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r heller lliiii ' i ' rM ' lij . • f Af (ircalcr lalc • • • r slronfjcr nurua . r utilled yVorld , . • -S v ront the hlll6 Of v eora J eamd tnu noble a .. nd the dond of Ljcorqi I ledae with e wUn dacre IK?li ¥ - i eath tne pine tteed dtateiu mtU p precLci thu riches rare f ;t. . yrnd tltu Sons, dear .. Ima VV later j Wili lU i y ireadured 6hare. kfouan tk er e aaedj .. Ima tlHaL flUen will look to Inee, ou tke falre t of tke S outkiandj Kjeoraici 3 i a.r3uu. .M, ' .J ? k .J . ' r ' ' U j . •jr ' d ' MSi C ditor • TOM MOBLEY w. yuAineM f v lanaaer JACK BOWER UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ATHENS, GEORGIA DL 1954 THE The 1954 Pandora dedicates this record to the three men w ho have taken outstanding parts in making our theme a reality. 2 r. O. C. MerLU PRESIDENT, UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA PRESIDENT ADERHOLD, PAST DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, BECAME PRESI- DENT OF THE UNIVERSITY IN 1950. SINCE 1950, HE HAS USED HIS POSITION TO MAKE A BIGGER AND BETTER UNI- VERSITY FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO STUDY. taaer an n d (I5euer lylniuerditu . . .y 10 DEDICATION Q ' J4. atmadq overnor y erman GOVERNOR OF GEORGIA GOVERNOR TALMADGE, DUR- ING HIS YEARS AS GOVER- NOR, HAS MADE LASTING AND CONSTRUCTIVE PROG- RESS FOR GEORGIA A REAL- ITY. HE GRADUATED WITH THE UNIVERSITY LAW CLASS OF 1936. etter S tute - (Better flat Senator r tcltafct J . I ' uiSell SENATOR FOR GEORGIA SENATOR RUSSELL HAS WELL REPRESENTED THE STATE OF GEORGIA IN HIS MANY EF- FORTS TO MAKE THE UNITED STATES A BETTER NATION IN WHICH TO LIVE. IN HIS SAME EFFORTS HE HAS HELPED TO MAKE THE WORLD SAFER. ion . . . in Which to cJLive THE DEDICATION . • . uble oj L ontentd SCHOOLS Pages 14 - 35 ACTIVITIES Pages 36 - 59 GREEKS Pages 60 -137 BEAUTIES Pages 138-157 PROFESSIONALS Pages 158-179 MILITARY Pages 180-201 ORGANIZATIONS . Pages 202-245 SPORTS Pages 246-267 CLASSES Pages 268-334 - -M ' a:,iiK:t; i zife.-«. ' ?ti;i SCHOOLS m THE UNIVERSITY CHAPEL GILBERT MEMORIAL INFIRMARY u-.. -i:Tmm ... inas am ' emoried These are a few of the buildings that w e w ill remember in future years vhen ve think back on " the good old days at Georgia. " CAMPUS SCENES WOMEN ' S HOUSING ON AG HILL IIIWI I III III II IP WW ■ II II I III! Ill 11 — 18 RUTHERFORD HALL ;.i . REED HALL FINE ARTS BUILDING CAMPUS SCENES 19 DR. 0. C. ADERHOLD President University of Georgia Past Dean of the College of Education. cJLeaderd of p roaredJ ' 9 DR. HARMON W. CALDWELL Chancellor University of Georgia Chancellor Cald vell, a past president of the University, earned his B.A. degree at the University of Georgia; LL.B., Harvard; and honorary degrees of Doctor of Law s from Emory, Mercer and Tulane Universities. ADMINISTRATION ALVIN BISCOE Dean of Faculties J. THOMAS ASKEW Dean of Student Affairs J. D. BOLTON Treosurer and Comptroller WALTER DANNER, JR. Registrar HUGH B. MASTERS Director of Extended Educotion JOSEPH WILLIAMS Assistant to the President and Director of the Division of Armed Services ADMINISTRATIVE Staff WILLIAM TATE Dean of Men EDITH STALLINGS Dean of Women i COMER WHITEHEAD Bureau of Statistics WILLIAM CRANE Secretary, Georgia Alumni Association B. C. KINNEY Plant Operations DAN MAGILL, JR. Director, Athletic Publicity DYAR MASSEY Director, Public Relations DR. JOHN ROBBINS University Physician f 1BHIIIHK! RALPH STEPHENS I Director, University PresI E. A. LOWE Associate Director of Extendi Education 5i3p] I 22 JOHN COX irector. Student Activities ANNE SEAWELL Placement and Aid NELLE TUMLIN Associate Director, Student Activities CLAUDE DAVIDSON Consultant, Student Publications JOHN STORY Director, Men ' s Housing EUGENE TRAGESSER Assistant Registrar, Admissions DELORES ARTAU Administrative Counselor AGNES STORY Assistant Registrar, Records I ALBERT JONES listant to Dean of Faculties BIRDIE BONDURANT Counselor, Freshman Women R. L. BRITTAIN Counselor, Freshman Men REV. ROBERT AYERS Chaplain 23 UNIVERSITY cJ lb raPi ¥ The ne ' w Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial Library, which was occupied in September, 1953, is the largest structure on the campus, containing a floor area of 133,700 square feet, a book capacity of about 600,000 volumes, and seating space for almost 1,000 people. Subdued and restful colors are used through- out the building. Walls of light grey are accented with columns of blue on all floors except one, where columns are persimmon. Floor colors vary, and furniture is in light finished birch. The chairs have leather upholstered backs, and each reading room has an informal area equipped with sofas, easy chairs, and coffee tables. The total effect is one of extremely pleasant surroundings, conducive to study and reading. The organization of materials and services also promotes ready use. The traditional periodical, reference, and reserve rooms have been replaced by four divisions; humanities, social sciences, science and technology, and special collections, T vo reading rooms servicing the humanities are located on the first floor — one serving art, music, philosophy, and religion; and the other, journalism, language, and literature. The social sciences are contained in t ' wo reading rooms on the second floor — one housing anthropology, education, geog- raphy, sociology, and sports; and the other, eco- nomics, history, political science, and statistics. One reading room on the third floor services science and technology, including psychology; and the other contains the special collections vhich con- sist of Georgiana, manuscripts, historical maps, and rare books. Other services and facilities available are a stu- dent typing room, individual faculty studys, car- rells for graduate students, an auditorium equipped for film and sound use with a seating capacity of 180, reading rooms of micro-produced materials, seven listening rooms for the playing of recordings, and a photographic laboratory for the production of microfilms and photostats. EVELYN FRITZ and W. P. KELLAM Directors COLLEGE OF . aricultare The College of Agriculture offers courses in three fields — agriculture, agricultural engineer- ing, and landscape architecture. Degree-course programs are offered in each of these. There are many opportunities to specialize in these three fields, including work in agricultural chemistry, agricultural education, agricultural economics, agricultural extension training, agron- omy, animal husbandry, botany, dairying, ento- mology, food technology, general agriculture, horticulture, plant pathology and plant breeding, poultry husbandry, rural electrification, soil and water conservation, and rural industries and services. The 2,47 5-acre college farm carries beef cattle, dairy cattle and other livestock herds, and the poultry farm serves one of Georgia ' s rapidly grow- ing industries through its program of practical experience and research. The College of Agriculture Extension Service reaches into every Georgia county and annually contacts the majority of Georgia ' s farm families. There is a county agent vho works primarily with farmers and a home demonstration agent working primarily with farm women in nearly every Georgia county. Both county and home demonstration agents work with and train 4-H Club boys and girls. On the Athens campus the state Extension Service headquarters staff is made up of some 50 specialists in nearly every phase of farming and homemaking plus an administrative group. In addition to the regular teaching and exten- sion programs, the experiment stations in the state make up a major phase of the College of Agricul- ture. There are stations at Athens, Griffin, Tif- ton, Blairsville, Calhoun, Plains, and Midville. There is a station ifithin 90 miles of every Georgia farm family. The College of Agriculture here is the youngest in the nation. The main building on the College of Agriculture campus, Conner Hall, was constructed in 1907. The present dean and director. Dr. C. C. Murray, assumed his duties in 1950. The College sponsors numerous student activi- ties each year that attract high school graduates from all over the state. The Little International Livestock Show, the annual 4-H Club Carnival and annual Dairy Day are anong the major events sponsored. COLLEGE OF S. WALTER MARTIN Dean The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest unit within the University of Georgia, having been established in 1801. The College of Arts and Sciences was the University of Georgia for the first half century. The traditional liberal arts degrees, the A.B. and B.S., are offered in ad- dition to the B.S. in Chemistry and the Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Besides the many majors in the college, almost every student vho registers in the University must take some liberal arts courses. The college embraces the basic program for all curricula. The faculty consists of 150 veil-trained and qualified staff members. Many of the liberal arts graduates continue their studies in graduate, law, medical, or theo- logical schools; others go into business or a pro- fession without further preparation. The pur- pose of a liberal arts education is to develop the intelligence, the ideals, and the physical body of the whole man, rather than to teach the technique of how to do a particular job or trade. The cur- riculum leads a student into the study of one or all the great fields of kno-wledge — the biological sciences, the physical sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, and the fine arts. Several of the twenty departments of the College of Arts and Sciences have national reputations, as a result of quality performance vithin a restricted area. A number of the staff members are recognized au- thorities in their respective fields of study. Of the five distinguished Regents professorships in the University, four are held by faculty members of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences has long been highly respected, not only in Georgia, but throughout the entire southeast. From it have come some of the South ' s most prominent states- men, educators, ministers, and business men. The present faculty and administrative officers strive to uphold and further its good reputation. " I COLLEGE OF . . . (I5u6ine66 In the College of Business Administration stu- dents learn by doing. Its intern program saw students studying " on the job " in Ne v York, Chi- cago, New Orleans, and other large business points, as well as in Athens and the entire state of Geor- gia. Its fashion show, its co-operative program, jits laboratories — all are places where theory and [practice combine to form a sound basis for learn- ing about business. The largest college on the campus in terms of enrollment, the College of Business Administration was begun in 1912 as the School of Commerce. ! The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is aw arded upon completion of the four-year pro- gram. Majors are available in Statistics, Market- ' ing, Finance, Real Estate, Insurance, Economics, Aeronautical Administration, Personnel Manage- ment, Retailing, Secretarial Studies, Traffic Man- ■ agement. Public Administration, Accounting, and General Business. COLLEGE OF • • C cli hi ucauon The College of Education began in 1903 when Chancellor Walter B. Hill organized the new De- partment of Philosophy and Education. Dr. Thomas J. Woofter was made head of the de- partment. In 1911, the Department became the Peabody School of Education, with Dr. Woofter serving as the first dean. In 1931, the Peabody School of Education of the University, the Georgia State Teachers ' College, the Department of Rural and Vocational Education of the College of Agri- culture, and the Departments of Physical Edu- cation for Men and Women were combined into the Peabody College of Education. The College of Education is an integral part of the University of Georgia, and, by action of the Board of Regents, it provides and administers all professional courses designed for the preparation of teachers and all other educational workers. It offers preparation for teaching in all areas of ele- mentary and secondary education, including the specialized fields. SCHOOL OF % ore6 m The George Foster Peabody School of Forestry, established in 1906, is the oldest in the South. During its first fifteen years of existence it w as extremely small, but increased interest in forestry follow ing World War I and more particularly since World War II has brought about a rapid rise in enrollment. The all time high vas recorded in 1948 when 305 undergraduates and four grad- uate students were enrolled. There are about one- half this number in the school today. The faculty now consists of ten professional foresters and one biologist. The latter is in charge of the w ildlife major now being offered in ad- dition to the regular forestry major vhich has been offered throughout the life of the School. I ' Three types of services are carried on by the School. The one given major consideration is the teaching of professional forestry to studen ts de- siring to make forestry their career. Considerable extension work among farmers and landowners is ' being carried on through the Agricultural Ex- tension Service. Two of the foresters previously mentioned are doing this vork. The third type of work undertaken by the School is research at the Griffin Experiment Station and the Athens Station. Forestry is an active profession, much of the work being out-of-doors; therefore quite a num- ber of courses requiring laboratory vork are in- cluded in the curriculum. All juniors are required to attend a ten weeks summer camp vhere they receive first-hand experience in field work. During their junior and senior years, forestry students are eligible for admission into the national honor fraternity, Xi Sigma Pi. The Forestry Club, open to all forestry students, sponsors technical lectures and programs as well as the School an- nual, Cypress Knee. i DONALD J. WEDDELL j ' Dean SCHOOL OF GEORGE H. BOYD Dean PL urmaCi ¥ The School of Pharmacy was established in 1903 as the second oldest school on the campus. It is housed in the second oldest building with stu- dents working in spotless laboratories w hich are among the most modern in the country. In the four-year program students not only take chemistry and biological sciences but also courses in business administration and liberal arts, thus equipping them to take their place among the pro- fessional men and women in the health service field. In addition to the theoretical pharmacy courses, special emphasis is placed on practicing pharmacy. Students study the compounding of various types of prescriptions. The graduate is capable not only of taking his place in the retail store but also of assuming positions in pharmaceutical sales w ork, taking advanced work, and entering research laboratories. SCHOOL OF . . . MRS. MAUDE HOOD Dean The School of Home Economics originated as the Division of Home Economics of the State Col- lege of Agriculture in 1918 and offered the first undergraduate work open to woman in the Uni- versity of Georgia. The earliest curriculum marked the first opportunity for women to secure the baccalaureate degree from any state-supported institution in Georgia. The present School was established in 193 3 when the Household Arts De- partment of the State Teachers College was merged with the Division of Home Economics of the Georgia State College of Agriculture. Objectives of the School are the preparation of the student for home and family living and for professional careers relating to the home. The core of this family-centered curriculum embraces a w ell-rounded program of instruction vi ' hich in- cludes the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, and basic technical information in home economics. Specialization in the major con- centration begins in the junior year. Areas of specialization are clothing and textiles, dietetics, experimental foods, family development, home demonstration, home economics education, home economics journalism, housing and home management, institution management, and nutri- tion. Students may also major in general home economics and elect as many as 3 5 to 40 hours from related fields of interest. Home economics students participate in all gen- eral University activities. Special activities in the School are carried on by Homecon Club, for vv ' hich all majors in the School are eligible. These include the annual Kick-off Dance and the Snow Ball Dance. Homecon Club also sponsors Home Eco- nomics Day, when prospective home economics students from high schools over Georgia visit the campus of the University. The national honorary home economics sorority on the campus is Phi Upsilon Omicron. J ome C i conomicd p SCHOOL OF ournaCi3m JOHN E. DREWRY Deon Instruction in journalism began at the Univer- sity in 1915. In 1921 the School vas named for the illustrious editor, orator, and statesman, Henry W. Grady, a University alumnus. The Grady School is fully accredited. Journalism, in terms of career opportunities, and as taught in the Grady School, is a broad, challenging, remunerative, personally satisfying, and socially useful field. Journalism, in the broad sense, includes metro- politan dailies, small town dailies and veeklies, press associations and syndicates, radio and tele- vision, specialized magazines and trade journals, general magazines, book publishing, advertising and publicity, much of the production and pro- motion ■work in motion pictures and the theater, and editorial, instructional, and research w ork for schools, colleges, and various social agencies. Grady graduates fill excellent positions in all these phases of the growing communications field. The A.B. in Journalism degree combines a broad liberal arts background and professional training, both of w hich are useful and desirable in jour- nalistic work. The Grady School is well-housed and equipped — ample classroom space, a modern radio studio, a record and seminar room, an editorial laboratory, a large reading room with many new spapers and periodicals, a photography dark-room, and a large auditorium for special lectures and institutes. Back in 1931, the Grady School pioneered w ith internships in journalism, an adaptation of a long- established medical practice. Under this arrange- ment, the better students are placed vi ' ith news- papers, radio-television stations, advertising de- partments, and other phases of journalism for a quarter of practical experience over and above that vhich is part of their resident journalism classes. These internships are usually arranged for the vacation period betw een the junior and senior years, but may be scheduled for other quarters. The " co-op " plan of study is also open to jour- nalism students. Through the Georgia Press Institute, Georgia Radio and Television Institute, Southern Industrial Editors ' Institute, and special lectures throughout the school year, Grady students have an oppor- tunity to hear and know many prominent jour- nalists. These occasions are co-sponsored by the Georgia Press Association, Georgia Association of Broadcasters, and Southern Industrial Editors As- sociation, all of whose officers and members co- operate with the Grady School in various help- ful ways. SCHOOL OF ALTON HOSCH Dean The School of Law was founded in 1859, al- 1 though courses in law vere contained in the Uni- versity curriculum as early as 1843. The American Bar Association and the Georgia Bar Association have approved the quality of its work, and the School is a member of the Association of Ameri- can Law Schools. The Institute of Law and Government, established by the Board of Regents as an integral part of the School of Law , is de- signed for the purpose of studying law in action and providing a practicable laboratory of law where needed improvements in the procedural and substantive law of Georgia can be accom- plished. In addition to making studies in various fields of the law, the Institute is engaged in con- ducting a program of continuing legal education for members of the profession and public officials. There are over 2,000 living alumni of the Law School who are engaged in the practice of law in cities and towns throughout the state. Courses of study are designed to give the stu- dent a thorough knowledge of the common law together with its statutory modifications. Em- phasis is placed on practical application of theory to the complex situations out of which legal con-, troversies develop. In the School ' s practice courts, students gain valuable experience and self-confi- dence which greatly benefit them when entering the practice of law. Upon graduation from the School, the young lawyer has received training that serves to provide the background necessary for the development of a successful lavi ' yer. Pre-law students are organized into a Pre-Legal Club, which enables them to meet the students and faculty of the Law School and become ac- quainted ■with the environment of the School. The student body of the Law School is divided into four clubs which compete with one another in the briefing and argument of cases on appeal. The winning teams are entered in a national Moot Court Competition, to which the leading law schools of the country send representatives. Sec- ond and third year law students are eligible for junior membership in the Georgia Bar Association. Law students are chosen, on the basis of scholar- ship, to membership on the Student Editorial Board of the Georgia Bar Journal, the official publication of the Georgia Bar Association. K rciductu J 5 J cltool Before 1910, graduate -work was supervised by the faculty, principally through the Committee on Graduate Courses. The Board of Trustees replaced this system in 1910 by creating the Graduate School. In 1940, a Graduate Faculty vas estab- lished ■with authority to determine the policies and the standards applied to graduate vork in the University. The t vo basic purposes of the Graduate School are to promote thorough, creative, fundamental scholarship and to provide advanced training in the professional and vocational fields represented in the University program. The Master of Arts and the Master of Sciences degrees are offered in most major subjects, the Doctor ' s degree is offered in the field of education, and the Ph.D. is offered in English, mathematics, and zoology. KENNETH L. WATERS Dean ' SCHOOL OF Vet erincLifi ¥ WeM icine A degree course in veterinary medicine was first offered at the University in 1918 when a professional curriculum in a division of the Col- ege of Agriculture became activated. That ;ourse was discontinued in 193 3, and formal training in this field vas not again offered until the present School of Veterinary Medicine was Established in 1946. In keeping with a compact for regional edu- cation in the southern states, the School serves the states of Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia as a regional train- ing institution. Applicants must satisfactorily ;omplete the equivalent of at least two years jitudy in certain biological, physical, and social liciences before they can qualify for admission CO the School. I The first two years of professional study are levoted to basic and preclinical classroom and laboratory courses, requiring an immense expendi- ture of time by the student. The last two years, aven more demanding on time, are largely con- ' :erned with clinical training in the classroom, laboratory, large and small animal hospital areas, ind ambulatory clinic. A broad knowledge of the medical sciences and the ability to apply that knowledge are required before a student becomes eligible for the degree, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Many veterinary students are active in various organizations within the School of Veterinary Medicine and elsewhere on the campus. One very active organization within the school proper, the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association, in vhich membership is open to all students, exemplifies the extracurricular participation characteristic of the student body. One of its many vorthy projects is the quarterly publication of The Southeastern Veteriuariati. M ACTIVITIES They even gave us little cards to carry . . Registration was lots of fun, too And now at lost we feel real collegiate. l Ue teui neci to purtu the L eorai ici wa • • • v - I. i k Three stages in the development of the Soc o itus Georgioe. omecomina cti woraiu 4. I r fp i At J} Ii4 ■ » " r k ' -in m ) " The stadium stands were packed at Homecoming. The Georgia Bulldogs suc- cumbed to the Alabama Crimson Tide -with a score of 3 3 to 12. Phi Epsilon Pi walked aw ay w ith the fraternity Home- coming Decorations trophy, and Pi Beta Phi w on the sorority prize in the Bif tad- sponsored Decorations Contest. Georgia ' s band and majorettes and Alabama ' s band provided the half-time show . i i. . „ J ' J , .■ ' J 40 MISS HOMECOMING I Bob McWhorter, former Georgia star, ' was named to Football ' s Hall of Fame. Alice Wilkinson, Kappa Alpha sponso r, was named Miss Homecoming, and Carey O ' Kelley, sponsored by Delta Tau Delta; Carolyn Hoffman, sponsored by Phi Mu; Margaret Ellis, Sigma Alpha Epsilon spon- ' sor; and Ann McGill, representing Pi Kappa Alpha, were chosen as her court. 1 Friday night and Saturday night thousands of Georgia ' s students and alumni danced to the music of Charlie Spivak. Hey! How about me? { elebritieS . . . The Little Memorial Library . Was dedicated And many interesting exhibits were displayed. Robert Frost, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Many distinguished journalistic greats . Morgan Beatty, news commentator . Allen Jackson, news commentator . . . came to the campus. An occasion for tea at the President ' s home. Morch of Dimes Queen Jean Martin. VV larch of cJDi tmes Jean Martin, sponsored by Alpha Gamma Delta, vas chosen March of Dimes Queen for the University of Georgia. Alpha Phi Omega raised approximately $1,100 with their March of Dimes Dance, and Alpha Epsilon Pi contributed about $5 50 to the March of Dimes drive through their A E Pie Throwing Contest. Here ' s pie in your eye! A beaming queen and her grinning escort. The queen and her court at the March of Dimes Dance. 43 a J ill rKouaifi y uaiiu • • • CLARENCE BARINOWSKI and EILEEN MOORE King and Queen of Ag Hill Carnival Parties and fun on fhe Hill . . . l U inter ycs ucirterd cJLiuelu " " urtieS uuclentu t J S l mnna • • • I was just a member of the audience. Mother . When the Fashion Promotion class put on a fashion show. I offered them my services I even offered to help with the make-up The Delt quartet told me I sang off-key The whole show looked great But nobody even asked me to be a model. fC . . . cJLittle ( i ommencemen t Little Commencement, Georgia ' s Spring Hop, brought Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey to Athens. The Dorsey Band featured lively Lynn Roberts as vocalist, and the campus cats found T.D. ' s Boogie the answ er to a jitter- bug ' s prayer. Some couples even found a well-earned rest necessary. Cinderella and Prince Charming Lu-cfDuu L eoraia J Lurecitedt . . . Former Georgia football greats bock in Sanford Stadium again. - Deacon Andy Griffith, Clegg, and the " Big Orange. " Action shots from the G-Day football gome. The Decorations Committee did a good job for the donee . . . And everyone got a charge out of seeing Roy Anthony. id they done this dance called Swan Lake . . Ray Anthony with Marilyn Chom- bers. Miss G-Day, and her court . . . A kiss for Her Majesty . But the Deacon stole the show And a great time was had by all. Help your friend in need. Some talk Others work . . And try ' RECK TECH! DO T FORGET RLLLnOGS . . . Elect Grizzly ' ' DeBow WHEN YOU GET BACK TO U. GA. SIGMA NU Alpha Gamma Delta Pi Beta Phi These won ! ! ! 50 .lUrr: •-n k Vv .i¥»r?? ' ' ' -.i - 5 ..JF ..« - a PUBLICATIONS 51 THE 9 5 4 THESTAFF ' ; TOM MOBLEY Editor ! JACK BOWER Business Manager DOT VEAZEY Senior Editor CAROL SKEELS Senior Editor LEONARD HULL Art Editor j I GINGER HORNE Assistant Art Editor I SHIRLEY WITHERS Junior Editor I 1 BURKE HODGSON Junior Editor | TED ROBINSON Sports Editor i BOB MARSDEN, DOUG BOATWRIGHT Photographers HELEN RAISTY, JANE LOTHES, AL AIROLDI, JOAN THOMASON, BILL ABNEY Assistants TOM MOBLEY CAROL SKEELS DOT VEAZEY 52 PANDORA We found the PANDORA one afternoon last Septem- ber and haven ' t been able to lose it since. September found the staff anxiously assembled in Candler Hall, glowing with suntan, revolving with magnificent ideas, bursting -with energy. Eight months later, between the heaps of cigarette butts, a couple of despondent staff members sit, feebly typing out a page of copy with the one remaining ounce of vitality. Yes, putting out a yearbook is such fun! Of course there -were a few days when we had to call in ten people to identify a picture containing five faces. There were the characters who came in six ; weeks after the class sections went off to see their I class pictures. We even had some unidentifiable people I w ho seemed to follow the photographer around and get in pictures. There w ere a hundred situations a ; day calling for ingenuity, tact, and superhuman po ver. We even had our o ' wn little depressions — the days no one had a copy pencil, the times it seemed no one would pay their bills, the days we thought the entire staff had deserted us and gone to the RED AND I BLACK. But just when things looked the blackest, the sun would come shining through — our business man- ager would give us a whole copy pencil apiece, groups I would send us lOU ' s for their pages, and staff mem- bers ve didn ' t even know we had showed up the day the pictures were taken. I ' I Although we lost a few staff members along the ' way and gained a few more ulcers, just ask us if ■we ' d ' do it again. Go ahead, ask us. We dare you! ' % JACK BOWER MR. CLAUDE DAVIDSON . . . Adyisor MR. JOHN COX . . . Censor MISS NELLE TUMLIN . . . Censor 53 BOB MARSDEN K 21 B H 1 1 1 LEONARD HULL GINGER HORNE BURKE HODGSON SHIRLEY WITHERS TED ROBINSON DOUG BOATWRIGHT ■ Scotter, here he comes. " l y THE RED AND BLACK WALTER LUNDY Editor, Fall 1953 BILL SHIPP Managing Editor, Fall 1953 PRISCILLA ARNOLD News Editor, Fall 1953 FALL QUARTER STAFF WALTER LUNDY Editor EDDIE C. LEWIS Business Manager BILL SHIPP Managing Editor PRISCILLA ARNOLD News Editor LYONS JOEL Sports Editor MARIE HODGSON Women ' s Editor ALAN MILLER Feature Editor MARCIA LEVY Society Editor ROBERT NIX Photographer MYRON SEGRAVES Circulation Manager DON SMITH, JOHN KOLLOCK Cartoonists ALVIN SHACKLEFORD, ROBERT BRADFORD, GENE BRITTON Copy Desk TRACY STALLINGS, ROBERT WYNN, ROGER BRANCH, LARRY BLUM, DONALD JOEL Sports Staff MARGIE MORSE Business Staff Amid the clatter of hundreds of type- vriters, Red and Black editors and staff members labor each week to bring to the campus the eight or sixteen pages that roll off the press each Thursday . . . Editors run- ning around screaming for more copy while they trip over the miles of copy paper that is pouring from typewriters . . . Deadlines. The assignment sheet telling reporters to go to places and find people they ' ve never heard of • . . the story that " fizzles out " • . • the feature they spend hours on w hich is not run for lack of space . . . the long w alk be- tw een interview ' s . . . the people w ho are never in their office . . . Deadlines. 56 TRACY STALLINGS Editor, Winter 19S4 EDDIE C. LEWIS Business Manager, 1953-54 Every story must have a head . . . lYz, ZYz, 3 . . . " This head doesn ' t count " . . . watch that split modifier . . . this word can be taken tw o ways . . . " But you can ' t squeeze type " . . . need a verb in it . . . what does " River Party Planned for Saturday " have to do with the Philosophers ' Club meeting . . . Deadlines. Put that story on this page • . . " What do you mean, page 7; I w ant front page " . . . knock out that story, ve just got a huge ad . . . story doesn ' t sound right . • . rew rite it . , . checking facts which nobody w ill verify . . . trips to consult Webster on spellings and meanings . . . the " It ' s too long — knock out 150 words! " . . . that ' s right, the Jugglers ' Club is having a meeting; give me about 400 words . . . Deadlines. WINTER QUARTER STAFF TRACY STALLINGS Editor EDDIE C. LEWIS Business Manager ALVIN SHACKLEFORD Managing Editor ROBERT BRADFORD Neiis Editor ROGER BRANCH Sports Editor HARRIET KOSLOW Feature Editor MARCIA LEVY Women ' s Editor INGA KATZ Society Editor MYRON SEGRAVES Circulation Manager BILL KIMBROUGH Photographer JIM HOLLAND Assistant News Editor BILL MORRIS Assistant Neu ' s Editor CARROL DADISMAN Assistant Neu ' s Editor ROBERT WYNN Assistant Sports Editor BILL HIBBERT Assistant Sports Editor MARIE HODGSON Assistant Business Manager JOHN KOLLOCK Cartoonist 57 ALVIN SHACKLEFORD fdifor. Spring 1954 ROBERT BRADFORD Managing Editor, Spring 1954 SPRING QUARTER STAFF ALVIN SHACKLEFORD Editor EDDIE C. LEWIS Business Manager ROBERT BRADFORD Managing Editor CARROL DADISMAN News Editor ROBERT WYNN Sports Editor JEAN BUCK Feature Editor HARRIET KOSLOW Women ' s Editor NONNIE COLEMAN Society Editor MYRON SEGRAVES Circulation Manager BILL MORRIS Assistant News Editor ROGER BRANCH Assistant News Editor MARIE HODGSON Assistant Business Manager BILL HIBBERT Assistant Sports Editor JOHN KOLLOCK Cartoonist " Anybody have an idea for a column? " . . . another night w ithout sleep . . . it ' s three o ' clock; there must be something, anything, to Avrite about . . . KoUock ' s cartoons . . . DEADLINES. Eight o ' clock Thursday morning at Mc- Gregor ' s . . . everybody looking like w armed- over dish -svater . . . presses roaring, editors shouting above the din . . . get those ads in right . . . " Are the pictures ready? " . . . tear up that line of type; there ' s a misspelled w ord in there . . . check proofs . . . " How does he spell his name? " ... on the press. Well, it ' s running — let ' s get started on next w eek ' s • . . Tracy briefs the staff. 58 J S. nau6 Wonder if this will go through? f I ( P- - - ;ii Kitchens lowers the boom. Well oiled wheels of the press. Must be some word to express this. 59 GREEKS FIRST ROW; Meadows, J.; Coshin, H.; Farmer, T.; Imlay, J.; Hobby, W.; Ab- ney, B.; Hull, L. SECOND ROW: Rice, F.; Felton, J.; Jackson, J.; Mallet, B.; Joel, L.; Sabin, D. THIRD ROW: Cox, J.; Troutmon, F.; Leachman, C; Kent, D.; Weiner, B. FOURTH ROW: Strickland, S.; Smart, G.; Dillon, B.; Scarlet, R.; Seiler, F.; Mou- gans, H. FIFTH ROW: Widner, H.; Trotter, R. Jj n ierPrct ternitu K ouncil 62 THE COUNCIL ALPHA EPSILON PI Marvin Zion, Norman Simo vitz ALPHA GAMMA RHO Donald Kent, William English ALPHA TAU OMEGA Bill Mallett, Richard Scarlett CHI PHI Jack Henderson, Richard Trotter CHI PSI Jerry Imlay, Jim Holland DELTA TAU DELTA Bill Bo ven, Charles Godfrey KAPPA ALPHA Mickey Pope, Tom Farmer KAPPA SIGMA Jim Petters, George Kelly LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Steve Strickland, Hulett Widener PHI DELTA THETA Jule Felton, Herbert Elliot PHI EPSILON PI Beryl Weiner, Lyons Joel PHI KAPPA TAU Wensley Hobby, Amos Barfield PI KAPPA ALPHA Jack Jackson, Harry Cashin PI KAPPA PHI Francis Rice, Jim Meadows SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Frank Troutman, John Cars vell SIGMA CHI Robert Dillon, Bill Abney SIGMA NU Charles Leachman, George Haley TAU EPSILON PHI Bill Waronker, Donald Sabin THETA CHI Bill Griffin, Leonard Hull The University of Georgia Interfraternity Council, composed of two representatives from each of the ' twenty social fraternities on campus, provides a strong I central agency for mutual cooperation among its mem- ' bers. The Homecoming Dances, traditionally sponsored by the Council, mark a high point in the campus-wide I social year. I.F.C. sponsors " Greek Week, " a w eek of , cooperation among sororities and fraternities to render j service to the campus and the community. A " Clean I up the Campus " day was a part of " Greek Week " this I year. I i Supervision of fraternity rushing is an important ] task of the Interfraternity Council. In an effort to I better acquaint all students vith the true facts, open I panel discussions of fraternity life at Georgia are held ■ by fraternity men and members of the faculty. The encouragement of scholarship is a definite aim ' of the I.F.C. Each year the Council awards a trophy to the fraternity having the highest scholastic average. A needy sophomore annually receives aid from the I.F.C. Scholarship Fund. I.F.C. publishes The Fraternity Way, a magazine sent to high school students to familiarize them with fraternity life at the University of Georgia. OFFICERS CHARLIE ADAMS President HARRY MAUGANS Vice President FRANK SEILER Secretary MARVIN ZION Treasurer Zion, M.; Maugans, H.; Adams, C; Seller, F. • 4 I.F.C. Banquet 63 jr% s n V r ' ' -.jhJ £ ' M 1 f jT %. ■ ' : w «k W iff FIRST ROW: Toffel, J.; Aronson, B.; Miller, P.; Zion, M.; Golivesky, L.; Cohen, M.; Gilner, M. SECOND ROW: Fink, C; Polk, I.; Benerofe, A.; Karesh, S.; Jocobson, M.; Simo- witz, M.; Bisgay, S.; Friedman, T. THIRD ROW: Liebowitz, J.; Balsor, A.; Grover, B.; Schlig, M.; Kaplan, R.; Brody, L. FOURTH ROW: Greenberg, H.; Ackerman, D.; Miller, S.; Feldman, M.; Wilensky, L.; Zimmerman, J. FIFTH ROW: Blanck, R.; Michalove, H.; Feinberg, R.; Goldwasser, D.; Berman, J.; Steinberg, S.; Rosenfeld, M. SIXTH ROW: Siegel, A.; Cohen, M.; Miller, D.; Schatten, M.; Simowitz, N. o, micron K ncipter . . . T 64 ALPHA EPSILON P OFFICERS WARVIN ZION Master ' AUL MILLER Lt. Master (ACK TAFFEL Exchequer WARVIN COHEN Recording Scribe LAMAR GOLIVESKY Corresponding Scribe (JENNY ARONSON Member-at-Large Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded November 7, 1913, at New York University. Omicron chapter was founded lat the University of Georgia in 1926, and over sixty chapters are now located throughout the United States and Canada. Among the more famous alumni of these chapters are Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Omicron chapter began this year by winning the na- tional AEPi athletic and scholarship a ' ards. Omicron also retained the I.F.C. scholarship trophy. Georgia ' s AEPis have von national fame through the " A E Pie Throwing Contest. " Two years ago Omi- cron was featured in LIFE magazine for its work with the March of Dimes. Climaxing one of Omicron ' s most successful athletic years was the winning of the intramural softball trophy. Members of Alpha Epsilon Pi are active in nearly every phase of campus life. Ackerman, David Aronson, Benny Asher, Murray Balser, Arnold Bartell, Arthur Benerofe, Arthur Berman, Joe Bisgay, Sam Brody, Leigh Cohen, Manuel Cohen, Marvin Cowen, Wally Eplan, Raymond Feinberg, Randy Feldman, Murray Fink, Charles Fishman, Leonard Friedman, Tommy MEMBERS Gilner, Morton Goldwasser, David Golivesky, Lamar Greenberg, Howard Grover, Robert Hirsh, Steve Jacobson, Milton Kaplin, Ralph Karesh, Sanford Korsen, Richard Krapf, Herbert Lerner, Harvey LieboTvitz, Jack Michalove, Henry Miller, Donald Miller, Paul Miller, Stanley Minsk, Harvey Polk, Ira Pomerance, Warren Rosenfeld, Mervyn Schatten, Murray Schlig, Morton Shulman, Irving Shulman, Stanford Siegal, Alvin Simo ' witz, Melvyn Simow itz, Norman Smolow, Bob Steinberg, Stanley Taffel, Jack Wilensky, Larry Zimmerman, Jerry Zion, Marvin Zussman, Sam Aronson, B.; Toffel, J.; Miller, P.; Zion, M.; Golivesky, L.; Cohen, M. 327 S. Milledge Avenue What sweet revenge! 65 FIRST ROW: Kent, D.; Haddad, G.; Mrs. Nolan; Pulver, M.; Hawkins, H. SECONDROW: Jordan, G.; Trowick, J.; Harvey, D.; Horber, C. THIRD ROW: English, B.; Lovett, R.; Wilson, R.; Slocumbe, R.; Harper, E. FOURTH ROW: Seigler, H.; Newsome, L.; Williams, E.; Smith, T. FIFTH ROW: Porkman, R.; Stoller, J.; Free, J. Wna C tci T L kapter 66 ALPHA GAMMA RHO OFFICERS PRANCE D. KENT President HERBERT C. HAWKINS Vice PresiHent GEORGE A. HADDAD Secretary WILLIAM F. ENGLISH Treasurer Alpha Gamma Rho vas founded in 1904 at Ohio State University, and Alpha Eta was founded on the University of Georgia campus in 1927 by a group of men interested in agricultural fraternalism. The Alpha Gamma Rho Open House, held during Homecoming Weekend, consisted of a party and dinner honoring the alumni of the fraternity. Both round and square dancing was enjoyed at the annual house dance, in w hich the house was decorated like the inside of a farm barn. Kappa Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha sororities were entertained fall quarter by Alpha Gamma Rho. Margie Haw kins, Kappa Delta, reigned as this year ' s sweetheart. Faculty members of Alpha Gamma Rho at Georgia include H. B. Henderson, Harold White, R. L. Keener, Willis Huston, and Hugh Inglis. Dr. C. C. Murray, Dean of the College of Agriculture, is one of the many illustrious alumni of Alpha Eta. English, William Free, Joe Haddad, George Harber, Chandler Harper, Emmett Harvey, Douglas Hawkins, Herbert MEMBERS Jordan, Capers Kent, Donald Lovett, Robert Newsome, Lamar Parkman, Roddy Pulver, Merle Seigler, Hereld Slocumbe, Robert Smith, Troy Stoller, James Taylor, Bruce Trawick, Jerry Williams, Edgbert Wilson, Ronald Pulver, M.; Seigler, H.; Hoddad, G.; Kent, D.; English, B.; Hawkins, H. 785 S. Milledge Avenue Pass the chitlins, Margie. 67 FIRST ROW: Corswell, S.; Bond, D.; Innes, B.; Adams, C. SECOND ROW: Jervey, D.; Jarrett, F.; Cowort, J.; Mrs. Jones; Hamilton, C, Owens, J. THIRD ROW: Crowe, B.; Housley, B.; Burns, J.; Stark, H.; Simpson, J. FOURTH ROW: Matthews, J.; Hub, N.; Craig, J.; Hanson, V.; Mitchell, B. FIFTH ROW: Williamson, L.; Camp, B.; Stanford, D.; Atkins, B. SIXTH ROW; Otwell, L.; Blackerby, P.; Broodhurst, C; Mallet, B.; Wynn, F. yrtpha I eiu Ck auter ipi 68 ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS CHARLIE ADAMS President VICTOR HANSON Vice President FRED JARRETT Secretary JACK COWART Treasurer Alpha Tau Omega vas founded at Virginia Military Institute immediately after the Civil War, and since has grown to include 117 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Alpha Beta chapter was (founded on the Georgia campus in 1878. I 1 Dottie V. Wright, Phi Mu, is the fraternity sw eet- heart, and Ann Nicholson, Miss Pandora of 19 54, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, is the beauty sponsor. In addition to vinning the Pandora Beauty Revue, ATO won first prize for Christmas decorations. Some of the major social events of the year w ere a Christmas party for underprivileged children, the White Tea Rose formal, and the celebration of Alpha Beta ' s 75 th anniversary. Outstanding ATOs on campus include Charlie Adams, president of I.F.C., and Vic Hanson, president of Koi- nonia. Adams, Charlie Altabellis, Tony Amos, Billy Atkins, Bill Bennett, Thomas Blackerby, Pat Bond, Donald Eroadhurst, Cyrus Burns, Franklin Burns, Jimmy Callier, Barry Camp, Asa Camp, Bobby Carroll, Joseph MEMBERS Carswell, Stewart Cooper, Ed Cowart, Jackson Craig, James Crowe, Bill Davis, Lamar Hanson, Vic Hausley, Bill Hamilton, Corkey Hub, Norman Innes, Bob Jarrett, Fred Jervey, Dudley Killingsworth, Albert Lanier, Aubrey Mallet, Bill Matthews, Jimmy Mitchell, Billy Otwell, Larry Owens, Jerry Raine, Ted Rush, Jackie Scarlett, Richard Simpson, Jimmy Stanford, Dave Stark, Homer Twitty, Frank Wynn, Floyd Williamson, Lovick Adams, C; Cowart-, J.; Hanson, V.; Jarrett, F. 815 S. Milledge Avenue Only a Pandora photographer could get the ATOs awoy from supper. 69 J» FIRST ROW: Moore, P.; Lumpkin, W.; Kehoe, W.; Pethol, J.; Senter, C; Brad- ford, J.; Lawson, F.; Drew, C; Williams, C. SECOND ROW: Maugans, H.; Orewry, M.; Sibley, Kitty; Hopkins, A.; Mrs. Baggs; Smith, D.; Carter, G.; Roberts, T.; Bond, G. THIRD ROW; Lyons, T.; McWhorter, H.; Lomor, R.; Rogers, W.; Cobb, J.; Hocket, R.; Adier, M.; Northcutt, W.; Trotter, R.; Knight, J.; Evins, S.; Chosen, L.; Cutliff, J.; Kelly, J. FOURTH ROW: Worth, G.; Beol, S.; Thomas, M.; Crone, B.; Young, W.; Hop- per, D.; Howell, D.; Schumon, D.; Prather, J.; McCloin, L. C a C A apter 70 C H P H OFFICERS ALECK HOPKINS President JOHN HENDERSON Vice President RICHARD TROTTER Secretary GUERARD BOND Treasurer Chi Phi, the oldest national social fraternity, was founded at Princeton University in 1824. Eta chapter, founded on the Georgia campus in 1867, was established by such illustrious Georgians as Henry W. Grady, Ben- jamin H. Hill, John Donaldson, and Louis E. LeConte. Eta chapter has a current membership of 63 and last year initiated its 1000th member. Social events of the year include the annual Christmas banquet and dance. Kitty Sibley, Chi Omega, is the Chi Phi sponsor. Members of Eta chapter are outstanding on campus in extracurricular activities. Chi Phi w as a leader in intramurals again this year. Many Chi Phis participated in varsity athletics, including football, basketball, swim- ming and tennis. In campus activities members of Chi Phi were commanders of Air Force R.O.T.C., and mem- bers of Arnold Air Society. They claim Second Vice President of Phi Kappa, the winner of the Freshman Impromptu Debate, Vice President of I.F.C., and two associate justices of the Law School ' s Honor Council. They are prominent in Student Council . Chi Phi also ■won second place in Homecoming decorations this year. Dr. Everett, head of the University ' s English depart- ment; Bill Hartman, head backfield coach, and former Mayor of Athens; Bob McWhorter, who was the first man in the entire South to be initiated into the football Hall of Fame, are some of Chi Phi ' s faculty members. Famous alumni include Fred Hand, Speaker of Georgia ' s House of Representatives; John Slaton, former Governor of the State of Georgia; and Harmon Caldwell, Chan- cellor of the Board of Regents and former President of the University. Adler, Melvin Akins, John Almand, Charles Beall, Scott Bishop, David Bond, Guerard Bradford, James Carter, Guy Chasen, Len Cobb, John Conrad, Neil Crane, Bert Cutliff, Jim Drew, Charles Drewry, Milton Evins, Samuel Gentry, Alan Hand, Fred Harvey, William Henderson, John HoUins, Jack MEMBERS Hopkins, Aleck Hopper, Donald Howell, Donald Johnston, Edward Kehoe, William Kelly, James Kern, John Knight, John Lamar, Robert Langston, Richard Law son, Frank Lumpkin, Bill Lyons, Tom McClain, Luke McWhorter, How ard Maugans, Harry Max vell, James Moore, Peter Mulherin, Butch Nicholson, Edward Northcutt, William O ' Kelley, Edward Oldham, Harry Pethel, James Pilgram, Harold Powell, Tommy Prather, Jack Raw son, William Roberts, William Rogers, William Saussy, Charles Schuman, Donald Senter, Calvin Smith, Don Stillwell, William Tidwell, Charles Thomas, Mark Trotter, Richard Wilkins, John Williams, Clyde Worth, Gil Young, William Bond, G.; Henderson, J.; Hopkins, A.; Trotter, R. 290 S. Lumpkin Street Trying to scare the nice girl, boys? ? ? 