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O 1Q5T a m z I V ' ■ • ' ■■• ' • ' Vtav ' We have a world of our own THE 1957 PANDORA UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA Athens, Georgia RUTH ELLEN GRANDY Editor in Chief DUDLEY LESTER MOORE, JR. Business Manager BEN SWAIN McELMURRAY, JR. Managing Editor HELEN HUDSON LANIER Art Editor ROBERT JOSEPH RYAN Sports Editor A world steeped in v- li tradition. . triumph . and spirit r H A world encouraging the search or knowledge... A world embodying a heritage from the past... an awareness of today.... a challenge for the future. DR. JOHN A. DOWNS To say that a professor is a truly good teacher is the highest tribute that can be paid him. Many here at Georgia ore worthy of that tribute, but among this group one man stands forth in our thoughts. Dr. John A. Downs by his willingness to guide inquiring minds, by his insistance on high standards of scholastic endeavor. and by his genuine interest in the individual student has inspired all those who know him. He merits not only the tribute due a good teacher but even that due a great one. In appreciation for his contributions to so many of us throughout the years we dedicate the 1957 Pandora. ADMINISTRATION 10 EVENTS 30 ORGANIZATIONS 44 SPORTS 138 GREEKS 168 BEAUTIES 258 MILITARY 268 CLASSES 286 ' - ' - ■ ' t i ' rflilll: A world in which we are T, 1 PRESIDENT DR.O. C. ADERHOLD In September 1950 Omer Clyde Aderhold became the seventeenth president of the University of Georgia. He had already served the University, his Alma Mater for Twenty-two years. Upon his inauguration in May 1951, he recalled the vision of Abraham Baldwin and stated his belief that Baldwin ' s dream of the University as the capstone of education in Georgia must be achieved. To attain this goal, he pointed out, resources and facilities of the Uni- versity must be used to the end that greater numbers of students have maximum opportunities for mental, spiritual, and social growth. He pointed out that on environment must be maintained to stimulate a desire for knowledge, to give practice in making intelligent decisions, and to develop skills in putting these decisions into action. During the six years of his administration, there has been significant progress in realizing these aims. The faculties of the eleven schools and colleges have showed steadily increasing scholastic and professional achieve- ment. A new library building has been completed, and the program of acquiring library resources has received renewed emphasis. New dormitory buildings for fresh- man men and women have been completed, and a stu- dent center provided in renovated Memorial Hall. A splendid off-campus center at Rock Eagle for 4-H ac- tivities has been built. An expanded program of adult education has been planned, and a modern center for Continuing Education has been completed. Last year two financial grants were announced for the construction of a large part of a University Science Center. Work was started after Christmas this on what will ultimately become a $10,000,000 center covering 40 acres of campus, south of Sanford Stadium. His years of administration bear evidence of Presi- dent Aderhold ' s inaugural pledge for the University: " To the people of Georgia, we pledge all of our energy, effort, and intelligence. " 12 i DELORES ARTAU Counselor tor Upperclass Women Officers of ROBERT H. AYERS University Chaplain ADMINISTRATION stu- A oc- dult for ' for nce ALVIN BISCOE Dean of Faculties JOHN BOLTON Comptroller and Treasurer Officers of ADMINISTRATION BIRDIE BONDERANT Counselor for Freshman Women o R. L. BRITTAIN Counsetot for Freshman Men ' w- JOHN COX, JR. Director of Student Activities LOUIS CHRISTO Director of Student Union ■ gggf WALTER R. DANNER Registrar WILLIAM P. KELLAM Director of Libraries HUGH B. MASTERS Director of Contirtuing Education 15 Officers of TRAVIS OSBORNE Director of the University Guidance Center LEE ANN SEAWELL Director of Placement and Student Aid JOHN H. ROBBINS University Physician I 16 MINISTRATION JOHN STOREY Director of Men ' s Housing EDITH STALLING5 Dean of Women WILLIAM TATE Dean of Men JOSEPH A. WILLIAMS Dean of Students 17 Franklin College of ARTS AND SCIENCES S. WALTER MARTIN Coming to the University as a history professor in 1935, Dr. Walter Martin was appointed Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences in 1949. Dr. Martin holds degrees in several fields of study. He received his B.A. in English and French from Furman; his M.A. in history from Georgia; and his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina in history end political sciences. The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, established in 1801, is the oldest unit within the University of Georgia. Th e traditional liberal arts degrees, the A.B. and B.S., in addition to the B.S. in Chemistry and the Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees, are offered. The purpose of a liberal arts education is to develop intelligence, ideals, and the physical body of the whole man. Several of the twenty departments of the College of Arts and Sciences have excellent national reputations as a result of quality performance within a restricted area. DR. WALTER MARTIN » , BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE First Rcw: F. W. Bennett, E. G. Beck, Emeliza Swain, J. J, West- tall, J. W. Foster, W. H. Enneis, Jr., J. J. Paul, Florene Young, W. T. Jamec, G. L. Plummer, R. B. Mc- Ghes. Second Row: E. E. Byrd, 0. W. Hinton, W. H. Duncan, G. H. Boyd, J. A. Hammes, R. G. Eagon, Hudson Jost, J. J. Powers, T. F. Gilbert, C. C. Wilson. Third row: E. F. Thompson, D. C. Scott, W. J. Payne, R. T. Osborne, W. P. Van Esetine, H. 0. Lund, B. S. Martof, H. A. Kent, E. P. Odum, C. E. Connell, Jr. PHYSICAL SCIENCE First Row: H. S. Stanley, G. H. Henry, W. C. Sears, E. H. DIxson, Donald Poole, Ray Northam, G. E. Philbrook, John Kunstmonn, G. T. Gifford. Second Row. John Harmon Henkel, A. C. Cohen, T. H. White- head, W. H. Waggoner, E. L. Heric, C. J. Brockman, W. H. Dargon, Walter Shuckmann. Third Row: John W. Jewett, T. R. Brahana, P. R. Hill, G. B. Huff, A. W. Scott, Chairman; H. T. Coggin, M. C. Prunty, R. S. Edwards, C. N, Wilder, C. D. Cooper. « FINE ARTS First Row: Wiley Sanderson, Harold Wescott, Erwin Breifhaupt, Elizo- beth Cobb, Nina Gcverts, Earl Beach, John Anderson, Louise Har- well, W. C. Owen. Second Row: Richard Carpenter, Earl McCut- chen, Lamar Dodd, Eulalo Amos, Vincent Dieball, Thad Suits, John Guy Hondley, Hugh Hodgson Third Row: Ray Leonard, Leonard De- longo, Arthur J. Fear, Rudolph Kra- tina, Alexander Main. E JCE LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE First Row: Arlie Herron, William I Thurman, Marion Michael, Vance i Mizelle, Charles Bell. Second Row; Charles Wall, Robert West, Edwin M. Everett, Chairman Marie Du- mas, Andree Hepner, Eleanor Mc- Gregor, John Tison, Wagner Alex- onder, Donald Barnett, Kenneth Hammond. Third Row: Edd Park, John Downs, Annie Womack, Frances Wollis, Grace Bcswell, J. 0. Eidson. Fourth Row: Raymond Biswanger, William Davidson, Howord Jordan, Ezell Terry, Calvin Brown. Fifth Row: CnrI Shedd, Wil- liam Paulk, Myron Ccker, Klaus- Tudolf Stollwerck, Clark OIney. Sixth Row: John Williams, Charles Beaumont, Jules Alciatore, Robert Jones, John Talmadge. Seventh Row: Robert Longshore, David Jones, Boyd McWhorter, George Marshall, Grady Hutcherson. SOCIAL SCIENCE First Row: Merle Prunty, Thomas I Askew, Morton Coulter, Choirman; Ruth Jenkins, Olive Shodgett, Imo- gene Dean, Paul Pfuetze, Ray Northom. Second Row; Walter Martin, Clarke Crain, Merritt Pound, Clyde Hughes, Robert Mc- Pherson, C. J. Smith, Richard Mur- dock, Robert Ayers, John Kunst- monn, Horace Montgomery. Third Row: David deLanbenfels, George Porthemous, M. W. H, Collins, I Richard Trimble, Rubin Gotesky, Kenneth Coleman, James Barnes, T. T. Hamilton, Albert Saye. tl,Wito Henry W. Grady School off JOURNALISM First Row: Ernie Hynds, Patricia McKemie, Sallie Westbrook, Eleanor Upchurch, Ross Shackleford. Second Row: Rowland Kraps, Dean John E. Drcwry, Charles B. Kopp, Walt Anderson, Frazier Moore, George Abney, Dan Kitchens, Gary Stradling. The School of Journalism was established in 1915 and was named for a famous alumnus, Henry W. Grady, in 1921. During the following three decades the School of Journalism has risen to be recognized as one of the finest in the nation. The A.B. in Journalism combines a brood liberal arts back- ground and professional training. Journalism, in the broad sense, includes metropolitan and small town dailies and weeklies; press associations and syndicates; radio and tele- vision; specialized trade, and general magazines; book pub- lishing, advertising and publicity; and editorial work for schools, colleges and various social agencies. hub Itaji Milli). r ' cn of JOHN E. DREWRY Dean John E. Drewry is a native Georgian and an alumnus from this University where he received his A.B. Degree in Journalism. After taking his M.A. Degree from Columbia, he became instructor in the Journalism School in 1922, Q full professor in 1930, and advanced to the position of director two years later. He became Dean of the Journalism School in 1940. Commerce-Journalism Building 20 School of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION its First Row: Leonard T. Wright, George McMonmon, Dean James E. Gates, Thomas Williams, Howard Smith, Alfred Kurtz, Jeff Cobb, N. A. Beadles. Second Row. Richard Hartman, Lawrence Nachtrab, Earl Davis, Frank Mullin, Robert Dince, Lee Cobb, Otis Gaston, Robert Brooks. Third Row: In 1912 the College of Business Administration was es- tablished at the University of Georgia, and has grown to be the largest college in enrollment on the campus. The Bache- lor of Business Administration degree is awarded upon com- pletion of the four year program. The primary aims of the College are to provide a foundation of general culture, broaden the viewpoint, and develop sound thinking. Majors ore avail- able in Statistics, Marketing, Finance, Real Estate, Manage- ment, Retailing, Secretarial Studies, Traffic Management, Public Administration, Accounting, and General Business. Gregor Sebba, Norman J. Wood, Robert Wiley, Norman Ellis, Emil Troelston, David R. Day, Barbara Nelson. Fourth Row: Curtis Tate, Aldo Charles. Commerce-Journalism Building JAMES E.GATES At the head of the College of Business Ad- ministration is Dean James E. Gates. He is a native of Kentucky and received his B.S. De- gree from the University of Kentucky. He also holds a Ph.D. Degree from the University of Virginia. Dean Gates accepted his present posi- tion in 1 948 when he came to Georgia from the Container Corporation of America via the Uni- versity of Virginia. 21 College of AGRICULTURE The University of Georgia is a member of the Ameri- con Association of Land-Grant Colleges approved by the Federal Government for giving instruction in agriculture and related fields: agricultural engineering and land- scape architecture. The 2,475 acre college farm stocks beef cattle, dairy cattle, and other livestock herds; the poultry form serves one of Georgia ' s rapidly growing in- dustries through its program of practical experience and research. In addition to the regular teaching and exten- tion programs, the work of the experimental stations con- stitutes a major phase of the College of Agriculture. CALVIN C.MURRAY Dr. Calvin C. Murray was appointed Dean of the College of Agriculture in 1950. He previously taught agronomy at the University of Georgia and Louisiana State College. Before returning to Georgia as Dean, Dr. Murray served for two years as director of the Georgia Experiment Station. His degrees include a B.S. from N. C. State, on M.S. from Georgia, and his Ph.D. from Cornell. The Co ■a, Os ' !:;»hei ri Agnf ' :;:licrs ' l-tiofibo First Row: Ralph Smith, A. E. Culllson, J. J. Westfall, George Thompson, H. B. Henderson, T. H. Rogers, Dan Pratt, T. L. Frazier, R L. Keener, W. t. tiufison. Second Row. ' R. S. Wheeler, Lamar Harris, R. F. Sewell, J. R. Danion, Howard Dalton, J. J. Powers, F. W. Bennett, W. M. Reid, E. P. Warren, Carlisle Cobb, L. C. Curtis. Third Row: H. D. Morris, C. C. O ' Mary, R. C. Wood- worth, A. R. Brown, H. F. Perkins, J. W. Fanning, J. J. Sheuring, R. E. Proctor, C. J. Bryant, P. E. Plumart, G. L. Plummet. Fourth Row: C. C. Murray, Dean; C. E. Rice, R. R, Harris, George Banwart, Carl Hess, J. L. Carmon, Paul A. A. Fleming. Fifth Row: M. Stelly, R. H. Driftmier, E. C. Weren, Owens, Roy Bowden, J. W. Lassiter, E. R. Beaty, Joel Giddens, J. B. Kiter H. B. Weaver 22 College of EDUCATION JOHN A. DOTSON The College of Education has as its head adminis- trator, Dean John A. Dotson. He became Dean in 1950 when he came to Georgia from Emory University i and Agnes Scott where he served as Director of ! Teachers ' Education. A native of Kentucky, Dean Dotson holds an A.B. degree from Georgetown College, on M.A. degree from the University of Kentucky, and a Ph.D. degree from George Peabody College. Peabody Hall The College of Education was organized in 1903, and at a later date the college became the Peabody School of Education. In 1931 the Peabody School of Education of the University, the Georgia State Teacher ' s College, the Depart- ment of Rural and Vocational Education of the College of Agriculture, and the Departments of Physical Education for Men and Women were combined into this college. The College of Education provides and administers all professional courses designed for the preparation for teaching in all areas of elementary and secondary education, including the special- ized fields. First Row. Dean John A. Dotson, Jonelle Folds, Sue W. Cramartie, lla Rooks, Frances Gofesky, Mary Tingle, Ocie T. Dekle, Robert Bowen, Gerald B. Robins, Herbert A. Otto, Harold Luper, Lee Sprawles, David P. Mason. Second Row. Kathleen Broodhurst, Victor Nix, Bramwell W. Gobrielson, Ralph K. Tyson, Aleene Cross, Marilyn R McDonald, Jonnye V Cox, Eileen Russell, Rachel S. Sutton, Eftie L. Keastcr, Harbin, B. Lawson, S. J. Singleton, Ira E. Aaron, Dayne M. Smith, Joseph C. Bledsoe, Garland E. Oliver, Sally F. Hanger. Third Row: Alice BeoJI, Archie G. Bryant, Furman Miller, William 0. N. Scott, 23 James E. Greene, Oval S. Harrison, Sibyl, Browne, Karl C. Garrison, Aman 0. Duncan, Ralph H. Tolbert, Mory Ella Lundy Soule, Emmie S. Evans, Robert T. Bowan, Jr. Fourth Row. Floride Moore, Robert J. Pfister, Lynn Shufelt, William B. King, Bernice L. Cooper, George B. Miller, Jr., Morgan Johnson, James L. Dickerson, J. Garlin Bryant, William Clemence, Lutian R. Wootton, Titus Singletary, Mary M A. Burns, Fronk R. Scott, George L. O ' Kelley, Jr., Allen Brock, Joseph Hill, Alexonder F. Perrodin, Richard W. Tews. KENNETH L. WATERS Dr. Kenneth L. Waters resigned his position of Technical Director of Zemmer Pharmaceu- tical Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to become Dean of the University of Georgia School of Pharmacy in 1948. Dr, Waters re- ceived his A.B. degree from Lynchburg College, his M.S. from the University of Georgia, and his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. The School of Pharmacy was established in 1903 as the second oldest school on the campus; it is also housed in the second oldest building. In the four year program students not only take chemistry and biological sciences, but also courses in business administration and liberal arts. In addition to the theoretical pharmacy courses, special emphasis is placed on practicing pharmacy, the study of compounding of various types of prescription. The graduate is capable of taking his place in the retail store, assuming positions in pharmaceutical sales work, taking advanced work, and entering research laboratories. School of PHARMACY First Row: S. D. Feurt, Norma Beacham, Dean Waters, Charles Hartman. Sec: nd Row: J. P. LoRocco, W F. Dobbs, F. F. Millikan. 24 The School of Home Economics originated as the Division of Home Economics of the State College of Agriculture in 1918 and offered the first undergraduate work open to women in the University of Georgia. The present School was estab- lished in 1933 when the Household Arts Department of the State Teachers College was merged with the Division of Home Economics of the Georgia State College of Agriculture. The objective of the School is the preparation of the student for home and family living and for professional careers relating to the home. The core of this family-centered curriculum em- braces a well-rounded program of instruction. MARYSPEIRS Last year Dr. Mary Speirs was appointed dean of the Home Economics School. In 1934 she began her work with the Georgia Experi- ment Station and in 1949 she became a pro- fessor. Originally from Connecticut, Dean Speirs received her B.A. degree from Well- esley; she holds her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia; and her major field is the study of food and nutrition. School of HOME ECONOMICS ' Tv-V. First Rcw: Elizabeth Wilson, Frankye Bland, Leonora Mirone, Dean Mary Speirs, Camille Schitfman, Judith Jones, Matilda Callaway, Eliza- beth Armstrong Second Row. Wynelle Johnson, Catherine Newton, Jessie Mize, Elizabeth Sheerer, Carlfred Broderick, Margaret McPhaul, Mortha LaBoon, Betty Dewees 25 First Row: Lyie Jackson, Norman Bishop, Thomas Nelson, Bratislav Zak, James Green. Second Row. Donald Martindoie, Archie Patterson, James Jenkins, Reid Parker. Third Row: William Campbell, Laurence Walker Mervin Reines, Henry Stoehr, William Byran. School of FORESTRY The George Foster Peabody School of Forestry, established in 1906, is the oldest school of forestry in the South. Three types of services are carried on by the School: teaching of professional forestry to students desiring to make forestry their career, performing extention work with the farmers and landowners through the Agricultural Extention Service, and doing research at the Griffin Experiment Station and Athens Station. The forest properties owned by the University are managed by the School of Forestry. The School stresses the importance of conserving natural resources because of the vital part they play in our economy of today. Forestry Building il ' XiJiaia 1 jli! jiJi ! BISHOP F.GRANT In September 1956, Mr. Bishop F. Grant was appointed Acting Dean of the Forestry School. Mr. Grant was made full professor here at the University in 1937, and he has been on the Forestry School Faculty since receiving his B.S.F. and M.S.F. degrees from the University of Georgia. The study of forest utilization is Mr. Grant ' s special field of interest. First Row: Adrian M. Mills, W. C. Burkhart, Dean Thomas J. Jones, Helen E. Jordan, Lois Scott, Paul L Piercy, Marvin L Fleming. Second Row Dennis Sikes, Walter Kornfeld, John D Morton, John W. Foster, Joseph D Edens Third Row: Sam S. Kreuz, Clifford Westerfield, William A. Knapp, Jr , Paul E. Hoffman, Eldred W. Causey. Fourth Row: Frank A. Hayes, A. G. Kemler, Thomas P. Zweigart, Terrell Boggs Ryan, LeRoy K. Taul. Fifth Row: Laurence T. Crimmins, William P. Von Eseltine. School of (liver zotior i : THOMAS J.JONES Claiming Wales, Kingdom as his homeland, Dr. Thomas J. Jones became Dean of the Veterinary Medicine School in 1947. Dr. Jones holds degrees from a number of colleges in the United States. He received his B.S.A. degree from the University of Florida, his D.V.M. and M.S. degrees from the University of Georgia, and his Ph.D. degree was conferred upon him by the University of Illinois. VETERINARY MEDICINE A degree course in veterinary medicine was first offered at the University in 1918 when a professional curriculum in a division of the College of Agriculture became activated. That course was discontinued in 1933, and formal training, in this field was not offered until the present School of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1946. The first two years of professional study are devoted to basic and preclinical classroom and laboratory courses; the last two years are largely concerned with clinical training in the classroom, laboratory, large and small animal hospital areas, and ambulatory clinics. Veterinary Medicine Building School of LAW J. ALTON HOSCH The Law School proudly claims J. Alton Hosch as its Dean. He, too, is a native of Georgia and one of our alumni. He received his B.S.C. and M.A. degrees from the Univer- sity and LL.B. degree from Harvard University. Dean Hosch became a member of the Low faculty in 1928. but resigned in 1933 to prac- tice his profession. He returned in 1935 as Dean and professor of the Law School. Courses in law were first offered at the University in 1843, although the School of Law of the University of Georaio was not established until 1859. The Institute of Law and Govern- ment is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is approved by the American Bar Association and the Georgia Bar Association. Courses of study are designed to give the students a thorough knowledge of the common law together with its statutory modifications. Emphasis is placed on practicol application of theory to the complex situations out of which legal controversies develop. First Row: John M. Gayner III, Arthur G. Murphey Jr., Robert L. McWhor- ter, Dean Hosch, Abit Nix, Sigmund A. Cohn. Second Row: Harold M. Heckman, William McLendon Henderson, D. Meade Feild, Robert C. Contey. 28 GRADUATE SCHOOL Before 1910 graduate work was supervised by the faculty principally through the Committee on Graduate Courses; then the Board of Trustees replaced this system by creating the Graduate School. The two basic purposes of the Graduate School are to promote thorough creative and fundamental scholarship and to provide advanced training in the profes- sional and vocational fields The Master of Arts and the Master of Sciences degrees are offered in most major subjects; the Ph.D. is offered in English, education, mathematics, zool- ogy, psychology, history, and plant sciences. Old College GEORGE H. BOYD Dr. George H. Boyd was appointed Dean of the Graduate School in the year 1926. He is a native of Georgia and holds A B. and M.S. degrees from Emory University and a Sc.D. degree from Johns Hopkins. Previously he headed the Biology Department at Georgia Tech, his field of specialization being the study of malaria parasites and their physiology. first Row.- J. C. Bledsoe, S. N. Ainsworth, J. E. Greene, Rachel Sutton, Leonora Mirone, G. H. Boyd, Chairman; AC. Cohen, R. E. Proctor, W. T. James, E. M. Everett, G. E. Philbrook, H. D. Morris, C. D, Cooper. Second Row: E. P. Odum, J. A. Dotson, L. W. R. Jackson, K. C. Garrison, Hudson Jose, J. J. Powers, M. K. Fort Jr., J. A. La Rocca, W. H. Duncan, F. E. Johnstone Jr., M. C. Prunty, Jr., E. W. Parks, C. C. Wilson, C. S. Third Row; J. C. Vinson, R. B. McGhee, J. W. Nuttycombe, R. T. Osborne, A. B. Soye, G. E. Thompson, H. 0. Lund, G B. Huff, E. E. Byrd, Matthias Stelly, C. J. Brockman, J. J. Sheuring, E. H. Dixon, Gregor Sebba, J. E. Drewry, R. H. West. 29 A world L M " our experiences •j!AAf v«: :« Every year before the student body gets down to the routine of classes, studying, and parties it must endure registration. In addition to this ordeal each freshman has to go through " Orientation. " The lines, closed-out classes, the trek from Stegeman to Academic, and the confusion are, however, balanced by the Freshmen Wel- comes, Rush parties, and the old and new friends met this first week back at the University. Rush certainly is the right word for what goes on at sorority and frater- nity houses when they ' re taking in new pledges. Upperclassmen don ' t seem to mind; they ' re used to it. For the fresh- man it ' s confusing, but most of all fun. As if this weren ' t enough the traditional ratting begins, and every year the University ' s new- est students are afraid they ' ll have to wear those beanies until Christmas — unless we beat Tech. If you can ' t go under it, go over it! RATTING RUSH A touch of Paris in Athens Top: Potential dates wait impatiently tor the girls to finish signing their prefer- entiols. Bottom Sororities made a " hit " with the rushees. S:, The Shirt Tail Parade winds up at Myers Holl 33 HOMECOMING PEP RALLIES Homecoming is a big occasion, both for the girls chosen for the court and for the spectators at the game — but for different reasons. The danc es this weekend provide one of the few occasions for co-eds to stay out much past the witching hour, and are remembered for a long time on Sunday nights at 11:15. The pep rally before the Georgia-Georgia Tech game is the biggest one of the season, and the University students prove once again that they can yell. The band salutes the Queen and her Court, Top: Les Brown admires southern pulchritude. Bottom: Students also admire southern pulchritude. 34 Top: Students cheer the Bulldogs on at the Georgia-Georgia Tech pep rally. Bottom; Unidentified dignitary. Rl Top: Did somebody tell a joke? Center: Amazing I how many " cokes " you can drink! Bottom; I can ' t hear you, I ' ve go a banana in my ear. 35 p The Queen is presented her trophy by Jake Behr Winners pose with their trophies. MARCH OF DIMES The March of Dimes Dance, spon- sored by Alpha Phi Omega, climaxed the student drive for the polio fund. Other organizations on campus actively supported the drive; Alpha Epsilon Pi was awarded the trophy for raising the most money at their A E Pie Throw. I Satisfaction guaranteed! We need more room in the Co-op. 36 The bandleader, the Queen and ... her court. MILITARY REVIEW The big date for the Army and Air Force on campus this year was 8 Feb ruary 1957; they got together for the annual Military Review and Dance. Ralph Morterie played for the donee at which Sister Allgood was named Queen. and the band played on. PANDORA BEAUTY REVUE Lett: Seems like I ' ve heard that song before. Right: The star of the show. Lett: This is a tree?? Right: Surprise ending. Lett: Little boy lost. Right. Little boy still lost. STUNT NIGHT Weeks of preparation are climaxed in Stunt Night; un- recognizable forms run back and forth and emote from the stage. Three prizes are given for these perform- ances. Alpha Gamma Delta took top honors this year; second and third places were awarded to Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Alpha Theta respec- tively. i Top: Superman joins Trj Delt. Bottom; Alpha Chi cave men wait their turn. . V Students were privileged to hear the " Patient Judge, " Medina speak this tall. SOME CELEBRITIES Robert Frost, one of the greatest living poets, talks to students after his annual lecture. The University of Georgia was included in fhe Don Cossack Chorus tour this year. Girls now live where once the News Bureau hummed, Pandora editors worried over dead- lines, and veterans signed for their checks. The W.U.S. Banquet was given to highlight the World University Service drive. The money brought in during the campaign goes to aid students all over the world to buy books, clothes, and other necessities. The Dixie Redcoat Marching Band performs during the half-time activities at all the Georgia gomes. 42 The University Music Department presented " The Bat " as the annual opera this year. The Women ' s Glee Club song as the Christmas tree at Memorial Hall was lighted. 43 A world in which we work to! n A I yracinlza tlond CONTENTS CAMPUSWIDE Ag Hill Council Alpha Phi Omega Angels Flight Argonauts Arnold Air Society Baptist Student Union Canterbury Club Cosmopolitan Club Comma Sigma Sigma Debate Team Demosthenian Disciples Student Fellowship Dixie Redcoat Band Independent Men Men ' s Glee Club Newman Club Pep Club Pershing Rifles Phi Kappa Reed Hall Council Scabbard and Blade Student Council Student Union Triquetra University Chorus University Civic Orchestra UGRA URSA University Theatre Veterans ' Club Wesley Foundation Westminster Fellowship W.A.A. Women ' s Glee Club W.S.G.A. DEPARTMENTAL Ag Club Ag Engineering Club Aghon Agronomy Club Alpha Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Psi Alpha Zeta A.Ph.A. AVMA Dairy Science Club Delta Sigma Pi 47 52 59 74 61 74 78 79 77 58 53 64 79 72 55 69 80 52 75 65 51 76 48 56 54 70 71 62 60 66 53 81 82 63 68 49 83 105 85 86 91 99 102 110 97 87 109 96 91 115 4-H Club Future Teachers of America Gaffou Gamma Alpha Chi Gamma Sigma Epsilon Homecon Kappa Phi Kappa Kappa Psi Lambda Kappa Sigma Landscape Architecture Club M.T.N.A. Omega Tau Sigma PEM Club Phi Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Theta Phi Chi Theta Phi Delta Phi Phi Mu Alpha Phi Sigma Phi Upsilon Omicron Pi Mu Epsilon Poultry Science Club Professional Panhellenic Rho Chi Saddle and Sirloin Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Pi Sigma University Horticulture Club Thailian Blackfriors Theta Sigma Phi Zeto Phi Eta 106 94 100 84 92 108 111 112 95 94 98 114 116 114 118 117 104 103 93 103 89 84 113 90 104 101 113 95 107 100 108 MAJOR HONORS 119 Alpha Lambda Delta 120 Blue Key 124 Greek Horsemen 122 Gridiron 123 Mortar Board 127 Omicron Delta Kappa 121 Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi 126 Sphinx 128 Who ' s Who 130 " X " Club 125 " Z " Club 120 Zodiac 121 PUBLICATIONS 131 Red and Black 132, 136 Pandora 134, 137 46 47 OFFICERS: Julian Ccx, Barbara Griffith, George Scheer Jr., Mary Gotewood. OFFICERS Chairman GEORGE SCHEER JR Vice-chairman JULIAN COX Secretary MARY GATEWOOD Treasurer BARBARA GRIFFITH To represen the student body by voicing the needs of the students to the administration is the aim of the Stu- dent Council. In order to improve the general welfare of the students, the council has set up a complaint com- mittee through which any student may voice his opinion. On this complaint committee each dormitory, sorority and fraternity may have one representative. The com- plaints submitted to the committee are given to the council for study after which the council takes the action decided on. Each college elects one representative for each 200 students. In addition, Ag Hill Council, Independent Men, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, Tri- quetra, and W.S.G.A. each have one representative. The pur] SKiotion i: [(Slige of V First Row: Eria Gortowsky, Shirley Kaplan, Buddy Leckie, Wickie Oliver, Harriet Lofton, Jay Cox, Sally Webb. Second Row; Charlie Jones, Mary Gatewood, Paul Dowell, Julion Cox, Donald Joel, Pat John- son, Barbara Griffith. Third Row: Connie Hayes, Y. D. Maddox, James Ward, Charles Ballard, Dec Dee Torrance, Rubin Tuck, George Scheer. OFFICERS: Edic Klein, Betty Nuttycombe, Jane Estes Everett, Nadine Brown, Pat Venable Johnson. OFFICERS EDIE KLEIN President BETTY NUTTYCOMBE Secretary JANE ESTES EVERETT . . . Judicial Chairman NADINE BROWN Vice-President PAT JOHNSON Treasurer ■bin The purpose of the Women ' s Student Government As- j sociation is to preserve and promote the interest and , prestige of the University, to assure to each student the largest possible personal liberty with out injury to the liberty of others; to promote such activities and enter- prise as will aid in equipping members of the organiza- tion for a satisfying life. An annual Spring workshop, a cabinet-sponsored dor- mitory play night, and The Loyalty Award number among the projects of W.S.G.A. CABINET: Sally Webb, Alice Green, Edie Klein, Bunchy Vogel, Alice Woodson, Nancy Kellam. REED HALL COUNCIL First Row: Mr. John D. Storey, Jot Carpenter, Charlie Williams, Wayne Garrett, Thorpe Dersiso, Stuart Culpepper, Mr. R. L. Brittoin. Second Row: Charlie Goodson, Johnny Long, White Garland, William Woo. Third Row: William Oettmeier, Joe Estes, Danny Shalloway, Fourth Row: Cliff Benton, John Walker, Jack Thompson. Fifth Row: Cliff White, Cleve Miller, David Cleghord. OFFICERS CHARLIE WILLIAMS President WAYNE GARRETT Vice-President THORPE DERISO Secretory STUART CULPEPPER Treasurer Nineteen men constitute Reed Hall Council which meets once a week. Its purpose is the governing and ad- ministration of Reed Hall; it has been in existence since 1953. The group actively supports major reputable charities. This year Reed Hall won the trophy for the most success- ful drive in raising money for the polio fund. Outstanding annual social events for freshmen at the University of Georgia were the Reed Hall Christmas Dance and the Reed Hall Spring Formal sponsored by the Council. This year T. C. Terrell supplied the music for the dance during the Christmas season. 50 REED HALL COURT First Row: Sidney Smith, Frank Huff, Allen Summers. Second Row; Jim Hjii, Loran Smith, Heyward Ellis. REED HALL OFFICERS fthf] First Row: Stuart Culpepper, Thorpe Deriso. Second Row. Wayne Garrett, Charlie Williams. 51 AG HILL COUNCIL Fint Row Tom Aiken, James Casey, Sue Brown, Bobby Rowan, Patsy Adams, Harold Friedman, Francis Davis, Second Row. Guy Herring, Bennie Fulcher, Kelly White, Bob Herlovich, Glenn O ' Neal, Joel Gunnels, Y. D. Maddox. Third Row. Buddy Lcckie, Billy MahoHey, Jake Kelly, Boyce Lance, Art Palmer, Sidney Johnson. Fourth Row; Allen Nankins, Arthur Wachs, Billy Donaldson, Charles Jones, James Warbington. FALL OFFICERS JAMES WARD President T. W. McKINLEY . . . Vice-President BOYCE LANCE Secretary-Treasurer WINTER OFFICERS BOBBY ROWAN President JAMES CASEY .... Vice-President ART PALMER . . Secretory-Treasurer To promote unity among the students and organiza- tions of South campus is the purpose of Ag Hill Council. It is the responsibility of the council to represent the Ag students on Student Council end other student commit- tees on campus. The mem- bers also strive to maintain the welfare of the Univer- sity and its students. Each organization on Ag Hill may elect two members to the council. By means of the council harmony is es- tablished in the relationship of the organizations of Ag Hill, and a closer relation- ship is activated between the students and the faculty. PEP CLUB OFFICERS JAY COX Co-Chairman BETTY HART BRYAN . Co-Choirman JANET EMMONS . . . Vice-President GILES O ' NEAL Secretory PAUL DOWELL Treasurer The Pep Club is made up of students interested in campus activities. It was es- tablished on the Georgia campus in the fall of 1955. The purpose of the group is to stimulate spirit in the stu- dent body athletics and ac- tivities and to work in co- operation with the cheer- leaders and various other campus organizations to cre- ate a more congenial school spirit. The Pep Club sponsors pep rallys and pep parades. It furnishes publicity for ath- letic events and the Home- coming parade. First Row jay Cox, Betty Hart Bryan, B. J. Jones, Mary Patton, Joannic Gardner, Ann Cox, Carol Ann Goodrum, Gerrie Fronklin, Ann Brady. Second Row: Ronold Brown, Mary Ed Stovoll, Lynn Beasley, Gloria Fechtel, Marge Weymon, Unidenti- fied, Margaret Steinman, Senny Hall, Joan Thompson, Connie Kimbrough. Third Row, Pot Albert, Ruthie Brinkley, Joyce Cal- houn, Starr Fowler, Martha Mitchell, Kotrina Hartman, Virginia Nichols, Judy Brontly, Cherry Newton, Patsy Parker. Fourth Row: Dr. George Marshall, Bill Roe, Carlton Gotes, Giles O ' Neol, Norman Kesner, John Blou, Paul Dowell, Walter McCurdy, Unidentified. DEBATE TEAM ROGER MARTINSON . Captain The Debate Team is composed of students who have an interest and cap- ability in debating. It rep- resents the University in debate tournaments with colleges and universities throughout the nation. The team faces such op- ponents as Purdue, Har- vard, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Duke, Florida, Florida State University, and Navy. Two of the more outstanding tourna- ments are the Miami In- vitational Tournament and the All-Southern at Agnes Scott in Atlanta. Keys are awarded to the outstanding members each year. VETERAN ' S CLUB OFFICERS TED RIDGEWAY ... President RAY DOSS ... Vice President THORNWELL LEE . . . Secretary JOHN EASON .... Treasurer The Veterans ' Club was established on campus in 1954 to assist v eterans enrolled in the University in any way possible. The group offers friendship and guidance to all stu- dents in the interest of the University and strives to improve our country that we might have a better way of life. The club sponsors such projects as the playground on Ag Hill, and the erec- tion of safety signs. The club also supported legis- lation for the increase of compensation to disabled veterans which was pass- ed by the last Congress. first Row: James Fields, William Llewellyn, Robert Flowers, Wayne Woodard, Ernie Anglin. Second Row: Robert Jefferys, Williom Butts, Ralph Burton, Williom Dean, Rodney Coleman. Third Row. Mr. Patterson, John Eason, Ted Ridgewoy, Thorn- well Lee, Gene Galther, Russell Sweat 53 first Kow Mjrsna Miner, (.otnerme rolk, Patry Alexander, Anne Kinney, Landyce Torrance, June Collier, Rosalyn Donneman, Janice Wotkins, Eva Karatassos. Second Row; Liz Jones, Barbara Campbell, Lester Hiers, Betty Jo Calloway, Stella Lucus, Dean Stallings, Genie Wilkes, Mary Frances Dovis, Evelyn Smith, Pamela Stosch. Third Row: Jane Tye, Rebecca Gill, Betty Adoms, Shelia Ozmore, Pat Johnson, Jean Newsom, Sylvia Lee, Peggy Murray. Fourth Row: Linda Whittle, Pat Swain, Barbara Cone, Betty Jean Teel, Genie Hunter, Robin Jones, Florence Whitfield, Shirley Owens, Claire Fulmer, Dee Dee Torrance, Barbara McDaniel, Dede Gray, Mary Ann Leake, Rose Morie Wilson, Nadine Brown. DEE DEE TORRANCE Presiderit NADINE BROWN Vke-Presider t MARY FRANCES DAVIS Secretory JANE TYE Treasurer TR I Q U ETR A Triquetra was established to serve the Inde- pendent Women at the University of Georgia. Each year the members sponsor a high school weekend, A Christmas carol service for recently retired faculty members, a Valentine Banquet, and their Stardust Ball. The organization has a voice in oil major representative bodies and boards on campus. Triquetra come to the campus in 1940; to promote friendship is one of the three basic purposes, the other two being to offer oppor- tunity and service to non-sorority girls. (Upper) Dean Stallings, Mary Frances Davis, Dee Dee Torrance, Dede Gray. Standing: Jane Tye, Nadine Brown. Triangle, First Row: Pamela Stasch, Mary Frances Davis, Janice Watkins, Jane Tye. Second Row: Linda Whittle, Evelyn Smith, Jean Newsome, Genie Wilkes, Dean Stallings. Third Row: Eva Karatassos, Robin Jones, Mary Anne Leake, Patricia Swain, Dede Gray, Rose Marie Wilson, Florence Whitfield, Rebecca Gill, Nadine Brown, Dee Dee Torrance. The Grand Old Party of Independent Men was organized in 1919. Every male student not a member of a social fra- ternity is considered a member of Inde- pendent Men and is entitled to vote at its meetings and to seek political office un- der its auspices. Jointly with Triquetra, Independent Men sponsors the annual King and Queen of Georgia High Schools contest and a square dance series, along with other socials throughout the year. Independent Men sponsors the freshman shirttail pa- rade and assists with orientation week. Service projects of various kinds are car- ried out. This year Independents won a trophy for their aid to the March of Dimes. Independent Men publishes the Voice of Independents bi-monthly and maintains an office on the fifth floor of Memorial Hall. Independent Men provides its mem- bers an active, organized voice in stu- dent affairs. The Campus Leader and Vice Campus Leader are elected by a majority vote of all non-fraternity males In an election held each spring. They serve as direct representatives and Joe Marshall, Charles Bollard, James Ward. spokesmen for the Independent student body, conduct meetings, and serve on various student electoral and advisory boards. INDEPENDENT MEN OFFICERS CHARLES BALLARD Campus Leader JOE MARSHALL Vice Campus Leader JAMES WARD Secretory- reeosurer Independent Men meets bi-weekly to discuss matters of importance to the organization. 55 STUDENT UNION OFFICERS EARL HEIDT President GAIL BALTE Vice-President HELEN LANIER Secretary JACK GARRETT Assistant Director Student Union is located in the newly remodeled Memorial Hall. As a member of the National Association of College Unions, Student Union sponsors dances, tour- naments, free movies, and provides the facilities for many other extra-curricular activities for our college students. All university students ore eligible for membership in the Union ' s Council. Board members are selected each spring, from the Council, to form the governing body of the organization. The five standing committees are the social, publicity, house, games, and entertainment committees. i Seated: Helen Lanier, Ear! Heidt, Gail Bolte, Lewis Collins, Betty Hart Bryan. Standing: Jack Garrett, Steve Smith, Koy Kelsey, Connie Kimborough, Brian Patrick, Kay Ragsdale. 56 b Student Union Council First Row: Earl Heidt, Gail Balte, Lewis Collins, Betty Hart Bryan, Connie Kimbrough, Elaine Yankee. Second Row: Evelyn Salky, Marlene Levine, Rosalyn Rundbaken, Ronald Brown, Helen Lanier, Betty Crawford, David Cohen. Third Row: Steve Smith, Kay Rogsdale, Brian Patrick, Jim Harte, Beth Andrew, Anelle Riden. Gamblers lose " money " at the Monte Carlo Party. GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA HELEN LANIER President MARY WILDES Vice-President BETTY YORK Secretory BARBARA SUGARMAN Corresponding Secretory MARY ELLEN COCHRAN Treasurer Gamma Sigma Sigma, a national service sorority, was organized on campus during winter quarter, 1956. The sorority is composed of University women, who desire to serve the student body, the faculty, and the University community. During registration each quarter Gamma Sig mem- bers operate a messenger service and a lost-and-found booth. Also, during registration GSS gives aid to the Dean of Women ' s Office by providing clerical assistance. Gamma Sigma Sigma co-sponsors several phases of the University ' s March of Dimes campaign with Alpha Phi Omega. arbara Sugarman, Mary Wildes, Helen Lanier, Mary Ellen Cochran, Betty York. First Row: Betty York, Patsy Dixon, Peggy Martin, Rebecca Gill, Liz Jones, Robin Jones, Betty Black, Nancy Ward. Second Row: Barbara Smith, Mary Ellen Cochran, Mary Owens, Annelle Gibbons, Patsy Smith, Helen Lanier, Barbara Sugarman, Betty Jones, Mary Wildes, Donna Clifford. Third Row: Noel Foster, Ann Virgin, Margie Heritage, Patty Mendle, Jeanne Campbell, Dedie Gray, Sue Williams, Delia Dallmus, Sylvia Isley, D. Rita Olsen, Gail Chermack. Fourth Row: Carol Hallowell, Harriett Nease, Jane Few, Janis Roberson, Moholah Harrison, Beverly Smith, Nancy Ross, Carol Cravin, Harriet Perlstein. luju ■ ' I vu - Id ' f 1 •wPW t 58 Jake Behr, Lewis Collins. Second Row: Marvin Allen, Dick Gavron, R. L. Brittain, Advisor, Essat Hilmi. ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS JAKE BEHR President MARVIN ALLEN Vice-President ALAN HAWKINS Secretary LEWIS COLLINS Treasurer Alpha Phi Omega was established as a service fraternity; here on campus the members carry on many valuable projects, A. P.O. sponsors the an- nual campus March of Dimes Campaign and the Ugly Man Contest, and the Inter-campus Sing. Also included in the organization ' s activities ore daily visitation to the University Infirmary, sponsorship of the State-wide Explorer Educational Conclave, and the furnishing of leadership for various scout- ing units. The purpose of A. P.O. formally stated is, " To assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and law, to develop friendship and to promote service to humanity. " First Row: Jake Behr, Ed Harvey, Bob Shipp, Ronnie Brown, Mike Lee, Norm Kesner, Dick Gavron. Second Row.- Essat Hilmi, J. Frank Cole, Wyott Anderson, Terry Mann, Lou Schaul, Robert Wochs, Paul Fine. Third Row: NoH Franco, Lew Collins, Ronnie McKinley, Lorry Mc- intosh, Willie Woo, Marty Keller, Charlie Davis. Fourth Row: Bob Peoples, Bernard Langston, Mark Hollis, Bill Horton, Marvin Allen, Allan Honkins. Fifth Row: Emmett Baxter, Don Savage, John Worth- ington, R. L. Brittain. 59 ]Wii) wruumm ' i MW 1 U. SA Minors: first Row Betty Black, Carol Holowell, Beth Dyer, Barbara Culpepper, Bonnie Barker, Peggy Eaton, Mary Keen, Joyce Thomas, Harriet Nease, Robin Jones. Second Row: Mary Bondurant, Rebecca OFFICERS ARLENE GREGORY President ANNELLE GIBBON Vice-President SHEILA CLASS Secretary-Treasurer MISS BIRDIE BONDURANT Advisor The purpose of the University Resident Student As- sistants is to assist Freshman women in learning to live successfully and develop through their associations at the University. The University of Georgia chapter was established in 1950. Gill, Donna Beeman, Florence Whitfield, Cynthia Wilkerson, Virginia Sisk, Louise Ester, Carol Gale, Ann Stephens, Jan Williams, Joan Hecker, Mary Ellen Cochran. U . R . S . A The organization sponsors a week-end retreat, a Tal- ent Show, Orientation and Registration assistance, a spring training session for new members, scholastic com- petition between dormitory floors, and a Christmas door decoration competition in the dorms. Hie A idcour talitsbf wmee TheAi k onnu I URSA Majors: First Row: Betty York, Patricia Smith, Arlene Gregory, Louise Estes. Second Row: Annelle Gibbon, Jean Newsom, Miss Birdie Bondurant, Sharon Barnette, Dedie Gray, Gerry Culley, Patsy Horridge. Third Row: Gloria Fechtel, Ann Black, Beverly Darsey, Anne Collins, Ann Walsh, JoAnne, Graham, Elizabeth Clonts, Arlice Gregory, Peggy Eady, Sheila Glass. 4 ' ■SI 60 ARGONAUTS JAMES J. HART President LAWRENCE WHITFIELD Vice-President BERNARD LANGSTON Secretory BILLY EDENFIELD Treasurer The Argonauts is a group of upperclassmen who serve the University by assisting with the orientation and counseling of freshman men. The organization had its beginning here in 1953. Membership totals about 40 men, each having a group of 6 to 20 freshmen under their guidance. These men meet the new-comers on their arrival, help them during Orientation Week, and answer any questions which may arise during the confusing first weeks of each quarter. The Argonauts, together with the URSA ' s, sponsor the annual Freshman Talent Show held during Fall Quarter. Lowrence Whitfield, James J. Hart, William M. Woo. in first Row.- Mr. John D. Storey, James J. Hart, Mr. R. L. Brittain. Second Row: Essat Hilmi, Henry Swindell, William Brunkhurst, Lawrence Whit- field, Guy McLendon. Third Row: Don Browning, Thomas Sutherland, H. A. Swindell, William M. Woo. Fourth Row: Roland Brown, David Lifsey, John Brown. Fifth Row: Oscar Goodwyne, Benjamin Neely. Sixth Row: Henry T. Sullivan, Henry Bohn, Weldon Johnson, Frank Huff, William Kent. 61 U .G. R. A. OFFICERS SANDRA SAMMONS . President NANCY TURNER Vice-President LOU ANNE SMITH Co-ordinating Vice-President MARY BONDURANT . Secretary The University of Georgia Religious Association is designed to coordinate religious activities and to promote the total religious life of the student. The Kick-Off Banquet for the World University Service Drive is co- sponsored each year by U.G.R.A. and the Cosmopolitan Club. Winter Quarter U.G.R.A. sponsors Religion in Life Week; this year the theme of the program was " You Are Where ' ' " Many outstanding religious leaders are U.G.R.A. meets weekly to discuss topics vital to stucent life. brought in to attempt to find those points at which re- ligious faith is vital. During spring quarter U.G.R.A. sponsors the Model United Nations with the cooperation of the Political Science Club. At the weekly meetings of U.G.R.A. various topics are presented for discussion. During fall quarter the pro- grams were a " You Asked for It " series based on prob- lems found most urgent to the members. c ' a COUNCIL: Seated: Chap- lain Robert Ayers, Nadine Brown, Anne Chapman, Rob- ert Marble, MImi Thurman, Betty Ann Conger. Standing: Virginia Pinson, George Blou, Mary Bondurant, Nancy Turner, Sandra Sam- mons. 62 W. A. A. OFFICERS EDIE KLEIN President LOU ANNE SMITH Vice-President ROSLYN SELIGMAN Secretory MARGIE WERT Treasurer Women ' s Athletic Association holds an Annual Sports Spree, and an Annual High School Sports Day. W.A.A. also elects chair- men to manage and coordinate women ' s in- tramurals. The purpose of W.A.A. is to foster true sportsmanship, and to further athletic interest and activities for University women. Seated. Roslyn Seligman. Standing: Lou Anne Smith, Miss Marilyn McDonald, Advisor, Edie Klein. First Row. ' Bunchy Vogel, Jane Hardy, Evelyn Thaxton, Judy Robinson, Gloria Roberts, Nan Danner, Marilyn Crook, Carol Bragg, Helen Thompson, Peggy Moxwell, Edie Heston, Elizabeth deBeaurgrine, Lynn Cravott, Katherine Pilcher. Second Row: Jackie Tyndale, Milly Holland, Berto Gardiner, Jeannle Hiehuss, Beeps Steele, Jackie Cook, Miss Evans, Miss Hanger, Shirley Kaplan, Arnette Muggins, Ann Marie Croxton, Georgia Vacalis, Kay McCary. Third Row: Unidentified, Pat Swain, Gloria Schwartz, Evelyn Frohman, Carol Peterson, Louanne Smith, Edie Klein, Sarah McGeachy, Lynn Garrett, Shela Butler, Ann Lazard, Lillian Mc- Kenzie, Martha Mills, Charlene Landrum, Joan Robison, Ann Jones. Fourth Row: Mary McRitchie, Anita Nathan, Pat Tyson, Kay Itzkow, Barbara Sugarman, Mary Joe Peters, Elaine Hillis, Betty Jones, Apple Myers, Barbara Landers, Kit Atkinson. Fifth Row: Barbara Brown, Mary Ellen Cochran, Martha Smithers, Helen Stephens, Christine Jensen, Allison Christian, Lucie Butler, Helen Bondurant, Ann Collins, Lucy Fields, Clare Longino, Jan Mayhew. 63 First Row: Chuck Driebe, Ralph Harper, James Ward, James Edwards, Motie Wiggins, Robert Henry. Second Row: Ed Snell, Earl Waller, Mason Eagan, Willis Justice, Reginald McDuffy, Avant Edentield, Vincent Akridge. Third Row: Charles Ballard, Ronald Brown, James Casey, John O ' Toole. Fourth Row: Lewis Smith, Billy Chafin, Jim Taylor, Tommy Burnsides, Billy Davis, Jay Manley. Filth Row: Earl Leonard, Guy Herring, Valdee Cooper, Joe Marshall, Oscar Fowler, Jim Branyon. Standing: A. B. Saye, Ben Patterson, Spencer Connerat, Ed Killorin, Eugene McCracken, Rubin Tuck. Demosthenian Literary Society, founded in 1 801 by a campus group at Old Frani lin College, is the oldest lite- rary society in the south. Membership is open to any male student who will attend meetings and express willing- ness to join. Demosthenian purposes to develop public speaking, oration, and debating, and to seek truth and justice by means of free discussion and debate on any topic of current or gene- ral interest. Outstanding members meriting rec- ognition are presented with a speaker ' s key; this key may be earned by hold- ing office and participating in pro- grams and debates. Rubin Tuck, Ben Patterson, Ed Killoren. OFFICERS BEN PATTERSON President ED KILLORIN Vice-President RUBIN TUCKER Secretary-Treasurer DEMOSTHENIAN 64 Seated Lind5i Bennett, Jake Behr, Poul Fine, Louise Schaul Second Row Wayne Snow, Willis Sparks, Bob Donaldson, Terrell Wesley, Walter Alford, Charles Kemp, Ray Allison, Allen Carter, Wallace Cato, Claude Harper, Steve Edmondson, Tom Couch, Wyott Anderson. To promote interest and advancement in oratorical work is the purpose of Phi Kappa, founded here at the University in 1820. Meetings are held by the organiza- tion every Wednesday evening, during the course of which many heated arguments arise over national and local current events. Phi Kappa enters its members in the Freshman Im- promptu Debate, Sophomore Declamation, and the Junior Oratory Contest. FALL OFFICERS SWAIN McELMURRAY President JACOB BEHR Vice-President WAYNE SNOW Second V ce-President TERRELL WESLEY Secretory PAUL FINE Treasurer WINTER OFFICERS WAYNE SNOW President WILLIS SPARKS V ce-Pres dent JACOB BEHR Second Vice-President DOUGLAS SMITH Secretary PAUL FINE Treasurer PHI KAPPA First Row: Terrell Wesley, Poul Fine. Second Row: Joke Behr, Wayne Snow, Willis Sporks. 