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■m ' ' ' } ( . i I H E CELEBRATES HER ONE HUNDRED AND IFTIETH ANNI- VERSARY . . . . RAY JENKINS • EDITOR GRAYSON FLOWERS • BUSINESS MANAGER GERALD LEVY • MANAGING EDITOR Hallucinations . . . the English CENTURY EW TRADITIONS, OURSES AND BUILDINGS TAKEN ROOT DURING ITS ONE HUNDRED ADD FIFTY YEARS OF EXISTENCE • • She got " Pinned Beauty and several beasts I D E A.S Head waiters at Huddle EVELOPMENT IN THE CLASS ROOM, ON THE FIELD, AND AFTER CLASSES EXHIBITS THE ABOUNDING SPIRIT SHE INSTILLS IN US Daily rest period That night the door was stuck E S E A R C H TRAINING, AND PREPARATION HAVE EXTENDED HER INFLUENCE THROUGHOUT THE STATE • • • i% ' V A view of knowledge. ■««-■•■■■ ■■«• mf •i9« « s tfaa». V- I 1 H THE XAMKS OP ' THE SlGNERe. •I » ;- . , yi " m.-t (■ Hwtfbi Olwolvvd, ..... CeORCE W. CRAWrORD, or Richmond, Pr« id«iil ) ■•■•••■l-l-a ! " 01-- »ix »!-■ -nil.: i Ki.i-: AXi-i«». ii. j i rip y i Red and Black scoop Shall we dine? IN BUSINESS, IN CHIEVEMENT SCIENCES, AND IN AGRICULTURE PROVES HER EXPANDING PROGRESS AS SHE MOVES ONWARD • • • CONTENTS THE SCHOOL BEAUTI ES CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS FRATERN IT! ES M I LITARY SPORTS PUBLICATIONS TO DR. J, THOMAS ASKEW Who has personified to the students of Georgia the finest ideal of a college administrator; who has developed and instilled upon us and many before us the sound quality of leadership, and who has contributed much to the progress of a great university. To a man who has dedicated himself to our Alma Mater, we wish to express our appreciation by dedicating this sixty-fourth volume of the PANDORA to — Dr. J. Thomas Askew. DEDICATION f ■ a I ■a ifakf ' - A i ' Mj ; 1 11111 If ' n ■ ' W|w%r ' V " is;?r5s i?? :S jggggg;S!Si»iuii .f r " H O O L DR. HARMON W. CALDWELL CHANCELLOR To our Chancellor go our praises for his untiring efforts to keep the University abreast with the times. ADMINISTRATION DR. 0. C. ADERHOLD PRESIDENT The University begins its one hun- dred and fiftieth year under a new president, Dr. O. C. Aderhold, a Geor- gian who has contributed much to the progress of a great University. DR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS Assistant to President DEAN ALVIN BISCOE Dean of Faculties Dr. Williams W. D. DANNER Registrar DEAN WILLIAM TATE Dean of Men Dean Biscoe Dean Tate W. D Danner i 3( s ' . A. B. JONES Assistant Dean of Faculties JOHN D. BOLTON Treasurer JAMES BAILEY Director of Men ' s Activities CLAUDE DAVIDSON News Bureau ADMINISTRATION Behind those closed doors JOHN STOREY Wen ' s Housing B. C. KINNEY Plant Operations JOHN 0. EIDSON Director, Co-Ordinate Campus DELORES ARTAU Administration Counselor EDGAR MAXWELL Physician LEE ANNE SEWELL Placement and Aid ROBERT AYERS Chaplain BILL CRANE Alumni Secretary DAN MAGILL, JR. Athletic Publicity Director COMER WHITEHEAD Records and Statistics EDITH STALLINGS Dean of Women NELLE TUMLIN Director Women ' s Activities JOHN S. PETERS Univerity Press W, p. KELLAM Director LIBRARIES a FIRST ROW: Bonner, Jackson, Billups, Shouse, McGregor, Kittle, Harmer, Conlin. SECOND ROW Zimmerman, Newton, Magid, Cannon, French, White, Starnes. THIRD ROW: Pollard, Doster, Graham, Praithcr, Knowie, Morgan, Read. FOURTH ROW: Fritz, Kellam, Cantrell, Dunkin, Smith, Pilbrick, Glenn, Font, Michaelis. FIFTH ROW: Jockson, Riley, De Rennc, Perkins. f I MR E A LOWE Head GENERAL EXTENSION LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Martin, Dobbs, Hart. LEFT TO RIGHT. SITTING: Alexander, Powell, Lowe, Nix, Kyle. The next few pages of this Pandora are dedicated to instructors, professors, secretaries, and the various other persons that make up the Univerity of Georgia. FACULTY DEAN WALTER S. MARTIN Head Coiie e of ARTS and SCIENCES LEFT TO RIGHT: Dodd, Prunty, Edwards, Soft, Westfall, Fort, Jordan, Everett, Martin, Pound, Coulter, Kelly, Alexan- der, Ayers, Lund, Williams, Hulsey, Dixon. - ' )N i MATHEMATICS FIRST ROW: Cohen, Fort, Huff, Peters. SECOND ROW: Hill, We, Williams, Bekwith, Hind, Peepes. ENGLISH FIRST ROW: Thornti, Tilley, Everett, Hodgson, Brown. SECOND ROW: Doster, Polmour, McWhorter, Dumas THIRD ROW: Beaumont, Appleby, B. McWhorter, Cox, Wallis, Bennett. CHEMISTRY FIRST ROW: Van Antwerp, Scott, Cleveland, Hailey, Smith, Wilder. SECOND ROW: Spell, Bailey, Whitehead, Coggin, Brockman, Philbrook. DRAMA Camp, Ballew, Popovich. HISTORY FIRST ROW: Brandon, Jones, Coulter, Davis. SECOND ROW: Smith, Montgomery, Mort.n, Vinson. ART SEATED: Madden, McCutchen, Sellars STANDING: Dodd, Warren, Dieball, Browne, Breitrupt, Thomas, Johnson SEATED: Sanderson, Amos, Holliday, Wescott. ARTS AND SCIENCES LANGUAGE FIRST ROW: Shedd, Alciatore, Alexander, Jordon, Crouch, Bovee, Kap- lan. SECOND ROW: Hall, Downs, Chance, Terry, DeBailloo, Womack. BIOLOGY FIRST ROW: Byrd, Calkins, Hamilton, Boyd, Nuttycombe, Schoenborn. SECOND ROW: Kitchin, Burkhart, Lund, Scott, Odom, Anderson. MUSIC FIRST ROW: Dunaway, Kimble, Warner, B. Warner. SECOND ROW: Blanchard, Smith, Karlos, Anderson, Hodgson. i IT. DEAN JAMES E. GATES Head College of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION f RST RO . Frye, Brooks, Howard, Dodds, Cobb, Nochtrab. SECOND ROW: Whetten, Walker, Hicks, Petras, Rasmussen, Sebba, Riggs, Moorehouse, Roman THIRD ROW: Black, Gates, Youngblood, Charles, Lorenz, Dean, Champion, Segrest, Sutton, Burke. J(l A DEAN J. ALTON HOSCH Head c It o o I o f L A W fIRSr ROW: Green, Feild, Oliver, Epps, Henderson, Hosch. SECOND ROW: Cohn, McWhorter, Hilkcy, Lenoir. DEAN PAUL W CHAPMAN Head Co a 9 of AGRICULTURE LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Toylor, Wrgginton, Owens, Barton, Martin:. AGRONOMY FIRST ROW: Collins, Brown, Henry. SECOND ROW: Morris, Wehunt, Giddens, Loden, Perkins. ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Dyer, Thomoson, Carmon, Cullison. AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING FIRST ROW: Cobb, Brown, Kenney, Simons, Lydoy, Henderson. SECOND ROW: Donner, Kinard, Hudson, Drittmier, Shepherd, White. THIRD ROW: Lond, Chavous, Harris, Garner, Rico, Corraker, Cross. FOURTH ROW: Futrol, Sparrow, R McRaney, P McRaney, Stanley, Turner, Smith, Bruce, Duncan. DEAN THOMAS J. JONES Head ScLooi of VETERINARY MEDICINE TIRST ROW Drs. McLendon, Stoddard, Cooperider, Jones, Thomas. SECOND ROW: Westerfield, Komre, Kornfeld, Kleckner. THIRD ROW Piercy, Ellis, Mercer, Cook. FOURTH ROW: Saunders, Jackson, Mackenzie, Davis, Boaley. FIFTH ROW: Palmer, Crimmins, Nines, Foster. DEAN DONALD J WEDDELL Head S ck o o i of FORESTRY f R%l kO N Bishop, Stewart, Patterson, Jackson. SECOND ROW: Starnes, Grant, Davis, Jenkins. THIRD ROW: Worrell, Zak, Hargreaves, Weddell, Knight. DEAN JOHN E. DREWRY Head Sckooi of JOURNALISM f RSr ROW BuHer, Knight, McDougold, Lunceford. SECOND ROW: Talmadge, Bunting, Peters, Griffith. DEAN JOHN A DOTSON Head n Coii 9 -! EDUCATION f R%J RO N : Dalton, Dickerson, Harrison, Burnham, Smith, Bledsoe, Greene. SECOND ROW: Stewart, Todd, Bledsoe, Dotson, Brockhurst, Sutton, Byrd, Cox. THIRD ROW: Portertield, Elliot, Ford, Hitchcock, Robins, Hudgins, Talbert, Garrison, Jordon. FOURTH ROW: Dilworit, Webb, Beer, Lord, Jordon, Pope, Fickle, Ritchie, King. iP DEAN G. HUGH BOYD Head GRADUATE S c k o o i The faculty tor the Graduate school are instructors in various departments NN DEAN PAULINE WILSON Head ScLol of HOME ECONOMICS FIRST ROW: Luck, Dykes, Jones, Dooly, SfCOND RO N Callaway, Newton, Hicks, Moon, Wilson, Blair, Hood. THIRD ROW: Armstrong, Alexander, Mirone, Sperry, Wolker, Anderson, LaBoon, McCraney, McPhoul. DEAN KENNETH WATERS Head School of PHARMACY f fiSr RCH Millikon, Hartmon, Waters, Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Styles, Byrum, Easterly, Dobbs, LaRocco. N M EMO R I AM csDedlccL ted Foreign steps, friendly and unkind, Immersed in red splendor and blue infamy. White, forgotten, lived on. Red infamy came to animate cruel ideas, Lived to die for them. And I saw them foil, I saw them fall in hot mud, dejected and torn. Losing nothing more precious than life. Frightened half-souls fled on bloody feet, Gaping at torn bodies and their nakedness, Little less than before. And the crowds watched. Some crying, others smiling inwardly felt possession grow in free minds. I saw the mould forming In a crescendo of sight. A new strain became evident, more bold than under subjection. The dumb stripling, discovered in trial, Now a color, transcended potential, Began to fructify. The children of a wicked viol of power were foremost. No longer silent. Only progressive. The stripling grew, pure white, once forgotten, lived on. More than faith. Big men came. Little men came. With petty steps. Big men come, men born big. Giants of expression, invention. Void of contention. Some came to the red hills. To the gray bitten oaks. To the swinging sunsets and the newroads. Which meekly wandered, lost, through a virgin maze. But never faltered, nor did the men. The big men. They took from the maze, from the hills, rust red, and from the flat-lands. Took monotony. Transformed it into a polygamy of accomplishment. Took natural weakness. Made national strength. Stood on forethought. Living to see the ghost transmigrate. Lived to see the pupil migrate. Died knowing the weak, the natural, the biased would cringe, surrender, To the white cloud of hope. An emanation of hope, A passion of expression. King of action. The vial was not evil. -Robert Ingram Strozier I sow men come from poisoned sea isles with their resolute faces. Their wide-eyd, disquieted women, Soft-cheeked, unbronded children. I saw them move throughout. The unity came to be. DR. T. W. REED MR. J. T. WHEELER MRS. W. R. NEWTON DR. R. L. McWHORTER MR. J. C. BELL JOHN D. BOLTON, JR. MILTON E. 6EARDEN JAMES T. MILNER GAY KEITH 1 M ' iim w - ■- ' .-m - FIRfr GRADUATING CL ks IN 1803 —L ASSES Secretary -Treasurer Mob ley — Vice-President Matthews — President Evans SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President TED EVANS Vice-President . , MILLIE MATTHEWS Secretary-Treasurer T. R MOBLEY 40 Remember when you came to Georgia, ' way bock when you were a seventeen-year-old freshman? How you looked for- ward to graductionr ' Well, now that you ' re a senior, you find that it wasn ' t so bad after all. Parties, dances, dates, and maybe a little studying that all added up to about the finest four years you ever spent anywhere. Kinda hate to leave, don ' t you! ' Finally made it! He bit her fingers, too Abney Adcock Adams, E. Acker Abrams Adair Adams, W. Adams, B. SENIORS u ■ " - Freshmen on the Senior Page!!:!! ABNEY, GEORGE MORRIS; Athens; A.B. in Journalism; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi, Pres ; Fraternity Way, Editor; Athens Banner-Herald, City Editor . . . ADAMS, ELEANOR RHEA; At- lanta; B.F.A. in Music Education; Sigma Alpha Iota, Pres.; Uni- versity Band; Little Symphony Orchestra; Music Education Club. . . . ABRAMS, HARVEY DANIEL; Lindale; B.S. in Education ADAMS, WILLIAM WALTERS; Comillo; D V M m Veteri- nary Medicine; Omega Tau Sigma. SECOND ROW: ADCOCK, MARY HAZEL; Monroe; A B in History . . ACKER, ANN AUSTIN; Jonesboro; B S, in Home Economics; Pi Beta Phi; Homecon . . . ADAIR, BENNIE MAE; Dallas; B S in Zoology- Chemistry; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Delta Phi Alpha, Gamma Sigma Epsilon; German Club . . . ADAMS, BILLY; Athens; B.B.A. in Accounting; Baseball Team, Manager; Basketball Team, Man- ager. THIRD ROW ADAMS, DORIS PAULINE; Atlanta; B S. in Education . . . ADAMS, JOHN DAVID; Matthews; B.B.A. in Fmonce; Alpha Tau Omega AENCHBACHER, WILLIAM EUGENE; Americus; B S. in Distributive Educotion; Scabbard and Blade . . . ALBERTSON, MRS. MARTHA SHIVERS; Atlanta; B.A. in Geog- raphy . ALDRED, WILLIAM HUGHES; Thomson; B S in Agricultural Engineering; Gridiron; X-Club; Ga. Agriculturist; Ag Hill Council Ag Engineering Club; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; GOP . ALLEN, BARBARA ANN; Butler; SB A in Secre- tarial Science; Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Chi Theta, Vice-Pres.; Professional Pan-Hellenic Council . . . ALLEN, SALLY; Atlanta; A.B. in History. FOURTH ROW: ALLMAN, FRED LARIMORE, JR.; Atlanta; B.S. in Chemistry; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Football Team, Frosh Coach; " G " -Club; Bulldog Club . . . ALLMAN, MRS. MARTHA BUSH; Atlanta; B S in Education; Alpha Deta Pi . . . ALLMON, CAROLYN MISSROON; Savannah Beoch; B S in Education . ALMAND, BEVERLY RUTH; Athens; BS in Education; Alpha Chi Omega; A.C.E.; Alpha Lombdo Delta; Kappa Delta Pi . . . ALPER, FRANCES L.; Chottonooga, Tenn.; B A in Sociology; Sigma Delta Tou, Vice-Pres.; Hillel; Georgia Cracker, Business Manager . AMICK, CHARLES EVERETT; College Park; B B A in Insurance; Pi Kappa Phi; Delta Sigma Pi . . . ANDERSON, HAZEL M.; Athens; B F.A. in Music; Pythagorean Math Club; University Orchestra. Adams, D. Allman, F. Adams, J. Allman, M. Aenchbacher Allmon Albertson Almand Aldred Alper Allen, B. Amick Allen, S. Anderson, H. Anderson, J. H. Ashworth Anderson, J. Atkins Andrews Attaway Andrionopoulan Aultmon Appel Bailey Appling Boird, E. FIRST ROW: ANDERSON, JACK HEWITT; Lindole; B B A. in Insurance . . . ANDERSON, JACKIE; Decatur; B FA in Voice; Sigma Alpha Iota ANDREWS, MYRON JENNINGS; Toccoa; B S in Edu- cation; Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres. . . . ANDRIANOPOULON, SOPHIA lOANNOU; Athens, Greece; B S in Chemistry . APPEL, BETTYE ANNE; Key West, Flo.; B BA in Secretarial Science; Delta Phi Epsilon; Hillel; IZFA . . . APPLING, EMORY D; Lexington; B S A in Agronomy . . ASSELANIS, STAMATIOS KONSTANTINOS; Savannah; BA. m Geography and B.S. in Math, Scabbard and Blade; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. Asselanis Boird, J. Alpha Gamma Rho; Glee Club . . . BAIRD, ELIZABETH D.; Augusta; B B A. in Secretarial Science; Alpha Delta Pi, Treas. BAIRD, JOSEPH L.; Athens; B.S in Agriculture. THIRD ROW: BAKER, JAMES THOMAS; Sovonnoh; B S. in Zoology; Pi Kappa Alpha; Geechie Club . . BALDWIN, DORIS EMILY; Dallas; B.S- in Chemistry; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Dance Club; German Club . . . BANKS, GEORGE McLEOD; Lakeland; B.B A in Marketing; Kappa Alpha . . . BARBER, WILLIAM CHARLES; Savannoh; Pi Kappa Alpha SECOND ROW: ASHWORTH, RAYMOND BERNARD; Atlanta; BS in Chemis- try . ATKINS, HUGH; Young Harris; B F A. in Art . . ATTAWAY, 8. MONTINE; Atlanta; B.F.A. in Interior Design; Art Students League; Canterbury Club . . . AULTMAN, SU- SANNE; Macon; A B in Psychology; Phi Mu; Psi Chi . . . BAILEY, JOHN TOM; Kite; B.S. A. in Vocational Agriculture; FOURTH ROW: BARFIELD, ELDRID WORTHING; Columbus; B F A in Interior Design; Chi Psi, Pandora, Assistant Art Editor . . . BARNES, DON v.; McRae; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Ag Engineer- ing Club; R O T C . . BARNETT, CELESTE TREUTLEN; Wash- ington; BA in English; Chi Omega; Dolphin Club . . . BARN- HILL, SARAH FRANCES; Homerville; B F A in Music; A Cappello Choir; Women ' s Chorus. Pair of queens and on oce . . of 19 5 1 Baker Borfield Baldwin Barnes Banks Barnett Barber Barnhill w ' -ty jsw -hT SB, SM. i Barr Barrow, E. Barrett, C. Bartlett Barrett, S Bartley Barrow, B. Baxter, A, SENIORS Oh, tor the days of sliort skirts FIRST ROW: BARR, BERTON JOSEPH; Chicago, III.; B B A in Accounting; Tumbling Team; Hillel, IZFA; University Theatre, Business Staff . . . BARRETT, CHARLES DWIGHT; Philadelphia, Miss.; B S in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club . . . BARRETT, SAM S.; Charlotte, N. C; B.BA. in Business Administration . , , BARROW, BEN C; Athens; B.S. in Zoology; Scabbard and Blade. SECOND ROW: BARROW, EMILY ADERHOLT; Athens; A B m English; Kappa Alpha Theta . . BARTLETT, M. ELIZABETH; Bremen; B B A in Management; Phi Chi Theta . . . BARTLEY, WILLIAM GRAHAM; Ook Ridge, Tenn.; B.S. in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; Ag Hill Council; Forestry Club . . . BAXTER, ALFRED OWENS, JR.; Avondale Estates; B B A. