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THE UNIVERSITY £;! : ' p!!!! ' J 1959 pandora UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA 1 IIH I H 1 Efll l ■ li il in ukA- HH Athens, Georgia VOLUME 72 CHERRY NEWTON, Editor HARRY HAISTEN, JR., Business Manager L If ' is S W r S:iiP8apif ■; Pandora Contents ADMINISTRATION President 20 General Administration 22 SCHOOLS and CLASSES Arts and Sciences 30 Business 40 Journalism 50 Agriculture 54 Education 62 Pharmacy 70 Home Economics 74 Forestry 80 Veterinary Medicine 84 Law 88 Graduate 92 FEATURES Homecoming 140 Beauties 156 Others 136 ATHLETICS Coaches 168 Football 170 Basketball 180 Swimming 190 Tennis 192 Track 194 Baseball 196 Golf 198 Intramurals 200 GREEKS Fraternities 212 Sororities 252 Snaps 280 MILITARY Army 306 Air Force 314 ORGANIZATIONS Honorarles 324 Government 339 Honorary Club 349 Professionals 359 Legal 367 Clubs 369 Music and Drama 397 Religious 406 PUBLICATIONS Pandora 414 Red and Black 418 Advertising and Student Index 425 DR. GEORGE S. PARTHEMOS I 1959 Pandora Dedication THE SEVENTY-SECOND VOLUME of the Pandora is dedicated to Dr. George Steven Parthemos. Dr. Parthemos came to the University of Georgia in 1953. Within those six years he has made many friends among students and faculty. Dr. Parthemos was born in Charleston, S. C, in 1921. He attended elementary and high schools in Abbeville, S. C, and holds three college degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Erskine College, 1946; Master of Arts, University of South Carolina, 1950; and Doc- tor of Philosophy, University of North Carolina, 1953. He joined the University of Georgia faculty in September, 195 3, as an instructor, later rising to the rank of assistant professor of political science. Pre- viously, he had taught at the University of South Carolina in 1948-49, and the University of North Carolina in 1951-53. During World War II, he served 37 months in the U. S. Navy, emerging with the rank of Lieu- tenant, junior grade. Dr. Parthemos is one of the most promising young men on the faculty. He has written numer- ous articles on political science and government for such publications as the Georgia Bar Journal, the Mercer Law Kevieiu, and the Georgia Local Gov- ernment Journal. He has served as co-editor of the latter publication. Also, Dr. Parthemos has written the articles on Georgia for the Encyclopedia Bri- tannica Yearbook and the Collier ' s Encyclopedia Yearbook. He is in constant demand as a speaker at civic groups, student organizations, and confer- ences on campus and throughout the area. Just recently, Dr. Parthemos was awarded a Rockefeller post-doctoral award for advanced study and research at Harvard University, on the sub- ject of modern legal and political philosophy. He began his work at Harvard in January, 1959, and will continue there through the summer of 1959, when he will then return to the University. The University of Georgia is fortunate in having a man such as Dr. Parthemos on its faculty. To a brilliant man, a devoted teacher, and a sin- cere individual, we take great pride in dedicating the 1959 Pandora. i S ' ? 1 ii jr»t " If t --e- . - ' ' ' " Founded in 1785, the University of Georgia is the oldest state-chartered University in the United States. She has a long tradition of service to the people of Georgia. It is during the student ' s stay on this red-hilled campus that he first comes into his own as an adult. The University of Georgia can look with pride at her past, but better yet can she look with faith to the future successes. A stack of books and daily treks to the library are part of the life of a U.Ga. student. The academic pursuit is a regular thing. But there are brighter nnoments too — cards in the Co-op or a social hour in the Jennie Bell. Perhaps a library date can make study hours more enjoyable. Whether it be in dramatics, athletics or in campus elections, the " So Gawja " spirit is always there. The enthusiasm exemplified by students through participation in various cam- pus events is important. Extra-curric- ular activities round off corners of the academic approach to education. The object — the well-rounded per- sonality. The result — the whole man. Night time activities are dramatically outlined through lighted windows. Columns loom, severely accented by light in darkness. A silhouetted figure waits amid black reflections on a rainy Athens night. Perhaps it is a night for study, for relaxation, or for romance. Whatever the case may be, nightfall empha- sizes a change of tempo and mood of the activity on campus. The University and its students have nnany beginnings. The University, steeped in traditions reflected by its columns and arches, envisions a new beginning when modern steel and concrete structures rise to take their place beside the old. The student becomes a senior and on graduation day, realizes that this is not an end but a beginning. He has but begun to shake hands with the world. llSlilllll OLD COLLEGE is the site of most of the offices of the Administrators of the University. Their job is to keep the University running smooth- ly and efficiently. Progress is the key word that they must always keep in mind. They must make provisions as the University expands, for the fu- ture, to assure each student an op- portunity for a well-rounded edu- cation. Their job is the University of Georgia. GOVERNOR GRIFFIN talks with President Aderhold and Dean Williams before opening of Science Center ' s Physics Building. PRESIDENT ADERHOLD, Alumni President Walker, and Sheriff Huff wait for beginning of the graduation procession. Letter From The President To the Pandora Staff, Faculty, and Student Body: With a sense of pride we view the history and achievements of the University of Georgia. The in- stitution is a living reminder of the faith that our founding fathers placed in education more than 150 years ago. From our campus through the years have moved in steady procession outstanding men and women who have become our teachers, lawyers, farmers, doctors, scientists, bankers, and other business and professional leaders. Rapid scientific advancement, changing economy, and shifting populations magnify the importance and complexity of the task of higher education to- day. And, as our world changes, the University seeks to meet the varying needs of our people through teaching, research, and service. Faculty, alumni, and stat e officials have joined forces to study our prob- lems and resources, and to build an institution to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. As a result, significant progress has been made in pro- viding outstanding teachers and scholars; programs of strength and quality; and an appropriate, ade- quate physical plant. In the presence of these things alert students find their greatest opportunity, and scholars are prompted to research. With University Foundation funds and increased state allocations we are able to hold valuable faculty members sought by other institutions, business, and industry. Five years ago the University libraries moved into new quarters, which provide a model for other in- stitutions. Library holdings are strengthened and ex- tended each year. Two years ago the Center for Continuing Education opened to provide more ex- tensive services for the adult population of Georgia. Last year one of the finest laboratories for poultry disease research in the country was dedicated on our campus. By early 1960 all units of the great new Science Center will be occupied, providing the very best in classroom and laboratory facilities. These are but a few illustrations of progress. Much remains to be done if the University is to ful- fill its obligation to the people of Georgia. We move ahead with the firm conviction that our very life and civilization depend upon making the opportu- nities of higher education available to all who can profit from such opportunities. DR. O. C. ADERHOLD, President of the University I ' ALVIN B. BISCOE, Dean of Faculties J. D. BOLTON Comptroller University Administration Meets Challenge of Future ONE HUNDRED and fifty-seven years have passed since the first state-chartered University opened its doors with a faculty and administration which could be counted on one hand. Those years have seen the creation of a campus which must sup- port a student body of over 6000 students. Each year the job becomes more complex. A good strong faculty, dedicated to the almost sacred job of developing the best in human beings is more impor- tant than ever before. Physical facilities must also keep pace with requirements for effective teaching and increasing numbers of students. Through these 157 years, the University has owed its strength to the talent, devotion and loyalty of its administration and faculty. These are the men and women who are meeting the challenges confronting higher education today. These are the people who must meet them in the future. JOSEPH A. WILLIAMS Dean of Students WALTER NEWMAN DANNER, Registrar EDITH STALLINGS Dean of Women WILLIAM TATE, Dean of Men ' •«m 24 JOHN COX, Director of Student Activities LEE ANN SEAWELL Director of Placement and Student Aid W. P. KELLAM, Director of Libraries 1 DR. CHARLES T. YOUNG Director of Universify Health Services RALPH H. STEPHENS Director of University Press WILLIAM A. SIMPSON Director of Public Relations DR. TRAVIS OSBORNE Director of the Guidance Center TYUS BUTLER Director of Alumni Relations HUGH B. MASTERS, Director of Continuing Education ' WiKi mm mm ■•■■ ' ■ ' ' " - liMl i! Mm IP mm THE ACADEMIC pursuit entails a lifetime. The knowledge acquired here at the University is not an end within itself, but rather is a boost to greater heights of intelligent thinking. Four years of research and study on the part of a student is commend- able, for here is an opportunity never to be repeated. The opportunity to learn and through this learning be freshly challenged to learn even more is present. The 11 schools of the University offer wide and varied curriculums. There are instructors eager to teach and students eager to learn. Here is a glimpse into the various Schools here at the University; the schools which are to prompt this challenge of learning. I JOHN O. EIDSON, Dean of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Arts and Sciences THE Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, established in 1801, is the oldest unit within the University of Georgia. It stresses resourcefulness of mind and perceptive comprehension of life. The College concentrates on the liberal arts: the hu- manities, the biological and physical sciences, the social sciences, and the fine arts. Departments, which offer the student a moderate amount of un- dergraduate professional training in a wide variety of fields, are included in this well balanced program. The precepts of a liberal education are fulfilled in that the College develops the individual as a human being first and then gives him a background that enables him to achieve a high standard of living and a safe economic position. The traditional liberal arts degrees, the A.B. and the B.S., in addi- tion to the B.S. in Chemistry and the Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees are offered. .otlu ' -f ' ' ). variety iird oj ..jjitional ' inaJ ' -. THROUGH EXPERIMENTATION at the potter ' s wheel, a student is adapting ceramic techniques that she examined from records of past civilizations: forming presses, decorative motifs, and artistic standards. PROFESSOR AND STUDENT find an amusing note in a polit- ical science paper as other students await for class to begin. GEOGRAPHY 101 offers a survey of world human geography with emphasis on topographic features and economic activities. STUDENT PONDERS awhile before drawing conclusions from information in text book and lab experiments. Arts and Sciences A-B 9 B PHILLIP E. ALDRIDGE, Wavcross, B.B.A. JOYCE AL- PERN, Savannah, U.S.; H.llel, Delta Phi Epsilon. HARRIET BAXLEY, nonalsonvillc, A.B.; Chi Omega, Rush Chairman; W.A.A. FREDDIE ANN BELL, Ninety-Six, S. C, B.F.A.; Baptist Student Uninn, Executive Council; Women ' s Glee Club; Art Students League, Treasurer: Clark Howell Dorm Officer, Honors Day. MELVIN REEVES BENTLEY, Thomaston, A.B.; Phi Delta Theta, Reed Hall Council, President; Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary; Biftad, Student Council, Outstanding Freshman Awaril. BARBARA BIGGERS, Marietta, A.B.; Kappa Delta, Secretary; W.A.A. , U.G.I.F., President; Sigma Delta Pi. GERALD WAYNE BOHANAN, Eastman, B.S. MARY BONDURANT, Winder, B.F.A.; Wesley Foundation, Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain; Chairman, Religion in Life Week. CAROL BRAGG, Gray, A.B.; Kappa Delta, President; W.A.A., U.G.LF., Mortar Board. TOM DENNARD: Phi Delta Theta, president; Inter-Frater- nity Council, treasurer; Grid- iron; Freshman Law Class, vice-president; Who ' s Who. KATHERINE BRANCH, Augusta, B.F.A.; Christian Science Organization, Vice President; Kappa Delta, Chaplain; W.S.G.A. Representative; Greek Chap- lains Association, S.R.C. Representative. WILLIAM ELROD BRAY, Dalton, B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha, U.G.I.F., B.S.U. JERILYN EVE BRIDGES, Lake- land, A.B.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Angels Flight, Political Science Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Science Club, Cheerleader, Delta Delta Delta, Secretary; Sigma Chi Sweetheart Court, Tennis Club, U.G.R.A., Bull- dog Club. DONALD R. BROWING, Macon, A.B.; Argonaut, Phi Eta Sigma, Demosthenian, Literary Society, Freshman Impromptu Debate, Reed Hall Council, Biftad, History Club, Treasurer EUGENE N. BRUKER, Augusta, B.S.; Glee Club. DUMONT BUNN, Bruns- wick, B.A.; EMILIE BURDETT, Macon, A.B. LEWIS J. BURNETT, Atlanta, B.F.A.; B.S.U. , Lambda Chi Alpha, Art Students League, Georgia and Na- tional Stutlent Education Association. 0. DEALING WITH A PROBLEM IN HIGHER MATHEMATICS, FUTURE GEORGIA PHYSICISTS EMPLOY SLIDERULE, CALCULUS, AND TRIG. B-D Arts and Sciences ALICE KNICKERBOCKER BURT, Gaincsillc, Ga., B.S.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Delta Pi. RALPH BENJAMIN BURT, JR., Gainesille, Ga., B.S.; Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. NORMAN CALLAHAN, Waycross, B.S. DORA JEAN CANDLER, At- lanta, A.B.; Alpha Delta Pi. EMMA VALERIA CAREY, Franklin Springs, B.S.; Vice-President. Triquetra; Triangle, Universitv Chorus. GLORIA ELAINE CARLTON, Moultrie, A.B.: Chi Omega, W.S.G.A. Court, Psychology Club. SARAH LOUISE CARMI- CHAEL, McDonough, A.B.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ALBERT R. CHAPPLE, Ludowici, B.S.; Wesley Foundation. EDWARD CLIFTON CLAYTON, Irwinton, B.S.; Phi Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President, Alpha Epsilon Delta. DONNA CLIFFORD, Atlanta, A.B.; President, Pi Beta Phi; Angel ' s Flight, Gamma Sigma Sigma. MARY ELLEN COCHRAN, Tampa, B.A.; President, W.S.G.A.; Mortar Board, Treasurer, Gamma Sigma Sigma. HENRY ECHOLS COLLINS, Blakely, B.S.; Chi Phi. ( CAROL BRAGG: Kappa Delta, president; Pan-Hellenic Council; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. ROBERT COTE, Amesbury, Mass., B.S.; Pi Mu Epsilon. ANN L. COX, Athens, A.B.; President, Pan Hellenic; Phi Delta Theta Sponsor, Chi Omega, Mortar Board. JAY COX, Twin City, A.B.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Interfra- ternity Council, President. EDGAR JUDSON CROWLEY, Watkinsville, B.S. WILLIAM PAUL CRUM, JR., Tifton, B.S.; Sigma Chi, Saddle and Sirloin, Circle K Club. BERNICE CULBRETH, Statenville, B.S.; Wesley Foundation. BEVERLY DARSEY, Macn. A.B.; Treasurer, Phi Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta, W.A.A., U.R.S.A. Maior. WILLIAM S. DAVIS, Marietta, B.S., Vice-President, Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, IFC. I LT. CHARLES S. DEARBORN, Ft. Bragg, N. C, B.S.; Red and Black. DEANNE DEAVOURS, Leslie, B.S.; Kappa .• lpha Theta. . lpha Epsilon Delta, Secretary; Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart, Angel Flight. ARMAND DELAPER- RIERE, Commerce, B.S.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Kappa. JOHN M. DENT, JR., Waynesboro, B.S.; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Alpha Epsilon Delta. JAMES M. DILLARD, Clayton, B.A. PEGGY ANN DOBBS, Toccoa, B.S. ROGER DONALD DORMINEY, Tifton, A.B.; Phi Delta Theta, University Chorus. PAUL WILSON DOWELL, Ross- ville, A.B.; President, Sigma Chi; President, Freshman Class; Vice-President, Student Council; Biftad, Gridiron, Phi Eta Sigma, IFC. ROBERT J. DUFFY, Atlanta, B.S. P, (T: v; ano 1«16. Arts and Sciences D-H f Ml - First Row: FRANCES DUNAWAY, Savannah, A.B.; Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Trainer; Art Students League, Geeche Club; Jr. Panhellcnic, ' 56- ' 57. SUSAN DURHAM, Winston-Salem, N. C, A.B.: Psi Chi, Nu Rho Psi, Women ' s Glee Club, University Theatre, Wesley Foundation, Cosmopolitan Club, Religious Drama Plaver, Editor; Classics Club, Fencing Team, Square Circle. JANE THARPE EAGAR, Lookout Mtn., Tcnn., B.A.; Dolphin Club, Modern Dance Club, Glee Club, W.S.G.A. Cabinet, Mortar Board, Pres.; Pi Beta Phi, G.S.S. HARMER O. EASON, JR., Thomaston, Ga., B.S. STEPHEN W. EDMOND- SON, Barney, Ga., B.S.; Sigma Chi, Phi Kappa, A.E.D., Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Mu Epsilon Delta. THOMAS W. ELLIOTT, Conyers, A.B.: Kappa Sigma, Vice-President. RAYMOND A. ELROD, Ringgold, A.B.; Lambda Chi Alpha, President; Phi Kappa, Nu Rho Psi. JOHN T. ERVIN, Valdosta, B.S.; Independent Men, Demosthenian. Second Row: CAROLYN ESKEDOR, Savannah, B.F.A.; Kappa Alpha Theta, W.S.G.A., Geeche Club, Concert Dance Club. JAMES W. ESTES, Gay, Ga., B.S.; ATO. LUCRETIA ANNE FENNELL, Hickory, N. C, A.B.; Women ' s Glee Club. NANCY FORD, Augusta, A.B.; Cosmopolitan Club, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Phychology Club, AOPi. BOBBY T. FOWLER, Norcross, B.S. i » SsSw;. JAN WILLIAMS: Mortar Board; " Z " Club; Angel ' s Flight; S ' tudent Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Who ' s Who. Third Row: ALEXANDER M. FRAME, Yemassce, S. C, A.B.; PiKa, Newman Club. CAMILLE FULLER, Rcvnokis, A.B. JOYCE ANN GANN, Marietta, B.S.; A.E.D., B.S.U. JIMMY GERLOCK, Fairburn, B.S.; A.E.D., Sigma Chi. CHAR- LOTTE ANNELLE GIBBON, Forest Park, B.S.; Alpha Lambda Delta, W.S.G.A., U.R.S.A. Major, Zodiac, Phi Sigma, Triquetra. Fourth Row: JOSEPH FRANKLIN GODDARD, CLirkston, B.S.; Pi Mu Epsilon. CORDELIA LOUISA GRAY, Ft. McClellan, Ala., A.B.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Triquetra, U.R.S.A., Zodiac, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Delta Pi, Cosmopol- itan Club. THOMAS S. GRAY, JR., Falls Church, Va., A.B.; Phi Eta Sigma, IPC, Sec, Kappa Alpha, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade, Gridiron, D.M.S. ARLENE GREGORY, Tampa, Fla., B.S.; U.R.S.A., Pres.; Pi Beta Phi, DSF. WILLIAM R. GRESHAM, JR., Montezuma, B.S. RONNIE HAGEN, Wavcross, B.S.; A.E.D. THOMAS B. HALL, Adanta, B.F.A. CAROL ANN HALLOWELL, Albany, B.S.; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Vice-President, U.R.S.A., Newman Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi, Zodiac, Sec. 34 I ' 1 ' MtHtdmi- ■- as. H-K Arts and Sciences First Row: ALICE ANN HARDIGREE, Watkinsville, B.S.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Triquetra, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Zodiac. MERIDITH HARPER, Doug- las, B.S.; Band, Pbi Chi. HARRY E. HAYES, Dawson, B.S. MARJORIE ANNE HERRITAGE, Macon, B.F.A.; Thalian Blackfraiars, Gamma Sigma Sigma, President; Zeta Phi Eta, Transfer Aid Guide. CHARLES L. HICKS, Dublin, A.B.; Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Tennis Team, Honors Day, Dis- tinguished Military Student. THOMAS F. HIGGINBOTHAM, St. Simons, B.S.; Theta Chi, Treasurer; Physics Club, Treasurer. MARY ANN HILL, Cordele, B.F.A.; Alpha Delta Pi, President, Dance Club, Art Students League, Pi Kappa Phi Sponsor. MARY ANN HINELY, Hinesville, A.B.; Pi Beta Phi, Secretary. Second Row: W. LARRY HOGUE, Carrollton, B.S. JUDITH ANN HOL BROOK, Atlanta, H.A., Alpha Lambda, Pan Hellenic Council, Zeta Tau Alpha President. WILLIAM L. HORNE, JR., Pinehurst, B.A.; Sigma Nu, Alpha Mu Epsilon. NANCY HUNTER, Oglethorpe, A.B.; Wesley Foundation, Music Ap preciation. SYLVIA BLYTHE ISLEY, Powder Springs, B.F.A.; G.S.S., U.G.R.A, Art Students League, President; Triquetra; Wesley Foundation; Vice President Clark Howell. Third Row: PATRICIA WYNN IVY, Athens, A.B.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Zo- diac, President; U.R.S.A. Minor, Wesley Foundation, English Club. CAESAR E, JACKSON, Athens, B.S. MURIEL LESUE JAMES, Athens, A.B.; Phi Mu, Psi Chi. JOHN E. JAUGSTETTER, Savannah, B.S.; Pershing Rifles, Newman Club Geechee Club, Physics Club, French Club. WELDON H. JOHNSON, Jefferson B.S.; Biftad, President; Phi Eta Sigma, X Club, Pyramid, Alpha Epsilon Delta Gridiron, Vice Campus Leader, O.D.K. BUCKY JOHNSON: Biftad; Phi Eta Sigma; " X " Club; Gridiron; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. Fourth Row: DEAN H. JONES, Augusta, A.B. MARLENE KAHN, Albany B.F.A.; Sigma Delta Tau, Thalian Blackfnars. TAVIN A. KAMINSKY, Fitr gerald, B.B.A.; I.F.C., Red and Black, As.sociate Editor; Pre-Law Club, Vice President; Editor, The Greek Week; Alpha Epsilon Pi. ANTHONY J. KAUF- MANN, Savannah, B.S.; Newman Club. EVA LUISE KELLY, Augusta, A.B.; Cosmopolitan Club, Law Dames. DERAL E. KENNEDY, Clarkcsville, B.S. RONALD T. KNIGHT, Athens, A.B.; Koinonia, President; Student Religious Council, Vice President. SANDRA KAY KNIGHT, St. Simons, B.S.; Alpha Epsilon Delta. ' 35 Arts and Sciences K-N SHEILA R. KNIGHT, Atlanta, B.F.A. JEAN DOZIER KNOTT, Macon, H 1- A • Kappa Delta, Assistant Art EcliU r of PANDORA, U.G.I.F. LELAND WARREN KUSNITZ, Alamo, B.S. RICHARD LARRY LANE, Lyons, B.S. WARREN LANIER, Athens, B.S.; Kappa Sigma, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. WILLIS P. LANIER, JR., Memphis, Tenn., B.S.; Kappa Alpha. NANCY JEAN LEVERETT, East Point, A.B., Zeta Tau Alpha. NANCY JEAN LEVERETT, East Point, A.B.; Zeta Tau Alpha. ISAAC L. LEVY. Augusta, B.S. CAROLE ELIZABETH LITTLE, Augusta, A.B.; Kappa Alpha Theta, " Miss Athens " — 1958, 1st. Runner-up " Miss Georgia, " Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Court, Delta Sigma Pi Rose Court. JON L. LUTZ, Pelham, A.B.; Canterbury Club, Sigma Delta Pi. BILLY LLOYD MANNING, Oglethorpe, B.S. BERTIE ANN MASSEY, GrilBn, B.S.; M.E.N.C. — Secretary -Treasurer, Angel ' s Flight, B.S.U. DOROTHY LOUISE MASSEY, Savannah, B.S. WALTER MATHEWS, Buena Vista, B.S.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. KATHERINE LUCILLE MacCARY, At- lanta, B.S.; Treasurer, Chi Omega; Student Union, Vice President, Chi Omega, W.A.A. WALTER McCURDY, Decatur, A.B.; Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa Literary Society. PATTI MENDEL, Savannah, B.F.A. ; Rush Chairman, Pi Beta Phi, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Newman Club, U.R.S.A. Minor. CARL DEAN MILFORD, Carnesville, A.B. MARSHALL MINCHEY, Savannah, B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Demosdienian Literary Society. EDWARD LOUIS MORRIS, Vidalia, B.A. ANNE DERRICK MOSLEY, Atlanta, B.A.; Chi Omega, W.A.A. , Psychology Club. FRANCES M. MORRIS, Doug- lasville, A.B.; U.R.S.A., Red and Black, PANDORA. LARRY M. MURPHY ' , Felton, B.S. BENJAMIN B. NEELY, McBean, B.S.i President, Alpha Ep- silon Delta; Independent Men, Argonaut, Demosthcnian Lit- erary Society. DON E. NEIGHBORS, Augusta, B.S. D. JEANNETTE NEILL, Hapeville, A.B.; Triquetra, Psychol- ogy Club. LOUISE NELSON, Reidsville, B.F.A. LESTER NEVILLE, Savannah, B.S.; Kappa Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Delta. WIL- LARD EDWARD NEWTON, Savannah, B.S.; Alpha Tau Omega. II ANN COX: Pan-Hellenic Council, president; Mor+ar Board; Student Council; Who ' s Who. Arts and Sciences n JAY COX: Inter-Fra + ernity Council, president; Gridiron; " X " Club; Sphinx; Who ' s Who. JOHN RAY NICHOLSON, Athens, B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha. CAROLINE BRAILSFORD NIXON, Augusta, B.A.; Dance Club; ADPi. E. CARLYLE NOEL, JR., Albany. B.S. HARVEY " LYNN " OGLESBY, Summervillc, B.S.; Phi Kappa Tau, Pres. MARY BLANCHE OWEN, Columbus, A.B.; U. R. S. A.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Women ' s Glee Club; Westminster Fellowship, Newspaper Chairman. MARIO S. PAPAGNI, White Plains, N. Y., B.S.; Physics Club; French Club; Newman Club. MARY CAROL PARIS, Blairsville, A.B.; Enotah, president. MRS. DOT LATHEM PARKS, Canton, B.F.A. KENNETH M. PARKS, JR., Jesup, B.S. BARBARA JEAN PETERSON, Mt. Vernon, Ga., B.S.; Pi Beta Phi, treasurer; W. A. A., A. E. D„ secretary; Phi Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta. MARY CAROLYN PHILLIPS, Atlanta, A.B.; W. A. A.; Lucy Cobb Dorm, presi- dent: English Club; Chi Omega. JAMES C. PICKENS, Tucker, B.S.; Delta Tau Delta, A. E. D.; B. S. U.; Men ' s Glee Club. ROBERT ELDON REID, Bowdon Junction, B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Xi Sigma Pi; Swimming Team. GLORIA ROBERTS, Iron City, A.B.; AOPi, second vice president; U. R. S. A. Minor; W. A. A.; Gamma Sigma Sigma, president; Angel ' s Flight; Jr. Pan- hellenic; Miss Typical Freshman Court. JOAN ROBISON, Hinesville, A.B.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Trainer; W. A. A.; W. S. G. A.; Women ' s Glee Club. DEBORAH SUE ROGERS, Savannah, B.S.; Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chairman; Sweetheart Court; A. T. O.; Canterbury Club; Geechee Club. PATRICIA FAE RONEMOUS, Decatur, A.B.; Alpha Gamma Delta; W. A. A.; Sweetheart of Delta Tau Delta. DESERTED CLASSROOM in Parle Hall accommodates student as he assumes a comfortable position and a studious frame of mind in order to prepare his French assignment for tomorrow ' s class. .Hell! " ' ' Arts and Sciences S-V O ( O ' iCi I Firet Row: G. DONALD SAVAGE, Gainesville, B.S.; A.P.O., Physics Club. H. VIRGFNIA SCOGGINS, Athens, A.B.; Kappa Delta, Historian; Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Thcta, Historian, Athens Club, President; W.A.A., U.G.LF. GERALD SIEGEL, Columbus, B.S.; AEPi. DOUGLAS EUGENE SMITH, Gainesville, A.B.; S.A.E., Phi Kappa, President, Pre-Legal Club, Varsity Debate Team, Pi Kappa Delta, Law School Honor Court. FRANKLIN D. SMITH, Chattanooga, Tenn., B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha. RONNIE K. SPENCE, Athens, B.S.; Pi Mu Epsilon, Delta Phi Alpha, Phi Eta S igma, Disciples Stu- dent Fellowship, President. THERESA SPIGENER, Atlanta, B.F.A.: Delta Delta Delta, Women ' s Glee Club, Unncrsity Chorus, Concert Dance Club, Wesley Foundation, Cosmopolitan Club. BETTY JEAN STAMPS, Alexandria, Va., A.B.; Tn Delt, B.S.U., Thalian-Blackfriars, University Theatre, PANDORA, Pictorial Editor, Women ' s Glee Club, Psychology Club, Y.W.C.A., WEB Staff. Second Row: W. H. STANDARD, JR., Griffin, B.S.; Sigma Chi; Mu Epsilon Delta; Phi Kappa; Wesley Foundation. HARRIET STEELE, Eastman, A.B.; W. A. A.; W. S. G. A.; Sigma Delta Pi, Pres.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, House Pres., V. Pres. PINCKNEY ALSTON STEINER, Athens, B.S.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Bittad; Varsity Swimming; G Club; Winner Beginning Physics Achievement Award. LUCILE STEPHENS, Demorcst, B.F.A.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Angel ' s Flight: Miss U. of Ga. A:r Force Reserve; Art Sttidcnts League, V. Pres. JAMES A. STOVER, Suches, B.S. MARY ELLEN COCHRAN: Mor+ar Board; W. S. G. A., president; Student Council; Who ' s Who. Third Row: WILLIAM F. STUBBS, Wavcross, B.S.; Phi Delta Theta. WILLIAM STURGESS, Atlanta, A.B.; U. G. I. P., V. Pres.; Koinonia, Treas.; D. S. F.; Blue Key. TOMMY SUTHERLAND, Adanta, A.B.; Argonauts; Pershing Rifles; A. P. O.: Scabbard and Blade; X Club. ' VIRGINIA SWEARINGEN, Hawkinsville, A.B.; Wesley Foundation; History Club; Enotah Club. JEAN F. SYMONS, Pooler; B.F.A. Fourth Row: TERESA NELLE THOMAS, Marietta, B.S.; Dixie Redcoat Band; Dixie Derbies. BARKSDALE THOMAS, Washington, A.B.; Delta Delta Delta, Pres.: Tennis Cluh; Dolphin Club; U. R. S. A. Maior. LANDYCE TORRANCE, Milledgeville, A.B. BARBARA A. TURNER, Atlanta, B.F.A. : Kappa Kappa Gamma, Social Chairman; Jr. Dolphin. IRIS TURNER, Americus. B.S.; Delta Delta Delta; W. A. A. ARLINE TYREE, Cordcle, B.S.; Wesley Foundation. PATTY TYSON, Black Mountain, N. C, A.B.; Pi Beta Phi; W. A. A.; Tennis Club. F. GAIL VANSANT, Augusta, B.S.; W. A. A.; Canterbury Club; Women ' s Glee Club: Dramatics Club. 1 Arts and Sciences First row: WILLIAM HENRY WALL, JR., Blakely, B.S.; Chi Phi; Rifle Team; Phi Kappa Literary Society. CAROL WALLACE, Coral Gables, Fla., A.B.; Chi Omega; Newman Club. FREDNA WATERS, Commerce, B.S. SIDNEY N. WATERS, Commerce, B.S. CAROL WEEKES, Decatur, A.B.; Phi Mu, Pledge Director; W. A. A.; Pep Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma: Span- ish Club. WILLIAM E. WHEELIS, Monroe, A.B. FLORENCE E. WHIT- FIELD, Atlanta, B.S.; Triquetra, B. S. U., Executive Council; Y. W. A., President; Transfer Aid Group. GEORGE WHITTON, Columbus, B.F.A.; Varsity Football; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; " G " Club. Second row: MARY WILEY, Savannah, E.F.A.; Gcechee Club: Art Students League. JAN GAY WILLIAMS, Atlanta, A.B.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice Presi- dent; Mortar Board, Secretary; Majorette, First Lieutenant; Band; " Z " Club, President; Student Council, Secretary: Angels Flight, Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota. WILLIAM W. WOLFE, Savannah, B.S.; French Club, Vice President; Physics Club; Newman Club. FAYE ELLEN WOO, Augusta, B.S.; B. S. U.; Y. W. A.; Alpha Lambda Delta. GEORGE M. WOOD, JR., Waynesboro, B.S.; Physics Club. ill IL TOM GRAY: Kappa Alpha, president; Phi E+a Sigma; Gridiron; Scabbard and Blade; Inter-Fraternity Council, secretary; Who ' s Who. sa. •C-. Club; Third row: STUART CHEVALIER WOODS, Manches- ter, A.B.; Red and Black, Columnist; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Jazz Society, President. EUGENE TALMADGE WRIGHT, Cusseta, A.B.; Demosthenian Literary So- ciety; Varsity Debate Team; Pre-Lcgal Club, President; Blue Key; Associate Editor, Student Faculty Directory; President, First Year Law Class. EDDIE JANE DEFOOR, Toccoa, B.F.A.; Kappa Delta, Zeta Phi Eta, President; Thalian Blackfriars, Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta; University Theatre. TWO PSYCHOLOGY professors prepare their notes for tomorrow ' s lectures and presentations. JAMES E. GATES, Dean of College of Business Administration. Business npHE College of Business Administration - - aims to give its graduates a broad viewpoint, sound thinking, and practical training for business and commercial careers. Great emphasis is placed on producing a well-rounded, liberally educated person, who not only can take his place in society but also becomes a successful business executive. This College holds that there are three areas of training which all business men must have. They are training for taking one ' s place in the demo- cratic society in which we live, general training in business, for an understanding of the business world as a whole, and specialized training in some field of business. A student preparing for the business world may major in Accounting, General Business, and in many other areas of the commercial field. 40 „ . DSUXliWTlON •■ " ,„«no AERONAUTICAL ADMINISTRATION has recen+ly been Included in the school ' s progrann to nneet the need for trained air transportation personnel. Business A-C FRED L. ADDISON, Lavunia, B.B.A.; Men ' s Glee Club; Univ. Religious Assoc: Barbell Club; Amateur Radio Club; Delta Sigma I ' l. WILLIAM J. AKINS, Buffalo, N, Y., B.B.A.; Newman Club; Alpha Kappa Psi. ROBERT F. ALLISON, Decatur, B.B.A.; Cadet Wing Commander A. P. R. O. T. C; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi. JEAN ANDERSON, Eastman, B.B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Chr. Public Relations; W. A. A. THOMAS F. ANSLEY, Blakely, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta, Social Chairman; Phi Kappa. ROBERT EDGAR AUSBAND, McDonough, B.B.A.; S. A. E., Social Chairman; Management Assoc. Club. THOMAS D. BAILEY, Florence, S. C, B.B.A.; Sigma Nu; I. F. C; X CUih. FRANK H. BARTLETT, Adanta, B.B.A.; Sicma Nu. JACOB S. BEHR, LaGrange, B.B.A.: Phi Epsilon Pi ' , Pres.; Gridiron; X Club; Biftad; Reed Hall Council; Univ. and R. O. T. C. Band; Student Council, Chairman; Glee Club; A. P. O.; Phi Kappa; Pep Club; Scabbard and Blade. HARRY E. HENDRIX: Senior Class, president; Sphinx; Grid- iron; X Club; O. D. K., presi- dent; Independent Party, sec- retary, treasurer; Who ' s Who. CLARENCE DAVID BELL, Athens, B.B.A.; Pershing Rifles, V. Pres.; Scabbaril and Blade, 1 reas.; PiKA, Sec. LARRY N. BELL, Morrow, B.B.A. DARRELL M. BENNETT, Alma, B.B.A. ; Phi Kappa Tau, Historian; Wesley Foundation. DON MICHAEL BIEGER, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta, Historian; Phi Kappa; Newman Club. JOSEPH H. BISHOP, Columbus, B.B.A.; Theta Chi, Treas. ED BLALOCK, Jonesboro, B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi. MARSHALL E. BLOOM, Adanta, B.B.A.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel. ROY L. BOWDEN, JR., Adiens , B.B.A. ERNEST M. BRACKETT, JR., Athens, B.B.A. WILLIAM O. BRADFORD, Cartcrsville, B.B.A. HARRY H. BROWN, Rudedgc, B.B.A. RANKIN L. BROWN, Belle Glade, Fla., B.B.A. WlBeiH r J ROLAND BROWN, Griffin, B.B.A.; Argonauts. JAMES D. BURGDORF, Cedartown, B.B.A. BOBBY CALDWELL, Zebulon, B.B.A.; B. S. U., Execu- tive Council. EDGAR CHAMBERS, Athens, B.B.A. DONALD S. CHAPMAN, Ludowici, B.B.A. WILBUR K. CHAPMAN, Hart- well, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi; Bulldog Club; Intramurals. HAROLD L. CHRISTOPHER, Athens, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi, Master of Rituals. ROBERT L. CLEMENTS, Comer, B.B.A.; Dairy Science Club. I( C-F Business WILLIAM PRICE CLIATT, Columbus, B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard Blade; X Club: I. F. C. WILLIAM TERREL COLLINS, Athens, B.B.A. EDWARD L. CONDRON, Athens; Lambda Chi Alpha. HOUSTON CROSS, Camilla, B.B.A. ; Theta Chi. GLORIA L. CROWE, Chicopee, B.B.A.; Alpha Lambda Delta. EARL DABBS, Oliver, B.B.A. JAMES E. DAIL, Athens, B.B.A.; X Club; Grid- iron; Independent Men, secretary. JACK F. DALRYMPLE, Ellijay, B.B.A. CHARLES HARDY DAUGHTRIDGE, Rocky Mount, N. C, B.B.A. WIL- LIAM J. DAVIDSON, Columbus, B.B.A. FRANK A. DAVIS, Savannah, B.B.A.; Independent Men; Demosthenian Literary Society; Alpha Kappa Psi. ROBERT H. DEADWYLER, Greenville, S. C, B.B.A. EDWARD R. DILLARD, Dillard, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi, corporation treasurer. MARY DONALDSON, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Alpha Phi; Alpha Psi Omega. ROBERT G. DOWNS, Montezuma, B.B.A. HOWARD DYR- DAHL, Athens, B.B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha, treasurer; G Club; Varsity Swimming Team; Scabbard Blade; Phi Kappa Literary Society. JACK EDWARDS, Bremen, B.B.A. FURMAN C. EVANS, Hawkinsville, B.B.A. ROBERT E. FEAYS, Madison, B.B.A. DAVID R. FITKIN, Po- mona, California, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi; Chi Psi. PREPARING THE STUDENTS FOR BUSINESS AND COMMERCIAL FIELDS IS THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE OF THE UNIVERSITY ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE. Business F-H First Row: LEONARD AUBREY FOWLER, Millcdgevillc, E.B.A.; Phi Delta Tlitta. GORDON A. FRANKLIN, Statcsboro, B.B.A. JOHNNY FRICKS, Winder, B.B.A.: Phi Kappa Tau. JOHN R. FRITH, Decatur, B.B.A. ; Pi Kappa . lpha, V. Pres.: Pershing Rifles; Scabhard and Blade; Phi Kappa, Assoc. Justice. DONALD J. FULLER, Ossininc, N. Y., B.B.A.; Society for the Advancement of Manascnicnt. WILLIAM F. FULLER, McRae, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta, Sec. AYLOR ROGERS GALLAGHER, Kingston, B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Phi. WALTER H. GLENN, JR., Spartanburg, S. C; B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Baseball; Pi Sigma Epsilon. Second Row: CHARLES O. GOODWYNE, Forsyth, B.B.A.; Phi Eta Sigma; Argonauts; Alpha K.ippa Psi; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Phi Omega. MARION O. GORDON, Athens, B.B.A. LESTER F. GRAHAM, Chauncey, B.B.A. S. JOHNNY GRAHAM, Chauncey, B.B.A. JAMES L. GRAY, Columbus, B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi. LARRY PINSON: Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; X Club; Student Union, president; Who ' s Who. f | - ,Q C f% O. : Third Row: JOHN M. GREENE, Washington, B.B.A.; Men ' s Glee Club, Pres.; Circle K Club, V. Pres.; University Theatre, Business Manager; Thalian Black- friars. JOHN G. HADAWAY, JR., LaGrange, B.B.A.; Chi Phi, Treas. SYLVIA HADLEY, Lincolnton, B.B.A. HENRY C. HALEY, Atlanta, B.B.A. ERIC EDWARD HALL, JR., LaGrange, B.B.A. Fourth Row: BARNEY PAUL HANCOCK, Thomaston, B.B.A.; Pershing Riiles. Pres.; Delta Sigma Pi. CHARLES R. HARRIS, Wrens, B.B.A.; Sigma Nu; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Bulldog Club; Hoot Club. THOMAS WATSON HARRIS, Augusta, B.B.A.; Kappa Sigina, Grand Treas.; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade. ANTONY C. HARPER, Greenville, S. C; B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Kappa Alpha. JOHN H. HARTE, JR., Atlanta, B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club; Pi Sigma Hpsilon, V. Pres. WILLIAM H. HARVEY, Pembroke, B.B.A. LOREN R. HATFIELD, Augusta, B.B.A.; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Epsilon. ROBERT F. HEAP, Athens, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi. ,o o H-K Business First row: TOM HENDERSON, Jefferson, B.B.A. HARRY E. HENDRIX, Jas- per, B.B.A.: President of Senior Class; Sphinx; Gritliron; Omicron Delta Kappa; X Club; Demosthenian Literary Socictv. HOWARD HENSLEY, Augusta, B.B.A. ; Alpha Kappa Psi. C. EARL HESTER, JR., Savannah, B.B.A. ; Alpha Kappa Psi; Economic Society, Vice President. RICHARD D. HESTER, Mon- roe, B.B.A.: Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer. JIMMY HICKS, Coolidgc, B.B.A. JAMES DAVID HIGGINS, Bremen, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. C. R. HODGES, JR., Albany, B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha. Second row: JAiMES E. T. HOLT, Rochelle, B.B.A. CHARLES DEAN HOR- TON, Pine Mountain, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer; Pep Club. DAVID HOUK, Sea Island, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Kappa Lit- erary Society; Glee Club. CHARLES W. HUBBARD, JR., Columbus, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice President; Economics Society. BENNIE HUGULEY Columbus, B.B.A.: Alpha Kappa Psi; Men ' s Glee Club. CHARLES M. HUT- TON, F.irt Oglcthnrpc, B.B.A. HUGH INGLIS, JR., Athens, B.B.A.; Chi Phi ROBERT W. INGRAM, Adanta, B.B.A.; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President. Third row: KAY ITZKOW, Thomson, B.B.A.; Sigma Delta Tau, Rush Chaii man. House President, Pledge Trainer, President; Woman ' s Athletic Assoc, Red and Black; Hillel; Phi Chi Theta; W. S. G. A. WARREN FRANK JENKINS, JR., Vidaha, B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha. MAX T. JOHNS, Savannah B.B.A.: JUDDY J. JOHNSON, Warrenton, B.B.A. CHARLES E. KEMP, JR. B.B.A. THOMAS JOHN KEMPTON, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta, Scab bard and Blade, Secretary: Arnold Air Society, Vice President; i:)istinguished Military Student. LOWELL S. KENT, Augusta, B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. f C f BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STUDENTS PASSING THROUGH HALLWAY AS THEY LEAVE COMMERCE-JOURNAL BUILDING DURING CLASS CHANGE. Business K-M C. WALTON KILLINGSWORTH, Ft. Gaines, B.B.A.: Alpha Tau Omega. RICHARD CREE KILPATRICK, Augusta, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ALTON E. KITCHENS, JR., Warrenton, B.B.A.; Chi Phi. RAY KUNZER, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta; Pershing Rifles. BARBARA LEE LAMB, Savannah, B.B.A.; Geechee Club. LEE LANCASTER, Tnon, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi. ROBERT LEON LEVISON, JR., Savannah, B.B.A.; Aero Club; Delta Sigma Pi; Commander, A. F. R. O. T. C. Sabre Drill Team. BENNY E. LEVITON, Fargo, B.B.A. LOUIS EDWARD LEVITON, Fargo, B.B.A. DONALD HUGH UNDSEY, Amcricus, B.B.A.; Nu Rho Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; B. S. U. JACK H. LORD, Dudley, B.B.A. CICERO LUCAS, Washington, B.B.A.; Varsity Football. F. EDWARD LUMMUS, Columbus, B.B.A.; Sigma Nu; Landscape Architec- ture Club; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Hoot Club. MARIE MALEY, Hull, B.S. RONALD MANN, Columbus, B.B.A.; Theta Chi, Pres.; I. F. C. WILLIAM J. MARSHALL, JR., Macon, B.B.A. JOSEPH WALTER MARTIN, JR., Kingston, B.B.A.; Chi Phi; Arnold Air Socictv. TERRY JONES MAXWELL, Cairo, E.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. SAM WARREN MAYS, Augusta, B.B.A.; Chi Phi; Varsity Golf. DAVID KEITH McCLURKIN, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Christian Science Organization, Pres.; Student Religious Council, Pres.; U. G. R. A. Council. WILLIAM LEROY McDADE, Athens, B.B.A. PATRICK J. McGEE, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta; Newman Club. OTIS O. McINTOSH, JR., Dalton, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Poultry Club; Pi Sigma Epsilon. DOUGLAS G. McLEAN, Waterville, N. Y., B.B.A. WIL- UAM A. McRITCHIE, JR., Bronxville, N. Y., B.B.A.; Freshman Counselor; Proctor, Law Graduate Dormitory; Delta Sigma Pi, Social Chairman; University Amateur Radio Operators Club; Veterans Club. JOEL FRANCIS McSWAFN, Eastman, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PATRICK O. MEADOWS, Baxley, B.B.A. DON K. MILLER, Macon, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delegate. G. B. A. Convention. ROBERT K. MILLS, Savannah. B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha, Treas.; Phi Kappa; Glee Club. POWELL MOORE: Red and Black, business manager; Grid- iron; Who ' s Who. M-P Business ■ ' cr -jnJf; ' ON THE BUSINESS side of C-J building, students pour outside after classes have been dismissed for the day. BETTY ANN MOON, Buckhead, B.B.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Sigma Sigma, W. A. A. FRANCIS B. MOORE, Dahlonega, B.B.A.; Chi Phi; Canterbury Club. JAMES C. MOORE, Valdosta, B.B.A. JERRY BUCK MOORE, Jesup, B.B.A. GEORGE B. MORRIS, Rome, B.B.A.; Chi Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard Blade; Phi Kappa. JOE C. MOSLEY, Bremen, B.B.A.; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi, secretary. CHARLES D. MYERS, Waycross, B.B.A. MALCOLM NASH, JR., B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Phi. HAROLD L. NEELY, Hinesville, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. GLENN H. NEWTON, Gainesville, B.B.A. ALLEN G. NICAS, Metuchen, N. J., B.B.A.; Theta Chi, Glee Club. JERE G. NUNN, Athens, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. LEON D. ODOM, JR., Cordele, B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega, vice presi- dent. JOHN EMORY OWENS, Tifton, B.B.A. Delta Sigma Pi. HAR- WELL CAY OZBURN, JR., Savannah, B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM W. PARKER, Savannah, B.B.A.: Alpha Kappa Psi. ARCHIE E. PARKS, JR., Columbus, B.B.S.; Kappa Sigma. FREDRIC F. PERDUE, Findlcv Lake, N. Y., B.B.A.; Socict ' for the Advancement of Management. JOHN DUKE POSTON, Blue Ridge, B.B.A.; .X Club; In- dependent Men; Pyramid. HAROLD R. POTEAT, Thomaston, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi. Business P-N f ,- P, P First Row: NICK POWELL, JR., Sylvester, B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade, Distinsuished Military Student. RONNIE J. PRESSLER, R,.inc, B.B.A.; Chi Psr, Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; X Club. DONALD KING REAM, III, Macon, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM GARY ROE, Favson Lake, N. }., B.B.A.; Gridiron; Kappa Sigma; Cheerleader, Cainain; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Phi Kappa; Pep Club. ABRAM M. RUBIN, Savan- nah, B.H.A.; Tau Ep.silon, Treas.; L F. C; Hnicl: U. G. R. A. CHARLES WILLIAM RUSHING, Statesboro, B.B.A. CHRISTOPHER F. RUSSELL, III, Savannah, B.B.A. ; Newman Club, Treas. HOWARD P. SANDERS, Comer, B.B.A.; B. S. U. Second Row: LOUIS SAUL, Augusta, B.B.A.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Alpha Phi Omega. LUCIUS B. SECKINGER, Clvo, B.B.A. CARL SHAPIRO, Valdosta, B.B.A.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. CLIFFORD HEWITT SIMONTON, Tucker, B.B.A.; Sigma Chi; Varsity Track; G Club. ARNOLD SIMS, Savannah, B.B.A. ; Alpha Tau Omega. fu Jo«- BlKEIl. hi BRYCE HOLCOMB: Student Council, president; Blue Key; Who ' s Who. •i w )t Third Row: JOHN McD. SHEPPARD, Savannah, B.B.A.; Newman Club, Pres.; Gcechee Club; U. G. R. A. JAMES R. SMITH, Comer, B.B.A. MARION DEVOHN SMITH, Vulalia, B.B.A. ; Demostheman; Independent Men; X Club. DONALD H. SPARROW, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Captain, Varsity Baseball; G Club; Alpha Kajipa Psi. OSCAR R. STRAIN, JR., Dalton, B.B.A.; Dixie Redcoat Band; Alpha Kappa Psi, Treas.; Economic Society, Sec. Fourth Row: JIM STURM, Paterson, N. J., B.B.A.; Theta Chi, Treas.; Red and Black; Newman Club. BILLY T. SUTTON, Ft. Gaines, B.B.A. JAMES EDWARD SWAN, III, Augusta, B.B.A. RAVENEL W. TERRELL, JR., Au- gusta, B.H.A. DON WILSON TERRY, Athens, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade. ALFRED E. THOMPSON, JR., Atlanta, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta; Ready Club; Varsitv Tennis; Westminster Fellowship; G Club. JAMES ROBERT THOMPSON, Gu ton, B.B.A.; Sigma Chi, Magister; Wesley Founda- tion; Student Union. JAMMEE K. VARNADOE, GlennviUe, B.B.A. ,Pi p. r o c ( O o I Business J J First Row: ROY B. WALDEN, Covington, B.B.A. GEORGE DAVENPORT WALKER, JR., Orlando, Fla., B.B.A.; Sigma Pi, Trcas. STEPHEN M. WATERS, JR., Blackshear, B.B.A. : Sigma Pi. ROBERT L. WATKINS, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. HENRY HOKE WEST, Edison, B.B.A.; Sigma Chi; Circle K; Scabbard and Blade. RALPH L. WHITLEY, Pelham, B.B.A. CURTIS WIGGINS, JR., Brunswick, B.B.A.; Varsity Baseball; G Club. ROLAND REED WILBANKS, Chatsworth, B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Phi, Treas.; A. P. O.; B. S. U. Second Row: CYNTHIA WILKINSON, Hogansville, B.B.A.: Kappa Delta, Parliamentarian; U. G. I. F.; Glee Club; W. A. A. ALBERT G. WILLIAMS, Clinton, N. C, B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. JACQUELINE WILLIAMS, Klluav. B.B.A.; College 4-H Club; Triquetra; Enotah; B. S. U. FAY JEAN WILLI- FORD, Stephens, B.B.A.; Triquetra; Gamma Sigma Sigma. GUS L. WOOD, LaGrange, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, V. Prcs.; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Kappa. WAYNE WORTHAM, Gracewood, B.B.A. LOUIS M. YOUNG, JR., Clayton, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Economics Society. EUGENIA LYNNE WADDEY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., B.B.A.; Delta Delta Delta, Scholarship Chairman; W. A. A. iOK 40 MR. HECKMAN teaches account- ing through the television system. diB JOHN E. DREWRY, Dean of the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism. Journalism THERE WAS A TIME when journalism meant only newspaper work, particularly reporting. Today, however, journalism encompasses the vast area of communications and its many facets — news and editorial, radio-television, advertising and pub- lic relations, literary appreciation, and various other fields such as law, theology, home economics, and business to which journalistic training is of value. The curriculum leading to an ABJ degree at the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism is not nar- rowly vocational or technical, but it is designed to combine the essential elements of a liberal education and of professional training. Instruction includes not only textbook study, lectures, recitations and analytical assignment, but practice under careful supervision. NEWS EDITORIAL students get much valuable experience both on the campus newspaper and on the Athens city daily. RADIO AND TELEVISION students receive practical train- ing in the field as well as that of a theoretical nature. LONE STUDENT enjoys quiet and solitude of the reading room as he prepares for a test during the next period. LEARNING PRINCIPLES OF UYOUT, TYPOGRAPHY, AND DESIGN IS INCLUDED IN THE ADVERTISING CURRICULUM. - meant ;ne vjst ;a,jiie(lt» ' jjucation ler caref " ' Journalism B-S 9 STEWART CANDLER BIRD, Atlanta, A.BJ.: Al|iha Delta Sigma, Pres.; Student Director, Ail Lai.. ROBERT G. BROWN, Ocilla, A.H.I.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Red and Black; Ail Lab; Veterans Club. GRACE V. BURPITT, Atlanta, A.B.J.; Red and Black; Co.sniopolitan Club; Theta Sigma Phi; Ad Lab. BILL BYARD, LaOrangc, A.B.J.; Sigma Pi; Di Gamma Kappa Red and Black. CLIFFORD L. CAGLE, Waycross, A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Sigma, V. Pres.; Red and Black; Ad Lab. GILBERT LAMAR COBB, JR., Atlanta, A.B.I. ; Red and Black; Alpha Delta Sigma, Treas.; University of Georgia Rifle Team. RAYMOND E. CROSS, Clayton, A.B.J.; Chi Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma. RICHARD E. CURRAN, A.B.J. ; Red and Black, Assistant Sports Editor. NELSON A. DANISH, Augusta, A.B.J. ; Delta Sigma Chi. JANICE ED- WARDS, Atlanta, B.S.H.Ec. RAY EVANS GARARD, Winnetka, 111., A.B.J.; Sigma Aljiha Epsilon; Di Gamma Kappa; Aljiha Delta Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Red and Black Photographer; Pandora Photographer. HARRY G. HAISTEN, JR., Griffin, A.B.J.; Pandora, Sports Editor, Business Manager; Kappa Alpha; Gridiron. MARVIN B. HARTLEY, Davisboro, A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Sigma. MELISSA GAIL HEARD, Atlanta, A.B.J.; Chi Omega, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Thcta Sigma Phi; Cheerleader; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. JAMES W. HENDRIX, Summerville, A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Red and Black. LILLIAN HENRY, Crandall, A.B.J. SIDNEY B. HORNE, Vidalia, A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Sigma, Sec. ANTHONY J. IPPOLITO, New York, N. Y., A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Sigma, Treas.; Thcta Chi; Newman Club; Red and Black. ROBERTA KATHERINE JONES, Kalamazixj, Mich.; A.B.J.; G.imma Sigma Sigma, Corr. Sec; Treas., Thcta Sigma Phi; Red and Black; Tnquctra; Alpha Lambda Delta; U. R. S. A. Minor. JOHN WAYNE KEASLER, Rome, A.B.J.; Sec.-Treas. of Senior Class; Phi Kappa Tau, Pres.: Alpha Delta Sigma; Di Gamma Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Council; Red and Black; Pandora Stafi; I. F. C. JIM KING, Greenville, A.B.J.; Chi Psi, V. Pres. LOWELL C. KIRBY, Blue Ridge, A.B.J.; Red and Black, Editor-in- Chief; Sigma Delta Chi, Sec; Demosthcnian; Student Coun- cil; Blue Key; Who ' s Who. H. CHARLENE LANDRUM, Adanta, A.B.J.; Alpha Gamma Delta, V. Pres.; Red and Black; Di Gamma Kappa; Theta Sigma Phi; W. A. A. CATHY LUCKETT, Fitzgerald, A.B.J.; Delta Delta Delta; Red and Black; Theta Sigma Phi; Glee Club. MARY EVELYN MADRY, Atlanta. A.B.J.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Record- ing Sec; Georgette; Di Gamma Kappa; Red and Black; Thcta Sigma Phi; W. A. A. CAROL McAFEE, Chattanooga, Tenn., A.B.J.; Red and Black; V. Pres., Theta Sigma Phi. WAYNE MINSHEW, Shannon, A.B.J.; Varsity Baseball; Sigma Delta Chi; Red and Black, Sports Editor. DONALD C. MURRAY, Marietta, A.B.J.; Di Gamma Kappa, Treas. IRA NEWTON SCOTT, Lithonia, A.B.J. Mi-Mi w ' ety tii LOWELL KIRBY: Red and Black, editor; Sigma Del+a Chi, secretary; S-tudent Council, Blue Key; Who ' s Who. P-Y Journalism PAT RISSBEE: Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Red and Black, society editor; Who ' s Who. JO ANN PARKER, Macon, A.B.J.; Red and Black; Dixie Redcoat Hand; Baptist Student Union. WILLIAM S. PARKER, LaFayette. A.B.J.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Men ' s Glee Club; Alpha Delta Sigma; Di Gamma Kappa; Red and Black; Scabbard and Blade. SUSIE RAINEY, Wmder, A.B.J.; Delta Delta Delta; Thcta Sigma Phi, V. Prcs.; Gamma Alpha Chi, Prcs.; Red and Black, Features Editor, Society Editor, Woman ' s Editor; Who ' s Who. ARTHUR L. REYNOLDS, III, Mayfield, A.B.J.; Sigma Nu; Di (iamma Kajijia; Thalian Blackfriars; University Chorus. PATRICIA A. RIGSBEE, Athens, A.B.J.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; W. A. A.; U. G. R. A.; Thcta Sigma Phi, Pres.; Gamma Alpha Chi; Red and Black, StKiety Editor; Kappa Delta; Who ' s Who. HERMAN LEE ROWELL, Augusta, A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Sigma. VIRGINIA ANN STEPHENSON, Atlanta, A.B.J. ROY F. TANNER, Alma, A.B.J.; Di Gamma Kappa. CURTIS BROWN TAYLOR, Lake Park, A.B.J.: Sigma Nu, Uni- versity Theatre. d DONALD W. THOMAS, Ft. Benning, A.B.J.; Chi Psi; Di Gamma Kappa. RUSS VAN PUTTEN, Paterson, N. J., A.B.J.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman; Public Information Officer, Advanced Army R. O. T. C. WYLIE P. WALLER, JR., Cedartown, A.B.J.; Kappa Alpha; Circle K Club; Di Gamma Kappa. CONNIE WARD, Athens, A.B.J.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Sec; Di Gamma Kappa; Theta Sigma Phi; Zeta Phi Eta; Red and Black; W. A. A.; Women ' s Glee Club. NORMAN D. WEISBURD, Irvington, N. J.; A.B.J.; Sigma Delta Chi, Treas.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Hillel Foundation: Red and Black. CAROL ' WIMBERLY, Phi Mu; Weslev Foundation; Junior Pan-Hellenic. JANE WOOD, Blackshear, A.B.J.; Westminster Fellowship; Scholarship Chairman for Rutherford Hall. CHARLES R. YARBROUGH, East Point, A.B.J.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Di Gamma Kappa, Pres. SOME OF HENRY GRADY ' S PROTOGEES ARE THRILLED TO MEET AND TALK TO ED SULLIVAN, MASTER OF CEREMONIES OF " TOAST OF THE TOWN. ' CALVIN C. MURRAY, Dean of the College of Agriculture. Agriculture THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA is a mem- ber of the American Association of Land-Grant Colleges approved by the Federal Government for giving instruction in agriculture and its related fields. The College gives instruction in the broad field of agriculture, awarding degrees in Agricul- ture, Agricultural Engineering, and Landscape Ar- chitecture. Its primary objectives are to train people to occupy positions of leadership on the undergrad- uate and graduate levels in the field of agriculture and to provide a co-ordinated program of research, college training, and extension service work. Facilities of the College will be greatly improved with the completion of the new University of Georgia Science Center. The new Center will en- able the College of Agriculture to increase its grad- uate and research work. J I rj H i THE NUMBERS and types of bacteria In milk and cream in- 1 1 I tended for manufacturing dairy products must be determined. DR. SCHMITTLE of Poultry Research innoculates these chicks and eggs with disease germs to study effects and the cure. ' .,f,iUii-Gra« v.viiiniait ( " ' ■ THE RELATIVE MERITS OF EACH ONE OF THESE CAHLE ARE CAREFULLY CONSIDERED BY THIS ANIMAL HUSBANDRY STUDENT ' S JUDGING TEAM. 55 Agriculture A-D First Row: EUGENE T. ALEXANDER, Atlanta, B.L.. .; Landscape Architecture Club; Newman Club. JAMES THOMAS ALEXANDER, Louisville, B.S.A. DAN S. ANDERSON, Oawsonville, B.S.A. ; Poultry Science Club, Treas.; Alpha Zcla. JOHN R. BEARSS, 0)lumbus, B.S.A, HERMAN BERKOWITZ, New Vc.rk. N. ' i„ B.S.A.: Tau Epsilon Phi; Dairy Science Club. WILLIAM H. BESLIN, Atlanta, B.S.A.; A«riculture Engineering Club; A. S. A. E.; Bulldog Barbell Club. HENRY E. BOHN, Atlanta, B.S.A,: Pershing Rifles; Recil ilall Council; Argonaut, V. Pres.; Phi Kappa Tau, V. Pres.; Pre Vet Club: Alpha Psi: Biltad. SAMMY J. BOONE, Valdosta, B.S.A.; Alpha Mu Epsilon; Dairy Science Club: Wesley Foundation; Dairy Science Club, Treas.; Georgia Agriculturist, Asst. Circulation Manager. Second Row: JAMES P. BROWN, Swainsvoro, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamina Rho; -H Club; Ag Economics Club. EDDIE C. BURT, Carlton, B.S.A.; American .Society of Agricultural Engmeers. RALPH EARL BURTON, JR., Vienna, B.S.A.; Ag Club: Saddle and Sirloin, Reporter; Independent Men; B.S.U. DAVID R. BROWN, Carrollton, B.S.A.: Lambda Chi Aljiha, Pledge Trainer; Ag Economics Club, Treas.; Ag Club. GAYLORD O. COAN,- Fitzgerald, B.S.A. JERRY WHITESIDE: Blue Key; X Club; Georgia Poultryman, editor; Who ' s Who. Third Row: CARLTON CLIFTON, Metier, B.S.A.: Agronomy Club. GLENN W. COOK, Adanta, B.S.A.: Independent Men: Horticulture Club, V. Pres. WILLIAM J. COWART, Luduwici, B.S.A.: Poultry Science Club, V. Pres.; Georgia Agriculturist, (Circulation Manager; Ag Club; Indepcnilent Men; 4-H Club, V. Pres, ROBERT B. COKER, Canton, B.S.A. VERNER RODNEY COLEMAN, R.ibun Gap, B.S.A.; Veterans Club; Alpha Mu Epsilon, Pres. Fourth Row: JERRY COX, Alpharetta, B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta; X Club; Biftad; Blue Key, V. Pres.; Poultry Science, Pres.; Ag Club, Pres.; 4-H Club, V, Pres.; Independent Men; Dcmosthenian; Ag Hill Council; Georgia Agriculturist, Business Manager; Pfizer Scholarship. WILLIAM BENJAMIN CRAWFORD, Athens, B.S.A.E.: Delta Tau Delta; Weslev Foundation: Ag Engineering Club, Scribe; A. S. A, E. NICKY CROWE, Uvalda, B.S.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha. JESSE RAY DANGAR, Alpharetta, B.S.A.; X Club; Georgia Poultryman, Editor; Poultry Science Club, V. Pres.: Ag Club, Pres.; -f-H Club; Demos- thenian; Independent Men. THOMAS F. DANIELS, Arlington, B.S.A.; Agron- omv Club. WILLIAM P. DAWSON, Marietta, B.S.A.; Ag Engineering Club, Intramural Football. PAUL R. DEAN, Cordand, N. Y., B.S.A.; Sigma Pi, Pres.; I. F. C; Food Tech Club, Social Chairman. JOHN DeMICCO, New York, N. Y., B.L.A.; Landscape Architecture Club; Newman Club. D-H Agriculture First Row: ARMAND J. DESMARAIS, Athens, B.S.A.; Food Tech Club, Treas. LAMAR DICKENS, Omega, B.S.A.; A. E. C. Club, Sec. FRANK DIMARTINO, Vallcvstream, N. Y.. B.S.A.; A. E. C. Club; Food Tech Club; STANTON O. DORMINY, Douglas, B.S.A.E.; A. S. A. E. WILLIAM P. DOUGHERTY, Morrisvillc, N. Y., B.S.A.; Food Tech Club, Pres. BLAKE D. DRAWDY, Lenox, B.S.A.; Independent Men; Pyramid; A. E. C. Club, Treas.: Ag Club, V. Pres.; X Club; Alpha Zeta; Demosthenian; Georgia Agriculturist; Ag Hill Council, V. Pres.; Student Council. EUGENE J. EISEN, Bronx, N. Y., B.S.A.; Phi Epsilon Pi, Sec; Hillel, V. Pres.; Poultry Science Club. PAUL F. ENGLISH, Cochran, B.S.A.; Ag Club; A. E. C. Club. 1 Second Row: W. JEROME ETHREDGE, Arlington, B.S.A.; Agronomy Club. BEHAEDDIN FAKHRNEA, Teheran, Iran, B.S.A. JOHN G. FAULK, Jeffer- sonville, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Georgia Agriculturist, Feature Editor; Agronomy Club, Reporter. WILLIAM E. FLEEMAN, Athens, B.S.A.; A. E. C. Club. CHARLES FOLENDORE, Haddock, B.S.A. FRED STOWERS: X Club; Blue Key; Pyra- mid, president; Who ' s Who. Third Row: ROBERT WILLIAM FORTENBACH, Bergenfield, N. J., B.S.; A. E. C. Club; Ag Club. ROBERT J. FRANCIS, Jamaica, L. I., B.L.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Wesley Foundation; Pi Tau Chi; Landscape Architecture Club, Pres. CHARLES C. FURTADO, Hapeville, B.S.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha. WALTER C. FUTRAL, Griffin, B.S.A.; Saddle and Sirloin, Reporter; Ag Club, Demosthenian; Disciples Student Fellowship; Alpha Gamma Rho; Arnold Air Society. BOBBY GOLDEN, Tifton, B.S.A.; Agronomy Club. Fourth Row: DONALD WINFIELD GREGG, Macon, B.S.A.; Sigma Nu: A. P. O.; Argonauts; Saddle and Sirloin; Ag Club. CHARLES HERBERT GRIFFITH, CottagcviUe, B.S.A.; Chi Psi; Agronomy Club. JIMMY GRINER, Lenox, B.S.A.; Gaffau Club, Pres.; Demosthenian; Ag Club; Ag Hill Council; Independent Men. DARYOUSH HAKIM, Teheran, Iran, B.S.A.F,.; Cosmopoli- tan Club, Pres.; A. E. C. Club; U. G. R. A.; Westminster Fellowship. J. EMMET HAMM, Norman Park, B.S.; Kappa Sigma. THOMAS M. HARRIS, Washington, B.S.A.; Glee Club; Alpha Mu Epsilon. WILLIAM G. HAWES, Ocilla, B.S.; Saddle and Sirloin, Treas. RICHARD S. HAWKINS, Roswell, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin; Poultry Science Club. r: ft Q Agriculture H-K STUDENTS in Agriculfure School survey some of the ag engineering equipment. gycox: ffiiniii; " S - fate fiw DONALD HEATH, Carrollton, B.S.A.; Assistant Manager, Georgia Agri- culturists: Ag Club. HECK C. DODSON, Tifton, B.S.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Horticulture Club. MAX HERNDON, Moultrie, B.S.A.; Agronomy Club. JAMES N. HIGHFALL, Toccoa, B.S.A.; Poultry Science Club. LARRY B. HDC, Commerce; Alpha Zeta; Ag Engineering Club, treasurer; Arnold Air Society, Adjutant Recorder. HUGH KENNETH HOLYEAK, Enigma, B.S.A.; Kappa Sigma. JOSEPH L. HOOD, B.S.A.E.; Ag Engineer- ing ' Club. WILLIAM L. HOWARD, Dearing, B.S.A.; Ag Economics Club; Ag Club. LOUIS ARNOLD HOWELL, Iron City, B.S.A.E.; A. S. A. E. JAMES P. HUDSON, Jackson, Tenn., B.L.A. WIL- LIAM CHARLES JAMES, JR., Sparta, B.S.A.; Agronomy Club; Scabbard and Blade. JOHN WINSTON JOHNSON, Valdosta, B.S.A.; X Club; " l-H Club, treasurer; Independent Men; Pyramid Dairy Science; Editor, Georgia Dairyman. R. DAVID JOHNSON, Forsyth, B.S.A.; Dairy Science Club, president; Ag Hill Council. G. DAVID JONES, Great Neck, N. Y., B.S.A.; Delta Tau Delta. GEORGE KEATON JONES, JR., Athens, B.L.A. ALLEN O. KEYSOR, Woodsport, N.Y., B.S.A. WALTER H. KLINDTWORTH, Dolh, N. Y., B.S.A.; Delta Sigma Pi; Dairy Science Club. GEORGE NORRIS: X Club, secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pyramid; Who ' s Who. 58 WMI i ALOYSIUS J. KNIPPER, Lorain, Ohio, B.S.A.; Food Tech- nology. JAMES WILUAM LACY, Sandersville, B.S.A.E.; Who ' s Who; Aghon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Zeta; Student Council; Ag Hill Council, president; Ag Engineer- ing Club, president. MILLARD H. LAMBERT, JR., Roanoke, Va., B.L.A.; Pi Kappa Phi, president; L F. C; Landscape Architecture Club; All-campus Badminton Champion. BOYCE P. LANCE, JR., Washington, M.S. GEORGE C. LANCE, Washington, B.S.; Ag Club; Baptist Student Union. MAX LASETER, Monroe, B.S.A.; Gaffau, secretary. K-M Agriculture JERRY COX: BIftad; X Club; Pyramid; " Ga. Agriculturist, " business manager; Blue Key, vice president; Who ' s Who. J. R. LEE, Savannah, B.S.A.E. RICHARD ALLEN ULLIE, Bouchville, N. Y., B.S.; Ag.; Food Technology Club; Sigma Pi. BEN N. LONE, Bainbridge, B.S.A.; A. B. A. C. Club; Saddle and Sirloin; Agronomy Club. RALPH E. LOVELESS, Cedartown, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Poultry Science Club. FRANCES JEAN LOVELL, Rome, B.S.A.; Ag Club; Pre-Vet Club, secretary; Saddle and Sirloin. BARNETT MALCOM, Madison, B.S.A.; Dairy Science Club. EUGENE ALLEN MANRY, Edison, B.S.A. WILLIAM A. McKINNON, Dixie, B.S.A. ; Saddle and Sirloin, vice president; Ag Club; Wesley Foundation. RICHARD JERRY McLEOD, Dixie, B.S.A.; Demosthenian; Ag Club; Dairy Science Club; Wesley Foundation; Inde- pendent Men. ERNEST R. MESSENGER, Port Washington, N. Y., B.L.A.; Landscape Architecture Club; Intramural Basketball. FREDDIE MILLER, Screven, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Dairy Science Club. DAIRY MANUFACTURING students learn to operate processing equipment. Agriculture M-S First Row: LAMAR MILLER, C.ilquitt, U.S.A.: Sadillc .iml Sirloin Club; Uni- vcrsitv Livcstiitk Juilj;ing Team. TERRANCE MILLER, Mc:ulvillc, Pa., R.S.A.; Sisma I ' l: Af; Hill Council: Inslitule of Food Tcchnologisls, Prcs. RICHARD W. MILNER, Monticello, B.S.A.; Poultry Science Clulv, Aj; Club: Independent Men: Oemosthenian Literar y Society: X Club. REYNOLD FREDERICK MISSALL, Statcn Island, New York, B.S.; Food Techonology Club. CHARLES R. MOLLER, JR., Durhainvillc, N. Y., B.S.: Sigma Pi; Institute of Food Technologists. JAMES L. MOODY, Dixie, B.S.A.: Saddle and Sirloin Club, Trcas.; Alpha Zeta; Livestock Judging Team. EUGENE C. MURKISON, Donalsonville, B.S.A.; Aghon; Alpha Zeta, Scribe; Blue Key: X Club; Scabbard and Blade: Ag Hill Council: Ag Club; Distinguished Military Student, Ad- vanced Army R. O. T. C. CALVIN E. MURRAY, Screven, B.S.A.E.: A. S. A. E. Second Row: GEORGE C. NORRIS, Zebulon, B.S.A.; Independent Men, Trcas.; Pyramid; X Club, Scc.-Treas.; Agronomy Club, V. Pres.; Ag Club; Ag Hill Council; Aghon; Omicron Delta Kappa: Alpha Zeta. RICHARD R. NORTON, Guvton, B.S.A. : Cross Country Track; Alpha Gamma Rho. BEN OLIVER, Leavenworth, Kansas, B.S.A.; Ag Club; Saddle and Sirloin. WILLIAM ED PARKER, Atlanta, B.S.A.; Chairman of the 1959 Chicken of Tomorrow Con- test; Poultry Science Club, Secretary. JOHNNY C. PARKMAN, Palestine, Te.xas, B.S.A.; Ag Economics Club, V. Pres. fZ T-X .jpM- ' f - A n n. n. f GENE MURKISON: " Georgia Agricultur- ist, " editor; X Club; Blue Key; Who ' s Who. Third Row: JAMES L. PURDOM, Nahunta, B.S.A.E.; Ag Economics Club. JARRELL S. RAY, Arlington, B.S.A.; Agronomy Club, Pres. LATIMER C. RIDGWAY, Canton, B.S.A.E.; Circle K Club, Pres.; Baptist Student Union; -Ag Economics Club, V. Prcs.; .Ag Hill Council; American Society of Agricul- tural Engineers. ALONZO T. RIGSBY, JR., Sale City, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Agronomy Club. JOE ROWAN, McDonough, B.S.A.; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Ag Club. Fourth Row: EDWARD D. SCHMIDT, Yonkers, N. Y.. B.S.A.E.; Pi Mu Epsilon; Veterans Club: Ag Engineering Club. FRANK SCHMIDT, Los Angeles, Calif., B.S.A. LEE S. SELF, Atlanta, B.S.A.; Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Mu Epsilon. MAX SELLERS, Baxlev, B.S.A.; Ag Club; Ag Economics Club. ALBERT D. SHACKELFORD, Athens, B.S.A.; Ag Engineering Club. TILL- MAN STANLEY SHANNON, Enigma, B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta; Alpha Mu Epsilon; Agronomy Club, Trcas. BOBBY SMITH, Belvidere, N. C, H.S.A. and A.B.; Alpha Gamma Rho, Prcs.; I. F. C; X Club. WILLIAM STARNES, Rome, B.L.A.; Chi Phi; Landscape Architecture Club: Freshman Swimming Team. L li-it Z O C i S-W Agriculture D ■-.iMffl First row: JAMES DONALD STEWART, Colbert, B.S.A.; Ag Econ. Club, vice president; Ag Hill Council; Alpha Zeta; X Club; Ga. Agriculturist, assistant editor. GEORGE STEWART, Tifton, B.S.A.; O. D. K.; Ag Hill Council, president; Ag. Econ. Club, president; Demosthenian, secretray; Aghon; Pyra- mid; X Club; Ag. Club; Independent Men. ALLEN D. STOVALL, Sautee, B.L.A.; Student Union; Landscape Arch. Club; Pershing Rifles; Delta Tau Delta, vice president, ELWYN STOVER, Roswell, B.S.A.; Varsity Baseball; G Club; X Club; Saddle and Sirloin; parti cipated in Litde International Live- stock Show. FRED G. STOWERS, Dawsonville, B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta; Aghon, president; Blue Key; X Club; Pyramid, president; Gridiron; Ag Club; Poultry Sci. Club; Ag Hill Council; Student Council; Independent Men; 4-H Club; Scabbard and Blade; Demosthenian. LEX W. STRICKLAND, Claxton, B.S.A.E.; Ag Eng. Club, president; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Ag Hill Council, A. S. A. E. GORDON SUTTON, Whitestone, N. Y., B.S.A.; A. E. C; Student Union; Alpha Delta Griggs. BANNER H. TAYLOR, Folkston, B.S.A. Second row: ERNEST V. TODD, Clarkesville, B.S.; Ag Engineering Club, secretary; Varsity Rifle Team, Capt.— 57, 58, 59. JAMES F. TURNER, Dah- lonega, B.S.A. ; Poultry Science Club; Georgia Poultryman, staff; Alpha Zeta, Ag Club. WILUAM J. TURNER, Blakelv, B.S.A.E.; A. E. N. Club; B. S. U.; A. S. A. E. JERRY E. WHITESIDE, Aragon, B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Scabbard and Blade, captain; Blue Key; X Club; Pyramid; Student-Faculty Director, editor; Ga. Poultryman, editor; Poultry Science Club; 4-H Club; Ag Club. Third row: EDWARD B. WILSON, Bowdon, B.S.A.; Poultry Science Club; Independent Men; Ag Club, president; Demosthenian; X Club; Pyramid; Ag Hill Council. JAMES WILHITE, Jefferson, B.S.A.; Poultry Science Club. HUGH C. WOOD, Panama, N. Y., B.S.A.; Ag Econ. Club, vice president; Ag Hill Council; Ag Club. BILLY EDENFIELD: Student Council, vice pres.; Alpha Gamma Rho, vice pres.; Arnold Air Society, treasurer; Who ' s Who. INDOOR AND OUTDOOR RESEARCH IS A KEY TO TEACH SPECIAL AGRICULTURAL TECHNIQUES WHICH MAY PROVE VALUABLE TO STUDENTS IN FUTURE YEARS. J. A. DOTSON, Dean of the Peabody College of Education. IIEPARADOl XKceatiB f jgr - »« ■ " " " ' «. Education IN 1931 THE PEABODY School of Education of the University of Georgia, the Georgia State Teacher ' s College, the Department of Rural and Vocational Education of the College of Agricul- ture, and the Departments of Physical Education for Men and Women were combined into the Col- lege of Education. Training prospective teachers to become sensi- tive to the intellectual and emotional needs of their pupils is the function of the College. Using the most modern methods, the College assists the stu- dent in developing skill in the use of special meth- ods in teaching and supervision. The College also provides and administers all professional courses designed for the preparation for teaching in all areas of elementary and secondary education, in- cluding the specialized fields. S CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION IS USED IN THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION TO DEMONSTRATE AND OBSERVE TEACHING TECHNIQUES AND METHODS. ■ EJocaiion c-cj State " :-i and . jiciil- ,:ation ::«Col- •■; m- ittleir .■ the ■ nietli- •e ilio ..■mall PREPARATION FOR and actual classroom practice teaching are necessities for students seeking degrees in education. INDUSTRIAL ARTS training includes the teaching and ap- plication of methods in designing, drafting, and creating. 63 Education A-C iAdiM ' -? ( ANNETTE ABEL, Albany, B.S.; Phi Mu, Social Chairman; Bulldog Club; W. A. A,; Women ' !, (Jlcc Club; N. E. A.; G. E. A.; Religion In Life Week Committee. JAMES A. AGERTON, JR., Augusta, B.S.; Chi Psi. GAIL ALLEN, Savannah, B.S.; P. E. M. Club; W. A. A.; Geechee Club. SUE ANTHONY, Dawson, B.S. FRANK APPLEGATE, Atlanta, B.S.; P. E. Club. JIMMY BANKSTON, St. Simons, B.S.P.E.; Varsity Swimming, Captain; Varsity Track; Alpha Tau Omega. ANN BARBAREE, Richland, B.S.Ed. GERALD BARGE, Tyrone, B.S.Ed.; Baseball. PATTY BAXTER, Commerce, B.S.; Gamma Sigma Sigma; U. R. S. A.; Transfer Aid Guide; Lutheran Student Association, Sec. PATRICIA BEISER, Savannah, B.S.Ed.; Glee Club; Geechee Club, Sec.; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Chi Omega. VIVIAN BELL, Sardis, B.S.; Alpha Chi Omega, Treas.; Y. W. A., Publicity Chairman; U. R. S. A. Minor. JOE ANN BENNETT, Waycross, B.S.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Historian. JOHN ROBERT BOLDING, Buford, B.S.; P. E. Club. GAYLE O ' QUINN BRACKIN, Odum, U.S. VERNON BRINSON, MacLennv, Fla., B.S.P.E.; SiHin.i Nu; Varsity Baseball; P. E. Club. JUNE BROOKS, LaGrangc, B.S.M.E.; Dixie Redcoat Band; University Chorus; M. E. N. C; Men ' s Glee Club, Soloist. HARRIETT SWANN BRUCE, Macon, B.S.; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Parlia- mentarian. MAYBELLE BUCHANAN, Americus, B.S.; Alpha Delta Pi; Dance Club; W. A. A. ZOANN BURNS, St. Simons, B.S.Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; A. C. E.; W. A. A.; Dolphin Club. JEAN NEWSOME CASEY, Washington, B.S.Ed.; U. R. S. A. Major; Alpha Lambda Delta; Triquetra; Triangle; B. S. U.; Executive Council. ELLAINE CHANCE, Savannah, B.S.Ed.; V. Pres. Rudicr- ford Hall. JAMES ROBERT CHANEY, Columbus, B.S.Ed.; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball. WANDA GAY CLEVE- LAND, Hartwell, B.S.Ed.; Gamma Sigma Sigma. BARBARA ANN COGGINS, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; W. A. A.; P. E. M. JUNE COLLIER, Talbottnn, B.S.Ed.; B. S. U., Executive Council; Student Religious Council, Sec. LESSIE ELIZABETH CONAWAY, Macon, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Women ' s Glee Club; W. A. A.; U. G. R. A.; U. R. S. A. WILLIAM NELSON COOK, Adanta, B.S.; Kappa Alpha, Sec. VIRGINIA IRIS CORBETT, Washington, B.S. MARY CAROLYN CRAVEN, Manchester, B.S.Ed.; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Pres., Soule Hall. f " m JONE! Kffeljry; Moi (teilJent; Vt ' I n Q SYLVIA WHITESIDE: Mortar Board, treasurer; Triquetra, president; Who ' s Who. C-H Education ANNE JONES: Chi Omega, secretary; Mortar Board, vice president; W. S. G. A., judi- ciary chairman; Key Club, president; Who ' s Who. SUSAN MELINDA CRAVEN, Ccdartown, B.S.Ed. CORINNE ADELLA DALLMUS, Macon, B.S.Ed.; Thalian Blackfruir!., V. Prcs.; Zodiac; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zcta Phi Eta; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Sigma Delta Pi. ANNE DAVIES, Macon, B.S.Ed.; W. A. A. Aljiha Omicron Pi; P. E. M. Club. BEVERLY BOYD DAVIS, Stone Mountain, B.S.Ed.; Tri- quetra; Trianyle. PATRICIA ANNE DAVIS, Blakely B.S.Ed. ELIZABETH deBEAUGRINE, Warrenton, B.S.Ed. Phi Mu, Treas., Pres.; Gamma Sigma Sigma; W. A. A. Pan-Hellenic. JO CALLAWAY DENARD, Rayle, B.S.Ed.; Baptist Student Union. CAREY WILLSON DONALDSON, Statesboro, B.S.Ed.; Dixie Redcoat Band; M. E. N. C; University Chorus; Argonauts. FREDERICK ARLENE DREXEL, Ella- belle, B.S.Ed.; Kappa Delta Epsilon. JAMES EDWARD DUKE, Lindale, B.S.Ed. GEORGE DUNAWAY, Lumpkin, B.S.Ed. RITA ABER DUNCAN, Miami, Fla.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta; U. R. S. A. PEGGY EADY, Bremen, B.S.Ed.; U. R. S. A.; W. S. G. A. Cabinet; Women ' s Glee Club. DONNA E. ECHOLS, Gumming, B.S.Eil.; Baptist Student Union; Triquetra; S. N. E. A.; G. B. E, A. FRED W. EDMONDSON, Crossville, Ala., B.S.Ed.; Basketball, Captain, Co-Captain. WILLIAM GREENE EDWARDS, JR., Springfield, B.S.Ed. REBECCA EVANS, Athens, B.S.Ed. JAYIA PALMER FELLOWS, Braxton, B.S.Ed.; University Chorus. NANCY W. FARGASON, Atlanta, B.A.Ed.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta. FRANCES FLORENCE, Winder, B.S.Ed.; Phi Mu; A. C. E. NOEL FOSTER, College Park. B.S.Ed.; Gamma Sigma Sigma, V. Pres.; Dolphin Club; Women ' s Glee Club; University Concert Dance Club. CHARLES V. FRAZIER, Milledgeville, B.S.Ed. JOYCE FREELAND, Hapc- ville, R.S.Ed.; Angel ' s Flight; Wesley Foundation; W. A. A.; P. E. M. Club; Phi Tau Chi; Zeta Tau Alpha; Tennis Club. VALERIE FREEMAN, Siloam, B.S.Ed.; Future Teachers of America. DONALD M. GARRETT, Monroe. B.S.Ed. JEAN GEISE, Americus, B.S.Ed.: Chi Omega; Pep Club; Psvchologv Club: W. A. A. -WINIFRED F. GRAHAM, Dawson, B.S.Ed. JACK ROBERT GREESON, Chatsworth, B.S.Ed. ELIZABETH ANNE HAGINS, Columbus, B.S.Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta. 65 Education H-M First Row: GAIL E. HARRELL, West Point, B.S.Ed.; Phi Mu, V. Pres. ROSEMARY HARRISON, Swainsboro, B.S.Ed.; Phi Mu; W. A. A.; Pep Club; N. K. A. MARTHA HARTIN, Cnrdeie, B.S.Ed.; Phi Mu; W. A. A. NORMA F. HAWKINS, Rcvwcll, B.S.Ed.; F. T. A.; N. E. A.; G. E. A.; Science Club; Tumbling Team. LORETTA HAYS, Watkinsvillc, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon. CHARLOTTE ELAINE HITCHCOCK, Adanta, B.S.Ed.; Concert Dance Club; N. K. A.; G. E. A.; A. C. E. HENRY G. HOLDER, Hauana. Fla., B.S.Ed.; Alpha Tau Omega; Rifie Team; P. E. Major Club. MARK D. HOLLIS, JR., Bethcsda, Md., B.S.Ed.; A. P. O.; Student N. E. A. Second Row: NANCY HOUSTON, Sylvester, B.S.Ed.; W. A. A.; Chi Omega. GLENDA INGRAM, Pelham, B.S.Ed.; Wesley Foundation; Triquctra. JOHN SWANTON rVY, JR., Athens, B.S.Ed.