65 J SPRING 1956 COCKTAIL PARTY T. S. ELLIOT UNIVERSITY THEATRE One of the most popular activities at the University of Georgia is the University Theatre. Each year over five hundred University students from the campus at large become actors, costumers, make-up artists, scene builders, technicians, and members of the business staff. These students, under the supervision of three Speech and Drama Dep artment faculty members, successfully run a theatre season each year. During the 1956-57 footlight season. Picnic, Anastasia, Tiger at the Gates, Don Juan in Hell, and Right You Are If You Think You Are delighted campus and Athenian audiences. Besides this ambitious program, a series of experi- mental one-act plays were produced in the Laboratory Theatre. These plays — produced, directed, and acted by the students — have become popular with the students and faculty. Some of the plays produced during the past year were The Love of Don Perlimplin for Belisa in His Garden, White Dresses, Night, Wurzel-Flummery, and Bedtime Story. During the past year the University Theatre Honorary Fraternity, Thalian-Blackfriars, also produced Just As I Am and I Want to Report a Murder. The two plays won the annual one-act play contest spon- sored by Thalian-Blackfriars. In addition to its mainstage and Laboratory Theatre productions, the University Theatre sponsored, in co- operation with the Georgia High School Association, the Eighth Annual Speech and Drama Festival which brought hundreds of high school students in plays and debates to the University campus for final adjudication. With the cooperation and support of the Inter-fra- ternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and the Rotary Education Foundation, two outstanding young artists were brought from Great Britain to the campus to serve as Junior Artists-in-Residence during 1956-57. They were Miss Mary Evans of the University of Bristol, Bristol, England and Neil Curnow of the Central School of Speech and Drama, London, England. Both appeared in several plays and served as crew personnel during the theatre season. When selecting plays for the mainstage productions an attempt is made to provide campus audiences with a well-balanced program ranging from classics to con- temporary experimental drama. The accompanying scenes from four of the presentations indicate the wide selection of ploys offered to University Theatre audiences. STAFF OF THE UNIVERSITY THEATRE DR. LEIGHTON M. BALLEW %uperMh ng Director PROF. PAUL A. CAMP Technical Director DR. JAMES E. POPOVICH Associate Director ANNIE LOU MITCHELL Secretary DOROTHY PITTS Production Secretary HARRY MERK Business Manager ROBERT EVERETT Lighting Technician POPE FREEMAN Stage Manager C. C. ANDERSON Technician SAM BAKER Sound SANDRA PAUL Make-up SUSAN CARLETON SMITH Costumse 66 WILLIAM INGE GUY BOLTON WINTER 1956 ROMEO AND JULIET WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE 67 Wo men ' s GLEE CLUB OFFICERS ANNE JOHNSTON President MARY KEEN Vice-President JO ANN LEWIS Secretory NAN RAINEY Treasurer PEGGY EATON Business Manager MR. JOHN ANDERSON Director Seated: Peggy Eaton, Mr. John Anderson. Standing: Anne Johnston, Jo Ann Lewis, Nan Rainey, Mary Keen. Women ' s Glee Club was organized to give those girls on campus who like to sing an opportunity to obtain di- rection. Any woman student is eligible and becomes a member upon attending practices regularly. Women ' s Glee Club puts on several programs each year. This year they sang Stunt Night and for a program for Music Appreciation. During the Christmas season they gave programs for the lighting of the Christmas trees at Memorial Hall and in downtown Athens. The group also sang for the fashion show and for " Z Nite. " Seated: Claire Palmer. First Row: Mr. John Anderson, Connie Ward, Billie Ruth Duncan, Joyce Mincey, Fronces Anthony, Jeannette Sherwood, Lucy Field, Theresa Spigener, Ann Brake, Mary Tuten, Rochel Balcom, Ann Chapman, Beverly Stein, Nan Rainey. Second Row. Gail Hopper, Marty Drew, Anne Johnston, Mary Keen, Mary Ann Eaton, Peggy Edy, Connie Ford, Mary Bonduront, Barbara Anderson, Katherine Steis, Sharon Barnete, Betty Davis. Third Row: Betty Crawford, Pat Eck, Kathy Tuckett, Bebe Smith, Jo Ann Lewis, Susan Temples, Carol Woodbery, Jackie Powell, Mary Blanche Owen, Gay Forrester, Annette Abel, Sandra Shanken, Sandra Thompson, Clare Longino, Peggy Eaton, Margaret Lucas, Linda Powell, Linda Gragg. 68 l3uck Greene, James Snow, John Keller, Cliff Pickens, Marvin Atha, Mr. Bryan Warner. 1 I The University of Georgia Men ' s Glee Club was es- tablished in 1916 by Dr. Hugh Hodgson to provide for those who wish it, an opportunity to sing and serve the University through group activity. Some of the events annually sponsored by the Men ' s Glee Club are the following: tours during spring vaca- MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS JOHN KELLER President JAMES SNOW Vice President JIM LANGSTON Business Manager CLIFF PICKENS Librarian BUCK GREENE Asst. Business Manager MR. BYRON WARNER Director tions throughout the South; singing in conjunction with the Tech Glee Club and Touchdown Club each year in Athens; an annual spring concert after the tour; spon- soring Stunt Night. This year the group made on R.C.A. record with the band. I 69 UNIVERSITY CHORUS OFFICERS BOB TRIPLET! President MARIE WESTBROOK Vice President MARTHA FLETCHER Secretary Treasurer RAY LEONARDS Director The University Chorus was organized to promote interest in music. Membership is open to all stu- dents who wish to sing. During each school year the group give two con- certs: one during the Christmas season and another in the spring. This year they sang at the lighting of the Christmas tree at Memorial Hall. The Chorus also sings in the opera presented by the Music Department. This year they sang " The Bat " by Richard Strauss. Bob Triplett, Marie Westbrook, Martha Fletcher, Roy Leonard. U V • •• ' i»- n ' L v V- L , w -4 ' MBi __ He I m Dmc( First Row: Bernie Bob Woodruff, Martha Fletcher, Myrna Rose Robertson, Barbara Foster, Dannette Chapman, Nan Rainey, Jo Ann Lewis, Birdie Ann Massey, Janice Wotkins, Pat Fitzgerald, Pot Sturgis, Carol Jones. Second Row; Anna Belle Ray, Martha Lou Greene, Lisa Elder, Ann Stevens, Patty Mendel, Linda Jenkins, Joanne Graham, Bobbie Egy, Cleone Morton, Sandra Shanker, Ginger Mitchell, Jeannine Horne. Tl ird Row: Pat Carson, Joy Skinner, Laura Helen Jones, Thomas Durden, Fred Shepord, Bob Spence, Jim Stewart, Bill Bowden, Ronnie Knight, Bobby Edge, Campbell Giddens, Anne Johnston, Betty Noell. Fourth Row: Jackie Powell, Judy Jones, Cory Donaldson, Bob Triplett, Charlie Edwards, Barry Beall, George Williams, John Roark, Buck Greene, Bob Smith, James Skipper. 70 1 I ' M fi K ' -w Bk - % , , J n - . ai ii» iii . T ,iwli?li U i J i i i i i 1 1 ' - t i J 1 1 First Row John Rogers, John Demos, Helen Miller, Ann Sexton, Beverly Pittmon, Mr Alexander Main, Jo-Anne Graham, Virginia Lee Mitchell, Jan Willioms, Guerry Youmans, Jake Behr. Second Row; Clarence Simons, Pat Jost, W. Stanton Forbes, Elizobeth Cobb, Carlton Samples, Lorno Free, The University Civic Symphony Orchestra, established in 1934, draws its membership from the University and the city of Athens. The Orchestra participates in four major programs during the year: a program of Christmas music presented jointly with the University Chorus; an opera production; a spring concert; and a concerto pro- Laura Fortson, Nino Geverts, Andy Cormical, Rudolph Krotino, Emory Drinkard, Ed Mobley, Ed Damour, Bill Robison, Elmer Bell, Joan Norman, Senta Mueller Hutchenson, Ruth Kern. gram in which outstanding music students appear as solo performers. The students, faculty members, and townspeople who make up the Orchestra enjoy the pleasure of ensemble music-making and the satisfaction of contributing to the cultural strength of the University community. Bill Robison, John Demos, Mr. Alexonder Main, Emory Drinkard OFFICERS BILL ROBISON President MR. ALEXANDER MAIN Director EMORY DRINKARD Manager JOHN DEMOS Librarian UNIVERSITY IVIC ORCHESTRA 71 9! Symphonic Band Majorettes first Row: Betsy Tant, Ann Sexton, Jennie Wren. Second Row: Patricio Smith, Copt.; Faye Eubanks, Sylvia Ball, Faye Thomas, Jan Williams. Georgettes Marian Smith, Jone Reynolds, Barbara Tillman, Pott Brady, Joyce Dudley, Capt.; Nancy Hailey, Anita Butler, Beverly Harper, Hannah Fesperman, Ann Barker, Betty Jo Justis, Jan Barton, Ann Wicker, Corol Gale, Sister Algood, Jane Cagle, Buzzie Bennett, Mickey Spears, June Reynolds. I ir The University of Georgia Dixie Redcoat Band E REDCOAT BAND First Row: Patricia Smith, Carol Gale, Jan Williams. Second Row: Carey Donaldson, George Dixon, Cleve Miller, Guy McLendon, John Demos. PLAYING PERSONNEL Emmett Baxter Elaine Beck Jal(e Behr Elmer Bell Vivion Bell Martha Bishop Bill Bowden John Britt Betty Brooks Harry M. Brown Nellie Jane Callaway Judith Campbell Robert Carey Andy Carmical Frank Carter Earl Chitty Pat Cottey Nancy Coggin J. E. Coleman Earl Curtis Couts Lorry Crawford H. Stuart Culpepper Eddie Damour Andy Davidson Charles M. Davis Ellis Paul Davis Terrell Davis Dick DeLong Johnny Demos Roy S. Dickens George Dixon Carey Donaldson Emory Drinkord William Duke Thomas Durden Joy Ellis Haywood Ellis Robert Ethridge Hugh Evers Bob Foster Gwendolyn Fox Carol Gale David Goldring Sheldon Graiser Delburt Griffin Robert Hale Joanne Harrison Jimmy Head Jon Henderson Howard Henson Mitchell Henscn Trillis Hughes Linda Jenkins Patricio Johnson Laura Helen Jones Carol Kaminis Marvin King Jimmy Knowlcs John Lauderdale Edward Long Joe Martin Kenneth Mattheson Lauren McDonald Rodderick Mec ' ders Cleve Miller Helen Miller Virginia Mitchell Guy McLendon DeForrest Morgan Eddie Murphy Paul Newsome Joan Norris John Nuchols Earl Oliver Claude O ' Neal Claire Palmer Charles Perry Cliff Pickens Beverly Pittman James Player Carolyn Pocle Pot Reed James Register John Roork William Robison John Rogers Leon Rundebaken Billy Sconyers Paul Sewell Ann Sexton Ann Sheppard Douglas Smith Patricia Smith Robert Smith Steve Smith Jim Stanford Horace Stowers Ray Strain Allen Summers Jimmy Swindell Johnnie Tonnor Rhett Tanner Jackson Taylcr Donald Tucker Ann Turner Helen Tyber Bobby Wade Jimmy Walker Blonce Wentz Larry Whitfield Ann Wicker Jan Williams Rose Marie Wilson Tommy Wilson Gail Word George Worley John Worthingson Guerry Youmons 73 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY OFFICERS RICHARD W JONES Commander JOHNNIE B. TANNER ... Execut.Me Ollicer RAYMOND E. HUNTER Adjutant JAMES D. LIFSEY Comptroller The Arnold Air Society was founded in 1947. The local chapter was established in 1 951 . The society was formed to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of national defense. It also was the duty of promoting the ideals of American citizenship, and to create a closer and more efficient relationship among the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps Cadets. The society sponsors a public speaking contest on airpower, and conducts a state-wide high school visitation program. This program is to acquaint high school seniors with the Air Force R.O.T.C. pro- gram. The society sponsors the Angels Flight and is co-sponsor of the Military Ball. It awards a trophy to the outstanding AS IV cadet. First Row: John Woolf, Joseph Flanders, Newell Epperson, Joel Knight, Frank Hardee, Col. John F. McCartney, Paul Morton, David Lifsey, Harry Harden, Charles Strain, Odell Riley. Second Row. Richard Jones, Bryson Tanner, Raymond Hunter, Capt. Roy M. Brewer, William Porter, Oscar Fowler, Charles Sherrer. ANGELS FLIGHT wm OFFICERS SUE CRAWFORD Commonder BARBARA ADDISON Publicity Officer JACKIE TEED Adjutant Recorder The local chapter of the Angels Flight was established in the fall of 1954. The purposes of the Angels are to advance and promote interest in the Air Force, to obtain information concerning the military service, and to aid progress of the Arnold Air Society and University of Georgia. The Angels Flight has three pro- jects. They ore following: to serve OS Hostesses for Federal Inspection; to participate in all Parades in Athens; to entertain the Arnold Air Society. First Row: Gloria Roberts, Ann Walsh, Gail Belton, Erroll Methvin, Helen Huff, Gail Pollack, Betty Knight, Martha Addison, Rita Olsen. Second Row.- Betsy Tant, Lucille Stephens, Sister Allgood, Borbaro Addison, Sue Crawford, Jackie Teed, Patricia Smith, JoAnn Hecker, Barbara Sugarman. Third Row: San Williams, Judy Jenkins, Arlene Huggins, Carolyn Alexander, Eleanor Anne Collins, Bunchy Vogel, JoAnne Graham, Hannah Fesperman, Donna Clifford. 74 Company Q 4 PERSHING RIFLES OFFICERS GEORGE H. THOMPSON Commander JOHN C. VAN ELMENDORF Platoon Leader JOHN W. LIGHTFOOT Platoon Leader ROBERT H. SOMMER First Sergeant Company Q 4 Pershing Rifles local chapter was established February 19, 1953. National was founded at the Uni- versity of Nebraska by then Lt. John J. Pershing. The purpose is to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals of the military profession, create a closer and more efficient relation, and to provide recognition of a high degree of military ability among the cadets of the Senior Reserve Officers Training Corps. Projects consist of: drill meets, pa- rades, color company for R.O.T.C. regi- ment, and rifle team. Cadet Capf. George H. Thompson, Codet 1st Lt. John C. Van Elmendorf. 75 First Row: E. H. Riddle, J L Keller J S AsUn, J C Van Elmcndort, J Knight, J. P. Langston, f Hordce, B M Herring, S L. Miller, Second Row Capt, Berry, Capt, Brewer, G. Persons, R. C. Griffeth, M. N. Downes, A. N. Scabbard and Blade, national honorary military so- ciety, is dedicated to raising the standard of military education in American colleges and universities. It fosters a closer relationship among military departments, encourages the qualities of good and efficient officers, and promotes friendship among the officers of the cadet OFFICERS ARTHUR PALMER Captain FRANK HARDEE Jsf Lieutenant STANLEY MILLER 2nd Lieutenant MIKE DOWNES Ut Sergeant Palmer, R. Jones, D H Smith, R Scarborough, S. G. Johnson, J. J. Hart. Third Row: M T Oliver, T K. White, W. W. Hibbert, W. Few, G. H. Thompson, C. D. Fronck, A. W. Barber, R. L. Forehand, H. B. Thorn. corps. As in past years, Scabbard and Blade aided in arrange- ments for the annual Military Ball, sponsored jointly by the Army and Air Force R.O.T.C.s, and the cadets and their dates enjoyed an evening of dancing to the music of Ralph Marterie. first Row: S. H. Giriy, J. W. Childs, W. V. Chafin, A. B. Maxwell, C. A. Pickens, J. B. Tanner, T. H. Rodgers, Epperson, J. M. Freeland, L. F. Musi!. Second Row: J. C. Carter, Henson, G. C. Dean, S. W. Crawford, B. Till- man, D. Litsey, W. G. Holt, C. Leathers, B. S. McElmurray, J. McCune. Third Row: J. Boyett, F. Gilmer, C. S. Sanford, G. P. Thurmond, J. F. Malone, T. Collins, E. H Drew, B. W. Boswell, T. Tillman, 0. Terry, H. Jones, G. Westbrook, R. Skelton, J. S. Bennett, R. Greene, N. G. Knight. Fourth Row: H. B. Coody, B. A. Anderson, A. C. Perry, A. Sams, W. H. McDaniel, R. L. Shadburn, H. Cabiniss, J. P. Gill, W. S. Newman, J. V. Casey, P. S. Shackle- ford, H. A. White, H. M. Brown, W. A. Rooker 76 East and West meet at the University of Georgia COSMOPOLITAN CLUB OFFICERS ROY HINSHALWOOD President MARY EVANS Vice President DAVE JONES Treasurer NILS WAHLGREN Secretary Cosmopolitan attempts to increase mutual understanding and information among American and foreign students. Programs of music, movies, talks and discussions, all with an international emphasis promote this aim. For example, at one meeting an Asiatic evening was featured. Those Asians present explained and discussed the music, manners and customs of their countries for the benefit of non-Asians. Certain social activities, dances, and a Christ- mas party were held this year to provide a lighter side. Cosmopolitan ' s colorful atmosphere and in- ternational membership make for real under- standing among the students of America and those from other nations. Nils Wahlgren, Darwis Adnan, Jose Galindo, Vishwo Mishra, Robert Niedermayer, Roy Hinshalwood, Jean Honne, Barbara McAlpin, Ludolt Stollwerck, David Jones, Daryoush Hakim. 77 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: First Row: Myrtle Murphy, Betty Fields, Alice Green, Mary Louise latum, Barbara Aspinwall, Barbara Gailey, Bcbe Aderhold. Second Row Eddie Bronan, Glen Masters, Kenneth Barnes, Bob Ashworth, David Malcolm, James Casey, Jimmy Shelly, Steve Smith, Linnis Etheridge, Dr. F. W. Bennett. OFFICERS DAVID MALCOLM President KENNETH BARNES Sunday School Representative EDDIE BRANAN Publicity Vice-President BEBE ADERHOLD U.G.R.A. Representative The purpose of the Baptist Student Union at the Uni- versity is to connect the students with the local Baptist Churches, to keep the student developing spiritually, and to assist the student with any personal problems which he may have. The Walter Wise Baptist Student Center on Lumpkin Street serves as a gathering place for members of B.S.U.; the members meet for worship and social functions. As an organization BSU sponsors a Summer Missions Fund Drive and an annual Christmas party for under- privileged children. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION First Row: George King, Pete Huebner, Dick Myers, David Higgins, Jack Warren, Ronald Hatcher, Nancy Warren, Barbara Aspinwall, Kenneth Barnes, Miriom Witcher, Bobby WoKe, Fletcher Wolfe, Burt Butts, Ed Butts, Dr! Fred Bennett. Second Row,- Susie Few, Ira Aaron, Ann Sims, Gloria Lewis, Betty Fields, Juno Collier, Luke Callaway, Eugenio Wilkes, Joanne Harrison] Nonie Buturngo, Jeon Newsome, Myrtle Murphy, Steve Smith, Unidentified, Legette Owens. Third Row. Dick Collier, Unidentified, Jan Sims, Tommy Law- rie, Ned Winters, Steve Crawford, Mary Lou Tatum, Moxanne Courson, Jane Otwell, Susionnc Whatley, Barbara Gailey, Molly Brown, Julia McLendon, James Casey, Mrs. Fred Bennett. Fourth Row: Tennyson Joiner, Linnis Etheridge, Nick Hullender, Jack Caldwell, Callaway Lee, Hugh Bronnon, Eulas Nelms, Willie Woo, Ore Sanders, Pat Reeves, Clayton Sims, Elizabeth Ashworth, Bob Ashworth, John Little. Fifth Row: Charles Elkins, Harold Posey, Jim Walker, Robert Jefteries, Phil Posey, Roger Brannon, Bob Skelton, J. C. Johnson. If 78 ISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS JIM LEE President EMILY OWNLY . . Vice President LINDA WHITTLE . . Secretary ROBERT FULFORO . Treasurer Christian College and First Christian Church co- operate in furthering the work of the Disciple Student Fellowship, a campus-wide organization of Christian Church students. Its pur- pose is religious, social, and educational. It provides an opportunity for those who are interested in the Chris- tian religion to come toget- her in a spirit of friendship, fellowship, and study, seek- ing the highest religious values of life and sharing in the search for solutions to common oroblems. The D.S.F. meets at First Christian Church each Sun- day for supper, fellowship, and various religious and intellectual activities. First Row: Arlcne Gregory, Jim Lee, Dee Dee Torrance, Lin da Whittle, Billy Davis, Alice Laney, Tom Collins. Second Row. Jules Godin, Bill Bowden, Linda Jenkins, Anne Cadle, Ronnie S pence, Walter Futral, David Swann. Third Row: Wendel Wilson, Dr. Doughty, Mrs. Doughty, Ronnie Bray, Robert Fultord, Ron nie Knight. CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS HARRY E. WALBURG . . Jr. President SARAH duBIGNON . Vice President MARY SCOTT Secretory THOMAS BAHIN Treasurer The Canterbury Club is a group of Episcopal college students who worship, study end mingle socially. A place has been established in Can- terbury where the Church and the college unite to find a common ground of mutual understanding, and where students may become better acquainted with the teach- ings of their church. An at- tempt has also been made to provide opportunity for the students to discuss mu- tual problems and find an- swers within the framework and counsel of the Church. First Row The Rev Nathaniel Parker, Virginia Somerville, Sarah duBignon, Julia Morgan, Alfea Hardman. Second Row; Beth Croom, Carol Kominis, Blount Grant, Bobbie Egy, Agnes Broadnax, Ellen Ansley. Third Row Harry Vildibill, Bill Miller, Clare Patton, Glenda Milikin, The Rev. Earl Gilbreath,, Buddy Weston. Fourth Row. Betty Conger, Ted Hammock, Ben Mays, Mary Scott, Roberta Eubanks, David Kippenbrock, Angier Gr iffith, Ben Lacy, Robert Marble. 79 first Row. John Hamby, June Kimble, Shirley Owens, Clair Folmer, Audrey Kelton, Bela Vosvory, Paul Gunning. Second Row: Emily Corey, Pot Thompson, Ann Virgin, Marie Nicholson, Gail Herndon, Tom Car- teoux, Willis Justice, Roy Volenti, Tom Foughner. Third Row: Jack Sheppard, Charlotte Lyies, Gregory Bernord, Barbara Campbell, Fred Iseminger, George Halligan. Fourth Row: Mario Papagni, Marie McKenzie, Jack Jaugstetter, Barbara Ann Kane, Robert Ryan, Jack Wright. Fifth Row: Don Ardell, Chester Orginski, Andy Rogowski. NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS ANN VIRGIN President JACK SHEPPARD Vice-President PAT THOMPSON Secretary SALLY HIGGS Treasurer Newman Club was organized in order to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of the Catholic student members through a balanced pro- gram of religious, intellectual, and social activities, and to encourage and develop Catholic leadership. Through its members and activities Newman Club purposes to make its Christian influence felt throughout the campus. Every Sunday evening the group meets for in- formal discussions and supper at their house on S. Lumpkin St., which serves as the center for Catholic student meetings and social activities. 80 first Row. Peggy Eady, Caroline Ridgway, Joon Patterson, Roger Cripe. Second Row: Pat Eck, Bruce Tanner, J. C. Johnston, Ann Brake, Helen Parker, Gene Moore. Third Row: Jim Freeland, Becky Gill, Liz Jones, Neal Ponder, Betty Crawford, Terry Monn. Fourth Row: Rose Marie Wilson, Carol Culpepper, Mary Bondurant, Helen Bondurant, Martha de Beaugrine, Marion Jordan. Fifth Row: Chuck Norton, Tommy Burnside, James Roberson, A. J. Boyd, Wade Whitley, Bobby Cagle. Sixth Row: Hugh Hombrick, Kay Rogsdole, Earl Goodman, Unidentified, Paul Sewel. Seventh Row: Jerry Dominick, Jean Lovell. Eighth Row: Patsy Wotson. At Organ: Russell Jacobs. iHf HHHHK Russell Jacobs, Marion Jordan, Joan Patterson, James Freeland. WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS RUSSELL JACOBS President MARION JORDAN Vice President JOAN PATTERSON Secretary JIM FREELAND Treasurer Wesley Foundation, a national organization for Methodist students on college campuses, ministers to the spiritual needs of students through worship, recreation, fellowship, and service. A weekly vesper service is held on Thursday nights at the student center, and on Sunday nights members are invited to supper held at the First Methodist Church. Following the regular church service " Comaraderie " may be attended for refresh- ments, discussions, and fun. Activities of the group include o freshman wel- come party, a Wesley Foundation Banquet, quarter- ly socials, and a spring retreat. The organization also SDonsors the Wesley Singers, a student mem- bers choir. 81 OFFICERS DAVID LIFSEY ANN HENDERSON MARCIA WOTTON GEORGE ALEXANDER President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Westminster Fellowship is an expres- sion of the Presbyterian Church at the University of Georgia. It is a community of Christian students seeking a deeper understanding of the faith and its impli- cations for all of life. This they seek to do, in part, through a program of wor- ship, study, and action. Central in the life of the Fellowship are its meetings at the Presbyterian Student Center on Sunday evenings. First Row: Bill Brunkhurst, Anne Ivy, George Alexander, Marcia Wotton, Ann Henderson, David Lifsey, Second Row; Cobby Ware, Charlie Williams, Frank Chou, Lester Dottier, Sue Williams, Alston Steiner, Eleanor Crone, Audrey Campbell, Ed Odom, WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP I Presbyterian Student Center 1250 South Lumpkin Street. The group meets Sunday evening tor programs. Members engage in worthwhile activities. Supper is served before the worship service. DEPARTMENTAL 83 TONAL PANHELLENIC OFFICERS BARBARA HUNNIUS President SUE CRAWFORD Vice-President LUCIE BUTLER Secretory CAROLYN ENGLISH Treasurer Professional Women of the Year is sponsored by Professional Pan- hellenic annually; also the group holds teas for freshman and trans- fer women at the beginning of each school year. The organization was chartered at the University in 1950. Professional Panhellenic is made up of representatives from women ' s professional organizations on camp- us; it hos as its purpose " to estab- lish and maintain cooperation among professional fraternities; to elevate professional standards among these fraternities; to insure a position of prominence and re- spect for the women ' s professional fraternities on the campus. " First Row: Pat Swain, Helen Lanier, Harriette Schreiber, Barbara Hunnius. Second Row: Miss Seawell, Corolyn English, Lucie Butler, Sue Crawford, Hilda Shackleford, Patsy Adams. Third Row: Ann Sullivan, Bobbie Burns, Beth Andrew, Thyrza White, Gwen Gleason. GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON First Row: Fred Underwood, Thelma Underwood, Ronald Rutledge, Donna Beemon, Helen Rutledge, Jack Hollis, Barbara Culpepper, William Tietjen, Alice Ann Hordigree, David Moxwell. Second Row: Ray Avery, Tommy Theus, John Dol, Barbara McAlpin, Ray Ashworth, Robert Tanner, Shelley Davidoft, Sam Henderson, Len Spodofino. Third Row: Joel Mikcll, Bill Wheeler, Clara Jean McLonahan, Edward Riddle, Eugene McLain, Byron Bohonnon, Robert Edwards, Robert Lybrand. fourth Row; Warren Nanier, Charles Edwords, Robert Medford, Andrew Autry, Andrew Rogowski, Darius Smith, John L Williams, Ronald Forlono, Dr. W. H. Waggoner, John L. Foster. 84 OFFICERS BILL RHYNE Alchemistl BOB LYBRAND VisoA CLARA JEAN McLANAHAN Recorder j JOHN RHYNE Sergeont-a(-4r ns ] Gamma Sigma Epsilon was found- ed at Davidson College in 1919 for the promotion of interest in chem- istry among students, and to pro- vide organization and brotherhood of students interested in the science of chemistry. Speakers are sent by Mu Beta Chapter to various high schools in this area to encourage prospective students to enter the great field of science. Gamma Sigma Epsilon as- sists with the district science fair, places an emergency safety chart in each chemistry lob, and offers two scholarships to upper classmen in chemistry. First Row: Donald Norris, James Purdom, Fenfon Strickland, Roger Adams, Willie Tyson, Roger Walters, Martin Gunn, Morgan Chopman. Second Row, Bill Turner, William Gifts, Paul Sewell, Fuller Beach, Bill Woodrum, Bill Fullilove, Joe Long, Linwood Hall. Third Row: Donald Hammond, Albert Shocklcford, Albert Stritt, Jimmy Salors, Lorry Deal, Joe Spooner, Louis Howell, Wade Johnson. Fourth Row: Henry Fullilove, William De- Monbreum, James Lacey, Carlton Fullilove, Noland Cloud, Larry Hix, James Carlton, Lennord Bartletf, Arthur Wachs, H. B. Turner. AG ENGINEERING OFFICERS LARRY DEAL Presidertt ROGER WALTERS Vice Presider t BILL FULLILOVE Secretary LINWOOD HALL Treasurer LARRY HIX Sergearyt-at-Arrrts PAUL SEWELL Scribe The purpose of the Georgia Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers is to promote Ag Engineering on the campus. Bi- weekly meetings feature guest speakers from various fields of engineering and agriculture. Activities of the group include the annual pub- lication of the " Georgia Agricultural Engineer, " and a social each quarter. This year the Branch was awarded the Farm Equipment Institute Tro- phy for being the most outstanding student branch in the United States and Canada. r , n r f zj Joe Long, Henry Fullilove, Bill Fullilove, Linwood Hall, Larry Hix, Paul Sewell. 85 f OFFICERS RUSSELL LINOSEY LARRY DEAL T. W. McKINLEY DR. J W LASSITER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor AG H N Election to membership in Aghon, a local honorary society founded in 1920, is the highest honor a student in the Schools of Veterinary Medicine, Forestry, or Agri- culture con ochieve. A student eligible for membership must, besides completing at least eighteen courses toword his degree, meet the requirements based on out- standing leadership, scholastic achievements, and par- ticipation in extra-curricular activities. During the half-time activities at the Homecoming gome each year, the fall quarter initiates can be seen marching in their denim overalls and straw hats carrying wooden paddles. T. W. McKinley, Russell LIndsey, Larry Deal. Neophytes: Oscar Fowler, Glenn Noff- singer, John Jenkins, Kelly White, Dr. Till Huston. Russell Lindsey, Buddy Leckie, John Bowen, Kelly White, John Jenkins, Bob Lowrey, Jimmy Maner, Dr. J. W. Lassiter, Oscar Fowler, Larry Deal, Glenn Noffsinger, Glenn O ' Neal, Joe Marshall, Perry Joiner, Art Palmer, T. W. McKinley. OFFICERS JOE MARSHALL Chancellor RUSSELL LINDSEY Censor GLENN O ' NEAL Scribe ART PALMER Treasurer DAN CRUMPTON Guide The membership of Alpha Zeta honorary organization includes male students in the College of Agriculture, School of Forestry, or School of Veterinary Medicine who have completed at least one and a half years of their college work. Other requirements for initiates are that they be in the upper two-fifths of their class and possess qualities of character and leadership. During the year the fraternity sponsors the " A Z Smoker " for students and faculty, and banquets are held during fall and spring quarters for new members. Seated: Russell Lindsey, Joe Marshall. Standing: Glenn O ' Neal, Dan Crup " " - ton, T. W. McKinley. First Row: Ronnie Brown, Don Crumpton, Jim Weiss, Glenn O ' Neal, Bill Vaughn, Ted Ridgeway. Second Rove; Jim Wilkinson, Jimmy ' Maner, Bob Lowrey, Larry Deal, Bob Woods, Perry Joiner. Third Row: Joe Marshall, Kelly White, Oscar Fowler, Wade Johnson, Guy 1 Herring, James Casey. Fourth Row: Bill White, Herman Tomlison, Dick Jones, Russell Jacobs, Emmette Vinson, Joe Free, John ; Bowen. Fifth Row: Dan Briscoe, Dr. Raymond Sewell, Tom Aiken, Matt MackaySmith, Bill McHaffey, Russell Lindsey, Art Palmer. 87 4-H CLUB OFFICERS ELEANOR INMAN President BENNIE FULCHER Vice President DOROTHY ANN TAPPAN Secretary WILLIAM COWART Treasurer Seated: William Cowart, Sylvia Lee, Bobby Rowan, Nadine Brown. Standing: Billy Davis, John Jenkins, Luke Callaway. The College 4-H was established to emphasize closer friendship among students and faculty members, to give former 4-H members a chance to continue and further develop interest in 4-H Club work, and to train for leadership and citizenship in this great country of ours. Among its projects and activities College 4-H sponsors Ag Hill Carnival, adds to a scholarship fund, sponsors a picnic honoring seniors. College 4-H also defrays ex- penses of a man and woman who attend Danforth Foun- dation Leadership Camp at Camp Miniwanda, Michigan. • First Row; Jesse Stokely, Jimmy Cox, J. C. Burt, Billy Hughes, Fred Stowers. Second Row: Linnis Etheridge, Jerry Cox, Pat May, Simpson Dunohoo, Bo Pruitt, Tommy Dunahoo. Third Row: Robby Eason, Bob Man- sell, William Anderson, Jimmy James, Jerry Whiteside, William Cowort, Bob Woods. Fourth Row: Phil Turner, Dr. Phillip Plumart, Joe Garrison, Bill Mahaffey, Ray Dangar, Jake Maness, Tom Chapman. Fifth Row: Gerald Nix, James Turner, Russell Fields, Paul Marlow, Micheol Needle. Standing: Jackie Pain, Frank Laneir, Mock White, James Ward, Joe Marshall, George Morris, Bobby Jones, Richard Milner, Marvin Grieder, Norman Ginsberg. I First Row. Ray Danger, William Anderson, Micheol Needle. Second Row: Dr. Phillip Plumart, William Cowort, Jesse Stokley, Bill Mahaffey. POULTRY SCIENCE OFFICERS ROBERT E. WOODS President J. C. BURT Vice President MARY FRANCIS DAVIS Secretory WILLIAM ANDERSON Treasurer The Poultry Science Club was established to boost interest in poultry on campus and throughout the state. The club promotes finer fellowship and greater knowl- edge among those interested in poultry and the poultry industry. The Poultry Club sponsors worthwhile activi- ties connected with the field of poultry. Projects of the Poultry Science Club are the Chicken- of-Tomorrow Contest; The Georgia Poultryman, the poultry annual; and luncheons served for various poultry short courses. The group raffles off a T.V. set at the Southeastern Poultry and Egg Convention with proceeds going to a general Ag scholarship. 89 Unidentified, Frank Lester, Jim Peoples, Dr. Warren, Gloria Bloodworth, Emmett Vinson, Kenneth Beasley, Russell Jacobs, Hardin, Bill Abercrombie, John Willie Strickland. Quinton Webber, Y. D. Moddox, Douglas Smith, James Lee, Jimmy Danion, Bobby Lowery, Walter Futrel, Jimmy Manor. SADDLE AND SIRLOIN OFFICERS JAMES A. THOMPSON President EMMETT VINSON Vice President RUSSELL JACOBS Secretary Y D MADDOX Treasurer Saddle and Sirloin, founded on this campus in 1920, was primarily to promote interest in live- stock among the students and to bring a closer fellowship between the agriculture students and faculty. During the course of the year, the club takes an active part in the Little International Livestock show, Southeastern Judging Contest, and enters livestock in Southeastern Georgia and Athens Fairs. The club sponsors the Herdmon ' s Ball, on annual event, and in the Spring it holds its Protroit Banquet, Jimmy Danion, Y. D. Maddox, Walter Futrel, Gloria Bloodworth, Kenneth Beasley, Russell Jacobs, James Thompson. 90 AGRONOMY CLUB OFFICERS JOEL GUNNELLS President JACK HEARN ... Vice President JULIAN CREWS Secretary CALLAWAY LEE Treasurer The purpose of the Ag- ronomy Club is to promote interest among ogriculture students in the field of ag- ronomy. The local chapter was established in 1938, the organization was nationally founded in 1907. The club maintained an exhibit in the Athens Agri- cultural Fair in the fall. Other projects include tak- ing subscriptions to " What ' s New in Crops and Soils, " and " Emerald Zoysia Plot. " Agronomy is a member of the student section of the American Society of Agron- omy. First Row: Callaway Lee, James Bailey, Pamula Stosch, Joel Gunnells, Dr. T. H. Rogers. Second Row: James Gaythor, Julian Crews, Bobby Rowan, Elwin Beal, Palmer Maples, Frank Billings. Third Row: Julius Sullivan, Frank Thomas, Harold Brown, Louie Frost, James Warbington, Dr. J. B. Weaver, Jack Hearn. Fourth Row: Dr. H. F. Perkins, Raymond Davis, James Gibbs, James Murphy, Sam Brown, Joe Ben Jackson, Henry Studdard, Dr. A. R. Brown. DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS JOHN JENKINS President CHARLES WALLACE . Vice President JIM CLARK Secretary DICK BISHOP Treasurer The Dairy Science Club, which is a student affiliate chapter of the American Dairy Science Association, was organized in 1946. Membership is open to any student interested in dairy- ing or the dairy industry. The Club is one of the most active on campus. It is the official sponsor of the Dairy Products Judging Team and the Dairy Cattle Judging Team. Two ban- quets ore staged each year by the group. Dairy Day is one of the largest and oldest projects of the club. F.F.A. and 4-H Clubs throughout the state send teams to participate in this annual event which is held on a Saturday in April. First Row: Freddie Stroup, Roland Sills, T. W. McKinley, Jim Clark. Second Row: Huburt Sanders, Ira Katz, John Payne, Stanley Gitterman, Buddy Leckie, Dave Goldring. Third Row: Tommy George, Bob Clements, Carroll Bennett, John Jenkins, Fred Heinemon, Dick Bishop, Larry Young. Fourth Row: Jim Lee, Forrest Shropshire, Don Tucker, Charles Wallace, Sam Tew, James Casey, William Cole, Gene Moore. 91 First Row: Maxanne Courson, Alice Green, Nancy Hodgson, Unide ntified. Second Row: Shirley Akin, Catherine Folk, Judy Wilson, Non Donner, Vuletta Futtrel, Betty Crawford, Doris Duke. Third Row: Wilda Story, Nancy Shelor, Mary Jane Keener, Marihope Shirley, Martha Mills. Homecon was begun to bring students in the School of Home Economics together. The organization is de- signed to give knowledge and practice in self-initiated group work, to provide a true vision of home economics, to improve friendships between students and faculty, and to form a basis for future living. The members provide a catering service, hold a Christmas Bazaar, and sponsor socials, including a dance winter quarter featuring the crowning of " Miss Home Economics. " HOMECON OFFICERS ELEANORE INMAN President ALICE GREEN Vice President LORETTA FRANKLIN Secretary ADELIA TORRANCE Treasurer First Row: Peggy Murray, Jane Tye, Pat Eck, Evelyn Barfield. Second Row; Evelyn Smith, Peggy Eaton, H elen Parker, Ann Brake, Dot Tappen, Carolyn Dollar. Third Row: Joan Coker, Elsie Benike, Ouida Richardson, Ann Fort, Carol Hester. 92 iJI " I Seated: Miss Matilda Callaway, Patsy Adams, Beverly Yearwood. Standing: 1 Barbara Hunriius, Nadine Brown, Alice Green. PHI UPSILON OMICRON OFFICERS PATSY ADAMS President BEVERLY YEARWOOD Vice President KAY KINNE Secretory JO NAN RITCHIE Treasurer NADINE BROWN Editor BARBARA HUNNIUS Corresponding Secretary ALICE GREEN Historian MISS MATILDA CALLAWAY Advisor To establish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote moral and intellectual development of members, and to advance and promote Home Economics is the purpose token by Phi Upsilon Omicron. The organization was founded at the University of Minnesota in February, 1909; Phi Upsilon Omicron came to the University of Georgia on May 16, 1936. The group carries on several projects during the year; among these are the sponsoring of Career Day winter quarter, putting on a skit for Home Economics Day, giv- ing practical lessons or demonstrations to the Y.W.C.A., and keeping the second floor lobby of Dawson Hall neat and attractive. First Row: Patsy Adams, Carolyn Clonts, Jane Tye. Second Row Carolyn Dollar, Virginia Dysard, Jan Sims, Helen Stroud, Ann Sims, Sue Brown, Barbara Bell, Beverly Yearwood, Miss Callaway, Dr. Jessie Mize. Third Row: Evelyn Barfield, Barbara Hunnius, Barbara Chambers, Peggy Adams, Nadine Brown, Pauline Floyd, Alice Green. 93 GAFFAU OFFICERS WALLACE LORD President PHIL HARRISON Vice President MELVIN JOHNSON . . Secretary H. A CASEY ... Treasurer The purpose of Gaffau is to provide recreational and fraternal relationship for agricultural education students and former F.F.A. members, and to provide practical experi- ence in committee work for prospective vocational agriculture teachers. Founded in March of 1930, Gaffau publishes an annual news-letter helping conduct the state seed, tree and shrub iden- tification contest for state F.F.A Association. A Banquet is held Spring Quarter. First Row: Donahue Hagen, Joe Maloy, Charles Bridges, Melvin Johnson, Wallace Lord, H. A. Casey, Phil Harrison, Edsel Cutchens. Second Row: Billy Riddle, H. L. Heltow, Dan Saddler, Harold Bollard, Gilbert Underwood, Frank Miles, Larry Warnock. Third Row: Warren Cleveland, Ronold Land, Robert Myers, Gene Grimes, Bill Cole, George Youmans, Raymond Scott. M.T.N. A OFFICERS WILLIAM BRUNKHURST President JAMES SKIPPER, JR. Vice President BETTE NOELL Secretory- Treasurer In 1950, the first col- lege chapter of M.T.N. A. in the country was found- ed at the University of Georgia. Dedicated to the support of private music teachers and mainte- nance of the high stand- ards of the profession, M.T.N. A. takes special interest in the actual per- formance of Music. On the Georgia campus, the club supports all musical events presented for the enjoyment of University students and faculty and attends to the personal wishes of visiting artists and specialists. First Row: Laura Helen Jones, Donette Chopmon, Barbara Foster, Claire Palmer, Carol Jones, Myrno Rose Robertson. Second Row: Nan Rainey, Bob Smith, Martha Lou Greene, Bobby Edge, Bob Triplett. Third Row: James Skipper, Bill Brunkhurst, Bill Bowden, Bob Spence, Don Gillespie. 94 J HORTICULTURE CLUB OFFICERS HENRY L. TURNER .... President GEORGE FERENSICK . Vice-President MARY BLOEDORN .... Secretary THOMAS B. VAUGHAN . . Treasurer First Row: Morgaret Upshaw, John M. Brown, Allen Honkins, Morris Frier. Second Row. Johnny Chopman, Bob Conolly, Joseph Symons, Horry Legette Owens, Abdul Homid, Monte Fletcher, Charles Bruce, Bob Bearss. Absent: Norrine Frisby, Durham Bell. NDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE I OFFICERS ALLEN HANKINS President JOSEPH SYMONS Vice-President JOHN M. BROWN Secretary- Treasurer DR. LAWRENCE R. CURTIS Faculty Advisor 0.V First Row: Jim McCloud, Gail Coston, Jot Carpenter, Richard Douglas, Don Corithcrs, Johnny Long, Mark Loyd, Millard Lambert, Jim Hudson, Ed Lummus, Hal White. Second Row: Charles Desormeaux, Ed Alexonder, Duncan Callicutt, Phil Coyle, Thomas Vaughan, Allen Stovoll, Ridge Robinson, Bruce Gregory, Douglas Hudson, Brad Myers, Tommy Silcox. Third Row: George Salley, Mollie Stock, Allan Chase, Blakeslee Nettleton, Richard Cook, Virginia Mori, Charles Godfrey, Robert Vories, Pat Crymes, John Waters, Mory Bloedorn, Henry Turner, Russ Duryea, George Ferensick. 95 A.V.M.A. U rill EXECUTIVE COUNCIL, Seated: Wood Markham, Walt SHnson, Max Sink, Bill White, Dove Parker, Frank Love, Bill Lee. Standing: Carl Bird, Bill Meyer, Joke Kelly, Ben Harrington. OFFICERS GLENN NOFFSINGER President V CLINE Vice President BILL PRYOR Secretary WALTER STINSON Treasurer The Georgia Student Chapter of the A.V.M.A., which is patterned after the parent organization, the American Veterinary Medical Association, meets bi-weekly. Each meeting features a program related to the field of veterinary medicine. The objectives of the student chapter are to promote the spirit of friendly relations and the development of character and leadership, and to provide professional knowledge and the understanding of professional ethics and conduct. Activities of the organization include the publishing of the Southeastern Veterinarian quarterly, the sponsor- ing of a dance in Winter Quarter, and giving a picnic during Spring Quarter. THE SOUTHEASTERN VET- ERINARIAN STAFF, Seated. Bill Vaughn, Don Briscoe, Ted Jomos, Max Sink, John Bowcn, Dr. Williom A. Knopp, Jr., Ben Harrington, Glenn Nottsinger, Jim Wilk- inson, Charles Dobbins, Glenn Young Standing: Bill Hill, Ed Blackburn, Matthew McKay-Smith, John Myer, Bill Myer, Jim Bostic, Joe Shirley, Tom McDaniel, Bill Pryor, Edwin Everhart, Bill Lee, Carl Bird, David Parker, Dave Dunbar, Bobby Duncan, Eugene Wood, Bob Whitewoy, Fred Ingle. ALPHA P S I OFFICERS DIEDRICH BEUSSE President RUDY KEMMERLIN Vice-President CAROL GURLEY Secretary SIDNEY EWING Corresponding Secretary JOHN ATWELL Treasurer Rudy Kemmerlin, John Atwell, Diedrich Beusse, Sidney Ewing, Carol Gurley. Alpha Psi was founded in 1907 at the University of Ohio. Lambda Chapter was established in 1948 with its purpose to promote a stronger bond between the veteri- nary students; to create unity among the students of all veterinary colleges; and to support all movements tend- ing to secure greater efficiency and higher professional and social standing. Rush functions, a banquet, and a buffet supper fol- lowed by a house dance begin the activities for the year. The National Convention of Alpha Psi will be held here this year with the Lambda Chapter serving as host. First Row. Claude Carrowey, Homer Connell, Kenneth Huggins, Jack Griffin, Dr. Westerfield, Dean Jones, Jack Snow, James Ducey, Charles Cessidy, Beyne Miller, Tommy Elezzer, Hugh Powell. Second Row; Don Blackman, Gene Wood, James Wilkinson, Henry Martin, Birch McMurry, Gene Musselmon, Dick Lorrelle, Austin Johnson, Don McMillan, Doug Cannon, Bert Kalet, Neal Porter. Third Row: Sidney Ewing, Jerry Guest, Fred Swann, Bob Whiting, R. H. Kemmerlin, Julian Edwards, Scott Morley, John Gray, Ed Everhardt, Herb Lundy. Fourth Row: Glenn Young, Raymond Elom, Bill McPherson, C. C. Gurley, John Atwell, John Taylor, Bill Lee, Bob Twilley, Don Morgan, Ted James, Ralph Poe. Filth Row: J. B. Holland, Bobby Shearwood, Jay Gilpen, Mike Chesans, Dan Moncol, Daryl Johnson, Ronald Williams, Tom McDaniel, Amos Palmer, Max Sink, Diedrich Beusse. Sixth Row. Shelvin Arey, Bill Pryor, Bill Lewis, George Sanders, John Bowen, Bill Stafford, Henry Stone, Walt Stinson, Charles Dobbins, V. 0. Cline, Aubrey Webb. Seventh Row, Bill Hufford, Bud Smith, Bill White, Tom Rainey, Pete Loizeaux, Russell Lindsey, Glen Noffsinger, Hal Tate, Jim Brown, Wood Markham, Jock Await, M. D. Boulwore, Bill Settle, Don Gynn, Fred Arnold, Bob Fulton. Eighth Row: Bill Breer, Frank Love, Bowen Parsons, Ben Harrington, John Myer, Ed Still, Dr. Crimmins, James Cling, Walt Widdowson, Bill Myer, Jim Drawdey, Bill Bryan, Don Fincher, John LeMay, Earl Goodman. 97 Dove Parker, Bob Herlovich, Don Briscoe, J. 0. Shuler, M. B. Daniel, Jr., Carl Bird. OMEGA TAU SIGMA OFFICERS DON BRISCOE President J. 0. SHULER Vice President BOB HERLOVICH Secretory DAVE PARKER Treasurer Omega Tau Sigma is an international veterinary fraternity which has as its pri- mary objective to further interest and par- ticipation in activities pertaining to veteri- nary medicine. It was founded at the Univer- sity of Pennsylvania in 1901, and was es- tablished at Georgia in 1948. A feature of the bi-monthly meeting of the fraternity is the program on some aspect of the profession not stressed in the curri- culum. O.T.S. recognizes the outstanding freshman veterinary student each year by presenting him with a cup on Dean ' s Night. Stressing keen ploy as well as hard work, the fraternity consistently leads the Pro- fessional League in many sports. The cur- riculum is balanced by o social program in- cluding numerous dances and open-house functions, and highlighted by the Annual White Carnation Ball . First Row; Doyle Johnson, Bill Clark, Doc Dixon, Matthew Boring, Bob White, Bobby Herlovich, Jake Kelly, Harold Temple, Dave Parker, Cleve Parker, Don Briscoe, Jim Dodds. Second Row. Phillip Roberts, Ed Blackburn, Lorry Rich- mond, Jim Kupper, Frank Siccordi, Bobby Duncan, Hugh Scott, Randy Bryant, J. 0. Shuler, John Brown, Everett Solley, Harry Vildibill, Don Orr. Third Row ' Col Connon, Henry Anderson, Jim Eidson, George Meekly, Bob Walton, Gene Maddox, Garrett Thornton, John Watscn, Bill Lord, Bob Hardwick ' John Whittoker, Dennis Foster, Tolly Rogers. Fourth Row: John Herrmon, Billy Hill, Brunson Westbury, Fred Stringer, Jim Scoife, Fred Ingle, Roy Stewart, Ford Whitlow, Joe Shirley, Marvin Livingston, Bob Batchlor, Bill Allen, Horold Durden, Ho! Stoltz. Fifth Row: George Hunnicutt, Unidentified, Don Andrews, Don Witherspoon, Bill Derieux, Dave Dressen, Carl Bird, Leonard Kamenetz. Sixth Row: Jock Whittoker, Dave Dunbar, Lamar Can- non, Clint Lavender, H. B. Daniel, Jr., John Mayo, John Paget, Bob Mouser, Matt Mockoy Smith, Dr. W. A. Knapp. 98 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA OFFICERS CHARLES B. SPENCER President HARMAN BANARD Vice President JOHNNY B. SMITH Secretary GILBERT LAMAR COBB Treasurer Alpha Delta Sigma was founded at the University of Missouri, November 14, 1913; to promote the principles of truth, persistance, and cooperation in the field of advertising and to bridge the gap between advertising theory and expense. The Samuel C. Dobbs Chapter was established in 1954. The projects for the year ore advertising and promotion for the Athens Chamber of Commerce, promotion for 7th district Coast Guard Reserve Campaign, and supplying ad- vertising managers for the Alumni Record at the University of Georgia. Famous alumnus is Samuel C. Dobbs, the founding father of advertising. 1 First Row. Prof. Frazier Moore, Bob FIcurnory, Tom Green, Wayne Snow, Ed Crabb, Bi Third Row: RuHedge Carpenter, Johnnie B. Smith. Fourth Row: Ted Short. 99 uce Spencer. Second row. Carl Kaufman, Inman Moys, Charles May. THETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS HARRIETTE SCHREIBER . President MILDRED DADISMAN Vice-President BOOTIE GOWEN Secretary JOEY SAWATZKE Treasurer Theta Sigma Phi was found- ed in 1908, at Seattle, Wash- ington Theta Sigma Phi was the first professional organiza- tion for women at the U. of Ga., being established in 1929. The purpose of Theta Sigma Phi is to unite, to confer honor upon, and to inspire to greater achievements women engaging in or planning to engage in journalism. The Margaret Mitchell Award is presented to the out- standing high school journalist. Other projects of Theta Sigma Phi are assisting with journal- ism institutes, " Interview by Moil " project, and a " coffee " to acquaint freshman women of the field of journalism. First Row Horricttc Schrciber, Beth Andrew, Carolyn English, Jackie Skodnik. Second Row; Bottie Gowen, Joey Sawotzke, Ann Sullivan, Sue Crawford, Alice Woodson, Jane King. GAMMA ALPHA CHI OFFICERS HELEN LANIER President ALICE WOODSON . . . Vice-President ANN SULLIVAN Secretary BETH ANDREW Treasurer Activated at the University on March 6, 1956, Alpha Zeta chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi is a professional honorary ad- vertising fraternity for women. Selection for membership in Gamma Alpha Chi is made on the basis of above average in- terest and activities in adver- tising and high scholarship. GAX members are chosen from women students majoring in journalism, commercial art, and business. The " Outstanding Profes- sional Woman in Advertising " Award is presented by GAX onnuolly at the Advertising In- stitute. A similar oward is made to the outstanding senior woman in advertising. First Row. Carolyn English, Helen Lanier, JoAnn Fowler, Second Row. Ann Sullivan, Lou Anne Smith, Nell Godwin, Sharon Brown. Third Row; Donno Lee Dorer, Margaret Brumsey, Sylvia Edwards, Alice Woodson, Pat McKemie. 