71 FIRST ROW; Holland, J.; Carter, C; DeBacker, L.; Crawford, T.; Hodgson, B., Harrison, E. SECOND ROW: Grammar, J.; Mrs. Young; Marilyn Chambers; Jones, H. THIRD ROW: Tabor, A.; Boylston, A.; Imlay, J.; Nelson, C. FOURTH ROW: Solomon, J.; Wilder, J.; Hill, R.; Iler, S. FIFTH ROW: Agerton, J.; Cofer, R.; Hodnett, M.; Burke, P.; Hibbert, B. .ArWnu y li yhci Deitu . . T T 72 C H P S OFFICERS JIM HOLLAND President CHARLIE CARTER Vice Vresident HENRY JONES Secretary LUCIEN DEBACKER Treasurer Chi Psi was founded at Union College in 1841 and is the oldest national conservative fraternity on the Georgia campus. Outstanding Chi Psis on the campus include Tommy Cra vford, band major; Lucien DeBacker, Student Union president and a member of Gridiron; Allen Tabor, president of the Junior Class; Bill Hibbert, Red and Black sports writer; Ernie Hill, I.F.C. treasurer and secretary-treasurer of Gridiron; Bob Hill, vice president of both Pi Lambda Alpha and Landscape Architecture Club; Happy Hill, a cheerleader and member of the swimming team; and Burke Hodgson, junior editor of the Pandora. Marilyn Chambers, Chi Omega, is Chi Psi sponsor. This year the Chi Psis had a Hobo party, a Gangster party, a joint party with the Sigma Nus, and a Hill- billy party, given by the pledges honoring the brothers. House dances and informal parties vere also held. Faculty members of Chi Psi include Hugh Hodgson, Tom Whitehead, Comer Whitehead, and Whimberly De- Rand. Famous alumni of Chi Psi are Vic Seixas, Hugh Hodgson, and Clifford Hodgson, President of the Coca- Cola Company. Adams, Cyrus Agerton, James Askew, Morgan Barton, Ralph Bedenbaugh, Howard Boylston, Alfred Braswell, Floyd Brown, Clyde Burke, Peter Carter, Charlie Chambers, Sam Cofer, Ronald Crawford, Thomas DeBacker, Lucien MEMBERS Dunn, Billy Flanagan, Grady Grammer, Joe Hancock, Don Harrison, Eddie Hawley, Harold Hibbert, Billy Hill, Ernie Hill, Happy Hill, Robert Hodgson, Burke Hodnett, Matthew Holland, James Her, Shepperd Imlay, Gerald Jones, Henry Langford, Arthur Lester, Frank Nelson, Charles Oldenberg, William Pilcher, Lamar Pirkle, James Rut ledge, Ronald Solomon, Jerry Tabor, Allen Taff, Earl Wilder, James Wilson, Walter Jones, H.; Carter, C; Holland, J ; DcBcckcr, L. 645 S. Milledge Avenue The troops ore flipping over, as usual. 73 FIRST ROW: Smith, P.; Mrs. Overstreet; Richardson, J.; Wright, Sydney; Buc- hanan, J.; Russell, J. SECOND ROW; Shodgett, A.; Tucker, S.; O ' Kelley, Carey; Jackson, G.; Curtis, J.; Hires, J.; Kimball, H. THIRD ROW: Clemcnce, W.; Hunter, J.; Cummins, D.; Godfrey, C; Brinson, B.; Steagall, W.; Hodges, J. FOURTH ROW: Williams, T.; Ragsdale, W.; Cox, C; Pierce, H.; Tanner, J.; Poteet, R. FIFTH ROW: Owens, E.; Crone, D.; McPherson, G.; Armstrong, J.; Hires, W. SIXTH ROW: Thomas, J.; Bowen, W.; Russell, W.; Elkins, J.; Durrence, W. (I5etct cJJjelta C-A ciDtev ipi 74 DELTA TAU DELTA OFFICERS JOHN ARTHUR RUSSELL President PAUL M. SMITH Vice President JOHN ROBERT HIRES Recording Secretary CHARLES E. GODFREY Corresponding Secretary JACK F. BUCHANAN, JOHN S. RICHARDSON .... Treasurers Delta Tau Delta, one of the oldest national fraterni- ties, was founded at Bethany College in 18 59. Today there are 8 6 college chapters and more than 46,000 living members. Beta Delta chapter vas established at the University of Georgia in 1882. Sydney Jane Wright, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, is the sweetheart of Delta Tau Delta, and Carey O ' Kelley, Kappa Kappa Gamma, is this year ' s beauty sponsor. Outstanding alumni of Delta Tau Delta include Dean William Tate, James Melton, Alben Barkley, Gen. Edwin P. Parker, and Tom Clark, former Supreme Court Jus- tice. Members of Beta Delta and their dates don hillbilly costumes for the annual Sadie Hawkins Day dance fall quarter. Spring quarter the costumes change for the New Orleans party, and winter quarter the big event is the annual Milk Ball. The Sand Pit party, ' possum hunts, the Charlie Williams party, a Christmas party for underprivileged children, the annual Ne v Year ' s Eve party in Atlanta, the spring formal and house party, the hay ride, the Founder ' s Day Formal Dance and Banquet, the Farewell Party honoring graduating seniors, and the joint house dance with Alpha Chi Omega are the big social e vents of the year for Delta Tau Delta. Armstrong, Julian Bowen, William E. Brinson, Benjamin L. Buchanan, Jack F., Ill Clemence, W. J., Jr. Cobb, Carroll Cox, Carson R. Crane, David A. Cumbie, William C. Cummins, Dennis Curtis, John Durrence, William Etkins, Joseph Foy, Robert C. Godfrey, Charles E. Hardigree, C. G., Jr. Hickman, Richard B. MEMBERS Hires, John Hires, Warren Hodges, Jack Hunter, Jack Jackson, Gerald Keeffe, William Kimball, Harold Lamb, David McGee, Louis Mcpherson, Guy Morrison, William O ' Daniel, James Oeser, James Owens, Eugene Parker, William Patterson, Harvey Payne, Charles Pierce, Harry Poteet, Russell Pyle, James E. Ragsdale, William Richardson, John Russell, John Russell, William Shadgett, Alan Smith, Paul M. Steagall, William Strong, Guerry Tanner, Johnny Thomas, J. C. Troup, Robert Tucker, Sidney Wallace, William Williams, Thomas Withers, Robert First row; Godfrey, C; Buchanan, J.; Hires, J. Second row: Smith, P.; Russell, J.; Richardson, J. 125 N. Milledge Avenue That ' s about the size of it. 75 FIRST ROW: ParroH, C; Franks, P.; McGee, B.; Stegoll, J.; Pope, M.; Jones, F.; Wood, W. SECOND ROW: Ethridge, H.; Soule, S.; Leonard, B.; Brinson, E.; Bomgardner, D.; Palmer, M.; Pound, M. THIRD ROW; Simmons, E.; Sproyberry, D.; Wilkerson, Alice; Collihan, C; Quil- lian, Carol; Greene, B.; Duncan, B.; Fowler, W. FOURTH ROW: Allen, S.; Farmer, M.; Farmer, T.; Holland, B.; Mrs. Vornodoe; Smith, B.; Foi.-, B.; Rinker, W.; Mathis, J. FIFTH ROW: Compton, B.; George, S.; Underwood, E.; Holman, P.; Knight, A.; Harrison, E.; Heyword, A.; Tabor, F.; Scoville, G.; Birdsong, J. SIXTH ROW: Wilson, J.; Littie, B.; Bowden, F.; Bradley, G.; Bishop, 8.; Conn, A.; Price, B.; Groybill, C; Price, J.; Williams, J. ammu Ck cipiev 76 KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS MICKEY POPE I JOE STEGALL FRED JONES Ill Kappa Alpha was founded in 186 5 at Washington and Lee under the inspiration and guidance of Robert E. Lee. Gamma chapter was established on the Georgia campus in 1868, the oldest chapter of Kappa Alpha in continuous operation. KA ' s social events of the year included a breakfast foUo ving the Homecoming dance, a costume Cowboy Ball, and the Old South Ball. Carole Quillian, Chi Omega, is the fraternity sweet- heart, and Alice Wilkinson, also a member of Chi Omega, is the Kappa Alpha beauty sponsor. Members of KA are active in Arnold Air Society, Phi Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Biftad, and Phi Delta Phi. Gamma chapter is also vell represented on the varsity football team, and in tennis, track, and swim- ming. Kappa Alpha w on second place in intramural football, and vere undefeated in basketball in 195 3. Famous alumni of Gamma chapter include Dean John E. Drewry, Dean Alton Hosche, Merritt Pound, and Captain Vail. Other famous alumni of Kappa Alpha are Gen. Lawton Collins, Gen. George Marshall, Ellis Arnall, J. Edgar Hoover, Adm. Richard Byrd, Randolph Scott, and John Temple Graves. Allen, Scott Birdsong, Jim Bishop, Buddy Blackburn, Orris Bomgardner, Don Bowden, Pat Boyd, Spencer Bradley, Waldon Brinson, Ebbie Buchanan, Clayton Callihan, Chris Cannon, Bill Carter, Tom Chambers, Rufus Clark, John Clay, Tom Cobb, Herbert Collier, Frank Compton, Bill Dismukes, George Dobbins, Bowden Duncan, Bobby Elliot, Gus Fair, Billy Farmer, Tom Fowler, Willie MEMBERS Franks, Paul George, Sam Graybill, Claude Green, Bill Hair, Will Harrison, Dunbar Harrison, George Haynes, J. T. Heyward, Andy Hodges, Charlie Holland, Ham Holman, Penn Huggins, Tryon Hutchins, Jake Jones, Fred Knight, Tom Leonard, Bill Little, Bob McDaniel, Edwin McGee, Bill McQuarrie, Bob Mathis, Matt Middlebrook, Henry Moorman, Jimmy Morton, Bill Palmer, Bill Parrott, Charlie Pope, Mickey Pound, Merritt Price, Ben Price, Jerry Ramsey, Bob Rinker, Woodbury Sanders, Tom Scoville, Gates Sheftall, George Simmons, Elliot Simmons, Mark Simonton, Dick Sligh, Charlie Smith, Barry Soule, Sonny Sparks, Willis Sprayberry, Don Stoiz, Hal Stuckey, Frank Tabor, Earl Underwood, Eddie Upchurch, George Wilson, John Wood, Winston Stegoll, J.; Pope, M.; Jones, F. 187 N. Milledge Avenue The KAs hod a banquet-. 77 FIRST ROW: Perez, G.; Cox, C; Davidson, E.; Knight, J. SECOND ROW; Cronin, B.; Frew, J.; Sylvia Simonton; Mrs. White; Ann Collins; Chastain, J.; Chafin, B. THIRD ROW: Henrick, R.; Gregory, J.; Blockwell, N.; Phillip, D.; Abel, A.; White, R.; Rogers, J.; Griffin, W. FOURTH ROW: Smith, J.; Keuniler, E.; Bell, H.; Calimano, F.; Smykia, P.; McKay, P.; McQuaig, R.; Riley, W. FIFTH ROW: Yeomons, P.; Jones, H.; Roe, E.; Crews, A.; Rainey, T.; Kelly, G.; Mobley, J.; Comes, L. SIXTH ROW: Malcom, P.; Turner, H.; Smith, C; Greshom, S.; Hicks, J.; Peters, J.; Broome, D.; Maxwell, T.; Gorrett, W.; Terrill, J. la cJ ambda ( h eta upter 78 KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS LEE BROWN Grant! Master JIM PETERS Grand Procurator BERT CRONIN Grant! Master of Ceremonies RODNEY WHITE Grant! Scribe GEORGE KELLY Grand Treasurer Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Vir- ginia in 1869, and in 1901, Beta Lambda chapter ■was founded at the University of Georgia. Ann Collins, Chi Omega, is the fraternity sponsor, and Sylvia Simonton, Alpha Delta Pi, is the sweetheart of Kappa Sigma. Social events of the year for the Kappa Sigs include the Brother-Sister Ball with Chi Omega; the presenta- tion of the Kappa Sigma trophy to the outstanding sorority of the year; and the annual spring house party. Members of Beta Lambda have distinguished them- selves on campus -with their extracurricular activities. Chuck Smith is a member of Blue Key and an Army R.O.T.C. Regimental Commander; Eddie Davidson w as elected to Sigma Delta Chi; Sonny Griffin is a varsity cheerleader; Joel Knight is president of the freshman council; and Gene Roe is president of the Reed Hall group leaders. Kappa Sigs are also active in Scabbard and Blade and Xi Sigma Pi. Homer A. Black and John C. Champion are Kappa Sigma faculty members. Outstanding alumni include Edward R. Murrow, Lowell Thomas, Estes Kefauver, Drew Pearson, Frank Lovejoy, Mark Stevens, George J. Nathan, and Cason Calloway. Kappa Sigma was the Red League champion in foot- ball, horse shoes, and volleyball this year. Abel, Ashley Beck, Bill Bell, Henry Berryhill, Bob Black-well, Norman Blackwich, Bill Bledsoe, Charles Bo vman, Ben Broome, Don Brown, Lee Bryan, Duke Calimano, Frank Games, Lon Chafin, Bill Chastain, Jack Cox, Charles Cox, Charles H. Crews, Al Cronin, Bert Davidson, Eddie Forehand, Lee MEMBERS Frew, John Gaines, Frank Garrett, Warren Gregory, Jim Gresham, Sheldon Griffin, Sonny Henrich, Bob Hicks, Jim Howard, Wayne Huff, Bill Hussey, Jimmy Jones, Herb Kelly, George Kenemer, Jack Keunzler, Ed Knight, Joel Kyle, Bob Malcom, Pat Maxwell, Tom McKay, Pal McQuaig, Randy Mobley, John Parr, Nicky Perez, Gus Peters, Jim Philipp, Don Rainey, Tom Riley, Bill Roe, Gene Rogers, Jimmy Rogers, Jolly Shiver, Josh Sligh, George Smith, Chuck Smith, Jack Smykla, Pete Terrill, John Turner, H. B. White, Rodney Woodring, Charles Yeomans, Payton White, R.; Kelly, G.; Peters, J.; Mobley, J.; Cronin, B. 324 S. Milledge Avenue " Whot big ears you have, grandmother, " 79 FIRST ROW: Ellenburg, H.; Welch, F.; Anne Nicholson; Mrs. Davis; Smith, W.; Burton, J. SECOND ROW: Meier, C; Brown, M.; Terry, O.; Solozor, A.; LeMoster, B.; Widener, H. THIRD ROW Lowson, B.; Weaver, R.; Newcomer, C; Stevens, 0.; Wright, R., Taylor, J. FOURTH ROW: Buchhart, P.; Schlegel, P.; Stollings, L.; Knight, J.; Whitley, H., Owens, W. FIFTH ROW: Strickland, D.; Smart, T.; Green, J.; Agnew, F.; Wise, J. i la eta l kapter 80 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS STEVE STRICKLAND President TOM DREW Vice President GERALD WATSON Secretary CODY SMITH Treasurer Lambda Chi Alpha has become in forty-three years of its existence, the largest national social fraternity. There are 140 active chapters of Lambda Chi in 48 states and three provinces of Canada, plus numerous colonies about the country. In 1909, Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston University. Nu Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha w as founded at Georgia in 1915, the 14th fraternity to appear on the campus. Since that time Lambda Chi has grown on the Georgia campus through its active program of scholastic, athletic, and social endeavor. It has turned out many men vho have made a lasting impression on the nation and campus. Among the ranks of alumni are such great names as All-American football cham- pions Charlie Trippi and Johnny Rauch, and state po- litical leaders Charles Gowan and Hoke O ' Kelley. Ann Nicholson, Zeta, is the s ' weetheart of Lambda Chi. This fraternity claims the number one football passer of the South and the captain of the baseball team. Social functions of Lambda Chi Alpha include the Harvest Ball, Record Party, and the House Party. MEMBERS Agnew, William F. Andrews, H-irold L. Brown, Marion L. Buchhart, P. W. Burton, James P. Calhoun, James Chapman, Robert W. Davis, Edward N. Drew , Thomas A, Ellenburg, Mollis T. Exely, Slade H. Green, James R. Hahn, Eric W. Hancock, Charles Hogan, Leonard D. Knight, Jack Kohler, Emmett T. Law son, Robert LeMaster, Bill N. Meier, Clarence S. New comer, C. B. Owens, Whitley Purcell, Jerry D. Salazar, Alex Sammons, Ramon D. Schlegel, Peter J. Shrove, Richard R. Smart, Thomas G. Smith, William C. Snyder, Charles A. Stallings, Leah W. Stevens, Otis Strickland, D. Steve Taylor, Jim Terry, Otis Turner, Jack A. Waldrep, James W. Watson, Gerald D. Watson, Howard G. Weaver, Royal F. Welch, Frank R. Whitley, Hudson D. Widener, Hulett H. Williams, Jack Williams, Nathan C. Wise, James H. Wood, Knox V. Wright, Richard E. hir t mw Smort, G.; Smith, C; Whitley, H.; Wotson, G. Back row: Salozar, A.; Stricklond, S.; Weaver, F. 248 Prince Avenue Way down in Athens stockade. 81 afe - 2|y[ FIRST ROW: Scheer, G.; Lind, D.; Judy Goldberg; Weiner, B.; Vandroff, L. SECOND ROW: Blau, J.; Appleman, E.; Rosenberg, C; Malvin, P. THIRD ROW; Joel, L.; Cohn, L.; Joel, D.; Levy, H. FOURTH ROW: Blum, L.; Kaplan, J.; Olltsky, N. Il v lu i kcipter • • . 82 PHI EPSILON P OFFICERS LYONS JOEL Superior EDWARD KIRK Recording Secretary ELLIOT APPLEMAN Corresponding Secretary BERYL WEINER Treasurer Phi Epsilon Pi was founded at the College of the City of New York in 1904, and Mu chapter w as estab- lished on the Georgia campus in 1915, the first Phi Ep chapter in the South. Judy Goldberg, Sigma Delta Tau, was chosen Phi Ep Dream Girl at the annual Dream Girl dance. Phi Ep won the annual Homecoming display trophy this year. Among the many distinguished alumni of Phi Epsilon Pi are Jack Martin, assistant to President Eisenhow er; Nat Fleischer, foremost boxing authority in the coun- try; Cy Howard, well-known radio writer and director; financier Lou Wolfson; and " Biggie " Goldberg, former AU-American football player. I Appleman, Elliot I Blau, John I Blum, Larry j Cohn, Louis Joel, Donald MEMBERS Joel, Lyons Kaplan, Jerome Kirk, Edward Levy, Herman Lind, Donald Malvin Philip Olitsky, Norman Rosenberg, Charles Scheer, George Vandroff, Leonard Weiner, Beryl Weiner, B.; Joel, L.; Appleman, E. 750 S. Millcdgc Avenue What a party! 83 FIRST ROW. Dodds, J.; Tuten, T.; Joyce Dudley; Hobby, W.; Chris Taylor; Thompson, R.; Barnhill, R. SECOND ROW: Orr, D.; Findley, E.; Kidd, R.; Langley, D.; Jones, L. THIRD ROW: McMickle, G.; English, I.; Borfield, A.; Holmes, J.; Wise, F. FOURTH ROW: Morrison, J.; Poyne, L.; Smith, P. , eia i ( napter 84 PHI KAPPA TAU OFFICERS WENSLEY HOBBY President ERNEST FINDLEY Vice President RICHARD BARNHILL Secretary JAMES MORRISON Treasurer Phi Kappa Tau was founded at Miami University in 1906, and Beta Xi chapter came to this campus in the fall of 1948. Chris Taylor is the Phi Kappa Tau sponsor, and Joyce Dudley, Alpha Chi Omega, is sweetheart of the fra- ternity. Beta Xi ' s main social functions of the year are their Monte Carlo party, the Carnation Ball, the Cabaret party, and the Hobo Convention. Faculty members of Phi Kappa Tau Include Dr. E. S. Troleston, John Carreker, and Dean Donald Weddell. MEMBERS Barfield, Amos Barnhill, Richard Clements, Emory Dodds, James English, Inman Filipkowski, Chris f indley, Ernest Gaskins, Phil Hobby, Wensley Holmes, James Jones, Joel Langley, Donald McMickle, Gten Morrison, James Orr, Dan Payne, Lee Smith, Paul Tuten, Thomas Thompson, Robert Wise, Frank Morrison, J.; Hobby, W.; Barnhill, R.; Findley, E. 470 Hill Street If at first you don ' t succeed. Easy does it. 85 FIRST ROW: Norton, P.; Stinson, R.; Cashin, H.; Mobley, T. SECOND ROW: Henriott, C; Kondel, G.; Grubb, D.; Jackson, D.; Simonton, R. THIRD ROW: Coney, D.; Riley, W.; Lockhart, D.; Delk, J.; Morris, G. FOURTH ROW: Bell, J.; Evans, G.; McLeroy, D.; Phillips, B.; Willis, T.; Sim- mons, T. FIFTH ROW: Norwood, F.; Benson, O.; Rutland, T.; Wheeler, L.; Clyatt, T.; Parker, P. SIXTH ROW: Seal, B.; Burt, D.; Horner, J.; Persons, G.,- Roberts, D.; Bullard, B.; Zipperer, E. SEVENTH ROW: Williamson, M.; Donaldson, P.; Mitchell, T.; Waldron, G.; New- mon, F.; Shepherd, S.; Martin, E.; Choyce, T. EIGHTH ROW: Kline, C; Godwin, C; Wheeler, B.; Cushenberry, T.; Smith, J.; Griffin, R.; Burt, B.; Drew, J.; Atkins, T.; Reynolds, B. NINTH ROW: Rich, J.; Bennett, L.; Colet, L.; Bridge, G.; Bell, D.; Fussell, F. y lphci i v [u K hciptep . . . ip pi 86 PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS D. C. JACKSON President E. GEORGE KANDEL Vice President RAY SIMONTON Secretary DAN GRUBB Treasurer Alpha Mu of Pi Kappa Alpha w as the vinner of the University ' s annual Stunt Night w ith its performance of " Strange. " Pi Kappa Alpha has also distinguished it- self on campus for winning first place in both bowling and badminton in intramural sports. Londa Bicknell, Kappa Kappa Gamma, w as presented as PiKA Dream Girl at their annual Dream Girl Dance spring quarter. Famous alumni of Pi Kappa Alpha include Sen. John Sparkman, Sen. Wayne Morris, and Elbert P. Tuttle. Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. At present it has more than 1,000 chapters and over 40,000 living members. Alpha Mu began the fall quarter with 49 actives and 3 8 pledges. Atkins, James Atkinson, Rudy Barber, Alan Bell, Donald Bell, John Bennett, Larry Benson, Otis Bridges, Glen Bullard, William Burt, Donnie Burt, William Cashin, Harry Choyce, Thomas Clyatt, Thomas Cochran, John Coile, James Colet, Larry Coney, George Crowell, Howard Cushenberry, Anthony Delk, James Donaldson, Philip Downes, Carroll Downes, Michael Drew, Ja mes Eades, William Earle, Julius Easterlin, William Evans, George MEMBERS Fussell, John Garrett, Fred Godwin, Claude Griffin, Edward Grubb, Don Guy, William Greer, William Harner, Joseph Heidt, Robert Heisley, John Henriott, Cleon Horton, Paul Hudson, Ben Hughes, Franklin Jackson, Drew ry Kandcl, Erw in Kane, Joseph Kline, Albert Lockhart, Donald MacQuirter, L. C. Martin, Harry Mitchell, Thomas Morris, Grady Mobley, Thomas Newman, Frank Norwood, Felton Parker, Richard Persons, Grady Phillips, Gary Phillips, William Pes, Gavin Reynolds, Billy Rich, Jack Riley, Richard Roberts, Loy Rutland, Theodore Sapp, James Seal, Robert Shepherd, Sidney Simerly, William Simon, Thomas Simonton, Haywood Skinner, Frank Smith, Robert Stem, Gordon Stevenson, Fletcher Stinson, Julian Strickland, Henry Waldron, Guy Wallace, Don Walker, Frederick Webster, W. L. Wheeler, Bobby Williamson, Milton Willis, Thomas Wimberly, William Zipperer, Edw ard Kandel, G.; Jackson, D.; Grubbs, D.; Simonton, R. 198 S. Hull Street Your guess is as good as ours. 87 FIRST ROW: Rice, F.; Ogletree, J.; Carolyn Quante; Adams, H.; Love, R. SECOND ROW; Brodfield, J.; Orr, B.; Peek, J.; Langston, L.; Holliday, B. THIRD ROW; Cannon, C; Alford, J.; Rogers, B.; Storey, H. rU ctmbua ( kapicr jji • • • 88 p KAPPA PH OFFICERS LEROY LANGSTON Archon HARBIN STOREY Wflrrfen TOM WEST Secretary JIMMY ALFORD Treasurer Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was founded at the College of Charleston in 1904, and Lambda chapter came to the University of Georgia campus as the thirteenth fraternity. Lambda ' s major social events of the year include the pledge dance during fall quarter; the Rose Ball, at which the Rose Queen is selected; the Charlie Williams ' Party during spring quarter; and the annual spring house party, which is held in Gatlinburg, Tenn., in the Great Smoky Mountains. Pi Kappa Phis and their dates also enjoy the Hobo and the Shipwreck parties, both cos- tume affairs. Carolyn Quante, Alpha Delta Pi from Savannah, is sponsor of the fraternity. Harold Adams, President of the Aero Club, and Bill Orr have both served as lieutenants in Air Force R.O.T.C. Faculty members of Pi Kappa Phi include Wallace Butts, Dean Martin, and Dr. Brockman of the chemistry department. Outstanding alumni of Lambda chapter are Maj. Gen. George G. Finch, Prince H. Preston, U. S. Con- gressman, and Dr. James R. Thaxton, President of Val- dosta State College. Luke Sew ell, Joe Sewell, George B. Timmerman, Jr., and George C. Griffin are also illustrious Pi Kappa Phis. Adams, Harold Alford, Jimmy Anderson, John Bradfield, Joe Bramblett, Bobby Cannon, Charles Copeland, Ronald Dewitt, Buddy Dickerson, Joe Green, Charlie MEMBERS Langston, Leroy Love, Ray McLeod, Larry MeadoTvs, Larry Miller, Charlie Morris, Law ton Murdaugh, Lamar Ogletree, Jimmy Orr, Bill Peck, John Phillips, John Rice, Fran Richards, Jim Rogers, Bob Sims, Jerry Spence, Bill Storey, Harbin Thaggard, Bill West, Tom Alford, J.; Storey, H.; Orr, B.; Longston, L. 599 Prince Avenue Dancing lessons now taught at 599 Prince Avenue. 89 FIRST ROW: Wright, B.; Morlow, C; Posey, B.; Whitehead, C; Stringer, A SECOND ROW: Garrett, B.; DeVaughn, L.; Howord, J.; Carswell, J.; Ellis, M., Grant, C; Taylor, M.; Simpson, H.; Murroh, W. THIRD ROW: Troutman, F.; Stevenson, F.; Pidcock, F.; Wright, J,; Griffin, F. Bowles, P.; Bower, J.; Latham, C, Edwards, 8.; Boat- FOURTH ROW: Ford, J.; Davis, V.; Morris, B. Rue, A.; Reed, R. FIFTH ROW: Boardman, B.; Thurmond, W.; Lawrence, A.; Carswell, P.; Par- ker, B.; Hines, J.; Grindstaff, H.; Ream, S.; Cooper, B.; Davis, C; Kirkland, J.; Houston, L.; Kimbrough, B.; Butler, S.; Banks, Doc. SIXTH ROW: Drew, B.; Bowman, B.; Griffin, J.; Griffin, A.; Paine, G.; Bur- rocker, S.; Tolbert, D. Q eoraict 9 ' t eiu Ck apter 90 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS JOHN CARSWELL President CHARLES GRANT Vice President CARLYLE HOLLEMAN Secretary CHARLES EDWARDS Treasurer Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the largest national fraternity, was founded at the University of Alabama in 1856. Georgia Beta chapter was the first fraternity founded on the Georgia campus. Margaret Ellis, Phi Mu, is the SAE sponsor. Georgia Beta chapter has won 1 6 out of 1 9 Governor ' s Trophies in intramural football. Some twenty SAEs participated this year in varsity athletics, including football, basketball, track, golf, baseball, swmming, and tennis. In campus activities, members of SAE -were commanders of the Air Force R.O.T.C., secretary-treas- urer of the junior class, president of Phi Kappa, win- ner of the sophomore declamation, president of " X " Club, president of Omicron Delta Kappa, members of Blue Key, president and vice-president of the freshman law class, and Who ' s Who. Spec Landrum and Roosevelt Walker are faculty members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and famous alumni include Richard Russell, and Cobb C. Torrance, former national president of SAE, as well as seven members of the Georgia legislature. Barnett, Marion Boardman, Bruz Boatwright, Jim Bonner, Otis Bower, Jack Bowles, Paul Bowman, Bob Buracker, Sam Butler, Sanford Carswell, John Carswell, Porter Cheatham, Mike Clark, Bill Clark, Jim Cooper, William Coon, Harold Davis, Vern DeVaughn, Linton Dodd, Otho Dozier, Francis Drew, Bill Edwards, Bunky Fleming, Jake Fleming, Sam MEMBERS Ford, Joe Fruehauf, Ben Garrett, Bill Grant, Charles Griffin, Archie Griffin, Frank Griffin, Jerry Grindstaff, Hazzard Grubbs, Clayton Hines, Junior Hodgson, Harry HoUeman, Son Houston, Leon Karrh, Randy Kimbrough, Bill Kirkland, Jimmy Latham, Gary Lawrence, Alex Leathers, Fred Marlow, C. W. Marsh, Bill Mays, Ted Mitchell, Johnny Morris, Bill Murrah, Nolan Murray, Billy Parker, Bill Paine, Goof us Pidcock, Frank Posey, Bill Ream, Al Reed, Bob Rue, Al Sams, Bert Simpson, Harris Stevenson, Frank Stringer, Al Stuckey, Bill Sullivan, Jim Sweat, James Taylor, Mike Thurmond, Warren Tillman, Tommy Torbett, Doug Troutman, Frank Whipple, Don Whitehead, Carl Willingham, Ray Wright, Bill Edwards, C; Carswell, J.; Grant, C. 247 Pulaski Street Home of the Governor ' s Trophy, 91 I ' I - O W ; Hooper, J.; Comer, E.; Smith, Maxine; Mrs. Collins; Veoder, D.; Saye, J. SECOND ROW; Garner, J.; Donaldson, B.; Perkins, J.; Zeigler, C; Blitch, J.; THIRD ROW: Light-foot, J.; Seller, F.; McEochern, J.; Campogno, J.; Harley, J.; Jones, B. FOURTH ROW: Clemens, B.; Averitt, H.; Richardson, M.; Bennett-, L.; Dillon, B.; Schumberger, J.; Saunders, R. FIFTH ROW: Bell, R.; Ford, B.; Johnson, J.; Thom, H.; Jones, R.; Rhyne, T.; Abney, B.; Hightower, J.; Mallard, W. SIXTH ROW: Green, J.; Tyre, T.; Flanders, E.; Calhoun, M.; Williams, R.; Knight, R.; Gowan, G. SEVENTH ROW: Mitchell, R.; Sanson, H. EIGHTH ROW: Willis, E.; Bell, W.; Wheeler, T.; Daniels, J.; Morkhom, W.; McKinnon, E.; Whitfield, P.; Geilitich, J.; Perry, L. oDeitci L k apter 92 SIGMA C H OFFICERS DONALD VEADER Consul JOHN HOOPER Pro Cousiil JAMES SAYE Auuotafor HOWARD COMER Oiiaestor Delta of Sigma Chi was established on the Georgia campus in 1872. There are more than 125 chapters of Sigma Chi throughout the United States and Canada. Maxine Smith, Phi Mu, -was elected sweetheart of Sigma Chi at the 18th annual Sigma Chi Derby. Members of Delta are active in almost every phase of intramural sports, and many Sigma Chis have w on honors on the Georgia campus. Included among these are John Hooper, Gridiron member and president of the Canterbury Club; Frank Seiler, secretary of I.F.C.; Reid Patterson, captain of the swimming team, three times All-American sw immer, and the national A.A.U. 100- meter freestyle sw imming champion; Bill Auld, Phi Eta Sigma; and Robert Clemens and Jimmy Campagna, " G " Club members. Famous alumni of Sigma Chi are John Wayne, Milton Caniff, Grover Cleveland, Lamar Dodd, Craig R. Sheaf- fer, Don Hutson and Gen. Willis Crittenberger. Faculty members from Delta chapter include Dr. Ezell Terry, Dr. David Fields, Dr. C. J. Smith, Mr. Lamar Dodd, and Dr. Alex Lowe. Richardson, M.; Horlcy, J.; Veader, D.; Comer, E. 480 S. Milledge Avenue Abney, Bill Auld, William Averitt, David Bailev. Ben Bell, Billy Bell, Richard Bennett, Lindsay Bingham, William Blitch, James Burkholder, Peter Calhoun, Mervall Campagna, James Chandler, Harold Clemens, Robert Cody, Ray Comer, Howard Cook, Ernest Daniel, Joseph Dillon, Robert Donaldson, Robert Elder, Thomas Flanders, Edgar Ford, William Garner, John Gelletich, Joseph MEMBERS Gowen, George Greene, James Harley, James Hawes, Henry Hightower, James Hooper, John Jackson, Al Jones, Robert Jones, Ronnie Jordan, Ralph Knight, Rubyn Lightfoot, John McClelland, James McEachern, James McFather, Robert McKinnon, Emory Mahaffey, Jack Markham, Wood Mitchell, George Moody, William Morlero, Peter Oiven, David Patterson, Logan Perkins, John Perry, Buck Post, William Rhyne, Thomas Richardson, Michael Salter, Charles Sanson, Harry Saunders, Richard Saye, James Shivers, William Shoptaw, James Sh umber ger, John Seiler, Frank Starkey, David Stewart, William Sweat. Ottis Thoni, Horace Tyre, Travis Vann, James Veader, Don Wheeler, Owen Whitfield, Preston Williams, Richard Willis, Emmett Wofford, Hoke Young, Robert Zeigler, Charles The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. 93 ' « ' .y ' i , wm - m i E FIRST ROW: House, B.; Jackee Morrison; Miss Kendrick; Bonner, B. SECOND ROW; Arnold, N.; Chatham, C; Champion, J.; Price, A.; McTosh, T. THIRD ROW: Golec, W.; Smith, J.; Hearn, G.; Herbert, J. FOURTH ROW: Cammack, J.; Howell, B.; Fetzer, M.; Ingram, B.; Carden, W. FIFTH ROW; Grantlond, K.; Cooper, G.; Chandler, J.; Burrel, L.; Matthews, J. SIXTH ROW; White, H.; Vaught, T.; Cole, L.; Hotscock, E.; Wells, G. SEVENTH ROW; Foster, L.; Woodsworth, B.; Hogan, C; Turner, J.; Cole, G. EIGHTH l O W Azar, R.; Googe, M.; Bray, C; Stanley, J.; Reynolds, R. NINTH ROW: Freeman, M.; Chambers, B.; Murphy, L.; Taylor, C; Englington, J. DeBow, J. TENTH ROW; Allen, G.; Harper, W.; Corr, F.; Brown, D.; Reinhardt, B. ELEVENTH ROW: Scronton, B.; Leachman, C; Cornell, B. TWELFTH ROW; Culpepper, H.; Boyett, E.; Beckham, F. THIRTEENTH ROW; Water, A.; Nolson, 6.; Cannon, B.; Gleaton, E.; Grinner, R. i 1 la i kapter 94 SIGMA N U OFFICERS WILMER NEWSOME Commander HARRY WILLIAMS Lt. Commander GUY CLAYTON Recorder GARY COOPER Treasurer Sigma Nu was founded in 1869 at Virginia Military Institute by three Civil War veterans, and Mu chapter came to this campus in 1873. The fraternity now has 111 active chapters in 46 states and Canada. Annual social events at the chapter ' s French-Chateau type house on River Road include the Shipwreck party in the fail, Alamo Scout Ball during winter quarter, the White Star formal in the spring, and the Saddle Shoe Stomp, summer quarter ' s only annual campuswide so- cial event. Jackee Morrison, a member of Delta Delta Delta so- rority, served as sponsor for the year. Sigma Nus receiving top recognition on the campus this year included Chris Chatham, Student Union presi- dent and a member of Gridiron Secret Society; Bucky Lundy, fall quarter Red and Black editor. Gridiron, Who ' s Who; Gene Turner, Reed Hall Council chairman; Jay DeBow, winner of the campus Ugly Man contest; Claude Bray, chief justice of Law School honor court; and Charles Bell, Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Nus on the faculty include Capt. A. Lee French, Jr.; Dr. Merle C. Prunty; John Tison; and Capt. James M. Lanigan. Among outstanding alumni are Gov. Herman Talmadge and the late Gov. Eugene Talmadge; Representative Stephen Pace; Hatton Lovejoy; and W. F. Jenkins. Chatham, C; Champion, J.; Cooper, G. V.i ' f.- F J :;J.,..:.j, A;.y J _ s : River Road Alien, Gene Arnold, Ned Azar, Richard Beckham, Frank Bell, Charles Bonner, Bobby Bray, Claude Bunel, Larry Cammack, Jimmy Cannon, Bill Chambers, Bo Chandler, Allen Chandler, John Chatham, Chris Clayton, Guy Cook, Charlie Cooper, Gary Cornell, Edgar Culpepper, Henry Davis, Bob DeBow, Jay Drake, Tommy Ellington, John Farmer, Jim MEMBERS Fetzer, Elmore Gleaton, Earl Golec, Walt Griffith, Vernon Haley, George Hardin, Gerald Hearn, George Herbert, Jerry Hogan, Charles Horper, Wilber House, Bill House, Bobby Howell, Bob Hunter, Billy Ingram, Ben Leachman, Charles Lundy, Walter McMullen, Walt McTosh, Tom Mabry, Speer Matthews, James May, Pete Maynard, Mike Melsome, Frank Methvin, Gene Morgan, Pat Murphy, Lew is New some, Wilber Price, Al Reese, Bob Reinhardt, Bill Reynolds, Rufus Richards, Henry Ridgeway, Hugh Scott, Linw ood Setliff, Carter Scranton, Bill Silas, Horden Smith, Kerry Stanley, Jim Taylor, Curtis Turner, Gene Vaught, Thomas Waters, Allen Wells, George White, Gene White, Harrell Williams, Harry Misnomer of the year: Saddle Shoe Stomp. 95 r I R S T ROW; Coolick, S.; Crystal, B.; Feinberg, S.; Silverman, R.; Weiss, S.; Turk, J.; Pintchuck, L.; Cohen, H.; Brooks, M.; Piossick, D. SECOND ROW: Harelik, £.; Markowitz, N.; Waronker, B.; Robinowitz, L.; Rabi- nowifz, H.; Mrs. Woods; Udinsky, R.; Gordon, R.; Jacobs, L.; Jacobson, J.; Kahn, R. THIRD ROW: Toporek, E.; Meddin, D.; Berzon, D.; Podem, H.; Sabin, D.; Lei- man, J.; Scharff, L.; Hite, S. FOURTH ROW; Goldstein, D.; Cohen, L.; Stine, H.; Miller, C; Lichenstein, M.; Sussman, H. i la ( nctpter • • 96 TAU EPSILON PH OFFICERS JULIAN TURK Chancellor WILLIAM WARONKER Vice Chancellor LEON RABINOWITZ Scribe STANLEY FEINBERG Bursar Tau Epsilon Phi ■was founded at Columbia University in 1910, and Nu chapter came to the Georgia campus in 1919. Big social events of this year for the Tau Eps included their Anniversary Weekend, celebrating their 3 5th year on campus; their attendance of the Georgia TEP con- vention held in Atlanta each year; and the annual Ship- Tvreck Party in the spring. In intramurals Nu chapter won second place in vol- leyball, bowling, and basketball. They also have the honor of being second in scholastic rating on campus. Barbara Rabhan, Delta Phi Epsilon, is the Tau Epsi- lon Phi sweetheart. Dr. Sigmund A. Cohn, a member of the Law School faculty, is one of the outstanding alumni of Nu chapter. Benamy, Mickey Benedck, Armand Berzon, Dave I Brooks, Murray I Cohen, Hymie I Cohen, Leon Coolick, Stanley Crystal, Bernard Feinberg, Stanley Friedland, Iran Ghingold, Neil Goldstein, Alan Gordon, Ronald MEMBERS Harelik, Eddie Hite, Stanley Jacobs, Leonard Jacobson, Jerry Kahn, Ralph Leiman, Jerry Lichenstein, Meyer Markowitz, Neal Meddin, David Miller, Charles Piassick, Allen Podem, Marvin Rabinowitz, Herman Rabinowitz, Leon Sabin, Donald Scharff, Louis Silverman, Ramon Simmons, Robert Stine, Herbert Sussman, Hy Toporek, Elliott Turk, Julian Udinsky, Ramon Waronker, William Weinstein, Shelley Weiss, Stanley Purk, J.; Waronker, B.; Rabinowitz, L.; Feinberg, S. 1155 S. Milledge Avenue " And please, dear God, make us good little children. " 97 FIRST ROW; Hammock, R.; Horrell, G.; Sirmons, H.; Mrs. Pleger; Heliams, B., Eppolito, J. SECOND ROW: Tourney, S.; Griffin, W.; Douglos, J.; Pleger, G.; Hull, L. THIRD ROW: Allan, G.; Smith, D.; Graff, J.; Chapman, D. FOURTH ROW: Mobley, T.; Shirey, T.; Perdue, D.; Couts, C; Slofer, C; Jones, B. sDeitci ( J eta y kaioter r 98 T H E T A CHI OFFICERS LEONARD HULL President G. C. HARRELL Vice President BILL JONES Secretary RUSS HAMMACK Treasurer Theta Chi fraternity was founded in 18 56 at Nor- vich University, Norwich, Vermont. Delta Beta chap- ter w as chartered on the Georgia campus in 1949. Sallye Cross, Washington, is the Theta Chi sponsor. She won the nation-wide " Miss Pippin " contest and par- ticipated in the University Theater production, " Angel Street. " Theta Chi social events of the year include the cos- tume Snake Pit Party; the Jack O ' Hearts Ball, -where the sweetheart is announced; the Red Carnation Ball, the spring formal; and the Branding Brawl, at which the house is decorated like a western gambling casino. Members are active in many honorary organizations on campus; among these are Omicron Delta Kappa, " X " Club, Biftad, Pi Lambda Alpha, and Phi Eta Sigma. Some of the other organizations in -which Theta Chis participate include Saddle and Sirloin, A.S.A.E., Land- scape Architecture Club, Art Students ' League, and the University Band and Orchestra. One of the Air R.O.T.C. Lt. Colonels, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Society, and University Rifle Team members are Theta Chis. In athletics the fraternity is well represented, having members in varsity football and baseball, and the golf team. Gary Pleger is holder of the Pennsylvania Amateur Golf Championship. From this fraternity came the Editor and Art Editor of the PANDORA, and the Associate Editor of the Fraternity Way. Local alumni include Dean Alvin Briscoe, Dean of Faculties; Reverend Dow Kirkpatrick, Minister of the First Methodist Church; Maj. S. L. Tourney, Instructor in Air R.O.T.C; and Eugene Tragesser, Assistant Regis- trar. Among the nationally famous alumni of Theta Chi are four state governors. Senator Warren Magnu- son, Representative Carl Curtis, and Sammy Kaye. Allen, Eugene Burton, Robert Chapman, Douglas Couts, Curtis Dreesen, David Douglas, John Eppolito, James Fleming, Marvin Frazier, Bill MEMBERS Gouge, Eugene Graff, Joe Griffin, William Hammack, Hussell Harrell, Grover Hellams, Robert Hull, Leonard Jones, William Long, Jack Mobley, Thomas Moore, Joe Parr, Mack Perdue, Richard Pleger, Gary Shirey, Terrence Sirmans, Hampton Slater, Clem Smith, James Snoderly, Bob Horrcll, G.; Hull, L.; Jones, B., Hommack, R. 419 S. Milledge Avenue Gathering of the Clan. 99 First row: Brown, J.; Cole, W.; Jones, H.; Williamson, J.; Airoidi, A.; Herring, B.; Frank, D.; Haggerman, S.; Richey, D.; Duck- worth, B.; Tounsley, D.; Stevens, B.; Milton, J.; Childs, W. Second row: Smith, B.; Parker, D.; Walker, C; Ellenburg, J.; Beauchamp, B.; Berry, A.; Cottingham, C; Sinclair, B.; Matthews, T. Third row: Elliot, H.; Toylor, A.; Malsberger, K.; Crittendon, R.; Willcoxson, C; Pryon, C; Wilkie, B. Fourth row: Devangcr, J.; Pritchett, A.; Gordy, F.; Norton, S.; Robin- son, T.; Felton, J. Fifth row: Dickie, D.; Tonner, J.; Blasingame, C; Bullard, C; Morton, B. Sixth row: Hobbs, B.; Barton, G.; Cook, G.; Wright, N.; Allan, B.; Wood, W.; Herndon, T.; Letts, J.; Tanner, B.; Dye, P.; Byrn, P.; Williams, R.; Hudson, S.; Williams, J.; Thomas, T.; O ' Neal, B. Seventh row: Everett, W.; Fletcher, N.; Gordy, H.; Westbrook, B.; Dearing, P.; Bran- denburger, B.; Hoggernar, K. PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS CLEVELAND WILCOXON President ROY CRITTENDON Vice President TOMMY HERNDON Secretary CHARLIE PRYON Treasurer Phi Delta Theta vas founded at Miami University in 1848, and Georgia Alpha vas founded on this campus in 1871. Barbara Reed, Carrollton, is Phi Delta Theta sponsor. Winter quarter at the Phi Delt house is highlighted by the costume Bowery Ball. Fall quarter the Hobo party is held, and spring quarter Phi Delts celebrate at the annual house party held at St. Simon ' s Island. Left to right: Willcoxon, C; Pryon, C; Herndon, T.; Crittendon, R. 524 Prince Avenue 7 eMxa o l f na . » do ' 1 II st ;A »» « aI 1 1 1 ifei i mfi.. •• a. l n i B B Now really, dear H n (k Everybody wants into the oct! Magnolia Porade form Ufma U kazpsucn t Cooperation is the key Sifmxi u .ji a..CH.eiiMHB mTX m " 1 • •I A} ■i- ; s V ' ong gone | ■y ' V ll K. M .1 CANDID GREEKS • .•■; - : fl " ' - 1 .-p ' VWN v ' FIRST ROW: Hawkins, L.; Wiley, E.; Davis, M.; Middlebrooks, S.; Lipsey, E., Hirsh, B.; Zetterower, J.; Davis, S. SECOND ROW: Allen, H.; Linebaugh, L.; Setzer, F.; Robins, S.; McLendon, B., Gibson, P.; LoGarde, K.; Ellis, M. THIRD ROW: Rackley, J.; Estes, L.; Gleason, S.; Perkins, J.; McComy, M. Allen, P.; Cooney, N. FOURTH ROW: Tumlin, N.; Thornton, J.; Noell, A.; Morrison, J.; Wolker, A.; Anderson, A.; Jarrell, N. PANHELLENIC 106 THE COUNCIL ALPHA CHI OMEGA Virginia Warren Anne Walker ALPHA DELTA PI Jackie Zetterower Sue Davis ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Sallie Middlebrooks Mary Katherine Davis ALPHA OMICRON PI Phyllis Allen Jean Anne Perkins CHI OMEGA June Rackley Leland Estes DELTA DELTA DELTA Laura McGuire Jackee Morrison DELTA PHI EPSILON Delores Moltack Elayne Levine KAPPA ALPHA THETA Shirley Gleason Nancy Cooney KAPPA DELTA Laura Havi kins Harriett Allen KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Kathleen LaGarde Patty Gibson PHI MU Margaret Ellis Elaine Wiley PI BETA PHI Nancy Jarrell Angela Anderson SIGMA DELTA TAU Beverly Hirsh Judy Goldberg ZETA TAU ALPHA Ann Noell Becky McLendon Panhellenic Council is composed of t vo members of each sorority on campus, the president and Panhellenic delegate. They meet every other Monday night to dis- cuss problems common to all sororities. Panhellenic cooperates with the college administration, and with Athens organizations w henever a charitable drive is on in the city. This year Panhellenic helped with the March of Dimes Drive. The Council also adopts a foreign stu- dent each year and helps finance his stay at the Uni- versity. Each year a Panhellenic Workshop is held to iron out individual sorority problems such as housing, finance, scholarship, or a big problem such as rushing. This vorkshop is open to everyone w ho wishes to participate. In sponsoring a trophy given each quarter to the sorority vith the highest scholarship, Panhellenic fos- ters a competitive spirit among the sororities for higher scholarship. Panhellenic, in cooperation with Davison ' s, put on a fashion show in Fine Arts Auditorium in the fall. Two girls from each sorority vere chosen to model in the show. The theme of the fashion show was the practical wardrobe for the college girl. Casual clothes right on up to sophisticated evening dresses were modeled. A talent show was conducted at the same time, and prizes were given to students with outstanding talent. On floor: Hirsh, B.; Noell, A. Seated: Ellis, M.; Middlebrooks, S. Thornton, J.; McLendon, B.; Setzer, F.; Gleason, S. Panhellenic Fashion Show. 107 FIRST ROW: Dudley, B.; Howard, P.; Fraker, C; Eosom, B.; Chapman, L.; Williams, M.; Callicott, M.; Worren, V. SECOND ROW; Crawford, B.; Coile, A.; Streater, S.; Edwards, F.; McCamy, M.; Walker, A.; Webb, N.; Wilson, M. THIRD ROW: Church, M.; Woods, B.; Markow, M.; Matthews, C; Raisty, H.; Fulghum, D. FOURTH ROW: Cousins, v.; Wilkerson, J.; Smith, S.; Sparks, J.; Jcnes, P.; Droke, F.; Kelsey, I ' .; Lanier, M. e ta 3 9 met ( ncipter . . . ip 108 ALPHA CHI OMEGA One of Alpha Chi Omega ' s outstanding activities of the year is the Olympics, a derby for fraternity men. At the ninth annual Olympics, Art DeCarlo, Lambda Chi Alpha, was chosen as Apollo. Earl Gunn, Pi Kappa Alpha, won the title of Atlas. Members of Alpha Chi take part in campus activities. Virginia Warren is treasurer of Panhellenic, a member of Student Council and Zodiac. She was also selected for Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Joyce Dudley is the Dream Girl of Phi Kappa Tau. Barbara Crawford led " Z " Club this year and served as vice president of Student Union. Patsy Woods is president of Sigma Alpha Iota. Alpha Chi Omega captured third place among sorori- ties for skits at Stunt Night. Beta Sigma chapter was established on the University of Georgia campus in 193 7. Alpha Chi Omega •was founded at DePauw University in 188 5 and today has seventy-eight active chapters. Martha Jo Callicott Linda Chapman Mary Ann Church Barbara Crawford Andree Coile Virginia Cousins Frankie Drake Joyce Dudley Barbara Easom Fay Edwards MEMBERS Carolyn Fraker Harriet Frith Dorothy Fulghum Patricia Howard Polly Jones Kay Kelsey Marie Lanier Maria Markow Carole Matthews Marian McCamy Helen Raisty Sharlenc Smith Joan Sparks Shirley Streater Anne Walker Virginia Warren Nancy Webb Joan Wilkerson Mary Joel Williams Mahla Wilson Patsy Woods OFFICERS VIRGINIA WARREN President VIRGINIA COUSINS f rs Vice President MARY ANN CHURCH Second Vice President ANDREE COILE Secretary LINDA CHAPMAN Treasurer 158 N. Milledge Avenue On floor: Chapman, L.; Wolker, A.; Seated: Cousins, V.; Church, M.; Worren, V.; Coile, A. »«L 1PV 1 Apollo gets attention. 109 iJi. 4«li i?t=- FIRST ROW: Lambeth, C; Zetterower, J.; Blackshear, J.; Mrs. Foote, House- mother; Scroggins, J.; Greiner, A.; Clements, B.; Schwem, C. SECOND ROW: Tipton, K.; Massingole, K.; Weaver, M.; Davis, S.; Coleman, E.; Lackland, L.; Jones, P.; Smith, E.; Wight, A. THIRD ROW: Brooks, S.; McDonald, M.; Quante, C; Kellam, N.; Hulsey, J.; Noe, A. FOURTH ROW: Cunningham, A.; Heold, J.; Hill, B.; Veal, B.; Arnold, C; Well man, S. FIFTH ROW: Carlisle, H.; Wallace, P.; Cooley, J.; Kennedy, M.; Price, J.; Wooten, K. SIXTH ROW: Bailey, H.; Lawrence, J.; Richardson, N.; Wollis, C; Wright, G. SEVENTH ROW: Grant, N.; Goodman, C; Carpenter, S.; Moore, E.; Ward, W.; Tonkersley, B.; Johnston, P. EIGHTH ROW: Smith, E.; Prather, D.; Smith, C; Morris, S.; Bassford, B. NINTH ROW: Simonton, S.; Simmons, S.; Holmes, A.; Elliott, J.; Richards, A.; Capplemann, A.; Parker, G. fja a apter 110 ALPHA DELTA P Alpha Delta Pi is the proud possessor of the Kappa Sigma Trophy for the outstanding sorority of the year. They won second place in Stunt Night vith a take-off on " Moulin Rouge. " They also won second place in the Homecoming Decorations Contest and in athletics last spring quarter. Their annual " Blue and White " For- mal was given January 29. ADPi ' s participate in many campus activities. Sue Davis, a member of Student Council and Phi Upsilon Omicron, is Junior Representative on Women ' s Student Government Association. Bette Womack is secretary of Women ' s Athletic Association, a resident U.R.S.A., and a member of " Z " Club. Jackie Zettero ' wer is secretary- treasurer of Student Council. Lauradine Baker and Annelle Stem are both resident U.R.S.A. ' s. Carole Wallis and Carolyn Sch vem w ere both elected to the Pandora Beauty Court. Marianne Garton, Gena Parker, Beverly Bassford, Azalee Wight, and Annelle Stem are mem- bers of the Dolphin Club. Harriett Bailey is a member of Phi Chi Theta and Augusta Holmes is a member of Theta Sigma Phi. The first chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, May 15, 1851. Ann Adams Carolyn Arnold Harriett Bailey Lauradine Baker Beverly Bassford Joan Blackshear Betsy Boyer Sylvia Brooks Lenore Cantey Ann Capplemann Henrietta Carlisle Sister Carpenter Betty Clements E. T. Coleman Barbara Conrad Janie Mae Cooley Alda Cunningham Sue Davis Ann Dellinger Jean Duerner Bunny Dobbs Sistee DuPriest Joan Elliott Sally Futch Marianne Garton Cecelia Goodman MEMBERS Nanci Grant Honey Gray Ann Greiner Ellen Gunn Judy Heald Barbara Hill Augusta Holmes Joyce Hulsey Patsy Johnson Patty Jones Nancy Kellam Margaret Kennedy Lillian Lackland Carolyn Lambeth Janet Lawrence Katherine Massingale Nan Mercer Eileen Moore Susie Morris Martha McDonald Ann Noe Gena Parker Deborah Prather Jackie Price Carolyn Quante Nan Richardson Betty Ridlehuber Lyle Scholl Carolyn Schwem Juanita Scroggins Sue Simmons Sylvia Simonton Claire Smith Elaine Smith Elsie Smith Annelle Stem Barbara Tankersley Kay Tipton Betty Jo Veal Pat Wallace Carole Wallis Wanda Ward Mary Weaver Sue Wellman Azalee Wight Dianne Williamson Caroline Willis Bette Womack Gayle Wright Kay Wooten Weslyn Wynn Helen Zetterower Jackie Zetterower OFFICERS SUE DAVIS Vresident JACKIE ZETTEROWER Vice President AUGUSTA HOLMES Recording Secretary MARGARET KENNEDY Corresponding Secretary JANET LAWRENCE Treasurer 150 S. Mrlledge Avenue Kennedy, M.; Zetterower, M.; Lawrence, J.; Dovis, S.; Holmes, A. No slumber for tonight! Ill FIRST ROW; McCall, J.; Newton, A.; Ridley, M.; Davey, S.; Davis, M.; Stewart, J.; Middlebrooks, S.; Dison, C. SECOND ROW: Strudel, B.; Grandy, R.; Peovy, E.; Barron, J.; Carsello, M.; Home, M.; Durham, P.; Stewart, C. THIRD ROW Conger, B.; Cotter, M.; Baker, S.; Attowoy, J.; Smith, J.; Eldridge, M.; Shackelford, H.; Bennett, M.; Birchler, D.; Rogsdale, B.; Mar- tin, J.; Blair, M.; Hadaman, A. FOURTH ROW: Barnes, B.; Dunn, S.; Exiey, H.; Rhyne, M.; Stokes, B.; Withers, S.; Hill, M.; Dent, K.; Blood, B.; Fields, N.; Link, M.; Bailey, M.; Mrs. McGee, Housemother. Q ' ciynma .y iphu ( t ctmer ipi 112 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Fall quarter social activities of Alpha Gamma Delta included the " Sw ' eetheart Ball " and the Thanksgiving banquet for pledges, and the Christmas party for under- privileged children. Winter quarter brought the annual " Feast of the Roses " banquet and a formal dance in the Alpha Gam house. The weekend house party was held spring quarter. The Alpha Gams won second place in tennis, bowling, and ping pong last spring. Members of Alpha Gamma Delta participate in cam- pus activities. Mary Katherine Davis is president of A.C.E., Elementary Education Club, and Sallie Middle- brooks is vice president. Shirley Withers is Junior Edi- tor of the Pandora, secretary-treasurer of Forensics So- ciety, and a member of Pioneer Club. Suzi Baker, Tha- lian-Blackfriar member, had the female lead in " Death of a Salesman " and " Midsummer Night ' s Dream " this year. Mary Lou Cotter is a majorette, and Shirley Dunn is a member of Phi Mu Epsilon. Sallie Middlebrooks was chosen Professional Woman of the Year in the School of Education last spring. Members are also active in U.R.S.A., W.A.A., Phi Chi Theta, and Dolphin Club. Alpha Gamma Delta was founded May 2, 1904, at Syracuse University. Gamma Alpha Chapter was or- ganized at the University of Georgia on May 29, 1932. Alpha Gamma Delta will celebrate their Golden Anni- versary of founding at a convention in Canada this summer. joe Ann Adams Jo Attaway Maye Baily Suzi Baker Betty Barnes Jody Barron Doris Birchler Mary Blair Beverly Blood Marlene Bennett Betty Ann Conger Mickey Corsello Mary Lou Cotter Sam Davey Mary Katherine Davis MEMBERS Sharon Dean Kathleen Dent Charlotte Dison Shirley Dunn Peggy Durham Margaret Eldridge Helen Exley Dot Farrior Norma Fields Ruth Grandy Ann Hardeman Mary Lou Hill Mary Alice Home Mary Ruth Link Jean Martin Judy McCall Sallie Middlebrooks Ann Newton Elva Sue Peavy Barbara Ragsdale Mary Louise Rhync Mae Ridley Hilda Shackleford Joyce Smith Carol Stewart Joan Stew art Beverly Stokes Betty Strudel Robin Ward Shirley Withers OFFICERS SALLIE MIDDLEBROOKS President BARBARA RAGSDALE Ut Vice President MARY ALICE HORNE 2nd Vice President SUZI BAKER Corresponding Secretary SAM DAVEY Treasurer MARY BLAIR Recording Secretary 530 S. Milledge Avenue Middlebrooks, S.; Rogsdole, B.; Blair, M.; Dovey, S. After the ball was over. 113 FIRST ROW: Albert M.; White, J.; Tillman, L.; Weekly, M.; Barger, P.; Car- penter, P. SECOND ROW: Walker, J.; Holman, N.; Day, B.; Butler, P.; Mrs. Mortin, House- mother; Wilkes, M.; Johnston, J.; Boines, M.; Ludwick, B. THIRD ROW: Thompson, M.; Eidson, A.; Jones, A.; Bell, A.; Perkins, J.; Latham, C; Ramsey, C; Lam, K. FOURTH ROW: Ellis, P.; Davis, J.; Boyd, G.; Morris, J.; Rossoll, H.; Weems, A.; Conoway, P.; Pennock, V. FIFTH ROW: Gould, P.; Norris, C; Marshall, M.; Partridge, H.; Ewalt, P.; Morse, M.; Alien, P. SIXTH ROW: McDoniel, J.; Prevott, M.; Prim, P.; Stephens, A. rJLumbcLu iama X hciptep . . . 