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Westminster Fellowship. MARY CLIFFORD JOHNSON, Spartanburg, S. C, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi. GILMA ANNE JONES, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; Chi Omega, Sec; W. A. A., Sec; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Pres.; W. S. G. A.; Key Club; Dolphin Club; U. R. S. A. Minor; Mortar Board, V. Pres.; Who ' s Who. f. i fflfltH " : ' BCtS, • MARY WILDES: W. S. G. A., judicial chair- man; Mor+ar Board, editor; Who ' s Who. A A o Third Row: LOIS EVELYN JONES, Brunswick, B.S.Ed. SYLVIA F. JORDAN, Monticcllo, B.S.Ed.; Kappa Delta; U. G. I. F. WILUAM P. KEE, Nashville, Tenn., B.S.Ed.; Industrial Arts Club; F. T. A. GENE KIERBOW, Manchester, B.S.Ed.; P. E. Club. BETTY F. KNIGHT, Quitman, B.S.Ed.; Chi Psi Sponsor; Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart; Kappa Delta; Pan-Hellenic, V. Pres.; Angel ' s Flight; U. G. L F. Fourth Row: GLORIA ELIZABETH LANDRUM, Athens, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Zodiac; Student N. E. A. LINDA LANE, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; Chi Omega; N. E. A. Council; W. A. A.; Psychology Club. NAN LEATHERS, Athens, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Jr. Pan- Hellenic; W. A. A. JACQUELINE LOONEY, Athens, B.S.Ed. RICK LUCAS, Sarasota, Fla., B.S.Ed.; Sigma Nu; Advanced R. O. T. C; P. E. Majors Club; Intramural Sports. BARBARA MARSTON, Adanta, B.S.Ed.; AOPi, 2nd V. Pres.; Zeta Phi Eta, Treas.; Sweetheart of Delta Tau Delta; B. S. U. MARTHA JO MATHEWS, Toccoa, B.S.Ed.; B. S. U. JAMES D. MATHEWS, Athens, B.S.Ed.; Scabbard and Blade; Wesley Foundation, V. Pres.; Pi Tau Chi, Pres.; Advanced A. F. R. O. T. C; P. E. Majors Club, Sec.-Treas.; Student N. E. A. 66 M-N Education First Row: GARY H. McAULEY, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; Varsity Traclc and Swim- ming Team; F. T. A. GUVTON S. McLENDON, JR., Fitzgerald, B.S.Ed.; Dixie Rcdcnat Band; Arnold Air Society. GEORGE M. McMICHAEL, Quitman, B.S.Ed.; Art Students League; Glee Club; Sigma Nu. MARGARET RANDOLPH MERIWETHER, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; Canterbury Club; A. C. E.; U. G. I. F.; Delta Delta Delta. JEAN KATHERINE MIDDLETON, Waycross, B.S.Ed.; Phi Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta. VIRGINIA ANNE MILTON, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres.; Phi Delta Thcta Sweetheart; Pan-Hellenic. JULIA MORGAN, Savannah, B.S.Ed.; Canterbury Club; Phi Mu, Sec. MARGARET MORRIS, Appling, B.S.Ed.; University Chorus. Second Row: BARBARA MULHERIN, Augusta, B.S.Ed.; Chi Omega; Sigma Nu Sweetheart; W. A. A., Pres. CAROLE J. MURPHY, Washington, B.S.Ed.; Music Education Club; Mixed Chorus; Forestry Wives Club. LINDA E. NEASE, Savannah, B.S.Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Women ' s Glee Club, Business Manager; Wesley Foundation; Pi Tau Chi; Kappa Delta Epsilon. EVELYN O ' QUINN, Hull, B.S.Ed. JO BETH NEWSOME, Columbus, B.S.Ed.; F. T. A.; A. C. E.; W. S. G. A. Third Row: ROSE MARIE WILSON, Rossville, B.S.Ed.; Triquctra, Corres. Sec; Dixie Redcoat Band; Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; U. R. S. A. Minor; T. A. G.; F. T. A., Publicity Chairman. A f ■; A. i- I- ?ai- ; Ll ' aS. iiaiHA } D .. NAN DANNER: Z Club; W. A. A., vice president; Alpha Omicron Pi, secretary; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. EDUCATION STUDENTS find that their academic life centers around Peabody Hall. Education P-S MARTHA AMELIA PHILLIPS, Crandall, B.S.Ed.; Gamma Sigma Sigma. KATHERINE PILCHER, Warrcnton, B.S.Eci.; Chi Omega: W. A. A.; N. E. A. GEORGE WILLIAM POSS, Thomson, B.S.Ed.; Varsity Basketball, Co-Captain; Varsitv Track, Cajitain; Varsity Swimming; Gridiron; Phi Delta Thcta. JANE POStoN, Blue Riilgc, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega, Scholarship Chairman; Wesley Foundation, A. C. E. JACQUEUNE L. POWELL, Augusta, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi, V. Pres.; Pan-Hcllcnic. Treas.; Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Trcas.; Angel ' s Flight; University- Chorus; Women ' s Glee Club. KATHERING RAGSDALE, Lithonia, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; N. E. A.; W. A. A. DANA KAY RAGSDALE, Athens, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Kajipa Delta Epsilon, Treas.; Student Union Executive Board; Wesley Foundation; N. E. A., Treas.; A. C. E., Pres.; Pi Tau Chi; Zodiac; Profes- .sional Woman of the ' i ' car from College of Education. GEORGE W. RENO, JR., Commerce, B.S.Ed. DOROTHY JUNE RE ' YNOLDS, Cairo, B.S.Ed.; Pi Beta Phi, Historian; Newman Club; Georgette; U. R. S. A. Minor; Gamma Sigma Sigma. EVELYN HORTON REPPARD, Dade City, Fla.; B.S.Ed.; Chi Omega; W. A. A.; W. S. G. A. JAMES A. REWIS, Tifton, B.S.Ed.; Demosthenian; Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain; I. F. C. PATRICIA WYNELLE RHODEN, Pelham, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega, Lyre Editor; Modern Dance Club; A. C. E. TOM TOLBERT RICHARDSON, Palmetto, B.S.Ed.; Argonauts; Independent Men. 1ST LT. MARVIN ROSENSTEIN, Ft. Benning, B.S.Ed. EDITH FAY RUBIN, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; HiUcl; Delta Phi Epsilon, House Pres. SAUNDRA SANDS, Waycross, B.S.Ed.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. JANICE LOUISE SAPP, Savannah, B.S.Ed.; History Club; Wesley Founda- tion. THERON SAPP, Macon, B.S.Ed.; Varsity Football, Captain; Arts Club; F. T. A. ELAINE COHEN SAUL, Charleston, S. C, B.S.Ed.; Delta Phi Epsilon, Sec; Hillel; U. S. R. A.; Education Club; Law Dames. LORETTA SILVER, Rossville, B.S.Ed.; B. S. U.; Triquetra. VICTOR A. SIMONELLI, JR.. Westboro, Mass., B.S.Ed.; Sigma Nu; P. E. Club. ' WILLIAM THOMAS SIMONTON, Griffin, B.S.Ed.; Varsity Track; G Club. BARBARA JEAN SIMPSON , Hapeville, B.S.Ed.; Triquetra; Transfer Aide Group; Wesley Foundation; Triangle; N. E. A. EMELYN SLATON, Canton, B.S.Ed.; Triquetra; B. S. U.; N. E. A. FAYE LaVERNE SMITH, Watkinsville. B.S.Ed.; University Chorus. PATRICLi ELIZABETH SMITH, At- lanta, B.S.Ed.; U. R. S. A. Major; Maiorettes, Captain; Kappa Delta Epsilon, V. Pres.; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian; Angel ' s Flight, Commander; U. G. R. A.; Symphonic Band. QUEON PAUL SMITH, Jefferson, B.S.Ed. MARTHA SMITHERS, Columbus, B.S.Ed.; Pi Beta. Phi; P. E. M. Club; W. A. A.; Rutherford Dorm, V. Pres. JOHN MACK SPATES, LaGrange, B.S.Ed.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Ma PI, Ire r JANE EAGER: W. S. G. A., chairman of cabinet; Pi Beta Phi, president; Mortar Board, president; Who ' s Who. 68 MARY ANN HILL: Alpha Delta Pi, treasurer, president; Who ' s Who. JOAN NORRIS, Atlanta, B.S. Music Ed.; Dixie Redcoat Band; Little Civic Svmphonv Orchestra: M. E. N. C; Triquetra; Triangle. EARL LEE OLIVER, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; nixie Redcoat Band; A. P. O. CLAUDIUS OSCAR O ' NEAL, Atlanta, B.S.Ed. NANCY SANDRA PERMENTER, Jacksonville, Fla., B.S. Ed.; Phi Mu; W. A. A.; Bulldog Club. HOWARD RAY STAPLES, Hoschton, B.S.Ed. KATHRYN STEIS, Pine Mountain Valley, B.S.Ed.; U. R. S. A. Major; Newman Club, V. Pres. HELEN JANE STEPHENS, Calhoun, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega; Jr. Pan-Hellenic; W. A. A.; P. E. M. Club, Pres.; Dance Club. CAROLYN STRICKLAND, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; Chi Omega; W. A. A.; N. E. A. SUZANNE SUTTON, Adiens, B.S.Ed. GEORGE F. SWEAT, Savannah, B.S.Ed.; Sigma Chi, V. Pres.: Geechee Club, Pres. WILLIAM H. TEAT, Lindale, B.S.Ed.; Scabbard and Blade; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Phi Kappa, Pres.; Student N. E. A., Pres. ELIZABETH TUCKER HOOKS, Macon, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi, V. Pres.; W. A. A.; P. E. M. Club. JAMES TYSON, Gainesville, B.S.Ed. JOE L. VERNON, Cumming, B.S.Ed. SIDNEY C. WESLEY, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; Kappa Delta, U. G. I. F., Treas.; Kappa Delta Epsilon. HAROLD F. WHEELER, Canton, B.S.Ed.; Industrial Arts Club. SYLVIA LEE WHITE- SIDE, Rockmart, B.S.Ed.; Triquetra, Pres.; Student Council; College 4-H Club, Pres.; Ag Hill Council; Student N. E. A.; Mortar Board, Treas. MARTHA ANN WIGGINS, Augusta, B.S.Ed.; Triquetra; University Chorus. MARY ANNETTA WILDES, Brunswick, B.S.Ed.: Kappa Alpha Theta; W. S. G. A.; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Mortar Board, Editor; W. A. A.; Greek Chaiilains Club; Universitv Chorus. CAROLYN WHITE WILLIAMS, Round Oak, B.S.F.d.: W. A. A.; ' U. G. I. F.; P. E. M. Club; Kappa Delta. MARY JOEL WILLIAMS, Rhine, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; B. S. U.; A. C. E. I.; Student Union; University Chorus. ROBERT WILLIAMS, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; Kappa Alpha. PEGGY ANN WISE, Winder, B.S.Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; Panhellenic; F. T. A.; A. C. E., Treas.; W. S. G. A.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon. NAMON WISE- MAN, Rome, B.S.Ed. BARBARA ANN WOODALL, Barnesville, B.S.Ed.; W. W. A.; Bulldog Club; N. E. A.; Phi Mu. ELIZABETH GRANT YORK, Adanta, B.S.Ed; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres.; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi: Panhellenic; Mortar Board. DOROTHY ANN YOUNG, Cedartown, B.S.Ed.; Canterbury Club; Chi Omega. BETTY YOUNGBLOOD, Decaftir, B.S.Ed.; Kappa Delta; Christian Organization, Treas.: W. A. A. ROSALIND ZUCKER, Augusta, B.S.Ed.; Tennis Club; N. E. A.; P. E. M. Club; W. A. A. 1 .««ifi3S . KENNETH L WATERS. Dean of the School of Pharmacy. Pharmacy THE Pharmacy School is second oldest as a department of the University. In the four year program, students not only take chemistry and biological sciences but also courses in business administration and liberal arts. In addi- tion to the theoretical pharmacy courses, special emphasis is placed on practical pharmacy. The students work in spotless laboratories under the conditions they would encounter in actual prac- tice. They provide a valuable service to the Univer- sity for many of the medicines used in the University infirmary are prepared in the laboratories of the School of Pharmacy. The graduates of the school are capable of taking their places in the retail store, assuming positions in pharmaceutical sales work, taking advanced work, and entering research laboratories. A SPECIAL FEATURE OF THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY ARE THE WELL EQUIPPED PHARMACOLOGY LABORATORIES WHICH ARE AVAILABLE TO THE STUDENTS. ' ' W- Bed ddet as 1 J«j not only t « EBtaatocouf .Jcoitfies under • ptac- WOMEN face highly favorable conditions in pharmacy with certain special opportunities found in no other field. HARD WORK is the key to enable mastery of the tough curriculum that the pharmacy school offers its students. THE SCHOOL SEEKS coordination between the scientific and cultural courses and instruction of a technical nature. Pharmacy A-M First Row: LOUIE ALLEN, Cartersville, B.S.Phrm.; A. P. H. A.; Kappa Psi, Regent. SHIRLEY JEAN BAKER, Tucker, B.S.Phrm.; Alpha Chi Omega; Lambda Kappa Sigma; A. P. H. A. DUANE E. BLACK, Clarkcsville, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; ' Rho Chi, Pres. COLQUITT P. BRACKETT, Cohutta, B.S.Phrm.; Phi Delta Chi, Treas.; APhA. FRANK M. BROADRICK, Dalton, B.S.Phrm.; APhA. CHARLES R. BYARS, Gnftin, B.S.Phrm.; Varsity Football; G Club; APhA. BOBBY C. BURNLEY, Augusta, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; Kappa Psi. CHARLES D. CATO, Louisville, B.S.Phrm.; APhA. P O Q .p, Second Row: CLIFFORD CHAPMAN, Tennille, B.S.Phrm.; Alpha Tau Omega. PHILLIP COOK, Macon, B.S.Phrm.; Kappa Psi; APhA; Student Council. EDDIE FRANK DANIEL, Griffin, B.S.Phrm.; APhA. EVELYN V. DEKLE, Jesup, B.S.Phrm.; Lambda Kappa Sigma, Pres.; APhA, Sec; Georgia Pharma- cist; Prc.tessional Panhcllcnic. LUTHER LF TON DENTON, JR., Broxton, B.S.Phrm.; APhA, Pres.: Kappa Psi, Historian; Rho Chi; Georgia Pharmacist, Assistant Editor; B. S. U.; Pharmacy Sr. Class Pres. ii fcl Ho : ' IIF MOOSt. ' • l l JAMES MALCOLM KLING: Aghon; Alpha Zeta; Blue Key; Who ' s Who. Third Row: THOMAS F. EVANS, Dublin, B.S.Phrm.; Kappa Psi, APhA. JOHNNY J. FLOWERS, Adel, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; Dixie Redcoat Band; A. F. R. O. T. C. Band; Freshman Scholarship Award. LEONARD FRIEDMAN, Au- gusta, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dixie Redcoat Concert Band. BEV- ERLY JEAN FRYE, Clarkesv ille, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; Georgia Pharmacist; Lambda Kappa Sigma, Vice Pres. ZENIOUS HARKLEFORD, JR., Douglas, B.S.Phrm.; Kappa Psi. Treas.; APhA; Georgia Pharmacist, Advertising Man- ager; Lambda Chi Alpha; B. S. U. i Fourth Row: CUNTON WADE HODGES, Sandersville, B.S.Pharm.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Psi; APhA; Disciples Swdent Fellowship. VANCE C. HOLT, Griffin, B.S.Phrm.; Kappa Psi. WILLIAM POSEY HORTON, Athens, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; A. P. O. CHARLES L. JACKSON, Valdosta, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; Phi Delta Chi. WILLIAM C. JOHNSON, Rcsaca, B.S.Phrm.; Pi Kappa Phi, Pres.; Phi Delta Chi; APhA; B. S. U. J. RONALD JOWERS, Ambrose, B.S.Phrm.; APhA, Treas.; Kappa Psi, Sec; Rho Chi: Georgia Pharmacist, Editor; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. FRED E. LEE, Waycross, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; Kappa Psi. JAMES M. McNEW, Ringgold, B.S.Phrm. li Hi, o, p,. ,Q M-W Pharmacy First Row: GRADY L. MEEKS, Alma, B.S.Phrm.; APhA. ROGER A. MILES, Carrollton, B.S.Phrm.; Phi Delta Chi; APhA; X Club; Independent Men. SAL- lilUl. LIE MOORE, Nicholls, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; Lambda Kappa Sigma; Kappa Psi Sweetheart; GEORGIA PHARMACIST, Business Manager. GLENN PALMER, McRae, B.S.Phrm. MARVIN W. PECK, JR., Sparta. B.S.Phrm.; Si ma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Psi; APhA. CLARICE TOMPKINS RABURN, Augusta, B.S.Phrm.; Lambda Kappa Sigma; GEORGIA PHARMACIST, Activities Ed.; APhA. ERNEST REDDIE, JR., Augusta, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; Phi Delta Chi, Pres. BENJAMIN L. ROBERTSON, JR., Bvron, B.S.Phrm.; APhA. Second Row: TERRY SMITH, Portal, B.S.Phrm.; Kappa Alpha. ROGER Y. SPITTLE, Mt. Holly, N. C, B.S.Phrm.; Phi Delta Chi, Sec; Rho Chi, V.-Pres.; APhA, Student AssisLmt. ROY ALLISON TYSON, Eastman, B.S.Phrm.; Kappa Psi, V. Regent; GEORGIA PHARMACIST, Sports Editor; APhA. THOMAS L. VARNER, JR., Athens, B.S.Phrm.; Phi Delta Chi, V.-Pres.; APhA. Third Row: JOHN ALLEN WENISCH, Teaneck, N. J., B.S.Phrm.; Bulldog Club; APhA; Freshman Baseball; Delta Tau Delta, Pres. WILLIAM McKIN- LEY WOO, Augusta, B.S.Phrm.; B. S. U.; Men ' s Glee Club; Reed Hall Treas.; Argonauts, A. P. O.: Reed Hall Chaplain; APhA. GAIL L. WOOD, Spartan- burg, S. C, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; Lambda Kappa Sigma; GEORGIA PHAR- MACIST, Co-editor. ROBERT PAUL SIKES, Cobbtown, B.S.Phrm.; Kappa Psi, Recording Sec; APhA. fl Fourth Row: WAYNE T. PICKARD, Augusta, B.S.Phrm.; APhA; Kappa Psi. NED MARTIN FRANCO: Alpha Epsilon Pi, vice president; I. F. C, secretary; Who ' s Who. ON " PHARMACY DAY, " FACULTY AND STUDENTS GATHER AND AWAIT THE PROGRAM PRECEDING THE BANQUET. 73 MARY SPEIRS, Dean of the School of Home Economics. Home Economics TPhe School of Home Economics of the Univer- J- sity of Georgia spreads its influence from the yellow-bricked Dawson Hall on Ag Hill throughout the state. The program offered by the school is nec- essarily wide and varied for it must encompass the many phases of the field of general Home Economics as well as preparing women for professional fields. Majors are offered in Dietetics, Home Demon- stration, Clothing and Textiles, Housing and Home management, Home Economics education. Experi- mental Foods, Institutional Management, Nutrition, Home Economics Journalism and Family Develop- ment, as well as general Home Economics. The school also maintains four Home Manage- ment Houses which are occupied by junior or senior students for one quarter. Eight students and a House Director living in a family atmosphere, put to use the principles gained through their courses in Home Economics. HOME EC students check the emperage of an electrical current — a valuable technique for a future homemaker. ONE OF THE practical skills learned in Home Ec classes comes to the aid of this student who is fitting a dress. ACTIVITIES provided for by the school program are wide and varied, encompassing many phases of Home Economics. MOST OF THE HOME EC STUDENT ' S CAMPUS LIFE AND CLASS TIME IS SPENT IN DAWSON HALL, THE VIRTUAL CENTER OF THE HOME EC. SCHOOL. Home Education A-E MARTHA BELLE ADDISON, Rome, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Omi- cniti Pi, Corresponding Sec.: Angel ' s Flight, 2nd. Lt.; Gam- ma Sigma Sigma; Baptist Student Union. FRANCES BEAS- LEY, Dixie, B.S.H.E,; Wesley Foundation. ANNE STEW- ART BLACK, Atlanta, B.s ' .tLE.; Kappa Delta, Treas.; U. G. I. P.; U. R. S. A. Major. SUSAN BROWN, Bamhridge, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Delta Pi. MARTHA E. BRUMLEY, St. Mary ' s, B.S.H.E.; Pi Beta Phi, V.-Pres.; W. A. A. MACY BUTTRILL, Decatur, B.S.H.E.; Ztta Tau Alpha; Pep Club. BILLIE J. CARTER, Pelham, B.S.H.E.; Zeta Tau Alpha. CLARA JANE CHASTAIN, Avondale Estates, B.S.H.E.; . " Mpha Delt.i Pi, Corresponding Sec; Homecoming Court, ! ' )57; Pandora Beautv Court, 1958; March of Dimes Court, 1 ' I5X. ELIZABETH CLONTS, Powder Springs, B.S.H.E.: U. R. S. A. Major; Homecon Club; Math Club. SANDRA NEWBERRY: Tri- que+ra, secre-fary; vice presi- dent of Senior Class; Who ' s Who. ELEANOR ANNE COLLINS, Camilla, B.S.H.E.; Delta Delta Delta, Prcs.; Junior Pan-Hellenic, Pres.; Pan-Hellenic, Treas. NAN DANNER, Athens, B.S.H.E.; W. A. A., Pres.; Dolphin Club, Pres.; Tennis Club, V.-Pres.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Sec; Phi Upsilon Omicron, " Z " Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board. CAROLYN ANN DAVIS, Valdosta, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Sec, V. Pres.; Homecon Club; Red and Black. JANICE DENNEY, College Park, B.S.H.E.; Homecon Club; Alpha Gamma Delta, Recording Sec. DOROTHY ANNE DOZIER, Thomson, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Chi Omega, Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta; F. T. A.; Homecon Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron. AN- NETTE DUKE, Flowerv Branch, B.S.H.E.; Homecon Club; Baptist Student Union. PEGGY ANN EATON, Decatur, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres.; Homecon Club; .Alpha Gamma Rho Sweetheart; Women ' s Glee Club, Bus. Mgr. MARY ELIZABETH EWING, Ocilla, B.S.H.E.; Kappa Delta, Dolphin Club. Li y- UNDERSTANDING THE PRINCIPLE OF ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS IS OF NECESSARY IMPORTANCE TO FUTURE HOMEMAKERS. 76 F-L Home Education JANE FEW, Decatur, B.S.H.E.; Wesley Foundation; Gamma Sigma Sigma. JOANNE GRAHAM, Atlanta, B.S.H.E.: U. R. S. A. Major; Homecon; An- gels Flight; Pep Club; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres.; Pan-Hellenic. MARTHA ANN HALEY, Carrollton, B.H.S.E. LAVONIA FAYE HAMMACK, Docrun, B.S.H.E. ELIZABETH HAMPTON, Winterville, B.S.H.E.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Up- silon Omicron, Corresponding Sec; Phi Tau Chi, Treas.; Wesley Foundation; Homecon. PATSY N. HARRIDGE, Madison, B.S.H.E.; Kappa Alpha Thcta. Pres.; Mortar Board. Advisor, Chairman; U. R. S. A. Major. PRISCILLA HINSON, Pelham, B.S.H.E.; Delta Delta Delta, House Pres.; W. S. G. A., Representative; Bulldog Cluh. ELAINE HUFF HOLLIS, Bcthcsda, Md., B.S.H.E.; Women ' s Glee Club. JOYCE C. HOOD, Decatur, B.S.H.E.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Homecon. MARY ANN JACKSON, Ringgold, B.S.H.E.; Homecon; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec; Weslev Foundation. BUNNY JAMES, Blackshear, B.S.H.E.; Homecon; Alpha Chi Omega; Wesley Foundation. LOUISE JAMES, Blackshear, B.S.H.E.; Homecon. ELIZABETH J. JONES, Adanta, B.S.H.E.; Homecon; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Tnquetra, U. G. R. A.; U. R. S. A. Minor; Weslev Foundation. DIANE KELLEY, Jacksonville, Fla., B.S.H.E. SARA EUZABETH KIRKLAND, Manchester, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Delta Pi. NORA ANN LANGFORD, Augusta, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Glee Club, Sec-Treas.; Homecon. MARION LEONE LEACH, Greenville, S. C, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Chi Omega, V.-Pres.: Dolphin Club; Glee Club; Pep Club; W. S. G. A. MARY ANNE LEAKE, Rossville, B.S.H.E.; Triquetra, Treas. Wesley Foundation: Gamma Sigma Sigma; Phi Upsilon Omicron; CANDLE, Editor. MARION I. LEGO, Jefferson, B.S.H.E. CAROLYN JANE LEITNER, Irmo, S. C, B.S.H.E.; Zeta Tau Alpha. b SUSIE RAINEY: Thefa Sigma Phi, vice president; Gamma Alpha Chi, president; RED AND BLACK, women ' s editor; Who ' s Who. Learning cooking skills is an intricate process. Home Education S-W THE SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS HAS A VARIED CURRIC ULUM TO ACCOMMODATE THE MANY PHASES IN THE FIELD. H - PAT First Row: KAYE LILLY, Lilly, B.S.H.E.; B. S. U.; Homccon; Triquetra; Women ' s Editor, Georgia Agriculturist. SHIRLEY ANN LOWREY, Rome, B. S. H. E.; 4-H Club; Homccon: Triquetra. STELLA LUCAS, Washing- ton, B.S.H.E.; Homecon; Triquetra; Trianjjle. BEVERLY ANNE MALLARD, Watkinsville, B. S. H. E. MAIREE MASSEY, Athens, B.S.H.E. JAN MAYHEW, Atlanta, B.S.H.E.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Recording Sec; Homecon; Women ' s Glee Club: W. A. A.; Bulldog Club. LILLIAN McCURLEY, Elbcrton, B.S.H.E.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; Angels Flight; Cheerleader; Home- coming Court; Women ' s Chorus; Wesley Fo undation; Homccon. LOUISE McDonald, Quitman, B.S.H.E. Second Row: PATRICIA McMILLAN, Tifton, B.S.H.E.; B. S. U.; Homecon; Triquetra. BETTY SLOAN MILLER, Colquitt, B.S.H.E.: Alpha Gamma Delta: Homecon; Home Ec Student Faculty Committee. MARTHA THELMA MILLS, Byron, B.S.H.E.: Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treasurer; Alpha Gamma Delta, V.-Pres.; Homecon, Secretarv, Rush Advisor; Home Ec Student Faculty Com- mittee. SANDRA NEWBERRY, Ellijay, B.S.H.E.; Triquetra, Secretary; 4-H Club, Sec: V.-Pres., Senior Class: Homecon. SYLVIA ODUM, Campton, B.S.H.E.; Triquetra; 4-H Club; Homecon. HELEN PARKER, Elliiay, B.S.H.E.; Triquetra, Historian; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec; Homecon, Prcs.; 4-H Club, Reporter; Student Council: Ag Hill Council; Phi Upsilon Omicron, V.-Pres.; Professional Pan-Hclknic Sec. VANDILLA PURDOM, Nahunta, B.S.H.E. ELIZABETH JANE REYNOLDS, Cairo, B.S.H.E.; Georgettes; Dixie Redcoat Band; Newman Club; Homecon; Pi Beta Phi, Program Chairman. f a 78 S-W Home Education First Row: PATRICIA WHITE SAYE, Atlanta, B.S.H.E.; AOPi; Glee Club; V. A. A. EVELYN SMITH, Greenville, S. C, B.S.H.E.; Triquctra, Treas.; 4-H Club; Homcccmi Ruthc;rf, ril Hall House Council, Treas.; Triangle. MADGE ELIZABETH SEWELL, Ncwnan, B.S.H.E.; Women ' s Glee Club; Homecon, Pres.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Georgia Agriculturist, Staff; H. S. U. CAROL STROUD, McDonousrh, Homecon. DOROTHY ANNE TAPPAN, Athens, B. S. H. E.; 4-H Club, Pres.; Homecon, V.-Pres.; Wesley Foundation; Pi Tau Chi; Triquetra: Miss Home Economics Court; College -f-H Citizenship Award. FAYE AUGUSTA THARPE, Pcrrv, B.S.H.E.; Delta Delta Delta; Homecon; W. A. A. ROSEMARY THARPE, Bvron, B.S.H.E.; Delta Delta Delta; A. C. E., Pres. SYLVIA TRAPNELL THOMPSON, Lyons, B.S.H.E.; ADPi. Second Row: MRS. SARA DASHER TOUCHTON, Ray City, B.S.H.E.; Home- con; Wesley Foundation. SHIRLEY TRAMMELL, Cumming, B.S.H.E.; Tri- quetra; Homecon; -l-H Club; B. S. U.; Georgia Agriculturist. JAYNE C. TURNER, Broxton, B.S.H.E. MARGIE UPSON, Savannah, K.S.H.E.; Canter- bury; W. A. A.; Phi Mu. SHEILA MAE WHITE, Adanta, B.S.H.E.; Delta Phi Epsilon; Commercial Service Club, Pres.; Mortar Board; Hillcl; Outstanding Sophomore, ' 57; Honor Student. 58. EUGENIA WILKES, Decatur, B.S.H.E.; B. S. U.; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec; Triquetra: Intramural Softball; Alpha Lambda Delta. BETTY ANNELLE WILSON, Dublin, B.S.H.E.; Homecon; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron. GAIL WOREL, Athens, B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Di.vie Redcoat Band; Homecon. 2 JUMES GROUP IN HOME EC 490 OBSERVE MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF PRE-SCHOOL CHILD. 79 ALLYN M. HERRICK, Dean of the George Foster Peabody School of Forestry. Forestry THE George Foster Peabody School of Forestry, established in 1906, is the oldest school of for- estry in the South and one of the largest in the na- tion. Within the School is located a complete saw- mill, planer, edger, naval stores gum cleaning plant and pilot still, experimental pressure treating cylin- der, wood strength testing equipment and other wood utilization tools. More than 2,000 acres of forest land are under management by the school and serve as field laboratories for class work. The School carries on three types of services: teaching of professional forestry to students desiring to make forestry their career, performing extension work with the farmers and landowners through the Agricultural Extension School, and doing research at the Griffin and Athens Experimental Stations. The importance of conserving the nation ' s resources is stressed in the school. 80 GOOD LABORATORIES WITH GOOD EQUIPMENT AID THIS FORESTRY STUDENT IN WIS EFFORTS IN RESEARCH ON PLANT GENETICS. ,, : ' ' ' ' STRANGE SIGHT to outsiders Is " bottle graft " or genetic studies designed to produce superior generation of trees. GREASEDPOLE CLIMB Is attempted by students on " For- estry Day, " the annual field day sponsored by Forestry Club. k r T ' m h IP ? ' ' wk Forestry A-P G. A. ALBRITTON, Valtlosta, B.S.F.; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. JOHN S. ALSUP, Dublin, B.S.F.; Forestry Club. JAMES C. ARNOLD, Albany, B.S.F.; Forestry Club. ROBERT T. ATKINSON, Madison, B.S.F.; Forestry Club. FRANK L. BATES, Meansvillc, B.S.F.: Forestry Club. W. C. BECKHAM, JR., Fargo, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters. EARL BEN- NETT, Adel, B.S.F.; B. S. U.; Demosthenian; Independent Men; Forestry Club, Reporter; Society of American Foresters. JOHNNY CARL BREWER, McRac, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters; 4-H Club; A. B. A. C; Independent Men. JAMES CASTLEMAN, CollcRe Park, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Society of Amer- ican Foresters. GLYNN S. CHESSER, Folkston, B.S.F.; Forestry Club, Treas.; Xi Sigma Pi. Indcpentlent Men: Society of American Foresters. PETER P. CHICK, Walpole, Mass., B.S.F.; Phi Kappa Tau, V.-Pres.; I. F. C; Forestry Club; Canterbury Club; Society of American Foresters. TRAVIS P. COOK, McRae, B.S.F.; Kappa Alpha; Forestry Club. CHARLES DILLER, Washington, D. C, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Theta Chi. BILLY G. EDENFIELD, Metter, B.S.F.; Student Council, V.-Pres.; Alpha Gamma Rho, Vice Noble Ruler; Arnold Air Society; Argonauts, Comptroller Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters: Circle K Club Distinguished Military Student. GEORGE FLANDERS, Scotland, B.S.F. Alpha Gamma Rho; Society of American Foresters; Forestry Club. EARL M GARRETT, JR., North Charleston, S. C, B.S.F.; Theta Chi; Forestry Club: Staf?, Cypress Knee. LEON H. HARKINS, Murravville, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Society of Ameri- can Foresters. LARRY HAWLEY, Cordele, B.S.F.; Phi Delta Theta; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Cypress Knee, Associate Editor; Scabbard and Blade; Var- sity Track ' ; Varsity Cross Countrv; G Club. JOHN H. JOHNSON, Mt. Vernon, B.S.F.; Forestry Club. JON P. LILES, Woodbine, B.S.F.; Aghon; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; X Club; Cypress Knee, Business Manager; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters. MARVIN H. LOVIN, Tcllico Plains, Tenn., B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi. ARCHIE T. MAULDIN, JR., Carnesville, B.S.F. ROBERT B. McDON- ALD, Lincoln, R. I., B.S.F.; Xi Sigma Pi. ARCHIE R. McEUEN, Nashville, B.S.F., Forestry Club. TED K. MELTON, Nashville, Tenn., B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters. ROBERT E. MOSTELLER, JR., Chatsworth, B.S.F. ROB- ERT NATHAN MURPHY, Washington, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Alpha Gamma Rho. JAMES L. O ' HAGAN, Fernandina Beach, Fla., B.S.F.; Sigma Chi, Xi Sigma Pi, Society of American Foresters; Forestry Club; A. A. K. FRANK O. PARKER, JR., Canton, N. C, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters. ROBERT C. PAULK, Brunswick, B.S.F. HIRAM PEELER, Athens, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Wesley Foundation, Pres.; Pi Tau Chi; Pershing Rifles; Alpha Phi Omega; Society of American Foresters. P i 82 .-1 P-W Forestry i - JAMES PIRKLE, Augusta. B.S.F.; Chi Psi. SAM T. RIGDON, Tifton, BSF- Forestry Club. MORGAN G. ROGERS, Cordele, B.S.F.; Forestry Club. JAMES A. ROBERTSON, HaBcrstown, Md., B.S.F.; Forestry Club; A. T. O., Sec; Scabbard and Blade. AUSTIN K. SAVILLE, Rochelle, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Society of Amer- ican Foresters: Ag Club; Ag Hill Council. THOMAS ARNOLD SMITH, MiUedgeville, B.S.F.; Kev Club; Forestry Club; Alpha Gamma Rho. GEN- ERAL FRANKLIN STATEN, Statcnville, B.S.F.; Forestry Club. CAY G. STOKES, Albany, B.S.F.; Kappa Sigma; Society of American Foresters. HOWELL R. STOVALL, Leesburg, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Sigma Nu. RUSSELL LEE TYRE, Decatur, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Cypress Knee, Editor, 1959; Aghon; Society of American Foresters. MICHAEL C. VINSON, Dillard, B.S.F. WAYNE E. WELCH, Atlanta, B.S.F. ; Wesley Foundation; Society of American Foresters; Wild- life Society; Glee Club; Forestry Club. CHARLES R. WILLIAMS, Forsvth, B.S.F.; R. O. T. C; Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi; S. A. F. ROBERT F. WILLIAMS, Rossville, B.S.F.; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters. CHARLES J. WILSON, Manning, S. C, B.S.F.; Forestfy Club; Westminster Fellowship; Veterans Club. PAUL W. BRYAN, JR., Thomasville, B.S.F.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Society of American Foresters; Forestry Club; Baseball; G Club. c: . p ft,, p- PAUL BUNYAN COMES TO LIFE ON FORESTRY DAY AS STUDENTS COMPETE IN EVENTS WITH TRUE LUMBERJACK SPIRIT. THOMAS J. JONES, Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine. Veterinary Medicine y V DEGREE COURSE in veterinary medicine was first offered at the University in 1918 when a professional curriculum in a division of the Col- lege of Agriculture became activated. That course was discontinued in 1933, and formal training in this field was not offered until the present School of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1946. The first two years of professional study are devoted to basic and pre-clinical classroom and laboratory courses; the last two years are largely concerned with clinical training in the classroom, laboratory, large and small animal hospital areas, and ambu- latory clinics. The School has made many improvements and advancements. The School is now housed in a mod- ern brick building which serves as a complete ani- mal hospital and also contains a modern research department. :!ne •:kCo1- ;: course • •r,:iinj in : -hoolot ::s»(i to iwratoO ' -ints ail ' .jinoJ- . - !£ ani- - reel " : ' ' DELEGATES FROM Russia ' s Departmen+ of Agriculture were im- pressed with the method of administration of the flying syringe. STUDYING THE principles of radiology and fluoroscopic techniques, students are introduced to the therapeutic use of X-ray during classes. A UNIVERSITY STUDENT admits his sick pet to the Outpatient Clinic and Hospital at the Vet School. STUDENTS AND STAFF MEMBERS AHEMPT TO CALM A DISEASED HEIFER AS A HYPODERMIC FOR INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION IS PREPARED. Veterinary Medicine B-M First Row: DANIEL A. BLACKMAN, Cairo, D.V.M.; A. V. M. A.; Alpha Psi. JOHN P. BOHANAN, Convcrs D.V.M.; O. T. S.; A. V. M. A. JAMES B. BOSTIC, JR., Castlcwoml, Va., D.V.M.; Southeastern Veterinarian. M. D. BOULEWARE, D.V.M. OLIVE KENDRICK BRITT, Arhngton, Va.. D.V.M. ; Phi ,Sij;nia: A. V. M. A.. Prcs.; Honor Court; Southeastern Veterinarian. H. RANDALL BRYANT, West Cohimbia, S. C, D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; A. V. M. A. WILLIAM M. COLWELL, Blairsville, D.V.M.; A. V. M. A.; B. S. U. WILLIAM T. DERIEUX, Blythewood, S. C, D.V.M. Second Row: J. ROBERT DUNCAN, Athens, D.V.M.; A. V. M. A., Pres.; O. T. S.; Kappa Alpha: Alpha Zeta; Southeastern Veterinarian. DONALD S. FINCHER, Matthews, N. C, D.V.M.; Phi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Aghon; Alpha Psi; Blue Key; Alpha Zeta; Gridiron; A. V. M. A.; South- eastern Veterinarian; Independent Men, Prcs. D. E. GOODMAN, Olanta, S. C, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A. V. M. A.; Wesley Foundation. CLARENCE W. GRIFFIN, Wakefield, Va., D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A. V. M. A. JOHN B. HOLL AND, Vienna, Va.; D.V.M.; A. V. M. A.; Phi Sigma; Southeastern Veterinarian; Alpha Psi. DON FINCHER: Alpha Zeta; Aghon, treasurer; Blue Key; Gridiron; Campus Leader; Vet School; Honor Court; Who ' s Who. Third Row: FREDERICK ALBERT INGLE, Tucker, D.V.M.; Southeastern Veterinarian; A. V. M. A.: O. T. S. AUSTIN RAE JOHNSON, Ravbord, N. C, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A. V. M. A. JAMES MALCOLM KLING, Menlo, D.V.M.; Aghon, Sec; Alpha Zeta; Blue Kcv; Phi Sigma; Southeastern Veterinarian, Editor; Ag Club, Trcas. W. P. KNOX, Yorktown, Va., D.V.M. JAMES L. KUPPER, Gumming, D.V.M.; A. V. M. A.; O. T. S. Fourth Row: ROBERT P. KWAPIEN, Silver Spring, Md., D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A. V. M. A. JOHN C. LeMAY, Henderson, N. C, D.V.M.; Senior Class Representative, A. V. M. A.; Alpha Psi; Juror of Honor Court. WILLIAM G. LORD, Roanoke, Va., D.V.M.; O. T. S.; A. V. M. A.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Zeta; Honor Court; Southeastern Veterinarian. RICHARD " LORELLE, Brooklyn, N. Y., D.V.M.; A. V. M. A.; Alpha Psi. WOOD MARKHAM, Binghamton, N. Y., D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A. V. M. A. JOHN A. MAYO, Hanover, Va., D.V.M.; A. V. M. A., Pres.; O. T. S., Pledge Master; Blue Key; Honor Court; Aghon; Southeastern Veterinarian. DON WOODY McMILUAN, East Point, D.V.M.: Alpha Psi; Pershing Rifles; A. P. C; Scabbard and Blade; Argonauts. GEORGE WILLIAM MECKLEY, Warner Robins, D.V.M.; O. T. S.; A. V. M. A.; Southeastern Veterinarian. M-Y Veterinary Medicine ■» DWAU) S. " • " " ' ' «a Eiskiii; ' ' « tf. .a,S,C ' • « ' - lOHX B. ' 4k r c . Q First Row: DONALD O ' QUINN MORGAN, Star, N. C, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A. V. M. A. JOHN M. PAGET, Greer, S. C, D.V.M.; A. V. M. A.; Omega Tau Sigma. WILUAM H. PRYOR, Radford, Va., D.V.M.; Alpha Psi, Sec A. V. M. A., Sec.i Southeastern Veterinarian; Student Honor Court. HUGH M SCOTT, Wavneshoro, D.V.M. FRANK J. SICCARDI, Easton, Md., D.V.M O. T. S.: A. V. M. A. CALEB JACK SNOW, Mt. Airy, N. C, D.V.M. STAN- LEY STEINBERG, Richmond. Va., D.V.M.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma Hillel; Varsity Tennis ' 54- ' 55; A. V. M. A.; Pentathalon Champion in ' 55 Southeastern Veterinarian. EDWIN TANNER STILL, Monroe, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Southeastern Veterinarian; A. V. M. A. Second Row: GARRETT WALTHALL THORNTON, JR., Decatur, D.V.M.; O. T. S.; A. V. M. A. ROBERT F. TWILLEY, Griffin, D.V.M.. SARAH JANE UHRICH, Chew Chase, Md., [XV.M. JOHN WILLIAM WATSON, Hampton, Va., D.V.M. ROBERT W. WHITEWAY, Atlanta, D.V.M.: A. V. M. A.; O. T. S., Pres.; Southeastern Veterinarian, Business Manager. ROBERT DEAN WHITING, Concord, D.V.M.; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Sigma; A. V. M. A.; Alpha Psi, Reed. Sec. GREGORY LEE WINTERS, Baltimore, Md., D.V.M., A. V. M. A.; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Psi. Third Row: DON M. WITHERSPOON, Lamar, S. C, D.V.M.; O. T. S., V. Pres.; A. V. M. A.; V. I. F. C. DARRELL E. WOOD, Tv Tv, D.V.M. WILLIAM GLENN YOUNG, Bainbridge, D.V.M.; A. V. M. A.; Alpha Psi, Pres.; V. I. F. C; Phi Sigma, Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Blue Key; Southeastern Vet- erinarian, Asst. Editor; Honor Court. JULIAN HALL EDWARDS, Rich Squares, N. C, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi, A. V. M. A. THESE STUDENTS REALIZE THAT STUDYING ANIMAL STRUCTURE, AN ESSENTIAL PART IN PREPARING FOR VET MEDICINE. w v a: J. ALTON HOSCH, Dean of the Lumpkin Law School. Law DESIGNED TO GIVE a thorough knowledge of the Anglo-American system of common law and to familiarize the student with statutory laws with which he will deal, the courses offered in the Lumpkin School of Law place emphasis on teaching the student how to make practical appli- cation to the legal principles he learns. The School, operating under the case method of study, provides instruction in the drafting of legal instruments by requiring the student to prepare, under supervision, contracts, leases, deeds, wills, charters, and other legal documents. The School of Law was established in 18 59. A member of the Association of American Law Schools, the school and its instruction are approved by the American Bar Association and the Georgia Bar Association. 88 mi an L ' Georpa A FORMAL ATMOSPHERE for informal study is the scene in a classroom at the Law School as students prepare for the Bar Exam given in February and September. THE LAW student must seek and search for himself to find answers of legality. NAMED IN honor of Harold HIrsch, Class of 1901, the Law School is housed in a handsome building erected in 1932. LAW STUDENTS study actual cases contained in the many books within the law library supplied with 75,000 volumes. DISTINGUISHED ALUMNS, FACULTY, AND STUDENTS DISCUSS CASES AND OPINIONS AT MORNING COFFEE ON " LAW DAY. ' ALLISON WADE: Student Council; Honor Court, Chief Justice; Law Student Advisory Council, president; Student Editorial Board of " Georgia Bar Journal, " editor; Who ' s Who. First Row: RONALD J. ARMSTRONG, Greene, N. Y., LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta: Food Tech Club; Men ' s Glee Cluh. UNDSAY H. BENNETT, JR., Rossville, LL.B.: Pres., Senior Class; Sec.-Trcas., Junior Class; Who ' s Who; International Handshakers; Sphinx; Gridiron; Omicron Delta Kappa; .X Club; Phi Delta Phi; Sigma Chi; Honor Court. JACK THOMAS BRINKLEY, Face- ville, LL.B.; National Moot Court Competition; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice; Asst. Editor-in-chief, Student Editorial Board, Georgia Bar Journal; Assoc. Justice, Honor Court; V. Pres., Second Year Law Class; Case Club; Book Award Winner; Student Advisory Council, HARRY L. CASHIN, JR., Augusta, LL.B.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi, Magister; Phi Kappa, Pres.; Student Council; I. F. C; Gridiron; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Greek Horsemen. Second Row: JAMES ROBERT COOPER, Augusta, LL.B.; Gridiron; Chief Justice, Honor Court; Phi Alpha Delta, Pres.; Pres., Second Year Class; Pres., Student Advi.sory Council; Sigma Chi. ROBERT A. CRONIN, Savannah, LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Kappa Sigma, Master of Ceremonies; Newman Club; Geechee Club; Dcmosthenian; Student Editorial Board. JONES E. DA ' VIS, Athens, LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta. DENNY C. GALLIS, Athens, LL.B.; Pres., Second Year Class; Student Advisory Council, Treas.; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice; Varsity Swimming; Top Ten Per Cent of Class. FRED ALBERT GILBERT, Athens, LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta. GERALD A, JACOBSON, Wavcross, LL.B.; Tau Epsilon Phi, Chancellor; Phi Alpha Delta. EDGAR LANIER JENKINS, Blairsville, LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Demosthenian; Political Science Club; Veterans Club. EDWIN R. JONES, Gastonia, N. C, LL.B.; Honor Court; Phi Alpha Delta, Treas. eft. fi f 4S5 , « |«t3»» . W S T K-W Law St 9: First row: JOHN KARAZULAS, Bridgeport, Conn., L.L.B.; Phi Alpha Delta, GEORGE LOCKWOOD KELLY, Augusta, L.L.B.: Kappa Sigma, Treasurer; I. F. C; Student Editorial Board of Georgia Bar Journal, Assistant Editor- in-Chicf. REGINALD M. McDUFFEE, Savannah, L.L.B. BOBBY C. MILAN, Fairburn, L.L.B. ; Vice President of 3rd Year Class; Student Editorial Board Honor Court; Phi Alpha Delta. CHARLES P. MILFORD, CarnesviUe, L.L.B. Phi Alpha Delta, Marshal. BEN B. MILLS, Fitzgerald, L.L.B.; Honor Court Phi Delta Phi; Student Editorial Board. JERRY LEE MINGE, Rome, L.L.B. Sigma Nu, Commander; Phi Delta Phi. HARRY nXON, Ocilla, L.L.B.; Phi Alpha Delta, Secretary. Second row: EDWARD S. SAMS, Adanta, L.L.B.; ATO; Phi Delta Phi; Student Advisorv Council; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class. CHARLES NORMAN SPENCE, Blakely, L.L.B.; Phi Alpha Delta. ALUSON WADE, Cordele, L.L.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Student Council; Honor Court, Chief Justice; Student Advisory Council, President; Student Editorial Board of Ga. Bar Journal, Editor-in-Chief; Blue Key; Academic Freedom Assoc. TERRELL C. WESLEY, in, Atlanta. L.L.B.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Men ' s Glee Club. ■•..;• ' Comtil; Honor -■ ' Advisory .:-; ' ' 3l W :ir Nw; Wko ' i JACK BRINKLEY: Second Year Law Class, vice president; Student Editorial Board of " Georgia Bar Journal " , assistant editor; Ptii Alpha Delta, Justice; Who ' s Who. THE LAWYERS GREATLY ENJOY THEIR BARRISTERS BALL HELD DURING THE TRADITIONAL MONTH OF FEBRUARY. I m- ■alENKKS. ) GEORGE H. BOYD, Dean of the Graduate School, Graduate r GRADUATE DEGREES have been offered by the University of Georgia since its estabHshment, but it was not until 1910 that a graduate school was officially opened. Prior to 1910 the graduate work of the University was supervised by the fac- ulty chiefly through its Committee on Graduate Courses. In 1910 the Board of Trustees set the work apart by the creation of the Graduate School and the appointment of its first dean. In 1940 a Grad- uate School faculty was established. The two basic purposes of the Graduate School are to promote thorough, creative and fundamen- tal scholarship and to provide advanced training in the professional and vocational field. The Master of Arts and the Master of Science degrees are of- fered in most major subjects. The Ph.D. is offered in English, Education, Mathematics, Zoology, Psy- chology, History, and Plant Sciences. 92 - ' ::.: tv the .•;•.■•• " . r ' -.-r ' ' ' ™ ' ' " • ' " • - -iJ ' jiK sdioo ' --Jl ■■i {raJiutt ' - ' H .■:vtliet3C- -•ifl - GndoJK ' V ■■-:Wrt • , • ni and !■•- . ;G ' ld- PRIVATE study carrel on the fourth floor of the Uni- versity library gives graduate student quiet place to work. A POLYGRAPH is examined by psychology students who experiment with recording tracings of different pulsations. GRADUATE student in radio-television journalism applies the techniques learned in the practical side of his courses. CHEMISTRY graduate work enables students to enter some fields of research or college teaching after completion. bOIUHHS BODIL AAS, Eidanger St., Norway. DARWIS ADNAN, Sumatra, Indonesia. JERRY CARLTON ALLEN, Columbus. SHEILA C. BAILEY, Athens. RONALD H. BROWN, J " ., ' ' ' ' ' 5- " p®r Dudley. THOMAS A. BRYSON, UI, Savannah, M.A. l ouncil; Khl Kappa ftW, beta Gamma Sigma. JOHN C. CALDWELL, JR., Atlanta. CLAUDIA ANN CAMP, Atlanta. FRANK H. CHOU, Tamsui, Formosa. ANNETTE COLEMAN, Reidsville, ( r Oi. MAXWELL TAYLOR COURSON, Hazlehurst, MA. ELSIE TODD DANIELS. Suches. JOHN CECIL DANIELS, Hahira. ERNEST WILUAM DENHAM, JR., Tampa, Fla., M.A. DENIS NUGARA, Chilaw, Cevlon, M.S. JESSE DAGOON, Manila, Philip- s, M.Ed. GEORGE COLQUITT DEAN, JR., College Park, M.S. ISABELLE DOWNEY, Opelika, Ala., M.S. WILUAM SIMPSON DUNAHAM, Winder, M.S. DURWOOD L. FIELDS, Hull. HARRY H. GILLAM, Ellijay. NIZAR HAMAD, Djeroud, Syria, U.A.R. a " ) CHARLES JACKSON HEARN, Bellville. WILLIAM M. HENRY, JR., Col- quitt, M.S.Ed, WILLIAM W. HIBBERT, HI, Adanta. SUSAN E. HIGGINS, Macon, M.S.Ed. H-P Graduates D it MELVIN W. HOEFLIN, Buffalo, N. Y., M.S. RICHARD G. HOUSTON, Athens. INA JONES, Mathews, M.S. AUDRIE GERMAINE KELTON, Warner Robins. MARVIN W. KING, Brunswick, M.S.Ed. ANN KIRBY, VaUlosta. HELEN H. LANIER, Mettcr, M.A. RAY COLEMAN MABEY, Canada, M.A, MADELYN McINTOSH, Atlanta. MEL McKEE, Kansas City, Mo., M.A. JACK A. MERCER, Pavo. GENE MICHAELS, Athens. U L.JJ: MARLENE MILES, Waycross. ROBERT MILES, Metter. THOMAS V. MORAN, Athens. ROBERT B. MOSS, Lincolnton, M.S. WILLIAM T. MOSS, Brunswick, M.S.F. SAID MUGHARBEL, Hama, Syria, U.A.R. ALICE NA, Djararta, Indonesia. JOHN F. NORMAN, JR., Homer- viUe, M.B.A. DOROTHY O ' BRYANT, Buford, M.F.A. TAKASHI OHARA, Ono-Cho Hiroshima-Ken, Japan. CECIL E. PALMER, Adanta. LILLIAN P. PECK, Macon, M.A.Ed. CECIL Q. PINKER- TON, Georsiana, Ala., D.Ed. EVERETT O. POST, Waco, Texas, M.A. dii MARCELLE H. PURCELL, Carnesvillc. JACK H. RAG- LAND, JR., Macon. MILDRED W. ROBINETTE, LaGrange. GAIL HEARD: Alpha Lambda Delta; Z Club; Cheerleader; Mor+ar Board; Who ' s Who. Graduates R-Z mu4 MARJORIE ROGERS, Franklin. RAFFAELE M. RON- CALLI, Milano, Italy. CAROLAN SALLEY, Augusta. R. W. SCHERMERHORN, Auburn, N. Y., M.S.Ag. ROY STEVENS SCOTT, Augusta, M.Ed. JACK SEGAL, Miami, Fla., Ph.D. in Math. WAYNE SHACKLEFORD, Carrollton. AURIOL N. D. SMITH, London, England. AUCE SOPHIA TATE, El- herton. Modern Languages. EARL LEONARD: Red and Black, editor; Omicron Delfa Kappa, vice president; Student Council; Alpha Tau Onnega, president; Who ' s Who. HORACE B. THOM, Athens. GRADY TORRANCE, Milledgcville. ELIZA- BETH ANNE VIRGIN, Atlanta. JACKIE WALTERS, Tifton. FRANCIS M. WATSON, JR., Atlanta, M.A.J. JUNE WATTS, Cordele. HARRY V. WIANT, JR., Athens. RAYMOND B. WILSON Decatur. BILLY M. YEARTA, Perry. JOHN PH. ZYNGAS, Nicosia, Cyprus. i GUILLERMO ARCINIEGAS, Colombia, South America. JAIME CEVALLOS, Portovieio, Ecuador. ALBERTA FORCADAS, Badalono, Spain. JAMES M. FREELAND, Augusta. I Irregulars B-M Law ERIC HENDRICKS, Atlanta. HARALD G. JULSRUD, Oslo, Norway. BEVERLY R. PALiMER, Atlanta. SAMUEL M. SMITH, Sharin, Pa. RUTH V. THORNTON, Morgan. WAYNE WOODS, Athens, M.S.A. in UiDiniHnMfi ps n " ■ Jik p r ' :? h " Ci Wllo, :!:.j ' ill FLETCHER N. BALDWIN, JR., Athens. RONALD BARFIELD, Thomaston. GEORGE A. BELL, JR., Cuthbert. REGINALD BELL, Atlanta. _ |- EMMET J. BONDURANT, Athens. GERALD L. BURROWS, Waycross. FRED S. CLARK, Savannah. FRED V. COLELLA, Hamden, Conn. L. VALDI COOPER, Augusta. CECIL G. DAVIS, Colum- bus. WILLIAM A. DAVIS, JR., Valdosta. STANLEY E. HARRIS, JR., Savannah. MICHAEL E. HARRISON, Brunswick. GEORGE J. HEARN, HI, Monroe. BEN SWAIN McELMURRAY JR.: Gridiron; X Club; Pan- dora, editor; Kappa Alpha, president; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Kappa, president; Sphinx; Who ' s Who. BEN SWAIN McELMURRAY, JR., Augusta. HERMAN PERRY MICHAEL, Bogart. WILLL .M W. MILLER, Macon. 4ii Law-Vet JAMES NORMAN PEASE, II, Columbus. DALLAS L. PHILLIPS, Daniels- villc. BOBBY RALLY, Macon. ALBERT NEWELL REMLER, Savannah. MARVIN T. SIMMONS, JR., Donalsonville. RALPH M. SNOW, JR., Athens, KEN STULA, Colchester, Conn. MATT THOMPSON, II, Monroe. GENE E. WATTS, Chester, S. C. ARON WEINER, Savannah. [I[MiHK!ll[DICIH[UKD[liaHnil[l DONALD C. ANDREWS, Athens. BOB BENNETT, Madison. ED H. BLACKBURN, Danen. LARRY M. BLANKEN, Silver Spring, Md. D- .C Cy BEN BRACKETT, Athens. LOREN BUCKANON, JR., Victoria, Va. LAMAR CANNON, Blakcly. RICHARD CECIL, Marriottsville, Md. EDWARD L. CHANDLER, III, Greenville, S. C. JAMES DERRELL CLARK, Auburn. WILLIAM H. CLARK, Ringgold. WALTER C. COTTINGHAM, JOHN N. DALTON, Bamberg, S. C. AUGUSTINE L. DAVIS, Onancock, Va. WILLIAM DOUGLAS DEAN, Louisburg, N. C. RICHARD F. DITT- MAN, JR., Atlanta. 98 D-R Vet WILLIAM C. DRIGGERS, Sumter, S. C. ROBERT J. ECKROADE, Cradock, Va. RYLAND B. EDWARDS, Smithfield, Va. JAMES A. EIDSON, JR., Johnston, S. C. DAGMAR HELENE ENDORF, Augusta. W. DAVID FLETCHER, Jones- ville, Va. GLYNN H. FRANK, Hyattsville, Md. JAMES F. GAINES, Alexandria, Va. JAY W. GILPIN, Savannah. JOHN I. GRAY, Stokes, N. C. DON H. GWYNN, Henderson, N. C. ROBERT S. HARDWICK, Wrightsville Beach, N. C. SAMUEL S. HARRELL, Athens. HARRY H. HEMPHILL, HI, Athens. JOHN M. HERRMANN, Athens. JOHN M. HETRICK, JR., Baltimore, Md. HOWARD G. FADER, Baltimore, Md. JAMES H. HOWARD, JR., Ports- mouth, Va. RICHARD M. HOUGH, Mt. Airy, Md. HOWARD A. HURLEY, College Park. W. A. INGLETT, Bradenton, Fla. FRED C. ISEMINGER, ArUngton, Va. JAMES A. JARRETT, Rome. WILSON JOINER, Albany. HJ-ia tma ik ' M BERT M. KALET, Winston-Salem, N. C. DOROTHY M. KALET, Winston- Salem, N. C. WALTER C. KAUFMAN, HI, Catonsville, Md. NORVAL W. KING, JR., Salisbury, Md. RALPH KING, Rockmart. TERESA MARY KOELBER, Baltimore, Md. G. DONOVAN KRUCHKO, Danville, Va. C. B. LOWERY, JR., Warner Robins. imAM 99 Vet M-W ii 4li ROBERT P. MAGDERBURGER, Gaithersburg, Md. JAMES J. MARTIN, Decatur. G. R. McCAHAN, Anilcrson, S. C. WAYNE L. McGEE, JR., Starr, S. C. REMBERT L. McLENDON, Dawson, Ga. WILLIAM D. MILLER, Pulaski, ' rrr Va. BERRY W. MOONE, Gray. GERALD A. MOSSELLER, Cottage City, Md. JAMES I. MOULTHROP, Salisburv, Md. AMOS E. PALMER, Middlcton, Md. JAMES W. PALMER, Camilla. BILLY S. PERRYMAN, Lewisvillc, N. C. NEIL D. PORTER, WiUiston, S. C. HUGH M. POWELL, Smyrna. KATHERINE PRESTWOOD, Lenoir, N. C. EDWARD LEE ROBERSON, Conctoe, N. C. ARNOS N. ROGERS, JR., Jcsup, Ga. FRED W. SIGLER, Mt. Jackson, Va. WILLIAM M. SIMS, JR., Avondale Estates. JAMES L. SMALLEY, JR., Dublin. 1 GEORGE B. SMITH, Decatur. TERRY W. STAGGS, Landrum, S. C. f JIMMIE STRICKLAND, Claxton. JAMES D. TANNER, Atlanta. EZEKIEL FRED THOMAS, Sarasota, Fla. FLOYD R. WAGNER, JR., Albany. DONALD W. WALDRIP, Gainesville. WILLIAM AUBREY WEBB, Bowman. BILLY WEEKS, Greenville, S. C. BRUNSON M. WESTBURY, St. George, S. C. W. R. WILSON, Keysville, Va. 100 d ft It ft SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS elected this year include Harry Hendrix, president; Sandra Newberry, vice-president; and John Keasler, secretary-treasurer. THE SENIORS OF 1959 are ready for the long awaited graduation date. They are ready to face the future and what it will hold for them: providing for themselves, making decisions, marrying and rais- ing families, and facing problems as adults. What- ever the case, formal schooling has come to an end. In addition to the hours spent in class and in study, the senior has learned to cooperate and associate sen- sibly with other people. This experience in college can never be duplicated. However, what the senior has learned in actual life experiences here at the Uni- versity can never be measured by a grading system. The opportunity to learn has always been present. The senior year means a general feeling of " know- ing the ropes. . . . " Perhaps a chance to get into reg- istration a little more quickly, walking in the senior parade on Homecoming day, ordering a senior ring. Along with the pleasant, a few unpleasantries may be remembered . . . rainy Athens we ather, term pa- pers, lost ball games, or failing a few tests. These four years have passed and graduation is near. The men and women of the 19 59 senior class will soon be leaving the University. Through the experience and knowledge gained they will do so confidently. JUNIOR CLASS Junior Class Officers for 1958-59 are Nelson Goldman, president; Cherry Newton, vice president; and Don Cole, secretary-treasurer. Abel, Howard G Hemstead, N. Y. Acree, Joseph M Calhoun Adams, Jack Augusta Adams, Raymon Sewanee Adamson, Albert R Morrow Adamson, Walter C Rebecca Akin, Elmer Carrollton Aldridge, Larry Juliette Alexander. Richard Newnan Alexander, Ruth Forsyth Allen, Cyrus C Gainesville Allen, Vick Folkston Anderson, Ann S Society Hill, S. C. Anderson, Robert H Augusta Anderson, Tony P Hawkinsville Anderson, Wyatt Brunswick Arnold, Carr oll E Baxley Arrington, Wallace J Bowdon Astin, Ada M Augusta Avery, Philip Soperton Baggs, Wm. Hunter Augusta Bagley, Janice Chatsworth Bailey, Julius E Fitzgerald Balkcom, Rachel Macon 102 . JUNIORS fT o n p. fs p n Banks, Peter L Barnesville Bargeron, Peggy Waynesboro Barron, Rochell Moncks Corner, S. C. Barton, Jan Marietta Braswell, Carol Americus Bass, George Donald Pelham Baxter, Angela Teinple Becton, Ed Pooler Bedingfield, Lindsey Cadwcll Bennett, Joan Add Benton, Terrell Jefferson Bernard, Gregory Waynesville Berson, Louis Poolan Bewthall, Ruben Rich Square, N. C. Billue, Avys D Irwinton Binion, Jack Newnan Birchmore, Betsy Athens Blackburn, Ann Columbus Blevins, John M Marietta Blondheir, Herbert Columbus BoUes, Alice Atlanta Bond, Martha E Cedartown Bonner, Don Carroll ion Boulus, Norman Augusta Bowers, Mary C Greensboro Bowden, Richard Atlanta Bowden, William Athens Bowen, Midge Swainsboro Bowman, Phyllis J Rock Spring Boyd. Albert E Moultrie Boyd, Constance Jacksonville, Fla. Boykin, Pat Chattanooga, Tcnn. Brake, Ann Macon Brake, Ann Atlanta Brake, William E Washington Brantley, Francis D Harrison Bridges, Lucy J Atlanta Brittingham, Jerry Columbus Brown, Clarence Lake City, Fla. Brown, Gwyndolyn Carrollton Brown, Ira Washington Brown, Lois Charleston, S. C. Brunson, Marilyn Albany Burch, Sarah F Fayetteville Burnside, Tommy Thomson Burroughs, Edwina Pete Cairo Burton, Jimmy R Athens Byars, Harry B Jonesboro Cadle, Anne Tucker Caglc, Bobby Moultrie Callaway, Mary Nell Ringgold Caldwell, John W Silver Spring, Md. Cameron, George W McRae Camp, V.Judy Rockmart Campion, Elizabeth Fargo Cape, Carolyn S Cordele Campos, Pedro Puerto Rico Carmichael, J. D Adel Carpenter. Jot Arlington, Fla. Carpenter, Nancy Greenville, S. C. i ' M M 103 JUNIORS ff ' - x " Carroll, Patricia L Macon Carswcll, Eugene P Quitman Carter, Damon Carrollton Carter, Joe L Alma Carter, Melvin H Cuthbert Carter, Tommy Savannah Casey, Truitt Royston Castleberry, Curley Suwanee Castorina, A. Salvador Pcnsacola, Fla. Cates, Jo Anne Forest Park Cato, Beverley Louisville Chamlec, Al Wrightsville Chaplin, Lena Ann Columbus Chappell, Sandra Plains Charles, Kathryn E .... Miami, Fla. Chew, Christine Augusta Childers, Dan J Covington Chrietzberg, Agnes .... Decatur Cleghorn, David Dunwoody Clements, Franklin Eastman Cloud, Arlen B Dawson Cole, Donald Augusta Clifton, Marlin Savannah Cochran, Emmett T Chatsworth Coody, Marcus Covington Cone, Barbara Boston Cook, Anne C Athens Cook, Charles R LaGrange Cook, Patricia Ashley Fitzgerald Coyburn.Jean Marietta Cohen, David Max Macon Coleman, James Shellman Connally, Evelyn Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Corley, Cynthia Columbus Cornelius, Billy Nashville Cox, Jerry Broxton Cox, Sylvia Conway, S. C. Crane, James W Cleveland Crawford, Betty J Athens Crawford, James R Augusta Crosby, Freddie Waycross Cross, Frances Clayton Crow, Priscilla Augusta Culpepper, Marion C Talbotton Culpepper, H. Stuart Andalusia, Ala. Crutchfield, Bill Rome Cunningham, Earl Madisonville, Ky. Damianos, Ramona Clarkesville Daprano, Dolores E Atlanta Davidson, Joy Thomson Davis, James H Adel Davis, Sandra Atlanta Dawson, Barbara W Marietta Dean, William Adel Deedy, Kenneth J Valley Stream, N. Y. DeLoach, Dennis R Statesboro Dennis, Troy R Atlanta Dickey, Linda Kingsport Dixon, Parker Dewy Rose Dixon, R. Clark Kite f% P P n f n 104 r ' Oft 00 iv. 9 p. Q P ! - iT f A (! . O. Oi A O Ci o n n Dorminey, Claude Enigma Dorsey,Dick Atlanta Downs, Jon F Atlanta Downs, Mary Ann Bogart Driver, Martha Royston Dubose, Carl E Nahunta Dukes, Eva C Norcross Dunn, James L Butler Duvall,Carl East Point Dykes, Gerald Valdosta Eberhart, Donald E Talmo Eberhart, Robert T Comer Eck,Pat Savannah Edge, Loretta Soperton Eidson, Caswell Newnan Eipp, Donald G LaFayette, N. Y. Elder, Mack Athens Ellis, Dale Blue Ridge, Tenn. Ellis, Evelyn Joyce Marietta Ethridge, Billy Americus Ethridge, RobertW Sparks Ethridge, Sara Griffin Exley, Tommy Springfield Fagon, Helen Cochran Falcone, Alfred E Schenectady, N. Y. Fargo, David R Hartford, Conn. Ferguson, Robert B Charlotte, N. C. Ferrell, Ann Savannah Fesperman, Hannah Waycross Few, Lindsey Apalachce Few, Susie Apalachee Field, Lucy Decatur Fields, Roy E Milledgeville Fleming, Harriett Spartanburg, S. C. Ford, Earl G Camilla Fortson, Mary L Elberton Forrester, Gay Leesburg Fouche, Nancy Ellaville Foughner, Jim Savannah Fouts, Bennie H Gainesville Fowler, Homer S Griffin Foy, Robert L Orlando, Fla. Flanders, MacGregor Carrollton Frazier, Robert D Sparta Freeman, Daniel J Gainesville Fulford, Robert Wrightsville Fullilove, Carlton Athens Furr, Guilford E Charlotte, N. C. GafI, Latrelle Fitzgerald Gaines, Kathryn Atlanta Gardner, Gail F Douglas Garland, John W., Ill Macon Garner, Clayton Soperton Garrard, Mary Ann Washington Garrett, John Sandersville Gibson, James C Columbus Gissendanner, Ausley S Moultrie Gissendanner, Clarence E Athens Glass, Bryan Albany Gober, Billy E Greensboro JUNIORS isk Goin.Bill Alma Goldman, Nelson Atlanta Goldstein, Paul Newton Centre, Mass. Graham, Jo Anne Atlanta Graiser, Sheldon Sylvester Granade, James A Savannah Graham, Win St. Petersburg, Fla. Grant, Jerry A Gainesville Grant, Terry Savannah Gratigny, Jerome A Macon Green, James B Cartersville Greene, Jo Ann Douglasville Greene. Patricia Augusta Greene, Sue C Thomasville Griffith, Barbara A Maxeys Grimsley, Mary L. Augusta Guill, Marshall Sparta Guthrie, Jack N Danville, 111. Gwynn, Barbara Augusta Haavie, Frances Cedartown Hagan, Harry S Watkinsville Hairston, Martin Atlanta Haizlip, Sara Eatonton Hall, James M Warner Robins Ham, Dorothy Nahunta Hankinson, Elizabeth Augusta Haney, Barbara Buford Hardigrce, Dorothy Watkinsville Harper, Charlie G Fairburn Harper, M. Geraldine Nahunta Harper, Harriett Westminster, S. C. Harrell, Gloria Eastman ri i a n a CO n o, a O Afciii l Su f ii Harrell, Jeanne Waycross Harris, G. Dennis Vann; Harris, Joyce LaGrangc Harris, Pat L Atlanta Harrison, JoAnne Columbus Haskins, Burt S Macon Hatcher, Ronald Moultrie Hawk, Selby Franklin Hawthorne, Robert Gordon Haygood, Martha P Lcxincton, S. C. Haynie, George R Toccoa Head, A. K Decatur Head, Sarah G Miami, Fla. Hcam, Betta C Augusta Hecklin, Rochellc Chattanooga, Tenn. Hefner, Beulah Clarkcsville Helton, Charles Parrott Hemer, Nancy L Melrose Park, 111. Herrin, Eugene L Cornelia Higginbotham, Norma E Washington Hinton, Sue Atlanta Hobbs, Harold D Dexter Hobbs, Jack Cuthbert Hobgood, Edwin Canton Holland, Altoona Dalton Hollingsworth, Angie Carrollton Hollis, Anne Rutledge Hooper, Elolse Athens Home, Lunelle Cochran Home, Veraon W Norman Park Hotchkiss, L. E Statesboro Howe, Don B Tallapoosa Howell, Lawton W Warner Robins Hudson, Brose Lavonia Huff, Harold L Athens Huggins, Arlene Atlanta Hughs, Nancy Athens Hughes, Patricia Augusta Hunter, Eugenia Simpsonvillc, S. C. Hyett, William D Brasstown, N. C. Irwin, Harold W Rye, N. Y. Imes, Chester R Lake Worth, Fla. Jackson, Choycc Washington James, Carlton Athens James, Jimmy D Homerville Janney, Annette LaGrange Jarrett, Charles L Dalton Jarrett, Leah Mae Rome Jarrett, Wick Adairsville Jay, Randoll A Augusta Johnson, Constance Savannah Johnson, Donnie Lee Columbus Johnson, Janet Talking Rock Johnson, Jimmy Augusta Johnson, Patricia Athens Johnson, Travis Ray City Jones, Marion Canton Jose, Harold Bismarck, N. D. Joyner, Ann D Enfield, N.C. Kaminis, Carol R Waverly JUNIORS ( tPj H CK M «m jiS ■i 1 T 44.e-Ji JV43 JJJ — — tT » . •■ w. ■4 l%I- 1 k -v. c. .: j j|Q ijjj f r. ff ! " !lill wSm UHBB|fa KT " Vi k. r f-l i|y(|p|fii| HR 1 m[ H A THRONG OF STUDENTS GATHER AT THE ARCH TO CHEER THE DOGS ON AT ONE OF THE BIGGEST PEP RALLIES AT THE UNIVERSITY THIS YEAR. M ik Kegler, Melvyn New York Kcnn, Al Mac Bloomingdale, N. J. Kesler, Norma J Athens Ketchie, Norman L Macon Kight, Joe Clarkston Killian, Frank M Franklin, N. C. King, George C Augusta Kinney, Anne Atlanta Kirbcrg, Edna Y Albany Kirby, Carolyn Newnan Kluttz, Jo Ann Gastonia, N. C. Knott, Carroll Atlanta Knox, Harriet Thomson Koger, James E Washington Lamb, Jimmy C Hazlehurst Landrith, Horace W Seneca, S. C. Langford, Carol Hawkinsville Langford, Carolyn Bogart Langford, Martha A Pendergrass Lapp, Loma Savannah Lawson, Andrew Lowell Warner Robins Ledden, Dennis R Cuthbert Lee, Nancy College Park Lee, Tommy Nicholls Leeger, Nancy Albany Lester, Hugh H Wintcrville Leutwyler, Frank Savannah Lewis, Manley C Athens Lewitt, Marilyn Thomasville Lichtenstein, Ilene Atlanta 108 Q ( JUNIORS p. ' " Q © Ci A © O iO i . o. rk£M A Ctlfr ' AJ Lightfoot, Lynn Atlanta Lipthratt, Charles Brunswick Linglc, Peyton L Avondalc Estates Lindgrcn, Mary J Atlanta Little, Becky Augusta Little, J. W Jeffersonville Long, Johnny Decatur Ix ng, Shelton Hinesville Longino, Clare Decatur Lett, Judy K Douglas Loyd, James O Americus Luke, DeLacy Statcsboro Lunceford, Kay Statesboro Lurey, Barry N Madison Maloney, George R Augusta Marion, Robert R Augusta Martin, J. Darvin Canton Mathis, Fred H Lindale Matthews, Carl W Talbotton Mauldin, Carolyn Sycamore Maxwell, Carol Lou Athens Maxwell, Charles E Athens Mayher, William E Columbus McCord, Bill Sylvester McClure, Donald W Athens McCormick, Cliff E Jekyll Island McDaniel, Travis Smyrna McDougald, Albert B Statesboro Mclntyre, Darrell Athens Mclntyre, Edward Fitzgerald McKinley, Ronald Rochelle McLaughlin, Lewynn Decatur McLeroy, Martha Bogart McMichael, LeRoss Columbus McNeill, Donald R Augusta Meadcrs, Genie Adanta Mercer, Franklin E Albany Merkley, Jack W Buffalo, N. Y. Metcaff , Gary E Adiens Midkifl, Marilyn Decamr Miller, Billie I Macon Miller, Earl W Dudley Miller, James C Elberton Milligan, Luther W Trenton, Tenn. Mills, Pope R Cordele Minchew, M. Daniel Baxley Mitchell, Anne B Tenille Mixon, John Kite Moody, Virginia Newnan Morgan, Carole Comer Morgan, Franklin F Vienna Morgan, Mary C Springfield Morris, Bennett Pearson Morris, Oliver T Augusta Morton, W. Carter Jackson Murphy, Edgar O Forest Park Myers, James Danielsville Nash, Herman Athens Newton, Cherry Statesboro Nolan, Anna E Rockmart £Mdk JUNIORS A i . ' •■«, Neal, Judy Atlanta Nemec, Beverly Savannah Newman, Leon E Hawkinsvillc Newsom, Edward E Bndgeboro Nichols, J. C Valdosta Nichols, Robert R Macon Nicholson, Jerry Athens Nix, Benny Gainesville Nix, Eugene Bremen Oettmeier, William M ' Fargo Oliver, Ann Lyons O ' Neal. Hugh L Jackson Oilman, Betsy Chamblee OtwelLJane Gumming Ozmorc, Sheila Warner Robins Pace, James M Bainbridge Papageorge, Evangeline Atlanta Poge, Nancy Marietta Page, Roger NichoUs Parker, Patsy Atlanta Patchin, Art Augusta Patterson, Bill E Mctter Palmer, Claire Covington Palmer, Connie Cleveland Paris, Paula Blairsville Parkman, David S Carrollton Pate, Sybil Wynone Hapeville Paul, James T LaFayette Payne, Claude D Suchcs Payne, Patsy Whitestone Peavy, James V Perry Pettit, Dova Cartersvillc Phillips, Louis E Union Point Pierce, Hal Lavonia Piercy, Mary Athens Pinfield, George W Albany Pinncll, Jeryl Eastman Pirkle, John E Gumming Piatt, Julianne Graniteville, S. C. Pollock, Constance Monroe Pollard, Irene R Rome Ponder, Jackie Thomasville Pope, Howell K East Point Porcher, Charlie H Savannah Porterficld, Gloria Colbert Pottorff, Clarence W Endicott, N. Y. Powell, Dolores Athens Prcscott, Russell E Fitzgerald Purser, Donald Ray Cochran Quinn, Larry Copperhill, Tenn. Rachelson, Jerry Atlanta Randall, Sylvia Rockmart Reese, Maria Augusta Reese, Robert Erwin,Tcnn. Reeves, Joel F Thomaston Reeves, Paula Barncsville Rhcney, Joe L Tennille Ridgcway, Caroline Madison Riley, Allen E Kingsland Rimes, Marvin Statesboro Oi Q P O ,4iy 9:- P- ( dk .. ' t - . C O ' f ' IKSSS k hA o ( n p. o 4ife JUNIORS Ritchie, Dorothy Athens J0f A Rivers, James A Stapleton P ■ Rives, WUliam H Valdosta ■ • » ' ' ' ,. " ' Roark.JohnH Atlanta ' ' Roberson, Janis Brunswick i ' - Roberts, Kirby Sylvania d| , iV Robertson, Betty Athens j frn! Robertson, Laura Macon ,f - I I 1 Rush, Patrick Greenwood, S. C. l " " " M ' - " ' JT Russell, Carl P Annapolis, Md. L — V- A. Russell, James W Dublin ' Nt J - Sams, Frank H Reynolds iV II Sanders, Evelyn Comer J t tfV Sands, Gerald S Savannah f B I Sanford, Pentecost Atlanta m ' ■ Vt " ' Saye, Harry Athens . Z B| l C- Scheurcr, Nancy Ann Jacksonville, Fla. klp 3Ll f ' W Seeley. Robert H New York S W L M Segraves, Barbara Jo Fitzgerald K Seligman, Melvin Claxton | ; W W I Shadow, Joe Winchester, Tcnn. , ♦ - ' i Shahan, Mike W Rome - - I . Shalloway, Philip Daniel Alma ' ' ' W Shaw, John Cedartown B L V l ' ' V ' H Sheppard, Ann Savannah Sherrod, John C Knoxville, Tenn. Shirah, Sarah Ann Macon M ' ' Sholar, David Toccoa Shore, Betty Ann Baldwm Shupe, Joyce Neale Austell Sims, Barbara Jane Statham 0 % Sisson, Edward Jefferson I f 1 Slaughter, Carol Brunswick V " " ' " » Smith, Beverly Rome -— V- - Smith, Donald Watkinsville ' W_ ' W Smith, James K Wesson, Miss. tf Bk Mtt 1 Smith, James L Wrightsville Smith, Jo Ann Bartow Smith, Marshall Carlton Smith, Ronald C Gastonia, N. C. h - r-r " w Soulc, Valerie Dunwoody " - • k B Spencer, Tom W Clarkesville IM HT H Spangler, Sally Carrollton H KK Spratlin, Faye Athens I I F 1 Steine, Marilyn Atlanta „ W ' Stephens, Donald Sandersvillc , ' " • ' Stephens, Ronny D Athens . " Stevens, Alice Sunbury Plantation A feS|B Stevens, Max E Temple t: . fll k Stewart, Martha Cedartown W W m Still, Bruce R Lawrenceville aT " ' W " " ' f Story, Wilda Savannah ' »• ' ., -:, Stover, Jerald F Suchcs % ' Sullivan, Marion Atlanta A Mi lt Sullivan, Nancy J Columbus . 1 S Summers. Allen W Decatur W , tSr Sumner, Jimmy Perry Savannah B " " ' ' ' . Sumter, Fred N Albany k " fc ' - " Tallcy.Edwina Dublin ' " ' Tanner, W. Rhett Athens S il | JUNIORS Tansill, Gail Atlanta Tant, Betsy Atlanta Taylor, Forrest Talbotton Taylor, Olivia Add Tccl, Betty J Pine Mountain Temples, Susan E Decatur Mann, Terry R Moultrie Thackston, Emma H Statesboro Thigpen, Keith Tarrytown Thomas, Edison McRae Thompson, Brenda Decatur Thompson, Dixie Good Hope Thompson, Flozelle Alexandria, Va. Thompson, Martha A Douglas Tietjen, Marian Americus Tissura, Manuel Savannah Tolleson, Robert H Atlanta Trapp, Sandra Montezuma Tucker, Sandi Morristown, Tenn. Turk, George B Pitts Turner, Braxton B Thomaston Turner, Helen J Guntersville, Ala. Tyre, Harold Jesup Vandiver, Shirley Bogart Van Geuns, Margie Decatur Vaughn, Jackie Tampa, Fla. Vickers, Jimmy Moultrie Wagner, Richard Augusta Wakefield, Jeanette Royston Walker, Jimmy Miami, Fla. Walker, Stewart P Augusta Walker, Ted Union Point Wall, Ernst L Statesboro Wall, Rodney R Bainbridge Ward, Carolyn Douglas Wardlaw, Karen Nicholson Wardlaw, Louise Arabi Washington, Don G Carrollton Waters, Milton Blackshear Waters, William Dawson Watson, James W Pitts Weaver, Olin H Macon Weeks, ThomaL Charleston, Tenn. Wells, Armand D Savannah Wells, John A Commerce Werner, Virginia S Athens Westf all, Peggy Athens Whaley, Paula Shellman Whatley, Annice Cedartown Whitaker, Ann Sandersville Whitehead, Alice Gainesville Whitley, Wade H Albany Whittemore, Alton D Jefferson Whitworth, Jimmy Adairsvillc Wickersham, Charlie Washington Wiggins, James R Rockmart Williams, Charlie Lindale Williams, Robert L Montezuma Willis, Donald Augusta Willson, Geordie Atlanta n a. (9 i .a p Pi a J Q. O p J o, o n d. o. .o ftp JUNIORS Wilson, Elizabeth Macon Wilson, Gary Shellman Wimbcrly, Shirley Athens Winders, J. George Savannah Wingate, Jean Hinesville West, Arthur Winston Knoxvillc, Tenn. Witcher, Lois Bowman Wofford, Dewey B Canton Wood, Paul L Mclntyre Worthington, Joe L Ocilla Wright, Childs R North Spray, N. C. Wright, Olivia Toccoa Young, Jan Dawson Young, Robert L Ringgold SOPHOMORE CLASS ELECTED to serve as the sophomore class officers were president, David Fletcher; vice president, Flora Blount; and secretary-treasurer, Jerry Bowden. Abbott, John R Millcdgeville Adair, Evelyn Lakeland, Fla. Alderman, Peggy Moultrie Allen, Carolyn Columbus Allen, Sidney Decatur Almand, Jean Athens Ambrose, Ben Vienna Anderson, Diane Jacksonville, Fla. Anderson, Michael Jekyll Island Andrew, Laine Clarkesville Andrews, Betty Union Point Ansley, Shcpard Atlanta Appleton, Judy Athens Arnold, Faye Macon Atkinson, Barbara Garfield Atwood, Ted Augusta Bailey, Carl Dawsonville Bailey, Bill Tomah, Wis. Baker, Shirley Summcrvillc Balcom, James Athens Baldwin, Anne Madison Baldwin, Stanley Tucker Ballard, Don Menio Barfield, Bobbie Atlanta SOPHOMORES p dM Barrentine, John Ft. Gaines Barrett, Barbara Athens Barrett, Frank Decatur Bates, Joe Jenkins, Ky. Bates, William New York, N. Y. Becker, Michael Roanoke, Va. Beland,Bill Atlanta Bell, Everette A Senoia Benjamin, Bernard Providence, Ky. Bickerstaff, Ann Smyrna Black, Wanda Dalton Blackwell, Beth EUenwood Blalock, Tommy Quitman Blount, Carolyn Savannah Boatwright, Halley Augusta Bodenhamer, Jeanette Augusta Bondurant, Kay Athens Boone, Sharon Toombsboro Botsaris, Chris Adanta Bowden, Tom Atlanta Bowen,Ray Adanta Bragg, Charles Savannah Bray, Jerry Covington Breedlove, John Campton Brewer, Paschal Hinesville Bridges, Glenda LaGrange Brewer, George T Augusta Brightwell, Charles Maxeys Brinson, Robert Millen Brooks, James Jasper Brown, Paul Savannah Brown, Roscoe Twin City Brown, Walter Savannah Browning, Don Lavonia Bunten, Eddie Duluth Burton, Marie Toccoa Butler, Flo Atlanta Byars, Tommie Griffin Cain, Ronnie Griffin Callaway, Bobby Washington Campbell, Dale Macon Caraker, Jeannine Devon Carlton, James Hartwell Carpenter, Robert Ringgold Carson, Earl Monroe Carswell, Terence Millen Carter, Charles Jackson Casey, Gwen Atlanta Casey, Pat Savannah Cathy, Richard Adanta Chambers, Carol Adanta Chambers, Lajune Toccoa Chapman, Carolyn Cairo Chapman, George Collins Christian, Miriam Athens Christopher, Kenneth Sharpsburg Clark, Myra Atlanta Clark, Willis Stapleton Clements, Lawrence Macon Clifford, David Winston-Salem, N. C. 115 WaS Wfl • ' g spagisa-s-argB; Af m di I , ATli,4 SOPHOMORES f P. A A A - ' h rA Clifton, Ralph Metter Clocr, Patricia Biythc Close, Tom Savannah Clough, Marilyn Blackshear Coker, William Athens CoUettc, Jesse P Trion Collier, Charles R Wrightsville Collier, Paul T East Point Cone, Hudson Cairo " auger, Elizabeth Lexington Cook, Ann Forest Park Coupe, Linda San Francisco, Calif. Covvart, Linda Twin City Cox, Donald Alpharetta Crawford, Betty Athens Crisp, Mayneita Ringgold Cooper, Crawford Washington Crouch, Mickey Augusta Crawley, James L Athens Crow, Hubert A Gainesville Crumbley, Thomas C Savannah Culpepper, Charles Ft. Valley Custin, Henry C Bainbridge Damour, Edward Macon Daniel, Connie Salisbury, N. C. Daniels, William F Hawkinsville Darrah, Gordon Columbus Davis, Gay Swainsboro Davis, Polly Decatur Davis, Mercier Jefferson Davis, Tommy Marshallville Dell, Drucilla Waycross Denton, Jean LaFayette DePourcq, Frances Mogansville Der, Robert A . Lithonia Deriso, George Leslie Dimock, Sue Marietta Dokson, Judie Augusta Dominy, Taylor W Dublin Donaldson, Tommy Bainbridge Dunaway, Bill Marietta Duncan, Barbara Augusta Easterlin, Paul Andersonville Echols, Allen Washington Edwards, Dixie D Atlanta Edwards, John Macon Ellis, Norma Cedartown Elrod, Andrew Lavonia Emrich, Arthur Aiken, S. C. Etzcnhouser, Carol Savannah Evans, Sylvia A Fitzgerald Evans, WiUiam H Augusta Everitt, Zach Madison Fulghum, Jane Baxlcy Fulton, David R Myattsville, Md. Fussell, John S Fitzgerald Freeman, Ronald Macon Franklin, Robert L Rome Foy, Byron Rome Fonts, James Gumming . ft ft SOPHOMORES fe ■riTi Floyd, Kathryn Jasper Floyd, Edith Baxley Floyd, Donald Olanta, S. C. Fletcher, David Atlanta Fleming, Bill Griffin Fern, Rosalie Cordelc Fechtel, Carole Waycross Farr, Walter Tyrone Farmer, Troy Rome Falor, Barbara Atlanta Foster, Don Decatur Gacser, Elaine Williston, S. C. Garner, Beatrice Waynesboro Garrett, Jean Decatur Garrison, Peggy Athens Gay, Roy Vidalia Gibson, Mary A Columbus Gift, Mary L Kingsport, Tenn. Giles, Annette Athens Gillam, Ann Rome Gillian, Kenneth Swainsboro Gladin, Glynn S Warthen Gleaton,Hugh Warwick Goldstein, Roslyn M Georgetown, S. C. Goode, Nathaniel J Hawkinsville, Ga. Grady, Steve Savannah Gray, Warren Montgomery Greene, CHnton Gainesville FRANTIC class elections do not seem to bother these students who appear unconcerned about it. SOPHOMORES CAMPUS POLITICIANS GIVE ALL ELIGIBLE STUDENT VOTERS A SMILE AND SOME FREE LITERATURE DURING STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTIONS. Greene, Janclle Gray Griffin, Harold B Savannah Griffin, Robert Adel Griffin, W.M Washington Gross, Omcr S Vidalia Guill, Mary L Sparta Guillcbeau, Ted Thomson Gullett, Jean Atlanta Guthrie, Frank Augusta Hall, Duane Athens Hall, Jerry D Smyrna Halprin, Shelley Statesburg Haman,Jane Hillsborough, Calif. Hammond, Beverly A Rome Haneke, Carolyn Ft. Monroe, Va. Haney, Evelyn Thomaston Hankinson, Charles R Sylvania Hardigree, Mildred Watkinsville Harling, Pat Atlanta Harper, Harry Augusta Harris, Joyce Chatsworth Harris, Susan Wrens Harrison, Alice Austell Hart, William Waycross Hatcher, Bill Millen Hawkersmith, Joanne Tullahoma, Tenn. Henderson, Sara Watkinsville Hcndrix, Milly Atlanta Henke, Robert Duluth Hicks, Randall C Crawford 118 Higginbotham, Lynda S Brunswick Hill, Jerry Canon Hirsch,Melvin Columbus Hoagland, Bill Columbus Hodges, Lynda Sandcrsvillc Holcombe, John R Richmond Holcombe, Willis Duluth Holbrook, Linda Z Atlanta Holbrook, William Monroe HoUis, Cliff Buena Vista Holton, Charles M Sopcrton Hope, Terrill Adanta Hood, Aleene Waycross Hood, Ken Lawrenceville Hooper, Robert . . . . • Jefferson Jim Horton Athens Hosch, Hugh Gainesville Huling, Loretta Folkston Hull, Natalie Conyers Hurt, Susan R Cordcle Hutchinson, Sally Albany Jackson, Herbert Sparta James, Frank A Royston James, Peggy Adanta Jandrew, Bonnie Columbus Jelks, Leigh Reidsville Jernigan, Ann Newton Johnson, Carole Columbus Jones, Lynda Hcndersonville, N. C. Johnston, Paula Decatur Jones, Charlotte Baltimore, Md. Jones, Dan Cairo Jones, Elizabeth Dixie Jones, Paula LaGrange Jordan, June Mt. Crawford, Va. Kulct, Joyce Washington Karl,Berta Adiens Keaton, Peyton Colquitt Reiser, Don Dccattir Kee, Kenneth Newnan Kehelcy, Ann Newnan Kelly, Carolyn Mitchell Kesser, Anne H Norfolk, Va. Kicklighter, Mary K Reidsville King, Donald Marietta Lacky, Ronald Savannah Land, Theodore J Columbus Lang, Clarence Augusta Lanier, Linda Macon Lawhon, Robert Woodbury Lee, Howard Watkinsville Levin, Ken Adanta Lovell, Max Clayton Lovett, Mikell Waycross Lovett, Rosetta Waynesboro Maddox, Marjorie Bainbridge Maddox, Thomas Chatsworth Magill, DiAnn Calhoun Maguire, Sam Augusta Mahoney, Jimmy Dalton SOPHOMORES C Cs. f ft f ' Tfc ■ Mi o a pi o a Q n f- SOPHOMORES f , f: D p. r p o Ct). Bob Malcom Monroe Malonc, Jean Dublin Mallard, Marsha Watkinsville Mann, Samuel Atlanta Marcus, Rosalind Atlanta Maret, Charles D Lavonia Marlowe, Don Canton Martin, Bill Smyrna Martin, Charles L East Point Mayes, Louise Cartersville McBce, Polly A Cheyenne, Wyo. McElrath, Ellen S Sandersville McEntyre, Robert, Jr Marietta McKinnell, Ken Charlotte, N. C. McLanahan, Linda Elberlon McLean, James Waycross McLendcn, Edwin Oglethorpe McMurray, Ernest L., Jr Atlanta McWhite, Diana Atlanta Mercer, Albert S Dexter Middleton, Carol Washington, D. C. Miller, A. M Augusta Miller, Andy H Colquitt Miller, J. Marshall Hapeville Mills, Betty J Sylvania Monson, Jon P Savannah Moon, Charlsey Lithonia Moore, Horace E., Jr Augusta Moore, Marcia LaGrange Moore, Sara L Brunswick Morse, William E Atlanta Morton, James C Waycross Morris, Corrille Augusta Morris, Patsy M East Point Museley, Betty Atlanta Moses, Johnny B Twin City Moseley, James W Dublin Muse, David P Perry Nash, Beverly C Atlanta Nash, Sharon Stone Mountain Neblett, Linda G Macon Neel, Armon B., Jr Griffin Newman, Walter J., Ill Brunswick Newton, Glenda Pelham Newton, Woodson Athens Nix, Ernest G Cleveland Norton, Nancy Cedartown Nuckolls, Madge Gumming Oglesbec, Betty A Stone Mountain O ' Steen, Robert G Patterson Palmer, Peter D Thomasville Parker, Harold Summervillc Parker, Johnnie Ashburn Parker, Lamar Montrose Parker, Laura St. Simons Patterson, R. H., Jr Covington Patton, Barbara A Albany Peabody, Bill Milledgeville Pecor, Charles Boneville Pecples, Carlton W Chatsworth ill Ci i Mt D p. w ii i 120 SOPHOMORES ill Nancy Pennington Decatur Pettyjohn, Wayne Athens Phillips, Joe LaGrange Phillips, Myra College Park Pittman, Maurine Austell Pittendrcigh, Shannon Ware Shoals, S.C. Pitts, William Smyrna Pless, Robert H Warwick Pope, Karen LaFayette Pope, William W Porterdale Porter, Carlene Jefferson Pounds, Priscilla Thomson Pridgen, Kay Macon Prudgen, Robert Waycross Puett, Patricia Atlanta PuUiam, Mike Covington Pund, Louise Augusta Purser, Janice Cochran Radford, Christie Savannah Raines, CO Elbcrton Ray, William E Macon Ray, William Savannah Reece, Marshall Gray Reese, Anne Griffin Reid, Caroline Athens Renahan, Doug Atlanta Reynolds, Lynn Atlanta Rhodes, Becky Murphy, N. C. Rhodes, Ronald Hephzibah Rhoades, Eleanor Sandersville ■ SOPHOMORES V ■ C4 Rianhard, Pat Sylvania Richardson, Claire Athens Richardson, Sanford Rayle Ridge, William A Chattanooga, Tenn. Ridlehuber, Ted Athens Riggins, Eugene F Brunswick Rish, Linton Edison Roberson, Sara Odom Robertson, Virginia L Smyrna Robison, Wayne Good Hope Roth, Sammy J Athens Ruark, Kathryn Bostwick Rushing, Billy Savannah Shadow, Melba A. B Belzoni, Miss. Shapiro, Hyman Wagener, S.C. Sharpie, John Atlanta Shepard, Franklin Waycross Shirah, Dewey Porterdale Shirley, Marie Douglas Shirley, Wannah Ranger Shoraka, Jamil Moshaver. Iran Shuman, Daniel Reidsville Sikes, Newton Screven Simmons, Mary Macon Simmons, Robert W LaGrange Sirower, Harriet Atlanta Slaughter, Joel K LaGrange Slay, Janet Atlanta Smalley, Jane Augusta Smith, Alice Conyers Smith, Donald Atlanta Smith, John D Murrayville Smith, Kay C Vero Beach, Fla. Smith, Kermit Calhoun Smith, Paul Shircmanstown, Pa. Smith, Tommie L Experiment Smith, Nanelle Canton Snelling, Jimmie L Lavonia Spaulding, Marshall Atlanta Spector, Deanna Atlanta Speir, William A Hillsboro Spicer, William T Alapaha Stack, Harriet Atlanta Still, Suzanne Monroe Sokes, Louis Brunswick Stone, Jack Warrenton Stoops, Lorena Highland, Ind. Stover, Jean M Lithonia Steinbeck, Klaus Augusta Strickland, Alice Buchanan Stephens, John Cave Spring Strickland, Avery W Nahunta Sudduth, Baxter Rome Sullivan, Rosemary Griffin Swift, Eunice Atlanta Tate, Jane Atlanta Tatum, William J Savannah Taunton, James Reynolds Taylor, Jack Davisboro Taylor, Kenneth Chamblee i ft ,; i SOPHOMORES iC. c,««e ilk F |f C ( ft A Templeton, Hudson Blythc rharpe, William D., Ill Fort Valley Thomlcy, Peggy Winder Thompson, William D Hull Thurman, William R.,Jr Jefferson Tidwell, James M Savannah Toney, Myron Social Circle Toole, Eva J Augusta Towler, Charles Athens Treadway, Linda Decatur Trestman, Frieda New Orleans, La. Tucker, Carroll Waycross Tucker, Dwayne Lawrenceville Tumlin, Patricia Ann Atlanta Turner, Helen H Thomaston Underwood, Frank C, III Savannah Veal, Thurla Sandersville Vinson, Donald Mclntyre Wade, Robert L Athens Wages, Melba Buford Walden, Mary E Soperton Warlick, Jenny Cartersville Washington, Beverly Savannah Wear, Marilyn Dalton Webb, Marianne Athens Wemmers, Richard Atlanta Wenzel, Barry Social Circle West, Mildred L Marietta Wexler, Alan CarroUton Whatley, Jeanne Atlanta White, Michael Atlanta White, Milledge, Jr Albany Whitehead, Nellie Mae Cedartown Whitmire, Kenneth N Gainesville Wiggins, Clementine Albany Wilder, Virginia V Rome Williams, Mary A Savannah Williams, Nancy Decatur Wilson, Greg, III Savannah Winkle, Gary Dalton Wright, Pat Columbus Woolf, Don A Ft. Gaines Woo, Dorothy Augusta Woodworth, James W Farmington Wortham, Frances L Newnan Young, Charlotte Clewiston, Fla. Youngblood, Sarah N Swainsboro dihJ % ) :Mk ii 123 FRESHMAN CLASS ROOTERS RING chapel bell after Bulldog ' s 28-0 victory over Kentucky. f Q 9 MMd Aaron, Barbara Dalton Aaron, Roger W Rome Abemathy,Gene Columbus Abbott, Sandra Buffalo, N. Y. Adams, Gail Marietta Adams, George E Wrens Aiken, Joe Covington Akins, John R Statesboro Aldred, Skip Statesboro Allen, Marta Waycross Alexander, Joy Talbotton Anderson, Bonnie Atlanta Anderson, Charles Dalton Anderson, Elaine Spartanburg, S. C. Archer, Carol Atlanta Archer, Elaine Atlanta Armstrong, Janet Jefferson Armistead, Virginia Little Rock, Ark. Asbell, James E Macon Aultman, Jamye Albany Babbitt, Barbara L Coral Gables, Fla. Bachman, Shelly Tampa, Fla. Baer, David Chicago, 111. Bagwell, William D Atlanta Bailey, Pat Kingsport, Tenn. Banner, Harriet Conway, S. C. Bass, Anthony M Atlanta Batchelor, Allan Carrollton Barficld,Neil Marietta Barganier, Betty Dalton Earner, Diane Athens Barrett, Judy Louise Decatur Barton, William F., Jr Augusta Bates, Harry D Griffin Bates, John Dalton Batts, JoNell Moultrie Baxley, Warren, Jr Blakelv Bayncs,Phil Wrightsville Beck, Beatrice E Daytona Beach, Fla. Beck, M. Elaine Sandersville 124 A ft n. mMdik£iM i M 2 iLM. s. Q I£l £ IM ■laani . p| e ft a P ( p n ey A , r ,(! d FRESHMEN Bell. Sidney A Athens Bernd.Edl.. Jr Atlanta flBk fl i Bcrryman, Jimmy Royston . B i m Best, Sandra Macon 1 i. t -, | m M Blanchard, Linda Jane Atlanta .