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi. THIRD ROW: BAXTER, HAROLD 0.; Avondale Estates; B S in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club . . . BEAVERS, HELEN; Cedortown; A B in Journalism; Red and Blacl ; Dolphin Club . . . BECKWITH, WIGHTMAN S., JR.; Athens; B.B.A. in Management; Phi Delta Thefo; Scabbard and Blade, Sec. . . . BELCHER, WYNELLE; Morven; B.S. in Home Economics; Homecon . . . BELL, ERNEST AVERY; St. George; B S in Chemistry . . . BELL, MARTHA JANE; Dothan, Ala.; A,B. in English; Alpha Gamma Delta . . . BELL, MARY G.; Covington; B.S. in Chemistry; Kappa Kappa Gomma. FOURTH ROW: BELOTS, WILLIAM BURTON, JR.; Bainbridge; B 5 in Pharmacy . . . BENNETT, ERNEST LeROY; Porterdole; A.B. in Sociology; Pi Kappa Alpha; Glee Club; A Coppella Choir; Scabbard and Blade; University Theatre; Canterbury Club . . . BENNETT, JAMES RILEY; Jeffersonville; B.S. A. in Plant Pathology; Plant Pathology Club . . . BENSON, MARVIN RICHARD; Thomaston; B.B.A, in Finance; Sigma Chi; Economics Society . . . BIBB, WILLIAM PALMOUR; Adoirsville; B.S. in Agricultural Engineer- ing; Blue Key; Gridiron; Aghon; Alpha Zeta; Ga. Ag. Engineer, Business Manager; Ga. Agriculturist; Ag Hill Council, President; Ag Engineering Club; Ag Club; Demosthenion Lit. Soc; G.O.P. . . BIGELOW, WILLIS DEWITT; Stewartsville, N. J.; B S in Agriculture; Poultry Science Club, Vice-Pres. . . . BIGNAULT, HANK L.; Savannah; B.L.A. in Landscape Architecture; Pi Lamb- da Alpha, Sec. -Trees.; Landscape Architecture Club, Vice-Pres- ident; Geechee Club. Baxter, H. Belote Beavers Bennett, E. o OK ln In Beckwith Bennett, J. Belcher Benson Bell, E. Bibb Bell, M. J. Bigelow Bell, M. G. BlgnoLlt Biles Bieakley ' I C i Billings Blocker Bird Boggs Birge Bohonon _R Black Bollinger Blair Bolton FIRST ROW: BILES .CARRIE JEWEL; Jackson; B S. in Home Economics; Phi Upsilon Omicron, President; Professional Pan-Hellenic; Homecon; College 4-H Club . . . BILLINGS, RAYMOND MocKOY; Amer- icus; B.S. in Agriculturol Engineering; Agricultural Engineering Club . . . BIRD, RICHARD E.; Portal; B.B.A. in Accounting; Sigma Chi; Student Union; Demosthenian Lit. Soc. . . . BIRGE, MARY JOAN; Anderson, S. C; B.B.A. in Secretarial Science; Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Chi Theta, Secretary . . . BITTICK, ROLLIE J.; Forsyth; B.B.A. in Management; Phi Delta Theta; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc. . . . BLACK, BARBARA GOULD; Atlanta; A.B. in English; Alpha Delta Pi, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta . . . BLAIR, EDDITH; Atlanta; B.F.A. in Music; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota. SECOND ROW: BLEAKLEY, ANNE; Atlonto; A.B, in English; Chi Omega; Pan- Hellenic Council BLOCKER, MARGARET KATHRYN; Chat- horn; A B in English; Geechee Club . . . BOGGS, BRUCE DAVIS; Albany; B.B.A. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi; Economics Society . . . BOHANAN, JOHN PLUNKET; Conyers; B S. in Agricultural Engineering; Scabbard and Blade; Ag Engineer- ing Cub; Aero Club; University Band . . . BOLAND, ERNEST P.; Columbus; B.S in Entomology; Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade BOLLINGER, BETTIE; Corel Gables, Flo.; B F A Just a bunch of squirts Booth Bowden in Art Educotion; Kappa Delta, Treas.; Mortar Board, Sec; Zodiac; Alpha Lambda Delta; V.R.A.; UGRA; Art Students League . . . BOLTON, NEWELL E.; Athens; B.S. in Chemistry. THIRD ROW: SOOTH, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH; Atlonto; AB in Journalism BONEY, GEORGE FRANK; Jocksonville, Flo.; A B in Po litical Science; Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma, Pres.; Pi Kappa Delta, Pres.; X-Club; Varsity Debate Team, Captain; Demosthen- ian Lit. Soc, Sec-Treas.; Freshman Impromptu Debate; Sopho- more Declamation; Junior Oration; Bulldog Club; Interfraternity Council . BOSWELL, THOMAS KEITH, JR.; Sovonnoh; B B A in Accounting; Baptist Training Union . . BOURNE, ROBERT L.; Brunswick; B B A. in Personnel; Pi Kappa Phi. FOURTH ROW: BOWDEN, MARY ELIZABETH; Athens; BF A in Commercial Art; Alpha Delta Pi . BOWDIDGE, JOHN STEPHENS; Charles- ton, S. C; B.A. in English; Sigma Chi; Biftad, Treas., Vice-Pres.; Scabbard and Blade, Secretary; " X " -Club; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Gridiron; Red and Black; Georgia Cracker; University Band, Business Manager; R.O.T.C. Cadet Colonel . . . BOWEN, EDWIN HORTON; McRoe; B.B A. in Accounting; Sigma Nu; Demosthen- ian Lit Soc . . BOWEN, WILLIAM I.; Tifton; A B in Eco- nomics; Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; U.G.R.A. of 19 5 1 Boney Bowdidge Borwell Bowen, E. Bourne Bowen, W. s m A. Bowers Boykin Boyd, B Bradley Boyd, H Brodshaw SENIORS Oh to be a senior FIRST ROW: BOWERS, CONNIE MACK; Bowersvllle; B S A in Vocational Fdu- cation; Agronomy Club; Goffau Club . . J.; Rossville; B S. in Home Economics, BETTY CORNELIA; Winder; BS in HARRIET MURRAY; Thomson; BS in Omega. BOWMAN, WINNIE Homecon . . . BOYD, Education . . , BOYD, Education; Alpha Chi SECOND ROW: BOYKIN, JOHN ANTHONY; Halcyondole; BBA in Busmess Administration . . . BRACKIN, CHARLES FREDERICK; Donol- sonville; B.S.A. in Dairy; Alpha Gamma Rho; Dairy Science Club BRADLEY, WALTER ALLEN; Atlanta; BBA. in Manoge- ment; Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi . . . BRADSHAW, WILLIAM THOMAS; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Finance; Phi Delta Theta; Varsity Football; " G " -Club. THIRD ROW: BRAGAN, WILLIE O ' NEAL Brooklet; B.F A. in Commercial Art; UG.R.A ; Wesley Foundation; Art Club; Dance Club . . . BRAIL, ROBERT; Atlanta; BBA, in Marketing; Phi Epsilon Pi; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Tennis Team; Interfraternity Council BRANYAN, WALTER C; Georgetown; BS in Forestry . BRAY, EARNEST PAUL; Arnoldsville; B S A m Animal Husban- dry; Saddle and Sirloin . . . BRAY, JAMES WELBORN, JR.; Dolton; A.B.J, in Radio; Kappa Alpha; Digamma Kappa; Geor- gia Cracker . . . GREEN, MAEBELLE; Jesup; A.B. in English; Kappo Kappa Gamma, Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Tennis Club, Sec. -Treas.; Women ' s Athletic Association; Pioneer Club; Canterbury Club . . . BREESE, CHARLES J.; Port Chester, N. Y.; A.B. In History; Sigma Nu; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Newnan Club. FOURTH ROW BRESLER, OWEN B.; Atlonta; BBA in Monagement; Tau Epsi- lon Phi; University Flying Club . . . BRIDGES, JIMMIE HARRIS; Glenwood; B S.A, in Animal Husbandry . . . BRIGHTWELL, CLYDE NELSON; Columbus; B.S.F. in Forestry; Forestry Club BRINNING, DAVID M.; Montcloir, N. J.; B S in Chemis- try; Alpha Delta Epsilon; Swimming Team; Men ' s Glee Club; A Cappella Choir; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Student Union; Philos- ophy Club BROOKS, CARLES H., Sunny Side; BS in Phar- macy; American Pharmaceutical Association . . . BROOKS, JAMES WARREN; Newton; BS. in Animal Husbandry; Saddle and Sirloin; Demosthenian Lit. Soc. . . . BROWN, ALFRED E.; Dublin; BBA. in Accounting; Kappa Alpha. Bragon Bresler ' Brail Bridges Bronyon Brightwell Bray, E. Brinning Bray, J. Brooks, C. Breen Brooks. J. Breesc Brown -M 3t r 9 « 9 9 r ' -4pip Brown, B. Brown, J. Brown, J. E. Brown, J W. Brown, M Brown, 0. B. Browning Bruce Budreske Bunn Burton Burts Bush Byck FIRST ROW: BROWN, BOBBY; Garfield; B S in Chemistry . . . BROWN, JAMES MERCER; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Management; Delta Tau Delta . . . BROWN, JEANNE ELSTON; Marietta; B B A m Business Administration; Chi Omega . . . BROWN, JOSEPH WILLIAM; Atlanta; A B m Journalism . . . BROWN, MARY IDALEEN; Dolton; B.S. in Education-Chemistry; P.OW., Presi- dent; Student Union Boardmember . . . BROWN, OLIN BRYAN; Thomson; B S A in Animal Husbandry; Saddle and Sirloin . . . BROWNING, BETTY S.; Jockson; B.S. in Home Economics; P.O.W.; Homecon; Baptist Student Union. SECOND ROW: BRUCE, ELIZABETH J.; St. Simons; B.FA. in Interior Design; Chi Omega . BUDRESKI, FRANCIS ANTHONY; Brockton, Mass.; B.S. in Forestry; Alpha Tau Omega; Forestry Club; Swim- mmg Team . . . BUNN, LEONORA ERWIN; Tompa, Flo.; B S in Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta; Homecon; Canterbury Club . . . BURTON, BARBARA HELEN; Valdosta; B S in Home Economics; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron; A Copella Choir; Glee Club; Homecon; Baptist Student Union; Pioneer Club . . . BURTS, ROBERT HARRIS Columbus; BBA in Monogement; Phi Delta Theto; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Economics Society . . . Barefoot Dianne Coldwell, H. Callaway BUSH, EUGENIA ELKIN; Covington; A B. in Journalism . . . BYCK, DAVID A.; Savannah; B.B A. in Management; Phi Epsilon Pi, Vice-Pres.; Biftod, Vice-Pres. THIRD ROW: CALDWELL, HARRIETTS EUNICE; Umatilla, Fla.; B F A in Art, Pi Tau Chi . . . CALDWELL, MARK NEWTON; East Point; B.FA. in Music Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Delta Phi Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Music Education Club; German Club, Pres.; A Copella Choir . . . CALLAHAN, M. NELL; Athens; A.B. in French; Alpha Chi Omega; Pi Tau Chi; French Club . . . CALLAHAN, ROBERT ROSCOE; Sanford, Fla.; B.S. in Chemistry; G Club; Baseball. FOURTH ROW: CALLAWAY, EMILY KATE; Rayle; B S in Home Economics; P 0-W.; Baptist Student Union; Homecon; University Bond . . . CAMARATA, ELEANOR ANN; Athens; B S. in Distributive Edu- cation; Delta Epsilon Mu; Newman Club; Glee Club . . . CAMP, CAROL E.; Rome; A.B. in Geography; Alpha Lambda Delta; Co- ordinate Court; Dolphin Club; A Copella Choir; University Band; French Club; Political Science Club; Geography Club . . . CAMP- BELL, WILBUR J., Dallas; B S in Chemistry. of 19 5 1 Caldwell, M Comorata Callahon, N. Camp Callahan, R. Campbell h Cannon Carter, C. 1 » -» , Carmichael Carter, F. Caw Corter, R. Carr Carter, W. SENIORS The escape!!! CANNON, WIMBERLY PEARSON; Worm Springs; B B A in Ac counting CARMICHAEL, LEON CLYDE, JR.; Atlanta; B S in Education . . . CARR, RAYMOND W.; Franklin Springs; B S in Education. . CARR, VIRGINIA RHODEN; Athens; BBA in Industrial Relations. SECOND ROW: CARTER, CHARLES HENRY, JR.; Sovannoh; B B A in Market ing; Pi Tau Chi, Scabbard and Blade . . . CARTER, FRANCIS LEONA; Voldosto; B.S. in Home Economics . . . CARTER, ROWLAND FORREST; Athens; B.B.A. in Public Administration CARTER, WALKER GRADY, JR.; Ellaville; B S in Agri- cultural Engineering; Sigma Pi; Agricultural Engineering Club. THIRD ROW: CASEY, ALVA JEAN; Adoirsville; A B.J, in Advertising; Theta Sigma Phi . . . CASEY, EMILY FAY; Cedortown; B.S. in Home Economics; Phi Mu Upsilon . . . CASEY, MARGIE; Adoirsville; A.B.J, in News-Editorial; Theta Sigma Phi, Vice-President, Pro- fessional Ponhellenic Council, Secretary . . . CATHCART, ROB- ERT JACKSON, JR.; Atlanta; BBA. in Economics; Sigma Chi CHAMBERS, MITCHELL FRED; Athens; BBA in Aero- nautical Administration . . . CHAMBERS, THOMAS RAYMOND; Porrot; B S in Pharmacy . . CHERNOFF, SHIRLEE JEANNE; Broxton; A.B.J, in Advertising; Delta Phi Epsilon, Secretary. FOURTH ROW: CHEVES, JO LANE; Atlanta; B.A. in English; Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-President; Ponhellenic, Treasurer; Women ' s Athletic Assn.; Dolphin Club; Hunt Club; Cheerleader . . . CHIOTELLIS, GEORGE TERRY; Sovannah; BBA in Economics . . . CHEUCA, J. CARLOS; Lima, Peru; B.S. in Animal Husbandry; Cosmopolitan Club, President; Demosthenion Lit, Soc; Saddle and Sirloin . CHURCH, JAMES EUGENE; Washington; BBA in Aeronautical Administration . CHURCH, JOANNE TAFT; Atlanta; A B. in Geography; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secretary; Pioneer Club; Geog- raphy Club CICCARONE, JOHN JOSEPH, JR.; West Ches- ter, Penn.; B.S, in Chemistry and Zoology; Alpha Tou Omega; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc. . . . CLARKSON, S. LOUIS; Meysville, Ky.; D.V.M. in Veterinary Medicine; Alpha Gamma Rho; Omega Tou Sigma. Casey, A. Cheeves Causey, E. Chiotellis Casey, M. Crueca Cathcart Church, J. Chambers, M. Church, T. Chambers, T. Ciccarone Chernoft Clarkson 7 Cloy Cobb, L B Clements Cleveland Cliatt Clitton Cline Cole Collier Condon Coody Cook Cobb, L. P. Cooledge FIRST ROW: CLAY, JACK HARWARD; Pine Park; B 5 in Agriculture . . . CLEMENTS, HARRY T., JR.; Woycross; B S in Landscape Archi- tecture; Pi Lambda Alpha, Vice-Pres.; Landscape Architecture Club, Pres. . . . CLEVELAND, GROVER H., JR.; B.S. in Agricul- ture . . . CLIATT, ANNE RUTH; Columbus; B S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Homecon Club; American Child- hood Education; Women Student Government Assn. . . . CLIFTON, JASPER RUPERT; Stilson; B.S. in Animal Husbandry , . CLINE, CLIFTON FRANKLIN; Lowndale, N. C; B S. in Distributive Education; Arnold Air Society; Delta Epsilon Mu . . . COBB, LAWRENCE PAUL, JR.; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Marketing; Delta Tau Delta; Aero Club; Men ' s Glee Club; Operetta; Messiah. SECOND ROW: COBB, LINDSEY B.; Griffin; B.S. in Pharmacy; American Pharma- ceutical Association . . . COLE, JULIA NELL; Villa Rica; B S m Home Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi . . . COLLIER, JIMMIE ENOCH; Warm Springs; B.S. in Agronomy; Aghon; Baptist Stu- dent Union Council; Demosthenian Lit. Soc ; Agricultural Club; Agronomy Club Ag Hill Council . . . CONDON, ROLAND S., JR.; Athens; B.S. in Education; Baseball . . . COODY, JAMES KELLY; Eastman; B.B.A. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi; Economics So- ciety . . . COOK, EULA ALLAWEE; Cochran; B.S. in Elementary Education COOLEDGE, JUDY ELLEN; Atlanta; A.B. in Psy- chology; Phi Mu. THIRD ROW: CORBETT, CHARLES DIXON; Poulan; A.B in Journalism; Scab- bard and Blade; Sigma Delta Chi; Red and Block, Feature Editor CORLEY, BOBBY; Thomaston; B.S. in Education; X Club; Demos- thenian Lit. Soc. . . . COX, FRED EUGENE Atlanta; B.B.A. in Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi . . . COX, WILLIAM HOWARD; Groveland; B.S.A. in Food Technology. FOURTH ROW: CRAVEN, FRANK EDWARD; N. Providence, R. I.; B S in For- estry, Xi Sigmo Pi; Forestry Club . . . CRAWFORD, LADSON HARLON; Alamo; B.S. in Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association CREIGHTON, DONALD GUY; Atlanta; B S in Forestry; Disciples Student Fellowship . . . CRESAP, PAUL MA- SON; Dalton; A.B. in English; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Georgia Cracker, Editor. What! Not tied up Corbett Craven of Corley Crawford f 9 5 f Cox, T. Creighton Cox, W. Cresop Crews Crump Crockett Crutcher Crow Cullens Crowe Culpepper SENIORS University life in the jungle FIRST ROW CREWS, SHIRLEY RAE; Newnon; B S, m Elementary Education . . . CROCKETT, M. LORETTA; Atlanta; A B J in Advertising; Kappa Alpha Theta; Theta Sigma Phi; Red and Black . . . CROW, ALVA ESTESE, JR.; Camilla; B,S. in Zoology; Chi Psi . . . CROWE, BETTY KATHRYN; Dallas; B S in Educational Home Economics. SECOND ROW: CRUMP, WILLIAM A.; Chatsworth; B S, in English; Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Mu . . . CRUTCHER, KATHERINE JOAN; Sa- vannah; A.B- in Sociology; Kappa Delta; Dolphin Club . . . CULLENS, TOMMY LEDBETTER; Camilla; B S A in Agricultural Economics; Chi Psi . CULPEPPER, JAMES G.; Toibotton; B.S.A.E. in Agricultural Engineering; Alpha Gamma Rho, Treas- urer. THIRD ROW: DABBS, WILLIAM AUSTIAN; Buena Vista; 8 S A in Agricultural Education; Alpha Gamma Rho; Gaffau Agriculture Club; Saddle and Sirloin . . DALTON, MORRIS N.; Summerville; B S in Chemistry . . DANIEL, ROBERT EWING, JR.; Crawfordville; B.S A. in Animal Husbandry, Lambda Chi Alpha . . , DANIEL, WAYNE WENDELL; Tallapoosa; B S in English DANIELL, HERMAN BURCH; Gresston; B.S. in Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Rho Chi Alpha Phi Omega . . . DARBY, MRS. MILDRED SMITH; Atlanta; B S. in Chemistry DASHER, ROLLIN ELRICH; Valdosto; B.S. in Education FOURTH ROW: DAVIS, ETHELDRA NALLS; Tournapull; A B J. in Radio; Theta Sigmo Phi, Treasurer; Dance Club; Digomma Kappa . . . DAVIS, EARL JOSEPH; Youngstown, Ohio; B.S. in Physical Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; Physical Education Club; G Club; Basket- ball . . . DAVIS, LLOYD C; Ellijoy; B.S. in Chemistry . . . DAVIS, MIRIAM LOUISE; Atlanta; B SHE. in Dietetics; Baptist Student Union; Homecon . . . DAVIS, SAM TALMADGE; Griffin; B B A. in Marketing . . . DAVIS, VIRGINIA ANNE Atlanta; B S in Elementary Education; Phi Mu; AC E. . DAVIS, WILLIAM HERMAN; Concord; B.S F. in Forestry. Dabbs Davis, E. N. Doiton Davis, E. J. Daniel, R. Davis, L. 0. Daniel, W. Davis, M. Doniell, H. Davis, S. Darby Davis, V. Dasher Davis, W. f- J; l -:9» ' •c: ' Davis Dawes Dean, B. Dean, C. Dean, D. Dean, N DeLaPerriere DeLaRue DeLettre Dellinger DeLong Denham DAVIS, WILLIAM JOHN, JR.; Morshollville; BS in Agronomy and Plant Science; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Agronomy Club, Pres.; College 4-H Club, Vice-Pres. Baptist Student Union; Ag Hill Council . . . DAWES, KENNETH VAUGHAN; AHonta; B.B.A. in Marketing; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi . . . DEAN, BETTY; Albany; A.B. in Sociology . . . DEAN, CECIL; Climox; B.S. in Forestry Forestry Club . . . DEAN, DORIS OPHELIA; Avo- lon; B.S. in Physical Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Dance Club; Tumbling Club; Wesley Foundation Coun- cil .. . DEAN, NANCY BERRY; Ty Ty; B.S. in Home Economics . . . DEKLE, OCIE THOMAS; Comillo; B S in Elementary Edu- cation; Zeta Phi Eta. SECOND ROW: DELAPERRIERE, JAMES ERNEST; Winder; B B A in Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Biftad, Pres,, Football Team, Manager; Freshman Class President; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc. . . . DE LA RUE, EDWIN SPENCER; Decotur; B B,A, in Accounting . . . DE LETTRE, DEWEY FRANKLIN, JR.; Savannoh; B.B.A. in Marketing . . DELLINGER, JENNINGS C; Brunswick; B S. in What! Cigar shortage Dick Dollar gij ' Forestry . . . DELONG, ROY F., JR.; AHonto; B.S. in Physical Education; Physical Education Club, Vice-Pres.; A Copella Choir; Baptist Student Union . . . DENHAM, THOMAS JEFFERSON, JR.; Sycamore; B.S. A. in Agronomy; Agronomy Club . . . DEY, MRS. VIRGINIA LYNN; FiHgerold; B.F.A. in Music-Voice; Sigma Alpha Iota; Women ' s Glee Club; A Capella Choir. THIRD ROW: DICK, BILLY A.; Iron City; B.SA, in Animal Husbandry; Saddle and Sirloin . . , DIXON, FRANCES JEAN; Jonesboro; B.S. in Ed- ucation; Tumbling Club; Women ' s Athletic Association; " G " Club; Physical Education Major ' s Club . . . DOAR, HENRY F.; Charles- ton, S. C; B.S. in Education; Pi Kappa Phi; P.E. Club . . . DODD, WILLIAM HARVEL; Mt. Berry; B F A. in Crafts; Art Student ' s League. FOURTH ROW: DOLLAR, THOMAS HUBERT; Boinbridge; B B A in Management; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . DONOVAN, AVALO GRAY; Vidolia; A B in English; Kappa Delta, U.G.R.A. Pioneer Club . . . DORSEY, JAMES H.; Macon; B