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% HAl L TO GEORGIA • " DOWN IN IRWPE A A ■p ' w -f. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY-EIGHT BEN SWAIN McELMURRAY, JR. Editor-in-Chief HELEN HUDSON LANIER Business Manager riail to Georgia 1 Down in Dixie! ■ A College honored . ■ " ' - ' . W 4m fJ«9S wm true J |i ' K ■{ 1 I ' bk! rlB r V 111 THE ed and B • proudly it waves, • Streaming today • and the ages • through Uack is her standard, w B EJ p n L. , Ik ' - ' ™ , jj P j dSfil H SHE ' S THE FAIREST IN THE S OUTHLAND . . . I fc V V WE ' LL PLEDGE OUR 0( C TO HER FOR AYE II TO THAT COLLEGE DEAR WE ' LL . TO GEORGIA Copyright, 1931, by Gaines " All rights reserved, including arranging, adaptation, recording, and public performance for profit. DEDICATION n DEAN J. ALTON HOSCH To Dean J. Alton Hosch — lawyer, scholar, and teacher — we dedicate with respect and esteem this Seventy-first Volume of the Pandora. For thirty years he has served the University of Georgia as a valued member of its faculty. During these years, he has faithfully discharged his re- sponsibilities to students and associates. An able teacher and administrator, his work at the School of Law has made high achievement possible to many. The 1958 Pandora we trust may be a fitting tribute and a source of pleasure to Dean Hosch. Contents Organizations 314 Major Honors 317 Campuswide 335 Professionals 365 Religions 409 Publications 417 Pundora 426 Advertisements, Snaps and Index . . 432 17 Events Fall There was a quiet calm on Main Campus, and an autumn stillness prevailed on Ag Hill except for the noise of builders at the Science Center. But then, it was September 22nd, and that calm, that stillness was broken by the arrival of stu- dents . . . almost six thou- sand. . . . ... As co-eds began to learn how to use their thumbs for hitch-hiking, orientation for new students Orientation got underway. Tests were tak- en, rules were explained and re-explained . . . freshmen were on their way to becoming college men and women! Reg- istration day was as hectic as ever . . . freshmen learned how long lines at Georgia can be, and upperclassmen went through the procedure once again. Georgia ' s thirty-four Greek or- ganizations proceeded to in- crease their memberships, and new students donned their " Ivy Leagues " and pastel Rush cashmeres to make the rounds at UGA ' s fra- ternity and sorority houses. After a day or two, smiles be- came frozen . . . hands used for handshaking began to feel like putty . . . and the late, late hours of preparation end- ed at dawn. Lists were made, preferentials were signed . . . tension mounted. And finally, excitement prevailed as the fraternal groups welcomed new brothers and sisters. t i ' Georgia ' s home games during the season numbered only two — two which were lost to the Vanderbilt Commodores on one of Athens ' " mon- Football soon " days and to ' Bama ' s Crimson Tide on Homecoming . . . but the spirit was high and Georgia fans were on hand for the games — rain or shine! There were pep rallies galore. . . . On crisp Thurs- day nights, students gathered at Memorial Hall, in the Ag Hill Amphitheatre, or at the train Pep Rallies station. The band ' s drums were loud ... its trumpets even louder . . . and. al)ove it all, came a strong, unified " Go-o, Jaw-ja! " A dark horse eleven from Alabama journeyed to Athens and spoiled Georgia ' s Homecoming by hand- ing the Bulldogs a 14-1.3 defeat. Hoineconiing But certain elements— Homecoming Queen Beverly Ann Conner and Ralph Marterie ' s orchestra, for examples — brightened the weekend for Georgia fans. A lawn full of rabbits won first place for Phi Mu sorority in the decorations contest, and Delta Tau Delta took top honors in the fraternity division again. ;- ' : £ ' - APO ' s Ugly Man On Campus contest drained students of their extra ])ennies as contestants made tlicir rounds collecting money in their gallon jugs. When UMOC the totals were tallied, Lambda Chi Lou Kakaty was labeled " ugly man " at the University. Sorority pledge classes gathered in the Ag Hill Amphitheatre for the annual Sigma Chi Derby. Pre- ceded by crazy relays and even Sigma Chi Derby crazier " secret events, " Phi Mu Maryann Christian was named " Miss Modern Venus. " At their formal banquet, the Sigs made Lillian McCurley, a starry-eyed Zeta pledge, their new sweetheart. The Alpha Chi ' s gave fraternity pledges a chance to show their " stuff " at their annual Olympics. Because of another " wet " day in Alpha Chi Olympics Athens, the events took place in Stegeman Hall, and PiKA Gilbert Miller was crowned " Mr. Apollo • " From among scores of Georgia beauties, forty lovely women were presented to the campus at the annual Pandora Beauty Revue Beauty Revue in Fine Arts Auditorium. The orchestra played soft music as skirts and ruffles swished and glided across the stage. A variety skit, " Hail to Georgia Down in Dixie, " was in- cluded on the program during intermission while the judges reached their decision. The audience became silent when the nine finalists made their way onto the stage. The silence was broken by a thunderous applause when Betsy Tant, trembling and crying with joy, was brought forward as Miss Pandora of 1958. The headline and the score speak for themselves . . . " The drought was broken ' ' by Butts, Sapp and Co., and once again the Yellow Georgia 7 — Tech Jacket ' s stinger failed to de- feat the Georgia Bulldog. Yessir, after eight years of defeat, Georgia had a day of days on Nov. 30th — Georgia wrecked Tech! Georgia Wrecked Tech ! Student Union had a real party ... ice cream, candy, balloons, " Ring Around the Rosy, " clowns, and every- thing! Of course, it wasn ' t the usual Georgia party . . . it was a party tailored for kids. Kiddie Karnival The Diaper Derby highlighted the Kiddie Karnival, the annual event held for the children of University students, faculty and staff. With casting, production, and direction at its best, the University Theatre ' s " Streetcar Named Desire " can only be described as " Streetoar, " " " Candida " one of the finest theater productions ever present- ed on the University campus. And then, while people continued to talk about " Streetcar, " drama students and their directors came up with another fine produc- tion, " Candida, " in a few short weeks. Early in December, students assembled in front of Memorial Hall for the annual campus Christmas Tree Lighting Program, The Christmas Tree Women ' s Glee Club led the carol- ing, and they also sang special arrangements. Winter Registration on Jan. 2 was chilly, but things became rather warm over on South Milledge just before day- break when a fire broke out at the Theta Chi frater- nity house. As the blaze ripped Theta Chi Fire through the house, a neighbor re- marked, " Those boys ought to know better than to run around in the middle of the night initiating each other . . . and in their under- wear, too! " Wonder what she thought of the boys that came over on big, red trucks with hosepipes to stop the fire? Local merchants, students, and towns- people alike all joined together in securing the Theta Chi residents some new clothes and housing facilities. Fifteen minutes after first period classes started one morning during January, a male student entered the class all out of breath. With Snow, SnoM ' , Snow ! a grin from ear to ear, he exclaimed, " Sir, it ' s snowing outside! " For the next two hours, students had their eyes facing the windows rather than the professors, and one damsel, ten minutes late to class, was politely asked, " What ' s the matter. Miss Jones? Forget your skis this morning? " February brought an even larger snowfall, and frozen white men adorned the campus. H BIDP ' u,---. ' . wm bk ■it- - 28 - " T ' " " .rjaawjrxr University music students gave an exhilarating per- formance in Flotow ' s opera " Martha " during winter quarter in Fine Arts Auditorium. Red " Martha " and Black ' s " Modine " played bridge during the event, but many others were on hand for the Music Department ' s major musical presentation of the year. The Drama Department ' s production of William Shakespeare ' s " Othello " commemorated the Univer- sity Theatre ' s 100th presentation. Cos- " Othello " tumes were elaborately designed and the Fine Arts stage was extended for the performance which was truly a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Following another record-breaking campaign as com- pared to those held at other universities around the nation, Georgia students cli- March of Dimes maxed the March of Dimes drive at the President ' s Ball in Memorial Hall. Preceding the social function, dimes and dollars were collected all over Athens — road- blocks, the pie throw, a slave auction, street corner coffee stands, theaters, on the tape downtown. For the second consecutive year, Tau Epsilon Phi won the sweepstakes award for raising the most money. Alpha Phi Omega presented many trophies at the dance, and Martha Moore, Kappa Alpha Theta, was crowned March of Dimes Queen. ■ ■ ■ H IIf H 7 I j HJ H I r Hk ri f -V V I E - ' ' " l l S BI " ' J J 1 i i l 1 1 V Hw... tP .. .j nn 30 On February 21st, the crowning of the Military Queen and the annual Sponsor ' s Day Pa- Military Ball rade highlighted the Army and Air Force ROTC ' s Military Day. Cadets and their dates danced to the music of Tommy Dorsey ' s band at the Military Ball held in Stegeman Hall. From among five finalists, the cadets chose Marion Griffin as their Military Queen. Following a week of cramming, " Co-oping, " partying, hitch- hiking, Geor- Religioiis Life gia students — many students found their ways to the churches — of Athens — Protestant, Catholic, Jewish. And, at those churches in their own individual ways, those that worshipped renewed their faiths and found ways to give thanks. Group religious activities were highlighted during Religion- in-Life Week held during Feb- ruary. Under the sponsorship of the University of Georgia Reli- gious Association and the re- ligious organizations, the week consisted of convocations, group discussions and supper programs. sts Spring Springtime at Georgia meant it was time for out-of- doors — in convertibles, in swimming pools, on pic- nics, on tennis courts. It was that time of year once again when the girls got that starry-eyed gaze and boys walked around in the clouds — the time when Cupid played tricks with young people ' s hearts. Fol- lowing trips to Daytona spring holidays, sorority and fraternity house backyards and dormitory sundecks were fdled by students trying to get a better Florida tan via Athens, Georgia. The tennis courts were crowded and still many never had the chance to con- nect ball with racquet. Others made their way to the Ag Hill baseball diamond to see the ' Dogs take on the SEC opponents. Names in the news from many walks of life made appearance on campus to the delight of the University community. Homecoming brought all- Celebrities time baseball great Ty Cobb to cam- pus as well as lovely Jody Shattuck, Miss Georgia. Gubernatorial aspirants Ernest Vandi- ver, Georgia ' s Lt. Governor, and Roger Lawson, state political figure, spoke to large audiences in the Chapel. Robert Frost, beloved American poet, made his annual visit and read many of his poems to a capacity crowd in Fine Arts. Jose Greco, Spanish dancer of international fame, brought his dancing troup to the University for the Community Concert program. CBS newscaster Walter Cronkite delivered an address at the Radio-Television Institute in Feb- ruary. 34 College of Education ' s 50th Anniversary The College of Education ' s whole program for 1957-58 was geared to the 50th Anniversary theme. Educational television and enlarged curriculums were in the college ' s plans for meeting needs brought on by revised high school standards. However, educators looked back over the progress of the college at the University. Historical Highlights The following gives the high- lights of that progress. 1900 — first course in education 1903 — first summer school 1907 — approval of BA Ed. and BS Ed. degrees 1908 — creation of School of Education 1912 — construction of Peabody Hall 1924 — first extension classes 1930 — first graduate degree in education 1931 — School of Education converted into College of Education 1933 — authorization of Ph.D. in education 1957 — 1,434 students enrolled as compared to 112 enrolled in 1907 Areas of specialization include Agriculture, Art, Business, Elementary Education, Secondary Ed- Areas of Study ucation, Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Music, Physical Education, and Speech Correction. Student organizations on the campus which stem from the College of Education are Student NEA, Association of Childhood Education, Music Education Organizations National Conference, and Gaflfau. Pro- fessional societies are Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Phi Kappa, and Kappa Delta Epsilon. HHT ' i " ' ttV Tlie purposes of the Teacher Ediioalion Conference held in January were to study important trends that will Teaeher Educalioii Conferenoe affect education in the future and to consider effects these trends will have on Icaclier education in Georgia. Top speakers and their subjects for the event were Ralph McGill, Editor of the Atlanta Constitution, " Social and Economic Changes and the Fu- ture " ; Dr. Harry K. Newburn. President of Educational Television and Radio Center, " Television and the Future of Education. " and Dr. John Ivy, Vice President of New York University, " The Years Ahead in Teacher Education. " Spring quarter, the KA ' s ami the SAE ' s had their annual socials — Old South and Magnolia Ball — and " the South lived Old South, Magnolia Ball again! " Beards and sideburns were grown, Confederate uniforms were secured, and mint julips were mixed. The Southern belles donned bil- lowing-hoop skirts. The KA ' s journeyed to Atlanta for a giant Old South celebration with Emory and Tech. The SAE ' s remained in Athens and whooped it UD at home. The line was long and seemingly end- less. But, this time, it wasn ' t at regis- tration, Academic, Graduation Snelling Hall or any of the other usual places. The line was at Sanford Stadium, and it was at graduation. Four years of the past loomed up before the seniors — four years of studying and working, partying and playing; four years which often brought defeat and more often fulfillment; four wonderful years in Athenstown. The line moved on — slowly — and suddenly, the seniors realized they were leaving Georgia. fiSRy iKl Administration ;4 cMc c fto%ci c% cutd tnue Dr. O. C. Aderhold, president of the Univer- sity of Georgia, is one of this state ' s best known educators. A native of Lavonia, Georgia, Dr. Aderhold was educated at the public schools there and then attended the University of Georgia where he received both his bachelor of science and master of science degrees in agriculture. He was later granted a doctor of philosophy de- gree at Ohio State University. After working his way through the ranks for more than twenty years. Dr. Aderhold be- came president of the University in 1950. Under his administration, the facilities and services of the institution have been greatly expanded. During his administration, several distinguished members have been added to the faculty; and several new buildings have been erected, including a new modern science center now in the planning and building stage. Citizens throughout Georgia know Presi- dent Aderhold as the father of the Minimum Foundation Program for Education. He is a member of several honor societies and various educational associations. He has been presi- dent of the Southeastern Conference and of the Southern Association of Land Grant Col- leges and State Universities. Dr. Aderhold is listed in " Who ' s Who in America " and " Who ' s Who in American Ed- ucation. " President Aderhold talking with his assistant, Louie Griffith. President Aderhold discussing plans for new science center with Dean Williar Dr. O. C. ADERHOLD President Dean of Faculties Dean Alvin B. Biscoe Office of Registrar STAFF : Eugene F. Tragesscr, Agno.s F. Slorov. The office of Mr. Banner is one of the busiest on campus. This office handles all applications for admission, the evalu- ations of transfer credits, and is responsible for keeping records of all students. One of the big jobs entails issuing transcripts to former students or to their prospective em- ployers, as well as sending grade reports to parents. In addition. Mr. Banner checks all seniors for graduation, attends to the printing of the commencement programs, ar- ranges the procession, and confers the degrees. Albert Jones, Assistant to the Dean of Faculties. Bean Alvin B. Biscoe is responsible for the coordination, correlation, and supervision of the work of the several schools and colleges of the University. He studies the needs of the educational division of the University and assists the President in apportioning the funds. Other administrative duties dealing with the academic program are included in this division. Bean Biscoe was made Bean of Faculties in 1947. He holds an AB degree from Bickinson College, an MA from Buke University, and a PhB from the University of Vir- ginia. Office of Comptroller J. D. Bolton, the Comptroller and Treasurer of the University of Georgia, has control and custody of all University funds. He was ap- pointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Regents, and is an ex officio member of the faculty. Included under his jurisdiction are the auxiliary enterprises of the University, includ- ing the dormitories, dining rooms, laundry, and the bookstore. He determines the legality of payments, examines claims against the Uni- versity, and assists the President in the planning of the budget. Jenkins Comer Whitehead, Direetor of the Bureau of Statistics. Benjamin Clark Kinney, Head of the Department of Plant Operations. 45 STAFF : Hillard Thompson, W. A. Dotson, Madge Lesher, Frank Powell. Division of Student Affairs Dean Joseph A. Williams coordinates and plans the activities of the various departments of student affairs. The office of the Dean of Men, Dean of Women, and the Department of Student Health are the various departments in the division. As Director of Development, he plans for expansion and progress through the building of new facilities for the various schools and colleges on the campus. Dean Williams is a native Georgian and an alumnus of the University of Georgia where he received his AB, MS, and DR in education. He was a professor in the College of Educa- tion until he moved to the University of Ken- tucky in 1949. On returning to Georgia, he served in various capacities until he was pro- moted to his present position as Dean of Students. Dean Joseph A. Williams Office of Dean of Men Dean William Tate, who obtained his AB and MA at Geor- gia, is one of the oldest campus citizens. In 1936 he was named Dean of Freshmen, and in 1946 he was appointed to his present office as Dean of Men. Dean Tate is also Re- cording Secretary of the Alumni Society. STAFF : John D. Storey, Dan Upshaw Diggers, Michael Bohleber. 46 Office of Dean of Women STAFF : Dolores Artau, Birdie Bondurant, Jeanetle Ballard. Department of Placement and Aid EDITH L. STALLINGS Edith L. Stallings came to the University as Dean of Women in 1948. The general welfare of the women students of the University is under her supervision. Mrs. Stallings, born in Cincinnati. Ohio, has a BS degree in pre-med and dietetics, a graduate certificate in dietetics, and a BA and MA degree in English literature. Lee Ann Seawell, Director of Placement and Student Aid, is in charge of senior interviews, approvement of student loans, and part-time work for students. She serves as secretary of the committee on schol- arships and advisor of the Professional Panhellenic Council. 47 Elinor Metcalf, assistant to Lee Ann Seawell. Department of Student Activities JOHN L. COX John Cox. Uircctor of Student Activities, coordinates all student activities and maintains activities records on all stu- den ts and organizations. He serves as Consultant on Student Publications, authorizes all campus social events, and offers assistance and counsel to student clubs. The department plans and conducts the campus religious and Student Union programs. Student traffic problems are also handled by this office. The Guidance Center STAFF : Jack Garrett, Miriam Thurmond, Clinton M. Lipsej Dr. Travis Osborne. Director of the Guidance Center, holds an A.B. degree from the University of Florida and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Georgia. He also is an associate professor of psychology. Dr. Osborne administers various testing programs for the University, including the freshmen placement tests, medical college admission exams, and college boards. Appointments are made for individual counseling at a student ' s request. DR. TRAVIS OSBORNE STAFF I: Miss Emeliza Swain. 48 Department of Student Health J STAFF : Dr. L. E. Jordan, Dr. Alexander Vanderburgh. Director of Libraries igkiii DR. CHARLES T. YOUNG Dr. Charles T. Young is director of University health serv- ices. Primarily, the department ' s function is the care of student health which includes issuance of preventive medi- cines and a sanitation program. Dr. Young came to the University in 1957 after thirty years service with the Army Medical Corp. He has a B.S. degree from Clemson and an M.D. degree from Johns Hopkins. Evelyn Mae Fritz, Associate Director. W. p. Kellam is Director of Libraries of the University of Georgia. He is an ex officio member of the University Faculty Administrative Council and University Faculty Com- mittee on Libraries. The modern multi-million dollar library is under his direction. Other Officers TYUS BUTLER Tyus Butler, Director of Alumni Relations, serves as a type of bridge be- tween the University of Georgia and the Alumni Society. He plans and de- velops the alumni pro- gram whereby alumni are kept abreast of growth and development at the University of Georgia. He assists in the annual mem- bership drive of the Alum- ni Society and arranges for the Alumni Day pro- gram each year at com- mencement. WILLIAM M. CRANE William Crane has been the Director of Alumni Records since 1956. He sees that an up-to-date file is kept on each alumnus. During the year, pamphlets and folders about the Endowment Fund, urging them to con- tribute, are distri- buted through his office. He assists lo- cal alumni clubs and contacts graduates for class reunions. WILLIAM A. SIMPSON William A. Simpson, Di- rector of Public Relations, graduated from the Uni- versity of Georgia in 1950 where he obtained a de- gree in journalism. The Office of Public Re- lations, of which the News Bureau is an integral part, is a service agency to all divisions of the Univer- sity in matters of public interest. It counsels, plans, and coordinates various activities interpreting the University to its many publics. 50 ClJiUDE DAVIDSON, JR. Claude Davidson is Direc- tor of the News Bureau at the I ' niversity of Georgia. The function of the Bu- reau is to keep the public informed of the many ac- tivities of the University. Mr. Davidson is an a- lumnus of the University of Georgia where he re- ceived his degree in jour- nalism. ?. t M HUGH B. MASTERS Hugh B. Masters is the Director of the Continuing Educa- tion programs. He has the chief admin- istrative responsibil- ity of all the off- campus activities held at the center. He also directs many television shows, conferences, short courses, and varied programs held at the Continuing Educa- tion Center. Mr. Masters grad- uated from the Uni- versity of Chicago where he received his Ph.D. degree. RALPH H. STEPHENS Ralph H. Stephens is Di- rector of the University of Georgia Press. The main purpose of the Press is to advance learning and to dissemi- nate knowledge by the publication of books, that in their content and pres- entation contribute to a better understanding of human affairs. Another purpose is to encourage research by providing fa- cilities for the publication of the results of such work. Mr. Stephens is an a- lumnus of the University where he received his M.A. degree. 51 BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE First rote : Norman B. Davis, Charles William Jamrs, Wil- bur Diinran, Edwin G. Bock. Claude W. Minion. John . Nut- tveonihe, (Jeorpe H. Bovd, Elon E. Bvrd, Harry A. Kent, Wil- liam II. Enneis, Wil- liam T. James. .Ser- ond roir: Joel E. Gid- dens, Robert G. Ea- gon, IVorvel M. Me- Clung, William M. Carlton, Gaylher L. Plummer. ' illiani J. Payne, Hudson Jost, Barclay R. McGhee, William B. Cosgrove, Bernard S. Martof, Horace O. Lund. DEAN JOHN O. EIDSON SOCIAL SCIENCE First roic: Unidenti- fied, James R. Barnes, George S. Parthemus, Arthur R, Kelly, Mrs. Olive Shadgett, Paul E. Pfuetze. Second rota Unidentified, Unidentified, Robert G. MePherson, Albert E. Save, Richard K. Murdock. Third rote: J. Thomas Eskew, E. Merton Coulter, Wal- ter S. Hanchett, Lo- than Leo Tresp. Franklin College is the Oldest Unit Within the University The oldest unit within the University of Georgia is the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. It was established in 1801 and offers the traditional arts degrees, the A.B. and B.S., in addition to the B.S. in Chemistry and the Bachelor of Fine Arts. As a result of quality performance, several of the twenty departments of the Col- lege of Arts and Sciences have received excellent national reputations. John 0. Eidson joined the faculty of the University of Georgia in 1936. He holds an A.B. and an Litt.D. degree from Wofford College, and M.S. from Vanderbilt University, and a Ph.D. from Dulie Universitv. From 1947-53 he was Dean of Coordinate College at the Uni- versity and later was Editor of the Georgia Review and Director of the University Center in Georgia. In September of 1957 he was named Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. In 1950 he won the M. G. Michael Award for research. Physical Science First row: Dr. E. 11. Dixon, Dr. W. H. Waggoner, Jr., Dr. T. Sinikovits, Mr. E. M. Bar- rail, II, M. Lichenstein, Dr. T. H. Whitehead, Mr. R. G. Henrv. Second roiv: Dr. H. T. Coggins, Mr. C. IN. Wilder, Dr. C. J. Broeknian, Dr. W. C. Sears, Dr. J. H. Henkel, Dr. E. L. Heric, Mr. W. H. Dargan. Third roiv: Mr. H. S. Stanlev, Dr. G. B. Huff, Dr. A. C. Cohen, Dr. A. W. Scott, Dr. R. A. McRorie, Dr. G. E. Philbrook, Dr. C. T. Clark. Fine Arts First row: Owen, Charles Morgan, Vincent Dieball, Earl McCutchen, Alexander Main, Hugh Hodgson. Second row: Lamar Dodd, Sara Jorner, Robert Pfister, John Ander- son, Elizabeth Cobb, Lucile Kimble, Nina Geverts, Ellen Psaty, Dorothy Pendley, No- lec Dunaway. Third rme: By- ron Warner, Louise Harwell, Eulala Amos, Lester C. Walk- er, Howard Thomas, James Popovich, Roger Dancz, Har- ris Mitchell, Earl Beach, Leighton Ballew, Joseph Schwarz, William Leonard, Leonard DeLonga,Paul Camp, Art Fear, David Strother, Dan Baker. Language Literature First roiv: John Dunn, John O. Eidson, Joseph Lee, Ray- mond Biswanger, George Mar- shall, Theodore Hart, Edwin M. Everett, Calvin S. Brown. Second row: John Tison, David Jones, Tom Williams, Mrs. Dorothy McCullough, Mrs. Andree C. Hefner, Frances Wallis, Marie Dumas, Robert Rushmore. Robert West. Third row: Charles Beaumont, Hollis Cate, Don- ald Barnett, Vance Mizelle, Jules Alciatore, Myron Ko- cher, Robert Jones, Arlie Her- ron, Tom Waller, Charles Wall. Fourth row: William Thurman, Clark OIney, Wil- fred Blais, Felder Graham, Grady Hutcherson, Robert Longshore, Carl Shedd, How- ard Jordan, Ralph Paul de- Gorog. DEAN J. E. DREWRY Journalism Building Henry Grady School of Journalism First rote: Charlotte Patricia McKemie, Rowland F. Kraps, Mrs. Sallie Westbrook Messina, Walter Anderson, Mrs. Eleanor G. Upchurch. Second rote: George Abney, Ernie C. Hunds, Robert L. Patrick, Charles B. Kopp. Third rom: Frazier Moore, Worth McDougald, Dean John E. Drewry, Dan W. Kitchens. Named for a famous alumnus, Henry W. Grady, the School of Journalism was established in 1915. Since that time, it has risen to be recognized as one of the outstanding journalism schools in the nation. The A.B. degree in journalism conibines a broad liberal arts program and professional training. Majors may concentrate in one of several areas of communications — news-editorial, broadcasting, advertising-public relations, and literary appreciation. During the year the School of Journalism sponsors many conferences and in- stitutes including the Georgia Press Association meeting. Southern Industrial Editors Institute, Radio-Television Conference and the Georgia Scholastic Press Association meeting. Dean John E. Drewry — known to his students as the " great white father " — is a native Georgian and a University alumnus. After receiving his M.S. degree from Columbia, he became instruc- tor in the Journalism School in 1922, later advanced to full professor and director, and was made Dean of the School in 1940. Known throughout the South as well as the United States for his high ideals and leadership in the communications field. Dean Drewry could well be tagged, " Mr. Journalism. " 9 ' A . K i rt t?l 1 ' First rote: Leonard T. Wright, Lawrence J. Nachtrab, John M. Perdue, John P. Gill, William A. Cuff, Alfred R. Kurtz. Second row: Gregor Sebba, Norman J. Wood, Nicholas A. Beadles, James M. Waller, Wendel N. Williams, Dean James E. Gates. Third row: Curtis E. Tate, Jr., George M. McMan- mon, Robert T. Segrest, Assoc. Dean, S. Jefferson Cobb, Richard L Hartman, William R. Beaton. The University of Georgia College of Business Administration was established in 1912 and now has the largest enrollment of any college on the campus. Upon completion of the four year program, the Bachelor of Business Administration is awarded. To provide a foundation of general culture, broaden the viewpoint, and develop sound thinking, the college has organized a curriculum with majors available in Statistics, Marketing, Finance, Real Estate, Management, Retailing, Secretarial Studies, Traffic Management, Pub- lic Administration, Accounting, and General Business. Dean Gates is a native of Kentucky. He taught at Clemson College, Indiana University, and Columbia University before coming to the University of Georgia in 1948 as Dean of the College of Business Ad- ministration. Dean Gates holds a B.S.C. from the University of Kentucky and a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Business Administration DEAN JAMES E. GATES Commerce Building First row: C C. Murray, K. H. Driflinier, Kogcr C Woocl- Morth, J. Clyde Driggers, W. O. Page, James L. Carnion, T, H. Rogers, Thomas D, Aaron. Second rote: A, A. Fleming, John J. Sheuring, Dan E. Pratt, Phillip E. Pluniart, H. B. Henderson, Roy E. Proctor, R. A. McCreery, J. W. Fanning. Third roic: Till M. Huston, A. E. Cullison, Jack C. Thomp- son, R. F. Sewell, Fred Saunders, T. L. Frazier, H. D. Morris. The I ' niversity of Georgia is a member of the American Association of Land-Grant Colleges approved by the Federal Government for giving instruction in Agricultural engineering, landscape architecture, agri- culture, and related fields. Beef cattle, dairy cattle, and other livestock herds are kept on the college 2,475 acre farm. One of Georgia ' s rapidly growing industries is the poultry farm. The work of the experimental stations constitutes a major phase of the college in addition to the regular teaching and extension programs. Holding a B.S. degree from North Carolina State University, a Ph.D. from Cornell, and an M.S. from the University of Georgia, Dean Mur- ray came to the University in 1936 as an assistant professor of agronomy. He was later made associate professor and then professor. From 1946-48 he was professor of agronomy and agronomist at LSU. He returned to Athens in 1950 as dean and coordinator of the College of Agriculture. Fourth row: Acton R. Brown, P. D. Rodgers, Carlisle Cobb Jr., Lamar Harris, Joel E. Giddens, George E. Thompson, William E. Hudson. Fifth row: Dale V. Sweet, Charles E Rice, Howard Dalton, H. F. Perkins, J. W. Lassiter, John J. Powers, Harold Young. Sixth row: Olin T. Fosgate, Carl Hess, Robert S. Wheeler, E. P. Warren, Roy Green, Roy Bowden. College of Agriculture kfit. h Imyin, ' !»4, lit InilJ I, Connor Hall DEAN CALVIN C. MURRAY t DEAN J. A. DOTSON Peabodv Hall 1 4 1 1 1 1 vjfl Mm rliJf Cobll Tlonip-oii, Cbarle E fr.JohnJ, Silf, Carl Cfeen, Roi College of Education First row: William Owen Scott, Frances Gotesky, Jack P Horton, Meera Rudra, Reba Bumham, Joseph C. Bledsoe, Ocie Dekle, Howard L. Ezell, Amon O. Duncan, Bernice Cooper, Frank Bowers, Glen Patterson, Lindsey Mock, Ila Rooks, Robert T. Bowen. Second rote: Ralph H. Tolbert, Stanton J. Sinijleton, Hugh Mills, Betty Clarke, William O. Christopher, Thelma Call, John Burks, Ernest B. Smith. Victor Nix, Sue Cromartie, Johnny V. Cox, William L. Hitch- cock, Mary Burns, Mary Scott, William R. Brown, James Garlin Bryant. Alexander F. Perrodin, Donald Hawk, Allen Brock, Mary Ella Soule. Third rote: Garland Oliver, Oval S. Harrison, William B. King, George B. Miller, Doyne M. Smith, James L. Dickerson, Alice Beall, Karl Garrison, Ronald Weitman, Elizabeth Worley, Elizabeth Jackson. Nor- man LaHood. Harold Dennis, Willia m J. Clemence, Dixon Emswiler. Several years after its organization in 1903, the College of Educa- tion became the Peahody School of Education. The Peabody School of Education of the University, the Georgia State Teacher ' s College, the Department of Rural and Vocational Education of the College of Agriculture, and the Departments of Physical Education for Men and Women were combined into this college in 1931. The College of Education provides and administers all professional courses de- signed for the preparation for teaching in all areas of elementary and secondary education, including the specialized fields. In 1950, John A. Dotson left his post as professor of education and director of the Division of Teacher Education at Emory Uni- versity to become Dean of the College of Education at the Uni- versity of Georgia. A native of Kentuckv. Dean Dotson received his A.B. at George- town College, an M.A. at the I ' niversity of Kentucky and a Ph.D. at George Peabody College. MlRRAl DEAN K. L. WATERS Pharmacy Building School of Pharmacy First row: Scldon D. Feurt, Charles W. Hartman, Dean K. L. Waters, Mrs. Jeane Cannon, Clyde W. Whilworlh. Second row: F. F. Millikan, Joel G. Hardnian, Joe Bill Dickerson, J. P. LaRocca, Durward N. Entrekin. The School of Pharmacy was created in 1903 and is the second oldest school on campus. During the four year pharmacy course, students take not only chemistry and biological sciences, but also courses in business administration and liberal arts. The graduates of the school are capable of taking their places in the retail store, assuming positions in pharmaceutical sales work, taking advanced work, and entering research laboratories. Dean Kenneth L. Waters came to the University of Georgia in 1937 as an instructor of pharmacy. During World War II, he worked with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and with the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research. He taught for two years at the University of Pittsburgh. In 1948 he resigned his position as Tech- nical Director of Zemmer Pharmaceutical Company of Pittsburgh to become Dean of the School of Pharmacy. He holds an A.B. from Lynchburg College, an M.S. from the University of Georgia, and a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. las:; 1- i ' First row: Dr. Elizabeth Sheerer, Frankye Bland, Mrs. Eliza- beth B. Fowler, Mrs. Anne Carpenter, Winnie Luffman. Second roiv: Wynelle Johnson, Elizabeth Armstrong, Dr. Carlfred Broderick, Dean Mary Speirs, Mrs. Dorothea Ed- wards, Mrs. Elizabeth Whitehead, Margaret McPhauI. Third row: Elizabeth Wilson, Ruth Moore, Matilda Callaway, Dr. Stanley Fowler, Catherine Newton, Dr. Maude Pye Hood, Camille Schiffman. up II mli altlt The present school of Home Economics was established in 1933. Pre- paring the student for home and family living, and for professional careers relating to the home are the objectives of the school. To fulfill these objectives a well-rounded program of instruction makes up the core of the curriculum. Mary Speirs came to the University of Georgia in 1954 from the Georgia Experimental Station at Griffin where she was director of home economics research. She is past president of both the Georgia and the Atlanta Dietetic Associations and a past chairman of the Georgia Nu- trition Council. She holds a B.A. degree from Wellesley, an M.A. and a Ph.D. degree from Columbia University. Dean Speirs has written many outstanding articles in the food and nutrition fields. School of Home Economics DEAN MARY E. SPEIRS Hall The oldest school of forestry in the South, George Foster Peabody School of Forestry was established at the University of Georgia in 1906. Three types of services are carried on by the School: teaching of professional forestry to students desiring to make forestry their career, performing extension work with the farmers and landowners through the Agricultural Extension Service, and doing research at the Griffin Experiment Station and Athens Station. The School of Forestry manages all the forest properties owned by the University. In July. 1957, AUyn M. Herrick became dean of the School of For- estry. He received his education at New York State University College of Forestry and the University of Michigan. He has written many technical bulletins and journal articles and has contributed to two books on forest economics and management. He is a past president of Xi Sigma Pi, professional forestry honorary fraternity. First row: Dr. A. M. Herrick, Dean; J. T. Greene, Dr. H. A. Stoehr, Dr. J. H. Jenkins, Dr. J. R. Hamilton. Second row: Dr. L. W. R. Jackson, G. N. Bishop, J. R. Parker, Dr. W. A. Campbell, R. G. McAlpinel, A. E. Patterson. Third rote: L. I. Gaby, Dr. L. C. Walker, Dr. B. Zak, Dr. M. Reines, B. F. Grant, W. C. Bryan. School of Forestry ffti hi.: Ihfa. Forestry Building DEAN ALLYN M. HERRICK DEAN T. J. JONES Ur.El tmi tm. DrJ.l ' i m: L School of Veterinary Medicine First roic: Dr. E. A. Corley, Dr. Paul L. Piercy, Dr. Helen E. Jordan. Dean Thomas J. Jones, Dr. Lois C. Scott, Dr. G. L. Ulichell, Dr. Lawrence T. Crininiins. Second row: Dr. Clifford esterfield. Dr. Terrell B. Ryan, Dr. A. G. Kemler, Dr. John W. Foster, Dr. E. W. Causey, Dr. D. E. Weinmen, Dr. Paul E. Hoffman. Third rote: Dr. LeRov K. Taul, Dr. Sam S. Kreuz, Dr. Albert L. Kleckner, Dr. Thomas P. Zwei- gart, Dr. William P. Van Eselline, Dr. Joseph De Edens, Ur. Walter Kornfeld. Mr. Emmett Shotts. Veterinary Medicine Building In 1939, Dean Thomas J. Jones came to the University of Georgia as an assistant professor of agriculture. He was made professor of veterinary medicine in 1946 and became dean of the school in 1947. Dean Jones holds a B.S.A. degree from the University of Florida, a D.V.M. degree from the University of Georgia, and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. In 19J6 the present school of Veterinary Medicine was estab- lished. The first two years of professional study are devoted to basic and pre-clinical classroom and laboratory courses: the last two years are largely concerned with clinical training in the classroom, laboratory, large and small animal hospital areas, and ambulatory clinics. DEAN J. A. HOSCH School of Law First row: James Barrow, Verner Chaffin, Dean J. Alton Hosch, Harold M. Hecknian, Thomas F. Green. Second rote: William McLendon Henderson, D. Meade Field, Albert B. Jones, Sigmund Al Cohn. Law School The School of Law is housed in Harold Hirsch Hall. Although courses in law were offered at the University of Georgia in 1843, the School of Law was not established until 1859. The Institute of Law and Government is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is approved by the American Bar Association and the Georgia Bar Association. Courses of study are designed to give the students a thorough knowledge of the common law together with its statutory modifications. Emphasis is placed on practical appli- cation of theory to the complex situations out of which legal con- troversies develop. J. Alton Hosch joined the University faculty in 1923. He began teaching in the School of Commerce. In 1928 he was transferred to the School of Law and was made Dean of the School in 1938. Dean Hosch holds the following degrees: S.S.C. and M.A. degrees from the LIniversity of Georgia and an LLB degree from Harvard Law School. I tku First rote: W. H. Duncan, R. G. Eagon, E. M. Everett, Lamar Dodd, R. B. McGhee, R. T. Osborne, E. E. Byrd, R. E. Proctor, G. H. Boyd, T. H. Whitehead, J. A. La Rocca, H. D. Morris, H. R. Smith, J. D. Williams. Second roic: R. P. Bledsoe, J. J. Sheuring, T. F. Gilbert, M. K. Fort, A. C. Cohen. B. S. Martof. E. H. Dixon. R. F. Sewell, H. O. Lund, R. S. Wheeler, G. E. Philbrook, M. B. Pound, H. M. Heckman, T. F. Green, W. M. Reid. Third row: J. J. Powers, N. M. McClung, M. C. Prunty, Rachel S. Sutton, J. W. IVuttycombe, J. E. Giddens, T. M. Huston, C. J. Brockman, J. E. Drewrv. J. O. Eidson. C. S. Brown, G. E. Thompson. Fourth row: G. B. Huff, W. J. Miller, M. L. Curtis, Hudson Jost, W. J. de Laubenfels, W. J. Payne, R. H. West, W. P. Kellam, C. D. Cooper, J. C. Alciatore, E. S. Parks. C. J. Smith, W. D. Jones. B. O. Williams. irred to To promote thorough creative and fundamental scholarship and to provide advanced training in the professional and vocational field are the two basic purposes of the Graduate School. The Master of Arts and the Master of Science degrees are offered in most major subjects; the Ph.D. is offered in English, Education, Mathematics, Zoology, Psy- chology, History, and Plant Sciences. Coming to the University of Georgia in 1926 as professor of zoology and head of the Zoology department, George Hugh Boyd was made dean of the Graduate School in 1943. He holds the following degrees: B.A. and M.S. from Emory University; Sc.D. from Johns Hopkins University. He is currently national president of Sigma Xi scien- tific fraternity. Old College Graduate School Dean George Hugh Boyd Classes " cf aK c AcCC e ' en, t loxcf m ' t:,4. ' -? ' 3:f. L: rfc«€r -:: " -i ' : Wj J m - NATHAN . . . NINI . . . BOBBY SENIOR CLASS 66 CLASS OFFICERS NATHAN KNIGHT President NINA MALTBY . ... Vice President BOBBY WHITE Secretary First Roir DONALD BRIAN ADAMS, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; Football, Bas- ketball, Track. • GEORGE N. ADAMS, Royston, A.B.; Glee Club; Fr. Baseball. • PEGGY ADAMS, Athens, B.S.H.E.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Upsilon Omicron. • STINSON M. ADAMS, Marietta, B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha. Second Rote BARBARA ADDISON, Rome, B.F.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres.; Panhellenic Council; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Treas.; B.S.U.; UGRA; Angels ' Flight, PR Officer. • S. WAYNE ADKINS, Cordele, B.S.A. • THOMAS H. AIKEN, Coving- ton, B.S.A.; Ag Club, Pres.; AEC, Pres.; Alpha Zeta, Scribe; Gridiron; Ag Hill Council; Student Council; Who ' s Who. • SHIRLEY AKINS, Statesboro, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Homecon. PATRICIA ' A. ALDAY, Atlanta, B.S.Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi, Guard. • EDWARD T. ALEXANDER, Atlanta, B.L.A.; Landscape Architecture Club, Social Chairman. • JERRY CARLTON ALLEN, Columbus, A.B. • JOHNNY RAY ALLEN, Augusta, B.B.A.; Basketball, Baseball. Fourth Roto JUDY ALLEN, Covington, B.S.Ed.; Phi Mu. • KAY ALLEN, Lenox, B.S.H.E.; B.S.U.; Homecon; Triquetra. • DEMPSEY EASTIN ALLGOOD, Athens, B.A.; Delta Tau Delta. • EMMETT ALLMOND, Vidalia, B.S. Pharm.; APHA; Kappa Psi; Reed Hall Council; Georgia Pharmacist. 1 w . C, fO p.. - W ' First Row WILLIAM LAWRENCE ALLMON, Newington, B.S.A.; AEC. • JOHN S. ALSUP, Dublin, B.S.F.; Forestry Club. • BANNISTER ALLEN ANDERSON, Anderson, S. C; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade. • ROBERT ANDERSON, Aragon. Second Row ELIZABETH LOUISE ANDREW, Adanta, A.B.J.; Student Union; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA Minor; B.S.U.; Gamma Alpha Chi, Pres., Treas.; Theta Sigma Phi, Sec; Red and Black. • FRANCES ANTHONY, Hartwell, B.B.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi; WAA; Gamma Sigma Sigma. • RICHARD M. ANTHONY, Columbus, B.S.; Physics Club. • ELAINE ARNOLD, Amherst, Va., B.S.; Delta Delta Delta; UGRA; Dance Club. Third Row WYNN ARMSTRONG, Savannah, B.A.; Phi Mu, Sec. • RAYMOND ASH, Blairsville, B.S.A. • CHIP ASHURST, Adanta, B.F.A.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres.; Panhellenic Coun- cil; Zeta Phi Eta, Treas.; Thalian-Blackfriars, Treas. • BAR- BARA ASPINWALL, Patterson, B.B.A.; Phi Chi Theta; Pro- fessional Panhellenic; Student Union; B.S.U.; Georgia Agri- culturist, Feature Editor; Red and Black. Fourth Row FLORENCE BURFORD ATKINSON, Decatur, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta; WAA; Westminster Fellowship; UGRA; Psychology Club; FTA. • NETTIE CARLENE ATTAWAY, Newnan, B.S.H.E.; Delta Delta Delta, Sec. • JAMES FRED AVANT, Eatonton, B.S.A. • JOHN KARL AXELSON, Atlanta, B.A.; Phi Eta Sigma, Track. 68 r ' ' f i- J i M First Rote. JOYE BACON, Hinesville, B.S. Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; WAA; UGRA; ACEI; Geechee Club. • FRANK LITTRELL BAHIN, College Park, B.B.A.; Delta Tau Delta; IPC. • HOLLY BAILEY, Tifton, B.B.A.; Phi Mu. • BEN B. BAKER, Madison, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi. Second Rote LEM W. BAKER, Madison, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi. • WILLIAM PAUL BAKER, JR., Atlanta, B.B.A.; Delta Tau ' Deltar B.S.U., Treas.; Veteran ' s Club. • ROBERT ORMAN BALL, Macon, B.S. Pharm. • MARIO G. BAR- BATO, Jersey City, N. J., B.S.; Newman Club, Pres. Third Row PATRICIA ANN BARNES, Ellaville, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Treas., Sec; URSA Minor; WAA; FTA. • SANDRA NELL BARNETT, Athens, B.S. • SHARON BARNETTE, Senoia, B.A.; Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA Major; Glee Club; B.S.U.; UGRA. • FULLER A. BEACH, Walterboro, S. C; B.S.A.; ASAE; Wesley Foundation. Fourth Rote JOHN HYATT BEACH, JR., Waycross, B.S. Pharm.; Rho Chi, Pres.; APHA; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Psi. • KENNETH BEASLEY, Adrian, B.S.A.; Saddle and Sirloin, Treas., Pres.; Livestock Judging Team. • CONSTANCE JOYE BEDDINGFIELD, Perry, B.S. Ed.; Pi Beta Phi; UGRA. • JOHN T. BELFLOWER, Ft. Valley, B.S. Pharm.; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Chi. BALDWIN, FIRST PRESIDENT Baldwin Hall was named after the first president of the University, Abraham Baldwin. President Baldwin was one of the signers of the Declaration of Inde- pendence. JOHN MILLEDGE Milledge Hall was named for John Milledge donated one thousand acres to the University. who 1 Look son, if you must copy, at least do it correctly. ' tm 4tw4t ikiki K ' First Row EMMET JOPLING BONDURANT, Athens, B.A.; Kappa Alpha; Student Council, Chairman; Phi Kappa; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Pep Club; X Club; Biftad; Phi Eta Sigma; UGRA; Swimming Team, Captain; Who ' s Who. • HELEN BONDURANT, Winder, B.B.A.; Wesley Foun- dation; WAA. • ANN SHELL BONNELL, Decatur, B.S.; Pi Beta Phi. • PAT GAIL BOONE, Toomsboro, B.F.A.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Gamma Alpha Chi. Second Rote MARILYN CROOK BORING, Atlanta, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; WAA; WSGA; UGRA; Gamma Sigma Sigma. • BEN WALKER BOSWELL, Greensboro, B.S.A.; Sigma Nu. • WARREN BOSWORTH, Omaha, Neb., A.B.J. • MARY LOU BOTHWELL, Decatur, B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice Pres.; Art Students League. Third Row LOUIS A. BOWICK, JR., Augusta, B.S. • THOMAS EDWIN BOZEMAN, Sylvester, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice Pres. • ELIZABETH ANN BRADY, LaGrange, B.B.A.; Ghi Omega, Vice Pres.; Panhellenic Council, Vice Pres.; Mortar Board, Vice Pres.; Pep Club; Student Union. • GLENN W. BRADLEY, JR., Tampa, Fla., B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. Fourth Row BARNEY L. BRANNEN, Brunswick, B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • JAMES L. BRANYON, Athens, B.A.; Demos- thenian. Sec; X Club, Pres.; 4-H Club; Pol. Sc. Club; Grid- iron, B.S.U. • BENNIE B. BRANT, Statesboro, B.S.F • CHARLES ALTON BRAMLETT, Marietta, B.S.A.; Dairy Science Club. First Row FRANCES BELL, Griffin, B.E. Ed.; B.S.U. • GENE R. BENTON, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Sigma Chi; Circle K. • JOSEPH S. BENNETT, Athens, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Eta Sigma; Wesley Founda- tion. • HOWARD WINSTON BERRYMAN, Comer, B.B.A. Second Row WILLIAM H. BRESLIN, Atlanta, B.S.A.; Bulldog Barbell Club, ASAE. • LAWRENCE HENRY BIXBY, Rome, A.B.; Sigma Pi, Pres.; IFC; Gridiron; Student Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi; Who ' s Who. • WILEY SINGLE- TON BLACK, Cleveland, B.S.; Delta Tau Delta. • H. G. BLALOCK, Jonesboro, B.S.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Sigma; Phi Kappa. Third Row THOMAS P. BLASINGAME, Decatur, B.S. • PAUL LAMAR BLEDSOE, Moultrie, B.S.F. • DOROTHY RITA BLISS, Savannah, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Dance Club; Homecon; Glee Club. • WEEMS HOMER BOATRIGHT, Carrollton, B.B.A. ; Independent Men. Fourth Row CHARLES E. BOLDEN, Gainesville, B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • DEWITT T. BOND, JR., Danielsville, B.S. Ed.; Argonauts, Pres.; Student Union Board; Varsity Basketball Manager. • MAURICE BOND, Elberton. • THOMAS RAYMOND BOND, Elberton, B.B.A.; Kappa Sigma. 70 First Rote JOHNNY GILBERT BREWER, Harlem, B.S. • BARNEY C. BREWTON, JR., Glennville, B.S.; Phi Eta Sigma; Biftad; Phi Kappa Phi. • BURTON LAMONT BRIDGES, Ameri- cus. • RUTH CAROLYN BRIDGES, Decatur, B.A.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres.; WAA; Panhellenic Council, Vice Pres. Second Row WILLIAM BRECKENRIDGE BRIGHAM, Augusta, B.B.A.; Chi Phi, Pledge Maste r, Rush Chairman. • M. WADE BRIGHTWELL, Dawson, B.S. Pharm.; Phi Delta Chi; APHA. • JOSEPH W. BROADHURST, Athens, B.B.A. • WALTER ELMER BROOKS, Sandersville, B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi, Chaplain; APHA. Third Row LEIGH IRVING BRODY, Newark, N. J. • JACK BROOME, Bainbridge, B.B.A. • HARRY M. BROWN, Manchester, B.S. Pharm.; Phi Delta Chi; Scabbard and Blade; University Band. • JOHN M. BROWN, Montezuma, B.S. A.; Horticul- ture Club, Pres. Fourth Rom KATHERINE ELIZABETH BROWN, Avondale Estates, A.B.J.; Alpha Psi Omega; Advertising Club, Sec; Signal, Society Editor, Exchange Editor; Student Council; Rampway. • MARTHA SUE BROWN, Marietta, B.S.H.E.; Homecon, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treas.; Ag Hill Council. • NADINE BROWN, Georgetown, B.S.H.E.; Triquetra, Vice Pres.; WSGA, Vice Pres.; Homecon; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Alpha Lambda Delta; Z Club; Zodiac, Vice Pres.; Mortar Board; Wesley Foundation Council; 4-H Club, Pres.; Georgia Agri- culturist, Woman ' s Editor. • PATRICIA B. BROWN, Oak- boro, N. C; B.S . Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi. CHOOSEVG THE SITE Watkinsville was once being considered as possible site for the University. The committee decided that it would not be wise to establish the University there. It felt that the two beer halls in the community would be detrimental to the educational process. When Athens was chosen as the site, there were mutterings of dissatisfaction on virtually hiding the University up in the hills on the edge of the Indian country, and Governor Tatnall in 1801 admitted that a more central location would have been better. Why do I always have to do one nail over and over? Firti Row SHARON MERSHON BROWN, Savannah, A.B.J.; Chi Omega; (iamma Alpha Chi, Sec; Geechee Club. • SHIRLEY BROWN, Twin City, B.S. Ed.; ACE. • ELIZABETH ANN BROWNE, Savannah; Canterbury Club; Student Union; WAA. • MARGARET M. BRUMSEY, Elizabeth City, N. C, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Gamma Alpha Chi, Treas. Second Row LINDA ANNE BUTLER, Oxford, B.S.H.E.; Homecon; Can- terbury Club. • JOHN WEST BRYSON, JR., Savannah. • HAROLD CURRY BULLARD, Camilla, B.S.A.; Gaffau. • JOHN ROBERT BURNS, JR., Savannah, B.S.A. Third Row NANCY E. BURRESS, Atlanta, B.F.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian, Sec; Art Student ' s League. • PEGGY JEANINE BURTON, Vienna, B.S.H.E.; Homecon; Student Union; B.S.U. • DOUGLAS RONALD BUSBIA, Augusta, B.B.A. • WILLIAM BRIAN BUSH, Columbus, B.B.A.; Sigma Chi. Fourth Row AMELIA BUTLER, Rockmart, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Delta Pi; Homecon. • J. HENRY CABANISS, Maxeys, B.S.A.; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; G Club; AEN Club; X Club; Baseball; Basketball, Captain. • MELVIN DALE CADE, Decatur, B.B.A. ; Delta Sigma Pi, Treas. • CARMINE CAIAZZO, Brooklyn, N. Y.; B.S.A.; Food Tech Club. JOSIAH MEIGS Josiah Meigs, a Yal e graduate and former tutor there, was the second president. Meigs Hall carries his name. President Meigs, through the use of the formula for falling bodies, calculated how deep into hell the angels plunged in their nine days of flight. Students under the residency of Meigs held class in a tavern. You see, paw, it ' s like this ... It jest weren ' t meant fer me to go to college. First Rote JOHN F. CARVER, East Point, B.F.A.; University Theatre. • JAMES IRA CASEY, JR., Cedartown, B.S.A.; Phi Eta Sigma; Biftad, Vice Pres.; X Club, Vice Pres.; Phi Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres.; Blue Key, Vice Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Gridiron; Aghon; Ag Club; Dairy Science Club; B.S.U.; Ag Hill Council; Independent Men; Georgia Dairyman, Co- Editor; Georgia Agriculturist, Bus. Mgr. • J. V. CASEY, Augusta, B.S. Ed.