- .r ' v- m - ' Blount, Faye Rcidsvillc ii V " Boggs, Linda Atlanta B H Bone, Saralyn Atlanta Hl Bohanan, Patricia Flintstonc Bottoms, Faye Griffin Bowdcn,Talmadge Albany Bowcn, William Benton, Jr Statesboro Bowen, Pat Bethlehem .,g Bradberrv, Patricia Ann Abbeville, S. C. 1 ■ j Bradley, Regina Atlanta . fi Branncn, Beverly Statcsbnro Brewton, Edward S Louisville rfUfe. B Britt, Clark SnellviUc r " [ Brown. Charles H Twin City I _V | " V Brown, Georgiannc Jonesboro ' ' . " ' ..- 1 Brown, Jayne Atlanta ' ' v ■ ■ - Brown, lerolanah Athens , . N. V Dublin H H ! Bridgeport, Ala. UliiHa li . flilH Bryan, Elizabeth Routel Canon tt Bryan Marcia Tampa, Fla. r W 1 % Bryant, James G., Jr Athens L, •er f :l WBm. k Buck, Patricia Atlanta ' . — ' ■ 1. W Burch. Harriet Savannah ' J j ' ' ' j Burch. Walter Pelham T fc W t Tallulah Lodge Itf | f fe fl Burt, Mary Elizabeth Adanta H H A I fll l Burton, Lawrence Washington Buder, Elvis Macon Butler, Lucrctia Jonne Barnesville Byrd. Emily Kingstrce, S. C. Calhoun. Marian Columbus Camp, Charles, Jr Rome Campbell, Sally Adanta Cantrell, Martha LaFayette Cantrell,Tom Atlanta 1 P ' lk Carlisle, James Athens M ML. 1L Garden, Gene Smyrna «•=» •■ B ! ! Carmichael, Harmon, Jr Quitman s ' B ' Cargill. Jimmie Savannah V . Ifej. Carnes, Nancy Ann Decatur fe B Jane | k Carter, Suzanne Thomaston ' Casper, Barbara Dalton 1 Castleberry, Charlie Monroe Mr I9, — _■ W F Cavender, Ralph Claxton S l -T TTf Celestin, Patricia Ann Tampa, Fla. jX. V " y ' X Chambers, Ann Adant.i « » ' ' j,.; ,J ' ' ._ S Chancy, Harold Winder » : i ' SQ 1 H Chandler, Kenneth Statesboro 4 - - , ff AI H Chapman, Ralph St. Catherine ' Islancl - ■-■-- ■- MUBMH « Chappell, Kay Spartanburg, S. C. £f » . 5k Chastain, Jolyn Adanta W .- - L t Wyt «.B Chastain, Faye Athens 4 - ■ C - Chatfield, Anne Cullodcn. Mj M ' V ' k ' - Chatham, Douglas East Point Sj " «« W ■ Chichester, Susan Macon L m v_ Christa, Frank Verona, N. I. j 1 J B Christie, Sandra Tampa, Fla. Clark, Mary Anne Menlo fK § ' Clark, Robert Athens L 1 f.- «,lr W «J Clark, wniiam L., Jr Louisville 7 S ' " fl ' " " " V Clarke, Toy Cordele - LZLfe ' " Clary, Eleanor Odum J W t L - " ' ' Coleman, Scott Jackson M ' ' Bl Hl B A | Corder, Margaret Atlanta f ' iHW HlHH 7 1 Carder, Richard Thomson Cochran, Helen Hazlehurst l f Cochran, Joseph Atlanta f S«k » 7 ' ■ T-f ' T " ' V Cockburn, Harold Dalton L i j- V y Cohran, Larry Adanta J ,k J B Code, Gloria Adnens - m L M " H Cole,Delores Atlanta vK B t H a l Coleman. Charles Adanta k ' ' Mi iB 1 Hi H S H Conlon. Hugh Augusta Cook.Wyndell Macon . ' l Connerat, Mary Anne Adanta ma " V M Ki -W Copeland, Kay Norcross T — W ,. 9 WTa-. P Cordell, Howard, Jr Dublin V J " , ! ' Corvette, Ben Tampa, Fla. " _ Cornwall, Susan Adanta Costa, Hariette Columbus Coyne, Camilla Adanta 12.5 FRESHMEN Cowden, Sandra Rockmart Cranr, Eloise Cleveland Crane, Richard Athens K i P Cranman, Marvin Savannah f «irf B, ,, « | }._ - f »L. y Crawford, John Laurel, Miss. I - TT ' - ' bIx X " 7 Crowe, George Gainesville ' y Z ' i r f- Croxton, Mary Montezuma . Ak . IT Atlanta fe B f | fl l . Culpepper, E. H Cordele Crutchfield, Bob Atlanta Cullom, Linda Albany Culvern, Joseph Louisville Cummings, Jacquelyn Reynolds _ ■ ' 1 ' St fe ' S ? ' Dadisman, Anne Jefferson _i j( Dailey.Joel Alto ,? ,i- -. Daniel, Gail Elberton S , D ' Antignac, Lois Augusta Daughtry, Ronald Louisville Davenport, Eugene, Jr Thomasville W I P _ Daves, Jack E Hartwell " i — ' l f! ' tt Davis, Ann Adel ,- ■■ " i Davis, Donald Atlanta ..JT , w Jc JL. ' ML " . ' l Davis, Eleanor Atlanta » |«| riB L . 4k Huntsville, Ala. X S B ' H Bl fe M H Davis, Joe Porterdale MKtt m Davis, Judith Murphy, N. C. |1 V Davis, Junan Jefferson fV tvL i V i 1 Davis, Larry Atlanta I, -i • StV J ' ' ' ? Davis, Richard Suffern.N. Y. _ ' J «- Dawson, Wendell Wadcinsville 1 - JIlP r Deaton,)ohn Toccoa A IP 1 . V M Deese, Barbara Jean Dublin 1 1 H || | iflf ' . ■! -i j DeFoor, Don Austell DeLong, Marilyn Gainesville Deyerle, Judith Atlanta jR J 9 ' ' ' ' iL Dixon, Sammy Fitzgerald ' ' _ K , M » - » Dixon, Marlene Atlanta J " k w BP BsIT Dixon, Joy Atlanta V! 5!Z h. K j ' I Driver, Jean Reidsville k f B fl l HM . " . i Dryden, Eloise Waycross | fl B HmIB I Dudley, Charles Winterville Dunahoo, Ray Winder Dunlap, Charlotte Hapeville Dunlap, G. P Gainesville Dunn, Joe Ringgold Dunton, Diaiinc Doraville b -k _ a B TT B • I Dowden, Tom Nashville, Tenn. M I T 1 BH I K A Douglas, Sandra Gray ■ MB B H B B I East, Mary George Manchester M l fl k. 0 H k r Edenfield, Becky Portal M« T k » I C 1 Edge, Marlene Doerun •! ' f- - ' ' ' « ' " ' « W Elder, Ernest, Jr Bishop K I " . ' I r. " i: Elder, Norma Clinton, S.C. Jmf ' Z ' A _, . k Ellington, Douglas Conyers k mi 2 . k B . B . H l Hl ■ fe RI H M l H Elliott, Glenda Thomson ■■ ' BK ■■ « Ellis, Charles, III Savannah igf Tk 1 r Emminger, Barbara Binghamton, N. Y. f JL «eM. 1_, I omk 1, English, Don Louisville ■» «A (F R " t ' ' 1 Epstein, Ellen Atlanta C J M iC " ' " V V V Eskew, Mike Louisville | V K. W V 0(L Evans, Ronald Arp ' , k - M " % H o - ' » wK MMt Lf m Im ma Ezzard, Henry Tiger Fokes, Ann Columbus . F«k V V k H P k Falcone, Florence Dearborn, Mich. m ' ' m W— Y L « B Bk ¥ B X B Farmer, Janice Gainesville _ . f W M Bh- 2 K t 9 • z— - W Farrey, Leila Miami Beach, Fla. 5KS ' ' ■fc " ' v ' Faulk, Nancy Jane Augusta - Ferrante, Angela Athens Ficklcn, Catherine Atlanta Felson, Devara Ocilla ik j Fisher, Betty Ann Tampa, Fla. PH A r m m ft B Flegal, Beverly Rossville - Yi F - ■ ¥ P -? F dl f = =T Fletcher, Alan Greenville, S. C. r ! ¥ Vi iX. € - " ' - Florence, Jean Winder ■ !I1 — ■ — " Flowers, Nancy Augusta T . rf L x ' ' V " Floyd, Sara Ellen Canon Foote, Betsy Atlanta Ford, Jean Hapeville Foster, JoAnne Marietta Franklin, Lehman, Jr Statesboro B ' T ' " f W ° W . 1 Frantz, Tanya Montgomery, Ala. T - « i " Frasier, KayC Memphis, Tenn. V ' ; Freedman, Neilda Durham, N. C. Freeman, Ann Milledgevillc Freeman, Ann W Adanta Freeman, Roberta Atlanta 126 5 5 ' iP A P- A © f)P ' A 9 1 -( 4 a- " f FRESHMEN Fuelrer, Edward G Jamaica, N. Y. Fuller, Julia Hapcville 0f Jfl .i(P Gable, Harlan Douglasville | 1 f im Gaddy, Harold Andrews, S. C. " ' l fc :i. p- ' Gaines, Frances Atlanta ■ ' ' = ' W Crj ■ ' - ' Garner, Aaron Dublin J)| £ m ' V_ ' Gaulding, Barbarianne Colbert H A 1 __ t fl l Gearhan, Barbara Moultrie H 1 | ft h H l Graham, Kay Eastman Gentry, Carolyn Roswell George, James Blakely Gibbs, Leila Ty Ty Giddcns, Dnicilla Morven ' . ' ' V! V JC™ J Gilbert, Gail Rossville % - , jj A w Gilstrap, Carolyn Gainesville fll " t Gober, Glen Pat Gumming (tfjlKK i i. | k H Godfrey, Carolyn Dalton Hl . H H Gorman, Pat Daytona Beach, Fla. T l P k r k Gottshell, Franklin, Jr Boyertown, Penn. r M - Kl Mr». « A» J Gowder, Patricia Shannon ' A r-,w m— W i-J Greene, Lillian Avondale Estates XT l " Griffin, Hill Brunswick , ..J? J Grubles,Pat Forest Park H ' ' B flS B Clarkesville 1 H Hl l HB Greer, Fred, Jr Mansfield Grimaude, Constance Grovctown Hagen, Joyce Atlanta ' f Hall, Eugenia Dalton " — Hall, Jimmy Monroe i»wf ' w y ■ ' k. Hames, Patricia Rossville . i ' fc .r. . " fc Hamil,Ned Bl H A H . H Hamilton, Jack Doravillc H BA B Hamilton, William Ft. Gaines 0 Mfl Hamm, BUlic Chamhiee L f " I -1 Hammack, Alice Blakely dp " ' • ' BA ■ Vi " ' - I Hampton, Peggy Montezuma - Cr ' ' l " ? Hampton, Reid Gray tW L k JS Hancock, Robert Athens . P JC k. .. Hand,Alice Pelham ■T 1 flHH SB R Jl Hand, Robert Augusta Harden, Oren Tifton Hardie, Leonie Gordon Harp, Stephens, Jr Toccoa Harper, Clara Stone Mountain _ v f C_ Xl- w Harper, Sandy Atlanta J T fc A ' k ' Harris, George Jacksonville, Fla. iV 1 B %. . 1 H Harris, James Marietta HT IIA B l MI H Harrison, Jimmy Thomson FRESHMEN MEN CARRY THEIR BAGS TO REED HALL TO THEIR ASSIGNED ROOMS. NEWCOMERS TO THE UNIVERSITY FIND HECTIC DAYS COME IN THE FIRST WEEK 127 FRESHMEN J MM Hanmann, Frederick New York, N. Y Harvey, Ellen Decatur Harwell, Nancy Atlanta Hawkins, Patsy Athens Hawley, Douglas Cordele Hays, Walter Colquitt Head, Carolyn Toccoa Heitzman, Rita Atlanta Heard, Josephine Covington Hcmbree, James Gainesville Henson, Tommy Comer Heston, Nan Decatur Hewett, Krystal Louisville Higginbotham, Dianne St. Mar s Highfill, Donald Toccoa Hill,Brenda West Point Hill, James Hartwell Hillow, Debbie Washington, D. C. Hinds, John Rossville Hines, Mary Hogansville Hinesley, William Nahunta Hinson, Linda Macon Hobby, Helaire Savannah Hobgood, Harold Cartcrsville Hodges, John Wallace Claxton Hodges, Linda J Eatonton Hodgson, Bryant Adanta Hoegstad, Jeanne Savannah Holcomb, Gregory Athens Holder, Tom Monroe Holman,Dawn Forest Park Holman, Martin Forest Park Hopkins, Charles Canton Home, Bill Chamblee Horowitz, Fran Atlanta Horton, Kay Adanta Hubert, George Jr Quitman Hughes, CUff Bremen Hungerford, Lynn Gray Hurt, Harriett Jo Crawford Hyatt, John Ellijay Ingram, Clayton Savannah Intro, Jennie New Orleans, La. Irwin, Sandra Atlanta Isaacs, Marilyn Bainbridge Itzkow, Ellen Thomson Jackson, Grady Jackson James, Jimmy Lenox Jarrard, George, Jr Sandersville Jarrett, Garnett Rome Jeffries, Ann Coosa Johns, Lonnie Minton Atlanta Johnson, Barbara Atlanta Johnson, Diane Marietta Johnson, Harry, Jr Statesboro Johnson, Robert Brunswick Johnson, Susan Atlanta Johnston, Evalyne Athens Jones, Diane Miami, Fla. Jones, Hannah Atlanta Jones, Hardman, Jr Commerce Jones, Linda Adanta Jones, Olivia Hapeville i " " ' ' " " t r " ' W. lj L Mm Im. B T HHH m h I H A 1 i 1 FRESHMEN BUY AN EMBLEM OF GA. ' S SPIRIT OF TRADITION. k f3 t r-i p .p O p p, III! i£i dti. : . _■. c o (! n , ,of:« " ™ ' " FRESHMEN Jones, Sara Alma Jordan, Angeline Girard - p , .r i Kahrs, Karol Ann Atlanta J » 4Sil.k. IT I Kennedy, Kay Rossvllc - «- Vj fTT?! t - - Kenimer,Jo Greensboro W . P f V -, i Key, Virginia Atlanta icc- ' ! TS Kibler, Mary Anne Savannah JF " t , fc Columbus H l Bi l Kitchens, Robert Thomson Kling, Thomas Menlo | 0 Knox,Wyck Thomson W 1 W LaForge, Anthony Athens «r ' " ' V " T Lane, Janis Rebecca .- fl Av Langbein,Jerold Fort Washington, Pa. 1 1 ' - «. ' c- ' i Langford, Linda Athens B . Lanier, Sandra Memphis, Tenn. B B B l ' ' Lanier, William Athens Latimer, Linda LaGrange m 0 " % Lawson, Bradley Gainesville I A IH K Lee, Becky Brunswick ' J- L Lee, William Dubhc - ' j. M IC- Lester, Lamar Austell V h r " 1 Levy, Janet Brunswick » Htf , . . Rome ■■ I B B Lewis, Dorothy Atlanta _ , fc. Lewis, Linda Waynesboro , r A l Lewis, Thomas Hilltonia ? — - M- - - Leverett, Patsy East Point I - ■ A ' " M ' - I Libowsky, Elaine Atlanta W " ' " . ' ' r M J Liles, Joyce Leslie 2 " " ▼ Lindsey, Shelley Ft. Gaines - ' A j Lippold,Anne Atlanta Xl H H IiLH Little, Barbara Savannah M Long, Claryce Eastman P 1 Long, Ed, Jr Lake City, Fla. JT- . 1 W tm,A ' Lowe, Judy Columbus 1 - I M » ' V Loyd, Peggy Athens " = ' , k ' - v ' ' Lupo, Carol Columbus . " , J - J Lynch, Patricia Atlanta N_ b . ■jl M lit Lyons, Richard Brunswick ■IBHHI I B iT H Mabry, Jeffrey Atlanta Maloy,Glenda Griffin d Manderson, Joe Atlanta l ' ' F ' ■ Ki ll Mansour,Kay Barnesville A. H ■ ' s. Manter, Carol Augusta k B ' . Mashbum, Brenda Dalton B Jt ' Mashbum, Patricia Smyrna H l liitf Mason, Martha Atlanta ■ ■ ■■■11 i2f f £ Massey, Howard Dalton Massey, Zenas Griffin Mattison, Margie Atlanta Mauney, Larry Gainesville Maxey, Barbara Winder Pyy V-Z ' k Maxwell, Clyde Athens . U MacGregor, Mary St. Simons tt%fl A Hl McCleskey, Diane Marietta B » •■ BK B I McClure, Morris Gumming McClurkin, Diana Marietta McCommons, Pete Greensboro McDaniel, John Atlanta McDonald, PhyUis Columbus v ' V. v fT ' _ L. " McDonald, Richard Lakeland B . mlut .JK McDonald, Susan Adanta K McElveen, Margie Atlanta " i McGarity, Barbara Dallas McGill, Kathryn Washington McGregory, Martin Rossville ) _ McGregor, Mike Adanta x " —r X .w McGuire, Amy Chickamauga L X X W, Mcintosh, Jimmy Dalton IBl i k H B McKinney,Ed Atlanta SB 1 B H I McKinney, Margaret Atlanta _ McKinnon, Philip Dixie % L W McLendon, Bobby Blakely M ' M- ' ■ «• ! McLeod, Bruce Columbia, S. C. Jr • " .. ■ IX McLeod, Melvin Augusta Vv!? ' C ' V . McRae, Dianne Decawr NK Jl . fT k Meadors, Gloria Atlanta L H H tt fl Medlock, Florence Western Springs, 111. -.iHM JI H HX H Michael, John Bogart 9C%k Middleton, John Athens § Miller, Dorothy Ann Charleston, S. C. n ' " • ' , fe » J»i Mitchell, Ruth Decawr I J!:: S f Montgomery, Sally Athens w ItA. I WilUam Monfort, Jr Dawson A f f .A Moore, DonaU, Jr Cowpens, S. C. K A H K . H A f 1 Moore, Evalyn Jesup B Hii l H Moore,Thomas, Jr Waycross 129 FRESHMEN Ca .Um4 f dik M m Moore, William . . Madison Morgan, Linda Augusta Morris, Marlin East Point Morris, Sidney Valdosta Morrison, Herschel, Jr Decatur Morrow, Richard Atlanta Morse, Pan Atlanta Moulton, David Macon Munoz, Judy Atlanta Murden, Barbara East Point Murphy, Linda Moultrie Murrison, Glenn Atlanta Myers, Joan Atlanta Nairn, Charlie Massajequa Park, N. Y. Nalor, Penny Atlanta Neal, Jimmy Dalton Neal, Tom, Jr Millen Ncidlinger, Darryl Rincon Nelson, Caroline Woodbine Newton, Bobby Athens Newton, Joseph Savannah Newton, Wayne Moultrie Nix, William Hillsboro Norman, Madison Washington Norton, Wanda Murfrecsboro, Tenn. O ' Brien, Bonnie Atlanta Odum, Ronald Odum Oldham, Ann Macon Oliphant, Mary Ann Augusta Oliver, Eldon Thomasville Oliver, Euzelia Gainesville Paine, Dorothy Atlanta STUDENTS BEGIN ACADEMIC LIFE WITH APTITUDE TEST. Papanicolaou, Demetrias .... Levadhia, Greece Parker, Harriet Atlanta Parker, Jo Ray Canton, N. C. Parker, Mildred Ellijay Parker, Shirley Columbus Parsons, Frieda Athens Lynda Patten Quitman Pattillo, Pat, Jr Birmingham, Ala. Pattison, John Albany Payne, Jerry Winder Payne, Ray Chatsworth Pearson, Albert, Jr Charlotte, N. C. Pechter, Marlene Augusta Perry, Judy Sylvania Persky, Marshall Augusta Petersen, Nancy Atlanta Pherson, Nancy Decatur Phillips, Isbel Pine Mountain Phillips, Kenneth Columbus Pickern, Nelda Columbus Pierce, Frechie Decatur Pilgrim, George Gainesville Piplar, Cecile Memphis, Tenn. Pohl, Pierre Atlanta Ponder, Floyd CartersvlUe Poole, Evelyn Atlanta Poston, Marilyn Blue Ridge Pound, Linda Statesboro Powell, Leonard, Jr Thomasville Powers, Sheila Savannah Prather, George Ann Statesboro Prince, David Columbus Pniitt, Caroline Columbus Pryor, Judith Ann Albany PuUen, Johnny Soperton Quillian, Shelley Atlanta Ragsdale, Stanton Athens Ramser, Henry Lavvrenceville Ramsey, Bobby Athens Raulerson, Emory, Jr Nahunta Rawlings, Lucy Ann Gastonia, N. C. Redwine, Frank Newnan Reeves, Betty Atlanta Reppard, Harriet Dade City, Fla. Rhodes, Patsy Athens Rice, Carole Valdosta Rice, Linda Jean Powder Sprmgs Richardson, Pat Adanta Riley, Carolyn Douglasville Ringwall, Douglas Athens Ritchie, Leila Athens Roberts, Carole Athens Roberts, Melanie Decamr Robinson, David Hapeville Rogers, Carolyn Albany Roth, Catherine Brunswick Rueter, Henry Savannah Rundbaken, Barbara Charleston, S. C. Rutland, Judy Decatur Rudand, Martha Cartersville Ryan, John Atlanta Sanders, Ben Dahlonega Sanders, Jack Rockmart Sane, Robert Dalton Sargent, Diane Atlanta Savage, John Gainesville Saxon, Ray McBean Schaeffer, Nancy Moultrie Schemer, Jean Waycross Scoficld, Eugenia Inverness, Fla. Scott, Randall Toccoa Scrivener, Martha Jacksonville, Fla. Seawell, Margaret Andrews, S. C. Segars, James Decatur Shadburn, Roger Gumming Shannon, Shirley Ann Adanta Jerry Shaw Waycross Sheffcr, Margie Athens Shelton, J. E. Jasper Shenkman, Joyce Adantic City, N. J. Shepard, Shirley Moultrie Short, Nancy Gadsden, Ala. Shiretzki, David Gainesville Shutro, Alan New York, N. Y. Simmons, Harold Atlanta Sims, Patsy Atlanta Singletary, Ann Pelham Skelton, Marvin Woodstock Skott, Sharon Atlanta 131 §A t p f: A FRESHMEN £km t, Sladc, Raye Decatur Slate, Marian Atlanta fcv tf " " Smith, Barbara Durham, N.C. W m i Smith, Carole Atlanta |t» • cl " 1 Smith, Diane Atlanta . aL ' JS ' Smith, Janice Atlanta - _ L Tv Smith, joe Gainesville Smith, Judy Beth Atlanta Smith, Larrilee Atlanta _ . W Smith, Linda Sue Smyrna " N ♦• i " S-i1;-N.el1aFaye Clayton f ,) It { f J rT Smith, Richard Toccoa ' A r- - _ " ' J Smith, Virginia Ann Atlanta JLl B r V " " -w ' " Smith, Wanda Sue . Dalton - ' M , t M - ' i- W Snow, Charles Monroe 4 W _ flklB " ■■flilktH B Spiller, Lewis Macon ,.,i jflB . . . Stamey, Richard Clarkesville 0 ' W l ' 1 Standard, Paul Reidsville T - ' 1H C ' " • ' ? ■ - W I f Stark, Sydnie Atlanta i " - ' !► ' - ' - 1 ' - " V I - Steadman, Glenda Rome - . Vt H A Vtw. Stephens, Joan Atlanta , -« .W V]2S» l fc Atlanta Bj Hlii B ,Jt£i - IH T 1 Stewart, Howell, Jr Warner IHB blH H MHI I HkHB fl IB Stewart, Walter Good Hope jflB Stewart, Suzanne Atlanta k f " 1 | Stinson, Charlotte Dalton L W ' ' ■=-?■ ,fctj .-7 , Stokes, Dec East Point m --- f ■ a ' t -• «.- m - ' Stokes, Henry Holt Blakely " ' iW VT " W ' v Stone, Gerald, Jr Scarsdale, N. Y. j T m i M J. M Johnny ttT U K k. « k H M I HI Stoner. Melinda Decatur A ■■■ ■l B ■■■ I H l HIBI Stovall,Lois Athens f. ' ' - 0 Strickland, Arthur Waycross • „ - l f Shull, Barbara Columbus . - " V ' ■» " i ' Sudderth, Phyllis Atlanta IH ' ' Summerhill, Joel Atlanta J f Suritz, Susan Rock Hill, S. C. Swafford, Mack Villa Rica Swann, Swann Augusta Sweat, Joan Waycross P ' Sweat, Sandy Cedartown _] l Talbird,John Macon Tw Talley, Elizabeth Chattanooga, Tenn. ki • Tarpley, Frank Blue Ridge T Tarpley, Harvey Dubim l B Tarpley, Joe Athens |i Tarpley, Rosemary Hampton ' Taylor, Ann Atlanta A jfilk 0 K b JWJl. Taylor, Barbara Duluth f W % E— J B- ■ ■ Taylor, Clarise Forsyth I ' 1 • ' " " f ' T " ' ' ■ ' I f " 1 Taylor, Connie Tallulah Falls K B J 1 -X- % ' " f Taylor, Keith Fort Valley " ' W .J Ht L ▲. k l A ' fetfSI H Teel, Joyce Pine Mountain Terrell, Mary College Park Thomason, Linda Atlanta Thompson, Ellen Athens Thornton, Charles East Point C_ - Threlkeld, Melinda Athens , T B Thurmond, G.H.,Jr Greensboro iHl l Tipton, Brenda Dalton | ■llflH Todd, Donna Tucker Totten, Barbara Marietta Towlcr, Howell, Jr Loganville Trujillo, Jean East Point Tucker, Sarah Carrollton v, . A " ' _ , _• Tumlin, Penny Decatur ' ' ' . B J Toccoa I BI Br l Ht H Turnbull,Gus, III Toccoa M M ■■ " Union, Thomas Macon . B . Pt 0 jCa Vance,Hoyt Ty Ty JT « f f J Cj Vaughan, Wiley Rydal l " " ¥ j- • ' ' - . ' Veal, Barbara Macon - • P ' , j Veatch, Linda Atlanta y T . V r L - " Vickers.Dale Valdosta A, ' . j H l ' 4 H 1 ' B Columbus H H I m ' , IS H Villaire, Nathaniel MacClenny, Fla. _ Vining, James Eastman gt,||fc| . I l Kf Wagner, David Warner Robins JL -% W 7 . | jpWMw ' Walker, Wilson Baxley € " ' ' P " " ' J " ' " J f ' ' WalI,Faye Oak Ridge, Tenn. F - 5 " fc_ Walsh, Robyn Atlanta - L , ' .M k Ward, Carol Sue Menio k| , B . B ll Ward, Suzanne Augusta j H| Warren, Myrna Covington Waters, Carolyn Sylvania 132 D jp) p. 4i ft i FRESHMEN THE FRESHMEN ' S FIRST GLIMPSE OF GEORGIA ' S SOCIAL LIFE IS AT THE PRESIDENT ' S TEA. Waters, Madelyn Decatur Watrous, Carol Atlanta Weaver, Ellen Covington Wesson, Lalia Atlanta West, Charlotte LaFayette West, Ginny Atlanta Whaley, Miriam Pelham Wicke, Joanne Pensacola, Fla. Whitakcr, Bobby Hampton White, Clare Roanoke, Va. Whitehead, Caroline Blakely Whitcman, Alan Atlanta Whitman, Carmen Atlanta Whitworth, David Ridgcway, S. C. Wildman, Barry Atlanta Wilkins, Robert Rome Wilkes, Leslie Quitman Williams, Prisfilla Miami, Fla. Williamson, G.L.,ni Rebecca Willis, Jerry Perry Wills, Nancy Atlanta Wilson, Ann Atlanta Wilson, Darryl Atlanta Wilson, Gilbert Atlanta Wilson, Sally Decatur Wingo, Hugh Newnan Witten, Phyllis Gastonia, N. C. Wollner, Muriel Atlanta Womack, Bobby Atlanta Wood, Peggy Sandersville Woodard, Myron Atlanta Woods, Harry Athens Wooten, Ernest Atlanta Wright, Nancy Commerce Wurst, Mary Meigs Yancey, Don Savannah Yancey, Jerry Atlanta Yeomans, Jimmy Jcsup York, George Atlanta Young, Anna Ft. Oglethorpe Young, Marilyn Atlanta Youngblood, Charles Decatur Zoss, Linda Atlanta ■ EVENTS AND FEATURES are sponsored the year round to not only provide entertainment for the stu- dent body, but also to teach others the meaning or real responsibility of work. Features represent long hours of work and planning, most of which is done entirely by students. Some features are light and funny, others more meaningful and serious. There is something that fits the per- sonality of every student. Such is evidenced by the extreme between the Shirttail Parade and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Both are dif- ferent, but draw large audiences. There is never a dull moment on the campus of the University of Georgia. There is always somewhere to go or something to do. ! ONE MORE line that must be waited in during orientation week is that one at Woodruff Hall where ID photos are made. HUNDREDS of tense freshmen, required to take long place- ment exams of the Baldwin Hall variety, wade through tests. MANY FRESHMEN meet the President of the University at the President ' s reception, held each year to welcome them. Orientation Week Sets Pace For Remainder of Quarter ORIENTATION WEEK is an ungentle lifting of a veil with the students ' first glimpse into Univer- sity life beginning with the President ' s reception on Sunday afternoon. After the Opening Convo- cation in the afternoon, freshmen find a cordial welcome at the various Church suppers. The new students possessed with an increasing wonder are formally welcomed Monday morning at Fine Arts Auditorium. Freshmen then find they must face a battery of placement exams. Thinking the preceding day was an exhausting event of crowded hours, the pace was continued with ROTC and WSGA meetings followed with long sessions with academic deans. Exposure to Georgia ' s long tradition of long lines begins early with snapping of ID pictures. The crowds seem to grow when the freshmen began to ponder what to take when and where at regis- tration. The weekend brings to an end a week that will hopefully never be repeated, but will always be re membered. I ■ k THE MOST difficult door to enter at the University is the one into Stegennan Hall during registration day. A FACTOR which adds to the rigors of orientation week is that necessary trip to Woodruff Hall for an ID picture. PAYING FEES to the University is a necessary evil and many dollars change hands on registration day at Academic. " rays HERE ' S A BIRD ' S EYE VIEW OF STUDENTS IN A FALL REGISTRATION LINE STRETCHING ENDLESSLY AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE. 137 Fraternities, Sororities, Seek New Member from Rushees DURING RUSH WEEK the rushees are truly rushed. It is hard to look back to the event without having confused thoughts. Besides all the fun and gaiety, the rushee was faced with the serious prob- lem of choosing a group that will be his closest companions throughout college days. These serious thoughts spin around in the rushee ' s head after the parties. Parties where refreshments are served, songs are sung, skits are presented, and everyone is so friendly. Later at night while the rushee reflects on the previous few hours, a long line of faces appear before him: smiling, sincere, laughing, serious. Which to choose is a very impor- tant decision. Soon the smiling, sincere, serious faces begin to emerge into one group. A group that wants him for a member, and that he feels he belongs. At the end of Rush Week, a great satisfaction is felt with the knowledge that a group was not merely joined, but through joint admiration, each chose the other. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL is responsible for seeing that everyone is signed up for the parties they desire to attend. WHAT A " BALL " everyone has at all the parties attended during the rush week festivities on the campus at Georgia. THERE IS no other time when you are as proud of your own sorority as the time when you first arrive as a member! j; 1 ' W truly ■ ' • " ■ ' ' llllDllt ■ ■■• t ' Jn inj ' ' ' ' ' prob- 1 KAPPA SIGMA fraternity brothers show off their scrap- book to prospective pledges at one of their rush parties. DURING SKIT nights of sorority rush, each sorority house has a special decor. Here the Phi Mu ' s have a Mardi Gras. ' iHi i AS RUSHEES POUR IN THE DOOR OF THE ZETA HOUSE THE SISTERS INTRODUCE THEMSELVES AND TRY TO MEET MANY OF THE ©IRLS. 139 PEP RALLY BEFORE THE GAME GIVES STUDENTS AN OPPORTUNITY TO VENT THEIR HIGH HOPES FOR A WINNING TEAM ON HOMECOMING DAY. LONG LINE of con+estanh in the " Miss Homecoming " contest assemble in front of the AOPi house for judging. j i ii .;.,., .;,;.,- :. " :i;!n- " ' M THE BIG DAY approaches, and the campus begins to buzz with frenzied attempts to put up Homecoming decorations. DECORATED cars, pretty girls, and proud sponsors begin a motorcade through the streets of Athens after judging. Homecoming Celebrations Highlight ' 59 Fall Quarter THE WEEKEND OF OcTOBER 25 was an eventful one for every student and alumni from the University of Georgia. Wally Butt ' s bulldogs sported flying colors to hand Kentucky a romping 28-0 defeat. Almost 30,000 students, alumni, and visitors witnessed the thrilling game on a sunny homecoming day. Al- though many might be praised as outstanding, the combined team effort was a fine example to Ken- tuckians as to how Georgians play football. The traditional parading and entertainment at half-time was delivered by the Dixie Redcoats, the senior parade, and of course, the 1959 Homecom- ing court. Harry James ' trumpet and orchestra provided top notch entertainment at the I. F. C. homecom- ing dance on Friday night. During the dance, San- dra Thompson of Zeta Tau Alpha was crowned homecoming queen; Jane Chastain, Lillian McCur- ley, Nancy McLean, and Nancy Jackson were chosen as members of the court. Phi Mu captured first place among the sorority homecoming exhibits for the second consecutive year. Alpha Epsilon Pi won first place in the fra- ternity competition. SANDRA THOMPSON, 1959 Homecoming Queen. PRESENTATION OF 1959 HOMECOMING COURT: NANCY JACKSON, LILLIAN McCURLEY, SANDRA THOMPSON, JANE CHASTAIN AND NANCY MclEAN. AEPI ' S NOVEL HOMECOMING DISPLAY WINS FIRST PLACE AMONG ALL OTHER CONTESTANTS ON CAMPUS. MNCEHSW A HIGHLIGHT OF THE HaLF TIME CEREMONIES IS THE PARADE OF THE SENIORS SPORTING HATS AND CANES FIRST PLACE AMONG THE SORORITIES, THE PHI MU ' S SAY THAT THEIR BAN STICK WILL " ROLL RIGHT OVER KENTUCKY. " WINCTHE DANCERS TAKE A BREAK TO LISTEN TO THE MUSIC OF HARRY JAMES AND HIS BAND, WHO PLAYED FOR TWO DANCES IN STEGEMAN HALL. jHinANOCANEi DURING THE " LAST WALK. " HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES on the Sanford Stadium gridiron produced a shutou ' i ' victory for the ' Dogs over the Kentucky Wildcats by a score of 28-0. 143 AFTER A BRIEF introduction, MC Earl Leonard prepares to ask Miss Jandrew the surprise question within the sealed envelope. PART OF THE entertainnnent at the Beauty Review was a dance by Sretchen Gandy and Curtis Taylor. Campus Beauty Sue Redfern Reigns As Miss Pandora THE THEME for the 23rd Annual Pandora Beauty Revue was " The Lovehest Night of the Year. " To carry out the theme of the night, thirty-nine of the most beautiful coeds on the campus paraded before an enthralled audience in capacity filled Fine Arts Auditorium. Each of the thirty-nine contestants was presented individually by Master of Ceremonies, Earl Leonard. Following this came some entertainment furnished by the dancing team of Gretchen Gandy and Curtis Taylor, and the Men ' s Glee Club Ensemble singing a medley of show tunes. The top twenty-one contestants were then pre- sented to the audience. Each girl, at this time, was asked a short question concerning University life. Another period of entertainment followed this. Fea- tured at this time were " The Gates, " a local vocal group, and Jane Hadaway ' s Washboard Band. The anxiously awaited moment finally arrived. As the curtain raised, the court of nine girls stood on a semi-darkened stage, with their backs to the audi- ence. A spotlight was put on each girl as she was introduced and turned around. With the nine lovely girls facing the audience, Betsy Tant, Miss Pandora of 1958, was introduced. Upon facing the Court, she moved to place the crown on the head of Miss Pan- dora of 1959 — Miss Sue Redfern of Marietta. The judges this year were Mrs. Beth Gallaher, Fashion Co-ordinator of J. B. White ' s, Augusta; Leighton M. Ballew, Head, Department of Speech and Drama at the University of Georgia, and Dick Mendenhall of radio station WGAU, Athens. Helen Lanier served as Director of the Beauty Revue. PINNING FLOWERS, STRAIGHTENING HOOPS, AND BUTTONING LONG WHITE GLOVES ARE BEHIND STAGE SCENES MISSED BY AUDIENCE. A GREAT DEAL OF SUSPENSE: THEN THE SPOTLIGHT FELL ON SUE REDFERN AS SHE WAS ANNOUNCED 1959 PANDORA QUEEN. lora ;D:i ;• .,0!ENCt FORMER PANDORA QUEEN Betsy Tant transfers the beauty crown as Business Manager Harry Haisten presents trophy. A FRESHMAN on the University campus, raven haired Sue Redfern calls Marietta, Ga., her home. JUDGED ON beauty and poise, the new Pandora Court cre- ated a striking picture on " The Loveliest Night of the Year. " SPIRITED GATHERING of freshmen genflemen in shorts is an unusual sighf to be seen in front of Memorial. GRINNING CONTESTANT for the best " undressed man " looks happily on at the proceedings of the pep rally. Best ' ' Undressed ' ' Man Crowned at Shirtail Parade THIS YEAR THE FRESHMEN staged a show for the annual shirttail parade. The parade which be- gins at Myers on the South Campus proceeds to Memorial Hall for the contest and pep rally. Resplendent in white, striped and multi-colored underwear, some with appropriate slogans attached to the back, the boys advertised the " Wrecking of Tech, " in neon-like fashion. There at the pep rally, the best " undressed " man was crowned. The cheer- ' leaders judged the entrees with deliberation and finally decided that striped shorts, plaid shirts, and argyle socks were the vogue this year. AFTER HIS ELECTION, THE NUMBER ONE UNDRESSED MAN AT U. Of GA. RECEIVES CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE CROWD AND CHEERLEADERS. Mk I ' " wd m ' Jo Kenimer Is Crowned As ' 59 March of Dimes Queen THE SELECTION of the March of Dimes Queen this year was a prelude to the fund-raising drive to meet the milHon dollar goal set for the state. Co-sponsors of the event were the Circle K Club, an organization composed of former Key Club members, and Gamma Sigma Sigma, a local service sorority. Numerous organizations, sororities, and fraternities entered girls in the contest. The judging was held the afternoon of January 23. The Queen and her court were not announced until that night at the Reed Hall Dance. At this time, Jo Kenimer, Greensboro, was crowned and presented to the audience. The members of the court were Jackie Ponder, Thomasville; Marilyn Delong, Gainesville; and Carol Young, Atlanta. Parade THE 1959 DIMES COURT consists of (clockwise from bottom) Carol Young, Marilyn Delong, Jo Kenimer, and Jackie Ponder. THE MOST THRILLING MOMENT OF AU AT THE MARCH OF DIMES DANCE IS THE MOMENT THAT THE NEW QUEEN IS ANNOUNCED AND CROWNED. PROBABLY NEVER REALIZING COLLEGE WOULD BE ANYTHING LIKE THIS, COEDS SCRAMBLE FOR SHOES BURIED UNDER A TON OF SAWDUST. KAPPA ALPHA THETA ' S contestants enjoy cruising along in Sigma Chi parade. THE OBJECT is not to be a lady, but to eat the pie quickly because the points for the Derby trophy are based upon accumulated winnings by the teams. ONCE UPON a time this was child ' s play, but in the Derby the old game of wheelbarrow takes on a more serious aspect and each sorority team ' s trying desperately to win amidst the cheers and jeers of spectators. J ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ■]OST, Campus Calendar Includes Derby, Uglyman, Olypmics THE 23 rd ANNUAL Sigma Chi Derby was held the weekend of October 3 1. It started Friday after- noon with a parade. Each sorority entered a dec- orated convertible carrying its contestant for the Sigma Chi sweetheart. The Derby was held Satur- day afternoon, with pledges from all the sororities competing in various events. Miss Modern Venus, Pat Puett of Atlanta, was presented at the close of the Derby. At the formal dance that night, the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Nancy McLean of At- lanta, was announced. " Ugly Man On Campus " this year was Claude Harper, a PiKA. He was sponsored in the event by Zeta Tau Alpha. The contest is run by the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega to raise money for a Christmas party for underprivileged children, to purchase CARE packages, and to further other worthwhile projects. Nine students entered the contest in which a penny is worth one vote. The Alpha Chi Olympics were run off on Satur- day, January 30. It is made up of several different types of relays and ev ents, plus a secret event. The Sweetheart of Alpha Chi Omega is announced and a Mr. Apollo is named. " Any a-MOUNT will DEW " on Claude Harper ' s little brown jugs helped collect most votes for " Ugly Man On Campus. " WITH BREATHLESS anticipation Alpha Chi ' s attempt to spur the men on in hopes that their favorite will be winner. A SIGMA CHI runs ahead in one of the relays sponsored by the Alpha Chi Omegas in their Olympics held during January. HERE ARE THE FOUR FRESHMEN IN FULL SWING, PRODUCING A PROGRAM THAT THRILLED AND DELIGHTED A FULL HOUSE AT FINE ARTS AUDITORIUM. TALENTED MUSICIANS are these four men. The members are Don Barbour, Ken Albers, Bob Flanigan, and Ross Barbour. Concert By Four Freshmen Delights Capicity Audience ON FEBRUARY 10, The University of Georgia Jazz Society, a new organization on campus, sponsored a concert in Fine Arts Auditorium fea- turing the nation ' s top jazz vocal group, The Four Freshmen. It was the first time in history of the school that a jazz concert, as such, had been pre- sented on the University campus. The Freshmen presented a varied program rang- ing from ballads like " Indian Summer " and " It ' s A Blue World " to comic renditions of rock and roll and hillbilly music. There were also a few well- placed cuts included for Georgia Tech, to the de- light of the audience. A hard rain just before the concert did not keep a capacity crowd from at- tending. This concert was the first in a series that the Jazz Society presented this past year. Winter quar- ter the Society featured Dave Brubeck and his ag- gregation. Gene Krupa was the main attraction spring quarter. ' . Religion In Life Week Has National Religious Leaders THE THEME for the 34th annual Rehgion in Life Week was " Conscience on Campus. " The week be- gan on February 8 with an opening convocation by Dr. Pope Duncan, professor of church history, Southeastern Baptist Tabernacle, and ended Feb- ruary 12 with a talk given by Dr. John Joseph Compton, professor of philosophy at Vanderbilt. Other religious leaders were: the Reverend Allen Kershaw, whose knowledge on jazz won him $32,000 on the " $64,000 Question " ; Father Joseph Con- nelly, instructor of comparative religion at Johns Hopkins University; and Rabbi William Silverman, Temple Congregation Ohabai Sholom in Nashville, Tenn. The speaker ' s topics were designed to relate religion and the campus. One of the highlights of the week was a jazz ses- sion in Memorial Hall which featured comments by Reverend Kershaw, Chaplain of the New Or- leans Ragtime Band. REV. ALLEN KERSHAW, Chaplain of the New Orleans Ragtime Band, was one of -i-lie five religious leaders to visit the campus. RABBI WILLIAM SILVERMAN, TEMPLE CONGREGATION OHABAI SHOLOM, ADDRESSES ONE OF THE SESSIONS OF THE WEEK LONG CONFERENCE. 151 TWO QUEENS WAS THE RESULT OF A TIE IN THE CADET VOTING. THE TWO LOVELY GIRLS ARE PHYLLIS SUDDERTH ON LEFT AND BRAD PAGE. CADET COLONEL and Mrs. Jerry Whiteside start off the pro- cession made up of all the ranking cadets and their sponsors. Two Queens Reign During Winter Military Ball Dance GLENN MILLER ' S Orchestra, under the direction of Ray McKinley, played for the MiHtary Ball. The annual affair, a combined operation of the Army and Air Force ROTC units, was held in Stegeman Hall, Friday, February 20. Various committees from the Scabbard and Blade handled the decora- tions and planning. A joint parade was held that afternoon on the track. At this time, officers presented their sponsors and all the troops passed in review. A tie in the voting produced two queens. They were Brad Page, a junior from Birmingham, and Phyllis Sudderth, a freshman from Atlanta. During the course of the night, there was a pres- entation of all the members of the Angel ' s Flight. Also, there was a leadout of all ranking officers and their sponsors. Two parachutes, blue and white streamers, and a backdrop picturing elements of both units were the principal decorations. ,; :.i Array . " on tut - .lonsofi .Tley tljnti .;;■( and ,,anJ THE COLOR GUARD AND THE ANSEL ' S FLIGHT HEAD THE PARADE AS THE CADETS PASS IN REVIEW WHILE BAND PLAYS. CADETS and their dates enjoyed a night filled with music, dancing to melodies furnished by Ray McKinley leading Glenn Miller ' s Band. QUEENS, court members Sandra Newberry, Charlotte Blanchard, and Jennie Lehmann. HENRY SOPKIN Personalities On Campus Number High Every Year THE UNIVERSITY is fortunate in the calibre of the visitors that it has on campus. Students have the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the important figures in American life today. Robert Frost made his Hth annual visit to the campus winter quarter. He had an informal but highly enjoyable session in Fine Arts, reading his poetry. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Henry Sopkin, held a concert the same quarter. This was sponsored by the University Community Concert Association. T.V. personality Ed Sullivan visited the campus fall quarter in connection with the Southern In- dustrial Editors Institute. Bennet Cerf, famous col- umnist and publisher, was here winter quarter. He made an address to the Radio-T.V. Institute at the Center, and later spoke to a packed house in Fine Arts. The Georgia Press Association held its annual meeting on campus February 18-20. Fulton Lewis, Jr., noted radio commentator, was the principal speaker. ED SULLIVAN . " ■ ' •tore of •-■ inti tiave ■■■ " •■Keoftlie ' Xav, ■ ' ; ' -! to tlie ' • •■■ - " ' ' al but " -■ -ciduj iiis - " ■jr.:i ujjfj ' • i ;«cen the ' ■■ Uversit ' BENNET CERF FULTON LEWIS. JR. ROBERT FROST 959 jjta if mi 1 1 ' m i STARRY-EYED Sue Redfern became the 19 59 " Miss Pandora " on the night of the 23 rd annual Beauty Revue. Sue, a freshman from Marietta, is in the School of Business Administration here at the University. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and was sponsored in the Revue by Sigma Nu fra- ternity. Other than the title of Pandora Beauty Queen, she has been Miss Cobb County and 1957 Home- coming Queen at Georgia Tech. • ' .- : !iiisr. 4ni Mli - ,-- ■ . ira- in Bout} ' Queen, ' ad 1917 Home- -m, 1 ( fhmml vo ' ' m i J B a 4fmi a m we 160 Q f ufr iMeJ Li 162 6 JmfffM U r e vrm m Q ( m m t i ( m Ji id Cy m fm f ' ) 165 ■ n U A COLLEGE athletic program may be thought of as two-fold in purpose. First of all, it is a method of pro- ducing cooperative team effort from a group of individuals. The ability of one person doesn ' t make for a suc- cessful season; all elements must function smoothly for ultimate vic- tory. Young men have a chance to show what they are capable of doing. They have a chance to bring fame and glory to the University. Secondly, the athletic program is the foundation of school spirit. A sports season may give you some- thing to be proud of, or there may be some things that happened which you won ' t brag about too much. Nevertheless, college athletics are a source of constant entertainment for the student body. WALLACE BUTTS, Head Football Coach President, National Football Coaches Association 168 Georgia Ends Up and Down Season on a High Note GEORGIA ENDED an up and down 1958 sea- son on a high note with a resounding 16-3 victory over Georgia Tech. This was a Georgia team that never quit, even after they lost their first three games. They exemphfied the true Bull- dog spirit throughout the season. Before the season began, the experts said Georgia would have a fine football team. They weren ' t far wrong either, for Georgia ended up third in the SEC in total offense and third in total defense. Theron Sapp was second in yardage gained and Fred Brown first in yardage gained per carry in the whole conference. Dave Lloyd, Nat and Pat Dye, and Jimmy Vickers anchored a line that nobody ran over, around, or through. Fumbles in the early part and that old nemesis " Lady Luck " in the latter part killed all hopes of Georgia having a true winning season. Harry Mehre, a former coach and now sports writer, summed it up perfectly with, " Georgia had a fine football team. They were really beaten only by Vanderbilt and Auburn. " The football coaches, more aptly described as the board of strategy of Georgia ' s gridiron, are re- sponsible for the Bulldog teams which battle foes down in Sanford Stadium and away from home. On the shoulders of these men fall the task of re- cruiting raw material from high schools and build- ing teams that merit the honor of being called Bull- dog teams. Through the years, Wally Butts and his fine staff have turned out teams that Georgia could be proud of. Headaches and gray hairs for these men begin with the fall practice sessions, and don ' t cease until the season has ended. They are constantly on the road scouting the opposition, looking for new ma- terial, trying to get new ideas, and speaking at ban- quets or attending meetings. A winning season for the Bulldogs, and everyone claims the victories, but one bad season and the coaches must take the full blame. They put up with criticism from everyone, yet stick with the Bull- dogs through all of the ups and downs because of their love for athletics and for Georgia. " -• I ' ' ••• d|% » Ul ..X r%.. . ' .- -Kti COACHES: JIM WHATLEY, LINE; STERLING DUPREE, BACKS; CHARLEY TRIPPI, BACKS; GAL STOLL, LINE; JOHNNY RAUCH, BACKS; JOHN GREGORY, ENDS. 169 First Row: Francis Tarkenton Tommy Paris Tommy Lewis Charles Byars Glen Nunley Charles Britt George Whitton Gene Littleton Freddie Amtower Nick Bracco Bill Agner Fred Brown Oscar Camp George Guisler Robert Golbreath Second Row; Hoke Bradley Joe Hines Dale Bush Bill Slaughter Carl Manning Arnold Wimberly Max Brunson Don Soberdosh Bobby Towns Jerry Hearin Bobby Walden Capt. Theron Sopp Cicero Lucas Jimmy Sealy Third Row: Bill Godfrey Mitchell Shellnut Dove Lloyd Billy Gilbert Bill Thompson Walter Bedingfleld Phil Ashe Roger Dansby Pat Dye Tommy Ashe Carter Ramsey Roy Betsill Hinton Davis Vernon Cunard Robert Childers Fourth Row: Nat Dye La rry Lancaster Don Leebern Riley Gunnels Bob Sedlock Dan Womock Jim Roberts Tom Thornhill George Hansen Fred Lawrence Lynn Smith Fred Farroh Bud Case Billy Roland Mike Anderson Fifth Row: Earl Bramlet+ Bill Herron Jimmy Vickers Jack Shamblin Bobby Bailey Gordon Kelly Bobby Green Jim Boardman John Landry Dave Brown Unidentified Warren Gray Aaron Box Norman King PAT DYE Capt. Nashville Banner All-SEC Soph. Team; AP All-SEC Soph. Team; UP Honorable Mention All- American. NAT DYE, Alt. Capt. UP and AP Second Team All-SEC; Second Team All-Southern; UP Honorable Mention All-Amerlcan; North-South Shrine Bowl All-Star game. •■ ' ■»■ . FRED BROWN AP All-SEC Soph. Team; led SEC in yardage gained per carry with average of 6.6. BOBBY WALDEN Nation ' s leading punter with aver- age of 45.3; the average breaking the all-tinne SEC and all-tinrie Geor- gia punting records. DAVE LLOYD " Best all-round player on this year ' s squad, " said Head Coach Wally Butts. Dave was named to 5 all- opponent teams, including power- ful Auburn. J CAPTAIN Nancy Butts and Co-Captain Charlie Williams talk things over as Bulldogs ' interest lies elsewhere. Cheerleaders Guiding Light of Georgia ' s School Spirit SCHOOL SPIRIT is an integral part of any uni- versity, and the students responsible for main- taining and stimulating this spirit at the University of Georgia are the cheerleaders. Sparking all the football games with their yells, the cheerleaders stimulate and arouse spirit at both the football games and pep ralliej preceding the games. Led by Captain Nancy Butts, t ' le members of this year ' s squad are Charlie Williams, Ronnie Co- ven, Bill Dunaway, Phil Wortman, Bruce Lowry, Lillian McCurley, Lynn Robinson, and Jerri Bridges. Alternates are Alice Bates, Barbara Hag- man, Eunice Swift, Barbara Barnes, Cynthia Cor- ley, Lynn Remstead, and Bill Sullivan. SPIRIT is aroused as cheerleaders lead student body in yells at lively pep rally preceding Saturday ' s big game. VOCAL CHORDS very much in use is evidenced here as Patsy Parker gives her all in yelling cheers. DIFFERENT expressions are mirrored in each cheerleader ' s face as they watch Bulldogs depart for another game, hoping they will net a victory. SO, DOGS, says Jerri Bridges, who tries to fire up students at the Kentucky game on Homecoming Day. .. - veils. ■ ' - Ui . « Is e»iM«« ' THERON SAPP BREAKS AWAY FROM A TEXAS TACKIER AND HEADS DOWNFIELD WITH BILLY ROLAND AND NAT DYE LEADING THE WAY. Last Minute Texas Touchdown Defeats Bulldogs ALL BULLDOG FANS were excited as Georgia received the kickoflf to open the 1958 season. Gloom fell soon, though, as a fumbled Texas punt gave the Longhorns the ball on the Georgia 24. They marched to a quick score. The PAT was good and the scoreboard read 7-0, Texas. From here until the middle of the third quarter the game was a tremendous defensive battle. At this moment, Francis Tarkenton, the sopho- more, entered his first varsity game and led Georgia on a 24-play, 9 5 -yard touchdown march. Tarken- ton and Theron Sapp were the big ground gainers, with Tarkenton connecting with Jimmy Vickers on a 3 -yard toss for the TD. ' Dog fans went wild as Tarkenton hit Aaron Box for the two point play, to give Georgia an 8-7 lead. Joy was short-lived as Texas took the ensuing kick-off and marched for another score. The extra point play failed, but Texas led 13-8. A last minute heave by Charley Britt was intercepted, and the ' Dogs had tasted their first defeat. QUARTERBACK TARKENTON, who had a great nighf in his first varsity game, rolls out and picks up three yards in a long touchdown drive. END JIMMY VICKERS goes high and makes cru- cial gain in fine grab of a Bulldog forward pass. Georgia Falls To A Powerful Vanderbilt Aerial Barrage THE VANDY GAME started out like this was Georgia ' s night. On the second play from scrim- mage Jimmy Vickers recovered a Vandy fumble on the Vandy 27. The drive fizzled, though, and the two teams battled back and forth. The first quarter ended in a scoreless deadlock. The second quarter was a different story, with Boyce Smith passing for two touchdowns and a two point PAT, giving Vandy a 15-0 lead. For a brief moment in the third quarter it looked like Georgia would come back, as they recovered a Vandy fumble at the 24 and marched for a touch- down. Georgia hopes were dimmed, however, when the two point play failed and the Commodores led 15-6. In the fourth quarter, Georgia hopes died as Vandy marched for another touchdown. With about five minutes left, the Bulldogs, behind the running and passing of Charley Britt, marched 65 yards to score. But it was to no avail, as the game ended two minutes later. ■ t 1 pondi GANG TACKLING at its best is exemplified here as five Bulldog tacklers bring Vandy runner down after a short gain. DON SOBERDASH, GEORGIA ' S MOST RELIABLE AND MOST UNDERRATED PLAYE " ?, SHOWS GOOD RUNNING AS HE CUTS OFF TACKLE FOR TWO YARDS. 174 " 9ji«. QUARTERBACK CHARLEY BRITT, who gained 181 yards on total offense for his best day of the season, rolls out to his left and cuts back for a gain of five yards. Early Mistakes Kill The Dogs, Gamecocks Triumph, 24-14 ON A RAINY, dreary afternoon for football, South Carolina turned an intercepted pass and a fumbled punt into two quick touchdowns in the first quarter. Georgia could never catch up. The ' Dogs never quit fighting, however, and roared back for a touchdown in the second quar- ter. George Guisler ran over three would-be South Carolina tacklers for eight yards and the touch- down. The third quarter was a see-saw defensive battle, but South Carolina, behind power running of Alex Hawkins, King Dixon, and John Saunders, crashed over for a touchdown. The score was now 24-8, but Georgia, still fight- ing gamely, scored in the last few minutes on a beautiful 89-yard touchdown pass from Charley Britt to Guisler. It went to no avail, though, as South Carolina ran out the remaining time on the ground. The ' Dogs never got another crack at goal. GEORGE GUISLER scores Georgia ' s first touchdown from eight yards out and piles up three aspiring Gamecock tacklers in the process. FRED BROWN, GEORGIA ' S FASTEST BACK, SWEEPS FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY END AND RAMBLES FOR SIZEABLE GAIN BEFORE BEING TACKLED. Georgia Scalps Seminoles To Record First 1958 Win npHE GEORGIA BULLDOGS, for the first time - ' - in ' 5 8, tasted the fruits of victory before 1 5,000 screaming fans in Jacksonville ' s Gator Bowl stadium. Georgia didn ' t lose a fumble, didn ' t have a pass intercepted, and was penalized only twenty yards. This is the story of the game in a nutshell, for when the ' Dogs limit their mistakes, they have a power- house capable of beating anybody in the SEC. In the 1st quarter Tommy Lewis made a deter- mined six yard run for a TD, while Charley Britt blasted in from the one for a second score. This made the score 14-0, and it looked like a rout. A second half aerial barrage almost caught the ' Dogs. But Georgia sandwiched one F. S. U. touch- down between two of its own, one a 7-yard burst by Fred Brown and the other a 4-yard slant by Britt. The latter was set up by a 62-yard run by Brown. At the end the scoreboard read, Ga. 28, F. S. U. 13. BIG DAVE gets set to lower the boom on Vic Prinzi and add another tackle to his long list. Anybody wish they were Prinzi? IS FLORIDA STATE ABOUT TO SCORE? WORRIED LOOK S ON THE FACES OF BOTH COACHES AND PLAYERS ALIKE SIGNIFY ALL ' S NOT WELL. 176 Homecoming Is Successful As ' Dogs Wallop Kentucky r N A BEAUTIFUL Homecoming Day, before - 3 1,000 fired-up fans, the Bulldogs looked like the powerhouse of old. They gained their first shut-out of the season, while grinding out 345 yards total offense. The first quarter was scoreless, but late in the second quarter, the ' Dogs ' offense got rolling, and on a 4th and six situation, Tarkenton hit Theron Sapp for the touchdown. The third quarter was scoreless, but in the fourth the ' Dogs cut loose with a scoring barrage seldom seen in Sanford Stadium. Fred Brown scored from ten yards out and George Whitton from 1 1 yards out. Pat Dye fulfilled the dream of every lineman by intercepting a fumble and racing 28 yards for the score. Final score, 28-0. COACH BUTTS gets ride a+op shoulders of happy players after the Bulldogs had flattened the Wildcats of Kentucky. fmi HALFBACK FRED BROWN LOOKS LIKE HE ' S HANDLING A HOT POTATO AS WIDE OPEN, HE TAKES A FLAT PASS FROM QUARTERBACK CHARLEY GEORGIA GOES FOR TWO AFTER SECOND TOUCHDOWN AND IS SUCCESSFUL AS BILL HERRON SNAGS PASS IN END ZONE ON NEW EXTRA POINT OPTION PUY Gf until t hi fiveii downli the? " in the TTie tlietii GEORGIA TOUGHENS AS ALABAMA NEARS GOAL LINE, AN UNIDENTIFIED TACKLER THWARTING BOBBY JACKSON ' S BID FOR A TIDE TOUCHDOWN. Alabama ' s Rugged Defense Stymies A ' Dog Victory Bid npHE RESURGING Crimson Tide of Alabama -■- thrilled a tremendously loyal homecoming crowd by downing Georgia 12-0. It was an exciting ball game, with the outcome never certain until the final minute. Alabama scored first on a 13 -yard run by Gary O ' Steen in the first quarter. The second quarter was scoreless, as well as the third. In the third, as well as the early part of the fourth, Georgia threat- ened repeatedly, but failed to score. Norman King caught a pass in the end zone for a touchdown, but the officials ruled it incomplete on a hotly disputed call. Alabama finally scored their second touchdown late in the fourth quarter, after a pass interception had set it up. Georgia completely dominated play in the sec- ond half, but pass interceptions and great play by the Alabama linemen deep in their own territory thwarted the Bulldogs on all scoring occasions. ilMOSTIl yWiin; JIMMY VICKERS makes best defensive play of the whole game as he intercepts Alabama pitchout after having batted it in the air. Georgia Is Defeated 7-6 By ' ' One Play ' ' Florida BEFORE 30,000 PEOPLE in the Gator Bowl Stadium at Jacksonville, Fla., never have the Bulldogs fought harder, and then lost. They played the Gators off their feet from the opening whistle until the game endfed. In the first half Georgia got inside the Florida 30 five times, but failed to score. Florida went first downless for quite a time, as Georgia gave one of the greatest defensive performances ever registered in the Gator Bowl. The ' Dogs finally broke the scoring up early in the third quarter, as Francis Tarkenton hit Fred Brown with a 10-yard pass for the TD. The all important extra point was blocked, and this ulti- mately cost the Bulldogs victory. Early in the 4th quarter Jimmy Dunn broke loose and went Id yards for a TD. The extra point was good and it was 7 -d, Florida. Georgia made a last desperate drive from its 6 to the Gator 16, but it was to no avail, and Florida took the victory. The final statistics tell the real story of the game. Georgia, 18 1st downs; Florida, 3. Total offense: Georgia, 360 yards; Florida, 121. ALMOST BLOCKED is this Florida punt from their own end zone as hard-rushing tackle Nat Dye nearly brings Georgia another touchdown. COMPLETE! Francis Tarkenton hits Fred Brown in Fla. end zone with ten yard pass good for Georgia ' s first touchdown. CHARLEY BRITT CUTS OFF TACKLE ON OPTION PLAY AND PICKS UP THREE YARDS BEFORE BEING TACKLED BY A NUMBER OF U. OF FLORIDA GATORS. 179 » -., O i u. j " !lP GEORGIA TACKLES Larry Lancaster and George Hansen put heavy rush on quarterback Richard Wood as he heaves long forward pass. Georgia Bowled Over By Auburn Powerhouse, 21-6 BEFORE A PACKED HOUSE at the Legion Stadium in Columbus, the Auburn Tigers left lo doubt that they were the nation ' s No. 1 team. The Bulldogs played them on even terms for most of the first half, until Auburn scored on a beautiful 44-yard pass play only seconds before the end of the half. Auburn scored again in the third quarter and chalked up their final tally early in the fourth stanza. Georgia finally scored on an 11 -yard pass from Charley Britt to Don Soberdash. It had been set up by a tremendous 70 -yard pass play from Britt to Fred Brown. m AUBURN RUNNER IS CORRALLED BY END JIMMY VICKERS AS THREE GEORGIA TACKLERS COME IN TO ASSIST HIM. 1 ©. ; ■ i » CHARLEY BRITT PASSES TO DON SOBERDASH ON TWO YARD LINE AS SOBERDASH CARRIES BALL ON INTO END ZONE FOR GEORGIA ' S ONLY TOUCHDOWN. 180 1 4 r . jWjjR Jr5 THERON SAPP, BEHIND THE ABLE BLOCKING OF GUARD PAT DYE, IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE FOR ANOTHER LONG GAIN. V . riouo ' Georgia Runs Roughshod Over The Citadel, 76-0 THE BULLDOGS, growling as loud and fero- cious as they ever have, rolled over an outclassed Citadel team, 76-0. It was the highest point total scored by the ' Dogs in the last seventeen years. Coach Butts used every available player in order to hold the score down, but it did no good. This was the day that no Georgia player would be de- nied his share of the glory. The game was scheduled as a good warm-up for Tech, but instead it turned out to be a track meet for the ' Dogs. Georgia scored twice in the first quarter, three times in the second, three times in the third, and three times in the fourth in one of the greatest scoring sprees in all Bulldog annals. Statistics really tell the true story, as Georgia ground out 520 yards total offense to only 60 for the Citadel. I TOUCHDOWNS are the thing and Tonnmy Lewis is right in style as he runs thirteen yards through five Citadel tacklers to score a Georgia TD. OPEN MOUTHS seem to be the fad as Francis Tarkenton sweeps around his right end to score. 181 HALFBACK FRED BROWN BREAKS INTO THE GEORGIA TECH SECONDARY AND GALLOPS THIRTY-THREE YARDS FOR GEORGIA ' S CLINCHING TOUCHDOWN. Georgia Strikes Gold Again; Defeats Tech 16-3 TN JAM-PACKED Sanford Stadium, the Bull- -■- dogs left no doubt as to who was the best foot- ball team in the state. Theron Sapp gained 103 yards and Fred Brown 80 to lead a ground attack that was so powerful that the ' Dogs didn ' t have to attempt but three passes. The first quarter ended in a scoreless deadlock. But midway the second, tackle Larry Lancaster blocked a Tech punt, and Jimmy Vickers picked it up and raced 20 yards into the end zone. With 45 seconds left in the half, Dave Lloyd toed a 20-yard field goal, set up by the bull-like rushes of fullback Sapp. Georgia lost three fumbles in their own territory in the third quarter. The Georgia defense, however, which was great all day, thrust back every Tech attempt to score. The Jackets managed to net only the field goal. With four minutes left, Charley Britt inter- cepted a Howard pass and returned it to the Tech 34. From here the ' Dogs scored in two plays, with Fred Brown going the last 33 yards on a scintillat- ing TD run. It looked as though it would be a long winter in Jacketville. QUARTERBACKS Francis Tarkenton and Fred Braselton meet on field after game is over. Good sportsmanship has always prevailed in this big rivalry. GORDON KELLY anxiously looks at scoreboard to see how much time ' s left before game is over. GEORGIA ' S DEFENSE rises +o the occasion again. Because of this fine ag- gressive line play, Tech ' s offense could manage only a meager field goal. HAPPY FAN gives out a big smile as the scoreboard reflects whose side he was on. THERON SAPP RUNNING AND GEORGIA TECH CHASING. THIS SAME THING WENT ON FOR TWO STRAIGHT YEARS. The United Press made it official, selecting The- ron Sapp as fullback on their 19 5 8 All-SEC team. Throughout the season, fans, sportswriters, and op- posing players had called Sapp the best fullback in the south. Sapp was also named to the All-Southern 1st team selected by the Augusta Herald, the All-SEC 2nd team by the AP, and he received a UP Honor- able Mention All-American. Captain Sapp was selected to play in two post season all-star games, and in these games he showed how good he really is. In the Blue-Gray game he gained 67 yards in 14 carries. He carried 23 times for 158 yards in the Senior Bowl, scoring two touchdowns. He was Most Valuable Back for the South in the Blue-Gray and tied with the opposing fullback for Most Valuable Back in the Senior Bowl. He was also picked to play in the College All-Star game against the Baltimore Colts. Cafit ThetcH St 183 Several Bullpups Indicative Of Future Varsity Stardom The 19 59 edition of the Georgia Bullpups, al- though compiling a 1-2 won-Iost record, had many individual standouts who will be future stars of the Bulldogs. Spring practice will find Pete Case, captain and standout tackle, battling for a first string berth. Halfback Bill McKinney, fullback Wayne Taylor, quarterback Dale Williams, center Pat Smith, and end Don Tomberlin bear close watching also. The Bullpups defeated Clemson ' s Baby Tigers 2-0 in a tight defensive duel. Losses were to the Auburn freshmen, 13-0 and the Tech frosh 20-0 on Thanksgiving Day. The Bullpups were coached by Quinton Lump- kin and his assistants Sam Mrvos, Wayne Dye, Jimmy Scaly, and Wilbur Lofton. PETE CASE, captain and outstanding tackle, was given best chance of crashing varsity lineup by coaching staff. First Row.- Kenneth Vann, Virgil Murphey, Frank Darden, Pat Smith, Mike Ishie, Tommy Koulton, Bill Sloan, Jim Stout, Durwood Pennington. Second Row: Lorry Corhan, Roy Clark, Jerry McClure, Pete Case, Clyde Childers, Mike Burshinski, Lhemon Franklin, Don Kwia)kowski, Mel Shapiro, Paul Holmes. Third Row: Denny Shimkus, Jack Orr, Bobby Bleakly, Tom Henson, Guy Hughes, Coach Quinton Lumpkin, Bobby Johnson, Gene Hudgin, Jerry Irwin, Dale Williams, Gene Gregory. Fourth Row: Cliff McGoughey, Chuck McKenny, Bill McKenny, Wayne Taylor, Earl Lavender, Don Tomberlin, Horry Clifton, Frank Hardin, Normon Holl, Jim Turk, Howard Mossey, Hilton Stafford. V Slardom «pji fatm t«of V Taylor, •idinjilso. ■ ' ' Wiy Tigers • " ■ »ere to tlie i ' Tedifrosliiy •f vWOD Lunp- H ' Vavne Dve, HARD-ROCKFD ' PUP DEFENSE STOPS CLEMSON RUNNER COID. DEFENSE WAS GREAT AIL DAY. k •■« G« Gitgoiy. GREAT CATCH by Bullpup Dan Kwlatkowski as he snags a long toss from Dale Williams. Wfi HALFBACK JACK ORR RUNS INTO TROUBLE AS HORDE OF CLEMSON TACKLERS CONVERGE ON HIM FOR TACKLE. 185 PERSPIRATION pours off the brow and neck of Captain Fred Edmondson as he takes a well-deservpd rest and drink of water. Sophomores Lead Bulldogs To An Improved ' 58 Season Five sophomores and two seniors sparked the Bulldogs back on the comeback trail this year. Cap- tain Fred Edmondson and forward Sonny Poss were the seniors who helped keep the sophomores steady when the pressure was greatest. But it was mainly the hot hands of Sophomores Don Reiser, Gordon Darrah, Ken Taylor, John Johnson, and Pat Casey that kept the ' Dogs going in almost every game. These sophomores were sometimes erratic, but they showed enough poise and skill to promise Georgia basketball partisans winning seasons for the next two years. Again this season, though, it was little Fred Ed- mondson who was the color man of the Bulldogs. With his great ball stealing tactics he was the crowd ' s favorite. He ended his varsity career tied as the fourth highest scorer in Bulldog history, with 1,012 points. Georgia ended the season with a 11-15 record, the finest since Coach Lawson came to Georgia. Gordon Darrah was the leading scorer with a 14.9 average, a record for sophomores. left fo Right, First Row: Clark Royer, Gordon Dorroh, Bobby Choney, Fred Edmondson, Don Moore, Henry Holder. Second Row: Joe Defoor, Pat Casey, Don Keiser, Sonny Poss, John Johnson, Ken Taylor. 186 ?:Cf .j -. JUMP SHOT by John Johnson as he goes high above faked-out Tulane defenders to score two points against the Green Wave. JUMP BALL as Don Keiser of Georgia and Frank Inman of Tech go up to see which team gets possession of balL FORWARD SONNY POSS SURROUNDED AS HE PREPARES TO PASS THE BASKETBALL TO ONE OF HIS FREE TEAMMATES. 187 HEAD COACH Harbin " Red " Lawson bites fin- gers and wrinkles brow as he watches the game. DON KEISER stops on a dinne, goes up and shoots jump shot. Keiser is deadly with this shot from fifteen to twenty feet out. lor easy lay BLOCKED is this driving layup. Tulane man had broken clean, but it did no good. AIL EYES ARE ON THE BALL AS IT BOUNCES LOOSE, READY TO BE CLAIMED BY DON KEISER. 188 1 Ml. MAD SCRAMBLE going in under the boards as everybody tries to get the rebound that forward Sonny Poss has already neatly pulled into his stomach. JOHN JOHNSON gets by Tech ' s Frank Inman for easy layup as Tech players try to block it. GORDON DARRAH, Georgia ' s leading point producer, is about to try for two more as he has evaded Tech ' s two guards. DRIVING LAYUP by forward Pat Casey as he avoids Florida State man guarding him and scores two points for Georgia, f I JIMMY BANKSTON, Captain, ace freestyler and for three yearsGeorgia ' s top point getter. Depth Slows-up Georgia ' s Swimming Team During ' 59 The 19 59 edition of the Georgia swimming team was handicapped mainly by their lack of depth. The individuals they have are fine, though. In Jimmy Bankston they have the finest freestyler to be at Georgia since the great Olympic star Reid Patterson. Bankston is almost unbeatable at the 220 and 440 yd. freestyle. His brother, Charlie, is an excellent diver. Although only a sophomore, Charlie has shown exceptional promise. Walker Beeson, Tommy Blakely, Alston Steiner, David Tyre, Lamar Ellis and Howard Dyrdahl are other outstanding members of this year ' s squad. Florida is again the strongest team in the S. E. C, with Georgia rated second. First Row: Howard Dyrdahl, Jimmy Bankston, David Tyre, Tommy Blake- ly. Second Row: Rolffs Pinkerton, Walker Beeson, Lamar Ellis, Alston Steiner, Coach Gabrielson. Third Row: Jimmy Johnson, Charlie Bank- ston, Lory Hamrik, Martin Hairston. L MEDLEY RELAY TEAM, which is expected to make a fine showing in Southeastern Conference meet, is all smiles before competing in meet. COACH GABRIELSON and ace backstroker Sonny Poss. Poss is considered the best all-round athlete in the SEC. STRONG FREESTYLE RELAY TEAM IS COMPOSED OF JIMMY BANKSTON, HOWARD DYRDAHL, DAVID TYRE, AND LAMAR ELLIS. Tennis Team Outlook For Upcoming Season Is High Georgia ' s tennis prospects for 1959 were consid- ered " bright " by Coach Dan Magill. Returning let- termen inchided five of the seven players who in 19 59 gave the Bulldogs their strongest team in history: co-captains John Foster and Lindsey Hop- kins, seniors; Alfred Thompson and Richard Courts, seniors; and Spencer Allen, junior, plus a 1957 letterman, Zuhair Nejib who was ineligible in 1958. Promising newcomers expected to make the var- sity included Scott Henson and Charles Bryan, both sophomores. The 19 5 8 team compiled a fine 17-7 record. CRISSCROSSED effect is produced here as through the wire fence we watch Georgia players in a hard practice session. Ak ' «u3SS " CAPTAIN JOHN FOSTER RETURNS SHOT IN TIGHT MATCH WITH OPPONENT NED NEELY OF GEORGIA TECH Coach Dan Magill, John Foster, lindsey Hopkins, Alfred Thomp son, Spencer Allen, ScoM Hen- son and Charles Bryan. -Joaiu ' for RICHARD COURTS, Atlanta senior, has proven invaluable to the Dogs because of his strong play at No. 6 position. LINDSEY HOPKINS, who teams with John Foster to give Georgia one of best doubles combinations in the South. BULLDOGS PRACTICE HARD AND LONG ON NEV TENNIS COURTS FOR UPCOMING BIG MATCH. BACKHAND SMASH by Alfred Thomp- son, who has been a stand-out this year. DISTANCE RUNNERS Cliff Simon+on and Buddy Broadnax are side by side as they round the turn on the last lap. Tracksters Pin 1959 Hopes On Outstanding Individuals Coach Spec Towns ' untried track hopefuls will get their first big test of the season on February 14 at the Montgomery Relays. The point getting po- tential of the team is unknown, but that of a few individuals is not. Captain Sonny Poss is defending SEC champ in the high jump, the same event in which he broke the school record last year. Cliff Simonton in the mile and 880, Jim Crowley in the 440, and Jack Thompson and Bobby Towns in the hurdles are proven point getters. The track team will be bolstered this year by a fine group off of last year ' s freshman team. Buddy Broadnax, who runs the 880, Mont Miller, who competes in the 100 and 220, and " Warren Gray, who is considered the finest discus prospect at Georgia in the last decade. UP AND OVER GOES SONNY POSS, DEFENDING SEC HIGH JUMP CHAMP; HOLDER OF SCHOOL RECORD. DEAD HEAT AS JACK THOMPSON OF GEORGIA AND JAMES BRANTLEY OF GEORGIA TECH GO OVER LAST BARRIER AND INTO THE HOME STRETCH EVEN BOBBY TOWNS, star hurdler who was handicapped last year by a pulled muscle, is expected to be back in top running form this year. HE FLIES through the air with the greatest of ease. Georgia pole-vaulter goes up and over barrier easily. WARREN GRAY, outstanding discus thrower, is about to let loose with another one of his tremendous heaves. TREMENDOUS DESIRE IS SHOWN HERE BY RUNNERS AS THEY STRAIN FOR THE TAPE IN PHOTO-FINISH OF HALF-MILE. CAPTAIN Don Sparrow, Georgia ' s hitter, fielder, and base runner deluxe, in 1959 will be a third-year regular. Lettermen Return To Give Dogs Championship Hopes Georgia ' s baseball team had high hopes for the upcoming 19 59 season. With Curtis Wiggins re- turning in center field, Tommy Lewis in left, and with James Rogers coming up off the freshman team to replace the graduated J. B. Davis in right, the outfield looked as strong as in the early 50 ' s, when the ' Dogs were winning the S. E. C. Cham- pionship with regularity. Captain Don Sparrow returns at shortstop. Spar- row is Georgia ' s most consistent player, batting over .300 in his two previous seasons with the ' Dogs. Art Patchin returns for another season at third. Second base is wide open again, with Joe Defoor and Cliff Channel the two leading candi- dates. Paul Bryan, who was Georgia ' s leading long ball hitter the last half of the ' 58 season, is back at first. Smoky Stover will again don the catcher ' s equipment. Graduation took its biggest toll from the pitch- ers, with ' 5 8 captain Wayne Minshew gone. Strong left banders Bob Payne and Walt:;r Glenn return, though, so pitching shouldn ' t be a real weakness. THE PITCH IS ON ITS WAY AS BATTER STRIDES FORWARD AND UMPIRE AND CATCHER ARE COILED READY TO CARRY OUT THEIR DUTIES. I I -n.