S. m Pharmacy . . . DOWNS, ALFRED N.; Conyers. " f 9 5 f Dixon Donovan Doar Dorsey Dodd Downs ± Ik Dozier Dunn, E. L. A Dudley Dunn, J. L. ' : % ■ y ;! ■ ' - 4 DuLaney Dunton Dunaway DuPree, J. SENIORS The sheriH leads the way FIRST ROW: DOZIER, MURIEL L.; Dexfer; B S, in Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega DUDLEY, DORIS JEANETTE; Danielsville; A B in History DULANEY, ROBERT FUDGE; Montgomery, W. Vc; B S in Forestry; Lambda Chi Alpha; Forestry Club . . . DUNAWAY, J. ALEX; Lineolnton; B B A in Management. SECOND ROW: DUNN, EDWARD LEE; Thomosville; A.B. in Journalism; Alpha Tau Omega; Biftad, Pres.; " X " Club, Vice-Pres,; Red and Black; University Band; Glee Club; Student Union Board, Pres.; Pythago- rean Math Club, Pres. . . . DUNN, JAMES LOWELL; Milledge- ville; B.S. in Education; Industrial Arts Club . . . DUNTON, CAROLYN; Atlanta; B,S. in Education; ACE.; Student Union DUPREE, JANE ANN NEIL; Gainesville; A.B. in French; French Club; Canterbury Club. THIRD ROW: DUPREE, LELIA BANKS; Rome; B B A in Secretarial Science; Chi Omega . DURANT, EUGENIE ROSS; Augusto; B F A in Art . DRAWDY, EDWARD CECIL; Walterboro, S. C; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Ag Engineer, Business Manager; Alpha Tau Omega . . . DURDIN, DELAINE; Decatur; B B.A in Accounting; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Chi Theta, Treas.; Dolphin Club . . . DURDEN, MARAY ANN; Atlanta; B.S. in Educotion; Phi Mu; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pythagorean Math Club; Women ' s Athletic Association; Canterbury Club; ACE. . . . EARLS, LEE ROY, JR.; Decatur; B.B A. Aeronautical Administration; Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurer . . . EASON, WALTER AUSTIN; Atlanta; B.B. A, in Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; " G " Club; Baseball Team, FOURTH ROW: ECHOLS, NANCY CARTER; Covington, Va.; BFA in Art; Alpha Delta Pi . . . EDEL, JULIUS; Sovannoh; B B.A. in Statis- tics; Phi Epsilon Pi; Biftad; Varsity Swimming Team . . . ELDER, HUGH SHANNON; Monroe; B.S. in Math . . . ELDER, JOHN DOUGLAS; Jefferson; B.S. A in Animal Husbandry . . . ELLINGTON, JOE ANNE; Dalton; A, B.J. in Radio; Alpha Chi Omega; Digamma Kappa; Theta Sigma Phi . . . ELLIS, EDWARD PRIOLEAU; Atlanta; A.B. in English; Chi Phi, Vice-Pres.; Biftod, Pres.; Gridiron; X-Club; Pythagorean Moth Club; Interfraternity Council; Pandora, Sports Editor, 1950. . .ELLIS, ELIZABETH; Alpharetta; B.S. in Home Economics. DuPree, L. Du Rant Drawdy Durden, D. Elder, J. Early Echols Edel Elder, H . Durden, M. Ellington Ellis, E. P f s ♦ Is Eason Ellis, E. J " Ellis Elyea Enloe Ennis Ethcridge, R. Etheridge, H. Evans, H. Evans, T Eskew Evans, W. Estes Everett Estroff Ewing FIRST ROW ELLIS, JOSEPH C; Rocky Mount, N. C; B B A m Marketing; SIgmo Pi . . . ELYEA, ROSE; Atlanta; B.S. in Zoology; Kappa Delta; Philosophy Club, Sec ; U.G.R.A.; Canterbury Club; Pioneer Club . . . ENLOE, LILLIAN ANNE; Atlanta; B S. in Zoology Tumbling Club Student Union . . . ENNIS, SPENCER WINSTON Milledgeville; B S in Chemistry ESKEW, PAUL T., JR Sorosota, Fla.; B.B.A. in Marketing; Blue Key; Baseball Team " G Club, Delta Sigma Pi . . . ESTES, LOUIS COLLIER; Decatur B.S. A. in Animal Husbandry; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Saddle and Sirloin . . . ESTROFF, PHYLLIS ELAINE; Augusta; 8 S. in Edu- cation. SECOND ROW: ETHERIDGE, ROBERT LOY, JR.; Winder; B S in Chemistry; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Glee Club; International Relations Club; Phi Kappo Lit. Soc. . . . ETHERIDGE, HENRY EUGENE; Hortwell; B B A in Management; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society . . . EVANS, A. BILLEAN; Savannah; B S in Biology . . . EVANS, WALTER THEODORE; Atlanto; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry; Blue Key; Aghon; Georgia Agriculturalist, Editor; Senior Class President; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Saddle and Sirloin, Pres., Treas.; Grand Old Party; Ag Club; Ag Hill Council; Gridiron; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sphinx . . . EVANS, WILLIAM B., JR.; Tough luck! She ' s married Farmer Feinberg Tuscola, Miss.; B S.f- ' , in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeto; For- estry Club EVERETT, WILLARD, JR.; Worton, Md.; B S A in Plant Pathology; Alpha Zeto; Plant Pathology Club . . . EWING, MARION OLIVE; Covington; A.B. in Sociology; Wesley Foundation; 4-H Club; Bulldog Club. THIRD ROW: FARMER, JAMES HAROLD; Wotkinsville; B S. in Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association, Vice-Pres.; Rho Chi; Gam- ma Sigma Epsilon . . . FARRELL, DONALD ARTHUR; Staten Island, N. Y.; B.B.A. in Personel Administration; Pi Kappa Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Economics Society . . . FAULK, LAWRENCE NEWBY; Jeffersonville; B S A. in Agronomy . . . FEHER, NICK JOHN; Hubbard, O.; B.S in Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; " G " Club; Newman Club ;Football Team. FOURTH ROW: FEINBERG, MARCIA ZELMA; Atlonta; B S in Education; Delta Phi Epsilon; A.C.E.; Student Government . . . FEINGOLD, ROB- ERT JULIAN; Camilla; B S. in Chemistry; Tou Epsilon Phi, Vice- Chancellor; Phi Kappa Lit, Soc, Associate Justice . . . FINCHER, FELTON ROBERT, JR.; Mocon; B B A, in Marketing; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . FINLEY, MARY ELLEN; Hazle- hurst; B.S. in Home Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi. » f 9 5 f Farrell Feingold Faulk Fincher Fehrer Finley ■ Ui J 7 Fitts Fleming, G. Fitzpatrick Gilcrest, T. G. Fiveash Florence Flanders Flournoy SENIORS What ' s if worth to win this, bud FIRST ROW: FITTS, CHARLES HENRY; Dahlonega; B F A in Music; Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia, Pres . . . FITZPATRICK, HORACE JAMES; Commerce; B.S A, in Ag Educotion; Gauffa . . . FIVEASH, PATRICIA ANNE; Atlanta; B S in Education . . . FLANDERS, JOE ALLEN, JR.; Swoinsboro; B.S. in Chemistry. SECOND ROW: FLEMING, GUY EUBANK, JR.; Appling; B S A in Education; Sigma Chi; Cross Country; Varsity Track; " G " Club; 4-H Club; Gaffau; Poultry Science Club . . . FLEMING, PETER WALLACE, JR.; Augusta; B.B.A. in Economics; Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega, Sec; Student Union Board, Sec; Demosthenion Lit, Soc; Men ' s Glee Club; U G.R A. . . . FLORENCE, WILMA E.; Cedortown; A.B. in Journalism; Chi Omega, Pres,; Theto Sigma Phi, Pres.; Mortar Board; " Z " Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dolphin Club; Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class; Student Government; U.G.R.A.; Professional Pan-Hellenic Council; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil .. . FLOURNOY, ADELE W.; Macon; B.S. in Landscape Ar- chitecture; Phi Mu; Landscape Architecture Club; Dolphin Club; Golt Club, Golf. THIRD ROW: FLOWERS, JOHN GRAYSON; Boinbridge; B B A in Business Ad- ministration; Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Demosthenion Lit. Soc; Biftad, Economics Society; University Band; Blue Keys; " X " -Club; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gridiron; GOP.; 1951 Pandora, Business Manager. . . FOGEL, MYRON JEROME; Augusta; B.B.A. in Marketing; Tou Epsilon Phi; Biftad; " X " Club; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Tholian Blockfriors, Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pandora, Associate Editor, Managing Edi- tor POKES, JACK LEWIS; Montezuma; A B in Math; Phi Delta Theta; Pi Mu Epsilon . . . FOLADARE, IRVING S.; New York, N. Y.; AB in Sociology. FOREHAND, FLORENCE JEAN; Sylvester; B S, in Home Economics; Koppo Alpha Theta; Homecon; A Capella Choir . . . FOREMAN, WILLIAM FRED- ERICK, JR.; Atlanta; A.B. in Journalism; Red and Block; Ameri- can Legion; Mason; Woodmen of the World . . . FORIO, ROB- ERT EARL; AHanto; AB. in English; Phi Delta Theta, FOURTH ROW: FOSMIRE, WILLIAM LEWIS; Sovonnoh; A B in American His fory; Wesley Players, Pres.; Pi Tou Chi . . . FOSTER, BETTIE ANNE; Bluffton; B.S. in Distributive Education; Alpha Chi Omega . . FOSTER, JACQUELYN L.; Conton; B F A in Piano; Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Mortar Board Red and Black, Women ' s Editor; U.GR A ; Wesley Foun- dation; Pioneer Club; A Capella Choir . . . FOWLER, ELLEN HAYS; Camilla; B S, in Elementary Education . . . FOWLER, JACK BARING; Canton; A B in Psychology . . . FOWLER, MARJORIE M.; Athens; B FA in Interior Design; Alpha Delta Pi, Wesley Foundation FOY, ROBERT PIERCE; Bradenton, Flo.; A.B, J, in Advertising. Flowers Fosmire Fogel Foster, B. Fokes Foster, J. •J» I Foiadare Fowler, E. Forehand Fowler, J. Foreman Fowler, M. Forio Foy ' " S ' J i 1- ' v. % Franccschetti Franklin, E. Fronklin, W. Fultord Fuller, A. Fuller, M. Galliennc Gamble Gardner Garrett Garrison Gausman Gay Geeslin FIRST ROW: FRANCESCHETTI, ALFRED PAUL; New York, N. Y.; BS in Zoology FRANKLIN EDWIN LAWSON; Bornesville; B S. in Chemistry, Sigma Chi; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Demosthenian Lit. See. . . . FRANKLIN, WILLIAM HOWARD; Marietta; B S in Sociology; Student Union; Economics Society; DeMoloy; Alpha Tqu Omega, Vice-Pres . . FULFORD, ESCHOL HUBERT; Glen- wood; BS. in Agriculture . . FULLER, ALICE; Calhoun; B S. m Elementary Education . . . FULLER, MAUDE MAE; Calhoun; BS. in Elementary Education . . . GALLIENNE, WILLIAM F.; Spring- field, O.; A.B. in Economics; Kappa Sigma, Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omego; Track; Cross Country. SECOND ROW: GAMBLE, JAMES MARION; Columbus; B B A in Aeronautical Administration . . . GARDNER, JAY D.; Camilla; SB. A. in Man- agement; Chi Phi; X Club; Arnold Air Society; Thalian-Black- friars . . . GARRETT, BOBBIE JUNE; Atlanta; B 5 in Educa- tion . . . GARRISON, KARL CLAUDIUS, JR.; Athens; A B in Sociology; DeMoloy; Canterbury Club . . . GAUSMAN, WILLIAM J.; Columbus; BS. in Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation . . . GAY, J. E.; Ty Ty; BS. in Forestry . . . GEESLIN, CAROLYN; Lumpkin; A.B. in English; Alpha Omicron Pi. THIRD ROW: GEORGE, JOHN A.; Damascus; BS. in Agricultural Engineering; Ag Engineering Club . . . GEORGE. M. ANITA; Morrow; B.S. in Physical Education; Pi Beta Phi; Women ' s Athletic Association GERSTEIN, MIRIAM FRANCES; Covington; A B in Psy- chology; Delta Phi Epsilon . . . GHITTER, LEAH RUTH; Augusta; BS. in Zoology; Delta Phi Epsilon; Alpha Lambda Delto; Mortar Board; I.Z.F.A.; Hillel; U.G.R.A. FOURTH ROW: GIBBS, JAMES M. Homerville; B.B.A. in Aeronautical Administra- tion; Pi Kappa Alpha . . GILCHRIST, THOMAS GILBERT; El- laville; BS. in Agricultural Engineering; Sigma Pi, A.S.A.E. . . . GLASS, MRS. CYNTHIA RAFFO; Brunswick; B F A in Commer- cial Art; Art Student ' s League . . . GLASS, ROBERT JAMES; Brunswick; D.V M. in Veterinary Medicine. No work for business manager . . . of 19 5 1 George, J. Gibbs George, M. Fleming Gerstein Gloss, C. Ghitter Glass, R. ir- - ■ %» I ' • Glassman Goolsby Glenn Gomez Goldsmith Gould SENIORS What! No pants FIRST ROW: GLASSMAN, MONA BARBARA; Hewlett, N. Y.; B S in Educa- tion; Delta Phi Epsilon, Vice-President; A.CE.; Hillel; Pan Hellenic Council . . . GLENN, THOMAS LATIMER; Athens; B S A in Ani- mal Husbandry; Lambda Chi Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Saddle and Sirloin . . , GODBEE, WRAY ALEX; Millen; B B A. m Man- ogement . . . GOLDSMITH, MILES MANNING, JR.; Sovonnoh; B.B.A. in Insurance and Real Estate; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Var- sity Track; Cross Country. SECOND ROW: GOOLSBY, JAMES CLIFTON; Woodlond; BBA in Marketing GOMEZ, CESAR AUGUSTO; Limo, Peru; B S A in Dairy Production; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Newman Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Dairy Science Club; Poultry Science Club; International Relations Club; Spanish Club . . . GOSWICK, CREED D.; Chots- worth; B.B.A. in Accountmg . . . GOULD, GEORGE C; Woy- cross; B.B.A. in Marketing; Sigma Chi; " G " Club; Varsity Basket- ball Baseball Team. THIRD ROW: GROW, SHERRIE ANN; Colquitt; B.S. in Education; Alpha Chi Omega GRAY, JAMES L.; Augusta; B.S. in Pharmacy . . . GRAY, WILLIAM FERRELL; Thomosville; BBA. in Business Ad- ministration; Pi Kappa Phi . . . GREGORY, EDWARD EUGENE; Atlanta; A.B J in Advertising; Sigma Pi, President; Bulldog Club . . . GREEN, JOHN S., JR.; Lenox; B.S. in Forestry; Delta Tau Delta . . . GREENWAY, AL D. Sandersville; B S in Pharmacy; Americon Pharmaceutical Association . . . GREENWAY, HELEN D.; Marietta. FOURTH ROW: GREER, ROBERT SIDNEY; Atlonto; B.S. in Education; Football . GRIFFIN, JAMES HOWARD; Lovonia; A.B. in Sociology . . . GRIFFIN, PEGGY LOW; Cochran; B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation; Alpha Gamma Delta, Student Government; Education Club . . . GRIFFITH, LELAND E.; Cedortown; D.V M. in Veteri- nary Medicine; Alpha Psi; Jr A.V.M.A. . . . GRIFFITH, SAM- UEL CLARENCE, JR.; Athens; B.B.A. in Accounting . , . GRIMES, MILLARD BERRY; Columbus; A B in Journalism; Chi Psi, Vice-President; Sigma Delta Chi, Treasurer; Inter Fraternity Council, Publicity Director; Red and Black, Editor, Sports Editor, Managing Editor; Gridiron . . . GRIMES, RICHARD ALLEN; Cor- dele; B.S. in Chemistry; Chi Psi; Alpha Phi Omega; Gamma Sigma Epsilon Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Track Team; Cross Country. Grow Gray, J. Gray, W. Gregory Green Greenwoy, A Greer Griftin, J Griffin, P. Griffith, L Griffith, S. Grimes, M. i- JK u I % ' % % Greenway, H. Grimes, R. i ■u Grizzell Groves Guerin Gutzke Guyer Gwynn Hadaway Mall Halter Hamilfon Hammond Hankberry Hancock Hundley FIRST ROW: GRIZZELL, RAYMOND FRANK; AHanta; B B A in Management; Pi Kappa Alpha; Freshmen Class Sec.-Treas. . . . GROVES, EDWIN DAVIS; Byromville; B.S. in Pharmacy; Sigma Nu; Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association . . . GUERIN, DENISE; Mel- bourne, Flo.; B.F.A. in Interior Design; Bulldog Club . . . GUTZKE, MARK ELIAS; Decotur; B.S. in Chemistry . . . GUYER, CHARLES LATHROP, III; Savonnoh Beach; B 8 A. in Business Administration; Chi Phi; Swimming Team; Glee Club . . . GWYNN, JANE; Fort Goines; A.B. in English; Kappa Delto; Geor- gia Cracker; Women ' s Student Government . . . HARDAWAY, JOSEPH LEE; Macon; B.S. in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Track; Cross Country; Alpha Phi Omega; G Club. SECOND ROW: HALL, JAMES DAVID; Moultrie; B.BA. in Accounting; Sigma Nu; Gleen Club; A Cappella Choir . . . HALTER, FRANK BRAD- BURY; AHonto; LIB.; Phi Delta Theta; I.F.C.; Gridiron; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc. . . . HAMILTON, SHIRLEY FAYE; Athens; A B in Sociology; German Club, Vice-Pres.; A Capella Choir . . . HAMMOND, ROBERT A.; Jackson; B.S. A. in Animal Husbondry; Saddle and Sirloin . . HANBERRY, CHESTER ALEXANDER; Editors don ' t work either Hanna Harden Savannah; B.S. in Pharmacy . . . HANCOCK, AVOLYN JOYCE; AHanta; B.S. in Elementary Education . . . HANDLEY, ELIZA- BETH JEANETTE; Oclllo; B.S. in Home Economics; Women ' s Athletic Association; Homecon; Methodist Young Folks. THIRD ROW: HANNA, JOHN TERRELL; Donalsonville; B B A in Management; Pi Kappa Phi; Economics Society . . . HANSON, ELBERT L., JR.; Rome; B.S. in Education; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade . . . HANSON, JOYCE MORRIS; Temple; B S. in Educa- tion . . . HARDEE, JAMES G., Ill; Sovannoh; B L A in Land- scape Architecture; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; International Relations Club; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Landscape Architecture Club; Swim- ming Team. FOURTH ROW: HARDEN, WYNTON H.; Griffin; B.S. in Agricultural Engineer- ing; Ag Engineering Club . . . HARDIGREE , JERRY BROWN; Watkinsville; B.S.A. in Horticulture; Alpha Gamma Rho . . . HARDIGREE, WILLIAM O., JR.; Watkinsville; B S A in Animal Husbandry . . . HARDY, RICHARD A.; Decotur; B.BA. in Aero- nautical Administration; Alpha Tau Omega. of 19 5 1 Hansen, E. Hardigree, J. Hanson, J Hardigree, W. Hardee Hardy i jfcM Harelik Hormoti, J. Hargravcs Harrell, D. % . id Hargrove Harrell, D. M. Harmon, J. Horrell, E. SENIORS Hold that skirt down FIRST ROW: HARELIK, MELVIN MOSES; Augusto; A.B.J, in Advertising; Tau Epsilon Phi; Red and Black, Business Manager; Pandora, Asso- ciate Editor; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc. , . . MARGRAVES, JOHN FULTON; Kingsland; B.S. in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club . . HARGROVE, BILLY HYMAN; Fitzgerald; B S. in Educa- tion; Football Team; Track Team . . . HARMON, JOHN BELTON, III; McCormIck, S.C.; B.S. in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi. SECOND ROW: HARMON, JOHN FRANK, JR.; Lawrenceville; A B J. in Radio; Men ' s Glee Club; University Band; Georgia Cracker Staff . . . HARRELL, DANIEL E.; Boinbridge; B S in Chemistry . . . HARRELL, DWIGHT M.; Lloyd, Fla.; B.S. in Forestry . . . HARRELL, E. K.; Comillo; A.B.J, in Advertising; Alpha Tau Omega; Economics Society. THIRD ROW: HARRELL, MARION CLYDE; Boinbridge; B.S. in Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; Pi Mu Epsilon; FTA . . . HARRINGTON, FLOYD JOHN; Milledgeville; B.S in Education . HARRIS, HARRIET W.; Crawford; BB.A. in Secretarial Science; Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Chi Theta . . . HARRIS, HINTON JOHNSON; Musella; B.S. A. in Animal Husbandry; Saddle and Sirloin; 4-H Club . . HARRIS, JAMES GORDON, JR.; Bowman; B S A m Ag Education; Agronomy Club; Gaffou; Baptist Student Union . , . HARRIS, ROY JAMES, JR.; Collins; B B A m Marketing . . . HARRIS, RUBY IRENE; Athens; B.S. in Education; Kappa Alpha Theta. FOURTH ROW: HARRIS, THOMAS COFFEE; Atlanta; B B A in Business Man- agement; Kappa Sigma . . . HARVEY, BETTY JEAN; Lanier; B.S. in Education; Pi Tau Chi, Vice-Pres.; POW, Sec.