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Football. • JAMES GERALD CASH, Bremen, B.S.; Phi Delta Chi; APHA. Second Row WILLIAM V. CHAFIN, JR., Hartwell, B.A.; X Club, Pres.; Student Union Board; Gridiron; Phi Alpha Theta; History Club; Scabbard and Blade; Independent Men. • MRS. M. E. CHAMBERS, JR., Doerun, B.S. Ed. • WILLIAM BEARDEN CHAMBERS, Madison, B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • CLAY- TON CHANCE, Carrollton, B.A.; Men ' s Glee Club; History Club. Third Row WILLIS D. CHANDLER, Cordele. • DAVID WEBSTER CHAMBLEE, Menlo, B.B.A.; Sigma Nu. • GENE E. CHAP- MAN, Barnesville, B.B.A. • JOHN B. CHAPMAN, JR., Chule, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Horticulture Club, Sec- Treas. Fourth Row JOAN CHAPPELL, Experiment, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; B.S.U.; ACE. • HARVEY NORMAN CHERNOFF, Broxton, B.S.; Tau Epsilon Phi. • JACK CHILTON, Atlanta, B.F.A.; Alpha Tau Omega; Demosthenian. • EARL CHITTY, Val- dosta, B.F.A.; Dixie Redcoat Band; Un. Civic Symphony Orchestra. First Row STANLEY CAJIGAS, Bronx, N. Y., B.S.A.; Food Tech Club, Vice Pres. • ROBERT WRIGHT CALHOUN, Americus, H.B.A.; Sigma Alpha F.psilo]i. • MAC AARON CALLAHAN, Chattanooga, Tenn., B.S. Ed.; Pi Kapjia Alpha; Circle K, Sec. • WILLIAM PAUL CALLAHAN, Covington, A.B.; Phi Eta Sigma. Second Row NELLIE JANE CALLAWAY, Rayle, B.S. Ed.; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice Pres.; B.S.U.; Dixie Redcoat Band. • JEWELL CAMP, Kllijay, fi.A.; Alpha Lambda Delta. • JANE ALLEN CAMPBELL, Adanta, B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; WAA; History Club; Newman Club. • JERRY T. CANUPP, Gaines- ville, B.B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha. Third Row DAVID ALLEN CARLE, Belleville, N. J., B.B.A.; Phi Epsilon Pi, Treas. • JAMES B. CARLTON, Moultrie, B.S.A. • CAROL E. CARPENTER, Adanta, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club; Pep Club. • HENRY L. CARR, Col- quitt, B.S.A. Fourth Row RUTH MAYME CARRELL, Aruba, Netherlands, West Indies, B.S. Ed. • FREDERICK L. CARSWELL, Abbeville. • JACK CARSON CARTER, WatkinsviUe, B.S. Ed.; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade. • WILLIAM B. CARTER, Savannah, B.S. Ed. 73 p. fZI ( -: ,fVJ Firsl Rote GEORGIA LOUISE CHRISTMAS, Vienna, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta; B.S.U.; Sigma Delta Pi. • J. DUNCAN CHRISTY, Atlanta. • KENNETH G. CLEMENS, Hapeville, B.S.F.; Chi Psi. • SANDRA S. COCHRANE, Daytona, Fla., B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta; UGRA; NEA; Canterbury Club. Second Row DEWALD COHEN, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec- Treas. • LARRY ARNOLD COHEN, Macon, B.S.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres.; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • RICHARD C. COHEN, Harrison, Maine, B.B.A.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Reed Hall Council; Hillel. • JAMES R. COKER, Port Wentworth, B.B.A. Third Rote JOAN COKER, Pelham, B.S.H.E.; Homecon; Triquetra; 4-H Club; B.S.U. • DONALD L. COLE, Greenville, S. C, B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES EDWARD COLEMAN, JR., Atlanta. • SARAH CLARICE COLEMAN, Jacksonville, Fla., B.A.; Alpha Chi Omega, Sec; Angel ' s Flight. Fourth Row CLAUDE R. COLLIER, Warm Springs, B.S.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Pre-Vet Club, Vice Pres.; Saddle and Sirloin; B.S.U. • DAVID ARLIE COLLINS, Athens, B.B.A. • TOM C. COLLINS, Jackson, B.S.; Chi Phi. • CYRIL MURRAY COMER, Ray City. First Roto ROBERT BEASLEY CONOLY, Tifton, B.S.A.; B.S.U.; Hor- ticulture Club, Vice Pres. • HAROLD BROWN GOODY, JR., College Park, B.A.; Pi Kappa Phi, Scabbard and Blade; History Club. • CHARLES D. COOK, Augusta, B.S. Pharm; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa; APHA. • HERBERT S. COOK, Atlanta, B.S. Second Row JACQUELINE COOK, Augusta, B.S. • MARILYN COONS, Savannah, B.B.A.; Kappa Delta; UGRA, Program Chr., Pres.; Phi Chi Theta; Geechee Club; Westminster Fellowship. • BARBARA ANN COOPER, Grayson, B.S. Ed.; FTA; ACE; Wesley Foundation. • JAMES FRANK COYLE, Gainesville, B.S. Ed. MAXWELL TAYLOR COURSON, JR., Hazlehurst, A.B.J.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec; Glee Club; Sigma Delta Chi, Sec; Red and Black, News Editor. • BETTY JANE COUSINS, Newberry, S. C, B.B.A.; Alpha Chi Omega. • BENJAMIN PHILLIP COWAN, Jackson, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi. • LOY D. COW ART, JR., Twin City, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Agronomy Club; Ag Club; Dairy Science Club; 4-H Club; Ag Hill Council; Georgia Dairyman, Editor. Fourth Row JAMES B. COX, Statesboro, B.S.A.; Poultry Science Club. • JULIAN H. COX, JR., Athens, B.B.A.; Chi Phi; Gridiron; X Club; Student Council; IFC. • DOYLE EUGENE COZART, Augusta, B.B.A. • ELEANOR CRANE, Athens, B.A.; Mortar Board, Pres.; Triquetra; UGRA; Westminster Fellowship; Who ' s Who. 41kCtk 74 B.S,F. i,S.Ei; ' iSec •.B.A.; aiAN, Mvillt, It ' s best to disrobe before entering the shower, dearie. " WHEN I WAS A CHILD " In 1803 young grammar school boys roomed and boarded with the regular college students until it was discovered some years later that morals and industry were ruined thereby. The University student of the Old South was a happy creature; he had so many rules to break and did it so effectively. .S.U.I First Rote HAL S. CRAWFORD, Madison, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi, Vice Pres. • STEVE WILLIAM CRAWFORD, Pooler, B.S.F.; Phi Eta Sigma; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; X Club; Scabbard and Blade; Student Council; Forestry Club, Sec.-Treas.; B.S.U.; Aghon; Gridiron; Cypress Knee, Bus. Mgr. • GEORGE C. CREAL, Sparta, N. J., B.A.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa, Pres. • JAMES C. CRIPPS, Savannah, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. Second Roiv JACK R. CRISLER, Maysville, B.S. Ed.; Track. • RALPH C. CROSS, Macon, B.B.A. • NANCY CROVATT, Savannah, B.S.; Phi Mu, Vice Pres. • SYLVIA CROW, Marietta, B.F.A.; Canterbury Club. MADELINE L. CULBRETH, Lake Park, B.S. Ed.; Wesley Foundation. • ROBERT J. CULPEPPER, JR., Americas, A.B.}.; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Delta Sigma; Red and Black. • FRANK CURRY, Dublin. • CHARLES ROBERT CUT- CLIFF, Atlanta, A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Sigma. Fourth Roic SARA ANN DANIELS, Waynesboro, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi. • JON VICTOR DANIEL, Sylvester. • MARY DAN- lELLY, Columbus, B.B.A. ; Kappa Alpha Theta; Student Council; Phi Chi Theta; Sigma Nu Sweetheart Court. • HUBERT T. DAVIS, Waycross, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Cypress Knee. Shall I take my Co-Op class now or go to History? MOSES WADDEL In November 1819, the Rev. Moses Waddel became the first native-born Southerner to fill the presidency of the University . . . In 1819. President Monroe, on a southern tour, came through Athens . . . After a speech of welcome by President Waddel, a dinner followed at which the visiting President gave the following toast: " Success to the Universitv of Georgia. " I First Rotv RAYMOND DAVIS, Pinehurst, B.S.A.; Agronomy Club, Sec; B.S.U.; Ag Club; Independent Men; ABAC Club. • ELWYN DEAL, Patterson, B.S.A.; Agronomy Club, Treas.; ABAC Club; Independent Men; Ag Club. • GEORGE COLQUITT DEAN, JR., College Park, B.S.; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Canterbury Club; Men ' s Glee Club; Scabbard and Blade. • GEORGE FREDERICK DEAN, LaGrange, B.S. Ed. Second Roic ROSCOE DEAN, Jesup, A.B.J.; Theta Chi. • LOUIE F. DEATON, Stone Mountain, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Wesley Foundation. • MARTHA deBEAUGRINE, Madison, B.S. Ed.; Phi Mu; Kappa Delta Pi; Panhellenic Council, Pres.; Who ' s Who. • WILLIAM A. DeMONBREAUN, II, Nashville, Tenn., B.S.A. Third Row TOM DENNARD, Pineview, B.A.; Phi Delta Theta; IFC; Phi Delta Theta, Vice Pres. • NORA MONDEZ DENSON, Columbus. • EDNA DICKEY, Decatur, B.S.H.E.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Homecon; Red and Black. • GEORGE C. DIETRICH, Rocky Point, N. ¥., B.B.A.; Chi Phi. Fourth Row BILL W. DORMINY, Moultrie, B.S.A. • BETTY DOWNS, Athens, B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; B.S.U. Council. • SYLVIA DOWNS, Thomaston, A.B.J.; Kappa Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; UGRA; Canterbury Club; Theta Sigma Phi; Broad- casting Club, Sec; Red and Black. • HENRY CO WART DRAKE, Newnan, B.S.; Kappa Alpha, Pres.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Fr. Basketball. 76 First Row ELDON R. EILERS, Hawayden, Iowa, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi. • FRANCIS ELLER, Clayton. • ROBERT QUENTIN ELROD, Savannah, B.S. Pharm; Kappa Psi, Sec; APHA; Veteran ' s Club. • JANET L. EMMONS, Atlanta. A.B.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas., Pres.; Z Club; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres.; URSA, Vice Pres.; Student Union Board; Pep Club, Vice Pres.; Mortar Board, Sec; Who ' s Who. Second Rote GEORGE W. ENGLISH, Penfield, B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha. • DONALD H. ESTROFF, Vidalia, B.B.A.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. • LINNIS E. ETHRIDGE, Grayson, B.S.A.; B.S.U.; Poultry Science Club, Parliamentarian; Independent Men; Ag Club. • ROBERT L. ETHERIDGE, JR., Hartwell, B.S. Pharm.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Psi; APHA. li Third Roiv LAURICE EUBANKS, Macon, B.A.; Kappa Delta; Sigma Delta Pi. • RICHARD R. EVANS, JR., Hazlehurst, B.S.; Kappa Alpha. • CHARLES H. EVERETT, JR., Macon, B.S.F.; Forestry Club. • VIRGINIA TALBOT EVERETT, Macon, A.B.). Fourth Roio CATHERINE FARMER, Newnan, B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; WAA; ACE; Pep Club. • CHARLOTTE ELAINE FARMER, College Park, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega; Glee Club; B.S.U. • LANNY E. FARR, Thomson, B.S.F.; For- estry Club. • SALVATORE A. FAZIO, Brunswick, B.S.; Sigma Chi, Vice Pres.; Newman Club, Vice Pres.; Demos- thenian. First Rotv HOWARD WAYNE DRANE, JR., Atlanta, B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres. • ERNEST H. DREW, Atlanta, B.S.; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Mu Epsilon; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society. • PATRICIA K DREW, Marietta, B.l-.A.; Alpha Gamma Delta; WAA; Westminster Fellowship; Red and Black. • CLAIRE DUGGAN, Moultrie, B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; WSGA. Second Rote DORIS DUKE, Toccoa, B.S.H.E.; Homecon, Reporter. • BARBARA ANNE DUNCAN, Athens, B.S. Ed. • SONDRA DUNN, Atlanta, A.B.J. ; Chi Omega; Gamma Alpha Chi. • WILLIAM MILTON DUNN, JR., Augusta, B.S.; Chi Psi, Vice Pres., Sec; Geography-Geology Club. Third Rote MERRILL DURRENCE, Glennville, B.S. A.; Alpha Zeta; Phi Mu Epsilon; Ag Engineering Club. • RETA JANE DUR- RENCE, Reidsville, B.B.A.; Delta Delta Delta. • CONNOR CLECKLEY DYESS, Augusta, A.B.; Pi Beta Phi; Panhellenic; Sigma Alpha Iota; Women ' s Glee Club; Men ' s Glee Club Soloist; Pi Kappa Phi Sp onsor; Student Council. • NELL DENA EADY, Bremen, B.S. Pharm.; Lambda Kappa Sigma, Historian, Cor. Sec; APHA; TAB; Professional Panhellenic; Georgia Pharmacist, Alumni Editor. Fourth Roic BARBARA EASON, Albany, B.B.A.; Alpha Chi Omega; B.S.U. • GLENDA EDGE, Lawrenceville, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Panhellenic Council, Sec; Women ' s Glee Club; Dance Club. • OLVID C. EDWARDS, Pooler, B.S.F.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Forestry Club. • BARBARA ANNE EGY, At- lanta, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Pledge Trainer; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA Minor; Canterbury Club, Vice Pres.; WSGA Cabinet; Zodiac, Pres.; Student Council; Who ' s Who. 77 First Row RUTH ANN FELDMAN, Baltimore, Md., B.S.; Delta Phi Epsilon; WSGA; HiUel; UGRA. • JOHN E. FELTS, Nash- ville, Tenn.; B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi. • JAMES GOWEN FENDIG, St. Simons, B.S.F.; Sigma Chi; Forestry Club; Cypress Knee. • GEORGE FERENSICK, Clifton, N. J., B.S. P.; Landscape Architecture Club, Vice Pres. Second Row KATHLEEN ANN FISHER, Chickamauga, B.F.A.; Univer- sity Theatre. • MONTE G. FLETCHER, Fitzgerald, B.S.A.; Horticulture Club, Pres. • ROBERT WALKER FLOURNOY, Cedartovvn, A.B.J.; Delta Tau Delta, Sec; Alpha Delta Sigma; Ad Lab; Red and Black. • LARRY E. FLOYD, Thomaston, B.S. Pharm.; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Chi; APHA. Third Rotp CATHERINE FOLK, Augusta, B.S.H.E.; Triquetra, Sec; Homecon; B.S.U.; WAA. • ROBERT D. FORST, Arlington, Va., B.A.; Kappa Sigma; Glee Club. • BARBARA FOSTER, Canton, B.F.A.; Sigma Alpha Iota, Pres.; MTNA; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; University Chorus. • JOHN L. FOSTER, JR., Roswell, B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi, Pres.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Fourth Row JEROME THOMAS FOUGHNER, JR., Savannah, B.S.; Newman Club; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma. • BARBARA FOURNIER, Adanta, B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Dance Club; Student Union; FTA; Kappa Delta Epsilon. • JO ANN FOWLER, Adanta, A.B.J.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Alpha Chi; WSGA; Red and Black. • THOMAS J. FOX, Valley Stream, N. Y., B.S.A. First Rote THEODORE L. FRALEIGH, Madison, Fla., B.S.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • JANE I. FREDERICK, Tifton, B.S. Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA Minor; ACE; Zodiac, Treas. • JAMES M. FREELAND, Augusta, B.A.; Wesley Foundation; Scabbard and Blade; Physics Club; Track. • W. LEON FRIEDMAN, JR., Savan- nah, B.B.A.; Phi Epsilon Pi. Second Row NORRINE FRISBY, Athens, B.S.A.; Horticulture Club, Sec; Saddle and Sirloin Club. • BEVERLY FRITCH, Decatur, B.S.H.E.; Kappa Delta; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl; Newman Club; Rush Advisor. • EVELYN FROHMAN, Waverly, Va., B.S. Ed.; Delta Phi Epsilon, Treas., Pres.; WAA, Vice Pres.; Mortar Board, Treas.; Student Council; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Zeta Phi Eta; Hillel; URSA Minor; Rush Advisor; Panhellenic Council; Who ' s Who. • BENNIE R. FULCHER, Augusta, B.S.F.; Forestry Club, Sec; 4-H Club, Pres., Vice Pres.; Ag Hill Council; X Club; Wesley Founda- tion; Argonaut. Third Row WILLIAM SPANN FULLILOVE, Athens, B.S.A. ; ASAE, Pres. • JAMES C. FURMAN, Rome, B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi. • BETTY FUTRAL, Griffin, B.B.A. • BARBARA GAILEY, Commerce. Fourth Rote GENE A GAITHER, Lineville, Ala., B.S.A.; Agronomy Club. • LATRELLE GAMMAGE, Cedartown, B.B.A.; Chi Omega; Pep Club; Student Union; Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl; WAA. • GLENN L. GAMMON, Hickory, Va., B.S.F. • THOMAS DeWITT GANTT, Lavonia, B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi, Vice Pres.; APHA; X Club; Historian; Biftad. 5 First Koir ROBERTA ELIZABETH GARDINER, Macon, B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Chi Theta, Pres.; WAA. • BOBBY B. GARDNER, Baxley, B.B.A. • LYNN GARDNER, At lanta, B.F.A.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Panhcllenic Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Art Students ' League, Sec. • EUGENE T. GAY, Hartsfield, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho, Reporter; Ag Engineering Club. Second Rntc MARILYN GENSBERG, Atlanta. • HORACE THOMAS GEORGE, JR., Eatonton, B.S.A. • JAMES ALLEN GIBBS, Ty Ty, B.S.A. ; Agronomy Club, Vice Pres.; Student Council; Ag Club. • F. L GIBSON, JR., Augusta, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi. Third Rote JULIA N. GILL, Woodbury, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • DON CHANCE GILLESPIE, Metter, B.F.A.; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Vice Pres. • PHILIP STEVEN GIRMANT, Oswego, N. Y., B.S.F. • RAS E. GLADIN, Augusta, B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha; G Club; Base- ball. Fourth Rote DOROTHY L. GODWIN, Waycross, B.S.H.E.; Homecon; B.S.U. • NANCY SHELOR GOODWYNE, Atlanta. • SAM H. GORDY, Thomaston, B.S.A.; Ag. Economics Club, Treas.; Scabbard and Blade. • DIANE GORTATOWSKY, Albany, B.B.A.; Phi Mu, Pres. h4 v iA EARLY LOVE The institution ' s first botanical garden was not only a great aid to the students studying natural hist ory; it was also equally valuable in lending charm to the romantic encounters of the students with Athenian maids. What the students generally learned in the garden was not part of the prescribed course of study. Oh no, not him! I ' ve been told thai he gives tests! First Rote CARLOS G. GRANTHAM, Douglas, B.S. • JUANITA GRANTHAM, Gnffin, B.S. Ed.; B.S.U. • ANNICE GRAVES, Toccoa, B.F.A.; Alpha Delta Pi; URSA Minor. • ALBERT RUSSELL GRAY, Leary, B.S. Ed. Second Row ALICE HANEY GREEN, Canton, B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pres.; B.S.U., State Vice Pres.; Homecon; Mortar Board, Editor; UGRA Council; WSGA Cabinet; Who ' s Who. • GEORGE ROBERT GREENE, Athens, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society. • THOMAS W. GREENE, Trion, A.B.J.; Red and Black. • CLINTON ROBERT GREER, JR., LaFayette, B.B.A.; Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa; Student Union. Third Roic DRUE GREVEMBERG, Savannah, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Geechee Club, Sec. • BARBARA HOPE GRIFFETH, Brooklet, B.S. Ed.; Phi Mu; Z Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; WSGA Cabinet; Student Council, Sec; Junior Panhellenic, Vice Pres.; URSA Major; Who ' s Who. • SEABORN SLOAN GRIFFIN, Macon, B.B.A.; Sigma Nu. • OTIS EUGENE GRIMES, Twin City, B.S.A.; FTA, Pres.; Gaffau, Sec. Fourth Rote RICHARD D. GRINER, Camilla, B.S.F.; Forestry Club. • H. DONALD GRISSOM, JR., Griffin, B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Alpha; Kappa Psi; APHA, Vice Pres.; Golf. • WAYMON L. GROSS, McMinnville, Tenn., B.B.A. • RICHARD A. GUILL, Sparta, B.S.A.; Football, Baseball. a W ' J ' - - ' fe Fitf i h ill WATCHOUT ATHENS In one instance ihe students ran away with the election in Athens and chose as mayor, Pack Wells, a livery stable keeper, all because they owed him money and thought by this compliment to get more time and ab- solution entirely. You ' re wasting your time, pal. It ' s petrified. Iml .ilpb { Giintsii PliKa- •™ lOLOJ iiorP;. MOHN- First Roic MAXWELL G. HANCOCK, Sparks, B.S. Pharm.; APHA; Baseball. • MARTHA LESTER HARDEN, Augusta, B.F.A.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Thalian-Blackfriars, Vice Pres., Key Member; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Zeta Phi Eta, Treas., Pres., Canterbury Club; Pandora. • JANE ORR HARDY, (iainesviUe, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi, Pres., Vice Pres.; Glee Club; WAA; Student Council; Tennis Club. • CAROLINE HARGROVE, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi; UGRA. Second Rmc CLAUDE E. HARPER, Bainbridge, B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa; Wesley Foundation; University Chorus. • ELMO M. HARRELL, Thomaston, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. • SAMUEL THOMAS HARRELL, Quitman, B.B.A.; Sigma Nu; Wesley Foundation; Army ROTC Band. • JOE F. HARRIS, CartersviUe, B.B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha. Third Roic JOHN H. HARRIS, Augusta, B.B.A.; Chi Psi; Delta Sigma Pi. • THOMAS M. HARRIS, Washington. • ANN BAR- THOLOMEW HARRISON, Athens, B.S.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Junior Panhellenic; Canterbury Club. • DALLAS LEE HAR- RISON, Savannah. Fourth Rote DONALD COLQUITT HARTSFIELD, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Basketball, Tennis. • KENNON AYER HATCHER, Waynes- boro, A.B.J.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Historian; Zeta Phi Eta; Red and Black. • NORRIS HAWKS, Thomasville, N. C, B.B.A. • JOHN LAWTON HAYES, JR., West Point, B.S. Ed.; Sigma Nu. ALAN GUNBY, Decatur, B.S. Ed.; FTA; Student Union; Wesley I- ' oundation; UGRA; Red and Black, Photographer. • BOBBIE JEAN GUNNELLS, Hull, B.S.H.E. • PAUL V. GUNNING, JR., Elmhurst, N. ¥., B.S.A.; Food Technology Club; Newman Club. • CARROLL COCHRAN GURLEY, Atlanta; Alpha Psi. Second Row JOHN TERRIS HAGAN, JR., Jacksonville, Fla., B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Basketball. • VERNON DONOHUE HAGEN, Waycross, B.S. A.; Gaffau, Reporter, Treas.; Ag Hill Council. • DARYOUSH HAKIM, Tehran, Iran, B.S.A.; Cosmopolitan Club, Pres.; Ag Engineering Club; UGRA. • ALICE FAYE HALL, Macon, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Chi Omega; Homecon; Student Union. WILLIAM ROBERT HALL, Warner Robins, B.B.A. • WIL- LIAM ROBERT HALL, Warrenton, B.B.A.; Sigma Chi. • CHARLES RAY HAMBRICK, HapeviUe, B.S. Ed. • HUGH TAYLOR HAMBRICK, Moultrie, B.S.F.; Wesley Founda- tion, Pres.; UGRA. Fourth Row J. EMMETT HAMM, Norman Park, B.S.A.; Kappa Sigma. • DONALD EUGENE HAMMOND, Statham, B.S. A.; AEN Club; Ag Engineer, Editor. • HENRY LEWIS HAMMOND, Greensboro, B.S. Pharm.; Phi Delta Chi. • BILLY C. HAN- COCK, Thomaston, B.S. Ed. ikk4i«£ 1 4 81 So I says to him. " Allright already! " EARLY MILITARY TRAINING Another activity of the students was militia drill — the earliest example of military training in American colleges. This drill was always held at the county seat, and Athens was long to give way to Watkinsville in this honor; the students had the additional thrill of leaving town. Later, the trustees declared that there was " great evil, of compelling students of college to keep fire- arms, and perform military duty, " and called upon the legislature to exempt all students of schools, public and private, from military duty in time of peace. First Roic JANE L. HEATH, Decatur, B.B.A.; Pi Beta Phi; French Club; Student Union Bridge Club. • JOANNE MARTHA HECKER, Atlanta, A.B.J.; Z Club; Theta Sigma Phi; Broad- casting Club; Zeta Phi Eta; Pandora Beauty Revue Court. • WILLIAM L. HELTON, Toombsboro, B.S.A. • WILLIAM PRICE HENDERSON, Augusta, B.S.; Physics Club; Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Rota WILLIAM GUSTAV HENNING, Flushing, N. Y., B.S.A.; Saddle and Sirloin, Vice Pres.; Westminster Fellowship. • WILLIAM M. HENRY, JR., Colquitt, B.S. Ed. • HOWARD HENSON, JR., Svvainsboro, B.S. Ed.; Phi Mu Alpha; Dixie Redcoat Band. • ROBERT EDWARD HERNER, Atlanta, B.S. Ed.; Phi Kappa Tau. Third Roir GUY R. HERRING, Aragon, B.S.A.; Biftad, Pres.; X Club; Omicron Delta Kappa, Treas.; Alpha Zeta; Gridiron; Ag Club, Sec, Vice Pres.; Dairy Science Club, Vice Pres.; Independent Men; Georgia Dairyman, Co-Editor; Georgia Agriculturist, Editor. • CAROLE HESTER, Climax, B.S.H.E.; Homecon; Wesley Foundation. • MARVELLE HESTER, Sycamore, B.S.H.E.; 4-H Club. • SALLY HIGGS, Atlanta, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta, Pres.; Newman Club, Sec; Panhellenic. Fourth Row BERNARD ELLIOTT HIRSCH, Savannah, B.B.A.; Tau Epsilon Phi. • HARIETTE HIRSCH, Baxley, B.S. Ed.; Delta Phi Epsilon. • BARBARA ANN HODGES, Statesboro, B.S. Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; ACEI; UGRA; WAA. • RAYMOND D. HODGES, Montrose, B.S.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Wesley Foundation. First Rote NANCY ANN HODGSON, Bowman, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice Pres.; Homecon, Pres. • DOLLY ELAINE HOGAN, Augusta, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha I.amhiia Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Sec. • WILLIAM H. HOGAN, Warrenton, B.S.A.; Sigma Chi. • GARY J. HOLLAND, Pinehurst, A.B.J.; Sigma Delta Chi; B.S.U.; Red and Black, News Editor, Editor. Second Rote MILDRED FRANCES HOLLAND, Gainesville, B.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice Pres.; History Club; UGRA; WAA. • FRED LAW HOLLINGSWORTH, JR., Atlanta, B.A.; Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa, Associate Justice, Chief Justice; Pre-Legal Club, Parliamentarian. • DAVID KING HOLLIS, JR., Hahira, B.B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres.; IPC, Pres., Treas.; X Club; Gridiron; Blue Key; Order of the Greek Horsemen; Sphinx; Who ' s Who. • KAY HOLLOWAY, Atlanta, A.B.; Kappa Kappa CJamma. Third Rote ALASKA HILTON HOLMES, McCaysville, B.B.A.; Glee Club. • JACK ALAN HOLT, Ellijay, B.S.F.; Lambda Chi Alpha; G Club; Scabbard and Blade; Argonauts; 4-H Club; Forestry Club; Cypress Knee, Assoc. Editor; Track. • JOSEPH THELBERT HOLT, Folkston, B.B.A. • JULIUS R. HOLT, JR., Savannah, B.B.A. ; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Canterbury Club; Pandora. Fourth Row WILLIAM ELONZO HOOD, JR., Gainesville, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pre-Legal Club. • JEANENE HORNE, Al- bany, B.S. Ed.; University Chorus; MENC. • HARRY A. HOUGHTON, Clemson, S. C, B.S.F.; Xi Sigma Pi Pres.; Forestry Club. • DOROTHY M. HOUSTON. ik4Y First Row RICHARD G. HOUSTON, Athens, B.S. • DOROTHY KAY HOWINGTON, Lithonia, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega, Sec, Vice Pres.; Student Union; ACE; WSGA. • CAROLYN HUBBARD, China Lake, Calif., B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; FTA; Student NEA. • DORIS E. HUDGINS, Huntsville, Ala., B.S. Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega, Vice Pres.; WAA; Glee Club; ACE; Student Union. Second Roic JAMES PAUL HUDSON, Jackson, Tenn., B.S.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Landscape Architecture Club, Sec. • KEN- NETH L. HUGGINS, Mullins, S. C. • DANIEL DIXON HUTCHINS, SandersviUe, A.B.J.; Kappa Sigma; Glee Club; Red and Black. • LUCY HUTTON, Columbus, B.B.A. Third Row JOHNNY JAKE HYERS, Coffee, B.S.; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • EDWARD H. INGLES, Wantagh, N. Y.; A.B.J.; Sigma Delta Chi, Vice Pres.; Red and Black, Sports Editor. • SANDRA JEAN ISENBERG, St. Simons, A.B.J.; Delta Phi Epsilon; Theta Sigma Phi, Pres.; Professional Panhellenic, Vice Pres.; URSA Minor; Alpha Epsilon Pi Sweetheart Court; Red and Black, Society Editor. • JOHN HENRY JACKSON, JR., Sumter, S. C, B.S.F.; Sigma Chi; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Ag Hill Council; Cypress Knee. Fourth Roiv MARCIA JACOBS, Atlanta, B.S. Ed.; Delta Phi Epsilon; Zeta Phi Eta, Sec; Thalian-Blackfriars; Hillel; Dance. • MARY CAROLYN JARRARD, Gainesville, B.S.H.E.; Phi Mu. • CECIL JAMES, Pearson, B.S.F. • JOHNNY P. JAY, Athens, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Phi Kappa; FTA; Wesley Foundation. 83 First Roic ROBERT H. JEFFERIES, McRae, B.S.A.; B.S.U., Vice Pres.; Veteran ' s Club, Vice Pres.; Gaffau, Reporter; ABAC Club. • MARION JENKINS, Millen, H.S. Pharm.; APhA. • MARY JANE JENTZEN, Atlanta, B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Kappa Delta Epsilon. • RICHARD C. JERVEY, Marietta, B.B.A.; Chi Phi, Treas. Second Rote ANNE JOHNSTON, Columbus. B.F.A.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Univ. Chorus, MENC; B.S.U., Pres., Social Chairman of Rutherford Hall; Pres., Treas. Women ' s Glee Club; Soloist with Men ' s Glee Club; UGRA; Madrigal Choir. • GARY W. JOHNSTON, Atlanta, B.S.F.; Delta Tau Delta, House Man- ager; Forestry Club. • JOHN GIBSON JOHNSTON, JR., Swainsboro, B.S.; Kappa Alpha; Glee Club, Bus. Mgr., Pres. • ' WENDELL LAMAR JOHNSON, Cordele, B.F.S.; Forestry Club, Society of American Foresters. Third Rote GEORGE HOWARD JOINER, JR., Americus, B.B.A. • JOHNNIE TENNYSON JOINER, Dublin, B.B.A.; B.S.U. • HARRIS JONES, JR., Baltimore, Md„ B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Adv. AFROTC; Newman Club. • HENRY U. JONES. Columbus, B.B.A.; Chi Psi. JACKIE JONES, College Park, B.B.A.; Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman, Corresponding Sec. • MARION ELAINE JONES, Savannah, B.F.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Geechee Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Westminster Fellowship; UGRA; Art Student ' s League. • RALPH T. JONES, JR., Hendersonville, N. C, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Veteran ' s Club; SAF; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta. • ROBERT O. JONES, II, Newnan, B.A.; Phi Delta Theta. 4 ■ " 1 »- (1 ' 3i BEN JORDAN, Royston, P. Ed. • CHARLES E. KAM- MERER, Winston-Salem, N. C, B.A.; Chi Phi; IFC; Sec- Treas. Sophomore Class; Pres. Chi Phi; Basketball. • CHAR- LOTTE KANES, Atlanta, B.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Canterbury Club; Geography-Geology Club. • ALVIN LEONARD KANTZIPER, Athens, B.S.F.; SAF; Forestry Club. Secotid Rote CARL L. KAUFMAN, Tucson, Arizona, B.B.A.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma, Sec.-Treas.; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Dairy Science; Aero Club; Hillel; Camera Club; Red and Black, Photographer, Reporter. • M. JOAN KEARLEY, Can- ton, B.S. Ed.; Student NEA. • JAMES FERRELL KEATON, Colquitt, B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Delta Sigma. MARY JANE KEENER, Chatsworth, B.B.H.E.; Homecon; Student Union; B.S.U. • CHARLES EDGAR KEMP, Pel- ham, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Kappa Lit. Society. • E. HAROLD KEMP, Lyons, B.S.; Kappa Psi; A.Ph.A.; Kappa Psi, Rec. Sec. • JERRY KENNEDY, Collins, B.S.A.; Gaffau Club; Ag Hill Council, Pres. • CONNIE KIM- BROUGH, Chipley, B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Student Union. Fourth Roto ALMEDA JANE KING, Atlantic Beach, Fla., A.B.; Delta Delta Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Archives. • MARILYN KING, Stone Mountain, B.S. Ed.; Triquetra. • MARVIN W. KING, Brunswick, B.S. Ed.; Band; MENC; University Civic Orches- tra; Band Captain. 84 I 3 i .C, 3 1? First Row RALPH D. KING, Rockmart, B.S.A. • DAVID M. KIPPEN- BROCK, Valdosta, A.B.J.; Delta Tau Delta, Sec; Canterbury Club, Chaplain; Student Union Council. • SARA KIRK- LAND, Douglas, B.S. Pharm.; Alpha Chi Omega, Warden; Lambda Kappa Sigma, Vice Pres.; Professional Panhellenic, Kappa Psi Sponsor. • FRANK KITCHINGS, JR., Waycross, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Soc. of Am. Foresters; ABAC; GOP. Second Row ROBERT KLABEN, CamiUus, N. Y. • NATHAN GENE KNIGHT, LaGrange, B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gridiron; Pre-Legal Club; Scabbard and Blade; President of Sophomore, Junior and Senior Classes. • JANET RAYE KNOX, Atlanta, B.S. Ed.; Delta Phi Epsilon, Sec; UGRA; ACE, Vice Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi. • ROBERT STEPHEN KOGAN, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Tau Epsilon Phi, House Mgr.; Pershing Rifles; Reed Hall Council, Sec; HiUel; Track. Third Row EMMETT THEODORE KOHLER, East Point, B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha. • CHARLES W. KORTEN, Athens, B.S.; Food Preservation Assoc. • IRVING JOSEPH KRAUSS, Savannah, B.S. Pharm.; Phi Delta Chi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Rho Chi; Am. Pharm. Assoc. • RICHARD MARVIN KROCK, Way- Fourth Row RICHARD KUEHNE, Hudson, N. Y., B.S.; Food Tech. Club, Pres. • JAMES LAMAR LABOON, JR., Athens, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Math Club; DSF; Soc. for Advancement of Management. • JAMES W. LACY, Sandersville, B.S.A.; Ag Engineering Club; Aghon; ODK; Ag Hill Council, Pres.; Student Council; Wesley Foundation. • CAROLYN LAMB, Bainbridge, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi, Sec; Women ' s Glee Club. EARLY FEES AND RULES Tuition varied with times. It was at first $6 a quarter, and then $8. Rooms were $1 a quarter and repairs and contingent fees 50 cents. ' Tlutin ' , fiddling " or playing on any other " instru- ment of music in the hours of study and also on Sun- days " was strictly forbidden. Students were not allowed to go " beyond the lim- its " of Athens. Later (1821) they allowed a radius of one mile, " so long ... as this healthful and inno- cent indulgence is exercised free from any conduct not violative of the laws of the College. " At first the fine for absence from prayers was 6Y_ cents and for being late without a good reason, or " egressing " (slipping out), was .3 cents. When you punch the do-lolly and pull the thing-a-ma-jig, the lob lolly will make this do-hickie run. JAMES DAVID LIFSEY, Montezuma, A.B.; Phi Mu Alpha; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Argonauts; Alpha Beta; Glee Club; University Chorus; Madrigal Choir; West- minster Fellowship, Pres. • OTTO E. LIGGIN, III, Monte- zuma, B.B.A. • ORLANDO JOSE LINDO, Manaqua, Nic- aragua, B.S.; Alpha Mu Epsilon; Cosmopolitan Club. • WADE M. LINDORME, Gainesville, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eminent Deputy; Cheerleader; Pi Sigma Epsilon, Sec. Second Row JANET LINDSEY, Marietta, B.S.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Sec. • BRUCE A. LINSLEY, Ft. Benning, B.S. Ed. • JOHN W. LITTLE, Adanta, B.S.F.; B.S.U.; Forestry Club; X Club. • WILLIAM B. LLEWELLYN, Asheville, N. C, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Veteran ' s Club. Third Rou! LEONARD NUNNALLY LOKEY, JR., Thomson, B.B.A.; Kappa Sigma; Pi Sigma Epsilon. • LANE LONGINO, Col- lege Park, B.F.A.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dolphin Club. • RALPH E. LOVELESS, Cedartown, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho. • LISA STEINER LOWE, Athens, A.B.; Chi Omega; Women ' s Glee Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac, Treas. Fourth Row MARGARET JEAN LOWE, Bostwick, B.S. Ed. • BEVERLY LOUISE LOWRY, Macon, B.A.; Kappa Delta; UGRA. • JAMES DAVID LUKE, Ashburn, B.S. Pharm.; APHA. • JAMES DONALD LUNSFORD, Suches, B.S.F. First Roiv JAMES CLARENCE LAMB, JR., Macon, B.S.; Veteran ' s Club. • RICHARD E. LANE, Rebecca, B.S. Pharm; APHA. • HELEN HUDSON LANIER, Metter, A.B.J. ; Student Union Board, Sec, Pres.; Ciamma Sigma Sigma, Pres., Vice Pres.; Gamma Alpha Chi, Vice Pres., Pres.; Theta Sigma Phi, Vice Pres.; Professional Panhellenic; URSA Minor; Wesley Foundation; Red and Black, Society Editor, Associate Editor; Student Union Bulletin, Editor; Pandora, Art Editor, Business Manager; Who ' s Who. • JERRY R. LANIER, Metter, B.S.F.; Alpha Ciamma Rho, Sec; Forestry Club. Second Row PATRICIA LANIER, Statesboro, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta; University Chorus; Women ' s Glee Club. • LEE LASTER, Bowdon, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta. • JANE LAW- LER, Adanta, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; UGRA. • JAMES WILLIAM LAY, Sigma Chi, B.S. Ed. Third Roic CHESTER LEATHERS, Athens, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arnold k Society, Treas.; Scabbard and Blade, Pres.; Phi Eta Sigma. • JAMES E. LEE, College Park, B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta; Dairy Science Club; Ag Hill Council. • JORDAN LEGGE, Barnesville, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Alpha. • EARL TRUMAN LEONARD, JR., Atlanta, A.B.J. ; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Kappa; Alpha Tau Omega; Red and Black, Managing Editor, Editor. Fourth Row HIRSCH MELVIN LEONARD. • ELAYNE LESAVOY, Allentown, Pa., B.S. Ed.; Delta Phi Epsilon; Dance Club; HiUel. • TERRYL GAIL LEVY, Augusta, B.B.A.; Delta Phi Epsilon, Treas.; Phi Chi Theta; Hillel; UGRA. • HARRIS LEWIS, Savannah, B.S. 86 iTh-ono and uh-lwo and . , . will somebody please turn off the bub- ble iiiarhiiie. EARLY STUDENT LIFE They arose early and went to prayers at sunrise and then to recitations or they must study until breakfast should be announced. At 9 o ' clock they went to their rooms for study unless recitations occupied their time. They should go to dinner when summoned . . . after which they should return to their rooms for study until 5, when they returned to the chapel again to hear some professor pray for forgiveness for the many sins all had committed since the sunrise prayer. First Row TOM LYLE, Athens, B.S. Ed.; Chi Phi. • JOHN LYMAN MORRIS, Douglasville. • WILLIAM D. MADDOX, Mari- etta, B.B.A.; Deha Tau Deha; IPC; Pershing Rifles; Baseball. • DAVID R. MALCOLM, Fitzgerald, B.F.A.; B.S.U.; Art Student ' s League. Second Rote FRANCES ELIZABETH MALLOY, Macon, B.S. Pharm.; Lambda Kappa Sigma, Pres.; A. Ph. A., Sec; Georgia Pharma- cist, Editor. • JEANNINE MALTBY, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice Pres.; Phi Chi Theta, Vice Pres.; WAA; Vice Pres. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Classes. • MARY JACQUELINE MANN, Thomson, B.F.A.; WSGA; URSA Minor. • L. PALMER MAPLES, Tifton, B.S.F.A.; Agronomy Club. Third Row JAMES EDWARD MARLOW, Tunnel Hill, B.S.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • RUSSELL PAUL MARLOWE, JR., Hosch- ton, B.S. A.; Poultry Science Club. • JERRY DONALD MARSH, Statesboro, B.S.F. • BOBBY JOEL MASSEY, Ma con, B.S. Pharm.; A.Ph.A. Fourth Row CLEMONTHENE MATHIS, Nashville, B.B.A.; Kappa Sigma. • ALBERT BRYAN MAXWELL, Fernandina Beach, Florida, B.B.A.; Scabbard and Blade; Wesley Foundation. • G. DAVID MAXWELL, Lexington, B.S.; Pershing Rifles; Westminster Fellowship; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Epsi- lon Delta. • JUANITA KING ' MAXWELL, Nashville, B.S. Ed.; Wesley Foundation; FTA. 87 First RoiP KATHERINE MAXWELL, Crawford, B.S.H.E.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secretary. • PEGGY MAXWELL, Tallulah Falls, A.B.J. • CHARLES E. MAY, Washington, R.B.A.; Alpha Delta Sigma, Vice Pres.; Foreign Car Club; Red and Black. • MARILYN CATHRYN MAY, Chattanooga, Tenn. Second Rote PAT B. MAY, Chattanooga, Tenn., B.S.A.; Poultry Science Club. • PATRICIA JANE MAYO, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta, Sec, Rush Chairman; UGRA; WAA; Women ' s Cilee Club; Lucy Cobb Dorm., Pres. • LOUIS M. MAYOKA, Brooklyn, N. Y., B.S.; Food Tech Club; Veteran ' s Club; Newman Club; Ag. Club. • BARBARA FOOTMAN McALPIN, B.S.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Student Union; Cosmopolitan Club, Public Relations Officer; Canterbury Club; Red and Black. SELBY McCASH, Decatur, A.B.J.; Red and Black, Editor; Sigma Delta Chi, Pres. • DOROTHY A. McCONKEY, Cov- ington. • MARY ELIZABETH McCORKLE, Commerce, B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; Student Union. • GAIL McCORMICK, Brooklet, B.S.H.E.; Wesley Foundation. Fourth Rote ELMER C. McCOY, Acworth, B.B.A.; Sigma Chi; Pershing Rifles, Supply Officer; Phi Kappa; B.S.U.; Circle K; Rifle Team. • JAMES BYRON McCUMBER, JR., Washington, A.B.J. ; Red and Black, Cartoonist. • JOHN C. McCUNE, JR., Hawkinsville, B.A.; Phi Delta Theta; Political Science Club; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade. • WILLIAM LEROY McDADE, Athens, B.B.A. Mfft It A STRIKE IN ' 53 On Marcli 4, 1853, 36 seniors, 30 juniors, 5 sopho- mores, and 2 freshmen decided that since they were unable to go to Washington to attend the inauguration of President Pierce they would at least attend no classes at Franklin College. For this species of pa- triotism they were fined $2 each. Well, frankly, I don ' t care how many silly ole ' pictures you take! 1 L t V F ik feMl4t iM First Rote BARBARA ANN McMILLAN, Enigma. • THOMAS WELCH MILLER, Marietta, B.B.A.; Chi Phi. • WAYNE MILLER, Savannah, B.S. Physics; Tau Epsilon Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon. • MIKE E. MINCHEW, Waycross, B.S.A. Second Rote JOE S. MINCHEW, Manor, B.S. Pharm. • MARSHALL MINCHEY, Savannah, Ga. • MOLLY ELIZABETH MIN- HINNETT, Atlanta, B.S. Ed.; Pi Beta Phi, Social Chairman. • CHARLES EDWARD MIXON, Griffin, B.A.; Koinonia, Vice Pres., Treas. Third Rote JOEL LOUIE MONK, Ty Ty, B.S.A. • BENNIE C. MOORE, NichoUs, B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi, A.Ph.A. • EUGENE A. MOORE, Newborn, B.S.A. • EUGENE JOHN MOORE, Canton, B.B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha. Fourth Rote MARGARET FOSTER MOORE, Canton, B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec. • JEAN WALL H. MORGAN, Thomson, B.S. • GEORGE K. MORRIS, McDonough, B.S.A.; Poultry Science Club, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4; Veteran ' s Club; Ga. Ag. Club. • DALE MORRISON, Aliquippa, Pa., B.B.A.; Phi Kappa Tau; Aero Club; Phi Kappa Tau, Sec, House Manager, Social Chairman. WILLIAM L. McDANIEL, JR., Decatur, B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chairman; Scabbard and Blade; Army ROTC, Co. Commander. • WALTER McDUFFIE, Hawkinsville, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi. • BEN SWAIN McELMURRAY, JR., Augusta, A.B.; Kappa Alpha Order, Pres., Treas., Censor; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc, Sec, Vice Pres., Pres.; Scabbard and Blade, Treas.; IPC; Pershing Rifles; X Club; Pandora Staff, Editor- in-Chief, Managing Editor, Asst. Bus. Mgr.; Gridiron; Phi Delta Phi. • GAIL McLEOD, Columbia, S. C. Second Rote THOMAS JEFFERSON McMICHAEL, Jackson. • ROBERT M. McMURRAY, Lavonia. • MARGARET SUE McRAE, Athens, B.B.A.; Kappa Delta; WAA; UGRA; Phi Chi Theta. • BETTY McTEER, Savannah, A.B.J.; Phi Mu; Geechee Club, Treas.; Red and Black, Soc. Ed. Third Rote HARLAN J. MEDDERS, Sylvester, B.S.A. • GERALD E. MEETZE, Gaffney, S. C, B.S. • JOHN B. MELIN, Griffin, B.S.A. • ERROLL METHVIN, Eastman, Int. Design. Fourth Rote PERRY MICHAEL, Bogart, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. • GENE E. MICHAELS, Athens, B.S.; Phi Sigma Society; Wesley Foundation. • FRANK E. MILES, Baxley, B.S.A.; Kappa Phi Kappa; Alpha Zeta; B.S.U., Vice Pres.; Gaffau, Vice Pres.; Veteran ' s Club, Chaplain. • ROBERT L. MILES, Metter, B.S.A. T i Ail i: jIi 89 h itdjk First Roi€ PHIL BROWN NEWTON, Statesboro, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • PETER NG, Hong Kong. Asia, B.F.A.; Pandora Staff, Art Specialist. • BARRY E. NICHOLS, Screven, B.S. Pharm.; Phi Delta Chi; Rho Chi; American Pharmaceutical Assn. • MARSHALL GORDON NICHOLS, Jesup, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi, Corporation Treas. Second Rote HAROLD RONALD NIX, Augusta, B.B.A.; Phi Eta Sigma; Veteran ' s Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Glee Club. • BOBBY NORTON, Newnan, B.S. Ed.; Baseball. • THOMAS EU- GENE NORMAN, Lincolnton. • CHARLES ZACHARY NORTON III, Adanta, B.B.A.; Sigma Chi. Third Roic NELSON RUDOLPH NUNNALLY, Campton, B.A. • ED- WIN M. ODOM, Adanta, B.S.; Koinonia, Pres.; Westminster Fellowship. • DOROTHY RITA OLSEN, Columbus, B.S. Ed.; Pandora; Angel ' s Flight; Gamma Sigma Sigma. • ROB- ERT E. OLSEN, Columbus, B.S.A.; Newman Club; Alpha Kappa Psi; NAAN, Sec.-Treas.; GDI, Vice Pres. Fourth Rote CHARLOTTE RAY ORR, Rossville, B.S. Ed.; Transfer from Reinhardt College. • CORNELIA OWENS, Savannah, A.B.J. ; Pi Beta Phi; Geechee Club. • JIM H. PANTER, Warner Robins, B.A.F.; Forestry Club; Veteran ' s Club; Society of American Foresters; Wildlife Society. JOYCE MORWAY, Clark-Rahway, N. J., B.S. Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; AGRA; FTA. • ELIZABETH MOSELEY, Smyrna, B.S. Ed.; Concert Dance Club. • WILLIAM T. MOSS, Brunswick, B.S.F. • WALTER H. MOYERS, Mem- phis, Tenn., B.S.F. ; Kappa Sigma; Forestry Club; Xi Sigma; Alpha Chi Omega " AppoUo " ; Society of American Foresters; Earl Jenkins Memorial Award; Cheerleader. Second Rote JOHN I. MULLING, Midville, B.S. • HARRY HERMAN MURPHY, Atlanta; Red and Black, Managing Ed. • WAYNE G. MURRISON, Cincinnati, Ohio, B.S.; Delta Sigma Pi, House Pres.; Newman Club. • PEGGY L. MURRY, Hull, B.S.H.E.; B.S.U.; Homecon. Third Roiv JACK NOLEN MUSICK, Athens, B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi, Historian; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; American Pharmaceutical Assn.; Ga. Pharm. Magazine, Bus. Mgr. • LOUIS F. MUSIL, Chicago, 111., B.A.; Phi Kappa Tau; Aero Club; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Kappa Tau, Social Chairman, House Mgr., Treas. • SAKIKO MUTO, Fukucka, Japan. • JAMES C. MYERS, JR., Lumber City; IFC; Phi Kappa Tau, Pres.; Student Coun- cil. Fourth Roiv JOAN A. NACHBAUR, Jacksonville, Fla., B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta; WSGA; Music Appreciation. • HERSHEL LEON NEAL, JR., Glenwood, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters. • FRANK NEMETHY, Ft. Benning, Ga. • ELWYN NESMITH, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters. First Rote ERNEST MICHAEL PAOLONE, Youngstown, Ohio, B.B.A.; Newman Club; Veteran ' s Club. • CALVIN W. PARKER, Elberton, B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi; A.Ph.A. • WILLIAM H. PARKER. JR., Mt. Landing, Va., B.S.F.; Forestry Club, Sec; Xi Sigma Pi. • MILDRED LEE PARKS, Jacksonville, Fla., B.F.A.; Panhellenic; UGRA, Publicity Chairman; URSA; Alpha Gamma Chi. Second Rotv ELSA PARROTT, Athens, B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dolphin, Sec; Newman Club; Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl; Panhellenic; KKG, Pres. • GLADYS CHANDRAWATI PATERSON, Bettiah, India. • JAMES ROBERT PATRICK, JR., Athens, B.B.A. • WILLIAM C. PATTEN, Jackson ' s Gap, Ala., B.S.A. Third Rote CLARE ROBBINS PATTON, Jacksonville, Fla., B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; FTA. • MARY ANN PEAR- SON, Newnan, B.F.A. • MARVIN PAUL PECHTER, Au- gusta, B.B.A.; Tau Epsilon Phi. • GEORGE H. PENLAND, Ellijay, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi, Pres.; Football. Fourth Row RICHARD C. PEPER, New Rochelle, N. Y., B.S.A.; Gamma Theta Gamma; Dairy Science Club; Canterbury Club; ADSA; Veteran ' s Club. • MARIETTA PERKINS, Rome, B.S.H.E.; Phi Mu. • JOHN L. PERRY, Screven, B.S. Pharm.; A.Ph.A. • WILLIAM MALCOLM PERRY, Leslie, B.F.A. (?!) f . C: ' RIVALRY BETWEEN LITERARY SOCIETIES IS TRADITIONAL For twenty years the Demothenians held their meet- ings in an old schoolroom and then in 1824 moved into their hall upon which had spent $4000. Joseph Henry Lumpkin saw that only rivalry could put the spark back into orating and " extemporizing, " so he organized on Washington ' s Birthday in 1820 a new society which was called Phi Kappa. John C. Calhoun frequented Georgia commence- ments and in 1836 after sitting on the stage for the exercises in the chapel, attended the annual meeting of the Phi Kappans where " he deemed it his duty and privilege to make a few remarks. " Sometimes the placement tests don ' t always give a true picture of our applicants. Is college always this boring. Daddy? A NOTE TO ROSCOE Various styles of dress and affectations came and went. In 1829 it was the custom to wear beards and mustaches. Smoking cigars was considered a colle- giate accomplishment. I J J ' mk£?M ' First Rotv JAMES REYNOLDS PERVIS, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Chi Phi. • RICHARD DONALD PETERS, St. Simons Island, B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. • WILLIAM H. PETTWAY, Atlanta, B.A. Ed. • JOHN PHILLIP POSEY, Columbus, B.S. Ed.; Theta Chi, Pres.; Kappa Phi Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; History Club; Student NEA. Second Row FRANK T. PHILLIPS, Atlanta, B.S.; Physics Club, Treas.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Mu Epsilon; Arnold Air Society. • CLIFFORD ALEXANDER PICKENS, JR., Fitzgerald, B.S.; Argonauts; Men ' s Glee Club, Asst. Bus. Mgr.; Psychology Club; Scabbard and Blade; Dixie Redcoat Band; Psi Chi; URA. • TRUDY PIKE, Gainesville, B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Professional Panhellenic Council. • JERRY PILKINTON, Coolidge, B.S.A.; Agronomy Club. Third Row LAWRENCE FRANKLIN PINSON, Hartwell, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi; Student Union; Baptist Student Union; Reed Hall Court; GOP. • VIRGINIA MYRA PINSON, Ellijay, B.S.H.E.; Kappa Delta; URSA; UGRA; WUS, Chairman; Mortar Board; WSGA, Pres. • JULIA CAROLYN POOLE, Mystic, B.S.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Sigma; University Band; Wesley Foundation. • EMORY PROCTOR, Stilson, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Food Tech Club, Treas. Fourth Row MARCELLE H. PURCELL, CarnesviUe. B.S. • JACK PURSER, Cochran. • CARROLL WRIGHT PURVIS, Doug- las, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; Society of Am. Foresters; Theta Chi. • HERMAN PURVIS, Douglas, B.S.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. fnttn Mi la Pre tnJI hi fiJO ibct iSliL V Mil! 92 %■. 1 f- ' ! [l ' , ' - i First Rote BILLY RIDDLE, Alamo, B.S.A.; BSU; FTA; Gaffau Club, Vice Pres.; Ag. Club; Ag. Hill Council; Independent Men. • ROSA NELL RIGDON, Tifton, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Chi Omega; Homecon; BSU House Pres. • HUGH P. " RILEY, Pine Mountain Valley, B.S.F.; Aghon; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. • DeWAYNE RIMSTIDT, Decatur; Kappa Delta. Second Rout CAROLYN L. ROBERTS, FayetteviUe, B.B.A.; BSU. • PRISCILLA LAND ROBERTS, CartersviUe, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi. • SALLYE ROBERTS, Haddock, A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Pi. • JAMES A. ROBERTSON, Hagerstovvn, Mary- land, B.S.F.; Alpha Tau Omega, Sec; Forestry Club. Third Rou LEE ROY ROGERS, Screven, B.S. Pharm.; Phi Delta Chi, Pres.; Rho Chi; A.Ph.A. • MARIAN JANE RODGERS, Atlanta, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Sec.-Treas.; Homecon, Rush Advisor; URSA. • THOMAS H. RODGERS, Macon, B.B.A. Scabbard and Blade. • ANDRZEJ S. ROGOWSKI, Nairobi Kenya, East Africa, B.S. A.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pres.; Phi Sigma, Sec; Phi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Zeta; Cosmopolitan Club Agronomy Club; Newman Club, Pres. Fourth Row WILLIAM A. ROOKER, JR., Atlanta, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres. • ROBERT A. ROWAN, Nashville, B.S.A.; ODK; Blue Key; Gridiron; Aghon; 4-H; Agronomy Club; Ag. Club; Student Council, Campus Leader. • HAROLD WILLIAM ROWEL. • J. TOM RUTLAND, LaGrange. First Row ERNEST RACKLEY, Macon; Kappa Alpha, Vice Pres. • JOAN VIRGINIA RADFORD, Camak. • JACK H. RAG- LAND, JR., Macon, B.B.A. ; Sigma Nu. • JOE FRANK RAGLAND, JR., Macon, B.B.A.; Sigma Nu; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Society for Advancement of Management, Sec; Reed Hall Council. Second Row NAN MORGANA RAINEY, Eatonton, B.F.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; URSA Major; Z Club, Sec.-Treas.; Music Teachers National Assn., Sec.-Treas.; University Chorus, Sec.-Treas.; Univ. Women ' s Glee Club, Vice Pres., Treas.; Pep Club; Univ. Men ' s Glee Club, Soloist; WAA; Sigma Alpha Iota, Treas.; Madrigal Choir; Wesley Found. • TOM RAINEY, EllaviUe, B.S.; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Psi; Argonaut; Gridiron; Kappa Sigma, Pres., Vice Pres.; Senior Class School of Vet. Med., Pres.; American Vet. Med. Assoc. • BOBBY RALEY, Macon, B.A. • ANN RANSBOTHAM, Adanta, B.S.; Alpha Omicron Pi, House Pres.; WSGA; UGRA. Third Row STUART HERBERT RATCLIFFE, Sandersville, B.B.A. • MARVIN E. RAULSTON, Trenton, B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Advanced Air Force ROTC; Geography-Geology Club; Scab- bard and Blade; Argonauts; Student Union. • NORMAN RAY REMLEY, Savannah, B.S.; Nu Rho Psi; Wesley Founda- tion; Geechee Club. • WINSLOW R. REMLEY, Savannah, B.S.; Physics Club, Pres., Sec; Sigma Pi Sigma, Sec; Pi Mu Epsilon; Moonwatch Club. Fourth Row WILLIAM L. RENO, Calhoun, Tenn. • GEORGE S. RHODES, Crawfordville, B.B.A. • JOAN RICE, Anderson, S. C, A.B.J. • NANCY RICHARDSON, Hampton, B.B.A.; Alpha Delta Pi, Treas.; UGRA; Phi Chi Theta K tl 93 I THE CO-ED SITUATION The students often went out on serenading parties — especially into Cobbham, the western ex tension of the town. The girls considered such attentions an honor worth remembering, and after the music had ceased they would invite the students in for refreshments. The rules for conquests in this realm allowed callers to enter at sundown and remain not later than 9 o ' clock. The University gave ample educational opportuni- ties to the boys of Athens, but the strictures of the Athens mother on the opportunities for girls still held. An answer came in 1858 when Lucy Cobb Institute was set going, a school which soon developed into great usefulness to Georgia and other Southern states. Ain ' t I? First Ro ' v RUFUS B. RUTLAND, Cuthbert, B.S. • JOHN DAVID RYCRAFT, Adel, B.S. Ed.; Theta Chi. • DANIEL D. SADDLER, Nahunta, B.S. Ed. • WILLIAM H. SANDERS, Atlanta, B.S. Second Roic TILLMAN A. SANDIFER, Tifton, B.S.F.; Forestry Club. • EMERY LEWIS SASSER, Bainbndge, A.B.J. • JAMES D. SATTERFIELD, Canton, B.S. Ed. • GAY SCARBOROUGH, Havvkinsville, B.F.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Dance Club; Sweet- heart of Phi Kappa Tau; Cheerleader; Thalian Blackfriars; University Theatre; Puppet Theatre. Third Rote RICHARD W. SCHERMERHORN, Auburn, New York, B.S.A.; Ag. Ec. Club • EDWARD SCHMIDT, Yonkers, New York, B.S.A.; Ag. Eng. Club; Veteran ' s Club. • MICHAEL SCHWARZ, Savannah, B.B.A.; Tau Epsilon Phi, Pres. • DAVID SCOTT, Dalton, B.B.A. Fourth Row SHANNON SEAGRAVES, Atlanta, B.S. • RUEL MAX SELLERS, Baxley, B.S.; AEC Club, Sec. • BEVERLY SENFT, Decatur, B.S.; Dixie Redcoat Band; ASAE, Sec; Wesley Foundation. • PAUL C. SEWELL, JR. 94 THOMAS G. SILCOX, Kingsland, B.S.L.A. • EARL SIMP- KINS, JR., Rockmart, A.B.J. ; G Club; X Club; Demosthenian; Political Science Club. • BEVERLY ANN SIMS, Statham, B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Historian; Women ' s Glee Club; Homecon; Baptist Student Un ion. • DANIEL H. SIMS, Pine Lake, B.F.A.; Forestry Club; Swimming Team. Second Row BARBARA JAN SIMS, Statham, B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; BSU; Homecon; Women ' s Glee Club. • MORLEY SISKIN, Augusta, B.S.; Thalian Blackfriars; Cosmopolitan Club; Psychology Club. • BARBARA FRIER SJOBLOM, Cartersville. B.F.A.; Kappa Delta; Student Union; WAA. • RICHARD JOHN SJOBLOM, Cartersville, B.A.; Pi Sigma Alpha; Political Science Club; Student Union. Third Rou ROBERT ALEXANDER SKELTON, Athens, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Arnold Air Society, Vice Pres.; Scabbard and Blade; BSU, Treas. • JACOLYN H. SKODNIK, Toccoa, A.B.J.; Delta Phi Epsilon; Theta Sigma Phi, Treas.; Gamma Alpha Chi, Vice Pres.; HiUel; URSA Minor; Delta Phi Epsilon, Sec. • MARY VIVIAN SHOEMAKER, Chattanooga. • HER- BERT SLOTIN, McRae. Fourth Rou JOE KENNETH SMALL WOOD, Carrollton, B.S.; Geography- Geology Club. • BYRON SMITH, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi. • DARIUS AUSTIN SMITH, Doerun, B.S.