-rk.-i -n.- ' wv ' -w k. " »VTrx ' v-fk-Bk-ik ' wv ' WK-fvWTk. ' »i.. " rk-rk.-»ii rr TV » »» rk Wk r-k rw Bv -w -i.«v-«WTw-w liiir BOB PAYNE, ace left hander is expected to be the mainstay of the mound staff in 1959. BAT FLIES and hitter heads for first, while the base runner takes off for second. Fans take it all contentedly and in stride. i ' 2. ' ' ' - ' ' ' ' " ' " ' FANS watch game closely. It wouldn ' t seem like a baseball game if the fans weren ' t there yelling encouragement to the players, and abuses at umpires. 197 TOP SIX for Georgia ' s golf team this year are Sam Mays, Frank Eldridge, Cobby Ware, John Brlnn, Davis Adams, Bobby Moser. Five Veterans Return To Make Golf Team Strong Georgia, SEC golf champions in 1957 and 1958, have a good chance of repeating this year. Return- ing lettermen include Frank Eldridge, Cobby Ware, Sam Mays, Davis Adams, and ' the captain of this year ' s team, Bobby Moser. Newcomers expected to make a fine showing are sophomores John Brim and Don Patterson, off last year ' s fine freshman team. Georgia came in second in the Southern Intercol- legiate while winning the SEC at the same time in 1958. This year ' s team should be just as strong. Ac- cording to Coach Howell Hollis, Florida should be the strongest in the SEC, with Georgia and LSU giving them a run for their money. • SAND FLIES as Frank Eldridge, two-year veteran from Valdosta, hits fine shot out of wet sand trap to eighteenth green twenty yards away. CHIP SHOT by Davis Adams lands neatly on the green. Adams, a two-year standout, has been one of the most consistent golfers Georgia has ever had. CAPTAIN Bobby Moser hits drive off first tee. Moser ' s long game is very good. -ia bljksmm h Sell 3fn urn lo Sfrong lira. Return; rjRCobbrWare, ' ' VJinoftliis • " ■mopectedto r WoBnniand nun team, ' Intercol- ffle time ■ ' Mg. Ac- ' -toiild x md LSU ALL SMILES are three mainstays of the Georgia golf team, Davis Adams, Frank Eldridge, and Bobby Moser, right after Moser had been elected Captain. PUTTING is sophomore John Brim, con- sidered best prospect off freshman team. First Row: Coach Howell Mollis, Sam Mays, Frank Eldridge, Jack Copelan, Kelly Dimon, Buster Jenkins. Second Row; Hal Brady, Don Patterson, Cobby Ware, John Brim, Davis Adams, Bob Moser. TROPHIES galore as Intramural Director Frank Bowen and H. G. Patterson hand them out to the respective fraternity winners. Men ' s Intramural Program One Of The South ' s Finest The University of Georgia has developed one of the finest intramural sport programs in the South. Not only does this program include active partici- pation in almost every major and minor sport, but it also creates lively competition through its Gov- ernor ' s league, Independent League, Professional League and President ' s League. These groups are composed of representatives from all the fraterni- ties and dormitories. Every student on the campus has an opportunity to compete in a team sport, if he desires. The director of this fine program for the year 19 5 8-59 was Frank Bowen and the assistant director was H. G. Patterson. Spring Quarter, 19 5 8, found the Chi Phi ' s and the Chi Psi ' s winning softball and taking golf; the ATO ' s and Sigma Nu ' s winning tennis; the Theta Chi ' s and TEP ' s taking ping pong and the SAE ' s and Chi Psi ' s winning the track meet. During the Fall the Phi Delts and Chi Psi ' s took football and the Cake Race; Sigma Chi and Chi Psi took Volleyball; SAE and Chi Psi won horseshoes and also the swimming meet. I KA ED BLALOCK TAKES OPENING KICKOFF AND BEHIND THE BLOCKING OF TEAMMATE FRANK BARRON PREPARES TO HEAD UPFIELD. h finest J J B£ ' « ' iV . ' ■ • 1? J V ' ' f%- |||MHH| H I • ■ v» liMI r wH4m» ' -. rfxw :■ . ••-■■■ ' ■ " • Hp ' ' i iiaMI 1 Ps 1 iliCiUOtS I, KA FRANK BARRON CATCHES PASS IN PHI DELT GAME WHICH DETERMINED THE CHAMPION OF THE GOVERNOR ' S LEAGUE. ,«HW) ' THE STARTER ' S GUN IS UP AND EVERYBODY IS READY TO START THE LONG GRIND IN THE ANNUAL CAKE RACE. PHI DELT Doug Hawley was Cake Race winner. WAY UP goes SAE Dallas Champion to pull the ball out of the air, this completion setting up an SAE touchdown. m IS ' ' HIGH goes Sigma Chi Center Jerry Crooks to pull down rebound in game with Sigma Nu ' s. Crooks is one of the tallest men in the league. ) i BAHER, UMPIRE, AND CATCHER ARE AIL READY TO GO AS PITCH HAS JUST PASSED BATTER FOR A CALLED STRIKE. ,» :, WATER IS SPLASHED EVERYWHERE AS FREESTYLERS CHURN DOWN THE LANES TRYING TO WIN FIRST PLACE IN THE INTRAMURAL SWIMMING MEET. I % pj le bound in yntwiflllie league, ALL EYES are upward as play- ers wait for birdie to descend. PHI DELT EUGENE BOTHWELL LAYS IT UP AFTER BREAKING AWAY FROM KAPPA SIGMA DEFENDERS. 203 ALL THREE hands seem to be shooting ball as ADPi ' s Rosalie Fenn and Gloria Harrell try to block attempted layup in SDT game. W.A.A. Sponsors A Fine Girls Intramural Program AN INTRAMURAL PROGRAM consists of 1- sports and activities that are participated in by students on a volunteer basis. Competition is be- tween groups that are joined together through an organization or a common interest. Tournaments are set up, directed, and officiated by students. All students are invited to participate in the activities. The Women ' s Athletic Association sponsors the girls ' intramural program at the University. Tournaments are held in both individual and team sports. Student managers for each sport are elected to organize practices, set-up, and carry out the tournaments. Campus groups and organizations elect representatives to the W. A. A. Council. These representatives act as coordinates for the two groups. Physical education major students, directed by a faculty member, officiate tournament games. The program is sponsored by the Women ' s Phys- ical Education Department. There is a W. A. A. advisor and an intramural advisor from the staff. THE OLD COUEGE TRY IS GIVEN HERE AS AN ADPi NEARLY DOES BACK BEND TRYING TO GET THE BALL BACK OVER NET IN GAME WITH CHI O ' s. 204 ri Spring 1958 Softball Mary Lyndon Dormitory Tennis (doubles) Alpha Delta Pi Archery Hally Boatwright, KKG Golf Barbara Mulherin, Chi O Fall 1958 Volleyball Chi Omega Table Tennis . . Helen Huff, Kappa Alpha Theta Swimming Kappa Alpha Theta Tennis (singles) .... Barbara Dupree, ADPi PASS by Mamie Fowler takes all her energy as she jumps off floor in effort to get the ball to her teammate under the basket. WITH APPROVING GLANCES, ARCHERS LOOK AT TARGET WHICH HAS BEEN MASSACRED BY SOME FINE SHOOTING ON THEIR PART. JJ BADMINTON winners Beeps Steele and Ann Milton display winning techniques that brought them intramural championship. 1 W .- ' 1 , imm , 1 r b « ' • .J fi iJ A ,. ...1 ; MB Up. -JBI Pr r m FORM is the main thing in bowling and we ' ve got it here. The trouble is we haven ' t been able to decide which leg is which. THREE ADPi ' s BATTLE WITH EACH OTHER ON WHO WILL KNOCK VOLLEYBALL BACK TO OPPOSITION IN GAME WITH DEFENDING CHAMPION CHI O. «« ' ii9«filliere.Ilie STANDING ON PLATFORMS, P.E. MAJORS OFFICIATE VOLLEYBALL GAMES. THEY DO SO AT ALL THE INTRAMURAL GAMES. C :HI O BARBARA MULHERIN SCORES ANOTHER RUN AS TEAMMATES IN BACKGROUND CHEER OTHER RUNNER ON. GIRL IN FRONT COURT IS ALL READY AS HER PARTNER KICKS UP LEFT LEG AND GETS SET TO RETURN SHOT TO HER WAITING OPPONENT. w .s a Jlt ] y. FRATERNITIES AND SORORI- TIES function smoothly in an intri- cate university set-up. They have a definite place in college life. Friend- ships and close companionships de- velop during the years spent at col- lege. Here individ uals form close ties that remain for life. Greek organizations provide social life, chances for leadership, and an overall sort of home away from home. Most all fraternities and so- rorities undertake one or more worth while projects yearly. Greeks strengthen alumni relations. Under the leadership of the Inter- fraternity Council and the Panhel- lenic Council, all of the groups work to maintain and strengthen the Greek way of life on the campus. INTERFRATERNITY Council has joint responsibility for presiding at ballot boxes during the freshmen elections. IFC Acts As the Unifying Body Among Fraternities INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL organizes and acts as the officiating body for the rush program during orientation week. The Council supphes in- formation to all potential rushees prior to the open- ing of school through the Fraternity Way. The magazine contains articles by outstanding frater- nity men on their viewpoints concerning the bene- fits of fraternity life and the agenda for rush. Interfraternity Council compiles the list of names of the men who have dropped out of rush and pre- sents this list to the fraternities to use for Wildcat rushing which comes later in the fall. IFC sponsors a great service to the Athens com- munity by having an available list of fraternity men who will donate to the Blood Bank in case of low supply or an emergency. Another service spon- sored by the Council is the maintenance of board for a foreign student during the entire school year. Realizing the importance of academic life, a schol- arship trophy is presented each quarter. Being an established body on campus, IFC was able to bring nationally known entertainment to the University. Guests enjoyed the orchestra of Harry James during the Homecoming dances, and highlighting Little Commencement dances were Chris Conner and Kai Winding. Striving to strengthen the fraternity system po- litically through a closer harmony among fraterni- ties, IFC sponsored Greek Week with group dis- cussions and guest speakers. Presiding officers are Jay Cox, president; Jimmy Walker, vice president; Ned Franco, secretary, and Tom Dennard, treas- urer. IFC-FiVsf row: Dick Grey, Sigma Chi; Will Little, Pi Kappa Alpha; Tom Dennard, Phi Delta Theta; Jimmy Walker, Chi Phi; Thomas Bailey, Sigma Nu. Second row: Pete Chick, Phi Kappa Tau; Jack Romano, Kappa Alpha; John Keasler, Phi Kappa Tau; Sol Costorina, Theta Chi; David Harte, Alpha Tau Omega; Dickie Crosby, Alpha Gamma Rho; Frank James, Sigma Pi. Third row: George Hood, Pi Delta Theta; Clark Jackson, Delfa Tau Delta; Chris Foster, Phi Delta Theta; Eorl Leonard, Alpha Tau Omega; Ted Kaminsky, Alpha Epsilon Pi; Jay Cox, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ned Franco, Alpha Epsilon Pi; Howard Sanders, Alpha Epsilon Pi; Harold Solomon, Tou Epsilon Phi; Howard Cordell, Lambda Chi Alpha; Bryce Holcomb, Lambda Chi Alpha. Fourth row: Bobby Smith, Alpha Gamma Rho; Tom Vickery, Kappa Sigma; Paul Dean, Sigma Pi; Jim McLean, Kappa Sigma; Sonny Todd, Chi Phi; Charlie Harris, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Dick Wiggins, Phi Kappa Phi. Fifth row: Jerry Lewis, Pi Kappa Alpha; Jim Rewis, Pi Kappa Phi; Corr Dodson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ba»ch Flythe, Chi Psi; Dick Russell, Sigma Chi. ■1 fi B J 1 i m 1 ■ _ m ■ 1 If K LsJ tfr H Qi m l( j m h- K r Kr Pif : fWCi ' b Ji i THE " CREWCUTS, " MERCURY RECORDING ARTISTS, GIVE A PERFORMANCE WHICH IS ENJOYED BY STUDENTS AT 1958 UHLE COMMENCEMENT. LAMBDA CHI ALPHAS GIVE RUSHEES SONG BOOKLETS SO THEY MAY JOIN BROTHERS IN A SESSION OF SINGING FRATERNITY SONGS. SIGNING RUSHEES on smoker lists !s part of the program carried out by IFC. E JL Omicron ' CHOW TIME is fun time as some of the brothers of AEPi socialize around the meal table at the fraternity house. THERE ' S " PIE in your eye " at the annual A. E. Pi Throw during win- ter quarter. Each fraternity and sorority participates, and the many pie faces are well worth seeing. But behind all the fun there is the serious thought of making the March of Dimes Drive more successful. The other highlight during winter quarter is the Sweetheart Dance. This year Tanya Lefkoft was crowned A. E. Pi sweetheart. The Parents Day Banquet in the spring gives the parents an opportunity to share in the social activity. Another function is the Regional Conclave held each year in Atlanta. Here the south- eastern chapters gather for participation in athletic events and fraternal discussion. Many members of Alpha Epsilon Pi are very active in Alpha Phi Omega. A. E. Pi leadership on campus is evidenced by a Glee Club soloist, Junior class president, and secretary of IFC. To lead the A. E. Pis through their numerous activi- ties are Sam Goodrich, president; Roger Merahn, vice- president; Howie Saunders, scribe, and Terry Seitz, treasurer. First row: Stan Steinberger, Roger Merahn, Howard Saunders, Jerry Rachelson, Sidney Morris, Mrs. A. D. Gann, Martin Cohen, Melvin Seligman, Leonard Friadmann, Burt Haskins, Ronnie Shreiber. Second row: Gerald Siegol, Ronnie Pollotk, Carl Shapiro, Nelson Goldman, Jerry Page, Bruce Gillett, Joel Cohen, Maryin Wynn. Third row: Wallace Moses, David Cohen, Mike Becker, Harvey Charvin, Barry Berman, Sam Goodrich, Paul Eichel, Alan Whiteman, Jerry Taitz, Tavin Kaminjky. 3fiii{ ■• ' ' • is tte ■ ' .oft was ■ - Banquet " - " ■■■ ' - ' m ' :impus IS " esident, ' Jj activi- . ' iM,vice- -- .»n-Seitz, Micheal Becker Barry Berman Joe Be Harvey Charvin David Cohen Joel Cohen Martin Cohen Paul Echel Ned Franco Leonard Friedmann Bruce Gillette Nelson Goldman Norman Golivesky Sam Goodrich Burt Haskins Tavin Kaminsky Jack Liebowitz Roger Merahn Harold Millner Karl Mollin Sidney Morris Wally Moses Jerry Page Ronnie Pollock Jerry Rachelson Ho ' wie Saunders Ronnie Schrieber Terry Seitz Melvin Seligman Carl Shapiro Gerald Siegel Simowitz Bobby Spector Stan Steinberger Jerry Taitz Martin Taylor Alan Whiteman Marvin Wynn FIRST PLACE laurels in the 1958 homecoming decorations contest were captured by the Alpha Epsilon Pi ' s with this idea which coupled plenty of brain power and actual work. 213 Alpha Eta HOMECOMING CHAIRMAN Bobby Smith presents the new 1958 Honnecoming Queen, Zeta Sandra Thompson, at halftime. ALPHA GAMMA RHO was founded in the fall of 1904, at Ohio State _ . _ University. Since that time chapters have t J P been established at all land-grant colleges and many other universities throughout the United States. Alpha Eta chapter was established at Georgia in 1927 and was selected to receive the 19J8 National Fraternity Award of the Year. The fraternity flower is the Pink Rose and the social highlight of the year is the Pink Rose Formal. Each year the AGR ' s select from sorority representatives their sweetheart. Arlene Huggins was chosen this year. The Fraternity also welcomes its alumni back each year at a Founders Day Banquet and Dance. The fraternity has the vice-president of Student Government, members in X Club, varsity baseball, and track teams, Red and Black staff. Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, and G Club. Guiding the AGR ' s through 195 8-1959 are Bobby Smith, Noble Ruler; Billy Edenfield, Vice Noble Ruler; Reid Beasley, secretary, and George Flanders, treasurer. ' ( ' , First row: Richard Hawkins, James Brown, Bob Conoly, Dicltie Crosley, Tommy Smith, Gene Rogers, Darrell Gibbs, Paul Bryon, Larry Grogran, George Flanders. Second row: Reid Beasley, Mr. Harold D. White, Arlene Huggins, Billy Edenfi eld, Mrs. Hershal Carithers, Bobby Smith, Jane Chastain, Walter Futrell, Bobby Deal, Gene Gay. pna k •ptirsliave " colleges " -■MgllOiit ' ■ t social ' itudent ■ c:a!l,aii(i Zeta, Plii i ' noldAir Memb ers John Rogers Akins Reid Beasley Carl Brack James Brown Paul Bryan Ralph Clifton Bob Conoly Dickie Crosby Charles Culpepper Bobby Deal Johnny Deal Bobby Eason Billy £den£eld Earl Edenfield John Faulk George Flanders Wells Franks Walter Futrell Gene Gay Darrell Gibbs Bobby Griffis Larry Grogran Joe Harrison Rick Haw kins Charles Lanier Ralph Loveless Jimmy Matthews Clyde Maxwell John Mc Daniel Andy Miller Freddie Miller Ed Mixon Richard Norton Ray Nunn Jimmy Parker A. T. Rigsby Gene Rogers Bill Saxon Raymond Seeking Lamar Shaw Bobby Smith Marvin Smith Tommy Smith Lamar Warner Wayne Woods BOBBY SMITH, President first row: Bobby Eason, Johnny Deal, Andy Miller, Lamar Show, Raymond Seeking er, A. T. Rigsby, Bobby Griffis, James Parker, Charles lanier, Charles Culpepper. Second row: Freddie Miller, John McDaniel, Ralph Loveless, Ed Mixon, Ralph Clifton, John Faulk, Ray Nunn, Clyde Maxwell, Joe Hanison, Wells Franks, Lamar Wainer, Richard Norton. Alpha Beta ATO SACK DANCE will turn glamorous young coeds into old bags for a night and they will love ALPHA TAU OMEGA is noted for the lively parties given each quar- ter in their recreation room, the " Sewer, " which is located in the basement of their home. The members and their guests have many good times there. The ATO ' s have many projects, but the most widely known is their project for " Help Week. " With this project they pioneered in the fraternity world to re- place " Hell Week. " This year the chapter chose to paint a small rural church for its Help Week Project. Highlighting the ATO social year is the White Tea Rose Formal given during the spring quarter. Their biggest dance of the year is the Sweetheart ' s Dance where Deanne Deavers, the chapter ' s choice for this years sweetheart was crowned. Leading the Alpha Tau Omega to a great year were officers: Earl Leonard, Worthy Master; Leon Odom, Worthy Chaplain; Sonny Baldwin, Worthy Keeper of Exchequer; Tommy Burnside, Worthy Scribe; and Jack Harte, Worthy Keeper of Annals. campus it too! F rsf row: George Jarrard, Dan Morse, John Ryan, Charles Pecor, Don Jones, Bill Goin, Fran Williams, Mark Carr, Sonny Harris. Second row: David Muse, Bob Laslie, Walter Burch, David Harte, Richard Colobro, Arnold Sims, Mac Durham, Jeb Baggott. Third row: A. J. Boyd, Bill Medders, Jim McCowan, Pete Nissen, Jim Robertson, Jerry Willis. Fourth row: Bob Hammond, George York, Ken Kelly, Jeff Mabry, Rick Garner, Bob Telleson, Wayne Coleman. L :sm t - aBeta 5 « 1th this world to re- pte: chose to ' ■•■ Project. Ttite Tea -- " er. Their :i tor t ' M and Jeb Baggott Eugene Persor Bald Phil Sidney Baynes Chris Botsaris A. J. Boyd Tommy Burnside Richard Calabro George Carley Mark Carr Clifford Chapman Tom Clarke Wayne Coleman Don Combus Jerry Connell Mac Durham Jim Estes Rick Garner Foy Gilbert Bob Gill Bill Goin Bob Hammond Sonny Harris David Harte John Harte Henry Grady Holde George Jarrard Members Charles Jenkins Dan Jones Kenneth Kee Ken Kelly Walt KUlingsworth Ben Klopp Bobby Laslie Earl Truman Leonard Barry Lisle David Lokey Jeff Mabry Cone M. Maddox Al MacKenn Jim McCowen Bob Manley Jones Maxwell Bill Medders DeForrest Morgan Dan Morse David Muse Jack Newman Ed Newton Pete Nissen Leon Odum Morton Patterson Charles Pecor Bill Ransbotham Jim Robertson John Ryan Larry Salmon Bill Sanders Dick Shelly Arnold Sims Joe Smaha Forrest Taylor Charles Terry Bob Tolleson Tommy Union Floyd Wagner WUton Walton Ronny Webster Carl Welch Gordon Wells Bill Westbrook Perry Whatley Milledge White Albert Williams Bobby Williams Fran Williams Jerry Willis Bobby Woodson George York EARL LEONARD, President First row: Earl Leonard, Leon Odun Carley, John Harte, Walt KMIingsw Clarke, Ed Newton, Carl Welch, Bil well. Fifth row.- Wilton Walton, Loi Tommy Burnside, Deanne Deavors, Tanya Frantz, E ' rth, Albert Williams, Charles Terry, Al MacKenn, To Ransbotham. Fourth row: Don Combes, Charles Jenki y Salmon, Bob Gill, Clifford Chapman, Morton Patte !ne Baldwin. Second row: Joe Smaha, Jerry Connell, Dick Shelly, George ly Union. Third row: Bobby Woodson, Cone Maddox, Milledge White, Tom Chris Botsaris, Jock Newman, Forrest Taylor, Bobby Williams, Jones Max- n, Ben Klopp, Barry Lisle. L -r-n :y, Eta CHI PHI SPIRIT is running high at the Saturday game as all the members and their dates cheer the Dogs on. THE BEAUTIFUL old red brick co- f " ?sr lonial home on Lumpkin is the pride y iMJ of the Chi Phi ' s. The old fashion appear- ance is set off by the huge rocking chairs on the front porch which are constantly in use. All year round the basement booms with excitement since many evenings are spent dancing to the music and entertainment of guest combos. On the campus the Chi Phi ' s are successful in many ways other than their social life. They have members participating on golf, swimming and football teams. The boys displayed their school spirit during the fall quarter by chartering a bus to the Georgia vs. Auburn game in Columbus. During the Thanksgiving holidays the Chi Phi ' s have their annual Alumni Banquet in Atlanta. Later in the year the Chaquette Ball was held when sweetheart, Mary Ann Quante, was crowned. The Chi Phi ' s elected Frank Weatherbee, president; Tom Smith, vice-president; John Talmadge, secretary, and John Hadaway, treasurer to lead the fraternity during the past year. First row: Som Mays, Sonny Todd, John Engle, Billy Barton, Mrs. Baggs, Frank Weatherbee, Marion Quante, Tom Smith, John Hadaway, John Talmadge, Todd Dwyer, Mike Crawford, John Walker, Frank Moore. Second row: Ben Haskins, Jim Nickels, Sproull Dempsey, Morton Seal, Jim Rasnake, Bob Buckbee, Fr»d Sims, A! Kitchens, er, Lovick Howard, Robert Anderson, Ferrell Harper, Horry Harper, Willie Starnes. ' ' - S chain " u«.All ' -ent since -m and - teams, Carl Akin Bill Almond Fred Amtower Robert Anderson Billy Barton Stan Bolen George Bolen WUIie Brown Bob Buckbee James Cassell Barksdale Collins John Cooper Mike Crawford Raymond Cross Joe Davis SprouU Dempsey Don Dussling Todd Dwyer Lamar Ellis John Engle Lee Evans George Gamer Billy Gibson Arnold Guest John Hadaway Jim Hadaw ay Ben Haskin Sam Hole Allyn Hamilton Members Harry Harper Ferrell Harper Forest Hensley Scott Henson Pat Hickey Lorick Howard Hugh Inglis Ed Ivie Dickie Jenkins Mannie Joyce Alfred Kennedy Al Kitchens Milner Lively Lou Lanier Jim Mann Sam Mays Mont Miller Frank Moore G. B. Morris Charles McCurdy Sam McGill Bill Mclntyre Carl McLeod Sonny McKenny Jim Nichols Ben Noble Bobby Northcutt Gardner Nottingham Jim Pervis Tommy Phillips Pierre Pohl Jim Rasnake Jack Rollins Rivers Roser Jim Sanders Morton Seal Wade Seal John Shaw Charlie Shutlin Fred Sims Tom Smith Dick Smith John Smith Rowdy Stanton Willie Starnes John Talmadge Sonny Todd Charles Van Pelt Henry Wall John Walker Jim Walker Jerry Washburn Frank Wetherbee Tad Wilson Bobby Womack John Yost Herb Zachery FRANK WEATHERBEE, President MgtTgddDiyit, in Al ladni, First row: John Smith, George Morris, Nick Collins, Henry Wall, Charles Van Pelt, John Cooper, Rivers Roser, Wade Seal, Forrest Hensley, Pot Hickey, Bill Mclntyre, Mont Miller, Jim Pervis. Second row; Ed Ivie, Jerry Washburn, Alfred Kennedy, Sonny McKinney, Jim Cassell, Dick Jenkins, George Garner, Jack Rollins, Hugh Inglis, Jim Hadowoy, Allyn Hamilton, Tod Wilson, Arnold Guest, Ben Noble. 7 219 Alpha Alpha Delta I T SWEETHEART Faye Dunham and sponsor Leila Goodwin are the honorees at a banquet given by Chi Psi fraternity. HE CONSERVATIVE policy of the Chi Psi ' s restrict the number of members for each chapter and the num- ber of chapters throughout the nation. Through this close knit brotherhood, they strive toward their goals. The Chi Psi ' s captured the All-Sports President ' s League trophy for the second consecutive year, en- abling them to retire it permanently with one more victory. They hold individual trophies in golf, track, swimming, paddleball, badminton, softball, All-Cam- pus Football Championship, Georgia-Georgia Tech Football, and the Outstanding Intramural Athlete. The chapter has at least one large dance and several smaller parties each quarter. Activities are stressed with members in X Club, Scabbard and Blade, Delta Sigma Pi, Agronomy Club, a cheerleader. Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Kappa Literary Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Newman Club, Westminister Fellowship, Geechee Club, and Geography Club. The officers for this year are Batch Flythe, president; Jim King, vice president; Phil Wortman, secretary; and Chapter Wall, treasurer. First row- Ronnie Pressley, Andre Duncan, Batch Flythe, Faye Dunham, Leiia Goodwin, Gary Blasingome, Charlie Griffith, Jim Roberts. Second row: Charner Wall, Dave Fitkin, Earl Locey, Larry DeLoach, Grady Cone, John Watson, Phil Wortman, Jim King. Third row: Jim Lowe, Norman Hill, Fred Iseminger, Malcolm Locke, Pete Manley, Jim Pirkle. • ' aJeljj Memb ers Gary Blasingame Norman Boulus Donald Cary Grady Cone James Davis Michael Deleonardis Larry DeLoach Shelton DeLoach Andre Duncan Freddy Edmonson Robert Estes Jesse Finch David Fitkin Batchelor Flythe Donald Gager Angus Gilson Charles Griffith William Hibbert Norman Hill Fred Iseminger James Kennedy James King Earl Lacey Malcolm Locke James Lowe Peter Manley Donald McNeill James Me vbome Augustus Newton David O ' Quinn La ' wrence Prather James Pirkle Ronnie Pressley Jim Roberts Ronald Rutledge Pat Sherfield John Shultn Richerd Snyder Pat Stanfield Gerald Stone Jereny Succi Bill Tatum Donald Thomas Chamer Wall Tommy Wall John Watson Hinton Wells Jerry WUliams Neil Williams WUber Wortman BATCH FLYTH, President -rcretar} ' ; - aene Wil, abbdtjdt ■ I First row: Tom Wall, Jim Mewberne, Don Thomas, Dick Snyder, Faye Dunham, Leiia Goodwin, Don McNeill, Don Gager, Norman Boulus. Second row: Shelton DeLoach, Gus Newton, Andre Duncon, Angus Gilson, Lance Estes, Jack Shulin. Third row: Jess Finch, Bill Tatum, Jerry Stone, Don Gary, Bud Kennedy. Beta Delta , D ELTA TAU DELTA has placed ' ' -4 above the men ' s scholastic average at the University for five years. In addi- tion to this record they enter numerous activities here on the campus. The Delta Tau Delta ' s point proudly to their members in law and business fraternities, the Forestry Club, the Dixie Red Coat Band, and on the varsity swimming, track, football, and tennis teams. The Delt ' s look forward to the " Dog Patch Drag. " The " Drag " acts as a welcomed reprieve from the text books during the winter quarter. At this annual func- tion, the sweetheart of the fraternity is crowned. At the Children ' s Christmas Party, the Delta Tau Delta ' s give underprivileged children of Athens a Christmas celebration. The leaders of Beta Delta for 195 8-59 are Carl Du- vall, president; Allen Stovall, vice president; John " Water, treasurer, and Rhett Tanner, secretary. CONTRAST as to the academic pursuit is shown by these Del t brothers " hitting the books " for approaching quizzes. First row: Frank Bahin, E Waters, Barbara Hagma Aurandt, Jack Thompson II Crowford, Rhett Tanner, Bo Mills, Cecil Clapp, Lorry Cohran, George Reeves, Author Willard. Second row: Elbert Dewitt, Bill Eichost, John , Allan Stovall, Mrs. Overstreet, Carl Duvall, Barbara Morston, Robert Walls, Slick Denny, Durwood Poland. Third row: Dove Jones, Phil Will Moddox, Hudson Cone, Sonny Mason, Chip McMurray, Jim Pickens, Dick Elliot, Jack Kemp, Carl McClesky, Bill Davis, Jack Hobbs. I ■auHilk k ■ :ne text -:.nstmas Members Phillip Aurandt Talmadge Bo v den Frank Bahin Frank Chandley Earl Clapp Larry Cohran Hudson Cone William Crawford William Davis Ralph Denny Elbert Dewitt Carl Duvall Thomas Eichost Richard Elliott Ernest Hallford James Hallford Jackson Hobbs David Jones Silas Langfitt William Maddox Oliver Lee Mason Carl McClesky Edward D. McKinney Ernest McMurray Robert Mills James Cain Pickens Durwood Poland David Harold Robinson George Randall Reeves Allen Stovall Walter Tanner Clark Thompson Robert Walls John Waters Arthur Waiard Richard Wemmers Clyde Wells John Wenisch CARL DUVALL, President " AROUND AND AROUND IT GOES. WHERE IT STOPS NOBODY KNOWS THE PIN BALL MACHINE KEEPS THE FUN ROLLING AT THE DELT HOUSE. 223 .Jk IT? Gamma V " OLD SOUTH BALL " invitations are delivered by KA Jack Romano to waiting Chi Omegas via an old horse and buggy. The KA ' s started the year off with a bang by pledging a fine class of southern gentlemen. Socially speaking, the KA ' s enjoy a va- riety of parties, dances, balls, and banquets. The most famous, " The Old South Ba ll, " is held each year during the spring in Atlanta with the Emory and Georgia Tech chapters. The announcement of the Kappa Alpha Rose and the Cowboy Ball are two other big events in store for the KA ' s. Known for their active leadership on campus, the KA ' s are proud of their members in Sphinx, Grid- iron, X Club, Blue Key, Pandora Staff, Red and Black, Student Council, Student Union, G Club, Glee Club Phi Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, and the Arnold Air Society. Kappa Alpha chose for their ' 5 8-59 officers Ben Swain McElmurray, Jr., I; John Blevens, II; and Nel- son Cook, III. The sincere smile of Miss Jackie Ponder, sweetheart, adds much warmth in the KA House this year. First row: Jack Romano, Jack Saussy, Scott Coleman, Alston Steiner, Ralph Hodges, John Blevins, Bucky Candler, Ed Manderson. Second row: Gene Abernathy, Jimmy Harrison, John Cole, Leo Mallard, Jimmy Ccrgill, Joe Monerson, Charlie Bryan. Thirc row: Charlie Ellis, Al Lerdy, Nicky Rawlins, Pete Banks, Jimmy Johnson. Fourth row: Wyck Knox, Frank Eldridge, Jock Copelan, Bob Miles, Jimmy Balcolm, Al McDougald. ' ■ ' ?3lJ ' - ' Jt ioatl ■ ' Pri Alpha r xJo bij events ■f cmpus, tbe ' - ' . Grid. Gene Abernathy Skip Aldred Guy Arnall Tommy Ashe Billy Askew Jimmie Balcom Pete Banks John Barr Frank Barron Ed Blalock John Blevins Charles Britt Buddy Broadnax Max Brunson Charlie Bryan Jimmy Burton Bucky Candler Jim. Cargill Buddy Carroll Ed Cater Joe Chandler Tommy Close John Cole Scott Coleman Jack Copelan Nelson Cook Travis Cook John Crawford John Coursey Bob Cousins Jim Davis Larry Dunn Frank Eldridge Charlie Ellis Members Ronnie Evans Howard Fisch Sid Flemming Paul Franks Allen Gay Jack Grant Jim Gray Tom Gray Harry Haisten Joe Harris Jimmy Harrison Roy Hayes Jerry Hearin Ed Hobgood Ralph Hodges Billy Hood Tommy Hopson Hugh Hosch Billy Howell Jere Huggins Grady Jackson Warren Jenkins Jimmy Johnson Joe Johnson Farrell Keaton Peyton Keaton Wyck Knox Willis Lanier Al LeRoy Tommy Lewis Leo Mallard Mike Malone Ed Manderson Joe Manderson Al McDougald Swain McElmurra Cliff McGaughey Bob Miles Bob Mills Weldon Neal Lester Neville Cay Ozburn P. B. Patterson Jack Prather David Prince Bill Ramsey Henry Ramsey Nicky Rawlins Billy Ray Frank Richardson Jack Romano Jack Saussy Mike Shahan Billy Shaw Jim Sheffield Richard Smith Terry Smith Jim Sommers Bob SoTvel! Alston Steiner Richard Tatum Gordon Varnedoe Heeth Varnedoe Wylie Waller Ray Walls Terrell Wesley Bob Williams Tom Young SWAIN McELMURRAY, President firsf row: Bob Mills, Nelson Cook, Swain McElmurray. Second row: Jim Davis, Stetson Fleming, Bob Williams, Winkle Jenkins, Jackie Ponder, Heeth Varnedoe, Tommy Close, Guy Arnall, Gordon Varnedoe, Harry Haisten, Richard Smith. Third row: Travis Cook, Mike Shahan, P. B. Patterson, Frank Richardson, Terry Smith, Hugh Hosch, Tom Young, Henry Ramsay, Billy Askew, Allan Gay, Tom Gray. Fourth row: Cay Ozburn, Jack Grant, Ed Hobgood, Jim Gray, Ed Blalock, Lester Neville, Joe Johnson, Richard Tatum, Joe Chandler, Frank Barron, Bobby Sowell, Buddy Carroll, Mike Malone, John Barr. 1 Beta Lambda ALL SPOOKS GATHER to " dismalize " at the Kappa Sigmas " " Death Party, " most morbid social event on the campus. ' i ' T O ENJOY and increase the pleas- - ' - ures which arc only to be obtained by the intercourses of congenial spirits " is the motto of Kappa Sigma fraternity. The fraternity, founded in 1869 at the University of Virginia, was established on this campus in 1901. Kappa Sigma takes pride in having outstanding brothers and pledges: secretary-treasurer of the sopho- more and junior classes. Kappa Sigs are also active in many other campus activities. Leading the cheers for the Bulldogs are a number of Kappa Sig cheerleaders. The fraternity athletes are members of the varsity football, cross-country, and track teams. At the Trophy Dance during spring quarter. Kappa Sigma presents to the outstanding sorority of the year the coveted Kappa Sigma trophy. This trophy is won by a point system that includes scholarship, leadership, activities, and achievements. Guiding the fraternity in its activities this year are Tom Pound, president; Tom Elliott, vice president; Jim Smith, secretary; and Tommy Harris, treasurer. First row: Ned Gross, Marshall Smifh, Jerry Johnson, Mrs. Tom White, Barbara DuPree, Jim Smith, Tom Elliott, Ken Holyoak, Buzzy Garrison, Thorpe Deriso. Second row: Steve Squires, Dick Hogmon, Douglas Ellington, Bill Gilchr ist, Binion Amerson, Dick Ford, Todd Graham, Chip Washington, Pete Vig, Cecil Howard. Third row: David Cleghorn, John Hodges, Sanders Brightwell, Wilson Green, Bill Fox, Sammy Dixon, Martin Hoirston, Neil Barfield, Jerry Bowden, Jerry Harris, John Pirkle. KB ai Binion Amerson Dan McCay Arnold Philip Avery Neil Barfield Jerry Bartenfeld Bobby Bateman Jerry Bowden Bucky Bliss Ben Brackett Sanders Brightwell Gene Garden Bob Ghristie Don Gole Dean Gole David Gleghom Tharpe Deriso Robert Daugharty Sammy Dixon Torti Elliott Douglas Ellington Dick Ford Bill Fox Wayne Garrett Buddy Garrison Memb ers Garlton Gates Bill Gilchrist Todd Graham Wilson Green Ned Gross Dick Hagman Martin " Hairston Jerry Harris Tommy Harris Loren Hatfield Emmett Hamm Don Henderson Byron Hinson Charles Hill John Hodges Ken Holyoak Cecil Howard Tony Hughes Jerry Johnson Warren Lanier Johnny Long Bruce Lowery Buddy Mason Johnny Melvin Jim McLean Hill McKemie Ronald Odum John Pirkle Tom Pound Billy Ray Billy Roe George Saddler Harry Saye Chuck Smith Dan Smith Jim Smith Marshall Smith Valdon Smith Lewis Spiller Steve Squires Martin Stellges Cay Stokes Herb Symmers Tommy Thompson Jimmy Vickers Tom Vickery Pete Vig Chip Washington TOM POUND. President First row: Bruce Lowery, Loren Hatfield, Dean Cole, Bucky Bliss, Tom Pound, Barbara DuPree, Roberf Daugharty, Carlton Gates, Coy Stokes, Tommy Harris. Second row: Harry Saye, Billy Ray, Don Henderson, Don Cole, Jim McLean, Johnny Long, Emmett Hamm, Bobby Bateman, Wayne Garrett, Philip Avery. Third row: Tom Vickery, Tony Hughes, Mac Arnold, Warren Lanier, Martin Stellges, George Sadler, Buddy Mason, Charles Hill, Byron Hinson, Johnny Melvin. A u Nu Zeta the TN THE PLACE of honor on - ' - Lambda Chis ' mantel piece is a trophy from the University for " The Most Prog- ress on Campus " during the past year. The trophy was the result of member- ship, activity, and scholastic growth. Nu Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha is proud to be a growing part of the largest international social fraternity in the world. In addition to the traditional parties. Harvest Moon Ball, South Sea Island Affair, and Calypso Party, the Lambda Chi ' s have many smaller parties throughout the school year. Each year they look forward with great enthusiasm to the Crescent Girl Formal at which event the Crescent Girl for the next year is crowned. Lambda Chi Alpha has members active in various organizations: Student Council, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Biftad Honorary Organization, Scabbard and Blade, G Club, varsity football, and swimming. The slate of officers for 195 8-59 are Ray Elrod, pres- ident; Bob Safrit, vice-president; Jim Calhoon, secre- tary, and Howard Dyrdahl, treasurer. FiiW ' .111 Bm " j.L.;tl, Bn " ;.J Bron CRESCENT GIRL Betty Knight Is announced at the Lambda Chi Formal and is presented with the sweetheart pin. First row.- John Hinds, Kenneth Deedy, Donnie Moore, David Brown, Vince Dijacomo, Mike Berfino, Harold Long, William Bates, Prince Lewis. Second row: Lewis Barnett, Kenneth Brown, Jimmy Henry, Carl Russell, Harold Hobbs, Jerry Nicholson, Gene Beard, Heck Dodson, Charles Stephens. Third row: Cameron Terry, Randy Jay, Howard Cordell, Bob Francis, White Garland, Dickie Emmons, Pot Boggs, Lou Kokaty, Rubin Starling, Nicky Crowe, Richard Beall. Fourth row: Doug Boss, Pete Palmer, Jim Calhoun, Clarke Franklin, Roddy Bray, Howard Dyrdahl, Hiram Hendrix, Barry Wenzel, Russ Von Putten, B. J. Hulsey. 1 tcij • ■ veil, •■mo: ' ■- worii ■ ' ■ Moot ■ ; " y, tit Stinson Adams Clay Adamson Bob Anderson Phil BaUey Lewis Bamett Doug Bass William Bates Richard Beall Gene Beard Mike Bertino Pat Boggs Don Bonner Jerry Bray Roddy Bray William E. Bray David Broivn Kenneth Brown Ira Brown, Jr. Paul Brow John Brunner James Bryant Lewis Burnett James Calhoon Jerry Canupp Howard Cordell, . Frank Christa Max Courson Nick Crowe Kenneth Deedy Heck Dodson Vincent Dijacomo Gayle Dunlap Howard Dyrdahl George Eastman Ray El rod Dickie Emmons David Evans Members Al Fletcher Bob Francis Clarke Franklin Royce Fricks Ed Fuehrer Charles Furtado John Garland John Green George Guisler David Haight Joe Hammack Beano Harlsbroad David Harrison Hiram Hendrix Jimmy Henry John Hinds Harold Hobbs Bryant Hodgson, Jr. Bryce Holcomb Franklin Holcomb Bob Holcrow Martin Holm: B. J. Hulsey Bob Ivey Billy James Randy Jay Charlie Jones Jerry Jones Lou Kakaty Jerold Langbein Prince Lewis Harold Long Bob Marandino Jack Markly A. C. Marshall Andrew Mapp Rolyn Massey " , Jr. Andrew Matthews Martin McGregor Jack Merkley Wayne Minchew Donald Moore Norris Mullis Jerry Nicholson Ray Nicholson Pete Palmer Robert Pankey David Parkman Jack Ferryman Terry Parham George Pilgrim Howell Ragsdale, Jr. Bob Reid Ridge Robinson Carl Russell, Jr. Bob Safrit Frank Sammon Dr. Karl Shedd Frank Smith Rubin Starling Klaus Steinback Charles Stephens Jerry Tate Cameron Terry Randy Terry Dick Thompson Buddy Tourd Russ Van Putten Dick Wagner Barry Wenzel Bill Whitley Melton WUliams Richard Yarbrough Phillip Zaieski RAY ELROD, President 1 First row: Ra ndy Terry, John Green, Ed Fuehrer, jnttiBtinr m } Holcomb. Sec nd row; Jimmy Bryant, Goyle Dunia m jmm i!n . Kar6 i Ivy. Third row : Jerry Jones, Bob Pankey, David Ha d •« w : 9 f Hodgson, Hov veil Ragsdale, Charlie Furtado, John ' Holcrow, Jerr , Bray, Bob Marandino, Charlie Jone Dave Evans, Frank Christa, Ridge Robinson, Andy Anderson, Bebe Adams, Butch Whitley, Boopy Brown, Bryce p. Jack Ferryman, Martin McGregor, Al Fletcher, Mrs. Bryson, David Parkman, Martin Holman, Max Courson, Bob ight, George Eastman, Dick Wagner, Beone Harlsbroad, Bob Safrit, Betty Knight, Ray EIrod, Bob Reid, Bryant Bruner. Fourth row: Bill James, Joe Hammack, Ray Nicholson, Phil Bailey, Buddy Tourd, Andy Mopp, Bob s, Frank Smith, Jerry Canupp, Dave Harrison. Georgia Alpha THE PHI DELT ' S gather at one of their biggest social events on the entire social calendar, the Spring Formal. PARTIES OF ALL types are staged throughout the year at the Phi Delta Theta house. Their handsome game room witnesses the Bowery Ball, Phi Delta-KA party; and in the spring the eagerly awaited Sword and Shield formal is held. Each year Georgia Alpha chapter devotes time and effort toward a worthwhile community service. Last year, the Phi ' s removed all debris from Memorial Park and the Little League Baseball field. The purpose, to promote the development of the well-rounded college man through social and frater- nal activities, is evident, for Phi Delts are active in many campus organizations. They claim members in Gridiron, Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Arn- old Air Society, Biftad, G Club, and Who ' s Who. Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University in 1848, and the Alpha Chapter was established in 187L The 195 8-59 group is led by Tom Dennard, presi- dent; George Hood, vice president; Bill Fuller, secre- tary; and Dickie Hester, treasurer. llariit Firsf Emory Webb, Jim Wright, David Fletche Roddy Guerry, Warren Baxley. Second row: Don Dominey, J Cox, Tom Body, Max Staples, Walter Brown, Chris Foster, Di Freeman, Clyde Hunt, George Hood, Lin Banks, John Wilkin George Dozier, Wiles Pierce, Jack Howard, Harry White, Bl Buzzy Cowart, Johnny Smith. Jardine, Benn Brasington, Buddy Culpepper, Hubert Moseley, Sam McGee, Steve Barnett, Barry Wildman, ny Majors, Andy Foster, Tom Launius, Bennie Chappell, Rowland Dye, Len Fowler, Tom Ansley, Ann ■id ClifFord, A. Z, Everett. Third row: Harrel Woll, Mike Petrie, Bill Rushing, Charley Walker, Ronnie Tom Exiey, Eugene Bothwell, Jot Carpenter, fourth row: Tommy Morgan, Johnny Majors, Jon Wood, Hatcher, Laddie Scott, Raymond Watts, Dickie Hester, Bill Fuller, Lowton Miller, Walter McCurdy, i sa Hbii 1 Memb ' rooE IMer.s ■ 5 John Adams Henry Adkins Merritt Alexander Spencer Allen Thomas Ansley Lin Banks Stephen Barnett Warren Baxley Jimmy Beatty Larry Bennett Melvin Bently Donald Bieger Darell Bigner Fred Boardman Thomas Body Eugene Bothwell Edgar Brasington, Jr. Walter Brown James Campbell, Jr. Jot Carpenter Earl Carson Richard Chappell David Clifford Chuck Conklin Benjamin Connor Charles Cow art Charles Cro " wIey Lewis Culpepper Joseph DeFoor Thomas Dennard Don Dominey George Dozier Row Iand Dye John Eckles WUliam Edge Charles Ellis Horace Evans A. Z. Everitt Edgar Ewing Jr. ers Thomas Exley Thomas Fletcher Archibald Fortune Andy Foster Chris Foster Leonard Fowler Lehman Franklin Ronald Freeman William Fuller Preston Fulmer Charles Gaston Louis Glasscock Roderick Guerry Leonard Hagerman BUI Hatcher Douglas Hawley Larry Hawley Richard Hester Joseph Hires George Hood Jack How ard Donald How e William Hughes Clyde Hunt, Jr. Joseph Hunter Dan Jardine, Jr. Arthur Jusko Samuel Kendrick Thomas Launius Warren Leamon Edward Linch Johnny Majors Jimmy Majors Walter McCurdy Patrick McGee Samuel McGehee, Jr. Roy McKinney Robert McLendon, Jr Andrew McRae, Jr. Alexander Miller ymm wmk Thomas Miller Haywood Moore, Jr. Thomas Morgan Hubert Mosely Thomas Neal, Jr. C. T. Nolan B. B. Owens Michael Petrie Wiles Pierce George Poss Harry Robinson, Jr. B. W. Rushing Laddie Scott Martin Shealy Joseph Singletary Ralph Skelton John Smith, Jr. Max Staples Jon Stovall Paul Stovall Robert Strange Charles Sutlive Joe Tanner Alfred Thompson Frederick Voigt, Jr. Spencer Walden Charles Walker Harrell Wall Raymond Watts George Webb John Webster, Jr. Harold White, Jr. Charles Whitner Jim WUcox Raymond Wildman John Wilkinson George Williams Jon Wood James Wright, Jr. TOM DENNARD, President ' l S ' t l McLendon, Ben A. Connor. Sonny Sheoley Charley Gaston, Tom Dennard, Tommy Walden, Archie Fortune, Jim Wright, George Hood, Roddy Guerry, ohnny Second row: Don B.eger, Tom Nolan, Melvin Bentley, Warren Leamon, Bill Hughes, Alfred Thompson Joe McGee Ann Cox Hora« Fvon r r!,k ™ Wren wTi ' e " " ' - ' TLV]T ' ' : ' ° " . ' ' ° ' " " " . ' ' T ' ' r° " " °9---C- 9 ' Williams. Third ro :Cha rWa7ke: Ben ' nle h:;; " Wall, Emory Webb, Dan Jardme, Bean Bros.ngton, Robinson, Tom Neal, Bobby Ellis, Gator Ewing, Larry Hawley, Leiand Moor Fourth row Tom XToX X. ' cZ::. ! ::;ti: ' ' " ' " " " ' -- ' ' - ' ' - ' - ' ' -- ' -- " «-- - - -- ° " " »- AnsI Jon D HI [PSIlli Mu STUDENTS REST during intermission of the campus-wide " Battle of the Bands, " an annual social event of Phi Ep. I ACH YEAR the entire campus looks forward to an outstanding social event that is sponsored by the Phi Epsilon Pis ' , the Battle of the Bands. Two bands are engaged and their festive sounds create an atmos- phere of frivolity and enjoyment for everyone. An- other yearly event, on the more serious side, is the presentation of an award by the Phi Eps to the out- standing second year Air Force R. O. T. C. cadet. This award is in memory of a past alumn. The Phi Epsilon Phis are active in numerous cam- pus activities such as Student Council, Men ' s Glee Club, A. P. O., Student Union Board, Gridiron, and Sphinx. The Phi Eps growl with the Dogs with mem- bers on the basketball and track teams. On November 23, 1904, Phi Epsilon Pi Fraternity was founded at City College, New York. From this beginning, they have grown until today there are thirty-seven active chapters at colleges and univer- sities throughout the country. Mu chapter officers are George Scheer, president; Robert Kaden, vice president; Norman Rich, secre- tary; and Norman Kessner, treasurer. First row: Arthur Rosenbloom, Hank Ogden, Norm Kessner, Ge Irving Wietzman, Harold Hirsch, Myles Osternech, Bob Kaden, Jimmy Wigzell, Richard Lipschutz, Paul Fine. Scheer, Harriette Greenblot, Lewis Kaye, Alan Shutro, Mike Lee, Judd Goodman. Second row: ard Pomp, Jake Behr, Al HofFman. Third row: Gene Eisen, Norm Rich, Mike Supran, Dick Govern, 232 Members • .lot •■■■ ' -■!. Ad. 11 :k oui- O.T.Cdet. m t B mjfflcrous cam- Men ' s I Jud, Gridiron, mc ] ' if[)»pfitlin aana. ipiiaa Pi Fraternity 1 et York. From tlij | d today tkre in call({B and univet- kixer, president; Soraua Rick secrc- Jake Behr Norm Ressner David Carle Mike Lee Gene Eisen Richard Lipschutz Paul Fine Henry Ogden Jerry Frank Myles Osterneck Dick Gavron Howie Pomp Judd Goodman Norm Rich Harold Hirsch Arthur Rosenbloom Al Hoffman George Scheer Marray Jascolke Alan Shutro Robert Kaden Mike Supran Lewis Kaye Jim Wigzell GEORGE SCHEER, President A CAMPUSWIDE CROWD gathers at one of Phi Epsilon Pi ' s campus- wide events that highlights the Phi Ep ' s annual social calendar. I, [UGom I THREE PHI EP BROTHERS DEMONSTRATE HOW TO MAKE GOOD USE OF FREE TIME AROUND THE FRATERNITY HOUSE: STUDY, PLAY, OR SLEEP! 233 Beta Xi O DEBUT of the very first PKT " Playboy Formal " reaches a high point as the first " Playmate " is awarded red roses. NE OF THE growing fraternities at the University, Phi Kappa Tau is rap- idly building a name for itself through cam- pus leadership. The president of A. P. O. and secretary-treasurer of the Senior Class are Phi Taus ' ; the fraternity also claims members in X Club, Biftad, Greek Horsemen, Gridiron, Student Council, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Delta Sigma, Di Gamma Kappa, and on the Pandora and Red and Black staffs. Phi Tau ' s social calendar features such events as the Red Carnation Ball and the Pajama Party. This year they introduced the Playboy Formal, which they plan to make an annual event. Among the projects of the fraternity are a Christ- mas Party for under-privileged children and a car wash to aid the March of Dimes. Founded at Miami University in Oxfosd, Ohio, on March 17, 1906, Beta Xi chapter was established here on March 10, 1950. Officers for 19 58-1959 include John Keasler, president; Wade Whitely, vice president; Henry Bohn, treasurer, and David Robertson, secre- tary. Firrf row: Johnny Fricks, Dorrell Bennett, Pot Patterson, Wade Whitley, Mrs. R. C. Gilpin, John Keasler, Linda Collum, Lynn Ogelsby, Henry Bohn. Second Weatherly, Robin Crenshaw, Bob Herner, Wensly Hobby, Allen Summers, Howard Joe, Joel Canada, Pete Chick. Third row: Mr. Lawrence Gaby, Frank Kill Stephens, Greg Toth, Ed Nutt, Howell Towler, Glynn Glodin, Frank Shepard. I ' t ' u 1 :eta) . tmcii tb plu ■ ' cd. Oliio, on hi b .■ " i incluil I ■Bh.mpie i Kokotsm, secR-J K« I . Sm rtr M n ' «• Si ITn- )» Memb ers Darrell Bennett Henry E. Bohn Peter C. Bohn Joel I. Canada Peter P. Chick Robin D. Crenshaw Austin L. Davis Johnny Bruce Pricks Edward Tinley Game Glynn S. Gladin Robert E. Herner Wensley Hobby Howard Joe John Wayne Keasler Frank M. KiUian Edward H. Nutt Harvey Lynn Oglesby David A. Robertson James F. Shepard Sidney J. Smith John R. Stephens Allen W. Summers Gregory R. Toth Howell Towler Emmitt N. Weatherly Wade H. Whitley JOHN KEASLER, Presidenf ALL MEMBERS pitch in when there is decorating to be done at the Phi Kappa Tau house, especially during the homecoming competition. THE EVER-FAMED PLAYBOY SYMBOL BECKONS THE GUESTS TO ENTER THE PARTY THAT ALWAYS OFFERS A SPARKLING GOOD TIME FOR EVERYONE. Alpha Mu I SPORT-SHIRTED SANTA brings special Yule greetings from the North Pole to the annual Pike Christmas festivities. ALWAYS AMONG the social plans of the Pi Kappa Alphas are the numerous house dances which come throughout the year. During winter quarter, the Costume Ball starts things off with a bang and the guests sail swiftly down a slide leading from a small second floor window. Looked forward to with great enthusiasm is the Dream Girl Ball. At this yearly high- light, Jo Ann Braswell was named Pi K. A. Dream Girl for the coming year. Pi Kappa Alpha is represented on campus with the vice president of X Club, associate justice of Phi Kappa, Scabbard and Blade treasurer, secretary-treasurer of Biftad and a member in Gridiron Secret Society. Pi K. A. proudly claims Bobby Walden, the na- tion ' s number one punter in varsity football. Other brothers active in the sport field are members of the varsity football, basketball, tennis, golf, and baseball teams. The officers of Alpha Mu chapter for 19 5 8-59 were Bob Cleveland, S. M. C; John Frith, L M. C; George Hambrick, S. C, and Nick Powell, ThC. yjlinn A Firsi row: Jack Mathis, Rick While, Cliff Mollis, Glenn Collis, Fuzzy Barber, George Hamrick, Wilson Joiner, John Frith, Peyton Lingle, Jack Bartlett. Second row: Gene Garden, Jerry Yancey, Harold McDonald, Morcus Coody, Nick Powell, Jerry Smith, Wallace Cato, Claude Harper, Jerry Lewis, Sandy Frame. Third row: Bob Cleveland, Mike Downes, Wayne Jordon, Winkie Tucker, Ted Riddlehuber, Neil Taylor, Bob Wade, Larry Jones, fourth row: Glen Ulrici, Wayne Ash, Charles Youngblood, C. L. Stroughan, Roy Noble, Fred Powell, Bill Jordan, Don Foster, Cecil Simpson 236 H(L Alpha Ml - ■■nieroii ■■■.out in ■i-pa witb tl( •ifjrer « ■ ■ .-. x:iety. ' ' iWra, die !»• ' :i[ Otk -..■ ottl( . , ud basebi! " -iJwtti William Agner Nelson Allen William Amis Don Archdeacon Wayne Ash George R. Baily Ray Baldwin Fuzzy Barber Ken Barnes Jack Bartlett Tom Baynes David Bell Ed ' ward Benton Toni Campbell Tom Cantrell Gene Garden Tom Carteaux Wallace Cato Bob Cleveland William Cliatt Glen Collis Marcus Coody Bob Cormack Tom Donaldson Mike Dowmes William Duna-way Ronnie Eulenfeld Frank Fennell Bob Ferguson Don Foster Members Sandy Frame John Frith James Garrett Tom Gash Phillip Goolsby George Grove George Hambrick Rice Harmon Claude Harper Bubba Haupt Dan Hodges Cliff Hollis Lawton Johnson Wilson Joiner Larry Jones Wayne Jordan WUliam Jordan Don Keiser Gordon Kelley Stanley Kent Rick Knox Fred Lee Jerry Lew is William Lewis Matt Lindsay Peyton Lingle Sam Little WUliam Little Jack Mathis Jim Mercer Harold McDonald Gilbert Miller Roy Noble Jon Nordheimer Sanford Pentecost Fred Powell Nick Powell Clark Richards Ted Ridlehuber Tim Ritchie Duncan Roush James Segars Ken Short Cecil Simpson Gerald Smith_ Mack Spates C. L. Straughan Neil Taylor Winston Tucker Glen Ulrici Bob Wade Robert Walden Harry Walton Jay Welsh Rick White Gilbert Wilson Larry Wilson Jerry Yancey Charles Youngbiood BOB CLEVELAND, President FiVsf row: Frank Fennel, Ronnie Eulenfeld, Tommy Cantrell, Bill Dunaway, Dan Hodges, Bill Lewis, Bob Ferguson, Jim Mercer, Arnol d Benton. Second row: David Bell, Bubba Haupt, George Grove, R. B. Harmon, Jo Ann Braswell, Mrs. Ophelia Bunn, Sam Little, Tommy Carteaux, Roy Baldwin, Tommy Gash. Third row: Bill Jordan, Fred Lee, Nelson Allen, Clark Richards, Harry Walton, Bill Cliatt, Ken Barnes, Tommy Donaldson, James Segars, Tim Ritchie, fourth row: Don Foster, Gilbert Wilson, Matt Lindsay, Jim Garrett, Don Archdeacon, Bob Cormack, Bob Wade, Larry Wilson, Lawton Johnson, Tommy Campbell, Mack Spates, Stanley Kent. I Lambda M ' TANY MEMORIES were left behind when the Pi Kappa Phi ' s moved to their new location on Milledge Avenue dur- ing the fall. The Pi Kapp ' s main project this year is working with their alumni on plans entailing a new ultra-modern house which is to be erected in the near future on the same site of their present location. One of the goals of Pi Kappa Phi is providing relax- ing and enjoyable entertainment to alleviate the rigor- ous schedule of promoting scholarship, another goal. This aim always exceeds its mark with such events as the annual Rose Ball Formal held in the spring. Other traditional activities of the year include the annual Christmas Party and the Founder ' s Day Banquet. The Pi Kappa Phi ' s have members in X-Club and participate on Student Council. Officers of Lambda chapter of Pi Kappa Phi frater- nity for 19 5 8-59 are Millard Lambert, president; Ro- land Wilbanks, treasurer; Billy Manning, secretary. RELAXING from the rush of classes, the Pi Kappa Phi ' s enjoyed the atmosphere of an old-fashioned barbecue. First row: Ralph Shaw, Roland Wilbanks, Jean Parker, William Johnson, Mary Ann Hill, Dovid Sholar, Billy Manning. Second 3rd Lc Bernd. nbert, Mrs. J. A. Redmond, James Loyd, Lynn Fer Roger Gallaher, Charlie Jarrett, James N Cy Allen, Jack Sharp, Johnny Hyatt, Len Powell, Lee Self, Jir Ceeples, Terry Reynolds, Ted Hall. Boyd Bridges, Robert Nichols, Rewis, Malcolm Nash, Ed 23S ■m Members • pwidlngreljj. « " tlie rp. ' P. fflwier gMl: • •wk events 11 Cy Allen Edward Bemd Randal Bigham William Blanton Robert Bridges Joel Byars Carlton Ceeples Frank Farmer Lynn Ferrell Roger Gallagher Thomas Greeson Theodore Hall Johnny Hyatt Robert Inmann Charlie Jarrett William Johnson Millard Lambert James O. Loyd Billy Manning Jerry Martin Gerald Miller James Mix Malcolm Nash Armon Neel Jimmy Neal Benny Nix Albert Palmer Carlton Peeples Len Powell James Rewis Terry Reynolds Lee Self Jack Sharp Ralph Shaw John Shear David Sholar Dick Wiggins Roland WUbanks MILLARD LAMBERT, President FOOTBALL plays a leading role in the intramural activities of the Phi Kappa Phi ' s. n n m J I Georgia Beta PSIiOH SAE SEXTET stands ready to serve fall rushees during a fall rush party held in back of the house in the " shack. " A At THE REAR of the Sigma Alpha Ep- f ■ ' - silon house, which is considered one of W f the three perfect examples of Southern archi- perfect example " tecture in America, is an old slave shack that has been converted into a game room. The " Shack " is the scene of much activity throughout the year such as Dad ' s Day and the Christmas party dur- ing fall quarter. Winter quarter, the SAE ' s look for- ward to the Valentine formal, and the special spring time occasion is the Magnolia Ball. Proud columns and stately magnolias form the background as time rolls back a hundred years and recaptures the spirit of a by-gone era. The SAE ' s devote much of their time to fraternity functions and also to other campus-wide activities: Gridiron, G Club, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air So- ciety, Order of the Greek Horsemen, and Phi Kappa Literary Society. In the intramural program among the fraternities, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is very proud that they are the only fraternity to ever retire the Gover- nor ' s Trophy. Commanding the SAE ' s are Richard Courts, presi- dent; Chip Wood, vice president; Dallas Champion, secretary; and Charlie Horton, treasurer. Firsf row: Warner Cole, Tom Moody, Duross Fitzpotrick, Ray Garrard, Walter Glenn, Botby Young, Marion Willlngham, Wilson Strickland. Second row: Jay Cox, Buddy Weston, Patsy Parker, Richard Courts, Carr Dodson, Charles Goodwin. Third row: Don Miller, Bev Howard, Bill Mayes, Jim Willingh am, Shep Ansley, Steve Powell, Clin Harrell, Pot Little, John Ludwig. Fourth row: Bob Eberhordt, Charlie Rehberg, Tommy Joiner, David Thurmond, Charlie Horton, Lamar Fleming, Francis McSwoin, Sam Moguire, Carlton James, Charlie Harris. Fifth row: Brandt Sessions, Don Terry, Lindsey Hopkins, Dent Acree, Bill Patterson, Mike McGregor, Charlie Williams, Davis Adams, Hal Brady, Clark Royer, Allen Lockermon, Sanders Walker. } m ' 94 J Memb ers mi ■nt of 1 ' ■::erain Dent Acree Davis Adams Shep Ansley Eddie Ausband John Bates Walker Beeson Dave Black Walter Bedingfield Bo Bradly Hal Brady Bob Benett Robert Calhoun Chip Carmichael Dallas Champion Aldo Charles BUI Clark Warner Cole Richard Courts Ronney Coven Jay Cox Bruce Crawford Jim Dowling Armond DeLePierre John Dent Sonny Dillard Kelly Dimond Carr Dodson Tony Dozier Paul Easterland Bob Eberhart Duross Fitzpatrick Lamar Fleming Dick Ferguson C. D. Gann Walter Glenn Ray Garard Bobby Glover Charles Goodwin North Goodwin George Green Steve Grady Olin Harrell Charles Harris Paul Holmes Carter Hopkins Lindsey Hopkins Charlie Horton David Houk Bev Howard Cliff Hughes Richard Hull Jute Hulsey Mike Irw in Carlton James Tommy Joiner Guy Kenimer Jeff Kennard Cree Kilpatrick Steve Kite-Powell Nathan Knight John Landry Don Leebern Mike Lee Pat Little Allen Lockerman John Ludwig John MacHuUs Bill May Carl Manning Frank Martin Mike McGregor Starr McHugh Mac Mcintosh Jim Mcintosh Don Miller Ernie Mitchell Francis McSwain Tommy Moore Tom Moody Powell Moore Bill Morton John MacHulls John Knackolls Tom Paris Bill Patterson Bob Payne Steve Po ' well Bucky Ream Charlie Rehberg Jim Roberts Jack Rooker Hugh Royer Clark Royer Tom Rutland Eddie Sams Brandt Sessions Billy Slaughter Bill Sullivan Jim Sealy Jim Searcy Yancey Stribling Wilson Strickland Don Terry Cleve Thompson David Thurmond Francis Tarkenton Bob Trippe Frank Underwood Sanders Walker Buddy Weston Bob Wheeles George Whitton Robert Whitton Charlie Williams Jim Willingham Marion Willingham Pomroy Williams Stew art Woods Chip Wood Bob Young HTtt RICHARD COURTS, President Mia taller. S " « Kw; ha Firsf row: Frank Underwood, Jimmy Mcintosh, Carter Hopkins, Steve Grady, Bill Clark, John MacHulls, Robert Whitton, Eddie Sams, Frank Martin. Second row; Cliff Hughes, North Goodv in, Powell Moore, C. D. Gann, Bucky Ream, Bill Sullivan, Kelly Dimond, Jim Seorcy, Ronnie Coven, Pomeroy Williams. Third row: Ernie Mitchell, Mike Lee, David Houk, Bob Bennett, Bob Glover, Tony Dozier, Walter Glenn, Francis McSwain, Paul Easterland. fourth row: Cleve Thompson, Chip Wood, John Dent, ' Mac Macintosh, Bobby Young, Richard Hull, Edd Dick Ferguson, John Botes, Bill Morton, Bob Ti ppe Ausland, Bruc , Tommy Moon Crawford, Charlie Harris Mike Irwin, Jack Rooker. George Gri Fifth Guy Kenii Dallas Champion, Jim Dowlin, p n n olln jH Deltc SIGMA CHI DERBY scorekeeper tallies all the points of each event determining which sorority will win the trophy. IGMA CHI fraternity finished building its modern new home this year. CHmax- ing a hectic rush season was the annual Sweet- heart Ball, reigned over by the new Sig sweet- heart, Nancy McLean. Always included in the chapter ' s social calendar is the ever famous Sigma Chi Derby. This day of crazy contests and games in- cludes a parade and the crowning of " Msis Modern Venus. " No identical costumes are seen at the Sleezy Party held during winter quarter and in the spring they celebrate with a Go to Hell party. The Sigma Chi ' s combine serious academic pursuits with all phases of campus activities. They are repre- sented in Sphinx, Gridiron, X-Club, Blue Key, Delta Sigma Pi, Xi Sigma Pi, Dixie Red Coat Band, and have members on the varsity track team. Heading the slate of officers for the Delta chapter for 1958-59 were Consul John McMuUen and Pro- Consul George Sweat. Dick Russell served as annatator, and Dick Gray as questioner. First row: Don Watson, Bob Crutchfield, Dick Gray, DeLoach, Mrs. Sims, John McMullen, Lillian McCurley, McKinney, Cobby Ware, Tommy Lewis, Mike Medlock, Huey, Micky Cochran, DeLocy Luke, Jerry Crook, H 3ick Russell, Ben Corvette, Willis Holcomb, Todd Smith, George Sweat. Second row: Charles Smith, Dennis , Myron Woodward, Don Frazier, David Whitworth. Third row; Mike Scruggs, Bill Coleman, Henry Bowen, Bill , Zeke Thomas, Willie Adams, Cliff Simonton, Buddy Crum. Fourth row.- Charles Wickersham, Lewis Roberts, Ronnie nry Rowland, Jule Temple, Butch Dunohoo, Bobby Dixon. SiSs! .■■■■■■MMM; Delia i-Ties It- , ind bt Ray Abney Bobby Ackerman Biff Adams WiJliam Adams Walter Alford Ray Allison Mike Anderson Smith Banks Henry Bowen Mike Bowling Eddie Bunton Jim Carlisle Mickey Cochran Bill Coleman Ben Corvette Bob Cox Jerry Crook Buddy Crum Bob Crutchfield John Deaton Dennis DeLoach Paul Dowell Butch Dunahoo Linton Dunson Bobby Dixon Weyman Etherid Don Frazier Jimmy Gerlock Dick Gray Members Hill Griifin Buddy Hardin Willis Holcombe Joe Hines Ronnie Huey Chester Imes Hardman Jones Angus Jordan Mike Kelly Charles Lipthratt Tommy Lewis DeLacy Luke Stanly Mangleburg Bill Mansfield Bubba McDonald John McMullan Mike Medlock Bill McKenney Robin Miles Jim Morton James Mosley William Nur Jim O ' Hagan Richard Pinion Howell Pope Lewis Roberts Henry Rowland Dick Russell James Russell ally Mike Scruggs Lindsey Sharpe Cliff Simonton Charles Smith Dan Smith Dick Smith Todd Smith Bill Standard George Sweat Jule Temple Zeke Thomas Jim Thomson Jack Todd Buddy Tucker Buddy Tuten James Walker John Walters Cobby Ware Don Watson Armond Wells Hoke West Raymond West David Whitworth Charles Wickersha. Larry Willis George Winders Paul Womack Myron Woodward JOHN McMULLEN, Presidenf ■ !W) km J r. im UtA, Im firsf row: Mike Anderson, Robin Miles, Ray Allison, Paul Dowell, Mike Kelly, Arm Roy Abney, Eddie Bunton, Daniel Smith, Bill Mansfield, Bubba McDonald. Third Bob Cox, Buddy Hardin. Fourth row: Lindsey Sharpe, Mike Scruggs, Ronnie Huey, 3nd Wells, Bill Standard. Second row: Bobby Ackerman, Jim O ' Hagan, Hoke West, -ow: Bill Nunnally, Mike Bowling, James Mosely, Charlie Lipthratt, Howell Pope, Mickey Cochran, DeLacy Luke, Jerry Crook, Henry Rowland, Jimmy Walker. ISh " ' ' ,.. inman Rill III! Klllllll PS mk Mu ANCHORS AWEIGH indicate that some Sigma Nu sailors are aboard with their annual swashbuckling " Shipwreck Ball. " Q IGMA NU fraternity, noted for its social affairs on campus, furnishes a year-round schedule of gala parties. Among these are the colorful Ship Wreck Party, Alamo Scout Ball, and of course the high- light of the year, the White Star Formal. But Sigma Nu is not only one of the top entertainers on campus, its members participate actively in the school activities and the fraternity is well represented in many campus honorary societies. Among these activ- ities are Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Grid- iron Secret Society and X-Club. Sigma Nu was founded at Virginia Military Insti- tute in 1869. The local chapter was established in 1873. Among famous alumni of Sigma Nu are Eugene Tal- madge, Herman Talmadge, Hatton Lovejoy, Walter George, and Carey Williams. The sweetheart of the fraternity is Barbara Mul- herin, and Sue Redfern is the sponsor. M. T. Simmons is the Commander of the Sigma Nu ' s for 195 8-59; Bill Thompson, Lt. Commander; Charles Wilkerson, treasurer, and Buddy Blount, recorder. First r Sykes, Ellis Mansour, Sonny Richards, Jerry Minge, I imil Donald, Ed Williams, Lydell Hunt. Second row: Harry Willi _. . mons, Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Bill Thompson, Barbara Mulherin, Ch Johnson, Bill Horn, John Donahue, Paul Gardner, Gene Johnson, David Chombh A! Whitehurst, Wynn Graham, C. B. Taylor, Charlie Harris, Ed Wilkes, Ben Mill II Thompson, Howard Cordle, Terry Lawson, Ronnie Waller, Frank Walston, Jack Hall, Joe Walls, G. P. row: Harry Williams, Tommy Bailey, Vernon Brinson, Jack Lundy, Kell Martin, Clayton Blount, Sue Redfern, W. Wilkerson, Sam Hubbard, Bob Duncan, Bill Gladney. Third row: Chick Ramey, Joe Diee, John Cromartie, Eddy Lummus, Tony Greene, Bill Dauler, Byron Fory, Don Gregg, ' I Harry Andrews Brad Bagley Tommy Bailey Frank Bartlett Buz Bearden Roy Benson Buddy Blount Vernon Brinson Charles Castleberry Ralph Cavender David Chamblee Lester Cole Howard Gordle E. H. Culpepper John Cromartie BUI Dauler Andy Davidson Hayden Davis Hamil Donald John Donahue Willie Dozier Bob Duncan Fred Driver Dunbar Dyches Fletcher Dyches Jack Edwards Byron Foy Paul Gardner Jimmy George Billy Gladney Wynn Graham Don Gregg Members Tony Greene Jack Hall Jimmy Hall Reynolds Harber Charlie Harris Walter Hayes George Hearn Bill Home Sam Hubbard Joe Hughes Lydell Hunt Ambrose Jackson Jean Johnson Joe Johnson Charles Jones Tom Kennedy Jerry Krivisky Chris Lacher Terry Lawson Ricky Lucas Eddie Lummus Jack Lundy Ellis Mansour John Martin Donald Maxwell Hal McNeely Kell Martin Ben Mills Jerry Minge Mickey Newton Max Parker Don Parkerson Tommy Pritchett Jack Ragland Charles Ramy Jack Reeves Sonny Richards Bob Schramn Gary Sigman M. T. Simmons Frank Singleton Jack Smith Marvin Sorrells Harry Stevens Ronnie Stevens Jimmy Stiles Bart Strang Grover Sykes C. B. Taylor Dedi Thomas Jim Thomas William Thompson Bill Thompson Tommy Vandiver Ronnie Waller Joe Walls Frank Walston Al Whitehurst Charles Wilkerson Ed Wilkes Bob Wilkins Ed Williams Harry Williams M. T. SIMMONS, President First row: Reynolds Harber, Hayden Davis, Joe Hughes, Jim Thomas, Halliday McNeely, Fletcher Dykes, Bill Brewer, Jimmy George, Jack Edwards, Jack Smith, Tommi Pritchett. Second row: Dedi Thomas, Jimmy Hall, Buz Bearden, Dunbar Dykes, Frank Singleton, Sue Redfern, Mrs. Ruth Stafford, Barbara Mulherin, Ronnie Steven: Charlie Castleberry, Tommy Vandiver, Brad Bagley, Bob Wilkins. Third row: Roy Benson, Mickey Newton, Bart Strong, Jack Reeves, Lester Cole, Horry Stevens, Chr Lacher, Don Parkerson, E. H. Culpepper, Andy Davidson, Tom Kennedy, Walter Hayes, Max Parker, Billy Dozier, Bob Schramm, Horry Andrews, Jimmy Stiles. I Alpha Phi 1 M LAKE ALLATOONA was the gathering spot for some Sigma Pi brothers last summer and they prepared for boating fun. AY 19, 1956, the University of Georgia campus welcomed a new- comer to the fraternity ranks, Alpha Phi chapter of Sigma Pi. Diligent work by the members in the fields of scholarship and activities have helped the growth of this new chapter. Excitement is found on all the pages of the social calendar with a large variety of social functions. Great fun comes when the members imitate our early ances- tors at the unique " Stone Age " party. Another party that is always enjoyed is the annual " Go to Hell " night. The highlight of the social year comes in the spring at the Orchid Ball when the sweetheart is announced. Sigma Pi ' s participate in many campus activities: Student Council, X-Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, University Chorus, Pershing Rifles, A. P. O., the University Orchestra, and the drum major of the Dixie Red Coat Band. 1958-59 officers of Sigma Pi are Paul R. Dean, pres- ident; Frank James, vice president; Samuel Mann, sec- retary, and George Walker, treasurer. First row: Jerry Bowen, Stan Tuten, Steve Waters, Lewis Martin, Eddie Murphy, Bill Crutchfield, Frank Rayfield, Terry Mille Frank Jomes, Foy Jean Williford, Paul Dean, Mrs. M. W. Greybill, Sammy Mann, Marilyn Clough, George Walker, Geon Pressley, Chuck Camp, Baxter Suddath, Troy Farmer, Clark Britt, Jock Dudley, Don King, Milton Waters, Charles Golem ny Harper, Dick Lillie, v: Chuck Moller, Max J ■AMI h:--:. Members Clark Britt Ira Bowen Chuck Camp Charles Coleman William Crutchfield Paul Dean George Dixon Jack Dudley Troy Farmer Jimmy Harper Frank James James Harper Donald King Richard LUlie Lew is Martin Samuel Mann Cleve Miller Terrance Miller Charles Moller Eddie Murphy Max Pressley Frank Rayfield Baxter Suddath Stanley Tuten George Walker Milton Waters Steve Waters PAUL R. DEAN, President STREAMERS DECORATE a " fall brawl " a+ the Sigma Pi house where brothers and dates seenn to enjoy the internaission entertainment. SIGMA PI ' S DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY AT ONE OF THE PARTIES HELD IN THE FRATERNITY HOUSE - PLEASANT RELIEF FROM CLASSES AND HOMEWORK. ■Sd i i i D Nu 1 teCp TAU EPSILON PHI fraternity was es- tablished on the University of Georgia campus only nine years after it was founded nationally at Columbia University. Among the fraternity ' s social events are the Anniversary Weekend, crowning of the sweet- heart, awarding the Best Pledge Award, Spring Ship- wreck Party, and the party for the brothers. On Sat- urday afternoons, the Teps can usually be found on the patio of their new home enjoying a jam session. Variety is added to the football games by the Teps taking their mascots — two goats. The Teps have won the scholarship trophy eight out of twelve years. They have members in Bif tad, A. P. O., Phi Alpha Sigma, and the Dixie Red Coat Band. In the annual March of Dimes drive, last year, they collected half of the school ' s goal by setting up road-blocks and selling tickets to the midnight show. The officers of Tau Epsilon Phi are Jerry Jacobson, chancellor; Stanly Karsman, vice-chancellor; Artie Meisnere, scribe; and Abram Rubin, bursar. SHIPWRECK PARTY is appropriately advertised on the Tau Ep lawn and suggests that soon there will be " fun ahoy. " II First row: Herman Berkowitz, Stanley Friedman, Marshall Bloom, Stanley Karsman, Abraham Rubin, Mr. Bush, Mrs. Jane Kansas, Jerry Jacobson, Arthus Meisnere, Herbert Blondheim, Isaac Levy. Second row: Howard Abel, Martin Siskind, Paul Goldstein, Jules Krauthamer, Alan Kaminsky, Steve Schneider, Mike Schoefer, Steve Cohen, Howard Burnham, Sheldon Groiser, Barry Lurey, Larry Garvis, Larry Movsovitz, Melvin Hirsch. 248 BSBI mk Members ' fWmity Was 6. ' ■w. On Sat. ' ' ' ' T ' «fottii(lontlit ' (■i«i(M.Variet| »T«ymkinjtlieii Wy eight « ' •nliiuiiA.P.O, sjCwWlntln jJlectai z-dBDcdlor; Artii ikvr. ' 4b XMW, Sdt Howard Abel Howard Avel Ralph Amiel Herman Berkowitz Herbert Blondheim Marshall Bloom Howard Burnham Melvin Center Fred Clark Ronald Cohen Leopold Cohen Ronnie Cohen Steven Cohen Marvin Cranman Julian Friedman Stanley Friedman Allan Gardner Larry Garvis Bruce Goldman Paul Goldstein Sheldon Graiser Michael Gruber Hyman Greenfield Stanley Harris Melvin Hirsch Jerry Jacobson Allan Kaminsky Stanley Karsman Jules Krauthamer Stephen Krissman Richard Krock Bill Kurry Kennith Levin Gilbert Levison Alan Levy Isaac Levy Barry Lurey Arthur Meisnere Lloyd Mendelson Larry Movsovitz Stuart Myers Jules Padere ' wski Jack Paller Marshall Persky Larry Richman Bill Rosenberg Stuart Rosenthal Abe Rubin Gerald Sands Louis Saul Steve Schneider Mike Schaefer Roy Schoenfeld Hyman Shapiro Melvin Shapiro Marty Siskind Harold Solomon Mickey Solomon Morton Stern Alan Wexler JERRY JACOBSON, President First row: Kenny Levin, Roy Schoenfeld, Harold Solomon, Jules Paderewski, Jack Paller, Mr. Brooks, Stuart Myers, Hyman Shapiro, Alan Gardner, Bill Kurry, Alan Wesler. Second row: Morton Stern, Melvin Center, Bill Rosenberg, Hyman Greenfield, Ralph Amiel, Steve Krissman, Lloyd Mendelson, Stuart Rosenthal, Alan Levy, Marshall Persky, Marvin Cranman, Bruce Goldman, Mickey Solomon, Lorry Richman, Ronald Cohen. PAN HELLENIC EXECUTIVE COUN- CIL— First row: Ann Cox, Betty Knight. Second row.- Glorio Schwartz, Mary Hlott. Anne Wicker, Jan Sol- omon. Third row; Kay Franks. Pan Hel Fosters Co-operation Between Sororities ONE OF THE MAJOR ISSUES and a matter that will prove to be of considerable influence in the future is the adoption of the quota limitation sys- tem. Through this system a sorority may accept an undesignated number of ru.shees as long as the totaled number of rushees and members does not exceed eighty-five. If the totaled number exceed eighty-five, the chapter is limited to thirty-five rushees. Because of the quota system, Pan Hellenic is contemplating inviting a new sorority on campus. Pan Hellenic through each sorority issued dinner invitations to foreign students. Another project of Pan Hellenic is the Philanthropic Fund comprised of donations of one dollar per quarter by each so- rority member. With this fund Pan Hellenic con- tributes as a unit to the charity funds. The ideal of high scholarship is also stressed with the presentation of a scholarship trophy to the so- rority with the highest average at the end of each quarter. Guiding sororities during rush is a difficult job performed by Pan Hellenic. During the summer each girl who has indicated her interest in rush re- ceives a copy of the Pan Hellenic Pointer which answers questions that create problems for rushees. During rush week rush advisors, who are unbiased representatives from each sorority, advise troubled rushees. Officer positions are held according to a rotation system based upon when the sorority was estab- lished on campus. Current officers are Ann Cox, president; Betty Knight, vice president; Gloria Schwartz, treasurer, and Mary Hiott, secretary. PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL— First row: Helen Huff, Kappa Alpha Theta; Carol Bragg, Kappa Delta; Gail Heard, Chi Omega; Gay Forester, Chi Omega; Judy Holbrook, Zeta Tou Alpha; Betty York, Alpha Gamma Delta; Gloria Porterfield, Alpha Gamma Delta; Peggy Eaton, Alpha Chi Omega. Second row: Mary Alice Benedict, Alpha Delta Pi- Elizabeth deBeaogrine, Phi Mu; Gloria Schwartz, Delta Phi Epsilon; Mary Hiott, Delta Delta Delta; Betty Knight, Kappa Delta; Ann Cox, Chi Omega; Mrs. Edith Slallings, Suzanne Fricks, Alpho Omicron Pi. Third row: Maxonne Courson, Alpha Omicron Pi; Connie Pollock, Phi Mu; Jane Eogor, Pi Beta Phi; Mary Ann Hill, Alpha Delta Pi; Sheila White, Delta Phi Epsilon; Donna Clifford, Pi Beta Phi; Holly Boatwright, Koppo Kappa Gamma; Beeps Steele, Kappa Koppa Gamma; Kay Franks, Alpha Chi Omega; Barksdale Thomas, Delta Delta Delta; Brenda Kurls, Sigma Delta Tau; Jon Solomon, Sigma Delta Tau; Anne Wicker, Zeto Tou Alpha; Patsy Horridge, Koppo Alpha Theto. 