-Treas., Vice-Pres.; U.G.R.A,; Student Union Council; Wesley Founda- tion Council . . . HARVEY. GEORGE ROGERS, III; Forest Park; B.S. in Physics; Phi Kappa Tau; Physics Club; Philosophy Club; Demosthenian Lit. Soc. . . . HASKINS, DONALD REMA; Dudley; B.S. in Ag Economics . . . HASSELL, HOMER KEITH; Quitman; BB.A. in Accounting . . . HATCHER, ALBON LEE; Dublin; B.B A in Combination Law; Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi . . , HAWES, ANN ALEISE; Ocilla; B.S. in Education; A.C.E. Harrell, M. Horrington Harris, H. Harris, J. Harris, G. Harris, R. Harris, R. Harris, T Harvey, B. Harvey, G. Haskins Hassell Hatcher Howes iji :ik o :? V Hawkins Heard Hoyes Heoth Hays, B. Heck Hays, J. Heckman Hays, T. Heery Hayworth - » . •- V Hazen Heiterer FIRST ROW: HAWKINS, JEAN BRADFIELD; AHanto; AB in Journalism; Kappa Alpha Theta . . . HAYS, BETTY JEAN; Monsfield; B B.A. in Business Administration; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Chi Theta; Bulldog Club; Pioneer Club; Economics Society . . . HAYES, EDMOND WILEY; Hoschton; B.SA. in Ag Education; Gaffou . . . HAYS, JEWELL AGNES; Wotkinsville; B S. in Education . . . HAYS, THOMAS MILTON; Navol Base, S. C; A B. in Journalism; Arnold Air Society; Sigma Delta Chi; Red and Black; Georgia Cracker, Editor . . . HAYWORTH, HARRY RAY; Toccoo; B B A in Management; Delta Sigma Pi; Economics Society . . . HAZEN, MAYNARD D.; Athens; B,B A. in Finance; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade. SECOND ROW: HEARD, CHARLES FRANK; Forsyth; A B. in Economics; Phi Delta Theta, Vice-Pres.; Phi Mu Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Glee Club; A Capella Choir . . . HEATH, WILSON CLARENCE; Whitesburg; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; American Society of Ag Engineers; Demosthenian Lit. Soc. . . . HECK, ROBERT EDWARD; Charleston, S. C; B.S. in Distributive Education; Pythagorean Math. Club; Distributive Education Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Student Union . . . HECKMAN, HAROLD MILTON, JR.; Athens; B.S. in Chemistry . . . HEERY, JAMES THOMAS; Atlanta; B B.A. in Industrial Relations; Kappa Sigma, Sec. . . . HEFFERNAN, JOSEPH ANTHONY; Savannah; B S in Pre-Med . HEITERER, JOHN JOSEPH; Charleston, S. C; A B in Journalism. THIRD ROW: HELD, CHARLES H., JR.; Atlanta; B B A in Management; Phi Epsilon Pi HENDERSON, CLARENCE WESLEY; Louisville; B.B.A. in Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi . . . HENDLEY, DELORES LUCILLE; Vienno; B.S. in Home Economics; POW; Homecon; Wes- ley Foundation . . . HENDRIX, JAMES ALEX; Columbus; L.L.B. in Law; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Inter-Fraternity Council. FOURTH ROW: HENDRY, ALEX A.; Adel; B.S. A. in Ag Economics; Ag Economics Club . . . HENRY, ZACH A.; Stockbridge; B.S. in Ag Engineering; Ag Engineering Club; Baptist Student Union . . . HERRING, BARBARA LEE; Cairo; B.S. in Home Economics; U.GRA.; Home- con Club; 4-H Club . . . HERRING, WILLIAM JORDAN; Cum- ming; B.B.A. in Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi; Economics Society. So THIS is modern dance ' . Held Hendry of 19 5 1 % Henderson Henry Hendley Herring, B. Hendrix Herring, W. 1 r I 1 SENIORS " Watch the birdie " FIRST ROW: HICKS, GRADY; Athens . Sparfa; B.S. in Agronomy . Home Economics; P.O.W.; urer; Home Economics Club . HIGHT, ROBERT ANDERSON; . . HILL, JOYCE; Decatur, B S. in Kappa Alpha Mu, Secretary-Treas- . . HILL, ROBERT PRESTON; Elli- joy; B-B.A. in Aeronautical Administration. SECOND ROW: HILL, ROSEMARY; Washington; B.F.A. in Drama; Thailion Blackfriers, PO.W,; Wesley Foundation . . . HINSON, A. W.; McRae; B S m Agriculture . . . HITCHCOCK, DAVID LEON- ARD, JR.; Lexington; B.S. in Physical Education; Physical Educa- tion Club . . . HITCHCOCK, HELEN LOUISE; Athens; A.B. in Psychology; Pi Tau Chi; Wesley Foundation, president. THIRD ROW: HOGAN, DONALD EVANS; Thomosville; B S in Agriculture . . . HOGAN, MOODY W.; Porkersburg, W. Vc; B.B.A. in Account- ing .. . HOGG, JAMES H.; Elloville; B.B.A. in Marketing; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . HOLMES, NELL GRAY; Griffin; B.A. in English; Alpha Delta Pi . . . HOOPER, CHARLES ELWOOD; Au- gusta; A B J. in Advertising . HOOTEN, JAMES LANE; At- lanta; B.A. in Philosophy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; U.G.R.A., treasurer; Philosophy Club, president; Disciples Student Fellow- ship . . HOPKINS, ELIZABETH ANNE; Athens; B B A. in Ac- counting; Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Chi Theta. FOURTH ROW: HORNE, CARHON FLOYD; Roberta; B.S. in Animal Husbandry; Saddle and Sirloin; Scabbard and Blade . . . HOUCK, SUE STUART; Augusta; A.B. in Spanish; Kappa Delta; Spanish Club: Pan Hellenic . . . HOUSE, CHARLES ROBERT; Gillsville; B.B A in Accounting; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Society . . . HUBBARD, HILDRED C; Enerson; B.S. in Psychology; P.O.W. . . . HUDSON, BENJAMIN LEITH; Clarkston; B S in Agricul tural Engineering; Agricultural Engineering Club . . . HUDSON, WILLIAM NUTE; Ocilla; B S. m Agronomy . HUGHEY, JOE DENNIS; Fairmont; B.S. in Education Hogan, D. Hogon, M. Hogg Holmes Hooper Hooten Hopkins Home Houck House Hubbard Hudson, B. Hudson, W. Hughey S i " jsr f I I. «IH 5 " . ,2 « 2 m i V Humphries Hurst Hunt, B. Hunt, C. Hunt, J. Hunt, J. L Huntemonn Hunter Hurt Huston Hutchinson, E. Hutchinson, H. Hutchins Ingram FIRST ROW: HUMPHRIES, ROBERT LEE; Augusto; B.S. in Education . . . HUNT, BETTY RUTH; Morietto; B S. in Education; F.T.A. . . . HUNT, CHARLES S., JR.; Ashburn; B B A in Business Admin- istration; Sigma Chi . . . HUNT, JOHN R.; Blakely; B.S. in Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association . . . HUNT, JOSEPH LOUIS; LaFoyette; B.S. in Agriculture; Plant Pathology Club, Sec; Agronomy Club . . . HUNTEMANN, J. WALTER College Point, N. Y.; B.S. in Forestry; Demosthenian Lit. Soc. Savannah Bulldog, Business Manager . . . HUNTER, EMORY J. Colquitt; B.B.A. in Marketing. SECOND ROW: HURST, GEORGE DEWEY; Cairo; B.S. in Physical Education; Physical Education Club . . . HURT, FRANCES ALLEA; Crow- ford; B.S. in Education; University Women ' s Chorus; Glee Club HUSTON, LONA KAY; Albony; B.S. in Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha; Homecon; Bulldog Club; Student Union . . . HUTCHIN- SON, EDWARD LUCE; Athens; B.S.F. in Forestry; Forestry Club . . HUTCHINSON, HAROLD ROGERS; TItton; B.S.A. in Food Technology; Institute of Food Technologists . . . HUTCHINS, LANETTE J.; Decatur; A.B. in English; Pi Beta Phi . . . INGRAM, ALVIN CLEGG; Delto, Ala.; B.S.A. in Poultry. THIRD ROW: JACKSON, J. CLARENCE; Augusta; B.S. in Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association . . . JACKSON, MARY ELIZABETH; Hortwell; A.B. in English; Pi Beta Phi, Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec; Pan-Hellenic Council; Glee Cub; International Rela- tions Club; U G R A . . . JACKSON, ROBERT HENRY; College Park; A.B.J, in Advertising. . JACKSON, WILLIE LEWIS; Buford; B.S. in Education; Demosthenian Lit. Soc. FOURTH ROW: JACOBS, MARY ANNE; Buckheod; B.S. in Home Economics; Pi Tau Chi, Pres.; Wesley Foundation, Vice-Pres.; Wesley Singers, Sec-Treas.; U.G.R A . . . JAMES, KENNETH E.; Homerville; B.S. in Forestry . . . JENKINS, CARRELL RAY; Bridgeboro; A.B.J, in Advertising; Kappa Sigma; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Wesley Foundation; Gridiron; 1951 Pandora, Editor-in-Chief . . . JESSUP, DOROTHY JEAN; Howkinsville; B.S in Education. Must be great to work for the Pandora of 19 5 1 Jackson, J. Jacobs Jackson, M. James Jackson, R. Jenkins Jackson, W. Jessup " ar P. . . J f Jindra Johnson, F. Johnson, C. Johnson, H. Johnson, E. Johnson, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, M. SENIORS A day to remember FIRST ROW: JINDRA, WILLIAM JOSEPH, JR.; Port Chester, N. Y.; B B A in Accounting; Pi Tau Chi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Wesley Foundation Council, Trees. . . . JOHNSON, C. MONROE; Augusto; B.S A. In Poultry; Poultry Science Club; 4-H Club . . . JOHNSON, EMMA LOU; Millen; B.S. in Chemistry; French Club; Baptist Student Union; U.G.R.A.; Women ' s Student Government; P.O.W. . . . JOHNSON, EVELYN LESLIE Atlanta; B.S. In Education. SECOND ROW: JOHNSON, FRED ROBERTS; Woshington; SB A. in Accounting . . . JOHNSON, H. MAE; Manchester; B S in Home Economics . . . JOHNSON, JACK; Fort Volley; BB.A. in Marketing; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . JOHNSON, MARILYN; Flat Rock, N. C; A.B. In Journalism; Theta Sigma Phi, Sec; Red and Black, Business Manager, Woman ' s Editor, Feature Editor, Reporter; P.O.W. Council. THIRD ROW: JOHNSON, MILTON I., JR.; Macon; B.S. in Pharmacy; Rho Chi; Georgia Pharmacist; American Pharmaceutical Association . . . JOHNSON, RENEE LUCILLE; Rome; B.S. in Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; University Band; 4-H Club; Ag Hill Council F.T.A.; Education Club. . .JOHNSON, THOMAS CHINNIS, JR.; Savannah; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Sigma Chi; " X " Club; Ag Engineering Club; Intertroternity Council; Ag Club . . . JOHNSTON, BRICELYN H.; Decotur; A B in Math- emotics; Pi Beta Phi . . . JOINER, HERBERT MELTON; Alamo; B.S. in Animal Husbandry; Goffau, Advisor; Saddle and Sirloin, Vice-Pres. . . . JONES, BILLY JOE; Empire; B.S. A. in Agriculture; Gaffau . . . JONES, FRANK ALVIN, JR.; Elberton; B.S. in Chem- istry; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade, Captain. FOURTH ROW: JONES, JAMES ALLEN; Woycross; B S. in Education . . . JONES, RICHARD CHARLES, JR.; Rome; B B.A. in Management . . . JONES, STUART H.; Columbus; B.B.A. in Accounting; Chi Psi . . . JORDAN, LILLIAN; Atlanta; A.B. in English; Georgia Cracker . . . KAY, VIRGINIA ADAIR; Byron; B.S. in Biology; Phi Mu . . . KEE, TUPLE DeWAYNE; Augusta; A.B. in Jour- nalism . . . KEITH, AMOS LADD, JR.; Chatsworth; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry; Chi Psi. Johnson, M. Jones, J. Johnson, R. Jones, R. Johnson, T. Jones, S. Johnston Jordan Joiner Kay Jones, B. Kee Jones, F. Keith Kell Kellahan Kelley Kidder Kight Kiker King, A. N. King, B. King, H. Kirkland Kittle Knight King, A. C. KNOWLES FIRST ROW: KELL, CHARLES P.; Chickamouga; B.S. in Education; Baseball . . . KELLAHAN, THOMAS McCOY, JR.; Kingstree, S. C; B.S. A. in Dairy Production; Dairy Science Club; Judging Team . . . KELLY, JOHN BERYL; Winterville; B B.A. in Public Ad- ministration . . . KIDDER, BARBARA JEAN; Atlanta; A.B. in Journalism . . . KIGHT, CHARLOTTE; Sandersville; B.S. in Home Economics . . . KIKER, JOHN R.; Savannah; BBA. in Account- ing .. . KING, ALEXANDER CAMPBELL; Atlanta; A.B. in Po- litical Science; Chi Phi; Biftad, Pres.; " X " Club; Scabbard and Blade; International Relations Club; Junior Class Vice-President; U.G.R.A.; Little Symphony Orchestra. SECOND ROW: KING, ARNOLD NATHAN; Canon; 8 S in Education . . . KING, BETTYE JEANNE; BluHton; A.B. in Journalism; Alpha Chi Omega; Di Gamma Kappa . . . KING, HILLYER CLARK, JR.; Athens; BBA. in Marketing; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . KIRK- LAND, KORRA SUE; Pearson; B.S. in Home Economics . . . KITTLE, GERALDINE E.; Ringgold; B S. in Home Economics . . . KNIGHT, TROY; Atlonta; BBA. in Marl eting; Lambda Chi Alpha; Economics Society . . . KNOWLES, LAWRENCE FULLER; Athens; B.L.A. in Landscape Architecture; Sigma Pi; University Band; Canterbury Club. THIRD ROW: KNOWLES, VIRGINIA R.; Atlanta; BBA in Accounting . . . KNOX, CHARLES COURTNEY; Atlanta; B F A. in Music; Theto Chi; Pi Mu Alpha; University Bond, Pres.; Little Symphony Or- chestra . . . KRAMER, MARY F.; Jesup; B.S. in Home Eco- nomics; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Vice-Pres.; Homecon; Ag Hill Council . . . KREIS, EDGAR A., JR.; Atlanta; B.S.F. in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. FOURTH ROW: KUHN, ROBERT MELVIN; Homestead, Fla; D.V M. in Vet. Med ; Alpha Psi; Jr. A.V.M.A. . . . LADD, HILDA ANNE; Atlanta; BF.A. in Drama; Tholian Blockfriars; Women ' s Chorus . . . LANCASTER, SARAH R.; Tuscalooso, Ala.; B.S. in Home Eco- nomics; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Corr. Sec; Baptist Student Union, Pres.; Homecon . . . LANCASTER, WELCOME ANN; Shady Dale; A.B. in Mathematics; Pythagorean Math Club; Alpha Lambda Delta. He who leads the senior doss of 19 5 1 Knowles, V. Kuhn Knox Lodd J ' k. 1 H ' .rib .. . ' V Kramer Lancaster, S. Kreis Lancaster, W. Land Lankenau Lane Law Langdale Lawther Longford Leach SENIORS Proper attire tor doss S. in Physical Education; Women ' s LANE, RICHARD GAUTIER; East Point; A.B. LANGDALE, JOHN J., JR.; Council; B S. in Club . . . LANGFORD, JAMES CARTER; Aeronautical Administration; Lambda Chi FIRST ROW: LAND, JOAN; Athens; Athletic Ass ' n. . . in Psychology . . , Forestry; Forestry Athens; B.B.A. in Alpha. SECOND ROW: LANKENAU, CATHERINE ELIZABETH; Savannoh; A B in Psy- chology; Alpha Gamma Delta; Psi Chi, Sec; Geechie Club; Psy- chology Club . . . LAW, GEORGE HAMMOND, JR.; Gainesville; B.B.A.; Delta Tau Delta; Demosthenian Lit. Soc. . . . LAWTHER, PAT RUTH; College Pork; B.B.A. in Secretarial Science; Kappa Delta; Phi Chi Theto; Pioneer Club; U.G.R.A. . . . LEACH, BARBARA MEEK; Fairburn; B.S. in Home Economics; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Home Economics Club. THIRD ROW: LEAK, BEVERLY GRACE; Decatur; A.B. in Psychology; Psychol- ogy Club . . . LEE, EUGENE HAROLD; Atlonto; B.B.A. in Man- agement . . . LEE, JAMES A.; Nahunta; B.S. in Agriculture; Agricultural Engmeermg Club . . . LEGGITT, CLEWIS MATTHEW, JR.; Unadilla; B.B.A. m Marketing; Kappa Sigma; Scabbard and Blade . . . LEOPOLD, BASILIKI; Savannah; B.F.A. in Art; Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Students League; Geechie Club . . . LEOPOLD, LOUIS PETER; Savannah; B.S. in Pre-Med . . . LEVY, GERALD ESTROFF; Augusta; A, B.J. in Advertising; Tau Epsilon Phi; 1951 Pandora, Managing Editor. FOURTH ROW: LEWIS, BILLY MANSON; Decatur; B.S. in Mathematics; Pi Mu Epsilon . . . LEWIS, E. EARLE; Shady Dale; B.S. in Chemistry . . . LEWIS, WALTER EUGENE; Worner Robins; B B A in Ac- counting . . . LEYBURN, VIRGINIA MARY; Dunwoody; B.S. in Education; Chi Omega, Vice-Pres.; A.C.E. . . . LIPHAM, SAMUEL THOMAS; East Point; B.B.A. in Marketing; Phi Kappa Tou; International Relations Club; Economics Soc. . . . LITTLE, WILDER GLOVER; Marietta; B.B.A. in Insurance; Kappa Alpha . . . LITTLE, WILLIAM MILTON; Lovonia; B S in Pharmacy; A. Ph. A. Leak Lewis, B. Lee, E. Lewis, E. Lee, J. Lewis, W. Leggitt Leyburn Leopold, B Llphom Leopold, L. Little, W.G. Levy Little, W.M. |0V Livingston Lueflman Lloyd Lumpkin Loh Ljnsford Lowry ■ McColl ' FIRST ROW: LIVINGSTON, GEORGE MAYO; Boinbridge; B S. in Forestry; Phi Delta Thefa, Secretary; Xi Sigma Pi; Cypress Knee, Associate Editor, 1951 . . . LLOYD, WILLIAM H.; Folkston; A.B. in Geog- raphy . . . LOH, WILLIAM BROWN; Macon; B B A. in Market- ing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi . . . LONG, JAC- QUELIN ELIZABETH; Mocon; B.S. in Education; Kappa Delta; Z Club; Women ' s Athletic Association, Secretary; Physical Educa- tion Majors, Secretary; Tennis Club; Dolphin Club; Woman ' s Student Government Association, President; Georgia Athletic As- sociation for College Women, President; WS.G.A. on Coordinate, President. . . LORD, IVERSON HAWKINS, JR.; Savannah; A B. J in Radio; Delta Tau Delta . . . LOUDERMILK, LARRY R.; Blue Ridge; B.S. in Pharmacy . . . LOWRY, RHONWYN; Moultrie; B S in Home Eocnomlcs; Mortar Board; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Baptist Student Union, President; Four-H Club; Homecon. SECOh D ROW: LUELLMAN, GEORGE VICTOR; Columbus; B S. in Math; Phi Eta Sigma; Pythagorean Moth Club . . . LUMPKIN, EDWIN S.; Athens; B.B A in Marketing . . . LUNSFORD, MARILYN ANN; Clarkesvllle; B.S. in Physical Education; Chi Omega; W.A.A., Vice-President; U.G.R.A. . . . LYLE, EVERETT SAMUEL; Dyers- burg, Tenn.; B.S.F. in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeto; Forestry Look! The Governor ' s trophy McCook McCrory Club . . . LYON, M. NAN; Cave Spring; B.S. in Elementary Edu- cation; University Theatre; Tholion Blockfriers, President; Asso- ciation for Childhood Education . . . McARTHUR, ROBERT SHEFFIELD; Atlanta; B.B. A. in Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta; Gridiron Club, President; Freshman Basketball, Manager; I.F.C., Vice-President . . . McCALL, SUSAN CLARK; Moultrie; B.S. in Elementary Education; Phi Mu; Zeto Phi Eta; Hunt Club; A.C.E. THIRD ROW: McCOOK, DANIEL 0., JR.; Macon; B B A. in Accounting; Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi . . . McCOMB, THOMAS MALCOLM; Thomasville; A B. in History; Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa; Glee Club McCORMICK, BARBARA ANN; Spartanburg, S. C; A B in Spanish; Phi Mu; Spanish Club . . . McCRANIE, JOHN; Way- cross; B.S. in Pre-Med; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. FOURTH ROW: McCRARY, GEORGE DUANE, JR.; Mocon; B S. in Physical Edu- cation . . . McDANIEL, MARION C; Tucker; B.S. A. in Agricul- turol Education; Gaffau Club; Baptist Student