114 ALPHA OMICRON PI The outstanding social functions of the AOPi year include the pledge dance and the Founders ' Day Ban- quet, fall quarter; the Rose Ball, winter quarter; and the house party, spring quarter. This year Alpha Omi- cron Pi held its District Convention in Birmingham, Alabama. The Lambda Sigma Chapter won the scholarship cup fall quarter. They won the horseshoe tournament for the third time this fall. Phyllis Allen is president of Professional Panhellenic and a member of Phi Chi Theta. Paula Conoway and Joyce Johnston are resident U.R.S.A. ' s. Mary Jo Weekley was recognized as the outstanding freshman piano major last spring. She is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, A Cappella Choir, and Women ' s Glee Club. Margie Morse ■was Assistant Busi- ness Manager of the Red and Black, fall quarter. Marie Albert and Ann Weems are members of Phi Upsilon Omicron. AOPi members of Alpha Lambda Delta are Jean Ann Perkins, Paula Conoway, and Corrie Norrls. AOPi also has members in the Pem Club and W.A.A. I Marion Davidson received the Lamar Dodd Trophy for the outstanding art student of the year. Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College, Columbia University, in 1897. Lambda Sigma Chapter vas established on the University of Georgia campus in 1935. Marie Albert Phyllis Allen Gloria Averitt Mary Lynn Baines Pat Barger Ann Bell Patsy Butler Pat Carpenter Paula Conoway Jane Davis , Marion Davidson ! Betty Day Beth Eberhart Anne Eidson I Pat Ellis Pat Ewalt MEMBERS Martha Finley Peggy Gould Nancy Hoban Joyce Johnston Adrian Jones Katherine Lam Carole Latham Betty Ann Ludwick Joyce McDaniel Mae Marshall Jane Morris Marjorie Morse Janice Neid linger Corrie Norris Jo Ann Parker Hazel Partridge Virginia Pennock Jean Ann Perkins Pat Prim Marilyn Privet te Carolyn Ramsey Helene Rossall Mary Alma Soloman Anne Stephens Lcnora Tillman Marian Thompson June Walker Mary Jo Weekley Ann Weems Julianna White Mary Ann Wilkes OFFICERS PHYLLIS ALLEN President PATRICIA ELLIS Vice Vrcsident JUNE WALKER Recording Secretary ANN WEEMS Corresponding Secretary M ARJORIE MORSE Treasurer 1 1 90 S. Milledge Avenue Morse, M.; Wccms, A., Allen, P.; Walker, J.; Ellis, P. Our Salute to ' 8ama. 115 FIRST ROW: Aderhold, B.; Potton, J.; Hamilton, L.; Findley, B.; Schirm, P.; Moson, C; Lewis, J.; Middleton, S.; Lowe, M.; Moss, L.; Ellis, N.; Brown, K. SECOND ROW: Gannon, E.; Yost, J.; Bott, D.; Thompson, S.; Hollingsworth, G.; Leyburn, H.; Mixson, B.; Bell, M.; Brantley, D.; Woiner, N.; Wilkinson, A. THIRD ROW: Estes, L.; Bell, A.; Storey, C; Rackley, J.; Lindsey, J.; Antley, I.; Horrei, J.; Dudley, M.; Edmond, M.; Fowler, M.; Coughlin L. FOURTH ROW: Lokey, D.; Jewell, I.; Eberhordt, J.; House, E.; Inmon, E.; Estes, J.; Morris, S.; Colquitt, C; Nolan, J.; Murray, M.; Diliord, K. FIFTH ROW: Robertson, C; Wetherington, M.; Pilcher, J.; Mobley, J.; Rhudy, L.; Thurmond, G.; Culbreth, T.; Arnold, C. m , eici Ck upter 116 CHI OMEGA Each fall quarter Chi Omega has a tea in honor of faculty members. Other annual affairs are the winter formal and the Founder ' s Day banquet in the spring. Chi O is represented in many of the activities on campus. Leland Estes is secretary of Women ' s Student Government Association and vice president of Zodiac. She is a member of Mortar Board, Phi Upsilon Omicron, and Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Ann Patton vas president of Univer- sity Resident Student Assistants. Beverly McDonald and Iris Antley were freshman counselors. Iris Antley was also a member of " Z " Club and a varsity cheer- leader. Elizabeth Moss led Phi Upsilon Omicron this year. Bootsie Pilcher w as a representative of t he School of Education on Student Council. Carol Quillian and Alice Wilkinson were, respectively, Kappa Alpha Rose and Sponsor. Alice ■was chosen as 1953 Homecoming Queen and Ann McGill was on her court. Three other Chi O sponsors are Kitty Sibley, Chi Phi, Ann Collins, Kappa Sigma, and Marilyn Chambers, Chi Psi. Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkan- sas in 1895. There are 110 active chapters at present. Bebe Aderhold Iris Antley Camille Arnold Alice Bell Martha Bell Diane Brantley Kay Brown Doris Boswell Marilyn Chambers Ann Collins Camille Colquitt " Bit ' ' Coughlan Mary Ellen Culbreth Kay Dillard Marie Dudley Jan Eberhardt Marianne Edmond Nanci Ellis Jane Estes Leland Estes Barbara Findley MEMBERS Mimi Fowler Eleanor Gannon Louise Hamilton Joyce Harrell Gail Hollingsworth Elizabeth House Eloise Inman Irene Jewell Jane Lewis Kathleen Lokey Irene Low e Caroline Mason Ethel McCurry Beverly McDonald Ann McGill Hope McKemie Sibyl Middleton Betty Sue Mixon Joanne Mobley Stew art Morris Libby Moss Mary Boyd Murray Julie Nolan Ann Patton Janet Patton Joan Pilcher Carol Quillian June Rackley Cynthia Robertson Lynne Rhudy Patty Schirm Kitty Sibley Caro Storey Kay Stribling Joan Sullivan Sandra Thompson Gail Thurmond Nancy Wainer Shirley Williams Alice Wilkinson Carol Work Jane Yost OFFICERS LELAND ESTES President ELIZABETH MOSS Vice President JOAN PILCHER Secretary JOAN SULLIVAN Treasurer 397 S. Miiledge Avenue Estes, L.; Pilcher, J.; Sullivan, J.; Moss, E. i » Chi Christmas Party. -i 117 F 1 « S T w Coleman, N.; Drake, S.; Swortz, N.; Johnson, G.; DeWitt, G.; Buck, J.; Labruce, L.; Martin, M.; Dickinson, N. SECOND ROW: Greene, P.; Lumpkin, C; Reading, A.; Gammon, N.; Tucker, M.; Loftin, H.; McAlpine, D.; Palmer, W. THIRD ROW. Larson, J.; Smith, E.; Cooper, M.; Linebough, L.; Boteman, M.; Wise, C; Dunnaway, C; Saunders, A. FOURTH ROW: Avery, C; Yon, C; Hogan, S.; Worthy, C; Morrison, J.; Morga- reidge, M.; Tripp, M.; Adams, A, FIFTH ROW: Evans, A.; Lott, J.; Bisardt, J.; Twitty, C; Smith, C; Hutchins, M.; Perkins, S.; Jones, C. y4 wha i no C- t T ciptep 118 DELTA DELTA DELTA Tri Delta had three main social events this year: the pledge dance, fall quarter; an informal dinner-dance, winter quarter; and the spring house party and dance. Santa Claus came to the Tri Delta house Christmas to give presents to some of the underprivileged children. Members of Delta Delta Delta can be found in many activities on campus. Jackee Morrison, a member of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities and Digamma Kappa, is president of Theta Sigma Phi and sweetheart of Sigma Nu. Joan Larsen is secretary of Phi Delta Delta and Professional Pan- I hellenic, and president of the Pioneer Club. Laura j McGuire is in Phi Chi Theta. Carolyn Worthy is a mem- I ber of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Priscilla Arnold was News Editor of the Red and Black fall quarter. June Maxwell is a Thalian-Blackfriar member. Jean Buck is secretary of the Newman Club. Tri Delta also has members in U.R.S.A., Alpha Lambda Delta, and W.A.A. Alpha Rho chapter was established at the University of Georgia in March, 1934. Delta Delta Delta was founded in 1889 at Boston University. Ann Adams Dot McAlpin Priscilla Arnold Charlotte Avery Mary Alyce Batenian Jean Bossorde Jean Buck Nonnie Coleman Mary Jo Cooper Gail DeWitt Nancy Dickenson Sheila Drake Emily Dunaway Angie Evans Nella Gammon Peggy Greene MEMBERS Glenda Highsmith Mary Jane Hutchins Shirley Hogan Annlynn Jones Connie Jones Georgette Johnson Lillian Labruce Joan Larsen Laurie Linebaugh Harriet Loftin Carolyn Lumpkin Mary Ann Martin June Maxwell Jane McMullin Phyllis McMullin Mary Ann Morgareidge Jackee Morrison Wylene Palmer Sally Perkins Annice Saunders Ann Joy Reading Dot Shell Carol Smith Eleanor Smith Charme Tankersley Maudic Tripp Marsha Tucker Evelyna Twitty Leah Twitty Carolyn Worthy Carolyn Yon OFFICERS LAURA McGUlRE President JOAN LARSEN First Vice President LEAH TWITTY Second Vice President CAROL SMITH Corresponding Secretary JEAN BUCK Recording Secretary MAUDIE TRIPP Treasurer 285 S. Miliedge Avenue First row: Tripp, M.; Buck, J.; Smith, C. Second row: Twitty, L.; McGuire, L.; Larsen, J. I bid seven spadei. 119 i ' ' • . if f}. ' 1 i n ' ■ 8 m I i ■■ ' i FIRST ROW: Cohen, C; Feingold, B.; Hankin, L.; Perlstein, S.; Mollach, D.; Friedman, C; Mark, S.; Heller, P.; Mitzner, E.; Galanti, T.; Horris, H.; Goldman, A.; Silverman, J.; Mincey, J. SECOND ROW: Koslow, H.; Cohen, A.; Sholman, I.; Rotkow, S.; Losb, B.; Kalin, B.; Arogette, S.; Mrs. Michael, Housemother; Schreiber, H.; Finkle- stein. A.; Powell, R.; Risher, R.; Levine, E.; Wolf, A.; Tofield, R. THIRD ROW: Moil-ack, D.; Diamond, F.; Gold, L.; Seligman, R. Robbins, S.; Set-zer, F.; Weinper, S.; Brenner, J.; Rabhon, B.; Kott, G.; Borochoff, P.; Kaplan, S. Tarlyn, S., Rubin, R., A- 3; ctpter 120 DELTA PHI EPSILON Delta Fhi Epsilon sponsors many activities for mem- bers, pledges, and alumnae. Each quarter, just before exams, the chapter has a banquet for actives who had an " A " average the preceding quarter. D Phi E alumnae were entertained at a buffet dinner in their honor after the Homecoming game. In return for the Orchid Ball, given in their honor. Delta Phi Epsilon pledges, spon- sored a South Pacific dance for the members. " Mardi Gras " was the theme of the anniversary weekend cele- brating the nineteenth anniversary of Georgia ' s Psi chapter. Delta Phi Epsilon took first place in the Phi Kappa Extemporaneous Orations last spring. Shirley Mark was elected sweetheart of Alpha Epsilon Pi and reigned at the annual AEPi Sweetheart Dance. The Tau Epsilon Phi ' s claimed Barbara Rabhan for their sw eetheart, and the TEP Annual Weekend was held in her honor. Dolores Moltack, Tau Epsilon Phi beauty sponsor, represented them in the Pandora Beauty Revue. Harriet Schreiber was elected secretary-treas- urer of the freshman class in elections last fall. Psi Chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1935. Delta Phi Epsilon was founded in 1917 at New York University. Sylvia Arogette Phyllis Borochoff Joan Brenner Adrienne Cohen Cecile Cohen Faye Diamond Barbara Feingold Adele Finklestein Rona Fisher Charlotte Friedman Tillie Galanti Linda Gold Arlene Goldman Lynette Hankin MEMBERS Harriet Harris Pauline Heller Barbara Kalin Sara Kaplan Harriet Koslow Givynne Kott Elayne Levine Shirlee Mark Dorothy Mallach Jean Mincey Elaine Mitzner Dolores Moltack Beverly Loeb Susan Perlstein Barbara Rabhan Shirley Robbins Sally Rotkow Rhalda Rubin Robin Powell Harriet Schreiber Rosalyn Seligman Faye Setzer Janet Silverman Shirley Tarlyn Rinah Tofield Florence Rose Sandra Weinper Arlene Wolf Mrs. Irma F. Shulman OFFICERS FAYE SETZER President I ELAYNE LEVINE Vice President CHARLOTTE FRIEDMAN Recording Secretary BARBARA RABHAN Corresponding Secretary RHALDA RUBIN Treasurer 624 S. Milledge Avenue On floor: Rabhan, B.; Friedman, D.; Rubin, R.; Scoted: Robbins, S.; Setzer, F.; Levine, E. D Phi E Rush Party. 121 FIRST ROW; Rucker, B.; Sawyer, J.; Gleason, S.; Gay, J.; Johnson, P.; Skeels, C. SECOND ROW: Gleason, G.; Roberts, H.; Riley, M.; Rogeis, B.; Peters, M.; Frost, S.; Aljpn, M. THIRD ROW: Noel, E.; Downs, E.; Osteen, C; Dearing, S.; Romlnes, A.; Gib- son, D.; Hopkins, M.; Cooney, N. FOURTH ROW: Eckerman, M.; Schmid, S.; Crawford, S.; Robertson, S.; Delo- moter. P.; Wise, P.; Smith, A.; Kinnie, K. FIFTH ROW: Vogel, M.; Newton, D.; Cannon, A.; Sawatzke, J.; Peterson, D., Jones, R.; Dendy, C. SIXTH ROW: Thurston, S.; Webb, F.; Flowers, P.; Fugate, M. SEVENTH ROW: Perrymon, J.; Smithfield, B.; Hobbs, B.; Grant, P.; Hulme, V.; Burns, J. BACK ROW: Fortune, S.; Carlton, J.; Garrett, L.; Adams, P.; Morshall, N.; McDowell, M. Q amma c Deitu ( k ctpter 122 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Activities of Kappa Alpha Theta began with the " Moonlight and Roses " pledge dance fall quarter. The pledges responded by giving the actives a party out at " Charlie Williams ' , " where skits imitating each mem- ber were presented. Spring quarter brought about the spring house party and the " April Showers " dance. Gamma Delta actives annually contribute to the Theta Friendship Fund and to the Loan and Fellowship Fund. The chapter won second place in the volleyball tourna- ment. Theta is represented in numerous activities on cam- pus. Sue Crawford was elected vice president of the freshman class, and Carolyn Osteen was elected vice president of the sophomore class. Carolyn is also treas- urer of Women ' s Student Government Association and a member of Student Council. Marian Hopkins and Carolyn Osteen were both tapped for " Z " Club. Marian is president of the Tennis Club. Susan Dearing won the title of " Modern Venus " at the Sigma Chi Derby. Carol Skeels is vice president of W.S.G.A. and Senior Editor of the Pandora. Pat Flowers won the " love song " contest that is an annual part of Stunt Night. Sally Frost, Carol Dendy, and Carol Skeels are members of Theta Sigma Phi. Peggy Delamater is a member of Phi Chi Theta. Sara Thurston represents Kappa Alpha Theta in Sigma Alpha Iota. Lynn Garrett is secretary of Junior Panhellenic Council. Nancy Cooney is vice president of W.A.A. Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at DePauw Uni- versity, Greencastle Indiana, in 1870. Gamma Delta chapter was founded at the University of Georgia in 1935. Patricia Adams Mary Sue Allen Jean Burns Ann Cannon Joan Carlton Susan Crawford Marcia Crawford Nancy Cooney Susan Dearing Peggy Delamater Carol Dendy Eleanor Downs Marilyn Eckerman Sally Fortune Sally Frost Mary Alice Fugate Lynelle Garrett MEMBERS Julie Gay Dixie Gibson Gw en Gleason Shirley Gleason Peggy Grant Barbara Hobbs Marian Hopkins Virginia Ann Hulme Phyllis Johnson Row ena Jones Kay Kinne Dot Laird Nancy Marshall Mary Alice McDowell Dorothy New ton Emily Noel Carolyn Osteen Jone Perryman Mary Jo Peters Dowe Peterson Mary Riley Harriet Roberts Shirley Robertson Barbara Rogers Ann Romines Beverly Rucker Joey Sawatzke Jean Sawyer Sarah Schmid Ann Smith Betty Smithfield Sara Thurston Mary Parker Vogel Fay Webb OFFICERS SHIRLEY GLEASON President JULIE GAY Vice President CAROL SKEELS Corresponding Secretary JEANNE SAWYER Recording Secretary PHYLLIS JOHNSON Treasurer 338 S. Milledge Avenue mm • jiim Gay, J.; Skeels, C; Gleason, S.; Cooney, N.; Johnson, P.; Sowyer, J. Sweet Sixteen Maybe? ? 123 ■ «s ' ss8Sti«asiSjsi„ n n A : ' -- ' ■-■ " in " !Mi ' " ' " fii)inpr¥ ' , n-. FIRST ROW: Hawkins, M.; Lewis, J.; Keese, J.; Lowndes, E.; Perkins, H.; Helms, P.; Sikes, J.; Allen, S.; Word, J.; Howkins, L.; Mrs. Bald- win, Housemother; Barren, L.; Every, K.; Stoh!, B.; Carpenter, L.; Richardson, C; Braswell, B.; Higgs, N.; Nussbaum, A. SECOND ROW; Ho iingsworth, P.; Benton, B.; Ford, D.; Davis, M.; Cormichael, L.; Stroup, L.; Pope, L.; Cannon, V.; Chondier, E ; Taylor, J.; Payne, P.; Word, P.; Williams, J.; Sexton, S.; Johnson, J. • 9 met THIRD ROW: Wells, R.; Sipe, C; Delmore, B.; Shephord, J.; McBride, J.; McTeer, M.; McQueen, L.; Buxton, M.; Hahn, P.; Strauss, J.- Taylor, K.; Strickland, B.; Stebbins, J.; Holmes, S. FOURTH ROW: Hays, C; Conway, C; Wright, A.; Coburn, S.; Hill, K.; Stough, C; Moson, M.; Wert, M.; Perkins, G.; Tasker, J.; Pontius, P.; Cole, 6.; Garrard, J. ki L napier 124 KAPPA DELTA Kappa Delta holds the first place trophy for overall campus athletic intramurals for 1952-1953. The KD ' s were awarded honorable mention in Stunt Night for their skit. The year ' s leading social events are the Diamond Ball, the Pledge Dance, Founders ' Day, and the spring house party. Members of Sigma Phi Chapter are well represented in many campus activities. Laura Hawkins is a member of Mortar Board. Libby Carpenter was elected presi- dent of Junior Panhellenic and Mary Ann Davis was president of North Myers dormitory. JoAnn Ward was President of Art Students ' League and Jackie Taylor was treasurer of the League. Joy Williams, Peggy Hahn, and Margie Hawkins were resident U.R.S.A. ' s this year. Nancy Higgs served as president of Rutherford Hall. KD Dolphin Club members were Rubie Wells, Lea Bar- rett, and Barbara Cole. Kappa Delta also has members of Student Union, W.A.A., U.G.R.A., and Women ' s Glee Club. Harriet Allen was elected to the Pandora Beauty Court. Kappa Delta Sorority was founded October 23, 1897, in the State Normal School, Farmville, Virginia. Sigma Phi Chapter was established on the University of Georgia campus tw enty-eight years ago. Harriet Allen Susie Allen Beverly Bargeron Mary Jane Earnhardt Lea Barrett Helen Bell Beverly Benton Beverly Braswell M.lry Vance Buxton Virginia Cannon Liz Carmichael Libby Carpenter Emily Chandler Sandra Coburn Barbara Cole Connie Conway Mary Davis Barbara Delmore Jo Dorminey Kay Every Dana Ford Jody Garrard Peggy Hahn MEMBERS Laura Hawkins Margie Hawkins Connie Hayes Kitty Headon Puddin Helms Nancy Higgs Katy Hill Patsy HoUingsworth Sarah Jane Holmes Joyce Johnston Joan Keese Helen Kyser Jeanette Lew is Emily Lowndes Mary Mason Jennie McBride Lynette McQueen Marcia McTeer Louise Pape Pat Payne Gloria Perkins Hariette Perkins Pat Pontius Sarah Pratt Dixie Sue Richardson Sandra Sexton JoAnne Shephard Pat Shuford Carolyn Sipe Joan Sikes Barbara Stahl Joyce Stebbins Carol Stough Jane Strauss Billie Strickland Lois Stroup Joy Tasker Jackie Taylor Kathryn Taylor JoAnne Ward Peggy Ward Rubie Wells Marjorie Wert Joy Williams Alice Wright OFFICERS LAURA HAWKINS President HARIETTE PERKINS Vice President PEGGY HAHN Secretary JOY TASKER Treasurer 1084 Prince Avenue Hawkins, L.; Perkins, H.; Hahn, P.; Tasker, J. We ' ve got aur shore of trophies. 125 FIRST ROW: Gay, N.; McFadden, N.; Anderson, L.; Wells, F.; Turner, M.; Gib- son, P.; Brandt, D.; Sanders, E.; Lasseter, I.; Russell, J.; Gould, P. SECOND ROW: Tatum, S.; Daniel, R.; Bozievich, N.; Lawson, C; Jordan, W.; Lundvall, M.; Davis, V.; Sanchez, M.; Griner, A.; Woodward, A.; West A. THIRD ROW Carswell, B.; Thomas, M.; Hurst, A.; O ' Kelley, C; Haverty, M.; Kilgore, K.; LaGarde, K.; Finn, B.; Morton, C; Gront, S.; Doug- lass, E. FOURTH ROW: Keisker, J.; Thomas, J.; Berryman, L.; Bicknell, L.; Brown, S.; Bentley, N.; McCormick, L.; McGowan, S.; Shearhouse, J.; Owens, B.; Arkwright, S. • ) ma L msiion K kapter 126 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Social functions of Kappa Kappa Gamma include the pledge dance, fall quarter, a winter formal, co-spon- sored with Phi Mu this year, and a spring house party. The Kappa ' s had a Christmas party of a somewhat dif- ferent nature. Each girl invited a professor and his wife to come. Londa Bicknell played Santa Claus and presented each professor -with a shiny apple. Kappa Kappa Gamma took second place in the An- nual Sigma Chi Derby. O ' Joy Oakes was a member of this year ' s Pandora Beauty Court. Carey O ' Kelley, Delta Tau Delta sponsor, was selected as a member of the 1953 Homecoming Court and the Pandora Beauty Court. Marilyn Lundvall and Patti Gibson are mem- bers of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Kappa Kappa Gamma has many members active in Student Union. O ' Joy Oakes vas the president of Dolphin Club. Delta Upsilon chapter was established at the Uni- versity of Georgia in 1948. Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in 1870. There are eighty-two active chapters. Lovat Anderson Stanley Arkwright Nancy Bentley Louise Berryman Londa Bicknell Nancy Bozievich Dixie Brandt Suzanne Brown Dodo Black Betty Carswell Ruth Daniel Vannah Davis Ellen Douglass Lorraine Elder Marion Ellis Betty Finn Nancy Gay MEMBERS Phoebe Gould Sally Grant Patti Gibson Amelia Griner Margaret Haverty Jane How ard Alice Hurst Wilheimina Jord an Joy Keisker Kathryn Kilgore Kathleen LaGarde Irby Lasseter Esther Lawson Peggy Lovatt Marilyn Lundvall Leonora McCormick Nancy McFadden Sandra McGo van Cleone Morton Betty Nuttycombe O ' Joy Oakes Carey O ' Kelley Beverly Owens June Roscoe Janet Russell Evelyn Sanders Jenny Shearhouse Mana Sanchez Sally Tatum Jan Thomas Marguerite Thomas Doris Turner Anne West Frankie Wells Anne Woodw ard OFFICERS PATTI GIBSON President WILHELMINA JORDAN Vice Preiideiit BEVERLY OWENS Recording Secretary BETTY FINN Treasurer 1001 Prince Avenue mfi m Gibson, P.; Jordan, W.; Owens, B.; Finn, B. Kappa Sings to Rushees. 127 FIRST ROW; Dody, F.; Wingfield, O.; Hoffman, C; Smith, M.; Ellis, M.; Single- tory, J.; Chand ' er, M. H.; Chandler, M. SECOND ROW: Hodgson, M.; Gholston, M.; Perkins, G.; Willis, M.; Broadnax, A.; Birchmore, S.; Stanley, M.; Head, J. THIRD ROW; Coffee, M.; Adams, N.; West, M.; Burns, J.; Matthews, A.; Snow, H.; Wright, D. V.; Fanning, S.; Fleming, V.; Lee, P. FOURTH ROW; Frierson, M.; Burns, V.; Kennon, D.; Molder, F.; Willord, M.; Costleberry, J. FIFTH ROW; Togge, J.; Wordlow, L.; Wesley, J.; Potton, P.; Wiley, E.; Wooten, J.; Harrison, A.; Modaris, J.; Willis, H. SIXTH ROW; Prichord, E.; Reeves, B.; Beeson, B.; Wheeler, A.; Leonard, P.; Rountree, M.; McArthur, V.; DuBignon, S.; Wenberg, B.; Millis, C; Nunnolly, B.; Holmes, R.; Glenn, B. SEVENTH ROW; We smon, E.; Barron, E.; Lucchese, J.; Hommock, L.; Puckett, N.; Durden, C. .- pA u Iph Ck apter 128 P H M U The Phi Mu ' s started the year with their " Stardust " pledge dance fall quarter. Winter quarter the Phi Mu ' s and Kappa Kappa Gamma ' s joined forces and had a formal dance in the P.E. Building. A formal dance, barbecue, and skits were the main attraction at the house party spring quarter. Members of Phi Mu vere active in organizations on campus this year. Emily Prichard led Women ' s Student Government Association while Mary Caffee presided as Chief Justice of the W.S.G.A. main court. Emily was vice president of Mortar Board and Mary was treas- urer. Both girls were elected to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Mar- garet Ellis, who vas crowned sweetheart of SAE at the annual Magnolia Ball, was also chosen " The Girl Who Has Everything, " a contest sponsored by one of Athens ' local theaters. Margaret was selected for the Pandora Beauty Court, and she and Carolyn Hoffman were members of the 195 3 Homecoming Court. Dottie V. Wright, one of Georgia ' s cheerleaders, vas elected ATO sponsor. Carol Durden was tapped for " Z " Club and she was one out of five girls chosen for Miss Fresh- man ' s Court on " Z " Night. Phi Mu won first place in the intramural volleyball tournament. Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, March 4, 1852. Alpha Alpha chapter was established on the University of Georgia campus in 1921. 654 S. Milledge Avenue Head, J.; Ellis, M.; Coffee, M.; Madaris, J. Nancy Adams Diane Alcorn Mary Caffee Marion Chandler Francis Doty Margaret Ellis Sibyle Fanning Martha Friarson Margaret Gholston Alice Harrison Jane Head Marie Hodgson Rose Holmes Karen Kennon Josie Lucchese Janet Madaris Ann Mathews Katherine Millts Betty Nunnally Eugenia Perkins MEMBERS Emily Prichard Harriett Snow Margaret Stanley Jane Tagge Mary West Janet Wesley Joye Wooten Dottie V. Wright Martha Willard Martha Willis Elaine Wiley Joan Castleberry Carol Durden Olief Wingfield Ellen Barron Betty Beeson Sally Birchmore Agnes Broadnax JoAnn Burns Ginger Burns Martha Chandler Sarah DuBignon Honey Fleming Betty Glenn Leona Hammack Carolyn Hoffman Phyllis Lee Paula Leonard Virginia McArthur Frances Molder Patsy Patten Nancy Puckett Bea Reeves Mary Anne Rountree Joan Singletary Ellen Wardlaw Bette Wenberg Bunny Wessman Helen Willis Maxine Smith Anne Wheeler Are They Vestol Virgins? 129 FIRST ROW: Jorrell, N.; Benson, M.; Mercer, C; Hudson, B.; Plunkett, S.; English, C; Forester, L.; Shopord, S.; Peterson, K.; Ellison, J.; Anglin, D.; Johnston, J. SECOND ROW: Tribble, R.; Grady, S.; Edwards, A.; Harrell, J.; Waller, M.; Weatherford, J.; Edwards, F.; Terry, N.; Pickering, D.; Ander- son, A. THIRD ROW: Charles, M.; Abbott, M.; Yates, A.; Creel, N.; Duggar, E.; Hicks, M.; English, S.; Brice, J.; Brockett, F. FOURTH ROW: Siedelberg, B.; Coiner, K.; M.; Stegoli, B.; Elder, C, FIFTH ROW: Rankin, B.; Boulewore, R.; Woodhouse, J.; Thornton, J.; Ervin, L.; Head, D.; Shoin, M.; Mann, S.; Slaughter, G.; Ruble, L. Brown, B.; Delay, M.; Moore, V.; Flynt, ; Cobb, J.; Rogers, J. tph ci CL ctirfiep ip L 130 p BETA P H Social functions of Pi Beta Phi include the annual pledge dance, Halloween party, and the Christmas party for needy children. The Valentine Ball is given during vinter quarter. Spring quarter ushers in the annual Stardust Ball, terminating the spring house party. Pi Phi won first place in the Sigma Chi Derby and won trophies in the Derby for tw o of the athletic events. They also captured first place for sororities in the Home- coming Decorations for two consecutive years. Jean Thornton, Panhellenic president, is a member of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities and Student Council. Nancy Creel is treas- urer of Junior Panhellenic Council. Shirley Grady, a member of University Resident Student Assistants, was a counselor living in the freshman dormitory this year. Jackie Rogers, Jane Weatherford, and Kay Peterson are members of Homecon. Pi Phi Tumbling Club members are Deborah Anglin and Sally Shapard. Jean Brice and Ruth Bouleware are members of the Tennis Club. Swim- mers Miriam Flynt and Sally Shapard are members of the Dolphin Club. Miriam is also a majorette for the University Band. Betty Ernest is a Sigma Alpha Iota member. Pi Phi also has me mbers in W.A.A., the Glee Club, and Student Union. Alpha chapter was established at the University of Georgia in the fall of 193 8. Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College in Illinois on April 28, 1867. Mel Linda Abbott Angela Anderson Deborah Anglin Mary Benson Betty Blake Frances Bracket! Jean Brice Beverly Brown Ruth Bouleware Mildred Charles Joyce Cobb Kathy Coiner Nancy Creel Marilyn DeLay Ellyn Duggar Ann Edwards Frances Edwards MEMBERS Claire Elder Joyce Ellison Carolyn English Sissy English Betty Ernest Lynn Ervin Miriam Flynt Leah Forester Shirley Grady Joan Harrell Dolores Head Mary Hicks Nancy Jarrell Joyce Johnston Shirley Mann Carol Mercer Virginia Moore Kay Peterson Dot Pickering Sue Plunkett Barbara Rankin Jackie Rogers Lora Lee Ruble Marcia Shain Sally Shapard Betty Siedelberg Gwen Slaughter Betty Stegall Nancy Terry Jean Thornton Ruth Tribble Millie Waller Jane Weatherford Jane Woodhouse Ann Yates OFFICERS NANCY JARRELL President JEAN THORNTON Vice President JOYCE COBB Corresponding Secretary SHIRLEY GRADY Recording Secretary JEAN BRICE Treasurer 886 S. Milledge Avenue On floor: Cobb, J.; Grady, S. Seated: Jarreil, N.; Brice, J.; Thornton, J. Sonta Clous Wos Here. 131 FIRST RO W : Lipsey, E.; Hirsh, B.; Goldberg, J.; Voll, P.; Bredow, S. SECOND ROW: Lipsitz, D.; Silverman, D.; Pintchuck, H.; Dessauer, K.; Katz, I. Levy, M.; Lefkoff, I.; Steinberg, G. THIRD ROW: Gottlieb, C; Finkelstein, S.; Russ, M.; Benson, J.; Kaplan, L. FOURTH ROW: Harris, P. C ia C-A apter . . . 132 SIGMA DELTA TAU A full calendar of social events and philanthropic projects gave Sigma Delta Tau a vv ell rounded year. At the annual pledge dance, fall quarter, Sam Zussman, Alpha Epsilon Pi, was chosen second " Dream Man. " Winter quarter was highlighted by the Valentine dance and spring quarter brought the SDT house party. Busy Sig Delts participated in campus organizations. Marcia Levy has been Society Editor and Woman ' s Edi- tor of the Red and Black this year. She is also a mem- ber of Theta Sigma Phi. Beverly Hirsh vas vice presi- dent of Panhellenic Council, president of Mortar Board, and a member of Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. Inga Katz was the Red and Black ' s Society Editor winter quarter. Elsa Lipsey was a varsity cheerleader for the Bulldog team. Judy Goldberg served as sw eetheart of Phi Epsilon Pi and Renee Rosier w as their contestant in the Pandora Beauty Revue. Kittie Dessauer was secretary of the Hillel Council and Beverly Weisburd was Alpha Epsilon Pi beauty sponsor. Eta chapter was organized on the University of Geor- gia campus in 1924, and the chapter was renewed in 1945. Sigma Delta Tau w as founded at Cornell Uni- versity on March 2 5, 1917. Janice Benson Sherry Bredow Kittie Dessauer Sharon Finkelstein Claire Freedman Judie Goldberg Claire Gottlieb Peggy Harris Beverly Hirsh MEMBERS Lynette Kaplan Shirley Kaplan Inga Katz Irma Lefkoff Marcia Levy Elsa Lipsey Dot Lipsitz Becky Maggid Lois Massel Harriette Pintchuck Sara Jane Rathman Renee Rosier Margie Russ Diane Silverman Gloria Steinberg Barbara Voll Beverly Weisburd Jemma Weisburger Sue Berk OFFICERS KITTIE DESSAUER President ELSA LIPSEY Vice President INGA KATZ Recording Secretary JUDIE GOLDBERG Corresponding Secretary MARCIA LEVY Treasurer 846 S. Milledge Avenue On floor: Goldberg, J.; Lipsey, E. Seated: Katz, I.; Dessouer, K.; Levy, M. SDT Slumber Party. 133 FIRST ROW: Caldwell, B.; Harris, J.; Tuggle, J.; Kesler, J.; Bartholomew, A., Saunders, S.; Walker, S.; Brown, E.; Hires, S.; McLendon, B. SECOND ROW: Fields, H.; Nicholson, A.; Fordham, T.; Gulledge, S.; Stephens, M.; Evans, J.; Pierce, A.; Wright, S.; Dean, F. THIRD ROW: Deal, P.; Rice, M.; Campbell, A.; Horton, P.; Mrs. Arthur, House- mother; McFarland, A.; Morton, B.; McTigue, A.; Hancock, A. FOURTH ROW: Thompson, D.; Buckley, G.; Rae, P.; Groffetj, A.; Davidson, M.; Webb, L.; Noell, A.; Minchew, S. Q ctmmcL I i ( napter . . . 134 ZETA TAU ALPHA The Cinderella Ball given for the pledges every fall quarter is an outstanding activity of Zeta Tau Alpha. When the pledges have made their grades, the New Initiates ' banquet is given, vhere the outstanding pledge is recognized. Spring quarter ZTA entertains rushees at a weekend house party featuring the Paradise Ball. Members of Zeta Tau Alpha hold numerous positions on campus. Anne Nicholson, Lambda Chi Alpha s veet- heart, was chosen Pandora Beauty Queen at the Eighteenth Annual Pandora Beauty Revue. She was chosen 1954 Gator Bowl Queen. Anne is also a varsity cheerleader and vice president of Phi Chi Theta. Anne Noell, a member of Mortar Board and Zodiac, is secre- tary of Panhellenic Council, Wesley Foundation, and Phi Sigma. Shirley Hires, Becky McLendon, and Ann McTigue are all majorettes in the University of Georgia band. Ann Kolp served as vice president of the junior class this year. Shirley Gulledge was president of Phi Chi Theta and Frances Dean was Phi Chi Theta ' s secre- tary. Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, October 15, 1898. Gamma Pi chap- ter -was installed at the University of Georgia Novem- ber 5, 1949. Anne Barrow Ann Bartholomew Eleanor Brown Grace Buckley Betty Caldwell Anne Campbell Mary Davidson Patty Deal Frances Dean Jane Evans Hazel Fields Thelma Fordham Angier Griffith MEMBERS Shirley Gulledge Alda Hancock Jeanne Harris Shirley Hires Pat Horton Janelle Kesler Ann Kolp Jane Lothes Annette McFarland Becky McLendon Ann McTigue Cynthia Mann Sylvia Mincheiv Bobbie Morton Anne Nicholson Anne Noell Ann Pierce Pat Rae Melba Rice Sandra Saunders Margaret Stephens Donell Thompson Jane Tuggle Sally Walker Lajuana Webb Sidney Wright OFFICERS I I ANNE NOELL President I SYLVIA MINCHEW Vice President I DONELL THOMPSON Corresponding Secretary I SHIRLEY HIRES Recording Secretary ANN PIERCE Treasurer 948 Prince Avenue First row: Hires, S.; Minchew, S. Second row: Pierce, A.; Thompson, D. Third row: Deol, P.; Noell, A. Zeta Cinderella Boll. 135 FIRST ROW: Richardson, N.; Brandt, D.; Carpenter, L.; Bartholomew, A.; Creel, N.; Hayes, C. SECOND ROW; Barnes, B.; Durham, P.; Jones, A.; Schreiber, H.; Sanders, E. Dudley, J.; Steinberg, G.; Fulghum, D. THIRD ROW: Twitty, E.; Garrett, L.; Greiner, A.; Finklestein, S.; Rogers, J. Wheeler, A.; Marshall, N.; Day, B.; Finley, M.; Glenn, B. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC First row: Brandt, D.; Carpenter, L.; Schreiber, H. Second row: Twitty, E.; Garrett, L.; Creel, N. Junior Panhellenic is new to the University campus this year. It was established fall quarter, under the supervision of Panhellenic Council, for the purpose of training sorority pledges to be good members of Pan- hellenic. Tw o representatives from each sorority pledge class are chosen to belong to Junior Panhellenic. The first project of Junior Panhellenic was the Christ- mas party for fifty underprivileged Athens children. OFFICERS LIBBY CARPENTER President HARRIETTS SCHREIBER Vice President LYNN GARRETT Secretary NANCY CREEL Treasurer DIXIE BRANDT Publicity Chairman EVELYNA TWITTY Scholarship Chairman 137 BEAUT ' m ' ' ' .mm- ' ' - nne illcltou olAon Presented by ALPHA TAU EGA ora J Q ueen A queen is crowned. Anne as " Gat or Bowl " queen, with her court. m % Anne Nicholson, escorted by ATO ' s Billy Atkins, stole the show at the Pandora Beauty Revue ' s presentation of " ShoAV Boat " when she was crowned " Miss Pan- dora of 19 54. " Our brunette Queen caught the eye of the judges in her ruffled net dress of Delphian blue. She vas one of thirty-eight contestants. The Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha, Anne was on the 1951 Homecoming Court and the 1952 Pandora Beauty Court. She is a Bulldog cheerleader, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, and vice president of Phi Chi Theta. Anne, a junior in the School of Education, plans to teach the second or third grade after graduation. Annually the Queen of the Campus rep- resents the University of Georgia in the Gator Bow l Queen Contest. Anne w as se- lected Queen of the Gator Bowl and w as presented s ith a diamond ring, an evening dress, a trophy, and a week ' s vacation in Cypress Gardens, Florida. .» s %! , " J ' v ' - J arriet ttei Presented by KAPPA DELTA lllli !!« • « ' ■ iilll il ,■»?•»»] ■ f ' -: « N vJkk. w " — , . w ■ » » 4i ' i » j I U VV » JI- JLU laraare, I aL Presented by SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON PA %K A P P, GAMMA .. ' T- ' ■30t ' - ' i: ■g5 ■ iP ' » I h " it ■.t %w %} l. ' oixx TAU DELTA t .di V " " L arolun cki Presented by PI KAPPA ALPHA L aroie . l Ualli esented by ALPHA DELTA PI - ' tsai mt ■:-j SSi ' irqiniu { oiiiinJ ALPHA C H OMEGA v everlu VUelsburcL ALPHA EPSILON P I H ' laru. J atherine 2Jjai ' t ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Si ALPHA GAMMA R H 1 1 lariltin y hamberi CHI P S I iflatu. C lizabeth J4armon GRAND OLD PARTY ilancu Jjlchlnion DELTA DELTA DELTA I ( Barbara uih DELTA P H E P S I L O N .UJorolltii J liell DELTA SIGMA ii■ x ' " ' . rJLauradine IJjcikei JOE BROWN DORMITORY Sine ( fawford KAPPA ALPHA T H E T A L ciroliiii 1 1 leadou ' i LAMBDA CHI ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA PHI EPSILON P ' « " nn WutlL PHI M U ine mi tit SIGMA CHI f I ' It riant lunl PI BETA PHI i arol yo uante Pi KAPPA PH (Jackie H ' lori-lson SIGMA N U (L.i.ile -J in till SOULE HALL T H E T A CHI J utnrun rtcki TRIQUETRA ' IBN. _Jfnn ll ' IcUigue ZETA TAU ALPHA IboLeS WoLcL TAU EPSILON PHI i ' Ml fllVA I JSSL - f!i ■«t - PROFESSIONALS! Firot low. Duerncr, J.; GuUedqe, S.; Moss, L, Second row: Hodgson, M. Tumlin, N.; Morrison, J.; Allen, P.; Larson, J.; Barnhordt, M. J. The purposes of the Professional Panhellenic Council are three-fold — to establish and maintain cooperation among professional fraternities, to elevate professional standards among these fraternities, and to insure a position of prominence and respect for the women ' s professional fraternities on the campus. Among the various activities of the Council is that of giving a tea each month honoring an outstanding professional ■woman on the campus. The yearly project of the Council is the selection each spring of the out- standing professional w oman student of the year. The winning candidate is presented at the annual Profes- sional Panhellenic Banquet. The Council is composed of two representatives from each of the four professional women ' s fraternities on campus. This year ' s members are Marie Hodgson and Jackee Morrison, Theta Sigma Phi; Shirley Gulledge and Laura McGuire, Phi Chi Theta; Joan Larson and Mary Jane Earnhardt, Phi Delta Delta; and Libbey Moss and Jean Duerner, Phi Upsilon Omicron. Morrison, J.; Allen, P.; Larson, J. OFFICERS PHYLLIS ALLEN President JACKEE MORRISON ViVt- President JOAN LARSON Secretary LAURA McGUIRE Treasurer NELLE TUMLIN Faculty Advisor I rofe edMona t I ankellenic L ounclt . 160 . Ipku C pslton cJDeitci OFFICERS DON BRANYON JOANN BRIDGES .... TOM MOSS JOHN JONES JAMES McENTYRE . . . . HARVEY LERNER . . . JIM HIGHTOWER . . . DR. J. W. NUTTYCOMBE President . . Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian Reporter Program Chairman Advisor First row Branyon, D.; Bri Moss, T.; Hightower, J.; Jones, J. dges, J.; Dr. Nuttycombe. Second row: McEntyre, J. Third row; Lerner, H.; Alpha Epsilon Delta, national premedical honor so- ciety, strives to encourage excellence in premedical scholarship; to stimulate appreciation of the study of medicine; and to bring premedical students into closer contact with medical students, educators, and prac- ticing physicians. These goals are achieved by pro- grams including movies on various phases of medicine and lectures by faculty members and local doctors. A spring banquet is held in honor of new members. A premedical student is eligible for membership when he has been in school five quarters, attained at least a " B " academic average, and displayed outstand- ing leadership and general excellence. During the day of initiation, neophytes w ear surgical gow ns and carry bones. This year a delegate was sent to the National Con- vention at Bloomington, Indiana. Honorary faculty members on campus include Dr. Albert W. Scott, Dr. Howard Coggin, Dr. J. W. Nutty- combe, and Dean William Tate. First row: Wiley, R.; Stubbs, W.; Mothis, J.; Feese, R.; Brewton, 8. Second row: Thomoson, J.; Branyon, D.; Hightower, J.; Moss, T.; Harper, W.; Bridges, J.; Mulherin, J. Third row: Dr. Nuttycombe; Lerner, H.; Jones, J.; Jones, F.; Lane, K.; McEntyre, J.; Sowell, R. 161 First row: Brunegraff, R.; Wilmoth, G.; Porter, R.; S row: Professor Williams; Cox, R.; Higginbotham, W. C; Roane, A.; Cole, J.; Carpenter, D.; Smith, R.; Ho Dr. Troelston. ith, M.; Kuykendall, G.; Bornett, J.; DeFoor, F.; Shchulski, F. Second Kitchens, E.; Day, E. Third row: Gorman, M.; Bowman, 0.; Wikle, II, K. Fourth row: Acree, J.; Stevens, L.; Hancock, D.; Lovelady, J.; ippi OFFICERS MACK SMITH JACK LOVELADY Vice KERMIT HALL JOHN CORSARO Corporation CHARLES WIKLE Chapter ALEX ROANE Master DR. E. L. TROELSTON President President Secretary Treasurer Treasurer of Rituals - Advisor First row; Hall, K.; Corsaro, J.; Wikle, C. Second row: Smith, M.; Dr. Troelston; Lovelady, J.; Roane, A. Alpha Kappa Psi, international business fraternity, was founded in 1904 at New York University. Alpha Epsilon chapter was installed at the University in 1922 and is now the leading chapter in the southeastern district of Alpha Kappa Psi. The purpose of the fraternity is to encourage study and research in the field of commerce and to stress and strive for individual scholarship and character. Alpha Epsilon was the first college fraternity chapter to participate in the Civil Defense program and organ- ize a spotter group w hich was awarded wings. The fraternity boasts a completely refinished chap- ter house. 320 S. Lumpkin Street First row Nash, H.; Salter, M.; Glotfelty, D.; Hundley, J.; Tipplns, J.; Griffin, W.; Rosenburger, W.; Kelly, H.; Dickson, W.; Wortmon, L. Second row Shackleton, C; Stoton, L.; Harris, J.; Blalock, H.; Anderson, H.; Stinson, A.; Powell, T.; Staro, J.; Rut-ledge, J. Third row: Virts, H.; Robinson, K.; Givins, P.; Taylor, C; Wright, G.; Price, H.; Allen, J. Fourth row: Lynn, D.; Hudspath, E.; Blackman, D.; Wright, A,; Barns, D.; Claxton, R.; Brown, J.; Fussell, T.; Speagle, C. Fifth row: Sumner, R.; MocPherson, R.; Knouff, R.; Austin, L.; Tucker, B.; Garrard, W.; Turk, R. Sixth row: Johnson, J.; Brown, E.; Lightsey, H.; Maddox, C; Catlin, J.; Seomon, R.; Hite, S.; Speormon, D.; Chandler, K.; Roberts, J.; Andrews, W. Seventh row: Westmoreland, H.; Craig, F.; Staton, T.; Smith, R.; Horley, H.; Sharp, B. ipha ( " di . . . Sharp, B.; Staton, L.; Smith, R.; Clark, W.; Johnson, J. Alpha Psi yvas founded vith the purpose of promot- ing a stronger bond between the veterinary colleges of the United States and Canada, creating a better feeling among students of all veterinary colleges, and infusing a deeper interest in the study of veterinary science. The fraternity w as established in 1907 at Ohio State University. Lambda, the youngest chapter, -was founded at Georgia in 1948. The Lambda chapter is very active in intramural sports. It has retired the volleyball, basketball, bovirl- ing, badminton, horseshoes, football and president ' s trophies, after having won them three years in succes- sion. Also, the fraternity has the track, golf, hand- ball, tennis, Softball and swimming trophies in its pos- session. The annual functions include the Placebo Ball and other social functions spaced throughout the year. OFFICERS ROY SMITH President LEMUEL STATON Vice President KELLY ROBINSON Recording Secretary WILLIAM CLARK Corresponding Secretary JOSEPH JOHNSON Treasurer BRANNON SHARP Sergeaiit-at-Arms 163 First row: Ahrens, J. Fussell, E.; Owens, N. Haeussler, F.; Tobor, A. Donald, J.; Parker, H. Jones, E.; Givens, P.; Ausfin, L.; Morgan, B. Shackelton, Upton, W. Second row Harley, H, Virts, A, Benton, W., Third row: C; Clord W.; Shirley, J.; Biles, J Wright, G.; Simms, T. Webb, B.; Vaughn, W. Dickson, W.; Knouff, W. Lee, D.; Hite, S. Blalock, H. Fourth row Sewell, J. ; Keen, B, Johnson, J. Fifth row Dr. Proctor Alpha Zeta, national honorary fraternity, was founded in 1897. There are forty-eight chapters at colleges and universities in the United States. The Georgia chapter was chartered in November, 1914. The fraternity seeks to promote the profession of agriculture through the activity of the organization, to instill qualities of progressive leadership in its mem- bers, and to gather together in fraternal bond those men who are capable of honoring the achievements of others. Any male student in the College of Agriculture, School of Forestry, or School of Veterinary Medicine is eligible for membership if he has completed at least one and a half years of his college work, his grades place him in the upper two-fifths of his class, and he possesses qualities of character and leadership. The fraternity service activities include sponsoring an information booth at Stegeman Hall during fall registration and aiding freshmen who are having diffi- culties with their studies. Annually the " A.Z. Smoker " is presented to acquaint students on South Campus w ith the other students and faculty members. Alpha Zeta holds a banquet each fall and spring quarter in honor of the newly elected members. OFFICERS FRED HAEUSSLER Chancellor HERSEL HARLEY Censor EUGENE WRIGHT Scribe IKE SEWELL Treasurer DONALD LEE Chronicler HORACE BLALOCK GiiiJe First row: Harley, H.; Wright, E.; Haeussler, F. Second row: Blalock, H.; Sewell, I. 164 irst row Reece, B.; ireene, J. Berryhill, B.; ordon, C. ; Wonsley, C. econd row: Colcord, M.; Iray, A. Hand, G.; .ittle, B. Third row: ;hathom. C; Hoile, J.; )unn, L. Bowen, B.; ' urner, G ; Johnson, 0. ourth row: Spaulding, 1.; Potts, C; Cottledge, A.; Clork, B.; Settle, B.; Vebb, J.; Collins, H. sUeita First row: Reece, B.; Dunn, L.; Settle, B.; Jordan, C; Colcord, M. Second row; Hoile, J.; PoMs, C; Wonsley, C; Hond, G. Delta Sigma Pi is a. professional fraternity in the field of commerce and business administration, founded at New York University November 7, 1907. Pi chap- ter was activated February 18, 1922. The purpose of Delta Sigma Pi is to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to pro- mote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce; to further a higher stand- ard of commercial ethics and culture; and to promote civic and commercial welfare of the community. A house party and other informal parties are held throughout the year. In addition to these, a Founders ' Day banquet is held in fall quarter, and an Anniversary Dance is given vvrinter quarter. Each quarter the fraternity maintains an informa- tion booth at registration for the benefit of business majors. The colors are old gold and royal purple, and the flower is the red rose. OFFICERS WILLIAM SETTLE President GERALD HAND Senior Vice President CARTER WANSLEY Vice President CLYDE JORDAN Treasurer JAMES HAILE Chancellor MARSHALL COLCORD Secretary JIM DREW Historian CHARLES POTTS Master of festivities LARRY DUNN Master of Ceremonies OSCAR REECE House Manager A. ALDO CHARLES Faculty Advisor 165 First row; Polmour, C; Carr, F.; Bryant, Q.; McLeod, L. Second row: Thomos, H.; Storey, B.; Cook, D.; Reed, W. Delta Theta Phi, national la v fraternity, was ori- ginally founded in 1900 as Delta Phi Delta of the Cleveland Law School. In 1913, it joined vith Alpha Kappa Phi of Northwestern University and Theta Lambda Phi of Dickinson to form the present Delta Theta Phi. It is the largest legal fraternity in the United States, with seventy-nine student chapters and thirty active alumni chapters. The fraternity was or- ganized at Georgia in 1904. The purpose of Delta Theta Phi is to give mutual assistance in scholastic vi ' ork to members and pledges and to bring about among its members a dedication to the high ethical standards of the legal profession. The fraternity works in cooperation vi ' ith the Law School in striving to raise personal moral standards. During the year the fraternity holds a number of luncheon meetings featuring as speakers outstanding members of the legal profession. OFFICERS WILLIAM REED Dean BRYAN STOREY Vice Dean CECIL PALMOUR Clerk of Exchequer LARRY McLEOD Clerk of the Rolls DAVID COOK Master of Ritual HOWELL THOMAS Tribune FLETCHER CARR Bailiff . . cJ elta And then there was the Barristers ' Boll 166 First row: Dekle, T.; Hordmon, J.; Toylor, G.; Moret, R.; Black, B.; Eidam, B.; Clifton, C. Secund row Conner, M.; Messina, C; Norris, E.; Kite, H.; Merritt, C; Cobb, B.; Adkins, C; Weiss, S. Third row: Dr. Waters; Smith, B.; Leverett, J.; Pelly, F.; Dekle, J.; Mr. Dobbs; McElhenny, L.; Brewton, C; Burnley, J.; Dr. Feurt. appa Z . . . Kappa Psi, national pharmaceutical fraternity, was founded in 1879 at Russell Military Academy, New Haven, Connecticut. Gamma Phi chapter -was estab- lished on the campus in May, 1951, under the guidance of Dr. W. R. Byrum. Membership in Kappa Psi is lim- ited to students in good scholastic standing vithin the Pharmacy School. The purpose of the fraternity is to conduct a fra- ternal organization for the mutual benefit of its mem- bers; to inculcate sobriety, industry, mutual fellowship and esteem, and courage of mind and heart; and to foster pharmaceutical research and high scholarship. One of the social highlights is the Pharmacy School Christmas Party for underprivileged children in which Kappa Psi plays an important role. OFFICERS RANDALL MARET President JOHN TWOMEY Vice President BEN EIDAM Secretary WILBUR CLIFTON Assistant Secretary JOEL HARDMAN Treasurer THOMAS DEKLE Chaplain GEORGE EDWARDS Historian FRANK DOBBS Grand Conncil Deputy First row: Clifton, W.; Eidam, B.; Maret, R.; Hordmon, J. Second row: Mr. Dobbs; Dekle, T. 167 First row: Peter