250 ororities : " .::vtothe! IN ACCEPTING party invitations, a rushee realizes that her decision is an important one be- cause she is choosing the girls who will be her closest friends throughout her college days. bH 8 1 diciilt joli MtiDg dit nutuDs ' KRstinnisliR- Iw Pont ff wticl ■lUOUS n,vk)ireiiiibi m. idrix trou [onfaftoarotatioD mnff f IS estili ' IcfflirtAnnCoSiJ: X praJdnt; Glotiilfi t fiott, stcretiT) ' . .! IN A motorcade decorated with gold and crimson streamers, the Chi Omegas ride down Pulaski street with their new pledges. IT IS an exciting Monday afternoon as the Kappa Deltas welcome the girls who have accepted bids. far " " RUSH ADVISORS— Firsf row: Carol V allace, Nan Danner, Jan Solomon. Second row: Martha Mills, Sandy Thacker, Corel Wimberly, Robbie Maxwell, Judy Neil. Third row: Mory Bonduront, Carolyn Sears, Mary Modry, Rosalyn Goldstein, Potti Tyson, Lorena Stupes. Beta Sigma LAUGHTER ECHOED throughout the Alpha Chi house as the sisters entertained their pledges with a pledge dance. EACH YEAR fraternities enter candi- dates in the Alpha Chi Omega Olym- pics for the title of " Mr. Apollo. " The pledges of all the campus fraternities par- ticipate in the various events which are similar to the ancient Greek Olympics. The events are carefully planned to furnish laughs for both partici- pants and spectators. At the annual Christmas party gifts are exchanged, and pledges award a traveling cup to the most out- standing active. That " ole spring fever " must be the incentive when the Alpha Chi ' s invite other sorority and fraternity members to their annual spring dance. The Alpha Chi ' s show spirit by having members in various University organizations. At football games they proudly watch the Georgettes, many who are Alpha Chi Omega ' s. Alpha Chi ' s have members who were recognized this year by Angel Flight, Alpha Lambda Delta, Zodiac and the Dean ' s List. Their leaders are Peggy Eaton, president; Micky Leach, vice president; Betty Robertson, secretary; and Beth Blackwell, treasurer. Biiban 1 Sbirler Pitriiii . ' Viviu 1 ' Mini Eliotok tiidi |o Martlui PjiriM ' )im] ' Eliutxik Glorii S« StImG ' IJDiiE- kitjJ " JiiliikAi Ckiiliw fiin " Sinln It Narmi U Miilftle lijiUn iwTu Butumi JnooeGi lilliul. ]»;« Pill MmUt Miriim Bntrlv First row: Martha Allen, Sylvia Cox, Foye Wisemar Dunlap. Second row; Mortho Hatcher, Shirley Bok Mickey Leach, Glendo Milikin, Betty Cousins, Marie Graham, Linda Boaas, K. A. Kohrs, Brenda S , Debbie Hill ir, Linda Sne Albertson. Ti , Paltie ing Wondo Norton, Mar , Helen Stephens, Bi row: Betty Alexande Jo Beth Newsome, Cc Bryan, Beverly Har| lie James, Peggy Ec Ann Longford, None le Johnson, Patsie B r, Gloria Coile, Janie Berry, Judy Davis, Charlotte )n, Mrs. DeHos, Mary Lou Happoldt, Dot Dozier, Norton, Joyce Hogen, Margie Mottison, Jo Anne idbe fini TO: l tt t iHUi Grttnt A Ann fteMiBfi K Bhoden. Noiv E .:o. " ii, I WllisL B. prtsdent; Mich BBDi.ici(un ' ; Members Doye Marie Albertson Elizabeth Dade Alexander Martha Patricia Allen Mary Jean Almand Barbara Lucile B-dsjett Shirley Anne T . ' Shirley Jean B.i Patricia Ann Bei. . Vivian Bell Mary Jane Berry Elizabeth Jean Blac Linda Joyce Boggs Martha Saralyn Bone Patricia Ann Bradberry Marcia Jacobson Bryan Elizabeth Murphey Carter Gloria Suzanne Coile Sylvia Grey Cox Linda E. Coupe Betty Jane Cousins Judith Anne Davis Dorothy Anne Dozier Charlotte Jean Dunlap Peggy Ann Eaton Sandra Jean Ellington Norma Linda Ellis Madge Feild Kay Marie Franks Anne Watkins Freeman Barbarianne Gaulding Joanne Graham Lillian Louise Greene Joyce Patricia Hagen Mary Louise Happoldt Margaret Kay Hardage Beverly Ann Harper Martha Hatcher Patsy Eugenia Hawkins Anita Elaine Hillis Diana Louise Hillow Lunelle Home Kathryn Arlene Huggins Virginia Carole James Bonnie L. Jandrew Caroline Roberts Johnson Sara Jean Jones Karoi Anne Kahrs Barbara Ann Kirk Carol Eugenia Langford Nora Ann Langford Marion Leone Leach Marjorie Anne Mattison Glenda Elizabeth Milikin Phyllis Ann Mize Madge Amanda Morgan Jo Beth Newsome Nancy Jo Norton Wanda Kay Norton Elizabeth Ann Oliver Connie Edna Palmer Nancy Lee Peterson Jane Etta Poston Dudley Marie Pugh Patricia Wynelle Rhoden Betty Robertson Jimmie Linda Snelling Helen Jane Stephens Lorena Virginia Stoops Julia Ann Sullivan Brenda Lee Swann Carol Faye Wiseman Mary Olivia Wurst ■■ PEGGY EATON, President First row: Beth Blackwell, Sarah Jones, Lorena Stoops, Connie Palmer, Elaine Hillis, Madge Feild, Judi Sullivan, Mary Wurst. Second row: Sandra Jean Ellington, Louise Greene, Ann Oliver, Carol Langford, Jane Poston, Lunelle Home, Arlene Huggins, Betty Robertson, Koy Hardage, Betty Carter, Phyllis Mize. Third row: Ann Freeman, Nancy Peterson, Jean Almand, Marie Pugh, Linda Coupe, Kay Franks, Vivian Bell, Saralyn Bone, Barbarianne Gaulding, Barbara Badgett, Patsy Rhoden, Norma Ellis. Not pictured: Patsy Hav kins, Bonnie Jandrew, Shirley Baker, Madge Morgan. Beta Nu Jvilf ' A HUMOROUS SKIT was presented at the ADPi Pledge Dance and it provided much amusement for all the spectators. SEPTEMBER FOUND the members of Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi in the midst of rushing activities. They strive to keep the tune of all their sorority activities in perfect harmony. The Alpha Delta Pi ' s are represented in Phi Beta Kappa, Z Club, and Alpha Lambda Delta. They have not only brains, but beauty as well. A corner of the beauty market belongs to the Alpha Delta Pi ' s this year with girls on the Pandora, Homecoming, and fraternity courts. The two big social events of the Alpha Delta Pi ' s year are the Pledge Dance in the fall and the Blue and White formal held in the spring. As its National Service Project, ADPi adopted work with handicapped children. They contributed to funds designed to purchase equipment for clinics and indi- viduals in the physical rehabilitation of handicapped children. The Alpha Delta Pi officers are Mary Ann Hill, pres- ident; Beth Hooks, vice president; Betty Brockett, sec- retary; and Berkeley Smith, treasurer. First row: Sis Kirkland, Jeanne Candler, Marilyn Midkiff, Margaret King, Kitty Bolton, Marie Burton, Penny Bobo, Delores Cole, Gail Wilson, Barbara DuPree, Nancy Armstrong, Mary Ann Miles. Second row: Alice Whitehead, Jeanne Ferguson, Marilyn Delong, Marcio Hallford, Cynthia Corley, Suzanne Haile, George Ann Prather, Jean Scott, Sarah Dowell, Martha Frances LeGuin, Mamie Fowler. Third row: Gloria Harrell, Jackie Vaughn, Betty Ann Fisher, Jo Ann Braswell, Paula Jones, Mary Jo Gladden, Maybelle Buchanan, Liz Tarver, Barbara Duncan, Gay Davis, Charlotte Blanchord, Olivia Wright. Fourth row: Judy Neal, Lynn Robinson, Joyce Harris, Jane Mann, Bruce McLeod, Laurie Whittlsey, Flora Blount, Susan Brown, Ann Dillard, Sue Hurt, Robin Gilbert, Mary Lee Gift. Hk Evelyn Adair Charlotte Adams Diane Anderson Nancy Armstrong Nan Barron Deborah Bell Mary Alice Benedict Charlotte Blanchard Flora Blount Penny Bobo Kitty Bolton Joanne Braswell Betty Brockett Jayne Brown Susan Brown Maybelle Buchanan Marie Burton Marian Calhoun Ann Chambers Jeanne Candler Kay Chappell Jane Chastain Delores Cole Carolyn Cooper Ann Corbitt Cynthia Corley Ann Crawford Camille Crockett Gay Davis Marilyn DeLong Ann DiUard Sara Dowell Members Carol DoTvns Barbara Duncan Barbara DuPree Mary George East Rosalie Fenn Jeanne Fergerson Betty Ann Fisher Mamie Fowler Mary Franklin Judy Gaither Mary Lee Gift Robin Gilbert Mary Joe Gladden Kay Griffeth Susanne Haile Marsha Halford Joyce Harris Gloria Harrcll Mary Ann Hill Beth Hooks Sue Hurt Clifford Johnson Paula Jones Margaret King Sis Kirkland Bonnie Kloss Martha Frances LeGu Barbara Little Jane Mann Lilian Martin Bruce McLeod Elaine Merrell Marilyn Midkiff Mary Ann Miles Judy Neal Brailsford Nixon Nina Nauman Susan 0 Neal Kay Patterson George Ann Prather Shelley Qurllian Katherine Ragsdale Clare Richardson Paula Reeves Lynn Robinson Genia Scofield Jean Scott Gail Shropshire Berkeley Smith Jane Smithy Frankie Strickland Liz Tarver Kitty Thomas Edwina Tidwell Virginia Vance Jackie Vaughn Sue Ward Alice Whitehead Laurie Whittlsey Gail WUson Olivia Wright Ann Yonce MARY ANN HILL, President First row: Brailsford Nixon, Nina Nauman, Frankie Strickland, Sue Ward, Jane Smithy, Judy Gaither, Nan Barron, Charlotte Adams, Carol Downs, Katherine Ragsdale. Second row: Marian Calhoun, Betty Brockelt, Ann Crawford, Beth Hooks, Mrs. Walter Foote, Mary Ann Hill, Mary Alice Benedict, Berkeley Smith, Jane Chastain, Clifford Johnson, Ann Yonce, Eloine Merrell. Third row: Jayne Brown, Ann Chambers, Mary George East, Virginia Vance, Claire Richardson, Shelley Quillian, Carolyn Cooper, Kay Chappell, Edwina Tidwell, Paula Reeves, Evelyn Adair, Kay Patterson. Fourth row: Mary Franklin, Susan O ' Neal, Deborah Bell, Kaye Griffeth, Lillian Martin, Diane Anderson, Rosalie Fenn, Gail Shropshire, Ann Corbitt, Bonnie Kloss, Barbara Little. LOLLIPOPS were stuck up in the Alpha Gamm front yard decoration for a special rush party back in the fall. Firsf row: Margaret Cromartie, June Mailey, Genie Meaders, Jan 1 Stinson, Sandra Harper, Jo Anne Foster, Betty York, Gail Adan Pennington, Melbo Wages, Alice Ann Lindsey, Bobbie Barfield, Mo Gamma Alpha FOUNDED at Syracuse, New York, Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority estab- lished its chapter at the University of Georgia in 1923. Alpha Gamma Delta ' s not only lead a busy social life they are engaged in various activities all over campus. These include Student Council, U.R.S.A., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Majorette Squad, Georgettes, and on University pub- lication staffs. Alpha Gams have been recognized with the election of members in Alpha Lambda Delta, Z Club, and Mortar Board. Their projects include contributing to the funds for the Cerebral Palsy and the National Society for Crippled Children. The girls still have time to enjoy their social pro- gram, which begins with the Fall Pledge Dance. The activities are highlighted by the Winter Feast of Roses, and brought to a close by a spring party with the ATO ' s. Their officers for the year 1958-1959 are Betty York, president; Charlene Landrum, vice president; Janice Denney, secretary; and Marie Manning, treasurer. t| an, Clare Longino, Louii = rieda Parsons, Kay To Keating, Janice Dennev Betty Sewell. Second Ha Third Glo Porterfield. Frances lee Wortham, Charlotte Roberson, Marilyn Clough, Ann IMII Alp ' Unirer Members p. Gail Adams Marie Manning Bobbie Barfield Louise Mayes Jan Barton Genie Meaders Mary Jo Bowers Martha Mills Gwen Casey Barbara Murden Libby Chaplin Appie Myers Carolyn Chapman Frieda Parsons Marily Clough Barbara Patton Lola Cooper Anne Pennington Margaret Cromartic Nancy Pennington Polly Davis Nancy Lee Pherson Janice Denney Shannon Pittendreigh Mary Ann Eaton Judy Pittman Lucy Field Gloria Porterfield JoAnne Foster Shiela Po ' wers Thelma Gordon Pat Puett Kay Graham Sara Roberson Clara Harper Patti Ronemous Sandra Harper Betty Sewell Berta Johnson Charlotte Stinson Beverly Ann Jones GaU TansiU Carol Jones Kay Taylor Marcie Keating Helen Thackston Anne Kemp Melba Wages Charlene Landrum Nancy Warrenfells Alice Ann Lindsey Judy Watson Claryce Long Mildred West Clare LongLno Frances Lee Wortham June Mailey Marilyn Young Jayne Malcom Betty York BETTY YORK, President First row: Charlene Landrum, Thelma Gordon, Anne Kemp, Polly Davis, Nancy Pennington, Berta Johnson, Beverly Ann Jones, Lucy Field. Second row: Sheila Powers, Judith Pittman, Nancy Warrenfells, Libby Chaplin, Marilyn Young, Jayne Malcom, Nancy Lee Pherson, Barbara Murden, Mildred West. Third row: Marie Manning, Helen Thackston, Carol Jones, Patti Ronemous, Mary Ann Eaton, Lola Cooper, Claryce Long, Kay Graham, Gwen Casey. a Lambda Sigma BIG-LITTLE SISTER banquet is the occasion for all AOPi ' s to gather and honor their " little sisters " in the sorority. IN 193 5 the Alpha Omicron Pi ' s estab- Hshed Lambda Sigma chapter at the University of Georgia. Ten years later they purchased their southern mansion on Milledge Ave. In their home of southern tradition, the Alpha Omicron Pi ' s spend many exciting hours. During the fall quarter, the Pledge Dance and the traditional Founder ' s Day Banquet are held. On the spring cal- endar comes the most exciting event of all — the Rose Ball. At this annual affair, a lead-out of officers and seniors step through a model of the AOPi ' s symbolic flower. The girls are active in many phases of campus life. They are proud of their members in Gamma Sigma Sigma, Baptist Student Union, Mortar Board, Dolphin Club, Student Council, U. R. S. A., Phi Epsilon Omi- cron, and Angel Flight. Maxanne Courson is the 19 5 8-59 president of AOPi. Serving with her are Suzanne Hall Fricks, vice presi- dent; Nan Danner, secretary; and Faye Hagan, treas- urer. First row: Robe Johnson, Betty Charlotte Youn. Brando Brownir Ann Choffield, rto Freeman, Anne Matthias, Pat Thornton, Patsy Whitworth, Peggy Echols, Joy Davidson, Margie Mallard, Mortho Addison, Faye Anne Moon. Second row: Nancy Wills, Ruth Mitchell, Diane Strickland, Anne Pollock, JoAnne Gates, Mrs. White, Harriett Harper, 3, Amelia Walker. Third row: Dianne Smith, Pot Coffey, Joan Swonson, Bobbie Meeler, Harriett Fleming, Leila Ritchie, Margie Sheff. ig, Georgia Delooch. Fourth row: Mary Rose Jones, Evelyn Martin, Karen Pope, Belsy Foot, Marie Shirley, Ann Davis, Suzanne Fisher, Ann Davies. Dunham, Susan Ellen McEIroth, ■r, Jean Denton, June Chambers, I2L 258 Martha Addison Sandra Best Martha Blaney Patsy Bohanan Brenda Browning Harriett Burch JoAnne Gates June Chambers Ann Chatfield Pat Cloer Pat Coffey Lessie Conaway Maxanne Courson Beth Croom Nan Danner Joy Davidson Ann Da vies Carolyn Davis Ann Davis Georgia Deloach Jean Denton Faye Dunham Peggy Echols Janice Farmer Suzanne Fisher Harriett Fleming Betsy Foote Nancy Ford Dee Fowler Members Roberta Freeman Suzanne Hall Fricks LaTrelle Gaff Pat Gorman Barbara Graham Lynn Graves Patsy Grubbs Faye Hagan Harriett Harper Ellen Harvey Nancy Harwell Jane Hawkins Pat Haygood Carolyn Head Jeanne Hoegsted Linda Holbrook Dianne Johnson Susan Johnson Charlotte Jones Mary Rose Jones Dianne McCleskey Ellen McElrath Margie Mallard Barbara Marston Evelyn Martin Anne Matthias Bobbie Meeler Ruth Mitchell Betty Anne Moon Judy Munoz Glenda Newton Jane Otwell Deanne Piigreen Anne Pollock Karen Pope Carlene Porter Jackie Powell Harriett Pusser Linda Jean Rice Leila Ritchie Carol Roberts Gloria Roberts Margie Sheffer Marie Shirley Dianne Smith Wilda Story Dianne Strickland Joan Swanson Pat Thornton Gail Vansant Mary Eleanor Walde Amelia Walker Ruth Webb Peggy Westfall Patsy Whitworth Nancy WUls Anna Young Charlotte Young MAXANNE COURSON, President " " " " ? ■ firs • M.i« D« I Second :kie Powell, Linda Holbrook, Jonice Farmer, Patsy Bohanan, Maxanne Courson, Faye Hagan, Beth Croom, Dee Fowler, Judy Munoz, Charlotte Jones. Gloria Roberts, Lessie Conaway, Glenda Newton, Lotrelle Gaff, Harriett Pusser, Nan Danner, Martha Blaney, Carolyn Head, Ruth Webb, Dianne Johnson. Third row: Jane Otwell, Linda Rice, Harriett Burch, Sandra Best, Dianne McCleskey, Barbara Graham, Lynn Graves, Jeanne Hoegsted, Carole Roberts. Fourth row: Pat Haygood, Pat Cloer, Wilda Story, Mary Eleanor Walden, Gail Vansant, Nancy Ford, Ellen Harvey, Patsy Grubbs, Carlene Porter, Barbara Marston Mu Beta C MOTORCADE of sisters and newly-announced pledges is a happy occasion for fhe Chi Omegas as a successful rush ends. HI OMEGA has almost taken the fraternity sweetheart sweepstakes this year judging from the titles of sweet- heart of Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Theta, and Kappa Alpha Rose. Not only do the Chi Omega ' s rate high in beauties, but they also claim a large representation in campus activities. Several mem- bers were tapped for Mortar Board, as well as being on the Student Council and Cheerleading Squad. Chi Omega is also represented in other organizations: Dol- phin Club, Women ' s Athletic Association, Dance Club, Theta Sigma Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Pandora. Fun and festivity are exemplified throughout the year at the Chi O house. The first social highlight, held in the fall, is the annual pledge dance. Merriment at Christmas time prompts the chapter Christmas Party and carolling at the Old Folks Home. During spring quarter the annual Spring Lawn Dance is held. The officers are Gail Heard, president; Kay McCary, vice president; Ann Jones, secretary; and Starr Fowler, treasurer. Firs row Judy Brantley Happy Strickland, Gail Herndon, Evelyn Reppard, Jean Geise, Ann Jones, Gail Heard, Margaret Weyman, Dolly Ann Young, Martha Hardeman, Katherine Pilcher, Ann Mosley, Gloria Carlton. Second row: Mary Ann Lindgren, Cardin Ackermon, Alice Bates, Lisa Elder, Sarah Ethridge, Mary Simmons Eugenia Greer, Mrs. Zimmerman, Peggy Dorn, Ginny Montgomery, Gay Forrester, Sandra DuBose, Nancy Clark, Joyce Beochamp, Gay Neblett. Third row: Virginia Moody Priscilla ' Jones Virginia Nichols, Ann Buchanan, Kay Chapman, Nancy Lanier, Betty Bailey, Mimi Lanier, Barbara Mulherin, Brendo Thompson, Martha Mitchell Jean Parker Carlo Rintz Claire Bentley, Ellen Fortune. Fourth row: Jennie Lee Lehmonn, Martha Murray, Ann Hammond, H. M. Smith, Charner W illiams, Starr Fowler, Carolyn Kirby, Carol Wallace, Sandra Trapp, Sandra Christi, Emma V arner, Cecile Piplar, Linda Lunsford, Donna Pettit, Diane Johnson. HHMH| HHaH||||H| ■ iirli» Joyce » 260 ■k 4t3 Members - ■•isen it Cardin Ackerman Betsy Adams Ann Allen Betty Bailey Betty Bargainer Alice Bates Harriet Baxley Joyce Beachamp Claire Bentley Mary Bird Linda Blanchard Elise Bond Raine Bowers Judy Brantley Ann Buchanan Gloria Carlton Kay Chapman Cusie Chichester Sandra Christie Nancy Clark Ann Cox Camilla Coyne Jean Cruikshank Lorena Dasher Katherine Dickinson Mary Ann Dilcher Caren Dooly Peggy Dorn Sandra DuBose Lisa Elder Sara Ethridge Gay Forrester Ellen Fortune Starr Fowler Julie Francis Ginny Gaines Claire Gardner Jean Geise Genia Greer Alice Hammack Ann Hammond Martha Hardeman Gail Heard Gail Herndon Helaine Hobby Sandra Hollow ay Kay Horton Gail Houston Nancy Houston Genie Hudson. Diane Johnston Saleta Johnson Rena Johnson Anne Jones Priscilla Jones Carolyn Kirby Ruth Knight Linda Lane Nancy Lanier Jennie Lee Lehmai Mary Ann Lindgn Margaret Lucas Linda Lunsford Kay MacCary Bootsie May Ella Merritt Martha Mitchell Virginia Montgomery Virginia Moody Anne Mosley Barbara Mulherin Gay Neglett Virginia Nichols Jean Parker Dona Pettit Caroline Pfaff Katherine Pilcher Cecile Piplar Jackie Ponder Kay Pridgen Carla Rentz Evelyn Reppard Harriet Reppard Mary Simmons Madge Slade Helen Maynard Si Sidney Stark Happy Strickland Claire Sudderth Sandra Trapp Carol Wallace Emily Warner Margaret Weyman Susan White Caroline Whitehead Charner Williams Peggy Wolfe Gracie Woods Dolly Ann Young GAIL HEARD, President th row: Sydney Stark, Ginny Gaines, Peggy Wolf, Saleta Johnson, Caroline Whitehead, Nancy Paige, Cusie Chichester, Caroline Pfaff, Carolyn Phillips. Second Betty Bargainer, Gail Houston, Alice Hammock, Sandra Hollowoy, Karen Dooly, Harriet Baxley, Linda Blanchard, Beeno Dasher, Gracie Woods, Jeon Cruikshank, 3 Johnson, Nancy Houston, Raine Bowers. Third row: Ann Cox, Elise Bond, Ella Merritt, Harriet Reppard, Katherine Dickenson, Jackie Ponder, Madge Slode, lilla Coyne, Bootsie May, Margaret Lucas, Ann Allen. Fourth row: Bobo Hobby, Mary Bird, Ruth Knight, Kay Horton, Mary Ann Dilcher, Genie Hudson, Julie icis, Claire Sudderth, Claire Gardner, Susan White. Alpha Phi PLEDGE DANCE enfer+ains the new Tri Delf pledges and it Is also a highlight of the entire year ' s social calendar. Y) ELTA DELTA DELTA was the first - ' -- ' women ' s fraternity to be founded I y I as a national organization. The University Vj A of Georgia chapter was estabUshed in 1934. " Fun and excitement are the keynotes when the new pledges are welcomed at the annual pledge banquet and dance. At the end of the school year comes another Tri Delt tradition, the Pansy Breakfast for seniors. Tri Delts are proud of the accomplishments of their members: secretary-treasurer of the freshman class; Kappa Delta Epsilon, president; Concert Dance Club, president; Georgettes ' captain; women ' s editor of Red and Black; Pandora picture editor; and Chi Psi sweet- heart. Members of other activities include Theta Sigma Phi, Thalian Blackfriars, Sigma Alpha Iota, Gamma Alpha Chi, Pi Sigma Alpha, Beta Gamma Sigma, Cheerlead- ing Squad, Dolphin Club, and Tennis Club. Guiding the Tri Delts during the school year are Barksdale Thomas, president; Harriet Perry, vice presi- dent; Jeri Bridges, secretary; Jan Young, treasurer. Mary Von Landingham, Ann Cobble, Diane Burkes, Morjorie Moddox, Mory Frances Palmer, Genie Thomas, Billie Claire Cronic, Lee Jelks, Margie Van irol Hermann Second row: Caroline Byrd, Keith Taylor, Laura Ann Harrell, Carol Sue Elzenhouser, Ann Eulenfeld, Judy Pryor, Margaret Sue Jones, Goil Doodle Jackson, Becky Rhodes. Third row: Julie Wheeler, Pot Lynch, Ann Keheley, Sheila Dunn, Pamela Lamson, Becky Lewis, Debbie Hancock, Lucy Rowlings, Peggy Roder, Beverly Nemec. Fourth row: Carol Woodbury, Jo Ann Klutz, Florence Medlock, ZoAnn Jane Hodowoy, Peggy Thornley, Elaine Webster. Miriam Whaley, Ann Blackbur Temples, 262 ■n Members Bonnie Adams Mary Lou Alley Diane Earner Judy Barrett Buzzi Bennett Ann Blackburn Gwendolyn Blount Mary Bondurant Barbara Bowman Jeri Bridges Dianne Burks Zoann Burns Janne Butler Caroline Byrd Anne Cobble Barbara Coggins Eleanor Ann Collins Billie Claire Cronic Sheila Dunn Suzanne Dussling Carol Sue Etzenhouser Ann Eulenfeld Jean Gammage Gail Gardner Margaret Van Geuns Sue Greene Jane Hadaway Debbie Hancock Laura Anne Harrell Joanne Hawkersmith fir st row: Faye Thorpe, Bon Helen Turner. Second row: Barrett, Mary Hiott. Third r Thomas, Margaret Obear. Jamie Sue Stovall, Carol Hcrrman Peggy Rader Priscilla Hinson Susie Rainey Mary Hiott Lucy Rawlings Gail Hopper Becky Rhodes Choyce Jackson Theresa Speigner Nancy Jackson B. J. Stamps Leigh Jelks Jamie Sue Stovall Lynda Jones Keith Taylor Margaret Sue Jo nes Susan Temples Evalyna Keadle Faye Tharpe Ann Keheley Rosemary Tharpe Jo Ann Klutz Tirzah Ann Thayt r Sunny Lamson Genie Thomas Mary Van Landi igham Barksdale Thomas Leota Lewis Peggy Thornley Rebekah Lewis Rhetta Thurston Cathy Luckett Helen Turner Pat Lynch Iris Turner Margaret McKin ney Margaret Van Get ins Marjorie Maddoj Mary Van Landinghai Florence Medlock Lynne Waddey Babs Mitchell Jenny Warlick Martha Moore Elaine Webster Beverly Nemec Miriam Whaley Margaret Obear Julie Caroline Wh eele Mary Frances Pa Imer Sally Wilson Ann Patterson Peggy Wise Harriet Perry Carol Woodbury Frechia Pierce Jan Young Judith Ann Pryc ■■ e Adams, Lynne W oddey. Leota Lewis, Harriet Per ' Y, anna Hawkersmith Jann e Butler, Betty Jean Stan nps. .: Susie Rainey, Iri 5 Turn ;r, Peggy Wise, Mary Bo ndu urih row: Eleanor Ann C ollins, Bargora Coggins, Suz BARKSDALE THOMAS, President leri Bridges, Rosemary Tharpe, Mary Lou Alley, E Dianne Barner, Jean Gammage, Sally Wilson, Fred ant, Theresa Spiegner, Priscilla Hinson, Ann Patter; inne Dussling, Margaret McKinney, Gail Hopper, Jc Keadle, Bobs rce, Lynda Jor 3thy Luckett, i ng, Tizah Anr Mitchell, es, Judy larksdale Thayer, Psi CONTESTANTS for sweetheart and " Miss Modern Venus " ride In the Sigma Chi parade preceding the Derby festivities. THE DELTA PHI EPSILON mem- bers added a strong pledge class to their rolls this year. After rush was over, the members of Psi chapter engaged in many outstanding projects throughout the year. Scholarship, social activity, and interest in campus activities are all emphasized by the DPhiE ' s. The soror- ity is represented in such campus activities as Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Angel Flight and Mortar Board. The DPhiE ' s offer an annual campus-wide Street Dance at which the Outstanding Freshman award is presented, a one hundred dollar scholarship. Their social calendar is completed by such annual events as a Pledge Dance, Anniversary Week-end, Parents Day, and a Mother ' s Day Service. In addition to adopting a ten year old Jewish war orphan from France, Psi chapter holds Christmas and Easter parties for under- privileged children in Athens. Leaders of Delta Phi Epsilon this year are Shelia White, president; Ilene Lichtenstein, vice president; Dorothy Tillem, recording secretary; and Rosalyn Danneman, treasurer. First lyce Alpern, Sandra Marcus, Ruth Mincey, Jackie Cohn, Sh row: Kosalie Gross, Marilyn Wolf, Harriet Weiss, Barbora Rundbakei Sandy Schwartz, Devera Felson, Edie Fay Rubin. Dorothv Tillem, Ei Rosalie th Mincey, Jackie Cohn, Shelley Halprin, Elaine Gaeser, Marlene FinerofF, Rosie Rundbaken, Lynda Fay Goldstein. Second ' eiss, Barbara Rundbaken, Ilene Litchenstein, Katherine Singer, Jennie Intro, Roz Dannenmon, Roz Goldstein. Third row: :ubin, Dorothy Tillem, Eillen Little, Ellen Epstein, Diane Garvin, Sara Husney. 264 SKHMHk . ' lis 6, » • Angel Flijk I FwlBin award i I Kkfanhip. TIm -I.: L- " .:;]! events J ■.ffiDs, : ' ijoptmj ■ frince, Pi .-• ,;.i ' ;»i tur under- tiu nir are U lea. licf president runr; and Rosaln Members Sandra Abgott Joyce Alpern Harriet Banner Rochelle Barron Marcia Cohen Rebecca Cohen Sara Cohen Jackie Cohn Rosalyn Danneman Judie Dokson Ellen Epstein Devera Felson Marlene Fineroff Phyllis Poor Elaine Gaeser Diane Garvin Debra Gerson Sherry Ginsberg Natalie Goldberg Lynda Goldstein Roslyn Goldstein Gloria Greenberg Rosalie Gross Shelley Halprin Sara Husney Jennie Intro Tanya Lefco Janet Levy Sharon Levine Dorothy Lewis Elaine Libowsky Ilene Lichenstein Eileen Little Sandra Marcus Ruth Mincey Marlene Pechtor Toby Rosenberg Edith Rubin Barbara Rundbaken Roselyn Rundbaken Jean Schemer Gloria Schwartz Sandra Schwartz Katherine Singer Harriet Sirower Deanna Spector Marilyn Steine Dorothy Tillem Freida Trestman Harriet Weiss Sheila White Marilyn Wolf SHEILA WHITE, President Firsf Levin Marie Becky Cohen, Morcla Cohen, Elaine Libowsky, Judie Dok atolie Goldberg, Debra Gerson, Toby Rosenberg, Phyllis I Pechtor, Harriet Sirower, Sherry Ginsberg, Gloria Sch Poor, Gloria C rtz, Marilyn St I, Sheila White, Sara Cohen, Tanya Lefco, Freida Trestman. Second row: Sharon lerg, Deanna Spector, Dorothy Lewis, Rochelle Barron. Third row: Sandy Abgott, lean Schemer, Janet Levy, Harriet Banner. Gamma Delta " R™ NEW THETA PLEDGES will always remember fhe welcome they received from their new sisters on accepting Theta bids. ING OUT Three Cheers for Theta " a symbohc song for the spirit that Kappa Alpha Theta sorority displays throughout the year. They enter campus activities with zest, and during 1958-59 they captured many honors. A Theta pledge, Sue Redfern, was selected belle of the campus in the Miss Pandora contest in October. The sorority was represented in many phases of student activities by having members in W. A. A., Alpha Epsi- lon Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Perhaps the most well-known Theta-sponsored event is the annual Kite Flying Contest, after which all stu- dents are invited to gather on the Theta lawn to hear a combo. Also, a " slave auction " is held at which funds are raised for a charity. The fall pledge dance, Found- er ' s Day Banquet, and the spring banquet round out the Theta social calendar. Guiding Kappa Alpha Theta this year were Patsy Harridge, president; Marilyn Hubert, vice president; Martha Moore, secretary; and Sandra Johnson, treas- urer. First row: Judy Allen, Beverly Eidson, Anne Robertson, Sondra Johnson, Morth McElveen, Martha Moore, Cocky Eskodor, Marilyn Hubert, Patsy Harridge, Helen Huff, Barbara Hogman, Barbara Barnes. Second row: Drue Dell, Eloise Hooper, Mary Wildes, Joanne Bennett, Carol Little, Cler Colson, Ann McClendon, Paige Offinger, Deonne Deavours, Mary Anne Wilbanks. Third row: Kitty Pofford, Trudee Rakish, Mikell Lovett, Allene Hood, Liz Campion, Judy Robertson, Carol Fechtel, Lois Brown, Flo Thompson, Kit Miller. Fourth row: Dogmar Endorf, Beth Hunt, Anne Hollis, Carol Chambers, Sue Stolvey, Carol Cheek, Sally Hutchinson, Ann Turner, Carolyn Sears, Suzanne Chapman 1 fnl m: teA Smnrf w: Han r Joy Alexander Judy Allen Barbara Barnes Joe Ann Bennett Lois BroTvn Ann Burkett Angel Campbell Liz Campton Carol Chambers Susanne Chapman Carol Cheek Kitty Coleman Cler Colson Harriette Costa Linda CuUom Lois D ' Antignac Deanne Deavours Drucilla Dell Judy Deyerle Joy Dixon Beverly Eidson Dagmar Endorf Carolyn Eskador Lee Farrey Carol Fechtel Beverly Flegal Nancy Flowers Barbara Hagman Nancy Hailey Members Kay Happoldt Patsy Harridge Pat Harris Rita Heitzman Nan Heston Joyce Hitchcock Ann Hollis Alleen Hood Eloise Hooper Estelle Hopkins Marilyn Hubert Helen Huff Beth Hunt Sally Hutchinson Mariellen Johnson Sandra Johnson Dianne Jones Linda Jones Jo Kenimer Pat Kennedy Sylvia Kunzig Ann Lippold Carole Little Rebecca Little Mikell Lovett Mary MacGregor Ann McClendon Martha McElveen Katherine McGill Agnes Malcom Kit Miller Martha Moore Penny Nay lor Caroline Newbill Nancy Noble Paige Oeffinger Kay Oxford Kitty Pafford Susan Pow ell Caroline Pruitt Trudee Rakish Sue Redfern Carolyn Reid Jean Richardson Ann Robertson Judy Robertson Carolyn Sears Margaret Seaweli Roberta Sjoblom Sandra Smisson Sue Stalvey Betty Sue Stames Flo Thompson Ann Turner Wendy Vereen Mary Anne Wilbanks Mary Wildes Ann Wilson PATSY HARRIDGE, President First row: Mariellen Johnson, Caroline Reid, Linda Cullom, Becky Little, Nancy Flowers, Linda Jones, Joy Alexander, Angel Campbell, Sylvia Kunzig, Sandra Smission. Second row: Mary MacGregor, Margaret Seaweli, Lee Farrey, Nancy Noble, Jean Richardson, Kathryn McGill, Jo Kenimer, Beverly Flegal, Caroline Pruitt, Harriette Costa. Third row: Wendy Vereen, Ann Burkett, Estelle Hopkins, Lois D ' Antignac, Betty Sue Starnes, Ann Wilson, Judy Deyerle, Joy Dixon, Pat Harris, fourth row: Susan Powell, Kitty Coleman, Kay Oxford, Deedee Jones, Agnes Malcom, Anne Lippold, Rita Heitzman, Sue Redfern, Penny Naylor, Nan He ston. i f3tBflSll Sigma Phi K PINNING on green and white pledge ribbons was a most happy occasion for Bi+sy and all the other Kappa Delta ' s. APPA DELTA was founded at Vir- ginia State Normal School, Farm- ville, Virginia. Established at the Univer- - » sity of Georgia in 1924, Sigma Phi chapter v is among the ninety-four college chapters of Kappa Delta. Diamonds are a girl ' s best friend, and the Kappa Delta Diamond Ball, held annually winter quarter is a favorite social event. The KD ' s also list a pledge dance and swimming party in its roster of social activi- ties. During fall quarter, extra excitement was found at the Kappa Delta house when they were announced as winners of the Sigma Chi Derby. Participating in many activities, the chapter boasts members in Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Women Student Government, Theta Sigma Phi, Angel Flight, and Student Council. Their projects include partial support of the Crip- pled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, and also a $1,000 research award in orthopedics. Kappa Delta officers this year were Carol Bragg, president; Marion Quante, vice president; Barbara Biggers, secretary; and Corille Morris, treasurer. First row Phyliss Davis, Julian Pliatt, Pane McElhannon, Ann Beasley, Ann Sexton, Carol Bragg, Dodo Baldwin, Betty Knight, Patsy Sheoh Corrille Morris, Hatsie Knox. Second row; May Slottery, Joanna Thurmon, Ruth Alexander, Bitsy Wesley, Ann Black, Marion Quante, Jar Ann Owen Jane Smith Sandra Douglas. Third row: Babo Babbitt, Lee Dudshoff, LeAnn Rimstidt, Barbara Biggers, Mary Elizabeth Chesser, Mary Ellen Cochran, Carol McEwing, Emilie Burdetl, Patsy Sims, Lynn Hungerford. Fourth row.- Janet Wright, Carol Watrous, CI Beth H " 9- Judy Davis, Kay Silver, DeFoor, Marion Branch, Caroline Ridgway, Fran White, Patricia Eubanks, 268 Ruth Alexander Sidney Margaret Allen Carol Elaine Archer Barbara Lee Babbitt Martha Rochelle Bachman Ann Carol Beasley Barbara Anne Biggers Ann Stewart Black Patricia Hand Boykin Carol Bragg Katherine Marion Branch Rebecca Breedlove Jean Reynolds Brewer Emilie Claire Burdett Lola Jean Caldwell Wanda Faye Chastain Margaret Francia Chesser Myra Jean Clark Mary Ellen Cochran Helen Marie Craig Shirley Jean Craig Mary Virginia Davis Eleanor Judy Davis Phyllis Davis Barbara Jean Deese Eddie Jane DeFoor Frances Mae DePourcq Sandra Lynn Douglas Patricia Eubanks May Elizabeth Ewing Members Jane Clarice Fulghum Barbara Ann Freeman Natalie Virginia Gibson Ellen Collins Grevemberg Elizabeth Hankinson Helen Susan Harris Josephine Heard Mary Dorotha Hines Nancy White Hughs Lynn Hungerford Marilyn Anita Isaacs Barbara Lynn Jackson Judith Ann Jensen Barbara Louise Johnson Frances Marion Jones Sylvia Jordon Ann Dunn Joyner Carol Ruth Kindsvater Betty Frances Knight Jean Dozier Knott Harriet Ethel Knox Martha Jane McElhannon Carol McEwen Corrille Stevenson Morris Tallula Lamar Morton Judith Lee Oudshoff Ann Owen Julianne Piatt Marion Helena Quante Caroline Ridgeway Patricia Rigsbee LeAnn Rimstidt Kathryn Ruark Judith Rutland Virginia Scoggins Ann Sexton Patricia Ann Sheahan Sandra Kay Silver Patsy Lee Sims Mary Angela Slattery Camille Smith Jane Smith Nancy Standard Hannah Sutter Clarice Taylor Olivia Taylor Sandra Thacker JoAnna Thurmon Linda Treadw ay Judith Walker Myrna Ruth Warren Lucy Carol Watrous Bitsy Wesley Clare Stone White Cynthia Wilkinson Carolyn Williams Janet Wright Faye Youngblood CAROL BRAGG, President First row: Marilyn Isaacs, Lola Caldwell, Nancy Hughs, Judy Rutland, Shirley Craig, Shelly Bachman, Mary Hines, Phiny Heard, Ann Joyner, Faye Chastain, Olivia Taylor, Barbara Deese. Second row.- Ellen Grevemberg, Mary Davis, Dippy DePourcq, Marion Jones, Myrna Warren, Pat Boykin, Jackie Breedlove, Shirley Craig, Elaine Archer, Sydney Allen, Susan Harris. Third row: Ann Freeman, Jean Knott, Myra Clark, Jane Fulghum, Sylvia Jordan, Linda Treodwoy, Pot Rigsby, Cici Smith, Cynthia Wilkinson, Betty Youngblood. Fourth row: Judy Walker, Natalie Gibson, Carolyn Williams, Hannah Sutter, Jean Brewer, Tallulah Morton, Virginia Scoqgins, Sandy Thacker. 1 Delta Upsilon STRIVING to maintain a high level of academic pursuit is one of the notable aims of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Their high scholastic record is shown with members in Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Zodiac, Z Club, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Kappa contributes greatly to school spirit with representatives on the cheerleading squad and in Student Council. In addition to the scholastic program, the Kappa ' s are quite active socially. The first circled date on the eventful social calendar is the honoring of the pledges with the annual pledge dance. Other important events are the apple-polishing party for the faculty. Parents Day, a tea for the housemother, and a Christmas party for the underprivileged children. The third quarter is ushered in by the annual Spring formal. Officers of Kappa Kappa Gamma for 1958-59 are Anne Milton, president; Harriet Steele, vice president; Jane Humphrey, secretary; and Mary Adair Dorsey, treasurer. KAPPA CHEERLEADER Pahy Parker and Captain Charlie Williams are overjoyed at the Bulldogs ' great performance. First row: Nina Jerr McMillen. Second re Joanie Gardner. Th Edwards, Sally Jon Barbara Turner, An igon,. Lynn Beasley, Pat Wrighl, Connie Boyd, Mary Adair Dorsey, Marianne Bugg, Robbie Maxwell, Eleanor Piowaty, Nancy v: Pe ' nny Payne, Winkie Booker, Laura Parker, Lynn Williams, Jane Thornton, Ann Jernigan, Lynn Reynolds, Dawn Reynolds, N •d row; Esther Boatwright, Mary Jane Sheffey, Decie Marling, Sandra Peck, Bebe Taylor, Sally Montgomery, Penny Espy, Reg s, Jane Humphrey. Fourth row; Catherine Ficklen, Minnie Rowe, Liz Burpee, Joan Stephens, Sally Campbell, Noncy Sullivan, n Gardner, Mary Ann Rogers, Ann Moore. Douglass, Hayes lancy MacMohon, no Jackson, Joy Mary McRitchie, Laurie Anderson Jean Anderson Lynn Beasley Brenda Berry Bebe Boatwright Halley Boatwright Winkie Booker Connie Boyd. Susan Branch Kitty Bryan Marianne Bugg Liz Burpee Sally Campbell Ease Carmichael Mary Anne Caskey Linda Clark Sara Cook Mary Croxton Betty Darden Betty DeVaughn Mary Adair Dorsey Nancy Douglass Eloise Dryden Billie Ruth Duncan Joy Edwards Penny Espy Catherine Ficklen Members Ann Gardner Joanie Gardner Alice Hand Decie Harling Sylvia Hiers Marlon Higgins Jane Humphrey Regina Jackson Ann Jernigan Nina Jernigan Sally Jones Mary King Sally Knight Susanne Knight Carol Land Anne Lazard Nancy MacMahon Judy Martin Robbie Maxwell Hayes McMillen Mary McRitchie Anne Milton Sally Montgomery Ann Moore Laura Parker Patsy Parker Penny Payne Sandra Peck Sugar Piowaty Hettie Lou Reagan Lynn Reynolds Dawn Reynolds Mary Ann Rogers Beverly Rose Minnie Rowe Saundra Sands Mary Jane Sheffey Judy Smith Joan Stephens Beeps Steele Susan Strain Becky Strickland Nancy Sullivan Eunice Swift Bebe Taylor Jane Thornton Nancy Trout Ann Trowbridge Barbara Turner Martha Claire Turner Louellen Walters Lynn Williams Pat Wright ANN MILTON, President First row: Linda Clark, Laura Parker, Eunice Swcfl, Susan Strain, Marion Higgins, Suzanne Knight, Maude Jones, Judy Martin. Second row: Anne Milton, Mary Mng, Susan Branch, Lou Reagan, Laurie Anderson, Beeps Steele, Anne Lazard, Jean Anderson, Louellen Walters, Alice Hand. Third row: Beverly Rose, Nancy Trout, Becky Strickland, Martha Claire Turner, Billie Ruth Duncan, Mary Ann Caskey, Patsy Parker, Sylvia Hiers, Sarah Louise Carmichael, Sarah Cook. Fourth row: Brenda Berry, Betty Darden, Elizabeth Burpee, Kitty Bryan, Mary Croxton, Halley Boatwright, Judy Smith, Eloise Dryden Betty DeVaughn, Nancey Douglass, Robbie Maxwell. W ai f Jm " l f» f « (? D Alpha Alpha Chapter DECKED OUT for rush, the Phi Mu ' s invite rushees to enter the clown-door and join in the Mardi Gras festivities. np HE PHI MU ' s were proud when they - ' - were announced as winners in the homecoming decorations for the second consecutive year. The sorority was equally as pleased when they claimed a member on the Pandora Court and the Homecoming Court. Vice president of W. S. G. A., captain of the cheer- leaders, the editor of the Pandora, and several frater- nity sweethearts are a few of the Phi Mu ' s about cam- pus. Members are also active in W. A. A., Di Gamma Kappa, Bulldog Club, Dolphin Club, Thalian Black- friars, and Pandora. First, on the calendar of social activity is a tea where the sorority acts as hostess to the alumni of Athens and surrounding area. The most eagerly awaited-for event is the annual pledge dance which is followed by a breakfast spiced with fun and merriment. Alpha Alpha ' s officers for 1958-59 were Elizabeth deBeaugrine, president; Gail Harrell, vice president; Julia Morgan, secretary; and Beverly Darsey, treasurer. FirsI row: Dot Paine, Becky Turton, Solly Anderson, Lonny Leovy, Beverly Blick, Lucy Trosdal, Ellen Weaver, Becky Edenfleld, Betsy Birchmore, Edith Molder, Potty Buck, Melinda Smith. Second row.- Charlotte Burns, Barbara Ann Woodoll, Jean Florence, Lynda Patten, Irene Hurt, Margaret Corder, Woo Hubert, Nancy Wofkins, Linda Pound, Modelyn Waters, Judy Davis. Third row: Martha James, Edith Brown, Nancy Scheurer, Sister Christie, Dollie Cordwell, Harriet Turner, Biddie Smith, Margie, Upson, Elsie Hart, Peggy Borgeron, Virginia Ann Smith, Suzanne Carter. Fourth row: Glenda Elliott, Susan McDonald, Ann Lockhort, Carolyn Bell, Frances Florence, Martha Fleming, Leiia Goodwin, Lyna Estes, Nancy Peterson, Linda Mclonohan, June Flanagan, Sara Youngblood. 272 Members Annette Abel Sally Anderson Jamye Aultman Ann Baldwin Peggy Bargeron Marie Barron Carolyn Bell Joan Bennett Ann Bickerstaff Betsy Birchmore Diane Blackerby Beverly Blick Midge Bowen Sarah Frances Bowen Kitty Brooks Edith Brown Marilyn Brunson Patty Buck Charlotte Burns Flo Butler Nancy Butts Dollie Cardwell Suzzane Carter Dodie Cheney Sister Christie Margaret Corder Lynn Crovatt Beverly Darsey Judy Davis Sandra Davis Elizabeth de Beaugrin Becky Edenfield Norma Elder Glenda Elliot Margie Elliot Lyna Estes Hannah Fesperman June Flanagan Martha Fleming Frances Florence Jean Florence Nan Gaston Leila Goodwin Ann Gordon Mary Harden Gail Harreli Rosemary Harrisor Elsie Hart Marty Hartin Woo Hubert Irene Hurt Leslie James Martha James Marilyn Jones Carolyn Kelley Lanny Leavy Marie LeRoy Ann Lockhart Harriett Martin Cliff McCormick Susan McDonald Linda McLanahan Nancy McLean Marilyn Memory Kathy Middleton Edith Molder Julia Morgan Cherry New ton Dot Paine Lynda Patten Pat Patterson Nancy Permenter Nancy Peterson Connie Pollock Linda Pound Priscilla Pounds Helen Robinson Nancy Scheurer Janice Shores Polly Sinclair Beverly Smith Josephine Smith Melinda Smith Virginia Ann Smith Linda Smithwick Suzzane Sutton Lucy Trosdal Sarah Tucker Harriett Turner Becky Turton Jay Tyler Margie Upson Edna Lou Ward Madeline Waters Nancy Watkins n Weaver ol Weeks tie Williams ol Wimberly Shirley Wimberly Diane Wolfe Barbara Ann Woodall Sarah Youngblood ELIZABETH DeBEAUGRINE, President Elle Car Dia Car First row: Nancy Rosemary Harris Elizabeth deBeai Smifhwick, Diane Ann Gordon, Jo Fespe Che McLeon, Dodie Cheney, Peggy Ferryman, H. D. Robinson, Marie Barron, Kitty Brooks, Edna Lou Ward, Beverly Smith, Leslie James, Nancy Butts, on. Midge Bowen, Nancy Permenter. Second row; Annette Abel, Martha Hardin, Carolyn Kelley, Carol Weeks, Marie LeRoy, Beverly Darsey, grine, Julia Morgan, Gail Harreli, Connie Pollock, Lynn Crovatt, Mary Harden, Shirley Wimberly. Third row: Sandra Davis, Ann Bickerstaff, Linda Blackerby, Ann Baldwin, Marilyn Brunson, Pat Patterson, Diane Wolfe, Diane Williams, Jean Malone, Sharon Boone, Carol Wimberly. fourth row: yme Aultman, Norma Elder, Polly Sinclair, Janice Shores, Marilyn Jones, Nan Gaston, Margie Elliott, Harriet Martin, Priscilla Pounds, Hannah ry Newton, Sarah Tucker. . jf. ' Af ' : j :p . [m f m i 273 Alphc CARD SHARKS are no uncommon sight around the Pi Phi house where bridge is a favorite pastime, night or day. WITH GREAT enthusiasm and en- e. ergy, the Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi began its nineteenth year on the campus. Many honors were won by the chapter during the 19 58-59 year, such as placing in homecom- ing decorations. The fall is highlighted by the annual pledge dance; later the pledges honor the actives with a Christmas party. Pi Phi ' s welcome other functions such as the " Sock Hop, " an Easter egg hunt for foreign students, and the Founder ' s Day Banquet. The climax of the school year is the Stardust Ball which is held in the house. Pi Beta Phi boasts girls in many activities and or- ganizations: Angels Flight, Dolphin Club, Concert Modern Dance Club, Tennis Club, Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, Gamma Alpha Chi, Phi Sigma, Stu- dent Union, Student Council, U. R. S. A. major and minor, and Pandora staff. Serving as officers for the year were Donna Clifford, president; Martha Brumley, vice president; Mary Ann Hinely, secretary, and Barbara Peterson, treasurer. JmeHiiiK 274 Bonnie Anderson Mary Bird Carolyn Blount CecUe Boggs Joyce Brooks Martha Brumley Peggy Ann Bryan Tuckee Butler Judy Ann Carswell Kay Charles Mittie Clark Donna Clifford Rosemary Clifford Margaret A. Cone Linda Dickey Francis Dunaway Jane Eagar Susie Few Jenny Frakes Mary Jane Ghent Arlene Gregory Jo Ann Gunn Billie Hamm Joyce Hancock Jane Hanger Nell Harrel Members Mary Ann Hinely Dawn Holman Lucy Howard Elaine Hunter Harriett Hunter Sandra Irwin Ann Kemble June Kemble Dolly Kolman Lorna Lapp Kay Lunsford Nell Martin Barbara Mathews Jo McCarthy Mary McDevitt Meriam McDonald Patti Mendel Carol Middleton Bertie Palmer Barbara Parsons Kenley Pearson Sally Pearson Barbara Peterson Christie Radford Jane Reynolds June Reynolds Liz Rhoads Judy Rideout Sue Rogers Sara Sanford Martha Scrivener Beth Sheppard Ann Singletary Janet Slay Alice Smith Larrilee Smith Missy Smithers Lois Stovall Marion Talmage Jane Tate Ellen Thompson Alice Todd Barbara Totten Patty Tyson Linda Veatch Beverly Washington Ann Weatherford Nora Widdis Mary Ann Williams Pris Williams Kathy Wilson Lori Wright auin DONNA CLIFFORD, President Firsf row: Jo McCarthy, Rosem Mary Ann Williams, Jane Reyr Mary Ann Hinely, Deborah Sue Ro McDevitt, Sally Pearson, Ellen Tho ry Clifford, Judy Ann Carswell, Cecile Boggs, Carolyn Blount, Alice Todd, Joyce Hancock, Lori Wright, June Rey 3lds. Second row: kay Charles, Christie Radford, Francis Dunoway, Jo Ann Gunn, Barbara Peterson f r-i:o_.. Rogers, Patti Mendel, Joyce Brooks, Nell Horrell. Third row. Dawn Holma , Potty Tyson, Dolly Kolman, Berrie Palmer, Lois Stovall. Clifford, lett Hunter, Linda Dickey, Susie Few lds, Lorna Lapp, Martha Brumley, Jane Tate, Mary Eta Wilten, Andy Perin m ■■MUCH SMALL TALK ' is shared by three Sigma Delta Tau sisters in the television room of their sorority house. First row: Paulette Elkins, Neilda Freedman, Gayle Goldstein, Rosalind Marcus, Susan Reiner, Emily Ketzky, Muriel Wollner, Brenda Kurtz, Susan Suritz, Joyce Shenkmon, Ellen Itzkow, Harriet Perlst. Socks, Bette Behr, Rosalind Odrezin, Betty Ann Entrekin, Helaine Kaufman, Morlene Kahn, Dorothy Moskowitz. Fourth Morkel, Rochelle Wexler, Anne Keeser, Revelle Pergament, Jan Solomon, Linda Zoss, Dotty Miller. ETA CHAPTER of Sigma Delta Tau, whose purpose is to promote closer rela- tionship, leadership, and high ideals among women students, enjoyed a very successful year at the University of Georgia. The highlight of the social calendar for the SDT ' s was the annual pledge dance held after an exciting rush. Other activities include scholarship banquets, a tea for patronesses, and spring week end, which in- cludes rush, a dance and an informal party. Eta Chapter ' s project for the year was to provide food for needy families in the Athens area. Sigma Delta Tau ' s are well represented in different fraternity and beauty courts. The sorority also pointed with pride to its representatives in Phi Chi Theta, W. A. A., Dolphin Club, Thalian Blackfriars, Alpha Lambda Delta, Who ' s Who, Student Council, Bulldog Club, and Hillel Religious Club. The officers for the year 195 8-59 were as follows: Brenda Kurtz, president; Rosahnd Odrezin, vice presi- dent; Ann Kesser, recording secretary; Betty Behr, treasurer. Betty Jacobs, Linda Torch. Second row: Kay Itzkov Third Sissy Cohen, Pat Vinson, Barbara Janet Cohen, Marilyn Lewitt, Roberta • :i. v; . s w?1 " ' HtBSoi u . 1 276 Members Bette Behr Dorothy Miller Patsy Braver Dorothy Moskow Janet Cohen Rosalind Odrezin Sissy Cohen Revelle Pergamei Paulette Elkins Anda Periman Betty Anne Entrekin Harriet Perlstein Neilda Freedman Susan Reiner Gayle Goldstein Barbara Sacks Ellen Itzkow Joyce Shankman Kay Itzkow Jan Solomon Marlene Kahn Susan Suritz Helaine Kaufman Linda Torch Anne Kesser Pat Uinson Emily Ketzky Rochelle Wexler Brenda Kurtz Phyllis Witten Marilyn Lewitt Moriel Wollner Rosalind Marcus Linda Zoss. Roberta Markel BRENDA KURTZ, President RUSH was fhe reason for the little-girl get-ups of the SDT ' s last fall as they prepared to meet a group of rushees. A SIGMA DELTA TAU BLOWS OUT THE CANDLES ON A BIRTHDAY CAKE AT A SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY GIVEN TO HER BY HER SORORITY SISTERS. 277 Gamma Pi ENTHUSIASM is exactly the word for the Ze+a ' s as they greet the rushees with some of their peppiest Zeta songs. THE SCHOOL YEAR is always a chal- lenge for Gamma Pi Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. During the summer at their National Convention, they were presented the highest award a Zeta chapter can re- ceive, the Achievement Award. Along with this honor they also received the Rushing Award for outstanding participation and organization during Rush. Zeta ' s have representatives in almost every phase of campus activity. Miss Homecoming, a Mortar Board member, five members in Angel ' s Flight, a member of the Pandora Court, a cheerleader, a number of mem- bers in Alpha Lambda Delta, the Solo Twirler, four majorettes and two Georgettes are only a few of the honors held by Zeta Tau Alphas in 1958-59. Such colorful social events as the " Cinderella Ball, " Zeta Zoo Day and the " Spring Splash " highlight the Zeta ' s social calendar. President of Zeta Tau Alpha is Judy Holbrook. Serving with her are Jan Williams, vice president; Jan Mayhew, recording secretary; S haron Stridde, corre- sponding secretary; and Elaine Beck, treasurer. St row: Diana McClurkin, Paula Whaley, Loretta Edge, Berta Karl, Diane Sargent, Lillian McCurley, Joan Myers, Betty Mosley, Vol Soule, Glendo Finley. Second v: Nancy Eberhart, Jon Smith, Perny Wesson, Liz Hampton, Jo Ann Wicke, Georgianne Brown, Jan Mayhew, Mary Carol Bowers, Diane Leverette. Third row: Elaine ck, Ann Wicker, Sharon Stridde, Martha Gail Mason, Nancy Hoirston, Nonvy Comes, Alice Harrison, Sandra Lanier, Barbara Emminger, Suzanne Stewart, fourth v loRoss McMichael, Marilyn Wear, Kay Monsour, Gay Coker, Swan Hansen, Kay Copeland, Edwino Burroughs, Sandra Thompson, Nadia Shaw. rOrr rf ' o ' - n K- Pony Hm Jc-: Memb ers Sister Allgood Liz Hampton Joan Robison Margaret Andrews Swan Hansen Jane Safrit Faye Arnold Pat Harling Siane Sargent Elaine Beck Alice Harrison Rosalind Savage Mary Carol Bowers Judy Holbrook Nadia Shaw Lucy Bridges Joye Hood Janice Smith Georgianne Brown Hannah Jones Patricia Smith Ed " wina Burroughs Berta Karl Sybil Smith Macy Buttrill Sandra Lanier Betty Snyder Nancy Ann Carnes Carolyn Leitner Carolyn Snyder Billie Carter Diane Leverette Virginia Somerville Barbara Casper Jean Leverette Val Soule Margaret Gail Coker Barbara Lewis Glenda Steadman George Ann Cook Lynn Lightfoot Alice Stevens Kay Copeland Diana McClurkin Suzanne Stewart Lynda Cowart Lillian McCurley Sharon Stridde Marlene Dixon Lewynn McLaughlin Marion Sullivan Nancy Eberhart LeRoss McMichael Betsy Tant Loretta Edge Mary Madry Sandra Thompson Barbara Emminger Kay Mansour Dwayne Tucker Sylvia Evans Martha Gail Mason Marilyn Wear Barbara Falor Jan Mayhew Lalia Wesson Glenda Finley Patsy Morris Paula Whaley Ann Fokes Betty Mosely Joanne Wicke Kathryn Gaines Joan Myers Ann Wicker Brenda Garrett Linda Nease Jan Williams Barbara Griffith Anita Paris Nancy Williams Jean Gullett Nancy Perkins Jennie Wren Nancy Hairston 1 JUDY HOLBROOK, President Firs row: Jennie Wren, Sybil Smith, Barbara Falor, Barbara Griffith, Anita Paris, Jean Leverette, Lynn Lightfoot, Mary Madry, Sister Allgood, Toni Sullivan row; Alice Stevens, Rosolind Savage, Patricio Smith, Linda Neose, Hannah Jones, Barbara Casper, Judy Holbrook, Billie Carter, Lynda Cowart, Morlene Di; row: Jane Safrit, Jon Williams, Joan Robison, Virginia Somerville, Margaret Andrews, Caroline Leitner, Pat Harling, Ann Fokes, Sylvia Evans, Ann Cook, fo Patsy Morris, Sandra Shaw, Diana McClurkin, Caroline Snyder, Lewynn McLaughlin, Katharine Gaines, Nancy Williams, Lucy Bridges, Betsy Tant, Dwayn. Seconcf e. Third Alpha Epsilon Pi Contribute and send a boy to fresh air camp. Probably one of the most popular collegiate pastimes. Honest, we didn ' t do it. An annual occurrence at the AEPi house. Alpha Gamma Rho All left standing but one. It ' s cook-out time. Alpha Gamma Rho ' s championship bobsled team. Grab ahold lad! 280 Listen, I ' ll shoot if I want to. Alpha Tau Omega ATO ' s move to River Road. Trim, firm, and fully sacked. Santa never had it so good. 2f » . 3 v ; «r Georgia grid fans take break. Chi Phi Another quiet night at the Chi Phi House. Chi Phi ' s erect monument to Southern freedom Hi Mom. .V Jl Chi Psi Homework is an integral part of every student ' s life. I guess I ' ll let you take my picture. Chi Psi ' s answer to Ted Williams. Lee ' s Gew m I ' m tired of working on this thing. She never saw me snitch an extra piece of meat. h All but one are having a good time. Leis help set the mood on this night. Two lost souls on the highway of life. Pledges help with odd jobs around the house. Come up m; yoy wr KAIl«j,o«l : «m. ' l ft % J. Kappa Alpha Buddah and H)e Buddahress. V ' ' K ' W i l w ■ C ' 1 H f H Don ' t bother me with such trifles. Kappa Sigma Don ' t let us force you to take a bath next time. You wouldn ' t dare! Kappa Sig frivolity. Performances nightly t 9, 12, and 2. Kappa Sigs are known for their friendly smile and cheerful attitude. Abra«li i(l Lambda Chi Alpha A brawl with broads. Ah say there, suh! Please don ' t paint my tongue again. I don ' t know what it is, but step on it. Phi Delta Theta ' ve laid around, and played around, this ole house too long. How ' bout cha. The " Brown Derby " was never like this. Our sponsor, and oh how we love her. College, a second childhood. The " Shirley Temple Storybook " draws enthusiastic viewers. The Kingston Trio, plus one. ii V ' " WW. The Dean pays a sociable visit Pi Kappa Alpha . . but why are we on probation? He must have forgot his Arrid. Christmas cheer runs rampant. Pi Kappa Phi I ' ve got a date with HIM? (No comment) 1 1 1 s 1 J S fliU iiA 1 In ■ Drawers pardner. Take your ball and go home then. I ' ve never seen her before. I ' Brothers eternally. " I ' ll be glad when he learns another song. " »rti 288 I sure wish the ice man would come. Puppy-love is wonderful, isn ' t it? Help me with this cooler. Sigma Alpha Epsilon What HAS he got behind his back?. . H ■■■■ 1 ■ 1 - - ' ■ ■ H P 1 1 m , k r A K jt m rv m ■ m m 1 U JL X H mm R . Foots eye view. Everything will be OK 289 Sigma Chi ' ve sure got to hurry or I ' ll miss my train. The day after the night before. I sure do wish that basket would stop moving. So, we care if you lost a shoe? and the snows came. 1,600,000 on the first ball. Burns Briti! I Roasfing t I Burns Bricks Build BeHer Buildings. Roasting marshmallows, no doubt. Don ' t pay any attention to what she says, keep playing. Sigma Nu 1 Li wnwm Saturday night hoedown at the Snake house. I didn ' t say that. Fun prevails at " The House Herman Built. " So here we are. Huey, Dewey, and Louey. And there I was. Come right in. I ' m so glad to have you visit with me. Ail right, who cut the bristles off my toothbrush? Tke Voiced Jacks to open, trips to win. So«..., I " Goodbye school, hello world. The Voices of Walter Schuman. Alpha Chi Omega Some people are born leaders. ■■H ■ - " M r ■ i: g A The closing picks of an excifing pix-sfix game. Some people will do any+hing for a picture. The Sweetheart of Alpha Chi. 293 Alpha Delta Pi There ' s plenty of room under here for anything. What ' s the thing in the nniddle? You scratch my back, and scratch yours. Our answer to Dorothy Shay, the Park Avenue Hillbilly. i I don ' t art l ' e gitHi lit This little piggie went to market. Don ' t just stand there, come on in.. 294 Oh no, we live like this all the time. Alpha Gamma Delta The arrival of CARE packages causes much excitement. ; I don ' t care what it looks like, I ' ve gotta sit in something. Quit talking so much and help me tie it. f - 9 Round and round it goes, when it stops, nobody knows. Set an extra place for dinner. 295 Alpha Omicron Pi Almost everyone gets up for breakfast And another pledge is added to the list. Ah do believe I ' ve met you somewhere befo. Me and my buds. You didn ' t have to hit so hard. Chow hounds. Chi Omega . and I mean what I say. Is there room for me in the picture? Mixed emotions. A hand came out of nowhere. Delta Delta Delta Who ' s the intruder with the long nose? South Sea Sweethearts. Too nnany guests for the night. Who ' s robbing the cradle tonight? Art in the dark with the sun out. Santa, is there anything for me? No! quiet please, ya ' ll bother nne. 298 IffcHf Delta Phi Epsilon Guess who we ' re ■for? May I be excused? Oh! I never want to see you say that again. What an interesting conversation this must be. Bedmates. Kappa Alpha Theta Don ' t be givin ' it away. My last date was never like this. Now you ' re a pledge, make up my bedj Well, somebody get it started. Of course this picture ' s not posed. Kappa Delta lomecoming. The Lineup. College life is really tough. Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake. r ' ' li We ' ll make her drink it. Jkeynius We may i Who ' s the two-headed one in the middle. 300 Kappa Kappa Gamma They must have used a can opener. A great " double " date there. Kappa Tea Time. Who is he, the house daddy? We may get through by dawn. Pi Beta Phi Let ' s see now, IBM up 2 points. Non-conformist. Skoall Off we go, into the wild blue yonder. She wouldn ' t dare do that to us. 301 Phi Mu Gimme a leopard walking. There ' ll be no sparking on this deck. I want to be squeezed. Study hall. There ' s that leopard girl again. The day the school closed. Ready for a night on the town. We might let you talk to us. Sigma Delta Tau Come up and see us sometime. Looks like he enjoys it. S 9 P ■ ni r I f .rjp ' iP K H li s Ci Zeta Tau Alpha Miss Homecoming. We just love to sing. She thinks she ' s so good. i A Classes do cause interruptions sometimes. Ladies in waiting. 303 ■m s. , . -,,,v » ' I ' •KfcV - r pm ' ■ ' if m J " 3y - ■ S , MlillHRf LEADERSHIP. This is the word that typifies the idea behind the Army and Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps on the campus. Ca- pable cadets move into an advanced program designed to develop their leadership abilities. The program may become strenu- ous at times, but the eventual out- come, a commission in the armed forces, is worth it all. There were cold drill mornings, extra meetings, and summer camp. But there was also the Military Ball, honor societies, and personal recognition where it was deserved. - z t-, %. ■ ' i € . ; t T - - COL CARL R. HILL, DMS T University ' s ROTC Program Trains Future Army Officers TRAINING OF FUTURE OFFICERS in the United States Army is the main objective of the ROTC program here at the University. The program con- sists of a basic course which is composed of fresh- men and sophomore boys. The advanced course is made up of junior and senior cadets who after com- pleting this course will be eligible to be commis- sioned as a second lieutenant in the Reserves or the regular Army. The cadets are familiarized with regular army life during their six weeks summer camp stay at Fort Benning, Georgia, between their junior and senior years. The University of Georgia brigade is under the leadership of those advanced cadets who have shown the qualities and ability to lead others. ROTC graduates are the backbone of our coun- try and the enthusiasm of the cadets here at the University for the program proves that the college students of today are the Army ' s leaders for to- morrow. Front: Moj. Donald E. Rive«e. Second Row: Copt. Michael N. Bakarick, Capt. HenryJ. Policknowsk!, Capt. John W. Reynolds, Copt. William A. Steinberg. « ' f ■- ' . Sgt. Robert A. Tumley, Sgt. John O. Robertson, Sgt. William D. Ogle, Sgt. Charles O. Hamilton, Sgt. Asbury D. Snow, Sgt. Carl R. Bland. Pershing Rifle Team Demonstrates Precision Drilling Pershing Rifles Drill Team 307 ROTC Band Performs At Annual ' ' Little Internationar Army ROTC Band Army Rifle Team 308 . Leadership Is The Trait Of The Brigade Officers The Army brigade staff is composed of — Front: Cadet Col. Jerry E. Whiteside. Second row: Cadets C. H. Everett, D. F. Black and J. A. Robertson. 1 Group I Commander Cadet Lt. Col. Executive Officer 1st Lt. Bates. Cadet Lt. Col. George Whitton, Commander Group II, with his Executive Officer Cadet 1st Lt. Duffy. 309 First Battle Group Company A Company B 310 IHBmi Company C CADET CAPT. P. A. MOORE Company Commander, A Co. I CADET CAPT. E. V. TODD Company Commander, B Co. CADET CAPT. W. H. TEAT Company Commander, C Co. Second Battle Group Company A CADET CAPT. C. O. GOODWYNE Company Commander, B Co. CADET CAPT. W. D. HARRISON Company Commander, A Co. CADET CAPT. H. D. OLIVER Company Commander, C Co. 312 Company B CCo. m Company C COL. JOHN F. McCartney, pas t Future ' s Pilots Are Coming From The Air Force ROTC THE AFROTC ' s MISSION is the selection and preparation of cadets to serve as officers in both Regular and Reserve components of the Air Force. The AFROTC program, which is followed at Georgia, consists of a two-year basic training course and a two-year advanced course. Upon graduation and completion of the AFROTC course, the cadets are commissioned as second lieutenants in the Air Force Reserves. A practical aspect of the AFROTC is that be- sides leading to a commission in the United States Air Force, being an officer is an honorable means of livelihood and also provides a first class way of ful- filling one ' s military obligation to the nation. This program is the first step in an Air Force offi- cer ' s training, the primary goal of which is to de- velop patriotic leaders with global understandings and moral courage necessary for leadership today. first Row: Capt. N. D. Gibson, Capr. B. H. Holcomb, Maj. G. E. Koontz, Capt. A. N. Molcomb, Copt. E. R. Clark, Copt. R. F. Johnson. Second Row; Sgt. C. B. Watts, Sgt. R. E. Nixon, Sgt. B. B. Hammond, Sgt. H. H. Beavers, Sgt. N. E. Horak. m Cadet Majors Bob Payne and Thomas Carteaux, group leaders, discuss day ' s drill schedule with Wing Commander, Cadet Colonel Bob Allison. Outstanding Cadets Command The Air Force Wing Front: Cadet Col. R. F. Allison. Second Row: Cadets Lt. Col. Kempton, Lt. Col. Edenfield, Lt. Col. Matthews, Lt. Col. Stowers, Lt. Col. McLendon, Lt. Col. Saye. 315 Group I Cadet Maj. Thomas Car+eaux, Commander of Group I with Ex- ecutive Officer Cadet Capt. Car- penter. Squadron Squadron 101 316 ■?, Squadron 102 Cadets: 1st Lt. Daniels, Squadron Confimander Capt. Lewis, M Sgt. Majors. Cadets: 1st Lt. Roush, Squadron Conrimander Capt. Mc- Kinley, M Sgt. Hunter. 317 |H ■■■ Ipffi! ■1 ■■■■B B ! ! ■ ' .1. ____ . - ' B • ■ ' " ' ■ - J ' ' - tlk - A ' - ••f i_ 1 ' _ M . B H ' H f jijj j hk i fl r ik ' lg ' WmkW JnMlnst ' i ' HjjH MfjMJ6i pl IPUff iHW ■Rj l k KY Jj L Kk ' i K Sm HpHn ii!f l y mlaOT p i M w m i H K WBjSfa S Wgmf lt Si S gR A j fc JtSip r MnS I E I S iS oBftlTM Vj TvS M m m M mMWM S 1 M4f! S Squadron 103 Cadet Mj;. ' er of Grout ficer Capt. Cadets: 1st Lt. Rush, Squadron Commander Capt. Adams, M Sg+. Mercer. Cadets: 1st Lt. Hotchiss, Squadron Commander Capt. Martin, M Sgt. Hunt. 318 1 Group II Cadet Maj. Bob Payne Command- er of Group II with Executive Of- ficer Capt. McKinley. Squadron 104 »l 3 HH Air Force ROTC Band CADET CAPT. EDDIE MURPHY Band Commander BOB BARNETT Drum Major Sabre Drill Team CADET CAPT. ROBERT LEVENSON 320 THE AIR FORCE ROTC Color Guard and Sabre Drill Team demonstrate their skills for Athens ' townspeople in the annual Armistice Day Parade. CADET 1ST LT. SAVAGE, INS. SQD. CADET CAPT. HAWKINS, INS. SQD. DISTINGUISHED Military cadets of Air Force ROTC receive recognition from Colonel McCartney for outstanding service. CADET CAPT. GREEN, INS. SQD. 321 I ■1 .. RGnil IIIIHS HERE ARE the clubs, the societies, the councils, that are found on the University campus. A student can easily find one available which suits his particular interests. The following pages represent 100 of these organizations, all of which afford the student the opportunity to develop his capabilities in some way. Organizations provide the actual experience of working, cooperating, and associating with people. What one acquires through this interaction is something which is impossible to learn in a classroom. Membership may follow vocational desires, or it may be as a hobby or an entertain- ing pastime. Whatever the case may be, much is gained by those who are active par- ticipants in campus organizations. BIFTAD: First Row: Bill DufFell, Wyott Ander- son, Ray Bowen, Lorry Aldridge, Randall Hicks. Second Row: Robert Carpenter, John Garland, Bill Dunawoy, Bobby Edge. Third Row: Larry Young, Harold Hirsch, Bill Spear. Biftad OFFICERS: Larry Aldridge, Bob Edge, Bill Dunaway. BIFTAD PRESIDENT Larry Aldridge and members make plans for one of the service organizations special events. ESTABLISHED IN 1910, Biftad is a local honorary service club for third quarter freshmen and first quarter sophomore men. Qualification for member- ship is based on a point list with ten freshmen in- itiated in the spring, and five sophomores initiated in the fall. The primary purpose is to promote scholar- ship and well-rounded participation in campus activ- ities. The organization seeks to increase school spirit by sponsoring special events throughout the school year. Based on originality and effect, an award is presented to the winning Homecoming displays by the fraterni- ties, sororities, and dormitories. Biftad co-sponsors the traditional Shirttail Parade for freshmen men. OFFICERS: Fred G. Stowers, Theodore R. Ridgewcy, Wayne Snow, Jerry C. Cox, Dr. Raymond Payne. Blue Key BLUE KEY, A NATIONAL honorary service fra- ternity for men, was founded on the Georgia cam- pus in 1933. Its purpose is twofold: the furthering of co-operation among student leaders and service to the University through various projects. Most important of the many service projects which Blue Key sponsors during the year is the publication of Student-Faculty Directories. The proceeds from the sale of these directories become the Blue Key Scholarship Fund. The fraternity draws from this fund each year the award which is presented to an outstanding member of the Fresh- man class who has shown his ability in academic pursuit and leadership. Members elected Ted Ridgeway to serve as pres- ident of Blue Key for 195 8 with Jerry Cox as vice president, Wayne Snow as treasurer, and Fred Stowers as secretary. BLUE KEY MEMBERS admire product of their service for the students, the publication of the Student-Faculty Directory. BLUE KEY, First Row: Fred Stowers, Jerry Cox, Malcomb Kling, Jay Cox, Jerry Whiteside, Eugene Wright. Second Ro Steve Edmonson, Tommy Blaitely, Eugene Murkison, Dr. Raymond Payne, Wayne Snow. Young, John Mayo, Ted Ridgeway I Golden Quill GOLDEN QUILL, an honorary society for per- sons who have distinguished themselves in the area of pubhcations, was estabhshed on the University campus during fall quarter, 1958. Those who are sele cted for membership are rec- ognized for their outstanding contributions to the University of Georgia through journalistic en- deavor and editorial positions held. Members of the society are of three types — Student: students at the University who have devoted time and effort to campus publications and have held major editorial positions; Associate: members of the University faculty and staff who have participated in jour- nalistic activities and or have advised the staffs of student publications, and Honorary: journalists of the State of Georgia who have shown particular interest in the University and its progress. Announcement of the 1959 members was made during the Georgia Press Association meeting held on the campus in February. FOUNDERS Helen H. Lanier Earl T. Leonard, Jr. Ben Swain McElmurray, Jr. STUDENT Sandra Davis Ronald Hatcher Harry Haisten, Jr. Ben N. House Lowell Kirby Powell A. Moore Cherry Newton OFFICERS Treasurer. ASSOCIATE John L. Cox, Jr. John E. Drewry Harold M. Heckman Daniel W. Kitchens William A. Simpson Robert S. Wheeler Swain McElmurray, president; Helen Lanier, Secretary. HONORARY George Boswell Don Carter Quimby Melton, Jr. B. D. Pendley Robert Turner James Woodruff, Jr. first Row: Dr. Jomes T. Wheeler, Dean John E. Drewry, Cherry Newton, Wil- Mom A. Simpson, Lowell Kirby. Second Row: Swain McElmurray, Earl Leonard, Sandra Davis, Ben House, Horry Hais- ten, Ronald Hatcher, Helen Lanier, Pow- ell Moore. iHtXSi I. Greek Horsemen THE GREEK HORSEMEN was established at the University to honor fraternity men who have en- deavored to promote and further the aims and ideals of the Greek way of Hfe. FOUNDERS John J. Wilkins, Frank W. Seiler G. Donald Joel John Cox III (XMt mA s At , yLaJM it " - MEMBERS Alpha . . Thomas M. Tillman, Jr. Beta . . . George M. Scheer, Jr. Gamma .... Morman Fletcher Delta . . . David King Hollis, Jr. Epsilon . . . William A. Rooker Zeta Jake Behr Eta Jay Cox Theta Julian Cox Iota Harry Cashin Kappa Jack Myers GREEK HORSEMEN: John Cox, Jay Cox, Jake Behr, George Scheer, Harry Cashin. 327 y GRIDIRON- First Row: Fred Stowers, Billy Davis, George Scheer, Swain McElmurry, Harry Cashin, Paul Dowell, Edison Thomas, Powell Moore. Second Row: Larry Young, Bucky Johnson, Harry Hendrix, Jim Dail, Bobby Cooper, Lindsey Bennett, Billy Roe, Horry Moisten, Bobby Raley. Third Row: Bill Clark, Regina ' l Maxwell, Jake Behr, Nathan Knight, Tom Welchel, Duke Poston, Tom Gray. Not Pictured: Earl Leonard, Sonny Poss, Gene Wright. OFFICERS: Edison Thomas and George Scheer Gridi iron MEMBERSHIP IN GRIDIRON Secret Society is one of the highest honors that a male student may achieve on this campus. This year was the fiftieth anniversary of the Society. Qualifications for mem- bership, activities, and purpose of the society are known only to the members. George Scheer served as president this year, and Edison Thomas was sec- retary-treasurer. fort t»: K» GRIDIRON ' S NEW INITIATES seem to enjoy the hazing preceding the formal initiation into this honorary fraternity. Jmh Nj«i 328 5n N km Society is - ■ ' ■■•■•}m may . " jVietr. firsf Row.- Sheila White, Jane Eager, Nan Danner. Second Row: Betty Yorl(, Mary Ellen Cochran, Anne Jones. Third Row: Patsy H. Horridge, Gail Heard. Fourth Row: Ann Cox, Mary Wildes, Dr. Florence Young. f ' lHh Row: Sylvia Whiteside, Jon Williams. SMARTY PARPi ' fun gave hopeful junior women a chance to become acquainted with Mortar Board on an informal basis. Mortar Board MORTAR BOARD is a national organization es- pecially for outstanding women students. The Uni- versity of Georgia chapter chooses its members ac- cording to their leadership ability, college scholar- ship record, and their service to the University. Mortar Board meets approximately once every week to discuss the furthering of the organization. Its purpose is " to provide for the co-operation be- tween societies, to promote college loyalty, to ad- vance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to maintain a high standard of scholars hip, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type college woman. " New Mortar Board members are tapped at an im- pressive ceremony which is held late at night by candle light. The new members are unaware of their selection until this time. The officers of Mortar Board are Jane Eager, pres- ident; Ann Jones, vice president; Jan Williams, sec- retary; and Sylvia Lee Whiteside, treasurer. OFFICERS: Jane Eager, Sylvia Lee Whi+eside, Mary Wildes, Anne Jones, and Jan Williams. b OMICRON DELTA KAPPA: First Row: Harry Cashin, John Keosler Milton Stewart, Bill Clark, Earl Leonard, Oscar Fowler. Bucky Johnson, Ed Blackburn. Second Row: Harry Hendrix, James Gibbs, Billy Davis, Omicron Delta Kappa A NATIONAL LEADERSHIP FRATERNITY for men, Omicron Delta Kappa was founded in 1914; the local circle, established in 193 5, is among the sixty-five circles in colleges and universities. Membership into ODK is an attainment of a high honor by men who have shown outstanding leadership, scholarship, and participation in publi- cation, music, forensics, or service in campus life. Potential members from University of Georgia, Emory University, and Georgia Institute of Tech- nology are jointly initiated into the fraternity that strives to uphold and conserve democratic ideas. As a service to the students, the local circle of ODK publishes a catalogue of campus organizations. Alpha Upsilon officers for 1958-59, Billy Davis, president; Earl Leonard, vice president; James Gibbs, secretary; and Jim Lacy, treasurer, lead the fraternity in the maintenance of the high ideals of Omicron Delta Kappa. OFFICERS: Earl Leonard, Billy Ddvis, James Gibbs. 330 ■ mk iiDr M, ta Kappa • .-.ndeil ID - -: ' M i Georgiii i)t Tecli- ..:;v ibt Phi Beta Kappa The first chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was founded December 5, 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Vir- ginia. The Georgia Alpha Chapter was in- augurated at the University of Georgia March 27, 1914. Phi Beta Kappa at William and Mary was established for the " promotion of friend- ship, morality, and literature. " In addition the Society now honors by membership those students of good character who have outstanding scholastic records in fields of liberal studies. Phi Kappa Phi The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897. The Georgia Chapter was established in 1923. The purpose of the Society is the recog- nition and encouragement of superior schol- arship in all fields of study. Membership is offered to senior students in all colleges and schools of the University, who have out- standing scholastic standing. Each year, the local chapter awards a scholarship to the student of the freshman class having the highest scholastic record, and returning to the University as a member of the sopho- more class. Sigma Xi The Society of the Sigma Xi, nationally founded in 1886, was established at the University of Georgia in 1946. The object of the Society is to encourage original investigation in science, pure and applied. Full membership is extended to in- dividuals of the instructional or research staff of the University who have shown 331 noteworthy achievement as original inves- tigators in some branch of pure or applied science. Associate membership is extended to graduate students who have shown marked excellence in a department and have given evidence of an aptitude for research in some field of science. FACULTY ADVISOR William Tate and a group of Phi Eta Sigma members discuss the society ' s program. Phi Eta Sigma ESTABLISHED on the University campus in March, 1939, Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary society for freshmen men. Having been founded on March 22, 1923, at the University of lUinois, the society offers to each aspiring male freshman at the University and its subsidiary branches recog- nition for his scholastic achievement. The local chapter issues pamphlets of correct study habits to all freshmen in an attempt to im- press upon freshmen the importance of correct methods of study. The fraternity gives two ban- quets annually to honor students who have been scholastically outstanding. The Phi Eta Sigma officers are Francis W. Rush- ing, president; Walter E. Brown, vice president; Michael I. Scruggs, secretary; William L. Ham- mock, treasurer, and Dean William Tate, faculty advisor. PHi ETA SIGMA-Rosfer: Ronald C. Bond, Ray F. Bowen, Benjamin G. Brocke+t, Walter E. Brown, Ralph B. Hurt, Jr., Dale C. Campbell, Gordon C. Carson, III, Williom B. Dunaway, John S. Edwards, Lamar L. Fleming, William L. Hammock, Williaiti H. Holbrook, Jr., Frank A. James, Charles W. Leonard, Marion D. Minchew, Ralph G. Owen, David A. Robertson, Francis Willard Rushing, Leonard M. Scruggs, Rowell C. Stonton, Jr., Robert L. Wade, Rodney R. Wall, Gary M. Winkle, Randall C. Hicks, Barry E. Wenzel, William A. Spier, Jr., Charlie W. Peek, III, Thomas M. Close, Jr., Terrill C. Hope, William H. Stephens, Hugh W. Hosch, Jr., Billy J. Stone. 332 First Row: Billy Davis, Winston Johnson, Bloke Drowdy, Jerry Cox, Milton Stewart, Robert Mansell. Second Row: Donald Fincher, Edward Wilson, George Norris, Jerry Whiteside. Third Ro w: Wallace Morgan, Edison Thomas, Bobby Raley. Fourth Row: Weldon Johnson, Larry Young. Fifth Row: Fred Stowers. Pyramid ESTABLISHED on the University campus in 1957, Pyramid is one of the newer honorary groups. Each year the members of the Independent Men who have shown outstanding service and leadership quahties are considered for the honor of member- ship in Pyramid. The final selection of these po- tential members is based on a competitive exam. Elected officers are Fred G. Stowers, president; George Norris, treasurer, and Larry Young, sec- retary. Triangle OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP, character, and participation in all areas of campus life are the steps to membership in Triangle, the highest honor a member of Triquetra, Independent Women ' s Or- ganization, may attain. The three guiding lights of Triangle are Friendship, Service, and Integrity. Of- ficers of Triangle are Leah Mae Jarrett, president; Berthene Carey, vice president; Sandra Newberry, recording secretary; Rose Marie Wilson, corre- sponding secretary; Evelyn Smith, treasurer. Firsf row: Barbara Simpson, Nellie Mae Whitehead, Leah Mae Jarrett, Miriam Christian. Second row: Beverly Davis, Jean Wingate, Shirley Lowery, Chorlsey Moon, Sylvia Odum, Joyce Bennett, Sandra Newberry. Third row: Joan Morris, Mary Ann Leake, Kay Lilly, Betty Jean Teal, Judy McClesky, Pat Tumlin, Barbara Cone, Foye Jean Williford, Virginia McDanieJ. Fourth row: Sylvia Whiteside, Fran Morris, Rose Marie Wilson, Jeonie Hunter, Ann Nixon, Sue Check, Donna Echols, Mary Ann Jackson, Mayneito Crisp, Martha Wren, fifth row: Helen Parker, Evelyn Smith, Berthine Carey, Tommie Smith, Jean Whatley, Dee Dee Gray, Sheila Ozmore, Shirley Trammell, Angeline Fouts, Wannoh Shirley, Diane Tucker. ? t f|tl.tlf4| | •iU ' It Sphinx sphinx is the highest non- scholastic honor awarded to male students at the Univer- sity of Georgia. SPHINX— Firjf row: Jay Cox, Swain McElmurrt William Tate, Lindsey Bennett, Harry Hendrix. ly, George Scheer. Second Nathan Knight, Emmet Bondgrant, Dean 1. A. H. Patterson 2. W. D. Hooper 3. L A. Cothran 4. G. Glenn 5. C. R. Andrews 6. Edgar Pomeroy 7. Pratt Adanns 8. Will Blun 9. C. W. Davis 10. Marion Dubose 11. R. P. Jones 12. Andrew McBride 1 3. Robert Travis 14. Tennie Rucker 15. M. M. Thurman 16. John Banks 17. Remer Denmark 18. J. E. Hall 19. Richard Charlton 20. Harry Hull 21. H. C. Johnson 22. J. B. Ridley 23. W. R. Ritchie 24. J. L Erwin 25. Phiniiy Calhoun 26. F. McCutcheon 27. Longstreet Hull 28. B. C. J. Lamar 29. Wilson Hardy 30. Noel Park 31. W. J. Hammond 32. Lamar Rucker 33. S. Blackshear 34. Marvin Dickinson 35. Andrew Calhoun 36. Cam Dorsey 37. M. Richardson 38. Sanders Walker 39. Sandy Beaver 40. Frank Ridley 41. G. W. Legwen 42. Randolph Jacques 43. Ralph Meldrim 44. Marion Smith 45. Wallace Miller 46. Minor Boyd 47. William Turner 48. J. F. Baxter 49. Harold Ketron 50. Jack Bower 51. Frampton Ellis 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. Frank Anderson Robert Brooks Luclan Goodrich Lindsey Hopkins, Jr. K. I. Klllorin M. Blackshear Virlyn Moore Tom Connally W. Nunnally T. T. Turnbull W. W. Patterson Arthur Sullivan Charlie Cox Rodney Hill Harold Telford A. L. Hardy J. D. Young W. Marshburn H. M. Scott John Brown George Hains Dan Sage I. C. Levy Lansing Lee Loring Raoul James Regan R. S. Parker George Whitman William Erwin Harrison Jones C. C. Cabaniss W. G. Brantley Phillip Weltner A. Carmtchael Kyle Smith Wed Brown Frank Martin Charles Feidelson J. K. McDonald H. L. J. Williams Robb Jones Sidney Smith Morton Hodgson Herman Delaperrlere F. C. Newton Claude Derrick Clayton Henson John Harris Young Smith Dan Redfearn 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. III. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. Jerome Michael Dwight Rogers Edgar Carter, Jr. J. E. Lucas H. G. Bailey E. M. Brown Abit Nix Omer Franklin E. T. Miller Henderson Lanham Hinton Blackshear Washington Falk, Jr. Alex McDonnell Cliff Hatcher Paul BartleH Edgar Pennington Warren Moise George Woodruff E. V. Heath Millard Rewls Robert Troutman Arthur Maddox John Sibley Lloyd Brown Cliff Braunen George Northern W. A. Mann Harold Meyer Benton Walton Dave Peacock Virgil Durden Charles Martin Edgar Dunlap Robert McWhorter R. H. Freeman Zack Cowan E. Morganstern James Lynch Levy Rogers Bentley Chappell Ira Funkenstein Frank Carter Rucker GInn Aaron Bernd Russell Patterson Victor Victor Hoyt Whelchel Louis Pinkussohn Clark Howell, Jr. David McKamy Dave Paddock 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 199. 200. 201. 202. 203. John Henderson E. J. Hardin G. S. Whitehead John Conyers Charles Jacobson Hugh Hodgson Robert Wesley George Harrison Charles Tanner Bill Quarterman Bob Callaway, Jr. Joel Mallett Tom Thrash Max Segall Hofman Sorrels Osmonde White John Stewart Neal Gillis, Jr. Roff Sims, Jr. James Carmichael Howard McCall Irvine Levy Hinton Longino Richard Courts L. H. Tippett Otto Ellars Roger West " Trot " Foreman, Jr. Madden Hatcher Dewey Knight " Whitey " Davis Wallace Zachry Irvine Phiniiy Dennis O ' Callaghan Murphey Candler MacKenzie Dallas Claude Satterfield R. W. Harrold W. D. Miller Arthur Pew Bob Spence Chester Slack John Slater Way Highsmith " Bum " Day Charles Straham Hilary Mangum Hugh Stephens J. B. Ford Nathan Jolles Owen Reynold) 334 204. P«fe Carson 276. Marvin Cox 348. Jimmy DeLay 205. Dawson Durden 277. Ellis Arnall 349. Fluker Stewart 206. Wolborn Cody 278. Herbert Maffett 350. Charles Trippi 207. Malcom McRainey 279. Sandtord Sandford 351. John Sheffield, Jr. 208. W. F. Daniel 280. John Maddox 352. Fred Scott 209. Ellis Dixon 281. Mark Hollls 353. Frank Cheatham, Jr. 210. Freeman McClure 282. W. C. Latimer 354. Dan Edwards 211. Lewis Hill 283. Vernon Smith 355. R. W. Joiner 212. J.J.Clark 284. W. Strickland 356. Dempsey Leach 213. C. A. Lewis 285. J. W. Mclntire 357. Bill Burson 214. John Bennett, Jr. 286. Marion Gaston 358. Melburne McLendon 215. Alton Hosch 287. McCarthy Crenshaw 359. John Rauch 216. C. G. Henry 288. William Haielhurst 360. MIms Wilkinson 217. " Doc " Harper (J. K.) 289. Leroy Young 361. Kirk McAlpin 218. H. H. Maddox 290. Fred Solomon 362. Bryan Whitehurst 219. J. L Watson 291. Virlyn Moore, Jr. 363. John Griffin 220. C. R. Anderson 292. W. Maddox, Jr. 364. Harry WIngate 221. Ed Gurr 293. Milton Richardson, Jr. 365. James Bentley 222. Hervey ClecHey, III 294. Morton Hodgson, Jr. 366. Porter Payne 223. Colquitt Carter, Jr. 295. Randolph Thigpen, Jr. 367. James Andrews 224. William Tate 296. Robb Stephen, Jr. 368. S. R. Burns 225. Charlie WIehrs 297. J. W. Calhoun 369. H. Walraven, Jr. 226. John Fletcher 298. DeNean Stafford, Jr. 370. Bob Healey 227. J. D. Thomason 299. John Bond 371. Raleigh Bryans 228. John Hosch, Jr. 300. Harry Baxter 372. Laurence Crimmins 229. Thomas Green, Jr. 301. W. T. Rogers 373. Robert Relnhardt 230. Walter Sewell 302. J. D. Bowden 374. Bill Ellnburg 231. Lester Hargrett 303. Carl Strong 375. Barry Phillips 232. Charles Gowen 304. Lee Rogers 376. Ted Evans 233. " Buster " Kilpatriel 305. Walter Wise 377. Tom Waddell 234. John Allen 306. Tab Bennett, Jr. 378. Robert McArthur 235. H. D. ShaHuck 307. Colbert Hawkins 379. E. L Dunn, Jr. 236. George Morton 308. Robb Anderson 380. Mike Merola 237. Gwlnn Nixon 309. Wade Hoyt, Jr. 381. Bill Justice 238. Alexis Marshall 310. Charles Harrold, Jr. 382. Mick Chlllvis 239. Carlton Mell 311. Ben Anderson, Jr. 383. M. W. Edwards 240. Ernest Rogers 312. Edward Baxter 384. Tal Arnette 241. Walter Forbes, Jr. 313. Dyar Massey 385. Carl Turner 242. George Saynor Johnson 314. Andy Roddenberry 386. Claude Hipps 243. Rollin Chambliss 315. Morris Abram 387. B. S. Mlddlebrooks 244. Ernest Camp, Jr. 316. Floyd Newton, Jr. 388. Henry Woodard 245. Allen Post 317. Quinton Lumpkin 389. Cecil Spooner 246. A. S. Clay, III 318. Bob Troutman, Jr. 390. H. K. Holladay 247. Kells Boland 319. Robert MeCuen 391. Phil Beverly 248. Chick Shiver, Jr. 320. Gus Cleveland, Jr. 392. R. C. Stubbs, Jr. 249. William Young 321. Bob Norman 393. Hassell Parker 250. Isaac Hay 322. Julian Halliburton 394. Robert West 251. George Florence, Jr. 323. Lee Price 395. Dewey Benefield, Jr. 252. Tom Nash 324. Howell Hollis 396. Wesley Harris 253. Tom Hamilton, Jr. 325. Alex McCaskill 397. Frank Salerno 254. B. H. Hardy, Jr. 326. Stanford Smith 398. W. D. Moseley 255. Hall Standi 327. Lee Newton 399. C. R. Adams, Jr. 256. Dan Tulley 328. Jack Matthews 400. Dan Kitchens 257. Bob Patterson, Jr. 329. Ernest Vandlver 401. E. R. BratkowskI 258. Hoke Wofford 330. Frank Gunn 402. Donald Branyon, Jr. 259. John Candler, II 331. Alpha Fowler, Jr. 403. Randall Maret 260. Glenn Lautienhiser 332. Jay Smith, Jr. 404. John Carson 261. R. B. Jennings 333. B. C. Gardner, Jr. 405. Robert Blalock 262. Craig Barrow, Jr. 334. Verner Chaffin 406. L. R. Patterson 263. Bobby Hooks 335. J. Meadows, Jr. 407. Ouentin Gabriel 264. Joe Boland 336. Cliff KImsey 408. Jay Gardner 265. C. G. Hamilton 337. Tom Penland 409. Frank Seller 266. Jimmy Harris 338. John Miller 410. Richard Trotter 267. W. J. Kline, Jr. 339. Gus Partee, Jr. 411. Joe O ' Malley 268. Kankakee Anderson 340. Frank Sinkwich 412. Kermit Perry 269. J. Palmour, Jr. 341. Irby Exiey 413. Jule Felton, Jr. 270. Henry Palmer 342. Murray Norman 414. Jabez McCorkle 271. Kelly McCutcheon 343. Forrest Champion 415. John Wllkins, III 272. Guerry Harris 344. George Lawrence 416. Norman Fletcher 273. Doug Feagin, Jr. 345. Jesse Bowles 417. Lindsey Bennett 274. M. L. Purvis 346. Jim Miller 418. R. S. Lowrey, Jr. 275. Joe Oliver 347. A. R. Morris 419. Donald Joel 420. John O ' Toole 421. Joel Knight 422. Edward Klllorin 423. George Scheer, Jr. 424. Joseph Marshall 425. Nathan Knight 426. Robert Rowan 427. Dave Hollls 428. Monte Markham 429. Emmet Bondurant 430. Jay Cox 431. Swain McElmurray, Jr. 432. Harry Hendrix HONORARY MEMBERS A — H. Brown B— G. Butler C— O. S. Sibley D — D. Dougherty E— W. H. Harris F — H. Bacon G— W. P. Hall H— Frank Boland I— H. G. Colvin J— Walter Cothran K— W. Spain L — John Dorsey M— F. Mitchell N— Harry Dodd O— C. H. Black P— W. Tichenor Q — G. Jackson R- Walter Hill S — Charles Snelling T — David Barrow U— Robert Park V— Harry White W — Andrew Soule X— Willis Bocock Y — Steadman Sanford Z — Charles Sfrahan AA — Herman Stegeman BB — Sylvanus Morris CC — George Peabody DTD— E. A. Lowe EE— Thomas Woofter FF — Thomas Reed GG — Harry Mehre HH— H. N. Edmunds II— Harold HIrsch J J — E. L. Secrest KK— Harmon Caldwell LL — Paul Chapman MM— Robert Gunn NN— John Wade OO — Hughes Spalding PP— Charles Herty QQ — Merton Coulter RR— W. O. Pa ne SS— Wallace Butts TT-WIIIIam Crane UU— Henry Shinn VV— W. O. Collins WW— Erie Cocke, Jr. XX— O. C. Aderhold YY — John Drewry ZZ — Herman Talmadge AA — Robert Arnold AB — Charles Bloch AC— Frank Foley AD— Roy Harris AE— Joseph Williams AF — Hamilton Lokey 335 CLUB— first row: Tommy Sutherland, Winston Johnson, Wallace Morgan, George Norris, Bill Clark, Larry Aldridge, Walton Stewart, Gene Nichelson, Larry Young, ob Raley. Second row: Unidentified, White Garland, Joe Ester, Gene Murkison, Duke Poston, Stan Karsman, Unidentified, Edison Thomas, Jimmy James, Batch Flythe. Sird row: Fred Stowers, Bucky Johnson, Ronnie Hatcher, Cecil Davis, Ed Wilson, Don Stewart, Earl Bennett, Roy Danger, Blake Drawdy, Bobby Smith. X Club THE X CLUB WAS FOUNDED at the Univer- sity of Georgia in 1931 by the late S. V. Sanford, Chancellor of the University System at that time. The X Club is an honorary organization for male students, and its purpose is to promote general feel- ing of congeniality and school spirit on the part of the student body. X Club further renders various aids and services to the University. Its members are chosen from the men who have displayed abil- ity, an industrious attitude, and overall merit. Se- lection is made each quarter with a three day in- itiation following. The initiation is the supplying of the new members for service on various campus and city projects. The X Club sponsors the elect ion of the out- standing male senior on the campus. They present him with an award on Honors Day. The officers of the X Club are William H. Clark, president; Frank Chandley, vice president; George Norris, secretary-treasurer; and Spud Karsman, historian. OFFICERS: Winston Johnson, historian; George Norris, secretary-treasurer; Tonnmy Sutherland, vice president; Bill Clarlc, president. 336 ,-- .- :r.rj3srA:5 First row: Tommie Smith, Cynthia Cor- ley, Melba Wages. Second row: Sandra Johnson, Ann Corbitt, Halley Boqtwright. i i |ir § Z Club THE IDEALS of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and loyalty form the basis of selection for the highest honor a freshman woman can attain. The " Z " Club sponsors the presentation of skits by the sorority pledge classes and the crowning of " Miss Typical Freshman " who is chosen from the candidates nominated by the dormitory and soror- ity freshmen. The public announcement of new members follows the " Z Night " entertainment. Officers are Cynthia Corley, president; Ann Cor- bitt, secretary-treasurer, and Miss Bondurant, fac- ulty advisor. Alpha Lambda Delta ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA recognizes freshmen women who have attained high scholastic achieve- ment. The organization promotes its ideals with the qualification for membership at a minimum average of 88 or above for two quarters. The members of Alpha Lambda Delta explain the qualification and goals to potential members at the annual " Smarty Party " held during winter quarter. A joint banquet with Phi Eta Sigma high- lights spring quarter. The slate of officers are Bar- bara Griff eth, president; Tommie Smith, vice presi- dent; Susan Knight, secretary; Hally Boatwright, treasurer. firs row: Dorothy Woo, Mary Bird, Norma Ellis, Gene Keller, Bonnie Jandrew, Joan Zitzelman. Second row; Loreno Stoops, Modge Field, Miriam Christian, Nellie Mae Whitehead, Suzanne Knighf, Borbpia Griffith, Diane Wolf, Glenda Bridges. Third row: Claire Richardson, Marianne Sugg, Rosalie Fenn, Deonno Spector, Joyce Bennett, Halley Boatwright. Fourfh row: Edith Floyd, SyMa Evans, Tommie Smith, Pot Horling, Flo Butler. 337 4M ZODIAC-F.rsf row: Allice Hordigree, Parte Wynn Ivey, Dedie Gray. Second row: Kay Rogsdole, Annelle Gibbon, Pat Rigsbee, Carol Hallowell. Not pictured: Sara Cook, Delia Dall- mus, Beth Dyer, Mary Keen, Gloria Landrum. Zodi lac THE NAMES of the newly tapped Zodiac mem- bers appear on the Arch during winter quarter. These twelve women with the highest averages during their freshman and sophomore years help further the high scholastic aims of the local organ- ization. Zodiac sponsors a tutoring service for freshmen women and Honors Day for all women honor stu- dents, and presents to the sophomore woman with the highest average during her freshman year the Zodiac award. Guiding Zodiac activities are Beth Dyer, presi- dent; Pattie Ivey, vice president; Carol Hallowell, secretary, and Annell Gibbon, treasurer. OFFICERS: Carol Hallowell, Annelle Gibbon, Pat+i. Ivey. ZODIAC MEMBERS reminisce over their scrapbook after gathering plans for yearly projects: the tutoring service for freshmen women and Honors Day. 338 bBflRNIlil |J AG HILL COUNCIL-Firrf row: Ro; Drowdy, Jerry Cox, Gene Murkisc Fourth row; Ed Wilson, Don Ande 3angar, Milton Stewart, Helen Moore, Pot Eck, Lotii Gus Johnson, Stanley Shannon, Raymond Evans. 71 )n, Hugh Wood, Jimmy Lacey, Henry Cabiness. er Ridgewoy, Gerald Nix, Jimmy Griner. Second r rd row: Larry Young, W. H. Clark, Unidentified, Edi; David Johnson, Blake Thomas, Fred Stowers. tnw for fresben i hjbkh liwor sni- j„t;(jrolHillowel AG Hill Council THROUGH THE REPRESENTATION of two members fromi each organization on South Cam- pus to Ag Hill Council, the students and organ- izations on South Campus become a unified body. This closer relationship enables Ag Hill Council to represent these organizations more effectively in Student Council and other student committees on campus. The elected officers of Ag Hill Council are Milton Stewart, president; Henry Cabaniss, vice president and Larry Young, secretary. nri OFFICERS; Ed Wilson, Blake Drowdy, BlH Clark. AG HILL COUNCIL members stop for a couple of minutes while eating at Spelling Hall in order to discuss organization ' s projects. 339 OFFICERS: Jim Dail, Sec; Don Fineher, Campus Leader; Weldon Johnson, Vice Leader; George Norris, Treas. AT THE BEGINNING of fall quarter Independe nt Men honor the new freshmen with a get acquainted party. Independent Men A LOCAL ORGANIZATION, the Grand Old Party of Independent Men was organized on University campus in 1919. Every male student not a member of a social fraternity is considered a member of the Independent Party, and is en- titled to seek campus offices under its auspices. The Campus Leader and Vice Campus Leader are elected by a majority vote in a campuswide elec- tion held each spring, and they serve as direct representatives and spokesmen for the independ- ent student body, conduct meetings, and serve on various student electoral and advisory boards. The results of the campuswide election are Don Fineher, Campus Leader; Bucky Johnson, Vice Campus Leader; Jim Dail, Secretary; and George Norris, Treasurer serving for the term of 1958 and 1959. First row: Earl Bennett, Milton Stewart, Jerry Cox, Winston Johnston, Marcus Mansell, Thomas Kling, James Harris, Ed Riley. Second row: Bobby Whitoker, Harold Simmons, Joe Akien, Richard Morrow, Jonney Stone, Jimmy Yeomons, Freddy Greer, Lewis Shoul. Third row: Gene Cook, Edward Wilson, Fred Stowers, Blake Drawry, Wallace Morgan, Bill Miller, Danny Shellowoy, Frank Bannister. Fourth row: Lee Jarrctl, Ned Hamil, Jimmy James, Morvin Acoee, Ray Danger, Gerald Nix, Don Co_x, Bob Mansell. Fifth row: William Monofort, Billy Moore, Linday Dunn, Hop Hopkins, Edison Thomas, Jerry McLeod, Jimmy Gibson. Sixth row: Ray Payne, Cecil Davis, Lorry Young, Jerry Whiteside, Bobby Roley, Eugene Nicklson, Billy Davis. jr . ' . n. TRIQUETRA— Roster: Ada Astin, Joyce Bennett, Regina Bradley, Myrna Bruner, Judy Buroker, Emily Byrd, Mary Nell Calloway, Carolyn Cope, Berthena Carey, Jolyn Castain, Sue Cheek, Meriam Christian, Barbara Cone, Mayneita Crisp, Helen Davis, Sue Dimock, Jonann Drenon, Donna Echols, Marlene Edge, Nancy Faulk, Ellen Floyd, Judy Folk, Gene Ford, Angeline Fonts, Julio Fuller, Lenore Gibbs, Mary Ann Gibbson, Ann Gillian, Patsy Gowder, Dedie Gray, Jo Ann Harrison, Krystol Hewett, Jeanie Hunter, Sylvia Isley, Annette Jonney, Leah Mae Jarrett, Ann Jeffries, Eugena Jolly, Madge Knuekles, Mary Ann Lee, Nancy Lee, Kaye Lilley, Shirley lowery, Polly McBee, Judy McCleskey, Diane McGill, Diane McRoe, May Ree Mossey, Chorlsey Moon, Bennett Morris, Fran Morris, Jeonette Neol, Caroline Nelson, Sandra Newberry, Joan Norris, Sylvia Odom, Ann Odom, Sheila Osmore, Helen Parker, Mildred Parker, Mat Parker, Mory Carol Paris, Miriam Rossman, Nancy Short, Loretta Silver, Barboro Simpson, Evelyn Smith, Tommie Smith, Ann Taylor, Betty Jean Teal, Joyce Teal, Sbirly Trommell, Diane Tucker, Pot Tumlin, Foye Wall, Lois Wordlowe, Charlotte West, Jean Whotley, Nellie Mae Whitehead, Sylvio Whiteside, Joan Wing ate, Joye Jean Williford, Rose Marie Wilson, Gail Word, Martha Wren, Dean Edith Stallings, sponsor. Triquetra TRIQUETRA OPENS MEMBERSHIP to any girl on campus who indicates her desire to join by attending the weekly meetings. Initiating new members once each quarter, Triquetra strives to create unity and further the interest of the Inde- pendent women at the University of Georgia. Friendship, opportunity, and service are the three basic goals of Triquetra through emphasis on the individual, the group, and the campus. During Orientation Week, Triquetra sponsors a series of dances; at the latter part of fall quarter near Christmas, the group visits and serenades re- tired faculty members. Throughout the year the group entertains foreign students and promotes personal interest projects. The social calendar is highlighted by the Sweetheart Banquet and the Stardust Ball. Officers are Leah Mae Jarrett, president; Bethene Carey, vice president; Sandra Newberry, secretary, and Evelyn Smith, treasurer. AN IMPRESSIVE CEREMONY held quarterly for new initi- ates strengthens the bond between the new and old members. OFFICERS — First row: Ber+hine Carey, Leah Mae Jarrett, Sandra New- berry. Second row: Jeanette Neill, Evelyn Smith, Rose Marie Wilson, Jeanie Hunter. F!W Of ' REED HALL COUNCIL-FiVst row.- Tommy Lewis, Mrs. Lamar Haley, Steve Burrell, Mock Swafford, Second row: Jimmy Yeomans, Bill Payton, Bill Glodney, Charles Brown, Marvin Wynne. Third row Fourth row: James Harris, Mike Eskew, Johnny Donaldson, Don Biggers. Jerry Poyne, Mrs. Beth Cottingho Howard Dordell, Pete McCommon I, Doug Chatham, John Talbird. E. H. Culpepper, Darreil Bigner, Reed Hall Council THE REED HALL COUNCIL, which was estab- Hshed at the University of Georgia in 1953, is the governing body of the freshmen men ' s dormi- tories. The welfare of the residents of these dormi- tories is the main responsibihty of the Council. The twenty-two members of the Council are elect- ed from various sections of the dormitories. The Supreme Court, composed of appointed justices, is the enforcing body of Reed Hall Council. The Council sponsors the March of Dimes, group sings, and parties in the dormitories. Its members have two major dances each year — the Christmas Dance and an informal Spring Dance. These dances are usually held in Memorial Hall. Officers elected for 19 5 8-59 are as follows: John Talbird, president; Jimmy Harrison, vice presi- dent; E. H. Culpepper, secretary, and Charles Brown, treasurer. OFFICERS: E. H. Culpepper, secretary; Charlie Brown, vice presidenf; John Talbird. president. 342 A FEW OF THE COUNCILMEN, WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WELFARE OF THE RESIDENTS OF THE DORMITORIES, ADMIRE TROPHIES. REED HALL COUNCIL MEMBERS AND MR. DAN BIGGERS, COUNSELOR TO FRESHMEN MEN, ENJOY PLANNING NEW ADDITIONS TO THE SCRAPBOOK STUDENT COUNCIL— Fi ' rsf row.- Tom Close, Don Cole, Ann Sexton, Ann Pollock, Sara Cohan, Betty Hearn, Bryce Holcomb, Billy Edenfield. Second row; Dick Wiggins, Mary Hiott, Dick Gray, John Keasler, Sue Redfern, Tommy Burnside, David Fletcher, Helen Lanier. Lowell Kirby. Student Counci THE 19 5 8-59 EDITION of the University of Georgia Student Council took action early in fall quarter to get things moving in order to carry out Its basic purpose: furthering the best interests of the student body through voicing students ' needs to the administration. A new constitution was overwhelmingly approved by students in November which was instrumental in giving the Council more power. The governing body is currently composed of representatives from the eleven schools and colleges with each council- man representing 200 students. The four political parties of the campus, Ag Hill Council, and W. S. G. A. also maintain Council seats, and class officers serve In ex-officio capacities. Student Council co-sponsored a student recep- tion in honor of television personality-writer Ben- nett Cerf In January, and were official hosts at the President ' s Reception during orientation week and at a dinner for state legislators prior to the Georgia Tech football game. BRYCE HOLCOMB President BILLY EDENFIELD Vice President ANN SEXTON Recording Secretary BETTY C. HEARN Corresponding Secretary lH SfUlENIC ,-, - -: ' ' Roster AGRICULTURE GRADUATE Blake Drawdy Helen Lanier Fred Stowers Jack Ragland ARTS AND SCIENCES HOME ECONOMICS Bryce Holcomb Marie Shirley Frank James JOURNALISM Kay Lunceford Lowell Kirby Ann Pollock Gail Tansill Dick Wiggins LAW Wayne Snow Jennie Wrenn PHARMACY Robert Fulford BUSINESS Tommy Burnside VETERINARY MEDICINE Bill Clark Rosalind Odrezin Tom Close INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Mary Alice Benedict Dick Gray Joe Estes PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Gloria Schwartz Ann Wicker EDUCATION WSGA Lynn Beasley Ann Corbitt Ann Sexton INDEPENDENT MEN Betty C Hearn Harry Hendrix Sara Cohan TRIQUETRA Mary Hiott Leah Mae Jarrett FORESTRY AG HILL COUNCIL Billy Edenfield Edison Thomas A NEW CONSTITUTION was put up for approval by Student Council this year and passed, resulting in more power for student government. ! STUDENT COUNCIL— first row: Nelson Goldman, Jack Rowland, Gloria Schwartz, Lynn Beasley, Leah Mae Jarrett, Bill Clark, Robert Fulford. Second row: Jennie Wrenn, Grady Jackson, Kay Lunceford, Frank James, Gail Tansill, Blake Drawdy, Marie Shirley, Wayne Snow, Mary Alice Benedict, Joe Estes, Rosolyn Odrezin. I 345 STUDENT UNION COUNCIL MEETS TO PLAN SOCIAL ACTIVITIES AT MEMORIAL HALL STUDENT CENTER. Student Union THE ANNUAL Freshman Welcome Dance, jam sessions, after-basketball game dances, and a coflfee in honor of columnist-TV personality Bennett Cerf were highlights of Student Union ' s program for the year. A part of the University community designed to develop a well-rounded social, recreational, and cultural program for students. Special events — dances, tournaments, movies. Kiddie Karnivals, Leadership Retreat, coffee hours — are planned throughout the year. JACK E. GARRETT. Director Jnion Jace. M COUNCIL MEMBERS listen to president ' s report from the Board at regular bi-monthly meeting on Thursday night in Memorial Hall ' s fourth floor room. MERIAM McDonald, member of Student Union Board and chairman of the Social Commit- tee, gives a report on plans for a social activity. RED AND BLACK Editor Lov ell Kirby appears before the Council as guest speaker during the program series, " Meet Your Campus Leaders. " M h i ' m ' ? BOARD-f, .» row: Susie Fisher, Roberta Morkel, Jean Almond, Koy Lunceford. Corol Johnson, Rochelle Hecklin, Pot Bailey. Second row Me McDonald, Moholah Harrison, Carol Monter, Bryan Patrick, Mary Simmons, Greg Wilson, Jock Garrett, Wade Whitley, Lorry Pinson. Mary Ellen Cochran, president; Marie LeRoy, vice president; Ann Jones, judicial chairman; Mary McRitchie, secretary; Anne Corbitt, treasurer. Mary Ellen Cochran, Marie LeRoy, Ann Jones, Mary McRitchie, Anne Corbitt. Women ' s Student Government Association THE WSGA of the University of Georgia is a body composed of representatives from each wom- en ' s campus residence, whose purpose it is to gov- ern fairly the women students at the University. WSGA strives to preserve and to promote the interest and prestige of the University; to assure to each student the largest possible liberty without injury to the liberty of others; and to promote such activities and enterprises as will aid in equip- ping members of the organization for a satisfy- ing life. WSGA and its Cabinet members give two schol- arships per year. The Cabinet also sponsors the dor- mitory play night. WSGA holds an officers ' work- shop and a rules workshop for modifying and changing rules and regulations of the University. Officers of WSGA are Mary Ellen Cochran, president; Marie LeRoy, vice president; Mary Mc- Ritchie, secretary; Ann Corbitt, treasurer; and Ann Jones, judicial chairman. Mary Ellen Cochran, Caroline Ridgway, Maxanne Courson, Jane Egar. mum Front row: George Kirp, William Davis, Ben Neely, Weldon Johnson, Edward Clayton, Terrill Davis, Ronald Hagan, Davis Jacobs. Second row; Arlene Gregory, Ann Whitaker, Elaine Beck, Kay Knight, Coesor Jackson, Joyce Gonn, Steve Edmondson, Alice Burl, Deonne Deovours, Lester Neville. Third row: Dr. John W. Nuttycombe, William Christian, James Pickens, Howell Ragsdale, Valdon Smith, Jim Hall, White Garland, William McCord, White Garland, Ralph Burt, Fred Sims, Carl Nechtmon. Alpha Epsilon Delta FOREMOST AMONG THE PURPOSES of Alpha Epsilon Delta is the recognition of superior scholastic achievement and the promotion of high standards in pre-medical education. With the va- rious chapter activities, AED provides an oppor- tunity for greater development of personality and leadership among members. Included in the activi- ties are trips to professional schools, colleges, and universities, lectures by qualified personnel, and the presentation of medical motion pictures. Awards are given to outstanding pre-med students at a banquet which is held at the closing of each school year. PRE-MED STUDENTS portray excitement as they wear sur- gical caps and gov ns for three days before initiation in AED. OFFICERS: Elaine Beck, historian; Deanne Deavours, secretary; Edward Clayton, vice president. Second row: Weldon Johnson, program chair- man; Valdon Smith, treasurer; Ben Neely, president. 349 AGHON— First row: James M. Kling, Henry Cabiness, Fred G. Stowers, Russell Tyre, Milton Stewart, Jon Llles, Jerry Whiteside, Lex Strickland. Second Mayo, James Gibbs, Glenn Young, Gene Murkison, George Norris, Hugh Riley, James Lacy, Don Fincher, Edison Thomas, Dr. J. W. Lassitter. Alpha Zeta BASED ON outstanding leadership, scholastic achievement, and participation in extra curricular activities, election into Aghon is the highest honor a student in the College of Agriculture, School of Forestry, and the School of Veterinary Medicine can attain. Each year, the fall initiates dressed in overalls and straw hats and carrying wooden pad- dles are presented during the half time at the Home- coming game. Officers for this local honorary group are Fred Stowers, president; James Gibbs, vice president; Malcolm Kling, secretary, and Donald Fincher, treasurer. Aghon MALE STUDENTS in the College of Agricul- ture, School of Forestry, and the School of Vet- erinary Medicine must possess the outstanding qualities of leadership, character, and stand in the upper two-fifths of their class in order to qualify for the honor of election of Alpha Zeta national fraternity. Fall and spring quarters ' new initiates are feated at a banquet, and a smoker is held during winter quarter for the members and faculty. Offi- cers are Jerry Whiteside, chancellor; Eugene Murkison, scribe; Harvey Johnson, censor, and Fred Stowers, treasurer. ALPHA ZETA— Firs row: Bill Meyer, James Meyer, Fred Stowers, Gene Murkison, Jerry Whiteside, Dr. J. B. Weaver, George Norris, Bobby Duncan, Bill Clark. Second row; Charles Hamner, Pete Moody, James Turner, James Lacy, Latimer Ridgewoy, Les Strickland, Blake Drawdy, Jon Liles, Ed Blackburn. Third row; James M. Kling, Dor Anderson, Bob Mansell, Donald Stewart, Lamar Coston, Larry Hix, Glenn Young, Russell Tytr, Aubrey Webb. Ar vanceJ Au was t ' ounJ Universin ' Perbps ciet)-isat by the i tk . ir Fi Amonj Angel Fill liijti scliK public spti has a s jc; theMilitt Officers Thorns I HLx, reco Roben A, en F. . il P 1:1 CADET PAYNE taps Cadet Hixon for membership in Arnold Air Society for outstanding scholarship and leadership in Advanced Air Force R. O. T. C. The tapping takes place during winter quarter ceremonies. Arnold Air Society ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY is a select group of ad- vance d Air Force R. O. T. C. cadets. The society was founded in 1947 and was established on the University campus in 1951. Perhaps the most important objective of the so- ciety is a broad program of public relations where- by the layman may better know and understand the Air Force. Among its projects, Arnold Air Society sponsors Angel Flight, conducts a visitation program in high schools of the state, and presents a contest in public speaking on air power. Socially, the society has a squadron party each year and co-sponsors the Military Ball during winter quarter. Officers are Thomas L. Carteaux, commander; Thomas J. Kempton, executive officer; Larry B. Hix, recorder; Billy G. Edenfield, comptroller; Robert A. Payne, Angels Flight advisor, and Rob- ert F. Allison, training and operations officer. OFFICERS— First row: Thomas J. Kempfon, Thomas L. Carteaux, Billy . Edenfield. Second row: Robert A. Payne, Robert F. Allison, Larry B. Hix. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY— First row: Robert F. Allison, Thomas L. Carteaux, Billy G. Edenfield, Robert A. Payne, Larry B. Hix, Thomas J. Kempton. Second row: Carlton J. Fuffilone, Duncan A. Roush, Burt S. Hoskins, Douglas W. Dukes, Freeman P. Dixon, Troy L. Dennis, James D. Adams. Third row: Ronald McKinley, G. W. Daniel, Thomas H. Lewis, Jr., James T. Paul, Allen W. Summers, Julian C. Hammond, James R. Cagle, Jr., David C. Duvall. Dl GAMMA KAPPA-f rsf row: John R. Stephens, Joan Zitzelmon, James Morrison, Charlene Landrum, Connie Ward, Mary Lou Alley, Carol McAfee, John W. Keasler, Ray Garrard. Second row: Don Murray, Suzanne Hordman, Ned Benton, Evelyna Keadle, Lauren Nobles, Lorry Aldridge, Flozelle Thompson, Harvey DuBose. Third row: Richard Yorbrough, Roy Tanner, Doug Howley, Larry Burton, A. C. Marshall, Ml, William S. Andrews, Jim Koger. Applt ote Di Gamma Kappa DI GAMMA KAPPA is an honorary broadcasting fraternity open to students who have a sincere interest in broadcasting and wish to promote high aims and ideals in the broadcasting profession. Each year, Di Gamma Kappa awards to out- standing broadcasters throughout the state and nation. In order to quahfy as an honorary mem- ber, the broadcaster must meet the same require- ments as the student entering Di Gamma Kappa. OFFICERS: Don Murray, Suzanne Hardnnan, Rich- ard Yarbrough, Lauren Nobles. The State ' s outstanding broadcaster is honored in the spring at the annual Pioneer ' s Day Banquet. Also each spring, a senior in radio and television at the University is awarded a cup as Di Gamma Kappa ' s Outstanding Senior. Officers are Richard Yarbrough, president; Lauren Nobles, vice president; Connie Ward, sec- retary, and Don Murray, treasurer. Ga BASED ON and liigb sij fraternin- ri iournalism. ally, Gamra: Professional standing P: members in ferences sp: are Beth An president; S: Brumsey, tn ' NmSIGMCK J« " » Port S, DI GAMMA KAPPA members are among guests at Radio-TV Institute Banquet listening to Bruce Munn, the chief correspondent for UPl ' s United Nations Bureau. 352 ik GAMMA ALPHA CHI— F.R.: Susie Rainey, Pat Rigsbee, Virginia McDcniel. S.R.: Linda Holbrook, Martha Wrenn, Martha McElveen, Illene Litchinstein, Helen Lanier, Judy Applegate. Gamma Alpha Chi Theta Sigma Phi BASED ON above average interest in advertising and high scholarship, Gamma Alpha Chi honorary fraternity recognizes women students majoring in journalism, commercial art, and business. Annu- ally, Gamma Alpha Chi presents the Outstanding Professional Woman in Advertising and the Out- standing Professional Woman awards. Guiding members in their activities, ushering during con- ferences sponsored by the School of Journalism, are Beth Andrew, president; Jo Anne Fowler, vice president; Sharon Brown, secretary, and Margaret Brumsey, treasurer. THETA SIGMA PHI honorary fraternity directs its aims towards uniting, honoring, and inspiring greater achievements from women engaged or planning to engage in journalism. Besides trans- lating juvenile literature into braille, members act as hostesses at the institutes sponsored by the School of Journalism. The Margaret Mitchell award and the Outstanding Senior Woman in Journalism award are presented annually. Officers are Pat Rigsbee, president; Susie Rainey, vice president; Martha McElveen, secretary, and Robin Jones, treasurer. THETA SIGMA CHI-F rsf row: Grace Burpirt, Pat Rigsbee, Susie Rainey, Robin Jones, Martha McElveen. Second row: Connie Ward, Illene Utchenstein, Cathy Luckett, Jo Ann Parker, Sandra Thompson, Carol McAfee, Helen Lanier. Not pictured: Cherry Newton, Gail Heard, Mary Madry, Charlene Landrum. PHI SIGMA— Firsf row: Joy Eller, Berthene Corey, Hugh Powell, Steve Edmon Ichirovesoka, Gene Michaels, Billy Driggers, Dr. Homdy, Dr. Michel, Bill Meye Joyce Gann, Dr. Lund, Ina Jones, Gail Vonsant, Arlon St. Cloud, Ed Finchei row; Ed Menhinich, Lester Neville, Bill Hanson, Rodney Coleman, Ed Blockburi Wayne Shackelford, Fontelle Thompson, Ed Clayton, Bill Tietjen, Ben Neely. Phi Sigma 3r. Nuttycombe, Deborah Sue Rogers, Dan Moncol, Glenn Young, Bill Parrish, Dr. ond row: Billy Perrymen, Gaf?ney Blalock, Aubrey Webb, John Pope, Louis Bowick, Roberson, Dr. Plummer, Mary Lou Happoldt, Annelle Gibbon, John Meyer. Third nes Kling, Tom Todd, Lee Self, Terrell Davis, Gerald Bohanan, Sandra Kay Knight, Rho Chi THE I ' M PsiCliiisw of tk nati( ioundedSff is to advani Officers c Joliiisoii,pri dent; Arlcn treasurer. PHI SIGMA, a biological honor society, was found- ed nationally at Ohio State University in 1915. The purpose of Phi Sigma is to promote interest in research in the biological sciences, honor superior scholarship, and foster the spirit of liberal culture by bringing together workers and students in all fields of biological sciences. Phi Sigma is the only honor society of its kind which belongs to the Association of College Honor Societies. Officers are Glenn Young, president; William Hanson, vice president; Jay Eller, secretary, and Daniel Mancel, treasurer. RHO CHI, an honorary pharmaceutical society, was established on the University campus in Sep- tember, 1947. The purpose of Rho Chi is to pro- mote scholarship and friendship and to recognize high attainments in the pharmaceutical sciences. Membership in Rho Chi is limited to students who have completed the equivalent of at least 115 hours toward a B.S. degree in Pharmacy and who have maintained a scholastic average of at least 8 5. Offi- cers are Duane Black, president; Roger Y. Spittle, vice president; Thomas Blakely, secretary, and Ronald Jowers, historian. RHO CHI-First row: Dr. Durward Entrekin, Duane Ronald Jowers, Tommy Blakely. ck, Ben Robertson. Second row: LL Denton, Roger Spittle, Al Harper, 354 i Psi Chi THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA chapter of Psi Chi is one of the twenty-three charter members of the national honorary organization which was founded September 4, 1929. The purpose of Psi Chi is to advance the science of psychology. Officers of the honorary society are Brooke R. Johnson, president; Wilhelm Angermier, vice presi- dent; Arlene Segal, secretary, and A. S. Edwards, treasurer. Angel Flight ADVANCING AND PROMOTING interest in the Air Force, Angel Flight engages in drill com- petitions, parades, federal inspections, and are pre- sented at the Military Ball. In order to qualify for Angel Flight, a girl must be outstanding in charac- ter, scholarship, personality traits, and have interest of and participate in campus activities. Officers are Ann Sexton, commnader; Nancy Butts, operations officer; Sister Allgood, adjutant recorder; Helen Huff, publications officer. ' :o prci- it.RjjtrY.Spittk i ,, ternary, fflJ •) ANGEL FLIGHT— First row: Honnah Fesperman, Hannah Jones, Judy Allen, Barbara Dupree, Sally Montgon .Myrna Warren, Freida Trestman, Helen HofF, Ann Sexton, Rosemary Clifford, Woo Hubert, Margie Van Gue Phiny Heard, Jackie Breedlove, Betsy Foote, Alice Hammock, Arlene Huggins, Soralyn Bone, Sue Redfern, ery, Elaine Merrell, Betsy Tant, Mildred West. Seeoncf row: I, Jane Smithy. Third row: Tanya Frantz, Linda McLonohan, Kay Lunceford, Ann Corbitt, Genie Thomas. 355 INFORMAL SESSIONS offer members of Scabbard and Blade a chance +o express their opinions on current military affairs.. OFFICERS: Jerry Whiteside, Dan Matthews, David Bell, Thomas Kemp- ton. Scabbard and Blade SCABBARD AND BLADE society was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904. The Uni- versity of Georgia Scabbard and Blade society was established in 1920. The organization is for senior R. O. T. C. students of both the Army and Air Force. The purpose of the Scabbard and Blade is to unite in closer relationship the military depart- ments of senior R. O. T. C. institutions; to develop good and eflficient officers; to have greater influence in the military affairs of our community and to spread intelligent information concerning the mili- tary requirements of our country. Jointly with the Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade sponsors the social highlight of the mili- tary year, the annual Military Ball. The officers of Scabbard and Blade are: Jerry E. Whiteside, captain; J. Dan Matthews, first lieu- tenant; Clarence D. Bell, second lieutenant, and Thomas Kempton, first sergeant. SCABBARD AND BLADE-First row: Thomas Kempton, David Bell, Tommy Sutherland, John Frith, Don Terry, J. H. Miller, Dan Matthews, Harvey Charvin. Second row: Fred Stowers, Jerry Whiteside, J. A. Jones, David Hoight, Jack Hall, Eugene Murkison, Copt. Bakarich, Copt. Johnson. Third row: Thomas Gray, William Teat, Douglas Oliver, Oscar Goodwyne, Jim Robertson, S. C. James, Jake Behr, Robert Allison.. 356 1 THALIAN BLACKFRIARS fook an acHve part in the production of " Tea House of the August Moon, " lead played by Cliff McCormick. Thalian Blackfriars THALIAN -BLACKFRIARS organization was founded at the University of Georgia in 1931 through a merger of two theatre groups. The Black- friars try to foster meritorious campus drama; to de- velop deeper appreciation for drama by the student body; and to stimulate a medium for social contact among those students interested in the theatre. Membership in the Thalian-Blackfriars is open to any University student who earns points by working on the University Theatre productions. In co-operation with the University Theatre, the Blackfriars help to support two freshman scholar- ships. Annually, the organization gives a scholar- ship to one of its own members, and holds a one-act play contest. OFFICERS: Jane DeFoor, Marjorie Herrltage, Robert Everett, Dr. Leighton Ballew, Delia Dallmus. THALIAN-BLACKFRIARS-First row: Delia Dallmus, Joan Zitzelman, George Pecor, Harriett Denine, Jon Downs, Donna Todd, Art Reynolds, Auriol Smith. Second row: Susan Smith, Robert Everett, Sue Green, Claydia Camp, Steve Fifield, Jane Defoor, Olivia Wright, Dick Bowden, Susan Barrett. Third row: Dick Thompson, ClifF Ellen cCormick, Dr. Leighton Ballew, B. J. Stamps, Horry Hagon, Virginia Everett , Darrell Mclntyre, Mojorie Herritage, Ronald Losky. i ZETA PHI ETA-F ' rsf row: Martha LeGuin, Cliff Ellen McCormick, Barbara Marston, Marion Jones, Charlene Wallet, Connie Word, Jane DeFoor, Margie Heritage. Second row: Elizabeth Bailey, Claudia Camp, Marilyn Stein, Irene Norred, Myra Fear, Dr. Leighton Ballew. Zeta Phi Eta Xi Sigma Pi ZETA PHI ETA is a national professional speech arts fraternity whose purpose is to stimulate and encourage all worthy speech and dramatic enter- prises. Various activities of the fraternity include ushering at University Theatre productions, re- cording selected works for the blind, and aiding the McCord Theatre Museum at S. M. U., Dallas, Texas. Besides the annual banquet there is a tea on Founder ' s Day and other special occasions. Offi- cers are Jane DeFoor, president; Charlene Wallet, vice president; Marilyn Slein, secretary; and Bar- bara Marston, treasurer. XI SIGMA PI, a national honorary forestry frater- nity, strives to maintain a high standard of schol- arship, leadership, and honor in forestry education. The fraternity maintains an arboretum comprised of trees foreign to this region. Members grew Christmas trees then sold them during the yule season; the money was donated toward the remod- eling of the conference room in the school. Officers are Forester Jon P. Liles, Associate Forester Russell Tyre, Fiscal Agent George Garris, and Ranger Billy Edenfield. XI SIGMA PI-F rst row: Jack Barnhart, Glynn Chesse George Albritton, Bobby Bolemon, Charles Williams, Hawley, Johnny Eadie, Russell Tyre, Dennis DeLoach. Brantley, James Bamping. r, Jon Liles, Billy Edenfield, George Garris, Harvey Johnson, Theron Devereoux. Second row: Robert Williams, Mike Winson, Marvin Levin, Henry Skipper. Third row: Joe Hogon, Thomas Eidson, Robert McDonald, Larry Fourth row: Robert McAlpine, Frank Porrish, Arthur Collins, B. J. Warren, Bill Mose, Winston Graham, David 358 OFFICERS— First row: Harold Christopher, Joe Estes, Charles Hubbard. Second row: Ray Strain, Joe Mosley, Ed Dillard. CONGREGATING TOGETHER, members from Georgia ' s chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi prepare to listen to businessmen. Alpha Kappa Psi ALPHA KAPPA PSI attempts to further the indi- vidual welfare of its members, to foster scientific research in the field of commerce, accounting and finance, and to encourage and advance in institu- tions of college rank courses leading to degrees in business administration. The fraternity strives to influence the public to promote higher ideals in their business transaction, and to draw the college and the community closer together in the fields of business administrations by presenting various lec- tures on topics from the financial and commercial worlds. The local chapter also awards a key to the student in the senior class in the College of Business Administration with the highest average. Officers of the chapter are Joseph Estes, presi- dent; Charles Hubbard, vice president; Joe Mosley, secretary; Ray Strain, chapter treasurer, and Ed- ward Dillard, corporation treasurer. ALPHA KAPPA PSI— First row: Harold Christopher, Joe Mosley, Richard Smith, Noel Green, Bob Oliver, Clarence Hester, Bill Parker, Bob Watkins, John Crawford, Ray Strain, Charles Hubbard, Frank Davis. Second row: Jimmy Gray, Jim Willingham, Ed Blalock, Tony Horper, Bennie Huguley, Howard Hensley, Rodney Wall, Jere Munn, Bill Akin, Shelby McCollum. Third row: Fred McKenzy, Larry DeLooch, Joe Estes, Harry Irwin, Ed Dillard, John Houman, Dr. E. L. Troelston, Oscar Goodwyne, Mike Young, Harold Griffin, Jimmy Hicks. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION— firsf row: Russell Blanchard, Mack Swafford, Paul Sikes, Marvin Peck, Ben Robertson, Neil Sessions, Clarence Gissen- donner, Leonard Friedman, John Flowers, C. P. Bracken, Louie Allen, Robert PrescotI, Charles Cato, Earl McCorkle, Ronald Jowers, Clarice Roburn, Wade Hodges, I. L. Denton, Jr., Tommy Lee. Second row: James Gammons, Keith Taylor, Vance Keadle, Charles Sloan, Walter Pope, Donald Davis, Sheldon Grasier, Arthur Strick- land, Ed Brewton, Emmett Cochran, Ed Bailey, Wayne Pickard, Tom Spencer, Michael Possiby, Rufus Patterson, Roy Tyson, Jeryl Pennell, Franklin Clements, Third row: Jomes Slater, Wayne G , James Crane, Wallace Arrington, Ginger Wear, Wondo Smith, Betty Musick, Evelyn Dekle, Ed Ivey, Duane Black, Sally Moore, Jean Frye, Frank Daniels, Ernie Reddie, Luther Milligon, Martha Stewart, Paul Stewart, Al Harper. Fourth row: Don Smith, Robert Fulford, Taylor Dominy, Shirley Baker, Gail Wood, Carol Kominis, Boyd Whitefield, Frank Broadrick, Tommy Blakely, Grady Meeks, Charles Jackson, Roger Spittle, Thomas Vomer. ADVANCEMENT OF MODERN MEDICINE lies with- in the hands and skills of present student pharmacists. Amer ican Pharmaceutical Association AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIA- TION was nationally founded in 18 52, and the University of Georgia Student Branch was estab- lished in 1946. The Association acquaints its student members with the pharmacy profession in all of its various phases. Since the Pharmaceutical Association real- izes the importance of the pharmacy profession, it tries to stress its importance on its members. The Association sponsors social events through- out the year; the highlight of the year is the Student-Faculty Alumni Day Banquet. The local Student Branch annually promotes National Phar- macy Week, and each year the Student Branch sends delegates to the National Pharmacy Conven- tion. OFFICERS: Dr. J. P. Larocca, Wade Hodges, Clarice Raburn, Ronald Jowers, Evelyn DeUe, Beno Harkleroad, L L. Denton. Jki THE HOBO BALL, a " let your hair down " event, is on the frat ' s annual party calendar. Alpha Psi ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY was founded in 1907 at the University of Ohio and was estabhshed at the University of Georgia in 1948. The chapter attempts to promote a stronger bond between veterinary students; to create unity among the students of all veterinary colleges, and to sup- port all movements tending to secure greater effi- ciency and higher professional and social standing. The chapter entertains during its rush season by giving a lawn supper, a dinner party, and a dance. Other social functions sponsored by Alpha Psi dur- ing the year are the annual " Hobo Ball " and " Placebo Ball. " The local chapter also participates in the campus athletic program. Officers are Frank Taylor, president; Eugene Wood, vice president; Peter Lozieaux, recording secretary; William Meyer, corresponding secretary, and Scott Morley, treasurer. OFFICERS— Front row: Peter Lozieaux, row: Eugene Wood, William Meyer. Taylor, ALPHA PSI— Fronf row: Gerald Moseller, Jim Brown, Bill Meyer, John Meyer, Don McMilHan, James Kling, Gene Wood, M. D. Boulware, Stan Steinberg, Grey Winters, Hugh Powell, Bob Fulton. Second row: Billy Weeks, Douglas Tanner, Berl Kalet, Pe ' e Loigeaux, Aubrey Webb, Tom Todd, Don Fincher, Glenn Young, Julian Edwards, Jack Snow, Dave Miller, Billy Driggers, Earnest Forbes, Jerry Succi. Third row: Walter Cottingham, Amos Palmer, Neil Porter, Daryl Johnson, Dan Moncol, Charles Cassidy, Jim Strickland, Bill Pryor, John Holland, Daryl Clark, Scott Morley, John Gray, Edward Roberson, Dennis Jackson. Fourth row: Bill Lee, Billy Perrymon, Gerald Guest, Bill Stafford, Bob Twilley, Bill McPherson, John Dalton, Jim Jarrett, Van McKaughon, Don Gwynn, O. J. Gupton, Dave Fletcher, Wayne McGee, Dr. Jack Tumlin. Fifth row: Ralph King, Joel Jackson, Jay Gilpin, Bob Orrell, Wood Markam, Henry Heffernan, Dick Tally, Glynn Frank, Joe Fulford, George McCahon, Henry Bohn, Dick Avadikion, Don Taylor. Sixth row: Stewart Myers, Chick Ramy, Loren Buchanan, Dan Blackman, Bob Butler, James Howard, Bruce Morley, Allen Higgin- bothom, Jim Bostic, Cecil Brown, Don Morgan, Robert Kwapien, Terry Staggs, Ed Chandlu. Skeet Groddick, Robert Eckroade, Ryland Edwards. AVMA OFFICERS: Darrel Clark, Al Moreland, John Mayo, Olive Britt, James Robert Duncan, Don Taylor. THE GEORGIA STUDENT CHAPTER of the American Veterinary Medicine Association, pat- terned after the American Veterinary Medicine Association, promotes the development of charac- ter and leadership. It provides professional knowl- edge and understanding of professional ethics. Working with the staff of the Continuing Educa- tion Center, they prepare and present closed circuit television programs in the field of surgery. The chapter sponsors an open house at the Veterinary School each year to help acquaint the public with the Veterinary School and its activities. They pub- lish the Southeastern Veterinarian, sponsor a dance winter quarter, and give a picnic during fall and spring quarters. TWO SENIOR Veterinary stu- dents study animal radiograph. T ' rm DELTA SIGMA P —Firsi row: Ronald McKinley, J. V. Smith, Lovern Redfern, Harold Jose, Jim Kembill, Fred Addison. Second row: Jack Caldwell, Ben Baker, Donald Lindsey, Jack Joll, John Reavy, John Temple, Maurice Watkins, Wilbur Chapman. Third row: Lewis Jones, Robert Levison, Barney Hancock, Charlie Coster, Ronnie Coin, Charles Cleveland, Frank Huff. Fourth row: John Tuise, Lee Lancaster, Gene Banks, Ralph Beosly, Reginald Poteat, Charles Norley, Earl Ford, Charles Crooks. Fifth row: Lem Baker, Wilson Twinn, Mother Klentworth, Hugh Southwell, Bailey Turner, Gene Crowley, Hugh Oneol, Vernon Bowman, Robert Allison. Sixth row: Mothew Mollord, George Krevsky, Shoron Denny, Owen Raines, Tommy Williams, Joe Johnson, Bill McRitchie, Ralph Hodges, Gene Armour, Jon Monson. Seventh row: Robert Pridgen, Howard Hornby, Bill Carmichoel, Andrew Sullivan, John Owen, Ralph Hall, Cecil Boone, Vick Davis, Bill Cooley. Delta Sigma Pi DELTA SIGMA PI, an international business fra- ternity, encourages scholarship, social activity, and the association of students. The fraternity strives to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and the students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. The agenda of projects include professional meet- ings, field trips, and counselling for freshmen dtir- ing orientation week. The Rose Dance, Founders ' Day Dance, Chapter Birthday Dance, and River Party comprise the annual social calendar. Officers are Ronald McKinley, president; Charles S. Williams, vice president; John E. Owens, secre- tary; and J. A. Daniel Smith, treasurer. OFFICERS: Cecil Boone, John Owens. J. V. Smith, Ronald McKinley, Matt Mallard. HEADMASTER Ronald McKinley presents Carol Houng as Delta Sigma Pi Rose and on the right Joan Myers as Sponsor. 363 LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA— Firsf row: Betty Clifton, Martha Stewart. Second row: Shirley Baker, Evelyn Dekle, Sallie Moore, Clarice Roburn, Carol Kamlnis, Gail Wood, Dorothy Woo. LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA ' S display at Activities Fair pre- sented the various phases of pharmacy to freshmen guests. Lambda Kappa Sigma LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA is the oldest and larg- est professional sorority for women enrolled in pharmacy. Membership is based on outstanding character, scholarship, ability, and willingness, to cooperate with her associates. Members of the local chapter act as hostesses during Pharmacy conferences, orientation week for freshmen and transfer students, Crawford W. Long Day, and this year the Lambda Kappa Sigma chapter also acted as hostesses for the Phi Delta Chi barbecue held during Homecoming. The national Founders ' Day, Hygia Day, honor- ing the first woman pharmacist, and the Student- Faculty-Alumnae Banquet held in the spring are annually observed events. OFFICERS: Evelyn Dekle, Clarice Raburn, Carol Kammis, and Betty Musick. -1 - iiM OMEGA TAU SIGMA— firsf row: Bob Edwards, Berry Moore, George Meckley, Bill Martin, Doyle Johnson, Larry Richman Bill Scott, Dr. E. W. Causey, Bob Bennett, Jim Palmer, Harold Dittman, Don Kruchko, Bob Whiteway, John Paget. Second row: Dave Steinbauer, Ed Anderson, Bill Clarke, Ted Ridgeway, Doc Dixon, Bill Sims, Bill Hill, Gil Birsall, Ben Brackett, G. Wilson, Clint Holloway, Brunson Westbury, Fred Ingle. Third row: Garrett Thornton, Charles Edmonds. Al Morelond, Charlie Harden, George Williams, Ted Smith, Bob Hardwick, Bill Lord, Jim Gaines, Dick Hughes, Jim Smalley, John Herrmann, Clint Lavender. Fourth row: Jim Eidson, George Smith, John Risser, Robert Walton, Bill Davis, Lamar Cannon, Rembert McLendon, John Brown, Harry Lowry, Bob Magdegurger, John Minchew, Jim Peeples, Charles Hamner, Bobby Duncan, Bill Derieux. Fifth row: Howard Hurley, John Watson, George Hunnicutt, Fred Stringer, Dave Dreesen, Don Andrews, Randy Bryant, Ed Blackburn, Jim Kupper, Gene Moddox, Don Witherspoon, Dick Hough, Jim ScaifP, John Bohanon, Hogn Mayo, Hugh Scott. Omega Tau Sigma OMEGA TAU SIGMA, established on campus in 1948, is an international veterinary fraternity ded- icated to promoting interest and participation in activities pertaining to veterinary medicine. The bi-monthly meetings feature programs of current professional interest and each year OTS awards the Donald E. McKinney Trophy to the outstand- ing freshman veterinary student. Stressing social activity as well as professional endeavor, the fraternity consistently leads the Pro- fessional League in many sports. The fraternity curriculum is balanced by a social program which includes numerous dances and open-house func- tions, and the calendar is highlighted by the annual White Carnation Ball. OFFICERS: Bill Martin, Bob Waiteway, Don Witherspoon, John Risser. LOCATED AT 1390 South Lumpkin St. is the home of Omega Tau Sigma- PHI DELTA CHI-first Ballew, Mr. F. Millikan W. C. Culpper. Johnny Flowers, Luther Milligan, William C. Johnson, . Chorles Broucher, C. P. Brocketl, Mercier Davis, Thomo in Baldwin, Roger Miles, Eddy Frank Daniels, Bernard Lampton. Second row: Joe Lee Varner, Charles Jackson, Roger Spittle, Earnest Reddick, Lindsay Bedingfield, Phi Delta Chi FOUNDED IN 1883, Phi Delta Chi, a profes- sional pharmaceutical fraternity, fosters leadership in the profession and fellowship among its broth- ers. The fraternity ' s high scholastic ideals are ac- cented with the presentation of a scholarship award to a worthy pharmacy student each year. During Orientation Week, members of Phi Delta Chi cooperate with the faculty in acquainting new students with the School of Pharmacy. Officers are Ernest Roddie, president; Tommy Varner, vice president; Roger Spittle, recording secretary; Roger Milles, corresponding secretary, and C. P. Brackett, treasurer. BROTHERS OF Phi Delta Chi Fraternity are united togeth- er with a common interest in the promotion of pharmacy. OFFICERS: Luther Milligan, Bernard Langston, Joe Ballew, ' i W. C. Culpepper. fl l Jl 366 • ' 1 III PHI ALPHA DELTA— FiVsf row: G. Bell, S. Harris, L. Saul, T. Carter, G. Wright, A. Remler, N. MuMis, R. Cooper, C. Hubbard, F. Clark, R. McDuffle, B. Cromin. Second row: R. Vining, H. Hutto, K. Stula, P. Milford, J. Brinkley, D. M. Field, A. Winer, J. Karazules, R. Krock, A. Bridge, A. Benedict Jones, III, B. Raley, E. Smith. Third row: D. Vaugham, F. Gilbert, J. Davis, E. Jones, J. Peirce, P. Flemming, F. Colella, G. Burrows, F. Baldwin, D. Smith, P. Michael, C. Ambrose, B. Milam, B. Davis. Fourth row: P. Aldridge, J. Dillard, R. Cohen, J. Bracy, D. Golis, C. Winans, R. Armstrong, H. Mixon, T. Scott, J. Holman, D. Phillips, M. Hartley, B. Miler, W. Hobby, A. Manucy, M. Gordon, M. Childs. .No( pictured: Capt. Reynolds, L. Kakatz, C. Wells, C. Fickling, S. Harbern, B. Cravey, J. McMullin, M. Thompson, G. Jacobson, B. Nortiicut, N. Spence. OFFICERS: D. Vaughan, A. Remler, D. M. Field. Second row: J. Bracy, J. Brinkiy, D. Galis. Phi Alpha Delta PHI ALPHA DELTA was founded in 1897 at Chicago College of Law and Kent College of Law. To promote a high standard of professional ethics, to encourage scholarship, and to provide social and professional activities for its members is the pur- pose of this fraternity. The Shinn Memorial Award for excellence in the field of legal writing is sponsored yearly by the fraternity. Among their many activities the fra- ternity sponsors an outstanding senior award and holds monthly luncheons, at which distinguished persons of knowledge and experience speak to the students. For fall quarter Jack Brinkley served as Justice with Denny Galis, Vice Justice; Al Remble, Treas- urer, and David Vaughn, Secretary. Serving for winter and spring are Deny Galis, Justice; Jack Bracy, Vice Justice; Pat Milford; B. Davis, Treas- urer, and Bob Cronin, Marshal. 367 B -m WW9 " tBt ' , PHI DELTA PHI-firsf row: Harold Lambert, George Morris, George Hearn, M. T. Simmons, James Whelchel, Ralph Snow, Charles Wilkerson, Joe Johnson, Gene Mac Winburn, Herb Zachry. Second row; Mike Harrison, Emmet Bonduront, Nathai Stuckey, Tom Whelchel, Professor Feild, Dean Hosch, Swain McElmurroy, George Scheer, Horry Coshin, Cliff Adams, Dr. Maxwell. Third row: Arnold Moore, Chester Siems, Lee Evans, John Greer, Cid Garner, Bill Mueller, Bernie Muiherin, Alliss Ed Sams, Frank Twitty, Tom Young, Dick Buckley, Matt Thompson, Wayne Snow. Fourth row: Tommy Joiner, Paul Scoggi Borfield, Sonny Baldwin, Mike Downs, Bob Cleveland, Professor Chaffin, Norman Pease, Walter Mitchell, Gus Wood, Caj Cooper, Lindsey Bennett, Jerry Mingee, Bryce Holcomb. Reginald Bell, Barney Bronnen, Batch Flythe, I Knight, Julian Friedman, Bill Cowan, Bill Green, Dr. Cohn, Chuck Driebe, Reginald n Wode, Tom Elliot, Ben Mills, Fred Hand, ns, Richard Newton, Gene Watts, Ronald r Dodson, Tom Gray, Moses Brinson, Voidi Phi Delta Phi AMSMIC n PHI DELTA PHI, an international legal frater- nity, strives to promote high standards of legal ethics among its chapters and with the profession. The University of Michigan is the site of the fra- ternity ' s founding. Fifty-three years later, in 1922, Wilson Inn Chapter was established at the Uni- versity of Georgia. Student members gain an insight into the ap- plication of legal knowledge at the chapter ' s bi- monthly luncheon meetings where practicing at- torneys and legal scholars are the principal speakers. Annually the member of the first year law class attaining the highest average is presented the Phi Delta Phi Scholarship Award. Officers of Wilson Inn are Magister Harry Cashin, Jr., Exchequer Bill Cowan, Clerk Norman Pease, and Historian Julian Friedman. THE A was fou denlscc campus tbttht highest of then public a periled: OFFICERS: Norman Pease, Harry Cashin, Jr., Julian Friedman, Bill Cowan. h i »i : ' : ;ric!iiing it- : ' .:c:jilspateri. ?■: vtor bf cla ' jx.:ti tte Pii u H Iv - ' - 1 ■ ' " 1 ' W|« 1 J R ! ! w wk K ' K m fl l m p l EV George ACADEMIC FREEDOM ASSOCIATION-F Vsf row.- Bob Edge, Steve Edmondson, Wayne Snow, Reginald McDuffle, Allison Wade, Jo Ann Parker. Seconc Kelly, Bob Cooper, Tom Young, Sam Harbin, Harvey Findley, Willis Sparks, Dr. Robert Ayers. Third row. Valdee Cooper, Walter Mitchell, Tom Welchel, Fred Clark, J Rogers, Emmett Bondurant, Tom Close. Academic Freedom Association THE ACADEMIC FREEDOM ASSOCIATION was founded in May of 1958 by a group of stu- dents concerned with intellectual freedom on the campus of the University. These students believed that the highest responsibility of free men and the highest achievement of a free society is freedom of the minds. When such freedom is restricted, all public and private relations of all men become im- periled; the responsibility for intellectual freedom in any free society belongs to the colleges and uni- versities. It is the conviction of this association that the right to think and investigate and question is the basic difference between totalitarianism and democracy. The protection and preservation of this right is the end to which this association is dedicated. The association is open to all students from all depart- ments of the University. Faculty advisors are Dr. Horace Montgomery and Dr. Robert Ayers. , Front: Steve Edmondson, Tom Close. Back: Wayne Sn Chaplin Robert Ayers, Willis Sparks, Steve Edmondson, Bob Edge, Allison Wade OFFICERS: Cliff Cagle, Tony Ip- polito, Sidney Home, Stewart Bird. MEMBER DOES projects in ADLAB, the student advertising laboratory which is under directorship of Alpha Delta Sigma. Alpha Delta Sigma ALPHA DELTA SIGMA was founded at the Uni- versity of Missouri, November 14, 1913; the Geor- gia chapter was organized in 1954. Dedicated to the principles of truth, persistence, and coopera- tion in the field of advertising, the chapter is named in honor of the late Samuel Candler Dobbs, the founding father of the " Truth in Advertising " movement. Through its activities, including sponsorship of addresses by outstanding figures in the advertising field, direction of the student advertising agency, " ADLAB, " and the publicity and promotion for the March of Dimes and the Community Chest, the chapter endeavors to bridge the gap between advertising theory and experience. Members of Alpha Delta Sigma elected Stewart Bird, president; Cliff Cagle, vice president; Sidney Home, secretary, and Tony Ippolito, treasurer. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA-FiVst row: Stewart Bird, Sidney Home, Tony Ippolito, Herman Rowell, Tim Ritchie, Cliff Cagle. Se Garord. Third row: Greg Toth, Bruce Still, Jere Miller, fourth row: Bob Brown, Marvin Hartley, Jim Hendrix. nd row: Lamar Cobb, John Keasler, Ray AG CLUB-firs row: Bell Choen, Jerry Cox, Gerald Nix, Roloh Burton, Jim Rivers, Charles Folendore, Dan Anderson, Ed Wilson, Pete Moody, Bloke Drowdy, Bobby Hawthorne Second row: Mack Calhoun, Jerry Mcleod, Max Sellars, Hugh Wood, Grady Terrence, Kirby Roberts, Pete Cameron, Bill Howes, Don Stewart, Roy Dongor. Third row: Rocky English, Bill Howard, Dick Milner, Barbara Guolding, George Norman, Bill McKinnon, Earl Bennett, Edwin Mclntyre, Don Heath, Guy Herring, fourth row: Bill Bush, Roy Evors, Gris Monsell, Thomas Kling, Ned Hamil, Gordon Sutton, Bob Ferlenback, Jimmy Griner, Don Akin, Larry Young. AG Club AG CLUB WAS ORGANIZED as a medium for public expression for the students in agricultural training in order to develop speaking and writing potentialities. Each year outstanding club mem- bers are presented certificates and honor keys. Other programs feature matters of agricultural interest such as speeches by prominent men in the field of agriculture. During winter quarter, each organization on Ag Hill enters candidates in the Talent Show spon- sored by the Ag Club. The club also acts as host to a yearly debate between the freshmen of north and south Georgia within the various schools. Offi- cers are Ed Wilson, president; Donald Stewart, vice president; Ray Dangar, secretary, and Blake Drawdy, treasurer. 1 f Hi 1 s p AG CLUB MEMBERS TAKE ACTIVE PART IN WEEKLY MEETINGS. OFFICERS: Ray Dangar, Don Akins, Blake Drawdy, Ed Wilson, Don Stewart, Pete Moody, Lorry Young. prnipi i — ' ' ■ «w. H R : h AG ENGINEERING CLUB— firs row: Eddie Buri, Max Lewellen, Albert Mercer, Donnie Henderson, Latimer Ridgway, Larry Hix, Rod Dee, Nolan Cloud, Russ DeMon- brior, Morshall Guill, Lex Stucldand. Second row: Ernest Todd, Clavin Murry, Billy Dawson, Larry Grogan, Mr. R. H. Brown, Richard Bishop, Wayne Adkins, Willie Crawford, Carlton Fullilove. Third row: Julian Hommon, Melvin Roberts, Thomas Rish, E. H. Smith, Clark Dixon, Allen Summers, Bill Shackelford, Ralph Show, William Beslin, Louis Howell, Unidentified, Henry Cabiness, Harland Medlers, Edward Schmidt, William Crockett, Daryous Hokin, Ted Stokely. fourth row: Gery McDaniel, Dwight Evanson, Ben Ambrose, Tommy Maddox, Robert Carpenter, Joe Hood, Jii Sailors, Don Shackelford, Bill Turner, James Lacy. MEMBERS OF Ag Engineering Club look at bulletin board showing the three important links in Georgia ' s resource chain. Ag Engineering Club THE AGRICULTURE ENGINEERING CLUB was founded nationally in 1910 and established at the University in 1929. The Club provides the opportunity for students in Agriculture Engineer- ing to enrich their training by associating and co- operating with other Agriculture Engineers on a local, state, and national level. Through its work such as the fair exhibit in the Northeast Georgia Fair, the annual Agriculture Engineering Day program, and the quarterly pub- lished newsletter sent to all the Alumni, the Club won the National Farm Equipment Institute trophy for three consecutive years in competition with all student branches in the nation and Canada. Officers elected by the Club members are Lex W. Strickland, president; Wayne Adkins, vice presi- dent; Ernest Todd, secretary; Larry Nix, treasurer; Max Lewellen, scribe; and Marshall Guild, sergeant- OFFICERS— First row: Max Lewellen, Mar- shall Guill, Ernest Todd, Lex StucUand, Wayne Adkins. Second row: Carlton Fulli- love, Larry Hix, Henry Cabiness, Latimer Ridgway. AG ECONOMICS CLUB— firsf row: Hugh Wood, Bobby Moss, Chris Lance, Max Sellors, Bob Fortenboch, Troy Porterfield, Joe Carter, Donald Stewart, Donald Akii Second row: Bill Fleeman, Bill Myers, Bill Golden, Frank Dimartino, Gordon Su«on, Carl Dubose, Milton Stewart, Lamar Dickens. Third row: Don Cox, Dr. J. Thompson, Goylord Coon, Mack Calhoun, Bloke Drowdy, Bill Howord, David Brown, James Brown. AG Economics THE AG ECONOMICS CLUB, branch of the American Farm Economic Association, strives to stimulate interest in the professional and field of agricultural economics. Furthermore, the club pro- motes the interchange of ideas among students who have an interest in agricultural economics and pro- vides a means of association among students and faculty. Donald Stewart is presidfent; Hugh Wood, vice president; Lamar Dickens, secretary; David Brown, treasurer; and Paul English, reporter. Agronomy THE PURPOSE of the Agronomy Club is to de- velop leadership in the field of agriculture. Since its establishment in 1940, the club has been a source of further education and interest in agronomy. The organization ' s activities for the year includ- ed a chicken barbecue and a Softball game between members and faculty. Officers for 1958-1959 include Jarrell Ray, presi- president; George Norris, vice president; Stanley Shannon, treasurer; Bob Mansell, secretary; and John Faulk, reporter. AGRONOMY CLUB-First Gaines Brown, W. E. Prescott ' CLUB— First row: Jarrell Ray, George Norris, Bob Mansell, StorJey Shannon, Thomas Daniels, Banner Taylor, Allen Keysor. Second row: Carlton Clifton, ' n, Gerome Ethridge, Paul Yorbrough, Charles Griffith, Palmer Maples, Nicky Crowe, Dick Standovick. Third row: Dr. H. F. Perkins, Charles Addison, 3tt, Wright Jordan, Bobby Golden. Wayne O ' Sfeon, Yotes Smith, Dr. J. B. Weaver. 373 ALPHA PHI OMEGA-first row Stephens, Frank Shepard. Thit Boynes, Bill Accles, Wyatt Anderson, Pete Oliver, Lewis Schaul. Second row: Harold Hirsch, Hiram Peeler, Bill Batos, John Robert Ingram, Burt Haskins, Jack Garrett, Wade Whitley, Louis Romosco, Willie Woo. ALPHA PHI OMEGA ' S new honorary and student initiates undergo a series of hazing episodes before the initiation. Alpha Phi Omega MEMBERSHIP QUALIFICATIONS for Alpha Phi Omega stipulates previous affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America and a desire to serve the campus, student body, faculty, community, and nation. Guiding members in this purpose are Wyatt Anderson, president; Louis Schaul, vice president; Harold Hirsch, secretary, and Terry Mann, treas- urer. APO initiated a new charity drive for 19 9 for the American Cancer Society. The $1400 raised at the U. M. O. C. Drive was donated to the Boy Scouts of America and CARE Foundation. At the annual Christmas party for the underprivileged children of Athens and Clarke County, more than one hundred children received tovs and fruit. OFFICERS: Jack Garrett, Wyatt An- _ ,„, . —MM OI-HV;tKS: Jack toarreTT, wyatT . . j. . j . j« denon. Wade Whitley, Burt Haski kWlP Harold Hirsch. t CE !! 374 ARGONAUTS— Firsf row: Wayne Anderson, Bill Duflfell, White Garland, Dan Shuman, Ray Bowen, Larry Aldridge, Wyatt Anderson, John Monson, Benny Pike. Second row: George Williams, Butch Emrich, Gordon Carson, Gary Winkle, Bill Hoogland, Tommy Maddox. Third row: Mr. Don Biggers, Linton Rish, Rolond Brown. Fourth row: Bill Spier, Jack Stone. Fifth row: Robert Foy, Cliff Mollis. Argonauts DURING SPRING QUARTER each year, the Argonauts sponsor a four-week training program for all potential Argonaut members. Faculty mem- bers who are familiar with the problems of fresh- men adjustment and dormitory life are invited to speak at these bi-weekly sessions. Membership totals about forty men, each having from six to twenty freshmen under his guidance. With the U. R. S. A. ' s Argonauts sponsor the annual Freshman Talent Show held during fall quarter. The show provides an opportunity for bringing the freshmen together and introducing them to the activities of Argonauts. Officers are Larry Aldridge, president; Wyatt Anderson, vice president; Bill Duff ell, treasurer, and Jim Thomas, secretary. OFFICERS: Bill Duffell, Larry Aldridge, Wyatt Anderson. FIRST PLACE WINNER of Freshmen Talent Show receives congratulations from Argonaut ' s president. 375 n I CLUB MEMBERS ENJOY GATHERING TOGETHER TO EXCHANGE SOCIAL AND CULTURAL IDEAS IN ORDER TO PROMOTE INTERNATIONAL UNDERSTANDING. Roster Barbara Aaron Bodil Aas Darwis Adnan Badra Alam Guillermo Arciniegas Delores Artau Kill Hong Back Fred Badakhsh Renate Baerant Mary Bird Beth Blackwell Grace Burpitt Kita Bower Thelma Call Connie Carson Luigi Casaglia Jaime Cevalles Frank Chou Lia Correia Harilaos Jesse Dagoon Genaro Dia Hari Dubey Mustafa Elayan M. Jamil El-Hassany Behaddin Kakhrnia Harvey Findley Greg Flanders Alberto Forcadas Nancey Ford Antonio Garza Benard Gaye Alexander Georgiadis Dedie Gray Adriana Greci Philip Greear Michele Grosse Rudy Guerrero Ghanen Haddad Daryoush Hakim Jeraldine Harper Nizar Hamad George Hansen Leah Mae Jarret Patricia Johnson Harald Julsrud Mehdi Khosrowshahi Lilian RJaer George Kelly Jung Sock Lee Your Bok Lee Htein Lin Ching Po Liu Ray Mabey Brenda Balhburn Margie Mallard Majed Musseini Raymond Mallat Gery Miller Hong Shik Min Irandokht Mobarhan Said Mugharbet Alice Na Zuhair Nejib Nugaivilage Nugara Takashi Chara Connie Palmer Joan Parker Gladys Paterson Dr. and Mrs. Paul Pfuetze Dimitrios Rapanicolaou Isaac Rassas Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Reid William Rogers Raffaele Roncalli-Amici Meera Rudra Zouheir Subai Jamil Shoraka Fred Schuster Auriol Smith Dardjo Somaatonadja Steve Sragner Klaus Steinback Tibor Szabo Dorothy Ann Tappan Dr. Ichiro Eesaka Margaret Van Geuns Horacio Villavicencio Wan Wen-Ping Eckart Willege Dorsey Wilson Anthony Wong Kenneth Yip HMrei Sen Yu John Zyngas OFFICERS — First row: Harriet Devlne, Margie Mollard, Dedie Gray, Lilian Kjaer. Second row: Luigi Casaglia, Said Mugharbel. Cosmopolitan Club THE PURPOSE of the Cosmopolitan Club is to promote better international relations, to offer its members an opportunity to learn the customs and languages of other countries, and to promote the interest and welfare of foreign students at the Uni- versity of Georgia. The Cosmopolitan Club meets twice monthly to present lectures, discussions, and movies on various phases of life in the United States. This activity is done to acquaint the Club ' s cosmopolitan members with the peculiarities of American customs. Similar activities are presented on foreign countries to familiarize the American members with their neighbors. Social functions are given to facilitate friendly cooperation between the members of the various countries represented. Officers of the Club are Said Mugharbel, president; Dedie Gray, vice president; Lilian Kjar, secretary. MEERA RUDRA from India, enjoys chatting with the members and guests at the Cosmopolitan Club ' s tea. DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB: Malcomb, Winston Hohn Hampton, Bob Seeley. nest C. Pinckney, George Phelps, Frank Servodidio, Donald Eipp, Jules Krauthamer, Melvin Hoeplin, Da n, Jerry Mcleod, Alan Todd, Jim Miller, Dennis Dixon, Bill Moore, James Carlton, Bob Haley, Olin id Johnson, Frank Schmidt, Barnett T. Fosgate, Ralph Adamson, Carl Dairy Science Alpha Mu Epsilon AT DAIRY DAY, sponsored by the Dairy Science Club, which is a student affihate chapter of the American Dairy Association, high school F. F. A. and 4-H members from throughout the state judge dairy cows. This past December in Chicago, a team from the Dairy Science Club won third place in the national judging competition of milk, ice cream, cheese, and butter. Leading the members in their activities are David Johnson, president; Joe Rheney, vice president; Bob Haley, secretary, and Sammy Boone, treasurer. ALPHA MU EPSILON— First row: Baldwin Davis, V. Rodney Coleman, Bruce Jones, Robert Alam, Dr. Jack J. Paul, Dr. Horace O. Lund, W. C. Johnson. Second row: John Cromarti( Gail Vonsont. Fourth row: Lee Self, Arlein St. Cloud, Tom Harris. Fifth row: Joe Turner, ALPHA MU EPSILON engages speakers through- out the year who inform members of the current entomological news and industrial activity in pest control, commercial bee keeping, pollination, and extensive entemology. At the State Science Fair their live exhibit is an observation of the structural homes of termites, ants, and bees. The Bee Line is published each quarter by Alpha Mu Epsilon to keep alums informed of the activities of younger members. Rodney Coleman, president; and John Cromartie, secretary, preside as officers of Alpha Mu Epsilon. Conley, Mrs. Harold White, Mrs. Dennie Jackson, Dennis Jackson, Bodre ), J. T. Smith, Harold White. Third row: Wallace Torpley, Lamar Moseley, Stanley Shannon, Ken Deedy, Richard Hoard, Paul Kruger. n J V • ' - n DEBATE CLUB— firs row; Tommy Burnside, Gene Wright, Douglas Smitli, Rowland Dye, Russell Everett. Second row: Peggy Rader, Bob Edge, Mary Terrell, George Hubert, Roberta Markel, Bill Payton, Richard Truitt, Georgeonn Brown. Debate Club IN ORDER TO QUALIFY for the University of Georgia Forensic Society, a student must attend three consecutive meetings and perform an exhibi- tion debate before the club. Receiving tournament invitations from many schools, the Debate Club designated their choice and sent delegates to the tournaments. The Georgia team ranked first at the South Caro- lina tournament, and it received four superior speaking awards at Mercer and two at William and Mary. The Debate Club has initiated a new debate fraternity. Kappa Gamma. Eligibility is based on participation in three tournaments totaling eighteen debates. Debate Club officers are Tommy Burnside, president; Wyck Know, vice president; Georgia Ann Brown, secretary, and Russ Everett, coach. DEBATE CLUB MEMBERS admire the trophy won by one of their teams placing second at the tournament at Harvard. 