100 SIGMA DELTA CHI OFFICERS GENE CARROLL President LAMAR GUNTHER Vice President CAREY CAMERON Secretory MARVIN HILL Treasurer In 1928 Sigma Delta Chi, a notional journalism fraternity, was established on campus. The three- fold purpose of the organization is to foster a high ethics code in journalism, to help members attain principles of the profession, and to provide fellow- ship for outstanding students of the field. Each year a list of the Georgia journalism seniors and their qualifications is published in the Henry Grady School of Journalism Stamp. SDX participates yearly in special programs in- cluding the Georgia Press Institute, Georgia Radio and Television Institute and Southern Industrial Editors Institute. Carey Cameron, Marvin Hill, Lamar Gunther, Gene Carroll First Row: Earl Braswell, Carey Cameron, Rip Whitfield. Second Row: Lamar Gunther, Marvin Hill, Gene Carroll, Horace Thorn, J. J. New- berry. Third Row: Selby McCash, Max Courson, Walt Guthrie, Ed Ingles. 101 First Row; Stanley Levine, Jo Home, Davis Fort, Carolyn Poole, William Morris, Roslyn Seligman, Samuel Goodrich, Helen Tyber, Lewis Collins, Linton West. Second Row. Herbert Rose, Gordon Miller, Dr J. W. Nuttycombe, Jack Hollis, Sarah Westbrook. Third Row; Nick Hullender, John Ezzard, David Maxwell, Darius Smith. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA OFFICERS LEWIS COLLINS President LINTON WEST Vice-Presidertt JO HORNE Secretory JACK HOLLIS Treosurer WILLIAM MORRIS Reporter SARAH WESTBROOK Historian JOHN EZZARD Program Chairman DR. NUTTYCOMBE Advisor Alpha Epsilon Delta was nationally founded in April, 1926, at the University of Alabama for the recognition of superior scholastic achievement, to give an oppor- tunity for personality and leadership development by participation in chapter activities, and to promote excel- lence in pre-medical education. The chapter here was established in 1932. Projects include a symposia of pre-medical education, medical motion pictures, lectures by qualified personnel, and field trips to professional schools and hospitals. Also, awards are made to outstanding pre-med students, and a spring banquet is held near the end of the school year. First Row: Linton West, Jo Home, Dr. Nuttycombe. Second Row; William Morris, Sarah Westbrook, Third Row: Lewis Collins, John Ezzard, Jack Hollis. 102 J_ PI MU EPSILON First Row: Robert Hendon, Rcnald Rutledge, Helen Rutledge, Jo ' in Hancock, Wayne Patty, James Hinely. Second Row. Mr. Pope Hill, William Woodrum, Edwin Tolnas, Thyrza White, Julian Bugg, Dean Boswell. Third Row: Alston Steiner, John Keller, Ernie Anglin, Dr. M. K. Fort, Jr., Dr. G. B. Hutf, Jim Andrews. OFFICERS JAMES HINELY RONALD RUTLEDGE HELEN RUTLEDGE JOEL KNIGHT . . . . President Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer Pi Mu Epsilon was found- ed at Syracuse University in 1914 and established on the University of Georgia campus in 1934 especially for students in the field of mathematics. The aim of the organiza- tion is to promote scholar- ship and mathematics. The members offered tutoring services during Fall Quarter. In addition, exams were sponsored in two divisions and awards were given to the two best papers in each. This year the members of Pi Mu Epsilon enjoyed the Annual Banquet Winter Quarter and a Hamburger Fry in the spring. PHI SIGMA GUTHRIE TOLBERT RUSSELL LINDSEY OFFICERS . . President Vice President Phi Sigma Honorary So- ciety was nationally founded 915. The local chapter was established May 17, 1951. The purpose of Phi Sigma is to stimulate re- search in biological science, honor superior scholarship, and foster the spirit of lib- eral culture and bring to- gether workers and students all fields of biological sciences. At the bi-weekly meetings [members obtain knowledge all phases of biology. Ev- ry year a Christmas party s held for members and their guests Phi Sigma is the only so- ciety of its kind which be- longs to the Association of College Honor Societies. First Row Charles England, Harvey Spears, Perry Joner, Julian Crews, William Morris, Russell Lindsey, Ralph Poe, Uniden- tified. Second Row. Dr. Wilber Duncan, Birch McMurroy, Dr. Helen Jordan, Dr. E. E. Byrd, Guthrie Tolbert, Dr. John Nutty- combe, Betty Nuttycombe, John Bowden, Jean Bowen. Third Row Leslie Long, Emmett Shotts, Robert Lowery, William Han- son, Gene Tanner, Glenn Young, V, Otho Cline, Ben Harrington, Frank Thomas, Andrew Rowgowski, Dr. Barclay McGee, Dr. Gather Plummer, Dr. Robert Eagon, Htein Wein. 103 PHI MU ALPHA OFFICERS GEORGE DIXON President DON GILLESPIE . . . Vice President CHARLES DAVIS .... Secretary JOHN DEMOS Treasurer Phi Mu Alpha Sinphonia was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music in 1898 as a profes- sional music fraternity for men. The Georgia chapter was established on January 5, 1950. The membership, consist- ing of any student with an interest in music, presents a special Concert of American Music annually and serves as ushers for functions of the Music Department. An alumni luncheon is held each December. Phi Mu Alpha ' s aim is to advance music in America, particularly native Ameri- can music, and to encourage brotherhood among music students all over the country. Seoted Luana Webb, George Dixon First Row: Bill Brunkhurst, David Litsey, James Skipper, William Robison, Robert Hale, Charles Davis, Mr Byron Warner, Mr. John Anderson, James Stewart, Emory Drinkard, Don Gillespie. Second Row; Robert Spencc, Howard Henson, Doug Smith, Frank Carter, John Keller. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA OFFICERS POLLY SHARP President BARBARA FOSTER . . Vice President JACKIE POWELL .... Secretoi-y JO ANN LEWIS Treasurer Sigma Alpha Iota was founded June 12, 1903, at the University School of Mu- sic, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The local chapter was es- tablished in 1940. The purpose of Sigma Al- pha Iota is to uphold the highest ideals of musical ed- ucation, to raise the stand- ards of productive musical work among the women stu- dents of colleges, conserva- tories, and universities, and to further the development of music in America. Projects for this year in- cluded Inter-Sorority Sing and American Musicales. Also they sponsored individ- ual recitals and entertain- ment of pledges. Polly Sharp, Myrna Rose Robinson, Jo Ann Lewis, Barbara Foster, Carol Gale, Conner Dyess, Nellie Jane Calloway, Jon Williams. 104 AG CLUB OFFICERS JAMES WARD President JESSIE STOKELY Vice President MARGARET UPSHAW Secretory TOM AIKEN Treasurer The Georgia Agriculture Club organized to give agriculture students training and exper- ience in writing and public speaking at- tempts to advance the general interests of agricultural subjects. Each year the club sponsors a talent show for the organizations on south campus, and also holds two debates: one for Freshman and one with Demosthenion Society. Club programs feature matters of agricul- tural interest, and certificates and Honor Keys are awarded to outstanding senior club mem- bers each year. Margaret Upshaw, James Ward, Jessee Stokely. First Row: Dr. Fleming, Jessie Stokely, Margaret Upshaw, Dr. Plumatt, Stowers, Pamella Stasch, Glenn O ' Neal, Tom Aiken, James Cosey, Ray Dave Gcldring, Guy Herring, J. C. Manes. Fourth Row: Joe Marshall, Mahaffey, Gene Lovell. Filth Row: Mock White, Tommy Dunahoo, Ted Dr. Curtis, Dr. Thompson, James Ward. Second Row: Jimmy James, Fred Dougor. Third Row: Jerry Cox, Ley Cowort, Joe Simmons, Legette Owens, Donald Heath, Gene Murkerson, Richard Milner, Linnis Ethridge, Billy Ridgewoy, John Jenkins, Lary Young, Wilton Walton, Bill Scott, Al Searcy. 105 F.T.A. OFFICERS GENE GRIMES President BILL ANGLERMEIER Vice President JANE MALCOMB Secretory The Future Teachers of America, which was founded in 1937, has for its purposes that of advancing the interest of the teaching pro- fession, promoting the welfare of children, fostering the education of all the people, and enriching the spirit of college life. Any student enrolled in the College of Education or any student interested in education as a career is eligible for membership. The local chapter of F.T.A was named in honor of Paul R. Morrow, a very well known Georgian educator. Gene Grimes first Row, Robert Coswell, Mary Bell Harrison, Carolyn Hubbard, Jim Willingham, Peggy Tabor, Gary McAnley, Carolyn Bridges. Second Row: Hannah H. Brown, Norman Golivesky, Anne Kemp, Alan Gunby, Julia Gill, Frank Greene. Third Row: Gretchen Gandy, Gene Grimes, Jane Rodgers, William Cole, Garland Bowden, Bill Parker, Mildred Holland. Fourth Row: Billy Riddle, Donohue Hagen, Henry Carr, Mary Mills, Robert Miles, fifth Row: Hugh Mills, Ronnie Schreiber. 106 first Row: Marcia Woodruff, Dorcthy McConkey, Morley Sickin, Jane Armitage, Chip Ashursf, Liz Morris. Second Rcw : B-ll Brand, Margie Herritage, Gay Scarborough, Joanne Meeker, Jane DeFiior, Mary Evans, Robert Everett. Third Rcw: Neil Ccrnow, John Peek, Sandi Paul, Charles Josey, John Boland, Dotty Pitts, Sam Baker. Fourth Row: Delia Dollmus, Art Reynolds, Robert Holden, Susan Smith, Monte Markham, Prof. Paul Camp. Fifth Row: Robert Smith, Dr. Leighton Balew, C. B. Anderson, Pope Freemen. THALIAN BLACKFRIARS OFFICERS POPE FREEMAN President DOROTHY McCONKEY Vice-President JANE ARMITAGE Secretory CHARLOTTE ASHURST Treasurer Thalian-Blackfriars extend membership to students who have earned points by working on University Theatre productions, either as actors or crew members. After being initiated, members may then work toward a key which is presented for O ' jtstanding and extended par- ticipation in productions. The organization takes as its purpose the fostering of meritorious campus drama, and the developing for it deeper appreciation by the student ard by the general public. Each year the group sponsors a One-Act play com- petition; these plays are written by the students who enter. The winning play is then presented by the drama department on the University Lab Stage. Dorothy McConkey, Chip Ashurst, Jane Armitage, Pope Freeman 107 OFFICERS MARY ELIZABETH GLENN President ANN HOLLINDER Vice- President CHIP ASHURST Secretary MARTEE HARDIN Treasurer Zeta Phi Eta was founded at Northwestern University on October 1 0, 1 893 to band together in Speech Schools ond Departments of Speech, groups of selected college women interested in main- taining high standards of speech. The local chapter was established in 1943. National projects of Zeta Phi Eta are an endowment fund for college scholar- ships, Chapter Award, Pearl Bennett Broxom Memorial Scholarship, Mildred Streeter Scholarship Loan Fund, Magazine Agency, Speech Rehabilitation Project, and the McCord Theatre Mu- seum. First Row Sandra Murray, Betty Glenn, Chip Ashurst, Kennon Hatcher, Shiela Poliakaff, Marcio Jacobs, Martee Harden Francinelee Han, Liz Morris, Sandi Paul. Second Row. Mary Evans, Saura Jean Wells, Joanne Hecker, Claudia Camp. Thud Row: Marcia Woodruff, Jane Burnett, Jane Armitage. KAPPA PHI KAPPA OFFICERS ALLEN C. BROCK President GUY L. BUTLER . Vice-President JACK B HORTON Secretary-Treasurer An annual project of Beta Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Phi Kappa Education Frater- nity is recognizing the most outstanding male graduate in the College of Education by presenting him with a bronze plaque. The primary purpose of Kappa Phi Kappa Profes- sional Education Fraternity is to promote the cause of education by encouraging capable young men to enter the field of education and to promote scholarly attain- ment, professional growth, and fellowship among its members. Kappa Phi Kappa was established here in 1 956 on February 4th; its national founding was in 1922. first Row: Victor C. Nix, Robert C. Noel, William H. Robinson, Johnny N. Demos, Johnny P. Joy. Second Row. Allen C. Brock, James Snow, Howard A. Henson, Emory P. Drinkard, Guy L. Butler, Jack B. Horton. Third Row; Dr. Ira E. Aaron, George, M. Dixon, L. Frank Murdock, David P. Mason. 108 OFFICERS MORRIS DINWIDDIE President EDWARD RIDDLE Vice-President BOBBIE BURNS Secretory JOE BOWMAN Treasurer The American Pharmaceutical Association, which was nationally founded in 1852, and locally established in 1946, has for its purpose that of furnishing Pharmacy students with the opportunity to meet and become ac- quainted with the ideas and problems of the profession, to promote and advance the interests of Pharmacy, and to study and discuss current problems of the local, state, and national organizations. A. Ph. A. promotes National Pharmacy Week, holds an annual Christmas Dance, and sponsors a Student-Faculty Alumni Day and banquet. Delegates were sent to the National American Pharmaceutical Association Con- vention. ob EIrod, Ben Moyes, Bobbie Burns, Morris Dinwiddle, Caroline Howard, Ed Riddle. Beverly Jean Frye, Henry Hammond, Harold Kemp, Paul Waters, Wade Brightwell, Barry NIckols, Ronald Jowers, Lowell Harris, Edward Riddle, Zenious Harklerood, Jr., Luther L. Denton, Jr., Morris Dinwiddle, William Huff, Stephen Brett, Edwin Harelik, Eugene McClain, George Brewton. Second Row: Jerry Pureed, Caroline Howard, Gloria Pike, James Hollis, Bobby Burnley, Wayne Pickard, Neil Pruitt, Gloria Bloodworth, George Westbrook, Wade Hodges, John L. Foster, Calvin Parker, Harry Brown, Carlton Pierce, Jr., Grady Morgan. Third Row: Joe Dial, Barbara Culpepper, Robert EIrod, Joel Mikell, Benjamin Mayes, Bobbie Burns, Dena Eady, Earl McCorkle, Donna Beemon, Charles Cato, William Horton, Frances Molloy, James Bramlett, Ray Archombeault, Robert Etheridge, Jack Musick, Emmett Allmond, Van Lee Rowcn, John Strickland, Joe Bowman. Fourth Row: John L. Williams, Evelyn Dekle, Robert M. Sheppord, Irving Krauss, Dr Seldon D. Feurt, Lee Roy Rogers, Harmon Pye, Jimmie Cannon, Thelma Underwood, Thomas Vomer, William Baucom, Henry Bell, Thomas Gantt, William Colter, llze Sarma, Thyrza White, Edith Evans, Jerry Walker, James Woo, Ralph Smith, Robert Lybrand, Fred Barfield. 109 Jim Haigwood, John Russell, Gene Drummond. ALPHA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS JOHN W. RUSSELL President B. J. BING, JR Vice President PAUL W. NEWSOME, JR Treasurer ROBERT B. PHILLIPS Secretary Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fraternity, was founded October 5, 1904 at New York University, to further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, ac- counts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administration. The local chapter was established March 18, 1922. The projects for 1956-1957 are to raise membership, to establish an alumni society in Athens, to raise o sufficient amount for a new house, and to conduct pro- fessional activity in business with field trips. First Row: Ed Hulsey, Gene Drummond, Bill Neely, Glenn Lindsey, Bill Shiver, James Simons, Vince Akridge. Seconrf Row Carl Foster, Gerald Williams, Don Kelly, William Tomlin, Joe Bing, Gene Norman, Floyd Guest, Ralph Brittain, Jim Oeser. Third Row Marshall Nichols, Dr. E. S. Troelston, Don Burt, John Russell, Ralph Powell, Paul Newsome, Lloyd Sheffield, Charles Pruet, Paul Simon, Harold Christofer, Norton Turner. Fourth Row: Bob Phillips, Charles Strain, Jim Mills, Bob Skelton, Earl Brown, Fred Outlaw, Tom Roane, Harold Looper, Jim Haigwood. 110 Landers, James Mollis, Ben Mayes, Lowell Harris, John Foster, llze Sarmo, Ed Riddle, Joe Bowman. fliie: :tp ;. KAPPA PSI OFFICERS EDWARD H RIDDLE Regent LOWELL HARRIS Vice Regent BEN MAYES Secretary JOE BOWMAN Corresponding Secretary JOHN FOSTER Treasurer JOE LANDERS Historian JAMES HOLLIS Chaplain The outstanding sophomore in Pharmacy School is awarded a scholarship each year by Kappa Psi. This year Gamma Phi Chapter was honored by serving as host for the Province IV Assemble, and two brothers were elected to office. Kappa Psi provides fellow ship and friendship for pharmacy students, promotes high ideals, high scholar- ship and fosters pharmaceutical research. Gamma Phi, the University of Georgia Chapter, was founded in 1951 for students of pharmacy in good scholastic standing. I- First Row: Tommy Gantt, Emmett Almond, Mike Baucom, Wade Hodges, Beno Hackleroad, llze Sarma, Sweetheart; Bill Brogdon, Harrell Colter, L. L. Denton Second Row. Elmer Brooks, George Westbrook, Ed Riddle, Russell Prescott, Ronald Jones, Philip Cook. Third Row. James Hollis, Roy Archambeault, Lowell Harris, Wayne Pickard, Ed Bailey. Fourth Row: Ben Mayes, Joe Landers, Gcrrald Hortman, Farid Sadik, George Brewton, Fifth Row: Paul Sikes, Bob EIrod, John Foster, Gory Smith, John Strick- land, Elmer Bell. Sixth Row: Joe Bowman, Jcmes Woo, Jock Musick, Jerry Walker, Harold Kemp, James Bramlett. Ill LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS GLORIA PIKE President BOBBIE BURNS Vice-President JUNE WALKER Secretary ILZE SARMA Corresponding Secretary THYRZA WHITE Treasurer DENA EADY Historian Lambda Kappa Sigma is a women ' s professional pharmaceutical sorority; Alpha Kappa Chapter was founded May 22, 1954. The purpose of the organization is to promote the usefulness of its members and to create a center of enjoyment, friendship and culture; AK Chapter co- sponsored the Polio Vaccination Drive for University students. Annual events observed are Founder ' s Day, Hygeic Day honoring the first woman pharmacist, and the Codeusus Ball. An annual award is given to the outstanding woman pharmacy student at the University. The Ethyl J. Heath Award is given to members graduating with a 90 overage. ■il : • ' C fiiiiiW First Row: Gloria Pike, llze Sarma. Second Row: Dena Eady, Bobbie Burns, Thyrzc t-ij rl iJtorst in (he I jloftliei First Row: lean Frye, Martha Bogby, Sara Kirkland, Barbara Culpepper, Frances Malloy. Second Row. Gloria Blookworth, June Walker, Gloria Pike ' , Donna Emon, Bobbie Burns, Caroline Howard. Third Row: Carol Kaminis, Dena Eady, llze Sarma, Edith Evans, Evelyn Dekle, Thyrza White. 112 RHO CHI OFFICERS ROBERT LYBRAND .... President EUGENE McLAIN . Vice President THELMA UNDERWOOD Secretory- Treasurer JOHN WILLIAM RHYNE . . Historian 1922 Rho Chi was founded as an honorary so- Iciety with its purpose being jthat of promoting the od- ivancement of pharmaceu- tical sciences through the encouragement and recogni- tion of intellectual scholar- ship. The Georgia chapter, [was established in 1947. The highlight of the chap- ter ' s activities is the annual iponsorsing of the Crawford Long Day Memorial Ex- ircises. The letters, Rho Chi, are emblematic of the prescrip- :ion sign. Membership for jndergraduotes is limited to those who hove completed ill 7 hours toward a B.S. de- igree in Pharmacy, and who ' are in the upper twenty per cent of their class. Seated: Dean Waters, Bill Rhync, Bailey, Grady Morgan, Lcc Roy Pierce, Dr. Feurt, John Rhyne, D Edith Evans, Bob Lybrand, Gene McLain Rogers, Lamar Hitcher, John Williams, •. Hartmon, Fred Underwood. Thelma Underwood, Dr. LaRocca. Standing: Ben John Beach, Mr. Millikan, Joel Mikell, Carlton SIGMA PI SIGMA I First Row: Meyer Lichei J. Henkel, Raymond Hur stem, Edward Totnas, Grover Cobb, Byron Bohonno ter. Dr. C. D. Cooper, Dr. E. H. Dixon. Dr. W. Sears. Second Row. Tom Roberts, Dr. 113 OFFICERS MEYER LICHTENSTEIN . . President GROVER COBB . . . Vice President RAYMOND HUNTER . Secretary EDWARD TOLNAS .... Treasurer Sigma Pi Sigma was na- tionally founded at David- son College, North Carolina in 1925. The local chapter was established on May 19, 1941. Membership is extended only to those most interested in science and having the re- quired physics courses with a high scholastic average. Sigma Pi Sigma was organ- ized primarily as an honor- ary society giving credit to those doing excellent work in physics. The purpose of Sigma Pi Sigma is to award distinc- tion, to promote knowledge and interest in physics, and to promote fellowship among students and faculty mem- bers. P EM CLUB first Row Miss Evons, Advisor; Helen Stephens, Lucie Butler, Betty Stritt, Mrs. Soule. Second Row: Georgia Vacalia, Peggy Nothon, Shelo Butler, Jeonnine Haines, Saroh Ellen Shropshire, Jackie Cook, Martha Smithers. Third Row: Potsy Spiers, Pat Sowain, Corol Peterson, Evelyn Thaxton, Elaine Hillis. Fourth Row: Jackie Tyndale, Carolyn Alexander. Fifth Row Allison Christian, Christine Jensen, Edie Klein, Barbara Landers. OFFICERS LUCIE BUTLER President BETTY STRITT Vice-President HELEN STEPHENS . Secretary-Treasurer The local chapter of the PEM Club was founded on the Uni- versity of Georgia campus in 1940, and it was affiliated na- tionally in 1950. It is a club whose members major in phy- sical education. The purpose of this organi- zation is to increase profes- sional enthusiasm; to further social relationships and philos- ophies of physical education. First Row: Elizabeth Aderhold, Audrie Kelton, Nancy Webb, Mildred Holland, Shirley Kaplan, Mary Frances Morgan. Second Row: George Gaston, Kell Mitchell, Dr. Murdoch, Dr. Smith. First Row; Gene Mulrooney, Jimmy Kehoe, Sallie Morris, Larry Boggs, Ted Frisbee, Bob Green. Second Row: Jim Fields, Frank Faircloth, George Penlon, Jimmy Hinely, Harold Torrance. Third Row: Wayne Murison, Dole Code, Bill Stokes, John Harvey, Roy Scorborough, Hoi Crawford, Gene Lamb. Fourth Row: Hugh Southwell, Jimmy McMichoel. DELTA SIGMA PI OFFICERS MOBLEY F. CHILDS President JAMES KEHOE Vice-President TED FRISBEE Jr. Vice-President ROBERT GREEN Secretory DARWIN SAMPLES Treasurer The Delta Sigma Pi was nationally founded at New York University, School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, on November 7, 1907. The local chapter was established February 18, 1922. The purpose is to foster the study of business in Uni- versities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of com- merce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. I ale Cade, Jimmy Kehoe, Larry Boggs, Ted Frisbee, Bob Green. 115 First Row: Avant Edentield, Don Wheeler, Warren Evons, Bob Henry, Sanford Koresh, Alvin Siegel, John Korazulas, Joe Sortain, Reuben Gar- land, Robert Vining. Second Row: Bill Hendrix, Reginald McDuftee, Ed Jones, Roger Martinson, Marty Green, Jerry Jacobson, Jack Brlnkley, Ron- OFFICERS JOHN W HENDRIX Chief Justice PRESTON KING Vice Justice WALTER D. WHEELER Secretary HORACE CHEEK Treasurer aid Kent, Bob Milan, Charles Milford. Third Row: Charles Leachman, Ralph Harper, Denny Gallis, Preston King, Melvin Thompson, Horace Cheek, Perry Sentell, Charles Ballard, David Haneley, Pharr Abner, Fred Gilbert, Bob Cooper, Don Smith, Bert Cravey, Edward Manley, Harry Mixon. In 1897 at Chicago College of Low and Kent College of Law, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity was founded. The local chapter was established in 1947. The purpose of this fraternity is to form a strong bond among the members of the different classes at the various law schools; to form a strong link between the schools and their former students; to establish a wide- spread exchange for the interchange of business, infor- mation, and matters of common interest; to promote so- cial and intellectual intercourse among its members; to aid the development of fraternal and brotherly senti- ments; and to foster those principles that tend to form a higher type of manhood. The group sponsors the Shinn Memorial Award, and meets for regular speakers programs. i Horace Cheek, Bill Hendrix, Avant Edenfield, Ralph Harper. 116 First Row: Charles Teeple, Jr., Bryan Ayers, Millard Sheppard, Fred Puckett, Jr., Jim Collier, Penn McWhorter, Speer Mabry, Hoke Wofford, Don Joel, Earl Hickman, Frank Troutman, Mitchell Dunn, Ed Killorin, Charles Driebe, Mr. McWhorter, Dean Hosch, Mr. Henderson, Gene Holley. Second Row: Bill Morton, Jimmy Lester, Bill Leonard, Ben Mills, Lindsey Bennett, Bill Abney, Bob Donaldson, Albert Fendig, Alex Cann, Terrell Wesley, Tom Talley, Tom Ridgeway, Horry Pence, Preston Lewis, Fred Hand. Third Row: John Bowling, Charlie Jones, Tom Whelchel, Johnson Hall, Frank Twitty, Joy Cohen, George Scheer, Regnald Maxwell, Bill Stuckey, Richard Scarlett, Spencer Con- nerat, Rubin Tuck, Jim Beach, Norman Fletcher, Mike Downes, Frank Seiler, Earl Waller, Curtis Luckey. The purpose of Phi Delta Phi is to promote a high standard of professional ethics and culture in this and other schools and in the profession at large. Twice each month the fraternity holds luncheon meetings at which prominent legal scholars and practic- ing attorneys are the principal speakers. The Phi Delta PHI DELTA PHI OFFICERS EARL HICKMAN Magister JIM LESTER Exchequer CURTIS LUCKEY Clerk MITCHELL DUNN Historian Phi scholarship is awarded each fall to the student at- taining the highest average in the first year low class. Phi Delta Phi is an international legal fraternity, es- toblished on this campus in 1922. The fraternity ' s his- tory dates back to 1869 when it was founded at the University of Michigan. 117 Fint Row Koy Itzkow, Terry Levy, Barbara Aspinwoll, Elaine Brown, Jo Farr. Second Row. Joyce Dudley, Audrey Campbell, Virginia Sisk, Morilyn Coon, Mary Scott, Nancy Richardson, Beverly Bennett, Nini Maltby, Sue McRae, Betty Cousins, Marilyn Eckerman, Carolyn Hargrove, Jackie Powell, Dean Gates I PHI CHI THETA OFFICERS MARILYN ECKERMAN President BETTY MATTHEWS Vice President MARY SCOTT Secretary JOYCE DUDLEY Treasurer Phi Chi Theto, international women ' s business fra- ternity was founded in New York City, Jan. 4, 1926. Alpha Epsilon Chapter was established at the University on May 18, 1947. The purpose is to foster high ideals for women in business careers, to encourage fraternity and cooperation among women preparing them for such ca- reers, and to promote the cause of higher business educa- tion and training for all women. Mary Scott, Marilyn Eckerman, Joyce Dudley. The fraternity holds a banquet during the winter quarter honoring new members following initiation, and Founders Day Banquet in March. Every Year, the na- tional counsellor or advisor is elected and accompanies the official delegate to the National Biennial Convention. A key is awarded to outstanding senior woman in the College of Business Administration on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and extra-curricular activities. 118 119 CPHA LAMBDA DELTA OFFICERS MARY ED STOVALL Preiident BETTY YORK Vice President HELEN PARKER Secretary JUDY JENKINS Treasurer The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is to promote high scholastic attainment among freshman women. Membership is extended to those who, after having completed two quorters, have a minimum average of 88. The projects are an annual " Smarty Party " given during Winter Quarter for freshman girls having high averages and an annual ban- quet with Phi Eta Sigma following Spring Quarter initiation. The mem- bers are named each year at Honors Day. mdJ pjt First Row: Helen Parker, Miss Birdie Bondurant, Mary Ed Stovall, Betty York, Beverly Darcey, Ann Collins, Joyce Thomas. Second Row: Sharon Barnette, Jan Williams, Joanne Hecker, Ellen Woo, Madge Minor, Jerry Bridges, Robin Jones, Mary Bloedorn. Third Row: Elaine Hogan, Dede Gray, Sue Williams, Mary Owen, Betty Wilson, Dorothy Dozier, Barbara Peterson, Peggy Wise. " Z " CLUB OFFICERS JAN WILLIAMS President JOANNE HECKER Secretary- Treosurer Z Club is the highest honor a freshman woman can attain. Each spring not more than seven girls are selected on the basis of schol- arship, leadership, service, charac- ter, and loyalty. Annually " Z Nite " is held at which time all the freshman dor- mitories and sorority freshmen are invited to present skits and nomi- nate candidates for the title of " Miss Freshman. " This year the club has adopted a new project, helping the mentally retarded, physically handicapped, and underprivileged children. Judy Jenkins, Patricia Venable Johnson, Nan Danner, Jan Williams, Joanne Hecker, Gail Heard 120 ZODIAC OFFICERS LOVAT ANDERSON President BETTY NUTTYCOMBE , . Vice-President KATHERINE COINER Secretory JOYCE TURNER Treasurer As a local organization Zo- diac ' s purpose is to further good scholarship by honoring those twelve women in the junior year who have mode the highest aver- ages here during their freshman and sophomore years. The Zodiac Award and the Honor ' s Day Banquet number among the activities of the group. Helen Rutledge, Willorene Furgerson, Joyce Turner, Lovat Anderson Wilkins, Ruth Grandy, Kathy Coiner, Betty Nuttycombe. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS NORMAN FLETCHER President BUDDY LECKIE Vice-President JOE MARSHALL Secretary JIM HINELY Treasurer Omicron Delta Kappa, a na- tional leadership society for men, was founded in 1914 and now has circles in 65 colleges and uni- versities. Alpha Upsilon Circle was established in 1935. Membership in ODK is based on leadership, scholarship, and outstanding participation in one or more of the following fields: publications, music, forensics, service and campus life, and con- servation to democratic ideas. Two of the outstanding activi- ties of ODK are a joint initiation ceremony with Georgia Tech and Emory University, and counseling students. First Row: Lindsey Bennett, Frank Seller, Bob Henry, George Scheer, Norman Fletcher. Second Row: James Casey, Charles Ballard, Joe Marshall, Bob Lowrey, Art Palmer. Third Row. Buddy Leckie, Ed Riddle, Lamar Harris, Lawrence Crimmins, Oscar Fowler, James Hinely. 121 GREEK HORSEMEN John Wilkins, Don Joel, Frank Seller, Norman Fletcher, Tommy Tillman, George Scheer. This organization was established at the University to honor fraternity men who have endeavored to promote and further the aims and ideals of the Greek way of life. MEMBERS John J. Wilkins, III Frank W. Seller G. Donald Joel John Cox, Advisor alpha Thomas M. Tillmon, Jr. beto George M. Scheer, Jr. gamma Norman Fletcher 122 GRIDIRON OFFICERS I FRANK W. SEILER President BILLY DAVIS Secretary-Treasurer j Founded in 1908, Gridiron is considered one of the highest honors thot a male stu- I dent con achieve on this campus. Qualifica- I tions for membership, activities, and pur- l pose of the society are known only to members. Billy Davis, Frank Seller First Row: John Wilkins, Norman Fletcher, John O ' Toole, Bill Rocker, Julion Marshall. Cox, Bill Davis, Charles Ballard, Morris Dinwiddle. Second Row: Frank Seller, Bob Henry George Scheer, Bill Hendrix, Earl Waller, Oscar Fowler, James Ward, Joe Third Row: Bob Witaker, Jim Lester, Dick Scarlett, Ronnie Brown, , Don Joel, Frank Troufman. 123 First ?ow Oscar Fcwicr, John O ' Toole, Ted Ridgeway, Ben Harrington. Second Row Richard Jones, Joel Knight, Ronnie Brown, Jim Hart, Earl Heidt, Ed Riddle, Perry Sentell, Raymond Payne. Third Row: Bob Lowrey, Glenn O ' Neal, Jerome Maner, Joe Fletcher, Max Sink, Art Palmer. Marshall, Ed Killor Richard Jones, Earl Heidt, John O ' Toole, Ed Killoren. OFFICERS JOHN O ' TOOLE President ED KILLORIN Secretary EARL HEIDT Corresponding Secretary RICHARD JONES Assoc. Editor, Student-Faculty Directory Blue Key, a national honorary service fraternity, meets every second Sunday night for a dinner meeting. The fraternity works to further cooperation of the leaders on the campus; its main project each year is to publish the Student-Faculty Directory. The proceeds from the sole of this directory ore put into the Blue Key Scholarship Fund. The fraternity awards a scholarship to a freshman chosen by the members. 124 First Row: Joel Knight, James Ward, Buddy Worley, John Jenkins, Ronnie Brown, Jim Bronyon, Louis Smith, Second Row: Lindsey Bennett, Dave Mollis, Harmon Bernard, Nathan Knight, Bill Searcy, Tommy Tillman, Bill Rooker, Bill Clark. Third Row: Buddy Leckie, Charlie Leachman, George Scheer, Billy Davis, Guy Herring, Avant Edenfield, James Casey, Joe Marshall. Fourth Row: Oscar Fowler, Don Joel, Julian Cox, Billy Chafin, Roger Walters. James Casey, Louis Smith, Billy Chafin, Jim Branyon. X CLUB OFFICERS JIM BRANYON President JAMES CASEY Vice-President LOUIS SMITH Secretary-Treasurer BILLY CHAFIN Historian Improving school spirit and loyalty is the foremost function of X Club. The club is composed of outstand- ing University men who hove reached their second quar- ter of the sophomore year. It is an honorary organiza- tion which selects its members on the basis of industry, ability, and merit. Members of X Club speak each year to high school students to encourage attendance at the University. The election of the outstanding mole senior on the campus is sponsored by X Club, and he is presented with an award on Honors Day. X Club had its beginning on the Georgia Campus in 1931. 125 NATIONAL HONORARY SCHOLASTIC SOCIETIES Phi Beta Kappa The first chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was founded December 5, 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, The Georgia Alpha Chapter was inaugurated at the University of Georgia March 27, 1914. Phi Beta Kappa at William and Mary was established for the " promotion of friendship, morality, and litera- ture. " In addition the Society now honors by member- ship those students of good character who have outstand- ing scholastic records in fields of liberal studies. Chapter President, Dean Alton Hosch; Secretary, Dean William Tate. Phi Kappa Phi The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded in 1897. The Georgia Chapter was established in 1923. The purpose of the Society is the recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship in all fields of study. Membership is offered to senior students in all colleges and schools of the University, who have out- standing scholastic standing. Each year, the local chap- ter awards a scholarship to the student of the freshman class having the highest scholastic record, and returning to the University as a member of the sophomore class. Chapter President, Professor Karl E. Shedd; Secretary, Professor J. P. LaRocca. Sigma Xi The Society of the Sigma Xi, nationally founded in 1886, was established at the University of Georgia in 1946. The object of the Society is to encourage original in- vestigation in science. Dure and opolied. Full member- ship is extended to individuals of the instructional or research staff of the University who hove shown note- worthy achievement as original investigators in some branch of pure or applied science. Associate membership is extended to graduate stu- dents who have shown marked excellence in a depart- ment and have given evidence of an aptitude for re- search in some field of science. Chapter President, Professor C. Dewey Cooper; Secre- tary, Dr. John Foster; National President, Dean George H. Boyd. 126 Mortar Board was founded at Swath- more College, Swathmore, Pa., in 1918. The local chapter was established as Par- thenian Chapter in 1939. The purpose is " To provide for the co- operation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of 11 service and fellowship among university women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop o finer type of college women. " The ob- ject of the society is Service, Scholarship and Leadership. From the sale of sandwiches and cal- endar books and from other projects Mortar Board establishes a scholarship fund annually for worthy women who have need of financial assistance. Poo Montyne Shattuck, Harriette Schreiber, Joey Sawafzke, Betty Nuttycombe, Lou Anne Smith. OFFICERS JOEY SAWATZKE President MONTYNE SHATTUCK Vice President ETTY NUTTYCOMBE Secretory LOU ANNE SMITH Treasurer MILDRED S. DADISMAN Editor Joey Sawatzke, Dean Edith Stallings, Betty Nuttycombe, Harriette Schreiber, Sue Crawford, Jane Estes Everett, Lucy Robertson, Montyne Shattuck, Edie Klein. SPHINX Sphinx is the highest non- scholastic honor awarded to male students at the University of Georgia. first Row; Norman Fletcher, Frank Seller, Lindsey Bennett, Don Joel. Second Row. John O ' Toole, John Wilkins, Dean William Tate. 1. AH. Patterson 2. W. D. Hooper 3. L. A. Cothran 4. G. Glenn 5. C. R. Andrews 6. E. E. Pomeroy 7. A. Pratt Adams 8. Will S. Blun 9. C. W. Davis 10. M. D. Dubose 11. R. P.Jones 12. A. J. McBride 13. R.J. Travis 14. T. W. Rucker 1 5. M. M. Thurman 16. John Banks 17. R. L. Denmark 18. J. E.Hall 19. R. M. Charlton 20. Harry Hull 21. H. C. Johnson 22. J. B. Ridley 23. W. R. Ritchie 24. J. L. Erwin 25. Phinizy Calhoun 26. F. McCutcheon 27. Longstreet Hull 28. B. C. J. Lamar 29. W. M. Hardy 30. N. P. Park 31. W. J. Hammond 32. Lamar C. Rucker 33. S. Blackshear 34. M. Dickinson 35. Andrew Calhoun 36. Cam D. Dorsey 37. M. Richardson 38. B. S. Walker 39. Sandy Beaver 40. F. M. Ridley 41 . G. W. Legwen 42. R. Jacques 43. Ralph Meldrim 44. Marion Smith 45. Wallace Miller 46. Minor Boyd 47. W. R. Turner 48. J. F. Baxter 49. Harold Ketron 50 Jack Bower 51. Frampton Ellis 52. Frank Anderson 53. R. P. Brooks 54. L. P. Goodrich 55. L. S. Hopkins, Jr. 56. J I. Killorin 57. M. Blackshear 58. Virlyn Moore 59. Tom Connally 6D. W. Nunnally 61. T. T. Turnbull 62. W. W. Patterson 63. Arthur Sullivan 64. Charlie H. Cox 65. Rodney Hill 66. Harcid Telford 67. A. L Hardy 68. J. D. Young 69. W. Marshburn 70. H. M. Scott 71. John A. Brown 72. George Hains 73. Dan Y. Sage 74. I. C. Levy 75. Lansing B. Lee 76. L. Raoul 77. J. J. Ragon 78. R. S. Parker 79. G. P. Whitman 80. W. L. Erwin 81. Harrison Jones 82. C. D. Cobaniss 83. W. G. Brantley 84. P. R. Weltner 85. A. Carmichacl 86. R. Kyle Smith 87. W. Brown 88. Frank H. Martin 89. C. N. Feidelson 90. J. K. McDonald 91. H. L.J.Williams 92. R. H. Jones 93. S. 0. Smith 94. M. S. Hodgson 95. H. Deloperierre 96. F. C. Newton 97. Claude Derrick 98. W. C. Henson 99. J. B. Harris 100. Y. B. Smith 101. D. H. Redtern 102. Jerome Michael 103. D. L. Rogers 104. E. V.Carter, Jr. 105. J. E. Lucas 106. H. G. Bailey 107. E. M. Brown 108. Abit Nix 109. 0. Franklin 110. E. T. Miller 111. H. L. Lanhom 112. H. B. Blackshear 113. W. Folk, Jr. 114. A. R. McDonnell 115. C. Hatcher 116. Paul L. Bartlett 117. E. L. Pennington 118. E. W. Moise 119. G. C. Woodruff 120. E. V. Heath 121. Millard Rewis 122. R. B. Troutman 123. Arthur Maddox 124. J. L. Sibley 125. L. D. Brown 126. Cliff Braunen 127. G. T. Northern 128. W. A. Mann 129. H. D. Meyer 130. B. H. Walton 131. D. R. Peacock 132. V. E. Durden 133. C. E. Martin 134. E. B. Dunlap 135. R. L. McWhorter 136. R. H. Freeman 1 37. Z. S. Cowan 138. E. Morganstern 139. James M. Lynch 140. H. Levy Rogers 141. B. H. Chappell 142. Ira Funkenstein 143. Frank Carter 144. T. Rucker Ginn 145. Aaron Bernd 146. R. H. Patterson 147. Victor Victor 148. H. H. Whelchel 149. L. Pinkussohn 150. Clark Howell, Jr. 151. D. K. McKamy 152. D. F. Paddock 153. John Henderson 154. E. J. Hardin 155. G. S. Whitehead 156. J. B. Conyers 157. C. W. Jacobson 158. H. L Hodgson 159. R. W. Wesley 160. G. L. Harrison 161 . C. M. Tanner 162. W. Quaterman 163. R. Callaway, Jr. 164. Joel B. Mallett 165. T. A. Thrash 166. Max L. Segall 167. Hof man Sorrels 168. W. 0. White 169. J. P. Stewart 170. N. L. Gillis, Jr. 171. Roff Sims, Jr. 172. J. Carmichael 173. Howard McCall 174. Irvine M. Levy 175. Hinton Longino 128 176. R. W. Courts 177. L. H. Tippett 178. O. R. Ellars 179. R. H. West 180. R. Foreman, Jr. 181. J. M. Hatcher 182. Dewey Knight 183. Louis S. Davis 184. W. P. Zachry 185. Irvine Phinizy 186. R. O ' Calloghan 187. C. M. Candler 188. W. M. Dallas 189. C. H, Sattertield 190 R. W. Harrold 191. W. D. Miller 192. Arthur Pew 193. R. E. L. Spence 194. C. W. Slack 195. John R. Slater 196. E. W. Highsmith 197. A. M. Day 198. C M. Straham 199. H. H. Mangum 200. W. H. Stephens 201. J. B. Ford 202. Nathan Jolles 203. Owen Reynolds 204. J. P. Carson 205. W D. Durden 206. W, B. Cody 207. M. A. McRainey 208. W. F. Daniel 209. E. H. Dixon 210. F. C. McClure 211. L. H. Hill 212. J. J.Clark 213. C. A. Lewis 214. J. J. Bennett, Jr. 215. Alton Hosch 216. C. G. Henry 217. J. K. Harper 218. H. H. Maddox 219. J. L. Watson 220. C. R. Anderson 221. E. M. Gurr 222. H. Cleckley, III 223. W. C. Carter, Jr. 224. William Tate 225. C F. Wiehrs 226. John Fletcher 227. J. D. Thomason 228. John Hosch, Jr. 229. T. F. Green, Jr. 230. W. E. Sewell 231. Lester Hargrett 232. C. L. Gowen 233. M. E. Kilpotrick 234. John D. Allen 235. H. D. Shattuck 236. George Morton 237. G. H. Nixon 238. A. A. Marshall 239. C. N. Mcll 240. E. P. Rogers 241. W T Forbes, Jr. 242. G. S. Johnson 243 R J. Chambliss 244. Ernest Camp, Jr. 245. Allen Post 246. A. S. Clay, III 247. Kells Boland 248. Ivey Shivers, Jr. 249. W. H. Young 250. Isaac K. Hay 251. G. Florence, Jr. 252. T. A, Nash 253. T. Hamilton, Jr. 254. B. H. Hardy, Jr. 255. Hall L. Stancil 256. D C. Tulley 257. R. Patterson, Jr. 258. H. S. Wofford 259. J. S. Candler, II 260. L. Lautzenhiser 261 . R. B. Jennings 262. C. Barrow, Jr. 263. R. B. Hooks 264. J. H. Boland 265. C. G. Hamilton 266 J. J. Harris 267. W J. Kline, Jr. 268. K. Anderson 269. J. Polmour, Jr. 270. Henry Palmer 271. K. McCutcheon 272. Guerry Harris 273. D. Feagin, Jr. 274. M. L. Purvis 275 J. M. Oliver 276. Marvin Cox 277. Ellis G. Arnall 278 Herbert Maftett 279. Sondtord Sanford 280. J. W. Maddox 281. Mork Hollis 282. W. C. Latimer 283. Vernon S. Smith 284. W. Strickland 285. J. W. Mclntire 286. Marion Gaston 287. M. Crenshaw 288. W. Hazelhurst 289. Leroy S. Young 290. F. Solomon 291. V. B.Moore, Jr. 292. W. Maddox, Jr. 293. J. Richardson, Jr. 294. M. Hodgson, Jr. 295. T. Thigpen, Jr. 296. 297 298 299. 300 301. 302. 303. 304. 305, 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314 315. 316. 317. 318. 319. 320. 321. 322. 323. 324. 325. 326. 327. 328. 329. 330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339. 340. 341. 342. 343. 344. 345. 346. 347. 348. 349. 350. 351. 352. 353. 354. 355. 356. R. Stephens, Jr. 357. J, W. Calhoun 358. D. Stafford, Jr. 359. John Bond 360. Harry Baxter 361. W. T. Rogers 362. J. D. Bowden 363. J. Carl Strong 364. A. Lee Rogers 365. J. W. Wise 366. W. Bennett, Jr. 367. W. C. Hawkins 368. R. T. Anderson 369. W. C. Hoyt, Jr. 370. C. Harrold, Jr. 371. B. Anderson, Jr. 372. E. H. Baxter 373. Dyar Massey 374. A. Roddenberry 375. Morris Abram 376. F. Newton, Jr. 377. 0. Lumpkin 378. R. Troutman, Jr. 379. R. P. McCuen 380. A. Cleveland, Jr. 381. R. C. Norman 382. J. Halliburton 383. Lee Price 384. Howell Hollis 385. Alex McCaskill 386. Stanford Smith 387, Lee Newton 388. Jack Matthews 389. Ernest Vandiver 390. Frank Gunn 391. A, Fowler, Jr. 392. C. J. Smith, Jr. 393. B. Gardner, Jr. 394. Verner Chaffin 395. J. Meadows, Jr. 396. Cliff C. Kimsey 397. T. C. Penland 398. John B. Miller 399. W. Partee, Jr. 400. Frank Sinkwich 401. Irby Exiey 402. Murray Norman 403. F. Champion 404. G. D. Lawrence 405. Jesse Bowles 406. J. P. Miller 407. Aubrey Richard Morris 408. Jimmy DeLay 409. Fluker Stewart 410. Charles Trippi 41 1. J. Sheffield, Jr. 412. Williom Fred Scott 413. Frank S. Cheatham, Jr. 414. Dan Edwards 415. R. W. Joiner 416. Dempsey Wilson Leach 41 7. William Homer Burson M. D. McLendon John Rauch Mims Wilkinson Kirk McAlpin Bryan Whitehurst John E. Griffin Harry L. Wingate James L. Bentley Porter Payne James Andrews Samuel Ray Burns H. Walraven, Jr. R. J. Healey Raleigh S. Bryans Laurence Crimmins G. R. Reinhardt W. A. Elinburg W. B. Phillips W. T. Evans T. A. Waddell R. S. McArthur E. L. Dunn, Jr. M. C. Merola W. H. Justice N. P. Chilivis M. W. Edwards T. E. Arnette Carl J. Turner Claude W. Hipps B. S. Middlebrooks Henry G. Woodard Cecil R. Spooner Howard K. Holloday Phil C. Beverly Roland C. Stubbs, Jr. Hassell L. Parker Robert K. West J. D. Benefield, Jr. Wesley L. Harris Frank V. Salerno W. Darrell Moseley C. R. Adams, Jr. Dan W. Kitchens E. R. Bratkowski D. L. Branyon, Jr. Randall Maret John Carson Robert Blolock Logan Reid Patterson Quentin R. Gabriel Jay. D. Gardner Frank Seiler Richard Trotter Joe P. O ' Malley Kermit Perry Jule W. Felton, Jr. Jabez McCorkle John J. Wilkins, III Norman Fletcher Lindsey Bennett 418 Robert S. Lowrey, Jr. 419. Donald G. Joel 420. John R O ' Toole HONORARY MEMBIRS A— H. Brown B— G. Butler C— 0. S. Sibley D — D. Dougherty E— W. H. Harris F— H. Bacon G— W. P. Hall H— F. K. Boland I— H. G. Colvin J— W. Cothran K— W. Spain L — John Dorsey M— F. Mitchell N— H. Dodd 0— C. H. Black P— W. Tichenor Q — G. Jackson R— W. B. Hill S— C. Snelling T— D. C. Barrow U— R, E. Park V— H. C. White W— A. M. Soule X— W. Brocek X— W. Brooks Y— S. V. Sanford Z — C. Strahon AA — H. Stegeman BB— S. Morris CC— G. Peabody DD — E. A. Lowe EE— T. Wofter FF— T. W. Reed GG — Horry Mehre HH— H. Edmunds II— H. Hirsch JJ— E. L. Secrest KK— H. Caldwell LL — P. Chapman MM— R. R. Gunn NN— J. D. Wade 00— H. Spalding PP— C. H. Herty QQ— E. Coulter RR— W. 0. Payne SS— W. Butts TT— W. M. Crane UU— H. A. Shinn VV— W. 0. Collins WW— E. Cacke, Jr. WX— 0. C. Aderhold WY— John E. Drewry WZ — Herman Talmadge XX— Robert 0. Arnold YY— Charles J. Bloch ZZ— Frank D. Foley 129 firs Row; T. W. McKinley, Joey Sowatzke, Ronnie Brown, Bunchy Vogel, Ted Ridgewoy. Second Row. Jim Hart, Lou Anne Smith, Horriette Schreiber, Dee Dee Torrance, Sandra Sammons. Third Row Lindsey Bennett, Willorene Ferguson, Lucy Robertson, Matt Mockay- Smith, Montyne Shattuck, Edith Klein. Fourth Row; Earl Heidt, Ruth Grondy, Jerome Maner, Joe Marshall, Gene Carroll, Buddie Leckie. WHO ' S WHO In American Colleges and Universities LINDSEY HAMILTON BENNETT, JR Rossville JOHN METCALF BOWEN Atlanta RONALD PARKS BROWN College Park VAN EUGENE CARROLL Vidalia DAVID HUGH CONNOLLY Augusta DIANA SUSAN CRAV FORD Chicago, III. MILDRED SPARKS DADISMAN Commerce MICHAEL McCAHAN DOWNES Athens JANE ESTES Gay WILLORENE FERGUSON Thomoston RUTH ELLEN GRANDY Mob; e, Ala. FRANK DELANO HARDEE Baxley JAMES JACKSON HART Columbus EARL WARING HEIDT, JR Marlow ELEANOR GLYN INMAN Manor NANCY RUTH KELLAM Waycross MAY EDITH KLEIN Hendersonville, N. C. JAMES NORMAN LECKIE, JR Shady Dale MATTHEW PAGE MACKAY-SMITH Whitepost, Va. JOSEPH HARTWELL MARSHALL, III Evans THOMAS WILLIAM McKINLEY Greensboro WEYMAN GLENN O ' NEAL Conyers JOHN RICHARD O ' TOOLE Athens THEODORE RONALD RIDGEWAY Athens LUCY CAROLINE ROBERTSON Marietta SANDRA RUTH SAMMONS Milledgeville JO-LUANNE SAWAfZKE Beaver Falls, Pa. HARRIETTS RENNE SCHREIBER Blackshear MARY MONTYNE SHATTUCK Lafayette ELIZABETH LOU ANN SMITH Greenville, S. C. ADELIA JANE TORKANCE Milledgeville FRANK TROUTMAN Atlanta MARY PARKER VOGEL Brunswick 130 Ml PUBLICATIONS 131 RED AND BLACK For 63 years The Red and Black has been chroni- cling the history of the University of Georgia. Reporters have scurried in and out of offices, barns, ditches and the caverns of Sanford Stadium gathering news. Many long nights have been spent editing copy, writing headlines and doing makeup. Many classes have been cut enabling staff members to moke sure everything was okay before that exciting sound of the old flat-bed press grinding out another week of history started. Hard work, controversy and pride in a job well done have become a part of the tradition built up over the years There have been temporary setbacks, but always The Red and Black has come back to do its job. GENE CARROLL, Fall Quarter Editor LAMAR GUNTER, Winter Quarter Editor EARL BRASWELL, Spring Quarter Editor 132 FALL QUARTER 1956 GENE CARROLL Editoi WESLEY BONZO Business Manage LAMAR GUNTER Managing Editor GARY CAMERON News Editoi MARVIN HILL Associate Edito EARL BRASWELL Sports Edito, CONNIE HAYES Women ' s Editoi CAROLYN ENGLISH Sports Edito: PAT LOTT Feature Edito, RIP WHITFIELD Asst. Sports Edito SELBY McCASH Asst. News Edita WALT GUTHRIE Asst. News Edita MAX COURSON Asst. News Edita BETH ANDREW Asst. Business Manage ALAN GUNBY Photographe, TIM FITZSIMMONS Cortooms; DAVID COOPER Cartoonis ED INGLES Circulation Manage WINTER QUARTER 1957 LAMAR GUNTER Editor WESLEY BONZO Business Manager EARL BRASWELL Managing Editor SELBY McCASH News Editor WALT GUTHRIE Associate Editor CAROLYN ENGLISH Women ' s Editor DEBORAH ANGLIN Society Co-Editor SANDY SEXTON Society Co-Editor RIP WHITFIELD Sports Editor ROBERT HOLDEN Asst. Sports Editor ANN JOHNSON Feature Editor BETH ANDREW Asst. Business Manager DWIGHT ROSS Photographer ALAN GUNBY Photographer HALSTED PAYNE Cartoonist CARY CAMERON Circulation Manager WINTER QUARTER 1957 REPORTERS Woyne Shaw, Earl Leonard, Eorl Simpkins, Dot Hungertord, Jimmy Shelly, Jeanne Campbell, Elizabeth Roper, Robert Balentine, Joe Flanders, Barbara Anderson, Lindo Stewart, Carol Jones, Ginger Dysard, Bob Cutcliff, Molly Stock, Gary Holland, Barbara Sugorman, Bootie Gowen, Kennon Hatcher, Patricia Padgett, Pot Coffey, Beth Croom, Martha McEveen, Kay Deese, Betty McTeer, Joyce Shilds, Carolyn Roberts, Gail Heard, Sandy Isenberg, Joan Nachbour, Sandra Thompson, Sandra Dunn, Edna Dickey, Joan Suther- land, Anne Sheppard, Harry Hagan, Kelton Hill, Roger Merhan, Ken Wynn, Richard Lipschutz, Eve Thaxton, Ed Ingles, Tom Green. Wesley Bonzo, Business Manager Carey Cameron, Fall Quarter News Editor 133 1957 RUTH ELLEN GRANDY Editor-in-Chief DUDLEY L. MOORE, JR Business Manager BEN SWAIN McELMURRAY JR Managing Editor HELEN HUDSON LANIER Art Editor BOB RYAN SpofJs Editor Editorial Staff Sandra Davis, Martha Mills, Rita Olsen, Edie Heston, Bob Jones, Joan Sullivan, Gwendolyn Fox, Cherry Newton, Tom Couch, Steve Edmondson, Barbara Wheeler, Cliff Benton, Ray Garade. Sports Staff BARBARA LANDERS Art Staff JEAN KNOTT, IKE HUSSEY Business Staff ANNE CHAPMAN, JULIUS HOLT RUTH GRANDY, Mfof Fall Quarter work on the Pandora gets under way. November 14 the Twenty-first Annual Beauty Revue was held at the Fine Arts Auditorium, and nine of the campus beauties were selected. By the beginning of Winter Quarter the book began to take shape; contracts for pages had been made, the photographer was seen every afternoon taking pictures, and the staff was busy writing copy. Little by little the pages were sent to the printer until by the end of the quarter the book was put to bed. Spring Quarter the staff got a rest; there was nothing to do but read proof when it came back. After a year of hectic work the activities were climaxed by the dedi- cation banquet. Elections were held, and the cycle started all over again. DUDLEY MOORE, Business Manager PANDORA SWAIN McELMURRAY, Managing Editor HELEN LANIER, rt Editor BOB RYAN, Sports Editor Joan Sullivan, Gwen Fox, Cliff Benton, and Edie Heston listen to in- structions from the Managing Editor. 