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. • FRANCES LA VERNE SMITH, Columbus, B.F.A.; Kappa Alpha Theta. First Rate SELWYN H. SEWELL, Carrollton, B.B.A.; Mary Lyndon, Pres.: WSGA; SAM. • MORRIS B. SEYMOUR, Bowman. B.F.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; IFC; AGR, Pres. • PAT S. SHACKELFORD, JR., Lexington, B.S.A.; Ag Engineering Club; X Club; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Zeta. • ROGER LEE SHADBURN, Buford, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta; Pershing RiHes; Scabbard and Blade. REBA SHARP, LaGrange, B.S. • JAMES C. SHELLY, Win- ston, A.B.J.; BSU, Editor, Publicity Director; Sigma Delta Chi, Editor; G.C.P.; Red and Black; Pandora Staff. • ANDREW J. SHELTON, Savannah, B.S. • ROBERT M. SHEPHERD, Milam, B.S. Pharm.; APHA. Third Rote JEANETTE SHERWOOD, Atlanta, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Women ' s Glee Club; University Chorus; UGRA; Art Stu- dents League. • MARIHOPE SHIREY, Newnan, B.S.H.E.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Chaplain; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec; 4-H Club; Homecon; BSU. • SALLY KIRKLAND SHIR- LEY, Nicholls, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega, Sec; FTA; Omega Tau Sigma Au.xiliary; ACEI; AVA Auxiliary. • TED C. SHORT, Athens, ABJ; Red and Black, ADS, Pres. Fourth Roic OTIS BURY SHROYER, JR., Valdosta; Phi Delta Theta. • MARY ANN SHULTS, Atlanta, B.A.; Kappa Alpha Theta. • ROBERT DONALD SIKES, Metter, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi. • MORTON S. SILBERMAN, Bayside, N. Y., B.S.; Alpha Mu Epsilon, Historian. 95 Who cares if we lose? Let ' s all go have a party ! SAVE YOUR CONFEDERATE MONEY BOYS .... When Preston Books used his cane mercilessly on Charles Summer in the Senate, the students of Frank- lin College applauded and promptly held a meeting to raise money for another cane to he sent him. One student declared " I remember the first time I heard ' Dixie ' . I felt I could take a cornstalk, get on Mason and Dixon ' s line and whip the whole Yankee nation. " First Ro:v GEORGE ROBERT SMITH, Screven, Ga. • JAMES HELM SMITH, Sasser, B.A. • JAMES LEROY SMITH, Athens, B.S. Ed. • JAMES ROBERT SMITH, Belvedere, N. C, B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; 4-H Club; Ag Club; Crescent, Editor. Second Rou JOANNE SMITH, Forsyth, A.B.J.; Red and Black. • JULIA LOUISE SMITH, Basking Ridge, N. J., B.S.H.E.; Homecon. • LAWSON R. SMITH, Broxton, B.S. A.; Ag. Engineering Club; AEN Club, Assoc. Bus. Mgr. • MARTHA JO SMITH, Athens, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac. Third Row ROBERT LOUIE SMITH, Winder, B.S.; Demosthenian, GOP; X Club, Sec.-Treas. • STEPHEN SMITH, Fitzgerald, B.F.A.; Baptist Student Union; Argonauts; Student Union; Blue Key; MTNA. • THOMAS JACKLYN SMITH, Macon, B.B.A.; Sigma Pi, Treas.; Phi Eta Sigma. • WYNDER C. SMITH, Wadley, B.S.F.; Alpha Gamma Rho. Fourth Row THOMAS WAYNE SNOW, Chickamauga, B.A.; Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa Literary Society, Pres.; Blue Key; X Club, Bus Mgr.; Student-Faculty Directory. • ROBERT G. SNYDER, Lewistown, Pa., B.B.A. • ROBERT H. SOMMER, Indianap- olis, Indiana, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • TROY SOUTHERLAND, Hawkinsville, B.S. Ed.; HSU; FTA; Vet- eran ' s Club. ■11 Mm m Bi.fc mi I, l uts, PtCLF Ill 96 »n tJ;to!, ijCki: «; l?5 i i T _;J «1 -- f5 " I r " - ■ «; ' f " - «, First Row ROBERT LEE STRICKLAND, Ball Ground, B.S. Ed. • MARGUERITE MAE STRINGER, Gainesville. B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas., House Pres; FTA; WSGA; WAA. • MARCY STROTHER, Perry, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta; Can- terbury Club; UGRA; Red and Black Staff; Dolphin Club. • GRACE ANNE SULLIVAN, Anderson, S. C, A.B.J.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Mortar Board; URSA, Sec.-Treas.; WSGA, Sec. Theta Sigma Phi, Pres.; Gamma Alpha Chi, Sec; Pep Club Panhellenic; Red and Black, Society Editor, Women ' s Editor Who ' s Who. Second Rotv HENRY THOMPSON SULLIVAN, Macon, B.B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Argonauts. • J. KELLY SUMNER, Ocilla, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi, Treas. • FRANKIE LEE SUTTON, Axson, B.S. Ed. • PATRICIA SWAIN, Augusta, B.S. Ed.; Triquetra; Professional Panhellenic; PEM Club, Pres.; Sec. of Mary Lyndon. Third Rou HENRY A. SWINDELL, Ludowici, B.S.F.; Forestry Club, Argonauts, Sec.-Treas.; Society of American Foresters, 4-H Club; Cypress Knee Staff. • CORNELIUS DESMOND STACK, Flushing, N. Y., B.S.A.; Food Tech. Club; Newman Club. • EMILY SUE STALLINGS, Griffin. • CLOVIS C. TANNER, Alma, B.A. Fourth Row VIDA F. TANNER, Campton, B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi. • RONALD F. TANSILL, Atlanta, B.S.F.; Pi Kappa Phi; For- estry Club; Intramural Council; IFC; Soc. of Am. Foresters. • BOBBY JAMES TAYLOR, Waycross, B.S.F.: Forestry Club; B.S.U.; Soc. of Am. Foresters; (iOP; ABAC Club. • HAY- WARD BRANTLEY TAYLOR, Savannah, B.B.A. LEONARD SPADAFINO, Athens, B.S.; Gridiron; G Club; (lamma Sigma Epsilon; Moon Watch; Varsity Football; Track. • SHARON SPADAFINO, Athens, B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Jr. Panhellenic; FTA. • EDWARD CHESTER SPEAR, Co- lumbus, B.B.A.; Kappa Sigma; G Club; Track. • PATSY CAROLE SPIERS, Hartwell, B.B.A. Second Row JOE LANGLEY SPOONER, Waycross, B.S.A.; Am. Soc. of Ag. Engineers, Sec. • JOHNNY MACK SPOONER,, Moul- trie, B.B.A.; Football, Freshman Coach; G Club. • JOHN A. STEGALL, JR., CartersviUe, B.B.A.; Delta Tau Delta. • BEVERLY STEIN, Adanta, A.B.J.; Sigma Delta Tau Affiili- ate; Theta Sigma Phi; WSGA, Judicial Chairman; Glee Club; Red and Black, Women ' s Editor and Reporter; Tennis Club; Who ' s Who. Third Roir SARAH ELIZABETH STEPHENSON, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Pi Beta Phi, Treas. • CHARLIE H. STEWART, JR., Winder, B.B.A. • DONALD K. STEWART, Enigma, B.S.A.; Kappa Sigma. • ROY STEWART, Mt. Airy, Ga. Fourth Row WILLIAM GEORGE STEVENSON, Sunflower, Miss., B.B.A.; Aero Club. • JESSE EUGENE STOKELY, Decatur, B.S. A.; Alpha Zeta; Poultry Science Club, Sec, Pres.; Ag. Club, Vice Pres.; 4-H Club, Vice Pres.; Demosthenian Lit. Soc, Sec.- Treas.; X Club; GOP; Georgia Poultryman, Circulation Mgr.; Georgia Agriculturist, Reporter; Gridiron; Student Union; ODK. • WILLIAM M. STOKES, Savannah, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi, ' ice Pres.; Bulldog Barbell Club, Pres. • LEW W. STRICKLAND, Cla.xton, B.S.H.E.; Ag Engineering, Vice Pres. 97 First Row JUNE TAYLOR, Waycross, B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Wom- en ' s Glee Club; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Assn. for Childhood Education; Future Teachers of America. • THOMAS LEON THEUS, Butler, B.S.; Sigma Nu; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta. • EDGAR L. THOMAS, JR., Dublin, B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES THOMAS, Melbourne, Fla. Second Rote ROBIN THOMAS, Stone Mountain, B.S. Ed. • JAMES A. THOMPSON, III, Sylvania. • WILLIAM COMBS THOMP- SON, Washington. • GERALD P. THURMOND, Madison, B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta; Pershing Rifles, Exhibition Drill Master; Scabbard and Blade. Third Row CHARLES ERIC TILLER, JR., Brunswick, B.B.A.; Sigma Chi; G Club; Student Union; Circle K Club. • BARBARA TILLERY, Augusta, B.F.A.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Recording Sec. • BILLUPS P. TILLMAN, Athens, B.S.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi H. Sigma; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Freshman Swimming; Track. • STANFORD LITTLE TILLMAN, Surrency, B.S.F.; Theta Chi, Pres., Vice Pres., Treas. Fourth Row WILLIAM A. TOMLIN, Clayton, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi, Master of Rituals. • MARJORIE ELLEN TOPPER, Norfolk, Va., B.S. Ed.; Delta Phi Epsilon, Rush Chairman; Hillel, Sec, Vice Pres. • ADELIA TORRANCE, MiUedgeviUe, B.S.H.E.; Triquetra; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Pre- Triquetra, Vice Pres.; 4-H Club, Sec; Homecon, Treas.; Ag. Hill Council, Sec, Treas.; Student Council; BSU; Who ' s Who; Georgia Agriculturist, Woman ' s Editor. • BEVERLY TRANTHAM, Brevard, N. C, B.F.A.; Wesley Foundation; Art Students League. llDD, tea ElB ' it m 1.T1 STUDENTS LEAVE FOR WAR In June, 1861, the Lumpkin Law School adjourned for the duration of the war to contribute her quota to the conflict, which lawyers had done so much to set going. In 1863 there were only twenty students and only one senior. On March 10, 1863, the faculty entered this note on their records: " Thos. Grimes, the only member of the Senior Class, having arrived at the age liable to conscription, it was resolved to recom- mend him for a diploma, without examination. " When the Federals had seized Chattanooga, Gov- ernor Joseph E. Brown called upon the state guards to enter into active military service. As most of the University community was embraced in this call, the school was closed and when the scare had passed in February, 1864, it was decided not to reopen the University. If our treasury is really low, then a bowling alley will certainly bring in some cash. i First Rote WILMA JEAN TRAVIS, College Park, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta; WAA; ACE; FTA. • JANICE TROY, At- lanta, B.B.A.; Pi Beta Phi; Student Union, Sec.; BSU; URSA Minor; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dorm Pres. • DARLEEN TUCKER, WinterviUe, B.S.H.E. • MARTHA TUCKER, Eatonton, B.A. Second Rote HELEN JEANNE TURNER, GuntersviUe, Ala. • WILLIAM J. TURNER, Blakely, B.S.A.E.; AEN Club; BSU. • WAR- REN DOUGLAS TYE, JR., Americus. • MARGARET MASON TYLER, Macon, A.B.I.; Alpha Delta Pi, Treas.; Zodiac, Sec; UGRA, Sec; WSGA Cabinet; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA; Rush Advisor; Gamma Alpha Chi. Third Row NELSON A. VAUGHN, Atlanta, B.A. • WILLIAM A. VAUGHAN, White, B.S.A.; Delta Tau Delta; Ag. Econ. Club. • GLEN VEAL, Milledgeville, B.S. Pharm. • DONNA C. VEEDER, Nashville, Tenn.; B.F.A. Fourth Rote DANIEL V. VICKERS, Douglas. • ANN VIRGIN, Atlanta, B.A.; Newman Club, Pres.; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Zodiac; Alpha Lambda Delta; Women ' s Glee Club. • GEORGE EMMETT WADE, JR., Columbus, B.P.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Cheerleader. • SUZANNE WALKER, Adanta, B.S.; Pi Beta Phi, Sec. First Rote SALLY WALKER, Sea Island, A.B.J. ; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Canterbury Club; Red and Black Staff. • HELEN WALLACE, Columbus, B.F.A. • ROWE T. WALL, Colquitt, B.S.F.; Alpha Gamma Rho. • CHARLES EUGENE WALLER, Eatonton, B.S. Second Rote GERALD SANFORD WANSLEY, Elberton, B.B.A.; Dairy Science Club. • JAMES WARBINGTON, Vienna, B.S.A.; Agronomy Club, Pres.; ABAC; Ag Hill Council, Vice Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Ag Club; 4-H Club; BSU; GOP. • JAMES WOODROW WARD, Tunnel Hill; Gridiron, Pres.; Poultry Sci. Club, Pres.; Ag Club, Pres.; Ag Hill Council. Pres.; Reed Hall Council, Pres.; Student Council; Demosthenian; Inde- pendent Men, Sec.-Treas.; Sophomore Declamation Winner; Georgia Agriculturist, Bus. Mgr., Cir. Mgr. • NANCY E. WARD, Decatur, B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Psi Chi. Third Rote GEORGE WESLEY WARE, Lincolnton, B.B.A. • JOHN C. WATERS, Bainbridge, B.S. • PAUL E. WATERS, Statesboro, B.S. Pharm.; Phi Delta Chi; Rho Chi, Sec.-Treas. • JANICE WATKINS, Savannah, B.F.A.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Professional Panhellenic; Triquetra; University Mixed Chorus; Madrigal Chorus; MENC. Fourth Rote LUKE S. WATSON, Athens, B.A.; Psi Chi. • PATSY WATSON, Newport News, Va.; B.F.A.; University Women ' s Glee Club; Art Student ' s League; BSU. • JOE D. WAY, Swainsboro, B.A.; Glee Club; Canterbury Club. • GEORG E L. WEATHERBY, Ball Ground, B.S.A. 99 SALLY WEBB, Marietta, B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; Dorm Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Z Club; WSGA Cabinet; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Student Council; URSA, Pres.; Mortar Board. • ARCHIE D. WEEKS, Ellijay, R.S.A.; Ag Eng. Club. • BAR- BARA WHEELER, Augusta; Pandora Staff; Red and Black Staff; FTA. • ROBERT M. WEIGLE, Gainesville, A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Sigma; Thalian-Blackfriars. Second Rote WAYNE EUGENE WELCH, Atlanta, B.F.A.; SAF; Wild- life Soc; Wesley Foundation; Forestry Club. • LAURA JEAN WELLS, Commerce, B.S. • SANDRA WELLS, Atlanta. • LINTON B. WEST, JR., Atlanta, B.S.; Phi Delta Theta; Reed Hall Council; Pershing Rifles Sec; Phi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Beta; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pres. Third Rote B. MARIE WESTBROOK, Gainesville, B.F.A.; Alpha Delta Pi; University Chorus; MEKC. • SARA WESTBROOK, Canton, B.S.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Historian; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Zodiac; Westminster Fel- lowship. • LLOYD WESCOE, High Bridge, N. J. • ANNE WHIDDON, McRae, B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi. Fourth Rote HUEL ALVIN WHITE, JR., Columbus, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice Pres. • ROBERT LOUIS WHITE, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Kappa Sigma, Pres., Vice Pres., Sec; Rush Chairman; Cheerleader; Sec-Treas. Jr. Class; Sec-Treas. Sr. Class; Grid- iron; X Club, Historian; Tennis Team; Track Team. • GEORGE C. WHITTAKER, Penfield, B.B.A. • RICHARD W. WHITTINGTON, Thomson, B.S.F.; Freshman Football. LINDA ANN WHITTLE, Augusta, B.S.; Triquetra, Vice Pres; DSF, Vice Pres.; Psychology Club, Vice Pres. • MARCIA WHITWORTH, Atlanta. A.B.J.; Theta Sigma Phi; Red and Black Staff. • EDWARD NASH WILLIAMS, Blackshear, AEN • FRANKLIN E. WILLIAMS, Wallace, N. C, B.S. Pharm.; A.Ph.A. Second Rote 100 HENRY GRADY WILLIAMS, Milan, B.S.F. • ROBERT WILLIAMS, Juliette, B.S.; Wesley Foundation; PE Club. • JOSEPHINE WILLS, Washington, B.B.A. • REID N. WILLS, Washington, B.B.A. Third Rote GEORGE WARREN WILSON, Danville, Va., B.B.A.; Sigma Nu; Transfer from Virginia Poly Tech. Inst.; Phi Kappa, Pres.; Cobbler, Art Staff. • REID A. WILSON, JR., Tifton, B.S.A.; Saddle and Sirloin, Sec. • MIRIAM WITCHER, Bowman, B.S. Ed.; BSU; YWA, Pub. Chrm. • JACOB MARIUS WITT, Macon, B.S. Ed. GENE MAC WINBURN, Eastman, B.S.; Pre-Law; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. • JAMES ALFRED WINGO, JR., Columbus, B.S. • JOSEPH A. WINKLER, JR., Decatur, B.S.; Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa; Physics Club; Pershing Rifles. • ANNE LELAND WOFFORD, Atlanta, B.B.A.; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Student Union. PLAGUED PROFESSORS Unmarried professors and tutors lived on the various floors of the dormitories to which they were assigned in the role of spy, policeman, and judge . . . and now and then they were greeted with that hackneyed ex- pression " go to hell, " despite the rule which said students should " shew in speech and behavior, all proper respect and obedience to the President, Pro- fessors and Tutors of the College. " JASPER W. WOLFE, Baxley, R.S. Pharm.; Am. Pharm. Assn. • WILLIAM McKINLEY WOO, Augusta, B.S. Pharm. • WAYNE ALLEN WOODARD, Albany, B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Veteran ' s Club. • JULIA LEONA WOODS, Moultrie, B.S. Second Rote WAYNE WOODS, Athens, B.S.A.; Food Tech. Club; Alpha Gamma Rho. • ALICE WOODSON, Anderson, S. C, A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Pi, Vice Pres., Pres.; Theta Sigma Phi, Vice Pres.; Z Club; Gamma Alpha Chi, Vice Pres.; Mortar Board. • BOBBY R. WOODSON, Thomaston. B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega, Vice Pres., Treas., Sec. • GEORGE H. WORLEY, Elberton, B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi; X Club, Pres.; Dixie Red- coat Band; Arnold Air Society; GOP, Sec.-Treas. Third Rote HARRY L. WYCKOFF, Adanta, B.S.F.; Forestry Club; GOP; Society of American Foresters. • ELAINE YANKEE, Rome, B.F.A.; Chi Omega; Student Union; UGRA; Canter- bury Club. • NORMA DELORIS YATES, Carrollton, B.B.A. • GARY EUGENE YAWN, Eastman, B.B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Student Union. Fourth Rote GUERRY YOUMANS, Swainsboro, B.S. Ed.; Band; Orches- tra; MENC; Twilighters. • JERRY L. ZOOCHI, Fonde. Ky. • RICHARD B. THOMPSON, Athens. • BENTON JONES DeVAUGHN, Montezuma, B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres. JUNIOR CLASS 102 JOANNE . . . BILL . . . JANE CLASS OFFICERS BILL COLLINS President JANE CLARK Vice President JOANNE HECKER Secretary 103 Junior Class ijoli.E ' liriiai And there I was. Ma, in the 39th row! Abel, Annette Albany Addison, Martha Rome Almond, Wm Atlanta Anderson, Barbara College Park Anderson, Dan Dawsonville Anglin, Betty Decatur Ansley, Thomas Blakcly Anthony, Sue Dawson Applegate, Rosalyn Swainsboro Askew, W. M Newnan Bailcs, Sue Albany Baker, Henry Albany Barbaree, Ann Richland Barfield, Cecil Thomaston Barge, Gerald Tyrone Bates, Frank Meansville Baxley, Harriet Donalsonvillc Baxter, Patty Commerce Bayles, John Gainesville Beach, Robert Waycross Bearss, John Columbus Bcasley, Frances Dixie Beasley, Reid Augusta Beckham, William Council Beemon, Donna Savannah Behr, Jacob LaGrange Beiser, Patricia Savannah Bell, Clarence Athens Bell, Freddie Ninety Six, S. C. Bell, Larry Atlanta Bell, Vivian Sardis Bennett, Darrell Alma Bennett, Joeane Waycross Benton, Wesley Ochlochnee Black, Anne Atlanta Black, Duane Demorest Blakely, Thomas Athens Blanton, Burton Savannah Blondheim, Herbert Columbus Bloom, Marshall Atlanta Bondurant, Mary Winder Bourne, Carolyn Savannah Bradford, William Cartersville Bragg, Carol Gray Branch, Katherinc Augusta Brannen, James Statcsboro Bray, William Dalton Bridges, Jeri Lakeland fii ,0 u ktfVw c Brinson, Vernon MacClcnny, Fla. Britain, William Hamilton Broadrick, Frank Dalton Brooks, Edith LaGrangc Brown, David Carrollton Brown, Harry Rutledgc Brown, Melvin Americus Brown, James Stillmore Brown, Robert Ocilla Brownlec, Frances Blakely Brumley, Martha St. Marys Buchanan, Maybellc Americus Bunn, Dumont Brunswick Burdett, Emilie Macon Burnley, Bobby Thomson Burns, Zoann St. Simons Island Cagle, Clifford Waycross Caldwell, Anne Monroe l- Ol ,C5 tfrktfi ; f Callaway, Betty Rayle Cardell, Don Mansfield Carey, Berthene Franklin Springs Carson, Patricia Savannah Carter, Billie Pelham Cason, Ann Statesboro Cadett, James Knoxville, Tenn. Cato, Charles Louisville Chance, Ellaine Savannah Chesser, Glynn Folkston Chick, Peter Walpole, Mass. Christopher, Harold Athens Clark, Jane Louisville Clark, William Lyons Clements, Robert Comer Clifton, Ray Millen Clonts, Elizabeth Powder Springs Cobb, Jacquelyn Decatur Cobb, Lamar Atlanta Cobble, Anne Atlanta Cochran, Jane Atlanta Cochran, Mary Tampa, Fla. Cohen, Elaine Charleston, S. C. Coleman, June Rabun Gap Coleman, Rodney Rabun Gap Collier, June Talbotton Collins, Eleanor Camilla Collins, Henry Blakely Cook, Glenn Atlanta Cook, Travis McRae Copeland, Robby Bowden Corbin, Curtis Doerun Couey, Franncina Alamo Cox, Jerry Alpharetta Craven, Mary Manchester Crawford, James Augusta Crawford, William Athens Crawley, Lamar Griffin Cromartie, John Lecsburg Crook, Robert Bowdon Crowe, Gloria Chicopee Crowe, John Uvalda Culbreth, Bernice Luke Park Cummings, Peter Donalsonville Curial, Ann Atlanta Currin, Jayne Broxton Dallmus, Delia Macon Danger, Ray Woodstock Daniel, Eddie Griffin Danner, Nan Athens Darsey, Beverly Macon Dasher, Sara Ray City Davis, Beverly Stone Mountain Deal, Bobby Statesboro Dean, Paul Cortland, N. Y. Deavours, Deanne Leslie deBcaugrine, Elizabeth Warrinpton Delmore, Norma . . . Army Chemical Center, Md. Denney, Janice College Park Danton, Luther Broxton Dickens, Lamar Omega DiUer, Charles : Washington, D. C. Dominy, James Dublin Donaldson, Carey Statesboro Dougherty, William Morrisville, N. Y. Dozier, Dorothy Thomson S ( f? f% t {V ' F-7 n ' , ,« Drawdy, Blake Lenox Drexel, Frederick Ellabelle Duffy, Robert Atlanta Dunaway, Frances Savannah Dunaway, George Lumpkin Dussling, Donald Valley Stream, N. Y. Dyrdahl, Howard Athens Eady, Peggy Bremen Eagar, Jane Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Eaton, Peggy Decatur Echols, Donna Gumming Echols, Norman Mountain View Edwards, W. G Springfield Elder, Eddie Richland Elliott, Thomas Conyers English, P. R Warrenton Ervin, John Valdosta Eskedor, Carolyn Savannah Evans, Marshall LaGrange Faulk, John Jeffersonville Fennell, Lucretia Hickory, N. C. Fineroff, Marlene Atlanta Fitkin, David Atlanta Fleming, Sidney Savannah Florence, Frances Winder Flowers, Johnny Adel Folendore, Charles Haddock Ford, Nancy Augusta Foster, Noel College Park Fowler, Bobby Norcross Fowler, Clinton Macon Fountain, Davis Ft. Valley Fricks, Johnny Winder Friend, Sara Chathem Friedman, Julian Savannah Friedman, Leonard Augusta Frye, Jean Clarkesville Fuller, Camille Reynolds Fuller, Donald Ossining Furse, John Decawr Gann, Joyce Marietta Garard, Ray Winnetka, 111. Gardner, Katherine Martinez Garris, George Walterboro, S. C. Geise, Jean Americus Gerlock, Jimmy Fairburn J unior Class • Oh! I ' ve lost it! Gibbon, Annelle Forest Park Giles, Eugene Ft. Gaines Glenn, Walter Spartanburg, S. C. Goodwyne, Charles Forsyth Gola, Shirley Middleboro, Mass. Graham, Joye Dawson Graham, Will Barney Gray, Cordelia Ft. McClellan, Ala. Green, Noel Brunswick Greene, John Washington Gregg, Donald Macon Griffith, Charles Cottagcville, S. C. Griner, Jimmy Lenox Griner, Robert Adel Hadaway, James Athens Hadley, Sylvia Lincolnton Hagen, Ronnie Waycross Hagins, Anne Columbus Hagler, Sarah Durham, N. C. Haight, David Blue Ridge Hall, Eric LaGrange Hallowell, Carol Albany Hammack, Lavonia Doerun Hampton, Elizabeth Winterville Hancock, Barney Thomaston Hardigree, Alice Watkinsville Harper, Jim Decatur Harrell, Gail West Point Harris, Dale Rossville Harrison, Rosemary Swainsboro Harte, John Atlanta Hartley, Marvin Davisboro Hawes, William Ocilla Hawley, Larry Cordele Hayes, Harry Dawson Heard, Gail Atlanta Heath, William Clem Heiden, Merle Lake City, S. C. Helmly, Dillard Rincon Henderson, Don Athens Henderson, Kermit Ocilla Henderson, Tom Jefferson Hendrix, James Summerville Henry, Lillian Crandall Herndon, Paul Moultrie Herrin, Eugene Cornelia Herritage, Marjorie Macon Hester, ClaretKc Savannah Mm, J, ! ' - -, h . f 4t k ki f ' l E ' ' i %■• 1 - Junior Class jiiiji " ' Bridge 221, Basement, Denmark Hall. Higgins, David Bremen Highfill, James Toccoa Hill, Mary Cordele Hitchcock, Charlotte Atlanta Hixon, Beverly Savannah Hodges, Wade Sandersville Holbrook, Judy Atlanta Holcomb, Bryce Ball Ground Holder, H. G Havanna, Fla. Holland, Anne Ashburn Holloway, Clinton Americus Holyoak, Hugh Enigma Home, William Pinehurst Howard, Joe Augusta Hubbard, Charles Columbus Huckabee, Joy Reidsville Huff, Frank LaGrangc Hunter, Nancy Oglethorpe Inglis, Hugh Athens Ingram, Glenda Pelham Isley, Sylvia Powder Springs Itzkow, Kay Thomson Ivy, Anne Athens Ivy, Patricia Hapeville Jackson, Mary Ringgold James, Carole Blackshear James, Louise Blackshear Johnson, Albert Clarkston Johnson, Juddy Warrenton Johnson, William Resaca Johnston, Betty Reidsville Jones, George Great Neck, N. Y. Jones, Charles Broxton Jones, Jimmy Elliiay Jones, Roberta Kalamazoo, Mich. Jones, Susan Jesup Jordan, Capers Marion, S. C. Jordan, Wright Stapleton Jowers, Jonathan Ambrose Judson, Ronald Gainesville Justus, Joyce Black Mountain, N. C. Kahn, Marlene Albany Kahrmann, Lawrence Helena Keen, Mary Bowling Green, Ky. Kelly, Diane Harlem Kelly, Robert Sumter, S. C. Kennedy, Mary Midville Kent, Stan Augusta . 1 m ( " . M liii Keysor, Allen Weedsport, N. Y. Kidd, James Watkinsville Kirby, Carmie Morganton Kirkland, Elizabeth Manchester Kilpatrick, Richard Augusta Klindtworth, Walter Delhi, N. Y. Knight, Kay St. Simons Kusnitz, Leland Alamo Lamb, Barbara Savannah Lambert, Millard Roanoke, Va. Lance, George Washington Lanier, Frank Roswpll Landrum, Gloria Athens Langford, Nora Augusta Lanier, Charles Metter Lanier, Warren, Jr Athens Leake, Mary Anne Rossville Lee, Sylvia Rockmart Leitner, Carolyn Irmo, S. C. Leverett, Jean East Point Levison, Robert Savannah Leviton, Louis Fargo Lillie, Richard Bouckvillc, N. Y. Lilly, Kaye Lilly Lindscy, Donald Americus Long, E. C Norris, Tenn. Lucas, Stella Washington Lundy, E. J., Jr Milledgeville Lutz, Jon Pelham Mahoney, Elizabeth Dalton Maley, Marie Hull Mallard, Margie Girard Maloy, Joe Helena Mann, Ronald Columbus Manry, Eugene Edison Marlowe, Judy Hoschton Marston, Barbara Atlanta Marvin, Frank Hollywood, S. C. Massey, Bertie Griffin Massey, Mairee Athens Matthews, James Athens Mathews, Walter Buena Vista Mauldin, Tommy Carnesville Maxwell, Jones Cairo Mayhew, Jan Atlanta McCurley, Lillian Elbcrton McDonald, Vic Hahira McLendon, Gloria Oglethorpe McLendon, Julia Cedartown McLeod, Jerry Dixie McRae, Jimmy Mt. Vernon Middleton, Katherine Waycross Miles, Rodger Carrollton Milford, Dean Carnesville Miller, Freddie Screven Miller, Lamar Colquitt Mills, Martha Byron Mills, Robert Savannah Minshew, Wayne Shannon Moody, James Dixie Moon, Betty Buckhead Moore, Marjorie Newborn Moore, Martha Gainesville Moore, Ronnie Grayson Morgan, Ernest Americus Morgan, Roswell Madison Morris, Edward Vidalia Morris, Frances Douglasville Mosley, Anne Atlanta Mosteller, Robert Chatsworth Mulhollem, Carol Athens Mullcr, Gerald Savannah Murkiscn, Eugene Donalsonville Myers, Billy Chester Nease, Linda Savannah Neely, Benjamin McBean Neill, Jeannette Hapeville Newberry, Sandra Ellijay Newsome, Jean Washington Newsone, Jo Beth Columbus Newton, Willard Savannah Nobles, Lauren NichoUs Nordheimer, Jon Savannah Norris, George Zebulon M AiL f- .. .-o ' f i--l § -l 1 ' 4 rv-i " fiL i»L Norris, Joan Atlanta Norton, Richard Guyton Nunn, Jere Athens Odell, Glenda Calhoun Odom, Leon, Jr Cordele Odum, Sylvia Campton Oliver, Earl Atlanta O ' Neal, Claudius Atlanta Owens, John Tifton Padgett, Patricia Greenville, S. C. Palmer, Glen Alamo Paris, Mary Blairsville Parker, Bill Trion Parker, Helen Ellijay Parker, Jo Ann Macon Parker, William Climax Parks, Kenneth, Jr Jesup Parker, William Savannah Paschal, Camilla Augusta Patrick, Robert Athens Permenter, Nancy Jacksonville, Fla. Perry, Charles Rebecca Perry, Charles Woodbine Peterson, Barbara Mt. Vernon Phillips, Martha . . . Crandall Phillips, Shannon Soperton Pickard, Wayne Augusta Pickens, James Tucker Pilcher, E. K Warrenton Pirkle, James Augusta Poston, Jane Blue Rridge Poston, John Blue Ridge Pressley, Maxwell Rome Purdom, Vandilla Nahunta Purdom, James Nahunta Pumam, Lamar ......... Calhoun Ragsdale, Katherine Lithonia Ragsdale, Kay Athens Rainey, Susie Winder Reddic, Ernest, Jr Augusta Reel, Terry Franklin Spring Reid, Robert Bowdon Junction Reppard, Evelyn Dade Cit) ' , Fla. Rcwis, James, Jr Tifton Rhoden, Patsy Pelham Richardson, Tom Palmetto Hawkins, Rick Roswell Ridgway, Latimer Canton Junior Class Well, I know the treasure ' s in here . . Rigdon, Sam Tifton Rigsbee, Patricia Athens Roach, Jeff Pembroke Robison, Alice Winder Robinson, Jean Hinesville Robinson, Judy Columbus Rogers, Coke Mullins, S. C. Rogers, Deborah Savannah Rufo, Noel Augusta Rubin, Edith Atlanta Sanders, Howard Comer Sapp, Janice Savannah Savage, Donald Gainesville Saville, Austin Rochelle Scoggins, Virginia Athens Scott, Newton Pendergrass Sewell, Betty Newnan Sessions, Neal Dalton Shackelford, Albert Athens Snell, Dorothy Atlanta Siegel, Gerald Columbus Sievers, Sandra Savannah Simonelli, Victor Westboro, Mass. Simpson, Barbara Hapeville Sims, Arnold Savannah Silas, La Georgia Chattanooga, Tenn. Sisk, Virginia Lexington Slaton, Emelyn Canon Sloan, Betty Colquitt Smart, Thomas Toccoa Smith, Barbara Albany Smith, Devohn Vidalia Smith, Evelyn Greenville, S. C. Smith, Gary LaFayette Smith, Josephine Montgomery Smith, Joyce Hapeville Smith, La Verne Watkinsville Smith, Patricia Atlanta Smith, Thomas Milledgeville Sorrells, Marvin Monroe Sparrow, Donald Atlanta Spigener, Theresa Atlanta Spittle, Roger Mt. Holly, N. C. Spooner, Ethel Moultrie Stamps, Betty Alexandria, Va. Standard, George Jackson Standard, William Griffin Steiner, Pinckney Athens C d0S jP Junior C And just think ... I could be at the drive-in right now! Stelljes, Martin Savannah Stephens, Ann East Point Stephens, Dixie Atlanta Stephens, Helen Calhoun Stephens, Lucilc Dcmorest Stevens, Alice Mcintosh Stewart, Donald Colbert Stewart, George . . . . ' Tifton Stovall, Allen Nacoochee Valley Stover, Elwyn Roswell Stowers, Fred Dawsonville Strickland, Carolyn Atlanta Sturm, Jim Paterson, N. J. Sumner, Robert Hahira Sutherland, Tommy Atlanta Sutton, Billy Ft. Gaines Sweat, George Savannah Tanner, Robert Marietta Tappan, Dorothy Athens Teat, William Lindale Tharpe, Faye Byron Tidwell, Earl Cartersville Thomas, Charles Cairo Thomas, Donald Columbus Thomas, Joyce Powder Springs Thomas, Roy Savannah Thomas, Teresa Marietta Thompson, Anne Gataula Thompson, Sylvia Lyons Trammell, Shirley Camming Turner, Iris Americus Turner, James Cleveland Tyre, Russell Decatur Tyson, Patty Black Mountain, N. C. Upson, Marjorie Savannah Varner, Thomas Athens Vance, Martha Ty Ty Vansant, Gail Augusta Vaughn, Shelby Adel Waddey, Lynne Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Walker, Stewart, Jr Augusta WaU, William Blakely Waller, Wylie, Jr Cedartown Ward, Connie Athens Ware, Mary Vidalia Waters, Fredna Commerce Waters, Sidney Commerce Weeks, Carol Decatur p, ( i i. Class No, you city slicker! This is not a billy goat! ipk l - :V S Weisburd, Norman Irvington, N. J. Wenisch, John Hackensack, N. J. Wesley, Sidney Atlanta Wheeler, Nancy Jasper White, Sheila Atlanta Whiteside, Jerry Aragon Whitfield, Florence Atlanta Whitfield, Frances Doerun Whitmire, AUene Bowman Whitney, Carole Decatur Wiggins, William Brunswick Wilbanks, Roland Chatsworth Wiley, Mary Savannah Wilkes, Eugenia Decatur Wilkinson, Cynthia Hogansville Williams, Albert Clinton Williams, Carolyn Round Oak Williams, Jan Atlanta Williams, Robert Rossville Williford, Fay Stephens Wilson, Betty Dublin Wilson, Edward Bowdon Wilson, Rose Rossville Wilson, Thomas Blairsville Wingo, Sylvia Athens Wise, Peggy Winder Woflord, Ben Athens Woo, Ellen Augusta Wood, George Waynesboro Wood, Jane Blackshear Word, Gail Athens Wright, Eugene Augusta Wright, Judith Conyers Wynne, Anthony Griffin Yarbrough, Charles East Point York, Betty Atlanta Young, James Douglas Young, Louis Athens Youngblood, Betty Decatur Zucker, Rosalind Augusta 113 SOPHOMORE CLASS • ? 114 CLASS OFFICERS flMMY WALKER Prpsitlenl jUARY BELLE HARRISON Vice President liERKELEY SMITH Secretary JIMMY . . . BERKELEY . . . MARY BELLE Sophomores Are you sure you don ' t teach Ring Around the Rosy 101??? Abbott, John Milledgevillc Adamson, Albert, Jr Morrow Albertson, Marie Elberton Aldridge, Larry Juliette Adkins, William Athens Alexander, Patricia Demorest Alexander, Ruth Forsyth Allen, Cyrus Gainesville Allen, Waudelle Folkston Alley, Mary Lou Atlanta Anderson, Robert Augusta Anderson, Tony Hawkinsville Akin, Elmer Carrollton Andrews, Harry Columbus Applebaum, Marilynne Athens Arrington, Wallace Bowdon Astin, Ada Augusta Atha, John Atlanta Avant, Katherine Sylvester Avery, Phillip Soperton Bird, Stewart Atlanta Bagby, Martha Cedartown Baker, Franklin Enigma Balkcom, Rachel Macon Barber, Norman Lithonia Barron, Rochelle Moncks Corner, S. C. Bazemore, Eleanor Tennille Beach, Robert Walterboro, S. C. Beck, Elaine Sandersville Bector, Edwin, Jr Pooler Beneke, Else Brooklyn, N. Y. Bennett, Bob Madison Berkley, Raymond Hampton, Va. Bernard, Gregory Waynesville Berry, Janie Blairsville Bland, Wayne Metter Bolton, Leonard Commerce Bond, Dorothy Danielsville Bone, Bobby Center Bonner, Hawkins Gray Boone, Sammy Valdosta Borden, Judy Atlanta Boykin, Patricia Chattanooga, Tenn. Brake, Ann Macon Bramblett, Sandra Hazlehurst Brantley, Francis Harrison Bridges, Lucy Atlanta Brown, Linda Athens ' Y " j Ir_ ' es Brown, Lois Charleston, S. C. Brown, Roscoe, Jr Twin City Brunson, Marilyn Albany Boyd, Albert, Jr Moultrie Cadle, Anne Tucker Cagle, Bobby Moultrie Caldwell, John Silver Springs, Md. Caldwell, Bobby Zebulon Callaghan, Margaret Acworth Campos, Pedro Hato Re, Puerto Rico Cannon, E. Lamas Blakely Carakcr, Eleanor Atlanta Carlson, Beverly Atlanta Carmichael, James Madison Carmichael, James Adel Carpenter, Jot Ponte Vedra, Fla. Carswell, Judy Irwinton Cates, Jo Anne Forest Park ' ' dBi , £ •M r .! J4 JC i ■ ilw Cathey, John Mountain City Chapman, Edna Watkinsville Chew, Christine Augusta Choate, Hal Cartersville Clary, Bobby Odum Cleghorn, David Dunwoody Clements, Franklin Eastman Cleveland, Kaye Hartwell Cochran, Joseph Atlanta Coggin, Nancy Athens Coffey, Patricia Rome Cohen, David Macon Cohen, Leopold, Jr Augusta Cole, Donald Augusta Coleman, Janet Atlanta Cone, Barbara Boston Connally, Evelyn Mt Vernon, N. Y. Connell, Thomas, Jr Valdosta Cook, Betty Augusta Cook, Charles LaGrange Cook, William Griffin Cornelius, Billy Nashville Couch, Thomas, Jr Atlanta Courson, Maxanne Soperton Cox, Gail Adel Crawford, Betty Athens Cross, Frances Clayton Crutchfield, Bill, Jr Rome Culpepper, Marion Talbotton Culpepper, Stuart, m Andalusia, Ala. Curtis, William Rome Culver, James Cartersville Custer, Edith Marietta Dail, James Athens Daniel, Bill Griffin Daniel, Remer Cochran Dannaman, Rosalyn Atlanta Davidson, Joy Thomson Davis, Augustine Quantico, Va. Davis, Sandra Adanta DeFoor, Jane Toccoa DeLoach, Dennis, Jr Statesboro DeLong, Richard Rochester, N. Y. DeMonbreun, Russell Nashville, Tenn. Dennard, Paul Moultrie Dennis, Troy, Jr Atlanta Dickey, Linda Kingsport, Tenn. Dickson, Bobby Royston Dittman, Richard, Jr Atlanta Dixon, George, Jr Savannah Dorsey, Cecil Atlanta Dozicr, Milton Albany Duflell, Bill Macon Duncan, Billie Athens Dunn, Malcolm Eatonton Durbin, David Atlanta Dye, Loretta Athens Dykes, Gerald Valdosta Eason, Robert Valdosta Eavenson, Dwight Carnesvillc Eberhart, Nancy Athens Eberhardt, Robert Comer Eck, Pat Savannah Edwards, Jack Bremen Elder, Elizabeth Griffin Espy, Lucy Savannah J HLih p i vCj C-j Evans, Rebecca Athens Fair, Barbara Louisville Farmer, Willie Eastman Farneti, Janice Athens Fesperman, Hannah Waycross Few, Susie Apalachee Few, Jane Decatur Field, Lucy . Decatur Finley, Glenda Rome Flanders, MacGregor, Jr Carrollton Ford, Earl, Jr Camilla Fortson, Mary Elberton Fowler, Homer Griffin Foy, Robert Avondale Estates Fowler, Starr Marietta Frantz, William Avondale Estates Frederick, Donald, Jr Marshville Freeman, Dan Gainesville Fulford, Robert Wrightsville Fullilove, Carlton Athens Gaines, Kathryn Atlanta Gamble, Bill Albany Garrett, E. M., Jr North Charleston, S. C. Garner, Edward Atlanta Garrett, John Athens Garrett, Wayne Buena Vista Gash, Tommy, Jr St. Simons Island Gay, Gene Garfield Gibbons, Doris Forest Park Gissendanner, Clarence Moultrie Gladden, Mary Jo Americus Glover, Robert, Jr Waynesboro Goldinan, Nelson Atlanta Goldstein, Paul Newton Centre, Mass. Graham, Don LaFayette Graham, Jo-Aime Atlanta Graham, Win St. Petersburg, Fla. Hagan, Harry Douglasville Hairston, Ralph Atlanta Hancock, Joyce Sylvester Harden, Charles Albany Hardman, Jo Athens Harper, Beverly College Park Harris, James Jesup Harris, Lillian Joyce LaGrange Harrison, Mary Belle Savannah Harrison, Mahalah Kite Haskins, Burt Macon Sophomores In the middle of an island . Hatcher, Ronald Moultrie ,W ' a m ' Z I W -st Hawkinson, Judy Atlanta CI _ - M ' » l ' l " • ' Haynic, George Toccoa Jk « C r Hecklin, Barbara Chattanooga, Tenn. S Slm ' A i ' ' Q Hemphill, Roger Gainesville [ T . Sh. ?W . Hensley, Forrest Augusta M R Bfek m|||| Herrington, Paul, Jr Atlanta Xmm I ' Hickey, Patrick Savannah m i ' t ' ' V| VCl " Hill, Charles Blairsville " JL ' ' V. " ' fcj Hill, Jimmy Picayune, Miss. m„ btH. J m ' 1 W Hillis, Anita Girard T W g . N Hinton, John, Jr k AS H A B H mH L A A. L Hiott, Mary Anderson, S. C. flf l W I f •». m Hite, Rochelle Elberton M . «1 M l ' ' ■ ' ' ' (if ' •« Hobbs, Harold Dexter B 4- j » ' " -ft, ' ' Holloway, Al Metter m r ' ■Vi L ' f fc y i j M l . Holman, Cody Athens OB J A JJ L. . L. ' fc -JTW Athens fe Bl V H BHTr Hopper, Gail Woonsocket, R. I. W " M f ) ■»-» •Jl Home, Lunelle Cochran f ' ' i » ' ' » T ' SSarf » ' - Home, Sidney Vidalia B Howell, Louis Iron City 5 I V l V " " J Huff, Harold Athens M ffk Bg " k " " t Athens BM M 1 Bcnnie Huguley Columbus ■ Hunt, Beth Baxley S " f Hunter, Eugenia Simpsonville, S. C. fc „ a ' - ' " v » Hutchins, Charles Auburn , y£ k. " - " z ' _ ' - " »i Graiser, Sheldon Sylvester A J " t I ' L. . A Greene, Sue Thomasville k A v HhH w w w ' ' " " i - . l ■ - - ' • ' ' " • Jacobs, Davis Hobokcn M ' m u James, Jimmy Homerville J|«%W ' A . «r l-» « I - -- «j, Jarrett, Eugene Pavo gE ' ffl» i ■ " ' ■ Jarrett, Leah Mt. Berry ■» " K ' " ' — Jarrett, Paula Pavo A l . ' w. ' . . Johnson, Joe . Jefferson L k. k ' k. Johnson, Louis Thomson f B l P m F A Jones, Carolyn Athens ■fc- J r — P r I ' W - " Jones, Laura Smyrna JB " y " [ i ■ ■ " i -— Jose, Harold Bismarck, N. D. ' ft S, a ■ Kaminis, Carol Waverly _ v ' V , Kemp, Anne Atlanta i - |fc - j C w C 1 Sophomores Me ku see, low tow niu ke lo . . . i.e., Georgia ' s Madam Butte rfly. Kennedy, Richard Savannah Kinney, Anne Atlanta Kinstcin, Sharon Anne Madison Kirby, Carolyn Newnan Knott, Carroll Atlanta Knowles, Jerry Dalton Kroskin, Henry Savannah Laney, Frances Augusta LeGuin, Martha Hampton Lester, Jack Flowery Branch Leutwyler, Frank, Jr Savannah Levy, Harriet Augusta Lichtenstein, Ilene Atlanta Lindgren, Mary Ann Atlanta Longino, Clare Decatur Long, Johnny Decatur Lott, Judith Douglas Lucas, Margaret Savannah Louis, Alonso Caracas, Venezuela Lunccford, Kay Metter Mailey, June Decatur Mallard, Beverly Anne Watkinsville Mallard, Charlotte Augusta Maloney, Rufus, Jr Augusta Mann, Terry Moultrie Marion, Bobby Augusta Manin, Darwin Canton Maxwell, Charles Silver Creek Memory, Marilyn Waycross Mercer, Franklin Albany Mercier, Marilee Decatur Metcalf , Gary Oberlin, Kansas Matthias, Anne Atlanta McCord, James Sylvester McDaniel, Barbara Augusta McDonald, Beth Coral Gables, Fla. McDonald, Jane Watkinsville McDougal, Carol Statham McElheney, Clarence Eastman McElvcen, Martha Atlanta McEuen, Archie Nashville McGeachy, Sarah Decatur McGill, Carolyn Macon Mcintosh, Larry Covington Mclntyre, Darrell Athens McKinley, Ronald Rochelle McLendon, Bill Atlanta McLain, Burton . Acworth McLaughlin, Lewynn Decatur McPherson, William Dawson Miles, Sally Carrollton Miller, Cleve Elberton Miller, Jane Rome Miller, Marsha McBean Mirsky, Jane Savannah Morales, Evelyn New Orleans, La. Moseley, James EastanoUee Moxley, Henry Cobbtown Murphy, Eddie Forest Park Murray, Don Marietta Neal, Judy Decatur Nemec, Beverly Savannah Newton, Beth Millen Newton, Cherry Statesboro Newton, Glenn Gainesville Nicely, Dharlyn Rome fe Td Nichols, James Valdosta Nolan, Anna Rockmart Otwell, Jane Gumming Owen, Ann Milledgeville Owensby, Don LaGrange Ozmore, Sheila Warner Robbins Palmer, Claire Covington Palmer, Connie Cleveland Palmer, James, Jr Camilla Patchin, Art, Jr Augusta Patrick, Joe White Oak Paris, Charles Washington Parker, William Atlanta Patterson, Bill Metter Payne, Thomas North Augusta, S. C. Peeler, Hiram Athens Pena, Francisco Caracas, Venezuela Pentecost, Sanford Atlanta Perry, Loretta Sylvania Peterson, Carole Huntsville Pettit, Dona Cartersville Pfaff, Caroline St. Augustine, Fla. Phillips, Louis Union Point Pinnell, Jeryl Eastman Pittard, Patricia Athens Pittman, Beverly Atlanta Pope, George Douglas Poteat, Harold Thomaston Porcher, Charlie Savannah Porterfield, Gloria Cobert Purcell, Kenneth Carnesville Quinn, Larry McCaysville Ragsdale, Howell Dallas Ragsdale, Thomas Montgomery, Ala. Raines, Gail Ormond Beach, Fla. Reeves, Paula Barnesville Rheney, Joe . . Tennille Ridgeway, Caroline Madison Rimes, Marvin Statesboro Rives, William Valdosta Rivers, James Stapleton Roark, John Conley Roberson, Janis Brunswick Robertson, Betty Athens Rosen, Harriet Savannah Rundbaken, Roselyn Hazlehurst Rush, Patrick Troy, S. C. Ryan, Elizabeth Atlanta Sophomores CharmcH, I ' m sure. Salky, Evelyn Memphis, Tenn. Sangster, Joseph Vienna Saye, Elmer, Jr Athens Sears, Carolyn Athens Seckinger, Lucius Clyo Seitz, Robert Atlanta Seligman, Melvin Claxton Schwartz, Gloria Macon Shaw, John Cedartown Shaw, William Columbus Shropshire, Sarah Jefferson Slattery, Mayo Augusta Smith, Berkeley Macon Smith, George Elberton Smith, James Wrightsville Smart, Henry Augusta Smith, Donald Watkinsville Smith, James Wesson, Miss. Smith, James Comer Smith, Richard Hagerstown, Md. Smith, Sidney Ft. Benning Soule, Valerie Dunwoody Sprathn, Faye Athens Starling, Rubin Rome Stewart, Jo Frank Toccoa Steis, Kathryn Pine Mountain Valley Story, Wilda Savannah Stovall, Jamie Douglas Stoyle, Clayton Daniclsville Summers, Allen Decatur Talley, Edwina Dublin Tanner, Rhett Athens Tansill, Gail Arianta Tant, Betsy Atlanta Taratoot, Beverly Atlanta Taylor, Banner Folkston Taylor, Carolyn High Point, N. C. Taylor, Olivia Adel Teel, Betty Chipley Temple, Jule, Jr Hartwell Thacker, Sandra Tampa, Fla. Thomas, Catherine Macon Thomas, Edison McRae Thompson, Ann Guylon Tigner, Lee Greenville Timm, Betty Athens Torrance, Landyce Milledgcville Towns, Robert Athens I Sophomores Love her tender. Trapp, Sandra Montezuma Tucker, Sandra Morristown, Tenn. Upson, Emily Savannah Vaughn, Jackie Tampa, Fla. Waddell, Paul Marietta Wasdin, John Patterson Walker, Jimmy Griffin Walker, George, Jr Orlando, Fla. Wall, Rodney Bainbridge Waters, Julian Gainesville Webb, Penny Savannah Welch, Carl Attapulgus Wells, Armand Savannah Wells, John Commerce Wheelock, Jane Woonsocket, R. 1. Whitaker, Ann Sandersville White, Cliff, Jr Ft. Valley Whitley, Wade, Jr Albany Whitmire, Keith Gainesville Wicker, Ann Rome Wickersham, Charles Washington Wiggins, James Rockmart Wigley, Janet Athens Williams, Kenneth Jonesboro Williams, Jackie Ellijay Willson, Geordie Atlanta Wilson, George Dalton Wingate, Jean Hinesville Wimberly, Shirley Athens Wood, J. H Colbert Wood, Paul Mdntyre Woods, Jackie Athens Worley, Charles Ball Ground Wren, Jennie Avondale Estates Wright, Childs Draper, N. C. Wyatt, Anderson Brunswick Young, Jan Dawson Young, Lida Atlanta , 123 CLASS OFFICERS DAVID FLETCHER President JACKIE BREEDLOVE Vice President DEBBIE HANCOCK Secretary JACKIE . . . DAVID . . . DEBBIE FRESHMAN CLASS Freshmen Faubus and Ai ' kansas were never like this. Ackerman, Gene Ochlochnee Adair, Evelyn Lakeland, Fla. Adkins, Henry Waycross Aldrcdgc, Sara Atlanta Alderman, Peggy Moultrie Allen, Rachel Montezuma Allen, Shirley Atlanta Almand, Jean Athens Ambrose, Ben Athens Anderson, Diane Jacksonville, Fla. Anderson, Edwin Clemson, S. C. Anderson, William Gainesville Andrews, Laine Clarksville Andrews, Margaret Wrens Ansley, Shepard Atlanta Ash, Roy Douglas Atwood, Ted Augusta Axelrod, Ellen St. Petersburg, Fla. Bailey, Carl Dawsonville Baker, Jerry Macon Baker, Shirley Summerville Ballard, Don Menlo Barfield, Bobbie Atlanta Barfield, Lynne Atlanta Bargeron, Peggy Waynesboro Barnes, Kenny Gay Barr, John Bowdon Barrentine, John Ft. Gaines Barrett, Dan Calhoun Bates, Alice Rome Bates, William Albany Battle, Frank Warner Robins Beatty, James Perry Benefield, Bobby Flowery Branch Benkowitz, Joan Miami Beach, Fla. Bennett, Joyce Washington Bennett, Larry Atlanta Benton, Norma Commerce Bentley, Audrey Thomaston BickerstafI, Ann Smyrna Bird, Mary Conyers Black, Wanda Tunnel Hill Blackwell, Beth Greenville Blaylock, David Dalton Blalock, Joe Clayton Blough, Marilyn Blackshear Blount, Carolyn Savannah Blount, Flora Savannah Boatwright, Halley Augusta f ' . kk Bond, Ronald Athens • " ? Botsaris, Chris Athens Bi ' " - Bowden, Jerry Atlanta »i Bracket!, Ben Athens Brady, Hal LaGrange Branan, John Macon Braswell, Jo Ann Avondale Estates T! P Breedlove, Rebecca Monroe Bridges, Glenda LaGrange Brierley, Lorraine Rome d! T ' Brinson, Robert Millen Brown, Edith Swainsboro Brown, Frances Bowman Brown, Joseph Rossville ' i- Brown, Linda Atlanta Brown, Rodney Tallapoosa ¥fh Brown, Samuel Gastonia, N. C. .W 4ikitki .1 4t Brown, Walter Savannah Brown, Walter L Thomaston Bryan, Katherine Union Point Bugg, Marianne Atlanta Bullock, Myron Duluth Bunten, Eddie LawrencevjUe Burdick, Robert Decatur Burpee, Elizabeth Augusta Burton, Marie , Toccoa Busuiocesco, Pierre Beaufort, S. C. Buder, Flo Augusta Butler, Roger Cordele Cagle, Charles Marietta Callaway, Bobby Washington Caldwell, Betty Rome Caldwell, Lola Jackson Campbell, Dale Macon Cannon, Charlie Jeffersonville Carson, Gordon Savannah Carlton, Dianne Austell Carpenter, Robert Ringgold Caraker, Jeannine Devon, Pa. Carson, Earl Monroe Carson, June Akron, Ohio Carter, Tommy Savannah Chambers, La June Toccoa Chancy, Hubert Quitman Chaplin, Libby Adanta Chapman, Patricia LaFayettc Chapman, Suzanne Athens Chastain, Len Smyrna Cheek, Cora Trion Cheney, Dodi Moultrie Chitwood, Glenda Dalton Christian, Miriam Athens Clapp, Cecil Decatur Clay, William Covington Clements, Lawrence Macon Clifford, David Atlanta Clifton, Ralph Metier Cloer, Patricia Blythe Close, Thomas Savannah Coan, Evelyn Atlanta Cohen, Lawrence Savannah Cole, Lester Montezuma Coleman, Charles Cedartown Collier, Charles . Wrightsvillc Collier, Paul East Point Colly, Cecilia New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Condrcy, Man Atlanta Cone, Carlos Cairo Connell, lerry Atlanta Connor, Icre Atlanta Cook, Marianna Rome Corbitt, Ann Chattanooga, Tcnn. Cordlc, Robert LaFayette Corley, Cvnthia Columl us Coupe, Linda Oakland, Cal. Cowan, Millard Clarkcsvillc Cowarl, Linda Twin City Cox, Donald Alpharetta Crawford, Anna Athens Crawford, Michael Columbus Crawley, James Athens Cristal, Sharon Atlanta Crumbecker, Susan Wrens i£Mi Darden, Elizabeth Waycross Darrah, Gordon Columbus Davis, Tommy Marshallville Day, Donald Martinez Denton, Jean LaFayette Denton, Sandra Broxton Der, Robert Lithonia DeVaughn, Benton Montezuma Dixon, Marilyn Quitman Doster, Gary Athens Dowell, Sarah Rossville Duncan, Barbara Augusta Dunaway, William Marietta Durden, Jo Ann Forest Park Echols, Allen Rayle Ellis, Norma Cedartown Emrich, Anhur Aiken, S. C. Entrekin, Elizabeth Decatur Etzenhouscr, Carol Savannah Eubanks, James Buffalo, S. C. Everitt, Zach Madison Fadden, Ethyl Atlanta Falor, Barbara Atlanta Farmer, Troy Rome Floy, Farr Tyrone Farraday, Pridgen Macon Fechtel, Patricia Waycross Fife, Robert Elberton Fischer, Martha Atlanta Fitzpatrick, Duross Jeffersonville Fleming, Lamar Augusta Fletcher, David Atlanta Floyd, Edith Baxley Foster, Andrew Decatur Foster, Chris Decatur Foster, Don Decatur Fouts, James Gainesville Fraker, Kenneth Chatsworth Franks, Kay Savannah Frakes, Margaret Decatur Freeman, Ronnie Macon Fulgham, Jane Baxley Gaeser, Elaine Williston, S. C. Garbutt, Anne Sandersville Garden, Hamilton Savannah Garrett, Jean Decatur Garrison, Peggy Athens George, Mirian St. Simons Island Freshmen If you want some shoes . . . dig for your own ! Gibbs, Darrell Moultrie Gibson, Frank Thomaston Gibson, Mary Ann Columbus Gibson, Natalie Toccoa Gift, Mary Kingsport, Tcnn. Gilchrist, William EUaville Giles, Annette Athens Gillam, Polly Rome Gladin, Glynn Warthen Glcaton, Hugh Warwick Goddard, Peggy Dublin Goldstein, Lynda Memphis, Tenn. Goldstein, Rosalyn Georgetown, S. C. Goodwin, Charles Augusta Gordon, Anne Savannah Gray, Joan Cocoa, Fla. Grier, Thomas Blairsville Griffith, Barbara Maxleys Griffeth, Kaye Athens Griffin, Marion CarroUton Gritzke, Pat Atlanta Guill, Marshall Sparta Guy, Margo Decatur Hagman, Barbara Marietta Hall, Patsy Winder Hall, Orville Athens Halprin, Shelley St. Petersburg, Fla. Hancock, Deborah Decatur Hancock, Ronald Thomaston Hanger, Jane Arlington, Va. Hamrick, Larry Pine Lake Hardigree, Hildred Watkinsville Harling, Pat Atlanta Harper, Arthur Decatur Harris, Susan Wrens Harrison, Alice Austell Haskin, Ben Ninety-Six, S. C. Hatfield, Claudia Atlanta Hatcher, Martha Decatur Hatcher, William Millen Hearne, Murray Byromville Heath, Linda Gainesville Henderson, Sara Watkinsville Henry, Iris Portsmouth, Va. Herndon, John Albany Hicks, Randall Crawford Highfill, Donald Toccoa Hill, Rebecca Augusta ' ■V Freshmen Operation Barefoot. Hilliard, Rose Cotton Hitchcock, Joyce Athens Hodaway, Ben Marietta Hodges, Lynda Sandersville Holbrook, William Monroe Holden, Madge Moultrie Holland, Henry Register Holley, Shirley Bowdon Holbrook, Linda Atlanta Holt, Anne Atlanta Hood, Aleene Waycross Hood, Thomas Sarasota, Fla. Howard, Bev Columbus Howard, Jerry Pelham Hudson, Albert Warner Robins Hudson, Margaret Fairburn Huff, Michael Kennesaw Hughes, Robert Camilla Hughes, Tony Augusta Huling, Loretta Folkston Hull, Natalie Conycrs Humber, Mary Columbus Hunt, Clyde Atlanta Hunter, Powell Atlanta Hutchinson, Sally Albany Jacobson, Jerry Atlanta Jandrew, Bonnie Columbus James, Frank Royston James, Freddie Buford James, Martha Athens James, William Macon Jenkins, Emory Savannah Johnson, Carole Waverly Hall Johnson, Roberta Savannah Johnson, Sandra Columbus Johnson, Theron Social Circle Johnston, Paula Decatur Joiner, Foster Albany Jones, Beverly Babson Park, Fla. Jones, Carol Marietta Jones, Charlotte Baltimore, Md. Jones, Margaret Norfolk, Va. Jordan, Alton Commerce Jordan, Andrew Wrens Jordan, Angus Lyons Jordan, June Mt. Crawford, Va. IngersoU, Polly Marietta Karl, Beru Athens S i f " % 1 ) I t, t { 1 Reiser, Don Decatur Kelly, Carolyn Mitchell Kelly, Kathryn North Augusta, S. C. Kennedy , Linda Ocala, Fla. Kertzman, Rita Fayetteville, N. C. Kcsser, Anne Norfolk, Va. King, Donald Marietta Kingcry, Thomas Pulaski Kitchens, Robert Thomson Knight, Susan Waycross Lamar, Diane Atlanta Lamson, Pam Kingsport, Tcnn. Landrum, Horace Thomson Lanier, Nancy Atlanta Laseter, John Monroe Launius, Tom Monroe Leamon, Sarah Atlanta Leggett, Judy Macon Lee, Eudora Albany Lehner, Patricia Atlanta Leverette, Diane East Point Levine, Jerry Atlanta Lewis, Joan Athens Lewis, Leota Moultrie Levin, Rosalyn Atlanta Litsey, George Meansville Lindsey, Alice Hagerstown, Md. Little, Joseph Hampton London, Maylon Cornelia Long, Harold Eastman Long, Major Atlanta Loughead, Ann Ashville, N. C. Maddox, Lucy Atlanta Maddox, Thomas Chatsworth Magill, Di Aim Calhoun Maguire, Sam Augusta Majors, James Atlanta Majors, John Atlanta Malcom, Robert Monroe Malone, Jean Dublin Mallard, Marsha Watkinsville Mann, Samuel Atlanta Mansfield, William Atlanta Marcus, Rosalind Atlanta Marino, Patricia Athens Mays, Martha Jackson McBee, Polly East Point McClendon, Ann Waycross McDaniel, Virginia Glenwood McElhannon, Jane Columbus McElrath, Ellen Sandersville McElwaney, Jan Fayetteville McEntyre, Robert Marietta McKinnell, Ken Charlotte, N. C. McLanahan, Linda Elberton McMillan, Mary Swainsboro McNeely, Sally Atlanta Meadows, Thomas Washington Mcnnen, Joseph Darien Mercer, Albert Dexter Mercer, Sandra Sandersville Merrell, Elaine Decatur Miller, Alfred Augusta Minchew, Marion Baxley Mitchell, Bailey Columbus Monson, Jon Savannah Moon, Chailsey Avondale Estates Moore, Jimci Clinton, N. C. Moore, Marianna LaGranRc Morgan, Emmitt Brunswick Morley, Bruce Laurel. Mil. Morris, Bclty Davisboro Morris, Corrille Augusta Morris, Patsy East Point Morton, Carl Athens Moseley, Coe Moultrie Moseley, James Dublin Moseley, Robert Toccoa Mosley, Watson Wrightsville Mosses, Johnny Twin City Mower, Pat Lithonia Mullis, Patricia Tampa, Fla. Muse, David Perry Nash, Sharon Stone Mountain .,c a a a ' Q ' O ' ; 4; Nease, Eugene Marlow Neal, Weldon Thomson Neblett, Gay Macon Newman, Elaine Atlanta Newsome, John Decatur Nordholz, William Marietta Norman, George Washington Norred, Irene Hawkinsville Norton, Nancy Ccdartown Oeffinger, Paige Orangeburg, S. C. Oglesbee, Betty Stone Mountain Odom, William Warwick Odrezin, Rosalind Savannah Oliver, Thomas Athens Osborne, William Winder Pace, Peggy Dalton Parker, Harold Summerville Parker, Laura St. Simons Patterson, Joel Ft. Valley Patterson, Mary Atlanta Patterson, Pat Fitzgerald Patton, Barbara Athens Pattson, Janice Decatur Peabody, Bill Milledgeville Pearce, Clifton Baxley Pecor, Charles Boneville Peek, Charlie Cedartown Pell, William Macon Pettyjohn, Wayne Athens Phillips, Joe LaGrange Phillips, Russell Columbus Pick, James Hampstead Pittman, Maurine Austell Pope, Howell East Point Pope, Karen LaFayette Porter, Carlcne Jefferson Porter, Myra Tucker Pounds, Mary Stone Mountain Pounds, Priscilla Thomson Preston, Abb Buena Vista Price, Gordon Adanta Price, Samuel Wrightsville Pridgen, Robert Waycross Puett, Patricia Atlanta Pund, Louise Augusta Pusser, Harriet Chesterfield, S. C. Puster, James Gainesville Quarles, Elizabeth Savannah Freshmen Radford, Christie Savannah Ray, William Macon Redfem, LaVem Thomasville Rcnahan, Floyd Atlanta Renaud, Gary Athens Rhoades, Eleanor Sandersville Rhoden, Wilton Reidsville Rianhard, Pat Sylvania Richardson, Sanford Rayle Rideout, Judy Atlanta Rimstidt, LeAnn Decatur Risisky, Arlenc Fairfield, Conn. Rogers, James Augusta Robertson, Ed Conetoe, N. C. Robertson, Virginia Smyrna Rosen, Marvin Baltimore, Md. Roser, Doss Rome Rothschild, Jerry Atlanta Rowland, Hodges Wrightsville Ruark, Kathryn Bostwick Rumley, William Palmetto Rushing, Francis Savannah Russell, Richard Memphis, Tenn. Safrit, Jane Beaufort, N. C. Sacks, Barbara Chattanooga, Tenn. Shapiro, Hymen Wagener, S. C. Sharpie, John Athens Shaw, Sandra McDonough Shields, Ronald Atlanta Shirley, Marie Douglas Shirley, Wannah Ranger Shriner, Merena Athens Shults, Midge Atlanta Shuman, Daniel Reidsville Sibley, George Decatur Simmons, Mary Macon Simmons, Robert LaGrange Sikes, Newton Screven Singer, Kathrine Thomaston Sirower, Harriet Atlanta Slay, Janet Atlanta Smith, Alice Conyers Smith, Laura Decatur Smilh, Marvin Sylvania Smith, Nanelle Canton Smith, Tommie Experiment Snelling, Jinunie Lavonia Seifert, Carol Alexandria, Va. And I ' m telling you , . . she did evermore plant one on him! ' . !. wL!X ' -■ ' ' ., »■»■ •f ' = M ' Freshmen SptcT. Bill Hartwell Spcctor, Dranna Atlanta Spcir, William Hillsboro Spivcy, Wallace Jewel Stack, Harriet Atlanta Stalvey, Sue Savannah Stalling:, Jimmie Gri0in Stanfill, Tommie Cairo Staples, James Atlanta Stephens, Carolyn Rome Stephens, John Cave Spring Stephens, Robert Athens Stephenson, Brandon Commerce Stewart, Peggy Atlanta Stone, Billy Warrenton Stone, John Chester, S. C. Stoops, Lorena Highland, Ind. Stover, Jean Lithonia Stow, Douglas Gainesville Still, Suzanne Monroe Strickland, Alice Buchanan Strickland, Melvin Royston Strickland, Becky Atlanta Strickland, Avery Nahunta Swain, Thomas Marietta Talley, Dorothy Chattanooga, Tenn. Tanner, Woodrow Perdergrass Tarrcr, Thomas Decatur Tate, Jane Atlanta Tatum, Richard Atlanta Taylor, Jack Davisboro Taylor, Marvin Lindale Taylor, Robert Toccoa Temple, Richard Peru, South America Thompson, Flozelle Alexandria, Va. Thompson, Richard Aiken, S. C. Thompson, William Hull Thomley, Peggy Winder Thrash, Clarence LaGrange Thurman, William Jefferson Tison, Herbert Mill Wood Tolbert,Emmy Rome Tolbert.John Athens Todd, Alice Atlanta Todd, Douglas LaGrange Toole, Eva Augusta Towler, Charles Athens Townsend, William Wildwood 5 t C % f c i.iil i Trobaugh, Robert Harrisonburg, Va. Trout, Nancy Atlanta Tucker, Diane Columbus Tucker, Patricia Lawrcnccville Tucker, Patricia Atlanta Turner, Braxton Thomaston Turner, Helen Thomaston Vacalis, James Atlanta Veal,Thurla Sandersville Vinson, James Mclntyre Vinson, Pat Atlanta Volpitto, Mary Augusta Voyles.Libby Talmo Wade, Robert Athens Waddell, Ronald Devereux Wages, Melba Buford Waller, Ronnie Hinesville Warlick, Jenny Cartersville ' . ' f A W B 9 dTi J i Warner, Emily Lookout Mt., Tenn. Warrenfells, Nancy LaFayette Washington, Beverly Savannah Watkins, Logan Wildwood Watson, Judy LaFayette Wear, Marilyn Dalton Webb, Johnny Athens Webb, Judith Bowman Webb, Ruth Atlanta Webster, Elaine Brunswick Weeks, Billy Greenville, S. C. Weeks, Wanda EUijay Weigle, Anne Augusta Wemmers, Richard Atlanta Wenzel, Barry Social Circle West, Mildred Marietta Wexlcr, Alan CarroUton Whatley, Jeanne Atlanta White, Linda Marietta Whitehead, Nellie Cedartown Whitmire, Evelyn Gainesville Willard, Arthur Augusta Williams, Alvin Altha, Fla. Williams, Lorena Juliette Williams, Moses Homerville Williams, Ann Dacula Williams, Robert ...» East Point Williams, Robert Waycross Williamson, Travis Commerce Willis, Herman Swainsboro Wilson, Greg Savannah Wilson, Karen Indialantic, Fla. Winkle, Gary Dalton Wolfe, Dianne Waycross Wolfram, Carol Macon Woo, Dorothy Augusta Wood, Carole Dalton Woodworth, James Farmington Wren, Martha Thomson Wright, Jerry Athens Wright, Pat Columbus Young, Bobby Columbus Young, Charlotte Clewiston, Fla. Youngblood, Frederick Augusta Youngblood, James Dccamr Youngblook, Sarah Swainsboro Hill, Sarah Augusta aw Firal How WILUAM SHAW ABNEY, LaFayettc, L.L.B.; Sigma Chi; Student Council, Chairman; X Club; IFC; Gridiron; Phi Deha Phi. • CHARLES BALLARD, Fayctieville, L.L.B.; Phi Eta Sigma, Pres.; Varsirv ' Debate; Biflad, Pres.; Independent Men, Scc.