. Bernstein I. R. Bloom S. Cohen SIGMA DELTA TAU L. A. Dobran E. A. Entrekln 287 SIGMA DELTA TAU A. Pcrim •■• " F.l © ■ SIGMA DELTA TAU 1. A. Rosenthal B. R. Sacks L. E. Schlosser M. L. Sheffall J. Shenkman S. Suriti ' ' - " v. Ston S. M. Swarti L. M. Torch ll. L. Torch R, G. Wexler S. N. Willio A.lMMritt n F.B.Wolff M. Wolln 289 r V ' ' M } ' • -«» mmmm •««»• SIGMA CHI D. E. Baer J. E. Bagwell L. M. Bargeron D. L. Bone SIGMA CHI The Sigma Chi zoo: Moose. . . . Possum. . . . Wormy. . . . Fishface. . . . Running Bear. . . . chickadee. . . . Put your head on my shoulder. . . . Linsey Paddlehead Sharp, the only animal ever to matriculate to the University of Georgia. . . . 24th annual Sigma Chi Derby. . . . Rocky. . . . Let ' s go to Zippy ' s. . . . Tripod. . . . Scandalous. ... I can ' t dig that stuff you ' re putting down. . . . The Duke ' s tough. . . . Ghost. . . . Rowdy Club. . . . I.D. . . . The only walking rope on campus. . . . Radar. . . . Smily. . . . Tea Time. . . . Douch. . . . Go to his Jaw. . . . Tripod, — Lover and fighter . . . the Great White Hunter. ... J. A. D. Smith takes economy trip to New Orleans. . . . Foots. . . . Glob. . . . Mullet. . . . Bayb. . . . Baby Hughy. . . . Clara- belle. . . . String. . . . They ' ve got their own kink going. . . . Buffalo Bob. W. C. Adami, Jr. W. L. Adams, Jr. H. G. Arden, Jr. J. D. Arp K E. D. Bunten S. F. Burrall F. A. Byrd, Jr. J. W. Calhoun J. A. CarlisU W. R. Coleman, Jr. R. B. Crutchfieid R. E. Davii E, W. Devane, Jr. R. F. Donaldson L. R. Dunson H. A. Ellis, Jr. J. P. Fo» R. L. Franklin %MM D. E. FraiUr J. F. Goldsmith J.R.Gray L. J. Griflory, Jr. L. H. Griffin O. H. Hardtn, Jr. J. W. Helcomba H. N. Horton, Jr. F.E.Johnson W. H. Jonas, Jr. A % MA LSi A R. D. Judson J. P. Langfitt C. E. Layton, Ml T.J.Lewis C. V. Lipthratt E.D.Luke J. R. Macferran J. Mallory C. Mandleburg M SJk W.W.Martin H. McMalns M. Medlock P. Mills J. C. Morton, Jr. J. V. Moseley W. Mosley F. E. Moss J. S. Ncell, Jr. £ Kk fik i l D. O ' puinn F. D. Paris L. J. Parrish H. K. Pope S. A. Richardson R. D. Russell L. L. Sharpe J. A. Smith R. G. Smith T. W. Snow, Jr. R. W. Starling J. Stinnett J. H. Temple E. F. Thomas, Jr. R. K. Thomas, Jr. W. J. Tidwell J. K. Ulm«r J. R. Walker y W, B. West H.C.Ware A. D. Wells, Jr. C. A. Wickersham R. C. Willingham J. G. Winders O. G. Wilson, III W. Womack C. E. Zealy, Jr. SIGMA CHI 293 A t H. W. Andrews T. B. Bagley, Jr. C. A. Bachelor V. C. Bateman Oi P J. T. Bearden J. A. Blalock C. L. Blount A. M. Boswell SIGMA NU a J. p. Bridges, Jr. A. V. Brinson C. Castleberry R. H. Cavender D. W. Chamblee D. Chesire J. A. Chestnut A. C. Christensen ii J.T.Cochran, III J.P.Cole H. W. Cordle E.H.Culpepper W. S. Dauler C. W. Davidson J. H. Davii A. F. Dyches D. H. Dyches, Jr. T. P. Fannin B. E. Foy £ W. A. Gassaway R. L. Garbutt F. R. Garbutt, Jr. J. D. George B. L. Gladnoy R. W. Graham T. Greene M I SIGMA NU Dingleberry. . . . Mofo. . . . Fog. . . . Cutie Pie Waller. . . . Saddle Up Hawse . . . the green walrus. . . . John- son, the house ape. . . . You can ' t find me, five people didn ' t see me. . . . Tewaddie was tremendous. . . . Jet Jaws . . . Easter Biddy and Blos- som . . . the Blount twins. . . . Don Juan and Maggot Gagger. . . . what kind of car did Jean pin this year. . . . hiannah and Waller had their moments. . . . Jungle Jolly ... the ATO ' s moved into the Sigma Nu outhouse. . . . Sandlapper. . . . Assault in the Snake Pit during Rush. . . . How ya fixed for girls? . . . Bat. . . . King Ting. . . . Stuffy, the Bop King. . . . Pee Wee, the crab man. . . . J. had a blind date and pinned her. J. Halman W. W. Hays G. J. Hearn G. R. Hostetter J. M. Hughes E. L. Hunt A. Jackion H. D. James J. E. Johnson F. E. Lummus T. A. LyI E. A. Mans our J. K. Martin J. P. Martin E. McFather T. H. McNeely 6. B. Middleton G. Montgomery R. D. Perry J. G. Pike C. T. Ramy W.Ki, e.iwi 296 z .m SIGMA NU J. R. Rhodes M. W. Richards F. M. Robertson D. Rois D. Rountree R. L. Shaw M. T. Simtnoni J. Smith W. H.Speer J.R.Stevens B.Strang G. P. Syltes C.B.Taylor G.J.Taylor W.F.Terry R.D.Thomas J.R.Waller G. E. Watts E. D. Wilkes R. D. Wllkins J. W. Wilson R. P. Wilson J. B. Withers 297 SIGMA PI 298 tf »mLMLL S. R. Adams, Jr. J. M. Anthony A. K. Arnold, Jr. A. R. Bolt W. C. Brlft C. N. Brown D. P. Brown C. E. Camp, Jr. G. E. C«nt»lou, Jr. I C. R. Coleman B. T. Crutchfield G. S. Dixon, Jr. C. J. Dudley W. E. Home F. Jam«s D. B. King S. W. Mann, Jr. C. L. Martin J.C.Miller E. O. Murphy E. T. Nervo W. L. O ' Callaghan C. L. O ' Dell M. H. Pressley F. S. Rayfield C.V.Redmond J. W. Sills B. A. Sudduth R.G.Whitley O. H. Wienges, Jr. D. A. Woolf J. F. Wright C.H.Yates SIGMA PI Sot Coleman. . . . Louis, the littlest lover. . . . Smiling Jack Dudley. . . . Camp, twelve thirty sign- out king. . . . Horn ran into the pole. . . . Crutch- field turned green. . . . Huh. . . . " Sweetheart, I love thee " over the ham radio. . . . Roses are red, Violets is black. . . . What we gather at the river? . . . Hail to Season. . . . Have you got a cigarette. . . . Mother. . . . Nicky and Lou. . . . Frank the frantic playboy. . . . Hortense and Shirley. . . . Mark, the make-out. . . . Smoky, the missionary lover. . . . Not the steep ones. . . . They stole our goat, we burned their sign. . . . The time Clutch couldn ' t find the paper. . . . Turkey Buzzards, you ' ll soon be dog- food. . . . 290 SIGMA PI !l TAU EPSILON PHI H. G. Abel H. A. Blondheim H. A. Blumenthal H. Burnham i f. S. Clark B. P. Coffsky D. Cohen L. J. Cohen R. B. Cohen R. H. Cohen S. Cohen S. D. Cohen A. Coolick M. Cranman A. A. Davjdow R. A. Epstein A. J. Pagan A. R. Fialkow S. P. Friedman A. A. Gam 301 A. L. Gardner L. A. Garvis M. G. Ginsberg A. H. Goldberg S. B. Goldman P. E. Goldsfein S. Goldstein S. W. Graiser S. B. Greenfield M. L. Gross R. B. Hirsch V •«• «.;;? ■U 1 w ' r- 8L,1 fm- f J. C. Hanriansky M. M. Husney J. H. Jackson A. B. Kanfsiper D. A. Kelmanson L. Z. Kranti J. Krauthamer R. M. Krock W. Kurry £k 5. S. Ldgend L ' K. H. Levin A. J. Levy I. L. Levy 1 L. Mendelson 4 M. D. Merren 5. B. Meyers E. H. Palefsky J. Paller D. J. Perling L. Richman W. Rosenberg G. Rosenbloom G. Rosenthal S. Rosenthal L. Saul M.J.Schaefer D. E. Scharff R. P. Schoenfeld H.I.Shapiro S.Shapiro H. S. Setomon 302 TAU EPSILON PHI 1 He ' s one of the boys. . . . Too bad, Harry. . . . The Calypso Party and the afternoon Jann session. . . . Got him under my wing. . . . Tap ' s famous T.V. dinner for the pledges. . . . Shirley, everybody ' s friend. . . . Check out time at the TEP house. . . . O-h-h well. . . . Zeke and his harem. . . . This will only be a short meeting. . . . Grubber. . . . Chef Schaefer mixes four and four and it comes out with a bang. . . . " How to Cook for a Profit " by Lawrence Lamar and Marable Cooking Agency — Jane Kanses, President . . . you flinched. Skipper. . . . The Moose. . . . Scarfer. . . . The Thumper. . . . This year the Machine won ' t work at elections. M. Soloman M. Spandorfer M. Stern A. G. Weiner N. H. Weiti D. M.Wolfson TAU EPSILON PHI B. Bowers W. J. Burpee S. A. Ceslorine D. J. Childers fcS f M R. E. Cooper H. S. Culpepper D. W. Dresien T. W. Farmer J. I. Fieser R. D. Frailer E. M. Garrett E. C. Greer R. K. Harper B. W. Henson P. Lefflngwell J. E. Miller THETA CHI 305 W. M. OeHmeir R. L. Oim«nt THETA CHI Bring ' em back alive, Dan Childers. . . . Shorty Stovall. . . . Baby Bottle Bowers. . . . Peter Wabbit. . . . Weird Beard. . . . HaHa Livenwith. ... Sal Hapatica. . . . cow salve, panther juice. . . . Who me? . . . Quick-draw Harper. . . . the pledge sat in the middle of the road while the lucky lady waited. . . . Fish Friday. . . . No Water pressure up- stairs. . . Santer Riga Rye . . . pine milkers. . . . Let ' s go get a cool one. . . . Seagraves. . . . Mavrick. . . . Forestry delights, alias pledge delights. . . . Birddog Williams. . . . Mrs. Shealy. . . . Snuffy. . . . Jaybird Pierce, the R.A. . . . Well I may not see you fellows again. . . . E. Ragiddl R. N. Shaaly J. A. Smith ZEl H. Vlllavicencio 306 4 ZETA TAU ALPHA J. Alexander G. M. Anderson M. S. Andrewi C. Archer W- ' ' F. Arnold 6. G. Atkinson M. C. Bowers M. J. Brannen Georgianne Brown Gwyn Brown B. J. Casper H. J. Cochran M. G. Coker E.M.Cole G.A.Cook M. K.Copeland M.C. Crosby P. Crow L. A. Doster Jennie was never on time. . . . " Coke man upstairs! " . . . Rosemary went to the con- test in a wet dress but got on the court just the same. . . . " We did not challenge you! Okay, so we ' ll fight " . . . those work- men got higher and higher up the ladder to success (the bedroom windows). . . . " Coffee, tea, or milk? " . . . Marilyn played her best bridge at 2:00 A.M. . . . That ' s not a zoo, that ' s Georgianne ' s bed. . . . " Headhunting? " . . . think thin!. . . . " It ' s raining in the hall " . . . what are you going to do after graduation. . . . Ashes of love. . . . Tailer almost swallowed her " eye " . . . . Sandra and Anita made the best of the telephone . . . you make me feel so young. . . . Barbara Griffith just could not make it down the stairs on her feet. . . . That loud ATO is hollering for you again. . . . Aunt Cora ' s dead. . . . " Edwardo will it rain? " . . . Love those water battles — just don ' t call the police. N. A. Eberhart L. K. Edga P. L. Edwardj P. I. Ern«ri , L. Falor A. T. Pokes M. K. Gaines J. A. Greene T B. A. Griffith D. L. Goodwin S. Hansen P. L. Harlinfl $. J. Harris . J. Hobgood L. P. Hodges E. W. Jones T. N. Kniqlit B. T. Leebsrn F. P. Lovereft D. E. Leverette M. M. Lewis B. A. Libby L. Lightfoot S. M. Ltneberger K. E. Mansour IP R. M. McGee L. McLaughlin E. J. Medford P. M. Morris B. A. Moseley ZETA TAU ALPHA ll,tf. ii. ■ •«•! oocpia sv Koirowea 1 : »» 1 ' timr ff ' i COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE 314 Students may obtain degrees in Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering and Landscape Architecture in the University ' s College of Agricul- ture, which is headed by Dean Calvin C. Murray. The Agricultural College is one of the group approved by the federal governnnent for giving instruction in agriculture and its related fields. CALVIN C. MURRAY, Dean of th e College of Agriculture 315 Ab l, Howard G. Landscape Arch. Assc; Tau Ep. Phi Altman, John R. Agronomy Club; Ag. Hill Council Adams, Raymon A. Gaffau Club; Geor- gia Agriculturist; Independent Mer; Ag. Club: ABAC Club Barber, Norman S. Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard Blade; Ag. Club; Ag. En- gineering Club Alonio, Luis lid» 0 6 i Bray, Thomai R. Gaffau Club; DSF Camtron, Virgil C. Ag. Ec. Club Benton, TtrreM W., Jr- Alpha Zeta, Pyra- mid, X Club; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Gaffau Club; Ag. HIM Council; Ag. Club; Indep. Men; Vice Campus Lead- er; Ga. Agricul- turist Bertino, Michael A. Lambda ChlAlpha; Alpha Mu Epsilon; Newman Club H«wd Alpl»;A( Cameron, Geo. W. Ag. Ed. Club Carlton, James B. Dairy Science Club Carpenter, Jot David Scabbard Blade; LAR Club; Newman Club; Phi Delta Theta; Swimming Team; Argonaut; Letter Club Clary, Bobby L. Clifton, Ray E. Alpha Gamma Rho, Agronomy Club Coleman, James R. Managing Editor Ga. Ag.; Ag. Club Reporter; Gaffau Club. Sec. Coston, Michael L. Adv. ROTC; Scab- bard Blade Blue Key; Aghon; Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Ag. Club; Saddle Sirloin Club i I Hn Crandall, Purl E. Gaffau Club; Dalr Science Club Davli, Richard L. Wesley Foundation J «ll Dykas, Gerald J. Indep. Men; X Club; Aq. Club; Saddle Sirloin Club; So. Agts. J ' Eberhart, Donald E, BSU; Aq.Club; Indep. Men; Poul- try Science Club; Bus. Mgr. of Ga. Poultryman Grove, A. George Pi Sigma Alpha; Adv. ROTC EIpp, Donald G. Dairy Science Club; Wesley Weds; Ed. of Ga. Dairyman Hammack, Joe T. Lambda Chi Alpha; Ag. Engr. Club il Farmer, George S. Grinnell, Chas. N. Food Tech. Club Hawthorne, Roberto. Poultry Set. Club; Ag. Club Francii, Robert J. Lannbda Chi Alpha, Sec; Pi Tau Chi; Wesley Foundation; Land. Arch. Club, Pres; Franklinia Club, Pres; Intra- murals Futral, W. C, Jr. Alpha Gamma Rho; Demos; Saddle Sir.; Ag. Club; Bulldog Club; Arnold Air Soc. Fullilove, C. J. Alpha Zeta; Ag. Club; Ag. Engr. Club; ASAE; New- man Club; Arnold Air Soc; Ag. Engr. Club, VP; Ed. of ' 59 Ag. Garrett, Morris W. Kappa Sigma; Argonauts; ASAE; Ag. Engr. Grogan, Larry W. ASAE; Ag. Engr. Club; Alpha Gamma Rho; Bull- dog Club Hoffman, Alfred Food Tech. Club; Hillei Holland, W. A. Poultry Scr. Club, Treas; Ag. Club; 4-H Club; Inde- pendent Men Howse, Paul Dairy Sci; Dairy Products Judging Team rr Hydrklc. Dick S. Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle Sirloin; XClub Jones Jr., 6. K. Landscape Arch. Club Kegler, Melvyn Chess Club, Pres.; Food Tech. Club Krauthamer, Jules Dairy Club; H L wts, Laon P. Lambda ChiAlpha; Dairy Sci. Club Lefftngwell, Paul A. Theta Chi; Land- scape Arch. Club Little, J. W. Ag. Econ. Club, Treas.; Gaffau: Ag. Club Lewallen, Max J. V. P., Ag. Eng. Club; Ag. Club; Alpha Zeta; Ag. Hill Council: ASAE Long, John W. Land. Arch. Club; ASLA; Kappa Sigma MacKann Jr., Al J. Landscape Arch. Club: Newman Club; Intramurals; Alpha Tau Omega Maniali, ttobtrt S. 4-HCIub; Ag. Hon; DDK; Agronomy Club; Biftad; Indep.Men; Pyramid Club; A. Z.;XCIub; Phi Eta Sigma lie-. .- C.: -■ Mclntyra, Virgil E. Gaffau, Pres; Ag. Club; Ag. Hill Council Nejib, Zuhair S. Pres, Cosmopolitan Club; Varsity Tennis Messenger, Ernest R. Land. Arch. Club; Intramurals MolHn, Karl AME; AEPi; In- tramurals Norton, Richard Ron Track; Alpha Gamma Rho; 4.H Club Parker, Alma L. Hort. Club; Saddle Sirloin Club Ag. Patterson, Pleasants. Kappa Alpha Prior, George D. Pomp, Howard Phi Ep. Pi: Food Tech. Club: Intramural ' . Rivers, James A. Aghon; X Club; Ag. Club, Pres; Saddle Sirloin; Indep. Men; Ga. Ag. Staff; Ag. Hill Council; BSU Rohde, Walter B. Chm., Food Tech. Club; Glee Club; Inst, of l-ood Tech. Romasco Jr., L. S. APO; Food Tech. Club; Newman Club Russell, Paul L. Land. Arch. Club 318 McKemie, Clarence Hill Kappa Sigma IWai Morton Jr., Wellborn C. Gaffau Club; Indep. Men Roberts, Kirby C. X Club: Pyramid; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; 4-H; Ag. Cfub; Ag.Hill Council; Poultry Sci. Club; Ed. of Ga. Poultryman; Indep. Men; Demos. Lit. Soc. I Shaw, Ralph B. Pi Kappa Phi; Canterbury Club; ASAE; Ag. Eng. Club Shoraka, Jamil Cosmopoliton Club; Agronomy Club Yarbrough, J. P. Ed. of Ga. Agri.; ODK; Aghon- Alpha Zeta; St. Cou.; Inclep. Men; Pyramid; X Club; Ag. Hill Council; Agronomy Club; Ag. Club Young, Robt. L. Gridiron; Aghon; BIftad. XClub; Pyramid; Indep. Men; Ag. Club; Ag. HiirCouncil. Sec; Student Council. Pre$.; Dairy Scr.; Demos.; Ga. Agrlst. Stokaly. T. P. Eng. Club; Ag. Club; Ag. Hill Council Taff, James H. AEN.Club Turner, Joe C. Alpha Mu Epsilon Walker, Robert W. Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle Sirloin; Dairy Sci. Club; Livestock Judging Team Wang Joe Nell Gaffau; Ga. Agrl.; Poultry Sci. Club Welch, Richard T. Land. Arch. Club; Newman Club; SRC First row: Kirby Roberts, Terrell Benton, James Gibbs, Paul Yarbrough, Bill Lee, John Edie. Second row: Larry Young, Dr. J. W. Lassiter, Carlton Fullilove, Lamar Coston, Robert Mansell. Third row: Al- vin Moreiand. Alpha Ze+a Is a national honorary organization for male students in the College of Agriculture, the School of Forestry and the School of Veterinary Medicine. AGHON Aghon honors outstanding stu- dents In the College of Agri- culture, School of Forestry, and School of Veterinary Medicine. Fall quarter Initiates, both alumni and students, form a col- orful part of the homecoming game festivities when they march at the front of the sen- iors ' halftlme parade dressed In overalls, straw hats and carry- ing wooden paddles. Aghon Is the highest honor awarded stu- dents in the three schools It encompasses. ALPHA ZETA First row: Lamar Coston, Bill Clark, Charles Hamner. Second row: Tommy Maddox, Paul Yar- brough, Terrell Benton, George Norman. Third row: Kirby Roberts, Wayne O ' Stean, Max Lewallen, Jack Stone, Bob Mansell. Fourth row: John Risser, William F. Mayer, Carl W. Hess, David Brantley, Gary Melcalf. Fifth row: John T. Meyer. 320 First row: Kirby Roberts. Second row: Jimmy Rivers, Jerry Dykes, Jimmy James. Third row: Jimmy Timmons, Thomas Kling, unidentified. Bob Mansell. Fourth row: James Harris, Ralph Adamson. Fifth row: Edward Mclntyre, Julian Lee. Sixth row: Terrell Benton, William Martin, Ted Stokely, Paul Yarhorough, George Norman. The Ag Club helps to train students of agricul- ture in public expression through practice in speaking and writing, and offers its members the chance to hear as speakers, outstanding men in the field. Members are students in- the College of Agriculture, the School of Veterinary Medi- cine and the School of Forestry. The club spon- sors the Ag hiill Talent Show each winter quarter and two debates among its members each year. AG CLUB Kirby Roberts, Jimmy Rivers, Ted Stoke- ly, James Harris, Jerry Dykes. ,r«, % ' A % 9 Fira m. BmBa TMm. im, Tkm M . h lo™, Dr. Priirn, If First row: Daniel Strickland, R. C. Dixon, Thomas Maddox, Carlton Fullilove, James Taff, Ted Stokeley, M. F. Guill, R. C. Demonbreun. Second row: J. L. Dover, Jane Perry, unidentified, J. C. Hammond, B. J. Stone, R. B. Shaw, Thomas Gardner, L. A. Howell, W. C. Thomas, D. Eavenson, Thomas Risk, R. D. Carpenter, unidentified, W. E. Crockett, Joe Hood, W. A. Shackelford. Third row: Maylon London, F. N. Bledsoe, R. H. Lee, C. J. London, C. V. Maxwell, R. F. Bishop. R. H. Driftmier, R. E. Smith, Carlisle Cobb, unidentified, E. C. Burt, J. R. Lee, Max Lewallen, G. L. Jarrett, J. M. Mansell. AG ENGINEERING CLUB The University branch of the Ag Engineering Club promotes the interest of its members in their professional advancement. It is a part of the American Society of Agriculture Engineers. The group sponsors an exhibit in the Athens Agricultural Fair annually and publishes a quarterly newsletter which is sent to ail alumni. This year ' s officers were Joe Hood, president; Max Lewallen, vice president; Don Shackelford, secretary, and Julian Hammond, treasurer. 322 AGRONOMY Any student in the College of Agriculture interested in agronomy may join the Agronomy Club. The club promotes general interest in the field of agronomy, encourages cooperative student-faculty relationships and provides fraternal relationships among the members. First row: Hubert Smith, Juan Celecia, Hari Dubey, Paul Yarbrough, Yales Smith. Second row: Henny Walker, Elwyn Deal, Frank Jones, Richard Altman, Bob Mansell. Third row: Dr. T. H. Robers, Albert Lovell, Allen Rig- don, Thomas Kling, Harold Ammons. Fourth row: G. R. Reddy, Richard Tobinson, James Gibbs, Mancus Eich- horn. Dr. R. L. MaCreery. Dr. A. R. Brown, Dr. H. F. Perkins, Wayne O ' Stean, Charles Johnson. 1. Somi m. C I Mm, First row: J. W. Little, Roger Carr, Virgil Cameron, un- identified, George Cameron, Franklin Rayfteld. Second row: James Harper, Robert Fortenbach, Wilson Weather- sky, David Shulin, Donald Gregg, Dr. J. C. Thompson. The Agricultural Economics Club was formed to promote better understanding and cooperation within the field and to provide more fellowship among University Ag Economics majors. All students in the department are eligible for membership. AG ECONOMICS FOUR-H CLUB The College 4-H Club has as its objectives to es- tablish closer friendships and better acquaintances among students and college officials and to train its nnembers for leadership. The group annually spon- sors the Ag Hill Carnival, and funds raised in that venture go into a loan fund for aiding deserving students. The club also sponsors annual social events. Officers for 1959-60 were Bob Mansell, president; Carolyn Cape, vice president; Jean Cogburn, sec- retary, and Robert Carpenter, treasurer. Stydenti,! addresses demcaity ions com! Food for First row; Robert Carpenter, unidentified, Janet Johnson, Frances Dillard, Kirby Roberts, Ann Williams, Nelda Pickern, Jean Cogburn, Wilda Story, Carolyn C. Mitchell, Johnny Deckle, Altona Hollard . Second row: Bill Muinford, Thomas Stripling, Nick Bledsoe, Miriam Terry, Ned Hamil, Hilda Terry. Third row: Bob Mansell, L. R. Dunson, James Harris, Tommy L. Walton, Sharon Spieks, Jerry Payne, Nelly May Whitehead, Norma Higninbolhain, Bobby Whitaker, Angle Fouls, Ray Djinahua, Jimmy James, Dianne McRae, Helen Milford, Pat Hunt. DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB The Dairy Science Club promotes fel- lowship and scholarship among stu- dents in the University ' s College of Agriculture who are specializing in dairy work. The group, which is a student branch of the American Dairy Science Association, publishes annu- ally its own yearbook. The Georgia Dairyman. Sitting: Ernest Pinckney, Johnny Stone, George Norman, Thomas Norris, Charles Jantzen, Bill Moore, Carlgene Hampton, Truman Fincher, Sang Chang, Wesley Blair, Melvin Durham, Elwin Rivenburg, Joe Payne, Paul Howse, Donald Eipp, Dennis Dixon, Albert Dattel, Richard Mendres, Ronald Jones, Frank Seruodido. Standing: Ralph Adamson, Joseph Harby, John Eichhammer, Jules Krauthamer, Bob Seely, James Carlton. 324 Ciii i»n 5 viuailv! FOOD TECHNOLOGY CLUB Students, interested in furthering the science of foods, fornn the Food Technology Club. The members become acquainted with developments in the food industries and related fields through addresses by prominent individuals related industrially or aca- • demically to their chosen vocation and by participation in var- ious conferences. The group also sponsors exhibits in the Better Food for Better Nutrition Conference, the Science Fair, and the Athens Agricultural Fair. m ' a % 2 o ¥ i. » P|l First row: Jack Merkley, Richard Helrner, Dardjo Somalmadja, Melvin Kegler, Waller Robde. Second row: Mokhless K. Mugharbel, Alfred Hoffman, Isabelle Downey, Gordon Wells, Ray Grieser. Third row: Dr. John J. Powers, Carl Corben, Theodore Dornsiefer, Louis Romasco, Dr. M. K. Hamdy. Fourth row: Dan E. Patt, Donald Downing, Richard Kuehne, Richard Dresser. Fifth row: Hassan Hanid, Roger Rij. 325 Left to right: Abdul Madjid, Wallace Calo, Maud Cofer, Zohair Subai, Frank Barrett, Alvin Alexander, Durdam Bell, William Ward, Shaw Fletcher, John Chapman, Ralph Smith, Charles Bruce, William Monfort. HORTICULTURE 326 rflitrk, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE 327 First row: Mr. B. Don Eberhardt, Kirby Roberts. Second row: Joe Wang, Jaltoona Holland. Third row: Tommy Hughs, Arnold James, Dr. Kenneth May, Jimmy James. Fourth row: Ray Donahue, George Jones, Ray Donahoe. Fifth row: Donald Johnson, Pat Gober, Unidentified. Sixth row: Robert Coker, Unidentified. POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB Interested students gain practical experience in poultry science and public relations in the Poultry Sci- ence Club. Any University student who attends two consecutive meet- ings and expresses a desire for mennbership may be elected by the active members of the club. Group projects include the spon- soring of the " Chicken of Tomor- row " contest, the maintenance of a catering service specializing in barbecuing Georgia chicken, and publication of the Georgia Pbul+ry- man. Prominent on the social cal- endar are quarterly dinner dances sponsored by the club for Poultry Department staff and students. 328 SADDLE AND SIRLOIN jtivtnW- »e duD- i tflaW James Rivers Bill Brown Walter Futral Jerry Dykes Bill Rowe James R. Danion The Herdsman Bawl, square dance sponsored each winter quarter by Saddle and Sirloin, is the major social activity of the group which is composed of students interested in animal husbandry. The club sponsors the Little International Livestock Show each year and sends judging teams to con- tests in Ft. Worth, Chicago and Kansas City. Joe Rowan Andy Miller Allan Gardnir Lamar Coslon Walter Stephens Clifford Lee Jerry Brittingham Bill Dozier Dick Hydrick Claude Dorminey Marvin Jackson E. P. Warren COLLEGE OF ARTS AND sci: 330 »■ i i I SCIENCES John O. Eidson, Dean, heads the oldest unit in the oldest chartered state university. Founded in 1801, the Frank- lin College of Arts and Sci- ences includes several de- partments and offers majors in the liberal arts: the human- ities, biological and physical sciences, social sciences and the fine arts. The College of Arts and Sci- ences offers the bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees in the liberal arts, the bachelor of science in Chemistry, and the bachelor of fine arts degrees. But it seeks to develop each stu- dent as a successful human being and to offer training in various fields which will help him to maintain a high standard of living after his graduation. JOHN O. EIDSON, Dean of the Franklin College of Arts and Science Aecles, Wm. J. Adams, Stinson M. Lambda Chi Alpha Allen, Joseph F. Allen, WaudelleV. Sigma Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Student NEA Alligood, I. M. Anderson, W. W. Alpha Phi Omega, Pres.; Argonauts; Phi Kappa; Biftad; Chess Club; Phi Eta Sigma; AUSA m Arnold, Dan M. Kappa Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Physics Club Atwood, T. O. Canterbury Club; SRC; Fall Q. Orien. Chm. For Relig. Activ. Baqgatt, James E. Pi Sigma Alpha; Alpha Tau Omega Political Science Beard, Stanley C. Barr, William J. Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa Lit. Battle, Fran It Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Kappa CtliDt Belflower, Estol R. Bernard Gregory Newman Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Glee Club; Scabbard Blade Bibb, June K. Alpha Xi Delta; Mortar Board; Christian Sc. Orga.;USHER Corps Bliss, DwI ht L. Kappa Sigma; Geechee Club Bowden, Richard R. Phi Eta Sigma; Univ. Theatre: Thalian Blackfrlars; Men ' s Glee Club Boyd, Constance C. Political Science Club; Pi Sigma Alpha; Women ' s Glee Club; WAA Bunn, Gerald T. Carroll, Sociology-Anth. Club; Uni. Chorus; Clark Howell Dorm. Pres. Carlson, Bev. J. Alpha Delta Pi; WAA Carswell, Judy A. Pi Beta Phi; Gamma Signna Sigma; Psi Chi Bishop, Martha Band English Club; URSA Bowen, Sara Francis Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club Bowers, Raine S. Chi Omega; Sigma Delta Pi Byars, Harry B Carson, Earl W. Phi Delta Theta Pre-Legal Club Gates, Jo Anne Alpha Omicron Pi; Psy Club; Alpha O. Pi Soc. Chm. 332 Cato, Beverley F. Cole, Donald O. Kappa Sigma, Pres; Sec-Treas, Jr. Class " 59; Student Council Chesser, M. P. Kappa Delta; New- man Club Collrns, Richard B. V. P., Chi Phi: Psychology Club; Bulldog Bar Bell Club CoU, Johnny P. Chapman, Suzanne Alpha Lambda Delta; WAA; Dol- phin Club; Kappa Alpha Theta Christie, M. T. Phi Mu; Pres, Lucy Cobb; Pi Sigma Alpha Conner, Judith L. MENC; University Chorus Cochran, Joseph E. Phi Alpha Theta; V. P., Canterbury Club Coffey, Patricia A. V. P., Alpha Omicron Pi; Dixie Redcoat Band; Red Black; Pep Club Cole. J. R., Jr. Kappa Alpha; Air Force Drill Team Cole, Spurgeon N. Psychology Club; Pi Kappa Phi; Psi Chi Welded metal sculpture, one of the newer metal techniques, enables the student to see her work in formation. Eaton, Mary Ann Alpha Gamma Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac: 1960 PANDORA Court Cooper, Jr. Marrs Mcintosh Kappa Alpha Corbott J. C. Jr. Lambda Chi Alpha Corbitt, Ann E. Z Club; Treasurer Student Union; Leadership Award 1959; Angel Flight; Alpha Delta Pi; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Mortar Board; Zodiac Crowley. Jim Track; Cross Country; G. Club; Delta Tau Delta Croom, E. L. Alpha Omicron Pi; Canterbury Club; Red Black; Nu Rho Psi; University Theatre Edge, Loretfa Kay WAA: English Club; Zeta Tau Alpha Crovatt, Lynn Phi Mu; Tennis Club; W5GA; Cabinet, WAA; Secretary Vice- President Key Club Davidson, Joy M. Alpha Omicron Pi; G. S. S.; WAA Davis. Sandra B. Phi Mu: Historian, Reporter; Golden Quill: Secretary Treasurer; PAN- DORA: Pictorial Editor, Managing Editor, Editor-in- Chief; Theta Sigma Phi: Who ' s Who Davis, Jr., Sigma Nu, Bu Club, Spanish Dtnson, James R. Dixon, G. S., Jr. Sigma Pi: Presi- dent; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Treasurer; Phi Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma Dickey, Mary L. Pi Beta Phi: Presi- dent; Alpha Lambda Delta; Vice-President Concert Dance Club; Junior Pan- Hel.; Senior Pan- Hel.; Nu Rho Psi; Art Students League DeLashmutt, B. A. Chi Omega f Edge, Bobby G. m Rhodes Scholar I960; Ph! Kappa: m f President; Uni- versify Chorus: K Pres.: Phi Eta Sigma: Vice Presi- Hbr dent; Biftad: Vice- r Pres. kA P m r Eidson, Caswell S. 1 , Baptist Student At. J Union Member 6« y.i.i Hirla«,1l Fechtel, P. C. Kappa Alpha Theta Downs, Mary Ann Duffell, Bill H. Phi Eta Sigma; Biftad; Blue Key Scholarship: _ Argonauts: Vlce- Pres. Treasurer; Pre Veterinary Club Duncan, Blllle R, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Zodiac; Pres. Alpha Lambda Delta Gable, R. S. Argonaut, Proctor Gaff, Wanda L. Alpha Omicron Pi; Sigma Alpha Iota; University Chorus, Music Education National Conference Garland, J. W. Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Delta: Student Council; Pershing Rifles; BIftad:X-C!ub; Phi Eta Sigma; Argonauts III Garner, George G. Chi Phi HUGH 334 «i Gibbon, Doris U. Alpha Lambda Delta- URSA Major; Zodiac; V. P. Fresh. Dorm Goodwin, Hewly N. SAE; Alpha Epsllon Delta JSS ' Gross, Paul A. V. P., AEPI- Psy- chology Club; Chm. Sch. Dance Com.; V. P., Senior Class Gunn, Sandra J. Sec, Pi Beta Phi; Geechee Club; Student Center Grubb, Luthtr G. Graham. C. J. Sigma Alpha Iota; MENC; Dixie Red- coat Band; Univ. Chorus; Univ. Civic Orchestra; Madrigah Choir; Alpha Lambda Delta: BSU Gratlgny, Jr., J. A. Orchestra; Wesley Foundation Haizllp, Sara L. Hankinson, E. L. Pan he I : WAA Happoldt, Mary L. AED; Phi Sigma; Alpha Chi Omega Hallford, Marcta P. Alpha Delta PI, Treas; Alpha Lambda Delta Haney, Barbara J. Univ. Chorus; BSU Harbin, Mary A. Hardy, Henry C. Harlow, Thomas F. Kappa Alpha; Sigma Delta PsJ; Phi Sigma; APO Harper, William F. Chi Phi Harrell, M.J. Alpha Delta Pi; WAA; BSU Harrison, Joanne BSU; Dixie Redcoat Band; Psychology Club; Triquetra; Triangle Harris, G. D., Jr. Haskins, Burt S. VP. APO; Treas.. Arnold Air Soc.j Alpha Epsilon Pi Hawks, Kenifh A. Amer. Radio Op. Club; Psychology Club Hayes, Walter L Kappa Alpha HHIIard, Sam B. Hanson, M.W. Argonaut; Dixie Redcoat Band; Band Capt.- Phi Mu Alpha; Sln- ponia, Pres.; SMENC; Dixie Derbies, Director Herner, Nancy L. Pi Mu Epsilon, Treas; Alpha Oml- cron Pi Holllngsworth, A. WAA Howard, Lucy C. WAA: Alpha Lambda Delta; Tennis Club; PI Beta Phi; History Club: Art Student League Hudson, Genie Chi Omega; Art Students League; Canterbury Club 335 Huff, Harold L. B5U Huff, Mary H. Kappa Alpha Theta: Panhel; WAA; Key Club; Tennis Club; Mortar Board; 2 Club; Zodiac; Angel Flight, Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres. Hughes, Joe M. Sigma Nu Hunt, Joe M. AED; Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Phi Rho Sigma; Demos. Lit. Soc. ( i Inglis, Joseph H. Jacobs, Leon D. Jarrlel, Jack L. Johnson, C. J. Johnson, J. B. Swimming Team Jones, Mary R Alpha Omicron Pi Pres., Jr. Panhel Pres., Nu Rho Psi Kanble, June A. Newman Club; Pi Beta Phi li ' • «;: I iitWlMl KiEii Knowles, J. P., Ill Band; Phi Mu Alpha; MENC; Dixie Derbies: Orchestra; Chorus SU; Pres.; MTNA 336 Lawry. Bruce Kappa Sigma Lazard, Anne R. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Treas.. WAA; English Club Leamon, Warren C. Phi Delta Theta Levy, Isaac L. APO: Pershing Rifles; Tau Ep. Phi; Hillel; Color Guard Leebern, Betsy T. Angel Flight; URSA; Dixie Red- coat Band; Ma- jorette; Zeta Tau Alpha, Nu Rho Psi; Miss Home- coming ' 56; Miss Pandora ' 58 Llndren, Mary A. Chi Omega LeRoy, Marte Pres., Fresri. Dorm; ZClub; WSGA; Mortar Board; Phi Mu, Pres. Lingle, Peyton L. Scabbard Blade Locke, Malcolm S. Phi Eta Sigma; Treas., Chi Psi Loyd, James O. Pi Kappa Phr, Chaplain Manning, Billy L. Pi Kappa Phi, Sec. Hist; Physics Club Marion, Bobby kU McDonald, M. E. Pres, Student Union; Art Ed. Pandora; Sec. PI Beta Phi Minchew, M. D. Biftad; Phi Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega: Debate Team; Political Sci. Club; Pre-Legol Club t Murphy, Edciar O. Sigma Pi; Dixie Redcoat Band; Scabbard Blade; Advanced ROTC Mayher, III W. E. Alpha Epsilon Delta Midkiff, Marilyn A. Alpha Delta Pi, House Pres; Glee Club; Pep Club; URSA Minor, Sec; Psychology Club; V. P. Senior Class Morton, T. L. Kappa Delta; UGIF; Psychology Club McDcvItt, Mary Pi Beta Phi Miller, Jamas C. V. p., Sigma Pi; ZClub; Dixie Red- coat Band; Drum Major; Reed Hall Council Moms, Wallac N. A. E. Pi O lasby, Harvey L. Phi Kappa Tau, Pres; IPC; Alpha Mu Ep; Athens Bow Hunt Club; Bulldog Parachute Club, Treas. Page, Eleanor B. Sec.-Treas, Clark Howell Dorm; Triquetra Page, Nancy S. Nu Rho Psi; WAA Chi Omega 337 Parker, Harold P. Parker, Patricia E. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Cheer- leader; SAE Sweet- heart; Miss Typical Freshman Patrick, Joseph A. Art Students League; Men ' s Glee Club; Canter- bury Club; Emmanu Church Choir Payne, Peter M. Chi Phi Pearson, Kenley B. WAA; Dolphin Club; Sociology Club; Westminster Fellowship; PI Beta Phi Pentegost, R. S. PI Kappa Alpha Perryman, Peggy A. Phi Mu; Panhellenic Council; Student Council; WAA Piatt, Jutianne Kappa Delta; UGIF; Kappa Delta; Social Chm.; Sociology Club Pollock, Anna M. Alpha Omicron Pi; Student Council; Nu Rho Psi; Alpha Lambda Delta Ponder, J. J. KA Rose; March of Dimes Court; Pandora Court Chi Omega Pugh, D. Marie Women ' s Glee Club; Canterbury Club; Alpha Chi Omega Pulliam, Morris M. Ik i] ki } K nV. Sisson, Luth«r E. Smith, Chas. H. Smith, John H. Chi Phi £iL£ strange, R. Burt Phi Delta Theta Strickland, A. W. A psychologist measures the heartbeat and respiration in an experiment that is determining the source of saliva stimulation. Talmadge, John E. Chi Phi: Sec. Thaclcer, Sandra G. Kappa Delta: Sec, Rush Advisor, URSA Major, UGIF, JaziClub Thackston, E. H. Alpha Gamma Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon Talley, F. E. Alpha Lambda Delta, Zodiac Thompson, B. C. Chi Omega. Art Students League Temples, Susan E. Home Econ. Club, Women ' s Glee Club, Delta Delta Delta Thompson, C. J. X-Club, G-Club, Delta Tau Delta, Reed Hall Council, IPC, Track Team, Demosthenians itl Scene from the DAIRY OF ANNE FRANK H l ftl ■ H TTt3 Ihi H ■ j v H 1 MM h ' H V A t wVs K K ' I H 9 M 3 l 1 - " " Br H H u l 1 339 Tietlen, Marian F. Political Science Club; Uni. Chorus Turner, Helen J. Delta Delta Delta; Dophin Club TyUr, Jay A. Phi Mu Todd. Alice E. p; Beta Phi; Pan- hellenlc; Alpha Lam,bda Delta Tucker, Sandra J. Art Students League; Modern Dance Club; Can- terbury Club; Jazz Club Tyre, David H. Scabbard Blade; AVSA; DMS Walker. John W. Chi Phi; Barbell Club; Sec. of Chi Phi Walker. L. B. Walker, James P. ChiPhi; Pres. Senior Class; Pres. Soph Class; IFC, V. Pres.; Sphinx; Gridiron; Greek Horseman; Student Council; Trainer Varsity Football Ware, Howell C Sigma Chi; West- minster Fellowship; Argonauts; Varsity Golf Team Capt. Waters. Wm. H. Law Club; Demos- thenian Lit. Soc. Calillian Club; B5U Wheeless. C. R. Phi Kappa Lit. Soc. Whitley, Wade H. Pershing Rifles; Scabbard Blade; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Kappa Tau, Pres.; Stijdent Center Board; Cancer Drive Chm. WesHall, M. A. Westminster Fel- lowship; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pan- hellenic Council WIckersham, C. A. Sigma Chi; Inter- Varsity Christ. Fellowship Wesley Foundation; Persh- ing Rifles Wilbanks, Mary A. Kappa Alpha Theta Williams, E. F. Williams, Paul H Willson, Geordie Alpha Gamma Delta; Jazz Society; Dance Club; Uni. Theatre; English Club Winders, J. €. Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa; Psychology Club Wolfe, Anna E. Dance Club; Chi Omega; Art Students League JI%lMpil| J Mm Worth, Roy E. Wren, Jennie Panhellenic; Majorette; Z Club; V. Pres. Fr. Class; Student Council; Red Black 340 ALPHA MU EPSILON ' ! »}. Alpha Mu Epsilon was established on campus In 1956 and seeks to encourage increased interest and study among students majoring in entomol- ogy. The fraternity enables students and profes- sors of entomology to meet each other socially and seeks to keep its members informed of all current news and activities in the field. ZETA PHI ETA .b iA. On Porch: John Davis, Joe Turner, Lnmar Mo.srley, Philip Zaleski, John T. Ervin, Zane Smilowiti. Below: Left to right: Dr. J. J. Paul, Richard Mucha, James Schalk, H. Lynn Oglesby, Ralph Gentry, Rodney Coleman, John Milner, Dr. Preston E. Hunter, Dr. C. R. Hunter, Dr. Horace Lund, Warner Houston, Paul Kruger, James Snow, Dr. C. R. Jordan, Robert Robertson, James Murnighan, Nathan Bein, W. C. Johnson, James Neely. fl Rosalyn Goldstein, Marian Jones, Sally Hutchinson, Margaret Ann Quante, Lesa Elder, Mrs. ifobert Fear, Susan Smith, Mary Hiot, Unidentified, Nanelle Smith, Marilyn Stein, Ann Kirby, Joan .itzelman. Zeta Phi Eta is a na- tional professional speech arts fraternity for women and pro- poses to stimulate and encourage worthy speech and dramatic enterprise. The Univer- sity chapter provides ushers for campus plays, assists at state high school debates and pre- sents a scholarship a- ward at its annual spring banquet, when the outstanding chapter member award Is also presented. 341 First row: Lorena Stoaps, Lonar Fleming, John Wliile Garland, Randerich Guerry, Waller Brown, How- ell Razsdale. Second row: Robert Marion, Robert Simmons, Dr. J. W. Nutty combe. Dill McCord, Gordon Carson, Unidentified. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Alpha Epsilon Delta honors superior scholastic achieve- ment among pre-medical students. The fraternity was founded nationally at the University of Alabama in 1926 and has existed on the Georgia campus since 1932. In addition to recognizing good scholarship, it gives its members an opportunity for personality and leadership development through participation in chap- ter activities. 342 fWJS win since ip, i land dap- DEBATE First row: Bill Payton, Walter Boiuman, Gus Turnbull, Bob Edge. Second row: Richard Trtiett, Russ Everett, Dan Min- chew. The Debate Team is open to all interested students at the University. Their active schedule included the Mer- cer Tournannent at Macon, Emory Tournament at Emory, the Pitt Tournament at the University of Pittsburgh, the West Georgia Tournament at Carrollton, and the Florida State University Tournament at Tallahassee. The Negative Team took first place honors at Emory and West Georgia, and the Affirmative Team won second place at West Georgia. TEAM DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY First row: Larry Youyxg, Bob Raley, Cecil Davis, Jim Enblarss, Wallace Morgan, Dr. Albert Saye. Second row: Unidentified, Robert Carpenter, Unidentified, Tommy Stripling, Spurgeon Richardson, Don McNeil, Unidentified. Third row: Allen Bell, Freeman Taylor, Jim Gravade, Harry Ellis, Lowell Kirby, James Pace, Gary Blasingame. Fourth row: Bill Miller, Unidentified, Naylor London, Donny Roberts, Travis Lyner, Austin Davis, Harold Posey. Fifth row: Kirby Roberts, Tom Linder, Bill Davis, George Harris, James Rivers, Jimmy Timmans, William Masfort. Demosthenlan Literary Society proposes to promote the cause of science and truth by the cultivation of oratory and the art of debate at weekly nneetings. Demosthenian meets its rival society, Phi Kappa, each year in the freshman impromptu debate, the sophomore declamation and the junior oration, and holds an all-night meeting each winter quarter. All male students registered at the University are eligible for membership, and members compete for the Demosthenian key awarded those who secure sufficient points for debating, attendance, and office holding. This year ' s officers were Cecil Davis, president; Wallace Morga n, vice president, and Jim Emberson, secretary-treasurer. 8f!( am k GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON First row: Mrs. Hather, Alice Houbgie, John Meyer. Sec- ond row: Ralph King, Jim Miller, Bill Wilson. Third row: J. K. Smith, Wayne McGee, Bill Meyer. Fourth row: Bill Williams, Bill Dunway, Jim Harris. Fifth row: Dick Tally, Ryland Edicards, Ben Bracket, Jack Davis. Sixth row: Chays McCacker, Ronnie Speres, Dave Flecker. To be chosen for membership in Gamma Sigma Epsilon, a student must have completed four chem- istry courses with an average of 86 or above and must have an overall average of 85 or above. The group meets twice each month, and programs in- clude addresses on subjects related to chemistry. Nu Rho Psi opens membership to all students who show an active interest in the purpose of the organ- ization, which is to promote interest in psychology and to foster fellowship among psychology students and professors. Officers for the year included Mary Rose Jones, president; Sandra Trapp, vice president; Jean Denton, secretary, and Ann Pollock, treasurer. First row: Mary Ann Williams. Sandra DuBois, Mary Eleanor Walden, Shirley Allen, Jean Denton, Mary Rose Jones, Ann Polluck. Second row: Linda Dickey, Ann Allen, Rosalyn Marcus, Nancy Page, Dr. Hammes, Margie Schaf- feur, Karen Pope, Jane Hawkins, Beth Croom. Third row: Billy Fox, Ann DeLashmutt, Mary Ann Shea, Rita Bright, Winston Tucker, Celia Chestnut, Suzanne Sezter, Don Chandler, Sanford Penecost, John Corbett. NU RHO PSI 345 First row: Thomas Nickerson, Bob Edge, Sammy Paris, Frank Christia, Charles Jackson, H. Lewis. Second row: Tommy Campbell, Shep Ansley, Joe Harris, Bill Payton, Bryant Hodgson, Linton Dunson, Stan Hymarch, Elvis Butler, Dr. Ray Payne. Third row: Jerry Langbein, Charles Youngblood, Charlie Broxvn, Matt Lindsay, Lamar Walters, E. H. Culpepper, Gus Turnbull, Pete Banks, Dan Minchew, Richard Truitt, Lane Baynes. PHI KAPPA Phi Kappa Literary Society was founded in 1820 by six students of Franklin College. Its purpose is the development of public speaking, oratory and debate talents and training in political methods and parliamentary procedure. The so- ciety competes annually with its rival, Demosthenian Literary Soci- ety, in the freshman impromptu debate, the sophomore declama- tion, and the junior oration. Shep Ansley, Dan Minchew, Pete Banks, Bob Edge and Richard Truitt served as officers for 1959-60. 346 First row: Marion J. Blanchard, Curtis Bell, Aanry Henicr, Janice Hobenon, Mai-yin Atha, Sylvia Randall. Second row: Britt Williams, William H. Gibons, Chatty Pittman, Chung Lie Wong, Dewey Jones, Ronald Bond. Third row: Michael A. Donahue, David Yeeda, Ed Garner, James Sneed, Dr. T. R. Brahana, Walt G. Horstman, Greg- ory Bernard, Syrus E. Box. PI MU EPSILON Pi Mu Epsilon is a non-secret organization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among students in academic institu- tions, and among staff members of qualified non- academic institutions. The group gives an award to the math student scoring highest on a mathematics ability test each year. PHI MU ALPHA l[ Students and faculty members who show a love for music either by adopting it as their profession or by work- ing to advance the cause of music in Amer- ica may be invited to membership in Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, which seeks to advance the cause of music in Amer- ica. First row: Jim Knowles, Mitchell Henson, Bob Barnett, Sonny Canlon, Thomas Durden, Barbara Em- minger. .Second row: Raymond Gotke, Elmer Bell, Charles Donahue, Gene Falcone, Thomas Padgett. Third row: Andy Davidson, James Skipper, Richard Carder. Left to right: Conrad Lobley, Mary L. Happoldt, Gene Michaels, Dr. Duncan, F. M. Bush, Dr. Thomas, H. W. Kale, Dr. Lund, Dr. Jordan, Dr. Eagon, W. L. Tieijen, Dr. Plumtner, Bill Meyer, John Meyer, Dr. Payne. PHI SIGMA Sigma Alpha lo+a exists to promote further interest in the development of music and to raise the stand- ards of the music professions as re- lated to women students. The members serve as ushers at all Com- munity Concerts, and the group sponsors the an- nual sorority sing and a program of American music each spring. The Phi Sigma honor society is devoted to the promotion of research in the biological sciences. Students majoring in the biological sciences are carefully screened as to interest in the promotion of such research before membership invita- tions are Issued. The society meets twice each school month and holds three annual business meetings and an annual banauet. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA left to right: Marian Christian, Babs Mitchell, Ginger Mitchell, Joyce Bennett, Latrell Goff, Clair Palmer, Laura Helen Jones. u sry estsc to 1 sify Susan Smith, Mary Lou Alley, Charles Pecor, Carroll Arnold. Thalian-Blackfriars is an honor- ary society for students Inter- ested In the theater and seeks to uphold and perpetuate the Ideas and Ideals of the Univer- sity Theater. The group main- tains a scholarship fund and a grant Is made to an outstanding member each year. Thalian- Blackfriars also conducts a one- act play contest for amateur writers. First row: Charles Pecor, Ann Anderson, Billy Pell, Mary Lou Alley, Van Redmond. Second row: Darrell Maclnlyre, Susan Smith, Ann Marie lieer, Nan Ragan, Peggy Brown, Madelyne Waters, Joan Jtleman, Geraldine Harper. Third row: Dick Bowden, Margaret Quante, Gra- ham Woodruff, Ken McKinnell, Lena Moore, Faye Henesley, Helen Turnbull, David Brown, Jim Scott. THALIAN-BLACKFRIARS 349 J ' M Dixie Redcoat Show Band Band Officers Components Dixie Redcoat Band Wind Ensemble ABC Pep Bands Dixie Derbies Presentations January Festival Concert Ten Basketball games, ABC Pep Bands Annual Winter Concert Annual Spring Tour Annual Spring Concert Graduation Concert Seven University of Georgia half-time shows Nationally televised half-time appearance Washington Redskins-Pittsburgh Steelers game Fall Pops Concert Ten Weekly Pep Rallies, Dixie Derbies GMEA Reading Clinic, Wind Ensemble Tlie Famous Dancing Majorettes I .. : ■■ r, . The Fabulous Georgettes Barbara Einmitiger, Solo Twirler DIXIE RED COAT BAND Linda Aaron EInora Anderson Bob Barnette Frances Barrefl " Elmer Bell Ed Blanchard , David Blounf Bill Bowden Teresa Bowden Faye Bottoms Charles Bragg Cullen Brown Karen Buschow Joe Butler John Butler Chuck Camp Ricky Carder Andy Carmical Beth Chandler Courtney Clarke Sonny Conlon John Coppage Billy Cribbs Andy Davidson Mercier Davis Jackie Davis Harry Dean Johnny Demus Dennis Dixon Chesta Drake Bu+ch Dunahoo PERSONAL Ton Durden Dwayne Elliott Norma Ellis Barbara Emminger Weyman Ethridge Gene Falcone Troy Farmer Lindsey Few Judy Fox Brenda Garrett Peggy Garrison Sheldon Grasler Hyman Greenfield Betty Jean Griffel Don h aack Nancy Hailey Don Hall Beverly Harper Tom Harper Jane Harrell Dan Harrison Joanne Harrison Phyllis Harrison William Head Mitchel Henson Nan Heston Larry Hogan Martin Holman Jimmy Howard Robert Howell Jim Jackson Martha James Bonnie Jandrew Guill Johnson Susan Johnson Hardman Jones L. H. Jones Lynda Jones Huey Kent Lola Kimbrel Jimmy Knowles Linda Lam Bill Martin Rebie Mays Tim McFall Lee McGee Felicia McLendon Gloria Meadors Elaine Merrell Michael Merren Cleve Miller Johnny Miller Babs Mitchell Ginger Mitchell Marianna Moore Don Nation Glenda Newton Chester Niemann Virginia Oliver Pete Oliver Tom Padgett Pat Patterson Sheppard Perkins Ernest Plunkett Billie Powers Bill Rainer George Reeves Pat Renzi Raymond Richards Joyce Riche ' y John Rogers George Schulhofer James Skipper Jan Smith Bob Smith William Stinson Allen Summers Sandra Teagle Ricky Thurman Jimmie Tldwe!! Butch Whitley Sherry Whitmore Diane Williams Woody Williams James Wllloughby Frank Wlngo Clyde Wilson Patti Wilson Ernie Wooten Nancy Wright Jennie Wren University of Georgia Symphonic Band ADMINISTRATION Roger L. Dancz Mrs. Phyllis Dancz Mitchell Henson Cleve Miller Ann Sexton Courtney Clarke Carol Downs Elmer Bell Hugh Conlon Joe Butler Gloria Meadors Casey Ames Thomas Durden Ricky Carder Laura Helen Jones Martha James Elaine Merrell Jimmy Knowles Andy Davidson Babs Mitchell Don Haack Joanne Graham UNIVERSITY CIVIC ORCHESTRA The University-Civic Symphony Orchestra includes nnusicians fronn the University student body and the city of Athens. The orchestra presents concerts of its own and performs several times annually in other musical programs, including the music department ' s opera presentation each year and music appre- ciation programs. One of the orchestra ' s concerts each season features outstanding members, who star as soloists. Student members gain satisfaction from the feeling that they are mak- ing a cultural contribution to the campus. 352 UNIVERSITY CHORUS 353 First row: Myrna Rose Robertson. Second row: Sue Rally, Latrelle Gaff. Third row: Marie Pugh, Nancy Skipper, Peggy Brown, Laura Helen Jones. The Men ' s Glee Club, under the direction of Byron Warner, makes a favorable impres- sion for the Uni- versity when it tours the state during spring hol- idays every year. The club is open to all men who like to sing and to selected wom- en soloists. It has existed on cam- pus continually since its founding in 1907. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB i WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB The University of Georgia ' s Women ' s Glee Club is a choral group under the direction of Mr. John Adanns. The club presents an annual Christmas Carol Concert at Fine Arts auditorium and takes part in an elaborate tree lighting ceremony. In the spring the club presents Its Music Appreciation Spring Concert. " " 1 ifcfjw, ROSTER Salene Adelson Jeanie Aronowitz Charlene Baldwin Betty Sue Boudreau Saralyn Bone Elaine Burnett Christine Callaway Deanna Carlisle Janle Carter Janis Causey Reglna Chesnut Elaine Christian Amelia Clark Mary Anne Clark Suzanne C. F. Cocran Elaine Cole Kaye Cowart Eunice Crawford Madelyn Crosby Francis Dlllard Mary Lou Dossey Judy Elliot Judy Folk Joyce Ford Julls Fuller Sandra Gaines Jean Garrett Jane Givson Sandra Goldstein Patsy Gowder Sydney Harden Bunny Haywood Gladys Hullng Ina Sue Hunter Bobble Ann Jackson Brenda Jones Pat Jusko Dee Lawson Laura Levenison Kathleen McClesky Amy McGuire Sandra MIms Ruth Nowell Mary O ' Kon Janna Paper Sandy Perlman Anne SchackeKord Mary Ann Shea Sandra Singer Harriet Stack Ginger Solonnan Jan Stophens Miriam Terry Joan Underwood Carol Ann Wade Marlfree Wallace Ruth Welner Carolyn Welch Romona Westbrook Jane Whiteley Pauline Woo Linda Woodall Sally Woods Arlene Hugglns 3S5 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION T il ill JAMES E. GATES, Dean of College of Business Administration The largest of the University ' s eleven schools and colleges, the College of Busi- ness Administration offers many majors in the commercial fields. The college theorizes that the successful business person must be trained in three specific areas: a well-rounded liberal edu- cation in order to take his place in our democratic society, general preparation for the business world, and specialization in a particular business field. 357 Alexander, E, D. WAA; Intramurals rmmr Andrews, H. W. Sigma Nu Frat; Scabbard Blade ■-■ ' Mi Alexander, R. H. Demos. Lit. Soc. Amos, L. J. Bagwell, W. A. Arnall, Guy C. Pandora ' 60; Kappa Alpha AskewJr., W. M. Kappa Alpha Anderson, R. H. Avery, Philip M. Kappa Sigma, V.P. Barrentlne, H. R. Barron Jr., F. M. Barrett Jr., H. F. Kappa Alpha; Pros. of Fresh. Class Baxter, Angela Wesley Foundation; Enotah Club; Triquetra Benedict, Mary A. Student Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Z Club; URSA Major; Mor- tar Board; Panhel; Alpha Delta Pi Bennett, Archie A. Binlon, Jacl( B. ■ " P- Blondheim, H. A. Pres. Trees.. Tau Epsilon Phi; Persh- ing Rifles; ROTC Commission Bragg, Charles b. Dixie Redcoat Band; Alpha Kappa Psi (rinten, K. G. Buttt, Henry W. Burnslde, Jr., T. R. Pres., ATO; Pres, Student Council; Pres., Demos: Capt Debate Team; Gridiron; ODK;XCIub; Kap- pa Gamma; IPC Caldwell, John W Delta Sigma Pi; , Varsity Football Carmaek, W. H. Delta Sigma Pi i. IR Charles, K. E. PI Beta Phi; Glee Club; Geechee Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma Cone, Barbara A. Triquetra; Triangle; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Sigma Sigma; TAG; Zodiac eiAJpki Con , Grady O. CrutchfUld, B. T. Sigma Pi Daniel, Suy« Wm. Pi Kappa Alpha, IFC Rep.; X Club; Scabbard Blade; Arnold Air Society 1 £ l ' Couay, Francina ibw - Daai, John H. liS»« " -»■»■- Donay, Cacil D. i P Delta Sigma Pi; Independent Men; States Rights Council Elltt, Wtlltann D. Douglas, T. W Alpha Kappa Psi Estas, Joseph G. Argonauts; Reed Hall Council: Stu- dent Council; Inda. Man; X Club; ODK; Pyramid; Demos- thenian Lit. Soc; Alpha Kappa Psi Dillard, G. N. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ebarhardt, R. T. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; upper 10% of class Fennell III, Wm. F. Pi Kappa Alpha. Trees.; Geechee Club; Newman Club Ferguson, B. J. Alpha Delta PI; Dance Club, Pres.; Dolphin Club; WAA; Gamma Alpha Chi Fountain, J. D. Alpha Phi Omega; Glee Club; Phi Kappa Tau Fowler, A. Starr Chi Omega, Treas. Sec; Pep Club; Student Center Glass, Bryan G. Alpha Tau Omega Goodrich, Sam G. Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsllon Pi, Pres. Fowler. Johnny C. Garvis, Larry A. Hlllel; Tau Epsilon Gates, V. Carlton Freshman Class, Sec. Treas. ;_ IFC; PI Sigma Epsllon; Kappa Sigma Freidnnan, S. P. Tau Epsllon Phi; IFC; Pres. Pledge Class Garrison, John W. Gtadney, Bill L. Sigma Nu MHJ iniUiai J lHI,Jll SciiMI Hall, Ralph L. Delta Sigma P! Harpar, Charlla G. ' i Harptr, Jamas A. Hickay, Patrick T. Chi Phi Hill. Jarry Holcomba, John R. Holbrook, T. B. ' f ' ? tudeot Union; Inde- pendent Men Holton, Charles M. 300 Hawkins, H. B. Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Phi Omega Hobbs, Harold D. i, Phi Kappa; ' Lambda Chr Alpha Hopper, Gail V. URSA; Women ' s Glc« Club; Gamma Alpha Chi 11 Hotchkiss, L. E. Delta Sigma Pi Huggins, K. A. Jr. Panhei Council: Angel Flijlit; Pan- nellenic Coun.: Glee Club; Alpha Gamma Rho Sweet- heart; PANDORA; Alpha Chi Omega Huff, Robert E. Pi Kappa Alpha; dog Barbell Club iWkA. ti Jame$, Wm. F. Lambda Chi Alpha, V. Pres.; Pershing Rifles Johnson, Joseph C. Kappa Alpha; Scabbard Blade Johnson, Billy C. Alpha Kappa Psi, Trees. Kadan, Robert P. Phi Epsilon Pi, Pres.; X Club; Phi Kappa Lit. Society, V.Pres.; IFC Jones, M. Lm Phi Delta Theta Jordan, S. J. Kakaty, Louis J. Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Newman Club; Lambda Chi Alpha Kasner, Norman A. Phi Epsilon Pi; Student Council; Alpha Phi Omega; PC; PEP Club Lancaster, R. L. G Club, Freshman !| Lewis, Thomas H. Varsity Football, Capt.; Gridiron; Arnold Air Society Ledden, Dennis R 361 Long, Richard S. Lumtnus, F. E. Sigma Nu; Pi Sigma Epslton, V. Pres.; Land. Arch. Club Luray, Barry N. Tau Epsilon Phi, Treas.; Hillel few Martin, Jesse D. Delta Sigma Pi; Sky Diver Club Mattltewj, C. H. Mathason, J. F. Sigma Alpha Epsilon McKInley, Roland Delta Sigma Pi; Blue Key; X Club; Arnold Air Society; Pyramid, Treas.; Independent Men, Treas.; Gridiron Matfliews, Car! W. McNeill, p. R. Rush Chairman Chi Psi; Real Estate Society; Demos- thenian ll« tlC9 UlSA ' Wnlirfw Menefee, Henry 6. IPC; Alpha Tau Omega Molder, E. E. i Mu; Canter- bury; Angel Flight Moss, Frank E._ Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Baptist Student Union Sir tMi Alpt) it Nichols, J. C. Chi Phi; Rifle Team Noell, Thomas E. Independent Men; Real Estate Society Odrezin, R. J. Student Council Rec. Sec; Sigma Delta Tau; Pan- hellenic; Uni. Chorus; Hillel Owen, Ann Kappa Delta; Gamma Alpha Chi Pate, Wallace D. Delta Sigma Pi Paterman, Troy F. Phllllpi, Wayne A. Oiburn, Harwell Kappa Alpha Pirkle, John E. Kappa Sigma moi. Ms " ™;b . Hi. ' Popp«)I, Roy L. ftldgway C. B. Kappa Delta; URSA; UGRA; Wesley Foundation; WSGA Ray, Wm. E. Kappa Alpha Pound, Thomas G. Freshman Track; Kappa Sigma, Treas.; Gridiron; Pres., Sec. Treas. Senior Class Retves, Jo l F, Alpha Tau Omega Romano, Jack L. Kappa Alpha, V. Pres.; IFC, V. Pres.: Edi. Frat. Way; Gridiron Rush, Chartos P. Advanced AFROTC SaUgman, Melvin Alpha Epsllon Pi, Treas. Rooker, John W. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Schott, Norman €. Chi Phi Say , Harry H. Rundbaktn, R. Delta Phi Epsilon; Panhellenic Coun., Treas. Seiti, Robert T. Alpha Epsilon Pi Shahan, M. W. Kappa Alpha, Treas. Sharp , L. L. Sigma Chi; Baptist Student Union Smith, Gerald S Sheffield, P. W. Shepherd, G. H. fiT - still, WilltamC. Chi Psi Powell, Susan E. Kappa Alpha Theta Richards, M. N. Sigma Nu Smith, James A. D. Sigma Chi, Treas.; Delta Sigma Pi. Treas.; Geechee Club; Edi.of Gul- lah Gazette Starling, Rubin T. Lambda Chi Alpha. Pledge Class Pres.; Thalian Blackfriars; Uni. Theatre Smith, Ralph C. Smith, Richard R. Alpha Kappa Psi; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega Stevens, Ma« E. Honors Day Stewart, W.H. Stovall, Paul G. Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa; Reed Hall Council; Bull Dog Club; Pep Club Shalloway, P. D. Reed Hall Coun.; Phi Kappa; In- depen. Men; Delta Sigma Pi; Real Estate Society; Student Center Slattery, Mary A. Kappa Delta; New- man Club Spratlin, Geldle F. Stovtr, Jerald P. Baptist Student Union Stripling, M. E. Summerell, B. J. Kappa Delta Sumter. F. N. Demosthenian; Alpha Tau Omega; Wesley Founda- tion; V. Pres. Jazz Soc. Taitz, Jarry B. Alpha Epsilon, V. Pres. Taylor, Curtis B. Sigma Nu; Thatian Blackfriars; Uni. Ga. Tiieatre; Bap- tist S. Union: Turner, Braxton B. Delta Sigma Pi; Real Estate Society Tolluon, Robert H. Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Sigma Epsilon: Newman Club Vjning, Wm. Sih Walker, Jimmy R. Football; Track; Sigma Chi Bulldog Club; BSU Wftshington, D. G. Watson, John H. Alpha Kappa Psi; Chi Psi; Phi Eta Sigma Weatherford, B. A. Wesley Foundation; Wells, Armand D. Gamma Sigma Sigma C ' Sigma; Pi Beta Student Center Weston, Gilmer G. Scabbard Blade; Sigma Alpha Epsilon itMb(ii f WestfdII, Carl D. Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec; Pep Club kUtl Whitton, Jon W. Alpha Kappa PsI Whitworth, J. M. Wilcox, J. G. Phi Delta Theta Wilkinson, Joe L. Williams, G. A. Willingham, J. P. Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres.; Real Estate Society, Pres.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Kappa Head Proc. Reed Wilson, Henry D. Wimberly, S. E. Phi Mu; Pep Club; Wesley Foundation Worthingfon, J. L. Alpha Kappa Psi Wriglit, John M. Newman Club REAL ESTATE SOCIETY »v- First row: William Lewis, Dr. W. R. Beaton, James Willingham, Richard Gavrin, Donald McNeill, Charles Evans, Roy Curtis. Second row: John Haley, Thomas Noell, Turner Bartenfeld, Dan Shalloway, Bill Brewton, Henry McDonafd, Douglas Glover. Third row: William Mc- Kinnon, George Hurst, Alfred Blackmar, Jerry Washburn, Arthur Sweat, John Dees, Lawlon Howell, John Breedlove. Fourth row: William Franklin, Cliff Simonton, Tobert Brown, Robert Torbett, Larry Pralher, IVilliam Mathais, Clarke Franklin, Joseph Johnson, William James. Fifth row: Bailey Turner, Ralph Beasley. 365 Alpha Kappa Psi attemp+s to further the welfare of its members and to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, ac- counting, and finance. Any male student in the Col- lege of Business Adminis- tration and any male graduate student working toward a degree in Busi- ness Administration or ec- onomics is eligible for membership. cial praj and We Day Part ALPHA KAPPA PSI Harold Hubert, Harry Irwin, Bob Johnson, Dr. E. Troel- ston, Bobby Galbreath, Bill Johnson, Charlton Witidham. George Williams, Bill Tomlin, James Franklin, Bobby Galbreath, Uniden- tified, Mack Elder, Tom Douglas, Bob Taylor, Har- old Hubert, Rodney Wall. Gary Randolph, Milton Adams, Charles Holton, Bob Johnson, Jon Whit- ton, Joe Worthington, Charlie Harper, Sheldon Scheppach, Bill Akin, Frank Gottshall. im If III W, Iro m Delta Sigma Pi, an international business fraternity, encourages scholarship and social activity and strives to promote closer affiliation between the commer- cial world and the students of commerce. Fraternity projects include professional meetings, field trips and counselling to freshmen during Orientation Week. The social calendar Includes the Founders ' Day and Chapter Birthday Dances and the River Party. Chapter officers for 1959-60 were William C. Carmichael, president; hiarold Jose, vice presi- dent; James Hembree, secretary, and William Quinn, treasurer. Roster: Arthur Banks, Cecil Boone, Ronald Cain, John Caldwell, William Carmack, William Carmichael, Charles Carter, Herbert Clinton, William Cnoley, Richard Davis, Sharon Denney, Howard Force, Earl Ford, John Haley, Ralph Hall, James Hembree, Thaddeus Holbrook, l.onnie Holchkiss, James Irby, Harold Jose, George Krivsky, James Landers, Ronald McKinley, Danvin Martin, Malcolm Nolen, Jr., Hugh O ' Neal, Wallace Pate, Robert Pridgen, William Quinn, Lavern Redfern, Lewis Sams, Jr., Richard Smith, Ronald Smith, Andrew Sullivan, Jr., Braxton Turner, Jr., Maurice Watkins, Bonnie Williams, Jr., Charles Williams, Thomas Williams, Jr., Charles Worley, Wendell Ayres, John Bar- rentine, Jr., Michael Becker, Melvin Carter, Charlie Christian, Jimmy Crazier, William Daniels, Cecil Dorsey, Ralph Drawhorn, Huey Long, Joseph Mennen, John Parrish, Phillip Shalloway, Harold Shields. DELTA SIGMA PI 367 j A ' J. A. DOTSON, Dean of School of Education Today ' s College of Education is a com- posite of the old Peabody School of Edu- cation at the University, the Georgia State Teacher ' s College, the Departnnent of Rural and Vocational Education of the College of Agriculture, and the Departments -of Physical Education for Men and Women, which were combined in 1931. The present college was organized in 1903, and in its 57th year is headed by Dean J. A. Dotson. Students may presently take courses lead- ing to degrees in all areas of elementary and secondary education, including the specialized fields in the College of Educa- tion. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Ilk ' Astin, Ada M. Psychology Club; TrI Quetra Beasley, Leslie L. Student Council : URSA; Panhellenlc Exc. Council; Kappa Kappa Gamma Biddy, Lowell T. Adams, M.C. Alpha Delta PI; Sigma Delta Pi Almand, Mary J. Student Union Board; Student Union Council; Girls Glee Club Barron, Rochelle Hiljei; Delta Phi Epsilon; Student Center; UGRA Barton, Harriet J. Alpha Gamma Delta; Georgette; URSA; Pep Club; USIF Bell. Everette A. Dem,osthenian Lit. Soc. Am Blanchard, C. , Alpha Delta Pi; SNEA Testing occupies a major role in today ' s education program in all fields. f«»rri. Boftomi, James E. 370 Braka, William E. P. E. Club Brantlay, Judy Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Pep Club Brew r, Ga»rg« T. Cagle, Jamas R. Wesley Foundation; G Club; Baseball; PE Club; Arnold Air Soc. Cardall, D. J. Chesnut, J. A. Sigma l iu; PE Major Ciub Clough, Marilyn Alpha Gamma Delta Corley, Cyntlila L. ZCIub;Co-Capt., Cheerleaders; Alpha Delta Pi; Kappa Delta Epsi- lon, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA Maior- Wo- men ' s Glee Club; President ' s Council Colion, Cler M. Panhetlenic; Zodiac; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; WAA; Key Club Cox, Sylvia Gray Dolphin; Bulldog Club; Student Union Connally, E. A. URSA: Women ' s Glee Club Crawford, C. J f Crockatt, Camille Alpha Delta Pi; WAA; Pep Club; Dance Club; Kappa Delta Epsilon ijrWi ' Fatparman, M. H. Phi Mu; Angel Flight; Georgette Dugan, David L. Faw, Susia G. Pi Beta Phi; Gamma Sigma Signrw; URSA Minor Flandari, MacGragor, Jr. Cosmopolitan Club, Treas. Ferraitar, V. 6. Alpha Lambda Delta. Sec. ' Kappa Delta Epsilon; URSA Minor; Glee Club; Panhellenic Council; Chi Omega, Pres.; Mortarboard 371 Sarnas, Mary K. URSA: Pep Club; Zeta Tau Alpha; WAA; Student Union Gammaqa, J. M. Tri Delta Garden, Jerry R. Gardner, Joanie Kappa Kappa .