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DORIS C. VEAZEY Editor-in-Chief ♦ WILLIAM C. HADDON Business Manager RUTH E. GRANDY Associate Editor NORMAN W. BLACKWELL Art Editor WILLIAM W. HIBBERT Sports Editor M, THE 1956 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA Athens, Georgia VOLUME 69 . - 3rf . W v- .f.;Mi The heritage of the University is a great and proud one. The people who have lived, learned, and taught within her walls; the trials through which she has passed; and the triumphs to which she has risen have each added in some way to her culture. Each year has joined the preceding ones and contributed its part to the University ' s fund of wisdom. Thus, they have molded and tempered her into the Georgia of today. Here are the events and the people which have shaped this year. Here for the record is GEORGIA, 1956 DEDICATION D R . JONATHAN CLARK President Emeritus University of Georgia ROGERS CONTENTS UNIVERSITY CLASSES 42 ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES 112 SPORTS 196 GREEKS 224 YEAR ' S EVENTS 308 INDEX 327 » ■ ■■•■ ' ■■.fl ? -7V4 :;••?: y Nl VERSITY The University of Georgia is as old in tradition as it is young in spirit. The oldest state chartered university, it received its charter in 1785, only two years after the British recognized American independence. The original document, primarily the work of Abraham Baldwin, is preserved in the library ' s rare book collection. Baldwin became the first President, and during the next sixteen years while the state was recovering from the ravages of war he directed the accumulation of funds and the selection of a site for the young University. After much political wrangling the site was finally decided. It was, of course, what is now Athens, but at that time was a high, wooded hill overlooking the Oconee River and only a few miles from deepest Indian country. In 1801, Franklin College opened its doors to about thirty young men who were enrolled as its first students. Baldwin, feeling his job hod been done, then resigned the Presidency; and Joseph Meigs, a Yale graduate, succeeded him. The next ten years were spent in establishing Franklin College as on institute of higher learning, and, naturally enough, the curri- culum was patterned after that of Yale. Meigs resigned in 181 1 because of his radical political views. During the War of 1812 and the years following the people lost interest in education, and the state was financially unable to support it. The turning point came in 1819 when the school ' s attendance reached an all-time low of seven. Moses Waddel who hod been successful in the management of on academy in South Carolina was appointed to the Presidency of the University. He served for ten years, and by the end of this time the institution was firmly on the road to success. The University continued to grow steadily in size and importance, add ing new schools and courses to keep the curriculum up to date. Each year more students enrolled, more housing and instruction facilities are required for them. Through the Campus Development Plan, concrete plans have been laid down for the long-range expansion of the University. Georgia, in spite of all the changes, has retained its traditional air of friendliness and democracy. Regardless of family wealth, or political power, the student who earnestly works to attain success finds the way mode smoother by the consideration and assistance of both faculty and students. Southern culture, American democracy, and dedication to higher learning have combined to build little Franklin College into the University of today and to keep it old and conservative, yet young and progressive. DR. O. C. ADERHOLD President of the University of Georgia ADMINISTRATION PROGRESSIVE POLICIES From the realm s of the Board of Regents the governing policies of the University are originated. The Chancellor, President, administrative heads, and deans of the eleven schools and colleges help in the formulation of these policies and are responsible for the progress made through them. The departments such as the Admissions, Library, and Plant Operations as well as the others have contributed to this progress. As more students enroll, the University becomes necessarily more selective. Standards have been raised, and since 195 3, a prospective freshman must have at least a C average in every course taken in high school. In the event the student does not meet the academic requirements, he may take a battery of tests given by the Guidance Center to determine his aptitude and the possibility of his acceptance. These tests may be taken from January through the summer at testing centers which have been placed at strategic points around the state this year for the convenience of the student and his parents. Although off- campus, they are under the supervision of the University Guid- ance Center. This plan of helping the prospective student has been very effective, and the Admissions Department has a big job ahead of it in aiding the anticipated 1400 freshmen this Fall. One of the major developments in the Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial Library is the increase in its use by the students. To augment the vast number of books available to library-goers, the Library adds many books each year; 1954-55 ' s total was 14,105 volumes. In an effort to help the students better under- stand the organization and functions of the Library, a com- bined lecture-tour has been given to freshmen English classes. A library always has projects underway in attempts to increase holdings and to improve services. One of the Library ' s current projects, and a big one, is the microfilming of newspapers. Although the Library buys the films of the Atlanta Constitution and several other dailies, it is microfilming on its own one daily newspaper, The Athens Banner Herald, and thirty-seven Georgia weeklies. A part of the extensive building plan for the University is underway with the construction of the Center for Continuing Education. The University has also laid concrete plans for a new men ' s dormitory for graduate and law students, an animal science building, a chemistry building, and the Fine Arts Exten- sion, all of which should be under construction by June, 1956. In building the Continuing Education Center, the most adequate adult education facility in America is being created. This facility will be used to see what difference education can make in the quality of living on an adult level. The building which will open Fall Quarter, 1956, will have accommodations for 300 overnight guests, dining facilities for 500, auditorium seating for 400, 27 conference rooms, 750 parking spaces, and will be entirely air-conditioned. The program will involve the use of television, motion pictures, radio, printed materials, and home study, backed up by personal conferences and aids to community growth and development. Continuing Education will truly be " A story of helping — people help themselves. " The Board of Regents is currently compiling the rules and regulations which make possible this tremendous progress through policies. And the booklet will be completed in about six or eight months for those who wish to see in print " How the Uni- versity Makes its Progress. " WORK PROCEEDS according to schedule on the Continuing Education Center. DR. JONATHAN C. ROGERS The President Emeritus of the University of Georgia DR. HARMON W. CALDWELL The Chancellor of the University of Georgia W. RICHARD ALEXANDER Assistant Director, Continuing Education GERALD L. APPY Acting Producer, Continuing Education DOLORES E. ARTAU Administrative Counselor ROBERT H. AYERS University Chaplain LOUIS CHRISTO Assistant Director, Student Activities WILLIAM H. COLLINS Associate Director, Continuing Education JOHN L. COX Director, Student Activities WILLIAM M. CRANE Alumni Secretary iVELYN M. FRITZ JAMES T, FRYE LOUIS T. GRIFFITH ALBERT B. JONES Associate Director, Business Manager Director, Public Relations Assistant to Dean Libraries Continuing Education of Faculties 10 ALVIN B. BISCOE Dean of Faculties JOHN D. BOLTON Comptroller and Treasurer BIRDIE BONDURANT Counselor to Freshman Women R. L. BRITTAIN Counselor to Freshman Men WALTER N. BANNER Director of Admissions and Registrar CLAUDE DAVIDSON Director, Netvs Bureau WILLIAM P. KELLAM Director, Libraries BENJAMIN C. KINNEY Department Head, Plant Operations Gilbert Memorial Infirmary Officers of Administration Thomas W. Reed Hall ERNEST A. LOWE Associate Director, Continuing Education THOMAS W. MAHLER Associate Director, Continuing Education ROBERT E. MARSDEN Photographer, Continuing Education Jennie Bell Myers Hall Memorial Hall JOHN H. ROBBINS University Physician WILLIAM TATE Dean of Men L. ANNE SEAWELL Director, Placement and Student Aid HARRY H. THOMPSON Assistant Treasurer HUGH B. MASTERS Director, Continuing Education GARLAND E. OLIVER Supervisor of Audio-Visual Services, Continuing Education R. TRAVIS OSBORNE Director, University Guidance Center ELIZABETH POWELL Supervisor of Home Study, Continuing Education EDITH L. STALLINGS Dean of Women RALPH H. STEPHENS Director, University Press AGNES F. STOREY Assistant Registrar JOHN D. STOREY Director, Men ' s Housing - ' l MIRIAM THURMAN Assistant Chaplain EUGENE F. TRAGESSER Assistant Registrar J. COMER WHITEHEAD JOSEPH A. WILLIAMS Director, Bureau of Statistics Acting Dean of Students; Coordinator of Armed Serv- ices; Assistant to the President GEORGE H. bOYD The dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Boyd, was appointed in 1926. A native Georgian, he holds A.B. and M.S. degrees from Emory and a Sc.D. from Johns Hopkins. He previously headed the Biology Department at Georgia Tech and lists malaria parasites and their physiology as his special interests. JOHN A. DOTSON Dean Dotson of the College of Education left his post as Director of Teachers of Education at Emory University and Agnes Scott College to come to Georgia as dean in 1950. He holds an A.B. from Georgetown College, a M.A. from the University of Kentucky, and a Ph.D. from George Peabody College and calls Kentucky home. JOHN E. DREWRY A native Georgian, Dean Drewry began in the School of Journalism as an instructor in 1922, advanced to a full professorship in 1930, became director in 1932, and has been dean since 1940. He holds an A.B.J, from Georgia and a M.A. from Columbia. Magazines, ethics, biogra- phi s and bi liocranhies are his special interests. JAMES E. GATES Another native Kentuckian is Dean Gates, heading the College of Business Administration. He came to Georgia in 1948 from the Container Corporation of America via the Uni- versity of Virginia. Pulp and paper economics and idea development are his special interests, and he holds a B.S. from the University of Kentucky and a Ph.D. from the Uni- versity of Virginia. DEANS J. ALTON HOSCH Dean Hosch joined the faculty of the Law School in 1928. In 1933, he resigned to practice law but returned in 193 5 as dean and professor of law. He acted as a legal advisor while a World War II army colonel. He is a native Georgian and holds a B.S.C. and a M.A. from Georgia and a LL.B. from Harvard. The laws of contracts and the conflict of laws and legal ethics are his special interests. THOMAS J. JONES The School of Veterinary Medicine is headed by Dean Jones who was previously with the Government Service. His degrees include a B.S.A. from the University of Florida, D.V.M. and M.S. from the University of Georgia, and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. He calls Wales, United Kingdom his homeland and finds nutritional diseases of special interest in his field. g LA g i 1 B IB 1 ' r L IS iji ' f ii y j r ■■ jft. ' gft. -11 fl l iir tai ► p ' S. WALTER MARTIN The dean of the College of Arts and Sciences since 1949 is Dr. Martin who came to the University in 193 5 as a history teacher. He received his A.B. from Furman, his M.A. from the University of Georgia, and his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina. A native Georgian, he is especially interested in southern American history. CALVIN C. MURRAY Dean Murray came to Georgia in 1936 as an assistant pro- fessor of agronomy and later became dean of the College of Agriculture. He holds a B.S. from North Carolina State, a M.S. from Georgia, and a Ph.D. from Cornell. He calls North Carolina home and lists basic and applied sciences related to agriculture as his primary Interests. Xs Iv. X -1 ■ ' . MARY SPEIRS In 1934, Dean Speirs began work at the Georgia Experiment Station; in 1949, she became a professor; and in 1954, she was appointed dean of the School of Home Economics. Her degrees include a B.A. from Wellesley and a M.A. and a Ph.D. from Columbia. She is originally from Connecticut, and research in the field of foods and nutrition is of prime interest to her. KENNETH L. WATERS Dean Waters, a native of Virginia, was appointed to the deanship of the School of Pharmacy in 1948 resigning as Technical Director of Zemmer Pharmaceutical Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He holds an A.B. degree from Lynchburg College, a M.S. from the Uni- versity of Georgia, and a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. DONALD J. WEDDELL Dean of the School of Forestry is Donald Weddell who left his position as Director of the Georgia State Commission of Forestry to come to Georgia in 1939. He is a native of Michigan and graduated from Michigan State College. He finds training in silviculture of special interest. O Cs F A C I L T V TOMMY HUFF, SHERIFF OF CLARKE COUNTY leads 1955 Commencement procession. AARON, THOMAS D Ag. Econ. ADAMS, WILLIAM E Agronomy ALCIATORE, JULES C For. Lang. ALEXANDER, JAMES W Classics ALTVATER, ARNOLD H Music AMOS, EULALA Art ANDERSON, JOHN H Music APPLEBY, JANE English ARMSTRONG, ELIZABETH H. Home Ec. ASKEW, J. THOMAS Pol. Sci. BALLEW, LEIGHTON M. . . Spc. Drama BANWART, GEORGE J. . . . Food Tech. BARNES, JAMES A Geog.-Geol. BARR, THOMAS A Physics BARROW, DAVID F Math. BEACH, EARL E Majic BEALL, ALICE Education BEATY, ELVIS R Agronomy BECK, EDWIN G Botany BISHOP, GEORGE N Forestry BISW ANGER, R. A. JR English BOATWRIGHT, JAMES .... English BOSWELL, GRACE H English BOWDEN, ROY A Horticulture BOYD, FANNIE L Education BRAHANA, THOMAS R Math. BRANDON, FRANCES H History BROADHURST, KATHLEEN . . Library BROCKMAN, CHARLES J. . . Chemistry BROOKS, ROBERT C Bus. Admn. BROWN, ACTON R Agronomy BROWN, CALVIN S English BROWN, RALPH W Ag. Engr. BROWN, WILLIAM R Ag. Ed. BROWNE, SIBYL Art BRYAN, W. CRAIG . . . Forestry, USDA BUESS, CHARLES M Chemistry BURKHART, WALTER C. . V et. Hygiene BURNHAM, REBA M Education BUTLER, M. TYUS Journalism CALLAWAY, MATILDA . . . Home Ec. CAMP, PAUL A Spc. Drama CAMPBELL, WILLIAM A. . . . Forestry, USDA CARLTON, WILLIAM M Botany CARMICHAEL, JOSEPH P. . . . Ag. Ext. CHAMPION, JOHN E Bus. Adm. CHANCE, CLAUDE For. Lang. CHARLES, ALDO A Bus. Admn. COBB, ARTHUR L Bus. Admn. COBB, CARLISLE, JR Ag. Engr. 9 COGGIN, HOWARD H. . . . Chemistry COHEN, ALONZO C Math. COLEMAN, KENNETH History COOPER, BERNICE L Education COOPER, CHARLES D Physics COULTER, E. MERTON .... History CRIMMINS, LAURENCE T. . . Vet. Med. CROSS, ALEENE E Home Ec. Ed. CURTIS, LAWRENCE C. . . Horticulture DALTON, HOWARD L Dairy DANCZ, ROGER L Music DARGAN, WILLIAM H. . . . Chemistry DEKLE, OCIE T Education DICKERSON, JAMES L Education DIEBALL, VINCENT J Art DINCE, ROBERT R Bus. Adm. DIXON, ELLIS H Physics DOBBS, W. FRANK Pharmacy DODD, LAMAR Art DONKER, JOHN D Dairy DRISKELL, LEON V English DUMAS, MARIE F English DUNCAN, AMON O Education DUNCAN, WILBER H Botany EAGON, ROBERT G Bacteriology EDWARDS, DOROTHEA A. . . Home Ec. EVERETT, EDWIN M English FIELD, DAVID M Law FEURT, SELDON D Pharmacy FLANAGAN, WILLIAM P. . . Food Tech. FLEMING, ATTIE A Plant Path. FORCE, DEWEY G. . . . Excp. Children FORT, MARION K., JR Math FOSTER, JOHN W Vet. Hygiene FRAZIER, THOMAS L Ag. Econ. FULLER, HENRY Poultry GABY, LOUIS I Forestry, USDA GARRISON, KARL C Education GIDDENS, JOEL E Agronomy GIFFORD, GEORGE T Chemistry GILBERT, THOMAS F. . . . Psychology GOTESKY, RUBIN Philosophy GRANT, BISHOP F Forestry GREEN, ROY W Ag. Econ. GREENE, JAMES T Forestry HAMILTON, CLARA E Zoology HARRELL, KARL P English HART, CARROLL Library HARTMAN, CHARLES W. . . Pharmacy HECKMAN, HAROLD M. Bus. Adm., Law HENDERSON, HERBERT B. . . . Dairy HENKEL, JOHN H Physics HENRY, R. GILBERT Physics HILL, POPE R Math. HITCHCOCK, CAROLE E. . . Spc. Drama HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM L. . . Education HU, SZE-TSEN Math. HUFF, GERALD B Math. FACULTY MEMBERS add their support to the banquet climaxing the World University Service Drive, FACULTY HUGHES, M. CLYDE Pol. Set. . -•fS y L - 9 Bfc » ' ■ HUSTON, TILL M Poultry , -4W V L. HUTCHERSON, HENRY G. . . . English .J y t-v JACKSON, LYLE W Forestry l P JAMES, WILLIAM T Psychology ' » i W ■ » J|H JENKINS, JAMES H Forestry ,4»% JWP TIBpL vI ' ' ' ' ' V ' T H JENKINS, RUTH P. . . . Soc. (S Anthro. W 4W T V 2 W ' fl JOHNSTONE, FRANCIS E. . Hor«fM «re - ' - mW ' M J V JONES, WILBER History JORDAN, C. R Entomology I - — W 1 JOST, HUDSON Psychology 4 m% % 1 H J ' ' • 1 T W. KALER, FRANK Education ' 9f Bm V I CL- KEENER, RUFUS L Horticulture l f ? L -y If B U-. KELLEY, ARTHUR R. . . Soc. (S Anthro L -,, KEMLER, ARDEN G Vet. Anat. E 1 KIRKLAND, CHARLES D Math. r, f ? ' KLECKNER, ALBERT L. . . Vet. Hygiene k KNAPP, HELEN R Home Ec. KOCKER, MYRON L for. Lang. jf " H ' y W KORNFELD, WALTER . . . Vet. Physio. W KRAPS, ROWLAND F. . . . Journalism ■ ■ • KRATINA, RUDOLPH J Music - H - ' • ■ «C: T. 1 , %v r t LA BOON, MARTHA L Home Ec. . m. ' ' LA ROCCA, JOSEPH P Pharmacy ' . Mt ' ' LASSITER, JAMES W An. Hush. LAURENT, CHARLES K Poultry LAWSON, HARBIN B. . . Health P.E. LEWIS, CLIFFORD G. . . . P.E.-Women LONGSHORE, ROBERT H. . . . English LUND, HORACE Entomology LUPER, HAROLD L Speech. Cor. MARSHALL, GEORGE O English MARTOF, BERNARD Zoology MAXWELL, MARJORY .... Home Ec. McARTHUR, WILMOTH C. . . Ag. Econ. McCUTCHEN, EARL S Art McDOUGAL, BARBARA J. . . Home Ec. McNAIR, LEWIS L Math. McPHAUL, MARGARET E. . . Home Ec. McPHERSON, ROBERT G. . . . History MEAD, HOWARD N Vet. Anat. MILLER, WILLIAM J Dairy MILLIKAN, F. FORD Pharmacy MILLS, HUGH M., JR Education MIRONE, LEONARA Home Ec. MIZE, JESSIE J Home Ec. MONTGOMERY, HORACE . . . History MOORE, FLORIDE .... Home Ec. Ed. MOORE, H. FRAZIER .... Journalism MORRIS, HAROLD D Agronomy F A C I L T Y ROBERT E. PARK HALL .1 MORTON, JOHN D Vet. Med. MULLING, FRANK .... Bus. Admn. NOLAN, CLIFFORD N. . . . Agronomy NORRIS, CLIO C Bur. Bus. Rscb. NUTTYCOMBE, JOHN W. . . . Zoology ODUM, EUGENE P Zoology O ' KELLEY, GEORGE L Ag. Ed. ORTH, ANDREW P Bus. Admn. OSBORNE, R. TRAVIS .... Psychology OTTO, HERBERT A Education OWENS, HUBERT B Land. Arch. PADGETT, JERRY H Ag. Econ. PAGE, WEYMAN O Poultry PARIZEK, ELDON J Geog-Geol. PARKER, J. REID forestry PARTHEMOS, GEORGE S. . . . Pol. Set. PAUL, JOSEPH J Entomology PAULK, WILLIAM E., JR English PAYNE, RAYMOND . . . Soc. (6 Antbro. PERDUE, JOHN M Bus. Admn. PERKINS, HENRY F Agronomy PERRODIN, ALEXANDER F. . Education PETER, RALPH K. . . . Forestry, USDA PFISTER, ROBERT J., JR Art PFUETZE, PAUL E Philosophy H ,w PIERCY, PAUL L Vet. Physio. PLUMMER, GAYTHER L Botany POUND, MERRITT B Pol. Sci. POWERS, JOHN J Food Tech. PRATT, DAN E Food Tech. PROCTOR, ROY E Ag. Econ. RASMUSSEN, M. JOY Home Ec. REESE, EDDIE L Agronomy REID, W. MALCOLM Poultry REINES, MERVIN Forestry REYNOLDS, ROBERT G. . . Geog.-Geol. RICE, CHARLES E Ag. Engr. RIDLEY, HELEN S Pol. Sci. RILEY, ELIZABETH Library ROBINS, GERALD B Education ROGERS, THOMAS H Agronomy ROMAN, COSTIC Bus. Admn. ROOKS, ILA Education RUSHTON, ARCHIE S Education SANDERSON, WILEY D Art SAUNDERS, FRED B Ag. Econ. SAYE, ALBERT B Pol. Sci. SCHOENBORN, HENRY W. . . Zoology SCOTT, ALFRED W Chemistry SCOTT, DONALD C Zoology SCOTT, LOIS G Vet. Anat. SCOTT, MARY H Education SCOTT, WILLIAM O Education SEARS, WILLIAM C Physics SELLERS, EZRA L Art SEWELL, RAYMOND F. . . . An. Hush. SHADGETT, OLIVE H Pol. Sci. SHEDD, KARL E For. Lang. SHERRER, ELIZABETH T. . . Home Ec. SHERMAN, ROBERT W Music SHEURING, JOHN J Dairy SHINGLER, MARTHA G. . . Bus. Admn. SIKES, DENNIS Yet. Path. SINGLETON, STANTON J. . . Education SMITH, C. JAY, JR History SMITH, DOYNE M Education SMITH, ERNEST B Health (S P.E. SMITH, GERALD E Horticulture WESTFALL, JONATHAN J. . . . Botany WHITE, HAROLD D Ag. Engr. WHITEHEAD, ELIZABETH L. . Home Ec. WHITEHEAD, THOMAS H. . Chemistry WHITWORTH, CLYDE W. . . Pharmacy WILDER, CECIL N Chemistry WILKE, ULFERT S Art WILLIAMS, B. O Soc. ( Anthro. WILLIAMS, JOHN D For. Lang. WILLIAMS, THOMAS G Ag. Ext. WILSON, CHARLES C Botany WOLVERTON, ROBERT E. . . . Classics WOODRUFF, JAMES F. . . . Ceog.-Geol. WOODWORTH, ROGER C. . . Ag. Econ. YOUNG, FLORENE M. . . . Psychology YOUNG, HAROLD W. . . . Horticulture ZAK, BRATISLAV Forestry ZIMMERMAN, JOHN J Library SMITH, HOWARD R Bus. Admn. SOULE, MARY E Health Ed. M ' ' £ ' SPECK, STEPHEN J Dairy " ■ SPELL, C. RAYMOND .... Chemistry SPROWLES, LEE Education STANLEY, HUGH S Math. STELLY, MATTHAIS .... Agronomy K J . % SUITS, THAD D Art ' SWAIN, EMELIZA Psychology BbrNi TEWS, RICHARD W. . . . Health (S P.E. " THOMAS, FRANK H Agronomy :» THOMAS, HOWARD Art TISON, JOHN L., JR English TOLBERT, RALPH H Ag. Ed. . jkB ' ' i TRIMBLE, RICHARD B Pol. Sci. wMltrf I VAN ESELTINE, WM. P. . Vet. Hygien:; VINSON, J. CHALMERS .... History WAGGONER, WILLIAM H. . Chemistry WALKER, LESTER C Art WALL, CHARLES A English llli Fk. w WARREN, EDWARD P. . . . An. Hush. WEAVER, JAMES B., JR. . . . Agronomy Afl » WEREN, EDWARD C. . . . Land. Arch. WESCOTT, HAROLD G Art WEST, ROBERT H English FACULTY VETERINARY MEDICINE BUILDING IS :f: A ti : i ' ' hia m £■ ■ ■ N Jim 1 ' HH I r ' Ki- ' iT v Fi« r ' " r ' - ' M i, DEPARTMENT OF ARMED SERVICES 25 26 Lt. Col. E. W. Keller serves as the Executive Officer; Col. John P. McCartney is Commander and PAS T; and Capt. A. L. French is the Commandant of Cadets. AFROTC Program Produces Outstanding Cadets DETACHMENT OFFICERS are (first row) Maj. Benjamin E. Bridges, Capt Robert V. Hendon, Col. John F. McCartney, W. O. Robert H. Crook, (second row) M Sgt. James L. Thornton, Capt. Roy M. Brewer, Jr., Lt. Col. Edgar W. Keller, Maj. Joseph E. Miller, Jr., (third row) T Sgt. Fred T. Smith, T Sgt. Bobby F. Young, T Sgt. Calvin B. Watts, M Sgt. Howard H. Beavers, S Sgt. Dewey R. Cobb, and Capt. A. Lee French, Jr. The University, being a land grant college, is required to offer its male students at least two years of military training. Graduates of the A.F.R.O.T.C. program are commissioned second lieutenants in the Air Force and, with a few exceptions, enter flight training after going on active duty. To accomplish the mission of training these cadets Air Force officers are detached from the Air University at Montgomery, Alabama. Current Professor of Air Science is Colonel John F. McCartney; Executive Officer is Lieutenant Colonel Edgar W. Keller; and Captain A. Lee French is the Commandant of Cadets. Other officers assigned to the University Detachment are Major Ben E. Bridges, Major J. E. Miller, Captain R. M. Brewer, Captain R. V. Hendon, and Warrent Ofifcer R. H. Crook. Enlisted personnel are also assigned to the University by Air University. The A.F.R.O.T.C. unit here at Georgia is unique in that it is operated by the cadets themselves. Cadet officers sujservise the functions and operations usually performed by Air Force personnel such as administrative work, planning parades, issuing orders, and commanding the cadet corps. They, of course, receive advice and guidance from the PAS and his staff. Commander of the cadet corps for 1955-56 is Cadet Colonel James W. Fischer, of Atlanta. His division staff consists of Mmx CADETS PASS the reviewing stand. " EYES RIGHT " seven senior cadet officers, each responsible for various functions of the cadets. The cadet division is divided into two wings, a drill wing and the unusual special missions wing. The special missions wing is made up a cadet instructors group, an interview group, and an evaluation group. Every senior cadet is required to act as a cadet instructor, teaching basic cadets during their Friday class periods. These members of the instructor group choose their topics from subjects which they think will be of interest and value to the freshman and sophomore cadets. Drill grades for all cadets are given by their cadet commander. In addition, each drill unit is evaluated by the cadets making up the Evaluation Group. Commander J. B. Tanner and Asst. Commander C. J. Strain led the A.F.R.O.T.C. Band. W. B. Crane (Material), L. S. Cohen (Operations), M. E. Kersey (Exe- cutive), J. W. Fischer (Commander), J. T. Ellington (I.S.O.), W. S. Morris (Personnel), and D. L. Cummins (Inspector) constituted the Fall Division Staff. A basic cadet, prior to being accepted for the advanced pro- gram, must come before an interview board made up of senior cadets in the Interview Group. As the graduates of the advanced A.F.R.O.T.C. program will be sent in the Air Force as pilots or observers, cadets must be found capable of passing the mental and physical requirements for a flying officer prior to entering the AS III class. Sophomore cadets aspiring to enter advanced must pass a physical exami- nation which is often regarded as one of the most rigid in existance, with special emphasis on eyes, ears, heart, and blood pressure. The mental exams or stanine tests, are designed to tests the cadet ' s aptitude for flying and to determine his basic THE WINTER QUARTER DIVISION STAFF was composed of (first row) C. Snyder (Material), J. Fischer (Commander), A. Whitfield (Executive), (secontl row) M. Cohen (I.S.O.), D. Bishop (Personnel), D. Robertson (Operations), and J. Mercer (Inspector). 29 GROUP COMMANDER J. W. Moorman discusses methods of teaching with the Fall Instructors E. T. Fortson, D. H. Jones, W. C. Smith, M. E. Hill, B. M. Shivers, J. P. Howell, J. N. Worley, and J. E. Harner. knowledge of mathematics, physics, geometry, chemistry, English vocabulary, and other subjects. The highlight of the A.F.R.O.T.C. cadets ' training, insofar as strict military life is concerned, comes between the junior and senior years with summer training. Before commissioning, each cadet is required to attend a four-weeks session of summer camp. PRESSURE CHAMBER experience prepares cadets for combat conditions. WINTER INSTRUCTORS were J. T. Ellington, W. B. Crane, J. M. Harrold, W. S. Morris, M. H. Perry, S. H. Searcy, C. H. Cook, M. L. Adler, G. S. Beall, H. M. Crane, D. L. Cummins, H. E. Kimball, Group Commander M. E. Kersey, E. N. Davis, and E. T. Fortson. 11 IL lALL DRILL WING STAFF consisted of H. E. Kimball (Commander), J. E. Mercer (Executive), D. P. Bishop (Opera- tions Officer), and J. D. Lifsey (Sgt, Major). ON THE WINTER DRILL WING STAFF were R. M. Fletcher (Commander), J, D. Higginbotham (Executive), and J. £. Harner (Operations Officer). fHE FALL GROUP I STAFF was made up of J. K. Harper (Com- mander), M. B. Cohen (Executive), and A. C. Perry (Sgt. Major). D. P. Robertson (Commander), J. H. White (Executive), and W. S. Dunahoo (Sgt. Major) constituted the Fall Group II Staff. 31 THE MEN OF WINTER GROUP STAFFS were B. M. Shivers (Group II Executive), C. H. Grubbs (Group II Commander), J. L. Fleming (Group I Commander), and J. N. Worley (Group I Executive). usually at an Air Force base here in the South or in Texas. During the encampment, the college playboys encounter for th; first time the strictest military life and discipline. They also receive training in leadership, drill, officer orientation, organi- zation and functions of the Air Force base, weapons and marks- manship, physical training, aircrew and aircraft introdoctri- nations, and as a climax, a ride in the T-3 3 jet trainer. Other contacts with the Air Force base and military life are kept through periodic one-day field trips during the regular school year. Approximately twenty cadets take part in each of the field trips. They are flown to the base, eat lunch there, tour the base ' s facilities, and are flown back to Athens in th-; late afternoon. Cadets with high scholastic and military averages are eligible to become members of t he Arnold Air Society, national honorary society for advanced A.F.R.O.T.C. students, and Scabbard and Blade, national honorary military society. The Air Force R.O.T.C. Department is an integral part of the University, performing its mission well, preparing its cadets for a future of service to the nation. THE CALL to formation. W. D. PORTER COMMANDS the Drill Team. R. M. Fletcher, 104; H. M. Crane, 102; J. L. Fleming, 103; and M. L. Adier, 101 were the Fall Squadron Commanders. MANY IMPORTANT military personnel visit the Detachment here on campus. INSPECTION of a jet at Summer Training. WINTER SQUADRON COMMANDERS J. P. Howell, 102; D. H. Jones, 103; M. E. Hill, 101; and A. D. Sams, 104 Executive inspect the troops. ..rf ' ' . V . ■ §t ' • ' . i: ' m " _ 34 OFFICERS AND ENLISTED MEN making up the military teaching staf t are (first row) Capt. Kirk, Maj. Lanigan, Lt. Col. Dixon, Col. Daugh- try, Maj. Danforth, Capt. Rush, Capt. Berry, (second row) Sgt. Gillespie, Sgt. Lumley, Sgt. Ward, Sgt. Snow, Sgt. Bolton, (third row) Sgt. Bunn, Sgt. Wilson, and Sgt. Robertson. Army ROTC Trains Leaders For National Defense The purpose of the Reserve Officers Training Corps is to train its men to become efficient leaders prepared for a national emergency. It has been accepted that no war in modern time could have been won without the officers and men which had had previous military training through this program. An army regiment is maintained at the University of Georgia. This year ' s commander is Cadet Col. Matthew Arthur. He and his cadet officers carry out most of the drill program. Col. B. A. Daughtry, commander and PMS T, has as his staff members, Lt. Col. John H. Dixon, Maj. Robert D. Danforth, Maj. James M. Lanigan, Capt. Charles W. Berry, Capt. Robert J. Kirk, and Capt. Benjamin Rush. Regular Army officers conduct classes, attend to disciplinary problems, and assist cadet officers on the drill field. The General Military Service is so arranged that with little further instruction a cadet upon graduation will be able to per- form in any branch of the army. In the first year of the program the cadet learns military history, the organization of the basic units, and fjersonal hygiene. As a sophomore, he studies the characteristics, the functioning, and the purpose of the basic military weapons. Col. Daughtry (seated) commands the unit while Lt. Col. Dixon (left) serves as Executive Officer. Upon completion of the sophomore year, each cadet undergoes a series of tests and appears before a board of Regular Army offi- cers which will determine those best qualified to continue military training toward a com- mission. The cadet must meet the following qualifications: he must pass a physical exami- nation, have good morals, and possess the abilities and potentials of a leader. In the first year of advanced R.O.T.C. the cadet studies small unit tactics, arms and services in detail, communications, and military teaching methods. In the second year he learns how the different arms and services work together as a team. He takes up various opera- tions such as maneuvering troops in all types of situations on land and approaching land. The structure of the staffs of armies, corps, divisions, and regiments is examined in detail. Further, courses in military law and the writing of combat orders provide him with invaluable information for the future. After the completion of Summer Camp cer- tain cadets are selected as Distinguished Military THE 1ST BATTALION STAFF (right to left) G. M. Charles, Commander; H. W. Martin, Platoon Leader; E. Martin; E. R. Mock; O. K. Hagerman; and N. F. Brooks inspect 1st Platoon " A " Company. m- f-t-f --: a «k r 5 MS IV ' « are (left to right, kneeling) L. Vandroff, M. L. Brown, W. V. Almond, O. K. Hagerman, E. Martin, J. P. Letts, G. N. Griffin, D. N. Hooper, (second row) J. Taffel, G. M. Charles, F. H. Mclson, R. M. Kutchey, C. H. Cobb, W. M. Dunaway, J. E. Wayne, E. Nicholson, A. R. Zauch, W. L. Auld, J. E. Barlow, J. E. Martin, H. W. Fowler, E. R. Mock, (third row) W. H. Eades, M. C. Arthur, W. H. White, R. S. Lowrey, J. J. Hall, B. C. Burke, H. S. Wofford, L. G. Burel, J. M. Collier, E. S. Mabry, W. L. Paris, H. C. Shields, F. C. Wise, (fourth row) J. N. Sanders, J. W. White, W. H. Colter, K. E. Lowe, J. S. Dekle, E. D. Tomblin, F. H. Greene, J. M. Zimmerman, H. L. Wise, N. F. Brooks, F. D. Wallace. ?fi . 1 k.1 ■ «5 -5« " 1 2ND BATTALION COMMANDER Gerald Griffin (left) gives instructions to his company commanders W. H. White, R. M. Kutchey, D. N. Hopper, W. L, Paris, A. R. Zauch, J. E. Barlow, and F. C. Wise. Students. To become a D.M.S. a cadet must be outstanding in both military and academic work. Those students selected are given the chance to be commissioned in the Regular Army. In the past few years over 14,000 reserve commissions a year have been given to R.O.T.C. cadets. The Summer Camp program enables students to put into actual practice the tactics and principles learned during the pre- vious years. This camp for advanced students lasts for a period of six weeks and takes place between the cadet ' s junior and senior years. The cadet usually attends a camp in his army area; for the past two years Georgia cadets have attended camp at Fort Benning, Georgia. Capt. Kirk gives MS II ' s J. Winkler, F. Gilmer, W. Roe, R. Griner, and C, Gates instruction on the L.M.G. After brief refresher courses, the men are ready to put the material learned into practice. At the end of the camp a three day bivouac is held to present different military problems in which the cadets learn to work with each other smoothly as an efficient team. Besides the regular routine in the field, the cadets visit the airborne school and other installations at the post. For recreation, the camp sponsors company teams for many sports. The Military Department sponsors Scabbard rnd Blade, an honor society to which juniors and seniors are elected. The Pershings Rifles, a national society named after General Pershing, puts on many exhibitions of fancy and precision drill. The Varsity Rifle Team and the R.O.T.C. Rifle Team are further sponsored by the Department. In the past few years the R.O.T.C. team has been very successful in winning several honors in the Hurst Trophy Meet, a national affair in which STUDENT CADETS LINE UP for chow in the cadet company dining room at Fort Benning, Georgia. IP l p 1 r S 1 W% ' ■P W fm m i H r B! ' fl 1 B s fe ■ 1 ' H u m A. MATTHEWS INSTRUCTS CLASS as part of the MS III practice teaching course. Listening are (first row) L. R. Forehand J. R. Stewart, R. Griffeth, E. Harby, (second row) J. Delk, T. W. Tillman, M. Downs, (third row) A. Roe, and £. Burkhalter. 38 hundreds of teams compete. Last year the team, coached by Sgt. Orman V. Ewing, placed third in the Third Army. These teams are managed by Captain Rush who has done a marvelous job with the Pershing Rifles Company as well. This present day training program has come a long way since the days when students were connected with military life only through state militias. In 1807, Georgia, fearing that another war with the British was near, held every citizen or alien responsible for military service. All over the state militia musters were organ- ized. In Athens the students became so interested in this activity that each year a big parade was held in Watkinsville on what was known as " Muster Day. " These musters eventually led to the organization of companies by the students on their own; two of which were known as the " College Riflemen " and the " Frank- lin Blues. " They drilled in their spare time, and on such TWO STUDENT CADETS LOOK out of the hatch of an amphibious vehicle. A CADET MOVES in for the " kill " during bayonet training at summer camp. AT SUMMER CAMP cadets experience simulated combat conditions. days as the Fourth of July they would dress in their blue coats, white trousers, brass buttons, high caps, and parade through the town. In the War of 1812 and the Seminols strug- gle the University produced companies which had serious intentions in mind. During the time of the Texas struggle for independence they organized the " College Volunteers. " When the War Between the States broke out Georgia ' s fired-up students organized the " Mell Rifles " and the " Lipscomb Volunteers " ; when they marched off in ' 63 they were known as the " Rock Boys " from Athens. Those students who were declared " incapable of bearing arms " organized themselves as the " Mitchell Thunder- bolts " and armed themselves with every kind of weapon imaginable. They had regular drills three days a week. Although not under the Confederate command, they guarded the pris- oners during the war. From 1865 to the early days of World War [ no significant military organizations were sstablished, although many students served their country in the Spanish-American War and World War I. MEMBERS OF THE ARMY R.O.T.C. Band are (extreme left) J. Demos, D, Smith, G. Thompson, A. Palmer, (first row) D. Jackson, J. Thompson, S. Gordy, (second row) £. Blackburn, D. Gillespie, C. Pickens, H. Brown, R. Wilkes, (third row) C. Dawson, J, Skipper, J. Eehr, W. Bowdcn, (fourth row) H. HoUoway, W. James, R. Van Putten, O. Strain, (fifth row) W. Dukes, C. Filmer, D. Amos, A. Carmich.iel, (sixth row) C. Sherwood, E. Oliver, W. Wells, and W. Brown. 40 PERSHING RIFLES passing in review. In the waning months of World War I a calvary corps was organized. The corps con- sisted of three mounted squadrons which con- tained a total of two hundred fifty mounts. Each year these horsemen went to summer camp for training; they took courses in horse- manship and put on many exhibitions. Th.; existance of the calvary corps came to an end at the beginning of the Second World War because the use of the horse gave way to mod- ern mechanized methods of warfare. During World War II period the infantry and the armored units came into being. These provided many leaders and troops for the War and the Korean Police Action. In 19J4 one specialized training was discontinued in favor of a general military science program designed to fit a cadet into any one of the arms of services. Bearer of a proud tradition, the present day cadet represents the best pos- sible military insurance during a period of international unrest. COLOR GUARD PASSES the reviewing stand in the Sponsors ' Day Parade. 41 .vVV A " ■■ ' ■■ " ' ' ' 2 ■ ' ' H. CLASSES When classes first began at the University, the students found them- selves on a frontier with Indians a common sight along the Oconee. By 1850, the University had developed the reputation of being a school for rich boys. As the sons of wealthy planters, the students naturally had plenty of spending money and became almost ungovernable. The faculty ' s only de- fense was its power to deprive the student of " the use of his spendin g money. " The Freshman-Sophomore Fistfight was the most outstanding ratting activity of a few years back. The freshmen at this time paraded up Lumpkin Street with the expressed intention of marching through the Arch. The sophomores and upperclassmen were stationed around the landmark with the expressed intention of crushing the onslaught. The freshmen in their enthusiastic innocence charged into the fray with high spirits and confidence only to return fully informed of their lowly status. The Shirttail Parade remains as a less strenuous version of the welcoming ritual of the past. Even before the War Between the States each class adopted its individual coat and cap. The freshmen rat caps and senior planters hats are seen today. This year the charming " billed beanie " and " 1920 style rain hat " rat caps were exchanged for the smart red and black beanie and Confederate style cops, and ratting was continued in its usual spirit. The Senior Parade, now the highlight of the Homecoming football game half-time activities, was formerly held at the Georgia-Georgia Tech baseball game in the spring. Every senior was dressed in his most elaborate and gaudy attire to march while the students and town ' s people looked on. Faculty members were on hand to participate and keep some semblance of order as the procession formed on Jackson Street, marched around the town and on to the baseball diamond. September 1920 saw a radical change in the composition of the student body, for at that time women were admitted for the first time on an equal basis with the men students. Various reactions were seen that Registration Day and on succeeding ones, but the members of the fair sex were admitted and managed to gain their foothold. Soule Hall was built to house these new additions, and the coeds moved in to stay. The freshmen and sophomore women were housed on Coordinate Campus, the present location of the Naval Supply School, until 1953 when Myers Hall was opened, and they were finally allowed to move onto the main part of the campus. The enrollment of the University at Athens has grown far beyond the imagination of the men who founded the institution over a century and a half ago. From the 10 men who constituted the first graduating class the student body has expanded to 1,006 seniors; 1,246 juniors; 1,253 sopho- mores; and 1,416 freshmen. On the succeeding pages are the students at the University this year; these are the faces of Georgia, 1956. Big Deal The first commencement exercises were held in 1804 in front of the rising walls of Old College, and 10 Bachelor of Arts de- grees were awarded. The diplomas were handwritten in Latin on stiff paper. Today we would probably regard these as little more than nice to have around, but the students of that first graduating class might even sit down and read them some night when the circus wasn ' t in town, for his schooling aimed to make him appreciate the finer things of life. His required courses included logic, natural and moral philosophy, the " belles lettres " (which as any fool who plans to graduate from college should know is more commonly translated as " pretty letters " ), and the laws of nations. This last course has probably lost its popularity due to the fact that everybody has been let in on the secret that some nations think these things have been made just so they can be broken. It really was something to be a senior in those days. Of course, it actually wasn ' t anything because they were called senior sophisters, but it amounted to more. One of the most valued prerogatives of the highest class (as we shall now call them be- cause we have just refuted ourselves out of any decent name at all) was to have no class before breakfast. Naturally one had to be an early riser to fully appreciate this privilege. And then, like a junior (whose name we shall deal with later) he had only two classes to attend daily. Last, but by far the first, the upperclassman was given the most envied privilege of taking the ten-day Senior Vacation between the second and third terms which conveniently happened to come about the first of April each year. As you, too, have probably come to the conclusion, this vacation thing has pretty much degenerated through the generations and has now become the common (absolutely) Spring vacation. Ah, but it was not all play and no work for Johnny: senior examinations were held four to six weeks before Commencement. The exam was to " extend to the whole course of collegiate literature " and only those found " well skilled in the liberal arts and sciences " should get degrees. And then, if all went well, each graduating " senior " was required to make a speech at Commencement. These, if we may hazard a guess, were probably the same old stuff, except being varied now and then by trans- lation into Greek or Latin or the like, of adieu fair alma mater and hello expectant world, here I am. This speech more than likely didn ' t present as tremendous a hurdle as it might appear because in those days everybody talked a lot, and seniors had to give a speech of their own composition once a month, come laryngitis or salty popcorn. Of course, when you get too many, many people sitting around waiting to talk, sooner or later you ' re going to find that one in every crowd whose enthusiasm for speaking wears out his enthusiasm for sitting or vice-versa. The quick-sighted authorities soon discovered this, and, in 1830, limited the speeches to ten minutes each and charged fifty cents a minute overtime. By this time, the people who were sitting enthusiasts had to be pacified, and so, in 1832, a new and bigger chapel was built. And now you know why Commencement is held in the stadium and why only the valedictorians make speeches. It ' s Almost Tomorrow OFFICERS President .... NORMAN FLETCHER Vice-President IRIS ANTLEY Secretary-Treasurer . . BILL REINHARDT SENIORS Adams, N. Anderson, J. Backus, P. Barlow, J, Bates, R. Adler, M. Andrews, E. Bagley, A. Barner, C. Battey, C. Aiken, M. Ansley, W. Bailey, H. Barner, T. Baugh, H. Akins, B. Antley, I. Baird, T. Barnes, J. Beall, G. Akins, F. Arnold, A. Baker, L. Barrett, D. Beck, V. Allen, G. Arthur, M. Baker, R. Barthelmess, G. Bedingficld, D. Almand, W. Arthur, S. Baldwin, F. Bass, J. Bell, A. SENIORS 46 Almond, E. Averitt, D. Balke, W. Bates, J. Bell, C. FIRST ROW: ADAMS, N. JUNE: Elberton; B.S. in Bus. Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pandora; Student Union; Jr. Panhellenic; W.A.A. ADLER, MELVIN L.: Atlanta; B.B.A. in Finance; Chi Phi. AIKEN, M. EUGENE, JR.; Covington; B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta; Gaffau, Pres.; F.T.A.; Ag Hill Council. AKINS, B. ANN: Brooklet; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Triquetra; B.S.U., Exec. Council. AKINS, FAY: Statesboro; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Alpha Delta Pi; W.A.A.; U.G.R.A. ALLEN, GEORGE C: Cordele; B.S. Chem.; ALMAND, WILLIAM V.: Cony en; B.B.A. ALMOND, ELIZABETH E.: Decatur; B.S. Ed; Phi Mu; A.C.E.I. SECOND ROW: ANDERSON, JOHN L., JR.: Winterville; B.S. in Zoology; Biftad, Vice-Pres.; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Hist.; Phi Sigma; Demosthenian; Argonaut. ANDREWS, EDWARD B.: Decatur; B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. ANSLEY, WILEY S.: Decatur; B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. ANTLEY, IRIS: Marietta; A.B. in Radio-TV; Chi Omega, Vice- Pres.; Mortar Board; Zodiac; Zeta Phi Eta; Z-Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; U.R.S.A.; Pep Club; W.A.A.; Vice-Pres. Sr. Class; Homecoming Court; Cheerleader; W.S.G.A.; Panhellenic; Dance Club; Who ' s Who. ARNOLD, A. CAMILLE: Atlanta; B.F.A. in Speech and Drama Ed.; Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta, Pres.; Glee Club; W.S.G.A.; Debate Team. ARTHUR, MATTHEW C: Fitzgerald; B.S. Industrial Arts; Varsity Football; Industrial Arts Club, Vice-Pres.; G Club, Pres. ARTHUR, MRS. SARAH B. fitzgerald; B.S. in Music Ed.; S.A.L AVERITT, DAVID H.: Statesboro; B.B.A.; Sigma Chi, Pres.; Argonaut; Delta Sigma Pi. THIRD ROW: BACKUS, PATRICIA A.: Savannah; B.F.A. in Art; Alpha Omicron Pi; Geechee Club. BAGLEY, ARETTA A.: Atlanta; B.S.H.E. BAILEY, HARRIETT E.: Litbonia; B.B.A. in Retailing; Alpha Delta Pi, Sec, Pres.; Phi Chi Theta, Pres.; Prof. Panhellenic, Sec; Pep Club; U.G.R.A.; U.R.S.A. BAIRD, THOMAS S.: Winder; B.S. Pharmacy; A.Ph.A. BAKER, LAURADINE: Lafayette; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Delta Pi, Sec; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-Pres.; Zodiac, Pres.; U.R.S.A.; U.G.R.A., Vice-Pres.; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Hist., Pres.; W.A.A.; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. BAKER, RICHARD C: Douglas; B.S.F. BALDWIN, FLETCHER N., JR.: Washington, D.C.; A.B. in Hist. BALKE, WILLIAM J.: Scarsdale, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Food Tech. FOURTH ROW: BARLOW, JAMES E.: Kingsland; B.B.A.; Pi Tau Chi; Wesley Foundation, Treas.; Scabbard and Blade; U.G.R.A. EARNER, CAROL F.: Athens; A.B.J.; Psi Chi. BARNER, THEODORE E., JR.: Athens ; B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice-Pres. BARNES, JOSEPH F.: Americus; B.S. Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; A.Ph.A.; Veterans Club. BARRETT, DONA G.: Decatur; B.S.Ed.; Kappa Delta; U.G.R.A. BARTHELMESS, GEORGE: Savannah; B.B.A. in Retailing; Sigma Chi; Geechee Club, Pres. BASS, JUNE E.: Augusta; B.S.H.E. BATES, JAMES E.; Eastman; B.B.A. in Accounting. FIFTH ROW: BATES, REBECCA W.: Dalton; B.S.Ed.; W.A.A.; Women ' s Glee Club. BATTEY, COLDEN R., JR.: Beaufort, S. C; B.S. Chem.; Chi Psi. BAUGH, HERMAN C: New Holland; B.S. Ed. BEALL, GEORGE S.: Athens; B.S.F. ; Chi Phi; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Arnold Air Soc; Scabbard and Blade; Forestry Club. BECK, VEVA E.: Anchorage, Alaska; B.S. in Specal Ed.; F.T.A.; Cosmopolitan Club. BEDINGFIELD, DEWEY A., JR.: Dublin; B.S. Pharmacy; Kappa Alpha; A.Ph.A.; B.S.U. BELL, ALICE R.: Cairo; B.S.H.E.; Chi Omega; Phi Upsilon Omicron; F.T.A. BELL, CHARLES H.: Arlington, Va.; A.B.J.; Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Blue Key; X Club; O.D.K., Sec; Student Union, Pres.; Student Directory, Assoc. Ed.; U.G.R.A.; Wesley Foundation; Who ' s Who. " And my picture ' s on pages 75, 85, 99, 103, 122, 243, and 300. " " Now which one of you will volunteer to get inside it? ' FIRST ROW: BELL, GEORGE A., JR.: Cuthbert; B.B.A. in Retailing; G Club; Varsity Basketball. BENNETT, SUE E.: Rome; B.S.H.E.; Pi Tau Chi; Homecon; Triquetra; Wesley Foundation; Ag Hill Council. BENTON, BEVERLY V.: East Point; B.S. in Zoology. BERMAN, MORRIS J.: Greensboro; B.S. Chem.; Alpha Epsilon Pi. BERRY, WILLIAM M.: Newborn; B.S.F.; Forestry Club. BISHOP, DOUGLAS P.: Elberton; B.B.A. ; Alpha Kappa Psi; Arnold Air Soc, Adjutant; X Club; Eco, Soc. BLACKSTOCK, HOYT, JR.: Doerun; B.S.A. in Food Tech.; Veterans Club. BLACKWELL, NORMAN W.: Savannah; B.F.A. in Art; Phi Eta Sigma; Pandora, Art Ed. SECOND ROW: BLALOCK, CHARLES C: Nicholls; B.B.A. BLALOCK, GERALDA R.: Homerville; B.B.A. BLAU, JOHN; Lawrence, N. Y.; B.B.A. in Real Estate and In- surance; Phi Epsilon Pi; Sec, Phi Kappa; Fr. Basketball. BOECKEL, EDWARD H.: Little Neck, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Hort. and Entomology; Kappa Sigma, BOGGS, JACK D.: Atlanta; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry; Alpha Zeta; Saddle and Sirloin; Veterans Club. BOMGARDNER, DON A.: Athens; B.B.A. in Pers. Management; Kappa Alpha, Vice-Pres. BOOTH, NORMA J.: Atlanta; B.S. in Bus. Ed.; Delta Zeta, Pres.; Phi Chi Theta; Women ' s Glee Club; Who ' s Who. BOOTH, WILLIS F.: Manor; B.S.F.; Sigma Chi; Argonauts; B Basketball; B Baseball; Forestry Club. THIRD ROW: BOURNE, ROBERT L.: Brunswick; B.B.A. in Pers.; Pi Kappa Phi. BOWER, FRED: Savannah; B.F.A. in Drama. BOWLES PAUL, JR.: Atlanta; B.B.A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BOYETT, JUNE: Metter; B.F.A. in Voice; Alpha Gamma Delta; S.A.I. ; U. Chorus; Women ' s Glee Club; Madrigal Choir. BRADLEY, WILLIAM W.: Savannah; B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha. BRAGG, ROBERT E.: Gray; B.S. in Chem.; Pi Tau Chi; Wesley Foundation. BRANCH, ROGER G.: Lyons; A.B.J. ; Gridiron; Red Black, Ed., Mag. Ed., Sports Ed.; Sigma Delta Chi, Sec; B.S.U. BRANCH, WILLIAM D.: Brookfield; B.S.A. in Animal Hus- bandry. FOURTH ROW: BRANNEN, BEVERLY M.: Statesboro; B.B.A. in Retailing; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club. BRAZIEL, DELANO R.: Pitts; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry; Alpha Zeta; Pi Tau Chi; Glee Club. BRIDGES, EVELYN J.: Thomson; B.S. Ed.; B.S.U.; F.T.A. BRIDGES, GLEN J., JR.: Atlanta; B.S. Chem.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Biftad; Alpha Epsilon Delta; G Club; Varsity Cross Country; Varsity Track. BRIDGES, MARTHA L.: Panama City, Fla.; B.A. in Eng.; Chi Omega, Sec; Pi Tau Chi; B.S.U.; Classical Culture Club. BROADNAX, AGNES K.: Athens; B.A. in Fr.; Phi Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta. BROCK, ALLEN C, JR.: Gainesville; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; Kappa Phi Kappa; B.S.U.; F.T.A.; Veterans Club. BROOKS, NORRIS F.: Norcross; B.B.A.; Scabbard and Blade. FIFTH ROW: BROOME, DONALD A.: Rome; B.A. in Hist.; Glee Club. BROWN, MARION L.: Decatur; B.B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Scabbard and Blade. BRUSCHKE, RICHARD W., JR.: Folkstoon; B.B.A. in Account- ing; Delta Sigma Pi. BUCHANAN, JACK F.: Wildwood, N. J.; B.S. in Phys. Geog.; Delta Tau Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Fr. Baseball; Varsity Baseball; G Club. BURACKER, SAMUEL L., JR.: Columbus; B.B.A. in Finance; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Kappa. BURK, WILLIAM H.: Rome; B.S. in Chem. BURNS, V. JOANN: Marietta; A.B.J.; Phi Mu; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-Pres.; Pi Tau Chi; Theta Sigma Phi; Zodiac; B.S.U.; U.R.S.A.; Red Black, Feature Ed., News Ed.; Gamma Alpha Chi; Who ' s Who. BURNS, VIRGINIA M.: Greenwood, S. C; B.S.H.E.; Phi Mu; Hist.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Dolphin Club; Canterbury Club; Homecon; U.G.R.A. Did someone mention pantie raid? Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Bennett, S. Blalock, G. Bower, F. Braziel, D. Brown, M. Benton, B. Blau, J. Bo tes, P. Bridges, £. Bruschke, R. Berman, M. Boekel, £. Boyett, J. Bridges, G. Buchanan, J. Berry W. Boggs. J- Bradley, W. Bridges, M. Buracker, S. Bishop, D. Bomgardner, D. Bragg, R. Broadnax, A. Burk, W. Blackstock, H. Booth, N. Branch, R. Brock, A. Burns, A. Blackwell, N. Booth, W. Branch, W. Brooks, N. Burns, V. SENIORS 49 Burton, B. Camp, P. Carter, J. Chandler, T. Cohen, L. Bush, B. Campbell, A. Carter, R. Chastain, I, Cohen, M, Butler, H. Canty, R. Cate, M. Childs, M. Collins, G. Butts, P. Carey, J. Chambers, F. Clark, D. Colter, W. Buxton, M. Carlton, J. Chamblee, N. Clark, M. Conaway, P. Cabaniss, D. Carson, J. Chambless, R. Cobb, C. Conner, B. Cabaniss, £. Carter, B. Chandler, £. Coburn, S. Conner, M. SENIORS 50 Cammack, J. Carter, D. Chandler, M. Cohen, J. Cook, C. FIRST ROW: BURTON, BILLIE J.: Vienna; B.S.H.E.; U.G.R.A.; Homecon. BUSH, BEVERLY C: Atlanta; B.F.A. in Interior Design. BUTLER, HELEN D.: Athens; B.S. Ed.; A.C.E.; W.A.A. BUTTS, PAUL M.: Arnoldsville, B.S.F. BUXTON, MARY V.: Sardis; B.S.H.E.; Kappa Delta; U.G.R.A.; Homecon. CABANISS, DANIEL C: Maxeys; B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta; Dairy Sci. Club; Baseball. CABANISS, EMMET O., JR.: Maxeys; B.S.A.; Aghon; Ga. Dairy- man, Bus. Mgr.; Varsity Baseball; Dairy Sci. Club, Vice-Pres., Treas.; 4-H Club; Pershing Rifles, Capt. CAMMACK, JAMES D.: Savannah; B.B.A. in Finance; Sigma Nu. SECOND ROW: CAMP, PEGGY: Cairo; B.S. Ed. CAMPBELL, AURELIA: Hartwell; B.F.A. in Music; S.A.I. , Pres.; Music Teachers ' Nat ' l. Assoc, Vice-Pres.; A Cappella Choir; B.S.U. CANTY, RICHARD J.: Savannah; A.B. in Hist. CAREY, JACK M.: Hull; B.B.A. in Ins. CARLTON, JOAN H.: Riverdale; B.S. in Geog.; Kappa Alpha Theta; W.A.A. ; Newman Club; Pioneer Club. CARSON, JANELLE: Dalton; B.S.H.E. CARTER, BARBARA B.: Chamblee; B.S. Ed. CARTER, DANIEL H.: Gainesville; B.B.A. TH;RD ROW: CARTER, JEAN: Savannah; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; A.C.E.; Geechee Club. CARTER, ROBERT A.: Lake Park; B.S. in Chem. CATE, MARY B.: Willacoochee; B.S. Ed; Pi Beta Phi. CHAMBERS, FRED, JR.: Sandersville ; B.S. A.; Alpha Zeta. CHAMBLEE, NORMA R.: Griffin; B.S. in Speech Correction; Alpha Delta Pi; Zeta Phi Eta. Tea for Two CHAMBLESS, ROBERT E.: Columbus; B.B.A.; Football. CHANDLER, EDDIE J.: Hull; B.B.A. in Accounting. CHANDLER, MARION S.: Athens; A.B. in Fr.; Phi Mu, Vice- Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Phi Sigma; Westminster Fellowship, Vice-Pres. FOURTH ROW: CHANDLER, THOMAS J., JR.: Good Hope; B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta; Agronomy Club, Vice-Pres. CHASTAIN, IRA G.: Marietta; B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Dairy Sci. Club; Ag Club; B.S.U. CHILDS, MOBLEY F.: Thomaston; B.B.A. in Ins.; Delta Sigma Pi. CLARK, DAN H.: Gainesville,; B.B.A.; Track. CLARK, MARY M.: Macon; B.S. in Art; Chi Omega, Treas. COBB, CLARK H., JR.: Columbia, S. C; B.S. Pharm.; A.Ph.A.; X Club; Scabbard and Blade; Kappa Psi. COBURN, SANDRA L.: Fitzgerald; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta, Pres.; U.G.R.A.; A.C.E. COHEN, JUDITH W.: Athens; B.S.H.E.; Phi Beta Phi; Jr. Panhellenic; Homecon. FIFTH ROW: COHEN, JUDITH W.: Athens; B.S.H.E.; Pi Beta Phi; Jr. Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Soc. COHEN, MARVIN B.: Macon; B.B.A. in Finance; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres.; Phi Eta Sigma; Arnold Air Soc; Scabbard and Blade; D.M.S. COLLINS, GORDON W.: Screven; B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta; Glee Club, Vice-Pres. COLTER, WILLIAM H.: Dublin; B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi. CONAWAY, PAULA F.: Macon; B.S. in Zoology; Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Treas.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; U.R.S.A.; U.G.R.A.; Women ' s Glee Club. CONNER, BERENICE A.: S. Miami, Fla.; B.S. in Child Dev.; Kappa Delta; Jr. Panhellenic; W.A.A. CONNER, MAX E.: Villa Rica; B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi; A.Ph.A. COOK, CLARK H., JR.: St. Simons; B.L.A.; Arnold Air Soc; Pi Lambda Alpha; Landscape Arch. Club. Back-seat driv FIRST ROW: COOK, JEANETTE: Griffin; B.S.Ed.; B.S.U. ; F.T.A. COOPER, SHIRLEY N.: St. Simons; B.L.A.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Landscape Arch. Club; Pi Lambda Alpha; Women ' s Glee Club. COPELAND, BILLY H.: Bowdon; B.S. Ed. COPELAND, SUE M.: Bowdon; B.S. Ed. COULSON, SAMUEL D.: St. Marys; B.B.A. in Ins.; Pi Tau Chi; U.G.R.A.; Wesley Foundation, Treas., Pres. COURTENAY, JOHN C: Gainesville; B.S. in Ag. Eng.; Ag Hill Council; Alpha Zeta; Ag. Eng. Club, Sec, Vice-Pres., Pres. COX, JOSEPH C: Ellijay; B.S. Pharm.; Rho Chi; Phi Delta Chi. CRANE, HERBERT M., JR.: LaGrange; B.B.A. ; Chi Phi; Arnold Air Soc; Scabbard and Blade. SECOND ROW: CRANE, WILLIAM B.: Athens; B.S.F.; Swimming Team; Forestry Club. CRAWFORD, BARBARA: Chicago, III.; A.B. in Geog.; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres.; Mortar Board; Z Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; U.R.S.A.; Zodiac; Student Union; Angels ' Flight; Who ' s Who. CRAWFORD, JANE C: Savannah; B.B.A. in Accounting; Alpha Omicron Pi. CRAWFORD, JO A.: Diirant; B.S.H.E. in Fam. Dev. CUMMINS, DENNIS: Atlanta; B.S. Pharm.; Delta Tau Delta, Pres.; Arnold Air Soc; A.Ph.A. CUNNINGHAM, ALDA A.: Cornelia; A.B.J., B.F.A.; Alpha Delta Pi; Pandora, Art Ed.; W.A.A.; U.G.R.A.; Pep Club; Gamma Alpha Chi. CUTCLIFF, JAMES R.: Atlanta; B.S. Pharm.; Chi Phi, Pres. DADISMAN, JOSEPH C: Jefferson; A.B.J.; Blue Key, Pres.; X Club, Pres.; O.D.K.; Gridiron; Sigma Delta Chi, Vice-Pres.; Red and Black, Ed., Assoc. Ed., News Ed.; Henry Grady Stamp of Approval, Co-ed.; G.O.P.; Pep Club; Who ' s Who. THIRD ROW: DAHLBERG, WINFRED A.: Atlanta; B.F.A. in Piano; Kappa Delta; S.A.I. ; U. Orch. DARBY, C. IMOGENE: White Plains; A.B. in Soc; Classical Culture Club; Film Club; Wesley Foundation. DAVIS, CAROLYN M.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed. in Phys. Ed.; U.R.S.A.; PEM Club, Pres.; W.A.A., Treas. DAVIS, EDWARD N.: Walhalla, S. C; B.S. in Bio.; Lambda Chi Alpha; Arnold Air Soc DAVIS, FLOYD E., JR.; Doerttn; B.B.A. DAVIS, ROBERT G.: Rome; B.B.A.; Sigma Nu; Varsity Track. DAVIS, WILLIAM P.: Athens; B.B.A. in Accounting; Phi Eta Sigma. DEAN, INDIA: Bowersville; A.B.J.; Theta Sigma Phi; Red and Black, Women ' s Ed., Feature Ed. FOURTH ROW: DEKLE JOEL S.: Jesnp; B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi, Vice-Regent; A.Ph.A. DELMORE, BARBARA A.: Army Chem. Ctr., Md.; B.F.A. in Voice; Kappa Delta; S.A.I. ; Women ' s Glee Club, Treas. DELORME, CECIL B.: Savannah; B.S.A. DENNING, MARJORIE L.: Sandersville; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi. DICKERSON, JOE B.: Homerville; B.S. Pharm.; Rho Chi, Pres.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Phi Delta Chi. DOPSON, ARVID E.: Machen; B.S.A. in Poultry Husbandry; Rho Epsilon Beta; Poultry Sci. Club. DOROS, FRANK C: Perth Amboy, N. J.; B.S. Pharm.; Kappa Psi; A.Ph.A.; Alpha Phi Omega. DOTY, FRANCES H.: Albany; B.S.H.E. in Fam. and Child Dev.; Phi Mu, Hist.; Canterbury Club, Sec; U.R.S.A. FIFTH ROW: DREESEN, DAVID W.: Athens; B.S.A. in Dairy Prod.; Theta Chi; Dai ry Sci. Club; Basketball. DUBOSE, WILLIAM T.: Tifton; B.B.A. in Accounting. DUMAS, I. LEAH: Summerton, S. C; B.S.H.E. DUNAWAY, JOYCE D.: Marietta; A.B. in Psy.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Sec; Student Union; Wesley Foundation; Cosmopolitan Club. DUNBAR, LEONARD A.: Nashua, N. H.; A.B.J. DUNNING, JAMES W.: Augusta; B.S. Pharm.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A.Ph.A. EADES, WILLIAM H.: Atlanta; B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa. EDDY, RALPH W.: Atlanta; B.S. in Physics; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Physics Club; Film Club; Demosthenian. " Do you really think the price ' s too high. " " Four score and seven years ago . . . " Cook, J. Crane, W. Dahlberg, W. Delke, J. Dreesen, D. Cooper, S. Crawford, B. Darby, C. Delmore, B. DuBose, W. Copeland, B. Crawford, J. C. Davis, C. Delorme, C. Dumas, I. Copetand, S. Crawford, J. A. Davis, £. Denning, M. Dunaway, J. Coulson, D. Cummins, D. Davis, F. Dickerson, J. Dunbar, L. Courtenay, J. Cunningham, A. Davis, R. Dopson, A. Dunning, J. Cox, J. Cutcliff, J. Davis, W. Doros, F. Eades, W. Crane, H. Dadisman, J. Dean, I. Doty, F. Eddy, R. SENIORS 53 Edenfield, B. Edenfield, J. Elder, M. Eldridge, M. Ellington, J. Ellis, M. E. Ellis, M. S. English, J. Esty, C. Etheredge, S. Eubanks, W. Every, J. Ewalt, P. Fanning, F. Faulkner, G. Feinberg, D. Feinberg, S. Fisch, W. Fischer, B. Fischer, J. Fletcher, R, Forbes, B. Fortson, E. Fortune, S. Foster, N. Fowler, M. Franklin, M. Franks, P. Friedman, P. Frierson, M. Fruchter, B. Frumberg, A. Fulford, J. Fulghum, D. Gable, C. SENIORS Emmett, J. Faulk, J. Fontaine, T. Freyer, D. Gauthier, R. FIRST ROW: EDENFIELD, B. AVANT: Stihon; B.B.A. in Ins.; X Club; Demosthenian; Phi Alpha Delta; G.O.P. EDENFIELD, JANIE P.: Savannah; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; B.S.U.; U.G.R.A.; Geechee Club. ELDER, MARVIN T., JR.: Farmington; B.S. Ed. ELDRIDGE, MARGARET B.: Waycross; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta; B.S.U.; A.C.E. ELLINGTON, JOHN T.: Thomaston; A.B.J.; Sigma Nu; Phi Kappa. ELLIS, MARVIN E.: Vienna; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry. ELLIS, MARY S.: Columbus; B.S, Ed.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; W.A.A.; Pep Club; A.C.E. EMMETT, JUNE M.: Macon; B.S. Ed. in Phys. Ed.; Chi Omega; W.A.A.; B.S.U.; U. Band; PEM Club; Pandora. SECOND ROW: ENGLISH, JAMES B.: Penfield; B.B.A. in Finance. ESTY, C. PHIL: Athens; A.B.J. ETHREDGE, SARA H.: Damascus; B.S.H.E.; Homecon. EUBANKS, WARREN B.: Augusta; B.S. in Entomology. EVERY, J. KAY: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta, Sec, Vice- Pres.; Mortar Board, Sec; Pi Tau Chi; Zeta Phi Eta; Psi Chi; Cheerleader; W.S.G.A. Cabinet; Student Council; U.G.R.Aw, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Who ' s Who. EWALT, PATRICIA L.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; W.A.A.; B.S.U.; Student Union; A.C.E. FANNING, F. SIBYLE: Athens; B.S.H.E. in Child Dev.; Phi Mu; Phi Upsilon Omicron; W.A.A. FAULK, JUNE: Macon; B.B.A. in Accounting; Phi Chi Theta. THIRD ROW: FAULKNER, GERALD M.: Lula; B.S.A. in Poultry Husbandry; King of Ag Hill; Poultry Sci. Club; Ag. Club; X Club; Ag Hill Council; 4-H Club. FEINBERG, D. STANLEY: Griffin; B.B.A. in Retailing; Tau Epsilon Phi, Treas., Vice-Chancellor, Pres.; U. Theatre, Bus. Staff; I.F.C. FEINBERG, S. RANDOLPH: Atlanta; B.S. Ed. in Phys. Ed.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Thalian Blackfriars; Track; Hillel; U. Theatre; I.F.C. FISCH, WALTER C: Savannah; B.B.A. in Accounting; Geechee Club; B.S.U. FISCHER, BARBARA V.: Atlanta; B.S.H.E.; Pi Beta Phi; Home- con; Westminster Fellowship. FISCHER, JAMES W.: Atlanta; B.B.A. in Markt.; Arnold Air See; Fr. Football; Fr. Track; Cdt. Col. A.R.O.T.C. FLETCHER, ROBERT M.: Fitzgerald; B.S.; Physics Club. FONTAINE, THOMAS R., JR.: Macon; A.B.J.; Red and Black. FOURTH ROW: FORBES, BETTY S.: Lookout Mt., Tenn.; A.B. in Eng.; Chi Omega. FORTSON, EUGENE T.: Royston; B.B.A.; Arnold Air Soc; Scabbard and Blade. FORTUNE, SALLY E.: LaFayette; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Sec; Phi Chi Theta; Student Council. FOSTER, NEIL R.: E. Rockaway, N. Y.; B.S.A.; Phi Epsilon Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Saddle and Sirloin. FOWLER, MARVIN L.: Cuthhert; B.B.A. in Accounting. FRANKLIN, MIGNON: Calhoun; A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Pi; Theta Sigma Phi; Red and Black, Women ' s Ed., Soc. Ed.; Pep Club. FRANKS, PAUL T.: Columbus; B.B.A. in Per«. Management; Kappa Alpha, IV, V; Phi Kappa. FREYER, DONALD C: Garden City, N. Y.; B.S.F.; Alpha Zeta, Scribe; Baseball; Scabbard and Blade; Forestry Club. FIFTH ROW: FRIEDMAN, PHILLIP: Bronx, N. Y.; B.B.A. in Markt.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Dairy Sci. Club. FRIERSON, MARTHA S.: Gainesville; B.S.H.E.; Phi Mu; Phi Upsilon Omicron. FRUCHTER, BENJAMIN: Sew York, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Ag. Eco.; Ag. Eco. Club. FRUMBERG, ALLEN G.: Broif;r, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Food Tech. FULFORD, JOHN R.: Wrigbtsville; B.S.A. in Animal Hus- bandry; Saddle and Sirloin. FULGHUM, DOROTHY J.: Vienna, Va.; B.S.H.E. in Child Dev. Alpha Chi Omega; Jr. Panhellenic; Homecon; Westminster Fellowship; Student Union. GABLE, C. EARL: Fayetteville; B.S. Pharm.; Rho Chi, Sec- Treas.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Blue Key; Ga. Pharmacist Mag., Ed.; Kappa Psi, Treas.; A.Ph.A., Pres.; Who ' s Who. GAUTHIER, RALPH J., JR.; Augusta; B.S. Pharm.; Phi Delta Chi, Vice-Pres.; Veterans Club; A.Ph.A. It ' s Christmas time in the city And one quart of egg drop soup. " FIRST ROW: GAY, M. JACKSON: Waycross; A.B. in Geog. and Pol. Sci.; Geography and Geology Club; Pol. Sci. Club; Demosthenian. GEER, MARGUERITE E.: LaGrange; B.B.A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; W.A.A.; Pep Club. GHOLSTON, MARGARET C: Atlanta; B.S.H.E.; Phi Mu, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; U.R.S.A.; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treas.; Zodiac, Vice-Pres.; Panhellenic. GILMER, ELEANOR K.: Columbus; A.B.J.; Red and Black; Triquetra, Sec; B.S.U.; Student Union. GLENN, THADDEUS L.: Athens; B.S. Chem.; Alpha Epsilon Delta. GOINS, MARY C: Savannah; B.S. Ed.; Newman Club; Geechec Club; F.T.A. GOLD, JERRY J.: Patterson, N. }.; B.S. in Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma, Sec; Pi Mu Epsilon; Physics Club, Sec. GOOLSBY, BENNIE F.: Hillsboro; B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin. SECOND ROW: GORDON, JOSEPH S., JR.: Columbus; B.B.A. in Ins. and Real Estate; Alpha Kappa Psi. GOULD, PHOEBE E.: Atlanta; A.B. in Eng.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sec; Homecoming Ct.; Miss G-Day Ct.; Pandora Beauty Ct.; Phi Delta Thcta Sponsor; Pep Club; Student Council; Delta Tau Delta Sponsor; Canterbury Club. GRADEN, JOHNNIE S.: Atlanta; B.S. in Chem. GRADY, SHIRLEY H.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Pi Beta Phi; Pandora; U.R.S.A.; Student Council; Panhellenic; Angels ' Flight. GRANT, NANCI C: Brunswick; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec; Pandora; W.A.A. GREENE, FREDRIC H.: Thomaston; B.B.A. in Markt.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles. GREGG, SHIRLEY J.: Concord; B.B.A. in Retailing. GREGORY, FERMAN J.: Cleveland; B.S.A.; Gaffau; Ag Club. THIRD ROW: GREGORY, THOMAS H.: Reynolds; B.B.A. in Aero. Adm. GREINER, V. ANN: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi, Sec; Pandora; March of Dimes Beauty Ct.; A.C.E.; Pandora Beauty Ct.; Angels ' Flight, Vice-Pres.; Jr. Panhellenic; W.S.G.A. How to be very, very popular GUESS, TOMMIE N.: Sycamore; B.S.H.E.; Pi Tau Chi; Home- con; Triquetra; Wesley Foundation; Ag Hill Council. GUYTON, CLAUD H.: Cartersville; B.B.A. in Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. HADDON, WILLIAM C: Marietta; B.B.A. in Accounting; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pandora, Bus. Mgr. HAHN, MARGARET A.: Atlanta; B.S. in Recreation; Kappa Delta, Sec, Vice-Pres.; W.A.A., Treas.; PEM Club; Key Club; Woman ' s Glee Club; U.R.S.A.; W.S.G.A.; Student Union. HAISTEN, CLAUDETTE; Griffin; B.S. in Speech Correction; Alpha Delta Pi; Zeta Phi Eta. HALE, MARTHA J.: Athens; A.B. in Fr. FOURTH ROW: HALL, JAMES J.: Hawkinsville; B.B.A.; Scabbard and Blade. HAMBY, CLAYTON B., JR.: Smyrna; B.S. in Zoology. HANCOCK, RAYMOND R.: Ashburn; B.S.A. in Ag. Eco.; Ag. Eco. Club, Pres.; Veterans Club. HARLEY, CLARENCE L.: Madison; B.S.F.; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. HARNER, JOE E.: Waynesboro; B.S. Pharm.; Pi Kappa Alpha. HARP, WILLIAM J., JR.: Brunswick; B.S. Pharm.; Pi Kappa Phi. HARRELL, GROVER C: White Oak; B.B.A. in Ins. and Real Estate; Theta Chi. HARRELL, JO ANN: Waverly; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Pi Beta Phi; Angels ' Flight. FIFTH ROW: HARRIS, FRANCES A.: Wrens; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; F.T.A. HARRIS, G. GAYLE: Columbus; A.B. in Hist.; Triquetra; B.S.U. HARRIS, JOE B.: Collins; B.B.A. in Markt. HARRISON, ELLEN G.: Lookout Mt., Tenn.; A.B.J, in Radio- TV; Phi Mu; Zeta Phi Eta; Theta Sigma Phi. HARRISON, MARTHA S.: Rockmart; B.S.H.E.; Homecon; B.S.U.; Women ' s Glee Club. HARROD, ROBERT P.: Savannah; A.B.J.; Alpha Delta Sigma. HARROLD, JOSEPH M.: Winterville; B.B.A. in Finance; Kappa Alpha; Arnold Air Soc; Wesley Foundation. HARTSFIELD, JOHN A.: Meigs; B.B.A. They laughed at the Wright Brothers too. Geer, M. Gould, P. Greiner, V. Hamby, C. Harris, G. Gholston, M. Graden, J. Guess, T. Hancock, R. Harris, J. Gilmer, £. Grady, S. Guyton, C. Harley, C. Harrison, E. Glenn, T. Grant, N. Haddon, W. Harner, J. Harrison, M. Goins, M. Greene, F. Hahn, M. Harp, W. Harrod, R. Gold, J. Gregg, S. Haisten, C. Harrell, G. Harroid, J. Goolsby, B. Gregory, F. Hale, M. Harrell, J. Hartsfield, J. SENIORS 57 Hartz, R. Hensley, J. Holland, S. Howard, S. Johnson, S. Hasty, E. Higginbotham, J. Holman, P. Hoxsic, £. Johnston, J. Hatfield, A. Hill, C. Holt, E. Hurley, D. Joiner, A. Hawkins, M, Hillsman, G. Holt, L. Hutcheson, M. Joiner, W. Haynie, A. Hix, L. Hood, B. Ivy, E. Jones, A. Helms, L. Hodges, J. Hood, N. Jackson, B. R. Jones, H. Hemphill, F. Hodges, W. Hopkins, M, Jackson, B. J. Jones, M. SENIORS 68 Hendricks, J. Hodgson, T. Howard, M. James, W. Jones, P. FIRST ROW: HARTZ, ROBERT E., JR.: Palmyra, Pa.; B.S.A. in Food Tech. HASTY, ELVA E.