D.; Br D.; So Neserke, G.; Williams, B.; McClellan, J.; rson, D.; Brown, O.; banders, D.; Berger, H.; Rogers, J.; Roeder, J.; Gaines, G.; Allen, T Kirkland, W.; Brown, P.; Rosenberg, M.; Hornstein, B.; Dr. Meade. Second row: Ellison, P Vildibill, H.; Adams, L; Word, J.; Mitchell, L.; Ward, J.; Barker, W.; Gissendanner, E.; Morrison, M.; Austin, W.; McDow- ell, E. Third row: Crane, D.; Shirley, J.; King, J.; Shula, J.; Wade, C; Ford, D.; Risher, D.; Kiel, J.; Brisco, D.; Orr, D.; Merriwether, W.; Loper, K.; Botts, E.; Clarkson, T.; Smith, W. Fourth row: Mouser, R.; Eskew, R.; Thornton, J.; Thomp- Foster, D.; Barksdale, M.; Linch, D.; Bowersett, R.; Beard, C; Lee, D. Fifth row: Ashby, W.; McEI- Durden, H.; Williams, R. son, W. veen, C Dr. Kleckner Whitlow, F., Omega Tau Sigma, the only international Veterinary Medicine fraternity, was founded in 1906. Georgia ' s Eta chapter vas chartered by the Grand Council in 1948. Its purpose is to encourage and foster the de- velopment of -well-rounded, ethical veterinarians and, through them, to create a better profession on the basis of friendship, cooperation, and respect for one ' s fel- lo ' w men. The fraternity held a variety of parties and dances this fall; these included a dinner at the Georgian Hotel to velcome all incoming Veterinary Medicine students, a dinner-dance at Bridge ' s Lodge, and a barbecue at the fraternity house. After all the football games the chapter held open house. Homecoming weekend ac- tivities were further highlighted by a spaghetti dinner and a dance. In November the National Convention of O.T.S. Fra- ternities was held in Athens and was attended by dele- gates from as far as Ontario, Canada. This weekend was terminated with a dinner and semi-formal dance at the Athens Country Club. Spring activities include a dance at Pinecrest Lodge, the annual White Carnation Ball, and a picnic for members and their dates. OFFICERS GEORGE NESERKE President CHARLES BEARD Vice President WALTON SMITH Secretary WILLIE KIRKLAND Treasurer KENNETH LOPER House Manager ■Q meaa T f ma First row; Neserke, G.; Kirkland, W. Second row: McClellan, J., Loper, K.; Beard, C; Smith, W. 168 First row: Brocy, J.; Chambers, E.; Scrantom, W.; Broy, C; Barton, R.; Beckum, F.; Gabriel, Q. Second row; Williams, T.; Prince, D.; Blackman, W.; King, C; Bussey, L.; Hertz, J.; Drew, C; Gaines, F.; England, M.; Handley, D.; Adams, E.; Dismukes, G. Third row: Helms, J.; Contey, R.; Crawford, G.; Phillips, B.; Goyner, J.; Kilpatrick, K.; Struble, R.; Langley, J.; Shelnutt, J.; Johnson, W.; Reynolds, R.; Jacques, J.; Quillian, K.; Procari, L. JLjetta . . . The purpose of Stephens chapter, Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, is to form a strong bond among the members of the different classes at the various law schools. The fraternity maintains a national placement serv- ice for the benefit of graduating members of the vari- ous Phi Alpha Delta chapters. Some of the activities of Stephens chapter have been luncheon meetings with outstanding speakers from the legal profession, an intramural football team, and a visit to the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court cli- maxed by a luncheon with the Lieutenant Governor. Four of the six members representing the Georgia Law School in the Inter-Law School Regional Moot Court Competition were members of Stephens chapter. Phi Alpha Delta is honored to have among its mem- bers four ex-Presidents, the present Vice President, and four members of the Supreme Court of the United States. OFFICERS JIM E. HERTZ Justice ROBERT CANTEY Vice Justice ROBERT B. STRUBLE Clerk WILLIAM JOHNSON Treasurer CLAUDE BRAY Marshall MR. ABIT NIX Faculty Advisor Struble, R.; Cantey, R.; Herto, J.; Johnson, W.; Broy, C. 169 First row: Bosserdet, J.; Borders, C; Gulledge, S.; Dean, F. Second row: Lindsey, J.; Reading, A.; Allen, P.; Shingler, M.; Nicholson, A. The purpose of Phi Chi Theta, international women ' s business fraternity, is to promote the cause of higher business education and training for all women, to foster high ideals for w omen in business careers, to encourage fraternity and cooperation among women preparing for such careers, and to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends. Alpha Epsilon chapter was founded at Georgia in 1947. Phi Chi Theta holds rush parties fall and spring quar- ters. A banquet honoring new members follo-svs initi- ation, and a Founders ' Day banquet is held in March. A national counselor, elected every other year, is the official parliamentarian and advisor of the chapter and accompanies the official delegate to the National Bi- ennial Convention where national officers are elected. A key is awarded annually to the outstanding senior women in the business school on the basis of scholar- ship, leadership, and extracurricular activities. OFFICERS SHIRLEY GULLEDGE President ANN NICHOLSON First Vice President JEANNE BOSSERDET Second Vice President LAURA McGUIRE Corresponding Secretary FRANCES DEAN Recording Secretary CAROLE BORDERS Treasurer . . . I ni Bosserdet, J.; Borders, C; Dean, F.; Nicholson, A.; Gulledge, S. 170 First row; Roughton, R.; Terrell, D.; Shulman, I.; Sullivan, J.; Nafalie Norris; Norris, B.; Brackett, J.; Branch, H.; Hinson, J. Second row; Nugent, C; Timbs, B.; Malcolm, C; Anderson, G.; Norman, L.; Holt, E.; Carver, R.; Smith, A. Third row: Jaspers, D.; Scoggins, J.; Woodward, H.; Dr. Millikon. fk 2)Jf. i hi • • • Terrell, D.; Sullivan, J.; Norris, W. Phi Delta Chi, professional fraternity of pharmacy, was founded in 1883 at Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has grown to thirty-one active chapters throughout the country. The purpose of Phi Delta Chi is the promotion of the profession of pharmacy, which resolves itself into service to the individual, the chapter, the college, and the community. To achieve these ends, the fraternity sponsors a quarterly service project and awards a scholarship each year to a deserving pharmacy student. This year representatives were sent to the national convention In Chicago, Illinois. The chapter ' s sweet- heart, Natalie Norris, vv ' as presented at the Christmas party and dance for underprivileged children, which is an annual affair co-sponsored with other Pharmacy School organizations. There are quarterly " get-to- gethers " topped off by the annual farewell banquet for the seniors. OFFICERS JAMES SULLIVAN President W. DEAN TERRELL Vice President WILLIAM NORRIS Secretary ROBERT SCOTT Treasurer DR. J. P. LaROCCA, DR. FORD MILLIKAN . . Faculty Advisors 171 First row; Ennis, R.; Cheat-ham, M.; Clark, H.; Blackburn, 0.; Zusmann, S.; Hunter, R.; Rob- erts, T. Second row: Hopkins, A.; Skoggs, L.; Harp, W.; Dr. Green; Dean Hosch; Mr. Hen- derson; Dr. Cohn; Mr. McWhorter; Mr. Keild; Therioult, N. Third row; Mellen, W.; Ogletree, F.; Anderson, W.; Martin, H.; Korrh, R.; Felton, J.; Mallet, W.; Barrett, H.; Johnston, L; Imloy, G. Fourth row: Pierce, A.; Olitsky, N.; Stork, H.; Elliott, G. I l MRS. ANN JOHNSTON Sponsor The oldest existing professional fraternity in America is Phi Delta Phi, international legal fraternity, Nvith a membership of over 65,000 at 70 active student inns. Wilson Inn, founded at the University in 1922, has remained in active existence with the purpose of pro- moting a higher standard of scholarship, professional ethics, and culture in this and other law schools and in the profession at large. Phi Delta Phi publications. The Brief and the Direc- tories, enhance the interchange of legal business be- tween its members. Wilson Inn offers annually the Phi Delta Phi Aw ard to the student in the freshman law class attaining the highest average. The Inn holds bi-monthly luncheon meetings where legal scholars are invited to discuss various legal problems and topics of interest. FIRST TERM OFFICERS FRANK OGLETREE Magister SAMUEL ZUSMANN Exchequer WILLIAM MALLET Clerk WILLIAM ANDERSON Historian SECOND TERM OFFICERS WILLIAM HARP Magister ARTHUR PIERCE Exchequer WILLIAM MALLET Clerk JULE FELTON Historian I First row; Mallet, W.; Horp, W.; Pierce, A. Second row; Ogletree, F.; Zusmann, S.; Anderson, W. 172 First row: Scroggins, E.; Miss Callaway; Cabiness, 1.; Gibson, P.; Worthy, C; Duerner, J.; Lundvall, M. Second row: Short, A.; Hancock, W.; Moseley, A.; Moss, L.; Estes, L.; Davis, M.; Bostick, G.; Sosebee, F.; Paradise, C; Davis, S.; Hawkins, L.; Shuler, B. jM l pduon (1 • ymLcron . . Short, A.; Estes, L.; Moss, L. The purpose of Phi Upsilon Omicron, national hon- orary home economics fraternity, is to establish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote the moral and intellectual development of its members, and to advance and promote home economics. The fraternity w as founded at the University of Minnesota in 1909. Chi Chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1934. Membership is limited to outstanding students in the home economics depart- ment whose scholastic average is in the upper two-fifths of the school. During the year Chi chapter sponsored a worthy Athens child, held its annual Founders ' Day celebration, and sponsored the Home Economics Winter Convocation. OFFICERS LIBBY MOSS President BLANCHE RICHARDSON Vice President ADRIAN SHORT Secretary LELAND ESTES Treasurer MISS MATILDA CALLAWAY Faculty Advisor 173 First row; Youse, B.; Dr. Barrow; Lytle, R.; Speer, P.; Kiser, L.; Beckwith, W. Second row McLeroy, B.; Hill, P.; Froemke, R.; Huff, C; Dr. Forf; Dr. Huff; Andrews, J. Pi Mu Epsilon was founded at the University in 1934. The national organization was founded at Syracuse University in 1914 under the inspiration of Professor E. D. Roe, Jr. Professor R. P. Stephens, at that time head of the Department of Mathematics, was respon- sible for the organization of the Georgia chapter. The purpose of Pi Mu Epsilon is to honor brilliant students in mathematics at Georgia. Membership is open to graduate students, advanced undergraduate students, and faculty members. OFFICERS R. A. LYTLE Vrcsident BARBARA MILLS Vi« President LOLA KISER Secretary PAUL SPEER Treasurer DR. TOMLINSON FORT faculty Advisor ...PlW. First row: Lytle, R.; Kiser, L. Second row: Dr. Fort; Speer, P.; Beckwith, W. 174 First row; Sheppord, J.; Kitchens, D.; Shipp, B.; Bradford, B.; Atkins, T.; Lewis, E.; Holland, J. Second row: Gabriel, Q.; Coloiacove, P.; Morris, B.; Shackleford, A.; Methvin, G.; Mobley, J.; Davidson, E.; Wyche, M.; Camp, E.; Richardson, A. Third row: Griffith, L.; Dean Drewry; Johnson, L.; Stallings, T.; Bentley, G.; Compbell, H.; MacDougold, W.; Delmouzes, L. ki . . . Dean Drewry; Coloiacove, P.; Stallings, T.; Sheppord, J.; Gabriel, Q. The Georgia chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalistic fraternity, was chartered in 1928. The fraternity is dedicated to raising the stand- ard of the Georgia press, and its membership is re- stricted to those male students ■with good scholastic standing whose professional journalistic work is of meri- torious character. A seminar on " Freedom of Information " was con- ducted in the fall. Sigma Delta Chi also co-sponsors with the School of Journalism the Georgia Scholastic Press Association and the Georgia Collegiate Press As- sociation. The fraternity assists with registration for the various institutes held at the School of Journalism and brings to the campus outstanding speakers in the journalistic world. OFFICERS JAMES SHEPPARD President TRACY STALLINGS Vice President PHIL COLAIACOVE Secretary QUENTIN GABRIEL Treasurer DEAN JOHN E. DREWRY Faculty Advisor 175 fl ■CI Dunn, D.; Dendy, C; Buck, J.; Hodgson, M.; Levy, M.; Morrison, J.; Holsopple, N.; Hill, P.; Ruebush, H.; Frost, S.; Skeels, C. The purpose of Theta Sigma Phi is to confer honor upon w omen -who distinguish themselves in journalism, to improve vorking conditions for women in this field, to inspire members to greater individual effort, and to achieve definite standards in the field of journalism. This honorary journalism fraternity for women was founded at the University of Washington in 1909. Alpha Xi chapter was established in 1929. The activities of Theta Sigma Phi include helping with registration at the Press Institutes and contribu- ting articles to the Matrix, national quarterly magazine. Eligible girls, who must be at least third quarter sophomores, are pledged twice yearly on the basis of outstanding scholarship and journalistic achievement. The fraternity ' s pin is a linotype matrix in gold with the letters " Theta Sigma Phi " inscribed thereon. OFFICERS JACKEE MORRISON President MARIE HODGSON Vice President PATRICIA HILL Secretary NANCY HOLSAPPLE Treasurer . . . Ixeta Bottom to top; Hill, P.; Holsopple, N.; Morrison, J.; Hodgson, M. 176 vjumma iamci C psllc Silon First row: Hoban, N.; Mi- ley, B.; Bridges, J. Sec- ond row: Barber, E.; Smith, R.; Getten, T.; Allen, B.; Williams, B.; Moss, T.; Harper, W.; Philbrook, G. Third row. Waggoner, W.; Branyon, D.; Jones, J.; Gresham, W.; Rowell, G.; Allen, H.; Crovott, L. In 1920, Gamma Sigma Epsilon was organized as a national honor chemical fraternity. Mu Beta chapter, installed at the University in 1940, is the largest and most active in the national organization, according to the convention report of 19 53. At least one social is held each quarter. Each year the Grand Alchemist is awarded a key, and one of the members is presented with a year ' s membership in the American Chemical Society. OFFICERS RALPH SMITH Grand Alchemist BARBARA MILEY Visor EDWARD BRYAN Recorder LAWRENCE CROVATT Sergeaiit-at-Arms GEORGE PHILBROOK Faculty Advisor J- hl oDeltci cJ elL Phi Delta Delta, international legal fraternity for women, was founded in 1911 and is now composed of numerous chapters throughout the United States and other countries. Beta Eta chapter w as chartered at the University in 1949 and is dedicated to the pro- motion of the highest standards of professional ethics and culture among women in law schools and the pro- fession at large. a OFFICERS MARY JANE EARNHARDT High Priestess ROSANNE GRAY Priestess JOAN LARSEN Registrar JANE OLIVER Chaplain Seated: Barnhardt, M.; Groy, R. Standing: Cor- ry, R.; Oliver, J.; Lar- sen, J.; Adams, N. 177 First row: Bradley, R.; Scott, D. Second row: Bennett, E.; Dunn, M., Clarkson, T. Home-town boy makes good. PL Si 9 mu Phi Sigma Society was founded in 1915 at Ohio Stati University. The object of this society is to promoti interest in research in the biological sciences. Chapter are located throughout the United States as well as one in the Philippines and one in Mexico. The local chapter Alpha Omega, was chartered in 1951. Membership in Phi Sigma is limited to outstandint undergraduate and graduate students and faculty members in the biological sciences field. Programs fea ture outstanding workers in various fields of biolog) from this region. A Christmas party and the annua spring banquet are highlights of the year. i OFFICERS ; RICHARD BRADLEY President MARY DUNN Vice President ANN NOELL Recording Secretary THOMAS CLARKSON Corresponding Secretary ELIZABETH BENNETT Treasurer BETTY JEAN WILSON Edito M " Well, anyway, there was this traveling salesman . . . " ' Merrily we roll along Come up ond see my X-roys. Does McCarthy know obout this? 178 AND THEY POURED IT AT THE BOTTOM J. A. WILLIAMS Coordinator of Division of Armed Services COL J. H. RIEPE PMS T l ' K . Sn II I II HI IM B H i nVf H - . .... LIIARY I eor Left to right, first row: Williams, L., M Sgt.; Vail, J., Captain; Lanigan, J. Major; Smith, T., Lt. Colonel; Riepe, J., Colonel; Dovies, W., Major; PIburn, E., Captain; Rush, B., 1st Lt.; Merrits, C, Sgt. Second row: Ewing, O., M Sgt.; Wilson, W., M Sgt.; Beck, H., M Sgt.; Gillespie, W., Cpl.; Bolton, E., M Sgt.; Butler, C, M Sgt.; Clair, A., S.F.C.; Taylor, J., S.F.C. Left to right: Lanagon, J., Major; Dovies, W., Major; Reipe, J., Colonel. ARMY R. O, T. C. DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS Major Dovies with one of the junior classes. 182 , rmu i eaiment COL. CHARLES W. SMITH Commander BETTYE JO HICKMAN Sponsor COL. DAVID O. LAMB Commander Left to riaht: Pvie, J r r rochnm, S.: Branvon, D.; Blackburn, O. STAFF LT. COL. JAMES PYLE Execntii ' e Officer MAJOR SHELTON GRESHAM S-1 MAJOR DON BRANYON S-2 MAJOR ORIS BLACKBURN S-} 183 1st dSattali ion LT. COL. WILLIAM NELSON Commander BETTY SINGLETARY Sponsor St BATTALION STAFF MAJOR MILTON SPRATLIN Executive Officer CAPTAIN HOYT MACK S-i CAPTAIN RONALD WINSLETT S-2 CAPTAIN DARRELL MOSELEY S-J OLGA GRAY Sponsor Left to right; Sprattin, M.; Mock, R.; Winslett, R.; Moseley, D. Cc ontpunu CAPTAIN MARVIN SATTERFIELD Commander 1st LT. CHARLES EARNEST Executive Officer 184 I , CAPTAIN BOBBY WHEELER Commander 1st LT. TALMADGE DUVALL Executive Officer JANE ESTES Sponsor JOYCE MILLER Sponsor c ompanu CAPTAIN RALPH BARTON Comir ander 1st LT. WILLIAM McKAY Executive Officer 2nd d attcLtl ion LT. COL. FRANCIS MALINOWSKI CommandQT MARTHA SAVE Sponsor A n f 2nd BATTALION STAFF MAJOR MALCOM FREEMAN Execittiie Officer CAPTAIN JOSEPH MERCER S-1 CAPTAIN THEO SHIELL S-2 CAPTAIN MILTON POPE S-3 MRS. HARRY ANDRIS Sponsor Left to right: Freeman, M.; Mercer, J.; Shiell, T.; Pope, M. £ Cc ompan ipanu CAPTAIN HARRY ANDRIS Commander Isf LT. CHARLES ANDERSON Executive Officer 186 CAPTAIN ROBERT YOUNG Commander 1st LT. JOHN HENRY Executive Officer ; BEVERLY McDonald Sponsor c ompanu 3 Cc MAXINE SMITH Sponsor om ipanu CAPTAIN WILLIAM GIBSON Commartder 1st LT. CHARLES ZEIGLER Executiye Officer it 187 R.O.D.C. C. McBRIDE Commander f. SIELER Executive Officer G. WALDRON Drum Major J. H. MITCHELL Musical Director ifie Jeam W. LOVETT Captain CAPT. J. VAIL Manager SGT. 0. EWING Coach Left to right, first row: Riley, L.; Mock, H.; Oeser, J.; Lovett, W.; Theriault, N.; Long, E.; Pirkle, J. Second row; Vail, J., Copt.; Strong, G.; Stewart, W.; Riddle, R.; Monser, R.; Blitch, J.; Ewing, O., Sgt. 188 ■ X ,■» S. ■ ' i ummer c am f 189 DET. 160 AFROTC U. OF GA. HQ. AIR FORCE ROTC I t r •: . ' i t ■ DEPARTMENT OF AIR SCIENCE AND TACTICS DETACHMENT OFFICERS Left to right, first row; Duggar, L. G., Col. Keller, E., Maj.; Tourney, S. L., Moj.; Block W., Lt. Col. Second row: French, A. L., Copt. Bridges, B., Copt.; Yeorty, J., Copt.; Chris tol, J., M Sgt. Third row: Fields, K., S Sgt. Tedder, A., T Sgt.; Smith, G., M Sgt. Smith, F., S Sgt.; Floyd, M., M Sgt. a. Left to right: Yeorty, J., Copt.; Floyd, M., M Sgt., Tourney, S. L., Moj.; Bridges, B., Copt.; Keller, E., Lt. Col.; Smith, G., M Sgt. 190 l uclet ndtructi ructord COL J. FRANK OGLETREE Commander A.F.R.O.T.C. ii wmsm LOUISE BERRYMAN A.F.R.O.T.C. Sponsor m ' m m ' FALL QUARTER First row: Keller, E., Lt. Col.; Ogletree, J. F.; Goolsby, J. K.; Maret, R. T. Second row Cobb, H. L.; Gowen, G. R.; Hobbs, J. E.; Hole, H. R.; McWhorter, H. H. Third row; Holl, K. R.; Borinowski, C. T.; McLeroy, B. B.; Steven- son, F. G., Jr.; Puckett, W. E.; McCormick, J. H. Fourth row: Bornes, D. N.; Seigler, H. E.; Shodgett, A. H.; Drew, W. E., Jr.; Molsberger, H. B. WINTER QUARTER Left to right, first row: Ogletree, J. F.; Fulcher, R. I. Second row Keller, E., Lt. Col.; Settle, W. H.; Albea, W. B.; Bonner, O. L.; Brantley, C. W.; Green, J. E. Third row: Mougons, H. R.; Mobley, T. W.; Atkins, J. W.; Blockmon, C. L.; Rowson, W. C. Fourth row: Conrad, L. N.; Waronker, W. L.; Elliott, S. H.; Maret, R. T. Fifth row: Benedek, A.; Reed, R. H.; Boyd, S. W. Sixth row: Haeussler, F. W.; Kaufman, C. D.; Berry, W. M.; Coney, G. D.; Sessions, C. F.; Middleton, R. W. Seventh row: Reed, R. L.; McLoin, C. L.; Young, W. D.; Worth, G. R. 191 COL. BURT FALL 1953 OFFICERS VUlna tctPP COL. W. S. BURT Wing Commamter LT. COL. T. W. MOBLEY Executive Officer MAJ. P. E. SMITH Deputy for Personnel MAJ. W. B. ALBEA Deputy for Operations I MAJ. O. L. BONNER Deputy for Materiel CAPT. W. A. LUNDY .... Public Information Officer CAPT. J. H. BURNS Director of Baml 1 M SGT. C. P. MILLER Sergeant Ma)or . LT. COL. MOBLEY MAJ. ALBEA MAJ. BONNER CAPT. LUNDY CAPT. BURNS M SGT. MILLER fib LT. COL. BENEDEK MAJ. SETTLE CAPT. TURNER LT. COL. E. R. MATHEWS Group Commander MAJ. F. W. HAEUSSLER Executive Officer CAPT. S. W. BOYD Deputy for Operations CAPT. C. W. MARLOW Deputy for Materiel 1st LT. SIMONS K rou f 1 Staff LT. COL. A. BENEDEK Group Commanded MAJ. W. H. SETTLE Executive Officer CAPT. T. A. TYRE D ' eputy for Operation CAPT. J. A. TURNER . ... Deputy for Materie 1st LT. T. L. SIMONS . Public Information Office, 1 MAJ. HAEUSSLER CAPT. BOYD CAPT. MARLOW 192 !l WINTER 1954 OFFICERS Wlna S taPf -jroup I taff i • _ J.. • - " - ' • , ■ " •• i ' ■ i ' «» A 19B J3ft to righi Baker, W. A., Copt.; Scruggs, W. C, Moj.; Morlow, C. W., lit Lt.; Hobbs, J. E., Lt. Col.; Graybill, C. A., Copt.; Adams, S. J., T Sgt. WING STAFF Left to right, first row: Goolsby, J. K., Col. Second row: Hole, H. R., Lt. Col.; Thompson, R. I., Moj.; Boordmon, A. P., Moj.; Ream, H. K., Moj. Third row: Joel, L. B., Copt.; Burns, J. H., Copt.; Clements, R. M., 2nd Lt.; Torleton, J. J., M Sgt. Luroup 2 S taff Left to right Wilkie, L. G., Copt.; Carlton, W. M., Jr., Maj.; Hartley, L. O., Copt.; Puckett, W. E., Lt. Col.; Smith, B. E., 1st Lt.; Pound, M. B., Jr., T Sgt. 193 auadron 102 taff Left to right: Tribble, A. J., Jr., Capt.; House, B. G., T Sgt.; Blount, T. H., Copt.; Stevenson, F. 6., Maj.; Mollet, W. M., Copt.; Compton, W. W., Lt.; McDoniel, R. E., 1st Lt. uadron 104 taff Left to right; Pebbles, H. L., Copt.; Griffin, W. C, 1st Lt.; Patterson, L. R., Copt.; Turner, J. A., Maj.; An- drews, R. W., Copt.; Rodgers, J. A., T Sgt.; Knight " , R. C, Copt. auadron 101 S tuff Left to right: Alfieris, J. J., Capt.; Hawkins, H. C, 1st Lt.; Johnston, W. J., Copt.; McCormick, J. H., Moj.; Kent, F. D., Copt.; Methvin, E. H., T Sgt.; Adkins, C. J., Capt. Squadron 103 taPP Left to right: Watson, G. D., Copt.; Donoldson, P. L., 1st Lt.; Willis, A. B., Copt.; Seigler, H. E., Maj.; Comer, H. E., Copt.; Bishop, G. N., T Sgt.; Anderson, F. O., Copt. 194 Squadron 106 tafP Left to right; Phillips, G. H., Copt.; Griffin, W. L., Isf Lt.; Bowen, W. E., Copf.; Malsberger, K. B., Moj.; Riley, R. W.. Copt.; Brown, D. N., T Sgt.; Hoiley, J. E., Copt. y adet C ducutlon d oard Left to right, first row; McWhorter, H. H., Lt. Col. Sec- ond row; Barnes, D. N., Lt. Col.; Borinowski, C. T., Moj.; McLeroy, B. B., Moj.; Gowen, G. R., Moj.; Nicos, A. G., Moj. Third row: Drew, W. E., Jr., Lt. Col.; Hall, K. R., Moj.; Bowden, F. P., Moj.; Shodgett, A. H., Moj.; Cobb, H. L., Moj.; Lundy, W. A., Moj. Squadron 105 taf j Left to right; Willioms, J. 0., Copt.; Farmer, T. F., T Sgt.; Schoen, G. H., Copt.; Joyner, W. E., Moj.; Stokeley, T. P., Copt.; Richards, H. C, Lt.; Bower, J. D., Copt. _y r d and CAPT. J. H. BURNS Director of Band Members; Bradley, M. D.; Brody, L. I.; Clork, R. O Clements, R. M.; Coolick, S. A.; Couts, E. C; Dickson G. M.; Foster, B. J.; Grizzord, J. C; Guttenberg, J Jocobson, B. M.; Knight, J. J.; Martin, J. B.; Perkins H. G.; Polk, I. W.; Powell, V. K.; Robinson, W. H. Scott, L.; Smith, W. J.; Tanner, J. B.; Tote, W. B. Wells, R. A. l» 195 SYLVIA FRANK Cadet Evaluation Board Sponsor MAXINE ROBINSON Band Sponsor BETSY NEALE Wing Sponsor J. McCORMICK Squadron 101 EVELYN PIKE Group Sponsor G. THURMOND Squadron 102 P. HARRIS Squadron lOS M. TURNER Squadron 104 MARY HUNT Group II Sponsor s. McClelland Squadron 105 D. CLARK Squadron 106 . j . s. . y. ( . 3 monSord • • • 196 • • • — - ' C ' ummer l ampj Ul. .. . TYNDALL A.F.B., PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA McDILL A.F.B., TAMPA, FLORIDA Tech ' s Vereen takes o lesson fron Georgia ' s Langley. 197 OFFICERS W. B. NELSON Captain WALTER LOVETT 1 sf Lieutenant H. W. STOCKS 2nd Lieutenant H. C. MOCK 1st Sergeant LT. COL. TUTTLE F. SMITH Advisor SCABBARD AND BLADE MEMBERS Benedek, Tex Blitch, James Bonner, Bobby Bow den, Frank Bradberry, William Braden, Biddy Bramblett, J. T. Branyon, Don Cobb, H. L. Collins, Jack Darden, Richard Duvall, Talmadge Earnest, Charles English, William Freeman, Malcom Hardin, L. G. Handley, David A. Hardman, J. G. Hogan, C. E. Innes, Robert S. Johnston, Bill Lovett, Walter Melvin, Ronald Mercer, Joe Mobley, Thomas Mock, Hoyt C. Moseley, Darrell McLeroy, Ben Nelson, William B. Ogletree, Frank J. Pierce, Arthur Pope, Milton B. Puckett, William E. Pyle, Jim Roane, Clint E. Satterfield, Marvin H. Seigler, H. Sewell, J. Ike Shiell, T. A. Shrove, Richard Sims, E. T. Slay, Charles J. Smith, Charles Stocks, Harold W. Thompson, Robert Wheeler, Bobby Wikle, William L. Winslctt, Ronald Young, Robert J. i T ' f i k: _ • cJ. -f ' - ' , V:; .h. t»i ' ♦ ' M W ' .J. A s, OFFICERS L. D. BERRENT Company Commander W. E. BLAIR Company Exectitii e Officer T. A. TODD Leader, First Platoon E. D. CABANISS Leader, Second Platoon W. L. AULD Company First Sergeant 1ST. LT. BENJAMIN RUSH Adt ' isor PERSHING RIFLE MEMBERS Alley, P. B. Auld, W. L. Bailey, B. G. Ballard, C. T. Bell, J. D. Berrcnt, L. D. Blair, W. E. Brown, M. L. Cabaniss, E. D. Carey, W. D. Davis, C. L. Delk, J. C. Franck, C. D. Griffith, R. C. Harden, H. E. Herring, B. M. Hill, J. T. Keller, J. L. Lamb, D. O. Langlcy, J. T. Langston, W. T. Lester, D. W. Lewis, W. R. Long, J. G. McMullian, D. W. Mitchell, J. W. Newcomer, C. B. Ne vman, G. H. Oliver, M. T. Owens, N. K. Pelly, G. M. Prince, J. E. Simerly, W. E. Smith, L. J. Stewart, J. R. Stewart, W. G. Stynchcombe, L. N. Tillman. T. M. Todd, T. A. Turpin, C. M. Vann, J. L. Van Elmendorf, J. C. Walker, C. O. Webb, J. E. Whitehurst, W. L. Williams, E. H. Wofford, H. S. Woodworth, B. B. OFFICERS G. DEKLE CONEY Commaudev WILLIAM S. BURT Deputy Commaudev J. FRANK OGLETREE Adjutant WILLIAM E. DREW, JR. Secretary DAVID N. BARNES Operations Officer MAJOR W. E. BLACK MAJOR S. L. TOUMEY Adi ' isors ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY MEMBERS Albea, Wyatt B., Jr. Barnes, David N. Berry, William M., Jr. Burt, William S. Cobb, Herbert R. Coney, G. Dekle Darden, Henry R. Drew, William E., Jr. Freidland, Ivan H. Goolsby, John K. Gowan, George R., Ill Haeussler, Frederick W. Hale, Hugh R. Hartley, Lambeth Lundy, Walter A„ Jr. McLeroy, Benjamin B. McWhorter, Howard H., Jr. Maret, Randall T. Mathews, Edmond R. Maugans, Harry R., Jr. Mobley, Thomas W. Ogletree, J. Frank, Jr. Puckett, William E. Reed, Robert L., Jr. Shrove, Richard R. Simons, Ted L. Stevenson, Frank G. Thompson, Robert I. Walker, Frederick L., Jr. Worth, Gilbert R. Young, William D. MILITARY BALL VIILITARY iMlLITARY! 1 9-B A L L-54 mrj 1 TEX PfL I T 9-J 201 f ORGANIZATIONS I 1 4 il First row: Vaughn, B.; Shirley, J.; Dr. Proctor; Bromlett, T.; Wilson, H.; Wilson, M.; Scgors, N. Second row: Goble, J.; Parker, H.; Keen, B.; Fussell, E.; Linder, B.; Mercer, J.; Lowery, B. Third row: Blalock, B.; Stringer, B.; Torronce, G.; Kong, P.; Stewort, B.; Selman, J.; Cohn, L. Fourth row: Connell, L.; Donald, J.; Reynolds, R.; King, J.; Reynolds, J.; Whittoker, B. Fifth row: Marshall, J.; Bonks, A.; Caylor, J.; Worley, E.; Lee, D. The purpose of the Georgia Agricultural Club is to give agricultural students training in public expression through speaking and writing, and to advance the general interests of agricultural subjects. Ag Club meetings strive to carry out this purpose by featuring programs of agricultural interest, including talks by members and educational movies. The Georgia Agricultural Club, organized in 1907, sponsors a freshman debate and a debate with Demos- thenian Society. They present an Honor Key Award each year and give certificates to seniors. The Ag Club gives a " Welcome Party " with Homecon Club, to ac- quaint new students with the various honor societies on Ag Hill. The club conducts a talent show open to clubs on Ag Hill, usually in the spring. FALL QUARTER OFFICERS HANSEL WILSON President BOB WHITTAKER Vice President JAMES KING Secretary JIMMY DONALD Treasurer DR. ROY PROCTOR Vacnlty Advisor WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS BOB WHITTAKER President HOWARD P ARKER Vice President JOE MERCER Secretary JIMMY DONALD Treasurer DR. A. A. FLEMING faculty Advisor . . _ a i iub 9 Donald, J.; Whittoker, B.; Wilson, H., King, J. 204 First row: Short, A.; Sosebee, F.; Bohonnon, B.; Lowery, B.; Keen, B.; Bramlett, T. Second row: Dr. Browne; Morkow, M.; Fussel, E.; Linder, B.; Blalock, B.; Stringer, B. Third row: Torrence, G.; Middleton, B.; Reynolds, J.; Stocks, H.; Colquitt, J.; Robinson, K. Fourth row: Howard, W.; Ahrens, J.; Jones, L.; Wilson, H.; Blalock, H. -y ra Ar tf 9 Ag Hill Council grew out of a need for unity among the students of the various schools on the agricultural campus. It serves to further the interests of students in Agriculture, Forestry, Home Economics, and Veteri- nary Medicine and to promote cooperation between these schools. The Council, composed of tw o representatives from each organization on Ag Hill, constantly strives for the improvement of South Campus. One of the outstanding activities of the year was the Chapman Portrait Project. Donations were taken to finance the painting of a portrait of Paul W. Chap- man, past dean of the College of Agriculture, and plans are being made for a memorial. FALL QUARTER OFFICERS TIMOTHY BRAMLETT President BILL STRINGER Vice President FRANCES SOSEBEE Secretary-Treasurer WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS EDSEL FUSSEL President BEEMAN KEEN Vice President ADRIAN SHORT Secretary-Treasurer DR. BROWNE Faculty Adiisor Dr. Browne; Sosebee, F.; Bramlett, T.; Stringer, B. 205 First row: Davis, J.; Darden, R.; Blalock, B.; Harley, H. Second row: Torrence, G.; Diamond, S.; Stringer, B.; Haeussler, F. Third row: Nelson, W.; Keen, B.; Sewell, I.; Linder, B.; Shirley, J. The highest honor a student in the School of Veteri- nary Medicine, Forestry, or Agriculture can achieve is election to membership in Aghon, local honorary society founded in 1920 at the College of Agriculture. To be eligible for membership a student must have completed at least eighteen courses to ' ward his degree and, in ad- dition, must meet the requirements based on outstand- ing leadership, participation in extracurricular activi- ties, and scholastic attainments. Not more than seven men are tapped each fall and spring quarter. The fall quarter initiates, vearing denim overalls and big stra ' w hats and carrying wooden paddles, march during the intermission activities at the Homecoming game. The key is diamond-shaped with gold-lettered black enamel set on a gold background. Banquets are held each fall and spring quarter for initiates, alumni, and faculty. The main project of the year is to mount a plaque inscribed vi ' ith the names of all alumni and members of the society, in front of Conner Hall. OFFICERS BILL STRINGER President FRED HAEUSSLER Vice President WILLIAM NELSON Secretary-Treasurer R. H. BROWN Faculty Advisor akon f k f Nelson, W.; Stringer, W.; Haeussler, f. 206 First row: Dunn, S.; LoveM, W.; Mock, E.; Sloy, C; Rogers, J.; Thurmond, W.; Barnett, R.; Leive, D.; Sheoly, E. Second row; Harber, L.; McLeroy, B.; Lewis, T.; Bonner, J.; Bowmon, B.; Sewell, J.; Reynolds, W. Third row: Pulliom, N.; Puckett, v.; Cox, A.; Anderson, E.; McWhorter, H.; Conoly, E.; Courtenoy, J.; Downs, R.; Bacon, J. ariculiurai €,. naineenn f 9 • • • 1 iiiii The purpose of the Agricultural Engineering Club is to promote, directly and indirectly, the Interests of Agricultural Engineering students, particularly as those interests relate to their professional advancement and to the parent society, the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Officially designated as the Georgia Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, the club ■was organized at the University of Georgia in 1929 by Professor Danner, who acted as club advisor until he assumed the duties as Registrar of the Uni- versity. One of the many functions of the organization is the editing and publishing of the " Georgia Ag. Engi- neer, " which has been continuously published since the spring of 1930. FALL QUARTER OFFICERS DUANE LEIVE President WALTER LOVETT Vice President BEN McLEROY Secretary EARL SHEALY Treasurer HOYT MOCK Scribe FRANCIS ANDERSON Sergeant-af-Arms WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS BEN McLEROY President JOHN SEWELL Vice President HOYT MOCK Secretary EARL SHEALY Treasurer JAMES ROGERS Scribe VIC PUCKETT Sergeant-at-Arms McLeroy, B.; Anderson, E.; Shealy, E.; Leive, D.; Lovett, W.; Mock, C. 207 First row: Wilson, R.; Pulver, M.; Hoddad, G.; Bonks, W.; Hartley, L. Secon.j row Worsham, D.; Bower, E.; Poulk, H.; Garden, T.; Ahrens, J.; Worley, E. Third row: Hester, A.; Andrews, G.; Davis, L.; Dr. Rogers; Dr. Stafford. In 193 8 the Agronomy Club, a member of the stu- dent section of the American Society of Agronomy, was organized to promote interest among agricultural stu- dents in the field of agronomy. Programs usually con- sist of lectures on agronomy and related subjects by noteworthy speakers. The club sponsored an exhibit at the Athens Agri- cultural Fair and sent delegates to participate in the Ag Hill Variety Show and the Ag Hill Carnival. A delegate w as sent to attend a meeting of the Georgia Section of the American Society of Agronomy at Blairs- ville. A special club project is the planting and care of a few acres of wheat at the Agronomy Farm. FALL QUARTER OFFICERS JOHN AHRENS President LAMBETH HARTLEY Vice President BEEMAN KEEN Secretary FRANK THOMAS Treasurer LEMMIE DAVIS Reporter GEORGE HADDAD Parliamentarian MERLE PULVER Critic WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS LAMBETH HARTLEY President LEMMIE DAVIS Vice President RONALD WILSON Secretary ALFRED HESTER Treasurer JOHN AHRENS Reporter ED WORLEY Parliamentarian GERALD ANDREWS Critic DR. ACTON R. BROWN faculty Advisor . . . . Ti aronomu First row: Worley, E.; Hartley, L.; Davis, L.; Wilson, R.; Hester, A. Second row: Haddod, G.; Ahrens, J.; Pulver, M.; Andrews, G. 208 First row: Jones, R.; Owens, L.; Weaver, F.; Larkey, R.; Low, B.; Brown, R.; McMillion, D.; Robinson, T.; Mr. Bril-tain. Second row: Strickland, S.; Leachmon, C; Brodnax, B.; Chapman, R.; Bower, J.; Dean Tote; Dr. Harris. jTlpka i- kl Owens, L.; Robinson, T.; Jones, D. Beta Zeta chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, was established on the Georgia cam- pus in 193 7. Since that time the organization has been active in rendering service to the University, commu- nity, and nation. Alpha Phi Omega originated at Lafayette College, Pennsylvania, in 1925. Today it has 132 active chapters throughout the United States and is the largest Greek letter club in the world. Membership is generally limited to men who have had scouting experience because they have already sub- scribed to the Scout Oath and Law and are fully aware of the responsibilities involved in rendering service. The organization ' s program consists of activities in ■which the members direct their energies for the benefit of their fello ' w men. Chief among its campaigns this year were the sponsoring of the Ugly Man Contest, the proceeds of w hich were used to buy chairs for the University Hospital, and the managing of the March of Dimes drive. OFFICERS TED ROBINSON President LEONARD OWENS Vice President DICK JONES Corresponding Secretary DICK LARKEY Recording Secretary MR. R. L. BRITTAIN Faculty Advisor 209 student u nion . . . The Baptist Student Union, better known as B.S.U., has been active on the University of Georgia campus since 192 5. The purpose of this group is to serve as a link between the student and the church. Members may belong to one or more unit organizations of a local Baptist Church. The Executive Council, w hich is elected by the Bap- tist students, plans and guides the vork of the B.S.U. on this campus. Activities promoted by the B.S.U. are daily vesper services, a B.S.U. Choir, a weekly Singspiration, Bible study, and deputations to other schools and neighbor- ing churches. The B.S.U. also sponsors a Welcome Party for new students, a Christmas party, a Valentine Ban- quet, and various other socials. In addition, the groups work with other B.S.U. groups in the state in holding a convention and two retreats during the fall and spring quarters. Executive Council OFFICERS GRADY TORRANCE President ADRIAN SHORT First Vice President ANNE AKINS Second Vice President BEEMAN KEEN Third Vice President NANCY HOLSAPPLE Secretary JOYCE HANCOCK Treasurer JANE HENG Historian LEGETTE OWENS Editor ALVIN SHACKLEFORD Promotional Director GENE SUTHERLAND Music Director JOHNNY DAVIS Sunday School Representative ANGELINE MOSELEY Training Union Representative FAYE GIBBS Y.W.A. Representative FAYE GIBBS Missionary Director MARJORIE ROGERS Publications Representative CHARLES EARNEST Recreational Director REV. JIM MARTIN Baptist Student Secretary DR. F. W. BENNETT Faculty Advisor DR. H. P. GIDDENS Student Pastor First row: Holt, G.; Jol ' - son, G.; Moselcy, Gibbs, F.; Short, A.; R Mortin; Owens, L.; Byi. L.; Daniels, D. Seed row: Burks, H.; Ho apple, N.; Keen, I Haygood, B.; Akins, I Denmark, J.; Richoi son, B.; Heng, J.; Fi ter, S. Third row; Do- old, C; Dr. Benne Porker, H.; Donald, Hancock, J.; Kitchei E.; Rogers, M.; Davis, Bradley, M.; Torroni G.; Stevens, L. 210 Colsl-on, W.; Robert ' s, H.; Yates, J. Founded in 1910, Biftad, local honorary service club, recognizes third quarter freshmen and first quarter sophomores for outstanding scholarship and extracur- ricular activities. Ten freshmen are initiated spring quarter and five sophomores are initiated in the fall. Members must qualify on a strict point system. The primary aim of Biftad is to promote the welfare of the University by encouraging freshmen and sopho- mores to better scholarship and develop well rounded campus participation. Biftad annually sponsors the Homecoming decora- tions contest and awards cups to the vinning fraterni- ties, sororities, or dormitories. OFFICERS HYMAN ROBERTS President JOHNNY YATES Vice President WILLARD COLSTON Secretary-Treasurer irst row: Carey, B.; Roberts, H.; Barker, J.; Yates, J. Second row: Cole, L; Ballard, C; Clifton, W.; Norman, J.; Wofford, H. Third row: olston, W.; Fletcher, • " f.; Heyward, A.; Jack- on, R. 211 First row: Darden, R.; Bramlett, T.; Stringer, B.; Maret, R.; Haeussler, F. Second row: Moseley, W.; Lundy, W.; Keen, B.; Wilson, H.; Hordman, J.; Blalock, R. Third row: Dean Weddell; Smith, C; Lee, D.; Linder, W.; Bronyon, D.; Reynolds, J.; Adams, C. Blue Key, national collegiate honor fraternity, recog- nizes outstanding men students for achievement in five fields — athletics, scholarship, publications, leadership and forensics. Juniors are tapped in the spring and seniors during fall quarter. Faculty members and out- standing state and national leaders may be selected for honorary membership. Initiates wear tuxedos and carry large wooden replicas of the fraternity ' s key to classes the Friday before Sunday ' s formal initiation. The University chapter annually publishes the Stu- dent-Faculty Directory. This year ' s staff included Ray Sowell, editor; Julian Reynolds, associate editor; and Charlie Adams, business manager. Profits from the Directory sales go into the Blue Key scholarship fund vi ' hich is administered by the University of Georgia Foundation. OFFICERS RANDALL MARET President WALTER LUNDY Vice P resident BILLY LINDER Secretary-Treasurer BOB BLALOCK Corresponding Secretary CHARLIE ADAMS Alumni Secretary DEAN WEDDELL Faculty Advisor . . . U U ue f Adams, C; Blolock, B.; Lundy, W.; Moret, R.; Linder, B.; Dean Weddell. 212 First row; Torrence, G.; Boker, E.; Roberts, H.; Linder, B.; Short, A.; Keen, B.; Hancock, J.; Colquitt, J. Second row: Duna- hoo, W.; Singleterry, B.; Bowers, B.; Floyd, E.; Moseley, A.; Cornelius, M. Third row: Lowery, B.; Selman, J.; Bohonnan, B.; Gibbs, F.; Marshall, J.; Parker, H.; Nelson, W.; Johnson, G.; Wilson, M. Not pictured: Dorden, R. eae ' T 4-M CU . . . it T Torrence, G.; Baker, E.; Keen, B.; Hancock, J.; Linder, B.; Roberts, H.; Short, A.; Colquitt, J. The College 4-H Club is composed of students show- ing a definite interest in the 4-H Club program. The activities of the club afford opportunity for continued interest and training in 4-H Club work. While seeking to promote better relationships betw een students and faculty, the club offers training in leadership and citi- zenship. The major activity of the club is the Ag Hill Carni- val, held during winter quarter. The proceeds of the Carnival add to a scholarship fund and pay the ex- penses of a man and woman who attend the Danforth Foundation Leadership Camp at Camp Mini vanca, Michigan. Last year Beeman Keen and Adrian Short attended the camp. From this organization came the two International Farm Youth Exchange delegates, Sybil Smith and Cecil Spooner. FALL QUARTER OFFICERS BILLY LINDER President ADRIAN SHORT Vice President ESTELLE BAKER Secretary BEEMAN KEEN Treasurer GRADY TORRENCE Parliamentarian JOE COLQUITT Critic HYMAN ROBERTS Sergeant-at-Arms JOYCE HANCOCK Reporter WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS FAYE GIBBS President JOE COLQUITT Vice President BETTY BOWERS Secretary BEEMAN KEEN Treasurer JOE MARSHALL Parliamentarian HOWARD PARKER Critic RIP DARDEN Sergeanf-at-Arms JOHN SELMAN Reporter 213 L odmopoiit oSmop an i lub The Cosmopolitan Club was founded at the Univer- sity of Georgia in 1920. It then had a membership of nineteen, among whom were the former Chancellor D. C. Barrow and Dr. A. M. Soule. The organization was composed then, as now, of foreign students study- ing on the campus and people particularly interested in foreign culture and the program of the club. Every year an International Banquet and a con- clave of all foreign students studying in the state of Georgia are held. The group also publishes the " Cosmo- life, " official paper of the club; presents radio pro- grams; and offers free language-culture lessons in more than twenty different foreign languages. This year, including American members, there are sixty in the club. The members believe that better understanding and true friendship between the peoples of the world is the only way to build lasting peace and happiness. FALL QUARTER OFFICERS JERRY STARA President CHECK WING TSOI Vice President ISMENE REGOPOULOU Secretary VAN FERGUSON Treasurer LUCAS DELMOUZOS Publicity Chairman WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS CHECK WING TSOI President MAURICIO NAVARRETE Vice President ISMENE REGOPOULOU Secretary GOTTFRIED WOKAUN Treasurer MICHAEL HERTZ Publicity Chairman Delmouzos, L.; Regopoulou, I.; Stora, J.; Tsoi, C. Entertainment at the International Banquet. First row; Regopoulou, (Greece); Hosi, T. (Fr. Indi China); Gullestod, A. (No way); Kong, L. (Formosa Second row: Seymour, V. (Ii dia); Arawarop, B. (Thailand Torgersen, L. (Norway); Kin ' ura, R. (Japan); Cheng, F (Formosa); Tsoi, C. (Fr. Indi China); Lee, K. (Koreo). Thir row; Hanse, L. (Denmork Meyer, E. (Germany); Star( J. (Czechoslovakia); Stoumor A. (Denmark); Hansen, (Denmark). Fourth row: Dunr L. (Formosa); Kawar, B. (Is rael); Wokaun, G. (Austria) Sadik, S. (Israel); Bibza, C (Czechoslovokio). Fifth rov Delmouzos, L. (Greece); Teus cher, W. (Germany); Plate C. (Cyprus); Thunthan, 5 (Burma). 214 SegravEs, M.; Blalock, B.; McRae, M. evnodthenicin erur ¥ S ociet ¥ Colston, W.; McRoe, M.; Darden, R. Demosthenian Literary Society, oldest student or- ganization on the campus, was founded at the Univer- siy in 1801 to further the art of public speaking and argumentation. The first Society debate was on the subject of whether monarchy or democracy was the more desirable form of government. The early years of the Society vere shrouded in secrecy, especially af- ter the founding of its arch rival — Phi Kappa Literary Society, the " Society across the way. " Members of the rival Societies congregated in separate parts of dormi- tories, and often, disputes between the two groups ended in fist fights. Demosthenian annually clashes with Phi Kappa in the traditional inter-Society contests — Freshman Im- promptu Debate, Sophomore Declamation, and Junior Oration. The Society also holds debates with Ag Club and Pioneer Club. Graduating Demosthenians are presented diplomas each year. Outstanding speakers in the Society are awarded keys at the annual banquet held in the spring. FALL QUARTER OFFICERS BOB BLALOCK President MURPHY McRAE Vice President MYRON SEGRAVES Secretary-Treasurer WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS MURPHY McRAE President RIP DARDEN Vice President WILLARD COLSTON Secretary-Treasurer First row: Segraves, M. Blalock, B.; McRae, M. Ragon, P.; Colston, W. Leachman, C. Second row: McDaniell, E.; Ste- venson, B.; Berrent, L. Setliff, C; Wills, T. Lundy, W. Third row Roane, A.; Jones, D. Ballard C; Mobry, S. Dillard, M ; Hollings worth. R. Fourth row Crawford, N.; Marshall J.; Goble, J.; Steele, J Fifth row: Shehulski, F Darden, R.; McCorkle J.; Maret, R.; Moseley D.; Gront, J. 215 C conomicd ociet - The Economics Society was established at the Uni- versity of Georgia in 1945. The purpose of this society is to cultivate an interest in economics among students. The society is open for membership to any student who is interested. Meetings of the Economics Society feature programs and discussions on the subject of Economics. Faculty members and business men are frequent speakers at the meetings. An annual banquet is held during spring quarter for student and faculty members. To provide an added incentive to the members, a key is aw arded annually to the member having the highest scholastic average. Part of the program of the Economics Society is the scheduling of tours of industries for the members throughout the year. Front row; Lovelady, J. Second row: Roane, A.; Corsaro, J.; Wikle, C. OFFICERS JACK LOVELADY President JOHN CORSARO Vice President ALEX ROANE Secretary CHARLIE WIKLE Treasurer First row; DeFoor, F. Kuykendall, G.; Smith M.; Johnson, B.; Con non, A. Second row Barnette, J.; Roane, A. BrunegraH, R.; Higgen botham, W. Third row Acree, J.; Cole, J.; Bow man, O.; Lovelady, J Fourth row; Stevens, L., Carpenter, D.; Hall, K. 216 Crowning of 1953 King end Queen Georgia High . . . Ljfund Every male student not a member of a social fra- ternity may become a member of the Grand Old Party by active participation in Party functions. The Grand Old Party, organized in 1919, provides opportunity, leadership, and service for its members and for the University as a -w hole. As a focal point for student opinion, the Grand Old Party gives its members an active, organized voice in student affairs. The campus leader and vice campus leader are elected by a majority vote of all independent men in an election held each spring. They serve as direct representatives and spokesmen for the Party, conduct Party meetings, and represent the Party on various electoral and student governing boards. The Party stresses individual and personal initiative rather than group activity. Throughout the year the Grand Old Party sponsors numerous activities, among which are the Shirt-tail Parade; square dances; and the annual King and Queen Georgia High Contest, co-sponsored with the Triquetra. OFFICERS DARRELL MOSELEY Campus Leader RIP DARDEN Vice Campus Leader CHARLES BALLARD Secretary-Treasurer 217 First row: Branyon, D.; Blalock, B.; Earnest, C; Benefield, D.; DeBacker, L.; Felton, J. Second row: Maret, R.; Lundy, W., Phillips, B.; Darden, R.; Kitchens, D. Third row: Shirley, J.; Moseley, D.; Cheatham, M.; Hoeussler, F.; Strickland, S. Ljndiron Secret c ociet Charles Roy Adams Dewey Benefield Larry Bennett Bob Blalock Don Branyon Ed Bratkowski Chris Chatham Mike Cheatham Nick Crawford Rip Darden STUDENT MEMBERS Lucien DeBacker Art DeCarlo Charlie Earnest Jule Felton Fred Haeussler OFFICERS Dan Kitchens Walter Lundy Randall Maret Darrell Moseley Frank Ogletree Barry Phillip Julian Reynold Jack Shirle Steve Stricklani, Robert Wes JACK SHIRLEY President BARRY PHILLIPS Secret,iry-Treasiirer Shirley, J.; Phillips, B. They Called Him Egghead . . 