378 TOMMY BURNSIDE, president of the Forensic Society, presents his case backed by logic in true oratorical manner. FORESTRY CLUB— Firs row: Glynn Chesser, Wallace Spivey, Earl Bennet, Kay Saville, Bill Smith, Lester Chesser, Bob Murphy. Second row: David HyatI, Daniel Purdon, William Bailey, Tom Gaylord, Charles Williams. Mike Vinson, Robert Mosteller, Bobby Paulk, Dr. Henry Stoehr, Pat Brewer. Third row: Gary Metcalf, Jon Liles, Russell Tyre, W. C. Beckham, Marvin Lovin, Johnny Eodie, Douglas Link, Earl Cunningham, Jack Manley, Tommy Blolock. Fourth row: John Cathy, Travis Johnson, Larry Hawley, Eugene Neose, William Tatum, Grover Sykes, Billy Edenfield, Steve Harp, Terry Brooks, Paulsen Miles. Fiffh row: Carles Noirn, James Beeland, Bill Patterson, John Fussell, Sam Rigdon, Selby Hawk, Edison Thomas, Hiram Peeler, Charles Wilson. Forestry Club THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA FORESTRY CLUB meets bi-monthly on the second and fourth Tuesday nights. Speakers at these meetings present new information in the various fields of dendrology or the correlation of history or psychology to for- estry. The club sponsors the Harvest Ball in the fall and the Lumber Jack Ball in the winter, but its main function is the annual Field Day held each spring quarter. The local club also participates in the Southeastern Conclave which is very similar to the club ' s Field Day. The Forestry Club officers are A. K. Saville, president; Joe L. Chesser, vice president; Glenn Chesser, treasurer; and William Smith, secretary. SPECTATORS GATHER at Field Day as opposing teams vie for first place in the cross-cut sawing competition. AS PART OF THE REGULAR FORESTRY PROGRAM, A SUMMER CAMP IS HELD DURING THE SUMMER FOLLOWING THE SOPHOMORE YEAR. 379 GAFFAU CLUB— Firsf row; Ed Mclntyre, James Coleman, J. W. Eubonks, Eddie Elder, Robert Miles, Raymond Evers. Second row: Barren Smith, Carter Morton, Zoclc Martin, Raymond Adams, Jimmy H. Timmons, James Cochran, Terrell Benton, Joe Wond, Jimmy Griner, Max Lasster, Billy Yearier. Gaffau Club Food Technology Club FORMER F. F. A. MEMBERS in high school, the Gaffau Club realized the importance of the appli- cation of intelligence and business principles in farming, and the training of prospective teachers of vocational agriculture. Gaffau members conduct the annual State F. F. A. Day on campus. An annual news letter is published and distributed by the members. Guiding Gaffau in its activities are Jimmy Griner, president; Billy Yearta, vice president; Max Laserer, secretary, and Robert Miles, treasurer. THE STUDENT CHAPTER of the Institute of Food Technology strives to promote interest be- tween food technology majors and the various branches of industry: research, technical sales, packaging and quality control. Each year at the Science Fair, the Food Tech Club shows in their exhibition the relationship of bacteriology, chem- istry and irradiation. Terrance Miller, president; Norman Rich, sec- retary, and Arman Desmaris, treasurer preside as officers. FOOD TECHNOLOGY CLUB-firs row: John J. Powers, Don E. Pratt, M. K. Hamdy, Isabelle M. Downey, Marvin Keyler, Darwis Alan, Dordjo Somaatmadja, Askel Olsen, Louis S. Romasco, Terrance Miller. Second row; Gorden Wells, Paul R, Dean, Murroy Joscolke, Richard A. Lilly, William P. Dougherty, Pinya Cohen, Michael K. Supran, Alfred HofTmon. Third row: Jack Merkley, Norman Rich, Gorden Hartmen, Richard Kuehne, Charles Moller, Armand Desmarois, Reynold F. Missal, Aloysius J. Knipper. i Mk GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON-F.rsf row: Helen Rutledge, Joe Martin, Charles Hammer, Cecil Davis, Alic Hardigree. Second row: Kenneth Williams, Walter Mathews, Jon Myer, Bill Myer. Third row: Warren Lanier, Bill lord. Bob Sogers, Don Fincher. Gamma Sigma Epsilon GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON strives to enrich the education of the students having a professional interest in chemistry through regular meetings de- voted to lectures and discussions on topics of cur- rent developments in chemistry. Each year G. S. E. awards two undergraduate scholarships, enters an exhibit in the Science Fair, sponsors study halls for students, and visits schools to stimulate interest in chemistry as a career. Officers are Grand Alchemist, Bill Lord; Grand Visor, Warren Lawer; and Recorder, Bob Rogers. College 4-H Club INTERNATIONAL AND AG-EXTENTION speakers are engaged by the 4-H Club during the year. Each month members sponsor a workshop in square dancing for university students. Money raised by the fun-filled booths at the Ag Hill Car- nival goes into a scholarship loan fund; the club also awards two scholarships to Miniwanca Leader- ship Camp in Michigan. Officers are Sylvia Whiteside, president; Jerry Cox, vice president; Wilda Storey, secretary; and Winston Johnson, treasurer. COLLEGE 4-H CLUB— First row: Shirley Trommell, Mr. Charles Bryant, Sylvia Whiteside, Jerry Cox, Wilda Storey, Winston Johnson, George Norris, Mr. R. J. Richard- son. Second row: Roy Dunohoo, Nelda Picltern, John Hodges, Evelyn Smith, Don Cox, Georgionne Brown, Ned Honie, Shoron Spicks, Jerry Willis, Mildred Parker, Bobby Whitaker. Third row: Janet Johnson, Lean Mae Jorrett, Jean Coagburn, Ray Dangor, Patsy Payne, Jimmy James, Moble Ann JefFeries, Gerald Nix, Wannah Shirley, Jerry Whiteside. Fourth row: Sanders Brightwell, Carolyn Cope, Ronald Odum, James Harris, Nellie Mae Whiteside, Marcus Mansell, Shirley Lowery, Bob Mansell, Pot Cloer, Robert Carpenter, Lee Jarrett. HOMECON— First row: Mary Ann Jackson, Helen Parker, Betty Sewell, Louise Edwards, Peggy Echols, Poisy Whitworth, Irene Miller, Barboro Lewis, Morlyn Poston, Joniie Farmer, Jonet Bellomy, Carolyn Heod. Second row: Miss Corinne Moloney, Leoh Mae Jorrett, Ann Longford, Gail Word, Pot McMillan, Glendo Newton, Jocquelyn Cummings, Dorothy Dozier, Jean Driver, Janet Armstrong, Connie Doniel, Jean Scott. Third row: Tommie Smith, a et Johnson, Carolyn Cope, Norma Higginbothom, Jean Cogburn, Evelyn Smith, Koye Lilly, Shirley Lowery, Annette Duke, Gail Jorrord, Liz Hampton, Betty Ann Shore. Fourth row: Jeonne Whatley, Ruth Alexander, Ann Mixon, Shirley Trammel, Janice Bogley, Jo Ann Green, Jan ale Wakefield, Mortho Mills, Sara Roberson, Nan Donner, Beth Hunt, Lois Brown. MEMBERS POINT to the many localities throughout the state from which guests will come to Home Economics Day.. Homecon THE HOMECON CLUB, an organization for Home Economics majors, was organized to foster an appreciation for home life. Panel discussions include topics on the many facets of the individual and the family in the home. Other programs con- sist of fashion shows and hair stylist. Homecon ' s major activity is Home Economics Day. On this day all areas in the School of Home Economics construct exhibits to illustrate the vari- ous fields one may enter in the study of Home Ec. The purpose of Home Ec. Day is to promote in- terest in high school girls to attend the University and choose Home Economics as their major. Officer are Helen Parker, president; Betty Sewell, vice president; Martha Mills, secretary; Ann Burke, treasurer, and Pat Ech, Ag Hill Council repre- sentative. OFFICERS: Mary Ann Jackson, Helen Parker, Betty Sewell, Tommie Smith, Martha Mills. HORTICULTURE: Henry Cloy, Frank Barrett, Durham Bell, John Beares, Heck Dodson, John Zyngas, John Cecil Daniels, Glenn Cook, Hassan Ohamid. Horticulture Nu Rho Psi INTEREST IS STIMULATED in the Horticul- ture Club with guest speaking on agricultural ex- tention, private experimental enterprises, whole- saling and ornamental retailing. The Club strives to correlate its activities with the closely related fields of landscaping and agronomy. Each year the Horticulture Club distributes a leaflet to high school students in the state that show an interest in the science of horticulture. Officers are Frank Barrett, president; Glenn Cook, vice president; Durham Bell, treasurer; and Heck Dodson, secretary. NU RHO PSI, established on the University of Georgia campus in 1957, extends membership to all students having an interest in psychology and related fields. Club programs have shown demon- strations of the lie detector and movies of psycho- logical warfare and atomic naval equipment. Nu- merous phases of psychology are shown at Nu Rho Psi ' s annual exhibit at the Science Fair. Officers are Jack Crawford, president; Mary Rose Jones, vice president; Sandra Trapp, secre- tary; and Diane Strickland, treasurer. NU RHO PSI— First row: Jack Crawford, Morgie Mallard, Jean Denton, Karen Pope, Helen SchifFman, Shelly Halprin, Elaine Gaeser, Katherine Singer, Sandra Trapp, Joyce Hancock, Patricia Gritzke, Margie Sheffer, Dr. John A. Hammes. Second row: Diane Strickland, Evelyn Martin, Mary Piercy, Nancy Ford, Patsy Grubbs, Roslyn Goldstein, Carolyn Sears, Joyce Brooks, Linda Kickey. Third row: Mary E. Walden, Joanne Harrison, Beth Croom, ChoHotte Jones, Pot Cloer, Wannah Shirley, Linda Holbrook, Jane Ha Ann Alle kins, Mary Rose Jones. Fourth row: Ann Mosley, Betty Wilson, Ada Astin, Ann Shirah, Susan Durhan ne Bowers, Alice Botes, Cordin Ackerma 383 KAPPA PSI-Firsf row: Ronald Jowers, louie Allen, Solly Moore, Roy Tyson, Robert Fulford. Second row; Bobby Burnley, Wade Hodges, Wayne Pickard, Edward Bailey, Russell Prescotl. Third row: Paul Sikes, John Abbott, L, L. Denton, Rufus Meloney, Mickey Crouch, fourth row: Sam Standard, John Herndon, Bobby Crawford, Earl McCorkle, Zenious Harklerood. Fifth row: Tom Evans, Jeryle Pinnell, Don Graham, Frank Randolph, Elmer Akin. Sixth row: Franklin Clements, Phillip Cook, Luther Millikan, Kenneth Harper, Tony Anderson. Kappa Psi THE KAPPA PSI pharmaceutical fraternity was nationally founded in 1879, and the University of Georgia chapter was established May 23, 1950. Kappa Psi attempts to build high ideals in all the members of the fraternity, thus it is continually building confident leaders for the future. The mem- bers pledge their unreserved loyalty to their coun- try, college, profession and fraternity. Through all of its available means. Kappa Psi is mainly inter- ested in bettering the relationship between the pharmacy profession and the public. Kappa Psi conducts its activities in such a way as to be of the utmost benefit to all of its members. Each of the members takes an active part in the remodeling and repairing of the chapter house. The Kappa Psi officers are Louie R. Allen, re- gent; Roy A. Tyson, vice regent; Zenious Harkle- road, Jr., treasurer; Ronald Jowers, corresponding secretary; Paul Sikes, recording secretary. OFFICERS: L. L. Denton, Ronald Jowers, Zenious Harkieroad, Roy Tyson, Louli Alien, Paul Sikes, Wade Hodges. KAPPA PSI members clown for the photographer as they prepare to leave for Detroit to visit drug houses. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CLUB-F rsf row.- Ed Alexander, Neal Weotherly, Virginia Arm- stead, Clay Adamson, Robert Francis, Marion Talmadge, Lallie Richter, James Welsii. Second row; W. D. Stornes, Jerry Canupp, Jot Carpen- ter, Tom Anderson, Johnny Long, Richard Welch, Robert Farmer, Allen Stovoll, Jim Mc- Cloud, Johnny Demiico, Jim Smith. Third row: Mark Lloyd, Ernest Messenge, Marshall Smith, Clifford Collier, Jerry Bartenfeld, Roscoe Moore, Unidentified, Paul Leffingwell, James Hudson, Charles Monahon. Landscape Architecture Club THE LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CLUB was established at the University of Georgia in 1928. Since that time the University has indirectly felt the club ' s influence in its landscaping projects. The purpose of the club is to further the profes- sional and artistic development of its members. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month with programs varied to include guest speakers, field trips, movies and panel discussions. For guest speakers the club invites architects, city designers, garden designers, and interior designers. Through the study of interior design the group attempts to bring the natural effect of the outside into the inside. The club makes field trips often during the year to golf courses, green houses, pri- vate gardens, parks, and masonry distributors. This year ' s officers of the Landscape Architecture Club are Robert Frances, president; Jerry Barten- field, vice president; Cliff Collier, treasurer, and James Smith, secretary. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE members glance up from drawings as photographer catches them burning midnight oil. OFFICERS: Cllfforcj Collier, Jim Smith, Jim McCloud, Robert Francis. 3S5 PEM CLUB— FiVsf row: Ida Hecklin, Joyce Freeland, Sara Ellen Shropshire, Judy leggett, Faye Dunhom, Agnes Chritzberg. Second row: Sue Hinton, Pete Burroughs, Anne Davis, Paula Whaley, Elaine Hillis, Beth Hooks, Karol Anne Kahrs, Helen Stephens, Gail Allen. Third row: Martha Smithers, Glenda Steodmon, Rosalind Zucker, Anne Davies, Carolyn Williams, Ann Sheppord, Barbara Coggins, Ann Patterson, Delia Burch, Jo Anne Thomas, Madelon Fulcher. PEM Club Pi Mu Epsilon THE MEMBERS of the PEM Club are physical education or recreation majors. Each quarter an outside speaker presents a discussion on a current topic of athletics or a survey of the occupational fields that a graduating member would be qualified to enter. Members of the PEM Club main project was rewriting the " Major ' s Handbook. " The officers include Helen Stephens, president; Sara Ellen Shropshire, vice president; Carolyn Williams, secretary-treasurer; and Joyce Freeland, " Gym-Clip " editor. SPEAKERS AT Pi Mu Epsilon discuss many topics within the field of topology: semi-groups, funda- mental concepts of algebra, and squaring the square. Each year a mathematics ability test is given to all students taking a current course in the department, and an award is given by Pi Mu Epsilon to the person with the highest score. Social activities of the year included a banquet and a ham- burger fry. Officers are Odell Hamilton, president; Walt Horstman, vice president; Robert Everett, secretary; and Faye Hagan, treasurer. PI MU EPSILON— First row: Anne Green, Odell Hamilton, Robert Everett, Wayne Patty, Dr. M. C. Curtis, Dr. G. B. Huff. Second row: Frank Goddard, Faye Hagan, Walter Blanchard, Curtis Bell, Carol Wallace, Mary McRilchie. Third row: Walt Horstman, Alston Steiner, Peter Henriksen, Robert Cote, Unidentified, Richard Kuehne, Florence Whitfield. 386 I? PRE- VET CLUB-firsf row: Price, Harold Simmons, Jc lorold Chancory, John F. Brown, Sam Wilson, James MeLory, Lloyd Marks. Second row: Roy Bowson, Clifton Thigpen, Vic Puckitt, David nes Yoetmans. Third row: Leslie V ilkes, Kenneth Chandler, Robert Heme, Warner Houston, Jerry Hardman. Pre-Vet Club Phi Upsilon Omicron THE PRE-VET CLUB is comprised of students enrolled in the pre-vet program in the School of Agriculture who are interested in entering the field of veterinary medicine. Members engage speakers from the faculty of the Veterinary School for the programs at their bi-monthly meetings along with the movies showing the various aspects of animal life. Ofl cers are Warner B. Houston, president; Lucy Jane Bridges, vice president; Robert P. Henke, secretary, and Robert W. Cornell, treasurer. HIGH MEMBERSHIP qualifications advance the aims of Phi Upsilon Omicron which celebrated its national golden anniversary at the Founder ' s Day Banquet in February. Phi Upsilon Omicron spon- sors a tea for freshmen and sophomores studying home economics and " Home Ec Day " in coopera- tion with the School of Home Economics honoring high school students. " Career Day " and " Apron Sale " activities are led by officers Gail Word, presi- dent; Helen Parkter, vice president; Martha Mills, treasurer, and Mary Ann Jackson, secretary. PHI UPSILON OMICRON-first row: Lucy Field, Elizabeth Hampton, Gloria Porterfleld, Jackie Temple. Second row: Sara Touchton, Barbara Hatfield, Rachel Balkom, Wilda Story, Eugenia Wilkes, Mary Ann Leake, Gail Word. Third row: Mary Ann Jackson, Lunelle Home, Helen Parker, Anna Nolan, Betty Lone Montgomery, Faye Thorpe, Janice Shores, Betty Wilson, Nan Danner. Not shown: Dorothy Dozier, Martha Mills. Chapter advisors: Miss Matilda Callaway, Dr. Jessie J. Mize. POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB-F rst row: William Ed Parker, Ray Dangar, Lillian Keir, Kirby Roberts, Bobby Hawthorne, Dan Freeman. Second row: Jimmy McMullen, Richard Milner, Ralph Loveless, Takeshi O ' Hara, Charles Bannister, Dr. Carl Hess. Third row: James Turner, Eugene Eisn, Jerry Cox, Jerry Whiteside, Dan Anderson, Simpson Dunahoo, Otis Mcintosh. Fifth row: James Wilhite, Kenneth Whitmire, Ja mes Highfill, Raf Roncolli, Dennis Nugara, Fred Stowers, Terence Caswell, Mohomed El-Hossony, Don Cox. Poultry Science Club PROMOTING FELLOWSHIP among students in poultry is one of the purposes of the Poultry Sci- ence Club. Also the Club strives to increase the general public ' s knowledge of the poultry industry. The club has built an exhibition house on the main poultry farm which houses rare birds for the interest of University students and the surround- ing communities. Annually, the Poultry Science Club publishes The Georgia Poultrymaii and is host for the " Geor- gia Chicken of Tomorrow " contest for hatcheries located within the state. The club sponsors several entries for the " Georgia Poultry Princess " contest and maintains a catering service for barbecued chicken. The Homecoming luncheon and the barbecue for freshmen and transfer students highlights the social events throughout the year. Officers of the club are Fred Stowers, president; Ray Dangar, vice president; Edward Parker, sec- retary; and Dan Anderson, treasurer. OFFICERS: Fred Stowers, Ray Dangar, Ed Parker, Dan Anderson, Jimmy McMullen, Dr. J. Clyde Driggers. POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB members enioy barbecued chick- en in the shade of a building located on main poultry farm. " JM ■ H i ■A k b0 1 LA 1 ,jm PHI ALPHA THETA— Firsf row: Presfon Malone, Virginia Scoggins.. Audrie Kelton, Beth Abney, Zell Miller. Second row: Dr. Lothar Tresp, Dr. C. Jay Smith, Jr., Mrs. Olive H. Shadgett, David GrifRn, Barton McCash. Third row: Dr. Wilbur D. Jones, Dr. Horace Montgomery, Dr. Kenneth Coleman, Kell Mitchell, Phil Posey. Phi Alpha Theta UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS of Phi Alpha Theta must possess a B-plus average in twenty hours of history and a B average in the remaining courses; graduates must have one third of their program in advanced studies completed. The fraternity pro- motes the research of the graduate student, encour- ages the undergraduates to continue studies in graduate work, and submits articles by members to " The Historian. " Officers are James Griffin, president; Bryan Miller, vice president; Audrie Kelton, secretary, and Beth Abney, treasurer. Jr. Panhellenic Council EACH SORORITY pledge class is represented by two delegates on Junior Panhellenic Council. The Council strives to foster a spirit of unity among the first year sorority girls and to prepare them for Senior Panhellenic work. Besides donating clothes to the Salvation Army, the Council raised money for charity with a Sadie Hawkins Dance where the " big sisters " were guests of the " little sisters. " Officers are Becky Little, president; Gloria Harrell, vice president; Cecile Piplar, secretary, and Faye Chastain, treasurer. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL— First row: Martha Scrivener, Linda Jones, Gloria Harrell, Ellen Weaver, Woo Hubert, Sannoh Sutter, Irene Hurt, Jane Brown. Second row: Gloria Greenburg, Freida Trestmon, Unidentified, Becky Little, Bebe Taylor, Minnie Rowe, Cecile Piplar. Third row: Marilyn Young, Cusie Chichester, Neilda Freedman, Camilla Coyne, Joan Swanson, Julie Wheeler, Unidentified, Beth Honkinson, Sorolyn Bone, Bonnie Anderson, Unidentified, Ann Cook, Genie Thomas, Angel Campbell, Liz Hampton, Foye Chastain. OFFICERS-F.rsf row: Harry Farrow, Bob Edge, Louis Schaul. Second row: Steve Calmondson, Horry Coshin, Wayne Snow, Brandt Sessions, Bill Miller, Shep Ansley. MEMBERS OF Phi Kappa Literary Society gather for a round table discussion on economic and political issues of the day. Phi Kappa Literary PHI KAPPA LITERARY SOCIETY was founded in 1820 by six Franklin College students. It has as its purpose the developments of public speaking, oratory, debate, and training in political methods and parliamentary procedure. Phi Kappa holds the traditional Freshman Im- promptu Debate, Sophomore Declaration, and Junior Oration exercises in competition with the rival literary society. Terminating the year ' s activi- ties is an annual banquet. Officers include Bob Edge, president; Harry Farrow, vice president; Louis Schaul, chief justice, and Shep Ansley, secretary. THEDBi stnves m: " to promoi cultivate weeklv im and TCKini TlieSoci maniinprc tion, anil t PHI KAPPA LITERARY SOCIETY-Roster: Shep Ansley, Lindsey Bennet, Horry Coshin, Rowland Dye, Steve Edmondson, Horry Ferrell, Batch Flythe, John Frith, Claude Harper, Lewis Schaul, Brandt Sessions, Doug Smith, Woyne Snow, Dorell Bigir, F. H. Culpepper, Craig Fickling, George Hearn, Don Bieger, Charles Brown, Horace Evans, Clin Harrell, Sam Kendrick, Tommy Miller, William Payton, John Stovall, Wyck Knox, Richard Truitt, Gus Turnhull, Walter Brown, Al LeRoy, George Hood, Tom Ansley, Andy Foster, Pete Banks, Frank Underwood, Mike Bobrow, Allan Botchelor, Charlie Castleberry, Bill Clark, Jimmy Hall, Jimmy Harrison, Walter Hoys, Pete McCommons, Dedi Thomas, James George, Bill Standard, Otis Mcintosh, Dan Minchew, Jimmy Mcintosh, Jimmy Thomas, Sonny Sheoly, Jim Hall, John Walters, Bob Wilkins, M. T. Simmons, Dr. James W. Alexander, faculty advisor. • ■ t Uj M DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY— First row: Wallace Morgan, Eugene Wright, Dr. Henderson, John Green, Billy Davis. Second row: Richard Marrow, Visitor, Bob Burton, Ralpho Canunder, James Pace, Charles Frazier, Bloke Drawdy. Third row: Jimmy Gibson, Bob Raley, Lowell Kirby, Cecil Davis, Tommy Bumside, Devon Smith, John Ervin. Fourth row: Max Johns, Larry Young, Ed Wilson, Ray Danger, Lee Jorrett, James Harris. Demosthenian THE DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY strives toward its purpose stated in its constitution " to promote the cause of science and truth by the cultivation of oratory and the art of debate at weekly meetings. " Any male student may become a member by attending two consecutive meetings and voicing his desire to the secretary at both. The Society meets its rival each year in the fresh- man impromptu debate, the sophomore declama- tion, and the junior oration. Each spring quarter OFFICERS: Wallace Morgan, Tommy Bumside, Bob Burton. the annual Demosthenian Banquet brings to the campus some prominent Georgian or Southerner, legislator, jurist, or journalist. Debating, attendance, and office holding give members points toward the coveted Demosthenian honor key. Officers are Tommy Burnside, president; Bob Burton, vice president; Wallace Morgan, secretary-treasurer; Balcke Drawdy, chief justice, and Eugene Talmadge Wright, solicitor. DEMOSTHENIANS, famous for their outstanding debate, argue the " pro " and " cons " until six o ' clock in the morning. OFFICERS: Bill Hawes, McKinion, Preston Hart. BIN Brown, Gus Johnson, Ralph Burton, Pete Moody, Bill PRIZE SHEEP won the Champion Sheep Show- man trophy at the Little International Show. Saddle And Sirloin EACH YEAR Saddle and Sirloin finances delegates to Ft. Worth, Chicago, and Kansas City to com- pete against other Livestock Judging Teams from throughout the country. At the Little International Livestock Show held in November, students enter cattle: Hereford, Short Horn, Angus, and dairy cattle, sheep, and swine. The club sponsors entries in the Southeastern Fair each fall in Atlanta. An- other annual event is honoring an outstanding Geor- gia citizen, who has rendered service to the live- stock interest of the state, at the Portrait Presen- tation where the honoree ' s portrait is hung in Hardeman Hall. Winter quarter is the scene for the social event of the year, the Herdsman Bawl, where all Ag majors are invited to the square dance. Officers are Preston F. Hart, president; Bill Mc- Kinnon, vice president; Pete Moody, secretary; and Bill Hawes, treasurer. SADDLE AND SIRLOIN— First row: Bobby Deol, Jerry Brittingham, Ernest Morgan, John Shulin, Donald Cory, Dick Hydrick, Randy Clayton. Second row; Joe Rowan, Gary Wilson, Gilbert Miller, Buddy Crum, Edward Young, Virgil Cameron, Claude Dorminy, Jean Lovell, Dr. A. E. Cullison. Third row: Welter Futrol, Jimmy Rivers, Zack Martin, Lamar Coston, Ben Long, Ralph Burton, Joe Norris, Bill Hawes, Preston ttart. Burton Garrett. Fourth row: Gene Manry, Pete Moody, Gus Johnson, Bobby Walker, Bill Hennig, Clayton Garner, Bill Brown, Bill McKinnon, Lamar Miller. Fifth row: Clifford Lee, Dr. R. F. Sewell, Dr. R. A. Long, James R. Danion, Dr. E. P. Warren, Dr. J. W. Lassiter. a V mm »- 2 m 1 n K ..r i SIGMA ALPHA lOTA-First row: Merlam Christian, Mo goret O ' Beor, Joanne Graham, Jan Williams, Lisa Elde Sue Stolvey, Joyce Bennett, Barbara Foster, Letrel Morris, Laura Helen Jones, Anne Sexton. Sigma Alpha lota IOTA ZETA CHAPTER of Sigma Alpha Iota was established in 1940 with famous national alumnae including Lily Pons, Rise Stevens, Mildred Miller and Dorothy Kirstein. The sorority strives to further the development of music and raise the standards of the music pro- fession among women students. This year a Sorority Sing, rush party, and faculty tea were activity highlights. Officers include Laura Helen Jones, president; Ann Sexton, vice president; Jackie Powell, secre- tary, and Lisa Elder, treasurer. GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA-First row: Carol Weeks, Mary Bird, Linda Jones, Cindy Wh Celestine, Linda Jones, Ellen McElroth, Judy Ann Corswell, Betty Boily. Second row: Le Noel Foster, Gloria Roberts, Carol Lollowell, Fran Morris, Miss Costa, Dedie Gray, Susi Bobbie O ' Brien, Linda Rice, Lynn Graves, Mary Terrell, Edna Lou Ward, Gloria Sco ie Dot Richie. Fourth row: Linda Holbrook, Jean Denton, Coren Pope, Brendo Browning, Hunter, Gay Cleveland, Ann Whitfield, Irene Miller, Mary Burt, Bonnie Anderson, Liz Little, Priscilla Crowe, DiAnn Magill, Christine Chew, Carolyn Blunt, Kay Charles, .Pat Scrivner, Susan Johnson, Nancy Wills. Gamma Sigma Sigma THIS SERVICE SORORITY assembles Univer- sity women for the purpose of service to the stu- dent body, faculty, community, and nation. It.. develops friendship among women of all creeds through fulfillment of goals common to all. The projects include aid at registration, charity fund drives, the Campus Chest Drive, and Easter and Christmas parties for the needy. Officers are Gloria Roberts, president; Noel Fos- ter, vice president; Robin Jones and Didi Gray, secretaries, and Jacqueline Powell, treasurer. Ann Freemc Solly Penson, Maybee Ov ie, Lois Stov ie Few, Nancy Ford. !ld, Jean Wingote, J Moyneita Crisp Be Jones, Carol Culpepper, Charlotte Haygood, Dee Fowler, Peggy Tho , Priscilla Pound, Martha Addison, Pot lorriet Bruce, Robin Jones, Jackie Powell, .- -.3... Mallord, Betty Ann Moon, Susan Johnson, nis Roberson, Charlotte Dunlap, Lynn Lightfoot, Solly Wilson, ley, Polly McBee, Foye Jean Williford, Pat Hughes, Genie Fi7fh row: Roberta Freeman, Becky lan Swonson, Pat Johnson, Martha siisi gssniwi mil ' 0 0 o ' " ' nr 00 OFFICERS: Cler Colson, Beth Hooks, Gloria Schwar+i, Nan Danner, Lynn Crovatt, Helen Huff. WAA Sponsors Many Intramurals And Skill Clubs THE MAIN FUNCTION of the Women ' s Ath- letic Association is the promotion of the intramural sports program. Members assist in setting up tour- naments and furnishing referees. The Dolphin Club is a skill club sponsored by the Women ' s Athletic Association. The purpose of the club is to form a select group of women swim- mers on the campus and to further development and perfect the synchronized swimming skill of the group. The Tennis Club provides an opportunity for those interested in skilled tennis to develop the higher skill and techniques of the game. The Concert Dance Club and Apprentice Group are skill clubs in which the membership is based upon dance ability and creativity. The club works to develop higher skill as dancers through perform- ance and also to stimulate interest in dance as an art form on the University campus. Key Club membership is based upon the out- standing qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, service, and participation in activities sponsored by the Women ' s Athletic Association. This is the highest honor which a woman student may re- ceive in WAA. The WAA Council consists of officers, sports managers, sorority and dormitory representatives, committee chairmen, officers of the skill clubs, and voting members of WAA. Officers of WAA are Nan Danner, president; Helen Huff, vice presi- dent; Lynn Crovatt, secretary and Cler Colson, treasurer. THE WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIONS COUNCIL GUIDES THE POLICIES OF THE EXPANSIVE INTRAMURAL SPORTS PROGRAM ON THE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS. 394 A DRAMATIC performance is giv- en with the physical expression of abstract ideas by the Dance Club. ' I ' TENNIS CLUB honors outstanding tennis plays with yearly invitations. DOLPHIN CLUB MEMBERS ACT AS JUDGES WHEN REPRESENTATIVES FROM ALL THE SORORITIES AND DORMITORIES COMPETE IN ANNUAL SWIMMING MEET. ,-jj, " - ' ■ ' ' ■■■■■, wmmmm ISSSE URSA MINORS-Firsf row: Sarah Youngblood, Polly McBee, Elaine Little, Elaine Goes row: Patti Marling, Christie Radford, Margaret Andrews, Carol Middleton, Nancy Wil Tumlin, Peggy Thornley, Gene Keller, Mayneita Crisp, Charlotte Young, Flora Bloun Jeanie Craker, Miriam Christian, Nanelle Smith, Rosalyn Goldstein. Second ms, Libby Chaplin, Martha Wren. Third row: Chorlsy Moon, Sylvia Evans, Pat University Resident Student Assistants EACH SPRING QUARTER, University women who desire selection into University Resident Stu- dent Assistants attend an indicated number of study courses in order to qualify for membership. Selec- tion is based on academic standing and good char- acter. U. R. S. A. Minors help freshmen during the first week of school as they become situated in the dormitories. U. R. S. A. Majors, who live in Myers Dormitory, assist freshmen women in learning to live together successfully and develop their char- acter and personality through their associations at the University. The organization sponsors the annual Freshman Talent Show, scholastic competition between dor- mitory floors, a week-end retreat for members, and is available for orientation and registration assist- ance. The program was established in 1950 with Miss Birdie Bondurant as advisor. Officers are Tommie Smith, president; Halley Boatwright, vice presi- dent; Melba Wages, secretary, and Peggy Thorn- ley, chairman of U. R. S. A. Minor. URSA MAJORS; Wonnoh Shirley, Jean Gullett, Lynda Patricio Patterson, Elaine Merrill, Jeanne Whatley. Secon Boatwright, Tommie Smith, Miss Birdie Bondurant, Melb. Hodges, Peggy Bergeron, Edith Floyd, Betty Moseley, Borborc d row: Peggy Alderman, Cynthia Corley, Louise Fund, Mary Eleo 3 Wages, Maurine Pittman, Dwayne Tucker, Judy McClesky, Ho Patton, Rosemary Clifford, Mary Simmons, lOr Wolden, Angelyn Fouts, Flo Butler, Halley riet Pusser, Natalie Hull. 1 isicnii mu JAZZ CLUB Jazz Club THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA JAZZ SO- CIETY was founded on November 19, 195 8 at the University by a group of interested students, fac- ulty members, and Athenians. Its purpose, as stated in the constitution, is " to promote the acceptance of jazz music as an art form through interest, understanding, and participation. " Membership is open to any person having an interest in jazz which is synonymous with the purpose of the Society. The Society presents at least one concert each quarter featuring groups from the Southeastern area. The Society ' s offices are in room 508, Memo- rial Hall, and its mailing address is The University of Georgia Jazz Society, P. O. Box 2006, Georgia University Station, Athens, Georgia. Officers are: Stuart Woods, president; Fred Sum- ter, vice president; Barba ra Johnson, secretary;- Hugh Rosenthal, treasurer. OFFICERS: Fred Sumfer, Barbara Johnson, Stuarf Woods, Hugh Rosen- thal. Second row: Bernie Bell, Bob Barnette. 397 J. OFFICERS — First row: Marvin A+ha, Mr. Byron H. Warner, James G. Harris. Second row: Kenneth Williams, Tony Hughes, Glenn Owen. THE UNIVERSITY MEN ' S GLEE CLUB features guest soloists for campus performances and on annual spring concert tour. Men ' s Glee Club THE MEN ' S GLEE CLUB strives to further the interest of music at the University of Georgia and over the state of Georgia, and to foster brother- hood among students and lovers of good music. The only qualification for membership in the Glee Club is the desire to belong to a singing organiza- tion, and the ability to sing. Each year the Glee Club gives numerous per- formances on and off campus and in neighboring towns. During the spring recess each year, the Glee Club takes a concert tour all over the state of Georgia. The Glee Club sponsors the annual Stunt Night for all clubs on campus, presenting musical numbers between stunts, and having guest music organizations to furnish entertainment during the evening. Officers are James G. Harris, president; Kenneth Williams, vice president; Marvin Atha, business manager; Tony Hughes, secretary-librarian; and Mr. Byron Warner, director. MEN ' S GLEE CWB-Firsi row: Tony Hughes, Kenneth Williams, James Harris, Mr. Byron Warner, Marvin Atha, Glenn Owen, Campbell Giddons, III. Second row: Willie Woo, Dave Parker, Paul Eichel, Raymond Gotko, Terrell Wesley, III, Byron Warner, Bill Bowden, Larry Coleman, Joe Patrick, Gregory Bernard. Third row: Joel Cohen, Pat Pattillo, Carlton Harris, Tom Pagett, Lorry Lawrence, Leon Newman, Frank Tarpley, Milton Johns, Ted Land, Lowell Lawson. Fourth row: Ken Hood, Fred Addison, Bob Seeley, Larry Burton, Jack Adams, D. D. Castleberry, Joe Allen, Gene Bruker. L -I . ■ H It. .- 1 fi lli i«« i « . I .-r " T. THE SURPRISE ENTRANCE OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER PROVIDES A BREAK IN THE WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB PRACTICE SESSION Women ' s Glee Club THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA Women ' s Glee Club is a choral group under the direction of Mr. John Anderson. Any female student at the Uni- versity is qualified to join the Georgia Trebles by paying the membership dues each quarter. Annually during the Christmas season, the Women ' s Glee Club presents a Christmas Carol concert at Fine Arts Auditorium and takes part in the elaborate Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The group also visits various college campuses dur- ing the year, such as its visit to the Georgia Tech campus each November. Finally, during the spring quarter, the club presents its Music Appreciation Spring Concert. OFFICERS — Seated: John Anderson, Nancy Peterson. Standing: Saralyn Bone, Barbara Jackson, Teresa Spelgner, Betty Crawford, Ann Langbord, Pat Eck, Janis Roberson. WOMAN ' S GLEE CLUB-F rsf row: Barbara Jackson, Betty Crawford, Pot Eck, Judy McGinnis, Barbara Longford, Ann Cook, Melba Wages, Judy Conner. Second row: Patsy LeverethI, Gloria McLendon, Dee Stokes, Cindy Whitmon, Betty Sewell, John Anderson, Mary Terrell, Nelda Smith, Neva Wittice, Mary Keen, Gail Monion. Third row: Ann Longford, Toni Sullivan, Teresa Speigner, Unidentified, Connie Boyd, Jean Florence, Nancy Wills, Helen Fagon, Pat Greene, Amy McGuire, Gloria Porter- field, Ann Broke, Nancy Peterson, Sylvia Randall, Janis Roberson. Fourth row: Kotherine Boggs, Gail Adams, Pat Bailey, Mary Wurst, Saralyn Bone, Flossie Medlock, Priscillo Crow, Jeanett Bellamy, Unidentified, Jean Driver, Avis Rollins, Atha Jo Rollins. Productions Vary: Classical To Contempory Drama ONE OF THE MOST popular activities at the University of Georgia is the University Theatre. Each year over five hundred University students from the campus at large become actors, costumers, make-up artists, scene-builders, technicians, and members of the business staff. These students, un- der the supervision of Speech and Drama faculty members, successfully run a theatre season each year. During the 195 8-59 footlight season. The Teahouse of the August Moon, The Chalk Garden, the Madwoman of Chaillot, and The Confidential Clerk delighted campus and Athenian audiences. Besides this ambitious program, a series of ex- perimental one-act plays were produced in the Laboratory Theatre. These plays — produced, di- rected, and acted by students — have become pop- ular with the students and the faculty. Some of the plays produced during the past year were Gammer Gurton ' s Needle, A Trap Is a Small Place, and The Parade at the Devil ' s Bridge. Three plays were also presented by the Thalian- Blackfriars, the University of Georgia Theatre honorary, and were chosen from the winning scripts submitted to the annual One-Act Play Con- test. Winning scripts produced on the Fine Arts Auditorium stage were Color Caught Color by Ed Mulligan, The Day After Yesterday by Oliver Land, and With or Without: Halos! by Sally Birchmore Wildman. In addition to its mainstage and Laboratory Theatre productions, the University Theatre spon- sored, in co-operation with the Georgia HigK School Association, the tenth annual Speech and Drama Festival-Contest which brought over two hundred students in plays and debates to the Uni- versity campus for final adjudication. With the cooperation and support of the Inter- Fraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council, and the Rotary Education Foundation, Miss Auriol Smith was brought from Great Britain to the cam- pus to serve as the Junior-Artist-in-Residence dur- ing 1958-59. Miss Smith is from the University of Bristo l ' s Department of Drama, the only Depart- ment of Drama in a university in the British Isles. Miss Smith appeared in plays and worked on the University Theatre productions during the past year. When selecting plays for the mainstage produc- tions, an attempt is made to provide campus audi- ences with a well-balanced program ranging from classics to contemporary experimental drama. The accompanying scenes from four of the presenta- tions indicate the wide selection of plays offered to University Theatre audiences. STAFF OF THE UNIVERSITY THEATRE Leighton M. Ballew Director Paul A. Camp Technical Director James E. Popovich .... Associate Director Dan F. Baker Puppet Theatre Sara Fabian Secretary Joahn Greene Business Manager Ronald Lasky Electrician Susan C. Smith Costumer Darrell Mclntyre ' Carpenter Ed Long Technician Virginia Everett .... Graduate Assistant Annette Coleman .... Graduate Assistant Cliff Ellen McCormick Make-up Fall Quarter 1958 " Teahouse of the August Moon " by John Patrick Dram? ' ' ' • " -a Inter. .; ' 5 Auno! ■ ' ' " cirn. - ' roni ■.■:rill- Fall Quarter 1958 ' The Chalk Garden ' by Enid Bagnold . Director - ■•-;!. Director ■.-.-u:e Director PoppetTlieatre . . . Secretar} ' knes Manager . Eltariciaj . . Catumer . . Qrpenter . . Technician i jlu[e . ssistani " ■;j;a:c. ssistani Iike-ap Winter Quarter 1958 " Othello " by Williann Shakespeare k,J( «f ' « ' Spring Quarter 1958 " The Circle " 401 by W. Somerset Maugham . ,-,5y ,5? , •■ « DIXIE REDCOATS provide halftime enferfainment on Sanford Stadium as the crowds come to Georgia ' s football games to see the Bulldogs in combat. BARBARA EMMINGER, Solo Twirler Dixie Redcoat Band DEPARTMENTS OF THE BAND Dixie Redcoat Band Wind Ensemble ABC Pep Bands Dixie Derbies EVENTS Eight football half-time shows Ten weekly pep rallies, Dixie Derbies GMEA Reading Clinic, Wind Ensemble January Festival Concert Ten basketball games, ABC Pep Bands Annual Winter Concert Spring Tour President ' s Concert Annual Spring Concert Graduation Concert THE DANCING MAJORETTES IN A PRACTICE SESSION PREPARE FOR SATURDAY AFTERNOON PERFORMANCE DURING FOOTBALL GAME HALFTIME. ■i OFFICERS-FIrst row: Miller, King, Sexton. Second row: Bell, Robertson, Knowles, Durden, Davidson, Mitchell, Meadors, Henson. Not pictured: Norris, Blaylock, Jones, Downs, Wi -ker, Fesperman, P. Smith, Williams, R. B. Smith. THE HIGHLIGHT of the spring musical season is -j-fie performance given at Fine Arts Auditorium by the Dixie Red Coat Symphonic Orchestra. Administration Roger L. Dancz Director Mrs. Phyliss Dancz . Twirlhig Supervisor Marvin King Captain Cleve Miller Drum Major Mitchell Henson . . 1st Lt., Operations Tom Durden 1st Lt., Library Ginger Mitchell . . . 1st Lt., Publicity Joan Norris .... 1st Lt., Personnel Larry Blaylock Properties Laura Helen Jones . . . 2nd Lt., Social Andy Davidson .... 2nd Lt., Alumni Carol Downs . . . Captain, Georgettes Ann Wicker .... 1st Lt., Georgettes Hannah Fesperman . 1st Lt., Georgettes Patricia Smith . . . Captain, Majorettes Jan Williams . . . . l$t Lt., Majorettes Ann Sexton . Incoming Capt., Majorettes Elmer Bell S,g ., Operations Jim Knowles Sg ., Operations Ginny Robertson .... Sgt., Library Robert B. Smith Sgt., Library Gloria Meadors .... Sgt., Personnel Band PersoneL Algood, Sister Barnett, Bob Barton, Jan Beck, Bea Beck, Elaine Bell, Elmer Bennett, Buzzie Bishop, Martha Blanchard, Ed Blaylock, Carole Blaylock, Larry Bottoms, Faye Bowden, BUI Bowdcn, Thomas Bragg, Charles Bridges, Glenda Brooks, Jene Bro ' wn, Cullen Butler, Joe Camp, Chuck Carder, Rickey Carmical, Andy Chaplin, Ann Coleman, Scott Conlon, Hugh Damour, Ed Davidson, Andy Davis, Mercier Demos, John Der, Bob on, Dick laldson, Carey vns, Carol nkard, Emory Dunahoo, Charles Dunaway, Bill Durden, Tom Elliot, Duane Elliott, Glenda Ellis, Norma Emminger, Barbara Ethridge, Weyman Evans, Ronnie Falcone, Gene Farmer, Troy Fesperman, Hannah Few, Lindsey Franklin, Denny Garrett, Brenda Garrison, Peggy Gotko, Raymond Graham, Jo Anne Graiser, Sheldon Greenfield, Hyman Griffin, Hill Haack, Don Hailey, Nancy Hall, Donald Hamcock, Ronald Harper, Beverly Harrison, Joanne Henson, Mitchel Heston, Nan Holman, Martin Imes, Chester Jackson, James James, Ma rtha Jandrew, Bonnie Jones, Hardman Jones, Laura Helen Jones, Lynda Kee, Ken King, Don King, Marvin Knowles, Jim Lewis, Barbara Lingham, Karen McCullough, Bunny McDonald, Bubba McGregor, Martin Wingo, Frank Wooten, Ernest Worthington, John Wren, Jennie Wright, Nancey McLendon, Guy Martin, Bill Meadors, Gloria Melvin, Johnny Merrell, Eleine Miller, Cleve Mitchell, Babs Mitchell, Ginger Moore, Marianna Murphy, Eddie Neblett, Gay Newton, Glenda Norris, Joan O ' Bear, Margaret Loiber, Pete Padgett, Tom Patterson, Patricia Pittendreigh, Shannon Poe, Sistie Poston, Marilyn Powers, Margaret Reeves, George Register, Jim Robertson, Ginny Rogers, John Scott, Austin Sexton, Ann Shupe, Joyce Simmons, Bob Skipper, James Smith, Jan Smith, Patricia Smith, Robert Smithy, Jane Stockton, Glenn Stokely, James Stone, Gerald Strain, Ray Strickland, Louie Tanner, Rhett Tant, Betsy Thomas, Theresa Thurman, Joannah Thurman, Richard Wade, Bob Webster, Ronnie Whitlev, Bill Wicker, Ann Williams, Jan Williams, Woody Wilson, Rose Marie M S. THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA DIXIE RED COAT BAKD PROUDLY PRESENTS THE GEORGETTES WHO EXHIBIT SPECTACULAR FLAG TWIRLING FEATS. 403 i !f OFFICERS: Bob Edge, Dr. Hugh Hodgson, Theresa Speigner, John Roark. University Chorus THE PURPOSE of the University Chorus is to provide a choral organization in which the student body may participate, and also to provide the Uni- versity community with a musical group capable of performing the greater works of choral music. As a member of the University Chorus, the stu- dent is urged to develop his musical talent as much under professional direction. The musical agenda for fall quarter was " Missa Brevis " by Zolton Kodaly and " St. Cecelia Mass " by Charles Gounod. Hugh Hodgson ' s score of " Oratori ao for Good Friday " and " Atonement at Golgotha " was presented winter quarter. During spring quarter, the audience heard " A German Requiem " by Johannes Brahms. Officers are Bobby Edge, president; Theresa Spigener, vice president, and John H. Roark, secretary-treasurer. THE UNIVffS Roster Chamber Orchestra DIRECTOR HODGSON and chorus practice for a pending performance. VIOLINS Nina Geverts Bertran Davis Laura Fortson John Edwards CELLO Marysue Barnes HORNS J. Harris Mitchell Barbara Mitchell CLARINETS Johnny Demos Gene Falcone PIANO Louise Har ' well SOPRANOS AND ALTOS Mary Baker Anne Baldwin Joyce Bennett Peggy Ann Bryan Mary Anne Casky Miriam Christian Judith Conner Susan Cornwell Eloise Crane Betty Crawford Marcia Croley Dixie Edw ards Joyia Fellow s Judy Folk Barbara Foster Anne Freeman Frances Gaines Mary Lou Gift Latrell Goff Lee Gorman Patsy Gow der Barbara Haney Evelyn Haney Barbara Humphries Annette Janney Carol Jones Carolyn Langford Agnes Mai com Bertie Ann Massey Karen Mcintosh Patsy McVey Patti Mendel Margaret Morris Claire Palmer Sybil Pate Kay Patterson Nancy Peterson Frances Poe Pat Purcell Myrna Rose Robertso Janet Slay LaVerne Smith Theresa Spigener Sue Stalvey Charlotte Stinson Lorena Stoops Mary Eleanor Terrell Barbara Totten Charlotte West Martha Ann Wiggins Doris McKee Mary Stanford Dorothy Womack Mary Hansard TENORS AND BASSES John Anderson William Bowden Bob Edge John S. Edw ards Paul Eichel Leon Gallis Campbell Giddons Carleton Harris Donald Haack Lowell Lawson Ray Leonard Samuel Mann Leon New man Art Reynolds Douglas Stow George Winders Darryl Wilson Robert Battle Thornton Womack Byron Warner VIOLA Stanton Forbes TIMPANI Hardman Jones DOUBLE BASS Bob Bamett ORGAN John Roark THE UNIVERSITY CIVIC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA UNDER THE DIRECTORSHIP OF BERTRAN E. DAVIS ACKNOWLEDGES OVATION AFTER PERFORMANCE. Univ. Civic Orchestra MEMBERSHIP IN THE Symphony Orchestra is open to Students at the University and to the com- munity. A concert is presented quarterly. The fall concert included " Overture to Don Pasquale, " one of Donizetti ' s sixty operatic works, Schubert ' s Symphony No. 8 in B Minor " which was first per- formed in Vienna in 1865, and the moving " Ca- priccio Italien " written by Tchaikovsky as a result of his visit to Italy. The annual opera participation included ; a Garden, Kupfermann; There and Back, Hindemith, and Gianni Scbicchi by Puccini. The concert in the spring quarter features student soloists who through competition gain the oppor- tunity to perform with the orchestra. Guided by the director Bertran E. Davis, the offices are Carey Donaldson, president; Virginia Robertson, business manager; Ginger Mitchell, li- brarian, and Nina Geverts, concertmaster. OFFICERS: Virginia Robertson, Carey Donaldson, Ginger Betran E. Davis. Roster Mitchell THE VIOLINISTS follow their music closely as they pluck their way through a spontaneous and moving pizzicato movement. VIOLIN Nina Geverts John Edwards Laura Fortson Carleton Horris Kathryn Bankston Rubin Gotesky Betty Mitchell Bert Gratigny Reba Schindel Lorna Free VIOLA W. Stanton Forbes Senta Hutcheson VIOLONCELLO Marysue Barnes Jo Anne Graham Rudolph Kratina CONTRABASS Bob Barnett Jim Jackson FLUTE Austin Scott Margaret Obear Eckhart Willige OBOE Ginger Mitchell Gloria Meadors PICCOLO Eckhart Willige ENGLISH HORN Ginger Mitchell CLARINET Johnny Demos Jean Falcone Joe Butler Hugh Conlon BASS CLARINET Hugh Conlon BASSOON Cary Donaldson Ann Sexton HORN Virginia Robertson Barbara Mitchell X ' oodrow Williams Harris Mitchell TRUMPET Bill Robison BUI Martin Tom Padgett TROMBONE John Rogers Andy Carmical, Jr. Donald Haack Jefferson Tate TUBA Guy McLendon TIMPANI Hardman Jones PERCUSSION Elmer Bell Ricky Carder Bill Whiteley PIANO Claire Palmer B ' NAI B ' RITH HILLEL FOUNDATION— First row: Rochelle Wexler, Rosalyn Goldstein, Sidney Norris, Andy Peidman, Carl Mallin, Jan Solonion, Brenda Kurtz, Ravelle Pergament, Fred Clark. Second row: Hyman Shapiro, Dorothy Miller, Linda Zoss, Betty Jacobs, Neilda Friedman, Ann Kessner, Susan Rener, Betty Ann Centrenken, Gail Goldstein, Ida Hecklin, Mike Becker, Rabbi Tursking. Third row: Deana Specter, Pot Vinson, Toby Rosenburg, Stuart Meyers, Ellen Epstein, Bill Rosenburg, Joyce Strankman, Muriel Walner. Fourth row: Ellen Etzkow, Halene Kaufman, Betty Bra ven, Sandra Carpi, Devero Felson, Pauletle Elkins, Harold Hirsch, Barbara Sacks, Pntsy Braven, Alan Levy, Rosalyn Dannerman, Susan Surritz, Dorothy Lewis, Alan Sutio, Larry Blankan, Rosalyn Odresin. B ' nai B ' rith Hille OFFICERS— First row: Roslyn Goldstein Second row: DIena Specter, Hyman Robbie ZInsklnal, Rochelle Wexler. Artie Maisnere, Shapiro, Andi( Little irin THE B ' NAI B ' RITH Hillel Foundation was na- tionally founded in 1923, and locally the Founda- tion was established in 1930. Through the past twenty-nine years, the local Foundation has pro- moted Jewish life and ideals on the campus. The Foundation takes part in community service projects yearly, and a very strong part in char- itable drives is taken by the members of the organ- ization. Throughout the year Hillel Foundation holds classes in Bible, Jewish history, and the Hebrew language along with its regular religious services. Officers of the Foundation are Arthur Meisnere, president; Gene Eidsen, vice president; Sheldon Graiser, treasurer; Illene Little, corresponding sec- retary; and Betty Behr, member-at-large. B ' NAI B ' RITH HILLEL FOUNDATION members act as hosts at a tea honoring speakers at the annual Religion and Life Week Conference. 406 l BAPTIST STUDENT UNION-firsf row: Flor Pierce Wilcox, Charles Peek, Mariha Wren nee Whitfield, Ralph Adomson, Mahalah Harrison, Ronnie Hatche Jane Otweil, Sam Power. Jo Ann Parker. Second row: Dr. F. W, Baptist Student Union BSU ON OUR CAMPUS has as its main purpose to serve as the connecting Hnk between the students and the local Baptist churches. The Baptist Student Union sponsors a Summer Missions Drive, and its members also give a Christmas party for underpriv- ileged children. Vespers, fellowship, and social activities are held at the Walter Wise Baptist Student Center, and the Center al so provides transportation to and from the local Baptist church services for the University students. The officers elected by the members of the Bap- tist Student Union are Jane Otwell, president; Ronnie Hatcher, vice president; Genie Wilkins, Sunday School representative; and Charlie Peek, Training Union representative. BAPTIST UNIVERSITY STUDENTS are drawn together socially with the many parties planned by mennbers of the Baptist Student Union. i SUNDAY NIGHT fun is had by BSU members at Walter Wise Center following BTU and church service. CANTERBURY CLUB— F rsf row; Bill Recies, Jane Eager, Tom Anthony, Betsy Birchmore, Frank Siccardi, Eleanor Cannon, Tom Bryson. Second row: Beverly Back, Clare White, Sara Sanford, Joe Patrick, Mary McRitchie, Alex Smythe, Unidentified, Mary Ann Kibler, Tommy Kibler, Ted Alwood. Third row; Jon lutz. Stetson Fleming. OFFICERS: Mary McRitchie, Jane Eagar, Stetson Fleming. Canterbury Club THE CANTERBURY CLUB of the University of Georgia meets once a week at the local Parish House. This association of Episcopal students and faculty members of the University meets for the mutual fellowship and to be instructed in the Christian faith. Through its religious emphasis, the Canterbury Club hopes to create higher ideals for all people at the University of Georgia. It also hopes to create greater interest in religious life on the University campus. REVEREND NAT PARKER has for his audience members of the Canter- bury Club who enjoy the informal Wednesday sessions at the Parish House. irffcCa CHRISTIAN SCIENCE COLLEGE ORGANIZATION-fiVst row, Winkie Booker, Carolyn Burrows, David Clifford, Olive Shadgett, Marion Branch. Second row: Jerry Burrows, Bonnie Jandrew, Chuck Maxwell, Carol Maxwell, David McClurkin. Disciples of Student Fellowship Christian Science THE LOCAL CHRISTIAN SCIENCE College Organization was established on campus to unite Christian Scientists in closer bonds of Christian fel- lowship, to provide an opportunity for those desir- ing to learn and apply the truths of Christian Science, and to cooperate with other student re- ligious groups in projects that promote interre- ligious interest. The members elected for the cur- rent slate of officers: David Clifford, president; Marion Branch, vice president; Betty Youngblood, treasurer, and David McClurkin, secretary. DISCIPLES OF STUDENT FELLOWSHIP-Firsf row: Charlsey Moon, Gail Birdson, Dr. Barton Dowdy, Mary Piercy, Betty Robertson, Miriam Christian. Second row: William Sturges, Judy Folk, Arlene Gregory, Diane Tucker, Jean Florence, Unidentified, Joyne Malcolm, Jon Ann Drenon, Ann Cadle. Third row: K. Head, James Woodworth, John Edwards, Ronald Spence, Paul Wood, Ronald Knight. Not pictured: Judy Buroker, Wade Hodges, Robert Fulford, Linda Hinson, Nancy Pherson. THE DISCIPLES OF STUDENT FELLOWSHIP provides an opportunity for those who are inter- ested in the Christian religion to come together in a spirit of friendship and fellowship in the effort to seek the highest religious values of life and share in solutions to common problems. Meeting each Sunday night, the members present programs under the leadership of the officers: Arlene Greg- ory, president; Miriam Christian, secretary; Diane, Tucker, treasurer. t w A zxs u. 1 " " " ' " •■■ - _ JS ! H ? SAMPLING POPCORN together with hats and horns lend a festive air as Catholic students gather at Newman Center to greet the new guarter. OFFICERS— Firsf row; Katherine Steis, Gregory Benord. Second row: John Sheppard, Pol McGann. Newman Club THE NEWMAN CLUB is an organization of Catholic students who attend secular universities and colleges. Its purpose is to deepen the spiritual and to enrich the secular lives of its niembers through a balanced program of religious, intellec- tual, and social activities, and to encourage and develop Catholic leadership. Sunday meetings, which begin with supper, may schedule a lecture, a film, a group discussion, or some other academic or social activity. Besides the daily and Sunday Masses held at Newman Hall, instruction in Catholic teaching is offered each Wednesday evening. Officers are John McD. Shep- pard, president; Katherine Steis, vice president; Gregory Bernard, treasurer, and Pat McGann, secretary. t NEWMAN CLUB-F rsf John Hammes, Mary Conkin, Rita Heitzma 3nne Fortie, Shelio Powers, John DeMicco, Tucker Butler, Berlo Karl, Pat Marino, John Shulin, Father Cronin Kelly. Second row: Denis Nugaro, Datherine Steis, Dick Welch, Emily Carey, Stephen Sragner, Joan Lewis. Third row: Jock Wright, Lester Heirs, Shirlee Owens, Joe Clarke, Barbara Bierfonger, June Kemble. Fourth row: Ann Kemble, Peggy James, Frank Leutwyler, Morcie Keating, Bill Cooper. Fiffh row: Pedro Compos, Lois D ' Antigiac, Pat McGann, Tony Brown, John Ryan. Sixth row: Tony Wong, Dick Lorelle, Guillermo Arcinugos, Jaime Cevollos, John Horte. Seventh row: Greg Bernard, Phil Zaieski, Sal Costorina, Not Villaire, Lia Correo, Liz Burpee Bertino, Jack Sheppard, Joseph Doaue, Bob Tolleson, Chris Russell, Jim Sturm, Joe Pogue, Lorry Nadwoodrey, Jim Therrell, Bela Vosvory, Wilfred Lumpkin, Charlie Suthine, Mike Possoby. ■ iKieffaf.... H WESLEY FOUNDATION— FiVsf row: Ed Riley, George Gauldin, Carl Russell, Hiram Peeler, Bill Mathias, Bob Francis, Donald Davis, Billy Cornelius. Second row: Marie Haygood, Borbara Lewis, Mary Burt, Virginia Sweoringer, Judy McCleskey, Janis Robinson, Sharon Spieks, Edith Floyd, Glalis Patterson, Sue Hinton, Margie Von- Guens. Third row; Dr. George Miller, Kay Kennedy, Anne Brake, Eugenia Jolly, Joyce Britt, Linda Rice, Patsy Bohonnon, Mildred Robinette, Martha Jo Fulmer, Kitty Von Guens, Louise Fund, Rev. Russell Edwards. Fourth row: John Mines, Wanda Smith, Jean Wingate, Anne Baldwin, Mary Ann Jackson, Bernice Culbreth, Helen Cochran, Pat Bailey, Shelton Noble. Fifth row; Arlen St. Clud, Betty Crawford, Pot Eck, Dianne Higgenbothom, Joyce Bennett, Emilyn Sloton, Burt Gratiney, James Turpen. Sixth row: Albert Chappie, Jerry Dominick, Jerry Payne, Sybil Pate, Bill Crawford, Hugh Hambrick, Lyie Hess. Wesley Foundation THE WESLEY FOUNDATION is an agency of the Methodist Church established for the purpose of providing a ministry to Methodist students en- rolled at the University. It seeks to providf this ministry through worship, study, recreation, fel- lowship, and service. An evening vesper service is held daily at the Student Center, and " Camaraderie " is held at the Center following the evening church service each Sunday. Besides the monthly socials and quarterly retreats, the calendar is highlighted by a Freshman Welcome Supper and the Wesley Foundation Ban- quet. Individual members participate in Methodist Caravans and short-term mission projects. Leading members in the Methodist Student Movement on state and national levels are officers Hiram Peeler, president; Pat Eck, vice president; Mary Bondurant, secretary, and Betty Crawford, treasurer. OFFICERS: Margie Van Guens, Billy Cornelius, Sharon Spieks, Anne Brake, Jerry Pain, Betty Crawford, Joyce Bennett, Hiram Peeler. THE BANQUET ' S THEME, " For the Living of These Days, " is portrayed in the background created by Wesley members. 411 WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP COUNCIL- First row: Kenley Pearson, Mary Blanche Owen, Ken McKinnell. Second row: Tommy Cr ais, Miriam Rossman, Jane Hangar, Peg- gy Westfall, Joan Zitzelman, Bob Hartfor, Sylvia Randall, Bill Rogers. Not Pictured: Sam Harben, Bill McCarter, Charlene Lan- drum, Eleanor Crane. Westminster Fellowship Sunday programs, weekly study groups, and weekend retreats constitute only a small part of the many activities carried on by the Westminister Fellowship. This religious organization for Presby- terian students at the University serves the needs of college students by making Christianity a related part of University life. The group maintains summer work camps in Mexico and sends juniors abroad to study for a year. In March between quarters a group visited New York where they studied modern culture, theatre, jazz, art, and its relation to Christianity. The organization was lead this year by Sam Har- ben, president; Ken McKinnell, vice president; Jane Hanger, secretary, and Bill McCarter, treas- urer. THE FIRST WEEKEND of November was the scene of the Westmin- ster Fellowship retreat for convocation and inspiration at Rock Eagle. THE WESTMINSTER group assembles in the main meet- ing hail to learn of the programs for the weekend. :.)iHKiyt ' ofara ;i.j visitai n ■; dart, tbatit va ' bySaiHir- :, tiff preaiflii; iMiOrw.irefr I, PMIICII i _f " f. CHERRY NEWTON, Editor HARRY HAISTEN, JR., Business Manager 1959 Pandora Is Result of Combined Efforts of Many THE 1959 PANDORA owes its being to many people. The staff, yes, but there were many outside contributors who gave of their time and efforts to make the Pandora a better book. These people took an interest in the annual and backed up that in- terest with hard work. Foremost on the list of those names to be recog- nized is Mr. John Cox. Mr. Cox has listened pa- tiently to the many ills of the Pandora operation throughout the year and has truly been an ideal advisor. We thank William R. Cutcliffe for his striking cover design which perfectly exemplifies the spirit we have tried to incorporate into the Pandora this year. Mr. Claude Davidson has been very generous in supplying us with many of his pictures this year, and Dan McGill has given invaluable aid in the Athletic section. Contributors in the photography department in- clude: Alan Gunby, who is responsible for the Beauty pictures as well as many in the opening section; Curtis Stevens undertook the administra- tion pictures, and Bob Marsden handled groups, activities, and individual pictures. MERIAM McDonald, Art Editor BETTY JEAN STAMPS Picture Editor SANDRA DAVIS, Managing Editor -•a RONNY EVANS, Sports Editor 415 JOHN STEPHENS, Photographer GAIL GILBERT and KAY KENNEDY, Typing Editors JOHN KEASLER, Schools Editor, Index Editor. DAVID CLIFFORD and DAVID FLETCHER, Military Editors 1 T RAY GARARD, Photographer HELEN LANIER, Beauty Revue Manager TERRY MANN, GUY ARNALL, and WYCK KNOX, Editorial Assistants MARGARET CORDER and JAYME AULTMAN, Assistant Art Editors GENERAL STAFF: Linda Blanchard, Ellen Iticow, Glen Gladin, Melanie Roberts. Not pictured: Saro- lyn Bone, Peggy Dorn, Susan McDonald, Nancy Flowers, Bobbie Meeler, Suzanne Carter. Staffers Of Red And Black Produce Excellent Weekly THE RED AND BLACK — " America ' s Pre- Eminent College Weekly " — is the campus news- paper which reaches University students on Thurs- day of each week providing readers with news, opinions, features, sports, and women ' s news. The campus weekly is the primary means of published communications on campus. A person- ality within itself, the Red and Black has many faces, many personalities on its staff and within its pages — Roddy Radcliffe and Modine GuncR , Lowell Kirby, Jo Ann Parker, Loreleit Lillington, Grace Burpitt, girls-of-the-week and sports queens. The week ' s cycle of preparation and presenta- tion of the paper begins on Monday mornings when the assignment sheets go up on the newsroom bulletin board and ends late Thursday or early Friday as a circulation manager makes his rounds. Sandwiched in between are editorial conferences, headline writing, " bull " sessions, copy-reading, proofing, and watching the paper " go to bed " on the printing press. BEN HOUSE, Fall Editor POWELL MOORE, Business Manager LOWELL KIRBY, Winter Editor «ci with nw ' ' fflei ' i news, ' ■ " «! oeans oj ■ A person. " i b manT " Bid WitlliD Guncll «ot LingKB, W ofts queens, ■ " ni praenta- ' Jn norninji ■ tlieiCTsrooni amiay or early •Jkaljsrounik nl cooferencei oiiif-rEadiDj, r B)toli«l " oii RONNIE HATCHER. Managing Editor MARTHA McELVEEN, Society Editor 5» 2linn ' « ' ••• . by linn la ' l8pl5nfn«o liic u BLinn 1 Cd. it -r B? ' ' " r ' ' « ' - M-15 hnB . IGI le-r ' ' ■eI W-lJ T biw ! 2GI k DAVID CLESHORN, News Editor -•« •V w JO ANN PARKER, Woman ' s Editor, Winter SUSIE RAINEY, Woman ' s Editor, Fall JACK ROOKER, Assistant Business Manager BILLY WATSON. Assistant Sports Editor JOHN KEASLER, Assistant News Editor LAMAR COBB, Assistant News Editor ROL McAFEE, Winter Feature Editor PAT RIGSBEE, Fall Society Editor, Winter Associate Editor ED BERND, Photographer ■I GRACE BURPin, Associate Editor CLIFF CASLE, Circulation Manager HELEN LANIER, Associate Editor TAD KAMINSKY, Associate Editor MAX COURSON, Associate Editor Fall Staff Winter Staff Ben House Editor Powell Moore Business Manager Lowell Kirby Managing Editor Ronnie Hatcher News Editor Bill Hoagland Asst. Ncu s Editor David Cleghorn Asst. News Editor Martha McElveen Feature Editor Susie Rainey Watnan ' s Editor Pat Rjgsbee Society Editor Wayne Minchew Sports Editor Dick Curran Asst. Sports Editor Leo Mallard Photographer Bernie Bell Cartoonist Jack Rooker Asst. Business Manager Cliff Cagle Circulation Manager Lowell Kirby Editor Powell Moore Business Manager Ronnie Hatcher Managing Editor David Cleghorn News Editor Ben House Sports Editor Jo Ann Parker Woman ' s Editor Martha McElveen Society Editor Carol McAfee Feature Editor Assistant News Editors: Lamar Cobb, John Keasler. Associate Editors: Grace Burpitt, Max Courson, Tad Kamin- sky, Helen Lanier, Earl Leonard, Susie Rainey, Pat Rigsby. Photographers: Leo Mallard, Ed Bernd. Cartoonists: Bernie Bell, Bob Glover. Cliff Cagle Circulation Manager Reporters: Nancy Jackson, Charlane Landrum, Robin Jones, Cathy Luckett, lUene Lichtenstein, Pat Green, Mary Madry, Sandra Thompson, Don Murray, Joe Zellner, Loran Smith, Clarence W. Pateroff. In Memoriam STUDENTS James Mitchell Staples, Jr. Duard Benton Hunt, Jr. Phillip Lanier Willianns James G. Nichols Charlie Barney Durrence James O. Scaife Mack Corneilson Keith Chamblee Taylor FACULTY Charles Broughton Earnest Linville Laurentine Hendern PERHAPS NO SINGLE person had so much to do with the production of Pandora throughout the years as Mr. John A. Long. Surely, no one could show more interest in a pubUcation than one who had been editor of it himself. Johnny was editor of the Pandora in 1927. He worked with Pandora staffs for many years and was a friend of many high school and college editors. Johnny Long ' s passing was a source of deep sor- row for those of the Pandora staff. The tribute that we could pay to Johnny could be said in no finer words than those which appear under his senior picture in his 1927 Pandora: " Here is a gentleman for you — the gentleman of the old South. The rush and worry of editorial duties, the skepticism born of sober thought, and the movement of an active life . . . those have left him with manners and sunny temper unim- paired. There is about him the mellow meditative- ness of old firesides, old armchairs drowned in twi- light. Here is a fellow to argue with, disagree with — and then seek out again when independent thinking and fearless expression are wanted. " MUCH TIME and effort went into the production of the 1959 Pandora. Many willing spirits contributed to these pag es. This book is a combina- tion of the interest of the staff in the book and the hard work and late hours necessary to put it together. The most thrilling part of the year as the editor, was to have this cooperation, this combined effort, and congeniality which always pre- vailed on fifth floor Memorial. The 1959 Pandora staff found it an impos- sible task to capture the spirit of the whole University in this volume — however, we have loved trying. Putting out Pandoras is a continuing process — one which I am happy to have been a part of. I hope that the 1959 Pandora will be a source of pleasure to many, now, and throughout the years. CJN I ' :ii« 424 LOOK OVER THE LIST! EVERY GEORGIA LAW LIBRARY SHOULD CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING— CODE OF GEORGIA ANNOTATED, 38 Books and 1958 Cumulative Pocket Parts. GEORGIA LAWS, complete set, or at least Current Volumes. GEORGIA REPORTS Supreme Court Reports, Preliminary Volume and Volumes 1 to date; and Appeals Reports, Volumes 1 to date. GEORGIA LAW REPORTER, subscription to Advance Sheets of the Reports of the Georgia Supreme and Court of Appeals, issued WEEKLY. GEORGIA COURT RULES ANNOTATED, 1955, with 1958 Pocket Supplement. GEORGIA PROCEDURE and PRACTICE, Revised and Enlarged Edition, 1 Volume, 1957. GREEN ' S GEORGIA EVIDENCE, 1957. MOLNAR, GEORGIA CRIMINAL LAW and PROCEDURE, with Current Pocket Supplement. NADLER, BANKRUPTCY, with Current Pocket Supplement. NADLER, GEORGIA LAW OF CORPORATIONS, with Current Pocket Supplement. NADLER, THE LAW OF DEBTOR RELIEF, with Current Pocket Supplement. POWELL, ACTIONS FOR LAND, Revised Edition. REDFEARN ON WILLS AND ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES IN GEORGIA, 2nd Ed., with Current Pocket Supplement. IT WILL be a pleasure to quote prices and terms on any or all of the above items you do not have in your library. THE HARRISON COMPANY LAW BOOK PUBLISHERS (Ed. A. Brennan, Georgia Salesman) 93 Hunter Street, S. W. Atlanta 2, Georgia STUDENT INDEX Aaron, Barbara ..- 376 Aas, Bodil ...„ 94. 37t Abbott, John R _ 114, 384 Abel, Annette 64, 273 Abel, Howard G 102, 248 Abernathy, Gene 224 Abgott, Sandra R 124, 265 Abney, Beth _ 389 Abney, Ray 243 Accles, Bill 374 Ackerman, Bobby 243 Ackerman, Cardin 260, 383 Acn Dent 240 Acree, Joseph M 102, 340 Adair, Evelyn 114, 255 Adams, Bonnie 263 Adams, Charlotte 255 Adams, Cliff 368 Adams, Davis 198, 199, 240, 318, 351 Adams, Gail 124, 256, 399 Adams, George E 124 Adams. Jack 102, 398 Adams, Raymon 102, 380 Adams, Stinson Bebe 229 Addams, Willie _ 242 Adamson, Albert R 102, 377 Adamson, Walter C 102 Addison, Charles 373 Addison, Fred L 42, 363, 398 Addison, Martha Belle 76, 258. 393 Adkins. Wayne 372 Adnan, Darwis 94, 376, 380 Aqerton, James A 64 Agner, Bill _ 170 Aiken, Joe 124, 340, 359 Aikens, Don _ 371 Akin, Elmer 102,384 Akins, Donald 373 Akins, John Roger 124 Akins, William J 42 Alam, Badia 374, 377 Albertson, Marie 252 Albritton, George 358 Alderman, Peggy _ 114, 396 Aldred, Skip 124 Aldridge, Larry 102, 324, 336, 352, 375 Aldridge, Phillip E 32, 367 Alexander, Betty 252 Alexander, Eugene T 56 Alexander, James Thomas 56 Alexander, Joy 124 267 Alexander, Richard 102 Alexander, Ruth 102,268,382 Allbritton, G. A _. 82 Allen, Ann 261, 383 Allen, Carolyn 114 Allen, Cyrus C 102, 238 Allen, Gail 64, 386 Allen, Joe 398 Allen, Jerry Carlton 94 Allen, Judy 266, 355 Allen, Louis 72, 360, 384 Allen, Marta .124, 252 Allen, Nelson 237 Allen, Sidney 114, 269 Allen, Spencer 192 Allen, Vick 102 Alley, Mary Lou 263, 352 Allgood, Sister 279 Allison, Ray 243 Allison, Robert F 42, 315 351, 356. 363 Almand. Jean 114. 253, 347 Alpern, Joyce 32, 264 Alsup, John S 82 Ambrose, Ben 114, 372 Ambrose, Charles 367 Amerson, Binion 226 Amiel, Ralph 249 Amtower, Freddie - 170 Anderson, A. S 102 Anderson, Benton 229 Anderson, Bonnie 124, 274, 389, 393 Anderson, Charles 124 Anderson, Dan S 56, 339, 350, 371, 388 Anderson, Diane 114. 255 Anderson, Ed _ 365 Anderson, Elaine 124 Anderson, Jean ,„ 42,271 Anderson, Laurie 271 Anderson, Michael 114, 170, 243 Anderson, Ralph _ 407 Anderson, Robert H 102, 218 Anderson, Sally 272 Anderson, Tony 102, 384 Anderson, Wayne 375 Anderson, Wyatt 102, 324, 374, 375 Andrew, Laine 114 Andrews, Betty 114 Andrews, Bill 352 Andrews, Donald C. 98, 365 Andrews, Harry 245 Andrews, Margaret 279. 396 Ansley, Shepard 114, 240, 390 Ansley, Thomas F. 42, 230, 231, 390 Anthony, Sue 64 Anthony, Tom 408 Applegate, Frank 64 Appleton, Judy 114, 353 ■ ■ ■ Don 237 Arche Archer, Elaine , Arcimiegas, Guille Armt ' stead, Virginia Armstrong, Janet .- 124 124, 269 376, 410 124, 385 .124, 382 254 367 417 102 114 82 227 360 376 96 124 236 170 170 225 383 398 114 82 408 417 222 241 361 227 269 408 376 376 253 124 376 216 102 245 382 124 222 393 379 170 114 358 384 102 411 94 244 363 363 360 364 224 114 411 217 367 Baynes, Phil Armstrong, Ronald J 90 775 374 Arnall, Guy Beall Richard 77R Arnold, Carroll E Beard, Gene Bearden, Buz 745 Arnold, James C Bearss, John R. 381 Arnold, Mac 768 Arrinqton, Wallace J. 102 Beasley, Frances 76 Artau, Delores Beasley Lynn 770 361 Asbell, James E Beasley, Reid 714 Ash, Wayne Beck, Beatrice Evcritt Beck M Elaine 124 278 115 Ashe, Phil 149 Ashe, Tommy Becker Michael 717 Askew, Billy Beckham, W. C. . 179 Astin, Ada M. 102 341 ini Atha, Marvin Bedinqfield Lindsey 103 166 Atkinson, Barbara Bedingfield, Walter Atkinson, Robert T. Beeson, Walker 190 Atwood, Ted 114 273 Behr, Bette Aultman, Jamye 124 Behr, Jacob S. 42, 232 Beiser, Patricia 327 328 156 Aurandt, Phil 47 Beland, Bill 115 179 Avadikian, Dick Bell, Carolyn 777 Avery, Philip 102 124 Bell, Clarence David 47 236 Bell, Curtis 186 B Bell. David 717 Bell. Deborah 755 Bell. Durham 181 Bachman, Shelly Bell Elmer Back, Beverly Bell. Everette Allen 115 Badakhsh, Fred _ Bell. George A.. Jr. 97 167 Badgett, Barbara Bell. Larry N. Baer, David Baerant, Renate Bell, Reginald Bell, Sidney A .97 368 175 Beggert, Jeb Baggs, William Hunter Bellamy, Jeanett Benedict, Mary Alice 250, 382, 255, 399 344 Bagley, Brad Bagley, Janice .102 Bagwell, William Demmo id 241, Bahin, Frank Bailey, Betty 760 Bennett, Earl 82, 336 340, 371, 379 Bailey, Bill 114, Bailey, Bobby Bailey, Carl Bennett, Joyce 337 341, 393, 328, 368. 411 Bailey, Elizabeth Bailey, Edward Benson Roy 334, 390 Bailey, Julius E Bailey, Pat 124, 347, 399, Bentley, Claire 760 Bentley, Melvin Reeves Benton, Arnold 32, 231 717 Bailey, Thomas D. 42, 210, Baker, Lem 157 Baker, Shirley 114, 252, 103. Baker, Shirley Jean 77 Berkow itz, Herman Balcolm Jimmie Berman Barry 717 Balcom, James 103, 125, 398. 238. Baldwin, Anne 114, Baldwin, Eugene 273, 366, Bernd, Ed 420 Baldwin, Fletcher N. 97, Berry. Janie 757 Baldwin. Ray Baldwin, Sonny 368 Baldwin, Stanley 114 Balshburn, Brenda 376 Balkcom, Rachel 102, 387 Ballard, Don 114 Ballew, Joe 366 Bamping, James 358 Banks, Gene 363 Banks, Lin 230 Banks, Peter L 103, 224, 390 Bankston, Charlie 190 Bankston. Jimmy 64. 190. 191 Banner. Harriet 124. 265 Banniste ' Barba Ister. Frank 716 Barfield. Bobbie 114 756 Barfield. Neil, 124 776 Barfield, Ronald 97 36B Bargainer, Betty , 124 261 Barge, Gerald . 64 Bargeron, Peggy 103, 272 396 Barner, Diane 124 761 Barnes, Barbara 266 Barnes, Ken _ 717 Barnett, Bob Ray . . 320 397 Barnett, Lewis 778 Barnett, Steve 710 Barnhart, Jack 158 Barr, John 775 Barrentine, John 115 Barrett, Barbara 115 Barrett, Frank 115, 181 Barrett, Judy Louise 124, 761 Barrett, Susan 157 Barron, Frank 200, 201, 725 Barron, Rochelle 103, 765 Bartenfeld, Jerry 385 Bartlett, Frank H. 47 Bartlett, Jack 716 Barton. Jan 103. 756 Barton Na 265 Barton, William Frank. Jr. 124, 218 Bass, Anthony M. 124 Bass, George Donald 103, 228 Batchelor. Allan 124. 390 Bateman. Bobby 227. 358 Bates. Alice 260. 383 Bates. Frank L. . 82 309 Bates. Harry D. 124 Bates. Joe . . 115 B ates. John 124. 241 Bates. William 115. 228. 374 Bafts. Jo Nell 124 Baxley. Harriet - 32. 261 Baxley. Warren, Jr 124, 230 Baxter, Angela 103 Baxter, Patty 64 Berryman, Jimmy 125 Berson, Louis . . 103 Bertino, Mike 228, 410 Beslin, William H 56, 372 Best, Sandra 125, 254 Betstill, Roy 170 Beuchamp, Joyce 260 Bewthall, Rubin . 103 Bickerstaff, Ann 115, 273 Bieger, Don 42, 231, 390 Biggers, Barbara . 32, 268 Bigner, Darrell . . 231, 342, 390 Billue, Avys D 103 Binion, Jack 103 Birchmore, Betsy 103. 272. 408 Bird. Mary 261. 274. 337. 376. 393 Bird. Stewart Candler 52, 370 Birdsall. Gil . . 365 Birdson, Gail 409 Bishop, Joseph H. 42 Bishop, Richard 372 Black, Anne Stewart 76, 268 Black, Duane E 72, 309, 354, 360 Black, Wanda 115 Blackburn, Ann 103, 262 Blackburn, Ed H 98, 330, 350, 354, 365 Blackerby, Diane 273 Blackman, Daniel A. 86, 361 Blackwell. Beth 115. 253. 376 Blakely. Tommy 190. 325. 354. 360 Blalock. Ed 52. 200. 225. 359 Blalock. Gaffrey 354 Blalock. Tommy . 115, 379 Blanchard, Charlotte .. . 254 Blanchard, Linda Jane .125, 261 Blanchard, Russell 360 Blanchard, Walter 386 Blaney, Martha 259 Blanken. Larry M 98 Bleakly. Bobby . 184 Blevins, John M. 103. 224 Blick. Beverly 272 Bliss. Bucky 227 Blondheim. Herbert 103, 248 Bloom, Marshall E. 42, 248 Blount, Carolyn 115, 275 Blount, Clayton 244 Blount, Faye 125 Blount. Flora 114. 254. 396 Boardman. Jim 170 270 lley 115. 250. 271. 337. 396 Bobo. Penny 254 Bobrow. Mike 390 Bodenhammer. Jeanette 115 Body. Tom 230, 231 Boggs, Cecile __ 275 Boggs, Katherine _ 399 Boggs, Linda _ 125, 252 Boggs, Pat 228 Bohanan, Gerald Wayne 32, 354 Bohanan, John P. 86 365 Bohanan, Patricia . . 125, 259, 411 Bohn, Henry E 56, 234, 361 Bolding, John Robert 64 Bolles, Alice 103 Bolton, Kitty _ 254 Bond, Elise 261 Bond, Martha Elizabeth . 103 Bond, Ronald C 332 Bondurant. Emmet J 97, 334, 368, 369 Boundurant, Kay . 115 Bondurant, Mary 32, 251, 263 Bone. Saralyn 125, 253, 355, 389, 399 Bonner, Don 103 Booker, Winkie 270, 409 Boone. Cecil 363 Boone. Sammy J. 56 Boone, Sharon 115, 273 Bostic, James B., Jr. 86, 361 Bothwell, Eugene 203, 230 Botsaris, Chris 115, 217 otto Bou Nori 125 103, 221 Boulware, M. D. 86 361 Bowden, Jerry 114. 226 Bowden. Richard 103. 357 Bowden. Roy L 42 Bowden. Talmadge 125 Bowden, Tom 115 Bowden, William 103 398 Bowcn, Henry 252 Bowen. Jerry 246 Bowen. Midge 103. 273 Bowen. Pat 125 Bowen. Ray 115. 324, 332, 375 Bowen. William Benton 125 Bower, Kitty 376 Bowers, Mary Carol 103, 278 Bowers, Raine 261, 383 Bowick, Louise 354 Bowling, Mike 243 Bowman, Barbara 263 Bowman, Phylis Jean 103 Bowman, Vernon 363 Box, Aaron 170 Boyd. Albert Edward 103 Boyd. A. J. 216 Boyd, Connie 103, 270, 399 Boykin, Pat 103, 269 Bracco, Nick _ .. 170 Brackett, Benjamin G. 98, 332, 365 Brackett, Colquitt P 72, 360, 366 Brackett, Ernest M 42 Brackin, Gayle O ' Quinn 64 Bracy, Jack 367 Bradberry, Patricia Ann 125, 252 Bradford, William O. 42 Bradley, Hoke 170 Bradley, Regina 125 341 Brady, Hal 199, 240 Bragg, Carol 32, 33, 250, 268, 269 Bragg. Clrerles 115 Brake. Ann _ 103, 399, 411 Brake, William E 103 BramJett, Earl 170 Branch, Katherine 32, 268 Branch. Marion 409 Brank. Susan 271 Brannen. Barney 368 Brannen. Beverly 125 Brantley. Judy 260 Brantley. Francis Davis 103. 