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Triquetra; B.S.U.; F.T.A.; A.C.E. HATFIELD, ANNE: Baton Rouge, La.; B.S.H.E.; Pi Beta Phi, Pres.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Prof. Panhellenic, Vice-Pres., Treas.; Homecon; Angels ' Flight; Miss Homecoming; Pandora Ct. HAWKINS, MARGIE: Atlanta; A.B. in Eng.; Kappa Delta; Mortar Board; Pi Tau Chi; W.S.G.A., Pres.; W.A.A., Sec; U.G.R.A.; Stodent Union; U.R.S.A.; Who ' s Who. HAYNIE, ANN: Atlanta; B.S.H.E. HELMS, LYNDA: Tampa, Fla.; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta; Sigma Nu Sweetheart; U.G.R.A.; W.A.A.; A.C.E. HEMPHILL, FRED H.: Athens; B.S. Ed. HENDRICKS, JAMES R.: Atlanta; B.S. in Zoology; Delta Tau Delta. SECOND ROW: HENSLEY, JAMES V.: Augusta; B.B.A.; Football; Alpha Beta Gamma; B.S.U., Treas. UIGGINBOTHAM, JON D.: Royston; B.S.A. in Poultry; Alpha Gamma Rho, Pres.; Arnold Air Soc; D.M.S.; I.F.C.; Poultry Sci. Club. HILL, CHARLES O.: Commerce; B.S.A. HILLSMAN, GEORGE A.: Watkinsville; B.S.A. HIX, LEE K.: Commerce; B.S. Ed. HODGES, JACK C: Augusta; B.F.A.; Delta Tau Delta; Student Union; Cheerleader. HODGES, WARREN R.: Chattanooga, Tenn.; A.B.J.; Kappa Sigma; I.F,C. HODGSON, T. BURKE: Athens; B.S. in Physics; Chi P$i; Phi Eta Sigma; X Club, Vice-Pres.; Sigma Pi Sigma, Vice-Pres.; O.D.K.; Pi Mu Epsilon; Pandora, Jr. Ed., Bus. Mgr.; Student Council; U. Symphony Orch.; Who ' s Who. THIRD ROW: HOLLAND, SARA F.: Tallahassee, Fla.; B.S. Ed. in Speech Cor- rection; Alpha Omicron Pi; Zeta Phi Eta. HOLMAN, PENN G.: Atlanta; B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha. HOLT, EDWARD, JR.: Sparks; B.S. Pharm.; Rho Chi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Phi Delta Chi; A.Ph.A. HOLT, LAWRENCE A., JR.: Athens; B.S. Ed. in Phys. Ed. HOOD, BETTY A.: Gainesville; A.B. in Pol. Sci.; Delta Delta Delta, Pres.; Pre-Law Club, Sec.-Treas.; Pol. Sci. Club, Sec- Treas.; Classical Culture Club; Student Council. HOOD, NORMA E.: McDonough; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta; Pan- hellenic; Jr. Panhellenic, Adv.; A.C.E.; U.G.R.A. HOPKINS, MARIAN J.: Athens; B.S. Ed. in Phys. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres.; Z Club; Vice-Pres. Women ' s Fr. Class; Student Council; W.A.A., Vice-Pres.; Panhellenic; Who ' s Who. HOWARD, MATILEE: Wrens; B.S. Ed. in Phys. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Prof. Panhellenic, Sec; W.A.A.; PEM Club, Sec.-Treas., Vice-Pres.; Glee Club; B.S.U. FOURTH ROW: HOWARD, SARAH E.: Ft. Valley; A.B. in Eng. HOXSIE, EVA L.: LaGrange; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Chi Omega. HURLEY, DOUGLAS R.; College Park; B.S.A. in Agronomy; Agronomy Club. HUTCHESON, MARY J.: Kite; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron: 4-H Club; Homecon. IVY, EMMA P.: Athens; A.B. in Psy. JACKSON, BENJAMIN R.: Griffin; A.B. in Religion; Koinonia. JACKSON, B. JEANETTE: Columbus; A.B.J. ; Triquetra, Vice- Pres., Pres.; Red and Black, Sports Ed.; B.S.U. ; W.S.G.A.; Stu- dent Council; Women ' s Glee Club; Student Union. JAMES, WILLIAM C: Dalton; B.B.A. in Markt. FIFTH ROW: JOHNSON, SARA A.: Macon; B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; U.G.R.A.; A.C.E.; F.T.A. JOHNSTON, JOYCE L.: Asbburn; A.B. in Psy.; Alpha Omicron Pi; U.R.S.A.; U. Chorus; Glee Club. JOINER, A, BUFFORD: Valdosta; B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas. JOINER, WILLIAM P.: Athens; B.S.A. in Poultry; Aghon; Alpha Zeta; Poultry Sci. Club. JONES, ADRIENNE: Bremen; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; A.C.E.; Student Union. JONES, HERBERT, JR.: Lyons; B.S. in Psy.; Kappa Sigma, Pres.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Argonauts, Sec.-Treas. JONES, MARGARET A.: Cordele; B.F.A. in Speech Correction; Alpha Delta Pi; Zeta Phi Eta, Vice-Pres.; Pandora; U. Chorus. JONES, PAULINE L.: Decatur; B.F.A. in Com. Art; Alpha Chi Omega; Gamma Alpha Chi; Student Union; Panhellenic. Is it just the hand of fate? Late ihow signouts, class at eight. ' UGLT MAN " ON STAGE lOWTE you KMOW WHAT SAILORS ARE COLOR ■ ' Watch out, you ' re gettin ' on my side. " F RSr ROW: JONES, THOMAS M.: Twin City; B.S.A. in Dairy Management. JONES, WESLEY M.: Atlanta; B.S.F. JORDAN, JOHN R., JR.: Monticello; B.S.F. ; Forestry. JOYNER, EDGAR L.: Screven; B.S.; Veterans Club. KAISER, JOHN A.: Syracuse, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Food Tech.; Band; Ne " wman Club. KATZ, INGA: Columbus; B.S. Ed.; Sigma Delta Tau, Pres., Sec; Red and Black, Soc. Ed.; Student Council; Panhcllenic, Pres.; W.A.A.; U.R.S.A.; Who ' s Who. KAUFMANN, JOAN E.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Sigma Delta Tau. KELLY, EUGENE T., JR.: Augusta; B.S. in Chem.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; U. Theatre. SECOND ROW: KELTON, AUDRIE G.: Warner Robins; A.B. in Hist.; Newman Club, Sec; F.T.A. KERSEY, MELVIN E., JR.: Tbomaston; B.L.A.; X Club; Ar nold Air Soc, Comdr. KIMBALL, HAROLD E.: Fitzgerald; B.S.A. in Dairy Mfg.; Arnold Air Soc; D.M.S.; Dairy Sci. Club, Treas., Sec, Pres.; Argonaut. KING, BERTHA G.: Enigma; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon; Wesley Foundation. KIRBY, WARREN: Douglas; B.B.A.; Fr. Baseball; Fr. Basketball. KOLP, ANN E.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Pres.; Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart; Sec Fr. Class; Vice-Pres. Jr. Class; Student Council; Panhellenic; Angels ' Flight. KOPEC, MILLIE A.: Athens; B.B.A. in Accounting. KURAS, JOHN A.: Floral Park, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Food Tech. THIRD ROW: KUTCHEY, ROBERT M.: Savannah; B.B.A. in Accounting; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade, LACKLAND, LILLIAN N.: Albany; B.F.A. in Piano; Alpha Delta Pi; Dolphin Club; W.A.A.; Glee Club; U.G.R.A. LAMAR, ROBERT B.: Hephzibah; B.B.A. in Ins. and Real Estate; Chi Phi; Phi Kappa; Forestry Club. LANDRUM, JOE R.: Athens; B.S. in Chem. LANGLEY, JACK T.: Ellijay; B.S.A. in Poultry Husbandry; Poultry Sci. Club. LANIER, MARIE F.: Washington, D. C; B.S.A. in Hort.; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Sigma; Floriculture Club, Vice-Pres., Sec. -Treas.; Pioneer Club, Sec. LANKFORD, JIMMIE J.: Dalton; B.S. Ed LAUNIUS, MILDRED M.: Monroe; B.S. Ed.; Phi Mu; W.A.A.; A.C.E. FOURTH ROW: LAW, BREVARD J.: Savannah; B.F.A. in Drama; Thalian- Blackfriars, Pres.; Alpha Phi Omega. LAW, GEORGE W.: Thomasville; B.B.A. in Real Estate Ins.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa; Phi Sigma Epsilon. LEE, REBECCA J.: College Park; B.S. Ed. LEE, ROBERT: Screven; B.S.A. LEON, GEORGE B.: Atlanta; A.B. in Hist.; Veterans Club. LEONARD, MARTHA A.: Savannah; B.S. Ed; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart; Geechee Club; Panhellenic; A.C.E.; U.G.R.A. LESTER, DANIEL W.: Canton; B.S. in Zoology and Chem.; Pershing Rifles. LEVERETT, RHETA E.: Parrott; B.S. Pharm.; Ga. Pharmacist; Prof. Panhellenic; Lambda Kappa Sigma, Sec, Pres.; A.Ph.A. FIFTH ROW: LEWIS, TOMMYE: Calhoun; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Wesley Founda- tion. LEYBURN, HELEN A.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; Newman Club; Student Union; W.A.A.; A.C.E. LIGHTSEY, ARTHUR L.: Surrency; B.S.F. LILIE, MARTIN M.: Huntington, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Food Tech. LITTLE, LEWIS M., JR.: Savannah; B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. LOGAN, FRANCES E.: Homer; B.S. Ed.; F.T.A. LONG, RUBY F.: Atlanta; B.S. in Speech Correction; Zeta Phi Eta. LOWE, KENNETH E.: Brunswick; B.S. Chem.; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade. " Dear Mom . " Make it two bucks to show on Swaps. " Jones, T. Kelton, A. Kutchey, R. Law, B. Lewis, T. Jones, W. Kersey, M. Lackland, L. ha-Wy G. Leyburn, H. Jordan, J. Kimball, H. Lamar, R. Lee, R. J. Lightsey, A. Joyner, E. King, B. Landrum, J. Lee, R. Lilie, M. Kaiser, J. Kirby, W. Langley, J. Leon, G. Little, L. Katz, I. Kolp, A. Lanier, M. Leonard, M. Logan, F. Kaufmann, J. Kopec, M. Lankford, J. Lester, D. Long, R. Kelly, E. Kuras, J. Launius, M. Leverett, R. Lowe, K. SENIORS 61 Lowe, M. Lowrey, R. Lucas, J. Lucchese, J. Ludwick, B. Luther, S. Lyon, M. Maddox, J. Malcolm, J, Mallory, H. Maner, J. Mari, D. Martin, H. Martin, M. Mason, C. Mathis, C. Matthews, J. Mayer, S. McCorkle, J. McDaniel, J. McDonald, B. McFarland, J. McGee, P. Mcintosh, C. McKenzie, D. McLendon, M. McMullan, £. Merell, P. Middleton, S. Mikell, J. Miller, M. Miller, R. Milner, M. Mizell, E. Mobley, A. SENIORS Mabrey, W. Martin, M, E McEvoy, P. Messina, C. Mock, E. FIRST ROW: LOWE, MARY O.: Macon; B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega. LOWREY, ROBERT S., JR.: Armuchee; B.S.A. in Animal Hus- bandry; Biftad, Sec; Phi Eta Sigma; O.D.K., Sec; X Club; Aghon, Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Gridiron; Blue Key, Vice-Pres.; Ga. Agriculturist, Ed., Bus. Mgr.; Ag Club, Vice-Pres., Sec; Stu- dent Council; 4-H Club, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade; Saddle and Sirloin, Vice-Pres., Sec; Ag Hill Council, Pres.; G.O.P.; Wesley Foundation; Who ' s Who. LUCAS, JAMES E., JR.: Savannah; B.S. in Chem.; B.S.U.; Geechee Club. LUCCHESE, JOSIE: Atlanta; A.B.J.; Phi Mu; Theta Sigma Phi, Treas.; Newman Club, LUDWICK, BETTY A.: Marietta; A.B.J. ; Alpha Omicron Pi, Sec. LUTHER, SHIRLEY A.: Atlanta; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci. LYON, MARINEL: Wrightsville; B.S. in Zoology; Phi Sigma. MABREY, WILLIAM T.: Atlanta; A.B.J.; X Club; Sigma Delta Chi, Pres.; Red and Black, News Ed., Mgn. Ed.; Who ' s Who. SECOND ROW: MADDOX, JOEL W.: Athens; B.S. Pharm.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Phi Delta Chi; Rho Chi. MALCOM, JACKSON E.: Thomson; B.B.A. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Veterans Club. MALLORY, HUBERT R., JR.: Savannah; A.B.J.; Pandora; Alpha Delta Sigma, Pres.; Geechee Club. MANER, JEROME H.: Macon; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry; Alpha Gamma Rho, Sec; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Blue Key; Saddle and Sirloin, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Ag Hill Council; Biftad. MARI, DAVID E.: Mayaguez, Puerto Rico; B.B.A.; Sp. Club, Pres.; Cosmopolitan Club. MARTIN, H. EDWARD, III: Savannah; B.B.A. in Finance; Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas., Pres.; D.M.S.; Geechee Club; I.F.C. MARTIN, MARION: Dawson; B.F.A. in Drama; Zeta Phi Eta; Thalian-Blackfriars. MARTIN, MARY E.: Statesboro; B.F.A.; Alpha Gamma Delta. THIRD ROW: MASON, CAROLINE L.: Atlanta; A.B. in Eng.; Chi Omega. MATHIS, CHARLOTTE A.: Macon; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Chi Omega; Homecon; Jr. Panhellenic; Phi Upsilon Omicron. ' What was his name? " MATTHEWS, JAMES H., JR.: Pavo; B.S. Pharm.; Alpha Tau Omega; Kappa Psi; A.Ph.A.; Ga. Pharmacist, Bus. Mgr. MAYER, SAMUEL F., JR.: Atlanta; A.B.J, in Radio-TV; Delta Tau Delta. McCORKLE, JABEZ, HI: Buena Vista; B.S.F.; Sphinx; Blue Key, Pres.; Gridiron, Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Aghon, Pres.; O.D.K.; Cypress Knee, Bus. Mgr.; G.O.P., Campus Leader; Demosthenian, Vice-Pres.; Ag Club, Pres.; Who ' s Who. McDANIEL, JACK: Lafayette; B.B.A. in Markt.; Delta Sigma Pi. McDonald, BEVERLY W.: Waycross; B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega, Pres.; U.R.S.A., Vice-Pres.; W.S.G.A. Cabinet; W.A.A., Sec, Pres.; Pep Club; Key Club; Who ' s Who. McEVOY, P. JOHN: Atlanta; B.B.A. in Finance; Delta Sigma Pi. FOURTH ROW: McFARLAND, JOHN N.: Ellijay; B.S. in Psy.; Psi Chi. McGEE, PATRICIA A.: Moultrie; B.S. Ed.; B.S.U.; A.C.E.; Triquetra. McINTOSH, CHARLES E.: Monroe; B.S.A. in Animal Hus- bandry; Alpha Gamma Rho, Treas.; Saddle and Sirloin, Sec; I.F.C; Alpha Zeta. McKENZIE, DONALD J.: Savannah; B.S. in Zoology; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Newman Club. McLENDON, MARGUERITE E.: Athens; B.S.H.E.; Chi Omega; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Thalian-Blackfriars. McMULLAN, EUGENIA P.: Athens; B.S.H.E.; Phi Mu; W.A.A.; Student Union. MERRELL, PATRICIA S.: Columbus: A.B. in Psy. MESSINA, CARL D.: Athens; B.S. Pharm.; Alpha Tau Omega; Kappa Psi; A.Ph.A. FIFTH ROW: MIDDLETON, SIBYL A.: Thomasville; A.B. in Soc; Chi Omega. MIKELL, JOEL E.: Waycross; B.S. Pharm.; Rho Chi; A.Ph.A.; Band. MILLER, MARJORIE A.: Atlanta; A.B. in Hist.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac, Treas.; W.A.A., Key Club; Hist. Club; Student Union. MILLER, ROBERT T.: Atlanta; A.B.J.; Sigma Kappa Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who. MILNER, M. CAROLINE: Monticello; B.S.H.E.; Ga. Agricul- turist, Women ' s Ed.; Triquetra; Homecon; 4-H Club; F.T.A.; Ag Hill Council; B.S.U. MIZELL, EVALYN M.: Nahunta; A.B.J.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas.; Red and Black. MOBLEY, ANNIE B.: Atlanta; A.B.J.; Alpha Lambda Delta. MOCK, EDGAR R., JR.: Brunswick; B.B.A. in Accounting. " Who said, ' It ' s hard as a rock ' ? " FIRST ROW: MOORE, JOHN P.: Gainesville; B.B.A.; Chi Phi. MORANVILLE, MARY M.: Marietta; A.B.J. ; Alpha Chi Omega; Gamma Alpha Chi, Sec.-Treas.; Red and Black; Westminster Fello " wship; Student Union. MORLEY, MARYADELIA: Ft. McVherson; B.B.A. in Aero. Adm.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Chi Sweetheart. MORRIS, FRANCIS J.: Georgetown, S. C; B.S.F.; Forestry Club. MORRIS, THOMAS H.: Thomaston; B.B.A. in Accounting. MORRIS, WILLIAM S., Ill: Augusta; A.B.J.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gridiron; X Club; Arnold Air Sec; Scabbard and Blade, Vice-Pres.; Sigma Delta Chi; Alpha Phi Omega; Blue Key; Student-Faculty Directory, Ed.; Red and Black, Ed., Mgn. Ed., News Ed.; I.F.C.; O.D.K.; Who ' s Who. MORRISSEY, MARJORIE A.: Savannah; A.B. in Eng.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas.; Ne " wman Club; Geechee Club. MOSLEY, ROYCE E.: Metier; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry; Alpha Zeta; Gaffau; Ag Hill Council; Saddle and Sirloin, Pres.; Ag Club; Wesley Foundation. SECOND ROW: MULROONEY, EUGENE J.: Athens; B.B.A. in Accounting. MURDOCK, PAUL J.: Rome; B.B.A. in Retailing; Kappa Sigma. MURPHEY, SARAH H.: West Point; B.S.H.E.; B.S.U.; Homecon. MURRAY, LAWTON: Patterson; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry. MYERS, FREDERICK H., JR.: Augusta; B.S. in Chem.; Canter- bury Club; Glee Club; Alpha Epsilon Delta. NACHMAN, INGE H.: Columbus; A.B. in Eng. NEESE, PATRICIA L.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed; Alpha Lambda Delta; U.R.S.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; F.T.A., Pres. NELSON, WILLIAM W.: Reidsville; B.B.A. in Accounting; Sigma Nu. THIRD ROW: NEUGEBAUER, PHILIP D.: Madison; B.S. Pharm. NEWSOME, WILMER E., JR.: Sandersville; B.S. Pharm.; Sigma Nu, Pres.; A.Ph.A. NORMAN, LYNN H.: Lincolnton; B.S. Pharm.; Ga. Pharmacist; Phi Delta Chi, Treas., Pres.; Student Council; A.Ph.A. NORTHCUTT, WILLIAM D., JR.: Atlanta; B.L.A.; Chi Phi; Arnold Air Soc; Scabbard and Blade. O ' DILLON, RICHARD H.: Watkinsville; B.S. in Chem.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Delta Phi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Gypsie Rose Lee visits campus O ' KYSON, MANNING G.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed. in Phys. Ed. O ' TOOLE, JOHN R.: Atlanta; B.B.A. in Eco.; Blue Key; Pi Kappa Delta; Varsity Debate, Capt.; Demosthenian, Vice-Pres. OVERTON, WILLIAM J.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Phi Kappa; Glee Club. FOURTH ROW: OWENS, EUGENE A.: Pompano Beach, Fla.; A.B. in Pol. Sci.; Delta Tau Delta, Sec.-Treas., Vice-Pres.; Phi Kappa; Key Club, Pres.; U.G.R.A.; Student Union; Hist. Club, Vice-Pres.; Physics Club, Sec; Fr. Club; Chem. Club; Sci. Club. OWENS, H. LEGETTE: Brunswick; B.S.A. in Hort.; Pi Tau Chi, Vice-Pres.; Ga. Agriculturist; B.S.U.; 4-H Club; Ag Club; Floriculture Club, Pres.; Ag Hill Council. OWENS, S. LEONARD: Fitzgerald; A.B. in Soc; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-Pres.; Argonauts. PAGE, WILLIAM G.: Dublin; B.B.A. in Accounting. PALDE, VIJA v.: East Point; B.F.A. in Com. Art; Cosmopolitan Club; Art Students League. PAPPAS, SORTIS J.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Ind. Arts Club; Veterans Club. PATTERSO N, BILLY J.: Dalton; B.B.A. in Mrkt.; Pi Kappa Phi; Delta Sigma Pi. PATTERSON, VICTOR T.: Metter; A.B. in Soc; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Argonauts, Pres.; Student Union; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Kappa; Pep Club. FIFTH ROW: PATTON, ANN: Lookout Mt., Tenn.; A.B. in Geog.; Chi Omega, Sec; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Sigma Delta Pi; Pi Tau Chi; Dolphin Club; U.R.S.A., Pres.; Student Union, Vice-Pres.; Canterbury Club, Pres.; Kappa Sigma Sweetheart. PAYNTER, DOUGLAS E.: Franklinville, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Ag- ronomy. PAYTON, RONALD A.: Menlo; B.S. Pharm. PEACOCK, MARY A.: Sandersville; B.B.A. in Sec Sci.; Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club. PELLY, FRANK M.: Milltown, N. J.; B.S. Pharm.; Ga. Phar- macist; Newman Club; A.Ph.A.; Kappa Psi, Pres. PERRY, MAHLON B.: Woodbine; B.L.A.; Arnold Air Soc; Landscape Arch. Club; Pi Lambda Alpha. PERRY, WILLIAM M.: Leslie; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry. PETERS, JAMES D.: Moultrie; B.S.A.E.; Kappa Sigma, Vice- Pres., Pres.; I.F.C., Vice-Pres.; Ag Eng. Club. " Oh, What a Beautiful Morning Moranville, M. Murdock, P. New some, W. Owens, H. Paynter, D. Morley, M. Murphey, S. Norman, L. Owens, S. Payton, R. Morris, F. Murray, L. Northcutt, W. Page, W. Peacock, M. Morris, T, Myers, F. O ' Dillon, R. Palde, V. Pelly, F. Morris, W. Nachman, 1. O ' Kyson, M. Pappas, S. Perry, M. Morrissey, M. Neese, P. O ' Toole, J. Patterson, B. Perry, W. Mosley, R. Nelson, W. Overton, W. Patterson, V. Peters, J. SENIORS 65 Phillips, G. Piassick, A. Pierce, R. Pine, R. Player, W. Pouios, G. Pouios, N. Price, A. Price, J. Prim, P. Pullen, P. Pulliam, M. Putnam, J. Ragan, G. Ragan, J. Ready, J. Reese, R. Reeves, B. Reid, J. Reiland, R, Ridley, M. Ring, B. Rish, W. Roberts, C. Roberts, £, Podem, M. Prim, W. Ragsdale, W. Reynolds, W. Roberts, H. Pollock, F. Pritchett, R. Ramsay, C. Rhodes, W. Roberts, P. SENIORS Poolos, J. Pryor, G. Ramsay, J. Ridlehoover, H Rodgers, J. FIRST ROW: PHILLIPS, GARY O.: Valdosta; A.B. in Eng.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Red and Black; Phi Kappa. PIASSICK, ALLEN C; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Accounting; Tau Epsilon Phi, Sec; Argonaut; Reed Hall Council; I.F.C. PIERCE, ROBERT N.: Rome; B.S. Ed. in Music Ed.; Band. PINE, GLENN A.: Savannah; B.B.A. in Statistics. PLAYER, WILLIAM C: Irwinton; B.S.A. PODEM, MARVIN J.: Thomasville; B.B.A. in Trans, and Aero. Adm.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Band; Hillel Foundation. POLLOCK, FLORENCE A.: Monroe; B.S.H.E.; Phi Mu. POOLOS, JIMMIE G.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed. in Music Ed.; M.E.N.C., Pres. SECOND ROW: POULOS, GEORGE W.: Rome; B.S. Pharm.; Phi Delta Chi; A.Ph.A. POULOS, NANCY L.: Shady Dale; B.S. Ed. PRICE, ALBERT A., Ill: Atlanta; B.B.A. in Markt.; Sigma Nu; Pi Sigma Epsilon; Track. PRICE, JERRY O.: Starkville, Miss.; B.S. A.E.; Kappa Alpha; Ag Eng. Club. PRIM, PATRICIA A.: Savannah; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; W.A.A.; A.C.E.; Student Union. PRIM, WARREN W.: Savannah; B.S. Ed. in Soc. Stu.; Pi Kappa Phi. PRITCHETT, ROBERT A.: Athens; B.S. in Chem. PRYOR, GUY S.: DeSoto; B.S.A. THIRD ROW: PULLEN, PAULA: Soperton; A.B.J. ; Alpha Omicron Pi; Theta Sigma Phi, Sec; Pandora; Pi Kappa Phi Sponsor; U.G.R.A. PULLIAM, MARY R.: Decatur; B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha; W.S.G.A.; A.C.E. PUTNAM, JOY P.: Calhoun; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; F.T.A., Vice-Pres., Pres.; Homecon; B.S.U. RAGAN, GORDON B.: Bainbridge; B.S. Ed. RAGAN, JOCELYN S.: Castonia, N. C; B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; W.A.A.; A.C.E. RAGSDALE, WILLIAM W.: Atlanta; B.B.A. in Accounting; Delta Tau Delta, Vice-Pres.; Aero Club. RAMSAY, CAROLYN F.: Denmark, S. C; B.F.A.; Alpha Omi- cron Pi, Sec; Pandora, Tr. Ed.; A Cappella Choir; Women ' s Glee Club. RAMSAY, JAMES R., Ill: Columbus; B.B .A.; Kappa Alpha. FOURTH ROW: READY, JOHN J., JR.: Fall River, Mass.; B.B.A. in Finance; Alpha Kappa Psi, Sec; Eco. Soc, Vice-Pres. REESE, ROBERT W.; Eatonton; B.S. Ed. in Phys. Ed. REEVES, BEATRICE L.: Savannah; B.S. Ed.; Phi Mu, Sec; Canterbury Club; Geechee Club; A.C.E. REID, JAMES A., JR.: Charlotte, N. C; A.B. in Eng.; Theta Chi. REILAND, ROBERT F.: Columbus; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Sigma; Kappa Phi Kappa; Newman Club; Hist. Club; F.T.A.; Ed. Club. REYNOLDS, WILLIAM A.: Arabi; B.S.A.E.; Ag Engr. Club, Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec; Aero Club, Vice-Pres.; Ag Hill Council. RHODES, WILLIAM H., JR.: Union Point; B.S. in Psy.; Lambda Chi Alpha. RIDLEHOOVER, HENRY T., JR.: Decatur; B.S. in Psy. FIFTH ROW: RIDLEY, MAYE B.: Atlanta; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Gamma Delta; W.A.A.; Homecon; F.T.A. RING, BURTON: Newark, N. J.; B.S. in Zoology. RISH, W. JACK: Bhiffton; B.S.A. in Ag. Ed.; G.O.P.; B.S.U.; Gaffau. ROBERTS, CHARLES D.: Vienna; B.S.F.; Alpha Zeta; Blue Key; Xi Sigma Pi; Cypress Knee; Student Council; Forestry Club, Treas.; Who ' s Who. ROBERTS, ELLIOTT N.: Athens; B.S. Pharm.; Phi Delta Chi, Treas. ROBERTS, HARRIET N.: Gray; A.B. in Eng.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta. ROBERTS, PHILLIP L.: Donalsoniille; B.S.A. in Animal Hus- bandry; Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin. RODGERS, JAMES A.: Albany; B.S. in Bact.; Scabbard and Blade; Newman Club. T ' wo Chamber-maid majors doing homew ork. " A ' w come on, coach, send me in. " FIRST ROW: RODGERS, WILLIAM R., JR.: Augusta; B.S. in Chem. ROGERS, CHARLES C: Claxton; B.S. Pharm.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Rho Chi. ROYCE, RICHARD D.: Athens; B.B.A. in Eco.; Sigma Chi. SAPP, SIMON G.: Savannah; B.B.A. in Accounting; Newman Club; Geechee Club; Delta Sigma. SAUNDERS, ANNICE M.: Decatur; B.F.A. in Ad. Design; Delta Delta Delta; Gamma Club. SAYRE, JOANNE: Atlanta; B.F.A. in Int. Design; Kappa Delta; Cheerleader; U.G.R.A.; W.A.A.; Sp. Club; Canterbury Club. SCHILLINGS, L. JOYCE: Columbus; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega, Vice-Pres.; Band; Student Union; U.R.S.A.; A.C.E., Pres.; B.S.U. SCHMIDT, DOROTHY E.: Americus; B.S. Ed. B.S.U.; A.C.E.; Triquetra. SECOND ROW: SCOTT, JAMES D.: Unadilla; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry. SHARPE, LEO E.: Addison, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Food Tech.; Alpha Zeta. SHEA, DONALD P.: Collingdale, Pa.; B.B.A.; Gridiron; Sphinx; Athletic Assoc, Pres.; G Club; Football, Co-Capt. SHIELDS, HAL C: Fairburn; B.S. Ed.; Scabbard and Blade; F.T.A. SHUMAKE, FRANCES A.: Watkinsville; B.S. Ed.; Disciples Student Fellowship. SHUMAKE, G. FRANKLIN: Watkinsville; B.S. Ed.; Disciples Student Fellowship; F.T.A. ; Demosthenian. SIMMONS, ROBERT M.: Atlanta; B.S. Pharm.; Tau Epsilon Phi. SIMONTON, H. RAY: Griffin; B.S. Pharm.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec; Student Council; A.Ph.A. THIRD ROW: SINEATH, MALCOLM H.: Savannah; B.S. in Chem. SINKHORN, L. PRUDENCE: Brunswick; A.B.J.; Gamma Alpha Chi; Alpha Psi Omega; Pandora. SIPE, CAROLYN A.: Augusta; B.B.A. in Retailing; Kappa Delta; W.A.A.; Glee Club; U.G.R.A. SIZER, CLARA A.: Atlanta; A.B. in Soc; Pandora. SMITH, CLAIRE B.: Griffin; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Student Union; Pep Club; U.G.R.A. Co-op 201x SMITH, ELSIE M.: Toccoa; B.S. Ed; Alpha Delta Pi, Sec; W.A.A.; Sigma Chi Sweetheart; U.R.S.A.; U.G.R.A.; Pep Club. SMITH, FAYE: Americus; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; W.A.A.; A.C.E.; Pep Club; U.G.R.A. SMITH, JOYCE v.: Jefferson; B.S.H.E.; Kappa Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treas.; Z Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Vice-Pres.; Mortar Board; Ga. Agriculturist; 4-H Club; Homecon; Tri- quetra; U.R.S.A. FOURTH ROW: SMITH, LOUIS J.: Athens; B.B.A. in Pers. Management; Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Tennis; Pol. Sci. Club; Pershing Rifles; Westminster Fello ship. SMITH, WILLIAM C: Athens; B.B.A. in Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec-Treas.; I.F.C.; Veterans Club, Sec.-Treas.; D.M.S. SOUTER, JAMES L., JR.: Montezuma; B.B.A. in Finance; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SOUTHERLAND, JAMES W.: Hawkinsville; A.B.J.; Blue Key; Alpha Delta Sigma, Sec; Red and Black, Bus. Mgr.; Who ' s Who. SPARKS, B. JOAN: Cleveland; B.B.A. in Retailing; Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Chi Theta, Sec. SPARKS. WILLIS B., Ill: Macon; A.B. in Phil.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Track; Phi Kappa. SPEARS, A. DORETHA: Mansfield; A.B. in Math. SPEIR, PHYLLIS D.: Thomasville; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A. FIFTH ROW: STANLEY, MARGARET: Athens; A.B.J.; Phi Mu; Theta Sigma Phi. STEELE, DENNIS N.: Rahway, N. J.; B.B.A. in Statistics; Delta Sigma Pi. STEELE, JOE: Rossville; B.S.F.; Forestry Club; X Club; Demos- thenian; Veterans Club. STEINBERG, GLORIA A.: Augusta; A.B. in Soc; Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-Pres.; Hillel Foundation, Sec.-Treas.; Jr. Panhellenic; Fr. Club; U.G.R.A. STEVENS, HESTER G.: Americus; B.S. Ed.; A.C.E. STEWART, CHARLES: Ochlochnee; B.S.A. in Ag. Ed.; Gaffau, Vice-Pres.; F.T.A.; A.B.A.C; Ag Club. STEWART, JOAN: Carrollton; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta; W.A.A.; Dolphin Club; Tennis Club. STEWART, MILLARD R.: Ochlochnee; B.S.A. in Ag. Ed.; Gaffau, Sec. " Then you go tw o blocks and turn right. ' Rodgers, W. Scott, J. Sineath, M. Smith, L. Stanley, M. Rogers, C. Sharpe, L. Sinkhorn. L. Smith, W. Steele, D. Royce, R. Shea, D. Sipe, C. Souter, J. Steele, J. Sapp, S. Shields, H. Sizer, C. Southerland, J. Steinberg, G. Saunders, A. Shumake, F. Smith, C. Sparks, B, Stevens, H. Sayre, J. Shumake, G. Smith, £. Sparks, W. Stewart, C. Schillings, L. Simmons, R. Smith, F. Spears, A. Stewart, J. Schmidt, D. Simonton, H. Smith, H. Speir, P. Ste rart, M. SENIORS 69 Stillwell, W. Stivers, M. Stubbs, B. N. Stubbs, B. A. Summers, D. Sutherland, J, Taffel, J. Tagge, J. Taormina, J. Tarpley, P. Taylor, B. Taylor, G. Thomas, S. Thompson, B. Thompson, M, Thweatt, C. Tillman, L. Tipton, W. Tribblc, I. Troup, B. Trunnell, J. Tsoi, C. Turk, A. Turner, E. Turner, M. Tyson, H. Tyson, R. Underwood, F. Ussery, R. Vacalis, G. Veazey, D. Verity, W. Vickers, B. Wallace, E. Wallace, T. Wardlaw, L. Sweat, O. Temple, W. Tomblin, £. Turner, J. L. Van Buskirk, S, •1 FIRST ROW: STILL WELL, WILLIAM R., JR.: Covington; A.B. in Pre-Law. STIVERS, MARTHA L.: Rome; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta; U.G.R.A. STUBBS, BARBARA N.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed. STUBBS, BETTY A.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed. SUMMERS, DONALD: Hapeville; B.B.A. in Pers.; Delta Sigma Pi. SUTHERLAND, J. EUGENE: Calhoun; B.S. in Music Ed.; Phi Eta Sigma; M.E.N.C; Men ' s Glee Club; B.S.U. SWEAT, OTTIS A., JR.: Waycross; B.B.A. in Retailing; Sigma Chi; Student Union; Argonauts; Demosthenian; Men ' s Glee Club; Pi Sigma Epsilon. SWINDEL, B. FRANK: Athens; B.SJ.; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club. SECOND ROW: TAFFEL, JACK: Atlanta; B.B.A. in Finance; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treas. TAGGE, JANE C: Macon; B.B.A. in Retailing; Phi Mu, Treas.; Student Council. TAORMINA, JOHN V.; Vineland, N. J.; B.S.A. in Food Tech. TARPLEY, PEGGY J.: Athens; B.S.H.E.; Homecon. TAYLOR, BILLY D.: Washington; B.B.A. in Real Estate and Ins.; Sigma Nu; Pep Club. TAYLOR, GEORGE H.: Milled geville; B.B.A. in Accounting. TEMPLE, WILLIAM R.: Danielsville; B.B.A.; Kappa Sigma. THOMAS, MELVIN: Gainesville; B.S.A. in Poultry; Poultry Sci. Club, Vice-Pres.; Ag Club. THIRD ROW: THOMAS, SANDRA K.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Wesley Foundation; F.T.A.; Glee Club. THOMPSON, BILLY B.: Lyons; B.B.A. in Accounting; Sigma Nu; Fr. Football; Alpha Kappa Psi; Veterans C lub; Eco. Soc. THOMPSON, MILTON S.: Tennille; B.S.A. in Animal Hus- bandry; Aghon; Blue Key; Gridiron; X Club; Saddle and Sirloin, Vice-Pres., Treas.; G.O.P., Sec.-Treas.; Ag Hill Council, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Student Council; Ag Club; Pep Club; Who ' s Who. THWEATT, CHARLOTTE G.: Rome; B.S. in Home Ec. and Art; Homecon. TILLMAN, LENORA F.: Claxton; A.B.J.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-Pres.; Theta Sigma Phi; Gamma Alpha Chi; Red and Black; U.G.R.A.; Student Union. TIPTON, WILLIAM R.: Dalton; B.S. in Chem.; Sigma Nu. TOMBLIN, EDWARD D.: Columbus; B.S.A. in Animal Husban- dry; Saddle and Sirloin. TRAVIS, ROBERT P., JR.: Atlanta; B.S. in Psy. FOURTH ROW: TRIBBLE, I. RUTH: Rockmart; A.B.J.; Pi Beta Phi, Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Tau Alpha; Pandora; Theta Sigma Phi, Vice-Pres.; Prof. Panhellenic, Treas., Pres.; Pep Club. TROUP, BETTY E.: Toccoa; B.F.A. in Art; Zeta Tau Alpha. TRUNNELL, JOHN W., JR.: Cochran; B.S.A. in Animal Hus- bandry; Pi Kappa Alpha. TSOI, C. WING: Hanoi, Indo-China; A.B. in Eng. and Phil.; Phi Eta Sigma; Biftad; Cosmopolitan Club, Pres.; Fr. Club; Classics Club; Demosthenian, TURK, AUSTIN T.: Gainesville; A.B. in Soc; Phi Eta Sigma; Band, Pres.; Westminster Fellowship, Pres. TURNER, ELTON B.: Milled geville; B.B.A. in Accounting. TURNER, JAMES L.: Griffin; B.B.A. TURNER, JOYCE L.: Athens; B.S.H.E. in Child Dev.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dolphin Club; Triquetra; Wesley Foundation, Vice-Pres.; Homecon; Phi Upsilon Omicron. FIFTH ROW: TURNER, MARY C: Aquasco, Md.; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Pi; Newman Club; W.S.G.A.; A.C.E. TYSON, HAROLD R.: Atlanta; A.B.J. TYSON, REMER H.: Statesboro; A.B.J.; X Club, Sec; Sigma Delta Chi, Treas.; Gridiron; Red and Black, Ed., Mgn. Ed., Sports Ed.; Who ' s Who. UNDERWOOD, FRED L.: Thomaston; B.A. USSERY, ROGER J.: Athens; B.S.A.; Veterans Club Pres. VACALIS, GEORGIA: Atlanta; B.S. Ed. in Phys. Ed.; Prof. Pan- hellenic; W.A.A.; Glee Club; PEM Club, Pres. VAN BUSKIRK, SARA A.: Atlanta; B.S. Ed. VARNEDOE, CLAIRE F.: Tbomasville; B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; W.A.A.; A.C.E. SIXTH ROW: VEAZEY, DORIS C: Ft. McPherson; A.B. in Soc; Zodiac; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pandora, Ed., Sr. Ed.; Red and Black; Pioneer Club, Treas., Vice-Pres.; Pi Kappa Delta, Sec-Trcas., Vice-Pres.; Varsity Debate, Sec; Student Council; Who ' s Who. VERITY, WALTER E., JR.: Long Island, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Dairy; Veterans Club; Dairy Sci. Club. VICKERS, BEN ED.: Douglas; B.S.F. WALLACE, E. JEANNE: Davisboro; B.S. Ed.; Pi Tau Chi, Sec; Wesley Foundation; Triquetra; Ele. Ed. Club. WALLACE, THERESA A.: Chamblee; A.B. in Psy.; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Psi Chi, Sec. WARDLAW, LOVELLEN: Lafayette; B.S. Ed.; Phi Mu; A.C.E. Swindel, B. Thomas, M. Travis, R. Turner, J, L. Varnedoe, C. SENIORS FIRST ROW: WARREN, HARVEY M.: Tbomaston; B.B.A. In Markt.; Alpha Kappa Psi. WASHBURN, ESTHER M.: Atlanta; B.E. Ed. WATERHOUSE, RUSSELL P., JR.: Atlanta; B.S.A. in Dairy Manufacturing. WATERS, MARJORIE K.: Blacksbear; B.S. Ed.; Phi Mu; Wom- en ' s Glee Club. WATSON, GEORGE A., JR.: Athens; B.S. in Physics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WEBB, JOSEPH E.: Athens; B.B.A. WEBB, NANCY E.: Atlanta; B.S.H.E.; Wesley Foundation, Sec; U.R.S.A.; Women ' s Glee Club. WEBB, WILLIAM C: Athens; B.S. in Physics; Basketball. SECOND ROW: WEEKLEY, MARY J.: Jacksonville, Fla.; B.F.A. in Piano; Alpha Omicron Pi, Treas., Vice-Pres., Pres.; Sigma Alpha Iota. WEEKS, LUCY A.: Brunswick; B.S. in Zoology; Triquetra; Phi Sigma. WELDON, THOMAS M.: Milner; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry. WELLS, ROBERT A.: Valdosta; B.S.M.E.; Phi Mu Alpha, Sec, Pres.; M.E.N.C; Band; Orch.; Men ' s Glee Club. WENTZ, BLANCE A,: Athens; B.S. Ed.; Pi Tau Chi; Red and Black; Reed Hall Council; Wesley Foundation; M.E.N.C. WENZEL, BARBARA G.: Decatur; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Omicron Pi; U.G.R.A.; Student Union. WEST, GEORGE L.: Lakeland; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry; Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin. WHATLEY, PAULA: Zebulon; B.S.H.E.; Pi Beta Phi. THIRD ROW: WHITAKER, SARA A: Harlem; B.S.H.E.; Wesley Foundation; Homecon, Treas.; Triquetra, Treas.; Ag Hill Council. WHITE, GEORGIA L.: Hickory, N. C; B.S. in Speech Correc- tion; Zeta Tau Alpha; Zeta Phi Eta; Prof. Panhellenic; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Sec; Miss Pandora; Lambda Chi Alpha Sponsor; U.G.R.A.; A.C.E. WHITE, JAMES H.: Marietta; B.B.A. in Ins. and Real Estate; Chi Phi; G Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball. WHITE, JOANNE E.: Bremen; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Omicron Pi; Homecon; Student Union; U.G.R.A. WHITE, WILLIAM H.: Monticello; B.B.A. in Retailing. WHITEFIELD, VIRGIL W.: Cedartown; B.S. in Math.; Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Mu Epsilon; Veterans Club; Student Council. WHITWORTH, HUBERT S.: Lavonia; B.B.A.; Kappa Sigma. WIGGINS, WILLIAM E., JR.: Rome; B.B.A.; Arnold Air Soc. FOURTH ROW: WILKES, PAUL L.: Rockledge; B.A. WILLARD, MARTHA A.: Atlanta; B.F.A. in Com. Art; Phi Mu. WILLIAMS, DONALD L.: Columbus; B.S. in Geol. WILLIAMS, DORIS L.: Hamilton; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Psi Omega. WILLIAMS, L. JOY: Buchanan; A.B. in Geog.; Kappa Delta; U.R.S.A.; Glee Club. WILLIAMS, RAY E.: Brunswick; A.B.J, in Radio-TV; Alpha Phi Omega. WILLIAMS, THOMAS R.: Albany; B.S. Ed.; Delta Tau Delta, Sec; Red and Black; Hist. Club; Canterbury Club; Student Union. WILLIAMSON, LEON A.: Savannah; B.S. in Chem.; Sigma Chi. FIFTH ROW: WILLIS, FRANKLIN L.: Tifton; B.A. WOFFORD, HOKE S., JR.: Atlanta; A.B. in Pre-Law; Sigma Chi; Demosthenian; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Biftad; X Club; Pre-Law Club. WOODRUM, WILLIAM L.: Statesboro; B.S.A.E.; Ag. Engr. Club. WOODSON, JOHN W.: Elberton; B.L.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Pi Lambda Alpha; Landscape Arch. Club; Arnold Air Soc. WORLEY, JOHN N.: Elberton; B.B.A.; Arnold Air Soc. WRIGHT, WILLIAM W., JR.: Jackson; B.B.A.; Phi Delta Theta. YANCEY, BETTY A.: Griffin: B.S. Ed. in Soc. Sci. YOST, E. JANE: Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega. SIXTH ROW: YOUNG, DOTTY: Decatur; B.S. in Music Ed.; Pi Beta Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota; M.E.N.C; U. Chorus; Women ' s Glee Club; Pershing Rifles Sponsor. YOUNG, E. DELL: Newnan; B.S. in Psy.; U.G.R.A. YOUNG, MARJORIE E.: Dawson; A.B. in Pol. Sci.; Delta Delta Delta, Sec; Pi Sigma Alpha, Pres.; Pep Club; Pol. Sci. Club, Pres.; Canterbury Club. YOW, HUBERT, JR.: Vienna; B.S.A. ZIMMERMAN, JERRY M.: Atlanta; B.S. Pharm.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Rho Chi. ZIMMERMAN, VICTOR C: Wayland, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Food Tech.; Food Tech. Club, Pres. l! Warren, H. Weekley, M. Whitaker, S. Wilkes, P. Willis, F. SENIORS Washburn, E. Weeks, L. White, G. Willard, M. Wofford, H. Waterhouse, R. Weldon, T. White, J. H. Williams, D. Woodrum, W. Young, D, Waters, M. Wells, R. White, J. E. Williams, D. Woodson, J. Young, £. Watson, G. Wentz, B. White, W. Williams, L. Worley, J. Young, M. Webb, J. Wenzel, B. Whitfield, V. Williams, R. Wright, W. Yow, H. Webb, N. West, G. Whitworth, H. Williams, T. Yancey, B. Zimmerman, J. Webb, W. Whatley, P. Wiggins, W. Williamson, L. Yost, E. Zimmerman, V, OFFICERS President . . . CHARLIE WALKER Vice-President . . SUE CRAWFORD Sec.-Treas. . . LINDSEY BENNETT JUNIORS Fountain of Youth. The junior sophisters, as they were called in the days of yore, liked to talk too, only they didn ' t get to do as much of it: " forensic dis- putation " was required only once every two months. The professors tried to keep them pretty busy, though. Astronomy, determination of geographic longitudes and latitudes by observation of eclipses and of the moon and by use of the celestial globe (and you think some of the requirements nowadays are ridiculous), natural and experimental philosophy, chemistry, botany, logic (before breakfast), Priestly ' s lectures on history, forensics, composition, and " Cicero de Oratore " (try " Cicero the Orator, " it ' s not in the dictionary.) And furthermore, each junior had to " take down in writing the sustance of all principal points " in the lecture and have his notes " exhibited to the lecturer for examination and correction " (see these professors don ' t just dream up their wild assignments). Nobody paid much attention to the juniors in those days, either. In 1824, the class as a whole petitioned the faculty to excuse them from reciting " Cicero de Oratore " until they should have completed conic sections whereupon the faculty flatly refused. But to students there are ways and ways and even better ways, and they set on the fox by coming up with " bad Greek lessons " which the conceited faculty decided had been aimed directly at them. Who knows? Ask one of the ghosts sometime when you ' re up in the Oconee Cemetery. Someone apparently had a change of heart, however, when com- mencement time drew near, and a whole day, called the " Junior Exhibi- tion, " was given to the juniors. At this event chosen members of the class were given the honor of speaking before the great multitudes who annually swarmed to Athens for Commencement. It doesn ' t sound like so much now, but then times have changed. ■ V ' V 1 Grecian Urn. Having trouble? There $ one in every cro d! ABERCROMBIE, WILLIAM Haiukinsmtle ABNER, LUCIUS _ Windi-r ADAMS, MARY Athens ADERHOLn, ELIZABETH ._ ...Athens AKRIDGE, VINCENT Nrwton ALLEN, BETTY Enigma ALLMOND, EMMETT VidaUa ALSUP, JOHN „-- Tallahassee, Fla. ANDERSON, JEANNEEN EasI Point ANDERSON, WILLIAM Dahlonega ANTHONY, RICHARD _ Columbus ARCHAMBEAULT, RAYMOND.- Savannah ARRINGTON, JACKIE _ ....Americus ATKINSON, JAMES ___ Eastman AVERA, JACK _ _ Brunswick AYCOCK, ANITA WalkinsvilU AYCOCK, GILBERT Satannah BACH, PETER ._ Greak Neck, ' V- V. BACON, WILLIAM Irwinton BALTE, GALE __ Decatur BANKS, ROY Savannah BARBEE, FRANK - Waycross BARFIELD, EVELYN Finleyson BARNES. PHYLLIS Union Point BEARD, OTTIS Sycamore BELL, JAMES Toccoa BELL, JOSEPH Athens BENNETT, LOEL Cartersville BENNETT, MARLENE .„_ Waycross BENNETT, MARY .._ Weston, W. Va. BENTLEY, BETTY Athens BERRY, MARIANNE __ Milledgeville BING, BURNETT -„.._ Jacksonville, Fla. BLOODWORTH, GLORIA ....Gainesville BOCGS, LARRY _„__ _ ..Villa Rica BOl.LER, WILLIAM Martinez BORDERS, ANN - Tijton BOROCHOFF, PHYLLIS Rome BOSWORTH, WARREN .„ fhenix City, Ala. BOWEN, ALLEN Bristol BOWMAN, JOE _ Trion BRAGG, MALINDA - .- Danielsville BRAMLETT, JAMES Carnesville BRANAN, CHARLES, Griflin BRAND, WILLIAM _ _ Decatur BRANNEN, CHARLES Stalesboro BRIDGES, CHARLES ._ Damascus BRITTAIN, RALPH Macon BROOKS, RAYMOND ..._ _„ Bishop BROWN, JAMES Dawson BROWN, RAY Stillmore BROWN, ROBERT Davisboro BR(5WN, RONALD H Dudley BROWN, RONALD P. _ College Park BROWN, SHIRLEY _ Atlanta BRUCE, CHARLES ._ Tilton BRYAN, BETTY Marietta BRYAN, SHIRLEY Hartivell BULLARD, WILLIAM Atlanta BURDEN, MARGIE „_ __ Hartwell BURKS, NANCY Griflin BURNETT, JANE Cave Spring BURR, ROBERT Chesterfield, S. C. JUNIORS BLRRELL. ROBERT BURROW. BILLY BURT. JAMES BURT. .MELVIN BUTLER. GEORGE BUTLER. LUCIE BUTLER. SHELA Ctarl cspillc LaFayelte Dawtont ' ille Dawsoni illc Columbus Savannah Brooks CAISON. WILLLWl CAMERON. CAREY _ CAMPBELL, AUDREY CAMPBELL, JEANNE CAMPBELL. JANET „ CAREY. BENJAMIN CARROLL. EUGENE - HincspiUe Lithania Atlanta East Point __ Hartwetl Bogart Viiallia CARROLL. JACK _. CARROLL. PATRICIA CARTER. DANIELS „ _ CARVER. JOHN CASHIN. EUGENE CHAMBLEE. DAVID _ CHERRY. CALVIN Undale ... Valdosta _ Surrency . Columbus Atlanta - Columbui CLARK, JAMES _ CLONTS. CAROLYN. COCHRAN, JAMES CODY. JAMES COHEN. CECILE COLE, CLARA _ COLE, SANDRA _..„ Ringgold . Pou der Springs Norcross Crifjin Clio, S. C. Dial Bluclicld, W. Va. Satannab COLEMAN, WILLIE COLLINS, CHAPPELI Camilla COLLINS, CHARLES Cochran COLLINS, I. CK BarnrsvilU COMBS, RALPH Toledo, Ohio COX, THEODORE Darirn CRABB, JAMES Douglas CRAWFORD, ELEANOR - CREWS. LEONARD Lyerly Horlcnse CROMARTIE, WILLIAM Uesburg, Va. CROOMS, ROBERT Eatonlon CRUMBLEY, JOAN St. Augustine. Fla. CUTCHENS, EDSEL Climax CUTTER, DIXIE hlaeon DANIEL. CAROLYN DANIEL, WILLODEAN .. DAVENPORT, MILDRED DAVIS, .MARY DAVIS, WILLIAM DAY, JOSEPH DEAL, LARRY Smyrna LaGrange Americus Sparta Valdosta _. Lexington - Montezuma L l. " What ' d he say? " £££££ ££LLE DEATON, LOUIE Slone Mt. DELK, JAMES Alhcns DEMOS, JOHNNY Alhnla DINWIDDIE, ROBERT „. Scatlsvillc DIXON, GEORGE _ Manchester DODD, JOHN Valdosia DOLLAR, CAROLYN Cairo DOMINICK, JERRY Atlanta DONALDSON, ROBERT Slalesboro DORER, DONNA _ Norlolk. Va. DRUMMOND, OTHEL _„._ Athens DUDLEY, JOYCE _ _ Athens DUKES, FRANCES _ Norcrass DUNAHOO, WILLIAM Winder EAGAN, MASON Atlanta EASOM, BARBARA - _ Albany ECKERMAN, MARILYN Atlanta EDWARDS, JAMES _ Fayelleville EDWARDS, NEIL Athens EDWARDS, SYLVIA - Augusta ELLINGTON, MARVIN Thomaston ENGLISH, INMAN _ Cochran EPPS, ROSAMOND Athens FEW, SAMUEL -._ _ Apalachee FINCHER, HARRIET Macon FITZGERALD, BERNARD _ _. Athens FITZGERALD, PATRICIA - _ Rachelle FORSYTH, ROBERT Columbus FORTSON, NORMAN „,_ _..__ Elberlon FOSTER, SHIRLEY LaGrange FOWLER, OSCAR Douglasfille FREEMAN, BENJAMIN— - Savannah FREEMAN, HAROLD.. Milledgei ille FRIER, MORRIS Stanhope, N. . FRISBEE, TED- _ Ellijay FROST, LOUIE - Wrightsville FUSSELL, DANIEL Rhine FUTRAL, VELVETA Criflin GANTT, TOMMY _.. Lavonia GARDNER, CHARLES _ Atlanta GARMANY, ELLA .- Kensington GARMANY, ROBERT Kensington GARRETT, JAMES .._ Carrollton GARVIN, EDITH Siimmerfille GENOVESE, DONALD Pitlsfield, Mass. GESSNER, JEAN Atlanta GIBSON, MARGARET _ Perry GIBSON, MARTHA.... ...Asheville, N. C. GITTELMAN, STANLEY Brooklyn, N. Y. " Somebody in here ' s been eating garlic. " When Tate says, " Drop ' urn, " you drop ' urn. GLENN. MARV GODFREY, CHARLES _ GODIN, HENRY GOLDRING, DAVID - GOODRICH. SA.VIUEL GRANDY, RUTH GRAYSON. JERRY _ Spartanburg. S. C. Augusta . iVfK york. .V. y. MclUdge Mobile, Ala, Forest Park, GREEN, CHARLES GRIEDER. MARVIN GRIFFETH. JEAN GRIFFETH. RONALD GUNN. MARTIN GUNTER. EDWARD ._ HAIGWOOD, JIM Marietta Middlelowrt, N. Y. Jefferson Athens Tifton Valdosta Rome HALL. FARRELL „ HAND, MIRIAM HANKINS, ALLEN „ HARDEN, HOMER _ HARMON, JAMES „ HARRELL, RABUN HARRIS, JUDY Newnan _ Pelham Catlieoon, N. Y. - Greensboro, N. C. Augusta Wrightsfille Columbus HARRIS, LOWELL „ HARRISON, PAULA HARRISON, PHIL HART. JAMES HARVEY, EDWARD HARVEY. JENNY _ HATTRICH, JOHN„ Macon Athens Lavonia .- Columbus Athens Millen - Savannah HAYGOOD, REBEKAH Athens HEARN, CHARLES Bellville HENDERSON, ELIZABETH Cohutta HERNDON, THOMAS Hartwell HERRING, BENARD Fitzgerald HIBBERT, BILL Atlanta HILL, JOHN East Point HODGES, HERBERT Brunswick HOLLIS, JAMES HOOKS, DONALD _ HORNE, JO — HOWARD, CAROLINE .. HOWARD, RICHARD _ HUBERT, SARALYN , Rocli Spring! Lexsy inleyson Syltan:a .Atlanta .. Crawfordifitle HUDSON, KENNETH HUFF, WILLIAM _ HULSEY, BARBARA _. HUNTER, RAYMOND .. INMAN, ELE. NOR IRVIN, .MELVIN IVEY, DOLORES Collins Eltijay .- Gainesville — Moultrie Manor Tbomaston -...Vidalia JACOBS, RUSSELL . I. COBSON, MILTON- JENKINS, BURT JOHNSON, WADE JONES, BOBBY JONES, DEAN JONES, HELEN ... Sylvania Atlanta Colbert Rome ... Elberlon — Augusta JONES, LESLIE JONES, RICHARD A JONES, RICHARD W. JONES, ROBERT JONES, SARA JORDAN, PAXTON JOSEY, CHARLES lacl(sonrille , Warner Robins Roberta Thomson McRae Wrens Bartow JUNIORS JUSTICE, WILLIS _ __ Il icns KAPLAN, JEROME Macon KAPLAN, SHIRLEY _ Wrightsiiille KARATASSOS. EVANTHIA Savannah KARAZULAS, JOHN Bridgeport, Conn. KANE, JOSEPH _.. Allania KASTL, HERB Floral Park.. N. Y. KATZ, IRA - Brooklyn, N. Y. KEEN, ALICE Macon KELLAM, NANCY _ _„. Waycross KELLER, JOHN _ _ _ Allania KENT, SARAH Decalur KICKLIGHTER, MAXINE ____ Glennuillc KITCHENS, MARY _ Covinglon KNIGHT, WILLIAM - Allania KOLGAKLIS, ALEX _ ._ __ Savannah LANDERS, CHARLES High Shoals LANGSTON, JAMES Decalur LAM, KATHERINE Rome LATHAM, CAROLE _...._ Rome LATHEM, JOYCE Canlon I-ECKIE, JAMES ,-- „ _ Shady Dale LEE, ADOLPHUS DuPonl LEE, PHYLLIS Albany LEE, THORNWELL Allania LEGGE, ROBERT BarnesviUe LEGRAND, NATHAN Allania LEWIS, JO Eatonlon LIFSEY, DAVID . - __ Monleziima LINDSEY, GLENN _ Barnesville LONG, LESLIE Ludowici LONG, JOSEPH -- Girard LOWERY, CUSTIN Warner Robbins LOYD, CHARLES Mclntyre MACDONALD, PATRICIA Clinton, S. C. MACON, PATRICIA _ Atlanta MADDOX, JERRY Nicholson MADDOX, YOUNG _. lef erson MAHAFFEY, BILLY Blairsvillc MALCOM, KENNETH -- Began MANLEY, EDWARD A Hawkinsville MANNING, JOE Alpharetla MANNING, LORENE Dudley MARBLE, ROBERT - Augusta MARSHALL, JOSEPH _ Evans MARTIN, SHIRLEY Athens MARTIN, WILLIAM Vienna MAYES, BENJAMIN _ Savannah McBURNEY, BURT lennings. La. McDANIEL, LAWRENCE Hapeville McDONOUGH, WILLIAM - Allania McDUFFEE, REGINALD - Savannah McLEAN, ELIZABETH- Maxton, V. C. McMillan, AMELI A-„ Enigma McNEIL, JAMES .....Athens Mcpherson, WILLIAM _ _ Dawson McRAE, CLARA „ _ Ml. Vernon McWILLIAMS, CLAYTON Monteaima MEANS, RICHARD -- Louisville MEEKS, JAMES _ Adrian MENGER. JAMES Augusta MERRITT. THOMAS Lexington MESSINGER, JEROME New York, N. Y. JUNIORS MIDDLEBROOKS, PHILLIP UGrangr M mt Sk MILAM, BOBBY Fairburn L cl it— M f B .fcwi J W ' IL iP " ' l 1 MILES, FRANK _ Baxlev | Ji ' 1 IP MILFORD, CHARLES _ Carncsville Sfc. - i MILLER, BEN Richland EP w fc . k. ' ' BK IH tt Allania L H L H .]m pV ' . F V V H W I Va 1 . h H ' " HBi I b ' ! SUMS, THOMAS _._ Harlrynilh " ' S m % J k MINGE. lERRY _ Rom t J A Jl C aJi l «t- ' fck " Si- W l MITCHELL, ERNEST Augusta m % MS ' BI W I - Ti_ f Bl MITCHELL, lOHN _„ Alh m %jf J Mfc . h. £ - ' ' Ct " %I " MOLDER, FRANCES Athens JF A . S V B . K .J V J m MONTCOMER ' i ' . Cedarlou n J KT H fl mi P H X I K T fel KiB I Bift B Bk Ah ROBERT „ ;«rnf f m jfll B P W Kt MBS MORRIS, LINDA Appling »_ 8_ Z B W W ET S:m J MORRIS. WILLIAM -... Augusta HjK W ■HT F R S%k Em M wl ' ' • ' MORWAY, JOYCE Rahwa),. N. C. MmM Mm ' l l " J fe- ' i T ■t- A - MULLEN, LOUIS Atlanta 1 jC : |C J P Jl jC M URRAY, .. Kr k JIk i v . . tllrH .„ H H sss B -J Hiii B r9v. li --- Hor fni W k P V » W . NEEDLE, MICHAEL Brooklyn. N. Y. K J| ■ , B ■ T | IT ■» NEWBERRY, lULIUS Whigham Ifc l f " Ji P ' I !»« • JPi " " ' ci 1 NEWTON, CARL Cainrsfille fcP WmW E Ei Bj - ' ' NIX, ALTON _ _ Columbus HM AP . ' B M ,k NUCKOLLS, CAROLYN F . it T . Wti B . . W t - T flMT I T r K k fl ' l Bh I OLIVER, - „. Waynesboro H f B g OLIVER. THURMAN -nj ■ B t I ■ 1 J _J g 1 J ONEAL, WEY.VtAN Conyers ft J, 1 " S f fM • jB U ■ft " ' A— - OTWELL, ROBERT Cumming Wj " ZMf %J J ' , : ' t- ' Vt- fc( ' ' OUTLAW, FREDERICK _. Alhrns TKBjT J JS L ' 4 ' k 9L PALMER, ARTHUR Dahlonrga ff Ej ■ " i C ML T Jtm .Wf PATTERSON, ELLEN .... A cRoc tB M f M L « «. K C P 8 ?::s ZRr:.zzzzz.r;: v- ri f fe l 1 fe5l wi - - • " ' ' ■ ' " " ' ■ _ ai - . 09 j V|L PENNOOK, Puerto i m k . BS " B .J F H . E k . HP H Fj K _ . n B . l fe fe l H fj L k mf TB « PETER.SON, DOWE H-o f fy J T B K 1 C. 1 B .M K .J fc-V J PHILLIPS, ROBERT Columbus Ak-ilf flP sS Al ' 9l X ! MJMMt WX m tFl PILCHER, BOBBY Americus WLJP m - P gl TJ JSV ' W F fe f ' ■ POTEET, RUSSELL . „ „.;. fe|L Ifcj »» .AEii H .H ' -r- POUNDS, LESLIE Stone ,H " BBT -JKw K W . B . .. fW . rW The phantom strikes again rfun i " ! ' PURCELL, JERRY Savannah PURCELL, ROBERT Savannah PURSER, JOHN Statcsboro PURSER, RUBY _ Slateshmo RAISTY, HELEN - .- _. Decatur REPPARD, JOANNE Smithjield, W. Va. REYNOLDS, JOHN ._ Uma, N. Y. RHYNE, TOMMY Allanla RICHARDSON, NAN Hampton RICKS, FRANCES Mt. Olive, N. C. RIDDLE, EDWARD ____ Augusta RILEY, ODELL _ Augusta RILEY, PATRICIA Atlanta RITCHIE, JO NAN Athens ROBERTSON. LUCY._ Marietta ROBISON ' , BARBARA Americus RODGERS, LILLIAN Oglethorpe ROE, ALLEN Augusta ROLAND, GRAY Wrightsville ROOKES, JOSEPH Milledgeville ROWAN, VAN.._ Lak.eland RUTLEDGE, RONALD Emory Univ. SANDERS, EUNICE Vienna SAPP, JOHNSON Douglas SCARSELLETTA, MARIO Auburn, N. Y. SCHMIDT, JEAN Americus SCHREIBER, HARRIETTE Blackshear SELIGMAN, ROSLYN Claxton SHAPARD, SALLY _ GrijUn SHARPE, SYLVESTER Waynesboro SHAW, JAMES Athens SHEFFIELD, LLOYD Quitman SHELL, DOROTHY Atlanta SHEPHERD, MARY _ Atlanta SHERIFF, J ACK._ _ Atlanta SHORT, GEORGE Augusta SHYTLE, JAMES Chesnee, S. C. SIMONS, JAMES _ Social Circle SIMS, BARBARA Statham SIMS, BEVERLY... Statham SKINNER, SHIRLEY Adrian SMALL WOOD, JOE Carroltton SMITH, ELIZABETH Greenville, S. C. SMITH, GEORGE Screven, Ga. SMITH. J OHNN Y _... Cochran SMITH, QUEON Lula S.MITH, ROBERT Savannah SNOW, JAMES Trion SORROW, BILLY— _ _ Athens SOUTHWELL, HUGH Reidsville SPARKS, MILDRED _ Commerce SPENCE, ROBERT... East Point SPENCER, CHARLES Rossville Marvin fiddles while Athens burns. ' Yott mean she got the last Classic Comic? " SPOONER, JOE Waycross STAMPS, LOUISE TiUon STERNISHA. CHARLES . St. lohnsvilh, N. Y. STEWART, CHARLES SummervilU STEWART, lAMES Athnia STRAIN, CHARLES _ — Dalton STRICKLAND, FENTON — .. Columbus STRICKLAND, I. WILLIE STRICKLAND, I. WILSON SULLIVAN, JOAN SWAN, DAVID SYMONS, JOSEPH TANNER, JOHNNIE TARPLEY, WILLIAM . Mt. Vernon Black_iheaT Savannah Augusta Footer Athens Dublin TAYLOR, JACK TAYLOR, KATHRYN TEMPLE, SHIRLEY TERRELL, TOMMY TERRY, GUYTON THAXTON, CARLTON THOM, HORACE _ .. Manchester ™ Columbus Elberton Toecoa Albany Cochran Athens „ Atlanta Hammond, La. Athens THOMASSON, CHERRY- THOMPSON, PATRICIA, TOLNAS, EDWIN TOMLINSON, HERMAN Homerville TONISSON, CARA Stockholm, Sweden TURNER, HENRY Powder Springs TURNER. HIRAM Luella TURNER, JAMES TURNER, ROSE TUTEN, JOHN TWITTY, JESSIE TYNDALE, JACKIE _ TYSON, WILLIE VAUGHN, REBECCA VEAL, LARRY VINSON, WILLIAM VORIES, ROBERT ._. WALTERS, ROGER _ WEBB, LA JUANA WEBB, WILLIAM . WEBBER, QUENTIN- Mauk Swainsboro Patterson _ Camilla Atlanta Tiflon Atlanta ... Bowman Byron Athens Monroe . Nashville .. Bowman Lyons WEIGAND, BEVERLY- WERT, MARJORIE WESLEY, TERRELl WHEELER, HAROLD- WHITE, FRANCES WHITE, JERRILYN .__ WHITE, JULIANNA , Decatur Rome . Atlanta - Canton . Americus Macon WHITE, THOMAS.. WIKLE, JACK _. WILKISON, THELMA- WILLIAMS, ALBERT... .. WILLIAMS, GERALD WILLIAMS, MARY WILLIAMS, SARA .. Stock.bridge .. Clarkesi ' ille Colquitt Pinehttrst -...Covington Rhine Oglethorpe WILLIS, WILLIAM .. WOLFE, WILLIAM.-. WOMACK, BOBBY..- WOOD, ROSEMARY... WORLEY, DONALD--. WRIGHT, BILL WYLY, EMMALEE..- ..Washington Baxley ...Cartersville .-.Gainesville Arabs ..Columbus Forsyth f.£il: L Ji, JiL lLillLRM.1 J I N I R S The four Graces The sophomores, strangley enough, were called sophomores from the beginning of time. Time was pretty much the same, too. After sunrise prayers, they wrestled with Horace (no, not the one you ' re thinking of this one happens to be a Latin) . Then came breakfast. The whole set-up seems to have been rather much akin to eight o ' clock with a nine o ' clock Co-op. After this, they went to their other two classes of the day, Greek and Math. These classes must have been more like two hour-labs, because it seems pretty senseless to have only two hours out for classes after breakfast. But then you know how they did things in those days. Oh, the evenings were fun, too. Two of the sophomores, just like the freshmen and junior sophisters, were required every evening after prayers to " pronounce pieces previously committed to memory " and receive instruction in " elocution " (It ' s not what you are thinking) . The Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Club seems to have had its roots in the distant past also and must have boasted a pretty noticeable membership even then. Its traditional foe, the faculty, armed themselves then as now, and a fine of 50 cents a day was levied for each absence " without substantial reason. " We wonder how the University infirmary excuse system worked in those days. Hitchhiking problems? Which one w ' on? All we do is stand in lines! OFFICERS President . . . NATHAN KNIGHT Vice-President . . NINI MALTBY Sec.-Treas. . . CHUCK KAMMERER S P H ORES S P H ADAIR, BERYL Riillcdge ADAMS, PEGGY Alheni ADAMS, SUZANNE Marietta ADDISON, BARBARA Rome AIKEN, THOMAS _ _ _. Covington ALBERT, JUDITH Athens ALDERMAN, LUCY - East Point ALLEN, EMILY _ „ Butler ALLEN, JUDITH Covington ALLMON, WILLIAM Neivington ALMON, NANCY _ Augusta ANDREWS, BETH Atlanta ARMSTRONG, WYNN - Savannah ASPINWALL, BARBARA Patterson ATKINSON, FLORENCE Decatur BARBATO, MARIO lersey City, N. . BARNES, PATSY Ellalrille BARROW, JOAN Doraville BASS, FRED Newnan BEACH, JOHN _ __ Waycross BEDDINGFIELD, CONSTANCE Perry BEDDINGFIELD, JOY ' CELYN Augusta BELL, BARBARA -- -.- - -„.- Bucl head BENNETT, JOSEPH .Athens BLAU, GEORGE Atlanta BLISS, DOROTHY - Savannah BOATWRICHT, BEULAH _ Cobblown BOGIE, JON _ „..._ Winnetka, 111. BOLDEN, CHARLES Gainesville BONDS, CARLOS _ Thomaston BONDURANT, EMMET Athens BONDURANT, HELEN Winder BOWLES, TANYA ._„_ Chipley BRADY, ELIZABETH LaGrange BREWER, JOHNNY Harlem BRITT, JOHN Darien BROWN, DIANE Atlanta BROWN, JOANN _ forest Parl BROWN, MARTHA JO _.... Athens BROWN, MARTHA SUE Marietta BROWN, NADINE Springvale BROWN, SHARON Savannah BRUNKHURST. WILLIAM Augusta BURKE, RUSSELL Atlanta BURTON, CAROLYN Vienna BURTON, PEGGY Vienna BUSH, WILLIAM .-— Columbus CALDWELL, PATRICIA Savannah CALLAWAY, NELLIE Rayle CALLAWAY, WILLIS Gainesville ( ALLIHAN, MICHAEL _.... McRae CANUPP, JERRY Gainesville CARPENTER, JOANNE Mt. City CARTLEDGE, CAROL „ Athens CASEY, JAMES Cedartown CHAFIN, WILLIAM Hartwell CHAMBERS, ROBERT ]oneshoro CHASIN, IRWIN .._ Atlanta CHATFIELD, LINDA Atlanta CLARK, DONNA Nashville, Tenn. CLEVELAND, JULIAN Hartwell COILE, RAYMOND Athens COKER, MARIAN Gainesville ORES COMER, CYRIL Ray City CONNER, DAVLOR Monroe COURSON, MAXWELL - Hazlchiirst COWAN, BENJAMIN lackson COWART. WILLIAM LuJowic: COX, JAMES - Alhm! COX, JULIAN . Alhrns COX, MARTHA - Darien CRANE, ELEANOR - AlHem CRAWFORD, STEVE - Pooler CRAWFORD, WILLIA.M Pendcrgrass CROCKER, CURTIS Cornelia CROSSIN, KAREN 4lliinla CROW, HELEN Maricl:u CROXTON, ANN Allama DAVIS, JONES Toccoa DEAN, GEORGE College Park DEAN, ROSCOE _ lesup DE BEAUGRINE. MARTHA Alhem DOSTER, JAMES Abbeville DUGGAN, VIRGINIA Moultrie DUKE, DORIS Toecoa DURRENCE, GENE Clennville DYKES, CELETTA Milen EADY, DENA Waco EVANS, MARILYN Augusta EVANS, RICHARD Hazlehurst EZZARD, JOHN Calumbm FARR, MARTHA Rosifille FAZIO, SALVATORE Brunswick FLOURNOY, ROBERT Cedartoum FLOWERS, JOHNNY Adel FLOYD, GLENDA Boifersville FOLK, CATHERINE Augusta FOSTER, BARBARA Canton FOSTER, CARLTON Cochran FOWLER, PHYLLIS Marietta FRAZIER, EDDIE Sparta FREELAND, JAMES Augusta FREEMAN, NORMAN Fitzgerald FULEN WIDER, PATRICIA Hollywood, Fla. GIBBONS, ALMIRA Cedartown GILES, JOYCE Memphis. Tenn GILLESPIE, DON Metier GILMER, JAMES Gainesrille GORDY, SAM Thomaston GRANT, JOSEPH Clarkesville GREEN, ALICE Canton GREER, CLINTON LaFayette ££££ £ f kkM. " You ' re hurting my wrist, Clem. " Dear Santa . . . " ■7 f mL A .J O- O O- £ GREGG, DONALD Macon GREVEMBERG, DRUE Savannah GUEST, GERALD _„___ CarrMlon GUNNELLS, BOBBIE _ Hull HAILEY, ANN ... Athens HALL. WILLIAM Warrenlon HARDY, JANE - ______ ; GainesvilU HARDY, JUNE _______ Gainesville HARPER, CLAUDE Bainbridge HARRIS, JOE_ Cartersville HARRIS, JOHN Augusta HARTMAN, GERALD Hogansville HAWKS, NORRIS _ Athens HAYNES, JOHNNY _______ Gainesville HEATH, JANE ...___ ______ Decatur HENDRIX, HIRAM Carrollton HENSON, HOWARD Swainsboro HERRING, GUY ..Aragon HERRINGTON, PATTY Sardis HILL, MARVIN Uvonia HILLARD, ED ..Camilla HIRSCH, RIETTE Baxley HODGES, THOMAS Bainbridge HOLLIS, DAVID .....Hahira HOLMES, ALASKA McCaysville HOLT, JACK _ Ellijay HUDGINS, DORIS Killeen, Tex. HULLENDER, NICK .......Ringgold HUNNIUS, BARBARA Athens HUTTON, CHARLES ft. Oglethorpe BUTTON, LUCY Columbus JACKSON, CAROLYN ...Forsyth JENTZEN, MARY „ Atlanta JERVEY, RICHARD _. _ _ _. Marietta JOHNSTON, GARY Atlanta JOHNSON, COLBERT Resaca JONES, JACKIE College Park JONES, JULIANNE Decatur JORDAN, ELEANOR Americus JORDAN, GLORIA Athens KAMMERER, CHARLES Winston-Salem, N.C. KEATING, LUCY _ Savannah KEMP, CHARLES ...Pelham KENT, WILLIAM JThomaslon KIDD, JAMES _ WatKisnville KILLAM, CHRISTINE Greensboro KIMBROUGH, CONNIE Chipley KING, JANE Atlantic Beach, Fla. KING, MARVIN _ Brunsimck. And ivhen I got about this far from the " windo . . . " " Now can I get that excuse? " KIPPENBROCK, DAVID- RISER, lAMES KOPEC, THAD KROCK, RICHARD KUIPERS, CARI LAMB, JAMES LANE, HARRY LANE, LARRY LANIER, HELEN LANIER, PATRICIA LATHEM, lOY LAWLER, LESLIE LAWRENCE, WILLIAM _ LEE, JAMES LOWE, JEAN LUNSFORD, JAMES - LYNCH, PAUL MASSEY, SHELBA MATHEWS, WALTER _ MAXWELL, ALBERT _ MAXWELL, DAVID MAXWELL, JUANITA. MAXWELL, PEGGY McALPIN, BARBARA — McCALL, JUDY McDADE, LEROY McELMLRRAY, SWAIN McGUIRE, SALLY McNeill, maryann„ meadows, mary METHVIN, ERROLL MICHAEL, HERMAN MIDDLETON, DOROTHY„ MILLER, GORDON MISNER, VILAS MITCHELL, THOMAS _ MITCHELL, WILLIAM. MOORE, BERRY MOORE, DUDLEY MOORE, EUGENE A. MOORE, EUGENE J._ MORRIS, JOHN Valdosia . Warner Robins Athens WayCTOss Cochran Macon Lyons Lyons Metier „ Statcsboro Canton Atlanta Shannon .. College Parl( MADDOX, WILLIAM MALCOLM, DAVID MALLOY, FRANCES MARSHALL, SANDRA Bostwick. Suches Atlanta Marietta . .Fitzgerald Macon Macon Lexington yashville Tallalah Falls „ Savannah Savannah Athens Augusta Chicl(amauga - Lottisville, Ky. Eatonton MENDENHALL, THOMAS Charleston. S.C Bogart Athens . Bainbridge Athens Athens Augusta -Gray Netvborn Canton Douglasvillc MORRIS, MURROW Atlanta MORRIS, DALE Aliquippa, Pa. MOWRY, JAMES - MULL, GEORGE— MURPHY, JACOLYNN- MURPHY, MYRTLE MURRAY. PATRICIA— MORRISON, WAYNE— MURRY, PEGGY ' Augusta Hapeville - Joanna, S. C. Ocilla -Atlanta Hull MUSICK, JACK NASH, MALCOLM NICHOLS, MARSHALL- NIX, HAROLD NIXON, WILLIAM NORMAN, THOMAS Athens — Americus ]esup Augusta - Carrolltan .. Lincolnton OLIVER, WICKE AUanta J..££££iLSi. S P H ORES £1SL S k .t£££ £.£1 £-Rfe PALMER, GLENN Mamo PAXTER, JIM Warner Robins PARKER, CALVIN Athens PARKS, MILDRED JacksonvilU , Fla. PARR, MARY — Covington PATTON, CARROL! Swainsboro PEARSON, MARY Nrwnan PEEPLES, JIM Chauworlh PHILLIPS, FRANK -.„ Atlanta PINSON, VIRGINIA Ellijay POOLE, )ULIA Mystic PORTER, NEIL Williston, S.C. PURCELL, MARCELLE Carncsville PURCELL, MARY Commerce RABUN, JAMES - Louisville RABURN, ROBERT Augusta RAINEY, NAN Eatonlon RALSTON, ISABELI Uthonia RANDOLPH, JOYCE Athens REYNOLDS, ARTHUR Mayjield RIMSTIDT, DEWAYNE _ Decatur ROBERTS, WINNIE- - Iron City ROBINSON, RIDGLEY Asheville, N.C. RODGERS, JANE- _- Atlanta ROGERS, LEE Screven ROSE, HERBERT Milledgeville ROWELL, WILLIAM - Toccoa RUPPEL, MARGARET- _ Columbus RUTLAND, MYRA Lenox RYAN, ROBERT Atlanta SANDERS, EMILY Bowersville SHARP, HOMER Covington SHARP, NORMA LaCrangc SHELLY, JAMES_ .Winston SHELOR, NANCY Atlanta SHEPARD, CLIFF Lindale SHEPARD, WILEY Dublin SHEPPARD, ANNE _ Tignall SHERWOOD, JEANETTE - Atlanta SHULTS, MARY Atlanta SILCOX, THOMAS ..._ Kingsland SKELTON, ROBERT Athens SKODNIK, J ACOLYN Toccoa SMITH, DARIUS _ Doerun SMITH, EUGENE Belvidere, N.I. SMITH, GLENDA Grifjin SMITH, JOANNE Forsyth SMITH, JUDITH Conyers SMITH, JULIE ._ -..-Basking Ridge, N.I. SMITH, LAWSON Broxton SMITH, M. JOANNE Savannah SMITH, MARTHA - Atlanta SMITH, PATRICIA — Cochran SNELSON, PATRICIA Toccoc SNOW, THOMAS Chickamauga SPIERS, PATSY Columbus STAFFORD, BETTE _ Savannah STEGALL, JOHNNY _ — Cartersville STEPHENSON, SARAH Chattanooga, Venn. STEVENSON, WILLIAM _ Augusta STEWART, CHARLIE Ochlochnee STRIBLING, JAMES _ Forsyth STROTHER, MARCY _ _ Perry 8 P H ORES STROZIER. THOMAS „ Savannah STUCKY. NORMAN Brunswick STUKES, SUZANNE . Atlanta SULLIVAN. ANNE Anderson, S. C. SULLIVAN, HENRY Macon SUTTON, MARTHA _ Atlanta SWINDELL, HENRY Ludoivici TANNER. IDA Campion TATUM, MARY Richland TAYLOR, WILLIAM Forsyth THOMAS, EZEKIEL Sarasota, Fla. THOMPSON, BETTY Bogart THOMPSON, CAROL At iens THOMPSON, ANNE Catania THOMPSON, JAMES Sylvania THORNTON. BEN _ Cordele TILLMAN, STANFORD Surrency TORRANCE, ADELIA hIilUdgcvilU TROY, JANICE Atlanta TUCKER, DARLEEN Wintcrvillc TURNER, BARBARA Lookout Mt., Tcnn. TURNER, DAVID Bogart TUTEN, MARY Blac shcar TYE, JANE Harlem TYLER, MARGARET _ Maeon TYREE, ARLINE Cordele VAUGHAN, WILLIAM White VIRGIN, ANNE Atlanta VON CANON, MARION Lookout Mt., Tenn. WADSWORTH, GLORIA Manchester WALKER, JERRY Milan WALLACE, CHARLES Darisboro WALLER, CHARLES Eatonton WALRAVEN, WESLEY Dalton WARD, JAMES Tunnel Hill WARDLAW, WALTER WARNER, ANNE WATSON, PATSY WEBB, ANITA WEBB, SALLY WEINER, ARON WELLS, LAURA Nicholson -Lookout Mt., Tenn. -. Newport Netvs, Va. Athens WEST, LINTON WESTBROOK, SARA WHITTEMORE, JOE W HITWORTH, MARCIA_ WHITWORTH, MARION Gainesville WILKES, J 1 M.MY Dublin WINBURN, GENE Eastman Atlanta Canton . Washington _ Atlanta WITHROW, LAQUITA WOO, WILLIAM WOOD, DOROTHY.. WOOD, LESLIE WOODS, ROBERT— Augusta Athens Athens — Athens WOODSON, BOBBY_ WOOLF, JOHN YANKE, SARAH.. YELTON, MARY._ Rome Macon OFFICERS President PAUL DOWELL Vice-President NANCY BUTTS Secretary-Treasurer BILL COLLIER FRESH E N All join hands and circle left. It seems to be an age-old custom for the older folks, upon encountering one of the new freshmen on campus, to remark sadly to their compatriots, " The freshmen are getting younger every year. " In fact, it is such an old story we would hesitate to use it except for the fact that if we left it out, our story would be even more confusing. Anyway, one zealous listener happened to think the remark was extremely clever (we can only suppose that he hadn ' t heard it previously), and, before you could say " Moses Waddel ' s Little Red Schoolhouse, " he had persuaded the authorities to fix the entrance age limit at 16. So there went half the prospective students (it is another feat of the imagination to figure out where the other half went — to a girl ' s school, maybe?) For being 16 was only the first step. To enter one had also to read, translate, and praise Cicero, Virgil, and the Greek Testament, to write true Latin in prose, and to have learned the rules of vulgar arithmetic (some high schools in those days). Furthermore, one had to produce " satisfactory evi- dence of a blameless life and conversations " (we wonder if McCarthy had a grandpa or what they called it then). The senior sophisters got to do everything in those days; upon their shoulders rested the solemn duty " to inspect manners of the lower classes, especially the freshmen class; and to instruct them in the customs of the College and that grateful and decent behavior toward superiors, which politeness and a just and reason- able subordination require. " This boiled down to the grounds, is just exactly what you ' re thinking, only the name has been changed to protect the innocent (Shrewd ones, those ancestors). Ratting by any other name is still hell. Isn t she ' wonderful? Fight fiercely fellows! Someone voted twice. ' - t ir- ££ i iJtM ADAMS, CAROLYN ihrru ADAMS, PATRICIA Canon ADDISON, MARTHA - _. Rome ALLEN, ClRUS _ GainesfiUe ALLEN, JERRY _. Colum bus ALLRED, MARION Tale ALPERN, JOYCE Savannah ALTMAN, LINDA Sylvania ANDERSON, JAMES „ Decatur ARMSTRONG, GEORGE Washington ASBELL, GLENANN Albany ATKINSON, PATRICIA - _ Atlanta AVANT, JAMES Eatonton BAILEY, AUDREY — Unox BALDWIN, CONSTANCE .._ Atlanta BARBAREE. VIRGINIA Richland BARBER, CAROLINE _ Jackson BARKER, BONNIE . _„ _ St. George BARNETTE, SHARON Senoia BEEMON, DONNA ; Savannah BEERS, MARIE _ _„ Atlanta BELL, CLARENCE _ _. Athens BELL, JAMES Columbus BELL, VIVIAN Sardis BELL, WILLIAM _ St. George BELTON, GAIL _ Oak Ridge, Tenn. BENNETT, PATRICIA Valdesta BENTLEY, MELVIN _ Thomaston BIDDLE, WILLIAM Elberton BIEGLER, MARY ANNE Marietta BLACK, ANNE Atlanta BLACK, BETTY Albany BLACKMAN, S iLVIA Atlanta BLOEDORN, MARY Decatur BONDURANT, MARY ..._ -„- Winder BOOTH, WILLIAM _ ' .Manor BOWMAN, KENNETH ._ Trion BRANCH, ANNETTE Lyons BRANCH, KATHERINE Augusta BRINKLEY, RUTH _ Warrenton BRITT, KENNETH Decatur BROWN, ARTHUR Marietta BROWN, WELBORN - Cartersville BROWNING, DONALD _ Macon BRUCE, MILDRED ._ Savannah BRUMLEY. MARTHA _ St. Marys BUNCE, EDWARD Slateshoro BUXTON, MARGARET _ Columbus BYRAM, ALICE Douglasvilte CAHILL, TED _ _ _ Albany CALDWELL, ANITA Atlanta CALDWELL, ANNE ....- .....Monroe CARMICHAEL, LAURA _ Atlanta CARPENTER, CAROL Atlanta CARSON, NITA Savannah CARTEAUX, THOMAS Athens FRESH E N CASH, NANCY CHANCE, CARLTON — CHAPMAN, CAROLYN , CHASTAIN, CLARA CHICK, PETER CHILDRESS, lOHN CHILES, JOYCE Atlanta Athens . Falls Church, Va. „ Avondale Estates Walpole, Mass. Marietta Haddock CLARK, JAMES CLARK, JANE CLARKE, BARBARA _ CLEMENTS, ROBERT.. COBB, Gil COCHRAN, EMMETT- COFER, NAN Auburn _. Louisville Athens Comer Atlanta Chatstvorth Atlanta COGGINS, BARBARA . COHEN, LARRY COLE, JOHNNY COLE, JOSEPH COLLINS, MARTHA _ COLLINS, WILLIAM CONAWAY, LESSIE _ CONNER, VIRGINIA COOLEY, ETHEL COOPER, ERNA _ COX, CHARLES CRAVEN, MARY _ . Atlanta _. Macon Rome . Monroe . Atlanta - Forsyth .. Macon Villa Rica Atlanta Athens Alpharetta Manchester Cedartottfn CRAVEN, SUSAN .._ CRAWFORD. LAWRENCE Unox Xh k £LgJ.iLi £lt£, CRAWFORD, WILLIAM B. CRAWFORD, WILLIAM M. CREEL, JOANN CROCKETT, RUDOLPH. CROOK, MARILYN CROSS, RALPH CROW, JOAN . Watk.insville Toccoa Flovilla Columbus Atlanta Macon Marietta CROWE, GLORIA _ CUDDY, ANNETTE. CULLEY, GERRY Chicupee _ Avondale Estates _ Marietta CULPEPPER, BARBARA Albany DALLMUS, CORRINE ._.. Macon DANGAR, JESSE Woodstock DANNER, NAN Athens DARSEY, HARRIETT __ DAVIS, CAROLYN DAVIS, FRANCES DAWSON, WILLIAM DE BEAUCRINE, ELIZABETH. DEKLE. EVELYN DEKLE, GEORGE Macon Valdosta Shannon Marietta . Warrenton lesup Augusta §2JkM. Dear John . Proctors meeting in Center Myers. 6 P G DELMORE, NORMA __ Irmy Chem. Ctr., Md. DICKSON, PATRICIA ... Chattanooga, Tenn. DILLER, CHARLES Washinglort, D.C. DIXON, JANE - - - - Allatita DONALDSON, CAREY Statesboro DOSTER, ROBERT Athetts DOWELL, PAUL Rossi ilh DOZIER, DOROTHY Thomson DRINK ARD, EMORY _.... LaGrange DURRENCE, CHARLIE Gletini ilU DUVAL, ROBERT Ncu York., N.Y. DWYER, THOMAS Ml. Dora, Flu. EADY, PEGGY Waco EAGAR, JANE Lookout Mt., Tenn. EATON, PEGGY . ._ Macon EBERHART, JANE Athens EDWARDS, KATHRYN Atlanta ELLISON, LEE . Mooresville, N.C. ESKEDOR, CAROLYN .. Savannah EUBANKS, FAYE East Point FARMER, LEON _ Athens FECHTEL, GLORIA ..-- - Waycrna FERNANDEZ, MARY Atlanl.i FITTS, JACQUELIN Orange. Tex FLENNIKEN, SANDRA ««;■ FLORENCE, FRANCES ..._ Winder FLYNT, CHARLOTTE Pelham FOWLER, CLINTON Macon FRAME, ALEXANDER Yemassee, S.C. FRAZIER, ANN Allan a FREEMAN, ANN Stone Ml. FREEMAN, DANIEL Gainesville KRICKS, JOHNNY ._ _ Winder FUTRAL, WALTER _ Griljin GAINES, JANET Nashville, Tenn. GALE, CAROL - Moultrie GARARD, RAY Winnelka. HI GARDNER, LINN Atlanta GEISE, JEAN Americits GILL, REBECCA Richmond Hill GILLESPIE, ETHELENE ._ Monroe GINSBERG, SHERRY Savannah GLENN, WALTER Greenville, S.C. GOBLE, ROBERT _ Chatsu ' orth GODDARD, ROBERT Lithonia GOODWYNE, CHARLES Forsyth GRAHAM, JOANNE _ Atlanta GRAY, DEDIE East Point GREENE, JOHN Washington I dreamt I rode down Broad Street Lonely Hearts Club GREENE, VIRGINIA — GREGORY, ARLENE — GREGORY, ARLICE GRIFFIN, (ESSEE _. HAGAN, FAYE HAGINS, ELIZABETH . HALL, CAROLE Tampa, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Greenwood. S. C. Claxlon Columbus Decatur H.ALL, lULIA H. LLM. N, CECIL. .illanta Atlanta HALLOWELL, CAROL Albany HAMMOND, IXJNALD Slatham HANCOCK, BARNEY Thomaslon HANI), SUE Peltiam HARDIGREE, ALICE - Watl insrille HARPER. .MARTHA . HARRELL, )ANIS HARRELL, SARA HARRIDGE, PATSY HARRIS, CHARLES HARTE, lOHN HARVEY, MARY . Camilla . Water ly Athens Madison . Wrens Atlanta HAWKINS, RICK HAWLEY, LARRY HEARD, MELISSA HECKER, lOANNE HENDERSON, IX)NALD HERRITAGE, MARJORIE HINLEY, MARY Roswell Cor dele Atlanta .. Tampa, Fla. Athens Macon Hinesrille HITCHCOCK, CHARLOTTE Atlanta HIX, LARRY Commerce HIX, NITA Stone Mt. HODGES, CLINTON Sanderstille HODGSON, NANCY Bowman HOGAN, DOLLY Ausiista HOLBROOK, ILDITH Atlanta HOLDEN, ROBERT „ HORTON, CHARLES- HOUK. DAVID HOUSTON, NANCY „ HOWELL, LOUIS HUBERT, MARIE HUGHES, TRILLIS HYMAN, EVELYN ITZKOW, HARRIET- J. CKSON, CAESER— lAMES, JIM.MY Moultrie Chipley - Sea Island Sylvester - Iron City Athens lAMES, MARTHA JENKINS. JUDY JERNIGAN. HARMON JOHNSON. J.ACK._ lOHNSON, WELDON_ lONES, ANNE JONES, CHARLES (ONES, ROBERTA JORDAN, MIRIAM JOSEPH, KELLY .High Point. N. C. Thomson Athens Lenox Athens Decatur — . Donalsonfille Hitll - Jefferson .Atlanta ... Broxton — Roberta Albany Forsyth £JJL£§ FRESH E N JOYCE, MAURICE Atlanta JUSTUS, JOYCE Black Mt., N.C. KEEN, MARY - Winchester, Ky. KEMP, AUSTIN Sylvania KENNEY, MARTHA _ Athens KENT, MARY St. Simons KESSLER, IRENE Anderson, S.C. KIMSEY, BETTY ClarKsville KIRKPATRICK, JANICE Norcross KITCHENS, ALTON Warrenton KNICKERBOCKER, ALICE Gainesville KNIGHT, HENRY ,_ Tiflon KNOWLTON, CLIFFORD Blackshear KUSNITE, LELAND Alamo LANDRUM, GLORIA _.. Athens LANGFITT, SILAS St. Simons LANIER, FRANK _ . ..Koswell LANIER, WARREN Athens LASETER, MAX _. „_ Monroe LATHEM, DOT _ Canton LAWHON, JULIAN Darlington, S.C. LEACH, MARION Greenville. S.C. LEAKE, MARYANNE .....Rossville LEFKOFF, RALDA _ Atlanta LESTER, AMANDA Marshallville LEWIS, SANDRA Atlanta LILLY, CAROLYN Gainesville LOWREY, SHIRLEY Armuchee MALCOLM, MARTHA Macon MANIS, ROGER Rome MANN, THOMAS Milner MANOR, ROBERT .