-Treas.; Vice Campus Leader; ODK, Pres.; Blue Key, Editor of Student-Faculty Directory; Student Council; Phi Alpha Delta; X Club; Gridiron; Campus Leader. • JOHN MITCHELL BOWLING, Atlanta, L.L.B.; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Honor Court, Law School; Law School Junior Class Vice Pres.; Law School Senior Class Pres.; Law School Student Advisory Council. Vice Pres.; Honors Day. • HORACE LEIGHTON CHEEK, JR., Savannah, L.L.B.; Phi Alpha Delta, Treas.; Pi Sigma Alpha, Pres.; Demosthenian. Sefond Rote CHARLES J. DRIEBE, Ft. Gaines, L.L.B.; Georgia Bar Jour- nal, Student Editorial Board Editor-in-Chief; Assoc. Justice, Honor Court; Demosthenian; Judicial Council; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Delta Phi Award; Blue Key, Corres. Sec; ALSA Conven- tion; Student .Advisory Council; Lawyers Coop Prize. • B. AVANT EDENFIELD, Stilson, L.L.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; X Club. Vice Pres.; Assoc. Justice and Chief Justice, Law Schotil; Gridiron; Demosthenian, Pres. • WARREN DE- BEAUGRINE EVANS, Warrenton, L.L.B. • NORMAN S. FLETCHER, Fitzgerald, L.L.B.; Phi Delta Theta, Pres.; Blue Key, Gridiron; Who ' s Who; Omicron Kappa Delta, Pres.; Sphinx; X Club, Pres.; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Pres. Jr. Class of ' 55; Pres. Sr. Class of ' 56. Third Rote RLTX)LPH EUGENE HOLLEY, Augusta, L.L.B.; Chi Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Gridiron; Track Team; Student Editorial Board of Georgia Bar Jounul, Editor-in-Chief; Nat ' l Moot Court Team; Assoc. Justice of Law School Honor Court; Sec.,-Treas., Second Year Law Class. • SANFORD RICHARD KARESH, Augusta, L.L.B.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Kappa; Vice Pres. of the Third Year Law Class; Student Ad- vison ' Council of the Law School. • WILLIAM DANIEL KNIGHT, Ray City, L.L.B.; Kappa Alpha. • JAMES R. LEE, Athens, L.L.B. Fourth Rfnc WILLIAM A. LEONARD, JR., Columbus, L.L.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Kappa Alpha. • EMORY SPEER MABRY, HI, Sandy Springs, L.L.B.; Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade. • ROGER J. MARTINSON, Columbus, L.L.B.; University Debaters, Captain; Demosthenian, Vice Pres.; Blue Key, Vice Pres. and Bus. Mgr. of Directory; Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk; Pres. of Serond Year Law Class; Student Editor of Georgia Bar Journal. • FRED DOUGLAS PUCKETT, JR., Dawson, L.L.B. Fifth Rott JOE BOND SARTAIN, JR., Danielsville, L.L.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Vice Pres. TTiird Year Law Class; Georgia Bar Associa- tion. • ROBERT PERRY SENTELL, JR., Pinehurst, L.L.B.; Phi Alpha Delta, Vice Justice; Bloe Key, Sec-Treas.; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi, Vice Pres.; Scc.-Treas. of Third Year Law Class. • HILDA SHACKELFORD, Athens, L.L.B.; .Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Delta, Pres.; Sec-Treas. of Third Year Law Class. • DONALD DWIGHT SMITH, Marietta, L.L.B.; Chief Justice, Honor Court; Student Advisory Council, Pres.; Asst. Editor-in-Chief of Georgia Bar Journal; Phi .Alpha Delta, Vice Justice; Demosthenian; Rep., Southern Law Review Conference; Top 10 Per Cent First and Second Year Law Classes. Sixth Rou FRANK TROUTMAN, JR., Adanta, L.L.B.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres. and Vice Pres.; Phi Delta Phi; ODK, Vice Pres.; X Club, Vice Pres.; Gridiron, Pres.; Phi Eta Sigma; Pres. of Second Year Law Class; Freshman Football. • MORTON M. WIGGINS, JR., Albany, L.L.B.; Alpha Tau Omega; Vice Pres. of Second Year Law Class; Univ. Varsity Debate Team; Phi Delta Phi. • HOKE S. WOFFORD, JR., Atlanta, L.L.B.; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; X Club; Biftad; Demosthenian; Scabbard and Blade; Canterbury Club. iT i itkAr 4iWi i Law Underclassmen f . iC l ) T- - ' . f .-l ' ■ • ( d t Avera, Jack Wray, II Brunswick Bennett, Lindsay H., Jr Rossvillc Brinkley, Jack Thomas Facevillc Cashin, Harry L., Jr Augusta Cooper, James Robert Athens Cooper, Valdi Augusta Cronin, Robert A Savannah Davis, William A Valdosta Durden, Milner Gibson Atlanta Gilbert, Fred A Athens Harrison, Michael Brunswick Hearn, George J Monroe Ingram, William T Columbus Jacobson, Gerald A Waycross Jones, Augustus B., Ill Quitman Lambert, Theodore Harold Meigs Manucy, Orian Andrew Charleston, S. C. McDuffee, Reginald M Savannah Milam, Bobby C Athens Milford, Charles Patrick Carncsville Miller, William W., Jr Macon Mulherin, Bernard J Athens Pruitt, Bobby M Spartanburg, S. C. Remler, Albert N Savannah Teeple. Charles J Thunderbolt Vaughan, David N., Jr Fairmount Wardlow, Floyd, Jr Ashburn Wasdin, John Bremen Weiner, Aron Savannah Young, Tom Valdosta 137 Veterinary Medicine ft Seniors f : f»J («- ,f rW«r, f-cj f l Fifth Rote JAMES EMMETT DUCEY, Savannah, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi, Treas. • DAVE C. DUNBAR, Macon, D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; AVMA; ABAC Club; Southeastern Veterinarian; AVMA Closed Circuit TV; Intramurals; BSA. • THOMAS HENRY ELEAZER, Clemson, S. C, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; AVMA; Honor Court 2; Southeastern Veterinarian. • SIDNEY ALTON EWING, Covington, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi, Sec, Chap- lain; Honor Court, Sec; Alpha Zeta; Aghon, Treas.; Phi Sigma, Sec; AVMA; Southeastern Veterinarian. Sixth Roto PAUL FREER, Athens, D.V.M.; AVMA. • THOMAS C. GOWEN, JR., Folkston, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi. • MILTON HARRIS HATCHER, Vidalia, D.V.M.; AVMA- Veteran ' s Club. • BOBBY J. HERLOVICH, Preston, D.V.M. Seventh Rote JACOB M. KELLY, Avondale Estates, D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma, Vice Pres.; Alpha Zeta, Chronicler; Student Council- Ag Hill Council; OTS. • JOHN E. KITTRELL, Oxford, N. C, D.V.M. ; Alpha Psi; AVMA. • MARVIN W. LIVING- STON, North, S. C, D.V.M. • MATTHEW P. MACKAY- SMITH, White Post, Va., D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma, Pres.; ODK, Sec; Alpha Zeta, Treas.; X Club; AVMA; Phi Sigma; Gridiron; Southeastern Veterinarian. Eighth Row HUGH THOMAS McDANIEL, JR., Charlotte, N. C, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; AVMA; Pi Kappa Phi. • GRADY ANDERSON McELMURRAY, Beech Island, S. C- D V M - Class Pres. • BAYNE ELMO MILLER, Mocksvilie, N. c ' D.V.M.; AVMA, Sec. 1; Alpha Psi, Sec 3; Phi Sigma; Alpha Zeta, Vice Pres. 4; Donald E. McKinney Memorial Trophy • PATRICK M. MORGAN, Moultrie, D.V.M.; Sigma Nu- Alpha Psi; AVMA. First Rote RAYFORD B. ALBRITTON, Rupert, D.V.M.; AVMA. « WALKER SMITH ALEXANDER, Newnan, D.V.M.; AVMA • SHELVIN LEE AREY, Hinton, Va., D.V.M.; Alpha Psi AVMA. • JAMES FRED ARNOLD, JR., Statham, D.V.M. Sigma Nu; Alpha Psi; Phi Sigma; Honor Court, Judge AVMA, Pres. Second Rote ROBERT H. BATCHELOR, Glyndon, Md., D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma, Treas.; Southeastern Veterinarian. • DIEDRICH O. BEUSSE, JR., Athens, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi, Pres. 3; AVMA. • CARL D. BIRD, JR., Christiansbury, Va., D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma, Sec. 1, Vice Pres. 3; AVMA, Pres. 4; Blue Key- Class Pres. • MATTHEW H. BORING, Myersville, Md., D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; AVMA. Third Roiv WAYNE BROOKS, Sparta, N. C, D.V.M. • CHARLES HUNTINGTON BUCHAN, Athens, D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; AVMA. • CALVIN L. CANNON, Athens, Tenn., D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma, AVMA; Veteran ' s Club. • LAWRENCE J. COLE, JR., Atlanta, D.V.M.; Sigma Nu; Omega Tau Sigma; AVMA. Fourth Rote HENRY B. DANIEL, JR., South Boston, Va., D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma, Sec; AVMA. • CHARLES NELSON DOB- BINS, JR., Yadkinville, N. C, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; Phi Sigma; Alpha Gamma Rho; Aghon; AVMA; Southeastern Veterinarian, Editor. • JAMES FRANKLIN DRAWDY, Lenox, D.V.M. • ALICE ELIZABETH DREE- SEN, Atlanta, D.V.M.; AVMA. ikt A i «k.i First Rote CLEVELAND PARKER, Sylvania, D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; AVMA; Honor Court Council. • C. BOWEN PAR- SONS, Pickens. S. C, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; AVMA. • W. EVERETT SALLEY, Orangeburg, S. C, D.V.M. • THUR- STON JOE SHIRLEY, JR., Seneca, 8. C; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; AVM. ; Alpha Zeta. Second Roiv EARLY MAXWELL SINK, Lexington, N. C, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi, Pres.; Blue Key; Phi Sigma; AVMA; Alpha Zeta; Honor Court; Southeastern Veterinarian, Asst. Editor. • JOHN SPRINGS, JR., Cameron. S. C; D.V.M.; AVMA. • HAL FISHER STOLZ, Atlanta, D.V.M.; Kappa Alpha; Omega Tau Sigma; Gridiron; G Club; Blue Key; AVMA; Swimming Team, Capt.; AU-American. • HAL M. TATE, Menlo, D.V.M.; Alpha Psi. Third Row HARRY E. WALBURG, JR., Gordonsville, Va., D.V.M.; Canterbury Club, Pres. • AUBRY L. WALKER, Rossville, D.V.M.; Omci;a Tau Sigma; AVMA. • THEODORE GAR- MON WESTMORELAND, Clover, S. C; D.V.M.; AVMA. • ROBERT R. WHITE, Kingsville, Md.; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; AVMA. Fourth Rotr BILLY H. WINGFIELD, Church Road, Va., D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; AVMA. fT ' C SR THE DROUGHT The early lawmakers had no feeling that the University and the University town should be legislated into an arid condition; but in 1822 Athens was given permission to tax the re- tailers of liquor 100%. I can ' t dance, but I can sho ' kneewalk. 139 , p 1:5 n 4 tk lw A ' k A th J " " i Js r O r Anderson, Henry M Timmonsville, S. C. Blackburn, Edwin H Jefferson Boulwarc, M. D Anderson, S. C. Bryant, H. Randall West Columbia, S. C. Byrd, Morrison F Pardton, N. C. Cecil, Richard A Marriottsville, Md. Clark, James D Aiihurn Clark, William Ringgold Cottingham, Walter Trio, S. C. Dalton, John Hamburg, S. C. Dixon, Dock Athens Driggers, William Sumter, S. C. Edwards, Julian Rich Square, N. C. Edwards, Robert M Elloree, S. C. Eidson, James A., Jr Johnston, S. C. Ellis, Donald E Tifton Fletcher, W. David Jonesville, Va. Frank, Glynn Henry Hyattsvillc, Md. Fulton, David R Hyattsville, Md. Gilpin, Jay W Savannah Goodman, Earle Olanta, S. C. Griffin, Clarence Wakefield, Va. Guest, Gerald B Carroll ton Harwick, Robert S Wrightsvillc Beach, N. C. Ingle, Frederick Tucker Jarrett, James A Mt. Berry Johnson, Autin Rae Bayboro, N. C. Johnson, Daryl Fairfax, Va. Johnson, Harold Doyle Marietta Johnson, Jerome B Savannah Kalet, Bert M Athens Kalet, Dorothy M Athens Kling, James Malcolm Mcnlo Koelber, Teresa Mary Baltimore, Md. Kupper, James Gumming Lee, William Athens Le May, John C Henderson, N. C. Lovell, Jean Rome Little, Clarence H., Jr Oxon Hill, Md. Loizeaus, Peter S Parkton, Md. Lorelle, Richard R Brooklyn, N. Y Lowery, Custin B., Jr Warner Robins Maddox, Eugene T Jackson Martin, James Jamieson Atlanta McGee, Wayne L., Jr Starr, S. C. Veterinary Medicine Underclassman McKaughan, Vann C Big Stone Gap, Va. McMillian, Don Woody East Point Meckley, George W Athens Miller, William D Pulaski, Va. Misner, Vilas Eugene Hull Moore, Berry W Gray Morgan, Donald O ' Quinn Star, N. C. Moulthrop, James Irwin Salisbury, Md. Oliver, Ben Ft. McPherson Palmer, Amos E Middlctown, Md. Peeples, Jim Chatsworth Ferryman, Billy Snow Lewisville, N. C. Scott, Bill Herndon, Va. Sherwood, Bobby F Vilas, N. C. Sims, Bill Avondale Estates Snow, Caleb Jack Mt. Airy, N. C. Starr, Julian S., Ill Lancaster, S. C. Strickland, Jimmie E Claxton Stringer, Andrew Fred, Jr Anderson, S. C. Tanner, J. Douglas Atlanta Taylor, Harry Pelham Thomas, Ezekiel, Fred, Jr Sarasota, Fla. Turk, Arthur L., Jr Tifton Twilley, Robert F Griffin Tyree, C. Ruth Decatur Walton, Robert E Augusta Watson, Tommy Sumner Weaver, William A Conycrs Webb, William Aubrey Bowman Westbury, Brunson M St. George, S. C. Whiting, Robert D Concord Whittaker, Jack Gray Court, S. C. William, Sigler Fred Mt. Jackson, Va. Williams, George L., Jr Decatur Winters, Gregory Lee Baltimore, Md. Witherspoon, Don M Lamar, S. C. Graduate Students D, j f - Alt A ;k t (!Tif 1 ! kaL ■l4 m 4 f jJ wl. .C V Adnan, Darwis Rep. or Indonesia Afxentiou, A. C Cyprus Agha, Badi Y., M.B.A Iraq Akalin, Ahmet Vahit Turkey Anderson, Walter Dixon, M.A.J Tucker Anglin, Ernie L., M.S Atlanta Call, Thelma Jean Canada Cantey, Robert C, M.B.A Athens Carter, John A. M.B.A Clayton Chambers, M. E., Jr Americus Chou, Frank H., M.Ed Taiwan Cole, Margaret Claire, M.A Dial Collins, La Piece D., M.Ed Athens Combs, Ralph, M.B.A Athens Cotton, Thomas E West Point CuUom, L. Shelby, M.B.A Atlanta Davis, Jones E Athens DeGorsse, Bertrand P., M.B.A France De Rose, Lewis B Atlanta Drandakis. Emm., M.B., Greece Dunahoo, William Simpson, M.S Winder Garrett, Alan Burton, M.S Dublin Gaye, Bernard, M.. g.Ec France Hibbert, W. W., HI., M.S Atlanta Hinshalwood, Roy L., M.S Scotland Horton, Jack B., Jr., M.Ed Macon Htein, Lin Burma Hunter, Joyce, M.H.E Athens Hunter, Raymond, M.S Athens Hutson, Kenneth, MS Canton Johnson, Brooke R Athens Joiner, James B., M.S Butler Jones, Ina, M.S Matthews Kale, Herbert W., II, M.S Trenton, N. J. La Hood, Norman, M.Ed Valdosta Lance, Boyce P., Jr., M.Ag.Ec Washington Lindscy, Glenn C, M.B.A Barncsville Mabey, Ray Coleman, M.S Canada Martin, Raymond C, M.Ed Hartsfield McKemie, Charlotte Patricia, M.A. J Atlanta 142 Miller, Z. Bryan, M. A YounK Harris Mishra, Vishwa Mohan India Mooney, Charles C M.A. in Art . . . Covington Moran, Thomas J., M.A Athens O ' Bryant, Dorothy, M.A Buford O ' Neal, Weyman Glenn Conyers Posey, Columbus H., Ill Moultrie Pullen, Thomas Marion, M.Ed Rockmart Robarts, Henry St. Alban, M.S Elgin, 111. Rutledge, Helen, M.S Decatur Rutledge, Ronald M., M.S Athens Saloranta, Senta, S., M.A.J Finland Sims, Wni. Clayton, M.Ag.Ec Commerce Somaatmadja, Dardjo, M.S Indonesia Stollwerck, Ludoli, M.B.A Germany Strickland, John Willie, M.S Mt. Vernon Sullivan, V. Carlysle Athens Weston-Webb, Jinnifer England Webb, La Juana, M.Ed Nashville Westmoreland, Pran H Clover, S. C. Wiant, Harry V., Jr., M.S Blairsville Williams, T. R., M.Ed Albany Willis, Bruce E., MS Hudson, N. Y. Wise, James O., M.Ag.Ec Marion, N. C. Woo, James E Augusta £9 f: jtZ) ■TSj ' Jp - " •l- ' I Special Students Chapman, Paul W Watkinsville Hurley, Howard College Park Palmer, Cecil E Adanta 143 f w ' — SSfBSS8?„ - .v-- c: -- s ■,t, ' -. w am ■ff " ! |p W ' ' r .1 ' " " " " fei« ■■ ■ ' ■ ' ' - . v»ir! . • ' - f ' -- ' . ' - ■ Igl ' l I ' mlfa JS JiiSvSnlW r ■ ' ' ' " . j . " v " •. •« «« Sports STERLING DUPREE Backfield Coach WALLACE BUTTS Head Football Coach Georgia Bulldog Coaching Staff QUINTON LUMPKIN Freshman Coach JOHNNY RAUCH Backfield Coach JOHN GREGORY End Coach JIM WHATLEY Line Coach CHEER LEADERS : P iflV. ' %. 1 ' ■ .m:.. First Row: Mike Movers, Billv Roe, Bob Anderson, Wade Lindorme. Second Rote: Sally Olliff, Nancy Butts, Patsy Parker. Third Row: Gail Heard, Sylvia Tindol. JERI BRIDGES Patsy and friend. Sylvia Tindol, Phil Wortman and Jeri Bridges Cnptnin JEFFERSON B. DAVIS 195 7 First Roic: George Whitton, Xick Bracco, Carl Manning, Al Francis, Ken Schulle, Dick " S ilkins, Joe Comfort, George Guisler, Jimmy Orr, Billy Gilbert, Charlie Britt, Bobby Towns, Billy Roland. Second Rote: Mike Meatheringhani, Mike An- derson. Riley Gunnels, Theron Sapp, Wilbur Lofton, Henry Dukes. Captain J. B. Davis, Alt.-Capt. Travis Vinesett, Billy Hearn, Mitchell Shellnut, Billy Agner, Marion Bush, Marshall Dodds, Gene Littleton. Third Row: Charlie Byars, Von Evans, Dan Womack, Donald Leebern, Walter Beddingfield, Vernon Cunard, Hal Davis, Sonny Dillard, Billy Slaughter, Ken Alternate Captain TRAVIS VINESETT VARSITY 1 Cooper, Mclvin Boriini, Jinimv Franklin, Larrv Lewis. Fourth Billy Joe (Dude) Thompson, George Hansen, Postelle Brown, i Row: Bo Bradley, Tommy Lewis, Bobby Galbreath, Lov Larrv Laneasler, Tom Haekler. Jim Roberts, Al Bishop. Aaron Hulcheson, Cirero Lueas, Gordon Kelly, Nat Dye. Jinimv Box, Dick Price, Quinlon Smith, Jinimv Viekers, Bill Watkins, Sealy, Carter Ramsey. Carlton James. Rav Strange, Glen Bob Sedlock. Nunlcy, Rosby Mulkey, Dale Bush. Fifth Rote: Dave Lloyd, Brilt, to Orr — TD! GEORGIA-7 TEXAS -26 The Bulldogs were greatly hin- dered by mistakes and penalties in the first game of the season. Seven fumbles, an interception, and six penalties halted several scoring chances. Trailing 13-0, Georgia sprang back early in the third quarter with a 51-yard touchdown drive, Britt threw two consecutive passes to Orr for 20 and for 4 yards to climax the scoring drive. After this touchdown, the ' Dogs were unable to get their offense effectively rolling again. The Longhorns piled up two more TDs. GEORGIA- 6 VANDERBILT-9 Playing under cold, rainy conditions, the Vanderbilt Commodores slipped by Georgia in the first home game of the season. This was Vandy ' s first victory in Athens since 1922. Georgia ' s only touchdown came about mid-way through the fourth quarter. After recovering a fum- ble at the Vandy 15, the ' Dogs hit paydirt in five plays. Theron Sapp scored from the one. Sapp was the leading rusher of the day, gaining 98 yards in 15 carries. Wilbur Lofton almost saved the day. He broke loose for 56 yards late in the fourth quarter, but was stopped on the Vanderbilt 22 by Phil King. .-- . WILBUR LOFTON Fullback Atlanta, Georgia Left and Jimmy Vickers (82) moves in on Vandy ball carrier. Bulldogs clear an opening in the Vandy defense for Carl Manning. CHARLEY BRITT Quarterback North Augusta, S C. Itiii; li;in.N olT lo Snpp nsninsl ill.- Wolverines Michigan defenders close in on Georgia ' s Carl Manning. JIMMY VICKERS Left End Moultrie, Georgia GEORGIA-0 MICHIGAN-26 Georgia was handed its third loss by a strong Michigan team before 85,000 fans at Ann Ar- bor. However, the Bulldogs con- tinue to improve. End Jimmy Vickers, guard Al Bishop, and center-linebacker Dave Lloyd turned in good line perform- ances. Lewis completed 3 of 4 passes for 42-yards, and Britt hit 10 of 23 for 109-yards. Sapp was the leading Georgia ground gainer with 63-yards. The ' Dogs penetrated Wolver- ine territory six times. They made several scoring threats, moving on separate occasions to the Michigan 27, 21, and 24. Fumbles, penalties, and inter- ceptions again proved ruinous though. DAVE LLOYD Center Gladewater, Texas GENE LITTLETON Right Half Moultrie, Georgia 152 GORDON KELLY Right End Decatur, Georgia DON SOBERDASH Right Half Dunbar, Pa. RILEY GUNNELS Left Tackle Calhoun, Georgia i " GEORGIA-13 TULANE-9 Playing essentially a ground game, the Bulldogs scored the first victory of the season. Georgia took to the air only four times. Theron Sapp carried 55 yards to the Greenie 22 early in the second quarter, but the drive died on the one. Tommy Lewis recovered a Greenie fumble two plays later, and Wilbur Lofton scored the TD from the one. Jimmy Orr, doing some of the finest running of his career, scored the second six pointer on a 9-yard jaunt. Unfortunately, he had a beautiful 34-yard TD run nullified by a holding penaltv. Orr ploughs through Tulane defenders for the seeond Georgia touchdown. Wilbur Lofton hits paydirt against stiff opposition. GEORGIA-14 NAVY-27 Georgia was unable to click against the Midshipmen in the first half. Navy scored the first time they had possession of the hall. Two Bulldog mistakes en- abled the Midshipmen to score their other two first half touch- downs. A revived Georgia team came on the field in the second half. The ' Dogs marched 76-yards to their first TD, with Sapp scor- ing from the one. The No. 2 backfield unit led a 49-yard drive for the second touchdown. Lewis faked to Lof- ton and ran around right end for the TD. Navy remained strong however and scored once more. Theron Sapp crashes over from the one yard line. KEN COOPER Right End Tifton, Georgia JIMMY ORR Right Half Seneca, S. C. MIKE ANDERSON Right Cunnl Atlanta, Georgia Sophomore quarterback Charley Britt moves against the Wildcats. GEORGIA- 33 KENTUCKY-14 Lexington proved to be the site of the Bulldog ' s best game to date. Charley Britt turned in his best game thus far. He ran for 61 -yards and passed for 88. Georgia ' s first TD came early in the first quarter. Britt scored from the five. He later set up the second touchdown with a 38-yard pass to Gene Littleton. The third TD was a 31-yard pass to Jimmy Orr. Kentucky retaliated with two touchdowns, then Britt threw a 14-yard TD pass to Ken Cooper. Tommy Lewis directed a 61- yard drive for the final touch- down. CARL MANNING Left Half Savannah, Georgia 155 Wildcats are unable to keep Orr from reaching paydirt. (;liarli-.v Drill keeps ihc ball on an option i)lav and runs around end for 20 yards. Moments of joy and sorrow, GEORGIA-13 ALABAMA-14 Despite a strong second half, the ' Dogs were unable to overtake the Crimson Tide, before an audience of 31,000 Homecoming fans. Georgia hit paydirt first, near the end of the first quarter. A 13-yard run by Orr moved the ball to the Alabama 1. Sapp crashed over for the TD. However, Tide quarterback Smith passed for two touch- downs before the end of the half. The Red and Black held ' Bama scoreless in the second half, but were able to muster only one TD themselves. Britt tossed to Soberdash for the six-pointer. Orr sets up Georgia ' s ftrst touchdown with a 13-yard run to the Alabama 1. GEORGIA-0 FLORID4-22 Mistakes halted the Bulldogs in the first and second quar- ters. Florida piled up 16 points in the first half. The ' Dogs made two deep penetrations in the second half, but were stymied by the Gator defense. Georgia moved from its 24 to Flor- ida ' s 2.5 before bogging down. Sapp ' s running and a Lewis to Cox pass accounted for considerable yardage. On this last drive, sopho- more George Guisler skirted right end for 15-yards and pulled in a pass from Lewis for 16 more two plays later. Sapp goes for a first down in Georgia ' s last sustained dii c. GEORGE GUISLER Left Half Athens, Georgia NAT DYE Right Tackle Augusta, Georgia TOMMY LEWIS Quarterback Decatur, Georgia t- J h Lewis completes a pass to right half, Don Soberdash. GEORGIA-0 AUBURN- 6 Playing a supreme defensive game, Georgia fought desperately to upset the nation ' s No. 3 team. However. Auburn ' s crack de- fensive outfit contained the ' Dogs ' offense. Two poor punts forced Georgia to play almost all of the first half in its own terri- tory. Auburn ' s lone TD came with 58 sec- onds left in the first half. Georgia moved within 3 yards of the Auburn goal early in the second half, but a fumble killed the chance to score. The Bulldogs never threatened again, but they staged a final, outstanding stand, halting the Plainsmen on the one. MIKE MEATHERINGHAM Right Tackle Marietta, Georgia BILLY JOE " DUDE " THOMPSON Center Gainesville, Georgia George Guisler sets his sights on the Tiger ball carrier. The six-pointer that Bulldog fans will long remember. GEORGIA-7 TECH-0 Great team play produced a hard won victory for the Bull- dogs over Tech. Everyone played a great game, but special credit must be given to Theron Sapp, the day ' s leading ground gainer with 91 yards. After a scoreless first half, Sapp plunged over from the one near the end of the third quarter. Sapp also recovered the fumble at the 50, where the drive started. He carried 9 times for 35 of the 50 yards. A third down, 13-yard, Britt to Orr pass was the key play that kept the drive going. THERON SAPP Fullback Macon, Georgia Bulldog linemen mow Jackets down as Sapp picks up yardage. CICERO LUCA? Left Guard Washington, Georgia m BASKETBALL THE FIRST FIVE — Sonny Poss. Bill Ensley, Henry Cabaniss, Fred Edniondson, and Rav Allen. The Georgia Bulldog basketball team played a rugged, 26- ganie sche dule, including participation in the Gator Bowl and Senior Bowl tournaments. Under the leadership of Coach Harbin Lawson, the Bulldogs compiled a commend- able record. The Bulldogs won runner-up honors in the Gator Bowl tourney, defeating South Carolina, 77-58, and losing to Florida in the finals, 76-63. Two highlights of the season were the 69-68 overtime victory over Georgia Tech in At- lanta, and the 62-59 dunking they gave the Jackets in Athens. Ray Allen led the Georgia scorers for the second straight year. Captain Henry Cabaniss, Alt. Captain Fred Edmond- son, and Bill Ensley followed Allen in a well-balanced scor- ing race. Ensley became Georgia ' s second leading all-time scorer. The entire basketball squad is to be commended for their fine efforts throughout the season. First Roie: DeWitt Bond (manager), Ray Allen, Alt. Capt. Fred Edniondson, Don Hartj field, John Hart, Bobby Chaney, Harold Krafchick, Coach Harbin " Red " Lawson. Second Rotv: Tommy Ragsdale, Red Hill, Sonny Poss, Capt. Henry Caba- niss, Bill Ensley, Fred Franks, Earl Tidwell, Joe DeFoor, Harvey Melear (asst. manager). ' i " W " -. ,r= ' T U fW t iF ' - ' Dli ■w Ensley out-stretches South Carolinians for the rebound. JOE DEFOOR Forward DON HARTSFIELD Guard Captain HENRY CABANISS Forward Feelings from the bench. FRED FRANKS Forward Edmondson shoots for " 2 " against South Carolina. Enslev (24) and Poss (21) stretch to ont-reach opponent. BILL ENSLEY Center SONNY POSS Forward All. Capt. FRED EDMONDSON Guard ■ 7r-W i V A m -jutt f saa iST—- ■ r EARL TIDWELL Foricard Eiisley leaps to block shot. BOBBY CHANEY Guard Track COACH FORREST (SPECK) TOWNS The outlook for tlie 1958 track team was very promising. Coach Towns was counting on strength from several mem- bers of the undefeated 1957 freshman squad. Sophomore hurdlers were Jack Thompson and Towns ' s son, Bobby. Sophomore Postelle Brown set the school record in the shot with a toss of better than 49 feet as a freshman. Captain Denny Jackson, holder of the school record in the 440, was aiming at one of his best seasons. Sprinter Tom Simonton, distance man John Axelton, Cliff Simonton, and Sonny Poss were among the team ' s top members. The S.E.C. meet was held in Birmingham, May 17. BOBBY TOWNS Captain DENNY JACKSON JACK THOMPSON 164 TOM SIMONTON POSTELLE UKOW SOiNiNV I ' OSS Coarh Dan Magill, Don Ilartsficlcl, Lindscy Hopkins III, Alfred Thompson, Richard Courts, Zuhair Nejib, Dudley Baird, John Foster, Spencer Allen. Ten nis The Bulldogs fielded one of the strongest teams in several years this spring. Five returning lettermen gave strength and depth to the team. Those back for the 1958 season were Capt. Don Hartsfield, Richard Courts. Lindsey Hopkins, Alfred Thompson, and Zuhair Nejib. John Foster and Dudley Baird, University of North Caro- lina transfers, added power to the ' 58 squad. Two sopho- more candidates for letters this year were Spencer Allen and Scott Henson. COACH DAN MAGILL and Captain DON HARTSFIELD Courts and Hartsfield in a practice session on Ag Hill. JOHN FOSTER ALFRED THOMPSON LINDSEY HOPKINS 167 r A 1 w » » W First Roir: S alkcr Becson, K. Head, Alston Sicincr, Lamar Ellis, Marlin llairslon. Second Row: Toinniy Blakely, Howard Dvrdahl. Captain Emmet Bondurant, Jimmy Bankston. Bee Tillman. Third Row: Coach B. W. " Bump " Gabrielson, Bob IJeid. Bruce Crawford, John Ray Bell, David Tyre, Manager (Charlie Bankston. wimmin S.E.C. record holder Jimmy Bankston who won three gold medals in 1957 had a good chance to repeat in 1958. Distance man Howard Dvrdahl continued to turn in better performances in each meet. Good showings during the season were made by freestyle sprinter David Tyre, backstroker Tommy Blakely, and dolphin flyer Captain Emmet Bondurant. Sonny Poss, who reported late due to basketball, was runnerup in the 1957 S.E.C. 100 and 200-yd. backstroke. Backing these leaders were dolphin flyer and relay man Lamar Ellis, sprinter Martin Hairston. breaststroker John Ray Bell, back- stroker Alston Steiner. and 3 meter diver Bee Tillman. The annual Southeastern Conference championships were held in Stegcman Hall pool March 6. 7, 8. Georgia was definitely a dark horse behind Florida ' s powerhouse in the meet. Captain Emmet Bondurant JIMMY BANKSTON 220, 440-yd., 1500 Meter Freestyle •X: John Rav Bell, Emmet Bondurant, Alston Steiner, Tommy Blakelv. 400-v,l. Medlev Relay Team Ware. Frank Eldridge, Sam Mays, Don Grissoni. Second row: Hugh Roypr, Bob Moscr, Davis Adams, Don Cole. Golf Georgia ' s aim this year was to retain the Southeastern Conference championship that l won in 1957. Captain Hugh Rover. Bob Moser, and Davis Adams, all mem- bers of the winning team, were back to help make the bid for the title. The annual Southern Intercollegiate and Southeastern Conference tournaments, run concur- rentlv. were played at the Athens Country Club in May. Coach Mollis was relying on added strength from Sam Mays and Frank Eldridge, a member of last year ' s team. Cobby Ware, one of the state ' s finest junior golfers in recent vears. moved up to the varsity from the freshman squad. New to this vears team were Don Grissoni and Don Cole. Coach IIoHell T. llullis and Captain Hugh Royer. BOB MOSER Sam Mays, Bob Moser, Frank Eldridge. [ Hugh Rover, Cohhv Ware, Bob Moser, Frank KUIridRe, Davis Atlanis, Sam Mays. SAM MAYS Cobby Ware, Don Cole, Davis Adams, Don Grissoni. 1957 S.E.C. CHAMPS Bob Moscr, Hugh Royer, Davis Adams, Jaek Lumpkin. COBBY WARE BASEBALL The Bulldogs ' chances looked good for a successful season this year. Returning were ten letterinen, plus an array of sophomores, juniors, and transfer can- didates. Among the returning lettermen were pitchers Billy Hearn. Bob Payne, Walter Glynn, and Captain Wayne Minshew. Other lettermen back were Ray Allen, ss; R. E. Gladin, catcher; Henry Cabaniss, lb; Joe DeFoor, ss: George " Smokey " Stover, catcher; and Matt Thompson, If. Don Sparrow, voted Most Valuable Player by the members of the 1957 team, was back at his third base position. .Vii 1958 SCHEDULE March 20 ... . Rollins College at Winter Park, Fla. March 21 ... . North Carolina at Winter Park, Fla. March 21 ... . Rollins College at Winter Park, Fla. March 22 ... . North Carolina at Winter Park, Fla. March 28 Auburn at Athens March 29 Auburn at Athens April 1 Michigan State at Athens April 2 Michigan State at Athens April 3 Notre Dame at Athens April 4 Kentucky at Athens April 5 Kentucky at Athens (doubleheader ) April 7 North Carolina at Athens April 8 North Carolina at Athens April 11 Vanderbilt at Nashville April 12. . . . Vanderbilt at Nashville I doubleheader I April 18 Florida at Gainesville April 19 Florida at Gainesville April 23 Georgia Tech at Athens April 25 Florida at Athens April 26 Florida at Athens April 28 Tennessee at Athens April 29 Tennessee at Athens May 2 Auburn at Auburn May 3 Auburn at Auburn May 7 Georgia Tech at Athens May 9 Georgia Tech at Atlanta May 10 Georgia Tech at Atlanta ' Baseball practice Im players gel i in in mi(l-rrl.riKU . Tu.. pot. ouu- fielding praelifc liero. The shadows grow long on Ag Hill as the players get in their batting practice. I N T R A M U R A L S Men ' s Intramurals The Intramural Sports program is de- signed to meet the needs of the student body, members of the faculty, and ad- ministrative personnel of the University. Activities are set up to provide opportu- nities for development of sportsmanship, group spirit, and competition among organizations. Director Robert Bowers guided the smooth working program for the 1957- ' 5o season. The heart of the intramural play is built around five leagues. These are: the Governor ' s League, composed of the ten largest fraternities; the President ' s League, made up of the smaller fraterni- ties; the Professional League, made up of the professional fraternities and or- ganizations; the Independent League; and the Dormitory League. First, second, and third places in the Governor ' s League last year were SAE, Pi KA and Phi Delta Theta. The top three in the President ' s League were Chi Psi, Lambda Chi Alpha, and ATO. Paul Powell, student asst.; Dan Matthews, student asst.; Robert Powers, Director; Glen Patterson, Asst. Director. Action between the Chi Phi ' s and AEPi Spring 1957 SOFTBALL Governor ' s ;up f- " ' " President ' s League ATO GOLF Governor ' s League Kappa Alpha President ' s League Clii Psi TENNIS Governor ' s League . . . Sii ma Alpha Ei).silon President ' s League Delia Tail Delia PING PONG Governor ' s League .... Tau Epsilon Phi President ' s League .... Lambda Chi Alpha TRACK Governor ' s League . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Chi Psi Fall 1957 FOOTBALL (ioscrMdrs League Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pre iclent s League Chi Psi Lidependent League . . . Physical Educalion Majors Prolessional League Kappa Psi OLLEYBALL Go ernor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Delta Tau Delta HORSESHOES Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Phi Kappa Tau SWIMMING {io ernor " s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Chi Psi CAKE RACE Governor ' s League Kappa Alpha President ' s League Lambda Chi Alpha TOUCH FOOTBALL PENTATHALON (Jovernor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Chi Psi Winter 1958 BASKETBALL Professional League Kappa Psi PADDLEBALL Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Chi Psi BOWLING Governor ' s League Chi Phi President ' s League Theta Chi kappa Alpha ' s winning Cake Uacc team. The all-fratprnily rhanipionship game between the SAE ' s and Chi Psi ' s. The long reach. Pi KA ' s Pat Mathis surrounded in play against the KA ' s. Women ' s Intramurals Women ' s Athletic Association coordinates the competitive athletic activities of the sorority women and dormitory resi- dents. The intramural program provides opportunity for participation throughout the entire regular school year. During the fall, competitors for table tennis, volley ball and horseshoes cast their lots. The winter is host for the activities of bowling, swimming, badminton, and basketball. Spring is a very busv quarter with swimming, tennis, archery, golf, and Softball. The winners and placers of each event earn a specified number of points for their victory. At the end of the year, trophies are presented to the group that has totaled the highest average. Last year the winner of first place was Chi Omega. Kappa Alpha Theta came in second with Kappa Kappa Gamma receiving third place. At the same presenta- tion Sigma Delta Tau won the participation award. Ba ' ketball or Ballet? CHI OMEGA — VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS — George Ann Walker, Carla Rentz, Carol Wallace, Gene Geise, Barbara Mulherin, Carol Ann Goodruni, Eniniv Warner, Sondra Dunn, Ann Cox, Gail Heard. Id U Wlev Hoi hi wr S»inii id SPRING 1957 Softball 1st Kappa Kappa Gamma 2nd Chi Omega Golf 1st Barbara Mulherin. Chi 2nd (] )iinie Hayes, KD Archery 1st Harriet Perry, Tri Delt 2nd Ann Jones, Chi Tennis 1st Lynn Crovatt-Ann Quarterman, Phi Mu 2nd Alpha Delta Pi Swimming 1st Chi Omega 2nd Kappa Kappa Gamma Slap it hard! FALL 1957 Table Tennis 1st Helen Huff, KAT 2nd Delta Phi Epsilon Volley Ball 1st Chi Omega 2nd Alpha Chi Omega Horseshoes 1st Delta Delta Delta 2nd Kappa Alpha Theta WINTER 1958 5wininiing 1st Kappa Kappa Gamma 2nd Zeta Tau Alpha Bowling 1st AOPi 2nd Pi Beta Phi Individual winners in the winter swimming competition. Points are totaled to decide ih e swnnining winners, and another contest is begun. A practice session of the Dolphin Club, an organization sponsored by W.A.A. Theta ping-pong champs display their ski It ' s got a long way to go. Military Army R.O.T.C. Every student at the University is re- quired to take two years of military training. From the basic students the Army selects those cadets possessing leadership characteristics into the ad- vanced course. Upon graduation these cadets receive commissions in the Army. It has been accepted that no recent war could have been won without the men who had had previous training in the R.O.T.C. I I Col. Carl R. Hill, PMS T First rote: Capt. Michael N. Bakarich, Lt. Col. John H. Dixon, Col. Carl R. Hill. Capt. John W. Reynolds, Capt. Billy C. Durant. Second roiv: Sgl. Carl R. Bland, Sgt. Robert A. I.uni- ley, Sgt. Carl A. Bunn, Sgt. Elijah M. Ford. Third row: Sgt. John O. Robinson, Sgt. Asbury D. Snow, Sgt. Mark H. Ward. The Regiment COL. BENJAMIN W. BOSWELL Commander MISS ANN WILLIAMS Sponsor REGIMENTAL STAFF: Lt. Col. John I. Mulling, Executive Officer, Major Louis F. Musil, Adjutant, Major William L. McDaniel, S-3. 1 First Battalion LT. COL. BAVyi!TXR A. .VM)ER50 Commtauder CAPT. BEN ?WAI McEL n RR_A.Y. Adjutant. CVPT. JACK . MISICK. S-3 MI? L RY LE riS UM! Sponsor Persfciag Rifles pa s in Reiriew. I ' ' im ' St mtmmBamai COMPANY " A " Capt. Roberl J. Cleveland Commander Miss Ellen Parker Sponsor fro ' ' COMPANY " B ' apt. Julian V. Casey Commander Miss Patricia Martin Sponsor ?ir 59 COMPANY " C »ii i wa««»oi.i ■ usi uismf Capt. Edward B. Lipscoinb Commander Miss Mary Lou Close Sponsor .7 Second Battalion LT. COL. CHARLES R. WILLIAMS Commander And the Band played on! CAPT. CLIFFORD A. PICKENS, Adjutant, CAPT. WILLIAM P. WATKINS, S-3 MRS. CHARLES R. WILLIAMS Sponsor % - :»vHr - ;aK y ?:-!!.-..:kay COMPANY " E " Band IHi aMS ROTC Rifle team First Row: R. E. Prescolt, F. C. Iscminger, J. N. Hall, J. R. Boll. J. C. Nichols, W. T. Mooflv, J. L. Rhciicv. Second Row: E. M. Fold. Toam (o mIi: K. V. T o.l.l. T. M. :|..m-. I). C. SNAP SHOTS Greetings! (ladels Lumpkin and Williams study a field target firing critique board at camp. Sgt. Snow looks over awards to be presented at Summer Camp. Col. Dixon (third from left) watches demonstration along with camp staff and cadets. Col. Kriedberg. dcpul, camp loniinander, explains camp to Mr. Albert B. Jones while Lt. Col. Dixon looks on. 191 Air Force ROTC COL. JOHN F. McCartney, U.S.A.F., Professor of Air Science LU MAJ. GEORGE E. KOONTZ Executive Officer Capt. Edward R. Clark Capt. Austin Maloonib Capt. Roy M. Brewer Capl. Bondy H. Holconibe Capt. Robert F. Johnston Sgt. Howard H. Beavers Sgt. Ralph E. Nixon Sgt. Calvin B. Watts Sgl. Bobby F. Young Sgl. Dewey R. Cobb 192 The Wing WING COMMANDER COL. CHESTER W. LEATHERS, Wing Commander WING STAFFS FALL Lt. Col. George H. Worley, Lt. Col. George R. Greene, Col. Chester W. Leathers, Lt. CoL George E. Wade, Lt. Col. Robert A. Skelton, Lt. Col. Joseph S. Bennett. WINTER Lt. Col. George R. Greene, Lt. Col. Thomas C. Collins, Col. Chester W. Leathers, Lt. CoL Jack A. Holt, Lt. Col. Ernest H. Drew, Lt. Col. Bil- lups, P. Tillman. GROUP 1 l.oniiiiitiider . Executive Officer Sgt. Major . FALL . Maj. Howaril A. Henson . . . CajH. Clyde N. Wells . . M Sgl. Charles J. Jones WINTER Comnunuler Maj. James W. Kidd Executive Officer Capt. John P. Gill Sgt. Major M Sgt. Larry L. Hawley Capt. Howard A. Henson Maj. Howard A. Henson Capt. Clyde N. Wells Maj. Janus W. Kidd I ' - , Capt. John P. Gill Maj. James W. Kidd GROUP 2 Commander . Executive Officer Sgt. Major . . FALL . Maj. Emmet J. Bondurant . Capt. Richard H. Emmons . . M Sgt. Elias J. Kakaty WINTER Commander Maj. Eugene A. Moore Executive Officer .... Capt. James H. Cabaniss Sgt. Major M Sgt. James D. Hall Maj. Emmet J. Bondurant Maj. Emmet J. Bondurant Capt. Wade Saye Maj. Eugene A. Moore Capt. James H. Cabaniss Maj. Eugene A. Moore Squadron 101 Capt. Marvin E. Raulston Winter Commander Squadron 102 Squadron 103 Squadron 104 Instructors Squadron First Rote: Lt. Billy G. Eden- field, Col. George E. Wade, Lt. Bobby T. Fowler, Lt. Thomas L. Carteaux, Lt. Thomas J. Kempton. Second Rotv: Lt. Joseph W. Martin, Capt. Frank T. Phillips, Lt. Albert D. Shackleford, Lt. Clarence W. Walton, Lt. John M. Greene, Lt. Robert F. Alli- son, Lt. George D. Savage, Lt. George B. Morris. Instructors discuss problems with cadets. Angels on the wing. Memories of a few mornings. It ' s 8 A.M. o ' clock! Sabre Drill Team Capt. Cuyton S. McLendon Commander AFROTC Band 198 At Work Summer Camp wn Hr jB B r [ l r j lVHH I Ir ' pjMwi Outstanding Cadets Honored How Does It Work? Cadet awed by Military Ball Queen Contestants. 199 Angels visit cadet Day Room. ' m ' ' %d ,- ' •- " .vW. Wtt-i wmmm m 1958 Pauidtn BEAUTY REVUE 202 " Hail to Georgia down in Dixie, a college honored fair and true . . . " And on November 19th in Fine Arts Auditorium, the " fairest of the Southland " — forty beautiful I ' niversity co-eds — were presented to the campus at the Twenty- second Annual Beauty Revue. Amidst a typical Georgia setting, the Twilighters played soft music for the 1958 Leadout. Wearing full length gowns and pastel col- ored flowers, the contestants were escorted down the steps and onto the stage by Howard Fisch. Glid- ing across the stage and flashing big, warm smiles, they were judged by Mrs. Joy Arnold, Davison ' s Ad- vertising Director; Herbert R. Thompson, Josten Manufacturer ' s Representative, and Dan L. Lanier, South Georgia judge and attorney. Dorothy McConkey, veteran Un- iversity Theatre actress, narrated the intermission entertainment which included dancer Gretchen Gandy. Bill Anderson ' s Rock an ' Roll Five, Jane Hadaway ' s Wash- board Band. Cheerleader Lynne Robinson, and the Men and Wom- en ' s Glee Club ensemble. The nine finalists were intro- duced by Master of Ceremonies Earl Leonard as they returned to the stage. With tension at its peak and a prevailing silence in Fine Arts, the MC announced the new " queen of the campus " — Betsy Tant, Zeta sponsored Atlantian. Trophies and roses were pre- sented by Pandora Editor Swain McElmurray and Business Man- ager Helen Lanier. Sandra Lee Thompson, Miss Pandora of 1957, placed the Miss Pandora crown on the head of the misty-eyed sopho- more beauty. 1958 LEADOUT Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Delta Pi . Alpha Epsilon Pi . Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Rho . Alpha OmicTon Pi . Alpha Tail Omega . Candler Hall . . Chi Omega . . . Chi Phi ... . Chi Psi .... Delta Delta Delta . Delta Phi Epsilon . Delta Sigma Pi . . Delta Tail Delta . Kappa Alpha . . . Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta . . . Kappa Sigma . Lambda Chi Alpha . Carol Wolfram Joanne Hecker . Tanya Lefko . Nancy Hodgson . Jane Chastain . Carolyn Davis . . Patsy Hall LuciLE Stephens . Carolyn Kirby . . NiNi Maltby . Marie Barron Pamela Lamson Elayne Lasavoy . . Helen Craig Barbara Hagman Carolyn McGill . Carole Little Ruth Alexander . Marilyn Jones Regina Jackson North Myers . Phi Delta Theta Phi Epsilon Pi . Phi Kappa Tau . Phi Mu . . . Pi Beta Phi . Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi . Red Black . Rutherford Maryann Volpitto . . . Jere Conner . . Sharon Cristol . Catherine Ruark Patricia Patterson Meriam McDonald . . Elsa Parrott . . . Gail Tansill . Laurie Anderson . . Judy Kimbrell Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Jane Clark Sigma Chi . . . Lillian McCurley Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Nu . . Sigma Pi . Tau Epsilon Phi . . Betty Behr , SUZIANNE HaILE Jo Anna Hudcins . Beverly Stein Theta Chi Janie Berry Triquetra-IM . . Sandra Newberry Zeta Tau Alpha . . . Betsy Tant 1 ' 1958 COURT First row, left to right: Jere Conner, Joanne Hecker, Jane Chastain. Second row: Caro- lyn Kirby, Elsa Parrott, Barbara Hagman. Third row: Beverly Stein, Betsy Tant, Miss Pandora of 1958, and Catherine Ruark. Miss Pandora of 1958 presented by Zeta Tail Alpha Miss Betsy Tant. a sophomore from Atlanta, was crowned Miss Pandora of 1958 at the 22nd Annual Beauty Revue. Not only is this brown-haired co-ed a campus beauty because Betsy takes an active part in campus activities. She is a member of Angels ' Flight and is a majorette for the Dixie Redcoat Band. During 1957-58 she was a resident URSA in North Myers. Presented by her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, Betsy holds a number of beauty titles including Miss Perfect Lips of Georgia Tech, Miss Homecoming of 1956, Gator Bowl Queen finalist, and Miss Atlanta of 1957. Probably her most valuable trophy, however, is a small silver loving cup which reads: " To the World ' s Greatest Daughter — Mother. " ! . } ' li w .11? iir .:i? ' " ii ' 2 - Is ' " «• ' ■«•«« » ' •«■« ■ ' • ' J " ««i«««.w i«5SS 22° 55 p k- •s; tS !!;•■ ' • ' iSifSi !!■::. ill ' •5555 •5 :• ■■ ' ' j 5« ' Jfc2» 3 ' ., ' ! • i». ' ??«» 15 ' ' ■ .1 ►-.,» • 1% JJ ( ha6u presented by Alpha Gamma Rho 208 ' jj jem L c presented by Phi Delta Theta onner ullss iSama a _A ( presented hy Delta Tail Delta aawian i ■ia-., ' flWB ' " :Si-S0lMb. ' .W .iv . ' b. ■ fi6 ioavine presented by- Alpha Delta Pi _Mecker 211 presented by Chi Omega 212 MJ presented by Pi Kappa Alpha aihenne i viam presented by Phi Kappa Tau 214 jj (JSeveniA S te fL66 presented by Tail Epsiloii Phi Sin ? J 4 t66 U evenu yQnn Co Miss Homecoming of 1957 216 ' tki fL66 V V lanna March of Dimes Queen oom MJ 1 1 anon vjnfHvi Military Ball Queen jj (yocLij S kattuch Miss Georgia of 1957 First Runner-up in Miss America Contest, 1957 219 Greeks kt - ' ■l r; »p WE Interfraternity Council OFFICERS Dave Hollis President Gibson Durden Vice-President Tom Gray Secretary Jay Cox Treasurer The Inter-Fraternity Council, composed of repre- sentatives from each fraternity on campus, serves as a governing body for the fraternities. The pur- pose of this organization is to promote fraternal ideals, to strive for better understanding and co- operation among the fraternities, and to advance always the interest of the University. I.F.C. sponsors several major campus activities during the school year including the annual fall Homecoming dances. Rush Week, Little Commence- ment, and Greek Week. Another project of the Inter-Fraternity Council is the Greek Week publi- cation. The council also plays a part in campus elections. MEMBERS ALPHA EPSILON PI Xorman Simomtz Ned Franco ALPHA GAMMA RHO Morris Seymour Rick Hawkins ALPHA TAU OMEGA Cone Maddox Sonny Baldwin CHI PHI Julian Cox Jimmy Walker CHI PSI Jerry Succi Batch Flythe DELTA TAU DELTA Frank Chandley Frank Bahin KAPPA ALPHA Swain McElmurray Jack Romano KAPPA SIGMA Tom Rainey Carlton Gates LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Royce Fricks Bently Lipscomb PHI DELTA THETA Tom Dennard George Hood ' Ho lotta shakin ' goin ' on. PHI EPSILON PI George Scheer Jake Behr PHI KAPPA TAU Pete Chick Jack Myers PI KAPPA ALPHA Bill Daniel Wallace Cato PI KAPPA PHI Ronny Tansill Pete Moerlins SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Bill Searcy Carr Dodson SIGMA CHI John McMullan Paul Dowell SIGMA NU Tom Bailey Phil Coyle SIGMA PI Larry Bixby Jerry Bowen TAU EPSILON PHI Stanley Friedman Spud Karsman THETA CHI Roscoe Dean Ronny Mann 222 First Rote: George Scheer, Tommy Baily, Bill Searcy, Jimmy Walker, Jake Behr, Jerry Sucoi. Second Row: Swain McElmur- ray, Carlton Gates, Tom Dennard, Tom Gray, Dave Hollis, Gibson Durden, Jay Cox, Norman Simowitz, Frank Bahin, Julian Cox. Third Row: John McMulIan, I ' t le Chick, Bentley Lipscomb, Stan Karsman, Stan Friedman, Batch Flythe, Lawrence Bixby. Fourth Row: Ned Franco, Bill Daniel, Carr Dodson, Jack Romano, Ronnie Tansell, Jack Morelands, Dick Hawkins, Frank Chaney. Gene IVIaddox, George Hood, Sonny Baldwin, Paul Dowell. Fifth Row: Mr. Cox, Morris Seymour, Royce Fricks, Jerry Bowen, Phil Coyle, Roscoe Dean. 223 Alpha Epsilon Pi Omicron Chapter 327 South Milledge Avenue OFFICERS Larry Cohen President Ned Franco Vice President Terry Seitz Secretary Dewald Cohen Treasurer AEn Promoting fellowship and understanding among its members and preparing to meet and deal with the problems of life are the purposes of AEPi fra- ternity. Their feature social attraction, the AEPi Throw, is held during Winter Quarter to raise money for the March of Dimes. The faculty and other sororities and fraternities are also represented at the contest. AEPi has several famous alumni: former Su- preme Master Arnold B. Hoffman, New York State Attorney General Nathaniel L. Goldstein, and Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. The national chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded in 1913; thirteen years later the Omicron chapter was established at the University of Georgia. LARRY COHEN First Row: Leonard Friedman, Gerald Siegel, Ned Franco, Dewald Cohen, Patsy Braver, Harold Milner, Sanford Karesh, Charles Shaffer, Norman Golivesky. Second Row: Ronnie Pollock, Howie Saunders, Marvin Rosen, Jerry Page, Sam Goodrich, William Green, Jerry Rothschild, Melvin Simowilz ' , Roger Merahn. Third Row: George Bernstein, Sanford Richman, Burt Grotenstein, Paul Eichcl, Steven Tenenbaum, David Cohen. Fourth Row: Ronnie Schreiber, Larry Cohen, Nelson Goldman. Melvin Selig- man, Terry Seitz. Fifth Row: Marty Greene, Sidney Peskin, Wallace Moses, Berry Bernian, Burl Raskins, Leigh Brody. 225 MORRIS B. SEYMOUR OFFICERS Morris B. Seymour President Loy D. Cowart Vice President Jerry Lanier Secretary Lannv Farr Treasurer 785 South Milledge Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in the fall of 1904, at Ohio State University. Since that time, thirty-four chapters have been organized through- out the United States. The fraternity is similar in organization to other general social fraternities, dif- fering only in that its membership is restricted to students in agriculture and related subjects. The fraternity ' s biggest annual event is the Founder ' s Day Dance. The flower is the pink rose, and the colors are green and gold. Alpha Gamma Rho is governed by brotherhood, and through brotherhood it seeks to better the mem- bers ' future by promoting common interests in agriculture, the basic industry. AFP Alpha Eta Chapter First Rote: Rick Hawkins, John Faulk, Tommy Smith, Bill Truluck, Billv Edenfield. Second Rotr: William Townsend, Reid Beasley, Bobbv Deal, Johnnv Chapman, Eugene Gaj. Third Row: Richard Norton. Gene Gay, Charles Lanier, Mrs. Reddmond, Lanny Farr, Billy Parker. Fourth Row: Morris Seymour, Lov Cowart, Thomas Daniels, Olvid Edwards, Emery Procter. Fifth Row: Bob Murphy, Freddie Miller, George Flanders, James P. Brown, Capers Jordan, Ralph Loveless, Wayne Woods, Rowe T. Wall, Jerry Lanier, Gene Rogers, Jarrel Ray. Alpha Tau Omega 815 South Milledge OFFICERS Mike Harrison • . President Earl Leonard Vice President Jim Robertson Secretary Bob Woodson Treasurer Alpha Beta Chapter AT Q Alpha Beta chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was established on the University campus in 1878. It is the sixth oldest active chapter in the nation, and the oldest in the state of Georgia. Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Virginia Military Institute as the first greek letter fraternity established after the War between the States. Highlighting the ATO social year is the White Tea Rose Formal given Spring Quarter. The chap- ter is also noted for its " sewer " parties in the basement of the house each quarter. Deborah Bell, ADPi, is sweetheart of the chapter. MIKE HARRISON " n — r _ — — — 1 ' m 1 M . — .