Union . . . McDOUGALD, DONALD H.; Stothom; B.S. A. in Agricultural Edu- cation . . . McDowell, ESTELLA; Crescent City, Fla.; B S.H E. in Education; Phi Mu. of 19 5 1 McComb McDaniel McCormick McDougold McCronie McDowell i ) h ¥ McElhanon McKibben McGarity McLaughlin McGIII McLellan Mcintosh McLeod SENIORS What were you doing out there? FIRST ROW: McELHANNON, WALTER SIMS; Winder; B B A in Marketing . . . McGARITY, MEADOR BUSH; Clarkston; B A. m Landscape Architecture; Student Union; Areo Club; Men ' s Glee Club; Land- scape Architecture Club . . . McGILL, FRANK; Tifton; B.S.A. in General Agriculture; Agronomy Club . . . MclNTOSH, WILLIAM HENRY, JR.; Elizobethtown, N. C; B.S. in Physical Education. SECOND ROW: McKIBBEN, ANDY J.; Locust Grove; B.S.A. in Animal Husban- dry; Alpha Gamma Rho, President; Georgia Agriculturist; IPC; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Ag Club . . . McLAUGHIN, EUGENE JOSEPH; Savannah; B.B.A. in Economics; Teachers Club; U.G.R.A.; Newman Club . . . McLELLAN, HELEN JEAN; At- lanta; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta; Newman Club; Education Club; Pioneer Club; Pan Hellenic Representative . . . McLEOD, CARLIS JEFFERSON; Ponce de Leon, Flo.; B S in Forestry; Forestry Club. THIRD ROW: McNATT, HOWARD GENE; Lyons; B.B.A. in Business Adminis- tration; Kappa Alpha . . . McNEEL, LOUISE; Marietta; A.B. in Journalism; Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi; Tennis Club . . . McNEILL, ELMO SIMMONS; Augusta; ABJ in Journalism; Red and Black . . . McPHERSON, DORIS; Dawson; B.S. in Dis- tributive Education . . . McRAE, WILLIAM HENRY; McRae; B S. in Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; American Pharmaceutical Association . . . MACRIGEANIS, SOCRATES NICHOLAS; Manchester, N. H.; B S F. in Forestry . . . MAGID, SEYMOUR B.; New York City, N. Y.; A B in Economics; Savan- nah Bulldog; Hillel Scroll. FOURTH ROW: MAHANY, HENRY LOUIS; Savannah; B S F. in Forestry; Cypress Knee, Associate Business Manager; Forestry Club . . . MAJOR, JAMES CALDER; Atlanta; B.S. in Zoology; Kappa Alpha; Pythag- orean Math Club . . . MALONE, WILLIAM BURTON; Monticello; B.F.A. in Interior Design . . . MANKIN, CARL B.; Griffin; B.B.A. in Aeronautical Administration; Alpha Tou Omega . . . MANLEY, MARION TAYLOR; Griffin; D.V.M. in Veterinary Med- icine . . . MANN, HAROLD M.; Dolton; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Alpha Gamma Rho, Vice-President; I.F.C.; Agricul- tural Engineering Club, Scribe . . . MARCHMAN, MARY PRU- DENCE; Lexington; B.S. in Education; Pi Beta Phi. McNott Mohoney McNeel Major McNeill Molone McPherson Monkin McRoe Monley Macrigeonis Mann Magid Marchman o. a r i 2 1 ti Marsden Martin, M. J. Marston Martin, P. Martin, A. Martin, R. Martin, C. H Martin, R. J. Martin, M. I Massey MARSDEN, ROBERT EDWARD; Columbus; A.B. in Journalism; Red and Black, Photographer . . . MARSTON, MARY ANN; At- lanto; A.B. in Modern Languages and Psychology . . . MARTIN, ALEXANDER B.; Valdosto; B.B.A. in Marketing. . .MARTIN, CARROLL HARRIS, JR.; Brunswick; B S. in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi . . . MARTIN, CHARLES W.; Belton, S. C; A B in Journal- ism; Sigma Delta Chi, Red and Black, Monaging Editor, News Editor, Photographer; Demosthenian Lit. Soc. . . . MARTIN, JACK SMITH; Valdosto; B.S. in Agriculture . . . MARTIN, MARTY; Orlando, Fla.; B.F.A. in Art Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; Hunt Club; Art Student ' s League; Pan-Hellenic Council. SECOND ROW: MARTIN, MELVIN JEROME; Canon; B.S. in Education . . . MARTIN, PAUL DANIEL; Atlanta; B LA. in Landscape Archi- tecture; Pi Kappo Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega, Pres. . . . MARTIN, RAYMOND CARROLL; Hartsfield; B.S. A. in Agricultural Educa- tion; Alpha Zeto; Phi Kappa Pi; Georgia Agriculturist; Ag Club; Gaffau Club; Ag Hill Council . . . MARTIN, ROBERT JEROME; Tucker; B.S. in Physical Education; Red and Black; Demosthen- ian Lit. See; P.E. Club; X Club . . . MARTIN, WILAM LAM- EREL; Cartersville; A B. in Journalism , . . MASON, RAYMOND HOWARD; Swainsboro; D.V.M. in Veterinary Medicine; Alpha Psi . . . MASSEY, JAMES EDWARD; Athens; A.B. in Psychology. THIRD ROW: MATHERNE, THOMAS N., JR.; Houma, La.; B B A. in Marketing; Gridiron; Pi Kappa Phi; Inter-Fraternity, Secretary; Newman Club, Pres. . . . MATHIS, BETTY JEAN; Cedartown; B S in Com- mercial Education . . . MATHIS, BETTY LOUISE; Decatur; B S in Distributive Education . . . MATHIS, LOIS McMATH; Ameri- cas. FOURTH ROW: MATTHEWS, MILDRED; Asheville, N. C; B.S. in Home Eco- nomics; Pi Beta Phi, Pres.; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Mortar Board, Treas.; Red and Black; Senior Class, Vice-Pres.; Pon-Hellenic Council; U G R A. . . . MAXWELL, BARBARA; Augusto; A.B in Journalism; Alpha Delta Pi . . . MEIERE, MARIAN LANSDELL; Augusta; A.B. in Psychology; Alpha Delta Pi, Baptist Student Union . . . MEISNER, ALFRED; Woodhaven, L. I.; B B A. in Accounting. Those ghastly I. D. pictures Matherne Matthews of 19 5 1 Mathis, B. J. Maxwell Mathis, B. L. Meiere Mathis, M. Meisner r Merck Mill flk Hl Mescure Miller, C. Metcalf Miller, D. Miles Miller, E. SENIORS This is the way we scrub our floors f RSr RO W.- MERCK, Jean Allgood; Athens; B B A. in Secretorial Science . . . MESCURE, ISABELLE ELEUTHERIA; Waycross; B F A. in Music; Sigma Alpha Iota; Pan Hellenic; A Capella Choir; Cosmopolitan Club . . METCALF, BEULAH FRIEDA, Columbus; BSE. in So- cial Science; Phi Tau Chi; U.G.R.A.; F.T.A.; Wesley Players . . . MILES, MALCOLM F.; Metter; B.S.A. in Dairy Production Alpha Zeta; Georgia Dairyman; A.B.A.C., President; F.F.A. Club; Who ' s Who. SECOND ROW: MILI, HARRY EDWARD; Cocoa, Flo.; A B. in Journalism; Red and Black; Georgia Cracker . . . MILLER, CONNIE, JR.; Bruns- wick; B-B.A. in Economics; Pi Koppa Phi; Bulldog Club . . . MILLER, DOLORES J.; Colquitt; B.S. in Distributive Education; Pi Beta Phi; Distributive Education Club . . . MILLER, ELMO EUGENE; Fair Mount; B.B.A. in Accounting. THIRD ROW: MILLER, JOSEPH ALLEN; Cleveland; B.B.A. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi ;Economics Society . . . MILLER, MORRIS LAFAYETTE; Stilson; BSE. in Forestry . . MILLER, WILLIAM WAYNE; Athens; B.S. in Education; Industrial Arts Club, President; Education Club, President . . . MILLS, COLLIER; Ft. Gaines; B.B.A. in Business MILLS, JACKIE LEONARD; Lyons; B.B.A. in Marketing; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Bulldog Club; Hillel . . . MINCHEW, JEFFIE VERLON; Waycross; B.S.A. in Agricultural Economics; Alpha Zeta . . . MINTER, JAMES G., JR.; Inman; A.B.J, in Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi; Red and Black, Sports Editor. FOURTH ROW: MITCHELL, WALTER MARSHALL, JR.; Atlanta; A B.J. in Ad- vertising; Phi Delta Theto; G Club; Spiked Shoe Society; Georgia Cracker; Track . . . MITCHELL, WINIFRED; Sovannah; B.S. in Home Economics . . . MOBLEY, ARTHUR VARDELL, Johnston, S. C; A B.J. in Journalism . . . MOBLEY, ERNESTINE PARK; Athens; A.B.J, in Journalism . . . MOBLEY, TILLMAN R.; Ocilla; B.S.A. in Vocational Agriculture; G.O.P.; Blue Key; Aghon; Alpha Zeta; Editor Student Directory; Georgia Agriculturist; Senior Class, Secretary and Treasurer; Gaffau; Demosthenian; Ag. Club; Agronomy Club . . . MONK, SAMUEL E.; Naylor; B.A. in Land- scape Architecture; Pi Lambda Alpha, President; Landscape Ar- chitecture Club . . . MONTGOMERY, EDWARD EVERETTE; De- catur; B.B.A. in Management; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer; Alpha Kappa Psi. Miller, J. A. Mitchell, W. M. Miller, M. Mitchell, W. Miller, W Mobley, G. V Moody Moore, A. Moore, J. Moore, J. 0. Moore, J.A. Moore, M. C. Moore, M. B. Mordecoi Mooretield Morgan, J. D. Morgan,J. Morris, H. Moore, M. G. Morris, J. FIRST ROW: MOODY, DAN CALLOWAY, JR.; Cornelia; B B A in Aeronauti cal Administration; Kappa Sigma , . . MOORE, ARTHUR HOW- ARD; Athens; B S. in Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma . . . MOORE, JAMES HARGROVE; Colquitt; B S in Agriculture . . . MOORE, J. OWEN; Corrollton; AS in French . . . MOORE, JANE; Griffin; B.S. in Distributive Education; Phi Mu . . . MOORE, MARY CAROLYN; Atlanta; A.B. in History; Phil- osophy Club; U.G R.A ; Spanish Club; Dance Club; Dolphin Club . . , MOORE, MAURICE GRAHAM, Athens; B.S. in Chemistry. SECOND ROW: MOORE, MILTON BYRON; Comer; B S in Education . . . MORDECAI, CLIFFORD RICHARD, JR.; Charleston, S. C; BS in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; Cypress Knee . . . MOOREFIELD, SALLY E.; Atlanto; B.F.A. in Interior Design; Alpha Delta Pi . . . MORGAN, JACKSON D.; Rome; B.S, A. in Dairy Production and Dairy Manufacturing; Alpha Gamma Rho; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Dairy Science Club . . . MORGAN, JULIANNE; Cedartown; BE. A. in Finance; Chi Omega, Treas. . . . MORRIS, HAROLD MERCER; Athens; B.F.A. in Commer- cial Art; Kappa Alpha; Swimming Team; Inter-Froternity Coun- cil .. . MORRIS, JIMMY; Surrency; B.S, in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. THIRD ROW: MOSES, EDWARD CALHOUN; Uvalda; B B A in Morketing; Phi Kappa Tau; Economics Society . . . MOSES, EDWIN DAVIS; Uvalda; B.S. in Physics; Phi Kappa Tau; Sigma Pi Sigma . . . MOSLEY, THOMAS WALTON; Lyons; B.S, in Pharmacy . . . MOSS, MARGUERITE ELEANOR; Athens; B FA. in Interior De- sign; Alpha Gamma Delta. FOURTH ROW: MOSS, ROBERT B.; Lincolnton; B.S, A. in Animal Husbandry . . . MOXLEY, BENJAMIN LEE, JR.; Midville; B.S. in Agricul- tural Engineering; Sigma Nu; Ag Engineering Club . . . MOXLEY, REBA BETTY; Midville; B.S. in Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Homecon Club . . . MUNDY, CHARLES DODSON; Jonesboro; B.S. A. in Animal Husbandry; Gridiron; Aghon; Ag Hill Council; Saddle Sirloin, Pres.; Ag Club; G.O.P.; Demosthenion Lit. Soc. The man behind the pen f of 19 5 1 Moses, E. C. Moss, R. Moses, E. D. Moxey Oi ' " " Jl Moseley Moxley Moss, M. Mundy Murdaugh Myers - :m T[. Murphy Myrick Murray Naismith Muther Nance SENIORS Just another Derby FIRST ROW: MURDAUGH, Pi Kappa Phi in Agriculture in Forestry . . Pharmacy. LEONARD LAMA; McRoe; B.B.A. in Accounting; . . MURPHY, WILLIAM EDWARD; Felton; B.S . . . MURRAY, BILLIE RAYMOND; Augusta; B.S. . MUTHER, DANIEL DAVIS; Gainesville; B S. in SECOND ROW: MYERS, FREDERICK HOWE, JR.; Augusto; BS in Chemistry . . .MYRICK, JOHN ALLEN; Columbus; BBA in Manage- ment; Phi Delta Theta . . . NAISMITH, JEAN ALLEN; Savan- nah; A B. in Journalism . . . NANCE, CLIFFORD ALLEN; Mor- ganton; B.S. A. in Food Technology. THIRD ROW: NASH, J. Y., JR.; Athens; B.S. in Physical Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; Arnold Air Society, Pres.; Wrestling Team; Physical Education Club, Pres. . . . NEAL, CAROL; Moultrie; A.B. in So- ciology . . . NEW, DANIEL; McCormIck, S. C; B.S. in Botany . . . NEWBANKS, ALBERTA L.; Atlanta; B S in Home Eco- nomics; Homecon . . . NEWBERRY, IKE MARTIN; Arlington; B.S. A. in Animal Husbandry; Saddle Sirloin Club; Blue Key . . . NEWTON, CAROLYN; Athens; A.B, in English, Alpha Delta Pi . . . NEWTON, CAROLYN BOWEN; Brookfield; B S. in Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Homecon Club; Educa- tion Club. FOURTH ROW: NEWTON, WILLIAM McKINLEY, JR.; Stotesboro; B S in Chem- istry; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . NICHOLS, GEORGE EDWARD; Manchester; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Ag Engineering Club . . . NICKERSON, LUCY ELIZABETH; Athens; A B. in Eng- lish; Alpha Gamma Delta; Pythagorean Moth Club; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Zodiac Club, Pres.; U.iG.R.A.; Canterbury Club; Geog- raphy-Geology Club; Philosophy Club; French Club . . . NIX, MRS. RUTH B.; Foyetteville; B.S. in Elementary Education . . . NOTRICA, MORRIS; Savannah; BBA. in Business Administra- tion . . . NOTTAGE, DAN ARNOLD, JR.; Atlanta; B S A. in Floriculture; Wayfarers Club; Floriculture Club . . . OATES, VIVIAN; Americus; B.S. in Education; P.O.W.; FT. A.; P.E Club; Dance Club. Nosh Neal New Newbanks Newberry Newton, C. Newton, C. B Newton, W. Nichols Nickerson Nix Notrica Nottage Oates 0 M0 m % f A T -KB Mj Mr ' S Oellenck O ' Hara O ' Leary Oliver Olmstead O ' Quin Osley Ostell Owen Oxman Page Palmer Paradise Park f RSJ RCH: OELLERICK, WILLIAM GROVER; Augusta; B S. in Mathematics . . . O ' HARA, MAY JENNINGS; Americus; B.S in Home Eco- nomics; Homecon; Canterbury Club; Dolphin Club . . . O ' LEARY, DAVID F.; Savannah; B.S. in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi . . . OLIVER, NELL; Winters, Tex.; B.S. in Zoology . . . OLMSTEAD, CECIL JAY; Savannah; A.B. in Economics; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi, Pres.; Blue Key; Geor- gia Bar Journal, Editor; Freshman Law Class, Pres.; Junior Low Class, Sec.-Treas. . . . O ' QUIN, ANNE; Atlanta; B S. in Zoology; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Georgia Agriculturist; Baptist Student Council; 4-H Club; Tumbling Club . . . OSLEY, GORDON C; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Industrial Relations; Phi Kappa Tau; Alpha Kappa Psi; Economics Club; Internotionol Relations Club. SECOND ROW: OSTELL, EUGENE LIONEL; Atlanta; BBA in Marketing; Pi Kappa Alpha . . . OWEN, THOMAS ERWIN; Milledgeville; B.B.A. in Management; Kappa Sigma . . . OXMAN, BENNET N.; Atlanta; B.B A. in Management; Tau Epsilon Phi . . . PAGE, BENJAMIN RANDOLPH, JR.; Vidalia; D V M in Veterinary Med- icine; Alpha Psi; Jr. A.V.M.A. . . . PALMER, DOLORES CLARE; Clevelond; B.S. in Home Economics; Homecon; Phi Upsilon Omi- Yes, they were goy times m m cron . . . PARADISE, BECKY ANNE; Ben Hill; A B J. in Adver- tising; Kappa Delta; Red and Black; Pioneer Club; Canterbury Club; Women ' s Student Government; U.G.R.A. . . . PARK, WILLIAM HUGH; West Green; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering. THIRD ROW: PARKER, KATHERINE DONNELL; Brunswick; A B. in English; Delta Delta Delta, Treas.; Pythagorean Math Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac, Treas.; Pioneer Club, Vice-Pres. . . . PARKER, KITTY F.; Greenville, S. C; B.B.A in Finance; Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . NIXON, CHARLES NELSON; Royston; B S in Agri- cultural Engineering; Ag. Engineering Club . . . NORMAN, MRS. MILDRED CLIATT; Lincolnton; B.S. in Home Economics; Home- co Club; F.T.A. FOURTH ROW: NORTON, FRANK KENIMER; Gainesville; BBA in Business Ad- ministration; Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . PARKERSON, GERALD RIVERS; Cadwell; B.S. in Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; American Pharmaceutical Association . . . PARR, GLORIA ANN; Leary; B.F.A. in Piano; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota . . . PARRISH, GLADYS JOYCE; Moultrie; B.S. in Music Education; Chi Omega, Pres.; Sigma Alpha Iota; A Capella Choir; U.G.R.A.; Music Education Club; Pan Hellenic Council. „ f 9 5 J Parker, K. D. Norton Parker, K. E. Parkerson Nixon Parr Norman Parrish m 1 " «?p ' . Parrish Patterson, W. Patten Pearce Potterson, C. Pennell SENIORS The Cracker has an editor, too FIRST ROW: PARRISH, JIMMY WRIGHT, JR.; Roopville; B S A in Animal Husbandry; Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin Club . . . PATCH, ALTA LEE; Moultrie; B.S. in Elementary Education; Phi Mu; Student Union Council; Women ' s Student Union; U.G.R.A. . . . PATTEN, HENRY WALTER; Lakelond; B S A in Ag Educa- tion . . . PATTERSON, CLYDE Q.; Buchanan; B S m Animal Husbandry; Saddle and Sirloin. SECOND ROW: PATTERSON, WYLENE; Dolton; A,B. m Journalism; Red and Black; P.O.W. . . . PEACE, RACHAEL ANNE; Rome; B S in Home Economics; Kappa Delta . . . PEARCE, D, 0.; Waycross; B.S. in Pharmacy; Sigma Chi; American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion . . . PENNELL, BRYAN L.; Columbus; B B A. in Manage- ment; Pi Kappa Phi, Treos. THIRD ROW: PENNINGTON, EDD; Haziehurst; AB in Political Science. . . PENNINGTON, JOHN S.; Andersonville; A B. in Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi, Vice-Pres.; Red and Black, Editor, Managing Editor, News Editor, Assistant News Editor, Photographer; Demos- thenian Lit. Soc; G.O.P. . . . PERRY, JIMMY LANE; Shady Dale; B.S. A. in Animal Husbandry; Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin . . . PETERSON, MYRON GENE; Albany; AB. in Journalism; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Georgia Cracker, Photog- rapher; Red and Black; REX . . . PHILLIPS, WILBUR LINTON, JR.; Atlanta; B.B.A. in Business Administration; Phi Kappo Tau, Treas.; Economics Society . . . PINYAN, THOMAS ALLEN; Can- ton; SB A. in Accounting . . . PITTMAN, CLARENCE WILLIAM; Commerce; B.S. in Pharmacy; Kappa Sigma; Rho Chi; Kappo Phi Koppo; Georgia Pharmacist; A.B. from Mercer University. FOURTH ROW: PITTMAN, WILLIAM FRED, JR.; Athens; BBA in Statistics . . . POPE, JACQUELINE SMITH; Athens; B S in Education; Zeto Tou Alpha; F.T.A. . . . PORTER, MRS. BETTY OLSEN; Atlanta; AB. in Sociology; Wesley Foundation . . . PORTER, ROBERT LYON; Atlanta; B.S. in Education; Wesley Foundation; Wesley Singers; F.T A. . . . PORTERFIELD, HENRY E.; Winter- ville; BBA. in Marketing . . POTTS, CALVIN WILLIAM; Conyers; B S. in Pharmacy . POWELL, CHARLES EDWARD; Augusta; B.B.A, in Accounting. ennington, E. Pennington, J. Perry Peterson Phillips Pinyon Pittman, C Pittman, W. Pope Porter, B. Porter, R. Porterfield Potts Powell C - JBhh J0 Powell, G. Prueft Powell, L. Pfacek Powell, P. Pund Price Purser Prince