„ Brunsuiick, MARKWOOD, DIANE Atlanta MASSEY, BERTIE Gri n MASSEY, MAY _ Athens MAYHEW, JAN Atlanta MAYNARD, MARGUERITE Gainesville MAYO, PATRICIA Atlanta McCURLEY, BENNIE Harttvell McRAE, MARGARET _ Athens McSWAIN, JOEL t.astman MEDLOCK, ANN Western Springs, III. MEEKINS, RICHARD ..Freeport, N.Y. MEHL, BARBARA Tampa, Fla. MELTON, GLORIA Athens MENDENHALL, WINDSOR I Charleston Hgts., S.C. MILLER, CAROLYN Columbus MILLS, ALICE Atlanta MILLS, MARTHA Byron MITCHELL, JEANETTE Monticelto MITCHELL, ROSALIND _ Athens MONTGOMERY, LILLIE ..Toombsboro MOON , BETTY Buc head MORGAN, HELEN Winder MORRIS, GEORGE B Rome MORRIS, GEORGE K. McDonough FRESH E N MORRIS, 10 MORRIS, PATTY MOSER, BOBBY MOSTELLER, ROBERT MULHOLLEM, CAROL _ MURKISON, EUGENE- NEASE, HARRIET NELMS, CLAUDE NELSON, ELEANOR NEWSOME, JO NEWSOME, MARY NICHOLSON, lERRY NOLAN, ANNA NORRIS, BEVERLY — NUNN, J ERE OLIVER, DOUGLAS _ OLSEN. DOROTHY _ OQUINN, JULIA ORR, FREDDIE OWEN, MARY PARKER, HELEN PAYNE, JOE PETERSON, BARBARA. PHILLIPS, EMILY PHILLIPS, MARTHA PIKE, GERTRUDE PILCHER. KATHERINE POORMAN, MOLLY POWELL, JACQUELINE _ PRINCE, SANDRA PURVIS, CAYNELL RAAB, PHYXLIS RAY, WILLIAM REA, FREDERICK REPPARD. EVELYN „ Vidalia Atlanta Augusta Chatsworlh Athens DonaUonville Savannah Washington _ Tfiomaslon „ Columbus . Washington Jefferson Rockmart Atlanta Athens Winder . Columbus lesup „ Columbus Ellijay _ Mt. Vernon Crandall _ Chatsa orth Gainesville Warrenton . Coral Gables, Fla. .. Augusta Cairo Glennville .. Columbus Atlanta REYNOLDS. IXJROTHY REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH RIDGWAY, LATIMER RIGSBEE, PATRICIA ROBERTS, GLORIA ROBERTS, JAMES ROBISON, JOAN LaFayette Dade City, fla. Cairo Cairo Canton Athens Iron City Atlanta ROBINSON, JUDY. RUBEL, DEBBIE RUBIN, EDITH SAYE, WADE .. Columbus Macon Atlanta Athens SCARBOROUGH, DOROTHY Ft. Valley SCHWARTZ, SANDRA Augusta SCOGGINS, HELEN Athens M±M LJ-Slt " Yah Shay yur name ' s Mr. Brittain? " Girls, I ' d like you to meet our new rushee. " I SHACKKI.FORD. ALBERT .___ __ ( ; -iu SHKRWOOD. CHARLES _ Oxford ' 9iWi SHIER. SYBIL _ _ Macon SILAS, LA GEORGIA Challanonna. Term. SILVER, LORETTA _ .._ Rossfil ' e SIN{;LETARY, TO.MMY ... Staushoro SKRYNECKI, BARBARA __ Alhrns " P " " . P " ' ' ■ - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' W.ntcnnlh M 1 r k Ml ■ 1 f M SMITH, BARBARA Mhany f • " H e| ■»»«» • I » « «« MF ' ■p% - ■ SMITH, HARRY A,la„,a 9m w wrM - M! W k.SU mZU ' smith, haz el .?y ™„m Sfr J FT .▲ aC JBET ■ ' ■ SMITH, LA VERNE _ Walliias ille J[ Jj|| _ mm .■ . . y W " ' SMITH, MARSHALL Carllo. H B ii i, A A. . SMITH, PATRICIA Aflania SMITH. ROBERT Winder SMITH. THO.MAS ..__ _ Macon SNM)FR. ELIZABETH Brooklet SORRKI.I.S. MARVIN- _ ...Monroe SPIGENER, THERESA Atlanta STEELE, HARRIET _ „ Eauman STEINER, PINCKNEY _ ._ Athens STEPHENS. HELEN Calhotm STEPHENS, LUCILLE Demorest STEPHENS, MARGARET r.asl Point STOVALL, ALLEN ..__ Santee STOVALL, MARY Douglas STRAIN, OSCAR Dalton JT Rm J W STRICKLAND, CHARLES HuU f W " .»!k -tA SUTTON, billy ft. Calnes •1 1 Wt K TAPl ' AN, DOROTHY Athens fc; » MgJt » TAYLOR, |UNE.._ Waycross W » BF J TERRY, DON _.__ ..Athens J A , t THARPE, ROSEMARY Byron k H BP B THOMAS, lACK _ Farmington THOMAS, lOYCE _.„ PcwderSprngs IHOMP.SON, AL FRED Atlanta THOMPSON, MARY Athens THORNTON, JOHN Athens ■»r W THURMOND. DAVID __ Athens X L fc - Toccoa ■HB ' W l ' lk. fc if k M i - . ( " I " .....IK. i B K B flik m ft. 1 M .K ■ TRAYNHAM. ELEANOR Wilmington, N. C. mm 1 w % M EiHr -:i:E= " .:S WtW . JlBjr W II B H TYSON. PATRICIA B M « -, W. C. H J||ta|| iMB P ' " ' SBIl J ff a!%v WADDEV. EUGENIA....... F;. Z. i» rr6 ' j r. no. JF I 1 B. 1 ' B m. F ' ' : T WALKER. lUNE _ Athens %P 11 fe 1 fcl ' ' 4 - ;:--M =:::::::::i:: B KFT lr " A " B W " H V WALLACE, CAROL „ Coral Cables. Fla. J| J n Ba B fc .m E tL L " - J » » WALSH. ANN _ Hafeville ■ K B A H L H Bk£ Htei K. WARD. lOHN _ _ Cr ,„ WARREN, LAURA _ -Illanla •m nt H, W-FISS, HARRIETT _ Sai-annah WESTER ELT, ANN Hot Springs, Ark. WE MAN, MARGARET .Atlanta WHEELER, NANCY _ _ lasper WHITE, LAURA __ iilanta FRESH E N WHITE, PATRICIA Atlanta WHITF1ELT5. FLORENCE Atlanta WHITFIELD, LARRY Cainrsvillc WHYMAN, WINIFRED South Boston, Va. WIGGINS, BARBARA Atlanta WIGGINS, PAMELA College Parl!_ WILCOX, JAMES Atlanta w££ i WILCOX, VIRGINIA „ WILKES, ADA WILLIAMS, JAN WILLIA.MS, ROBERT . WILSON, BETTY _ WILSON, PATRICIA ._ WILSON, PHILIP WILSON, ROSE . „ WISE, PEGGY WOLFE, JASPER .._ WOO, FAYE WOOD, CUS __ „ WOODS, STUART WRIGHT, JOHN - _ Augusta _ Decatur Atlanta „ KosSfille _ Dublin Atlanta Atlanta . Chicl amauga Winder Baxley Augusta LaCrange . Manchester Utile Falls. .V. Y. WYCHE, MACALYN WYTVIN, FAYE Atlanta Blal ely WYNN, PATRICIA Hapeiille YARBROUGH, JOHN Swa.-nsioro YONCE, ANN Augusta YORK, BETTY Atlanta YOUMANS, JOY Atlanta Mi s Appleby ' s English 2x class Hang on, Dean Tate, I ' ll save you. " 1 told you there was a talent scout in the audience. " rw Adams, E. Bryant, Q. England, J. Holub, G. Jacques, W. Kilpatrick, T. Langley, J. Langstaff, R. Lewis, £. Skaggs, L. L A W Junior Law Day. ADAMS, EDMUND I.: Danielsville; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta. BRYANT, QUILLIAN L., JR.: Lauisvilte; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi, Tribune, V-Dean, Dean. ENGLAND, J. MELVIN: Atlanta; LL.B.; Pi Kappa Delta, Pres.; Blue Key, Sec; Ga. Bar Journal, Ed.; Honor Ct., Chief Justice; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice; Varsity Debate; Nat ' l. Moot Court Competition; Alpha Kappa Psi; Ga. Jr. Bar Assoc. HOLUB, GREGORY J.: Athens; A.B., LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Ga. Bar Journal; French Club; Demosthenian; Cosmopolitan Club. JACQUES, WILFRED J., JR.: Ontario, Canada; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice; Demosthenian; Biftad; X Club; Football; Track, KILPATRICK, THOMAS K.: forest Park; LL.B.; Blue Key; Phi Alpha Delta; Honor Ct.; Vice-Pres. 3rd Yr. Law Class. LANGLEY, JOHN: Augusta; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha; Vice-Pres. Jr. Class; Honor Ct., Sr. Class Justice. LANGSTAFF, ROBERT B.: Columbus; LL.B.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Girdiron; Ga. Bar Journal, Assoc. Ed.; Law School Advisory Council, Pres.; Honor Ct., Assoc. Justice, Chief Justice; Vice-Pres. 2nd. Yr. Law Class; Nat ' l. Moot Court Competition. LEWIS, EDDIE C: Calhoun; A.B.J., LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Gridiron; O.D.K.; G.O.P.; Blue Key; Sigma Delta Chi; Red and Black, Bus. Mgr.; Student-Faculty Directory, Bus. Mgr.; Who ' s Who. SKAGGS, LOREN D.: Savannah; LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer; Ga. Bar Association; American Bar Association; Cobb Case Club, Chan- cellor; Case Club Council, Chancellor. SENIORS CONNERAT, SPENCER.. DAVIDSON. FRANK EVANS, WARREN FRANKS, ROBERT HARRISON, DUNBAR-. Savannah MaysviUe Athens HEYWARD, ANDREW_ JENKINS, EDGAR KARESH, SANFORD. Macon Blairsvilte - Augusta res. -lOW KILLORIN, EDWARD- Satannah ik KING, WALTER .. LEE, PAUL ... Douglas RossvilU LEONARD, WILLIAM. LESTER, JAMES _ Columbus Augusta Mccracken, eugene . Savannah PAGE, DONALD... PLEGER, GARY PUCKETT, FRED._. JFhomaston Athens SAWILOWSKY, JAY_ - Daivson Augusta SENTELL. ROBERT- SHACKELFORD, HILDA. SIEGEL, ALVIN .Atlanta SIMMONS, ELLIOTT- STOLZ, IRWIN- TALLEY, THOMAS College Park, WARE, VIRGINIA Hogansville WIGGINS, MORTON Albany ZION, MARVIN Atlanta UNDERCLASS 103 Anderson, H. Craig, F. Hundley, J. Maddox, C. Rosenburger, W. Taylor, F. Atkins, W. Davis, J. Johenning, J. Mitchell, G. Sharp, J. Tucker, W. Benton, W. Finnegan, J, Jones, G. Peterson, R. Shingler, C. Turk, F. Burger, W. Flowers, H. Keil, J. Powell, T. Spearman, D. Virts, H. Chandler, H. Fussell, T. Kelly, H. Price, H. Speegle, C. Wright, R. A. Claxton, R. Griffith, B. Lightsey, H. Roberts, J. Statoon, T. Wright, R. E. VETERINARY MEDICINE SENIORS 104 Coleman, P, Henderson, J. Lynn, D. Roeder, J. Stinson, A. FIRST ROW: ANDERSON, HERBERT P.: AHdersoMvilU, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; Sr. Class Pres.; Southeastern Veterinarian. ATKINS, WILLIAM M.: Lafayette; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. BENTON, WILLIAM J.: franklin, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; Southeastern Veterinarian; A.V.M.A., Pres. BURGER, WILLIAM H.: Atlanta; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma. CHANDLER, HAROLD K.: Newport News, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Sigma Chi. CLAXTON, RAIFORD L.: Girard; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. COLEMAN, PHILIP H.: frederickshurg, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Phi Sigma, Vice-Pres.; Southeastern Veterinarian; A.M.V.A. SECOND ROW: CRAIG, FRANK R.: Mt. Holly, N. C; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi, Pres.; A.V.M.A., Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Southeastern Veterinarian, Assoc. Ed.; Honor Ct., Assoc. Judge, Judge; Who ' s Who. DAVIS, JOHN B.: Donalsonville ; D.V.M.; A.V.M.A. FINNEGAN, JOHN A.: Richmond, Va.; D.VJ«. FLOWERS, HERSCHEL H.: Havelock, N. C; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi Alpha Zeta; G.O.P.; Ag Club; A.V.M.A.; Phi Sigma. FUSSELL, THOMAS F.: Doerun; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. GRIFFITH, BERNARD: Cedartown; D.V.M.; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Psi. HENDERSON, JOHN H., JR.: Marietta; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma, Pres.; Chi Phi, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Soc; Student Council; I.F.C.; A.V.M.A.; Phi Kappa; Gridiron; Who ' s Who. THIRD ROW: HUNDLEY, JAMES R.: Avalon, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. JOHENNING, JAMES L.: Lexington, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. JONES, GUY R.: Bamberg, S. C; D.V.M. KEIL, JOHN H.: Baltimore, Md.; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma. KELLY, HERBERT W., JR.: Aylett, Va.; D.V.M. ; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; A.V.M.A.; Southeastern Veterinarian. LIGHTSEY, HARRY M., JR.: Martins, S. C; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi, Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Blue Key; O.D.K.; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Gridiron; Southeastern Veterinarian, Bus. Mgr.; Honor Ct., Prosecuting Atty.; A.V.M.A. LYNN, DAVID L.: Durham, N. C; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; South- east ern Veterinarian. FOURTH ROW: MADDOX, CHARLES J.: Athens; D.V.M. MITCHELL, GLYSSON L.: Damascus; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; A.V.M.A. PETERSON, R. DWIGHT: Tunnel Hill; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Track; Cross Country; A.V.M.A. POWELL, THOMAS W.: Stateshoro; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Sigma Chi; A.V.M.A. PRICE, HARRY H., JR.: Draper, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. ROBERTS, JESSE L., JR.: Valdosta; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. ROEDER, JOHN A., JR.: Baltimore, Md.; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma, Pres.; A.V.M.A.; Ag Hill Council; Southeastern Veter- inarian. FIFTH ROW: ROSENBURGER, WILLIAM R.: Westminster, Md.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. SHARP, JAMES B., JR.: Bogart; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A., Vice-Pres.; Southeastern Veterinarian; Student Council. SHINGLER, CLARK H.: Ashburn; D.V.M. SPEARMAN, DAVID H.: Easley, S. C; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi, Vice-Pres.; Alpha Zeta; A.V.M.A.; Honor Ct. SPEEGLE, CHARLES M.: fayetteville, N. C; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; Phi Sigma; A.M.V.A. STATON, THOMAS E.: Monroe, N. C; D. V. M.; Alpha Psi, Alpha Zeta. STINSON, AL W.: Monroe, N. C; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi Sec; Aghon, Sec.-Treas.; Alpha Zeta; Southeastern Veterinarian, Ed.; A.V.M.A., Sec. S;XT ROW: TAYLOR, FRANK C: Lutherville, Md.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. TUCKER, WALTER E.: Atlanta; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Sigma Chi; Alpha Zeta; Southeastern Veterinarian. TURK, FARRIS R.: Hillsboro; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. VIRTS, HENRY A.: Barstow, Md.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; Southeastern Veterinarian; A.V.M.A. WRIGHT, ROBERT A.: Hampton, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; Southeastern Veterinarian. WRIGHT, ROBERT E.: Woodville; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta, Chanc; A.V.M.A.; Ag Club; Biftad; B.S.U.; Southeastern Veterinarian, Bus. Mgr. Some people ill do anything for money. Surgery 1 AREY, SHELVIN -.- - Hinton, Vu. ATWELL, lOHN _ .- C i.nti Grovt, N. C. BRITT, OLIVE- -- Higlou n_ Va. BROWN. JAMES Reidsville, N. C. CAMPBELL, COLIN Wulerlord, Va. COLLIER, CLAUDE Warm Springs DERIEUX, WILLIAM Blytht wood, S. C. DREESEN, ALICE -„ - Athens DUNBAR, DAVE _ - _ Macon DURDEN, JOHN___.._ -Leslie ELEAZER, THOMAS, Clemson, S. C. FOSTER, TOM Blanch, N. C. GOODMAN, DAVID_ Olanta, S. C. GOWEN, THOMAS - Folkslon GRIFFIN, CLARENCE - Wakefield, Va. HARRIS. BERLIN - -- Al iens Js K HATCHER. MILTON Vidalia b| I JAMES. TED- - Slalesi ille, N. C. F " • JOHNSON, RAE Bayboro, N. C. LINDSEY, JAMES_ _ -.„- .Tiflon £ LORELLE, RICHARD Athens MAXWELL, ELLEN Watk.insvitte McMURRAY, i V.Q.W..-...Rulherjordton, N. C. MINCHEW, JOHN,__ Waycross MUSSELMAN, EUGENE „„- Tappahannock.. Va. PARKER, CLEVELAND Sylvania POE, LESLIE _ Rhine REDMON, BILLYE - Atlanta SALLEY, WILLIAM Orangburg, S. C. SANDERS, GEORGE _ __ -- Decatur SHERWOOD, BOBBY.- Vilas, N. C. SNOW, CALEB Ml. Airy, N. C. STINSON, WALTER Baontiille, N. C. STONE, HENRY - -- Athens TATE, HAL Atlanta WESTMORELAND, TED Clatter. S. C. WHITING, ROBERT...- Concord WHITLOW. FORD Gainesville WINTERS, GREG Baltimore, Md. VETERINARY MEDICINE UNDERCLASSMEN ABERN ' ATHV, RICHARD BlairsfilU BENTLEY, THOMAS T iomaslon BLACK, ROBERT Wll c Form, .V. C. BRANNEN, ]OHS Forlal CALDWELL, JOHN Allmla CLEMENCE, WILLIAM jllhent CONYERS, JACK Si. Simons DYES, WILLIAM Fl. Valley EDWARDS, ROBERT OgUlliorpc ENSLEY, ARVII RamhursI FITTS, CHARLES Allanla GRUYS. SOPHIA . Edgmon. Minn. HARBIN, ALICE Allanu HARVILL, AVERY Athens HAWK, JAMES Newnan lEDA, MUNEYOSHl Toliyo, lapan KEEN, BEEMAN _ Dublin KLISCH, RUPERT Heidelberg. Germany LYNN, ROBERT McGOWAN, JOSEPH„_ McWHORTER, ELSIE. O ' NEAL, LEE OXNEVAD, JACOB PARKER, JOHN „ Nashville Augusta . Chattanooga, Tenn. lackson Bergen, Norway Lancashire, England PETERSON, DAVID PHILLIPS, ERNEST RLDRA, CHHAYA RUSHTON, ARCHIE SANDHU, MUKHWANT .. SAWYER, HORACE Lauretton, N. Y. Hahira ..Delhi, India Dexter New Delhi, India Atlanta SHACKELFORD. ROBERT-. Wkitesburg SHORT, ADRIAN Chipley SINAH, GL ' RDIP New Delhi, India SMITH, MARTHA Athens STETSON, RICHARD Athens SWINSON, THOMAS HazlehursI TARPLEY, RICHARD Athens THOMPSON, EDWIN Vidalia THLRMAN, WILLIAM lelferson TISINGER, JACKSON Carrollton TYNER, CAROLYN Danielsnille WALKER, CLAXTON Lovelt WHEELER, LILLIAN_ WINN, WTLLIAAL WORSHAM. ARCH _ Milledgeville Culloden GRADUATE S T I D E N T S 107 which -way ' s east? Cool man, on the marble steps. What ' d you say that red letter stands for? All I do is beat this bang, bang drum. Dyed-to-match 195 5 King and Queen of Ag Hill Demosthenians carry on fine Southern tradition. , X O. C. breaks in the new rat cap. Rescue squad for a pole-vaulter. World traveler. Well it didn ' t look so silly when I thought it up last night. Ache pain, ache, pain. Lines, lines, and more lines. Sophomores play leap-frog. All I get is promises, promises. I know that picture of Rock Hudson is in here somewhere I told you she wouldn ' t do for a housemother. wmif mmrngmi Naw, what would headhunters be doing here. But she couldn t possibly . . . unless it v as that hole in the back fence. Fifty per cent of the student body are from small to ns. Yes, that ' s a beautiful head stand. What ' d you feel like doin ' tonight? Bill has the biggest pin in the chapter. Artists selling their ' ares as usual. Look out, you might get stuck. W- ' ■ •■■■ ' . ' ■■■ ..» • • • ' - is5.»S! l ii»r«-- ;3 ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES The first organization on this campus was Demosthenian Literary Society, founded in 1801. About twenty years later, another literary society. Phi Kappa, was formed as a rival by Joseph Henry Lumpkin. Then came the great drive for temperance. In 1829 Joseph Lumpkin wrote an open letter to the students begging them to quit their drinking parties and to organize themselves into a temperance society. There were so few societies for students in those days that their natural repugnance to temperance was overcome by their eagerness to join something. So the Uni- versity Temperance Society was organized. As time went on the students came to detest the temperance reformers and all their ways. And a Phi Kappa debate in 1 840 on the question, " Are temperance societies bene- ficial? " showed the growing feeling toward them by deciding emphatically, " NO. " The Mystic Circle appears to hove been formed sometime around 1845. It proudly announced that it was a secret organization and managed to conceal its requirements and purposes quite well. The threat to the un- challenged prominence of the two literary societies seemed to be realized shortly, and a resolution was passed declaring it to be contrary to law for any student to join a secret society other than Phi Kappa or Demosthenian unless special permission was granted by the faculty. The resolution appears to have squelched all opposition until after the War Between the States when the fraternities began to spring up. Apparently interest was stimulated in other groups after the War, also. In 1888 such organizations and activities as Phi Gamma Delta, the Univer- sity Gun Club, the Philosophical Society, the Engineering Society, and the Vi and 1 Mile Bicycle Racers were recognized by the Pandora. The Senate and Cavaliers were formed to further the social needs of the campus. Pi Sigma, a freshman society, saw to it that a dance was organized every so often. The Junior Cabinet and the Senior Round Table, consisting of the twelve top men in each of the two upperclasses, flourished and disappeared. Sigma Phi Gamma, honorary engineering society, was token over by the mathematicians when engineering was abolished at G3orgia and then changed into the Sine and Tangent which was also lost in the shuffle. The Square and Compass had its day of glory and, like many of its predecessors and contemporaries, sank into the shadows of the post. This year saw the organizing of three new clubs to add to the list — Pep Club, ABAC Club, and the Moth Club. Here, then, ore the rolls, here ore the clubs representing Georgia, 1956. MEMBERS OF ABAC (seated) Joan Smith, Adrian Short, Sue Bennett, Eleanor Inman, Lorine Manning, (standing) Frank Miles, Harold Brown, Bobby RoTs an, and Melvin Johnson plan activities for the club. ABAC... Transfer Students Aided by New Organization ABAC Club was organized this year for the purpose of aiding in the habiUtation of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College transfer students during their period of transition and providing wholesome social activities for its mem bers. Some of the activities of the organization are aiding new trans- fers with registration, acting as a mutual center for information between ABAC and transfers at Georgia, promoting interest in the alumni association, encouraging ABAC graduates to transfer to the University of Georgia, and encouraging scholastic excel- lence The club also furnishes information concerning available scholarships, gives personal recognition to its members and sponsors a social each month. Frank Miles filled the office of President; Harold Brown served as Vice-president, and the Secretary-Treasurer was Rose Turner. Mr. T. L. Frazier was the advisor for the club. MEMBERS AT AN INFORMAL GET-TO-GETHER are (seated) Earl Payne, Amelia McMillan, Betty Allen, Eugene Parten, Tommie Guess, Cleveland Parker, Jo Austin, Sara Vickery, (standing) Charles Jones, Edsel Cutchins, Billy Abercrombie, David Dunbar, and Harold Temple. PAST PRESIDENT Jack Courtcnay (right) congratulates the new officers Arthur Wachs, Shigeyoshi Kawai, Tommy Glenn and Bob StovaU. AG ENGINEERING . . . Publication, Meetings Promote Ag Interests The Georgia Agricultural Engineering Club is a national organization which was established in 1907 for the purpose of promoting the general interests of agriculture at universities and colleges. The club invites speakers from various fields of agricultural engineering to talk at meetings in order to gain more varied information than is offered in the classroom. In addition to the academic benefits they offer, these club meetings extend fellowship among students and present an opportunity for self expression. The club meets twice monthly and has a number of activities. The members publish the " Georgia Ag. Engineer, " are repre- sented at the national convention of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers each spring, and hold a social each quarter. The officers are Arthur Wachs, Shigeyoshi Kawai, Tommy Glenn, and Bob Stovall. THE MEMBERS OF THE GEORGIA AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS are as follows: (first row) Bob StovatI, Don Hammond, Morgan Chapman, Martin Gunn, Larry Deal, (second row) Bill Fullilove, Joe Spooner, William Crawford, Latimer Ridgeway, Shigeyoshi Kawai, Sam Dunn, Bill Reynolds, Jack Courtenay, (third row) Merrill Durrance, James Carlton, Louis Howell, Willie Tyson, Lloyd Alexander, Lennard Bartlett, Linwood Hall, Roger Walters, Jack Conoly, Eddie Brannon, Jerry Price, Jack Webb, Wade Johnson, (fourth row) Tommy Glenn, Bill Woodrum, Arthur Wachs, Renn Hise, Joe Long, H. B. Turner and Henry Fullilove. AG H N Outstanding Ag Students Recognized by Aghon The Aghon Society was established on the campus in 1920 to give recognition to outstanding students in the College of Agriculture, the School of Forestry, and the School of Veterinary Medicine. To be eligible for membership, a student must meet requirements based on scholastic achievement, out- standing leadership, and participation in extra-cur- ricular activities, in addition to completing eighteen courses toward his degree. Seven men are tapped each Fall and Spring Quarter. The society is limited to twenty-one active members. Officers are Bob Lowrey, President; Frank Craig, Vice-president, and Al Stinson, Secretary. At the banquet held during Spring Quarter, initiates, alumni, and faculty members are honored. The main project completed this year was the mount- ing of a plaque on the Aghon board in front of Conner Hall listing the names of all alumni and members of the society. - AGHON INITIATES HEAD SENIOR PARADE at Homecoming. They are (front to rear) Frank Craig, Perry Joiner, Jimmy Maner, Mr. Frank Fitch, and Gene Wright. (First row) Emmett Cabaniss, Gene Wright, Beeman Keen, Bob Lowrey, Bob Whitaker, Dean C. C. Murray, Commissioner Phil Campbell, Milton Thompson, Al Stinson, (second row) Ken Turner, Jimmy Maner, Perry Joiner, R. H. Brown, Frank Craig, and Dr. A. A. Fleming inspect Aghon Board. (Seated) Bob Harrod, Norman Blackwell, Bob Burrell, (standing) Harmon Barnard, Rand Hodges, Don Thompson, Bruce Spencer, and Al Rhyne work on a fraternity project. ALPHA PELT A SIGMA . . . Advertising Agency Sponsored by Fraternity OFFICERS Hubert Mallory, Bill Marston, Ed Crabb, and Wesley Bonzo plan a new project. 117 This year AD ' s first activity was helping to organize a chapter of Gamma Alpha Chi, woman ' s advertising fraternity. Other projects included the sponsorship of an Advertising Agency in cooperation with GAX. Also, the group sponsored guest speakers for the School of Journalism and brought in speakers for the fraternity. During Spring holidays chapter delegates were sent to the regional convention of ADS at Florida State University, and every two years a delegate is sent to the national conven- tion of ADS. The purpose of Alpha Delta Sigma is to give experience to the members, through fra- ternity projects, and to help " bridge the gap " between theory and practice. Undergraduates are initiated during one of the three initiations held each year. Out- standing men in the professional field are also eligible for membership. Hubert Mallory was President; William Marston, Vice-president; Wesley Bonzo, Sec- retary; and Ed Crabb, Treasurer. MEMBERS OF AED (first row) Lamar Glenn, Lewis Collins, Paula Conaway, Dr. John W. Nuttycombe, Jo Home, (second row) Bill BoUen, Don McKenzie, John Anderson, Cecil Cason, Charles Collins, (third row) Bill Moody, Inman English, Mark Thomas, and Jimmy Kirkland examine model. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA... Speakers and Movies Inform Pre-Med Students Fall Quarter of each year AED sponsors a freshman orien- tation program for pre-med, pre-dental, and pre-technology students. A meeting is held to help these students get acquainted and to tell them the purpose of pre-medical education. At the regular meetings, AED has movies on various phases of medicine, speakers from Athens and surrounding towns who talk on a specific phase of medicine or on some part of medical education, or speakers from Medical College or Georgia and Emory Dental School. To be eligible for membership a pre-med student must have been at the University five quarters, attained an average of at least a B, and displayed outstanding leadership and general excellence. Initiation is held quarterly. The neophytes wear a surgical gown, mask, and cap for two days preceeding the initiation. Officers are Edith DeZoort, President; Ellen Bridges, Vice- president; Polly Conaway, Secretary, and Richard O ' Dillon, Treasurer. STANDING WITH MASCOT are Rosalyn Seligman, Edith DeZoort, Mark Thomas, Jimmy Kirkland, Glenn Bridges, William Langston, Tom Kelly, Richard O ' Dillon, Charles Walker, and Dzentris Vallis. BROTHERS (first row) Glenn Lindsey, Harvey Warren, Doug Bishop, (second row) Robert Phillips, Floyd Guest, Phil Fried- man, Norton Turner, Joe Bing, Tom Roane, Ed Hulsey, Ralph Brittain, Jack Malcom, Clinton Williams, William Bryan, (third row) Al Barnett, Emil Troelston, Bob Merritt, and Joe Rookesgather at the house. ALPHA KAPPA PSI . . . Business Organization of Educational Value Alpha Kappa Psi is an international business fraternity which aims to further scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance, and to further the individual welfare of its members. Each year a civic project is undertaken, and a professional program is sponsored for business administration students. Two field trips were taken this year to the Federal Reserve Bank and Remington Rand in Atlanta. The Founder ' s Day Banquet in October and the Birthday Ball in May are two of the outstanding parties of the year given by the organization. Dances are held frequently at the Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity house. Various community projects are carried on in cooperation with the School of Business Administration. The position of President is filled by Bob Merritt. Joe Bing serves as Vice-president; Robert Phillips as Secretary; and Paul Newsome as Treasurer. Cf»rs rotf John Kelly, Paul Newsome, Lloyd Sheffield, Hugh Mims, (second row) John Ready, Horace Davis, Bob Skelton, Gene Norman, Donald Burt, John Russell, Harold Looper, Charles Strain, Robert Moran, Vincent Akridge, and Ted Barner discuss the business cycle or something like that. THE CAMPAIGN WAS BEGUN by (seated) Thomas Sutherland, Bill McCown, Jack Caldwell, (standing) Earl Heidt, Ed Harvey, Otis Stephens, Norton Turner, Andy Sauer, Bill Horton, Leonard Owens, Bernie Thaler, Jake Behr, Mr. R. L. Brittain, and Ray Williams. ALPHA PHI OMEGA . . . Service Club Advances Welfare of University The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, is " to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and promote service to humanity. " The organization undertakes numerous service projects such as sponsoring the Ugly Man contest, giving an Easter egg hunt and Christmas party for the children of the University colored employees, and furnishing assistance to the University staff. APO decorates the goal posts for football games and annually awards a trophy to the outstanding fraternity. Members make daily infirmary visits and assist at registration. To further scouting, the club furnishes leadership for local scout units and sponsors an Explorer Educationa l Conclave. Ronald Brown serves as President; George Worley as Vice- president and Pledgemaster; Harry Turner as Vice-president in charge of projects; Don Gregg as Corresponding Secretary; E. F. Thomas as Recording Secretary; and Ernie Ferrara as Alumni Secretary. (Left to right) Lewis Collins, Essat Hilmi, Marvin Allen, Johnny Cochran, Pete Huguet, Dave Fountain, Dick Jones, Marvin Hill, Zeke Thomas, Harris Pressman, The Ear, Bill Auld, George Worley, Marshal Smith, and Ronnie Brown plan the March of Dimes campaign which the group annually sponsors. THE MEMBERS OF ALPHA PSI are (first row) Slade Exiey, Herbert Kelly, William Griffin, J. B. Sharp, R. A. Wright, Dr. Thomas Jones, Dr. Clifford Westerfield, Dr. John Foster, Dr. Laurence Crimmins, Bayne Miller, Tommy Eleazer, Raymond Elam, Jack Await, Harry Lightsey, (second row) James Brown, Charles Maddox, Birch McMurray, Hal Tate, Charles Dobbins, David Lynn, Mike Chesson, Max Sink, George Sanders, Rudolph Kemmerlin, James Hundley, Shelvin Arey, Don McMillan, Austin Johnson, Tommy Pow ell, Pow ell Anderson, (third row) Jack Griffin, Sidney Ewing, Eugene Woods, John LeMay, Jack Snow, Kenneth Huggins, Walter Widdowson, Colson Taylor, Ralph Poe, Donald Fincher, Donald Morgan, J. B. Holland, Bill Trail, Bob Whiting, Charles Speegle, Robert Kwapien, (fourth row) Bill Pryor, John Bow en, Dan Blackman, Thomas Todd, Bill White, Kim Chandler, Russell Lindsey, Homer Connell, V. O. Cline, Edwin Still, Ronnie Williams, Conrad Williams, James L. Johenning, (fifth row) Glenn Young, James Kling, Henry Stone, Jim Bostic, Tom McDaniel, Glenn Noffsinger, William Benton, Earl Goodman, Ralph Seamon, W. R. Rosenberger, Clark Shingler, George Edwards, James Ducey, Bill Bryan, Al Stinson, (sixth row) William Huffard, Fred Sw ahn, Colin Campbell, Jack Thomas, Raiford Claxton, Bill Settle, Frank Craig, Eugene Mussellman, John Brown, Bud Smith, Pat Morgan, Fred Arnold, D. O. Beusse, Walter Stinson, Bow en Parsons, (seventh row) Walter Tucker, Earl Staton, Bobby Sherwood, Mack Atkins, David Spearman, Eddie Hudspeth, John Atwell, H. A, Virts, Thomas Rainey, Phillip Coleman, Tommy Foster, William Lewis, Herbert Lundy, and Wood Markham. ALPHA PSI . . . Veterinary Fraternity Promotes Profession Alpha Psi ' s entertain at a Rush Party. Alpha Psi, a national veterinary fraternity, was founded in 1907. The purpose of Alpha Psi is to promote a stronger bond between the veterinary students; to create unity among the students of all veterinary colleges and to support all move- ments tending to secure greater efficiency and higher profes- sional and social standing. Rush functions, a banquet and a buffet supper followed by a house dance, begin the activities for the year. Other festiv- ities are a costume ball during Winter Quarter, the annual Placebo Bali in the Spring, and several house dances throughout the year. Alpha Psi is also outstanding in sports; it has retired the Presidents ' Trophy in football for the second time. Serving Alpha Psi for 195 5-56 were Harry Lightsey as Pres- ident, David Spearman as Vice-president, Herbert Kelly as Recording Secretary, and William Benton as Treasurer. NEWLY INITIATED MEMBERS are Shelly Shuman, Dan Crumptom, Donald Blocker, Dan Cabaniss, Gene Mcintosh, Dick Jones, Joe Free, Ronald Brown, Arthur Palmer, Wade Johnson, Raymond Hancock, Glenn O ' Neal, Dan Branck, Royce Mosley, John Courtenay, John Bowen, and Jim Weiss. ALPHA ZETA . . . Honorary Initiates Plan to Inspire Freshmen Any male student in the College of Agri- culture, School of Forestry, or School of Vet- erinary Medicine is eligible for membership in Alpha Zeta if he has completed at least one and a half years of his college work, his grades place him in the upper two-fifths of his class, and he possesses qualities of character and leadership. This year the fraternity initiated a proposed annual practice of awarding a certificate and a rotating plaque to the freshman on Ag campus with the highest average. Annually the " AZ Smoker " is given to acquaint students on South Campus with the other students and faculty members. Alpha Zeta holds a ban- quet each fall and spring in honor of newly elected members. Members holding office were Richard Reyn- olds, Chancellor; Bob Lowrey, Censor; Don Freyer, Scribe, and Charles Spiegle, Treasurer. INITIATES and old members listen to a lecture. PARTICIPATING IN A ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION are (seated) Ri:hard Reynolds, Dan Branch, Ronald Brown, Dick Jones, Art Palmer, Davy Crewcut, Scott Beall, Bob Lowrey, Jack Courtenay, Royce Mosley, Wade Johnson, Joe Marshall, Dan Cabaniss, (second row) Dan Spear- man, Charlie Speegle, Herbert Kelly, Djo Eidson, Beeman Keen, Dan Crumpton, Eugene Wright, Jim Wilkinson, Leo Sharpe, Raymond Hancock, Davis Roberts, (third row) Al Stinson, Dr. Fleming, Jimmy Maner, Earl Staton, Delano Braziel, Fred Chambers, Perry Joiner, Bud Collins, Don Freyer, Gene Mcintosh, Dan Roberson, Glenn O ' Neal, Russel Lindsey, BillWhite, Jim Weiss, and Ken Turner. AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDICINE ASSOCIATION.. Club Provides Training For Future Profession The Georgia Student Chapter of the AVMA, which is patterned after the parent organiza- tion, the American Veterinary Medical Associ- ation, meets bi-weekly. Each meeting featured a program related to the field of Veterinary Medicine. The objectives of the student chapter are to promote the spirit of friendly relations and the development of character and leadership, and to provide professional knowledge and an understanding of professional ethics and conduct. Activities of the organization include the publishing of the Southern Veterinarian quar- terly, the sponsoring of a dance in Winter Quarter, and giving a picnic during Spring Quarter. The President was Frank Craig; Vice-presi- dent, H. Alan Virts; Recording Secretary, Diedrich Beusse; Corresponding Secretary, Rus- sell Lindsey, and Treasurer, Glenn Noffisinger. DR. HADLEY C. STEPHENSON, Professor Emeritus of Small Animal Medicine at Cornell University speaks to the chapter at one of its bi-v eekly meetings. THE STAFF OF THE SOUTHEASTERN VETERINARIAN at work, (seated) J. B. Sharp, John Roeder, Frank Craig, Al Stinson, Buddy Virts, Dr. W. A. Knapp, (standing) Charles Speegle, Tom McDaniels, R. A. Wright, Charles Dobbins, Max Sink, Ben Harrington, Powell Anderson, David Lynn, Herbert Kelly, William Benton, Charles Maddox, 123 FRESHMEN (First row) William Salvatore, Virginia Conner, Dorothy Kinney, Roy Tyson, Clifford Chapman, Lewis Henderson. (Second row) Philip Napolitano, Duane Black, Evelyn Dekle, Barbara Culpepper, Donna Beemon, James Brand, Clinton Hodges. (Third row) Harmon Je rnigan, Charles Cato, Wayne Pickard, Bobby Burnley, William Crawford. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION .. . Pharmacy Group Stresses Service, Education The purpose of the American Pharmaceutical Association is to provide pharmacy students with an opportunity to meet and discuss current issues pertaining to their profession, to foster education in matters involving pharmacy and to acquaint the members of the local chapter with the state and national organi- zations. Projects for the year included furnishing the student lounge in the Pharmacy Building, forming a grievance committee for the School of Pharmacy, giving recognition keys for perfect atten- dance, and discussing the draft law relating to pharmacists with all schools of pharmacy and encouraging them to talk over their opinions with their representatives. Delegates were sent to the National American Pharmaceutical Association Convention. The association held a Christmas party, and during Spring Quarter a social was given. The officers for the year were Earl Gable, President; Max Conner, Vice-president; Edith Evans, Recording Secretary; Bob- bie Burns, Corresponding Secretary; and Joe Bowman, Treasurer. SOPHOMORES (First row) Donald Chandler, Sara Kirkland, Don Bohanon, Jerry Walker, William Moore, Walter Brooks, Jack Musick. (Second row) Harold Kemp, Emmett Allmond, Dena Eady, Frances Malloy, Murray Comer, Robert Etheridge, Harmon Pye. (Third row) John Foster, James Brown, Robert Eirod, Robert Shepherd, Lee Taylor, Henry Hammond, John Beach. (Fourth row) Pompey Griner, Calvin Parker, William Johnson, Lowell Harris, Warren Tye, Irwin Chasin, James Gilmer, William Brogdon. JUNIORS (First row) Wade Young, Eugene McLain, Bobby Pilcher, Caroline Howard, Lowell Harris, James Bramlett, Joe Landers, William Colter, Joe Bowman. (Second row) Thclma Underwood, Bobbie Burns, Thryza White, Ben Mayes, Jerry Purcell, George Westbrook, Thomas Gantt, Edward Riddle, John Strickland. (Third row) Edith Evans, Ilze Sarma, Gloria Bloodworth , Gloria Pike, Raymond Archambeault, James Hollis, William Huff, Edwin Laws, Fred Barfield, Carlton Pierce. (Fourth row) Rice Green, Larry Veal, Emory Browning, Robert Lybrand, John Rhyne, Albert Williams, Van Lee Rowan. SENIORS (First fow) Joseph Barnes, Thomas Reese, Ralph Gauthier, Fred Underwood, Robert Simmons, Ronald Payton, George Poulos, Jerry Zimmerman. (Second row) Earl Gable, Lynn Norman, William Harp, James Seasholtz, Rheta Leverett, Frank Pelly, Frank Doros, Nor- man Roberts, Ed Holt, Joe Dickerson. (Third row) Joel Maddox, Charles Rogers, Wilmer Newsome, Daniel Moye, Joel Mikell, James Matthews, Joel Dekle, Heywood Simonton, James Cutcliff. (Fourth row) James Dunning, Max Conner, Joe Harner, Sidney Dees, Dennis Cummins, Clark Cobb. ARGONAUTS AT an informal meeting are (seated) George Worley, Bill Brunkhurst, Barnard Langston, Howard Henson, Harold Nixon, Lewis Collins, Jim Hart, Jerry Chambers, Rogers Carroll, Cliff Pickens, Billy Kent, Doyle Johnson, Billy Rowell, Joh n Ezzard, Bobby Raley, (standing) Dick Jones, Frank Pickens, H. A. Swindell, Fernell Booth, David Lifsey, Jack Holt, John Keller, Tommy Sullivan, Leonard Owens, and John Brown. ARGONAUTS . . . Helping Hand Extended to Incoming Freshmen ARGONAUTS GREET FRESHMEN: (first row) Johnny Yarbrough, Rogers Carroll, Fernell Booth, H. A. Swindell, Frank Hardee, Jack Holt, Paul Dowell, (second row) Ed Blackburn, Ronald Brown, Willie Woo, (third row) Eddie Frazier, and Earl Heidt. The Argonatus is a group of upperclassmen which serves the University by assisting with the orientation and counseUng of freshmen men. The organization had its beginning here in 1953. Membership totals about 40 men, each hav- ing a group of 6 to 20 freshmen under their guidance. These men meet the new-comers on their arrival, help them during Orientation Week, and answer any questions which may arise during the confusing first weeks of each quarter. The Argonauts, together with the URSA ' s, sponsor the annual Freshman Talent Show held during Fall Quarter. Vespers are held Tues- day nights at 7:00 o ' clock in Reed Hall, and the Freshman women from Myers Hall are invited to attend these services. Officers were the following: President, Ron- ald Brown; Vice-president, Earl Heidt; Sec- retary, Frank Hardee; and Treasurer, Ed Blackburn. 126 MEMBERS OF ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY are (first row) M. Kersey, R. Fletcher, J. Fischer, H. Kimball, G. Fortson, J. Worley, E. Davis, C. Snyder, M. Cohen, D. Bishop, (second roiv) W. Morris, M. Perry, D. Roberson, C. Cook, L. Cohen, J. Higginbotham, J. Harrold, G. Beall, D. Cummins, J. Mercer, J. Harper, and B. Crane. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY . . . . . . ANGEL ' S FLIGHT Groups Advance Georgia ' s A.RR.O.LG. Program Arnold Air Society was established to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concepts of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense. This year the Society sponsored a cadet speaking contest for Air Science III students and a program to inform high school students about Air Force R.O.T.C. The officers were Melvin Kersey, Commander; William Morris, Executive Officer; Douglas Bishop, Adjutant Recorder; John Worley, Comptroller; James Mercer, Operations Officer, and Charles Snyder, Information Service Officer. Angels ' Flight was organized in 195 5 to promote interest in the Air Force and to aid the progress of the Arnold Air Society. The girls march in parades, act as hostesses at parties, and march on the field with the Air Force R.O.T.C. They performed a chorus-line dance and march routine at the Military Ball. Shirley Hires served as Commander and Sue Crawford as First Lieutenant. MEMBERS OF ANGEL ' S FLIGHT (first row) Lucile Stephens, Jane Armitage, Barbara Addison, Ralda Lefkoff, Maggi Francke, Sally Fortune, Shirley Hires, (second row) Pat Venable, Nancy Butts, Martha Addison, Jane Wilson, Sandy Paul, Liz Morris, Carolyn Hendricks, (third roil) Ann Hollander, Julie Jones, Jackie Teed, Carolyn Bridges, Judy Jenkins, Nancy Kellam, and Sue Crawford stand at parade rest. 1 I t MEMBERS OF B.S.U. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL include Judson Moss, Martha Lee Bridges, Joann Burns, Alice Green, Eddie Branan, James Casey, David Malcolm, Gene Sutherland, Dot Middleton, Anita Webb, Adrian Short, Dean Daniel, Shirley Foster, Anne Akins, and Dr. Fred Bennett. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION... Baptists Hold Devotions and Socials at Center The Walter Wise Baptist Student Center on South Lumpkin Street is the center of much attention for the students of the University of Georgia. Daily devotional periods, recreational activities, discussion groups, socials, and many other activities have their origin here. The BSU seeks to be the connecting link between the college student, the University, and the local church. It further strives to minister to the spiritual needs of the Baptist students on campus. The Executive Council, composed of the student leaders, aspires to carry out the aims of the organization. The officers this year were the following: Gene Sutherland, President; Edie Branan, Enlistment Vice- president; James Casey, Membership Vice-president; Dean Daniel, Personnel Director; Alice Webb, Secretary; Jim Hcnsley, Treasurer; Dot Schmidt, Librarian; Roger Branch, Editor; David Malcolm, Promotional Director; Joann Burns, Music Director; and Dot Middleton, Extension Director. FELLOWSHIP HOUR at the Student Center. 128 BIFTAD . . . Honorary Service Club Boosts School Spirit Encouraging freshman and sophomore men t o better scholarship, leadership, and participa- tion in University activities and organizations is the purpose of this organization. It not only promotes the welfare of the University but is a challenge to any male student aspiring to campus prominence. He must gain so many points in the areas of scholarship, University publications, athletics, music or drama, debating and leadership. Not only that, he must be a freshman or first quarter sophomore. These young men have meetings every other week and take on such projects as will benefit the University. For the first time in this society ' s history, " Freshman Ratting " and " Rat Court " were sponsored. Homecoming decora- tions took much time and work too. First and second place trophies were awarded in men and women ' s divisions. Officers were President, Paul Lynch; Vice- president, James Hart, and Secretary-Treasurer, Earl Heidt. MEMBERS (back row) John McMullen, John Keller, Marion Jordan, Ed Blackburn, John Van Elmendorf initiate (front row) Nick Hullender, Guy Herring, Jerry Chambers, Bill McCown, and James Casey. (Seated) Jim Hart, Paul Lynch, Louis Christo, Earl Heidt, (standing) Jim Stewart, Buddy Leckie, Raymond Hunter, Harold Nixon, Benjamin Mayes, and Horace Thorn show off the Homecoming trophy which Biftad awards annually. 129 MEMBERS DISPLAY THEIR ANNUAL PUBLICATION, (seated) Jake McCorkle, Charles Bell, Jerome Maner, John O ' Toole, Bob Lowrey, Eddie Lewis, Melvin England, Ken Kilpatrick, Carrol Dadisman, Milton Thompson, (Standing) Ken Turner, Davis Roberts, Earl Gable, Charles Ballard, C. O. Baker, D. J. Weddell, Dr. Till Huston, Harry Lightsey, Don Page, Perry Sentell, Norman Fletcher. BLUE KEY . . . Directories Sold to Boost Scholarship Fund The University chapter of Blue Key National Honor Fraternity is composed of junior and senior men selected for outstanding achievement in athletics, scholarship, publications, leadership, and forensics. Dinner meetings of student and faculty members were held every other Sunday night throughout the year. Blue Key initiates not more than 25 men each year, a maximum of 1 5 juniors each spring and 10 seniors in the fall. Publication of the Student-Faculty Directory is the principal constructive campus-community project of the organization. Proceeds from sale of directories go into the Blue Key Scholarship Fund. The staff of this year ' s directory included William S. Morris III, Editor; Charles Bell, Associate Editor; Eddie C. Lewis, Business Manager, and Donald Page, Associate Business Manager. Officers for Blue Key for 1 9 5 J - 5 6 were Carrol Dadisman, President; Bob Lowrey , Vice-President; and Perry Sentell, Secretary-Treasurer. OFFICERS, FACULTY ADVISOR, AND DIRECTORY STAFF were Carrol Dadisman, Bob Lowrey, Melvin England, D. J. Weddell, Eddie Lewis, Don Page, Perry Sentell, Charles Be ll. 130 RABBI SANKER CONDUCTS Executive Council meeting. Members are Debby Rubel, Riette Hirsch, Harriette Schreiber, Bar- bara Feingold, Herb Slotin, Joyce Alpern, Jake Behr, Edie Klein, Inge Nachman, Bruce Hornstein, Sandra Isenberg, and Freddy Benamy, B ' NAI B ' RITH HILLEL FOUNDATION .. . Study Expands Appreciation of Rich Heritage Hillel aims to furnish the Jewish student with a knowledge of and identity with Jewish spiritual and cultural values. The Hillel Foundation provides counseling services and community training for its members. Regular Sunday night meetings have been highlighted by debates, panel discussions, and lectures on Jewish culture and prevailing problems. Classes in Hebrew and Jewish history are held twice weekly. Religious services are held on Friday eve- nings and festival days. On several occasions the traditional Friday evening Sabbath Meal has been held. The first Hillel Institute for student leadership training was held in February 1956 at the University of Georgia. The governing body of Hillel is the Student Council consisting of representatives from fraternities, sororities and independent groups. It meets weekly under a rotating chairman. The Secretary is Sandy Isenberg and the Treasurer is Freddy Benamy. Rabbi Sanker serves as Advisor for B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation. RABBI SANKER TELLS ONE of his famous jokes, English style. Listening arc (first row) Betty Cohen, Harriette Schreiber, Cookie Schaffer, Joyce Alpern, Rita Skott, Phyllis Raab, Marcia Feigenbaum, Barbara Feingold, Jake Behr, (second row) Carl Kaufman, Janet Silverman, Lenore Goldstein, Cecile Cohen, Paul Fine, Marcia Topper, Sonia Robbins, Marcia Jacobs, Richard Krock, (third row) Jacolyn Skodnik, Marlene Fineroff, Ruth Feldman, Bruce Hornstein, Florence Rose, Marvin Podem, Roslyn Seligman, (fourth row) Francine Hand, Irene Kessler, Riette Hirsch, Sybil Schire, Debby Rubel, Freddy Benamy, Stanley Gittle- man, Inge Nachman, Artie Meisnere, (fifth row) Dave Goldring, Morty Berson, Leonard Kamenetz, Sandra Isenberg, Bernie Thaler, Edie Klein, Marvin Greenberg, Herb Slotin, (seated on left) Mrs. Schire and Mrs. Rubel. COLLEGE 4-H . . . Club Sponsors Winter Carnival to Raise Funds The College 4-H Club was organized at Georgia in order to enable former 4-H members to continue and further develop interests in 4-H Club work. The organization empha- sizes closer friendship among students and faculty members, sponsors a scholarship loan fund which is awarded to worthy members who need financial assistance, and trains for leadership. A major activity of the club is the Ag Hill Carnival, held annually during Winter Quarter. The proceeds of the Carnival add to the scholar- ship fund, finance a picnic each spring in honor of the seniors, and defray the expenses of a man and a woman who attend the Dan- forth Foundation Leadership Camp at Camp Miniwanka, Michigan. Mary Hutcheson presided, while Roger Walters took care of financial matters. The Vice-presidental position was filled by T. W. McKinley, and Adelia Torrance served as Secretary. OFFICERS OF THE 4-H CLUB were (first row) Winston Johnson, Adelia Torrance, I Parker, Mary Hutcheson, Jack Holt, (second row) T. W. McKinley, H. A: Swindell, Roger Walters. Mr. R. J. Richardson (back row) served as Advisor. Helen and (First row) Rose Turner, Dick Milner, Patricia Venable, Dorothy Tap- pan, Helen Parker, Eleanor Inman, Mary Davis, H. A. Swindell, Bee- man Keen, (second row) Jack Holt, Dot Dozier, Clarice Sparks, Mary Hutcheson, Sara Vickery, Wade Johnson, Gaynell Purvis, Joe Marshall, (third row) Janet Gaines, Ray Brown, Nadine Brown, Jane Tye, Bennte Fulcher, Sam Brown, Adelia Torrance, (fourth row) Billy Davis, Win- ston Johnson, Marie Anoinette, Frances Davis, Bob Lowrey, Martha Reese, Jerry Whiteside, Roger Walters, (fifth row) T. W. McKinley, William Cowart, Mr. R. J. Richardson, and Punky Owens display the 4-H symbol. 132 CLUB MEMBERS meet in the Legion Hut. THREE OF THE ENGLISH MEMBERS wear their national dress. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB . . . Group Promotes World University Service Drive Although " shooting the bull " is probably the favorite pass- time of the club, its members representing thirty-five nations including the United States, play host for three days each year to all the foreign students in Georgia. They also feature in the International Banquet and a weekly radio program. The Cosmopolitan Club offers colorful informality and friend- ship between strangers. It has in mind at all times that peace and happiness in the world can only come from an effort of friendship and understanding. Founded in 1920, the club this year has over seventy members drawn from students on campus and the Naval Supply School. The officers for Fall and Winter Quarters respectively were these: President, Hank Leffelaar and Jacob Oxnevad; Vice- president, M. Singh Sandhu and Marinus Storm; Secretary, Ginger Pennock, and Treasurers, Jackie Harrison and Ralph Robinson.; MEMBERSHIP THIS YEAR INCLUDED (first row) Ens. Tugrul Kocaalp (Turkey), Margaret Peters, (Scotland), Essat Hilmi (Cyprus), Chhaya Rudra (India), Lt. J. G. Cyat Civas (Turkey), Jean Co " wie (England), Jacob Oxnevad (Norivay), M. Singh Sandhu (India), David Mari (Puerto Rico), Mary Stovall (United States), Gurdip Singh (India), Shirley Highton (England), Lt. Kjell Nielsen (Norway), Hernando Villamizar (Venezuela), (second row) Mrs. Diana Strickland (Japan), Mrs. Malcolm Reed (United States), Veva Beck (Alaska), Hermine Toors (Holland), Nancy Webb (United States), Hank Leffelaar (Holland), Jackie Harrison (United States), Ginger Pennock (Puerto Rico), Teresa Spigener (United States), Gil Machado (Brazil), Mary Keene (United States), Lt. Comdr. Mario DeMartino (Italy), Josh Macherowski (Aruba, D.W.I.), (third row) Mrs. Wenche Oxne- vad (Norway), Hiroe Horikawa (Japan), Rupert Klisch (Germany), Peter Ng (Hong Kong), Lt. Cmdr. Yukio Ishiodori (Japan), Naval Officer (Korea), Young Whe Koo (Korea), Check Wing Tsoi (Indo- china), Jean Pierre Huguet (France), Michel Millet (France), Marinus Storm (Holland), Jay Namby (United States), Neil Parker (England), Lt. Bjorn Barth (Norway), Ralph Robinson (England), Lt. Cmdr. Martin Berg (Norway), Gkiat Gkalayanamit (Thailand), Lt. Cmdr. Ivar Wendelborg (Norway), Dr. Charles Wilson (United States), (fourth row) Dzintris Vallis (Latvia), David Jones (United States), Willie LIuch (Puerto Rico), Jorge Toro (Puerto Rico), Curly Corcias (Spain), Lt. Pundhaup Sudjitt (Thailand), Jose Ortiz (Mexico), Lt. Saturnino Acuna (Philippines), Muneyoshi Ueda (Japan), Zuhair Nejibelezzy (Irak), Winton Bruce (United States), Naval Officer (United States), and Ens. Altan Sagnak (Turkey). MEMBERS (first row) Jimmy Kehoe, Don Summers, Bill Burrow, (second row) Kyle Lewis, Dick Bruschke, (third row) Pete Mc- Evoy, Allan Roe, Jack McDaniel, and Al Clark gather around their sponsor, Sandra Lewis. DELTA SIGMA PI . . . Information Booth Provided at Registration Delta Sigma Pi was brought to the Georgia campus in 1922. The organization encourages scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their future advancement by research and practice; and it promotes closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce. During Registration each quarter an infor- mation booth is maintained for business stu- dents by Delta Sigma Pi. The fra- ternity celebrates Founders ' Day on November 7th and the chapter birthday on February 22nd. An important activity of the group is the pro- fessional education program consisting of tours of business concerns throughout the state and of talks by outstanding businessmen. Also, each year Delta Sigma Pi presents a gold key to the male senior in the College of Business Administration who has the highest scholastic average. President for the year was Jimmy Hinely; Vice-president, Doug Puckett; Scribe, Don James, and Treasurer, Dick Bruschke. {First row) Jay Manley, Claude Guyton, Ken Pagel, Doug Pucket, (second row) Jim Hinely, Bill Auld, Moe Wynn, Glenn Pine, (third row) Fain Johnson, Hal Weller, Mobley Childs, John Harvey, (fourth row) Ted Friibic, Jim Jones, Grady Sapp, and Dennie Steele meet in the fra- ternity houM. 1B4 FALL QUARTER OFFICERS, Don Page, Bob Henry, and Roger Martinson, preside over a meet- ing of the society. DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY... Oldest Society Upholds Tradition of 155 Years Highlighting the activities of the Demosthenian Society this year was an all-night meeting commemorating one hundred and fifty years of oration and debating. The agenda included addresses by outstanding alumni who issued a challenge to the younger men. Four of the speakers were Abit Nix, O. C. Aderhold, Albert Saye, and Don Henderson. Other activities of the meeting included the awarding of Speaker ' s Keys and the burning of a scale model of Phi Kappa Hall at midnight. The meeting began at 7:00 P.M. and lasted until about 6:30 A.M. at which time the members adjourned to an early break- fast and the functions of the day. At the annual banquet honorary members were announced and diplomas presented to graduating seniors. Officers for Fall and Winter Quarters respectively were as follows: Bob Henry and Donald Page, President; Roger Martin- son and John O ' Toole, Vice-president; and Donald Page and Avant Edenfield, Secretary. DEMOSTHENIANS GATHERED to listen to a debate are (first row) Bob Henry, Julius Asbelle, Don Browning, John McMuUen, Franklin Shumake, Billy Davis, (second row) Jack Jacques, Cecil Davis, David Cook, George Walters, Otis Stephens, Jay Manley, Roger Martinson, (third row) Don Smith, John Shellnutt, Eugene McCracken, Bill Martin, Ed Snell, John O ' Toole, (fourth row) Don Page, F. R. Davidson, Avant Eden- field, W. S. Connerat, Bob Whitaker, Al Rhyne, Ralph Eddy, (fifth row) Jake McCorkle, Quinten Gabriel, Archie Rushton, J. W. Hill, (sixth row) Earl Waller, Charles Durrance, Charles Ballard, Ben Patterson, Buddy Leckie, James Ward, and Chek Wing Tsoi. DEAN MURRAY SPEAKS to club members (first row) J. Maner, R. Lowery, E. Moore, T. W. McKinley, J. Ward, B. Leckie, G. O ' Neal, (second row) H. L. Turner, E. Chastain, E. Wright, Dr. Lassiter, Dr. O ' Mary, R. Milner, Dr. Fleming, (third row) W. Vaughn, F. Lanier, R. Dangar, J. Cox, R. Whiting, J. Symons, (fourth row) G. Tomlin, M. Ellis, N. Identifies, P. Joiner, D. Smith, Y. D. Maddox, J. Fulfort, GEORGIA AG CLUB . . . (fifth row) J. Reeves, J. Stokely, P. Owens, W. Hill, G. Walters, D. Cook, C. Eikins, T. Weldon, (sixth row) J. College, B, Sw inson, R. Reynolds, E. Akin, J. Gunnels, O. Fowler, G. Herring, J. Casey, (seventh row) J. Burt, C. Lee, W. Abercrombie, M. Possible, Dean Wheeler, R. Whittaker, K. Turner, M. Probable, (eighth row) D. Dreeson, U. N. Known, C. Newcomer, £, T. Cetera, T. Frazier, and F. W. Bennett, Club Advances Interest by Activities Awards CLUB ADVANCES INTEREST BY ACTIVITIES, AWARDS The Georgia Ag Club gives a Welcome Party with Homecon Club each year to acquaint new students with the various honor societies on Ag Hill. The club also offers the members of the organizations on South Campus an opportunity to exhibit their abilities by putting on a talent show annually. Two debates are sponsored by the group, one for Freshmen and one with Demosthenian Society. At meetings programs of agricultural interest are featured. Seniors are presented with certificates and Honor Key Awards each year by Ag Club. Ag Club gives students in Agriculture training in pubUc expression through speaking and writing, and advances the general interests of agricultural subjects. The officers for Fall and Winter Quarters respectively were the following: President, Joe Marshall and Buddy Leckie; Vice- president, Gene Wright and Gerald Faulkner; Secretary, Glenn O ' Neal and Gene Wright; and Treasurer, James Kling. Listening to a talk by Phil Campbell, Commissioner of Agriculture, are (first row) J. Kling, K. White, J. Sullivan, J. Marshall, H. L. Turner, E. Chastain, J. Maner R. Lowery, (second row) N. Name, B. Lance, A. Gone, C. Stewart, F. Gregory, R. Mosley, W. Vaughn, E. Wright, (third row) R. Slappey, R. Hancock, G. Faulkner, M. Thomas, R. James Kling, Gene Wright, Joe Marshall, Dr. Wheeler, Gene Moore, Dr. Fleming, T. W. McKinley, Glenn O ' Neal, and James Ward assist in the initiation of the first woman member in history, Margaret Upshawr. Duffy, B. Back, B. Oliver, (fourth row) F. Chambers, R. Woods, W. Cowart, S. Uperman, Dr. Rogers, M. Upshaw, (fifth row) C. Campbell, J. Brown, H. Flowers, E. Milliard, T. Mimms, (sixth row) H. Bohn, J. Free, A. Weber, D. Hooks, and H. Studdard. GRAND OLD PARTY . . . GOP Gives Organized Voice in Student Affairs Organized forty-six years ago, the Grand Old Party offers advancement in leadership and service to its members and to the University. The welfare of the school and of the student body as a whole is one of its prime concerns. Male students who do not belong to a social fraternity may become members through active participation in the Party. As a focal point for independent student opinion, GOP gives its members an organized voice in student affairs through the Campus Leader, Jake McCorkle and the Vice-Campus Leader, Charles Ballard. Secretary-Treasurer for this year is Billy Davis. These men are elected by a majority vote of all non-fraternity men, and their primary responsibility is to lead and promote the interests of the Party in all of its projects. Individuality and personal initiative are stressed by the Grand Old Party rather than group activity. JAKE McCORKLE, Campus Leader, presides over a GOP meeting. MEMBERS OF GOP meet to discuss campus politics. 137 NEOPHYTES BREATHLESSLY await the continuation of initiation. DUCK-WALK at initiation. GRIDIRON . . . Selective Society ' s Secrets Still Secure Election to membership in Gridiron Secret Society, founded in 1900, is considered one of the highest honors a male student on this campus can receive. Qualifications for membership and activities of Gridiron are known only to members. Quentin Gabriel served as President during Fall Quarter, and Jake McCorkle took over for the remainder of the year. Frank Seiler acted as Secretary-Treasurer. MEMBERS OF GRIDIRON are (first row) John Gaynor, Bobby Garrard, Alex MacDonald, Norman Fletcher, Richard Scarlett, Don Shea, Dan Kitchens, Eddie Lewis, Charles Ballard, (second row) Robert Langstaff, Tom Farmer, Quentin Gabriel, Milton Thompson, Jay Gardner, John Wilkins, Carroll Dadisman, Bob Lowrey, Roger Branch, Frank Seiler, Bill Morris, Thomas Bentley, Bill Hendrix, and Bob Whitaker. V MEMBERS OF HOMECON Joan Burton, Lorine Manning, Jane Dixson, Barbara Caycc, Eleanor Inman, Jane Whiteman, Barbara Aspinwall, Veleta Futral, Sue Bennett, Carolyn Dollar, Evelyn Barfield, Tommie Guess, Alice Green, Joan Smith, and Sue Hammond look over the Christmas cards for the sale. HOMECON . . . Promoting Home Economics Aim of Organization Homecon was organized to bind the students in the field of home economics together, to give knowledge and practice in self- initiated group work, to provide a true vision of home economics to improve friendships between students and faculty, and to form a basis of future Hving. Homecon welcomes people from outside the school to speak and to give demonstrations to the group at the meetings. The club has various projects such as a catering service, a Christmas card sale, and a Christmas Bazaar. During the year Homecon sponsors several socials including a dance for the crowning of " Miss Home Economics " and a special program for the graduat- ing seniors. The officers were as follows: Tommie Guess, President; Montyne Shattuck, Vice-president; Joanne Carpenter, Secretary, and Alice Green, Treasurer. THE MEMBERSHIP OF HOMECON includes Patricia Venable, Clarice Sparks, Rebecca Gill, Helen Parker, Evelyn Smith, Stella Lucas, Joanne Reppard, Martha Mills, Eleanor Nelson, Louise Estes, Sara Jones, Paula Whatley, Martha Harrison, Sally Shapard, Carolyn Milner, Pat Haldridge, Jane Whiteman, Elise Wilron, Sylvia Troutman, and Mrs. Johnny Mitchell. KAPPA PSI . . . Pharmacists Move Into Old Athens Residence The purpose of Kappa Psi is to conduct a fraternal organization for the mutual benefit of the members; to inculcate sobriety, industry, and mutual fellowship; to esteem courage of mind and heart; and to foster pharmaceutical research and high scholarship. The national fraternity, founded in 1879 at Russel Military Academy in Connecticut, established a chapter on the campus of the University of Georgia in 1951. This year the group moved into their first house here. One of the most outstanding activities planned this year was the establishing of a museum of equipment found in drug stores of the past. The location of the museum will be in the Pharmacy School. Frank Pelly acted as Regent this year; Joel Dekle as Vice-regent; Frank Doros as Cor- responding Secretary; Ben Mayes as Recording Secretary; and Earl Gable as Treasurer. OFFICERS (seated) Howell Cobb, Joel Oekle, Frank Pelly, Ben Mayes, (standing) Frank Doros, James Matthews, and Earl Gable look at the Kappa Psi scrapbook -with their sponsor, Bobbie Burns. MEMBERS ON THE STEPS of their new house are (first row) James Bramlett, Ed Riddle, Max Conner, Bobbie Burns, Jerry Walker, Tom Gantt, (second row) George Westbrook, Robert Elrod, Elmer Brooks, Lowell Harris, John Beach, George Brewton, (third row) Joe Bowman, Frank Pelly, Earl Gable, Calvin Parker, (fourth row) Harrell Colter, Ray Archambeault, Joe Landers, and Ben Mayes, (fifth row) Joel Dekle, Jack Musick, Pete Griner, Frank Doros, Howell Cobb, (sixth row) James Matthews, James HoUis, Mr. Clyde Whitworth, and Mr. Clifford Brewton. 140 LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA... Ethyl L. Heath Award Offered hy Organization Alpha Kappa Chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma, professional pharmaceutical sorority, was founded on this campus two years ago with thirteen charter members. At the beginning of the year a coke get- acquainted party was given for freshmen and transfer women. Hygeia Day, which honors the first woman pharmacist, is observed by the chapter in March. During Spring Quarter the new officers and pledges are honored at the Conduceus Dance. The chapter also sent representatives to the biennial national conven- tion which was held in Chicago this year. As an incentive to hard work and study, the chapter ' s Ethyl L. Heath Award will be given to women who maintain a 90 average in the complete pharmacy course. Rheta Leverett presided at the group ' s meet- ings while Gloria Pike recorded the minutes. Bobbie Burns served as Vice-president, Thelma Underwood took care of financial matters, and Dena Eady acted as Corresponding Secretary. OFFICERS Dean Eady, Rheta Leverett, Gloria Pike, Bobbie Burns, Thelma Underwood, and Caroline Howard prepare prescription. Donna Beemon (left) shows new formula to (first row) Barbara Culpepper, Thelma Underwood, Gloria Pike, Caroline Howard, (second row) Thyrza White, Sara Kirkland, Rheta Leverett, Dena Eady, Bobbie Burns, Mrs. Kenneth L. Waters, lUe Sarma, Evelyn Dekle, and Frances Malloy. Members not present are Edith Evans and June Walker. 141 MORTAR BOARD . . . Prominent Women Sell Diaries For Scholarships In 1918 Mortar Board was established for senior women at Swarthmore College to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to develop a finer tyi e of college woman. The members carry out many activities of service to the University. An activities program for fresh- men and a coffee hour for transfer students are given during Orientation Week. The group served at the President ' s Reception and other University functions. To raise money for scholarships given in the spring to deserving women students. Mortar Board sold sandwiches in the freshman dormitories and calendar books to the campus. Pi Sigma Alpha has as President Barbara Crawford. The other officers were Bette Womack, Vice-president; Kay Every, Secretary, and Margie Hawkins, Treasurer. Birdie Bondurant was selected to honorary membership this year. NtW MEMBERS Bette Womack, Barbara Crawford, Margie Hawkins, Kay Every, Barbara Rogers, Iris Antley, Lauradine Baker, and Joann Burns join hands in the friendship circle with Marcia Olitsky and Dean Stallings. MEMBERS SHOW calendar books to Dr. Kellam, Dean Stallings, and Mrs. Alexander. 