-dll 1 .. ■ ff-r- 1 1 1 1 i 1 First Row: Jack Harte, Emory Lipscomb, David Harte, Walton Killingsworth, Tommy Brooks, Clifford Chapman, Bonner Haw- kins, Hugh Cleaton. Roger Butler. Spcond Row: Larry Floyd, Leon Odom, Billy Mitchell, Barney Brannen. Charles Jenkins, Eugene Baldwin, Mrs. George Jones, Fred Carswell, Jack Chilton, Doug Healy, Bill Chambers, Bob Woodson, Jerry Connel, Bob Bowen. Third Row: Jack Moran, Malcolm Seckinger, Albert Williams, Joe Smaha, Harvey Johnson. Arnold Sims, Ed Newton, Don Combes, Joel Patterson, Cone Maddox. Fourlh Rote: Jim Robertson, John Belflowcr, Wilton Walton, Herman Purvis. Chris B otsaris, Charles Terry, Don Peters, Carl Welch, Charles Pecor, Bob Trobaugh, Earl Leonard, G. W. Bradley, Ed Bolden, Jones Maxwell, Wayne Coleman, John Ryan. Fifth Row: Tommy Burn- side, Tommy George, Ben Klopp, David Muse, Danny Wood, Morton Patterson. 229 CHARLES KAMMERER OFFICERS Charles Kammerer Alpha Johnny Walker Gamma Dickie Jervey Delta The Eta Chapter of the Chi Phi was begun on Georgia ' s campus in 1867, forty-seven years after its national founding at Princeton University in 1824. Such men as Henry Woodfin Grady, Louis Eatton LeConte, and Jeptha Harris Rucker were once actives in Chi Phi. They have representation in the X Ciub, Sphinx, Gridiron, Student Council, I.F.C., Blue Key and Order of the Greek Horsemen. Chi Phi ' s are associated with their colors, scarlet and blue, and their flower, the sunflower. Their sweetheart and sponsor is Nini Malthy. X 290 South Lumpkin Street Chi Phi 230 Eta Chapter First Rout: Sam Evins, Lee Evans, Mike Crawford, Julian Cox, Jim Walker, Jack Hollis, Nick Collins, Jerry Washburn, Willie Starnes, John Engil, Johnny Smith, Don Smith, Mont Miller, Dor. Second Row: Don Dussling Barksdalc Collins, Joe Bogie, Bob Buckbee, Scott Ilenson, Sprowell Dempsey, Ed Ivie, Johnny Williams, John Cooper, Nini Malby, Dicky Jervey, Tommy Miller, Milner Lively, Purnell Davis, Joe Palmer. Third Row: Bryce Newman, Forrest Ilensley, Sam Mays, Jim Hadaway, Tom Collins, George Bowen, Jim Nichols, Cene Staton, George Diet- rich, Lorric Howard, Brerk Brighorn, Herb Zachry, Bill Melntyrc, Al Kitchens, Jim Vick, Hal Choale, Harry Oldham, Chueh Kainmercr, John Wohler, Jim I ' ervis, Tom Oglesby, Fourth Row: John Talmage, Arthur Butts, Jim Sanders, John Hadaway, Hugh Inglis, Tieter Smith, Frank Wratherbee, G. B. Morris, Bill Almand, (Jene Skclton, Forman Dismukes, Red Lyie, Joe Davis, Dickie Smith, Pat Hickey, Wade Seal, Rivers Roser, Rowdy Stanton, Alan Matthews, Frank Moore, Lamar Ellis, Maurice Joyce, Tommy Cornell, Ben Huskin. iiiiH ■9 fH iHrv WN 1 11 II - ' ' imi Chi Psi Alpha Alpha Delta Chapter X¥ In 1890, Alpha Alpha Deha chapter was founded here at the University, forty-nine years after the establishment of the national Chi Psi Fraternity at Union College. In addition to the intramural program, the Chi Psi ' s sponsor an annual football game and joint party with the Georgia Tech chapter and a Chi Psi- Phi Mu Softball game, held during Spring Quarter. Chi Psi National Fraternity has set up an insur- ance plan which will go into effect this year. Locally, they have begun work on a new lodge on Lumpkin Street, opposite the Gilbert Memorial Infirmary. 645 South Milledge Avenue OFFICERS Jeremy Succi President Frank Orris Vice President Larry DeLoacli Secretary Neil Williams Treasurer JEREMY SUCCI ■ ' ; K ' fHfi mm I First Row: Franklin Sweat, Neil Williams, Mrs. Bceland, Larry Deloach, Rosemary Thorpe, Jerry Succi, Marie Barron, Frank Orris, Paul Mathias. Second Row: Alton Gilmore, Charles Grif- fith, Buck Dunn, Bill Hibbert, Bob Watson. Third Row: Gary Blasinganie, Charner Wall, Johnny Harris, John Watson, Pete Manley. Fourth Row: Andre Duncan, Malcome Locke, Grady Cone, George Kelley, Batch Flythe, Ken Smallwood, Broadus Thomasson, Freddie Iseminger, Ken Brehm, Earl Lucey, Mike DeLeonardis, Phil Wortman. 233 FRANK H. CHANDLEY OFFICERS Frank H. Chandley President William S. Davis .... Vice President David IVI. Kippenhrock .... Treasurer Robert W. Floumey Secretary ! .B ! X ' PfR.- f ' jS A Each year, Li ' l Abner can be seen on the Georgia campus in preparation for the Dogpatch Drag, one of the Delts ' social affairs. Other parties foremost on their social list are the Founder ' s Day Formal, and the Christmas Party for underprivileged children. Delta Tau Delta was founded in 1859 and the Beta Delta chapter was established on the Georgia campus in 1882. Some of the outstanding alumni of Delta Tau Delta are James Melton, Alben Barkley, Branch Rickey, Lamar Trotti, and Dean of Men , William Tate. 545 South Milledge Avenue ATA Delta Tau Delta Beta Delta Chapter First Roic: Carl MoCleskcy, Vic McDonald, Bob Mills, Tuck Shifletl, Mickey Huff, Frank Bahin, Jimmy Vacalis, Cecil Clapp, Hudson Cone. Second Roiv: John Cunibce, Allen Stovall, Bob Flournoy, Bill Davis, Patti Boncmous, Mrs. E. K. Overstreet, Frank Chandley, David Kippenbrock, Jack Kemp, T. B. Williams. Third Row: John Wenisch, Bichard ' Wemmers, Sheldon Schep- pach, Oliver Mason, Phil Aurandt, Nelson Allen, Jack Thompson, Bichard Elliott, Bhett Tanner, Bill Crawford, George Dean, Sharon Denny, John Farmer, Jim Pickens. Fourth Row: Millard Cowan, Creg Wilson, Ken Hutson, Butch I angfitl, Bob Mc- Entyre, Ben Hadaway, Ernie Hallford, Will Maddox, John New- some, Gary Johnston, Ken Davis, Bob Cilsick. Kappa Alpha Gamma Chapter ■ " i75f «! _afc 294 South Lumpkin OFFICERS Tom Gray I Ernest Rackley II George Creal Ill KA In 1865, the Kappa Alpha Order was founded with the purpose of promoting the ideals and cus- toms of a " southern gentleman. " To stress its prin- ciples of Southern tradition, the KA ' s hold annually, the " Old South Ball. " Gamma chapter, established at Georgia in 1868, has the distinction of being the oldest chapter in continuous oJDeration. " The KA ' s pride themselves in having in its mem- bership the president of a class last year, members active in Gridiron. " X " Club, Student Council, Phi Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Red and Black, and the Pandora Staff. This year ' s Kappa Alpha Rose is Carolyn McGill. TOM GRAY First Rotv : Roy Hayes, David Oaks, Nelson Cook, Ernest Rackley, Tom Gray, Carolyn McGill, Buddy Creel, Henry Drake, Emmet Bonduraiit, Gib Johnston, Sam George. Second Rotv: Winkie Jenkins, Bobby Wright, Boone Knox, Harry Haisten, Guy Arn- old, Pleas Patterson, Tommy Close, Travis Cook, Billy Shaw, Stetson Fleming, Ed Thomas, Jim Cook, Swain McElmurray. Third Rotv: Dick Evans, Jack Romano, Tommy Hopson, Ralph Hodges, Ed Legge, Wiley Waller, Jerry Hearrin, Billy Askew, Alston Steiner, Bruce Donnigan, Jackie Copeland. Fourth Rote: John Blevins, John Barr, Bob Mills, Cay Ozborne, Weldon Neal, Jimmy Balcom, Tom Young, Buddy Broadnax, Arthur Mont- gomery, Jordan Legge, Billy Howell, Jim Gray, John Cole, Joe Chandier, Willis Lanier. Fifth Rotv: Bob ' R .Ihams, D ' k Ken- nedy, Charlie Fleming, Rufus Chambers, Fred Gilmer, R ' chard Tatum, Heath Varnedoe, Mike Malone, Buddy Carroll, Jack Grant, Howard Fisch. 237 BOBBY WHITE Robert Louis While . Chandler Brooks Barton Robert Drane Forst . OFFICERS . Grand Master Grand Procurator . Grand Scribe Louis Andrew Hudson Grand Treasurer Kappa Sigma Fraternity was first founded in 1869 at the University of Virginia. The Beta Lambda chapter was establislied on the University of Geor- gia campus in 190L The object of the Kappa Sigs is " To enjoy and increase the pleasures which are only to be obtained by the intercourse of congenial spirits. " Their Trophy Dance is one of the most outstand- ing social highlights to be held at the fraternity house each spring. The coveted Kappa Sig Trophy is at that time presented to the sorority of the year. K2 324 South Milledge Avenue Kappa Sigma 238 Beta Lambda Chapter Firgt Rote: Dean Cole, Eddie Spear, Carlton Gates, Clem Mathis, Jim Smith, Wayne Garrett, Clayton McWillianis, Jerry Johnson, Enimett Hamm, Marshall Smith. Second Row: Robert Daughtry, Cay Stokes, John Boden, Mike Moyers, (Chandler Barton, Bob Forst, Betsy Tant, Bobby While, Marilyn Jones, L. A. Hudson, Henry Bell, Cliff While, Bruce Lowry, Billy Roe, Tom Vickery, Don Cole, Bobby Anderson, Craig Fickling. Third Rote: Ansel Quattlebauni, John Daughertv, Bob Culpepper, Tavlor Hatcher, Teddy Pierce, Tom Elliot. Jim Hall, Roy Thomas, Phillip Avery, Tommy Gibbs, Freddie Youngblood, Ronnie Coleman. Fourth Rotr: Jim Carmiehael, Bob Anderson, Leonard Lokey, Dan Hutchins, Buddy Mason, Tommy Harris, Johnny I ong, Loren Hatfield, Wesley Leonard, Ben Bracket, George Armstrong, Val- don Smith, Skip Reidy. Fifth Rntr: David Cleghorn, Mac Arnold, Harris Lewis, Tom Pound, Jim McLean, Mike Reily, Mclvjn Brown, Duane Hall, Charles Hill, Jerry Bowden, Robert Christie, Billy Ray, Martin Hairston. Sixth Row: Louis I eviton, Jon Mon- son, Gordon Carson, Martin Stellges, Herb Guerry, William Rives, Morris Campbell, Buzzy Garrison, Bob Bateman. Lambda Chi Alpha Nu Zeta Chapter 9V0 South Milledge Avenue OFFICERS DaveHoIlis President Norris Mullin Vice President Max Cour§on Secretary Owen Adams Treasurer AXA The Crescent Girl Formal is the main social event for Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. They also have many other events such as the Harvest Moon Ball, Roaring Twenties Masquerade Party, Little Abner- Daisy Mae Fling, Founder ' s Day Banquet and the Alumni Bar-B-Q. The chapter boasts members in such organiza- tions as Gridiron, X Club, G Club, and Student Council. They have such famous alumni as Harry S. Truman, Charlie Trippi and many others. The purpose of the Nu Zeta Chapter is to mold sound bodies through the use of fraternalism, learn- ing, and patriotism. DAVID HOLLIS d First Roiv: Billv James , Bricc Holcomb, B. B. Adams. Owen Adams, Jerry Allen, Ed Madray, Pat Boggs, Charles Furartdo, Max Courson, Ray Elrod, Roddy Bray. Second Ron-: Joe Ham- mock, David Haight, Buck Green. Heck Dodson, Freddy Derr, Jery Tate, Mrs. Westbrooks, Dave Hollis, Beverly Fritch, Howard Dyrdahl, David Brown, Larry Murphy, Duncan Christy, Tom Brown, Albert Hudson. Third Row: Tom Newman, Gary Yawn, Bill Parker, Ridgely Robinson, Royce Fricks, Bentley Lipscomb, Bob Marandino, Billy Shuman, Norris MuIUs, David Harrison, B. J. Hulsev. Fourth Row: Jack Holt, Frank Smith, White Gar- land, Hiram llendrix, Russ Van Putten, Bob Lawson, Jerry Can- nupp, Lou Kakaty, Roland Massey, Clark Franklin, Sonny Barr, Rubin Starling, Dan Minchew, Kenneth Brown. Fifth Row: Barry Wenzel, Bill Shathers, Joe Harris, Pete Neal, Tommy Sul- livan, Jim Calhoun, Dicky Emmons. 241 JACK HAUGABOOK OFFICERS Jack Haugabook President Tom Dennard Vice President Bill Hughes Secretary Bill Collins Treasurer The Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta has been active on the University campus since 1871. To promote the development of the well-rounded col- legeman through social and fraternal activities is their purpose. Such events as the annual Bowery Ball, the White and Blue Formal, the Hobo Party, and the Found- er ' s Day Banquet make up the Phi Delts ' annual social calendar. In the community they participate in Service Day and give a Christmas party for underprivileged children. The Phi Delts claim such famous alumni as Ernest Vandiver, Zack Cravey, and Bill Duckworth? a)A0 690 South Lumpkin. Phi Delta Theta Alpha Chapter First Row: Alfred Thompson, Zach Everett, George Sibley, Walter McCurdy, Thad Fralcigh, George Dozier, Will Morgan, James Hall, Horace Evans III, Tom Dennurd, Linton West, Hill Kemp, ( rahani Stovall. Second Row: Bill Rushing, Joe Pittman, Chuch Conklin, Larry Bennett, Bert Strange, Rowland Dye, George Hood, Johnny Majors, David Gross, Larry Hawley, Ronnie Free- man, Lin Banks, I en Fowler. Third Row: Danny Hobbs, R. O. Jones, Sonny Shroyer, Joe Barrett, Bill Horton, Bob Lyon, Anne Milton, Mrs. Dalvin, Jack Haugabook, Duncan Callicott, Ray Kunzer, Ben Baker, John McCune, Earl Carson. Fourth Row: Melvin Bentley, Warren Leanion, Tom Nolan, Tommy Miller, Billy Hughes, Joe Hiers, Jot Carpenter, Roger Shadburn, Bill Fuller, Lee Laster, David Fulghum, Foster Joiner, Bill Hatcher, Benni) ' Chaxipell. Fifth Row: Ted Korman, Don Bicger, Charles Whitner, Dannv Hughes, Max Staples, Ben Wctheringlon, Irvin Dennar.l, Larry Chester, Joe MrGee, Bobby Brabham, Wiley Wasilin, Dickie Hester, Gerald Thurmond, John Wasdin, l ni Baker, Charles Crowley, Ralph Skellon. Sixth Row: Chris Foster, Bill Collins. Lawlon Miller, Tom Launius, Eddie Lynch, Jim Bardnian, Andy Foster, ( lyde Hunt, Jimmy Majors, Henry Adkins, Powell Hunter, Waller Brown. Seventh Row: Jim Wilcox, James Beatty, Tommy Morgan, Bobby Williams, Mitch Staples, David Clifford, Tom Christie. Phi Epsilon Pi Mu Chapter En On November 23, 1904. Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity was founded at the City College of New York. The local chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1915. The Phi Eps sponsor the annual Battle of the Bands, held during fall quarter. Each year they also give an award to the outstanding Air Force R.O.T.C. student in memory of an alumnus who was killed while serving in the Air Force. Some of the famous alumni include Louis Wolf- son, financier; Hank Greenberg, baseball player; and Cy Howard, radio-TV writer. 50 S. IMilledge Avenue OFFICERS George M. Scheer, Jr President Louis Kaye Vice President Bob Wachs Treasurer Jake Behr Secretary GEORGE M. SCHEER, JR. . " rTfr-n S First Rote: Mike Lee, Mrs. Hanna Hoffman, Lewis Kare, Ruthie Mincey, George Scheer, Sharon Cristol, Jake Behr. Second Row: Jerry Leuine, Lee Friedman, Bob Wachs, Joe Mennen, Norman Kesner. Third Rote: Murray Jascolke, Elliott Donnel, Harold Hirsch, Bill Bierman, Norm Wcisberg, Marvin Allen. Fourth Roiv: Norman Rich, Paul Fine, Gene Eisen, Jimmy Wigzel, Larry Blonkin. 245 JAMES C. MYERS, JR. OFFICERS James C. Myers, Jr President Henry E. Bohn Vice President John W. Keasler Secretary Louis F. Music Treasurer 1 1 I I To build character, mold leadership, guide scho- lastic achievement, and fulfill the requirements of fellowship and brotherhood is the Phi Kappa Tau purpose. Phi Kappa Literary Society, Student Council, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Glee Club and Alpha Phi Omega are some of the organizations Phi Kappa Tau members enjoy. The biggest event of the PKT year is the Red Carnation Ball in the spring. House dances too, are given throughout the year. The Phi Kappa Tau Sweetheart this year is Theta ' s Sally ffutchinson; their sponsor is KD ' s Katherine Ruark. RT 470 Hill Street Phi Kappa Tau 246 Beta Xi Chapter First Rotr: Rodger Vaughn, Greg Tolh. Dale Morrison, Ed Null, Larry McDaniel, Sid Smith. Srconil Roic : Neil Weatherly, Jaok Myers, Bob Herner, Bobby Ruark, Sally IIuti-hiiiAon, Kalh Ruark, Mrs. Gilpin, Lynn Oglesby, Bud Mosil. Third Rote: Austin Davis, Dave Fountain, Allen Summers, Terry Mann, Howard Joe, Henry Bohn, Wade Whitley, Lloyd Wescoe. Fourth Row: Tommy Wilson, Andy Sullivan, Jim Foster, John Broome, Jake Ja ohM n, B,.l.,. Cannon. I ' .lr Chirk. Fifth Rote: Don Huic, Joel Canada, Bailey Milrhel, David Robertson, John Keasler, Darrell Bennett, Danny Hart, Rusty Chandler, Ed Garner. ■ I V Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Mu Chapter ERA OFFICERS Howard Drane President Tommy Carteaux .... Vice I ' resident David Bell Secretary George Hamrick Treasurer 198 South Hull Street Pi Kappa Alpha was first founded at the Univer- sity of Georgia by six Confederate veterans on March 1, I060. Alpha Mu chapter hokls to its purpose " promotion of brotherly love and under- standing, and the mutual encouragement of social and scholastic endeavors. " Pike s campus events include a Christmas party for local orphans, an annual Dream Girl Dance, a costume ball, and a " Hoose " Dance. Senators John Sparkman and Wayne Morris, Elbert P. Tuttle, and Fess Parker are some of PiKA ' s famous alumni. The fraternity ' s magazine is The Shield and Diamond. HOWARD DRANE First Roic: Wayne Robinson, Bob Malconi, Bobby Pierce, Bill Holbrook, Mike Downes, Bill Dunaway, Tom Barrel!, Wayne Ash, John Ludwig, Jerry Lewis, Wilson Joiner, B. Lloyd Woodall, Chappell Collins, Mickey McCarthy, Wallace Cato. Second Rote: Jimmy Brocket!, Harry Cashin, David Bell, Gibson Durden, Tommy Carteaux, Howard Drane, Mrs. Bunn, Elsa Parrott, Bill Daniel, Pat Mathis, Jim Hannahane, George Hanibrick, Jimmy Beach, John Frith. Third Rote: Bill Cliatt, Bill Henderson, Cecil Simpson, Don Rainwater, Remer Daniel, Bob Burdick, Jerry Muller, Ronnie Eulenfeld. Gilbert Miller, Tommy Donaldson, Mac Callahan, Kenny Barnes. Ben Hudson, Peyton Lingle, Eddie Maymo, R. E. Gladdin, Ronnie Griffeth, Stan Kent, Bo Miller. Fourth Rote: Jack Hoffman, Bonnie Williams, Cliff HoUis, Don Foster, Will Little, Ken Costley, Butch Steele, Mack Spates, Nick Powell, Billy Amis, Larry Jones, Billy Lewis, Russell PhiUips, Stan Thornton, Fred Powell, Glenn Griffin, Brawner Floyd, Claude Harper, Danny Westfall. 249 JOHN B. EARLE OFFICERS John B. Earle President Julian R. Lang Treasurer Millard Lambert, Jr Secretary The Pi Kappa Phi ' s " pet " project this year was to remodel the entire house, adding a patio and party shack. At Christmas, the fraternity sponsors a drive for underprivileged children. Throughout the year they have various house dances. In 1914 the local chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was founded at Georgia. To promote scholarship, build character, and establish high morals was adopted as their purpose. Two alumni of the Pi Kappa Phi ' s are Wallace Butts, Georgia ' s head coach, and the ex-governor of South Carolina. • ' y . wfc 599 I , ince Avenue nKO Pi Kappa Phi 250 Lambda Chapter First Rote: Millard Lambert, Gail Tansill, Charles Hendry, Mrs. Garrett, Pete Moerlins, Nancy Wheeler, Bob Bramblett. Second Row; Cv Allen, Malcolm Nash, Ron Tansill, Aubrey Correll, Hal Norris. Third Row: Paul Bozeman, Tom Swain, Jules I ng, Boyd Bridges. ; ' __, - ,or-=-7r " .? ' fr5 .:- . -i-i m V { Sigma Alpha Epsilon Beta Chapter 247 Pulaski Street OFFICERS Bill Rooker President Richard Brown Vice President Chip Wood Secretary Nathan Knight Treasurer 2AE On March 9, 1865, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama. In 1865, the SAE ' s claimed the honor of being the first fraternity on the Georgia campus. It is the only fraternity to retire the Governor ' s trophy, having won it five times in succession. This year the SAE ' s were active in such campus organ- izations as Gridiron, Z Club, G Club, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Order of Greek Horsemen, and Phi Kappa Literary Society. In the spring the SAE ' s climaxed the year with the Magnolia Ball, where the sweetheart, Jane Clark, was crowned. WILLIAM A. ROOKER First Row: Tommy Riitlnnd. C. D. Gann, Carr Dodson, Jane Clarke, Bill Booker, Richard Brown, George Wade. Siconil Rote: Wade Lindorme, Jimbo Laboon, (Jene MaeWinborii, Tommy Bo7.eman, Chester Leathers, Bill Hood, Dent Aeree. Third Row: Bill Garrett, Burt Bridges, Gordon Miller, Ben Devauphn, Bob Sommers. Foitrrh Ron: Julius Holt, Huffy Moody, Bill Searcy, Huel White, Nathan Knight. Fifth Roic: North Goodwin, Lindsey Hopkins, Don Cole, Tommy Sisk, Carlton James, Ray Garard. Sixth Row: Lee Parks, Bill Patterson, Bee Tillman. Seventh Row: Tom Moody, Bucky Reams, George McOiff, Bill Davidson, Charlie Williams, Doug Smith. Eighth Rote: Olin Harrell, Sandy Walker. Davis Adams, Powell Moore, Stuart Woods, Wayne Daughtry. I inth Row: Dallas Champion, Ban Anderson, Brant Sessions, Francis McSwain, Armand Dela Pierre, Jim Willingham. Tenth Row: Bill Gamble, Tom Hincs, Bruce Crawford, Dave Thurmond, Charlie Horton, Don Terry. Eleventh Row: Richard Courts, Marshall Dodds, LKM.O.C, Eddie Ausband, Richard Hull, Walter (ilenn. Jay Cox. Twelfth Row: Cleve Thompson, Mac Mcintosh, Jim Dowling, Chip Woods, Kelly Dimon, David Houk. Thirteenth Row: Walker Beeson, Phil Newton, Bo Wade, Dave Black, Bev Howard, Joe Blackmon. Fourteenth Row; Charles Goo lwin, Howard Bickerstaff, Julius Hulscy, Raymond Dodds, Sam Mc(;uire, Johnny Peavy, Shep Ansley, Bob Eber- hardt, Bobby Glover, Buddy Weston. Fifteenth Rote: Dan Gam- mage, Jack Rooker, Lamar Fleming, Charles Raybcrg, Starr Mc- Hugh, Don Miller, Buzzy Guild, Clarence Thrash. Sixteenth Rinc: John Dent, Ronny Coven, Charlie Harris, Mike Irwin, Duross Fitzpatrick, Scottie Davis, Hugh Royer. Seventeenth Row: Jim Searcy, Bill Sullivan, Bobby Young, Frank Battle, Hal Brady, Bill Morton, Jerry Rich. I 1 i m BOB ENGLISH OFFICERS Bob English President Sal Fazio Vice President Steve Edmondson Secretary Jim Edwards Treasurer 590 South Lumpkin Slrcct Sigma Chi Sigma Chi, one of the oldest national social fra- ternities, was founded in 1855, and the Delta chap- ter came to Georgia in 1871. The 22nd annual Sigma Chi Derby was held this fall. It was originated at Georgia in 1935. The Sweetheart Ball climaxed the Derby with Lillian McCurley chosen as sweetheart. Another tradi- tional event was the Christmas party for under- privileged children. The Sigma Chi purpose, to create character, to direct conduct, and to develop personality is cer- tainly exemplified by its many famous alumnae: Milton Caniff, cartoonist; John Wayne, actor; Lamar Dodd, artist; and Abit Nix, lawyer, are all Siama Chi ' s. 2X 254 Delta Chapter First Roir: Mike Kelly, Paul Dowell, Ray Allison, Armand Wells, Tom Couch, Walter Alford, Bob English, Jules Temple, Hoke West, George Sweat, J. R. Smith, Gene Lamb. Second Roic: Bucky McCov, Rav Abney, Gene Benton, Jim Lay, Sister Allgood, Mrs. G. L. Simms, Lillian McCurley, Buddy Crum, Zeke Thomas, Sal Fazio. Third Rote: Dan Smith, Bud McLain, Ham Arden, Steve Edmondson, Johnny Jackson, Dick Thompson, Fred Hol- lingsworth, Weyman Ethridge, Tom Kingery, Mike Scruggs, Charlie Wickersham, Arthur Enirick, Ed Lary, Brian Bush, Bob Dickson, Dick Russell, Bill Standard, Bob Ackerman, Tommy Davis. Fourth Rote: Dick Gray, Eric Tiller, Jim Thompson, Bill Coleman, Cliff Simonton, Bill Hall, Bill Hogan, Chuck Norton, Paul Nerrington, Lyman Gregory, Cobby Ware, Mickey Cochran, Jim Edwards, Mike Bowling, Norman Cartledge. Sigma Nu Mu Chapter River Road SN The local chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity was installed on the Georgia campus in 1873. The pur- pose is to bind together all members with ties of true and lasting friendships; to protect, assist, ad- vance, and encourage each other by every honorable means in their power during life. The high spot on the social calendar is the White Star Formal given in the spring when the sweet- heart is named. This past year Susey Stukes, KD, was chosen sweetheart. Such events as the Ship- wreck Party, Alamo Scout Ball, and Saddle Shoe Stomp complete the Sigma Nu social year. OFFICERS Jerry Lee Minge Commander George J. Hcarn .... Lt. Commander Thomas E. Ashworth .... Recorder Marvin T. Simmons Treasurer JERRY LEE MINGE I A ' A ' 4 AuL First Row: Bill Franlz, Tommy Theus, Joe Walls, Raymond Fountain, Rody Stovall, Second Rote: Byron Smith, Jerry Minge, Susie Stukes, Ambrose Jackson, Eddie Lummus. Third Roir: Paul Gardner, Frank Bartlett, Jack Lundy, John Cromartie, Kell Martin. Fourth Rote: Bobby Duncan, Bob Black, Rodney Boyett, Charlie Wilkerson, Don Cregg. Fifth Rote:: Ellis Manseur, David Chamblee, Tom Ashworth, Ben Boswell, Charlie Harris, Jean Johnson, Johnny Cole, Tommy Bailey, George Hearn. Sixth Rote: Joe Glenn, Bill Hayes, Joe Dennard, Richard Hostedder, Bobby Sowell. Seventh Rote: Joe Winkler, Speer Mabry, Tony Greene, Phil Coyle, Bill Rumbly. Eighth Rote: Jerry Krivsky, Bobby Cordle, Wilmer Newsome, Al Jones, M. T. Simmons, Frank Robertson. ISinlh Rote: Ben Tompkins, Bill Thompson, Billy Dobbs, Chick Ramey, Howard Cordle, Mo Fetzer, Wilton Helton. Tenth Rote: Robert Mosley, Gary Sigman, Marvin Sorrells, Arnold Parker, Joe Blalock, Charlie Leachman, Ronnie Waller, Harrell White, Jim Casle. Eleventh Rote: Grover Sykes, Tom Kennedy, Bud Case, Hamil Donald, Bill Daular, Jack Hall, Major Long, Buddy Blount, Joe Kitchens. 257 LARRY BIXBY OFHCERS Larry Bixby Sage Cleve Miller Second Councilor George Dixon .... Fourth Councilor Jack Smith Third Councilor The Sigma Pi Fraternity was founded on February 26, 1897, at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indi- ana. Alpha Phi chapter was activated on the Uni- versity of Georgia campus on May 19, 1956. The highlight of the social year is the Orchid Ball when the Sweetheart is announced. Other social functions include the Pirates Ball, and the Cabaret Party, and many lesser events. Sigma Pi is well represented in campus organ- izations, including Gridiron, Phi Eta Sigma, and the Student Council, and I.F.C. Sigma Pi also claims the Drum Major of the Dixie Redcoat Band. 360 Hull Street 2n Sigma Pi 258 Alpha Phi Chapter First Row: Clevo Miller. Pally CarMMi. Ross Hiighis, Mrs. Flor- ence, Larry Bixby, JoAnne Hudgins, Jack Smilh. Spconil Row: Dana Downing, Lyle Whilforil, Bill Crutehficld, Jerry Bowen, George Dixon, Eddie Murphy, Boh Purdy, Frank Rayfield. Third Row: George Walker, Don Schoeneniann, Sam Mann, Paul Dean, Ronald Shields, Bob Fife, Dick Lillie. I . i% l 3. „r , Tau Epsilon Phi Nu Chapter 150 Baxter Street OFFICERS Michael Schwarz President Bernard Hirsch Vice President Herbert Blondheim Treasurer Larry Morrison Secretary TE D " To promote the ideals of friendship, chivalry and service " is the purpose of the Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity. TEP Fraternity was founded nationally in 1910 at Columbus University. Nu chapter was estab- lished on November 17, 1919. Nu Chapter has won the National Outstanding TEP Chapter Award for good scholarship, athletics, and community service for the past two years. It is the only fraternity in the history of the Univer- sity to win both President ' s Athletic Cup and Schol- arship Trophy in the same year. Sweetheart this year is Carole Jackson; and beauty sponsor is Beverly Stein. MICHAEL SCHWARZ ■, ; " .. ' ■m First Rotr: Carl Kaufman, Jerry Jacobson, Mike Schwarz, Bemie Hirsch, Dirk Cohen, Herbert Blondheini, Ronnie Cohen, Mclvin Hirsch, Harvey Chernoff. Second Rote: Bobby Kogan, Wayne Miller, Marvin Pechter, Freddy Benaniy, Herbert Stine, Aaron Weiner, Richard Krock. Third Rote: Abrom Rubin, Marshall Bloom, Poly Cohen, Lou Saul, Larry Morrison, Isaac Levy, Artie Meisnere, Stanley Friedman, Hal Krafchick, Barry Lurey. Fourth Rote: Paul Goldstein, Sheldon Graiser, Stevie Cohen, Alan Kantin- sky„ Stanley Coolick, Alan Wexler. Fifth Rote: Alan Gardner, Hyman Shapiro, Alex Gilmore, Harold Soloman, Jack Pallar, Spud Karsman, Larry Cohen, Herb Slotin, Morris Berch. RONALD MANN OFnCERS Ronald Mann President Roscoe Dean Vice President Pat Galbreath Secretary Ronnie Rahn Treasurer til 1 - JA IF 1 ' «« 1 •I ' « « 5 I Theta Chi Fraternity was nationally founded on the University of Georgia campus in 1949. As an annual social affair, Theta Chi sponsors the Carnation Ball at which the sweetheart of the fraternity is crowned. Other traditional affairs in- cluded in the Theta Chi social roster are the Jack of Hearts Party and the Snake Pit Brawl. The Theta Chi Fraternity boasted an A-1 football team last year, and captured the coveted President ' s League football trophy. 1137 South Milledge Avenue ©X Theta Chi 262 Delta Beta Chapter First Row: Gary Plogcr. Barry Baker, Bill Martin, Mrs. Frank- ploger (Housemother), Ronald Mann, Janie Berry, Shep (iibson, James Diekerson. Second Roir: Jim Martin, Joe Bishop, Uoscoc Dean, Jim Nolan, Russ Kubiak, John Ryrrofi, Pat Galbrealh, Steve Kubiak (Mascot). Third Rote: Erie Hendricks, Stuart Culpepper, Charles Ambrose, Vic Lazirh, Ed Moore, Carol Purvis, Terry Brooks, Tom Hi(;ginl othani. Fourth Rote: Stan Filman, Rowald Harper, Jim Sturm, Larry Coleman, Charles Zebeau, Don Fredricks, Reginald Rahn, Houston Cross. Pan-Hellenic Council Anne Sullivan, Carolyn Bridges, Clenda Edge, Jackie Powell, Letlie Jensen, Martha DeBeaugrine. OFFICERS Martha DeBeaugrine President Carolyn Britlges .... Vice President Glenda Edge Secretary Jackie Powell Treasurer The Pan-Hellenic Council is the unifying body of the various sorority chapters on campus. The pur- pose of Pan-Hellenic is to promote better harmony and cooperation amonp; the sororities at the Uni- versity. Upon Pan-Hellenic falls the responsibility of planning and administrating Rush Week, giving a trophy to the sorority with the highest academic average for the year, adopting a foreign studisnt every year, and aiding the • University administra- tion and Athens organizations with campaigns and drives. Pan-Hellenic sponsors Greek Week with the I.F.C. and provides Rush Advisors to help freshman girls during the fall rush. RUSH ADVISORS — First Roic: Jane Rogers, Patsy Harridge, Sharon Kinstein. Second Rote: Gail Harrell, Nan Danner, Beverly Fritch. Third Row: Peggy Wise, Mary Keen, Gail Wallis, Margaret Tyler, Sharon Striddi, Lettie Jensen. t- First Row: Ann Anderson, Bctiv Knight, Sylvia Tindol, I llic Jensrn, Anne Sullivan, Evelyn Frohnian, Diane Gortalowsky. Second Row: Jackie Powell, Glenda Edge, Dean Slallings, Carolyn Bridges, Martha DeBeaugerinc. Third Rotv: (Standing) Alice Woodson, Barbara Addison, Sally Webb, Anne Cox, Jane Eager, Chip Ashiirst. Sally Higgs, Elenor Ann C:ollins, Unidentified. Arlene Muggins, Unidentified, Elsa Parrot, Judy Holbrook, Millie Parks, Sharon Stadlin, Jane Mirsky. Alpha Chi Omega Beta Sigma Chapter AXQ South Lumpkin Street OFFICERS Joanne Graham President Kay Howington Vice President Clarice Coleman Secretary Elaine Farmer Treasurer In 1885, Alpha Chi Omega was founded at De Pauw University for the purpose of affording fel- lowship and mutual lasting friendships for young women in colleges and universities. As a national service project, Alpha Chi supports the Cerebral Palsy Drive. On campus, the Beta Sigma Chapter sponsors the Alpha Chi Olympics in the fall. March 1st is set aside as Help Day for the purpose of helping others. Alpha Chi boasts the Drum Majorette of the Dixie Redcoat Band, the president of Alpha Kappa Psi, and the treasurer of Professional Panhellenic. JOANNE GRAHAM First Row: Jo Ann Metzger, Betty Alexander, Linda Kenned v, Barbara Easom, Alice Faye Hall, Betty Roberson, Patricia Beiser, Carol Burdeshaw, Linda Coupe, Nita Butler, Bettv Matthews, Madge Feild. Second Row: Rose Hilliard, Marie Pugh, Kay Howington, Clarice Coleman, Betty Cousins, Nell Rigdon, Jeanne Wise, Arlene Huggins. Third Row: Evelyn Whitmire, Linda Snelling, Clenda Milliken, Sandra Braniblett, Beverly Harper, Laura Smith, Peggy Eaton, Shirley Holley, Mickey Leach, Lorena Stoops, Gay Bryant, Ethel Fadden, Marie Albertson, Carol Wolfram, Dorothy Dozier, Maxine Ross, Martha Hatcher. Fourth Row: Bonnie Jandre». Jo Beth Newsome, Carole Johnson, Donnic Goodwin, Jean Almond, Jane Etta Postom, Helen Stephens, Vivian Bell, Sue Talmadge, Janie Berry, Lunelle Home, Patsy Rhoden, Judy Jones, Jo Anne McMeans, Patricia Moreno, Shirley Baker. ALICE WOODSON OFFICERS Alice ' ood8on President Jane Hardy Vice President Carolyn Lamb Secretary Margaret Tyler Treasurer 150 South Milledge Avenue Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi now has eighty-seven chapters throughout the United States and Canada. It was founded nationally in 1851 at Wesleyan College, Macon. Georgia. The Beta Nu chapter was estab- lished here at the University of Georgia in 1934. Two outstanding social events of the year are the ADPi Pledge Dance and the Blue and White Formal held in the spring. The ADPi ' s work with handicapped children as a national service project, and it contributes to funds designed to purchase equipment for clinics and individuals in the physical rehabilitation of handicapped children. AAn 268 Beta Nu Chapter First Row: Kay GrifTrth, Nina Naumaii, CharlotU- Adams, Mar- garet Duncan, INanc-v A nl l ong. Srvonil Itinv: Sally MrNrrly, l,ec Tignor, ( ' laire Hiohanlson, Diani- Anilrrson, Harliara Duncan, Wi ' lette Woodcock, iMayhclIc ISuchaiian, Korrlla I ' crry, (,ay Davis, Bcverlv Snpfl, Kalhcrinp Kagsdalt ' , C.aroic l.aiin lon, Poggy Walker. Third Row: Li . Tarvrr, Cynlhi a (:orle , Lillian Marlin, Flora Blount, l.ynne Robinxin, Carolyn Lanili, Jane Hardy, Irs. Waller Foote, Alice Woodson, Margaret Tyler, Mary Ann ilill. Sue Hurt, Carolee Mulhollen, Mary Jo (iladden, Amelia Butler, Beverly Carlson, Martha Frances Leguin. Fourth Row: Elaine Merrcll, Carolyn Cooper, Margaret Brumsey, Marilee Mercier, ( arol Carpenter, Sally Roberts. Fifth Row: Dot Talley, Ann Crawford, Clifford Johnson, Joye (irahani, Sally OllifT, Joanne Hecker, Ann Yoncc, Ann Kennedy. Sixth Row: Ann Carol While, Ann Fowler, Sis Kirkland, Jane Chaslain, Rosalie Fenn, Judy Kimlirell, Shirley Akin " . Smpiilh Row: Sandy Sanders, .Susan OWeal, Marsha llalironl, Jackie Vaughn, (Bonnie Parker, Jane Bradhcrry, Kitty Thomas. Eighth Row: Ann Corbitt, Joann Braswfll, Mary Alice Benetlicl, Virginia Vance, Ann Graves, Judy Edwards, Deborah Bell. .Vifi i Row: Laurie Whitlelsev, Nan Millwood. (;egi Ball. Marie Burton. Nancv Richardson Marv Lee ;irt, Sarah Dowell, ALirie Westbrook. Ten i Row: Gail McLeod, Soleta Morris, Mary Lewis Minis, Su anne llaile, Ann Whiddon, Mary Franklin, Sue Lester, Evelyn Adair. Berkeley Smith, Susan FJrown. ( Icnda Edge, Sarah Ann Daniel. Elpvpnth Row: Lucille McCrary, Jeanne Ferguson, Marilyn Midkiff, Betty Brocketl, F ' atrieia Alday, Patricia Martin. Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Alpha Chapter ATA Alpha Gamma Delta, a national fraternity for women, was founded at Syracuse University, May 4, 1904. Gamma Alpha chapter was established on the University campus in 1923. Last year ' s social calendar was a full one for the Alpha Gam ' s. During the fall they had their annual Pledge Dance, and winter quarter, the Feast of Roses for new initiates and the Candy Land Ball. In the spring the Alpha Gam ' s and the ATO ' s had an informal dance together at the Y Camp. The annual projects of Gamma Alpha chapter in- clude supporting the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults, and contributing to the fund for cerebral palsy. The Alpha Gam ' s won first place in the Sigma Chi Derby Parade last fall and first place in the Stunt Night during winter quarter. 530 South Milledge Avenue OFFICERS Chip Ashurst President Nancy Hodgson Vice President Patsy Barnes Secretary Jane Rodgers Treasurer CHIP ASHURST First Row: Berta Johnson, Von Massey, Beverly Ann Jones, IWarihope Shirey, Janet Lindsey, Mary Ann Lawler, Patricia Puett, Kaye Cleveland. Second Row: Lola Copper, Madge Minor, Miriam George, Mary Ann Eaton, Ann Kemp, Janis Patterson, Appie Myers, B. J. Jones, Marilyn Clough, Patsy Spiers, Barbara Patton, Evelyn Coan. Third Roiv: Judy McCall, Gloria Porter- field, Pat Lanier, Martee Harden, Flo Atkinson, Martha Mills, Lucy Field, Nancy Hodgson, Patsy Barnes, Jane Rodgers, Anne Pennington, Jan Barton. Fourth Roic: Dot Bliss, Nancy Coggin, Betty York, Betlv Sloan, Glenda Chitwood, Erna Copper, Libby Chaplin, Elizabeth Snelson, Clare Longino, Tinker Kelly, Jean Travis, Carolvn Bridges, Gwen Casey, Ann Thompson, Polly Davis, Bobbie Barfield, Lynn Barfield, Kit Atkinson, Claudia Hatfield. Fifth Roic: June Mailey, Genie Meaders, Thelma Gor- don, Juanita Jackson, Mary Jo Bowers, Janice Denney, Betty Gordon, Charlene Landrum, Marie Manning, Eleanor Black- shear, Patty Ronemous. Gail Tansil, Judy Watson, Nancy War- renfells, Carole Jones, Mildred West, Corinne Harden. BARBARA ADDISON OFFICERS Barbara Addison President Jackie Powell Vice President Carolyn Davis Secretary Judy Robinson Treasurer aott AOPi was nationally founded on January 2, 1897, at Barnard College, New York. The Lambda Sigma chapter at the University was established April 25, 1935. Their year is filled with many projects and dances: Fall Quarter begins with a pledge dance, a Big Sister Banquet, and the celebration of Found- er ' s Day. The Rose Bail and a house dance follow during winter quarter. Spring quarter is climaxed with a lawn supper party and a house dance. AOPi has members in Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Theta, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Z Club, and Angel ' s Flight. Aon 1190 South Milledge Avenue Alpha Oinicron Pi Lambda Sigma Chapter First Rote: Patty White, Pat Coffee, Jean Denton, Jane Lawler, Jeanette Sherwood, Faye Hagan, Joy Davidson. Second Rote: Ann Ransbothani, Carolyn Davis, Gloria Roberts, Mrs. A. F. Martin, Barbara Addison, Jackie Powell, Judy Robinson, Frances Anthony, Faye Dunham, Edie Heston. Third Roic: Joanne Cates, Penny Herrington, Marie Shirley, Linda Holbrook, Millie Hol- land. Shirley Allen, Anne Cadle, Sandra Sievers, Kennon Aver Hatcher, Margie Mallard. Fourth Roto: Karen Wilson, Ada Astin, Beth Croom, Susie Gannaway, Diane Strickland, Joyce Morway, Karen Pope, Martha Addison, Elizabeth Ouar ' es. Fifth Rote: Maxanne Courson, Mary Rose Jones, Anne Matthias, Carlene Porter, Jo Ann FowJer, I.essie Connaway, Charlotte Jones, Elaine Jones, Su .ie Hall, Nan Danner, Hannah Brown, Polly Lou Ingcr- soU, Betty Ann Moon, Ruth Webb. Sixth Rote: Ann Marie Crox- ton, Jane Otwell, Nancy Ford, Gail Vansant, Carlton McCay, Wilda Storey, Carolyn Hargrove, Mary Eleanor Walden, Sally Friend, Barbara Marston. J WF ' B0 ri AOTT i 9 £ •§ Vf ■ ' I Chi Omega Mu Beta Chapter 397 Soulh Milledge Avenue OFFICERS Sally Webb President Ann Brady Vice President Connie Kimbrough Secretary Kay MacCary Treasurer xo The purpose of Chi Omega is to reach a central and ever-recurring, ennobling truth, so that the doctrines rewarded may give to initiates better hope and higher aspirations. Chi Omega Sorority was founded April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas, and the Mu Beta chapter was established here at the University of Georgia on February 23, 1922. The Chi Omega ' s are well represented on the campus by having members on Student Council and Mortar Board. I SALLY WEBB » «f f f « f f ♦ f a-h -!vy v v- 5j- i ' - First Roip; Carolyn McGill, Gerry Culley, Claire Patton, Elaine Yankee, Connie Klmbrough, Ann Brady, Catherine Farmer, Sally Webb, Sister Crow, Clare Duggan, Sharon Brown, Sondra Dunn, Liz Leahmann, Mary MoCorkle, Trell Gamniagc. Second Roiv: Starr Fowler, Sandra Trapp, Katherine Pilcher, Kay Costigan, Claire Emerson, Diane Johnston, Virginia Nichols, Susan Petty, Ginny Gaines, Mrs. Zimmerman, Jean Geise. Gay Forrester, Mary Simmons, Genia Greer, Claire Bentley, Ann Buchanan, Gail Hern- don, Joyce Beachamp, Martha Hardeman. Third Row: Ella Merrit, Happy Strickland, Lisa Elder, Martha Mitchell, Margaret Steinmann, Barbara Watkins, Mary Ellen Condrey, Becky Hill, Kay Chapman, Ann Allen, Betty Todd, Margaret Lucas, Ellen Fortune, Carol Ann Goodrum, Betty Cook, Barbara Mulherin, Alice Bates. Fourth Row: Margaret Buxton, Ann Cox, Evelyn Beppard, Anne Jones, Mary Bell Harrison, Caroline Phaff, Anne Mosley, Donna Pettit, Raine Bowers, Gay Neblitt, Gloria Carlton, Carol Wallace, Dolly Ann Young, Carla Rentz, Buffy Soyars, Mary Ann Lindgren, Claire Suddeth, Gail Houston, Carolyn Kirby, Kay MacCary, Sally Hill, Margie Mathews, Marge Weyman, Carol Pittman. ELEANOR ANN COLLINS OFFICERS Eleanor Ann Collins President Jane King Vice President Martha Bagley Secretary Barksdale Thomas Treasurer " Let us steadfastly love one another " is the open motto of Delta Delta Delta, founded at Boston Uni- versity in 1898. Alpha Rho chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1934. The yearly social calendar for the Tri Delts is the Founder ' s Day Banquet, the Pledge Dance, State Day with the Brenau Chapter, the Stars and Cres- cent Ball, and the Pansy Breakfast. The Tri Delts are represented on campus by having members in Angels Flight, U.R.S.A., Zodiac Club, Student Council, Theta Sigma Phi, and the cheerleading squad. The new Tri Delt housemother is Mrs. Leila Grigg. 285 South Milledge AAA Delta Delta Delta Alpha Phi Chapter Firs Row: Favo Tharpe, Joyo Baoon, Anne Cobble, Jean Cam- mage, Theresa Spigener. Carolyn Bourne, Mary Lou Alley, Martha Hubbard, Jerry Bridges. Second Rotv : Tish Lehner, Jo Ann Ilawkersniilh, Laura Ann Ilarrell, Susan Temples, Dorothy Shell, Debbie Haneoek, Martha Bagley, Harriet Perry, Rosemary Tharpe, Leota Lewis, Helen Turner, Mary HiotI, Beverly Nemec. Third Row: Millie Parks. Margaret Sue Jones, Jane Frederick, Carlene Attaway, Jackie Jones, Ann Patterson, Jane King, Sue Green, Ann Holliday, Sheila Dunn, Lynn Waddey. Fourth Aoie: Betly Jean Stamps, Virginia Davis, Carol McElhenny, Jane Wheeloek, Barbara Coggins, Mary Bondurant, Peggy Wise, Peggy Thornley, Suzanne Hemrick, Betsy Halberstadt, Barbara Hodges, Beta Durn-nce, Carol Vi ' oodberry, Pani Lanison, Elaine Webster, Eleanor Anne Collins, Barbara Bowman, Priscilla Hinson. Fifth Row: Gail Hopper, Jan Young, ZoAnn Bums, Sharon Bamette, Elaine Arnold. T 1 ■ ' . ' 1 ' 9 I « m. " ' . " ' -ll r 5, , 1)1 • .«f A 1 11 « ' ' l -::.-; - - „.:,_,- - . | V J . AAA b s. - V JViVl M iV| Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Phi Chapter 624 South Milledge Avenue OFFICERS Evelyn Frohman President Sandra Schwartz .... Vice President Sheila White Secretary Terry Levy Treasurer A E Delta Phi Epsilon ' s purpose includes such aims as promoting love, understanding, befriending others, and undertaking responsibilities of adult life. Delta Phi Epsilon was founded at Washington Square College, New York, in 1917. Eighteen years later the Psi chapter was established at the Uni- versity of Georgia. The DPhiE ' s have such social functions each year as the annual Street Dance and a pledge dance. They also give away a trophy to the outstanding freshman, and sponsor a Mother ' s Day service for the community. The sorority flower is the pansy, and the colors are royal purple and gold. 8fet EVELYN FROHMAN First Row: Rosalind Toporek, Sandra Marcus, Arlene Risisky, Tanya Lefco, Edith Rubin, Elise Wilensky, Terry Smullian, Sharon Crista!. Marilyn Kinsberg. Second Row: Dorothy Tillem, Evelyn Salky, Beverly Taraloot, Janet Knox, Evelyn Morales, Rosie Rundbaken, Mrs. Florette Michael, Evelyn Frohnian, Mar- lene FinerofI, Rosalind Sisselman, Roslyn Goldstein, Riette Hirsch, Joyce Alpern, Jackie Issacs, Ilene Litctenstein. Third Row: Natalie Goldberg, Harriet Rosen, Elaine Gaeser, Merle Heiden, Lynda Goldstein, Elayne Lesavoy, Marcia Topper, Hai riet Levy, Rochelle Barron, Edith Custer. Fourth Rote: Deanna Spector, Shelia White, Simone Siniowitz, Diane Garvin, Kath- erine Singer, Joan Lindheinier, Rochelle Hite, Sandra Issenberg, Harriet Weiss. Fifth Row: Sharon Kinstein, Gloria Schwartz, Harriet Sirower, Harriet Cantor, Marilyn Steine, Sherry Ginsberg, Sandra Swartz, Marcia Jacobs, Jackie Scodnick, Elaine Cohen. 279 JANET EMMONS OFFICERS Janet Emmons President Nini Maltby Vice President Erroll Methvin Secretary Gloria Fechtel Treasurer Kappa Alpha Theta, the first woman ' s Greek letter fraternity, was established at De Pauw University in 1870; Gamma Delta chapter came to Georgia in 1937. Theta ' s purpose is exemplified by its annual projects. They contribute to the Foster Parents ' Plan and the Institute of Logopedics. The Theta year is highlighted by Kite Day; the fraternities compete in a kite-flying contest which is followed by a concert on the lawn. The Thetas are proud to boast the Kappa Sigma Tro phy which is awarded for the outstanding sorority of the year. KAO i. " . South Milkdge Avtni Kappa Alpha Theta Gamma Delta Chapter First Rote: Linda Derrick, Gail Boone, Mary Daniolly, Ruby Malrolm, Cathy Hayden, Pat Pritohard. Second Row: Lynn Greene, Martha IMcEIveen, Rite Aber, Midge Shulls, Mary Ann Shults, Martha Moore, Claire Bradshaw, Deanne Deavours, Jo Cruikshank, Sissy Kennard, Sandra Johnson. Third Roiv: Berta Gardiner. Mary Wildes, Lane Longino, Erroll Methvin, Barbara Tillery, Nini Maltby, Mrs. R. C. Norman. Janet Emmons. Anne Sullivan, Gloria Fechlel, Cler Colson, Liz Campion. Fourth Row: Julia Gill, Sue Stalvey, Eloise Hooper, Mary Ann Wilbanks, Betty Sutton, Paige Oeffinger, Marilyn Hubert, Trudee Rakieh. Kitty PafTord, Barbara Hagnian, Judy Allen, Barbara Barnes, Sheila Glass, Kaoki Eskodor, Vcrmelle Griflin, Pat Mower, Drue Grevem- burg. Fifth Rinv : Dagniar Endorf, Lynn Gardner, Carol Cham- bers, Elaine Hogan, Kit Miller, Carole Little, Jo Ann Bennett, Helen Huff, Sarah McGeaehy, Kay Happoldt, Beverly Eidson, Liz Farlowe, Ann MeCIendon, Aleen Wood, Anne Robertson, Sally Hutchinson. Sixth Row: Bebe Smith, Lois Brown, Judy Robert- son, Flo Thompson, Pat Kennedy, Ellene McGehee, Katie Kille- brew, Carol Cheek, Carolyn Sears, Ann Turner, Caroline INewbill, Patsy Harridge, Elinor Jackson, Ann Johnston, Beth Hunt. KA0 8 " k- if r» ' f f t • f f f f H Mv f ' ' v -iT " i " Kappa Delta Sigma Phi Chapter KA The Kappa Deltas are hosts for many social events including the Diamond Ball held annually during winter quarter. The Pledge Dance, Christmas Party and Spring Dance complete the social roster of events for the KD ' s. The purpose of Kappa Delta is to promote true friendships among the college girls of our country by inculcating into their hearts and lives those principles of truth, honor, and duty, without which there can be no true friendships. Kappa Delta was nationally founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. The local chapter was established in 1925. 1084 Prince Avenue OFFICERS Sally Higgg President Carol Bragg Vice President Ann Parker Secretary Anne Black Treasurer SALLY HICCS ' rrnVni B Fir$t Row: Laurice Eubanks, Jackie Breedlove, Glenda Ewing, Helen Craig, Lola Caldwell, Sylvia Downs, Patricia Stevens, Judy Borden, Jane McElhannon. Second Row: Sidney Allen, Sylvia Jorden, LeAnn Rimstidt, Peggy Moore, Susan Harris, Joan Gray, Louise Lowry, Marcy Strother, Barbara Roberts, Garland Bowden, Betty Knight, Carol Bland, Marion Jones, Corrille Morris. Third Rote: Marilyn Coons, Eleanor Kilpatrick, Adelaide Pund, Suzanne Stukes, Beverly Fritch, Carol Bragg, Sally Higgs, Mrs. Dorothy Baldwin, Anne Parker, Patricia Mayo, Anne Black, Betty Gaert- ner, Dewayne Rimstidt, Cynthia Wilkenson, Myra Clark, Jane Fulghum, Natalie Gibson. Fourth Rote: Anne Jensen, Sandra Cochrane, Pat Rigsbee, Barbara Biggers, Anne Smith, Ruth Alexander, Janet Wright, Penny Webb, Marian Quante, Pat Padgett, Ann Owen, Sandra Thacker, Joan Nachbaur, Elizabeth Ewing, Marilyn Dixon, Mary Davis, Joanna Hudgins, Marsha Davis. Fifth Rote: Catherine Ruark, Caroline Ridgway, Ann Sexton, Sue McRae, Pat Boykin, Nancy Hughs, Virginia Scoggins, Maya Slattery, Betty Youngblood, Jean Knott, Emilee Burdett, Carolyn Williams, Marion Branch, Carol McEwen, Patricia Car- son, Patricia Eubanks, Franeia Chesser, Norma Delmore. ELSA PARROTT OFFICERS Elsa Parrott President Barbara Brown Vice President Susan Cochrane Secretary Ann Collins Treasurer Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth College in 1870. The Delta Upsilon chapter was established on the University campus in 1948. KKG claims members in Zodiac, Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Lambda Delta. They also are repre- sented on the Pandora Beauty Court, the Cheer- leading Squad, and Student Council. Every year the Kappas have a pledge dance, a Nineties formal, a joint party with the Phi Mu ' s, and the Apple-Polishing party for their professors which completes the Kappa social year. Famous alumnae of Kappa Kappa Gamma in- clude Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Jane Froman, and Julia Ward Howe. KKF 1001 Prince Avenue Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Upsilon Chapter First Row: Ann Curiale, Pat Sullivan, Lettie Jensen, Mary Nelson, Bobbie Eg ' , Barbara Brown, Linda Bedingfield, Susan Cochrane, Sally Walker, Kale Maxwell, Wicke Oliver, Elsa Parrott, Kay Hol- loway, Jane Campbell, Ann Collins, Jane Williams, Nan Rainey. Second Row: Martha Claire Turner, Nancy Trout, Suzanne Knight, Regina Jackson, Saundra Sands, Beverly Ann Connor, Lynn Reynolds, Pat Wright, Patsy Parker, Nancy Douglass, Carole Williams, Susan Strain, Edie Williams, Jane Ross, Ease Car- michael, Trudy Crockett. Third Roiv: Betty Darden, Eunice Swift, Barbara Turner, Minan Blanchard, Sarah Leamon, Anne Lazard, Iverson Branch, Sylvia Iliers, Mary McRitchie, Marianne Bugg, Penny Espy, Lucretia Clark, Lynn Beasley, Ann Jernigan, Liz Burpee, Becky Strickland. Fourth Rote: Ann Trowbridge, Penny Irby, Robbie Maxwell, Mary Mills, I ura Anderson, Lou- ellyn Walters, Pam Sharplcy, Ilalley Boatwright, Betsy Ryan, Kitty Bryan. Fifth Row: Trudi Sterne, Jane Thornton, Kay Fleming, Joanie Gardner, Anne Marie Wiegle, Beeps Steele, Emmy Upson, Barbara Kennedy, Betty DeVaughn, Ann Coleman, Marion Higgins, Jane Humphrey, Laura Parker. §33 f f ,f 1 " j -w- " ' 3 ' ' % - : Phi Mu Alpha Alpha Chapter 654 South IVIilledge OM An enchantress carnation, colors of rose and white, and a pin of black and gold, are the symbols of Phi Mu. Founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, in 1852, Phi Mu began at the University of Georgia in 1921. Among the traditional social functions of Phi Mu are the Easter Egg Hunt for underprivileged chil- dren, the Pledge Dance, and an annual party given with Kappa Kappa Gamma. The Phi Mu ' s claim members in Z Club, Student Council, Angel ' s Flight, Pandora Beauty Court, and University publications. The president of Pan- hellenic, treasurer of WSGA, co-captain of the cheerleaders, and the vice president of the Junior Class this year were all Phi Mu ' s. OFFICERS Diane Gortatowsky President Nancy Crovatt Vice President Wynn Armstrong Secretary Elizabeth deBeaugrine .... Treasurer DIANE GORTATOWSKY -f f s lit I j f f r t i First foic: Jeaneane Haines, Ann Anderson, Jay Tyler, Marilyn Memory, Carol Wimberley, Betty McTeer, Nancy Permenter, Midge Bowen, Rosemary Harrison, Connie Pollock, Martha Fleming, Pat Michaels. Second Rmv: Lynn Crovatt, Sarah Rain- water, June Flannigan, Marcia Partee, Linda Smithwick, Jane Clarke, Ann Caldwell, Julia Morgan, Ann Bickerstaff, Pat Crymes, Priscilla Pounds. Third Row: Mary Jarrard, Judy Allen, Marie LeRov, Dodie Cheney, Nancy Crovatt, Wynn Armstrong, Mrs. Hobart, Diane Gortatowsky, Barbara Griffeth, Martha deBeau- grine, Kathy Middleton, Marietta Perkins, Helen Robinson, Carol Weeks, Marilyn Jones, Joan Bennett. Fourth Row : Kay Herrick, Ann Baldwin, Carol Hobaugh, Harriet Turner, Cookie Cook, Barbara Ann Woodall, Marilyn Branson, Janice Shores, Carolyn Kelly, Peggy Bargeror, Mary Ann Christian, Biddie Smith, Shirley Wimberley, Marion Griffin, Sarah Youngblood, Suzanne Sutton, Margie Upson, Gail Harrell, Leslie Wood. Fifth Row: Cherry Newton, Diane Wolfe, Margie Elliot, Harriet Martin, Carol Lilly, Helen Eye, Ann Gordon, Frances Florence, Marie Barron, Beverly Smith, Emmy Tolbert, Jane Miller, Janice Smith, Nan Gaston, Nancy Butts, Linda McLannahan, Sylvia Staton, Beverly Darsey, Jessica Stone, Sister Christie, Ethel Blandford. 