Pyles Proctor, J. Rabun Proctor, J. C. Rahr FIRST ROW: POWELL, GRAYSON C, JR.; Swoinsboro; B S. in Chemistry; Kappa Alpha, University Band; Demosthenian . . . POWELL, L. LILLIAN; Atlanta; A.B. in History; Kappa Alpha Theta, House President; Student Government; Dance Club; Coordinate Clips . . . POWELL, POLLI; Arlington; B.SE. in English; Alpha Gam- ma Delta; Pan-Hellenic; A Cappella Choir . . . PRICE, HOMER S.; Valdosta; A.B. in Geography; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma Biftad; Geography-Geology Club; I.R.C.; Phi Kappa . . . PRINCE, WENDELL L.; Pelham; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry; Scabbard and Blade; Forestry Club; Saddle and Sirloin; Ag Hill Council; Cypress Knee, Photographer . . . PROCTOR, J. DON; Decotur; B S in Education; Physical Education Club . . . PROCTOR, JAMES CLARE; Woodbine; B.S. in Forestry; Pi Kappa Alpha, Xi Sigmo Pi; Forestry Club; Varsity Basketball; Canter- bury Club. SECOND ROW- PRUETT, JAMES BURNS; Thomoston; B S in Education; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . PTACEK, JAMES EDWARD; Coraopolis, Penn.; B.S. in Clinical Psychology; X Club: Demosthenian; Gridiron Club . . . PUND, JEAN HARRIET; Augusto; B B A m Secre- tarial Science; Alpha Delta Pi . . . PURSER, CHARLES ALFRED; Take your hands off that girl! Radford Ray Cochran; B B A in Accounting; Chi Psi . . . PYLES, HOLMES EDMUND; Liiella; B.S.A. in Soil Chemistry . RABUN, WIL- LIAM PATRICK, JR.; Macon; A.B.J in Journalism, Delta Tau Delta; Glee Club . . . RAHN, JOHN QUARTERMAN; Fleming- ton; B.B.A. in Industrial Relation and Personnel Administration; Sigma Pi. THIRD ROW: RADFORD, ROWLAND ANDREW, JR. Richmond, Vo.; B B A. in Finance; Phi Delta Theta Avera; B.S.A. in Agronomy . Gainesville; B.S.A. in Poultry; Editor; Baptist Bulldog, Editor; Ag Club Four-H . . . RANDALL, Sigma Pi. RALEY, ELTON VERNON; RAMSEY, WILLIAM O., JR.; Georgia Agriculturist, Associate Poultry Science Club, President; Club; Demosthenian; Ag Hill Council; B.S.U. WILLIAM AUBREY; Lyons; B S. in Biology; FOURTH ROW: RAY, JOEL COOK; West Green; B.B.A. in Accounting; Scabbord and Blade . . REECE, JOHN RILEY, JR.; Douglas; B S A E. in Agricultural Engineering . . . REED, JOHN ALLEN; Lexington; B.L.A. in Landscape Architecture; Pi Lambda Alpha; Landscape Club . . . REESE, EDDIE LAFON; Jakin; B.S.A. in Agronomy; Agronomy Club. of 19 5 1 Raley Reece Ramsey Reed Randall Reese ■ Register Reynolds, R. Reisman Rhyne Reynolds, F. Rice, J. SENIORS The man with the hands FIRST ROW: REGISTER, LEVON CALVIN; Tallahassee, Fla.; B.B.A. in Ac- counting . . . REISMAN, LOUIS; Savannah; A.B. in Geography; GeeChee Club . RENTZ, FELTON LAMAR; Lenox; B.S. in Pharmacy . . . REYNOLDS, FRANKIE OLIVIA; Boinbridge; B.S. in Education; Kappa Delta; Pioneer Club; ACE.; U.G.RA. SECOND ROW: REYNOLDS, ROBERT LAMAR; Columbus; B B A in Accounting . . . RHYNE, ROBERT LEE; Americus; A B. in Psychology; Psi Chi; Dean ' s List RICE, GEORGE WASHINGTON, JR.; Roy- ston; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry . . . RICE, JANE LOUISE; Vidalla; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; Pioneer Club; U.G.R.A.; ACE. THIRD ROW: RICHARDS, WILLIAM G.; AHonfa; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry; Sigma Chi; Swimming Team; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Saddle and Sirloin . . . RIDGDILL, JULIA RICHARD; Savannah; B S. in Chemistry . . . RILEY, WILLIAM FOWLER; Atlanto; B A in English; Pi Koppo Alpha, Vice-Pres.; Tau Kappa Alpho; U.G.R.A.; International Relations Club; Alpha Phi Omega . . . RITCH, JOHN ANSLEY; Greensboro, N. C; B.S. in Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha; Swimming Team, Tumbling and Gymnasium Team; University Band; Little Symphony; Men ' s Glee Club . . . ROBBINS, ROBERT WOODROW; Rome; B.S. in Pharmacy; Amer- ican Pharmaceutical Association; Georgia Pharmocist, Editor . . . ROBERTS, CLARENCE 0.; Athens; B B.A. in Marketing; Chi Psi; Scabbard and Blade ROBERTS, JAMES MOSLEY; Donalson- ville; B.B.A, in Management; Pi Koppa Phi; Economics Society. FOURTH ROW: ROBERTS, A. ROY; Ball Ground; B.B.A. in Management; Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade . . . ROBERTS, ALBERT J.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; B B.A, in Management; Delta Sigma Pi; Economics So- ciety . . ROBERTS, JOHN ARCHIE; Kirkland; B S A. in Animal Husbandry; Saddle and Sirloin . . . ROBERTSON, BOBBIE ANNE; Augusta; B.S. in Education; Kappa Delta Pi, P O W.; Women ' s Athletic Association, Pres.; Majorette; Pemm Club; Education Club, Sec; Women ' s " G " Club; Ag Hill Ramblers . . . ROGERS, EARL VANCE; Edison; B B A in Economics ROGERS, MABLE ELIZABETH; Covington; B.S in Biology; Phi Mu , . . ROGERS, ROBERT LEE, JR.; Goinesville; B S. in Chemistry; Phi Delta Theto, Richards Roberts, R. Ridgdill Roberts, A. Riley Roberts, J. Ritch Robertson, B. ' :ri C t Robbins Rogers, E. Roberts, C. Rogers, M. f f ) Roberts, J. Rogers, R i ' k I . m Roland Ryder i " «„: f ,, c Rousakis Sammons Rowan Sanders Rowe Schaeffer Rowland Schepis ' Russell Schueler f RSr ROW. ROLAND, DONALD NELSON; Marion, Vo.; B B A m Insurance; Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa . . . ROSE, GEORGE HERBERT; Portsmouth, Vc; BL.A. in Landscape Architecture; Sigma Pi . . . ROUSAKIS, BILLY ANTHONY; Savonnah; B B A in Man- agement . ROWAN, JAMES DONALD; Noshville; B S A E. in Agricultural Engineering; Ag Engineering Club . . . ROWE, ROBERT HAYNES; Columbus; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . ROWLAND, THOMAS COLE; Bowdon; B.S.A. in Agricultural Education . . . RUSSELL, MARTHA; Al- bany; B.S. in Zoology. SECOND ROW: RYDER, JAMES DONALD; Pooler; B.S.F. in Forestry; Blue Key; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Ag Hill Council; Forestry Club; Aghon; Cypress Knee, Editor . . . SAFFOLD, RAY PHILLIPS; Columbus; A.B. in Arts and Sciences . . . SAMMONS, THOMAS WAYNE; Swainsboro; B.S. in Phormacy; American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation; Rho Chi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . SANDERS, MARION IDA; Atlanta; B.S. in Distributive Education; Alpha Delta Pi . . . SCHAEFFER, HELEN ANN; Moultrie; A B in English . . . SCHEPIS, GENE LOUIS; Milledgeville; B S. in Geology; Swim- ming Team . . . SCHUELER, DONALD G.; New York City, N. Y.; A.B. in Journalism; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa; S.U.A.; Stu- dent Union; Georgia Cracker, Managing Editor. THIRD ROW SCHUMAN, MARTIN STEPHEN; Brooklyn, N. Y.; B S in Zoology; Aero Club . . . SCIPLE, KATHERINE d ' ACOSTA; Atlanta; B F A. in Art; Alpha Gamma Delta, Political Science Club; French Club; Georgia Crocker, Editorial Associate . . . SCROGGINS, JOSEPH EDGAR, JR.; Augusta; B A. Chemistry; Newman Club; Aero Club; Fuzz Club . . . SCOTT, MAMIE LEE; Griffin; B.S. in Ele- mentary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, President; Pan-Hellenic; A.C.E.; U.G.R.A. FOURTH ROW: SCOTT, WILBUR FRANCIS; Nashville; B B A m Insurance; Delta Tau Delta; Phi Kappa . . . SEANOR, JOHN H.; Fitzgerald; B B.A. in Insurance; Pi Kappa Phi. . .SEGAL, LEONARD LOUIS; Philadelphia, Penn.; B.B.A. in Business Administration; Hillel; I.Z.FA., President; U.G.R.A. . . . SEIGLER, BEVERLY JEANNE; Savannah; A.B. in Spanish. Flowers in the President ' s home Schuman Scott, W. " f 9 5 f Sciple Seonor Scoggins Segal Scott, M. Seigler H Selfridge Shakespeare Sellers Shamblin Sewell, F. Shaw, A. Sewell R. Shaw, C. SENIORS He thinks that parking meter ' s a girl FIRST ROW: SELFRIDGE, JACK G.; McDonough; B S in Education . . . SELLERS, MARY KING; Grontville; B S. in Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dance Club . . . SEWELL, FRANCES GRESHAM; Palm Beach, Flo.; A.B. in Sociology; Delta Delta Delta, Vice-Pres. . . SEWELL, ROY JACKSON; Newnon; B S in Chemistry; Beta Theta Pi. StCOND ROW: SHAKESPEARE, THOMAS JACKSON; Athens; B S in Education SHAMPLIN, ROBERT LEWIS; Summerville; B S in Educa- tion . . SHAW, ANNE CHARLTON; Decatur; B F A in Art; Pythagorean Moth Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; U G.RA. Coun- cil; Disciples of Student Fellowship . . . SHAW, CAROLYN CARTER; Decatur; A.B. in Psychology; Phi Mu; Psi Chi; Psychol- ogy Club. THIRD ROW: SHEPPARD, JANET; Sondersviile; B.S in Education; ACE. . . . SHEPPARD, WILLIAM; Beaufort, S. C; B.S.F. in Forestry; Phi Kappa Tau; Forestry Club; Inter-Fraternity Council . . . SHERMAN, HAROLD J.; Rye, N. Y.; B B.A. in Statistics . . . SHIRLEY, JOHN R.; Columbus; B.B.A. in Aviation; Chi Psi . . . SHIVER, IVEY MERWIN, III; Savannah; B.B.A. in Business Ad- ministration; Pi Koppa Alpha; " G " Club; Scabbard and Blade; Football Team, Manager . . . SHOEMAKER, HILDA; Whigham; B.S- in Education; Pi Beta Phi; A Coppelia Chair . . . SHUTE, MILTON; Athens; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Ag Engineer- ing Club. FOURTH ROW: SICKEL, MARILYN ANITA; Savannah; A B in Chemistry; Alpha Chi Omega. Social Chairman; Geechee Club, Vice-Pres. . . . SIMMONS, CLARENCE DONALD; Eastman; B B A in Insurance; Delta Sigma Pi; Demosthenion Lit. Soc; Student Union . . . SIMMONS, WILLIE LOU; Athens; B S in Education . . . SIMS, LOUISE TAVEL; Palatka, Flo.; B.S. in Education; Omeqo Tau Sigma Aux.; Veterinary Science Club Aux. . . . SIMS, MARY J.; Pembroke; B S in Education . . SIMS, RICHARD DALE; At- lanta; B S. in Geology; Alpha Tau Omega; Geography-Geology Club . . . SINGLEY, ALDEAN FOREST; Jackson; B.B A in Aero- nautical Administration; G.O.P., Demosthenion Lit. Soc. Sheppard, J. Sheppard, W. Sickel Simmons, C. Sherman Simmons, W. ( fH f Shirley Sims, L. Shiver Sims, M. Shoemaker Sims, R. Shute Singley i Skeadas Slotin Smalley Smerlas, C. Smerlas, P. Smiley Smith, A Smith, F. Smith, F. P. Smith, H. Smith, M. Smith, M. M. Smith, M. F. Smith, R FIRST ROW: SKEADAS, CATHERINE CHRISTIE; Savannah; B S in Home Eco- nomics; Sigma Delta Tau . . SLOTIN, PHIL HARRIS; Douglas; B.F.A. in Commercial Art; Bulldog Club, Pres.; Hillel; Art Stu- dent ' s League; Red and Black, Cartoonist; Alpha Epsilon Pi . . . SMALLEY, KATHRYN ANNE; Elberton; A.B. in Sociology . . . SMERLAS, CHARLES; Watertown, Mass.; B.B A. in Statistics . SMERLAS, PETER; Watertown, Mass.; B S A in Animal Husbandry . . SMILEY, RUTH HUDSON; Savannah; B S in Zoology . . . SMITH, AL MILTON; College Pork; B.L A in Landscape Architecture; Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Lambda Alpha; Landscape Architecture Club. SECOND ROW: SMITH, FLOYD AL; Furmon, S. C; B S in Forestry , . . SMITH, FOSTER PIERCE, JR.; Godfrey; B B A in Business Ad- ministration . . . SMITH, HELEN HARRIS; Manchester; B B A. in Secretarial Science; Pi Beta Phi; Pioneer Club; Bulldog Club; Tumbling Club . . . SMITH, MARY JO; Tifton; B.F.A. in Music, A Cappello Choir, Sec. . . , SMITH, MARY MARTHA; Doug- las; B.S. in Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega . . . SMITH, MIRTIE FARR; Oliver; B S in Home Economics . . . SMITH, RICHARD KENYON; Tiff, Mo.; B.F.A. in Commercial Art. THIRD ROW: SMITH, ROBERT SCOTT; Dollos; A B in Political Science . . . SMITH, ROBERT EMERSON; Tifton; B S in Agricultural Engi- neering; Ag Engineering Club . . . SMITH, THERESA YOUNG; Elberton; A.B. in Spanish; Pi Beta Phi . . SMITH, WAYNE R.; Atlonto; B.S. in Education. FOURTH ROW: SMITH, WILDA JEAN, Donielsville; B.S. in Home Economics . . . SMITH, WILLIAM GLENN; Chotsworth; BS in Agricultural Economics; Aghon . . . SMOAK, EDNA ELVIRA; Augusta; A B in Spanish; Spanish Club . . . SMYTHE, MAUDELINE ANNE; Greenville, S. C; B FA. in Interior Design; Kappa Kappa Gamma. No more hoppy days of 19 5 1 Smith, R. S. Smith, W.J. Smith, R. E. Smith, W. G. Smith, T. Smook Smith, W. Smythe Snider Stafford Southwell Stanley Spears Starling Spranger Starnes, L. SENIORS Seniors and Derbies FIRST ROW: SNIDER, MARY AGNES; East Point; B.F A. in Interior Design; Alpha Gamma Delta, Corr. Sec; Women ' s CInorus . . . SOUTH- WELL, ROBERT NATHAN; Savannah; BBA in Industrial Rela- tions . SPEARS, HAROLD TRUMAN, JR.; AHonto; BBA. in Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Golf Team, Captain . . . SPRANGER, GINTHER A.; Athens; BBA. in Management. SECOND ROW: STAFFORD, NORMAN WILLIAM; Augusta; BBA in Account- ing . STANLEY, FOSTER BROWN, JR.; Marion, S. C; B S. in Forestry, Forestry Club; Ag. Hill Council . . . STARLING, AARON, JR.; Douglas; BBA. in Accounting; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi . . . STARNES, LU; Columbus; B,S, in Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi. THIRD ROW: STARNES, ROGER H.; Dalton; B,S. in Pharmacy; American Phar- maceutical Association . . . STEBLER, MICHAEL E.; Lansford, Penna.; B.S. in Pharmacy; Rho Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Georgia Pharmacist; American Pharmaceutical Association, Pres,; Newman Club . . . STEED, WALLACE WAY- MON; Lavonia; B.S. in Distributive Education; Distributive Edu- cation Club; Flying Club . . . STEIGMAN, SAMUEL; Voldosta; BBA, in Marketing; Alpha Epsilon Pi. . .STEINBERG, JACK JEROME; Augusta; B.B.A. in Management; Tau Epsilon Phi, Scribe, Historian; " X " Club; U.G.R.A., Freshman and Soph Cabinet; Inter-Fraternity Council; " G " Book, Editor; Pandora, Associate Editor; Red and Black; Hillel, Treos.; IZFA; WSSF, Publicity Chairman . . . STELLING, TECKLA ELLEN; -_ ; B.S. in Chemistry; Pi Beta Phi, Secretary, Gamma Sigma Epsi- lon . . STEPHENS, BROWNY C; Chattanooga, Tenn.; A B in Journalism; Wesley Foundation; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; A Cap- pella Choir; Methodist Crusader, Editor. FOURTH ROW: STEPHENS, OREN HOMER; Cumming; BBA in Management; Economics Society . STEPHENS, RAYMOND WEATHERS; Reidsvllle; B.S. in Geology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Track; Cross Country; Geography-Geology Club, Pres.; International Relations Club . . . STEPHENS, SARAH MAE; Athens; A.B. in Sociology . STEPHENSON, JOHN WILLIAM, JR.; Athens; B.S. in Agri- cultural Engineenng . . STEPHENSON, ROBERT FRANK; Col- lege Park; BBA. in Business Low, Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Mu; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc; Alpha Phi Omega; Red and Black; Debating Club . . STEUART, MARY ALICE Atlanta; B S in Education; Student Council Representative; A.C.E.; Student Union . . . STEWART, CAROL; Miami, Flo.; B.S. in Education; Alpha Omicron Pi, President; Pan-Hellenic Council. Starnes, R. Stephens, 0. - ' ' i A, Stebler Stephens, R. Steed Sephens, S. Steigman Stephenson, J. Steinberg Stephenson, R. Stelling Stewart Stephens, B. Stewart m M " » ; Stewart Sullivan Sfdioff Sutlive «k V .«! - Strickland, A. Syms Strickland, F. Tanner Strozier Tate Sturgis Taylor B.S. in Education; FT. A.; 4-H Student Union . . . STOLOFF, B.S. in Psychology; Tau Epsilon Soc; Hillel, Treas.; University FIRST ROW: STEWART, MERRILL; Trenton; Club; Education Club; Baptist HERBERT; AHontic City, N. J.; Phi, President; Phi Koppa Lit. Theatre, Business Manager; Interfraternity Council; Psi Chi; University Band; U.G.R.A. . . . STONE, JAMES WILLIAM, JR.; Douglas; B B A in Accounting . . . STRICKLAND, ARTHUR PAUL; Savannah; B.B.A. in Industrial Relations; Geechee Club; Canterbury Club . . . STRICKLAND, FLORINE; Calvary; B S in Home Economics; Baptist Student Union, Executive Council . . . STROZIER, ROBERT INGRAM; Savannah; A B in English; Kappa Sigma; Pandora Staff . . . STURGIS, KATHRYN ANN; Atlanta; B.S. in Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SECOND ROW: SULLIVAN, JOHN DENNIS; Carnesville; B S in Pharmacy; Rho Chi; American Phormoceutical Association . . . SUTLIVE, WIL- LIAM GREEN; Savannah; B.S. in Physics; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . SWILLEY, JOHN W., JR.; El Dorado, Ark.; B.S in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi SYMS, THOMAS EDWIN; Abbeville; B B A. in Marketing . . TANNER, ELIJAH HAMPTON; Macon; B S in Education; Phi Delta Theta; Football; Wrestling; " G " Club, Vice- Pres.; Industrial Arts Club, Vice-Pres. . . . TATE, RAY JAMES; Broxton; B.S. A. in Agronomy . . . TAYLOR, WAYNE ANDREW; Ashevllle, N. C; A.B. in Sociology. THIRD ROW: TELFORD, BETTY NELL; Clevelond; B S. in Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Athletic Association; Pemm Club; U.G.R.A.; ACE . . . TERRELL, PAUL STEPHENS; Rome; B S A in Vo- vational Education; Gaffau; Debating Council . . . TERRY, BETTY; Thomasville; B.S. in Speech; Phi Mu; Zeta Phi Eta; Pro- fessional Pan-Hellenic . . . TERRY, JO ANN; Goinesvlle; A.B. in English; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres.; Zodiac, Vice-Pres.; Mortar Board, Pres. FOURTH ROW: THOMAS, HERMAN L.; Danielsville; B S. in Agricultural Eco- nomics . . . THURMOND, DEWEY S.; Athens; B.S. in Educa- tion . . . THURMOND, JAMES LUTHER; Athens; B.B.A. in Marketing . . . THOMAS, C. JOYCE; Atlanta; A.B. in English; Alpha Lambda Delta; Women ' s Glee Club; Pioneer Club; Pan- Helenic Council; Women ' s Athletic Association; Tennis Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pledge Captain, Corr, Sec. A college president at home Telford Thomas, H. of 19 5 1 Terrell Thurmond, D m -k Thomason Tillison Thompson, A. U. Tllmon Thompson, A. H. Timm Thompson, J. Tingle SENIORS Don ' t squirt that thmg on me!! f fisr RO ' . THOMASON, M. FRANCES; Atlanta; A B in Political Science; Kappa Kappa Gemma, Pres,; Mortar Board, Vice-Pres.; Pioneer Club, Vice-Pres.; Pi Kappa Delta; " Z " Club, Sec.