142 Peggy Havnes, Carl Manning, Marie Nicholson, Jim Curry, Anne Chapman, Roy Valenti, Billy Shepherd, Peter McEvoy, James Kehoe, Norma Delmore, and Bucky Wolfe meet for informal discussion. NEWMAN CLUB . . . Hall Center For Catholic Student Activities The Newman Club is an organization of Catholic students who attend secular universities and colleges. The purpose of the club is to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities, and to encourage and develop Cathohc leader- ship. It aims to make its Christian influence felt through the limited Catholic group to the whole campus community. At the regular meetings, held every Sunday night, the members usually gather for an informal philosophy discussion at their house on South Lumpkin Street which is the center for Catholic student meetings and social activities. The officers serving the group this year were Bob Ryan, President; Salvadore Fazio, Vice-president; Audrey Kelton, Secretary; and Mario Barbate, Treasurer. Sal Fazio, Bob Ryan, Audrey Kelton, and Mario Barbato meet with the Director, Father Francis X. Clougherty to plan activities for the club. MEMBERSHIP OF THE NEWMAN CLUB includes Donald McKenzie, Wayne Murrison, John Wright, Richard Lorellc, Sal Fazio, Sandy Frame, S. Grady Sapp, Richard Doetsch, Bob Ryan, Mario Barbato, Willis Justice, Audrey Kelton, John Kuras, Kenneth Yip, John Kaiser, Chester Orbinski, and Andrew Rogowski. OMEGA TAU SIGMA . . . Society Stimulates Interest in Vet Medicine Omega Tau Sigma is a veterinary medicine fraternity formed to further interests and participation in activities of this nature. It was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1901, and was established at the Uni- versity of Georgia in 1948. The members meet bimonthly and participate in various activities of the group. The professional pro- jects deal with stimulation of student interests in all veterinary organizations and promotion of extra-cur- ricular veterinary projects. OTS presents a cup to the outstanding freshman in the School of Veterinary Med- icine each year. Another project of the organization is the awarding of a cup to the best hound in each Athens Dog Show. The social whirl includes the White Carnation Ball and bimonthly entertainments. Officers for the year were President, Jack Henderson; Vice-president, Donald Briscoe; Secretary, Carl Bird; Treasurer, Matt Mackay-Smith; and Recording Secre- tary, Harry Vildibill. OFFICERS OF OTS were (first row) J. A. Roeder, C. D. Bird, (second row) R. H. Batchelc M. W. Livingston, (third row) J. M. Kelly, Dr. W. A. Knapp, and M. Mackay-Smit MEMBERS OF THE FRATERNITY (first row) Clarence Little, Bill Vaughn, Jolly Rogers, Bob Batchelor, Carl Bird, John Roeder, Marvin Livingston, Paul Ramsey, John Watson, (second row) Jim Kirkland, Robert Walton, Jack Henderson, J. O. Shuler, Randy Bryant, Bruce Hornstein, Matt Boring, Jim Kupper, Cleveland Parker, (third row) Jim Dodds, H. B. Daniel, Everett Salley, Jack Keil, Bob Herlovich, Eugene Maddox, Ford Whitlow, Leon Adams, Joe Shirley, (fourth row) Henry Burger, Bill Derieux, Jake Kelly, Hugh Scott, John Paget, n. Bob Duncan, Frank Siccardi, Jack Ward, Harold Durden, (fifth row) Tolly Rogers, Bob Edwards, Cal Cannon, Fred Ingle, Matt Mackay- Smith, Harry Vildibill, John Mayo, Don Briscoe, Billy Wingfield, Charles Buchan, (sixth row) Harry Taylor, Allen Corley, Don Witherspoon, Dave Dunbar, Lawrence Mitchell, George Meckley, Harold Temple, Bob Whiteway, Rayford Albritton, Dave Parker, and Dan Orr gather in front of the Chapter s house. " -- i il HIGH REQUIREMENTS of the society are pointed out by Charles Bell (center). Members Frank Troutman, Bill Morris, Jake McCorkle, and Jimmy Hinely look on. MIC RON DELTA KAPPA .. . Outstanding Men Selected by Campus Society Members of Omicron Delta Kappa are tapped twice annually, once during Fall and once during Spring quarter. Membership is limited to juniors and seniors with a minimum average of 78 who have made outstanding achievement in at least one of the six fields — scholarship, publications, music, forensics, athletics, and social and religious leadership — and have attained minor recognition in at least two other of the major fields. Delegates attended Province III Conclave at Emory University in February. Here they discussed projects for ODK and planned the spring initiation, held with Tech and Emory. The national organization was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914 and was established at Georgia in 193 5. The officers of Alpha Upsilon Circle were President, Charles Ballard; Vice-president, Frank Troutman; Secretary, Charles Bell; and Treasurer, Jimmy Hinely. MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES Beeman Keen, Bob Henry, Joe Marshall, Burke Hodgson, George Scheer, Marvin Zion, Charles Ballard, and Bob Lowrey. n 1: u « mi PERSHING RIFLES . . . Organization Host to Southeastern Drill Meet TOP Ol ' FICERb are Jesse Way, John Martin, and Fred Greene. PERSHING RIFLES STAND IN FORMATION. Members are Clarence Bell, Herbert Blondheim, Henry Bohn, Kenneth Britt, Benjamen Burke, Emmett Cochran, Henry Collins, John Comer, Eugene Crowley, Ephraim Davis, Paul Dowell, John Ezzard, Henri Farmer, David Fields, John Felts, Dale Folger, Hugh Fox, Charles Franck, John Frith, Ray Garard, Fredric Greene, Barney Hancock, Bernard Herring, Hugh Inglis, John Janesetter. Harold To inson. Issac Levv. Wi ' ' am Maddox, Pershing Rifles is a national organization established to develop a high standard of leadership and drill proficiency, and to promote the military. This year the Georgia unit was host for the South- eastern Conference Drill Meet; other companies par- ticipating were Clemson, Georgia Tech, Mercer, North Carolina State, University of Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Georgia State Business College, and East Tennessee State College. Five events were held and awards pre- sented to the best drilled cadet, best drilled advanced cadet, best drilled squad, best drilled platoon, and the best fancy drill team. The Pershing Rifles team competed against units all over the nation including those from Oklahoma A M, City College of New York, and the U niversity of Illinois, and won about ninety per cent of the contests. ' Officers serving this year were John Martin, Cadet Commander; Fred Greene, 1st Platoon Leader; Jesse Way, 2nd Platoon Leader; Barney Hancock, President; David Bell, Vice-president; Maurice Watkins, Secretary; and Wiley Wasden, Treasurer. John Malone, John Martin, Joel Massey, James Michael, Shelton Noble, Hiram Peeler, Harris Pressman, Edward Riddle, William Robbins, Milton Roberts, William Rooker, Robert Sommers, Harry Storey, Allen Stovall, Carl Sutherland, Gerald Thurmond, Wiley Wasden, Maurice Watkins, Jesse Way, Thomas White, Joseph Winkler, Benjamen Wofford, William Wolfe, and Robert Woods. :: ' Jr 146 MEMBERS (first row) Warren Evans, Avant Edenfield, Jim Davis, Frank Beckum, Melvin England, Bill Hendrix, Earl Mallard, (second row) Don Wheeler, Horace Cheek, Perry Sentell, Jack Jacques, Jay Sawilowsky, Don Smith, James Hall, Ed Adams, Bob Henry, Preston King, (third row) Roger Martinson, Jimmy Lee, Greg Holub, Ken Kilpatrick, Alvin Seigal, Sanford Karesh, Charles Ballard, John Langley, Ralph Russell, Ben Patterson gather in front of the La-w School. PHI ALPHA DELTA Fraternity Offers Professional Advancement Phi Alpha Delta, national legal fraternity, was estab- lished to provide an exchange for business, information, and other matters of common interest to members; to create a strong bond among members of the fraternity, both students and alumni; and to promote both the social and intellectual welfare of the members. Annually the national organization publishes the Phi Alpha Delta Legal Directory and operates a na- tional placement service. Periodically the Georgia Chapter sponsors luncheons featuring guest speakers and arranges trips to Atlanta. These trips consist of interviews with judges of the Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, the Lieutenant Governor, Attor- ney General, Secretary of State and other executive officers of the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives. Serving as officers during the past year were J. Melvin England, Justice; John Langley, Vice-justice; H. Frank Beckum, Clerk; T. Kenneth Kilpatrick, Treasurer; and Earl Mallard, Marshal. Kenneth Kilpatrick, Frank Beckum, Melvin England, John Langley, and Earl Mallard were the PAD officers. 147 MEMBERS (first row) Sidney Dees, Lynn Norman, Joe Barnes, Bill Rowan stand with Phi Delta Chi Sweetheart, Thelma Underwood. Poulos, (second row) Joe Gauthier, Fred Williams, and Van Lee PHI DELTA CHI . . . R.C. Wilson, Dean Emeritus, Honored Annually Phi Delta Chi has quarterly " get-togethers " topped off by the annual farewell party for the seniors. The chapter sweetheart, Thelma Underwood, was presented at the annual Christmas Party and Dance. An annual bar-b-que and birthday dinner is held by the group for Dean Emeritus R. C. Wilson, Father of Pharmacy in Georgia. Phi Delta Chi strives to promote the profession of pharmacy by service to the individual, the chapter, the college, and the community. A quarterly service project is sponsored and a scholarship is awarded each year to a deserving pharmacy student. A professional fraternity. Phi Delta Chi, was founded in 1883 at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Alpha Iota chapter of Phi Delta Chi is one of thirty-four active chapters. Lynn Norman was President this year; Ralph Gauthier, Vice- president; Joseph Barnes, Secretary; Norman Rogers, Treasurer; and Edward Holt, Master-at-Arms. FACULTY ADVISOR, F. Ford Millikan, meets with (first row) Edward Holt, Norman Roberts, Wayne Maddox, Lamar Pilcher, (second row) Wade Young, Joe B. Dickerson, James Cutcliff, and James Seasholtz in the laboratory. 148 PHI DELTA PHI . . . Fraternity Hears Prominent Legal Scholars The purpose of Phi Delta Phi is to promote a high standard of professional ethics and culture in this and other schools and in the profession at large. Twice each month the fraternity holds luncheon meetings at which prominent legal scholars and practicing attorneys are the prin- cipal speakers. The Phi Delta Phi scholarship is awarded each fall to the student attaining the highest average in the first year law class. Phi Delta Phi is an international legal fra- ternity established on this campus in 1922. The fraternity ' s history dates back to 1869 when it was founded at the University of Michigan. The officers were as follows: Magister, Nor- man Olitsky; Exchequer, Homer Stark; Clerk, William Elliot; Historian, James Lester, and Faculty Advisor, Professor Robert McWhorter. James Lester, Thomas Bentley, Earl L. Hickman, and Homer Stark served as officers this year. MEMBERS OF PHI DELTA PHI arc (first row) Earl Hickman, Thomas Bentley, James Lester, Crawford Edwards, Nelson Coffin, Dean A. Hosch, Professor Robert McWhorter, Homer Stark, John Fleming, (second row) Sidney Sheppard, Rubin Tuck, Eddie Lewis, Earl Waller, Harris Baldwin, Bill Abney, Ed Killorin, Hugh Connolly, Jim Collier, Preston Lewis, (third row) Charles Driebe, Gene Holley, Andy Heyward, Spencer Connerat, Hoke Wofford, (fourth row) Motie Wiggins, Marvin Zion, John Boiling, Jerry Griffin, Donald Joel, John Jackson, Spear Mabry, Mitchell Dunn, (fifth row) John Langford, Bill Young, Thomas Joiner, John Holman, Lewis Little, Tom Choyce, Frank Troutman, Dr. T. Green, Dr. S. Cohn, and Curtis Luckey. 149 MEMBERS Steve Crawford, Jerry Chambers, Jim Hart, Dick Jones, Ed Blackburn, James Casey, Zeke Thomas, and Charles Edwards listen to announcements by Faculty Advisor, Dean Tate. PHI ETA SIGMA . . . Scholars Aid and Inspire Incoming Freshmen The purpose of Phi Eta Sigma is to promote and reward high scholarship among freshman men. Membership is open to any freshman who has maintained, at the end of either his second or third quarter at the University, an academic average of 88 or above. The selection of new members in early fall or late spring is followed by the initiation in the spring and climaxed by a joint banquet with Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma ' s activities include the distribution of " How to Study " pamphlets and planned time budgets to incoming freshman students. This Fall Quarter the University Phi Eta Sigma chapter was host to the 195 5 Southern Regional Con- vention, an annual event in the Southeast. The officers included Harold Nixon, President; John Mc- Mullan, Vice-president; Gibson Durden, Secretary; John Ezzard, Treasurer; and Dean William Tate, Faculty Advisor. Ronald Nix, Cy Broadhurst, Doyle Johnson, Linton West, George Dean, Ernest Drew, Leslie Long, Don Gillespie, Harold Nixon, and Marion Jordan gather around the society s crest. MEMBERS Willis Sparks, Johnny Unknown, Terrell Wesley, Alston _Steiner, Andy Heyward, Swain McElmurray, (second row) Charles Kemp, Sanford Karesh, Nathan Knight, Mr. Patterson, Bill Searcy, Giles O ' Neal, (third row) Jacob Behr, Billups Tillman, Sherrill Kelly, Jerry Griffin, Tom Whelchel, Tommy Joiner, and Bubber Pippin meet for a debate. PHI KAPPA LITERARY SOCIETY... Oratory Continued in True Southern Tradition The Phi Kappa Literary Society was founded at the University of Georgia in 1820 to stimulate oratorical competition on the campus. The society is dedicated to the development of public speaking, oratory, debate, and training in political methods and parliamentary procedure through offices and committee assignments. Meetings are held once a week at which time each member has an opportunity to express his ideas on current topics. Special contests and debates allow members to participate in verbal combat with members of other campus organizations. Each year Phi Kappa holds three speaking contests with the rival literary society — the Freshman Impromptu Debate, Sophomore Declamation, and Junior Oration. Terminating the year ' s activities was the annual banquet at which time honor keys and awards were presented to outstanding members and alumni. The officers were as follows: President, George Scheer; First Vice-president, Bill Searcy; Second Vice- president, Bob Kaden; Secretary, Giles O ' Neal; and Treasurer, Sherrill Kelly. OFFICERS of Phi Kappa this year were Willis Sparks, Lindsay Bennett, George Scheer, and Robert Kaden. 151 TEA IS SERVED by (first row) Mary Louise Daniel, Deborah Mitchell, Nanci Grant, Charlotte Thweatt, Bertha King, Kay Kinne, (second row) Alice Bell, Jeannine Payne, Charlotte Mathis, Shirley Foster, (third row) Martha Frierson, Beverly Yearwood, Peggy Tarpley, (fourth row) Ginger Burns, Ann Blank, Bette Womack, Kathryn Fricks, Joyce Tur- ner, Laverne Roberts, Margaret Gholston, Ann Hatfield, (seated) Mary Jo Hutcheson, Judy Cohen, Lauradine Baker, Joy Putnam, and Joyce Smith. PHI UPSILON OMICRON . . . Home Economics Organization Sponsors Bazaar Phi Upsilon Omicron, professional home economics fraternity, is composed of thirty girls whose interests lie in the promoting of this field. Each quarter is filled with projects of interests to the entire student body. In the fall a fruitcake sale, a Christmas Bazaar and Christmas Party, as well as a coffee hour for eligible members were held. Winter Quarter found Phi Upsilon Omicron spon- soring " Home Ec Career Day " and celebrating the Founders ' Day. Spring Quarter the organization took in new members and elected officers for the coming year. Throughout the year two projects were carried out; they were the sponsoring of a youth program for Negro girls in their local YMCA and making Dawson Hall and lobby more attractive. Officers of Phi Upsilon Omicron for 195 5-56 were President, Lauradine Baker; Vice-president, Joyce Smith; Recording Sec- retary, Nanci Grant, and Treasurer, Margaret Gholston. (front row) Mary Louise Daniel, Alice Bell, (second row) Jeannine Payne, Joyce Turner, Mary Jo Hutcheson, Charlotte Thweatt, Shirley Foster, Bertha King, (third row) Kay Kinne, Bette Womack, Deborah Mitchell, Nanci Grant, Kathryn Fricks, Peggy Tarpley, Beverly Yearwood, Lavern Roberts, Judy Cohen, Lauradine Baker, (fourth row) Margaret Gholston, Joyce Smith, Ginger Burns, Martha Frierson, Ann Blank, Ann Hatfield, Charlotte Mathis, and Joy Putnam sew aprons for the Christmas Bazaar. DR. C. K. LAURENT EXHIBITS EGGS produced on this campus to (first roil) Jake Mannes, Phil Turner, Bill Carey, Mary Frances Davis, James Shytle, Perry Joiner, Bob Woods, Jerry Whiteside, David Gold- ring, (second tow) Dr. W. Malcolm Reid, J. D. Burt, Jr., Avid Dopson, Gene Stockley, James Ward, Frank Lanier, Morris Wood, Jimmy Mercer, (third row) Mike Needle, and Ray Dangar. POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB... Group Sponsors ' Xhicken of Tomorrow ' ' Contest The Poultry Science Club has as its purpose continued educa- tion and interest in the poultry industry both on campus and in the state. Through this service its members gain greater knowledge of the field and also a closer fellowship among themselves. Poultry majors raise baby chicks from several Georgia hatch- eries each year for competition in the " Chicken of Tomorrow " contest. Due recognition is given to the best hatchery, deter- mined by a judging of broiler-sized chickens. Proceeds from this project furnish the club with operating expenses to carry on the next year. During 195S-56 Joe Marshall presided at the meetings while James Ward recorded the minutes. James Shytle filled the office of Vice-president; Simpson Dunahoo took charge of the financial matters; and James Mercer acted as the Parliamentarian. (first row) Dr. Till Houston, Ed Parker, Dick Milner, Billy McHaffey, Joe Marshall, William Anderson, Gerald Faulkner, Mr. W. O. Page, (second row) William Cowart, Simpson Donahoo, and Jack Langley look over entries for the " Chicken of Tomorrow " contest. OFFICERS OF REED HALL COUNCIL this year were William, Woo, Stanley Ray, Mack Perry, and El Blackburn. REED HALL COUNCIL . . . Council Sponsors Dances, Supports Charities Outstanding annual social events for freshmen at the Uni- versity of Georgia were the Reed Hall Christmas Dance and the Reed Hall Spring Formal sponsored by the Council. This year the TwiUghters supplied the music for the dance during the Christmas season. The group actively supports major reputable charities. This year competition between the residents of the different floors of Reed Hall was encouraged by the Council to advance the March of Dimes drive. Nineteen men constitute Reed Hall Council which meets once a week. Its purpose is the governing and administration of Reed Hall; it has been in existence since 195 3. Mack Perry acted as President of the Council for the school year of 195 5-56, and Stanley Ray served as Vice-president. The minutes were recorded by Carr Dodson, and Willie Woo managed the finances. MEMBERSHIP IN THE COUNCIL included this year (first row) Ed Blackburn, Mack Perry, Stanley Ray, William Woo, (second row) Ray Garrard, Jay Cox, Jim Barnes, (third row) Jimmy James, Wylie Waller, Melvin Bentley, (fourth row) David Wall, Andy Saner, and Bob Tye. MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES (kneeling) Rick Hawkins, Charles I ilinier, ( taiuli,i , Di. CuUison, Hartsfield, Al Deloach, Doug Smith, Zeke Thompson, James Thompson, and Ben Oliver. Robert Dull,, i i v,.e Mosley, Bob Lowrey, John SADDLE AND SIRLOIN . . . Club Promotes Livestock Industry in Georgia In 1903 the Saddle and Sirloin Club, patterned after the Stock- man ' s Club of Chicago, was established nationally. The primary purpose set forth was the promotion of the livestock industry of the state. The club was organized at Georgia in 1920. One of the club ' s principal activities is the Little International Livestock Show which is held every fall. It has become one of the largest shows of its kind in any agricultural college in the United States. The social highlight of the year is the Herds- man ' s Bawl usually given during Winter Quarter. In the spring the club holds a banquet at which a portrait of an outstanding livestockman of Georgia is presented to the University. The officers of Saddle and Sirloin were President, Royce Mosely; Vice-president, Y. D. Maddox; Secretary, Billye Faye Redmon; Reporter, Louise Paf e, and Treasurer, Emmette Vinson. (First row) Jim Danion, Billy Abercrombie, Bob Duval, (second row) Lawton Murray, Y. D. Maddox, Elliot Ellis, Remus Fulford, Ed Tomlin, Billye Faye Redmon, Dr. Seoul, (third row) Quentin Weber, Dan Branch, Barry Moore, Dr. Warren, Jimmy Maner, Gene Mcintosh, and Dr. 0 Mary -were active members this year. Membership includes (first row) A. Zarch, E. Nicholson, C. Cobb, W. Auld, M. Raymond, R. Lowrey, (second row) M. Charles, R. Kutchey, J. Way, J. Martin, Capt, Kirk, Col. Daughtry, Capt. Hendon, Maj. Lanigan, E. Mabry, W. Crane, (third row) M. Cohen, D. Freyer, F. Greene, J. Barlow, K. Lowe, H. Wofford, H. Shields, W. Paris, M. Adier, H. Crane, (fourth row) L. Cohen, J. Letts, G. Griffin, M. Arthur, J. White, W. White, J. Hall, M. Brown, and N. Brooks. SCABBARD AND BLADE . . . Outstanding Cadets Selected For Membership Scabbard and Blade, national honorary military society, was founded at the University of Wisconsin during 1904-05 and came to the Georgia campus in 1920. It is dedicated to raising the standard of military education in American colleges and universities, fostering a closer relationship of their military departments, encouraging the qualities of good and efficient officers, and promoting friendship among the cadet officers. Much of the credit for the smooth arrangement of the 1956 Military Ball goes to the society. The Ball was sponsored jointly by the Army and Air Force R.O.T.C. ' s, and cadets and their dates enjoyed an evening of dancing to the music of Johnny Long. An active social program was also planned by the society for Spring Quarter. Further, outstanding military men were invited to speak to the members on various phases of military life, traditions, and advancements. At the end of Winter Quarter thirty-one outstanding MS- 3 cadets were initiated. In addision, associate members joining during the year include Col. Barney Daughtry, Col. John McCartney, Lt. Col. John Dickson, Maj. Robert Danforth, Capt. Robert Kirk, Capt. Roy Brewer, and Capt. Robert Hendon. The officers of Scabbard and Blade were Jackson Letts, Captain; Leon Cohen, 1st Lieutenant; Gerald Griffin, 2nd Lieutenant, and John Martin, 1st Sergeant. ME M B E R S Melvin Adler Matthew Arthur William Auld James Barlow Walter Brooks Marion Brown Melvin Charles Clark Cobb Leon Cohen Marvin Cohen James Collier Herbert Crane William Crane Knox Culpepper Eugene Fortson Donald Freyer Fredric Greene Gerald Griffin James Hall Robert Kutchey Jackson Letts Kenneth Lowe Robert Lowrey Emory Mabry John Martin Mock Raymond Eubergene Nicholson William Paris Hal Shields Franklin Wallace Jesse Way John White William White Hoke Wofford Allen Zarch 156 SIGMA DELTA CHI . . . Group Publishes Henry Grady Stamp of Approval Sigma Delta Chi, national journalism fra- ternity, was established on this campus in 1928 to advance the standards of the press by fostering a higher ethical code, to assist members in acquiring the noblest principles of journalism, and to increase fellowship among outstanding journalism students. The Henry Grady School of Journalism Stamp of Approval listing journalism seniors and their qualifications is published annually by Sigma Delta Chi. The club assists with the Georgia Press Institute, Georgia Radio and Tele- vision Institute, Southern Industrial Editors Institute, and other special programs of the Journalism School. Serving as officers this year were Bill Mabrey, President; Carrol Dadisman, Vice-president; Gene Carroll, Secretary; Remer Tyson, Trea- surer, and Charles Bell, Pledge Master. George Abney, Remer Tyson, Charles Bell, Bill Mabrey, and Carrol Dadisman -were active members of SDX this year. MEMBERSHIP ALSO INCLUDED Marvin Hill, Bill Morris, Gordon Roberts, Lamar Gunter, James Wynn, and J. J. Newberry. 11 Jake McCorkle, Frank Seiler, John Wilkins, Dean William Tate. SPHINX Highest Non-Scholastic Honorary Taps 3 in Fall 1. A. H. I ' attcrson 79. G. P. Whitman 157. C. W. Jacobson 235 H. D. Shattuck 313 Dyar .Massey 2. W. 1). Hooper 80. W. L. Erwin 158. H. L. Hodgson 236 George Morton 314 A. Roddenberry 3. L. A. Colhran 81. Harrison Jones 159. R. W. Wesley 237 G. H. Nixon 315 Morris Abram 4. G. Glenn 82. C. D. Cabaniss 160. G. L. Harrison 238 A. A. Marshall 316 F. Newton. Jr. 5. C. R. Andrews 83. W. G. Brantley 161. C. M. Tanner 239 C. N. Mell 317 Q. Lumpkin 6. E. E. Pomeroy 84. P. R. Wcltner 162. W. Quarterman 240. E. P. Rogers 318 R. Troutman. Jr. 7. A. Pratt Adams 85. A. Carmichacl 163. R. Callaway, Jr. 241. W. T. Forbes, Jr. 319 R. P. McCuen 8. Will S. Blun 86. R. Kyle Smith 164. Joel B. Malleit 242. G. S. Johnson 320 A. Cleveland. Jr. 9. C. W. Davis 87. W. Brown 165. T. A. Thrash 243. R. J. Chambliss 321 R. C. Norman 10. M. D. Ruhosc 88. Frank H. Martin 166. Max L. Segal! 244 Ernest Camp, Jr. 322 J. Halliburton 11. R. P. Jones 89. C. N. Feidelson 167. Hofman Sorrels 245. Allen Post 323 Lee Price 12. A. I. McBride 90. J. K. McDonald 168. W. O. White 246. A. S. Clay, 111 324 Howell Hollis 13. R. J. Travis 91. H. L. I. Williams 169. J. P. Stewart 247. Kclls Boland 325 Alex McCaskill 14. T. W. Rucker 92. R. H. Jones 170. N. L. Gillis, Jr. 248. Ivey Shivers, Jr. 326 Stanford Smith 15. M. M. Thiirman 93. S. O. Smith 171. Roff Sims, Jr. 249. W. H. Young 327 Lee Newton e,. John Banks 94. M. S. Hodgson 172. J. Carmichael 250. Isaac K. Hay 328 Jack .Matthews 17. R. L. Denmark 95. H. Delaperierrc 173. Howard McCall 251. G. Florence. Jr. 329 Ernest ' andi cr 18. J. E. Hall 96. F. C. Newton 174. Irvine M. Le y 252. T. A. Nash 3.10. Frank Gunn 19. R. M. Charlton 97. Claude Derrick 175. Hinton Longino 253. T. Hamilton. Jr. 331. A. Fowler. Ir. 20. Harry Hull 98. W. C. Henson 176. R. W. Courts 254. B. H. Hardy, Jr. 332. C. I. Smith, Ir. 21. H. C. Johnson 99. J. B. Harris 177. L. H. Tippett 255. Hall L. Standi 333. B. Gardner. Ir. 22. J. B. Ridley 100. Y. B. Smith 178. O. R. Ellars 256. D. C. Tulley 334. Verner Chaffin 23. W. R. Ritchie 101. D. H. Redfern 179. R. H. West 257. R. Patterson, Jr. 3.15. I. Meadows. Ir. 24. J. I.. Erwin 102. Jerome Michael 180. R. Foreman, Jr. 258. H. S. Wofford 336. Cliff C. Kimsey 25. Phinizy Calhoun 103. D. L. Rogers 181. J. M. Hatcher 259. J. S. Candler, 11 337. T. C. Penland 26. F. McCutcheon 104. E. V. Carter, Jr. 182. Dewey Knight 260. L. Lautzenhiscr 338. lohn B. Miller 27. Longstrcet Hull 105. J. E. Lucas 183. Louis S. Davis 261. R. B. Jennings 339. W. Partee. Ir. 28. B. C. J. Lamar 106. H. G. Bailey 184. W. P. Z.ichry 262. C. Barrow, Jr. 340. Frank Sinkwich 29. W. M. Hardy 107. E. M. Brown 185. Irvine Phinizy 263. R. B. Hooks 341. Irby Exlcy 30. N. P. Park 108. Abit Nix 186. R. O ' Callaghan 264. J. H. Boland 342. Murray Norman 31. W. J. Hammond 109. O. Franklin 187. C. M. Candler 265. G. C. Hamilton 343. F. Champion 32. Lamar C. Rucker no. E. T. Miller 188. W. M. Dallas 266. J. J. Harris 344. G. D. Lawrence 33. S. Blackshear III. H. L. l.anham 189. C. H. Satlcrfield 267. W. J. Kline, J r. 345. lesse Bowles 34. M. Dickinson 112. H. B. Blackshear 190. R. W. Harrold 268. K. Anderson 346. I. P. Miller 35. Andrew Calhoun 113. W. Falk, Jr. 191. W. D. Miller 269. J. Palmour, Jr. 347. Aubrey Richard .Morris 36. Cam 1). Dorsey 114. A. R. McJlonncll 192. Arthur Pew 270. Henry Palmer 348. limmy DeLay 37. M. Richardson 115. C. Hatcher 193. R. E. L. Spence 271. K. McCutcheon 349. F luker Stewart 38. B. S. Walker 116. Paul L. Barllctt 194. C. W. Slack 272. Guerry Harris 350. Charles Trippi 39. Sandy Beaver 117. E. L. Pennington 195. John R. Slater 273. D. Feagin, Jr. 351. I. Sheffield. Ir. 40. F. M. Ridley 118. E. W. Moise 196. E. W. Highsmith 274. iM. L. Purvis 352. William Fred Scott 41 C. W. LeRwen 119. G. C. Woodruff 197. A. M. Day 275. J. M. Oliver 343. Frank S. Cheatham, Jr 42. R. Iac(]ues 120. E. V. Heath 198. C. M. Strahani 276. .Marvin Cox 354. Dan Edwards 43. Ralph Meldrim 121. Millard Rewis 199. H. H. Mangum 277. Ellis G. Arnall 355. R. W, loiner 44 Marion Smith 122. R. B. Trouttnau 2(10. W. H. Stenhens 278. Herbert Maffetl 356. Dempsey Wilson l.cai h 45. Wallace Miller 123. Arthur Maddox 201. J. B. Ford 279. Sandford Sanford .357. William Homer Burson 46. Minor Boyd 124. ). L. Sibley 202. Nathan Jollcs 280. J. W. Maddox 358. M. D. McLemlon 47. W. R. Turner 125. I.. 1). Brown 203. Owen Reynolds 281. Mark Mollis 359. lohn Ranch 48. 1. F. Baxter 126. Cliff Brauncn 204, I. P. Carson 282. W. C. Latimer 3()0. Mims Wilkinson 49. Harold Kctron 127. G. T. Northern 205, W. D. Durden 283. Vernon S. Smith .361. Kirk McAlpin 50. Jack Bower 128. W. A. Mann 206, W. B. Cody 284. W. Strickland 362. Bryan Whitehurst 51. Frampton Ellis 129. H. D. Meyer 207. M. A. McRainey 285. J. W. Mclntire 363. loiin E. Griffin 52. Frank Anderson 130. B. H. Walton 208. W. F. Daniel 286. Marion Gaston 364. Marry L. Wingate 51 R, P. Brooks 111. 1). R. Peacock 209. E. H. Dixon 287. ■VI. Crenshaw 365. lames L. Bentley 54. L. P. Goodrich 132. V. v.. Durden 210. F. C. McClure 288. W. Hazelhurst 3M]. Porter Payne 55. L. S. Hopkins. Jr. 113. C. E. Martin 211. L. H. Hill 289. Leroy S. Y ' oung .167. James Andrews 56. r. 1. Killorin 1.14. E. B. Dunlap 212. I. J. Clark 290. F. Solomcin 368. Samuel Rav Btirns 57. M. Blackshear 135. R. L, McWhortcr 213. C. A. Lewis 291. V. B. Moore, Jr. 369. H. Walraven, |r. 58. Virlyn Moore 136. R. II. Freeman 214. J. I. Bennett. !r. 292, W. Maddox, Jr. 370. R. I. He.iley 59. Tom Connally 137. 7.. S. Cowan 215. Alton llosch 293, |. Richardson, Jr. .171. Raleigh S. Bryans «l W. N ' unnally 138. E. Morganstern 216. C. G. Henry 394. M. Hodgson. Jr. 372. Laurence Crimmins 61. T. T. Turnbull 1.39. fames .VI. Lynch 217. 1. K. Harper 295. T. Thigpen. Ir. 373. G. R. Rcinhardt 62. W. W. Patterson 140. H. Levy Rogers 218. H. H. Maddox 296. R. Stephens. Jr. 374. W. A. Elinburg 61. .Arthur Sidlivan 141. B. II. Chappell 219. J. L. Watson 297. J. W. Calhram 375. W. B. Phillips 64. Charlie H. Cox 142. Ira I ' lMikenstein 220. C. R. Anderson 298. I). Stafford. Jr. 376. W. T. Evans 65. Rodney Hill 143. Frank ( " arter 221. E. M. Gurr 299, John Bond .177. T. A. Waddell Ml. Harold TeKord 144. T. Rucker Giini 222. H. Cleckley. Ill fOO, Harry Baxter 378. R. S. McArthur 67. A. L. Hardy 145. , aroti Brriul 223. W. C. Carter, Jr. 301, W. T. Rogers 379. E. L. Dunn, Ir. 68. I. I). OUUR 146. R. 11. Paltersnii 224. William Talc 1(12. 1. 1). Bowden 380. ,M. C. Merola 69. W. Marshl.urii 147. ' ictor S ' i.tor 225. C. F. Wiehrs 301. |. ( ' arl Strong .181. W. H. lustice 70. H. M. Scott 148. H. 11. Whelchel 226. Inhn Fletcher ,104, A. Lee Rogers .182. N. P. Chilivis 71. John A. Brown 149. L. Pinkiissoliri 227. ?. 0. Thomasnn 105. 1. W. Wise .181. M. W. Edw.irds 72. George Mains 150. Clark Howell, jr. 228. John llosch. Jr. . 06. W. Bennett. Ir. .184. T. E. Arnette 71, Dan . SaRC 151. D. K. MiKamv 229. T. F. Green, Jr. 307. W. C. Hawkins .185. Carl I. Turner 74. I.e. Levy 152. D. F. PaddtKk 2.30. W. E. Sewell 308. R. T. Anderson 386. Claude W. Hipiis 75, LansinK B. Lee 151. John Henderson 231. Lester Hargrett .109, W. C. Hoyl. Jr. 387. B. S. Middlebrooks 76. L. Raoid 154. E, 1, Hardin 232. C. L. Gnwen 310. C. Harrold. Ir. 388. Henry G. Woodard 77. (. 1. Rasan 155. G, S. Whitehead 213. M. F. Kilpatrick 311. B. Anderson, )r. 389. Cecil R. Spooner 78, R. S. I ' arker 156. J. B. Convers 214. lohn D Allen 312. E. H. Baxter .390. Howard K. Holladay 392. Roland C. Stubbs, Jr. 393. Hassell L. Parker 394. Robert K. West 395. 1. D. Bcncfield, Ir. 396. Wesley L. Harris 397. Frank V. .Salerno 398. W. Darrell Moseley 399. C. R. Adams, Jr. 400. Dan W. Kitchens 401. E. R. Bralkowski 402. D. L. Branyon, Ir. 403. Randall Maret 404. lohn Carson 405. Robert Blalock 406. Logan Rcid Patterson 407. Quentin R. Gabriel 408. lav D. Gardner 409. Frank Seller 410. Richard Trotter 411. Joe P. O ' Malley 412. Kermit Perry 413. lule W. Fellon, Ir. 414. labez McCorkle 415. lohn J. Wilkins, III 416. Norman Fletcher HONORARY MEMBERS A — H. Brown B— G. Butler C— O. S. Sibley D — D. Dougherty E— W. H. Harris F— H. Bacon G— W. P. Mall H— F. K. Boland I— H. G. Colvin J — W. Cothran K — W. Spain L — lohn Dorsey M— F. Mitchell N— H. Dodd O— C. H. Black P — W ' . Tichenor Q — G. lackson R— W. B. Hill ,5— C. Snelling T— D. C. Barrow U— R. E. Park V— H. C. White W— A. M. Soule X— W. Bocock Y— S. V. Sanford 7.—C. Strahan A. — H. Stegeman BB— S. Morr is CX;— G. Pealwdy DI — E. A. Lowe EE— T. Wofler FF— T. W. Reed (iG— Harry Mehre MH— M. Edmunds II— H. Hirsch II— E. L. Secrest KK— H. Caldwell LL — P. Chapman MM— R. R. Gunn NN— I. D. Waile (X — H. Spalding PP— C. H. Hcrty (XJ— E. Coulter RR— W. O. Payne SS— W. Butts TT— W. M. Crane UU— H. A. Shinn VV— W. O. Collins WW— E. Cocke, Ir. WX— O. C. Aderhold WY — lohn E. Drewry WZ — Herman Talmadgc STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS, (first row) Shirley Grady, Betty Hood, Nancy Kellam, Sally Fortune, (second row) Jack Henderson, Bob Lowrey, Don Joel, Ray Simonton, Jane Tagge, Virgil Whitfield, STUDENT COUNCIL . . . Jeanette Jackson, and Burke Hodgson add their support to March of Dimes drive. New Orientation Program Planned For Freshmen The purposes of Student Council are to bring to the attention of the administration problems concerning the student body, to elect cheerleaders, and to plan and carry out Fall Orientation Week. Several recommendations for solving campus parking problems, such as clearing space along Herty Drive, were made by the representatives and approved by President Aderhold. The most oustanding problem tackled by the Council this year was Fall Quarter Orientation. By a new plan freshmen CHEERLEADER ELECTIONS are discussed by (seated) Charles Ballard, Jane Estes, Buddy Leckie. Milton Thompson. Mr. Tvus Bufler. lovce and transfer students are to be divided into groups of twenty or more led by a member of the council. This member will be responsible for individual orientation and for taking his group through certain steps of registration at specified times: at 10:00 group A will be at the infirmary for X-rays, while group B is registering. Bill Abney was Chairman for the group during 5 5-56; George Scheer acted as Vice-chairman, and Nancy Kellam held the office of Secretary-Treasurer. Smith, Bill Abney, Phoebe Gould, James Ward, Julian Cox, (standing) Da- " i« ' ' o ' erts. Dr. Wolverton. Georse Scheer. and Tommy Tillman. MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT UNION BOARD are Vic Patterson, Helen Lanier, Earl Heidt, Jim Hart, Jack Caldwell, Gale Balte, Charles Bell, Tot Anderson, (not pictured) Ann Patton, Betty Bryan and Bill Hibbert. STUDENT UNION . . . Memorial Hall Becomes Show Place of the Campus The University of Georgia Student Union was organized in 1946. Its purpose is to provide a well-rounded social, cultural, and recreational program for the entire student body. Memorial Hall, which houses Student Union, the new book- store, post office, a modern cafeteria with two banquet rooms, and U.R.G.A., has been completely renovated this year. From the newly modernized entrance opposite Woodruff Hall steps lead to the spacious ballroom. With its balcony, terrace and spiral stairways, it has an air of contemporary elegance and charm. Upstairs there is another, smaller ballroom which may be reserved by campus organizations. A large game room con- tains billiards, table tennis and shuffleboard equipment and many table games. Eight meeting rooms are available for stu- dent and faculty organizations. A gracious main lounge, read- ing room, television room and an information booth are located near the front entrance. Student Union also features a well- equipped hobby shop, music listening room, faculty lounge and a fine snack bar where students may dance. MEMBERS GATHER for a Student Union Council meeting. iO fOv K R ENTRANCE to the main ballroom. REFRESHMENTS are served after Council meeting. THE NEW GAME ROOM offers varied table games. MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL survey the spacious ballroom. STUDENTS LOOK over new furnishings. HANGING LIGHTS add a modern flair. SPIRAL STAIRWAY leads from the ballroom to other parts of the building. 161 vsvc MEMBEKSHIP IN THE CLUB includes, (first row) Veronica Goldsmith, Gay Scarboro, Sally Birchmore, Charlotte Ashurst, Joann Hecker, (second rote) Susan Smith, Marion Martin, Jean Cowie, Fred Bower, Charles Josey, (third row) Crockett Anderson, Tom Kelly, Dr. J. Popovich, Dr. L. Ballew, Prof. Paul Camp, Ronald Brown, and John Peek. THAILAN-BLACKFRIARS... T6 Stimulates Participation in Productions In 1930 two rival drama organizations, the Thalians and the Blackfriars merged for the furthering of theatre at the Uni- versity of Georgia. The organization ' s highest award is the Thalian-Blackfriar Key given to members having earned thirty- five points. Member- ship is granted to any University student or faculty member having worked on three productions and earned ten points. Thalian-Blackfriar activities for the year 195 5-56 included MEMBERSHIP IN THE CLUB INCLUDES (first row) Martha Harden, Beverly Weigand, Catherine Pannell, Jane Armitage, (second row) Celetta Dykes, Morley Sisken, Brevard Law, Marsha Wc druff. (third two banquets each quarter, the award of a scholarship to a new student, and a number of social functions. The highlight of Thalian-Blackfriar activities was the arena production of the winning script in the T.B. One-Act Play Competition. Serving as officers for the organization this year were Presi- dent, Charles Josey; Vice-president, Sally Birchmore; Secretary, Sandra Paul; and Treasurer, Fred Bower. row) Pope Freeman, Billy Shivers, Charles Johnston, Monte Markham, Arthur Reynolds, and Sandra P aul are some of the other members. L IN THE TRIANGLE are (first row) Eleanor Gilmer, Lucy Weeks, Carolyn Jackson, Lorraine Murray, Loretta Franklin, (second row) Sarah Jones, Jane Tye, Mary Frances Davis, Edith Garvin, Peggy Max- well, Joanne Carpenter, (third row) Rebecca Lee, Kitty McRae, Judy Harris, Carolyn Nuckolls, Martha Reese, Adelia Torrance, Shirley Foster, Dean Edith Stallings, Jeannette Jackson, Adrian Short, Mildred Sparks, (fourth row) Dean Daniel, Eleanor Crane, and Nadine Bro ' wn. TRIQUETRA Group Honors Outstanding High School Seniors O OFFICERS THIS YEAR WERE (first row) Mildred Sparks, Adeia Torrance, Jeanette Jackson, Nadine Brown, Dean Daniel, Loretta Franklin, Jane Tye, Carolyn Nuckolls. (First row) Clarice Sparks, Mildred Sparks, Eleanor Gilmer, Lucy Weeks, Carolyn Jackson, Florence Whitfield, Lorraine Murray, Lorette Franklin, Helen Stephens, Helen Parker, (second row) Pat Smith, Joan Norris, Frances Davis, Evelyn Smith, Mary Ann Leake, Sarah Jones, Jane Tye, Mary Frances Davis, Edith Garvin, Peggy Maxwell, Joanne Carpenter, Rebecca Gill, Dede Gray, Robin Jones, (third row) Rose Triquetra was established on this campus in 1940 as an independent women ' s organization to create interest among the non-sorority women in the social, political, and educational affairs of the University of Georgia. Among its projects and activities, Triquetra sponsors an art lending library and acts as hostess for art showings. The organ- ization has a voice in all major representative bodies and boards on campus. Annual activities of Triquetra include the follow- ing: sponsoring an annual high school weekend, honoring the outstanding high school seniors with scholarships which are awarded at the Spring Formal, a Christmas carol service for recently retired faculty members, a Valentine Banquet, and the Stardust Ball. The officers of Triquetra for this year were President, Jeanette Jackson; Vice-president, Adelia Torrance; Recording Secretary, Nadine Brown; Corresponding Secretary, Carolyn Nuckolls; and Treasurer, Sara Ann Whitaker. Marie Wilson, Alice Byram, Jean Newsome, Shirley Lowrey, Rebecca Lee, Gaynell Purvis, Kitty McRae, Judy Harris, Carolyn Nuckolls, Martha Reese, Dean Daniel, Adelia Torrance, Shirley Foster, Eleanor Crane, Dean Edith Stallings, Nadine Brown, Jeanette Jackson, Adrian Short, Genie Wilkes, Emily Sanders, Glenda Floyd, Joan Coker, Alice Hardieree. Bonnie Barker, and Joy James meet in Davrson Hall. IN THE PRACTICE ROOM are (first row) Shelba Jean Massey, Myrna Rose Robertson, Elizabeth Brown, Patsy Wilson, Debbie Rubel, Bob Triplett, Bill Bowden, Gene Sutherland, Norman Ingram, Bill Greene, Jocelyn Sack, Carol Gale, (second row) Aurelia Campbell, Ann Stephens, Jo Ann Lewis, Theresa Spigcner, Patty Mendel, Carey Donaldson, Don Gillespie, Bill Brunkhurst, Jim Holmes, Bob Smith, Neil Edwards, Betty Nocll, Ginger Mitchell, Anne Johnston, Pat Fitzgerald, (third row) Dr. Sherman, Sandra McWilliams, Rossie Keller, Mary Scott, Barbara Foster, Nan Rainey, June Boyett, Guy McLendon, John Britt, Lane Smith, Jim Ste " wart, Steve Smith, Jackie Powell, Bertie Ann Massey, Sara Bob Arthur, Carol Jones, and Marlene Fineroff. THE UNIVERSITY CHORUS... Choral Group Specializes in Religious Music OFFICERS Bill Greene, Barbara Delmore, and Nan Rainey go over new music with Dr. Sherman. Singing organizations have long prospered on the campus of the University of Georgia and have served to satisfy the intentions of most. The University Chorus, throughout its campus history, has devoted its efforts mostly to the performance of religious music. Each year the Chorus joins forces with the Orchestra to perform the Christmas Oratorio. During the Winter Quarter the Chorus gen- erally lends a hand with the annual production of opera; the ones presented this year were Mozart ' s " Impressario " and Puccini ' s " Sister Angelica. " The most ambitious undertaking of the Chorus is its annual Spring Concert which is generally given a cappella and devoted to the performance of such religious works as the masses, motets, and cantatas that form the treasury of religious choral music. The permanant membership of the University Chorus is made up of students from the Uni- versity. Often the choir members from Athens ' churches suppliment the chorus for perform- ances of Handel ' s " Messiah. " Barbara Delmore served as President; Bill Green as Vice-president, Nan Rainey as Sec- retary-Treasurer, and Dr. Robert Sherman directed the Chorus. 164 UNIVERSITY CIVIC ORCHESTRA .. . Orchestra Presents Four Main Performances The University-Civic Symphony has been in existence on the campus of the University of Georgia since 1934. Membership in this organ- ization is drawn from the University and the city of Athens at large. During the school year the Symphony is responsible for four major performances: the Christmas Oratorio, the opera performance, a symphony concert during Winter Quarter, and the Spring Quarter Concert. Since the 1954-55 season the Orches- tra has sponsored the Student Concerto Pro- gram in the place of its annual Spring Concert, and the idea has become so popular that it promises to become an annual affair. The unfailing efforts of the students, fac- ulty, and town ' s people who make up the orchestra have done much to add to the cul- tural storehouse of the University and the city of Athens. Robert W. Sherman, Conductor; William Robison, President; and Johnny Demos, Li- brarian have been the officers for the Uni- versity-Civic Orchestra this year. Robert W. Sherman, Johnny Demos, and William Robison discuss music for the performance. PERFORMING WITH THE ORCHESTRA are (Violin) Homer Hollo- way, A. Hugh Altvater, Laura Fortson, Lorna Free, Sylvia Bortner, Nancy Sanford, (Viola) Doris Alderman, William Robison, (Violon- cello) Rudolph Kratina, Patricia Jost, Hazel Anderson, Hazel Partridge, (Bass) William Bowden, (Flute) Roderick Medders, (Oboe) Virginia Mitchell, Connie Hearn, Jan Williams, (Clarinet) Johnny Demos, Joan Norris, (Bassoon) Guerry Youmans, Robert Pierce, (Trumpet) Leon Rundbaken, James Skipper, Emory Drinkard, (Trombone) Jimmie Poolos, H. Neil Edwards, John Rogers, and (Timpani) Guy McCloskey. 165 •Is— THE GEORGETTES (Left to right) Theresa McDaniel, Carol Gale, Joyce Dudley, Buzzie Bennett, Barbara Tillman, Jane Reynolds, Marian Smith, Jane Ebcrhart, June Reynolds, Connie Hearn, Maxine Kickliter, Patsy Potts, Betty Jo Justice, Beth Cooper, Mary Madry. THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA DIXIE REDCOAT BAND.. Band and Georgettes Take on New Look The University of Georgia Dixie Redcoat Band has a new look and a new sound. Plans are being made for an even more extensive program in the future. This year the band performed at all the home football games and those at Jacksonville, Columbus, and Atlanta. Marching with the band are the Georgettes, the only precision flag twirling corps to appear regularly with a college band in the South. During the football season such programs as " Big, Wide Wonderful World, " " South American Fiesta Show, " and " Dixie Show " were presented. In a show with Georgia Tech the twirlers, bands, and men ' s glee clubs performed together concluding with " This Is My Country " in which more than three hundred participants appeared on the field. In February the band gave the Annual Winter Concert featuring the best in band literature. The band also played at all the pep rallies and at many basketball games. In the spring informal amphitheatre concerts were given; popular and light concert selections were featured. MAJORETTES (Left to right) Martha Gibson, Joan Rowe, Patricia Smith, Jan Williams, Jane Wilson, Faye Eubanks. THE DIXIE REDCOAT SYMPHONIC BAND 166 THE DIXIE kEDCOaT MARCHING BAND DIXIE REDCOAT BAND PERSONNEL 1955-56 BAND OFFICERS (First row) Patricia Smith, Majorette Capt.; Jan Williams, Major- ette 1st Lt.; (second row) Jane Eberhart, Georgette Capt,; Barbara Rogers, Band 1st Lt.; Shirley Hires Drum Majorette; Judy Camp- bell, Band Sgt.; Barbara Tillman, Georgette Ist Lt.; (third row) John Demos, Band Capt.; William Robison, Band Sgt.; James Poolos, Band 2nd Lt.; John Foe, Band 2nd Lt.; (fourth row) DeLane Wallace, Band Cpl.; Ted Turk, Band Sgt.; George Dixon, Band 1st Lt.; Gary Youmans, Band Cpl. Ted Beach Jacob Behr Gail Belton Ann Black Gloria Bloodw orth Bill Bowden John Britt Betty Brooks Harry Br own Nellie Callaway Judy Campbell Andy Carmical Frank Carter Nancy Coggins Larry Craw ford Charles Davis Gene Davis Charles Dawson John Demos George Dixon Carey Donaldson Emory Drinkard Billy Duke Neil Edw ards Phil Eidson June Emmett Hugh Evers Johnny Flowers Robert Foster Carol Gale David Goldring Delburt Griffin Robert Hale Connie Hearn Howard Henson Buddy Hicks Trillis Hughes Marion Jenkins Anna Johnson Patricia Johnson Marvin King Morris Knight Charlene Landrum Edward Long Joe Martin Wayne Martin Guy McClosky Guy McLenden Clayton McWilliams Roderick Medders Helen Miller William Mills Ginger Mitchell Patty Morris Paul Newsome Joan Norris Earl Oliver Charles Perry Cliff Pickens Robert Pierce Ray Pirkle John Poe Carolyn Poole James Poolos David Quarterman Pat Reed Duane Reiner William Robison Barbara Rogers Harris Rogers John Rogers Leon Rundebaken Wade Saye Joyce Schillings Ann Shepard Tommy Singletary Doug Smith Eugene Smith Lane Smith Patricia Smith Robin Speering Charles Strain Ray Strain Norman Stuckey James Swindell Bryson Tanner Barksdale Thomas Don Thompson Ted Turk Helen Tyber DeLane Wallace Bill Wells Robert Wells Sandra Wells Blance Wentz Larry Whitfield Jan Williams Bill Willis Jane Wilson George Worley Gary Youmans SHIRLEY HIRES Drum Majorette JANE WILSON Solo Twirler 167 UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA MEN ' S GLEE CLUB... Stunt Night, Concerts Presented by Men ' s Group The University of Georgia Men ' s Glee Club was established in 1916 by Dr. Hugh Hodgson in order to provide for those men who wish an opportunity to sing and to serve the Uni- versity through group activity. The Men ' s Glee Club participated in a number of programs this year. They sang before the Touchdown Club on November 22nd and also performed in conjunction with the Georgia Tech Men ' s Glee Club at the half- time show at the Georgia-Georgia Tech foot- ball game. Stunt Night is presented by the organization each Fall Quarter at which time they sing with the Women ' s Glee Club. Each spring the group goes on tour of Georgia and Florida giving a concert at Wesleyan College, at Georgia Tech, in Athens, and in other cities in the Southeast. Officers this year were President, Ben Bailey; Vice-president, Gordon Collins, and Business Manager, Owen Quattlebaum. MR. WARNER PLAYS for the officers Gordon Collins, W. C. Owen, Ben Bailey, Harold Nixon, and Owen Quattlebaum. MEMBERS OF THE MEN ' S GLEE CLUB are (first row) Myrna Rose Robertson, Nan Rainey, Lajuana Webb, Owen Quattlebaum, Byron Warner, Ben Bailey, Patty Wilson, Tanya Bowls, Rose Turner, (second rotv) Dave Fountain, William Woo, Joe Way, Jim St ewart, Dave Lifsey, Buck Green, Bill Bowden, Harold Nixon, W. C. Owen, Norman Ingram, Edward Bunce, Jim Langston, Bill Bullard, Gordon Collins, John Keller, Tom Bahin, (third row) Wayne Martin, Ben Thornton, Bob Spcnce, Cliff Pickens, John Carver, James Whittemore, Tom Menden- hall, Bill Overton, Bobby Gardiner, John Norman, Norman Doster, Phil Holcomb, Bob Forst, Nick HuUender, Delano Braziel, James Snow, Bill Clark, Jerry PurccU, (fourth row) Raymond Hunter, Vic Mc- Donald, and Chappell Collins. 168 MEETING FOR DISCUSSION are Dena Gavin, Raymond Hunter, Delane Wallace, Asst. Chaplain Mimi Thurman, Inge Nachman, Bobbie Morton, and Lajuana Webb. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION... Religion in Life Week Sponsored For Students U.G.R.A. is designed to coordinate religious activities and to promote the total religious life of the students. Each year the Kick-Off Banquet, in cooperation with the Cos- mopolitan Club, is held in order to raise funds for the World University Service; also a late movie was sponsored this year at the Palace Theater for the benefit of the drive. The big event during Winter Quarter for the organization is Religion in Life Week. A group of outstanding religious leaders is brought in to enter the life of the University and to attempt to find those points at which religious faith is vital. At the weekly meetings of U.G.R.A. various topics are pre- sented for discussion. During the Fall Quarter the theme was " What Can I Believe? " Winter Quarter ' s programs were planned around the general theme of " This I Believe. " The governing body consisted of Kay Every, President; Laura- dine Baker, ' ice-president; Delane Wallace, Co-ordinating Vice- president, and Dee Gavant, Secretary. Sally Van Buskirk, Chhaya Rudra, Kate Maxirell, Kathryn Fricks, Joyce Johnson, Sandra Sammons, and Norma Delmore meet with Chaplain Robert Ayers. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA VETERANS ' CLUB. . . Projects of Club Promote Welfare of Veterans In 1954 a group of students who felt a definite need for some distinctive veterans ' club on campus held a meeting in September with one hundred sixty-seven veterans attending; the present Veterans ' Club emerged. The accomplishments of the organization to date have included the following: veterans have received aid in obtaining living quarters off campus; safety and recreational projects in the area of the veteran units located on Ag Hill have been instigated; and the club has supported legislation concerned with veterans ' allow- ances and segregation of veterans from non-veterans at the Milledgeville State Hospital. The club strives to uphold high standards for the University, to perpetuate American ideals, and to pre- serve the common bond of comradeship among those who have actively served the country. Officers this year were Roger Ussery, President; Theodore Ridgeway, Vice-president; Robert Ryan, Secretary, and James Maxey, Treasurer. (First row) James Maxey, Ted Ridgeway, Roger Ussery, Mr. Tom Frazer, (second row) Virgil Whitfield, Charles Leachman, Sam Palaio, and Bob Ryan meet with (center, second row) Pete Wheeler, Director of Georgia ' s Veterans ' Service. MEMBERS OF THE CLUB include (first row) Charles Leachman, Virgil Whitfield, Ted Ridgeway, Roger Ussery, Bob Ryan, Sam Palaio, James Maxey, Tom Frazer, (second row) Ray Doss, Carl Newton, John Langford, Johnny Smith, Wesley Jones, Charles Collins, Frank Miles, Pat Carmichael, Harold Brantley, Thomas Mitchell, Phil Turner, Richard Sherwin, Bernard Fitzgerald, Malcom Sineath, (third row) Calvin Cannon, John Eason, Charles Davidson, Ben Patterson, Verner Coleman, Bernard Joiner, and Franklin Williams. 170 0, J % I Mf (First row) Patsy Watson, Barbara Culpepper, June Hardy, Mary Tuten, Betty Black, (second row) Mr. Anderson, Patty Wynn, Norma Delmore, Nancy Alman, Peggy Hahn, Mat Howard, Georgia Vacalis, Anne Johnston, Nancy Jones, Theresa Spigener, Hazel Partridge, (third row) Lucy Tucker, Joyce Hulscy, Evelyn Earle, Patti Ronemous, Becky Bates, Pat Fitzgerald, Carol Jones, Shelba Jean Massey, Leslie Lawler, Jeannette Sherwood, Mary Keen, (fourth row) Jane Hardy, Ann Thompson, Catherine Pannell, Ann O ' Quinn, Mary Peacock, Dot Bliss, Margie Herritage, Joan Robinson, Martha Brumley, Barbara Robinson, Carolyn Sipe, Jackie Arrington, Jackie Powell, and Elaine Hogan ait for the curtain to rise. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB... Choral Group Presents Varied Music Programs The University of Georgia Women ' s Glee Club was organized so that those college women who like to sing may have the opportunity to do so. The club sings selections from all types of choral literature. The group has performed in many musical programs this year. At Stunt Night they presented a selection of songs from " South Pacific. " Activities also included a Christmas Carol Service, " The Ceremony of Carols " by Benjamin Brittain; participation in the opera, " Sister Angelica " by Puccini, given by the Music Department; and Pergolesi ' s " Stabat Mater " given on a weekly Music Appreciation program. The girls represented the Uni- versity on the " Campus Georgia " television show, also. Mr. John Anderson directed the Glee Club this year. Officers of the group were Shelba Jean Massey, Presi- dent; Nan Rainey, Vice-president; Jo Ann Lewis, Sec- retary; Ann Johnston, Treasurer, and Mary Tuten, Business Manager. READY TO SING are (first row) Ann Medlock, Mary Owen, Dela Dalmas, Sue Williams, Gene Gibbons, (second row) LaVina Glaze, Ann Chapman, Lajuana Webb, Pat Wilson, Peggy Eaton, Jo Ann Le " wis. Conner Dyess, Nan Rainey, (third row) Barbara Driskell, Pat Mayo, Marie Manning, Mary Anne Leake, Carol Hallowell, Harriet Nease, Polly Cona-way, Rose Marie Wilson, Jackie Murphy, Sylvia Jordan, Mr. Anderson and the officers, Jo Ann Lewis, Anne Johnston, Shelba Massey, and Nan Rainey look over the music for the evening ' s program. Joyce Justice, Diana Strickland, (fourth row) Glenda Edge, Pat White, Mary Bondurant, Janice Harrell, Gwen Slaughter, Lillian Rogers, Gloria Wadsworth, Angier Griffith, Roberta Eubanks, Dootsie Marshall, Ritch Richardson, Gale Balte, Nancy Shelly, June Emmett, and Sharon Barnette. [ • 5 ' WINTER 195 5 MACBETH WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE THE UNIVERSITY THEATRE .. . Sparkling Season Delights Campus Audiences One of the most popular activities at the University of Georgia is the University Theatre. Each year over five hundred University students from the campus at large become actors, costumers, make-up artists, scene builders, technicians, and members of the business staff. These students, under the supervision of three Speech and Drama Department faculty members, successfully run a theatre season each year. During the 195 5-56 footlight season, Sabrina Fair, The Lady ' s Not For Burning, Romeo and Juliet, and The Cocktail Party delighted campus and Athenian audiences. Besides this ambitious program, a series of experimental one- act plays were produced in the Laboratory Theatre. These plays — produced, directed, and acted by the students — have become popular with the students and faculty. Some of the plays produced during the past year were A Merry Death, Queens of France, The Unsatisfactory Supper, Francoisc ' s Luck, and F.arly Spring, the latter play winning the annual Thalian- Blackfriar ' s One-Act Play Competition. In addition to its mainstage and Laboratory Theatre produc- tions, the University Theatre sponsored, in cooperation with the Georgia High School Association, the Seventh Annual Speech and Drama Festival which brought over eight hundred students in plays and debates to the University campus for final adjudication. With the cooperation and support of the Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council and the Rotary Education Founda- tion, two outstanding young artists were brought from Great Britain to the campus to serve as Junior Artists-in-Residence during 1955-56. They were Miss Veronica Goldsmith of the Rose Bruford School of Drama in London and Charles Johnston of the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Both appeared in several plays and served as crew personnel during the theatre season. Also pursuing graduate drama studies at the University was Miss Jean Cowie of Birmingham, England, who was a Junior Artist-in-Rresidence at the University during 1954-5 5. Miss Cowie, one of the first drama graduates of the University of Bristol, is presently completing work on an M.F.A. in Drama and is also active in the University Theatre. When selecting plays for the mainstage production an attempt is made to provide campus audiences with a well-balanced pro- gram ranging from classics to contemporary experimental drama. The accompanying scences from four of the presentations indicate the wide selection of plays offered to University Theatre audiences. STAFF OF THE UNIVERSITY THEATRE DR. LEIGHTON M. BALLEW Supervising Director PROF. PAUL A. CAMP Technical Director DR. JAMES E. POPOVICH Associate Director ANNIE LOU MITCHELL Secretary JUNE MAXWELL Production Secretary BREVARD LAW Electrician BILLY SHIVERS Carpenter POPE FREEMAN Technician FREDERICK BOWER Stage Manager SANDRA PAUL Make-up SUSAN SMITH Costumes MOE WYNN Business Manager 172 SPRING 1955 MAN AND SUPERMAN GEORGE BERNARD SHAW FALL 1955 SABRINA FAIR SAMUEL TAYLOR FALL 1955 THE LADY ' S NOT FOR BURNING CHRISTOPHER FRY L tt_ji ■ 1 j6»— ■■ —T Jft .1 " ' ■-H: 1196 S. Lumpkin St. WESLEY FOUNDATION . . . Foundation Focus of Worship and Fellowship After Council Meeting Johnny Kitchens Memorial Library Wesley Foundation is a national organization for Methodist students on college and university camp- uses. It ministers to the spiritual needs of students through worship, recreation, fellowship, and service. A weekly vesper service is held on Thursday nights at the student center. Members are invited to sup- per held at the First Methodist Church on Sunday nights, and speakers or panels on various subjects supply interesting programs. Following the regular church service " Camaraderie " may be attended for refreshments, discussions, and fun. Members may join the Wesley Singers, a student choir. Some of the numerous activities include a fresh- man welcome party, a Wesley Foundation Banquet, quarterly socials and a spring retreat. OFFICERS SAM COULSON President JOYCE TURNER Vice-President ELAINE WEBB Secrttary JIM BARLOW Treasurer (First row) Kay Every, Margie Hawkins, Marian Hopkins, Bill Morris, Joann Burns, Jack Henderson, Dot Veazey. (Second row) Katheryn Fricks, Milton Thompson, Iris Antley, Bette Womack, Burke Hodgson, Betty Nuttycombe, Jim Southerland. (Third row) Barbara Crawford, Charlie Walker, Beverly McDonald, Melvin England, Bob Lowrey, Lauradine Baker, Earl Gable. (Fourth row) Charles Roberts, Frank Craig, Carrol Dadisman. WHO ' S WHO . . . University Selects 32 For National Honorary IRIS ANTLEY Marietta, Go. LAURADINE BAKER LaFayette, Ga. CHARLES TALMADGE BALLARD Fayetteville, Ga. CHARLES HARDMAN BELL Athens, Ga. ALMA JOANN BURNS Marietta, Ga. FRANK RANKIN CRAIG Holly, N. C. BARBARA BRACE CRAWFORD Chicago, III. JOSEPH CARROL DADISMAN Jefferson, Ga. JOHN MELVIN ENGLAND Athens, Ga. JOAN KAY EVERY Atlanta, Ga. NORMAN SEARS FLETCHER Fitzgerald, Ga. MARY KATHRYN FRICKS Rising Fawn, Ga. CLIFFORD EARL GABLE Fayetteville, Ga. MARJORIE TAYLOR HAWKINS Atlanta, Ga. JOHN H. HENDERSON, JR Marietta, Ga. THOMAS BURKE HODGSON Athens, Ga. MARIAN JANE HOPKINS Athens, Ga. INGA KATZ Columbus, Ga. ROBERT SIDNEY LOWREY, JR Armuchee, Ga. WILLIAM THOMAS MABREY Augusta, Ga. BEVERLY WALTON McDONALD Waycross, Ga. WILLIAM SHIVERS MORRIS, III Augusta, Ga. ELIZABETH JANE NUTTYCOMBE Athens, Ga. CHARLES DAVIS ROBERTS Vienna, Ga. JAMES WILLIAM SOUTHERLAND Hawkinsville, Ga. MILTON SHEPPARD THOMPSON Tennile, Ga. WILLIAM KENNETH TURNER Macon, Ga. REMER HOYT TYSON, JR Statesboro, Ga. DORIS CLAIRE VEAZEY Ft. McPherson, Ga. CHARLES OSBORNE WALKER McRae, Ga. JOHN JULIAN WILKINS, III Athens, Ga. BETTE RUTH WOMACK Statesboro, Ga. 175 1 Nadine Brown, Kathryn Fricks, Jane Estes, Margie Hawkins, and Betty Nuttycombe review the case of an errant coed. WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Workshop, Scholarship Fund Projects of WSGA WSGA was established to insure each woman student the largest possible personal liberty without injury to the liberty of others, to promote such activities and enterprises as will aid in equipping the members of the organization for a satisfying life, and to preserve and promote the interest and prestige of the University. This year WSGA started a scholarship fund which is being financed by the sale of sandwiches in upperclassman dorms on Sunday nights and by the proceeds from a late movie. The location of the Women ' s Student Government court was moved from Phi Kappa Hall to the library at Center Myers where the more important cases are tried by the combined executive and judicial departments. This year Margie Hawkins served as President; Kathryn Fricks as Vice-president; Betty Nuttycombe and Bette Womack as Secretary; Nadine Brown as Treasurer, and Jane Estes as Chair- man of the Judiciary. CABINET MEMBERS Alice Woodson, Carolyn Durdcn, Margie Hawkins, Barbara Griffeth, and Edie Klein discuss Spring Workshop which is held annually. ■ " zzr . X CLUB . . . Improving School Spirit, Loyalty Aim of Club X Club was founded in 1931 to improve school spirit and loyalty. Outstanding second- quarter sophomore men are elected to the club on the basis of industry, abiUty, and merit. An activities program is presented by X Club members e ach fall during Freshman Orientation Week to familiarize new men stu- dents with the campus routine, organizations, and publications. Members of X Club also speak to high school seniors about attending the University. X Club sponsors the election of the Out- standing Male Senior on the campus at the end of each academic year; a gold loving cup is presented at the annual Honors Day program to the winner. The Fall Quarter officers were Billy Davis, President; Burke Hodgson, Vice-president; Remer Tyson, Secretary-Treasurer; and Don Page, Historian. Winter Quarter Bill Hendrix served as President; Joe Marshall as Vice-presi- dent; Doug Bishop as Secretary-Treasurer, and Tommy Gantt as Historian. ft, .fl» .» 1§L% % ■ bH .F l ijSI ) L Ia jJ ' !c I MEMBERS THIS YEAR were (first row) Gene Carrol, Ronnie Brown, Tommy Tillman, Bill Morris, (second rouj C. H. Cobb, Tommy Gantt, Marvin Hill, Billy Davis, Burke Hodgson, Avant Edenfield, Gerald Faulkner, Melvin Kersey, Charles Ballard, and Wade Johnson. (first row) Doug Bishop, Andrew Heyward, Bill Hendrix, Bill Haddon, H. L. Turner, Charles Ballard, George Schcer, John Wilkins, Joe Marshall, Don Page, Remer Tyson, Don Joel, Bill Mabrey, and Carroll Dadisman -were also active in X Club this year. m} AG HILL COUNCIL . . . Council Represents Ag Campus Organizations The Ag Hill Council was organized in 1946 to provide unity among the students of the various schools on the Ag Campus. The council is composed of two members from each organiza- tion on Ag Hill. Its primary aim is to promote harmony among the various clubs, to represent them, and to encourage good relations between the teaching staff and the University officials. Eugene Wright served as President; Buddy Leckie as Vice- president, and Sue Bennett as Secretary-Treasurer. CLUB MEMBERS (first row) Eugene Wright, Raymond Hancock, Jack Courtney, Jimmy Maner, Sue Bennett, Sara Ann Whitaker, Elise Wilson, Carolyn Milner, John Roeder, Bob Lowrey, (second row) Ken Turner, Joe Free, Russell Lindsey, Gene Aiken, Myron Segraves, Bill Reynolds, Milton Thompson, Joe Marshall, (third row) Buddy Leckie, Richard Reynolds, Wallace Hill, Billy Davis and T. W. Mc- Kinley inspect model. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA . . . Organization Promotes Freshman Scholarship The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is to promote high scholastic attainment among freshman women. Membership is extended to those who have an average of 88 for the Fall and Winter Quarters. An annual " Smarty Party " is given by the organization during Winter Quarter for girls having high averages to encourage them to maintain good grades. The officiating members were Janet Emmons, President; Nadine Brown, Vice-president; Joan Barrow, Secretary, and Gay Burkett, Treasurer. MEMBERS AND ADVISORS of Alpha Lambda Delta are (first row) Laura Jean Wells, Barbara Griffeth, Eugenia Rawls, Margaret Tyler, Ann Hailey, (second row) Colonel Trimble, Bunchy Vogel, Miss Artau, Gay Burkett, Janet Emmons, Nadine Brown, Joan Barrow, Mrs. Trimble, Miss Bondurant, (third row) Sara Westbrook, Sally McGuire, Elizabeth Marshall, Murro v Morris, Mary Louise Tatem, Anne Virgin. Anne Donahoo. Beth Andrew, nnd Tinirr Trnv. CANTERBURY CLUB . . . Episcopal Students Present Special Services The Canterbury Club, an organization for Episcopal students, provides Christian fellowship for its members through weekly meetings and group projects. Once a month a Corporate Communion is held with a break- fast following. An annual club picnic is given in the spring; also, an Epiphany Pageant and a Feast of Lights service were presented. This year ' s officers were Ann Patten, president; Frances Molder, Vice-president; Frances Doty, Secretary-Treasurer, and Julius Holt, Chaplain. AT A SUNDAY NIGHT MEETING are (first row) Charles Bell, Martha Harden, Tom Bahn, Frances Doty, Josey Sack, Julia Morgan, (second row) Agnes Broadnax, Reverend Earl Gilbreth, Ann Patton, Barbara Turner, Richard Courts, Sandra Paul, Wikie Oliver, Chhaya Rudra, Mary Scott, Angier Griffeth, (third row) Nick Mobley, Eilene Sisley, Tom Choyce, Gene Gibbons, Marshall England, Ima Guest, Frances Molder, Roberta Eubanks, Nancy McMahon, Sam Chambers, Fred Myers, Owen Quattlebaum, Richard Sherwin, Bob Triplett, and Ronny McLain. DELTA THETA PHI . . . Professional Brotherhood Aim of Fraternity A national fraternity. Delta Theta Phi was founded in 1906 in Chicago, Illinois. Its purpose is to promote and maintain brotherhood in the legal profession. The organization meets weekly alternating business sessions with luncheons. Aside from professional interest the club provides an opportunity for social activities with banquets and occasional parties. James W. Cowart served as Dean; Ed Snell, Vice-dean; Quillian Bryant, Tribune; Don Page, Master of Rolls; Gary Pleger, Exchequer, and Gene McCracken, Clerk of Rolls. MEETING WITH ALUMNUS Carlyle Cobb, Judge of the Clark County Superior Court, are Gene McCracken, Ed Snell, Alumnus Fletcher Carr, Jim Cowart, Don Page, G. C. Harrell, Gary Pleger, and Quillian Bryant. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA... Education Convocation Sponsored by Group FTA was established to afford an opportunity for education majors to share their ideas, problems and experiences in educa- tional areas. The organization sponsors the College of Education Convo- cation; and also it hopes to bring two honorary societies onto the campus — Kappa Phi Kappa for men and Kappa Delta Epsilon for women. The officers were Pate Neese, President; Joy Putman, Evelyna Twitty, and Kathy Williams, Vice-presidents; Sally Van Buskirk, Secretary, and Gene Aiken, Treasurer. Frank Miles, Betty Stubbs, Allen Brock, Jean Bridges, Bill Overton, Phyllis Duncan, Philip Posey, Barbara Stubbs, Edwin Rice, Elizabeth Logan, Phyllis Speir, Miss Ila Rooks, Marjorie Denning, Frances Harris, Rebecca Lee, Nancy Ann Orr, Sally Van Buskirk, and Pat Neese practice class room technique. GAFFAU . . . Organization Aids High School FFA Activities MEMBERSHIP INCLUDED (first row) Jesse Dempsey, Royce Mosley, Gene Hughes, Charles Stewart, Gene Aiken, Ferman Gregory, Richard Reynolds, (second row) Jack Rish, Millard Stewart, Clayton Sims, Metvin Johnson, Charles Jones, Phil Harrison, (third row) Dalton Sirmans, H. A. Casey, Billy Donaldson, and Eugene Parten. 180 Gaffau Club was established to provide recreational and fraternal relationships for agriculture students and to train prospective teachers of vocational agriculture to perform the duties of advisors in local FFA chapters. The club sponsors an FFA Day for high school students in Georgia and participates in a contest for high school FFA boys at the State Fair. A banquet was held this year, and the members entered the Ag Hill Talent Show. Officers were President, Jesse Dempsey; Vice-president, Royce Mosley; Secretary, H. A. Casey, and Treasurer, Melvin Johnson. HORTICULTURE CLUB . . . Club Sponsors Glad Day During Spring Quarter The University of Georgia Horticulture Club was established on the campus in 1946 for those students who have interests in Horti- culture and its associated fields. Activities include " Glad Day " each spring, and participation in the Georgia and South- eastern Florist Conventions. Displays and speakers highlight the meetings. Officiating members of the club are Presi- dent, Al C. Hankins; Vice-president, Joseph Symons, and Secretary-Treasurer, Margaret Upshaw. Dr. Francis E. Johnstone serves as Faculty Advisor. MEMBERS (seated) Jesse Way, Allan C. Hankins, Margaret M. Upshaw, Marie Lanier, Joseph Symons, (standing] Monte G. Fletcher, Charles M. Bruce, Shirley L. Highton, Punky Owens, Narrine Frisby, Philip Seiden, and Morris Frier display floral arrangement. KAPPA DELTA PI . . . Members Hear Lectures on Foreign Education The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high profes- sional, intellectual, and personal standards, and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Meetings this year included talks concerning education in foreign lands given by students in residence, reports on trips to Europe by various members of the staff, and discussions of projects for the year. The Chapter officers were Joseph C. Bledsoe, President; Bernice Cooper, Vice-president; Aleene Cross, Secretary, and Gerald Robins, Treasurer. MEMBERS OF KAPPA DELTA PI eniov refreshments after initiation of forty-cixht candidates. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE . . . Professional Speakers Featured at Meetings CLUB MEMBERS (first row) Jack Stafford, Virginia Pennock, Blakeslee Nettleton, Molly Stock, Ed Alexander, Henry Turner, Clark Cook, Larry West, Tom Vaughn, Tom Dwyer, (second row) Robert Northcutt, Bruce Gregory, Bob Vories, Allan Chase, Melvin Kersey, Shirley Cooper, Mahlon Perry, Bill Northcutt, Russ Duryea, Rigley Robinson, George Ferensick, (third roiv) Mike Baum, Maude Tripp, Gene Culpepper, Claude Black, Mary Bloedorn, and Keaton Jones gather in the Landscape Architecture School garden. The Landscape Architecture Club was estab- Hshed in 1928. Monthly meetings feature speakers who give talks on landscape architec- ture or related fields and often accompany their discussion with the showing of colored slides of gardens and landscapes. Calendars are sold to raise money for activities. The officers of the club were Blakeslee Net- tleton, President; Henry L. Turner, Vice-presi- dent; Virginia Pennock, Secretary; Robert Vo- ries, Treasurer; Elwin Sasser, Parlimentarian; Mary Reynolds, Program Chairman, and Allan S. Chase, Social Chairman. PEhA CLUB . . . Majors Circulate Newspaper For Department The purpose of PEM Club is to increase professional enthusi- asm, to further social relationship among the members, and to extend the principles of physical education. This year the club became a member of the Professional Pan- hellenic Council and served as Secretary. Also, the group circu- (First row) Juanita Maxwell, Jackie Tyndale, Dorothy Middleton, Mat Hon ard, Georgia Vacalis, Edie Klein, June Emmett, Peggy Hahn, Martha Finley, (second row) Helen Stephens, Betty Thompson, Barbara lated a newspaper, " The Gym Clip, " for the department. The presiding members of PEM Club were President, Georgia Vacalis; Vice-president, Mat Howard, and Secretary-Treasurer, Edie Klein. Landers, Lucie Butler, Shela Butler, Madelon Fulcher, Carolyn Davis, Becky Bates, Ann Patterson, Barbara Coggins, and Bunchy Vogel meet in the Physical Ediic.-ition Building. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA . . . Cause of Music in America Advanced by Society The purpose of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, men ' s professional music fraternity, is to advance the cause of music in America. During the Concert Series the members offer their services in ushering, operating the concessions, and aiding in stage main- tenance. The fraternity also sponsors a program of contemporary American music. The officers for 195 5-56 were John Kellar, President; George Dixon, Vice-president; Robert Spence, Secretary; Johnny Demos, Treasurer, and Robert Wells, Executive Alumni Secretary. MEMBERS are (first row) Robert Wells, Mr. John Anderson, George Dixon, John Keller, Johnny Demos, Robert Spence, (second row) Hugh Evers, Owen Quattlebaum, David Lifsey, Don Gillespie, Bill Lee, Jim Stewart, Jimmy Poolos, Bill Robison, Robert Hale, Howard Henson, Leon Rundbaken, Neil Edwards, Bill Brunkhurst, and Lane Smith. The Sweetheart is Lajuana Webb (center). PHI SIGMA Biological Research Promoted by Fraternity In 1951 the Biology Club affiliated with the national Phi Sigma society. The fraternity exists to promote interest in re- search in the biological sciences. At the biweekly meetings members obtain knowledge in all phases of biology. Every year a Christmas party is held for members and their guests. The officers this year were Daniel Nelson, President; Philip Coleman, Vice-president; Florence Rose, Secretary; Charles Speegle, Treasurer, and Edith Dezoort, Editor. ACTIVE MEMBERS include (first row) Dr. Frank Hayes, Sarah Staples, Edith Dezoort, Dr. J. J. Paul, S. A. Ewing, Florence Rose, J. F. Arnold, J. N. Parker, D. J. Nelson, D. J. McKenzie, Dr. H. O. Lund, Dr. W. P. Van Eseltine, (second row) Lena Bo " wen, Dr. M. L. Fleming, Nancy Creel, Ruth Boulware, Marinel Lyon, Lucy Weeks, Marvin Provo, Alfred Sraalley, Dr. J. H. Jenkins, Dr. H. W. Schoenborn, (third row) £. F. Thompson, Marie Lanier, E. M. Sink, Dr. W. M. Reid, B. L. Mc- Murray, R. L. Linkfield, Robert Davis, Dr. R. G. Eagon, Dr. J. J. Westfall, J. L. Anderson, (fourth row) Dr. D. C. Scott, Harold Swartz, R. E. Hawkins, B. D. Harrington, Herschel Flowers, E. E. Musselman, B. E. Miller, Mary G. Tolbert, Dr. Clara E. Hamilton, (fifth row) J. R. Lindsey, Al Stinson, J. M. Bowen, Mary C. Dunn, Edwin Ever- hart, Carolyn Nuckolls, L. R. Poe, Dr. E. E. Byrd, (sixth row) W. H. Marsh, Dr. G. L. Plummer, Frank Craig, C. E. Connell, Phillip Coleman, Charles Speegle, W. P. Adams and Dr. W. J. Payne. PI MU EPSILON . . . Scholastic Advancement Aim of Math Society MEMBERSHIP IN PI MU EPSILON includes (first row) John Hattrich, Jimmy Hinely, Burke Hodgson, Tom Roberts, Joe Day, Billy Sorrow, (second row) Joel Knight, Virgil Whjtefield, Jerry Gold, Ralph Eddy, Dr. D. E. Barrow, (third row) Bob Cowan, Dean Boswell, Jim Andrews, Lewis McNair, Marion Todd, Meyer Lichtenstein, Dr. M. K. Fort, Jr., and Dr. G. B. Huff. Pi Mu Epsilon was organized to promote scholarship and mathematics, and its activities are planned to these ends. The members offered tutoring services dur- ing Fall Quarter. In addition, exams were sponsored in two divisions, advanced and junior math, and the writers of the best papers were given awards. The fraternity promoted the planning of a math club during the year. The officers were R. D. Boswell, President; J. T. Hinely, Vice-president; T. G. Roberts, Secretary, and J. W. Lynch, Treasurer. PROFESSIONAL PANHELLENIC . . . Council Picks Professional Woman of the Year Professional Panhellenic Council was organ- ized to unite, co-ordinate, and direct the activ- ities of the professional honor societies on campus and to recognize outstanding profes- sional activity. Selecting the " Professional Woman of the Year " from the senior candidates nominated by the deans of the various schools is the principal project, and during Fall Quarter member organizations sponsor coffees for fresh- man women. The officers were Ruth Tribble, President; Dotty Young, Vice-president; Mat Howard, Secretary, and Anne Hatfield, Treasurer. REPRESENTATIVES are (first row) Ruth Tribble, Anne Hatfield, Mat Howard, Joann Burns, Georgia Vacalis, Harriette Schreiber, Ellen Harrison, (second roiv) Aurelia Campbell, Dotty Young, Dena Eady, Rhetta Leverett, Sandra Paul, (third row) Miss Ann Seawell, advisor; Alda Cunningham, Harriet Bailey, Georgia White, and Marilyn MacDonald. 184 RHO CHI Crawford W. Long Day Sponsored by Fraternity The fundamental objective of Rho Chi is to promote the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences through encouragement and recogni- tion of intellectual achievement. The society sponsored Crawford W. Long Day in honor of the Athens physician who dis- covered ether as a general anesthetic. It also encourages scholarship by giving the Rho Chi Award each year to the freshman with the highest scholastic average. The officers for the year were Joe Dickerson, President; Fred Underwood, Vice-president; Earl Gable, Secretary-Treasurer, and Edward Holt, Historian. Joel Maddox, Jerry Zimmerman, Thelma Underwood, Fred Underwood, Eugene McLain, (first row) Earl Gable, Charles Rogers, Joe Dickerson, Ed Holt, James Dunning, (second row) Robert Simmons, Joel Mikell, John Rhyne, Dr. Joseph LaRocca, and Robert A. Lybrand (third row) are menibers of Rho Chi. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA . . . Campus Musical Activities Promoted by Group MEMBERS GATHERED around the piano are June Boyett, Dotty Young, Sarah Arthur, Aurelia Campbell, Nan Rainey, Barbara Foster, Barbara Delmore, Shelba Massey, Jo Ann Lew is, Nellie Callaway, Judy Campbell, and Mary Jo Weekley. Others not shown are Polly Sharp, Kay Knight, and Miss Despy Karlas. 185 SAI is a national honorary music fraternity for women. Its projects are especially organized for women. Its projects are especially organ- ized to promote professional competency and achievement within the field. The fraternity presented the American Music Program and sponsored the Sorority Sing. The members ushered for music events, sold tickets for Concert Series, and promoted all musical activities on campus. The members who held office were Aurelia Campbell, President; Barbara Foster, Vice-presi- dent; Shelba Massey, Secretary, and Jo Ann Lewis, Treasurer. Miss Despy Karlas is the Advisor. SIGMA PI SIGMA Excellence Recognized by Club Through Awards Sigma Pi Sigma, national honorary physics society, aims to recognize and encourage excellence in the physics field. The organization annually sponsors a meeting at which awards are presented; a physics-chemistry book is given to the most out- standing student in basic physics, and the Whentley Award is presented to the most outstanding senior majoring in physics. Presiding over the meetings were President, Tom Roberts; Vice-president, Burke Hodgson, and Secretary, Jerry Gold. EXPERIMENTERS Dr. Henkle, Tom Lewis, Bill O ' Quinn, Byron Boliannon, Jerry Gold, Meyer Lichtenstein, Raymond Hunter, Jimmy Hinely, Tom Roberts. Burke Hodgson, Dr. Cooper, Dr. Dixon, Dr. Henry, Marion Todd, Dr. Sears, and Dr. Barr experiment. THETA SIGMA PHI . . . Group Offers Assistance For Press Institutes Theta Sigma Phi was organized as an hon- orary journalism fraternity for women. The members assisted the University with Press, Broadcasting, Public Relations, Trade Unions, and Advertising Institutes. Also, professional speakers were brought to the campus to give talks to both the group and the public on journalism and related fields. The officers of Theta Sigma Phi were Pres- ident, Harriette Schreiber; Vice-president, Ruth Tribble; Secretary, Paula Pullen; Treasurer, Josie Lucchesse, and Archivist, Joey Sawatzke. MEMBERS Ruth Tribble, Ellen Harrison, Mildred Sp.irUs, Josic I ucchcsc, Joey Sawatzke, ILirricm- Schreiber, Paula Pullen, India Dean, Joann Burns, and Mary Parker meet to discuss a forthcom- ing project. 186 TRINITY LUTHERAN STUDENT GROUP... Lutherans Dedicate Chapel and Student Center The Trinity Lutheran Student Group was organized to promote Christian fellowship, growth, and service among students at the University of Georgia. The new chapel and student center on South Lumpkin across from Myers Hall was dedicated in February 1956. Discussions were held on such topics as professional ethics, evolu- tion, and current events. Suppers were given every Sunday night at the Church. The officers were Bobbye Morton, President; Roger Martinson, Vice-president; Ray Beard, Secretary-Treasurer; and Jay Manley, Member- ship Chairman. SERVING AS OFFICERS for the group this year ivere (seated J Roger Martinson, Janet Crump, Bobbye Morton, (standing) Mac Crump, Jay Manley, Ken Pagel, and Reverend R. P. Deffner. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA DEBATE TEAM . . . Debate Team Takes High Honors in Tournaments The University of Georgia Debate Team copped first place in the tournament held at F.S.U. Winter Quarter. The squad competed against teams from various southeastern and northern colleges and universities. The team debated in the South Carolina Forensics in which the affirmative tied for first place and the negative tied for second. At Emory the varsity squad placed third, and at William and Mary the members won " excellent " awards. In the spring debater attended the West Point Preliminaries at Emory. Serving as Captain for the team was John O ' Toole; as Advisor, John Cox, and as Coach, Dr. Ballew. h ROBERT PATTERSON DEMONSTRATES debate technique to (first row) JoKn O ' Toole, Melvin England, Roger Martinson, Dot Veazey, (second row) Irwin Stolz, George Walters, and Wallace Hill. URSA Resident Assistants Co-Sponsor Talent Show The University Resident Student Assistants association was organized in 1950 to assist fresh- man women in learning to live successfully and develop through their associations at the University. Prior to Orientation Week a week-end retreat was held by the " big sisters " to plan ways of helping the freshman women adjust to college life. During Fall Quarter the group added to its activities the Co-sponsoring of the Freshman Talent Show. Officers of URSA were Sally Webb, Presi- dent; Janet Emmons, Vice-president, and Anne Sullivan, Secretary-Treasurer. Margaret Tyler, Boyce Dickson, Tanya Bowles, Sissy Hattaway, Martha Smith, Barbara Griffeth, Mary Gatewood, Nan Rainey, Janet Emmons, Miss Birdie Bondurant, Sally Webb, Anne Sullivan, Patty Fulenwider, Mike Von Canon, Sandra Dunn, Gay Burkett, Sylvia Crowe, Judy Smith, Alice Green, Carol Burton, Nadine Brown and Elaine Webb attend a banquet meeting. Z CLUB . . . Outstanding Freshman Women Tapped in Spring Z Club is the highest honor a fresh- man woman can attain. Each spring not more than seven girls are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and loyalty. Annually " Z Nite " is held at which time all the freshman dormitories and sorority freshman are invited to pre- sent skits and nominate candidates for the title of " Miss Freshman. " Again this year the club has carried out various projects for the Athens Cerebral Palsey Home. Officers were Alice Green, Presi- dent; and Nan Rainey, Secretary- Treasurer. MEMBERS THIS YEAR were (first row) Sally Webb, Nadine Brown, Barbara Griffeth, (second row) Alice Woodson, Alice Green, Nan Rainey, and Janet Emmons. 188 ZETA PHI ETA . . Radio Show, Readings For the Blind Done by Cluh Zeta Phi Eta was established to band together women interested in maintaining high standards of speech, to build up a professional philosophy, and to stimulate and encourage all worthy speech and dramatic enterprises. A children ' s radio show is sponsored weekly by Zeta Phi Eta; also, the members do choral readings and tape readings for the blind. The officers were Sandra Paul, President; Juliana White, Vice-president; Margaret Jones, Secretary, and Claudette Hastings, Treasurer. IN FRONT OF THE SPEECH CORRECTION BUILDING are (first row) Julianna White, Sandra Paul, Margaret Jones, (second row) Celetta Dykes, Ellen Harrison, Sylvia Downs, Georgia White, Marsha Woodruff, (third rou ) Harriet Schreiber, Sandra Murray, Frances Long, Murrow Morris, Agnes Broadnax, Chip Ashurst, Camille Arnold, (fourth row) Betty Glenn, Martha Harden, Dorothy McConkey, Marilyn McDonald, Sally Birchmore, (fifth row) Liz Morris, Mrs. Stanley Ainsworth, Mrs. Harold Luper, Sara Holland, and Barbara Casey. ZODIAC . . . Banquet Sponsored For Women Honor Students Zodiac is a local honorary scholastic organ- ization which recognizes the twelve junior women with the highest averages for their first two years at Georgia. Its aim is to promote higher scholarship on the campus. Tapping of the new members is done by posting their names on the Arch. Each Spring Quarter the group sponsors the Honors Day Banquet for women honor students. Officers were the following: President, Lauradine Baker; N ' ice-president, Margaret Gholston; Secretary, Edith DeZoort, and Treasurer, Marjorie Miller. The Advisor for the group is Dr. Ellis Dixon. Edith Dezoort, Marion Chandler, Joann Burns, Dot Veazey, Dean Stallings, Ann Patton, Iris Antley, Lauradine Baker, Barbara Crawford, and Margaret Gholston hold a meeting in Dean Stallings little red caboose. 189 VfMk. 9 S t 1 _ , ■■ ,_--■■ ■ ■ - " J fcS jTvM.:. =!,. feulilH J — fe. r: r rw nn 1 ■M Jfll ll » ' ' -« ' » " " = " . t :.__: ■ t! " ir IHi: ; v X- % 171 a •J .;;; THE 1956 PANDORA DOT VEAZEY Editor-in-Chief BILL HADDON Busiftess Manager RUTH GRANDY Associate Editor NORMAN BLACKWELL Art Editor BILL HIBBERT Sports Editor STAFF Patsy Adams, Virginia Cannon, Sue Crawford, Caroline Hancock, Lynn McClellan, Swain McElmurray, Ray Garard, Dudley Moore, Joan Pat- terson, Joey Sawatzke, Prudence Sinkhorn, Clara Sizer, Joan Sullivan, Gloria Wadsworth. ,iU ' 49 P SO0R DOT VEAZEY LOOKS for one of the lost faces of 1956. RUTH GRANDY WOULDN ' T HAVE POSED like this if she ' d known she had to caption it. BILL HADDON CHECKS UP on the latest mischief NORMAN BLACKWELL COOKS up another caption. BOB MARSDEN ON THE WRONG end of the camera. BILL HIBBERT DASHES OFF another honest sports story. " SlK |g 1 BS H BOSS MAN Fall Quarter was Remer Tyson. BILL MABREY gets a call from Mr. Harris. THE RED FALL ' 5 5 REMER TYSON Editor JAMES SOUTHERLAND Business Manager BILL MABREY Managing Editor BILLY DILWORTH News Editor CARROL DADISMAN Associate Editor JAMES WYNN Sports Editor MIGNON FRANKLIN Women ' s Editor MILDRED SPARKS Society Editor INDIA DEAN Feature Editor GENE CARROLL Assistant News Editor MARVIN HILL Assistant News Editor EARL SIMPKINS Assistant Sports Editor RAY MITCHELL Photographer CARL KAUFMAN Photographer DON THOMPSON Cartoonist WESLEY BONZO Assistant Business Manager ALEX MacDONALD Circulation Manager WINTER ' 56 BILL MABREY Editor JAMES SOUTHERLAND Business Manager GORDON ROBERTS Managing Editor JAMES WYNN News Editor CARROL DADISMAN Associate Editor REMER TYSON Sports Editor MILDRED SPARKS Women ' s Editor ANNE SULLIVAN Society Editor HARRIETTE SCHREIBER Feautre Editor ED INGLES Assistant Sports Editor LAMAR GUNTER Assistant News Editor CAREY CAMERON Assistant News Editor BOB MILLER Assistant News Editor MARVIN GREENBERG Photographer CARL KAUFMAN Photographer DON THOMPSON Cartoonist WESLEY BONZO Assistant Business Manager ALEX MacDONALD Circulation Manager NEWS EDITOR, James Wynn, makes up Lucky Droodle. AND BLACK MO.NtVBAGS SOUTHERLAND plans strategy for the week ' s advertising campaign. SPRING ' 56 GORDON ROBERTS Editor WESLEY BONZO Business Manager GENE CARROLL Managing Editor MARVIN HILL News Editor BOB MILLER Associate Editor ED INGLES Sports Editor ANNE SULLIVAN Women ' s Editor HELEN LANIER Society Editor BETH MOBLEY Feature Editor LAMAR GUNTER Assistant News Editor CAREY CAMERON Assistant News Editor RIP WHITFIELD Assistant News Editor EARL BRASWELL Assistant Sports Editor MARVIN GREENBERG Photographer CARL KAUFMAN Photographer DON THOMPSON Cartoonist ALEX MacDONALD Circulation Manager REPORTERS Gene Owens, Helen Lanier, Elizabeth Marshall, Murrow Morris, J. J. Newberry, Marion Smith, Connie Hayes, Robert Holden, Barbara Sugarman, Marcia Whitworth, Carol Craven, Bill Byard, Jack Allman, Anne Sheppard, Beverly Weigand, Eleanor Gilmer, Dot Scharff, Joanne Smith, Marlene Bennett, Horace Thorn, Curtis Driskell, Jules Arbose. BUSINESS STAFF Beth Andrews, Barbara McAlpin, Harmond Barnard GORDON ROBERTS as seen by the night watchman. U U L NEWS EDITOR, Billy Dillworth . . and ears of the campus. ' •The Carrol Dadisman, Robert Miller, Lamar Gunter, Marvin Hill, Carey Cameron, Billy Dilw orth, Gordon Roberts, James Wynn, Bill Mabrey, and Remer Tyson of the Editorial Board meet. I SOME NIGHTS it gets real deep. MILDRED EXPLAINS to Women ' s Society Staff how to make the society page. ON THE BUSINESS STAFF this year were James Southerland, Barbara McAIpin, Wesley Bonzo, and Helen Lanier. WHEN YOU HAVE THE ANSWER push the buzzer. TYPEWRITERS hum in the newsroom. YOU SPELL his name " Ng " ? SIX O ' CLOCK shift goes to supper. Joey, Caroline, and Joan P. discuss layouts. " BUSINESS MANAGER EMERITUS. " n PUBLICATIONS SNAPS Pruddy, Swain, Joey, Joan and Patsy try to think up an action shot. VIRGINIA CAME UP to have her picture taken. • •• , »m ' .;-. !). . • SPORTS Baseball — the original American sport — was introduced to the student body in 1886, and during seventy years of active intercollegiate competition Georgia has produced many major league stars and many sparkling diamond records. Some of the outstanding Georgians making brilliant records in the major leagues were Spurgeon Chandler (New York Yankees), Claude Derrick (Philadelphia Athletics) and Nolen Richardson (Detroit, New York Yankees and Cincinnati). Back in the first year of the sports, the Bulldogs ' captain and star pitcher, Charles Ed Morris, introduced the curve ball to this section of Dixie, and in 1908, the crowned champions of the South won twenty games in succession — 1 1 of them shutouts. Just as Georgia has been well-known for producing great baseball teams, she has also been heraied for many football champions. Since the first game against Auburn in 1892 when the Tigers clawed the Bulldogs, ' 0-0, in Atlanta; Georgia has won 312 gomes which is about sixty per cent of the total. With this record, the Bulldogs have played in seven bowl games, winning five and tying one. One of those victories includes a 9-0 defeat of U.C.L.A. in the Rose Bowl in the era of the fabulous Frank Sinkwich. Other nationally recognized football greats of the Georgia campus include halfback Bob McWhorter in 1913, halfback Charlie Trippi in 1946, and quarterbacks John Rauch in 1948 and Zeke Bratkowski in 1953. In 1897 track was introduced. Probably the best cinderman ever produced at Georgia is the present coach, Forrest " Speck " Towns. In the 1936 Olympics he set a world ' s record in the high hurdles with a time of 1 3.7 which stood for fourteen years, and the next year he led Georgia ' s greatest track team to the SEC title. Basketball was the fourth big team sport to appear on the campus. Since Howell Peacock launched the Bulldogs into the sport in 1910, the Georgia teams have had some outstanding seasons while compiling a 426-344 all- time record. One outstanding feat accomplished by the Bulldogs was the 122-2 defeat of Christian College of Alabama when Dr. Alfred Scott, present Chemistry Department head, scored sixty-six points. Georgia highlighted her debut into the intercollegiate golf circles in 1922 by capturing the First Southern Conference Championship. George Homer and Arnold Blum ore some of the outstanding golfers who wore the Georgia colors. In 1926- Georgia ' s swimming team was formed, but not until 1948 did the Bulldogs gain national fame in aquatic circles. Within the lost seven years, the Bulldogs hove won three SEC titles and finished runner-up in the other four. The most outstanding swimmer of recent years was lanky Reid Patterson, who won the 1954 Olympic 100-meter freestyle championship and other world honors. On the following pages ore the sports and the records of today. Here ore the teams and athletes who were cheered on by the voices of Georgia, 1956. I J I COUNTERCLOCKWISE: Dick Young, Quarterback; Jimmy Harper, Quarterback; Knox Culpepper, Fullback; Jimmy Orr, Halfback; Wen- dell Tarleton, Halfback; Henry Dukei, Halfback; Laneair Roberts, End; Roy Wilkins, End; Pud Mosteller, Tackle; John Luck, Tackle; Len Spadafino, Guard; Tony Cuihenberry, Guard; Bill Saye, Center; Jimmy Brown, Center. 198 9i COACHING STAFF FRESHMEN COACHES: Charlie Madison, Quinton Lumpkin; VARSITY COACHES: Johnny Rauch, Perron Shoemaker, Sterling Dupree, Head Coach Wally Butts, Harry Wright, Bill Hartman, Jim Whatley; Trainer Sam Richwine. Not Pictured: Forrest " Speck " Towns, Spec Landrum, John Fleming. BULLDOGS THE 1955 EDITION Firs Row, left to right: Ed Barrett, Billy Hearn, Jimmy Harper, Tommy Powell, Billy Armistead, Dick Young, Joe Comfort, Charlie Bradshaw, Wendell Tarlcton, Conrad Manisera, Bobby Garrard, J. B. Davis, John Bell, Bobby Ruark, Nick Bracco. Second row: Tony Ther- rien, Billy Carrollton, Don Smith, Henry Dukes, Charlie Harris, Ed Burkhalter, Jimmy Williams, Dwight Horton, Bud Powell, Knox Culpepper, Harold Pilgrim, Billy Kee, Charles Barnes, Jimmy Orr, Jimmy McClelland, Wilbur Lofton, George Mitchell, Harold Reese. Third row: George Penland, Gibson Durden, Clayton Grubbs, Jimmy Brown, Bill Saye, Robert Sheahan, Travis Vinesctt, Tony Cushenberry, Wayne Dye, Bill Stiller, Willie Fowler, Johnny Spooner, Don Shea, Mike Anderson, Len Spadafino, Pat Galbreath, Broaddus Thomasson. Fourth row: Alex MacDonald, Mike Meatheringham, Bob Van Buren, Ruel Galbreath, Jerry Griffin, John Luck, Walter White, Bill Watkins, Butch Mulherin, Pat Bradley, Ken Bramlett, Matthew Arthur, Robert Cape, Bob Cleveland. Fifth row: Pud MostcUer, Loy Hutchinson, Charles Edwards, Ken Cooper, Laneair Roberts, Roy Wilkins, Joe Schopen, Sonny Casey, Woodrow Wilson, R. K. Brown, Angelo Monti, Lindsey Bass, Cleve Clark, Harold Krafchik, Therron Sapp, Mickey Kowalczyk, Bob Anderson. .■» mm DON SHEA Co-Captain Surprises, Unusual Events Highlight Hectic ' 55 Season There is an old adage which goes Uke this: " Figures don ' t lie. " For the 195 5 Georgia Bulldogs, this is absolutely a down-right lie. The ' Dogs went through the hectic football season, winning only four games in ten outings, but to the Georgia coaches, players and ardent supporters, this record doesn ' t actually show the drive, fight and ability which the Bulldogs displayed. Furman Bisher, sports editor of the Atlanta Constitution, commented that " the 195 5 Georgia team is superior to the one that carried the SEC fight until the last game of the 1954 season. " This statement is certainly true because the Bulldogs played much tougher teams during ' 5 5 than in ' 54 when they compiled a 6-3-1 record. Playing such teams as Ole Miss, Clemson, Van- derbilt, Tulane, Florida, Auburn and Tech, the Georgia squad had to be " keyed up " for practically every game during the season. Plenty of surprises and unusual experiences happened during the ' 5 5 season. The " biggest surprise " picked by the coaches was the uncanny pass receiving of sophomore Jimmy Orr, a boy who came to Georgia without a scholarship and no high school experience. Orr, who also was tabbed as the " most elusive runner, " led the Southeastern Conference in pass receiving with 24 catches for a total of 45 3 yards and three touchdowns. Probably the most unusual !-» BOBBY GARRARD Co-Captain experience was performed by co-captain Bobby Garrard. The powerful Atlantian ran 59 yards against Georgia Tech. This in itself doesn ' t sound unusual, but the fact that he lost one shoe in the process, covering most of the territory with only one shoe is. For the second straight year, Garrard led the ' Dogs in rushing. This season the fullback bulled his way for 533 yards even if sometimes there wasn ' t a hole opened up for him. His great performances on offense didn ' t overshadow his fine defensive work — both of which labeled him the Most Valuable Player on the Georgia squad for the ' 5 5 season. Quarterback Dick Young brought recognition back to Georgia as a passing team. After a one-year low following the gr aduation Quarterback Dick Young fires . . . of Zeke Bratkowski, the Bulldogs ' passing yardage zoomed from 460 to 1,156 with the Blond Bomber supplying 875 yards of it for the SEC title. Also, there is a bright light on the horizon for sophomore end Ken Cooper has perfected the place-kicking tech- nique by booting a field goal and hitting for 13 out of 16 extra point trys. To top off the season, coach Wallace Butts was elected as the South coach in the North-South game on Dec. 26, and he also took his co-captains Garrard and Don Shea along to help out the Rebel cause. Wittiest — Billy Carrollton; Best Students — Jimmy Harper, Len Spadafino; Best Dresser — Jerry Griffin; Biggest Eater — Pud Mosteller; Biggest Sleeper — Cleve Clark; Earliest Riser — Jimmy Orr. to his favorite Jimmy Orr . . . - Bulldogs 13 Ole Miss 26 It was a sad night in Atlanta for the Bulldog followers because it was the first time in Wally Butt ' s coaching career at Georgia that his team has lost its opening game of the season. However, it was the stif fest opening day competition the ' Dogs have had in a long time (Ole Miss winning the SEC title), and Butts wasn ' t completely discour- aged. His boys had shown plenty of spirit and ambition, and he was proud of them. The real damage was done by one of the greatest triple- threats Butts has ever seen — Eagle Day, who en- gineered Mississippi ' s three touch- downs on two pass plays and a quarterback keep. The strong Rebel defense held the Bulldogs deep in their own terri- tory most of the game except for three big drives — two of them go- ing for touchdowns. One was a 71 -yard march in the first quarter with Conrad Manisera scoring from six yards out. Later, Dick Young found an excellent battery mate in Jimmy Orr who made some beautiful catches — one for a 44-yard TD. I thot I saw a putte tat? Oh, no! It ' s Bulldog Bobby Garrard! Bulldogs 14, Commodores 13 For the second straight year, the Bulldogs had to come from behind to edge Vander- bilt, and the 195 5 last minute rally pro- vided the spectators in Sanford Stadium one of the most thrilling finishes in Georgia history. Vandy was a big threat in the first half, outplaying the Bulldogs considerably. How- ever, Butts must have given his boys a great pep talk at halftime as the fighting Bulldogs roared onto the field and com- pletely reversed the events of the first half. And the boy who led the Bulldogs in overcoming the 13-0 deficit was Dick Young. The Blond Bomber, who passed for 139 yards for the afternoon, pitched a touchdown pass to lanky Cleve Clark in the third quarter. Later, he set up the winning TD with a sensational 27-yard heave to Jimmy Orr who was pushed out of bounds on the two. Young bucked over to tie the score, and Joe Comfort added the winning point with three minutes left in the game. Who leaps with perfect timing for a touchdown! Bulldogs 7 Tigers 26 Coach Quinton Lumpkin breaks up a little misunderstanding in the Clemson game. A King with plenty of help from a herd of Tigers proved too much for the Georgia Bulldogs in a game which was the poorest showing by the ' Dogs during the entire season. It also was the first time since 1914 that Clemson has defeated Georgia. Georgia committed far too many mis- takes against Clemson to even come close to winning, and when they finally did snap out of it, time had run out on Wally Butts ' eleven. Georgia did manage to break the ice in the fourth quarter when the ' Dogs ignited a drive on their own 22 late in the third quarter. However, the drive was stopped momentarily at Clemson ' s 30 as Clemson took over on downs only to lose the ball one play later when Willie Fowler pounced on a fumble. Three plays later, Lanier " Red " Roberts snagged a Dick Young pass for a nine-yard TD play. The master of the game was Clemson ' s quarterback Don King who called a beau- tiful game and also was alert on defense. The Tiger signal-caller passed for one touchdown and made good use of speedy Billy O ' Dell ' s uncanny running ability. Bulldogs 28 Tar Heels 7 Rat caps fly during North Carolina rout. To look at the Bulldogs in the first three games and then to look at them in the North Carolina game, a person wouldn ' t believe that the team playing in all four games was the same Georgia eleven. But it was. And they played hard and fiercly. As a matter of fact, the Bull- dog line was so fierce that the Tar Heels fumbled six times — five of which the ' Dogs recovered — and were pushed back for a total yardage lost of 100. Actually, North Carolina had a net yardage gain of one yard. Again, the Bulldogs had to come from behind to win, but after overcoming the 7-0 score in the second quarter, the ' Dogs marched on to victory with no trouble at all. With the sensational passing combina- tion of Dick Young to Jimmy Orr and the excellent running by captain Bobby Garrard, Georgia had the game well un- der control. Orr caught two touchdown passes from the Blond Bomber while Garrard raced J 1 yards after intercepting a pass. Jimmy Brown scored the other TD on a blocked punt in the end zone. Bulldogs 47 Seminoles 14 Georgia took up where they left off the previous week against North Carohna by still showing plenty of offensive punch which Wally Butts knew they had. In racking up such a lopsided score on the Florida State eleven, captain Bobby Garrard put on an individual offensive performance himself. The likeable full- back pushed, plunged and bulled his way for 128 yards in 14 carries in the best exhibition of ball-carrying by a Georgia back in several years. Garrard broke the game wide open for the Bulldogs in the third quarter when he dashed off tackle for a 67-yard TD to put the ' Dogs ahead 20-7. Wendell Tarleton also showed plenty of ability in both running and pass re- ceiving. The junior Atlantian plunged across the goal from the three to score the first touchdown of the evening, and later he latched onto a Dick Young pass for a 2 9 -yard TD play. The final four touchdowns were pro- duced by a mixture of the first stringers and the reserves with Jimmy Harper, Roy Wilkins, Charlie Harris and Jimmy Williams getting credit for the scores. a Bulldog parents get into the act during halftime festivities. R:!iv " Where do you think you ' re going? Bobby Garrard puts an abrupt halt to Tulane ' s Cottrell. f ' Bulldogs Green Waves 14 The Georgia football players ' parents were presented to the 27,000 spectators at Sanford Stadium at hal ftime, but the memorable occasion was saddened by the beautiful quarterbacking of Tulane ' s sophomore Gene Newton. The split-T specialist personally saw to it that the Green Wave got revenge for the three straight losses to the Bull- dogs incurred in 1952-53-54. And the way he did it was by romping 49 yards on a quarterback keep play in the first quarter and then in the final period scor- ing on an eight-yard dash around left end. Georgia put on several sustained drives, once reaching as far as the Tulane nine- yard line, but fumbles and penalties kept the Bulldogs from scoring. Once captain Bobby Garrard made a beautiful leaping catch of one of Dick Young ' s passes only to be out of the end zone when he landed on the ground. This was the only time during the 195 5 season that the Bulldogs were white- washed, but it wasn ' t a disgrace to lose it to Tulane because the Green Wave were rated as the most improved team in the conference. Bulldogs 35 Crimson Tide 14 Homecoming is the time for gala festivities — sorority and fraternity decorations, electing Homecoming Queen, and the big game Saturday afternoon. The Bulldog eleven added the crowning glow to the prevailing happy spirits by trouncing the hapless Alabamians soundly. It was the last home game for 1 5 Bulldogs, and quar- terback Jimmy Harper gave the best performance of the graduating seniors. He engineered Georgia to all five touchdowns with plenty of masterful strategy. Senior and captain Bobby Garrard score one of the five TDs while senior Knox Culpepper gained necessary yardage and played an excellent game on defense. Sen- iors John Bell and Conrad Manisera also scored a touch- down apiece. Knox Culpepper finds a hole in Alabama ' s line to gain valuable yardage. Bulldogs 13 Gators 19 This game was the heartbreaker of all heartbreakers. There was no doubt in anybody ' s mind that the Bull- dogs, playing one of their best games of the season, outplayed the Florida eleven. However, with a few breaks here and there, the Gators won the battle on a hot, sunny day in Jacksonville. What really broke the Bulldogs ' back was the kick-off return at the beginning of the second half when Jim Roundtree ran 8 5 yards for a TD to cut the Georgia lead to 13-6. Later, Florida started its only successful drive of the game to tie the score, and then in the fourth quarter Dick Allen intercepted a Harper pass and raced 5 2 yards for the winning touchdown. Georgia ' s offense which collected 277 yards — the most against the Gators since 1948 — was led by Wen- dell Tarleton and Bobby Garrard. Tarleton climaxed a 70-yard drive by scoring from one yard out, and Garrard finished a 68-yard march with a five-yard TD run. Alabama ' s Lumpkin waits in vain as Georgia ' s Wendell Tarleton turns robber. A Gator Express halted by ferocious Bulldogs. Tony Cushenbcrry, Willie Fowler and Laneair Roberts stops Florida ' s Visser. Bulldogs 13 Tigers 16 For the third straight week, the Bulldogs were " up " for Saturday ' s game and after playing their best game of the season deserved a better fate than a three-point loss to Auburn. Georgia put on a display of explosive offensive {X)wer as they ripped through the highly touted Auburn line for a total of 301 yards rushing and passing. Before this game, the Tigers had allowed only 164.4 yards per game. In avenging the 3 5-0 massacre of the previous year, Wally Butts praised the outstanding exhibition of his tackles and guards in holding the powerful Tiger offense. However, Auburn did break through the Georgia de- fense to score one touchdown on a 60-yard drive. The other TD and field goal were set up when the Tiger defense intercepted two passes near the Georgia goal. The Tigers lost their 10-0 lead in the fourth quarter when end " Red " Roberts hauled in a Dick Young pass and bulled his way through six Auburn tacklers for a 77-yard TD. " It was the greatest run by a Georgia pass receiver I have ever seen, " Butts said after the game. Angelo Monti also displayed some fancy pass receiving in the final period. He snagged two of Young ' s passes for 14 yards each — the last one going for the final score of the game. Quarterback Jtmmy Harper tries hard but Tiger tackier halts his romp. " Shoeless " Garrard charges on while referee does his part. Bulldogs 3 Yellow Jackets 21 For the first time since the series began in 1893, Georgia Tech has finally overcome a long, uphill battle to regain the leadership in the traditional rivalry series. Tech won the first game of the series, 28-6, but then lost the next six and had been fighting to catch up with the Bulldogs. Both Georgia and Tech played " fired-up " ball in the 50th classic and gave the TV audience a good show to watch. It was the first game of the ancient rivalry to be televised. The Bulldogs were off to an explosive start. Jimmy Harper almost went all the way on the opening kick-off only to have his run nullified by a clipping penalty. Then Bobby Garrard, slowed down by the loss of one shoe, was caught from behind after sprinting 59 yards. A couple of plays later, Ken Cooper booted a 2 5-yard field goal to put the Bulldogs ahead, 3-0. That was the last time, however, that Georgia saw the Tech goal, for the Engineers held the Bulldogs from then on — once recovering a fumble to set up a TD. A pass play and an 86- yard drive, sparked by the offensive power of George ' olkert, produced the other two Yellow Jacket scores. Bullpups Finish Strong when Georgia and Georgia Tech meet in any athletic event, there is always a heated argument on the subject of who ' s the best and who ' ll win. However, in the case of the annual Thanksgiving Day football game between the two freshmen squads, the most important things in the minds of the coaches, athletes and follow- ers of the two schools is the fact that " Strong Legs Run That Weak Legs May Walk. " Everybody who gets in the stands — the players, the press, the concessioners, etc. — has to buy a ticket with the proceeds going to the Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children. Nevertheless, there are people who always keep records of sporting events, and this game is no different. These records show that the series between the two freshmen squads now stands at 10 victories apiece after the Bull- pups thumped the Baby Jackets, 23-0, during the 195 5 classic. It was the only victory for the Bullpups during the 195 5 season. However, it was especially inspiring since the ' Pups had tied Auburn, 6-6, and lost to ths Baby Elephants, 2 5-7, earlier during the campaign. Coach Wally Butts praised both his freshmen coach- ing staff and the players themselves for their season ' s performance, especially in the Tech game. He stated " that they are certainly the best we have had since our strong frosh squads of 1938-40-41 " which in turn produced the powerful squads in the 1940 ' s. One of the finest and most spectacular runs ever seen in the Thanksgiving game was performed by half- back Gene Littleton who grabbed a Tech kickoff and made the longest run in the classic ' s history — a 9 5 -yard dash down the left sideline. And, Billy Gilbert booted a 2 8 -yard field goal which was one of the longest ever kicked on Grant Field. The beginning of a " hot potato " match before guard Vernon Cunard (61) intercepts the Tech pass. 1955 FRESHMAN SQUAD First Row, left to right: George Farmer, Neal Marchbanks, Richard Price, Jesse Rogers, Nat Dye, Sam Tompkins, Bill Roberts, Billy Acker- man, Bob Flowers, Edgar Wood, Floyd Northcutt, Bob Sedlock, Jim Roberts. Second Row: Gene Estes, Wayne Shellnut, Dave Black, Larry Neill, Larry Le ' wis, Vernon Cunard, Archi e Meyers, Cecil Turner, Jimmy Curry, Tommy Ragsdale, Hal Davis, Riley Gunnels, Ed Mc- Cormick, Jim Butler, Jimmy McCants, Ray Scroggs, Don Miller. Third Row: Glen Nunley, Ray Bush, Bob Martini, Charlie Byars, Bobby Charnley, Mitchell Shellnut, Ronald Johnson, George Whitton, Gene Littleton, Richard Courts, Marshall Dodds, Marion Bush, Homer Smitherman, Carl Manning, Melvin Borum, Dan Capazo, Cicero Lucas, Jimmy Sealy. 85 8b 38 ' 1 97 86 1955 Cheerleaders First Row, left to right: Joanne Sayre, Carolyn Hendricks, Shirley Brown, Nancy Kellam, Second Row: Gene Cashin, Bill Wright, Byron Smith. First Row, left to right: Iris Anthey, Beth Willingham, Kay Every. Second Row: Jack Hodges, Happy Hill, Sonny Wade. SIDELINE SCENES So coaches can sing, too? Some Years It ' s Smooth; Some Years It ' s Rough Although Georgia ' s 195 5-56 basketball record wasn ' t too impres- sive, it gave the young squad plenty of experience under their belts. Fielding a team which included only three seniors, five juniors and five sophomores, the Bulldogs showed plenty of hussle and fight, losing more tight games which could have gone either way. Of the three seniors, Morris Dinwiddle was the only starter. The sleepy-eyed Kentuckian was the play-maker of the Dogs, by outfaking his opponents on shifty and quick maneuvers. He was the Marcus Haynes of the Southeastern Conference with his fancy dribbling antics. Dinwiddle, who stands only 5-10, lead the Georgia five in scoring with 3 36 points and had an excellent free throw percentage of 72. Even for a little man, he was good in getting his share of the rebounds. Two of the other starters were juniors — center Bill Ensley and forward Curtis Gleaton. Both were great under the backboards using their height to plenty of advantage. Ensley used a variety of shots such as the hook, jump and tip-ins to accumulate enough points to finish second in the Bulldog scoring. Gleaton, who specialized on a corner set shot, was fourth in scoring. (Above) Cabaniss, Ensley battle for tip-in. (Left) 6-i Bill Eniley dunks basket. 208 ' 55 ' 56 SCORECARD 67 . . .... TENNESSEE . . . . ... 86 75 ALABAMA .... . . . 99 75 . . . MERCER .... . ... 72 93 FLORIDA . . . 73 62 . . . . . . GEORGIA TECH . . . ... 75 56 VANDERBILT .... . . . 69 61 . . .... VANDERBILT . . . . . . . 85 91 MERCER . . . 79 68 SOUTH CAROLINA . . . . . 85 69 ALABAMA .... . . . 94 (Gator Bowl) 80 AUBURN ... 96 86 . . 56 . . . LOUISIANA STATE . . . . . 91 68 GEORGIA TECH . . . 65 MISSISSIPPI . . . 72 . . 105 (Gator Bowl) TULANE .... . ... 72 71 MISSISSIPPI STATE . . . . . 83 77 . . LOUISIANA STATE . . . . . 96 72 GEORGIA TECH . . . . . . 81 59 . . .... TENNESSEE . . . . ... 62 66 KENTUCKY .... . . 143 76 FLORIDA STATE . 79 69 FLORIDA 75 FLORIDA STATE . . . 59 . . . AUBURN .... . ... 60 ... 80 The other two positions were shared by three sopho- mores who saw plenty of action and should be more prepared for SEC competition in the future. Six-five Henry Cabaniss, who grabbed more rebounds than any other Bulldog and finished third in scoring, should be ready for the headlines next season. Pudgy Harts- field and Ray Allen showed a lot of promise of becom- ing cat-like guards for the next two seasons. With these boys in the line-up during the 195 5-56 season, the fans who followed the Bulldogs through the thick and thin saw plenty of thrilling nip-and-tuck ball games. However, time usually ran out before Lady Luck came along to help out the Dogs, or it could be said that only the first half score of the game should count. Ma ny a time Georgia went to the dressing room at intermission with a nice lead, only to return the second half and see it disappear. Once the Bulldogs caught fire the second half and burned up the nets, wrecking the University of Florida by a score of 93-73. It was the first season in several years that Georgia didn ' t win at least one game from the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Each game, the Bulldogs fought hard down to the wire, losing all three games by tight scores. To sum up the season, it could be said that despite the poor won-lost record (3-21), it was a very prom- ising building-up year and that the Dogs should improve in the future. G. MORRIS DINWIDDIE 24 BILL ENSLEY 22 HENRY CABANISS 24 LEADING SCORERS TP. Avg. G. 3 36 14.0 CURTIS GLEATON 24 305 13.9 RAY ALLEN 22 276 11.5 DON HARTSFIELD 24 TP. Avg. 235 9.8 189 8.6 148 6.2 Clockwise: Captain Horace Knight, forward; Alternate Captain Morris Dinwiddie, guard; Curtis Gleaton, for ' ward; Bill Ensley, center; Henry Cabaniss, forwaid; Pudgy Hartsfield, guard; Ray Allen, forward; Virgil Mills, guard; Ronald Bradley, guard; W. C. Jones, guard; George Bell, forward; Terry Hagan, forward; Coach Harbin " Red " Lawson. Henry Cabaniss (14) and Bill Ensley (23) fight for ball against arch rival Georgia Tech. MIXED EMOTIONS near end of tight game. HAS HE been living right or not? IS THIS BASKETBALL or wreitling? COACH GABRIELSON POINTS out one of Stolz ' i many recordi. STOLZ GETS SET for another breastroke Tictory. SPRINTER VAL ARNOLD BACKSTROKER BOB TERRY Stoiz Leads Bulldog Swimmers Georgia had an average swimming season, winning six and losing five duel meets. How- ever, the season was highlighted by the spark- ling performances of senior Captain Hal Stoiz who went through the season unbeaten in two events — the 200-yard orthodox breaststroke and the 200-yard individual medley. He holds the SEC breaststroke record with a time of 2:26.9 which he set in 1955, and in the last duel meet of 1956 Stoiz com- pleted the individual medley in a sizzling ,record time of 2:19. He also holds the SEC record in the 200-yd. butterfly breaststorke with a time of 2:21.8 set in 1954. One of the surprising performances of the season was the upset that diver Buddy McNutt pulled over Florida ' s Craig White, SEC diving champion, on the three-meter board. Bob Terry, Val Arnold, and Dutch Dumb- roff aided the Bulldog victory causes with timely first places. 1956 GEORGIA MERMEN: (first row) Buddy McNutt, Emmett Bondurant, Dutch Dumbroff, Val Arnold, Hal Stoiz, Bob Terry, Happy Hill, Emmett Vinson. (Second roti) Manager Jimmy Bankston, Jim Holmes, Frank Eberhart, Denny Galis, Harry Oldham, Bob Bramerele, Manager Bill McGee, Coach Bump Gabrielsen. Not pictured: Dick Scarlett. BOB DAVIS DEMONSTRATES the discus throw. Cindermen Show Promise Georgia ' s track season opened with the Southern Intercollegiate Indoor Track meet at Chapel Hill with only Bob Davis and Tom Simonton finishing in the money. Davis high jumped over six feet for second place, and Simonton finished fourth in the 60-yard dash. These two boys plus a few other lettermen and some promising youngsters will furnish the Bulldogs with a track team which Coach Speck Towns expects will probably have an average season. Simonton and Charlie Harris in the 100; Melvin Charles in the 440; Jack Holt in the half-mile; Sidney Johnson, Eddie Frazier and Earl Simpkins in the mile; and Tom Mendenhall and R. K. Brown in the high hurdles will run the track events. The field events will be handled by Davis in the high jump and the discuss. Bill Duckworth in the shot put and javelin, and Dan Clark and Bee Tillman in the pole vault. COACH SPECK TOWNS gives his crack 440-yd. relay team consisting of Monk Collins, Tom Simonton, Melvin Charles and Charlie Harris some practice. RECORD HOLDER Bill Duckworth shows his javelin form. CO-CAPTAIN THAD WILLS reaches for ball. CO-CAPTAIN LOUIS SMITH prepares to meet ball. Georgia Fields Team of Young Netters Two local Athens boys — Louis Smith and Horace Thom — were the only lettermen returning from the 195 5 University of Georgia tennis team in hopes of spearheading the 1956 squad to a successful season through its 21 -match schedule. However, Thom, a junior, met with an accident — breaking his ankle — and is out of action for the entire season. Smith, another junior who finished runner-up in the South- eastern Conference No. 6 singles division in 195 5, was elected along with junior Thad Wills to co-captain the Bulldogs this season. Wills is an Army veteran from Daytona Beach. Newcomers who expect to boost Georgia ' s tennis record in- clude sophomores Marvin Carpenter of Augusta, Ed Lary of Waycross, Fred Dean of Newnan, and junior LeRoy Forehand of Cordele. 19 56 TENNIS TEAM: Coach Dan Magill, Thad Wills, Louis Smith, Horace Thom, Ed Lary, LeRoy Forehand. Not pictured: Marvin Carpenter, Fred Dean. w T6f " jHL ; " 1 it - JJiJk -T " , «». A PRACTICE SESSION on Ag Hill diamond ... the home of the thrice SEC champions. CAN GEORGIA DO IT AGAIN? CATCHER HORACE KNIGHT goes after hot foul. CAPTAIN SONNY SAVE ready to slam one out. For the last three years the Bulldogs have won the Eastern Division of the SEC. This period found the pitching staff with good, if not excellent, material. However, it is a different story this year. With the star hurlers lost by graduation, Coach Jim Whatley will have to start from scratch. Unless new pitching talent is acquired, Geor- gia ' s only hope will be to outslug the opposition. If Coach Whatley is able to acquire and develop pitching abilities to combine with the great fielding and hitting talents while at the same time having the support of the fans and the confidence of the players, then another crack at the SEC crown appears in the offing. Only two seniors will be in the startng line-up — converted firstbaseman Sonny Saye and catcher Horace Knight. Saye, who will captain the 1956 squad, had a batting average of .381 last year, and Knight was a steady ball player all season, coming through in the pinch. Also returning from the 195 5 team are con- verted thirdbaseman Wendell Tarleton (.424), secondbaseman Jim Callaway (.400), and out- fielder Ronald Bradley (.348) who all look promising for the two coming years. A TRIO OF JUNIORS: Duane Grice, outfield; Wendell Tarleton, third base; Ronald Bradley, outfield. Bulldog Nine Eye Another SEC Crown 19 56 GEORGIA BASEBALL TEAM: (first row} Wendell Tarleton, Virgil Mills, Dick Young, Jim Callaway, Sonny Saye, Horace Knight, R. E. Gladin. (Second row) Don Freyer, Mickey Kowalczyk, W. C. Jones. Ronald Bradley, Joe Grant, Wiley Shepard, Bill Giles, Manager Charles Bartenfeld. (Third row) Coach Jim Whatley, Tommy Williams, Tommy Powell, Ted Smith, Bobby Wallace, Dan Cabaniss, Bill Armi- stead, Clayton Grubbs. Not pictured: Duane Grice, Ray Allen, Don Hartsfield, Henry Cabaniss. 216 CATCHER HORACE KNIGHT connecting with a hit against Auburn. JIM CALLAWAY picking up a hot one. WENDELL TARLETON legs out a single against Auburn. TARLtTON SCORES another run for Georgia against Mercer. CO-CAPTAIN JACK LUMPKIN chooses club as co-captain Jake Howard approves. COACH HOWtLL HULLi UbSERVES Earl Bowden s putting form while Hugh Royer watches. Lumpkin, Howard Spark ' 56 Bulldog Golfers Coach Howell Mollis is rather optimistic about the 1956 University of Georgia golf team; although it is decidedly weaker than that of last year only one senior, Dick Doetsch will be lost by graduation and the freshman golfers seem to be extremely promising. The persistent effort and determination of the Bull- dog team ought to produce a good showing for its many fans this year. In 1956, co-captains and juniors Jack Lump- kin and Jake Howard will be the sparks of the team, both constantly hitting in the low 70 ' s — sometimes breaking 70. These two were members of the 1954 golfing team — the best in Georgia ' s history. In 195 5, the Georgia golfers finished third in the SEC tournament. So this year, in addi- tion to Lumpkin and Howard, Earl Bowden, Frank Brumby, Hugh Royer, Billy Baird and Doetsch will be trying to maintain or better last years ' position. GEORGIA GOLFERS TEE UP: Jack Lumpkin, Jake Howard, Earl Bowden, Frank Brumby, Hugh Royer, Billy Baird, Dick Doetsch. INTRA URALS • UfWt ' li II r ' r • « --rf. V n - 7, AVSr. ■ . ffW » ' 218 AEPi ' s RANDY FEINBERG layi one up against Alpha Gamma Rho ' t. TIME OUT between track events. Men ' s Program One of South ' s Best Intramurals is an intricate part of the athletic pro- gram on the Georgia campus. It does not restrict athletic competition to just a few that excel in the field of sports but is an activity for the entire student body, members of the faculty and administrative personnel of the University to combat sluggishness and to promote alertness. During the school year 1954-5 5, the Kappa Alpha fraternity won the Governor ' s Trophy which has been the prime goal for all the fraternities in intramural competition. However, for the year 195 5-56 and future years the fraternities have been split into two divisions so as to give the small fraternities a chance to win a major trophy. The large fraternities which include Chi Phi, Delta Tau Delta, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Theta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu compete for the new Governor ' s Trophy while the new President ' s Trophy is the goal for the small fra- ternities (50 members or less the previous year) which consist of Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Gamma Rho, Chi Psi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Kappa Tau, Pi Kappa Phi, Tau Epsilon Phi and Theta Chi. INTRAMURAL DIRECTORS: (standing) Coaches Harbin Lawson, Bob Bowen. (Seating) Student directors Ray Knight, Randy Feinberg. 219 WILL IT BE A STRIKE or a spare? FALL 1955 FOOTBALL Governor ' s League Kappa Sigma President ' s League Alpha Epsilon Pi Dormitory League Joe Brou n Independent League Geechee. Professional League Omega Tau Signta HORSESHOES Governor ' s League Kappa Sigma President ' s League Alpha Gam-ma Rho VOLLEYBALL Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Tau Epsilon Phi TOUCH FOOTBALL PENTHALELON Governor ' s League Richard Brown (SAE) President ' s League Stan Steinberg (AEPi) SPRING 1955 SOFTBALL Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Omega Tau Sigma Independent ' s League Payne Hall GOLF Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon HORSESHOES Governor ' s League Kappa Sigma BOWLING Governor ' s League Kappa Alpha TENNIS Governor ' s League Kappa Alpha BADMINTON Governor ' s League Phi Delta Theta PING PONG Governor ' s League Pi Kappa Alpha TRACK Governor ' s League Kappa Alpha TAU EP ' s FREDDIE BENAMY eyes pay dirt. AEPi ' s GEORGE BERNSTEIN blocks Chi Psi ' s Bob Watson ' s shot. WINTER 1956 BASKETBALL Governor ' s League Kappa Alpha President ' s League Tau Epsilon Phi Independent League Geechee Dormitory League Payne Hall footballers Professional League Alpha Kappa Psi BOWLING Governor ' s League Sigma Alpha Epsilon President ' s League Phi Epsilon Pi BADMINTON Governor ' s League Kappa Sigma President ' s League Tau Epsilon Phi BASKETBALL PENTHALELON Governor ' s League Chester Leathers (SAE) President ' s League Manny Cohen (AEPI) Women ' s Athletic Association Sponsors Program The purpose of the Women ' s Athletic Association, which is open to all women students at the University of Georgia, is to foster better sportsmanship, leadership and cooperation among the women students through an intramural program and athletic clubs. Some of the intramural activities include volleyball, basketball, Softball, bowling, badminton, horseshoes, table tennis, archery, tennis, and golf. Some of the sports involve competition between sororities and dormitories while other sports promote individual competition. Women students can be members of such skill clubs as Dolphin, Tennis, Tumbling and Dance. Other than intramurals, probably the biggest event during the school year is the Fall Quarter " Sports Spree. " During this evening of recreation, the dormitories choose teams for partici- pation in wild and unusual events in order to introduce the new students to the WAA ' s athletic program. OFFICERS BEVERLY McDonald freiident MARION HOPKINS Vice-President MARGIE HAWKINS Secretary BETTY NUTTYCOMBE Treasurer PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS officiate at the intramural contests. OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES OF WAA (h OQ f OiOlLO f k CAN SHE get it over? IT HELPS to be tall. INTRAMURAL CHAMPS FALL 1955 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Volleyball KAPPA DELTA Horseshoes KAPPA ALPHA THETA Table Tennis WINTER 1956 RUTHERFORD-SOULE HALLS Basketball KAPPA DELTA Bowling KAPPA DELTA Badminton NICE FORM! SYNCHRONIZED swimmers make big splash. WILD ACTION takes place in WAA ' s Sports Spree held during Fall Quarter. ik M - • f ' M k Jt m L ' 1 r A f P " " 1 IvJa flV 1 ■jL W V-. 1 mi 3 L b i B 1 1 IL " 1 HP " M J - ■■■H H s» 1 , Hk» ' ' - " w " - ' ■ IH I I DANCE CLUB members go through one of their routines. A:ICHERY FINALISTS: Ann Patton, Betty Hart Bryan. SOCIAL GREEKS Soon after the War Between the States, three members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon established the Georgia Beta Chapter. The Chancellor and other faculty were admitted as honorary members. Like most organizations of the day, its purpose and activities were held in deepest secrecy. The early groups were of a literary character and were definite and conscious rivals of the old literary societies. Members of the Greek-letter societies who were also in Phi Kappa or Demosthenian sought to withdraw in favor of their new clubs. However, these two would not grant withdrawals, and their halls as a consequence grew silent and the dating rooms once the pride of the membership became a disgrace. The solidarity of the student body was becoming greatly disrupted, and the secret society men immediately sought to take every campus honor. The methods employed were somewhat shady and were referred to disdainfully as " student politics. " One infuriated student declared that there were three classes on campus: 1.) Secret society men who wore the badges of different literary societies and met in dark alleys, 2.) Boot-lickers who hugged the secret society men to get in, and 3.) Anti-secret society men who opposed the new organizations inasmuch as they believed they tended toward partisan advancement. Phi Kappa and Demosthenian, once the sole need of the small student body, could no longer stand the competition and, in 1874, caused the trustees to pass a law which forbade the existence of secret societies at the University. Despite the law, the fraternities continued to operate " sub roso. " When the office of Chancellor was offered several years later to Dr. Patric Mell, he refused to accept until the ordinance banning fraternities was abolished. He fostered these societies feeling they were valuable for maintaining the discipline of the college. Politics got hotter and more involved than ever before. Finally, each man was required to pledge himself to take no port in controlling college elections, and college life resumed its normal course. The fraternities continued to grow and increase their activities. In 1886 the first yearbook was published. There seemed to be such competi- tion for staff positions that a limit of two members from each fraternity was established, making a total of sixteen editors and business managers. They continued to publish the Pandora until the turn of the Century when it became a yearbook for the entire student body. Phi Mu was readily accepted by the campus in 1921. The sorority in its early years used the Landscape Architecture Building, and as other sororities established the faculty allowed them to use rooms in Peobody Ball for their meetings. Soon, however, the groups established permanently in old Athens ' homes. Many fraternities have come to the campus since the first SAE ' s received their charter. Here are the chapters, their members and activities; here the Greeks of Georgia, 1956. INTERFRATERMTY COUNCIL The officers of I.F.C.: H. Stine, J. Wilkins, G. Pleger, and T. Tillman. The Interfraternity Council, founded on the University of Georgia campus in 1915, is the governing body of the fraternities. It is composed of two representatives from each of the nineteen social fraternities on campus. I.F.C. provides a strong central agency for mutual cooperation among its members. Not only does the Interfraternity Council act as a governing body but also as a sponsor for many events that are of campus-wide interest. The highlight of the fall social season is the Homecoming Weekend, at which time a " name " band furnishes music for a formal dance, a con- cert, and an informal dance. I.F.C. acts as co-sponsor for the annual G-Day Dance and brings another famous band to the campus. The annual " Greek Week, " another of its projects, brings about a stronger sense of unity among the Greeks. This week is also devoted to bringing about a better understanding between the fraternities and the community. Two further projects undertaken by the Council each year are the sponsoring of a foreign student and the awarding of a scholarship to a worthy sophomore. Last year the University of Georgia Interfraternity Council was rated among the top ten in the nation. Dignitaries at Greek Week reception. Informal discussions are held during Greek Week. FIRST ROW: H. Stiiie, T. TUIm.ui, J. Wilkins, H. Oldham, J. Cox. SECOND ROW: D. Mollis, G. Schcer, B. Smith, G. Pleger, F. Seiler. THIRD ROW: W. Maddox, B. Coleson, A. Heyward, L. Jones, L. McDaniel. FOURTH ROW: E. Waller, T. Whelchel, R. Burke, H. Weller, J. Saussy, B. Tillman. FIFTH ROW: K. Clemens, J. Stine, T. Cornett, D. Joel, B. Rooker, B. Morris, R. Dean. OFFICERS President JOHN WILKINS Vice-President TOMMY TILLMAN Secretary GARY PLEGER Treasurer HERB STINE ALPHA EPSILON PI Randy Feinberg Stan Levine ALPHA GAMMA RHO Jon Higginbotham Gene Mcintosh ALPHA TAU OMEGA Dick Sanner Motie Wiggins CHI PHI Julian Cox Harry Oldham CHI PSI Ken Clemens Happy Hill DELTA TAU DELTA Will Maddox Hal Weller MEMBERS KAPPA ALPHA Andy Heyward Jack Saussy KAPPA SIGMA Rand Hodges John Mobley LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Tom Cornett David Mollis PHI DELTA THETA Norman Fletcher Tom Whelchel PHI EPSILON PI Don Joel George Scheer PHI KAPPA TAU Lyn ' wood Jones Larry McDaniel PI KAPPA ALPHA Rusty Burke Ed Martin PI KAPPA PHI Bill Caison Bob Smith SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Bill Morris Bill Rooker SIGMA CHI Frank Seiler Earl Waller SIGMA NU Charles Leachman Bill Reinhardt TAU EPSILON PHI Lenny Jacobs Jules Stine THETA CHI Roscoe Dean Stan Tillman 227 That ' s our sweetheart — on the left. Omicron Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi was estabUshed on the Georgia campus in 1926, thirteen years after the national founding at New York University. The fraternity now includes sixty-three active chapters throughout the United States. AEPi has received national recognition for the annual March of Dimes Pie Throwing Contest. Every sorority and fraternity on the Georgia campus was represented at the Omicron Chapter ' s contest this year. The participation of these groups encouraged by the fra- ternity and the interest of the AEPi ' s made the contest a big success; the 195 5 March of Dimes Award was presented to the chapter for the active support of the drive. Harriette Schreiber was chosen the sweetheart of the fraternity at the Annual Sweetheart Dance; another touch of feminine charm was added by Ralda Lefkoff as the beauty sponsor. Other annual events held were the Homecoming Banquet and the Regional Conclave. The AEPi ' s showed athletic spirit and skill by capturing the 195 5 Intramural Basketball championship. Mrs. Hattie Kalish again served as housemother for the organization. Come on boys, the odds are ten to one. Berman, Barry Berman, Joe Bernstein, George Bisgay, Sam Brody, Leigh Charvin, Harvey Cohen, Dewald Cohen, Isadore Cohen, Larry Cohen, Manuel Cohen, Marvin Estroff, Donald Estroff, Glenn Feinberg, Randy Feldman, Murray Fine, Paul MEMBERS Franco, Ned Goldman, Alan Goldman, Ronald Goldstein, Jerome Goodrich, Samuel Greene, Marty Jacobson, Milton Karesh, Sanford Kusnitz, Leland Levine, Stanley Miller, Stanley Millner, Harold Perlis, Marvin Peskin, Sidney Polk, Ira OFFICERS Maste r MILTON JACOBSON U. Master GLENN ESTROFF Scribe CHARLES SHAFFER Exchequer STANLEY MILLER Pressman, Harris Rosenberg, Barry Rubin, Jerry Schatten, Murry Schreiber, Victor Shaffer, Charles Shalloway, Ed Siegel, Alvin Siegel, Jerry Steinberg, Stanley Taffel, Jack Thaler, Bernie Wilensky, Larry Zarch, Alan Zimmerman, Jerry Zion, Marvin Lunch hour at the pretzel factory. 228 OUICRON CHAPTER OF... ALPHA EPSILON FIRST ROW: J. Berman, L. Wilensky, C. Shaffer, L. Cohen, M. Jacobson, S. Miller, D. Estroff, S. Karesh, G. Estroff. SECOND ROW: R. Goldman, M. Greene, J. Rubin, S. Goodrich, L. Kusnitz, J. Goldstein, I. Polk. THIRD ROW: M. Feldman, I. Cohen, A. Zarch, D. Cohen, H. Millner, G. Bernstein, J. Taffel. FOURTH ROW: M. Cohen, H. Charvin, R. Feinberg, B. Berman, N. Franco, H. Pressman. FIFTH ROW: M. Cohen, A. Siegel, S. Levine, S. Peskin, S. Steinberg, L. Brody. ALPHA ETA CHAPTER OF.. Adrenocortico trophic hormone is found . . Knitting up the ravelled sleeve of care. OFFICERS President JON HIGGINBOTHAM Vice-President JOE FREE Secretary JEROME MANER Treasurer GENE McINTOSH In 1927 a group of men interested in agriculture organized Alpha Eta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho on the University of Georgia campus. The fraternity was organized nationally in 1904 and now con- sists of thirty-three chapters. Every winter the AGR ' s " go country " and don old faded jeans and well worn straw hats to swing and shuffle ' round and ' round at the Farmers ' Brawl. Another one of the group ' s important events during the year is the Founders ' Day Banquet during Spring Quarter. In addition to these social highlights, the Georgia Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho enjoys many parties during the year and is an active participant in the intramural sports program here on the campus. Kappa Alpha Theta, Patricia Venable, graciously served the AGR ' s as sponsor for 19 5 6, and Mrs. May Noland continued her duties as housemother. The group has the second highest scholastic average for social fraternities on campus. Alday, Dan Barfield, Verne Berson, Morton Bishop, Dick Burgess, Marvin Casey, H. A. Chastain, Gene Culpepper, Gene Doobinin, Boris Evans, Jimmy Free, Joe MEMBERS Freeman, Norman Gay, Hugh Goolsby, Bennie Harber, Chandler Ha ' wkins, Rick Higginbotham, Jon Hooks, Donald Hughes, Gene Jordan, Capers Maner, Jimmy Mcintosh, Gene McKeller, Bill Riedinger, Bob Roberts, Phillip Seymour, Morris Shuman, Shelly Stritt, Al Wall, Rowe West, George Williams, Edgebert Woodson, John Wykle, Jimmy " But honey, its 11:10 " 230 ALPHA GAMMA RHO FIRST ROW: C. Harber, P. Roberts, E. Williams, G. Hughes, G. Cul- pepper. SECOND ROW: G. Chastain, J. Evans, Mrs. May Noland, B. McKeller, J. Woodson. THIRD ROW: H. Casey, B. Doobinin, D. Bishop, G. Mcintosh, J. Higginbotham, J. Wykle, R. Wall, B. Riedinger, M. Seymour, B. Goolsby, N. Freeman. FOURTH ROW: A. Stritt, J. Free, J. Maner, R. Hawkins, H. Gray. Meanwhile, back at the ranch Alpha Beta Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was established on the University of Georgia Campus in 1878; it is one of the 116 chapters that has been installed since the national founding of the fraternity on September 11, 1865. Among the social highlights of the school year for the Alpha Tau Omega ' s is the White Tea Rose Formal Dance, held in the spring of the year. It is at this social event that the Alpha Tau Omega ' s announced the sweetheart, Miss Janet Gray, a member of Phi Mu Sorority. She was the University of Georgia ' s Miss Homecoming of 195 5, and the fraternities entree for the 195 6 Pandora Beauty Review. One of the group ' s most important plans for the future is the construction of a new chapter house, which is to be located on River Road. The structure is to be of contemporary design with sufficient housing space for over forty members of the fraternity. Aiding in the construction, which will begin in September of 1956, are the fraternity ' s national and state officials. The group has been active in intramural sports and has continued the ATO ' s tradition of serenading the sororities on campus. Five royal lushes. OFFICERS President RICHARD SANNER Vice-President JACK CHILTON Secretary BOBBY WOODSON Treasurer WILEY BOYLES Ballard, Billy Baxter, Frank Belflower, John Black, Donald Bond, Thomas Boyles, Wiley Brown, John Camp, Bobby Carswell, Fred Carswell, Ste-wart Chambers, William Chapman, Morgan Chilton, Jack MEMBERS Cowart, Jack Driver, Tommy Floyd, Larry Harrison, Mike Harte, Jack Jackson, Leonard Knight, Dwight Law s, Eddie Leavy, Howard Leonard, Earl Maddox, Cone Markham, Monte Miller, Fred Peacock, Wilburn Perkins, Pat Sams, Eddie Sanner, Richard Simpson, Jimmy Smith, Skeeter Stark, Homer Stewart, Sonny Tolleson, Robert Tuck, Reuben Walton, Wilton Whitfield, Virgil Wiggins, Motie Woodson, Bobby Hang on, boy! 232 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER OF... FIRST ROW: W. Boyles, C. Maddox, B. Ballard, B. Woodson, J. Tagge, V. Whitfield, T. Driver, L. Floyd. SECOND ROW: D. Sanner, D. Knight, M. Wiggins, B. Chambers, J. Cowart, W. Walton. THIRD ROW: P. Perkins, J. Harte, J. Chilton, S. Stewart. FOURTH ROW: F. Baxter, B. Tolleson, E. Leonard, D. Black. FIFTH ROW: J. Belflower, B. Bond, E. Laws, H. Leavy, M. Harrison, B. Camp, J. Simpson, L. Jackson, J. Brown, F. Carswell, S. Carswell, R. Tuck. ETA CHAPTER OF... Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink! Creatures from the Black Lagoon. OFFICERS Alpha JAMES CUTCLIFF Beta JIM MAXWELL Gamma JACK MOLLIS Delta BERT CRANE There are many social events in the Chi Phi year. The Annual Alumni Banquet and Dance which is held in Atlanta is a tradition of the fraternity. Other highlights are the Christmas Party and several house dances during the nine months in Athens. Babs Smith, Kappa Kappa Gamma, was the chapter sponsor, and Mrs. L. P. Baggs served as housemother. The national Chi Phi fraternity was founded in 1824. Now there are thirty-one chapters, inc luding the Eta chapter which was established on this campus in 1867. The Chi Phis are an active group in any athletic event. The boys participate in such sports as football, baseball, basketball, golf and swimming. Adler, Melvin Beall, Scott Boggs, Larry Bogie, Jon Bolen, Stan Bowen, George Brew er, Kent Brigham, Breck Burdette, P. B. Carter, Guy Collins, Nick Collins, Tom Cottongim, Leonard Couper, Jim Cox, Julian Crane, Bert Cross, Raymond Cutcliff, Jim Davis, Purnell DeLong, Jack Dismukes, Farman Evins, Sam Ezzard, John Farmer, Leon Gammage, Dock Gorman, Jim Graham, John Greene, Bob Hackett, Ricky Harber, John Harden, Harry Hodges, Buddy Mollis, Jack Hopper, Don Hull, Streety Inglis, Hugh Jervey, R. Johnston, Charles Joyce, Maurice Kammerer, Charles Kern, Jack Keyser, Chet Kitchens, Alton Lamar, Bob Lanier, Don Lawson, Frank Lester, Jerry Lyie, Red Matthews, Allen Maxw ell, James McGiil, Sam Middlebrooks, Phillip Miller, Ford Miller, Tommy Moore, Frank Moore, Palmore Morris, George Mosier, Bob Mulherin, Butch Northcutt, Bill Oglesby, Tom Oldham, Harry Pervis, James Pethel, Pete Pilgrim, Harold Pirkle, Belden Pow ell, Tommy Ray, Stanley Reeves, Jim Riddick, Dan Seal, Morton Seal, Wade Siddons, Dane Smith, Beaver Smith, Don Smith, Gilly Smith, Tom Stanford, James Starnes, Willie Staton, Gene Thomas, Mark Thompson, Melvin Wall, Henry Ward, Mouse Washburn, Jerry White, Harry White, Walter Wilkins, John Williams, Clyde Williams, Neal Wilson, Jim Great White Hunters. 