218 n 6 KJle y luo . . . First row: Shrove, D.; Tonner, B.; Mr. Warner; McBride, C. Second row: Sutherland, G.; Dunn, L.; Keller, J.; Lee, B.; Oli- ver, T.; Stewart, J.; Clements, L.; Carroll, G.; Bailey, B.; Nieos, A.; LIfsey, D.; Goldvasser, D. Third row: Woodard, G.; Grover, B.; Jackson, G.; McColskey, G.; Jones, J.; Spalding, B.; Kaplan, G.; Hille, L.; Holcomb, P.; Bullard, B.; Bowden, D.; Collins, G.; Harris, S. Originally presented as a minstrel sho v, the organi- zation •was developed into the Men ' s Glee Club as it is today by Hugh Hodgson, who directed the group until 1 944 when Byron H. Warner assumed this position. The purpose of the club is to develop interest and training in music, create initiative, build character, and promote the prestige of the music department and the University of Georgia. On its annual tour, the forty-fourth this year, the Glee Club presents a versatile program which includes serious music, opera, operetta excerpts, musical com- edy, folk songs, and spirituals. Since 193 8, the club has produced an operetta each year. This year " Cavalleria Rusticana " and " The Tele- phone " were presented. Other annual events include the sponsoring of Stunt Night and a Christmas carol service, and the presentation of " The Messiah " in con- junction with the Women ' s Glee Club. OFFICERS BOB TANNER President DICK SHROVE Vice President CLAUDE McBRIDE Business Manager BYRON H. WARNER Director W. C. OWENS Assistant Director 219 McBride, C; Shrove, D.; Tanner, B. Tumlin, N.; CaHey, M., Prichard, E. Hawkins, L.; Heng, J.; Hirsh, B.; Estes, E.; Noell, A. The highest honor that can be bestowed upon a woman student is the election to Mortar Board, Na- tional Senior Woman ' s Honor Society, founded in 1918. Each spring Mortar Board taps new members. Tap- ping is follo i ed by an early morning initiation cere- mony. Last spring Mortar Board tapped Miss Nelle Tumlin as an honorary member. Honorary member- ship is a-warded to any woman of the administration or faculty who has been on the campus for three years, and who has met the requirements of outstanding lead- ership, scholarship, and service. In the fall quarter. Mortar Board sponsors an activi- ties program and coffee hour for transfer -women and an activities program for freshman women. Each week the members sell sand viches in the freshman dormitory. This year they sold flovv ers for the Homecoming game. At the end of the year Mortar Board will award a graduate scholarship from the funds that they have collected during the year. Mortar Board has ninety chapters at the various uni- versities and colleges throughout the nation and claims about 23,500 members, including 275 honorary mem- bers. Each year the ninety chapters select more than 1,000 junior women for membership. OFFICERS BEVERLY HIRSH President EMILY PRICHARD Vice President JANE HENG Secretary MARY WINN CAFFEY Treasurer MRS. O. C. ADERHOLD, MRS. L. M. SHADGETT, DR. KARL SHEDD Advisors if oftap (l3oara First row: Heng, J.; Hirsh, B. Second row: Estes, L.; Caffey, M.; Prichord, E. 220 First row: Finnegan, J.; Broome, D.; Johnson, W.; Mulherin, J.; Sanders, J.; Persse, J. Second row: Brunegroff, R.; Father Clougherty; Thompson, P.; Coshin, H.; Buck, J.; Mines, J.; Baldwin, M. Third row: Lawless, B.; Sexton, S.; Boulware, R.; McGee, L. Fourth row: Fullilove, J.; Janice, C; Burns, J. Fifth row: Pierce, A.; Tribble, R.; Dunn, L.; Coffey, M.; Dud- ley, M. Sixth row: Azor, R.; Ready, J.; Hoffman, C; Fronkli n, C; Franklin, R.; Rodgers, J. n ewman iub . . . Organized of Catholic students who attend secular universities and colleges, the Newman Club strives to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities, and to encourage and develop Catholic leadership. The club aims to make its Christian influence felt beyond the limited Catholic group to the Tvhole campus community. Activities include theology courses. Communion breakfasts, student counseling, spiritual retreats, and various social functions. OFFICERS JOE SANDERS President MARIE DUDLEY Vice President JEAN BUCK Secretary ARTHUR PIERCE Treasurer FATHER FRANCIS X. CLOUGHERTY Director Buck, J.; Pierce, A.; Dudley, M.; Sanders, J.; Father Clougherty. 221 First row; Proctor, R.; BeneHeld, D.; Mobley, T.; Blalock, R.; Nelson, W.; Weddell, D.; Cheatham, M.; Haeussler, F.; Maret, R.; Stringer, W. Third row B.; Linder, B.; Lundy, W. Founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee University, Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership society for men, has circles in sixty-five leading colleges and uni- versities. Alpha Upsilon Circle came to the campus in 1935. Members are tapped twice annually, during fall and spring quarters. Spring initiations are held jointly with Emory University and Georgia Tech. Membership is limited to juniors and seniors with a minimum average of 78 vho have made outstanding achievement in one of five fields — scholarship, publications, music, foren- sics, athletics, and social and religious leadership — and have attained minor recognition in at least two of the other fields. OFFICERS ROBERT BLALOCK President MIKE CHEATHAM Vice President WILLIAM STRINGER Secretary WALTER LUNDY Treasurer Tote, W. Second row Branyon, D.; Dorden, R.; Ogletree, F.; Kitchens, D.; Sheppard, J.; Weiner, ...o, ' micron rJ etta a I ' appa pp 1 1 Lundy, W.; Stringer, W.; Chcothom, M.; Blalock, R. 222 First row: Proctor, R.; Patty, W.; Sutherland, E.; Auld, W.; Bollard, C; Peterson, D.; Tsoi, W. Second row: Thomas, T.; Cohen, M.; Lowrey, R.; Yates, J.; Maner, J.; Norman, J.; Dean Tate. Third row: Tanner, J.; Fletcher, N.; Turk, T.; Hill, J.; Hodgson, B.; Bell, C; Troutman, F. Si lama Ballard, C; Horper, J. Phi Eta Sigma, national honorary scholarship society, was founded in 1923 to promote and rew urd high scho- lastic attainment among freshman men. Any man in the freshman class w ho has maintained, at the end of either his second or third quarter at the University, an academic average of 88 or above is eligible for mem- bership. The University chapter, active since 193 8, main- tains a limited but effective program aimed toward promoting freshman scholarship. To further these aims, the society distributes " How To Study " pamphlets and time budgets to freshmen. Each spring a banquet is held in honor of initiates. Having sent delegates to this year ' s Southern Regional Convention of Phi Eta Sigma, this chapter will be host to the group in 1955. OFFICERS CHARLES BALLARD President JIMMY HARPER Vice President NORMAN FLETCHER Secretary GLENN BRIDGES Treasurer DEAN WILLIAM TATE Faculty Advisor 2ZZ The primary purpose of Phi Kappa Literary Society, founded in 1820, is to develop public speaking, oratory, debate, and training in political methods and parlia- mentary procedure through offices and committee as- signments in the the Society. Phi Kappa Hall was con- structed and dedicated by John C. Calhoun in 1836. In addition to the regular weekly speaking programs. Phi Kappa competes with the rival literary society in the traditional Freshman Impromptu Debate, Sopho- more Declamation, and Junior Oration. At the recently established Phi Kappa Rally Day, -women were invited, for the first time in 132 years, to enter the hallowed halls and participate in a debate. The John C. Calhoun Memorial Avv ard is presented to the winner of this contest. The state ' s outstanding educational and political leaders are invited to attend the Society ' s annual spring banquet, at which honor keys and other awards are given to outstanding members and alumni. FALL QUARTER OFFICERS LYNWOOD BUSSEY President BILL HOBBS First Vice President HARRY CASHIN Second Vice President BILL WESTBROOK Secretary MILTON WILLIAMSON Treasurer JOHN WILKENS Chief Justice WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS HARRY CASHIN President BILL HOBBS First Vice President JOHN WILKENS Second Vice President FRANK PIDCOCK Secretary MILTON WILLIAMSON Treasurer JACK BOWER Chief Justice Fiist row: Williamson, M.; Pidcoek, F.; Norman, J. Second row: Hobbs, B. Cashin, H.; Wilkens, J. . . . CA I c ifi erctri ¥ uppa First row: Hobbs, B.; Wilkens, J.; Cashin, H.; Pidcoek, F.; Williamson, M. Second row: Norman, J.; Rosenberg, C; Mitchell, T.; Herring, B.; Fleming, S.; Murphy, L. Third row: Scheer, G.; Heoton, C; Wright, B.; Walker, C; Bower, J.; Korrh, R.; Garrett, B. Fourth row: McLain, R.; Vaught, T.; Taylor, C; King, G.; Beech, J.; Matthews, J. Fifth row: Hand, F.; Still- well, B.; Benson, 0.; Willis, T.; Professor Dince. 224 DcmbJiicki, E.; Colquitl-, J.; Holcomb, W.; Butterworth, E. ' ■ oultru — jc L lub . . . cience The Poultry Science Club holds as its purpose the extenuation of interests in poultry both on campus and throughout the state. By sponsoring worthwhile activities in poultry and the poultry industry, greater knowledge and closer fellowship is achieved by those interested. During the year short courses on various subjects are offered by the Poultry Department for Georgia farmers. Each year poultry majors care for baby chicks from various Georgia hatcheries in competition for the " Chicken of Tomorrow " contest. When the chicks reach the broiler size, they are judged to determine the best hatchery, to which appropriate recognition is given. Proceeds from this project go to a scholarship fund. In the fall of each year all freshman agricultural students are treated to a chicken barbecue. OFFICERS JOE COLQUITT President WILLIAM HOLCOMB Vice President EDWARD DEMBNICKI Secretary-Treasurer EUGENE BUTTERWORTH Parliamentarian First row: Roberts, H.; Colquitt, J.; Nelson, W.; Dunohoo, S.; Balondar, R.; Strickland, R. Second row: Dr. Wheeler; Wil- liams, C; Dr. Fuller; Dovis, M.; Gibbs, F.; Borker, J.; Corey, W.; Segors, N. Third row: Butterworth, E.; Holcomb, W.; Coyior, J.; Wilson, M.; Porker, H.; Seigler, H.; Joyner, W.; Kitchens, H.; Johnson, M.; Leonidas, V. Fourth row: Pressley, M.; Borinowski, E.; Walters, D.; Stowers, B,; Morshall, J.; Jones, G.; Prince, T.; Owenby, W.; Dembnicki, E.; Borinowski, C. 225 First row: Stewart, J.; Lightfoot, J.; Longston, W.; Bullard, W.; Knight, J.; Piassick, A. Second row; McGee, W.; Ander- son, A.; Bingham, W. Third row; Moody, J.; Allmond, E.; Akridge, V.; Thomas, M. Fourth row; Hardee, F.; Pilcher, L. Not pictured: Scheer, G. The Reed Hall Council was formed in the fall of 1953 to carry out student government within the dormitory of Reed Hall and to represent the residents in matters of government, entertainment and athletics. It offers the residents of Reed Hall a first hand oppor- tunity to experience their own government and thus to prepare for participation as citizens in government after they leave the University. The Council ' s many projects during the year con- sisted of the collection of a dormitory fund, the pur- chasing of a television set for the dormitory, the se- curing of a street light in front of Reed, the sponsoring of a touch football team ■which ■won the dormitory trophy, and the planning of several social functions for the residents. s oancU OFFICERS JOEL KNIGHT PresiJent BILL BULLARD Chief Justice WILLIA.M LANGSTON Secretary anJ Recorder AVERY ANDERSON, ALLEN PIASSICK, JIM STEWART . Judges R. L. BRITTAIN Adiisor Anderson, A.; Stewart, J.; Bullard, W.; Knight, J.; Piassick, A.; Longston, W. The House Mother and Advisor Confer. 220 First row; Fussell, E.; Skinner, C; Stringer, W.; Ward, C; Moore, I.; Stewart, A.; Collins, J. Second row; Bennett, B.; Smykia, P.; Moore, B.; Donald, J.; Smith, K.; Nicholson, E.; Harvey, D.; Selman, J.; Cullison, A. Third row: Braden, 8.; Upton, B.; Bradberry, W.; Borinowski, C; Merchant, C; Keen, B.; Lowery, B.; Free, J.; Sewell, R. Fourth row; Harrison, C; Sonds, C; Johnston, B.; Drawdy, J.; Potts, R.; Plotonos, C; Pierce, H.; Deodwyler, G.; Richardson, M. Fifth row; O ' Mory, C; Cul- broth, J.; Blalock, B.; Jones, B.; Alcxonder, H.; Winslett, R.; Tharp, B.; Stocks, H.; Bishop, J.; Worren, E. Spuddle una Sirloin . . . The Saddle and Sirloin Club, the primary purpose of which is the promotion of the livestock industry in Georgia, was founded in 1920 and patterned after the Stockmen ' s Club of Chicago. Membership is open to students in the College of Agriculture and the School of Veterinary Medicine. The " Little International Livestock Show, " held each spring, is one of the club ' s principal activities. Begun in 1920, it is today one of the largest shows of its kind held in any agricultural college in the United States. SUMMER AND FALL QUARTER OFFICERS BOB BLALOCK President TIMOTHY BRAMLETT Vice President BILL UPTON Secretary BIDDY BRADEN Treasurer BEEMAN KEEN Reporter WINTER AND SPRING QUARTER OFFICERS GEORGE DEADWYLER President HAROLD STOCKS Vice President KEITH SMITH Secretary RONALD WINSLETT Treasurer BEEMAN KEEN Reporter C. C. O ' MARY, J. H. THOMASON Faculty Adiisors Keen, B.; Braden, B.; Upton, B.; Blalock, B.; O ' Mory, C. Keen, B.; Smith, K.; Stocks, H.; Deodwyler, G., O ' Mory, C. 227 n tjn r inx Sphinx, founded on the campus in 1897, is the highest non-scholastic honor at the Univer- sity of Georgia. I? ' -irst row: Benefield, J.; Adams, C; Dean Tote. Second row: Phillips, B.; Kitchens, D.; Branyon, D.; Moseley, W. MEMBERS 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. R. 9. 10. II. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 11. 20. 21. 90_ 23. 24. ■ ' . ' i. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. .53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. RO. 61. 62 63 64 65 66 67 6R. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. A. H. Patterson W. D. Hooger L. A. Cothran G. Green C. R. Andrews E. E. Pomeroy A. Pratt Adams Will S. Blun C. W. Davis M. D. Dubose R. P. Jones A. J. McBride R. J. Travis T. W. Rucker M. M. Thurman John Banks R. L. Denmark J. E. Hall R. M. Charlton Harry Hull H. C. Johnson J. B. Ridley W. R. Ritchie J. L. Erwin Phinizv Calhoun F. McCutcheon Lonnstr eet Hull B. C. J, Lamar W. M. Hardy N. P. Park W. J. Hammond Lamar C. Rucker S. Btackshear M. Dickinson Andrew Calhoun Cam D. Dorsey M. Richardson R S. Walker Sandy Beaver F. M. Ridley G. W. Legwen R. Jacaues Ralph Meldrim Marion Smith Wallace Miller Minor Boyd W. R. Turner J. F. Baxter Harold Ketron Jack Bower Framnton Ellis Frank Anderson R. P. Brooks L. P. Goodrich L. S. Hnnkins. Jr. . I. Killorin M. Blackshear Virlyn Moore Tom Connally W. Nunnallv T. T. Turnbull W. W. Patterson . Arthur Sullivan Charlie H. Cox Rodney Hill Harold Telford A. L. Hardy J. D. Younq W. Mashburn H. M. Scott John A. Brown Georae Hains Dan Y. Sage I. C. Levy Lansing B. Lee 76. L. Raoul 151. 77. J. J. Ragan 152. 78. R. S. Parker 153. 79. G. P. Whitman 154. 80. W. L. Erwin 155. 81. Harrison Jones 156. 82. C. D. Cabaniss 157. 83. W. G. Brantley 158. 84. P. R. Weltner 159. 85. A. Carmichael 160. 86. R. Kvie Smith 161. 87. W. Brown 162. 88. J. K. Mi-Donald 163. 89. C. N. Feidelson 164. 90. Frank Martin 165. 91. H. L. J. Williams 166. 92. R. H. Jones 167. 93. S. 0. Smith 168. 94. M. S. Hodason 169. 95. H. Delaperierre 170. 96. F. C. Newton 171. 97. Claude Derrick 172. 98. W. C. Henson 173. 9 l. J. B. Harris 174. 106. H. G. R iley 175. 101. D. H. Re- ' fern 176. 102. Jerome Michael 177. 103. D. L. Rogers 178. 104. E. V. Carter, Jr. 170. 105. J. E. Lucas 180. 106. H. G. Bailey 181. 107. E. M. Brown 182. 108. Abit Nix 183. 109. 0. FranHin 184. 110. E. T. Miller 185 1 1 1. H. L. L»nham 186. 1 12. H. B. Blackshear 187. 1 r . W. Falk. Jr. lan. 1 14. A. R. McDonnell 189. 1 15. H. C. Ha ' cher 190. 1 16. Paul L. Bart ' ett 191. 117. F. i-. Penninqton 192. 1 18. E, W. Moise 193. 119. G. C. Woodruff 194. 120. F. V. Heath 195. 121. Millard Rewis 196. 122. R. B. Trnutman 197. 123. Arthur Maddox 198. 124. J. L. Sibley 199. 125. L n. Brown 200. I2fi. r;|iff Braunen 201. 127. G. T. Northern 202. 128. W. A. Mann 203. 129. H. n. Mever 204. 130. B. H. Walton 205 131. D. R. Peacock " ■OB. 132. V. E. DiirHen 207. 133. C. F. Mar ' in •JOB. 134 E. B. Diinlao ■509. 135. R. L. MrWhorter 210. 136. R. H. Freeman " ! r . 137 Z. S. Cowan 212. ' 138 E. Mornanstern ' 13. 139 James M. Lvnch 214. 140 H. Lew Roners 215. 141 B. H. ChaDPell 2lfi. 14 ' ' Ira Funkenstein 217. 143 Frank Carter 218, 144 T. Rucker Ginn 219. 145 Aaron Bernd 220. 146 R. H. Patterson 221. 147 Victor Victor 2-y. 148 H. H. Whelchel 223. 149 L. Pinkussohn 224. 150 Clark Howell, Jr. 225. D. K. McKamy D. F. Paddock John Henderson E. J. Hardin G. S. Whitehead J. B. Conyers C. W. Jacobson H. L. Hod " son R. W. Wesley G. L. Harrison C. M. Tanner W. Onarterman R. Callaway. Jr. Joe ' B Mallett T. A. Thrash Max L. Seqall Hofman Sorrels W. 0. White J. P. Stewirt N. L. GiiMs. Jr. Roff Sims Jr. J. Cari ichael Howard McCall l-« ' ino M. Levy Hinton Lonnino R. W Courts L. H. Tiopett 0. R. Pilars R. H West R. Foreman. Jr. J. M. H-trher Dewey Kninht L " Ui5 S Davis W. P. Z ' Chry Irvino P ini7y R. n ' Callanhan C M C ' ndler W. M. Dallas C. H Catte ' field F. W Har ' -old W n. Mi ' ler Arthur Pew R. E. L. Soence C. W. Slack John R. Slater E. W. Hiahsmith A. M. Day C. M. Straham H. H. Mann II m W. H Stephens J. B. For-) Na»han Jalles Owen Revnolds J P. Carson W D. nnrden W. B. CoHv M. A. McRainey W. F. Daniel F. H. Dixon F. C. M ' Clure L. H. Hill J. J. Clark C. A. Lewis J. J. Bennett, Jr. Alton Hosch C. G. Henry J. K. Harner H. H. Maddox J. L. Watson C. R. Anderson E. M. Gurr H. Cleckley. Ill W. C. Carter. Jr. . William Tate C. F. Wiehrs 226. 227. 228. 229. 230. 231. 232. 233. 234. 235. 236. 237. 238. 239. 240. 241. 242. 243. 244. 245. 246. 247. 248. 249. 250. 251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 25R 257. 258. 259. 260. 261. 2fi ' . 263. 264. 265 266. 267. 268. 269. 270. 271. 272. 273. 274. 275. 276. 277. 278 279. 280. 281. PBT. 283. 284. 285. 286. 287 ' 88 289. 290. 291. 292. 293. 294. 295. 296. 297. 298. 299. 300. 301. John Fletcher J. D. Thomason John Hosch. Jr. T. F. Green. Jr. W. E. Sewell Lester Hargrett C. L. Bowen M. E. Kilpatrick J. D. Allen H. D. Shattuck George Morton G. H. Nixon A. A. Marshall C. N. Men E. P. Roners W. T. Forbes. Jr. G. S. Johnson R. J. Chambliss Ernest Camp, Jr. Allen Post A. S. Clay. Ill Kel ' s B ' ' land Ivey Shivers. Jr. W. H. Younq Isaac K. Hay R. Florence, Jr. T. A Nash T. Hamilton. Jr. B. H. Hardy. Jr. Ha ' i L S ' ancil D C Ti.lley R Pallprsan. Jr. H. S. Wofford J. S. CanHlur II L. Laiit7enheiser R. B Jenninns C. Rarrow. Jr. R. R Hnaks J. H. R-land R. C Hamilton I J. Harris W. J. K ' ine, Jr. K. Anderson J. Palmnur. Jr. Henrv Palmer K. McCutcheon Ruerrv Harris n Feaoin. Jr. M. L. P ' trvis J M. Oliver Mari ' in Cox Fl ' is R Vrnall Merhprt MaffBtt Sanf-rri Oanford J w. M-H oX Mark Hollis W C. Latimer Vernnn S- Smith W Stricl ' land J W M " |ntire Marion Raston M. r renshaw W. Ha7Blhiirst Lerov S. Young F. So ' omon V. B Moore, Jr. W. Maddox. Jr. J. Richardson. Jr. M. HoHoson. Jr. T. Thiqnen. Jr. R. Stephens. Jr. J. W. Calhoun D. Stafford, Jr. John Bond Harry Baxter w. T. Rogers 302. 303. 304. 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 31 I. 312. 313. 314. 315. 316. 317. 318. 319. 320. 321. 322. 323. 324. 325. 326. 327. 328. 329. 330. 331. 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. 339. 340. 341. 342. 343. 344. 345. 346. 347. 348. 349. 350. 351. 352. 353. 354. 355. 356. 357. 358. 359. 360. 361. 362. 363. 364. 365. 366. 367. 368. 369. 370. 371. 375. 373. 374. 375. 376. 377. J. D. Bowden J. Carl Strong A. Lee Rogers J. W. Wise W. Bennett, Jr. W. C. Hawkins R. T. Anderson W. C. Hoyt. Jr. C. Harrold. Jr. B. Anderson, Jr. E. H. Baxter Dyar Massey A. Roddenberry Morris Abram F. Newton, Jr. Q. Lumpkin R. Troutman. Jr. R. P. McCuen A. Cleveland, Jr. R. C. Norman J. Hallihurton Lee Price Howell Hollis Alex McCaskill Stanford Smith Lee Newton Jack Matthews Ernest Vandiver Frank Gunn A. Fowler. Jr. C. J. Smith. Jr. B. Gardner. Jr. Verner Chaffin J. Meadows. Jr. Cliff C. Kimsey T. C. Penland John B. Miller W. Partee, Jr. Irby Exiey Frank Sinkwich Murray Norman F. Champion G. D. Lawrence Jesse Bowles J. P. Miller Charles Trippi Jimmy DeLay Fluker Stewart J. Sheffield. Jr. W. P. Scott. Jr. F. S. Cheatham Dan Edwards R. W. Joiner D W. Leach W. H. Burson M. D. McLendon John Sheffield Kirk McAtphin John Ranch Mims Wilkinson Brvan Whitehurst John E. Griffin Harry L. Winnate James L. Bentley James Andrews Porter Payne Samuel Ray Burns H. Wa ' raven. Jr. R. J Healev Raleiqh S. Bryans W. B. Phillips G. R. Reinhardt W. A. Elinburg W. B. Phillips W. T. Evans T. A. Waddell 378. R. S. McArthur 379. E. L. Dunn, Jr. 380. M. C. Merola 381. W. H. Justice 382. N. P. Chilivis 383. M. W. Edwards 384. T. E. Arnette 385. Carl J. Turner 386. Claude W. Hipps 387. B. S. Middlebrooks 388. Henry G. Woodard 389. Cecil R. Spooner 390. Howard K. Holladay 391. Phil C. Beverly 392. Roland C. Stubbs. Jr. 393. Hassell L. Parker 394. Robert K. West 395. J. D. Benefield, Jr. 396. Wesley L. Harris 397. Frank V. Salerno 398. W. Darren Moseley 399. C. R. Adams. Jr. 400. Dan W. Kitchens 401. E. R. Bratkowski 402. D. L. Branyon, Jr. HONORARY MEMBERS A — H. Brown B — G. Butler C — 0. S. Sibley D — D. Dougherty E— W. H. Harris F — H. Bacon G— W. P. Hall H— F. K. Boland I — H. G. Colvin J— W. Cothran K— W. Spain L — John Dorsey M— F. Mitchell N— H. Dodd 0— C. H. Black P — W. Tichenor 0. — G. Jackson R— W. B. Hill S — C. Snelling T — D. C. Barrow U— R. E. Park V— H. C. White W— A. P. Soule X— W. Bocock Y— S. V. Sanford Z — C. Strahan AA — H. Stegeman SB — S. Morris CC — G. Peabody DD — E. A. Lowe EE— T. Woofter FF— T. W. Reed RG — Harry Mehre HH— H. Edmunds II— H. Hirsch JJ — E. L. Secre ' t KK— H. Caldwell LL — P. Chapman MM — R. R. Gunn NN— J. D. Wade 00 — H. Spaldinq PP— C. H. Herty QQ — E. Coulter RR_W. 0. Payne SS— W. Butts TT— W. M. Crane UU— H. A. Shinn VV— W. 0. Collins WW— E. Cocke. Jr. % 228 First row: Zetterower, J.; Keen, B.; Morrison, J.; Felton, J.; Pilcher, M. Second row: Nelson, W.; Farmer, T.; Osteen, C; Davis, S.; Thornton, J.; Maret, R. Third row: Troutman, F.; Perry, K.; Blaloci(, B.; Cashin, H.; Lipsey, E.; Haeussier, F. Fourth row: Dr. Wil- liams; Widner, H.; Wil- kins, J.; Strickland, S. student v ouncit . The Student Council, founded in 1951, is an organi- zation representing the entire student body. The Coun- cil was organized to voice legitimate student needs to the administration, to orient incoming freshman and transfer students, and to elect student representatives to the Faculty Committee on Student Affairs, the Fac- ulty Athletic Committee, and the Advisory Student Activities Committee. The Chairman of the Student Council also serves as a consultant to the University administration on many matters concerning student welfare. Members of the Student Council are elected in the spring to serve for one year. Each school or college elects one representative for each two hundred stu- dents enrolled. In addition, one representative is elected from each of the follow ing organizations: Ag Hill Council, Grand Old Party, Interfraternity Coun- cil, Panhellenic Council, Triquetra, and Women ' s Stu- dent Government Association. OFFICERS STEVE STRICKLAND Chairman RANDALL MARET Vice Chairman JACKIE ZETTEROWER Secretary-Treasurer DR. J. WILLIAMS Faculty Advisor Moret, R.; Zetterower, J.; Dr. Wiliioms; Strickland, S. 229 student u nion • • • Chatham, C; Head, J.; Patton, A.; DeBacker, L. STUDENT UNION COUNCIL The University of Georgia Student Union, located on North Campus in Memorial Hall, is a campus--wide organization established to help meet the social and cultural needs of faculty and students. All students are eligible for membership in the Union ' s Council. From this group, board members are elected each spring quar- ter to form the governing body of the organi- zation. Student Union operates under five standing committees — social, publicity, house, games, and entertainment. A full- time director and secretary make up the Union ' s administrative staff. Memorial Hall ' s facilities, available every Monday through Saturday, include billiard tables, table tennis, TV lounge, shuff leboard, table games, and a juke box and ballroom. Georgia ' s Student Union, a member of the National Association of College Unions, spon- sors dances, tournaments, free movies, and other activities weekly. Outstanding an- nual events include a Freshman Welcome Party, a Monte Carlo Party, Christmas and Valentine Dances, bridge and billiard tour- naments, and after-game dances. Remodeling of Memorial Hall, scheduled to begin this year, vill turn the building into a modern student center, more than doubling facilities, and give the Union one of the finest buildings in the Southeast. OFFICERS CHRIS CHATHAM Fall Quarter President LUCIAN DEBACKER . . . Winter Quarter President JANE HEAD Recording Secretary ANN PATTON Corresponding Secretary MRS. WINIFRED TEWS Adiisor First row; Lundy, W.; DeBacker, L.; Potton, A.; Chatham, C; Mrs. Tews. Newman, D.; Mrs. Show; Bell, C; Crawford, B.; Ware, V. Second row: 230 nuii lan (iSiachj ri narS . . . In 1931 the two old dramatic societies, the Thalians and the Blackfriars, which had been functioning for some eighty years as producing organizations, merged to become the Thalian-Blackfriars, the theatre hon- orary of the University Theatre. The club is com- posed of students interested in fostering the production of meritorious campus drama and stimulating interest in the cultural aspects of the theatre throughout the state of Georgia. Any student is eligible for pledging in the society when he has worked on at least two University The- atre productions and has earned a total of five points through theatre work. With a total of three plays and ten points, a student is eligible for membership. The honor of being a " key " member is reserved for those vho have worked on seven shows and have at least thirty-five points. The gold key is composed of the initials, " TB. " The outstanding project of the year was the spon- soring of a playwriting contest, from which the win- ning play will be produced by the Thalian-Blackfriars. Mr. Ballew; Bond, M.; Eisenstein, D.; Bond, H.; Low, B.; Mr. Camp OLD OFFICERS MATT BOND President ■ DAVID EISENSTEIN Vice President I HARRIET BOND Secretary BREVARD LAW Treasurer NEW OFFICERS CHAN SIEG President DAVID EISENSTEIN Vice President ANN SIEG Secretary BREVARD LAW Treasurer MR. L. M. BALLEW, MR. PAUL CAMP Faculty Advisors I First row: Billings, A.; Antley, I.; Gullestad, A.; Priles, M.; Bond, H.; Donehoo, B.; Baker, S.; Sieg, A.; Eisenstein, D. , Second row: Feinburg, R.; Bond, M.; Teuscher, W.; Mr. Popovich; Mr. Bal- lew; Mr. Camp; Josey, C; Law, B.; Shivers, B. 232 g» «-; Floyd, E.; Gilmer, E.; Allison, B.; Boker, E.; Jackson, J. I f riauetru Triangle Triquetra, the University of Georgia organization for non-sorority women, was founded in the spring of 1951. All girls who are not members of a social sorority are invited to participate in its well-rounded program, which includes social and cultural activities. The motto, " She who is a stranger is my sister, " signifies that the members, when they arrive on the campus, are strangers to each other, but that through playing, working, and living together, they become sisters. Each spring Triquetra co-sponsors the King and Queen Georgia High Contest. At the spring formal, the Coronation Ball, the king and queen are announced, crowned, and given scholarships. Among other out- standing annual events are Christmas caroling and a Valentine Banquet. The sterling silver pin is composed of three inde- pendent arcs fused into one central figure. The " T " guard, worn only by members of the Triangle, is pre- sented for outstanding leadership, ability, achievement, and individuality. Triangle is the heart and spirit of Triquetra. Its ritual and objectives inspire members to continue after college the high standards they aim for while here. The organization flower is the Talisman rose; the colors are red, black, and gold; and the escutcheon is red, black, gold, and silver on a white field. OFFICERS 6ENN1E JANE ALLISON President ESTELLE BAKER Vice President ELEANOR GILMER Recording Secretary MARTHA RUTH ALLEN Corresponding Secretary ELEANOR FLOYD Treasurer JANETTE JACKSON Publicity Chairman MRS. EDITH STALLINGS, MRS. ROBERT AYERS . . . Patronesses First row: Allison, B.; Smith, A.; Gilmer, E.; Murray, L.; Singletary, B.; Baker, E.; Jackson, J.; Franklin, L. Secorid row; White, D.; Nuckolls C; Tumer, J.; Almond A.; Sparks, M.; Asbill S.; Bowers, B.; McCulley J. Third row: Butler, S Dean Stallings; Jones L.; Lewis, J.; Whitoker S.; Fricks, K.; Griner, B. Ellison, P.; Venable, J. Floyd, E. Fourth row Evans, E.; Heck, C. Klein, E.; Bohonon, B. Cox, A.; Bridges, J. Hester, M.; Jones, L. 233 u nwersit Ok t, euire i One of the most popular activities at the University of Georgia is the University Theatre. Each year over five hundred University students from the campus at large become actors, costumers, make-up artists, scene builders, technicians, and businessmen. These stu- dents, under the supervision of three Speech and Drama Department faculty members, successfully run a the- atre season each year comprising five major produc- tions. During the 1953-54 footlight season, DEATH OF A SALESMAN, ANGEL STREET, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT ' S DREAM, RING AROUND THE MOON, and ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER delighted campus and Athenian audiences. Besides this ambitious program, a series of experi- mental one-act plays w ere produced in the Laboratory Theatre. These plays — produced, directed, and acted by the students — have become popular with students and faculty. Some of the plays produced during the past year were Shaw ' s HOW HE LIED TO HER HUSBAND, Niggli ' s SUNDAY COSTS FIVE PESOS, TURN DOWN AN EMPTY JUG, THE LAST KISS, and COALS OF FIRE. In addition to its main-stage and Laboratory The- atre productions, the University Theatre sponsored several other dramatic events. In March, it brought the famed Dublin Players from Dublin, Ireland, in a series of brilliant Irish one-act plays by John Millington Synge and Lady Gregory. The University Theatre also w as host to the Fifth State Drama Festival, which at- tracted over four hundred high school drama enthusi- asts to the campus in February, and sponsored the Tenth District Literary Meet in December. Two outstanding drama people were brought from Europe to the campus to serve as Artists-in-Residence during 1953-54. They ■were Miss Anne Gullestad, lead- ing lady at the National Theatre at Bergen, Norway, and Wolfgang Teuscher of the University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany. Both appeared in plays and served as crew personnel during the theatre season. When selecting plays for the mainstage productions, an attempt is made to provide campus audiences with a w ell-balanced program suiting many tastes; scenes here from four of the plays indicate the ' wide choice offered to University Theatre audiences. STAFF LEIGHTON M. BALLEW Snpcriishtg Director PAUL A. CAMP Technical Director JAMES E. POPOVICH Associate Director MARLENE ZORN Secretary BREVARD LAW Electrician ALAN BILLINGS Stage Manager BILLY SHIVERS Stage Carpenter RONALD BROWN Sound CHARLES JOSEY Properties MATT BOND Costumes THEO SHIELL Business BARBARA DONEHOO Make-up Spring 1953 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST Oscar Wilde Fall 1953 DEATH OF A SALESMAN Arthur Miller ' Fall 1953 ANGEL STREET Patrick Hamilton Winter 1953 AS YOU LIKE IT William Shakespeare -im md .mmmmm mm!,llM%idhll)KM B8SHiiiila«»fliiiSU. t.«««ii - ' fl First row: Kimball, H.; Barnhardt, M.; Goldman, A.; Shulman, I.; Avery, K.; Ayers, R. Second row: Vallls, D.; Loper, K.; Hawkins, L.; Graham, D.; Robinson, S.; Quincy, J.; Gordon, D.; Sipes, C; Wheeler, A. Third row; Eubanks, S.; McElevein, M.; Brewer, A.; Morris, D.; Moyle, W.; Holms, S.; Jackson, B.; Hawkins, M.; Pierce, A.; Brittoin, R.; Clougherty, F. The purpose of U.G.R.A. — an interfaith, interde- nominational association of faculty and students — is to carry on a unified campus- ' wide program of worship, study, and action, supplementing the work of the churches and striving to realize the will of God in personal living on the campus and in the social order. To help students make religion a vital part of their lives, the Association sponsored " Go to Church Sunday " and " Religion-in-Life Week, " of which the highlights were speeches and discussion group talks by religious leaders from all parts of the country. U.G.R.A. also conducts yearly a World University Service Fund Drive to secure money for needy students overseas and to bring to Georgia students a better understanding of the ideals and aspirations of the stu- dents in other lands. The climax of the drive this year was a banquet, co-sponsored by U.G.R.A. and the Cos- mopolitan Club, held at Stegeman Hall. OFFICERS MARY JANE EARNHARDT President IRMA SHULMAN Vice President DON GRAHAM Secretary KEN LOPER Treasurer 236 lyfnli efdltu of Lji eot ' aia w f etlaioud ddoclutlon Graham, D.; Shulman, I.; Loper, K.; Bornhordt, M. l UeSleu oundution OFFICERS BARBARA REED President JOHNNY YATES Vice President ANN NOELL Secretary BILL UPTON Treasurer We plan our work at retreat. i mm mmy iMlltt m Upton, B.; Noell, A.; Yates, J.; Reed, B. iiilLi k We worship in the chapel. We gather at the Student Center. We hove fun, FOOD, and fellowship. The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist Church at work on State and Independent campuses. Its pur- pose is to minister to spiritual needs of students through worship, recreation, fellowship and service. We meet offer church ot the Comeroderie. We prepore our Sunday night suppers. First row; Durden, C; Skeels, C; Davis, S. Second row: Estes, L.; Prichard, E.; Coffey, M.; Osteen, C. Women ' s Student Government Association vas or- ganized to preserve and promote the interest and pres- tige of the University, to assure each student the largest possible amount of personal freedom without injury to the liberty of others, and to promote activities and enterprises that will aid members of the organization in achieving a satisfying life. The executive, legislative, and judicial departments are the functioning divisions of the Association. The executive and judicial departments meet weekly in Phi Kappa Hall to try cases which are above the jurisdiction of the house courts. The legislative body meets to dis- cuss proposed changes in the rules of the organization. Annually Women ' s Student Government Association sponsors a workshop at which the -women students of the University voice their suggestions for possible changes and improvements in the Association. Student Government members also assist at the President ' s Re- ception during Freshman Orientation and sponsor re- ceptions during the year. OFFICERS EMILY PRICHARD President CAROL SKEELS Vice President MARY CAFFEY Chairman of judiciary LELAND ESTES Secretary CAROLYN OSTEEN Treasurer SUE DAVIS junior Representative CAROL DURDEN Sophomore Representative ..Wc S Lucie omen J taUeni Ljouernmeni ....y ddocia lion Prichard, E.; Osfecn, C; Estcs, L.; Skeels, C. 238 Fi,=,t r V. Dlllard, M.; Hobby, W., Ballord, C. l- ; ; Steele, J.; Goble, J.; Parker, H.; Perry, K.; Leochman, C Fletcher, N. Third row; White, L.; Selmon, J.; Starkey, D.; Deoter, D.; Lowery, B.; Colston, W. Fourth row: Jocques, J Felton, J.; Lundy, W.; Harrison, G.; Darden, R.; Whitoker, R.; Vaughn, B.; Mobley, T. Fifth row; Moseley, D.; Johnson, B Lee, D.; Woodward, H.; Linder, B. Sixth row: Nelson, W.;Branyon, D.; Blalock, B.; Jackson, R.; Maret, R. A Club Men are elected to " X " Club, campus honorary or- ganization, after they have become second quarter sophomores and displayed outstanding industry, ability, and merit. The club was founded in 1931 by the late Chancellor S. V. Sanford for the purpose of improving school spirit and loyalty. Each fall during Freshman Orientation Week " X " Club members present an activities program to acquaint incoming men students vith various campus organi- zations and publications. During spring vacation mem- bers speak to high school seniors in their home towns about attending the University. At the end of each academic year the club sponsors the election of the outstanding male senior on the cam- pus. The winner is presented w ith a gold loving cup at the annual Honors ' Day program. FALL QUARTER OFFICERS WILLIAM NELSON President NICK CRAWFORD Vice President JULE FELTON Secretary-Treasurer RANDALL MARET Historian WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS BILLY LINDER President JULE FELTON Vice President BILL VAUGHN Secretary-Treasurer JOE GOBLE Historian Nelson, W.; Felton, J.; Maret, R The debonair men of the year. First row: Weiss, S., Hardmon, J.; Waldrep W.; Mays, B.; Clihon W.; Maret, R.; Wood word, H.; McElhenny, L. Dekle, T. Second row Norn ' s, E.; Brewton, C. Eidom, B.; Conner, M. Pelly, F.; Ezell, D.; Lev erett, J.; Merritt, C. Kite, H. Third row: MeS ' sina, C; Toylor, G.; Cor ver, D.; Patterson, C. Leverett, R.; Hart, C. Black, B.; Spratlin, T. Chapman, M.; Carver, R Fourth row: Mr. Milli kan; Mr. DeLoach; Dr Feurt; Dr. LaRocca; Dr Woters; Scroggins, J. Mr. Dobbs; Burnley, J. Nathaniel, W.; Cobb, B _J- merican Pk armciceu ticui ...y ddociauon The American Pharmaceutical Association, Student Branch, was organized on the University of Georgia campus in 1945. Membership in the organization is open to all students in Pharmacy School. The purposes of the organization are to provide a means whereby students in the Pharmacy School can assemble together to discuss current issues pertaining to the profession, to foster education in matters involv- ing pharmacy, and to acquaint the members w ith the parent organizations, the national American Pharma- ceutical Association and the Georgia Pharmaceutical Association. OFFICERS JOEL HARDMAN President JIM BRACKETT Vice President CAROLE HART Recording Secretary BARBARA BLACK Corresponding Secretary RENZO CARVER Treasurer r lto ( kl When Rho Chi Society was established in 1922 at the University of Michigan, the letters, " Rho Chi, " were selected as emblematic of the prescription sign. The Society is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and presently lists forty-four chapters. Membership for undergraduates is limited to those who have completed 117 quarter hours toward a B.S. Pharmacy degree and are in the upper twenty percent of their class. Alpha Kappa chapter was established at the Uni- versity of Georgia School of Pharmacy in 1949. The highlight of the chapter ' s activities is the annual spon- soring of the Crawford W. Long Day Memorial Ex- ercises. OFFICERS CHARLES MERRITT President JANE HENG Vice President THOMAS DEKLE Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT LISLE Historian First row: Lisle, R.; Hcng, J.; White, M.; Merritt, C. Second row: Dekle, T. Hordman, J.; Maret, R. 240 First row: Cook, C; Tur- ner, H.; Graff, J.; Coile, J. Second row: Cobb, W.; Garrard, J.; Wig- gins, L.; Gregory, B.; Pennock, V.; Morgan, B.; Cooper, S. Third row: Hill, R.; Collins, C; Perry, M.; Benedek, A.; Powell, J. Landscape Architecture ( lub tp An organization for landscape architecture majors, the Landscape Architecture Club aims to promote an interest in the department and give the students an understanding of their professional field. The club participated in the Agricultural Fair by sending in an exhibit of student work. OFFICERS JOHN POWELL President ROBERT HILL Vice President SHIRLEY COOPER Secretary JO BETH GARRARD Corresponding Secretary BILLY MORGAN Treasurer First row: Cobb, W.; Benedek, A.; Garrard, J.; Morgan, B.; Powell J . Second row: Hill, R.; Coile, J. 1 nt«rf? I i oLambda Alplta Pi Lambda Alpha, national professional landscape architecture fraternity, was founded on this campus in 1949. Members are chosen from those students of landscape architecture who have filled the required qualifications and sho v the most interest in the pro- fession. The students themselves give bids to those who they believe will further the profession of land- scape architecture after graduation. OFFICERS JOHN POWELL President ROBERT HILL Vice President BILLY MORGAN Secretary-Treasurer JO BETH GARRARD Recording Secretary 241 LuaffcLU ( tub First row Reynolds, J. Fussell, E.; Davis, C. Mercer, J.; Moore, J.; Reynolds, R Gregory, F. Dr. O ' Kelly; Carter, V.; Sanders, S. Flanders, P. ; Stewart, B. Bramlett, T. Second row Yearta, B. Connell, L. .; Vonler, T. Third row Bradley, J Barnes, H The purpose of the Gaffau Club, established in 193 0, is to provide recreation and fraternal relationship for agricultural students and to train prospective teachers of vocational agriculture to perform duties of advisors of high school Future Farmers of America. The club members act as directors of the Future Farmers of America Contest at the Georgia State Fair and sponsor Future Farmers of America Day on the campus each year. OFFICERS ED FUSSELL President BILLY STEWART Vice President TIMOTHY BRAMLETT Secretary PAUL FLANDERS Treasurer JULIAN REYNOLDS Reporter CECIL DAVIS Faculty Adiisor 1 Mi Ui b all iorlculture i iub The Floriculture Club, open to any interested stu- dent, was founded in 1946. To promote interest in floriculture and associated fields, the club sponsors flower shows and displays of plant and decoration ma- terials. For " Glad Day, " the outstanding flower show, the members collected flowers from local gladiolus growers and fixed over sixty arrangements for display. OFFICERS ROBERT MIDDLETON President MARIE LANIER Vice President MARIA MARKOW Secretary-Treasurer MR. RAY BOWDEN Faculty Advisor Rogers, J.; Hancock, W.; Lanier, M.; Markow, M.; Middleton, R. En 242 First row; Bryan, B.; Tate, B.; Martin, I.; Webb, N.; Cannon, V.; Fraker, C; Streeter, S. Second row; Floyd, E.; Baker, E.; Short, A.; Al- lison, B.; Bohanan, B.; Bowers, B.; Fricks, K. Third row: Hancock, W.; Eubonks, A.; Paradise, C; McCulley, J.; Stan- ford, P.; Venoble, J.; Hows, v.; Ellison, P.; Sparks, M.; Whitoker, S.; Lewis, J.; Buxton, M. M omecon The purpose of Homecon, an organization for home economics majors, is to develop leadership and person- ality in its members, to provide knowledge and prac- tice in self-initiated group work, and to foster high ideals and an appreciation for home life. In the fall, the club co-sponsors with Ag Club the Know All Party to acquaint the freshman and transfer students with the honorary clubs on Ag Hill. Other annual events include the fall Kick-off Dance; the winter formal, the Snow Ball; and the spring Senior Banquet honoring the graduating seniors. Also Home- con sponsors Home Economics Day, at which time pros- First row: Findley, B.; Still, B.; McAlpin, D.; Veoiey, D.; Molloch, D., ' ' Prichard, E.; Larsen, J. Second row: Miss Appleby; Rector, M.; Head, J., Worthy, C; Carlton, J.; Caffey, M. pective home economics students from Georgia high schools visit the campus. OFFICERS HARRIETTE MATTESON President BENNIE JANE ALLISON Vice President BETTY SHULER Corresponding Secretary ADRIAN SHORT Recording Secretary BLANCHE RICHARDSON Treasurer LILA JONES Women ' s Editor of the Agriculturalist MISS FRAN BROOKS, MISS FRANKEY BLAND Advisors - ioneer ( tub Pioneer Club vas founded in 1928 to promote closer fello vship among the women students on the campus. As this need was alleviated, the club was organized as a literary and debating society. This society grew until it was recognized as an outstanding organization on the campus and remained active for many years. In 1952, the need for such an organization was again realized, and the Pioneer Club ■was reactivated to pro- vide opportunities for leadership through informal de- bating and to promote literary activities for w omen students at the University of Georgia. Besides the regular debates within the society and lectures on literary topics, the Pioneer Club holds de- bates vith other literary societies on the campus. OFFICERS JOAN LARSEN President PAT ELLIS Vice President JANE HEAD Secretary DOT VEAZEY Treasurer MISS JANE APPLEBY Advisor 243 First row: Connaway, P Rogers, B.; Schillings, J Patton, A.; Meadows, C Williams, J.; Stem, Second row: Grady, S Antley, I.; Johnson, J Akins, A.; Markow, M Osteen, C; Hohn, P Tate, B.; Crawford, E Not pictured: McDonolc B.; Baker, L.; WomacI B.; Hawkins, M. i lniversitu f edldent S tudent . . dsistantd • The University Resident Student Assistants provides an experience in true campus guidance. U.R.S.A. was organized at the University of Georgia in 1950 for the purpose of helping the freshman women adjust to col- lege life. During the summer, the members act as " big sisters " by writing to the prospective freshmen and answering any questions the girls may have concerning the University, its rules and customs. The resident U.R.S.A. ' s live in the freshman w omen ' s dormitories and act as guides in helping these students accustom themselves to life at the University. The girls invited to membership in U.R.S.A. are those who show an in- terest in campus affairs, qualities of leadership, and outstanding character. OFFICERS ANN PATTON President BEVERLY McDonald Vice President JOYCE SCHILLINGS Secretary-Treasurer _ . 