-Treas.; Pan- Hellenic Council, Sec; Zodiac Club; Varsity Debate Team; Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Delta Delta, Vice-Pres,; Freshman Class, Vice- Pres.; Junior Class, Sec.-Treas. . . . THOMPSON, A. LEWIS; Cochran; B.S.A. in Animal Husbandry . . . THOMPSON, AN- THONY H.; Hephzibah; B.B.A. in Industrial Relations . . . THOMPSON, JAMES PASCAL; Monroe; B.S.A. in Plant Pathol- ogy, Plant Pathology Club; Agronomy Club. SECOND ROW: TILLISON, WILLIAM E.; Atlonta; B FA. in Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha; University Band; Symphony Orchestra; Men ' s Glee Club . . . TILLMAN, ELINOR MARIE Athens; A.B in Phychol- ogy; Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Dolphin Club . . . TIMM, CATHARINE KELLAR; Athens; B S. in Educotion; Wesley Foun- dation, Treas. . . . TINGLE, BETTY JANE; Monticello; B S. in Education; Kappa Alpha Theta. THIRD ROW: TOLLESON, CHARLES MAHONE; Athens; B S in Pharmacy; Pi Kappa Alpha; American Pharmaceutical Association . , . TOLLESON, L. A., JR.; Toliapooso; B B A m Marketing . . . TOOLE, EMRETTE JOINER; Corol Gables, Flo.; B.S in Educa- tion; Alpha Chi Omega, Vice-President, ACE; U.G.RA. . . . TROWBRIDGE, KATHERINE ANN; Atlanta; B S in Home Eco- nomics, Homecon Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . TRUNKEY, BILLIE FRANCES; Atlanto; B.S. in Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta; Pioneer Club; Homecon Club . . . TURNER, DONALD OWEN; Povo; B S.A. in Agronomy, Vice-Pres. . . . TURNER, WILLIAM HOWARD, JR.; Copperhill, Tenn.; A B in Journalism. FOURTH ROW: TWIGGS, BARBARA; Blairsville; B.S. in Home Economics; Zeta Tou Alpha . . TYSON, PATRICIA; Boinbridge; B.S. in Educa- tion . . . TYUS, LEWIS CHRISTOPHER Cairo; B S in Agricul- ture . . . VANCE, BOBBIE MAYNARD; Gainesville; B A in Speech and Psychology; Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta; Professional Pan-Hellenic Council . . . VEAL, WILLIAM EUGENE; Worner Robins; B B A in Accounting . . . VICK, LLOYD GEORGE; Bar- tow; B.S. in Pharmacy; Rho Chi, Historian; American Pharmaceu- tical Association . . . VICKERS, DOROTHY NADINE; Macon; B.S. in Home Economics; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Baptist Student Union; Homecon, Treas,; P.O.W., Treas.; 4-H Club, Home Ec Student Faculty Committee. Tolleson, C. Twiggs Tolleson, L. Tyson Toole Tyus Trowbridge Vance Trunkey Veal Turner, D. Vick Turner, W. Vickers . m ' . Wages Woinwright Walker, P. Walker, W. Wall Wallace, C Walls Walston Ward, B. Ward, J. Wardiaw Warwick, J Wallace, H. Warwick, M. f RSr ROW- WAGES, FRED EARL; Brunswick; A,B. in Journalism; Di Gamma Kappa . . . WAINWRIGHT, PERRY MARSHALL; Brunswick; B.B.A. in Business, Sigma Chi . . . WALKER, POLLY GWENDO- LYN; Colquitt; B.S. in Distributive Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Distributive Education Club . . . WALKER, WAYLAND RAY; Thomoston; B.B.A. in Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; A Cappello Choir; Men ' s Glee Club . . . WALL, JAMES HILTON; Sylvester; B.S. in Forestry; Forestry Club; Demosfhenian Lit. Soc. . . . WALLACE, CATHERINE; Chomblee; B S in Edu- cation; Kappa Delta Pi; Pemm Club, Pres , Women ' s Athletic Association, Vice-Pres.; Tennis Club . . . WALLACE, HOWARD PELHAM; Griffin; A.B. in Journolism; Phi Delta Thefa, Sec, Biftad, Sec; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc, Chief Justice; Red and Black. SiZOHD ROW: WALLS, PAT CLAYTON; Quitman; B S. in Ag Education; Gaffau Club . . . WALSTON, CHARLES D.; Atlanto; B.F.A in Drama; Sigma Pi; Thaiion Blockfriors; University Theatre . . . WARD, BILLIE OTIS; Douglas; B.B.A. in Accounting . . . WARD, JAMES STUART; Atlanta; B.F.A. in Painting; Chi Phi; " X " -Club, Inter- fraternity Council; Monthly Magazine . . . WARDLOW, MARY LoNELLE; Arobi; B.S. in Home Economics; Phi Epsilon Omicron; Home Economics Club . . . WARWICK, JESSE HILL; Canon; B A. in English; Wesley Foundation . . . WARWICK, MARIE CLAIRE; Canon; B.S. in Education. THIRD ROW: WATKINS, AMY; Albony; A.B. in English; Chi Omega; S.U.A.; Dance Club; Hunt Club; U.G.R.A. . . . WALTERS, AVERY CARROLL; Rome; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Pi Mu Epsi- lon; Alpha Zeto; Ag Engineer; Georgia Agriculturist . . . WAY, RAMSEY THOMPSON; Hawkinsville; BBA m Management; Phi Delta Theta . . . WEAR, MILLARD L.; Cohutta; B.S. in Chemistry. FOURTH ROW: WEAVER, HAYDEN McKINLEY; Bloirsville; BSA in Dairy; Dairy Science Club, Sec; Ag Hill Council, Sec . . . WEAVER, MACK OAKLEY; Dalton; B.S. m Pharmacy; American Pharma- ceutical Association . WEAVER, THOMAS CLARK; Hortwell; B S A. in Agriculture; Gaffau; Agronomy Club, Treas. . . . WEBB, JAMES TERRELL; Springfield; B.S. in Pharmacy; Rho Chi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Music in the night of 19 5 1 V am., a . a JIh . %Si ' . Sl. . . w mm fejfe PS«i!iWpi Watkins Weaver, H. Walters Way Weaver, M. Weaver, T. 7 Wear Webb % ( m , , ■«=:_ -- Webb Wells, A. Wedell Wells, M Welch Westbrook SENIORS FIRST ROW: WEBB, RAY DARWIN; Springfield; B S. in Pharmacy . . . WEDELL, GORDON D.; Anoheim, Colif.; B F A in Interior Design . . . WEINSTEIN, ELAINE JEWEL; Macon; A B in Radio Jour- nalism; Delta Phi Epsilon, Theta Sigma Phi; Di Gamma Kappa; Hillel; W.G.A U.; IZFA . . . WELCH, JOHN FRANKLIN; Dallos; B.S. in Distributive Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Epsilon Mu. SECOND ROW: WELLS, ANELLA; Mt. Vernon; B.S. in Home Economics; Alpha Chi Omega . . . WELLS, MYRTICE; Thomosviile; B.S. in Educa- tion . . .WEST, THOMAS W.; Macon; A.B. in Political Science; Pi Kappa Phi; Demosthenian Lit. Soc; Political Science Club . . . WESTBROOK, CAROL ELLYSON; Richmond, Va.; B S. in Educa tion; Phi Mu; University Band; Baptist Student Union Council; Homecon Club. THIRD ROW: WHEELER, GEORGE WARREN; Atlonto; B.B A in Finance . . . WHEELER, JOHN LEON; Atlonta; A.B. in Journalism; Alpha Tau Omega . . . WHEELER, MARY FRANCES; LaFoyette; B.F.A. in Music Education; Sigma Alpha loto; A Cappella Choir . . . WHETSTONE, EVA M.; AHonto Alpha Lambda Delta; Red and CLARENCE TWITTY; Greenville; feu Club . . . WHITE, JAMES S. in Agronomy; Agronomy Club . Osierfield; B.S. in Distributive Education Delta Epsilon Mu; Rifle Team. A.B. in Journalism; Phi Mu; lack; Hunt Club . . . WHITE, B.S A. in Ag Education; Gaf- JR.; Montgomery, Ala.; B.S. A. . . WHITLEY, WELDON B.; Lambda Chi Alpha; FOURTH ROW: WHITMAN, MARGARET ANN; Eatonton; BFA in Drama; Koppa Kappa Gamma; University Band . . . WHITWORTH, JACK W.; Greenville; B S. in Chemistry . . . WHITWORTH, JAMES C; Douglosville; B.S. in Pharmacy; American Pharma- ceutical Association . . . WHYTE, EZMEE; Philadelphia, Penn.; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Historian . . . WILCOX, JAMES LEJEUNE; Ocillo; B B A in Marketing . . . WIER, BETTY GLENN; Athens; B.S. in Education; Kappa Delta; ACE. . . WIGGINS, MICHAEL ASHLEY, Millen. Wheeler, G. Wheeler, J. Wheeler, M. Whetstone White, C. White, J. Whitley Whitmon Whitworth, J. Whitworth, J. C. Whyte Wilcox Wier Wiggins f . ft. . j4 r if vSb Wingtield Williams, 0. Wilkerson Williamson, J. Willey Williamson, R. Williams, G. Williamson, M Williams, Jam. Williamson, T. Williams, J. Willis, B. FIRST ROW: WILDER, GARNETT MARION; Center; B A. in History . . . WINGFIELD, WILLIAM TERRELL; Athens; B B A. in Insurance; Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa Lit. Soc. . . . WILKERSON, ROSE MATHER; Lavonia; B.S. m Chemistry; A Cappella Choir; Baptist Student Union . . . WILLEY, DONALD EDWIN; Athens; B S.A. in Voc. Agriculture; Scabbard and Blade, Vice-Pres.; F.F.A.; Ag. Club; Baptist Student Union . . . WILLIAMS, GEORGE DOBBS; Athens; B.B.A. in Management; Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade . . . WILLIAMS, JAMES C; Scvonnoh; B.S. in Chem- istry; Pi Mu Epsilon . . WILLIAMS, JOHN CALVIN; Amerlcus; B.S. in Pharmacy. SECOND ROW: WILLIAMS, MINTON EDMOND; Mocon; B.S. in Physical Educa- tion; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basketball . . . WILLIAMS, OLLIE LEE; Cortersville; B.S.F. in Forestry; Forestry Club . . . WILLIAMSON, JAMES LAWRENCE; Rebecco; B S in Animal Husbandry; Alpha Zeta; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society; Aghon; Ga. Agriculturist, Photographer; Saddle and Sirloin; 4-H Club; Judging Team; Dean ' s List; Gridiron . . . WILLIAMSON, JAMES RAY; Dolton; B S. in Education . . . WILLIAMSON, MARGARETTE; Hull; B S in Nursing Education . . . WILLIAM- SON, TOM FEE; Albony; B.S. in Pharmacy; Theta Chi . . . WILLIS, BETTY JEAN; Jacksonville, Flo.; B S in Biology; Alpha Chi Omega. THIRD ROW: WILLIS, LEWIS WELDON; Tifton; B S A in Animal Husbandry . WILSON, EDWARD WOODROW; Millen; B B A in Busi- ness Administration; Pi Kappa Phi . . . WILSON, FRANK; Athens; A B. in Journalism . . . WILSON, WILLIAM PRICHARD; Mat thews; B.B A. in Insurance; Alpha Tau Omega. FOURTH ROW: WINDLAN, HAROLD MILTON; Valdosta; B S A in Dairy; Dairy Science Club . . . WOLSON, FREDDIE ALFRED; Savannah; B S. in Pharmacy; Tau Epsilon Phi; American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation . . . WOMACK, BOBBY LEWIS; Doraville; B S in For- estry; Phi Eta Sigma . . . WOOD, CYRUS STEADWELL; Savan- noh; B.B.A. in Management; Men ' s Glee Club. Where ' s your uniform, buddy? Willis, L. Windlan of 19 5 1 Wilson, E. Wolson f f ) Wilson, F. Womack ■ Wilson, W. Wood ■w . V f i. - .- ' imi Woodard Woolard Yarbrough Wooten Yates Wright, G. Youmans Wright, C. Zittrouer Wright, E. Yado FIRST ROW: WOODARD, JAMES WILLIAM; Athens; B B A in Aeronautical Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha . . . WOOLARD, HENRY HALL, JR.; Sylvester; B.B.A. in Management; Kappa Sigma; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Pi . . . WOOTEN, ROY F.; Homervllle; B.S. in Forestry; Pi Kappa Phi . . . WRIGHT, G. B.; Tallopooso; B.B.A. in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi ; Economics Society. . .WRIGHT, CHARLES LEON- ARD; Athens; B.B.A. in Public Administration . . . WRIGHT, EARNEST ISADORE; Bradley; B.B.A. in Aeronautical Administra- tion . . YADO, PATRICIA ANN; Atlanta; B.S. in Education; F.TA; U.G.R.A.; Spanish Club. SECOND ROW: YARBROUGH, VALERIE B.; Atlanta; B F A in Art . . YATES, WILLIE WINFORD; Franklin; B.S, in Elementary Education . . . YOUMANS, PAUL LEE; Surrency; B.S in Chemistry . . . ZITTROUER, HARRY BYRD; Springfield; B S A in Animal Hus bandry; Saddle and Sirloin Club. SENIORS Mutilated I.D cards Prize picture — find Brooks 22 G UNIVERSITY Q GEORGIA STUDENT JDEXTIFICATI - .f f {.■ 1%tp (■ j ' i- 1 J ii« r ' g StBiDi iJ5l V»K Q»i| r " Rummer Q e 3 eti mh Mlatk America ' s Pre-Eminent College Weekly for More than 50 Years GOP Gets 2 Senior Posts As IPC Cops Other Offices 3 e n i o r 6 — of 1968 Co-op Kid Campus Politico Exams, no dates, unpaid fraternity bill How ' d he get in there? 87 Seniors oround the field at homecomi ng. More monstrosity. Whot ' ll it be, mister? 88 rT ! Nick Chilivis, Betty Babcock, Dan Dominey JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President NICK CHILIVIS Vice-President DAN DOMINEY Secretary-Treasurer BETTY BABCOCK 90 Just kids and girls Politician. Now I don ' t know about that ' . .■ • Aaron Aarons Abram Abramson Abramsky Adams, J. Adams, R. Adcock, M. Adcock, R. Albert Alexander Alexondrides Alligood Alper Amoson, 0. Amason, W, Anderson Andrews, M Andrews, W. Appling Arnette Arnold Askew Aspinwall Awtrey Bobcock Bailey Baker Balk Ball Banks Barber Barksdale Barnhardt Barnum Borr Barron, C. Barron, W. Borstein Barteil Barton Bates Batchelor Battle Boiemore Bearss Belcher Bellamy Benefield Bennett Benson Berkeypile, F. Berkeypile, P. P. Berrong Binns Bird Bisson Blackmar Blackstock Blades Blitch Bloom Bobbitt Boggs Brooks Begin Brown Bond Bruce Boswcll Bryan Bowers Buchanan branan Bullard Brannen Braselton Bunch Burke Brickman Burkhalter JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: AARON, RUDENE; West Point . . AARONS, MARCIA JOY; Hoile- hurst ABRAM, JAMES HOWARD, JR ; Lithonia . . ABRAMSON, MARISSA ELLEN; Richmond, Va. ABRAMSKY, NORMAN; New York, NY... ADAMS, JOHN ROSS; Howliinsyilie ADAMS, REBECCA LYNN; Greenwood, S. C. . . . ADCOCK, MARY ELIZABETH; Mocon . . . ADCOCK, ROBERT D.; Fender. SIXTH ROW: BEARSS, JAMES EDWARD; Columbus . . BELCHER, M. H., JR.; Nor- ven . . , BELLAMY, ROBBIE JEYNELLE; Monticello . . . BENE- FIELD, JAMES DEWEY; Decatur . . BENNETT, ELIZABETH GWEN- EVE; RossYille . . . BENSON, FRANK THERON, JR.; Quitman . . . BERKEYPILE, FAYE A.; Fender . . BERKEYPILE, PAUL KENNETH; Tifton . . . BERRONG, CLIFTON A ; Clarkesville. SECOND ROW: ALBERT, MARIE HELENA; Toccoa . . . ALEXANDER, EMORY F.; Meansville . ALEXANDRIDES, COSTAS GEORGE; Athens, Greece ALLIGOOD, MARION FRANKLIN; Hawkinsville . . . ALPER, MARILYN T ; Cordele . . . AMASON, OTIS ALFRED, JR.; Hines»ille . . . AMASON, WILLIAM C; Doles . . . ANDERSON, JOE H.; Cov- ington . . . ANDREWS, MARY J.; Toccoo. . APPLING, JAMES R.; Lex- E.; Brunswick . . . ARNOLD, JULIA ELLEN; Athens . . . . . AWTREY, ORLANDO; Ac- Avondale Estates . . . THIRD ROW: ANDREWS, WILLIAM R ; Ringgold Ington . . . ARNETTE, TALMADGE AUGUSTA; Hapeville . . ASKEW, ASPINWALL, GENEVIEVE; Patterson . . . worth . . . BABCOCK, BETTY BALDWIN BAILEY, JOE LEE, Atlanta. FOURTH ROW: BAKER, HERMAN HUNTER; Macon . . . BALK, BETTY GENE; Augusta . . . BALL, RAY EDWARD; Milledgevillc . . . BANKS, DORIS ELAINE; Columbus . . BARBER, ELMO E.; Nashville . . . BARKS- DALE, JOE EZART; Chatsworth . . . BARNHARDT, MARY JANE; Savannah . . BARNUM, EDWARD L.; Voldosto . . . BARR, EDGAR BOWMAN; Americas. FIFTH ROW: BARRON, CLARENCE RAY; Griffin . . . BARRON, WILLIAM EARNEST, JR.; Athens . . BARSTEIN, SAMUEL L.; New Haven, Conn. . . BARTELL, ARTHUR; Atlanta . . . BARTON, RALPH IVEY; Augusta . BATES, NANCY ANNE; Rome . . . BATCHELOR, PATRICIA CHENAULT; Athens . . . BATTLE, BETTY LEWIS; Roleigh, N. C. . . . BAZEMORE, WEYMON BENJAMIN. SEVENTH ROW: BINNS, RONALD JEFFREY; Columbus . BIRD, BETTY LANE; Col- quitt . . . BISSON, FANTONA FOWLER; Athens . BLACKMAR, SUE; Columbus . . . BLACKSTOCK, HOYT, JR.; Doerun . . . BLADES, MARY ELLEN; Elizabeth City, N. C. . . . BLITCH, BETTY ETHELYN, Homerville . . . BLOOM, GILDA MADELINE; Weymouth, Mass. . . . BOBBITT, F. WENDELL; Dudley. EIGHTH ROW: BOGGS, VIVIAN ANNETTE; East Point . . . BOGIN, SANDRA FREDA; Charleston, S. C. . . BOND, JESSIE MARY; Royston . . BOSWELL, FREDDIE L., JR ; Columbus . BOWERS, STEWART VANDIVER; Bowersville . . . BRANAN, BETTY HUNTER; Lexington . . . BRAN- NEN, JOHN THOMAS; Portal . . . BRASELTON, GLORIA; Gainesville . . . BRICKMAN, RITA; Charleston, S. C. . . . BRIDGES, NANCY BARBARA; Decatur . BRIDGES, BARBARA JEAN; Sumner . . . BRIDGES, C. CLYDE, JR.; Americus BRISCOE, FREDERICK WOODSON; Dunwoody. NINTH ROW: BROOKS, MARGARET ANNE; Atlanta . BROWN, WALTER LEE; Canon . . BRUCE, ROBERT KENNETH; Rumson, N. J. . . . BRYAN, S. JACQUELINE; Tifton . . . BUCHANAN, FRANK Mc- CARTY; Mountain City, Tenn. . . . BULLARD, NATHANIEL GRAY- HAM, JR.; Winston-Solem, N. C. BUNCH, THOMAS H.; Lincoln- ton .. . BURKE, JOHN WILLIAM, JR.; Augusta . . BURKHALTER, JOHN FELTON; Claxton . . . BURNETTE, COILYSS LUKE; Athens . . . BURTON, PAUL W.; Atlanta . . BUTLER, JAMES MACK, JR.; Macon . . . BUTLER, JAMES ROBERT; Macon. First formal of season Bridges, N. Burnette Bridges, B. Burton Bridges, C Butler, J. Briscoe Butler, R. tMlfm " n If . ;% (-Jfflll jf ' ' il|fc ' m ■v Butts Cabaniss Caftey Cain Caldwell Callaway Cantrell Carder Carpenter Corswell, M. Carswell, W. Carter, B. Carter, M. Carter, R. Chandler Chastoin Chester Childre Christie Churchwell Cicetti Clark Clements Cohen Coleman Coman Coogle Cook Cooley Cooper, D. Copelan Cooper, C. Cordes Coulter Council Courson, A Courson, H Cox, B. Cox, R . Cramer Crawford, B. Crawford, M. Croom Crowley Culbreath Cummings Cunningham Cutver Daniel Daniels Daniell Darby Daughtry Davis, L. Dovis, T. Dawson Deaderick Denmark Denney Dessauer Diumond Dickerson Dillender Dilworth Elder Dubberly Elkins Duke EIrod Dunbar Epps Dunkin Exner Dunlap Eskew Dunning Farrior Dyer Fendig Eberhort Ferguson, M. JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: BUTTS, MARTHA JEAN; Athens . . . CABANISS, ISABELLE ELIZA- BETH; Maxeys . CAFFEY, HELEN MEAD; Ft. McPherson . . . CAIN, MARY ANN; Buford . . . CALDWELL, BETTY HIGDON; Athens . . CALLAWAY, MARY ANN; Dalton CANTRELL, PANSYE FAYE; Acworth . . . CARDER, JAMES ALBERT; Lithonia . . . CARPENTER, ANN KINGSLEY; Atlanta. SIXTH ROW: CUMMINS, WILLIAM HORACE; Dawson . CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS HIRAM; Cornelia . . . CUTVER, JOHN JAMES; Thomaston . . . DANIEL, CARTER; Athens . . DANIELS, JOHN CECIL; Ho- hira . . . DANIELL, JOHN TILLMAN; Augusta DARBY, CARL T.; Augusta . DAUGHTRY, ROY HUBERT; Metter . . . DAVIS, LILA CLAIRE; Chipley. SECOND ROW: CARSWELL, MARJORIE JANES; Attapulgus . CARSWELL, WIL- LIAM HAMILTON; Quitman . . CARTER, BARBARA FUSSELL; Co- lumbus . . —CARTER, MANLEY LANIEL; Toccoa . . . CARTER, ROB- ERT ALFRED; Lake Pork . . CHANDLER, VIRGINIA; Blakely . . . CHASTAIN, BETTY A.; Calhoun . CHESTER, STEVEN DARSEY; Whigham . . CHILDRE, JAMES JOEL; Reynolds. THIRD ROW: CHRISTIE, PIERCE; Dawson . . . CHURCHWELL, NEWTON ROBERT; Lexington, Tenn. . . . CICETTI, ALBERT LOUIS; Newark, N. J. . . . CLARK, LESLIE M.; Eastman . . . CLEMENTS, JOHN SHERWOOD, JR.; Valdosto . COHEN, RELLA; Shelby, N. C. . . . COLEMAN, ROBERT A.; Hartstield . . COMAN, JOHN HERMAN; Americus . . . COOGLE, ROBERT