135 Women ' s stoft discussing other women. Sports staff had a hard job this year RED AND BLACK HEADLINE SCHEDOli Georgio ' s most Christian editor hard at work I Looking at the hondwriting on the wall. " My Darling . . . " 136 Bob Jones, Anne Chapman, Cherry Newton, Julius Holt, and Grits Comer work on captions for snaps. Helen and Swain in agreement, for a change va: PANDORA Students make class picture appointments. The storm before the calm. Plagiarize! Let no one else ' s work evade your eyes. 137 A world in which we build pt « i il sportsmanship COACHING STAFF WALLACE BUTTS Director of Athletics Head Football Coach University of Georgia GEORGIA VARSITY FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF Kneeling: Horry Wright, Assistant Coach, Line; Johnny Griffith, Assistant Coach, Bockfieid; Wallace Butts, Head Coach; Sterling Dupree, Assistant Coach, Bockfieid; Sam Richwine, Trainer. Standing: Johnny Rouch, Assistant Coach, Bockfieid; Wyott Posey, Assistant Coach, Line; Jim Whatley, Assistant Coach, Line; Bill Hortman, Assistant Coach, Bockfieid; Perron Shoemaker, Assistant Coach, End. 140 FOOTBALL . SU. Ci. l StSiA . - Cj. 956 UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row: Mike Anderson, Angelo Monti, Charles Barnes, Harold Pilgrim, Mitchell Shellnut, Charles Harris, Jefferson Davis, Billy Gilbert, Ken Schulte, I Al Bishop, Vernon Cunard. Second Row. Riley Gunnels, Nick Bracco, Henry Dukes, Carl Manning, Cicero Lucas, Joe Comfort, Laneair Roberts, Knox Culpepper, Theron Sapp, Wilbur Lofton, Gene Littleton, Jimmy Sealey. Third Row. Bob Sedlock, Travis Vinesetf, Harold Deen Cook, Ed Burkhalter, Bill Strumke, Bob Martini, Billy Hearn, Charles Byars, Jimmy Orr, Bill Watkins, John Luck. Fourth Row. Ken Cooper, Larry Lewis, Wayne Dye, Tony Cushen- bcrry, Johnny Spooner, George Whitton, Jimmy Brown, Bob Sheohan, Mike Meatheringham, Pat Bradley. Fifth Row. Pud Mosteller, Alex MocDonold, Loy Hutcheson, Neal Marchbanks, Marion Bush, Nat Dye, Roy Wilkins, Wendell Torleton, Richard Price. Co-Coptoins. Knox Culpepper, Laneair Roberts. 141 Vanderbilt ' s Bob Taylor and George Deiderich stop Georgia ' s Gene Littleton after a first quarter end run from ttie Georgia 41 to the 45. GEORGIA 0— VANDERBILT 14 Before a capacity crowd of 28,000 at Nashville, Tennessee the Georgia Bulldogs were defeated by a Vonderbilt team out to avenge their last quarter losses to Georgia which occurred in the past two years at Son- ford Stadium. Georgia penetrated Commodore territory only twice and was held to a net rushing gain of only 85 yards. Vanderbilt ' s Henry Tyler tackles Georgia Halfback Gen Littleton for a yard loss. At left are left tackle John Luck and FB Culpepper. Vonderbilt overcame three penalties against them and made a fine 64 yard drive to tally their first touchdown midway through the second quarter. Vanderbilt ' s second touchdown was the result of a 51- yard ground attack featuring King and Butler. Carl Manning kept the Commodores from scoring again late in the fourth quarter when he caught Vondy ' s HB McCall at Georgia ' s 14. Thegc I Sit that ivStoc VQfds ■pe ipork iheiourtl to tollv 1 O-O.Sto ooss inte ' oochdo TONYCUSHENBERRY Left Guard Albany, Georgia KNOX CULPEPPER Fullback Columbus, Georgia ANGELO MONTI Left End Tarrytown, New York GEORGIA 3— FLORIDA STATE U. Not since the days of Frank Sinkwich has Georgia won a game as late as it did against Florida State. With only one minute and 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Ken Cooper kicked the longest field goal in Sanford Sta- dium history. In setting up the score there were two key plays on this drive; Billy Hearn made a sensational interception of Corso ' s pass, and Roy Wilkins with two defenders covering him made a great catch of Hearn ' s pass on 3rd and 6. Although F.S.U. threatened twice in the first half on recovered fumbles at the Georgia 25 and Georgia 1 2, they were still held to only one first down in the first two periods of the game. Late in the second quarter the Bulldogs drove to within one yard of a touchdown, but were held by a stout F.S.U. line and the ball went over on downs. Georgia mode another fine drive midway in the third quarter missing a first down by inches at the F.S.U. 19. The thrilling end of this game came when a snap center to Jimmy Orr placed in position one of the finest field goals ever seen. GEORGIA 7— MISS. STATE 19 It appeared as though Georgia was on its way to a fine victory when Littleton made a hard hitting tackle causing a fumble on the opening kickoff which Wayne Dye recovered on the Miss. State 34. The game was picked as a toss-up and was just that until Mississippi State ' s quarterback Billy Stacy provided the difference by sprinting 58 yards in the third period giving the Maroons the spark needed to go on to victory. Early in the fourth quarter the Maroons drove 77 yards to tally their second touchdown and to lead 13-0. State ' s third score come as a result of a pass interception and an 18 yard pass for a touchdown. Georgia ' s touchdown came late in the fourth quarter when Hearn made a fine 22 yard pass to Carl Manning in the end zone; Manning then added the extra point. Top: J. B. Davis driving for yardage against F.S.U. with Knox Culpepper leading the way Bottom. Manning kicking the extra point after having scored tor Georgia in the fourth quarfe against Miss. State. JIMMY BROWN Center Monroe, Georgia PUD MOSTELLER Right Tackle Conover, North Carolina LANEAIR ROBERTS Right End Fitzgerald, Georgia Ken Cooper kicking oxtru point against North Carolina is a game where his " golden toe " proved a valuable asset to the Bulldogs. GEORGIA 26— NORTH CAROLINA 12 A fumble on the Georgia 35 placed North Carolina in position to score on five ploys early in the gome but a stout Georgia team recovered its composure after this and numerous other setbacks to pile up a healthy tri- umph. In the second quarter Manning and Lofton sparked a fine drive that netted a touchdown with Lofton crashing the final 7 yards and Cooper kicking the extra point. Again in the second quarter Whitton on a reversed field run went 9 yards for a T.D., and Comfort added the extra point. After taking a second half kickoff the Bulldogs made a great drive that just about sewed up the game as Cul- pepper carried for 3 and 6 point. Cooper ' s attempt for the extra point was blocked. In the fourth quarter after North Carolina had made their second touchdown, Jimmy Orr took a handoff from Davis and raced 66 yards down the sidelines with fine blocking by Heorn and Cushenberry to score the final touchdown for Georgia, Quarterback Billy Hearn keeping the ball and driving up the middle to pic up yardage against North Carolina, GEORGIA 7— MIAMI 7 Georgia went to Miami to face the 1 1th team in the nation, and came away with a 7-7 tie reflecting the brilliant performance that the Bulldogs are capable of when the chips are down. One of the factors contributing to the upset was the hard tackling and blocking supplied by a determined team. Coach Andy Gustafson of Miami said, " It was the first time in two years our line was outplayed. Hardest hitting team we ' ve met. " Another factor that contributed to the ' Dogs ' success was the punting, Georgia punted six times, and Miami failed to return any of them. Not counting the scoring plays, Georgia penetrated Miami ' s 30 yard line four times; Miami penetrated Georgia ' s only once. Late in the first quarter Miami was forced to punt; J. B. Davis took it on the Georgia 42, raced 58 yards to score and Cooper added the extra point. Midway in the fourth quarter Miami drove 85 yards to tie the game. A tense moment as the Georgia coaches send in Lofton and Manning to strengthen the Georgia backtield for another Bulldog drive against Miami, Wendell Tarleton and Angelo Monti bearing down on Miami ball can to hold off a Hurricane drive. s.. ' : 1 Top: Lofton carrying for five yards on Georgia ' s scoring drive. Bottom; Manning moving the ball to the Kentucky 3 yard line, Georgia scoring on the next play. GEORGIA 7— KENTUCKY 14 With the scoreboard clock indicating only 2 minutes and 10 seconds left in the game, Kentucky passed on a third down and twenty five yards to go to the Georgia 1 yard line; the ball was expertly caught by the Kentucky left end to eliminate any possibility of a well-earned 7-7 tie by the Bulldogs. A Homecoming crowd of 28,000 saw the Bulldogs play a splendid gome against one of the toughest lines in football although the Georgia pass defense was not able to stop the Wildcat aerial accuracy. In this game Georgia suffered the loss of Jimmy Orr, and added to the previous loss of Comfort it was the changing action of the season for Georgia. Kentucky ' s first touchdown followed a Georgia quick kick of 31 yards which was returned by the Wildcats to the Georgia 47. The ' cats drove over in six succeeding plays. Georgia retaliated with a sparkling drive that began just as the first quarter ended. In 14 plays ending with Whitton crashing over from the 1 yard line the ' dogs tallied their lone score. ROY WILKINS Left End Dalton, Georgia ALEX McDonald Right Tackle Ligonier, Pennsylvania BILLY HEARN Qoorterfaac c Eatonton, Georgia CARL MANNING Right Half Savannah, Georgia JIMMY ORR Right Half Seneca, South Carolina J. B. DAVIS Left Half Guntersville, Alabama WILBUR LOFTON Fullback ffH Atlonta, Georgia JOHN LUCK Left Tackle Cuddy, Pa. Top: Georgia ' s line holding against determined attempt by Alabama to score. Bottom- Georgia tockiers stopping Alabama ball carrier on the Tide 45 yard line. GEORGIA 16— ALABAMA 14 After being bottled up for the better part of three quarters by a fanatically fighting Alabama team, the Georgia Bulldogs showed their indomitable spirit by scoring a comeback victory over the Crim- son Tide. Thirteen minutes and forty-three seconds had elapsed in the third period when the course of the game finally turned. An Alabama punt of 46 yards was taken by J. B. Davis who scooted up the middle, re- versed to his left, and then sped into the end zone to score. Ken Cooper added the extra point and the game was tied 7-7. The Georgia kickoff was fumbled by the Alabama receiver and Georgia recovered. In the ensuing nine plays Georgia placed the ball in range for Cooper to kick a field goal and Georgia led 10-7. Georgia ' s final tally came in the fourth quarter when Hearn sparked a fine drive and the ' dogs led 16-7. Alabama followed this with a 68 yard scoring pass that threatened Georgia, but the Bulldogs held, thus ending the game with no further scoring. Top; Whi tton of Georgia carrying for a short gain before being stopped by the Florida line. 6o orT7; Littleton picks up four yards around Auburn ' s right end CtllT- punt to ' GEORGIA 0— FLORIDA 28 Georgia went down to defeat at the hands of Florida ' s strongest football team in modern times. Georgia, show- ing the strain of seven previous battles, trailed only 7-0 at half time and actually had the opportunity to score late in the second quarter after recovering a Florida fumble, but a good Florida defense pushed the Bulldogs away from the Florida goal line as the half ended. In the third quarter, Georgia recovered two Florida fumbles within the ' Gators 30 yard line, but were unable to sustain a scoring drive. Late in the gome Georgia marched 38 yards to a first down at the Florida 15, but a 15 yard penalty was as- sessed and a Georgia passing attack fizzled. GEORGIA 0— AUBURN 20 The Bulldogs went to Columbus for their traditional meeting with Auburn and met a Tiger team at full strength and ready to win. On their first offensive play of the game the Tigers scored on a 70 yard pass ploy from Tubbs to Phillips. Billy Hearn led the bulldogs on a fine drive in the first quarter which went from the Georgia 32 to the Auburn 29 where a first down was missed by inches. Culpepper ' s valiant effort to carry on third down failed, so the ball went over. Georgia threatened again in the fourth quarter when Nunley passed to Red Roberts for 33 yards on the Auburn 31, but the play was nullified by a penalty. Determined but injury riddled, the Georgia team fought hard against a powerful offensive force that had lost only to Tech, Tennessee, and Florida. 147 GEORGIA 0— GA. TECH 35 The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets met the Georgia bulldogs for the 5 1 st time at Sanford Stadium and in- creased their edge in games won to 24, with 22 victories on the Bulldog side of the ledger. Five of these tradi- tional games have ended in ties. The Bulldogs gave a proud performance against a team of superior manpower. Tech came to Athens with 1 8 seniors that have been un- usually outstanding in their football careers and ably supported by many fine jun- iors and sophomores. Georgia, still crippled by the injuries of Comfort, Orr and others, was not able to restrain the brilliant team- work of the Jackets all after- noon, but made a valiant ef- fort in the first half with the score only 7-0. Tech come bock in the third quarter for another score and then capitalized on two short punts and a pass interception to score three times in the fourth quarter. Top Carl Manning breaking away from tocklcrs and picking up 5 yards and a first down for the Bulldogs in Tech terri- tory, fiotlom Wode Mitchell of Tech is met by u host of Georgia tacklers led by Lofton and Wilkins. JOE COMFORT Quarterback Washington, Pennsylvania GENE LITTLETON Left Half Moultrie, Georgia GEORGE WHITTON Left Half Columbus, Georgia HAROLD DEEN COOK Center Albany, Georgia CHEERLEADERS First Row: Gay Scarborough, Gail Heard, Carolyn Hendricks, Nancy Kel- lam, Nancy Bufts, Judy Jenkins and Sally Ollitf. Second Row; Wade Lin- dorme, Ronnie Brown, Bob White, Bill Roe, " Skeet " Cashin and Roger Vaughn. BASKETBALL Seated, left to right: Virgil Mills, Ray Allen, Henry Cabaniss, co- captain Fred Edmondson, Coach Marbin Lawson, co-coptain Curtis Gleoton, Don Hortsviile, Terry Hagan. Standing: Manager DeWitt Bond II, Joe OeFoor, Chuck Kammerer, Sonny Poss, Hugh Royer, W. C. Jones. Georgia ' s basketball team won its second Gator Bowl championship in the lost four seasons in Jacksonville last December in the highlight event of the 1956-57 cage season. The Bulldogs, coached by Harbin " Red " Lawson, upset Clemson 84-76 in the opening game of the annual Gator Bowl classic and then defeated South Carolina 64-62 for the title. Another highlight of the season was a thrilling 75-72 upset victory over highly regarded Auburn in Woodruff Hall. Curtis Gleaton and Fred Edmondson co-captained the team, and Ray Allen of Augusta led the team in scoring throughout the season and at times played brilliant ball from both forward and guard. Other boys who played regularly include Fred Franks and Sonny Poss, Forwards, and Don Hortsfield and Joe De- Foor, Guards. Coach Harbin " Red " La with co-coptolns Curtis Gleaton (left) ond Fred Edmondson (right). 150 Above: Co-captain Curtis Gleaton making jump shot over Gator defender. Below: Guard Ray Allen scoring against Florida in Woodruff Hall. 5«I I 75-JI HENRY CABANISS Center FRED EDMONDSON Guard Co-Captain CURTIS GLEATON Forward Co-Captain RAY ALLEN Guard V m i I v 151 DON HARTSFIELD Guard SONNY POSS Forward GEORGIA RESULTS— WON 8 LOST 16 88 MERCER 77 84 SOUTH CAROLINA 97 58 GEORGIA TECH 80 81 SOUTH CAROLINA 96 84 CLEMSON 76 64 SOUTH CAROLINA 62 69 FLORIDA 62 72 FLORIDA STATE 68 78 L.S.U 70 54 TULANE 72 75 AUBURN 72 63 FLORIDA STATE 86 71 MERCER . . 66 AUBURN . 73 ALABAMA . 53 KENTUCKY . 84 TENNESSEE . 64 ALABAMA . 65 GEORGIA TECH 91 OLE MISS . 73 MISS STATE . 60 GEORGIA TECH 51 VANDERBILT . 65 FLORIDA . . 91 73 89 84 91 52 67 99 86 74 75 85 Aolnw frnnt Rnw . Ipft to riahi: Franks, Gleaton, Cabaniss, Edmondson. Bnck Row. Allen, Kammerer, Hacian, Mills, Krafchick. 152 4faove: Georgia ' s co-captain Curtis Gleaton hits for two points against Florida State. Below: Cheerleaders receiving contributions for March of Dimes during halftime in Woodruff hfall. HAROLD KRAFCHICK Guard TERRY HAGAN Forward BOBBY CHANEY Guard SWIMMING Freestyle star Jimmy Bonkston and Coach B. W. Gabrielson. Georgia ' s swimming team, for the third straight year, produced the high point man in the annual Southeastern conference meet: Jimmy Bankston, star sophomore of Brunswick, who won the 220 and 440 yard and 1500 meter freestyle events. Georgia upset Georgia Tech ' s greatest team in history, 98 to 92, to finish second to defending champion Florida. Top; Sonny Poss, Backstroke. Bottom: Tommy Blokely, Backstroke Top: Frank Eberhort, Freestyle. Center: Buddy McNutt, Diving and Breastroke. Bottom: Howard Dyrdahl, Freestyle. 154 TENNIS 1957 GEORGIA VARSITY TENNIS SQUAD: Captain Marvin Carpenter, Louis Smith, Ed Lary, Li ndsey Hopkins, III, Alfred Thompson Jr., Richord Courts, Zuhair Nejib, Coach Dan Magill. (Don Hartstield not pictured) y Georgia ' s 1957 tennis team was expected to be the strongest Red and Black representation since 1941. Heading Coach Dan Magill ' s squad were a pair of sophomores, Lindsey Hopkins, III and Alfred Thompson Jr., who in 1956 as freshmen won the Georgia Collegiate doubles and finished 1-2, respectively, in the singles. Other varsity players were Captain Marvin Carpenter, Richard Courts, Louis Smith, Ed Lary and Don Hartsfield. Lindsey Hopkins III and Alfred Thompson Jr., star sophomores, who as freshmen in 1955 won the Georgia Collegiate Open doubles and Eastern Intercollegiate freshman doubles. Hopkins also defeated Thompson in the singles finals of the 1956 Georgia Collegiate Open Tournament. GOLF Georgia ' s golf outlook for 1957 was bright indeed, with Coach Howell Mollis having the top four men from his 1956 team back on hand: co-captains Jack Lumpkin ond Jake Howard Jr., Earl Bowden and Hugh Royer. Expected to greatly strengthen the team and make them contenders for the conference title were several promising sophomores: Frank Eldredge, Davis Adams, Bob Moser and Sam Mays. The highlight of the season, as usual, was to be the annual Southern Intercollegiate and Southeastern Con- ference tournaments, run concurrently, at the Athens Country Club, May 2-4. COACH HOWELL T. MOLLIS Golf team co-captains Jack Lumpkin and Jake Howard Jr. 156 TRACK Georgia track coach Forrest (Speck) Towns an- ticipated several of his more talented proteges to score heavily in the annual Southeastern Con- ference meet. Heading the cinder cost was Bill Duckworth, the Southeastern Conference javelin record-holder; Cliff Simonton, very promising half-miler; Tom Simonton, sprinter; Denny Jack- son, 220 and 440; and Captain Charles Harris, 100 and 220. Coach Towns also is happy about future prospects, having three outstanding fresh- men, headed by his son, Bobby, State high school champion hurdler in 1956; Ken Wynn, Georgia high school mile champion, and Postelle Brown, Florida high school shot put champion. Cliff Simonton, Coach Forrest Towns, and Tom Simonton % BASEBALL 1957 GEORGIA BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 18 Rollins College at Winter Park Fla. March 18 Ohio State at Winter Park, Fla. March 19 Ohio State at Winter Perk, Fla. Morch 20 Rollins College at Winter Park, Fla March 22 Auburn ot Auburn March 23 Auburn (2) at Auburn March 29 Mercer at Athens March 30 Mercer at Macon April 5 Tennessee at Athens April 6 Tennessee (2) at Athens April 8 G. T. C. at Collegeboro April 9 G. T. C. at Collegeboro April 12 Georgia Tech at Atlanta April 13 Georgia Tech at Atlanta April 19 Florida at Athens April 20 Florida (2) at Athens April 23 G. T. C. at Athens April 24 G. T. C. at Athens April 26 Kentucky at Lexington April 27 Kentucky (2) at Lexington May 3 Georgia Tech at Athens May 4 Georgia Tech at Athens 1956 GEORGIA BASEBALL TEAM: First Row: Tarleton, Mills, Young, Callaway, Soye, Knight, Gladin. Second Row: Freyer, Kowalczyk, Jones, Bradley, Grant, Shepard, Giles, Mgr. Bartenfield. Third Row: Coach Whatley, Williams, Powell, Smith, Wallace, Cabaniss, Armistead, Grubbs. 158 II BILLY HEARN, P tc ier COACH JIM WHATLEY Georgia looked forward to another successful baseball season in 1957, Coach Whatley having seven of his 1956 regulars back in the lineup. The Bulldogs, who were runnerups to Florida in the 1956 Eastern Division of the SEC, were pre-season picks to be title contenders. Regulars returning are Jim Callaway, 2b; Ray Allen, SS; Virgil Mills, 3b; Billy Hearn, P; Duane Grice, LF; Wendell Tarleton, CF; and Ronald Bradley, RF. DUANE GRICE, Left Field VIRGIL MILLS, Third Base R. E. GLADIN, Catcher . ' X, ' WENDEL TARLETON, Center Field RAY ALLEN, Shoe Sfop 160 li INTRAMURALS WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS The Women ' s Athletic Association sponsors on exten- sive intromural sports program here at the University. Opportunities to participate in volleyball, tennis singles, table tennis, horseshoes, basketball, badminton doubles swimming, bowling, softball, tennis doubles, golf, and archery competition are offered to every sorority member and dormitory resident on campus. Highlights of the school year starting with the spring of ' 56 would most assuredly include these; the ever- wondering pitching of Kappa, Betty Nuttycombe in the hotly contested softball tourney, the " see who can volley the longest " tennis doubles finals between the Thetos and the AOPi ' s, the jubilance of the DPhiE ' s when they copped their first first place in a major sport for the first time in their sorority ' s history, the excitement that pre- vailed when the Concert Dance Club prepared for their production, the endurance of all during the " hot " basket- ball finals, and, of course, the never failing guidance and leadership of the faculty, W.A.A. officers, and sports managers at the Women ' s Physical Education Building. Points are awarded for the champions of the team and individual competition, and, at the end of the year, the groups with the largest number of points ore awarded trophies. Lost year ' s winners were; first place, KAT, second place, KD, third place, Rutherford Hall, and fourth place, KKG. The participation award was won by the SDT ' s who had 100% participation throughout the year. Awards are also given to deserving individuals in the form of letters and keys. 1% ' V f Intermission at a basketball game means rest for some and checking for others. Here the Mary Lyndon team plots strategy while the referees and a faculty member check the scoreboard. WW Everybody helps to get this over! The DPhiE ' s chompionship volleyball team. Kneeling: B. Kellman, T. Levy, P. Nathan, S. Hartman, S. Schwartz. Standing: S. White, R. Scligman, E. Froh- man, G. Schwartz, R Feldman. 162 U in and Davis, Horseshoe winners Theto, Helen Huff show s the form that helped win the Table Tenni; Tournament. 1956-57 RESULTS SPRING, 1956 WINTER, 1957 ARCHERY GOLF SOFTBALL SWIMMING TENNIS DOUBLES FALL, 1956 TABLE TENNIS 1st 2nd Rodgers, Alpha Gamma Delta Saltzman, Sigmo Delto Tau McElhenny, Delta Delta Delta Hayes, Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Rutherford Hall Koppa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Omicron Pi Huff, Koppa Alpha Theta Delta Phi Epsilon TENNIS SINGLES HORSESHOES VOLLEYBALL BOWLING SWIMMING BASKETBALL 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd Vogel, Koppa Alpha Theta Hardy, Alpha Delta Pi Soule Hall Koppa Alpha Theta Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Delta Pi Koppa Delta Pi Beta Phi Chi Omega Pi Beta Phi Rutherford Hall Pi Beta Phi ins! B Mulhcnn, A. Jones, G. Geise, J. Thompson, A. Cox, J. Calhoun. First place! ... a splashing success! 163 OFTf zm MEMBERS OF THE DOLPHIN CLUB: First Row: B. Vogel, E. Ewing, E Hooper, C. Goodwin. Second Row: M. Leach, P. Atkinson, J. Eager, L, Garctt. The Women ' s Athletic Association also sponsors the Concert Dance Club, Dolphin Club, and the Tennis Club here at the University. These clubs are made up of stu- dents who possess advanced skills and an extreme amount of interest in either the dance, synchronized swimming, or tennis. Throughout the year these groups are active in preparing for their concerts, productions, or matches. Aw come on! You can do it! i jTj: Bunchy Vogel and Lucie Butler, KAT, Tennis Doubles Champions. T Spigener, N Butler, and B Hart rehearse for the spring production. D. Bliss, J. Mincey, M. Rutland, and B. Bennett view " something from the unknown. " MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Faculty advisor R. T. Bowen and student assistant Aubry Walker keep tab on men ' s intramurals. Intramural sports at Georgia this year are enjoying one of the best years in the history of this Institution. Competition is at a high peak and participation is growing more and more. The program here offers to everyone opportunities to be- come active in such sports as touch football, basketball, bowl- ing, paddle ball, horseshoes, volleyball, golf, tennis, table tennis, track, softball, and other special events. Under the guidance of Dr. R T. Bowen and student assistants, Aubry Walker and Glenn Patterson, a smooth and well organized program is being carried out. Athletic managers from each of the organizations entere d in the various tournaments round out the frame work of this " student machine. " There are five leagues participating in the intramural program this year. Those are: the Governor ' s League, made up of the large fraternities; the President ' s League, made up of the smaller fraternities; the Independent League; the Dor- mitory League; and the Professional League, mode up of professional fraternities and organizations. The victors in each activity receive points toward the trophies that are awarded in each league. Last year the final standings in the Governor and President ' s League were as follows: Governor ' s 1st place, SAE; 2nd place, KA; and 3rd place. Gamma Sigma; President ' s 1st place, TEP; 2nd place, AEPi; and 3rd place, Chi Psi. (ion Ik PiKA, Claude Harper, catches a pass to set up a successful touchdown in a Governor ' s League intromurol football game. 165 SPRING 1956 SOFTBALL Governor ' s League Phi Delta Theta President ' s League Tau Epsilon Phi GOLF Governor ' s League Sigma Chi President ' s League Chi Psi TENNIS Governor ' s League Kappa Alpha President ' s League Tau Epsilon Phi PING PONG Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Alpha Epsilon Pi TRACK Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Tau Epsilon Phi Now ... if you hold your mouth just right . . .! Action off the boards in the Chi Psi-Theta Chi gome 166 FALL 1956 FOOTBALL Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Theta Chi Dormitory League Joe Brown Independent League Geechee Club Professional League Omega Tau Sigma HORSESHOES Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Alpha Tau Omega VOLLEYBALL Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Lambda Chi Alpha TOUCH FOOTBALL PENTHELETON Governor ' s League Phi Delta Theta President ' s League Alpha Tau Omega WINTER 1957 BASKETBALL Professional League Omega Tau Sigma BOWLING Governor ' s Leogue Pi Kappa Alpha BASKETBALL FREE THROW Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s Leogue Lambda Chi Alpho TRACK Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Chi Psi ALL CAMPUS ACTIVITIES TENNIS 1st Norman Dolgoff 2nd Phil Goolsby GOLF 1st Jack Hougobook 2nd Sonny Hamilton Gordon Kelley, PiKA, takes off for a front header. set . . . go! for the 100 yd trccstyle " Toe dancer " Tillman! 167 A world in which we find t INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL II Rooker, Donald Joel, Tom Whelchel, Dave Hollis. OFFICERS DONALD JOEL President TOM WHELCHEL Vice-President BILL ROOKER . Secretary DAVE HOLLIS Treasurer The purpose of the Interfraternity Council is to act as governing body of the fraternities, to promote greater harmony and cooperation among fraternities, to provide a more perfect unity of effort, and to strive always to advance the interest of the University. At the National I.F.C. Convention held last year, the local Council received a national honorable mention for its work in community services and fraternity activities. This award placed the Council among the top ten inter- fraternity groups in the country. Activities sponsored by I.F.C. include the annual fall Homecoming Dances, at which a name band furnishes music for a formal dance, an informal dance, and a concert. Greek Week is another annual activity sponsored by the I.F.C. The purpose of Greek Week is to sponsor a week of cooperation among the sororities and fraternities to render service to the campus and community. Lcs Brown ploys at the Homecoming dance. Freshmen sign up for rush parties. 170 1 First Row. Paul Dowell, Swain McElmurray, Dave Mollis, Tom Whelchel, Don Joel, Bill Rooker, Ira Polk, Norman Simowitz. Second Row: Pete Burr, Larry Bixby, Frank Seiler, Jules Stine, Roby Roth, Bill Searcy, Gibson Durden, Julian Cox, Jay Cox. Third Row. Tommy Bailey, Tom Dennard, Bill Collins, Frank Orris, Jerry Succi, Bill Clyatt, George Scheer, Harmon Barnard. Fourth Row: Ray Nicholson, Cone Maddox, Howard Leavy, Tom Gray. MEMBERS ALPHA EPSILON PI KAPPA SIGMA PI KAPPA PHI Norman Simowitz Joel Knight Bob Smith Ira Polk Tom Rainey Bill Caison ALPHA GAMMA RHO LAMBDA CHI ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON H. A. Casey Frank Eberhart Jay Cox Morris Seymour Ray Nicholsen Bill Searcy ALPHA TAU OMEGA PHI DELTA THETA SIGMA CHI Cone Maddox Tom Dennard Frank Seiler Howard Leavy Bill Collins Paul Dowell CHI PHI PHI EPSILON PI SIGMA NU Julian Cox George Scheer Tom Bailey Warren Johnson Harmon Bernard Charlie Jones CHI PSI PHI KAPPA TAU SIGMA PI Jerry Succi Lynwood Jones Larry Bixby Frank Oris Pete Chick Pete Burr DELTA TAU DELTA PI KAPPA ALPHA TAU EPSILON PI Hal Weller Bill Chatt Robbie Roth Frank Chandley Gibson Durden Jules Stine KAPPA ALPHA THETA CHI Swain McElmurray Jim Martin Tom Gray Sanford Tillman 171 ALPHA EPSILON PI Charles Shaffer, Stanley Miller OFFICERS STANLEY MILLER Master CHARLES SHAFFER Lt. Master DEWALD COHEN Secretary MURRAY FELDMAN Exchequer Thirteen years after the national founding at New York University, Omicron Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi was established on the Georgia campus in 1926. One of their biggest projects is the " AEPie Throw " held Winter Quarter to raise money for the March of Dimes. All the sororities and fraternities on campus are well represented at the contest. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote fellowship and understanding among the men of this fraternity, and to prepare its members to meet and deal with the prob- lems of life, to maintain high standings socially, scho- lastically and athletically is their goal. Among their famous alumni are the comedy enter- tainers, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis; the former supreme master AEPi, Arnold Hoffman; and the famous New Jersey philanthropist, Morton Schlig. These boys have won the Intramural Softball Champ- ionship for the third consecutive time. Members are active in Scabbard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, A!pha Phi Omega, and Phi Kappa. 327 S. Milledge Ave. 173 First Row: Jerry Taitz, Sam Goodrich, Wallace Moses, Harold Millner. Second Row: Ira Polk, Donald Estroft, Norman Mannis, Dewald Cohen, Charles Shotter, Stanley Miller, Glenn Estroft, Milton Jacobson, Sam Good- rich, Santord Karesh. Third Row: Ronnie Schreiber, Martin Noss, Lorry Wilensky, David Cohen, Allen Zarch, Jerry Norensberg, Burt Kamlet, Jack Licbowitz. fourth Row Larry Cohen, Murry Feldman, Ronnie Goldman, Terry Scitz, Burt Grotenstein, Nelson Goldman, Burt Haskins. Fifth Row: Alan Goldman, Norman Gclivesky, Herb Sodel, Paul Eichel, Melvin Simowitz, Melvin Seligman, Danny Shalloway. Sixth Row: Gerald Siegcl, George Bern- stein, Lewis Solloway, Barry Berman, William Green, Sam Bisgoy. Seventh Row: Stanley Levine, Leonard Friedman, Ned Franco, Roger Merahn, Horvey Charvin, Alvin Siegel, Jerry Rubin. MEMBERS Barry Berman George Bernstein Sam Bisgay Leigh Brody Harvey Charvin David Cohen Dewald Cohen Jay Cohen Larry Cohen Paul Eichel Donald Estroff Glenn Estrott Murray Feldman Ned Franco Leonard Friedman Alan Goldman Nelson Goldman Ronny Goldman Norman Golivesky Sam Goodrich Sam Goodrich William Green Marty Greene Bert Grotenstein Bert Haskins Milton Jacobson Santord Karesh Bert Kamlet Jack Liebowitz Stanley Levine Norman Mannis Roger Merahn Stanley Miller Harold Millner Wallace Moses Martin Nass Jerry Norensberg Ira Polk Jerry Rubin Murray Schatten Ronnie Schreiber Terry Seitz Melvin Seligman Charles Shaffer Danny Shalloway Alvin Siegel Gerald Siegel Melvin Simowitz Norman Simowitz Herb Sodel Lewis Solloway Stanley Steinberg Jerry Taitz Larry Wilensky Harvey Wollner Al Zarch Marvin Zion 173 Eugene Culpepper, Robert RiedJnger OFFICERS EUGENE B. CULPEPPER Noble Ruler ROBERT L. RIEDiNGER Vice Noble Ruler H. A. CASEY Secretary RAY P. BROWN Treasurer Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in the fall of 1904, at Ohio State University. Since that time, 34 chapters have been organized throughout the United States. The Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity is similar in organization to other general social fraternities differing only in that its membership is restricted to students in agriculture and related subjects. The fraternity publishes a quar- terly magazine, called the SICKLE AND SHEAF, and a monthly, called the NATIONAL CRESCENT. Alpha Eta chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho was es- tablished here in 1927 by a group of men interested in agricultural froternalism. The fraternity ' s biggest annual event is the Founders ' Day Dance. The flower is the pink rose; the sweetheart is Kay Ricks; and the colors are green and gold. Alpha Gamma Rho is governed by brotherhood, and through brotherhood it seeks to better the members ' future by promoting common interest in agriculture, the basic industry. 785 S. Milledge Ave. 174 First Row: H. A. Casey, Eugene Culpepper, Kay Ricks, Mrs. May Noland, Robert Reidingner, Y. D. Maddox. Second Row: Boris Doobinin, Charles Lanier, Jack Lord, Carl Wilkerson, Rick Hawkins, Walter Futral, Morris Seymour, Robert Burns, William Truluck, Third Row: George Flanders, Loy D. Cowart, Roscoe Brown, Olvid Edwards, Rowc Wall, Phillip Roberts, John Faulk, Lanny Farr, Joe Ben Jackson, Ray Brown, J. W Little fourth Row George Yco- mans, Adolph Sanders, Gene Gay, Jerry Lanier, Rolph Loveless, Emmette Vinson, Joe Free, Jim Roc Brantley, Donald Hooks, William Cole Jim Roe Brantly Ray Brown Roscoe Brown Robert Burns H. A. Casey William Cole Loy D. Cowart Eugene Culpepper Boris Doobinin MEMBERS Olvid Edwards Lanny Farr John Faulk George Flanders Joe Free Walter Futral Gene Gay Rick Hawkins Donald Hooks Joe Ben Jackson Charles Lanier Jerry Lanier Jim Lee J. W. Little Jack Lord Rolph Loveless Y. D. Maddox Robert Reidingner Philip Roberts Adolph Sander Morris Seymour William Truluck Emmette Vinson Rowe Woll Quentin Webber Carl Wilkerson Reed Wilson George Yeomans 175 i( ALPHA TAU OMEGA Bobby Woodson, Cone Maddox OFFICERS CONE MADDOX, III Worthy Master BOBBY R. WOODSON Worthy Chaplin LARRY E. FLOYD Worthy Scribe BARNEY L. BRANNEN, JR Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer Alpha Tau Omega, the first Greek-letter fraternity organized after the War Between the States, was es- tablished at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Since this founding 70,000 men have been initiated into 1 17 chapters. ATO was the first national fraternity to abolish " Hell Week " and substitute " Help Week. " Sixth oldest active chapter in the nation and oldest in the state of Georgia, Alpha Beta was founded on the Georgia campus in 1878. Among the highlights of the year are the White Tea Rose Formal each spring and " Sewer " parties in the basement each quarter. Louise Kent, Kappa Alpha Theta, was chosen sweetheart last spring. Among famous alumni number Robert L. Sherrod, editor of the Saturday Evening Post; and Thomas L. Stokes, twice winner of the Pulitzer prize in Journalism. These men along with more than 800 alumni are now working on plans for an new and larger house to be erected on River Road. 815 S. Milledge Ave. 176 First Row: Bob Crawford, Haywood Ellis, Sonny Baldwin, Earl Leonard, Louise Kent, Cone Moddox, Jack Moron, Mike Harrison. Second Row: Eddie Laws, Malcolm Seckinger, Jim Smalley, Jack Chilton, Jimmy Fonville, Don Peters, Ben Thornton, Frank Lewis, Don Combes, Bob Woodson, Bob Tolleson. Third Row: Bob Flowers, Howard Lcovy, Ed Bolden, Jimmy Simpson, Lorry Floyd, Jack Hartc, Billy Mitchell, Bill Meadows, G. W. Bradley. i -- J.: ' ■ ' CO? r Vi, L; b. ,f.;»r ••!► ' ' MEMBERS Sonny Baldwin Jimmy Bankston Fronk Baxter John Belflower Ed Bolden Wiley Boyles G. W. Bradley Barney Brannen John Brown Fred Corswell Bill Chambers Clifford Chapman Jack Chilton Don Combes Bob Crawford Stonewall Cowart Hal Davis Haywood Ellis Warren Few Bob Flowers Larry Floyd Jimmy Fonville Pete Griner Cecil Mailman Mike Harrison Jack Harte Buddy Helton J. C. Johnson Eddie Laws Howard Leavy Earl Leonard Frank Lewis Cone Maddox Bill Meadows Fred Miller Bill Mitchell Jack Moron Ed Mobley George Newman Larry Otfwcll Bob Paulk Don Peters Jim Robertson Richard Scarlett Malcolm Seckinger Jimmy Simpson Jim Smalley Ben Thornton Bob Tolleson Ruben Tuck Jimmy Walker Wilton Walton Rody Whitner Motie Wiggins Bob Woodson 177 Harry Oldham, Chuck Kommerer OFFICERS CHARLES KAMMERER Alpha HARRY OLDHAM Beta PURNELL DAVIS Gamma JOHN EZZARD Delta Chi Phi, the oldest national social fraternity was founded at Princeton University in 1824. Eta Chapter was established at Georgia in 1867, preceeded by only one other fraternity. The fraternity flower is the sun flower, the colors are scarlet and blue, and the Chakett is the fraternity magazine. There are many events on the Chi Phi social calendar; among them are the Annual Alumni Banquet and Dance held in Atlanta, the Christmas Party, the Moulin Rouge Party held Winter Quarter, and house dances all during the year. Nini Maltby, Kappa Alpha Theta, was chosen by the chapter a sweetheart and sponsor this year. Mrs. L. P. Baggs continued to serve as their housemother. Chi Phi is well represented in X Club, Sphinx, Gridiron, Student Council, IFC, varsity athletics, and many other campus activities. A few famous Chi Phi alumni are Henry Woodfin Grady, Louis Eatton LeConte, and Jeptho Harris Rucker. 290 S. Lumpkin St. 178 First Row: Phillip Middlcbrooks, Louis Lamar, Warren Johnson, Jock Hollis, Jimmy Wolkcr, Nick Collins, John Hadaway, P. B. Burdette, Jack Kern, Johnny Smith, Pete Pethcl Second Row Charles McCurdy, Mike Harrington, Dec Morgan, Barksdale Collins, Jon Whitchurst, Nini Moltby, Herb Zachery, Wade Seal, Raymond Cross, Tom Smith, Arthur Butts, Ed Ivic, Purnell Davis. Third Row. Willie Edwards, Gene Skelton, Pete Payne, Larry Shick, Sam Mays, Scott Hensen, Weyman Brown, Jerry Washburn, Henry Wall, Parker Lowry, Al Kitchens, Hal Choate. Willie Stornes, Sprowel Dempsey, Randy Stanton, Gene Staton, Johnny Walker, Dan Reddick, Breck Brigham, John izzard. Fourth Row George Bowen, Edwin Gammagc, Walter Martin, Hugh Inglis, Tommy Miller, Frances Moore, George Scott, Leon Former, Maurice Joyce, Chris Dudley, Jon Bogie, Bobby Northcut, Dick Smith, Neal Poss, Chuck Kammcrer, Bryce Newman, George Morris. MEMBERS David Anderson Jon Bogie George Bowen Breck Brigham Weymon Brown P. B. Burdette Arthur Butts Hal Choate Barksdale Collins Nick Collins Tom Collins Julian Cox Raymond Cross Jimmy Cruickshank Purnell Davis Sprowel Dempsey George Dietrich Chris Dudley Donald Dussling Sam Evins John Ezzard Leon Farmer Edwin Gammage John Hadaway Harry Harden Mike Harrington Scott Hensen Jackie Hollis Hugh Inglis Ed Ivie Warren Johnson Maurice Joyce Chuck Kammerer Jack Kern Al Kitchens Louis Lamer Dan Lanier Richard Langston Parker Lowry Joseph Martin Allen Matthews Sam Mays Charles McCurdy George McDonald Sam McGill Phillip Middlebrooks Ford Miller Tommy Miller Dee Forest Morgan Francis Moore George Morris William Mulherin Bryce Newman James Nichels Bob Northcut Thomas Oglesby Harry Oldhem Joseph Palmeur Peter Payne Peter Pethel Harold Pilgrim Neil Poss Thomas Powell Daniel Reddick Larry Schick George Scott Wade Seal Gene Skelton Dick Smith Gene Smith Johnny Smith Tom Smith Jomes Strewford Randy Stanton Willie Starnes Gene Staton Claude Stubbs Melvin Thompson Skip Thornton Henry Wall Nils Wallgreen James Walker John Walker Jerry Washburn Jon Whitehurst John Wilkins Lawton Wofford Herbert Zackery 179 Bob Watson, Jerry Succi OFFICERS ROBERT A. WATSON President JEREMY M. SUCCI Vice-President PETER E. BACH Secretory ALTON P. GILMORE Treasurer Chi Psi fraternity was founded at Union College in 1841 and is the oldest national fraternity on the Georgia campus. Alpha Alpha Delta was founded in 1890. Famous alumni include the Gillette Brothers of the Gillette Razor Company; Vic Seixas, Wimbledon Tennis Champion; Clifford W. Hodgeson, President of the In- ternational Coca Cola Company, and many others. Long remembered Chi Psi parties include the Gang- ster Party and the Beachcombers ' Ball, as well as the formal and house dances of the year. Another highlight of the year is the annual Christmas Dance. Each year the Chi Psi ' s sponsor two athletic events in addition to the intramural program. One of these is the Chi Psi — PhiMu Softball gome which is held in the spring and claims the distinction of being one of the most unique athletic events taking place on the Georgia campus each year. Also the Georgia-Georgia Tech Chi Psi football game held between these two chapters is one of the more enjoyable projects sponsored. The gome is followed by a joint party. 645 S. Milledge Ave 180 First Row: Dee Gilmore, Bill Dunn, Hinton Wells, Anthony Shields, Reuben Garland, Mike Deleonardis. Second Row; John Harris, Betty Knight, Mrs. George Breland, Virginia Cannon, Mike Kidd, Batch Flythe, Charles Griffith Thir-t Row Jrrrv S lom-n. J- ' hn Watsnn, Neil Willinms, Pete Manley, Philip Wortman. Fourth Row: Roy Dickens, Bob Watson, Jerry Succi, Pete Bach. Fifth Row: Tom Reid, Frank Orris, Nick Vceder, Frank Iseminger, Malcolm Locke, Harold Johnson, Wesley Noll, Earl Lacey, Jerry Colangelo, Mike Seminara, Herb KastI, Bill Hibbert, Bill Howard. MEMBERS Pete Bach Ken Brehm Russell Cotes Jerry Colangelo Mike DeLeonardis Roy Dickens Bill Dunn Batch Flythe Reuben Garland Dee Gilmore Charles Griffith John Harris Tom Hayes Bill Hibbert Bill Howord Fred Iseminger Harold Johnson Ralph Jordan Herb KastI Mike Kidd Earl Lacy Malcolm Locke Pete Manley Virgil Mills Wesley Noll Frank Orris Tom Reid Mike Seminara Anthony Shields Jerry Solomon Jerry Succi Nick Veeder John Watson Bob Watson Hinton Wells Neil Williams Philip Wortman 181 Frunk Chandley m ■ 1 V 1 ■ r K g S« 9 L s rSmwi. « lis lil mk a JL J I i ' f I I UM Vtfiff ■ei H . .-- 1 ■i ■ P f ' M ._ ' V. OFFICERS HAL WELLER President FRANK CHANDLEY Vice President BRYSON TANNER Secretary LEW BRINSON Treasurer Delta Tau Delta, one of the oldest national social fraternities in the United States, was founded at Bethany College in West Virginia on June 1, 1889. Beta Delta Chapter was founded at the University of Georgia in 1882 and will celebrate its 75th anniversary this year. Delta Tau Delta is the eighth oldest fraternity on campus. Many annual activities and observances are the Under- privileged Children ' s Christmas Party at which six local youngsters are afforded a Christmas celebration they could not otherwise have; the Dogpatch Drag, a costume party featuring characters from " Li ' l Abner " ; and the Rainbow Ball, when the Sweetheart for the coming year is crowned. The Delts hove consistently come up with prize-win- ning homecoming decorations, and are usually among the top fraternities on the campus scholastically. Famous Delt alumni include Dean of Men, William Tote, James Melton, Lamar Trotti, Alben Barklsy, Sewell Avery, and Branch Rickey. 545 S. Milledge Ave. 182 First Row: Bill Vaughan, Henry Custer, Jim Michael, John Cochran, John Stegall, George Oglesby Second Row George Dean, Bryson Tanner, Mrs. E, K. Overstreet, Frank Chandley, Allan Bradford, Bill Davis, Thomas Williams, Wiley Black, Third Row: Dempsey Allgood, Gilbert Walker, Lewis Brinson, James HolKord, Jack Sheriff, Ernest tHalltord. Fourth Row: Dick Elliott, Frank Bahin, Joe Mitchell, Denny Jackson, Allen Stovoll, Dave Kippenbrock, Ben Lacey, Charles Godfrey, Sorry Dubberly, Bob Flournoy, Don Handkinson, George Boston, John Waters Filth Row: Hugh Miller, Bill Crawford, Silas Langfitt, Gordon Huff, Will Moddox, Ken Davis, Gary John- ston, Al Steagall, Elbert Dewitt, Sheldon Scheppach, Clyde Wells, Jimmy Allman, Ernest Drew, George Oglesby, Rhct Tanner, Dick Dorsey, Bob Walls. MEMBERS Dempsey Allgood James Allman Frank Bahin Wiley Black Allan Bradford Lewis Brinson Frank Chandley Emmett Cochran William Crawford Henry Custer Kenneth Davis William Davis George Dean Elbert Dewitt James Dillard Dickinson Dorsey Ernest Drew Barry Dubberly Richard Elliott Robert Flournoy Philip Falger George Gaston Charles Godfrey Ernest Hal|ford James Hallford John Hamby Donald Honkinson Gordon Huff Denny Jackson Gary Johnston David Kippenbrock Benjamin Lacy Silas Langfitt William Maddox James Michael John Miller Joseph Mitchell George Oglesby Russell Poteet William Ragsdole Sheldon Scheppach Jack Sheriff William Steagall John Stegoll Allen Stovoll Bryson Tanner Rhett Tanner David Vaughan William Vaughan Gilbert Walker Robert Walls John Waters Hal Weller Clyde Wells Thomas Williams 183 KAPPA ALPHA Bruce Benton, Alex Cann OFFICERS ALEX CANN BRUCE BENTON MICHAEL CALLIHAN Ill In 1865, at Washington and Lee, a fraternity was founded whose purpose it was to promote the ideals and customs of a " Southern Gentleman. " They felt that an example was needed, and they could think of no one who was more worthy than Robert Edward Lee. Being the example, he is known as the " spiritual founder " of Kappa Alpha Order. Gamma Chapter, established on the University of Georgia campus in 1868, is the oldest chapter in con- tinuous operation. This year the KA ' s were very active in campus organi- zations having members in " X " Club, Student Council, Phi Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, Red and Black, and the Pandora Staff. In intramurals, the KA ' s won the campus basketball championship and finished high in Governor ' s Trophy Race. Kay Dillord of Athens was elected the " Rose, " and their sponsor, Carolyn Kirby was selected as a member of the 1957 Pandora Beauty Court. 294 S. Lumpkin St. 184 First Row: Ralph Hodges, Ferrell Keafon, Bruce Donnigan, Ed Legge, Jim Sykes, " Otto, " Giles O ' Neal, Jack Allen, Warren Jenkins, Billy Fair, Bill Williams, Gib Johnston, Travis Cook, Jim Garner, Roy Hayes Second Row Stan Karlson, Buzzy Walters, Same George, Terrill Wesley, Mike Callihan, Bruce Benton, Alex Cann, Mrs. David, Bucky O ' Neal, Allan Barber, Don Sprayberry, Clark Perry, Larry Dunn, Bill Ramsey, Third Row: Jim Gray, Swain McElmurray, Jack Romono, Harry Haisten, Charlie Harris, John Fowler, David Oaks, P. B. Patterson, Tom Legette, Terry Smith, Bill Askew, Wyle Waller, John Cole, Joe Flanders, Ebbie Brinson, Hugh Dobbins Fourth Row: Bob Mills, Bob Little, Sid Fleming, Fred Gilmer, John Blevins, Buddy Creal, Tom Hopson, Arthur Montgomery, Jim Davis, Frank Barron, Roger Griffies, Charles Fleming, Ed Thomos, Jim Simmons, Ed Roche, Tom Gray, Boone Knox, Ben Price. Jack Allen Bill Askew Allan Barber Frank Barron Bruce Benton John Blevins Emmet Bonduront Bill Brasse Ebbie Brinson Wendall Calhoun Mike Callihan Rufus Chambers John Cole Travis Cook Buddy Creal Dick Daniels Jim Davis Hugh Dobbins Bruce Donnigan Henry Drake Larry Dunn MEMBERS Dick Evans Joe Flanders Charles Fleming John Fowler Jim Garner Sam George Campbell Giddens Fred Gilmer Jim Gray Tom Gray Roger Griffies Don Grisson Harry Haisten Chorles Harris Roy Hayes Charles Hicks Earl Hickman Fred Hitson Tom Hopson W.Jenkins Arnold Johnson Gib Johnston Ferrell Keaton Boone Knox David Lamb Ed Legge Tom Legette Bob Little Jim McCants Bill McCown Ed McDaniel Swain McElmurray Bob Mills Arthur Montgomery Lester Neville David Oaks Bucky O ' Neal Giles O ' Neal P. B. Patterson Clark Perry Jack Prather Ben Price Ernest Rackley Bill Ramsey Ed Rocke Jack Romano Charles Sanford David Scott Bill Shaw Jim Simmons Terry Smith Willis Sparks Don Sprayberry Alston Steiner Hal Stoltz Jim Sykes Ed Thomas Wyle Waller Buzzy Walters Terrill Wesley Bill Williams Tom Williams J. C. Wilson 185 Joel Knight, William Riley The Trophy Dance is one of the most outstanding social highlights held at the fraternity house. Every spring at the dance the much coveted Kappa Sig Trophy is presented to the Sorority of the year. This year the Kappa Sigmas sponsored a Christmas party for the needy children of Athens. Mrs. T. C. White served as housemother again this year; Nancy Butts of Phi Mu was the sweetheart; and Betsy Tant of Zeta Tau Alpha was sponsor. 