234 FIRST ROW: H. Inglis, J. Kern, H. Wall, D. Smith, D. Jervey, J. Hollis, P. Pethel, R. Lyle, F. Moore, M. Ward, H. Harden, J. Bogie, A. Kitchens, J. Cutcliff. SECOND ROW: J. Wilson, J. Reeves, G. Smith, B. Hodges, M. Adier, Mrs. Baggs, B. Smith, J. Couper, A. Matthews, B. Brigham, B. Lamar. THIRD ROW: D. Riddick, P. Davis, J. Ezzard, D. Siddons, T. Oglesby, J. Lester, L. Farmer, M. Joyce, K. Brewer, N. Collins, J. Cox, L. Boggs, G. Staton, D. Gammage, W. Starnes, S. Hull, P. Middlebrooks, L. Cottengim. FOURTH ROW: N. Williams, G. Bowen, B. Pirkle, C. Keyser, J. Gorman, S. McGill, R. Cross, J. Wash- burn, P. Burdette, T. Collins, F. Dismukes, B. Crane, H. Oldham, M. Seal, J. DeLong, F. Miller, J. Pervis, J. Barber, S. Bolen. FIFTH ROW: S. Evins, T. Smith, W. Seal, J. Maxwell, P. Moore. Do you think we took the wrong road? " Bulldog Holiday " was the theme of the Chi Psi Homecoming decorations, capturing first place in the contest this year. Bull- dogs and pink elephants rode a merry-go-round and ferris wheel in the front yar d. The fraternity was founded nationally at Union College in Hamilton, New York, in 1841; Alpha Alpha Delta of Chi Psi was established on the Georgia campus in 1890. Mrs. Edgar Chambers served as housemother for the chapter this year; Beverly Brown of Kappa Delta, as sponsor; Barbara Smith, Alpha Chi Omega, as the fraternity sweetheart. Each fall the Georgia chapter plays the Chi Psi ' s from Tech in a touch football game; the groups take turns playing host and entertaining the visitors with a party after the game. Other social events include the Christmas Party, the softball game with the Phi Mus, and the Beachcomer ' s Ball. The latter party is held in the spring in the back yard on sand brought in especially for the occasion. ' ' You mean you didn ' t get the groceries? ' ' OFFICERS President HAPPY HILL Vice-President BILL DUNN Secretary ART LANGFORD Treasurer BOB WATSON Bach, Pete Battey, Colden Bedenbaugh, Ho ' ward Brehm, Ken Burross, Bob Gates, Russell Chambers, Sam Clemens, Ken Gofer, Ronald Dunn, Bill Flythe, Back MEMBERS Garland, Rube Harris, Johnny Hayes, Tom Hibbert, Bill Hill, Happy Hodgson, Burke Home, Bill Jordan, Ralph Kelley, George Langford, Art Noll, Wesley Nuchols, John Reid, Tom Rutledge, Ronald Smallwood, Ken Solomon, Jerry Succi, Jerry Swindel, Jim Ward, John Watson, Bob Wells, Hinton Whitlinger, George Williams, Neil ' I want what ' s coming to me. ' 236 ALPHA ALPHA DELTA OF... FIRST ROW: A. Langford, H. Hill, B. Smith, Mrs. Edgar Chambers, B. Hodgson, R. Gates. SECOND ROW: B. Flythe, G. Kelley, N. Wil- liams, T. Reid, J. Solomon. THIRD ROW: H. Bedenbough, B. Hibbcrt, R. Jordan, P. Bach, K. Brehm, B. Dunn, B. Home. FOURTH ROW: R. Garland, G. Whitlinger, J. Succi, W. Noll, B. Burross, T. Hayes, B. Watson, C. Battey, J. Nuchols, K. Clemens. ' jCSS BETA DELTA CHAPTER OF... Seven Bribes for Seven Brothers. One man ' s family. OFFICERS President HAROLD STINSON Vice-President WILLIAM RAGSDALE Corresponding Secretary BRYSON TANNER Recording Secretary DUANE RINER Treasurer LEWIS BRINSON The Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, which was founded nationally in 1859, was established on the University campus in 1882. The present number of chapters is 8 5. Last Spring Quarter Delta Tau Delta received one of the most coveted campus awards for being first place scholastically among the fraternities during the school year 1954-5 5. Thanks to the help of the chapter ' s alumni, and with the cooperation of DTD ' s national headquarters, plans were made to move into the new white house on South Milledge Ave. One of the outstanding social events of the Delt ' s school year was the annual Dogpatch Drag, which took place in the Fall Quarter. A rip-roaring time was had by all, and unusual prizes were given for the funniest costumes depicting Dogpatch characters. Other traditional events of the chapter included the Founder ' s Day Formal; the Speak-easy Party; and the Christmas Party for under- privileged children, at which Mrs. Overstreet, housemother, was hostess. Akins, Max Allgood, Dempsey Bradford, Allan Brinson, Levels Britt, John Buchanan, John Chandley, Frank Cummins, Dennis Dean, Colquitt Dodd, John Drc ' w, Ernest Dubberly, Barry Flournoy, Robert Godfrey, Charles Hendricks, James Hodges, Jack Huff, Gordon MEMBERS Ingles, Edward Inglett, Wilfred Jackson Clyde Jackson, Denny Johnston, Gary Kippenbrock, David Langfitt, Benton Lawhon, Julian Maddox, William Mayer, Samuel McCoy, Douglas McPherson, Guy Michael, James Mitchell, Eugene Mitchell, Joseph Owens, Eugene Poteet, Russell Ragsdale, William Riner, Duane Robert, Henry Rogers, Harris Sheriff, Jack Stegall, John Stinson, Harold Swindell, Henry Tanner, Bryson Taylor, Harry Vaughan, David Vaughan, William Walker, Gilbert Wenisch, John Weller, Hal Williams, Thomas Half a dog is better than no dog at all. 238 DELTA TAU DELTA FIRST ROW: G. Huff, H. Taylor, B. Tanner, L. Brinson, G. McPherson, W. Ragsdalc, T. Williams, J. Hodges, J. Hendricks. SECOND ROW: G. Dean, J. Dodd, A. Bradford, F. Mayer, J. Buchanan, D. McCoy, R. Poteet, B. Walker, D. Jackson, B. Flournoy. THIRD ROW: B. Baker, E. Drew, F. Chandley, W. Maddox, D. Cummins, D. AUgood. FOURTH ROW: J. Lawhon, B. Vauglian, D. Kippenbrock, D. Riner, H. Swindell, B. Dubberly, J. Michael, B. Langfitt, J. Britt. FIFTH ROW: J. Mitchell, G. Owens, L. Rogers, J. Sheriff, H. Wcllcr, C. Godfrey, M. Akins. SIXTH ROW: C. Jackson, J. Wenisch, D. Vaughan, J. Stegall, G. Johnston, G. Mitchell, B. Inglett, H. Stinson. Come on in . . . the water ' s fii Snowed by Kilamanjaro Kappa Alpha was this year the proud possessor of the coveted Governor ' s Trophy, awarded annually to the outstanding fraternity of the year. Kappa Alpha was founded nationally at Washington and Lee in 1865, and Gamma Chapter came to this campus three years later. The chapter is the oldest KA chapter in continuous existence and was the third fraternity established on this campus. Every Spring the old cry " The South will rise again, " is heard once more, goatees and sideburns appear, and moths are shaken from the Confederate uniforms as the KA ' s prepare for the annual Old South Ball. Other annual events are the announcement of the Kappa Alpha Rose, who this year was Dot Owens; the Cowbow Ball; and the joint party with the Phi Delta Theta ' s. Barber, Allen Bentley, Thomas Benton, Bruce Blalock, Gaffney Bomgardner, Don Bondurant, Emmet Bradley, Waldo Bradsha ' w, Charlie Brasse, Bill Brinson, M. E. Calhoun, Wendell Callihan, Mike Cann, Alex Chambers, Rufus Cook, Travis Crittenden, Wiley Daniels, Dickie Dobbins, Hugh Drake, Henry Evans, Dick Fair, Billy Farmer, Millard Flanders, Joe Fo ' wler, John FoTvler, Willie Franks, Paul Gay, Ray George, Sam Gilmer, Fred Grey, Tom Haisten, Harry Harris, Charlie Harrison, Dunbar Harrold, Mike Heyward, Andy Hicks, Charlie Holman, Penn Hopson, Tommy Hutchinson, Jimmy Jenkins, Winkie Jones, Dennis Knox, Boone Lamb, David Law, George LeGette, Tom Little, Lewis Little, Bob Matthe ' ws, Henry McElmurray, S ain McGce, Bill Montgomery, Arthur Moorman, Jimmy Naville, Lester Oaks, David O ' Neal, Giles Orr, Jimmy Parrott, Charlie Patterson, P. B. Perry, Clark Pound, Merritt Prather, Jack Price, Jerry Ramsey, Bob Ricks, Finny Roache, Ed Sanford, Charlie Saussy, Jack Scott, David Simmons, Elliott Simmons, Mark Smith, Terry Sprayberry, Duck Steiner, Alston Stolz, Hal Stolz, Yutch Towe, Buddy Under-wood, Eddie Wesley, Terrel Williams, Tommy Wilson, J. C. ANDY HEYWARD DON BOMGARDNER BILLY FAIR ' Remember in December, I told you so in May . 240 KAPPA GAMMA CHAPTER OF... FIRST ROW: H. Dobbins, G. O ' Neal, P. Patterson, S. McElmurray, D. Sprayberry, E. Roache, J. Wilson, P. Holman, T. Bentley. SECOND ROW: W. Bradley, T. Wesley, C. Sanford, D. Lamb, A. Cann, D. Harrison, H. Stolz, D. Bomgardner, A. Heyward, P. Franks, Y. Stolz, L. Little, B. Ramsey, M. Farmer, M. Harrold, S. George. THIRD ROW: T. Cook, A. Steiner, E. Bondurant, F. Ricks, T. Grey, T. LeGette, C. Perry, J. Prather, R. Evans, D. Scott, H. Drake, D. Jones, T. Farmer, T. Smith, C. Hicks, J. Flanders, W. Calhoun. FOURTH ROW: B. Knox, M. Simmons, C. Harris, J. Saussy, L. Neville, J. Hutchinson, A. Mont- gomery, B. McGee, R. Gay, D. Oaks, A. Barber, R. Little, B. Benton, H. Haisten, B. Brasse, M. Evans, R. Chambers, B. Fair, E. Brinson, D. Daniels, H. Matthews, M. Callihan. 241 BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER OF... I can ' t express it. Fi jgKH, ' 3SMHfeCitt r - Kappa Sigma, which established Beta Lambda Chapter on the Georgia campus in 1901, ranks third in the nation in the number of active chapters. Founded in 1869 at the University of Virginia, the frater- nity has 126 active chapters in the United States, Canada, and Hawaii. Festivities at the Kappa Sig house opened in the fall with the Star and Crescent Ball. Winter Quarter was highlighted by the Brother- Sister Formal with the Chi Omegas. At the annual Trophy Dance in the spring, the much coveted Kappa Sig Trophy for the Sorority of the Year was presented. Points are given to the winners of different events, and at the end of the year the sorority with the most points is presented with the cup. Mrs. T. C. White served as housemother again this year; Ann Patton of Chi Omega was the sweetheart; and Nancy Butts of Phi Mu was sponsor. Aldridge, Lewis Anderson, William Baldwin, Fletcher Barnes, James Barton, Chandler Bell, Henry Blackledge, William Blalock, Charles Boden, John Boekel, Edward Bohn, Robert Breen, Cornelius Brock, James Butler, William Cody, James Cox, Charles Cronin, Robert Dees, Richard Durrence, Charles Forst, Robert Gardner, Charles Gates, Carlton Glover, James Grayson, Jerry MEMBERS Hardee, Frank Hayes, John Herndon, Thomas Hodges, Warren Holyoak, Kenneth Home, Emmett Hudson, Lewis Ingram, Robert Jarrell, Robert Johnson, Jerome Jones, Gene Jones, Herbert KastI, Herb Knight, Joel Lamar, Donnie Lanier, Warren Ma this, Cleomothene Maxxv ell, Thomas McGarity, Thomas McWilliams, Clayton Meekins, Richard Mewborn, James Mobley, John Murdock, Paul Pearce, Teddy Perez, Augustus Peters, James Pound, Clarence Quattlebaum, Ow en Rainey, Cull en Reiland, Robert Riley, William Roe, Eugene Roe, William Rowell, William Smykla, Peter Spears, Eddie Stokes, Cay Tapley, Denton Thompson, George Turner, Hiram Wall, John Weems, Grady White, Robert White, William Whitworth, Hubert Wilkes, Jimmy Willis, Franklin . . . But he was smoking Chesterfields, ' cause he was satisfied. OFFICERS Grand Master JOHN MOBLEY Groni Procurator TOM RAINEY Grand Secretary HUBERT WHITWORTH Grand Treasurer H. B. TURNER Come with mc to the pyramids 242 KAPPA SIGMA FIRST ROW: G. Weems, D. Taplev, F. Baldwin, B. Pound, B. Black- ledge, W. Roe, C. Gates, C. McWilliams. SECOND ROW: J. Boden, E. Boekel, C. Mathis, B. Ro ' svell, D. Lamar, J. Mewborn, J, Glover, W. Butler, B. Cronin, W. White, R. Hodges, C. Barton. THIRD ROW: H. Turner, R. Cody, Mrs. T. C. White, T. Rainey, A. Patton, J. Mobley, N. Butts, S. Whitworth, R. Hayncs, J. Knight. FOURTH ROW: J. Murdock, J. Peters, G. Jones, D. Durrence, F. Hardee, G. Thompson, F. Willis, T. Herndon, C. Stokes, H. Bell, R. Bohn, P. Smykla, R. Reiland, R. Meekins, J. Barnes, L. Hudson, C. Breen. FIFTH ROW: W. Anderson, K. Holyoak, R. Ingram, E. Spears, J. Grayson, R. Forst, W. Lanier, T. Maxwell, J. Johnson, J. Wilkes, E. Roe, R. Wall, R. White, O. Quattlebaum, T. McGarity. 243 IF J ' n- Zeke Burton and Kis State U. Plowboys. Six years after the founding of Lambda Chi Alpha in 1909 at Boston University, Nu Zeta Chapter was established on the Georgia campus. Since its founding, Lambda Chi has grown to 148 chapters and three colonies. This past spring Nu Zeta Chapter was granted the honor of being host to the Dixie Peninsular Conclave, the annual convention of the twenty-five southern chapters of the fraternity. At the Sweetheart Ball last spring Carolann Connor was named chapter Sweetheart. Carolann, sponsored by the Lambda Chi ' s, was also named " Miss Pandora of 1956. " For three consecutive years the Lambda Chi sponsor has been chosen Pandora beauty queen. Mrs. G. H. Westbrook served as housemother and presided graciously over the many social activities of the chapter. Among the various parties are the Harvest Moon Ball, Hernando ' s Hideaway Party, Founders ' Day Banquet, Sweetheart Ball, and the Alumni Bar-B-Q. What will they be riding next? OFFICERS President THOMAS CORNETT Vice-President FLEMING WEAVER Secretary JAMES BURTON Treasurer JAMES WISE Allen, Jerry Boggs, Paschal Bo ' nrden, Bill Boyett, Robert Brandbrel, Bob Bray, Rod Britt, Kenneth BroTvn, Marion Brow n, Thomas Burton, James Cannup, Jerry Cavender, Jackie Chance, Carlton Cheek, James Condron, Edw ard Cornett, Thomas Courson, Maxw ell Eberhart, William Emmons, Richard Fricks, Royce Furtado, Charles Glenn, Thomas Gruchacz, Richard Hale, Samuel Harris, Fredric Harris, Joe Henderson, Bill Hendrix, Hiram Herron, Hugh Hollis, David Howard, Richard Langston, James LeMaster, Bill Marshall, Arthur McDonough, Freeman McLendon, Gerald Meier, Clarence Mobley, Nixon Moore, Gene Moye, Thomas Neal, William Nicholson, Jerrol Nicholson, Rae Nixon, Billy Paris, William Purcell, Jerry Raulston, Marvin Ray, Edgar Robucker, Charles Shedd, K. E. Short, Ted Smith, Louie Smith, Ted Smith, Cody Snyder, Charles Stanley, John Stephens, Otis Strain, Ray Sullivan, Henry Terry, Guyton Wade, Charles Weaver, Fleming Wise, James Can ' t you see I ' m busy? 244 SI ZETA CHAPTER OF... LAMBDA mi FIRST ROW: R. Nicholson, P. Ncal, J. Cavender, M. Courson, P. Boggs, B. LeMaster, G. Moore, M. Raulston, T. Brown, J. Wise. SECOND ROW: D. Emmons, L. Smith, F. Harris, O. Terry, J. Purcell, G. White, C. Conner, R. Fricks, J. Cannap, W. Eberhart, T. Smith. THIRD ROW: B. Paris, R. Howard, E. Ray, J. Langston, K. Britt, B. Brambrel, G. McLendon, C. Futardo, D. Hollis, O. Stephens. FOURTH ROW: C. Snyder, F. McDonough, C. Robuckcr, T. Southerland, B. Bowden, T. Boyett, J. Allen, R. Gruchacz, B. Nixon, H. Hendrix. ALPHA CHAPTER OF... Nothing escapes my notice. Just because you ' re ten feet tall! OFFICERS President NORMAN FLETCHER Vice-President JACK LETTS Secretary BRYAN STEVENS Treasurer DICK PARKER Late in the fall the Phi Delts staged a huge " Farewell to House Party " in commemoration of the last quarter in the old house on Prince Avenue. SC inter quarter found them established in the lovely new house at the corner of South Lumpkin and Baxter Streets. Social events held in the new home were the Annual Bowery Ball, The Hobo Party, and the Annual Coca-Col a and Shrimp Party. Janet Russell, a Kappa Kappa Gamma, is the 195 5-56 fraternity sponsor. The Phi Delts have acquired a number of athletic trophies. The swimming trophy was won in 5 3, ' 54, and 5 5. They have also taken first places in horseshoes, bowling, badminton, and track. Phi Delta Theta fraternity was founded nationally in 1848. Chapter, established in 1871, is one of 120 chapters. Alpha Baker, Ben Baker, Bob Baker, Lem Barrett, Joe Belcher, Russell Berg, Norman Berry, Arthur Beutell, Tom Brandenburger, Paul Brown, Jimmy Cabero, Nicky Calicott, Oucan Christie, Tom Collins, Bill Conklin, Chuck Conrad, Ted Craw ford, Hal Davis, Walton Dennard, Tom Duckworth, Bill Dye, Paul Edw ards, Edw in Ellenburg, John Everett, Willis Fletcher, Norman Forehand, Leroy Franck, Duffy Fuller, Bill Gordy, Herbert Griffin, Bill Haggerman, K. Haggerman, Sam Hall, Jim Hamilton, Sonny Harty, Bill Haw ley, Larry Healey, Oliver Herring, Benard Hester, Richard Hudson, Scott Hughes, Billy Ivey, Red Jones, R. O. Kemp, Bill Kempton, Tom Kimbald, Tom Kunzer, Ray Leamon, Charles Letts, Jack Lyon, Bob McCune, John McCurdy, Walter Misner, Gene Nixon, Harold Nolan, Tom Owens, Bing Parker, Dick Pate, Bud Polk, Bobby Reeves, Elbert Richey, Davis Searcy, Scott Smith, Ben Stevens, Bryan Taylor, Harmon Thompson, Alfred Thurmand, Gerald Tounsley, Douglas Walker, Charles Wasden, Wiley Watts, Ramond West, Linton Westbrook, Bill Whelchel, Tom Wilcox, Jim Williams, Gordon Williamson, John Worley, Sam ' This is the one thing they ' ll never take away from me. " 246 PHI DELTA THETA FIRST ROW: B. Baker, W. Davis, D. Parker, P. Dye, N. Hetther, J. Barrett, J. McCune, L. West, T. Whelchel. SECOND ROW: T. Kemp- t on, T. Christie, E. Reeves, R. Watts, R. Kunzer, A. Thompson, W. McCurdy, C. Conklin. THIRD ROW: W. Wasden, E. Edwards, B. Fuller, B. Polk, D. Franck, S. Hamilton, D. Tounsley, J. Ellenburg, H. Ivey. FOURTH ROW: J. Williamson, H. Nixon, S. Haggerman, K. Haggerman, T. Conrad, B. Brandenburger, B. Kemp, J. Brown. FIFTH ROW: L. Hawley, B. Collins, G. Misner, D. Richey, G. Williams, J. Wilcox, C. Leamon, L. Forehand. SIXTH ROW: S. Worley, N. Berg, A. Berry, T. Nolan, B, Pate, B. Harty. SEVENTH ROW: J. Hall, B. Smith, O. Healey, H. Gordy, B. Hughes, D. Hester, B. Owens. EIGHTH ROW: R. Belcher, H. Crawford, D. Calicott, W. Everett, T. Dennard, B. Lyons, B. Herring, H. Taylor, B. Baker. 247 " Get rich, sle ' till Where there ' s nnoke, there ' s fire! OFFICERS Smferiar GEORGE SCHEER Vice-Superior RICHARD LIPSHUTZ Recording Secretmry WILLIAM SPIER CorretpouJiug Secretary HARMON BARNARD Treasurer JERRY KAPLAN Phi Eftsilon Pi Fraternity was founded nationally in 1904. Mu Chapter was estabhshed in 1915 on the University of Georgia campus. The Phi Ep ' s sponsor one of the unique entertainments on campus, the annual Battle of the Bands. One band plays on the front porch and another performs in competition in the Phi Ep Uving room; by changing rooms, the dancers can have either fast or slow music. The house was filled to overflowing as members of all sororities and fra- ternities on campus crowded in to enjoy the entertainment. Instead of the usual " Hell Week " for the fraternity initiates Phi Ep has a " Help Week " ; during this period the initiates help the Athens Park Commission with their various activities. Another of the outstanding social functions of the fraternity is the annual Dream Girl Formal. Last spring at the Formal, Paula Bernstein was selected Sweetheart of Phi Epsilon Pi. Early in the winter an Alumni Banquet is given, and later in the quarter the G-Day Beauty Contestants are entertained at a tea. Mu Chapter was represented at the aiuiual Phi Epsilon Pi National Convention; the fraternity met at Old Point Comfort, Virginia. Appleman, Elliot Aronowitz, Marvin Barnard, Harmon Behr, Jake Bian, John Carle, David Cohn, Louis Duval, Bob MEMBERS Farkus, Leonard Foster, Neil Grieder, Marvin Joel, Donald Kaden, Bob Kaplan, Jerry Kaye, Louis Lipshutz, Richard Rosenberg, Charles Roesen vasser, Michael Saner, Andy Scheer, George Spier, William Thaler, Bemie Vandroff, Lenny Wachs, Art Woliver, Larry We ' ve got his number 248 Ml] CHAPTER OF... EPSILON FIRST ROW: L. Vandroff, N. Foster, G. Scheer, P. Bernstein, J. Behr, M. Rosenwasser. SECOND ROW: M. Grieder, J. Blau, Mrs. Hannah Hoffman, D. Carle, A. Sauer. THIRD ROW: E. Appleman, B. Kaden, H. Barnard, D. Joel, M. Aronowitz. FOURTH ROW: L. Cohn, W. Spier, C. Rosenberg, A. Wachs, J. Kaplan, R. Lipschutz. ALPHA Ml CHAPTER OF... And she finally got it wet. " Big Mosquito Hunt OFFICERS President ED MARTIN Vice-President JIM TAPP Secretary BILL BULLARD Treasurer BUFORD JOINER The Pikes won first place in a number of athletic events in last spring ' s intramurals; the chapter took top honors in billiards, ping pong, and bowling. The annual Costume Ball is held during Winter Quarter; at the dance the couple with the most original costume is awarded a prize. Another event in the winter is the Founders ' Day Banquet which is held March 1st each year. In the spring the Pi KA ' s give the Dream Girl Dance at the Georgian Hotel. Nancy Kellam, Alpha Delta Pi, was selected last spring as Sweetheart of the fraternity. Pi Kappa Alpha was founded in 1868 and came to this campus in 1908. The present number of chapters throughout the United States is 109. I Andre ' ws, Ed Ansley, Wiley Arnold, Tommy Atkinson, Rudy Bates, Kermit Beach, Jim Bell, David Bell, Donald Bell, John Blitch, Brooks Bridges, Glenn Brinson, Carl Brockett, Jimmy Buckley, Dick Bullard, Bill Burke, Rusty Burt, Donie Busbia, Doug Carroll, Rogers Casey, Sonny Cashin, Gene Cave, Joe Choyce, Tom Cliatt, Bill Clyatt, Gene Clyatt, Tom Cochran, Jim Collins, Chappell Curlee, Ed Cushenberry, Tony Day, John MEMBERS Delk, Jimmy Denmark, S. J. Dicks, Jimmy Downes, Mike Durden, Gibson Dwyer, Tom Eades, Bill England, Marshall Fokes, Ernie Frame, Sandy Freeman, Harold Fussell, Frank Gentry, James Gilmore, Bill Gladden, R. E. Grant, Joe Grimes, Danny Harner, Joe Harper, Claude Henderson, Bill Hodges, Irving Hoffman, Jack Horton, Paul Houk, Tedd Hudson, Ben Joiner, Buford Martin, Ed Marvin, Frank Mathew s, Allen McCullam, Bill Mobley, Tommy Mule, Andy Murphy, Ken Murphy, Red Parker, Lee Peavy, Neal Persons, Grady Porter, Bill Prescott, Bill Reynolds, Bill Rich, Jack Roberts, Dean Ryan, Bob Shepherd, Mike Shepherd, Millard Shepherd, Sid Sieg, Bob Simonton, Ray Skelton, Gene Smith, Johnny Tapp, Jimmy Teeple, Charlie Thornton, Stan « Trunnell, Bill Twitty, Frank Tyler, Kirley Vinning, Travis Welsh, Jay Westfall, Danny Witherington, Chester Woodall, B. ' Life is nothing but a bowl . . . 250 PI KAPPA ALPHA FIRST ROW: C. Brinson, T. Arnold, D. Westfall, R. Burke, P. Horton, K. Tyler, G. Cashin, B. McCullom, A. Mathews, C. Harper, J. Brockett, G. Clyatt, J. Beach. SECOND ROW: B. Henderson, B. Woodall, A. Mule, F. Twitty, J. Tapp, B. Bullard, Mrs. Orphelia Bunn, E. Martin, B. Joiner, B. Prescott, R. Murphy, J. Rich, T. Vinning, B. Sieg. THIRD ROW: C. Teeple, J. Day, F. Marvin, D. Buckley, J. Cochran, J. Harner, B. Hudson, G. Persons, G. Bridges, R. Atkinson, B. Ryan, T. Dwyer, I. Hodges, J. Welsh. FOURTH ROW: K. Murphy, B. Eades, J. Smith, M. Downes, S. J. Denmark, E. Curlee, S. Shcphard, B. Porter, B. Gilmore, D. Busbia, S. Frame, C. Collins, G. Durden, D. Bell, N. Peavy, S. Thornton, B. Reynolds, K. Bates. Forgive me — I ' m only human. The kids next door One of the biggest social events of the Lambda chapter of Pi Kappa Phi is the annual Fall Costume Party, a show place for some most unusual costumes. One of the many ways in which the boys enter- tained dates was by giving pantomime parties during the school year. The actors were spurred on by the applause and laughter of the audience. For novelty, the brothers dug up or fished up the idea of a Fish Dinner, to which the guests attending must come dressed as fisher- men. After the Homecoming Dance the boys take their dates over to the fraternity house for the annual Homecoming Breakfast. Another traditional social highlight at the house at 599 Prince Avenue is the Rose Ball in the spring. Vija Palde was chosen sponsor for the fraternity for 195 5-56, and Betty Yancy was chosen sweet- heart for the same period of time. Mrs. Bessie Hutts served as housemother for the Pi Kappa Phi ' s. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded at the College of Charleston in 1904. Lambda Chapter was established on the University of Georgia campus in 1915 as the thirteenth fraternity. There are now forty- nine chapters of Pi Kappa Phi in the United States. Allison, Ray Allred, Marion Birdsong, Bill Bourne, Bob Caison, Billy Fox, Eddie MEMBERS Harp, Jim Hodges, Gene Justice, Willis Marx, Billy Nash, Malcolm Patterson, Bill Prim, Warren Quarterman, David Smith, Robert Stucky, Norman Tansill, Ronnie OFFICERS President JIMMY HARP Secretary BILL BIRDSONG Treasurer ROBERT SMITH Mother, I ' d like you to meet Bill. 252 LAMBDA CHAPTER OF... KAPPA TIT FIRST ROW: G. Hodges, W. Prim, N. Stucky, D. Quarterman, B. Birdsong. SECOND ROW: J. Harp, B. Yancey, Mrs. Hutto, V. Palde, B. Marx, B. Caison. THIRD ROW: M. Nash, B. Smith, B. Bourne, W. Justice, B. Patterson, R. Tansill, M. Allred. GEORCIA BETA CHAPTER OF... She didn ' t? She did! She is! Beta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon had its beginning at the Uni- versity of Georgia in 1865, nine years after the first chapter of the fraternity was established at the University of Alabama. Traditional dances at the SAE house are the Magnolia Ball and the Valentine Dance. The group also gives several house dances and entertains campus sororities throughout the school year. Beverly Hammond, Kappa Kappa Gamma, was chosen by the fra- ternity as sponsor; Mrs. Frances Calloway served as housemother for the SAE ' s this year. The group was represented in all phases of campus athletics with members taking part in basketball, track, golf, and swimming. Adams, Davis Anderson, Ban Ausband, Eddie Baird, Billy Bankston, Jim Black, David Bowden, Earl Bowles, Paul Bozeman, Tommy Brow n, Richard Brumby, Frank Buracker, Sam Butler, Sanford Cahill, Ted Calhoun, Robert Carpenter, Rutledge Charnley, Bobby Cole, Don Courts, Richard Cox, Jay Curry, Jimmy DeVaughn, Ben Dodds, Marshall Dodson, Carr Driver, Bradley Eldridge, Frank Fleming, Jake Fruehauf, Ben Garard, Ray Glenn, Walter Green, Bill Greene, Leon Griffin, Frank Griffin, Jerry Grindstaff, Hazzard MEMBERS Haddon, Bill Hodgson, Harry Holt, Julius Hood, Billy Hopkins, Lindsey Horton, Charles Houk, David Jessup, Brooks Johnson, Lyman Joiner, Tommy Jones, Harris Kelly, Sherrill Kemp, Charles Kilpatrick, Cree Kirkland, Jimmy Knight, Nathan LaBoon, Jim Leathers, Chester Leiter, Ho vard Lindorme, Wade Marsh, Bill Max ' well, Reginald Mays, Sam McCleneghen, Frank McCrary, Larry McSwain, Francis Miller, Gordon Mitchell, J. H. Mitchell, Johnny Moore, Dudley Morgan, Bartow Morris, Bill Northcutt, Floyd Paine, Hendree Parks, Lee Patterson, Vic Payne, Bob Pearson, Jim Pease, Henry Roberts, Jim Rooker, Bill Rutland, Tommy Sams, Bert Savage, Richard Saye, Bill Searcy, Billy Sisk, Tommy Smith, Tom Sommers, Bob Stafford, Jack Straughan, C. L. Stribling, Yancy Stuckey, Bill Taylor, Jack Terry, Don Thurmond, David Tigner, Frank Tillman, Bee Tillman, Tommy Torbett, Doug Troutman, Frank Wade, George White, Bill White, Huel Whitton, George Wiley, Bob Winburn, Gene Wood, Chip Woodall, Allen Woods, Stuart Wright, Bill Everytime I think about it, it makes ine President FRANK TROUTMAN Vice-President SAM BURACKER Secretary BILL HADDON Treasurer FRANK TIGNER Flash: " SAE house burns thousands left homeless . . . " 254 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON fIRST ROW: S. Woods, R. Garard, J. Curry, D. Black, B. Anderson, R. Savage. SECOND ROW: J. Roberts, G. Whitton, F. Northcutt, L. Greene, R. Courts, B. Charnley, F. Troutman, V. Patterson, D. Thur- mond, C. Dodson. THIRD ROW: D. Houk, B. Morgan, J. Bankston, L. Parks, Y. Stribling, J. Cox, H. Hodgson, B. Rooker, J. Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: D. Adams, B. DeVaughn, S. Buracker, F. McSwain, L. Hopkins, J. Holt, B. Payne, F. Eldridge, T. Cahill, H. Leiter, C. Kemp. FIFTH ROW: H. Paine, T. Sisk, B. Searcy, B. Driver, W. Glenn, W. Lindorme, J. Taylor, T. Bozeman, L. Johnson, J. Fleming, G. Winburn, D. Moore, B. White, P. Bowles, C. Kilpatrick, E. Ausband, B. Stucky. SIXTH ROW: G. Wade, T. Rutland, H. Jones, R. Calhoun, C. Straughan, C. Horton, T. Smith, J. Pearson, J. Kirkland, D. Cole, H. White, A. Woodall, B. Baird, N. Knight, B. Tillman, B. Wright, S. Mays, J. Mitchell, R. Brown, B. Sams. SEVENTH ROW: D. Torbett, B. Fruehauf, E. Bowden, B. Marsh, B. Hood, B. Green, S. Kelley, F. Tigncr, R. Carpenter, H. Grindstaff, H. Griffin, R. Maxwell, T. Joiner, B. Sommers. Sweethearts at the Sweetheart. Sweetheart of Sigma Chi OFFICERS President DAVID HAL AVERITT Vice-President FRANK W. SEILER Secretary RAY MITCHELL Treasurer JOHN LIGHTFOOT Sigma Chi celebrated its 100th birthday in June 195 5, at a Centennial in Cincinnati. Since 18 5 5 the number of chapters has grown to 127. Delta Chapter staged the 20th annual Sigma Chi Derby this fall with over 200 sorority co-eds competing for nine trophies. This year some of the events which entertained the sorority girls were the Kangaroo Race, the Hat Box Relay, Tire-rolling Contest, Saddle-Shoe Scramble, and the big secret event — catching a greased pig. The Derby which began here at Georgia in 193 5 has now become an annual event of almost all Sigma Chi chapters. Other traditional events of this chapter are the Annual Sweetheart Ball in the fall at which Pam Wiggins, A D Pi, was crowned the Sweetheart for 195 5; Go to Hell Dance in the winter; and the Sleezy Dance during the spring. Abney, Ray Abney, William Askew , Thomas Averitt, David Bailey, Benjamin Barthelmess, George Bell, Richard Bennett, Lindsey Booth, Fernell Boyle, Bob Bowman, Jimmie Bowlin, John Brannen, James Burke, Barron Carroll, Gene Cherry, Calvin Comer, Fletcher Cook, Ernest Coskey, Mike Daniel, Joseph Darr, Ernest Deaton, Louie DeLoach, Al Dillon, Robert Donaldson, R. Dowell, Paul Fazio, Salvatore Fendig, Jimmy Flanders, Edgar Franklin, Gordan Godlin, Jules Greene, James Greer, Clinton Hill, Jerry Hodges, George Jones, Ronnie Lary, Ed ' ard Lester, James Lightfoot, John McClelland, James McMuIlen, John McNutt, William Meyers, Archie Mitchell, Ernest Mitchell, George Moreira, Paul Morris, Thaddus Nease, Edward Paulk, Bobby Perry, Kermit Rhyne, Thomas Ritchie, William Rouark, Bobby Sansom, Harry Seller, Frank Shivers, Billy Snow, Thomas Stewart, James Stew art, William Sumerou, Bob Sweat, Ottis Thom, Horace Thomas, Ezekielof Tiller, Charles Vann, James Waller, Fredrick Waters, Loy Waters, Robert Waters, Milton Waters, Steve Williamson, Leon Wiggins, Curtis Wofford, Hoke Wontack, Paul Yancy, James Where ' s Carolann? 256 DELTA CHAPTER OF FIRST ROW: M. Waters, J. Fendig, H. Young, E. Nease, B. Sumerou, B. Bailey, J. Stewart, B. Paulk, P. Dowell. SECOND ROW: J. Lester, J. Morris, P. Wiggins, H. Thorn, J. Lightfoot, F. Seiler. THIRD ROW: P. Moreira, J. Bowlin, L. Deaton, S. Waters, H. Wofford, W. Ritchie, B. Jones, S. Fazio, Z. Thomas, O. Sweat, G. Carroll, B. Burke. FOURTH ROW: B. Shivers, R. Jones, L. Bennett, J. Vann, J. Greene, E. Cook, M. Cochran, P. Womack, J. McMulIen, H. Averitt, E. Tiller, F. Comer, F. Booth, J. Daniel, M. Coskcy, W. Snow. Ml) CHAPTER OF... ■ ' Anything you say, sir? " In 1869 Sigma Nu was founded at Virginia Military Institute. Mu Chapter, which was established at Georgia in 1873, is the oldest of the fraternities in continuous existence and has initiated more members than any other chapter. Four annual parties are given throughout the year — one to highlight each quarter; these are the Saddle Shoe Stomp in the summer, the Shipwreck Party in the fall, the Alamo Scout Ball in the winter, and the White Star Formal in the spring. At the White Star Formal, one of the Spring Quarter ' s largest social events, the Sigma Nu ' s choose their sponsor for the coming year. This year Puddin Helms was selected by the Snakes. Besides the annual parties various house dances are held during the year and are chaperoned by the housemother, Mrs. A. K. Bethea. There was a new addition to the Snake Pit this year. A modern, pine-panelled game room was added downstairs and furnished with card and pool tables. Ashw orth, Tommy Bailey, Tommy Bartlett, Frank Beckum, Frank Bell, Charlie Bow en, Grady Boyett, Charles Boyette, Rodney Burel, Larry Cammack, Jimmy Chandler, Harvey Cheeves, Charles Clayton, Guy Cole, Johnny Collier, Jim Collins, Bob Connell, Edgar Cromatie, Bill Culpepper, Henry Davis, Bob Davis, Ed Dean, Tommy Dunnaway, Bill Edmonds, Bob Ed vards, Joe Ellington, John Elliston, Jerry Evans, Jim Farmer, Jimmy Fetzer, Elmore MEMBERS Folson, Fenn Glenn, Joe Gregg, Don Haley, George Harris, Charles Hearn, Billy Hearn, George Hester, Cecil House, Bill Hubbard, Sam Ingram, Ben Jackson, Ambrose Jones, Charlie Joseph, Kelly King, Grantland Kitchens, Joe Leachman, Charlie Mabry, Speer Mann, Tommy Martin, John McSwain, Dan Meatheringham, Mike Melson, Frank Miller, Ben Minge, Jerry Morgan, Pat Newsome, Wilmer Parkerson, Barton Perry, Mack Price, Albert Ragland, Joe Reinhardt, Bill Sheppard, Leighton Sherw ood, Charles Shropshire, Ray Sigman, Gary Simmons, Marvin Sorrells, Marvin Spillers, Ben Sumner, Charles Swygert, Bill Taylor, Don Theus, Tommy Thompkins, Ben Thompson, Bill Tobin, Bob Toler, Dick Turner, Jim Vaught, Tommy Wells, George White, Harold Whitehurst, Al Wilkes, Dick Williams, Harry Wills, Thad Winkler, Joe Woodworth, Ben Wright, Ronald Yeager, George Three blind mice. OFFICERS Commander BILL HOUSE Lt. Commander HENRY CULPEPPER Recorder TOMMY DEAN Treasurer BEN INGRAM Men of distinction prefer 258 SIGMA Nil FIRST ROW: B. Tobin, G. Yeager, T. Wills, L. Burel, J. Evans, K. Joseph, B. Woodworth, D. McSwain, C. Harris, B. Thompson, E. Fetzer, A. Whitehurst, L. Sheppard, J. EUiston, E. Connell, G. King, A. Jackson. SECOND ROW: B. Reinhardt, T. Theus, B. Parkerson, J. Collier, B. Ingram, B. House, P. Helms, H. Culpepper, C. Leachman, T. Dean, J. Minge, T. Vaught. THIRD ROW: G. Bowen, T. Bailey, J. Ellington, J. Farmer, G. Hearn, M. Simmons, J. Winkler, S. Mabry, F. Bartlett, C. Sherwood, J. Kitchens, A. Price, W. Newsome, M. Meatheringham, C. Bell, B. Thompkins, R. Boyette, J. Ragland. FOURTH ROW: F. Melson, F. Folson, D. Gregg, T. Ashworth, B. Cromatie, J. Cole, G. Wells, D. Taylor, H. White, G. Haley, M. Sim- mons, B. Collins, J. Glenn, D. Wilkes. FIFTH ROW: J. Cammack, G. Clayton, C. Jones, D. Toler, J. Martin, C. Cheeves, C. Sumner, H. Wil- liams, B. Miller, J. Edwards, S. Hubbard, G. Sigman, E. Davis, R. Wright. 259 Ten little Indians all in a rcw. The Tau Ep ' s are planning to move closer to the campus; the fra- ternity has purchased a lot on the corner of Baxter and Florida Streets. Construction will begin as soon as possible. Several honors were awarded to the Tau Ep ' s this year. In athletic competition the fraternity won first place in the President ' s League volleyball tournament. The boys also took second place in the football contest. Nu Chapter was named winner of the Louis Flin Grand Chaplain Award. They also received honorable mention in the Charles Diesen Chapter Efficiency Award competition. Lynette Hankin was elected by the chapter to be sweetheart for 195 5-56; Sandy Markus was chosen fraternity sponsor. Mrs. A. Y. Woods remained as housemother for another year. Social events include the traditional Anniversary Weekend, the Annual Shipwreck Dance, and the Toga Party. Tau Epsilon Phi was founded in 1910 at Columbia University. Nine years later the Nu chapter of TEP came to this campus. Benamy, Freddy Berkow itz, Herman Blondheim, Herbert Bloom, Marshall Brett, Steve Chasin, Irwin Coffsky, Jay Cohen, Leon Cohen, Richard Cohen, Ronnie Coolick, Stanley Dolgoff, Norman Elman, Victor Feinberg, Stanley Fields, Donald Gittelman, Stanley Goldring, David MEMBERS Goldstein, Bernard Greenberg, Marvin Greenfield, Mickey Gruber, Michael Harelik, Eddie Hirsch, Bernie Jacobs, Lennie Kaufman, Carl Kogan, Bobby Krafchick, Hal Krock, Richard Kruger, Paul Levison, Gilbert Levy, Isaac Lichtenstein, Meyer Markowitz, Neal Meisnere, Art Miller, Wayne Needle, Mayer Piassick, Allen Podem, Marvin Polay, Allan Roth, Robbie Rubin, Abram Saul, Lou Schneider, Barry Sch ' ivartz, Michael Simmons, Bobby Slotin, Herb Stine, Herbert Stine, Jules Weiner, Aaron Wolf, Rodney Outdoor sports, too? OFFICERS chancellor EDDIE HARELIK Vice-chancellor HERBERT STINE Scribe STANLEY COOLICK Treasurer LENNIE JACOBS 260 Huxley ' s H M CHAPTER OF... EPSILON FIRST ROW: M. Podem, M. Schwartz, S. Coolick, S. Feinberg, E. Harelik, A. Piassick, R. Cohen, L. Cohen, J. Stine. SECOND ROW: V. Elman, C. Kaufman, H. Berkowitz, D. Fields, W. Miller, R. Roth, S. Brett, N. Markowitz, P. Kruger, A. Weincr, M. Greenfield. THIRD ROW: H. Slotin, G. Levison, R. Wolf, J. Coffsky, I. Levy, B. Kogan, B. Goldstein, M. Bloom, B. Schneider. FOURTH ROW: F. Benamy, B. Hirsch, A. Polay, H. Stine, R. Krock, H. Blondheim, M. Needle, M. Greenberg. FIFTH ROW: N. Dolgoff, L. Saul, M. Gruber, A. Rubin, D. Goldring, S. Gittleman, A. Meisnere. DELTA BETA OF THETACHI FIRST ROW: Lee Davis, David Graham, Maryadelia Morley, Mrs. Harry Pledger, Sheila Glass, Elmo Ragsdale, Thomas Farmer. SECOND ROW: Pat Galbreath, James Eppolito, Coker King, James Dickerson, Aubrey Taylor, Gary Pledger, G. C. Harrell. THIRD ROW: Paul Lyons, Thomas Mann, Wayne Crockett, James Rcid, Stanford Tillman, Eugene Tragesser. FOURTH ROW: James Martin, Ruel Galbreath, Frank Miller, Tom Higginbotham, Phil Posey. OFFICERS President GARY PLEDGER Vice-President GROVER HARRELL Secretary COKER KING Treasurer JAMES EPPOLITO The Theta Chi Fraternity, which was founded in 1856, is now one hundred years old and will celebrate its Golden Anniversary at the biennial convention this summer. The convention will be held at Norwich, Vermont — the frater- nity ' s founding place. The Delta Beta chapter was established on University Campus in 1949. Nationally Theta Chi has a total of 114 chapters. This year the Delta Beta chapter won the Theta Chi Scholarship award and also received the Region V Traveling Trophy. As in every other year the Theta Chi ' s carried on the group ' s traditional social events. Some of the most out- standing events were the Jack of Hearts Ball, the Branding Ball, The Snakepit Brawl, and the Dream Girl Formal. Sheila Glass represented the Theta Chi ' s as sponsor, and Mary- adelia Morley was this year ' s sweetheart. Sammy Kaye, Theta Chi alumnus . . . visits chapter during Homecoming. 262 BETA XI OF PHI KAPPA TAU FIRST ROW: Henrietta Lee, Larry McDaniel, Clarence Canada, Mary Durrence. SECOND ROW: J. Caye, Robert McMurry, Dale Morrison, Ed Burns. THIRD ROW: Burt McBurney, Greg Toth, Bill Jordan, Cal Usher. FOURTH ROW: Frank Wise, Roger Vaughn, Gil Brown, Linvrood Jones. Nights at the round table OFFICERS President LARRY McDANIEl Vice-President C. C. CANADA Secretary DALE MORRISON Treasurer LIN JONES Starting off the school year, a Parisian atmosphere prevailed at the Phi Tau house when the brothers sponsored a party in honor of the pledge class. A tradition of the group brought the chapter around the Christmas tree for the Tree Trim Party. On March 17, the chapter celebrated the Golden Anniversar) of the fraternity, founded in 1906. Red carnations flashed across the campus for this occasion and were also sported at the Red Carnation Ball, held in honor of the sponsor. Kappa Delta Mary Ann Durrence, and the sweetheart, Henrietta Lee. The chapter maintained high scholastic achievement and placed second among fraternities on campus for two consecutive quarters. Top honors were gained in intramural tennis, and the trophy for softball returned to the Beta Xi mantle after the defeat of Tech ' s Alpha Rho Chapter. 263 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Scholarship, high school standards, good health, and service to the University are the aims of the Panhel- lenic Council. With two representatives from each soror- ity, the panhellenic and the president, together with Dean Edith Stallings, delegate Panhellenic functions as a unified group. Panhellenic projects include adopting a foreign stu- dent each year, sponsoring a trophy for the sorority with the highest yearly average, and aiding the college administration and the Athens organizations with cam- paigns and drives. Panhellenic, together with the Interfraternity Coun- cil, sponsors Greek Week each spring. This week of swap suppers and interfraternal fellowship affords for free expression between sorority and fraternity officers for the betterment of the individual chapters and the two councils as a whole. This year a Rush Advisor program was adopted by Panhellenic. Selected by the Council and approved by the Dean of Women, the advisors live in the girls ' dorm- itories during Rush Week. Their main objective is to aid the girls going out for Rush with any problems or ques- tions dealing with the Rush program. Rush Advisors: FIRST ROW: Maye Ridley, Joanne Burns. SECOND ROW: Julianna White, Joy Keisker, Betty Bryan, Carolyn Lynch, Maude Trippe, Joey Sawatzke, Nancy Webb. Executive Council: FIRST ROW: S. Crawford, S. Grady, N. Leonard. SECOND ROW: B. Womack, N. Kilbride, B. Nuttycombc, M. Franckc. FIRST ROW: G. White, B. Crawford, S. Kaplan, R. Seligman, M. GhoUton, E. Gortatowsky, H. Bailey, M. Hopkins. SECOND ROW: S. Grady, B. Womack, B. Nuttycombe, Dean Stallings, N. Kilbride, M. Francke, S. Crawford, M. Leonard. THIRD ROW: H. Schreiber, J. Rus- sell, P. Jones, P. Paschal, B. Hood, t. Elder, N. Hood, M. Shattuck, B. McDonald, M. Weekley, B. Blood, A. Hatfield, S. Coburn, A. Kolp. OFFICERS President BETTY NUTTYCOMBE Vice-President NELLA KILBRIDE Secretary MARGARET FRANCKE Treasurer BETTE WOMACK Scholarship Chairman MARTY LEONARD Publicity Chairman SUE CRAWFORD ALPHA CHI OMEGA Barbara Craw ford Polly Jones ALPHA DELTA PI Harriet Bailey Bette Womack ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Beverly Blood Margaret Francke ALPHA OMICRON PI Mary Jo Weekley Marty Leonard CHI OMEGA Beverly McDonald Montyne Shattuck MEMBERS DELTA DELTA DELTA Betty Anne Hood Pat Paschal DELTA PHI EPSILON Harriette Schreiber Rosalyn Seligman KAPPA ALPHA THETA Marian Hopkins Sue Crawford KAPPA DELTA Sandra Coburn Norma Hood KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Lorraine Elder Janet Russell PHI MU Margaret Gholston Nella Kilbride PI BETA PHI Anne Hatfield Shirley Grady SIGMA DELTA TAU Shirley Kaplan Erla Gortatowsky ZETA TAU ALPHA Ann Kolp Glenda White 265 Dedicati The school year was started off for the Alpha Chi ' s with the dedi- cation of the brand new chapter house on Lumpkin Street. All the girls turned out for the dedication ceremony and banquet on October 15, which is also Founders ' Day for the sorority. The house holds thirty-six girls and is built expressly for the purpose of housing a sorority. The Alpha Chi ' s presented the new pledges at a formal dance held at the house in the ballroom. Annually the sorority holds the Alpha Chi Olympics. Competitive games are staged in which all the fra- ternities participate. The winning group is awarded a trophy. Mr. Apollo is picked from contestants put up by the fraternities; the title is given to the man with the best physique. The national sorority was founded in 188 J and established Beta Sigma at Georgia in 1938. Eighty chapters were represented at the convention held at White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, in July. MEMBERS ... of the new house. Atkinson, Pat Bailey, Audrey Baker, Shirley Bloedorn, Mary Bruce, Lynn Coleman, Clarice Cousins, Betty Crawford, Barbara Cuddy, Annette David, Jo Anne Dorer, Donna Dozier, Dorothy Dyer, Beth Easom, Barbara Edwards, Faye Etheridge, Mary Fraker, Carolyn Fulghum, Dorothy Graham, Joanne Hicker, Patti Hollander, Ann How ington, Kay Hoxsie, Eva Hudgins, Doris Jones, Julie Jones,. Polly Keen, Mary Kelsey, Kay Kirkland, Sally Kirkland, Sara Lanier, Marie Leach, Marion Mayo, Charlotte Matthews, Betty Mayo, Charlotte Mayo, Carole McMillan, Nancy Moranville, Mary New some, Jo Beth Raisty, Helen Schillings, Joyce Smith, Barbara Sparks, Joan Thompson, Pat Walsh, Ann Webb, Nancy Williams, Mary Jo OFFICERS President BARBARA CRAWFORD Vice-President MARY JO WILLIAMS Secretary KAY KELSEY Treasurer HELEN RAISTY with the lights out? 266 FIRST ROW: C. Coleman, N. Webb, B. Dyer, K. Howington, B. Cousins, E. Hoxie, C. Mathis, S. Kirkland, S. Kirkland. SECOND ROW: J. David, J. Sparks, H. Raisty, K. Kelsey, J. Dudley, B. Crawford, M. Williams, J. Schillings, Mrs. DeHas, B. Matthews, C. Fraker, F. Edwards. THIRD ROW: L. Bruce, M. Moranville, B. Easom, P. Jones, J. Jones, D. Dozier, M. Lanier, S. Baker, D. Fulghum, M. Bloedorn, C. Mayo, C. Mayo, J. Newsome, B. Smith. FOURTH ROW: M. Leach, D. Dorer, A. Bailey, D. Hudgins, A. Walsh, J. Graham, P. Atkins, M. Keen, A. Cuddy, P. Hecker. BETA 11 CHAPTER OF... Has anyone seen the mop? National Alpha Delta Pi had its beginning at Wesleyan College in Macon in 1851 and now has eighty-three chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Beta Nu Chapter was established on the Georgia campus in 1934. Each year the ADPi ' s have two big dances, the pledge dance and the winter formal. The pledge dance is held Fall Quarter, this year at the V. F. W. Club to the music of Graham Jackson. During February the " Blue and White Formal " is given, getting its name from the sorority colors. Burning the midnight oil gained the chapter second place in scholarship among the sororities on campus last Spring Quarter. Once a quarter the ADPi ' s are seen at church in a body in ac- cordance with a tradition of the group. Akins, Fay- Bailey, Harriett Baker, Lauradine Ball, Sug Bennett, Beverly Brown, Martha Brown, Shirley Brumsey, Margaret Campbell, Jan Carpenter, Carol Chamblee, Norma Chastain, Jane Cooley, Janie Mae Connor, Carolann Cunningham, Alda Cutter, Dixie Daniel, Sara Ann Davenport, Ann Davenport, Faye David, Rosalind Dow ning, Ann Downs, Linda Driskell, Barbara Dykes, Celeta Dysard, Virginia Edge, Glenda Fitzgerald, Pat Franklin, Mignon Strike Three ! ! MEMBERS Grant, Nanci Graves, Ann Griffinj Martha Gullat, Jane Hailey, Ann Haisten, Claudette Hardy, Jane Hardy, June Hccker, Joann Hixon, Beverly Joiner, Tina Jones, Margaret Kenn, Carey Kellam, Nancy Knickerbocker, Alice Lackland, Lillian Lamb, Carolyn LeSeure, JoAnn Lester, Sue Martin, Martha Martin, Patricia May, Marilyn McDonald, Martha Merkley, Patricia Mims, Mary Lew is Moore, Eileen Morris, Saleta Olliff, Sally Patterson, Joan Prather, Deborah Reeves, Kathryn Register, Pat Richardson, Nancy Rowe, Jane Sanders, Sandra Scholl, Lyle Smith, Claire Smith, Elsie Smith, Faye Somers, Jean Swilley, Sandra Taylor, Patricia Thompson, Suzanne Trapnell, Sylvia Tyler, Margaret Wallace, Patricia Ward, Patti White, Jerry Wiggins, Pam Wilcox, Virginia Willingham, Beth Womack, Bette Woodcock, Willette Woodson, Alice Wooten, Karine Yonce, Alice Young, Sara Ellen OFFICERS President HARRIETT BAILEY Vice-President BETTY WOMACK Secretary LAURADINE BAKER Treasurers JANIE MAE COOLEY, FAY AKINS You ' ve been washing dishes? 268 ALPHA DELTA PI ■ " • ■ ■■ " VS " FIRST ROW ' : B. Driskell, J. Gullatt, A. Sanders, T. Jones, B, Willing- ham, A. Woodson, L. Do ' wns, A. Hailey, S. Morris, P. Fitzgerald, F. Smith. SECOND ROW: M. May, E. Moore, W. Woodcock, J. Campbell, S. Young, B. Bennett, G. Edge, J. LeSeur, J. Hardy, J. Sommers, N. Richardson, J. Patterson, A. Cunningham. THIRD ROW: M. Jones, C. Connor, K. Wootten, L. SchoU, J. Hardy, E. Smith, H. Bailey, Mrs. W. Foote, F. Akins, J. Cooley, C. Smith, C. Haisten, S. Brown, N. Kel- lum, L. Lackland, S. OUiif. FOURTH ROW: M. Mims, A. Davenport, V. Wilcox, M. Tyler, G. Ball, P. Merkley, P. Register, J. Hecker, A. Downing, P. Martin, S. Lester, C. Dykes, G. Dysard, M. Griffin, C. Lamb, S. Daniel, S. Thompson, N. Chamblee. FIFTH ROW: M. Frank- lin, P. Wiggins, J. Chastain, C. Carpenter, P. Wallace, S. Swilley, R. David, P. Ward, A. Yonce, B. Hixson, J. Rowe, M. Brumsey, A. Graves, A. Knickerbocker, J. White, F. Davenport, M. McDonald. You ' re -wet! I kno ' W it. The Alpha Gams returned to the campus this fall to find the first floor of the house completely redecorated. The " new look " and the new housemother, known as " Mother Jo, " gave the group a running start to 195 5-56. Alpha Gam pledges placed third in the annual Sigma Chi Der- by. The chapter also placed second in the women ' s tennis doubles last Spring. A weekly practice of Gamma Alpha Chapter is the Candle- hght Dinner to which guests are invited. Other social functions are the pledge dance, the " Candyland Ball " and breakfast, and the Feast of Roses, honoring new initiates. Each year a tea is given in honor of the visiting national officer. Alpha Gamma Delta was founded in 1904 at Syracuse Uni- versity. Gamma Alpha Chapter was installed in 1923, now one of the sixty-one Alpha Gam chapters throughout the nation and Canada. MEMBERS Adams, Suzanne Alderman, Lucy Barnes, Patricia Barton, K Bennett, Marlene Biegler, Maryanne Bliss, Dorothy Blood, Beverly Bovvers, Mary Jo Boyette, June Bridges, Carolyn Bryan, Shirley Burden, Margie Campbell, Janet Carmichael, Jean Conger, Betty Ann Cooper, £rna Deyerle, Frances Dunaway, Joyce Dukes, Frances Durham, Peggy Elderidge , Margaret Francke, Margaret Gold, Leon Gordon, Betty Grandy, Ruth Hadley, Sylvia Hancock, Caroline Harden, Martee Jackson, Juanita Jones, Nancy King, Catherine Lanier, Patricia Manning, Marie Martin, Jean McCall, Judy McClellan, Lynn Morris, Murrow Myers, Appie Paris, Elaine Parnell, Jane Peavy, Elna Sue Ridley, Maye Ritchie, Jo Nan Rodgers, Jane Rodgers, Lillian Ronamous, Patti Shackleford, Hilda Smith, Sandra Stroupe, Sylvia Stuart, Joan Temple, Shirley Travis, Jean Tucker, Martha Wadsworth, Gloria Wood, Diane York, Elizabeth OFFICERS President BEVERLY BLOOD Vice-President MAGGIE FRANCKE Secretary MARLONE BENNETT Treasurer RUTH ELLEN GRANDY Little Riding Hood and the wolvea. 270 GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER mr GAMM FIRST ROW: C. Hancock, H. Shackleford, S. Hadley, J. Parnell, B. York, M. Tucker. SECOND ROW: P. Lanier, S. Adams, J. Rodgers, L. Alderman, M. Ridley, M, Manning, M. Bo ' wers, £. Peavy, S. Smith. THIRD ROW: C. Bridges, B. Conger, J. Martin, M. Bennett, B. Blood, Mrs. Herbert Ayers, M. Francke, M, Eldridge, J. Dunnaway, R. Grandy, J. Ritchie. FOURTH ROW: J. Travis, F. Deyerle, M. Biegler, K Bar- ton, L. Gold, S. Stroup, L. McClellan, L. Rodgers, J. Stuart, P. Dur- ham, F. Atkinson, J. Campbell, J. McCall, B. Gordon, P. Barnes, D. Wood. FIFTH ROW: N. Jones, M. Burden, A. Myers, J. Jackson, S. Temple, D. Bliss, S. Bryan, C. King, P. Ronemous, J. Boyette, E. Cooper, F. Dukes, M. Morris, M. Harden, J. Carmichael, £. Paris. LAMBDA SIGMA CHAPTER OF... Scatter quick, here comes Roy! The year was started off right for the AOPi s by their winning honors in both the Sigma Chi Derby Parade and the Homecoming Parade. For the Derby the car was decorated in white with a cross framing the sweetheart contestants; at Homecoming the AOPi ' s covered the car with money to carry out the $64,000,00 theme. HighUghts of the year were the pledge dance Fall Quarter, the Rose Ball, Founders Day Banquet, and the Big Sister-Little Sister Banquet held Winter Quarter. A Thanksgiving wiener roast was given for underprivileged children as the chapter ' s annual phil- anthropic project. Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College, Columbia University, in 1897. Lambda Sigma Chapter was estabUshed here in 1935. The Georgia Chapter merited the McCausland Cup for scholar- ship which was awarded at the AOPi biennial convention held at Spring Lake, N. J. Adams, June Addison, Barbara Addison, Martha Asbell, Glen Ann Backus, Patsy Bacon, Nancy Barger, Pat Conaway, Polly Conaway, Lessie Crawford, Jane Croxton, Ann M. Danner, Nan Davis, Carolyn Deaton, Pat Eberhardt, Jane Edenfield, Jane Ewalt, Pat Finley, Martha Giles, Joyce Hagan, Faye MEMBERS Hall, Mary E. Hall, Suzanne Henderson, Ann Holland, Sara Johnston, Joyce Jones, Adrienne Jones, Elaine Lam, Katherine Land, Priscilla Latham, Carole La " wler, Jane Lindholm, Nancy Leonard, Marty Ludwick, Betty A. Malcolm, Martha McNeil, Mary A. Moon, Betty A. Morway, Joyce Orr, Freddie Partridge, Hazel Pennock, Virginia Powell, Jackie Prim, Pat Pullen, Paula Ramsey, Carolyn Roberts, Gloria Robinson, Judy Rutland, Myra Sherwood, Jeanette Tillman, Lenora Tuten, Mary Warren, Gloria Weekly, Mary J. Wenzel, Barbara White, Jo Ann White, Jutianna White, Patsy Whitmire, Hope Wilks, Mary Ann Wolfe, Marion Well, you can ' t win them all. OFFICERS President JO WEEKLY Vice-President CAROLE LATHAM Secretary KATHERINE LAM Treasurer POLLY CONOWAY Did someone ringr 272 ALPHA OMICRON PI FIRST ROW: M. Weekly, N. Danner, J. Ebcrhardt, C. Davis, F. Hagan, S. Holland, J. Crawford, J. Adams, B. Ludwick, P. Pullen, P. Conaway, L. Tillman, SECOND ROW: J. White, P. Barger, A. Jones, N. Bacon, Mrs. A. F. Martin, M. Leonard, P. Backus, J. Edenfield, J. White. THIRD ROW: H. Partridge, B. Addison, P. Deaton, A. Croxton, J. Robinson, C. Latham, H. Whitmire, K. Lam, M. Tuten, J. Lawler. FOURTH ROW: G. Roberts, M. Crook, G. Asbell, P. Land, L. Cona- way, J. Giles, J. Sherwood, M. Rutland, A. Henderson, M. Addison, M. Malcolm, N. Lindholm. Montyne, it ' s the third tree to the left. Guess " what " we ' re making. The Georgia Chi Omegas are the possessors of the much sought after Kappa Sig Trophy for outstanding sorority of the year, awarded to the chapter last spring. The group also won the first place golf trophy for the third consecutive year, coming away with second place in the intramurals. The pledges were awarded first place at " Z " Night last year. Social highlights of the year at the Chi O house are the fall pledge dance, winter formal, a faculty and alumna: tea, and a lawn dance in the spring. One hundred and eighteen chapters are affiliated with national Chi Omega which was established in 1895. Mu Beta came to this campus twenty-seven years later. A tradition of the sorority is holding Firesides of Chi Omega. Mu Beta was represented at a Firesides in Atlanta recently. Adams, Betsy Aderhold, Bebe Allison, Ann Antley, Iris Arnold, Camille Baxley, Harriet Bell, Alice Biggers, Isabel Brady, Ann Bridges, Martha Bro ' wn, Sharon Bryan, Betty Hart Buchannan, Harriet Buxton, Margaret Clark, Mary Cro-w, Sister Culley, Gerry Daniel, Mary Louise Daniel, Willie Dann, Helen David, Cleone Dillard, Kay Duggan, Claire Dunn, Sondra Estes, Jane Estes, Louise Farmer, Catherine MEMBERS Forbes, Bet Fowler, Phyllis Gammage, Latrella Gatew ood, Mary Geise, Jean Guerry, Eleanor Seller, Cecelia Hammond, Pat Hardeman, Martha Fiarlow, Margaret Heard, Gail Hood, Mary Alice Houston, Nancy Humphreys, Jane fohnson, Alice Jones, Anne [ones, " Lady " fulian, Carol [Cennedy, Sally K.inibrough, Connie Leyburn, Helen Lowe, Mary MacCary, Kay Mason, Caroline Matthews, Marjorie McDonald, Beverly McKemie, Sandra McLendon, Betty Middlebrooks, Claire Middleton, Sibyl Mixon, Betty Sue NTelson, Eleanor Patton, Ann Pilcher, Katherine Poorman, Molly R.agan, Jocelyn Reppard, Evelyn Robertson, Lucy Shattuck, Montyne Stamps, Louise Steele, Lee Tabor, Peggy Thurmond, Gail Turner, Barbara V arnedoe, Claire 9C alIace, Carol Warner, Anne Webb, Sally Weyman, Margaret Williams, Shirley V on Canon, " Mike " Yankee, Elaine Yostf Jane OFFICERS Vresideut BEVERLY McDONALD Vice-President IRIS ANTLEY Secretary ANN PATTON rreojKrer MARY CLARK It ' s a man, it ' s a bird, it ' s a bulldog? 274 Ml] BETA CHAPTER OF... FIRST ROW: B. Mixson, S. Williams, C. Mason, C. David, M. Harde- man, K. Dillard, M. Lowe, S. Middleton, B. Aderhold. SECOND ROW: M. Bridges, H. Leyburn, M. Hood, M. Shattuck, I. Antley, B. McDon- ald, M. Clark, A. Patton, C. Arnold, J. Yost. THIRD ROW: E. Guerry, C. Farmer, M. Gatewood, S. Crow, C. Duggan, A. Johnson, M. Matthews, G. Heard, M. Buxton, P. Tabor, H. Baxley, M. Daniel, B. McLendon, S. McKemie, J. Ragan, H. Dann, B. Turner. FOURTH ROW: G. Culley, S. Dunn, A. Jones, W. Daniel, J. Geise, B. Adams, M. Weyman, C. Julian, C. Wallace, C. Middlebrooks, C. Seiler, A. Bell, L. Stamps. FIFTH ROW: E. Nelson, A. Brady, C. Kimbrough, P. Hammond, L. Robertson, B. Bryan, J. Estes, A. Allison, L. Steele, S. Webb, M. Poor- man, E. Reppard, M. Harlow , K. McCary, C. Varnedoe, G. Thurmond, S. Brown, S. Kennedy. SIXTH ROW: J. Humphreys, L. Jones, L. Gar- mage, E. Yankee, N. Houston, L. Estes, A. Warner, M. Von Canon, P. Fo ' wier, H. Buchanan. ALPHA RHO CHAPTER OF... Quick, Henry, the Flit! Shell on Wheels. OFFICERS President BETTY ANN HOOD Vice-President FRANCES RICKS Secretary MARJORIE YOUNG Treasurer WYOLENE PALMER The house at 28 5 Milledge Avenue was " rockin ' with Red " this Fall Quarter, for featuring Piano Red is traditional at the Tri Delt pledge dance each year. Santa Claus was on hand to give under-priviledged children gifts at the annual Christmas party sponsored by the girls. The Tri Belt ' s also played hostess to the alumnx ' s children at an Easter egg hunt on the front lawn. The social highlight of Spring Quarter is the " Star and Cres- cent Formal, " with decorations based on the theme. The group emphasized both beauty and athletics by capturing the cup for " Miss Modern Venus " in the Sigma Chi Derby and participating in intramural events during the year. Alpha Rho Chapter of Delta Delta Delta came to Georgia in 1934; Tri Delt has established ninety-eight active chapters since the founding in 1888. Alexander, Carolyn Bagley, Martha Barro " w, Joan Beaver, Jane Bennett, Buzzi Coggins, Barbara Collins, Eleanor Crossin, Karen Fickling, Ann Foy, Teresa Frederick, Jane Harrison, Ann Hinson, Priscilla HoUiday, Ann Hood, Betty A-nn Jones, Jackie King, Jane Lock vood, JoAnn MEMBERS Loftin, Harriet Mays, Sandra McElhenny, Carol Medlock, Anne Mills, Evelyn Mitchell, Ann Morgareidge, Mary Morrison, Pat Palmer, Wyolene Parks, Millie Parr, Mary Paschal, Pat Perkins, Sally Perry, Harriet Petterson, Ann Prince, Sandra Rawls, Eugenia Ricks, France Ruppel, Peggy Saunders, Annice Shell, Dot Smith, Glenda Spigener, Teresa Stovall, Mary Swartz, Nancy Tharpe, Rosemary Thomas, Barksdale Thomasson, Cherry Thompson, Carol Tripp, Maudie Twitty, Evelyna Waddey, Lynn Warren, Fontaine Westervelt, Ann Wise, Peggy Young, Margaret Young, Marjorie Friday night — before Saturday classes. 276 DELTA DELTA DELTA FIRST ROW: B. Hood, P. Wise, H. Perry, M. Stovall, L. Waddey, J. Barron, D. Shell, G. Smith, H, Loftin, M. Morgareidge, A. Saunderj, N. Swartz, A. HoUiday. SECOND ROW: P. Ruppel, P. Morrison, C. Thompson, V. Bennett, M. Parr, M. Bagley, W. Palmer, M. Young, A. Harrison, J. King, C. McElhenny. THIRD ROW: E. Collins, M. Parks, E. Rawls, E. Twitty, T. Spigener, F. Warren, J. Jones, S. Mays, T. Foy. FOURTH ROW: B. Coggins, E. Mills, A. Wcstervelt, B. Thomas, J. Frederick, A. Medlock, F. Ricks, K. Crossin, C. Thomasson. r What ' ll you have? Not only do the D Phi E ' s strive to maintain excellent scholar- ship and participation in University sponsored activities in the sorority, they offer a scholarship award to the Outstanding Fresh- man girl. The award is given at the annual Scholarship Dance at the house. Other social high points at the D Phi E house are the Pledge Formal, Sister Dance, Anniversary Weekend, Parents Day and a Mothers ' Day Service. Homecoming Dinner is given for the girls and dates before the game each year making Homecoming " Weekend an especially big one for the group. Psi Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon was established on the Uni- versity of Georgia campus in 1925, and the sorority was founded nationally in 1909; there are now twenty-nine active chapters. Mrs. Ernest Michaels takes the place of " mother " during the school year. Delta Phi Epsilon placed third in the contest for the trophy given by the Kappa Sigs for outstanding sorority of the year last spring. Wanta trade? Alpern, Joyce Alterman, Joanne Bennet, Patricia BorocKofF, Phyllis Chermak, Gail Cohen, Betty Cohen, Cecile Estroff, Sarabel Feigenbaum, Marcia Feingold, Barbara Feldman, Ruth Fineroff, Marlene Frohman, Evelyn Gavant, Dee Ginsberg, Marilyn Ginsberg, Sherry GUckman, Marcia Goldstein, Lenore MEMBERS Hanktn, Lynette Hirsch, Riette Homansky, Linda Hyman, Evelyn Isenberg, Sandra Jackson, Carole Javetz, Deanne Kessler, Irene Knox, Janet Lasch, Conni Levy, Terry Mincey, Ruth Nathan, Peggy Pollock, Gail Raab, Phyllis Reizes, Ellen Robbins, Sonia Rose, Florence OFFICERS President HARRIETTE SCHREIBER Vice-President ROSLYN SELIGMAN Secretary PHYLLIS BOROCHOFF Treasurer EVELYN FROHMAN Rubel, Debbie Rubin, Edith Schatfer, Cookie Schreiber, Harriette Schwartz, Sandy Seligman, Roslyn Shier, Sybil Silverman, Janet Skodnik, Jacolyn Sokol, Sonia Topper, Marcia Tyber, Helen Weiss, Harriett Wexler, Marlene Wilensky, Elise Wolf, Arlene Wynn, Faye Where particular (?) people congregate. 278 PSI CHAPTER OF... FIRST ROW: F. Rose, C. Shaffer, M. Ginsberg, R. Mincey, F. Wynn, C. Jackson, G. Pollock, J. Silverman. SECOND ROW: L. Homansky, L. Goldstein, R. Hirsch, G. Chermak, S. Robbins, M. Wexler, M. Top- per, J. Knox, A. Wolf, T. Levy, C. Lasch. THIRD ROW: L. Hankin, H. Tyber, P. Borochoff, £. Frohman, R. Seligman, Mrs. Ernest Michaels, H. Schreiber, C. Cohen, B. Feingold. FOURTH ROW: P. Bennet, J. Alterman, B. Cohen, P. Nathan, R. Fcldman, S. Sokol, S. Iscnberg, S. Schwartz, D. Gavant, E. Reizes, M. Fineroff, E. Hyman, D. Rubel, P. Raab, J. Skodnik, M. Glickman, I. Kessler. FIFTH ROW: E. Wilensky, H. Weiss, S. Ginsberg, J. Alpern, S. Estroff, M. Feigenbaum, E. Rubin, S. Schier. GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER OF... And then the rains came. Find the fifth. OFFICERS President MARIAN HOPKINS Vice-President BUNCHY VOGEL Secretary MARTE BENDER Treasurer MARJORIE MORRISSEY First Place Intramural Trophy was awarded last spring to the Kappa Alpha Thetas; the sorority copped honors in basketball, volleyball, sof tball, table tennis, tennis singles and doubles, bowl- ing and badminton. Each spring on a windy day the Thetas hold the annual Kite Day, giving a prize to the fraternity with the most interesting kite. During Fall Quarter the sorority presents the new pledges, and Winter Quarter the pledges entertain the actives with an informal party, A party for underpriviledged children at Christmas and a banquet on Theta Founders ' Day add to the list of functions for the KAT ' s. Kappa Alpha Theta was the first Greek letter social sorority. It was founded in 1870, and Gamma Delta Chapter came to Georgia in 1937. Adams, Patsy Bender, Marta Boone, Gail Brannen, Beverly Burkett, Gay Butler, Lucie Cannon, Anne Carlton, Joan Carter, Jean Cooley, Ethel Crawford, Sue Delamater, Peggy Eckerman, Marilyn Ellison, Lee Emmons, Janet Eskedor, Carolyn Fechtel, Gloria Fortune, Sally Gardner, Lynn Garrett, Lynn Glass, Sheila Gleason, Gw en Go van, Bootie Green, Lynn MEMBERS Grevemberg, Drue Hefferman, Carole Hogan, Elaine Hopkins, Marian HoTvard, Mat Hunnius, Barbara Johnston, Ann Jones, Henrietta Jones, Rowena Keating, Lucy Kent, Louise Kinne, Kay Longino, Lane Macon, Patsy Maltby, Nini Martin, Edith McKenney, Jone McWhirter, Carol Methvin, Erroll Miller, Mary E. Morley, Maryadelia Morris, Liz Morrissey, Marjorie Noel, Emily Owen, Dot Peters, Mary Jo Peterson, Dowe Phillips, Marilyn Rieder, Dot Riley, Pat Roberts, Harriet Robertson, Shirley Rogers, Barbara Ryckeley, Joan Saw atzke, Joey Shults, Mary Ann Smith, Martha Sullivan, Ann Tillery, Barbara Turner, Mary C. Veneble, Pat Vogel, Bunchy Weigand, Beverly Wiggins, Barbara Wilds, Mary Williams, Kathy Homecoming decoration which took first place. 280 KAPPA ALPHA THETA FIRST ROW: H. Roberts, M. Peters, R. Jones, E. Methvin, A. Sullivan, D. Peterson, J. Sawatzkc, E. Martin. SECOND ROW: D. Grevemberg, E, Cooley, B. Wiggins, M. Vogel, M. Hopkins, M. Morrisey, M, Bender, S. Crawford, S. Fortune. THIRD ROW: B. Gowen, M. Howard, C. McWhirter, C. Hefferman. FOURTH ROW: C. Eskador, S. Robertson, J. Carlton, M. Smith, B. Weigand, J. Ryckely, K. Williams, M. Miller, B. Brannen, B. Hunnius, P. Veneble, D. Rieder, M. Morley, M. Eker- man, S. Glass. FIFTH ROW: P. Riley, P. Adams, M. Turner, L. Ellison, L. Morris, J. Carter, J. Emmons. SIXTH ROW: L. Greene, L. Gardner, G. Boone, P. Delamater, G. Burkett, A. Cannon. SEVENTH ROW: M. Shults, M. Phillips, L. Butler, B. TiUory, K. Kinne, G. Fechtal, L. Kent, J. McKenney, D. Owens, L. Garrett, L. Longino, E. Noel, A Johnson, E. Hogan, H. Jones, N. Maltby, G. Gleason. Saturday night again. W lT University laundry. The K D ' s have three big formals during the year — the Pledge Dance, Fall Quarter; the Diamond Ball, Winter Quarter, and a Spring House Dance. In October the group gives a banquet in honor of the founders of Kappa Delta. The K D pledges brought home the trophy for second place in the Sigma Chi Derby, and Billy the Burglar, made life at the K D house exciting this year. In 1924 Kappa Delta established Sigma Phi Chapter on the University campus twenty-seven years after the sorority was founded at State Normal School, Farmville, N ' irginia. The sorority now has ninety chapters throughout the country. " Dada, " Mrs. Dorothy Baldwin, is the housemother for the K D ' s. Almon, Nancy Ayo, Barbara Balte, Gail Barber, Caroline Barrett, Dona Berry, Marianne Biggers, Barbara Black, Ann Black, Madge Branch, Marion Brown, Beverly Buxton, Mary Cannon, Virginia Carson, Pat Chapman, Ann Coburn, Sandra Cone, Suzanne Conner, Bernice Delmore, Barbara Delmore, Norma Downs, Sylvia Durrance, Mary Ann Eubanks, Laurice Every, Kay Ford, Dana Fritch, Beverly Gaertner, Betty Gibson, Martha Hahn, Peggy Harvey, Mary MEMBERS Haw kins, Margie Hayes, Connie Heidt, Virginia Helms, Puddin Higgs, Sally Hood, Norma Howard, Paula Hubert, Saralyn Johnson, Dot Johnston, Joyce Jordan, Sylvia Kilpatrick, Eleanor Knott, Jean Lowery, Louise Mayo, Pat McQueen, Lynette McRae, Sue Mehl, Barbara Moore, Bernice Moore, Rose Moore, Sallie Morris, Jo Laine Morris, Jo Lynn Nussbaum, Ann Parker, Ann Payne, Pat Pinson, Virginia Pontius, Pat Prince, Princess Pund, Adelaide Rand, Toby Rigsbee, Pat Rimstidt, DeDe Roberts, Laverne Sammons, Sandra Sayre, Joanne Scoggins, Virginia Sexton, Sandy Shepherd, Mary Shuman, Patsy Sipe, Carolyn Smith, Ann Smith, Joanne Snelson, Pat Stapieton, Suzanne Stivers, Martha Stough, Carol Strickland, Billie Strother, Marcy Stukes, Suzanne Turk, Beth Turner, Nancy Tyndale, Jackie Wert, Marjorie Whitaker, Jean Wilkerson, Cynthia Williams, Joy Woodruff, Marsha Youmans, Joy Young, Barbara OFFICERS President SANDRA COBURN Vice-President KAY EVERY Secretary SANDRA SAMMONS Treasurer MARJORIE WERT Tell me a bedtime story. 282 SIGMA PHI CHAPTER OF... i S 5 ■iy»: ft; ta fIRST ROW: M. Shepherd, V. Pinson, P. Carson, M. Branch, A. Black, S. Jordan, S. Stapleton, N. Hood, C. Stough, J. Williams, M. Durrance, M. Strother, L. Eubanks, D. Barrett, T. Rand. SECOND ROW: P. Payne, C. Wilkcrson, C. Barber, M. Buxton, P. Helms, P. Snelson, M. Wert, K. Every, S. Coburn, Mrs. Dorothy Baldwin, B. Ayo, S. Cone, C. Hayes, B. Moore, B. Gacrtncr, J. Sayre. THIRD ROW: N. Turner, S. Downs, L. Lowery, R. Moore, B. Turk, S. Higgs, L. Morris, L. Mor- ris, A. Chapman, N. Delmore, B. Delmore, D. Ford, J. Johnston, S. Stukes, P. Mayo, J. Youmans, P. Snelson, M. Berry, G. Balte, D. John- son, M. Stivers, M. Harvey, P. Howard, L. Roberts. FOURTH ROW: J. Whitaker, V. Cannon, S. Hubert, S. Moore, S. McRae, V. Scoggins, E. Kilpatrick, B. Conner, R. Rigsbee, P. Hahn, A. Parker, L. Smith, J. Smith, J. Tyndale, B. Young, S. Sammons, P. Shuman, M. Gibson, L. McQueen, B. Strickland, M. Hawkins, P. Prince. THETA UPSILON CHAPTER OF... ' I y am so hayuppy . . . " Tea and crumpets, OFFICERS President LORRAINE ELDER Vice-President JOY KEISKER Secretary JANE CHEW WILLIAMS Treasurer LOVAT ANDERSON Last spring the Kappas showed athletic abiUty and team spirit by winning the intramural softball tournament and placing third in the basketball contest. One of the unique customs at the Kappa house is the annual " Moan-and-Groan " dinner. The housemother, Mrs. W. A. Moser, presides and each sister airs her troubles and grievances. The girl who had the saddest and most convincing story is awarded a prize. Other annual functions of the Kappas are the faculty enter- tainment, dubbed " The Apple-Polishing Party " ; the Winter For- mal, given in conjunction with the Phi Mu ' s, and the Christmas Party for children. During Fall Quarter a much looked forward to event is the Pledge Dance. Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded nationally in 1870; Theta Upsilon was established here in 1948. Anderson, Lovat Armitage, Jane Bailey, Peggy Baldwin, Connie Barnes, Lo Beers, Marie Bowers, Jean Brown, Barbara Brown, Corinne Campbell, Jane Carmichael, Sara Claire, Brantley Cochrane, Susan Cody, Cay Cole, Delores Collins, Martha Cook, Sara Curry, Linda Egy, Bobby Elder, Lorraine Ellis, Mary S. Fleming, Kay MEMBERS Geer, Marguerite Gould, Phoebe Hammond, Beverly Hand, Sue Hattaw ay, Cynthann Hiers, Sylvia Holloway, Kay Hurst, Alice Jenkins, Judy Jensen, Lettie Keisker, Joy Land, Carol Law son, Esther London, Mary Lovett, Peggy McMahon, Nancy Maxwell, Kate Mayes, Billie McCalla, Willa McCranie, Joan McKeever, Deenie McRitchie, Mary Methvin, Ann Morton, Cleone Nelson, Mary Nuttycombe, Betty Oliver, Wickie Paul, Sandra Pharr, Jay Powell, Lenora Rainey, Nan Russell, Janet Sack, Jocey Sands, Saundra Slack, Enid Smith, Babs Steele, Harriett Turner, Barbara Walter, Sue Williams, J. Cameron Williams, J. Chew Williams, Mary Lou Williams, Nell Willis, Clara Woodward, Ann Leftover tea and crumpets. 