- a Gamma, Pres.; i Garvin, Diane L. Gash, Tom L. Gibson, Mary A. Triquetra; Triangle Gober, Billy E. P. E. Maior Club; Wesley Foundation I Iri« Graham, Lamar Haavie, K. F. Women ' s Glee Club Harper, H. A. Dance Concert Club; Psychology Club Harris, Pat Lilly GAA; Bulldog Club; Kappa Alpha Theta Htott, MaryE. Student Council; Panhel; Zeta Phi Ets; TrI Delta Hollls, M. A. Kappa Alpha Theta; Bulldog Club; URSA Major Grant, Jerry A. Grant, Terry L. Kappa Alpha Theta Hadaway, Jane S. Chorus; MENC Halle, Suzanne J. Alpha Delta Pi; WAA; Kappa Delta Epsilon Harell, Gloria K. WAA; Jr. Panhel Alpha Delta Pi Harrell, Laura A. ACE; Tri Delta Hicks, Claudia Y. Hiers, Maria L. Newman Club; Triquetra Hobbi, Egle J. , ,i Delta Tau Delta; P. E. Club Hogg, M. J. Holmes, Jean S. Bulldog Club Hooper, F. E. Kappa Alpha Theta; Dolphin Club; WAA; URSA; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Homecon; UGRA Griffith, B. A. KappaDelta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta. Pres.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Bull- dog Club Halrston, R. M. Swim Team Harris, Lillian J. Kappa Delta Epsilon; Concert Dance Club; WAA; Jr. Dolphin Club; Alpha Delta Pi HIIIIs, Anita E. WAA; Pem Club; Alpha Chi Omega Holcombe, A. N. Hubert, M. R. Kappa Alpha Theta; Bulldog Club; WAA 372 Hudson, Brot« Jr. Hurl«y, Brady L. Hughs. Nancy W. UeiF; Jazz Club Hunter, Nancy E. Triquetra; Gamma Sigma Sigma Jackson, Choyc L. WAA; Dolphin Club; Pi Sigma Alpha: Delta Delta Delta Janncy, Martha A. Triquetra; Chorus; BSU Jarrett, C. L. Pi Kappa Phi Johnson, Ruth Jones, F. M. UGIF, Pres.;Zeta Phi Eta; Kappa Delta; Thalian Blackfriars Kemp, Martha A. Alpha Gamma Delta Langford, Carol E. Student Center Kinney, D. A. UGRA; Pep Club; Women ' s Chorus; NEA; URSA Minor KIrby, Carolyn M. Chi Omega; Kappa Alpha Sponsor Lanier, MIml M. Chi Omega; WAA Leogtr, Nancy L. Chi Omega; Psychology Club LiGutn, Martha F. Zeta Phi Eta; Alpha Delta Pi Lewitt, Marilyn Z. WSGA; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel; Red and Black; Student Union LIghtfoot, Lynn Zeta Tau Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Delta Epsilon; WAA; Gamma Sigma Sigma Little, Rebecca Kappa Alpha Theta; Jr. Panhe! Pres.; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl Lovall, Max M«uldln, Carolyn Triquetra Lee. Nancy L. Triquetra Longlno, M. Clare Alpha Gamma Delta. Women ' s Glee Club; WAA; FTA; Alpha Gamma Delta Mason, O. Lea, Jr. P. E. MaiorClub; Delta Tau Delta Maxwall R. S. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta Matthias, R. A. Alpha Omicron Pi; Red Black; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Pi Gamma Kappa McClendon, G. A. Dolphin Club; WAA; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Kappa Alpha Theta 373 Melnfyr . D. O. Tholion Black- friars; Football McLanahan, L. R. Phi Mu McLaughlin, L. Chorus; WAA; Zeta Tau Alpha ' Meadert, M. E. Alpha Gamma Delta, Soc. Chm. Mafealf, Elinor N. Kappa Delta Pi; Forestry Wives Club, Pres. Mink, Kenneth S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mltchem, Neal H. Pi Kappa Phi; PE Majors Moody, Virginia A. Chi Omega Motelay, J. V. Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa Nash, Beverly C. Alpha Omicron Pi; NEA McLeroy, C. R. Mitchell, M. B. Chi Omega; Psy- chology Club; WAA; Pep Club; Westminster Fellowship Morgan C. D. Enotah Club Namac, Beverly A URSA;Vyesley Foundation, Rec. Sec; Delta Delta Delta Nichols, Frances V. Chi Omega; Pep Club; WAA ilAl, h:: NIx, Jamas E. Oliver, E. A. Alpha Chi Omega; Student Center; History Club O ' Neal, Susan C. Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Trees.; Alpha Delta PI Oimore. Sheila Y. Triquetra; URSA; TAG; Triangle; Baptist Student Union; Gamma Sigma Sigma Palmer, Connie E Cosmopolitan Club; Alpha Chi Omega Papagaorge, E. S. NEA; Honors Day Paris, Anith J. Zeta Tau Alpha: Student Council Fa»«, Sybil W. V. Pres. Clark Howell; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Uni. Chorus; Wesley Foundation Mt,J. plutl Patterson, R. W. Potti, Nancy Peck, Sandra W. Kappa Kappa Gamma; WAA Phillips, Calvin Powell, D. N. 374 Phillips, Louii E. Amateur Radio Club, Pres.; Basketball Prestley, M. H. Sigma Pi; X Club; M Army ROTC Band 1 « 1 .Cl Prosser, E. L. Ouante, MarTon H. Kappa Delta, Pres.; Ch) Phi Sweetheart; Panheilenic:URSA Minor; Jazz Club u I Randolph. Udall F. Pharmacy Wives Club, Sec. Rigsby, A. T., Jr. Alpha Gamma Rho. V. P. Zi ' Robbins, Joseph D. NEAiGEA Robertson, L. M. ■! -i!i:ta it ifyama mMT. pMSKM ■rEkm Smith, Jo Ann Alpha Xi Delta Robinstfn, L. F. Alpha Delta PI; WAA; Dance Club Cheerleader Sexton, Frances A. Mortar Board; Angel Flight; Stu- dent Council: Sigma Alpha lota; Dixie Redcoat Band; WSGA; Majorette: Orchestra Shropshire, S. E. PEM Club; Tennis Club; WAA Rogers, Norma D. Sddler. G. R. Sands, Gerald S. Indep. Men; Hillel, Kappa Delta Pi Shellnut, E. W. Sheppard, Ann C. PEM Club: WAA Shirah, Sarah A. Sioblom, R. J. Kappa Alpha Theta Somerviile, V. M. WAA; Canterbury Club; Zeta Tau Alpha Sloan, Wayne C. Steadman, G. F. PEM Club, V.P. Smith, B. N. Pres., Alpha Delta Pi; Pre s., Z Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; KDE; Student Council Steine, M. P. Zeta Phi Eta URSA Minor; Jr, Panhel; Hillel UGRA; WAA Delta Phi Epsilon Storey, Alton H. Thigpen, Jimmy D. NEA;GEA Sullivan, M. J. Zeta Tau Alpha; Belle Corps: WAA Teel, Betty J. Triquetra; Triangle; B5U; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon Thompson, M. A. Thornton, Jane P. Kappa Kappa Gamma Torch, Lynda M. Di Gamma Kappa; Hillel; Sigma Delta Tau; Red Black; WSGA Trapp, Sandra B. URSA; Alpha Lambda Delta; Nu Rho Psi;Ch ' Omega; Zodiac: Mortar Board; WSGA WSGA Thayer, Tirzah A Delta Delta Delta Dolphin Club Canterbury Club Pep Club; Glee Club Tillem, Dorothy Hillel; Delta Phi Epsilon Turner, Helen H. Phi Mu Ulmer, Ann T. 375 Vanc«, Sarah V. Walls, Robert L. Delta Tau Delta Wilder, V. V. Kappa Delta Pi Wingats. M. J. Gamma Sigma Sigma; TAG; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; WSGA; Triquetra; Triangle; Wesley Foundation Vandiver, S. H. BSU; Mission Chm., YWA Vaughn, J. A. Veal, Fred M. Whaley, Paula G. Concert Dance Club, VP; PEM Club; WAA Whitehead, A. E. Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Miss Pandora ' 60 Williams, E. D. Georgette; Phi Mu; Concert Dance Club Witcher, Lois C BSU; YWA Woods, J. K, Alpha Lambda Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha; Jr. Pan- hellenic Wicker, Nancy Ann Zeta Tau Alpha; Dixie Redcoat Band, Georgette; Alpha Lambda Delta; Angel Flight; Student Council; Panhel- lenic Council; WAA Lorellee Wright Pi Beta Phi First row: Jhuniic Alberson, TerreU Benlon, Carris Nexvby, Gene Crandall, J. W. Eubanks. Floyd Faisson, Johnny Hodges. Second row: Ed Mclntyre. Clark Anderson, Donald Rigisler, Raymond Adams, Ronny liray. Carter Muton. Third row: James Ciddens, James Vorley, 7.ack Marten, J. W. Buck, James Cole- man. Joe Wong. Fourth row: Shar-Yuan Yeh, Hobby Williams, Jinimic Timmons, Nolan Razulins, Frank Pmrcll, Richard Coleman. GAFFAU Gaffau opens membership to any student regularly en- rolled in agricultural courses at the University and who has been a member of a Future Farmers of America chapter during his high school years and to students specializing in teacher train- ing in the Department of Agricultural Education. The organization seeks to provide recreation and fraternal re- lationships for Its members. It conducts the state FFA seed, tree and shrub identi- fication contest each year. I 376 II ! dBBIi HBHi Bi ' aJ First row: Boyd Manow, Arvin Craton, Dr. J. J. Wcsllall, Nanadelyn Hall, Maty Holton. -Charles Christmas, Roy Dunda, Gene Randolph. Second row: Anna Dunn, Frances Mitchell, Barbara Green, Martha Compton, Ruth Baker, Myrtle Fleming, Joe Wilber, Mary Gaither. Third row: Milton Dooley, Margaret Dooley, Thomas Pullen, William Wyatt, Ben Sloan, Dr. E. H. Dixon, Billx Stikes, William Baker, Bill LeNoir. Fourth rovi: Theodore Jackson, Ernest Roberts, Benjamin Franklin, Owen, O ' Neal Hendricks, Wallace Brogdar, Charles Baghey, Joseph Fuber, John Bivens. Fifth row: Dr. Stanton Singleton, Janie New, William Groover, Samuel Vickey, Joe Buckley, Morns, James Collins. Sixth row: Horace Uselton, Joseph Croom, John Bedsole, Lee Webb, Lymon Gregory, Dean Broxon. Seventh row: Percy Turner, Robert Dearing, Richardson Sanders, Shirley Heffernan, Mrs. Huff, Dean G. Huff. Eighth row: Arthur Strickland, Dr. R. D. Anderson, John Creswell, Dr. Kirk Fort. reguWy 6=- ■ i course! ,ity wi ' • Mfflber , of Am ' ics n5 liis t ' ? ' ndtoitytief ' CCJ i,e state J s. ' irjb loB " iteachye ' NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION The Naflonal Science Foundation Academic Year Institute is a research and study group including •fifty high school teachers who have received grants from the government to study this year at the Uni- versity. Dr. J. J. Westhall, head of the University Botany Department, is director of the program. 377 h the mill of SO ' M SCHOOL OF FORESTRY The George Foster Peabody School of Forestry, established here in 1906, is the oldest School of Forestry in the South. Dean A. M. Herrick is chief ad- nninistrator of the School. In addition to its educational services, the School of Forestry manages University forest properties. The School teaches pro- fessional forestry to students Intending to make it their career, does exten- slonal work with farmers and landowners through the Agricultural Extension Service, and does research at the experiment stations in Griffin and Athens. A. M. HERRICK, Dean of the School of Forestry Modem saw mill equipment is used in demonstrating methods of production to forestry students. Fini Mb Ctrl Cinl FORESTRY CLUB The Forestry Club opens membership to all students enrolled in the School of Forestry, and its primary purpose is to promote interest and encourage research in the field. Club members enjoy honoring their mythical hero, Paul Bunyan, fall quarter, and forestry camp is in the summer. 382 First row: Grady Benson, John White, Norman Ketchie, Lylon Bond, Harvey Johnson. Second row: Jimmy Hill, Bob McDonald, John Eadie, Dr. John Stochre, Unidentified, Dan Purdom. Third row: Winston West, Werin Graham, B. W. Giffons, Bill Beland, Carl Arnold. Fourth row: Richard Russell, Dentils Deloach, David Brantley, Bobby Kitchens, Tommy Blalock. Fifth row: Freddy Corsby, Charles Stephens, J. Mixon, Unidentified. Sixth row: Bob Bolton, Lenard Woodward, Unidentified, Gill Brown, Joe Moore. CLUI jfoitirfei " Xi Sigma Pi honors stu- dents who have done out- standing work in the For- estry Schooliand who show signs of becoming out- standing in forestry. Club projects include the grow- ing and selling of Christ- mas trees and the devel- opment of a forest arbore- tum. XI SIGMA PI , 384 The Graduate School offers +he master of arts degree and the master of science de- gree in most major subjects, and the Ph.D. in English, edu- cation, mathematics, zoology, psychology, history and plant sciences. Dr. G. B. Huff Is serving his first year as dean of the Graduate School, re- placing retiring George H. Boyd. Before 1910, when the Graduate School was estab- lished, graduate work was supervised by the faculty chiefly through its Commit- tee on Graduate Courses. GRADUATE SCHOOL G. B. HUFF, Dean of Graduate School C. E. Bagley W. M. Baker M. A. Boone P. W. Bryan W. M. Brogdon P. Buranamanas J. H. Butler J. A. Croom R. A. Bay H. D. BarHL Hh K. W, Coleman Kappa Alpha Thela J. L. CresI W. S. Davis T. M. Deaton M. G. Dooley M. Dooley 386 uy m, H. D. Dubey O. Erei N. Hall S. K. Heffernan R. W. Dundon B. Fakhrnea M. N. Gaiihar M. E. Elder H. J. Fabar B. P. Franklin S. P. Franklin S. Goldstein W. R. Groover L. J. Gregory, Jr. G. S. Haddad N. Hamad A. A. Hardigree B. O. Hendricks R. E. Herner R. L. Helmer M. J. Holton A. J. Homer, Jr. K. Isawa 387 T. I. Jackson J. F. New J. D. James W, S. Jordan A. O. Keysor L. D. Mathis L. F. Pin M. R. Raia R. D. Judson i s T B. Khalilmanesh G. D. Jones u«» S. Jutivongse M. Khosrowshahi J. E. Lee O. M. Lee, Jr. O. F. Maddox ' A. M. Manning -5 " W. W. Martin B. H. Morrow A. M. Na C. E. Palmer N. Peterson CJ.«ipw ItWii M. H. Purcell D. €. Randolph R. G. tutm M. P. Riflfl li . 388 E. R. Roberts R. K. Robinson T. H. Rodgers R. M. Roncalli R. F. Sanders k B. Sayre Scoggins C. N.Sikcs B. L. Sloon S. L. Smith mm D. Somaatmadga D. A. Stafford A. D. Strickland M.Z. Suba! M. C. Thomas C. J. Vipperman L.W.Webb R. E. Weitman H. F. Whteler J. Willmott W. C. Wyatt. Jr. E. Fincher A. M. Forcadas 3S9 G. M. Weinman J.C. Wilber R. A. Clay, Jr. k F. J, Stockmann f MARY SPEfRS, Dean of School of Home Economics Since 1933 the School of Home Economics has been preparing the state ' s young women for home and family living and for professional careers relating to the home. To accomplish that preparation, the school offers a well-rounded pro- gram of instruction, including such majors as child development, die- tetics, and home economics edu- cation. Dean Mary Speirs came to the University in 1954 from the Geor- gia Experiment Station at Griffin, where she was director of home economics research. SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS 391 Albertson, Marie Alpha Chi Omega, Student Union Jazz Club, B.S.U., Homecon Baker, Mary Carol Bowers, Mary C. Zeta Tau Alpha: hlomecon; Phi Upslion Omicron Brown, Lois E. Kappa Alpha Theta; Homecon Cape, Carolyn S. Triquetral Triangle; Homecon; 4-H Club, Vice presi- dent; B.T. U. Crawford, Betty Student Union Council; Student Union Board; Wesley Foundation, treasurer; Pi Tau Chi; Homecon Crow, Priscilla Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Glee Club; Belle Corps, Com- nnander Danneman, R. B. Junior Panhellenic. president; Delta Phi Epsllon, treas- urer, social chair- man; Hillel, secre- tary Ferrell, Sonya A. Alexander, Ruth URSA; Kappa Delta; W.A.A.; U.G.LF. Bell, Carolyn 6. Phi Mu, pledge trainer; Homecon; Pep Club Bowman, Phyllis J. Homecon Burch, Sarah F. Triquetra; Triangle; Homecon; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Wesley Foundation; GEOI GIA AGRI- CULTURIST. Ass. Bus. Manager Cogburn, B. J. Homecon; Tri- quetra; 4-H Club Cromartie, M, L. Homecon; Alpha Gamma Delta Damianos, R. L. Fair, Barbara P. Field, Lucy Alpha Lambda Delta; Glee Club; W.A.A.; Phi Up- silon Omicron. president; Alpha Gamma Delta Gracious dining is an art that home economic students cultivate •i Mita The nursery school children constantly offer surprises for their practice teachers. Gardner, G. F. Homecon; B.S.U.; Delta Delta Delta Greene, Jo Ann Zeta Tau Alpha; W.A.A.; Phi Upsilon Omicron Harrison, M. J. Alpha Xi Delta. social chairman; B.5.U., vice presi- dent; Homecon; Student Center Board Gladden, Mary Jo Alpha Delta Pi Harper, Beverly A Georgette; Alpha Chi Omega, rush chairman Haygood, M. P. Gamma Sigma Sigma; Alpha Omicron Pi, house president tiHH Htgginbotham, Norma Elizabeth Homecon; 4-H Club; Triquetra; GEORGIA AGRI- CULTURIST Hunt, Beth Linnell Kappa Alpha Theta, secretary; Homecon, treasurer, state treasurer; Georgia Maid of Cotton Knox, Harriet E. Kappa Delta; U.G.I.F.; Home- con; Jazz Club Ldngford, M. A. Homecon; Tri- quetra; GEORGIA AGRICULTURIST. women ' s editor; Student Council; Wesley Foundation Lucas, M. C. Chi Omega; Debate Club; Glee Club; URSA Minor; Canterbury Club Mallard, B. A. Homecon; Triquetra Morgan, M. C. Homecon Mailey, June Homecon, URSA; Alpha Gamma Delta Miller, B. I. Gamma Sigma Sigma; Homecon; Jazz Club Hodges. L. F. Zeta Tau Aipha; URSA; Homecon; W.A.A. Johnson, Janet B. Triquetra, presi- dent; 4-H Club, vice president; Homecon, vice president; B.S.U.; GEOR GIA AGRICULTURIST Home, Lunelle Phi upsilon Omi- cron; Homecon; Junior Panhellenic; Panhellenic Jones, Satly Maud Kappa Kappa Gamma . it Newton, Beth Homecon; URSA Minor Otwell, Nancy J. Alpha Omicpon Pi, treasurer; URSA; B.S.U., president- Student Religious Council, president; Homecon; Student Union Porterfield, Gloria Alpha Gamma Deita; Mortar Board; Pa nhellenic, president; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon Scott, Jean B. Phi Upsilon Omicron Smith. B. J. Phi Mu, secretary, house president Story, Witda URSA; Alpha Lambda Delta; -H Club; Lutheran Student Associ- ation; Homecon; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Mortar Board Wakefield. B.J. Homecon; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Danfarth Summer Fellowship Wardlow, Louise Triquetra; Triangle; Homecon; 4-H Club Whatley, M. A. B.S.U. Parker, Jean Ann Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Pep Club; Student Union; Pi Kappa Phi sponsor Powell, Linda Ann Homecon; T.A.G.; Delta Delta Delta; Wesley Foundation; URSA, vice presi- dent Shackelford, A. N. Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Zodiac, treasurer; Phi Kappa Phi; B.S.U. council Soule, Valerie Zeta tau Alpha. president, vice president, pledge trainer; Mortar Board, president; Panhellenic Judi- cial Council; W.S.G.A. Court; Student Union Board Pollock, Constance Phi Mu, rush chair- man, Panhellenic delegate; W.A.A. Reeves, Paula E. Alpha Delta Pi; Homecon; Bulldog Club Shores, Janice Phi Mu, vice presi- dent; Phi Upsilon Omicron, vice president Still, Suzanne Homecon; Wesley Foundation Stovall, Carol W. Phi Upsilon Om.i- cron; Women ' s Glee Club; Homecon Thornton, P. A. Alpha Omega Pi, social chairman; jHf Homecon; W.A.A. ; Psychology Club Fini rw Mi Lflngftffd- Sfft 8«, jenti ji First row: Mary Carol Bowers, Sara Robertson, Wilda Storey, Lucy Field, Janice Shores, Gwyn Brown, Line Jones. Second row: Jeanette Wakefield, Jane Hangar, Martha Ann Langford, Karen Lavender, Ann Willetti Glenda Newton, Ann Cook, Carol Woodbury. Third row: Beth Hunt, Gloria Porterfield, Priscilla Crow, Jeaf Parker, Jo Anne Green, Peggy Bargeron, Linda Treadway. Wiseman, C. F. RED BLACK; Woman ' s Glee Club; Student Union; Alpha Chi Omega; Homecon Honors Scholay ship and Leadership in Home Economics SchooL PHI UPSILON OMICRON First row: Mahalah Harrison, Maxanne Courson, Leah Mae Jarrett, Peggy Bargeron, Beth Hunt, Martha Ann Langford. Second row: Marie Shirley, Jean Cagburn, Sharon Spieks, Barbara Lewis, Judy Ann Folk, Dianne Mc- Rae, Janet Johnson. HOMECON Homecon seeks to give knowledge and prac- tice in self-initiated group work, to provide an insight into the field of home economics as a vocation, to improve friendship s between students and faculty and to form a basis for future living. The organization was designed specifically to bring the students in the School of Home Economics together. ' dd First row: Frances Hitchcock, Vivian Hor- ton, Wilda Storey, Nelda Pickern, Sharon Boone, Margaret Meintyre, Marjorie Ann Hardy. Second row: Rowan Rihea, Mar- tha Smith, Rebie Mays, Florence Cochran, Charlotte Blass, Marilyn Jane Scarbor- ough, Jennie Lee, Emily Hamilton. 395 396 SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM The names of Dean John E. Drewry and his hienry W. Grady School of Journalism have come to be synonymous with training in the increasingly important field of communications and its many ap- plications. The journalism school confers the degree of bachelor of arts in journalism, which combines broad liberal arts background with pro- fessional training and practical ex- perience under supervision. Aspiring young journalists at Georgia are able to meet many of the practitioners of their future profession when the school spon- sors its several institutes for stu- dents and active journalists each year. JOHN E. DREWRY, Dean nf Henry Grady Sclwnl of Joiinialisiii Bowen, M. McLeod Phi Mu; RED BLACK; Canterbury Club Culpepper, H. S. Sigma Delta Chi; Uni. Theatre; RED BLACK. Asst. News Edi.; Argon- aut; Circle K, Pres.: Band; Theta Chi Aldrrdga, J. L Phi Eta Sigma. Pres.; Biftad, Pres.;XCiub:Stu. Council; Argon- auts, Pres.; Proctor Reed Hall; Fresh- man Camp Counse- lor; Sigma Delta Chi, Sec; Di Gamma Kappa, Pres. Childers, Dan J. Theta Chi; Sigma Delta Chi Fouglner, J. W. Di Gamma Kappa; Newman Club Burnham. H. Di Gamma Kappa: Sigma Delta Chi; Hilfel; Tau Epsilon Phi Eberhardt, Nancy A. Gamma Alpha Chi; Zeta Tau Alpha; Pandora; W.A.A. Rep. Alley, M. L. Zeta Phi Eta;Tha. Blaclcfriars, Sec; Di Gamma Kappa; Un. Theatre; Delta Delta Delta Cleghorn, D. A. Kappa Sigma; Scabbard Blade; RED BLACK. Editor; Sigma Delta Chi. Treas.; Blue Key; Gridiron Anderson, L. K. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Rec Sec; RED BLACK; Pandora Beauty Review; Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart Court Cornetius. B. C. Wesley Foundation, Pres.; Alpha Delta Sigma Elder, Elizabeth Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Alpha lota, Sec; DI Gamma Kappa; Theta Sigma Phi; Zeta Phi Eta; Unl. Chorus Gaines, Mary V. URSA Minor; Chi - Omega Garard, Ray E. Alpha Delta Sigma Di Gamma Kappa; Reed Hall Council; Pershing Rifles, Sec; RED BLACK: Pandora Greene, Patricia V. RED BLACK; Women ' s Glee Club Lichtanstein, llene Delta Phi Epsilon, Pres.; Th eta Sigma Phi; Gamma Alpha Chi; Mortar Board; W.A.A. ; Hillel: URSA Mann, Emily J. Alpha Delta Pi McElveen, M. F. Kappa Alpha Theta. V. Pres.: Theta Sigma Phi, Pres.; RED BLACK, Fea. EdI., Soc. Edi.; Gamma Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Religion-in-Life Week; Freshman Camp Counselor; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA; Sweetheart Sigma Delta Chi Imes, Chester R. Band; Di Gamma Kappa Jay, Randall A. Phi Alpha Theta; History Club; Alpha Delta Sigma; RED BLACK Hatcher, Ronald E. Baptist Student Union. Edi., V. Pres.; Sigma Delta Chi V. Pres., Pres., RED BLACK. News Edi., Mag. Edi., Editor; X Club; Golden Quill; ODK. Pandora Lapp, Lorna L. Di Gamma Kappa; Uni. Theatre; Geechee Club Miller, Jeremy E. Theta Chi; Alpha Hull. Natalie W. Alpha X; Delta, V. Pres.; Panhel- lenic Coun.; Gamma Alpha Chi; URSA Lunsford, Linda G. Chi Omega; Dance Club; Gamma Alpha Chi;W.A.A.; Dolphin Club McDougald, A. B. Kappa Alpha: Glee Club 398 Morris, M. B. D ' l Gamma Kappa; RED BLACK: Alpha Xi Delta Gamma Alpha Chi; Theta Sigma Phi Still, Bruce R. Phi Eta Siqma; Biftad; IFC Scholarship Win- ner; Alpha Delta Sigma, Pres. Van Geuns, M Angel Flight Gamma Alpha Chi Delta Delta Delta. Treas.; Weslev Foundation Newton, Cherry J. PANDORA, Mag. Edi., Edi.; Junior Class. V. Pres.: Theta Sigma Phi, V. Pres.; Golden Quill; WHO ' S WHO Rideout, Judith A RED BLACK Westminster Fel lowship; WAA Gamma Sig Sigma; Pi Beta Ph Taylor, Judith E. Delta Delta Delta Wages, M. M. Aipha Gamma Delta; Z Club: URSA; Theta Sigma Phi; Women ' s Glee Club: RED BLACK; Bulldog Club; WAA; Home con; Theta Chi Sweetheart; UGIF Panhellenic Council; BSD, Political Science Club Smith, Ronald C. Delta Sigma Pi Parkman, Davis S. Alpha Delta Sigma; Lambda Chi Alpha; RED BLACK. News Edi. Ramsey, Henry E. Kappa Alpha. Pres. Saussy, Jack P. Kappo Aipha Stafford, Wm. A. Alpha Delta Sigma Thompson, F. M. RED BLACK; Kappa Alpha Theta; 01 Gamma Kappa: History Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Theta Sigma Phi Waller. W. P. Kappa Alpha; Reed Hall Council: Di Gamma Kappa; Circle K Smith, James L. Tracit Team. Cross Country; RED BLACK, Sports Edi.; Bulldog Bowl Award Steinberger, S. M. Alpha Epsllon; Sigma Delta Tau Toth, Gregory R. Alpha Delta Sigma; Phi Kappa Tau Watson, James W. S igma Delta Chi; RED BLACK :l ALPHA DELTA SIGMA ...,i».l Alpha Delta Sigma is a professional fraternify for journalism students in advertising. The group handles publicity for several local events, including the Athens Agricultural Fair. David Parkman Salvador Ca.slorina Bruce Slill Harold Crowder Ed Strain Gregory Toth Randy Jay Jim Martin Al Fletcher Randall Cofer Tommie Morris Tony Middleton Hill Stafford DI GAMMA KAPPA First row: Henry Illuiiienthal, Uuidentified, Inicientified, James Morrison, Sandra Alley, Suzanne Slercarl, Margaret Ann Quante. Second row: Chet lines, Douglas Haxoley, John Furman, Haivey DuBose, Hoxcard Burnhani, Jon Saunders. Third row: Ned Benton, I.orna Lapp, Bennett Morris, DeAlva Legett, Jim Foughner. e »_ I Left to right: Larry Aldridge, Suzanne Doii ' den, Flozelle Thompson. Burd, Tom Di Gamma Kappa pledges journalism students who exhibit a keen interest in broadcasting and who have an average of 80 or above. The fraternity was founded on the University of Georgia campus and seeks to further the development of broadcasting and to create friendly relationships with those persons outstanding in the fields of radio and tele- vision. Members write and produce radio programs which are broadcast by local stations, and banquets winter and spring quarters comprise the organization ' s social activities. The winter quarter banquet is held in connection with the Radio-TV Institute, and the spring quarter affair honors a pioneer in Georgia broadcasting, who is awarded a plaque and honorary membership. Larry Aldridge, Suzanne hlard- man, Flozelle Thompson and Tom Dowden were this year ' s officers. 400 THETA SIGMA PHI The+a Sigma Phi is a national honorary professional organization for women in journalism and communi- cations fields. This year Theta Sig sponsored a workshop for all sorority editors on campus and also completed a project on juvenile literature. MA PA Nancy Baldwin, Martha McElveen, Lisa Elder, Lourie Anderson, Melha Wages, Ilene Litchenstein, Natalie Hull, Virginia McDaniel, Flozelle Thompson. GAMMA ALPHA CHI Based on above average interest in advertising and high scholarship, Gamma Alpha Chi honorary fra- ternity recognizes women students majoring in journalism, commercial art, and business. Annually, Gamma Alpha Chi presents the Outstanding Pro- fessional Woman in Advertising and the Outstand- ing Professional Woman awards. Left to right: Jane Smith, Natalie Hull, Nancy Eberhardt, Judy Appleton, Margie P ' an Guens, Martha Wren, Vir. ginia McCurdy. SCHOOL OF LAW Law courses have been of- fered by the University since 1843, but the School of Law was not established until 1859, making its centennial fall during this school year. The Institute of Law and Government is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is approved by the American Bar Asso- ciation and the Georgia Bar Association. Dean J. Alton Hosch and his faculty offer courses de- signed to acquaint students with the common law and its statutory modifications. Ap- plication, however, is stressed over theory. J. ALTON HOSCH, Dean of the School of Law 403 LAW CENTENNIAL This year the University of Georgia ' s School of Law is celebrat- ' ing its Centennial. Founded in 1859 by three eminent Georgia j lawyers, Joseph Henry Lumpkin, Thomas R. R. Cobb, and William Hope Hull, The School has a notable history. There are more than 3,000 living alumni, most of whom are practicing lawyers in cities and towns throughout Georgia and in other parts of the country. Alumni of the School have rendered distinguished service to the legal and social order of the times. Pope Brock, in delivering a recent Law Day address, cited a well-deserved tribute to the Law School by one who is not an alumnus: " No single institution has made a deeper impression upon the life of the State than the University Law Department. " The Dean and members of the Law Faculty are well qualified by scholarship and experience, and they are capable successors to the Law School ' s great teachers of the past. The highlight of the Centennial activities was the delivery of three lectures by Dean Emeritus Roscoe Pound of the Law School of Harvard University. Dean Pound is the outstanding legal scholar in America and perhaps in the world. His lectures had to do with the philosophy of law, a subject to which he has devoted seventy years as a lawyer, supreme court justice, author, and law teacher. America ' s competitor, the Soviet Union, has made great scientific progress with Sputnik and Muttnik, but America continues to work for the Ideal of Liberty under Law, which Is paramount If mankind Is to enjoy peace and order rather than obliteration. The University ' s Law School has played a great part in preserving this ideal. 404 WOiJ Acrae, William SAE; Phi Delta Adams, Jr., L. C. Phi Delta Phi; Student Editorial Board Baldwin, E. P. ATO; Phi Delta Phi; IFC Boulus, N. P. Chi Psi, V. P.: X Club, Hist.; IFC; Student Council; Real Estate Soc. Brannen, Jr., B. L. Assoc. Justice Honor Ct.;VP. 2nd. Yr. Law Class Phi Delta Ph Buckley, R. R. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres.; Phi Delta Phi Coleman, Jr., W. R. Treas., Sigma Chi; Pershing Rifles; Demos. Lit. Soc; Honor Mil. Student Bondurant, E. J. Chief Justice Law Sch. Honor Ct.; Pres., St. Advs. Council; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Capt., Ga. Swim Team; Chm., Student Council; Sphinx; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi; Blue Key; X Club; Biftad; Phi Eta Sigma; Arnold Air Soc; Scabbard Blade; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Asst. Ed. Student Ed. Board Ga. Bar Journal Bridge, Auburn J. Editor of Student Ed, Board-Ga. Bar Journ. Collier, James M. Phi Delta Phi Donaldson, R. F. Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa Lit.; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma PI Hearn, George J. Phi Delta Phi; DDK; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Kappa Cooper, LeConfe V. Phi Delta Phi. Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Sigma Alpha; Chief Just. Law Sch. Honor Ct.; Sec- Treas.. 2nd. yr. Law Class Dennard, T. E. Pres, Phi Delta Theta; IFC. Pres; Phi Delta Phi; Gridiron; Who ' s Who; Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Advs. Council Davis, Jr., W. A. Sphinx; Gridiron. Pres.; Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres; Demos., Pres; X Club, Pres;4-H, Pres; Junior Or- ation; Phi Alpha Delta; Indep. Men Xnctlicfart PhiAlDiiiDi Flythe, James B. Chi Psi Dickenson, G. 6. Haupt, R. C. Pres, Pi Kappa Alpha; V. P., Geechee Club Holman, John Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Delta; Demos. Lit. Soc. Hood, Saorg W. Ph! Kappa Lit. Soc; IFC; Ph! Delta Theta; Pre- Legal Club; A!r Force Drill Team Jones, Augustus B. Phi Alpha Delta Knight, Nathan 6. Pres, SAE; Sphinx; Gridiron, X Club; ODK; Honor Ct.; Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard Blade 406 Hi ' DEAN HOSCH lectures to law class. Krock, Richard M. Ph; Alpha Delta; Color Guard Drill Team; Univ. Theatre: Tau Ep. Phi Lambert, T. H. Pres, Delta Tau Delta: Phi Delta Phi: Demos. Lit. Soc. Mitchell, W.W. Kappa Sigma; Pi Sig. Alpha; Demos. Lit. Soc; Honor Ct.; Phi Delta Phi Raley, Floyd R. XCIub:ODK; Gridiron; Pi Sigm; Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Demo. Lit. Soc; Campus Leader Moore, Arnold C. Phi Delta Phi, Vice Pre ; Honor Ct. McElmurrdy.Jr., Ben Swain Sphinx, Gridiron, Greek Horsemen; X Club; Who ' s Who; Editor of 58 Pandora; Phi . Kappa Lit. Soc- IPC; Scabbard Blade; Golden Quill Peasall, J. N. Pres., V.P. of Sr. Law Clas5;Pres, Phi Delta Phi; Student Adv. Council; Who ' s Who Ramler, Albart N. Phi Alpha Delta; Ed. of Student Ed. Board;Honor Student Sk«lton,Jr., R. T. Frsh. Baseball; Bulldog Club; Pershing Rifles: Pre-Legal Club; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc. Snow, Thomas W. Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Kappa; Blue Key; Student Cou. Rep XClub Walrlar, Aron G. Tau Epsilon Phi, Phi Alpha Delta; Frsh. Class Officer: Case Club; Honors Day 1958 Miller, William W. Pres. Pi Sigma Alpha; Pres., Pol. Sci. Club;Xtlub; Demosth. Lit. Soc; Phi Alpha Delta; Canterbury Club; Indep. Men; Pyramid Club Pierce, Jean W. Simnrwns, M. T. Phi Kappa Lit; Pres., Sigma Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa, X Club: Gridiron; Phi Delta Phi; IFC Wasdin, John T. Phi Delta Phi Young, Frank T. Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Advisory Council 407 Hudson Ayers Peter knks Cecil Berfield Reqinald Bell Darry Berman Ronald Bernstein Gary Blasingama Gerald Burrows George Carley Fred Clarlc Ronnie Cohen ?J Fred Colella Herbert Crane Eohraim Davis Carr Dodson Milner Durden Alktn Dyches A. Rowland Dye Thomas Ellioit Harry Ellis Foster Evans Pinckney Fleming Cicero Garner Marion Gordon C. Lowell Kirby William Kitchens Earl Leonard Jim Whim Bryce Holcomb Don Howe Herbert Hutto Claude Johnson . i™ UNDERGRADUATES Thomas Linder James Lowe Travis Lynch 408 Herman Michael James Palmour Grover Posey Allen Post James Rewis Wiley Roberts Louis Saul Douglas Smith W. Rhett Tanner Isaac Thompson Gene Watts James Whitley J. Charles Wilkerson Gene Winburn G us Wood Eugene Wright EiilLii " l hate: First row: Fran Little, Virginia Smith, Clara Gowen, Naomi Holland, Jo Ann Simmons, La Verne Wright, Janet Maclntyre, Nita Williams, Judy Kitchens, Beth Williamson, Deanie Johnston, Betty Hartley, Charlotte Jones, Barbara Brinson, Beatrice Gamer, Bar- bara Bell, Nancy Barfield, Johnie Lou Fleming, Peggy Childs, Madeline Cooper, Fran Hutto. LAW DAMES Composed of Law Students ' Wives. ' 9 «5S •s M Hi 1 1 V4 3 h ' SL -% ' A First row: James Palmour, Frederick Collella, Aran Weiner, Fernando Villamil, David Vaughn, Albert Remler, Mr. O. M. Field, Fred Clark, Marvin Hartley, Gerald Burrows, Louis Saul, Marion Gordon, Richard Krock, Sam Little, Craig Fickling. Second row: Pinckney Fleming, Wallace Thompson, Dallas Phillips, James Pace, Tobert Raley, Bill Miller, Lowell Kirby, Douglas Smith. Third row: Ronald Johnston, James Whirey, Sam Harden, Gary Blasingame, F.ugene Wright, Perry Michael, Billy Davis, Thomas Scott. Fourth row: Richard Herndon, Harold Posey, James Lowe, James Granade, Nor- man Boulus, James Rewis, Mobley Childs, Cecil Davis, Gary Gowen, Daniel Roberts, Ronnie Cohen, Jean Pierce, Gary Tollman, Travis Lynch, Augus- tus Jones, Auburn Bridge. PHI ALPHA DELTA Phi Alpha Delta, a national legal fra- ternity, promotes a high standard of professional ethics, encourages scholar- ship, and provides professional and so- cial activities for its mennbers. The fra- ternity annually gives the Shinn Me- morial Award for ex- cellence in the field of legal writing and an award to an out- standing law senior. The group also spon- sors a textbook lend- ing library, a legal film series, and an orientation program for new students. 410 Wilson Inn Chapter of Phi Delta Phi, international legal fraternity, seeks to fulfill the purpose of the fraternity, which is to promote high standards of legal ethics among its chapters and within the pro- fession. Bi-Monthly luncheon meetings give student members a chance to hear practicing attorneys and scholars In the field discuss various aspects of legal practice. The member of the first year law class making the highest average each year is presented the Phi Delta Phi Scholarship Award. PHI DELTA PHI Norman Pease, Cliff Adams, Walter Mitchell, Tom Joiner, Dent Acree, Emmet Bondurant , Barney Brannen, Dick Buckley Jim Collier, Valdi Cooper, Carr Dodson, Barch Flythe, Cid Garner, Tom Gray, Bryce Holcomb, Nathan Knight, Harold Lambert, Swain McElmurray, Arnold Moore, Richard New- ton, M. T. Simmons, Ralph Snow, Wayne Snow, John Wasden, James Whelchel, Tom Young, Bruce Abbott, Spencer Allen, Barschell Andrews, Hudson Ayers, Sonny Baldwin, Pete Banks, Ronald Barfield, Don Barkowitz, Bruce Begole, Reg Bell, Barry Berman, Ronald Bernstein, Bo Bradley, Moses Brin- son, Tom Bryan, Tommy Burnside, George Carley, Earl Carson, Bob Cleveland, Bill Coleman, Jay Cox, Burt Crane, Austin Davis, Purnell Davis, Tom Dennard, Bobby Donaldson, Fletcher Dyches, Rowland Dye, Tom Elliot, Lee Evans, Joe Gelletich, Dick Gray, Charles Harris, Mike Harrison, Bubba Haupt, George Hearn, Bill Hodges, George Hood, Don Howe, Bob Huges, Claude Johnson, Hollis Johnson, Joe Johnson, Arthur Jusko, Spud Karsman, Austin Kemp, Rene Kemp, Bill Kitchens, Earl Leonard, Tom Linder, Neal Littlejohn, Bruce Lowry, Walter McCurdy, Darrell Maclntyre, Chuck Max- well, George Morris, Bill Mueller, Dick Neville, Allen Post, Jerry Rachelson, Ralph Skelton, John Smith, Marvin Sorrells, Rhett Tanner, Matt Thomp- son, Gene Watts, Sid Wheeler, Charles Wilkerson, Pomeroy Williams, Raworth Williamson, Gene Mac Winbum, Chip Wood, Jerry Zeliff, J. Alton Hosch, D. Meade Feild, Verner Chaffin, Sigmund Cohn, Thomas Green, John Rees. 411 1 i SCHOOL OF PHARMACY KENNETH L. WALTERS, Dean of the Pharmacy School The Pharmacy School of the University prepares its students not only for the actual practice of pharmacy but also stresses preparation for the busi- ness world. Under the direction of Dean Kenneth L. Walters, this second oldest department of the University combines practical experiences in the school ' s spotless laboratories with a wide curriculum which includes liberal arts and business courses. The school also prepares many medicines used in the University Infirmary. I Abbott, John R. Kappa PsI; Baptist Student Union; Am. Pharm. Assn.: Student Centei Kaminis, Carol R. Lambda Kappa Sigma; Am. Pharm. Assn.; Phi Delta Chi Sweetheart; Canter- bury Club; Alpha Xi Delta MastrippolJto, A. E. Rho Chi, V. Pres.: Am. Pharm. Assn. Milligan. L. W Am. Pharm, Assn Phi Delta Chi, Trea Vsnjj Park, John M. Phi Delta Chi; Arr Pharm. Assn. PInnell, I. J. Varsity Baseball; Kappa Psi; Am. Pharm. Assn; Kappa Psi Regent Shepard. Cliff E. Prescott, Russell E. Kappa Psi; Am. Pharm. Assn.; Varsity Rifle Team Smith, George D. Am. Pharm. Assn. Stewart, J. Frank Phi Delta Chi; Am. Pharm. Assn. Randolph, F. E. Rho Chi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Psi; Am. Pharm. Assn. Stewart, M. B. Am. Pharm. Assn.; Lambda Kappa Sigma Luke, Emory D. Sigma Chi; Kappa Psi; Varsity Track Basketball; Bap- tist Union; Am. Pharm. Assn. Malcney, G. R. Rho Chi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Psi; Am. Thomas Roy G. Kappa Sigma; Am. Pharm. Assn; Gee- chee Club ,, ;..-,Ai!n-. kich. Carl L. JTau Omega Pharmacy students gain practical experience by making capsules for the University Infirmary. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION The American Pharmaceutical Association seeks to acquaint the student members with various phases of the profession of pharmacy and to encourage active participation in professional organizations when they become practicing pharmacists. The group sponsors monthly programs highlighting various phases of professional activity and promotes national pharmacy week annually in October. First row: Tom Bush Sm ith, Paul K. Dennaid, John Park, George Moloney, Frank Randolph, Joe Ballew, Clyde P. Gibson, James Smith. Henry Kroskin, Robert Fulford, Franklin Clements, Glenn Palmer, Donald Smith. Second row: Bobby Brown, Robert D. Craw- ford, George Chapman, Luther Milligan, Charles Hill, Roy Thomas, James R. Crawford, Frank Mayan, Carl Welch, James D. Vinson, Ed Baily, Ann Baldwin, Tommy Lee, Wesley Spencer, Russell Prescott. Third row: Margaret Tyre, Henry Holland, Ausley Gissen- danner, Moch Swafford, Jeryl Pinell, Sheldon Grazier, Delacy Luke, Wallace Arrington, Bernard Langston, Durwood Poland, Dorothy Woo, Martha Stewart, Robert Beach. Fourth row: Lindsey Bedingfield, John Abbott, Andy McBee, Elmer Aiken, Tony Anderson, Bill Dunnaway, Taylor Dominey, Emmett T. Cochran, James Crane, Carol Kaminis, Paul Stewart, Anthony Mastrippilito, Marvin Rimes. no tf« wl. ine sck stu SO! spr or; »( fes 416 f First row: Robert Millikan, Jerry Pinnell, Linda Latimer, Robert Fulford, Russell Prescott, Elmer Aikin. Second row: Hudson Tempton, Mike Possoby, John Abbot, Charles Hemphill, Tony Anderson. Third row: Don Vinson, Paul Barry, Wesley Johnson, Dan Graham, Frank Randolph. Fourth row: George Malony, Benton Bowen, Jimmy Simmons, Ed Bailey, Ernest Watlen. Fifth row: Tom Cromley, Delacy Luke, Ed Brutton, John Herndon, Buddy Harden. Sixth row: Don Davis, Frank Farmer, Sam Stoudard, Wallace Lucas. I Kappa Psi pledges s+uden+s who are in the School of Pharmacy, have main- tained an overall average of 73, make no grade less than C the quarter before they are considered for membership and who receive a unanimous vote of the members. The fraternity gives a $100 scholarship to a deserving pharmacy student each year and sponsors several social events, including the annual spring dance. The basic purpose of the organization is to inspire in its members a deep and lasting pride in their pro- fession. KAPPA PSI . 417 Linda Hodges. Carol Kaiiiinis, Dorothy Woo, Natalie Gibson, Bar- bara Veal, Miss May- liorti. Ginger Wear, Linda Latimer, Char- lotte West, Martha Stewart. LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA Outstanding character, scholarship, ability, and willingness to cooperate with her associates entitles a woman pharmacy major to membership in Lambda Kappa Sigma, oldest and largest professional sorority for women enrolled in pharmacy. 418 IPHI DELTA CHI A scholarship a- ward to a worthy pharmacy stu- dent each year points up the high scholastic ideals of Phi Delta Chi, a professional pharmaceutical fraternity which fosters leadership in the profession. The fraternity helps with the ori- entation of new pharmacy stu- dents during Ori- entation Week each year. First row: Henry Holland, R. L. Bedingfield, Ausley Gissendanner, George Chapman, Taylor Dominy, Joe Ballew, William Culpepper. Second row: John Stevart, Ford Millikan, Benny Phillips, Frank Morgan, James Crane, Luther Millihan. RHO CHI Seated: Robert Brown, Mickey Crouch, Dr. Durwood Entrekin, Frank Randolph. Standing: Charles Hill, P. K. Dennard, A. E. Mastripolita, George Maloney. Rho Chi seeks to promote scholarship among pharmacy students, and students must have an overall average of 85 after completion of 135 quarter hours before they can be elected to membership by the fraternity. The group sponsors Crawford W. Long Day each spring quarter. SCHOOL OF VETERINARY 420 A degree in veterinary medicine was first offered from 1918 through 1933, when a professional curriculum in the College of Agriculture was available. Discontinued in 1933, veterinary training was not offered again until 1946, when the present School of Veterinary Medicine was established. The School now offers two years of professional study devoted to basic and pre-clinical courses in the classroom and laboratory and two years of clinical training in the classroom and laboratory areas. The head of the School of Veterinary Medicine is Dean Thomas J. Jones. THOMAS J. JONES, Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine. MEDICINE Andarson, H. M. Omega Tau Sigma, AVMA Cannon, Emory L, AVMA. Omega Tau Sigma Andrews, D. C. Omega Tau Sigma Cassldy, C. L. AVMA, Alpha Psi Dreesen, David W. AVMA; Omega Tau Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsllon; Dairy Science Club Eldjon, Jr., J. A. AVMA: Omega Tau Sigma Blackburn, E. H. Omega Tau Sigma; president Bittad; Phi Eta Sigma AVMA; Vice presi- dent Argonauts: Reed Hall Council; O.D.K.: SOUTH- EASTERN VETERINARIAN Clark, Wm. H. H. X Club, president; Student Council; O.D.K.; O.T.S.; Gridiron: Pyramid; A.V.M.A: A. Z. Farmer, G. F. AVMA; Omega Tau Sigma Brown, John Omega Tau Sigma, AVMA. Irish Geo- physical Year Expedition Dixon, Dock F. AVMA; Omega Tau Sigma, secretary Flanagan, J. G. AVMA; Alpha Zeta; Alpha Tau Alpha Knr Agn;iia I Fulton, D. R. AVMA; Alpha Psi Gray, John Ira AVMA; Alpha Psi; SOUTHEASTERN VETERINARIAN Gilpin, Jay W. AVMA. Alpha Psi Griffin, E. G. AVMA; Omega Tau Sigma Gua, Jr., C. S. AVMA; Phi Zeta Gwynn, Don Hill AVMA: Alpha Psi Hamner, Jr., C. E. Omega Tau Sigma; Senior class presi- dent; Phi Kappa Phi; AVMA; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Zeta-pres tpha dent iphiM: Guest, G. B. AVMA: Alpha Psi; SOUTHEASTERN VETERINARIAN, Alumni Editor Hardwick, R. S. AVMA: Omega Tau Sigma, president; V-PresidentVet. freshman class ' «»,-« Herrmann, J. M. Omega Tau Sigma, AVMA Johnson, Daryl C. AVMA; Alpha Psi; SOUTHEASTERN VETERINARIAN Hill, Wm. G. Omega Tau Sigma; AVMA; secretary of senior class; SOUTHEASTERN VETERINARIAN Johnson, H. D. AVMA; Phi Eta Sigma; Omega Tau Sigma; SOUTHEASTERN VETERINARIAN A Hodges, Eddie AVMA Kalet, Bertram M. AVMA; Junior class President: Blue Key; Alpha Zeta; Alpha Psi; SOUTHEASTERN VETERINARIAN Hough, R. M. AVMA; Omega Tau Sigma. Alpha Zeta Kalat, Dorothy M. AVMA: Alpha Psi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon: SOUTHEASTERN VETERINARIAN 422 fell ' ' Las, William M. Aghon; Blue Key: PhiZeta;AVMA; Alpha PsI McLsndon, R. L. Omega Tau Sl ma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; AVMA; Honor Court Moncol, Daniel J. Alpha Psi, Ph! Sigma; AVMA; SOUTHEASTERN VETERINARIAN, Editor Loizeaux, Peter St. John AVMA; Alpha Psi; Honor Court. Judge McPlierson, W. W. Dairy Science Club; AVMA; Alpha Psi; Honor Court Moore, Berry W. Omega Tau Sigma; AVMA Moreland, Alvin F. AVMA; Omega Tau Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Zeta; AOHON; President of First Year Class. SOUTHEASTERN VETERINARIAN Morley, Leiand S. AVMA;X-Club; Alpha Psi Perryman, Billy S. AVMA; Phi Sigma Porttr, Nil Alpha Psi; AVMA w.e.t («IA;Alp lF : CimEA» EillKAlWI, UanlEdilir I Powell, Hugh M. AVMA; Alpha Psi; Phi Sigma Richman, Larry M. Omega Tau Sigma; AVMA Stafford, W. D. AVMA; Alpha Psi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon Stringer, A. F. AVMA; Omega Tau Sigma Taylor, Frank D. Alpha Psi; Pres. ' 58; AVMA; Alpha Zeta Succi, J. M. AVMA; Alpha Psi; IPC Thomas, E. F. Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Sigma; Blue Key: sec; Sad- dle Sirloin; AVMA Webb, Wm. A. Alpha Zeta; AVMA; Alpha Psi; Blue Key; Phi Sigma: Honor Court ■int. ' - ' ' - , mA;0 " H ' J (ilil.5« f. Wttfbury, B. M. AVMA; Omega Tau gma ega Sit Whtttakar, Jack R. Omega Tau Sigma: Vice-pres.; AVMA; Vice-pres. Veterinary students obtain practical experience by observation and work on actual cases. E. C. And«r»on D. B. Arnold P. D. Austin H. R. Bennett H. E. Bohn 8. S. Braekett P. W. Chapman J. D. Clark J. N. Dalton G. T. Deriso C. R. Egelston D. H. Endorf J. W. Eubankt H. G. Fader G. H. Frank W. R. Gaines R. L. Garbutt T. P. Gibson A.S.Hall C. R. Harden S. S. Harreil H.H.Hemphill C. M. Holloway J.H.Howard F. C. Iseminger J. S. Jackson N. W. King, Jr. R. D. King R. P. Magdeburger H. M. McClure W. L. McGee, Jr. V. C. McKaughan V. E. Misner C. B. Morley J. W. Palmer K. R. Padgett J. R. Pick A. K. Prestwood E. L. Roberson C. T. Ramy W. M. Sims, Jr. J. L. Smalley, Jr. T. W. Stagg D. J. Sfeinbauer J. E. Strickland A. L. Turk UNDERGRADUATES U. B. Verdin, Jr. F. R. Wagner, Jr. S.T.Watson N.A.Williams W. R. Wilson, Jr. OMEGA TAU SIGMA Roster: Henry Anderson, Ed Anderson, Bob Bennett, Gil Birdsall, Ben Brackett, Ed Blackburn, John Brown, Lamar Cannon, Bill Clark, Paul Chapman, Dock Dixon, Dave Dreeson, Bill Datns, Bob Durham, Jim Eidson, Charles Edmonds, Jim Euhanks, Gary Farmer, Glenn Griffin, Jim Gaines, Charles Hamner, Bob Hardwick, John Herrmann, Bill Hill, Dick Hough, George Hunnicutt, Clint Holloway, Charles Harden, Dick Hughes, Howard Hurley, Doyle Johnson, Don Kruchko, Harry Lowry, Clint Lavender, Burton Maxfield, Bill Martin, Gene Misner, Boh Magdeburger, Berry Moore, Al More- land, Remhert McLendon, Sam Nix, James Palmer, Jim Peeples, Larry Richman, Ted Ridgeway, John Risser, Hughes Sims, Fred Stringer, Bill Scott, Fred Sigler, Ted Smith, Bill Sims, Dave Sleinbauer, Brunson Westbury, Jack Whittaker, Pierre Wait, Bill Weaver, George Williams, Floyd Wagner, Hill Wilson, Tharpe Deriso, Sam Harrell, Robert Henko, Dwighl Mercer, Vic Puckett, James Pick, Ben Oliver, Jim Smalley, Keith Thigpen, Don Waldrip, George Smith, Richard Dillman. Established on the University campus in 1948, Omega Tau Sigma is an interna- tional professional fraternity dedicated to promoting inter- est and participation in activities pertain- ing to veterinary medicine. The Uni- versity chapter an- nually awards the Donald E. McKinney Trophy to the out- standing freshman veterinary student. Bi-monthly meetings are devoted to pro- grams of current professional interest to veterinary medi- cine students. First row: Joe Nimmer, Neil Williams, Bert Kalet, Gerald Mosseller, Robert Garbuff, Sam Geht, Billy Driggers, Ken Padgett, Gary Shive, Scott Moslet, Harry Howard, D. Blanchard, Billy Weeks, Walter Cottingham. Second row: Bob Orrell, Gerald Guest, Ed Phillips, Ryland Edwards, Dan Fincher, Charles Ramy, Byron Verdin, Charles Cassidy, John Hayes, John Gray, Pete Loizcaux, Tom McNeill, Id Robertson. Third row: Joe Howell, Glynn Frank, Henry Heffernan, Frank Maxon, Ted Puffin- , urger, Greig Howie, Norval King, Art Hall, Jay Gilpin, Bob Gaines, Gordon Miller, Bob Fulton, Dave Miller, Tom Gibson. Fourth row: Joel Jackson, Joe Fulford, Jim Strickland, William Stafford, Doug- las Tanner, Daniel Moncol, Edward Timmons, Walter Kaufman, Don Gywnn, John Dalton, Derrell Clarke, George Muman, Frank Enloe. Fifth row: Ralph King, Paul Austin, William Meyer, James Ramsay, John Meyer, Robert Townsend, Dennis Jackson, Richard Avadikian, Ollie Gupton, Bruce Mosley, William McPherson, Dorman Brogdon, Billy Ferryman, James Woods, Daryl Johnson, Dave Fletcher, Ed Chandler, Teron Staggs. Sixth row: Bobbie Butler, Vann McKaughan, Allen Higgin- botham, Richard Tally. Alpha Psi attempts to create a stronger bond between veterinary stud- ents and thus to further the interests of veterinary medicine. To be eligible for membership, a student must be enrolled in an ac- credited school of veteri- nary medicine, must dem- onstrate high character and must have proven himself scholastically. The fraternity affords its mem- bers social life, athletics and a clearer look at the veterinary medicine pro- fession. ALPHA PSI 426 AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION The Georgia Student Chapter of the A.V.M.A. is patterned after the parent organization, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and strives to pro- mote the development of character, leadership, and professional ethics and conduct in the field of veterinary medi- cine. A veterinary medicine student is eligi- ble for membership, and the group pub- lishes a quarterly publication, The South- eastern Veterinarian. A.V.M.A. sponsors an open house at the School of Veteri- nary Medicine annually during spring quarter, and its social events include picnics both spring and fall quarters. 1959-60 officers are Bill Lee, president; Jack V hittaker, vice president; Dick Hughes, secretary, and John Riser, treas- urer. 427 ww JUNIORS E. Adair M. Ada « W. Adkisson S. Allan G. Alderman J. Allan R. Allan W. Adams R. Alonso H. Adkins H. Ammons D. Anderson C. Amas - " ' " ' ' ' J- And.r.on li ll K. Christophar C. Clapp T. Close R. Cloud 111 ' 11 m MM E.M 1 lh ? M. Davii P. Davis R. Davis F. DePourcq B. Denton S. Doster i I I • •X S. DuBose S. Douglas W. Drigggrs D. Eager P. Dye E. Entrekin A. Echols IEttes |||_||_|||| G. Ewing W. Dobbs E. DeVane D. Dickey iW JH 5, Dimock G. Dollar W. Dominy F. Dlllard N. Douglass S. Dowell fi . R. Dresser B. DuPree 1 D. Durbin mt •mh ' ■! R. Dugger W. Dunaway C % J. Durham M. Elliot B. Ellis P. Echols N. Erickson C. Ehenhouser W. Exley m R. Eubanks P. Faber J. Durham N. Ellis D. Ellis R. Evans I M. Evans A. Evaritt M. Feild I © B. Falor J. Feild J. Fagan D. Fitipatrick A T. Fletcher S. Faison L. Flanders L. Fleming aggj i, S. Finchet W. Fletcher M. Franklin M. Floyd M. Frakes B. Foy y R. Franklin K. Franks F. Forman R. Giles A. Garrison D. Gill i 5«rt vfc ' tr L. Glascock p. Gillam B. Gillett ■■■ ■■■BiP ' ' ' ' ' " " ' ' ' ' ' ' S ' ' °° " ' ' ' ' T A Hk . VI B B.Green H.Green l U HH C. Gordon F. Gottshall Jp!2 »i k ■■i B i. R. Griesor W. Griffin W. Griffin Plllllimillllllllll IHHIH D. Hancock H J. Hanger C. Hankinson - " " ' W. Hart M. Hatclier W. Hatcher L. Hay JV HHHIH " .Juiijn f G. Hearin C. Hemphill H. Henry S. Henderson . L i H Hl C. Hill J. Hinds R. Hicks B. Higlitower - " ' " ' « ' " " ' A. Hinely -am H. Hendricks R. Hirsch A. Hilton C. Hinson ■ A. HioH :y W. Hoagland I _________ __ ____„___ r " ' Hogen C. Holman C. Hood L. Holbrook M. Holland J. Holcombe T. Hollis HK B flHIBHl R. Hooper • ». «:r T. Hope M. Holden E. Hornbuckle B. Howard E. Houston 5 Hutcliinson H. Horsch G. Hosfetter C. Hunt H. Hunt W. Hurst P. Hunter L. Howell l A H. Hubbard E. Hunt T. Ingram ' M. Jackson N. Jackson M. James I.Hin ■ n - ' T " . . L . S jMii B. Jandrew M. Jernlgan S.Hi " ' ' L. Jackson C. Jankins F. James H. James A.James in- | f, ES- J.Jensen J. Johnson I. Jernlgan N. Jernlgan J.Johnson J.Johnson Vfc. M 3 M.Johnson p if M. Johns R. Johnson A. Johnson W I W. Johnson IBMH f fc " I T. Joiner I Klmifih ' . H. Kaufman If I .. i 1 JT;! uldfai -%- Jf K. Kambar 1 ' 0. ■KBHB J!L . in S. K!»e-Powell J ' ' - ' ' ♦ " T M. Kosci«lnv A. Kurti ■ % «. J. Lampp . « k k Ui " S. KnigM H Hl iXM C.King R. Kitchens W t ' Bft H. Knight H. Kenney Kethley fl|L HHIBHH Ij, Laughter j BmBB e.if Ml,! B. Malon A. Mann r C. Martrn B. May % E. May« C. Marat H. M«rHn W. Mathias J. Martin 9 I F. Martin J. Massey W. McDonald i Ktn tU«a S R. Matthews A H McCarley r • E. McDonald M. McElharnt C. McEwan V. McOantil E. Maymo A V T. McNeely A. Mercer J. Mercer S. Meyers h J. McLean E. McLendon A. McRae R. Miller J. Mclntyrp e. Miller i R. Millikan J. Milner W. Miller G. Middleton A. Millar W. Mixon T. Morgan C. Morris L. Morgan Moseley i lB l Moseley J. Moseley J. Mosses J. MoulHirop N. Nauman M. Nallay S. Nash H Murtha M L. Musqrove D. Myrick L. Neblelt T I O. Newby W. Nawman © G. Newton S2 i M. Nuckolls G. Nunnally W. Newton N. Norton ,d w fmsW K.Owan S. Oeffinger M. O ' Kon S. Pafford M. Pattarion B. Page P. Patterson J. Paller R. Patterson J. Phillips W. Pierce It ISi C. Rickatton J. Riggs C. Ros M. Ros«n L Stay R. Schreibev S. Scliultheis . Kk m J. Segars J. Sasco M.Shaffer H.Shapiro mm R. Shaw rv © © kT H m. Shea M. Shaffer I. Shepard £ f JwFJ I C. Shirley L. Sherrlll D. Shirah I M. Sklrtay A. Smith ■ J. Smalley E. Smith J. Singletary ' - So ' " J. Sommers V. Sparling W. Speer m £ m Mi m R. Smith UH . kI Smith B l M. staples J. Stephens jJH B H J. Stephens L. Stewart P. Stewart R. Stockton J. stover E. Strain J. Strickland W. Tanner N. Takoudes s J. Tarpley R. Tatum W. Tatui E. Swift J. Thacker J F.Taylor J.Taylor T • Wimw H. Thomas R- Thomas J. Thompson J Theobald W. Thurman M. Tolbert A. Telfer E. Thorne :wii, T. Thompson KS p. Thorney H. Tison • E. Toole E. Toomer W. Thompson L. Treadway G. Trotter N. Trout f LWlij ' iia I P. Tuckw CIuii 1 M. Warlick N. Warr.nfellf Rpaj, B. Washington J. Watson M. West A. Weidlnger P. Wammers R. Waxier M. Warrai P. Weigle A P. Whatlay M. White C. Whitner L. Williams T. Wilson G. WInkIa iwiW F. Worthann ,1 |L ' ' Willar mm E.Wilkes M.Wilkes t J n M Williams c, y|„||„, k N.Williams R. Willian t kn.», ' f D. iific I ] D. Bon«y B. Booker F. Bottoms T. Bowden B. Bowan R. Bright s S. Branch P. Bradberry W. Britt C. Brown ' TW J. Bowen W. Bowen ■ B. Bridges G. Brown MKttk - Bryan ■ Bryant BX HJ O. Bryant V, Burkett E. Byrd C. Burrall C. Camp G. Cardan T. Carelock ■ G. Carter S. Carter R. Chambws e. Chandler J. Brown E. Bryan p. Buck M. Bryan B. Bufflngton S. Burd E. Buibia J. Brown J. Bryant M. Burt B. Butler S. Burrell L. Bush S. Campbell C. Canr V. Cannon J. Carlisle L. Butler ' ■ ' T. Cantrell I C. Castleberry , Carr B. Casper K. Chandler E. Carrell R. Cavander P. Chapman —f S. Chapman ll K. Carton 1 M. Chambers E. Chappeli w E- Fuehrer J. Fork H. Franklin D. Hawl«y I. Htcklln 4» £i J. Hawthorne D. Hlllow L. Hodgn S. Howard J. Hubbard J. Jackson J. In J,Hi«« W. Jaekion P. JaniM J ' M. Johnston . Johnston W. Joiner R. Johnson , ' G. Jackson Jones ■ G. Jones G. Jarrett C. Kapefanakoi W. Jonat f. Kapetanakoi D. Kalmanson N. Keith S. Killlan M. Kennedy R. Kniqiif L. Latimer L. Leavv J. Lacey S. Levy E. Libowiky A. Levy C. Lindsay s. Lind LMnii P. Keaton A. Kantslpw K. Keily f T. Kling W. Kurry O Kyle M. King W. Ku 2 9i ' .M£i ' W. Knol I L. Langford B. Laslte J. Latham D. Langford IMlMir D. Leggett A. LeRoy F. Leveretf M. La B. Liwli T. Lewis P. Lunsford l.UcLKd ' Wk M. MacGregor A. Malcom Mi»9(, " I ' JII., J. Mallory J. Mandarson C. Mangleburg S. Suriti J. Summerhill It R. Tally S. Swsat M. Sutter E.Talley J. Swanson G. Taylor M. Swafford G. Thomas % B. Swann I.Wf-i L. Taylor M. Teel M. Taylor E. Thompson C. Taylor W. Terry M. Taylor A ' ,. - . ' C. Thornfon L. Thompson S. Thurrrifln E.TTdwell g © R. Thomai h4. Tipton i L. Thomason R. Tomberlln I.WhitlH Tumlin J. Trujillo H.Towler H. Touard ft n M. Travis R. Truitt J. Turk A. Turnbull m l mH Turner p. Timilln .. " 1 k J. Vallotton B. Veal H Turner JUHH H I I J- TV. M I . m L. VanDuten L. Veateh W. Vereen E. Ward r ' W M. Wages - » C.Ward . Walke C. Watera S. Wasserman ISft M. Wellborn «.T| f R. Weitman C West A. Whiteman T. Whitehead - ic I Vbc ' i 9 J. Wicke R. Whitton J. Wrison J. Wilson W. Willlford C. Windham J " P. Woo H. Wrnqo :,tt J. Wood A. Young W. Whitley M. Whaley W. West C. Whit. lA ' 1 r W C. Whitehead D. Whitlow L. Will e! N. Widdis C. Whitman I R. Wilson R. Wilklns A. Wilson J. Willis ( C. Williams P. WTIIIams C. Willis N.Wills f f 1 f M. Womack W. Womack W. Wingfi.ld M. Wollner P. Wood J. Wyatt D. Woolf B. Woodcock M.Wynne )i- c % l E. Wootan J. Wright N. Wright K. Young gjk Young B. Adams C. Aaron FRESHMEN M. Akndge J. Alexander 9u| A. Allen G. Anderson l f J. ArlatI, III G. Averlll L. Barbre W. Beldon F. Bernhard T, Berlin R. Birchmore M. Blake f R. Ayers E. Barrett. Jr. R. Belle Isle L. Benner C. Benedict M. Benefield | J. Bernstein J. Berrynnan m R. Blackburn E. Bishop J Blanchard © M. Blanchar 1 G N. Bledsoe I tbm 452 cc. I tWno G. BonvinI B. Boudreau f M. Brannon II tm ' f ? C. Br«itn«n H. Brooks J. Brown H. Brown J B. Burdeshaw l l Burton B. Burden iM J. Cac|le w ' ' • ' " ■ " M, M. Cagle L. Cannon P. Calhoun ( i ' J L. cannon ) i J. Candler, Jr. L. Carstarphen G. Carter Ml C. Caie M S. Bracknell, Jr. L. Braielton R. Brooki « it p. Brown i J. Brown B. Butler J. Burdett M. Busha B. Callaway G. Cantelov, Jr S. Calhoun R. Bowden J. Carter J. Carter 9 T. Carter M ' . V D. Cavan I R. Braddock J. Brinklty M. Briscoe . Broome B. Brown M. Bryant C. Buckley m G. Cagle W. Burpee t L. Callaway S. Caple B. Carmical W. Carter Iti C. Campbell N. Carmtchae) 9 ih W. Carter ■ 1 J. Causey A. Certain ' ' MVl D. Chambers J. Chambleii C. Cartledge J. Chandler 453 J. Chard koff Z. Choate 4 ft C. Christian M. Cherry N. Clements R. Cleveland E. Chupp, Jr. E. Christian B, Cochran D. Clarke § ' C. Clarke JP P J. Chow B. Clarke P % C. Cocroft M. Cohen O. Coe I F. Cochran SI B. Coffsky E. Cole r A. Cohen L. Olunn " V C. CockcrofI J. Cochran, II D. Cohen ( E. Cole S. Cohen L. Colburn R. Cohen S. Cohen H. Constantine M. colour " % C3 1 fll A.Coolick S. Colem an M. Collier R. Cooper, Jr. J. Coursey, Jr. Wfj tlUfi ' M. Co« J.Cook J. Cook G. Cooksey dM J. Craft B. Crane f W.EIdii G. Crain J. Crouch M. Cullen S. Cullen Ji G. Cullens L D. Curran M. Crosby L. Crockett N. Daniel J. Cullens 5,W iH HuH J. Davidson 9 !■ ■■MHI • ' Davidson A. Davidow C. Davidson C. David J. Daves J. Darden A. Day J M. Day .... y Q E. Davis H. Davis D. Davis 9 M. Deadvryler mL M. Davis iM tHiiiiid f J. Davis J. Dawson, Jr. H. Dean r 454 C. Debele — m F. Dillard CCiM ill 1 M.C« 11 , V J. Ford E. Garland E. Freeman, Jr. iL. Friedland ttKf C ' Earner P , F. GMmere R. Ginsberg 1 Vp| aji B. Gladin ........ P S. Gibbs S. Glover W.Glenn E. Glover B.Goldberg 455 N. 6old n J. eoldsmllh L. Goodrum G. Goss J. Gr» n D. Goodwin G. Gotlesman i L. Gossett N. Green M. GrMH J. Griggs . Gross F. Hamilton k S. Hermatiuk L. Hamilton D. Harp fl S. Harden J. Harrell y M. Harrison dS B. Henion L. Haymann J. Hierj J. Higdon 8. Hill t . Hirsch E. Greer c L Hadaway L W. Harder S. Harpe P. Harrli W. Harrison J. Heys K. Graliam G. Goldstein S. Goldstein il.Hi! " M. Gray W. Gray L. Griffeth L. Griffin 9 »» ' J H.Hof « B. Griggs W. Hall P. Hall 1 tHrt E. Hamilton C. Hall J. Hardman M. Hardy J. Harper M. Harley B. Harrell S. Harrli W. Harrif W. Harrison 4 W. Head D. Harrison 9 LUi JjKboi J. Jirnll H.JollflK W. Hatton B. Haskins n fl ' J. Hawes E. Hitchcock M. Heyward C Haygood E. Heagarty Hendon bIJI E. Henson M. HIeks r ■«!K Heyward g - j „ j,, PP J A£ S. fl M C. Holbrook C. Holian. M. Hobby v " V- ' ■ JH B. Hobgood ' J. Hitchcock, ,1 _ 456 11 i 1 ».ft. f lUw N. Holleman M. Horoviti V. Horton H. Horton, Jr. 1 J. Homansky H. Hope L. Howsfd 77 E. Horowih R. Hughts P. Howe C. Hunt P " Mrk SHii« R. Hughat F. Hubley , Hunttr L. Hughs M. Ingersoll W.Hunt M. Hutcherson R. Hunttr C. Hutchison J. Jackson J. Jackson £ H. James 119 C. Jackson J. Jackson f .F. Humm«I - J. James, Jr. D. Jared, Jr. F. Jarrell. Jr. J. Jenkins D. Johnson L. Johns A. Jenkin J. Jarrell H. Johnson [i K.H1 f C.WW P i C M. Johnson F. Johnson " ' SB« ■ ' ■ H B. Jernlgan B. Johnson J. JonM r k M. Johnson M. Johnson © C. Jordan T. Jones J. Jones I. Kaplowiti V p. Jusko P. Keadle J. Keevar, III N. Keith S. Kahn 6i,u M M. Kantilper H. Kaplan W. Kidd J. Keller R. Kirkland M. Kilcline €1 p. Kllpatrick I L. KImbrel W. King S. Kemp L. Kesslar J. KIttrell H. Knight J. Knight C. Korman ©. Kraft a 457 M. Land L Una M. Kramer © I. Kranti J. KuHi J. Us i f M. Lanier J. Lavine S. Legend W. Lee, Jr. B. Libby M. Lewis 5. Lineberger L. Lttvinson H. Long M. Little B. Livingston 1 V R. Long C. Lopei S. Ma» » §. « 4 H. Love. Jr. 1. MacSregor i R. Marett % L. Martin T. Maso 1 E C. Mathasen W. Mathawi N. Mathews L. Love D. Matliias I tiffin i ( li M. J. McCall E. McCoy, Jr. J. McLan 1 R. McGee A. McDonald J J. McKInley I H. McMains F. McMillan S. McJunkin | M W. McKnight J! i Ik C. Medd J. McLdne mM % B. Mlllenbaugh B. McLocklin f%. , V. Montoya E. Medford Jfl f I 31 J. Melton tty fllk . 