9 onuu h The Argonauts was founded at the University in September, 195 3. The organization exists for the pur- pose of furnishing guidance and help to incoming fresh- man men during their first year at the University. Men are tapped for membership at a Reed Hall dance during the spring quarter. The oak leaf was chosen as a symbol of strength and loyalty, and the name " Argonaut " was selected as sym- bolic of young men willing to sacrifice their time and effort for the golden fleece of service. OFFICERS GENE ROE President HAL AVERITT Vice President HERBERT JONES, JR Secretary-Treasurer R. L. BRITTAIN Advisor First row: McMillian, D.; Kimball, H.; Owens, G.; Jones, H. Second row Bower, J.; Booth, F.; Owens, L.; Day, F.; Winn, R.; Killum, H. Third row Perry, L.; Heyward, A.; Mr. Brittoin; Simmons, E. Fourth row: Sweat, Patterson, V.; Brown, J. Fifth row: Rainey, T.; Clyatt, T.; Chamberless, 1 Sixth row: McGregor, J.; Roe, G.; Conner, M.; Hodnett, M. VkJKk ' 244 Hopkins, M.; Crawford, B.; Tote, B.; AnHey, I.; fOsteen, C; Womock, B. Not pictured; Durden, C. L lub Election to membership in " Z " Club is the highest honor a freshman woman can attain. Each spring not more than seven girls are selected on the basis of scholar- ship, leadership, service, character, and loyalty. In the spring, the organization sponsors " Z Nite, " at which time all the freshman dormitories and the freshman girls in sororities are invited to present skits and send candidates to compete for the title of " Miss First row: Miss Bonduront; Mollach, D.; Chandler, M.; Goldstein, M.; Rose, F.; Roberts, H.; Rogers, B.; Morris, C; Womock, B.; Baker, L. Sec- ond row: Heng, J.; Akins, A.; Harrison, A.; Grant, N.; Lindsey, J.; Antley, I.; Conaway, P.; Veaiey, D. Third row: Col. Trimble; Miller, M.; Perkins, :U.; Lanier, M.; Wallace, T.; DeZoort, E. Freshman. " Also, this year " Z " Club has carried out various projects and activities at the Athens Cerebral Palsy Home. OFFICERS BARBARA CRAWFORD President BETTYE TATE Secretary-Treasurer Wnu (J ambdu csDettci ip Alpha Lambda Delta, founded in 1924 at the Uni- versity of Illinois, is a national honorary organization for freshman women of high scholastic attainment. The Georgia chapter vas installed in 1934. The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among the freshman women in our institutions of higher learning. To be eligible for membership, a freshman woman must maintain an 88 average for two quarters. A " Smarty Party " is held each quarter for freshman women who attained an 88 average the previous quarter. OFFICERS BETTY NUTTYCOMBE President LAURADINE BAKER Vice President JEAN PERKINS Secretary KATHLEEN LOKEY Trcasicrcr JANE HENG Senior Advisor COL. RICHARD TRIMBLE faculty Advisor 245 V V ♦ ATHLETICS m I i t i 4 GEORGIA BUTTS IN ACTION MAYBE I OUGHTA PLAY WHO SAID THAT? Left to right, top row; John Carson, Lillard McDonald, Gene White, Roy Wilkins, Matthew Arthur, Ben Fruehauf, Cleve Clark, Butch Mulherin, Joe O ' Malley, Bill Young, Jerry Griffen, Joe Pribil, Richard Zerbe. Left to right, third row: Walter White, Bob Bumford, Buddy Mothis, Francis Molinowski, Richard Bernhardt, John Turpin, Don Shea, Jerry Cook, Joe Graff, Willie Fowler, Sam Mrvos, John Campbell, Bill Saye. Left to right, second row: Tom Vossor, Bruce Wimberley, Derwent Longley, Harry Kotes, Fred Nutt, Clayton Grubbs, Joe Schopen, Horry White, Otho Dodd, Jimmy Fischer, Howard Kelly, Bob Garrard, Knox Culpepper. Left to right, first row: Jimmy Harper, Gene Methvin, Bob Reed, John Perkins, Jimmy Campogna, Bill Burt, Charles Earnest, Bob Clements, Zeke Bratkowski, Chorlie Madison, Jimmy Williams, John Bell, Bobby Chambless. BULLDOGS Sf - GENE WHITE Right End JIMMY WILLIAMS Right Halfback JOE GRAFF Right Guard ZEKE BRATKOWSKI Quarterback JERRY GRIFFIN Left Tackle JIMMY HARPER Quarterback JOHN CARSON Left End FRANCIS MALINOWSKI Right Tackle ' 3 BRUCE WIMBERLEY Left Guard DON SHEA Left Guard CHARLIE MADISON Right Halfback JIMMY CAMPAGNA Left Halfback BOB CLEMENS Fullback JERRY COOK Center BOBBY GARRARD Left Halfback SAM MRVOS Right Guard WALTER WHITE Right Tackle JOE O ' MALLEY Riaht FnrI ne e rr ii ,i:-- eadon " What happened to Georgia, " was the yell sent up by many alumni from all over the state. Nothing, the team just didn ' t have the strength in man-power that it takes to play sixty minutes of top college ball. It was not w e didn ' t have the stars who are so important in telling the difference between a mediocre team and a great one. We did. All- American Johnny Carson and Zeke Bratkowski, nation ' s leading passer. But always in the second half we seemed to lose. It vas those few seconds the " greats " needed to rest that we couldn ' t give them. Yet vith this lack of depth Coach Butts fielded a team against the best in the nation. Through constant conditioning, and Georgia guts, the squad managed to win three games this season. And at the same time he developed raw material for a good team next year, and a great one the year after. In the first test of the season against Villanova, Georgia calmly upset the pollsters by beating " the best in the East. " The following week the Bulldogs invited Tulane to a Georgia " mardi gras " as they pounded the New Orleans eleven 16-14. At this point the optimists had the " dogs " on their way to an undefeated season. However, the following week Texas A. M. won in the last two minutes to end Georgia hopes. Next Georgia faced mighty Maryland, and came off second best. This vas followed by an L.S.U. beating. Some were taking bets as to Wally ' s staying at Georgia. North Carolina w as invaded by Georgia, and the season ' s record stood at three and three. The Tar Heels just didn ' t have what it takes to stop a mad " bulldog. " Homecoming marked the end of Georgia ' s win- ning as the Crimson Tide from Alabama drowned Georgia hopes 3 3 to 12. But from here on in, the fans were to see some great football. Florida, little Auburn, Mississippi Southern, and finally Tech won the remaining games of the season. But it was aWays in the second half, or last quarter. The last game of the season, Tech, was to be the best even though we lost. Up to the last min- utes in the game it looked as though we might be able to hand the Engineers a beating. And even in the fe-w remaining minutes, it looked as though the " dogs " might score. Looking back on the season, many a Georgia fan felt they were watching a junior Trippi being born in Harper. Others felt they would never see another passer, or kicker, as good as Brat- kowski. And still others felt they were watching the best when Johnny Carson was digging for pay dirt with a received pass tucked into his right arm. However, with the depth strength which Geor- gia needed this year, the Bulldogs next year will be the team to watch. % ■ GEORGIA-ALABAMA Georgia was able to hold Ala- bama to a one-point lead until midway in the third quarter when Carson fumbled a pass from the Brat vhich was caught before hit- ting the ground, and returned for a score against the Bulldogs. Af- ter that, the Tide rolled over Geor- gia to the tune of 3 3 to 12. High point of the game vas a seventy-fwo yard score by Har- per. Many Georgia fans felt that they w ere w atching a new star in the University heavens. Alabama scores. Good for thirty yards. He didn ' t hold it. GEORGIA-L.S.U. L.S.U., showing more talent than any other SEC team, made a poor showing against Georgia when they managed to eke out a 14 to 6 victory. But on the other hand Georgia might have won the game if three passes had not been inter- cepted. All in all, the Bulldogs played fine defensive football throughout the en- tire game. EORGIA-NORTH CAROLINA Georgia played its best game of ie season in beating North Caro- la 27 to 14 before a crowd of ;,000 in Sanford stadium. Both (r defense and offense were po- ut. Many Georgia alumni felt Zeke [lyed his best game of the season. Harper showed great defensive sill, and as a result recovered a imble, and intercepted a Tar J;el pass. We recovered the fumble. You ' re not going anyplace, ' Gator. He olmost mode it . . ¥ ii ' -z ' .. GEORGIA-FLORIDA Although Georgia was dropped 2 1 to 7 by the ' Gators from Florida, much can be said about the individual play- ing of both Bratkowski and Harper. Time after time Georgia receivers muffed passes. Harper again played fine football with gains of 1 6 and 24 yards in the last quarter. Some fans felt they were watching a junior Trippi being born. ' .L HIT ; % n 4 VARSITY TRACKMEN Georgia ' s 195 3 track team got off to a flying start last year by winning the non-conference division of the Southern Conference Indoor Games at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Led by sophomore Jack Hooper, the Bulldog cindermen compiled a 2-3 regular season meet record, and ■were runners-up to Auburn in the Southeastern A.A.U. Meet. Sophomore Kermit Perry w as high point man in the meet, and -svill spark the tracksters again this year. Perry and Willis Sparks posted Georgia track records in the Tech meet. Perry covered the 120 low hurdle course in 14:9, and Sparks the 880-yard run in 58:8. Under Coach Towns ' guidance the 1954 cin- dermen may be expected to be the team to beat, Look at the muscles V y ' y . w- w ♦ ♦ ik- First row, left to right: Ronald Bradley, Murphy McMonus, Doug Foster, Louis McGee, Fred Edmondson, W. C. Jones, Emory Clements, Coach Harbin " Red " Lawson. Second row, left to right: Jimmy Parker, George Bell, Bill Enstey, Al Parrish, Bubbo Potts, Capt. Marvin Satterfield, Lonnie Heath. BASKETBALL Coach " Red " La ' wson ' s 19 54 cagers were a young outfit, short in experience but packed with potential. They got off to a surprising start by capturing the Gator Bowl tournament during the Christmas holidays. This squad, listing only three seniors, also won the series with Georgia Tech, beating the Yello v Jackets on the vay to the Gator Bowl cro vn and trouncing them again in Woodruff Hall. The season ' s finale against Florida was a heart- breaker. The Bulldogs dropped an 80-76 decision in a double overtime affair as a part of the G-Day festivities. he e eaSon in Bnel Giving Georgia follo vers hope for next year are Murphy McManus, top team scorer, who vill be back for his senior season, and two fine freshmen, Fred Ed- mondson and Bill Ensley. Also returning w ill be Lamar " Bubba " Potts, winner of the Joe Jordan Memorial Trophy as the most valuable Georgia player, Al Par- rish, a fine center, and several other " comers. " Capt. Marvin Satterfield typified the hard luck of this Georgia team. While leading the hardw ood come- back, Marvin broke his wrist and sat out the last seven games. MURPHY McMANUS LAMAR " BUBBA " POTTS AL PARRISH 256 JIMMY PARKER MERMEN I ' I ji i ' 1 COACH B. W. (BUMP) GABRIELSON REID PATTERSON Left to right; Bob Terry, Hal Stelz, Marshall Floyd. STEVE MITAKIS COACH GABRIELSON and PATTERSON MARSHALL FLOYD GOLF CAPT. NOLEN RICHARDSON FRANK STEVENSON GARY PLEGER TENNIS " " yi i i k- m hirj iuv , !efl tj right Jock Torpley, Jack Roberts, John Morsholl, Phil Coloiacovc, Doug Foster, Lamar Potts, Al Porrish, Morvin Sotterfield. Second row, left to right: Leon Houston, Reggie Andrews, Copt. Nothan Williams, Bobby Sherrer, Johnny Douglas, Johnny Campbell, Glenn Fox, Rip Dorden. Third row, left to right: Jimmy Parker, Jimmy Nisewonger, Don Parr, Horry White, Johnny Clifton, Emory Clements, Kermlth Hall, Coach Jim Whatley. AL PARRISH NATHAN WILLIAMS KERMITH HALL I 260 ' 1 jfc . .V.-v fc» , I ' tl , ' if- - ' % ' tm . ..INTRAMURALS AT GEORGIA Them dancing Snakes. Well . . . almost. Champs ... or Chumps. Pigskin runner-ups. Wc omen 6 _y m letic y ddocla tlon The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization open to all vomen students at the University of Georgia. The Association sponsors four skill and interest clubs, -which are the Dolphin, Ten- nis, Tumbling, and Dance. These clubs offer an opportunity to further interests or skills in these activities. The most outstanding of W.A.A. activities is the sponsoring of an active intramural program for women. Sports featured in this program are volleyball, horseshoes, tennis, badminton, basketball, table tennis, bo wling, archery, swimming, golf, and Softball. There are various other activities of the Association throughout the year, such as Play Night, the annual banquet, and the confer- ences held by the Georgia Athletic Federation for College Women. The main purpose of the W.A.A. is the sponsoring of sporting activities to further better sportsmanship among students and to teach the principles of leadership and co- operation. OFFICERS JUNE GALLOWAY President NANCY COONEY Vice President BETTYE WOMACK Secretary CAROLYN MEADOWS Treasurer 1954 REPRESENTATIVES AND OFFICERS 264 J nL ramurul5 L CLASSES R S " Black-goivned upon the dear old steps he stands, His brain ivith mingled junk and knowledge stored ; He carries on his head the mortarboard, A roll of learned sheepskin in his hands. " — E. M. Robinson On the threshold at last . . . aristocrats of the campus . . . very dignified . . . Southern planters ' hats and canes for the Senior Parade . . . ordering class rings, invitations, diplomas . . . Little Commencement . . . one last fling . . . caps and go ' svns . . . " We look toward the future with confidence. " OFFICERS DON BRANYON President MARTHA RUTH ALLEN Vice President BOB BLALOCK Secretary-Treasurer The day Sphinx mcinbcrs were tapped 270 ' 3 » r?:: : -•t; ? • V? : •t- iiHiiiA ■--. - - ' t ;s - ' ' ! •3 _ - ..• ' . DON BRANYON WARTHA RUTH ALLEl -■,;• • «K J •«-. ■•3» W. llA .. i S» lt J fSK- l ' 3» ' ' ' , ? Seniors become more dignified . As graduation time draws near. W " BSf f- Acree, J. Adami, C. Ada:tis, J. Adams, W. Ahrcns, J. Albea, W. Alford, J. Allen, A. Allen, B. Allen, H. Allen, H. Allen, J. Allen, M. Allen, M. Allen, P. Altobellis, A. Anderson, C. Anderson, J. Andrews, J. Andrls, H. Anglin, E. Armstrong, J. Asken, E. Atho, L. Atkins, J. Bachelor, J. Badida, M. Baker, W. Banks, W. Barbaree, D. Barber, E. Bargeron, B. Barinowski, C. Barnett, R. Bartell, A. Bell, D. Bellew, D. Benotor, V. Benerofe, A. Bennett, B. Bennett, L. Bentley, G. Berrent, L. Beunegrott, R. Beusse, D Birchler, D. Bishop, D. Bishop, J. Black, B. Blackmon, C. THE DOOR FIRST ROW: AGREE, JOHN A.; VaUosta; B.B.A. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Economics Society . . ADAMS, CYRUS M., JR.; Savannah; B.B.A. in Accounting; Chi Psi . . . ADAMS, JOE A.; East Point; B.B.A. in Retail Merchandising; Alpha Gamma Delta . ADAMS, WILLIAM P.; Pavo; B.S. in Botany . . . AHRENS, JOHN P.; North Bcllmore. N. Y.; B.S. A. in Agronomy; Agronomy Club, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Ag Hill Council ALBEA, WYATT B., JR.; Lmcolnton; B.B.A. in Aero. Adm.; Rifle Team . . . ALFORD, JAMES W.; Coliimhus; B.B.A. in Accounting; Pi Kappa Phi, Treas. 4; Wesley Foundation, Rho Players . . . ALLEN, ARCHIE E.; Butler; B.S.A.H.; Sigma Nu . . . ALLEN, BARBARA; Augmta; B.S. in Chemistry; Pi Tau Chi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Wesley Foundation . . . ALLEN, HENRY C, JR.; Atlanta; B.S. in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. SECONDROW: ALLEN, HOYT A.; Cleielantl; B.S. Ed. . . . ALLEN, JOE I.; Roystou; B.B.A. in Accounting . . ALLEN, MARTHA R.; Dublin; B.S.H.E.; Vice Pres. Senior Class; Who ' s Who; Homecon Club; Dramatics; Vespers; B.S.U.; Triquetra; Glee Club . . , ALLEN, MARY S.; Americiis; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Student Union; F.T.A. ALLEN, PHYLLIS M.; Decatur; B.B.A. in Retailing; Phi Chi Theta, Treas.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres.; Prof. Pan-Hellenic, Pres. 4; Pan-Hellenic . . . ALTOBELLIS, ANTHONY T.; Atlanta; B.S. in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Tau Omega . . . ANDERSON, CHARLES W.; Birmingham. Ala.; B.S. Ed.; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 . . . ANDERSON, JAMES T.; Statesboro; B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; A. Ph. A. . . . ANDREWS, JOHN B.; Porterdale; B.B.A. in Accounting . . . ANDRIS, HARRY G.; Savannah; B.B.A. THIRD ROW: ANGLIN, ERNIE L.; Brookhaven; B.S. Sec. Ed.; Pi Mu Epsilon . . . ARMSTRONG, JULIAN W.; Augusta; B.S.P.E.; Delta Tau Delta; Weight Lifting Club, Pres. . . . ASKEN, EUGENE J.; Miami Beach, fla.; B.S.A.; G.O.P.; Poultry Science Club; Weight Lifting Club . . ATHA, LAMAR T.; Monroe; B.B.A. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . ATKINS, J. THOMAS; Atlanta; A.B.J.; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa; Red and Black . . . BACHELOR, JACQUELYN L.; Decatur; A.B. in English BADIDA, MICHAEL; Franklin Springs; B.S. Ed. . . . BAKER, WARREN A.; Rochelle Park. N. J.; B.S. in Forestry . . . BANKS, WILLIAM A.; Preston; B.S. A. in Entomology; Agronomy Club; Ag Club; Gaffau Club . . . BARBAREE, DOROTHY A.; Barnesiille; B.S. Ed.; Delta Delta Delta. FOURTH ROW: BARBER, ELMO E.; Nashville; B.S. in Chemistry . . . BARGERON, BEVERLY E.; Sarclis; B.S. in Music Ed.; Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec; Kappa Delta; Music Educators, Nat. V. Pres.; A Cappella Choir . . . BARINOWSKI, CLARENCE T.; Augusta; B.S.A. in Poultry; Poultry Science Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club . . . BARNETT, ROBERT D.; Athens; B.S.A.E. . . . BARTELL, ARTHUR; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Accounting; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres.; Tennis 2 . . . BELL, DON; East Point; A.B. in Psychology; Blue Key . . . BELLEW, DELMAR C; Nicholson; B.S.A. . . . BENATOR, VICTORIA; Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Triquetra; F.T.A., Sec. 4; W.S.G.A.; Red and Black . . . BENE- ROFE, ART; Harrison, N. Y.; B.B.A. in Real Estate; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Track; I.F.C. . . . BENNETT, BILLY N.; Atlatita; B.S.A.; Saddle and Sirloin Club. FIFTH ROW: BENNETT, LOEL E.; Cartersville; B.S. in Chemistry; Alpha Epsilon Delta; French Club . . . BENTLEY, GEORGE E.; Atlanta; A.B.J.; Sigma Delta Chi; Delta Tau Delta; Red and Black . . . BERRENT, LESLIE D.; Bronx, N. Y.; A.B. in History; Demosthenian; Pershing Rifles; Hillel; History Club; Political Science Club; Inter- national Relations Club . . . BEUNEGRAFF, RICHARD T.; Brunswick; B.B.A. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Newman Club . . . BEUSSE, DIEDRICH O., JR.; Atlanta; B.S.A. . . . BIRCHLER, DORIS R.; Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice Pres. 4; Y.W.C.A. . . . BISHOP, DAVID W.; Toccoa; B.B.A. in Accounting; Chi Phi . . . BISHOP, JOE; Watkinsville; B.S.A. . . . BLACK, BARBARA; Clarkes- ville: B.S. in Pharmacy; A. Ph. A., Sec. 4; Georgia Pharmacist . . . BLACKMON, CARROLL L.; Tignall; B.B.A. in Retailing; Delta Sigma Pi. SENIORS G r 1 ( o FOUR YEARS OF BLOOD AND SWEAT AND BREWS AND LOTS OF LEARNING Famous Last Wards — Beat Maryland! Well . . . Blackshear, J. Blair, M. Blair, S. Blalock, R. Blitch, J. Boardman, B. Boatright, E. Bond, H. Bonner, B. Borders, C. Boswell, W. Bosserdet, D, Bostick, G. Bonino, S. Bowman, B. Bowman, E. Boylston, A. Bracken, J. Bradberry, W. Braden, B. Bradley, J. Bramiett, J. Branch, H. Branyon, B. Bronyon, D. Bray, A. Brewton, L, Bridges, J. Britton, W. Brooks, M. Brooks, S. Brown, H. Bryan, J. Buck, J. Buckley, G. Burch, T. Burnley, J. Burns, J. Burns, M. Burt, W. Butterworth, E. Butts, A. Caffey, M. Cain, L. Callaway, M. Collier, R. Cantey, L. Carpenter, D. Carter, H. Carver, D. A E ' LL NEVER USE FIRST ROW: BLACKSHEAR, JOAN; Gainesville; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; F.T.A.; U.G.R.A. . BLAIR, MARY C; Gray; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta, House Pres. 3, Sec. 4; A.C.E.; W.A.A.; W.S.G.A.; A Cappella Choir . . . BLAIR, SUE K.; Co,«clia; A.B. in Sociology BLALOCK, ROBERT L.; Rab„„ GaP; B.S.A.; Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres.; Blue Key, Sec; " X " Club; Gridiron; A ghon; Biftad; Ga. Agriculturist; G.O.P., Sec.-Treas. 4; Demosthenian, Pres. 3; Saddle and Sirloin Club, Pres. 3; Student Council; Ag Club; Ag Hill Council . BLITCH, JAMES M.; Statesboro; B.S.A.; Sigma Chii Scabbard and Blade; D.M.S.; Rifle Team; Saddle and Sirloin Club . . . BOARDMAN, BRUZ; Augusta; B.B.A. in Finance; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . BOATRIGHT, EUGENE D.; Baxley; B.S. in Pharmacy; A. Ph. A. . . . BOND, HARRIETT; Wilmington, N. C; B.F.A. in Drama; Thalian Blackfriars; University Theatre . . . BONNER, BOBBY N.; Craufordiille; B.S. in Chemistry; Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Kappa . BORDERS, CAROLE E.; Commerce; B.B.A.; Phi Chi Theta, Treas. SECOND ROW: BOSWELL, WILLIAM C; Savannah; B.B.A. in Accounting . . . BOSSERDET, D. JEANNE; Brunswick; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Phi Chi Theta; Delta Delta Delta; Glee Club BOSTICK, GLORIA A.; Camilla; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Triquetra; Homecon Club; Dramatics Club . . BOTTINO, SANTO; Long Island, N. Y.; B.S. A. in Dairy Manufacturing; Alpha Phi Delta; Ga. Dairyman, Assoc. Ed.; Dairy Science Club; Newman Club . BOWMAN, BEN C; Statham; B.S.A.E.; Kappa Sigma, Pres.; I.F.C.; Ag Engineering Club . . . BOWMAN, EDITH E.; Blakely; B.S.H.E. . . . BOYLSTON, ALFRED D., Ill; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Aero. Adm.; Chi Psi . . . BRAC- KETT, JAMES F.; Tunnel Hill; B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi, Vice Pres.; Ga. Pharmacist; A. Ph. A., Vice Pres. . . . BRADBERRY, WILLIAM N., JR.; High Shoals; B.S.A.; Scabbard and Blade; Saddle and Sirloin . . . BRADEN, BIDDY H.; Rome; B.S. A.; Saddle and Sirloin, Treas. THIRD ROW: BRADLEY, JOE B.; Greensboro; B.S.A. . . . BRAMLETT, JAMES T.; Lindale; B.S.A.; Blue Key; Ag Hill Council; Saddle and Sirloin; Ag Club; Gaffau Club; Scabbard and Blade; Livestock Judging Team . . . BRANCH, HOWARD A.; Baxley; B.S. in Phar- macy BRANYAN, BARBARA A.; Georgetown; B.S. Ed. . . . BRANYON, DON- ALD L., JR.; Athens; B.S. in Chemistry; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pres.; Blue Key; Omicron Delta Kappa; Biftad; " X " Club; Gridiron; Scabbard and Blade; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Sphinx; Senior Class Pres.; Ag Hill Council; College 4-H Club; Demosthenian, Vice Pres.; Student Council . . BRAY, ANDREW S.; Copeland Park, Va.; B.B.A. in Accounting . BREWTON, LLOYD C; Louisville; B.S. in Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; A. Ph. A. . . . BRIDGES, JO A.; Reidsville; B.S. in Physical Sci.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; University Band . . . BRITTON, WAYNE E.; Moultrie; A.B.J.; Red and Black . . . BROOKS, MINNIE S.; Jefferson; B.S.H.E. FOURTH ROW: BROOKS, SYLVIA J.; Colquitt; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club; W.A.A. . . . BROWN, HAROLD; Hoivard; B.S.P.E. . . . BRYAN, JACK C; Brooklet; B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi . . . BUCK, JEAN E.; Atlanta; A.B.J.; Delta Delta Delta, Sec; Newman Club, Sec; Red and Black . . . BUCKLEY, GRAYCE C; Athens; B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha; A.C.E.; Westminster Fellowship . . . BURCH, THOMAS A.; Chester; B.S.A. . . BURNLEY, JERRY R.; Athens; B.S. in Pharmacy; A. Ph. A. . . . BURNS, JOHN F.; Oswego, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Food Technology; Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club . . . BURNS, MARY J.; Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; F.T.A.; Newman Club; U.G.R.A.; History Club; Student Union . . . BURT, WILLIAM S.; Adel; B.B.A. in Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha; Arnold Air Society; Football; Baseball; Basketball; Sec.-Treas. Junior Class; " G " Club; D.M.S.; Tech-Ga. Better Relations Committee. i FIFTH ROW: BUTTERWORTH, EUGENE C; Tate; B.S.A.; Poultry Science Club . . . BUTTS, ANN E.; Arnoldsville; B.S. Ed. . . . CAFFEY, MARY W.; Arlington, Va.; A.B. in English Lit.; Phi Mu, Vice Pres. 4; Mortar Board, Treas.; Newman Club; W.A.A. ; W.S.G.A., Chairman 4; Pioneer Club; Tennis Club . . . CAIN, LANIER; Gainesville; A.B. in Psychology; Psychology Club; I.R.C. . . . CALLAWAY, MARY A.; Rayle; B.S.H.E.; Triquetra; Homecon Club; B.S.U. . . . CALLIER, ROBERT H.; Talhotton; B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega; Student Union; Economics Society . . . CANTEY, LENORE; Sa- vannah; B.S. in Zoology; Alpha Delta Pi . . . CARPENTER, DONALD P.; Savannah; B.B.A. . . . CARTER, HORACE L., JR.; LaGrange; B.B.A. in Marketing; Chi Phi . . . CARVER, DOROTHY J.; Live Oak, Fla.; B.S. in Pharmacy; A. Ph. A. SENIORS OF RIVER PARTIES IN THE SPRING AND ARGUMENTS Dig that barnyard shuffle! Going somewhere? w »-. . Carver, R, Casey, M. Caylor, J. Chalkley, L. Chandler, E. Chapman, M. Chapman, R. Chostain, J. Chatham, H Clarke, J Clemence, W. Clinkscales, H, Cloffeiter, E. Cobb, W. Coile, A. Coile, W. Cole, B. Cole, R. Cole, J. Coleman, F. Collins, J. Conner, S. Cook, J. Corsaro, J. Couch, W. Cowen, E. Cox, A. Cox, A. Creek, G. Crittenden, Crovatt, L. Culbreth, J. Currin, L. Daniels, R. Darden, H. Davis, C. Davis, L. Davis, M. Davis, M. Davis, V. Deadwyler, G. Deol, P. Dean, F. Dcbacker, L. Dekle, T. Delay, M. Dcmbnicki, E. Dendy, C. Dennis, A. Dent, K. ABOUT ANYTHING FIRST ROW; CARVER, RENZO S., JR.; Live Oak, Fla.; B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; A. Ph. A., Treas. 4; Ga. Pharmacist . . . CASEY, MARY C; Cedartown; B.S. Ed. . . . CAYLOR, JAMES F.; Dalton; B.S. A. in Poultry; Poultry Science Club; Ag Club . . . CHALK- LEY, LARRY J.; Richland; B.S. . . . CHANDLER, EMILY E.; Milieu; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta; U.G.R.A. . . . CHAPMAN, MELINDA W.; Gainesville; B.S. in Phar- macy; Alpha Chi Omega, Treas.; A. Ph. A. . . . CHAPMAN, ROBERT W.; Atlanta; B.B.A.; Alpha Phi Omega, Pres. 4; Lambda Chi Alpha; Bulldog Club . . . CHASTAIN, JACK; Moultrie; B.S. in Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma . . . CHATHAM, H. C; Cornelia; B.B.A. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Sigma Nu; Gridiron . . . CLARKE, JOYCE M.; Dublin; B.S. Ed. SECOND ROW: CLEMENCE, WILLIAM J., JR.; Atlanta; B.S.P.E.; Delta Tau Delta; Phys. Ed. Club; Phi Kappa; Intramural Athletic Board . . . CLINKSCALES, HULAN F.; Damascus; B.B.A. in Marketing . . . CLOTFELTER, ELEANOR M.; Atlanta; B.F.A. in Interior Design; Art Students ' League; Westminster Fellowship . . . COBB, WILLIAM A.; Valdosta; B.L.A.; Pi Lambda Alpha; Landscape Architecture Club . . . COILE, AN- DREE J.; Athens; A.B. in English; Alpha Chi Omega . . . COILE, WALTER J.; Winterville; B.L.A.; Pi Lambda Alpha; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . COLE, BARBARA A.; Decatur; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Kappa Delta; U. G. R. A.; U.R.S.A.; Dolphin; W.A.A.; Key Club . . . COLE, ROY; Gainesville; B.S.F.; Xi Sigma Pi .. . COLE, JIMPS W., JR.; Gay; B.B.A. in Insurance; Alpha Kappa Psi; Economics Society . . . COLEMAN, FLORENCE B.; Atlanta; A.B.J. ; Delta Delta Delta; Coordinate Clips; Red and Black; Student Union. THIRD ROW: COLLINS, JACK K.; Bogart; B.S.A.; Scabbard and Blade; Saddle and Sirloin . . . CONNER, SOLON H.; Waycross; B.B.A. in Accounting . . . COOK, JAMES H.; Atlanta; B.S. in Sec. Ed. . . . CORSARO, JOHN M.; Franklin Si nare, N. Y.; B.B.A. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Newman Club; Economics Society . . . COUCH, WILLIAM O., JR.; Toccoa; B.B.A. in Accounting . . . COWEN, EUGENE F.; Camilla; B.S.A.E.; Alpha Gamma Rho; 4-H Club . . . COX, ALDRIC F.; Statesboro; B.S.A.E. . . . COX, ANN C; Atlanta; A.B. in Sociology; Triquetra . . . CREEK, GEORGE E.; Columbus; B.B.A. in Ind. Rel. . . . CRITTENDEN, ALBERT L., JR.; Waynesboro; B.S. in Pharmacy; Kappa Psi; Phi Delta Theta, Vice Pres.; Phi Kappa. FOURTH ROW: CROVATT, LAWRENCE W., JR.; Savannah; B.S. in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon . , . CULBRETH, JAMES T., JR.; Lake Park; B.S.A.; Saddle and Sirloin Club . . . CURRIN, LIBBY; Broxton; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon . . . DANIELS, ROSALYN; Hahira; B.S.H.E. . . . DARDEN, HENRY R., JR.; LaGrange; B.S. in Forestry; G.O.P.; " X " Club; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Cypress Knee; Baseball; Vice Campus Leader; Demosthenian; College 4-H Club; Rifle Team; Forestry Club; Tech Ga. Better Relations . . . DAVIS, CECIL W.; Mineral Bluff; B.S.A.; Gaffau; Ag Club . . . DAVIS, LEMMIE E.; Dublin; B.S. A.; Agronomy Club . . . DAVIS, MARGIE; Colquitt; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Triquetra; Homecon Club; B.S.U. . . . DAVIS, MARY K.; Milledgeville; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta; Panhellenic 4; A.C.E., Pres. 4 . . . DAVIS, VANNAH E.; Jackson, Ky.; B.F.A. in Interior Design; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FIFTH ROW: DEADWYLER, GEORGE H.; Maysville; B.S. A. . . . DEAL, PATRICIA A.; Pembroke; B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Student Union; Westminster Fellowship . . . DEAN, FRANCES L.; Danielsvillc; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Phi Chi Theta, Sec. 4; Zeta Tau Alpha . . DEBACKER, LUCIEN P. A.; East Point; B.S. in Physics; Chi Psi, Treas. 4; Gridiron; Student Union, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Physics Club . . . DEKLE, THOMAS E., JR.; Jesup; B.S. in Pharmacy; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Rho Chi, Sec. -Treas. 4 . . . DELAY, MARILYN A.; Decatur; B.S. Ed.; Pi Beta Phi; A.C.E.; Student Union . . DEMBNICKI, EDWARD F.; Suffertt, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Poultry; Poultry Science Club, Sec. -Treas. 4; Ag Hill Council . . . DENDY, CAROL; Savannah; A.B.J. ; Theta Sigma Phi; Kappa Alpha Theta; Tennis Club . . . DENNIS, ARTHUR C; Eatonton; B.S. in Forestry; Forestry Club . . . DENT, KATHLEEN; Jesup; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta. SENIORS OF FOOTBALL GAMES AND WRECK TECH YELLS, OF CO-OP Yes, Papa, he is a Tech man, buf he ' s not hke the rest of them. And if you ' re good, you can have some supper too. %. B. .r DeWitt, M. Dellinger, R. Oismukes, G Donald, J. Donaldson, Dozier, J. Drew, J. Drew, W. Drewry, G. Dudley, M. Duerner, J. Dukes, J. Dunn, D. Dunn, L. Dunn, S. Durrence, L. Duvall, T. Dyar, W. Dyes, W. Earnest, C. Earnesf, E. Edwards, G. Eldson, A. Elliot, J. Elliot, M. Ellis, M. Ellis, P. Estes, L. Eubank, M. Eubanks, W. Evans, C. Exiey, H. Farabee, W. Feldman, G. Ferguson, V. Fields, H. Fields, N. Fischer, C. Flanders, J. Fontaine, T. Fussell, E. Galanti, M. Garrard, J. Gorton, M. Gibbs, 0. Gleaton, E. Glenn, P. Goble, J. Godwin, C. Goodman, A. CO-OP JELLS FIRST ROW: DEWITT, MARION L., JR.; Saianuab; B.B.A. in Accounting; Pi Kappa Phi . . . BELLINGER, RUTH A.; Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Bulldog Club; Tumbling Club; Student Union; Glee Club . . . DISMUKES, GEORGE W.; Cohimbiis; A.B.; Kappa Alpha . . . DONALD, JAMES R.; Owesci; B.S. A.; Alpha Zeta . . . DONALD- SON, BETTY A.; Atlanta; B.S. in Comm. Ed.; W.S.G.A.; F.T.A. . . . DOZIER, JOAN E.; Macon; A.B. in Spanish; Zodiac; Alpha Lambda Delta . . . DREW, JAMES B.; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega, Sec. . . . DREW, WILLIAM E., JR.; Augusta; B.B.A. in Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arnold Air Society . . . DREWRY, GEORGE H.; Athens; A.B. in Geography . . . DUDLEY, MARIE C; Richland; B.S. Ed.; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice Pres. 4; Chi Omega; A Cappella Choir; Newman Club, Vice Pres. 4. SECOND ROW: DUERNER, JEAN L.; Atlanta; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Alpha Delta Pi; Dolphin Club . . . DUKES, JACKIE; Surrency; B.S.H.E. . . . DUNN, DOROTHY H.; Macon; A.B.J.; Theta Sigma Phi; Red and Black . . . DUNN, LAWRENCE T.; Athens; B.B.A. in Aero. Adm.; Delta Sigma Pi; Glee Club; Cosmopolitan Club . . . DUNN, SHIRLEY A.; Butler; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Alpha Gamma Delta; Homecon Club . . . DURRENCE, LENETTE; Metter; B.S.H.E.; Homecon . . . DUVALL, TAL- MADGE C; Greensboro; B.S. A. in Dairying; Dairy Science Club; Saddle and Sirloin; Scabbard and Blade . . . DYAR, WILLIAM D.; Winder; B.S. Ed. . . . DYES, WIL- LIAM H., JR.; Vort Valley; A.B. in History . . . EARNEST, CHARLES; Athens; B.S.P.E.; Gridiron; Scabbard and Blade; " X " Club; Blue Key; Football; Athletic Association, Pres. 4; " G " Club, Pres. 4; B.S.U.; Student Council. THIRD ROW: EARNEST, ELIZABETH B.; Decatur; B.F.A. in Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Pi Beta Phi . . . EDWARDS, GEORGE W.; Wintcrtille; B.S. . . . EIDSON, ANNE B.; Ward, S. C; A.B. in Sociology; Alpha Omicron Pi; Red and Black; W.A.A.; Student Union . . . ELLIOT, JOAN E.; Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; W.A.A.; U.R.S.A.; U.G.R.A. . . . ELLIOT, MERRELL C; Decatur; B.S. in Forestry; Forestry Club . . . ELLIS, MARGARET H.; Atlanta; A.B. in English; Phi Mu, Pres. 3, 4; Homecoming Court i . . . ELLIS, PATRICIA C; St. Louis, Mo.; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Omicron Pi; U.G.R.A.; F.T.A.; Pioneer Club, Pres. 3 . . . ESTES, LELAND; Gay; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Tau Chi; Chi Omega, Pres.; Zodiac; Mortar Board; " Z " Club; Sophomore Class Vice Pres.; W.S.G.A., Sec; Homecon Club . . . EUBANK, MARGARET A.; Appling; B.S.H.E. . . . EUBANKS, W. SHELTON, JR.; A.B. in History; Pi Tau Chi; Wesley Foun- dation Crusader; Kiononia, Vice Pres. 4. FOURTH ROW: EVANS, CHARLES A., JR.; Waynesboro; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; F.T.A., Pres. 4; Wesley Foundation; Political Science Club . . . EXLEY, HELEN; Springfield; B.S. in Business Education; Alpha Gamma Delta . . . FARABEE, WILLIAM J.; Commerce; B.S.; Westminster Fellowship; U.G.R.A. , . . FELDMAN, GERALD L.; Angola, N. Y.; B.S. A. . . . FERGUSON, VAN L.; Athens; A.B.J. ; Cosmo- politan Club, Treas. . . . FIELDS, HAZEL L.; Ray City; B.S.H.E.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club; Homecon . . . FIELDS, NORMA E.; East Point; B.S. Ed. and English and Journalism; Alpha Gamma Delta; Red and Black . . . FISCHER, CATHERINE R.; Atlanta; B.S. in Zoology . . . FLANDERS, J. PAUL; Adrian; B.S.A.E.; Gaffau Club . . . FONTAINE, THOMAS R., JR.; Macon; A.B.J. ; Red and Black. FIFTH ROW: FUSSELL, EDSEL M.; Hazlehurst; B.S. A. in Entomology; Alpha Zeta; Gaffau Club, Pres. 4; Ag Hill Council; Ag Club; Demosthenian; Saddle and Sirloin; Ga. Agricul- turist . . . GALANTI, MATHILDA; Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Delta Phi Epsilon; HiUel; F.T.A. . . . GARRARD, JOBETH M.; Atlanta; B.L.A.; Pi Lambda Alpha; Kappa Delta; Tennis Club; Landscape Club; Mixed Chorus . . . GARTON, MARIANNE; Atondale Estates; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Dolphin Club; U.R.S.A.; W.A.A. . GIBBS, ONA F.; Moultrie; B.S. A. in Poultry; Alpha Lambda Delta; U.R.S.A.; College 4-H Club; Poultry Science Club; Baptist Student Union; Y.W.A., Pres. . . . GLEATON, EARL N.; Savannah; B.S. in Botany; Sigma Nu . . . GLENN, PATRICIA A.; Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Wesley Foundation; Symphony Orchestra . . GOBLE, JOE H.; Talona; A.B. in Geography; Demosthenian . . . GODWIN, CLAUDE O.; Thomas- ville; B.B.A. in Marketing; Pi Kappa Alpha; Bulldog Club GOODMAN, ADA D.; Saiannah Beach; B.S. in Mathematics; Pi Mu Epsilon. SENIORS M M k - .y , ' » fk OF POLITICIANS AND THE RED AND BLACK, AND THINGS WE LOANED Wheels in motion. Is the shower broken? Goodman, S. Goolsby, J. Gowen, G. Grant, J. Gray, 0. Gresham, W. Griffin, W. Gross, G. Gulledge, S. Haddad, G. Haeussler, F. Hale, H. Hall, K. Hamil, B. Hamilton, R. Hammock, G Hancock, D. Hancock, M. Hanson, E. Harber, L. Hardman, i. Harmon, M. Harper, H. Horreli, J. Horrell, L. Harrison, G. Hartley, L. Harvey, W. Hawkins, L. Haynie, J. Hays, E. Henderson, M. Henriott, W. Heng, J. Herman, A. Herndon, A. Hester, M. Higgs, N. Hightcwer, J. Hill, J. Hill, P. Hill, R. Hinson, J. Hirsh, B. Hoag, R. Hoban, N. Hobbs, J. Hobbs, W. Hobby, W. Hodgson, M. HAT NEVER CAME BACK ■i im ' li FIRST ROW: GOODMAN, SARA L.; Saiaiinab; B.S.P.E.; W.A.A.; Pemm Club; Tumbling Club; Officials Club . . . GOOLSBY, JOHN K.; Bccatur; B.S. in Zoology; Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Phi Omega; Track . . . GOWEN, GEORGE R., Ill; Folkston; B.S.; Sigma Chi; Arnold Air Society; Physics Club . . . GRANT, JAMES C; Latvrenceville; B.F.A. in Commercial Art; G.O.P.; Demosthenian; Gridiron; Spanish Club, Pres. 2 . . . GRAY, OLGA R.; Athens; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi . . . GRESHAM, WALTER S.; Miiner; B.S. in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Kappa Sigma . . . GRIFFIN, WYCLIFFE R.; Ocilla; B.S.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . GROSS, GERSHON W.; Bro.i.v, N. Y.; B.S.A. in Dairying; G.O.P.; Hillel; Dairy Science Club . . . GULLEDGE, SHIR- LEY A.; Statesboro; B.B.A.; Phi Chi Theta, Pres.; Zeta Tau Alpha; A Cappella Choir; Student Union; Prof. Panhellenic . . . HADDAD, GEORGE A.; Geneva, N. Y.; B.S.A. ; Alpha Gamma Rho, Sec. 4; Agronomy Club. SECOND ROW: HAEUSSLER, FREDERICK W.; Cincinnati, O.; B.S. in Forestry; Alpha Zeta, Chan- cellor; Xi Sigma Pi, Vice Pres.; Aghon, Vice Pres.; Blue Key; Arnold Air Society; Cypress Knee, Ed.; Ga. Agriculturist; Track; Forestry Club; Student Council; G.O.P.; S.A.F. . . . HALE, HUGH E.; Athens; B.S. Ed.; Arnold Air Society; Industrial Arts Club . . . HALL, KERMIT R.; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Finance; Alpha Kappa Psi, Sec. 4; Economics Club . . . HAMIL, BOBBY F.; Temple; B.S. Ed. . . . HAMILTON, RAD- FORD C; Atlanta; B.S. Ed. . . . HAMMOCK, GEORGE M.; Oglethorpe; B.S.A. . . . HANCOCK, DON S.; Columbus; B.B.A. in Marketing; Alpha Kappa Psi; Chi Psi . . . HANCOCK, MARY W.; Eians; B.S.H.E.; Wesley Foundation; Horticulture Club; Homecon . . . HANSON, E. VICTOR; Macon; B.A. in Sociology; Alpha Tau Omega; Kiononia, Pres. . . . HARBER, LAMAR C; Litbonia; B.S.A.E.; B.S.U.; 4-H Club; A.S.A.E. THIRD ROW: HARDMAN, JOEL G.; Colbert; B.S. in Pharmacy; Rho Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Psi, Trcas. 4; Scabbard and Blade; Blue Key; A. Ph. A. . . . HARMAN, MARY E. Columbus; B.S.H.E. . . . HARPER, HENRY W., JR.; Warrenton; B.S. in Chemistry Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Sigma Nu . . . HARRELL, JOANNE Athens; B.S.P.E.; Tumbling Club; Dance Club; W.A.A.; Wesley Foundation; Pemm Club, Sec. 2 . . . HARRELL, LENORA J.; Waycross; A.B. in History; Chi Omega . . . HARRISON, GEORGE L.; Marietta; B.B.A. in Finance; Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa; Bulldog Club; " X " Club; " G " Club; Track . . . HARTLEY, LAMBETH O.; Tenniille; B.S.A.; Arnold Air Society; Agronomy Club, Vice Pres. 3 . . . HARVEY, W. CHARLES; Monticello; B.S. Ed.; Student Union . . . HAWKINS, LAURA A.; Atlanta; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omieron; Kappa Delta, Pres.; Zodiac; Mortar Board; Red and Black; Panhellenic Council; Prof. Panhellenic; U.R.S.A.; U.G.R.A. . . . HAYNIE, JOHN M.; Winder; B.B.A. in Aero. Adm. FOURTH ROW: HAYS, ELIZABETH A.; LaGra.ig.-; B.S. Ed. . . . HENDERSON, MARY G.; Augusta; B.S.H.E. . . . HENRIOTT, WARREN C; Nicholls; B.B.A. in Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . HENG, JANE E.; Augusta; B.S. in Pharmacy; Alpha Lambda Delta; Rho Chi; Phi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Zodiac; Mortar Board; Ga. Pharmacist; Fresh- man Class, Treas.; B.S.U.; A. Ph. A. . . . HERMAN, AARON; Bronx, N. Y.; A.B. in Geography; Geog.-Geol. Club . . . HERNDON, ALAN J.; Loganiille; B.S. in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Freshman Basketball . . . HESTER, MYRA A.; Cuthbert; B.S.H.E.; Tri- quetra; Homecon; Ga. Agriculturist, Soc. Ed. . . . HIGGS, NANCY A.; Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta . . . HIGHTOWER, JAMES O., JR.; Jonesboro; B.S. in Zoo logy; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Sigma Chi . . . HILL, JAMES C; Warner Robins; B.S. in Forestry. FIFTH ROW: HILL, PATRICIA A.; Cornelia; A.B.J. ; Theta Sigma Phi, Sec; Triquetra; Red and Black; Student Union; B.S.U. . . . HILL, ROBERT J.; Ellaville; B.L.A.; Pi Lambda Alpha; Alpha Zeta; Chi Psi; Landscape Architecture Club . . . HINSON, JOHN T., JR.; Blackshear; B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi . . . HIRSH, BEVERLY L.; Mafoii; A.B. in Sociology; Sigma Delta Tau, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Mortar Board, Pres.; Coordinate Clips; Panhellenic Council, Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 4; Junior Class Vice Pres.; W.S.G.A.; U.R.S.A. . . . HOAG, ROBERT H.; Athens; B.S.A.E.; Ag. Eng. Club . HOBAN, NANCY J.; Athens; B.S. in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Omieron Pi . . . HOBBS, JAMES E.; Wrens; A.B. in Political Science; Arnold Air Society; Political Science Club . . . HOBBS, WILLIAM J., JR.; Atlanta; A.B. in Economics; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa, Vice Pres.; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Team . . . HOBBY, WENSLEY; Savannah; B.S. in Chemistry; Phi Kappa Tau, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Phi Kappa . . . HODGSON, MARIE L.; Athens; A.B.J.; Theta Sigma Phi, Vice Pres.; Phi Mu; Red and Black, Woman ' s Ed. 4; Panhellenic; Prof. Panhellenic; W.A.A. SENIORS Hoffman, C. Hogan, L. Holcomb, W. Holland, J. Holmes, A. Holston, G. Holt, S. Horton, S. Hosmer, P. Houston, G. Hudson, B. Hunter, R. Jacobson, G. Jackson, D. Jarrard, H. Jeffers, E. Jerrett, F. Joel, D. Johnson, C. Johnson, E. Johnson, P. Johnson, W. Johnston, W. Joiner, C. Jones, C. Jones, E. Jones, J. Jones, L. Jones, L. Jones, W. Jordan, C. Joyner, W. Kalin, B. Keen, B. Keese, J. Kessler, J. Killingsworth, A. Kicklighter, M. Kimbrough, W. King, W. Kight, H. Kitchens, W. Knight, A. Knight, J. Knight, R. Kyser, H. Labruce, L. Lairsey, L. Lambeth, N. Langley, J. i)F TIME ON OUR HANDS FIRST ROW: HOFFMAN, CASIMIR, R.; Brooklyti, N. Y.; B.S.A.; Newman Club; Glee Club . . . HOGAN, LARRY V.; Normait, N. C; B.S. in Forestry; Forestry Club . . . HOLCOMB, WILLIAM C; Ringgold; B.S. A. in Poultry; Poultry Science Club, Vice Pres. . . HOLLAND, JAMES R.; Sopertoii; A.B.J. ; Sigma Delta Chi; Chi Psi, Pres. 4; Red and Black; I.F.C. . . . HOLMES, AUGUSTA S.; Griffin; A.B.J.; Theta Sigma Phi; Alpha Delta Pi, Sec. 4; Red and Black . . . HOLSTON, GEORGE W., JR.; Americtis; B.S.F.; Cypress Knee, Bus. Mgr. 4; Wayfarer ' s Club; Forestry Club . . . HOLT, S. GENIVA; Rochelh; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec. 4; Triquetra; B.S.U.; Homecon Club HORTON, S. SANFORD; Cedartoun; B.B.A. in Finance; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa . . . HOSMER, PAUL S.; Geraldine, Ala.; B.S.A.; Gaffau Club . . HOUSTON, GEORGE L.; Sylvester; B.B.A. in Finance; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Arnold Air Society; Football; Baseball. SECOND ROW: HUDSON, BEVERLY; Ocilla; B.S.P.E.; Pi Beta Phi; Key Club; W.A.A., Vice Pres.; Pemm Club, Pres.; W.S.G.A.; Dance Club; Tumbling Club . . HUNTER, ROBERT M.; Augusta; B.S. in Industrial Arts; Ind. Arts Club . . . JACOBSON, GERALD A.; Waycross; B.B.A. in Accounting; Tau Epsilon Phi, Treas. . . . JACKSON, D. C, III; Atlanta; A.B.J.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; I.F.C; Phi Kappa; Bulldog Club; Cheerleader . . . JARRARD, HOWELL; Broxton; B.S. Ed. . . . JEFFERS, ELEANOR E.; Atlanta; B.S.H.E.; B.S.U.; Student Union; Homecon Club . . . JERRETT, FRED- ERICK R.; Me.v;Vo, JV. Y.; B.S. A. in Food Tech.; Alpha Tau Omega . . . JOEL, DON- ALD G.; Athens; B.B.A. in Accounting; Phi Epsilon Pi, Pres.; Phi Kappa; Red and Black; I.F.C; Baseball Manager; University Band . . . JOHNSON, C MONROE; Athens; B.S. A. in Poultry . . . JOHNSON, EVA T.; Athens; B.S. in Zoology. THIRD ROW: JOHNSON, PHYLLIS M.; Atlanta; A.B. in English; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas.; Zodiac; U.R.S.A.; Pythagorean; French Club; Newman Club, Sec. . . . JOHNSON, WARREN G.; Staten Island, N. Y.; B.S. A. in Dairying; Dairy Science Club; Newman Club . . . JOHNSTON, WILLIAM J.; Woodstock; B.S. A.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Saddle and Sirloin; Poultry Science Club . . . JOINER, CHARLES A.; Dublin; B.S.A. . . . JONES, CONSTANCE G.; LaGrange; A.B. in Sociology; Delta Delta Delta; Canterbury Club . . . JONES, EARLE P.; Macon; B.S.F.; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; Cypress Knee; Forestry Club . . . JONES, JOHN W.; Augusta; B.S. in Chemistry; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; B.S.U.; Men ' s Glee Club . . . JONES, LEROY; Rabun Gap; B.S.F.; Xi Sigma Pi; Cypress Knee; Forestry Club; Demosthenian; Ag Hill Council; S.A.F. . . . JONES, LILA A.; Dallas; B.S.H.E.; Triquetra; Ga. Agriculturist, Woman ' s Ed.; Homecon Club; 4-H Club . . . JONES, WILLIAM A.; Metter; B.S.A. ; Theta Chi; Saddle and Sirloin. FOURTH ROW; JORDAN, CLYDE M., JR.; Lizella; B.B.A. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi . . . JOYNER, WILLIAM E.; Cairo; B.S.A. in Poultry . . . KALIN, BARBARA S.; Dublin; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Delta Phi Epsilon . . . KEEN, BEEMAN C, JR.; Dublin; B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Blue Key; Ag Club; Saddle and Sirloin; 4-H Club; Agronomy Club; B.S.U.; Student Council; Ag Hill Council . . . KEESE, JOAN N.; Laionia; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta . . . KESSLER, JOHN R.; Atlanta; A.B. in Geography . . KICKLIGHTER, MAE J.; Clenmille; B.S. Ed.; A.C.E. . . . KILLINGSWORTH, AL- BERT S., JR.; for Gaines; B.B.A. in Accounting; Alpha Tau Omega, Sec. 4; Biftad; Phi Kappa; Student Union; Red and Black . . . KIMBROUGH, WILLIAM L.; Atlanta; A.B.J. ; Sigma Delta Chi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega, Sec; Red and Black; Track . . . KING, WALTER P.; Douglas; B.B.A. in Industrial Arts. FIFTH ROW KIGHT, HUGH O.; Charleston, S. C; B.S. in Pharmacy; Kappa Psi . . . KITCHENS, WILLIS E.; Albany; B.B.A. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Phi Omega; B.S.U.; University Band . . . KNIGHT, ARTHUR T.; Sale City; B.B.A. in Economics; Kappa Alpha . . . KNIGHT, JAMES W.; Atlanta; B.S. Ed. . . KNIGHT, RUBYN C; Brunswick; B.B.A.; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Chi, Treas. 3; Pythagorean . KYSER, HELEN A.; Atlanta; B.S. in Zoology; Kappa Delta . . . LABRUCE, LILLIAN D.; Diinuoody; A.B. in Sociology; Delta Delta Delta; Canterbury Club . . . LAIRSEY, LOUISE; Moultrie; B.S.H.E. . . . LAMBETH, N. CAROLYN; Oak Ridge, Tenn.; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Student Union; W.A.A.; F.T.A.; U.G.R.A. LANGLEY, JOHN; Augusta; A.B.; Phi Alpha Delta. SENIORS ill J rt p r» f r .i-ii. v!. A v- r v3 ' s J iJi OF OUR FIRST HECTIC FRESHMAN DAYS WHEN EVERYTHING ' !M[ " Who said ' Pass the cream ' ? " wonder how it ' ll mix . . Lanier, F. Laughlin, D. Low, B Lawrence, J. Ledford, 0. Leive, D. Lerner, H. Lewis, E. Lewis, J. Lewis, T. Lewis, W. Linder, W. Link, M. Lipsey, E. Lisle, R, Lett, J Loveiady, A. Lovett, B. Lovett, W. Lowndes, E. Lumpkin, W. Lumpkin, C. Lundvoll, M. Lundy, W. Lynn, A. McComy, M. McCurry, E. McDowell, M. McGee, L. McGehee, W. McKay, W. McLeroy, B. McWhorter, E. McWhorter, H. Malcom, W. Maret, R. Marlow, C, Marlowe, J. Martin, M. Mathews, E. Motteson, H. Motthews, D. Maugans, H. Maxwell, B. Meddin, D. Meeks, W. Merritt, C. Middlebrooks, S. Middleton, R. Miley, B. EEMED LIKE A MAZE FIRST ROW; LANIER, F. AUBREY, JR.; Brunswick; A.B. in Pol. Sci.; Alpha Tau Omega; Biftad; Alpha Phi Omega; Pol. Sci. Club . . . LAUGHLIN, DANA E.; Savannah; B.B.A. in Accounting . LAW, BREVARD J.; Savannah; B.F.A. in Drama; Thalian-Black- friars; Alpha Phi Omega; University Theatre . . LAWRENCE, JANET; AvouHale Estates; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; W.S.G.A.; F.T.A.; Tumbling Club . . . LEDFORD, OLAN A.; Hiawassec; B.S. A. . . . LEIVE, DUANE H.; Salina, Kan.; B.S.A.E.; Ag Engineering Club, Pres. 4; Ag Hill Council . . . LERNER, HARVEY J.; Paterson, N. J.; B.S. in Zoology; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . LEWIS, EDDIE C; Royston; A.B.J. ; Sigma Delta Chi; Red and Black, Bus. Mgr. . . . LEWIS, JOSEPHINE; Athens; B.S. Ed.; Dance Club, Pres.; W.A.A.; Triquetra; Pemm Club; Tumbling Club; Newman Club . . . LEWIS, THOMAS P.; fitzgerald; B.S.A.E. SECOND ROW: LEWIS, WILLIAM L.; Savannah; A.B. in Sociology; LINDER, WILLIAM W.; Dudley; B.S. A.; Blue Key; Aghon; " X " Club; Ag Hill Council; Ga. Agriculturist, Bus. Mgr.; 4-H Club, Pres.; Ag Club; G.O.P. . . . LINK, MARY R.; Chamhlee; A.B. in English; Alpha Gamma Delta . . . LIPSEY, ELSA S.; Tallahassee, Fla.; A.B.J.; Sigma Delta Tau, Vice Pres.; Red and Black, Soc. Ed.; W.A.A.; Cheerleader; Bulldog Club; U.R.S.A.; Dance Club, Sec.-Treas.; Panhellenic Council; Student Council . . . LISLE, ROBERT; Griffin; B.S. in Pharmacy; Rho Chi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; A. Ph. A. . . . LOTT, JOANNE; Waycross; B.S. Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; Glee Club; Wesley Foun- dation . . . LOVELADY, ANDREW J.; Smyrna; B.B.A. ; Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice Pres.; Economics Society, Pres. 3 . . . LOVETT, BOB L.; Sparks; B.S.A.E.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Ag Engineering Club . . . LOVETT, WALTER M.; Waynesboro; B.S.A.E.; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.A.E., Vice Pres. 4 . . . LOWNDES, EMILY R.; Atlanta; A.B. in English; Kappa Delta; Tumbling Club. THIRD ROW: LUMPKIN, WILFRED A.; Atlanta; B.B.A.; Chi Phi; Newman Club . . . LUMPKIN, CAROLYN C; Shellman; B.S. in Sec. Ed.; Delta Delta Delta; W.A.A. . . . LUND- VALL, MARILYN H.; Atlanta; B.S.H.E.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treas. 5; U.R.S.A. . . . LUNDY, WALTER A., JR.; Cairo; A.B. in Geography; Omicron Delta Kappa, Treas.; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Nu; Gridiron; X ' Club, Vice Pres.; Blue Key, Vice Pres.; Arnold Air Society; Red and Black, Ed. 4, Managing Ed. 3; Student Directory, Assoc. Ed.; Student Union, Pres., Vice Pres.; Wesley Foundation; D.M.S.; Who ' s Who; Varsity Debate Team, Treas.; Demosthenian; Geog.