324 S. Milledge Ave. 186 First Row: Cay Stokes, H. B. Turner, Dean Cole, Billy Row, Bill Murdock, Jerry Grayson, Bill Ray, Jimmy Wingo, Don Stewart, Robert Forst. Second Row Dick Wall, John Boden, Bobby White, Bill Riley, Betsy Tant, Joel Knight, Mrs T. C. White, Clarence Pound. Third Row: Walter Moyers, Eugene Roc, George Thompson, Arthur Osborne, Tommy Horris, Jerome John- son, John Dunn, Frank Hardee, John Long, Thomas Herndon, Donald Hender- son, Clayton McWilliams, Robert Christie, Omer Gross, Henry Bell, Harris Lewis, Hugh Holyoak, Jomes Cody. Fourth Row: Philip Avery, George Bran- non, Duaine Alderman, Thomas Elliot, Chandler Barton, John Daugharty, Roy Thomas, George Armstrong, Wesley Leonard, Lewis Hudson, Clifford Robert- son, Leonard Lokey, Vivian Gates, Clifford White, Charles Goodson. Filth Row: Robert Culpepper, James Anderson, Taylor Hatcher, Thomas McGority, Thomas Pound, George Gordy, Daniel Hutchins, Dwight Bliss, Archie Parks, Norris Garrett, Sixth Row: Hill McKcnic, Ralph Hairston, Michael Rcily, Edward Spear, Willrom Robinson, Theodore Peorce, Franklin Brown, Donald McNair, Jomes Hall, Robert Daughorty, Horry Andrews, Clifton Benton. MEMBERS Fredrick Acree Duaine Alderman Jomes Anderson Horry Andrews George Armstrong Dan Arnold Philip Avery Henry Bell Clifton Benton Chandler Barton John Boden Thomos Bond Dwight Bliss Benjamin Brackett George Brannon Robert Brock Franklin Brown Jomes Cody Bryant Cole Robert Christie Eugene Crowley Robert Culpepper Milledge Cummings John Daugharty Robert Daugharty Thorpe Deriso Jefferson Dovis John Dunn Thomas Elliot John Foster Robert Forst Vivian Gates Norris Garrett Charles Goodson George Gordy Jerry Grayson Omer Gross James Hall Ralph Hairston Frank Hardee Taylor Hatcher Daniel Hutchins Donald Henderson Thomas Herndon Hugh Holyoak Lewis Hudson Jerome Johnson Gene Jones Joel Knight Warren Lanier Wesley Leonard Harris Lewis Leonard Lokey John Long Norman Lueders Clemothene Mathis Hill McKemie Donald McNair Thomas McGarity Clayton McWilliams Walter Moyers William Murdock Arthur Osborne Archie Parks Theodore Peorce Thomas Pound Clarence Pound Cullen Rainey Owen Quattlebaum Robert Reiney Michael Reily William Riley Clifford Robertson William Robinson Eugene Roe William Roe William Rowell Joe Sewell Marshall Smith Valdon Smith Edward Spear Donald Stewart Cay Stokes Lemuel Stockmar Roy Thomas George Thompson Hiram Turner James Vickers John Wall Robert White Clifford White James Wingo 187 Mrs. G. H. Westbrook served as housemother and presided graciously over the many social activities of the chapter. Among the various given annually are the Har- vest Moon Ball, Hernando ' s Hideaway Party, Founders ' Day Banquet, Sweetheart Ball, and the Alumni Bar-B-Q. Charlie Trippi, John Rauch, William Stuckey, Joe Jor- dan and Joe Geri are only a few of the famous alumni of Lambda Chi. The fraternity flower is the white rose, the magazine is the " Cross and Crescent, " and the colors are purple, green and gold. 990 South Milledge Ave. 188 First Row: Max Courson, David Morrison, Dickie Emmons, Joe Hammock, David Brown, Howard Dyrdohl, Eddie Roy, Richard Howard, Dick Green. Second Row: Frank Eberhort, Chorles Furtodo, Jerry Conupp, Norris Mullis, Bill LcMostcr, Jim Wise, Dovid Mollis, Jerry Prucell, Roddy Bray, Sammy Nix. Third Row: Lou Kakaty, Robert Marandino, Hiram Henrix, Roy Nichol- son, Charlie Robocker, Bill McDaniel, Robert Pitts, Bob Sofrit, Clark Franklin, Otis Terry, Marvin Raulston. Fourth Row: Russ Van Putten, Pat Boggs, Tom Brown, Gene Moore, Wayne Preddy, Ray EIrod, White Garlond, Bob Lawson, Fred Durr, Ridglcy Robinson, Charles Almond. MEMBERS Owen Adams Charles Almond Sonny Borr Barry Beoll Pat Boggs Tucker Boyette Roddy Bray David Brown Tom Brown Albert Burkhort Jerry Canupp Richard Collier Eddie Condron Max Courson Howard Dyrdohl Frank Eberhort Ray EIrod Richord Emmons Clark Franklin Royce Fricks Charles Furtado White Garland Dick Green Joseph Hammock Joseph Harris Dovid Harrison Hiram Hendrix Leonord Hogan David Hollis Richard Howard Swanton Ivey Earl Joiner Louis Kakaty James Langston Bently Lipston Robert Lawson Bill LeMaster Ed Madroy Robert Morandino A. C. Marshall Roland Massey Bill McDaniel Gene Moore Norris Mullis Pete Neal Sammy Nix Bill Parker Wayne Preddy Jerry Prucell Marvin Raulston Eddie Ray Adelbert Richords RIdgely Robinson Charles Robocker Bob Satrit Karl Shedd Otis Stephens Dallas Torkenton Otis Terry Russ Van Putten Eddie Wade Jim Wise 189 PHI DELTA THETA Sam Hagerman, Jim Hall OFFICERS SAM HAGERMAN President JIM HALL Vice President WALTON DAVIS Secretary HAROLD NIXON Treasurer Beginning the year in their beautiful new home at the corner of Baxter and Lumpkin Street, the Phi Delts have enjoyed one of their most successful years to date. Phi Delta Theta fraternity was founded nationally in 1848. The Alpha Chapter, established in 1871, is one of 1 21 chapters. Social events at the new house included the Annual Bowery Boll, the White and Blue Formal, the Hobo Party and the Annual Phi Delt-K A Party which was held in the spring. Mrs. Mary Dolving, housemother, was hostess at the Christmas party for underprivileged children. The Phi Delts named as their 1956-57 fraternity sponsor. Miss Lettie Jensen, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Phi Delta Theta was well represented in Interfraternity Athletics again this year. Last year the Phi Delts took first place in Softball and were near the top in other sports, winning a high position in the competition for the Governor ' s Trophy. 690 South Lumpkin St. 190 First Row: Powell Griffith, Alfred Thompson, Bcbby Crosby, Lee Lester, Tom Christy, Chuck Conklin, Bobby Brabham, Charles Crowley, Graham Stovall, Sonny Hamilton, Horace Evans. Second Row Tom Nolan, Billy Hughes, Sam Haggcrman, Bernard Herring, Bob Lyons, Lettie Jensen, Duffy Fronck, Leroy Forehand, Walton Davis, Harold Nixon, Charles Leamon, Ray Kunzer, Jim Hall Third Row. Melvin Bentley, Gordon Williams, Joe McGee, Bill Collins, Harmon Taylor, Walter McCurdy, John Morrison, Frank Dowdle, Bill Kemp, Gerald Thurmond, Ralph Skelton, George Hood, Duncan Collicott. Fourth Row: Tom Welchel, Spencer Allen, Danny Hobbs, Jock Haugabook, Dick Hester, John Wasdin, Bing Owens, Lorry Hawley, Bill Fuller, Jim Wilcox, Roger Shadburn, Danny Hughes, Dovid Fulghum, Gus Edge, Wiley Wasdin, Lin Banks. MEMBERS Spencer Allen Lem Baker Lynn Banks Joe Barrett Jack Barrow Russell Belcher Melvin Bentley Art Benton Jim Brown Bud Brandenburger Jot Carpenter Bob Chapman Bennie Chappell John Christofferson Bill Collins Chuck Conklin Ted Conrade Danny Cook Bob Crosby Charles Crowley Walton Davis Joe De Foor Tom Dennard Frank Dowdle Bill Duckworth Gus Edge Edwin Edwards Horace Evans Norman Fletcher Leroy Forehand Thad Fraleigh David Fulghum Bill Fuller Herbert Gordy Ken Green Bill Griffin Powell Griffith Sam Haggerman Jim Hall Sonny Hamilton Larry Hawley Jack Haugabook Bernard Herring Danny Hobbs George Hood Bill Horton Bill Hughes Danny Hughes Bill Kemp Tom Kempton Ray Kunzer Lee Laster Randy Lazard Charles Leamon Bob Lyons Gresham McCullough John McCune Walter McCurdy Joe McGee John Morrison Harold Nixon Bing Owens Tom Scarbrough Roger Shadburn Sonny Shroyer Ralph Skelton Kip Smithers Ben Smith Bryon Stevens Graham Stovall Harmon Taylor Alfred Thompson Mat Thompson Gerald Thurmond Doug Townsley John Wosden Wiley Wasdin Raymond Watts Linton West Jim Wilcox Gordon Williams John Williamson Tom Whelchel 191 PHI EPSILON PI Harmon Barnard, John Blau OFFICERS HARMON L, BARNARD Super or JOHN BLAU Vice Superior LEWIS R KAYE SecreJory JACOB S. BEHR Treasurer Phi Epsilon Pi Fraternity was founded at the City Col- lege of New York in 1904, and now boosts thirty-seven active chapters and over ten thousand members. Phi Ep is the first Greek-letter Social Froternity to appropriate funds for activities outside its own organization. Mu, Phi Ep ' s oldest chapter, was organized in 1898. Mu was the twelfth chapter on the Georgia campus and the oldest local of its kind in existence. The Phi Ep wel- come mat is always out to all students on the University of Georgia campus. For many years it sponsored the famous " Tea Party. " Now they invite all who want to come to their annual Battle of the Bands held during Fall Quarter. Instead of the usual " Hell Week " for the froternity initiates Phi Ep has a " Help Week " ; during this period the initiates help the Athens Park Commission with its various activities. 750 S. Milledgc Ave. 192 First Row: George Schcer, Jake Behr, Barbara Sugarman, Mrs, Hoffman, Barnard. Third Row. Julian Cox, John Blau, Bob Wochs fourth Row: Richard Norman Kesner, David Carle. Second Row. Bill Bierman, Bob Duval, Harmon Lipshutz, Dick Gouron, Paul Fine, Donald Joel. Jerry Frank Louis Kaye Richard Govron Norman Kesner Donald Joel Richard Lipshutz Louis Schaul George Scheer Robert Wachs 193 PHI KAPPA TAU Pete Chick, Henry G. Brown 470 Hill St. OFFICERS HENRY G. BROWN President PETE CHICK Vice President DALE MORRISON Secretory WILLIAM DULGES Social Choirman In 1906 Phi Kappa Tau was founded nationally, and Beta Xi was established on the Georgia campus in 1950. When it comes to parties, the Phi Tau ' s have their shore with the Halloween Ball and Parisian Party in the fall, the Valentine Dance in the winter, and the Red Carnation Ball in the spring. Founder ' s Day is celebrated every year with a banquet and dance in the spring. The Domain Conference is also held every spring in Atlanta. Their annual projects consist of the Orphans ' Christmas party and a contribution to the Cerebral Palsy Fund. The Phi Tau ' s celebrated their Golden Jubilee in Miami this past summer. Edie Heston, AOPi, was selected as the Phi Kappa Tau sponsor and Gay Scarborough, ZTA, was chosen as sweet- heart. Miss Ida Bell served graciously as housemother. Phi Kappa Tau is represented in Student Council, Pershing Rifles, the Dixie Redcoat Band, and claims a Georgia cheerleader. 194 I first Row. Dale Morrison, Pete Chick, Edie Heston, Gay Scarborough, Gil Brown, James Myers. Second Row. Clarence Canada, Dave Fountain, Linwood Jones, David Bohortoush, Louis Musil, Wade Whitley. Third Row: Bill Duke, Roger Vaughn, John Kcaslcr, Henry Williamson, John Caye, Lloyd Wesco. Fourth Row. Henry Bohn, Greg Toth, Howard Joe, Sid Smith, Jim Harrison. MEMBERS Frank Borbee Henry Bohn David Bohortoush Gil Brown Clarence Canada John Caye Peter Chick Billy Duke James Fountain James Harrison Howard Joe Linwood Jones John Keasler Dale Morrison Louis Musil James Myers Harvey Oglesby Williom Ragland Sidney Smith Gregory Toth Roger Vaughn Lloyd Wesco Wade Whitley Henry Williamson Tommy Wilson 195 Dick Buckley, Gibson Durden Included among Pi Kappa Alpha ' s alumni are Senator John Sporkman, Senator Wayne Morris, Elbert P. Tuttle, and Fess Parker. Pi Kappa Alpha has distinguished itself in many cam- pus events, including its annual Christmas party for local orphans. Also, the annual Dream Girl Dance, at which Letrelle Gammage was named. The Costume Ball and " Hoose " Dance are traditional events with the Pikes. Alpha Mu of Pi Kappa Alpha holds to its purpose " promotion of brotherly love and understanding, and the mutual encouragement of social and scholastic en- deavors. " 198 S. Hull St. 196 First Row. Jim Haile, Allen Mathews, Rudy Atkinson, Mike Downs, Kirby Tyler, Gene Cashin, Donald Bonner, Phil Goolsby, Paul Norton, Ed Mulligan, Stan Kent, George Hombrick. Second Row. Sandy Frame, Dick Buckley, Jimmy Delk, Bill Prescott, Donald Bell, Tommy Mobley, Trelle Gammage, Mrs. Bunn, Bob Ryan, Joe Kane, Gibson Durden, Claude Harper. Third Row. Jim Coch- ran, Ernie Pokes, Jay Welsh, Joe Cove, Duncan Roush, Bill Daniel, Rusty Burke, Bill Porter, Wray Avera, B. Lloyd Woodall, Pat Mathis, Gilbert Miller, Tot Morton, Irving Hodges, Ben Hudson, Jimmy Beach, Andy Mule. Fourth Row: Grady Persons, Bill Henderson, Chappcll Collins, Tommy Carteaux, David Bell, Mike Shepard, Joe Fouche, Jimmy Tapp, Howard Dranc, Ethan Patterson, Doug Busbia, Ronnie Griffith, Bill Cliatt, Stan Thorton, Ken Murphey. MEMBERS Bill Agner Rudy Atkinson Gilbert Aycock Bryant Ayers Wray Avera Charlie Barnes Mike Baucom Jimmy Beach David Bell Donald Bell Donald Bonner Dick Buckley Rusty Burke Ed Burkhalter Donnie Burt Douglas Busbia Tommy Carteaux Gene Cashin Sonny Casey Joe Cave Bill Cliatt Bob Cleveland Jim Cochran Chappell Collins Gene Clyatt Ed Curlee Tony Cushinberry Larry Cook Bill Daniel Jimmy Delk Jimmy Dicks Mike Downs Howard Drone Gibson Durden Ernie Fokes Joe Fouche Louis Fox Sandy Frame Bill Gilmore Phil Goolsby Bill Griffin Glen Griffin Buddy Griffith Jim Haile Rice Boozer Harmon II Claude Harper Bill Henderson Jim Hennahane George Hombrick Irving Hodges Jack Hoffman Paul Horton Ben Hudson Larry Jones Joe Kane Gordon Kelly Stan Kent Peyton Lingle Frank Marvin Pat Mathis Allen Matthews Gilbert Miller Tot Morton Tommy Mobley Ed Mulligan Ken Murphey Red Murphey Ethan Patterson Neal Peovy Grady Persons Gary Phillips Bill Porter Bill Prescott Jock Rich Bunky Roberts Duncan Roush Bob Ryan Ed Sams Mike Shephard Sid Shephard Bobby Sieg Johnny Smith Hugh Stacey Gordon Stem Tommy Stokes Jim Tapp Stan Thorton Bill Trunnell Frank Twitty Kirby Tyler Jay Welsh Dan Westfall Lloyd Woodall 197 Robert Smith, William Birdsong Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded at the College of Charleston in 1904. Lambda Chapter was established on the University of Georgia campus in 1926 as the thirteenth fraternity. There ore now forty-nine chapters of Pi Kappa Phi in the United States. Some of the famous alumni of the Pi Kappa Phi Fra- ternity include the following: Wallace Butts, A. Merri- man Smith, Thomas Wolfe, and Governor George Bell Timmerman of South Carolina. 599 Prince Ave. 198 First Row: Donald Jordan, Eddie Fox, Bill Caison, Conner Dyess, Nancy Wheeler, Charlie Smith, Robert Smith. Second Row: David Quarterman, Mason Eagan, Willis Justice, Malcolm Nash, Bill Birdsong, Bob Bramblett, Fred Congland. Third Row: Richard Martin, Ronald Tansill, Phillip Aldridge, Ray Wright, Buster Joiner, fourth Row: Johnny Merritt, Boyd Bridges, Julian Lang. MEMBERS Philip Aldridge Bill Birdsong Bob Bramblett Boyd Bridges Bill Caison Fred Congland Mason Eagan Jack Earl Eddie Fox Wolt Gutherie Donald Jordan Buster Joiner Willis Justice Millard Lambert Julian Lang Richard Martin Johnny Merritt Malcolm Nash David Quarterman Charlie Smith Bob Smith Ronnie Tansill Ray Wright 199 Huel White, Tommy Tillman Ellen Ansley, Phi Mu, was chosen by the fraternity as sweetheart; Mrs. Frances Calloway served as house- mother. The S A E Centenial was celebrated March 9th. Alum- ni from all over the nation returned to listen to a broad- cast over a closed network from the founding sight. Famous alumni of S A E include Harold Stassen, Mil- ton Eisenhower, and Georgia Beta ' s Richard B. Russell. 247 Pulaski St. 200 First Row: Stuart Woods, Jimbo LoBoon, Richord Brown, George Wodc, Huel White, Bill Hood, Robert Calhoun, Tommy Bozeman, Chester Leathers, North Goodwin, Ed Jones, C. D. Gann, Don Cole, Mac O ' Kelly. Second Row. Buddy Weston, George McGriff, Earnest Franklin, Bill Patterson, Jay Cox, Lyman Johnson, Ellen Ansley, Dudley Moore, Tommy Tillman, Ben DeVaughn, Nathan Knight, Doug Smith, Jim Willingham. Third Row: Bartow Morgan, ' Charles Morris, Bee Tillman, Walker Beeson, Bill Davidson, Tommy Rutland, Bill Searcy, David Block, Don Terry, Johnny Mitchell, Bill Green. Fourth Row: Wayne Daughtry, Armand DeLaPerriere, Ban Anderson, Lee Parks, Chris Brandon, Richard Courts, Charles Norton, David Thurman, Floyd Northcutt, Jim Roberts, Walter Glenn. Fifth Row: Sandy Walker, Davis Adams, Charles Williams, Dallis Champion, Jack Rocker, Yoncy Stribling, Chip Wood, Bill Wright, Jack Taylor, Eddie Ausband, Bruce Crawford, Sid Harrison, Ralf Burt, Wade Lindorme. Sixth Row: Phil Newton, George Whitton, Marsholl Dodds, Lindsey Hopkins, Huffy Moody, Cree Kilpotrick, David Houk, Stuart Walker, Bob McPherson, Carr Dodson, Tom Hincs, Preston Fulmer, Dent Acree, H Bickcrstoff, Tommy Shay, Seventh Row: Shcrril Kelly, Dudley Baired, Bill Rookcr, Bob Sommers, Bo Bradley, Jim Dowling, Richard Hull, Gene Mac Winburn, Francis McSwain, Bill Morton, Ray Garard, Dal Baker, Powell Moore, Alfred Floyd. MEMBERS Dent Acree Davis Adams Bon Anderson Eddie Ausband Dudley Baird Dal Baker David Black Walter Bedingfield Walker Beeson Tommy Bozeman Bo Bradley Chris Brandon Burt Bridges Richard Brown Frank Brumby Rolf Burt Robert Calhoun Rudedge Carpenter Dallis Champion Don Cole Richard Courts Jay Cox Bruce Crawford Wayne Daughtry Bill Davidson Armand DeLaPerriere Ben DeVaughn Marshall Dodds Carr Dodson Jim Dowling Sonny Dillard Frank Dudley Alfred Floyd Earnest Franklin Preston Fulmer C. D. Gann Ray Garard Walter Glenn North Goodwin Bill Green Julius Gresham Jerry Griffin Sid Harrison Tom Hines Harry Hodgson Julius Holt Bill Hood Lindsey Hopkins Charlie Horton David Houk Richard Hull Carlton James Buster Jenkins Lyman Johnson Ed Jones Harris Jones Carl Jourdan Sherrill Kelly Cree Kilpotrick Nathan Knight Jimbo LaBoon Chester Leathers Burton Lee Don Leeburn Wade Lindorme Lem Mahoffey Frank McCleneghon George McGriff Bob McPherson Francis McSwoin Homer McSwoin Gordon Miller Johnny Mitchell Huffy Moody Dudley Moore Powell Moore Bartow Morgan Charles Morris Bill Morton Boozie Newton Phil Newton Floyd Northcutt Mack O ' Kelly Lee Parks Bill Patterson Vic Patterson Bob Payne Jim Roberts Bill Rooker Jock Rooker Tommy Rutland Bert Sams Richard Savage Bill Searcy Tommy Sisk Doug Smith Bob Sommers Yancy Stribling Jack Taylor Don Terry David Thurmond Cleve Thompson Bee Tillman Tommy Tillman George Wade Sandy Walker Stuart Walker Buddy Weston Bill White Huel White George Whitton Charlie Williams Jim Willingham Gene Mac Winburn Chip Wood Allen Woodall Stuart Woods Bill Wright 201 Frank Seiler, Horoce Thom OFFICERS FRANK W. SEILER President HORACE THOM Vice President ERNEST COOK Secretory ERIC TILLER Treasurer Sigma Chi, one of the oldest national social fraterni- ties, was founded at Miami University of Ohio in 1855. Delta chapter was established on the Georgia campus in 1871, the fifth fraternity on the campus. The 21st Annual Sigma Chi Derby was held this fall. This contest originated at Georgia in 1935 and since then has become an annual event at most chapters. The Sweetheart Ball climaxed the Derby, with Lillian McKen- zie. Kappa Kappa Gamma, being chosen as sweetheart, Carolyn Hendricks, ZTA, was elected Sig sponsor. Mrs. G. L. Simms served as housemother for another year. The Sig ' s traditional Winter Quarter party is the Sleezy Dance; Spring Quarter it ' s the " Go to Hell " Party aug- mented with the annual spring house party later in the quarter. The Sigma Chi ' s have representatives in X Club, Grid- iron, Sphinx, IFC, Student Council, varsity athletics, Mu Beta Iota, Demosthenian, Phi Kappa, senior class offi- cers, and " Red Black. " 480 S. Milledge Ave. 202 First Row Dan Cronin, Eric Tiller, Bucky McCoy, Bill Hall, Don Thompson, Horoce Thorn, Julian Ulmer, Bill Hogan. Second Row Gene Carroll, Jim Edwards, Hoke Wofford, Earl Waller, Frank Seller, Lillian McKenzie, Jim Lester, Ernest Cook, Lindsey Bennett, Jimmy Venn. Third Row: Bob Don- aldson, Don Grimes, Paul Dowell, Skinny Jones, Harry Samson, Ronny Jones, Marian Jerdon, Jim McClellan, Tom Rhyne, Wayne Snow. Fourth Row: Ronald Judson, Jimmy Lundsford, Grits Comer, Harold Friedman, Dan Smith, Bill Sanders, Cobby Wore, Fred Hollingsworth, Brian Bush, Walter Alford, George Sweat, Ray Allison, Hoke West. Fifth Row: Armond Wells, Dick Gray, Gene Lamb, Chuck Norton, Ray Abney, Wayne Martin, Gene Benton, Mike Bowling, Jim Greene, Carter Ramsey, Steve Edmondson, Paul Womack, Buddy Crumb, Dick Kennedy, Ed Lory, Tom Couch, Zcke Thomas, Sal Fazio, John Lightfoot. Sixth Row: Bob English, Johnny Jackson, Ham Arden, Henry Rowland, Allen Carter, C. R. Greer, Norman Echols, John McMullan, Mike Kelly, Bill Coleman, Jim Thompson, Mickey Cochran, MEMBERS Bill Abney Roy Abney Walter Alford Roy Allison Hamilton Arden Ben Bailey Dick Bell Lindsey Bennett Gene Benton Lenord Bolton Bob Boyle Mike Bowling Brian Bush Allen Carter Norman Cartledge Gene Carroll Calvin Cherry Mickey Cochran Bill Coleman Fletcher Comer Ernest Cook Tom Couch Danny Cronin Buddy Crum Joe Daniel Bobby Donaldson Paul Dowell Norman Echols Jim Edwards Bob English Sal Fazio Jimmy Fendig Harold Freeman Dick Gray Jimmy Greene C. R. Greer Danny Grimes Bill Hall Danny Hart Ed Hodges Paul Herrington Bill Hogan Fred Hollingsworth Johnny Hyers Johnny Jackson Marion Jordan Bob Jones Jack Jones Ronnie Jones Mike Kelly Dick Kennedy Gene Lamb Ed Lory Jim Lester John Lightfoot Wayne Martin Jim McClellan Bucky McCoy Bubbah McDonald Allen McGarity John McMullan Buddy McNutt Bill Mills Paul Moreria Chuck Norton John Porter Carter Ramsey Tommy Rhyne Jim Rogers Henry Rowland Ralph Sonford Harry Sansom F. W. Seller Stacy Show Millard Sheppard Daniel Smith Wayne Snow Jim Stewart Bob Summerou George Sweat Jimmy Therrell Zeke Thomas Horace Thom Don Thompson Jim Thompson Eric Tiller Julian Ulmer Jimmy Vann Earl Waller Bobby Ware Si Waters Armond Wells Hoke West Hoke Wofford Paul Womack 203 Marvin Simmons, Lewis Murphy OFFICERS LEWIS MURPHY Commander MARVIN SIMMONS U. Commander JOE KITCHENS Recorder JERRY MINGE Treasurer As an outgrowth of o secret society, the Legion of Honor, Sigma Nu was organized at Virginia Military Institute in 1869. Mu Chapter was established in 1873, the seventh fraternity on the University of Georgia cam- pus. The journal is the " Delta " ; colors ore gold, black, and white; and the flower is the white rose. Fall Quarter at the Sigma Nu house means the Ship Wreck Party, followed by Winter Quarter with the Alamo Scouts Ball. The White Star Formal is the highlight of the Spring Quarter. There is also an annual house party plus numerous house dances. The end of Spring Quar- ter doesn ' t mean the end of social activities in the life of a Sigma Nu. The Saddle Shoe Stomp makes the summer complete. The purpose of Sigma Nu is to bind together all mem- bers with ties of true and lasting friendships, to protect, assist, advance, and encourage each other by every hon- orable means in their power during life. Rood 204 First Row: Al Whitehurst, Sam Harrell, Bartow Parkerson, Tommy Theus, Don Soberdash, Tommy Dean, William Frantz, Julian Jones, Bill Daulcr. Second Row: Granfl ond King, Harrell White, Jack Lynn, Jerry Minge, Marvin Simmons, Camille Crockett, Susie Stukes, Lewis Murphy, Joe Kitchens, Joe Glenn, Jack Ragland, Gary Sigman, Tommy Bailey, Marvin Sorrclls, Ben Miller. Third Row: Frank Bartlctt, Perry Howard, Eddie Lummus, Milton Dunoway, Jerry Krivsky, Tony Green, James Gentry, Jerry Elliston, Frank Robertson, Charles Ramey, Bill Cromartic, Tommy Ashworth, Rody Stovoll, Pete Clark, Ben Boswell, Sam Hubbard. Fourth Row: Walter Lawson, Phil Coylc, George McMichael, Ben Spillers, Ben Mills, Speer Mabry, Bill Thomp- son, Joe Walls, Ben Thomkins, Paul Saye, Bill Hayes, Clayton Blount, Al Jones, Fenn Folsom. Tom Ashworth Otis Askins Tommy Bailey Buddy Barrio Frank Bartlett Buddy Blount Ben Boswell Edwin Boyett Rodney Boyett Lane Brown Lorry Burel Harvey Chandler Charlie Cheeves Pete Clark Bobby Cochran Johnny Cole Phil Coyle Bill Cromortie Frank Curry Bill Dauler Tommy Dean Milton Dunaway Bobby Duncan Jerry Elliston Jim Evans Mo Fetzer Fenn Folsom Robert Foy Al Francis Bill Frantz Billy Gilbert Joe Glenn Tony Greene Sam Harrell Charlie Harris Billy Hearn George Hearn Tom Henderson Jimmy Hodges Perry Howard MEMBERS Sam Hubbard Ben Ingram Al Jones Charlie Jones Grantland King Joe Kitchens Jerry Krivsky Terry Lawson Charlie Leachman Eddie Lummus Jock Lynn Speer Mabry Earl Mallard Dan McSwain Mike Meatheringham Ben Miller Ben Mills Jerry Minge Lewis Murphy Barte Parkerson Tommy Pritchett Jack Ragland Joe Ragland Chick Ramey Art Reynolds Frank Robertson Fuzzy Saye Charles Sherwood Marvin Simmons Ben Spillers Marvin Sorrells Jimmy Stanford Rody Stovoll Tommy Theus Ben Tompkins Joe Walls George Wells Harrell White All Whitehurst Charlie Wilkerson George Yeager 205 Jim Fields, Larry B ixby OFFICERS JIM FIELDS President LARRY BIXBY Vice President JACK REYNOLDS Secretory JACK SMITH Treasurer The Sigma Pi Fraternity was founded on February 26, 1907, at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana. Next to the Miami Triad, it is the oldest national fraternity originating west of the Ohio River. Alpha Phi chapter was activated on the University of Georgia campus on May 19, 1956, with 30 members. There are 60 chapters and 22 alumni clubs chartered throughout the United States. From the beginning Sigma Pi has pursued a conservative policy of expansion, aim- ing for inner strength rather than outer size. Patty Carson, Kappa Delta, is the Sigma Pi Sweetheart, and Landyce Torrance is their sponsor. Sigma Pi was first scholastically spring quarter, 1956. The big social events during the year for the Sigma Pi ' s are the Sock Hop, the Orchid Boll, Pirates Ball, and the Spring Swing. Some of the distinguished alumni include: James V. Carmichael, president of Scripto, Inc.; George D. Stod- dard, president of the University of Illinois, and Dudley Fisher, cartoonist. 390 S. Hull St. 206 First Row: Pete Burr, Harold Torrance, Charles Renschler, Ross Hughes, Cliff Shell, John Woolf. Second Row. Marshcll England, Jack Reynolds, Jim Fields, Pat Carson, Mrs. Leon Hardy, Landyce Torrance, Larry Bixby, Ken- neth McAlpin, Mr. Roy Bowdcn. Third Row: Mike Meduski, Frank Rayfield, George Dixon, Bill Crutchfield, Bob Purcell, Joe Mosley, Sonny Bowcn, Stan- ley Tufen. Fourth Row: Dana Downing, Marion Leonard, Donald Downing, Jerry Bowen, Bob MacPherson, Bill Boiler, Jack Smith, Eddie Murphy, Bill Anderson. MEMBERS Lawrence Bixby Donald Downing William Boiler Marshell England Allen Bowen James Fields Ira Bowen Carl Horrell Robert Burr John Hattrich William Crutchfield Travis Hill George Dixon Ross Hughes Dana Downing Marion Leonard Robert MacPherson Kenneth McAlpin Michael Meduski Joseph Mosley Edgar Murphy Robert Purcell Franklin Rayfield Charles Renschler John Reynolds Clifford Shell Thomas Smith Harold Torrence Stanley Tuten John Woolf 207 Jerry Jocobson, Mike Schworz The school term of 1955-56 was a banner year for the Tau Ep ' s, For the first time in the history of the University, a fraternity won both the Scholastic and Ath- letic campus-wide competition. Coupled with the winning of the Grand Sweepstakes trophy for the March of Dimes, Tau Epsilon Phi thus completed one of its most successful years. Nu Chapter has built a new fraternity home this year. The modern $100,000 brick and steel structure has been erected on Baxter street. Local advisors include Mr. Al Bush, distinguished Ath- ens merchant; Dr. Sigmund Cohn, University law profes- sor; and Messrs. Dave Gordon and Abe Brooks, long time leaders of Athens ' Jewish community. I 208 H First Row: Eddie Harelik, Lennie Jacobs, Stanley Coolick, Herbert Stine, Mike Schwarz, Jerry Jacobson, Joy Stine, Gilbert Levison, Ronnie Cohen, Neal Markowifz. Second Row: Cor! Kaufman, Joy Sleekier, Nathan Robhan, Mr Sigmund Cohn, Sonny Goldstein, Richard Krock, Beverly Stein, Carole Jack son. Jay Cottsky, Wayne Miller, Rodney Wolf, Stanley Friedman, Maschc Hirsch. Third Row: Baron Goodman, Norman Dolgotf, Aron Weiner, Robbie Roth, Dovid Scharff, Freddy Benamy, Dick Cohen, Marshall Bloom, Abrom Rubin, Artie Mcisnere, Harvey Charnoff, Marvin Finkelstein. Fourth Row: Melvin Hirsch, Herbert Blondheim, Spud Karsman, Isaac Levy, Mike Grubcr, Sheldon Graiser, Stanley Cohen. Fifth Row: Herbert Slotin, Lou Saul, Marvin Pechter, Larry Garvis, Bernic Hirsch, Larry Morrison, Bobby Kogan, Herman Bcrkowitz. MEMBERS Harvey Beberman Freddy Benamy Herman Berkowitz Herbert Blondheim Marshall Bloom Harvey Charnoff Jay Coffsky Dick Cohen Ronnie Cohen Stevie Cohen Stanley Coolick Normon Dolgoff Marvin Finklestein Stanley Friedman Larry Garvis Paul Goldstein Sonny Goldstein Baron Goodman Sheldon Graiser Marvin Greenberg Mike Gruber Eddie Harelik Bernie Hirsch Masche Hirsch Melvin Hirsch Lennie Jacobs Jerry Jacobson Spud Karsman Carl Kaufman Bobby Kogan Hal Krafchick Richard Krock Gilbert Levison Isaac Levy Barry Lurry Neal Markowitz Artie Meisnere Wayne Miller Larry Morrison Marvin Pechter Nathan Robhan Robbie Roth Abram Rubin Lou Saul David Scharff Mike Schwarz Herbert Slotin Alan Steckler Jay Steckler Herbert Stine Jules Stine Aron Weiner Rodney Wolf 209 THETA CHI First Row Eugene F. Tragrcssor, Ronald Williams, Mrs. Harry Pleger, Janie Berry, Joe Bishop, Tom Farmer, Gory Pleger. Second Row: Joe Mahoney, Dove Grohom, Foul Lyons, Frank Sutton, James Dickerson, Vic Lazich. Third Row: Ronnie Mann, Roscce Dean, Jasper Wolf, Ben House, Pat Galbreath. Fourth Row; Stanford Tillman, Joe Groff, Eric Hendricks, Terrell Brooks, Ronnie Rahn, Grady Askew. Stanford Tillman, Pat Galbreath 1137 S. Milledge Ayc. Theta Chi fraternity was nationally founded in 1856 at Norwich University in Vermont. The Delta Beta chap- ter was established on the University of Georgia campus in 1949. Last summer Theta Chi celebrated its Golden Anniver- sary at the biennial convention. The convention was held at Norwich, Vermont. Nationally Theta Chi has a total of 1 14 chapters. This year Theta Chi proved the prowess of its football team when they captured the President ' s League football trophy. Phyllis Hamrick was elected sweetheart of the fra- ternity this year, while Janie Berry was chosen sponsor. Housemother at the Theta Chi house is Mrs. H. S. Pleger. Social functions sponsored by the Theta Chi ' s included the Carnation Ball Fall Quarter, the Jack of Hearts party Winter Quarter, and the Snake Pit Brawl in the spring. All of these are annual affairs which the fraternity par- ticipates in traditionally. OFFICERS STANFORD TILLMAN President PAT GALBREATH Vice President VIC LAZICH Secretary JOE BISHOP Treasurer i «to chop- compus lAnniver- 1 was held OS totol Islootboll isfootbol! f the fro- n sponsoi. 5,Plegef. ' sircludeii ■ortspofly ■hesp ' i " ! ernityFO ' ' SORORITIES iigm 211 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS WILLORENE FERGUSON President ANN BRADY Vice President VIRGINIA CANNON Secretary ELEANOR ANN COLLINS Treasurer The purpose of Pan-Hellenic Council is to provide a unity among sorority chapters and to foster interfra- ternity cooperation and understanding on the part of individual members. Pan-Hellenic is responsible for formulation of plans for and administration of rush week, adoption of a for- eign student each year, giving a trophy to the sorority with the highest yearly average, and aiding the college administration and Athens organizations with campaigns and drives. Pan-Hellenic sponsors Greek Week with IFC and sponsors Rush Advisors to help Freshman girls during fall rush. RUSH ADVISORS — Seated: Barbara Addison, Ann Hollander, Sandra Sexton. Standing: Joan Crumley, Martha Bagley, Evelyn Frohman, Patsy Adorns, Ruth Grandy, Bobbie Morton. Executive Council: Ann Brady, Eria Gortatowsky, Willorene Ferguson, Nancy Webb, Eleanor Anne Collins, Sonia Robbins, Virginia Cannon. 41 First Row: Shirley Kaplan, Agnes Broadnox, Glenda White, Lettie Jensen, Ann Woodward, Joey Sawatzke. Second Row. Nancy Webb, Eria Gortatowsky, Sonia Robbins, Ann Brady, Dean Edith Stallings, Willorene Ferguson, Virginia Cannon, Eleanor Anne Collins, Mary Anne Morgareidge. Third Row: Sue Crawford, Mary Catherine Hill, Kathy Coiner, Anne Marie Croxton, Rosly Seligman, Peggy Crawford, Jackie Tyndol, Montyne Shottuck, Caroly Bridges, Mary Jo Bowers, Mimi Markaw. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Mimi Markaw Nancy Webb ALPHA DELTA PI Karine Wooten Alice Woodson ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Carolyn Bridges Mary Jo Bowers ALPHA OMICRON PI Anne Marie Croxton Jackie Powell Montyne Shottuck Ann Brady DELTA DELTA DELTA Mary Anne Morgareidge Eleanor Anne Collins DELTA PHI EPSILON Roslyn Seligman Sonia Robbins KAPPA ALPHA THETA Sue Crawford Joey Sawatzke KAPPA DELTA Jackie Tyndal Virginia Cannon KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Anne Woodward Lettie Jensen Mary Catherine Hil Agnes Broadnax Kothy Coiner Connor Dyess SIGMA DELTA TAU Shirley Kaplan ErIa Gortatowsky ZETA TAU ALPHA Glenda White Peggy Crawford Willorene Ferguson 213 ALPHA CHI OMEGA m Mimi Morkow, Julie Jones OFFICERS MIMI MARKOW President JULIE JONES Vice President PAT THOMPSON Secretary DOT DOZIER Treasurer 1956-1957 was the Alpha Chi ' s second year in their beautiful new home. At present it is the only sorority house on the campus designed and built for the express purpose of housing sorority girls. The Alpha Chi ' s sponsors two service projects this year, sponsoring of a Brownie Scout Troop, and giving their annual Christmas party for underprivileged chil- dren. On the lighter side, they had the Alpha Chi Olym- pics, which is held annually. Alpha Chi Omega was founded at De Pau University in 1885. The Beta Sigma chapter was esatblished at Georgia in 1938, )064 South Lumpkin Street 214 First Row: Donna Dorer, Patti Heckcr, Betty Cousins, Betty Matthews, Kay Howingfon, Clarice Coleman, Nell Rigcon, JoBcth Ncwsomc, Pat Brady, Anita Butler, Martho Anderson. Second Row: Ann Hollander, Else Bcneke, Betty Robertson, Julie Jones, Mickey Leach, Mini Markow, Eleanor Carakcr, Elaine Farmer, Alice Hall, Jonic Berry. Third Row: Mary Bloedcrn, Susan Tolmadge, Kay Kelsey, Joanne Graham, Mary Efheredge, Peggy Eaton, Sara Kirkland, Judy Jones, Ann Walsh, Arlene Muggins, Pat Thompson, Mary Keen, Starr Richards. Fourth Row: Mary Lou Happoldt, Dorothy Dozier, Beth Dyer, Sandra Bramblett, Pot Atkinson, Audrey Bailey, Nancy Webb, Connie Goodwin, Glenda Millican, Annette Cuddy, Viola Coggins, Susan Barrett. Miversily MEMBERS Martha Anderson Pot Atkinson Audrey Bailey Shirley Baker Susan Barrett Janie Berry Else Beneke Mary Bloedorn Pat Brody Sandra Bramblett Anita Butler Eleanor Coraker Viola Coggins Betty Cousins Clarice Coleman Annette Cuddy Dorothy Dozier Donna Dorer Joyce Dudley Beth Dyer Peggy Eaton Mary Etheredge Elaine Farmer Joanne Graham Connie Goodwin Alice Hall Mary Lou Happoldt Beverly Harper Patti Hecker Ann Hollander Kay Howington Arlene Muggins Judy Jones Julie Jones Mary Keen Kay Kelsey Sara Kirkland Micky Leach Betty Matthews Mimi Markow Glenda Millican JoBeth Newsome Marie Pugh Starr Richards Nell Rigdon Betty Robertson Kay Show Susan Tolmadge Pat Thompson Ann Walsh Nancy Webb Glynn Weir Jeanne Wise Bernye Woodward 215 Alice Woodson, Korine Wooten During Homecoming Alpha Delta Pi placed second in decorations and third in the parade. Sigma Nu chose an ADPi as their sweetheart, while Delta Tau Delta selected an ADPi as their sponsor. An ADPi was elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and another was named Na- tional Cresent Girl for Lambda Chi. Two outstanding social events of the year are the Al- pha Delta Pi pledge dance and the Blue and White Formal held in the Spring. 150 S. Milledge Ave. 216 m First Row: Kathle Clements, Jane Mann, Mortha Ann Grant, Tina Joiner, Mary Alice Nance, Berkeley Smith, Deborah Bell, Mary Alice Benedict, Jackie Vaughn, Ann Crawford. Second Row: Ann Fowler, Alice Woodson, Pat Fitzgcrold, Joy Graham, Joy Skinner, Pam Wiggins, Ann Yonce, Jane Chastain, Mickey Spears, Mother Foote, Goil McLeod, Toddy Reeves, Mar- garet Brumsey, Johnnie Wallis, Judy Kimbrell, Sis Kirkland, Karine Wooten. Third Row: Sally Olitf, Pat Martin, Joanne Hecker, Camille Crockett, Vir- ginia Vance, Nancy Richardson, Cary Keen. Fourth Row: Beverly Carlson, Morilee Mercier, Jerry White, Clifford Johnson, Jane Brodberry, Norma Chamblee. Fifth Row: Marie Westbrook, Glenda Edge, Beverly Senft, Lynn Robinson, Carol Lee Mulhollen, Amelia Butler. Sixth Row: Nancy Hughes, Janet Coleman, Lee Tigner, Shirley Bennett, Ann Downing, Nancy Kellam. Seventh Row. Sylvio Tropnell, Suzanne Haile, Nan Millwood, Connie Parker, Geegie Ball, Beverly Bennett, Jan Campbell. Eighth Row: Maxie Reeves, Rose Marie Overcash, Shirley Akins, Celetta Dykes, Carolyn Lamb. Ninth Row: Patricia Alday, Mary Ann Hill, Pat Merkley. Tenth Row: Ann Graves, Ann Sanders, Beverly Hixon, Susan Brown, June Hordy, Lucille McCrary, Patricia Taylor, Sue Lester, Anne Whiddon, Mory Lewis Mimms, Ginger Dysard, Ann Kennedy, Carolonn Connor, Sandra Sanders, Charlotte Adams, Jane Hordy, Patty Ward, Willette Woodcock, Margaret Tyler. !• f «••• » »»• « » ».•■ ' MEMBERS Charlotte Adams Shirley Akins Patricia Alday Geegie Ball Deborah Bell Mary Alice Benedict Beverly Bennett Shirley Bennett Jane Brodberry Susan Brown Ann Bruce Morgaret Brumsey Amelia Butler Jon Combell Beverly Carlson Carole Carpenter Norma Chamblee Jane Chastain Kathie Clements Janet Coleman Corolann Connor Ann Crawford Camille Crockett Sara Daniel Ann Downing Celeta Dykes Ginger Dysard Glenda Edge Pat Fitzgerald Ann Fowler Joy Graham Martha Grant Ann Graves Suzanne Haile Jane Hardy June Hardy Joanne Hecker Mary Ann Hill Beverly Hixon Nancy Hughes Clifford Johnson Tina Joiner Cory Keen Nancy Kellam Ann Kennedy Judy Kimbrell Sis Kirkland Carolyn Lamb Carole Langston Sue Lest er Jane Mann Martha Martin Pat Martin Gail McLeod Lucille McCrary Marilee Mercier Pat Merkley Nan Millwood Mary Mimms Mary Alice Nance Sally Oliff Rose Marie Overcash Connie Parker Joan Patterson Maxie Reeves Toddy Reeves Nancy Richardson Lynn Robinson Sandra Sanders Beverly Senft Joy Skinner Berkeley Smith Mickey Spears Patricia Taylor Kitty Thomas Lee Tigner Sylvia Tropnell Margaret Tyler Virginia Vance Jackie Vaughn Johnnie Wallis Marie Westbrook Anne Whiddon Jerry White Pam Wiggins Willette Woodcock Alice Woodson Karine Wooten Ann Yonce 217 Carolyn Bridges, Peggy Durham OFFICERS CAROLYN BRIDGES President PEGGY DURHAM Vice President MARLENE BENNETT Secretory PATSY BARNES Treasurer Alpha Gamma Delta was founded nationally at Syra- cuse University, May 4, 1904. Gamma Alpha Chapter was established on the Georgia campus in 1 923. In the fall the annual pledge dance is held by Alpha Gam, and Winter Quarter, the Feast of Roses for new initiates and the Candy Land Ball take place. A tea for the visitor from their notional headquarters was given this winter. Last Spring Quarter the chapter was hostess to all the chapters in this province for International Reunion Day. The Alpha Gam ' s won first place honors in the Sigma Chi Derby Parade held this fall and first place in Stunt Night Winter Quarter. An Alpha Gam was chosen Sweet- heart of Theta Chi. The Alpha Gam ' s are well represented in campus hon- orary societies and organizations; among them ore Who ' s Who, Zeta Phi Eta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Zodiac, URSA, and The Pandora. An Alpha Gam alumna was placed in the ranks of illustrious alumnae lost year by being selected Mrs. America of 1 956. 530 S. Milledge Ave. 218 First Row: Joyce Dunawoy, Jane Parnell, SKirley Riddle, Thelma Gordon, Nancy Coggin, Chip Ashurst, Befty Gorc ' on, Ruth Grandy, Dot Bliss, Mary Jo Bowers, Frances Deyerie, Libby Estes, Shirley Temple, Leon Gold. Second Row: Martha Mills, Pat Lanier, Sandra Smith, Patsy Barnes, Marlene Bennett, Jane Rodgers, Frances Dukes, Mrs. Herbert Ayers, Carolyn Bridges, Margie Burden, Lynn McClellon, Peggy Durham, Sally Morrison, Jo Nan Ritchie, Anne Pennington, Mary Ann Eaton. Third Row: Kit Atkinson, B. J. Jones, Lynn Summerell, Apple Myers, Lucy Field, Clare Longino, Genie Meaders, Potti Ronemous, Martee Harden, Marihope Shirley, Erna Cooper, Beverly Blood, Judy Marks, Janet Lindsey, Judy McCall, Jean Travis, Hilda Shackel- ford, Wanda Wrinkle, Shirley Bryon, Joanne Rcppard. Fourth Row: Madge Miner, Betty York, Noncy Hodgson, Marie McKenzie, Marty Drew, June Mailey, Phyllis Hamrick, Margaret Carithers, Eleanor Blackshear, Loraine McDevitte, Geordie Willson, Lillian Rodgers, Jane Byram, K Barton, Jan Barton, Gloria Jackson, Charlene Landrum, Janet Compbell. MEMBERS Chip Ashurst Pat Denman Kit Atkinson Frances Deyerie Patsy Barnes Marty Drew Jan Barton Frances Dukes K Barton Joyce Dunaway Marlene Bennett Peggy Durham Mary Ann Biegler Mary Anne Eaton ff Eleanor Blackshear Libby Estes v " Dot Bliss Lucy Field Beverly Blood Leon Gold ( Mary Jo Bowers Betty Gordon Carolyn Bridges Thelma Gordon Shirley Bryan Ruth Grandy Margie Burden Phyllis Hamrick Jane Byram Martee Harden Janet Campbell Nancy Hodgson Margaret Carithers Gloria Jackson Nancy Coggin B. J. Jones Erna Cooper Marcie Keating Charlene Landrum Patricia Lanier Janet Lindsey Clare Longino June Mailey Judy Marks Judy McCall Lynn McClellan Loraine McDevitte Marie McKenzie Genie Meaders Martha Mills Madge Miner Sally Morrison Apple Myers Jane Parnell Anne Pennington Joanne Reppord Shirley Riddle Jo Nan Ritchie Jane Rodgers Lillian Rodgers Patti Ronemous Hilda Shackelford Marihope Shirley Sandra Smith Elizabeth Snelson Sylvia Stroupe Lynn Summerell Shirley Temple Jean Travis Geordie Willson Diane Wood Wanda Wrinkle Betty York 219 H m i r — rasH ri 1 V M 1 1 ' ; F 1 j ' R ' 1 f h Hozel Potridge, Ann Mane Croxtoi Alpha Omicron Pi was founded nationally at Barnard College of Columbia University in 1897. Lambda Sigma Chapter was established at Georgia in 1935. The AOPi ' s started the year off right, Fall Quarter by winning honors in Homecoming Decorations and the Sigma Chi Derby Parade. Other events this fall included the Pledge Dance, Big Sister Banquet, a Christmas party for underprivileged children, the Founders ' Day Banquet, and a house dance. Winter quarter was high- lighted by the Rose Ball. Spring Quarter the Senior Banquet and the Lawn Dance were held. The AOPi ' s have their share of honors with members in Alpha Lambda Delta, Z Club, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Zeta Phi Epsilon, Theta Sigma Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Junior Panhellenic. Girls from the chapter captured two beauty honors. AOPi was represented on the Freshman Court and the March of Dimes Court. 1190 S. Milledge Ave. 220 I First Row: Evelyn Martin, Faye Denhom, Anne Pollack, Mary Tuten, Millie Holland, Ann Ramsbothom, Sylvia Edwards, Kay Parks. Second Row: Frances Anthony, Faye Hagan, Diane Strickland, Barbaro Addison, Ann Henderson, Ann Marie Croxton, Hazel Partridge, Jane Lawler, Carole Latham, Glen Ann Asbell, Joy Davidson. Third Row: Jane Edcnfield, Myra Rutland, Jeonettc Sherwood, Nancy Lindholm, Priscilla Land, Edie Heston, Moxanne Courson. Fourth Row: Carolyn Davis, Judy Robinson, Joan Weimar, Dixie Willingham, Nan Danncr, Mary Ann Wilker. Fifth Row: Gloria Roberts, Mary Rose Jones, Mary Ellen Hall, Elaine Jones, Suzanne Hall, Wilda Story, Morilyn Crook, Carolmc Hargrove, Julianna White, Patti White, Jackie Powell, Lessie Con- away, Beth Croon. MEMBERS Barbora Addison Frances Anthony Glen Ann Asbell Patsy Backus Hannah Brown Patricia Cotfey Lessie Conaway Maxanne Courson Marilyn Crook Elizabeth Croon Ann Marie Croxton Nan Danner Joy Davidson Carolyn Davis Faye Denham Jane Edenfield Sylvia Edwards Faye Hagan Mary Ellen Hall Suzanne Hall Caroline Hargrove Ann Henderson Edie Heston Mildred Holland Elaine Jones Mary Rose Jones Gloria Roberts Priscilla Land Judy Robinson Carole Latham Myra Rutland Jane Lawler Jeanette Sherwood Nancy Lonholm Wilda Story Evelyn Martin Dionne Strickland Freddie Orr Mary Tufen Kay Parks Joan Weimon Hazel Patridge Julianna White Ann Pollack Potti White Jackie Powell Mary Ann Wilkes Ann Ramsbothom Dixie Willingham 221 CHI OMEGA I efty Harf Bryan, Montyne Shattuck OFFICERS MONTYNE SHATTUCK President SALLY WEBB Vice-President BETTY HART BRYAN Secretory MOLLY POORMAN Treasurer The annual social highlights of the Mu Beta Chapter of Chi Omega include a pledge dance, an informal campus dance in honor of the new initiates, a chapter Christmas party, caroling at the Old Folk ' s Home, a faculty and alumnae tea, and a spring lawn dance. Chi Omega also awards an annual social science prize to the University ' s outstanding social science student. The Chi Omegas were well represented on campus this year by having members in Mortar Board, Who ' s Who, WSGA, and Student Council. They also had mem- members on the Pandora Beauty Court and cheerleading squad, Mu Beta Chapter of Chi Omega was the second sorority of the University campus. It was installed here in 1922 and was founded at the University of Arkansas on April 5, 1895 There are 1 10 active chapters of the Chi Omega national organization at present. 397 S. Milledge Ave. 222 First Row: Margaret Harlow, Trelle Gammage, Connie Kimbrough, Catherine Farmer, Cleone David, Corol Lynnc Julian, Peggy Tabor, Louise Stamps, Lucy Robertson, Mary Alice Hood, Jane Estcs, Sondro McKemie, Lady Jones Ann Warner, Starr Fowler, Louise Estes, Bufty Soyor, Marge Weyman Second Row Mary Patton, Linda Johnson, Eleanor Guerry, Gene Geise, Mike Von Canon, Betty Hart Bryan, Helen Dann, Mrs. James Zimmerman, Mon tyne Shattuck, Sally Webb, Sally Kennedy, Bebe Aderhold, Martha Horde man, Cloire Emerson Third Row: Judy Brantley, Clare Patton, Sandra Dunn Phyllis Fowler, Ann Cox, Caroline Ptoff, Mary Gatcwood, Ann Brady Margaret Buxton, Sharon Brown, Sister Crow, Claire Duggan, Stuart Pegram Barbaro Watkins, Ann Jones, Virginia Nichols, Morgrit Stcinmon, Joyce Calhoun, Barbara Mulhcrin, Pat Brinkley, Ellen Fortune, Harriet Baxley, Lisa Elder, Mary Bell Harrison, Ginny Gaines, Morjorie Matthews, Martha Mitchell, Jcneol Leonard, Carlo Rcntz Fourth Row Mary Alexander, Claire Middle- brooks, Kotrino Hartman, Bitsy McLellan, Carol Pittman, Gerry Culley, Goil Herndon, Joan Thompson, Kay Weeks, Liz Lehmann, Carolyn Kirby, Gay Forrester, Carol Anne Goodrum, Gail Heard, Kay MacCary, Raine Bowers, Gloria Carlton, Molly Poormon, Elelyn Reppord, Lida Young, Kotherine Pilcher, Corol Walloce, Nancy Houston, Elaine Yankee, Mary McCorkIc «ir oMhf ' P ▲vArA.vAv. o ) MEMBERS Elizabeth Aderhold Mary Alexander Harriet Baxley Roine Bowers Ann Brady Judy Brantley Pat Brinkley Sharon Brown Betty Hart Bryan Margaret Buxton Joyce Calhoun Gloria Carlton Betty Cook Ann Cox Clara Crow Gerry Culley Helen Dann C|eo David Claire Duggan Sandra Dunn Lisa Elder Clare Emerson Jane Estes Louise Estes Catherine Farmer Gay Forrester Ellen Fortune Phyllis Fowler Starr Fowler Ginny Gaines Trelle Gammage Mary Gotewood Gene Geise Carol Anne Goodrum Eleanor Guerry Martha Hardeman Margaret Harlow Mary Bell Harrison Kotrino Hartman Gail Heard Gail Herndon Mary Alice Hood Nancy Houston Linda Johnson ' ' Lady Jones Anne Jones Carol Lynne Julian Sally Kennedy Connie Kimbrough Carolyn Kirby Liz Lehmann Jeneal Leonard Margaret Lucas Kay MacCary Marjorie Matthews Marilyn May Mary McCcrkle Beth McDonald Sandra McKemie Bitsy McLellan Claire Middlebrooks Martha Mitchell Barbaro Mulherin Virginia Nichols Clare Patton Mary Patton Stuart Pegram Caroline Pfaff Kotherine Pilcher Carol Pittman Molly Poormon Coria Rentz Evelyn Reppord Lucy Robertson Bufty Soyars Montyne Shattuck Louise Stamps Morgrit Steinman Peggy Tabor Joan Thompson Michael Von Cannc Carol Walloce Anne Leiand Warne Borboro Watkins Solly Webb Kay Weeks Marge Weyman Elaine Yankee Lido Young 223 Mary Ann Morgareidge, Sally Pe ' kins Delta Delta Delta was founded at Boston University in 1889 taking for its flower the pansy and for its colors silver, gold, and blue. Alpha Phi Chapter was established here in 1934. Fall Quarter Santa Clous was on hand to give under- priviledged children gifts at the annual Christmas party sponsored by the girls; while the social highlight in Spring Quarter is the " Star and Crescent Formal. " Among their activities the Tri Deltas count Theta Sigma Phi, Phi Chi Theta, Phi Upsilon Omicron and Student Council. The purpose of Delta Delta Delta shall be to establish a perpetual band of friendship among its members, to develop a stronger and more womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life, and to assist its members in every possible way. The national scholarship fund amounted to $2500 in 1955-56; out of this fund a scholarship is awarded at Georgia each year to a worthy woman student. 285 S. Milledge A. 224 J First Row Barbara Bowman, Mary Lou Alley, Harriet Perry, Peggy Wise, Rosemary Thorpe, Lynn Woddey, Ann Jockson, Jerry Bridges, Ann Pickling, Pot Murphy, Linda Powell, Beverly Nemec, Maxine Kicklingter, Mary Ed Stovall. Second Row: Jean Gammage, Eleanor Ann Collins, Corlene Attaway, Jone Wheelock, Lynn Voelker, Barksdole Thomas, Teresa Spigener, Gail Hopper, Sue Covington, Connie Ford, Jamie Stovall, Virginia Davis. Third Row Laura Ann Horrell, Evelyna Monk, Wyolene Palmer, Elaine Arnold, Karen Crossin, Frances Ricks, Jane Frederick, Jackie Jones, Evelyn LaBrucc, Sheila Dunn, Carol Woodberry. Fourth Row: Jane King, Millie Porks, Mary Ann Morgareidge, Solly Perkins, Barbara Coggins, Susan Temples, Ann Patterson, Cherry Thomasson, Carol McElhenny, Evelyn Mills, Lynda Stewart, Cathy Luckett, Joye Bacon, Nancy Harris. _ . I ■ — MEMBERS Carolyn Alexander Mary Lou Alley Elaine Arnold Carlene Attaway Joye Bacon Martha Bagley Jo Beth Bartlett Jane Beaver Buzzie Bennett Carolyn Bourne Barbara Bowman Jerry Bridges Borboro Coggins Eleanor Ann Collins Sue Covington Karen Crossin Virginia Davis Sarah Ann Dodd Sheila Dunn Ann Fickling Connie Ford Jane Frederick Jean Gammage Laura Horrell Nancy Harris Priscilla Hinson Borbora Hodges Ann Holliday Goil Hopper Ann Jackson Jackie Jones Maxine Kicklighter Jane King Evelyn LoBruce Harriet Loftin Catherine Luckett Carol McElhenny Anne Medlock Elelyn Mills Mary Ann Morgareidge Patricia Murphy Beverly Nemec Wyolene Palmer Millie Parks Ann Patterson Solly Perkins Harriet Perry Linda Powell Frances Ricks Teresa Spigener Lynda Stewart Jamie Sue Stovall Mary Ed Stovall Susan Temples Rosemary Thorpe Cherry Thomasson Borksdale Thomas Evelyno Twitty Lynn Voelker Lynn Waddey Jane Wheelock Peggy Wise Carol Woodberry Margaret Young Jon Young 225 Sonia Robbins, Roslyn Seligman The D Phi E ' s take an active part in promoting the welfare of the community by giving Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to the needy and having parties for underprivileged children on these occasions. This year the Delta Phi Epsilon chapter sponsored a street dance, and an award was presented to a girl se- lected from the entire freshman class at the University of Georgia; it is quite an honor for the selected girl. Among the Delta Phi Epsilon famous alumnae are Dr. Anne Batchow, Eve Effron Robbin, Eva Cohn, Rose Fried- man, Minna Goldsmith Mohler, Edith Barash Segal, and Dorothy Samson. 624 S. Milledge Ave. 226 First Row: Edith Custer, Anita Nathan, Joyce Alpern, Barbara Feingold, Lynette Hankin, Phyllis Borochotf, Roslyn Seligman, Sonia Robbins, Rochelle Hitc, Gail Pollack. Second Row: Chorlene Zimmerman, Leah Feinberg, Rochelle Barron, Harriet Levy, Sondro Glickman, Mrs, E, Michael, Morsho Topper, Marcia Jacobs, Sandra Hortman, Barbara Kelman, Harriette Schreiber, Sandra Isenbery. Third Row: Morcia Feigenbaum, Ruth Mincey, Janet Silver- man, Janet Knox, Dorothy Gillem, Harriet Weiss, Gloria Schwartz, Sheila White, Evelyn Frohman, Riette Hirsch, Terry Levy, Jackie Skodnick, Carole Jackson, Elaine Cohen. Fourth Row. Helen Tyber, Cecile Cohen, Merle R. Hciden, Beverly Taratoot, Joan Lindheimer, Diane Garvin, Edith Ruben, Harriet Cohen, Rhino Shatter, Elise Wilensky, Marilyn Steine, llcne Litchen stein, Viola Benshushan, Sandra Schwartz, Morlene Levine, Ruth Feldmon, Harriet Canton, Sharon Kinstein. Qims OS ' 0 others, uory 28, in Morch tM vsU vfVMv-, rfl ii kU jnsored o girl se- ed girl. oe ore Dr. lose Fried- iegol, ond MEMBERS Joyce Alpern Rochelle Barron Viola Benshushan Phyllis Borochoff Harriet Cantor Gail Chermak Cecile Cohen Elaine Cohen Harriet Cohen Sarabelle Estrotf Marcia Feigenbaum Leah Feinberg Barbara Feingold Ruth Feldman Evelyn Frohman Diane Garvin Sandra Glickman Lynette Hankin Sandra Hartman Merle Heiden Rette Hirsch Rochelle Hite Sandra Isenberg Carole Jackson Marcia Jacobs Barbara Kelman Sharon Kinstein Janet Knox Marlene Levine Roslyn Seligman Harriet Levy Rhino Shatter Terry Levy Janet Silverman Joan Lindheimer Jackie Skodnik Eileen Litchenstein Marilyn Steine Ruth Mincey Beverly Taratoot Anita Nathan Dorothy Tillem Peggy Nathan Marsha Topper Gail Pollack Helen Tyber Sonia Robbins Harriet Weiss Edith Rubin Sheila White Harriette Schreiber Elise Wilensky Gloria Schwartz Faye Wynn Sandra Schwartz Charlene Zimmerma 227 Sutsan Crawford, " Bunchy " Vogel OFFICERS SUSAN CRAWFORD President " BUNCHY " VOGEL Vice-President BOOTIE GOWAN Secretary JANET EMMONS Treasurer The school year of 1956-57 proved to be quite a successful one for the Kappa Alpha Theta ' s. The Theta ' s captured first place honors in the homecoming decora- tion contest this year. In addition, they claimed first place in the competitive events of the Sigma Chi Derby. Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at DePauw University in 1870 as the first woman ' s Greek letter fraternity established. Gamma Delta chapter was founded on the University campus in 1937. " Kite Day " is an annual affair sponsored by the Theta ' s in the spring; a prize is awarded to the fraternity sporting the best kite. The same day a concert is given on the Theta house lawn with music by the Washboard Band, and a dance that night winds up the evening. Contributions to the Foster Parents ' plan for war children and the Institute of Logopedics are included in the projects of Kappa Alpha Theta. 