284 KAPPA KAPPA GAM FIRST ROW: B. Smith, N. McMahon, P. Lovett, L. Barnes, D. Cole, C. Land, C. Cody. SECOND ROW: D. McKeever, S. Hand, M. London, W. Oliver, S. Walter, M. Beers, N. Williams, L. Powell, A. Methvin, P. Bailey. THIRD ROW: S. Ellis, P. Gould, C. Morton, J. Williams, L. Elder, A. Woodward, J. Russell, B. Nuttycombe, J. Keisker, M. Law- son. FOURTH ROW: J. Campbell, B. Turner, M. Williams, K. Hollo- way, L. Jensen, J. Armitage, S. Hiers, S. Sands, C. Baldwin, J. Bowers, K. Flemming, M. Geer, B. Claire, B. Mays, L. Carmichael. FIFTH ROW: B. Brown, C. Hattaway, J. Jenkins, C. Willis, J. Sack, W. McCalla, B. Egy, S. Cochrane, S. Paul, K. Maxwell, M. Nelson, M. McRitchie, E. Slack, A. Hurst, J. Williams. We all study for exams this way. He said heM be here at seven. OFFICERS President MARGARET GHOLSTON Vice-President ELLEN BARRON Secretary BEA REEVES Treasurer JANE TAGGE Each year the Phi Mu ' s play the Chi Psi ' s in softball. The boys come dressed in what they assume to be feminine attire, and the girls wear Bermuda shorts; the prize goes to the side with the lowest score. Other traditional social events for the group include the Easter Egg hunt for underpriviledged children, and a formal given with the Kappas. A circus theme was carried out at the pledge dance held in the P. E. building Fall Quarter to announce the new pledges. For the altruistic project the Phi Mu ' s support a httle Korean girl, Kim Mun Ja. Seventy-two chapters have been estabhshed by Phi Mu since the founding in 18 52. Alpha Alpha came to Georgia in 1921. Allen, Judy Almond, Betty Ansley, Ellen Armstrong, Claire Armstrong, Wynn Aultman, Airey Bargeron, Joy Barron, Ellen Barron, Marie Bell, Joan Birchmore, Sally Blackerby, Diane Blandford, Ethel Borders, Ann Broadnax, Agnes Burns, Joann Burns, Virginia Butler, Diana Butts, Nancy Cald-well, Ann Carpenter, Mimi Chandler, Marion Chandler, Martha Christie, Dottie Clark, Jane Cole, Sandra Cross, Mary Crovatt, Nancy Crumley, Joan Darsey, Beverly DeBeaugrine, Elizabeth MEMBERS DeBeaugrine, Martha Doty, Frances DuBignon, Sarah DuBose, Virginia Duggar, Beverly Durden, Carol Fanning, Sibyle Fincher, Harriett Florence, Frances Frierson, Martha Gholston, Margaret Glenn, Betty Gray, Janet Griffith, Barbara Hardman, Alfea Harrison, Ellen Hill, Mary Hyman, Dinah Kellam, Betty Kilbride, Nella Kirkpatrick, Janice Launius, Milly Lee, Phyllis Lilly, Carol Lucchese, Josie Mathews, Ann Maynard, Marguerite McLanahan, Gail Middleton, Kathy Molder, Frances Morgan, Julia Mundy, Anne Murray, Sandra O ' Quinn, Ann Patten, Patsy Paulk, Jan Perkins, Marietta Pollock, Flonnie Poole, Dot Ray, Olivia Reeves, Bea Rowland, Gray Sharp, Polly Sheeler, Nancy Smithwick, Linda Stanley, Margaret Stone, Jessika Sutton, Suzanne Tagge, Jane Thomas, Mary L. Tucker, Lucy Underwood, Mazie Wardlaw , Louellen Waters, Marjorie Willard, Martha AX ' illiams, Sara Wimberly, Carol Withrow , Laquita Wood, Leslie Wood, Rosemary Woodall, Edith Wynn, Mary Jo y l . What does it all mean? 286 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER OF... FIRST ROW: S. Cole, N. Crovatt, A. Hardman, A. Caldwell, M. Waters, L. Smithwick, J. Kirkpatrick, J. Morgan, M. Underwood, F. Molder, M. Willard, D. Butler, D. Poole, L. Wardlaw, A. Mathews, E. Blandford, C. Wimberly, A. Broadnax. SECOND ROW: J. Paulk, M. Barron, B. Almond, B. Glenn, M. Wynn, M. Launius, D. Christie, K Middleton, D. Hyman, M. Chandler, J. Lucchese, J. Tagge, M. Gholston, E. Barron, B. Reeves, M. de Beaugrine, R. Wood, W. Armstrong, G. Rowland, A. Broders, A. Aultman, O. Ray. THIRD ROW: A. Mundy, S. Murray, P. Patton, E. Harrison, V. Du- Bose, B. Darsey, J. Clark, M. Maynard, F. Florence, F. Doty, M. Thomas, F. Pollock, J. Crumley, J. Allen, S. Williams, M. Chandler, S. Birch- more, E. deBeaugrine, A. O ' Quinn, V. Burns, M. Frierson. FOURTH ROW: D. Blackerby, H. Fischer, N. Sheeler, P. Sharpe, L. Tucker, C. Armstrong, J. Stone, M. Perkins, E. Woodali, L. Wood, S. duBignon, N. Kilbride, C. Durden, P. Lee, S. Fanning, M. Hill, J. Burns, J. Bar- geron, B. Griffith, E. Ansley, C. Lilly, B. Kellam. GEORGIA ALPHA CHAPTER OF... No money, no mixed company; frankly, I fail to see the sense of it. ' f. A Sisters admiring another new toy. OFFICERS President ANNE HATFIELD Vice-President KATHY COINER Corresponding Secretary NANCY CREEL Recording Secretary RUTH BOULWARE Treasurer RUTH TRIBBLE The Pi Phi ' s " Southern Bell " took first place in the Home- coming Parade car decorations on Saturday before the game. " Swing and Sway the Pi Phi Way " became a new motto after Sammy Kaye presented the chapter with the trophy. One hundred and three chapters are members of national Pi Beta Phi Sorority, which had its beginning at Monmouth College in 1867. Georgia Alpha Chapter was established at the University in 1939 At the pledge formal during Fall Quarter the twenty-eight new pledges were presented. Other dances held were the Valentine Dance in Winter Quarter and the Stardust Ball in the Spring. The Pi Phi ' s proved their ability to " stay on the ball " by win- ning first place in the ping-pong tournament and second place in Softball. Mrs. H. Claude Good was the new housemother for the group. MEMBERS Mbert, Patricia Earnest, Clare Peacock, Mary . Anderson, Mary English, Carolyn Peterson, Barbara ' ' M Bailey, Georgianne Fischer, Barbara Pierce, Barbara T Beddingfield, Joy Flynt, Charlotte Reynolds, Jane ill Bolton, Gail Grady, Shirley Reynolds, June 1 ' % Bennett, Mary Gregory, Arlene Sanford, Nancy ' Ifi Bonnell, Ann Gregory, Arlice Shapard, Sally % BouWare, Ruth Harrell, Janis Sisk, Virginia sbh Brinkley, Ruth Harrell, Jo Ann Slaughter, G ' wen i j Brumley, Martha Harvey, Jenny Stephenson, Sarah hB Chatfield, Linda Hatfield, Anne Talmadge, Martha i fl i Clifford, Donna Hathcock, Martha Tindol, Sylvia ul Cochran, Gigi Heath, Jane Tribble, Ruth Cohen, Judy Hinely, Mary Tyson, Patty 9 Coiner, Katherine MacDonald, Patsy Walker, Suzanne —jj Creel, Nancy Markwood, Dianne Whatley, Paula .- H Culpepper, Ann McCarthy, Jo Wheeler, Nancy B Duggar, EUyn McKain, Ann Wilson, Patricia PHH Dyess, Connor Parker, Mary Wyly, Emmalee Wf Eagar, Jane Young, Dotty Now everybody sing " cheese. " 288 PI BETA PHI FIRST ROW: C. English, J. McCarthy, D. Markwood, A. Gregory, A. Gregory, J. Reynolds, J. Reynolds. SECOND ROW: G. Belton, V. Sisk, J. Cohen, C. Earnest, P. McDonald, S. Stephenson, S. Walker, G. Bailey. THIRD ROW: S. Grady, N. Creel, R. Boulware, R. Tribble, M. An- derson, A. Hatfield, K. Coiner, G. Cochran, B. Fischer, M. Talmadge, J. Beddingfield. FOURTH ROW: G. Slaughter, J. Harrell, D. Clifford, N. Sanford, J. Eagar, J, Harvey, M. Parker, N. Wheeler, M. Bennett, B. Peterson, P. Albert, E. Wyly, D. Young, A. McKain, L. Chatfield, R. Brinkley. FIFTH ROW: C. Flynt, B. Pierce, M. Peacock, J. Harrell, M. Hincly, M. Brumley, A. Bonnell, J. Heath, P. Whatley, P. Tyson, A. Culpepper, E. Duggar, S. Shapard, P. Wilson, S. Tyndol, C. Dyess. The team and managers. Every year the Sigma Delta Tau ' s give a tea for the patronesses of the sorority; and the group adds to the festivities on Home- coming Saturday by giving a dinner for the members of the chapter and dates, the parents of the girls, and alumnae of the sorority. Eta Chapter of Sigma Delta Tau was established on the University of Georgia campus in March 1924; it is one of the twenty-seven chapters that have been installed since the national founding of the sorority in 1917. Social highhghts of the school year for the SDT ' s include the pledge dance at which the new pledges of the chapter are pre- sented and the Winter Quarter Formal at the house. Each Easter Sigma Delta Tau is hostess to the foreign students who are enrolled in the University; an Easter Egg Hunt is planned and enjoyed by both the SDT ' s and the guests. Other traditional events at 846 S. Milledge Avenue are the Valentine Day Dance and the Spring Weekend. Aronoff, Sylvia Barr, Hannah Bernstein, Paula Braver, Patsy Cohn, Dorothy Cook, Peggy Dickstein, Sybil Finkelstein, Sharon Ginsburg, Suzanne MEMBERS Gortatowsky, Eria Itzkow, Kay Kaplan, Shirley Karp, Rachael Katz, Inga Lefkoff, Irma Lipsitz, Dorothy Marcus, Sandra Mendel, Nancy Miller, Carolyn Moscow, Ann Ringer, Carol Saltzman, Phyllis Skott, Rita Steinberg, Gloria Sugarman, Barbara Weisburd, Beverly OFFICERS President SHIRLEY KAPLAN Vice-President SHARON FINKLESTEIN Secretary SUZANNE GINSBERG Treasurer DOROTHY COHN There must be one here somewhere. 290 FIRST ROW: A. Moscow, K. Itzkow, P. Braver, I. Lefkoff, P. Bernstein, H. Barr. SECOND ROW: D. Cohn, S. Aronoff, S. Kaplan, Mrs. J. L. Stark, C. Ringer, S. Finkelstein, S. Ginsberg. THIRD ROW: D. Lipsitz, G. Steinberg, £. Gortatowsky, B. Weisburd, C. Miller, P. Cook, R. Karp. FOURTH ROW: A. Rifkin, P. Saltzman, S. Dickstein, B. Sugarman, 1. Katz, J. Kaufman. GAMMA PI CHAPTER OF... Now hear tkis. Zeta s sunning in the glow of their latest victory. OFFICERS President ANN KOLP Vice-President JANE EVANS Secretary SHIRLEY HIRES Treasurer MARVINE MIZELL A sign " New Home of the Sigma Chi Trophy " was proudly- displayed by the Zeta Tau Alpha s when the pledges won first place in the Derby this year. Last spring the sorority participated in the intramural activities and won third place in the softball tournament. In the fall the 2eta s honored the pledges with the annual pledge dance, " The Cinderella Ball, " and the new sisters were given recognition at the New Initiates Banquet. In the spring the chapter celebrates by giving the Spring Formal. Gamma Pi Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was established on the University of Georgia campus in 1949; it is one of ninety-eight chapters of the sorority which have been installed since the national founding in Virginia in 1898. Anderson, Jeaneen Bigham, Janice Blackburn, Carolyn B!ood " worth, Gloria Bothwell, Mary- Bowles, Tanya Brown, Bobbe Brown, Brenda Brown, Joanne Burress, Nancy Campbell, Ann Casey, Barbara Claxton, Joan Cow ley, June Craw ford, Peggy Daniel, Betty Day, Peggy Earle, Evelyn Eubanks, Faye Evans, Jane Farnetti, Sherry Ferguson, Willorene Fournier, Barbara Fowler, DeMaris MEMBERS Frazier, Ann Gibson, Margaret Griffith, Angier Hall, Carole Harper, Martha Hendricks, Carolyn Hires, Shirley Hoaster, Ann Holbrook, Judy Howell, Marianna Hoynes, Peggy Jentzen, Mary Kanes, Charlotte Kolp, Ann Lewis, Sandra Lynch, Carolyn Madry, Mary Mayhew, Jan McConnell, Rachael McDaniel, Theresa McTigue, Ann Mitchell, Jeannette Mizell, Marvine Morton, Bobbye Nicholson, Marie Pulliam, Trudy Robinson, Joan Scarborough, Gaye Smith, Marion Smith, Patricia Snyder, Betty Stephens, Margaret Stridde, Sharon Stringer, Marguerite Sw afford, Martha Taylor, Kay Taylor, June Teed, Jackie Thomas, Jean Troup, Betty Webb, Lajuana Wells, Sandra Williams, Jan White, Georgia White, Glenda Wilson, Jane Wyche, Macalyn Yelton, Mary Who says Ringling Bros, has all the talent? 292 ZETA TAD ALPHA FIRST ROW: C. Kanes, B. Troup, F. Eubanks, J. Bigham, M. Nicholson, M. Smith, S. Wells, J. Anderson. SECOND ROW: P. Hoynes, P. Smith, J. Williams S. Lewis, D. Fowler, R. McConnell, J. Holbrook, J. Wilson, B. Snyder, S. Stridde, B. Brown, E. Earle. THIRD ROW: S. Farnetti, M. Stephens, W. Ferguson, M. Mizell, L. Webb, J. Evans, A. Kolp, G. White, S. Hires, J. Cowley, G. White, T. McDaniel, M. Gibson. FOURTH ROW: N. Burress, C. Blackburn, J. Harper, P. Day, A. Griffith, J. Robinson, C. Hall, J. Thomas, M. Jentzen, J. Mayhew, J. Claxton, C. Lynch, M. Howell, J. Brown, M. Madry, M. Yelton, T. Pulliam. FIFTH ROW: J. Taylor, A. Hoaster, B. Casey, C. Hendricks, P. Crawford, K. Taylor, G. Bloodworth, J. Mitchell, J. Teed, M. Stringer, A. Frazier, B. Morton, M. Wyche, B. Fournier, M. S afford, T. Bowles, M. Both-well. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL (First row) J. Jenkins, N. Butts, B. Sugarman, E. Collins, G. Heard B. Wiggins. (Second row) C. Mayo, J. Hecker, M. Addison, G. Roberts, H. Weiss, P. Bennett, K. Itzkow, M. Bennett, B. Weigand, N. Delmore. (Third row) R. McConnell, S. Oliff, J. Williams, S. Cook, D. Clifford, N. Hood. (Fourth row) L. McClellan, S. Smith, L. Estes, C. Wimberly, K. Crossen, A. Harrison. Junior Panhellenic trains members for participation on Senior Panhellenic Council, acquaints pledge classes of different soror- ities with each other, and provides a means for them to work together. It was established on the University campus, Fall Quarter, 195 3. Taking children from Lyndon House to the show and to lunch was added to the program of activities this year. The organization sponsored a Leap Year Sock Hop with the proceeds going to the campaign against cancer. Fall and Winter Quarters a scholarship cup was awarded the pledge class with the highest average. Members supported Panhellenic candidates in class elections, and the organization was responsible for the removal of all candidates ' posters immediately after the elections. Representatives were Charlotte Mayo and Lynne Bruce, Alpha Chi Omega; Sally Oliff and Joanne Hecker, Alpha Delta Pi; Sandra Smith and Lynn McClellan, Alpha Gamma Delta; Martha Addison and Gloria Roberts, Alpha Omicron Pi; Lucy Roberts and Harriet Baxley, Chi Omega; Karen Crossin and Ann Har- rison, Delta Delta Delta; Harriet Weiss and Pat Bennett, Delta Phi Epsilon; Beverly Weigand and Drue Grevemberg, Kappa Alpha Theta; Norma Delmore and Adelaide Pund, Kappa Delta; Sarah Cook and Judy Jenkins, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Carol Wimberly and Nancy Butts, Phi Mu; Mary Bland Bennett, and Donna Clifford, Pi Beta Phi; Kay Itzkow and Hannah Barr, Sigma Delta Tau; Rachael McConley and Jan Williams, Zeta Tau Alpha. Miss Ann Seawell acted as faculty advisor. (First row) B. Sugarman, E. Collins. (Second row) J. Jenkins, N. Butts, B. Wiggins, G. Heard. OFFICERS ELEANOR COLLINS President BARBARA SUGARMAN Vice-President GAIL HEARD Secretary BARBARA WIGGINS Treasurer JUDY JENKINS Scholarship NANCY BUTTS Publicity ROSALIND DAVID Chaplain John Wilkins, John Cox, Frank Seller, Donald Joel. ORDER OF THE GREEK HORSEMEN This organization was established at the University to honor fraternity men who have endeavored to promote and further the aims and ideals of the Greek way of Ufe. MEMBERS A JOHN J. WILKINS, in A FRANK W. SEILER A G. DONALD JOEL JOHN COX Faculty Advisor 295 President of the Temperance League? I ' m a real tiger. AEPi Comfort begins at home. Co-star in Joan of Arc Go it one time, Able. Hey, she really is pinned! Stompin ' at the Savoy Great Thinkers Series 296 Bring a little water, Sylvie . . I thought you said they weren ' t coming ' til eight. But I can terrify and mystify P f it T ' - 1 1 i ,- -4 ' 1 - - .m Vd like you to meet my two quemoslobies. ! " They were poor, but they were honest . . . iM This rug certainly did look different in the catalogue. AOPi u ■ ' 4 Of course you can ' t go to the ball, Cindy. .because . . . • 1I Bird-bath builders He must have a telescopic lens. A T Let me dow n, my nose is bleeding Anyone for a spot of tea? 297 We found it on the front porch. Hospitality committee And then the papa bird . Join the Navy and . Bottoms up! One tomato, t vo tomato . . . CHI You can get out w hen we get in the drive-in. The ' Bridge " girls ZETA Any resemblance to page 167 is entirely intentional. Maybe they won ' t see us. But don ' t step on my blue suede shoes. Carry me back to old Virginy. ■ W " rp jii SSA K ij H l r l 2r " Si %it This little piggy . • , and a convertible, and Carolann, and CHI PSI Holliday for hillbillys Nothing so relaxing as a good book. I didn ' t notice them come in. Convention be damned! " 90% of all college " women . , Grand Central Station Pack up your donkeys and be gone! Moral . . . buy " Sanforized " 1 1 s Are you sure you saw a man in here? Barefoot girl with cheek TRI DELT ii Pays to advertise I ' m impressed We do this every morning before breakfast There ' s one just like it on the other side Sorry, but we couldn ' t get a baby-sitter. Of course you ' re not too early. The fraternity encourages each man to develop his individuality Does it bite? Fairy tale come to life. DELT Pocahantus, your slip ' s showing Mary had a little lamb A Royal Flush? BOQ 222 Siamese tw ins seen double KD We must, Tve must , Help! Help! Don t let him up, theyVc got a camera. Those are a lovely dress you re " wearing The glass-eyed Menagery KD s as seen by the Lone Ranger It s no use, call the plumber Oh, to be a doornob It ' s an old family receipe. And she loves me I come from a rather large family eorgia Power Company is one of our creditors Field trip KAPPA SIG Door prizes? Watch out, you ' re getting paint all over! " There are four men to every w oman on the Georgia campus. " We ' ve been going to school for ages Who s rushing whom? I can can you Beginning French Before . . . and , Shot who? PHI DELT I never touch it. Love me, love my goat. , After George Washington slept here but he moved too. I died a thousand deaths. What ' s my Line? «w™SHH ' ' ' wl . thought I took the price tag off Musical chairs Surprising ' hat a uniform ' tl do. There are those people from the Salva- tion Army again. Where you goin ' Spring Holidays? Voo Doo No, Jimmy, go back to bed You should have been there for the debutante season. PHI There s more to Christmas than giving presents — there ' d better be! Me and Ernest Borgnine Please don ' t take him out, Dad I d never forget Tvhat-his-name, " A piece of bread, a glass of tea, and thou. ' People are no d . . . good. Rock and Roll Waltz. Three studios -want me to make a test. 1 11 give you exactly three hours to stop that. Mirror, mirror on the w all. Tech football game. SAE Answer to a teen-age prayer Check the headlights! Economy size TV tray. But -who gets it on week-ends? Look out! There ' re bones in the fish. Do you think it will ever replace night baseball? 306 It s really Modine Gunch? Don ' t get too cl ose, you ' ll smudge the lens. Get off the table. SIGMA Heartbreak Hotel Excuse me, may I have this dance? And to think he ' s calling the roll right now. Everything else w as in the cleaners. She ' s yours. I warned you not to leave the top off the toothpaste! It was those blasted Republicans that did it! I thought they ' d never leave. ! V " % . " f; T?k ' YEAR ' S EVENTS m-: y : i- :a .i The year of 1955-56 found the world generally at peace. The out- standing news was politics and segregation. Winston Churchill ' s retirement from active political life and tension in the Middle East held the attention of the world. The peoples of many lands were startled by the news of President Eisenhower ' s heart attack. His health became an issue in the year ' s presi- dential campaign. By spring, Adiai Stevenson and Estes Kefauver were vieing for the Democratic nomination. Segregation and integration held the headlines many times during the year. In Georgia, Governor Griffin ' s decision against Tech ' s playing in the Sugar Bowl against Pittsburgh and its Negro player brought derponstrations of protest from angry college students around the state. The Jackets, how- ever played and won 7-0. The admission of Negro coed, Arthurine Lucy, to the University of Alabama aroused mob demonstrations which finally resulted in her being expelled. Romance also mode news. Princess Margaret chose duty while Margaret Truman chose a newspaperman. Grace Kelly ' s engagement to the Prince of Monacco set international circles aflutter. Ernie Borgnine, Anna Magnani and " Marty " took the top Oscars. Not as a Stranger, The View from Pompey ' s Head, I ' ll Cry Tomorrow, and The Power of Positive Thinking topped the Best Sellers List. In the Co-op " Sixteen Tons, " " Memories Are Made of This, " " Davy Crockett, " and the " Rock and Roll " tunes hauled in the nickles. Johnny Podros pitched the Brooklyn Dodgers to a World Series win while Rocky Marciano flattened all challengers to retain his heavyweight Boxing crown. In the Winter Olympics the United States placed sixth. And " Connie Mack, " the grand old man of baseball, died at the age of 93. In the field of scientific research the nations continued to experiment with bigger and better weapons for peace and war. But the world lost one of the outstanding scientists of all time when death claimed Albert Einstein. ' On campus building made big news. Fraternities made plans to move nearer campus; Alpha Chi Omega and Phi Delta Theto built new houses on Lumpkin Street. The new Trinity Lutheran Chapel was erected across from North Myers Hall. Renovation of Memorial Hall was the largest project. The opening of the cafeteria in the new building allowed the closing of the fifty year old Beanery in Denmark Hall. The method of selecting the valedictorian was changed this year from the traditional election from a slate of candidates with high overages to the automatic appointment of the senior with the highest academic average. And the whole campus was brightened by " dyed-to-motch " fashions. On the following pages ore the campus-wide highlights of the year; here are the crowning events of Georgia, 1956. f« FRESHMEN attend one of the million parties of Rush Week. ORIENTATION, RUSH, RATTING Fall Quarter opened with the traditional Orienta- tion Week, Rush, and aRtting. The freshmen arrived early Sunday afternoon to get settled and prepared to embark on their college careers. The ensuing week was one of hectic haste and confusion. For the newcomers there were room numbers to learn, roommates ' names to try to pronounce and remember, places to find the directions to and from, Greek letters to decipher and learn the inside scoop about, dances to attend, tests to take, and finally, registration cards to be completed. For the upper- classmen there were numerous rush parties to plan, hours of silence to keep, orientation programs to make up, and registration paraphenalia to prepare. The freshmen met the onslaught with proverbial bright-eyed innocence, while the upperclassmen glanced at the sea of 1,416 red hats with superior disdain and smoothly concealed curiosity. NEW STUDENTS LEARN their way around at the Freshman Welcome Dance. SOPHOMORE GIRLS provide the residents of Milledge Hall with the services of the livin g alarm clock set about t o hours early. RAT DAY FEATURES individual variations on a traditional theme. FRATERNITY MEN POINT out advantages of being Greeks. THE GUEST LIST is planned. FRESHMEN BROWSE in the old book store conveniently located on Ag Hill. NEW FALL FASHIONS are selected. ' STRANGER IN PARADISE " appears at the tea. FLOWERS are distributed by the staff. THE AUDIENCE waits for the curtain to rise. CONTESTANTS AWAIT their cues backstage. 1956 PANDORA BEAUTY REVUE y » % ' ..-41-.. L ' li HHI k ■NitoBr ' WZ ii- HT H „ A CONTESTANT makes her way across the stage. JUDGES AGAIN VIEW the top contestants. THE COURT GATHERS around to congratulate the queen. October 25 was the date set for the Twentieth Annual Pan- dora Beauty Revue. Thirty-nine lovely coeds chatted with the judges at the tea given before the Revue and then proceeded backstage to await their cues. Flowers in arrangements based on the seasons were carried by the beauties as they moved grace- fully across the stage to the music of the Georgia Bulldog Orchestra. Trees representing the four seasons served as a background for the contestants. While the judges, Mrs. Johenning, Mr. Mathais, and Lt. Thompson, met backstage to make their decision, an intermission program was presented by various talented students, and Master of Ceremonies, John Fleming, who had announced the contest- ants, entertained the audience with his talents. Finally after a long, tense interval Miss Carolann Connor was crowned queen of the campus. Miss Pandora 1956. THE EDITOR CROWNS MISS PANDORA. PANDORA QUEEN Carolann Connor and her court (seated) Pat Hammond, Elsie Smith, Phoebe Gould, Marie Barron, (standing) Nancy Butts, Clarice Coleman, Pat Paschal, and Anne Hatfield. 313 MARIE BARRON f- reiented ou - At m Ut o 5 lAfiJUL CLARICE COLEMAN [■ reAented ou . Ittlta L ni LJme a NANCY BUTTS mu yX. f PHOEBE GOULD J- redentea ou eJLjetla au oUelta ANNE HATFIELD PreienteJt L P ' l Beta Plil I PAT PASCHAL l- reAented bu oUeita Juella eJjelta ELSIE SMITH J- reSenled b . Iplia Ujetta J- i J MISS PANDORA 1956 CAROLANN, sponsor of the football team, is presented at Homecoming. CAROLANN CONNOR, presented by Lambda Chi Alpha, becomes queen of the campus. Miss Pandora of 1956, Carolann Connor, was selected by the judges from thirty-nine contestants. The blonde sophomore from At- lanta won the title with her natural beauty, charm, and poise. A music major, Carolann is serious about making singing her career. To gain more experience in this field she sings with the Georgia Bulldog Orchestra. In addition to being sponsor for the Lambda Chi Alpha ' s, she is the Georgia football team sponsor. In 195 5 Miss Connor was chosen Miss G-Day; she also was selected as one of the five finalists for Miss U.S.A. and repre- sented Georgia in the Gator Bowl Queen contest. THE GEORGIA BULLDOG Orchestra features Miss Connor. 319 CHI PSI and KAPPA ALPHA THETA take top honors with decorations. HOMECOMING The spotlight was on Sammy Kaye Friday night, October 28, as Homecoming Week-end began. Old friends and alumni joined in with exuberant spirits as he and his famous " Swing and Sway " Orchestra provided the music filling Stegeman Hall. Bright and early Saturday morning the parade of cars, deco- rated in traditional Homecoming style, motored through town and up to the amphitheater on Ag Hill. Here an informal concert was given by Sammy Kaye and trophies were awarded by Biftad to Chi Psi and Kappa Alpha Theta for the best house decorations and to Pi Beta Phi for their " Southern Belle " car decorations. The game in the afternoon resulted in a 3 5 to 14 victory for the Bulldogs over Alabama. During half-time Miss Home- coming, Janet Gray, and her court were presented, and excellent musical entertainment provided by the Dixie Red Coat Band. Saturday night, Sammy Kaye ' s Orchestra was again featured for an informal dance. The festivities were finally concluded sometime within the following twenty-four hours, and the campus settled back into the normal routine. SAMMY KAYE presents " I wanna Lead a Band. " THE COURT — Phoebe Gould, Carolann Connor, Deanne Jazetz, and Nancy Butts- Miss Homecoming, Janet Gray, gets one from Sammy. -look on " while THE DELTS PRESENT the Bulldog, large economy size. SPECTACULAR HALF-TIME activities are provided by the Dixie Redcoat Band. THE SWING AND SWAY MAN THE CAMPUS TRIES its hand at bandleading. HALF-TIME FESTIVITIES feature presentation of Miss Homecoming and her court. ' HEANS A Hun J A CHARMING MISS and two unidentifiable friends at the Pie Throw. MARCH OF DIMES The $3,000 goal set by Alpha Phi Omega was topped by a total collection of $3,100 for the March of Dimes Drive. Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity sponsored its annual AEPie Throwing Contest to give the Drive an em- phatic boost. Pies and targets were auctioned off to che highest bidder, and proceeds were given for the campaign against polio. The total of $628 contributed earned the group first place among the fraternities. The Tau Epsilon Phi ' s who were out to better their long-standing rivals, campaigned energetically for funds and with a total of $6 5 8.60 were awarded the sweep- stakes trophy. Panhellenic Council was awarded the sorority trophy for the contribution of its members as a whole. G-CIub donated the most of any inde- pendent group, and Reed Hall won the dormitory trophy. Barbara Brown, sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma, was crowned March of Dimes Queen at the President ' s Ball terminating the Drive. TROPHIES ARE PICKED UP by Dick Young for G-Club, Willie Woo for Reed Hall, Dave Feinberg for Tau Epsilon Phi, Roslyn Seligman for Panhellenic, and Glenn Estroff for Alpha Epsilon Pi. TWO MORE TARGETS getting bought out by friends. H t « H8 f y l THE ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS present the " Messiah. " THE SPOTLIGHT During the year many prominent people were presented to the campus. Some were widely-known and came great distances while others, residents of the campus, were known only to their classmates and pupils. Guest speakers and performers were featured, and such groups as the University Theatre, Chorus Orchestra, and Glee Clubs appeared for programs. CHARLES COBURN chats with an admirer. HENRI PEYRE, outstanding scholar and A MUSIC APPRECIATION PROGAM is pre- writer, lectures on French literature and sented by Dr. Hugh Hodgson. politics. ROBERT FROST gives Wing his autograph. MR. SOPKIN DIRECTS the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. ' nnf - " SPONSORS are presented to the Corps. THE JOINT PARADE held before the Ball. MILITARY BALL Company sponsors were presented by the R.O.T.C. cadets at the special parade held Friday afternoon, February 10, as the kick-off for the military ' s social highlight of the year. The Military Ball, jointly sponsored by the Army and Air Force R.O.T.C. ' s this year, was held in Stegeman and featured Johnny Long and his orchestra. Para- chutes were arranged to create a canopy for the dance. The great bald eagle, the insignia of the Infantry, and the Air Force wings done in giant size decorated the hall. As members of the Pershing Rifles and Air Force Drill Platoon formed the sabre arch, the top cadet officers and their sponsors were presented in the grand leadout. The Angels Flight provided intermission enter- tainment with an exhibition drill. To climax the evening, Nancy Kellam, sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi, was crowned Military Queen by Band- leader Long. V.I.P. ' s SEEN at the Air Force Banquet. CHOW IS SERVED in the Franklin Room. CADETS AND DATES await the leadout. 324 ii»-S THE ARMY COMMANDER and Sponsor leadout through the sabre arch. i JOHNNY LONG provides the music. THE ANGELS FLIGHT entertains at half-time. SABRES AND BALLOONS present interesting combination at the dance THE MILITARY QUEEN Nancy Kellam (center) and her court — Sandra Dunn, Sheila Glass, Jan Williams, and Connie Hearn — reign over the Ball. 325 IN MEMORIAM JOHN J. COWHIG,JR. Student LILLIAN B.JOHNSON Instructor, Demonstration School BENNIE MAE BANNER Wife of Walter N. Banner, Registrar DAVID L.ERNEST Professor, Retired C. G. GARNER Agricultural Extension ALICE DEAN KELLY Instructor, Arts and Sciences JOHN MORRIS Faculty, Retired LOUISE HOLLINGWORTH Librarian STEVEN GREEN TINGLE Student 326 PAGE INDEX A ABAC Club 8-13 Ag Engineering Club 115 Ag Hill Council 178 Aghon 116 Air Force R.O.T.C 26-3 3 Alpha Chi Omega 266-7 Alpha Delta Pi 268-9 Alpha Delta Sigma 117 Alpha Epsilon Delta 118 Alpha Epsilon Pi 228-9, 296 Alpha Gamma Delta 270-1 Alpha Gamma Rho 230-1 Alpha Kappa Psi 119 Alpha Lambda Delta 178 Alpha Omicron Pi ... . 272-3, 297 Alpha Phi Omega 120 Alpha Tau Omega .... 232-3, 297 Alpha Psi 121 Alpha Zeta 122 American Pharmaceutical Assoc. . 124-5 American Veterinary Medicine Assoc 123 Angels ' Flight 127 Argonauts 126 Army R.O.T.C 34-41 Arnold Air Society 127 B Baptist Student Union 128 Baseball 214-6 Basketball 208-10 Biftad 129 Blue Key 130 B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation . . .131 C Canterbury Club 179 Cheerleaders 207 Chi Omega 274-5,298 Chi Phi 234-5 Chi Psi 236-7, 299 College 4-H Club 132 Cosmopolitan Club 133 D Dance Club 223 Deans 14-5 Dedication 4 Delta Delta Delta 276-7, 300 Delta Phi Epsilon 278-9 Delta Sigma Pi 134 Delta Tau Delta 238-9, 301 Delta Theta Phi 179 Demosthenian 135 F Faculty 14-23 Football, Freshman 206 Football, Varsity 198-205 Freshman Class 92-101 Future Teachers of America . . . 180 G Gaffau Club 180 Georgia Ag Club 136 Golf 217 Graduate Students 107 Grand Old Party 137 Greek Horsemen 295 Gridiron 138 H Homeconiing 320-1 Homecon 139 Horticulture Club 181 I Interfraternity Council .... 226-7 Intramurals 218-20, 222-3 J Junior Class 74-83 Junior Panhellenic Council .... 294 K Kappa Alpha 240-1 Kappa Alpha Theta 280-1 Kappa Delta 282-3, 302 Kappa Delta Pi 181 Kappa Kappa Gamma 284-5 Pappa si 140 Kappa Sigma 242-3, 303 L Lambda Chi Alpha 244-5 Lambda Kappa Sigma 141 Landscape Architecture Club . . .182 Law Seniors 102 La v Underclassmen 103 M March of Dimes 322 Military Ball 324-5 Mortar Board 142 N Newman Club 143 O Omega Tau Sigma 144 Omicron Delta Kappa 145 Orientation 310-1 P Pandora 190-1, 195 Pandora Beauty Revue . . . 312-319 Panhellenic Council 264-5 PEM Club 182 Pershing Rifles 41, 146 Phi Alpha Delta 147 Phi Delta Chi 148 Phi Delta Phi 149 Phi Delta Theta 246-7, 304 Phi Epsilon Pi 248-9 Phi Eta Sigma 150 Phi Kappa 151 Phi Kappa Tau 263 Phi Mu 286-7, 305 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 183 Phi Sigma 183 Phi Upsilon Omicron 152 Pi Beta Phi 288-9 Pi Kappa Alpha 250-1 Pi Kappa Phi 252-3 Pi Mu Epsilon 184 Poultry Science Club 153 Professional Panhellenic Council . .184 Publication Snaps 194-5 R Red and Black 192-4 Reed Hall Council 154 Rho Chi 185 S Saddle and Sirloin 155 Scabbard and Blade 156 Senior Class 44-73 Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . 154-5, 306 Sigma Alpha Iota 185 Sigma Chi 256-7 Sigma Delta Chi 157 Sigma Delta Tau 290-1 Sigma Nu 258-9, 307 Sigma Pi Sigma 186 Snaps 108-11, 296-307 Sophomore Class 84-91 Sphinx 158 Spotlighters 323 Student Council 159 Student Union 160-1 Sw imming 121 T Tau Epsilon Phi 260-1 Tennis 213 Thalian-Blackfriars 162 Theta Chi 262 Theta Sigma Phi 186 Track 212 Trinity Lutheran Student Group . 187 Triqueta 163 U University 164 University-Civic Orchestra . . . 165 University of Georgia Debate Team 187 University of Georgia Dixie Redcoat Band 166-7 University of Georgia Men ' s Glee Club 168 University of Georgia Religious Assoc 169 University of Georgia Veterans Club 170 University of Georgia Women ' s Glee Club 171 University Resident Student Assts. 188 University Theatre 172-3 V Veterinary Medicine Seniors . . 104-5 Veterinary Medicine Underclassmen 106 W Wesley Foundation 174 Who ' s Who 175 Women ' s Athletic Assoc 221 Women ' s Student Government Assc. 176 X X Club 177 Z Z Club 188 Zeta Phi Eta 189 Zeta Tau Alpha 292-3 Zodiac 189 327 a ii: u aim Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. Z ' 1 1 TRINITY C A U R, PLACE O R G I ' STUDENT INDEX Abcrcrombie, Wm. E., 76, 114, 136, 153 Abernathy. Richard P., 107 Abner, Lucius P., 76 Abney, George, 157 Abney, Raymond, 256 Abney, Wm. S., 149, 159, 256 Ackerman, Wm. J., 206 Adair, Beryl H., 86 Adams, Carolyn, 94 Adams, Dayis, 254 Adams, Edmund I., 102, 147 Adams, Leon, 144 Adams. M. Suzanne, 86, 270 Adam.i. Mary Ruth. 76 Adams, Norma June, 47, 272 Asiiew, Thomas Andrew, 256 Aspinwall, Barbara A.. 86, 139 Atliins, Wm. Macli, 105, 121 Atliinson, Florence B., 86 Atlcinson. James, 76 Atkinson, Patricia. 94. 266 Atkinson. Tyrus R.. 250 Atwell. John Kermitt. 106, 121 Auld, Wm. Lawaon, 207, 256. 134. 120, 36 Aultman. Airey, 286 Ausband, Robert Edgar, 254 Austin, Jo, 114 Ayant, James Fred, 94 Avera, J. Wray II, 76 Averitt, David H., 47. 256 Adams, Patricia A., 190, 195, 280 Await, John Edgar. 121 Adams. Patricia Y.. 94 Aycock. Anita Joyce, 76 Adams. Peggy Ruth, 86 Aycock, Gilbert C, 76 Adams. Wm. Preston, 183 Ayo, Barbara Anne, 282 .4ddison. Barbara Ann, 86, 127, 272 Bach. Peter Elbert. 76, 236 Addison, Martha Belle, 94. 127. Backus. Patricia Ann, 47. 272 272. 294 Bacon. Nancy Lee. 272 Aderhold. Eliz Clyde, 76. 274 Bacon. William Slade. 76 Adlcr. Melvin Leopold. 47, 234, Bagley, Aretta Ann, 47 156. 30, 33 Aiken, Morris E. Jr., 47. 180 Bagley. Martha Bow. 276 Bahin, Thomas Cobb, 168, 179 Aiken, Thomas Harold, 86, 178 Bailey, Audrey Jean, 94, 266 Akins, Barbara Anne. 47. 128 Akins. Jonnie Fay, 268, 47 Akins. Max Arnold, 238 Akridge, Vincent T. Jr.. 76, 119 Albert, Judith Marie. 86 Albert. Patricia. 288 Albritton. Rayford B., 144 Alday. Daniel Hugh. 230 Alderman. Doris Joan, 165 Alderman, Lucy. 270-86 Aldridge. Lewis G. 242 Alexander. Carolyn P.. 276. 182 Alexander. Edward T.. 182 Alexander. Lloyd D. Jr.. 115 Allen. Betty lona. 76. 114 Allen. Cyrus Charles. 94 Allen. Emily R.. 86 Allen, George Cyrus, 47 Allen, Jerry Carlton. 94, 244 Allen, Johnny Ray, 209, 215 Allen, Judith Barnes, 86, 286 Allen, Marvin, 120 Allgood, Dempsey E., 238 Allison. Raymond J.. 252 Allman. Raymond Jack, 193 Allmon, Wm. Lawrence, 86 . llmond. Emmett. 124, 76 Allred Albert Marion, 252, 94 Almand. William V. Jr.,36, 47 Almond, Eliz Ellett, 286, 47 Bailey, Benjamin G.. 256, 168. Bailey. Georgeanne. 288 Bailey. Harriet, Eliz. 47. 268. 265, 184 Bailey. Margaret M.. 284 Bailey. Thomas Daniel. 258 Baird. Thos Samuel. 47 Baird. William S., 254, 217 Baker, Benjamin B.. 246 Baker, Lauradine, 47. 268, 175, 189, 142, 152 Baker, Richard Cleon, 47 Baker. Robert Alan. 246 Baker, Shirley Jean, 266 Baldwin, Benj. Harris. 149 Baldwin, Constance M., 94 Baldwin. Fletcher N., 47 Balke. William James, 47 Ball, Eugenia Brock, 268 Ballard. Billy, 232 Ballard. Chas. T., 130. 135, 138, 147, 159, 145, 177, 175 Balte, Adrienne Gale, 76. 282, 160, 171 Banks. Roy S. JR.. 76 Bankston. James K.. 211 Barbaree. Virginia A.. 94 Barbato. Mario G., 86, 143 Barbee, Frank T.. 76 Barber, Allan W.. 240 Almon. Nancy Jo, 86, 282, 171 Barber. Caroline V.. 94 Alpern. Joyce Zelda. 94, 278, 131 Barfield, Carol Verne, 230 Alsup. John D.. 76 Alterman. Joanne S.. 278 Altman. Linda Frances, 94 Amos. Donald Lewis, 40 Barfield, Evelyn Jean, 76. 139 Barfield, Fred Thomas, 125 Barger, Patricia Ann, 272 Bargeron, Joy, 286 Anderson. B. Jeannen, 76, 292 Barker, Bonnie Lee, 94, 163 Anderson, Bob, 199 Anderson. Crockett B.. 162 Anderson, D. Mike, 199 Anderson. Herbert 105. 121. Barlow, Jas. Earl, 47, 36-37, 171 Barnard, Harmon L., 117, 193, 248 123 Barner, Carol F., 47 Anderson, James W. Ill, 94, 242 Barner, Theodore E.. 47. 119 Anderson, J. Lovat, 284 Barnes, Charlie M., 199 Anderson, John L., 47, 118 Barnes. Dolores. 284 Anderson. Mary C.. 288 Barnes. James Baker, 154, 242 Anderson, Tot, 160 Barnes, Jos. Frederick, 47, 125, Anderson, Wm. G.. 76, 153 148 Andrews, Eliz Louise. 86.178,193 Barnes, Patricia Ann, 86, 270 Andrews, Edward B.. 47. 250 Barnes. Phyllis M.. 76 Andrews. Jas. Jos.. 184 Ansley. Ellen B.. 286 Ansley, Wiley S., 250 Anthony, Richard M., 76 Barnett, Albert Major, 119 Barnette, A. Sharon. 94. 171 Barr. Hannah Merle. 290, 294 Barrett, Dona Gail. 47. 282 Antley, Iris, 47, 274, 207, 175, Barrett. Edgar Luther. 199 189, 142, 45 Barrett, Jos. W., 246 Appleman, Elliot M.. 248 Barron, Ellen Fliz, 286 Arbose, Jules R., 193 Barron, Marie, 286, 313-4 Archambeault, Raymond, 76, 140, Barrow, Joan B., 86, 178, 182, 125 276 Arey, Shelvin Lee, 106, 121 Bartenfeld, Chas. G.. 215 Armistead. Wm. Harvey. 199, 213 Barthelmess, G. Wesley. 47, 256 Armitage, Jane Stuart. 284. 162. Bartlett. Frank H.. 258 127 Bartlett. Lennard L.. 115 Armstrong B. Claire. 286 Barton. Chandler, 242 Armstrong. George F.. 94 Barton. Patricia K. 270 Armstrong. Wynn. 86. 286 Bass. Fred D.. 86 Arnold. Ann Camille. 47, 274, 189 Bass, Jane Elaine, 47 Arnold, James Fred Jr.. 121 Bass, Lindsey, 199 Arnold, Norman, 183 Arnold, Thomas E., 250 Arnold. Val, 211 Aronoff, Sylvia, 290 Aronowitz. Marvin A.. 248 Arrington, Jacquelyn, 76, 171 Bass. Fred Donald. 86 Batchelor, Robt. Henry. 144 Bates. Jas. Emile. 47 Bates. Rebecca N.. 47. 182. 171 Battey. Colden R„ Jr., 47, 236 Baugh, Herman C.. 47 Arthur, Matthew C, 47, 199, 156, Baum, Michael, 182 35-36 Arthur. Sarah B., 47, 164 Asbell. Glen Ann, 94. 272 Aabelle. Julius Elmo. 135 Ashurst. Charlotte. 162. 189 Ashworth, Thomas E., 258 Baxley, Harriet Hull. 294 Baxter, Franklin L., 232 Beach. Jas. Rowley, Jr., 230 Beach, John H. Jr.. 86. 124 Beach. Ted. 167 Beall. Geoge Scott. 234. 47. 127, 30. 122 Beard. Ottis Miller. 76 Beaver. Jane 276 Beck. Veva Eliz. 47 Beckum. Henry Frank. 258, 147 Beddingfield, C. Joye, 288, 86 Beddingfield, Jocelyn, 86 Bedenbaugh. Howard E.. 235 Bedingfield. D. Arnau, 47 Beemon. Donna Jean, 94, 141 Beers. Marie Haven. 94, 284 Behr, Jacob Shames, 248, 131, 120. 167. 40, 131 Belcher, Russell Hill, 246 Belflower, John T., 232 Bell, Alice Rebecca, 47, 152, 274 Bell, Barbara Lee, 94 Bell, Chas. Hardman. 47, 130, 143, 157, 160, 175. 179. 258 Bell, Clarence David. 94. 146 Bell. George A.. 48. 209 Bell. Henry Quinn. 242 Bell. James Caper. 94 Bell, James Thos., 76 Bell, Joan Chloe, 286 Bell. John Taylor. 199. 204, 250 Bell, Jos. Donald. 76, 230 Bell, Richard Sims, 236 Bell, Vivian, 94 Bell, Wm. David, 94. 230 Belton, Gail P., 94, 167, 288 Benamy, Fredric S.. 131, 220. 260 Bender. Marta T.. 280 Bennett. Beverly E.. 268 Bennett. Jos. Stephen. 86 Bennett. Lindsay H.. 151. 236. 78 Bennett. Loel E.. 76 Bennett. Marlene F.. 76, 193, 270 Bennett, Mary Bland, 76. 288. 294 Bennett, Patricia L.. 94. 278. 294 Bennett. Sue Eliz. 48. 114. 139. 178 Bennett, Vera Lee. 166. 276 Bentley. Betty Jean. 76 Bentley. Melvin R.. 94. 154 Bentley, Thos. Preston, 107 Bentley, Thos. Stansel, 138, 149, 240 Benton. Beverly. 48 Benton. Fdward B.. 240 Benton. Wm. Jos. 105. 121. 123 Berg. Norman Sean. 246 Berkowitz. Herman R.. 260 Herman, Barry Marvin, 228 Berman, Morris Jos., 48, 228 Bernstein. George M.. 228. 220 Bernstein. Paula Ann. 290. 249 Berry. Arthur N. Jr.. 246 Berry. Marianne 76. 282 Berry, WM. Madison. 48 Berson, Morton. 230, 131 Beusse. Didrich O. Jr.. 121 Beutell, Tom. 246 Biddle. Wm. Randolph, 94 Biegler, Maryanne L., 94, 270 Biggers, Barbar Anne, 282 Bigham, Wanda Janice, 292 Bing, Burnett J. Jr., 119. 76 Birchmore, Sarah Jane, 162, 189, 286 Bird. Cari D. Jr., 144 Birdsong. Wm. Rives. 252 Bisgay, Samuel J.. 288 Bishop. Douglas P.. 48. 119. 177, 127, 29. 31 Bishop, Richard F., 230 Black, Ann Eliz, 167 Black, Anne Stewart, 94, 282 Black. Betty Lois, 94, 171 Black, Claude Aubrey, 182 Black, David G.. 206, 254 Black. Duane E.. 124 Black, George Donald, 232 Black, Nena Madge. 282 Black. Robt. Keith. 107 Blackburn. Carolyn. 292 Blackburn. Edwin H.. 40. 129. 130. 154 Blackerby. Diane. 286 Blackledge. Wm. H.. 242 Blackman, Daniel A., 121 Blackman. Sylvia Joan. 94 Blackstock. Hoyt A., 48 Blackwell, Norman W., 48, 117, 190-1. 195 Blalock. Chas. Cicero. 48. 242 Blalock. Gerelda R.. 48 Blalock. Herbert G.. 240 Blandford. Ethel V.. 286 Blau, George G. Jr., 86 Blau. John, 48, 248 Bliss, Dorothy Rita, 270, 86, 171 Blitch, Brooks Erwin, 250 Blocker, Wm. Donald, 122 Bloedorn, Mary G.. 94, 266, 182 Blondheim, Herbert A., 260, 146 Blood, Beverly Jean, 270, 265 Bloodworth, Gloria, 76. 292. 167. 125 Bloom. Marshall E., 260 Boatright, Beulah, 86 Boden, John Charles. 242 Boeckel. Edward H., 48, 242 Boggs, Jack Dempsey, 48 Boggs, Larry Buford, 234, 76 Boggs, Paschal Glenn, 244 Bogie. Jon Richard, 234. 86 Bohannon, Byron O., 186 Bohanon. Don Clay. 124 Bohn. Henry Edmond, 146, 136 Bohn. Robt. Marsden. 242 Bolden. Chas. Edwin, 86 Bolen, Frederick S., 234 Boiler, Wm. Harbig. 76, 118 Boiling. John. 149 Bomgardner, Don Allen, 48, 240 Bond, Thomas Larry, 232 Bonds, Carlos Owen. 86 Bondurant. Emmet J.. 240, 86, 211 Bondurant, Helen J., 86 Bondurant. Mary. 94. 171 Bonnell. Ann Shell. 288 Bonzo, Wesley Elmer, 117, 193, 192, 194 Boone, Patricia Gail, 280 Booth, Norma Joyce. 48 Booth. William Stiles. 94 Booth, Willis Fernell, 48, 256. 126 Borders. Ann Hallie, 76, 286 Boring, Matthew H., 144 Borochoff, Phyllis L., 76, 278 Borum, Melvin Thomas. 206 Bostic, James B. Jr.. 121 Boswell, Rupert D. Jr.. 184 Bosworth. Warren E.. 76 Bothwell. Mary Louise. 292 Boulware. Ruth Anne 288. 183 Bourne. Robt. Lescoe. 48. 232 Bowden. Bicknel E. Jr.. 254. 217 Bowden. Wm. Eugene, 244. 168. 164. 165. 167. 40 Bowen. Allen Julian, 76 Bowen, George Lombard, 234 Bowen, Herbert Grady. 258 Bowen. John Hulan, 121 Bowen, John Metcalf, 122. 183 Bowen, Lena, 183 Bower, Frederick P.. 48. 162. 171 Bowers. Jean. 284 Bowkers. Mary Jo. 270 Bowles. Paul Jr.. 48. 254 Bowles. Tanya Anada. 292. 86. 168. 188 Bowman. Jimmie. 256 Bowman, Joe Erwin, 76, 140, 123 Bowman, Kenneth L., 94 Boyett, Charles R.. 258 Boyett. June. 48. 270, 164, 163 Boyett, Robert T., 244 Boyle, Robt. Trimble. 256 Boyles, Wiley R.. 232 Bozeman. Thos. Edwin. 254 Bracco. Nicholas T.. 199 Bradford. Allan C 238 Bradley. Jas. Patrick. 199 Bradley. Ronald M.. 209. 215 Bradley. Wm. Waldo. 240. 48 Bradshaw. Cha«. J.. 199. 240 Brady. Elizabeth Ann. 86 Bragg. Melinda. 76 Bragg. Robt. Earle. 48 Bramerel. Robert. 211 Bramlett, Jas. Durant. 76, 140, 123 Bramlett, Kenneth L., 199 Branan, Chas. Edward, 76, 113, 128 Branch, Annette S.. 94 Branch. Katherine M., 94, 282 Branch, Roger Gary, 48. 138 Branch, Wm. Dan, 48. 122. 135 Brand, James F., 124 Brand, Wm. Elliott. 76 Brandbrel. Bob. 244 Brandenburger. Paul W.. 246 Brannen. Beverly M.. 48. 280 Brannen. Chas. C. 76 Brannen. Jas. Albert. 107. 236 Brantley. Harold N.. 170 Brasse. Bill Armand. 240 Braver. Patricia E.. 290 Bray. Wm. EIrod. 244 Braziel. Delano R.. 48. 122. 168 Brehm. Kenneth Edmund. 236 Brett. Stephen E., 260 Brewer, David, 234 Brewer, John Gilbert, 86 Brewton, George R., 140 Bridges, Charles W., 76 Bridges. Evelyn J., 48, 180 Bridges, Glenn J., 48, 230. 118 Bridges, Martha Lee, 274. 48. 128 Bridges. Ruth Carolyn. 270, 127 Brigham, William B., 234 Brinkley, Ruth Brown, 94, 288 Brinson, Benjamin L., 238 Briscoe. Homer Donald, 144 Britt, John, 238, 86, 167, 164 Britt, Kenneth Harry, 244, 94, 146 Britt, Olive Kendricks. 105 Brittain, Ralph L. Jr., 76, 119 Broadhurst, Cyras G., 130 Brock. Allen C. Jr.. 48. 180 Broadnax Agnes King. 48. 286. 189. 179 Brock. Jimmy Parker. 242 Brockett, Wm. James Jr.. 250 Brody. Leigh Iriving. 228 Brogdon. Wm. Lloyd. 124 Brooks. Betty Carole, 167 Brooks. Norris. 36. 48 Brooks. Raymond D.. 76 Brooks. Walter Elmer, 140, 136, 124 Broome, Donald 48 Brawn. A. Nadine. 86. 132, 163. 176. 178. 188 Brown. Arthur K.. 94 Brown. Barbara Faye. 284 Brown, Barbara Lou, 292 Brown, Beverly W., 282 Brown, Brenda. 292 Brown, Corbine, 284 Brown, Diane Lucille, 86 Brown, Harry Marshall. 40. 167 Brown, Henry G., 263 Brown, Jas. Conrad, 196 Brown, Jas. Edward, 121, 124 Brown, Jas. Kenneth. 198-9. 202 Brown. Jas. Samuel. 76 Brown. Jas. Wendell. 246 Brown, Joann, 86, 292 Brown, John Francis, IZl Brown, John Marvin, 126, 232 Brown, Marion L., 36, 48, 156, 244 Brown, Martha Anne, 268 Brown. Martha Jo., 86 Brown, Martha Sue, 86 Brown. Rav Parker, 76, 132 Brown. Robt. Earl. 76 Brown. Ronald Kay, 199, 212 Brown, Ronald Harold, 76 Brown, Ronald Parks, 76, 126, 120, 122, 162, 177 Brown, Sharon Mershon, 86. 274 Brown. Shirley Anne. 76, 207, 268 Brown, Thos. D., 244 Brown, Welborn Lewis, 94 Brown, Wm. Richard. 220, 234 Browne, Eliz. Ann, 164 Browning, Donald Ray, 94, 133 Browning, Emory M.. 125 Bruce. Charles M., 76, 181 Bruce, Mildred C. 266. 94, 294 Bruce, Winton Leiand, 133 Brumby, Frank L.. 254. 217 Brumley, Martha E., 288, 94. 171 Brumsey, Margaret M., 268 Brunkhurst. Wm. Lee, 86. 164. 126. 183 Bruschke, Richard W., 48, 134 Bryan, Betty Hari. 274, 264, 223. 160, 76 Bryan, Shiriey Ruth, 76, 270 Bryan. Wm. Melton. 121 Bryant, Hailey R., 44 Bryant, Quillian L. Jr., 102, 179 Buchan, Chas. H., 144 Buchanan, Harriet, 274 Buchanan, John, 48, 238 Bullard, Wm. Madison, 230, 168, 76 Bunce. Edward H., 94, 168 Buracker, Samuel L. Jr., 48, 254 Burden, Margie Rose. 76. 270 Burel. Larry Gordon. 258. 36 Burger. Wm. Henry. 103. 144 Burgess. John Marvin. 230 Bark. Wm. Hugh. 48 Burke. Barron C. 36. 256 Burke. Benjamin R.. 86. 146, 227, 250 Burkett, Le Gay Sue. 178. 188 280 Burkhalter. Edward L., 38. 199 Burks. Nancy Eliz. 76 Burnett. Jane Louise. 76 Burnley. Bobby Clair. 124 Burns. Alma Joann. 128, 175. 184. 186. 189. 142. 264. 48. 286 Burns. Bobbie M.. 123, 140-1 ' Burns. George E.. 263 Burns. Va. McGowan. 48. 132. 286 Burr. Robert Lee. 76 Burrell. Robert T.. 77. 117 Burress. Nancy E.. 292 Burross. Bobby Wayne. 236 Burrow. Billy Gene. 77. 134 Burt. Donald Young. 230. 119 Buri, James Clarence. 77. 153, 136 Burt. Melvin Donald, 77 Burton, Billie Joan, 51, 139 Burton, Carolyn I., 86, 188 Burton, Jas. Phillip, 244 Burton, Peggy J., 86 Busbia, Douglas R., 250 Bush, Beverly Claire. 51 Bush. Lloyd Ray. 206 GUNN ' S Headquarters for COLLEGE MEN for Over A QUARTER CENTURY GEORGIAN HOTEL and COFFEE SHOP 100% AIR CONDITIONED Four Private Dining Rooms Seating from 10 to 250 SPECIAL STVDEIST RATES CITIZEN ' S PHARMACY CLAYTON JACKSON STREETS ATHENS, GA. PHONE: LI -6556 STUDENT INDEX Bush, Marion Jordan, 206 Bush, William Brian, 86 Butler, Georg W., 77, 242 Butler, Helen Diana, 31, 286 Butler, Jas. Earl, 206 Butler, Lucie Ann., 77, 182, 280 Butler, Sanford Hoyt, 254 Butler, Shela, 77, 182 Butts, Nancy Eliz, 286, 127, 313, 315. 320, 294, 243, 92 Butts, Paul Mitchel, 51 Buxton, Margaret N., 94 Buxton. Mary Vance, 282, 51 Byard. Wm. Arthur, 193 Byars, Charles Ray. 206 Byram, Alice C, 94, 163 Cabaniss, Daniel C, 51, 122, 215 Cabaniss, Emmet O. Jr., 51. 116 Cabaniss, Jas. Henry, 208, 209, 210, 215 Cabero, Nicky, 246 Cahill, Theodore K., 94, 254 Caison, Wm. McDowell, 252, 227, 77 Caldwell, Anita Joyce, 94 Caldwell, Emily Anne, 94 Caldwell, John C. Jr., 107, 120, 160 Caldwell, Patricia K., 86 Calhoun, Paul W. Jr., 240 Calhoun, Robt. Wright, 254 Calicott, Pled D., 246 Callaway, Jim. 215, 216 Callaway, Nellie J., 86, 185. 167 Callaway, Willis B.. 86 Callihan, Michael D., 240, 86 Cameron, Carey M., 77, 192, 193, 194 Cammack. Jas. Dickson, 258, 51 Camp, Bobby O ' Neal. 232 Camp, Peggy Frances, 51 Campbell, Anne Marie. 292 Campbell. Audrey Ann. 77 Campbell, Aurelia. 51. 164. 184-5 Campbell. Cullen W.. 136 Campbell. Jan. 268 Campbell, Jane Allen, 284 Campbell. Janet J.. 77. 270 Campbell, J-eanne Eliz.. 77 Campbell. Judith Ann. 167. 185 Campbell, Thos. C. 106. 121 Canada. Clarence C, 263 Cann. Alexander L.. 240 Cannon. Calvin L.. 170. 144 Cannon. Finess Ann, 280 Cannon, Va. Hamilton 282, 190, 195 Canty. Richard Jos, 51 Canupp, Jerry Ted. 86. 244 Cape, Robt. Henry, 199 Capozello, Daniel R.. 260 Carey. Benj. Thayer, 77 Carey. Wm. Doyle. 153 Carle. David Allen. 248 Carlton. James Benton, 115 Carlton, Joan Helen. 280. 51 Carmical. Andrew B.. Jr.. 167, 40 Carmichael, Laura J., 270, 94 Carmichael. Patrick N.. 170 Carmichael. Sarah L., 284 Carnes, Janeile G.. 51 Carpenter. Edith C, 268, 94 Carpenter. Joanne. 163 Carpenter, Marvin " 213 Carpenter, Miriam A., 286 Carpenter, Rutledge, 254 Carroll. Jack Ronnie. 77 Carroll. Patricia Ann. 77 Carroll, Van Eugene, 77, 256, 177. 192 193 Carroll. ' william R., 250, 126 Carrollton. Ronald W.. 199-200 Carson, Nita Patricia, 94, 282 Carswell, Frederick L.. 232 Carswell. Stewart G.. 232 Carteaux, Thos. L., 94 Carter. Barbara Bush, 51 Carter, Daniel H, 51 Carter. Guy Carlton, 234 Carter, Jean, 51, 280 Carter. Jocephus D., 77 Carter, Robt. Alfred, 51 Carter. Robt. Frank, 167 Cartledge. C. Carol. 86 Carver, John Raymond, 77, 168 Casey, Barbara Anne. 292. 189 Casey. Henry Alonzo, 230, 180 Casey. Jas. Ira Jr.. 86. 128. 129, 150. 136 Casey, Julian V.. 199 Casey. Sonny. 250 Cash. Nancy Lou, 95 Cashin. Eugene O.. 77, 207. 250. Cason. Cecil David. 118 Cate. Mary Boone, 51 Cates. Jas. Rus»ell, 236 Cave. Jos. Russell. Jr.. 250 Cavcnder, Jackie L., 244 Cayce, Barbara B., 139 Caye. John Crichton, 263 Chafin, Wm. Vernon, Jr.. 86 Chambers. Fred. 51. 122. 136 Chambers, Robt. Gerald. 86. 126, 129. 150 Chambers, Robt. Samuel. 179, 236 Chambers, Rufus Adair, 240 Chambers, Wm. Bearden. 232 Chamblee. David W., 77 Chamblee. Norma Renee, 51. 268 Chambless. Robt. E.. 51 Chance, Carlton K., 95, 244 Chandler, Eddie Jack, 51 Chandler, Harold K., 105, 121 Chandler, Harvey H., 258 Chandler Marion S., 51, 189. 286 Chandler, Martha H., 286 Chandler, Thos. J., 51 Chandler, Willis D., 124 Chandley, Frank H.. 238 Chapman. Carolyn Anne. 95. 282. 171, 143 Chapman. Clifford E., 123 Chapman. Robt. Morgan, 232. 115 Charles, G. Melvin. 156, 36, 212 Charnley, Robert J. Jr., 206, 254 Charvin, Harvey Allen, 228 Chase. Allan Seamans. 182 Chasin, Irwin Sam, 86, 260, 124 Chastain, Clara Jane. 95. 268 Chastain, Ira Gene, 51. 230. 136 Chatfield. Linda Lou. 86. 288 Cheek. Horace L. Jr.. 147 Cheek, James Kennedy, 244 Cheeves, Charles L.. 258 Chermak. Gail Rubin, 278 Cherry. Calvin W. III. 256. 77 Chesson. Mike Curtis, 121 Chick, Peter Pearson. 95 Childress. John H. Ill, 95 Childs, Mobley Free. 51. 134 Chiles, Joyce E., 95 Chilton Jack King, 232 Choyce. Thomas Fuller, 250, 149. 179 Chiistian. Allison. 182 Christi " , Dorothy B.. 286 Christie. Jas. Thomas, 246 Claire. Brantley. 284 Clark, Albert Hatcher. 134 Clsrk. Dan Hartwell. 51. 212 Clark. Donna C. 86 Clark. Jas. Darrell. 95 Clark, ,Tas. Harvey. 77 Clark. Jane Marian. 95. 286 Clark. Mary Murray, 51, 274 Clark, Thad Cleve, 199, 201 Clark, Wm.. 168 Clarke. Barbara Jean. 95 Claxton, Joan P.. 292 Claxton. Raiford L., 105, 121 Clayton, Guy C 258 Clemence. Wm. Jas. Jr.. 107 Clemens, Kenneth G., 236, 227 Clements, Robert L. Jr., 95 Cleveland. Julian H., 86 Cleveland, Robt. Jos.. 199 Cliatt, William Price. 250 Clifford. Donna. 288. 294 Cline, V. Otho, Jr., 121 Clonts, Carolyn. L., 77 Clyatt, Eugene Gibson. 250 Clyatt, Thos. Edward, 250 Cobb, Clark Howell, Jr., 51. 177, 140, 156, 36. 125 Cobb, Gilbert L. Jr., 95 Coburn, Sandra Lynn, 51, 282, 265 Cochran, Emmett, T.. 95. 146 Cochran. Jimmy Seldon. 77. 250 Cochran, Johnny. 120 Cochran, Virginia Ann. 288 Cochrane. Susan A.. 284 Cody. Elenore Cay. 284 Cody, Jas. Ray, 77. 242 Cofer. Nan Rae. 95 Cofer. Ronald Edward. 236 Coffin. Nelson C, 149 Coffsky, Jay Sheldon, 260 Coggin, Nancy, 167 Coggins, Barbara Ann. 95. 276, 182 Cohen, Cecile Elaine. 77, 131, 278 Cohen, Dewald Samuel. 228 Cohen. I.nadore. 228 Cohen. Judith W.. 51. 152. 288 Cohen, Larry Arnold. 94. 228 Cohen, Leon Shelton, 29. 51. 127. 156, 260 Cohen, Manuel, 220. 228 Cohen. Marvin B.. 29, 31, 51, 127, 15fi 228 Cohen, Rebecca Betty, 131. 278 Cohen. Ronnie H.. 260 Cohn, Dorothy Claire, 290 Cohn. Louis Allen. 248 Coile. Raymond Tyrus, 86 Coiner, Katherine A., 288 Coker, Mirian Joan, 86, 163 Cole, Dolores M.. 284 Cole. Donald I ogan. 254 Cole. Johnny. 95. 258 Cole. Jos. Franklin, 95 Cole. Margaret C. 77 Cole. Sandra Lee. 77. 286 Coleman. Philip H.. 105. 121. 183 STUDENT INDEX Coleman. Sarah C 266. 313, 315 Coleman. Verner R.. 170 Coleman. Willie A., 77 Collier. Bill. 92 Collier. Claude R., 106 Collier. Jas. M.. 36. 149, 156, 258 Collins. Chappell A., 77. 168. 250 Collins, Chas. L., 77, 118, 170 Collins, Eleanor Anne, 276, 294 Collins. Gordon W.. 51. 122. 168 Collins. Henry E., 146 Collins, Jack, 77 Collins, Lewis R.. 118. 120, 126 Collins, Martha Ann, 95, 284 Collins, Monk 212 Collins, Nick, 232 Collins. Robt. Lee, 258 Collins. Thos. C. 232 Collins. Wm. Coppedge. 95. 246 Colter. Wm. H.. 51. 36, 125, 140 Combs, Ralph, 77 Comer, Cyril Murray, 87, 124 Comer, John Fletcher, 256, 146 Comfort, Jos. Donald. 199. 201 Conaly, Jack, 115 Conaway. Lessie E., 95, 272 Conaway, Paula Faye, 272, 51, 118. 171 Condron, Edward Leo. 244 Cone. Suzanne Acree, 282 Conner, Berenice Ann, 51, 282 Conklin, Charles S. Ill, 246 Connell, Clyde E., Jr., 183 Connell, Edgar A., 258 Connell, Homer E. Jr., 121 Conner, Virginia R., 95, 124 Conner, Bernice Ann, 51, 282 Conner, Max Emerson, 51, 125, 140 Conner, Va. R., 95, 124 Connerat, Wm.. Spencer. 103. 135. 149 Connolly, David Hugh, 149 Connor. Carolann, 268, 313, 245, 318-20 Connor, Daylor M., 87 Conrad, Ted, 246 Conyers, Courtney J., 107 Cook, Clark Howell Jr., 51, 127. 30, 182 Cook, David F., 135-6 Cook. Ernest Lester, 256 Cook, Jeanette, 52 Cook, Margaret P., 290 Cook, Sara Alice. 284. 294 Cook. Travis P.. 240 Cooley. Ethel Camille. 280, 95 Cooley, Janey Mae, 268 Coolick, Stanley A.. 260 Cooper, Callie Eliz. 167 Cooper, Erna E., 95, 270 Cooper. Ken. 199. 200. 205 Cooper. Shirley N., 52, 182 Copeland, Billy Hugh, 52 Copeland, Sue Moon, 52 Corcias, Curly, 133 Corley Everette A., 144 Cornett. George Thos., 244, 227 Coskey, Michael J., 256 Cottongim, Leonard T., 234 Coulson, Samuel Dewey. 52. 174 Couper. James Maxwell, 234 Courtenay, John C. Jr.. 52. 178, 115 122 Courson. Maxwell T. Jr.. 244. 87, 168 Courts. Richard W. II, 206, 2S4, 179 Cousins. Betty Jane. 266 Cowan. Benjamin P.. 87 Cowan. Robt. Wm.. 184 Cowart. Jackson S. III. 232 Cowart. James Walter, 179 Cowart, Wm. Jackson, 87, 153, 132 Cowie, Jean, 162, 133 Cowley. S. June. 292 Cox, Chas. Edward. 242 Cox. Chas. Jerry. 95 Cox, Jas. Bethae, 87 Cox. Jay Carroll. 254 Cox. Jos. Carroll. 52 Cox, Julian Hoyt, 87, 159, 227, 234 Cox, Martha E.. 87 Cox. Theodore L.. 77 Crabb. Jas. Edwin. 77, 117 Craig. Frank Rankin. 105, 116, 175, 121, 123, 183 Crane, Eleanor Thayer, 87, 163 Crane, Herbert M. Jr.. 234. 52, 30, 33 Crane, Wm. Bowen. 29-30, 52, 127 Craven, Mary Carolyn, 95, 193 Craven, Susan Melinda, 95 Crawford, Barbara B., 52, 266, 265, 175, 189, 142 Crawford. Diana Sue. 127. 190. 264-5, 280, 78 Crawford, Hal S., 246 Crawford, Jane C. 272. 52 Crawford. Jo Ann. 52 Crawford, L. Eleanor, 77 Crawford, Lawrence E., 95, 167 Crawford, Peggy Ann. 292 Crawford. Steve Wm.. 87. 150 Crawford, Wm. Allen, 87 Crawford, Wm- Benjamin. 95. 115. 156 Crawford. Wm. Mathis. 95. 124 Creel. Joann Caines, 95 Creel. Nancy Ann. 288, 183 Crews, Leonard James, 77 Crittenden. Wily M., 240 Crocker. Curtis Vance. 87 Crockett. Rudolph W., 95, 262 Cromartie, Wm. K«lly, 77 Cronin, Robt. Aloysius, 242 Crook. Marilyn Yvonne. 95 Crooms. Robt. C. Jr., 77 Cross, Mary Elii.. 286 Cross. Ralph C. 95 Crossin. Karen Kay, 87, 27t, 294 Crovatt, Nancy, 286 Crow, Betty Joan, 95 Crow, H. Sylvia, 87, 188 Crowe, Gloria L.. 95 Crowley, Eugene D.. 146 Croxton. Ann Marie, 272, 87 Crumley, Clarrissa J., 77, 286 Crump, Janet, 187 Crump, Malcolm Hart, 187 Crumpton, Daniel N., 122 Cuddy, Mary Annette, 95, 226 Culley, G«raldine E., 95 Culpepper, Barbara A., 95, 141, 124, 171 Culpepper, Carolyn A.. 288 Culpepper. Eugene B., 230, 182 Culpepper, Henry M. Jr., 258 Culpepper, Walter K.. 198-9. 204, 156 Cummins, Dennis Leroy, 52, 238, 127. 29-30. 125 Cunard. John V.. 206 Cunningham. Alda Ann. 52. 268. 184 Curlee. Edmund Lane. 250 Curry. James Bernard. 206. 143 Curry. Linda Early. 284 Cushenberry Anthony. 198-9. 204. 250 Cutchens. Edsel. 77. 114 Cutcliff, Jas. Robt.. 234. 52. 148. 125 Cutter. Dixie K.. 268. 77 Dadisman. Jos. Carrol, 52, 130, 138, 157, 177, 175, 192, 194 Dahlberg, Winfred Ann, 52 Dallmus, Corrine A.. 95. 171 Daniel. Betty Jane. 292 Daniel. Henry B. Jr.. 144 Daniel. Jos Yancey. 256 Daniel. Mary Louise. 274, 152 Daniel, Sara Ann, 268 Daniel, Willodean, 77, 128 Daniell, Sue Carolyn, 77 Daniels, Dickie, 240 Dangar, Jesse Ray, 95, 136, 153 Dann, Helen Louise, 274 Danner, Virginia Nan, 95, 272 Darby, Claudia I., 52 Darr. Joseph Ernest. 256 Darsey. Beverly 95. 286 Davenport. Anita Faye, 268 Davenport. Mildred A.. 77, 268 David, Beverly Joanne, 266 David. Rosalind C. 95, 268, 294 Davidson, Chas. E.. 170 Davidson, Franklin R.. 103, 135 Davis, Billy Joe, 178 Davis, Carolyn Ann 95, 272 Davis, Carolyn M., 52, 182 Davis, Cecil Goodwin, 135 Davis, Chas. Edward, 167 Davis, Edward Newman, 30, 52 127, 258 Davis, Ephraim P., 146 Davis, Floyd Edwin, 52 Davis, Frances C. 95, 163 Davis, Horace G.. 119 Davis. J. B.. 199 Davis. James. 147 Davis. John Burl, 105 Davis, Jones Everett, 87 Davis, Lenurd Lee, 262 Davis, Mary Frances, 77, 132, 153, 163 Davis, Norman H.. 206 Davis. Purnell, 234 Davis, Ralph Eugene, 167 Davis. Robt., 183 Davis, Robt. Graham, 52, 212, 258 Davis, Walton C, 246 Davis, Wm. Arthur. 77, 135 Davis, Wm. Paul, 52 Dawson, Charles M.. 167, 40 Dawson, Wm. Pinkney, 95 Day, Jos. Jerome Jr.. 77. 184 Day, Peggy Joyce. 292 Deal. Larry Gene. 77, 115 Dean, Fred, 213 Dean, George, C. Jr.. 87. 238. 150 Dean. India. 52. 186. 192 Dean. John Tliomas, 258 Dean. Roscoe E. Jr.. 262. 227. 87 Deaton. Louie F.. 78. 256 Deaton, Mary Patricia. 272 Debeaugrine. Eliz. H.. 95. 286 Debeaugrine. Martha A., 87, 286 Dees, John Sidney Jr.. 148, 125, 242 Dekle, Evelyn V.. 95. 141. 125 Dekle. Franklin E., 95 Dekle, Joel Stewart, 52, 140, 3C, 125 Delamater, Peggy G., 280 D«lk, Jas. Carol, 78, 250, 38 Delmore, Barbara Anne, 52, 282, 185 Delmore. Norma K., 282, 96, 143, 169, 171, 294 DeLoach, Al Kenneth, 256, 151 DeLong, Jack Ernest, 234 Delorme, Cecil B., 52 Demos. Johnny N.. 78. 165, 183, 167, 40 Dempsey, Jesse Roy, 180 Denmark, Sumner J. Jr., 250 UPPY ' S Drive-In Restaurant Courteous and Efficient Service Assured STUDENT SPECIAL Steaks Sea Foods Basket Service Telephone Service Chicken Sandwiches Curb Service LI. 3-9285 Headquarters . . . For school books and all kinds of supplies for the student ' s requirements. SODA FOUNT, DRIISKS, and SMOKERS ' SUPPLIES SOUVEISIER GIFTS — Mailed anywhere in the United States. THE UNIVERSITY STORES STUDENT SUPPLY STORE MycrM Hull Memorial Hall Denmark Hall STUDENT INDEX Dennard. Thomas E. Jr., 246 Denning, Marjorie L., 52, 180 Derieux, Wm. Thomas, 144 DeVauKhn, Benton J., 234 Deyerle, Frances B., 270 DeZoort, Edith June, 118, 189, 183 Dicks, Jimmy, 250 Dickerson, Jas. Louis, 262 Dickerson. Joe Bill, 52, 185, 125, 148 Dickson, Boyce, 188 Dickson, Patricia, 96 Dickstein. Sybil, 290 Dillard, Mary Kay, 274 Diller, Charles David, 96 Dillon, Robt. Jay Jr., 256 Dilworth, Wm. Doufclas, 192, 194 Dinwiddle. Robt. M., 78. 208-9 Dismukes, Arthur F. Jr., 234 Dixon. George M. Jr., 78, 183, 167 Dixon, Jane Lucille. 96, 139 Dobbins. Chas. Nelson. 123 Dobbins, Hugh C. Jr., 240. 121 Dodd, John Robert, 78, 238 Dodds, Andrew Jas., 144 Dodds. Otis Marshall, 206, 254 Dodson, Carr Glover, 254 Doetsch, Richard Lee, 143, 217 Dolgoff, Norman Jerry, 260 Dollar, Carolyn P., 78, 139 Dominick, Jerry W., 78 Donaldson, Carey W., 96, 164, 167 Donaldson, Robt F. Jr., 78, 256 Donaldson, Wm. Eugene. 180 Doobinin, Boris Jr., 230 Dopson, Arvid Eugene, 52, 153 Dorer, Donna Leigh, 78, 266 Doros. Frank Charles, 52, 140, 125 Doss, Albert Ray, 170 Doster, Jas. Norman Jr., 87, 168 Doster. Robert G., 96 Doty, Frances H., 52, 286, 179 Dowell, Paul Wilson, 256, 146, 92 Downes, Michael M.. 250, 38 Downing, Anne Laurie, 268 Downing, Dana Duane, 96 Downs, Katie Linda, 268 Downs, Sylvia Gaye, 282, 189 Dozier, Dorothy Anne, 96, 266, 132 Drake, Henry Cowart, 240 Dreesen, Alice Eliz., 106 Dreesen, David Walter, 52, 262, Drew, Ernest Harold, 238, 150 Dricbe, Charles James, 149 Drinkard, Emory Paul, 96, 165, 167 Driskell, Curtis H., 193 Driskell, Barbara Ann, 268, 171. Driver, Edmund B. Jr.. 254 Driver, Thomas P.. 232 Drummond. Othel E., 78 Dubberly, Dell Barry, 238 Dubignon, Sarah Lamar, 286 Dubose, Virginia P., 286 Dubose, Wm. Timothy, 52 Ducey, Jas, Emmett, 121 Duckworth, Wm. Henry, 246, 212 Dudley, Betty Joyce, 78, 167 Duffy, Robert Joseph, 155, 136 Duggan, Va. Claire, 87, 274 Duggar, Beverly, 286 Duggar, Frances E,, 288 Duke, Doris Ann., 87 Duke. Wm. Micheal 40, 167 Dukes, Henry C., 198-9 Dukes, Martha Frances, 78, 270 Dumas, Ida Leah, 52 Dumbroff, Erwin B., 211 Dunahoo, Harriette A., 178 Dunahoo, Wm. Simpson, 78, 31, 153 Dunaway, Joyce D., 270, 52 Dunaway, Wm., 258, 36 Dunbar, Dave C. Jr., 114, 144, Dunbar, Leonard A., 52 Duncan, Jas. Robt., 155, 144, Duncan, Phyllis J., 180 Dunn, Henry Mitchell. 149 Dunn, Mary Catherine, 183 Dunn, Samuel, 115 Dunn, Sandra Louise, 274, 188, 325 Dunn, Wm. Milton Jr.. 236 Dunning, Jas. Warren, 52, 185, 125 Durden, Carolyn C, 286. 176 Durden, John Harold, 106, 144 Durden, Milner G., 199, 250 Durham, Peggy D., 270 Durrence, Charlie B., 242, 96, 135 Durrence, (»ene M„ 87, 115 Durrence Mary Ann 282, 263 Duryea, Edward R., 182 Uuval, Robert I., 96, 248, 155 Dwyer, Thomas P. II, 96, 250, 182 Dye, Nat S., 206 Dye, Paul Byron Jr., 246 Dye, Wayne, 199 Dyer, Carolyn Beth, 266 Dyes, William Harris, 107 Dyess, Connor C, 288, 171 Dykes, Celetta Lee, 87, 268, 162, 189 Dysard, Virginia Lee, 268 Eades, William Harold, 52, 250, 36 Eady, Nell Dena, 87, 141, 184, 124 Fady, Peggy Louise, 96 Eagan, Hugh Mason, 78 Eagar, Jane Tharpe. 96, 288 Earle. Ethel Evelyn. 292, 171 Earnest, Clare C. 288 Easom, Barbara Ann, 78, 266 Eason, John Thomas, 170 Eaton, Peggy Ann, 96, 171 Eberhart. Jane Bowden, 272, 96, 167 Eberhart. Wm. Frank. 244, 211 Eckerman, Marilyn L., 78, 280 Eddy, Ralph Wilson, 52, 135, 184 Edenfield, Janie P., 55, 272 Edenfield. Berry A., 55, 135, 138, 177, 147 Edge, Peggy Glenda, 268, 171 Edmonds, Robert 258 Edwards, ( ' has. Emory, 150 Edwards, Chas. Gordon, 199 Edwards, Crawford B., 149 Edwards, Edwin, 246 Edwards, Frances F., 266 Edwards, George C, 121 Edwards, Harvey Neil, 78 , 164-5, 167, 183 Edwards, Jas. B., 78 Edwards, Joe, 258 Edwards, Kathryn, 96 Edwards, Robt. M., 144 Edwards, Robt. Sammie, 107 Edwards, Sylvia Lee, 78 Egy, Barbara Anne, 284 Fidson, Djo Sweyn, 122 Eidson, Philip R. Jr., 167 Elam, Raymond Chas., 121 Elder, Hattie L., 284, 265 Elder, Marvin T. Jr.. 55 Fldridge. Franklin J., 254 Eldridge, Margaret B., 55, 270 Eleazer, Thomas H., 106, 121 Elkins, Chas. Boyd Jr., 136 Ellenburg. John F., 246 Elington, John T., 55, 258, 29-30 Ellington, Marvin, 78 Ellis, Marvin Elliott, 55, 155. 136 Ellis, Mary Sue, 55, 284 Ellison, Martha Lee, 280, 96 Elliston, Jerry S., 258 Elman, Victor Herbert, 260 EIrod. Robt. Quentin. 140, 124 Emmett, June Marion, 55, 182. 167, 171 Emmons, Janet Louise, 280, 188. 178 Emmons, Richard H., 244 England, John Melvin, 102, 130. 147, 175, 187 England, Marshall, 250, 179 English, Inman C. Jr.. 78, 118 English, Jas. Boswell, 55 English, Martha C, 288 Fnsley, Arvil Gene, 107 Ensley. Wm. Edward, 208, 209, 210 Eppolito, James Sam, 262 Epps, Rosamond Claire, 78 Eskedor, Edna C, 280 96 Estes, Eugene T., 206 EsUs, Jane, 274, 159, 176 Estes, Louise Eliz., 139 Estroff, Donald H., 228 Fstroff, Glenn Allen. 228, .322 Estroff. Sarabel, 278 Fsty, ( ' . Phil, 55 Etheredge, Mary M., 266 Ethredge, Sara Helen, 55 Ftheridge, Robt Loy, 124 Eubanks, Helen Faye, 292. 96, 167 Eubanks, Jeanne L., 282 Eubanks, Roberta L., 171, 179 Eubanks, Warren B„ 55 Evans, C, Mitchell, 240 Evans, Edith Eliz., 141, 125 Evans, James A. Jr., 258 Evans, Jane Beall, 292 Evans, Jimmie Harlan, 230 Evans, Marilyn June, 87 Evans, Richard R., 87, 240 Evans, Warren D., 103, 147 Everett, Willis Mead. 246 Everhart, Edwin L., 183 Evers. Hugh Taylor, 183. 167 Every, Joan Kay. 55. 207. 282. 175, 142 Evins, Samuel N. Jr., 234 STUDENT INDEX Ewalt, Patricia Lou, 272, 55 EwinE. Sidney Alton, 121. 183 Exiey. Slade H., 121 Ezzard. John A., 87, 234. 126, 146 Fair. Wm. Eve Jr.. 240 Fanning:, Frances S.. 55, 286 Farlias. Leonard. 248 Farmer. Catherine M.. 274 Farmer. George S.. 206 Farmer. Henri Leon Jr.. 96. 234. 146 Farmer. Jas. Maynard. 258 Farmer. Millard C, Jr.. 240 Farmer. Thos. Wm.. 262 Farmer. Tom Fisher. 240. 138 Farneti. Sharon Jean. 292 Farr. Martha Joann. 87 Faulk. June. 55 Faulkner. Gerald Max. 55. 153, 177, 136 Fazio, Salvatore A., 256, 87, 143 Fechtel, Gloria Eliz., 280, 96 Feigenbaum, Marcia, 278, 131 Feild, David Meade Jr., 146 Feinberg, David S.. 55. 260, 322 Feinberg. S. Randolph 55. 219. 227-8 Feingold. Barbara L.. 278. 131 Feldman. Murray. 228 Feldman. Ruth Ann. 278. 131 Felts. John E., 146 Fendig, Jimmy Gowen, 256 Ferensick, George, 182 Ferguson. Willorene. 292 Fetzer. Laurice E.. 258 Few. Samuel W. Jr.. 78 Fickling. Eliz. Ann. 276 Field. Donald Burton. 260 Filmer. Charles H.. 155. 40 Fincher, Donald Smith. 121 Fincher. Harriet Z.. 78. 286 Fine. Paul Irwin. 228, 131 Fineroff, Marlene Ann, 278, 164. 131 Finklestein, Sharon R.. 290 Finley. Martha Deen. 272. 182 Finnegan. John Adam, 105 Fisch, Walter C 55 Fischer. Barbara V.. 55. 288 Fischer. Jas. Wm.. 55, 127, 27, 29 Fitts, Chas. Henry, 107 Fitts. Jacqueline B.. 96 Fitzgerald. Bernard P.. 78, 170 Fitzgerald. Patricia, 78, 268, 164. 171 Flanders, Edgar Paul, 256 Flanders. Jos. C. Jr., 240 Fleming. Jake Little. 254, 32-33 Fleming, John. 207. 199. 149 Fleming. Katherine C. 284 Flenniken. Sandra K.. 96 Fletcher. Monte G.. 181 Fletcher. Norman S.. 246. 227, 130. 138. 175. 158. 45 Fletcher. Robt. M.. 55. 127. 31. 33 Florence. Frances E., 55, 286 Flournoy, Robert G.. 238. 87 Flowers. Herschel H., 105, 136, 183 Flowers. Johnny J.. 87. 167 Flowers. Wm. Robert. 206 Floyd. Glanda R.. 87. 163 Floyd. Larry Eugene. 232 Flynt. Charlotte Anne. 96, 288 Flythe, James B.. 236 Pokes. Ernest Calder. 250 Folg«r. Philip Dale. 146 Folk, Catherine Ann, 87 Folson. Edward Fenn, 258 Fontaine, Thos. R. Jr.. 55 Forbes. Betty Stanton. 274 Ford. Dana Patricia. 282 Forehand. Leroy, 246, 38, 213 Forst. Robert Drane. 242, 168 Forsyth Robert Hugh, 78 Fortson, Eugene T., 55, 156, 127, 30 Fortson, Mrs. Laura R.. 165 Fortson. Norman J., 78 Fortune. Sally E.. 55. 127. 159 Foster, Barbara R.. 87. 164, 185 Foster, Bob Joe, 167 Foster, Carlton T. Jr.. 87 Foster, John L. Jr., 124, Foster, Neil, 55, 248 Foster, Shirley A., 78, 128, 152, 163 Faster, Tommy F.. 106, 121 Fountain, James Davis, 168, 120 Fournier, Barbara Ann, 292 Fowler. Clinton C 96 Fowler. Hariy W. Jr.. 36 Fowler. Helen Demaris, 292 Fowler. John Winton. 240 Fowler. Marvin Lewis, 55 Fowler, Oscar Selman, 78, 136 Fowler, Phyllis, 274 87 Fowler, Wm. Chas., 199. 202. 204, 240 Fox, Charles Eddie, 146, 252 Foy, Teresa, 276 Fraker. Va. Carolyn. 266 Frame, Alexander M., 96. 143 Franck. Chas. Duffy Jr.. 246. 146 Francke. Margaret C. 270. 264-5. 127 Franco. Ned Martin, 228 Franklin. Gordon A.. 256 Franklin. Loretta. 163 Franklin. Mignon. 55. 268, 192 Franks, Paul Taylor, 55. 240 Franks. Robt. Eugene. 103 Frazer. Tom, 170 Frazier, Ann S.. 96. 292 Frazier, Eddie M. Jr.. 87, 212 Frederick, Jane Ida, 276 Free. Wm. Jos., 230, 178, 122, 136 Freeland, James M.. 87 Freeman. Benjamin P.. 78, 162, 171 Freeman, Danniel J.. 96 Freeman. Harold Dean. 78, 250 Freeman, Norman W.. 87. 230 Freeman. Shirley Ann. 96 Freyer. Donald Carl. 55, 156. 122, 215 Fricks, Johnny Bruce, 78 Fricks, Mary K., 175, 169, 152, 176 Fricks, Wm. Royce, 244 Friedman. Phillip I.. 55, 119 Frier. Morris. 78. 181 Frierson. Martha S., 55. 286, 152 Frisbee, Theodore, 78, 134 Frisby, Norrine, 181 Fritch, Beverly Grace, 282 Frith. John Richard, 146 Frohman. Evelyn. 278 Frost. Louie Waldo Jr.. 78 Fruchter. Benjamin, 55 Fruehauf, Ben F.. 254 Frumberg. Allen Gary, 55 Fulcher. Madelon M.. 182, 132 Fulenwider, Patricia, 87, 188 Fulford, John Remus, 55, 155. 136 Fulghum, Dorothy J., 55, 266 Fuller. Wm. Farrow, 246 Fullilove. Henry M., 115 Fullilove, Wm. Spann. 115 Furtado. Charles C. II. 244 Fussell, Daniel O.. 78 Fussell. Frank, 250 Fussell. Thos. F., 105 Futral, Veleta Anne, 78. 139 Futral. Walter C. Jr.. 96 Gablo. Clifford Earl. 55. 130. 175. 140. 185. 125 Gabriel. Quentin R.. 135. 138, 158 Gaertner, bliz. Alden. 282 Gaines. Janet Ruth. 96. 132 Galbreath. Patrick G.. 262. 199 Galbreath. Rucl A.. 262. 199 Gale. Carol Ann. 96. 164. 166-7 Galis. Denny Chas.. 2il Gammage. Chas. Edwin. 234 Gantt. Tommy D.. 78, 177, 140, 125 Garard. Ray Evans. 154. 96, 146 Gardner. Bobby B.. 168 Gardner. Charles R.. 242. 78 Gardner. Jay Dorval. 158 Gardner. Lvnn Arnold. 96. 280 Garland. Reuben A.. 236 Garmany. Ella G.. 78 Garmany. Robt. Wilkes. 78 Garrard. Robt. Inman, 199,-205, 138 Carrett, Ann Lynelle, 280 Garrett. James Wm., 78 Garvin, Edith D.. 78, 163 Gates, Carlton V., 242, 37 Gatewood. Mary, 274, 188 Gauthier, Ralph Jos.. 55. 148. 125 Gavant. Ethel Dena. 278. 169 Gay, George Ray, 240 Gay, Hugh Vinson, 230 Gay, Matthew Jackson, 56 Gayner, John M. III. 138 Geer. Marguerite E.. 56, 284 Geise, Eugenia P., 96 Genovese. Donald P.. 78 Gentry. James. 250 George. Samuel L.. 240 Gessner. Ruth Jean. 78 Gholston. Margaret C. 286, 265, 56. 139. 152 Gibson.. Margaret A., 292. 78 Gibson. Martha Ann. 78. 167 Gibson. Martha Smith. 282 Gibbons. Almira Eugenia. 87. 171, 179 Giles. Joyce. 87. 272 Giles. Wm. McLaurin Jr.. 215 Gill. Rebecca Ellen. 96. 139. 163 Gillespie. Don Chance. 87. 164, 150, 183. 40 Gillespie. Ethelene. 96 Gilmer. Eleanor K.. 56. 163, 193 Gilmer, Fred Jr.. 240, 37 Gilmer. Jas. Calhoun. 87. 124 Gilmore. Wm. Gravely, 250 JOHN JARRELL ' S University Shop — ATHENS — Atlanta New York San Juan, Puerto Rico BEST FOOD Courteous Service Tony ' s Restaurant AIR CONDITIONED Famous for Fine Foods 233 E. Clayton St. The National Bank of Athens ATHENS, GEORGIA Member F.D.I.C. THE VARSITY STUDENT INDEX ATLANTA — ATHENS FRESH FOODS FINE FOODS SHOP at DAVISON ' S Athens ' Most Complete Department Store 320 E. Clayton Street Phone: LI. 6-1411 Ginsbers, Sherry Loy, 278, 96 Ginsb«rK, Suzanne, 290 Ginsberg, Marilyn J., 278 Gittelman, Stanley, 260, 78, 131 Gkalayanamit, Gkiat, 133 Gladin, Ras. E., 215, 250 Glass, Shelia Eliz.. 280, 325, 262 Glaze, Lavina Mae, 171 Gleason, Gwendolynn, 280 Gleaton, James Curtis, 2 08, 209, 210 Glenn, Joe Bowers, 258 Glenn, Mary Eliz., 79, 286, 189 Glenn, Thaddeus L. Jr., 36, 118 Glenn, Tlios. Latimer, 244, 115 Glenn, Walter Henry, 96, 254 Glickman, Marcia L., 278 Glover, James Davis, 242 Goble, Robert Alfred, 96 Goddard, Robert Perry, 96 Godfrey, Chas. E. Jr., 238, 79 Godin, K. Jules Jr., 79, 256 Goins, Mary Catherine, 55 Gold, Jerry Julius, 56, 186, 184 Gold. Leon Brandt, 27U Goldman, Alan P., 228 Goldman, Ronald M., 228 Goldring. David, 79, 131, 153. 