-Geol. Club; Freshman Impromptu Debate . . . LYNN, ANTHONY M.; Georgetoivn; B.S. A. in Animal Husbandry . . . McCAMY, MARIAN E.; Tcnnga; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega; F.T.A. . . . McCURRY, ETHEL H.; Savannah; B.F.A.; Chi Omega; Dolphin Club; Student Union . . . McDowell, MARY a.; Decatur; A.B. in English; Kappa Alpha Theta . . . McGEE, LOUIS M.; Washington. Intl.; B.S.P.E.; Delta Tau Delta; " G " Club; Newman Club; Basketball . . . McGEHEE, WILLIAM C; Atlanta; B.S. in Chemistry. FOURTH ROW: McKAY, WILLIAM P.; Moultrie; A.B. in Political Science; Kappa Sigma . . . McLE- ROY, BENJAMIN B.; Bogart; B.S.A.E.; Pi Mu Epsilon; Arnold Air Society; A.S.A.E., Sec. 4 . . McWHORTER, ELSIE J.; Chattanooga, Tenu.; B.F.A. in Art . . . McWHORTER, HOWARD H., JR.; Athens; B.S.A.E.N.; Chi Phi . . . MALCOM, WILEY D.; Grantville; B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; A. Ph. A. . . . MARET, RANDALL T.; Lavonia; B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Eta Sigma, Pres.; Kappa Psi, Pres.; Gridiron; " X " Club, Pres.; Biftad; Blue Key, Pres.; Ga. Pharmacist, Ed.; Student Council; A. Ph. A.; Arnold Air Society; Demosthenian . . MARLOW, CHIEL W.; Athens; B.B.A. in Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . MARLOWE, JAMES H.; Winder; A.B.J. . . . MARTIN, MARY B.; Columbus; B.F.A. in Art Ed.; Phi Mu; Spanish Club, Vice Pres. . . . MATHEWS, EDMOND R.; Tbomaston; B.S. A. in Dairy Husbandry; Arnold Air Society; Dairy Science Club, Sec. 4. FIFTH ROW: MATTESON, HARRIETTE; Washington; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon, Pres.; Ag Hill Council . . . MATTHEWS, DOROTHY W.; Decatur; A.B. in Sociology . . . MAUGANS, HARRY R., JR.; Atlanta; B.S. in Chemistry; Chi Phi, Treas.; I.F.C., Vice Pres. 4, Sec. 3; Fraternity Way, Ed.; Arnold Air Society; Tech-Ga. Better Re- lations Committee . . . MAXWELL, B. JUNE; Atlanta; B.F.A. in Drama; Delta Delta Delta . . . MEDDIN, DAVID L.; Savannah; B.B.A. in Insurance; Tau Epsilon Phi . . . MEEKS, WALTER W., JR.; Richmond Hill; B.S. in Animal Husbandry; Saddle and Sirloin Club . . . MERRITT, CHARLES W.; Ocilla; B.S. in Pharmacy; Rho Chi; Kappa Psi . . . MIDDLEBROOKS, SALLE L.; Haddock; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres.; A.C.E., Vice Pres.; W.A.A. ; Panhellenic Council; Outstanding Education Student of the Year . . . MIDDLETON, ROBERT M., JR.; Talbotton; B.S. A. in Horticulture: B.S.U.; Floriculture Club, Pr es. 3; Ag Hill Council . . . MILEY, BARBARA J.; Hahira; B.S. in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pythagorean Club. SENIORS OF OUR SOPHOMORONIC WORLDLY WAYS, AND SWIMMING : lil It ' s registration; nobody knows which end is up. Londo ond Osteen, showing off as u:al. Mobley, J. Mock, H. Moltack, D. Monaghan, T. Moore, D. Moore, I. Moore, J. Moore, M. Morehead, M. Morgon, B. Morris, A. Morris, L. Morse, M. Moseley, W. Moss, E. Moss, T. Murphy, J. Nelson, W. Neugebouer, Newman, D. Nicas, A. Nix, W. Noell, A. Norris, E. Norris, W. Nugent, D. O ' Kelley, E. Orr, W. Owen, D. Owen, J. Owenby, W. Oxford, M. Page, M, Parker, J Parmer, H. Parrish, E. Patterson, M Patty, C. Pearlman, M. Perdue, R. Perez, A. Perkins, G. Perkins, H. Perry, B. Perryman, A. Pethel, J. Pierce, J. Pilcher, M. Pitts, J, Pope, M ROUND ON RAINY DAYS. FIRST ROW: MOBLEY, JO A.; Atl „U,; B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega; W.A.A.; U.G.R.A.; Student Union . . . MOCK, HOYT C; SprhtgfieU; B.S.A.E.; Scabbard and Blade . . . MOLTACK, DOLORES S.; AtUn.ta; B.F.A. in Commercial Art; Delta Phi Epsilon, Pres.; Jr! Pythagorean Club, Vice Pres.; HiUel, Vice Pres. . . . MONAGHAN, THOMAS; Wash- ington, D. C; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry . . . MOORE, DANIEL P.; Tarrytouu; B.S. in Chemistry , . MOORE, ISAAC J.; Elberton; B.S.A.H.; Saddle and Sirloin Club MOORE, JOE T.; Dixie; B.S.A.; Theta Chi . . . MOORE, MAURICE M.; Atlanta; A.B. in Psychology; Blue Key . . . MOREHEAD, MARY L.; Ocilla; B.S.H.E. in Dietetics MORGAN, BILL P.; Ocean Drive Beach, S. C; B.L.A.; Pi Lambda Alpha, Sec.-Treas.; Alpha Zeta; Landscape Architecture Club, Sec.-Treas.; Ag Hill Council. SECOND ROW: MORRIS, ALVIN R., JR.; Colbert; B.B.A. in Accounting . . . MORRIS, LAWTON M.; Baxley; B.B.A. ; Pi Kappa Phi; B.S.U. . . . MORSE, MARJORIE L.; Atlanta; B.B.A. ; Alpha Omicron Pi, Treas.; Red and Black, Society Ed., Woman ' s Ed., Bus ' . Mgr. Asst. MOSELEY, W. DARRELL; Stockbridge; A.B. in Political Science; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Biftad; " X " Club; Gridiron; Scabbard and Blade; Pandora, Assoc. Ed. 3; Campus Leader 4; Alpha Phi Omega; Demosthenian; 4-H Club; Sophomore Declamation; Junior Oration; Varsity Debate Team . . . MOSS, ELIZABETH; Athens; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pres.; Chi Omega, Vice Pres.; Dolphin Club; Prof. Panhellenic; Borden Award . . . MOSS, THOMAS H., JR.; Rome; B.S. in Chemistry; Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sec. 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . MURPHY, JOAN E.; Honea Path, S. C; B.S. Ed. . . . NELSON, WILLIAM B.; Augusta; B.S.a ' . in Poultry; Aghon; Biftad; Scabbard and Blade, Pres.; " X " Club, Pres.; G.O.P.; Demosthenian; Poultry Science Club, Pres.; 4-H Club, Vice Pres.; D.M.S.; Blue Key; Gridiron . NEUGEBAUER, PHILIP D.; Bedford, N. H.; B.S. . . . NEWMAN, DONALD L.; Atlanta; B.B.A.; Student Union. THIRD ROW: NICAS, ALLEN G.; Perth Amboy, N. J.; B.A. in Chemistry; Glee Club . . . NIX, WALTER R.; Whitesburg; B.S. in Art Education; Red and Black, Photographer . NOELL, ANNE; Cleveland; B.S. in Zoology; Pi Tau Chi, Vice Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Sigma, Sec; Zeta Tau Alpha, Sec, Pres.; Mortar Board; Zodiac; U.R.S.A.; Pythagorean Club, Pres.; Panhellenic Council, Sec; Wesley Foundation, Sec . NORRIS, ELLIS L.; Kite; B.S. in Pharmacy; Kappa Psi . . . NORRIS, WILLIAM L.; Wrightsville; B. S. in Pharmacy NUGENT, DOROTHY C; Willacoochee; B.S. Ed. . . . O ' KELLEY, EDWARD H.; Atlanta; B.S. in Psychology; Chi Phi; Psychology Club ORR, WILLIAM J.; Nicholson; B.B.A. in Retailing; Pi Kappa Phi . . . OWEN, DAVID H.; Anderson, S. C; B.B.A. in Finance; Sigma Chi . . . OWEN, JERRY W.; Cedartoun; B.B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega. FOURTH ROW: OWENBY, WILLIAM D.; Blue Ridge; B.S.A. in Poultry; Poultry Science Club; B.S.U. . . . OXFORD, MINNIE B.; Sylvester; B.S. Ed.; Pemm Club, Pres. 4 . . PAGE, MARY F.; Dublin; B.S. Ed.; A.C.E.; F.T.A. . . . PARKER, JAMES L.; Ludoivici; B.S. Ed.; Basketball; Baseball . . PARMER, HERSHEL P.; Roopville; B.B.A. in Finance; " X " Club . PARRISH, ELIZABETH A.; Augusta; B.S. Ed.; Pi Tau Chi; Wesley Foundation; U. R. S. A.; F.T.A. ; A.C.E.; U.G.R.A. . . . PATTERSON, MARY . PATTY, CLARENCE W.; Ringgold; B.S. in Mathematics; . PEARLMAN, MARION B.; Dawson; B.S. in Zoology; PERDUE, RICHARD R.; Findley Lake, N. Y.; B.S. in A.; Buchanan; B.S, Ed. . Biftad; Phi Eta Sigma Pythagorean; Triquetra Food Technology. FIFTH ROW: PEREZ, AUGUSTUS J.; Mahopac, N. Y.; B.S.A. ; Kappa Sigma; Poultry Science Club . . . PERKINS, GLORIA A.; Atlanta; A.B. in Psychology; Kappa Delta; W.A.A.; Homecon; Pioneer Club; B.S.U.; Psychology Club . . . PERKINS, HARRIETTE F.; Aususta; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Kappa Delta, Vice Pres.; U.G.R.A. . . . PERRY, BAR- BARA J.; Winder; B.S. Ed. . . , PERRYMAN, ALBERTA J.; Talbotton; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta . . . PETHEL, JAMES D.; Gainesville; B.B.A.; Chi Phi . . . PIERCE, JULIA A.; Larchmont, N. Y.; B.S. in Zoology; Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas. . . . PILCHER, MARY J.; Warrenton; B.S. Ed.; Chi Omega, Sec 4; Student Council; W.A.A.; U.R.S.A.; Pioneer Club . . . PITTS, JOHNIE C; Tifton; B.S.A. in Plant Breeding . . . POPE, MILTON B.; Dublin; B.B.A.; Kappa Alpha, Pres.; D.M.S.; Scab- bard and Blade; I.F.C. SENIORS pli ,- % ,■»• - - ? r X - ' D, r f , ( ) .t .li € © ? B OF OUR SCORNFUL JUNIOR EGOTISM, AND THE WAYS WE It ' s too hot in our room tonight. Just practicing Potter, J. Potts, C. Potts, R. Powell, J. Powell, J. Pratt, S. Prenty, J. Prichard, E. Pridgen, J. Pritchett, A. Pritchett, H. Pruett, R. Puckett, V. Puckett, W. Pugh, P. Pulliom, N Pulver, M. Pyle, J. Quincey, J. Reading, A. Ready, C. Ream, A. Reddick, C. Reece, W. Reed, B. Reed, R. Reese, R. Reynolds, J. Rice, E. Richardson, B. Ridlehuber, B. Roane, C. Roberts, S Rosser, A Rucker, B Russell, J. Sadik, S. Sanchez, M. Sanders, R. Sappington, J. Sartain, S. Sattertield, M. Saunders, S. Savisky, A. Sawyer, T. Schilling, S. Scoggins, R. Scott, R. Scroggins, H. Scruggs, W. PC PRESSED OUR CRITICISM FIRST ROW: POTTER, JACQUELYN S.; Winder; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Zodiac . . . POTTS, CHARLES T., JR.; Corinth, Miss.; B.B.A. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi . . . POTTS, RALPH P.; Ringgold; B.S.A.H. . . . POWELL, JAMES L.; Harrison; B.B.A. in Accounting . . . POWELL, JOHN H., JR.; Atlanta; B.L.A.; Pi Lambda Alpha, Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Landscape Architecture Club, Pres.; Ag Hill Council . . . PRATT, SARAH J.; Covington; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta . . . PRENTY, JOHN J.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; B.B.A. in Retailing; Newman Club, Pres. 3; U.G.R.A., Treas. 3 PRICHARD, EMILY N.; Sbawmiit, Ala.; A.B. in English; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Mu; Mortar Board, Vice Pres.; U.R.S.A., Pres. 2, 3; Loyalty Award 2; W.S.G.A., Pres.; U.G.R.A. . . . PRIDGEN, JACQUELYN; Broxton; B.S. Ed.; F.T.A. . . . PRITCHETT, ALLEN C; Perry; B.B.A. in Finance; Phi Delta Theta. SECOND ROW: PRITCHETT, HUGH W.; Winteriille; B.S. in Chemistry . . . PRUETT, ROBERT R.; Carrollton; B.S. in Chemistry . . . PUCKETT, VICTOR L.; Biiford; B.S.A.E. . PUCKETT, WILLIAM E.; Buford; B.S. Ed.; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Basketball; Baseball . . PUGH, PATSIE V.; Buford; B.S. Ed. . . . PULLIAM, NA- THAN M.; Coiington; B.S.A.E. . . . PULVER, MERLE R.; Spencerport, N. Y.; B.S.A.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Agronomy Club . . . PYLE, JAMES E.; Augusta; B.S. in Geology; Delta Tau Delta; Track; Scabbard and Blade; Geog.-Geol. Club, Vice Pres. 3 . . . QUINCEY, JULIE G.; Douglas; A.B. in Sociology; U.G.R.A.; Westminster Fellowship; Cosmopolitan Club; A Cappella Choir . . . READING, ANN J.; Gastonia, N. C; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Phi Chi Theta; Delta Delta Delta; Glee Club. THIRD ROW: READY, CHARLES A.; Cairo; B.S. A. in Food Technology . REAM, ALEXANDER K.; Maroii; B.B.A. in Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . REDDICK, CLYDE J.; Columbia, S. C; B.B.A. in Marketing . . . REECE, WILLIAM O.; Douglas; B.B.A. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi . . REED, BARBARA J.; Carrollton; B.S. Ed.; Pi Tau Chi; W.A.A.; Wesley Foundation, Pres.; Pemm Club; Pandora Beauty Court . . . REED, ROBERT H., JR.; Augusta; B.B.A. in Finance; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Kappa . REESE, ROBERT B.; Smyrna; B.S. Ed. . . . REYNOLDS, JULIAN C; Harlem; B.S. A.; Aghon; Blue Key; " X " Club; Student Directory, Assoc. Ed.; Ga. Agriculturist, Ed.; Demosthenian; Ag Club; Gaffau Club; Ag Hill Council; G.O.P. . RICE, EMILIE J.; Madison; B.F.A. in Commercial Art; Art Student ' s League RICHARD- SON, BLANCHE F.; Richland; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon Club, Treas. 4; Triquetra; B.S.U.; Y.W.A. FOURTH ROW: RIDLEHUBER, BETTY C; Athens; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Bulldog Club; W.A.A.; Glee Club . ROANE, CLINT A.; Tig r; B.B.A.; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Kappa Psi; Demosthenian; Economics Society, Sec. 4 . . . ROBERTS, SARAH A.; Cornelia; A.B. in Psychology . . . ROSSER, ANNETTE; Decatur; B.S. Ed.; Glee Club; F.T.A. ; B.S.U. . . . RUCKER, BEVERLY A.; College Park; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Glee Club; W.A.A. . . . RUSSELL, JOHN A.; Decatur; B.S.L.A.; Pi Lambda Alpha; Delta Tau Delta, Sec. 3, Pres. 4 . . . SADIK, SIDKI; Nathanya, Israel; B.S.A.; Cos- mopolitan Club; College 4-H Club; Ag Club SANCHEZ, MANA B.; Eatonton; A.B. in History; Kappa Kappa Gamma . . SANDERS, ROBERT E.; Pembroke; B.F.A. in Commercial Art . . . SAPPINGTON, JOSEPH H., JR.; Barnesville; B.B.A. in Aero. Adm. FIFTH ROW: SARTAIN, SARA J.; Royston; B.S. Ed. . . . SATTERFIELD, MARVIN A.; Canton; B.S. Ed.; Baseball; Basketball . . . SAUNDERS, SANDRA; Albany; A.B.J.; Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club . . . SAVISKY, ANN; Athens; A.B. in Philosophy . . SAWYER, T. JEANNE; Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Sec. 4; W.A.A. ; F.T.A.; A.C.E.; Canterbury Club . . . SCHILLING, SHIRLEY E.; Augusta; B.S.H.E.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Chi Omega; Who ' s Who . . SCOGGINS, ROY T., JR.; Athens; B.F.A. in Music; Phi Mu Alpha . . . SCOTT, ROBERT M.; Augusta; B.S. in Pharmacy SCROGGINS, HAZEL J.; West Point; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; U.R.S.A.; W.S.G.A.; U.G.R.A.; F.T.A. . . . SCRUGGS, WILLIAM G.; Morien; B.S. in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. SENIORS — IfN T f V d h l fe J .4 1 ' r ' r 1? OF LITTLE COMMENCEMENT AND THE SENIOR PARADE, AND MANY No, Stringer, it ' s a trophy. Lily of the Valley ■ T1 Si i ' I 1 Seigler, G. Settle, W. Setzer, F. Sewell, J. Shadburn, G. Shaw, W. Shealy, E. Shadgett, A. Shepherd, J. Sheppard, J. Shields, V. Shiell, T. Short, E. Shuford, P. Shuler, B. Shulman, 1. Shulman, I. Shulman, S. Simmons, S. Simons, T. Simowitz, M. Simpson, H. Sims, E. Singleton, R. Slater, C. Smith, A. Smith, A. Smith, E. Smith, M. Smith, M. Smith, P Smith, R. Smith, R. Smykia, P. Snow, H. Sosebee, F. Sparnell, F. Stable, A. Stallings, T. Stanford, J Stanford, W. Starr, A. Stebbins, J. Stevens, L. Stevenson, F. Stewart, B. Stocks, H. Stowe, C. Strickland, D. Strickland, R. FORGOTTEN ESCAPADE FIRST RO W : SEIGLER, GERALD E.; Roystou; B.S.A. in Poultry; Alpha Gamma Rho; Scabbard and Blade; Poultry Science Club . SETTLE, WILLIAM H., JR.; Canton; B.B.A. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi .. . SETZER, FAYE; Jacksonville. Fla.; B.A. in History; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Delta Phi Epsilon, Pres.; Hillel, Sec; U.R.S.A.; U.G.R.A. . SEWELL, JOHN I.; Cave Springs; B.S.A.E.; Alpha Zeta, Sec. 4; Scabbard and Blade; Aghon; Ag Engineering Club . . . SHADBURN, GRADY B., JR.; Camilla; A.B.J. . SHADGETT, ALAN H.; Athens; B.S. in Physics; Delta Tau Delta; Physicl Club, Vice Pres. . . . SHAW, WALTON P.; Arlington, Va.; B.B.A. in Aero. Adm.; Aero Club, Pres. 4 . SHEALY, EARL W.; Tenniille; B.S.A.E.; Ga. Agriculturist; Ag Engineering Club, Treas., Sec. . SHEPHERD, JO A.; Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Kappa Delta; A.C.E. SHEPPARD, JAMES T.; Edison; A.B.J.; Sigma Delta Chi, Pres.; Omicron Delta Kappa, Sec; Gridiron; Blue Key; Student Directory, Ed.; Red and Black, Managing Ed., Ed.; Biftad; " X " Club; Tech-Ga. Better Relations; Junior Class Oration Winner. SECOND ROW: SHIELDS, VIRGINIA L.; Athens; B.S. in Eng. Ed. . . . SHIELL, THEODUS A.; Brllnsuick; A.B. in French; Scabbard and Blade; Thalian Blackfriars, Treas. 3; French Club, Pres. 3; Canterbury Club, Pres. 3 . . SHORT, E. ADRIAN; Chipley; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Ga. Agriculturist; 4-H Club; Homecon Club; B.S.U.; U.G.R.A.; Triquetra; Ag Hill Council . . SHUFORD, PATSY A.; Liucolnton, N. C; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Kappa Delta; U.G.R.A.; Economics Society . . . SHULER, BETTY; Blairs- tille; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . SHULMAN, IRMA F.; Savannah; B.S.H.E.; Delta Phi Epsilon; U.R.S.A.; Hillel, Vice Pres., Pres.; I.Z.F.A., Sec, Vice Pres., Pres.; Dance Club; Pioneer Club . . . SHULMAN, IRVING J.; Atlanta; B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi, Sec; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Ga. Pharmacist, Assoc. Ed. 4; Hillel; U.G.R.A.; I.Z.F.A. . . . SHULMAN, STANFORD; Atlanta; B.S. in Pharmacy; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Ga. Pharmacist, Bus. Mgr.; A. Ph. A. . . SIMMONS, SUE; Statesboro; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi . . . SIMONS, TED L.; Athens; B.S. in Physics; Arnold Air Society. THIRD ROW: SIMOWITZ, MELVYN J.; Augusta; B.B.A.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec; Red and Black; Alpha Phi Omega SIMPSON, HARRIS A.; Athens; B.B.A. in Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Kappa . . . SIMS, ERNEST T., JR.; Conyers; B.S.A. in Horticulture; Alpha Zeta; Scabbard and Blade; Ag Club . . SINGLETON, ROBERT R.; Tarry- toun, N. Y.; A.B. in English; Phi Eta Sigma; Pythagorean; A Cappella Choir; Wesley Foundation, Vice Pres. . . SLATER, CLEM C, JR.; Blichton; B.B.A. in Insurance; Theta Chi, Pres. 4 . . . SMITH, AILEEN; Atlanta; A.B. in Sociology; W.A.A.; Tri- quetra; Cosmopolitan Club . . SMITH, ARTHUR W.; Dalton; B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; A. Ph. A. . . . SMITH, ETHEL L.; Augusta; B.S. Ed. . . . SMITH, MACK H., JR.; Nashville; B.B.A. in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres. 4; Economics Society . . . SMITH, MARY A.; Preston; B.S. Ed.; Student Union; B.S.U. FOURTH ROW: SMITH, PAUL M.; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Insurance; Delta Tau Delta, Vice Pres. 4 . . . SMITH, RALPH W.; Clarkesville; B.S. in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . SMITH, ROBERT L.; Athens; B.B.A. in Insurance; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . SMYKLA, PETER J., JR.; Pine Plains, N. Y.; B.S.A.; Kappa Sigma; Saddle and Sirloin . . . SNOW, HARRIETT L.; Athens; A.B. in Sociology; Phi Mu; B.S.U. ; University Theatre . . . SOSEBEE, FRANCES B.; Sautee, Ala.; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Triquetra, Sec 3; U.G.R.A.; Ag Hill Council, Sec. -Treas. 3; Wesley Foundation Paper, Ed. . . . SPARNELL, FREDERICK H.; Columbia, S. C; B.F.A. in Commercial Art . . . STAHLE, ARNO W.; Asheville, N. C; B.S. in Bacteriology . . . STALLINGS, TRACY P.; Carrollton; A.B.J.; Sigma Delta Chi, Vice Pres.; Blue Key; Red and Black, Ed. 4 . . . STANFORD, JOE M.; Rossville; B.S. in Forestry. FIFTH ROW: STANFORD, WALTER P.; Athens; B.S. Ed.; Mayor of Veterans Village . . . STARR, ANNE E.; Athens; B.S. Ed.; Glee Club . . . STEBBINS, JOYCE A.; Savannah; B.F.A. in Commercial Art; Kappa Delta; Art Students ' League . . . STEVENS, LEROY S., JR.; Americus; B.B.A. in Marketing; Alpha Kappa Psi; B.S.U.; Economics Society . . . STEVENSON, FRANK G., JR.; Savannah; B.B.A. in Finance; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Golf Team . . . STEWART, BILLY F.; Pembroke; B.S.A.; Gaffau, Vice Pres., Sec; Ag Club . . . STOCKS, HAROLD; Leesburg; B.S.A.; Scabbard and Blade; Saddle and Sirloin; Ag Hill Council; Dairy Science Club; D.M.S. . . . STOWE, CAROLE J.; Bishop; B.S. Ed. . . . STRICKLAND, D. STEPHEN; Douglasvillc; B.S. in Psychology; Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Gridiron; I.F.C., Vice Pres. 4; Student Council, Chairman 4; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice Pres. 4; Tech-Ga. Better Relations Committee . . . STRICK- LAND, RONALD B.; Royston; B.S.A.; Poultry Science Club. SENIORS OF THE LULLING VOICES THAT ROSE AND FELL, AND THE WELCOME SOUND No, start off on your right foot . . . You mean you ' re charging me for Co-op iffe. tk Sullivan, J. Suttles, J. larpler, W. Tasker, M. Taylor, M. Teogue, J. Teasley, K. Teate, J. Terrell, W. Tharp, W. Thomas, J. Thomas, J. Thompson, D. Thompson, L. Thompson, R. Thornton, J. Thornton, J. Thurmond, W. Thurston, S. Timbs, C. Todd, M. Torrence, E. Tribble, A. Tucker, S. Turk, G. Turner, R. Upton, J. Vandegriff, J. Wade, S. Walker, J Wollace, A. Wallace, W. Wansley, M. Word, G, Ward, J Warren, V. Weems, A. Wellborn, G. Wesley, J. Wheeler, B. Wheeler, L. Whitaker, R. Whitoker, W. White, M. Whiteheod, C. Whitmire, W. Wight, A. Wikle, W. Wilbanks, G. Wilkie, L. TWELVE-O ' CLOCK BELL. FIRST ROW: SULLIVAN, JAMES H.; Columhia; B.S. in Pharmacy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Chi; A. Ph. A.; I.F.C. . SUTTLES, JAMES L., JR.; America; B.B.A. in Retailing TARPLER, WALLACE A.; Norwood; B.S. Ed. . . . TASKER, M. JOY; Atlanta; B.F.A. in Commercial Art; Kappa Delta, Treas. 4; U.G.R.A.; Art Students ' League; W.A.A. . TAYLOR, MICHAEL J.; Rutherfordton, N. C; B.B.A. in Finance; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Kappa . . . TEAGUE, JOSEPH A.; Athens; B.B.A. in Accounting . . TEASLEY, KATHERINE J.; Canton; B.S. Ed.; F.T.A.; A.C.E. . . . TEATE, JAMES L.; Cordele; B.S. in Forestry . . . TERRELL, WILLIAM D.; Toccoa; B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; A. Ph. A. . . . THARP, WALTER W., JR.: Athens; B.B.A. in Aero. Management: Saddle and Sirloin Club. SECOND ROW: THOMAS, JACKSON E.; Lavonia; B.S.A. . . . THOMAS, JEREMIAH C, JR.; Athens; B.B.A.; Delta Tau Delta; University Band . . . THOMPSON, DONELL; Statesboro; B.S. Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Sec; Red and Black; Westminster Fellowship, Treas. 4; U.G.R.A.; A.C.E.; W.S.G.A. . . . THOMPSON, LESTER O.; Moultrie; B.S.F. . . . THOMPSON, ROBERT I., JR.; Watk.nsiille; B.S.A.E.; Phi Kappa Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Ga. Agriculturist; Rifle Team; Ag Engineering Club . . . THORNTON, JEAN C; Decatur; B.F.A. in Interior Design; Pi Beta Phi, Vice Pres. 4; Panhellenic, Pres. 4; Student Council; Tennis Club; W.A.A. ; Dolphin Club . . . THORNTON, JOEL L.; Union Point; B.B.A. in Marketing . . . THURMOND, WIL- LIAM; Eatonton; B.S.A. . . . THURSTON, SARA; Thomaston; A.B. in English; Sigma Alpha lota; Kappa Alpha Theta; Red and Black; University Symphony Orchestra; Choral Union . . TIMBS, CLYDE; Griffin; B.S. in Pharmacy; Phi Delta Chi; A. Ph. A. THIRD ROW; TODD, MARTHA A.; GlenniHle; B.S. in Psychology; Triquetra; Dance Club . . , TORRENCE, ERNEST G.; Milledgetille; B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Ga. Agriculturist; B.S.U.; 4-H Cub; Ag Hill Council; Ag Club; Saddle and Sirloin . . . TRIBBLE, AL- TON J., JR.; Decatur; B.F.A. in Commercial Art; Alpha Tau Omega . . . TUCKER, SIDNEY L.; Athens; A.B. in Psychology; Delta Tau Delta; Rifle Team; University Band TURK, GEORGE N.; Maysville; B.S.A.; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Ag Club . TURNER, MRS. RALPH M.; Duluth; B.S. Ed. . , . UPTON, JOHN W., JR.; Norman Park; B.S.A.; Alpha Zeta . . . VANDEGRIFF, JOSEPH A., JR.; Decatur; B.S.A. in Dairying; Dairy Science Club; Saddle and Sirloin . . . WADE, SARAH L.; Saiannah; B.S. Ed.; W.A.A.; Pemm Club; Tumbling Club; Officials Club . . WALKER, JUNE; Cuthbert; B.S.P.E.; Alpha Omicron Pi, Sec. 4; Pythagorean; W.A.A.; Pemm Club, Vice Pres.; Tumbling Club. FOURTH ROW; WALLACE, ANNE H.; Athens; B.S. Ed.; Phi Mu . . . WALLACE, WILLIAM H., JR.; Athens; B.L.A.; Pi Lambda Alpha; Delta Tau Delta, Sec; Landscape Architecture Club . . . WANSLEY, MACK C, JR.; Carnesiille; B.B.A. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi . . . WARD, GEORGE G., JR.; Atlanta; A.B.J. ; Sigma Delta Chi . . . WARD, JOANNE W.; Atlanta; B.F.A. in Interior Design; Kappa Delta; Art Students ' League, Pres. . WARREN, VIRGINIA A.; Athens; A.B. in Math.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres.; Zodiac; Student Council; Panhellenic, Treas. 3, 4; Wesley Foundation . . . WEEMS, ANN J.; Atlanta; B.S. Ed.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Alpha Omicron Pi; Hunt Club; U.G.R.A.; Homecon; Tumbling Club; A.C.E., Treas. . . . WELLBORN, G. LOIS; Atlanta; B.F.A. in Art; Kappa Alpha Theta; B.S.U.; Art Stu- dents ' League . . . WESLEY, JANET A.; Athens; B.B.A. in Sec. Sci.; Phi Chi Theta; Phi Mu . . . WHEELER, BOBBY A.; Alma; B.S.A.; Pi Tau Chi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade. FIFTH ROW; WHEELER, LARRY M.; Alma; B.B.A. in Finance; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . WHITAKER, ROBERT T.; Harlem; B.S.A. in Dairying; Pi Tau Chi; " X " Club; Ga. Agriculturist, Managing Ed.; Ga. Dairyman, Bus. Mgr.; Ag Club, Sec 2, Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 4; Dairy Science Club; Demosthenian, Sec. -Treas. 3; G.O.P.; Wesley Foundation . . . WHITAKER, WILLIAM A., JR.; Dearing; B.S. in Pharmacy; A. Ph. A. . . . WHITE, MARY K.; Abbeville, S. C; B.S. in Pharmacy; Rho Chi; Phi Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Zodiac; A. Ph. A.; Ga. Pharmacist . . . WHITEHEAD, CHARLIE L.; Gaines- ville; B.B.A. in Aero. Adm.; Chi Phi; Ga. Aero. Club, Pres. 2 . . . WHITMIRE, WIL- LIAM A.; Douglasville; B.S.A. in Dairying; Dairy Science Club; Saddle and Sirloin . . . WIGHT, AZALEE; Cairo; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi; Dolphin Club, Sec; W.A.A. . . . WIKLE, W. CHARLES; darkest ille; B.B.A.; Alpha Kappa Psi, Treas.; Economics Society, Treas.; Scabbard and Blade . . . WILBANKS, GAINES G.; Decatur; B.S. in Chemistry . . . WILKIE, LEE G., JR.; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Insurance; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa. SENIORS ' Zerterower, J Zion, M. SOMETIMES EXCITING AND SOMETIMES A BORE — THIS WAS h ' 31 Prize-winning artists. Puzzle picture: Find the donkey. i This picture speaks for itself. •4, " - .a III ■«►-- V ji ' I- " ■...■-j ' ■ .y rnKmetm - x wJi " .1 I Willcoxon, C. Willett, J. Williams, J. Williams, T. Williams, W. Willis, T. Wilson, H Wilson, M. Wilson, P. Winslett, R. Wise, R. Wisenbaker, Wooten, B, Worley, E. Worthy, C Wright, S. Yeager, J Yearta, B. Young, M. Young, W. i GEORGIA, Fl FTY-FOU R FIRST ROW: WILLCOXON, CLEVELAND R., JR.; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Insurance; Phi Delta Theta, Pres. 4; Phi Kappa . WILLETT, JOSEPH M.; Gray; B.S.A. . . . WILLIAMS, JO A.; Axson; B.S. Ed.; Triquetra; B.S.U.; A. Ph. A.; F.T.A.; Y.W.A. . . . WILLIAMS, THOMAS A., JR.; Savannah; B.A. in French . . . WILLIAMS, WILKES B.; Sylvania; A.B.J. . WILLIS, THOMAS L.; Coolidgc; B.B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . WILSON, HANSEL L.; Cartersiille; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry; " X " Club; Ag Hill Council; Demosthenian; 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin; Aghon . . , WILSON, MAHLA K.; Savannah; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Chi Omega; A Cappella Choir; Student Union; F.T.A.; W.A.A. WILSON, PAULA M.; Tifton; B.S.H.E. . . . WINSLETT, RONALD; Rome; B.S.A.; Scabbard and Blade; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Dairy Science Club; D.M.S. SECONDROW: WISE, ROBERT E.; Pensacola, Fla.; B.S. Ed.; F.T.A. . . . WISENBAKER, RICHARD H.; Oiisley; B.S. Ed. . . . WOOTEN, B. JOY; Shellman; B.S. Ed. . . . WORLEY, EDWARD E.; CartersviUe; B.S.A.; Agronomy Club . . . WORTHY, CAROLYN L.; Cairo; B.S.H.E.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Delta Delta Delta; Pioneer Club . . . WRIGHT, SYDNEY E.; Forsyth; B.S.H.E.; B.S.U.; Homecon; Triquetra . . . YEAGER, JAMES D., JR.; Temple; B.B.A. . . . YEARTA, BILLY M.; Iron City; B.S.A.; Gaffau Club . YOUNG, MARY A.; Atlanta; B.S.H.E. . . . YOUNG, WILLIAM D.; Marietta; B.B.A. in Retailing; Chi Phi; Arnold Air Society; Football; " G " Club. THIRD ROW; ZETTEROWER, JACQUELINE; Statcsboro; B.S. Ed.; Alpha Delta Pi, Vice Pres.; Pan- hellenic; F.T.A. ; A.C.E.; Student Council, Sec.-Treas.; Glee Club; U.G.R.A. . , . ZION, MARVIN H.; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Accounting; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pershing Rifles; I.F.C., Treas. 4. J U N O R S " They only are ivise ivho know that they knoiv nothing. " i 1 Graduates of Campusology 5 . . . aspiring pseudo- intellectuals . . . Classes harder . . . must really | decide on a major . . . freshmen better-looking but getting dumber all the time . . . active in all organi- zations . . . budding campus wheels . . . nearing the top . . . just one more year. OFFICERS ALLEN TABOR President ANN KOLP Vice President SON HOLLEMAN Secretary-Treasurer but not too proud f «i o 4 n D c T j » o , n os D .a A ( . f 4 ruf ! «l f - - ' % , ,f%- , P, A O . f . Li » f« - ' : fot « " ■ a m 51 ♦ ?JB ' . M t J U N O R S Another troop, just flipping over. Joint Sigmo Nu-KD pledge meeting. ft ' " O f T A TT ft. W ft o f fT B r i Of nineteen kuncired and fifti4-fc our :Why yes. Ah think Ah will have onothuh big orange. FIRST ROW: Airoldi, Alfred A.; Atlanta . . . Allison, Bennie J.; Cleveland . . . Anderson, Ernest R.; Jefferson . Anderson, Francis O.; Jefferson . . . Ander- son, Jane A.; Pearson . . . Andrews, Gerald D.; Wariiick . Barker, John H.; Gainesville . . . Barnette, James T.; Senoia . . . Barrett, Margaret L.; East Point Bates, Margaret R.; Tunnel Hill Bedingfield, Dewey A.; Dublin . . . Beeson, Elizabeth M.; Augusta . . . Bennett, Julius H.; Sa- vannah . . . Bentley, Martha N.; Atlanta . . . Bil- lings, Alan G.; Atlanta . . . Black, Jerry B.; Cleve- land. SECOND ROW: Blackwell, George C; Bogart . . . Blount, Thomas H.; Haukinsville . . . Bolton, Frankie; Hilton . . . Bond, Don; Rome . . . Bowen, William E.; Athens . . . Bower, John D.; Bainbridge . . . Bowers, Betty A.; Morelaiid . . . Bowman, Thomas L-; Ringgold . . Bradford, Robert F.; Augusta Brooks, Roland D.; Peudergrass , . . Brown, Donald N.; Commerce . . . Brown, Tommy M.; Commerce . . . Brown, Virginia C; Winder . . . Bryant, Lloyd D.; Tampa, Flu. . . . Burgamy, Franklin E.; MaroM . . . Byrd, S. Elizabeth; Harlem. THIRD ROW: Calhoun, Charles M.; Talhotton . . . Campbell, Au- relia; Hartivell . . . Carpenter, Libby; Decatur Carrington, William J.; Marietta . . . Car- ruth, Betty J.; Athens . . . Carsello, Mickey C; Tuin Lakes . . . Cashin, Harry L.; Augusta . . . Cedruly, Eugene E.; Orchard Park. N. Y. . . . Chambers, Marilyn D.; Augusta . . . Clemens, Rob- ert N.; Scottsboro, Ala. . . . Clements, Betty C; Valdosta . . . Cleveland, Billie R.; Bainbridge . . . Clifton, Wilbur L.; Albany . . . Clyatt, Ar- nold B.; Miami, Fla. . . . Cobb, Clark H.; Augusta Cobb, James B.; Adel. FOURTH ROW: Cobb, John H.; Smyrna . . . Cohn, Louis A.; New York, N. Y. . . . Cole, Leon; Columbus . . . Cole- man, Ronald L.; Savannah . . . Coney, G. Dekle; Forest Park . . . Conner, Fiarold B.; Gainesville . . . Conoly, Embert J.; Tifton . . . Conrad, Bar- bara E.; Sarasota, Fla. . . . Cooper, Le Conte Valdi; Augusta . . . Cornelius, Marjorie; Nashville . . . Courtenay, Jack; Gainesville . . . Cowart, Jackson S.; Arlington . . . Crofton, Robert C; Brunswick . . . Crowe, S. Katherine; Bogart . . . Culbreth, Mary E.; Valdosta . . . Cunningham, Alda A.; Cor- nelia. FIFTH ROW: Davis, E. Jane; Atlanta . . . Davis, William P.; Elberton . . . Day, Frank S.; Covington . . . DeFoor, Frank T.; Eastanollee . . . De Lorme, Harry H.; Savannah . . . Denard, Clarence B.; Dawsonville . . . Denmark, William J.; Fort Scre- ven . . . Dilworth, William D.; Martin . . . Don- ald, Clarence W.; Carrollton . . . Donaldson, Phillip L.; Savannah . . . Doss, Clayton S.; Rome . . . Doss, Malcolm M.; Rome ■ . . Doss, Maurice D.; Rome . . . Douglas, John H.; Savannah . . . Downs, Robert A.; Statham . . . Drake, Frances A.; Decatur. SIXTH ROW: Dunn, Samuel F.; Greenville . . . Earnest, Betsy; Athens . . . Edwards, Edwin J.; Milledgeville . . . Eidam, Ben H.; Columbus . . . Ellison, Ann C; Anderson , S. C. . . . Evans, Angela M.; Pine view . . . Evans, George W.; Como. N. C. . . . Farmer, Tom F.; Newnan . . . Felts, Sammy D.; Adel . . . Findley, Ernest E.; Uialda . . . Flanagan, Charles A.; Athens . . . Flowers, Patricia A.; Atlanta . . . Forrester, James R.; Winder . . . Fortson, George D.; Danielsville . . . Fox, M. Glenn; Atlanta . . . Fraker, Carolyn; Dalton. SEVENTH ROW: Frazier, William R.; Avondale Estates . . . Futch, Sally; Macon . . . Galloway, June P.; Athens . ■ . Gignilliat, Arthur M.; Savannah . . . Goldfarb, Roy A.; Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Golivesky, Herschel L.; Valdosta . . . Goodyear, William H.; Brunstvick . . . Gorman, Milton H.; Cedartotvn . . . Grant, Charles; Atlanta . . . Gregory, James R.; Sylvester . . . Griffin, Archibald L.; Valdosta . . . Grif- fin, Bobby G.; Athens . . . Guyton, Claud H.; Crtr- tersville . . . Hamilton, George D.; Savannah . . . Hancock, Claudia J.; Thomaston . . . Harbin, Joanne R.; Augusta. «s - - W f f i t ja, , ., , t,i r.l " . ' mm M fA I Ol r ft . ' ' i P f i " ' 1 J U N And then some squares prefer to dance . . ( a Houseparty in Daytona? of nineteen nun area and fiftf4-H our Don ' t bite the hand that ' s feeding you FIRST ROW: Harper, Emmett L.; Good Hope . . . Harrell, Gro- ver C; White Oak . . . Harrison, Fred C; Black- shear . . . Harrison, Rachel; Harrison . . . Hart, Carole W.; Temple . . . Harvey, Douglas L.; Jakin . . . Hawkins, Herb C; Rosuell . . . Hawley, Harold J.; Watkittsi ille . . . Heaton, Adam J.; Mineral Bluff . . . Heck, Mary C; Atlanta . . . Heliums, Howard B.; Athens . . . Helms, Lynda; Tampa, Fla. . . . Henry, John W.; LaFayette . . . Hertz, Michael; Haifa, Israel . . . Higginbotham, Hazel A.; Bogart . . . Highsmith, Glenda S.; Sa- i annab. SECOND ROW: Hill, Katharine J.; Augusta . . . Hinely, James T.; Hinesiille . . . Hines, Ira L.; Americns . . . Hobbs, James H.: Dublin . . . Holsapple, Nancy M.; Athens . . . Hooper, John H.; Birmingham, Mich. . . . Home, M. Virginia; Columbus . . . Horton, William W.; Atlanta . . . Hosi, Thomas H.; Vietnam, Indo-China . . . House, William P.; Winder . . . Hughes, John L.; Augusta . . . Hull, Leonard F.; Atlanta . . . Hutchins, Mary J.; Blakely . . . Isbell, William; Rockmart . . . Jack- son, Jeanette D.; Atlanta . . . Jewell, Irene H.; Lookout Mountain. THIRD ROW: Johnson, Franklin E.; Valdosta . . . Johnson, Gloria E.; Carrollton . . . Johnson, Clin J.; Hartuell . . . Jones, Betty L.; Rutledge . . . Jones, George; Nicholson . . . Joyner, Edgar L,; Screven . . . Kaplan, Sara; Dublin . . . Kimbell, Charles B.; McDonough . . . King, Robert A.; Curryville . . . Knight, Clarence; Sylvester . . . Koslow, Harriet M.; Charleston, S. C. . . . Kuykendall, Gerald C; Lake Park . . . Ladson, Donald S.; Moultrie . . . Ladson, Max G.; Moultrie . . . LaGarde, Kathleen M.; Atlanta . . . Lane, William K.; Rebecca. FOURTH ROW: Layfield, Marvin C; Milledgei ille . . . Lazenby, Barbara B.; Decatur . . Lee, Harold; Savannah . . . Lee, Ki Y.; Kyunggi-Do, Korea . . . Leverett, Jack W.; Macon . . . Levy, Marcia L.; Augusta . . . Lewis, Jane A.; Decatur . . . Lewis, Jeanette, R.; Atlanta . . . Lewis, Virginia M.; Cohutta . . . Love, George R.; Savannah . . . McConnell, Jim- mie; Grayson . . . McCulley, Mary J.; Dalton . . . McDaniel, Ray E.; Waycross . . . McElrath. William T.; Rome . . . McEntyre, James M.; Cal- hniin . . Mcintosh, Madclyn; Atlanta. FIFTH ROW: McQuaig, Randy L.; Manor . . . McTeer, Marcia W.; Savannah . . . Manus, Richard C; Clermont . . . Marler, Jack H.; Augusta . . . Martin, Myra I.; Hartsfield . . . Marx, Billy E.; Dublin . . . Massey, Ann; Canon . . . Maynard, Michael C; Winder . . . Melson, Frank H.; Savannah . . . Mensinger, Edwina D.; Atlanta . . . Mercer, Carol A.; Atlanta . . . Merchant, Carroll E.; Albany . . . Methvln, Eugene H.; Vienna . . . Middle- brooks, Inez; Farmington . . . Miller, Donald; At- lanta . . . Miller, Paul; Atlanta. SIXTH ROW: Mobley, Thomas W.; Whigham . . . Moore, Ber- nease C; Chester . . . Moore, Doris A.; Elbcrton . . . Moore, Lillian R.; Blakely . . . Morris, Don- ald H.; College Park . . . Morris, Jane G.; Atlanta . . . Morris, Suzanne; Augusta . . . Morris, Wil- liam G.; Winder . . . Morrison, James C; Ali- qitippa . . . Moseley, Martha A.; Eastanollee . . . Mullis, Charles W.; Dublin . . . Murphey, A. Viven; West Point . . . Murray, Mary B.; Colum- bus . . . Muse, Andrew D.; Carrollton . . . Neal, Noel D.; Young Harris . . . Neidlinger, Janice A.; Atlanta. SEVENTH ROW: Nicholson, F. Anne; Atlanta . . . Nugent, Clifton P.; Willacoochee . . . Ogletree, Richard S.; Co- lumbus . . . Otto, Mary E.; Atlanta . . . Owens, Ned M.; Milledgeville . . . Parker, Eugenia K.; Moultrie . . . Parker, Ho vard J.; Ellijay . . . Parr, Mack H.; Blackshear . . . Patterson, Carol J.; Asheville, N.C. . . . Paulson, Charles S.; Athens . . . Peck, John F.; Savannah . . . Perkins, Harry G.; Atlanta . . . Perry, Kermit S.; Cedartotvn . . . Peterson, Kay B.; Mt. Vernon . . . Pickering, Dorothy B.; Lookout Mountain . . . Pierce, Harry S.; High Shoals. o % A a r -s - ■- ■ C) liiM i t h - e. 1 «v J U N Most campus polificions toke a summer vacotion . . O R Hey mow, find me. o nineteen hundred ana fiftu-fc FIRST ROW: Pierson, Franklin D.; Cnlloden . . . Pittman, Wil- liam F.; Athens . . . Platonos, Christos C; Brook- lyn, N. Y. . . . Poole, I. Talmage; Benson, N. C. ■ ■ ■ Porter, William R.; Lavonia . . . Price, Jackie; Tallahassee, Fla. . . . Proctor, Emerson; Stilson . . . Queen, Nelda; Monroe . . . Ragan, Charles P.; Rentz . . . Randall, Comer H.; Wash- ington . . . Rector, Mary C; Atlanta . . . Reeves, Hildred V.; Atlanta . . . Reubush, Helen C; Weyers Cave, Va. . . . Reves, Barbara A.; Colum- bus . . . Reynolds, William A.; Arabi . . . Rhudy, Novel L.; Roanoke, Va. SECOND ROW: Richards, Henry C; Jasper . . . Richardson, John S.; Atlanta . . . Richardson, Michael C; Rayle ■ . . Riley, Richard W.; Danville, Va. . . . Ring, Burton; Neivark, N.J. . . Rinker, Edward W.; Augusta . Robbins, Shirley C; Savannah . . . Roberts, Hyman E.; Sylvania . . . Robertson, Cyn- thia; Savannah . . . Rogers, Jackie; Barton . . . Rogers, James S.; Cartersville . . . Rogers, Mar- jorie; Franklin . . . Rogers, William G.; Atlanta . . Russell, Frances; Cedartoun . . . Sailors, James T.; Athens . . . Sanders, Evelyn H.; Neivnan. THIRD ROW: Sanders, Sammy H.; Boiiersville . . . Schwem, Carolyn; Danville, Va. . . . Scroggins, Nira M.; West Point . . . Segars, Nelson P.; Commerce . . . Sheffield, Myriene; Neuton . . . Shelton, Lewis S.; Jacksonville, fla. . . . Sicgel, Alvin N.; Atlanta Silver, Stanley M.; Savannah . . . Simon, Thomas C; Augusta . . . Simpson, James W.; Buford . . . Sirmans, Willis H.; Waycross . . . Skeadas, Johnny A.; Savannah . . . Skeels, Carol E.; Miami, fla. Skinner, Charlie H.; Nashville . . . Smith, Ann M.; MrtfOM . . . Smith, Barry E.; Rome. FOURTH ROW: Smith. Charles H.; LaGrange . . . Smith, Hilton E.; Colquitt . . . Spooner, James S.; Douglas . . . Stahl, Barbara J.; Moultrie . . . Stanford, Patricia N.; Decatur . . . Stephens, Emmett J.; Vienna . . . Stephens, Margaret A.; Semmes, Ala. . . . Stetson, Richard A.; Athens . . . Stinson, Julian R.; Danville, Va. . . . Stowers, Benny T.; Datvson- lille . . . Streater, Shirley C; Decatur . . . Stroup, Lois A.; Atlanta . . . Suber, Larry N.; Coolidge . . . Sutherland, James H.; Calhoun . . . Tabor, Allen W.; Perry . . . Tarleton, John J.; Atlanta. FIFTH ROW: Tarpley, Jack K.; High Shoals . . . Tatum, Hud- son T.; White . . . Thomas, Luther M.; Macon . . . Thomas, Mary L.; Patterson . . . Thomason, A. Joan; Avondale Estates . . . Thompson, Billy B.; Lyons . . . Todd, Truman A.; Savannah . . . Tor- gersen, Liv; Notodden, Norway . . . Trawick, Jerry F.; Cedartown . . . Trotter, Richard D.; Atlanta . . . Tucker, Juanita; Royston . . . Tur- ner, Ralph E.; Marietta . . . Tyner, Carolyn E.; Dttniehville . . . Usher, Eugene; Lyons . . . Vo- nier, Thilmon L.; Boston . . . Voss, David V.; Augusta. SIXTH ROW: Wade, Mellie L.; Savannah . . . Walker, Ben W.; Sandersville . . . Wallis, Vivian C; College Park . . . Ware, Virginia M.; Hogansville . . . Warren, William H.; Pulaski . . . Warth, Frederick E.; S«- vannah . . . Weaver, John S.; Milledgeville . . . Weaver, Mary O.; Macon . . . Weiss, Stanley 1.; Savannah . . . Wellmann. A. Sue; Williston, Fla. . . . Wells, Frankie; Midville . . Wells, Rubie E.; Decatttr . . . Weltzbarker, Doyle; Norman Park . . . Wetherington, Mary A.; Valdosta . . . White, Billy R.; Winder . . . White, Leonard F.; Rome. SEVENTH ROW: White, Ruby G.; Franklin Springs . . . Whittle, Michael H.; Augusta . . . Williams, Martha J.; Marietta . . . Williams, Theodoric E.; Iron City . . . Williamson, Milton L.; Augusta . . . Wilson, Betty J.; Albany, N. Y. . . . Wilson, Hansel M.; Woodstock . . . Witcher, Janette; Botvman . . . Woodard. Harold E.; Rebecca . . . Woodward, Heyward L.; Atlanta . . . Worsham, Arch D.; Cul- loden . . . Wren, William C; Augusta . . . Wright, Alice C; Rome . . . Yates, John S.; Ca- milla . . . Young, James R.; Macon. SOPHOMORES ' i l uturu politicians All these long lines . . " All ive had of joy endures, a joy ivithin lis; All the rest of life is lovelier for those years. " — Clifford Bax Finally made it through the Arch . . . Get that freshman ... all the crip courses are filled . . . got the campus right under the thumb . . . beaten path to the fraternity houses and River . . . bigger and better parties . . . classes? ... no worries ... no cares . . . just exams, pop-quizzes, and next week- end. OFFICERS JIMMY HARPER President CAROLYN OSTEEN Vice President BILL REINHARDT Secretary-Treasnrei and we ' re forever at the end. ' 4. 1 » !:-% « .. %: •- •. t ' -Vi ■ ' V: v« ' ■■ ,. s •-■ 1 ' f XSTTYOF CeOROA : h -i 1 ( ' ■ Za ' fV Jt . V i 1 t 8 .. (..) - SOPHOMORES Dick Tracy leaves his calling card. Statistics show college girls are more mature, and — whaaaat? of nineteen nundred and fift ' 4-f our Even their best friends won ' t tell them. FIRST ROW: Adams, Rebecca A.; Plant City, Fla. . . . Akins, Anne B.; Brooklet . . . Almand, Betty A.; Conyers . . . Antley, Iris; Marietta . . . Asbelle, Julius; Commerce . . . Averitt, Gloria A.; Millen . . . Bailey, Harriett E.; Lithonia . . . Baird, Thomas S.; Winder . . . Baker, Lauradine; Lafayette . . . Baldwin, Lilybeth M.; Athens . . . Ballard, Charles T.; Fayettei ' ille . . . Barnes, Joseph F.; Americiis . . . Bartenfeld, Charles G.; Dnnivoody . . . Bell, Charles H.; Athens . . . Bell, John T.; Columbus . . . Bennett, Jere L.; McRae. SECOND ROW: Benson, Mary A.; Columbia, S. C. . . . Benton, Beverly; Macon . . . Berryman, Louise J.; Asbe- lille, N. C. . . . Bishop, Douglas; Elberton . . . Blackwell, Norman; Savannah . . . Blasingame, Thomas P.; Atlanta . . Boggs, Jack D.; Atlanta . . . Bohanan, Betty; CoH3 ' rs . . . Booth, Willis F.; Manor . . . Bower, Delois R.; Ada . . . Boyies, Kay E.; Smyrna . . . Branch, Roger G.; Lyons . . . Brawner, James; Greenville . . . Brew er, Charles M.; Harlem . . . Brewer, Marcia A.; Way- cross . . . Bridges, Evelyn J.; Thomson. THIRD ROW: Brigman, Thomas L.; Cheraw, S. C. . . . Brown, Beverly M.; Miami, Fla. . . . Burel, Larry G.; Bit- ford . . . Burns, Virginia M.; Greenwood, S. C. . . . Buxton, Mary V.; Sardis . ■ . Cabaniss, Dan- iel C; Maxey . . . Cabero, George A.; Hatvkins- ville . . . Camniack, James D.; Savannah . . . Camp, Asa B.; Rome . . . Carlucci, Agostino; Sparta . . . Carr, Virginia B.; Montclair, N. J. . . . Carson, Edgar P.; Young Harris . . . Car- son, Janelle; Dalton . . . Carswell, Elizabeth P.; Savannah . . . Carswell, Stewart G.; Abbeville . . . Chambliss, Fred P.; Alamo. FOURTH ROW: Clark, Mary M.; Macon . . . Clyatt, Thomas E.; Atlanta . . . Coburn, Sandra L.; Fitzgerald . . . Cohen, Marvin B.; Macon . . . Coley, Joel J.; Bow- don . . . Collins, Hollis C; Canal Zone . . . Col- ter, William H.; Dublin . . . Conaway, Paula F.; Macon . . . Cook, Clark H.; St. Simons . . . Cooke, Virginia; Cordcle . . ■ Cooley, Janey M.; Athens . . . Cronin, Robert A.; Savannah . . . Culpep- per, Henry M.; Louisville . . . Dadisman, J. Carrol; Jefferson . . . Davey am I.; Atlanta . . . David- son, Frank R.; Maysville, FIFTH ROW: Davis, Robert G.; Rome . . . Davis, Robert J.; Tif- ton . . . Davis, Verne L.; Commerce . . . Dekle, Joel S.; Jesup . . . Delamater, Peggy G.; Atlanta . . . Delmore, Barbara A.; Army Chemical Cen- ter, Md. . . ■ Dessauer, Kittie S.; Augusta . . . Dezoort, Edith J.; Savannah . . . Dickcrson, Joe; Homerville . . . Dison, Charlotte A.; Smyrna . . . Dunn, Hugh; Greenville . . Echols, Joe O.; Thom- aston . . . Edenfield, Berry A.; Stilson . . . Elder, Lorraine; Jacksonville, Fla. . . . Ellington, John T.; Thomaston . . . English, James; Penfield. SIXTH ROW: Esty, C. Phil; Athens . ■ . Every, Kay; Marietta . . . Ewalt, Patricia L.; Atlanta . . . Ewing, Sid- ney A.; Covington . . . Feinbcrg, D. Stanley; Grif- fin . . ■ Fienberg, Solomon R.; Atlanta . . . Finkelstein, Adele F.; Baxley . . . Floyd, Eleanor L.; Clayton . . . Fortune, Sally E.; LaFayette . . Franks, Paul T.; Columbus . . . Free, William J.; Rockmart . ■ . Friedman, Charlotte A.; Atlanta . . . Frierson, Martha; Gainesville . . . Fulford, John R.; Wrightsville . . . Fulghum, Dorothy J.; Vienna, Va. . . . Gannon, Eleanor; Athens. SEVENTH ROW: Greer, James E.; Atlanta . . . Gholston, Margaret C; Atlanta . . ■ Gilmer, Eleanor K.; Columbus . . . Glenn, Thaddeus L.; Athens . . . Godfrey, Charles E.; Spartanburg, S. C. . . . Goolsby, Mary C; Carlton . . ■ Gould, Phoebe E.; Atlanta . . . Gowen, Thomas C; Folkston . . . Grady, Shirley H.; Atlanta . ■ ■ Grant, Nanci C; Brunswick . . Graves, James E.; Rome . . . Greiner, Vir- ginia A.; Atlanta . . . Griffin, Lucile J.; Columbus . . . Griffin, Richard E.; Augusta . Griner, Barbara; Claxton . . . Grubbs, Clayton H.; Bra- denton, Fla. p .( l rk 4i Blk Al fli O ' . ai p A n t iiiilllft lii " I H .