338 S. Milledge Ave. 228 First Row: Martha Moore, Lynn Gardner, Anne Cannon, Mary Dannielly, Joan Lippold, Gail Lippold, Eleanor Jackson, Liz Farlowe, Liz Campion, Lone Longino, Rence Wade, Gail Boone, Elaine Hogon. Second Row: Louise Kent, Mary Jo Peters, Sheila Glass, Jo Cruikshonk, Ann Sullivan, Janet Emmons, Sue Crawford, Joe Sawatzke, Bunchy Vogel, Lynn Garrett, Emily Noel, Bootie Gowan, Nini Maltby, Gwen Gleason, Eloise Hooper. Third Row: Lucy Butler, Lynn Greene, Pat Johnson, Gloria Fechtal, Martha McElveen, Rita Aber, Ann Turner, Marilyn Hubert, Drue Grevemberg, Carolyn Eskedor, Pat Riley, Mrs. R. C. Normon, Mary Jean Wall, Nancy Hailey, Mory Wildes, Marilyn Walters, Kit Miller, Anne R. Sullivan, Dowe Peterson, Flo Thompson, Mary Mathews, Ethel Coolcy. fourth Row: Jone McKenney, Barbara Hunnius, Helen Huff, Carole Horgett, Solly Morris, Mary Ann Willbanks, Mary Ann Shults, Kathy Williams, Patsy Adams, Vcrmelle Griffin, Sarah McGeachy, Dogmar Endorf, Roberta Gardner, Cler Colson, Deanne Deavours, Linda Derrick, Ann Hollis, Erroll Methvin. L i fL90 Iff I t tvt i t t I ' V v Mvjf V V MEMBERS Patsy Adams Roberta Gardner Jackie Arrington Lynn Garrett Gail Boone Julia Gill Lucie Butler Sheila Glass Anne Cannon Gwen Gleason Liz Campion Bootie Gowan Cler Colson Lynn Greene Ethel Cooley Drue Grevemberg Sue Crawford Vermelle Griffin Jo Cruikshonk Nancy Hailey Mary Dannielly Carole Hargett Deanne Deavours Patsy Harridge Linda Derrick Barbara Hart Beverly Eidson Martha Ann Hollis Dogmar Endorf Eloise Hooper Janet Emmons Marilyn Hubert Carolyn Eskedor Helen Huff Liz Farlowe Eleanor Jackson Gloria Fechtal Ann Johnston Lynn Gardner Louise Kent Dowe Peterson Kay Kinne Pot Riley Gail Lippcid Shirley Robertson Joan Lippold Joey Sawatzke Lane Longino Mary Ann Shults Patsy Macon Bebe Smith Ruby Malcolm Anne Sullivan Nini Maltby Anne R. Sullivan Mary Mathews Barbara Tillery Martha McElveen Flozelle Thompson Sarah McGeachy Ann Turner Eileen McGee Ofelia Varas Jone McKenney Patricia Venable Erroll Methvin Bunchy Vogel Kit Miller Renee Wade Martha Moore Mary Jean Wall Sally Morris Marilyn Walters Caroline Newbill Mary Wildes Emily Noel Mary Ann Willbanks Mary Jo Peters Kothy Williams 229 Jackie Tyndale, Gale Balte The purpose of KD is to promote true friendship among the college girls of our country by inculcating into their hearts and lives those principles of truth, of honor, of duty, without which there can be no true friendship. KD ' s support six beds and the children ' s expenses at the Cripple Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, and give a $1,000 Research Award in Orthopedy. Famous Alumnae include Pearl Buck, Georgia O ' Keef, Hildegarde Fillmore, and Julio Fugua. Kappa Delta ' s social events at Georgia for the year include the annual Pledge Dance, the Founder ' s Day Banquet, Diamond Ball held during winter quarter. Spring Dance, and the Christmas Party. 1084 Prince Ave. 230 First Row: Marion Jones, Francla Chesser, Helen Thompson, Pot Carson, Mayo Slottery, Normo Delmore, Anne Jensen, Ann Chapman, Sandy Thocker, Barbara Biggcrs, Adelaide Fund, Sue McRae, Dib Ewing, Martha Fletcher, Mary Christmas, Bobbie Hoyes, Jean Knott. Second Row. Barbora Mehl, Virginia Pinson, Dot Johnson, Nancy Turner, Marjorie Wert, Sandra Sexton, Beverly Fritch, Laurice Eubanks, Sandra Sommons, Pat Rigsbee, Jackie Tyndale, Mrs. Dorothy Baldwin, Gail Balte, Pat Mayo, Dona Ford, Connie Hayes, Suzanne Cone, Billie Strickland, Virginia Cannon, Saralyn Hubert, Loverne Roberts. Third Row Paula Breedlovc, Ruth Alexander, Judy Borden, Jackie Heard, Ann Sexton, Patti Payne, Sylvia Jordan, Anne Nussbaum, Marcy Strother, Louise Lowery, Cynthia Wilkinson, Carol Bragg, Suzie Stukes, Ann Parker, Dede Rimstidt, Sally Higgs, Pot Snelson, Virginia Scoggins, Ann Black, Beth Fulghum, Mary Alice Shepherd, Caroline Cole, Nancy Almon. fourth Row: Betty Knight, Carol Bland, Ann Smith, Bitsy Wesley, Nancy Hughes, Koy Deese, Mary Harvey, Marcia Woodruff, Jane DeFoor, Penny Webb, Marilyn Coons, Marion Quonte, Margaret Yarbrough, Nancy Grace Johnson, Bunky Bowden, Barbara Frier, Pat Sturgis, Sandra Cochrane, Patricia Padgett, Ann Owen, Kay Dyal, Marcia Davis, Betty Clifton, Coroline Barber, Patsy Sheahan. i) . L i ' r» ir» fsr i A p. A .- Ars MEMBERS Ruth Alexander Nancy Almon Gail Balte Caroline Barber Barboro Biggers Ann Black Carol Bland Judy Borden Garland Bowden Carol Bragg Marion Branch Paula Breedlove Virginia Cannon Pat Carson Ann Chapman Francia Chesser Mary Christmas Sandra Cochrane Caroline Cole Suzanne Cone Marilyn Coons Marsha Davis Kay Deese Jane DeFoore Norma Delmore Kay Dyal Laurice Eubanks Mary Ewing Martha Fletcher Dana Ford Barbara Frier Beverly Fritch Beth Fulghum Mary Harvey Barbara Hayes Connie Hayes Jackie Heard Sally Higgs Saralyn Hubert Nancy Hughes Anne Jensen Dot Johnson Nancy Johnson Marion Jones Sylvia Jordan Eleanor Kilpatrick Betty Knight Jean Knott Louise Lowery Pat Moyo Sue McRae Barbara Mehl Ann Nussbaum Ann Owen Pat Padgett Ann Parker Pat Payne Virginia Pinson Adelaide Fund Marion Quante Pat Rigsbee Dede Rimstidt Laverne Roberts Sandra Sommons Virginia Scoggins Ann Sexton Sandy Sexton Patsy Sheahan Mary Alice Shepherd Maya Slottery Ann Smith Lou Ann Smith Pat Snelson Carol Stough Billie Strickland Marcy Strother Suzanne Stukes Pat Sturgis Sandra Thacker Helen Thompson Nancy Turner Jackie Tyndale Penny Webb Marjorie Wert Sidney Wesley Cynthia Wilkinson Marcia Woodruff Margaret Yarborough 231 Lovat Anderson, Anne Woodward J ' " iTi r IB i li H OFFICERS LOVAT ANDERSON President ANNE WOODWARD Vice-President CLEONE MORTON Secretary MARY McRITCHIE Treasurer Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth College in 1870, and they now have eighty-two active chapters. In 1948 the Delta Upsilon chapter was estab- lished on the University campus. Social functions at the Kappa Kappa Gamma house this year included the annual pledge dance, a winter formal, spring rush house party, the Alumnae Luncheon, and an Apple Polishing party for all their professors. This year the Kappas had representatives in " Z " Club, Mortar Board, Pandora Beauty Court, and Student Government. They were also represented on the cheer- leading squad and in Angel ' s Flight. The KKG ' s were winners of the 1956 Sorority Sing, and also placed high in intramurals being Softball champ- ions for two y ears. 1001 Prince Ave. 232 First Row: Ginger Lanier, Thayer Corker, Betty DeVaughn, Lynn Woodward, Nancy MocMahon, Mildred Mathews, Patsy Parker, Robbie Maxwell. Second Row: Clarice Cox, Dolores Cole, Betty Nutteycombe, Joan Gardner, Connie Baldwin, Kay Holloway, Babs Smith, Cay Cody, Lovat Anderson, Cleone Mor ton. Belle Tarver Sims, Martha Clare Turner, Nancy Howard, Nan Rainey, Kate Maxwell. Third Row: Judy Jenkins, Bobbie Egy, Kay Fleming, Ann Turner, Wickie Oliver, Mary McRitchie, Sara Cook, Jane Campbell, Jane Ross, Nell Williams, Deenie McKeever, Beverly Hammond, Trudy Crockett, Linda Bedingficid, Ann Milton Fourth Row: Jane Thornton, Kay Tison, Ann Collins, Carol Land, Theresa Field, Billie Ruth Duncan, Pat Sullivan, Jane Armitage, Lenora Powell, Carol Williams, Ann Dawson, Ease Carmichael, Mary Nelson, Jane Humphrey, Edyth Williams, Janet Russell. Fifth Row: Lettic Jensen, Clara Willis, Peggy Lovett, Lynn Beasley, Elsa Parrott, Barbara Brown, Alice Hurst, Sandi Paul, Beeps Steele, Susan Cochrane, Mary Mills, Joy Keisker. A o , n 7)tip ' f MEMBERS Lovat Anderson Betty DeVaughn Peggy Lovett Jane Ross Jane Armitage Billie Ruth Duncan X Nancy MocMahon Gail Rossman Connie Baldwin Bobbie Egy £ Mildred Matthews Janet Russell Lynn Beasley Theresa Field V4 lu Kate Maxwell Belle Sims Linda Bedingfield Kay Fleming j — ' ' " " ' yc Robbie Maxwell Babs Smith Minan Blanchard Barbara Brown Joan Gardner Beverly Hammond fe JV e===3. |! 1 Deenie McKeever Lillian McKenzie Beeps Steele Potsy Sullivan Jane Campbell Kay Holloway c ¥ fc Mary McRitchie Jane Thornton Ease Carmichael Nancy Howard I2 =:eI Mary Mills Kay Tison Susan Cochrane Jane Humphrey Anne Milton Ann Turner Cay Cody Alice Hurst Cleone Morton Martha Turner Dolores Cole Judy Jenkins Mary Nelson Sally Walker Ann Collins Lettie Jensen Betty Nuttycombe Lynn Wiggins Sara Cook Sally Jones Wicke Oliver Clara Willis Thayer Corker Joy Keisker Patsy Parker Carol Williams Clarice Cox Carol Land Else Parrott Edyth Williams Trudy Crockett Ginger Lanier Sodro Paul Nell Williams Anne Dawson Missi Lawson Anne Lazard Lenora Powell Nan Rainey Ann Woodward Lynn Woodward 233 Martha Howe Chandler, Mary Catherine Hill I Each year the Phi Mu ' s play the Chi Psis in Softball. The boys come dressed in what they assume to be femi- nine attire, and the girls wear Bermuda shorts. The prize goes to the side with the lowest score. Other traditional social events for the group include the Easter Egg hunt for underprivileged children and a formal given with the Kappa Koppo Gammas. The Pledge Dance was held this year at the house to announce the new pledges. For the altruistic project the Phi Mu ' s act as foster parents to a little Korean girl, Kim Mun Ja. The goal of the members is " to practice day by day love, honor, truth; thus keeping true to the meaning, spirit, and reality of Phi Mu. " 654 S. Milledge Ave. 234 deBeougrine, Beverly Darsey, Diane Gray, Alfea Hardman. Third Row: Julie Elizabeth deBeougrine, Janice Shores, Ann Caldwell, Holly Bailey, Mary Jarrord, Gerrie Franklin, Maxine Smith, Jeanette Michell, Diane Gortatowsky, Gail Harrel, Julia Morgan, Carolyn Cumboa, Janice Smith, Agnes Broadnox. Second Row: Lynn Crovott, Annette Abel, Martha Hartin, Ann Fattig, Betty McTeer, Sandra Cole, Wynn Armstrong, Mrs. Soro Gilliam, Mary Catherine Hill, Martha Howe Chandler, Barbara Gritfeth, Ellen Anslcy, Martha deBrcougrine, Beverly Darsey, Diane Gray, Altea Hardman. Third Row: Julie Davidson, Marie LeRoy, Sandra Murray, Senny Hall, Ann Quartcrman, Hannah Fesperman, Beverly Smith, Patricia Bargcron, Joan Bell, Leslie Wood, Carole Wimberly, Theodosio Christie, Jane Clark, Shirley Wimberly, Sara Dubignon, Frances Florence, Kathy Middleton, Nan Gaston, Cliff Ellen McCormick, Jessica Stone, Sandra Davis. Fourth Row: Connie Pollock, Pot Michaels, Marilyn Brunson, Sylvia Staten, Ellen Bennett, Cherry Newton, Marie Barron, Carole Lilly, Suzanne Sutton, Pat Crymes, Judy Allen, Betty Glenn, Phyllis Lee, Ethel Blondford, Helen Robinson, Joan Bennett, Airey Aultman, Nancy Crovatt til , 1 1 1 § f t MEMBERS Annette Abel Judy Allen Ann Anderson Ellen Ansley Wynn Armstrong Airey Aultman Holly Bailey Patricio Bargeron Marie Barron Joan Bell Ellen Bennett Joan Bennett Diane Blackerby Ethel Blondford Ann Borders Agnes Broadnox Marilyn Brunson Nancy Butts Anne Caldwell Martha Chandler Theodosio Christie Jane Clark Sandra Cole Lynn Crovatt Nancy Crovatt Pat Crymes Joan Crumbley Carolyn Cumbaa Beverly Darsey Sandra Davis Julie Davidson Elizabeth deBeougrine Martha deBeougrine Soro Dubignon Beverly Duggor Ann Fattig Hannah Fesperman Frances Florence Gerrie Franklin Nancy Gaston Betty Glenn nfe Diane Gortatowsky Diane Gray Barbara Griffeth Alfea Hardman Gail Harrell Martha Hartin Mary Catherine Hill Dinah Hyman Gail Jackson Mary Jarrard Phyllis Lee Marie LeRoy Carole Lilly Ann Matthews Cliff McCormick Betty McTeer Pat Michaels Kathy Middleton Jeanette Mitchell Edith Molder Julia Morgan Sandra Murray Cherry Newton Patsy Patten Marietta Perkins Connie Pollock Ann Quortermon Helen Robinson Polly Sharp Janice Shores Janice Smith Maxine Smith Linda Smithweck Jessica Stone Suzanne Sutton Masie Underwood Carole Wimberly Shirley Wimberly Laquito Withrow Leslie Wood Mary Jo Wynn 235 Katherine Coiner. Gwen Slaughter OFFICERS KATHERINE COINER President GWEN SLAUGHTER Vice President CAROLYN ENGLISH Secretary RUTH BOULWARE Treasurer The wine and blue has been flying high ever since the Pi Beta Phi ' s returned from summer vocation to find they had won the Scholarship trophy. Their homecoming dec- orations were rained out, but the sun was shining brightly on Scotch kilts at the Sigma Chi Derby, and Pi Beta Phi received third place honors. Pi Beta Phi was represented this year in Zodiac, Stu- dent Council, Georgettes, Angels ' Flight, and the Dolphin Club. The main social events of Georgia Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi include the pledge dance in the fall and the Star Dust Ball in the spring. Georgia Alpha chapter was established on the Uni- versity campus in 1939. There ore 104 Pi Beta Phi chapters in the United States and Canada today. The sorority was nationally founded at Monmouth College in 1867. Famous alumnae of Pi Beta Phi include Margaret Truman, Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, Jane Wyman, and Liza- beth Scott. 886 S. Milledge Ave. 236 First Row: Cecile Boggs, Amelia Denicke, Liz Minhinnett, Marcia Wooton, Sue Walker, Kay Charles, Obie Gillen, Frances Dunaway, Gail Bolton, Carolyn English, Joyce Hancock, June Reynolds, Jo McCarthy. Second Row: Sandra Jarrctt, Patty Tyson, Frances Loncy, June Kimble, Connie Owens, Ann Weathertord, Mary Ann Hinely, Linda Dickey, Joyce Brooks, Ann Culpepper, Arlice Gregory, Arlene Gregory, Deborah Anglin, Jane Heath, Sarah Ste- phenson. Third Row: Martha Smithers, Mary McDevitt, Beth Newton, Mari- lynne Applebaum, Barbara Peterson, Gwen Slaughter, Janice Harrell, Donna Clittord, Pat Albert, Jane Eagar, Ann McKain, Connor Dyess, Sylvia Tindoll, Linda Lou Chotfield, Ruthie Brinklcy. Fourth Row: Joye Beddingfield, Virginia Sisk, Potti Mendell, Carole Peterson, Emmalee Wyly, Mary Blond Bennett, Martha Talmadge, Nancy Wheeler, Mary Ellen Parker, Martha Brumlcy, Patsy MacDonald, Jenny Harvey, Ruth Ann Boulware, Kathy Coiner. MEMBERS Pat Albert Ann Culpepper Deborah Anglin Connie Davis Marilynne Applebaum Amelia Denicke Joye Beddingfield Linda Dickey Gail Belton Frances Dunaway Mary Bland Bennett Connor Dyess Cecile Boggs Jane Eagar Ann Bonnell Carolyn English Ruth Ann Boulware Obie Gillen Ruthie Brinkley Arlene Gregory Joyce Brooks Arlice Gregory Martha Brumley Joyce Hancock Kay Charles Janice Harrell Linda Lou Chotfield Jenny Harvey Donna Clifford Jane Heath Katharine Coiner Mary Ann Hinely Sandra Jarrett Sally Shapard June Kimble Virginia Sisk Frances Laney Gwen Slaughter Patsy MacDonald Catherine Smith Jo McCarthy Martha Smithers Mary McDevitt Sarah Stephenson Ann McKain Martha Talmage Patti Mendell Sylvia Tindol Liz Minhinnett Janice Troy Beth Newton Patty Tyson Connie Owens Suzanne Walker Mary Ellen Parker Ann Weatherford Barbara Peterson Nancy Wheeler Carol Peterson Marica Wotton June Reynolds Lori Wright Deborah Sue Rogers Emmalee Wyly 237 SiT Shirley Kaplan, Sylvia Aronoff OFFICERS SHIRLEY KAPLAN President SYLVIA ARONOFF Vice President IRMA LEFKOFF Secretary CAROL RINGER Treasurer The year of social activities at the SDT house is begun with the sisters ' welcoming their pledges at the Annual Pledge Formal at the Georgian Hotel. During the follow- ing quarters they plan various activities such as an Easter Egg Hunt for the foreign students enrolled in the University, a tea for the patronesses of the sorority and the Annual Parent ' s Day, Also the group will be a part of a Tri-Chopter Conclave at Alabama with Eta chapter and Sophie Newcombe represented. The Georgia SDT chapter is represented in practically all the phases of University campus activities. The group holds major offices, and claims members who have been elected dreamgirl, sweetheart court members, and beauty sponsors. Spring quarter of 1956 the Sigma Delta Tau ' s were presented with the Women ' s Athletic Association Trophy. In March, 1924, Eta Chapter of Sigma Delta Tau was founded at Georgia. 846 S. Milledge Ave. 238 First Row: Eria Gortatowsky, Sharon Finkelstein, Marie Posner, Sheila Brooks, Jane Mirsky. Second Row Suzanne Ginsberg, Sylvia Aronoff, Laurie Zolin, Shirley Kaplon, Carol Ringer, Patsy Braver. Third Row: Kay Itzkow, Paula Bernstein, Harriet Perlstein, Sondra Shanker, Sybil Ritkin, Beverly Stein, Mrs. J L. Stark, Sheila Poliakott, Raina Stein, Alix Schaul, Sybil Dickstein, Sharon Stadlen, Hannah Barr. MEMBERS Sylvia Aronoff Hannah Barr Paula Bernstein Patsy Braver Sheila Brooks Sybil Dickstein Sharon Finkelstein Suzanne Ginsberg ErIa Gortatowsky Kay Itzkow Shirley Kaplan Irma Lefkoff Jane Mirsky Harriet Perlstein Marie Posner Sheila Poliakoff Sybil Rifkin Carol Ringer Alix Schaul Sondra Shanker Sharon Stadlen Beverly Stein Roina Stein Barbara Sugarman Laurie Zaiin 239 ZETA TAU ALPHA Jackie Teed, Glenda White OFFICERS GLENDA WHITE President JACKIE TEED Vice President JUNE COWLEY Secretary MARGARET STEPHENS Treasurer Social highlights for the year for the Zetos included the annual pledge dance, the Christmas party, the New Initiates ' Banquet, and the Big Sister Party. Zeta Tau Alpha, which now has ninety chapters, was founded in 1898 in Virginia. Gamma Pi was established on the University of Georgia campus in 1949. As some of its famous alumnae Zeta Tau Alpha boasts Faith Baldwin, famous novelist and Gena Brans- combe, an international composer-conductor. Miss Pandora, Miss Homecoming, and Sponsor of the football team were the top beauty honors claimed by the Zetas this year. Others included Sponsor of Sigma Chi and Kappa Sigma and sweetheart of Delta Tau Delta, and Phi Kappa Tau fraternities. Some campus honors held by Zetas were vice president of the Senior and Freshman classes, a member on Student Council, two cheerleaders, and five members on Angels ' Flight. The ' 57 pledges tied for second place in the Sigma Chi Derby. 948 Prince Ave. 240 First Row: Patsy Dickson, Marion Smith, Jeaneen Anderson, Gay Scarbor- ough, Jeanettc Mitchell, Koy Taylor, Charlotte Kanes, Peggy Adams. Second Row: Judy Litchfield, Connie Ward, Anita Paris, Carolyn Butler, Sandra Thompson, Marie Nicholson, Anne Seller, June Taylor Third Row: Betsy Tant, Jennie Wren, Jane Wilson, Patricia Smith, Jan Williams, Margaret Gibson, Bobbie Morton, Peggy Martin, Sharon Striddi, LaRoss McMichael, Laura Pickett. Fourth Row: Barbara Fournier, Judy Holbrook, Nancy Burress, Marguerite Stringer, Carolyn Hendricks, Jackie Teed, Glenda White, Sandra Wells, June Cowley, Peggy Crawford, Carolyn Blackburn, Willorene Ferguson, Evelyn Earle. Fifth Row: Faye Thomas, Alice Stevens, Joan Robinson, Julia Hughes, Mary Lou Bothwell, Sara Haeseler, Patricia Green, Mary Madry, Carolyn Lynch, Macy Buttrill, Mary Jane Jentzen, Peggy Hoynes, Faye Eubanks, deMaris Fowler, Anne Bazemore, Nancy Word, Eleanor McDonald, Ann Stephens, Anne Barker, Carol Gale. Sixth Row: Beverly Gregory, Virginia Somerville, Sister Allgood, Joan Sutherland, Charlotte Mallard, Betty Snyder, Jane Pullium, Erna Culpepper, Katheryn Gaines, Jane Evans, Pat Pittard, Ann Wicker, Jan Mayhew, Toddy Lyies, Barbara Brand, Andy Howell, Angier Griffith. MEMBERS Peggy Adams Sister Allgood Jeaneen Anderson Anne Barker Anne Bazemore Carolyn Blackburn Mary Lou Bothwell Barbara Brand Nancy Burress Carolyn Butler Macy Buttrill Joann Brown June Cowley Peggy Crawford Erna Culpepper Edna Dickey Potsy Dickson Evelyn Earle Faye Eubanks Jane Evans Willorene Ferguson Barbara Fournier deMaris Fowler Katheryn Gaines Carol Gale Margaret Gibson Beverly Gregory Patricia Green Angier Griffith Sara Haeseler Carolyn Hendricks Judy Holbrook Andy Howell Peggy Hoynes Julia Hughes Mary Jane Jentzen Charlotte Kanes Judy Litchfield Toddy LyIes Carolyn Lynch Mary Madry Charlotte Mallard Peggy Martin Jon Mayhew Eleanor McDonald LaRoss McMichael Jeanette Mitchell Bobbie Morton Marie Nicholson Anita Paris Laura Pickett Pat Pittard Jane Pullium Myrna Rose Robertson Joon Robison Gay Scarborough Ann Seller Marion Smith Patricia Smith Betty Snyder Virginia Somerville Alice Stephens Ann Stephens Sharon Striddi Marguerite Stringer Joan Sutherland Betsy Tont June Taylor Kay Taylor Jackie Teed Faye Thomas Sandra Thompson Sandi Tucker Connie Ward Nancy Ward Sandra Wells Glenda White Ann Wicker Jan Williams Jane Wilson Jennie Wren 241 Ape shape Q Annual Sin Party Cool if, pops! Got to keep the help happy It beats the free movie. CHI PHI ' f J New Edition Doctor and his lody Georgia Playboy Good grief! Charlie Brown and Snoopy. How are you fixed fcr blades? Where ' s Stonewall? Should we tell them? See giant Pandas run amuck. See a muck strike back. Now that we ' ve got her here what ' ll we do wifh her? Prone pleasure By Jove, my joy kn ' ws no bounds ' . Friendly persuasion LAMBDA CHI hath glory? Mama ' s little helper Two fifths gone Tee many martunis (top) Smoke Kools (bottom) Siftir ' s sand Pi KA Elephant supervisor, Sabu Cheapo Blue Monday only a penny. (fop) Two more cents and we ' ll hove a nickel, (bottom) Keep them barefoot and working. Little orphan Fanny The surry with the binge on top Nothing could be finer . . It takes two to tangle SAE Ivy League meeting Thombody bwoke it But I still don ' t get it. Take me away from all this. Rhythm and brews SIGMA CHI Member of the Pistol Club Miss Modern Venus Idiot ' s delight The Proud and the Profane Tiger Lil Getting Gertie ' s garter Antique physique The blue of her eyes and the gold . . Why, h ' its Cousin Sorabelle! Worm ' s eye view » « Who did the choreography? SIGMA NU " » » ir - - P Robert Mitchum ' s little brother You can ' t judge a book by its cover. Anything to impress her. Concert Dance Club It ' s all in the hands Snake Bait P " Just step over him. ' He who laughs last didn ' t understand the joke. Champion Foofball Team I don ' t know, but the one on the left is Roscoe Dean. Basin Street Bruise TE 1 But it ' s all I ' ve got. Don ' t write naughty words on wall if you can ' t spell. Take me to your leader. ADPi L ' ' .„ All aboard for the Bridge. (top) Swoon, Coon (bottom) A gift from Omar, the tent maker (top) Something else to keep her busy (bottom) Blanket snatcher. Where do you hide your treasure chest? AOPi 1 Balentine Party They took our furniture away. Vorga girl? You ' ll wonder where the yellow went. He ' s really going to do it! Cheaters never win. Charades Parades and Renegades ALPHA GAM We only pledge girls with cars. ArHFNSA L Mr»JDS We got Kulture The Royal Order of the Purple Shaft. CHI Human bowling alley What would Emily say? Ladies in waiting TRI DELTA P» V -v THIMK! Confucious say The gollery 1 Someone who needs no introducHon I know her, but I can ' t place the (ace. ber. , D PHI E Ring around the roscy You ' re no southern gentleman, Suh. Why, just whot I didn ' t want Mickey Mouse Club. « I Sexy Santa Little white rabDits Secret grip PHI MU It got too deep mil ' 9 . ZETA W C.T.U. meeting Zeta beauty Tamminy Hall . . . a world in which we find charm Tai PANDORA BEAUTY REVUE Excitement mounted; then there was silence . . . broken only by rustling skirts and " My Fair Lady " melo- dies. Contestants for the title Miss Pondoro Beauty Revue in Fine Arts Auditorium on Nov. 14, 1956. Preceded by a tea for contestants and judges, the Revue was centered around the theme " My Fair Lady. " Contestants admire the dresses at the tea given in Memorial Hall for judges and contestants. From forty of the University ' s loveliest beauties, eight charming ladies were chosen as members of Miss Pan- dora ' s court. And amid silence and high tension, the master of cere- monies presented the queen of the campus as he shouted, " There she is . . . your ' fair lady, ' Miss Pandora of 1 957! " Carolyn Kirby and Leon Gold, contestants, receive last minute instructions backstage from Helen Lanier, Pandora Art Editor. r Swain McElmurray, Pandora Managing Editor; Corolann Conner, Miss Pandora of 1956, and contestant Comille Crockett ore interviewed by Walt Gurthie, WRFC announcer. Contestants await decisions backstage. 260 1 Contestants listen as final decisions are announced. Carolann Conner, Miss Pandora of 1956; and Ruth Grandy, Pandora Editor; present crown, loving cup and roses to Sandra Lee Thompson, Miss Pandora of 1957. f v liss I cmuora and ( ouft Left to right, first row: Carolyn Kirby, Moris Barron and Linda Johnson. Second Row. Willette Woodcock, Beverly Stein and Kay Holloway. Third Row: fam Wiggins, Scndra Lee Thompson, Miss Pandora; and Leon Gold. 262 Warie Ec ' Cirron presented by PHI MU oLeon Cyo a presented by ALPHA GAMMA DELTA au J oilo lu y oiiowau presented by LAMBDA CHI ALPHA oLlnda Aoh ndon presented by ALPHA TAU OMEGA - ( arotif n irbu presented by 1 CAPPA ALPHA V (fl L. J i _ ( J eueriu S L lein presented by TAU EPSILON PHI ?.;? m I am J Jl • • n inA presented by ALPHA DELTA PI UUiiiette l l oodcock presented by ALPHA GAMMA RHO WiiS Pandora of 1957 SANDRA LEE THOMPSON A freshman from Atlanta sponsored by North Myers Dormitory, Sandra is a dork-haired, brown-eyed beauty en- rolled in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Miss Pandora is a graduate of Roosevelt High School where she was a leader and an honor student. At the University, Sandra is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, sings in the Women ' s Glee Club, and writes for the Red and Black. V : . . . a world in which we accept f v-. s ¥ - I Y Pt responsibility ARMY R. 0. T. C. " Training today to be leaders Tomorrow " is in es- sence the purpose of the R.O.T.C. program. The pro- gram not only trains cadets for the defense of cur na- tion, bjt also aids in oroducing many of the civilian leaders of our country through the courses taken by the advanced students of the program. It has been occeoted that no war could have been won without the officers and men which had had pre- vious military training in the Reserve Officers Training Corps I COL. BARNEY A. DAUGHTRY, U.S.A. P.M.S. T. di Bi DETACHMENT OFFICE.=iS AND PERSONNEL: F,rs1 Row. Copt Chorles Berry, Copt Rcber, Kirk Lf CoL John Dixcn, CoL Barney Doughtry, Mojor Robert Dantorth, Copt. William Duront. Seconrf Row; S.F.C. Carl Mii I I Bunn, M Sgt. Ernest Bolton, S.F.C. Elijah Ford, M Sgt. J Robertson, S.F.C. Asbury Snow. Third Row: S.F.C. Mark Ward, S.F.C. Frank Cooper, M Sgt. Robert Lumley. 270 CADET COL. MICHAEL M. DOWNES Regimental Commander MISS BARBARA DELMORE Regimental Sponsor CADET LT. COL. EDWARD H RIDDLE Second Battalion Commander CADET LT. COL. HORACE B. THOM First Battalion Commander hi MISS MARTHA MOORE First Battalion Sponsor MISS CATHERINE FOLK Second Battalion Sponsor 271 COMPANY A COMPANY B ICOMPANY C CADET CAPT EDWARD L BURKHALTER Company Commander CADET CAPT. ARTHUR N. PALMER Company Commander CADET CAPT. F. DUANE GRICE Company Commander CO. A MISS CLAIRE ARMSTRONG Company Sponsor CO. B CO. c MISS BARBARA ASPINWALL MRS. DUANE GRICE Company Sponsor Company Sponsor 273 COMPANY E CADET CAPT. JAMES P. LANGSTON Company Commander CO. E MISS JOAN CROW Company Sponsor CADET CAPT. ALLAN W. BARBER Company Commander CADET CAPT. BERNARD M. HERRING Company Commander CO. F MISS JANE HARDY Company Sponsor 274 CO. G MISS MARIAN JONES Company Sponsor l COMPANY F COMPANY G 275 COMBINED STAFFS - ' x..; BAND UfLE Capt. Allan Matthews, First Bn. Adj.; Lt. Col. Horace Thorn, First Bn. Cmdr.; Capt. Jim Hart, Reg. Adj.; Col. Michael Downes, Reg. Cmdr.; Lt. Col. Edward Riddle, Second Bn. Cmdr.; Copt. Jack Lumpkin, Second Bn. Adj.; Lt. Harold Coody, Second Bn. Operations Officer. 276 tIFLE TEAM First Row: H. E. Collins, H. G. Halsten, J. C. Nichols, E. V. Todd, E H. Riddle, John R; Bell. Second Row; E. T. Cochran, J. W. Pfeifer, B. W. Lacy, R. W. Kennedy, J. L. Rhehey. Third Row: J. M. Hall, G. H. Cobb, F. C. Iseminger, E. M. Ford, C. H. Filmer, R. E. Prescott, W. F. James. SUMMER CAMP Top. Student cadets look the situation over prior to a day problem in the field. Bottom These bedrolls will be used on a 72 hour field problem. Top. Fire extinguishers are put in first class condition. Bottom: Georgia cadets live up to one of Napoleon ' s maxims. 277 AIR FORCE R. 0. T. C. MAJ. JOSEPH MILLER Executive Officer CAPT. ROY BREWER Commandant of Cadets COL. JOHN F. McCartney, u.s.a.f. P.A.S. T. iq:air for " " " tc ni I ■ I 1 HR ' I ml n n ir «| 1 11 sw I Milie 1. ' 1, fllKl, I I Wei l(, ( »Wi( SI CiJiHi.C DETACHMENT OFFICERS AND PERSONNEL; First Row: Sgt. Bevers, Copr. Herndon, Col. McCortney, Maj, Miller. Second Row. Lt Johnsrcn, Sgt. Thornton, Sgt. Cobb, Copt, Brewer. Third Row; Capt. Clark, Sgt. Smith, Sgt. Young, Sgt. Watts. 278 CADET COL FRANK D. HARDY Wing Commander WING STAFFS FALL STAFF, First Row: Cadet Lt. CoL Johnnie B. Tanner, Cadet Lt. CoL William D. Porter, Cadet Lt. Col. John C. Woolf, Cadet Lt. Col. Oscor S. Fowler, Cadet Lt. Col. Joel J. Knight, Cadet M Sgt. Thomas C. Collins. WINTER STAFF, First Row: Cadet Col. Richard W. Jones, Cadet M Sgt. Robert A. Skelton, Cadet Lt. Col. William D. Porter, Cadet Lt. Col. John Woolf, Cadet Lt. Charles E. Sherrer, Cadet Lt. Col. Bobby Pilcher. FALL QUARTER INSTRUCTOR CADET MAJ. JOSEPH C FLANDERS Squadron Commander FALL QUARTER INSTRUCTOR SQUADRON: Cadet Capt. Guyton B. Terry, Cadet Capt. Richard S. Bell, Cadet Capt. Newell M Epperson, Cadet Capt. Oscar S. Fowler, Cadet Copt. Bobby M. Jones. INSTRUCTOR SQUADRONS WINTER QUARTER INSTRUCTOR CADET LT. COL. RICHARD W. JONES Squadron Commander WINTER QUARTER INSTRUCTOR SQUADRON: Cadet Copt. Anthony C. Perry, Cadet Capt. Joe Boyette, Cadet Capt. Charles E. Sherrer, Cadet Capt. Bob Foster, Cadet Capt. Dale Morrison, Cadet Capt. Bobby Pilcher, Cadet Capt. Raymond Hunter, Cadet Capt. Wilborn Cole, Cadet Capt. Sam Few, Cadet Capt. Charles Strain, Cadet Copt. Edward B. Benton, Cadet Lt. Col. Richard W. Jones. 280 GROUP I FALL STAFF Commander MAJ. JOEL J. KNIGHT Executive Officer CAPT. ODELL L. RILEY Sgt. Major T SGT. DAVID OAKS WINTER STAFF Commander MAJ. JAMES D. LIFSEY Executive Officer CAPT. GUYTON 0. TERRY Sgt. Major T SGT. JAMES H. CABINISS GUYTON 0. TERRY Cadet Capt. JAMES H. CABINISS Cadet T Sgt. GROUP II FALL STAFF Commander MAJ. PAUL. D. NORTON Executive Officer CAPT. ALBERT D. SAMS Sgt. Major T SGT. FRANK T. PHILLIPS WINTER STAFF Commander MAJ. JOSEPH C. FLANDERS Executive Officer CAPT. THOMAS T. HERNDON Sgt. Major T SGT. FRANCIS B. MOORE PAUL D. HORTON Cadet Maj. ALBERT SAMS Cadet Capt. FRANK T. PHILLIPS Cadet T Sgt. JOSEPH C. FLANDERS Cadet Maj. THOMAS H. HERNDON Cadet Capt. 281 SQUADRON 101 FALL COMMANDER WINTER COMMANDER FALL COMMANDER WINTER COMMANDER f LlCi ANTHONY S. CUSHENBERRY Cadet Capt. CAPT. HARRY B. HARDEN Cadet Capt. JAMES D. LIFSEY Cadet Capt. CHARLES E. DAVIDSON MNI Cadet Capt. C« SQUADRON 102 282 SQUADRON 104 28:i TEAM DRILL DRILL TEAM COMMANDER BAND COMMANDER RUDY ATKINSON Cadet Maj. HOWARD A. HENSON Cadet Capt. AFROTC BAND Two " Tigers " getting ready to leap. SUMMER CAMP Dean James E. Gates makes the annual Summer Troining Unit Inspection of Georgia Air Force R.O.T.C. Cadets in training at MocDill Air Force Base, Florida. I I Cadet Johnnie B. Tanner, Jr., being tested for Accommodation and Color pe ception during his training at Ellington Air Force Base, Texas. High and Mighty ... 3 feet. " 285 a world in which we prepare ioi p. for the future FRANK BARRON JENNIE WREN Vice President GLORIA SCHWARTZ -Secretary-Treasurer Frank Barron, Jennie Wren, Gloria Schwartz f. , •-•.. ,m f„ , ' ABER, RITA .. Miami, FUi. MM " f ■ — ■ ' ALDRIDGE, JAMES Juliette a J " , 7 ' ' ALEXANDER, PATRICIA Demorest K . . ALEXANDER, RUTH VorsMtix flSfel A f OJ " K jBL ALLEN, MARY Decatm % ' i ' 7 9 " ' m ALLEY, MARY Atlanta " ' t -- -■ ? ALLC.OOD, SISTER _ __ _ Athens f ' " - ' . JN ' Cr 1 ANDERSON, VIRGINIA Aiagun . i ANTWINE, MADELINE . Alliem 288 ARMOR. EUGENE Greensboro ATIIA. MARVIN Good Hope AVERY, PHILIP So]ierton BAC.BY. MARTHA Ccdartotcn BALL, SYLVIA Athmta BARRETT, FRANK _ DecnUir BARRON, FRANK _ cuiian BARRON, ZELDA Moncks Corner, S.C. BAZEMORE, A.NNE Tcnnille BECK, ELAINE Sandersville BEE.SON, CHARLES Aligmla BELL, DEBORAH Gaincsnill,- BENEDICT, MARY Ahxinulriri. Vii. BENNETT, MARTHA . hl BENSHUSHAN, VIOLA AlUiiilii BERNARD, GREGORY WaijnesviUr BENEKE, ELSE Brooklyn. N.Y. BISHOP, MARTHA Carlersville BLACKSHEAR, ELEANOR St. Simom BLAND, CAROL Eastman BOONE, SAMMY VahliKia BOOTH. EDWIN Vcinna BORDEN, JUDITH Atlanta BOWERS, RAINE Thomaxvine BOY ' D, ALBERT Moidtrie BOYKIN, PATRICIA Chattanooga. Tenn. BRACKETT, BENJAMIN .Athens BRACKETT, COLQUITT Cnhutin BRADDY, PAULA Pavo BRADY, SHIRLEY Toecoa BRAKE, ARGRESS Maeon BRAMBI ETT, SANDRA HazMinrst BRANNON, GEORGE Atlanta BRANNON, HUGH Cmnming BRANTLEY, FRANCIS Harrison BROOKS, JOY ' CE New York, N.Y. BROOKS, SHEILA Savannah BROUGHTON, WILT IAM_ Aiken, S.C. BRUNSON, MARILYN Alhamj BUNNIE, nE ' I E Maeon BURNSIDE. THOMAS . . Thomson BURT. RALPH CaincsviUc BUTLER, ANITA Snmmerville BUTURUGA, NORAH . Brookh n. N.Y. CAGLE, JAMES Fun.iton CALDWELL, JOHN Silver Spring, Md. CALHOUN, KATHRYN Atlanta CALLAGHAN. MARGARET_ Acteorth CALLAWAY, LUKE Madiion CAMPBELL, BARBARA Atlanta CAMPION. LAURA Fargo CAMPOS. PEDRO Hato Retj. Puerto Rieo CARITHERS, DANNY Jefjerson CARITHERS, MARGARET Deeatnr CARLSO.N, BEVERLY Atlanta CARPENTER, JOT Ponte Vcdra. Fta. CARSWELL, JUDY Ineinton CARTER, MELBA _ Winterrille CATO, WALLACE Bainhridgc CHALKLEY. SANTiRA Riehland CHANDLER. BEVERLY Coiujers CHEEK. DONNIS Buford CHEW, CHRISTINE Augusta CHRISTOPHER, HAROLD Athens CLAWSON, JANE Manchester CLEGHORN. DAVID Dunwoodij CLEVELAND, WANDA Harlwell CROVATT. LY ' NN Savannah COFFEY. PATRICIA Rome COGGIN, NANCY Athens i.£j f A Q P £h ' O o ' - ' A A M. H M 289 i. li rt O o COGGINS, VIOLA Atlanta COHEN, HARRIET Savannah COLE, CAROLINE Atlanta COLE, JOHN Baconton COLEMAN, JANET Atlanta COLEMAN, BILL Augusta COLQUITT, JO Uthmia COLSON, CLER iiiniimmh CONK, HARBARA Rnslm, COW ALLY. EVELYN Mt. Vemon, N.Y. COOK, CHARLES LaGmnge COOK, MARSHALL Macon COOPER, JUDY Athens COVINGTON, MARTHA_ _ Thoma.ivUle COX, GAIL Ada CRAWFORD, BETTY Athens CROFT, JAMES Bmmwick CROOM, BETH Vnldosta CROSS, FRANCES , Clavlon CRUIKSHANK, JOSEPHINE__ Dotuson CULPEPPER, .STUART Am nd .vin, Ala. CULVER, JAMES Cartersville CUSTER, EDITH Marietta CUSTER, HENRY Bainhridge DAIL, JAMES Athens. DAMOUR, EDWARD Macon DANIEL, BILL Griffin DAN.NEMAN, ROSALYN Allanta DEPRANO, DELORES Atlanta DAVID, CLARA Warner Robins DAVIDSON, JOY Thomson DAVIS, ELLIS ThomasvUle DAVIS, LEWIS Jefferson DAVIS, SANDRA Atlanta DAWSON, ANNE Brunswick DEESE, HELEN Savannah DEFOOR, EDNA Atlanta DEFOOR, JANE Toccoa DeLEONARDIS, MICHAEL Darien, Conn, DeLONG, CHARLES __.Hoc;ips(er, N.Y. DENICKE, AMELIA Decatur DENNEY, SHARON Newnan DENNIS, TROY Atlanta DERISO. THORPE Leslie DERRICK, LINDA College Park DeWITT, ELBERT Glenside, Pa. DICKEY, LINDA Kingsport, Tenn. DIXON, FREMON Dewy Rnse DIXON, GEORGE Savammh FRESHMEN . ,l.c, jucs to Otho ' sl ' I thought she liked older men. ' IX)DD, SARAH Chattanooga, Tvmi. DOWLING, ROBERT Douiilas DOWNS, MARY Statham DUFFELL, BILL Pernj DUNAHOO. THOMAS Winder DUNCAN. BILLIE - A( i(n« DUNN. SHF.II.A Turkrr DZMORE, SHEILA- V -,;rii. r Rnhins EATON, MARY ANN _.- Snvnnwili EBEBHART, NANCY Athens ECK, PATRICIA - SniXTiina i ELDER, ELIZABETH Griffin ELLIS, EVELYN Mnriclla EMERSON, CLARE Athinlti ETHRIDGE, ROBERT S|)HrJ,v EVANS, REBECCA Athens FAIR, BARBARA Louisville FARNETI, JANICE Athens FATTIG, ANNE Emonj FEINBERG. LEAH West Point FEW, JANE Decatur F EW, SUSIE Apaluchee FIELD, LUCY - Pccolur FLANDERS, MacGREGOR Carrcllinn FONVILLE, JAMES Atlanta FORD, EARL-- Camilla FORRESTER, GAY Leesburti FOWLER, STARR Marietta FOX, GWENDOLYN-- Lexini:ton. S.C. FOY, ROBERT Avondale Estates FRANKLIN, MARGARET Metter FULCHER, CAROLYN A( i(iis GAINES, JAMES Alexandria. Va. GAINES, KATHRYN Atlanta GAMMAGE, JEAN Bronwood GARDNER. JOANNIE Atlanta GARLAND, JOHN Macon GEORGE, BARBARA Merracc GIBSON, JAMES Columbus GILLEN, OBIE Lexington GILMORE, FRANKIE Athens GLICKMAN, SANDRA C.reemillc. S.C. GODFREY, HARLAN Dalton GOLDMAN, NELSON Atlanta GOLDSTEIN, PAUL Newton Center, Mass. GRAHAM, JO ANNE Atlanta GRAISER, SHELDON Sylvester GRANT, JUNIUS Andrews, S. C. GRANT, MARTHA Cedartoicn GREENE, MARTHA Athens GRIFFETH, CHARLES Athens GRIFFIES. ROGER Newnan GROTENSTEIN. BERT Atlanta GROVES, JAMES Canton HAGAN, FAYE Stateshoro HAIRSTON, RALPH Atlanta HALL, SENNY Atlanta HAMBY, JOHN Athens HAMMETT. BILLY Milledgeville HANCOCK, MARSHALL-- Thomaston HARDEMAN, DOLORES Athens IIARRELL, LAURA Camilla HARRISON, JOANNE Columbus HARRISON, MAHALAH Kite HART, DANIELS O " " ' " " " ' HARTMAN, SANDRA Atlanta HASKINS, BURT Macon HATCHER, RONALD Moultrie HAYNIE, GEORGE Toccoa HEIDEN, MERLE Lake City, S.C. HEMPHILL. JOHN Gainesville HENDERSON, CYNTHIA Ocilla HENDRIX, GEORGE Ellabelle HERNDON, JOHN Cave Spring HERRINGTON, PAUL Atlanta HERRMANN, SALLIE Aiken, S.C. HILL. JIMMY Camilla ' p A B P A JLl n n r t l lj. rs P . r p A (? HILLIS, ANITA Girard HIRSCH, MELVIN Columbus HITE, ROCHELLE Elberton HITSON, CARL . Dublin HOLLAND, WILLIAM. Dalton HOLLIS, MARTHA Ruttedgc HOLM AN, CODY Athens HOOPER, ELOISE Alhms HOPPER, GAIL Woonsockct. R. 1. HUFF. HELEN Athens HUGGINS, ARLENE Atlanta HUGHES, JULIA Newborn HUGHS, NANCY A( irin HUGULEY, BENNIE Colwiilnis HUTCHINS, CHARLES Auburn INGRAM, ZELMARIE Rmne ISEXUNGER. FRED Arliniiton JACKSON, ANN Columbus JACKSON. ELEANOR .College Park JACKSON, GAIL Monroe JACKSON, GLORIA Marietta JAMES, WILLIAM _ - - _ .Macon JARRETT, EUGENE Thomasville JENSEN, CHRISTINE _ _ __ Atlanta JOHNSON, NANCY _ ,_ HogansviUe JOHNSON, PATRICIA Athens JONES, BETTY Atlanta JONES, MARY Winder KAMINIS, CAROL Waverly KEASLER, JOHN Rome KEATING, MARGIE Savannah KELLER, MARTIN Atlanta KEMP, ANNE Atlanta KIMBRELL, JUDY Athens KINNEY, DOROTHY Atlanta KINSTEIN, SHARON Madison KIRBY, CAROLYN Newman KNIGHT, BETTY Quitman KNOTT, CARROLL Atlanta KRIVSKY, GEORGE Lakemont KUBIAK, RUSSELL Athena LANDERS, KITTY Austell LANEY, FRANCES Augusta LANGFORD, WILLIAM. „ Gainesville LANGSTON. CAROLE ___ S(. Simons LANKFORD, GEORGE Lijons LEDDEN, DENNIS Cuthbert LESHER, ANNE Waijcross LEVINE, MARLENE Macon LEVY, HARRIET Auiiusla LICHTENSTEIN, ILENE Atlanta LILES. CHARLOTTE Chattanooga, Tenn. LIPPOLD, GAIL Atlanta LIPPOLD, JOAN Atlanta LITCHFIELD, JUDY Dccntiir LITTLE, J. W leffersomiUe LITTLEJOHN, FAYE Barnesville LONG, JOHN W. Decatur LONGINO, CLARE Decatur MAILEY. JUNE Decatur MALCOM, RUBY __ Bostwick MALLARD, BEVERLY .SWatkinseille MALLARD, CHARLOTTE Auiiusia MANN, EMILY McRae MANN, TERRY Moultrie MANNING, SARAH Alpharelta MANSELL. ROBERT _ . .Roswell MARKS. JUDY Atlanta MARTIN. JESSE Canton MARTIN, NELLIE Athens MAXWELL, CHARLES ._ Silver Creek MAXWELL, ROBERTA Crawford MAY, MARILYN Jackson Mc-CLELLAN, ROBIN_. Hallandale, Fla. McELVEEN, MARTHA AtUmta McGEACHY SARAH Dccntur McGregor, CAROLYN Atlama McKENZIE, MARIE Saninmih McLELLAN, FRANCES .._- D»IMm McMICIIAEL, LeROSS Cohim uv MEDDERS, WILLIAM Brumuick MERCIER. MARILEE Dcailur MERRITT, MARY - - - . _ _A»i ri i,v MIDKIFF, AN ' 1TA___ _ _ Dcaitur MILIKIN, GLENDA C«r i MILLER, MARSHA UcBcati MIRSK Y. ] ANE Savannah MONTGOMERY, BETTY Commerce MORRIS, SARA Marietta MORRISON, SALLY Havannah MORTON, WILLIAM Amcrirm MOSLEY, JOE Bremen MURPHY, EDDIE Forest Park NASS. MARTIN _ Daijtona Beach. Fla. NATHAN. ANITA Jcsiip NEMEC, BEVERLY Savannah NESMITH, SYBIL Mariella NEWTON, CHERRY_ Statesboro NEWTON, GLENN Gainesville OTWELL, JANE Gumming OWEN, ANN Milled geville PADGETT. PATRICIA Greenville, S.C. PALMER, CLAIRE Covington PALMER, JAMES Camilla PARIS, ANITA Atlanta PARKER, CONNIE Macon PARKER. PATRICIA Atlanta PATCHIN. ARTHUR Augusta PATRICK, JOSEPH___W;iifc Oak, S. C. PAULK, ALAN Wray PERLSTEIX. HARRIET Fayettevitle, N. C. PICKETT. LAUNA.Cftaf onooga, Tenn. PITTMAX. BEVERLY Atlanta POLLOCK. ANNA Albany POLLOCK, CONSTANCE Monroe POPE, HOWELL East Point POSEY ' , GROVER Columbus POSNER, MARIE Felton POWELL, LINDA Moultrie PRICE, GORDON Atlanta PUGH, DUDLEY Atlanta PULLIAM, JANE Decatur QUANTE, MARIAN Savannah QUINN, LARRY Copperhill, Ten,,. RAGSDALE, THOMAS Montgomery, Ala. REDFERN, L. VERN Thomascille f o a in O ' a dk FRESHMEN " He thought he could fool me! " " Getting back to the lie . . . " :i%iiii[« REID. JUDY A( (i.ifn RICHARDSON, JEAN Athem RIDGWAY, CAROLINE Madisnn RIFKIN, SYBIL Albmm ROBERSON, JANIS Brunswkk ROBERTSON, BETTY Atlwm MOSS, NANCY Rmtw HOUSH, DUNCAN- _ _- Ci.r imii RUTLAND, ANN__ __ Aim-rirm SALKY, EVELYN Mi-mplih. Trim. SAYE. ELMER _- Atlwm SAYE, HARRY Allwm SCHAUL, ALIX JacksmvUI,: hi,,. SCHWAN, ED (Uilumlms SCHWARTZ. GLORIA Macon SEARS. ELINOR Buford SEITZ. ROBERT___ A(lan(u SELIGMAN. MELVIN- Claxtim SEXTON. ANN AtUmlu SHAFFER, RHINA_. Atluiila SHAW. JOHN__ . Ccdiirlinni SHEPARD. FREDERICK- Th„nmsl,m SHIELDS. ROBERT-- _ - Diillim SHORES. JANICE A oiiroc SHROPSHIRE. SARAH Jeffermii SMART. HENRY Augusta SMITH, BEVERLY Borne SMITH, GEORGE- _ _ - Wiilkimville SMITH, LORAN Ilarrmm SMITH, REUBEN Doerim SMOOT, SHARON Atluula SOMERVILLE, VIRGINIA Atlanta SPRATLIN, FAYE Athem STANLEN, SHARON-- Aiigu,s(u STASCH, PAMELA .-_ Atlanta STEINE, MARILYN - Atlanta STEINMANN, MARGRIT Atlanta STEIS, KATHRYN- _- Pine Mt. Valley STEPHENS, LUTHER _ A(Inn(a STEVENS, ALICE Mcintosh STOKES, LOUIS Thalmann STORY, WILDA Snirninud STOVALL, JAMIE _ Douglas STOWERS, HORACE Dewey Rose SULLIVAN, MACK Athens SUMMERELL, LYNNE Savannah SUMMERS, ALLE.N Decatur SUTHERLAND, MARY Macon TANNER. WALTER Athens TANT, BETSY Atlanta TAYLOR, OLIVIA Adel TEEL, BETTY Chipleij TEMPLES, SUSAN Decatur TERRY, LOUISE Albamj THA.XTON, EVALYN Roberta THOMAS, JAMES Meigs THOMPSON, FLOZELLE Alcxamlria, Va. THOMPSON, HELEN Tampa, Fla. THOMPSON, JOAN Tampa, Fla. THOMPSON, ROBERT Athens TIGNER, IDA Creencilh- TILLEM, DOROTHY A(Iuii(« TOLBERT, LEENEDA Comer TORRANCE, LANDYCE- Millcdgeville TUCKER, SANDRA-Morrivroiin, Tenn. TURNER, ANN Roy.iton TURNER, MARTHA Luella TURNER, MOSES Tennille ANCE, VIRGINIA - _ - A( an(« ARAS. OFELITA. -- Havana, Cuba ' AHNER. BETTY Powder Springs ' AUGHAN, ANN Commerce VOELKER, LYNN Barncicille WADE, IRENE _ Amelia, Ohio WAITS, RAYMOND.- Moultrie WALKER, JAMES Griffin WALKER, JIMMIE Macon WALL, MARY Duii ' voii fi WALLLS. JOHNNIE- . College Park It WALTERS. MARILYN Snt;nnn« i 9(4, W WARD. CONNIE Al icn.v ii. WARD. ELIZABETH - Shamum X " WARDLAW. KAREN Nichoisoii WARR. HOWELL Augiivlii WATKINS. BARBARA-- f 1 WATSON. GEORCE- Alhiila i -W J J Wjft WATSON. JOHN Decatur ■3, " " M W T VlV WATSON. LYNNE Bath, ' . V. jp ' yj w " ' MV WEATHERFORD. BARBARA _A( i(nv df T Vv ' V .1C _ WEBB, FENNY. BBS . Mt ♦ fe ARMAND Savannah H U H A A |i WHATLEY, SUSANNE Rome , BL " K ANDERSON. WY ATT Brunswiek W . f JJ WHITE. CLIFFORD F(. VaH ! ■— , ,W ' " ' ' » WHITEHEAD, BERTHA Athens 4 ._ J L:. i ■« WHITLEY. RALPH PcHiniii " F ' k. 1 WHITMIRE. ALLENE Bowman £ ii M T t WHITNHRE. KEITH GainesviXh- - SG HA I B WHITLEY, WADE AXbamj WICKER, ANN Borne WIER, CAROLINE Tampa. Fhi. WIGGINS, BOBBY Maeon WIGLEY " , JANET Athens WILBANKS, MARY Atlanta WELLS, JOHN Commerce WILLIAMS, CHARLES Lindah ' 9iL. ' K V WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Vahlostn iTl V 1 T W A C- ' 1 WILLSON. GEORDIE Atlanta W ' ' ' •? I y J " t _ T WILSON, GEORGE Dalton l- R ' ' k ■ ' - ' ' v WILSON, JUDITH --C iattanooga, Trail. ' .jP r ' " | -- , WISE. JEANNE Atltinla k - ttk , Bfc . mA WOODS, JACKIE AOirav " " " " l WORLEY, CHARLES Canton C 1 I 1 if IL. •. ' WORTH, ROY Douglas X- ' ' { ' ' ' F C i WRIGHT, CHILDS Draper, N.C. " V ' A. ' — - WRINKLE, WANDA Dalton f - . " ' j A— ' " - J WUNTER, NANCY. -Simpsonuiffi ' , S. C. bo . Hi ' ' B . f ■kk . BUi YOUNG, JAN „__ D«,..o„ 1 " i ' - . l A ffiJ YOUNG, LIDA Atlanta YOUNG, ROBERT Ringgold ZIMMERMAN, CHARLENE Atlanta FRESHMEN " What ' s she bidding on? " Thirty-seventh quarter freshman SOPHOMORES BILL COLLINS President JOANN GRAHAM Vice-President BARBARA WIGGINS Secretory- Treasurer Joann Graham, Bill Collins. V.:? S O ADDISON, MARTHA Rome ALBERT. PATRICIA Whitlier. Calif. ALEXANDER. JIMMY Lmiisville ALLEN, JERHY_ Columbus ALTMAN, LINDA Sylvania ANDERSON. ANN Augusta ANDERSON. JAMES Decatur ARMITAGE, JANE__C(iar cs(on, V. Va. ARMSTRONG, GEORGE. _ Washington ATKINSON, PAT Atlanta BAILES. EDNA Albany BAKER. SHIRLEY Tucker BARFIELD, CECIL Thomaston BARKER, BONNIE St. George BECKHAM, WILLIAM Couneil BELL, CLARENCE Athens BELL, FREDERICK Watkinsville BELL, FREDDIE Ninety-six, S. C. BELL, JOAN Athens BELL. VIVIAN Sardis BENNETT, DARRELL Alma 296 HIXBY, LAWRENCE liLACK. ANNE lU.ACK, BETTY m.OEDOKX, MARY 1U)LDIX(;. JOHN HOXDIHANT, MAHY HOWDI ' A. UOY_ HOWDEN, WILLIAM Mlnn HRAY. WILLIAM - Ihiltim mUNKLEY, RUTH Wiir rrnlim HUOOKS. TERRELL__ C(i iim iiv HHDWNLVG. DONALD Macon UKUMLEY. MARTHA SI. M.inis HUNN. DUMONT Bniii wirk lU ' RXLEY. BOBBY Thomsmi BURT, ALICE Gainesville nURTOW. RALPH Vicnmi lU TTRILL. MACY Dccadir HVRD. MORRISON- __ Parktim. N. C. CALDWELL, EMILY. Monrm- CALLAWAY, BETTY _ _ _ _ Raijlr C;AT0, CHARLES LouisviUr CTIAXDLEY, FRANK Comjcn C:HAPMAX, CAROLYN Falls Churchy Va. CHICK, PETER Walpole, Mass. CLARK. JAMES Auburn CLEMENTS, ROBERT _C( mfT CHERMAK, GAIL.__ Jack.mnvilh: Fla. CLOXTS, ELIZABETH-. Poivdcr Springs COBB, GIL _ Allanin COCHRAN, MARY ELLEN-Tnmpn, Fin. COHEX, ELAINE Charleston, S. C. COHEN, LARRY Macon COLLE, RAYMOND Athens COLLIER, JUNE Tnlhotton jl COLLINS, ELEANOR Camilla |! CONDRON, EDWARD Athens «; COOK, TRAVIS McRae ; cosrox, gail Mcttcr I COX. .lERRY Alpharctta 1 CRAWFORD, WILLIAM Athem i CREAL, GEORGE Sparta, N.J. I CROW, JOAN Marietta 1 CUDDY, ANNETTE-.AL ' onda f Estates j CULPEPPER, BARBARA.- Albany ' CUMMIXGS, PETER DonahonviUe , DALLMUS, ADELLA Macon I DAXGAR, JESSE Woodstock 1 DAXXER, XAX Athens I I DARSEY, HARRIETT Macon j DAVIS, CORNELIA Savannah I DAVIS. CAROLYN Valdosta I DAVIS, CECIL Columbus DA TS, FRANCES - Shannon : DAWSON, WILLIAM _ Marietta DEADWYLER. ROBERT Cricnclle. S. C. DENTON. LUTHER Braxton DEAVOURS, DEANNE Leslie deBEAUGRLXE. ELIZABETH Warrcnton DEKLE, EVELYN DELK. JOE __ Columbia, Terui. DELMORE. NORMA Army Chemical Center, Maryland DONALDSON, CAREY Stateshoro DOWELL. PAUL Rossville DOZIER, DOROTHY Thomson DUFFY, ROBERT Atlanta DUNCAN, ANDRE_ Rock Hill, S. C. DUSSLING, DONALD Valley Stream, N. Y. EADY, PEGGY Woro EAGAR. JANE___ Lookout Mtn., Tenn. EATON. PEGGY Decatur EDEXFIELD. BILLY Metier ELLIOTT. THOMAS Comjers ENGLISH. PIERCE Warrenton ER IN. JOHN Valdosta EVANS. WARREN Warrenton EWING. MARY Ocillii ■ 9 - B B kS.M,M " Is anybody hoppy? " To the woods! SOPHOMORES ,0 ' fi: P A 4 UJ £ FAKMEH. GEOKCE Wrem FECHTEL, GLORIA Waycross FILMER. CHARLES Atlanta FOSTER, NOEL_ College Park FOWLER, BOBBY Norcross FRANKLIN, ERNEST Metier FRAZIER, EDDIE Sparta FRICKS, JOHNNY-- Winder FRIEDMAN, LEONARD Augusta FRITH, JOHN -. Decatur FULGHUM, DAVID Milledgeville FUTRAL, WALTER Griffin GEORGE, HORACE Eatonton GIBBON. CHARLOTTE Forest Park GIBBONS, CHARLES Columbus GIBSON, CLYDE Mountain City GILL, REBECCA Richmond Hill GLASS, SHEILA Savannah COLA, SHIRLEY-- Middlehoro, Mass. GOODWYNE, CHARLES Forsyth GRAHAM, JOANNE Atlanta GRANT, JEAN Toccoa GRAY, CORDELIA East Point GREEN, NOEL- Brunswick GREENE, JOHN Washington GREENE, THOMAS Trion GREGORY, ARLENE Tampa, Flu. GREGORY, ARLICE Tampa. Fla. GRIFFIN, WILLIAM Augusta GRIFFITH, CHARLES „ „ „ Cottageville, S. C. HADLEY, SYLVIA Lincolnton HAGAN, FAYE Claxton HAGINS, ELIZABETH Columbtis HALL, ERIC LaGrange HALL, WILLIAM Warrenton HANCOCK, BARNEY Thomaston HAND, FRANCINELEE Miami Beach, Fla. HALLOWELL, CAROL Albany HARDIGREE, ALICE Watkinsville HARKLEROAD, ZENIOUS Broxton HARRELL, JANIS WaverUj HARRIS. DALE Rossville HART, JOHN - Georgelmcn HAWKINS, RICK Rosicell HAWLEY, LARRY __ . - - Cordele HEATH, WILLIAM Clem IIECKER, JOANNE Tampa. Flu. IIERNER, ROBERT Atlanta HERRITAGE, MARJORIE Macon HIGHFI1.L. JAMliS Toccoo HILL, MARY ANN_ Cordrlr HINSON, SAKO PeUmm HIX, LARKY Cnmnurrr HOUGSON, NANCY Bownwii HOGAN, BILLIE li-tirrson HOLYOAK. HUGH Enismn HOHTON. WILLIAM Atheus HOWELL. LOUIS - Iron Cily HUBBARD. CHARLES Cti imi(jiiv HUBERT. MARIE Athens HUGHES, ROSS Newborn HUMPHREY. MARY Bainhridge ISLEY. SYLVIA Powder Springs ISRAEL. MARION Albany IVERSON. CHARLES_ - Palmetto, Fla. ■J JACKSON. CHARLES Valdosta lARRETT. SANDRA Decatur JENKINS. JUDY Decatur JOE, HOWARD Augusta JOHNSON, JEROME _ ,SViraiimi;i JOHNSON, MAHY. -Spartanburg. S.C. JONES, ELIZABETH Atlanta JONES. ROBERTA-- Kn flinuioo, Mich. JOW ERS. JONATHAN Ambrose II DSON. RONALD Gainesville JUSTIS, BETTY Atlanta JUSTUS. JOYCE _ Black MIn.. N. C. KANE, BARBARA Atlanta KEEN, MARY Winchester. Ktj. KELLEY. DIANE Harlem KENNEDY. MARY ANNE Midville KILPATRICK, RICHARD Augusta KITCHINGS. FRANK Waycross KNOTT, JEAN Macon LAMBERT, MILLARD Roanoke. Va. LANDRUM, GLORIA Athens LANGSTON, BERNARD Whigham LANIER, FRANK Roswell LASETER, MAX Moiuoe LATHEM. DOT Canton LEACH, MARION Greenville, S. C. LEAKE. MARY ANNE Rosscillc LEE, SYL IA Rockmart LESTER, AMANDA Marshallville LINDHOLM, NANCY Atlanta LINDSEY, JACKSON Marietta LOVELL, JEAN __ Rome LUCAS. STELLA Washington LUKE. EMORY Statesboro MAHONEY. JOSEPH. ..Asheville. N.C. MANIS. ROGER Rome MANLEY. PETER, Augusta MANN. THOMAS Columbus MARTIN. JOSEPH Kingston MASSEY, BERTIE Griffin MASSEY. MAIREE Athens MATTHEWS. JAMES Center MAYHEW, JAN Atlanta McCLAIN, DAVID Tiger McDUFFIE. WALTER Hawkinsvillc McLENDON. GUYTON Hazlehurst McNAIR. LINDA Thomson MEDLOCK. ANNE Wpsfcrn Springs. III. MERRITT, JOHNNY Cumming MIDDLETON, JEAN Waycross MILLS. MARTHA Byron MITCHELL. ROSALIND Athens MONTGOMERY. ARTHUR Griffin MOORE. SALLIE Nicholk MORRIS. C.EORGE McDonough MURKISON. EUGENE- -.Donolsoiirillc MURPHEY. PATRICIA AtUinta MURPHY, MYRTLE Joanna, S. C. MURRAY, PATRICIA Ocilla NEASE. HARRIET Savannah NEELY, BENJAMIN McBean ,0 ' ( P ITi O feiitk Jft ££ i ik Open Air Concert Displaced Persons NEJIB, JUHAIR Bagdiid. Iraq NEWSOM, PETER Columln, NEWSOME, JEAN Washin um NEWSOME, JO BETH Cohimhus NICHOLSON, MARIE Atlanta ODUM, SYLVIA Campion OLIVER, EARL Atlanta ORR, FREDDIE Athens I ' ANTER, JIM Warner Robins RAPE, JUDYTH Mamaroneck, N.Y. PARKER. BILL LaFayette PARKER, HELEN ElUiay PARKS, KENNETH- lesup PENNINGTON, ANNE Decatur POSTON. JOHN Blue Ridge PETERSON, BARBARA Mt. Vernon PHILLIPS. EMILY Chatsworth PHILLIPS, MARTHA Chatsworth POLIAKOFF. SHEILA Charleston, S. C. PURVIS, MARJORIE Glennville RAGSDALE. DANA Athens RAINEY. SUSIE Winder REDDIE, ERNEST Augusta REID, ROBERT Bowdon Junction REYNOLDS, DOROTHY Cairo REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH Cairo RIDGWAY, LATIMER Canton ROACH. JEFF Pembroke ROBERTS, SARAH Haddock HOBISON. MARY Hinesville ROGERS, DEBORAH Savarmah SANDIFER, TILLMAN Tifton SAVAGE. GEORGE Gainesville SC0C;GINS, VIRGINIA Athens SHACKELFORD, ALBERT Athens SHAW, KAY Adel SHELLNUT, MITCHELL Shannon SHEPPARD, JOHN SoDannoh SHIRLEY, MARIHOPE Newnan SIEGEL, GERALD Columbus SISK, VIRGINIA Lexington SM ALLEY, JAMES Dublin SMITH, DOUGLAS Gainesville SMITH, EVELYN Greenville, B.C. SMITH, FAYE Watkinsville SMITH, HAZEL Sylvania SMITH, MARSHALL Carlton SMITH, PATRICIA Atlanta SMITH, ROBERT Winder SMnM.TMOMASJ. M„. ,„. LTJ Tj U C O fA k 4 SPAHHOVV. DONALD A(;«ii(« , ' • ' m - f C i- C I " ■ iL f SPEERING. HARRY Alhrn. ' J W J t , ' ■ K1 W ' A N VW SPOTTISWOODE, JOHN AtUmUi t i ' ' S J STEINER, PINCKNEY Athens _ } I - . A M V f - I JL -c l »k «! STEPHENS, HELEN Colhoim fT " .r " ' ■ M Ml - - C- P STEPHENS, LUCILE Demorest t- v , ' m " ' m ' - F " " if " J STOREY, WEYMAN Ro.w ' ' k TWa j l - fc ' W ELWYN MkU tmmU M iflBlHyH HiBB =S STOWERS, FRED __ Daws.mvillr 0 " • SUTTON, FRANKIE Avson M f ■ 1 t»- J blk B? l I W • SUTHERLAND, TOMMY AtUmla ' " " f ' C " " " ■• " ' | . , ' ' V; C ' ' f " ' » SUTTON, BILLY F(. Gflino- J | _- V iOv - «- SWEAT, GEORGE Savamuih %- %_ l»- i, " WW N W — c.,.