287 JANE EAGER OFFICERS Jane Eager President Martha Brumley .... Vice President Sue Walker .... Recording Secretary Sarah Stevenson Treasurer 886 South Milledge Avenue Pi Beta Phi The spring of the year finds the Pi Beta Phi Sorority enjoying its Stardust Ball, one of the main social events of the Georgia Alpha chapter. Pi Beta Phi was nationally founded at Monmouth College in 1867 and has grown to 104 chapters in the United States and Canada. The Georgia Alpha chapter was established on the University campus in 1939. Included among the Pi Phi projects is their support of a settlement school in Gatlinburg, Ten- nessee, especially for the advancement of moun- tain children. Pi Beta Phi is proud of its more famous alumnae, such as Margaret Truman, Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, Jane Wyman, and Lizabeth Scott. nB D 288 Georgia Alpha Chapter First Roiv: Deborah Sue Rogers, Lucv Howard, Judv Ann Cars- well, Marilyn Applebauni, Ann Weatherford, Jove Reddingfield Carole Middleton, Patty Tyson. Spcond Row: Judy Stephens Janet Slay, Merena Shriner, Mary McDevitt, Rosemary Clifford Jackie Tindol, Alice Todd, Carolyn Blount, Mary Ann Fain, Alice Smith. Third Rote: Janice Troy, Pamela Caldwell, Barbara Peter- son, Mary Ann Hinely, Martha Bruniley, Jane Eager, Sue Walker, Sarah Stephenson, Patsy MacDonald, Conner Dyess. Fourth Rote: Jenny Frakes, Donna Clifford, Frances Lanev, Joyce Hancock, Ce cile Uoggs, Ceorgeanne Bailey, Elizabeth Minnhinnett, Marcia Wotlon, Jane Hanger, Jo McCarthy, Connie Owens, Susie Few Menam McDonald, I.ynn Watson. Fifth Ro,r : Sylyia Tindol June Reynolds, Nancy Wheeler, Jane Heath, Ann Bonnell, Kay Charles, Patti Mendel, Judy Rideout, Linda Dickey, Arlene GreK- ory, Virginia Sisk, Martha Smithers. Sigma Delta Tau Eta Chapter 846 South Milledge Avenue OFFICERS Jane Mirsky President Sharon Stadlen Vice President Harriet Perlstein Secretary Sybil Dickstein Treasurer SAT Sigma Delta Tau was founded March 25, 1917, at Cornell University. The chapter at the University of Georgia was established seven years later. The aim of the SDT ' s is to instill in the hearts of its members ideals which will result in actions worthy of highest precepts of true womanhood, democracy, and humanity. Each year an Easter Egg Hunt is given for for- eign students. They also have an annual Pledge Dance and sponsor Parents ' Day during the Winter Quarter. The SDT ' s are well represented on fraternity and beauty courts. Student Council, and the Typical Miss Freshman Court. JANE MIRSKY First Roiv: Carol Taylor, Pat Vinson, Penny Axelrod, Jane Mirsky, Harriet Perlstein, Rosalind Odrezin, Sissy Swarfs, Alix Schaul. Second Rouj: Bette Behr, Marlene Kahn, Kay Itzkow, Patsy Braver, Mrs. Stark, Sybil Dickstein, Rosalind Marcus, Gayle Goldstein. Third Row: Elaine Newman, Joan Benkowltz, Sharon Stadlen, Shirley Schapiro, Barbara Sacks, Paulette Elkins, Lyda Ginsberg, Carol Barnelt. Fourth Roic: Anne Kesser, Iris Bierman, Brenda Kurtz, Revelle Pergament, Jan Solomon, Beverly Stein, Rita Kertzman, 291 JUDY HOLBROOK OFnCERS Judy Holbrook President Mary Lou Bothwell .... Vice President Mary Madry Secretary Marguerite Stringer Treasurer Taking root in Langood College, Farmville, Vir- ginia, the Zeta Tau Alpha women ' s fraternity was founded 59 years ago. The University of Georgia chapter. Gamma Pi, was established in November, 1949. The fraternity boasts both a famous novelist and an international composer-conductor as alumnae. Among the Zeta ' s social functions for the year are the annual Cinderella Ball for the new pledges, a Christmas Party, and a Big Sister Party. Recently, the Zetas have claimed the honor of having the Homecoming Queen and Miss Pandora. ZTA 94JI Princf Avenue Zeta Tau Alpha 292 Gamma Pi Chapter First Row: Nancy Perkins, Sandra Thompson, Jerri Barnes, Marilyn Wear, Faye Thomas, Joan Sutherland, Belsy Tant, Gail Soule, Iris Henry, Betty Moseley. Second Rote: LeRoss Mc- Michael, Jennie Wren, Peggy Adams, Edna Dickey, Jackie Woods, Connie Ward, Barbara Griffith, Anita Paris, Jan Yates, Lynda Cowart. Third Rotr: Andy Howell, Nancy Burress, Marguerite Stringer, Joanie Robison, Mary Madry, Jan Mayhew, Judy Hol- brook, Sandra Wells, Patricia Smith, Barbara Fournier, Jan Williams, Dianne Carlton. Fourth Rote: Alice Stephens, June Taylor, Charlotte Kanes, Linda Nease, Pat Pitlard, Nancy Eber- hart, Nancy Williams, Macy Buttrill. Fifth Rotu: Julia Hughes, Carolyn Leitner, Jean Gullet, Judy Litchfield, Elaine Beck, Anne Bazemore, Virginia Sommerville, Diane Leveretle, Valeric Soule, Ann Stephens, Sharon Siriddi, Suzanne Whatley, Barbara Fulor, Billie Carter, Jane Safrit, Lillian McCurley, Margaret Andrews. Sixth Rote: Betty Snyder, Katherine Gaines, Charlotte Mallard, Tommie Stanfill, Johnnie Lumpkin, Joy Hood, Glenda Finley, Ann Wicker, Sylvia Evans, Berta Karl. Alpha Tau Omega The King and his Queen She gets on my nerves. ' I just ain ' t got no use for humans! Chi Phi Oh no! Not another one! Just me and two girls . . . boy! What does she see in him, anyway? She ' s my date! " Me and that girl are real Chi Phi fans! Back girls, back! Man! Do I love spring days! Chi Psi There ' ll be a hot time in the Rembrant and friend, ole ' town tonight? A little more grace . . . Chi Psi Sweetheart. Kappa Alpha Piggly igglltv, ha - the honor. A little rockin ' an ' Rollin ' an ' lotta slipin ' an ' siidin ' . veelhcart. Can this be heaven? There ' s one in every buneh. Delta Tau Delta Wyatt Earp pals. You ' d be surprised how well a ear runs on axles. Go Ahead — Finals start tomorrow! Honoraries . . . Humph ! Dear Mama I ' m telling you man, that was a Come down here . . . this instant! good un ' ! Kappa Sigma Our diet problem has been solved! V W HH B B " ' Outia my wav, bovs! " Some fellows need two girls . . one is fine with me! " Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart Court. You don ' t mean it! Lambda Chi Sweetheart. Now, to get this straight, sister! Has he been embahiied yet? And there I was, ma — sitting right by Carolann! mwy-M ■ " aV -- i t " Vessir, I think I dun ' beared der chow bell ring! " Tell about it, honey. . . . 299 ■ w • New trend in men ' s cosmetics. We just solved his problems. may be stupid, but Tvc got lots of very intelligent help. Phi Delta Theta I tell you . . . Bremen, Georgia is on the map. Go, Man, go! What nice shoes you ' re wearing madam. 300 See . . . this is my little boy. Pi Kappa Alpha i Pike Dream Girl . . . Elsa Parrott. We know it ' s after 12 noon, but Man, ain ' t this fun? is there a chaperone present? We had a nice time. . . . Don ' t spoil it by asking us again! i Ah-ight! We ' ll pledge her, but wait ' til national hears about it! So he is my brother — it happens to the best of families. This is fun,. too! 302 Crowded corner. Sigma Alpha Epsilon V ' ' You ' re sugar, you ' re spice, you ' re i everything nice — and you ' re daddy ' s little girl. Man! Look at that build! Sigma Nu Smile quick — he has a camera. Which one is " Babv Face Nelson " ? Alpha Chi Omega r ' - Off we go . . . inlo the wild blue yonder. Christmas party for Negro employee ' s children. Roseoe ' s? Pass the cream . . . my hand is further to the left. Good catch, don ' t yon think? " Our brothers like crackers. ' Where ' s her corsage? Another " closet case ' ' on the loose. You ' re not telling the truth, are you? 305 Come to papa, baby. Fearless Fosdick Gang. Alpha Delta Pi If you ean ' t catch a ride . . Modine does exist! Here he conies girls. Simon says: " Thumlis up! " One-sided conversation. The secret of our success. Just looJt at her 306 Alpha Gamma Delta I ' m taking lessons from Elvis. So I like to eat when I ' m studying. Coney Island veteran barker. The Glee Club practicing. Wonder how many days ago this was cooked? Alpha Omicron Pi Who needs West Point? I ' m modest — I show- For our concession stand er with niv clothes A college requirement — every girl has more than one man! " Mammv — how I love va ' . Chi Omega Well, roallv! I ' m not as old as v ' all think. Who are they trying to impress? Surprise from Santa Roscoe. Beethoven ' s 5th — murdered again. Watch out! It may be a trick! Stairway picnic. Uh-oh! Closet case on the loose again! Our hero. Delta Delta Delta 1 like to sleep in the dark. Tiere did I put it! Or girls, you can ' t imagine what it ' s like! Cram! Everybody ' s doin ' it. Pledge dance. Sigma Chi derby Kappa Delta ork just fa rinates us ... we can 5it and watch it for hours! I iii:i.v look busy, but I ' m only confused. [ i lbl The South will rise again! so save yo ' Confederate money, boys! You shouldn ' t have done it but I ' m glad you did! Homecoming decoration. Santa ' s helper. Honey, you ' re a bit young. Come back in about 10 years. Kappa Kappa Gamma Our guest house. m0(f l, Will you please be seated . . . It ' s quiet hour upstairs. College l ife just takes something out of mo. . . . while the room is in motion? Zeta Tau Alpha Yes sur! From des queenz, der queen wus ' picked. Dcr Queen and dcr other queenz. . Antics during rush Once upon a time. . If you don ' t got outla my kitchen, you ' ll never git no dunner! " Our janitor. It does turn on " M. " A a « .•) Pi Beta Phi Nobody told nie I wouldn ' t havo a maid! So alright already! We like to get up early to read the papers! Okay — so it is Beethoven ' s 5th — 1 bet he ' s turned over in his grave, too. Caught with her bottle! Now what do vou want? Shorts! Send ' those girls home! The girls who make things brighter three times dailv — Shall I teU her its hopeless? Js -SiLS ; Organizations ' i aid tuKC af ORGANIZATION CONTENTS MAJOR HONORS 317 Alpha Lambda Delta 327 Biftad 332 Blue Key 325 G Club 330 Greek Horsemen 331 Gridiron 318 Mortar Board 324 Omicron Delta Kappa 333 Phi Beta Kappa 334 Phi Eta Sigma 329 Phi Kappa Phi 334 Sigma Xi 334 Sphinx 322 Who ' s Who 319 X Club 326 Z Club 327 Zodiac 328 CAMPUSWIDE 335 Ag Hill Council 340 Alpha Phi Omega 342 Angel Flight 362 Argonauts 346 Arnold Air Society 362 Cosmopolitan Club 341 Demosthenian 350 Dixie Redcoat Band 356 Gamma Sigma Sigma 343 Independent Men 344 Junior Panhellenic 340 Men ' s Glee Club 354 Pershing Rifles 363 Phi Kappa 351 Reed Hall Council 338 Scabbard and Blade 364 Student Council 336 Student Union 348 Triquetra 345 University Chorus 353 University Civic Orchestra 352 URSA 347 University Theatre 360 WAA 358 Women ' s Glee Club 355 WSGA 337 PROFESSIONALS 365 Ag Club 369 Ag Economics Club 374 Ag Engineering Club 370 Aghon 374 Agronomy 371 Alpha Delta Sigma 387 Alpha Epsilon Deha 392 Alpha Kappa Psi 368 Alpha Mu Epsilon 398 Alpha Psi 381 Alpha Zeta 372 A. Ph. A 394 AVMA 382 Dairy Science Club 375 Delta Sigma Pi 366 DiGamma Kappa 390 Food Technology Club 375 Forensic Club 399 Forestry Club 377 4-H Club 405 Gaffau 389 Gamma Alpha Chi 388 Gamma Sigma Epsilon 408 Homecon 396 Horticulture Club 408 Kappa Delta Epsilon 399 Kappa Phi Kappa 398 Kappa Psi 395 Koinonia 404 Lambda Kappa Sigma 393 Landscape Architecture 378 Nu Rho Psi 403 Omega Tau Sigma 380 PEM Club 383 Phi Alpha Delta 385 Phi Alpha Theta 389 Phi Delta Chi 386 Phi Delta Phi 384 Phi Mu Alpha 397 Phi Sigma 400 Phi Upsilon Omicron 401 Pi Mu Epsilon 400 Poultry Science Club 379 Pre Legal Club 407 Pre Vet Club 406 Professional Panhellenic 407 Rho Chi 396 Saddle and Sirloin 373 Sigma Alpha Iota 397 Sigma Delta Chi 391 Thalian Blackfriars 402 Theta Sigma Phi 388 Xi Sigma Pi 376 RELIGIOUS 409 B ' nai B ' rith Hillel 413 Baptist Student Union 411 Canterbury Club 412 Disciples Student Fellowship 412 Newman Club 414 UGRA 410 Wesley Foundation 416 Westminster Fellowship 415 PUBLICATIONS 417 Pandora 418 Red and Black 422 316 MAJOR Honors First rote: Julian Cox, Harry Cashin, George Scheer, Bob Rowan, John O ' Toole, Tom Akin. Second row: Frank Trout- man. Bill Booker, Larry Bixby, Dave Hollis, Guy Herring. Third row: Bob White, Bill Davis, Jim Branyon, Norman Fletcher, James Casev, Emniett Shotts. Fourth row: Tom Whelchel, Bill Abney. Not Pictured: Gene HoUey, Tom Kainey, Steve Crawford, Harry Hendrix, Ralph Harper, Bill Searcy, Gibson Durden, Avant Edenfield, Jesse Stokeley, Chester Leathers, Swain McElmurray. Gridiron ONE OF THE HIGHEST HONORS A MALE STUDENT CAN ATTAIN Founded in 1905. Gridiron is considered one of the highest honors that a male stu- dent can achieve on this campus. Qualifications for membership, activities, and pur- pose of the society are known only to the members. ::r OFFICERS JAMES WARD . GEORGE SCHEER President Sec.-Treas. James Ward, George Scheer, 318 This honor comes in recognition of the merit and accomplishments of the students who were officially recommended by the University of Georgia and met the requirements of the publication. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. The following students selected for this honor are all leaders in several of the many campus activities at the University. ' - -mi 1 " - " " mU MARTH jjL ] fa[ u " •-, H i THOIVIAS HAROLD AIKEN ELIZABETH LOUISE ANDREW lAWRENCE HENRY BIXBY EMMET JOPLING BONDURANT Covington Atlanta Rome Athens JAMES IRA CASEY, JR. WILLIAM COPPEDGE COLLINS ELEANOR THAYER CRANE MARTHA A. deBEAUGRINE Cedartown Forsyth Athens Madison 319 1|D s Ulin NOT PICTURED Ada Nadine Brown Georgetown Marion Stevia Chandler Athens Alice Haney Green Canton Rudolph Eugene Holley Augusta Roger Jerome Martinson Columbus Donald Dwighl Smith Marietta Otis Hammond Stephens East Point CHARLES JAMES DRIEBE Ft. Gaines, Fla. MH NER GIBSON DURDEN Atlanta BARBARA ANNE EGY Atlanta JAMES ALLEN GIBBS Tv Tv BARBARA HOPE GRIFFETH Brooklet GUY RAINEY HERRING Aragon DAVID KING HOLLIS Hahira 320 DOROTHY ALICE IcCONKEY Covington ELSA . URIA PARROTT Athens MYRA VIRGINIA PIIVSON ELIijay ROBERT ALVIN ROWAN Nashville GRACE ANTSE SLLLIVAN Anderson, S. C. S.ALLY ANN WEBB Marietta Spliiii X Sphinx is the highest non- scholastic honor awarded to male students at the University of Georgia. First Row: Monte W. Markhani, David K. Hollis, Jr., George M. Scheer, Jr., John O ' Toole, Norman Fletcher. Second Row: Nathan G. Knight, Earle Cocke, Jr., Dean William Tate, Robert A. Rowan, Lindsev Bennett. 1. A. H. Patterson 2. W. D. Hooper 3. L. A. Cothran 4. G. Glenn 5. C. R. Andrews 6. E. E. Pomeroy 7. A. Pratt Adams 8. Will S. Blun 9. C. W. Davis 10. M. D. Dubose 11. R. P. Jones 12. A. J. McBride 13. R. J. Travis 14. T. W. Rucker 15. M. M. Thurman 16. John Banks 17. R. L. Denmark 18. J. E. Hall 19. R. M. Charlton 20. Harry Hull 21. H. C. Johnson 22. J. B. Ridley 23. W. R. Ritchie 24. J. L. Erwin 25. Phinizy Calhoun 26. F. McCutcheon 27. Longstreet Hull 28. B. C. J. Lamar 29. W. M. Hardy 30. N. P. Park 31. W. J. Hammond 32. Lamar C. Rucker 33. S. Blackshear 34. M. Dickinson 35. Andrew Calhoun 36. Cam D. Dorsey 37. M. Richardson 38. B. S. Walker 39. Sandy Beaver 40. F. M. Ridley 41. G. W. Leg wen 42. R. Jacques 43. Ralph Meldrim 44. Marion Smith 45. Wallace Miller 46. Minor Boyd 47. W. R. Turner 48. J. F. Baxter 49. Harold Ketron 50. Jack Bower 51. Frampton Ellis 52. Frank Anderson 53. R. P. Brooks 54. L. P. Goodrich 55. L. S. Hopkins, Jr. 56. K. L Killorin 57. M. Blackshear 58. Virlyn Moore 59. Tom Connally 60. W. Nunnally 61. T. T. TurnbuU 62. W. W. Patterson 63. Arthur Sullivan 64. Charlie H. Cox 65. Rodney Hill 66. Harold Telford 67. A. L. Hardy 68. J. D. Young 69. W. Marshburn 70. H. M. Scott 71. John A. Brown 72. George Hains 73. Dan Y. Sage 74. L C. Levy 75. Lansing B. Lee 76. L. Raoul 77. J. J. Ragan 78. R. S. Parker 79. G. P. Whitman 80. W. L. Erwin 81. Harrison Jones 82. C. D. Cabaniss 83. W. G. Brantley 84. P. R. Weltner 85. A. Carmichael 86. R. Kyle Smith 87. W. Brown 88. Frank H. Martin 89. C. N. Feidelson 90. J. K. McDonald 91. H. L. J. Williams 92. R. H. Jones 93. S. 0. Smith 94. M. S. Hodgson 95. H. Delaperierre 96. F. C. Newton 97. Claude Derrick 98. W. C. Henson 99. J. B. Harris 100. Y. B. Smith 101. D. H. Redfern 102. Jerome Michael 103. D. L. Rogers 104. E. V. Carter, Jr. 105. J. E. Lucas 106. H. G. Bailey 107. E. M. Brown 108. Abit Nix 109. 0. Franklin 110. E. T. Miller 111. H. L. Lanham 112. H. B. Blackshear 113. W. Falk, Jr. 114. A. R. McDonnell 115. C. Hatcher 116. Paul L. Bartlett 117. E. L. Pennington 118. E. W. Moise 119. G. C. Woodruff 120. E. V. Heath 121. Millard Rewis 122. R. B. Troutman 123. Arthur Maddox 124. J. L. Sibley 125. L. D. Brown 126. Cliff Braunen 127. G. T. Northern 128. W. A. Mann 129. H. D. Meyer 130. B. H. Walton 131. D. R. Peacock 132. V. E. Durden 133. C. E. Martin 134. E. B. Dunlap 135. R. L. McWhorter 136. R. H. Freeman 137. Z. S. Cowan 138. E. Morganstcrn 139. James M. Lynch 140. H. Levy Rogers 141. B. H. Chappell 142. Ira Funkenstein 143. Frank Carter 144. T. Rucker Ginn 145. Aaron Bernd 146. R. H. Patterson 147. Victor Victor 148. H. H. Whelchel 149. L. Pinkussohn 150. Clark Howell, Jr. 151. D. K. McKamy 152. D. F. Paddock 153. John Henderson 154. E. J. Hardin 155. G. S. Whitehead 156. J. B. Conyers 157. C. W. Jacobson 158. H. L. Hodgson 159. R. W. Wesley 160. G. L. Harrison 161. C. M. Tanner 162. W. Quaterman 163. R. Callaway, Jr. 164. Joel B. Mallett 165. T. A. Thrash 166. Max L. Segall 167. Hofman Sorrels 168. W. 0. White 169. J. P. Stewart 170. N. L. Gillis, Jr. 171. Roff Sims, Jr. 172. J. Carmichael 173. Howard McCall 174. Irvine M. Levy 175. Hinton Longino 176. R. W. Courts 177. L. H. Tippett 178. 0. R. Ellars 179. R. H. West 180. R. Foreman, Jr. 181. J. M. Hatcher 182. Dewey Knight 183. Louis S. Davis 184. W. P. Zachry 185. Irvine Phinizy 186. R. O ' Callaghan 187. C. M. Candler 188. W. M. Dallas 189. C. H. Satterfield 190. R. W. Harrold 191. W. D. Miller 192. Arthur Pew 193. R. E. L. Spence 194. C. W. Slack 195. John R. Slater 196. E. W. Highsmith 197. A. M. Day 198. C. M. Straham 199. H. H. Mangum 200. W. H. Stephens 201. J. B. Ford 202. Nathan Jolles 203. Owen Reynolds 204. J. P. Carson 205. W. D. Durden 206. W. B. Cody 207. M. A. McRainey 208. W. F. Daniel 209. E. H. Dixon 210. F. C. McClure 211. L. H. Hill 212. J. J. Clark 213. C. A. Lewis 214. J. J. Bennett, Jr. 215. Alton Hosch 216. C. G. Henry 217. J. K. Harper 218. H. H. Maddox 219. J. L. Watson 220. C. R. Anderson 221. E. M. Gurr 222. H. Cleckley, HI 223. W. C. Carter. Jr. 224. William Tate 225. C. F. Wiehrs 226. John Fletcher 227. J. D. Thomason 228. John Hosch. Jr. 229. T. F. Green, Jr. 230. W. E. Sewell 231. Lester Hargrett 232. C. L. Gowen 233. M. E. Kilpatrick 234. John D. Allen 235. H. D. Shattuck 236. George Morton 237. G. H. Nixon 238. A. A. Marshall 300. 239. C. N. Mell 301. 240. E. P. Rogers 302. 241. W. T. Forbes, Jr. 303. 242. G. S. Johnson 304. 243. R. J. Chaml.liss 305. 244. Ernest Camp. Jr. 306. 245. Allen Post 307. 246. A. S. Clay, HI 308. 247. Kells Boland 309. 248. Ivey Shivers, Jr. 310. 249. W. H. Young 311. 250. Isaac K. Hay 312. 251. G. Florence, Jr. 313. 252. T. A. Nash 3.14. 253. T. Hamilton. Jr. 315. 254. B. H. Hardy, Jr. 316. 255. Hall L. Stancil 317. 256. D. C. Tulley 318. 257. R. Patterson, Jr. 319. 258. H. S. Wofford 320. 259. J. S. Candler, II 321. 260. L. Lautzenhiser 322. 261. R. B. Jennings 323. 262. C. Barrow, Jr. 324. 263. R. B. Hooks 325. 264. J. H. Boland 326. 265. C. G. Hamilton 327. 266. J. J. Harris 328. 267. W. J. Kline, Jr. 329. 268. K. Anderson 330. 269. J. Palmour. Jr. 331. 270. Henry Palmer 332. 271. K. McCutcheon 333. 272. Guerry Harris 334. 273. D. Feagin, Jr. 335. 274. M. L. Purvis 336. 275. J. M. Oliver 337. 276. Marvin Cox 338. 277. Ellis G. Arnall 339. 278. Herbert Maffett 340. 279. Sandford Sandford 341. 280. J. W. Maddox 342. 281. Mark Hollis 343. 282. W. C. Latimer 344. 283. Vernon S. Smith 345. 284. W. Strickland 346. 285. J. W. Mclntire 347. 286. Marion Gaston 348. 287. M. Crenshaw 349. 288. W. Hazelhurst 350. 289. Leroy S. Young 351. 290. F. Solomon 352. 291. V. B. Moore. Jr. 353. 292. W. Maddox. Jr. 354. 293. J. Richardson, Jr. 355. 294. M. Hodgson, Jr. 356. 295. T. Thigpcn, Jr. 357. 296. R. Stephens, Jr. 358. 297. J. W. Calhoun 359. 298. D. Stafford. Jr. 360. 299. John Bond 361. Harry Baxter 362. W. f . Rogers 363. J. D. Bowden 364. J. Carl Strong 365. A. Lee Rogers 366. J. W. Wise 367. W. Bennett, Jr. 368. W. C. Hawkins 369. R. T. Anderson 370. W. C. Hoyt, Jr. 371. C. Harrold, Jr. 372. B. Anderson, Jr. 373. E. H. Baxter 374. Dyar Massey 375. A. Roddenberry 376. Morris Abram 377. F. Newton, Jr. 378. 0. Lumpkin 379. R. Troutman. Jr. 380. R. P. McCuen 381. A. Cleveland, Jr. 382. R. C. Norman 383. J. Halliburton 384. Lee Price 385. Howell Hollis 386. Alex McCaskiU 387. Stanford Smith 388. Lee Newton 389. Jack Matthews 390. Ernest Vandiver 391. Frank Gunn 392. A. Fowler, Jr. 393. C. J. Smith, Jr. 394. B. Gardner, Jr. 395. Verner Chaffin 396. J. Meadows. Jr. 397. Cliff C. Kimsey 398. T. C. Penland 399. John B. Miller 400. W. Partee, Jr. 401. Frank Sinkwich 402. Irby Exley 403. Murray Norman 404. F. Champion 405. G. D. Lawrence 406. Jesse Bowles 407. J. P. Miller 408. A. R. Morris 409. Jimmy DeLay 410. Fluker Stewart 411. Charles Trippi 412. J. Sheffield, Jr. 413. William Fred Scott 414. F. S. Cheatham, Jr. 415. Dan Edwards 416. R. W. Joiner 417. D. W. Leach 418. W. H. Burson 419. M. D. McLendon 420. John Ranch 421. Minis Wilkinson 422. Kirk McAlpin 423. Bryan Whitehurst John E. Griffin Harry L. Wingate James L. Bentley Porter Payne James Andrews S. R. Burns H. Walraven, Jr. R. J. Healey Raleigh S. Bryans 12 !■. Joseph H. Marshall 425. Nathan G. Knight 426. Robert A. Rowan 427. D. K. Hollis, Jr. 428. Monte W. .Markham Honorary Members A — H. Brown B— G. Butler C— 0. S. Sibley D — D. Dougherty Laurence Crimmins E — W. H. Harris G. R. Reinhardt W. A. Elinburg W. B. Phillips W. T. Evans T. A. Waddell R. S. McArthur E. L. Dunn, Jr. M. C. Merola W. H. Justice N. P. Chilivis M. W. Edwards T. E. Arnette Carl J. Turner Claude W. Hipps B. S. Middlebrooks T- Henry G. Woodard U F — H. Bacon G— W. P. Hall H— F. K. Boland I— H. G. Colvin J— W. Cothran K — W. Spain L — John Dorsey M— F. Mitchell N— H. Dodd O— C. H. Black P — W. Tichenor Q — G. Jackson R— W. B. Hill S — C. Snelling D. C. Barrow R. E. Park Cecil R. Spooner H. K. HoUaday Phil C. Beverly R. C. Stubbs, Jr. Hassell L. Parker Robert K. West J. D. Benefield, Jr. Wesley L. Harris Frank V. Salerno W. D. Moseley C. R. Adams. Jr. Dan W. Kitchens E. R. Bratkowski D. L. Branyon, Jr. Randall Maret John Carson Robert Blalock L. R. Patterson V— H. C. White W— A. M. Soule X— W. Brocek X— W. Brooks Y— S. V. Sanford Z — C. Strahan A A — H. Stegeman BB— S. Morris CC — G. Peabody DD— E. A. Lowe EE— T. Wofter FF— T. W. Reed GG— Harry Mehre HH — E. Edmunds II— H. Hirsch JJ — E. L. Secrest KK— H. Caldwell LL — P. Chapman Quentin R. Gabriel MM— R. R. Gunn Jay D. Gardner NN— J. D. Wade Frank Seiler Richard Trotter Joe P. O ' Malley Kermit Perry Jule W. Felton, Jr. Jabez McCorkle 00— H. Spalding PP— C. H. Herty QQ_E. Couher RR— W. 0. Payne SS— W. Butts TT— W. M. Crane John J. Wilkins, III UU— H. A. Shinn Norman Fletcher VV — W. 0. Collins Lindsey Bennett WW — E. Cocke, Jr. R. S. Lowrey, Jr. WX— 0. C. Aderhold Donald G. Joel WY— John E. Drewry John R. O ' Toole WZ— Herman Talmadge Joel J. Knight X— Robert O. Arnold Edward ' . Killorin YY— Charles J. Bloch G. M. Scheer, Jr. ZZ— Frank D. Foley 323 First rote: Virginia Pinson, Anne Sullivan, Natline Brown, Alice TSoodson. Second row: Evelyn Frohnian, Ann Brady, Eleanor Crane, Janet Eninions, Alice Greene, Sally Webb. Mortar Board Third row: Advisors: Mrs. Alexander, Miss Artau, Dr. Alex- ander, Miss Bondurant, Camille Schiffman, Dean Stallings. ONE OF THE HIGHEST HONORS A WOMAN CAN ATTAIN Mortar Board ' s purpose is " to provide for the cooperation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type college woman. " The object of the society is leader- ship, scholarship, and service. Included in its projects are the Activities Fair, the Cal- endar Book Sale. The Charter Room at Student Union (co- sponsored with ODK I . and the scholarship to a student who lives up to Mortar Board ideals. OFFICERS Eleanor Crane . . . President Ann Brady . . . Vice President Janet Emmons . . . Secretary Evelyn Frohnian . . Treasurer Alice Green Editor Alice Greene, Evelyn Frohman, Janet Emmons, Eleanor Crane, Ann Brady. First Row: Glenn O ' Neal, Enimett Sholl, Ted Ridgeway, Einniett Bondurant, Jimmy Shelly, Unidentified, Dr. Flem- ing. Second Row: Bob Lowery, Steve Smith, Norman Fletcher, Roger Martinson, Chuck Driebe, Charles Jones, Avant Eden- field, Dave Hollis, Bobby Rowan. Third Rote: Harry Hough- ton, Billv Hearn, Charles Dobbins, Fred Arnold, Jim Maner, Wayne Snow, Allison Wade, Max Sink, Hugh Riley, Ralph Harper, John O ' Toole, Dr. Payne, Bill Cowan. Blue Key FURTHERS COOPERATION OF LEADERS ON CAMPUS Blue Key, a national honorary service fraternity, was estab- lished on the University campus in 1933. The fraternity strives to promote cooperation among the student leaders and serve the college through its various projects. Blue Key ' s main project each year is the publica- tion of the Student-Faculty Directory. The proceeds from the sale of this directory are put into the Blue Key Scholar- ship Fund. Every year the fraternity grants a scholarship to an outstanding freshman. OFFICERS Glenn O ' Neal President James Casey . . . Vice President Steve Smith . . Secretary-Treasurer Charles Driehe . Corresponding Secretary Dr. Payne, Glenn O ' Neal, Jimmy Shelly, Chuck Driebe. Firm Rotr: Charles Jones, George Scheer, Tommy Bailey, Batch Flythe, Jerry Whiteside, Tommy Whiteside. Second Rote: Bill Cliatt, Louie Smith, Owen Raines, George Norris, Guy Herring, Jesse Stokely, Jay Cox. Third Roiv: George Morris, Bill Chaffin, Fred Stowers, James Maness, Jim Dail, Jim Branvon. Gib Durden. Fourth Row: James Casey, Emniett Shotts, Will Clark, Cone Maddox, Thomas Allen, Bucky Johnson, Jerry Cox. Fifth Row: Swain McElmurray, Frank Chandley, Harry Hendrix, Lawrence Pinson. f f X " Club TO IMPROVE SCHOOL SPIRIT AND LOYALTY Improving school spirit and loyalty is the foremost function of X Club. X Club is an honorary organization which selects its members on the basis of industry, ability, and merit. Outstanding University men who have reached their second quarter of their sophomore year are tapped for the honor. Owen Raines, Louis Smith, Bill Cliatt. Members of X Club speak annually to high school stu- dents to encourage attendance at the University of Georgia. The election of the outstanding male senior on the campus is sponsored by X Club, and he is presented with an award on Honors Day. OFFICERS FALL Bill Chafin President James Jarrelt Vice President James Taylor Secretary-Treasurer Bobby White Historian WINTER Louis Smith President Bill Cliatt Vice President Owen Raines Secretary-Treasurer Mike Lee Historian Alpha Lambda Delta A FRESHMAN WOMEN ' S SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY OFFICERS Helen Huif President Linda Dickey . . . Vice President Gay Forrester .... Secretary Mary Alice Benedict . . Treasurer Alpha Lambda Delta is a major schnlastic society honoring freshman women who have maintained a minimum average of 88 or above for two quarters. The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is to promote high scho- lastic attainment among freshman women. Projects of this group include an annual " Smarty Party " held during winter quarter for freshman girls with high fall quarter averages. A banquet is held spring quarter with Phi Eta Sigma at which the organ- izations honor their new initiates. Alpha Lambda Delta was founded nationally at the University of Illinois in 1924; ten years later a chapter was established at U. of Ga. First Rote: Jamie Stovall, Unidentified, Edwina Tally, Un- identified, Ann Wick- er. Second Rote: Bil- lie Ruth Duncan, Janis Roberson, Gail Waters, Claire Emer- son, Gav Forrester, Helen Huff, Mary Al- ice Benedict, Marilyn Brunson, Deborah Bell. Third Rote: Barbara Cone, Betty Jean Tee!, Unidenti- fied, Linda Dickey, Olivia Taylor. Berke- ley Smith. Fourth Rote: Allene Whit- mire, Lisa Elder, Jane Defoor, Jackie Woods, Jeanne Wise. Fifth Rote : Sharon Kinstein, Jane Mir- sky. Miss Frances Wallis, Ann Jensen, Bettv Robertson. Miss Birdie Bondu ' rant, Gloria Schwartz, Marv Alice Benedict, Berkeley Smith, Hel en Huff , Jennie Wren Marie LeRoy. (?f Z ' ' Club THE HIGHEST HONOR A FRESHMAN WOMAN CAN ATTAIN Berkeley Smith Jennie Wren OFFICERS . President Secretary-Treasurer Seven freshman girls are selected each spring for the Z Club. Being the highest honor a freshman woman can attain, selection is made on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and loyaUy. All dormitory and sorority freshmen are invited to nominate candidates for " Miss Freshman, " and to present skits at the annual " Z Night. " First Rotv: Margaret Tyler, Bobbie Egy, Ann Virgin, Sara Weslbrook, Leslie Wood. Second Row: Martha Harden, Barbara Foster, Jane Frederick, Martha Jo Smith, Nadine Brown. Zodiac HONORS WOMEN OF THE JUNIOR CLASS By honoring those twelve women in the junior year who have made the highest averages here during their freshman and sophomore years, Zodiac ' s purpose as a local organiza- tion is to further good scholarship. Among the activities of the group are the Zodiac Award and the Honors Day Banquet. OFFICERS Bobbie Egy President Nadine Brown Vice President Margaret Tyler Secretary Jane Frederick Treasurer 328 Margaret Tyler, Bobbie Egy. First row: Uliel Tanner, Marvin Atha, Ken Williams, Larry Still. Third row: John Garland, David Cohen, Nelson Gold- Aldridge. Second row: Wyatt Anderson, Bobby Edge, Bruce man. Bill H. Duffell, Bobby Shipp. Phi Eta Sigma RECOGNITION FOR SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT OF FRESHMEN Phi Eta Sigma, national freshmen men ' s honorary society, maintains a limited but effective program toward promoting freshman scholarship. Membership is available to any fresh- man man with an average of 90 or above at the end of his second or third quarters. The Georgia chapter has been active since 1938. Its pri- mary purpose is to promote and reward high scholastic attainment. Dean of Men William Tate is the faculty advisor. OFFICERS LARRY ALDRIDGE . . President BOBBY EDGE . . Vice President BRUCE STILL .... Secretary DAVID COHEN .... Treasurer Larry Aldridge, Bobby Edge, Bruce Still. Club OFFICERS Joe Comfort President J. B. Davis Vice President Hal Stoltz Secretary-Treasurer Membership in " G " Club is reserved for those athletes who win a " G " through participation in a major sport on the Georgia campus. Mike Anderson football Robert Anderson track John Axelson track Jimmy Bankston swimming Tommy Blakely swimming Emmett Bondurant swimming Aaron Box football Charlie Britt football Nick Bracco football Henry Cabaniss basketball, baseball Bob Chancy basketball Joe Comfort football J. B. Davis football Joe DeFoor basketball Henry Dukes football Howard Dyrdahl swimming Fred Edmondson basketball Al Francis football R. E. Gladden baseball George Guisler football Riley Gunnels football George Hansen football Billy Hearn football, baseball Dennie Jackson track Gordon Kelly football Don Leebern football Tommy Lewis football, baseball Gene Littleton football Dave Lloyd football Wilbur Lofton football Cicero Lucas football Mike Meatheringham football Wayne Minshew baseball Bob Moser golf Glen Nunley football Jimmy Orr football Sonny Poss basketball, track, swimming Billy Roland football Hugh Royer golf Theron Sapp football Bob Sedlock football Earl Simpkins track Cliff Simonton track Tom Simonton track Loren Smith track Don Soberdash football Don Sparrow baseball Alston Steiner swimming Smoky Stover baseball Hal Stoltz swimming Dude Thompson football Bobby Towns football, track Dave Tyre swimming Travis Vinesett football Jimmy Vickers football Bill Watkins football George Whitton football, track Bob Williams track 330 Bill Rookcr, John Cox, Dave Hollis, Norman Fletcher, George Scheer. Greek Horsemen HONORS OUTSTANDING FRATERNITY MEN This organization was established at the University to honor fraternity men who have endeavored to promote and further the aims and ideals of the Greek way of life. FOUNDERS John J. Wilkins, III Frank W. Seller G. Donald Joel John Cox MEMBERS Alpha Thomas M. Tillman, Jr. Beta George M. Scheer, Jr. Gamma Norman Fletcher Delta David King Hollis, Jr. Epsilon William A. Rooker FirgI Rote: John McMullan, Paul Dowell, Melvin Bentley, Bill Collins. Seconfl Row: James Casey, Guy Herring, Buoky Browning, Jerry Cox. Biftad AN HONORARY ORGANIZATION FOR SOPHOMORES Biftad is a local honorary service club for third quarter freshmen and first quarter sophomore men. Its primary aim is to promote scholarship and well-rounded participation in campus activities. Qualifications for membership are based on a point sys- tem. Ten freshmen are initiated in the spring and five soph- omores are taken in the fall. The organization seeks to increase school spirit by spon- soring special events throughout the school year. Biftad was founded in 1910. OFFICERS Bucky Johnson President Jerry Whiteside Vice President Jake Behr Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Cox Chairman of Board Directors Jerry Cox, Bucky Johnson, Jerry Whiteside. First Rotv: Janios Casov, Lindsev Bennett, Frank Troutnian, Patterson, Bob Rowan, Oscar Fowler, Gny Herring, Charles Norman Fletcher, George Scheer. Second Row: Mr. Archie Ballard. Third Row: Raymon Hunter, Jim Lacy. Omicron Delta Kappa A NATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY FOR MEN Omicron Delta Kappa, a national leadership society for men, was founded in 1914 and now has circles in 65 colleges and universities. Alpha Upsilon Circle was established here in 1935. Membership in ODK is primarily based on leadership, scholarship, and outstanding participation in either one or more of the following fields: publications, music, forensics, service and campus life, and conservation to democratic ideas. ODK has a joint initiation ceremony with the Georgia Tech and Emory University chapters. OFFICERS James Casey President Jim Lacy Vice President Matthew Mackay-Smith Secretary Guy Herring Treasurer Casey, James Lacy, Guy Herring. James Casey, James Lacy, Guy Herring. 333 Phi Beta Kappa The first chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was founded Dceember 5, 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Vir- ginia. The Georgia Alpha Chapter was in- augurated at the University of Georgia March 27. 1914. Phi Beta Kappa at William and Mary was established for the " promotion of friendship, morality, and literature. " In addition the Society now honors by mem- bership those students of good character who have outstanding scholastic records in fields of liberal studies. Phi Kappa Phi The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897. The Georgia Chapter was established in 1923. The purpose of the Society is the recog- nition and encouragement of superior scholarship in all fields of study. Member- ship is offered to senior students in all colleges and schools of the University, who have outstanding scholastic standing. Each year, the local chapter awards a scholar- ship to the student of the freshman class having the highest scholastic record, and returning to the University as a member of the sophomore class. Sigma Xi The Society of the Sigma Xi, nationally founded in 1886, was established at the University of Georgia in 1946. The object of the Society is to encourage original investigation in science, pure and applied. Full membership is extended to individuals of the instructional or research staff of the University who have shown noteworthy achievement as original inves- tigators in some branch of pure or ap- plied science. Associate membership is extended to graduate students who have shown marked excellence in a department and have given evidence of an aptitude for research in some field of science. 334 ' CAMPUSWIDE o Cs First Roic: Cone Maddox, Ann Sexton, Jan Williams, Joanne Hecker, James Fibbs, Mary Danielly, Jack Myers, Letlie Jen- sen. Second Rotv: Bobby Rowan, Sharon Stadleir, Earl Leonard, Sylvia Lee, Helen Parker, Thomas Aiken, James Lacey. Third Roic: Marie LeRoy, Jake Behr, Bobbie Egy, Wickie Chambers, t [ Martha Bagley, Jane Hardy, Guy Herring, Steve Crawford. Fourth Row: Jim Cook, Melvin Bentley, Ann Cox, Larry Bixby, Jimmy Walker, Berkley Smith, Betty Cook, Jake Kelly, Allison Wade. Student Council STRIVES TO ELIMINATE STUDENT PROBLEMS The purpose of the Student Council is to further the best interests of the University of Georgia, and the student body. It voices the needs of the students to the administration and coordinates student organizations and activities. There is a complaint committee through which the student may voice his opinion. Each dormitory, sorority, and fra- ternity may have one representative on the committee. The committee then submits the complaints to the Council for action. Each college and school on the campus elects its repre- sentatives to the Council. One representative for each two hundred students in the school or college is allowed. In addition, Ag Hill Council, Independent Men. Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, Triquetra, and W.S.G.A. each have one representative. OFFICERS Emmet Bondurant Chairman Paul Dowell Vice Chairman Lettie Jensen Recording Secretary Jan Williams Corresponding Secretary Lettie Jensen, Paul Dowell, Jan Williams, Eminett Bonduranl. m Annelle Gibbon, Margaret Tyler. Bobbie Egy, Claire Duggan, Maxanne Courson, Marv Alice Benedict. WSGA THE STUDENT GOVERNING BODY FOR WOMEN Women ' s Student Government Association is a body, com- posed of representatives from each women ' s campus resi- dence, whose purpose is to govern fairly the women students at the University. WSGA strives to preserve and promote the interest and prestige of the University, to assure to each student the largest possible personal liberty without injury to the liberty of others, and to promote such activities and enterprise as will aid in equipping members of the organ- ization for a satisfying life. Projects sponsored by WSGA include an Annual Spring Workshop, a cabinet-sponsored Dormitory Play Night, and the Loyalty Award. OFFICERS Virginia Pinsoii President Mary Ellen Cochran Vire President Anne Sullivan Secretary Marie LeRoy Treasurer Mary Wildes Judicial Chairman Virginia Pinson, Mary Wiles, Mary Ellen Cochran, Marie LeRoy. First Row. Jimmy Vikalis, Bill Rumley, Mrs. Healey, Mike Scruggs, Jim Puster, Jerrv Lcvien. Second Roiv: Robert Davis, Bill Mansfield, Chris Foster, Bill Hatcher, Hodges Rowland, Wayne Anderson. Third Row: Jim Thomas, John Monsun, Thomas Greer, Buddy Mason. Fourth Rote: Cliff Hollis, Gary Winkle, Wayne Mosley, Jerry Baker. Reed Hall Council GOVERNS REED HALL Nineteen men constitute the Reed Hall Council which meets once a week. The Council ' s purpose is the governing and administration of Reed Hall. The Council has been in existence since 1953. The group actively supports many reputable charities. This year, Reed Hall won the trophy for the most successful drive in raising money for the polio fund. Outstanding annual social events for freshmen at the University of Georgia include the Reed Hall Christmas Dance and the Reed Hall Spring Formal sponsored by the Council. OFFICERS James M. Thomas President Oscar Mason Vice President Wayne Anderson Secretary Jon Monsun Treasurer 338 Reed Hall Court fir Reed Hall Officers illlllli Jim Thomas, Jon IVIonsun, Buddy Mason, Wavne Anderson. 339 Ag Hill Council PROMOTES HARMONY AMONG AG HILL ORGANIZATIONS OFFICERS Guy Herring President Tom Aiken .... Vice President Jim Lee Secretary Pat Eck Treasurer First Row : Vernon Hagen, Tom Aiken, Pat Eek, Lex Strick- land, Guy Herring, Bill Clark, Jerry Ken- nedy. Second Roic: Ken Beasley, Larry Young, Paul Chap- man, Jim Lee, Fred Stowers, Sam Gordy. Third Roiv: Log Cow- art, George Morris, Jerry Cox, James Ca- sey, James Warbing- ton, George Norris, James Thompson. To promote unity among the students and organizations of South Campus is the purpose of Ag Hill Council. It is the responsibility of the Council to represent the agriculture students on Student Council and on other student committees on campus. Each organization on Ag Hill may elect two members to the Council. By means of the council, harmony is established in the relationship of the organizations of Ag Hill, and a closer relationship is activated between the students and the faculty. Jr. Panhellic COORDINATES ACTIVITIES OF SORORITY PLEDGES First Rote: Nancy Armstrong, Peggy Wise, Beth Hunt, Halley Boatwright, Rosalyn Danneman, Rosemary Clifford, Suzanne Hemrick. Second Row: Linda Holbrook, Jackie Breedlove, Jackie Woods, Dianne Carl- ton, Pat Wright, Iver- son Branch. Third Roiv: Ann Bicker- staff, Ann Corbin, Berta Johnson, Har- riet Martin. OFFICERS Rosalyn Danneman . . . President Halley Boatwright Vice President The Junior Panhellenic Council was formed to foster a spirit of friendli- ness, co-operation, and good will among the pledge classes of the sororities on campus and between the sorority pledges and independent girls. Jr. Panhellenic also strives to prepare first year sorority girls for Senior Panhellenic work. Each year Jr. Pan-Hel sponsors a jam session to raise money for a charity organization. Other projects include collecting food, clothing, and toys for a poor family, and an annual Valentine Party for the Old-Age Home. Rosier: Darwis Adnan, Badi Agha, Afxentios Afxentiou, Vahit Akalin, Luis Alonso, Maindouh Aref, Ibrahim Alay, Reiiate Baorenl, Spiros Bournias, Frank Chou, Nicol Ciirrie, Bertrand De Gorsse, Emmanuel Drandakis, Mustafa Elayan, Bchaddin Fakhrn, Ivar Flem, Bergljot Fossuni, Bernard Gave, Alexios Gerogiadis, Gkiat Gkalayananiit, Daryoush Hakim, George Hansen, Arne Haugestad, Rosemarie Hilpert, Robert Hinshal- wood, John Johnston, Enrieo Kempter, Mrs. E. Kempter, Young Who Koo, Jung Sook Lee, Htein Lin, Erwin Linde- niann. Josh Macherowski, Robert McLaughlan, Vishwa Miahra, Sakiko Muto, Zuhair Nejib, Peter Ng, Margareta Olsson, Gladys Paterson, Franeisco Pena, Andrew Rogowski, Meera Rudna, Susan Ruegg, Farid Sadik, Senta Saloranta, Dardio Somaatmadia, Ludolf Stollwerek, Duksil Suh, Hiroyuki Suga- hara, Jennifer Weston-Webb, Kenneth Yip, Steve Sragner, Tibor Szabo, Richard Temple, Eduardo Bustamante, Lian-fu Chen, Moo S. Chung, Ismail Dagci, Paz De Hitta Dino, Bar- tolome Espino, Teodore Malasig, Celestino Reantaso, Francisco Rentutar, Regina Talon, Clotilde Togle, Ampern Karasananda, Antoine Ghosn and family. Motta Landivaldo, Orlando Lindo. Cosmopolitan Club BRINGS TOGETHER FOREIGN AND AMERICAN STUDENTS Cosmopolitan Club attempts to increase mutual understand- ing and information among American and foreign students. Programs of music, movies, talks, and discussions — all with an international emphasis to promote the club ' s aim. Repre- sentatives from various countries conduct numerous pro- grams concerning music, manners, and customs of their homelands for the members ' benefit. Certain social activities, dances, and a Christmas party were held this year to provide the social side. Cosmopolitan ' s colorful atmosphere and international membership make for good understanding among the stu- dents of America and those from other nations. OFFICERS Frank H. Chou Prpsident Renate Baerent Vice President Harriet Bairtl Recording Secrelary Bergljot Fossum Corresponding Secretary Senta Saloranta Radio Program Chairman Harriet Baird, Senta Saloranta, Frank H. Chou, Renate Baerent, Bergljot Fossum. First Ron-: Harold Saunders, Jack Pallar, Harold Rorsh, Unidentified, Roland Wilbanks. Second Row: Bob Durr, Jerry Jacobson, Joe Mennen, Pete Oliver, Terry Mann, Jake Behr. Third Rotv: Harry Piersot, Dan Minchew, Unidentified, Murray Jascolse, Wyatt Anderson, Mr. Jack Garrett, William Woo. Fourth Row: Hyman Shapiro, Bill Dunnaway, Frank Battle, Unidentified, Unidentified, Marvin Allen, Mark Hollis. Fifth Roic: Richard Stevens, Robert Shipp, Martin Keller, Donald Savage, Mike Lee. Alplia Phi Omega THE FOREMOST SERVICE FRATERNITY OF THE CAMPUS The Beta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity was founded at Lafayette College, Easton, Penn- sylvania, on December 16. 1925. " To assemble college men in the fellowship of the scout oath and law, to develop friendship and to promote service to humanity " is the purpose of Alpha Phi Omega. The fraternity ' s projects include UMOC Contest, a Christ- mas party for children of colored employees, the March of Dimes Drive, an Explorer Educational Conclave, and a children ' s Easter egg hunt. OFnCERS Jake Behr President Marvin Allen 1st Vice President Terry Mann 2nd Vice President Robert Shipp Treasurer Mike Lee Secretary Jack Garrett, Marvin Allen, Terry Mann, Jake Behr, Robert Shipp, Mike Lee. Gamma Sigma Sigma Members Gamma Sigma Sigma A NATIONAL SERVICE SORORITY Composed of University women who desire to serve the student body, faculty, and the University community, Gamma Sigma Sigma, national service sorority, was estab- lished on campus in 1956. During registration each quarter. Gamma Sig members operate a messenger service and a lost-and-found booth. Aid is also given to the Dean of Women ' s Office in the distribution of dormitory fee cards. GSS co-sponsors several events with Alpha Phi Omega, men ' s service fraternity, including the March of Dimes cam- paign and the Easter egg hunt for children of University employees. OFFICERS Betty York President Helen Lanier 1st Vice President Marie LeRoy 2nd Vice President Carol Hallowell Corresponding Secretary Judy Robinson Recording Secretary Gloria Roberts Treasurer Seated: Carole Hallowell, Bettv York. Standing: Gloria Roberts, Judy Robertson, Helen Lanier, Marie LeRoy. " The Grand Old Party. " Independent Men ACTIVATES INDEPENDENT MEN IN CAMPUS ACTIVITIES The Grand Old Party of Independent Men was organized in 1919. Every male student not a member of a social fraternity is considered a member of GOP and is entitled to seek political offices under its auspices. Jointly with Triquetra, Independent Men sponsor the annual King and Queen of Georgia High Schools contest. They assist with freshmen orientation week and sponsor the freshman shirttail parade. Independent Men offer all members an active organized voice in student affairs. The Campus Leader and Vice Cam- pus Leader are elected by a majority vote of all non-frater- nity males in an election held each spring. They serve as direct representatives and spokesmen for the Independent student body, conduct meetings, and serve on various stu- dent electoral and advisory boards. OFFICERS Bobby Rowan Campus Leader Bill Cowan Vice Campus Leader Bill Hentlrix Secretary Bill Chafin Francise Commissioner Bobby Rowan, Bill Cowan, Harry Hendrix, Bill Chafin. Roster: Jeanette Ardell, Miriam Christian, Sue Cheek, Joyce Bennett, Marcia Croley, Barbara Cone, Laine Andrews, May- neita Crisp, Berthene Carey, Jo Anne Burden, Beverly Davis, Edith Floyd, Catherince Folk, Polly Gillam, Mary Ann Gibson, Tammy Huff, Lynda Hodges, Eugenia Hunter, Patricia John- son, Leah Jarrett, Mary Ann Jackson, Madge Holden, Shirley Lowery, Mary Anne Leake, Sylvia Lee, Kaye Lilly, Marilyn King, Judy McCleskey, Betty Morris, Anne Mahoney, Charlsey Moon, Sandra Newberry, Anna Nolan, Gloria McLendon, Jean- ette Neill, Frances Morris. Barbara McDaniel. Helen Parker, Audre Pitts, Myra Porter. Sheila Ozmore, Camilla Paschal, Jane Rodgers, Wannah Shirley. Carol Seifert, Carol Stroud, Evelyn Smith, Ann Sims. Jan Sims, Betty Jean Teel, Pat Tumlin, Nellie Whitehead, Linda Whittle, Jean ' ingale, Martha Wren, Diane Tucker, Florence Whitfield, Rose Marie Wilson, Ann Whitaker. Triquetra SERVES THE INDEPENDENT WOMEN OF THE CAMPUS Triquetra was established in order to create unity among and further the interest of the Independent women at the University of Georgia. The three basic aims of Triquetra life are friendship, opportunity and service. This organiza- tion in union with the Independent Men has a voice in all major bodies and boards on campus. Jointly with the Independent Men. Triquetra has a very active social calendar. Their activities begin with Orienta- tion Week and ends with their annual Stardust Ball in the spring. Triquetra was founded on the University campus in 1940. OFFICERS Sylvia Lee President Linda ' hitlle Vice President Eleanor Crane Recordins! Secretary Catherine Folk Correspo nding Secretary Mary Ann Leake Treasurer Rose Marie ' ilsoii Publicity Chairman First Row: Linda Whittle, Sylvia Lee, Eleanor Crane, Jeannette Ballard. Second Rotr: Rose Marie Wilson, Genie Hunter, Leah Jarrett, Marv Ann Leake. Catherine Folk. First Roir: Toniinv Sutherland, Pete Bond, Henry Bohn. Wil- liam McKinley Woo. Second Roir: Marshal Smith, H. A. Swindell. Don Browning. White Garland. Cliff Pickens. Third Rote: Wayne Garrett, Joe Estes, Waymon Ethridge, Mitchel Henson, Tom Bichardson. Fourth Row: William Duffell, Roland Brown, Robert L. Troy, Walter Alford, David Brantley, Thomas Durden, Joe Rheny, Larry Aldrich, George King. Argonauts ADVISE FRESHMEN MEN The Argonauts are a group of upperclassmen who serve the University by assisting with the orientation and counseling of freshmen men. The organization was established at the University in 1953. Membership totals about forty men, each having a group of six to twenty freshmen under his guidance. These men meet the newcomers on their arrival, help them during Orientation Week, and answer any questions which may arise during the confusing first weeks of each quarter. The Argonauts, together with the URSA ' s sponsor the annual Freshman Talent Show held during fall quarter. OFFICERS Pete Bond President Henry Bohn Vice President Steve Smith Secretary Henry Swindell Treasurer Stuart Culpepper Chaplain Henry Bohn, Pete Bond. 346 V»i. t t f t ofW f P URSA MAJORS — first Roic; Berkley Smith, Hannah Fesper- nian, Caroline Ridgeway, Ann Hollis, Betsy Tant, Janet Cole- man, Barbara Anderson. Second Roiv: Miss Bondurant, Deb- orah Bell, Carol Pittman, Ruth Alexander, Olivia Taylor, Katherine Steiss. Sandy Thacker. Third Rote: Gloria Schwartz, Katherine Gaines, Wilda Storey. Jamie Sue Stovall, Doris Gibbon, June Mailey, Jane Otwell, Leah Jarrett, Mary Alice Benedict. The purpose of the University Resident Student Assistants is to assist freshmen women in learning to live successfully and develop through their associations at the University. The organization sponsors a week-end retreat, a talent show, orientation and registration assistance, a spring train- ing session for new members, scholastic competition between dormitory floors, and a Christmas door decoration compe- tition in the dorms. The University of Georgia chapter of URSA was estab- lished in 1950. URSA URSA MINORS — First Row: Pat Eck, Clair Longino, Lynn Beasley. Mary Mills, Ilene Litchenstein, Rochelle Barron, Martha McElveen, Evelyn Salky. Second Rote: Elsie Beneke, Ruby Malcolm, Helen Huff, Gay Forrester, Billie Ruth Duncan, Beverly Neniec, Janice Robertson, Lyn Connelly, Judy Litchfield. Third Rote: Anne Brake, Carol Knott, Genie Hunter, Fran Morris. Patricia Padgett, Martha Turner, Betty Jean Feef, Martha Bagby, Mayhala Harrison, Ann Bazeniore. ASSISTS FRESHMEN WOMEN OFFICERS Gloria Schwartz President Barbara Anderson Vice President Caroline Ridgeway Secretary Left to Right: Jack Garrcll, Janice Troy, Helen Lanier, and Sieve Smith. OFFICERS Helen Lanier President Steve Smith Vice President Janice Troy Secretary Jack Garrett Director Stude nt Student Union, situated in Memorial Hall, is the student center for social, recreational, and cultural interests at the University. Composed of the Student Union Board and Council, the organization operates with seven standing committees — Social, House, Publicity, Games, Films, Art and Music, j and Publications. i Major Union events during the year include the Freshman j Welcome Dance, Kiddie Karnival, After-Game Dances, i Christmas Tree Lighting Program, Monte Carlo, and the I spring Leadership Retreat at Rock Eagle. j Free Sunday movies and Thursday night films are shown ' • by the Union, and several games tournaments held each j year. 111 THE BOARD — First Rote, Left to Right: Larry Pinson, Mahala Harrison, Janice Troy. Second Row: Betty Crawford, Tommy Grier, Gloria Schwartz. Third Row: Pete Bond, Steve Smith, Jack Garrett, Helen Lanier. Monte Carlo Night. 348 Union BOARD MEMBERS Jean Almond Beth Andrew Pete Bond Billy Chaffin Betty Crawford Tommy Grier Mahalah Harrison Janice Troy Carol Johnson Helen Lanier Kay Lunceford Kay Ragsdale Larry Pinson Steve Smith Gloria Schwartz m Publicity for " Georgia Jump. " Kiddie Karnival Clowns. First Row, Left to Right: Larry Pinson, Mary Simmons, Steve Smith, Alan Gunby. Second Roie: Natalie Goldberg, Harriet Sirower, Unidentified, Gloria Schwartz, Janice Troy, Rochelle Hecklin, Betty Crawford, Barbara Addison. Third Rote: Val Soule, Pete Bond, Helen Lanier, Jack Garrett, Mahalan Har- rison, Tommy Grier. 349 First Row: Joe Dial. Avant Edenfield, Tommy Burnside, Ed Fowler, Billy Davis. Second Roiv: Jim Branyon, Unidentified, Bob Barton, Unidentified, Rcben Tuck, Benny Pike. Third Rote: Unidentified, Bobby Rowan, Unidentified, Blake Drawdy, James Gibbs, Milton Stewart. Fourth Rote: Dan Minschew, Bill Chafin, Jerry Cox, Fred Stowers. Standing: Chuck Driebe, Bill Doming, Unidentified, Dr. Saye, Tom Aiken, James Casey, George Morris, Ed Wilson, Jesse Stokely, Maylon London. Demos thenian FURTHERS THE CAUSE OF FORENSICS Demosthenian Literary Society, organized in 1801 by a campus group at Old Franklin College, is the oldest literary society in the South. Membership is open to any male stu- dent who will attend meetings and express willingness and interest in the programs. Demosthenian purposes are aimed at developing public OFFICERS Avant Edenfield President Ralph Harper Vice President Jim Branyon Secretary-Treasurer Bobby Rowan Judicial Councilor speaking, oration and debating, seeking truth and justice by means of free discussion and debating on topics of current and general interest. Outstanding members meriting recognition are presented with a speaker ' s key; this key may be earned by holding office and participating in programs and debates. James Branyon, Avant Edenfield, Bobby Rowan. First Row: Wilson Joiner, John Frith, Jerry Levine, Tom Couch, Bill Dunaway, Claude Harper, Harry Cashin, Steve Edniondson, Wallace Cato. Don Rainwater, John Barr, Gil Farrow. Second Row: Fred Powell, Wayne Snow, Buddy Creal, Shep Ansley, Jon IVordheinier, Jerry Mueller, Mac Spates, Bob Edge. Third Row: Joseph Bennet, Wesley Leonard, Howard Fisch, Bill Stephens, Kenny Barnes, Fuzzy Barber, Frank Battle, Wayne Ash. Phi Kappa PROMOTES INTEREST IN THE FIELD OF ORATORY Phi Kappa Literary Society, founded at the University in 1820, is set up to promote interest and advancement in ora- torical work. Meetings are held by the organization every Wednesday evening, during the course of which numerous heated arguments arise over national and local current events. Phi Kappa enters its members in the Freshman Im- promptu Debate, Sophomore Declamation, and the Junior Oratory Contest. OFFICERS Fall Buddy Creal President Doug Smith . . First Vice President Tom Couch . Second Vice President Steve Edmondson . . . Secretttry Wallace Cato .... Treasurer Jerry Levine Historian Terrell Wesley . . . Chief Justice Fred Hollingsworth, Associate Justice Louis Schaul • . Associate Justice Wavne Snow .... Chancellor WdUace Cato, Claude Harper, Steve Edmondson, Bob Edge. Second Row: Howard Fisch, Jerry Levine, John Barr. r Uj«»vJ n .flbfe nry Roxtpr: Don Gillespie, Woodrow Williams, Celia Bachelder, John Rogers, Senla Mueller Hutcheson, Barbara Mitchell, Nina Gaverls, Earl Chitty, Don King, John S. Edwards, Marvin W. King, Betty W. Mitchell, Ginny Robertson, Alfred E. Falcone, Laura Fortson, Margaret Obear, Ben Trimble, John Demos, Ed Daniour, Mr. Alexander Main, Lanta Wall, Lorna Free, Ginger Mitchell, Carey Donaldson, W. Stanton Forbes, Don Miller, Ruth Kern, Jo Ann Graham, Robert Hopkins, Mr. Rudolph Kratina, James Jackson, Robert F. Gary, Jr., Pat Jost. University Civic Orchestra PERFORMS IN MUSICAL PROGRAMS The University-Civic Symphony Orchestra, established in Athens in 1934, draws its membership from the Univer- sity and the city of Athens. The orchestra presents con- certs and participates in other major musical events including opera productions and performances of large works for chorus and orchestra. One concert each season stars outstanding music students who appear as soloists with the orchestra. The students, faculty members, and townspeople who make up the orchestra enjoy the pleasure of ensemble music-making and the satisfaction of contributing to the cultural strength of the University community. OFFICERS Carey Donaldson President John Edwards Manager Virginia Mitchell Librarian Mr. Alexander Main, John Edwards, Ginger Mitchell, Carey Donaldson. Roster: Peggy Adams, Ellen Axelrod, Mary Baker, Joyce Ben- nett, Charles Bonner, William Brunkhurst, Charles Bryson, Norman Cartledge, Pat Carson, Miriam Christian Kenneth Cooper, Betty Jean Crawford, Marcia Croley, Bernice Cul- breath, Deanne Deavours, John Donehoo, Leon Gallis, Camp- bell Giddens, Mary Gift, Jane Hadaway, Joyce Hitchcock, Robert Hopkins, Jeanene Home, Anthony Hughes, Carol Jones, Laura Helen Jones, Marion Jones, Judith Jones, Kitty Landers, Bertie Ann Massey, William Matthias, Jr., Carolyn McGill, Patricia Mendel, Ronald Nix, Barbara Ann Patton, ' " Taurine Pittman, Frances Poe, Patricia Purcell, Anna Belle Kay, Anne Reese, Nancy Richardson, Myrna Rose Robertson, Mary Ann Shults, Carole Slaughter, Janet Slay, Robert Smith, Sue Stalvey, Kathryn Steis, Ann Stephens, Bruce Still, Theresa Spiegener, Ann Turner, Shelby Vaughn, Byron Warner, Jr., Janice Watkins, Mary Wildes, George Williams. University Chorus PROMOTES INTEREST IN MUSIC The University Chorus was organized to promote interest in music. Membership is open to all students who profess a desire to sing. During each school year, the group gives two concerts. One is given during the Christmas season and the other during the spring. This year they sang at the lighting of the Christmas tree at Memorial Hall. The chorus also participates in the annual opera presented by the Music Department. The presentation for the winter quarter was " Martha. " OFFICERS Bob Smith President George Williams Vice President Anne Johnston Secretary- Treas urer Deanne Deavours Social Chairman Ray Leonard Director George Williams, Ray Leonard, Deanne Deavours, Bob Smith. Men ' s Glee Glub HAS ACHIEVED NATIONAL FAME Established in 1907, the Men ' s Glee Club provides an oppor- tunity for singing and serving the University through group activity. It also strives to better the public relations of the University by oflfering good, wholesome music for audiences. This past summer, the Glee Club sang on the Ed Sullivan Show and received high praise from Mr. Sullivan. The club is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year. The annual spring tour this year will therefore be their fiftieth. This year ' s tour made appearances all over Florida and Georgia. OFFICERS John Greene President Campbell Giddens Vice President Cliff Pickens Business Manager Marvin Atha Assistant Bus. Mgr. Jo Glen Owen, Marvin Aiha, Cliff Pickens, John Greene, Mr. Byron Warner, Campbell Giddens. 