1 H. Mintier J. Miller M. Miller S. Mims Bft l S. Meyer H. Milford jp|k tf k G. Montgomery B. Millar J. Miller p. Montgomery S. Mitchell M.Mitchell, J C. Moore w L Morgan J. Morgan 5. Moore. Jr. Vl| J. Mosfeller J. Morgan M. Moore . Mosteller E. Morris, Jr. J. Moznetfe J. Morrison, Jr. iTk. J. Neal P. Morse € 9 ;»t. ' i C. Moss R. Needham A. Murdock L. NmI G. Negley L B. Murphy R. Neville G. Mulkey R. Murphy F. Neergaard J. Newcombe E. Nervo C. Nelson F. Norman S. Nicholson k J A. N«wton F. Norrlj S. Norris C. Niemann 5. Nimmer T. Dtwton L. NorthcuH Sn H R. Nowell M. Nixon D. Newsome J. NoeJI. Jr. 459 W. O ' Callaghan, Jr. W. Nunnally C. Oakley gf l S. Osterhoudt P. Owenby E. Palafsky C. O ' Dall N. Orr C, Oxford C. Owens S. Owans Jfii F. Paris D. Panter M. Papar T. Parkar B. Parks A. Pattillo R. Parks T fB. Parsons p. Parramora K ; I D. Paschal P. Pattillo M " ««p(|||f " " « " p|Bf ' ' Patton J. Paul KliH I. Paulk M. Powall C. Phares ■■■Hi ■■■■I Perry M. Parry T. Pirkle T. PritcheH, Jr. flPM tk Jm3 K ' ' ' ' " ' ' " ' ' ' iunkeft, III V W M ■i C5 I ' B C.Pittard M. PIttard k CL I ' M. Quintrell C - ' T W. Purcalt E. Rice W. Ridley J. Riddlck 0. Rhino C. Rehberg C. Reed R. Reeves J. Roberts J. Roberts, Jr. L. Roberts © M. Riley S. Robinson P. Rochelle R. Robison f, 1 460 M. Rowland Jmo J. Rowe HP ' ' ' " oy ' 9 K. Stelnmann W. Stephtns. Jr. J. Stavans K. Sftvtnt k M. Stewart W. Summarlin S. Susman A I. Swain A. Stevall. Ill R. Stone E. Strickland S. Swariz M. Striclcland T. Stripling T. Str ft E. Tarfyn ? V ' " % ' ' " ' G.Summers B. Suraiky 5 l.Wi« i N.Wiin S. Sutar L. Sutton i J. Temple ' V H. Tarpley B. Tata P. Taylor J. Tabor J. Taylor dk !.Wii) M. Talmadge J. Tharpe H. Thompson, III J. Tidwell W. Tidwall A. Townsend H. Terry R. Tindol, III Thornhill A. Tilletn J. Townsend J. Tollerson C. Turner r © WilliilM A. Taney f 1 E. Traber S. Topshe K. Treanor J. Turner M. Torch W. Turner P. Usher ILTurlc H. Upchurch J. Voigt J. Wagner R. Virgin M B. Upton C. Wade f D. Waldrop L. Vinson W. Warlicic L. Walker E. Wall L. Walter i M I J. Warren L R. Weiner c 462 M. Weafherford B. Watkins M. W bb J. Weathers N. Welti A. Welch B. West B " I J. Wetherbee S. West m J. Whitehead B. Wier H. Wiillarm E. Wilson J. Willoughby i£tW E Wilson P.Wilson J. Withers l » " l fl S. Woods J. Wright J. Wright dm J. Wright C. Yates D. Wynne L. Weaver M. Welsh L. West R. Whitelock Mf W. Wilkes E. Williams P. Wilcox ' K. Williams V. Williams W. Wilson R. Warth M.Wheeler R. Whitley S. Whitmore E. Wllliame, Jr. R. White O. Wienges, Jr. S. Willig s . - E. Williamson W. Winship F. Woltf D. Wolfson E. Woodall L. Woodall ■il J. Wylly J. Zaikow R. Yonce " S. Wynn M.Wynn K. Zeliff, Jr. A 463 Ct i 1 t I AD IVI I N I STR ATI O IM DR. O. C. ADERHOLD, President of the University of Georgia THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE The University of Georgia is said to have a new look these days. Hillsides have been leveled, and buildings have risen where none stood before. Larger numbers of students and faculty move across the campus and through the classrooms and laboratories. To the alumnus returning after an absence of several years, the change may be startling. To those of us who have observed the change in progress over a period of two years, or four, or ten years, the impact is perhaps less forceful, but none the less remarkable. II Though the appearance be altered, it has resulted from a spirit older than the University itself, a spirit rooted deep in the mind of man. The search for knowledge, the yearning to know more about life, and the determination to create a better life have resulted in a marvelous heritage for the present generation. In the United States we recognize that learning, thinking, and enlightened action are the responsibilities of every citizen, and education is a challenging and exciting affair. In bringing teachers of wisdom and experience and eager students together; in providing surroundings and resources conducive to learning; in encouraging research by its faculty and extension of knowledge and experience through various service organizations to the adult population of Georgia, the University keeps alive and extends mankind ' s spirit of inquiry. ALVIN B. BISCOE, Dean of Faculties HUGH B. MASTERS, Director of Continuing Education 468 W. p. KELLAM, Director of Libraries J. D. BOLTON, Comptroller 469 JOSEPH A. WILLIAMS, Dean of Students WILLIAM TATE, Dean of Men RALPH H. STEPHENS. Director of University Press 470 WALTER NEWMAN BANNER, Registrar ,frsi EDITH STALLINGS, Dean of Women nR. CHARLES T. YOUNG, Director of University Health Service WILLIAM A. SIMPSON, Director of Public Relations WILLIAM M. CRANE, Director of Alumni Records TYRUS SUTLER, Director of Alumni Relations DR. TRAVIS OSBORNE, Director of the Guidance Center JOHN COX, Director of Student Activities LEE ANN SEA WELL, Director of Placement and Student Aid PEOPLE ' S 5, »•■ PUPIL ' S V. xri p That last litter was just too much! SPUMO I MUM. K(mOf !i Mnd ' She may not look like much, but she ' s hell on wheels. 1+ hurts so when I have a flat. What with the parking situation, I hate to go to class. I told you this bicycle was too big for me! Mommy, why do a the kids say I ' m different? Doctor, I ' ve a pain in my spoke. This economy car jag has gone too far. On Dasher, on Dancer How ' bout cha wheels. 478 , 3EARCH Y00R5EIF " Hey, Big Boy . . . you forgot your Green Stamps. " " Has anybody seen my churchkeyt " " Okay, Ubanga: Put on your shoes and go in for Jones. ' georgian hotal STUDENT INDEX Aaron, Barbara Jean, 201, 440 Aaron, Carole Linda, 452 Aaron, Roger Walter, 440 Abbott, Bruce Duncan, 44 Abbott, John Roger, 414, 417, 414 Abel, Howard Gilbert, 301, 316 Abercrombie, James, Jr., 236, 440 Abernathy, Eugene S., 238, 440 Abgott, Sandra R., 232, 440 Accles, Wm. Joseph, 332 Acree, William Dent, 411, 283, 406 Adair, Evelyn Willie, 194, 428 Adams, Bonnie Montei, 228, 440 Adams, Dennis E., 153 Adams, Edward, 452 Adams, Gene Stewart, 452 Adams, George Eldon, 440 Adams, Lolan C, Jr., 411, 283, 406 Adams, Mary Charlotte, 194, 370 Adams, Milton Garlon, 428, 366 Adams, Raymon Austin, 188, 365, 316 Adams, Samuel R., Jr., 299, 452 Adams, Stinson M., Ill, 257, 332 Adams, Wm, Charles, Jr., 292, 428, 76, 77 Adams, Wilson L., Jr., 292, 440 Adamson, Albert R,. Jr. 321, 324, 144 Adamson, Robt., 188 Addison, Joel N., Jr., 211, 452 Adelson, Saline, 355 Adelman, Sherry Ann, 287, 452 Adkins, Henry T., Jr., 261, 428 Adkisson Wade Allen, 428 Akin, Carl Milton, Jr., 222, 440 Akin, Elmer Warren, 416, 417, 414 Akins, Lewis Harold, 452 Akins, Mary Elizabeth, 201, 440 Akins, William Jacob, 366 Akridge, Marion, 246, 452 Alberson, Jimmy L., 376, 316 Alberson, Doye Marie, 190, 392 Aldaz, Mildred Lorena, 228, 452, III Alden, Hewett McGahee, 452 Alderman, Gladys D., 428 Aldridge, James Larry, 400, 133, 136, 398 Alexander, Alvin T., 326 Alexander, Elizabeth, 190, 358 Alexander, Helen J., 242, 440 Alexander, Jackie, 307, 452 Alexander, Judith C, 452, 242 Alexander, Richard H., 358 Alexander, Ruth, 246, 392 Alexander, Wm. R., Ill, 161 Allen, Ann Little, 246, 345, 452 Allen, Gary Paul, 440 Allen, Joseph F., 332 Allen, Judith N., 452 Allen, Judith Zane, 242, 428 Allen, Nancy Louise, 228, 440 Allen, Rachel Ann, 218, 428 Allen, Robt. Bernard, 60 Allen, Shirley Jane, 207, 345, 440 Allen, Sidney M., 246, 428 Allen, Spencer Rawson, 411, 707, 71 Allen, Waudelle V., 332 Alley, Mary Louise, 228, 349, 398 Alley, Sandra Anne, 190 ,400, 440 Alligood, Lawrence, 332 Allison, Home r Davis, 380 Almand, James David, 440 Almand, Mary Jean, 190, 370 Alonso, B. Luis, 316 Alonso, Roberto Jose, 428 Altman, John Richard, 323, 316 Amason, Julianne M., 215, 452 Ames, Clarence W., Jr., 428 Ammons, Harold C, 323, 428 Amos, Lewis Jerome, 358 Amtower. Lewis F., 428, 44 Anderson, Ann S., 349 Anderson, Carol, 452 Anderson, Diane Sams, 194, 428 Anderson, Edmond L., 452 Anderson, Edwin Chas., 424, 425 Anderson, EInora A., 452 Anderson, Gloria M., 307, 452 Anderson, Henry M., 422, 425 Anderson, Jas. Lester, 428 Anderson, John H., Jr., 428 Anderson, Laura K., 250, 401, 398 Anderson, Robert H., 358 Anderson, Tony P., 416, 417, 414 Anderson, Wyatt W., 172, 162, 332 Andrews, Barschall, 41 1 Andrews, Bobby Joe, 452 Andrews, Donald C, 422 Andrews, Eliz. Ann, 190 452 Andrews, Harry W., 294, 358 Andrews, James W., Jr., 452 Andrews, Margaret S., 307, 428 Ansley, Shepard Bryan ,283, 346, 428 Anthony, John Mark, 299, 428 Apperson, Linda Sue, 161, 452 Appleton, Judy Ann, 401 Archer, Carol, 307, 161, 440 Ardell, Jeannette A., 132, 161 Arden, Hamilton G., Jr., 292, 428 Ariail, Frederick P., 440 Ariail, Joseph A., Ill, 174, 452 Armistead, Virginia W., 246, 440 Armour, James T., 452 Armstrong, Nancy P., 194, 428 Armstrong, Sam G., Jr., 398 Arnall, Guy Cole, 238, 182, 358, 71 Arnold, Allen K., Jr., 299, 452 Arnold, Dan McCay, 253, 332 Arnold, David Beall, 424 Arnold, James C, 383 Arnold, Mary Faye, 307, 428 Aronowiti, Jeneane G., 355 Arp, James David, 292, 452 Arrington, Wallace J., 416, 414 Ashe, Phillip Neil, 45 Askew, W. M., 238, 358 Astin, Ada Manning, 370 Atha, Marvin Eugene, 347 Atkinson, Barbara G., 307, 428 Atria, James Adrian, 277, 440 Atwood, Alan R., 452 Atwood, Theodore, Jr., 332 Auger, Alfred Lary, 440 Aultman, Jamye, 120, 181, 428, 175 Austin. Paul D., 426, 424 Avadikian, Richard G., 426 Averill, George E., Jr., 452 Avery, Philip Moye, 253, 356 Aycock, Martha Faye, 395, 189, 428 Ayers, Hudson Edmund, 411, 408 Ayers, Ray Alton, 452 Ayers, Wendell Glenn, 367 B Babbitt, Betsy D., 218, 161, 452 Badgett, Barbara L., 190, 161, 440 Baer, David Einstein, 292, 172, 440 Baggett, James Emory, 211, 332 Baggett, Wm., Grady, Jr., 145, 440 Bagley, Charles Edwar, 377, 386 Bagley, Hugh James, 277, 452 Bagley, Janice Elaine, 132, 189, 392 Bagley, Thomas B., Jr., 294, 428 Bagwell, John E., 292, 452 Bagwell, William A.. 358, 61 Bailey, John William, 428 Bailey .Julius E., Jr., 416, 417 Bailey, Patricia, 250, 440 Baker, Mary Wooddall, 228, 452 Baker, Ruth A., 377, 386 Baker, Shirley Anne, 190, 428 Baker, Wm., Martin, 377, 386 Balcom ,James H., Ill, 428 Baldwin, Anne Eliz., 270, 416, 428 Baldwin, Dora C, 355, 189, 452 Baldwin, Eugene Perso, 211, 406 Ballard, Don Eugene, 211 428 Ballew, Joe Arthur, 416, 419, 414 Banks, Arthur Eugene, 367 Banks, Peter Louis, 238, 411, 346, 408 Barber, Norman 5., 277, 3I( Barbre, Lynda S., 218, 452 Barfield, Cecil R., 408 Barficid, Harry Neil, 253, 440 Barfield, John R., 428 Barganier, Betty, 218, 120, 175, 440 Bargeron, Lemuel M., 292, 440 Bargeron, Peggy Agnes, 270, 395, 428, 394 Barker, James David, 204, 428 Barkowitz, Donald B., 411 earner, Diane Wallace, 228, 440 Barnes, Barbara Adele, 242, 428 Barnes, William M., 277, 428 Barnett, Stephen T., 261, 440 Barnette, Bob Ray, 347 Barnhill, Harrel Dan, 386 Barr, William John, 238, 332 Barrcntinc, Harold R., 358 Barrentine, John C, Jr., 367 Barrett, Barbara L., 218, 428 Barrett, Charles G., 440 Barrett, Ernest E., Jr., 452 Barrett, Frank T., Jr., 326 Barrett, Gloria F., 452 Barrett, Henry F., Jr., 358 Barrett, Judy Louise, 228, 175, 440 Earron, Frank Marion, 238, 358 Barron, Nan Armour, 194, 440, 6! Barron, Zelda R., 232, 370 Barry, Paul Allen, 417 Bartenfeld , Jerry M., 253, 316 Bartenfeld, Richard T., 365 Barton, Harriet Jan, 201, 370 Bass, George Donald, 428 Bass, Jann Marie, 228, 452 Bass, Nancy Karen, 246, 428 Bateman, Vinson C, 294, 428 Batchelor, Curtis A., 294, 440 Bates, Alice Pollock, 218, 428, 61 Bates, Gayle Elaine, 440 Bates, Joe Henry, 428 Bates, John Morries, 283, 440 Bates, Robert L., 440 Bates, William Howard, 257, 428 Battle, Frank Dan, 283. 332 Batts, Jo Nell, 120, 440 Bauer, Carl Gerald, 452 Bauerle, Peter Louis, 440, 69, 68 Bauman, Richard L., 161, 452 Baxley, Warren C, Jr., 261. 440 Baxter, Angela, 132. 189. 358 Baxter, Julian F., 283, 452 Bay-es, Thomas E., Jr., 277, 440, 174, 346 Beach, Robert Wagner, 416, 414 Beall Jon Richard, 257, 428 Beall, Mary Clark, 270, 452 Beard, Stanley Clark, 332 Bearden, James Thomas, 294, 440 Beasley, Leslie Lynn, 250, 142, 370 Beasley, Ralph J., Jr., 365 Becker, Jay Michael, 367, 428 Bedingfield, Raloh L., 416, 419, 414 Bedingfield, William, 45 Bedsole, John B., 377 Behr, Bette Gaye, 287, 428 Bein, Nathan, 341 Beland, James W, IV, 383, 144, 380 Belcher, Russell Hill, 261, 428 Beldon, William A., 277, 452 Belflower, Estol R., 332 Bell, Alfred N. Jr., 238, 440, 76, 77 Bell, Carolyn Blanche, 270, 392 Bell, Curtis Porter, 347 Bell, Durham Keith, 326 Bell, Elmer Herring, 347 Bell, Everetfe Allyn, 370 Bell, Jack, 45 Bell, Mark R. Jr., 226 Bell, Reginald John. 411, 408 Bell, Sidney Allen, 344, 440 Belle Isle, Rebecca A.. 462 Belson, Harvey Lee, 198, 440 Benedict, Charles C, 283, 452 Benedict, Mary Alice, 194, 126, 142, 133, 358 Benefield, Jack Wayne, 267, 428 Benefield, Margaret R., 207. 452 Benner, Lawrence L., 277, 452 Bennett, Archie A., 358 Bennett Catherine J., 348 Bennett, Heyward R., 424, 425 Bennett, Larry Edward, 261, 428 Bennett, Mary C, 452 Benson, Louis G., Jr., 383. 380 Benthall, Ruben A. Jr., 329, 316 Benton, Terrell W. Jr., 316, 320, 321, 188, 376, 144, 132, 127, 134, 400 Bergman, Lee Ray, 265, 161, 452 Berlin, Thea Fern, 287 ,452 Berman, Barry Marvin, 198, 411, 408 Berman, Morris Jos., 198, 428 Bernard, Gregory L., 347, 332 Bernd, Edward I. Jr., 187 Bernhard, Frank A., 265, 452 Bernstein, Joan S., 287, 452 Bernstein, Ronald L., 411, 408 Berrong, Robert E., 428 Berryman, James M., 440 Berryman, Janice B., 246, 452 Bertino, Michael A., 257, 316 Best, Mary Sandra, 207, 440 Betette, Philip A., 222, 440 Betsill, Roy Johnson, 45 Betts, Mary Dorsey, 273, 452 Bibb, June Kirby, 215, 126, 332 Bicherstaff Margaret, 270, 428 Biddy, Lowell Thomas, 370 Bigham, Randal, 281, 358 Bigner, Darell Doty, 261, 121, 128, Ml, 440 Billard, Sue Anne, 207, 452 Bingham, Richard J., 452 Binlon, Jack Byron, 238, 358 Birchmore, Rebecca J., 250, 452 Bird, Mary Adair, 175, 136, 218, 139, 143, 135, 440 Bird, Mary Elizabeth, 273 428 Bishop, Eva Lou, 215, 452 Bishop, Martha Louise, 332 Bishop. Richard F., 322 Bishop, Robert Davis, 226, 428 Bivens, John B. Jr., 377 Black, Leroy, 428 Blackburn, Donald B., 60 Blackburn, Edwin H., 127, 422, 425 Blackburn, Rabun C, 452 Blackman, Marion H., 250, 452 Blackmar, Alfred O., 365 Blackwell, Elizabeth, 190, 428 Blair, Henry Wesley, 277, 324, 428 Blair, Sharon Lee, 273, 452 Blake, Mary Vaughn, 246, 452 Blalock, Joseph A., 294, 428 Blalock, Thomas M., 134, 428, 383, 122, 188 Blanchard, Charlotte, 194, 370 Blanchard Decatur Jr., 426 Blanchard, James H., 283 Blanchard, Linda J., 218, 440 Blanchard, Marion J., 347 Blanchard, Mary E., 215, 452 Blaslngame, Gary B., 226, 344, 410, 408 Blass, Charlotte J., 232, 395, 452 Bledsoe, Francis N., Jr., 322, 324, 188, 145, 452 Blick, Beverley Anne, 270, 440 Bliss, Dwight L. Jr., 253, 332 Blocker, Gettis Adair, 211 Blondheim, Herbert A., 301, 358 Bloodworth, George Jr., 452 Bloodworth, Howard C, 428 Bloom, Iris Rae, 287, 452 Blount, Carolyn G., 273, 428 Blount, Clayton L., 294, 358 Blount, Flora Ross, 194, 428 Blum, Faye, 232, 452 Blumenthal, Henry A., 400, 301, 428 Boatwright, William C, 440 Body, Thomas D. Ill, 261, 428 Bohanan, Patricia A., 207, 440 Bohn, Henry Edmond, 424 Bohn, Peter Cornelius, 267, 172, 141 Bois, Philip Howard, 440, 453 Bolt, Ronald Alvin, 299, 453 Bolton, Kathryn K., 194, 440 Bolton, Robt. Glenn, 383, 380 Bolton, Wm. Sidney, 453 Bomar, Charles F., Jr., 453 Bond, Dallas Ann, 392 Bond, Lionel Edward, 383 Bond, Ronald Carey, 347, 428, 153 Bondurant, Emmet J., 238, 411, 130, 406 Bone, Martha S., 190, 355, 153, 440 Boney, Don Louis, 292, 441 Bonvlni, Giorgio, 453 Booker, Beverly W., 250, 135, 161, 136, 440 Boone, Cecil Norris, 367 Boone, Merritt A., 381 Boone, Sharon Kay, 395, 428 Booth, Edwin J., 414 Boswell, Andrew M., 294, 428 Bothwell, Eugene L. Jr., 261, 429 Botsaris, Chris James, 211, 429 Bottoms, James Eugene, 370 Bottoms, Ola Faye, 190, 161, 440 Boudreau, Bette Sue, 270, 355, 453 Boulus, Norman Paul, 226, 410, 141, 136, 134, 406 Bowden, Richard R., 349, 332 Bowden, Robert E., 453 Bowden, Talmadge A. Jr., 236 Bowden, Thomas F. Jr., 400 Bowen, John Thomas, 238, 440 Bowen, Madge McLeod, 270, 398 Bowen, Sara Frances, 270, 332 Bowen, William B. Jr., 172, 417, 440 Bowers, Bates B. Jr., 305, 440 Bowers, Mary Carol, 307, 394, 392 Bowers, Raine Stubbs, 218, 332 Bowman, Etheldred III, 453 Bowman, Phyllis Jean, 392 Bowman, Vernon E., 358 Box, Aaron, 45 Box, Syrus Eugene, 347, 429 Boyce, James Aubrey, 429 Boyd, Constance C, 250, 332 Boyd, David Emory, 283, 453 Boyd, Jas. Wm., 358 Bracewell, Jane C, 194, 453 Brackett, Benjamin G., 345, 424, 425 Bracknell, Grady J. Jr., 453 Bradberry, Patricia A., 190, 120, 175, 440, 174 Bradbury, Lynda Lane, 250 Braddock, Lawrence W., 428 Braddock, Ronald P., 277, 453 Bradley, Jesse Thomas, 429 Bradley, Richard Y., 44, 411 Bragg, Charles David, 358 Brake, Ann V., 371 Brake, William E., 371 Branch, Susan B., 251, 440 Brannen, Barney Jr., 211, 411, 406 Brannen, Beverly Sue, 194, 441 Brannen, Mary Jo, 307, 453 Brannen, Walter G., 429 Brannon, Marion T., 453 jniDW Ill " , ' « ' •■ ' } : ; H h« ' ,W " - ' " ' ■ (a)i,A«binJ«« " Jj»,lil ll, " - fd,B,lll«lllH,W , KiKlitit ' lt " ' .! " (.JAWIlfa . " J li,l„r|,OlillH. ., jak,,j,bA,w,«, ,U(ii«U,«l taii ,tib«lClM. to,Mlriil«,II, l J ' DuttilW, H.WilliiBCW,! " , trfsq ffl, Jrrf W 2 hidm J t ,», ' fcddl, Mr Ui, l«, « hqdgn, Vimi D., Q Mdm, Willu M., W » nii,Hii)tl.ll.,«l iil;Ulwl«MS,0. vh, Hint Liw, I hm, lomli, Bl. C bi, brbn Mi In. CM En , N NCM!Hita,S h ' l, CiIIh M, W fc»i Oiiil 1., ( h«i,l)iridMw,»,||,( fio, Dw Itjif, HI K •n, Bit, n, l i lm,GKftiiii »|||a kMg|p,V,m [•■ ' l ' i«ii.J,,RB " •■.JiinftliritKC h " , Jojti hji, Q kn, Ml MdTii B Kliiiaii|»|,ieH [».l«b«tl«ii,« »,WiPitti(i,,3» ™ ' ! t ..»,» ' " WiiniH.,a,fll •• , i " . Pwiilljr ' H [« ' , cwb h. a pi ' .initoiiiite ' " i " ' 01 J, 111 m WMW.iij, S ' " " ' ■ J ' ., til W.OiatUw C ' « bit !1 ' " C ' l ' llJ iioB " " IP r. " pi ' .■:■■ 480 e STUDENT INDEX - Continued ' Brantley, Francis D., 320, 383, 133 Brantley, James, 128 Brantley, Judith, 218, 371 Braselton, Lucy Edith, 201, 453 Braswell, Edith Carol, 270, 371 Braswell, Martha J., 190, 453 Bray, Carlos Michael, 453 Bray, James William, 257, 429 Bray, Joe Brown, 371 Bray, Thomas Ronald, 376, 316 Breedlove, John T., 365. 358 Brennan, Carol, 453 Brewer, George T., 371 Brewer, Wm. Paschal, 380 Brewton, Billy B., 365, 358 Brewton, Edward S., 417 Bridge, Auburn Joseph, 410, 406 Bridges, Bobby B., 441 Bridges, John P. Jr., 294, 429 Bridges, Kenneth R., 371 Bright, Rita Graham, 218, 345 Brightwell, Charles S.. 253, 429, 153, 440 Brim, John William Jr., 283, 429, 76, 77 Brimberry, Olin H. Jr., 358 Brinkley, Julia A., 189, 453 Brinson, Adam Vernon, 294, 371 Brinson, Moses E. Jr., 411 Brinson, Robert Glenn. 358 Briscoe, Mary Sue, 207, 453 Britt, Charles W., 44 Britt, William Clark, 299, 441 Brittingham, Jerry W., 329 Broadnax, John E. Jr., 238, 429, 153, 72 Brock, James Henry, 429 Brockett, Betty Lee, 194, 429 Brogdon, Vernis D., 426 Brogdon, Wallace M., 377, 386 Brooks, George B. Jr., 253, 453 Brooks, Hugh B. II., 453 Brooks, Luther Ronald, 257, 429, 453 Brooks, Polly, 270, 429, 174 Brooks, Richard Lamar, 60 Broome, Bonnie, 201, 453 Brown Barbara JoAnn, 453 Brown, Bobby, 277, 416, 414 Brown, Cecil Fred, 44 Brown, Charles Escott, 346 Irown, Charles Hilton, 257 Brown, CuHen Nash, 299 Brown David I., 45 Brown, David Prime, 299, 349, 429 Brown, Dean Roger, 377, 386 Brown, Edith, 270, 429 rown, Georgianne, 307, 161, 441 Brown, Gill Kendrick, 383, 380 Brown, Gwyndolyn, 307, 394, 392 Brown, Harry Wayne, 222, 453 rown, Ira Andrew Jr., 257, 358 rown, Jeanne Marie, 242, 453 Brown, Joyce Page, 453 Brown, Linda Marie, 358 Brown, Lois Elizabeth, 242, 392 rown, Rotsert Leon, 365 Brown, Sara Patricia, 349 Brown, Walter E. Jr.. 261, 342, 429 Brown, William H., 329, 429 " rown Wm. Pearsall Jr., 261 Irowning, Brcnda F., 207, 441, 174 ruce, Charles M., 326 Brunner, Brett Oliver, 429 Brunson, Howard M. Jr., 238, 429, 44 Bryan, Charles M., 70, 71, 238, 429, W Bryan, Elizabeth A., 441 Bryan, JoAnne, 440 Bryan Judy Gayle, 190, 429 Bryan, Katherine S., 251, 429 Bryan, Marcia J., 161, 440 Bryan, Paul W. II, 204, 386 Bryan, Thomas R. Jr., 4H Bryant, James G. Jr., 257, 441 Bryant, James Russell, 261, 441 Bryant, Morris Irvin, 453 Bryant, Oscar Lee, 440 Buck, Patricia M., 270, 441 Buckley, Carol Lee, 215, 453 Buckley, Richard Robt., 277, 377, 411, 406 Buffington, Barbara E., 440 Bugg, Marianne, 251, 136, 429 Bulin, David Robt., 429 Bunn, Gerald Tracy. 332 Bunten, Eddie Dumont, 292, 429, 153 Buranamanas, Prasob, 386 Burch, Sarah Frances, 392 Burdell, Bobby Eugene. 253, 453 Burdeshaw, Bruce B., 453 Burdett, James Murray, 453 Burke, Benjamin R. Jr., 277, 42? Burkett, Valeria Ann, 242, 441 Burnett, Elaine Ruth, 355 Burnham, Howard, 400, 301, 398 Burns , Charlotte, 270, 429 Burns, Sharon Lenore, 228, 429 Burnside, Thomas R. Jr., 211, 411, 140, 125, 133, 127 136. 137 Buroker, Judith Mae, 358 Burpee, Walter J. Jr., 305, 4S3 Burrell, Charles P., 441 Burrell, Stephen F., 292, 172, 44! Burrows, Gerald Lee, 410, 408 Burt, Eddie Clyde, 322 Burt, Mary Elizabeth, 215, 44! Burton, Marie Louisa, 194, 429 Burton, Sarah Angela, 242, 453 Burton, Walter L., 172, 429 Butbia, Elizabeth Ann. 246, 44! Bush, Francis Marion, 348 Bush, Lucien Ross Jr., 253, 44! Busha, Mary Lee, 194, 453 Butler, Bobbie Joe, 426 Butler, Brenda Carol, 207, 440, 453 Butler, Charley Elvis, 346 Butler, James Harold, L Butler, Jesse Alton, 281, 429 Butler, John Alvln, 60 Butler, John Harrison, 386 Butler, Lucretia J., 228, 139, 135, 161, 136, 440 Butler, Mary Florence, 270, 429 Butler, Ruth F., 429 Butts, Henry Woodard, 358 Byars, Harry B. Jr., 332 Bynum, John Riley, 332 Byrd, Emily Anne, 132, 189, 440 Byrd, Foy Andrew Jr., 292, 429 Byrd, Sarah Caroline, 228, 143 Cadle, Anne Elizabeth, 189, 429 Cagle, Catherine K., 392 Cagle, Gerald Frank, 453 Cagle, James Ralph, 453, 37! Cagle, Mary Shelley, 453 Cain, Ronald Spencer, 367 Caldwell, John Weston, 367, 429, 358 Caldwell, Leslie Earl, 453 Caldwell, Lola Jean, 246, 429 Calhoun, John W., Jr., 292, 128 Calhoun, Patrick P., 238, 161, 453 Calhoun, Sandra Lee, 453 Callaway, Betty Ruth, 453 Callaway, John West, 257, 429 Callaway, Leah C, 355, 453 Cameron, George W., 323, 316 Cameron, Virgil C. Jr., 323, 316 Camp, Charles E. Jr., 299, 141, 441 Camp, Martha Louise, 429 Campbell, Clay Joel, 453 Campbell, Dale Conrad, 429 Campbell, Dwane Riley, 371 Campbell, James D. Jr., 261, 429 Campbell, Sally C, 251, 441 Campbell, Thomas R. Jr., 162, 346 Canada, Joel Irvin, 267, 380 Candler, John S. Jr., 238, 453 Cannon, Caroline F., 273, 44! Cannon, Eliz. Frost, 194, 453 Cannon, Emory L., 422, 425 Cannon, Verona L., 189, 441 Cantelou, George E. Jr., 299, 453 Cantrell, Terrell N., 128, 44! Canupp, Jack Douglas, 453 Cape, Carolyn Sanders, 392 Caple, Suzanne Janice, 201, 453 Cardell, Donald J., 37! Carden, Gene Francis, 277, 441 Carder, Richard Mark, 347 Carelock, Ted Lee, 261, 44! Carley, George H., 211, 411, 408 Carlisle, Deanne J., 355 Carlisle, James Allen, 292, 441, 68, 69 Carlson, Beverly Jean, 194, 332 Carlton, James B., 324, 316 Carmack, William H,. 367, 358 Carmical, Billy D., 453 Carmichael, Leonora, 251, 453 Carmichael, William C, 367, 122 Carpenter, Jot David, 261, 316 Carpenter, Nancy Wier, 270, 332 Carpenter, Robert D., 429, 314, 132, 188, 128, 322, 324, 344, 121 Carr, Jimmy Roger, 323 Carr, Mark Simpson, 211, 44! Carrell, Edmond D. Ill, 44! Carroll, Clarence W., 238, 429 Carroll, Patricia L., 332 Carson. Earl Webb Jr., 261, 411, 332 Carson, Gordon C. Ill, 342, 429 Carson, John Hampton, 359 Carson, Katy Jane, 441 Carson, Raymond P., 261, 359 Carstarphen, Kathryn, 371 Carstarphen, Linda A., 194, 453 Carswell, Eugene P., 380 Carswell, Judy Ann, 273, 332 Carter, Carolyn Eliz., 270, 429 Carter, Curtis H, Jr., 429 Carter, G. Damon, 332 Carter, George M., 453 Carter, George Terry, 188 Carter, Hubert Kennon, 453 Carter, Jane Malcom, 242, 355 ,453 Carter, Janice M., 215, 453 Carter, Melvin Horton, 367 Carter, Suzanne, 270, 120 Carter, Thomas C. Ill, 367 Carter, Thomas William, 453 Carter, Wilbur Grant, 261, 453 Carter, Wm. Causey, 453 Cartledge, Carl M. Jr., 281, 453 Case, Carolyn Belle, 453 Case, Clifford L. Jr., 45 Case, Ronald Lee, 45 Casey, Patrick Harold, 162 Caskey, Mary Anne, 251, 429 Casper, Barbara Jean, 307, 441 Cassidy, Charles L., 426, 422 Castleberry, Chas. H., 294, 44! Castleberry, Curley D., 359 Castorina, Salvador A., 305, 399, 140, 398 Cafes, Jo Anne. 207, 332 Cathy, Richard J., 257, 429 ATHENS ' FINEST MEN ' S STORE 227 E. Clayton St. : 481 STUDENT INDEX -Continued Cato, Anthony Wallace, 326 Cato, Beverley Faye, 333 Causey. Janis Anne, 215, 355, 453 Cavan, Dorothy H., 190, 453 Cavender, Ralph H., 294, 441 Celecia, Juan Felix, 323 Certain, Alan Nelson, 453 Chaffkin, Harvey, 198, 429 Chafin, Thomas Lee, 257, 429 Chambers, Barbara L., 207, 429 Chambers, Dorothy D., 242, 453 Chambers, Mahala Ann, 194, 441 Chambers, Rona Gale, 232, 441 Chamblee, David W., 294, 359 Chambless, James L., 283, lil, 453 Chamlee, Albert S., 398 Chandler, Edv ard L., 426, 441 Chandler, James H., 211, 453 Chandler, Joseph G., 238, 429 Chandler, Kenneth Wm., 238, 441 Chaney, Waylen, 329 Chang Sang Ik, 324, 429 Channell, Jam«s C, 359 Chapman, George Biram, 416, 419 Chapman, John 8. Jr., 326 Chapman, John Wilson, 153 Chapman, Marion W.. 204 Chapman. Patricia Kay, 218, 441 Chapman, Paul W., 424, 425 Chapman, Samuel R., 441 Chapman, Susanne, 242, 333 Chappell, Eleanor Kay, 194, 161, 441 Chappell, Grigsby T., 441 Chappell, Richard B., 261, 380 Chardkoff, Joan L., 232, 144, 454 Charles, Kathryn E., 273, 359 Chastain, Ruth Jolyn, 120, 189, 175, 442 Chatham, Douglas M., 172, 174 Cheek, Cora Sue, 189 Cheek, George Wm., 60 Cheney, Clarence W., 429 Cherry, Maxine P., 232, 454 Cheshire, Douglas Jr., 294, 429 Chestnut, Celia Mason, 218, 345, 442 Chesnut, James A.. 294, 37! Chesnut, Regina B.. 355 Chesser. Margaret F.. 246. 333 Childers. Dan Jerry, 305, 398 Childers, Robert T.. 222. 429 Childs, Mobley Free, 410 Choate, Zim Jackson, 222, 454 Chou, Frank H., 386 Chow, Jane, 454 Choyce, Hal Haddon, 277, 429 Christa, Frank Joseph, 257, 346, 442 Christensen, Albert C, 294, 429 Christian, Charlie B.. 367 Christian. Cleveland. 454 Christian. Elaine E.. 355, 454 Christian, Hazel M., 348 Christie, M. Theodosia, 270, 333 Christie, Sandra L., 218, 442 Christian, Charlie 8., 367 Christopher, Kenneth, 429 Christopher, Jimmy L., 442 Chupp, Edward T. Jr.. 454 Clapp. Cecil Earl Jr.. 236. 429 Clark. David George, 236, 454 Clark, Evelan A.. 355 Clark. Fred Stephen. 410, 301, 408 Clark, James Derrell. 426. 424 Clark. Mary Anne. 190. 355 Clark. Mittle J.. 441 Clark. Nancy Audrey, 218, 430 Clark, Raymond David, 45 Clark, William H., 320, 422, 425 Clarke, Burwell B.. 261. 454 Clarke. Courtney Anne. 454 Clarno, Karen, 218, 442 Clary, Bobby L.. 316 Clary. Eleanor Faye. 442 Claxton. Charles T.. 380 Clay. Phyllis B.. 442 Clay. Robt., A. Jr.. 389 Clay. Suianne, 355 Clayton. Susan Glenn. 251. 442 Cleghorn, David A.. 253. 122. 125. 184. 398 Clements. Andy Carter. 172 Clements, Franklin L., 416, 414 Clements, Lawrence J., 430 Clements, Nancy Glenn, 189, 454 Cleveland, Rita, 201. 454 Cleveland. Robt. Jos.. 411 CliaH. William Price. 277. 358 Clifford. David S., 261. 180. 430. 123 Clifton, Ralph DeWitt, 204, 329, 430 Clifton, Ray Earl, 204, 316 Clinton, Herbert 8., 367, 442 Cloer, Ethel Patricia, 207, 430 Close, Linda Ann, 201, 442 Close, Thomas M. Jr., 238, 133, 136. 137. 430 Cloud, Ralph Martin, 430 Clough, Marilyn. 201, 371 Cobb, Beverly Joyce, 190, 442 Cobb, Grover Lester, 204, 430 Cochran, Beverly Faye, 189, 454 Cochran, Emmett T., 416, 414 Cochran, Florence G., 395, 355 Cochran, Helen Jane, 307, 139, 430 Cochran, John T. M, 294, 454 Cochran, Joseph E., 333 Cockcroft, Charlotte, 454 Cocroft, Catherine C, 218, 454 Codino, Leno, 430 Coe, Olivia Helen, 454 Coe, Wahwiece, 218, 454 Cofer, Maud Turner, 326 Cofer, Randall Jackie, 399, 430 Coffee, Rebecca C. 430 Coffey, Patricia Ann, 207, 333 Coffin, Maude Esther, 218, 454 Coffsky, Barry P.. 301, 174, 454 Cogburn, Barbara Jean, 395, 324, 392 Coggins, J. Wilbur Jr., 283, 380 Cohen, Arline, 454 Cohen, Davis, 301, 174, 454 Cohen, Lawrence J., 301, 430 Cohen, Marlene J., 232, 454 Cohen, Martin William, 198, 430, 68 Cohen, Ronald Barry, 301, 442 Cohen, Ronnie H., 410, 301, 408 Cohen, Rosalie Anna, 232, 454 Cohen, Sharna, 287, 454 Cohen, Stephen David, 301, 359 Cohen, Steve, 301 Cohen, Susan Davis, 273, 454 Cohran, Gene Neal, 430 Cohran, Willard Larry, 236, 442 Coile, Linda Kay, 246 Cokcr, Margaret Gail, 307, 442 Coker, Robt. Bryan. 328 Coker. William Rory, 430 Colburn. Lesley W.. 194. 454 Cole, Donald Oscar, 253, 333 Cole, Elaine Mattie, 307, 355, 454 Cole, E. Dargan III. 222. 454 Cole. John Rufus. 238. 333 Cole. Johnny. 294. 333 Cole. Roy Shellace. 386 Cole, Sherard Dixon, 430 Cole. Spurgeon N.. 281, 333 Colella, Frederick V.. 442. 408 Coleman, Chas. Ronald. 299 Coleman, James Robert, 376, 316 Coleman, Kitty Walker, 242, 386 Coleman, Nathan C. 265. 430. 174 Coleman. Richard D., 430, 376 Coleman, Ronald Scott, 238, 442 Coleman, Sadie D., 194, 454 Coleman, Terry D.. 359 Coleman. V. Rodney, 341 Coleman, William R. Jr., 411, 292, 406 Coletti, George D., 430 Collettc, Jesse P., 371 Collier, James M., 411, 406 Collier, Martha C. ,208, 454 Collier, Paul Thomas, 430 Collins, James H., 377, 430 Collins, Joe H., 238 Collins, R. Barksdale, 220. 333 Collis, Glenn Hubert, 277, 430 Colmer, Margaret Anne, 190, 144, 454 Colonna, Richard Clay, 359 Colson, Cler Malia, 242, 142, 371 Colston, Wm. Lassie, 430 Colwell, Dorotha Ann, 430 Compton, Annie Martha, 359, 377, 386 Compton, Donald Curry, 253, 430 Cone, Barbara Ann, 132, 359 Cone, Carlos Hudson, 236, 430 Cone, Grady O., 226, 359 Cone, James Daniel, 45 Conger, Sarah E., 430 Conkin, Mary Goddard, 273, 430 Connally, Evelyn A.. 371 Conner. Judith L.. 333 Connerat. Mary Anne, 228, 442 Constantino, Hester, 242, 454 Cook, George Ann, 307, 430, 394 Cook, Judith Lynn, 454 Cook, Judy Arlene, 454 Cook, Wyndell Lee, 442 Cooksey, Gordon Lee, 454 Coolcy, William Leon. 367 Coolick, Arnold. 301. 454 Cooper. Crawford C. 380 Cooper. John S., 222, 430 Cooper, Leconte Valdi, 411, 406 Cooper, Marrs M. 238. 334 Cooper. Roy E. Jr., 305, 454 Copelan, Jack $.. 238. 430 Copeland. Mary Kawin. 307, 442 Copus, Earl Jr.. 430 Corbett, John C. Jr.. 257. 345. 334 Corbin, Carl Sigler. 325 Corbitt. Ann Elii.. 194. 126. 139. 133, 334 Cordell, Howard L. Jr., 172, 141 Cordle, Howard W. Jr.. 294. 430 Corley, Cynthia Lloyd, 194, 133, 371, 61 Cornelius, Billy C. 398 Cornwell. Ina Susan, 175 Costa. Zenith H.. 242. 442 Coston. Michael Lamar. 320. 329. 316 Cottingham, Walter C, 426, 430 Couey, Francina, 359 Counts, Rebecca Jane. 189. 442 Coursey, John Paul Jr.. 454 Coursey. Paul B. Jr.. 238. 161. 442 Courson. Maxanne 208. 126. 395 142 392, 442 Cousins, Robert W.. 238 Cowart. Chas. Heath. 70 Cowart. Lynda. 307. 430 Cowart. Theda Kay. 273, 355. 442 Cowart. Travis Bacon. 442 Cowden. Sandra Ann. 442 Cox. Frances Jane. 190. 442 Cox. Jack Elliott. 60 Cox. Jay Carroll. 411. 130. 124. 359 Cox. Marylou. 454 Cox. Sylvia Grey. 191, 371 Coyne, Camilla Crouch, 218, 442 Craft, John W., 454 Craig, Shirley Jean, 161 Crain, George H., 257, 454 Crandall, Patricia A., 194, 442 Crandall, Pearl E.. 316 Crane. Baxter C. Jr.. 238. 454 Crane. Eleanor Thayer, 215, 143, 386 Crane, Herbert M. Jr.. 222. 411, 408 Crane, James William, 416, 419, 414 Crane, Jerrold Neal, 442 Crane, Lena S.. 442 Crane. Richard A. 5.. 442 Cranman. Marvin. 301, 442 Crawford, Betty Jean, 392 Crawford. C. Joan D., 371 Crawford, Eunice R., 215, 355, 430 Crawford, James Robt.. 416, 414 Crawford, John H. III. 238. 442 Crawford. Ralph B.. 283. 359 Crawford. Robert D.. 211, 416, 414 Crawley, James Larry, 430 Craze, Edward Lynn, 211, 359 Creasman, Dewey L., 257, 442 Creswell, John Lester, 377, 386 Crisp, Henry Lumpkin, 283, 430 Crockett, Camille, 194, 371 Crockett, Edward W.. 211, 430 Crockett, Linda, 194, 454 Crockett, Wm. Evans. 322 Cromartie, Margaret L.. 201. 392 Crook. Ellis Max, 277, 442 Cromer, Ann Grace, 430 Croom, Eliz. Louise. 208. 345. 334 Crocm, Joseph Addison, 377, 386 Crosby, Frederick F.. 383 Crosby. John Dickey. 204, 141, 136, 430 Crosby, Madelyn C, 307, 355, 454 Cross, Frances V.. 398 Crouch, Janet A., 273, 454 Crouch, Mickey Morgan, 419, 414 Crovatt, Lynn, 270, 139, 334 Crow, Hubert A. Jr.. 414 Crow, Priscilla, 307, 161, 394, 392 Crowder, Harold Boyce, 399 Crowley, James C. Jr.. 236, 334 Croxton, Mary Lucas, 251, 442 Crozler, Jimmy Lee, 367, 359 Cruikshank, Lila Jean, 218, 442 Crutchfield, Robert B., 292, 442 Crutchfield, Thomas H., 442 Crutchfield, William. 299, 339 Culbreth, Walter Jos.. 430 Cullen, Mary Eliz., 194, 454 Cullen, Sarah Dchon, 242, 144, 454 Cullens, Grady R., 238, 454 Cullens, John B., 222. 454 Cullom. Linda Olive. 242, 430, 185 Culpepper, Chas. F. Jr., 430 Culpepper, Elijah H.. 294, 121, 442, 346 Culpepper, H. Stuart, 305, 398 Culpepper, Thomas III, 236, 430 Culpepper, Wm. Calvin, 419 Culvern, Joseph B.. 442 Cummings. David Lee, 44 Cummings, Jacquelyn, 175, 442 Cunningham, Earl Ray, 380 Curran, Dorothy L.. 228, 442, 454 Curran, James Davis, 261 Custer, Henry Clayton, 430 Dadisman, Anne Moore, 442 Dailey, Joel Dean, 442 Dalton, John Norman, 426, 424 Damianos, Ramona Lou, 392 Daniel, Guye Wm. Jr., 277, 359 Daniel, Cornelia R., 228. 430 Daniel. Nancy Lee, 218, 442 Daniel, Natalyn H., 228, 454 Daniels, William F. Jr., 367, 430 Danneman, Rosalyn B.. 232, 392 Dantignac, Lois F., 242, 442 Darden, Elizabeth C, 251, 430 Darden, Jane M., 251, 454 Dattcl, Albert T., 324 Dauler, William S.. 295. 430 Daves, Jack Edward, 442 Daves, Joan Frances, 191, 454 David, Mary Carter, 251, 454 Davidow, Allen A., 301, 454 Davidson, Andrew, 347 Davidson, Charles W., 295, 454 Davidson, Jacqueline, 201, 454 Davidson, Joy M., 208, 334 Davis, Austin L.. 344. 411 Davis, Cecil Goodwin, 344, 410, 188, 132, 125, 134 Davis, Chas. Lawrence. 161 Davis, Charles M. Jr., 430 Davis, Dan Thomas, 60 Davis, Diane, -270, 454 Davis, Don, 417 Davis, Eleanor Judy, 61 Davis, Ephraimi P.. 222. 408 Davis. Ernest Parks. 211. 