„. i kAH wliflA.1 TAPPAN, DOROTHY Atlwm J0 . ' ' ' 3% i " " " V jflBk TAYLOR, JUNE Waycrass » M ' ,% l_ 1 I i»k -C J 1 • " " TEAT, WILLIAM L.W c ff M ' - fL ' P r.- ' " 1 C " ' ' ' THARPE, ROSEMARY Bj ron -Arl M " V fc- A -«= ■ Fj ' A ' THIGPEN, JIMMY LaUic V W « . JMW It V illPt - k. THOMAS. ROY Savannah jm Ml iPd i i 1 THOMAS, WILLIAM Rocky Furd 11 1 1 M V H Fl 1 ■! TR.APNELL, SYLVIA LyOM.v .VXT | i T ' f 1 1.: ! " " » TURNER, JAMES CieuelnMt; ' -- i ft. K y? ' ' Iff- ' j V ' TYSON, PATRICIA Black Mtn.. N. C. J0 " ■ " " .JJI , fl VENABLE, PATRICIA Jefferson M ' w 1 I « ifc ■j kU WALL, WILLIAM Blakchj ' - ' (T " " M - 1. WALSH, ANN . Hapevillc v " 1 - ? Ir P " " WANSLEY, CAROLYN ___ Carncsvilh- . sJ! V. ■ ' f « ' _J ' Jm JL-Jf f ». K. WARREN. BENNIE A!b»,.» . 53 JI t1 W . fc . T B t WELLS, MARTHA Augusta j _il£ ' l. I " ifS lii Hlk " ' ' % WESTERFIELD. ROMA Athens J| ' fcL Jl jL ' ' i L . _J WHEELER, BARBARA Augusfn W " M Wk ' ' Jt ' m M ' ' ' ■ B ' ' ' • B WHITE, PATTI Atlanta ' .SrJ % -P M. -- 3 f ' " ' iK V WHITE, SHEILA Attanta i W W ' W - W ll . MV 2. WHITESIDE, JERRY Arnflon . W ,, 1 , . fe K ' , B(V H HI B fl J H A ' ' l i H WHITFIELD, LARRY Gainesvaie ' ' i " Hfel flft MIR. " 4Mk 0 WIGGINS. WILLIAM Brunsu-icit f 1 ft 1 Jr Bk M V I 1 WILDES, MARY Bruns cick U - - W, f --1 " 1 I M A ' WILEY, MARY _ Savannah V - l- l V V X - ' ' ' ».. I WILKES. EUGENIA Decadir V ' a. . k r i WILLIAMS, JAN Atfnntn E k. B l . HHlfe . M tf . WILLIFORD, FAY Sfpp K-ri 4011 H| jMHk jd MBL WILSON, BETTY Dublin M W ijk 1 1 » WILSON, CHARLES -_ Afaiming, S. C. -M ' M I " " T ,» - ' jF " ' ' B jf ' ' ' ' ' WILSON, ROSE Rossvillc ■h- . B » JSk. ,v tT X -. T CAROL Athens BH m ML " WITHERSPOON, DON Lamar, S.C. 0 1 i V , fl fll WITT. JACOB A ncoM I 1 il Cx -J m WOFFORD. BENJAMIN Athens A k K ' " " W-S «- " W W ¥ WOO, ELLEN Augusta f 1. ' I ' - ' ' 0 WOOD, GAIL Spartanburg. S. C. A-. ' .J . U Vxi W ]|5 L ' .. WRIGHT, EUGENE Ci«.sW« TSf Ki . gjg kl H B B H HI k B mt L VORK, ELIZABETH Atlanta f W. J YOUMANS, DEAN Metter W W » " j YOUMANS, JOHN Setsy V F m. YOUNG, LOUIS Clayton |W AHjf Wl ' K. ZALIN, LAUREL Columbia. C. fe . A A . . Kf NATHAN KNIGHT President NINI MALTBY Vice President BOBBY WHITE Secretary-Treasurer Nini Maltby, Nathan Knight. ft te m ADAMS, DONALD Atlanta ADDISON, BARBARA Rome AKINS, SHIRLEY Statesboro ALLEN, EMILY Butler ALLEN, MARY Lenox ALLMOND, EMMETT Vidalia ALLMON, WILLIAM Ncwini:um ALMON, NANCY Augusta ALSUP, JOHN Dublin ANDERSON, C. B. Atlanta ANDERSON, JAMES Aragon ANDREW, ELIZABETH Atlanta ANTHONY, BOBBY __ __ Nichohnn ANTHONY, FRANCES llartucll ARNOLD, ELAINE Amherst.Vtt. ATTAWAY ' , CARLENE Newnan BAIRD, NOLAN Augusta BAKER, WILLIAM Atlanta BARNES, PATSY EUaville BARR, LEE Carrolllon BASS, FRED Newnan 302 BEACH. FULLER " Wallcrboro. S. C. BEASLEV, GEORGE, __ --.Adrian BELL, FRANCES Griffin BENTON, GENE Atlanta BISHOP, JOSEPH Cohimhu , BLACK. WILEY Cleveland BLISS, DOROTHY Snranri( i BLISS, DWIGHT Sdrniirio i BOATWRIGIIT. VVEEMS_ _ Carrolltmi BOLDEN, CHARLES Cainesvillc BONDURANT, HELEN - Winder BONNELL, ANN Atlanta BRIDGES, BURTON--- Americm BRIGHTWELL. MILTON Dnirvmi BROTHERTON, RICHAKD _ Augusta BROWN, MARTHA -_ Marietta BROWN, NADINE Sorinscale BROWN. SHARON Savannah BROWN, SHIRLEY Tivin Citij BROWNE, ELIZABETH Savannah BRYANT, DOLORES Ror sd.ii BURNETT, JANE Cave Spring BURNS. JOHN Savannah BURPITT. ROBERT Ellabellc BURRESS. NANCY Atlanta BURTON. PEGGY Vienna BUSH. WILLIAM Columbus BUTLER, AMELIA Roclimart BUTLER. LINDA Oxford CADE, MELVIN Deeatur CADLE, ANNE Tucker CALLAHAN, MAC Chattarwoga, Tenn. CALLAWAY, NELLIE Rayle CALLIHAN, MICHAEL MeRae CANNON. CLIFF _ ..- nonnkonriUr CANNON, JIMMIE Athens CANUPP, JERRY Gainesville CARRELL, RUTH -- Aruba, N.W.I. CARROLL, RICHARD Augusta CASEY. JAMES Cedartown CHAFIN. WILLIAM Hartwell CHAPMAN. DONALD Ludoteiei CHAPPELL. JOAN Griffin CHITTY, TOMMY Valdosta CHRISTMAS, GEORGIA Vienna CHRISTY, JOSEPH Downey, Calif. CLARK, DONNA__- - Nashville, Tenn. CLEMENS. KENNETH Hapeville CLEVELAND. JULIAN Hartiiell CLEVELAND. ROBERT Augusta COHEN, RICHARD Brookline, Mass. COKER, JAMES Savannah COKER, JOAN Pelham COLEMAN, MARY Doerun COLLINS, HOYT Athens COLLINS. NOLAN - riwmasviUc COMER, CYRIL Hay City CONNER, CAROLANN Atlanta CONOLY, ROBERT Tifton COOK, CHARLES Augtista COOK, JACQUELINE Augusta COONS, MARILYN Savannah COOPER. BARBARA Grayson COURSON. MAXWELL _ Hazlehurst COWAN. BENJAMIN Jackson COWART. LOY Tivin City COWART, WILLIAM Ludowici COX, CLARICE Tifton COX, JAMES Stateshoro COX, JULIAN Athens COZART, DOYLE Auguitn CRANE, ELEANOR Athens CRAWFORD, HAL Madison CRAWFORD. PEGGY East Point CRAWFORD. STEVE Pooler CRISLER, JACK Maysville CROSBY, JIMMY Camilla Lil ft O. (.: ' A Q Au.k .1 Ci H p r a p r p p n --► CROW, CLARA Camilla CULBRETH, MADELINE ___Lafce Park CULPEPPER, ROBERT Americus DALTOX, JOHN Bamberg, S. C. DAMS, RAYMOND Pinehurst DEAL, ELWYN Patterson DEAN, GEORGE _ ___ _ College Park DENSON, NORA Columbus DEVANE, JOEL Ellaville DICKEY, EDNA Decatur DIETRICH. GEORGE Rocky Point, N.Y. DIXON, ROY Kite nOSTER, JAMES Abbeville DOWNS, BETTY Athens DRAKE, HENRY Ncwnan DUGGAN, VIRGINIA Moultrie DUKE, DORIS Toecoa DUNAHOO, HARRIETTE Winder DUNAWAY, FRANCES Savannah DUNN, WILLIAM Augusta DURRENCE, MERRILL Glenville DYKES, LEE Millcn EDWARDS, OLVID Pooler ELLER, FRANCIS Clarkesville ESTES, LIBBY Atlanta . ETHRiDGE, LINNIS Crayson EVANS, JANE Atlanta EVANS, RICHARD Hazhluinl EVERETT. CHARLES Macon EVERETT, VIRGINIA Macon FARR, LANNY Thomson FAZIO, SAL Brunsioick FLOURNOY, ROBERT Cedartown FOLK, CATHERINE Augusta FOSTER, BARBARA Canton FOSTER, CARLTON Cochran FOUGHNER, JEROME Savannah FREDERICK, JANE Tifton FREELAND, JAMES Augusta FRIER. ALMA . . Cartersville FROHMAN, EVELYN Waverhj. Vn. FULCHER, BENNIE Auiiusta FUTRAL, BETTY Griffin GAILEY, BARBARA Commerce GAMMON, GLENN Hickory, Va. GANTT. THOMAS Lavonia GARDINER. ROBERTA Macon GENOVESE. DONALD. Pirts ifirf, Mass. GIBBS, JAMES Tij Tij Drunk . . . with beauty? GIBBS. WILLIAM T,j T j , i GIBSON, FREEMAN Augusta JL -J l • - T, Iw - .V ' » ' » ■ ; --fc h GIBSON. STEPHEN Cordele %L lf 1 f - U- W GODWIN, DOROTHY Waycross ' I " - y Jt VjpL ;: ;,i r:: ' :Ri.s- " : " t::::i:: ■H uftA ' JH Hllill ' MkmMi GHANTHAM, JUANITA Griffin 0 k I GR.WES, .. NNICE Tocco., A Jl fc l . ' KJ. fc-cV ' Tr , GREEM, ALICE Canton t ' ' " K . • Fl. 1 i_ t %. Ml -■ GREEN. PATRICIA Decatur .fe ' ' - ■ i A " " ' ' m " GREENE. GEORGE Athens . IK a. C ' Tf i ' 1. Vf W TS ' Savannah m . B , ,J , Hfl b . LiJ . , A • H B HI l B il H i A 1 GUNNELLS. BOBBIE Hull k, H fe " " l ' HAGEN-, VERNON Woi cross J, . F ■ iF ' " ii »,. .T K -4 EL - • C - -«l HAINES, JEAN Macon M " if ' •= ' ■ -¥ %S ' ll- 1 T« ' " I HALL, WILLIAM Womer Robins ZmZ - J -- V " . K i • ' ' «} V ' j ' V HAMNL EMMETT Norman Pnrfc " " fc ' - " ts • ' W. " ' ' - ' • ' J HARDY, JANE Gainesville itf d V M t . N HARDY, JUNE Gainesville f% M % Cf I— -a3 f 1 HARGROVE, CAROLINE Atlanta T ' 1 ■- " 1 - ' » fp ' f. J " ' ■» ' - ' HARPER, CLAUDE Bainbridgc fc- X 7 - -J ' B L " 1 - ' ■■ ' " ■ »S HARREL, ELMO Thomaston x " " ' ' - tL S b » ' -Jt ' m.- ' V,, AV- HARRELL, SAM Ouftmon . iL fc . Hl k % k ■»- fcjp , ' " , ' ' • J ' . HARRIS, JOHN Augusfa , lttk H i " V .Ji ! . Bk l k ' " HARRIS, THOMAS Washington 1 il M . m W m fc» - ) HARTMAN, GERALD Hoganst ' iJ e 1 " ' W " =1 ' = ' 1 §w- -- ' ■W IT W 1 CI ' " HATCHER, KENNON Waynesboro ti tQ.. f jy ' -- f . ] ' ' - f V HEATH, JANE Decatur . Sh VX. JO ' " -s W _ W k HEFNER, JAMES Athens glUfil -W jT lHXBfe AV Bi t 1 k HENDERSON, RONALD__Ca bi7(hi7ii ' if fVlIlL iF " " t 0 jMM llftk HENDRICKS, ERIC Atlanta II »» t 1 I 1 ! 1 1 »■ -ll HENRY, WILLIAM Colquitt - f, W ' " «P - ' ' , ! tB - f HENSON, HOWARD Siooinshoro - ' W " - ' ife ' - - ' HERRINE, GUY Aragmi JK ' •• JIL. V HERRINGTON, PATTY Sardis L " . ■l Bfe . Bh - TL A " k. HESTON, EDIE Atlanta ML M JI SBSH, rfS " • ' ' J I K. J HODGES, BARBARA Stofesboro F , T f f I f I I l- I K -il HOGAN, WILLIAM WorrciUon fe i- 1 B " -f " I i t • f ■«» ' •w • F m J f HOLLIS, DAVID Hahira % ■ ' ' " - - - I.— - Vf ' " A HOLMES, ALASKA McCaysci Ie W i . Skk» W lk» v Aw L. HOLT. JACK £m av . . . kT iZ T JUNIORS After four years at Georgia . . . " Sponge . . . scissors . . . microscope . . mfiiM l J I " fir Mafewl " p ' f fi ' P» n c A q A ft P, fT « HORTON, JACK Macon HOUSTON, DOROTHY Athens HOUSTON, RICHARD Athens HUlXSOX, JAMES Jackson. Tenn. HUC;HES, nancy Bremen HUNT, VIRGIL Cleveland HUTCHINS, DANIEL Lawrenceuille HYERS, JOHNNY Coffee JACKSON, DENNY Atlanta JACKSON, JOHNNY Sumter JACKSON, THOMAS Atlanta JAY, JOHNNY Athens JENKINS, BOB Atlanta JENTZEN, MARY Atlanta JOHNSON, ELLEN __ Bayhoro. N.C. JOHNSON, WENDELL Cordele JOHNSON, WILLIAM . Resca ' OHNSTON, ANNE Columbus JOHNSTON, GARY Atlanta JOHNSTON, JOHN Canton JOINER, GEORGE Amcrkus JOINER, REGINALD Savannah JONES, BARBARA Savannah Beach JONES, JACKIE College Park JORDAN, ELEANOR Amerieus JORDAN, MARION _ Lyons KAMMERER, CHARLES Wmston-Salem, N.C. KANES, CHARLOTTE Atlanta KAXTZIPER, ALVIN Savannah KAUFMAN, CARL Atlanta KEARLEY, MARY Canton KEENER, MARY Chat ' toorth KEMP. CHARLES Felham KENT, WILLIAM Thomaston KILPATRICK, ELEANOR Augusta KIMBELL, SMITH MeDonough KING, MARVIN Brunswick KIPPENBROCK, DAVID Valdosta KLABEN, ROBERT Camillus, N.Y. LACY, JAMES Sander.mille LAMB, BARBARA Savannah LAMB, JAMES Macm, LANIER, HELEN Mctter LANIER, JERRY Twin City LASTER, LEE Bowdon LAWLER, JANE __ Atlanta LAWRENCE, WILLIAM Marietta LAWSON, CLYDE Canton LEE, JAMES College Park LEWIS, JAMES Savannah LITTLE, lOHN _ Atlanta LLEWELLYN, WILLIAM Asheville. N.C. LOKEY, LEONARD Thomson LONG, DEBORAH Athens LONGING, LANE College Park LOVELESS, RALPH Cedartown LUNSFORD, JAMES Suches MALCOM, JANE __ Social C ' rcle MALLOY. FRANCES Macon MALTBY, JEANNINE Atlanta MANN, MARY Thomson MAPLES, LLOYD , Tifton MARLOW, JAMES Tunml llill MATHEWS, MARY Savannah MATHEWS, WALTER Buena Vista MAXWELL, ALBERT Nashville MAXWELL. GEORGE Lexington MAXWELL, JU ANITA Nashville MAXWELL, KATHERINE___CraiD ord MAXWELL, PEGGY Tnlhilah Falls Mc ALPINE, BARBARA Savannah McCOY, ELMER Actvorth McCORKLE, MARY._ Commerce McCORMICK, MATTIE Statesboro McCR ARY, LUCILLE Gainesville McDANIEL, BARBARA Augusta McELMURRAY, SWAIN Augusta McCLEOD, GAIL Coltimhia. S.C. ' fU. V ' i Bk 0 4 McMillan. BARBARA. Enigma £_ XIT C-M i I ■ | ' 4 K J 1 M.TFFM, BETTY S„™nn«;, C ' - ' i fl ' ' 1 T I ■»■- J| " 7 =« " •?, V ' ' llin i:i.. HERMAN Bogarl — • ' ' ' W 7 .- " ' • » -y ' UJ.S, GENE Athem . V Jf " - w .£ - JC W MIN ' GHEV. NL RStL LL Summmh t BL. ' K ' ' ' " MirCHELL, WMLLIAM Augiwfn t 1 f 1 LT Lj if MOKIUIVS, VILLL M Dcciittir 1 " " ■ ' t " ■ ' ' 5 ' ' " 9 ' t ' ' ) ' ' - ' MOnliK. IIIAME Nicholh Y " ' i M(| S: ' Ifa 1 J MOSELEY. ELIZABETH Smiirna 0 " ' ftk , 1 " MOWRY. JAMES Atlanta X A ' 1 1 ' 1 M § MOYERS. WALTER Memphis « " 1 ' ' C ' ' ' « ■ " ••• - .jw-es , MURRISON, WAYNE yi( nnf« l ' ' l - V-t- ' MURRY, PEGGY Hull ' w ' k IL Jt " • ); j ' ' jm MUSICK. JACK Af u-ii.v B " k . JS ' » ' | l fe Bif l 4 BrJJHi H " 11 NASH. MALCOLM Amcriciu itfP ' N JPl tt R V ' ' NEAL. HERSHEL Glenwood f 1 ■ J C " " ■ | B J " i NeSMITH. JAMES Cifl-vfon f " 5 )- ' ' 1 ' ' t «P " f " " ' ■ l " ' " NEWMAN. BRYCE Dunwoodtj fc , I .— NICHOLS. BARRY Screven .. m .A mr NICHOLS. MARSHALL Jesup f T k L m H m NIX. HAROLD Athens J0 k BB S NORMAN. THOMAS Lincolnton | | ik 1 ODOM. EDWIN Atlanta Jt -T " ! ■ •% " " ' OVERCASH. ROSA MARIE__Sai;anna;i ' ' JC l ' Wm W 1« m ' PARKER. WILLIAM, .Wf. Landing, Vn. J TB J V, w LL . ?- " PARKS. MILDRED, _, ac joni;i7ip, FIh. . K VIJ K . Tht. fe . 4 . . ' , . " - PATTON. CLARE acksonville, Fb. 1 jjHk jH if j " . " " " K. PEARSON. MARY ANN Netunan L J " ' V 1 • _» »_ I I I f PEEPLES. JIM. Chats:worth Wl f ' - " " » ■?« »»» |PL S ft ' ■ ifUl •» I T PENLAND. GEORGE miiiay ffc- W « " ■- - ' - WR ' PENNY, WILLIS Atlanta p J i. - IFjl jZ-- PEPER. RICHARD__N ;u) HocfeHe, .V.V. Bfe . £ m - ' flBH. ' s i H kl PHILLIPS, FRANK Atlanta . l ln Hi l lu B Hh - BIHUT oHE H ' ¥ ' ■■■H HIHHHk M■l ■ik4■■lraH J■i■■ k PICKENS, CLIFFORD Fitzgerald SS " " Ik Hl K jfl PINSON. VIRGINIA Ellijay | 1 jT b " " ' « 1 W 1 POOLE, JULIA Mysfic .- • ' « » • " f -X ' if - • " ' ' ' v POSEY ' , JOHN Columbus f . ' C ' . A ' ' PROCTOR, EMORY S(i7,son ELlI JIT ' ' ' ' " " ' ' k. PURCELL, MARCELLE CarnesviHc W _ - Jfcfc. " ' fctoto. k iT w » B The bigger they are . . . the bigger they ore. So I said, " Take back your old fraternity pin! § B 9 i- RAINEY, NAN Eatonfon RALEY, BOBBY Macon RANSBOTHAM. ANN Atlanta RAY, CHARLOTTE Maysville REESE, MARTHA Macon RENSTROM, LARS ._. Uppvnfrt, Siifrfen REWIS, JAMES .._ . ___ lifton REYNOLDS, ARTHUR _ MmjficU RHODES, GEORGE CmwfordmUe RIGDON, ROSA._. Tifton RICHARDSON, NANCY Hampton RIDDLE, BILLY Alamo RIDER, GEORGIA Macon RILEY, HUGH Fine Mt. Vnllcii ROANE, SUE Tiner ROBERTSON, JAMES Hagentown. Md. RODGERS. JANE __ _ Atlanta RODGERS, THOMAS Macon ROGERS, LEE Athens ROGOWSKI, ANDREW Kenya, East Africa ROPER, ELIZABETH _ Atlanta ROSE, HURBERT Milh-dueville ROSS, DWIGHT Sarininah ROSS, RAYMOND New York Cil ' i. .V.V. ROWAN, ROBERT Niisln-ille RUTLAND, MYRA Lenox SANDERS, EMILY Bowersvitte SANDERS, WILLIAM Atlanta SCHERMERHORN, RICHARD Auburn, N.Y. SELLERS, RUEL Baxley SEWELL, PAUL Cobb Spring SEWELL, SELWYN Carrollton SEYMOUR, MORRIS Bowman SHELNOR, NANCY Atlanta SHELLY, JAMES Winston SHELTON, ANDREW Savannah SHEPHERD, ROBERT Milan SHERWOOD, JEANETTE A(!an(a SHORT, TED Athens SHROYER, OTIS Valdosta SHULTS, MARY ANN Atlanta SIEVERS, SANDRA Savannah SILCOX, THOMAS Kingsland SKELTON. ROBERT Athens SKODNIK, JACOLYN Toccoa SMITH. JULIE __ Bnsl-mg Ridge, N.J. SMITH, LAWSON Broxton SMITH, MARTHA Athens SMITH, MARY --Chattanooga. Tenn. SMITH, WYNDER Wadley SNIPES, ROY Tupelo, Miss. SNYDER, ROBERT-- Lewistown, Penn. SPOONER, JOE Waycross STAPLES, HOWARD Homer STEGALL, JOHN Cartersville STEIN, BEVERLY Athnia STEPHENSON, SARAH Chattanooga,, Tcnn. STEWART, CHARLES Ochlochiwc STEWART, DONALD Enigma STONER, HOWARD Enigma STRINGER, MARGUERITE Gainesville STROTHER, MARCY Perry STUKES, SUZANNE Alhnita SULLIVAN, GRACE Anderson. S.C. SULLIVAN, HENRY Macon SUMNER, JAMES Ocilla SWAIN, PATRICIA Augusta SWINDELL, HENRY Ludowici TANNER, ROBERT Flowery Branch TARPLEY, JOAN Athens TAYLOR, BOBBY Wfli craw TAYLOR. KAY M ' aycross TAYLOR, WILLIAM Forsyth TEED, JACKIE Decatur THOMAS, ROBIN Stone Mt. THOMASSON, BROADUS Rock Hill, S.C. THOMPSON. JAMES Sijlvtiniii i ft " TILLMAN, STANFOnn Surrcnaj tT rl« M W_ TINDOL, SYLVIA, . ___A(;nn(« P) I V? W ' ' TORRANCE, ADELIA _ M mrdncvitlr Vt - V t " TRANTHAM, BEVERLY Brcuard, N.C. " y V, TRAVIS, JEAN College Park M i . Atlantn | j« AA H H H TUCKER. DARLEEN WintcruiUc Nk X TUCKER. NLARTHA Eatonton T A f J TURNER. WILLIAM BloMi • ' -m - ' | .I ' ' ' " - TYE. JANE Harlem -J ' X ' ' TYE, WARREN Amcricits- - Wl — W " JiwA. ' . - ' ' ' .J J USSERY. SHIRLEY LaGrangc . Ai 1 T ' V KS C . | VIRGIN. ANNE Atlanta | V . i ik. WATKINS. JANICE Crovetoxvn W " % | B W K J 1 V t-J f ■ WALLACE. HELEN Columhus ) =: » J ' " - , fr ' i ' 4 " ' ■ 5l ' « WALLER, CHARLES Eatonton X V A. . - — • X ■ 1 ' f WALLIS. MARTHA Vecatur . DSHB r W jt _ ' J WARBINGTON, JAMES Vienna (( B K BSL ( fc . L . A ' ' ' W Sat»innn; ft Vj H 1 B ' ft 11 Dfi B Y A A WARD, JAMES Tunnell Hill f iP W " " ' S ' S WARD, NANCY Decatur 1 Ml k I I t. ? WARE, GEORGE Lincolnton J " h! ' J " 1 ' ' ' " if A WATERS, PAUL Statesboro L. t « • ' " - M ■ ' - I I WATSON, PATSY__Ncu)port News, Va. Jpljw W t Nl- W . " WEEKS. ARCHIE Emjat T fc. . !U . A " h. JOAN Atlanta M ftl B H H WELCH. WAYNE A(Ian(a fc» Bly g, " L Ri. " P WELLS, LAURA Commerce t M. - r t S% r H 1 W M WESTBROOK. BARBARA._Gaine«3«Ie ' M " " Y if- ' I f ' ' " " » » ' -F ff ' ' J ' l WESTBROOK. SARA Canton - ' ■ k. " ' UK - " I - " " ' ' ' " Vl F WIIIDDON. ANNE McRae K. W? m C ' A ' ' Jlk- fc4. WHITTEMORE, JOE Washington kk " fc. . £_i J ' 1 ■ " V WILLIAMS, EDWARD Blackshear j ' 1M» BM ' 4i %iV!ai l k BSS H . B WILLIAMS, FRANKLIN Wallace, N.C. dKM fK " S ' S. . IS. iS . B WILLIAMS, ROBERT Forsyth f m jT " " " | 1 1 f " A A X WILSON, REID T» ton P l ' B» ' j w. «-» fa , ' =» v 1 fl -» f t-| tf - ■ WINGO, JAMES Columbus ft -. - " l, •TT ' I »- » ' W WOO, WILLIAM Augusta vIjIW. . ' ' v 1 ' BI P V L WOOD, HENRY Winder fl . . Bfc k J T K fc . bUT HL. — .„... 1 mmmmlm lmmmi m WOODRUFF, MARSHA Douglas ' ' K " " J l WOODS, JULIA Moultrie I _ J k l ' « I WOODS, ROBERT Athens T t - " f ) ' f W " 1 ' M WOOLSEY ' , JAMES Savannah r f R - j " ' A. v r- W YANKEE, SARAH Rome " 0 ' " w •■ ' ' - V 5k. ■» fc YATES, NORMA Carrollton K - M BV B B • . BH , B " You say he ' s rich? " I can take a hint! Heads, I win; tails, you lose. " Just Molly and me . . . " ' ' (.fl: Mosteller kicks Roberts for the extra point. " Put a nickel on the drum CLASS LINDSEY BENNETT President CAROLYN HENDRICKS Vice President JOEL KNIGHT Secretary-Treasurer Joel Knight, Carolyn Hendricks, Lindsey Bennett Abcrcrombie Adams, M. Adorns, P. Adcrhold Akridge Alexander, C. Alexander, G. Allen Almand Anderson, B. Anderson, W. Anglin Ansley Archambcault Aronoff Arrington AsHn Avera Aycock Bach Bacon Bohin Bailey Balte Bonks Barber, A Borbe Borfield, E " About »he ways of college men . . . " First Row: ABERCROMBIE, WILLIAM E., Howkinsville: B b A. ADAMS, MARY R., Athens: B.S Ed.; FT A. ADAMS, PATRICIA A., Augusta: BS.H.E.: Kappa Alpha Theto, Alpha Lombda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pres. 4; Pandora; Homecon; Pep Club; Ag Hill Council. ADERHOLD, ELIZABETH C, Athens: A.B.,; Chi Omega; Phi Alpho Theta, Pres 3; Spanish Club; French Club; History Club, Pres. 4, 5; B.S.U.; U.G.R.A. Council. AKRIDGE, VINCENT T., Newton: B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Demosthenian. ALEXANDER, CAROLYN P., Murphy, N. C: B.S.Ed.; Delto Delta Delta; Angels Flight; PEM Club; W.A.A.; Glee Club. ALEXANDER, GEORGE D., Athens: A.B. Second Row; ALLEN, BETTY I., Enigma: B SHE. ALMAND, CHARLES P., Conyers: B.B A. ANDERSON B. JEANEEN, East Point: B F A.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club; Art Students League. ANDERSON, WILLIAM G., Dahlonega: B S A. ANGLIN, DEBORAH A., Decatur: A.B J ; Pi Beta Phi; Red and Black. ANSLEY, ELLEN B., Atlonta: A.B.; Phi Mu; SAE Sweetheart. ARCHAMBEAULT, RAYMOND H., Savannah: B S. in Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Georgia Pharmacist; A. Ph. A. ARONOFF, SYLVIA, Atlanta: B.S.Ed.; Sigma Delta Tau, V-Pres.; Hillel. ARRINGTON, JACQUELYN, Americus: A.B J.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Theto Sigma Phi; Red and Black; Concert Donee Club, V-Pres. 3, 4. ASTIN, JOSEPH S., Rome: B.S.F.; Xi Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade. AVERA, JACK W., Brunswick: B S ; Pi Koppa Alpho; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, AYCOCK, GILBERT C, Sovonnoh: B B A BACH, PETER E., Greot Neck, N. Y.: B.S.A.; Chi Psi; I.F.C.; Alpha Mu Epsilon, BACON, WILLIAM S., Irwinton: B S.F.; Forestry Club. BAHIN, THOMAS C, College Pork: B B A.; Glee Club; Canterbury Club, Treos. 4. BAILEY, BEN G., Athens: B.S. in Pharmacy; Sigmo Chi; Kappo Psi; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Rho Chi; Glee Club, Pres. BALTE, A. GALE, Decatur: B.B, A.; Kappo Delta, V-Pres.; Student Union, V-Pres.; WA.A.; Glee Club. BANKS, ROY S., Sovonnah: B.FA.; Art Students League. BARBER, ALLAN W., Athens: B.B. A.; Kappo Alpha; Scab- bard ond Blade. BARBER, BILLY P., Donalsonville: B.S F ; Forestry Club; G.P.O. BARFIELD, EVELYN J., Finleyson: B.S.H E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon. Fifth Row: BARFIELD, FRED T., Cordele: B.S in Pharmacy. BARKER, JEANETTE, Bowden: B S.Ed BELL, BARBARA L., Buckheod: B S.H E BELL, CAROL L., Griffin: B.S.H.E.; Homecon; Pandoro. BELL, JOHN T., Athens: B.S.Ed.; Pi Kappa Alpha; G Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Track. BELL, JOSEPH D., Athens: B.B. A.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappo; Pershing Rifles; Scobbord and Blade. BENTLEY, BETTY J., Athens: B S.Ed. Sixth Row: BENNETT, CARROLL M., Adel: B.S.A.; Doiry Science Club; Pershing Rifles BENNETT, LOEL E., Cartersville: B.S. in Phormocy; A. Ph. A.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Georgia Pharmacist, Co-editor 4. BENNETT, MARLENE F., Waycross: A.B. J.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Sec. 4; Red and Block. BERNSTEIN, PAULA A., Athens: B.S.Ed.; Sigmo Delta Tou; Phi Epsilon Pi Dreomgirl. BERRYMAN, EL JEAN, Columbus: B S. BERSON, MORTON, Brooklyn, N. Y.: B.S A.; Vegetable Judging Team. BING, BURNETT J., Jacksonville, Fla.: B B.A. Alpha Kappo Psi, V-Pres. Seventh Row: BISGAY, SAM, Bayonne, N. J.: B.S.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. BISHOP, RICHARD F., Peekskill, N. Y.: B B.A BLACKBURN, CAROLYN E., Statesboro: B.S Ed. BLACKLEDGE, WILLIAM H., Homerville: B.S ; Kappa Sigma. BLOODWORTH, GLORIA, Gainesville: B S. in Pharmacy; Zeto Tau Alpha; Bond; A. Ph. A.; B.S.U.; Lambda Kappo Sigmo; Saddle and Sirloin. BOATWRIGHT, WILLIAM N., Augusta: B B A; Newman Club, BOBO, RAY A., Rising Fawn: B S Bell, J. T. Bell, J. D. Bentley Berryman Bloodworth Berson Boatwright Bing Bobo Fint Row: BOGGS LARRY B., Villa Rico: B B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi. BOLLER, WILLIAM H., Mortinez: B.S.; Sigma Pi; Alpha Epsiion Delto. BONNER, DONALD F., Voldosto: B.B.A.: Delta Sigma Pi. BORDERS, ANN H., Tiffon: A.B.; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club. BOROCHOFF, Phyllis L., Rome: A.B.J. ; Delta Phi Epsilon, Sec 3 Theto Sigma Phi; Comma Alpho Chi; Red and Black; Pioneer Club; Hillel; U.G.R.A. BOULWARE, RUTH A., Atlanta: B.S.; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Sigma; Tennis Club; W.A.A.; Newman Club. BOWEN, ALLEN J., Bristol: B.S.; Sigma Pi, Sec. 4; B.S.U. BOWMAN. JOE E., Trion: B.S. in Pharmacy; Koppa Psi, Sec. 4; Aero Club; A. Ph. A., Treas. 3. BOYETT, JOSEPH E., Lakelond: B.S.F.; Cross Country Team 2; Forestry Club. BRADLEY, RONALD M., Scottdale: B.S Ed ; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Bosketball; G Club. BRAGG, MALINDA, Danielsville: B.S.H.E.; Wesley Founda- tion Glee Club; Homecon, BRAMLETT, JAMES D., Cornesville: B.S. in Pharmacy; ivoppa Pii; Go. Phormacist; APh.A.; Wesley Foundation. BRANAN, CHARLES E., Griffin: B.S.A.E.; Argonauts; B.S.U. Council; Ag Engineering Club, Sec. 3; G.O.P. BRANNEN, CHARLES D., Statcsboro: B.B A. Third Row: BRANT, BENNIE B., Stotesboro: B S F BRETT, STEPHEN E., Augusta; B.S. in Pharmacy; Tou Epsi- lon Phi; A.Ph A BRIDGES, CHARLES W., Domacus: B B.A. BRIDGES, VIVIAN, Domacus: B.S.Ed. BRINSON, BENJAMIN L., Twin City: B B A. Club Tau Delta, Treas, 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Bridge Club, Pres. 4. BRITT, GARNETT S., Atlonta: B.S BRITTAIN, RALPH L., Macon: B.B. A.; Varsity Rifle Team; Pershing Rifles; Alpha Kappo Psi. Fourth Row: BROADNAX, AGNES K., Athens: A.B.; Phi Mu; Beta Phi Eto; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Canterbury Club; Panhellenic. BROOKS, RAYMOND D., Bishop: B.S Ed.; B S.U ; FT A BROWN, CLYDE A., Columbus: B S BROWN, HENRY G., Kingstree, S. C: B.S.F Phi Kappo Tou Pres. 4. BROWN, JAMES S., Dowson: B.SA.; ABAC; Agronomy Club; 4-H; G.O.P.; Ag Club; B.S.U. BROWN, MOLLY I., Newmon: B.S. BROWN, ROBERT E., Dovisboro: B.B. A.; Alpha Kappo Psi. Fifth Row: BROWN, RONALD H., Dudley: B S.A. BROWN, RONALD P., College Pork: B.S.A ; X Club, Pres. 4; Alpha Zeto; Gridiron; Cheerleoder; Alpha Phi Omega, Pres. 3; Argonouts, Pres. 3; Thalian-Blai.kfriars; Pep Club. BROWN, WILLIAM J., Fitzgeiald: B.B.A. Delta Sigma Pi. BRYAN, BETTY HART, Morietto: B S.Ed ; Chi Omega, Sec ; Student Union, V-Pres; Homecon; Wesley Foundation; URSA. Mojor; Pep Club, Co-Pres,; Rush Advisor; Student Ch, Films Com. BRYAN, SHIRLEY R., Canon: B.S.H.E.; Alpha Gommo Delta; Homecon; Glee Club. BULLOCK, BILLY J., Athens: B.B A BURDEN, MARGIE R., Hortwell: B S.Ed.; Alpha Gommo Delta; AC. ED. Sixth Row: BURGESS, JOHN M.: Toccoa: B.S.F. ; Forestry Club. BURNS, BOBBIE M.: Cornesville: B.S. in Pharmocy; Lambda Kappa Sigma, V-Pres. 3, 4; A. Ph. A., Sec. 4. BURR, ROBERT L., Chesterfield, S. C: B.S A.; Sigma Pi. BURROW, BILLY G., LoFoyette: B.B. A.; Delto Sigma Pi. BURT, JAMES C, Dowsonville: B S A BURT, M. DONALD, Dowsonville: B.B. A.; Alpha Kappo Psi; Student Union; Pep Club. BURTON, CLARENCE F., Eorlville, N. Y.; B S A. Seventh Row: BUTLER, LUCIE, Savannah: B.S.Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Professional Panhellenic, Sec; S.A. A.; PEM Club, Pres. 4; March of Dimes Court 3; Geechee Club, Sec. 2; Tennis Club, V-Pres. 4. BUTLER, SHELA, Brooks: BS.Ed,; Koppa Delta Epsilon; PEM Club; W.A.A. BUICE, BETTY A., Atlonto: A.B ; Delto Zeta. CAMERON, CAREY M., Lithonio: A.B.J.; Sigma Delta Chi, Sec. 4; Red and Block. CAMPBELL, AUDREY A., Atlanta: BBA; Westminster Foundation; U.G.R.A.; W.A.A. CAMPBELL, JANET J.: Hortwell; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Homecon. CAMPBELL, JEANNE E., East Compton, Conn.: A B J Boggs Bowmon Boyett Bradley Bragg Bromlett Branan Brannnen Brant Brett Bridges, C. Bridges, V. Brinson Britt Brittain Broadnax Brooks Brown, C. Brown, H. Brown, J. Brown, M. Brown, R. E. SENIORS That ' s nice, don ' t fight! Burden Burton Campbell, J. E SENIORS Campbell, J. A. Corter, J. A. Chondler Canada Carter, J. D. Crobb Crawford, D. Crawford, W. J Crawford, W. Crews, J. Crews, L. Crocker Croxton Crumpfon Culpepper, C Culpepper, E. Cutchens Canty Cardwell Carmichacl Carroll Cashin Cafes CJiombers, B. Chambers, M Christian Clorit, J. Clark, S. Clonts .- ' - 1. CAMPBELL, JUDITH A., Atlanta: B.S.Ed.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Band, Lt. 4. CANADA, CLARENCE C, Kingstree, S. C; B.S.F.; Phi Kappa Tau; Red ond Black; Forestry Club; Wesley Fellow- ship. CANNON, VIRGINIA H., Mt. Berry; B S Ed ; Kappa Delta; Pandora; Panhellenic, Sec. 4. CANTY, RICHARD J., Sovannoh: A.B.; Newman Club; His- tory Club; Geechee Club. CARDWELL, LaVERNE L., Burlington, N. C: B B A; Stu dent Council 1 , 2. CARMICHAEL, PATRICK N., Rochell; B S.F.; Forestry Club; Veterans Club. CARROLL, JACK R., Lindale, B S Ed Second Row: CARTER, JOHN A., Clayton: B.B A.: Koppo Sigma. CARTER, JOSEPHUS D., Surrency; B.B A CASEY, HENRY A., Dawson: B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho, Sec. 3; I.F.C.; Student Council 4; Gaffau, Sec. 3, 4. CASHIN, EUGENE O., Atlanta: B.B. A.; Pi Koppo Alpha; Cheerleader. CATES, JAMES R., Albany: B B A.; Chi Psi. CHAMBERS, BARBARA E., Americas: B S HE.; Homecon. CHAMBERS, MOSS E., Americus: B S.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Third Row: CHANDLER, HARVEY H., Winder: B B A. Sigma Nu. CHAPMAN, ROBERT M., Oglethorpe; B.S.A ; Ag Engineer Editor 3; A.S.A.E. CHILDRE, MORRIS T., Reynolds; B.S. in Pharmacy; A.Ph.A., Phi Delta Chi. CHRISTIAN, ALLISON, Albany; B.S.Ed.; W.AA.; PEM Club; Tennis Club. CLARK, JAMES H., Ringgold: B S. CLARK, SARA J., Toccoa; B S Ed CLONTS, CAROLYN L., Powder Springs: B S.H E.; Wesley Foundation; Homecon. Fourth Row: COCHRAN, JAMES S., Norcross: B.B. A. Pi Kappa Alpho. CODY, J. RAY, Griffin: B.B. A.; Koppo Sigmo. COHEN, CECILE E., Clio, S. C: B.S.Ed : Dclto Phi Epsilon, Sec; Alpha Lambdo Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Sec; Kappa Delta Pi: ACE., V-Pres.; AEPi Sweetheort; Hillel; U.G.R.A.; F.TA.; Pep Club Council; Student Council. COINER, KATHERINE A., Decatur: B.B A ; Pi B°ta Phi, Pres. 4; Alpha Lambda Delta; URSA Minor; Zodiac, Sec. 4; Pandora. COLE, M. CLAIRE, Diol: B F A COLE, SANDRA L., Bluefield, W. Vo.: B B.A ; Phi Mu. COLEMAN, WILLIS A., Savannah: B B A COLLINS, LEWIS R., McBean: B S ; Argonauts; Alpha Phi Omega, Treas. 4; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pres. 4; Student Union Council; Student Union Board. COLTER, WILLIAM H., Dublin: B S. in Phormacy; A.Ph A.; Kappa Psi. CONE, SUZANNE A., Camilla: B S Ed ; Kappa Delta; UG.R.A. CONGER, BETTY ANN, Athens: B.S.Ed.; Alpha Gommo Delta; Phi Sigma Alpha, V-Pres.; W.A.A.; Westminster Fel- lowship; UG.R.A. COOPER, JUDSON M., Camilla; B S A CORRY, MARTHA E.: Siloam: B S Ed COWARTON, JACKSON S., Arlington: B.S.A ; Alpha Tau Omega. Sixth Row: CRABB, JAMES E., Douglos: A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Sigma, Treas. 3; B.S.U. CRAWFORD, D. SUSAN, Chicago, III.: A B.J.; Kappa Alpha Theto, Pres. 4; Mortar Boord; Theta Sigma Phi; Z Club; Pandora; Red and Black; Soph,, Jr. Class V-Pres.; Angel ' s Flight; Pep Club; Panhellenic; Prof. Panhellenic; DTD Sweetheart. CRAWFORD, JO-ANN, Durond; B.S HE.; Triquetro, Tri- angle; B.S.U,; Homecon. CRAWFORD, W. HAROLD, Patterson: B B A. CREWS, JULIAN W., Brunswick: B.S A. CREWS, LEONARD J., Hortense: B B A CROCKER, CURTIS V., Cornelia: B B A. Seventh Row: CROMARTIE, WILLIAM K., Leesburg: B B.A ; Sigma Nu. CROOMS, ROBERT C, Eotonton: B S Ed CROXTON, ANN MARIE, Atlanta: B.S Ed ; Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres. 4; Gommo Sigmo Sigma; UG.R.A.; W.AA. CRUMPTON, DANIEL N., Cloxton: B.S.F ; Assc. Forester; Xi Sigmo Pi Guide; Alpha Zeta; Cypress Knee; Forestry Club, Pres. 3. CULPEPPER, CAROLYN A., Augusta: B F A ; Pi Beta Phi. CULPEPPER, EUGENE B., Talbotton: B L A ; Alpho Gamma Rho, Pres. 4; Landscope Arch. Club. CUTCHENS, EDSEL, Climax: B S.A. Daniel Daniell Dann Davidson Dovis, M. Davis, W. A Davis, W. C Deal Dean Deaton DeFoor Delk Demos Dinwiddie Dixon Doan Dollar Dominick Doobinin Dover Downing Drummond DuBtgnon Dudley Dukes Dunohoo Dunaway Durrence V - DANIEL, WILLODEAN, LaGrange: B S HE.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Delta Kappa Pi; Triquetra; B.S.U.; Homecon; URSA DANIELL, SUE C, Smyrno; B S Ed. DAMN, HELEN, Albony; B S; Chi Omego DAVIDSON, CHARLES E., Dudley; B S A DAVIS, MARY F., Sparta; B.S.H.E.; Triquetra, Sec. 4; Wes- ley Foundation Council; U.G.R.A. Council; Poultry Science Club, Sec. 4; 4-H, V-Pres. 3. DAVIS, WILLIAM A., Valdosto; A B ; GOP; Gridiron; X Club; Demosfhenian; 4 H; Ag Hill Council; Saddle and Sir- loin; Jr. Orotion, DAVIS, WALTON C, Albany; B.S.F.; Phi Delta Theta; Vet- erans Club. DEAL, LARRY G., Montezuma; B.S.A.E.; Aghon, V.Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Go. Ag Engineer, Assc. Ed.; Ag Engineering Club, V-Pres. DEAN, JOHN T., Greenville, S. C; B.S.; Sigma Nu, Pres. 3; Student Union. DEATON, LOUIE F., Stone Mt.; B S F.; Forestry Club. DeFOOR, DAN W., Toccoa; B.B A DELK, JAMES C, Athens, B.B. A; Pi Kappa Alpha; I.F.C.; Phi Kappa; Pershing Rifles. DEMOS, JOHNNY N., Atlanta; B.S.Ed.; Phi Mu Alpha; MENC; Band, Orchestra; Choir; Air Force Band Director. DINWIDDIE, R. MORRIS, Scottsville, Ky.; B S. in Pharmacy; Gridiron; Koppa Psi; G Club; A. Ph. A., Pres 4; Basketball, Capt. 4, most valuable player 4. DIXON, GEORGE M., Manchester; B.S.Ed.; Phi Mu Alpha, Pres. 4; Kappa Phi Kappa: Band Lt. 3, 4; MENC; Music Educators Notional Conference. DOAN, BOB G., Decatur; A B J DOLLAR, CAROLYN P., Cairo; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Homecon. DOMINICK, JERRY W., Atlanta; B S.; Sigma Kappa Chi; Psi Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Wesley Foundation. DOOBININ, BORIS, Malverne, N. Y.; B.S.A.; Alpha Gommo Rho; Dairy Science Club; Ga. Dairyman, Co-Bus. Mgr. DOVER, DONNA L., Norfolk, Va.; B.F.A. Alpha Chi Omega; Gommo Alpha Chi DOWNING, ANNE L., Columbus; B.S.Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi. Fourth Row: DRUMMOND, OTHEL E., Thomoston; B B.A.; Alpha Koppa duBIGNON, SARAH L., Atlanta; A.B.; Phi Mu; Canterbury Club, V-Pres,; U.G.R.A. DUDLEY, BETTY JOYCE, Athens; B.B. A.; Alpha Chi Omego, V-Pres. 3, 4; Phi Chi Theta, Pres.; Georgettes, Capt. 3, 4. DUKES, M. FRANCES, Norcross; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Club; Homecon; A Co. sponsor. DUNAHOO, WILLIAM S., Winder; B.S A ; Biftod; Poultry Science Club, Sec.-Treos. 3. DUNAWAY, JOYCE D., Marietta; AB; Aloha Gamma Delta; Cosmopolitan Club; Pep Club; Student Union. DURRENCE, MARY A., Glennville; B S Ed.; Kappa Delta; Phi Kappa Tou sponsor; U.G.R.A; A.C.E. DURHAM, SUSAN, Winston-Salem, N. C; A B.; Squore Cir- cle; Wesley Foundation Council; Cosmopolitan Club. EARLE, ETHEL E., Newnan; B.S. HE.; Zeta Tou Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi; Glen Club. EASON, JOHN T., Lenox; BS.F.; Veterans Club, Treos. 4. EDWARDS, BILLY V., Commerce; B S A EDWARDS, JAMES B., Fayetteville; BBA; Sigma Chi; Demosthenion. EDWARDS, SYLVIA L., Augusto; B.F.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Gamma Alpha Chi; U.G.R.A. ELDER, JACK, Foyetteville; B.S.Ed.; F.T.A.; G.O.P.; History Club, Treas.; B.S.U. Edwards, B. Edwards, J. Edwards, S. Elder Evers Faircloth Fears Feingold Fields, L. Fitzgerald, B. P. Fitzgerald, B. M. Fitzgerald, P EPPERSON, NEWELL M., Chattanooga, Tenn.; A B.; Arnold Air Society. EPPS, ROSAMOND C, Athens; B S H E EVANS, EDITH S., Biooks; B.S. in Pharmacy: Lambda Koppa Sigma; Rho Chi, Go Pharmacist; A. Ph. A., Sec. 3. EVERS, HUGH T., Ccrdele; B.S.Ed : Phi Mu Alpha; Argo- nauts; Bond; MENC FAIRCLOTH, RAYFORD F., Comillo; BBA FEARS, CLAY E., Madison; BBA FEINGOLD, BARBARA L., Camilla; B S.Ed ; Delta Phi Epsi- lon. Sec. 2; W.A.A.; Hillel; UR.S.A ; U.G.R.A.; F.T.A.; Student Union; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Treas. FERGUSON, WiLLORENE, Thomoston; B S Ed.; Zeta Tou Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delto; Koppa Delta Epsilon; Zodiac; Ponhellenic, Pres. 4. FEW, SAMUEL W., Apalachee; B.S.A.; Alpha Tcu Omega; Scabbard and Blade; Dairy Science Club. FIELDS, JAMES W., Savannah; B.B. A.; Sigma Pi, Pres. 4; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Lambda Sigma; Geechee C ub; B.S.U. FIELDS, L. ELIZABETH, Atlanta; B.S.Ed.; B.S.U.; Triquetra. FITZGERALD, BERNARD P., Athens; BBA; Newman Club; Veterans Club; Pi Sigma Epsilon. FITZGERALD, BYROM M., Ludowicf; B S Ed FITZGERALD, PATRICIA C, Rochelle; B S Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club, Pres. 4; MENC. Flanders Foster, M. Frisbee Floyd Foster, S. Frost Forbus Ford Fowler Franck ' Fullllove, H. Fullilove,, FLANDERS, JOSEPH C, Gainesville; A B.J.; Kappa Alpha; Red and Black; Arnold Air Society; D.M.C. i.S.HE.; Triquetra; FLOYD, GLENDA R., Bowersville; Homecon. FORBUS, ANNE E., Thomoston; B.S.Ed FORD, DANA P., Sovonnah; A.B.; Kappa Delta; Geechee Club, V-Pres. 3; W.A.A.; U.G.R.A.; Spanish Club; Bridge Club. FORSYTH, ROBERT H., Columbus; B S F FORT, ELIZABETH A., Pavo; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Oricron; B.S-U,; U.G.R.A. FORTSON, NORMAN J., Elberton; B B A; Alpha Kappa Psi. Second Row: FOSTER, MINNIE C, Decotur; B S Ed. FOSTER, SHIRLEY A., LaGrange; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Zodiac; URSA Minor; B.S.U. Council; Triquetro, Triangle 3, 4; Homecon; Donforth Fel- lowship. FOWLER, OSCAR S., Douglasville; B S F.; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air So- ciety; X Club; Cypress Knee; Forest Club; Student Council 4. FRANCK, CHARLES D., Albany; B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta; Pershing Rifles; Scabbord and Blade. FRANKLIN, LORETTA, Monroe; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Go. Agriculturist; Triquetra; Homecon; 4-H; B.S.U. FREEMAN, B. POPE, Savannah; B.F.A.; Tholion-Blackfriars, Pres. 4. FREEMAN, HAROLD D., Milledgeville; B.S.F.; Sigma Chi; Forestry Club; Poultry Club; Society of American Foresters. Third Row: FRISBEE, TED D., Ellijoy; B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi, V-Pres. 4. FROST, LOUIE W., Wrightsvllle; B S A.; Agronomy Club; Wesley Foundation. FULLILOVE, HENRY M., Athens; B S A E.; Go. Ag Engineer, Assc. Bus. Mgr.; Ag Engineering Club, V-Pres.; Society of Agricultural Engineers. FULLILOVE, WILLIAM S., Athens; B.S.A E ; Ag Engineering Club, Sec. 4. FUTRAL, VELETA A., Griffin; B S HE.; Homecon. GARRETT, A. Lynn, Camilla; A.B.; Kappa Alpha Theta; URSA Maior; W.A.A.; Jr. Ponhellenic, Sec; U.G.R.A.; Dol- phin Club. GARRETT, CLIFFORD B., Nashville; B B A GARRETT, JAMES W., Carrollton; B.B.A.; Circle K; Wesley Foundation. GARVIN, EDITH D., Summerville; B S H E ; Triquetra; 4-H; Homecon. GASTON, GEORGE W., Atlanta; A.B.; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; History Club. GAVIS, JOHN S., Athens; B B A GIBSON, MARGARET A., Perry; B.S.Ed.; Zeto Tau Alpha; ACE. GILBERT, GEORGE W., Atlanta; B B A GILBERT, RAMONA C, Pendergrass; B.S.H.E.; Homecon. Fifth Row: GILDER, JAMES H., Shellman; B B A GILES, WILLIAM M., Savannah; B B A GINSBERG, NORMAN R., Ozone Park, N.Y.; B.S A ; Poultr Science Club; Hillel. GITTELMAN, STANLEY S., Brooklyn, N. Y.; B S.A ; Dairy Science Club; G.O.P. GLEATON, JAMES C, Newton; B.S.Ed.; Basketball GLENN, MARY E., West Point; B.F.A,; Phi Mu; Zeta Phi Eto, Pres. 4. GODWIN, MARY N., Lakeland; B.F.A ; Gamma Alpha Chi. Sixth Row.- GOLD, LEON B., Greensboro, N. C; B.S. HE.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Pandora Beauty Court 4. GOLDMAN, RONALD M., Hazlehurst; B.S ; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Phi Omega. GOLDRING, DAVID I., New York, N. Y.; B S.A ; Go. Dairy men, Bus. Mgr. 4; Dairy Science Club; Bond; Hillel; Ag Club. GOODRICH, SAMUEL M., Milledgeville; B.S ; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. GODFREY, CHARLES E., Spartanburg, S. C; B.S.L A ; Delta Tau Delta, V-Pres. 2; I.F.C.; Landscape Arch. Club. GORTATOWSKY, ERLA, Atlonta; B S Ed.; Sigma Delta Tau, V-Pres. 4; U.G.R.A.; Ponhellenic; Student Council 4. GRAJALES, SAMUEL, Pereira, Columbia; B.S.A.; Cosmopoli- tan Club. GRANDY, RUTH E., Mobile, Ala.; A.B ; Alpha Gamma Del- ta, Treos. 3; Alpha Lombda Delta; Zodiac; Who ' s Who; Pandora, Jr. Ed. 2, Mgr. Ed. 3; Editor-in-Chief 4; Rush Ad- visor. GRANT, BLOUNT H., Cedartown; A B ; Phi Delta Theta. GRAVES, JAMES E., Rome; B.S. m Pharmacy. GRAYSON, JERRY E., Forest Park; B B A ; Kappa Sigma. GREEN, CHARLES R., Marietta; B S GREEN, WILLIAM E., Atlonto; B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GREENE, JAMES P., Americus; B.S.F.; Sigma Chi; Zi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. Forsyth Franklin Futral Fort Freeman, B. Garrett, A. Fortson Freeman, H. Gorrctt, C. SENIORS Gold Goldman Goldring Goodrich Godfrey Gortotowsky Grajales Grandy Grant Graves Groyson Green, C. Green, W. Greene First Row: GREGORY, ANNE, Chatsworth; A B J. GESSNER, RUTH J., Atlanta; B S.H E.; University Players. GRICE, FRANCIS D., Augusta; B.B.A.; Baseball. GRIEDER, MARVIN T., Athens; B.S A.; Phi Epsilon Pi; Poul- try Science Club GRIFFETH, MERRA J., Jefferson; B S HE.; Homecon; Wes- ley Foundation. GRIFFETH, RONALD C, Athens; A B ; Pershing Rifles; Scab- hord and Blade. GRIFFIN, KATHRYN E., Quitmon; B S H E. Second Row: GRIMES, DANIEL M., Milledgeville; B B A ; Sigma Chi. GUEST, FLOYD M., Commerce; B.B A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. GUNN, MARTIN S., Tifton; B.S.A.E.; Ag Engineering Club. GUNNELLS, JOEL B., Hortwell; B.S. A.; Gaffau; Ag Club; Agronomy Club. HADAWAY, PHIL L., Savannah; B S F.; Kappa Sigma; For- estry Club HAIGWOOD, JIMMY, Rome; B.B. A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. HALL, FARRELL A., Newnan; B B A. Third Row: HALL, MARY ELLEN, Moultrie; A B ; Alpha Omicron Pi. HAMMOCK, TED L., Thomson; A.B.; Pi Sigma Alpha, Pres. 4, Political Science Club, Pres. 4. HAND, MIRIAM E., Pelham; A.B.; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Sec.-Treos. Soph. Class; Majorette; A Cappella Choir; MTNA; F.T.A. HANKIN, LYNETTE H., Dublin; B.S Ed ; Delta Phi Epsilon; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Kappa Delta Pi. HANKINS, ALLEN C, Callicooh, N. Y.; B.S.A.; Alpha Phi Omega, Sec. 4; Horticulture Club, Pres. 3; Ag Hill Council. HARDEN, HARRY B., Savannah; B.S.F.; Chi Phi; Forestry Club; Arnold Air Society. HARELIK, ALBERT E., Augusta; B.S. in Pharmacy; Tau Epsi- lon Phi, Pres. 3; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Hillel; A. Ph. A. Fourth Row: HARRELL, RABUN F., Wrightsvllle; B S A HARRIS, CHARLES E., Goodwoter, Ala.; B.S.; Football; Track, Capt 4 HARRIS, JUDITH B., Columbus; BSH E; Triquetra; B.S U.; Homecon. HARRIS, LOWELL A., Athens; B.S. in Pharmacy; Kappa Psi, V-Regent; Ga. Pharmacist, Editor; A. Ph. A. HARRIS, THOMAS Y., Crawford; B S.Ed ; Baseball HARRISON, PHIL L., Lavonia; B.S. A.; Ag Club- Ag Hill Council; F.F.A., V-Pres. 3. HART, BARBARA A., Americus; B.S. Ed ; Kappa Alpha Theta; Concert Dance Club, Pres. 3, 4; W.A.A. Fifth Row: HART, JAMES J., Columbus; B.B. A.; Biftad, V-Pres.; X Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Beta; Blue Key; Student Union Board; Argonauts, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Demosthenian; Saddle and Sirloin; Aero Club; D.M.S. HARVEY, EDWARD, Savannah; B.B. A,; Alpha Phi Omega; Geechee Club; B.S.U. HARVEY, JENNY E., Millen; BS.Ed.; Pi Beta Phi. HATTRICH, JOHN W., Savonnah; B S ; Sigma Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon. HAYES, CONNIE, Augusta; A.B.J.; Kappa Delta; Red ond Black, Women ' s Ed.; Student Council; W.A.A. ; W.S.G.A. HAYES, LOY A., Athens; B B A HAYGOOD, REBEKAH S., Athens; B.S.H.E.; B.S.U. ; Tri- quetra. HEARN, CHARLES J., Bellville; B S A.; Agronomy Club, Sec 4. HEIDT, EARL W., Marlow; B.B. A.; Biftad, Sec; Alpha Beta; Blue Key; Argonauts, V-Pres.; Student Union, Pres.; Alpha Phi Omega; Lutheran Student Assc. HENDERSON, ELIZABETH A., Cohutta; B.S.Ed.; Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Treas. 4; Westminster Fellowship, V-Pres. 4. HENDERSON, HERBERT D., Columbus; B B A HENDERSON, SAM J., Atlanta; B.S.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Chess Club, Pres. 4. HENDLEY, OUIDA, Vienno; B.S HE.; Homecon; Wesley Foundorion; U.G.R.A ; 4-H; ABAC. HENDRICKS, CAROLYN F., Atlanta; B S.Ed ; Zeta Tau Al- pha, Sec. 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Sr. Class V-Pres.; Cheer- leader; Angel ' s Flight; Sigma Chi Sponsor; Pep Club. HERNDON, THOMAS H., Hortwell; B S F ; Kappa Sigma; Scobbard and Blade; Forestry Club. HIBBERT, WILLIAM W., Atlanta; B.S.; Chi Psi, Treas. 2; Pandora, Sports Ed. 3; Red and Block; Westminster Fellow- ship, Treos. 3; Student Union Board; Geog.-Gly. Club. HIGGINBOTHAM, LAURE D., St. Simons; B S Ed HIGHT, DONALD N., Sparta; B S Ed HILL, J. WALLACE, East Point; B.S. A.: Dem.osthenian, Sec- Treas. 4; Debate Team; A. EC, Pres. 3. HILL, MARY C, Newnan; B.S.Ed.; Phi Mu, Pres. 4. HILLEGAS, JANE, Avondale Estates; B S . . Hart, J. Harvey, E. Harvey, J. Hottrich Heorn Heidt Henderson, E. Henderson, Herndon Hibbert Higginbotham High ' X Gregory Gcssner Grice Gricder GriHcth, M. Grifteth, R, Griffin Grimes Guest Gunn Gunnells Hadaway Haigwood Hall, F. Hall, M. Hammock Hond Honkln Nankins Harden Harelik Harrell Harris, C. Harris, J. Harris, L. Harris, T. Harrison Hart, B. SENIORS Hayes, C. Hayes, L. Haygood lenderson, S. Hendley Hendricks Hill, J. Hill, M. Hillegas " What we need is more constitution, institution, ond prosperity. " Hilml Mix Hodges Holcomb Mollis Molmes, J. Holmes, W, Hopkins Home Hornstein Horton Howard, C. Howard, R. Hubert Hudson, K. Hudson, W. Hulsey, B. Hulsey, E. Hunter Hussey Hutson Hutto Ingram Inmon Irvin Jacobs Jacobson Jorrard C) SENIORS Jenes Johnson, M. H. Jones, H. Jenkins Johnson, S. Jones, H. H. Johnson, A Johnson, W Jones, J. L. »« ; Vii. First ?ow: HILMI, AHMET E., Nicosia, Cyprus; B S Ed ; Alpha Phi Omega; Cosmopolitan Club. HIX, JIMMY E., Commerce; B S A HODGES, HERBERT E., Brunswick; B S HOLCOMB, MARY L., AHonto; B S HOLLIS, JAMES W., Rock Springs; B,S, in Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; A. Ph. A. HOLMES, JAMES M., N. Augusta, S. C; B.F A ; Swimming Team; Chorus. HOLMES, WILLIAM C, Athens; B B A. Second Row; HOPKINS, ROGER E., Roswell; B B A HORNE, JO-ALLENE, Finleyson; B.S.; Alpha Epsilon Delta. HORNSTEIN, L. BRUCE, Baltimore, Md.; DVM ; OTS; Alpha Zeta. HORTON, PAUL D., Athens; B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Arn old Air Society; Band; Phi Kappa. HOWARD, CAROLINE, Sylvanio; B S in Pharmacy; Lambda Kappa Sigma; A. Ph. A.; Ga. Pharmacist. HOWARD, RICHARD D., Atlanta; B B A ; Lombda Chi Al- pha; Veterans Club. HUBERT, SARALYN L., Crawfordsville; B S Ed Third Row; HUDSON, KENNETH, Collins; BSA; Argonauts; Saddle and Sirloin; Goffau; Alpha Phi Omega, V-Pres.; Circle K. HUDSON, WANDA D., Miami, Fla.; B S H E HULSEY, BARBARA, J., Gainesville; B S Ed ; URSA Minor; Glee Club. HULSEY, EDGAR M., Toccoa; B.B A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. HUNTER, RAYMOND E., Moultrie; B.S.; Phi Eta Sigmo; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Biftad; Alpha Beto; Arnold Air Society; Reed Hall Council; Argonauts; Glee Club; Wes- ley Foundotion; U.G.R.A. HUSSEY, IKE, Lyons; B F A HUTSON, KENNETH D., Conton; B.S.; Wesley Foundation; Alpha Epsilon Delta. Fourth Row: HUTTO, THOMAS A., Goinesville; B S Ed INGRAM, GEORGE P., Duluth; 6 S INMAN, ELEANOR G., Manor; B.S.H.E ; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Ga. Agriculturist; Homecon, Pres. 3, 4; Triquetra; 4-H; Ag Hill Council; ABAC; U.G.R.A.; B.S.U. IRVIN, MELVIN K., Thomaston; B.B. A.; Delta Sigma Pi JACOBS, RUSSELL C, Sylvanio; B.S. A.; Alpho Zetc; Pi Tou Chi; Wesley Foundation, Pres. 4; Saddle and Sirloin, Sec. 4. JACOBSON, MILTON, Atlanta; B S JARRARD, MARGARET I., Gainesville; B S Ed ; ACE Homecon. Fifth Row: JENES, THEODORE G., Seattle, Wash.; B.S.Ed. JENKINS, JOHN R., Fairburn; B.S A.; Aghon; X Club; Go. Agriculturist; Ga. Dairyman; Voice of Independence; Ag Club, Sec. 3; 4-H; Ag Hill Council. JOHNSON, ANN M., Atlanto; B S.Ed.; Red and Block. JOHNSON, DOROTHY J, Fitzgerald; B S Ed ; Kappa Delto; U.G.R.A.; A.C.E. JOHNSON, HENRY L., Athens; B S Ed JOHNSON, LYMAN A., Atlanta; B.B.A ; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. JOHNSON, MARTHA A., Athens; B.S Ed. Sixth Row; JOHNSON, MELVIN H., Lumpkin; BSA; Ag Club; ABAC, Pres. 3; B.S.U.; Gaffou, Sec.-Treas. 3. JOHNSON, SIDNEY G., Atlanta; B.S.F.; Alpho Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Cross-country Track. JOHNSON, WADE W., Rome; B.S A.E ; Alpha Zeta; X Club; B.S.U.; 4-H; Ag Engineering Club. JOHNSTON, JOYCE E., Atlanta; B.S.Ed.; Kappa Delta; Al- pha Lamb da Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; URSA Major; U.G.R.A.; Glee Club. JOINER, JAMES B., Butler; B.S. A.; Food Tech. Club, V-Pres. 4; Veterans Club. JOLLY, ROBERT M., Decatur; B F A JONES, GENE R., Jesup; B.S.F.; Kappa Sigma; Forestry Club; Cypress Knee. Seventh Row: JONES, HELEN, Motthews; B.S.H.E.; Homecon. JONES, HOWARD H., Atlanta; B S F ; Forestry Club. JONES, J. LINWOOD, Uvaldo; B.B.A ; Phi Kappa Tou, Treos. 4; IF C; Student Council 3. JONES, JOSEPH F., Elberton; B B A JONES, JULIANNE, Decatur; B S Ed JONES, RICHARD A., Worner Robins; B S JONES, RICHARD W., Kalamazoo, Mich.; B SF ; Alpha Zeta; Arnold Air Society; Biftad; Phi Eta Sigma; Xi Sigma Pi; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Cypress Knee, Editor; Forestry Club; D.M.S.; Alpha Phi Omega, Pres. 2; Argonauts, Pres. 2; B.S.U.; Alpha Beta; SAF. Johnson, D. Johnson, H. Johnson, L. Johnston Joiner Jolly Jones, J. F. Jones, J. Jones, R. A Johnson, M. A. Jones, G. Jones, R. W. SENIORS Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Kinne Klein Knowles Kolgokles Kopec, M. Kopec, T. LaBruce Lackey Lance Landers, B. Landers, C. Langstcn Latham Laws Leavy Leckie Lee, A. Lee, G. Lee, T. Lefkoff Legge LeMaster Lewis, G. Lewis, J. Lewis, M. fsey ndsey mk m Jordan Justice Kantziper Kaplan Keen Kellam Keller Kellum Kent Kicklightcr King, C. King, J k t " ( r) JONES, ROBERT L., AHanto; B B.A.; Sigma Chi; Mu Beta Iota, Pres. 4; Pandoro; Newman Club. JONES, RONNIE L., Griffin; BB.A.; Sigma Chi; Student Union; Reed Hall Council. Homecon; Triquetra. Kappa Phi; Newman JONES, SARAH F., McRae; B S H E ; JORDAN, PAXTON H., Wrens; B S A JUSTICE, WILLIS F., Athens; B S ; Pi Club; Glee Club, KANTZIPER, SUZANNE G., Sovannoh; B S.Ed ; Sigma Delta Tau, Sec- 3; Hillel. KAPLAN, SHIRLEY, Wrighfsville; A B ; Sigma Delta Tau; Phi Alpha Theta, V-Pres.; W.A.A.; Key Club; Student Coun- cil 1; Historv Club, V-Pres. 2; Hillel; Panhellenic. KARATASSOS, EVANTHIA P., Savannah; B S.H E ; Pan- dora; Homecon; W S.G.A.; Triquetra; Geechee Club. KASTL, HERB J., Floral Park, N. Y.; B S A.; Chi Psi; Alpho Mu Epsilon. KAWAI, SHIGEYOSHI I, Osaka, Japan; B S.A.E.; Cosmo- politan Club; U.G.R.A.; 4-H; Ag Club; A.S.A.E., Sec. 2. KEEN, ALICE C, Macon; B.F.A.; Alpha Delta Pi; U.G.R.A. KELLAM, NANCY R., Woycross; B.S.Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Student Council, Sec. -Trees. 3; Angel ' s Flight; W.S.G.A. Cabinet 4; Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl 3; Military Ball Queen 3; URSA Ma|or; DTD Sponsor 4; Home- coming Court 3; Pep Club; Cheerleader, Capt. 4. KELLER, JOHN L., Atlonta; A.B.: Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blode; Biftad. Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Mu Epsilon; Glee Club; Argonauts; U. Chorus. KELLUM, ROBERT A., Shilch; B B A Third Row: KELLY, WILLIAM D., Covington; B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi KELLY, WILLIAM P., Augusto; B.B.A.; Newman Club. KELSEY, KATHLEEN D., Royal Oak, Mich.; B S Ed ; Alpha Chi Omega, Sec. 3; URSA Major; Student Union Board; Glee Club KENT, RUSSELL, Fayetteville; A B KICKLIGHTER, MAXINE, Glennvllle; 8 S Ed ; Delta Delta Delta; ACE, U.G R A,; Georgette. KING, CLARENCE B., Adairsville; B B A KING, JAMES G., Thomoston; B.B.A.; Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa. KINNE, DONNA K., Athens; SB. HE.; Kappo Alpho Theto; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec; Prof. Panhellenic; Red and Black; URSA Minor. KLEIN, EDITH, Decatur; B.S.Ed.; Mortar Board; Key Club W.S.G.A. Loyalty Award; Hillel; W.A.A., Pres. 4; GAFCW W.S.G.A., Cabinet 3, Pres. 4; PEM Club, Sec.-Treas. 3 AAHPER, Student Sec. 4. KNOWLES, PAUL C, Ashburn; B S F KOLGAKLES, ALEX T., Savonnah; B.B.A.; Veterans Club. KOPEC, MILLIE A., Athens; B B A KOPEC, THAD L., Athens; B S LoBRUCE, EVELYN L., Atlanta; B.S.Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; Kappo Delta Epsilon; A .C.E.; Canterbury Club; U.G.R.A. Fifth Row: LACKEY, JACK D., Roswell; B S.Ed LANCE, BOYCE P., Washington; B S A ; A E C , Pres 3; A3 Hill Council, Sec.-Treas. 3. LANDERS, BARBARA A., Decatur; B S Ed ; Kappa Delta Pi; Pandora; W A A ; PEM Club; GAFCW. LANDERS, CHARLES J., High Shools; B S in Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Ga. Pharmacy Journal, Bus. Mgr.; A. Ph. A.; Newman Club. LANGSTON, JAMES P., Decatur; B.B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha Sec; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Phi Omega; Glee Club, Bus- Mgr. 4; Circle K, LATHAM, MADOLYN C, Rome; B.S.Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pep Club; ACE.; W.A.A.; Student Union; U.G.R.A. LAWS, EDWIN v., Valdosta; B.S. in Pharmacy; Alpha Tau Omega; A. Ph. A.; Student Council 4; Phi Delta Chi. B.S-Ed.; Alpha Tau LEAVY, CLARENCE H., Brunswick; Omego- LECKIE, JAMES N., Shady Dole; B.S A.; Aghon; Alpha Zeta; Gridiron; Blue Key; Omicron Delta Kappa; Biftad; Ag Hill Council, Pres.; Student Council 3, 4. LEE, A. CALLAWAY, DuPont; B.S. A.; Agronomy Club, Treos. 