354 in f ( f f C) First Row: Pat Eck, Shelby Vaughn, Melba Wages. Theresa Spigener, Gloria PorterfielH, Mildred West. Second Row: Marian Christian, Lillian McGurley, Betty Sewell, Suzanne Knight, Mr. Anderson. Harriet Stock, Janis Roberson, Nan Rainey, Ann Fennel. Third Row: Linda Nease, Berthene Carey, Halley Boatwright, Penny Irby, Louise Pound, Jean Almand, Carole Johnson, Nancy Norton. Fourth Rote: Tammy Huff, Ann Langford, Jane Rogers, Ann Thompson, Jan Sims, Ann Brake, Patty Reiser, Lorena Stoops, Ann Sims. Women ' s Glee Club PROVIDES WOMEN WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO SING The Women ' s Glee Club encourages the fellowship of mu- sically inclined young women on the University campus. The women gain much in learning to cooperate and achieve as well as having fun by singing together. The Glee Club sings annually at the campus Christmas Tree Lighting Program and carol services during the holi- day season. They take a short trip during winter or spring quarter to entertain the Tech Glee Club. During the spring, the members enjoy a picnic with the Men ' s Glee Club. Each year the group sings at Stunt Night and also for a Music Appreciation program. OFFICERS Nan Rainey President Barbara Anderson Vice President Mary Keen Secretary Theresa Spigener Treasurer Pat Eck Business Manager Mr. John Anderson, Mary Keen, Barbara Anderson, Nan Rainey, Theresa Spigener. JERE CONNER CLEVE MILLER BAND OFFICERS DIXIE REDCOAT BAND Roger L. Dancz Director Mrs. Phyllis Dancz . . . Choreographer Marvin King Captain Ginger Mitchell . . . . 1st Lt. Publicity Guy McLendon 1st Lt. Library Jean Norris 1st Lt. Personnel Carey Donaldson . . .1st Lt. Operations Jan Williams 2nd Lt. Social Buzzie Bennett . . . Captain, Georgettes Ann Wicker . . . . 1st Lt., Georgettes Anita Butler • . . .1st Lt., Georgettes Patricia Smith . . . Captain, Majorettes Jan Williams . . . .1st Lt., Majorettes Larry Blaylock Properties SYMPHONIC BAND » it li 1 Dancing Majorettes Georgettes Algood, Sister Barnette, Bob Barton, Jan Beck, Elaine Bell, Elmer, Jr. Bennett, Duzzi Bishop, Martha Blaylock, Larry Bridges, Glenda Brooks, June Brown, Harry Butler, Anita Callaway, Nellie Jane Cannell, Tommy Carmical, Andy Carter, Bob Cary, Robert Chitty, Earl Coffey, Pat Coleman, J. E., Jr. Conner, Jere Cowan, Millard Damour, Eddie Davidson, Andy Davis, Charles Davis, Mercier DeLong, Dick Demos, John Dor, Robert Donaldson, Carey Drinkard, Emory Dunaway, Bill Durden, Thomas Ellis, Joy Ellis, Norma Ethridge, Weyman Falcone, Alfred Farmer, Troy Fesperman. Hannah Fox, Gwen Gibson, Frank Graham, Jo Anne Graiser, Sheldon Griffin, Delbert Gotko, Raymond Hailey, Nancy Hancock, Ronald Harper, Beverly Harper, Mcridith Harrell, Jeri Lynn Harrison. Joanne Henson, Howard Henson, Mitchell Holbrook. Linda Hopkins, Robert Hudgins, JoAnna Jackson, James James, Frank James, Martha Jandrew, Bonnie Jones, Laura Helen Kaminis, Carol Kennedy, Barbara Klass, Bonnie Knowles, Jimmy King. Don King. Marvin Long, Edward McDonald, Bubba McLendon, Guy Martin, Bill Mennen, Joseph Merrell, Elaine Miller, Cleve Mitchell, Barbara Mitchell, Ginger Moore, Marianna Murphy, Eddie Neblett, Gay Norris, Joan Obear, Margaret Oliver, Earl O ' Neal, Claude Palmer, Claire Parker, JoAnn Patterson, Patricia Pittendreigh, Shannon Pittman, Beverly Poe, Sistie Poolos, Jim Purdy, Bob Register, Jim Reynolds, Jane Reynolds, June Robertson, Ginny Rogers, John Sconyers, Bill Scott, Austin Sexton, Ann Sheppard, Anne Sinnnons. Bobby Skippci " . James Smith. Patricia Smith. Robert Staufill, Tommie Steele. Han A. Stover, Jean Stowers, Horace Strain, Ray Summers, Allen Sweat, Franklin Tanner, Rhett Tant, Betsy Thomas, Faye Thomas, Teresa Thurman, Ricky Trammel, Franklin Turner, Ann Voyles, Libby Wade. Bobby Wall, Lant Walker, Jimmie Webb. John Whitfield. Larry Wicker. . nn Williams, Jan Wilson. Gregg Wilson, Rose Marie Wood. Carole Word, Gail Worthington. John Worley. George Wren, Jennie Yates, Jan Youmans, Guerry OFFICERS Mary McRitchie President Evelyn Frohman .... Vice President Anne Jones Secretary Helen Bondurant Treasurer First Row: Miss Lierns, Mary McRitchie, Mrs. Soule. Second Rtnc: Anne Jones, Helen Bondurant, Nini Maltby, Mary Ellen Cochran. WAA MANAGES WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS Women ' s intramurals are managed by W.A.A., and at the year ' s end, the annual W.A.A. Banquet is held to honor winning teams, new members of the club are announced, and " G " emblems are given. An annual Sports Spree and an annual High School Sports Day are held during the year. At the present, three skill clubs: Tennis, Dolphin, Concert Dance, are sponsored by W.A.A. A Golf Club is being formed. In February the local association was spon- sor to the regional A.R.F.C.W. Conference. Roster: Betty Alexander, Penny Axelrod, Kit Atkinson, Fran- ces Anthony, Ann Anderson, Joyce Bacon, Harriet Baxley, Lynn Beasley, Buzzi Bennett, Joe Ann Bennett, Helen Bon- durant, Elise Bond, Pat Boykin, Raine Bowers, Flo Butler, Barbara Brown, Ann Buchanan, Carole Burdeshaw, Emilie Burdett, Ann Bickerstaff, Martha Brumley, Alice Bates, Joyce Beachanip, Zoann Burns, Claire Bentley, Ease Carmichael, Liz Campion, Jane Campbell, Suzanne Chapman, Marilyn Clough, Erna Cooper, Lola Cooper, Lessie Conaway, Ann Col- lins, Mary Ellen Condrey, Cler Colson, Barbara Coggins, Jackie Cook, Ann Coleman, Sara Cook, Mary Ellen Cochran, Lynn Crovatt, Nancy Clark, Nancy Cline, Bev Carlson, Dan Danner, Betty DeVaughn, Nancy Kouglasg, Aresce Davies, Mary Adair Dorsy, Drue Dell, Paulette Elkins, Nancy Eberhart, Dagmar Endorf, Trish Eubanks, Helen Eve, Carol Fechtel, Rosalie Fenn, Lucy Field, Catherine Folk, Sarah Friend, Eve- lyn Frohman, Jeanne Ferguson, Betty Gaertner, Berta Gard- iner, Sherry Ginsberg, Drue Grevenburg, Pat Gritzke, Miriam George, Gail Houston, Jeaneane Haines, Carol Hallowell, Syl- via Hadley, Edie Heston, Sally Hill, Becky Hill, Mary Hiott, Marian Higgins, Beth Hooks, Milly Holland, Nancy Hodgson, Helen Huff, Joyce Hansen, Elaine Hillis, Kay Itzkow, Diane Johnston, Carol Jones, Anne Jones, Beverly Jones, B. J. Jones, Carolyn Kelly, Tinka Kelley, Eleanor Kilpatrick, Anne Lazard, Linda Lane, Charlene Landrum, Sarah Leamon, Judy Leggett, Martha France LeGuin, Jean Leverett, Clare Longino, Johnnie Lumpkin, Hene Litchtenstein. Nini Maltby, Rosalind Marcus, Vonette Massey, Pat Mayo, Martha Mills, Pat Mower, Joyce Morway, Betty Ann Moon, Anne Mosley. Apple Myers. Bar- bara Mulherin, Pat Mullis, Margie Matthews, Kay MacCary, Sarah McGeachy, Mary McKitchie, Pat McNeil, Carol McEwen, Ann McClendon, Peggy Nathan, Ann Pollock, Camilla Pas- chal, Carole Peterson, Barbara Peterson, Martha Phillips, Katherine Pilcher, Sara Potts, Patricia Potts Puett, Laura Parker, Sarah Rainwater, Trudee Rakich, Gloria Roberts, Judy Robinson, Evelyn Reppard, Edith Rubin, Lynn Reynolds. Gloria Schwartz, Mary Simmons, Sarah Shropshire, Jan Solo- man, Joyce Smith, Patsy Spiers, Helen Stephens, Beeps Steele, Susan Strain, Claire Sudderth, Pat Swain, Happy Strickland, Marie Shirley, Beverly Sonft, Faye Tharpe, Martha Turner, Patty Tyson, Dris Turner. Nancy Trout, Mildred West, Caro- lyn Williams, Jeanne Wise, Jackie Woods, Mary Woldon, Emmy Upson, Margie Upson, Gail Vansant, Nancy Houston, Anne Holt, Caroline Hargrove, Rosalind Zucker. The University Theatre One of the most popular activities at the University of Georgia is the Iniversity Theatre. Each year several hun- dred University students from the campus at large become actors, costumers. make-up artists, scene builders, techni- cians, and members of the business staff. These students, under the supervision of Speech and Drama faculty mem- bers, present a varied season of outstanding dramas. During the 1957-58 footlight season, A Streetcar Named Desire, Candida, Othello, and The Circle were produced. Besides this ambitious program, a series of experimental one-act plavs were produced in the Laboratory Theatre. These plavs — produced, directed, and acted by the students in the acting and directing courses — have become popular with the students and faculty. Some of the plays produced during the past year were Chee-Chee, Blue Concerto, Look Back in Anf er, and Three People. In addition, two plays chosen from the winning scripts submitted to the annual Thalian-Blackfriars Short Play Competition were presented. In addition to its main stage and Laboratory Theatre productions, the University Theatre sponsored, in coopera- tion with the Georgia High School Association, the Ninth Annual Speech and Drama Festival which brought over two hundred students in plays and debates to the University campus for final adjudication. With the cooperation and support of the Inter-fraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council, and the Rotary Education Foundation, two young artists were brought from Great Britain to the campus as Junior Artists-in-Residence during 1957-58. They were Miss Jennifer Weston-Webb of the Rose Bruford School of Drama in London and Robert McLauch- lan of the Royal Academy of Music, College of Dramatic Art, Glasgow, Scotland. When selecting plays for main stage production, an at- tempt is made to provide campus audiences with a well- balanced program ranging from classics to contemporary experimental drama. The accompanying scenes from five of the presentations indicate the wide selection of plays offered to University Theatre audiences. STAFF OF THE UIMVERSITY THEATRE Leighton M. Ballew Supervising Director Paul A. Camp Technical Director James E. Popovich Associate Director Dan Baker Puppet Theatre Sara Fabian Secretary Monte Markham Production Secretary Robert McLaucblan Electrician Susan Smith Costumes John Greene Business Manager Charlotte Ashurst Make-up Darrell Mclntyre Carpenter Ed Long Shop Foreman A Special Production for George Bernard Shaw ' s Centennial. Don Jiiaii in Hell, Winter 1957 Tiger at the Gates. Ciraudoux Spring 1957 Right You Are. Fall 1957 .4 Streetcar iS ' anied Desire. I J Fall 1957 Candida. Shaw Arnold Air Society I HONORS ADVANCED AIR FORCE CADETS OFFICERS (ieorfjc Greene . . . Coninuinder Robert Skelton . Executive Officer Joseph Bennett . Adjutant-Recorder Chester W. Leathers . Comptroller First Row: Thomas C. Ceilings, Frank T. Phillips, Col. John F. McCartney, Eugene A. Moore, Chester W. Leathers. Second Rote: George H. Wor- ley, Ernest H. Drew, Joseph S. Bennett, Robert A. Skelton, George R. Greene. Founded in 1947, and established here in 1951, Arnold Air Society strives to promote the ideals of American citizenship. It also creates a closer rela- tionship among Air Force ROTC cadets. Among its projects, Arnold Air Society sponsors Angel Flight, conducts a statewide high school visitation program, and holds a public speaking contest on air power. The Society holds a squadron party before the Mili- tary Ball which it annually co-sponsors. Angel ' s Flight PROMOTES INTEREST IN THE AIR FORCE Angel Flight was established in the fall of 1954 to promote interest in the Air Force, to obtain information concerning the military service, and to aid the progress of the Arnold Air Society and the University of Georgia. The Angels participate in drill competitions, march in all parades in Athens with the Air Force Cadets, and serve as hostesses for federal inspec- tion. In addition, Angel Flight entertains the Arnold Air Society. First Row: Jere Con- nor, Ann Sexton, Carole Cheek, Jeri Bridges, Barbara Ad- dison, Martha Addi- son, Joyce Smith, Lillian McCurley, George Worley. Sec- ond Roiv: Betsy Tant, Ann Wicker, Rose- mary Clifford, Helen Huff, Jan Williams, Joanne Hecker, Pa- tricia Smith, Donna Clifford, Rita Olsen, Sandra Thompson, Gloria Schwartz, Gloria Roberts, Gail Belton. Third Row: Nancy Butts, Hannah Fesperman, Mary Mills, Penny Irby, Eleanor Ann Collins, Arlene Huggins, Jackie Powell, Bertie Ann Massey, Anita Butler, Jackie Breed- love, Betty Knight. OFFICERS Pat Smith . . . Flight Commander Joanne Hecker . Operations Officer Jan Williams . . Adjutant-Recorder Donna Clifford . . . Comptroller Company Q 4 of Pershing Rifles. Pershing Rifles MASTERS PRECISION DRILL The national organization, Pershing Rifles, was founded by the then Lt. John J. Pershing at the University of Nebraska. The local company, Q 4, was established February 19, 1953. The purpose is to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals of the military profession and to provide rec- ognition of a high degree of military ability among the cadets of the Senior Reserve Officers Training Corps. The annual projects of Pershing Rifles consists of drill meets, parades, regiment and rifle team competitions. Wp i OFFICERS Military: John Malone Captain Gerald Thurmond First Lt. Roger Shadhurn Second Lt. Social: John ' . Garland President Gordon Price Fire President Captain John F. Malone, Lt. Gerald P. Thurmond, Ll. Roger L. Shadburn. First K..M : .1. A. H..I.. 11,011. J. W. JoliiiM.ii, ;. K. W, J. A. 11..11, [Ni.k r.xv. ' ii. I ' , c. :. iiiiiH. c. w. i. ' iiiii. ' iM, II. i . liiiiiiiiii, S. II. (;..■.! . I ' . .1. Kriiii I. :ii M.CI. ' IkI Sn,,,,,! I{,„i ' : :. n..(i ..ii. w. r. cihui, iv.-.i si..«.in, s. w. :i,i»i. ni, i,. .Suiil, C. I. Soiilli. ' iliiii.i. .1. m. IV.rlim.l. V . Ciliii.r, .|. A. Wiiiklir. I . II. lliiiKiir. it. S. Iri ' liiiiiii jit . .|i. Thii,! Itoir: T. II. IVIillrr. A. II. laxu. ' ll, I,. I ' . MiimI. II. A. AikIcix K. I.. SliiKlltiirii, W. V. Chnrni. I ' . S. Sliiirkl r r l. S. J. Ihill. J. K. WhiK-Niilr. Ki ' iK-i Dnu. It. A. Sk li. ii, J. S. ;. ' orKc MoiriM, i ' . S. ;i-.iv. ;. n. Ci. .n,-. n. W. r.nv. II. D. Dviilnhl, .1. A. .|j N, Ciipl. Innrih Kim : II. W.-hl, It. AlliHoii, l . Mnllll.KN. J. V. :iisrv. ;. I . ' I ' liinniolKl. W. L. MrDllllirl, II. W. Ilo w.ll, W. A. It.Mik.r, ;. C., II. A. Ihiisoii, ' .. A. rirkniN, J. ( ' .. Ciirlii-, I.. Ilinvl.v, II. I). Olivrr, W. II. Tout. Scabbard and Blade K KI ' K 1 S I. ! r A r I 1: (M ADVA CIll) KOTC rADKTS Si ' iililinnl mikI Itlailc. iial lioiiiu.iix iiiililaiv S() l( ' l . i l( ' Ii ' iil(- l to niisiii; ' , lln ' laiiil.ii l cif iiiililaiy ( ' diiial idii it AliUTiciiri collff o and iiiiImi ili( , ll fillers a cliiscr irlll li iishi|) Miniiiifi inililaiN (l ' | 11 linculs. ciicomi a cs llic (juali lic of f;()(i(l and i-lliiiriil (illirci--. and pruniDlc li icndslii) anuin llic ulliccis of llio cildcl oi|)s. As in |)asl years, Scal)i)ai(l and liladc ai lcd in arraugo- nicnls f ii llic amiuiii Mililai Hall, sponsoicd j.iinlK i y liie Aunv ami Air | ' ' orcc MOTCs: liic cailcls and llicir dales fiijo) an CNcniiifi of dancin " lo llic music ol a Icadiri " liaiid. OI ' KICKKS ( lu ' Hlcr l.t-alluTH Caplain Hllll AlllllM ' HOII First Ll. B. Swiiiii MrKlimirniy Secoinl Ll. ( Iijirlcs Sim ford First .S ' t; . Clii-strr l, ' iilli -i , Itiiii ikIi ' M llliiiiii ' i ' ii , Cliiii-lir Siiiiro PKOI IvSSlONALS i First Row: Donald Smith. Bill Quinn, Leni Baker, Ben Baker, Charles Williams, Bill McRitohie, Tom MeMichael, Johnny Harris, William Stokes, Frank Faircloth, Buster Joiner. Second Row: Byron Smith, Daniel Smith, Phil Cowan, Miss Sandra Cochran, Miss Helen Craig. George Greene, Hugh Southwell, Gene Lamh, Laverne Bedford, Maurice Watkins, George Pen- land. Third Row: Hal Crawford, Allen McGarity, Guy Amer- son, Wayne Murrison, Fred Addison, Donald Lindsey, Walter McDuffie, Donald Sikes, John Owens, John Furse, Wilbur Chapman, Bill Thompson, Larry Pinson, Cecil Boone. Fourth Row: Ronald McKinley, Stewart Radcliffe. Kelly Sumner, Peter Gibson, Ray Filers, Doug Puckett, Dale Cade, Jim Thomas, Walter Weissbach, Frank Huff, Maurice Bonds, Jim Alford, Walter Atworthy, Bob Heap. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi, through programs of research and practice, encourages scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement. It promotes a closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce. Higher standards of commercial ethics and BUSINESS FRATERNITY culture are stressed to help improve the civic and commer- cial welfare of the community. The organization has planned professional tours and sev- eral guest speakers each year. The local chapter was estab- lished in 1922. OFFICERS George H. Penland President Hal Crawford Senior Vice President William Stokes Junior Vice President Rayford F. Firecloth Secretary Kelly Sumner Treasurer Freeman P. Gibson Chancellor George R. Greene Historian Frank Faircloth, Kelly Sumner, George Penland, Hal Crawford, William Stokes. DELTA SIGMA PI SNAPS Lumpkin St, Mansion. Georgia ' s answer to Rock Hudson. R i« R Mrm m EHF mP rVi B l Ki 1 A I saw nionimy kissin ' a Delta Sig. Delta Sigma Pi Sweetheart Court. Saturday bath. 367 First Rote: Glen Lindsey, Charles Hubbard, Noel Green, John Youmans, Marshall Nichols, Elmo Harrell. Second Roiv: Gene Chapman, Bonnie Huguley, Joe Estes, Shelby Cullum, Bill Llewellyn, Perry Michael, John Russell. Third Rote: Harold Christopher, Jimmy Cripps, Reid Wills, Fred Outlaw, John Watson, Wayne Woodard, Howard Hensley. Fourth Rote: Bob Skelton, Joe Bennette, Edward Dillard, Dr. E. S. Troelston, Raymond Coile, Charles Mobley, Jim Coleman. Fifth Rote: Jimmy Kidd, Robert E. Olsen, Jr., William Tomlin, Mike Young, Glenn Walls, Gene Norman. Alpha Kappa Psi A NATIONAL BUSINESS FRATERNITY Alpha Kappa Psi was founded at New York University in 1904. and was established on the University campus in 1922. The fraternity strives to further the individual welfare of its members. It fosters scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance. Finally, it promotes and advances courses leading to degrees in business administra- tion in institutions of college rank. The projects for 1957-58 included conducing professional activity in business with field trips, a research project on some phase of business administration, and participation in community projects. OFFICERS Glenn C. Lindsey President Charles Hubbard Vice President Elmo Harrell Secretary James Coleman Treasurer Charles Hubbard, Glenn Lindsey, Elmo Harrell. First Row: Eddie Elder, Bill Dominev, Ray Dangar, Tom Aiken, Larry Young, Sam Gordy, Jack Purser. Second Rotv: Clinton Holioway, Unidentified, Blake Drawdy, Jimmy Griner, Jesse Stokely, James Ward. Third Row. David Jones, Bob Klaben, James Gibbs, James Warbington, Milton Stewart, Loy Cowart, Don Cox, George Morris. Fourth Ron: Donald Heath, Gene Markinson, Richard Temple. Jake Ianess. Richard Mil- ver, Bobby Jones, Jerry Kennedy, Clark Camp. Fifth Rme: Guy Herring, Eddie Brannan, Jimmy James. Jim Lee, Richard Morrison, Ralph Burton, Jerry McLeod, Ed Wilson. Sixth Row: Tom Frazier, James Casey, Jerry Whiteside, Fred Stowers, Jerry Cox. Ag Club OFFERS EXPERIENCE IN WRITING AND PUBLIC SPEAKING Ag Club was organized to give the students of agriculture training in public expression through practice in speaking and writing. Each year this club sponsors a Talent Show for the organ- izations of Ag Hill and also holds two debates; one for freshmen and one with Demosthenian Society. Club programs feature matters of agricultural interest, and certificates and honor keys are awarded to outstanding senior club members each year. OFFICERS Tom Aiken President Jerry Whiteside Vice President Jerry Cox Secretary Fred Stowers Treasurer Fred Stowers, Jerry Cox, Tom Aiken, Jerry Whiteside. First Rote: Wayne Adkins, Carlton Fullilove, James Lacy, Lex Strickland, Nash Williams, Nolan Cloud, Bill DeMonbreun, Russell DeMonbreun. Second Row: Jack Stone, William Craw- ford, Ernest Todd, Don Henderson, Latimer Ridgewav, Paul Sewell, Merrill Durrance, Joe Spooner, Bill Turner, Archie Weeks. Third Row: Eddie Burt, Robert Davis, Henry Smart, Donald Hammond, Fuller Beach, Lawrence AUmond, Lawson Smith, James Carlton, Bill Fullilove, Robert Cilsick. Fourth Roie: Joe Hood, Max Lewaller, Allen Summers, Linton Rish, James Bray, Tommy Maddox, Ben Ambrose, Steve Mercer. Ag Engineering PROMOTES INTEREST IN AG ENGINEERING The purpose of the Georgia Student Branch of the Ameri- can Society of Agricultural Engineers is to promote Ag Engineering on the campus. Bi-weekly meetings of the or- ganization feature guest speakers from various fields of engineering and agriculture. Publication of the Georgia Agriculture Engineer keeps the group busy throughout the year, and a social highlights each quarter ' s activities. OFFICERS Jim Lacy President Jameg Carlton Vice President Latimer Ridgeway Secretary Wayne Adkins Treasurer iKv In Itt 11 i HHI HI HflB Latimer Ridgeway, James Carlton, Nash Williams, Lex Strickland, James Lacy. First row: Jerome Etheridge, Elwyn Deal, Thomas Daniels, Gerald Ray, Max Hainden, Stanley Sharnaw. Second rote: Jeff Rood, Nicky Crew, John Faulk, Thad Fraliegh, Raymond Dorin, Bonner Taylor, Ray Cliflin. Third row: J. S. Ronn, Jerry Dilkinlin. James Gibbs, George Narris, Janier, Warbing- ton, Ley Cowarl, Richard Standvich. Fourth row: Dr. Joel Giddens, Dr. Jack Perkins, Frank Thomas, Gene Gaither. Agronomy Club PROMOTES INTEREST IN AGRONOMY The Agronomy Club was founded on the University campus in 1940. It was established to give students majoring in agronomy a source of information other than the classroom. The club strives to promote the general interest in agronomy and its kindred subjects. Recreation and fraternal relation- ships are provided for students in the College of Agriculture and cooperative encouraged. efforts among students and facultv arc The Club was host to the Student Section of American Society of Agronomy in 1957. They were the winners of the Talent Contest on Ag Hill in the skits division this year. OFFICERS JAMES WARBEVGTON . President JAMES G IBBS . . Vice President ELWYN DEAL .... Treasurer RAYMOND SERVIN . . Secretary James Warbingfon Elwvn Deal sl T ' l . ' . » UlBL m hKu 1 1 H First Row: Bill Reno, William Lord, Dr. T. H. Rogers, George Norris, George Morris, Harvey Johnson, Jaek Warren, James Ward, Gene Murkinson. Second Row: Steve Crawford, Gene Durrenre. Julian Crews, Hugh Riley, Jerry Cox, Bayne Miller, James IJ arbington. Matt Mackay-Smith, James Casey. Third Alpha Zeta HONORS AG, FORESTRY, AN VET-MED STUDENTS Row: Tom Aiken, Francis Eller, Charles Bruce, Jim Lee, Jake Maness, Jake Kelley, Bobby Duncan. Fourth Row: Harry Houghton, Guv Herring, James Kling, Ralph Jones. Fifth Row: Dr. Joel Giddens, Dr. R. F. Sewell, Dr. W. A. Knapp, Jr. Alpha Zeta honorary organization was founded nationally in 1897 and locally in 1944. Alpha Zeta ' s purpose is to honor male students in the College of Agriculture, in the School of Forestry, and in the School of Veterinary Medicine who have completed at least one and a half years of their college work. They must be in the upper two fifths of their class, and possess qualities of leadership and character. Alpha Zeta sponsors the " Ag Z Smoker " for students and faculty. They hold banquets during fall and spring quarters for their new members and present an award to the fresh- man agricultural student with the highest average. OFFICERS James Casey Chancellor Bayne Miller Censor Torn Aiken Scribe Guy Herring Guide Matt Mackay-Smith, Tom Aiken, Bayne Miller, James Casey, Guy Herring. First Rote: John Melin, Joe Rowan, Waller Futral, Bill Hen- nig, Ernest Morgan, Reid Wilson, Franklin Morris. Second ■Roiv: Dr. A. E. Cullison, Dr. E. P. Warren, Joe Norris, Bill Brown, Claude Collier, Billy Bell, Frank Lassiter, James Thompson, Norrine Frisky, Clifford E. Lee, Dr. Lassiter. Third Row: Allen Todd, Unidentified, Pete Cameron, James Rivers, Ken Beasley, Ralph Burton, Gene Manry, Leon J. Peebles, Bill Hawes. Saddle and Sirloin PROMOTES INTEREST IN LIVESTOCK Founded on the campus in 1920, Saddle and Sirloin pri- marily promotes interest in livestock and strives to bring together agriculture students and faculty. They invite to the campus top authorities on livestock breeding and work to further all phases of the industry in the state. During fall quarter. I ittle International was sponsored by Saddle and Sirloin. The club also takes an active part in the Southeastern Judging Contest, and individual members enter livestock in Southeastern Georgia and Athens fairs. Two spring events include Saddle and Sirloin ' s annual social, the Herdsman ' s Ball, and the Portrait Banquet. OFFICERS Kenneth Beasley President Bill Hennig Vice President Reid A. Wilson, Jr. Secretary Clifford E. Lee Treasurer First Row: Bill Hawes, Gus Hohnson, Pete bloody. Second Ro Thompson, Reid Wilson. Bill McKinnon. James Ag Economics Club FURTHERS THE CAUSE OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS OFFICERS Jack Purser President James Wise . . . Vice President Max Sellers Secretary Sam H. Gordy .... Treasurer First Rote: Richard Schermerhorn, Sam Gordy, Max Sellers, Glen O ' Neal, Johnny Parknian, Paul Eng- lish, Jack Purser. .Sec- ond Rotv: Bill Pcltit, Thomas Fox, James Goldin, James Wise, Blake Drawdy, Lamar Dickens, Milton Stew- art. Third Rote: Dr. J. C. Thompson, Boyce Lance, Bill Howard, Shannon Phillips, Don Stewart, Nick Veeder, Don Cox, Chris Lance. The Georgia Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers was established to stimulate interest in the subject of Agricul- tural Economics and the professions which it embraces. The purpose of tlic club is to promote the interchange of ideas among students who have an interest in agricultural economics, and to provide a means of closer contact between students and the faculty. Last year the Branch was awarded the Farm Equipment Trophy for being the most outstanding branch in the United States and Canada. Aghon THE HIGHEST HONOR AN AG STUDENT CAN ATTAIN First Rotv: James Lee, Alton Ewing, Bobby Rowan, James Casey, Steve Craw- ford. Second Rotv: Charlie Dobbins, James Gibbs, Oscar Fowler, Hugh Riley, James Lacy. OFFICERS Oscar S. Fowler .... President Glenn O ' Neal . . . Vice President James Lacy Secretary Sidney A. Ewing . . . Treasurer Aghon, founded in 1920, is a local honorary society for outstanding stu- dents in the College of Agriculture, School of Forestry, and the School of Veterinary Medicine. In order to be eligible for membership, a student must have completed at least eighteen courses towards his degree. Mem bers are chosen on the basis of outstanding leadership, scholastic achieve- ments, and participation in extra-curricular activities. During the half-time activities at the Homecoming game each year, the fall quarter initiates can be seen marching in their overalls and straw hats, carrying wooden paddles. Dairy Science Club SPONSORS DAIRY JUDGING CONTEST OFFICERS Gene Moore President Guy Herring . . . Vice President James Casey Treasurer Clayton Bruce .... Treasurer The Dairy Science Club is a student alTiliatc chapter of the American Dairy Association. Membership is open to any student interested in dairying or the dairy industry. Dairy Day is one of the largest and oldest projects of the club. FFA and l-H Clubs throughout the state send teams to participate in this annual event which is held on a Saturday in April. The club also sponsors the Dairy Products judging team and the Dairy Cattle judging team. During the year the Dairy Science Club holds two banquets for its members. The club was established on the University of Georgia campus in 1946. First Row: Gerald W o r s 1 e y , S a 111 o n y Boone, Roland Jen- kins, Thomas Ash- worth, Ben Boswell, Joseph Cole. Second Row ! Larry Young, Robert Haley, James Lee, William Patten, Guy Herring, Joe Rheney, Clayton Bruce. Third Row: Mr. Howard L. Dal- ton, James Casey, James Miller, Eugene Moore, Thomas George, Alton Brom- lett, Donald Schoene- mann, James Avant, Dr. Olin T. Fosgate, Melvin Hooflin. First Rote: George Aucock, Raymond E. Ross, Lyle « hitford. Angelo Cerohia, Stan- ley Cajigas. Emory- Proctor, William Dougherty, Richard Kuenhe. Second Rote : C. F. Bastante. Dar- wis Adan. Ix)uis M. Mayoka, Paul Gun- ning.Paul Dean, Rich- ard Lillie, Frank Di- martino. ayne Rooks. Third Row: Dardjo Soniaatmad- ja, Murray Jascolke, Norman Rich. Charles W. Kortin, Pinya Co- hen, Dr. John J. Powers, James Join- er. Fourth Row: C. D. Stack, Carmine Caiazzo, Al Knippcr. Armand Desmaris. Phil Girniant. Revn- old F. Missall, Dan E. Pratt. OFFICERS Richard Kuehne .... President Stanley Cajigas . . Vice President Dardjo Somaatmadja . . Secretary Emory Proctor .... Treasurer Food Tech Club The Food Technology Club was started on the campus in 19.-)4. Even though it is a young organization, its membership is steadily growing. The club endeavors to " promote an interest in food technology at the University. Its principal project is to obtain outstanding speakers in food technology and related fields. 7 % i ' €fJK F( intk niotf i Fin-i Run: ( riirpo Garrett, Homer Durrance, James Greene, Airhii- I ' allfisoii, Henry Stohr. Second Row: Lynn Banks, Ibriham Atoy, James O ' Hagen, Jack Warren, Jon Liles, Har- vey Johnson. Third Row: Ace Parker, Ralph Jones, Steve Xi Sigma Pi MEMBERSHIP OPEN TO FORESTRY STUDENTS Gibson, Norman Striplin, Billy Edenfield, Harry Wiant. Fourth Row: Johnny Jackson, Reid Parker, Hugh Riley, Mike Moyers, Bill Reno, Ernie Eller, Harry Houghton. Xi Sigma Pi was organized to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in Forestry Education. It works for the upbuilding of forestry and the promotion of fra- ternal relations among workers engaged in forestry activi- ties here at the University. One of Xi Sigma Pi ' s most outstanding projects is the construction of the forestry schools arboretum. In the past years this chapter has sponsored the Christmas tree in front of the forestry school and has performed many other serv- ices to the school. OFFICERS Harry A. Houghton, Jr. President Hugh P. Riley Associate Forester Steve Crawford Secretary-Fiscal Agent Francis Eller Ranger William Reno Parliamentarian Louis Guhy Executive Council Rep. I Harry Houghton, Hugh Riley, Bill Reno, Ernie Eller, Steve Crawford. Forestry Club Forestry Club is composed of all students enrolled in the School of Forestry. It is designed to pro- mote interest and encourage research in the field. m SCHOOL FORES We live forestry the year ' round ... in the Fall .. . Winter ... % ngm i ■■ . f ' .,4mt Spring ... and Summer ... First Row: Ridgeley Robinson. EH Alexander, Dunean Calli- cott. Unidentified, Jim Hudson, Charles Desornieaux, Uniden- tified. Srcond Row: Floyd Stringer, Unidentified, Unidenti- fied, Mark Llovd, William Lambert, Jim MeCloud, Paul Leffingwell. Third Roiv: Tommy Silcox, Unidentifii d, John DeMiceo, Harrv Piersol, Don Pledger. Fourth Row: Lallie Richter, Jot Carpertern, Marshall Smith, Robert Francis, Ernest Messenger. Landscape Architecture advances interest OFFICERS James Walsh President Duncan Callicoll . . Vice President James Hudson .... Secretary Charles Desornieaux . . Treasurer Landscape Architecture Club was organized on the University of Georgia campus by Herbert B. Owens who serves as the present facuhy advisor. Advancing the professional and artistic development of the members is the purpose of the club. Field trips are too much for him! Sealed: Ridge Robinson, Mary Jane Dean, Pat Crymes. Standing: Duncan Callicott, Jim Hudson, Charles Desorineaux. First Row: Ed Wilson, Robert Craig, Jackie Payne, James Turner, Jesse Stokelv, Dan Anderson. Second Row: Jerry Whiteside, Fred Stowers, Jerry Cox, Phil Turner, George Morris, Jim Cox, Terry CarsMell. Third Row: Dr. Hardy Edwards, Simpson Dunshoe, Dr. Paul Hess, Dr. Till Hairston, Poultry Science PUBLISHES THE GEORGIA POULTRYMAN Mr. Phillip Pluniart. Jake Manes», Kus Kiol.l . I ' al MaN. Ralph Loveless. Fourth Roiv: Bill Cow art, D»ight Evanson, Jimmy James, Bobby Jones, Dick Milner, Ray Danger. Frank Lanier, Linnis Ethridge. The Poultry Science Club promotes fellowship among those interested in poultry. It strives to increase people ' s knowl- edge of the poultry industry. The club publishes the Georgia Poultryman and sponsors the " Chicken of Tomorrow " contest. Each year the organ- ization s]ionsors entries for the " Miss Georgia Chick ' " con- test. Xumerous socials are held during the year. A barbecue is given for freshmen and transfer students. One of the highlights of the year is a Homecoming luncheon. OFFICERS Jerry Cox President George Morris Vice President Richard Miliier Secretary Foster Pruitt Treasurer Linnis Ethridge Parliamentarian Linnis Ethridge, Dick Milner, George Morris, Jerry Cox, Fred Stowers, Mr. Phillip Plumart. 379 First Roir: Doc Dixon, Frank Siccardi, Clarence Little, George Meckley, Bobby Duncan, Bob Batchelor, Ed Anderson, Bill Weaver, Ed Blackburn, Larry Richnian, Billy Martin, George Hunnicutt, Dr. E. W. Causey, H. B. Daniel, Hugh Sims. Second Roic : Sammy IVix, Billy Wingfield, Cal Cannon, John Minchew, Dovle Johnson, Pierre Busivocesco, Matt Boring, Bob Whiteway, Hal Stolz, Bob Hardwick, Ralph Turner, Bob Herlovich, Harold Temple, Jake Kelly, Jim Snialley, Bill Hill. Third Rotr: John Paget, Dave Dunbar, John Mayo, Roy Stew- art, Jim Eidson, Charley Edmonds, Brunson Westbury, Fred Stringer, Everette Salley, Al Moreland, Mathew Mackay-Smith, Ted Ridgeway, Rembert McLendon, Jim Peeples, Bill Scott, Cleve Parker, Jim Scaifc, John Bolinnnn. Dr. K. A. Corle. Fourth Roiv: Marv Livingston, Dr. Jool Edcns, Bob White, Charles Buchan, John Risser, Don Witherspoon, Gene Mad- dox, Dave Sleinbauer, Ben Oliver, Lamar Cannon, Berry Moore, Ted Smith, Fred Sigler, Dick Hough, Jim Eubanks, Charley Hamner, Bob Edwards. Fifth Row: Dave Dresson, Clint Lavender, John Herrman, Ernest Nations, Jim Kupper, Bob Walton, Randy Bryant. Bill Clark, John Watson, Hap Fader, John Brown, Bill Davis, Bill Derieux, Carl Bird, Gene Misner, Jack Whittaker, Dave Parker, Dick Adams, Aubry Walker. Omega Tau Sigma was founded at the University of Penn- sylvania in 1901; the local chapter was established on the University campus in 1948. Omega Tau Sigma is an inter- national veterinary fraternity dedicated to furthering in- terest and participation in activities pertaining to veterinary medicine. A feature of the bi-monthly meeting of the fraternity is Bob Batchelor, Bobby Duncan, Jim Eidson, Doc Dixon, Bob Hardwick. the program concerning some aspect of the profession not covered in the veterinary curriculum. Omega Tau Sigma annually presents a cup to an out- standing freshman veterinary student on Dean ' s Night. The fraternity also sponsors the White Carnation Ball which is given annually. Omega Tau Sigma AN INTERNATIONAL VETERINARY FRATERNITY OFFICERS Bob Batchelor President Bobby Duncan Vice President Jim Eidson Recording Secretary Doc Dixon Treasurer Bob Hardwick Corresponding Secretary First Ron: Charles Dobbins, Bill AI.v.i. Don MrMillian. James Duoey, Don Fincher, Glenn doling, Harry Howard, Jerry Guest, Bob Fulton, Tom Eleazer, Bob Kwapien. Second Roir: Tom Gowan, Jim Brown, Shelvin Arey, James Kling, Joij Meyer, Bayne Miller, Austin Johnson, Charles Cassidy, Bob Whiting, Julian Edwards, Aubrey Webb, Hugh Powell, Rudy Keminierling, Bud Smith. Third Rote: Jay Gilpin, Ralph King, Ken McKaughn, Joe Howell, Derrcll Clark, John Dal- ton. Jack Snow, George Edwards, Fred Arnold, Amos Palmer, Karl G.Miiliiian, Wallt.r « .iltingham. Di.k icinlh. II. rl, Lundy. Fourth Row: Jark Griffin, Alton Ewing, Tom Todd, Tom McDaniels, Don fiwynn, Pete Loizeaux, Bill Prvor. Bill McPherson, Jim Bostic, Jim Strickland, Decatur Blauchard, D. Buesse. J. B. Holland, Julian Starr, John Ix may. Fifth Row: Jim Ja-rett. Tom Rainry, Dan Blaokman. Jerome John- son, Joel Jackson, Ed Robinson, Robert Twilley, John Gray, Ed Still, Wood Markham, Jim Drawdy, Don Morgan. Star Steinberg, Dan Moncol, Raymond Elam, Bobby Sherwood. Founded at the University of Ohio in 1907, nationally, the local chapter of Alpha Psi was established at the University of Georgia in 1948. The purpose of Alpha Psi is to promote a stronger bond between the veterinary students and create unity among the students of all veterinary colleges. Alpha Psi supports all movements tending to secure greater efficiency and higher professional and social standing. The fraternity holds rush functions, a barbecue supper, and a dance with a hotdog and hamburger supper at the ■ ' Y " Camp to begin the year. Lambda Chapter was host for the national convention of Alpha Psi held here in April. Alpha Psi BRINGS VET STUDENTS CLOSER TOGETHER OFFICERS W. Glenn Young President Shelvin Arey Vice President Bol) Whitins Secretary Tom Todd Corresponding Secretary James Duoey, Jr. Treasurer Tom Todd, Shelvin .Vrey, Glenn Young, James Ducey, Bob Whiting. The American Velerinarv Medical Association assembles AVMA PUBLISHES THE SOUTHEASTERN VETERIN ARI AIS The Georgia Student Chapter of the AVMA, which is pat- terned after the parent organization, the American Veter- inary Medical Association, meets bi-weekly. Each meeting features a program related to the field of veterinary medi- cine. The objectives of the student chapter are to promote the spirit of friendly relations and the development of character and leadership, and to provide professional knowledge and the understanding of professional ethics and conduct. Activities of the organization include the publishing of the Southeastern Veterinarian quarterly, the sponsoring of a dance in winter quarter, and giving a picnic during spring quarter. OFFICERS Carl Bird President Kenneth Huggins Vice President Bill Pryor Corresponding Secretary Del Johnson Recording Secretary Herb Lundy Treasurer First Row: Bob Whileway, Billy Faye Red- mon, Alton Ewing, Max Sink, Charles Dob- bins. Tommy Eleazer, Glenn Young, Tom Todd, Tom McDaniel, Dan Moncol. Second Roic: Bill Meyer, Robert Kwapien, Jack Griffin, James Kling, James Bostic, George Meckley, Robert Walton, Bill Lord, Bill Pryor, Don Finoher, John Holland, James Drawdy, Bud Smith, Jim Brown, Bob Batch- elor, Don McMillian, Jim Ducey, Jerry Guest, Gene Wood, John Meyer. ' I IA Iaa " , n First Rote: Joyce Smith, Jac kie Cook, Judy Leggett, Unidenti- fied, Peggy Garrison. Second Roiv: Marsha Miller, Sarah Ellen Shropshire, Pat Swain, Elaine Hillis, Mrs. Soule. Third Rmv: Beth Hooks, Patsy Spiers, Carolyn Williams. Helen Stevens, Carole Peterson, Peggy Nathan. Pern Club FURTHERS PHILOSOPHIES OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Members of PEM Club are majors in physical education. The club seeks to increase professional enthusiasm and fur- ther social relationships and philosophies of physical edu- cation. The local chapter of the PEM Club was founded on the University of Georgia campus in 1940, and it was affiliated nationally in 1950. OFFICERS Pat Swain President Elaine Hillis Vice President Sarah Ellen Shropshire Secretary-Treasurer Patricia Swain, Elaine Hillis, Sarah Ellen Shropshire. 383 First Row: Tom Whelchel, Mike Riley, Valdi Cooper, Emmet BonduranI, Reubin Tuck, Charley Jones, Millard Shephard, Charles Driebe, Bryant Ayres, Harry Cashin, Penn McWhorler, Hoke Wofford, Bill Abney, Lindsey Bennett, Floyd Wardlaw. Second Row: Tom Young, John Bowling, Bill Leonard, Bob Ridley, Swain McElmurray, Frank Troutman, Dr. Greene, Professor Leavell, Dean Hosoh, Dr. Cohn, Professor Chaffin, George Scheer, Batch Flythe, Julian Friedman, Charlie Teeple, Garland Head. Third Roiv: Doug Puckett, Norman Fletcher, Allison Wade, Jerry Minge, Jack Knight, Modie Wiggins, Fred Hand. Gibson Durden, Walter Mitchell, Arnold Moore, Norman Pease, Sonny Baldwin, Pat McKay, Nathan Knight, Dent Acree, Reggie Maxwell, Bill Stucky, Bill Horton, Wayne Snow. Fourth Row: Barney Braumen, Ben Mills, Speer Mabry, Dick Buckley, Jim Beach, Frank Twitty, Bill Cowan, Mike Downs, M. T. Simmons, John Wasden, Tom Dennard, Preston Lewis, Tom Talley, Fred Hollingsworth, Leonard Farkes, Bernard Mulkerin, Mitchell Dunn. The purpose of Phi Delta Phi is to promote a high stand- ard of professional ethics and culture in this and other schools and in the profession at large. Twice each month the fraternity holds luncheon meetings at which prominent legal scholars and practicing attorneys are the principal speakers. The Phi Delta Phi scholarship is awarded each fall to the student attaining the highest average in the first year of law school. Phi Delta Phi is an international legal fraternity, estab- lished on this campus in 1922. The fraternity ' s history dates back to 1869 when it was founded at the University of Michigan. Preston Lewis, Gene HoUey, John Bowling, Bill Horton, Charley Jones, Charles Driebe, Frank Troutman. 384 Phi Delta Phi PROMOTES PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND CULTURE IN LAW OFFICERS Fall Preston Lewis John Bowling Bill Leonard . Gene Holley . Winter Frank Troutman Bill Horton . . Charles Jones Charles Driebe . President Treasurer Secretary Historian President Treasurer Secretary Historian First Row: Dave Handley, John Karazulas, Robert Vining, Aaron Weiner, David M. Field, James R. Cooper, Horace L. Cheek, Perry Sentell. Second Row: Bobby C. Milam, Albert Pemler, Sanford Karesh, Reginald McDuffie, Gene Pierce, Eugene Smith, Robert Railey. Third Row: John O ' Toole, Edwin R. Jones, Gerry Jacobson, Richard Krock, Bert Cronin, Edgar Jenkins. Fourth Row: Jack Bracey, Charles Ballard, Ben Northcutt, David Vaughnn, Denny Gallis, Jack Brinklev. Phi Alpha Delta FURTHERS SOCIAL AND INTELLECTUAL INTERCOURSE Phi Alpha Delta was founded at Chicago College of Law and Kent College of Law in 1897. The purpose ef this fra- ternity is to promote a high standard of professional ethics, to encourage scholarship, and to provide social and profes- sional activities for its members. Each year the fraternity sponsors the Shinn Memorial Award for excellence in the field of legal writing. The fra- ternity also sponsors an outstanding senior award and holds monthly luncheons, at which distinguished persons give the students the benefit of their knowledge and experience. OFFICERS Ralph Harper Justice Don Smith Vice Justice Bob Cooper Clerk Dave Handley Treasurer Jack BrinkJey, Robert Vining, Edwin R. Jones, David M. Field, David A. Handley. First Row: IJarry Elwood Nichols, Ernest Reddick, Colquitt P. Bracltett, Roger Y. Spittle, John T. Belflower, Lee Roy Rogers, Jr., Paul Waters. Second Row: Rodger Miles, Carl Welch, Luther Milligan, Larry E. Floyd, Warren D. Tye, William Dodge Simmons, Thomas L. Varner, Nelson C. Goldman. Third Row: Henry L. Hammond, Irwin J. Krauss, Clifford E. Chap- man, James G. Cash, James D. Luke, Harry M. Brown. Phi Delta Chi Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity devoted to the purpose of advancing the science of phar- macy. Phi Delta Chi was founded nationally in 1883, and the Alpha Iota chapter was established on the University of Georgia campus in 1937. An annual Bar B Q is sponsored by Phi Delta Chi, at which time a Certificate of Merit is awarded to an outstand- ing pharmacy major. In addition, Phi Delta Chi has a hun- dred dollar scholarship which goes to a leading junior to be used during his senior year in pharmacy. OFFICERS Fall Lee Roy Rogers Jimmy O. Cash Wade Brightwell Ernest Reddic Winter Ernest Reddick . Colquitt P. Brackett . Thomas L. Batner . Roger Y. Spittle . . . President Vice President . Secretary Master-at-Arms . President . Treasurer Vice President . Secretary Lee Roy Rogers, Ernest Reddick, Watt D. Tye, Colquitt P. Brackett, Nelson C. Goldman, Thomas L. Varner, Roger Y. Spittle, James G. Cash. Bob Flournoy. Third Rote: Lamar Cobb, Jim Hendrix, Nor- man Weisburd, Tony Ippolito, Sid Home. First Roir: Ferrell Kealon, Ted Short, Charlie May. Second Row: Joe Martin, Cliff Cagle, Stewart Bird, Bob McCuniber, Alpha Delta Sigma FOR THOSE WHO ENDEAVOR IN THE FIELD OF ADVERTISING Alpha Delta Sigma was founded at the University of Mis- souri, November 14, 1913; the Samuel C. Dobbs Chapter was established at Georgia in 1954. The organization ful- fills its purpose of promoting the principles of truth, per- sistance, and cooperation in the field of advertising, and bridges the gap between advertising theory and expense. Included in its activities is an advertising and promotion project for the Athens Chamber of Commerce. They also supply the advertising managers for the Alumni Record at the University of Georgia. Famous alumnus is Samuel C. Dobbs, the founding father of advertising. OFFICERS Ted Short President Charles May Vice President Ferrell Keaton Secretary Bob Flournoy Treasurer Ferrell Keaton, Bob Flournoy, Charlie May, Ted Short. i firs Roir: Barry Elwood Nichols, Ernest Reddick, Colquitt P. BraokftI, Roger Y. Spittle, John T. Belflower, Lee Roy Rogers, Jr., Paul Waters. Second Rote: Rodger Miles, Carl Welch, Luther Milligan, Larry E. Floyd, Warren D. Tye, William Phi Delta Chi Dodge Simmons, Thomas L. Varner, Nelson C. Goldman. Third Row: Henry L. Hammond, Irwin J. Krauss, Clifford E. Chap- man, James G. Cash, James D. Luke, Harry M. Brown. Phi Delta Chi is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity devoted to the purpose of advancing the science of phar- macy. Phi Delta Chi was founded nationally in 1883, and the Alpha Iota chapter was established on the University of Georgia campus in 1937. An annual Bar B Q is sponsored by Phi Delta Chi, at which time a Certificate of Merit is awarded to an outstand- ing pharmacy major. In addition, Phi Delta Chi has a hun- dred dollar scholarship which goes to a leading junior to be used during his senior year in pharmacy. OFHCERS Fall Lee Roy Roger§ Jimmy O. Cash Wade Brightwell Ernest Reddic . President Vice President . Secretary Master-at-Arms Winter Ernest Reddick .... President Colquitt P. Brackett . . Treasurer Thomas L. Batner . Vice President Roger Y. Spittle .... Secretary Lee Roy Rogers, Ernest Reddick, Watt D. Tye, Colquitt P. Brackett, Nelson C. Goldman, Thomas L. Varner, Roger Y. Spittle, James G. Cash. Bob Flournoy. Third Rote: Lamar Cobb, Jim Hendrix, Nor- man Weisburd, Tony Ippolito, Sid Home. First Roic: Ferrell Keaton, Ted Short, Charlie May. Second Roic: Joe Martin, Cliff Cagle, Stewart Bird, Bob McCumber, Alpha Delta Sigma FOR THOSE WHO ENDEAVOR IN THE FIELD OF ADVERTISING Alpha Delta Sigma was founded at the University of Mis- souri, November 14, 1913; the Samuel C. Dobbs Chapter was established at Georgia in 1954. The organization ful- fills its purpose of promoting the principles of truth, per- sistance, and cooperation in the field of advertising, and bridges the gap between advertising theory and expense. Included in its activities is an advertising and promotion project for the Athens Chamber of Commerce. They also supply the advertising managers for the Alumni Record at the University of Georgia. Famous alumnus is Samuel C. Dobbs, the founding father of advertising. OFFICERS Ted Short President Charles May Vice President Ferrell Keaton Secretary Bob Flournoy Treasurer Ferrell Keaton, Bob Flournoy, Charlie May, Ted Short, Gamma Alpha Chi AN HONORARY ADVERTISING FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Alpha Zeta Chapter of Gamma Alplia l!hi, professional hon- orary advertising fraternity for women, was activated at the L niversity on March 6, 1956. Members of GAX a " re selected on the basis of an above average interest and activities in advertising, and high scholarship. Members are chosen from women majoring in journalism, commercial art, and business. GAX presents annually the Outsanding Professional Woman in Advertising Award, and a similar award to the outstanding senior woman in advertising. Members serve as ushers and receptionists during institutes and conferences sponsored by the School of Journalism. OFFICERS Beth Andrew President Jo Anne Fowler Vice President Sharon Brown Secretary Margaret Brumsey Treasurer First Row: Sharon Brown, Pat McKe- mie, Jo Ann Fowler, Helen Lanier, Sally Walker, Beth An- drew, Millie Parks. Theta Sigma Phi AN HONORARY JOURNALISM FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN OFFICERS Sandy Isenberg President Helen Lanier Vice President Jackie Shodnik Treasurer Beth Andrew Secretary First Row: Ilene Litchenstein, Pat Rigsbee, Susie Rain- ey. Second Rote: Joyce Thomas, Gail Heard, Marsha Whit- worth, Sandy Isen- berg, Sally Walker. Third Row : Pat Padg- ett, Sylvia Downs, Robin Jones, Joanne Hecker, Sue Bailes. Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1908, Theta Sigma Phi came to the University of Georgia in 1929. It was estab- lished to unite, to confer honor upon, and to inspire to greater achievements women engaging in or planning to engage in journalism. Theta Sig honors top women jour- nalism majors during the fall and spring each year. Alpha Xi chapter presents two awards annually — the Margaret Mitchell Award to the outstanding high school journalist and the Outstanding Senior Woman in Jour- nalism Award. Also, coffees for freshmen and transfers are sponsored by Theta Sigma Phi. Gaffau A BROTHERHOOD FOR AG EDUCATION STUDENTS OFFICERS Gene Grimes President Bobby Miles . . . Vice President Gelbert Underwood . . . Secretary Jimmy Griner .... Treasurer Frank Greene Advisor First Row: Billy Rid- dle, Robert Jefferies, Donehue Ilogan, Joe Mallov, Harold Bul- lard, W. L. Helton, Richard Morrison, Jerrv Kennedv. Sec- ond Roiv: Bill My- ers, Curtis Corbin, Frank Miles, Jimmy Griner, Raymond Ev- ans, Bill Dominy, Larry Young, Wil- liam Parker. Third Rote: Dr. Brown, Bob Summer, Eddie El- der, George Weath- erby. Gene Grimes, Robert Mvers. The purpose of Gaffau is to provide recreational and fraternal relation- ship for agricultural education students and former FFA members. It provides practical experience in committee work for prospective vocational agriculture teachers. Founded in March of 1930, Gaffau publishes an annual news letter helping conduct the state seed tree and .shrub identification contest for state FFA Association. A banquet is held spring quater. First Rote: E. Ader- hold, Beth Mobley, George B. Leon, Da- vid Griffin. Second Roif: John Axelson, Dr. Tresp, Zel Mil- ler, Barton McCash, Frances Due, Dr. Hanchett, Col. Moran. Phi Alpha Theta A NATIONAL HONORARY HISTORY FRATERNITY OFFICERS Preston S. Malone . • . President Mildred Holland . . Vice President Beth Mobley Secretary George B. Leon .... Treasurer The purpose of Phi Alpha Theta, national honorary history fraternity, is to honor students of history who have attained high standards of scholar- ship and who evince a genuine interest in history. The second purpose is to promote among all students a vital interest in history. Phi Alpha Theta was established on the University of Georgia campus in the Spring of 1956. First Rotv: Richard Yarbrough, G. Norman Coston, Sylvia Downs, Sandy Isenburg. Second Rote: Darrel Johnson, Lauren Nobles, Bill Byard, Bob McCumber, Ann Matthias, Kennon Hatcher, Ray Garard. Third Row: Pat McKemie, Mr. Worth McDougald, Marcia Whitworth, Joanne Smith, Anne Holland, DiGamma Kappa Charles May, Carolyn Vaughn, Joanne Rice, Joanne Hecker, A. C. Marshall, Connie Ward, Dan Hutchins. Fourth Row: Betty McTeer, Patricia Padgett, Suzanne Hardman, Don Mur- ray, Sally Olliff, Lisa Elder. DiGamma Kappa, the nation ' s oldest and foremost honorary radio fraternity, was founded at the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, in September of 1939. Upon reactivation in November of 1957, DiGamma Kappa became known as a broadcasting fraternity in order to in- tegrate the fields of radio and television. OFFICERS Sandra Isenberg President Sylvia Downs Vice President Joanne Hecker Secretary A. C. Marshall Treasurer Joanne Hecker, Sandy Isenberg, Sylvia Downs, A. C. Marshall. First Roic: Walter Anderson, Norman Weisburd, Gail Heard, Selby McCash, Tom Greene. Second Row: Lowell Kirby, Harry Murphy, Walt Guthrie, Max Courson. Third Rou : Gary Hol- land, Charles Cook. Jim Mowry, Ben House, Earl Leonard. Sigma Delta Chi FOSTERS A HIGH ETHICS CODE IN JOURNALISM Sigma Delta Chi, a national journalism fraternity, was es- tablished on the Georgia campus in 1928. The threefold purpose of the organization is to foster a high ethics code in journalism, to help members attain principles of the profes- sion, and to provide fellowship for outstanding students of the field. Each year a list of the Georgia journalism Seniors and their qualifications is published in the Henry Grady School of Journalism Stamp. SDX participates annually in various special programs, including the Georgia Press Institute, Georgia Radio and Television Institute, and Southern Industrial Editors Institute. OFFICERS Selby McCash President Ed Ingles Fire President Max Courson Secretary Walt Guthrie Treasurer Jimmy Shelly Editor of Publications 391 Selby McCash First Roir: Thomas L. Theus, Robert Cary, Benjamin H. Wof- fard. Fred D. Rose, Darius Smith, Johnny Hyers, Thomas Brown, Second Row : Carolyn Poole, Jack Mollis, Joyce Gann, Carlos Grantham, Barbara Peterson, David Fulghum, Deanne Deavours, Herbert Rose, David Maxwell, Sarah Westbrook. Third Row: Linton West, Dr. J. W. Nuttycombe, George Arm- strong, Weldon Johnson, Gordon Miller, Ned Franco, Larry Cohen, Jimmy McRae, Benjamin Neely. Alpha Epsilon Delta PROMOTES SCHOLARSHIP AMONG PRE-MED STUDENTS Founded nationally in April of 1926, at the University of Alabama, Alpha Epsilon Delta seeks to recognize superior scholastic achievement, and to give an opportunity for per- sonality and leadership development by participation in chapter activities; also it strives to promote excellence in pre-niedical education. The University of Georgia chapter was established in 1932. Alpha Epsilon Delta ' s projects include medical motion pictures, lectures by qualified personnel, field trips to pro- fessional schools and hospitals. Awards are presented to out- standing pre-med students, and a spring banquet is held near the end of the school year. OFnCERS Linton West President C. G. Grantham Vice President Barbara Peterson Secretary George Armstrong Treasurer Linton West, Barbara Peterson, George Armstrong, Jack Hollis, Carlos Grantham, David Maxwell. 