454 Davis, Georgia H.. 430 Davis, Harry L., 454 Davis, Hinton Guerry, 45 Davis, Hope P. Jr., 161 Davis, Jack Wesley, 345 Davis, Jacqueline, 201, 454 Davis, James Haydn Jr., 295, 334 Davis, James Lee, 238, 430 Davis, John Baldwin, 341 Davis, John Edwin, 430 Davis, Joseph Bryant, 153 Davis, Judith Anne, 191, 115 Davis, Kenneth K.. 236, 414 Davis, Lois Gay, 194 ,143 Davis, Mary Jane, 144 Davis, Mary Virginia, 246, 430 Davis, Melvin Lewis, 258, 454 Davis, Richard E., 367, 454 Davis, Richard Lee, 316 Davis, Robert Ernest, 292 Davis, Robert Joe, 430 Davis, Robert Stephen, 430 Davis, Sandra B., 270, 133, 180 Davis, Tommy, 334 Davis, Wm. Arthur Jr., 344, 130, 125, 127, 406 Davis, William S., 236, 386 Dawson, Charles M., 430 Dawson. Jack E. Jr., 262, 454 Dawson, Wendell T.. 442 Day, Alan Mitchell, 454 Day, John Stuart, 277, 430 Day, Maralyn D., 251, 454 Deal, Elwyn E.. 323. 386 Deal. Hugh Howell. 204. 442, 60 Deal, John Daniel, 204, 430 Dean, Harry Norman, 454 Dearen, Robert E., 377, 386 Deariso, Leila K., 430 Deaton, Thomas M.. 386 Debele, Charles M. Jr., 254, 455 Deckle, Johnny, 324 Deedy, Kenneth James, 258, 316 Dees, John H. Jr.. 365. 359 Dekle, Johnnie George, 188, 430 Delashmutt, Beverly A.. 218. 345, 334 Dell, Merle Drucilla, 242, 430 Deloach, Dennis R. Jr.. 383. 144 Deloach, George L., 258, 442 Deloach, Georgia Ann, 208, 442 Delong, Marilyn L., 194, 138, 153, 120, 136, 443 Demeree, Donna Eliz., 208, 455 Demonbreun, Russell C, 322 Dennard. Ivey C, 443 Dennard, Paul Karen, 416, 419 Dennard, Thomas E. R., 125, 124, 262, 411, 130, 140, 127, 406 Denney, Sharon R., 367 Dennis, Troy Rowe, 153, 359 Denson , James Robert, 334 Denton, Barbara Jean, 208, 345, 431, 345 Depourcq, Frances Mae, 246, 431 Deriso, George T.. 424. 425 Desormeaux. Charles. 316 Devane, Ernest Wm., 292. 431 Deyerle. Judith Lee, 242, 443 Dickenson, Glenn G.. 406 Dickey. Diane. 270. 431 Dickey. Mary L., 273, 142, 345, 334 Don ' t miss the fun of eating out. Enjoy your meals at the SNACK SHACK ••So ' ■»« • » •■■. «, »«i i« ■ « « . « « MB m 11,11 jiiii r« 5! h.9 1;KI1,I2. !(.»• .a lm« »IV,» ll« ■ ft HO ■ BuKO • »« STUDENT INDEX - Continued Dikher ,Mary Ann, 218, 443 Dillard, Frances C, 355, 324, 455 Dillard, Frances D., 431 Dillard, Glenn N. Jr., 283, 359 Dillingham, Sylvia A., 455 Dimock, Susan Irene, 189, 431 Olsmuke, Linda D., 208, 455 Dittman, Richard F. Jr., 423 Dix, Jimmy Lewis, 60 Dixon, Dennis B., 324 Dixon, Dock F. Jr., 422, 425 Dixon, Fremon Parker, 135 Dixon, Seorge S. Jr., 299, 334 Dixon, Georgia Ann, 455 Dixon, Joy Carlisle, 242, 443 Dixon, Martha F., 455 Dixon, Roy Clark, 322, 3lt Dixon, Sammy Daniels, 254, 442 Dobbs, Joseph Newton, 262, 455 Dobbs, Willis P. Jr., 222, 431 Dobran, Linda Ann, 287, 455 Dodson, Carr Glover, 411, 283 124, 125, 127, 408 Dollar, Geraldine, 132, 189, 431 Dominy, Wilburn T., 416, 419, 431 Donahue, Michael A., 347 Donahue, Ray, 328 Donaldson, Johnny K., 238, 442 Donaldson, Robt. F. Jr., 411, 292, 406 Dooley, James E. Jr., 455 Dootey, Margaret G., 377, 386 Dooley, Milton, 377, 386 Dorminey, Claude L., 329 Dornseifcr, T. Peter, 325 Dorris, John M. Jr., 60 Oorsey, Cecil D., 367, 359 Dossey, Mary Lewis, 191, 355, 455 Doster, Laura A., 307, 455 Doster, Samuel R., 43! Douglas, Kathryn A., 355 Douglass, Nancy Ann, 251, 431 Douglas, Sandra L., 246, 431 Douglas, Thomas W., 366. 359 Dover, Jerry Lee, 322, 188, 455 Dowden, Thomas Clark, 442 Dowell, Sarah Elii., 194, 431 Downey, Isabella M., 325 Downing, Donald L., 325 Downs, Carol Ann., 194, 443 Downs, Mary Ann, 334 Dozier, George R., 262, 414 Doiier, Wm. Harris, 329 Drake, Chesta L.. 455 Drawhorn, Ralph E., 367 Dreesen, David Walter, 305, 422, 425 Dresser, Richard Mott, 325, 431 Driftmier, R. H., 322 Driggers, William C, 426, 431 Driver, Guy F. Jr., 262, 443 Dryden, Lois Eloise, 251, 443 Duberman, Iris, 232, 455 Dubey, Hari Datta, 223, 387 DuBose, Harvey, 400 DuBose. Lillian Dale, 218, 455 DuBose, Sandra Ethel, 218, 431, 345 Dudley, Charles J., 299 ,443 Duftell, Bill H.. 334 Duffy, Jean D., 228, 455 Dugan, David L., 371 Dagger, Ruth Stevens, 242, 431, 174 Dukes, Douglas Wm., 283, 153 Dukes, Wm. Sherod, 455 Dunahoo, Horace Ray, 324, 328, 443 Dunaway, William B., 277, 416, 121, 138, 345, 431 Duncan, Billie Ruth, 251, 133, 334 Dundon, Roy Willard, 377, 387 Dunn, Anna Jo, 377 Dunn, Henry L. Ill, 211, 455 Dunn, J. Laurence, 238, 431 Dunson. Linton R. Jr., 324, 292, 121, 443, 346 DuPree, Barbara Ann, 194, 135, 153, 43! Durbin, David Ronald. 431 Durden, Milner Gibson, 277, 408 Durden, Thomas L., 347 Durham, James Melvin, 324, 431 Durham, Joe Vinson, 204, 431 Duvall. David Carl, 236, 371 Dyches, Aiken F., 295, 411, 408 Dyches. Dunbar H. Jr., 295, 443 Dye, Alden R.. 262, 411, 408 Dye, Patrick, Fain, 222, 431, 45 Dykes, Gerald J.. 317, 321, 329, 188, .134 Dykes, Mary Susan, 270, 144, 455 Eades, Patricia Ann, 455 Eadie, John Riley, 383 Eager. Donald H., 226, 431 Ealy, Helen Dianne, 208, 455 Easley, Anne Owen, 246, 443 East, Mary George, 194, 175, 433 Eastman, George A. Jr., 258, 359 Eaton, Mary Ann, 201, 334, 114 Eavenson, Dwight, 322 Eberhardt, Guy Bailey, 443 Eberhardt, Robert III, 283, 359 Eberhart, Donald E., 328, 317 Eberhart, Nancy Ann, 308, 401, 398 Echols, Allen Lee, 431 Echols, Peggy J., 208, 431 Edge, Bobby G., 346, 122, 343, 133, 334, 20, 2! Edge, Loretta Kay, 308, 334 Edmonds, Charles W. Jr., 425 Edwards, Alice Joy, 251, 443 Edwards, Peggy Lenora, 308, 455 Edwards, Ryland B. Jr., 426, 345 Edwards, Thelma C, 455 Egelston, Charles R., 424 Eichhammer, John Paul, 324 Eichhorn, Marcus M. Jr., 323 Eidson, Caswell S., 334 Eidson, James A. Jr., 422, 425 Eidson, Joel F., 262, 455 Eidson, Thomas Clyde, 380 Eipp, Donald George, 324, 317 Elder, Elizabeth, 218, 401, 398 Elder, Loniy E. Jr., 443 Elder, Mack E., 366, 387 Elder, Robert M., 161, 455 Elder, Wm. Donald, 455 Ellerbe, Ellen L., 455 Ellington, Billie L., 251, 161, 455 Ellington, Douglas J., 443 Ellington, Sandra J., 191, 443 Elliott, Charlotte E., 455 Elliott, Judy Ann, 355, 455 Elliott, Margie S., 270, 431 Elliott, Ronald E., 414 Elliott, Thomas Wm.., 254, 411, 408 Ellis, Blanche L., 218 Ellis, Bobby George, 431 Ellis, Charles III, 238, 443 Ellis, Donald E., 431 Ellis, George R. Jr., 262 Ellis, Harry A. Jr., 344, 292, 408 Ellis, Norma Linda, 191, 431 Ellis, William Dale, 359 Ellison, Patricia A., 455 Ellison, Wm. T. Jr., 258, 145, 455 Elser, Fred J. Jr., 161 Emberson, James F. Jr., 134, 188, 132, 127 Emerson, Patti I., 308, 455 Emminger, Barbara Ann, 347, 443 Endorf, Dagmar Helene, 424 English, Frank Royal, 443 English, Samuel Don, 204, 443 Enloe, Frank Robert, 426 Entrekin, Elizabeth A., 287, 431 Epstein, Richard A., 301, 455 Erez, Ofira, 232, 387 Erickson, Nancy Enid, 431 Ervin, John Travis, 341 Eskew, Michael P., 172, 161, 443 Espy, Paul Lemark, 431 Estes, Joseph G. Jr., 188, 132, 125, 133, 127, 359 Estes, Lyna Louise, 270 Ethredge, Walter J., 387 Ethridge, Robert W., 334 Ethridge, Sara V., 218, 398 Etzenhouser, Carol S., 228, 43! Eubanks, James Warren, 424, 425 Eubanks, Robert E., 431 Eulenfeld, Beni. R., 277, 334 Eulenfeld, Ethel Ann, 228, 161, 443 Evans, Billy Lee, 145, 455 Evans, Foster Lee Jr., 411, 408 Evans, Horace E. Ill, 262, 334 Evans, Martha A., 194, 153, 43! Evans, Ranald lilar, 238, 431 Evans, Sally, 229, 153, 455 Everett, Virginia, 270, 443 Everitt. Alfred Z., 262, 431 Ewing, Glenda Day, 431 Exiey, Wayne Clarke, 43! Ezzard, Henry H. II, 16! Faber, H. Joseph, 387 Faber, Patricia Ann, 431 Fader, Howard Guy, 424 Fagan, Arthur Joseph, 301, 455 Fagan, Helen Clarke, 334 Fagan, Jo Anne, 242, 431 Fair, Barbara P., 392 Fair, Wanda Jean, 208, 455 Faison, Stanley F., 431, 376 Fakhrnea, Behaeddin, 387 Falcone, Alfred E., 347 Falor, Barbara Lou, 308, 431 Fannin, Truman P., 295. 455 Farmer, Frank Eugene, 417 Farmer, Gary Francis, 422, 425 Farmer, George S., 417 Farmer, Janice Marie, 443 Farmer, Thomas Wm., 305, 359 Farmer, Willie Frank, 414 Farrey, Leila Emily, 242, 443 Faulk, Nancy Jane, 443 Fechtel, Patricia C, 242, 334 Fechtman, Joan L., 201. 455 Feild, John Martin, 238, 431 Feild, Madge, 191, 431 Feldser, Gail N., 232, 455 Felson. Devara Sandra, 232, 443, 174 Fenn, Ruby Rosalie, 194, 431 Fenn, Sally Ann, 215, 455 Fennell, Wm. Frank III, 277, 359 Ferguson, Barbara J., 194, 359 Ferrell, Sonya Ann, 392 Ferrell, Wm. Morgan, 262, 455 Fesperman, Marion H., 270, 153, 371 , Few, Susie Gwendolyn, 274, 371 Fialkow. Alan R.. 301, 443 Fickling, Craig P., 410, 443 Field, Lucy, 201, 394, 392 Fields, Ross Leonard. 161, 455 Fields, Roy Elbert, 371 FOSTER ' S JEWELERS DIAMOND MERC REGISTERED AMERICAN G SOCIETY MEMBER of NATIONAL BRIDE SOQETY Fieser, James Lewis, 305, 431 Fincher, Dan Harold, 426, 455 Fincher, George T., 324, 431 Fincher, Ronald Edwin, 389 Fisch, Howard Wm., 238, 431 Fisher, Betty Ann, 94, 443 Fisher, Suzanne Carr, 208, 443 Fitzgibbons, Connie O., 161 Fitzpatrick, Duross, 283, 431 Flanagan, James G., 443, 422 Flanders, L. Bennett, 431 Flanders, MacGregor, 371 Fleming, Lamar L., 342, 283, 431 Fleming, Myrtle M., 377 Fleming, Pinckney R., 410, 408 Fletcher, Alan D., 258, 399, 443 Fletcher, Rebecca Ann, 246 Fletcher, Robt. Shaw, 326 Fletcher, Thomas D., 262, 138, 162, 431, 182 Fletcher, Warren D., 431 Flowers, Nancy Mary, 242, 120, 136, 443, 183 Floyd, Edith Marie, 431 Floyd, Mary Kathryn. 194. 431 Floyd, Sara Ellen, 189, 443 Fluker, James D. Jr.. 283, 455 Flynt, James Purke, 443 Flythe, James B., 227, 411. 406 Pokes, Ann Thomas, 308, 443 Folk, Judy Ann, 395, 355, 132, 189, 443 Folsom, hfenry Thomas, 431 Foor, Phyllis Claire, 232, 443 Foote, Betsy Jeanne, 175 Forcadas, Alberto M., 389 Force, Howard B., 367 Ford, Anita Joyce, 355 Ford, Earl Gilmore, 367 Ford, Janice Marie, 201, 455 Ford, Wm. Redd Jr., 267, 455 Forester, Frank Link, 238, 443 Forman, Frederick Jr., 262, 431 Forrester, Virginia G., 218, 126, 143, 133. 37! 483 Fortier, Suzanne C, 161 Forturn, Archibald R., 262, 455 Foster, Chris Anthony, 262, 140, 431 Foster, Jim Claude, 380 Foster, Jo Anne, 201, 153, 443 Foughner, James W. II, 400, 398 Fountain, James Davis, 267, 360 Fouts, Bennio Horace, 281, 37! Fouts, Sara Angelyn, 324 Fowler, Alice Starr, 218, 360 Fowler, Britton L., 254, 414 Fowler, Joan Eliz., 208, 443 Fowler, Johnny C, 360 Fowler, Mamie Craig, 194, 443 Fox, Jesse Paul Jr., 292, 443 Fox, Judith Lynn, 270, 443 Fox, William Francis, 345 Foy, Byron Everett, 295, 431 Frakes, Margaret J., 274, 431 Francis, Robert Jos., 258, 317 Frank, Glynn Henry, 426, 424 Franklin, Benjamin P., 377. 387 Franklin, David C, 365 Franklin, Hiram P., 443 Franklin, James M., 366 Franklin, Lehman, H., 262, 121 Franklin, Mary, 194. 431 Franklin. Robert L. II. 292, 172. 431 Franklin, Sue P., 387 Franklin, William, 365 Franks, Kay Marie, 191, 431 Franti, Tanya Elil., 246, 175. 443. 110 Frasier, Katherine C. 218. 175. 443 Frazier. Donald E.. 292. 443 Frazier. Robert D.. 305. 380 Free. Carl B. Jr., 380 Freeman. Edwin L. Jr.. 455 Freeman. Ella Roberta. 432. 174 Freeman. Ronald Allen, 263, 432 Friedland, Lorraine H., 232, 455 Friedman, Leonard, 198, 414 Friedman, Stanley P., 301, 360 Fuehrer, Edward G., 258, 443 Fulford, Joseph M., 426 STUDENT INDEX -Continued Fulford, Robert I., 414, 417, 414 Fuller, Julia Mae, 355, 444 Fullilove, Carlton J., 317, 322, 320, 153 Fulmer, Preston, 243, 380 Fulton, David Robert, 424, 422 Furman, John D. Jr., 400, 172, 444 Furry, Judith Annabel, 201, 153, 444 Futral, Walter C. Jr., 317, 204, 329 Gable, Harlan Lanier, 172, 444 Gable, Ronald Selman, 334 Gaeser, Elaine, 232, 143, 432 Gaff, Wanda Latrelle, 208, 348 Gaines, James F., 425 Gaines, Mary K., 308, 372 Gaines, Mary Va., 218, 398 Gaines, Sandrea, 355, 455 Gaines, Wm. Robert, 424. 424 Gaither, Mary Graben, 377, 387 Galbreath, Robert Joe, 344, 44 Gale, Larry Edwin, 227, 455 Gam, Albert Arnold, 301, 444 Gammage, Jean M., 229, 372 Gannaway, Suianne, 208, 432 Garard, Ray Evans, 283, 398 Garbutt, Frank R. Jr., 295, 455 Garbutt, Robert L., 295, 424, 424 Garden, Jerry Ross, 204, 372 Gardner, Alan Lee, 302, 432 Gardner, Ann Eliz., 251, 444 Gardner, Dorothy G., 242, 455 Gardner, Gail Frances, 229, 393 Gardner, Hugh Allan, 329 Gardner, Joan, 25t, 143 Gardner, Thomas E., 322, 432 Gardiner, George A., 432 Garland, Edward T., 238, 138, 455 Garland, John W. 258, 399, 133, 134 134 Garner, Beatrice T., 432 Garner, Cicero Jr., 408 Garner, Claud F., 455 Garner, Edward T., 347, 141 Garner, George Guy, 222 Garner, Thomas Aaron. 444 Garrett, Beverly Jean, 355 Garrett, Brenda Bell, 141, 444 Garrett, Earle M. Jr., 305, 380 Garrett, John M., 380 Garrett, Norris W., 254, 317 Garrett, Thomas Leroy, 444 Garrison, Alton Frank, 234, 432 Garrison, John W. Jr., 254, 340 Gartner, George L. Ill, 234, 444 Garvin, Diane L., 232, 372 Garvis, Larry Allan, 302, 340 Garza, Antonio, 387 Gash, Thomas L. Jr., 277, 372 Gassaway, Wilfred Jr., 295, 455 Gates, V. Carlton, 255, 340, 40 Gaulding, Barbarianne, 191, 444 Gavron, Richard H., 345 Gaw, Hershel A. Jr., 247, 432 Gay, Bobby Gere, 432 Gay, Roy Alan, 238, 432 Gearhart, Barbara C, 444 Gee, John Way e, 432 Gehr, Samuel Martin, 424 Gelletich, Joseph F., 411 Sentry, Cecil Ralph, 341 UNIVERSITY STORES where your good will is our most valuable asset your OFFICIAL source for books and supplies special orders on request meet your friends at the CO-OP and JENNIE BELL George, James David, 295, 444 Gerhart, Donetta D., 274, 455 Gerow, Donald Lamson, 444 Gerson, Lynnda N,, 232, 455 Ghent, Mary Jane, 274, 432 Gibbon, Doris, 335 Gibbons, Blackwell W., 380 Gibbons, Wm. Hoyle, 347 Giobs, James A., 320, 323 Gibbs, Leila Lenora, 444 Gibbs, Susanne M., 455 Gibson, Barbara Ann, 444 Gibson, Clyde Paris, 414 Gibson, Mary Ann, 132, 189, 372 Gibson, Natalie Va., 244, 418, 432 Gibson, Thomas P. Jr., 424, 424 Gibson, Wm. Maxwell, 222, 134, 444, 74, 77 Giddens, ' James H., 374 Giddens, Madelyn D., 209, 444, 174 Giffons, B. W., 383 Gilbert, Norma Gail, 432 Gilbert, Randall J., 194, 432 Gilchrist, William D., 255, 432 Giles, Cecille A., 432 Giles, Harold Joseph, 340 Giles, Robert Isaiah, 432 Gill, Donald Vincent, 222, 432 Gillam, Polly Ann, 189, 432 Gillett, Bruce M., 198, 432 Gilliard, Fred E., 444 Gilmore, Forrest C, 141, 455 Gilpin, Jay Willard, 424, 422 Ginsberg, Murray T., 302, 444, 174 Ginsberg, Rochelle, 232, 455 Gissendanner, Ausley, 414, 419, 414 Gissendanner, C. E., 414 Givson, Jane, 355 Gladden, Mary Jo, 194, 393 Gladin, Bennie R., 455 Gladin, Glynn Sibley, 247, 181 Glandney, Bill L. Jr., 295, 172, 340 Glascock, Louis L. Jr., 243, 432 Glass, Bryan Jr., 211, 340 Giendenning, Ann S., 229, 455 Glenn, Walter W., 238, 455 Glissen, Donald Jerry, 432 Glover, Douglas C, 345, 340 Glover, Ellen Maddox, 455 Glover ,Sary A., 40 Glover, Sandra Faye, 455 Gober, Billy Edgar, 372 Gober, Glen Pat, 328, 444 Godfrey, David Aaron, 44 Godfrey, Harlan, 340 Goin, William A., 211, 340 Gold, Stephen F., 198, 444 Goldberg, Alan Howard, 302, 444, 174 Goldberg, Bonnie E., 288, 455 Golden, Norma C, 274, 144, 454 Goldman, Stanley B., 302, 444 Goldsmith, John F. Jr., 292, 454 Goldstein, Bernard, 302, 387 Goldstein, Fredda G., 288 Goldstein, Gary A., 198, 432, 454 Goldstein, Paul E., 302, 340 Goldstein, Roslyn M., 232, 341, 144, 432 Goldstein, Sandra J., 232, 355, 454 Goldwasser, Susan W., 232, 444 Golivesky, Norman B., 198, 340 Goodman, L. Judd, 140, 174 Goodrich, Isaac, 198, 432 Goodrich, Samuel G., 198, 340 Goodrum, Lucinda M., 218, 454 Goodwin, Charles J., 283, 432 Goodwin, Dorothy L., 308, ' 454 Goodwin, Henry N., 283, 335 Gordon, Anne, 270, 432 Gordon, Carey Lawson, 432 Gordon, M. Jean, 244, 444 Gordon, Marion C, 410, 408 Gorman, Patricia Ruth, 208, 444 Goss, Glory Ann, 454 Gossett, Larry F., 455 Gotko, Raymond Morgan, 347 Gottesman, Regina S., 232, 454 Gottshall, Franklin H., 432, 344 Gowder, Patricia June, 355, 444 Gowen, Gary Eugene, 410, 408 Gowen, Randy Woodrow, 432 Graham, Carolyn Joann, 335 Graham., Don Erickson, 417. 414 Graham, Hilda Eliz., 189, 432 Graham, Kay, 201, 444 Graham, Kittie Potter, 194, 454 Graham, Lamar, 372 Graham, Roger Winston, 295, 383, 380 Graiser, Sheldon Wm., 302, 414, 414 Granade, James A. Jr., 408, 134, 344, 410, 188, 132 Grant, Jack O ' Hara, 238 Grant, Jerry Anderson, 372 Grant, John Bruce, 432 Grant, Terry Lynne, 242, 372 Gratigny. Jerome A. Jr., 335 Graves, Diana Lynne, 209, 444, 174 Gray, Daniel Warren, 432, 45, 73 Gray, John Ira, 424, 422 Gray, Jon Richard, 411, 292, 141, 408 Gray, Mary Jane, 454 Gray, Thomas S. Jr., 408, 238, 411, 125 Gray, Wilma Dianne, 194. 454 Green, Bobby Marion, 432, 45 Green, Julie R.. 218, 454 Green, Marian M., 229, 454 Green. Nancy Va., 242, 454 Green, Philip Louis, 40 " HhN, 15 ij, I am hMkacs «» l, IMif |i Ml ia .. l.a M%4i ialMii,S M«nt« m |lltoHMni,SW,ll) MtLKW rhMta Willi lAX 111 a i t IS ' !»« I " STUDENT INDEX - Continued Green, Wilson O. Jr., 255 Greene, Barbara Ann, 377 Greene, Jo Ann, 308, 394, 3« Greene, Lillian L., 191, 120, 444 Greene, Milton A., 295 Greene, Patricia Van, 398 Greene, Richard Hayes, 277, 444 Greenfield, Hyman I., 140 Greenfield, Stanley B., 302, 432 Greer, Edward Cecil, 305, 45« Greer, Fred Warren Jr., 444 Gregory, Lyman J. Jr., 377, 292, 387 Grevemberq, Ellen C, 246, 444 Grieser, Raymond A., 325, 432 Griffeth, Linda D., 191, 456 Griffefh, Lynda Gail, 270 Griffies, Ambrose R., 238, 360 Griffin, Edward Glenn, 278, 422, 425 Griffin, Leiand H. Jr., 292, 121, 444, 71 Griffin, Lois Anne, 194, lil, 456 Griffin, Walter M. Jr., 432 Griffin, Wilbur E., 255, 432 Griffis, Ralph James, 432 Griffis, Robert B., 204 Griffith, Barbara Ann, 308, 372 Griggs, Bonnie Wood, 270, 456 Griggs, James Edward, 456 Grimmer, Francis B., 414 Grinnell, Charles N., 317 Grogan, Larry Wayne, 205, 317 Groover, Wm. Rast, 377, 387 Gross, Irvin Jerold, 198, 456 Gross, Martin Lee, 302, 444 Gross, Paul Allan, 335 Grove, Augustus G. Jr., 278, 317 Grubb, Luther Gordy, 335 Gue, Charles S. Jr., 422 Guerry, Roderick L. Jr., 342 Guest, Gerald Bentley, 426, 422 Guill, Marshall F., 322 Gulsler, George H., 44 Gunn, Sandra Joanne, 274, 335 Gupton, OIlie J. Jr., 426, 444 Gurr, Willie R. Jr., 205, 444 Guthrie, Jack Norman, 360 Guthrie, Travis L. Jr., 432 Guy, Margo Idabelle, 432 Gwynn, Don Hill, 426, 422 H Haavie, Katherine F., 372 Hadaway, Jane S., 229, 372 Hadaway, John Goss, 222, 360 Hadaway, Lynn N., 456 Haddad, Chanem Samaan, 387 Hagman, Barbara J., 242, 153, 432, 61 Hagman, Richard A., 255, 432 Hagood, Nellie Marie, 201 Haile, Suianne F., 195, 372 Hairston, Ralph M., 255, 372 Haizlip, Sara Leith, 335 Hale, Samuel Alva Jr., 222, 432 Haley, John Nicholas, 367, 365, 360 Hall, Arthur Stuart, 426, 424 Hall, Carolyn E., 456 Hall, Charles Frances, 432 Hall, Charles H., 414 Hall, James Marvin, 161, 162 Hall, Nanadelyn, 377, 387 Hall, Patsy Ann, 456 Hall, Ralph Lamar, 367, 360 Hall, T heodore F., 281 Hall, Warren Rhodes, 283, 456 Hallford, Marcia P., 195, 335 Halman, J., 295 Hamad, Mouhamed Nizar, 387 Hames, John Davis, 444 Hamil, Kenneth Ned, 324, 188, 132. 444 Hamilton, Emily, 246, 395, 456 Hamilton, Frances L., 229, 456 Hamilton, John E. Jr., 236, 444 Hamilton, Linda Gail, 456 Hamilton, Wm. Wesley, 161, 444 Hammack, Alice Kate, 218, 444 Hammack, Joseph T. Jr., 258. 317 Hammock, Wm. Lawrence, 380 Hammond, Ann Wright, 218, 444 Hammond, Julian C, 322 Hamfier, Charles E. Jr., 320, 144, 422, 425 Hampton, Reid C, 324, 172, 444 Hamrick, Royce V., 444 Hancock, Deborah Nan, 229, 432 Hand, Alice Virginia, 251, 444 Haney, Barbara Jean, 335 Hanger, Jane Lowry, 274, 432, 394 Hanid, Hassen, 325 Hankinson, Charles R., 432 Hankinson, Elizabeth, 246, 335 Hanna, Frank J. Jr., 444 Hansen, Dorothy S., 308, 444 Hanson, Edgar Calquit, 205, 432 Happoldt, Mary L., 191, 348, 335 Harben, Sam Sloan Jr., 410 Harbin, Mary Ann, 218, 335 Harby, Joseph F. Jr., 324 Hardage, Margaret Kay, 191, 444 Harden, Charles Rice, 424, 425 Harden, Oren Hall Jr., 292, 417, 444 Harden, Sydney, 270, 355, 456 Harder, W. W., 456 Hardigree, Alice Ann, 387 Hardman, Charlotte S., 400 Hardman, John Barnett, 263, 456 Hardwick, Robert S., 422, 425 Hardy, Henry C. Ill, 335 Hardy, Mariorie Ann, 251, 395, 456 Harley, Mumford T., 222, 456 Harling, Patricia L., 308, 432 Harlow, Thomas F., 238, 335 Harmatiuk, Stephen, 227, 456 Harp, Desmond W., 456 Harp, Stephens L. Jr., 444 Harpe, Suzanne Gail, 218, 456 Harper, Beverly Aline, 191, 393 Harper, Charlie G. Jr., 366, 360 Harper, Clara B., 444 Harper, Glenn Earle, 238, 432 Harper, Harriett Ann, 209, 372 Harper, Harry T. Ill, 222, 432 Harper James Adam, 360 Harper, James L., 236, 456 Harper, Ronald K., 305, 380 Harper, Sandra Jane, 201, 444 Harper, Thomas L., 444 Harper, William F., 222, 335 Harper, Wm. Whitenhead, 222 Harrell, Brenda C, 209, 456 Harrell, Gloria K., 195, 372, 113 Harrell, Jane Pickett, 270, 456 Harrell, Laura Anne, 229, 372 Harrell, Mariorie J., 195, 335 Harrell, Samuel S., 424, 425 Harris, Charles T., 283, 140, 408 Harris, G. Dennis Jr., 335 Harris, George C, 344, 444 Harris, Glennis J., 255, 380 Harris, Helen Susan, 246, 432 Harris, James B., 321, 324, 121, 444 Harris, Jas. Gordon, 213, 432 Harris, James Rudolph, 213, 444 Harris, Joseph C, 238, 121, 128, 432, 346 Harris, Lillian Joyce, 195, 372 Harris, Patricia L., 242, 372 Harris, Phil E. Jr., 222, 456 Harris, Suella Jean, 308, 144. 456 Harris, Wesley Fields. 238, 456 Harrison, Dan H., 255, 456 Harrison, James E. Ill, 240. 445 Harrison. James P.. 161 Harrison, Joanne. 335 Harrison. Mahalah J.. 215. 395. 394 Harrison. Marjorie P.. 456 Harrison, Michael E., 44 Harrison, Wm. David, 267, 456 Harrison. Wm. Eldridge. 456 Hart. Elsie Gibson. 270. 445 Hart. Wm. Cranford. 432 Hartley. Marvin B. Jr.. 410. 408 Hartzog. Larry Earl. 444 Haskins. Barbara K.. 232. 456 Haskins, Burtrand S., 198, 153, 335 Hatcher, Martha Janet, 191. 432 Hatcher. Ronald E., 127. 183, 185, 398 Hatcher. William S. II. 263, 432 Hafton, Warner Duke, 236. 456 Haupt, Reginald C. Jr., 278, 411, 406 Hawes, James Dale, 145, 456 Hawk, John Selby, 380 Hawkins, Charlotte J., 209, 345, 175, 445 Hawkins, Harold B. Jr., 213. 3 0 Hawks. Kenith. Alfred, 335 Hawley, Douglas N.. 263, 400. 445 Hawthorne. Johnny R.. 445 Hawthorne. Robert C. 317 Hay. Laura Augusta. 251. 432 Hayes. John Edson. 426 Hayes, Walter LeRoy, 335. 240. 445 Haygood, Charles B. Jr.. 456 Haygood, Martha P., 209. 174, 393 Haynes, Cynthia M., 189 Haynie, Georg Roger, 360 Hays, Walter William, 295 Haywood, Bunny, 335 Hazelwood, James T., 278, 432 Head, Margaret, 215 Head, Wm. Perry. 456 Heagarty. Edith Blain. 456 Heard, Jacob M. Ill, 263, 432, 445 Heard, Josephine, 247, 120 Hearin, Gerald Wayne, 240, 432 Hearn, George Justus, 295, 411, 406 Hecklin, Ida Philene, 232, 445 Heffernan. Henry J.. 426 Heffcrnan, Shirley. 377, 387 Heitzman, Mary Rita, 242, 445 Helmer, Richard Leroy, 325, 387 Helton. Charles S.. 380 Hembree. James J., 367, 188 Hemphill, Charles H.. 417, 433 Hemphill. Harry H. III. 223. 424 Henderson. Sara Emma, 433 Hendon, Jerry Warren, 278, 456 Hendricks. Bradley O.. 377. 387 Hendricks. Hugh V.. 433 Hendricks. Jas. Daniel. 445 Henke. Robert P.. 425 Henry, Helen Boone, 433 Henry, James Russell ,258, 161, 445 Hensley, Arthur J., 60 Henson, Edward C, 223, 456 Henson, Mitchel W.. 347, 133, 335 Henson, Robert Waldo. 305 Henson, Scott Rogers, 70 Henson, Thomas Monroe, 445 Herndon, John Thomas, 417 Herndon, Richard H., 410, 408 Herner, Nancy Louise, 209, 347, 335 Herner, Robert E., 267. 387 Herring, Leah Mae, 139 Herrmann, John M., 205, 422, 425 Herron, Wm. Lester, 45 Heston, Nan Anna C. 242, 153, 445 Hess, Carl W., 320 Hewett, Kathleen K.. 445 Heys. Jo Ann. 218 Heyward. Mildred G.. 195. 456 Hickcy. Patrick. T. 223. 360 Hicks. Claudia Y.. 372 Hicks. Mary Helen. 270. 456 Hicks. Randall Clarke. 121. 128. 172. 162. 433 Hiers. Jeannine I.. 251. 456 Hiers, Maria L.. 372 Higdon. Jimmie E.. 456 Higginbotham, Allen. 426 Higgtnbotham. Norma E.. 324. 393 Higgins. Marion Nancy. 143 Highsmith. Jasper Jr.. 263, 445 Hightower, Bettie Ann, 218, 433 Hill, Betty Ruth, 242, 456 Hill, Brenda Ann, 201, 445 Hill, Charles Elliott, 256, 416, 414 Hill, Chas. Hasson Jr,, 433 Hill, James Walter, 445 Hill, Jerry, 360 Hill, Jimmy F., 205, 383, 380 Hill, L. J. Jr., 445 Hill, William G., 422, 425 Hilliard, Sam B., 335 Hillis, Anita E., 191, 372 Hillow, Diana Louise, 192. 161. 445 Hinds. John Clinton, 258, 433 Hinely, Alexander Orr, 255, 433 Hinson, Byron L. Jr., 255, 445 Hinson, Charles Ewart, 433 Hiott. Andrew Warren, 433 Hiott, Mary Evelyn, 229, 341, 142, 372 Hirsch, Brenda Sue. 232, 456 Hirsch, Robert 8., 302 ,433 Hirsch, Harold III, 121 Hirtle, Faith McMurry, 445 Hitchcock, Charles R., 445 Hitchcock, Edna F., 395, 138, 144, 456 Hitchcock, James W., 456 Hixon, Allan Franchot, 433 Hoagland, Wm. Justus. 188. 132. 134. 433, 187 Hobbs, Egie Jackson, 236. 372 Hobbs. Harold Delano. 258. 360 Hobby, Milton Duke, 255, 456 Hobgood, Beverly Jill, 308, 456 Hobgood, Edwin, 240, 433 Hodes, Shirley, 288, 456 Hodges, Dan Melvyn, 278, 445 Hodges, Eddie, 422 Hodges, Johnny Ross, 376 Hodges, Linda Joyce. 215. 418. 445 Hodges. Lynda Faye, 308, 393 Hodges, Wm. Edward, 411 Hodgson, Bryant F. Jr., 346 Hoegsted, Jeanne t., 445 Hoffman, Alfred, 325, 317 Hogan, Palmer Ferdon, 258, 433 Hogg, Margaret Jo, 372 Holbrook, Charlotte J., 218, 456 Holbrook, Linda Lee, 209, 433, 186 Holbrook. Thaddeus B., 367, 340 Holcomb, Bryce Wm., 258, 411, 122, 131, 140, 408 Holcombe, A. Nelle, 372 Holcombe, James W., 292, 433 Holcombe. John R., 360 Holden, Madge Louise, 433 Holder, George Thomas, 445 Holland, Carolyn A., 201, 456 Holland, Henry L., 416, 419, 414 Holland, Hubert G., 188 Holland, Ian Wayne, 415 Holland, Margaret P., 209, 433 Holland, William A., 328, 317 Hollard. Altona. 324 Holleman, Nellie C, 218, 457 Hollingsworth, Angle, 215. 335 Hollis. Martha Anne. 242, 372 Hollis, Thomas C, 278, 433 Holloway, Clinton Max. 424, 425 Holman, Cody Ray, 433 Holman, John Edwin, 406 Holmes, Jean Stanley, 372 Holmes. John P. Jr., 45 Holton, Charles M., 366, 360 Holton, Mary Jane, 377, 387 Homansky, Joel C, 302, 174, 457 Homer, Alexander J. Jr., 236, 387 Hood, Charlotte A., 242, 433 Hood George Wm., 263, 411, 406 Hood, Joseph L., 322 Hood, Kenneth Hopkins. 433 Hooks, Everett L., 278, 457 Hooper, Florence E.. 242, 372 Hooper, Robert F., 433 Hooton, Richard J. Jr. 60 Hope, Homer S. Jr., 457 Hope, Terrill Crane, 161, 162, 433 Hopkins, Estelle M., 242, 445 Hopper, Gall Va., 229, 360 Hornbuckle. Elaine. 270, 433 Home, James A. Jr., 263, 433 Home, Lunelle, 192, 393 Home, Wm. Edward, 299, 445 Horovitz, Marilyn B., 457 Horowitz, Elaine M., 232, 457 Horstman, Walt G., 347 Horton, Harry N. Jr., 292, 457 Horton, Kay, 218, 445 Horton, Vivian C, 247, 395, 457 Hosch, Hugh Wm. Jr., 240, 128, 433 Hostetter, Gordon R., 295, 433 Hotchkiss, Lonnie E., 367, 360 DRUGS I at five |wttt 4 dcViVcvy dial Hough, Richard M., 422, 425 Houston, Elisha H., 433 Houston, Warner Ray, 341 Howard, Bev Henry, 283, 433 Howard, James H. Jr. 426, 424 Howard Larry Keyes, 457 Howard. Lucy Carole. 274, 335 Howard, Sammy M. Ill, 445 Howe, Donald B. Jr., 263, 411, 408 Howe, Paulette D., 218, 457 Howell, Charles H., 60 Howell, Joe Dawkins, 426 Howell, John W. Jr., 433 Howell, Lawton Wm., 365, 361 Howell, Louis Arnold, 322, 433 Howell. Robert N., 213, 457 Howie, Allan Greig, 426 Howse, Paul Joseph, 324 317 Hubbard, Hilda Ann. 215. 153. 433. 182 Hubbard, John Stephen. 263. 445 Hubert. Faith Catogni. 270, 153, 445 Hubert, Harold D. Jr., 3 6 Hubert, Marilyn Ruth, 242, 372 Hubley, Fred Curtis, 236, 145, 457 Hudgins, Wm. Horace, 361 Hudson, Agnes G., 218, 335 Hudson, Geo. Brose Jr., 373 Huff, Harold L., 336 Huff, Margaret Kissaw, 242 Huff, Mary H., 243, 126, 153, 133, 336 Huff, Robert E., 278, 361 Huggins, Jere Pound, 68 Huggins, Kathryn A., 192, 355, 143, 153, 361 Huggins, Wm. Kennedy, 361 Hughes, Joseph M. Ill, 295, 336 Hughes, Rebecca Jo, 247, 457 Hughes, Richard H., 425 Hughes, Robert E., 411 Hughes, Robert Thomas, 457 Hughes, Tommy B., 328, 445 Hughs Lynda, Barnard, 247. 457 Hughs, Nancy W., 247, 373 Huling, Gladys L., 355 Hull, Natalie Wright, 215, 142, 401, 398 Hummel, Frances D.. 189, 457 Hunnicutt, Geo. L., 425 Hunnius, Howard R., 223, 445 Hunt, Beth Linnell, 243, 395. 394. 393 Hunt. Charlie Ann. 457 Hunt. Clyde L. Jr.. 263, 433 485 The Citizen ' s and Southern National Ban banking for college and University students and faculty — Athens, Georgia STUDENT INDEX- Continued Hunt, Elliott Lydei, 295, 433 Hunt, Helen Riley, 251, 433 Hunt, James Thonnas, 60 Hunt, Joe M., 336 Hunt, Patricia Ann, 324, 189 Hunt, Wnn. Howard, 258, 457 Hunter, Ina Sue, 355, 457 Hunter, McArva Elaine, 274, 445 Hunter, Nancy E., 174, 373 Hunter, Powell, 263, 433 Hunter, Ruth Butler, 247, 457 Hurley, Brady Lee, 373 Hurley, Howard Archie, 425 Hurst, George E., 283, 365, 361 Hurt, Wm. Henry, 433 Husney, Melvin M., 302, 433, 445 Husney, Sara Shirley, 232 Hutcherson, Martha S., 457 Hutcheson, James C, 445 Hutchison, Carlton A., 240, 457 Hutchinson, Sara Etta, 243, 433 Hutto, Herbert T., 408 Hydrick, Dick S., 206, 329, 317 I Imes, Chester Roy 278, 400, 398 Ingram, John Timothy, 258, 433 Ingersoll, Marilyn J.. 192, 457 Inglis, Joseph H., 223, 336 Intro, Jennie, 232, 120, 445, 174 Irby, James C. Jr., 367, 361 Irby, Roy Gideon, 361 Irwin, Harold Wm., 433 Irwin, James Tillman, 445 Irwin, Sandra, 274, 445 Isawa, Kyohei, 387 Iseminger, Frederick, 227, 424 Ishle, Michael Page, 45 Itikow ,Mary Ellen, 288, 161, 445, 183 Ivey, Wm. Fredrick, 66 Jackson, Ambrose Jr., 295, 361 Jackson, Bobbie Ann, 355 Jackson, Charles R., 281, 346, 457 Jackson, Choyce L., 229. 373 Jackson, Dennis Lee, 426 Jackson, Eva Eliz., 445 Jackson, Grady O. Jr., 240, 445 Jackson, Jackie, 243, 457 Jackson, Jan Harvey, 302, 143, 457 Jackson, Jesse D., 240 Jackson, Joanna Eliz., 218 Jackson, Joel Sealy, 426, 424 Jackson, Joseph A., 457 Jackson, Linton B., 433 Jackson, Marvin T., 329, 433 Jackson, Nancy Louise, 229, 433 Jackson, Searcy E., 373 Jackson, Theodore I., 377, 388 Jackson, Wm. Otis, 445 Jackson, Willlle Y., 60 Jacobs, Leon Davis, 336 Jamjes Arnold Walker, 328. 433 James Carlton M. Jr., 283, 127, 162, 361 James, Frank Anthony, 299, 141, 433 James, Harry Donald, 296, 433 James, Herman D. Jr.. 211, 457 James, Jimmy Dean, 388 James, Jimmy Lee, 328, 321, 324, 134, 144 James, John Thomas Jr., 223, 457 James, Martha M., 270 James, Patricia Rose, 445 Jam«s, William F., 258, 161, 365, 361 Jandrew, Bonnie Lynn, 192, 433 Janney, Martha A., 132, 373 Jantien Charles R., 324 Jared, bdmond Ferris, 240, 457 Jarrard, George T. Jr.. 128 Jarrell, Fred S. Jr., 227, 457 Jarrell, Judy Ann, 209, 457 Jarrett, Charles Leon, 282, 373 Jarrett, GarneH Lee, 322, 188, 161, 445 Jarrett, Leah Mae, 395 Jarrett, Wilton A. Jr., 361 Jarriel, Jack Lester, 336 Jay, Randall Allan, 258, 399, 185, 398 Jenkins, Albert F., 263, 457 Jenkins, Charles R., 213, 433 Jenkins, Jan Palmer, 457 Jensen, Carl Sigurd, 433 Jensen, James B., 433 Jensen, Judith Anne, 247, 373 Jerniqan, Bonnie, 229, 457 Jernigan, Ivey Ann, 251, 433 Jernigan, Mary Joan, 433 Jernigan, Nina Marie, 251, 433 Johns, Lucy Elii., 457 Johns, Mary Louise, 209, 433 Johnson, Anne Leslie, 201, 433 Johnson, Benjiman T., 445 Johnson, Billy Carey, 366, 361 Johnson, Bob Guill. 236, 457 Johnson, Caroline R., 192, 143 Johnson, Charles D., 323 Johnson, Claude Wm., 411, 408 Johnson, Constance J., 336 Johnson, Daryl C, 426, 422 Johnson, Donald J., 328, 188, 457 Johnson, Foyc E., 292, 457 Johnson, Harold Anton, 336 Johnson, Harold D., 457, 422 Johnson, Harvey H., 383 Johnson, Henrietta D., 247 Johnson, Hollis B., 411 Johnson, James Keith, 433 Johnson, James Travis, 380 Johnson, Janet Beth, 395, 324, 132, 133, 189, 393 Johnson, Jean E. Jr., 296, 433 Johnson, Jerome B., 240 Johnson, Jimpsey B. Jr., 336 Johnson, Joe Moore, 411 Johnson, John Alfred, 433 Johnson, Joseph C, 240, 361 Johnson, Judith C, 209, 433 Johnson, Louis M., 336 Johnson, Margaret E., 215, 457 Johnson, Mariellen, 243, 433 Johnson, Martha Ann, 201, 457 Johnson, Mary V., 218, 457 Johnson, Mona Gale, 433 Johnson, Rebecca Sue, 218 Johnson, Robert John, 366 Johnson, Ruth Saleta, 373 Johnson, Sandra Jane, 243, 139, 434 Johnson, Susan Kaye, 209 Johnson, Weldon H., 125, 127 Johnson. Wesley C, 417, 434 Johnson, Woodson C, 341 Johnson, Wyatt T. Jr., I4S, 161 Johnston, Mary E., 445 Johnston, Ronald L., 410 Joiner, Thonnas Ellis, 411, 380 Joiner, Thomas Jurdon, 434 Joiner, Wilson Eugene, 278, 445 Jolly, Eugenia Louise, 132, 189, 445 Jones, Alvin B. Jr., 60 Jones, Augustus Bill, 410, 406 Jones, Barbara L., 201, 144, 434 Jones, Brenda Carole, 355 Jones, C. Ann, 247 Jones, Charlotte Ross, 209, 142, 434 Jones, Dewey Samuel, 347 Jones. Elizabeth W., 308. 