358 Brantley. James 194 Braswell. Carol 103 Braswell. Jo Ann 237. 254 Bray. Jerry 115. 229 Bray, William EIrod 32. 228 Breedlove. Jackie 269. 355 Breedlove John 115 nil Brewton. Edward S. Bridge. Auburn Boyd Bridge Bridge Bridge Bridge Glenda 238 .115, 337 ilyn Eve 32, t72, 2 3 cy Jane 103. 279 Brightwell. Charles Sanders 115. 226. 381 Brim. John _ 198. 199 Brinklcy. Jack Thomas 90, 91, 367 Mo Brinson. Robert Brinson Vernon Britt. Charles Britt. Clark Britt. Joyce Britt. Olive Kendrick . Brittingham, Jerry . . 3M lis ...44, 244 170 .125, 24i Buddy 194 idrick. Frank M _ 3 0 ckett. Betty _ 255 David R. 56. 228, 373 Edith 272 Fred 170, 176, 177, 179, 182 427 373 381 103 42 229 373 389 125 387 228 382 115 42 370 375 94 115 254 410 390 392 393 115 393 398 275 229 341 273 170 224 125 271 252 214 274 365 229 408 361 254 260 272 368 337 32 243 386 259 103 216 268 42 262 267 STUDENT IND 32 EX — Continued Calhoun, Mac 373 Calhoun, Marian 125, 255 Call, Mary . . 376 Callahan, Norman 33 Callaway, Bobby 115 Callaway, Mary Nell 103, 341 Cameron, George W. 103 Cameron, Pete 371 Cameron, Virgil 392 Camp, Charles 125, 244 Camp. Claudia Ann 94. 357, 358 Camp, Judy . 103 Camp, Oscar 170 Campbell. Angel 267. 389 Campbell, Dale 115, 332 Campbell, Sally 125, 270 Cam..pbell, Tommy 237 Campion, Elizabeth 103, 266 Campos, Pedro 103, 410 Canada, Joel 234 Candler. Bucky 224 Candler. Dora Jean 33 Cannon. Eleanor 408 Cannon. Lamar 98, 365 Cantrell. Martha 125 Cantrell. Tom 125. 236 Canupp. Jerry 229, 385 Cape, Carolyn S. 130, 341, 381, 382 Caraker. Jeannine 115 Garden. Gene 125. 236 Carder, Richard 125 Cardwell, Dollie 272 Carey, Berthene 333, 341, 354 Carey, Emma Valerie 33, 354 Cargill, Jimmy 125, 224 Carley, George 217 Carlisle, James 125 104 I own. Georgianns __I25, 27S, 376 own. Gwyndolyn own, Harry own Ira . .103 own, James P _ 65. 214, 361 own, Jayne 125, 255 own, Jerolanah own. John F 125. 365 own. Kenneth own, Lois 103, 266 own Paul Burnham, Howard . 248 275, 393 B 72, 384 115 Burns Charlotte 272 Garteaux, Tommy . 237 Carter, Betty 315 316, 351 253 B Burns, Zoann 64. 262 B Burnside, Tommy 103, 344, 217. 378. 391 341 Carter, Billie J 76 279 B Carter. Charles 115 B Garter, Damon 104 B Burpee, Liz 110, Burpitt Grace V. . 52. 42. Burrell, Stephen F. 270. 271 353. 376 125. 342 278. 386 409 Carter, Joe L 104 B Carter, Melvin H 104 B 125 272 Burroughs, Edwina Pete 103, Burrows, Carolyn 104 B own, Rankin L own, Robert G. _ ._ 52 own, Roland _ _.42 own, Ronald H Gary, Donald 221 392 B Burrows, Gerald L. 97, Burshinski, Mike 409. 367 134 374 B Case, Bud 170 B Burt Alice Knickerbocker Burt, Eddie C. 33. 349 56. 372 Case, Pete IB4 Casey, Jean Newsome B own, Susan . " 74 Burt Mary Elizabeth 125, Burt, Ralph Beniamin .. 33, 393. 411 332. 349 391 Casey, Pat 115. 186. 189 104 B Casey Truitt own, V alter 115, 230, 231, 332 own William owning, Brenda 125, 258 owning, Don 32 uce, Harriett Swan 64 uker. Eugene N 32 umley, Martha E 76, uner, John uner, Myrna unson, Marilyn _ 103, Cashin, Harry L 90 Caskey, Mary Ann 327, 328, 330, 368, 390 271 B 103 B Burton, Lawrence _ 124, Burton Marie 352. 398 .115, 254 371, 392 371 125 279 B Burton, Ralph Earl 54, Bush, Bill Cassell, Jim . 219 ' B B B B B B B B B B Cassidy, Charles 361 Bush Dale . ... 170 125, 245, 390 104 Butler, Bob 361 Castleberry Curley Butler, Elvis 125 398 Butler, Flo 115, 337, 396 263 Castleman James 82 Butler. Janne Castorina, A. Salvador Caswell, Terence 104, 210, 410 388 115 257 yan Charlie 192 yan, Elizabeth yan, Kitty van, Marcia 125, yan. Paul W 83. yan, Peggy yant, H, Randall 86, yant, James G 125, vson. Thomas A 94. Butler. Lucretia J Butler. Tucker Buttrill, Macy 125 274, 410 76 104, 258 .172, 273 52 Cathy, Richard 115 B Byard, Bill B Byars, Charles R Byars, Harry B 170 103 115 Cato, Charles D. . 72. 360 B Cato Wallace 236 B Carlton, Gloria Elaine 33, 260 Carlton, James 115, 377 Carmack, Bob 237 Carmichael, Bill 363 Carmichael. Harmon 125 Carmichael. J. D 103 Carmichael. Sarah Louise 33, 271 Carnes, Nancy Ann 125, 278 Carpenter, Jot 103, 230, 316, 385 Carpenter, Nancy 103 Carpenter, Robert 115, 324, 372, 381 Carr, Mark 216 Carroll, Buddy 225 Carroll, Patricia Lynn 104 Carson, Connie - 376 Carson, Earl 115 Carson, Gordon C 332, 375 Carson, Jane 125 116 B Byrd, Caroline Byrd, Emily c Cabiness, Henry 339 Cadle, Ann 262 125, 341 350, 372 .103, 409 103, 351 370, 421 lis, 363 216 Cavender, Ralph 125 Buchanan, Loren 98 Cecil, Richard . 98 Buchanan, Maybelle 64, Buchannan, Ann _ _ Celestin, Patricia Ann Center, Melvin 125, 393 249 Buck, Patricia 125, 96, 376, 410 Buckley, Dick Chambers, Ann . 125, 255 Bugg. Marianne 270. Chambers, Carol . 115, 246 B B nn, Dumont Chambers Edgar 42 nton, Eddie 115, Cagle, Clifford L 52, Cain, Ronnie Chambers June . 258 B rch, Delia Chambers LaJune 115 B rch. Harriet 125 Calabro, Richard Chamblee. David 244 Burch, Sarah F Burch, Walter 125 Burdett, Emilie 32 Burgdorf, James D Burke, Diane Caldwell, Bobby Caldwell, Jack Caldwell, John C Caldwell, John W 42 363 94 103 Chamlee, Al 104 241 At Chance. Elaine 44 Chancey, Harold 125, 387 Caldwell, Lola 269 Chandler Edward L. 98, 341 Burkett, Ann Calhoun, Jim .228, 371 Chandler. Jeanne 254 ,.At Id alwaud . . , FRIENDS AND GOOD FOOD Compliments of LAZENBY BORUM CONSULTING ENGINEERS ATLANTA, GEORGIA Cki Ck. Ckt a. a. Ck. Ck. Ci« Cti Ck. ' -. Ck«i Cli; at the SNACK SHACK Kiiow ' se CASH AND CARRY . . . . . . PICK UP AND DELIVER 1 HOUR SERVICE Normal Tow n 5 Points 23 3 W. Hancock 240 N. Avenue Ck» Ck«k Ckid Cki«i ai«, St IJPPY ' S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT STUDENT SPECIAL Steaks Chicken Sea Foods Sandwiches Basket Service Curb Service Telephone Service Atlanta Highway LI 3-9285 STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS for the new University of Georgia Science Center MORRIS, BOEHMIG, TINDEL INCORPORATED Structural and Consulting Engineers ATLANTA I. GEORGIA GEORGIAIV HOTEL aod CDFFEE SHOP 4 Private Dining Rooms Seating from 10 to 230 SPECIAL STUDENT RATES Smorgasbord Every Sunday Night Phone Liberty 6-7311 STUDENT INDEX - Continued Chandler, Kenneth 125, 388 Chaney, Bobby _ 185 Chaney. James Robert M Chaplin, Lena Ann .._ _ _ 104 Chaplin, Libby 254, 396 Chapman, Carolyn 115 Chapman, Clifford 72, 217 Chapman, Donald S 42 Chapman, George .. 115 Chapman, Kay 260 Chapman, Ralph 125 Chapman, Suianne 266 Chapman, Wilbur K 42, 363 Chappell, Bennie .. _ 230, 231 Chappell, Kay 125, 255 Chappell, Sandra 104 Chappie, Albert R 33, 411 Charles, Kathryn E 104, 275, 393 Charvin. Harvey _. 212, 356 Chastain, Faye 125, 269, 389 Chastain. Jane 64, 141, 214, 255 Chastain, Jolyn 125, 341 Chatfield, Anne _ 125, 258 Chatham, Douglas 125, 342 Cheek, Carol 266 Cheek, Sue 341 Cheney, Dodie .„ 273 Chesser, Fran 268 Chesser, Glynn S 82, 358, 379 Chesser, Lester _ 379 Chew, Christine _ _ 104, 393 Chichester, Susan 125, 260, 389 Chick, Peter P 82, 210, 234 Childers, Clyde 184 Childers, Dan J 104 Childers, Robert 170 Childs, Mobley 367 Chou, Frank H 94, 376 Chrietlberg, Agnes 104, 386 Christa, Frank 125, 229 Christian, Miriam 115, 337, 341, 393, 396, 409 Christian, William 349 Christie, Sandra 125, 260 Christie, Sister 272 Christopher, Harold L 42. 359 Christopher, Kenneth 115 Clapp, Cecil 222 Clark, Fred S 97, 366, 367 Clark, James Derrell 98, 361, 362 Clark, Linda 271 Clark, Mary Anne 125 Clark, Mittie 274 Clark, Myra 115, 269 Clark, Nancy 260 Clark, Ray Clark, Robert Clark, William t- Clark, William L irk, W M. aarke, ... Clarke, Ton Clarke, Toy _ Clary, Eleanor Clay, Henry Clayton, Edward Clifton Clayton, Randy Cleghorn, David Clements, Franklin ,, Clements, Lawrence Clements, Robert L Cleveland, Bob Cleveland, Charles Cleveland, Wanda Gay Cliatt, William Price Clifford, David 115, Clifford, Donna Clifford, Rosemary Clifton, Betty Clifton, Carlton Clifton, Harry Clifton, Marlin Clifton, Ralph Clo Clonts, Elizabeth Close, Tom , Cloud, Arlen B. Cloud, Nolan Clough. Marilyn Coan, Gavlord O. Cobb, Gilbert Lama Cochran, Emmett T. Cochran, Helen Cochr, Ma Cochran. Michy Cockburn. Harold Coffey. Pat Cogburn. Jean Coggins, Barbara , Cohen, Becky . Cohen, David Max Cohen, Janet Cohen, Joel Cohen, Marcia . Cohen, Pinya Cohen, Ronald Cohen. Ronnie H. ., 104 372 116, 246. 256 56, 373 52, 370, 420 104, 360 125, 411 380 125 33, 38, 268, 329, 348 242, 243 Coker. Margaret Gail 236, 237. 368 Cole 363 .. 64. 393 . 43. 236 230, 409, 416 33, 250, 275 .275, 355, 396 364 56, 373 Colella, Fred V. Colemc Colemd Colemc Colemd Colerr. Colletti Colli( Colli. Colli( Colli. Colli. Kitty Scott Verner Rodney 125 746 104, 380 76 125 224 56, 354, 377 116, 225, 332, 369, 344 Colli Collins Collis, Glenn Collum, Linda Condron, Ed« Conkin, Mary Conlon, Hugh Connally, Evelyn Connell, Jerry Conner, Judy Connerat, Mary Connon, Ben A. Conoly, Bob ody, Marcus 76. 263 33, 219 el 43 236 234 266 394 86 217 beth .. 44, 259 249 Cook, An 367 Cook, Ann 214, 377 us 104 236 116, 279, 389 Chapman 104, 399 arolyn ames Robert 97, 367 Cooper, John 94 Cooper, Lola 242 Cooper, Valdi L. Copelan, Jack Copeland. Kay Corbett. Virginia Corbitt, Ann Cordell, Howard Corder, Margaret Corhan, Larry Corley, Cynthia Cornelius, B ' Cornwell, Su Correia, Lia 90, 328, 366, 367 255, 337, 125, 210, 125, 158, 366, 368 199. 224 125. 278 348. 355 228. 244 272. 417 lly Costa. Harriette Coster. Charlie Coston Lamar Cote, Robert Cottingham, Walte Coupe, Linda Courson, Maxanne Courson, Maxwell 1 Courts, Richard .... rt, Charle! rt, Lynda rt. Williar len. Sandr, 376, 410 125, 242 125, 267 363 350, 392 33, 386 98. 361 116. 253 259. 348 231. 250. 261, 32? 116, 340, 373, 33, 37, 210, 240, 56, 59, 333, 339, STUDENT INDEX -Continued Coyburi Coyne, c aven, Mary Carolyn c; aven, Susan Mclind c: avey, Rembert c awford. Ann c awford. Betty c awford. Betty J. c awford. Bruce c awford. Robe c awford. John c awford. Mike c awford. William Be c awley. James L. c enshaw. Robin c rsp. Mayneita i;r ockett. William Cr omartie. John c;r omartie .Margaret Cr onic. Billie Claire Cr onin, Robert A. Cr ook. Jerry c;r ooks. Charles Cr oom. Beth Cr osby. Dickie Cr osby. Freddie Cr OSS. Frances Cr OSS. Houston Cr OSS, Raymond E. Cr ouch. Wickey Cr ovatt, Lynn Cr ow. Hubert Austin 116. 399. 411 56. 222. 372. 411 16, 341, 393. 396 Crowe, George 126 Crowe, Gloria L 43 Crowe. Nicky 56, 228, 373 Crowley, Edgar Judson 33 Crowley. Gene 363 Croxton. Mary 126. 271 Cruikshank. Jean 126. 261 Crum, William Paul 33. 242, 392 Crumbley, Thomas Carlton 116 Crutchfield. Bill 104, 246 Crutchfield. Bob 126. 242 Culbreth. Bernice 33. 411 Cullom. Linda 126, 267 Culpepper, Buddy 230 Culpepper, Charles 116, 215 Culpepper, E. H. 126. 245. 342, 390 Culpepper. Marion C 104, 373 Culpepper, Stuart H 104 Culpepper, William C 366 Culvern. Joseph 126 Cummings, Jacquelyn 126, 382 Cunard, Vernon 170 Cunningham. Earl 104, 370 Curran. Richard E 52 Custin. Henry C - 116 D Dabbs. Earl 43 Dadisman. Anne 126 Dagoon. Jesse 94. 376 Dail. James E 43, 328 Dailey. Joel 126 Dallmus, Corinne Adt Ila 65 357 Dalrymaple. Jack F. 43 Dalton. John N. 98 361 Damianos. Ramona . 104 Damour. Edward 116 Dangar. Jesse Ray 340. Daniel. Connie . 56 371 336, 381, 339. 388 116 360 391 387 Daniel, Eddie Frank 77 366 Daniel, G. W. 351 Daniel. Gail 176 Daniels. Elsie Todd . Daniels, John Cecil 94 94 3R3 Daniels, Thomas F. Daniels. William F. . 56 317 373 116 Danion. James R. 39? Danish. Nelson A. 57 764 Danner. Nan 67 , 76 329 251 382 259 387 394 I7n D ' Antiganc. Lois .126, 267, 410 104 Dardell. Howard ... 347 Darden. Betty 771 Darden. Frank 116 186 31 184 IR9 773 Dasher. Bena 761 777 Daughtridge. Charles Har dy . 43 176 744 176 Daves. Jack E 176 Davidson. Andy 745 403 Davidson. Joy 104 258 Wil 43 ;, Anne 65, 258, 386 Ann 126, 258, 386 Augustine L 98 Baldwin 377 Bertran E 405 Beverly Boyd 65 Bill 365 Carolyn Ann 74 Davis, Cecil G 97 336 126 340 381 360 391 411 Davis Eleanor 176 Davis. Frank A. 43 116 359 754 Davis Helen 141 170 176 Davis, James Haydn .104 745 Davis. James L 775 Davis, Joe 176 Davis, Jones E. 90 167 Davis, Judity 126 777 Davis. Judith 766 Davis. Junan 176 Davis. Larry 176 Davis. Mercier 116 166 Davis. Patricia Anne .. . 65 Davis. Phylis 768 Davis, Polly .116 757 Davis. Richard 176 Davis. Sandra 104 Davis, Terrell 273 326 349 415 154 Davis. Tommy 116 Davis. Vick 163 Davis. William A 97, 333, Davis. William S. 33 Dawson. Barbara Watkins 328 340 222 330 367 349 391 365 104 Dawson. Wendell 176 Dawson. William P. 56 177 Deadwyler, Robert H. 41 Deal. Bobby 714 197 Deal, Johnny 715 Dean, George Colquitt 94 Dean, Paul R. 56, 210 Dean. William 246, 247 380 104 Dean. William Douglas 98 Dearborn. Charles S 11 176 Deavors. Deanne 33, deBeaugrine. Elizabeth Deedy. Kenneth J 217, 65 104. 19 266 250 228 126 268 357 349 273 377 Deese. Barbara Jean . DeFoor. Don . DeFoor, Eddie Jane 269 126 357 DcFoor. Jane 158 186 Dekle, Evelyn V. 77 360 164 De La Perriere. Armand 11 Dell. Drucilla .116 242, 766 DeLoach. Dennis R. 104. 358 758 DeLoach. Larry DeLoach. Shelton 220 359 771 126 385, 754 Demicco. John M. 56 410 DeMonbriar, Russ 377 718 Denard Jo Callaway 65 Dcnham Ernest William . 94 Denine, Harriett 357 Dennard. Tom 17 210 76 731 Denney. Janice 756 777 363 Dennis, Troy R 104 33 351 Dent. John M 741 Denton, L. L 354 360 383 .116 86 184 Denton. Jean 116, DePourca, Frances Der. Robert A Derieux, William T 250. 393 269 116 365 116 776 Desmarais. Armand J 57 380 DeVaughn Betty 77! Devereaux Therm 35B Dewitt. Elbert 777 Deyerle. Judith 126 767 Diaz Genaro 176 Dickens. Lamar Dickenson Katherine ...57 373 761 Dickey. Linda Digiacomo. Vince Dilcher Mary Ann .104 275 228 761 Dillard. Ann 754 Dillard. Edward R 41 359 Dillard James M Diller Charles 33 367 87 Dimartino. Frank 57 373 Dimock. Sue 116, 741 341 Dimon. Kelly 199 98 365 747 Dixon. Dennis 377 Dixon. George 746 Dixon, Joy 767 Dixon. Parker 104 Dixon. Marlene .126, 104. .126, 240, 228, 117, 730 779 Dixon, R. Clark 372 776 Dobbs. Peggy Ann Dodson. Carr _ Dodson. Heck C. . Dokson. Judie 210. 58. 33 368 383 765 731 Dominick Jerry 411 Dominy Taylor W 116, 360 Donahue, John 744 Donaldson, Carey Willson .65. 405 147 Donaldson Mary 43 Donaldson, Tommy Dooly, Karen 116. 236 761 Dorminey. Claude .105, 397 13 57 760 Dorsey. Dick 105 Dorsey, Mary Adair 770 Dougherty. William P ...57, 380 Jon F. Mary Ann Robert G. Driggers, Willii Driver. Jean Driver. Martha Dryden, Eloise Dubey. Hari Dubose Carl E DuBose, Harvey DuBose. Sandra Dudley, Charle! Duffell, Bill Duffy. Robert J Duke. Annett Duke. James Dukes. Dougl Duk 126 768 .270, 271 126 33 243, 358 254 241 236, 368 94, 380 159, 255 105, 357 105 43 245 76 252, 385 241 57, 333 350, 351, 336, 373, 391 Edv. Butch Barbara ... Billie Rose Bob J. Robert . Rita Aber Faye Charlotte G. P Dunahoo Dunahoo Dunahoo Dunaway Dunaway Dunaway Duncan, Duncan, Duncan. Duncan. Duncan, Duncan, Dunham, Dunlap, Dunlap. Dunn, James L. ... Dunn, Joe Dunn Sheila Dunton. Dianne . DuPree, Barbara Durden, Tom Durham. Mac Durham. Susan Duvall. Carl . . Dwycr, Todd Dye, Nat Dye. Pat Dye. Rowland Dykes, Dunbar . Dykes. Fletcher . Dykes. Gerald Dyrdahl, Howard 126. 381 npson 94, 388 116, 236, 324. 332 34. 215 220. 221, 258. 386 126, 252, 393 126, 229 105, 340 .170, 173, 179 170, 181 230, 378, 390 43. 190, 191, 228 Eadie, John 358, 379 Eady, Peggy 65 Eagar, Jane 34, 68, 250, 274, 329, 348, 408 Eason. Bobby Norma 126, 273 Eldridge El-Hassany. Moha Elkins, Paulettc Elle Joy 276 354 Ellington, Douglas Ellington. Sandra Jean 126, 253 Elliot, Dick 222 Elliott. Glenda 126, 272 EllioH. Margie 273 Elliott. Thomas W 34. 226. 368 Ellis. Charles, 111 124, 224 Ellis Charles E 231 iinge r, Barba Dickie 228 Emrich. Authur Endorf. Dagmar Helene 99, 266 Engle. John 218 English, Don 126 English, Paul F 57 Entrekin. Betty Ann 274 Epstein. Ellen 124, 264 Ervin. John T 34, 391 Eskedor. Carolyn 34, 266 Eskew. Mike 124. 342 Espy. Penny 270 Estes Joe 334. 344, 359 Estes, James W 34 Estes. Lance 221 Estes. Lyna 272 Ethredge. W. Jerome 57 Ethridge. Billy 105 Ethridge Robert Weyman 105 Ethridge. Sara 105. 260 Etzenhouser. Carol 262 Eubanks, J. W 380 Eubanks. Patricia 268 Eulenfeld. Ann 262 Eulenfeld. Ronnie 237 Evans. Dave 229 Evans: Furman C 43 Evans Horace 231, 370 Evans ' , Lee 368 Evans. Rebecca 45 Evans. Ronald 126, 339, 415 Evans Sylvia Ann . 116, 279. 337, 396 Evansi Thomas F 72, 304 Evans, William H 116 Evanson, Dwight 372 Everett. C. M 309 Everett. Robert 357, 386 Everett, Russell 378 Everett. Virginia -. 357 Everitt. A. Z -116, 230 Evors, Raymond 380, 371 Fader. Fagon. Fakhrne rd G 99 n 105, 399 ■ haeddin 57, 374 Ha 34 ,er Janice 126, 259, 382 ler ' Troy 117, 246 Walter - - 117 126 116 255 241 229 256 253 105 278 240 116 341 382 411 361 272 379 494 278 341 365 186 390 365 Farrah Fred 170 l?6 390 Faulk John G 57 715 Eaton. Peggy Ann 76, 250 252 124 341 358 Eberhart. Nancy . Fear ' s Robert E Fechtel Carole 117 337 43 105 764 Echols. Allen Feild. Madge Fellows. Joyia Palmer Felson. Devara Fenn. Rosalie Fennel, Frank Fennell, Lucretia Ann Ferguson Dick 253 347 65 65 Echols. Peggy Eck. Pat 105, 339 258 399 99 117. 204. 126 255 264 337 Eckroade. Robert J. 237 Edenfield Rocky 126 214, 358, 390, 105, 126 34 Edenfield Billy G 61 344 369. . 82 351 378 241 315. Edge. Bob 324, Ferguson. Jeanne ., Ferguson. Robert B. 105 254 736 105 Edge Marlene Ferrell Harry 390 718 65 Ferry Lee 747 Edmondson, Stephen 325. W. 349. 14 Fesperman. Hannah 105. 273 355 354. 366. 77 Edwards. Bob 105 irds. John S 114, 332 irds, Joy 270 rds. Julian Hall 87. 361 Eids. Eids ell 105, 358 . 99 .105, 377 Eipp, Donald G Eisen. Eugene J 57, 232, 365, 388 Elayan. Mustafa 374 Elder. Eddie 380 Elder. Ernest 126 .105, 275, 393 Ficklen Catherine 126, 270 Fickling, Craig 367 Field Lucy 105, 257, 387 Fields, Darwood L 94 Fields, Roy E 105 Finch, Jess 221 Fincher Donald A. 86. 333. 350, 341, 381 Fincher, Ed 354 Findley, Harvey 344, 374 Fine. Paul 232 Fineroff. Marlene 244 Finley. Glenda 278 Fisher, Betty Ann 126, 254 Fisher, Suzanne 258, 347 Fitkin, David R 43, 220 Fitigerald, Duross 240 Flanagan, June 272 430 ftAOI.MAlK lis. U. I. PAT. OrP. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Athens, Ga. Athens Laundry Dry Cleaning Service 240 W. Clayton St. Branch 1198 S.Lumpkin St. Branch 1296 Prince Ave. HOLMAN HOTEL E. D. Newton, Manager Athens Newest and Largest Hotel J kop .Ujinina oom. v anaueti CSJ f- artiei Phone LI 6-1443 POSS ' " fe ' s ' Mcrs ' ifc POSS ' FAMOUS FOODS, INC. Athens, Ga. palace fheatfe The Home of Good Movies in Athens 23 5 College Ave. «ic t xikt, i 3o5i) 0. V est 1i}c. Athens Finest Men ' s Store Georga - 82, 2U Greg Wllliar ie.erly . 105, 376 ....57. 373 ..I2t, Ii7 img, H, nq, La Fleming, Marti Fleming, Pickn Fleming. Stetii Fletcher, Alan Fletcher. Davi Fletcher, W. I Hickling, Crai Florence, Fran Florenc Flower: Flo (, Jean Johnny J. Nancy - 126. 229 IM. 117, 230. 231. 344 »id .. n, 416, 361 3?0 i ... 65, 272 126. 272. 399. 409 72, 360. 366 126. 267 . . 117 Floyd. . _ Floyd. Edith 117. 337. 396, 411 Floyd. Kathryn 117 Floyd. Sara Ellen 126. 341 Flythe. Batch 210. 220. 221. 336. 369. 390 Fokes Ann 126. 279 Folendore. Charles 57. 371 Folk. Judy 341. 409 Fonts, Angeline - — 341 Foor. Phyllis 265 Foote. Betsy 125, 258, 355 Forbee, Earnest 361 Forcadas. Alberta 96, 376 Ford, Anne 141 Ford. Dick 226 Ford. Earl G 105, 363 Ford. Jean 126 Ford Nancy 34. 259, 376, 383, 393 Forrester Gay 105. 250, 260 Fortenbach. Robert William 57, 373 Fortic irtson, Mary L Fortune. Archie Fortune. Ellen Fory. Byron . Fosgate. Alin T 105 231 Fosti Fost. Post Foster. Foster, Foster. Foster. Fouche, Foughn Fouts, Angelyi Andy 230. 231, 390 John ... Noel . Nancy 393 210. 231 .117, 236. 237 126. 256 192, 193 45, 393 STUDENT INDEX -Continued Fouts. Bennie H. 105 Fouts. James 114 Fowler, Bobby T 34 Fowler Dee 259. 393 ame. Sandy 236 ancis Julie 261 ancis Robert J. 57, 228. 385, 411 anco ' Ned 75, 210 ank, ' Glynn H 99, 361 anklin. Clark 228 anklin, Gordon A 44 anklin, Lehman 126. 184 anklin. Mary 255 anklin .250. 253 Robert L. Kay Wells 215 Tanya 126. 217, 355 Charles V 65. 391 Don 242 156 105 389 Ray C Robert D ilda 126. 271 Joyce 65. 386 Ann 126. 269 Ann W 126. 253 Daniel J 105. 388 Roberta 126. 258, 393 Ronald 116, 230 Vala 65 Johnny 44. 234 Fricks. Suzanne 250 Friedman, Jullian 368 Friedman Leonard 72, 212, 360 Friedman, Stanley 248 Frith, John R 44. 236. 356. 390 Frye, Beverly Jean 72. 360 Fuebrer, Edward 127. 229 Fulcher, Madelon 386 Fulford, Joe - 361 Fulforc Fulghu Fuller. Uamillc it 105 Fuller. Donald J 44 105 Fuller, Julia 127. 341 96 Fuller. William 44, 230 Fullilove, Carlton 105, 251, 372 Fulmer, Martha Joe 411 Fulton, David R 116, 361 Furr. Guilford E 105 Furtado, Charles C 57. 229 Fussell. John S 117, 379 Futral. Walter 57, 218, 392 Gaff. Latrelle Gager. Don 221 127 261 Gaines, Ginny „ Gaines James F 99. 365 Gaines. Kathryn 105. 279 Gaither, Judy 255 Galbreath. Robert 170 Gallagher. Aylor Rogers 44. 238 Gallis. Denny C 90. 367 Gann. C. D. Gann, Joyce Ann Garard. Ray Evans 263 241 34. 349. 354 62. 240. 352. 370, 417 Gardner, Alan 249 Gardner. Claire 261 Gardner Gail F 105. 262 Gardner, Jo Ann 270 Gardner, Paul 244 Garland, John W., Ill ,105, 228. 324, 336. 349, 375 Aaron Beatrice Cid Clayton Garner. Rick Garrard. Mary Ann ., Garrett. Donald M Garrett. Earl M., Jr. Garrett. Jean Garrett, Jim Garrett. John Garrett. Wayne Garris. George Garrison, Bun Garrison. Peggy Garza, Antonio 376 Gash. Tommy 237 Gaston, Charley 231 Gaston. Nan 273 Gates, Carlton 227 Gauldin. George 411 Gaulding. Barbari A 127, 253 Gavern, Dick 232 Gay. Gene 214 Gay, Roy 117, 225 Gaye, Bernard 374 Gaylord, Tom 379 Gearhart, Barbara 127 Geise, Jean 45, 240 Gentry. Carolyn 127 George. James 127, 245, 390 Gerlock. Jinrvmy 34 Georgiadis. Alexander 374 Gerson Debra 245 Ghent. Mary Jane _ 274 Gibbon. Charlotte 34, 33B, 354 Gibbs, Darrell 214 Gibbs. James 330, 350 Gibbs, Leila _ 127 Gibbs. Lenore 341 Gibson James C 105, 340, 391 Gibson, Mary Ann 117, 341 Gibson. Natalie 249 Giddcns, Drucilla 127 Giddons, Campbell. Ml 398 Gift. Mary Lee 117, 254 Gilbert, Bill 170 Gilbert, Fred Albert 90, 367 Gilbert. Gail 127, 416 Gilbert. Robin 254 Gilbett. Bruce 212 Gilchrist. Bill 224 Giles. AnneHe _ 117 Gill. Bob 217 Gillam. Harry H 94 Gillam, Polly Ann 117, 341 Gillian, Kenneth 117 Gilpin, Jay W 99, 341 Gilson, Angus 221 Gilstrap, Carolyn 127 Ginsberg. Sherry 265 Gissendanner, Ausley S 105 Gissendanner. Clarence E 105, 340 Gladden, Mary Jo 254 Gladin. Glynn S 117, 234 Gladney. Bill 244, 342 Glass. Bryan 105 Gleaton. Hugh - 117 Glenn, Walter H., Jr. 44, 240, 241 Glover. Bob 241 ALLEY ' S CHARCOAL GRILLED Hamburgers Hot Dogs Steak Sandw iches 1294 Prince Ave. LI 3-9341 GUEST CAMERA STORE ' Complete Photo Supplies " 133 W. Clayton St. Everything that is used in your school can be bought at MC GREGOR ' S STUDENT SUPPLY STORE 321 E. Clayton ' ' Make it a habit to visit us " - JOHN JARRELL ' S Imti rBttg ATHENS ATLANTA NEW YORK SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO THE VARSITY No Food Over 12 Hours Old ATHENS ATLANTA STUDENT INDEX - Continued Goddard, Joseph Franklin 34, 38i Godfrey, Bill 170 Godfrey, Carolyn 127 Goin, Bill 104,216 Goldberg, Natalie 265 Golden, Bill 373 Golden, Bobby 57, 373 Goldman, Bruce - 249 Goldman, Nelson 102, 106, 212, 344 Goldstein, Gayle 276 Goldstein, Lynda Fay 264 Goldstein, Paul 106, 248 Goldstein, Roi 117, 251, 264, 383, 396 Goode, Nathaniel J 117 Goodman, E. E 86 Goodman, Judd 232 Goodrich, Sam 212, 213 Goodwin, Charles J 240 Goodwin, Lclia 220, 221, 272 Goodwin, North 241 Goodwyne, C. 44, 312, 356, 359 Gordon, Ann 273 Gordon, Marion 44, 347 Gordon, Thelma 254 Gorman, Pat 127 Gotko, Raymond 398 Gottshcll, Franklin Jr 127 Gowder, Patricia - 127, 341 Grady, Steve 117, 241 Graham, Barbara 259 Graham, Don 384 Graham, Jo Anne 77, 106, 252,393 Graham, Kay 127, 257 Graham., Lester F 44 Graham, S. Johnny 44 Graham, Tod 224 Graham, Winifred F 45 Graham, Winston 104, 244, 358 Graiser. Sheldon 104, 248, 360 Granadc, James A 104 Grant, Jack 225 Grant, Jerry A. 104 Grant, Terry 104 Gratigny, Jerome Albert 106, 411 Graves, Lynne 127, 259, 393 Gray, Cordelia Louisa 34, 338 Gray Dedie 341, 376, 393 Gray, Dick .. 210, 242, 344 Gray, James L 44, 225, 359 Gray, John I 99, 341 Gray, Thomas S Jr 34, 39, 225, 329, 356, 348 Gray, Warren 117, 170, 195 Greear, Phillip 374 Greeci, Adriana 374 170 ?4I , James Billy 104 , Noel 3S9 776 245, 189 blat. Harriette m 117 e, Janelle 118 106, 387 e, John M ....44 229 127. 753 e, Patricia 104 399 e, Sue Covington .- 104, 357 744 749 740 , Fred Jr .....127 140 John 148 on. Jack Robert 3, Donald Winfield ory, Arlena - 34, 349 45 244 409 Griffin, David 389 Griffin, Harold B 118, 359 Griffin, Hill 127 Griffin, Robert 118 Griffin, W. M 118 Griffis, Bobby 215 Griffith, Barbara Anne ...104, 279, 337 Griffith, Charles Herbert ...57, 220, 373 Griffith, Kaye 255 Grimaude, Constance 127 Grimsley, Mary Lois _ 104 ■ ' nmy 57, 339, 371, — Gritike, Pat 383 Groddick, Skeet 341 Grogan, Larry 214, 372 Gross, Ned 226 Grosse, Michete 376 237 Grubbs, Pat 7 127, 259, 383 Guerrero. Rudy 376 Guerry, Roddy 230, 231 Guest, Arnold 219 Guest, Gerald 341 Guill, Marshall 104, 372 Guill, Mary Lanier 118 Guillebeau, Ted 118 Guisler George 170, 175 lie. 396 170 275 34! 118 106 106 361 106 262 219 218 376 44 386 357 252 349 231 45 244 226 229 754 Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ties, Patricia 177 Gunels Riley 244 ™l, Ned 127 Tiilton, Allyn Hilton, Jack Tiilton, Odell 340 371 381 Gupton, O. J 719 Guthrie Frank 177 Guthrie Jack N IRA Tiilton, William 177 99, Tim, Billie .127 ...57 241 774 H Tim, J. Emmett Timack, Alice ■.127 227 355 Timack Joe 779 nmeck, Lavonia Faye . Timock W illiam L 77 11? Hadaway, Jim 760 Hadaway, John G Jr. 44 Timond, Beverly Ann . Timond, Bob 118 Haddad, Ghanen 214 Hadley, Sylvia Timond, Julian C 151 377 759 Tiner, Charles 150 345 381 Hagan, Harry S. 104 127. ...34, 177 Tipton, Elizabeth ....77 278 382 387 Hagen, Ronnie .. Hagerman Leona d Z. Anne 389 177 Hagins, Elizabeth Tipton, Reid Tirick, George 177 222, 234 Hagman, Dick 44 161 Haight, David , icock Debbie 747 icock, Joyce cock. Robert id. Alice - d, Fred IZ .275. 383 Hairston, Martin Halrston, Nancy .104 190 226 278 414 106 376 377 44 77 IIS 44 127 106 118 390 184 363 244 238 34 254 338 383 106 376 118 411 380 127 771 Haist en, Harry G. Jr 52,225, 324, 328, 368 id Robert 177 Haizlip, Sara 118 57 372 104 Haley, Bob 118 Haley, Henry C. . ger, Jane ikinson, Charles Robe ikinson, Elizabeth nsen, George t 274 417 Haley Martha An P MR Hall Duane .104 .170 248 ISO 189 Hall Eric Edward Jr 17 Hall Eugenia 778 Hall, James Marv in ison. Bill Dpoldt, Mary Lou bin, Sam. lS2. .347, 354 Hall, Jerry D 3M Hall, Jimmy 127, 245 349 Hall, Norman 253 Hall Ralph 740 den Charlie 345 Hall, Ted den, Marv den, Orcn die, Leonle digree, Alice Ann Zis, 338, 773 177 Hallford, Marcia 127 Hallowell, Carol Ann 34 381 Halprin, Shelley . IIB 264 104 digree Helen H MR Hamad, Nrzar . . 94 din Buddy 741 Haman, Jane din Frank 184 Hambrick Hugh din Martha 771 Hamdy, M. K dman, Jerry 387 STUDENT INDEX -Continued Hardwicli. Robert S. irkleford, Zeniout Jr. 72, 384 rlinq, Decle 270 iflinq Paf _II8, 27», 337. 394 Stephens Jr. ir. Antony C. •r. Beverly ■r. Charlie G. . .er, Jimmy . 246 .cr Kenneth 340, 384 .er M. Geraldine 104,374 .er, Meridith 35 icr Sandy 127, 2M .er, William F - 218 el, Nell 275 ell, Gail E 44, 273 ell, Gloria lOt, 204, 254, 389 Harridge, Patsy N. 127, 340, 342, 381, 391 Joyce Pat L. 214 Harris ' , Stanley E 97, 347 Harris Susan 118, 269 Harris ' , Thomas M 57, 377 Harris Thomas Watson 44,227 Harrison, Alice 118, 278 Harrison, Jimmy 127, 224, 390 Harrison Joanne 107, 341, 383 Harrison, Joe Wayne 215 Harrison Mahalah 347, 407 Harrison, (Michael E ,97, 348 Harrison Rosemary 46, 273 Harrison William D 229, 312 Hart, Elsie 272 Hart, Preston 392 Hart, William 118 Harte, David 210, 214 Harte, John H. Jr 217, 410 Hartford, Bob 412 Hartin, Martha 44 Hartley, Marvin B 52, 347, 370 Hartmon, Gordon 380 Hartmann, Frederick 128 Harvey Ellen 128, 259 Harvey William H 44 ell, Nancy Haskli 218 Haskins, Burt S 107, 212, 351, 374 Hatcher Bill 118, 230 419 T.7 Hatcher, Ronald 107, 324, 334, 407 387 44 777 737 57, 371 392 107 379 Hawkersmith Joanne . .. 118 763 Hawkins, Jane 383 Hawkins. Norma F 44 Pats ' 128 ird S 57, 214 Hawley ' Douglas 128, 201, 231, 352 Hawley Larry 82, 231, 358, 379 Hawthorne, Robert 107, 371, 388 Hayes, Harry E 35 Hayes, Walter 245, 390 Haygood, Martha P, 107, 259, 393, 411 Haynie, George R 107 Hays, Loretta 64 Hays, Walter 128 Head, A. K 107, 409 Head, Carolyn 128, 259, 382 Head, Sarah G 107 Heap, Robert F - 44 Heard Josephine 128,249,355 Heard! Melissa Gail 52, 95, 250, 260, 261, 329 Hearin Jerry .. 170 107, 344 Hearn, Betty C. Heam, Charles Jackson 94 Hearn George J. Ill 97, 368, 390 Heath Donald -58, 371 Hecklin, Ida 387 Hecklin, Rochelle 107, 347 Hetfernan, Henry 341 Hefner, Beaulah - 107 Heitiman, Rita 128, 247, 410 Helton, Charles Hembri Hemph Hender II, Har son. Do Hender son, Sar Hender son. To Hendri :ks, Eric Hendri , Harry Hendr! , Hirer Hendri «, Jame Hendri , Milly Henke, Robert 128 y H, 111 99 W 52, 370 228 52 William M. Jr 94 y Forest 219 y Howard 45, 359 1, Mitchell 403 1, Scott _ 192 1 Tom 128, 184 Carol 242 Herndon, John ..127, 254 Herndo Nancy Loui leri Robert Edv. ■,n, Eugene L, •ing, Guy He lill Lyie 35, 357, 358 99, 245 170, 177 411 Earl Jr 45, 359 hard D 45, 230 n 128, 247 Hestei Hester, Hc slon Hetrick, John M. Jr 99 Hewett, Krystal 128, 341 Hibbert William W. Ill 94 ckey, Pat Hicks, Charle Hicks, Hicks, Randa Hiers, Sylvia Higginbothar Higqinbothar Higginbothar Higginbothar Higginbothar Higgins, Jan- Higgins, Mar Higgins, Susi Highfill, Jarr Highfill, Don Hill, Bill Hill, Brenda 35 Cha Mary An Norman . .35, 69, 238, 250, 255 220 253. 384 Hillow, Debbie 128. 252 Hinds. John 128, 228, 411 Hinely, Mary Ann 35, 275 Hines, Joe 170 Hines, Mary 128, 249 Hinesley, William 128 Hinson, Byron 227 Hinson, Linda 128 Hinson, Priscilla 77, 243 Hinton Sue 107, 384, 411 Hiott, Mary 250, 263, 344 Hirsch, Harold 232, 324, 374 Hirsch, Melvin 119, 248 Hitchcock, Charlotte Elaine 44 Hix Larry B 85, 350, 351, 372 Hoagland, Bill 119, 375 Hoard, Richard T 377 Hobbs Harold D 107, 228 Hobbs, Jack 107, 222 Hobby, Helaine 128, 241 Hobby, Wensley 234, 347 Hobgood, Edv Hobgood, Ha Hodge " " Hodge Hodge Hodge Hodges, Hodges, Hodgsor Hoeflin, Hoegsted, 107, 225 128 237 .128, 224, 381 John Wall Linda J 128 Lynda 119 Bryant 128, 229 .telvin W 95, 377 128, 259 Hoffman, ' aI -232, 380 Hogan, Joe 358 Hogue, W. Larry 35 Height, David 354 Holbrook, Judith Ann 35, 250, 279 Holbrook, Linda 119, 259, 353, 383, 393 Holbrook, William 119, 332 Bryce 48, 210, 229, 344, 348 Holde Holde nb, Gregory John Richard 119 e Willis 119, 242 Bob 229 Henry G 46, 184 Ton Holland, Altoona 107 Holland, John B 84, 341 Hollingsworth, Angle 107 Hollis, Anne 107, 244 Hollis, Cliff 119, 236, 375 Hollis, Elaine Huff 77 Mark D, Jr 44 y, Clint 345 Sandr. ell, Carol 393 , Dawn 128. 275 Holl Holl Holl Holl Hoir Hoir Holman, Martin 128, 229 Holt, James E. T 45 Holt, Vance C 72 Holton, Charles Holyoak, High Homes, Paul eth 58, 226 184 Hood. Aleone 119,264 Hood, George 210, 230, 231, 390 Hood, Joseph L 58, 372 Hood, Joyce C 77 Hood, Ken 119, 398 Hooks, Elizabeth Tucker Hooper, Eloise Ho Robert Hope, Ten Hopkins, Carter Hopkins, Charles Hopkins, Estelle Hopkins, Lindsey Hopper, Gail Home, Bill Home, Lunelle Home, Sidney B Home, Vernon W Home, William L. Jr. Horrowitz, Eran Horton, Charles Dean Horton, Jim Horton, Kay Horton, William Posey Hortsman, Walt G Hosch, Hugh Hotchkiss, L. E Hough, Richard M Houk, David House, Ben N Houston, Gail Houston, Nancy Houston, Richard G Houston, Warner Howard, Bev Howard, Cecil Howard, James H Jr. Howard, Lorick Howard, Lucy Howard, William L Howe, Don B. Howell, Lawton W Howell, Louis Arnold Hubbard, Charles W J Hubbard, Sam Hubert, George Jr Hubert, Marilyn Hubert, Woo Hudgin, Gene Hudson, Brose Hudson, Genie Hudson, James P Huey, Ronnie Huff, Frank Huff Harold L Huff, Helen 2! Huqgins, Arlene IC Hughes, Bill Hughes, Cliff Hughes, Dick Hughes, Guy Hughes, Joe . Hughes, Patricia Hughes, Tony Hughs, Nancy Huguley, Bennie Huling, Loretta Hull, Natalie Hull, Richard Hulsey, B. J. Humphrey, Jane Hungerford, Lynn Hunnicutt, George Hunt, Beth Hunt, Clyde . Hunt, Lydell Hunter, Elaine Hunter, Euge Hunter, Ha eft Nancy Hunter! Powell Hurber, Reynolds Hurley, Howard A Hurt, Harriett Jo Hurt, Irene .. Hurt, Susan R Husney, Sara Hutchinson, Sally Hutto, Herbert T Hutton, Charles M Hyatt, John Hydrick, Dick Hyett, William D I Imes, Chester R. Ingle, Frederick Albert Inglett, W A Ingliss, Hugh Jr. Ingram, Clayton Ingram. Glenda Ingram. Robert W. Intro, Jennie Ippolito, Anthony J Irwin Harold W Jerry Mike Irwin. Sandra Isaacs, Marilyn Iseminger Fred C Ishie, Mike Islev, Sylvia Itikow, Ellei Itskow, Kay Ivey, Edware BIythe Ed Ivy, Bob Ivy, John Swanton Jr Ivy, Patricia Wynn 49, 255, 107, 242 384, 394 107, 244 119 Jackson, Clark 210 341 128, 344 119, 332 241 Jackson, Herbert 119 341 . 128 Jackson, Mary Ann 77, 382, 387, 411 247 141 740 192, 193 243 Jackson, Regina 270 Jacobs, Betty 274 178 244, 370 253, 387 52 349 107, Jaconson, Gerald A 90, James Bunny 248, 249, 347 77, 252 107 107, 240 35 James, Frank A. .119, 210, 244, 332, 344 128 128 45, 240 ,119 James Jimmy D 107 James, Louise James, Martha 77 .128, 241 72 272 James Muriel Leslie . . .35, 273 . . 386 119, 410 119, 225, 332 .107, 318 99, 345 James, 5, C James, William Charles J James, William F r. !! 354 58 229 ...45, 241 Jandrew, Bonnie .119, 337, 409 J24, 418 .107, 341 . 241 230, 231 .46, 241 382 95 .128, 214 .. 387 392 240 Jarrett Charles L .107, 238, 381 224 230, 361 ... .. 218 128 99 99, 341 Jarrett, Leah Mae 107, Jarrett, Wick 333, 341, 344, 274 381, 382 58 371, 373 107, 231 107 107 380 35 58 172 Jay, Randall A !i28. .107, 228 45 359 147 244 128 178 244 355 Ml 184 107 241 341, 381 Jelks, Leigh .119, 242 ... 217 219 772 90 Jenkins! Warren Frank J ...45, 225 248 119, 270 58 185 Jernigan Nina 270 242 243 234 143 128 107 45, 391 764 355 194 253 155 !3I 398 214 Johnson, Austin Rae . 84 128, 397 128 !4I 145 254 - 184 184 119 252, 347 !45 255 107 193 227 m 107 1 h «nn ' Darvl 341, 345 107 !49 45 )59 339, 377 Johnson. Diane Johnson. Donnie Lee !!!!!!!! .128, 259 119 107 119 244 Ml !28 392 .128, 358 !70 .107 381, 382 128 i48 945 244 982 231 918 244 224 .107, 190 Johnson, Jimpsey Burke .. 224 230 244 225 !74 Johnson! John H 82 184 187, 189 7 333 341 393 275 45 237 35 231 317 245 99 345 128 247 Johnson! Mary Clifford .. Johnson, Patricia 44 .107 374, 393 58 241 272 389 . . 128 119 254 244 119 244 367 261 Johnson! Sandra .128 264, 337 258, 393 .107, 379 45 128 238 392 Johnson! Weldon H. . 35, Johnson, William C 72 Johnson, Winston 5S, Johnston, Diane — 328, 238 333, 330, 333, 334, 349 334, 377 107 379 107 334, 340, 377, 381 2(0 _ 128 84, 345 II? 99 Joiner, Tommy .240, 348 45, 219 .99, 234 128 341, 411 46 45, 374 .. 347 Jones, Beverly Ann 25 128, 244 52, 370 377 25 107, 359 229 184 Jones, Charlotte .119 259, 383 241 .119, 216 128, 274 222 128, 249 58 99, 220 35 184 .128, 2 7 35, 341 .90, 367 128, 274 119 45, 274 77 340 Jones! George Ksafon Jr Jones, Gilma Anne Jones, Hannah 121 58 219 45 Itl , ii, 240, 229 329, 348 U 279 355 35, 338 128 377, 399 Jones ' Ina ...95, 354 Jones ' J A 35 229 .35, 349 340, 344 23 72 Jones! Laura Helen 393 STUDENT INDEX -Continued I Jones, Lewis 3«3 Jones. Linda 128, 247, 393, 398 Jones, Lois Evelyn ii Jones, Lynda 119, 263. 393 Jones, Mandj 271 Jones, Margaret Sue 262 Jones, Marilyn 273 Jones, Marion 107, 269, 355 Jones, Mary Rose 258, 383 Jones, Olivia 128 Jones, Paula 119, 254 Jones, Priscilla 260 Jones, Robin Katherine 52, 353, 393 Jones, Sally 270 Jones, Sara 129, 253 Jordan, Angeline 129 Jordan, June 119 Jordan, Sylvia F 66, 269 Jordan, Wayne 236 Jordan, William 236,237 Jordan, Wright 373 Jose, Harold 107, 363 Jovfers, J. Ronald 72, 354, 360, 384 Joyner, Ann Dunn 107, 269 Julsrud, Harold G - 97, 376 Jusko, Arthur 231 K Kaden, Bob 232 Kahn, Marlene 35, 276 Kahrs, Karol Ann 129, 252, 386 Kakaty, Louis 228, 367 Kalet, Bert M 99, 361 Kalet, Dorothy M 99 Kaminis, Carol Rae 107, 360, 364 Kaminsky, Alan 248 Kaminsky, Tavin A 35, 210, 212, 421 Kamp, Austin Jack 222 Karazulas, John P 91, 367 Karl Berta 119, 278, 410 Karsmann, Stanley . 248, 336 Kaufman, Anthony J 35 Kaufman, Helaine -- 276 Kaufman, Walter C. Ill 99 Kaye. Lcvris 232 Keadle, Evealyne 263, 352 Keasler, John Wayne 52, 101, 210, 234, 235, 330, 344, 352, 370, 416, 420 Keating, Marcie 256,410 Keaton, Peyton 119 Kee, Kenneth 119 Kee, William P 46 Keen, Mary 399 Kegler, Melvyn _ 108 Keheley, Ann - 119 Keir, Lillian 3B8 Keiser, Don 164, 187, 188 Keller, Gene 337, 396 Kelley, Carolyn 119,273 Kelley, Diane 77 Kelly, Eva Louise 35 Kelly George Lockv ood. .91, 369, 376 Kelly, Gordon 170, 182 Kelly, Ken 216 Kelly, Mike 243 Kelton, Audrie Germaine 95, 389 Kembill, Jim 363 Kemble, Ann 274, 410 Kemble, June 410 Kemp, Charles E. Jr 45 Kempton, Thomas John 45, 315, 351, 356 Kendrick, Sam 390 Kenimer, Guy 241 Kenimer Jo 129, 267 Kenn, Al Mac 108 Kennedy, Alfred 219 Kennedy, Deral E 35 Kennedy, James . , 221 Kennedy, Kay 129, 411, 416 Kennedy, Tom . 245 Kent, Lowell S 45, 237 Kesler, Norma Jean 108 Kesser, Anne Harriet 119, 276 Kessner, Norm 232 Ketchie, Norman L 108 Ketzky, Emily 276 Key, Virginia 129 Keyler, Marvin 380 Keysor, Allen 58, 373 Khosrowshahi, Mehdi 376 Kibler, Mary Anne 129, 408 Kibler, Tommy 408 Kicklighter, Mary Kate 119 Kierbow, Gene 66 Kight, Joe 108 Killian, Frank M 108, 234 Killinqsworth, C. Walton 46, 217 Kilpatrick, Richard Cree , 46 King, Donald 119, 246 King, George C 108 King, Jim 52, 220 King, Margaret 254 King, Marvin W 95 King, Mary 129, 271 King, Norman _ 170 King, Norval W. Jr 99 King, Ralph W, 361 Kinney, Anne 108 Kirberg, Edna Yvonne 108 Kirby, Ann 95 Kirby, Carolyn 108, 162. 260 Kirby, Lowell C. 52, 326, 344, 347, 391, 418 Kirkland, Sara Elizabeth 77, 254 Kirp, George 349 Kitchens. Alton E. Jr _ 44, 218 Kitchens, Robert „ 129 Kiaer, Lilian 376 Klindtworth, Walter 58, 363 Kling, James Malcolm 72, 86, 350, 354, 361 Kling, Thomas 129, 340, 371 Klopp, Ben 217 Kloss, Bonnie 255 Kluttz, Jo Ann 108, 262 Knight Betty F. 66, 229, 250, 268 Knight. Nathan 328. 334, 368 Knight. Ronald T. 35. 409 Knight. Ruth 261 Knight. Sandra Kay , 35. 349. 354 Knight. Sheila R. 36 Knight. Suzanne 271. 337 Knipper. Aloysius J. 59. 380 Knott, Caroll 108 KnoH, Jean Dozier J6, 269 Knowles, Jim 403 Knox, Harriet 108, 268 Knox, W. P 86 Knox, Wyck 129, 224, 390, 417 Knuekles, Madge .341 Koelber, Teresa Mary 99 Koger, James E 108, 352 Kolman, Dolly . 275 Koulton, Tommy 184 Krauthamer, Jules 248, 377 Krevsky, Steve ck, Richard 249 367 Kruchko, G. Donovan 99,345 Kruger, Paul 377 Kuehne, Richard 380, 386 Kulet. Joyce 119 Kunzer. Ray 46 Kunzlg. Sylvia _ 267 Kupper. James L 84. 345 Kurry. Bill - 249 Kurtz. Brenda 2S0, 274, 277 Kusnitz, Lcland Warren 34 Kwapien, Robert P 84, 361 Kwiatowski, Dan 184, 185 Lacher, Chris Lacke, Malcolm . . 245 720 119 Lacy, James William 59, 339 350 372 179 Lamb Barbara Lee 46 Lamb Jimmy C 108 Lambert Harold 348 Lambert, Millard II ... S9 238 719 344 74? Lancaster, Larry 170 44 180 Lancaster Lee 341 59 59 373 II?, 1911 Landrith Horace W ino Landrum, Charlene H. Landrum, Gloria Elizabeth 52 257 352 44 170 Lane Jania _ l?9 Lane Linda M Lane, Richard Larry - 34 119 179 Langford Barbara 199 108 751 108 179 Langford, Martha Ann ... Langford, Nora Ann . 77 252 108 399 144 7IS Lanier, Helen H K, 344, 353. 417. 421 119 Lanier, Nancy 740 Lanier, Sandra Lanier, Warren Lanier, William " 34 129 227 278 381 129 1 ;.ni = r Willi; P, V, Lapp, Lorna _. IDS S9 275 157 Laslie, Bob Latimer, LianHa - 214 129 Launlus, Tom _ Lavender, Clint Lavender, Earl " I J30 231 345 184 119 Lawrence, Fred 170 Lawrence Larry 198 Lawson, Andrew Lowell . 108 398 Books .... School Supplies Fountain Service Souvenir Gifts UNIVERSITY STORES JENNIE BELLE-CO-OP-BOOK STORE 435 Lawson, Bradley 129 Lawion. Terry W Laierd. Anne - 27 ' Leach Marlon Leone 77.252 nne 77, 387 Leake. Leannoi Leathei Lee. Howard Lee. J. R. - Lee. Jung Sook Lee Mary Ann Lee. Mike Lee. Mike Nancy Ton 231 6i ..108, 341 ..108, 360 . 129, 361 Lee, William Lee, Your Bok Lecbern. Don _ _ Leeger, Nancy ... Lefco, Tanya _..-. Lcffingwell. Paul Legg. Marion I Lcqgett, Judy LeGuin Martha Frar Lehmann, Jennie Lee Leitner, Carolyn Jam LeMay, John C. Leonard, Charles W. Leonard, Ear, Lerdy, Al LeRoy, Marie Lester, Hugh H 108 Lester, Larriar 129 Leutwyler Frank 108, 410 Levenson, Robert 320 Leverett, Nancy Jean 36, 279 Leverett, Patsy 129, 399 332 .96, 210, 217, 330 224, 390 273, 348 ■ ison, Robert Leon Jr 46, 365 ■ Hon, Benny E 46 ' iton, Louis Edward 46 STUDENT INDEX -Continued Lewis, Dorothy 129, 265 Lord, William G Lewis Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Leota Lynda Manley C. Joyce Richard Allen 59, 246 ird A. Lewis, Thomas Lewis, Thomas H Lewltt, Marilyn Libowsky, Elaine Lichtenstcin, Her Liqhtfoot, Lynn Lilcs " Liles Lillii Lilly, Ka Lilly, Ric Lin, Htein . Lindgren, Mary Anne . Lindsay, Mat Lindsey, Alice Ann Lindsey, Donald Hugh Lindsey, Shelley Lingle, Peyton L. Link, Douglas LIppold, Anne - Lipschuti, Richard Lipthratt, Charles . 228 129, 242, 342 170, 181, 317, 351 108, 276 129, 265 108. 264 109. 279, 393 82, 350, 358, 379 129 129, 255 109, 267, 389, 393 abeth .36, 266 240 237 210 Lisle, Bar Little, Barb, Little, Beck Little, Caro Little, Eillei Little, Elain Little, J. W Little, Pat Little, Sam Little, Will Littleton, Gene 170 Liu, Ching Po 376 Lloyd, Dave 170 Lockerman, Allen 240 Lockhart, Ann 272 Lolglaux, Pater 361 Lone, Ben N 59, 392 Long, Claryce 129, 257 Long, Ed Jr 129 Long, Harold 228 Long, Johnny 109, 227, 385 Long, Shelton 109 Longino, Clare 109, 256 Looney, Jacqueline 66 Lord, Bill 365, 381 Lord, Jack 46 Lott, Judy Kay Loveless. Ralph Lowe. Judy Lowery. C. B. Jr. Lowery, Richard Bruc Lowery, Shirley Ann Lowry, Harry Loyd. James Oscar Loyd. Peggy 78. 341, 381, 382 109, 260 Luc . 237 Luc Margaret Stella Rick Lucke ' tt, Cathy Lud wig, John Luke, DeLacy Lummus F. Edwari Lumpkin. Wilfred Lunceford, Kay Lundsford, Linda Lundy, Jack Lupo, Carol Lurey, Barry N. Luti, Jon L Lynch, Patricia . Lyons, Richard .. 109, 248 . 36, 408 .129, 262 MacCary, Katherinc I MacGregor, Mary B. MacHulls John Macintosh. Mac MacKenn, Al MacMahon, Nancy . MacWinburn. Gene McAfee, Carol McAlpine, Robert McAuley, Gary H. McBee. Polly A. McCahan. G. R. McCarty, Jo McCash, Barton McClendon, Ann .. McClesky, Carl McClesky, Diane 52, 352, 353, 420 McClesky, Judy McCloud, Jim McClure, Donald W. . McClure, Jerry McClure, Morris McClurkin, David Kei McClurkin, Diana McCollum, Shelby .. McCommons, Pete McCord, Bill McCorkle, Earl McCormick, Cliff Elle McCowen, Jim McCurdy, Walter McCurley, Lillian McDade, William Ler. McDaniel, Gary McDevitt, Mary 342, 390 109, 349 360, 384 357, 358 McDonald, Harold McDonald, Lauren McDonald, Louise aid. Me aid. McDo Phylli McDonald, Richard McDonald, Robert B. McDonald, Susan McDougald, Albert B. . McDuffee, Reginald M. . 91, McElhannon, Jane McElmurray, Ben Swain Jr. . 225, 328, McElrath, Ellen Scott 120, McElveen, Margie McElveen, Martha 266, McEntyre, Robert Jr McEuen, Archie R 82, 358 129, 272 109, 224 367, 369 McEw McGann, Pat McGarity, Barbara McGaughey, Cliff . McGe Patrick J. Wayne L. McGehee, Sam McGill, Diana McGill, Kathryn ... McGinnie, Judy ... McGregor, Martin Mik McGuire, Amy Mcintosh, Jimmy Mcintosh, Madelyn 95 Mcintosh, Otis O. Jr 46, 388, 390 129, 229 129, 240 129, 399 241, 390 BANKING FOR COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND FACULTY THE CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK ATHENS, GEORGIA REM STUDIOS Pandora Photographers for: Individual Class Photos Fraternities Sororities Clubs Organizations HUTCHINS, COX STROUD INSURANCE REAL ESTATE " Since 1890 " ATHENS, GEORGIA STUDENT INDEX -Continued Mclntyre, Bill ?I9 Mclntyre, Darrell Mclntyre, Edward McKaughan, Van 109 109, 371 357 380 McKec. Mel ?S9 McKinley, Ronald 109 319 351 317, 343 McKii McKinney, Bill McKinney. Chuc McKinney. Ed . McKinney. Mar McKinney. Roy McKinnon. Phili McKinnon. Will McLanaham. Li McLaughlin. Let DougN McLe McLe McLe McLean. Nancy McLenden. Edwi McLendon. Bobb McLendon. Glori McLendon. Guyt. McLendon. Remt McLeod. Bruce . McLeod. M( McLeod. Ric McLeroy. M, 59. 371. 392 120. 272. 355 109, 279 hard Jerry 59, 340, 371 109 rtha McMicha McMichael, La Ross 278 McMillan. Patricia 78, 382 McMillan, Hayes - 270 McMillian, Don Woody 84, 341 McMullan, Jimmy 388 McMullin, John 242, 243 McMurray. Ernest L. Jr 120, 222 McNeely, Halleday - 245 McNeill, Donald 109, 221 McNew, James M 72 McPherson, Bill 341 McRae, Dianne 129, 341 McRitchie, Mary 270, 348, 384, 408 McRitchie, William A. Jr. 44, 343 McSwain, Joel Francis 44, 240, 241 McWhite, Mabey. Ray Coleman .. Ma bry, Jeffrey ...95. 374 .129, 214 217 Maddoi, Gene 345 ,119. 242 Maddox, Thomes Maddoi, William David .119 372. 375 222 Madry Mary Evelyn 7 251. 279 Magderburger, Robert P. 100. 345 119. 393 Maguire, Sam 119. 240 119 254 Majors, Jimmy Majors, Johnny 230 231, 317 230 247 120 .254, 409 ...59, 377 129 44 78 224 Mallard, Margie 258 374 383. 393 120 343 , 374 Malone, Jean 120. 273 225 389 .109, 384 224 Manderson. Joe .129, 224 399 379 220 ... 254 Mann Ronald 44 120. 244 112. 417 Manning. Billy Lloyd , , 34, 238 170 . 254 Manry. Eugene Allen 59, 392 381 Mansell. Robert 333 340. 371 350, 373, 381 243 244 Mansour, Kay .129, 278 .129, 347 347 373 229 Marandino. Bob 229 Robert 109 Roberta 274. 347. 378 m Wood 84. 341 Marshall. Willia Marston. Barba J. Da 44 222. 259. 355 120. 345 120. 244 258. 383 109, 318 100 Martin. Joseph Walter Jr 44, 381 Martin. Judy 271 Martin. Kell 244 Martin. Lillian 255 Martin, Nell 274 Martin, Zach 380, 392 Mashburn, Brenda 129 Mashburn, Patricia 129 Mason, Buddy 227 Mason, Martha 129, 278 Mason, Sonny 222 Massey, Bertie Ann - 34 Massey, Dorothy Louise .. Massey, Howard .. 34 78 341 Mathews, Barbara 274 Mathews, James D 44 Mathews, Martha Jo . Mathews. Walter .34, 381 Mathias, Bill Mathis, Fred H 109 Mathis. Jack 234 Matthews. Carl W 109 Matthews, James D. 315, 354 Matthias, Anne 258 . 129, 252 Mauldin. Archie T. Jr. .. 82 Mauldin. Carolyn 109 129 129 109, 409 Maiwell. Charles E. ... .109, 409 Maxwell, Clyde 129. 215 328. 348 Maxwell, Robbie ? ' ;i 270, 271 Maxwell, Terry Jones .44, 217 241 .120, 254 Mayher. William E. Mayhew Jan . .109 78. 278 Mayo. John A. 84 Mays, Sam Warren , 44 Meaders. Genie 325 198 350. 342 199. 218 109. 256 Meadors. Gloria 129 Meadows. Patrick O. 44 Mecklcy. George Williarr Madders. Bill 84. 345 Medders. Harland 372 Medlock, Florence .129 242, 399 242 Meeks, Grady L .73, 340 258 248 Melton Ted K . , 82 227 Mendel, Patti , 36. 275 249 354 Merahn, Roger 212 120, 372 109 95 Mercer, Jim Meriwether, Margaret Ra Merkley, Jack W. dolf 237, 318 h 67 109. 380 Merrell. Elaine Merritt. Ella 255 355, 394 241 59, 385 .109, 379 221 Meyer. Bill , 350. 354 Meyer. John 350 341 354 373. 381 341. 381 97. 347 129 109 95. 354 120 274. 394 47 129 109. 254 .91. 367 Miles. Marlene 95 ,. 254 Miles. Paulsen . .379 ...95. 224 243 73. 344 , , . 34 ...91. 347 252 ,120, 219 120. 215 78 Miller, Blilie Irene 109 382. 393 . . 403 . 341 44. 240 Miller. Dorothy Ann 129. 274 109 59. 215 374 392 - 354 , , 120 109. 377 370 ... 266 60. 392 230 40 244. 380 390 100 97 . 389 Milligan. Luther W. 109. 340. 344. 384 91 244 ,, 120 Mills. Bo Mills. Martha Thelma 78. 251. 222 254. 382 109 46. 225 Milner. Richard W. Milton, Virginia Anne 40. 371. 388 67. 271 374 . 264 Minche ' w. M. Daniel 109. 332. 365. 390 36 91 244. 368 52 Missall. Reynold Frederic k 40. 380 , 109 243 241 , 405 , 240 129. 258 Mitchell Walter 348. 349 Mobarhan. Irandokht .., 376 Mockowiti, Dorothy _ 274 Molder. Edith 272 Moller. Charles R. Jr M, 244, 380 Monahan. Charles 385 Moncol. Dan 354, 361 Monlort. William 129. 340 Monson, Jon Philip 120. 343. 375 Montgomery. Betty Lane 387 Montgomery. Ginny . , 240 I. Sally 129. 270. 355 Mo Pete 40 350. 371. 392 Moody. Virginia Moon. Betty Ann Moon. Charlsey 120 Moore. Ann 47 341 258, 393 394, 409 ..._ . 270 Moore. Arnold _ MS 100, 365 Moore. Donald G 228 Moore. Donald P. Jr 129 Moore. Evalyn 129 Moore. Francis B. , 47 Moore. Frank 218 Moore. Helen 339 Moore. Horace E. Jr. ._. Moore. James C _ Moore. Jerry Buck T " " 120 47 47 231 Moore. Marcia 120 Moore. Martha 244 Moore, Powell A 44 241 326 311. 328. 418 385 Moore, Sallie . . 73 Moore. Sara Luena . 360 344. 384 120 Moore. Thomas Jr. 129. 241 Moore. William 130 340. 377 Moran. Thomas V. 95 342. 365 109 Morgan. Donald O ' Quinn ...67, 341 ._ 392 Morgan. Franklin F. 109 ...47. 273 Morgan. Linda 130 109 tvtorgan. Tommy Morgan. Wallace 333 334 230 340. 391 341 341 109. 341 Morris Corrille 120. 248 34 Morris Frances M. . . Vi 341. 393 47 219. 368 393 67 130 Morris Oliver T. 109 120. 279 130, 212 , 130 Morrison. James 130. 362 340. 391 216 130 ,, 120 120 269 109. 380 241 Moseley. Betty 278 120. 243 Moseley. Lamar 377 198. 199 120 212 34 240. 383 Mosley. Joe C 47. 359 95. 373 95 100. 341 82. 379 Moulthrop JanKS 1. 100 130 359 248 348 95. 374 Mulherin. Barbara 244 67, 207, 245. 240 348 347 359 130. 259 130. 257 Murkison. Eugene C. 334. 40 339 325. 350. 356 67 Murphy. Edgar 0. , 109. 246. 320 36 Murphy. Linda Murphy Robert Nathan Murphy Virgil 130 82. 379 184 60. 372 52. 352 260 130 Muse. David P Musely. Betty 120. 214 120 Musick. Betty ..... 374 «7 109 130. 278 ' Stuart 249. 341 Nadwodney. Larr Nairn. Charlie Nash. Beverly C. Nease. Linda E ... 7. m Neblett. Landa 6w .„ .120. 2(0 Nechtman. Carl _ .. Ivn Neel. Armon Jr „.. 120 ...3 , VD, 3M Neely. Harold L 47 Neighbors. Don t. .. 190 34 Neill. Jeanatte 0. ...U 333, 341 Nejib. Zuhair 37 Nelson. Caroline _I30, 341 34 Namec, Beverly _ 110, 242 Neville, Lester _ 3t, »S 34». 3S4 Newberry. Sandra 7. . n. 101 333, 341 Newman. Leon E 110, 398 Newman. Walter J. . . 120 217 Newsom. Edward F. . no Newsome. Jo Bath 47 252 Newton, Bobby . . 130 Newton. Cherry 102, 109 273 324, 414 120, 259, 382 Newton, Glenn H. .... 47 221 Newton. Joseph ., .. 130 Newton. Mickey ... . 24S Newton. Richard . 340 Newton. Wayne 130 Newton, Willard Edwird ...34, 217 Newton, Woodson 120 Nicas. Allen G 47 Nichols. J. C no, 218 no, 238 Nichols. Virginia 240 Nicholson. Gene 334, 340 .110, 220 _J7, 22» 9U 110 IJO, 340, 3W, 371, 381 oline B - 37, 255 Noel. E. Carlyle Jr. Nolan. Anna Eliubalh . rge C SB, 40, 330. 333. 334. 350. 373. 381 1 49. 341 Northcutt. Ben Norton. Nancy Norton. Richard Norton. Wanda Nuckolls. Madge Nugara. Denis 120. 252 40. 215 130. 252 .94, 374, 3M, 410 Paffa . Page. Jerry Page. Nancy ski. Jules STUDENT INDEX -Continued Page. Roger , — HO Paget John M. 67. 3 5, Tom 378 Paige. Nancv - 2 ' l Paine Dorothy 130. 272 Pallet, Jack 24? Palmer, Amoi E, 100, 361 Pankei Papag Papag Papan Parkei Parke Parke Parkei Parkei Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke Parke ,l» R, 275 97 ' 5 • ' Claire - 110 ■ Connie 110, 253, 374 ■ ' Glenn 73 ■ James W. 100, 345 r ' , Mary Francei 242 ■, Peter D. 120, 228 Bob . 229 eorge Evangeline - MO nl Mario S 37 icolaou Oemetrias 130 Anita .: 279 Mary Carol 37, 341 Paula 110 Tommy 170 Dave i. 398 ; Frank O. Jr 82 Harold 120 ■ Harriet 131 ■ Helen 78, 341, 382, 387 Jo Ann 353, 349, Martha Louise 341 Max 245 Mildred 131, 341, 381 Patsy 110, 240, 271 Shirley 131 William E 40, 38B William S 53 William W 47 ion Don 245 Parsons Frieda 131, 254 Patchin, Art HO Pate, Sybil W. HO, 411 Palerson, Gladys - 374, 411 Patrick, Bryan 347 Patten, Lynda 131, 272 Patterson Ann 243, 386 Patterson Bill E. HO. 240, 379 Patterson, Kay 255 Patterson, Morton 217 Patterson Patricia . 234, 273, 394 Patterson ' , P. B 225 Patterson, R. H, Jr 120, 340 Pattillo Pat Jr - 131. 398 Pattison, John 131 Patton Barbara Ann 120, 394 Paul James T HO, 351 Paulk, Robert C . 82, 379 Payne Bob 197, 315, 319, 351 Payne ' Claude D HO Payne Jerry 131, 342, 411 Payne ' Patsy HO, 381 Payne Penny 270 Payne! Ray 131. 340 Payton Bill - 3«, 378, 390 Peabody, Bill 120 Pearson, Albert Jr 131 Pearson, Kenley 274, 412 No 275 98, 348 120, 216 357 82, 374, 379, 411 Peeples, Carlton W. Peepl ■• jlyn Pettit Dona Pettvjohn, Wa Pfalt, Carolin Phelps, Georq Pherson, Nan. Phillips, Ca Phillips, Dallas L Phillips, Isbel Phillips, Joe Phillips, Kenneth Phillips, Louis E. Phillips, Martha Phillips, Mary Ca Phillips. Myra 73, 360, 384 37, 222, 349 131, 381 lie, John E. endreigh. Shannon man, Judith no. 145, 225, 261 Pope, John Pope, Karen Pope, Willi, Porterfield, Troy Posey, Phil Poss, Sonny ( Possoby, Mike . Post, Everett O. Poston, Jane Poston, John Duke Poston, Marilyn Poteat, Harold R. Pottorft, Clarence Pound, Linda Pound, Tom Pounds, Priscilla Powers Sheila 131, 257, 410 Prather, George Ann Pratt Dan E 131, 254 380 PrescotI, Russell E, Pressley, Ma» 110 340, 384 244 48, 220 100 Price David 387 121 131 ., 245 . . 121 131, 267 Pryor, Judith Ann 131, 242 87, 341 387 .. 121 253 Puise ' r Janice 121 , 131 121 121 394. 411 Pur, Ma ■Me H. Purdom, Daniel 379 Purdom, James L ' 0 Purdom Vandilla ,78 Purser, Donald Ray HO Pusser Harriet 259, 396 Putten ' , Russ Van 53, 228 Q Ouante Marion 218, 268 Ouilliali, Shelley 131, 255 Quinn, Larry HO Dana Raburn, Clarice T. Rachelson, Jerry Rader, Peqgy Radford, Christie Ragland, Jack H. Jr Ragsda Ragsda Ragsdale, Katherir Ragsdale. Stanton Raines, C. O. Rainey, Susie Randall, Sylv Randolph, Fr Ransbotham, 73, 340, 344 110. 212 242, 378 121. 275, 394 94, 95, 344 48, 338 229, 349 68, 255 .. 131 121, 343 328, 333, 334, 340. 367, 391 244, 341 377 HO 95 190 384 347 270 389 220 Redd Redfe Redfe 10, 44, 340, 34« Redw Reece Reese 31. 260 83 Reese Reese Rehberg, Charlie Reid, Robert Eldon Reno, Ge Reppard, Reppard, Reynolds, Arthur L. 258 383, 393 121, 340 HO Reyno Rhene 121, 254 100, 361 250, 256, 387, 399 373 Rhoat Rhoac 110. Rhod Rhod Rhod . 389 Rhod 187 191, 194 360, 410 Rianh Rice, .. 95 Rice, 68, 253 Rich, 47 328, 336 Richa Lynn Terry John W. (Captain) 68, 275 78, 275 121, 270 Patricia Wynelle 48. 253 Becky 121, 242 Patsy 131 Ronald 121 Richardsr Richards. Pat Santord 122 Richardson, Tom Tolbert 68 Richman, Larry 249, 365 Richter, Lallie 385 Rideout, Judy 274 Riddlehuber, Ted 122, 236 Ridge, William A 122 Ridgeway Caroline 110,248,348 Ridgeway, Theodore 325, 345 Ridqway Latimer C 60, 339, 350, 372 Rigdon, Sam T 83, 379 Riggins, Eugene F 122 Riqsbee Patricia A 53, 269, 338 353, 420 Rigsby. Alonio T. Jr 60, 215 Riley Allen Edward HO, 340, 350, 411 Rileyi Carolyn 131 Rimes, Marvin HO Rimstidt, Le Ann 268 Ringwall, Douglas 131 Rinn, Caria 240 Rish, Linton ,. 122, 372, 375 Risser, John 345 Ritchie, Dorothy HI, 393 Ritchie, Leila 131, 258, 393 Ritchie, Tim 237, 370 Rivers James A. HI, 371, 392 Wil H. Ill Donald King .48 Roark, John H HI, 404 Roberson Edward Lee . 100, 354, 341 Roberson! Janis HI, 393, 399 Roberson Sara 122, 256, 382 Roberts, Carole 131, 259 Roberts, Gloria 37, 259, 393 Roberts, Jim 170 Roberts, Jim 220 Roberts, Kirby HI, 371, 388 Roberts, Lewis 242 Roberts, Melanie 131 Roberts, Melvin 372 Robertson, Aime 264 Robertson, Beniamin L. Jr. 73, 354, 360 Robertson, Betty HI. 253, 409 Robertson, David A, 332 Robertson James A. . 83, 309, 216, 354 Robertson! Judy 266 Robertson, Laura HI Robertson Virginia Lynn 122, 405 Robinette Mildred W. . .. 95, 411 Robinson David 131 Robinson, English 231 Robinson, H. D 27 Robinson, Janis 411 Robinson, Lynn 254 Robinson Ridge 229 Robison, ' joan 37,279 Robison Wayne 122 Roe, William Gray 48, 328 Rogers, Amos N 100 Rogers, Bob 38 Rogers, Carolyn 131 Rogers, Deborah Sue 37, 275, 354 Rog Rog Roqe 210, 224 374, 380 96, 376, 388 37, 257 , Toby m Arthur Marvin Hugh . Rosenthal, Stuart 249 Rosi 219 iriam J4I, 412 Roth, Catherine 131 Roth, Sammy J 122 Roush, Duncan A 317, 351 Rowan, Joe 60, 392 Rowe, Minnie 270, 389 Rowell Herman Lee 53, 370 Rowland, Henry 242,243 Royer, Clark 186, 240 Ruark, Kathryn .. 122 Rubin, Abram M 48, 248 Rubin, Edith Fay 48, 244 Rueter, Henry 131 Rundbaken, Barbara 131, 264 Rundbaken, Rosie 244 Rudra, Meera 376 Rush, Patrick Ill, 318 Rushing Bill 230 Rushing, Billy - 122 Rushing, Charles William 48 Rushing, Frances Wlllard 332 Russell, Carl P Ill, 228, 411 Russell, Christopher F 48, 410 Russell, Dick 210, 242 Russell, James W, Ill Rutland, Judy 131, 249 Rutland, Martha 131 Rutledge, Helen 381 Ryan, John 131, 216, 410 Sailors, Jimmy „ Salley, Cardan Salmon, Larry elyn ard S. Sams. Frank H. ... Sande Sande Sande Sande Sands. Sands, Saundr, Sane, Robert Sanford, Sara Sapp, Janice L Sapp, Theron Sargent, DIan. Saul, Elaine C Saussy, Jack Savage, G. Donald Savage, John -- — Savage, Rosalind Saville, Austin K. _ Ray . Saye, Harry Saye, Patricia Wliife 7» Schaefer, Mike Sche R. W. 334, 368 ...131, 265 94 jrhorn, Scheurer, Nancy Ann Ill, 272 Schiffman, Helen 383 Schmidt, Edward D 60, 372 Schmidt Frank 60, 377 Schneider, Steve 248 Schoenfeld, Roy 249 Schramm, Bob 245 Schuster, Fred Glori H. Virgil Schw Schwart Scofleic Scoggii Scott, Bill Scott, Hugh M Scott, Ira K Scott, Jean Scott, Laddie Scott, Randall Scott, Roy Stever Scott, Thomas L, Scrivener, Marth Scroggins, Paul Scrugg 376 250, 245, 344, 394 131, 274, 389, 393 uggs Mike rcy, Ji. ilyn Seawell, Ma Secklnger, Luclu Seckinger, Rayrr Sedlock, Bob Seeley, Robert Segal, Jack . Segraves, Barba 40, 238, 354, 377 Sessions Brandt 240, 390 Sessions Neal 340 Sewell Betty 256, 382, 399 Sewell ' Madge Elizabeth 79 Se«ton Ann 268, 344, 355, 393, 403 Shackelford, Albert D 60 Shackelford, Bill 372 Shackelford, Don 372 Shackelford, Wayne 94, 354 Shadburn, Roger 131 Shadgett, Olive 409 Shadow, Joe Ill Shadow, Melba 122 Shahan, Mike W Ill, 225 Shalloway, Philip D HI Shamblln, Jack 170 Shannon, Shirley Ann - 131 438 STUDENT INDEX -Continued I Shannon. Tillman Stanley 40, 33». 373, 377 Shapiro, Carl 49, 212 Shapiro, Hyman 122, 249 Shapiro, Mel 184 Sharp, Jack 236 Sharpe, Lindsey 243 Sharpie, John 122 Shaw. Jerry 131 Shaw, John Ill Shaw, Lamar 215 Shaw, Nadia 27B Shaw, Ralph 238,372 Shaw, Sandra 279 Sheahan, Patsy 268 Shealey, Sonny 231, 390 SheHer, Margie 131, 256. 363 Sheffey, Mary Jane 270 Shellnut, M.tchell 170 Sheiloway, Danny 340 Shelly, Dick 217 Shelton, J. E 131 Shenkman, Joyce 131,276 Shepard, Franklin 122. 234, 374 Shepard, Shirley 131 Sheppard, Ann Ill, 366 Sheppard. Beth 274 Sheppard, John 48, 410 Sherrod, John C. Ill Sherwood. Bobby 67 Shimkus, Denny 164 Shirah, Dewey 122 Shirah, Sarah Ann III, 383 Shiretzkl, David 131 Shirley, Marie 122, 258, 344 Shirley, Wannah . 122, 381, 383, 396 Sholar. David III, 236 Shoraka. Jamil . 122, 376 Shore, Betty Ann 111, 382 Shores, Janice 273, 387 Short, Nancy 131, 341 Shropshire. Gail 255 Shropshire, Sara Ellen 386 Shulin, Jack 221, 410 Shull. Barbara 132 Shuman, Daniel 122, 375 Shupe, Joyce Neale . . Ill Shutro, Alan 131, 232 Siccardi, Frank J 67, 408 Siegel, Gerald 38, 212 Siems, Chester 368 Sigler, Fred W 100 Sikes, Newton 122 Sikes Robert Paul 73, 360, 384 Silver. Kay 268 Silver, Loretta 68, 341 Simmonds, Harold ,131, 340, 367 Simmons, Marvin T. 96,244,245, 348. 390 Simmons. Mary 122, 260, 347, 396 Simmons, Robert W 122 Simonelli, Victor A. Jr 68 Simonton Clifford Hewitt 48, 194, 242 Sin .nton, Wil Tho Barba old Barba 68, 341 236 48, 216 Ill Fred 218, 349 Patsy 131, 246 Sims, William K „ 100, 365 Sinclair, Polly 273 Singer, Katharine 244, 383 Singletary, Ann 131, 274 Singletary, Joe 231 Singleton, Frank 245 Sirower, Harriet 122, 265 Siskind. Martin 248 Sisson, Edward Ill Skelton. Marvin 131 Skelton, Ralph 231 Skipper, Henry 358 Skott, Sharon 131 Slade, Madge 261 Slade. Raye 132 Slate, Marian 132 Slaton. Emelyn 68, 411 Slattery. May 268 Slaughter, Bill 170 Slaughter, Carol Ill Slaughter, Joel Kenneth 122 Slay, Janet 122, 274 Slo Slo Cha lith, Donald ilth, Donald nith, Douglas Smith, Eugene Me 79, 333, 341. 381, 382 Smith, H. M. illh, John David 122 lith, John R 230, 231 .ith, Judy Beth 132. 271 :1th, Kay Carol _ 122 132, 274 Smith, Linda Sue Smith, Lynn 132 170 Smith, Marion 48 Smith Marshall Ill 226, 365 272 Smith, Nanelle .122, 396 ,132, 399 164 .,.68, 279 122 Smith, Queen Paul . 46 Smith, Richard 132 Ill Smith, Samuel M. . , 97 Smith, Susan 357 Smith Sybil . 279 Smith Ted 365 Smith Terry 71 225, 360 Smith, Thomas Arnold . Smith, Todd 83, 214 242 .. 218 ,122 341 337, Smith, Valdon Srrith Virginia Ann 382, 396 349 132, 272 132 360, 411 Smith, Yates 373 Smithers, Martha Smithwick, Linda 63 274, 386 . 273 Smythe Ale« . 406 122. 252 Snow, Caleb Jack 87. 361 132 ,98. 348 Snow, Wayne 325, 344 Snyder Caroline 368 369. 390 279 Snyder, Dick 221 .170. 174 210, 249 Soloman, Jan 250 251, 276 249 376, 380 .279 III, 278 225 1 1 1 369 .48. 196 68. 237 , 122 Spector. Deanna 122, 245. 337 122, 324 91, 367 38, 409 Spencer Tom W, III, 360 Spicer, William,. Troy . 122 Sharon 132. 411 181 llliam Jr, »r, Theresa 332 38. 263, 399 395 404 117 Roger Y. Wallace 73, 354. 360 364 379 So ' s ' Steve Sragner, Stephen 374, 410 122 341 164 100, 341 244, 393 Stamey Richard 132 Stamps, Betty Jean 36 243 357, 415 132 384 Standard, W, H. Jr Stanovick Dick 36 243, 390 .. 373 332 49 230 132. 240 228 247 Starnes, William Staten, General Fran klin 60 154 216, 365 . 83 377, 411 132. 386 Steele, Harriet 38 206 250, 271 365 Steinbeck, Klaus 122, 374 87, 361 III 190 265, 356 Steiner, Pirckney A, 36 224, 386 49, 410 227 . 38 228 Ill Stephens, Helen Jan 49 252, 384 132, 270 Stephens, John 122 Stephens, Ronny D. Stephenson, Virginia 234 352 374, 416 111 Ann . 53 249 III, 279 245 H Ill 245 61, 330 132 Stewart, James Dona Id 41, 350, 336. 371, 373 132 III 340 360, 364 Stewart, Milton 333 339 350, 373 340 132, 278 132, 334 245 III, 370 87 122 372 83, 227 Stokes, Dee 132, 399 Stokes, Henry Holt 132 Stokes, Louis 122 Stone, Billy J 332 Stone, Gerald Jr 132, 221 Stone, Jack 122, 375 Stone, Johnny . 132, 340 Stoner, Melinda 132 Stoops, Lorena 122, 251, 253, 337 Story, Wilda Stout, Jim Sto III, Ho iver, Jerald F. iwers, Fred G. 57, 41, 328, 333, 334, 339. 340, 315, 325, 350, 354, 388 48. 359 Strauqhan. C, L. Strickland Alice Strickland, Arthu Strickland, Becky Strickland, Jir Strickia nd, Le Strlckia nd, W Stridde Sharo Stringe , Fred Stroud Carol Stubbs Willia Stuckey Bill Stula, Kenneth Sudderlh. Clair Sudderth, Phylli Suddulh, Baiter Sullivan, Andrei 98, 367 38. 409 48. 410 Sullivan Marion III. 279 Sullivan, Nancy Jean , III, 270 122 Summerhlll, Joel 132 Summers, Allen W. . 1 1, 234 351, 372 III Sumter Fred N. III. 397 Supran Mike 232, 380 Suritl Susan 132, 274 Sutherland, Tommy Sutlive Charlie 36 334. 354 410 Sutter, Hannah 269, 389 48 Sutton, Gordon Sutton, Suianne Swafford, Mack 41 132 371, 373 69 342, 360 48 Swann. Brenda Swanson, Joan 258 132, 252 389, 393 38. 411 Sweat George F. 49. 242 132 132 Swift Eunice 122, 271 J44, 379 _ 38 376 T 212 .132, 342 Ill 132 ...... 361 218 385 .... 112 Tanner James D. 100. 361 Tanner Roy F 53, 352 Tanner W. Rhett 111, 222 112, 344 79. 374 Tarkenton, Francis -170, 173, Tate. Jane Tatum, Richa Tatum Willii Taunton, Jam Taylor, Ann Taylor Banne Taylor, Taylc Bebe Clari 94 122 775 725 122 221 132 269 41 220 117 389 748 H t1. 311, 356 npleton, Hudson 123 ranee, Grady 371 rell, Mary 132, 376, 393, 399 164 365 63 263 Terry, Don Wilson 48, 240. 354 229 61, 222 Thacker, Sandy Thackston. Emma Helen Tharpe, Faye Augusta . 249, 251 112, 257 231 390 393 79, 263 32, 275 Tharpe, William D. . 123 Thomas, Barksdale 38 250, 263 Thom,as Dedi, 245, 390 Thomas, Donald W. 53, 221 Thomas, Edison 112, 328 333, 336, 339. 340 350, 379 Thomas. Eleklel Fred . 100, 242 Thomas, Genie 262 355, 389 Thomley, Peggy 123 Thompson. Alfred E, Jr. 48, 192. 193, 231 Thompson, Bill 170, 244 Thompson, Brenda 112,260 Thompson, Clark Jackson 222 Thompson, Cleve 241 Thompson, Dick 357 Thompson, Dixie 112 Thompson, Ellen 132, 275 Thompson. Floielle 112. 244, 352 ' 354 194 Thompson, Fonti Thompson, Jack Robert _ Thompson, Linda 132 Thompson, Martha Ann 112 Thompson, Matt 98, 348 Thompson, Sandra 141,278, J53 Thompson, William B 244 Thompson, William D 123 Thornhill, Tom 170 Thomley, Peggy 242, 393, 396 Thornton, Charles 132 Thornton, Garrett Walthall Jr. .87. 365 Thornton. Jane 270 Thornton, Pat 258 Thornton, Ruth 97 Threlkeld, Melinda _ 132 Thurman, William R 123 Thurmon, Joanna 248 3S4 Tietien, Marian Tillem, Dorothy - 112 _ . 264 .. 380 Tipton, Brenda Tissura, Manuel IJ-I 132 112 . - 377 Todd Alice _. 275 Todd, Donna _ _. 132, 3S7 Todd, Ernest V M 311, 372 210, 218 XA, 3U 112, 410 184 _. 123 Toole, Eva Joan 123 27« Torrance, Grady H 38 234 370 Totten, Barbara Touchton, Sara Dasher Tourd, Buddy ,-„ _ 132 274 79 387 22f . 123 Towler, Howell Jr. -. Towns, Bobby Trammell, Shirley 79 341 132, 234 170, I9S 381 382 79 Trapp Sandra 112 240 383 Treadway Linda Trestman, Frieda Trippi Bob 123 123 245 144 249 35S 389 __- 241 - . 872 Trout, Nancy 271 378 190 132 341 409 123 123 279 394 Tucker, Sandi Tucker, Sarah 112 132, i73 ._ !34 U3 Tumlin, Patricia Ann Tumlin. Penny -._I23 341, m 132 112 Turk, Jim Turnbull, Gus Turner Ann ... .... _ . 184 .132, m 2M _ J«3 Turner, Barbara A. _— ™™ Turner. Braxton B 38, 370 . 112 123 272 Turner, Helen Jeanne 112 243 38 243 Turner James F. . 41, 350 168 79 177 132 271 Turner. William J. Turpen. James ..._„ Turton, Becky Tutcn, Stan U. J72 411 272 _._ 24t 87 3il 163 Twitty, Frank 348 190. 191 112 Tyre, Russell Lee 63. 350. 358, 379 T STUDENT INDEX -Continued Tyr.e. Arlin. Tyson. Jan-.,, Tyson, Patty Tyson, Roy Alliton Watson. John Wil Watts, Gene Watts, June Watts. Raymond Uhrich. Sarah Ja Ulrici. Gle 87 234 Underwood. Frank C 123, 241. 310 Union, Thomas _ 132 217 Upson, ly|arqi» 7?, 272 V Vance. Hoyt 132 Vance. Virginia 255 Vandiyer. Shirlay _ 112 Vandiver. Tommy 245 Van Geuns, l argie 112, 242, 355, 374. 411 Van Landingham l ary . . 242 Van Pelt, Charles 219 Vann. Kenneth 184 Vansant. F, Gail 38, 259, 354. 377 Varnadoc. Sammie K 48 atherbee. Frank Wea 112 Webb, Emory 230, 231 Webb, Marianne 123 Webb, Ruth 259 Webb, William Aubrey .100, 354, 341 Webster, Elaine 242 Weeks, Billy 100. 341 Weeks, Carol 39, 273. 393 Weeks, Thomas L 112 Weiner, Aron 98, 347 Weisburd, Norman D 53 Weiss, Harriett 244 Welch, Carl Welch. Dick ,217 385. 410 Varnedoe. Gordon Varnedoe. Heath . 225 225 73. 340, 344 410 Wek Well Well Well Well Wels Wem Wen- Weni Weni Wern WesI lel, Tom , Armand D , Clyde 328 ,349 112. 243 347 Vasvary. Bela , Gordon , John A. 380 Vaughan. Wiley 132 . 112 , James 385 Vaughn, Jackie mers. Richard Ping Wan 123 Veal. Barbara 374 Veal, Thuria 123 ch. John Allen el. Barry 73 Veatch, Linda 123. 228, 332 Vereen, Wendy 247 er, Virginia Sue y. Sidney C. 112 Vernon, Joe L. 49 49. 248 Vicker Vicker , Jimmy 112. 170. 173 178. ISO Viq. Peter 132 224 Villaire , Nathaniel 132 410 Villavi 374 Vining James 132 Vining 347 Vinson 123 Vinson Michael C. . Pat - 83, 379 Vinson Virgin. Elizabeth A. W y, Eugenie Ly 94 Wadde 49 243 Wade, 90. 91 348. 349 Wade Wages Wagne Robert L. Melba 123. r. David 123. 234 254. 337 237. 332 394, 399 , ., 132 Wagne r, Floyd F. , 100 Wagne r. Richard , 112, 229 Wakefi eld. Jeanette , Bobby , Mary Eleano , Roy B. 112, 382 Walde Walde 170 123, Walde 259. 383, 394 49 Walde , 231 Waldn p. Donald W. Amelia Walker 258 Walker Charley 230 231 Walker Walker George Dave Jimmy nport Jr. 49, 244 Walker John 218 Walker Judy 249 Walker Robert 392 Walker Sanders 240 Walker Stewart P. , Walker Ted 117 132, 341 230, 231 112, 332, 359 Wylis P. Jr. Walls. Robert 222 Walsh. Robyn 132 Walston Frank 244 Walters, Jackie 94 Walters, John 390 Walters, Louell - 271 Walton, Harry 237 Walton. Robert 345 Walton, Wilton 217 Ward. Carol Sue 132 Ward. Carolyn 112 Ward. Connie 53. 352, 353, 358 Ward, Edna Lou 273. 393 Ward Suianne 132. 255 Wardlaw, Karen 112 Wardlaw. Louise 112 Wardlow. Lois 341 Ware. Cobby 198. 199. 242 Warllck. Jenny 123 Warner. Byron 398 Warner, Emma 240 Warner, Lamar Hamilton 215 Warren. B, J 358 Warren. Myrna . 132. 249. 355 Warrenfells Nancy 254 Washburn, Jerry 219 Washington, Beverly 123. 274 Washington. Chip 224 Washington, Don G 112 Waters. Carolyn 132 Waters, Fredna 39 Water s, John ... 222 Waters, Madelyn 133. 272 Waters, Milton 112, 244 Waters, Sidney N 39 Waters, Stephen M. Jr 49, 244 Waters William 112 Watkins Maurice 343 Watkins. Nancy 272 Watkins, Robert L 49, 359 Watrous, Carol 133, 248 Watson, Bob 242 Watson, Francis M 94 Watson, James W 112 Watson, John Hugh 220, 345 Wesley, Terrell C 91, 398 Wesson, Lalia 133, 278 West. Arthur Winston 113 West. Charlotte ... 133. 341 West. Ginny 133 West, Henry Hoke 49, 243 West, Mildred Louise 123. 257. 355 Westbury. Brunson M 100, 365 Westfall, Peggy 112, 412 Weston, Buddy 240 Wexler, Alan 123, 249 Werler, Rochelle 274 Weyman, Margaret 260 Whaley, Miriam 133, 262 Whaley. Paula 112, 278 386 Wha Whit Whit Ann Michael .112 123, 341, 382, 394 112, 349 .122, 340, 381 133, 248, 408 .230, 377 123 White, Milledge Jr 123, 217 White, Rick 234 White, Sheila Mae 79, 250, 245, 329 White, Susan 241 Whitehead, Alice 112, 254 Whitehead, Caroline 133, 241 Whitehead, Nellie Mae 123, 337, 341. 381 Whitehurst. Al 244 Whiteman. Alan 133. 212 Whiteside, Jerry E. . 56, 41, 309, 325, 333. 340. 350, 354, 381, 388 Whiteside, Sylvia Lee . . 44. 49. 329. 341. 481 Whiteway. Robert W 87, 345 Whitfield, Ann 393 Whitfield. Boyd 360 Whitfield, Florence E. 39. 384. 407 Whiting, Robert Dean 87 Whitley Butch 229 Whitley, Ralph L. 49 Whitley, Wade H. .112, 234. 347, 374 Whitman, Carmen . 133, 399 Whitman. Cindy 393 Whitmire. Kenneth N. 123, 388 Whitterrore. Alton Dennis . 112 Whittlsey, Laurie 254 Whitton George 170, 309 Whitton, Robert 241 Whitworth David 133. 242 Whitworth. Jimmy 112 Whitworth. Patsy 258. 382 W Ha Wicke ' , Jo Ann Wi, Irving Wiggins, Wiggins, Curtis Wiggins. James Richan Wiggins Martha Ann Wigiell. Jimmy Wilbanks, Mary Anne Wilbanks, Roland Reed Wilder. Virginia V, Wildes, Mary Annetia Wildman. Barry Wiley Mary Wilhite, James Wilkerson. Charles W. Wilkes, Ed Wilkes. Eugenia Wilkes, Leslie Wilkins, Robert Wilkinson. Cynthia Wilkinson, John Willard Arthur Willege, Eckart Willi, yn White . 79. 387 133. 387 133. 245. 390 49. 249 49, 269, 386 83, 358, 379 112, 172, 240 Williams, Jacgueline Williams, Jan Gay 34, 3 Williams, Kenneth 49 , 279, 329, 393 Williams, Lynn 270 Williams, Mary Ann Williams, Mary Joel Williams, Nancy Williams, Pomroy 123, 275 49 123, 279, 396 Williams, Priscilla Williams, Robert Williams, Robert F Williams, Robert L Williams, Tommy 63 112, 225 .343 Williamson, G. L. Williford, Fay Jean Willingham Jim Willingham, Marion Willis, Donald . Willis, Jerry 240 112 Wills, Nancy 133 Wilson, Geordie 258, 393, 399 112 Wilson, Ann Wilson, Betty Annelie Wilson, Charles J 133, 247 . .79, 383, 387 83, 379 Wilson, Darryl Wilson, Dorsey Wilson, Edward B. .. 61 339 Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Gall 333, 334, 340, 371, 391 113 254 Wilson, Gary Wilson, Gilbert 133 237 Wilson, Greg Wilson, Kathy Wilson, Larry Wilson, Raymond B Wilson, Rose Marie Wilson, Sally 94 .47, 333, 341 Wilson, Sam Wilson, Tad Wilson, W. R. . 100 Wilten. Phyllis 274 Wimberly. Arnold .... 170 Wimberly. Carol ...53, 251, 273 Wimberly. Shirley 113 273 Winans. Charles 347 Winders. J. George Wingate, Jean 113 113 393 411 Wingo, Hugh 133 Winkle, Gary Winters, Gregory Lee .. Wise, Peggy Ann 123, 332, 375 87, 361 49 Wiseman, Faye Wiseman, Namon Witcher, Lois Witherspoon, Don M Witten, Phyllis 87, 345 133 Wittice Neva 399 Witton George 39 Wofford, Dewey Brooke Wolf, Marilyn 113 264 Wolf, Peggy 241 Wolfe, Diane Wolfe, William W. 273, 337 39 Wollner, Muriel 133 274 133 Womack, Don 374 410 Woo, Dorothy Woo, Faye Ellen 123, 337, 364 39 Woo, William McKinlcy Wood, Darrcll E 73, 374, 398 87 Wood, Gail L. . .. 73, Wood, Gene 360, 364, 382 . 341 Wood, George M. Jr Wood, Gus L 39 49, 241, 366 Wood, Hugh C 41, Wood, Jane 339, 371, 373 53 230 Wood, Paul L 113, 409 . 133 Woodall, Barbara Ann . Woodbury. Carol 69, 272 . 262 Woods, Grade 261 133 39, 397 Woods Wayne 97 Woodson, Bobby .. 217 133, 242 Woodworth, James W. . 123, 409 123 133 Word Gall 341, 387 Worel. Gail 79 Wortham. Frances Lee . . ... 123, 254 .. 49 113 220 Wren, Jennie 279, 344 Wren, Martha Jean 341, 353, 394, 407 Wright, Childs Raymond 113 Wright, Eugene Talmadge 39, 325, 347, 378, 391 Wright, Janet 248 Wright, Jim 230, 231 Wright, Lori 275 Wright, Nancy Wright, Olivia Wright. Pat Wu Ma Wynne. Ma 113, 254. 357 123. 270 .133. 253, 399 212. 342 Yancey. Don 133 Yancey. Jerry 133. 236 Yarbrough. Charles R. 53. 352 Yarbrough, Paul 373 Yearta. Billy M 96, 380 Yeomans, Jimmy 133, 340, 342 Yip, Kenneth 276 Yonce, Ann 255 York, Elizabeth Grant 49. 250. 254. 329 York. George 133, 216 Young, Anna 133 Young, Bob 240, 241 Young, Charlotte . 123, 258, 393, 394 Young, Dorothy Ann 69, 260 Young, Edward 392 Young, Glenn 325, 350, 354, 341 Young, Jan 113, 243 Young. Larry Robert . 113. 324, 328. 333. 334. 339. 340. 371, 391 Young, Louis M. Jr. 49 „ - , 133, 257, 389 Young, Tom 225, 368, 369 Young, William Glenn 87 Younqblood, Betty 69 249 Youngblood, Charles 133 234 Youngblood, Sarah N i23, 272i 394 Zachry, Herb Ufl Zaieski, Phil ;Z. " 410 Zitielman, Joan J37, 352, 357, 412 Zoss Linda ..... 133, 276 Zucker, Rosalind M, 38i Zyngas, John P _...«, 374, 383 ORGANIZATIONS HONORARIES Alpha Lambda Delia _ 337 Biftad ;:: 324 Blue Key 325 Golden Quill 324 Greek Horseman 327 Sridiron Z. 32S Mortar Board 329 Oipicron Delta Kappa Z. " 330 Phi Beta Kappa 33| Phi Eta Sigma 332 Phi Kappa Phi _ 331 lr ' " ' %. " Z333 1 ' ' : ' Xi - 331 iP " " ' 334 Triangle 333 X Club 334 z Club zz::337 Zodiac 338 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Ag Hill Council 339 Independent Men 340 Reed Hall Council 342 Student Council 344 Student Union 346 Triquetra 341 WSGA 348 HONORARY CLUBS Aghon _ 350 Alpha Epsilon Delta 349 Alpha Zeta 350 Angel ' s Flight _ 355 Arnold Air Society 351 Di Gamma Kappa 352 Gamma Alpha Chi 353 Phi Sigma 354 Psl Chi 355 Rho Chi 354 Scabbard and Blade 356 Thallan Blackfriars 357 Theta Sigma Ph! 353 XI Sigma Pi 3S8 Zeta Phi Eta 358 PROFESSIONALS Alpha Kappa Psl Alpha " ■ 359 3il APhA 360 AVMA 362 Delta Sigma Pi 363 Lambda Kappa Sigma 364 Omega Tau Sigma _ 365 Phi Delta Chi ' 3M LEGAL Phi Alpha Delta 3 7 Phi Delta Phi 3 8 CLUBS Academic Freedom Assoc 369 Ag Club 371 Ag Economics 373 Ag Engineering 372 Agronomy 373 Alpha Delta Sigma 370 Alpha Mu Epsilon 372 Alpha Phi Omega 374 Argonauts 375 College 4-H 361 Cosmopolitan Club 376 Dairy Science Club 377 Debate Club 378 Demosthenian 391 Food Tech Club 380 Forestry Club 379 Gaffau 360 Gamma Sigma Epsilon 381 Gamma Sigma Sigma 393 Club Jr. Panhel Kappa Psi 384 Landscape Arch 385 Nu Rho Psi 385 PEM Club 386 Phi Alpha Theta 389 Phi Kappa 390 Phi Mu Epsilon 366 Phi Upsilon Omicron 387 Poultry Science 388 Pre Vet 367 Saddle and Sirloin 392 Sigma Alpha lota 393 URSA 396 WAA 394 MUSIC AND DRAMA Di ie Redcoats — )2 Jazz Club 397 Men ' s Glee Club 398 University Chorus 404 University Civic Orchestra 405 University Theatre 400 Women ' s Glee Club 399 RELIGIOUS B ' nai B ' rith Hillel 406 BSU _ _ 407 Canterbury Club 408 Christian Science 409 Disciples of Student Fellowship .... 409 Newman Club 410 Wesley Foundation 411 Westminster Fellowship 412 FOOTE DAVIES, INC. .1 ' . o i,ite . Mc ftAe . MoolJ anu arfure,, POST OFFICE BOX 13084 .ATLANTA 24, GEORGIA J V 764 MIAMI CIRCLE, N. E. • PHONE CEDAR 7-1611

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