392 First Row: Martha Bagby, Sara Kirkland, Jean Frye. Second Rou : Betty Clifton, Donna Beenion, Frances Malloy, Carol Kaniinis, Evelyn Dekle, Mrs. Bill Cannon, Dena Eady. Lambda Kappa Sigma A PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Lambda Kappa Sigma, woman ' s professional pharmaceutical sorority, was founded May 22, 1954. The aim of the sorority is to promote the advancement of women in pharmacy socially, educationally, and profession- ally. Also, Lambda Kappa Sigma creates a center for en- joyment, friendship, and culture. Lambda Kappa Sigma sponsors several projects and cam- paigns associated with medicine on campus and in Phar- macy School. Annual events observed are Founder ' s Day, Hygeia Day honoring the first woman pharmacist, and the Cadeusus Ball. OFFICERS Frances Malloy President Sara Kirkland Vice President Evelyn Dekle Secretary Jean Frye Treasurer U f I First Roic: Henry Bell, Don Grissom, Tommy Blakely, Robert Shepherd, Sara Kirkland, Francis Maloy, Jerry Walker, Jasper Wolfe. Danny Cook, Bob Ethridge, Tommy Gantt, Ronald Jowers, L. L. Denton, Roy Tyson, Second Rinv: Dr. C. L. Braucher, Jimmy Cash, Louise Carter, Clarice Raburn, Calvin Parker, Martha Bagby, Donna Beeman, Carol Kominio, Zenious Harkleroad, Jr. Third Rote: Murray Comer, Robert Q. Elrod, Harold Kemp, Jim Brown, Gerald Hart Hartman, Evely Dekle, Gail Wood, Willie Woo, Willie Woo, John Beachy, Tom Varner, Lee Roy Rogers, Barry Nichols, Henry Hammond, Dormin Harper. Fourth Row: Betty Clifton, Jack Musick, Pete Griner, Kenneth Harper, Clarence Gissendanner, Mickey Crouch, George Brewton, Max Hancock, John Felts, James Lake. APhA ACQUAINTS PHARMACY STUDENTS WITH THE PROFESSION The American Pharmaceutical Association, nationally founded in 1852, was established at Georgia in 1946. It acquaints the students with the many problems of the pro- fession in research and in business. It promotes interest and discusses the various theories of the profession. Annually, the Association promotes National Pharmacy Week, a Christmas Dance, and a Student-Faculty Alumni Day and Banquet. Each year the local group sends delegates to the National Convention. . 1 rc3 Luther Denton, Frances Malloy, Dr. S. D. Feurt, Betty Clifton, Don Grisson. OFFICERS Luther Denton President Don Grisson Vice President Francis Malloy Secretary Don Chandler Treasurer First Roir: Elmer Brooks, George Brewton, Mike Bauconi, Sara Kirkland, Jack Musick, Harold Kemp. Second Roic: Zenous Harkleroad, Fred Lee, Gerald Hartnian, Tommy Gantt. Third Rote: Tom Evans, Wade Hodges, Don Grissoni, Bob Etheridge, Ed Bailey, Wayne Pickard. Fourth Row: D. Charles Hartman, Ben Moore, Bob Elrod, Paul Sykes, Jim Brown, Max Hancock. Fifth Row: Rufus Maloney, Mickey Crouch, Phil Cook, Roy Tyson, Emmett Allmond, John Beach. Sixth Row: Bobby Crawford, Robert Fulford, John Hemdon, Rus- sell Prescott, Charles Cato, Bobby Burnley. Seventh Rote: Jim Furman, John Foster, Jerry Walker, L. L. Denton, Don Chandler, John Felts. Eighth Roic: Noland Collins, Ronald Jowers, Cal Parker. Kappa Psi FOSTERS PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH Gamma Phi chapter was organized at the University of Georgia in 1951. Membership is open to all pharmaceutical students who have achieved a reasonably high scholastic rating. OFFICERS John Foster President Mike Baucom Vice President Jerry Walken Secretary George Brewton Treasurer Jack Musick Historian Elmer Brooks Chaplain The fraternity offers fellowship, friendship, and social functions. It also fosters research in the pharmacy field. Each year Kappa Psi recognizes the outstanding sopho- more in the Pharmacy School by offering him a scholarship for the further advancement of his education. Elmer Brooks, Jack Musick, Jerry Walker, Mike Baucom, John Foster, George Brewton. Rho Chi AN HONORARY PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS John H. Bearli .... PrrsidenI Ia ' c Rov Rogers . . Vice President Paul E. Waters Barrv E. Nichols Secretary Historian In 1922 Rho Chi was founded as an honorary society with a purpose of promoting the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences through the en- couragement and recognition of intellectual scholarship. The Georgia chapter was established in 1947. The highlight of the chapter ' s activities is the Crawford W. Long Day Memorial Exercises. The letters, Rho Chi, are emble matic of the prescription sign. Member- ship for undergraduates is limited to those who have completed one hun- dred seventeen hours toward a BS degree in Pharmacy, and who are in the upper twenty per cent of their class. Ml AMI Jucti« jUllllH Eai First Ro»v: Elwood [Nichols, John Beadi, Paul S atcrs. Second Row: Bill Rhvne, Don Chandler, Irwin Krauss. Dr. J. P. La- Rocca, Advisor. Homecon FOSTERS INTEREST IN HOME ECONOMICS First Row: Dot Tap- par, Pat Eck, Nancy Hodgson, Leah Mae Jarrett. Second Rote: Helen Parker, Doris Duke, Maxanne Cour- son. Homecon was begun with the purpose of bringing students in the School of Home Economics together. This organization is designed to give knowl- edge and practice in self-initiated group work, provide a true insight into the field of home economics, improve friendships between students and faculty, and to form a basis for future living. The members provide a catering service, and hold a Christmas bazaar; they sponsor socials including a dance winter quarter which features the crowning of " Miss Home Economics. " OFFICERS JVancy Hodgson .... President Dorothy Tappar . . Vice President Helen Parker Secretary Maxanne Courson . . . Treasurer Alpha Sigma Iota A MUSIC SORORITY FOR WOMEN The purpose of Sigma Alpha Iota is to uphold the highest ideals of musical education, to raise the standards of pro- ductive musical work among the women students, and to further the development of music in America. Each year the group sponsors the Sorority Sing, the American Musicale, and assists in ushering for the concert series. Sigma Alpha Iota was founded June 12, 1903, at the University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The local chapter was established in 1940. OFnCERS Barbara Foster President Nellie Jane Callaway Vice President Lisa Elder Secretary Nan Rainey Treasurer Left to Right: John Anderson, Don Gil- lespie, Emor - Drink- ard. Bill Brunkhurst, Robert Smith, Bob Smith, James Skip- per, Mitchell Heri- son, Jimmy Knowles, Thomas Durden, Mar- vin Atha. Phi Mu Alpha A MUSIC FRATERNITY FOR MEN OFFICERS Charles M. Davis President Don Gillespie Vice President Bill Brunkhurst Secretary Emory Drinkard Treasurer Clockwise (seated) : Barbara Foster. (Standing): Lisa El- der, Ginger Mitchell, Conner Dyess, Jo- anne Graham, Nellie Jane Calowav, Jan Williams, Jackie Pow- ell, Laura Helen Jones, Carol Jones, Ann Sexton, Myrna Rose Robertson. Phi Mu Alpha offers a fellowship for all male students interested in music. The fraternity presents annually a special concert of American music and aids the Music De- partment by serving as ushers at its presentations. Phi Mu Alpha holds its annual alumni luncheon in December. The organization was founded at the New England Con- servatory of Music in 1 898, and the local chapter was estab- lished in January, 1950. Alpha Mu Epsilon ENCOURAGES ENTOMOLOGY STUDENTS orncERS Allan Gravitz .... Chairman Morton Silverman . . . Historian Fir»l Row: Bill Cook, Harold Whitr. Nu- rilh Gravilz. Vr. C. R. Jornn, Orlando Kindo. Serond Koir: Morton Silbernian, V. Rodnev ( ' olen)an. Dr. J. J. Paul. Third Roic: Arlen Brian St. Cloud, John Croniar- tie. Dr. n. O. Lund. Fifth Rote: Jack Mo- ror. William Tietjen, Allen Gravitz. Established here in 1956, Alpha Mu Epsilon strives to encourage further interest and study on the part of the student majoring in entomology. The club enables the heads of the entomology department to associate and acquaint themselves with students going into that field. The fraternity also keeps the members informed of all current news and activities in the area of entomology. Projects of Alpha Mu Epsilon include aiding the district Boy Scout troop in giving merit badge examinations and nature studies. They prepare an exhibit for the state science fair, and publish an alumni news letter. Fo ,-1 First Row : Norman LaHood, Allen Brock, Victor Nix. Second Roiv: Bill Teat, Jack Horton, Lindsey Mock. Kappa Phi Kappa OFFICERS Jack B. Horton .... President William Howard Teat . Vice President William Lindsey Mock . Sec.-Treas. ENCOURAGES YOUNG MEN TO TEACH Founded nationally in 1922, Kappa Phi Kappa was established at Georgia in 1956. An annual project of the Beta Epsilon chapter is recognizing the most outstanding male graduate in the College of Education by presenting him with a bronze plaque. The primary purpose of Kappa Phi Kappa is to promote scholary attainment, professional growth, and fellowship among its members. It also promotes the cause of education by encouraging men to enter this field. Forensic Club REPRESENTS THE UNIVERSITY IN FORENSICS The Forensic Club is composed of students who show an interest and capability in debating. It represents Georgia in debate tournaments with colleges and universities through- out the nation. The team faces such opponents as Purdue, Harvard, Penn- sylvania, North Carolina, Duke, Florida, Florida State Uni- versity, and Navy. Two of the more outstanding tournaments are the Miami Invitational Tournament and the All Southern at Agnes Scott in Atlanta. Keys are awarded to the outstand- ing members each year. OFFICERS Jim Lee Team Captain Tommy Burnside President Seated: David Stro- ther, coach ; Jerry Levine, Tommy Burnside, James Lee, Ted Robinson, Mr. Fear. Standing: Doug Smith, Gene Wright. 1 i tjMk f f A 1 mL A.-. !%S jl .A Hw H H 1 ■4 .A B PS P i: feij IHHB .uMI s i 1, fft i. OFFICERS Anne Jones President Pat Smith Vice President Elaine Hogan Secretary Barbara Addison Treasurer Kappa Delta Epsilon Banquet. Kappa Delta Epsilon HONOR SOCIETY FOR EDUCATION MAJORS Kappa Delta Epsilon is an honorary society for education majors who have maintained a high scholastic standing and who have shown leadership in the field of education. One of the club ' s aims is to inspire greater achievement in women planning to engage in the field of education. Kappa Delta Epsilon also recognizes outstanding freshmen women with a scholastic prize. Pi Mu Epsilon FOR THOSE WHO ENDEAVOR IN MATHEMATICS Firn Roir: Sue Walk- er, Ernie Auglin, Ronald Kulledge, John Hancock, Wa ne Pallv, Frank Phillips, A Islen Sleiiner. Seronrf Roir: Ronnie Spenre, ' i n s I o w R e ni I e V , Harrv Watson, alt Horseman, Dirk Bell, Fred Rose. Ernie Drew. ThinI Ron: Gravson Joiner, Or. Coelaoki, Dr. HufT, Dr. Cohen, Dr. Jaw- elt. Dr. Pfuel .e, Ed Tolnas. OFFICERS Clarence Pattv .... President Fred Rose .... Vice President Ernie Auglin Secretary Ronald Rutledge . . . Treasurer Dr. John Jewett .... Advisor Pi Mu Epsilon is a national fraternity for those students majoring in mathematics. The organization was founded in 1914 at Syracuse Univer sity and was established on the University campus in 1934. To establish a closer bond and mutual understanding of the profession among those who have common ideals is the primary aim of Pi Mu Epsilon The members offer tutoring services in math during fall quarter. They hold their annual banquet during winter quarter, and they enjoy a ham burger fry during the spring. . Phi Sigma First Row: Dr. Seott, Dr. Lund, Dr. Nutty- combe, Guthrie Tol- bert, Charles Dob- bins, James Kling, Max Sink. Second Row: Fontelle Thompson, Dr. Paul, Emmett Shotts, Dr. Hinton, Dr. Byrd, Glenn Young, Bayne Miller. Third Row: Wallace Tarpley, John Lucchesi, Doug- las Groober, Gene Nick Michaels, Fran- cis Bush, Dr. Suret, Dr. Greer. P ' At PROMOTES GROUP STUDY IN THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES OFFICERS Fontelle Thompson . . . President Clyde Connell . . . Vice President Andrew Rowgowski . . . Secretary Glenn Young .... Treasurer Phi Sigma honorary society was nationally founded in 1915. The local chapter was established May 17, 1951. The purpose of Phi Sigma is to stimulate research in biological science, honor superior scholarship and foster the spirit of liberal culture by bring- ing together workers and students in all fields of biological sciences. At the bi-weekly meetings, members obtain knowledge in all phases of biology. Every year a Christmas party is held for members and their guests. Phi Sigma is the only society of its kind which belongs to the Associ- ation of College Honor Societies. firii I First Rmr: Martha Mills, Pegg - Adams, Betty Downs, Helen Parker. Second Row: Nadine Brown, Trudy Pike, Jan Sims, Eugenia Wilkes, Nan Danner, Gail Word, Kay Allen, Ann Sims. Third Rote: Frances Whitfield, Gloria McLendon, Alice Greene, Marihope Shirey, Adelia Torrance, Peggy Moore, Sue Brown, Mary Anne Leake. Phi Upsilon Omicron A BROTHERHOOD OF HOME ECONOMICS STUDENTS Phi Upsilon Omicron was founded at the University of Min- nesota in February 1909; the organization came to the Uni- versity of Georgia on May 16, 1936. This group strives to establish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote moral and intellectual development of members, and to advance and promote home economics. Phi Upsilon Omicron supports several annual projects, including a refreshment party for freshmen and transfers, Career Day, and the " Apron Sale. " ' The organization works in cooperation with the Home Economics department in sponsoring Home Ec Day. Each year Phi Upsilon Omicron awards a scholarship to an outstanding sophomore. First Row: Jan Sims, Sue Brown, Marihope Shirey, Ann Sims. Srcnnd K Brown, Alice Greene, Adelia Torrance, Peggy Moore. Nadi OFFICERS Alice Green President Jeanine Maness Vice President Marihope Shirey Secretary- Sue Brown Treasurer firs rote: John Burr, Sue Green, B. J. Stamps, Jane DeFoor. Second roic : Monte Markhani, Dot McConkey, John Green, Jane Burnett, Martee Harden, Morris Frier, Harry Hagan. Third roic: Prof. Paul Camp, Dr. Leighton Ballew, Irene Thalian Blackfriars AN HONOR TO DRAMA STUDENTS INorred, Susan Smith, Joan Zittlenian, Bob Weigle, Kathy Fisher, Jennifer Weston-Webb, Walt Guthrie. Fourth rote: Marge Herritage, Larry Lowe, Marsha Woodruff, Elliot Don- ner, Delia Dalmus, Tobv McLauchlin. Thalian-Blackfriars was established on the Georgia campus in 1931 after a merger of the two separate dramatic organ- izations. The purpose of the club, to stimulate interest and better theatrical work at the University, is exemplified in its various activilies in ic injunction with the University The- atre, the club sponsors two scholarships for drama majors, and holds an annual one-act play writing contest. Thalian- Blackfriars extends membership to students who have earned points by working on University Theatre produc- tions, either as actors or crew-members. OFFICERS Monte Markham . Martee Harden Margie Herritage Robert Everett . . President Vice President Secretary , Treasurer Marge Herritage, Prof. Paul Camp, Monte Markhani, Dr. Leighton Ballew, Martee Harden. First Roif: Ray Kcnilov. Martha Mitchell. Rosalind Marcus, Bill McDaniel. Donald Lindsey, Jerry Allen, Jeannette IVeill. Sandra Trapp, Dr. John A. Hamnies. Second Row: Dick Evans. John Hawkins. Fourth Rote: Monte Gametic. Jack Crawford. Beth McDonald, Linda hittlc, Mary Carole Paris. Third Rote: Nu Rho Psi Nu Rho Psi was established at the University of Georgia during the spring quarter of 1957. The social club is designed to help promote and further interest in Psychology. Various speakers are invited through- out the year to speak on or demonstrate practical applica- tions of Psychology. Nu Rho Psi also participated in the Science Fair in 1957. OFFICERS FALL Ann Holliday President Linda Whittle Vice President Edie Heston Secretary Jerry Allen Treasurer WINTER Dick Evans President Linda Whittle Vice President Beth McDonald Secretary Jack Crawford Treasurer Beth McDonald, Linda Whittle, Jerry Allen, Jack Craw-ford, Dick Evans. t t ' irsi Koir; KHdie Ali iii. (.lorgo IMaii. Knniiie Knight, Edwin Lipsey, Bill Slurgess, Jimmy Vi ' oodworlh. William Rogers, Odoni. Second Row: Ivan Bagby, (]hurles Pecor, Chaplain David Durbin, Jim Stallingg. ! ot Pictured; Lamar Crawley. Koinionia Ministerial Fraternity PREPARES STUDENTS FOR RELIGIOUS VOCATIONS Koimonia is an interdenominational Protestant organization for those college students engaged in or preparing for the Christiona Ministry or a religious vocation. Its purpose is to bring together such students in a mutual fellowship. The organization strives to promote, through various media, the fulfil lment of personal religious aspirations and Christian goals. Koimonia works in co-operation with church and campus religious agencies relative to various activities and func- tions; annually, the club sponsors a spring quarter picnic and outing for its members. OFFICERS Edwin M. Odom President Eddie MLxon Vice President Ronnie Knight Secretary George Blau Treasurer George Bland, Edwin Odom, Eddie Mixon, Ronnie Knight. First Roiv: Billy Cornelius, Dorothy Dozier, Wilda Story, George Norris, Sandra Newberry. Second Row: Ray Danger, Patricia Clorr, Terry Cox, Leah Mae Jarrell, Fred Stowers, Dr. Bryant. Third Rotv: Wannah Shirley, Winston Johnson, Jeanette Ardel, Bob Mansell, Sylvia Lee, Jerry Whiteside. Fourth Roil ' : Dan Cox, Maxanne Courson, unidentified, Nellie Mae Whitehead, Evelyn Smith, Dorothy Tappan, Bennlc Fulcher, Mr. Bob Richardson, 4.H Club TRAINS MEMBERS FOR LEADERSHIP The college Four H Club was established on the Georgia campus to enable former 4-H members to continue work and further develop interest in the 4-H Club. The Club em- phasizes closer relationships among students and faculty members, and strives to train its members for positions of leadership in later life. A major project of the 4-H Club is the Ag. Hill Carnival held each winter quarter. Proceeds from the carnival finance a picnic for the seniors spring quarter, add to the scholar- ship fund, and defray the expenses of representatives who attend the Danforth Foundation Leadership Camp in Mich- igan. OFFICERS Dorothy Anne Tappan President Jerry Whiteside Vice President Sandra Newherry Secretary Ray Danger Treasurer Fred Stowers Sgt. at Arms Dot Dozier Critic Boh Mansell Parliamentarian First Roic: Sandra Newberry, Dorothy Ann Tappan, Jerry Whiteside. Standing: Fred Stowers, Dor othy Dozier, Bob Mansell, Ray Danger. Fir»l Roir: Jim (Jaiiies, Chirk Rainy, James Palmer, Henry Rohn, Lury RirHRCs, Rrure Tanner. Second Row: Howard Hurley. Rirha ' H Dittman. Ren Rrarkelt, Diek Wemmers, Rob Rutler, l,oren Rurhanan, Jr., Ray Wright, Stewart Myers. Third Row: Erina Chapman, Paul Chapman, Robert L. Easun, A. L. Davis, Allen P. Higginbolhant, Diek Collier, Hap Hemp- hill, Charles Harden, Dr. Helen Jordan. Pre-Vet Club ACQUAINTS UNDERGRADS WITH THE PROFESSION The Pre- ' eterinary Medicine Club is a new organization on the I niversity of Georgia campus. It was founded in 1956 with the following expressed purpose: To further the knowledge, increase the acquaintances, and better prepare its members for and in the field of veterinary medicine; to keep its members and others informed of important developments made in the field of veterinary medicme. OFFICERS Paul W. Chapman President Claude R. Collier Vice President Lucy Jane Bridges Secretary A. L. Davis Treasurer Rruce Tanner, Loren Ruehanan, Jr., Edna Chapman, Hap Hemphill. Pre-Legal Club ORIENTS STUDENTS IN THE FIELD OF LAW The objectives of the Pre-Law Club are to better acquaint the members of the club with each other, with the faculty, and with the purposes of the University of Georgia Law School. OFHCERS Gene Wright President Tavin Kaminsky . . Vice President Karen Wardlow .... Secretary Thomas R. Burnside, Parliamenlnrinn First Row: Eugene T. Wright, Tavin A. Ka- ininsky, Karen Ward- low, Thomas R. Burneide, Waydelle V. Allen. Second Row: Robert H. Wil- liams, Harold Posey, Cecil Davis, Peter W. Newsoni, Charles W. Hubbard. Trudv Pike, Miss Seawell, Sandy Isen- berg, Laura Helen Jones, Pat Rigsby, Janice Watkins. Pro-Hellenic COORDINATES ACTIVITIES OF PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Professional Woman of the Year is sponsored by Profes- sional Panhellenic annually; also the group holds teas for freshman and transfer women at the beginning of each school year. The organization was chartered at the Uni- versity in 1950. Professional Panhellenic is made up of representatives from women ' s professional organizations on campus; it has as its purpose " to establish and maintain cooperation among these fraternities; to insure a position of prominence and respect for the women ' s professional fraternities on the campus. Ganima Sigma Epsilon A FELLOWSHIP FOR THOSE IN THE FIELD OF CHEMISTRY OFnCERS A. S. Rogowski . Grand Alchemist Barbara McAlpin . . Grnnd Visor Emmetl Shotts .... Recorder Eugene Chambers . Sergennl-nt-Arms The purpose of Gamma Sigma Epsilon fraternity is to in- crease interest and scholarship in chemistry and to promote friendship and general welfare of the chemists. The local chapter was voted the most active chapter at the last national convention and was awarded a cup as a token of recognition. At the national level, the fraternity sponsors an essay contest and a quarterly publication, The Ray. Through a program of speeches, the chapter is cur- rently engaged in influencing high school students in choos- ing careers in chemistry. The fraternity also sponsors a study hall and awards two undergraduate scholarships yearly. First Row: C. H. Bu- ohan, E. B. Shalts, Alice Hardigree, Wade Hodges, Helen R. Rutledge, David Maxwell, Donna Bre- mon, Eddie Madow. Second Rote: L. A. Cohen. H. E. Wal- burg, Jr.. E. H. Drew, F. F. Rogers, Ed Fowler, Jimmy D. McRae. Third Rou : B. H. Hofford, Jr., M. L. Birsoh, R. P. Kwapian, William G. Lord, Colquitt Dean, Spadafino Len, H. G. Blalook. Fourth Row: A. S. Rogowsli, Bar- bara McAIpin, Wal- ter K. Mathews, Rob- ert F. Cary, Jr., Carl- ton D. Groover, Reu- ben J. Smith. First Row: John Chapman, Norrine Frisby, Dr. Harold Young. Second Roic: Durham Bell, Henry- Clay, Nizar Hamid, Frank Barrett. John Brown, Forrest Pier- son, Monte Fletcher, Bob Klaben, Bob Bears, Bob Conoly, John Daniels, Horticulture Fall Monte Fletcher .... President Robert Conoly . . . Vice President John Chapman . Secretary -Treasurer Winter John Chapman .... President John Bears .... Vice President STIMULATES WORK IN HORTICULTURAL WORI The University of Georgia Horticulture Club endeavors to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual helpfulness among students in horticulture. It provides an opportunity for a wider acquaintance with horticultural work- ers and problems of other sections. , Horticultural activities are correlated with those activities in closely related fields for a greater understanding of the profession. The club has greatly stimulated interest in horticultural work among students. The organization annually sponsors the sale of spring bedding plants. A gladiola flower show is also held each year. RELIGIOUS University of Georgia Religious Association UGRA COORDINATES RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES The purpose of the University of Georgia Religious Associ- ation is to carry on a unified nondenoniinational campus- wide program of worship, study, and action. This program supplements the work of the churches, and tries to realize the will of God in personal living, in campus life and in the social order. This Association sponsors the W.S.U. Banquet and Re- ligion in Life Week. OFFICERS Marilyn Coons President Eleanor Jordan Vice President Bill Brunkhurst Second Vice President Margaret Tyler Secretary UGEIA COUNCIL: Margaret Tyler, Debra Bell, David McClurkin, Chaplin Lipsey, Ann Black, Nancy Cogging. Nr ■ JM y. Baptist Student Union MAINTAIN BAPTISTS ' BOND TO THE CHURCH The purpose of the Baptist Student Union is to serve as a link between the campus and the local churches. To be counted as a member of B.S.U., one must be a member of one of the following: a local Baptist Church, Sunday School, Training Union, Young Men ' s Brotherhood, or Y.W.A. ' s. The Baptist Student Center at 564 South Lumpkin Street is affectionately known as " the home away from home. " Some of the B.S.U. projects are the Summer Missions Drive, the Christmas Party for underprivileged children, and the Sweetheart Banquet. OFFICERS Steve Smith President Billie Ruth Duncan Secretary Bob Skehon Treasurer :i Executive Council: First Row: Robert Skelton, Joan Chappell, Steve Crawford, Billie Ruth Duncan, Barbara Aspinwall. Second Row: David Malcolm, Ronnie Hatcher, Eugenia Wilkes, Jimmy Shelly, Anna Nolan, Freddie Ann Bell. Third Row: Jane Otwell, Jean Newsonie, Barbara Gailey, James Casey. Fourth Roiv: Bob Ashworth, Steve Smith, Dr. F. W. Bennett. Disciples Student Fellowship FELLOWSHIP FOR CHRISTIAN STUDENTS The Disciples of Student Fellowship is a campus-wide or- ganization of Christian Church students. Its purpose is religious, social and educational. It provides an opportunity for those who are interested in the Christian religion to come together in a spirit of friendship, fellowship, and study, seeking the highest religious values of life and sharing in the search for solutions to common problems. The D.S.F. meets at First Christian Church each Sunday for supper, fellowship, and various religious and intellec- tual activities. OFFICERS Ronnie Spence President Linda Whittle Vice President Mary Fiercy Secretary Dale Cade Treasurer First Roic: Mr. Wil- son, Walter Futrel, Mariani Christian, Bill Sturgiss, Dr. Bar- ton A. Dowdry, Rob- ert Fulford, Ronnie Spence. Second Roie: Wade Hodges, Diane Tucker, Mary Piercy, Ronnie Bray, Arlene Gregory, Earl Trot- ter, Edward Owens, Wendell Williams. Canterbury Club UNITES EPISCOPAL STUDENTS WITH THE CHURCH First Roiv: Ruben Tuck, Glen Wier, Sis- ter Allgood, Edith Molder, Sarah Fran- ces Bowen, Betsy Birchniore, Dick Peper. Second Roiv: Mary Tolbert, James Pervis, Penny Espy, Mary Ann Bugg, Iv- erson Branch, Mary McRitchie, Lynn Reynolds, Becky Strickland, Jane Ea- gar. Third Row: Jon Lutz, Bill Acree, Alex Smyth, Ginger Mitch- ell, Ron Green, Bob- by Egy, Bettie Da vies, Joe Way. Fourth Roiv: Ed Mulligan, Rev. Nat Parker Lawrence Anthony Charles Hamner, Ted Atwood, Ted Ham mock, Martha Grant David Kippenbroch Rev. Earl Gilbreath Rev. MacLipsej Blount Grant, Jim Anderson. Canterbury Club is the fellowship of all Anglican students in the Univer- sity and of all other students who wish to become a part of it. Its regular meetings are held each Wednesday and include worship, supper, and pro- grams. The programs seek to interpret the Christian faith as received by Anglicans to college students and to help them to integrate and interpret the knowledge they are gaining in the light of the Church ' s teaching. A weekly Eucharist is offered on Thursday morning especially for members of the University Community. OFFICERS Blount Grant President Bobbie Egy .... Vice President Julius Holt Secretary Firs Rotv: Barbara Sachs, Penny Axelrod, Shelly Halprin, Gail Goldstein, Pat Vinson, Sandy Isenberg, Eileen Little, Rochelle Barron, Evelyn Salky, llene Litchenstein. Second Row: Elain Gaeser. Mrs. Louis Sanker, Carole Barnett, Betty Behr, Rozalyn Marcus, Harret Sirower, Rochelle Wexler, Katherine Singer, Rochelle Hilc. Third linn: lialil i I.oiii- Sanker, Sheldon Graiser, Shelia White, Paulette Elkins, Betty Braver. Natalie Goldberg, Harriet Weiss, Marilyn LeWitt, Rochelle Heklin, Hyman Shapiro. B ' nai B ' rith Hillel The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation ' s program is designed to provide the Jewish students with adequate and accurate knowledge of the Jewish faith. It is devoted to religious, cultural, communal and counseling activities among Jewish students. Organized on the University compus in 1923, Hillel ' s activities include regular Sabbath services on Friday eve- nings, participation in Religion-in-life Week, the United Jewish Appeal, and leadership training programs. OFFICERS Sandra Joan Isenberg President Carol Barnett Vice President Rochelle Hite Secretar y Art Meisner Treasurer Shelia White Member-at-Large Sheldon Graiser Corresponding Secretary Sandy Isenberg, Carole Barnett, Rochelle Hite, Sheldon Graiser and Shelia White. First Ro)c: M. Callaghani, B. Rogers, N. Delmore, C. Wallace. S. Frame, P. Morino, B. Karl, Second Row: Dr. J, Hammer, M. Barbalo, R. Hilpert, T. Corleaux, G. Herndon, P. Ingersoll, J. Reynolds, S. Owens. C. Russell, T. Foughnier, C. Parscher, Father Kelly. Third Rote: L. Hiero, J. Wright, B. Vasvary, S. Higgs, E. Carey, T. Leutwyler. S. Srangner. Fourth Roic: J. Kimble. R. Temple, J. Jangsletter, M. Papagni, C. Lisle. Fifth Rotv: J. Sheppard, M. Slatlery, E. Andrews, B. Wolfe, T. Burpee. Sixth Row: F. Chesser, P. McCann, S. Marino, J. Lee, B. Fowler, Gina Kellar. Seventh Row: T. Hughs, B. War- ner, Jr., F. Youngblood, C. Dubinsk, Ann Bickerstaff, L. Lewis, R. Farlano, A. Rogowski, L. Fazio, R. Cutehlffe, D. DiPrano, G. Flalligan. Newman Club FOR MEMBERS OF THE CATHOLIC FAITH The Newman Club was organized in order to deepen the spiritual feelings and enrich the temperal lives of Catholic student members. It strives to provide a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and special activities, and to en- courage and develop Catholic leadership. The newman club strives to make its Christian influence felt throughout the campus. Each Sunday evening the group meets for informal dis- cussions and supper at the club house on South Lumpkin Street. The house serves as the center for student meetings and social activities. OFFICERS Mario Barbato President Norma Delmore Vice President Christopher Russell Treasurer Sally Higgs Secretary Dr. Jdhn Hammes Faculty Advisor Rev. Cronan Kelly Director Christophe Russell, Marie Hiers, Norma Delmore, Mario Barbato. First Row: Joanne Metzer, Sue Maples, Eleanor Crane, Anne Connie Ward, Charlie Williams. Third Ron : Corkie King, Ivy. Second Rote: Palmer Maple, Pat Johnson, Marj- Owen, Dave Lifsey, Bill Rogers, Ed Odom, George Armstrong. Westminister Fellowship FURTHERS THE PRESBYTERIAN BELIEFS A community of Christian students seeking a deeper under- standing of the Presbyterian faith and its implications for life, Westminster Fellowship is an expression of the Presby- terian Church of the University. It works toward relating the Christian faith to the various phases of academic and social life on the campus. Central in the life of the Fellowship are its meetings at the Presbyterian Student Center on Sunday evenings. Among the groups many projects are study groups, retreats, and seminars. OFFICERS Ann Ivy President George Armstrong Vice President Eleanor Crane Secretary Joe Ostaiin Treasurer Jell session. ' Weslev Foundation members. Wesley Foundation A NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR METHODISTS Wesley Foundation, a national organization for Methodist students on college campuses, ministers to the spiritual needs of students through worship, recreation, fellowship, and service. An evening vesper service is held daily at the student center, and on Sunday nights members are invited to supper held at the First Methodist Church. Following the regular church service " Camaraderie " may be attended for refreshments, discussions, and fun. Activities of the group include a freshman welcome party, a Wesley Foundation Banquet, monthly socials, and fall, winter, and spring retreats. The organization also sponsors the Wesley men for intramural sports and the Wesley Singers, a student members choir. First Row: Hugh Hambrick, Ann Brake, Jamie Stovall, Bennie Fulcher. Second Row: Jim Freeland, Hiram Peeler, Pal Eek, Billy Cornelius. OFFICERS Hugh Hamhrick President Mary Bondurant Vice President Jamie Stovall Secretary Bennie Fulcher Treasurer PUBLICATIONS THE 1958 mdcytd STAFF BEN SWAIN McELMURRAY, JR. Editor-in-Chief Ben Swain McElmurray, Jr. . . Editor-in-Chief Helen H. Lanier Business Manager Cherry Newton Managing Editor Gail Soule Art Editor Harry Haisten Sports Editor Sandra Davis .... . . Pictorial Editor Artist Peter Ng Editorial Assistants : Penny Irby, Fran Morris, B. J. Stamps, Beverly Washington, Judy Maddox, Larry Cohen, Flo Butler, Mary Ann Christian, Johnny Long, Jimmy Shelley. Business Assistants: Dan Hutchins, Shirley Cox. HELEN H. LANIER Business Manager I " Tap - tap - tap - tap - tap — clunk! Tap - tap - tap . . . " On and on the type- writers go. A telephone tears loose, and then a second phone starts ringing. The radiators won ' t produce any heat, and the electric sockets can ' t stand the load of heaters. People are racing around madly searching in filing cabinets, under stacks of material on desks, in the wastebasket. Outsiders have come in to identify pic- tures, and some guv wants to look at his class picture which went to the printer ' s weeks before. Six or eight people — the Pandora staff — would often like to hush the typewriters and disconnect the phones. They wish there was some heat and that the stairway to the office wasn ' t so long. They would like to forget lost write-ups and pictures. They wish the identifiers had come in weeks ago . . . and, most of all, they ' d like to show the guy looking for his picture to the door by saying, " We ' d like to help you out — which way did you come in? " But they don ' t do things like that. They chose to be on the staff, and they intend to see it through. Sure, it ' s a rat-race with a capital R. There are plenty of complications and headaches and deadlines. Yet, if things turn out alright, being a Pandora staff member is a grand experience. They work to produce a story — a story of people at the University. And, in telling that story, they feel that they do much for many. CHERRY IVEWTOIV Managing Editor GAIL SOULE Art Editor HARRY HAISTEN Sports Editor PANDORA STAFF A SANDRA DAVIS Pictorial Editor - A PENNY IRBY Editorial Assistant B. J, STAMPS Editorial Assistant FRAN MORRIS Editorial Assistant FALL STAFF Sclhy McCiiMli Kdilor-in-Chief F arl Lronard Mniuiniiii; lulilor B«lh An«lr« ' w Business Mannfirr Marry Murphy ! pus Kdilor Karl SimpkiiiH Sports Kdilor B« ' V«tIv Siciii onion ' s Editor Fl«-Hy Mt Tror Society Editor Ted Slmrl Cirrulalion Monomer K«-rni - Bell Cartoonist Ray (;arar l Photourtipher Sunic Raincy Fenture Editor Metvs Staff: Ronnie llalrlur. Siu- Railen, Cliff Caple, Lamar Ccilili. Iar in Allen, Sally V ' alker, Caro- Ivn N ' aiifilin. I ' Van . Iorrin, Roelielle Ilerklin, Bolt Ciilclirr. Tarolyn Hoherts, Martha MoElveen, Sliiarl (inlpepper. Helen I anij ' r. Sports Staff: Davitl Clejihorn, Wayne Minchew, Loran Smith, Alan Wexler, E 1 Ingles, Joe Vi ' orthinfiton. Ifomen ' s Staff: Anne Holland, Connie Owen, Sylvia ' I ' indol, Soozie Rogers, Pat Rigshy, Trieia Padgett, (!ar )l Bland, Joyce Hancock, Robin Jones. SELBY McCASH Editor-in-Chief, Fall §l|f l th WINTER STAFF Earl Leonard Editor Harry Murphy Managing Editor Beth Andrew Business Manager Gary Holland I ews Editor Earl Simpkins Sports Editor Bernie Cleary .... Assistant Sports Editor Ann Sheppard Women ' s Editor Sandy Isenherg Society Editor Jo Ann Parker .... Assistant News Editor Jim Mowry Assistant ISeivs Editor Lowell Kirby Assistant I eivs Editor Ben House Associate Editor Tad Kaminsky Associate Editor Susie Rainey Feature Editor Kennon Hatcher Assistant Editor Leo Mallard, Jr Photographer Jimmy Shelley Circulation Manager Bernie Bell Cartoonist nirm aindhkv; Ifusiuess Mannntr. Fall and n inter EARL T. LEONARD Editor-in-Chief, Winter nnh Hark SPRUNG STAFF Gary Holland Editor Ben House Managing Editor Powell Moore Business Manager Lowell Kirby Mews Editor Helen Lanier Associate Editor Earl Leonard Associate Editor Ann Sheppard Associate Editor Bernie Cleary Sports Editor Jo Ann Parker Assistant News Editor Ronnie Hatcher Assistant ISews Editor Sandy Isenberg Woman ' s Editor Susie Rainey Society Editor Carolyn Paughn Feature Editor Leo Mallard, Jr Photographer Bernie Bell Cartoonist Sigma Delta Chi Circulation HARRY MURPHY Neivs Editor, Managing Editor GARY HOLLAND Editor-in-Chief , Spring FALL STAFF Selby McCash Editor-in-Chief Earl Leonard Mmiaviinfi Editor Beth Andrew Business Munnger Harry Murphy JSetcs Editor Earl Sunpkins Sports Editor Beverlv Slein W ' onian ' ' s Editor Betty IMeTeer Society Editor Ted Short Cirriilntion Mfinnger Bernie Bell Cartoonist Ray (Jarard Photoeirapher Susie Rainev Feature Editor News Staff: Ronnie Hateher, Sue Bailes, Cliff Cagle, Lamar Cohh. Marvin Allen, Sally Walker, Caro- lyn Vaujjhn. Fran Morris. Rochelle Hecklin, BoIj Cutcliff. Carolyn Roberts, Martha MeElveen, Stuart Culpepper, Helen Lani er. Sports Staff: David Cleghorn, Wayne Minchew, Loran Smith, Alan Wexler, Ed Ingles, Joe orthington. JT omen ' s Staff: Anne Holland. Connie Owen, Sylvia Tindol, Soozie Rogers, Pat Rigsby, Tricia Padgett, Carol Bland, Joyce Hancock, Robin Jones. SELBY McCASH Edilor-inChief, Fall t E?0 WINTER STAFF Earl Leonard Editor Harry Murphy Managing Editor Beth Andrew Business Manager Gary Holland News Editor Earl Simpkins Sports Editor Bernie Cleary .... Assistant Sports Editor Ann Sheppard W ' omen s Editor Sandy Isenberg Society Editor Jo Ann Parker .... Assistant Netvs Editor Jim Mowry Assistant News Editor Lowell Kirby Assistant News Editor Ben House Associate Editor Tad Kaminsky Associate Editor Susie Rainey Feature Editor Kennon Hatcher Assistant Editor Leo Mallard, Jr Photographer Jimmy Shelley Circulation Manager Bernie Bell Cartoonist BETH ANDREW Business Manager, Fall and Winter EARL T. LEONARD Editor-in-Chief, Winter HARRY MURPHY ISetcs Editor, Managing Editor nnh Hark SPRING STAFF Gary Holland Editor Ben House Managing Editor Powell Moore Business Manager Lowell Kirby I ews Editor Helen Lanier Associate Editor Earl Leonard Associate Editor Ann Sheppard Associate Editor Bernie Cleary Sports Editor Jo Ann Parker Assistant News Editor Ronnie Hatcher Assistant Netos Editor Sandy Isenberg Woman ' s Editor Susie Rainey Society Editor Carolyn Paughn Feature Editor Leo Mallard, Jr Photographer Bernie Bell Cartoonist Sigma Delta Chi Circulation GARY HOLLAND Editor-in-Chief, Spring SUSIE RAINEV Feature Editor Society Editor EARL SIMPKINS Sports Editor JO ANN PARKER Assistant ISetvs Editor RONNIE HATCHER Assistant ISetvs Editor HELEN LANIER Associate Editor LOWELL KIRBY ISetcs Editor MAX COURSON Columnist BEN HOUSE Managing Editor JIM MOWRY Assistant A ' pirs Editor ANN SHEPPARD IFonipn ' s Editor :rnie cleary CAROLYN VAUGHN BETTY McTEER SANDY ISENBERG Sports Editor Feature Editor Society Editor Society Editor. Woman s Editor POWELL MOORE Assistant Business Manager PUNDORA Editor ' s ' ot ' : The contents of the following pages are not intended to defame, defraud, or slanderize. Rather, they are for the purpose of humor and entertainment. Miss Pundora was chosen from a number of pigs of the campi. She has all the charms of a sticky door- knob. Her measurements vary accordingly with the season. Miss Pundora made her fortune in the dairy busi- ness; she milked four husbands. And she dates only one company — Company " K " of the National Guard. She has previously been featured as the Girl of Last Week, the Girl Most Likely to Remain and Miss Fence Rail of 1954. She also served as the Sweetheart of Iota Tappa Kegga. Miss Pundora of 1958 THE T R A G E D Y This play was produced by Miracle Productions, Inc. If it ' s a good play, it ' s a miracle. This scene set off a series of rip-roaring incidents as the customers ripped their seats and roared for their money back. The ending was a complete surprise because the audience thought it would never end. On opening night nobody came — after that, business dropped off. The Most Forgettable Characters HEDDA CABBAGE pint size, but quart full BESSIE BORDEN who ran for a " Bull Durham " sign ,if i THE HAND at this party, it was touch and go LORD WINDERSMEAR of course, the champion of the British Empire PAUL BUMA who worked his way over on the crew of an ocean liner carrying melted cab- bage on which he trained exclusively THE MAD RUSSIAN after he was exiled to Siberia THE WARBLER Singing a number from the Chinese hit parade — " Egg fou yong at heart " PAUL POLITICIAN IPC ' s candidate for Presi- dent (might grow, up to be a great golfer) MR. BOOSCHE when it snows, it flows THE LAST RESORT on a three-day leave from a snake pit Ready Club The Ready Club prides itself in being ready to go anywhere, do anything at anytime. It strives foremost in the art of drinking airplane beer, right light- ning, and other rare delicacies. All of the members of the club grad- uated from their class " magna come loaded " or " sooner come late. " All members found drawing sober breath are immediately expelled. Any mem- ber who cannot blow out a window and strip the trees for a block away is put on probation. The Crab, Dumbo, Octopus, Annus. OFFICERS Big Fish The Crab Tadpole Dumbo Guppie Octopus Little Minnow . . . Annus (derivative of Angus) SEATED (cattv-cornered): The Sloth, Octopus, Annus, The Wheeler. OBLONG (round and about): Sneezy, The Crab, Wally Hindparts, Dumbo, Pansev, Good Times, Ding Dong, Dong Dang, The Creep, The Rack, The Fume, The Willow o ' Wisp, Sabu, Google Eye. The Old Crow Club OFFICERS Passed-Out .... Blue Darter Highest Ring Ding Higher Black Crow High White Crow Blue Darter, Old Crow president (as you can see, he shot one squirrel) First Row: No one knows but us little crows. Second Roic: Caw Caw, Caw Caw Caw, Ah! Caw! The purpose of tlie Old Crow Club is to follow the seven Ws: We will not work, will we — we won ' t! TV ' ni I E-JAV Sireelhearl of all Old Croics Den of Iniquity The Deii was formed by all the sly foxes. The purpose is to shear the sheep. The customers have two chances of winning — a ghost and Chinaman ' s. The dealers are so crooked that even the wool they pull over your eyes is 50 per cent cotton. The club teaches how to be non-shallant when holding five aces in a black jack game, how to warm-up a cold deck, fifty aliases to use in case of a raid. Pre. iilf " Vice P« Secrelar Pnilicil; Hiepui wlo y iiigtlie ' sociatioi Tlierf there ' - kn k Tliec The game hasn ' t officially started for the black jacks are still in their pockets. snowbal In this game of roulette, only the players go round and round. Featured here are the members of the housing board trying to recover last week ' s loss of Reed HalL OFFICERS President . . . Snowflake Jones Vice President . . Ice-cyele Smith Secretary S!eet B rown Publicity . . . Cuthmla Alstitution (who was asked to resijtn after the February meeting) The purpose of the Snowbound Six Club is to honor outstantling women who have shown leadership in break- ing the Wonderfully Stupid Girls ' As- sociation rules. There are no regular meetings held because the club meets only when there ' s an opportunity and its mem- bers have enough courage. The club ' s projects include popping corn over an open fire, listening to hot-and-fast rock-and-roll music on the hi-fi, building snowmen, and throwing snowballs. V X ? |2! Note: The above picture is unclear due to the heavy snowfall in February at Late SinfielH What. Advertisements INDEX AND SNAPS Everything that is used in your school can be bought at MC GREGOR ' S STUDENT SUPPLY STORE 321 E.Clayton St. ' MAKE IT A HABIT TO VISIT US " GEORGIAN HOTEL and COFFEE SHOP 4 Private Dining Rooms Seating from 1 to 2 5 Special Student Rates Smorgasbord Every Sunday Night Phone Liberty 6-7311 ' Lose something? " JOHN JARRELL ' S Athens Atlanta New York San Juan, Puerto Rico , 4 " ■ ' " , , ,- ,■« 1 . . it is for always . . . FRIENDS AND GOOD FOOD at the SNACK SHACK We like playing circus .... Books . . . School Supplies . . . Fountain Service . . . Souvenir Gifts UNIVERSITY STORES JENNIE BELLE — CO-OP — BOOK STORE ' Come right on out, you guys and dolls . . . Ole ' Larry has some free Lumpy-Jumpy chewing gum fnr you! " DICK FERGUSON ' S ATHENS, GEORGIA " Style Center of the Campus " ' JVhy do wonderful iveekends have to be followed up with Monday classes? " DRINK The pause that refreshes Compliments of 66 SERVICE CENTER No. 2 295 W. Clayton JIM DILLARD, GEORGIA ' 54 Student Union Disc Jockey KIIOII ' N CASH AND CARRY . . . . . . PICK UP AND DELIVER NORMAL TOWN 5 POINTS 23 3 W. HANCOCK Where Most Students Listen Most wgau 1340 REM STUDIOS - NOWHERE ROAD - ATHENS OFFICIAL CAMPUS PHOTOGRAPHER for Pandora ADDITIONAL PRINTS AVAILABLE UPPY ' S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT STUDENT SPECIAL Steaks Chicken Sea Foods Basket Service Sandwiches Curb Service Telephone Service tlanta Highway LI 3-9285 ' Lady ' I ain ' t joking . . . This is the strongest we have! " His " other " job BANKING FOR COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND FACULTY THE CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK ATHENS, GEORGIA Compliments of JOSTEN ' S Makers of the Official University of Georgia Ring Sold only at the UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE 1 INDEX A Administrative Staff -W Ag Club 369 Ag Economics Club 374 Ag Engineering Club 370 Ag Hill Council 3-10 Aghon 374 Agronomy 371 Alpha Chi Omega 266 Alpha Delta Pi 268 Alpha Delta Sigma 387 Alpha Epsilon Delta 392 Alpha Epsilon Pi 224 Alpha Gamma Delta 270 Alpha Gamma Rho 226 Alpha Kappa Psi 368 Alpha Lambda Delta .... 327 Alpha Mu Epsilon 398 Alpha Omicron Pi 272 Alpha Phi Omega 342 Alpha Psi 381 Alpha Tau Omega 228 Alpha Zeta 372 APHA 394 AVMA 382 Angel Flight 362 Argonauts 346 Arnold Air Society 362 Arts and Sciences, College of . . 52 B B nai BVith Hillel 413 Baptist Student Union . . . . 411 Ba.eball 172 Basketball 160 Beauties 200 Biftad 332 Blue Key 325 Business Administration. School of 55 C Canterbury Club 412 Cheerleaders 147 Chi Omega 274 Chi Phi 230 Chi Psi 232 Classes 64 Cosmopolitan Club 341 D Dairy Science Club 375 Dedication 16 Delta Delta Delta 276 Delta Phi Epsilon 278 Delta Sigma Pi 366 Delta Tau Delta 234 Demosthenian 350 DiGamma Kappa 390 Disciple Student Fellowship . . 412 Dixie Redcoat Band 356 E Education, College of 57 Events 18 F Football 146 Food Technology Club .... 375 Forestry Club 377 Forestry, School of ... . 60 4-H Club 405 Freshmen 124 G GafTau 389 Gamma Alpha Chi 388 Gamma Sigma Epsilon .... 408 Golf 170 Graduate School 63 Graduate Students 142 Greeks 220 Greek Snaps 294 Gridiron 318 " G " Club 330 H Home Economics, School ... 59 Homecon 396 Horticulture Club 408 I Independent Men 344 Interfraternity Council .... 222 Intramurals, Men 174 Intramurals, Women 178 J Journalism, School of ... . 54 Juniors 102 Junior Panhellenic 340 K Kappa Alpha 236 Kappa Alpha Theta 280 Kappa Delta 282 Kappa Delta Epsilon 399 Kappa Kappa Gannna .... 284 Kappa Phi Kappa 398 Kappa Psi 395 Kappa Sigma 238 Koinonia 404 L Lambda Chi Alpha 240 Lambda Kappa Sigma .... 393 Landscape Architecture Club . . 378 Law Underclassmen 137 Law School 62 Law Seniors 136 M Men ' s Glee Club 354 Military 354 Mortar Board 324 N Newman Club 414 Nu Rho Psi 403 Omega Tau Sigma 380 Omicron Delta Kappa .... 333 Organizations 314 P Pandora 418 Panhellenic Council 264 PEM Club 383 Pershing Rifles 363 Pharmacy, School of 58 Phi Alpha Delta 385 Phi Alpha Theta 389 Phi Beta Kappa 334 Phi Delta Chi 386 Phi Delta Theta 242 Phi Epsilon Pi 244 Phi Eta Sigma 329 Phi Kappa 351 Phi Kappa Phi 334 Phi Kappa Tau 216 Phi Mu 286 Phi Mu Alpha 397 Phi Sigma 400 Phi Upsilon Omicron .... 401 Pi Beta Phi 288 Pi Kappa Alpha 248 Pi Kappa Phi 250 Pi Mu Epsilon 400 Poultry Science Club 379 Pre Legal Club 407 Pre Vet Club 406 Professional Panhellenic .... 407 R Red and Black 422 Reed Hall Council 338 Rho Chi 396 S Saddle and Sirloin 373 Scabbard and Blade 364 Seniors 66 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 252 Sigma Alpha Iota 397 Sigma Chi 254 Sigma Delta Chi ,391 Sigma Delta Tau 290 Sigma Nu 256 Sigma Pi 258 Sigma Xi 334 Sophomores 114 Sphinx 322 Sports 144 Student Council 336 Student Union 348 Swimming 168 T Tau Epsilon Phi 260 Tennis 166 Thalian-Blackfriars 402 Theta Chi 262 Theta Sigma Phi 388 Track 164 Triquetra 345 U University Chorus 353 University Civic Orchestra . . . 352 UGRA 410 URSA 347 University Theatre 360 V Veterinary Medicine, School of . 61 Veterinary Underclassmen . . . 140 Veterinary Seniors 139 W Wesley Foundation 416 Westminster Fellowship .... 415 Who ' s Who 319 WAA . 358 Women ' s Glee Club 355 WSGA 337 X-Y-Z XClub 326 Xi Sigma Pi 376 ZClub 327 Zeta Tau Alpha 293 Zodiac 328 Final moments of reign for ' 57 Queen Catching flying fish, no doubt " So Sapp ' broke the drought ' ... I can balance a basketball on my toe! Dixie Derbies Jilt m mortam STUDEMS Morrison Finch Bird Frances Elizabeth Moulder William H. Searcy Jimmy Robinson Stowers Mitchell Staples FACULTY AND STAFF Jennie Belle Smith Dr. Fred Frazier Cowarl Dr. Charles Cliristopher Wilson Acknowledgments COACH BUTTS AND BULLDOGS . . . viclory on A ' ou. 30th DAN MAGILL • . . sporls pictures STUDENT COUNCIL . . • furniture DR. MERTON COULTER . . . historical color RED AND BLACK . . . coverage APO . . . Dimes Drive STUDENT UNION . • . offices — stairs and all! SWAIN McELMURRAY . . . Pandora cover PETER NG . . . artistry BETSY TANT AND BEAUTY COURT . . . pulchritude JOHN COX . . . advice and support H. M. HECKMAN . , . audits JACK GARRETT . . . mutual support CLAUDE DAVIDSON . . • special pictures LEE, NINA EVELYN . • . letters and extra work BOB MARSDEN . . . outstanding photography and entertainment JOHNNY LONG . . . advice WILEY WALLER . . . humor BILL SIMPSON . . . publicity ROWLAND KRAPS . . . printing BOOKSTORE . . . supplies PENNY IRBY, FRAN MORRIS, B. J. STAMPS . . . doing something for nothing VIRGINIA SCHOOL STUDIOS . . . lines, delays, and finally — portraits MOTHER NATURE INHRMARY . . . bed, flu shots and cold pills (excuses, too!) THE TWO BLACK CROWS . . . for what — nobody knows! 1958 PANDORA • MEMORIAL HALL • UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA • ATHENS, GEORGIA SWAIN McELMURRAY • EDITOR IN CHIEF HELEN LANIER • BUSINESS MANAGER CHERRIE NEWTON • MANAGING EDITOR HARRY HAISTEN • SPORTS EDITOR March 1, 1958 To the Student Body; The preceding pages told a story — yo-ur story — the story of Georgia, 1958. You had a part in writing that story, and the Pandora staff sincerely hopes that you are proud of it. Through the use of one of Georgia ' s favorite songs, " Hail to Georgia Down in Dixie " , as a ninning theme throughout the book, the staff assembled pictorial and editorial material in producing one of the largest editions of Pandora ever published. The size of this book measures only a small fragment of the vast scope of various Uni- versity activities and events which were a part of your ye«a at Georgia. In the production of the class section, historical excerpts have been placed in the section through the contributions made by Dr. Merton Coulter. His co-operation, as well as that of students and faculty, is deeply appreciated. Again, it ' s your story — you wrote it, and you lived it. The Pandora staff put it together for you. When you leave Georgia— within a couple of weeks or in one, two or three years—the 71st edition of the Pandora will still exist. And, in a sense, Georgia, 1958, will be re-lived as you look over tMs yearbook. Yours sincerely, Swain McELmurray Editor-in-Chief Since tlie Dawn of the Century WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS c ii iiiiiS ftif FOOTE DAVIES, INC. 1090 CAPJTOL AVENUE, S. E. PHONE JACKSON 2-4600 • P. O. BOX 5109 ATLANTA •?KassaaHnsaags ' - - ■ ' ■ ,y i ' ;a

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