434 Jones, Eugene M. Jr., 445 Jones, Everett E. Jr., 283 Jones, Frances Marion, 247, 373 Jones, Frank Burdett, 323, 188 Jones, George David, 236, 388 Jones, George Edward, 328 Jones, George Keafon, 317 Jones, Gloria Ann, 201, 445 Jones, Grace Marilyn, 270, 361 Jones, Hannah Annette, 133, 61, 117 Jones, Helen Beatrice, 195, 457 Jones, James Terrell, 457 Jones, John Paul, 457 Jones, Laura H., 355 Jones, Lynda Gay, 229, 434, 394 Jones, Mack Dana, 336 Jones, Margaret Sue, 229, 434 Jones, Markley Lee Jr., 263, 361 Jones, Mary R., 209, 345, 336 Jones, Paula Faye, 195, 373 Jones, Ronald Howard, 324 Jones, Sally M., 251, 393 Jones, Terrell, 263, 457 Jones, Wm. Hardman Jr., 292, 446 Jordan, Carol Linda, 457 Jordan, John H., 434 Jordan, Sterling J., 361 Jordan, Wright S., 388 Jose, Harold, 367, 361 Judson, Ronald D., 293, 368 Jusko, Arthur, 411 Jusko, Patricia T., 355, 457 Jutivongse, Songsi, 388 Kaden, Robt. Paul, 265, 140, 361 Kahn, Steven, 198, 457 Kahrs, Karol Anne, 192, 446 Kakaty, Elias John, 258, 36 1 Kale, Herbert Wm., 348 Kalet, Bertram M., 426, 242 Kalet, Dorothy M., 422 Kambar, Kenneth D., 434 Kaminis, Carol Rae, 414, 215, 416, 418 Kantsiper, Alan B., 302, 174, 446 Kantiiper, Miriam Ann, 232, 457 Kapetanakos, Chris J., 446 Kapetanakos, Peter C, 446 Kaplan, Helen Elyse, 232, 144, 457 Kaplowiti, Iris C, 288, 457 Karsman, Stanley M., 411 Kaufman, Helaine M., 288, 434 Kaufman, Walter C. Ill, 426 Keadle, Patsy Grace, 229, 457 Keaton, Peyton Howard, 240, 446 Keasler, John W., 180 Keever, James D. Ill, 457 Kee, Kenneth Roger, 213, 434 Kegler, Melvyn, 325, 317 Keheley, Ruth A., 229, 435 Keister, Henry Lee, 446 Keith, Nancy, 457 Keith, Nancy Mercer, 446 Kellam, Seth M. Jr., 446 Keller, Helen Eugenia, 434 Kelley, Carolyn Elii., 270, 139, 434 Kelley, Gorden B., 45 Kelley, James F., 259, 457 Kelly, Margaret K., 446 Kelly, Richard Edwin, ,60 Kelmanson, David A., 302, 446 Kemble, June A., 274, 336 Kemp, Austin James, 411 Kemp, Martha Anne, 202, 373 Kemf), Rene Drew, 41 1 Kemp, Sally Ann, 215, 457 Kendrick, Harold C. Jr., 381 Kendrick, Samuel W., 263, 446 Kenney, Harry S. Jr., 434 Kennedy, Mary Kay, 202, 446 Kesner, Norman Alan, 265, 136, 137, 361 Kessler, Laurence G., 198, 457 Ketchie, Norman L., 383, 381 Kethley, Thomas W. Jr., 434 Keysor, Allen O., 388 Khalilmanesh, B., 388 Khosrow, Shahi Mehdi, 388 Kidd, Wm. Wallace, 240, 457 Kight, Jacqueline J., 189 Kight, Joe, 381 Kllcline, Mary E., 216, 457 Killian, Frank M. Jr., 329 Killian, Samuel P. Ill, 223, 446 Kilpatrick, Paul V., 240, 457 Kimbrel. Lola Jean, 308, 457 King, Billie Margaret, 120, 446 King, Carroll Howard, 247, 434 King, Donald Buren, 299, 434 King, Larry Wayne, 446 King, Mary Matilda, 195 King, Norval W. Jr., 426, 424 King, Ralph D., 426, 345, 424 King, Wm. Hollis, 457 Kinney, Dorothy Anne, 373 Kirby, Ann Deloris, 341 Kirby, Carolyn M., 218, 373 Kirby, Clarence Robert, 320 Kirby, Lowell Carmie, 344, 410, 122, 125, 184, 408 Kirkland, Robert E., 263, 457 Kitchens, Robert N., 383, 434 Kitchens, Wm. Hansel, 411, 408 Kite-Powell, Stephen, 283, 161, 434 Kittrell, James D. Jr., 457 Kling, Thomas Edwin, 323, 321, 128, 446 Klopp, Benjamin, 213, 434 Kloss, Bonnie Jean, 195, 446 Kluttz, Jo Ann, 229, 361 Knight, Harold Lanier, 434 Knight, Herbert Allen, 467 Knight, James Wm., 457 Knight, Nathan Gene, 411, 283, 131, 125, 127, 406 Knight, Royce Grant, 446 Knight, Ruth J., 218, 446 Knight, Sally, 251 Knight, Susanne J., 434 Knight, Tommie N., 308 Knowles, James P. Ill, 347, 434, 336 Knox, Harriet Ethel, 347, 446, 393 Knox, Wyckliffe A. Jr., 240, 121, 141 Koelber, Teresa Mary, 434 Korman, Clarice L., 288, 457 Koscielny, Margaret E., 434 Kraft, Gwendolyn H., 457 Kramer, Mary Ruth, 232, 458 Kranti, Larry Z., 302, 458 Krauthamer, Jules, 324, 302, 318 Krivsky, George G., 367 Krock, Richard, 410, 302, 407 Kroskin, Henry Eugene, 416, 414 Kruchko, Gay Donovan, 144, 425 Kruger, Paul Joseph, 341 Kuehne, Richard O., 325 Kurry, William Mark, 302, 446 Kurti, Arthur Hugo, 434 Kurtz, Judith Harriet, 288, 144, 458 Kusnlti, Leiand W., 414 Kyle, Osceola C. Jr., 255, 446 Lacey, Edward D. Jr., 361 Lacey, James Allen, 223, 446 Lackey, Michael E., 263, 458 Laird, Norman Samuel, 240, 434 Lam, Linda Lavicie, 458 Lamb. Cleveland B., 206, 381 Lambert, Theodore H., 236, 411, 407 Lampp, John Wayne, 434 Lancaster, Robert, 361 Land, Mary Lyie, 198, 458 Land, Theodore Joseph, 434 Landers, James E., 367 Landrlth, Horace W., 381 Landry, Hilton J. Jr., 45 Lane, Linda Gayle, 270, 144, 458 Lang, Clarence A. Ill, 236, 434 Langbeln, Jerold H., 346 Langfitt, James P., 293, 446 Langford, Carol E., 192, 373 Langford, Daniel C, 446 Langford, Linda, 446 Langford, Martha Ann, 395, 132, 189, 394, 393 Langford, Rachel C, 336 Langston, Bernard J., 416, 414 Langston, Eliz. Lynn, 243, 458 Lanier, Donald P., 223, 361 486 ai STUDENT INDEX - Continued national; ». ,«,« " « nhhrtB 4 Cni( W. W. IS wLfiC « k , 0, n, « ta (« i m. I ■ MM mi. ■ MLK.ffiO mm l p i,« MiH.C Id . I i«i»a " laC Unier, Mary Elii., 202, 458 Lanier, Mimi Miriam, 373 Lapp, Lorna Lillian, 274, 400, 398 Larosch, John Howard, 145 Laseter, John Robert, 434 Laslie, Bobby Lamar, 213, Mi Lassiter, J. W., 32? Latham, Julia Paige, 209, 446 Latimer, Linda Jean, 417, 418, 120, 444 Laughter, Kent Leon, 255, 434 Lavender, Adam C, 423, 425 Lavender, Karen W., 394 Lavine, Joan Francis, 229, 458 Law, M. Palmer, I9«, 458 Lawrence, Amon F., 45 Lawson, Eliz. Dee, 202, 355, 458 Lav on, James Fowler, 255, 458 Layton, Chas. E. Ill, 293, 458 Lazard, Anne R., 251, 337 Leake, Judith Irene, 189, 458 Leamon, Warren C, 263, 337 Leavy, Charlotte L., 271, 446 Ledden, Dennis R., 361 Lee, Barbara Joyce, 271, 458 Lee, Clifford, 329 Lee, Frederick Drexel, 388 Lee, Gilbert Wilson, 434 Lee, James Edmond, 388 Lee, Jennie Mae, 395, 458 Lee, Julian Ralston, 321, 322, 317 Lee, Michael Dean, 284. 138, 446 Lee, Nancy Louise, 132, 189, 373 Lee, Owen M. Jr., 377, 388 Lee, Robert Sherrill, 458 Lee, Russell Howard, 322, 434 Lee, Thomas Monroe, 416, 415 Lee, Virginia A., 458 Lee, William W. Jr., 458 Lee, Wm. Meredith, 320, 122, 423 Leebern, Donald M. Jr.. 45 Leebern F. Eliz. Tant, 308, 337 Leebern, Fate Daniel, 60 Leeger, Nancy Lee, 373 Left, Elaine Rose, 232, 458 Leffingwell, Paul A., 305, 317 Legend, Stephen S., 302, 458 Leggett, Dealva, 400, 446 Leggett, Judith Gail, 139 Leggett, Mary Elaine, 247, 458 Leguin, Martha F.. 196, 373 Lenoble, Philip J., 265, 458 Lenoir, Wm. Cannon Jr., 377 Leonard, Earl T. Jr., 213, 411, 125, 408 LeRoy, Albert G. Jr., 240, 121, 446 LeRoy Ina Marie, 271, 126, 143, 133, 337 Lester, Hugh Hawkins, 361 Leutwyler, Frank A. Jr., 361 Leverett, Frances P., 308, 446 Leverette, Diane Eliz., 308. 434 Levin, Kenneth Hyman, 302, 434 Levinson, Barry S., 265, 458, 60 Levinson, Laura F., 288, 355, 458 Levy, Alan Joseph, 302, 446 Levy, Isaac Louis, 302, 337 Levy, Sandra Helen, 446, 232, 174 Lewallen, Max Jackson, 322, 320, 318 Lewis, Barbara JoAnn, 395, 175, 446 Lewis, Hodges Alvin, 145, 458 Lewis, Manley Clayton, 318 Lewis, Margot M., 308, 144. 458 Lewis, Prince Leon, 259, 318. 74, 44 Lewis, Thomas H. Jr., 240, 122. 153, 361 Lewis, Thomas Jackson, 293, 446 Lewis, William C, 365 Lewitt, Marilyn Zelda. 288, 373 Libby, Barbara Ann, 308. 458 Libby, James M. Jr., 263, 458, 60 Libowsky, Elaine S., 232, 136, 174, 44 Lichtenstein, llene, 232, 126, 142, 401, 398 Lieber, Susan Beth. 232. 458 Liqhtfoot, Bess Lynn, 308, 373 Ligon, Grover C. Ill, 458 Linch, Edward H. Jr., 263, 361 Linder, Thomas M. Jr., 344, 411, 188, 408 Lindgren, Mary Anne, 337 Lindsay, Cotton M., 278, 346, 446 Lindsey, Gloria V., 458 Lindsey, Shelby Deane, 175, 446 Lineberger, Sandra M.. 308, 458 Lingle, Peyton Lewis, 278, 337 Lippold, Anne Louise, 243, 446 Lipthratt, Charles V., 293, 361 Little, Augustine P.. 284, 434 Little, Barbara Lee, 196. 161, 120, 446 LiHIe, Eileen, 232, 434, 174 Little, J. W., 206, 323, 318 Little, Mary Ann, 251, 161, 458 Little, Rebecca. 243, 373 Little, Samuel Fenn, 410 Littlejohn, Neal Boyd, 411 Lively, Charles M., 223, 434 Livingston, Barbara S., 209, 458 Livingston, Kenneth A., 278, 434 Lobley, Conrad Robert, 348 Locke, Malcolm Stuart. 227. 337 Lockerman, Allen E., 284, 446 Logan, Roberta Lea, 251, 144. 458 Loizeaux, Peter S., 426, 122, 423 Lokey, Stephen S., 240. 458 London, Carl Jerry, 322 London, Maylon Kermit, 322. 188, 434 Long, Helen Martin, 458 Long, Huey Philson, 367 Long, Jerald Byrd, 263, 458 Long, John Willis, 255, 134, 318 Long, Richard Shelton, 362 Long, Robert Walter, 458 Longino, Mary Clare, 202, 373 Lopez, Charlotte L., 458 Loft, Judith Kathryn, 398 Love, Harold B. Jr., 458 Love, Linda Gail, 458 Lovell, Albert David, 323 Lovell, Max, 373 Lovett, Susan Mikell, 243, 434 Lowe, Chester A. Jr., 240, 381 Lowe, James Edward Jr., 227, 410, 141, 408 Lowe, Judith Scott, 251, 446 Lowery, Cecil E., 60 Lowery, Custin B. Jr., 423 Lowery, Pate C, 434 Lowrey, Samuel M., 188, 458 Lowry, Harry Ethridge, 425 Lowry, Marvin Mack, 446 Lowry, Richard Bruce, 411, 153, 337 Loyd, James Oscar, 282, 337 Lucas, Margaret C, 393 Lucas, Wallace, 417 Luckey, Tom Mann, 223, 458 Ludwig, John Lindsey, 284, 446, 68, 69 Luke, Emory Delacy, 293, 416, 417, 415, 72 Lummus, Franklin E., 296 Lummus, John Hunter, 362 Lumpkin, Jam«s Q. Ill, 60 Lunsford, Linda Gail, 219, 398 Lunsford, Patricia A., 202, 444 Lupo, Carol Jo, 185 Lurey, Barry Norman, 362 Lyle, Terry Alan, 296, 446 Lynch, Patricia Marie, 229, 446 Lynch, Travis Taylor, 344, 410, 408 M Mabrey, Jeffrey Wayne, 446 MacArthur, Kenneth E., 223, 446 MacFerran, John R., 293, 458 MacGregor, Ida H., 243, 458 MacGregor, Mary Bland, 243, 446 Maclntyre, Darrell Wm., 349, 411 Maclntyre, Janet J., 243, 434 MacKenn, Alex John Jr., 213, 318 Maddox, Marjorie Ann, 229, 434 Maddox, Olive M., 388 Maddox, Thomas Emmett, 322, 320, 121, 434 Madiid, Abdul, 326 Maffett, Shirley Wood, 251, 458 Madgeburger, Robert P., 424, 425 Magill, DiAnn, 189 Maguire, Samuel Fiske, 284, 434 Mahoney, James Robert, 434 Mailey, Annie June, 202, 393 Majors, James Spencer, 263, 434 Maiors, John Edward, 263, 434 Makuta, Joan Marie, 229, 144, 174 Malcom, Agnes Estelle, 243, 446 Malcom, Nancy Jayne, 202, 434 Malcom, Robert Ellis, 256, 434 Mallard, Beverly Anne, 393 Mallory, Jack T. Jr., 293, 446 Malone, Betty Jean, 271 Maloney, George R. Jr., 416, 417, 419, 415 Maloney, Mary Hart, 271, 458 Manderson, Joseph B., 240, 444, 70, 71 Maner, Peggy Elaine, 189, 458 Mangleburg, Chas. S., 293, 446 Manlon, Gaile Sharron, 202, 444 Manley, Robert Lamar, 447 Mann, Emily Jane, 196, 398 Mann, Samuel W. Jr., 299 Mann, Terry Ray, 174 Manning, Anne Marie, 202, 388 Manning, Billy Loyd, 281, 337 Manow, Boyd, 377 Mansell, James Marcus, 322, 121, 188, 447 Mansell. Robert S., 320, 323, 321, 144, 324, 188, 133, 127, 318 Mansour, Ellis A., 296 Mansour, Kathryn E., 308, 161, 175 Manter, Carol Elaine, 216, 161, 447 Marchman, Roy Herman, 458 Marcus, Rosalind B., 288, 345 Maret, Charles Davis, 435 Marett, Rosemary, 274, 458 Marion, Robert F., 342, 337 Markel, Roberta, 288, 447 Marlow, Sara Carolyn, 458 Marshall, Priscilla A., 219, 458 Martin, Charles L., 299, 141, 435 Martin, Evelyn L., 209, 337 Martin, Frank Kieffer, 284, 435 Martin, Harriett R., 271, 435 Martin, James J., 399 Martin, James J., 395 Martin, Jas. Phillip, 296, 435, 398 Martin. Jesse Darwin, 347, 361 Martin, Joe Bernard, 458, 40 Martin, John Kell III, 294 Martin, Kay Coates, 189, 447 Martin, Lillian Hale, 194, 435 Martin, Linda Elaine. 189, 458 Martin, Martha Nell, 209, 458 Martin, Nina Alice, 243, 4S8 Martin, Samuel Zack, 376 Martin, William M., 321 Martin, Wm. Wayne, 293, 388 Mashburn, Connie J., 456 Mason, Bobby Lanier, 337 Mason, Oliver Lee Jr., 236, 373 Mason, Twila Floy, 458 Massey, Joseph Pearce, 278, 435 Mastrippolito, A. E., 416, 419, 415 Matheson, Charlotte M., 192, 144, 458 Matheson, James Fred, 284, 362 Mathias, Charlotte B., 447 Mathias, Wm. J. Jr., 435, 365 Mathis, Howard Doyal, 458 Mathis, Luster D., 388 Mattes, Brenda Faye, 232, 458 Matthews, Carl Wesley, 342 Matthews, Carter H. Jr., 362 Matthews, Nancy Neve, 458 Matthews, Richard M., 435 Matthews, Wayne G., 223, 458 Matthias, Doris V., 209, 458 Matthias, Rena Ann, 209, 373 Matthiessen, Robt. G., 447 Mattison, Marjorie A., 447 Mattox, Harry W., 447 Mauldin, Carolyn J., 373 Maxey, Barbara C, 447 Maxfield, Burton G., 423, 425 Maxson, Frank B., 426 Maxwell, Carol Lou I., 337 Maxwell, Chas. Vick Jr., 322 Maxwell, Harold R. Jr., 60 Maxwell, Martha S., 196, 447 Maxwell, Roberta S., 251, 373 May, Bobby Lee, 435 Mayes, James Edward, 435, 458 Mayes, Louise, 202 Mayher, Wm. Edgar 111, 284, 337 Mayne, Marian Eugenia, 458 Maymo, Edward Joseph, 278, 435 Mays, Rebie Parker, 219, 395, 153, 458 McAfee, Charles Homer, 447 McAlum, Barbara Faye, 229, 458 McAuley, Gary H., 458 McAvoy, Darrell Wayne, 435 McBee, Andrew Louis, 416 McCall, John Wilson, 459 McCarley, R. Gerald, 435 McCart, Eugenia M., 447 McCarty, Thomas M., 447 McClendon, G. Ann, 143, 373 McCleskey, Doris K., 355 McClure, Harold M., 424 McCord, James William, 342 McCowen, James C. Ill, 213, 447 McCoy, Ernest E. Jr., 459 McCommons, Rollin M., 263, 121, 136, 447 McCullough, Wm. Howard, 60 McCurdy, Walter P. Jr., 411 McDaniel, John Dana. 206, 140, 447, 69 McDaniel, Travis H., 381 McDaniel, Virginia C, 202, 435, 401 McDevitt, Mary, 274, 337 McDonald, Alvin Roy, 381 McDonald, Anne M., 230, 459 McDonald, Elvyn J., 435 McDonald, Henry S. Jr., 365 McDonald, Meriam E., 337, 274, 133 McDonald, Phyllis A., 247, 447 McDonald, Richard Jr., 447 McDonald, Robert B., 383 McDonald, Walter H., 278, 435 McDougald, Albert Jr., 340, 398 McEachern, Philip J.. 40 McElhannon, James S., 447 McElhannon, Martha J., 247, 435 McElmurray, Ben S. Jr., 240, 411, 131, 124, 125, 127, 407 McElveen, Martha F., 243, 133, 401, 398 McEwen, Carol, 247, 435 McFather, Edwin O. Jr., 294, 447 McGaughey, Clifford H.. 161 McGee, Ruby Matilee, 308, 45? McGee, Wayne L. Jr., 345, 424 McGill, Barbara K., 243, 447 McGilvray, Chandler, 60 McGloughlin, Patricia, 329 McGuire, Amy Lillian, 355, 120, 175, 447 Mcintosh, James Eddie, 284, 145 Mcintosh, James Lee, 447 Mclntyre, Darrell O., 374 Mclntyre, James T. Jr., 236, 435 Mclntyre, Margaret L., 395 Mclntyre, Virgil E., 321, 376, 318 McJunkin, Samuel D., 459 McKaughan, Vann C, 424, 424 McKemie, Clarence H., 256, 318 McKenny, Chas. J. Ill, 44 McKenny, William Dee, 44 McKinley, John Frank, 459 McKinley, Ronald, 347, 122, 125, 153, 362 McKinnell, Kenneth P., 349 McKinney, Aaron Smith, 447 McKinney, Edward D., 236, 141, 477 McKinney, Margaret F., 230, 447 McKinnon, William B., 345 McKnighf, Wm. Douglas, 278, 459 McLanahan, Linda R., 271, 153, 374 McLane, James Ray, 259, 459 McLane, John Walker, 459 McLaughlin, G. Lewynn, 308, 374 McLean, James E. Jr., 256, 141, 435 McLendon, Edwin Leo, 259, 435 McLendon, Rembert L.. 447, 423, 425 McLendon, Robert R. Jr., 263 McLeod, Bruce, 194, 161, 447 McLeod, Daniel Melvin, 223, 447 McLeroy, Caroline R., 374 McLocklin, Boyd S., 459 McMains, Harrison 111, 293, 459 McMillan, Florence L., 219, 459 McMillen, Catherine H., 251, 447 McMurray, Ernest L. Jr., 447 McNeely, Thomas H., 296, 426, 435 McNeill, Donald Ray, 227, 344, 365, 341 McPherson, William W., 424, 423 McRae, Andrew T. Jr., 263, 435 McRae, Genevieve D., 395, 324, 132, 189, 447 Meaders, Martha E., 202, 374 Means, Caroline Ann, 247, 447 Mears, Charles P., 381 Medd, Charles Henry, 267, 459 Meddin, Jay Robt., 265, 459 Medford, Emily Jane, 308, 459 Medlock, Mike Parks, 293, 447 Melton, John Chives, 255, 161, 459 Melvin, John M., 255, 447 Mendelson, Lloyd Alan, 302, 447 Mendres, Richard E., 324 Menefee, Henry G. L., 213, 362 Mennen, Joseph, 367 Merahn, Roger Noel, 198, 398 Mercer, Albert S., 433 Mercer, Henry Dwight, 425 Me rcer, James C. Jr., 279, 435 Merkley, Jack Wilburn, 325 Merrell, Anna Elaine, 1?6, 153, 435 Merren, Michael David, 302, 174, 459 Merritt, Mary Ella, 21?, 337 Messenger, Ernest R., 318 Metcalf, Elinor S., 374 Metcalf, Gary Elmer, 320, 381 Meyer, John Theodore, 345, 423, 320, 348, 426 Meyer, Sandra Joan, 288, 45? Meyer, William F., 320, 348, 426, 345 Meyers, Stuart Barry, 302, 435 Michael, Herman Perry, 410, 40? Michael, John Robert, 447 Michaels, Gene Earl, 348 Middleton, George B., 2?6, 435 Middleton, John T., 3??, I8S Midkiff, Marilyn A., 194, 138, 133, 337 Milford, Helen P., 324, 189, 459 Millenbaugh, Bud, 254 ,45? Miller, Alfred M., 223, 435 Miller, Andy Hornsby, 32? Miller, Betsy Jones, 194, 459 Miller, Billie Irene, 174. 393 Miller, George T. Jr., 435 Miller, Gordon P., 424 Miller, James C, 299, 337 Miller, James K., 345 Miller, Jeremy Ernest, 305, 398, Miller, Joan Elaine, 192, 459 Miller, Marsha Ann, 435 Millar, Mary Shewell, 196, 459 487 I HHHHIHHHI HiHII_ ■ ENJOY A SHORT ORDER OR A FULL MEAL AT IB 1 WM HARRY ' S RESTAURANT ■ ■ BH 1 PROMI 1655 i ?J SERVICE . MILLEDGE STUDENT INDEX- Continued Miller, Robert Allen, 435 MMIer, Wm. Davis, 435 Miller, Wm. Watson Jr., 344, 407 Millians, Robert W., 153 Milligan, Luther W. Jr., 416, 419, 415 Millikan, Robert H., 417, 435 Mills, Isaac P. Jr., 447 Mills, Pope Randolph, 293, 362 Millsap. Zachary T. Jr., 423 Milner, Glorie H., 447 Milner, John H. Ill, 341, 435 Mims, Sandra Edith, 355, 189, 459 Minchew, Marion D., 346, 121, 343, 133, 346, 337 Mink, Kenneth Stuart, 284, 374 Minser, Patricia M. 196, 435 Minton, Phillip Lee, 459 Mintier, Howard, 198, 459 Misner, Vilas Eugene, 424, 425 Mitchell, Bailey W., 153 Mitchell, Barbara J., 230, 447 Mitchell, Carolyn C, 324 Mitchell, Frances, 377 Mitchell, Martha B., 219, 348, 374 Mitchell, Marvin A. Jr., 240, 459 Mitchell, Sandra Lynn, 232, 459 Mitchell, Virginia L., 348 Mitchell, Walter Webb, 256, 407, 411 Mitchem, Neal Hinton, 282, 374 Mixon, John Willie, 383 Mixon, Wayne Thomas, 206, 435 Mobley, Garner C. Jr., 241, 447 Mobley, John B., 263, 447 Moeller, Ronald Henry, 435 Molder, Eleanor Edith, 271, 362 Mollin, Karl, 199, 318 Moncol, Daniel James, 426, 423 Monfort, Wm.. Reese, Jr., 326. 121, 188, 132, 447 Montgomery, George Jr., 296. 459 Montgomery, Mary J., 202, 447 Montgomery, Patricia, 196, 459 Montoya, Victor Jr., 459 Moody, Phillip W., 60 Moody, Virginia A., 219, 374 Moody, Walter T. Ill, 284, 161, 337 Moon, Charlsey Ann., 189 Moore, Arnold C, 411, 407 Moore, Berry W., 423. 425 Moore, Constance P., 459 Moore, Donald P. Jr., 447 Moore, Guy Carroll, Jr., 435 Moore, Joseph Freeman, 388, 381 Moore, Lummie Gleaton, 362 Moore, Maggie Lena, 349 Moore, Marsha Gail, 459 Moore, Sherman C. Jr., 459 Moore, Wm. Allison, 324 Moreland, Alvin F., 320, 423, 425 Moreland, Ernest F., 374 Morgan, Carole De«nne, 374 Morgan, Franklin F., 419, 415 Morgan, John Avery, 459 Morgan, John Ronald, 459 Morgan, Linda lone, 271 Morgan, Lynda Jo, 435, 45? Morgan, Mary C, 447, 393 Morgan, Thomas truitt, 263 ,435 Morgan, Wallace M. Jr., 344 Morley, Charles Bruce, 424 Morley, Leiand S., 423 Morris, Charles Hill, 284, 362 Morris, Claude Mariin, 447 Morris, Corrille S., 247, 435 Morris, Eugene B. Jr., 284, 459 Morris, Madeline B.. 216, 400, 399 Morris, Oliver Thomas, 399 Morris, Patsy Morgan, 308, 435 Morris, Sidney, 199, 447 Morris, Wm. Robert, 299, 447 Morrison, Herschel J., 400, 172 Morrison, Joseph Jr., 459 Morrov , Boyd H. 388 Morse, Patricia A., 232, 459 Morton, James C. Jr., 293, 435 Morton, Mary Ellen, 120 Morton, Tallulah L., 247, 337 Morton, Wellborn C. Jr., 318 Moseley, Betty Ann, 308, 153, 435 Moseley, Hubert D. Jr., 263, 447 Moseley, James Verlyn, 293, 374 Moseley, James Wayne, 161, 162 Moseley, Lamar F., 341, 435 Moseley, Wm. John, 293, 447 Moses, Wallace Norman, 199. 337 Moss, Cecilia M., 202, 459 Moss, Frank Edwin, 293, 362 Mosseller, Gerald A., 426 Mosses, Johnny Brown, 435 Mosteller, Joyce W., 271, 459 Moulthrop, James I., 435 Moznette, James S., 263, 459 Mucha, Richard D., 341 Mueller, William Carl, 411 Mugharbel, Mokhless K., 325 Mulkey, George J., 459 Mulkey, James E. Jr., 223 Mullis, Elbert N. Jr., 435 Mumford, Bill, 324 Munoi, Judith Beverly, 209, 447 Murdock, Arthur E., 236, 459 Murnan, George E. Jr., 426 Murninghan, James M., 341 Murphy, Bennie Kay, 216, 459 Murphy, Edgar Olin, 299, 337 Murphy, Roger Keith, 459 Murphy, Virgil T. Jr., 45 Murray, Larry Winn, 161 Murtha, Donald F., 435 Muse, David Paschal, 213, 435 Musgrove, Kenneth W., 128 Musgrove, Lyneath L., 196, 435 Myrick, David Lee, 241, 435 N Na Alice Mei Hoa, 388 Nalley, Mellie Jane, 189, 435 Nash, Beverly C, 374 Nash, Herman Rufus Jr., 362 Nash, Sharon Ruth, 202, 435 Nauman, Nina Dantiler, 196, 435 Naylor, Penelope V., 243, 135, 447 Neal, Julianne L., 230, 144, 459 Neal, Linda Elii. S., 459 Nease, Eugene T., 381 NebleH, Lina Gay, 219, 435 Needham, Ronald F., 459 Neel, Armon B. Jr., 435 Neely, James Michael, 341 Neergaard, Fred A., 459 Ncglcy, Gail Marie, 459 Neidlinger, Darryl M., 161. 447 Neiibelezzy, Zuhair S., 318, 70, 71 Nelson, Edith Cay, 271, 153, 459 Nemec, Beverly Ann, 230, 374 Nervo, Eugene Thomas, 299, 459 Neville, Rich ard B. Jr., 411, 459 New, Janie Fountain, 377, 388 Newby, Olin Carris, 435, 376 Newcombe, James A., 256, 459 Newman. Walter J. Ill, 213, 435 Newsome, David C., 459 Newsom, Edward F., 362 Newton. Adele D., 247, 153. 459 Newton, Beth, 393 Newton, Cherry Joyce, 271, 133, 399 Newton, Gene Lanier, 209, 435 Newton, Glenda L., 394 Newton, Joseph M., 241, 447 Newton, Richard Aaron, 411 Newton, Robert Edward, 447 Newton, Treasa L., 459 Newton, Willard E., 435 Nichols, Frances V., 219, 374 Nichols, Hudson A., 362 Nichols, James Calvin, 223, 362 Nicholson, Jerrol F., 259, 362 Nicholson, Sidney A., 459 Nickerson, Thomas H., 346 Niemann, Chester S. Jr., 459 Nimmer, Rosemarie, 447 Nimmer, Stephen J., 426, 459 Nix, James Eugene, 374 Nix, Marvin S. Jr., 425 Nix, Meredith Miles, 435 Nixon, Melanie, 210, 459 Noble, Nancy Lou, 243, 448 Noble, Roy Vernon Jr., 134 Noell, John S. Jr., 293, 459 Noell, Thomas Edgar, 365, 362 Nolen, Malcolm P. Jr., 367 Norman, Chas. Madison. 448 Norman. Frances Eliz., 230, 459 Norman, George Edward, 188, 320, 321, 324, 132, 153 Norris, Furman Edwin, 459 Norris, Stephen H., 459 Norris, Thomas R., 324 Northcutt, Linda Carr, 202, 459 Norton, Nancy Jo, 192, 435 Norton, Richard Ross, 206. 318 Nottingham, Gardiner, 223, 448 Nowell, Roberta Lee, 251, 153, 459 Nowell, Ruth Gaines, 355 Nukolls, John A., 285, 443 Nuckolls, Madge, 435 Num, Raymond Clegg, 206, 381 Nunnally, Gerald Neal, 206, 435 Nunnally, Wm.. Moore, 227, 460 Oakley, Carol Shumate, 251, 460 O ' Callaghan. Wm. L. Jr., 299, 460 O ' Dell, Charles L. Jr., 299, 460 Odrezin, Rosalind J., 288, 143, 136, 137, 362 Odum, Paul Ronald, 256, 448 Oeffinger, Susan P., 243, 436 Gettmeier, William M., 306, 381 Oglesby, Harvey L., 267, 341, 337 O ' Keefe, Herbert A. Jr., 279, 448 O ' Kelley, Chas. Saxon, 282, 436 Okon, Mary Rita, 192, 355, 436 Olbon, Michael Clay, 282, 362 Oldham, Elinor Ann, 132, 120, 189, 448 Oliver, Benny F., 425 Oliver, Eldon C. Jr., 448 Oliver, Eliz. Ann, 247, 374 Oliver, Euzelia, 192, 448 O ' Neal, Hugh Lee, 367, 362 O ' Neal, Susan C, 197, 374 O ' Ouinn, Don Tillman, 293, 448 Orgel, David Sonny, 381 Orgel, Frank, 45 Orme, Dorothy Dodd, 219, 436 Orr, Nancy Eliz., 251, 460 OrrcU, Robert J., 426 Osment, Ralph L. Jr., 306, 436 Ostean, Wayne Dewey, 320, 323 Osterhoudt, Sharron M., 309, 460 Osterneck, Myles N., 265, 448 Ostrom, Sara Conant, 161, 460 Otwcll, Nancy Jane, 210, 394 Oudshoff, Judith Lee, 247, 436 Owen, Ann, 247, 362 Owen, Ralph Glen, 436 Owenby, Paul B., 256, 460 Owens, Calvin Giles, 236, 460 Owens, Sarah Hodgson, 219, 460 Oxford, Chas. Oliver, 279, 440 Ozaki. Roger Hiroshi, 145, 460 Ozburn, Harwell Cay, 241, 362 Ozmore, Sheila Yvonne, 374 Pace, James Monroe, 344, 410 Padgett, Kenneth Ray, 426, 424 Padgett, Thomas C, 347 Pafford, Salena K., 243, 436 Page, Bernice E., 436 Page, Eleanor B., 133, 337 Page, Nancy Sue, 219, 345, 337 Page, Wm. Hodges, 460 Paine, Dorothy Dalton, 271, 120, 448 Palefsky, Elliot H., 302, 174, 460 Paller, Jack, 302, 436 Palmer, Cecil Eugene, 388 Palmer, Claire Evelyn, 348 Palmer, Connie E.. 192. 374 Palmer. Gleen, 416 Palmer, James Wiley, 424, 425 Palmer, Mary Frances, 230, 448 Palmour, James E III, 2S9, 411, 409 Panter, Daniel C, 460 Papageorge, E. Sofia, 374 Paper, Mary Janna, 192, 355, 460 Paris, Anita Jo An, 309, 136, 374 Paris, Charles David, 381 Paris, Frederic D., 293, 460 Paris, Sammy Wesley, 346 Paris, Thomas H. Jr., 44 Park, Johnny Mack, 416, 436, 415 Parker, Alma Lamar, 418 Parker, Don Godbee, 263, 460 Parker, Harold P., 338 Parker, Jean Ann, 219, 394 Parker, Laura Bryan, 251, 436 Parker, Martha Louise, 448 Parker, Patricia Eliz., 251, 338 Parker, Theresa H., 230 Parker, Thomas V., Jr., 460 Parkman, David 5. Ill, 259, 399, 186 Parks, Barry Michael, 199, 460 Parks, Richard O., 460 Parramore, Phyllis E., 219, 460 Parrish, John E. Jr., 206, 367, 436 Parrish, Larry Joe, 293, 448 Parrish, Ronald E., 436 Parsons, Betsy G., 216, 460 Partee, Dana Cozart, 309, 153, 448 Paschal, Dorothy A., 460 Paschal, Robert E., 436 Pate, Sybil Wynone, 374 Pate, Wallace Daniel, 367, 362 Patrick, Joseph A., 338 Patrick, Sara Dean, 252, 460 Patten, Lynda Wayne, 271, 436 PaHerson, Bill E., 285, 381 Patterson, Donald S., 76, 77 Patterson, Mary Scott, 230, 436 Patterson, Patricia D., 271, 436 PaHerson, Pleasant B., 241, 318 Patterson, Robert W., 144, 374 Patterson, Rufus H, Jr,. 436 Pattillo, Alice DiAnn, 460 PaHillo, Pat, 172, 144, 460 Patton, James D., 460 Paul, James Monroe, 460 Paul, James T., 381 Paulk, Ira T. Jr., 460 Paulk, Robert Gary, 436 Payne, Grover G., 448 Payne, Jerry Myron, 324, 172, 448 Payne, Joe Stewart, 324 Payne, Patsy Louise, 189 Payne, Peter Michael, 223, 338 Payne, Tomm.y Ray, 448 Payton, William Rufus, 343, 346, 448 Pearson, Albert T., 448 Pearson, Kenley B., 274, 338 Pearson, Sarah C, 274, 448 Pease, James Norman, 411, 285, 133, 407 Peavy, Peggy Ann, 230, 153, 460 Pechter, Marlene, 234, 448 Peck, Sandra Ward, 252, 374 Pecor, Charles Joseph, 349 Peek, Charles W. Ill, 121, 128 Peeples, Carlton West, 282, 436 Peeples, James David, 436, 425 Pell, William Herman, 349 Pennington, Jimmy E., 460 Penington , Nancy Gay, 202, 436 Pennington, Thomas D., 44 Pentecost, Ronald S., 279. 345, 338 Perkins, Mary Nancy, 309, 436 Perkins, Sheppard Jr., 448 Perlman, Adrienne H., 288, 355. 448 Perling. David Jacob, 302. 460 488 STUDENT INDEX -Continued Perry, Jack Lamer, 322, 188, 440 Perry, Judy Mae, 230, 448 Perry, Marlon Errily, 192, 460 Perry, Robert David, 294, 448 Perryman, Billy S., 424, 423 Perryman, Peggy Ann, 271, 142, 134, 338 Peterman, Troy F., 342 Peters, Marilyn, 189 Peterson, Bill H. Jr., 448 Peterson, Nancy, 388 Phares, Carlo A., 309, 460 Phillips, Colunnbus C, 374 Phillips, Dallas L., 410 Phillips, Edward H., 424, 440 Phillips, James B., Jr., 213, 417, 434 Phillips, Jesse K., 448 Phillips, John T., 141 Phillips, Louis E., 374 Phillips, Mary Isbel, 216, 448 Phillips, Phillip G., 236, 460 Phillips, Sally Amy, 210, 440 Phillips, Sally Amy, 210, 460 Pick, James Raymond, 424, 425 Pickard, Joseph A., 254, 440 Pickern, Nelda Louise, 395, 324, 448 Pickett, Albert M., 223, 140, 460 Pierce, Frechia L., 230, 448 Pierce, Jean William, 410, 407 Pierce, Wilds Lovick, 243, 434 Pike, James George, 294, ' 434 Pike, Robert Gregory; 440 Pilgrim, George E. Ill, 259, 448 Piiton, Helaine, 234, 440 Pinckney, Ernest C, 324, 318 Pinion, Richard Arlen, 161, 162 Pinkerton, Rolffs S., 48, 69 Pinnell, Irvin Jeryl, 416, 417, 415 Pinson, Lawrence F., 388 Pirkle, David Adell, 206, 436 Pirkle, John Edgar, 256, 342 Pirkle, Thomas L. Jr., 263, 440 Pittard, Charles C. Jr., 254, 138, 460 Pittard, Mima G., 434, 440 Pittman, Chatty Roger, 347 Pittman, Maurine, 214 Pitts, Wm. Reuben, 259, 415 Plaag, Henry, 434 Plant, Benjamin C, 259, 434 Piatt, Julianne, 247, 338 Plunkett, George III, 440 Poland, Durward Moore, 234, 414, 415 Pollock, Anna Mell, 210, 345, 338 Pollock, Constance S., 271, 394 Pollock, Ronald Lynn, 199, 448 Pomp, Howard, 245, 318 Ponder, Jacqueline J., 219, 338 Poole, Evelyn Claire, 274, 448 Pope, George Edward, 381 Pope, Howell Kay, 293, 436 Pope, Karen Ann, 210, 434, 345 Pope, William Walter, 415 Poppell, Roy Lavern, 343 Porter, James Kenneth, 241, 460 Porter, Martha C, 436 Porter, Neil Derrick, 423 Porter, Robert Cleve, 223, 436 Porterfield, Gloria, 202, 126, 142, 394 Posey, Grover Harold, 344, 410, 409 Possoby, Michael J. Jr., 417, 434 Post, Allen W. Jr., 241, 411, 409 Post, George, 434 Poston, Marilyn Grace, 192, 448 Potts, Nancy Lou, 374 Pound, Thomas Gay, 254, 138, 125, 343 Pounds, Priscilla Lee. 271, 434 Powell, Dolores H., 374 Powell, Frank, 374 Powell, Hugh Melvin, 423 Powell, Leonard B. Jr., 282, 140, 448 Powell, Linda Ann, 230, 394 Powell, Marcia L., 214. 460 Powell, Susan Ellen, 243, 343 Power, Ann Oneal, 197, 436 Powers, BilUe Faye, 153 Powers, Sheila Anne, 202, 175, 448 Prather, George Ann, 374 Prather, Larry Smith, 227, 436, 365 Prescott, Russell E., 415. 414, 417, 142 Presley, Wm., Harvey, 440 Pressley, Maxwell H., 299, 374 Prestwood, Annie K., 425 Price, John Albert, 440 Price, Richard Harris, 45 Price. Roy Vincent, 460 Pridgen, Robert E.. 367 Priest, Wm. Bert, 448 Prince, David F., 241, 448 Prince, John Wendall. 213, 448 Prior, George Dean. 318 Pritchard, Dianne, 460 Pritchett. Thomas Jr., 279, 460 Prosser, Eugene L., 256, 375 Pryor, Judith Ann, 230, 120, 448 Puckett, Victor Lee, 425 Pulfinburger, T. Lee, 426 Pugh, Dudley Marie, 192. 338 Pullen, Thomas Marlon, 377, 338 Pund, Louise Weltch, 436 Purcell, Marcelle H., 388 Purcell, Wanda M., 460 Purdom, Daniel T., 383 Putnam, Robert Garth, 388 Quante, Margaret Ann, 341, 349, 400 Quante, Marian Helena, 248, 143, 133, 375 Quillian, Fletcher B., 223, 448 Quillian, Linda S., 197, 120, 448 Quinn, Larry Gene, 338 Puinn, Wm. Edwin, 347 Quintrell, Mary L., 440 Rachelson, Jerry Jay, 199, 411, 338 Radford, Harriet C, 274, 434 Ragan, Nancy M., 349 Ragsdale, Howell W., 342, 434 Raines, Frederick D., 448 Raia, Mohd Rafig, 388 Raley, Floyd Robt., 188, 132, 125, 134, 134, 407 Ralston, Harlan, 338 Ramsay, James Walter, 426 Ramser, Henry W., 172, 448, 399 Ramsey, Carter M. Jr., 45 Ramsey, Henry EIrod, 241 Ramsey, Robert M., 448, 69 Ramy, Charles Taylor, 296, 426, 425 Randall, Sylvia, 347, 338 Randolph, Donald Gene, 377, 388 Randolph, Frank E., 415, 416, 417, 419 Randolph, James G., 366 Randolph, Udell F., 375 Rankin, Martha Anne, 219, 440 Rasnake, James H. Jr., 223, 343 Rawlings, Lucy Ann, 230, 136, 175, 448 Rawlins, Nolan Omri, 376 Rawlins, Preston N. Jr., 241, 448 Ray, William E., 256, 343 Rayfield, Franklin, 299, 318 Rea, Barbara Schooley, 202, 440 Read, Marjorie A., 252, 440 Reagan, George Angela, 197, 440 Reddy, Gangapatnam, 323 Redfern, Lavern, 347 Redmond, Clayton Van, 299, 349, 434 Redwine, Frank H, III, 213, 448 Reece, William M., 213, 434 Reed, Charles W. Jr. 213, 440 Reese, Robert Wlllard, 381 Reeves, Betty Jean, 338 Reeves, E. Rebecca, 214, 460 Reeves, Joel F. Jr., 213, 363 Reeves, Paula Elii., 197, 394 Reeves, Peggy JoAnn, 434 Register, Walter D., 376 Rehberg, Charles F. Jr., 285, 434 Rehberq, Charlotte B.. 460 Reld, Caroline Jean, 243, 434 Reins, Thomas Wilburn, 282, 434 Remler, Albert Newell, 410, 133, 407 Renahan, Floyd Ollen, 338 Renaud, Richard J., 236, 436 Renti, Caria Adrienne, 436 Reppard, Harriett M., 219, 448 Rewis, James A., 282, 410, 409 Reynolds, Carole Lynn, 252, 434 Reynolds, Dawn Lllyan, 252, 448 Rhino, Charles P., 223, 440, 60 Rhodes, James R. Jr., 297, 436 Rhodes, Rebecca Vance, 230, 142, 436 Rianhard, Patricia A., 436 Rice, Faye Evelyn, 210, 440 Rice, Linda Jean, 210, 448 Richards, Marvin N. Jr., 297, 363 Richards, Reuben R., 145 Richardson, Jean B., 243, 436 Richardson, Martha J., 252, 144, 460 Richardson, Patricia, 202, 448 Richardson, Sanford A., 293, 436, 153 Richardson, Spurgeon, 344 Richman, Larry M., 423, 425 Richman, Laurence, 302, 436 Richman, Sanford N., 199, 338 Ricketson, Charles W., 263. 