% ' ife«Mitalii . SOPHOMORES I Lose your shoe? . . . That ATO on the left just found it. ' v- M of nineteen nuncired and f fti4 ' ff our Thay, fellowth ii V ipii FIRST ROW: Gunn, Ellen M.; Atlanta . . Hahn, Margaret A.; Atlanta . . . Haire, William; SummeriUle . . . Hale, Martha; Athens . . . Hale, Sara T.; High Shoals . . . Hall, James J.; Hatvkinsville . . . Hall, William; Wtirner Robins . . . Hammack, Russell C; Emmerton, Va. . . . Harmor, William S.; CarroUton . . . Harris, Ted C; CarroUton . . . Harrison, Alice E.; Piedmont, Ala. . . . Harrold, Joseph M.; Athens . . . Hawkins, Margie; Atlanta . . . Headen, Kitty R.; Signal Mountain, Tenn. . . . Hearn, James B.; Atlanta . . . Helton William; Gainesville. SECOND ROW: Henrich, Robert W.; Teaneck, N. J. Mary P.; Roberta . . . Higginbotham Royston . . . Hill, John T.; Marietta . John W.; UidiUle . . . Hill, Marson E.; . . . Hires, Shirley P.; Brunswick . . Shirley M.; Moultrie . . . Hodgson, . Hicks, Jon D.; . . Hill, Augusta . . Hodges, Thomas B.; Athens Hollingsworth, Charlotte G.; Atlanta . . . Holmes, Oscar; Covington . . . Holt, Ed- ward; Sparks . . . Hood, Norma; McDofwugh . Hopkins, Marian J.; Athens . . . Hopkins, William P.; Athens Hoxsie, Eva L.; Chipley. THIRD ROW: Hudson, Patricia F.; Athens . . . Hughes, Frank- lin D.; Alma . . . Jackson, Bobbie J.; Columbus . . . Johnston, Joyce L.; Ashburn . . . Joiner, William P.; Athens . . . Jones, Adrienne; Bremen . . . Jones, Herbert; Lyons . . . Jones, James A.; Thomson . . . Jones, Otis W.; Enigma . . . Jones, Patty L.; Albany . . . Jones, Philip; Danielsville . . . Jones, Wesley; Madison . . . Kawai, Shige- yoshi I.; Harlem . . . Kersey, Melvin E.; Thomas- ton . . . Killam, Horace A.; Greensboro . . . Kim- ball, Harold E.; Fitzgerald. . . Lackland, Lil- Joe R.; Athens . Lanier, Don F.; Washington, W.; Cartersville . Letts, Jackson FOURTH ROW; Kutchey, Robert M.; Saratmah . lian N.; Albany . . . Landrum, . . . Langley, Jank T.; EHijtiy E.; Collins . . . Lanier, Marie D. C. . . . Leachman, Charles . . . Lee, Paul J.; Rossiille . P.; Atlanta . . . Leverett, Rheta E.; Parrott Loeb, Beverly A.; Atlanta . . . Lothes, Jane C; Atlanta . . . Lowery, Robert S.; Armnchce . . . Ludwick, Betty A.; Marietta . . . Luther, Perry A.; Waymart, Pa. . . . Luther, Shirley A,; Atlanta. FIFTH ROW: MacDonald, Mary A.; Elberton . . . McBride, Jen- nie H.; Newnait . . . McClellan, Gerald; Com- merce . . . McCommons, Elizabeth A.; Thomson . . . McDonald, Beverly W.; Waycross . . . McGill, Ann; Lizella . . . McGowan, Sandra L.; Albany . . . McQueen, Lynette; Folkston ■ . . Ma- bry, Emory S.; Atlanta . . . Maddox, Joel; Corlin, Ky. . . . Mahaffey, Jack T.; Stvainsboro . . . Mar- tin, Harry E.; Savannah . . . Martin, James W.; Danielsville . . . Mason, Caroline L.; Atlanta . . . Mawn, Tommy C; Pitts . . . Mayes, Benjamin P.; Camak. SIXTH ROW: Mewborn, Alice E.; Atlanta . . . Mikell, Joel E.; Waycross . . . Miller, Marjorie A.; Decatur . . . Mincey, Frances J.; Savannah . . . Minchew, John E.; Waycross . . . Mixson, Kay O.; Valdosta . . . Moreira, Paul P.; Brunswick . . . Morgan, Patrick M.; Moultrie . . . Morley, Mary A.; Ft. McPherson . . . Morris, Francis J.; Gcorgetoivn S. C. . . . Morris, Thomas H.; Thomaston . . . Morris, William S.; Augusta . . . Murphey, Sarah H.; West Point . . . Nash, Herman R.; Athens . . . Newcomer, Christopher B.; Richmond, hid. . . . Noe, Ann D.; Sarasota, Fla. SEVENTH ROW: Norman, John T.; Thomson . . . O ' Neal, Benjamin L.; Columbus . . . Owens, Eugene A.; Albany . . . Owens, Harry L.; Brunswick . . . Owens, Starling L.; Fitzgerald . . . Pagel, Kenneth E.; Milu, Wis. . . . Pape, Louise R.; Macon . . . Par- ker, Richard K.; Millen . . . Patterson, Vic; Metier . . . Patton, Ann; Lookout Mountain, Tenn. . . . Patton, Billie R.; Ben Hill . . . Payne, Calvin L.; Augusta . . . Perkins, Donald E.; Savannah . . . Perkins, Jean A.; Tuclces . . . Perry, William M.; Leslie . . . Peters, James D.; Moultrie. n SOPHOMORES Draft-dodging. We ' re just talking, really. C: f r n Of nineteen hundred and flftu-four Is it anybody we know? FIRST ROW: Pintchuck, Louis; Waynesboro . . . Prim, Patricia A.; Savannah . . Pritchett, Robert A.; Athem . . . Pullen, Paula; Soperton . . . Rabinowitz, Herman; Sauunnah . . . Rainey, CuUen T.; EUa- I ' ille . . Ramsay, Carolyn F.; Denmark, S. C. . . . Reeves, Beatrice L.; Savannah . . . Reynolds, Richard; Herlin . . . Rice, Francis C; Columbia, S. C. . . . Ridley, Maye B.; Atlanta . . . Riley, Mary P.; Atlanta . . Riley, William E.; Columbus Roberts, Harriet N.; Gray . . . Roberts, Loy D.; Griffin . . . Robinson, Chaloner T.; Macon. SECOND ROW: Roe, Eugene L.; Teaneck, N. ). . . . Rogers, Bar- bara C; Columbus . . . Rose, Florence R.; Baxley . . Rubin, Rhalda J.; Atlanta . . . Sangster, Patsy J.; Vienna . . . Schillings L. Joyce; Colum- bus . . . Scott, Hugh H.; Waynesboro . . . Sel- man, John T.; Rome . . . Setliff, Carter A.; At- lanta . Shackelford, Hilda H.; Athens . . . Shepherd, Sidney B.; Savannah . . . Shirey, Ter- rence B.; Columbus . . . Sikes, Mary C; Folkston . . . Simonton, Haywood R.; Griffin . . . Sineath, Malcolm H.; Savannah . . . Singletary, Betty; Syl- van ia. THIRD ROW: Sipe, Carolyn A.; Augusta . . . Slaughter, Gwen; Cartersville . . . Smith, Elsie; Toccoa . . . Smith, James D.; Brunswick . . . Smith, Martha H.; Athens . . . Smith, Maxine; Lafayette . . . Sny- der, Charles A.; Walhalla, S. C. . . . Sosebee, Dan- iel R.; East Point . . . Sparks, Willis B.; Macon . . Steele, Joe; Rossville . . Stem, Barbara A.; Albany . . . Stillwell, William R.; Covington . . . Stolz, Hal F.; Montezuma . . . Strain, Sarah C; Atlanta . . . Sutherland, John E.; Calhoun . . . Taff, Earl B.; Taylor sville. FOURTH ROW: Taffel, Jack; Atlanta . . . Tagge, Jane C; Macon . . . Tate, Bettye J.; Atlanta . . . Temple, Wil- liam R.; Danielsiillc . . . Thomas, Melvin; Gaines- lille - . . Thompson, Mary E.; Mt. Vernon . . . Thompson, Milton; Tcnnille . . . Thrift, George B.; Vi ' inokur . . . Tillman, Lenora F.; Clapton . . . Tolbert, Ralph H.; Athens . . . Tomblin, Edward D.; Columbus . . . Toporek, Elliott J.; Charleston, S. C. . . . Troup, Betty E.; Toccoa . . . Turk, Austin T.; Gainesville . . . Turner, Henry L.; Ponder Springs . . . Turner, John; Rome. FIFTH ROW: Upchurch, John C; Athens . . . Veazey, Doris C; Fort McPherson . . . Waldrep, James W.; Atlanta . . . Wallace, Franklin D.; Columbus . . . Wal- lace, Patricia J.; Atlanta . . . Wallace, Theresa A.; Cbamblee . . . Ward, J. Morris; Atlanta . . . Wardlaw, Louellen; Lafayette . . . Ware, Merritt L.; Athens . . . Waters, Frank A.; Ellijay . . . Watford, Cal H.; Atlanta . . . Weatherford, Jane; Athens . . . Webb, Phillip L.; Lithonia . . . Week- ley, Mary J.; Jacksonville, flu. . . . Weinper, San- dra S.; Chicago, 111. . . . Wells, Robert A.; Val- dosta. SIXTH ROW: Wheeler, Margaret A.; Lafayette . . . Whitaker, Sara A.; Harlem . . . White, Dorothy L.; Lithonia . . . White, Robert R.; Kingsville, Md. . . . Wil- moth, Doyle E.; Columbus . . . Williams, L. Joy; Buchanan . . . Williams, Tom R.; Albany . . . Williamson, Dianne R.; Atlanta . . . Willis, Alex- ander B.; Yatesville . . . Wilson, Emelyn B.; Madi- son . . . Winn, William M.; Milledgeville . . . Wise, James H.; Cornelia . . . Withers, Shirley A.; Mt. Airy, N. C. . . . Wofford, Bobby J.; Gum- ming . . . Wofford, Hoke S.; Atlanta . . . Wood- son, John W.; Elberton. SEVENTH ROW Worley, John; Elberton stone. Yates, Ann C; flint- FRESHMEN Wc learn to pull together Now, what was his nome? " A kind of mixture of fools and angels — they rush in and fear to tread at the same time. " — O. Henry We are the rats . . . wearers of the httle red and black caps . . . wary of the sophomores . . . Recep- tions . . . Rat Night . . . Shirt-tail Parade . . . Rush Week ... to pledge or not to pledge ... to pay or not to pay ... to stay or not to stay . . . mad social whirl ... so many pretty girls . . . what gorgeous football players . . . football rooting sec- tion . . . bell ringing . . . who ' d you say I was sup- posed to vote for . . . mid-term grades going home to parents ... so this is college life. OFFICERS CHARLIE WALKER President SUE CRAWFORD Vice President HARRIETTE SCHREIBER Secretary -Treasurer Off for the races VIHe ■V ;■ ■ t . ' » ' ! ' " H ' " ' H ' lj I SUE CRAWFORD CHARLIE WALKER HARRIETTE SCHREIBER B O i gM ' ' ' ■hi o iA J 4 PS «v1 1 rs r% ( O- o, ' M, j| iF-j- i 5 FRESHMEN TV In Reed Holl. Caught with the proverbials down. rr ■7i .C €f ? 9 of nineteen hundred and ff fti ' fc our They must have o man on the other end. FIRST ROW: Adams, George N.; Roystou . . . Adams, John H.; Carnesville . . . Adams, Mary J.; Barroiv . . . Adams, Mary R.; Athens . . . Adams, Patricia A.; Augusta . . . Aderhold, Bebe; Athens . . . Ak- ridge, Vincent T.; Newton . . . Allen, David E.j Columbus . . . Allmond, Emmett; Vidalia . . . Anderson, J. Lovat; Marietta . . . Anderson, John; Jefferson . . . Archdeacon, Donald M.; Stony Brook, N. Y. . . . Arnold, Carolyn; Atlanta . . . Asbill, Shirley; Clinton, S. C; . . . Ashley, Patricia L.; Fitzgerald . . . Astin, Joe S.; Rome. SECOND ROW: Atkinson, Tyrus R.; Atlanta . . . Attaway, Jose- phine; Statcsboro . . . Avery, Charlotte A.; Atlanta . . . Ayers, Sara L.; Columbus . . . Bailey, Ar- thur F.; Hapeiille . . . Baines, Mary L.; San Att- toniOy Texas . . . Baird, Vivian E.; Athens . . . Balte, Adrienne G.; Ft. Thomas Ky. . . . Barber, Allan W.; Athens . . . Barger, Pat; Oakboro, N. C. . Barnes, Margaret E.; Atlanta . . . Barnett, Carole D.; Saiannab . . . Barrow, Anne; Hapeiille . . . Beck, Sydell; Atlanta . . . Beck, William M.; Netv Brighton Pa. . . . Bell, Ann L.; Valdosta. THIRD ROW: Bell, Joseph D.; Athens . . . Bennett, Lindsey; Rossiille . . . Bennett, Marlene P.; Waycross . . . Benson, Janice; Atlanta . . . Blackman, Daniel A.; Cairo . . . Blake, Betty J.; Hamilton, Ohio . . . Blood, Beverly J.; Marietta . . . Boagg, Melinda; Danielsiille . . . Boiler, William H.; Augusta . . . Borochoff, Phyllis L.; Rome . . . Boulware, Ruth A.; Atlanta . . . Bowden, Dick R.; Atlanta . . . Bowman, Joe E.; Trion . . . Bozievieh, Nancy E.; Bethesda, Md. . . . Bradley, Dorothy M.; Decatur . . . Bramlet, James; Carnesville. FOURTH ROW: Branan, Charles E.; Griffin . . . Braswell, Beverly J.; Macon . . . Bredow, Sherilyn; Atlanta . . . Brinson, Lewis; Twin City . . . Broadnax, Agnes K.; Athens . . . Brookshire, Robert M.; Atlanta . . . Brown, Beverly W.; Marietta . . . Brown, Eleanor L.; Douglas . . . Brown, Robert E.; Daiis- boro . . . Brown, Ronald P.; College Park . . . Brown, Shirley; Atlanta . . . Brow ning, Emory M.; Waycross . . . Bryan, Betty H.; Marietta . . . BuUard, William M.; Atlanta . . . Burns, Alma J.; Marietta . . . Burns, Bobbie M.; Crawford. FIFTH ROW Burt, Melvin D.; Datisoniille . . - Burton, James P.; Monroe . . . Butler, Shela; Brooks . . . Caison, William M.; Hinesi ille . . . Campbell, Anne M.; Atlanta . . . Campbell, Audrey, Atlanta . . . Cannon, Alberry C; Greenville, S. C. ■ . ■ Cannon, Ann; Marietta . . . Cannon, Virginia; M . Berry . . . Carithers, Nydra; Jefferson . . . Carpenter, Patricia A.; Shelby, N. C. . . . Carroll, Van E.; Vidalia . . . Cason, Cecil D.; Blackshear . . . Chambers, Douglas L.; Sandersville . . . Chambers, Rufus A.; Atlanta . . . Charles, Mildred A.; Miami, Fla. SIXTH ROW Clark, Noal M.; Alamo . . . Clark, Ronald O.; Briinsuick . . . Clark, Sara J.; East Point . . . Claxton, Joan P.; Lithonia . . . Cohen, Adrienne J.; Atlanta . . . Cohen, Cecile E.; Clio, S. C. . . . Coile, Robert J.; Athens . . . Colet, Larry B.; An- derson, S. C. . . . Collins, Lewis R.; lAcBean . . . Conger, Betty A.; Athens . . ■ Cooper, Clinton K.; Perry . . . Cordle, Patsy L.; Richmond, Ya. . . . Cotter, Mary Lou; Orangeburg, S. C. . ■ Cotting- ham, Clifford L.; Atlanta . . . Coughlan, Mary L.; Lookout Mountain, Tenn. . . Cox, Ann L.; Bel- ton, S. C. SEVENTH ROW: Craft, Thomas E.; Netinan . . . Crawford, D. Susan; Chicago, III. ■ ■ ■ Crosby, Jimmy C; Ca- milla . . ■ Crowley, Raymond W.; Atlanta Cunningham, Emily D.; Lancaster, S. C. . . ■ Dan- iel, Willodean; LaOrange . ■ ■ Davis, Mary P.; Culierton . . . Day, Betty; Augusta . . . Dean, India; Bouerstille . . . Dearing, Susan; Poland, Ohio . . . Delaughter, Helen A.; Moultrie . . . Delk, James C; Athens . . ■ Demos, Johnny N.; Atlanta . . . Denmark, Helen J.; Brooklet . . . Denning, Marjorie L.; Sandersi ' ille - . . Diamond, Faye; Atlanta. FRESHMEN SJiP Vote for anybody; just vote With just one end in view m .-rV dS een kundred and f ftu-H our Rats take o rest. FIRST ROW; Dillard, M. Kay; Athens . . . Dixon, George M.; Manchester . Dobbs, Marilyn; Woodstock . . . Dorough, John W.; Milteitgetille . . . Dubignon, Sarah L.; Atlanta . . Dudley, Betty J.; Athens . . . Dumas, Leah; Sum merton, S. C. . . . Duna- hoo, William S.; Wiuiler . . . Duncan, James R.; Athens . . Dunn, William M.; Augusta . . . Dur- ham, Peggy D.; Neuton . . . Eason, Barbara; Al- bany . . Eberhart, Beth B.; Athens . . Ecker- man, Marilyn L.; Atlanta . . . Edwards, Frances F.; Atlanta . Edwards, Frances W.; Decatur. SECOND ROW; Elder, Frances A.; Winder . . . Ellison, Alice J.; Hamilton. Ohio . . Ellison, Patricia M.; Atlanta . ■ English, Inman; Cochran . . . Epperson, Newell M.; Lafayette . . . Evans, Edith E.; Brooks ■ ■ Farmer, Carolyn; Atlanta . . . Feingold, Bar- bara L.; Camilla . . . Ferguson, Willorene; Thom- asfon . Few, Samuel W.; Apalachee . . . Find- ley, Barbara; Rome . . . Fishman, Leonard H.; New York, N. Y. . . . Fleming, Samuel H.; Au- gusta . . . Fleming, Virginia; Tifton . . . Fletcher, Robert M.; Fitzgerald . . Flynn, Patricia A.; Col- lege Park. THIRD ROW; Flynt, Miriam E.; Pelhani . . . Ford, Dana P.; Sa- vannah . . Fordham, Thelma L.; Stateshoro . . Forester, Leah K.; Avondale Estates . . . Foster, Jim C; Monroe . . . Foster, Shirley A.; LaGran- ' e . . . Fowler, Marie B.; Marietta . . . Franck, Charles D.; Albany . . . Franklin, Loretta; Moh- ro-; . Freeman, Eleanor L.; Athens . . . Fricks, Kathryn; Rising Fawn . . . Fritze, Elizabeth B.; Wilmington, Del. . . . Fugate, Mary A.; Colle ' c Park . . . Fullilove, William; Bishop . . . Galis, Denny; Athens . . . Garrett, Dudley W.; Atlanta. FOURTH ROW: Garrett, Lynelle; Camilla . . . Garwin, Edith D ; Snmmerville . . . Gelletich, Joseph F.; 1 ansdonne. Pa. . . . Gentle, Janet; Atlanta . . . Gilbert, Fred A.; Gainesville . . . Glenn, Mary; West Point Goldman, Arline; Macon . . . Goo " ' man, Cecelia A.; Decatur . . . Gould, Margaret J.; Atlanta . . . Graham, Carmen F.; Columbus . . Green, Thomas R.; Canton . . . Grndstaff. H. HazTard; Ashcille, N. C. . . . Grover, Robert L.; Moultrie HaJ- away, Phil L.; Savannah . Haigwoid, Jimmy; Atlanta . . . Hall, Farrell A.; Newnan. F T H ROW Hall, Orville T.; Abbeville, S. C. . . . Hand, Fred- erick B.; Pelham . . . Haney, James M.; Vidalia Hankin, Lynette H.; Dublin . . . Harden, Homer E.; Greensboro, N. C. . . . Harper, Bobby G.; Marietta . . . Harris, Frances A.; Wrens . . . Harris, Harriet L.; Atlanta . . . Harrison, Jackie P.; Athens . . . Hart, James J.; Columbus . . . Hart, William C; Waycross . . . Hayes, Loy A.; Athens . . . Haygood, Rebekah S.; Athens . . . Haynes, La Quita; Gainesville . . . Haynic, Ann; Atlanta . . . Head, Dolores L.; Atlanta. SIXTH ROW: Heald, Judy E.; Atlanta . . . Heaton, Charles K.; Hartuell . . . Heidt, Earl W.; Marlow . . . Hen- son, Douglas; Comer . . . Hester, Fred; LaGran e . . . Hester, Rufus C; Alma . . . Hibbert, Wil- liam; Atlanta . . . Hicks, Nancy A.; Calhoun . . . Hicks, Thomas W.; Dublin . . . Hill, Mar- vin F.; Lavonia . . . Hiliegas, L. Jane; Decatur . . . Hillsman, George A.; Watkinsville . . . Hite, Stanley; Elberton . . . Hobbs, Barbara A.; Marietta . . . Hollis, James W.; Rock Springs . . . Horgan, Peggy L.; Elberton. SEVENTH ROW Horton, Paul D.; Athens . . . Howard, Patricia M.; Coral Cables, Fla. . . . Howard, Sarah E.; Fort Valley . . . Howell, Chandra V.; Pelbam . . . Hudron, Oliver K.; Bninbridge . . . Hulsey, Bar- bara J.; Gainesville . . . Hunt, Mitch W.; Asb- burn, S, C. . . . Hunter, Raymond E.; Moultri " . . . Hurst, Alice; Camilla . . . Ingle, Frederick A.; Tucker . . . Jackson, Gerald D.; Columbus . . . Jacobs, Helen E.; Cbattanoo ay Teiiu, . . . Jacobs, Leonard; Atlanta . . . Johnson, Barbara; Marietta . . . Johnson, Elise V.; Athens . . . John- son, Elva L.; Baxley. r A o p H ' fll ( ■ F • " , f A i ji fwriii ' »««( n ft FRESHMEN All we do is stand in line . Try it on for size; you ' ll be wearing it a while. l i Of nineteen hundred and fiftu-four Somebody ' s off key. FIRST ROW: Johnson, Shirley K.; Brookhaien . . . Johnson, Wade W.; Rome . . . Johnston, Joyce E.; Cham- blee . . . Jones, Gloria L.; Colquitt . . . Jones, Bob; Middleton . . . Jones, Pauline L.; Atlanta . . . Jones, Richard W.; Roberta . . . Kaplan, Je- rome L.; Macon . . Kaplan, Lynnette; Atlanta . . . Kaplan. Shirley; Wrightsiille . . . Karazu- las, John P.; Bridgeport, Conn. . . . Kellam, Nancy R.; Waycross . . . Keller, John L.; Atlanta . . . Kelsey, Kathleen; Atlanta . . . Kenimer, Mary H.; Bishop . . Kent, Sarah L.; Decatur. SECOND ROW: Kibler, James A.; Dublin . . . King, James G.; Thomaston . . . Kinne, D. Kay; Athens . . . Kirk- land, James; Manchester . . . Klein, Ed th; De- catur . . . Kling, James M.; Menlo . . . Kyle, Rob- ert C.; Atlanta ... La Conte, Leonard; Elberton ■ ■ . Lam, Katherine; Lindale . . . Lamar, Robert B.; Hcphzibah . . Langston, William T.; Austell ... La Sure, Daniel W.; Augusta . . . Latham, Carole; Rome . . . Lathem, Joyce; Canton . . . Lawson, Esfher C; Waycross . . . Lawson, Robert L.; Cornelia. THIRD ROW: Lee, Phyllis S.; Albany . . . Lefkoff, Irma; Atlanta ■ . . Leonard, Paula J.; Rome . . . Leonard. Wil- liam A.; Columbus . . . Lifscy, James D.; Monte- zuma . . . Lovett, Peggy M.; Savannah . . . Lof- tin, Harriet L.; Savannah . . . MacQuirter, Law- rence C; Columbus . . . McAlpin, Doris; Savan- nah . . . McArthur, Margaret V.; Atlanta . . . McFarland, Cleo A.; Atlanta . . . McGce. Patricia A.; Amity . . . Maggid, Rebecca H.; Baltimore, Md. . . . Malcom, Jackson E.; Thomson . . . Mann, Hallie C; Atlanta . . . Marble, Robert F.; Augusta. FOURTH ROW: Marshall, Joseph H.; Eians . . . Marshall, Nancy L.; Augusta . . . Martin, Jean; Statesboro . . . Martin, Marilyn; Atlanta . . . Martin, Shirley; Athens . . . Massel, Lois; Atlanta . . . Massengale, Katherine B.; Atlanta . . . Mathews, Carole J.; Caincsiille . . . Matthews, Betty; Macon . . . Meacham, Anna; Valdosta . . . Meier, Clarence S.; ChatsHorth . . . Mercer, Nan; Albany . . . Mil- ford, Charles P.; Carnesvillc . . . Miller, Stanley L.; Macon . . Millwood, Cecil P.; Gainesville . . . Mims, Thomas E.; Harleyville. FIFTH ROW: Mitchell, Johnny K.; Ath-ns . . . Mitchell, Kathryn . Milstcad . . . Mitchell, William E.; C« ro . . . Molder, Frances E.; Athens . . . Montgomery, George L.; Cedartoivn . . . Moody, John L,; Greensboro . . . Morton, Barbara; Athens . . . Morton, Cleone W.; Albany . . . Morton, Paul B. Thomasville . Murray, Lorraine; Brunswick . . . Neal, Raymond S.; Harlem . . . Neese, Pa- tricia L.; Atlanta . . . Negley, Nancy C; Atlanta . . . Nemcchek, Sandra K.; Atlanta . . . New- some, Paul W.; Columbus . . . Noel, Emily; At- lanta. SIXTH ROW Norman, Lynn H.; Lincolnton . . . Norwood, Wil- liam F.; Perry . . . Nuckolls, Carolyn; Cnmming . . . O ' Dillon, Richard H.; Watkinsville . . . Oeser, James C; Decatur . . . O ' Kclley, Carey F.; Athens . . Oliver, M. Thurman; Athens . . . O ' Neal, Weyman G.; Conyers . . . Palaio, Samuel R.; Hartford, Conn. . . . Palmer, Patsy W.; Ca- milla . . . Parham, Kelly; Commerce . . . Parker, Mary E.; Atco ■ ■ . Partridge, Hazel M.; Atlanta . . . Patten, Patsy; Adel . . . Patterson, Ellen; McRae . . . Patton, Carroll D.; Sivainsboro. SEVENTH ROW: Patton, Janet; Lookout Mountain, Tcnu. . . . Paulsen, Helen M.; Albany . . . Payne, Barbara A.; Cartersville . . . Peavy, Elva S.; West Point . . . Peek, John C; Warner Robins . . . Peeples, Carl- ton W.; Cbatsivorth . . . Pennock, Virginia N.; Puerto Rico . . . Perry, Eugene; Athens . . . Perry, James S.; Rome . . . Persons, Grady L.; Columbus . . . Pes, Gavin C; Bainbridge . . . Peters, Mary Jo; Savannah . . Wadley . . . Phillips, Robert B. Piercy, Peggy S.; Athens Mauk . . Peterson, Dowc; Columbus . . . Pike, Gloria O.; iA h T -v -V? i-« O (f! , H l M FRESHMEN The unrelenfing march. Let ' s all be dignified college men. of nineteen hundred and ftfft4-fc our FIRST ROW: Plunkett, Sue S.; Atlanta . . . Pontius, Patricia A.; Marietta . . Poteet, Russell E.; Augusta . . . Powell, Herman C; Augusta . . . Powell, Robin S.; Augusta . . . Price, Ben W.; Athens . . . Quante, Carolyn P.; Savannah . . . Raine, Ted; Lindale . . . Raisty, Helen C; Decatur . . . Ran- som, Jimmy R.; Rome . . . Reynolds, Billy K.; Bainbridge . . . Rich, Jack G.; Bainbridge . . . Richardson, Dixie S.; Rome . . . Richey, Charles D.; Rochelle . . . Riddle, Edward H.; Augusta . ■ ■ Ridgway, Hugh D.; Eatonton. SECOND ROW; Riepe, John G.; Athens . . . Riley, Odell L.; Au- gusta . . Roberts, Frances L.; Mouticello . . . Roe, Allen D.; Augusta . . . Romines, Ann V.; Atlanta . Rose, Tamara F.; Atlanta . . . Ros- soll, Helene; Atlanta . . . Rotkow, Sally L.; Savan- nah . . . Rowsey, Burney N.; Atlanta . . . San- ders, Dickerson H.; Atlanta . . . Sansom, George H.; Griffin . . . Sarma, Ilze; Milledgeville . . . Saunders, Annice; Decatur . . . Sawatzke, Jo- Luanne; Beaver Falls, Pa. . . . Schrieber, Har- riette; Blackshear . . . Scott, Mary R.; Decatur. THIRD ROW: Scoville, Oscar; Tbontasville . . . Searey, Floyd H.; Thomasville . . . Seligman, Roslyn; Claxton . . . Settle, Mildred J.; Athens . . . Sexton, Sandra A.; Atlanta . . Shackelford, James; Athens . . . Shain, Marcia H.; Louisville, Ky. . . . Shaw, James H.; Anderson, S. C. . . . Shell, Dot; Atlanta . . . Shuman, Don P.; Atlanta . . . Simerly, William E.; Atlanta . . . Singletary, Joan P.; Rosttell . . . Sloan, James D.; Gainesville . . . Smith, Arden G.; Atlanta . . . Smith, Camille; Thomson . . . Smith, Douglas H.; Hapevillc. FOURTH ROW: Smith, Joseph H,; Decatur . . . Smith, Joyce; Chip- ley . , . Solomon, Mary A.; Macon . . . Somers, Mark R.; Vidalia . . . Sparks, Mildred J.; Com- merce . . . Spence, Charles N.; Blakely . . . Spence, Robert H.; East Point . . . Stanford, David H.; Tucker . . . Steagall, William A.; Decatur . . . Steinberg, Stanley; Richmond, Va. . . . Ste- phens, Nancy D.; East Point . . . Stevens, Bryan L.; Atlanta . . . Stewart, Carol; Carrollton . . . Stewart, James; Atlanta . . . Stewart, Joan; Car- rollton . . . Still, Edwin T,; Monroe. F T H ROW: Stone, Robert H.; M . View . . . Stough, Carol v.; Locust Grove . . . Strauss, Jane; Augusta . . . Strickland, Billie A.; Buchanan . . . Strick- land, D. Deloyco; Moultrie . . . Strong, Guerry P.; Decatur . . . Swan, Richard M.; Wrens . . . Stynchombe, Leroy N.; Atlanta . . . Symons, Jo- seph; Pooler . . . Tanner, Johnnie B.; Athens . . . Tarlyn, Shirley; Augusta . . . Taylor, Kathryn, Columbus . . . Teagle, Catherine M.; Atlanta . . . Tennyson, Larue; Columbus . . . Terry, Guyton O.; Albany . . . Thaggard, William R.; Savannah. SIXTH ROW: Thorn, Horace B.; Athens . . . Thomas, Evelyn; Tbontasville . . . Thompson, Pat A.; Atlaittti . . . Thurmond, Gail; Athens . . . Tillman, Barbara J.; Moultrie . . . Tipton, Kay; Madison . . . Touns- ley, Charlton D.; Albany . . . True, Donald A.; Atlanta . . . Turner, Joyce L.; Athens . . . Twitty, Jessie E.; Camilla . . . Tyson, Billy; Brook- let . . . Upchurch, George V.; Athens . . . Under- wood, Margaret A.; Rome . . . Uribe, Jorge A.; Columbia, S. C. . . . Vallery, Martha A.; Colum- bus . . - Vallis, Dzintris; Rome. SEVENTH ROW: Van Elmendorf, John C; Marietta . . . Vardeman, Johnny R.; Gainesville . . . Vaughn, Oscar N.; Arlington, Va. . . . Venable, Joyce; Jefferson . . . Vinson, William E,; Byron . . . Veil, Barbara D.; Atlanta . . . Vogel, Mary P.; Brnnstvick . . . Walker, Charles O.; Fitzgerald . . . Walker, Sally T.; Atlanta . . . Ward, Wanda O.; Augusta . . . Wasem, George L.; Patoka, III. - . . Watson, Dor- othy; Anderson, S. C. . . . Watson, Robert A.; Marietta . . . Webb, Fay L.; Atlanta . . . Webb, La Juana; Nashville . . . Weisburd, Beverly; New- ark, N. }. iitt. .ll 1 jft Sm . . White, Julianna; Cordelc . . . White, Whitmire, Glenn FIRST ROW; Wells, George B.; Perry . . . West, Elese A.; Dai- ton . . . Westbrook, George G.; Trion . . . Wheel- er, Jesse E.; Alma. SECOND ROW: White, Glenda L.; Coolidge Macon . . . White, Sallie C Thomas K.; Stockbridge. THIRD ROW: Whiting, Robert D.; Concord , F.; Chicopee . . . Wilkison, Thelman; Colquitt . . . Wilensky, Larry E.; Atlanta. FOURTH ROW: Williams, Elbert H.; Leesbnrg . . . Williams, Mary J.; Rhine . . . Willis, William; Washington. FIFTH ROW: Wilmoth, James V.; Columbus . . . Wilson, Walter E.; Butler . . . Woodall, Dela H.; Woodland. SIXTH ROW; Woods, Harvey L.; Twin City . . . Woodward, Anne S.; Waycross . . . Wooten, Karine W.; Au- gusta. SEVENTH ROW; Work, Carole R.; Macon . . . Wright, William B.; Columbus . . . Yip, Kenneth; Englcwood N. J. P k » pi One way to meet friends ot college. FRESHMEN Glo-ry, Glo-ry to old Jow-jaw. Mine! tranae hinaA tl J4c appenina iinad re ere 5 • ' 3f ;: " ;t. .i- . . Barnhardt, M. Barton, R. Bray, C. Bussey, L. Carr, J. Cook, D. Crawford, G. Drew, C. Gaines, B. Gray, R. Harp, W. Harrell, G. Helms, J. Hertz, J. Hopkins, A. Johnson, W. Larsen, J. McLeod, L. McRae, D. Martin, H. Ogletree, J. Palmour, A. Phillips, W. Pierce, A. Quillian, J. Roberts, W. Struble, R. Theriault, N. Thomas, H. Wilson, G. Zusmann, S. h9 h- J aii nB M llaai liMiiMlil ..Mii R WSm. . KJmm Well, Ed, what d ' you think? Who, ME? Georgia Bar Association Candidates. ATk FIRST ROW: EARNHARDT, MARY J.; Wadley; LL.B., A.B.; Phi Delta Delta, Pres., Sec; Pi Tau Chi; Kappa Delta, Treas.; Mortar Board; Prof. Panhellenic; Law School Advisory Board; 3rd and 2nd Year Law Class, Sec- Treas.; Hill Case Club; LR.C; Cosmopolitan Club; U.G.R.A., Pres., Vice Pres. . . . BARTON, RALPH L; Augusta; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Chi Psi . . . BRAY, CLAUDE A.; Manchester; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Biftad; 1st Year Law Class, Vice Pres.; Chief Justice . . . BUSSEY, LYNWARD S.; Macon; LL.B., A.B.J.; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Kappa Delta, Pres.; Omicron Delta Kappa; " X " Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa, Pres.; " G " Book, Editor; Varsity Debate Team, Captain . . . CARR, JAMES F.; Athens; LL.B., B.B.A. . . . COOK, DAVID B.; Atlanta; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi, Pres.; Pi Kappa Phi, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade, Sec; Demos- thenian . . . CRAWFORD, GEORGE M.; Martinez; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; " X " Club; Gridiron; Demos- thenian, Pres.; Alpha Phi Omega, Pres.; Toombs Case Club, Chancellor; Varsity Debate Team, Captain . . . DREW, CHARLES L.; Atlanta; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Chi Phi; Demosthenian; 1st Year Law Class, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade; D.M.S.; Honor Court. SECOND ROW: GAINES BENJAMIN F.; Anderson, S. C; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta, Treas.; Kappa Sigma; Hill Case Club; Sophomore Class, Vice Pres.; Demosthenian; I.F.C.; Digamma Kappa, Vice Pres.; Varsity Debate Team, Capt.; Pi Kappa Delta, Pres.; 3rd Year Law Class, Pres.; Freshman Impromptu Debate . . . GRAY, ROS- ANNE; Orlando, Fla.; LL.B.; Phi Delta Delta; Alpha Delta Pi . . . HARP, WILLIAM R.; Hapeiille; LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Delta Theta, Pres.; Cobb Case Club; National Inter-Law School Moot Court Comp. . . . HARRELL, GEORGE W.; Savannah; LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Beta Theta Pi . . . HELMS, JACK J.; George- toun, S. C; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Kappa Phi; Honor Court Justice . . . HERTZ, JAMES E.; Athens; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Georgia Bar Journal; 2nd Year Law Class, Pres.; Toombs Case Club; Regional Moot Court Comp. . . . HOPKINS, ALEX S.; Madi- son; LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Chi Phi, Pres., Sec; I.F.C.; I.R.C. . . . JOHNSON, WILLIAM P.; Moreland; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; " X " Club; 2nd Year Law Class, Pres. cU C aw s. eniorS THIRD ROW: LARSEN, JOAN; Dublin; LL.B.; Phi Delta Delta, Sec; Delta Delta Delta, Vice Pres.; Georgia Bar Journal; 3rd Year Law Class, Vice Pres.; Morris Case Club; Pioneer Club, Pres.; Prof. Panhellenic, Sec. . . . McLEOD, LARRY V.; Ellaville; LL.B., A.B.; Delta Theta Phi, Vice Pres.; Pi Kappa Phi, Sec; Georgia Bar Journal; 2nd Year Law Class, Vice Pres.; Morris Case Club, Chief Justice; Case Club Council . . . McRAE, DANIEL M.; McRae; LL.B.; Demosthenian, Pres.; Var- sity Debate Team . . . MARTIN, HOMER F.; Grif- fin; LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Georgia Bar Journal; Toombs Case Club . . . OGLETREE, J. FRANK; West Point; LL.B., A.B.; Phi Delta Phi, Pres.; Alpha Tau Omega; Gridiron; Georgia Bar Journal; Honor Court Arnold Air Society, Treas.; Scabbard and Blade A.F.R.O.T.C. Cadet Commander; Cobb Case Club D.M.S.; Omicron Delta Kappa . . . PALMOUR, AL- BERT C; Trion; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi, Pres.; Honor Court, Assoc. Justice; 3rd Year Law Class, Pres.; Judicial Council; Demosthenian; Cobb Case Club . . . PHILLIPS, WILLIAM B.; Valdosta; LL.B., A.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Kappa Alpha; " X " Club; Gridiron; Sphinx; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Football 1, 2, 3; Junior Class, Pres.; Who ' s Who; Demosthenian; Georgia Bar Journal . . . PIERCE, ARTHUR E.; Savannah; LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Newman Club, Vice Pres., Treas.; Hill Case Club. FOURTH ROW: QUILLIAN, JOHN K.; Winder; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Sigma Chi . . . ROBERTS, WILLIAM T.; Fflir- burn; LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Chi Phi . . . STRUBLE, ROBERT B.; Toccoa; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta, Treas., Sec; Phi Gamma Delta; Arnold Air Society; Georgia Bar Journal; 2nd Year Law Class, Vice Pres.; Demos- thenian; Morris Case Club, Pres.; Student Advisory Council . . . THERIAULT, NEYLE C; Margarita, Canal Zone; LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Rifle Team, Captain . . . THOMAS, HOWELL O.; Calvary; LL.B., B.B.A.; Delta Theta Phi; Honor Court; Demosthenian . . . WILSON, GEORGE O.; Decatur; LL.B.; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . ZUSMANN, SAMUEL J.; Atlanta; LL.B., B.A.; Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Georgia Bar Journal; Cobb Case Club, Chancellor; Case Club Council, Lord Chancellor. Adams, E. Barrett, W. Benefield, J. Blackman, W . Bryant, Q. Cantey, R. Cheatham, W Elliott, W. England, J. Evans, N. Felton, J. Gabriel, Q. Handley, D. Imlay, G. Innes, R., Jr Jacques, W. Kilpatrick, T. Langford, J. Langston, F. Mallet, W. Mixon, B. Pidcock, F. Reed, W. Scrantom, W FIRST ROW: ADAMS, EDMUND I.; Daniehiillc . . . BARRETT, W. HALE; Aiiginta . . . BENEFIELD, JAMES D.; Decatur . . . BLACKMAN, WALTER M.; Cairo . . . BRYANT, QUILLIAN L., JR.; Louisville . . . CAN- TEY, ROBERT C; LaCrange . . . CHEATHAM, WALTER M.; Rome . . . ELLIOTT, WILLIAM G.; Cuthbert. SECOND ROW; ENGLAND, JOHN M.; Atlanta . . . EVANS, NOLLY S.; Augusta . . . FELTON, JULE W., JR.; Atlanta . . . GABRIEL, QUENTIN R.; Athens . . . HAND- LEY, DAVID A.; Charleston, S. C. . . . IMLAY, GERARD G.; Savannah . . . INNES, ROBERT S., JR.; Atlanta . . . JACQUES, WILFRED J., JR.; Chatham, Ontario, Canada. THIRD ROW KILPATRICK, THOMAS K.; forest Park . . . LANG- FORD, JOHN S., JR.; Griffin . . . LANGSTON, FLOYD L.; Greenville, S. C. . . . MALLET, WILLIAM M.; Atlanta . . . MIXON, BILLY P.; Columbus . . . PIDCOCK, FRANK R., Ill; Moultrie . . REED, WILLIAM C; Carrollton . . . SCRANTOM, WIL- LIAM G., JR.; Atlanta. FOURTH ROW: SHELNUTT, JOHN L.; West Point . . . STARK, HOMER M.; Lawrenceville . . . WARONKER, WIL- LIAM L.; Atlanta . . . WEINER, BERYL H.; Atlanta. rU,C aw Ulnclercic aS6men Andrews, W. i Austin, L. •• ' Austin, W. Barker, W. - Barlisdale, M. Berzon, D. 1 Coleman, M. o Cordell, G. f - ' 4.. I Earwood, L. Eskew, W. Faulkner, C. From, T. " - Knaff, D. Pv Lee, D. Lindsey, A. ! ' r? Loper, K. " MacPherson, R. jMF Meriwether, W. T _ t Rutledge, J. 1) Salter, M. M ' - ' f Sanders, D. . . . ' Shirley, S. t " Simon, S. Smith, R. w Webb, W. Williams, R. Witt, H. T »■ - ' » T VETERINARY FIRST ROW: ANDREWS, WAYLAND D.; Mt. Landing, Va.; D.V.M.; A.V.M.A.; Alpha Psi . . . AUSTIN, LOYS H.; Albe- marlc. N. C; D.V.M.; Alpha Zeta; Alpha Psi . . . AUSTIN, WILLIAM L.; Athens; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma, Vice Pres.; A.V.M.A. . . . BARKER, WILLIAM K., JR.; Dantille, Va.; A.V.M.A.; Omega Tau Sigma . . . BARKSDALE, MALCOLM T., JR.; East Point; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; Southeastern Veterinarian . . . BERZON, DAVID R.; Atlanta; D.V.M.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Hillel, Pres. 1, 2; I.Z.F.A., Pres. 3; U.G.R.A.; Poultry Science Club . . . BLALOCK, HOR- ACE G., JR.; Baskeriille, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Zeta; Alpha Psi . . . BRADLEY, RICHARD E.; Athens; D.V.M.; Phi Sigma, Pres. 4; A.V.M.A.; Alpha Psi . . ' . BRANCH, JAMES C, JR.; Enigma; D.V.M.; A.V.M.A.j Alpha Psi . . . CLARK, WILLIAM B., JR.; New Can- ton, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Zeta; A.V.M.A., Vice Pres. 3; Alpha Psi, Corresponding Sec. 3 . . . CLARKSON, THOMAS B.; Decatur; D.V.M.; Phi Sigma; A.V.M.A.; Omega Tau Sigma . . . CATLIN, JACK E.; Athens; D.V.M.; Alpha Zeta; Alpha Psi. Cs 1 V r c r r 1 1 1 V f " v f Blalock, H. Bradley, R. Branch, J. Clark, W. Clarkson, T. Catlin, J. Gaines, G. Givens, P. Harley, H. Hite, S. Johnson, J. King, J. Morrison, M. Morrison, S. Mules, D. Richardson, J. Riggs, B. Robinson, A. Stora, J. Staton, L. Tippins, J. Treadwell, R. Wolberf, D. Walker, J. MEDICINE SENIORS SECOND ROW: COLEMAN, M. ABSHER; Statenillc, N. C; D.V.M.; A.V.M.A. . . . CORDELL, GERALD K.; Decatur; D.V.M.; A.V.M.A.; Omesa Tau Sigma Southeastern Veterinarian . . . EARWOOD, LUTHER J.; Biltmore, N. C. D.V.M.; A.V.M.A.; Alpha Psi . . . ESKEW, WALTER R., JR.; Fairbiirn D.V.M.; Phi Eta Sigma; A.V.M.A.; Omega Tau Sigma . . . FAULKNER CHARLES E.; Laiisdoune, Ud.; D.V.M.; A.V.M.A.; Omega Tau Sigma Southeastern Veterinarian . . . FROM, THOMAS P.; Secretary, Md. D.V.M. . . . GAINES, GERALD D.; Fitzgerald; D.V.M. . . . GIVENS PRESTON M.; Richmond, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Zeta; A.V.M.A.; South eastern Veterinarian, Editor; Alpha Psi . . . HARLEY, HERSEL S. Ctintwood, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Southeastern Veterinarian A.V.M.A. . . . HITE, STEPHEN C; Petenbnrg, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Zeta; A.V.M.A., Treas.; Alpha Psi, Corresponding Sec. . . . JOHNSON, JOSEPH J.; Joppa. Md.; D.V.M.; Alpha Zeta; Alpha Psi, Treas.; South- eastern Veterinarian . . . KING, JAMES T.; Zebiiloii; D.V.M.; A.V.M.A.; Omega Tau Sigma; Ag Club, Sec. THIRD ROW: KNAFF, DONALD R.; College Park, Md.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Zeta; A.V.M.A.; Southeastern Veterinarian, News Editor . . . LEE, DONALD E.; Brooks; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; " X " Club; Alpha Zeta; Blue Key; Phi Tau Chi; A.V.M.A.; Ag Club; Wesley Foun- dation . . . LINDSEY, ARIS C; Athens; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma . . . LOPER, KENNETH C; Sykesville, Md.; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma U.G.R.A.; A.V.M.A. . . . MACPHERSON, RALPH D.; Easton, Md. D.V.M.; Alpha Psi . . . MERIWETHER, WILLIAM F.; Atlanta; D.V.M. Omega Tau Sigma; Phi Kappa Tau; A.V.M.A. . . . MORRISON, MIL LARD v.; Bentonville, Va.; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; A.V.M.A. . . . MORRISON, SPENCER H.; Athens; D.V.M. . . . MULES, DONALD E.; Athens; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; Alpha Zeta . . . RICHARDSON, JOHN H.; College Park; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; Southeastern Veterinarian . . . RIGGS, BRUCE S.; Big Stone Cap, Va.; D.V.M.; A.V.M.A. . . . ROBINSON, ALBERT K.; Statesiille, N. C; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi, Sec. FOURTH ROW: RUTLEDGE, JAMES B.; Rocks. Md.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. . . . SALTER, McTYIER; Datisou; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. . . . SAN- DERS, DORSEY A.; Gainesville, Fla.; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma . . . SHIRLEY, STONEWALL J.; Douglas; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Gridiron; Aghon; " X " Club; Ag Club; A.V.M.A.; Student Council . . . SIMON, SOL J.; Rice, Va.; D.V.M.; Veterans ' Village Councilman; Southeastern Veterinarian, Feature Editor . . . SMITH, ROY R.; Cleie- land, Va.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi, Pres., Vice Pres., National Council Award; Alpha Zeta; Omicron Delta Kappa; A.V.M.A., Pres.; Southeastern Veteri- narian . . . STARA, JERRY F.; Toronto, Canada; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; Cosmopolitan Club . . . STATON, LEMUEL B.; Rocky Mount. N. C; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. . . . TIPPINS, JESSE G.; Cla ton; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; Sigma Chi; A.V.M.A. . . . TREADWELL, ROSCOE E.; Culloden; D.V.M. . . . WALBERT, DONALD T.; Chesterton. n, Md.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A. . . . WALKER, JOHN S.; Cheiy Chase, Md.; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi. FIF TH ROW: WEBB, WILLIAM G.; Richland; D.V.M.; Alpha Psi; A.V.M.A.; Alpha Zeta . . . WILLIAMS, ROBERT G.; Tampa, Fla.; D.V.M.; Omega Tau Sigma; A.V.M.A. . . . WITT, HERBERT N.; Vinton, Va.; D.V.M. t «» ■ " p " f ' ' " 1 . ' ' ' O % f i C Q 4i.kiAk 4 i r The Alpho Psi ' s telling their vet medicine jokes. ▲f A idi Introducing the distinguished guest on the left. -i • ' •f=Tr,i 0i M if • FIRST ROW; ADAMS, LEON JR.; Douglas . . . ADAMS, ROBERT E.; Wrens . . . ALLEN, WILLIAM D.; Lithonia . . . ANDERSON, HERBERT P.; Andersonville, Va. . . . ATWELL, JOHN K.; China Groi ' Cy N. C, . BARNES, DONALD T.; Pren- tiss, Ky. . . . BATTS, ED- WARD S.; Rocky Point, N. C. . . . BEARD, CHARLES W.; Colquitt . . . BENTON, WIL- LIAM J.; Franklin, Va. . . . BOWEN, NORMAN E.; Albany . . . BRASWELL, BILL; Alamo . . . BRISCOE, HOMER D.; Monroe . . . BROWN, JOHN F.; Anderson, S. C. . . . CAR- RAWAY, CLAUDE W., JR.; Charleston, S. C. mk Vet. j erinaru WeJ, Lcine l lndercic aSdmen SECOND ROW: CHANDLER, HAROLD K.; Neiiport News, Va. . . . CHESSON, MICHAEL C; Waverly, Va. . . . CLAXTON, RAII-ORD L.; Girard . . . CLINE, V. OTHO, JR.; Shelby, N. C. . . . CON- NELL, HOMER E., JR.; Tifton . . . CORLEY, EVERETTE A.; Greentiood, S. C. . . . DODDS, b. JAMES; Chickamatiga . . . ELLISON, PATRICK D.; Anderson, S. C. . . . FOSTER, TOM F., JR.; Blanche. N. C. . . . GISSENDANNER, ELTON, JR.; Moultrie . . . GRIFFIN, EDWARD G.; Bain- bridge . . . HARRINGTON, BEN D.; fuguay Springs, N. C. . . . HARRIS, BERLIN; Jasper . . . HENDERSON, JOHN H., JR.; Marietta. THIRD ROW: HOLLIS, JACK A.; Salisbury, N. C. . . . HORN- STEIN, LOUIS B.; Baltimore, Md. . . . HUFFARD, WILLIAM L.; Sparks, Md. . . . JACKSON, WIL- LIAM S.; Sumter, S. C. . . . JAMES, TED L.; Statestille, N. C. . . . JORDAN, HELEN E.; Mt. Crawford, Va. . . . KELLY, HERBERT W., JR.; Aylett, Va. . . . KETNER, CALVIN L.; Burling- ton, N. C. . . . KIRKLAND, WILLIE J.; Nicholls . . . LEWIS, WILLIAM M.; Red Springs, N. C. . . . LINDSEY, JAMES R.; Tifton . . . LYNCH, J. DONALD; Athens . . . LYNN, DAVID L.; Athens. FOURTH ROW: McDowell, earl a.; Laurens, S. C. . . . McEL- VEEN, CARL D.; Columbia, S. C. . . . McMUR- RAY, BIRCH L.; Rutherfordton, N. C. . . . MAD- DOJ, CHARLES J.; Athens . . . MARTIN, WIL- LIAM H., JR.; Columbus . . . MUSSELMAN, EU- GENE E.; Tappahannock, Va. . . . ORR, DANIEL E.; Gainesville . . . PETERSON, R. DWIGHT; Tunnel Hill . . . POE, LESLIE R.; Athens . . . RAMSEY, PAUL E., JR.; Gaffney, S. C. . . . RISHER, ELDON D., JR.; Jackson, S. C. . . . ROGERS, ROLAND T.; Barney . . . ROOP, R. GARY; JVeir Windsor, Md. FIFTH ROW SHIFLETT, RICHARD M.; Cedartown . . . SHU- LER, JACOB O.; Holly Hill, S. C. . . . SMITH, HARVEY R.; Crown Point, hid. . . . STINSON, AL W.; Monroe, N. C. . . . STINSON, WALTER T.; Boonville, N. C. . . . TAYLOR, FRANK C; Lutherville, Md. . . . TUCKER, WALTER E.; At- lanta . . . VAUGHN, WILLIAM D.; CarterstHle . . . VILDIBILL, HARRY D.; Columbia, S. C. . . . WADE, CHARLES H.; Ringgold . . . WEST- MORELAND, HERMAN L.; Rutherfordton, N. C. . . . WHITE, WILLIAM E.; Fort Mill, S. C. . . . WILLIAM, BENTON; Big Stone Gap, Va. FIRST ROW: Albert, Marie H.; Toccoa . . . A r ring ton, James D.; Carrollton . . . As- selaniSf Sam K.; Saian- nah . . . Balander, Rich- ard; Brooklyn, N. Y. Bice, Herbert; Greenville . . . Blood- worth, Louise L.; Atlanta. SECOND ROW: Bryan, Edward E.; Delta, Ohio . . . Caples, Norval P.; Gainesiille Clark, Bobby; Gainesville . . . Creasy, Franklin; Brooklet . . . Davis, Wil- liam J.; Athens . Echols, John T.; Thomas- ton. THIRD ROW: Edwards, Robert S.; Ogle- thorpe . Gaines, Claude R.; Elbcrton . . . Get ten, Theodore C; Mississippi City, Miss. Hall, Lew is S.; Gordon . . . Hand, Ger- ald C; Griffin Harris, Kermett J.; Dal- las. FOURTH ROW: Home, Mary A.; Norton, Va. . . . Jervey, Ben D.; Marietta . . Kimura, Hyuichi; Tokyo, Japan . . . Kirkland, Charles D.; Douglas . . . Kol- lock, John C; Atlanta Lathrop, Robert M.; Louisville Ky. FIFTH ROW: Lee, Louisa W.; Watkins- ville . . . Lee, Mary E.; Waycross Lowe, Jack I.; Fairmount . . . Lynch, James W.; Athens McClung, Anna; LaGrange. n y i L raduate 1 tf« It ' s through that little door to the left, Gretchen They ' re giving it back to the Indians. ks ' .. FIRST ROW: McGinty, Jack E.; Mc- Rae McMuIlan, Jane; Athens . . Mc- Nair, Lewis L.; Wrens . . . Magnan, Joe V.; Hogansville Ma- haffey, Jethro C; Young Cane . Mills, Hugh M.; Albany. SECOND ROW: Morgan, Frederic L.; Moultrie . . . Morris, Jo- seph S.; Moultrie . . . Morris, Neal L.; Cobb- toii ' n . . . Morrison, Jac- quelyn E.; Aiondale Es- tates Parkman, Roddy G.; Doernn . . . Phillips, William J.; Co- lumbns. THIRD ROW: Prine, Gordon M.; Val- dosta . . . Privette, Mar- ilyn M.; Atlanta . . . Rogers, Hazel E.; Macon Roughton, Cleo W.; Perry . . . Shackle- ford, Alvin C; Carroll - ton . . . Spratlin, Court- ney B.; Winteriille. FOURTH ROW: Stewart, Frances C; Mc- Donoiigh . . . Tourney, S. L.; Athens . . . Un- derwood, Lowell M.; Greensboro Wil- liams, Billie W.; Syltania Wil lin gham, Frances; Ditblin Wokaun, Gottfried; Gran, Austria. L rctduaie S tuuents Don ' t run over our lost hope, boys. He fed her ombrosia and nector. I J» - SNI BARINOWSKI, ROBERT E Augusta STANFORD, ANN B Athens TSOI, CHECK W Hanoi, Indo-Chhia WATSON, MARY A Toccoa From rat caps . . . fit I - " T iiigl Don ' t forget- to blot it! 19 " ' • ' To cigorettes. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS n i mericun Ulnlversltle5 nd ( oiie eaed 9 ( ' rom UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA This honor comes in recognition of the merit and accomphshment of the students who were officially recommended by the University of Georgia and met the requirements of the publication, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. CHARLIE ROY ADAMS FRED HAEUSSLER RANDALL MARET JAMES SHEPPARD Fitzgerald, Ga. Cincinnati, Ohio Lavonia, Ga. Edison, Ga. MARTHA RUTH ALLEN HERSHEL HARLEY DARRELL MOSELEY JACK SHIRLEY Dublin, Ga. Wyndole, Va. Stockbridge, Go. Athens, Ga. MARY JANE BARNHARDT LAURA HAWKINS ANNE NOELL ADRIAN SHORT Savannah, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Cleveland, Ga. Chipley, Ga. BOB BLALOCK JANE HENG FRANK OGLETREE ROY R. SMITH Rabun Gap, Ga. Augusta, Ga. West Point, Ga. Cleveland, Va. DON BRANYON BEVERLY HIRSH REID PATTERSON BILL STRINGER Athens, Ga. Macon, Ga. Pineville, Ky. Cairo, Ga. MARY WINN CAFFEY BEEMEN KEEN EMILY PRICHARD JEAN THORNTON Arlington, Va. Adrian, Ga. Shawmut, Ala. Decatur, Ga. MIKE CHEATHAM BILLY LINDER BARBARA REED GRADY TORRANCE Rome, Ga. Dudley, Ga. Carrollton, Ga. Milledgeville, Ga. LELAND ESTES WALTER LUNDY JULIAN REYNOLDS VIRGINIA WARREN Gay, Ga. Cairo, Ga. Harlem, Ga. Athens, Ga. 335 ke J andora tuft [ cedents THANKS TO. H. M. HECKMAN . . . Supporter MISS PANDORA AND HER COURT . . . A touch of beauty JOHN COX . . . Censorship CHAPLAIN BOB AYERS . . . 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University Press RUBY BRANCH JO BODEKER . . . Advice from 1953 Pandora editor . . . Layout advice 336 rom the Editor lOM mobv£ ' ,954 P- ' r A600- « lACK A. ■! £ an ' - " " ,,,,c in ■- ,. color ttafi: oud i,,c- .rent. ,,; cl ss overa CO.- ■ .J . - . - Itai c cover - - !:. covers a -■ " ' . .. t.elvy-,3:f J- ?coVC ,, order ,f ;iectif ,t J ,,t;.- oi ' " ' .,i.a- -. ' O ' J " ' ' ■ Oiu,. " Ir IN MEMORIAM " The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie do ' wn in green pastures; He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name ' s sake. He restoreth my soul. He guideth me in the paths of righteousness for his name ' s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I w ill fear no evil; for thou art w ith me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; Thou hast anointed my head w ith oil; My cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. " Psalm 2 3 EMORY D. ALEXANDER Agronomist, Agricultural Extension SAM KOLP Student BEN C, BRISCOE Student T. L. McMULLAN Administratiye Secretary, Agricultural Extension Service JOHN CHAMPION Sfodenf JOHN H T McPHERSON Professor Emeritus, History and Political Science PAUL W. CHAPMAN Associate Dean, College of Agriculture LAWRENCE C. OLSON Soil Chemist, Georgia Experimental Station MARION HALL Assistant Professor, Modern Foreign Languages THOMAS HUDSON SMITH Instructor, Chemistry G. A. HUTCHINSON Professor Emeritus, Sociology HENRY H. WEST Lecturer, Law School I I N D X A ACTIVITIES 36-50 ADMINISTRATION 20-23 A F ROT.C 190-197 AG CLUB 204 AG HILL COUNCIL 205 AG HILL FESTIVITIES 44 AGHON 206 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING CLUB 207 AGRICULTURE, SCHOOL OF 25 AGRONOMY CLUB 208 ALMA MATER 2-7 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 108, 109 ALPHA DELTA PI 110, 111 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA 161 ALPHA EPSILON PI 64, 65 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 112, 113 ALPHA GAMMA RHO 66, 67 ALPHA KAPPA PSI 162 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 245 ALPHA OMICRON PI H4, 115 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 209 ALPHA PSI 163 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 68, 69 ALPHA ZETA 164 AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION 240 ARGONAUTS 244 ARMY ROTC 182-189 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 200 A TS AND SCIENCES, SCHOOL OF 26 B BAND, ARMY ROT.C 188 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 210 BASEBALL 260, 261 BASKETBALL 256, 257 BEAUTIES 138-157 BIFTAD 211 BLUE KEY 212 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, SCHOOL OF 27 C CAMPUS SCENES 16-19 CHI OMEGA 116, 117 CHI PHI 70, 71 CHI PSI 72, 73 CLASSES 268-334 COLLEGE 4-H CLUB 213 CONTENTS 13 COSMOPOLITAN CLUB 214 D DEDICATION 10 12 DELTA DELTA DELTA 118,119 DELTA PHI EPSILON 120, 121 DELTA SIGMA PI 165 DELTA TAU DELTA 74, 75 DELTA THETA PHI 166 E DEMOSTHENIAN 215 ECONOMICS SOCIETY 216 EDUCATION, SCHOOL Or 28 F FASHION SHOW 46 FLORICULTURE CLUB 242 FOOTBALL 248-253 FORESTRY, SCHOOL OF 29 FRESHMAN CLASS 312-322 G " G " DAY 48, 49 GAFFAU CLUB 242 GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON 177 GOLF 259 GRADUATE SCHOOL 30 GRADUATE STUDENTS 332, 333 GRAND OLD PARTY 217 GREEKS PROFESSIONAL 158-178 SOCIAL 60-137 GRIDIRON 218 H HOME ECONOMICS, SCHOOL OF . . .31 HOMECOMING 40, 41 HOMECON 243 I IN CLOSING 337 IN MEMORIAM 338 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL . . .62, 63 INTRAMURALS MEN ' S 262, 263 WOMEN ' S 266, 267 } JOURNALISM, SCHOOL OF 32 JUNIOR CLASS 296-303 JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL . . 137 K KAPPA ALPHA 76, 77 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 122, 123 KAPPA DELTA 124, 125, 136 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 126, 127 KAPPA PSI 167 KAPPA SIGMA 78, 79, 101 L LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 80, 81 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CLUB . . 241 LAW, SCHOOL OF 33 LAW CLASSES SENIORS 324, 325 UNDERCLASSMEN 326, 327 LIBRARY 24 LIBRARY, DEDICATION OF 42 LITTLE COMMENCEMENT 47 M MARCH OF DIMES 43 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB 219 MILITARY 180-201 MILITARY BALL 201 MORTAR BOARD 220 N NEWMAN CLUB 221 O OMEGA TAU SIGMA 168 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA 222 ORGANIZATIONS 202-245 P PANDORA 52-55 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL ... 106, 107 PERSHING RIFLES 199 PHARMACY, SCHOOL OF 34 PHI ALPHA DELTA 169 PHI CHI THETA 170 PHI DELTA CHI 171 PHI DELTA DELTA 177 PHI DELTA PHI 172 PHI DELTA THETA 100 PHI EPSILON PI 82, 83 PHI ETA SIGMA 223 PHI KAPPA 224 PHI KAPPA TAU 84, 85 PHI MU 128, 129 PHI SIGMA 178 PHI UPSILON OMICRON 173 PI BETA PHI 130, 131 PI KAPPA ALPHA 86, 87 PI KAPPA PHI 88, 89, 102 PI LAMBDA ALPHA 241 PI MU EPSILON 174 PIONEER CLUB 243 PLAY NIGHT 265 POULTRY SCIENCE CLUB 225 PROFESSIONAL PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 160 PUBLICATIONS 51-59 Q QUEENS AG HILL CARNIVAL 44 GEORGIA HIGH SCHOOL 44 HOMECOMING 41 MARCH OF DIMES 43 PANDORA 140, 141 R RED AND BLACK 56-59 REED HALL COUNCIL 226 REGISTRATION AND ORIENTATION . . 38 RHO CHI 240 RIFLE TEAM 188 S SADDLE AND SIRLOIN 227 SCABBARD AND BLADE 198 SCHOOLS 14-35 SENIOR CLASS 270-295 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON . . . 90, 91, 103 SIGMA CHI 92, 93 SIGMA DELTA CHI 175 SIGMA DELTA TAU 132, 133 SIGMA NU 94, 95, 104 SNAPS BEAUTY REVUE 156, 157 CANDID GREEKS 105 CAMPUS .... 50, 178, 179, 323, 334 KAPPA DELTA 136 KAPPA SIGMA 101 PANDORA 55 PI KAPPA PHI 102 RED AND BLACK 59 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 103 SIGMA NU 104 SOPHOMORE CLASS 304-311 SPECIAL STUDENTS 334 SPHINX 228 SPORTS 246-267 STUDENT COUNCIL 229 STUDENT UNION 230, 231 SUMMER CAMP AIR FORCE 197 ARMY 189 SWIMMING 258 T TAU EPSILON PHI 96, 97 TENNIS 259 THALIAN-BLACKFRIARS 232 THANKS 336 THETA CHI 98, 99 THETA SIGMA PHI 176 TRACK 254, 255 TRIQUETRA 233 U UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION 236 UNIVERSITY RESIDENT STUDENTS ASSOCIATION 244 UNIVERSITY THEATRE 234, 235 V VETERINARY MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF 35 VETERINARY MEDICINE CLASSES SENIORS 328, 329 UNDERCLASSMEN 330, 331 W WESLEY FOUNDATION 237 WHO ' S WHO 335 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION . 264 WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 238 X " X " CLUB 239 Z " Z " CLUB 245 ZETA TAU ALPHA 134, 135 a ii: u aim v m Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. •♦ ' .ft! ' ' ' , I 1 vij It " l 10 TRINITY C A T U R , PLACE R G I '

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