167, 260 Goldsmith, Veronica, 162 Goldstein, Bernard, 260 Goldstein, Jerome P., 228 Goldstein, Lenore J., 131, 278 Goodman, David Earle, 106, 121 Goodrich, Samu.;l M., V9, 228 Goodwyne, Charles O., 96 Goolsby, Bennie F., 230, 56 Gordon. Betty Jean, 270 Gordon, Jos. S., Jr.. 56 Gordy, Herbert I., 246 Gordy, Sam Haran, 87, 40 Gorman, James F., 234 Gortatowsky, Eria, 290, 265 Gould, Phoebe Ellis, 56. 284, 159, 313, 316, 320 Gowen, Mary Evelyn, 280 Gowen, Thos. C. Jr., 106 Graden, Johnnie S., 56 Grady, Shirley H., 56, 288, 264-5, 159 Graham, David George, 262 Graham, Joanne A., 96, 266 Graham, John Pietro, 234 Grandy, Ruth Ellen, 270, 79, 190-1 Grant, Joseph Dixon, 250, 87, 215 Grant, Nanci C, 268, 56, 152 Graves, Annice B., 268 Gray, Cordelia L., 96, 163 Gray, Janet Fortson, 286, 320 Grayson, Jerry Edward, 79 Green, Alice Haney, 87, 188, 128, 139 Green, Bill, 254 Green, Chas. Robt., 79 Green, Leon, 254 Green, Rice Burkitt, 168, 125 Green. Virginia Lynn, 97, 280 Greenberg. Marvin L., 260, 131, 192, 193 Greene, Fredric H., 56, 146, 36, 156 Greene, Jas. Preston, 256 Greene, John Monroe, 96 Greene, Martin H., 228 Greene, Robt.. 234 Greene, Wm. Felix, 168, 164 Gre«r, Clinto R. Jr., 87, 256 ' " -re gory, Bruce P., 182 Gregory, Thomas Hardy, 56 Gregory, Ferman Jas., 56, 180, 136 Gregg, Shirley Jane, 56 Gregory, Arlice, 97, 288 Gregory, Arlene, 97, 288 Gregg, Donald W., 258, 88 Greiner, Va. Ann, 56 Grevemberg. B. Drue, 280, 88, 294 Grice, Francis D. Jr., 215 Grieder, Marvin T., 79, 248 Griffin, Bill, 246 Griffeth Ronald C, 79 Griffin, Frank Gates, 254 Griffin, Jesse Henry, 97 Griffith, Merra Jean, 79 Griffeth. Barbara H., 286, 188, 176, 178 Griffin, Martha Grace, 268 Griffin, Clarence W., 106 Griffin, Jack. 121 Griffin, (ierald Dunn. 199-200. 254. 149, 156, 36-37, 151 (;riffith, Benard ()., 105 Griffin, Wm. Buxton, 121 Griffith. Julie A.. 292. 171. 179 Grimes. Daniel Mercer, 250 Grindstaff, Hayden Hazzard, 254 Griner, Pompey J. Jr., 140, 124 Grubbs, Clayton H.. 199. 32, 215 Gruber, Michael, F., 260 Gruchacz, Richard 7... 244 Gruys, Sophia Anne, 107 Guess, Tommie N., 56, 114, 139 Guest, Floyd Merril, 119 Guest. Gerald Bentley, 88 Gullatt, Martha Jane, 268 Gunn, Martin Sa-nuel, 79, 115 Gunnels, John Riley, 206, 136 Gunnells, Bobbie J.. 88 Gunter. Edward L.. 79, 157, 192, 193, 194 Guyton, Claud H., 56, 134 Hackett, Richard R., Jr., 234 Haddon, Wm. Crawford, 254-56, 177, 190, 191 Hadley, Sylvia Clair, 270 Hagan, Faye Nolan, 97, 272 Hagan, John Terris Jr., 207 Hagerman, Samuel L., 246 Hagerman, Orlo K., 246, 36 Hagins, Elizabeth A., 97 Hahn, Margaret Ann, 56, 282, 182, 171 Haigwood, Jimmy, 79 Hailey, Lula Ann, 88, 268, 178 Haisten, Harry G. Jr., 240 Haiston, R. Claudette, 56. 268 Haldridge, Pat, 139 Hale, George Robt., 183, 167 Hale, Martha Jean, 56 Hale, Samuel Alva Jr., 244 Haley, George O., 258 Hall. Carole Sue. 97, 292 Hall, Clarence L., 115 Hall, Farrell Adams, 79 Hall, James Johnson, 56, 147, 156, 36 Hall, Julia Faye, 97 Hall, Mary Ellen, 272 Hall, Peggy Suzanne, 272 Hall, William Robert, 88 Hallford, James, 246 Hallman, Cecil H. Jr., 97 Hallowell. Carol Ann, 97, 171 Hamby, Clayton B. Jr.. 56 Hamilton, Sonny, 246 Hammond, Beverly D., 284 Hammond, Donald E., 97, 115 Hammond, Henry Lewis, 124 Hammond, Patricia Ann, 313 Hammond, Sue, 139 Hancock, Barney Paul, 97, 146 Hancock, Caroline L., 270, 190. 195 Hancock, Raymond R., 56, 178, 122, 136 Hand, Francinelee, 131 Hand, Miriam E. Flynt, 79 Hand, Sue, 97, 284 Hankin, Lynette H., 278 Hankins. Allen C, 79, 181 Harbin, Alice Anne, 107 Harber. John Jasper, 234 Harbor, Chandler, 230 Hardee, Frank Delano, 242 Harden, Harry Bird, 234 Harden. Homer E., Jr.. 79 Harden. Martha L., 88, 270, 162 189, 179 Hardigree. Alice Ann, 97. 163 Hardman, Alfea Sara, 286 Hardy, Jane Orr, 88, 268, 171 Hardy, June Lambdin, 268, 88, 171 Harelik, Albert E., 260 Harley, Clarence L., 56 Harmon, James A., 79 Harner, Joe Ed, 250. 56, 30-31, 125 Harp, William James, 252, 56, 125 Harper, Claude Edward, 88, 250 Harper, Jas. Keller Jr.. 198-200. 204-5, 127, 31 Harper, Martha Jane, 97, 292 Harrell, Grover C, 56, 179 Harrell, Janis Lee, 97, 181, 288 Harrell, Joann, 56, 288 Harrell, Raburn F., 79 Harrell, Sara Sue, 97 Harridge, Patsy Nell, 97 Harrington, Ben Davis, 123, 183 Harris, Berlin, 106 Harris, Chas. A., 212, 240 Harris, Chas. Edward, 199, 203 Harris, Chas. R., 97, 258 Harris, Frances Ann, 56, 180 Harris, Fredric Allan, 244 Harris, (Gloria (■.. 56 Harris. Joe Burtchael. 56 Harris. Joe Frank. 88, 244 Harris, John Henry, 88, 236 Harris, Judith Bera, 79, 163 Harris, Lowell Alvers, 79, 124-5, 140 Harrison, Alice E., 184 Harrison, Ann, 276, 294 Harrison, Dunbar, 103, 240 Harrison, Ellen G.. 56. 186, 189, 286 Harrison, Martha S., 56. 139 Harrison. Michael E.. 232 Harrison, P. Jacqueline. 79, 133 Harrison. Phil Lamar. 79, 180 Harrod, Robt. Price. 56. 117 Harrold. Jos. M., 30, 56, 127, 240 Hart. Jas. Jackson, 79, 126, 129, 150, 160 STUDENT INDEX Harte. John Hubert, 97, 232 Hartman. Gerald E., 88 Hartsfield, Don C, 209, 215 Hartsfield, John A., 36, 13S Harty. Wm. Jas., 246 Hartz, Robt. E., 56 Harvey. Edward, 79, 120 Harvey, Jenny Ellene, 79, 288 Harvey, John Robt., 134 Harvey, Mary Eleanor, 97, 282 Harvill. Avery H., 107 Hasty, Elva Eliz., 59 Hatcher. Milton H., 106 Hatfield, Anne, 39, 288, 265, 184. 132. 313. 316 Hathcock. Martha Haye, 288 Hattaway, Cynthann. 284, 188 Hattrich, John W., 79, 184 Hawk. James Donald, 107 Hawkins, Marjorie T., 59, 282, 175, 22i, 142, 176 Hawkins, Richard S., 230. 97. 135 Hawkins. Robt. Eogene, 83 Hawks, Norris Dale, 88 Hawley, Larry Lee, 97, 246 Hayes, Connie Grace. 282. 193 Hayes. Thomas. 236 Haygood. Rebekah S., 79 Haynes. Johnny R., 88, 242 Haynes. Peggy. 143 Haynie, Ann, 59 Healey, Oliver M. Jr., 246 Heard, Melissa Gail, 97, 294 Hearn, Charles J., 79 Hearn, Connie Sue, 165, 167, 325 Hearn, George Justus, 258 Hearn, Wm. Waller, 199, 238 Heath, Jane Lamar, 288, 88 Hecker, Joanne Martha, 97, 268. 162. 294 Hecker. Patricia Lou. 266 Heffernan. Carole A.. 280 Heidt. Earl Warling. 120. 129. 160 Heidt. Virginia L. 282 Helms. Lynda, 59, 282, 259 Hemphill, Fred K., 39 Henderson, Bill, 250 Henderson, Donald E., 97 Henderson, Eliz. Ann, 79, 272 Henderson, John, H., 103, 144, 139, 173 Henderson. Lewis A.. 124 Hendricks. Carolyn P., 207, 292, 127 Hendricks, James R., 238, 39 Hendrii, Hiram S., 88, 244 Hendrix, John Wm., 138, 147, 177 Henry, Grady Wm.. 147 Henry. Quintin Robt.. 135. 143 Hensley, James Virgil. 39 Henson. Howard A. Jr., 88, 126, 183, 167 Herlovich, Bobby Jean, 144 Herndon, Thomas H., 79, 242 Herring, Bernard M. Jr., 79. 246, 146 Herring. Guy. Rainey. 88, 129. 136 Herrington, Dorothy P., 88 Herritage. Marjorie. 97, 171 Herron, Hugh M. D. Jr., 244 Hester. Cecil W. Jr., 258 Hester, Richard Dowdy, 246 Heyward, Andrew H. Ill, 240, 227, 149, 177. 151 Hibbert. Wm. Walter, 79, 236, 160, 190-191 Hickman, Earl L., 149 Hicks. Buddy, 167 Hicks, Charles L. Jr., 240 Hiers, Sylvia Anne, 284 Higginbotham, Jon D., 59, 230, 227, 127, 31 Higginbotham, Thomas, 262 Higgs, Sally Irene. 282 Highton. Shirley L.. 133, 181 Hillsman. George A.. 59 Hill. Chas. Overton. 59 Hill. Jerry Richard, 256 Hill, John Wallace, 79, 133-6, 178, 187 Hill. Marson E. Ill, 207, 236, 227. 30. 33. 211 Hill. Marvin F.. 88. 157, 177, 120, 192-4 Hill, Mary Catherine, 286 Hilliard, Edward N., 88, 136 Hillsman, George A., 39 Hilmi, Ahmet Lssat. 120, 133 Hinely, Jas. Thomas, 143, 134, 186, 184 Hinely. Mary Ann, 97, 288 Hinson, Priscilla, 276 Hires, Shirley Faye, 292, 127, 167 Hirsch, Riette, 278, 88, 131 Hise, Larry Renn. 115 Hitchcock. Charlotte. 97 Hix. Larry Bolton. 97 Hix. Lee Kenneth. 59 Hix. Nita Ann. 97 Hixon. Beverly Louise. 268 Boaster. Anne Fackler, 292 Hodges, Clinton Wade, 97, 124 Hodges. George Edward. 256 Hodges. Herbert E.. 252, 79 Hodges, Jack Conrad, 59, 207, 238 Hodges, Kenneth B. Jr., 234 Hodges, Thomas I. Jr., 250, 88 Hodges, Warren R., 59, 242, 117 Hodgson, Harry Lowe, 254 Hodgson, Nancy Ann, 97 Hodgson, Thomas Burke, 236, 59, 159. 145. 177. 175. 186, 184, 195 Hoffman, John F. Jr., 250 Hogan. Dolly Elaine, 280, 97, 171 Holbrook, Judith Ann, 97, 292 Holcomb. Phillip G., 168 Holden, Robert F., 97, 193 Holland, John B., 121 Holland. Sara F.. 272, 59, 189 Hollander, Ann Monroe, 266, 127 Holley, Rudolph E., 149 Holliday, Ann Norene, 276 Hollis, David K., 244, 227, 88 Hollis, Jack A.. 234 Hollis, Jas. Wesley. 79, 140, 123 Holloway, Homer W., 4« Holloway, Kay H., 284 Holman. John Edwin, 149 Holman. Penn Gay. 59. 240 Holmes. Alaska Hilton, 88 Holmes, Jas. Melvin, 164, 211 Holt, Edward Jr., 59, 148, 185 Holt, Jack Alan, 88, 132, 126, 212 Holt, Julius R., 254 Holt, Lawrence A., 39 Holub, Gregory John, 102, 147 Holyoak. Hugh Kenneth, 242 Homansky, Linda Ann, 278 Hood, Betty Anne, 276, 265, 39, 159 Hood, Mary Alice, 274 Hood, Norma Elaine, 39, 282, 265 Hooks, Donald Jordan. 79. 230, 136 Hopkins, Hugh Lindsey, 254 Hopkins, Marian Jane, 280, 265, 39, 175, 182, 221 Hopper, Donald Neal. 234, 36-37 Hopson, Tommy, 240 Horikawa, Hiroe, 133 Home, Emmett Jamison, 242 Home, Geo. Wm.. 236 Home. Jo Allene, 79, 118 Hornstein, Louis B., 131, 144 Horton, Charles Dean, 97, 254 Horton, Dwight Jr., 199 Horton, Paul Dixon, 230 Horton, Wm. Posey Jr., 120 Houk, David Lowes, 254, 97 Houk, Theodore Virgil, 250 House, Wm. Preston, 258 Houston, Nancy Evelyn, 97 Howard, Caroline, 79, 141 Howard, Jacob G., 217 Howard, Matilee, 59, 280, 182, 184, 171 Howard, Paula Ann. 282 Howard. Richard D.. 79. 244 Howard. Sarah Eliz., 59 Howell. Jas. Paul Jr., 30, 33 Howell, Louis Arnold, 97, 115 Howell, Marianna, 292 Howington, Dorothy K., 266 Hoxsie, Eva Lillian, 266, 59 Hoynes, Margaret E., 292 Hubbard, Samuel W. Jr.. 258 Hubert. Saralyn L.. 79. 282 Hubert. Marie Pamela. 97 Hudgins. Doris Eloise, 266. 88 Hudson, Benjamin B., 230 Hudson, Kenneth, 79 Hudson, Lewis A., 242 Hudson, Scott III, 246 Hudspeth, Eddie B., 121 Huff, Robert G. Jr., 238 Huff, Wm. Jasson. 79. 123 Huffard. Wm. Louis. 121 Huggins. Kenneth L., 121 Hughes. Bobby Eugene. 230. 180 Hughes. Trillis D.. 97 Hughes. William Cofer. 246 Huguet. Jean Pierre. 120. 133 Hull. Longstreet M.. 234 Hullender, Byron N.. 88, 168, 129 Hulsey, Barbara J., 79, 171 Hulsey, Edgar M. Jr., 119 Humphreys, Jane S., 274 Hundley. Jas. Robt.. 103, 121 Hunnius. Barbara Ann, 88, 280 Hunter, Raymond E„ 79, 1C8. 129, 186, 169 Hurley, Douglas Reed, 39 Hurst, Alice Lucille. 284 Hutcheson. Loy T.. 199 Hutcheson. Mary Jo. 59. 132. 152 Hutchinson. James B.. 240 Hutton. Charles Mark. 88 Hutton. Lucy. 88 Hyman. Dinah. 286 Hyman, Evelyn B., 97, 278 Ingle, Frederick A., 144, 192, 193 Ingles, Edward Hawley, 238 Inglett, Wilfred L.. 238 BANKING for College and University Students and Faculty The Citizens Southern National Bank ATHENS, GEORGIA STUDENT SUPPLY STORE Everything that is used in your school work can be bought at MCGREGOR ' S 321 E. Clayton Street " Make It A Habit to Visit Vs " Harry ' s Drive-In Steaks Chicken- Seafood Sandwiches Short Orders Curb Service Conveniently located at 5 Points Ficketts Jewelers GIFTS YOU ' LL GIVE WITH PRIDE DICK ALLAIS Cameras Sporting Goods Toys Commercial Photography 134 E. CLAYTON LI. 3-2081 LAUNDERREST At 5 POINTS Your Laundry Problems Solved Here STUDENT INDEX Inglis, Husrh A. Jr., 234, 146 Ingram, Charles N., 168, 164 InKram, Otis Ben, 258 Inman, Eleanor Glyn, 79, 114, 132, 139 Irvin, Melvin Kash, 79 Isenberg. Sandra J., 278, 131 Itzkow, Harriet Kay, 290, 97, 294 Ivey, Dolores, 79 Ivey, Homer E., 246 Ivy, Emma Plunket, 59 Jackson, Ambrose Jr., 258 Jackson. Benj. Roy, 59 Jackson, B. Jeanette, 59, 159, 163 Jackson, Caesar E., 97 Jackson, Carole S., 278 Jackson, Carolyn H., 88, 163 Jackson, Clyde Wilson, 238 Jackson, Denny S., 238, 40 Jackson, John Wms. Jr., 149 Jackson, Juanita Jo, 270 Jackson, Leonard D., 232 Jacobs, Leonard, 260, 227 Jacobs, Marcia B., 131 Jacobs, Russell C, Jr., 79 Jacobson, B. Milton, 79, 228 Jacques, Wilfred, Jas., 102, 135, 147 James, Jimmy Lee, 97, 154 James, Martha Joy, 97, 163 James, T«d Lowell, 106 James, Wm. Carl, 59 Jangstetter, John E., 146 Jarrell, Robert W., 242 Javetz, Deanne Claire, 278, 320 Jenkins, Edgar Lanier, 103 Jenkins, Judy, 97, 284, 127, 294 Jenkins, Marion R., 167 Jenkins, Warren F. Jr., 240 Jensen, Lettie M., 284 Jentzen, Mary Jane, 88, 292 Jernigan, Harmon W., 97, 124 Jervey, Richard C, 88 Jessup, Wm. Brooks, 254 Joel, Donald G., 248, 227, 149, 159, 177, 295 Johenning, James L., 105, 121 Johnson, Anna C, 167 Johnson, Austin Rae, 106, 121 Johnson, Dorothy J., 282 Johnson, Freeman F., 134 Johnson, Harold D., 126, 146, 150 Johnson, Jack Royce, 97 Johnson, Jerome B., 242 Johnson, John Winston, 132 Johnson, Lyman A., 254 Johnson, Melvin H., 114, 180 Johnson, Ronald, 206 Johnson, Pat, 167 Johnson, Sara, Alice, 59, 274 Johnson, Sidney G., 212 Johnson, Wade Wendell, 79, 115, 122, 132, 177 Johnson, Weldon H., 97 Johnson, Wm. Colbert, 88, 124 Johnston. Ann. 280 Johnston, Chas. V.. 234, 162 Johnston. Edith Anne. 164. 171 Johnston. Gary Wm., 88, 238 Johnston, Joyce Edna, 169, 282 Johnston, Joyce Lois, 59, 272 Joiner, Archie B., 59, 250 Joiner, Thos. Ellis, 149. 151. 254 Joiner, Wm. Perry, 59, 116, 122, 133, 136, 170 Joiner, Wilma E., 182, 268 Jones, Bobby McCall. 79 Jones. Carol Eliz., 164, 171 Jones, Chas. Joe, 97 Jones, Chas. Maury, 114, 180, 258 Jones, David Hugh, 133 Jones, Dean Haizlip, 79 Jones, Dennis G., 240 Jones, E. Adrienne, 59, 272 Jones, Gene Rodney, 242 Jon«8, George Keaton, 182 Jones, Gilma Anne. 97 Jones. Guy Richardson. 105 Jones, Harris, 254 Jones, Helen. 79 Jones. Henrietta M., 280 Jones, Herbert, 59, 242 Jones, Jacquelyn, 88, 276 Jones, Jas. Alva. 134 Jones. Joel L.. 227, 263 Jones, Julianne, 88. 127, 266 Jones, Leslie C, 79 Jones. Margaret A., 59, 189, 268 Jones, Marion Elaine. 272 Jones. Mary Rowena. 280 Jones. Nancy Jane. 171. 270 Jones, Pauline Le«, 59, 265-6 Jones, Richard Allen, 79 Jones, Richard W., 79, 120. 122. 126, 150 Jones, Kobt. Otis, 246 Jones, Robt. Winton, 79 Jones, Roberta K., 97 Jones, Robin, 163 Jones, Ronnie Lanier, 256 Jones, Sarah Frances, 79, 139, 163 Jon«8, Thos. J.. 121 Jones, Thos. M., 60 Jones, W. C, 209, 215 Jones, Wesley M., 60, 170 Jordan, Eleanor K., 88 Jordan, Gloria Anne. 88 Jordan. Jas. Capers. 230 Jordan. John R., 60 Jordan, Miriam Grace, 97 Jordan, Paxton Holt, 79 Jordan, Rlilph M., 236 Jordan. Sylvia F., 171, 282 Jordan, Wm. Marion, 129, 150 Jordan, Wm. Thos., 263 Joseph, Kelly Richa, 258, 97 Josey, Chas. Clarence, 79, 162 Jost, Patricia Cowan, 165 Joyce, Maurice Cannon. 234. 98 Joyner. Edgar Lee. 60 Justice, Willis F. Jr., 80, 252, 143 Justis, Betty Jo, 167 Justus, Joyce Ann, 98, 171 Kaden, Robt, Paul, 248, 151 Kaiser, John Alfred, 60, 143 Kamenetz, Leonard, 131 Kammerer, Charles E., 85, 88, 234 Kanes, Dorothy C, 292 Kane, Jos. Aloysius, 88 Kaplan, Jerome Lewis. 80, 248 Kaplan, Shirley, 80, 290, 265 Karatassos, Evanthia, 80 Karazulas, John P.. 80 Karesh, Sanford R., 228, 147, 151 Karp, Rachael, 290 Kastl, Herbert John, 80, 242 Katz, Inga, 60, 290, 175 Katz, Ira. 80 Kaufman. Carl L., 260, 131, 192, 193 Kaufmann, Joan Ellen, 60, 291 Kawai, Shigeyoshi I., 115 Kaye, Louis Robert, 248 Keating, Lucy Martin, 280, 88 Kee, Wm. Pearson, 199 Keen, Alice Carey, 80, 268 Keen, Beeman Chandler, 107, 116, 145, 132, 122 Keen, Mary Eliz, 98, 266, 133, 171 Kehoe, James J. Jr., 143, 134 Keil. John Henry Jr., 105, 144 Keisker, Cynthia Joy, 284, 264 Kellam, Eva Elizabeth, 80, 286 Kellam, Nancy Ruth, 268, 207, 159 127 325 Keller, JohnLeiding, 80, 168, 129, 126, 183 Keller, Rosie, 164 Kelley, George R., Jr., 236 Kelley, John Beryl, 119 Kelly, Eugene T., 60, 162, 118 Kelly, Herbert W., 105, 118, 122-3 Kelly, Jacob Martin, 144 Kelly, Sherill B., 151, 254 Kelsey, Kathleen D., 226 Kelton, Audrie G., 60, 143 Kemmerlin, Rudolph H., 121 Kemp, Austin James, 98 Kemp, Charles Edgar, 88, 254, 151 Kemp, Elzie Harold, 124 Kemp, Wm. Larkin, 246 Kempton, Thomas John, 246 Kenney. Martha Kate. 98 Kennedy. Sara K.. 274 Kent, Mary Louise, 98, 280 Kent, Sarah Louise, 80 Kent, Wm. Robt. Jr., 88, 126 Kern, John Webster, 234 Kersey, Melvine Jr., 60, 177, 127, 29-30 182 Kessler, Irene C, 98, 278, 131 Keyser, Cheston M., Jr., 234 Kicklighter, Maxine, 80. 167 Kidd. James Wm. Jr., 88 Kilbride. Nella J., 286, 264-5 Killam, Christine J., 88 Killorin, Edward W., 103, 149 Kilpatrick, Eleanor I., 282 Kilpatrick, Richard Cree, 254 Kilpatrick. Thos. K., 102, 130, 147 Kimbald, Thos. Riley, 246 Kimball, Harold E., 60, 127, 30-31 Kimbrough, Connie, 88 Kimsey, Betty Alice, 98 King, Almeda Jane, 88, 276 King, Bertha Gelin«, 60, 152 King, Jas. Grantland, 258 King, Marvin Walter, 88, 167 King, N. Catherine. 270 King, Simeon C. Ill, 262 King, Walter Preston, 147, 103 Kinne. Donna Kay, 280, 152 Kinney, Dorothy Jean, 124 Kippenbrock, David M., 238, 89 Kirby, Warren. 60 Kirkland. Jas. J., 254, 118, 144 Kirkland, Sally, 266 Kirkland, Sara, 266, 141, 124 Kirkpatrick, Janice E., 98, 286 Kiser, Jas. Ralph, 89 Kitchens, Alton E. Jr., 98, 234 Kitchens, Joseph A. Jr., 258 Kitchens, Mary Maxine, 80 Kitchens, W. Dan. 138, 158 STUDENT INDEX Klein, Edith Mar, 131, 182, 176 Kling, Jas. Macolm, 121, 133 Klisch. Rupert, 107, 133 KniclierbiHrker. Alice, 268, 98 Knight. Henry Dwight, 98, 232 Knight. Horace, 209, 214-6 Knight, Joel Jas., 242, 184 Knight. Kay Boyles. 183 Knight, Morris Homer, 167 Knight, Nathan Gen e, 234, 131, 83 Knight, Wm. Ray. 80. 219 Knott. Jean Dozwr. 282 Knowlton. Clifford J., 98 Knox, Boone Aiken, 240 Knox, Janet Raye, 278 Kogan, Robert S., 260 Kolgaklis, Alex T., 80 Kolp, Ann Ellen, 292, 263. 60 Koo, Young Whe, 133 Kopec, Millie Anne, 60 Kopec, Thad Leon, 89 Kowalczyk, Michael J., 199, 213 Krafchick, Harold M., 199, 260 Krock, Richard, 89, 260, 131 Kruger, Paul M., 260 Kuipers. Carl Jacob, 89 Kunzer, Albert Ray, 246 Kupper, Jas Louis, 144 Kuras, John Andrew, 143 Kusnitz, Leiand W.. 98, 228 Kutchey, Robert M.. 60. 156, 36-37 Kwapien, Robert Paul, 121 LaBoon. Jas. Lamar Jr., 254 Lackland. Lillian N., 60, 268 Lam, Katherine, 80, 272 Lamar. Robt. Black, 234, 60 Lamb, Carolyn, 268 Lamb, Jas. Clarence Jr., 89 Lamb, Wm. David, 240 Lance, Boyce P. Jr., 136 Land, Carol Melinda, 284 Land, Priscilla Dean, 272 Landers, Barbara Anne, 182 Landers, Chas. Jos., 80, 140, 125 Landrum, Gloria Eliz., 98 Landrum, Helen C, 167 Landrum, Joe Roger, 60 Lane, Harry Franklin, 89 Lane, Richard Larry, 89 Langfitt, Silas B.. 98, 238 Langford, Arthur E., 236 Langford, John, 170 Langley, Jack, 153 Langley, Jack T.. 60 Langley. John. 102, 147 Langstaff, Robt. B.. 102, 138 Langston. Bernard J.. 126 Langston, Jas. Polk, 80, 168, 244 Langston, Wm. Thos.. 118 Lanier, B. Patricia, 89, 270 Lanier, Don, 234 Lanier, Franklin D.. 98, 136, 133 Lanier, Helen H., 89, 160, 193-4 Lanier. Marie F., 60, 181, 183, 266 Lanier, Warren Wood, 98. 242 Lankford, Jimmie J., 60 Lary, Edward B. Jr., 236, 213 Lasch, Constance S., 278 Laseter, Max H., 98 Latham, Madolyn C, 80. 272 Lathem, Dorothey Gene, 98 Lathem, Frankie Joyce, 80 Lathem. Joy Kaye. 89, 182 Launias. Mildred M., 60, 286 Law, Brevard Justice, 60, 162, 171 Law, George Wallace. 60. 240 Lawhon, Julian B.. 98. 238 Lawler. Lesl ie Jane, 272, 89, 171 Lawrence, William F., 89 Laws, Edwin Vinson, 232, 125 Lawson, Esther, 284 Lawson, Frank W., 234 Leach, Marion Leone, 98, 266 Leachman. Chas. W. Jr., 258, 227, 170 Leake, Mary Anne, 98. 163, 171 Leamon, Charles A. Jr.. 246 Leathers. Chester Wm., 234. 220 Leavy. Howard. 232 Leckie. Jas. Norman. 80, 178, 133, 159, 129, 136 Lee, Adolphus C, 80 Lee, Clifford Elton, 136 Lee, Henrietta, 263 Lee. James Edmond, 89 Lee, James R. Ill, 147 SPORTS PICTURES BY Charles Lamb HOLMAN HOTEL ATHENS ' LARGEST One Block from University E. D. NEWTON, Manager COFFEE SHOP Lobby Floor Phone: LI. 6-1443 BAISQUETS PARTIES Compliments of WOOLWORTH 5 10 Compliments . . . of . . . S. H. KRESS CO. Bowl for fun — Billiards for Recreation Bulldog Recreation Room ACROSS FROM CAMPUS Athens ' ' Finest Compliments GEORGIA THEATRE COMPANY GEORGIA RITZ Athens Drive In Make MOON-WINN Your Headquarters for Delicious Sandwiches — Refreshing Drinks and All Drug Seeds Phone: LI. 3-5321 MARTIN BROS. SHOE SHOPS AT: 178 N. Thomas LI. 3-9379 151 E. Clayton LI. 3-9436 " Experience Counts " DICK FERGUSON ' S ATHENS, GEORGIA " Style Center of the Campus " Music You Want — When You Want It Sound Service for All Occasions THE MUSIC SHOP Phone LL 6-0093 125 Lumpkin St. STUDENT INDEX Lee, Paul J., 103 Lee, Phyllis, 80, 286 Lee, Rebecca Jane, 60, 163, 180 Lee, Robt., 60 Lee, Thornwell, 80 Lee, Wm. Marvin, 183 Leffelaar, Hendrik L., 133 Lefkoff, Irma Jean, 290 Lefkoff, Ralda Lynn, 98, 127 Legette, Tom Kennedy, 240 Legge, Robert Edward, 80 Leiter, Howard Thos., 254 Lemaster. Bill N. 244 Lemay, John Cullom, 121 Leon, George Bill, 60 Leonard, Earl T. Jr., 232 Leonard, Martha Anne, 60. 272, 264-5 Leonard, Wm, Alexander, 103 Lester, Amanda Sue, 268, 98 Lester, Daniel W., 60 Lester, Gerald M., 234 Lester, James L., 256, 149 Lesueur, Joann L., 268 Letts, Jackson Poole, 246, 36, 156 Leverett, Rheta, Ella, 60, 141, 184, 125 Levine, Stanley H., 228, 227 Levison, F. Gilbert, 260 Levy, Isaac Louis, 260, 146 Levy, Terryl Gail, 278 Lewis, Eddie Collins, 102, 130, 138, 149 Lewis, Jo Ann, 80, 164, 185, 171 Lewis, Kyle Ellis, 134 Lewis, Mary Tom, 60 Lewis, Preston Brooks, 149 Lewis, Sandra L., 98, 134, 292 Lewis, Wm. Larry, 206 Lewis, Wm. Thos., 121, 186 Legrand, Nathan W. Jr., 80 I eyburn, Helen Eliz,. 274 Lichtenstein, Myer, 260, 186, 184 Lif.sey, David, 168, 126, 183, 31, 80 Lightfoot, John W., 256 Lightsey, Arthur Lee, 60 Lightsey, Harry M, Jr., 105, 130, 121 Lilie, Martin Morriss, 60 Lilly, Carolyn Leah, 98, 286 Lindholm, Nancy L., 272 Lindorme, Wade M., 254 Lindsey, Glenn Carlos, 80, 119 Lindsey, Jas, Russell, 106, 178, 121. 122, 183 Linkfield. Robt. L.. 183 Lipsitz. Dorothy Ann. 290 Lipshutz. Richard A., 248 Little, Clarence H. Jr., 144 Little. I ewis M. Jr„ 240, 60. 149 Little. Robt. N.. 240 Littleton. Jack E., 206 Livingston. Marvin W.. 144 Lluch. Wilfrido G„ 133 Lockwood, Joann F., 276 Loftin, Harriet, 276 Lofton, Wilbur M, Jr„ 199 Logan, Frances Eliz., 60, 180 London, Mary P„ 284 Long, Edward C, 262, 167 l ng, Franklin L., 80, 150 Long, Jack Gale. 262 Long, Joseph Gordon, 80, 115 Long, Ruby Frances, 60, 189 Longino, Sue Lane. 280 Looper. Harold Kenner. 119 Lorelle. Richard R.. 106. 143 Lovett. Peggy Marie. 284 Lowe. Kenneth Eugene. 60, 156. 36 Lowe. Margaret Je an. 89 Lowe. Mary Owen, 63, 274 Lowery. Custin B, Jr., 80 Lowrey, Robt. S. Jr., 136, 122, 36, 155, 63, 178, 116, 130, 138, 159, 145, 175, 132, 156 Lowrey, Shirley Ann, 98, 163 Lowry, Beverly Louise, 282 Loyd, Charles Edward, 80 Lucas. Cicero (iordon. 206 Lucas. Jas. Ellison. 63 Lucas. Stella Louise. 139 Lucchese. Josephine M.. 63, 286, 186 Luck, John Louis Jr., 198-9, 207 Luckey, Judge Curtis, 149, 187 Ludwick, Betty Ann. 63. 272 Lumpkin. Jack W„ 217 Lundy, Herbert Van, 121 Lunsford, James D,, 89 Luther, Shirley Ann, 63 Lybrand, Robt. Archie, 185, 125 l.yle, Thomas Neil, 234 Lynch, Christine C., 292, 264 Lynch, Paul Donald, 89, 129 Lynn, David Leroy, 105, 121, 123 Lyon, Marinel, 63, 183 Lyon, Robert Walsh, 246 Lyons, Paul Fedrlck. 262 Mabrey. Wm. Thomas, 63, 157, 177, 175, 192, 194 Mabry, Emory Speer, 258, 156, 36 MacDonald, Alexander, 199, 207. 138, 192, 193. MacDowald, Patricia, 80, 288 Machado, Guibert P., 133 Macherowski, Joshua Y., 133 Mackay-Smith, Matthw. 144 MacMahon, Nancy Howe, 284 Macon, Patricia Ann, 280, 80 Maddox, Chas. J., 105, 121, 123 Maddox, Cone Morgan, 232 Maddox, Eugene T„ 144 Maddox. Jerry Ann, 80 Maddox. Joel Wayne. 63, 148, 185, 125 Maddox, Wm, Dutton, 238, 227, 89, 146 Maddox, Young D., 80, 136, 155 Madison, Charlie, 199. 207 Madry. Mary Evelyn. 292. 167 Mahaffey. Billy C. 80. 133 Malcolm, David Rojse, 89, 128 Malcolm, Martha Nell, 98, 272 Malcom, Jackson, E., 63, 119 Malcom, Kenneth Luck, 80 Mallard, Emmett Earl, 147 Mallory, Hubert R, Jr., 63, 117 Malloy, Frances Eliz,, 89. 141, 124 Malone, John F., 146 Maltby, Jeannine Mae, 280, 85 Maner, Jerome Herman, 63, 230, 130, 122, 155, 178, 116, 136 Manis, Roger Louis, 98 Manisera, Conrad L., 199, 201, 204, 207 Manley, Edward A., 80 Manley, Jay, 135, 134. 187 Manner. Jake, 153 Mann, Tommy C, 258 Mann, Thomas R., 98, 262 Manning, Anne Marie, 270, 171 Manning, Carl Edward, 206, 143 Manning, Joe Frank, 80 Manning, Lorene, 80. 114. 139 Manor. Robert W., 98 Marble, Robt, F., 8ft Marchbanks, Gilbert, 206 Marcus, Sandra Lee, 290 Mari. David, Efrain, 63, 133 Markham, Monte W., 232, 162 Markham, Wood Calvin, 121 Markowitz, Neal M., 260 Markwood, Selma Diane, 98, 288 Marsh, Wm, Henry. 183 Marsh. Winston Wm.. 254 Marshall, Arthur C, 244 Marshall, Jos. H. Ill, 80, 153, 177, 132, 122, 136, 145 Marshall, Sandra E., 89, 178, 193, 171 Marston, Wm. Marshall, 178, 117 Martin, Edith May, 280 Martin, Harry Ed, 250, 36 Martin, Jas, J., 262 Martin, John Edward, 36, 146. 156. 258 Martin. Joe Brown. 167 Martin, Marion. 63. 162 Martin. Martha E., 268 Martin, M. Eugenia, 270, 63 Martin, Patricia Gail, 268 Martin, Wm. Leo, 135 Martin, Wm. Wayne, 80, 168 Martini, Robt, M., 206 Martinson, Roger J., 135. 147. 187 Marx, Billy Eugene, 252 Mason, Caroline Lamar, 63, 274 Massey, Bertie Ann, 98, 164 Massey, Bobby Joel, 146 Massey, May Ree, 98 Massey, Shelba Jean, 89, 164, 185, 171 Mathews, Syvie Ann, 286 Mathews, Walter Kally. 89 Mathis, Charlotte Ann, 266, 63, 152 Mathis. Clemothene. 242 Matthews. Allena. 234 Matthews. Allan L. Jr.. 38 Matthews. Betty, 266 Matthews, Henry Belk, 240 Matthews, Jas. H. Jr., 63. 125, 140 Maxey. Jas. Stinson. 170 Maxwell. Albert B.. 89 Maxwell, (;eorge David, 89 Maxwell, Jas. Edgar. 234 Maxwell. Juanita K.. 89. 182 Maxwell. Kale. 284. 169 Maxwell, Thos. Malcolm, 242 Maxwell, Peggy E., 89, 163 Maxwell, Reginald Jr., 254 May, Marilyn Cathryn, 268 Mayer. Samuel. 63. 238 Mayes. Benjamin F., 80, 129, 140 Mayes. Billie L., 284 Mayhew, Jan, 292, 98 Maynard, Marguerite, 286, 98 Mayn, Carolyn Nette, 266 Mayo, Charlotte Lee, 266, 294 Mayo, John Allen, 144 Mayo, Patricia Jane, 98, 282, 171 Mays, Sam Warren, 254 Mays, Sandra Eliz, 276 McAlpin, Barbara F., 89, 193-4 McBurney, Burton E„ 80, 263 McCall, Judith M., 89, 270 McCalla. Willa. 284 McCants, Coy James Jr., 206 McCarthy, Nancy Jo, 288 McClellan, Ro.s.e Lynn, 270, 190, 294 McClelland, Jas. F., 199, 256 McCollum, Wm. Howard, 250 McColskey, Guy Eugene, 165, 167 McConkey, Dorothy A., 89, 189 McConnell, Rachel C, 292, 294 McCorkle, Jabez, 63, 130, 135, 145, 137, 158 McCormick, Edward W., 206 McCown, Wm, Thompson, 129, 120 McCoy, Douglas Pierce, 238 McCranie, Joan Marie, 284 McCrary, Wm. Lawrence, 254 McCracken, Eugene, 135, 179, 103 McCurdy, Walter P. Jr„ 246 McCune, John Chambers, 246 McCurley, Bennie F., 98 McDade, Wm. Leroy, 89 McDaniel, Hugh T. Jr., 121, 123 McDaniel, Jack Lamar. 63, 134 McDaniel, Lawrence H„ 80, 227, 263 McDaniel, Theresa, 292, 167 McDonald, Beverly W., 274, 265, 63, 175, 221 McDonald, Marilyn, 184, 189 McDonald, Martha E., 268 McDonald, Victor Jas,, 168 McDonough, Wm. Freeman, 244, 80 McDuffee, Reginald M., 80 McElhenny, Carol M., 276 McElmurray, Ben S. Jr., 240, 89, 151, 190, 195 McEvoy, Peter John, 63, 143, 134 McFarland, John N., 63 McGarity, Thomas G. Jr., 242 McGee, Patricia Anne, 63 McGee. Wm. Farris, 240. 211 McGill, Sam Clary. 234 McGowan. Joseph Lamar, 107 McGuire. Sally Ann, 89, 178 Mcintosh, Chas. Eugene, 63, 230, 227, 155, 122 McKain, Anne Eliz., 288 McKeever, Dee Coleman, 284 MdKeller, Billy Ray, 230 McKemie, Sandra E., 274 McKenney, Hazel Jones, 280 McKenzie, Donald J., 63, 143, 118, 183 McKinley, Thomas Wm., 178, 132, 136 McLain, Eugene T., 185. 125 McLanahan, Kathy, 286 McLane. Ranald N., 179 McLean. Eliz. Janice. 80 Mcl ndon, Gerald A., 244 McLendon, Guyton S., 164, 167 McLendon, Marguerite, 63 McLendon, Julia E., 274 McMahon, Nancy, 179 McMillan, Amelia, 80, 114 McMillan, Nancy, 226 McMillian, Don Woody, 121 McMullan, Eugenia P., 63 McMullan, John F., 256. 135. 129 McMurray. Birch Lee, 106, 121, 183 McMurray, Robert M., 263 McNair, Lewis, 184 McNeil, James Henry, 80 McNeill, Mary Ann. 89, 292 McNutt, Wm. Rhea, 256, 211 McPherson, Guy Neel, 238 McPherson, William W., 80 McQueen, Kathleen L., 282 McRae, Clara K.. 80, 163 McRae. Margaret Sue. 98. 282 McRitchie. Mary W.. 284 McSwain. Daniel J. Jr.. 258 McSwain. Joel Francis, 254, 98 McWhirter, Carol L., 280 McWhorter, Elsie Jean, 107 McWilliams, Clayton, 80, 242, 167 McWilliams, Sandra, 164 Meadows, Mary Jo. 89 Means, Richard R., 80 Meatheringham. M. Robt., 199, 258 Meckley, ( eorge Wm„ 144 Medders, Roderick G., 165, 167 Medlock, Sara Anne, 98, 276, 171 Meekins, Richard Wm., 242, 98 Meeks, James Harold, 80 Mehl, Barbara M., 98, 282 Meier, ( ' larence S, Jr., 244 Meisnere, Arthur S„ 260, 131 Melson, Frank Hannah, 258, 36 Melton, Gloria V., 98 Mendel, Nancy Dee, 290 Mendel, Patricia Jean, 164 Mendenhall, Thomas F., 89, 168, 212 Mendenhall, Windsor, 98 Menger, James M., 80 Mercer, Jas. Robt., 153 Mercer, Joseph Joel, 127 Merkley, Anna P., 2C8 Merrell, Patricia S., 63 Merritt, Robt. Thos., 80, 119 Messina, Carl Daniel, 63 Messinger, Jermoe S., 80 Methvin, Anne Byron, 284 Methvin, Erroll. 280. 89 Mewborn. James C. Jr., 242 Meyers, Archie Lee Jr., 206, 256 Michael, Herman Perry, 89 Michael, James Wm, Jr., 238, 146 Middlebrooks, Phillip, 81, 234 Middleton, Dorothy, 89, 128, 182 Middleton. Jean Kathy, 286 Middleton, Sibyl Ann, 63. 274 Mikell. Joel Edward, 63, 185, 125 Milam, Bobby Cook, 81 Miles, Frank Edward, 81, 114, 180, 170 Milford, Chas. Pat, 81 Miller, Bayne Elmo, i21, 183 Miller, Ben Jos., 81, 258 Miller, Carolyn Joy, 98, 290 Miller, Dessie F. Jr., 98, 234 Miller, Donald Olen, 206 Miller, Frank E., 262 Miller, Fred, 232 Miller, Fred A. Jr., 81 Miller, Gordon C„ 89, 254 Miller, Helen J., 167 Miller, Marjorie Ann, 63 Miller, Mary Ellen, 280 Miller. Robert Tate, 63, 192-4 Miller, Satnley L., 228 Miller, Tommy, 234 Miller, Wayne, 260 Millet, Michel C., 133 Milligan, M. Gail, 81 Mills, Alice Evelyn, 98, 276 Mills, Freddie V., 209, 215 .Mills. Martha Thelma. 98, i39 Mills, William Dozier Jr., 167 Milner, Harold, 225 Milner, Mary Carolyn, 63, 178, 139 Milner, Richard W., 153, 132, 136 Mims, Mary Lewis, 268 Mims, Thomas E., 81, 136 Mincey, Ruth Louise, 278 Minchew, John Edsel, 106 Minge, Jerry Lee, ii ' i, 258 Misner, Vilas Eugene, 246, 89 Mitchell, Ann, 276 Mitchell, Deborah, 152 Mitchell, Ernest Earl, 81, 256 Mitchell, Eugene Muse. 238 Mitchell. George R. Jr.. 256. 192 Mitchell, George Wm., 199 Mitchell, Jeanette, 98, 292 Mitchell, John C, 254 Mitchell, John H. Jr., 81, 254 Mitchell, Joseph R., 238 Mitchell, Lawrence, 105, 144 Mitchell, Thos. E. Ill, 89, 170 Mitchell, Virginia, 164, 165, 167 Mitchell, William M„ 89 Mixson, Betty Sue, 274 Miz.ell, Evalyn M., 292, 63 Mobley, Annie Beth, 63, 193 Mobley, Gwinn Nixon, 244, 179 Mobley, John Mark, 242, 227 Mobley. Wm. Thos. Jr., 250 Mock, Edgar R. Jr„ 63, 36 Molder, Frances Eliz., 286, 179 Montgomery, Lillie J., 98 Monti, Angelo J. Jr., 199, 205-6 Moody, Wm. Cecil Jr., 118 Moon, Betty Ann, 272, 98 Moore, Berry W., 89, 155 Moore, Dudley Lester, 89, 254, 190 Moore, Eugene Aubrey, 89. 136 Moore. Eugene John. 89 Moore. Frank. 234 Moore. James Sewell. 81 Moore. John Palmour. 64. 234 Moore. Mary Bernice. 282 Moore. R. Eileen, 268 Moore, Rose Morgan, 282 Moore, Sallie Lucia. 282 Moorman, Jimmy Warren, 30, 240 Moran, Robt. Hampton, 81, 119 Moranville, Mary M., 266, 64 Moreira, Paul Peter, 256 Morgan, Bartow Jr., 254 Morgan, Donald O., 121 Morgan, Helen Louise, 98 Morgan. Julia Kline, 286. 179 Morgan. Patrick M.. 258. 121 Morgareidge. Mary A.. 276 Morley. Marv Adelia. 280. 64. 262 Morris. A. Liz, 127, 189, 280 Morris, Francis J., 64 Morris, George B., 98. 234 Morris. George K., 98 Morris, Jo Laine, 282 Morris, Jo Lynn, 99, 282 Morris, John Lyman, 98 Morris, Linda Lee, 81 Morris, Mary S.. 268 Morris. Murrow B.. 89. 178. 189. 193. 270 Morris, Patricia, 99, 167 Morris, Thaddeus J,, 256 Morris, Thomas H.. 64, 119 Morris, Wm. Albert, 81 Morris, Wm. S., 254, 64, 138, 157, 145, 177, 175, 127, 29 Morrison, Dale C, 89, 263 Morrison, Patricia, 276 Morrissey, Marjorie, 64, 280 Morton, Barbara J., 292, 169, 187 Morton, Cleone W., 284 Morway, Joyce E., 81. 272 Moscow, Ann, 290 Moser, Bobby Leonard. 234. 99 Mosley. Royce E.. 64. 180, 155, 122, 136 Moss, Judson, 128 Mosteller, Jas. Andrew, 198-200 Mosteller, Robert E., 99 Mowry, Jas. Bedell, 89 Moye, Daniel Clark, 125 Moye, Thomas Floyd, 244 Mule, Andrew Donald. 250 Mulherin. Wm. Butler. 199. 234 Mulholtem. Carol Lee. 99 Mull. George H. Jr.. 89 Mullen. Louis Edwin. 81 Mulrooney. Eugene Jos.. 64 Mundy. Anne Morgan. 286 Murdock, Paul Jackson, 242. 64 Murkison. Eugene Cox. 99 Murphey. Sarah H.. 64 Murphy. Jacolynn Iris. 89. 171 Murphy. Kenneth M. Jr.. 250 Murphy. Myrtle Grier. 89 Murray. Lawton. 64, 155 Murray, Lorraine, 81. 163 Murray, Patricia E„ 89 Murray, Sandra A., 81, 286, 189 Murrison, Wayne G,. 89, 143 Murry, Peggy Lou, 89 Musick, Jack Nolen, 89, 140, 124 Musselman, Eugene E., 106, 121, 183 Myers, Frederick H, Jr., 64, 179 Myers, Louisa A., 270 Nachman, Inge Herta, 64, 131. 169 Napolitano. Philip S.. 124 Nash. Malcolm. 252, 89 Nathan, Peggy Ann, 278 Neal, Raymond A,, 81 Neal. Wm. Petrey. 244 Nease. Edward Laban. 256 Nease. Harriet Idell, 99. 171 Needle. Mayer Michael. 81, 260, 153 Neese, Patricia L., 64, 180 Neill, Larry Eugene, 206 Nejibelezzy, Zuhair S.. 133 Nelms, Claude A. Jr., 99 Nelson. Eleanor Ruth. 99. 139 Nelson. Mary Nina, 284 Nelson. Wm. Wamon. 64 Nettleton. Mary B.. 182 Neugebauer. Philip D.. 64 Neville. Rufus Lester. 240 Newberry. Julius J.. 81. 157, 193 Newcomer, Christopher, 136 Newsome, Jo Beth, 99, 266 Newsome, Mary Jean, 99, 163 Newsome, Paul W. Jr., 119, 167 Newsome, Wilmer E., 258, 64, 125 Newton, Carl C. Jr,, 81, 170 Ng. Peter Chan Yin, 133 Nichols, Marshall G., 89 Nicholson, Eubergene, 156, 36 Nicholson, Jerrol F„ 244, 99 Nicholson, John Rae, 244 Nicholson, Marie, 292, 143 Nix, Alton Roscoe, 81 Nix, Harold Ronald, 89, 150 Nixon, Billy Dean, 244 Nixon, Wm. Harold, 89, 246, 168, 129. 150, 126 Noble, Shelton, 146 Noel, Emily J., 280 Noell, Mary Elizabeth, 1S4 Noffsinger, Glenn R., 121 Nolan, Anna Eliz., 99 Nolan, Charles T., 246 Noll, Wesley Erwin, 236 Norman, John F. Jr., 81, 168 Norman, Lynn Hammond, 64, 148, 125 Norman, Thomas E. Jr., 89, 119 Norris, Beverly Juan, 99, 167, 163 Northcutt, Floyd Webb. 206 Northcutt, Robert, 182 Northcutt. Wm. I). Jr., 234. 64. 182 STUDENT INDEX Nuchols. John B. Jr., 236 Nuckolls, Carolyn, 81. 163, 183 Nunley, Glen Murphy, 206 Nunn, Jere Gaines, 99 Nnssbaum, Ann M., 282 Nuttycombe, Eliz. Jane, 284, 261-5, 175, 221, 176 Oaks. David Sherrill, 240 Odillon, Richard Hill, 64, 118 Oglesby, Thomas D., 234 Okyson, Manning G., 64 OlJham, Harry M. Jr., 234, 227, 211 Oliver, Benny F., 136, 155 Oliver, Earl Lee, 40, 167 Oliver. Hardwick, 89, 179. 284 Oliver. Homer. 99 Oliver, Mims Richard. 81 Oliver. Marion T., 81, 168 Olliff, Sarah S., 268, 294 Olsen, Dorothy Rita. 99 O ' Malley. Joseph P.. 158 Oneal. Giles H.. 240. 136. 151 Oneal. Lee Roy. 107 Oneal, Weyman Glenn, 122 O ' Quinn. Ann Eliz.. 286. 171 O ' Quinn. Julia Ann. 99 O ' Quinn. Wm. George. 186 Orlrinski. Chester. 143 Orr. Daniel Edwin. 144 Orr. Freddie Anne. 99. 272 Orr, Jas. Edward Jr., 198-202, 240 Orr, Nancy Ann, 180 Ortiz, Jose Luis, 133 O ' Toole, John Richard, 64, 130, 135, 187 Otwell, Robert B.. 81 Outlaw, Freddie P., 81 Overton, William J., 64, 168, 180 Owen, Dorothy G., 280 Owen, Mary Blanche, 99, 171 Owen, Wiley Clyde, 168 Owens, Bingham, 246 Owens, Eugene A. L., 64, 193, 238 Owens, Harry L., 64, 132, 136, 186 Owens, Starling L., 64, 120, 126 Oxnevad, Jacob, 107, 133 Page, Donald Albert, 103, 130, 135, 177. 179 Page. Wm. Garrett, S4 Pagel, Kenneth, 134, 187 Paget, John Mauldin, 144 Paine, Edward H. Jr., 254 Palaio, Savario R.. 170 Palde, Vija Verena, 64. 253 Palmer. Arthur N.. 81, 40, 122 Palmer, Glenn Aubrey, 90 Palmer, Patsy W., 276 Pannell, Catherine A.. 162, 171 Panter, James Haro ' d, 90 Paris, Patricia E.. 270 Paris. William L.. 244. 156, 36-37 Parker. Ann B.. 282 Parker. Calvin W.. 90. 124, 140 Parker, Cleveland L., 106, 114, 144 Parker. David H., 144 Parker, Ed, 153 Parker, Helen Eliz., 99, 132, 139, 163, 186 Parker, John Neil, 107 Parker, Lee Ellington, 250 Parker. Mary Ellen. 186. 288 Parker. Richard K.. 246 Parkerson. Bartow D.. 258 Parks. Lee. 254 Parks. Mildred Lee. 90. 276 Parnell. Mary Janie, 270 Parr. Mary Beverly, 90, 276 Parrott. Chas. Wesley. 240 Parten. Aaron Eugene, 81. 114. 180 Partridge. Hazel M.. 272. 165. 171 Paschal. Patsy Jo. 276. 265, 313, 317 Pate, Bud, 246 Patterson, Sara Ellen Jr., Patten, Patricia A., 286 Patterson, Ann, 182 Patterson, Ben Lane. 135. 147. 170 Patterson. Billy Joe, 252, 64 Patterson. Joan D.. 268. 81. 190. 195 Patton. Ann. 274. 64. 189, 223, 160, 179 Patterson, Pleasant B., 240 Patterson. Victor T., 254, 64, 160 Patton, Carroll D., 90 Paul, Sandra, 284. 162. 127. 184. 189. 171. 179 Paulk. Jan Faye. 286 Paulk, Robert C, 256 Payne, Charlotte J.. 152 Payne, Halsted E. Jr., 114 Payne, Joe Stewart, 99 Payne, Patricia Ann, 282 Payne, Robert Allen, 254 Paynter. Douglas E., 64 Payton, Ronald Andrew, 64, 125 Peacock, Mary Alice, 64, 288, 171 Peacock, Wilburn H., 232 Pearce, Theodore E., Jr., 242 Pearson. James R. Jr.. 254 Pearson. Mary Ann. 90 Pease. Henry Benning. 81. 254 Peavy. EIna Sue, 270, 81 Peavy, Neal Carter, 250 Peek, John Corden, 162 Peeler, Hiram H., 146 Peeples, James David, 90 Pelly. Frank Michael, 64, 140. 125 Penland. George H., 199 Pennock, Va. Margaret, 272, 133, 182 Perez, Augustus Jose, 242 Pappas, Sortes, 67 Perkins, C. Patrick, 232 Perkins, Sally, 276 Perkins. Marietta, 286 Perils, Marvin Alfred, 228 Perry. Anthony C. Jr.. 240. 31 Perry. Charles Kolb, 262. 167 Perry. Harriet Evelyn. 276 Perry. Kermit S.. 256 Perry, Mack Kenneth, 258. 154 Perry. Mahlon Bedell. 64. 127. 30. 182 Perry. Wm. Malcolm. 64 Persons, Bowen. 121 Persons, Grady Lee, 81 Pervis, James R., 234 Peskins. Sidney Melvin, 228 Peters. Jas. Douglas, 64, 242 Peters, Margaret, 133 Peters, Mary J., 280 Peterson, Barbara J., 288. 99 Peterson. David W.. 107 Peterson. Dowe. 81. 280 Peterson. Robt. Dwight. 105 Pethel, Pete Edward, 234 Petterson. Ann. 276 Pharr. H. Jay. 284 Phillips. Emily F.. 99 Phillips. Ernest C. Jr.. 107 Phillips. Frank T., 90 Phillips. Gary Otis. 67 Phillips, Marilyn Sue, 280 Phillips, Martha A., 99 Phillips, Robt. B., 81. 119 Piassick. Allen Chas.. 67. 260 Pickard. Wayne T.. 124 Pickens. Clifford A.. 168. 126. 167. 40 Pickens. Frank. 126 Pierce. Carlton C. Jr.. 125 Pierce. Barbara Ann. 288 Pierce. Robert Neal. 67. 165. 167 Pike. Gertrude R., 99 Pike. Gloria Olivia. 141. 125 Pilcher. Bobby Lamar. 81. 148. 125 Pilcher. Edith K.. 99 Pilgrim. Harold H. Jr.. 199, 234 Pine, Glenn Alfred, 67. 134 Pinson. Myra Va.. 90, 282 Pippin, Bubber, 151 Pirkle, Belden M., 234 Pirkle, Ray. 167 Player. Wm. C. 67 Pleger. Gary Laverne. 103. 262. 226-227, 179 Podem, Marvin Joel, 67, 260, 131 Poe. John Edward. 167 Poe. Leslie Ralph Jr.. 106. 121, 183 Polk, Ira Nathaniel, 228 Polk, Robert Harold, 246 Pollock, Florence A., 67, 286 Pollock, Gail O.. 278 Pontius, Patricia A., 282 Poole, Dorothy Jean. 286 Poole. Julia Carolyn. 90. 167 Poolos. Jimmie Geo.. 67. 165, 183, 167 Poorman, Eliz., 99 Porter, Neil Derrick. 90 Porter. Wm. DeHaven. 250. 32 Posey. John P.. 262. 180 Poteet. Russell E. Jr.. 81. 238 Potts. Reba Patricia. 166 Poulos. George Wm.. 67, 148, 125 Poulos, Sarah Nancy L., 67 Pound, Clarence B. Jr., 242 Pound, Merritt B. Jr.. 240 Pounds. Leslie Young. 81 Powell. Bud. 199 Powell, Lenora Jane, 284 Powell, Jacqueline L., 272, 99. 164. 171 Powell, lialph Everett, 81 Powell, Thomas W., 199. 234. 215 Powell. Tommy Wooten. 105. 121 Prather. Deborah P.. 268 Prather. Jas. Thomas, 240 Pressman, Harris D., 228, 120, 146 Price, Albert A. Jr., 67, 258 Price, Harry H. Jr., 105 Price, Jerry Orlie. 67. 240. 115 Price. Richard Harris, Prim, Patricia Ann, 272, 67 Prim, Warren Walter, 252, 67 Prince, Princess. 282 Prince. Sandra Sue. 276, 99 Pritchett, Robt. A., 67 Provo, Marvin Monroe, 183 Pryor, Wm. Harold Jr., 121 Puckett, Fred D. Jr.. 103. 134 Pullen. Paula Jean. 272. 67. 186 Pulliam. Mary Ruth. 292. 67 Fund. Adelaide. 282, 294 Purcell, Jerry Dean, 244 Purcell, Jerry H., 82. 168 Purcell. Marcelle H., 90 Purcell, Mary Anne, 90 Purcell, Robt. Neil. 82 Purser, Henry Jackson, 82 Purvis, Marjorie G., 99. 132. 163 Putnam, Joy Patricia. 67. 152 Pye. Harmon G. Jr.. 124 Quarterman, David H., 252. 167 Quattlebaum. Owen M.. 242. 168. 183. i79 Raab. Phyllis Ellen. 99. 278. 131 Rabun. James Robert. 90 Raburn. Robert Lee, 90 Ragan, Gordon Billy, 67 Ragan, Jocelyn Sikes, 67, 274 Ragland, Joe Frank, 258 Ragsdale, C. Thos., 206 Ragsdale. Elmo Jr., 262 Ragsdale. Wm. Wade. 238. 67 Rainey. Cullen T. Jr.. 242. 121 Rainey. Nan Morgana. 284. 90. 168. 164, 188, 185, 171 Raisty, Helen Claire, 266 Raley, Floyd Robt., 126 Ralston, Isabell, 90 Ramsay, Carolyn P., 272, 67 Ramsay, Jas. Robt. HI, 67, 240 Ramsey, Paul E. Jr., 144 Rand, Toby Lee, 282 Randolph, Joyce May, 90 Raulston. Marvin E.. 244 Rawls. Eugenia. 276. 178 Ray. Edgar Aria Jr.. 244 Ray. Katherine O.. 286 Ray. Wm. Stanley HI. 234. 99. 154 Rea. Frederick W.. 99 Ready. John Jos.. 67. 119 Reddick. Dan. 234 Redmon. Billye Faye. 106. 155 Reed. Patricia Gaye. 167 Reese. Harold Owen. 199 Reese, Jerry Anne, 82 Reese. Martha J.. 132. 163 Reese. Thos. L., 125 Reeves. Beatrice L.. 67, 186 Reeves. Elbert W.. 246 Reeves. Jimmy Clyde. 136 Reeves. Jas. Leak. Jr.. 234 Reeves. Kathryn I. 268 Register. Patricia M.. 268 Reid. Jas. Arthur Jr.. 262. 67 Reid. Thomas Edward. 236 Reiland. Robt. Francis. 67. 242 Reiner. Duane. 167 Reinhardt. Wm. D.. 258. 227. 45 Reizes. Ellen Joan. 278 Reppard. Evelyn H.. 99 Reppard. Joanne K.. i39 Reynolds. Arthur III. 90. 162 Reynolds. Dorothy J.. 99. 288, 167 Reynolds. Eliz. Jane. 99. 288, 167 Reynolds, John F., 82 Reynolds, Richard J.. 178, 180, 122, 136 Reynolds, Wm. Alan, 67, 178. 115 Rhodes. Wm. H.. 67 Rhyne. Albert H.. 117, 135 Rhyne. John Sims. 125 Rhyne. John Wm.. 185 Rhyne. Tommy Wilson. 82. 1:56 Rice. Francis E. Jr.. 180 Rich, Jack Gray, 250 Richardson, Nan, 171 Richardson, Nancy, 268, 82 Ricks, Frances L., 82, 276 Ricks, Henry Clay F., 240 Riddle, Edward Howard, 140, 146, 125 Ridgway, Latimer C., 99, 115 Ridgeway, Theodore R., 170 Ridlehoover, Henry T., 67 Ridley, Maye Brown, 270, 67, 264 Rieder. Dorothy D., 280 Riedinger, Robert L., 230 Rifkin, Arlene S.. 291 Rigsbee, Patricia A., 99, 282 Riley. Odell Lee, Jr., 82 Riley, Patricia, Ann, 82, 280 Riley, Wm. Ernest, 242 Rimstidt, Dewayne. 282. 90 Riner. Duane Smith. 238 Ring. Burton, 67 Ringer. Carol Lynn, 290 Rish, Wesley Jack, 67, 180 Ritchie, Jo Nan, 270, 82 Ritchie, Wm. Booth, 256 Roache, Ed, 240 Roane, Tom, 119 Robbins, Sonia, 278, 131 Robbins, Wm. Henry, 146 Roberson, Daniel P., 122, 127 Robert, Henry Cooke, 238 Roberts, Chas. Davis, 67, 122, 130. 159, 175 Roberts, Elliott N., 67 Roberts, F. Laverne, 152, 282 Roberts, Gloria June, 99, 272, 294 Roberts, Gordon J., 157, 192-4 Roberts. Harriet N.. 67. 280 Roberts. Jas. M.. 99. 206, 254 Roberts. Jesse L.. 105 Roberts. Lovis L. 198-9. 202. 204-5 Roberts. Loy Dean. 250 Roberts. Lucy, 294 Roberts, Milton N., 146 Roberts, Norman, 148, 123 RoberU, Phillip Lee, 67, 230 Roberts. Thos. George, 184. 186 Roberts. Wm. W.. 206 Roberts, Winnie Lou, 90 Robertson, Lucy C, 82 Robertson, Myrna R.. 164, 168 Robertson, Shirley, 280 Robinson, M. Judy, 99, 272 Robinson, Ralph N., 133, li 3 Robinson, Ridgley K., JO, 132 Robison, Barbara Ann, 82 Robison, Mary Joan, 92. 292 Robison, Wm. Harden, 165, .83, 167 Robucker, Chas. Warner, 244 Rodgers, Jas. Allan, 67 Rodgers. Lillian D.. 270. 82, 174 Rodgers, Marian Jane, 90, 270 Rodgers, Wm. Roscoe Jr., 68 Roe, Allen Daniel. 134. 38 Roe. Eugene Lee. 242 Roe, William Gary, 242, 37 Roeder, John Adam Jr., 105, 123, 144, 178 Roger, Jesse Gabriel, 206 Rogers, Barbara C, 280, 167 Rogers, Chas. Edward, 68, 185. 125 Rogers, John Earl, 165, 167 Rogers, Jolly H.. 144 Rogers, Harris J. Jr., 238, 167 Rogers, Lee Roy Jr., 90 Rogers, Roland T., 144 Rogowski, Andrew S., 143 Ronemous, Patricia F., 270, 171 Rooker. Wm. Augustus, 254, 227, 146 Rookes, Jos. S., 82, 119 Rose, Florence R., 278, 131, 183 Rose, Herbert, 90 Rosenberg, Barry M., 228 Rosenberg, Chas. M., 248 Rosenberger, Wm. R., 105, 121 Rosenwasser, Michael, 248 Roth, Robert Isreal, 260 Rowan, Bobby, 114 Rowan, Van Lee, 82, 148, 125 Rowe, Jane Hendon, 268 Rowe, Joan Isabel, 157 Rowell, Harold Wm., 242. 90. 126 Rowland. Gray. 82. 286 Royce, Richard Day. 68 Royer. Wm. Hugh Jr.. 217 Ruark. Bobby Leon. 199. 256 Rubel. Deborah. 99, 278, 131, 164 Rubin, Abrom Morris, 260 Rubin, Edith Fay. 278 Rubin, Jerald Leonard, 99, 228 Rudra, Chhaya, 107, 133, 169, 179 Rundbaken, Leon, 165, 183, 167 Ruppel, Margaret R.. 90, 276 Rushton, Archie S., 107, 135 Russell, Janet Claire, 284, 265 Russell, John Wm., 119 Russell, Ralph Moran, 147 Rutland. Myra R., 272, 90 Rutland. Tommy. 254 Rutledge. Ronald M.. 236. 82 Ryan. Robert Joseph, 90, 250. 143, 170 Ryckeley. Ruby Joan. 280 Sack. Jocelyn Louise. 284. 164. 179 Salley. Wm. Everette. 106, 144 Saltzman, Phyllis E., 290 Salvatore, William N., 124 Sammons, Sandra Ruth, 282. 169 Sams. Albert D.. 33. 254 Sams. Edward S.. 232 Sanders. Emily. 90. 163 Sanders. Eunice Oree. 82 Sanders, Geo. David, 106, 121 Sanders, Jos. Nicholas, 36 Sandhu, Mukhwant S., 107, 133 Sands, Saundra, 284 Saner, Andy, 154 Sanford, Chas. S. Jr., 240 Sanford, Nancy Skow, 288, 165 Sanner, Richard Thos.. 232, 227 Sansom, G. Harry, 256 Sapp, Johnson W. Jr., 82 Sapp, Simon Grady, 68, 143, 134 Sapp, Theron Coleman, 199 Sarma, Ilze, 141, 125 Sauer, Andrew H.. 248, 120 Saul, Louis, 260 Saunders, An nice Mae, 276 Sau.s.oy, Jack Peeples, 240 227 Savage, Richard D., 254 Sawatzke, Jo Luanne, 280, 264, 186, 190, 195 Sawilowsky, Jay M., 147, 103 Sawyer, Horace K. Jr., 107 Saye, Chas. Albion, 2;4, 215 Saye, Wade S. Jr., 99, 167 Saye, Wm. Albert, 198-9, 254 Sayre, Joanne, 68, 207, 282 Scarlett, Richard M., 138, 211 Scarborough, Dorothy, 99 Scarborough, Mary Gay, 292, 162 Scarselletta, Mario J.., 82 Schaffer, Carolyn, 278, 131 Schatten, Murray B., 228 Scheer, George M. Jr., 248, 227, 177, 159, 151, 14j Schillings, Lenora J., 68, 266, 167 Schmidt, Dorothy E., 68 Schmidt, Jean Alma. 8 Schneider. Barry. 260 Scholl. Kathryn Lyie. 268 Schopen. Jos. Leroy. 199 Schorff. Dot. 193 Schreiber. Harriette, 278, 265, 82, 131, 186, 184, 189, 192, 228 Schreiber, Herbert V ., 228 Schwartz, Sandra J., 278, 99 Schwartz, Michael, 260 Scoggins. Helen Va., 99, 282 Scott, Hugh M.. 144 Scott, Jas. Daniel, 68 Scott, Mary Regina, 164, 179 Scott, R. David, 240 Scroggs, Andersun, 206 Seal, Charles Wade, 234 Seal. George M. Jr.. 234 Sealy. James Felton, 206 Seamon. Ralph Norman. 121 Searcy, Scott H., 246, 30 Searcy, Wm. E. H. IV, 151, 254 Seasholtz, Jas. Emory, 148, 125 Sedlock, Robert John, 206 Segraves, Myron S., 178 Seiden, Philip, 181 Seigal, Alvin, 147 Seller, Frank Wilkins, 256, 227, 138, 158, 295 Seligman, Roslyn, 82, 278, 265, 118, 131, 322 Sentell, R. Perry, 103, 130, 147 Settle, Wm. Kemp, 121 Seiton, Sandra Ann, 282 Seymour, Morris B., 230 Shackelford. Albert, 100 Shackelford, Hilda H., 270, 103 Shackelford, Robert W., 107 Shaffer, Chas. Gary, 228 Shalloway, Edwin A., 228 Shapard, Sally D., 82, 288, 139 Sharp, Polly Sue, 286, 183 Sharp, Homer F. Jr., 90 Sharp, Jas. Brannon Jr., 105, 121 .23 Sharp, Norma Reba, 90 Sharp, Polly S., 185, 286 Sharpe, Leo E., 68, 122 Shattuck, Mary M., 274, 265 Shaw, Jas. Henry, 82 Shea. Donald P.. 68. 199-200. 138 Sheahan. Robert E.. 199 bheffield. Lloyd Larl. 82. 119 Shell. Dorothy. 276 Shellnut. Mitchell P.. 206 Shellnut. Wayne K.. 206 Shelly, James C. Jr., 90 Shelnutt. John L., 135 Shelor, Nancy Ross, 90, 171 Shepard, Cliff Eugene, 90 Shepard, Wiley D., 90, 215 Shepherd, Mary Alice, 82. 282 Shepherd. Mike. 250 Shepherd. Millard B.. 143. 250 Shepherd. Robt., 124 Shepherd, Sidney B.. 149, 250 Sheppard. Anne. 90, 167. 193 Sheppard. Chas. L.. 258 Sheriff. Jack Bowen. 82. 238 Sherwood. Bobby F.. 12; Sherwood. Charles C. 100. 258, 40 Sherwood, Jeanette. SO. 171, 272 Sherwood. Richard, 170, 179 Shields, Hal Cline, C8, 156, 36 Shier. Sybil, 100, 278, 131 Shingler, Clark H., 105, 12i Shirley, Thurston J., 144 Shivers, Billy Mac, 256, 162, 30, 32, 171 Short, Edna Adrian, 107, 129, 114, 163 Short, George Wm., 82 Short, Ted Carroll, 244 STUDENT INDEX Shropshire, Ray S., 258 Shuler, Jacob Obrien, 144 Shults, Mary Ann, 280, 90 Shumake, Frances E., 68 Shumake, Franklin G., 68, 135 Shuman, Patricia Ann, 282 Shuman, Shelly Earl, 230, 122 Shytle, Jas. Blain. 82, 153 Siccardi, Frank John, 144 Siddons, David M., 234 Sieg, Robert Mercer, 250 Siegel, Alvin Neil, 103, 228 Siegel, Jerome H., 228 Sigman, Gary Watson, 258 Silas, Lageorgia M., 100 Silcox, Thomas Graye, 90 Silver, Loretta June, 100 Silverman, Janet A., 278, 131 Simmons, Elliott, 103, 240 Simmons, Mark, 240 Simmons, Marvin T., 258 Simmons, Robt. Mark, 68, 260, 185, 125 Simons, Jas. Henry M., 82 Simonton, H. Ray, 68, 125, 159, 250 Simonton, Wm. Thomas, 212 Simpkins. Earl S. Jr., 212, 192 Simpson, Jas. White, 232 Sims, Barbara Jan, 82 Sims, Beverly Ann, 82 Sims, Wm. Clayton, 180 Sineath, Malcolm H., 68, 170 Singh, Gurdip Gian, 133 Singletary, Thomas A., iOO, 167 Sink, Early M., 121, 123, 183 Sinkhorn, Lucy P., 68, 190, 195 Sipe, Carolyn A., 68, 282, 171 Sirmans, Dalton, 180 Sisk, Jas. Thomas Jr., 254 Sisk, Lydie Virginia, 288 Siskin, Morley, 162 Sisley, Eilene, 179 Sizer, Clara Ann, 68, 190 Skaggs, Loren Dudley, 102 Skelton, Claud E. Ill, 250 Skelton, Robt. A., 90, 119 Skinner, Shirley Jean, 82 Skipper, James H. Jr., 165, 4» Skodnik, Jacolyn H., 90, 278, 131 Skott, Rita Gail, 290, 131 Skryhecki Barbara A. 100 Slack, Enid Warner, 284 Slaughter, Gwendolyn, 288, 171 Slay, Peggy Marie, 100 Slotin. T. Herb, 260, 131 Smalley, Alfred, 183 Smallwood, J. Ken, 82, 236 Smith, Ann, 282 Smith, Barbara Ann, 235, 284 Smith, Barbara Ann, 100, 237, 266 Smith, Beaver, 234 Smith, Ben, 2 46 Smith, Byron A., 207 Smith, Claire Burch, 68, 268 Smith, Darius Austin, 97 Smith, Don Earl, 234 Smith, Donald D.. 135 Smith, Donald Eugene, 199 Smith, Douglas H., 40, 155, 167 Smith, E. Lou Anne, 82 Smith, Elsie Mac, 68, 268, 313, 317 Smith, Eugene N., 90 Smith. Faye, 68, 268 Smith, Faye Laverne, 100 Smith, Frances Marion, 193 Smith, George Robt., 82, 164 Smith, Gilly, 234 Smith, Glenda Faye, 90, 276 Smith, Harry G., 100 Smith, Hazel, 100 Smith, Howard Lane, 164, 167, 183 Smith, Joann, 114, 139, 193 Smith, Joanne, 90 Smith. Johnny, 250 Smith, Johnny B., 82, 170 Smith, Joyce V., 152, 159, 68 Smith, Judith Ann, 90, 188 Smith, Julia Louise, 90 Smith, Lawson Rudolph, 90 Smith, Louis John, 68, 213, 244 Smith, M. Joanne, 90, 282 Smith. Marion, 166, 292 Smith. Marshall Coyle. 100, 120 Smith. Martha. 280 Smith, Martha Holmes, 107, 188 Smith. Martha S., 90 Smith, Nancy Evelyn, 100, 139, 163 Smith, Patricia Ann, 90 Smith, Patricia Eliz., 100, 167, 292 Smith, Patsy Ruth, 163 Smith, Queon Paul, 82 Smith, Robt. Louie, 100 Smith, Robt. Vincent, 82, 227, 252 Smith, Sandra Leah, 270, 294 Smith, SJieeter, 232 Smith. Steve. .64 Smith, Susan Carlton, 162 Smith, Ted, 215 Smith, Terry, 240 Smith, Thos. J., 100 Smith, Tom, 234 Smith, Tom, 254 Smith, Wm. Cody, 30, 68, 244 Smitherman, Virgil H., 206 Smithwick, Linda, 286 Snell, Wm. Edward, 135, 179 Snelson, Patricia Ann, 90, 282 Snow, Caleb Jack, 106, 121 Snow, Jas. Albert, 82, 168 Snow, Thos. W., 90, 256 Snyder, Chas. Alfred, 244, 127, 29 Snyder, Eliz. Anne, 292, 100 Sokol, Sonia R., 278 Solomon, Gerald L., 236 Somers, Margaret Jean, 268 Sommers, Robt. Hugo, 254, 116 Sorrow, Billy Broach, 82, 184 Sorrells. Marvin Wms., 100, 258 Souter, Jas. Lester Jr., 68 Southerland, Jas. Wm., 68, 175, 192, 194 Southwell, Hugh F., 82 Spadafino, Leonard P., 198-200 Sparks, Betty Joan, 266, 68 Sparks, Clarice, 139, 163, 132 Sparks, Mildred Jean, 82, 186, 163, 192, 194 Sparks, Willis B., 68, 151 Spearman, David H., 105, 121-2 Spears, Ada Doretha, 68 Spears, Eddie, 242 Speegle, Chas. Martin, 105, 121-3, 183 Speering, Harry R., 167 Speir, Phyllis Dawn, 68, 180 Spence, Robt. Howell, 82, 168, 183 hipencer, Charles B., 82, 117 Spier, William Jr., 248 Spiers, Patsy Carole, 90 Spigener, Theresa Ann, 100, 276, 164, 133, 171 Spillers, Ben Murice, 25S Spooner, Joe Langley, 83, 115 Spooner, Johnny iMacK, 199 Sprayberry, Donald L., 240 Stafford, Bette E., ! 0 Stafford, Jack, 182 Stafford, John E., 254 Stamps, M. Louise, 83 Stanford. Jas. W.. 234 Stanley. John Jarvis, 244 Stanley, Margaret, 286, 68 Staples, Sarah Anne, 183 Stapleton, Susan Y., 282 Stark, Homer Marshall, 232, 149 Starnes, Wm. Danner, 234 Staton, Christopher E., 234 Staton, Thomas Earl, 105, 121-2 Steele. Dennis Norman, 68, 134 Steele, Harriet Eliz., 100, 284 Steele. Jos. Leo, 68 Steele, Lorna Lee, 274 Stegall, John A. Jr., 238, 90 Steinberg, Gloria Ann, 68, 290 Steinberg, Stanley, 228, 220 Steiner, Pinckney A., 240, 100, 151 Stephens, Helen Jane, 100, 182, 163 Stephens. Lucile, 100, 127 Stephens, Margaret A., 292, 100, 164 Stephens, Otis H. Jr., 244, 135, 120 Stephenson, Sarah E., 288, 90 Sternisha, Charles J., 83 Stetson, Richard A. Jr.. 107 Stevens, Bryan L., 246 Stevens, Hester Gail, 68 Stevenson, Wm. (George, 90 Stewart, Chas. 68, 180 Stewart, Charles E., 83, 232 Stewart, Charlie H., 90 Stewart, Jas. Donald, 129, 164, 168, 183 Stewart, Jas. Russell, 83, 256, 38 Stewart, Joan, 68 Stewart, Jas. Russell, 83, 256, 38 Stewart, Joan, 68 Ste wart. Millard R.. 68, 180 Stewart. Wm. (iray, 256 Still, Edwin Tanner, 121 Stiller. Wm. James, 199 Stillwell, Wm. Ross Jr., 71 Stine, Herbert. Chas.. 260. 226-7 ,Stine, Jules Jos., 260, 227 Stinson, Al Worth, 105, 116, 121- 123, 183 Stinson, R. Harold, 238 Stinson, Walter Thos., 106, 121 Stivers. Martha Lois, 71, 282 Slock, Mary Hamilton, 182 Stokely, Jesse Eugene, 153, 136 Stokes, Cay Guyton. 242 Stolz, Hal Fisher, 240, 211 Stolz, Irwin Wm. Jr., 240, 103, 187 Stone, Henry David, 106, 121 Stone, Jessika, 288 Storey, Harry Wayne, 146 Storm, Marinus, 133 Stough, Carol Va., 282 Stovall, Allen Dalton, 100, 146 Stovall, Mary Edwina, 276, 100, 133 Stovall, Robt. Thomas, 115 Strain, Chas. Judson, 83, 119, 167, 28 Strain, Oscar Ray Jr., 100, 244, 167, 40 Straughan, C. L. Jr., 254 Stribling, Estelle ,90 Stribling, Jas. Y., 90. 254 Strickland, Billie A., 282 Strickland, Chas. C, 100 Strickland, Diana, 171 Strickland, Fenton, 83 Strickland, John W.. 83. 125 Stridde, Sharon M., 292 Stringer, Marguerite, 292 Stritt, Albert R., 230 Strother, Marcy T., 282, 90 Stroupe, Sylvia Ann, 270 Strozier, Thomas E., 91 Stuart, Joan, 270 Stubbs, Barbara Nell, 71, 180 Stubbs, Betty Anne, 71, 180 Stuckey, Norman Ryals, 252, 91, 167 Stuckey, Williamson S., 254 Studdard, Henry Alan, 136 Stukes, Suzanne, 91, 282 Succi, Jeremy Michael, 236 Sugarman, Barbara Ann, 290, 193 294 Sullivan, G. Anne, 91, 280, 188, 192-3 Sullivan, Henry T. Jr., 91, 244, 126 Sullivan, Joan T., 83, 190, 195 Sullivan, Julius Lee, 136 Summerou, Robert Lee, 256 Summers, Donald, 71, 134 Sumner, Charles H., 258 Sutherland, Carl T. Jr., 120, 146 Sutherland, J. Eugene, 71, 128, 164 Sutton, Billy Tom, 100 Sutton, Martha Eliz., 91 Sutton, Suzanne, 286 Swafford, Martha Ann, 100, 292 Swahn, Frederick H.. 121 Swan, David Lee, 83 Swartz, Harold E., 183 Swartz, Nancy Ann, 276 Sweat, Ottis Atwell, 256, 71 Swilley, Sandra Lee. 268 Swindel, Benee Frank, 71 Swindell, Henry A., 91, 126, 238 132 Swindell, James F.. 236, 167 Swinson, Thomas B., 107, 136 Symons, Jos. F. Jr., 83, 136, 181 Taffel, Jack, 71, 228, 36 Tagge, Jane Carol, 71, 286, 159, 253 Talley, Thomas B. Jr., 103 Talmadge, Martha M., 288 Tanner, Johnnie B. Jr., 238, 83, 167 Tanner, Vida Frances, 91 Tansill, Ronald F., 252 Taormina, John V, 71 Tapley, Duston D. Jr., 242 Tapp. Jas. Lemon, 250 Tappan, Dorothy Anne, 100. 132 Tarleton, Wendell E., 198-9, 203-4. 215, 216 Tarpley, Peggy Joyce, 71, 152 Tarpley, Richard L., 107 Xarpley, Wm. Barney. 83 Tate, Hal Manson. 106, 121 Tatum, Mary Louise, 91, 178 Taylor, B. Don. 71, 258 Taylor, Frank Colson, 105, 121 Taylor. George Howard. 71 Taylor, Harry Windell. ;14, 238 Taylor, Jack S., 83, 254 Taylor, Jas. Aubrey, 262 Taylor, June Dale. 100, 292 Taylor, Kathryn Lena, 83 Taylor, Kay Joyce, 292 Taylor, Lee, 124 Taylor, Patricia F., 268 Teed, Jacqueline Lou. 292, 127 Teeple, Charles J. Jr.. 250 Temple, Harold Glen, 114. 144 Temple, Shirley Mae, 83, 270 Temple, Wm. Reece, 71 Terry, Don Wilson, 254, 100 Terry, Guyton O. Jr., 244, 83 Terry, Robt. Jefferson, 211 Thaler, Bernard D., 228, 120, 131, 248 Tharpe, Rosemary, 100, 276 Thaxton, Carlton Jas., 83 Therrien, Anthony F., 199 Theus, Thomas Leon, 258 Thorn. Horace Boyd. 83, 256, 129, 193, 213 Thomas, Barksdale, 100, 167, 276 Thomas, Ezekielof, 91, 120, 150, 155, 256 Thomas, Jack, 121 Thomas, Jack Kenimer, 100 Thomas, Jean Frances, 292 Thomas, Joyce Vivian, 100 Thomas, Marcus Clay, 118, 234 Thomas, Mary Louise, 286 Thomas, Melvin, 71 Thomas, Sandra Kay, 71 Thomasson, Broadus L., 199 Thomasson, Cherry, 83, 276 Thompkins, Ben, 258 Thompson, Alfred E.. 100, 246 Thompson, Anne, 91, 171, 182, 270 Thompson, Betty Jean, 91, 182 Thompson, Billy B., 71, 258 Thompson, Carol Sue, 91, 276 Thompson, Don Lester, 117, 167, 192-3 Thompson, Eric F., 1S3 Thompson, George M., 40, 242 Thompson. John M.. 40, 242 Thompson, Jas. A. Ill, 91 Thompson, Jas. Avner, IS-l Thompson, Mary K., 100 Thompson, Melvin E., 234 Thompson, Milton S., 71, 116, 130, 138, 159, 175, 178 Thompson, Patricia A., 83, 171, 266 Thompson, Suzanne, 268 Thornton, Benjamin, 91, 168 Thornton, John Lewis, 100 Thornton, Stanley C, 250 Thurman, Wm. R., 107 Thurmand, (ierald P., 146, 246 Thurmond, David Wood, 100, 254 Thurmond, Gail, 274 Thweatt, Charlotte G., 71, 152 Tigner, Frank Hill, 254 Tiller, Chas. £.. 256 Tillery, Barbara Ann, 280 Tillman, Barbara J., 167 Tillman, Billups P., 151, 212. 254 Tillman, Lenora F.. 71. 272 Tillman, Stanford L., 91, 262, 227 Tillman, Thos. M., 38, 159, 177, 226-7, 254 Tindol, Sylvia May, 288 Tipton, Wm. Ronald. 71 Tisinger, Jackson H.. 107 Tobin, Robert D., 258 Todd, Ernest Verner, 100 Todd, Marion M., 186 Todd, Thomas Edwin, 121 Tolbert, Mary Guthrie, 183 Toler, Wm. Richard. 258 Tolleson. Robert H., 232 Tomblin, Ed Derrill, 71, 155, 36 Tomlinson, Herman L., 83 Tompkins, Sam Ray, 206 Tonissson, Cara, 83 Toors, Ilermine, 133 Topper, Marcia, 278, 131 Torbett, Robt. Douglas, 254 Toro, Jorge Jr.. 133 Torrance. Adelia J., 91, 132, 163 Toth, Gregory R., 263 Tounsley, C. Douglas, 246 Towe, Kenneth Allan, 240 Trail, Wm. Edward, 121 Trapnell, Sylvia D.. 100. 268 Travis, Robt. Phillip, 71 Travis, Wilma Jean, 270 Traynham, Eleanor A., 100 Tribble, Irma Ruth, 71, 288, 186, 184 Triplctt, Robt. Ford, 164, 179 Tripp, Maudie Carolyn, 276, 264, 182 Troup, Betty Earle, 71, 292 Troutman. Frank Jr., 254, 149, 145 Troutman, Sylvia, 139 Troy, Janice Marie, 91, 178 Trunnell. John Wm. Jr., 71, 250 Tsoi. Check Wing. 71. 135, 133 Tuck. Reuben M. Jr., 232, 149 Tucker. Barbara Ruth. 100 Tucker, Darleen, 91 Tucker, Lucy Dent. 286, 171 Tucker, Martha J., 270 Tucker. Walter E. Jr., 105, 121 Turk, Austin T.. 71, 167 Turk, Beth, 282 Turk. Karris Ray. 105 Turner. Barbara Anita, 100, 284 Turner, Barbara K., 91, 179, 274 Turner, Cecil Rufus, 206 Turner, David Philip, 91, 153, 170 Turner, Elton Binion, 71 Turner, Henry Lenton, 83, 136, 177, 182 Turner, Hiram Bailey, 83, 115, 242 Turner, Jas. Loudon, 71 Turner, Jas. Robt.. 28 Turner. Jimmy, 258 Turner, Joyce, 71, 152, 174 Turner. Mary Clare, 71, 280 Turner, Mary Rose, 83, 132, 168 Turner, Nancy Anne, 282 Turner, Norton, 119-20 Turner, Wm. Kenneth, 116, 122, 130, 136, 175, 178 Tuten, John Stanley, 83 Tuton, Mary Eliz., 91, 272, 171 Twitty, Frank S., 250 Twitty, Jessie E., 83, 276 Tyber, Helen, 278, 167 Tye, Jane Ross, 91, iii, 161 Tye, John Robert, iOO, 154 Tye, Warren D. Jr., 124 Tyler, Kirby Jr., 250 Tyler, Margaret Mason. 268, 91, 188, 178 Tyndale, Jackie Ann, 83, 282, 182 Tyner. Carolyn Eliz., 107 Tyree, Arline Frances, 91 Tyson, Harold R., Tl Tyson, Patricia A., IOO, 288 Tyson, Remer Hoyt Jr., 71, 157, 177, 175, 192, 194 Tyson. Roy Allison. 123 Tyson. Willie J., 83, 115 Ueda. Muneyoshi, 107, 133 Underwood, Edmond H., 240 Underwood, Fred L., 71, 185, 125 Underwood, Mazie, 286 Underwood, Thelma, 148, 83, 141, 185, 125 Upshaw, Margaret M., 136, 181 Usher, Calvin, 263 Ussery, Roger J., 71, 170 Vacalis, Georgia, 71, 171, 182, 184 Valenti, Roy, Raymond, 143 Vallis, Dzintris, 133, 118 Van Buren, Robt. C, 199 Van Buskirk, Sara A., 71, 169, 180 Vandroff, Leonard, 248, 36 Vanelmendorf. John C. 129 Vann, Jas. Lee Jr., 256 Van Putten, Russel. 40 Varnedoe, Claire F., 71, 274 Vaughan. David N. Jr., 238 Vaughan, Thomas B., 182 Vaughan. Wm. A., 91, 136, 238 Vaughan, Wm. David. 136, 144 Vaughn, Rebecca Anne, 83 Vaughn, Roger Wayne, 263 Vaught. Walter Thos.. 258 Veal, Larry Furman, 83, 125 Veazey, Doris Claire, 71, 175, 189, 187, 190. 195. 313 Venable. Patricia D., 100. 280, 132, 139, 127 Verity, Walter E. Jr., 71 Vickers, Ben Edward, 71 Vickery, Sara, 114. 132 Vildibill, Harry D.. 144 Villamizar, Hernando, 133 Vinesett, Travis H., 199 Vining, Travis F., 250 Vinson, Wm. Emmette, 211 Virgin, Eliz., Anne, 91, 178 Virts, Henry Alan, 105, 123. 121 Vogel, Mary Parker, 280, 182, 178 Von Canon, Marion M., 91, 274, Vories, Robert W., 83, 182 Wachs. Arthur, 248, 115 Waddey, Eugenia Lynne, 100, 276 Wade, Chas. Eddie, 244 Wade, Georee Emraett, 207, 254 Wadsworth, Gloria, 91, 270, 171, 190 Walker, Charley O. Jr., 246, 175, 118, 78 Walker, Claxton, 107 Walker, Gilbert H., 238 Walker, Jerry L., 91, 124 Walker, June Fuqua, IOO, 141 Walker, Suzanne, 288 Wall. John Richard, 242 Wall. Rowe Trowell. 230 Wall. Sharpe David Jr., 100, 154 Wall. Wm. Henry Jr.. IOO, 234 Wallace, Carol Ring, 100 Wallace. Chas. Edward, 91 Wallace, KHz. Jeanne, 71 Wallace. Franklin D., 36, 156, 167, 169 Wallace, Patricia C.. 268 Wallace, Robt. H., 215 Wallace, Theresa Ann, 71 Waller, Charles E., 91 STIDENT INDEX Waller. Earl Coon. 135, 149, 227, 236 Waller. Wylie Paul, 154 Waller, Charles E.. 91 Walraven. Wesley C, 91 Walsh. Anna Mary. 100, 266 Walter. Sue, 100, 284 Walters. George L.. 135, 136, 187 Walters, Roger EuBene. 83, 115, 186 132 Walton. ' Clarence W., 232 Walton. Robert Ellis. 144 Ward. James. 91, 135-6, 153, 139 Ward, Jesse Morris Jr., 234 Ward. John Henry III, 100, 236 Ward, Mary Patricia, 268 Ward, Samuel Jackson, 144 Wardlaw, Louellen, 71, 286 Wardlaw, Walter A., 91 Ware, Va. Melson, 103 Warner. Anne Leland, 91, 274 Warren, Gloria Ann, 272 Warren. Harvey M.. 72, 119 Warren. L. Fontaine, 100, 276 Wasden. Wiley A.. 246, 146 Washburn. Esther May, 72 Washburn, Herbert G., 234 Waterhouse, Russell F.. 72 Waters. Loy A. Jr.. 256 Waters. Marjorie K.. 72. 286 Waters, Robert Otis, 256 Watkins. Maurice E., 146 Watkins, Wm. Parker, 199 Watson, Georee Allen. 72 Watson. John Wm., 144 Watson. Patsy Lou, 91, 171 Watson, Robt. Adrain. 236, 220 Watts, Raymond Edwin, 246 Way, Jesse Leroy Jr., 156, 146, 36. 181 Way, Joe Donald. 168 Weaver, Royal Flemine, 244 Webb, Anita Louise, 91 Webb. Jack. 115 Webb. Jos. Elliott. 72 Webb. La Juana. 83, 292, 128, 168, 169, 183, 171 Webb. Nancy Beryl. 266. 264. 133 Webb. Nancy Elaine, 72, 188, 171 Webb, Sally Ann, 91, 274, 188 Webb, Wm. Aubrey. 83 Webb, Wm. Conrad, 72 Webber. Addison Q., 83, 136, 155 Weekley, Mary Jo., 72, 272, 265, 185 Weeks, Lucy Alston, 72, 163, 183 Weems. Grady Milton, 242 Weixand, Beverly Jean, 280. 162, 193, 294 Weiner, Aran, Girard, 260, 91 Weisburd. Beverly. 290 Weiss, Harriet .Sylvia, 100, 278, 294 Weiss. Jas. Daniel. 122 Weldon, Thomas M., 72, 136 Weller, Hal Franklin, 238, 22% 134 Wells, Claude Hinton, 236. H.1 Wells, Edith Sandra, 292, 167 Wells, George B. Jr., 258 Wells, Laura Jean. 91. 178 Wells. Robt. Ashley. 72. 167 Wells, Wm. Hervey, 40, ' 67 Welsh, Jay, 230 Wenisch, John Allen, 2:H Wentz, Blance A., 72, 107 Wenzel, Barbara G., 272, 72 Wert. Marjorie Lewis, 83. 282 Wesley. Terrell C. Ill, 83, 240, 151 West, George Lee, 72. 230 West, Linton B. J.. 91. 246. 150 West, Paul. Lawrence, 182 Westbrook. George C, 125, 140 Westbrook. Sara L., 91, 178 Westbrook, Wm., 246 Westervelt. Ann. 100. 276 Westfall. Carl Daniel, 250 Westmoreland. T. G., 106 Weiler. Marlene J.. 278 Weyman, Margaret R.. 100 Whatley. Paula. 72. 288. 139 Wheeler, Harold F.. 83 Wheeler. Lillian D., 107 Wheeler, Nancy P.. 100. 288 Wheeler. Walter D.. 147 Whelchel. J. Tom. 246. 227. 151 Whitaker. Jean. 282 Whitaker, Robt. Toombs, 116. 135. 138 Whitaker. Sara Annie. 72. 178 White, Bill. 234 White, Ga. Lee. 72, 292, 184. 189. 243 White. Glenda I ee. 265. 292 White, Huel A., 254 White, Jas. Harry. 72, 234 White. Jerrilyn Kay, 268, :! White, Joanne Eliz.. 72. 272 White, John Walter. 36. 156. 199 White. Julia Anna. 189. 264. 272 White. Laura Patrick, 100 White, Maston H., 258 White, Patricia Ann, 272, 101, 171 White, Robt. Louis, 242 White. Thos. Kelley, 83. 146 White, Thyrza F., 83, 125, 141 White. Walter. 234 White. Wm. Edward, 121-2 White. Wm. Herbert. 26-7, 72, 156 White, Wm. Rodney. 242 Whitehurst. Al Jason, 258 Whiteman, Jane Ann, 139 Whiteside, Jerry E.. f. ' 2, 133 Whiteway, Robt. Wm., 144 Whitfield. Allen P.. 29 Whitfield. Florence K., 100, 16.1 Whitfield, Larry A., 100, 167 Whitfield, Rip. 193 Whitfield. Virgil W.. 72, 159. 170, 184, 232 Whiting. Robt. Dean, 106, 221, 136 Whitlinger, George, 236 Whitlow. Ford. 106. 144 Whitmire. Hope J.. 272 Whittemore. Jos. M., 91, 168 Whitton. George M., 206, 254 Whitworth. Hubert S., 72, 242 Whitworth. Marcia R., 91, 193 Whitworth. Marion C. 91 Whyman. Winifred E.. 101 Widdowson, Walter L., 121 Wigging, Morton M. Jr., 103, 232, 227, 149 Wiggins, Barbara June. 280, lOl. 294 Wiggins. Pamela V.. 268. 101. 237 Wiggins. Wm. Curtis Jr., 256 Wiggins, Wm. Earl, 72 Wikle, Jack Ryals. 83 Wilcoi. James G. Jr., 101, 246 Wilcoi, Virginia B.. 268. 101 Wildes. Mary A.. 280 Wilensky. Larry E., 228 Wilensky. Elise Fae. 278 Wiley. Robert Cames, 254 Wilkerson. Cynthia. 282 Wilkes. Ada Eugenia. 101 Wilkes, Jimmy F., 91, 242 Wilkes. Mary Ann, 272 Wilkes, Paul Lament. 72 Wilkes, Richard C. 40. 2r,8 Wilkins. John J.. 138. 177, 173, 226-7, 158, 295 Wilkins, Roy Lee. 198-9. 203 Wilkinson. Jas. C. 126 Wilkison. Thelma M.. S3 Willard. Martha Ann. 72. ;86 Williams. Albert F.. 83, 125 Williams, Conrad L., 121 Williams, Donald L., 72 Williams. Doris L., 72 Williams, Gerald Lee. 83 Williams. Gordon Lee. 246 Williams. Harry B., 258 Williams. Jas. Henry, 199, 203 Williams, Jan Gay, 101, 292, 165, 167, 294, 323 Williams, Jane C. 284 Williams. Jane C. M., 284 Williams, Kathryn Lee, 280 Williams. Leia Joy, 72, 282 Williams. Mary Joel. 83, 266 Williams. Mary Lou. 284 Williams, Neil Alan, 236 Williams. Nell Louise. 284 Williams. Ray Eugene. 72, 120 Williams. Robt. P., 101, 143 Williams. Ronald C 119 Williams, Uonald il., l-A Williams, Sara Ann , 83, 28 ; Williams. Shirley A.. 274 Williams, Susan R. ,171 Williams. Thomas E., 240 Williams, Thos. R.. 72, 215, 238 Williamson, John T., 246 Williamson, Leon A.. 72. 236 Willingham. Helen E., 207, 268 Willis, Clara Boykin, 284 Willis. Franklin Lee, 72, 170 Willis, Robt. Wm., 167 Willis, Wm. Harvey. 83 Wills. Thad. 213. 238 Wilson. Betty Annelle. 101 Wilson. Elsie Opal. 178. 139 Wilson. John Calhoun, 240 Wilson, Patricia Ann, 101. 164, 168, 171, 288 Wilson, Philip Edward, 101 Wilson. Rose Marie, 101, 163, 171 Wilson, Ruby Jane, 127, 167. 292 Wilson. Woodrow. 199 Wimberly. J. Carol. 286. 294 Winbnrn, Gene Mac. 91. 234 Wingfield. Billy H.. 144 Winkler. Joseph A.. 258, 146. 37 Winn. Wm. Moyers Jr.. 107 Winters, Gregory Lee. 106 Wise, Frank Christo, 36-37. 263 Wise, Harry Lee Jr., 36 Wise, James H.. 244 Wise. Peggy Ann. 276. 101 Witherington. Chester. 250 Withrow. Laquita Ann. 91, 286 Witherspoon. Don M.. 144 Wofford. Benjamin, 146 Wofford. Hoke Smith, 256, 72, 149, 136, 36 Wolf, Arlene, 278 Wolf. Rodney Yale. 260 Wolfe. Francis M.. 143 Wolfe. Jasper Walker, lai Wolfe. Marion E.. 272 Wolfe. William W.. 146 Wolfe. Wm. Walter Jr., 83 Woliver, Larry Wolf, 248 Womack, Bette Ruth, 268, 264-5, 175, 142. 132 Womack, Bobby Joe, 83 Womack, H. Paul. 256 Woo. Faye Ellen. 101 Woo. Wm. McKinley, 91, 168, 154, 322 Wood, Carolyn D., 270 Wood. Chip. 254 Wood. Dorothy L.. 91 Wood, Edgar Putnam. 206 Wood, Gus Lewis, 101 Wood, Leslie T.. 91, 286 Wood, Rosemary, 83, 286 Woodall, Allen M.. 254 Woodall. Brittain. 250 Woodall. Elith A.. 286 Woodcock, Willette A.. 268 Woodruff. Marsha. 162, 189, 282 Woodrum, Wm. Lee, 72, 115 Woods, Eugene, 121 Woods, Robt. Edward, 136, 133 Woods, Robt. Wayne. 91. 146 Woods. Stuart C, 101, 254 Woodson, Alice E., 268. 176 Woodson. Bobby Ray. 91, 232 Woodson, John Wm., 72, 230 Woodward, Anne, 284 Woodworth, Benjamin, 258 Woolf. John Cobia. 91 Wooten. Karine W., 268 Worley, Donald Ralph, 83 Worley, John Norton, 72, 127, 30, 32 Worley, George Herman, 120, 126, 167 Worley, Sam Hoyt Jr., 246 Worsham, Arch D.. 107 Wright. Robt. Allan. 105. 121 Wright. Robt. Eugene, 105, 117, 122, 136, 178 Wright. Ronald P.. 258 Wright. John Monroe. 101. 143 Wright. Wm. Bibb Jr., 83. 207, 254 Wright, Wm. Woodruff. 72. 246 Wyche, Macalyn Eliz.. 101. 292 Wykle. Jimmy. 230 Wyly. Emmalee Esther. 83, 288 Wynn, Faye Harriet, 101, 278 Wynn. James Herman. 157, 134, 192. 194 Wynn. Mary Jo. 286 Wynn. Patricia Anne, 101, 171 Yancey, Jas. Bradfield. 236 Yancey. Betty Ann. 72. 253 Yankee. Sarah Elaine. 91 Yarbrough. John Wm., 101 Yeager, George L. Jr.. 258 Yearwood. Beverly Ann, 152 Yelton. Mary Helen, 91, 292 Yip, Kenneth, 143 Yonce, Ann Patricia, 101. 268 York. Eliz. Grant. 101. 270 Yost. Eliz.. Jane, 274, 72 Youmans, Guerry B.. 165, 167 Youmans, Joy Clark, 101, 282 Young, Barbara Ann, 282 Young, Dorothy, 72, 288, 184, 185 Young, Eliz. Dell, 72 Young Margaret Nelle. 276 Young. Marjorie E.. 72, 276 Young, Richard R.. 198-203, 205, 215, 322 Young Sara Ellen, 268 Young, Wade Hampton, 125, 148 Young. Wm. Glenn, 149, 121 Yow, Hubert, 72 Zarch. Alan Richard, 228, 156, 36-37 Zimmerman, Jerry M., 228, 83, 183, 36, 125 Zimmerman, Victor C, 72 Zion, Marvin Harold, 228, 103, 149, 145 • I • «« • « ♦ ■ t M • • • ' • ♦ % « « « IP » « • • • m -« • « • Mr- • • • « ♦ • » • « ♦ « • •• « • ♦ • • « » » • • • ' . ' • • "

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