436 Ricks, Morris L. Jr., 251, 399 Riddick, Judy L., 271, 144, 460 RIdeout, Judith Ann, 274, 399 Ridgway, Caroline B., 248, 139, 363 Ridgeway, Theodore R., 122, 425 Ridlehuber, Ted Ruff, 279, 434 Ridley, Wm. Edward Jr., 234, 440 Rigdon, Thomas Allen, 323 Riggs, James L. Jr.. 434 Riggs, Morris Palmer, 377, 388 Rigsby, Alonio T. Jr.. 206, 375 Rij, Roger Edward, 325, 436 Riley, Carolyn Elii., 202, 174, 448 Riley, Marguerite C, 460 Rimes, Marvin Percy, 416, 415 Rimstidt, Leann, 248, 436 Ringwall, Douglas D., 448 Rish, Thomas Linton, 322, 436, 153 Risse, Lawrence A., 436 Risser, John Vere, 320, 425 Ritchie, Leila, 210, 448 Rivenburg, Elwin L., 324 Rivers, James Albert, 318, 144, 127, 132, 188, 321, 329, 344 Robblns, Joseph D., 375 Roberson, Edward Lee, 425 Roberson, James, 440 Roberson, Janis C., 347 Roberson, Sara Jean, 202, 143, 436 Roberts, Alfred Jr., 440 Roberts, Ernest R., Jr., 377, 389 Roberts, Helen P., 436 Roberts, Judy Lynn, 271, 440 Roberts, Julian H. Jr., 460 Roberts, Kirby C, 127, 132, 134, 144, 188, 320, 321, 324, 328, 344 OLMAN HOTEL ED. NEWTON, MANAGER ATHENS ' NEWEST AND LARGEST HOTEL PHONE LI 6-1443 COFFEE SHOP DINING ROOM Roberts, Lanny L., 460 Roberts, Melanie Ann, 143, 202, 448 Roberts, Wiley Dan, 344, 409, 410 Robertson, Agnes Elii., 192, 338 Robertson, Frank M., 297, 437 Robertson, Laura Mae, 375 Robinson, David H., 448 Robinson, Harry E. Jr., 263, 437 Robinson, Lynne F., 197, 375 Robinson, Richard L., 323 Robinson, Ridgley K., 259, 389 Robinson, Ronald R., 236, 437 Robinson, Susan D., 460 Robinson, Wilburn V., 128 Robison, Robert G., 259, 460 Rochelle, Patsy R., 440 Rocker, Patricia Lee, 441 Rodgers, Linda M., 461 Rodgers, Thomas Henry, 389 Rogers, James Harvey, 75 Rogers, Norma Delmore, 375 Rogers, Thomas A. Jr., 263, 437 Rogers, Wendell Roy, 441 Rohde, Robert W., 437 Rohde, Walter Baker, 325, 318 Roland, Billy Gray, 44 Rollins, Jack B. Jr., 223, 338 Romano, Jack Louis, 125, 140, 241, 343 Romasco, Louis S. Jr., 174, 318, 325 Roncalli, Amid R. M., 389 Rooker, John Winston, 285, 343 Rose, Charles A., 437 Rose, Francis Lewis, 338 Rosen, Marvin Dean, 199, 437 Rosenberg, Toby Leila, 174, 234, 449 Rosenberg, Wm. Philip, 449 Rosenbloom, Arthur, 449 Rosenbloom, Gerald, 302, 461 Rosenthal, Brenda A., 289, 441 Rosenthal, Gary, 302, 441 Rosenthal, Stuart, 302, 449 Ross, Douglas 8., 49, 297, 449 Ross, Larry Thomas, 40 Ross, Ralph Thomas, 437 Ross, Wm. Wesley, 441 Rossman, Miriam Zula, 437 Rountree, Don Carl, 297, 441 Rouuntree, Robert D., 172 Roush, Duncan Allen, 153, 279, 381 Rowan, Joe Bernard Jr., 144, 329 Rowan, Reba Lois, 189, 395, 437 Rowe, John Roger, 279, 441 Rowe, Minnie Hunt, 252, 449 Rowe, William Spruill, 329 Rowland, Emory Hodges, 263, 437 Rowland, Martha J., 192, 46! Royal, James A., 461 Ruark, John Marvin, 437 Ruffin, Alice J., 461 Rumsey, Tommy Fred, 441 Rundbaken, Roselyn, 234, 343 Runyon, Thomas W., 40 Rush, Charles Patrick, 363 Rushing, Francis W., 153, 182, 244, 437 Russell, Carl P. Jr., 338 Russell, James Wm., 338 Russell, Paul Lay 318 Russell, Richard D., 293, 381, 383 Rutland, Billy Chas. L., 437 Ryan, John Joseph, 449 Sacks, Barbara Rita, 289, 437 Sadler, George Rollln, 375 Safrit, Jane, 143, 309, 437 Salley, Wm. Joseph, 241, 437 Salmon, FInnIs Larry, 213, 437 Salter, Wilmer L. Jr., 449 Samples, Peggy Joyce. 461 Sams, Edward B., 76, 77 Sams, Lewis R. Jr., 367 Sanders, Evelyn Joyce, 338 Sanders, John Willis, 400, 437 Sanders, Richardson F., 389 Sanders, Wm. Lee Jr., 241, 441 Sands, Gerald Simon, 375 Sanford, Sara Grace, 274, 449 Sangster, Joseph A., 338 Sappington, Phyllis D., 214, 44! Saul, Louis, 302, 409, 410 Saul, Margaret Mary, 248 Saunders, Howard Ira, 199, 437 Saussy, Jack Peeples, 241, 399 Savage, John Wilburn, 437 Saye, Harry Hartford, 254, 343 Saye, Jake Lee, 40 Sayrc, Barbara Sue, 252, 389 Scarborough, Marilyn, 395 Schaefer, Michael Jan, 302, 437 Schaeffer, Nancy P, 449 Schalk, James M. Jr., 34! Schanze, Raymond A., 441 Scharff, David Edwin, 302, 338 Schemer, Flora Jean, 234, 449 Scheppach, Sheldon H., 344 Schild. Mary Ethel, 437 Schlosser, Lynn Ellen, 289 Schoenfeld, Roy P., 302, 437 Scholl, Mary Agnes, 248, 441 Schott, Norman Gusfav, 223, 343 Schreiber, Ronald L., 199 Schulhofer, George A., 199, 461 Schulthels, Sandra L., 437 Schulti, Nedra J., 441 Schwamlein, Albert Jr., 461 Schwartz, Maryin J., 234, 46! Scoggins, Helen V., 248, 389 Scott, James Wesley, 206, 318, 329, 349 Scott, Jean Brownell, 197, 394 Scott, Melvin B. Jr., 136, 244, 437 Scott, Thomas L., 407, 410 Scrivener, Martha C, 274, 449 Scruggs, Leonard M., 153 Seagraves, John R., 259, 461 Sears, Carolyn L., 126, 133, 243, 338 Sears, Stanley B., 437 Seawell, Margaret E., 449 Seawright, Bobby T., 461 Seay, Lamar F., 437 Seeley, Robert H., 324, 319 Segars, James J. Jr., 279, 437 Seiti, Robert T., 199, 363 Seligman, Melvin, 199, 363 Sell, Edward S. Ill, 213, 441 Sells, Henry Thomas, 227, 449 Servodidio, Francis, 324 Sesco, Jerry Anthony, 204, 437 Setser, Suzanne, 210, 338, 345 Sewell, Karen Dunson, 144, 441 Sewell, Madge Eliz., 243 Sexton, Frances Ann, 124, 139, 248, 375 Shackleford, Marie A., 355, 441 Shackelford, Wm. Alsa, 319, 322 Shackelford, Anna Nolan, 394 Shaffer, Morty Don, 199, 437 Shahan, Henry David, 441 Shahan, Mike W., 241, 343 Shalloway, Phillip D., 363, 365, 367 Shamblin, Benjamin J., 44 Shamhart, Martha H., 144, 197, 441 Shapiro, Hyman Isaac, 302, 437 Shapiro, Samuel Robt.. 302, 449 Sharpe, LIndsey Lee, 293, 343 Sharpley, Irma 0., 252, 441 Shaw, Douglas Wm., 256, 441 Shaw, John William, 223, 437 Shaw, Ralph B. Jr., 272, 319, 322 Shaw, Ralph Lamar, 297 Shaw, Ruth Houston, 437 Shea, Mary Ann, 355, 345 Shea, Mary Cecilia, 437 Shea, Nancy Ellen, 248, 441 Shealy, Richard N., 306, 381 Sheffer, Marguerite A., 210, 437 Sheffield, Philip W., 363 Sheftall, Myrna Lea, 289, 441 Shell, Eleanor J., 461 Shellnut, Elizabeth W., 375 Shenkman, Joyce Ellen, 136, 289, 449 Shepard, Bilsie G., 243, 437, 449 Shepard, Cliff Eugene, 415 Shepard, Kay P., 203, 461 Shepherd, Aubrey M., 219, 461 Shepherd, George H., 363 Shepherd, Lester S., 241. 441 489 167 nAutnpKVn it STUDENT INDEX -Continued Sheppard, Ann C, 375 Sheppard, Beth, 274 Sherard, Myra Nell, 132, 189 Sheridan, Walter O., 4il Sherlock, Paula C, U Sherrill, Lawrence G., 437 Sherrod, John Gates, 381 Sheuring, James B., 267, 461 Shields, Harold Lamar, 367 Shields, Lydia B., 461 Shields, Timothy L., 449 Shimkus, Dennis J., 45 Shirah, Dewey O. Jr., 437 Shirah, Sarah Ann, 271, 375 Shirley, Carol Wannah, 161, 203, 437 Shirley, Marie Wing, 136, 210, 395, 437 Shive, Gary Francis, 426 Shiver, Tate Aultman, 279, 461 Shmerling Arline N., 461 Shoraka, Jamil, 319 Shores, Janice E., 271, 394 Short, Nancy Augusta, 449 Shoup, Kenneth J., 259, 437 Shriner, Mary Jane, 274, 4 1 Shropshire, Sarah E., 375 " Shuey, Edyth Louise, 243, 461 Shulin, John Albin, 227, 319 Shutro, Alan Harvey, 265, 449 Sides, Myra Anne, 461 Sigler, Fred William, 425, 437 Sikes, Carrol Newton, 389 Sills, Joel Wm., 299, 461 Sills, Wm. Carson, 227, 363 Silver, Melvyn Louis, 200, 46! Silver, Milton Ivan, 200, 461 Simmons, Carolyn J., 461 Simmons, James A. Ml, 417 Simmons, Marvin T. Jr., 125, 127, 297, 407, 411 Simmons, Mary J., 219, 437 Simmons, Robert Webb, 342 Simonton, Clifford H., 365 Sims, Hughes Melton, 423, 42S Sims, Patsy Lee, 248, 449 Sims, Wm. Maurice Jr., 425 Sinclair, Paula Moor, 271, 437 Singer, Katherine, 234, 437 Singer, Sandra Rae, 234, 355, 461 Singletary, Carolyn A., 276, 449 Singletary, Joe P. Jr. 264, 437, 449 Singletary, Lewis S., 264 Sink, Dennis Jackson, 223, 461 Sirower, Sheila. 234, 461 Sisson, Luther Edward, 339 Sloblom, Roberta Jean, 243, 375 Slielfon, Marvin E., 128, 161, 162, 449 Skelton, Ralph T. Jr., 264, 407, 411 Skipper, James H. Jr., 347 Skuse, Kenneth Phipps, 461 Slade, Alice Madge, 219, 449 Slate, Marian Leigh, 153, 243, 449 Slater, James Reid, 132, 188 Slattery, Mary Angela, 248, 363 Slaughter, William N., 44 Sligh, Bette Jane, 309, 461 Sloan, Ben Leroy, 377, 389 Sloan, Wayne C. Sr., 375 Smaltey, Jas. Luther, 425 Smalley, Jane Elise, 437 Smallwood, Billy Joe, 461 Smilowitz, Zane, 341 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith Srr ifh Smith Smith, Smjthy, Jane Riviere, 197, 449 Smith; Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith, Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith, Smith Smith, Smith Smith Smith, Smith Smith, Smith Smith Smith ' Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith, Smith Alice Jean, 276, 437 Beverley Jane, 271, 394 Charles L., 339 Diane Marjorie, 210, 449 Douglas E., 127, 409, 410 Elii. Little, 271, 437 Ernest Hubert, 323 George Donald, 415, 416 Gerald Richard, 279, 437 Gerald Spencer, 363 Glenda Ann, 449 Gloria, 271, 437 Harold G. Jr., 461 James Albert D., 293, 363 James A. Jr., 306, 461 James Jackson, 297 James Kenneth, 345 James Loran Jr., 184, 399 Jane Vernon, 248, 399 Janice V., 120, 175, 309, 449 Jerry J., 252, 461 Jimmy Howard, 46t Jo Ann, 216, 375 John Hartwell, 339, 411 Johnnie R., 264, 449 Joseph Sanders, 449 Judy Allan, 252, 449 Judy Beth, 216 Kay Carol, 437 Kermit Eldred, 259. 437 Larrilee M., 276, 449 Malinda L., 461 Marshall Coyle, 256, 319 Martha Lynn, 271, 461 Marvin Emery, 437 Patrick Fred, 44 Ralph C. Jr., 363 Ralph V. Jr., 326 Richard G., 293 Richard H., 367 Richard Riley, 241, 363 Robert Bryan, 172 Robert Melvin, 461 Ronald C, 367, 399 Rosser Edwards, 322 Sidney James, 267, 415 Stephen L., 389 Susan Carlton, 341, 349 Sylvia H., 461 Thomas Lorin, 461 Tom Bush Jr., 416 Virginia Ann, 271, 449 Wm. Kent, 236, 461 Wm. Larry, 213, 461 Wm. Ted, 425 Wilma Nanelle, 203, 34! Yates Curtis, 323 Smithy, Jane, 153, 449 Sneed, James J. Jr., 347 Snelling, Jimmie L., 192, 437 Snow, James Wendell, 341 Snow, Ralph Maddox, 411 Snow, Thomas W. Jr., 293, 407, 411 Snyder, Richard A., 227, 449 Soberdash, Donald A., 44, 73 Solomon, Harold S., 136, 140, 302, 437 Solomon, Jan Hughs, 143 Solomon, Mickey, 304, 449 Soloman, Virginia F., 197, 355 Somaatmadja, Dardjo, 325, 389 Sommers, James F., 241, 437 Somerville, Virginia, 309, 375 Sorrells, Marvin Wms., 411 Soule, Valerie, 126, 142, 309, 394 Souter, Saralyn, 197 Sowell, Robert B. Jr., 241, 437 Spandorfer, Markus A., 304, 449 Sparks, Aimee Eliz., 216, 461 Sparling, Virginia B., 243, 437 Spaulding, Sandra J., 248, 461 Spector, Barry B., 206, 339 Speer, John F. Jr., 145, 46! Speer, Wayne H. Ill, 297, 437 Speier, William A. Jr. 121, 128, 172 Spence, Joe Thorpe, 264, 461 Spencer, Tom Wesley, 415, 416 Spieks, Sharon Louise, 175, 324 395, 449 Spiller, Lewis Walker, 256, 449 Spinks, Gary Winston, 60 Spooner, Wm. Andrew, 437 Spratlin, Goldie Faye, 363 Squires, Stephen Owen, 72, 256, 437 Stack, Harriet L., 355, 437 Stafford, Dorothy A., 389 Stafford, George T., 381 Stafford, Linda Wray, 461 Stafford, Wm. David, 399, 423, 426 Staggs, Terry Wayne, 425, 426 Stanaland, Beniamin L., 60 Standard, George S., 415, 417 Standard, Nancy Elon, 248, 437 Stanley, Larry H., 259, 461 Stansbury, Wm. Richard, 449 Staples, Barry M., 271, 461 Staples, Max H. Jr., 75, 264, 438 Stark, Sydnie Ann, 219, 449 Starling, Rubin T,, 260, 363 Starling, Wm. Ronald, 293, 461 Steadman, Glenda Faye, 375 Steinbauer, David J., 425 Steinberger, Stan M., 200, 399 Steine, Marilyn P., 234, 341, 375 Sfeinmann, Kurt L., 264, 462 Stephens, Charles R., 381 Stephens, Ellis L. Jr., 60 Stephens, Joan, 120, 252, 438, 449 Stephens, John R. Jr., 153, 267, 438 Stephens, Ronny D. Jr.. 256, 437 Stephens, Walter L., 329 Stephens, Wilbur G. Jr., 462 Stephens, Wm. Hugh Jr., 174 Stern, Morton Warner, 304, 449 Stevens, John R. Jr.. 297, 462 Stevens, Karen Lee, 252, 462 Stevens, Mary Dee, 462 Stevens, Max Edward, 3 3 Stewart, Howell E. Jr., 172 Stewart, Jo Frank, 415 Stewart, Lillian C, 216 437 Stewart, Martha Bagby, 415, 416, 418 Stewart, Mary Douglas, 252 Stewart, Paul Higgins, 415, 416 Stewart, Peggy Joyce, 438 Stewart, Suzanne L., 161, 309, 400, 449 Stewart, Wm. Howard 363 Stiles, Billy Joe, 377 Still, Bruce R., 399 Still, Suzanne, 394 Stinnett, John C, 293, 449 Stivers, Dorothy S., 248, 449 Stockmann, Fritz J., 389 Stockton, Robert G., 438 Stokely, James R. Jr., 128, 449 Stokely, Theodore P., 144, 318, 319, 321, 322 Stokes, Betty Jo, 144, 438 Stokes, Ethelyn. 271, 449, 4 2 Stokes, Henry Holt, 438 Stone, Billy Jack, 128, 320, 322, 438 Stone, John S. Jr., 324 Stone, Ralph Stuart, 279, 462 Stone, Sandra Marcia. 449 Stone, Wm. Howard, 282, 4 2 Stoops, Lorena V., 143, 192, 342, 438 Story, Alton Henry, 375 Story, Wilda, 126, 210. 324, 394, 395 Stout, James Rankin. 236, 449 Sfovall, Albert J. Ill, 462 Stovall, Carol W., 230. 394 Sfovall, Jon Murrow, 2 4, 449 Stovall, Paul Graham. 3 3 Stovall, Vesta Lois, 27 , 449 Stover, Jean Marie, 438 Stover, Jerald Fred, 364 Strain, Edwin Heard, 223, 399, 438 Strang, Samuel B. Jr., 297, 449 Strange, Robert Burt, 2 4, 339 Strickland, Arthur D., 377, 388 Strickland, Avery W.. 339 Strickland, Eleanor M., 189, 4 2 Strickland, Hubert A.. 449 Strickland, Jerel W.. 285, 438 Strickland, Jimmie E.. 425, 42 Strickland, Louie D.. 322 Strickland, Meredith, 4 2 Strickland, Norman, 128 Strickland, Rebecca A., 252, 438 Stringer, Andrew F. Jr.. 423, 425 Stripling, Melvin E., 384 Stripling. Thomas L., 145, 188, 324, 344 4 2 Stuart, Joe McCallum, 25i, 438 Stucki, Walter A. Jr., 3 4 Sturz, Victor Louis, 279, 4 2 Subai, Zohair, 32 , 389 Succi, Jeremy Michael. 227, 423 Sudderth, Phyllis L., 203, 450 Sudduth, Albert B., lil, 299, 438 Sudlow, Robert W., 438 Sullivan, Andrew M. Jr., 3 7 Sullivan, Julia Ann, 192, 450 Sullivan, Marion J., 161, 309, 375 Summerell, Barbara J., 248, 364 Summerhill, Joel F., 161, 162, 457 Summerlin, Wm. Anthony, 241, 462 Summers, Allen Wm., 153, 267, 319 Summers, Gay, 194, 462 Sumter, Frederick Jr., 213, 364 Supran, Michael K., 265, 319 Surasky, Brenna Gale, 234, 4 2 Suritz, Susan Ella, 143, 289, 450 Susman, Seymour G., 200 ,462 Sutter, Mary Hannah, 248, 450 Sutton, Linda Jane, 144, 216, 4 2 Swafford, Mack Dale, 128, 41 , 450 Swain, Irrrja Faye, 189, 4 2 Swan, Jerry Lawson, 449 Swann, Brenda Lee, 192, 450 Swanson, Joan, 210, 450 Swanson, Kay Garnett, 192, 4 2 Swartz, John Thomas, 438 Swartz, Susan M., 4 2 Sweat, Arthur V. Jr., 3 4 Sweat, Kathryn S., 203, 4 2 Sweat , Patricia Ann, 4 2 Sweat, Sandra, 120, 192, 450 Sweeney, Wm. Kyran, 145, 1 1 Swift, Eunice S., l, 252, 438 Sykes, Grovor P. Jr., 297, 381 Symmers, Herbert S. Jr., 256, 3 4 Tabor, John Seaborn, 4 2 Taff, James H., 319, 322 Taiti, Jerry B., 200, 3 4 Takoudes, Nicholas G., 438 Talley, Eliz., Lee, 144, 248, 500 Talley, Florence E., 339 Tally, Richard Donald, 345, 42 Talmadge, John E. Ill, 223, 339, 4Sa Talmadge, Mary I., 153, 219, 462 Tanner, James D., 423, 42 Tanner, Woodrow W., 438 Tanner, W. Rhett, 140, 23 , 409, 411 Tarkenton, Francis A., 44 Tarlyn, Elyne Harriet, 234, 4 2 Tarpley, Harvey E., 1 1, 172, 4 2 Tarpley, Joe Parham, 438 Tarpley, Rosemary, II Tate, Ben Barrow, 462 Tatum, Richard Luther, 76, 77, 241, 438 Tatum, Wm. Jefferson, 69, 227, 438 Taylor, Barbara Anne, 120, 175 Taylor, Clarise N., 248, 449 Taylor, Curtis Brown, 297, 364 Taylor, Edwin Forre st, 213, 364 Taylor, Frank D., 423 Taylor, Frederick W., 44, 438 Taylor, Freeman W. Jr., 134, 344 Taylor, General J. Ill, 297, 4S0 Taylor, Jack Barney, 438 Taylor, Jo Ann, 462 Taylor, John Willson, 223 Taylor, Judith Kay, 203 Taylor, Judy Eliz., 230, 399 Taylor, Lynnwood K., 219, 450 Taylor, Marion Allan, 450 Taylor, Marjorie, 450 Taylor, Olivia Anne, 133, 248, 364 Taylor, Philip Larry, 4 2 Taylor, Robt., W. Jr., 346 Teel, Betty Jean, 132, 189, 375 Tcel, Mary Joyce, 189, 450 Telfer, Anne Beatrix, 243, 438 Temple, John Hugh, 462 Temples, Susan Elii., 230, 339 Templeton, Foster H., 417 Terrell, William Benton, 320 Terry, Charles Leroy, 213, 438 Terry, Georgia M., 189, 324, 355 Terry, Harriette J., 462 Terry, Hilda Jane, 189, 324 Terry, Walter F., 297, 450 Thacker, Joe Bob, 438 Thacker, Sandra G., 143, 248, 339 Thackston, Emma Helen, 203, 339 Tharp, Mary Lynn, 230, 462 Tharpe, Jerry Watts, 4 2 Thayer, Tirzah Ann, 230, 375 Theobald, Julia M., 438 Thigpen, Clifton K., 425 Thigpen, Jimmy Daniel, 375 Thigpen, Wm. Bartow, 462 Thomas, Ezekiel F. Jr., 122, 293, 423 Thomas, Genie, 153, 175, 230, 450 Thomas, Howard C, 279, 438 Thomas, James Kendall, 364 Thomas, Loren M., 60 Thomas, Malcolm C, 389 Thomas, Roger Kemp Jr., 293, 438 Thomas, Roma D. Jr., 297, 450 Thomas, Roy Griffin, 256, 415 Thomas, Wm. C. Ill, 282, 319, 322 Thomas, Wm. Paul, 416 Thomason, Linda D., 203, 450 Thompson, Barbara Kay, 219, 339 Thompson, Billy J. 44 Thompson, Clark J., 73, 339 Thompson, Dennis V. Jr., 4 2 Thompson, Dixie Jane, 220, 3 4 Thompson, Ellen A., 27 , 450 Thompson, Flozelle, 185, 243, 400, 401 Thompson, Frances P., 399 Thompson, Harry H. Ill, 2 0, 4 2 Thompson, Isaac M. II, 409 Thompson, James H. Jr., 279, 438 Thompson, Lois G., 220, 450 Thompson, Martha Ann, 375 ' : w,t ' 490 STUDENT INDEX -Continued Thompson, Thomas J. Jr., 256, 438 Thompson, Wallace D., 410 Thompson, Wm. Dederick, 438 Thomson, Charles R., 236 Thorne, Ernest M. Jr., 264, 438 Thornhill, Barbara L., 216, 462 Thornhill, Tommy Lee, 45 Thornley, Peggy Ann, 230 Thornton, Chas. Billy, 450 Thornton, Jane P., 252, 375 Thornton, Patricia An, 210, 394 Thurman, Sara L., 450 Thurman, William R. Jr., 438 Thurmond, Gartrell Jr., 121 Thurmond, George H., 161 Tidwell, Edwina, 197, 450 Tidwell, Jimmie O., 462 Tidwell, Wm. Jerry, 293, 462 Tietien, Marian F., 340 Tietjen, Wm. Leighton, 348 Tillem, Annie Ruth, 234, 462 Tillem, Dorothy, 234, 375 Tilley, Ralph Harlen, 364 Timmons, Edward Hays, 426 Timmons, Jimmie Hodge, 144, 319, 321, 344, 376 Tindol, Rufus L. Ill, 161. 462 Tipton, Margaret B., 153, 271, 450 Tisinger. Richard G., 256, 462 Tison, Herbert Walton, 438 Tissura, Manuel N., 340 Todd, Alice Elii., 142, 276, 340 Todd, George M. Jr., 142, 223, 364 Tolbert, Mary Emma, 272, 438 Tollerson, John D., 213, 462 Tolleson, Robert H., 213, 364 Tollman, Gary Alvin, 410 Tomberlin, Lester D., 45, Richard E., 450 Tomlin, John Robert, 364 Tomlin, Wm. Andrew, 366 Tondee, Clyde R., 438 Toney, Arnold Arthur, 280, 462 Toole, Eva Joan, 438 Toomer, Eliz. Anne, 210, 438 Topshe, Sondra P., 462 Torbett, Robert D., 365 Torch Lynda M., 289, 375 Torch, Muriel Lorette, 112, 289, 462 Toth, Gregory R., 267, 399 Touard, Henry C. Jr., 260, 450 Towler, Henry H. Jr., 128, 172, 267, 450 Towns, Robert F., 44, 125, 127 Townsend, Allen F., 260, 462 Townsend, James F., 462 Townsend, Lee R., 426 Traber, Elizabeth, 272, 462 Trapp, Sandra B., 126, 139, 220, 345, 375 Travis, Micheal Jason, 224, 450 Treadway, Linda E., 136, 138, 142. 248, 394, 438 Treanor, Kay, 252, 462 Trotter, Gerald Roger, 438 Trout, Nancy Elii., 252, 438 Trowbridge, Martha A., 252, 438 Truitt, Richard A., 121, 343, 346, 450 Truiillo. Jean Ann. 144, 248. 450 Trundle, Wm. Allison, 438 Tucker, Diane Rorie, 189 Tucker, George Marion, 364 Tucker, Martha Anne, 438 Tucker, Pamela Anne, 203. 438 Tucker, Patricia D., 309, 438 Tucker, Sandra Jeanne, 340 Tucker, Sarah Quigg, 175 Tucker. Winston H., 345 Tudor. Arthur Allen. 340 Tumlin. Linda Haynes. 243, 450 Tumlin, Patricia Ann. 132. 189. 438 Tumlin. Penelope J.. 450 Turk. Arthur L. Jr.. 425. 450 Turk. Richard T.. 462 Turnbull. Augustus B.. 121. 128. 172. 343. 346. 450 Turnbull, Helen J.. 349 Turner. Braxton B. Jr.. 364, 365. 367 Turner. Carol Lingo. 220, 462 Turner, Frank Burney, 241, 438 Turner, Helen H., 272, 375 Turner, Helen Jeanne, 230, 340 Turner, Jackie Lee, 462 Turner, Joe Clark, 319, 341 Turner, Mark H. Jr., 172, 450 Turner, Percy Ray, 377 Turner, Ro- ald McCav. 381 Turner, Richard Lee, 256, 450 Turner, Ward Parker, 197. 462 Turton. Rebecca Ray. 272. 438 Tuten. Carroll S.. 438 Tye. James P. Jr.. 264. 450 Tyler. Jay Allison. 272. 340 Tyner. Calvin Bruce. 438 Tyre, David Earl, 68, 69 Tyre, David H., 162, 340 Tyre, Margaret, 416 Ulmer, Margaret T., 375 Ulmer, Julian Kyle, 293, 364 Underwood, Frank III, 285, 438 Underwood, Joan, 355 Underwood, Norman Lee, 188 Upchurch, Harold W., 224, 462 Upton, Billy Calvin, 224. 462 Uselton, Horace W., 377 Usher. Pegy Ann. 252. 462 Usher. Peggy Ann. 252. 462 Valdes. Joseph R.. 256. 364 Vallotton. Joseph M.. 450 Vance. Sarah Virginia. 197. 376 Vandiver. Shirley H.. 376 Van Dusen. Lloyd J., 267. 450 Van Geuns. Margaret. 230, 399 Vann. Kenneth Espy. 45 Varnedoe. Gordon S., 241, 438 Varnedoe, Heeth, 241, 364 Vasvary, Bela Joseph, 161. 162 Vaughan. David N. Jr., 407, 410 Vaughn, Jacquelyn Ann, 197. 376 Veal. Barbara Anne. 216. 218. 450 Veal. Fred M. Jr.. 376 Veatch. Linda Arlene. 276, 450 Verdin. Daniel B. Jr.. 425. 426 Vereen. Wendy Ellen. 243. 450 Vickers. Jimmy F.. 45. 122 Vickery. Samuel A.. 377 Vickery. Thomas N.. 141. 256. 438 Vig. Peter Reynolds. 256. 450 Villamil. Fernando A.. 410 Villavicencio. H.. 306. 319 Vining. James W.. 172. 174, 450 Vining, Wm. Siti Jr., 464 Vinson, James Donald, 416, 417 Vinson. Lena, 203. 462 Vipperman. Carl J., 389 Virgin. Rosemary L.. 462 Voigt, Frederick W. Jr.. 264. 438 Voigt. John 161. 264. 462 W Wachs, Robert C, 265, 364 Wade, Carol Anne, 216, 355, 462 Wade, Robert Lane, 121, 153 Wages, Margaret L, 216, 450 Wages, Margaret Melba, 142, 203, 399 Wagner, Floyd R. Jr., 213, 425 Wagner, Judith Nell, 144, 462 Wait, Pierre, 425 Wakefield. Barbara J.. 394 Walden, Mary E., 143, 210. 345. 438 Walden. Robert Earl. 44 Waldrip. Donald W.. 435, 438 Waldrop, Dorothy Anne, 248, 462 Waldrop, Robert K. Jr., 438 Walker, Amelia Ann. 210, 450 Walker, Benjamin P., 224, 450 Walker, Billington, S., 285, 340 Walker, Charles D., 264, 364 Walker, Henry Scott, 323 Walker, James P. Jr., 131. 141. 138. 224, 340 Walker, Jimm.y Rogers. 293. 364 Walker. John Woolfolk, 124, 125, 224, 340 Walker, Larry S., 439 Walker, Lawrence B., 340 Walker, Leon Roscoe. 213, 462 Walker. Robert Wells. 206, 329, 319 Walker, Stewart P. Jr., 364 Walker, Theodore R. Jr., 340 Wall, Erskine R., 197 Wall, Preston Jackson, 439 Wall, Rodney Rhodes, 366, 462 Wallace, Marifree, 309, 355, 462 Waller, John Ronald, 297, 439 Waller, Wylie Paul Jr., 241, 399 Walls, Robt. Lawrence, 236, 376 Walter, Lamar Cobb, 224, 346, 462 Walter, Robert Lynn, 439 Walters, Myrna Lou. 439 Waltl, George M. Jr., 439 Walton, Sarah Anne, 210, 439 Walton, Thomas L., 324 Wang, Chung Lie, 347 Wang, Joe Nell, 133, 188, 319, 328 Ward, Carolyn Suzanne, 135, 197, 450 Ward. Edna Lu. 272. 450 Ward. Richard Davis. 450 Ward, Wm. Elmer. 326 Wardlow. Ella Louise. 189 Wardwell. Sandra Dale, 394 Ware, Howell Cobb, 76, 77, 293, 340 Ware, Sarah Obie. 309. 450 Warlick. Mary Jenny. 230. 439 Warlick. Wm. Byrd. 241. 462 Warner. Emily Fowler, 220, 340 Warner, Lamar H., 206, 450 Warren, E. P., 329 Warren, John H. Jr., 241, 462 Warren, Myrna Ruth, 120, 136, 153, 248. 439 Warrenfells, Nancy L.. 203. 439 Wasdin. John T.. 264. 407. 411 Washburn. Herbert G.. 365 Washington. Beverly A.. 276. 439 Washington. Don G.. 364 Wasserman. Sherrie E., 174. 234. 450 Waters. Carolyn. 189. 450 Waters. Sara Madalyn. 349 Waters. William Henry, 340 Watkins, Barbara F., 463 Watkins, Mary S., 450 Watkins, Maurice E., 367 Watrous. Lucy Carol, 175, 248, 450 Watson, Jamas W. Jr., 399 Watson, John Hugh Jr., 227, 364 Watson, Judy Andalene, 203, 439 Watson, Lester Noel, 439 Watson, Samuel Thos., 425 Watson. Wm. Derek, 122, 186 Watts, Chas. Roderick, 364 Watts, Gene Edward, 297, 409, 411 Watts, John Edward, 364 Wear, Virginia Lee, 418 Weatherford, B. Ann, 365 Weatherford, Mary F., 248, 463 Weathers, Judith Ann, 210, 463 Weaver, Larry Micheal, 463 Weaver, Sara Ellen, 272, 450 Weaver, William Amii, 425 Webb, Lee W., 377, 389 Webb, Madge Priscilla, 272, 463 Webb, Marianne, 439 Webb, Ruth Marie, 210, 439 Webb, Wm. Aubrey, 122, 423 Weed, John Merville. 319 Weeks. Billy Nance. 426 Weidinger. Julia Anne. 252, 439 Weigle, Philip G., 24! 439 Weinberg, Robert A., 200, 450 Weiner, Aron Girard, 304, 407, 410 Weiner, Ruth, 234, 355, 462 Weinman, Grace L., 389 Weitz. Nathan Harvey, 304, 463 Weitzman, Irving, 174, 319 Weitman. Ravenel T.. 451, 489 Welch, Anita Carolyn, 355, 463 Welch, Carl Lester, 213, 415, 416 Welch, Richard T., 319 Wells, Armand Duval, 293, 365 Wells, Gordon H. Jr., 214, 319, 325 Wells, Makine, 192 Welsh, Mildred B., 463 Welter, Dave Allen, 340 Wemmers, Frederick R., 236, 439 Wendenland, Vaughn E., 60 Werth, Rosemary L., 309, 463 West, Benjamin H., 214, 463 West, Charlotte Kay, 216, 418, 450 West, Lucy Yancey, 272, 463 West, Mildred Lou, 153, 203, 439 West, Sharon Harriet, 193, 463 West, Walter B. Ill, 293 West, Winston, 383, 451 Westbrook, Ramona E., 355 Westbury, Brunson M., 423, 425 Westfall, Carl Daniel, 280, 365 Westfall, Margaret A., 210, 340 Westmoreland, Ralph B. 60 Weston, Gilmer G. Jr., 285, 365 Wetherbee, James R., 264 463 Wekler, Alan David, 187 Wexler, Rochelle Gay, 289, 439 Whaley, Miriam Ann, 230, 451 Whaley, Paula Glenn, 309. 376 Whatley, Margaret A., 394 Whatley, Perry A. Jr., 214, 439 Wheeler, Harold F.. 389 Wheeler, Mary Jane, 463 Wheeler. Sidney F.. 411 Wheeless. Clifford R., 285, 340 Whelchel, James C, 411 Whitaker, Robert H. Jr., 188, 324, 423 425 White, Arnold L., 60 White, Clare Stone, 248, 451 White, John Fredrick, 383 White, Milledge Jr., 214, 439 White, Robert Hugh. 214. 463 Whitehead. Alice Eliz., 108, 109, 197, 376 Whitehead, Caroline G., 220, 451 Whitehead. Junette. 161. 463 Whitehead. Nellie Mae. 189, 324 Whitehead. Thomas E.. 451 Whitclock. Richard E., 161, 280, 463 Whiteman, Alan Steven, 200, 451 Whitley, Eula Jane. 355 Whitley. James G.. 409 Whitley. Robert Gary. 299, 463 Whitley, Wade H. Jr., 267, 340 Whitley, Wm. Avery, 260, 451 Whitlow, Dwight T., 211, 451 Whitman, Carmen Eliz., 451 Whitmore, Sherry L., 230, 463 Whitner, Charles 111, 264, 439 Whitton, Jon Walter, 365. 366 Whitton, Robert Wm., 285, 451 Whitworth, James M., 365 Whitworth, Mary Patsy. 210. 439 Wicke. Joanne C, 309, 451 Wicker, Nancy Ann, 309, 376 Wickersham, Charles A., 293, 340 Widdis, Nora K., 276, 451 Wienges, Othniel H. Jr., 299, 463 Wier, Barbara Ruth, 309. 463 Wieters, Wade C, 439 Wike, Charles C, 260, 439 Wilbanks, Mary Anne, 243, 340 Wilber, Joe Casley Jr., 377, 389 Wilcox, James G. Jr., 264, 365 Wilcox, James T. Jr., 365 Wilcox, Peter Wynne. 264. 463 Wilder. Virginia V,, 376 Wilkerson. John Chas.. 409. 411 Wilkes, Eddie Deron, 297, 439 Wilkes, Leslie Lamar, 224, 451 Wilkes, Margie Sue. 248. 439 Wilkes, Wm. Lee, 285. 463 Wilkins. Robert D.. 297. 451 Wilkinson. Joe L.. 365 Willard. Arthur D. III. 236. 439 Willcox. Chas. Hugh. 439 Willett. Ann M., 394 Williams. Bonnie M. Jr., 367 Williams. Britain III. 347 Williams, Carey Jones. 439 SHOP and SAVE at J. C. PENINEY CO. 491 The latest in Fashion for the smart Coed STUDENT INDEX -Continued Williams, Charles S., 125, 285, 439 Williams, Charner M., 220, 451 Williams, Earl S. Jr., 280, 463 Williams, Edgar F. Jr., 340 Williams, Edward P., 443 Williams, Elizabeth D., 272, 374 Williams, Francis E., 439 Williams, Frederick L., 214 Williams, George A., 365 Williams, Harriet V., 252, 463 Williams, Hugh Don, 439 Williams, Jimmy V., 439 Williams, Karen, 144, 243, 443 Williams, Langdale, 44 Williams, Lynn Heath, 252, 439 Williams, Margaret J., 214, 439 Williams, Mary Ann, 143, 274, 345 Williams, Moses F., 439 Williams, Nancy E., 214 Williams, Neil Alan, 227, 424, 425 Williams, Nita M., 439 Williams, Paul Henry, 340 Williams, Priscilla D., 274, 451 Williams, Robert D., 244, 439 Williams, Robert L. Jr., 439 Williams, Roger G., 144 Williams, Theodore G., 439 Williams, Thomas E. Jr., 347 Willliams, Virginia A., 324, 463 Williamson, Ethel S., 220, 443 Williamson, George L., 153 Williamson, Robert W., 40 Williford, Walter Jr., 451 Willig, Sharon Nancy, 289, 443 Willlngham, J.- P., 285, 365 Willingham, Randolph, 293 Willis, Bennett T., 280, 439 Willis, Chas. Jerry, 214, 451 Willis, Jerry Talbert, 214, 451 Willis, Margaret Ann, 210 Willmott, Stanley J., 389 Willoughby, James, 443 Wills, Nancy Ann, 174, 451 Willson, Elizabeth G., 203, 340 Wilsher, John E. Jr., 224, 439 Wilson, Ann Mitchell, 243 Wilson, Arthur Taylor, 224 Wilson, Charles F.. 365 Wilson, Elii. Ann, 272, 463 Wilson, Elizabeth S., 193, 443 143, 272, 376 188, 329, 439 365 297, 451 Wilson, Frances Eliz., Wilson, Gary Martin, Wilson, Henry David, Wilson, James W. Jr Wilson, Joe Hill, 267, 451 Wilson, Oliver G. Ill, 293 Wilson, Patti Joyce, 463 Wilson, Robert P., 297 Wilson, Tommy R., 267, 439 Wilson, Walter R., 60 Wilson, Wm. Robert Jr., 345, 425 Wilson, Winnie Ann, 252, 463 Wimberly, Shirley E., 272, 365 WInburn, Gene Mac, 284, 409, 411 Winders, Joseph G., 293, 340 Windham. Charlton Jr., 366, 451 Wingate, Mildred Jean, 132, 174, 376 Wingfield, Walter Jr., 213, 451 Wingo, Hugh Franklin, 451 Winkle, Gary M., 260, 172, 439 Winship, Wadleigh C, 224, 463 Wiseman, Betty Jane, 144 Wiseman, Carol Faye, 193, 394 Witcher, Lois Camilla, 376 Withers, John B. Ill, 297, 463 Withers, Kathryn K., 309, 439 Witten, Phyllis Gale, 289, 451 Wofford, Dewey Brooke, 267, 439 Woleben, Judith Ann, 439 Wolfe, Anna Eliz., 220, 340 Wolfe, M. Dianne, 272, 439 Wolff, Fabianne B., 289, 443 Wolfson, Dennis M., 304, 463 Wollner, Muriel F., 289, 451 Womack, Bertie Joe, 203, 439 Womack, Maurice B. Jr., 224, 451 Womack, Wm. Campbell, 293, 451 Woo, Dorothy Louise, 416, 418, 439 Woo, Pauline Mae, 355, 451 Wood, Gus Lewis III, 285, 409 Wood, James David, 451 Wood, Patricia L., 203, 451 Woodall, Elinor G., 463 Woodall, Linda Jane, 203, 355, 463 Woodcock, Benny F. Jr., 224, 451 Woodruff, Graham M., 349 Woods, Jacquelyn K., 309, 376 Woods, James Walker, 426 Woods, Sally Irma, 193, 355, 463 Woodward, Leonard A., 383, 381 Woodworth, James W., 439 Woolf, Don Ameche, 299, 451 Wooten, Ernest A. Jr., 417, 451 Worley, Charles H., 367 Worley, James Roscoe. 376 Worth, Roy Eugene, 340 Wortham, Frances Lee, 203, 439 Worthington, Joe L., 366, 365 Wren, Frankie V., 133, 142, 310, 340 Wren, Martha Jean, 187, 193, 401, 439 Wright, Eugene T., 409, 410, 122 Wright, James A. Jr., 60, 264, 451 Wright, Jerry Ernest, 443 Wright, John Meek, 60, 241, 365, 463 Wright, Johnny F., 299, 463 Wright, Lorellee A., 276, 376 Wright, Nancy Claire, 120, 451 Wurst, Mary Olivia, 193, 439 Wyatt, John W. Jr., 264, 451 Wyatt, Wm. C. Jr., 377, 389 Wylly, John C. Jr., 463 Wynn, Harold Kenneth, 187 Wynn, Martha Carolyn, 144, 274 Wynn, Sylvia Cecille, 193, 463 Wynne, David Melvin, 200, 443 Wynne, Marvin Irvin, 200, 451 Yancey, Jerry D., Yarbrough, James P., 280, 439 127, 234, 144 188, 319, 320, 321, 323 Yarbrough, Lucile B., 230, 439 Yates, Clinton Harrod, 299, 443 Yeeda, David, 347 Yeh, Shao Yuan, 374 Yonce, Robert Allen, 224, 463 Young, Anna Glynn, 210, 451 Young, Charlotte Ann, 174, 210, 439 Young, Norman Dale, 188 Young, Robert Donald, 439 Young, Edward Lee, 319 Young, Frank Thomas, 241, 407 Young, Gerald L. Jr., 145, 188 Young, Kay Caroline, 243, 451 Young, Marilyn Sue, 203, 451 Young, Robert Larry, 134, 136, 144, 285, 319, 320, 344 Young, Thomas O. Jr., 411 Youngblood, Chas. R. Jr., 128, 344 Youngblood, Pauletta, 274, 463 Youngblood, Sarah N., 272, 439 Zaieski, Philip S., 341 Zaikow, Janice, 234, 443 Zealy, Carroll E. Jr., 293, 439 Zeliff, Kendall J. Jr., 411, 443 Zellner, Joseph N., 185, 451 Zitzelman, Joan, 341, 349 BAmn WEEKLY WAQHING WOES with JACKIE ' S LAUNDRY, DRY CLEANING and APPLIANCE REPAIR II 197 Prince Avenue ATHENS, GEORGIA f eeW; CtoUc QU4a ma east CLAYTON ST. ATHENS GA. LIBERTY 6-0702 t IRY OlAJit EP. IR GIA =(1 I INE PRINTING SINCE 1887— i] That ' s the story of Foote Davies, Inc. Today we have one of the most modern and best equipped plants in the country. And fine Yearbooks have always been an important part of our business. Our craftsmen believe in quality and strive to produce the " best in the Industry. " Our excellent printing doesn ' t just happen — it ' s a combination of production research, craftsmanship, and painstaking supervision. FOOTE DAVIES, INC. trimvtevi • JMAoa imhAmii • ijSook iMcvnuMictiMie 764 MIAMI CIRCLE, N. E. ATLANTA 24, GEORGIA Ijgj [®] LlAVr. 15 h $ %

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