4. LEE, GARY L., Rocky Ford; B S A. LEE, THORNWELL S., Athens; B.S.F.; Zi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Veterans Club, Sec. 3; Ag Hill Council. LEFKOFF, IRMA J., Atlanta; B.S. Ed,; Sigmo Delta Tau; A.C-E.I ; Hillel LEGGE, ROBERT E., Barnesville; B S.Ed ; Kappa Alpha. Seventh Row. LeMASTER, BILLY N., Atlonto; A B.; Lambdo Chi Alpha, V-Pres. 4; I.F.C LEWIS, GLORIA J., Monticello; B S Ed.; B S U. LEWIS, JO ANN, Eotonton; B S.Ed ; Alpha Gamma Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota; MENC; FT, A.; U, Chorus; Glee Club. LEWIS, MICHAEL L., Boxby; B.S Ed. LIFSEY, J. DAVID, Montezuma; A.B.; Phi Mu Alpha; Arnold Air Society; Glee Club: U, Chorus; Madrigal Choir; Argo- nauts; Westminster Fellowship, Pres, 4. LIN, HTEIN, Moulmein, Burma; B.S.A LINDSEY, GLENN C, Barnesville; B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Pep Club; Economics Society, Pres. 4. LoHin Long Lord Lott Macon MocPherson Maddox, J. A. Maddox, J. Manning, J. Monning, L. Marble Mori LOFTIN, HARRIET L., Savannah; BB.A.; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Chi Theta; Glee Club; Student Council 4; Geechee Club; W.S.G.A. LONG, JOSEPH G., Athens; BS.A.E.; Ag Engineer, Bus Mgr.; Ag Engineering Club, Pres. 3: N.C.A.S.A.E., Pres; Veterons Club LORD, WALLACE E., Dudley; B S A ; Gaffau, Pres 3 LOTT, PATRICIA A., Hamlet, N. C; A B J ; Red and Black, Feoture Ed. 3. LUCAS, DALLAS E., Manchester; B B A LUCAS, GLORIA G., Columbus; B.S.Ed ; Triquetra; B.S.U. LYBRAND, ROBERT A., Great Falls, S. C; B S in Pharmacy; Rho Chi, Pres.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Treas. Second Row: B.S.Ed.; Koppa Alpho MACON, PATRICIA A., Atlanta; Theta. MacPHERSON, ROBERT S., Marietta; B S Ed ; Sigma Pi; Kappo Phi Kappa. MADDOX, JERRY A., Nicholson; BSE. MADDOX, JACK C, Athens; B B A MADDOX, YOUNG D., Jefferson; B.S.A.; Alpho Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin; Student Council 4. MAHAFFEY, BILLY C, Blairsvllle; B S A ; Poultry Science Club; Ag Club. MALCOLM, KENNETH L., Bogart; B S iA4i Third Row: MANNING, JOE F., Alphoretta; B.S F,; Forestry Club. MANNING, LORENE, Dudley; B.S. HE.; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Homecon; B.S.U.; ABAC. MARBLE, ROBERT F., Athens; A.B.; Koininia Southern So- ciological Society; Canterbury Club. MARI, VIRGINIA P., San Juan, Pu erto Rico; B L A ; Land- scape Arch. Club, Sec. 3; Cosmopolitan Club, Sec. 3; Spon- ish Club, Sec. 2. MARKHAM, MONTE W., W. Palm Beach, Flo.; B F A ; Thalian-Blackfriors; 8 Productions. MARKOW, T. MARIA, Hyattsville, Md.; B.S HE ; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres.; Pioneer Club; Floriculture Club; Home- con; URSA Major; Lutheran Student Group. MARSHALL, JOSEPH H., Evans; B.S. A.; Gridiron; Aghon; ODK, Sec; Alpha Zeta, Chancellor; Blue Key; X Club, Pres. 4; Biftad; Go. Agriculturist, Editor; Go. Poultry Man; Poul- try Science Club, Pres.; 4-H, Pres.; Ag Club, Pres.; Ag Hill Council, Pres.; Independent Men, V-Campus Leader; Demos- thenion. Fourth Row: MARTIN, JOSEPH B., Athens; B.S.; Band. MARTIN, WAYNE S., Fitzgerald; B S ; Band. MARTIN, W. WAYNE, Vienna; B.B.A,; Glee Club; Wesley Foundation Board; Circle K, Sec. MASTERS, G. GLENN, Rocky Face; 6 S Ed MATTHEW, KARL L., Brunswick; B B A MAXWELL, JAMES E., Crawford; B.S. in Pharmacy; Chi Phi, V-Pres.; Bosketball; Kappa Psi; A. Ph. A. MAYES, BENJAMIN F., Savannah; B.S. in Pharmacy; Kappa Psi, Sec; Biftad; A. Ph. A.; Canterbury Club. Fifth Row: MAYES, WILLIAM T., Watkinsville; A B.; Chi Phi. McALPIN, DORIS P., Savannah; B.S.Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; Pioneer Club; Geechee Club; Geography Club; Glee Club; Canterbury Club. McCALL, JUDITH M., Savannah; B.S Ed ; Alpha Gamma Delta; Geechee Club; F.T.A.; W.A.A. McDonald, ELEANOR, Monroe; B S; Zeta Tau Alpha; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. McDonald, MARY ANNE, Elberton; B S.Ed ; Dance Club; U Chorus; Art Students League; F.T.A.; ACE. I. Mcdonough, WILLIAM F., Atlanta; B B A ; Lambda Chi Alpha. McELVEEN, J. MARION, Augusta; A.B.; U.G.R.A. Council; Koinonia Ministeriol Fraternity, Sec. 3; D.S.F., Pres. 4. Sixth Row: McGEHEE, WILLIAM C, Atlanta; B.S Ed McGUIRE, SALLY A., Chickomougo; B.S Ed ; Alpha Lambda Delta; Math Club; Kappa Delta Epsilon. McKEMIE, SANDRA E., Albany; B.S.H.E.; Chi Omega; Phi Upsilon Omicron. McKENNEY, JONE, St. Simons; B.S.Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta. McLAIN, EUGENE T., Voldosta; B S in Pharmacy; Rho Chi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. McLEAN, ELIZABETH J., Moxton, N. C; B S McMillan, AMELIA R., Enigma; B.S HE ; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon; ABAC; Triquetra; 4-H. Seventh Row. McNEIL, JAMES H., Athens; A.B.; Koininia; Debate Team 4. McNUTT, WILLIAM R., Knoxville, Tenn.; B S.; Sigma Chi; G Club; Swimming Teom McRAE, CLARA K., Mt. Vernon; A.B.; Triquetra, Triangle. MEANS, RICHARD R., Louisville; B B A MEDFORD, ROBERT T., Athens; B.S.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. MEEKS, BILLY H., Woycross; B S MEEKS, JAMES H., Adrian; B B.A. SENIORS Meeks, B. Menger Mcrk Mcssingcr Middlcbrooks Miles Milford Miller, F. Miller, A. Millet Millions Milligan Mills, F. Mills, J. Mitchell, E Mitchell, J. Mitchell, J. Mitchell, T Mizelle Mobley Molder Monk Montgomery Moore, J. Moore, M. Morehead Morris Morton, B. Morton, P. SiM .SiaSESi. Christmas party for underprivileged children First Row: MENGER, JAMES M., Augusto; B B.A. MERK, HARRY J., Athens; B B A. MESSINGER, JEROME S., New York, N. Y.; B.S.A.- Food Tech. Assc; Hillel MIDDLEBROOKS, PHILLIP C, LoGronge; B B A; Chi Phi MILES, FRANK E., Boxley; B.S.A.; Kappa Phi Kappa. MILFORD, CHARLES P., Cornesville; A B MILLER, FRED A., AHonto; B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega; Baseball; Basketball; Demosthenian. Second Row: MILLER, ZELL B., Young Horris; A B MILLET, JOHN E., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; B S A ; Alpha Mu Epsilon MILLIAMS, WILLIAM D., Newnon; B S F ; Forestry Club. MILLIGAN, M. GAIL, Sovonnah; B S Ed ; Geechee Club, V-Pres 4; Ed. Gullah Gazette 3; W.A.A. MILLS, FREDDIE V., Palmetto, Flo.; B S Ed ; Chi Psi; G Club; Basketball; Baseball. MILLS, JAMES H., Athens; B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. MITCHELL, ERNEST E., Augusta; B B A Third Row: MITCHELL, JOHN H., Athens; B.BA.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pershing Rifles, Pres MITCHELL, JOSEPH R., Athens; A B ; Delta Tau Delta MITCHELL, THOMAS E., Athens; B.S.; Physics Club, Sec. 4; Veterans Club. MIZELLE, MARY S., Athens; A.B.; Delta Gamma. MOBLEY, WILLIAM T., Perry; B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Student Union; Phi Kappa. MOLDER, FRANCES E., Athens; A.B.; Phi Mu; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Zodiac; Conterbury Club, V-Pres. 3; U.G.R.A. MONK, JESSIE E., Camilla; B.S.H.E.; Delta Delta Delta; Jr. Ponhcllcnic; Panhellenic; F.T.A., V-Pres. 3. MONTGOMERY, GEORGE L., Cedortown; F F A ; Art Stu- dents League MOORE, JAMES S., Athens; B S MOORE, MARTHA G., Athens; A B MOREHEAD, MARCUS B., Berryton; B S.; Geog.-Gly. Club. MORRIS, WILLIAM A., Augusto; B S ; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon MORTON, BARBARA J., Athens; SB. A.; Zeto Tou Alpha; Student Union; U.G.R.A.; Bridge Club; Rush Advisor; Lu- theran Student Group, Pres. 3, 4. MORTON, PAUL B.: Thomosville; B.S., Argonauts; Bond. Fifth Row: MULLEN, LOUIS E., Atlanta; B B.A. MURRAY, SANDRA A., Atlanta; B.S Ed ; Phi Mu; Zeta Phi Eta. NEAL, RAYMOND A., Harlem; B B A NEWSOME, PAUL W., Columbus; BE. A.; Argonauts; Band; Economics Society, Treas.; Alpha Kappa Psi, Treas. NEWTON, CARL C, Gainesville; B.B A. NIX, ALTON R., Columbus; B.S.; Alpha Epsilon Delta. NOEL, ROBERT C, Athens; B.S.Ed.; Koppa Phi Kappa. Sixth Row: NORMAN, JOHN P., Homerville; B B.A ; Alpha Kappa Psi; Glee Club. NUCKOLLS, CAROLYN, Cumming; B S; Phi Sigmo; Tri- quetra; B.S.U., V-Pres. 3. NUSSBAUM, ANN M., Savonnoh; ABJ ; Kappa Delta; U.G.R.A. NUTTYCOMBE, ELIZABETH J., Athens; A B ; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres.; Phi Sigma; Zodiac, V-Pres.; Key Club; Mortar Board: Who ' s Who 3; Jr. Pan- hellenic, Treas. 2: Pep Club: W.A.A., Treas. 3; Student Union; Rush Advisor; Panhellenic, Pres. 3; W.S.G.A., Sec. 4. O ' NEAL, FREEMAN R., Dublin; B S Ed.; Kappa Alpha. O ' NEAL, WEYMAN G., Conyers; B.S A.; Aghon; Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sigma; Ag Club, Sec; Ag Economics Club, Pres.; Ag Hill Council. ORR, MARY C, Clinton, S. C; B.S.Ed.; Pi Beta Phi, Sec. 3; Student Union. Seventh Row: ORR, NANCY A., Norcross; B.S.Ed. ORR, WILLIAM M., Conton; B.S.Ed ORRIS, FRANK N., Eudicott, N. Y.; B S ; Chi Psi; Football OESER, JAMES C, Decatur; B.B. A.; Alpha Koppo Psi; Pershing Rifles; U. Rifle Team; Wesley Foundation. OUTLAW, FREDERICK P., Athens; B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Wesley Foundation. OWNBY, EMILY L., Atlanta; A B PALMER, ARTHUR N., Dohlonega; B.S.F.; Xi Sigma Pi, Sec; Aghon; Scobbord and Blade; Alpha Zeta, Treas.; Cypress Knee, Assc. Ed.; Forestry Club; D.M.S. Ncwsome Newton Nix Noel ■lutfycombe CNeal, F. O ' Neal, W. Orr, M Oeser Outlaw Ownby Palmer Porker Patterson Peterson Parkerson Payne Phillips, A. Parnell Peovy Phillips, Polk Pope Porter Poteet Powell Prother Prescott Pruet Pruitt Purcell, J. D. Purcell, J. H Purcell, R. Purser, J. Purser, R. QuoHleboum Ransom Roy Reece, E. Reece, J. A. Reece, J. D. Reeves Rentier Reppord Rhyne, A. Rhyne, J. S. Rhyne, J. W. Rhyne, T. Richards " O.K., you ' re up, Mable " .QSL JJ? Partridge Possailoigue Patten Perkins Perry Persons Pierce Pike Pilcher Patterson Peters Polgy PARKER, MARY ELLEN, Cartersvllle: B.S Ed ; Pi Beta Phi; W A.A ; Tennis Club; History Club; Jr. Panhellenic. PARKERSON, BARTOW D., Eastman: B S in Pharmacy; Sigma Nu; A. Ph. A. PARNELL, M. JANE, Chorlotte, N. C; B S Ed ; Alpha Gamma Delta; F.T.A.; I.A.C.E. PARTRIDGE, HAZEL M., Atlanta; A.B.; Alpha Omicron Pi, V-Pres.; Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish Club, Sec. -Trees.; Glee Club; Orchestra; Gamma Sigma Sigmo. PASSAILAIGUE, EDWARD P., Atlanta; A B PATTEN, PATRICIA A., Adel: B.SEd.; Phi Mu; URSA Ma|or; Spanish Club. PATTERSON, JOAN D., Atlonta: B.S.H.E ; Alpha Delta Pi; Pandoro; Wesley Fd., Sec. 4; U.G.R.A.; Saddle and Sirloin Queen; Homecon. Second Row.- PATTERSON, SARAH E., McRae: B F A.; Thalian-Black- friars; Glee Club Tour; U. Theatre; Speech Club. PAYNE, PATRICIA A., Augusta; A.B.; Kappa Delto; URSA; U.G.R.A.; Glee Club; Bridge Club. PEAVY, PATSY A., Atlanta: B S Ed ; Phi Mu. PERKINS, HARRIET V., Avondale Estates; B S Ed ; Delta Delta; Delto; V-Pres.; FT, A.; ACE PERRY, FAYE, Screven: B S Ed PERSONS, GRADY L., Columbus: B.B A ; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade. PETERS, MARY JO, Savonnah: B.S.Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; WA.A ; Pep Club, Newman Club; Geechee Club, V-Pres. Third Row PETERSON, DOWE, Wadley: BS Tennis Club; W.A A.; French Club. Koppa Alpha Theta; PHILLIPS, ANITA A., Watkinsville: B B A. PHILLIPS, ROBERT B., Columbus: B.B.A.; Demosthenion; Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Beta; Phi Eto Sigmo. PIERCE, CARLTON C, Perry: B.S. in Pharmocy; Rho Chi; A. Ph. A.; Student Council 4. PIKE, GLORIA 0., Mauk: B.S. in Pharmacy; Alpha Lambda; Lambda Kappa Sigma, Pres. 4; A. Ph. A. PILCHER, BOBBY L., Americus: B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delto Chi; X Club; Gomma Sigmo Epsilon; Rho Chi; Circle K; Arnold Air Society; Go. Phormocist; Glee Club; A. Ph. A.; Scabbord ond B.ade; Demosthenion. POLAY, ALLAN P., Brooklyn, N. Y.: B S A POLK, IRA N., Norrlstown, Pa.: B.B.A ; Alpha Epsilon Pi; I F C. POPEK, JOHN D., Jockson: B.S.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. PORTER, WILLIAM D., Lakelond, Fla.: A B J ; Pi Kappa Alpha; Arnold Air Society; I.S.O.; Aero Club. POTEET, RUSSELL E., Augusta: B.F.A.; Delto Tou Delta, Pres. 3; Newmon Club; Phi Eta Sigmo. POWELL, RALPH E., Athens: B.B. A.; Alpha Koppo Psi; Veterans Club. PRATHER, JAMES T., Gainesville: B B A; Kappa Alpha; Wesly Fd. PRESCOTT, WILLIAM D., Savannah: A.B ; Pi Koppo Geechee Club; Newmon Club. Fifth Row PRUET, CHARLES C, Woycross: B B.A ; Alpha Koppo Psi. PRUITT, NEIL L., Lavonia: B.S. in Pharmacy; A. Ph. A. PURCELL, JERRY DEAN, Toccoa: B S in Pharmacy; Lambdo Chi Alpha. PURCELL, JERRY H., Savannah: BSF; Geechee Club; Glee Club; Forestry Club. PURCELL, ROBERT N., Savannah: B BA; Sigmo Pi Delto Sigma Pi; Geechee Club. PURSER, JOHN B., Statesboro: B B A PURSER, RUBY W., Statesboro: B B A Sixth Row: QUATTLEBAUM, OWEN M., Athens: A B ; Koppo Sigma; Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Mu Alpha; Men ' s Glee Club, Bus. Mgr,; History Club; Canterbury Club, Madrigal Choir; Circle K, Director 4; U. Chorus; U.G.R.A. Council 2; Student Operas; French Club. RANSOM, JIMMY REDMOND, Rome: B B A RAY, EDGAR A., Charlotte, N. C: B B A; Lambda Chi Alpha. REECE, ELLA J., Rome: A B REECE, JERRY A., Augusta: B S Ed.; ACEI REECE, JAMES D., Augusta: B S REEVES, KATHRYN I., Columbus: B S ; Alpha Delta Pi. Seventh Row; REMLER, BRUCE J., Savonnoh: B B A ; Delta Sigmo Pi. REPPARD, JOANNE R., Smithfield, W. Vo.: B.S.H.E; Alpha Gamma Delta; W.A. A Homecon. RHYNE, ALBERT H., Atlanto: A.B. J.; Adlib, Editor 4; De- mosthenion; Cosmopolitan; Alpho Delto Sigmo, Pres. 3; Adiab, Pres. 3; Sigmo Delta Chi. RHYNE, JOHN S., LaFayette: B.S. in Pharmacy; Koppo Sigmo; Gamma Epsilon; Rho Chi. RHYNE, JOHN W., LaFayette: B.S. in Pharmacy; Gommo Sigmo Epsilon; Rho Chi. RHYNE, TOM W., Atlanta: B.B.A.; Sigma Chi, V-Pres.; Student Union; Pep Club, Miss Pep Club. RICHARDS, DOROTHY A., College Park: B S Ed ; B.S U.; FT. A. First Row: RICKS, FRANCES L., Mt. Olive, N. C: B.S Ed. Delta Delta Delta, V-Pres. 3, ACE, Pres. 4. RIDDICK, DANIEL D., Savannoh: B S.F ; Chi Phi Forestry Club. RIDDLE, EDWARD H., Augusta: B.S. in Pharmacy; A. Ph. A.; Kappa Psi, Pres. 4; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles, Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Ga. Pharmacist; Varsity Rifle Team, Capt. 3, D M.S. RIDEN, ANELLE, Atlanta: B.S.Ed. Student Union. RIDGEWAY, THEODORE R., Clorkesville: B S F ; Xi Sigma Pi Pres; X Club; Alpha Zeta; Blue Key; Who ' s Who; Veterans Club, Pres. 3; Demosthenian; Forestry Club; G.O.P.; Cypress Knee, Bus. Mgr.; Ag Club; S.A.F.; Wildlife Society. RIEDINGER, ROBERT L., Bronx, N. Y.: B S A ; Alpha Gamma Rho, V-Pres. 3; Dairy Science Club, Sec. 3. RILEY, ODELL L., Augusta: B.S.F.; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Team. Second Row RILEY, PATRICIA A., Atlanta: B F A ; Kappa Alpho Theta. RITCHIE, JO NAN, Athens: B.S. HE.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treas.; Homecon; Student Union Board. ROBERTS, MILTON N., Rayle: B.S.F.; Rifle Team. ROBERTSON, LUCY C, Marietta: B S.Ed.; Chi Omega; Mortar Board ROBINSON, ASBURY C ROBISON, EDWARD W Ps.. ROBISON, WILLIAM H., Winder: B.S.Ed.; Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Phi Kappa; Civic Orchestra, Pres.; Band; MENC, V-Pres. 3; U.G.R.A.; D.S.F. Athens: B S Watkinsville: B.B.A. Alpha Kappa Third Row RODGERS, LILLIAN D., Oglethorpe: B.S HE ; Alpha Gamma Delto; Homecon; Glee Club. ROE, ALLEN D., Fulton, Ky.: B.B.A.; Delta Sigma Pi. ROGERS, ROBERT E., Savannah: B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Geechee Club, ROOKES, JOSEPH S., Milledgeville: B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. ROSENWASSER, MICHAEL B., New York, N. Y.: B.S.; Phi Kappa. ROWAN, VAN L., Lakeland: B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi, V-Pres. 4. RUSSELL, JANET C, Atlanta: B.S.Ed.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Panhellenic; Student Council; Phi Delta Theta Sponsor; ROTC Sponsor. Fourth Row: RUTLEDGE, HELEN R., Decatur: B.S.; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Mu Epsilon; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Zodiac; Pandora. RUTLEDGE, RONALD M., Atlanta: B S ; Chi Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade. RYAN, ROBERT J., Athens: B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres. 4; Pandora, Sports Editor 4; Newman Club, Pres. 3; Veterons Club, Sec. 3, SAMS, ALBERT D., Athens: B.B.A ; Outstanding Squadron Award 3; Aero Club. SAMMONS, SANDRA R., Milledgeville: A B ; Kappa Delta, Treas. 4; U.G.R.A. , Pres. 4. SANDERS, HERBERT T., Twin City: B S A ; Dairy Science Club. SANSOM, G. HARRISON, Griffin: B B A ; Sigma Chi; Stu- dent Union; Demosthenian; A. A., Pres. 3, 4.; Concert Dance Club. SARMA, ILZE, Milledgeville: B.S. in Pharmacy; Ga. Phar- macist; Lambda Kappa Sigma; Cosmopolitan Club; A. Ph. A. SAWATZKE, JO-LUANNE, Beover Foils, Pa.; A BJ ; Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Sigma Phi; Mortar Board; Red and Black, Co-Society Ed.; Pandora; Rush Advisor; Pep Club. SCARBOROUGH, ROY, Augusta: B B A ; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Football. SCHEER, GEORGE M., Eatonton: A. B.; Phi Epsilon Pi, Pres. 3; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; X Club; Gridiron; Greek Horsemen; Phi Delta Phi; Pi Kappa Delta; Debate Team, Pres. 2; Student Council, Pres.; Phi Kappa, Pres. 2, 3; Pep Club. SCHNEIDER, HARRY, Brooklyn, N. Y.: B S A; Hillel Ag Club. SCHREIBER, HARRYETTE R., Blacksheor: A B.J ; Delta Phi Epsilon, Pres. 3; Alpha Lombda Delta; Z Club; URSA; Mortar Board; Zeta Phi Eta; Red and Black, Feature Ed., Sorority Ed., Society Ed.; W.A.A.; Sec. -Treas. Fresh. Class; Panhellenic; Prof. Panhellenic; W.S.G.A. Cabinet; Hillel; IZFA, Sec; Who ' s Who. SCOTT, MARY R., Decatur: B.B.A,; Alpha Lambda Delta; Orchestra; U. Chorus; Phi Chi Theta, Sec. 4; U.G.R.A.; Canterbury Club, Sec. 4. Sixth Row: SCOTT, RAYMOND E., Rossville: BS.A.; Gaffou; Ag Club. SEARCY, FLOYD H., Thomosville: B B A SCARSELLETTA, MARIO J., Auburn, N. Y.: B S A SEGARS, JOSEPH C, Athens: B S Ed SELIGMAN, ROSLYN, Claxton: B.S.; Delta Phi Epsilon, Pros.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Epsilon; URSA; Pan- hellenic; W.A.A., Sec. 3; Hillel. SEXTON, SANDRA A., Atlanta: B.F.A.; Kappa Delta; Rush Advisor. SHAPARD, SALLY D., Griffin: B.S. HE.; Pi Beta Phi; Stu- dent Union; Homecon; Ch. of Student-Faculty Group. Seventh Row: SHARPE, SYLVESTER H., Waynesboro: B B A ; Bulldog Bar- bell Club, Pres. SHATTUCK, M. MONTYNE: LaFoyette; Omega, Pres.; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec; Who ' s Who; W.S.G.A. Cabinet; Homecon hellenic SHAW, JAMES H., Athens: B F A SHEA, JOYCE L., Canton: B B A SHEFFIELD, LLOYD E., Quitman: B.B.A. Alpha Kappa Psi; Demosthenian; GOP. TANNER, JOHNNIE B., Athens: B.B.A.; Delta Tau Delta; Arnold Air Society; Band. TARPLEY, ROBERT T., Dublin: B B A B.S.H.E.; Chi Mortar Board; V-Pres.; Pan- 1 Scott, R. Shorpe Searcy Shattuck Schneider Schreiber Scott, M Seligman Sexton Shapard Sheffield Tarpley Tanner A problem for Lovable SENIORS Shepard Simons Smith, J. A. Shepherd Simpson Smith, J. B. Sheriff Sims Smith, K That mokes five movies this week. Sodin Solomon Sorrow Southwell Spence Spencer Spillers Stacy Stamps Steagall Stegin Stephens, D. Stephen, 0. Stewort Stough Stroin Strickland, B. Stricklond, F. Strickland, J. W. Strickland, J. W. Striplin Stritt Swan n «» , j.rr S Symons Tanner Short Sieg Simmons Simon Skinner Sloughter Smith, D. Smith, E Smith, R. Smith, W. Snow Snyder First Row: SHEPARD, WILEY D. Dublin: B S.Ed ; Baseball. SHEPARD, MARY A., Atlanta; B.S.Ed.; Kappo Delta. SHERIFF, JACK B., Atlanta: A.B.; Delta Tau Delta; Canter- bury Club, History Club, Phi Kappa. SHORT, GEORGE W., Augusto; B B A; Delta Sigma Pi; Footboll. SIEG, ROBERT M., Savannah: B.B.A.; Pi Kappo Alpha; Geechee Club; Phi Kappa. SIMMONS, HARRY K., Macon: B B A SIMON, PAUL S., Augusta: B.B.A,; Alpha Kappa Psi. Second Row: SIMONS, JAMES H., Social Circle: B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. SIMPSON, JAMES W., Buford: B.B.A,; Alpha Tau Omega. SIMS, WILLIAM C, Commerce: B.S.A.; Track; Cross- country; B.S.U.; Gaffau; ABAC; G Club; Ag Economics Club. SKINNER, SHIRLEY J., Adrian: B S H E ; Homecon; 4-H. SLAUGHTER, GWENDOLYN, Cartersville: B S Ed.; Pi Beto Phi, V-Pres. 4; Glee Club; Student Union; A.C.E.I.; Madrigal Choir. SMITH, DOUGLAS H., Hapeville: B.S.A ; Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Saddle and Sirloin; Scabbard and Blade. SMITH, ELIZABETH L., Greenville, S. C: A.B. SMITH, JOANN, Cordele: B.S.Ed,; Phi Upsllon Omicron; ABAC; Glee Club; B,S,U. Council; Triquefra; Homecon; W.SGA, SMITH, JOHNNY B., Cochran: A,B,J,; Alpha Delto Sigma; Veterans Club, SMITH, MAXINE, LaFayette: B,S Ed,; Phi Mu; Sigma Chi Sweetheart; Delta Sigma Pi Rose, SMITH, ROBERT V., Savannah: B B,A ; Pi Koppo Phi; Treos. 3; I.F.C.; Geechee. SMITH, WILLIAM J., Macon: A B.,; U.G.R.A Council, Kiononia, Pres. 4; D.S.F., Pres. 3. SNOW, JAMES A., Trion: B S.Ed ; Kappa Phi Koppa; Glee Club, V-Pres, 3. SNYDER, BILLIE H., Blakely: B S Ed fourth Row: SODIN, H. JULES, Augusta; B B A SOLOMON, GERALD I., Augusta: B S ; Chi Ps. SORROW, BILLY B., Monroe: B.S.; Sigma Pi Sigmo; Pi Mu Epsilon; Physics Club, SOUTHWELL, HUGH F., Reidsville: BE A ; Delta Sigmo Pi SPENCE, ROBERT H., East Point: B F A.; Phi Mu Alpho; Phi Eta Sigma; Bond; Glee Club Accompanist; U. Chorus; MTNA, Pres. 1. SPENCER, CHARLES B., Rossville: A.B J.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Delta Sigma, Pres. 4; Art Dir. of Fraternity Way. SPILLERS, BEN M., Butler: B S Ed.; Sigma Nu. Fifth Row STACY, JAMES T., Atlanta: B.S.Ed.; F.T.A., Treas. 3; Can- terbury Club, STAMPS, MAY L., Tifton: BS.Ed.; Chi Omega; ICEC. STEAGALL, WILLIAM A., Decatur: B.S.F.; Delta Tau Delta; Tau Delta; D.S.F.; Forestry Club; Outstanding Fresh. Forestry School- STEGIN, FREDDIE S., Savannah: B S STEPHENS, D. MARGARET, Atlanta: B.S.; Zeta Tau Alphs; Treos, 3, 4; W,S.G.A.; Delta Tou Delto Sweetheort; Student Council 3, 4. STEPHENS, OTIS H., East Point: A.B,; Lambda Chi Alpha; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Mu Alpha; Demosthenian; Argonauts; Alpha Phi Omega. STEWART, JAMES R., Atlanta: B.F.A,; Sigma Chi; Biftod; Phi Mu Alpha; Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade; Reed Hall Council; Glee Club; U. Chorus; Madrigal Choir. Sixth Row: STOUGH, CAROL V., Locust Grove: B S Ed.; Kappa Delta STRAIN, CHARLES J., Dolton; B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Arnold Air Society; Baseball. STRICKLAND, BILLIE ANN, Buchannan: B S Ed ; Koppo Delta, Sec. 4; Student Union: U.G.R.A. STRICKLAND, FENTON L., Columbus: B S A E STRICKLAND, JOHN W., Mt. Vernon: B S A ; Saddle and Sirloin; GOP.; ABAC. STRICKLAND, JOHN WILSON, Blacksheor: B A in Phar- macy; Koppa Psi; A. Ph. A, STRIPLIN, NORMAN D., Farmville, Va.: B.S. Seventh Row: STRITT, ALBERT R., Whitestone, N. Y.: B.S.A. E.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Ag Engineering Club; SAE. STROND, HELEN C, McDonough: B S H E ; Homecon. STUDDARD, HENRY A., Atlanta: B.S.A.; Agronomy Club, Pres. 3; Ag Hill Council, SULLIVAN, JOAN T., Savannah: A,B,; Pandora. SWAN, DAVID L., Augusta; B.B A SYMONS, JOSEPH F., Pooler: B.S.A.; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Sigma; Ag Club; Horticulture Club, V-Pres. TANNER, JESS F., Axson: B.S.F.; Forestry Club. Taylor, J. Taylor, K. Tellell Temple Terry Thaxton Thorn Thomas Thomasson Thompson, B. Thompson, P. Thornton Tillman, B Tillman, T. Tolnas Tomlin Tomlinson Touchon Triplett Tuggle Turner, C. Turner, H. B. Turner, H. L. Turner, J. Turner, M. Turner, N. Tuten Tyler n .,o C) n o -O. SENIORS ►- L. Torture Chamber TAYLOR, JACK S., Manchester: B.S. in Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A Ph A, TAYLOR, KATHRYN L., Columbus: A B TELLELL, TOMMY O., Toccoo: B B.A.; Pi Sigma Epsilon. TEMPLE, SHIRLEY M., Elberton: B.S Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta; A.CE.I. TERRY, G. OTIS, Albony: B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas. 3. THAXTON, CARLTON J., Cochran: A B J. THOM, HORACE B., Athens: A.B.J.; Sigma Chi, V-Pres. 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigmo Delta Chi; Biftad; Scabbard and Blade; Red and Black. Second Row: THOMAS, DORIS J., Rome: B.S.Ed ; Triquetra. THOMASSON, CHERRY M., Atlanta: B S.Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; Glee Club; F.T.A. THOMPSON, BETTY J., Bogart: B S Ed ; Koppa Delta Ep- silon; PEM Club, V-Pres, 4. THOMASON, PATRICIA A., Hommond, La.: B S ; Alpho Chi Omega; Newman Club; U.G.R.A.; Student Union. THORNTON, BEN I., Cordele: B.S.F.; Alpha Tau Omega; Glee Club; Forestry Club. TILLMAN, BARBARA J., Moultrie: B S ; Majorette; Geor- gette; Band. TILLMAN, THOMAS M., Athens: B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, Pres. 4; Gridiron; X Club. ' Pershing Rifles; Greek Horse- men; Student Council I, 2; I.F.C., V-Pres. 3. TOLNAS, EDWIN L., Athens: B.S.; Sigma Pi Sigma; Physics Club, Pres.; Aero Club. TOMLIN, WILLIAM A., Cloyton: B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi. Forestry TOUCHON, DANIEL, Decatur: B S TRIPLETT, ROBERT F., Chester, S. C: B.F.A. TUGGLE, JANE, Atlonto: B.S.Ed.; Art Students League. TURNER, CHARLES H., Decatur: B.B.A. Fourth Row: TURNER, HIRAM B., Luella: B.S.A.E.; Koppa Sigmo; Treas. 3; Ag Engineering Club. TURNER, HENRY L., Powder Spring: B S. TURNER, JAMES R., Mouk: B S Ed TURNER, MARY R., Swoinsboro: B.S.H.E.; Kappa Delta Pi; Glee Club Soloist; Triquetra; ABAC; 4-H; Homecon. TURNER, NANCY A., McDonough: B.S; Kappa Delta; U.G.R.A.; WA.A. TUTEN, MARY E., Blackshear: B.F.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Red and Block; Glee Club; URSA Minor; Westminster Fellowship. TYLER, KIRBY, Savannah: B.B.A. ; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Koppa; GeeChee Club. TYNDALE, JACKIE A., Atlonto: B.S.Ed.; Kappa Delta, Pres. 4; Ponhellenic; URSA; W.A.A.; Key Club; PEM Club; Prof. Panhellenic. TYSON, WILLIE J., Tifton: B.S.A.E.; Ag Engineering Club. UNDERWOOD, THELMA W., Colquitt: B S in Pharmacy; Lambda Kappa Sigma; Rho Chi, Sec. -Treas.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Phi Delta Chi Sweetheart; A. Ph. A. UPSHAW, MARGARET M., Corrollton: B S A ; A Cappella Choir; Veterans Club; Horticulture Club, Sec.-Treos. 2; Ag Club; Entomology Club. VAN ELMENDORF, JOHN C, Marietta: B S ; Scabbard and Blade; Biftad; Pershing Rifles; Alpha Beta; Pandora; Reed Hall Council, Sec; Argonauts; Fresh. Talent Show Winner. VANN, JAMES L., Thomasville: B.B.A.; Sigma Chi; Pershing Rifles; Catfish Club. VAUGHAN, THOMAS 8., Norwalk, Conn.: B L A ; Land- scape Arch. Club, Treas. 4. Sixth Row: VEAL, LARRY F., Bowman: B B.A VELEZ, JOSEPH, Athens: B.B.A.; Math Club. VICKERY, SARA E., Hortwell: B.S.H.E.; Homecon; 4-H; ABAC. VINSON, WILLIAM E., Byron: B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Swimming Team; Saddle and Sirloin; Ag Club; Wesley Fd. Alpha Zeta. VOGEL, MARY P., Brunswick: B.S.Ed. Koppa Alpha Theto V-Pres. 3, 4; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres.; Koppa Delta Pi Tennis Club, Pres.; Dauphin Club, Pres.; URSA, V-Pres. W.S.G.A. Cabinet 4; Angels Flight; W.A.A.; PEM Club Spanish Club. VORIES, ROBERT W., Athens: B.L A.; Landscope Arch. Club, Treas. 3. WACHS, ARTHUR J., Yonkers, N. Y.: B S A E ; Phi Epsilon Pi. Seventh Row: WALDEN, TROY M., Monroe: B B A. WALTERS, ROGER E., Tifton: B.S.A E ; X Club 4-H; Ag Engineering Club. WARDLAW, WALTER A., Nicholson: B B A. WATERS, MELVIN E., Athens: B S A WATSON, HARRY J., Athens: B S WEATHERFORD, VIRGINIA R., Roswell: B.S.Ed.; F.T.A.; Alpha Lambda Delta. WEBB, LaJUANA, Nashville: B.S.Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Koppa Delta Pi; Glee Club Soloist; Phi Mu Alpha Sponsor. Upshaw VanElmendorf Von Vaughon 1 Vinson Vogel Vories Wachs 1 Waters Watson Weothertord Webb Webb, N. A. Webb, N. B. Weedle Weely Westbrook Wheeler, R. Wheeler, W. White, t White, T. K. White,!. F. White, W. Wilensk First Row: WEBB, NANCY A., Athens: B.A.; Phi Alpha Theto; Cosmo- politan Club, Sec. 3, 4. WEBB, NANCY B., MorieMo: B S H.E ; Alpha Chi Omego; URSA Mojor; Homecon WEEDLE, MAYER M., Brooklyn, N. Y.: B S A.; Poultry Science Club; Ch, Chicken of Tomorrow Contest. WEELY, WILLIAM L., McCoysville: B.B.A,; Alpha Koppo Psi. WERNER, BENJAMIN F., Athens: B S A. WERT, MARJORIE L., Rome: B.S.Ed.; Koppo Delto; W.A.A., Treas- WESTBROOK, GEORGE G., Trion: B S. in Pharmacy; Koppo Psi; a. Ph. A. Second Row: WESTBROOK, JOHN W., AHonto: B B A ; Phi Delta Theto; Phi Kappa, Sec. WHEELER, ROBERT V., Lindole: B B A ; Koppo Alpho. WHEELER, WILLIAMS B., Augusto: B S.; Gamma Sigmo Epsilon, WHITE, GLENDA L., Coolidge: B.S.Ed.; Zeto Tou Alpha, Pres. WHITE, JERRILYN K., Amerlcus: B S Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Homecon; Student Union; Wesley Fd.; U.G.R.A. WHITE, JOHN W., Soyville, N. Y.: B S ; Wesley Fd.; Glee Club; Doiry Science Club. WHITE, JULIA A., Macon: B.F.A.; Alpha Omicron Pi; W.A.A.; Zeto Phi Eto, V-Pres. 3; W.S.G.A. WHITE, THOMAS K., Stockbridge: B.S.A.; X Club; Alpha Zeta; Scobbord and Blode; Aghon; Pershing Rifles; Ag Club. WHITE, THRYZA F., Newnon; B S. in Pormocy; Lombdo Kappa Sigma, Treos. 4; Pi Mu Epsilon; A. Ph. A. WHITE, WILLIAM D., Americus: B B A; Sigma Alpho Epsilon; Pi Sigma Epsilon. WILENSKY, LARRY E., Atlanta: SB. A.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. WILKES, MARY A., Claxton: BS.Ed; Alpha Omicron Pi. WILLARD, WILLIAM K., Hogerstown, Md.: B S.F. WILLIAMS, ALBERT K., Athens: B S m Pharmacy; Go. Pharmacist. WILLIAMS, GERALD L., Covington: B B.A.; Alpho Koppo Psi. WILLIAMS, JOHN L., Macon: B.S. in Pharmocy; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Rho Chi; Phi Delta Chi; A. Ph. A. WILLIAMS, KATHRYN L., Atlanta: B.S.Ed. WILLIAMSON, JOHN T., Perry: B B.A Phi Delta Theta. WILLINGHAM, MARY E., East Point: A.B.J.; Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Theta Sigma Phi; U.G.R.A.; Red and Block. WILLIS, THOMAS P., Atlanta: B.S.Ed.; Sigma Lambdo Nu. WILSON, ELISE O., Union Point; B S.H E ; Kappa Delta Pi; Homecon; 4-H. WILSON, GENE E., Atlanta: B.B.A.; Delta Sigmo Pi; Varsity Football, G Club; Aero Club; CM Club. WILSON, RONALD M., Millen: B S WIN, MAUNG H., Burma: B S.A. WINSTON, MARTYN I., Brooklyn, N. Y.: B.S. A.; Hillel; Ag Club. WOMACK, BOBBY J., Cartersville; B B A WOO, JAMES H., Augusto: B.S. in Pharmacy; Koppo Psi; A. Ph. A. WOODRUM, WILLIAM L., Statesboro: B.S.A.E.; Ag Engi- neering Club; Pi Mu Epsilon; Ag Engineer, Editor. Sixth Row; WOODS, ROBERT E., Cedartown: B S.A. Alpha Zeto; Go. Poultrymon, Editor 3; Poultry Science Club, Pres. 3; C.O.T.C., Co-Choirmon 2. WOOLF, JOHN C, Fort Goines: B.B.A.; Sigmo Pi; Arnold Air Society; Varsity Rifle Team. WOOTEN, KARINE W., Augusta: B.S.; Alpha Delta Pi; URSA Minor. WRIGHT, WILLIAM B., Columbus: SB. A.; Sigmo Alpho Epsilon; Tennis 1; Cheerleader, Copt.; Phi Kappa; Pep Club. WYLY, EMMALEE E., Forsyth: B.S.Ed.; Pi Beto Phi. YARBROUGH, MARGARET A., Augusta: B S Ed.; Koppo Delto; U.G.R.A.; B.S.U. YEARWOOD, BEVERLY A., Athens: B S.H E ; Phi Upsilon Omicron. YOUNG, WADE H., Savannah: B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; Pres. 3; A.Ph.A. SENIORS Woods Woolt Wooten Wright Wyly Yorbrough Yearwood LAW UNDERCLASSMEN Ali.r, Lucius Wimirr Avr,-, Willmiii f,i m.i;.ll,s Hallanl, Churlos raiirlltiillr l),)).row. Muhacl rw York. . V. BrinkU-y. Jack BaiithrUlne Hrcwn. Ernest Atlanta C.Mm. Alexander Sariimmh C.irtcr. McUiu C.h.u. I,,v, William |).,K,s. I..11CN ,il,iM,ii. Hcilicrt SI,, I, .l,nr„ I1..VM,, ,. Muli.lcl « , ( I oil Cam Kclinficlil. H. Stihnn llctclicr, ., Filzi:, (;.,li , ncniiv Allirm ll.ill. 1, lines ll.nikmnillr llrndiix, John la-prr ll.illo, Rucliilph llo ' rtoTi, William Atlanta Jones, Charles Af iens Jones. Edwin AOicii.s K,ii.,lNlas. John ( n li.v K,ii Oi. Sanford ii-i sr« Ki IK. Ceorge Aiii;i v(n l..,iihiiian. Charle Martmsiin, Kimt-r Cohimhus McDuffee, Reginald Savannah McWhorter, Penn Winder Mills, Benjamin Fitzgerald Minge, Jerrj ' Miilherin. Bernard Atisusta MuUis. Morris Ft. Valley Pence, Harry Hawkinsville Puekett, Fred Dottson Sams. Edward Atlanta Sartain. Joe Daniclsvillc Scarlett, Richard Athens Sentell, Perry Pinehurst Shepherd, Millard Monroe, N. C. Sparks, WiUis Macon Talley, Thomas College Park Teeple, Charles Thunderbolt Thompson, Melvin Valdosta Twitty, Frank Camilla -aughan. David f o p 111 n n a Q p n Pjfl p ■■ " C) p 0. } 9 ' B ' Mk t ClOER BO CONNEKAl CONNOLLl WMISON loord Edti HtNliy.Q HICKMIK, iACKSON JOil, Don WtlORiN, " WNG Wt loiial c , . ' ' OSLtr ' , ! « to; First Row: CLOER, BOB C, Athens: LL B. CONNERAT, W. SPENCER, Sovannoh: LL.B.; Pres. 1 st Year Closs; Phi Delta Phi; Demosthenion. CONNOLLY, D. HUGH, Augusta: LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Delta Phi Award; Assc. Justice, Honor Court; Ga. Bar Journal, Editor; Nat ' l. Moot Court Competition; Gridiron. HARRISON, ALICE E., Lookout Mt., Tenn.: LL B ; Phi Mu, Treas ; Phi Delta Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Koppo Phi; Student Editorial Board, Editor; Sec. -Treas. 1st Year Class; Prof. Panhellenic. HENRY, Q. ROBERT, Atlonto: LL.B.; Gridiron; ODK; Pi Sigma Alpha; Demosfhenion, Pres.; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice; Sec. -Treas. 2nd Year Class; ALSA Nat ' l. Convention; Debate Winner. HICKMAN, EARL L., Atlanta: LL.B.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Wilson Inn., Exchequer; Honor Council; Vice-Pres. 3rd. Year Course; Student Advisory Council. JACKSON, JOHN W., Augusta: LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi, Clerk; Gridiron; Who ' s Who; Go. Bar Journal, Editor; V-Pres. 2nd Year Class; Stu- dent Advisory Council; Honor Court, Chief Justice. Second Row: JOEL, DONALD G., Athens: LL.B.; Phi Epsilon Pi, Pres.; Sphinx; Gridiron; Greek Horsemen; X Club; Red and Black; I.F.C., Pres.; Student Council; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Kappa; Band. KILLORIN, EDWARD W., Savannah: LL.B ; Honor Court; Blue Key, Sec. -Treas.; Ga. Bar Journal Student Editorial Board, Editor; Nat ' l. Moot Court Competition; ALSA Convention; Phi Delta Phi; Demos- thenion. KING, WALTER JR., Douglas: LL.B.; Ga. Bar Journal Student Edi- torial Board, Assistant Ed.; Phi Alpha Delta, V-Pres. LESTER, JAMES L., Augusta: LL.B.; Sigma Chi, Pres.; Gridiron; Ga. Bar Journal Student Editorial Board, Editor; V-Pres. 1st Year Class; Pres. 2nd Year Class; Phi Delta Phi, V-Pres. McCRACKEN, EUGENE L., Savannah: LL.B.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Geechee Club, Pres.; Demosthenion; Delta Theta Phi, Sec. -Treas. MOBLEY, THOMAS W., Whigham: LL.B.; Theta Chi; Biftad; X Club; ODK; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard ond Blade; 1954 Pandora, Editor; Debate Team. PAGE DONALD A., Thomaston: LL.B.; X Club, Pres.; Blue Key; Demosthenion, Pres.; Gridiron; Student-Faculty Directory, Assoc. Bus. Mgr.; Treos. 2nd Year Class; Student Advisory Council; Delta Theta Phi; G.O.P. Third Row: PATTERSON, BEN L., Woycross: LL.B,; Sigma Nu; Demosthenion V-Pres.; Pres 3rd Year Class. PLEGER, GARY L., Athens: LL.B.; Theta Chi; Delta Theta Phi; I.F.C., Sec. SAWILOWSKY, JAY M., Augusta: LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta, Treas.; Honor Court, Justice; V-Pres. 3rd Year Class; Demosthenion. SEILER, FANK W., Savannah: LL.B.; Sigma Chi, Pres.; Gridiron, Pres.; Sphinx, Pres.; ODK; Greek Horsemen; Varsity Swimming; I.F.C., Pres.; Student Council; Phi Delta Phi; G Club; Geechee Club. SIEGEL, ALVIN N., Atlanta: LL.B.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pres.; Sec- Treos. 3rd Year Class. SNELL, W. EDWARD, Atlanta: LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi, Dean; Demosthenion; V-Pres.. 2nd Year Class; Honor Court; Advisory Council. WALLER, F. EARL, Bloomlngdale: LL.B.; Sigma Chi; Phi Delta Phi; Gridiron; Demosthenion; Geechee Club, Pres.; Chief Justice Judicial Council; I.F.C.; Honor Court. Fourth Row: WARE, VIRGINIA M., Hogansville: LL.B.; Delta Phi Alpha; Ga. Bar Journal, Editor; Glee Club; Glee Club Soloist; A Cappella Choir; Sec. 1st Year Class; Phi Delta Delta, Pres.; Student Union Board; Debate Team; W.S.G.A. ZION, MARVIN H., Atlanta: LL.B.; Alpha Epsilon P Comma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; ODK Rifles; D.M.S.; Phi Delto Phi; Pres. I.F.C., Treas. Pres.; Beta Scabbard and Blade; Pershing 2nd Year Class; Hillel, Pres.; LAW SENIORS 343 Anderson, Henry M. rimmonsviUc. S. C Blackburn. Edwin H Brmmnck Boring. Matthew H. Myi-rsvilU: Md. Bnstic. James B. Cafillcwoodf Va. Brown. James C. Rriihrilli: N. C. Brown. Joiin Cannon, E. Lamar Blakebj Cassidy. Charles L. S, (irks. Mel. Clark. William II. limiiiiiM Oil Athr Hnlierl .V. C. Kdwards. Jul Rich Si tiin Edwards, Robert M Ellorcc. S. C. Eidson. James A. Johnston, S. C. Eleazer. Thomas H. C e»t on, S. C. Ewing, Sidney A. CoDingfon FlanaEan. James G. Goodman. Davii 0; lilM. ,S. C. Gowan. Thomas iMdMdi M Veterinary Medicine UNDERCLASSMEN " Come up and see me sometime " Right there in front of Dean Tote and everybody 344 n p n n o •P P- Q ' Q ' ' p f , p, . C r . o ,! A r p D f? Q © li,,,l,, ill, . l(l. :ll l, (., i;iia Cnrri lllim :«MiM, Dun ; , ,1, . r „ . .V. C. I,,,.ii,.r. rliurles ■,s,;,.,N . V ' «, l.insuk. Hol)ert WrwhI-villc licuch, .V. C. lodUi-s, EcUlk- S((i(is7«)rii l.M.i;li, Unliard MarulUl K.ili-t. Bert H ' in.v«)»-,S,; c;n. .V. C. KliiiE, James A cnio Knpppr, James Cximmina Kwapien, KobcTt Athens Lavender. Adam Athens Lee. William DeU i((. Vu. LeMay. John Henderson, N. C. Livingston. Marvin North, S. C. Loizeux, Peter Parkston. Md. Mackey-Smith, Matthe White Post, Va. Maxfield, Burton Hodges, S. C. McLendon. Rembert Daivson McPherson. William Athens Meyer, John Blaekslone, Va. Mever, William iilnvkstone, Va. MiikIi. «, John Morgan, Donal Star. .V. C. Morlev, Scott Laurel. Md. o. Dorothy Currituck, .V. C. Perrvman. Billy Lrtcisi-me, N. C. Porter. NeU Wi!(i.«(on, S. C. Powell, Hugh Redmoo, Billve Chiimhhe Sallrv, F.verette .hiirii. S. C. Se.irle, l.imes Minlli Heaeh, S. C. Scott, Hugh Waynesboro Sharj), HoiTier Covinaton Sherwood. Bohbv V,l,n. . C. Sieiarob, Kraok Snouhill. Md. Smith, D.inakl . f,iri,f(„ Snow. C.deb Ml. Aim. S. C. Stafford, WUlit S ' cr . Va. Stringer. Andrew Belton. S. C. Si.cci. Jeremy Sarasota. Fta. Tallev. Thomas Collcur Park T.ite. H.d M.ulo Thomas. Ezekiel Sarasota. Fla. Thornton, Garrett Decatur Walton, Robert Augusta Waters, Loy Statesboro Westbur ' . Brunson St. George, S. C. Whiting. Robert Concord Wbittaker. Jack Grail Court, S. C. Young. William Bainhridge Allen Andrews Atwell Briscoe Chesson Cline Corley Davis Durden Everhart Exiey Foster, D. Foster, T. Greer Harrington Harris Hutfard James Komenetz Lewis Lindsey Love Martin Maxwell McMullan McMurroy Mouser Orr Stinson Widdowson w ; ALLEN, WILLIAM D., Lithonio: D V M ; AVMA; Omega Tau Sigmo- ANDREWS, DONALD C, Decatur: D V M ATWELL, JOHN K., China Grove, N. C: D V M ; Alpha Psi; AVMA. BRISCOE, HOMER D., Monroe: D.VM,; Omega Tau Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Southeastern Veterinarian. CHESSON, MICHAEL C, Waverly, Vo.: D V M.; AVMA; Southeastern Veterinarian, Assc. Ed. 4; Pres. Fresh. Class; Honor Court 4; Alpha Psi, Pres. 3. CLINE, V. OTHO, Shelby, N. C: D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; AVMA, V-Pres. 3; Junior Class Pres. CONNELL, HOMER E., Cordele: D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; AVMA. Second Row: CORLEY, EVERETT A., Newberry, S. C: D V M.; Omega Tau Sigma, Pres.; Defense Council; VIFC, Co-Ch. DAVIS, RICHARD B., Mortinsville: Va.: D V.M ; AVMA DURDEN. JOHN H., Leslie: D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma. EVERHART, EDWIN L., Purcellville, Vo.: D.VM ; Alpha Psi; Phi Sigma; AVMA. EXLEY, SLADE H., Smyrna: D.V.M.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Psi; Sr. Class Pres. FOSTER, DENNIS G., Baltimore, Md.: D V.M ; Omega Tau Sigma. FOSTER, TOM F., Blanch, N. C: D.VM.; Alpha Psi; AVMA. GREER, WILLIAM E., Atlanta: D.V.M.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Psi; AVMA; Southeastern Veterinarian. HARRINGTON, BEN D., Fuquay Springs, N. C: D V M ; Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; Phi Sigma; Blue Key; Southeastern Veterinarian, Editor. HARRIS, BERLIN, Jasper: D.V.M.; AVMA. HUGGARD, WILLIAM L., Sparks, Md.: D.V.M.; Phi Kappa Tau; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; Sec.-Treas. Sr. Class, JAMES, TED L., Statesville, N. C: D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; AVMA. KAMENETZ, LEONARD, Baltimore, Md.: D.V.M.; Omego Tau Sigma; AVMA. LEWIS, WILLIAM M., Red Springs, N. C: D V M LINDSEY, JAMES R., Tifton: D.V.M.; Aghon; Alpha Zeta; Phi Sigma; Alpha Psi; AVMA. LOVE, FRANK K., Kensington: D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; AVMA. MARTIN, WILLIAM H., Columbus: D.VM.; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Psi. MAXWELL, ELLEN J., Wotkinsville: D V M ; AVMA. McMULLAN, WILLIAM C, Rome: D V.M ; Alpha Psi; Tennis Team, Capt McMURRAY, BIRCH L., Rutherfordton, N. C: D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Phi Sigma; AVMA. MOUSER, ROBERT S., Brookmont, Md.: D V.M ; Sigma Pi; Omega Tau Sigma; Varsity Rifle Team; AVMA. MUSSELMAN, EUGENE E., Tappahannock, Vo.: D V M.; Alpha Psi; Phi Sigma; AVMA. NOFFSINGER, GLENN R., Alexandria, Va.: D.V M.; Alpha Psi; Blue Key; Aghon; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Southeastern Veterinarian; Honor Court, Judge; AVMA, Pres. ORR, DANIEL E., Gainesville: D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma. POE, LESLIE R., Rhine: D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Phi Sigma; AVMA. RAMSEY, PAUL E., Gaffney, S. C: D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; AVMA; Scholarship Committee. ROGERS, ROLAND T., Barney: D.VM. SANDERS, GEORGE D., Avondale Estates: D.VM ; Alpha Psi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Swimming. Sixth Row: SETTLE, WILLIAM K., Alberto, Vo.: DVM ; Alpho Psi; AVMA. SHULER, JACOB 0., Holly Hi!!, S. C: DVM; AVMA, Sec; Omega Tau Sigma, Trees.; Honor Board. STINSON, WALTER T., Boonville, N. C: DVM STONE, HENRY D., Sporrows Point, Md.: D.VM ; Alpha Psi; Rifle Team 4; AVMA. SWAHN, FREDERICK H., Whiteford, Md.: DVM; Alpha Psi. VILDIBILL, HARRY D., Columbia, S. C: DVM; Omega Tau Sigma; Westminster Fellowship. VAUGHAN, WILLIAM D., Cartersville: D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; Alpha Zeta; X Club; AVMA; Southeastern Veteri- Seventh Row: WEISS, JAMES D., Stamford, Conn.: D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; AVMA; Honor Court. WHITLOW, FORD, Carnesville: DVM. WIDDOWSON, WALTER L., Westover, Md.: DVM.; Alpha Psi; AVMA. WILKINSON, JAMES C: Chilhowie, Vo.: D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; AVMA; Southeastern Veterinarion. Poe Stone Wilkinson 347 First Row; ABNEY, GEORGE M., M.A Athens ANDERSON, WALTER D., M.A Tucker ANGLIN, ERNIE L., M.A Atlanta AREF, MAMDOUH H., M.A Egypt ASHWORTH, RAYMOND, M.S Atlonto AUTRY, ANDREW L., M.S Andersonville BROOK, ALLEN, M.A Gainesville Second Row: CHOU, FRANK R., M.A Free China CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM 0., M.Ed Douglas CLARK, BOBBY T., M.B.A Gainesville CLEVELAND, GERALD P., M.B.A Hartwell CRAVEN, DENNIS H., M.S Cornelia FOLDS, JONELL H., M.H.E Comer GRIESSMAN, B. EUGENE, M.A Smyrna Third Row: JOHNSON, BROOKE R., M.Ed Athens JOHNSON, JOSEPH M., Ph.D. in Ed Macon LEON, GEORGE B., M.A Atlanta LOWREY, ROBERT S., M.S Armuchee MANER, JEROME H., M.S Macon McCARLEY, MARY ANN, M.A Hickory, N.C. McKEMIE, CHARLOTTE P., M.A Atlanta Fourth Row: MISHRA, VISHWA M., M.A India MOBLEY, A. BETH, M.A Atlanta MORLEY, EDWARD D., M.A. In Music Ed Rome MOCK, WILLIAM L., M.Ed Colquitt MORGAN, MARY F., M.A Brantley, Ala. NEAL, RUSSELL 0., M.S Elberton NETTLETON, MARY B., M.L.A Covington, Va. Fifth Row: OLIVER, MIMS R., M.B.A Waynesboro OLMEDO, SANCHEZ P., M.B.A Paraguay OWENS, HARRY L., M.S.A Brunswick PATTERSON, ETHAN A., M.B.A Metter RAGAN, HAROLD J., M.Ed Whigham RHODES, WILLIAM H., M.S Union Point SALLEY, GEORGE P., M.L.A Salley, S. C. Sixth Row: SAMPLES, DARWIN H., M.B.A Villa Rico SHOTTS, EMMETT B., M.S Athens SMITH, RALPH L., M.S College Park SWINSON, THOMAS B., M.S Hazlehurst THOMPSON, EDWIN C, M.S Menio TURNER, JOYCE L., M.H.E Athens UEDA, MUNEYOSHI, M.A Japan Seventh Row: WAGENER, JANE M., M.A Lowrencevillo WALLACE, FRANKLIN D., M.A Columbus WALTER, JOSEPH L., M.S Savannah WENTZ, BLANCE A., M.A Athens WHELPLEY, JAIME, M.S Colombia WILLIAMS, THOMAS R., MA Albany " What did you say his name was? " Wreck Tech, Wreck Tech, Physical Wreck 348 mmbiik Abncy Anderson Anglin Arc( Ashworth Autry Brock Chou Christopher Clark Cleveland Craven Folds Griessmon Johnson, 6. Johnson, J. Leon Lowrey Maner McCarley McKemie Mishra Mobley, A. Mobley, E. Mock Morgan Neal Nettleton Oliver Olmedo Owens Patterson Ragan Rhodes Salley Samples Shotts Smith Swinson Thompson Turner Ueda Wegener Wallace Waters Wentz Whelpley Williams 349 tollwerck, Liidolf Germany rahl ren. Nils Sn, hn h-rry .upi A. Wallace orwood I ' ooton, Marcia Woodstorn, N. J SPECIAL STUDENTS " Good grief 350 IN MEMORIUM JAMES L. BAILEY Student JAMES JACOB HAILSTONE Student JAMES P. CARROLL, JR. Student DR. THOMAS HUBBARD McHATTON Professor [rrteritus J. WILLIAM FIROR Professor Emeritus JOH N RAYMOND SMITH, JR. Student DEAN DONALD JAMES WEDDELL Professor and Dean of Forestry 351 DELTA OIL, Inc. PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE, MOTOR OILS GREASE 66 Service Center No. 1 1226 Prince Ave. LI. 3 9427 66 Service Center No. 3 1321 Oconee St. at Winterville Rd. LI. 3-9369 66 Service Center No. 2 295 W. Clayton LI. 3-9306 66 Service Center No. 4 331 W.Thomas LI. 3-9205 ASK ABOUT OUR STUDENT CREDIT CARD! PICKETT ' S " GIFTS YOU ' LL GIVE WITH PRIDE. " HARRY ' S DRIVE-IN Steaks Chicken Seafood Sandwiches Short Orders Curb Service Conveniently located at 5 POINTS DICK FERGUSON ' S ATHENS, GEORGIA " Style Center of the Compus " , (lniliilsti-atlve SlafV , , , Alt Club . u Kngineerllig Club , .Vb mil Council Aghoii . Agriculture. College of .Vgroiioniy Club Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi .Vlpha L elta Sigma Al| ha Kpslloii Delia Alliha Kpsilon 1 1 Alpha Camilla liclla Alpha Kappa J ' s. Alpha Lambda Delta .Vlpha Omicrun IM Alpha Phi Omega - Alpha Psi . , - Alpha Tau Omega , lpha Zeta Anierican Pharmaceutlca! Assocl A. V. M. A Angels Flight Baptist btudent Union Baseball Baslietball Bea.uties Blue Key Business Administration. School Canterbury Club ... Cheerleaders Cai Omega Chi Phi Chi Psi Classes Cosmopolitan Club D Dairy Science Club Debate Team Dedication Delta Delta Delta 224. Delta Phi Epsilon 226, Delta Sigma Pi Delta Tau Delta 182. Demostheniaii Disciple Student Fellowship Dixie Kedcoat Band Football Forestry, School of 4-H Club Freshmen ... Future Teachers of America Gaffau Gamma Alpha Chi Gamma Sigma Epsilon Gamma Sigma Sigma Golf Graduate School Graduate Students Greek Horsemen Greeks Gridiron Independent Men Interfraternity Counc Intramurals, Men Intramurals, Women Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gannna Kappa Phi Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda, Kappa Sigma Landscape Architecture Chib HENRIETTA ' S Salon of Beauty 20 Years ' Experience Creotors of hair designs to blend with your personality LI. 3-5520 Compliments F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Luw Undereliissnu ' n Law School Law Seniors Men ' s Glee Club Military Mortar Board Music Teacllcrs of A Newman (. " luh Onieila Tan Sli;ma Omk-ron Delta Kappi Ori anizations I ' anilora I ' .inlielli-nh I ' K.M Club I ' ep ' lub ] ' irsblii« Kifles rii:uiii;i(V. Seliool of fill Alphii Delta Thi Alplia Theta I ' bi lUta Kappa I ' bi (111 Tlieta I ' lii Delta IMll riii Tbeta riii Epsib.n IM Council Dili K I ' bi , K.ippa Alplu KaPl.a rili Mu Kpsilon Red and Black Ueed Hall Council Ulio ( ' ill Saddle and Sirloin Scabbard and Blade Seniors Sigma Alpba Kpsilon Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Chi Sigma Delta Clii Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Nu Sigma Pi 113 1 Sigma Xi 126 Sophomores U96 Special Students :(r.o Sphinx 1-2S Sports as Student Council 48 Student Union n ; Swimming T i.-.l Tau Epsilon Phi . SOS Tennis . ir,5 Thalian-Blackfriars 107 1 Tlieta Chi I ' lO. 250 1 Tbeta Sigma Plii 100 i Track . . 157 ; Triiiuetra 1 U r.4 1 University Chorus TO University Civic Sv miihony Or chest ra 71 U.G.R.A. 6 University Horticult ure Club »5 1 URSA. tin 1 University Theatre V 60 1 Veterans ' Club 1 Veterinary Medicine School of « ' - ; A ' eterinary Underclassmen ?.44 ! Veterinary Seniors W S46 1 Wesley Foundation Si ; Westminster Fellow hill S2 1 Wlio ' s Who 130 , W.A.A. 03 ' Women ' s (;iee Club (IS ,1 W S.i;.A. { X-Y-Z 49 1, X Club 125 Z Club 120 j Zeta Phi Kta ins Zeta Tau Al|)ha 240, 2.-.r ; 121 J. SWANTON IVY, INC. ij DODGE - - PLYMOUTH 154 W. H ancoc I Avenue LI 6-7321 CAMPUS HIDEWAY PIZZARIA 1739 South Lumpkin — PIZZA — Smoll Large Enjoy this delicious foocJ in a seclu(Jed and intimate atmosphere or phone in your order for pick up ond delivery UPPY ' S Drive In Restaurant Courteous and Efficient Service Assured STUDENT SPECIAL Steaks Sea Foods Bosket Service Telephone Service Chicken Sandwiches Curb Service LI. 3-9285 QU ICK-SERV — Drive In Grocery — 2110 W. Broad Open from 10 to 10 PRODUCE MEATS GROCERIES SNACK SHACK 513 W. Broad LI. 3-5391 OPEN AFTER DANCES AIR CONDITIONED ' Our Steaks Are Delicious ' NORMAL RADIO-TV SERVICE 1352 Prince Avenue LI. 3-2591 Repair All Makes of Radios, TV ' s, Washing Mochines BANKING For College and University Students and Faculty The Citizens Southern National Bank Athens, Georgia CI1 JOHN JARRELL ' S DAVIS ' University Shop —ATHENS— FINE FOODS 2 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Atlanta 171 College Ave. LI. 3-4024 Milledge Ave. Macon Hi-way New York LI. 3-5923 San Juan, Puerto Rico Heodc Everything that is used in your school can be bought at McGregor ' s Student Supply Store 321 E. Clayton Street " Make It A Habit To Visit Us " RELIABLE PRESCRIPTIONS CITIZENS PHARMACY Clayton and Jackson Sts. ATHENS, GEORGIA LI. 6-6556 " Try Citizens First " POSS ' BARBECUE Atlanta Hi-Way ATHENS, GA. Headquart ' ers . . . For school books and all kinds of supplies for the students ' requirements. SODA FOUNT, DRINKS, and SMOKERS ' SUPPLIES SOUVENIR GIFTS— Mailed anywhere in the United States THE UNIVERSITY STORES STUDENT SUPPLY STORE Myers Hall Memorial Hall Denmark Hall Patronize Our Advertisers ALLAN ' S HAMBURGER 1294 Prince Avenue LI. 3-9341 CHARCOAL HAMBURGERS and STEAK SANDWICHES SEAGRAVES DRIVE-IN Mitchell Bridge Road We Specialize in Student Special Steak OPEN 3 P.M. Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. vv e i l )} C TRINITY PLACE DEC T U R , GEORGIA

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