LEO; Oglethorpe. FOURTH ROW: COOK, FREDERICK LAWSON, JR.; Dawson . . . COOLEY, JANE; Cleveland . . . COOPER, DARLENE; Claxton . . . COPELAN, ANNIE CHRISTINE; Greensboro . . . COOPER, CHARLES ALLEN, JR.; Au- gusta . . . CORDES, WILLIAM COLBURN; White Plains, N. Y. . . . COULTER, WILLIAM PIERCE; Columbus . COUNCIL, J. WINI- FRED; Irwmton . . . COURSON. ANNA JEAN; Peorson. FIFTH ROW: COURSON, HERMAN CLAYTON; Thomasville . . . COX, BUELL C; Etowah, Tenn. . . . COX, B. RUTH; West Point . . . CRAMER, NANCY NELL; Carrollton . . . CRAWFORD, BETTYE; Concord . . . CRAWFORD, MARIAM FAYE; East Point . . . CROOM, A. GAYLE; Pembroke . . CROWLEY, TUNIS ODELL; Atlanta . . . CULBRETH, BARBARA ANN; Stephens. SEVENTH ROW: DAVIS, THOMAS JACKSON, JR.; Shannon . , . DAWSON, JAMES T.; Macon DEADERICK, JOE G ; Memphis, Tenn. . . DANMARK, MARY; Atlanta . . DENNEY, HAMP VERLYN; Roopville . . . DESSAUER, SARA BURNS; Augusta . . . DIAMOND, SID MAX; Brook- lyn .. . DICKERSON, JOE R.; Elberton . . DILLENDER, SAM CALDWELL; Augusta. EIGHTH ROW: DILWORTH, JAMES F.; Michigan City, Ind. . . . DUBBERLY, RUSSELL CLAYTON; Glennville . . . DUKE, CHARLOTTE JOYCE; Albany . . . DUNBAR, JULIA CATHERINE; Macon . . DUNKIN, JOHN THOMAS; Rome . . . DUNLAY, ROBERT R.; Thomosville . . DUNNING, LUCY CAROLYN; Blakely . . . DYER, HAZEL CHERRY; Macon . . . EBERHART, ESTERLEE; Colbert . . . EBERSOLE, CLAUDE DAVID, JR.; Atlanto . . . ECHOLS, LEON FORREST, JR ; Thomaston . . . EDWARDS, MIKE WILLIAMS; Marietta . . . ELDER, BILLY N.; Jef- ferson. NINTH ROW: ELDER, PEGGY ANNE; Miomi, Flo. . . . ELKINS, CHARLES B., JR.; Elberton . . . ELROD, JEFFERSON McREE; Athens . . . EPPS, WIL- LIAM DOUGLAS; Athens . . . EXNER, WILLIAM M.; Hinsdale, IM. . . . ESKEW, GLENN MARIE; Sarasota, Flo. . . FARRIOR, BETTE JEAN; Grantville . . . FENDIG, HEIDT NEAL; St. Simons . . . FERGUSON, MARY BETH; Athens . . FERGUSON, WILLIAM PAUL; Athens . . . FIELDS, JERRY HARVEY; Atlanta . . FILOSA, ERNEST DOMENICO; Wilder, Vt. . . . FLETCHER, JAMES WATSON, Albany. So that ' s who puts out o PANDORA Ebersole Ferguson, W. Echols Fields Edwards Filoso Elder, B. Fletcher w Flowers Fort, A. Fort, T. Fowler Foy Franklin Freeman Fuller Fulcher Fuqua Gaines Gait Gamble Graham Garner Garrette Garrison Gasset Gibbons Gibson, G Gibson, H Gillam Gladin Glaze Glenn Glover Gober Godowns Goodson Gordon Graden Gray Grayblll Green Griffith Griner Grougrou Gunby Hafner Hall Hamilton, G. Hamilton, J Hamlet Hommonc Harden Hardy Harper Harris, J. W. Harris, J. B Harris, H. Harrison Harvey Hatcher Hedden Helmly Henderson, J. Henderson W. Hendrix Henley Henessee Henninger Henley Herrington Hickey Hosmer Hicks House r s Higgins Hoyt -%M , i Hill, J. Hill, K. Hiller Hudson, D. E. Hudson, D. C. Hudson, J. Hinton Hurst Hirschberg Hussey Hobbs Hyde JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: FLOWERS, GENEVA A., Jesup . FORT, ARTHUR T.; Lumpkm . . . FORT, TOMLINSON, JR ; Athens . . . FOWLER, MARIAN YVONNE; Marietta . FOY, WILLIAM H , JR , Sylvester . FRANKLIN, JAMES ALBERT; Plainville FREEMAN, COOK WAL- DRAN; Athens . . . FULLER, MARY ANN; Atlanta . . . FULCHER, JOANNE; Waynesboro. SIXTH ROW: HARDY, WILLIAM CECIL; Atlanta . HARPER, HERBERT; Wray . . HARRIS, ALLEN LEONARD; Tampa HARR ' S, JAMES WESLEY; East Point . . . HARRIS, JOE BURTCHAELL; Collins HARRISON, HOWARD TAFT; Brooklet HARVEY, LAWRENCE HARMON; Screven . . . HATCHER, MILTON HARRIS; Vidalia HEDDEN, ROBERT EUGENE; Botesville, Ark. SECOND ROW: FUQUA, JANE; Blokely . . GAINES, CHARLES S.; Elberton . . . GALT, MARTHA PRINCILLA . . . GAMBLE, IDA CATHRYN; Porrott . . GRAHAM, JOSEPH LEON; Broxton GARNER, JOAN; Gainesville . . FARRETTE, DOROTHY CLAIRE; Statham GAR- RISON, JACQUELINE; Cornelia . . GASSETT, GEORGE DEWEY; Thomaston. THIRD ROW: GIBBONS, NORMA MONSEES; Savananh GIBSON, GEORGE MIL- TON; Athens . . . GIBSON, HERMAN B., Nicholls GILLAM, HARRIET ELEANOR; LaGrange . . . GLADIN, COLLIER BRANAN; East Point . . . GLAZE, NASH A.; Decatur GLENN, BILL EU- GENE; Swainsboro . . . GLOVER, JONESY; Newnan . . . GOBER, GENE TALMADGE; Commerce. FOURTH ROW: GODOWNS, WILLIS ARTHUR, JR ; Augusta . . . GOODSON, HUGH, JR.; Franklin . . . GORDON, JOSEPH STANLEY; Athens . . . GRADEN, JOHNNY S.; Atlanta . GRAY, BENJAMIN BLANTON; Senoia . . . GRAYBILL, DABNEY C ; Augusta GREEN, ROY W.; Rome . . . GRIFFITH, BENARD 0.; Cedartown . . . GRINER, JOHN M., JR.; Camilla. FIFTH ROW: GROUGROU, JACQUES JEAN; Pans, France GUNBY, ROBERT T; Atlanto HAFNER, GILBERT GEORGE; Brooklyn, NY.. HALL, JO ANNE; Blue Ridge . HAMILTON, GLORIA ANNE; Bu- ford . . . HAMILTON, JAMES HENRY; Griffin . . . HAMLET, JOHN 0.; Atlonta . . . HAMMOND, CHARLES H., JR.; Elberton . . . HARDEN, MARY ROSALYN; Mocon. SEVENTH ROW: HELMLY, C. SHIRLEY; Statesboro HENDERSON, JERRE MIT- CHELL; Fairburn HENDERSON, WILLIAM PRATHER, JR.; Amer- icus . . . HENDRIX, JOHN WILLIAM; Canton . . . HENLEY, AU- BREY VICTOR; Vienna HENNESSEE, MARGARET LUCILE; At- lanta . . . HENNINGER, CHARLES EDWARD; Ozone Park, N. Y. . . . HENLEY, SAMUEL KENNETH; Blackshear . . . HERRINGTON, JOYCE JOANN; Atlanta. EIGHTH ROW: HICKEY, JAMES E., JR.; Atlanta . . . HICKS, JAMES GLEN; Thom- aston HIGGINS, JEANNE MARIE; Bremen HILL, JACK WALLER; Culverton . HILL, KATHERINE DOUGHERTY; Valdosta . . . HILLER, GERALD .1; Ocila . . HINTON, RALPH EUGENE; Pinetta, Fla. . . HIRSCHBERG, WALTER; Columbus . HOBBS, JAMES LEE; Stapleton . HOGAN, BARBARA FAY; Dudley . . HOPE, HENRY MELVILLE, JR.; Atlanta HOPKINS, KATHRYN J.; Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. . . HORNE, MARY ALICE; Norton, Va. NINTH ROW: HOSMER, PAUL S ; LaFayette . . . HOUSE, DALLAS NORMAN; Win- der . HOYT, CORRIE; Atlanta . HUDSON, DANIEL EDWARD; Macon . . . HUDSON, DELMAR CLAYTON; Atlanta . . . HUDSON, JOHN GORDON, JR ; Coiro . . HURST, FRANK EARL; C amilla HUSSEY, IKE; Lyons . . . HYDE, BILLY FRED; Copperhill, Tenn. . . . INMAN, EDMUND CHARLES; Manor . . . IRVIN, LUDIE ANN; Newton . . . IVEY, CATO RAY, JR.; Macon . . . JACKSON, BOBBIE VIOLET; Franklin. All dressed up for sorority meeting Hogan Inman Hope Irvin Hopkins Ivey Home Jackson Jackson, E. Jackson, G. Jackson, J. Jackson, N. Jahna James Jamison Jarrell, R. Jarrell, J Jervey Jobe Johnston Johnson, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, M. Johnson, P. Johnson, W. Joiner Jones, B. Jones, B J. Jones, M. Jones, S. Kampf Keith Kelly Kemp Kennedy Kent Kibler Killingworth Killingsworth King, C. King, Cho. King, M. Kirby Knight Lackmon Lambe Land Lane Lantord Lanier Leach Leaptrott Ledford Lee, B. Lee, L. Leinbach Leverette Levine Lewis Lincoln Lindorme Lighttoot Linhart Litton Long Lovingood Lowe Lundy Lynch Moshburn Massey Maxwell McSwain McBroyer McBride Malsberger Mabe McCreery Maddox imJ wUlk McDonald, J. Malcom McDonald, M. Marlowe McDonald, W. McGowan, J. Marshall Martin McGowan, T. Massey JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: JACKSON, ELIABETH CECIL; Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. . . . JACKSON, GEORGE CALVIN; Clarkesville . . . JACKSON, JAMES KENNETH; Cuthbert . . JACKSON, NANCY JANE; Ringgold . . . JAHNA, NOLA VIRGINIA; Lake Wales, Fla. . JAMES, SUE ANTHONY; Royston . . . JAMISON, ANNE HART; Augusta . . JARRELL, ROB ERT JUDSON; Greenville . . JARRETT, JUANITA; Greenville. SIXTH ROW: LEE, BILL; Pembroke . . . LEE, MARY LYNNE; Thomson . . . LEINBACH, DOROTHY ANN; Rossville . , . LEVERETTE, REBECCA ANN; Atlanta . . . LEVINE, VIVIAN ELAINE; Saltville, Va. . . . LEWIS, E. PATRICK, JR.; Milledgeville LINCOLN, RITA LEE; Atlanta . . LINDORME, EDWARD KING, JR.; Gainesville . . . LIGHTFOOT, BETTY R.; Stotesboro. SECOND ROW: JERVEY, BEN DUDLEY; Marietto . . JOBE, LAURA ANGELYN; Jack- son, Tenn. . . JOHNSTON, COY; Estill, S. C. JOHNSON, JACK PRATHER; Alma . . JOHNSON, JACQUELYN LOUISE; Ma- con .. . JOHNSON, MARGIE CAROLYN; Comer . . . JOHNSON, MARION PHILLIP; Fort Valley JOHNSON, WILLIAM FRANK; Rossville . . . JOINER, CORDIE HAROLD; Dublin. THIRD ROW: JONES, BETTY E.; Rochelle JONES, BILLIE JEAN; Stotesboro . . . JONES, MARTHA NAN; Bremo . . . JONES, SIDNEY MALOY; McRoe . . . KAMPF, MORT; Newark, N. J. . . . KEITH, ALVIS MAR- GUERITE; Chatsworth . . KELLY, ANNE HOOD; Lawrenceville . . . KEMP, LYDIA LOUISE; Marietta . . . KENNEDY, LALAH JANE; Reidsville. FOURTH ROW: KENT, DANA CASSIDY; Glenwood . . . KIBLER, WILLIAM ELMORE; Dublin . . . KILLINGWORTH, ALTON LEWIS; Dublin . . . KILLINGS- WORTH, MARION; Fort Gaines . . . KING, CHARLES BALDWIN, JR.; Albany . KING, CHARLES C, JR.; Griffin . . . KING, MAR- THA ROGERS; Columbus . . . KIRBY, WILLIAM WILKINS; Newnan . . . KNIGHT, JEAN DUVAL; Atlanta. FIFTH ROW: LACKMAN, Raymond Allen; Augusta . . . LAMBE, ERNEST MARTIN, JR.; Lakeland, Fla. . . . LAND, ALFRED TRUITT; Allentown . . . LANE, MARY VENETIA; Rockmart . . . LANFORD, HELEN; Tifton . . . LANIER, MARY MARTHA; Americus . . . LEACH, JOSEPH W.; Rowe . . . LEAPTROTT, J. DONALD; Wadley . . . LEDFORD, ELIZ- ABETH JOYCE; Waycross. SEVENTH ROW: LINHART, BETTY ANNE; Tampa, Fla. LITTON, WILLIAM EARLE; Chomblee . . LONG, MARGERY L.; Athens LOVIN- GOOD, ALTON JAMES; Kennesaw . LOWE, ERNEST A., JR ; Athens LUNDY, DOROTHY IVA; Cairo . . . LYNCH, JAMES WALTER; Athens MASHBURN, LITTLETON VIRGIL, JR.; Una- dilla MASSEY, JAMES ELMER; Hahira. EIGHTH ROW: MAXWELL, JOE A., JR ; Athens . . . McBRAYER, JIMMY FRANK; Bremen . . . McBRIDE, MARGARET LOUISE; Newnan . . . McCREE- RY, CATHERINE LUCILE; Sovannah . . . McDONALD, JAMES KEN- NETH; Newnan . . . McDONALD, WALTER MATTHEW, JR.; Decatur . . . McDONALD, WILLIAM DANIEL; Monroe . . . McGOWAN, JOSEPH LAMAR, JR.; Augusta . McGOWAN, TERRY ALLEN; At- lanta . . . McLEAN, JOHN MURRAY; Hartford, Conn. . . . McLEAN, THOMAS HUGH; Folkston . . . McNEAL, ELSIE VIRGINIA; Hosch- ton . . . McRAE, DANIEL MURPHY; McRae. NINTH ROW: McSWAIN, WILLIAM ANTHONY; Thomaston . . MALSBERGER, JANICE; Atlanta . . . MABE, WILLIAM GLENN; Athens . . . MAD- DOX, JULIA; Griffin . . . MALCOM, GLORIA JEAN; Athens . . . MARLOWE, ROBERT WILLIAM; Winder . . . MARSHALL, PERSIVAL A.; Stokesdale, N. C. . . . MARTIN, MARTHA JANE; Columbus . MASSEY, GLORIA ANN; Tifton . . . MATHEWS, NAOMI HAMBY; Atlanto . MAYES, IVA LOUIE; Athens . . . MERCK, JOHN WIL- LIAM; Athens . . . MERK, JOHN LAMAR; Atlanta. Freshmen seeking higher education McLean, J. McLean, T. McNeal Mathews Mayes Merck McRae Merk S.,.:.J i ' ft «s». Middlebrooks Milam Miller, G. Miller, J. Miller, J. A. Miller, M. Minish Mitcham Mitchell, C Mitchell, F. Mock Mooney Morgan, A. Morgan, M. Morris, C. Morris, D. Morton Morris, A. Morrison Moseley Mote Mott Murphy Murray Myrick Nason Neel Nelson Newton Newbanks Newton Nicholson O ' Malley O ' Neal, D. O ' Neal, M. O ' Neill O ' Quinn Owen Paris Owen Parker Porks, E. Porks, R. Porromore Payne Pauik Paulsen Peckhom Peebles Peiter Perkins Pettett Pettewoy Phillips Pierce Pittard Pitts, C. Pitts, 0. Player Poe Porter Preston Queen Poodry Ray Paulnot Reddick Prescott Reece Price Reich Prior Roy Proctor Reed Pruett Register Pryor Reynolds Puckett Rizza JUNIOR CLASS fIRST ROW: MIDDLEBROOKS, PAUL E , JR., Macon . . . MILAM, ARTHUR FRANK; Titton . . MILLER, GRACE LOUISE, Charleston, S C. MILLER, JANE TARPLEY, Elberton MILLER, JIMMIE A,; Brunswick MILLER, MARGARET LEE, Atlanta MINISH, BENJAMIN TILL- MAN, Commerce . . MITCHAM, WILSON M , Bome ville . . . MITCHELL, CAROLYN VIRGINIA; Musella. SIXTH ROW: PAULK, JACOB WILLIS; Wray PAULSEN, ROBERT A.; Savannah . PACKHAM, MARY CAROLYN; Omaha, Neb. . . PEEBLES, JULIAN DENNIS, JR.; Alamo , PEIFER, JOHN ANTHONY; Queens Village, NY.... PERKINS, ESTON LAMAR; Savannah . PET- TETT, GEORGE LAMAR; Marietta PETTEWAY, CHARLES N , JR.; Lakeland, Fla . . . PHILLIPS, JOEL LEE; Monroe. SECOND ROW: MITCHELL, FRANK EDWARD; Americus MOCK, WILLIAM LINDSEY; Colquitt MOONEY, NEIL; Covington . . MORGAN, ASHLEY GRANTHAM; Carrollton . MORGAN, MARTHA VIVIAN; Cave Spring MORRIS, CLARA JEANNE; Atlanta MORRIS, DELL DELORISE; Wadley . MORTON. BARBARA JEAN; Summer- ville . . . MORRIS, ANN; Tifton. THIRD ROW: MORRISON, CHARLES RICHARD; Winterville . . MOSELEY, ASA COLVIN; McDonough . . MOTE, HENRY ALBA, JR.; Hapeville . . MOTT, CHARLES HOWARD; Albany MURPHY, LINDA CARO- LYN; Felton MURRAY, ROWENA JANETTE; Waycross . . . MYRICK, SARAH FRANCES; Columbus . NASON, JOANN MARIE; Augusta . NEEL, JOSEPH NORRIS; Macon FOURTH ROW: NELSON, JOHN F.; Watkinsville . . . NEWTON, KANSIE LEE; Daw- sonville , . . NEWBANKS, MERRILL WEBSTER; Atlanta . , . NEW- TON, RUSSELL C ; Thomaston NICHOLSON, ROSCOE CHARLES; Clayton . . , O ' MALLEY, ADELINE ANNE; Wilmette, III. O ' NEAL, DONALD EDWARD; Atlanta . . O ' NEAL, MARGARET WISE; Macon . . O ' NEILL, EMILY ANN, Memphis, Tenn. FIFTH ROW: O ' QUINN, LONNIE PARNELL; Jesup OWEN, W. C; Atlanta . . . PARIS, MIRIAM JOYCE; Winston-Salem, N. C. . . . OWEN, SYDNOR LEE, Cedartown . . PARKER, HARRIET; Savannah . . . PARKS, EDWARD THOMAS, III; Gamesville . . . PARKS, RICHARD HOODMAN, JR ; Reynolds PARRAMORE, ADA ALICE; Voldosta . . . PAYNE, TOMMIE LEE; Carnesville. SEVENTH ROW: PIERCE, JEAN WILLIAM, JR.; Washington . . . PITTARD, LOUISE; Monticello PITTS, CATHERINE CONNER; Locust Grove . . PITTS, S. OVEDIA; Moultrie PLAYER, WILLIAM C; Irwinton . . . POE, BARBARA CHERIE; Macon . PORTER, WILLIAM READ; Lavonia PRESTON, GLORIA ANNE; LaGrange . . . QUEEN, MAURICE E.; Decatur. EIGHTH ROW: POODRY, LEONARD; Akron, NY... POULNOT, JAMES OLLIE; Athens PRESCOTT, WALTER ELBERT; Wrens PRICE, ELIZ- ABETH SEGREST; LaGrange PRIOR, DORIS ELIZABETH; Augusta . . . PROCTOR, CORALYN PATRICIA; College Pork . PRUETT, JEFFERSON WILLIAM, JR ; Atlanta PRYOR, GERALD WILCOX; Fitzgerald PUCKETT, FRED DOUGLAS, JR ; Dawson . . RAG- LAND, TOM RUFUS; Newnon RAND, MARTHA CORNELL; At- lanta . . RAWLS, THOMAS EVERETT; Athens RAY, GLORIA JEANNE; Columbus. NINTH ROW KAY, PRISCILLA IRVING; Charlotte, N. C. REDDICK, JACK BEARD; Millen . . . REECE, MARY LOUISE; Douglas REISCH, KENNETH; Cedarhurst, NY... ROY, PATRICIA W.; Orlando, Flo. REED, JAMES A.; Rebecca . REGISTER, RAMOND SHER- ROD; Moultrie REYNOLDS, DONALD RAY; Augusta RIZZA, ROBERT GEORGE; Savannah . ROWAN, REBECCA OWEIDA; Nash- ville RHYNE, MARGARET ANN; Americus . . . ICHARDSON, LUCILLE ELIABETH, Atlanta . . . RIVENBARK, WILLIAM LANIER; Matter. Beauty and the beauty Ragland Rowan Kand Rhyne Rawls Richardson Ray Rivenbark s 1 ■ iSSS»!r Mi. Robert Ruden Scroggins Shierling Smith, G. Spear Standi Roberts Russell Selman Shimp Smith, H. Speer Steed Robinson Ryals Setzer Sikes Smith, H. Spencer Steinberg Rogers, E. Ryner Shapiro Sirman Smith, How. Siedelberg Stewart Rogers, J. Sailors Shepord Simpson Smith, J. Smith, A. Stock Rosenthal jotcher Shapard Sims Smith, L. Spillane Stone Rousakis Soul Sharpe Smith, A. Smith, P. Spivey Strickland Rowe Royal Souls Scott Shellhouse Sherlock Smith, B Smith, C. Smith, W. P. Smith, W. Stohl Stollworth Strong Sullivan, B Sullivan, M. Terhune Suttles Terrell Sutton, E. Terry Sutton, H. Thorpe Sutton, J. Taliaferro Tanner Thomas, D. Thomas, H. Thomas, J Taylor, A Thomas, M. Taylor, G. Thomason, F JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: ROBERT, HENRY COOKE, Atlanta . . ROBERTS, SUE; Lithonia ROBINSON, JEAN HOYT; Orlando, Fla. ROGERS, EAR- LINE; Edison . ROGERS, JAMES DONALD; Bremen ROSEN- THAL, JOAN LOUISE; Augusta . . . ROUSAKIS, JOHN PAUL; Sa- vannah ROWE, JAMES RUSSELL; Nashville . . . ROYAL, CHARLES THOMAS; Americus. SIXTH ROW: SPEAR, CURTIS V., JR.; Columbus . SPEER, PAUL HERSCHEL; Good Hope . SPENCER, GLADYS BELLE; Atlanto . . . SIEDEL- BERG, E MARIANNA; Atlanta . . . SMITH, ANNE MICHAEL; Elber- ton; SPILLANE, THOMAS MICHAEL; Savannah . . . SPIVEY, NORICE CORNELIA; Ashburn . STAHL, HORACE AUGUSTUS; Moultrie . . . STALLWORTH, BETTY LOU; Bremen. SECOND ROW: RUDEN, JOAN L ; Atlanta . RUSSELL, M. LAVERNE; Rossville . . RYALS, ELIZABETH ANN; Glenwood RYNER, JAMES BU- FORD; Vienna . . . SAILORS, SAM ROLAND; Athens SATCHER, MILTON BUTLER; Augusta SAUL ,JEROME; Augusta . . . SAULS, EUGENE F.; Athens . . . SCOTT, HOWARD IRVING; Macoi. THIRD ROW: SCROGGINS, LON JACK, JR ; Thomaston . SELMAN, WILLIAM PENN; Summerville . . . SETZER, LILLIAN JEWEL; Atlanta . . SHAPIRO, PHIL S.; Augusta . . . SHEPARD, ROBERT PARKER; Fort Valley . . . SHAPARD, SAMUEL L.; Griffin . . . SHARPE, WILLIAM HARRY; Savannah . . SHELLHOUSE, L. ELAINE; Sale City . . . SHERLOCK, B. CECILIA; Monroe. FOURTH ROW: SHIERLING, RAY; Blakely . . . SHIMP, BETTY; Decatur . . . SIKES, PATRICIA RUTH; Brunswick . . SIRMAN, CAROL; Nashville . . . SIMPSON, MARTHA TREZEVANT; Athens . . TIMS, PATSY GAY; Rome . . . SMITH, ALBERT DEWITT; Lindole . . . SMITH, BILLY WALKER; Shody Dale . . . SMITH, CHARLIE LAY; Dawson. FIFTH ROW: SMITH, GERALD ELLIOT; Barnesville . . . SMITH, HARRY L.; Seneca, S. C. .. . SMITH, HELEN ROSS; Atlanta . . . SMITH, HOWARD LANE; Forsyth . . . SMITH, JOHN JAMES, JR.; White Plains . . . SMITH, L. ELIZABETH, Atlanta . . . SMITH, PEGGY JOYCE; Atlanta . SMITH, WILLIAM PITT C; Lyons . . SMITH, WILLIAM RAYMOND; Preston. SEVENTH ROW: STANCIL, ROY MAX; Ball Ground . . . STEED, EDNA EARLE; Fitz- gerald STEINBERG, RENEE H.; Ritter, S. C. . . STEWART, NORWOOD OWENS, Ochlochnee . . . STOCK, KITTY R.; Rome . . STONE, PRISCILLA; Athens . . . STRICKLAND, THOMAS EUGENE; Calhoun . . . STRONG, FRANCES DUNLAP; Gainesville . . SULLI- VAN, BERRY JACKSON; Voldosta. EIGHTH ROW: SULLIVAN, MARY JOAN; Atlanta . . . SUTTLES, JAMES LUTHER, JR ; Americus . SUTTON, EARL PEEL; Fort Gaines . . . SUTTON, HARRY LOVIS; Ocilla . . SUTTON, J. FRANKLIN; Normon Park . . .TALIAFERRO, ANNE; Atlanta. . TANNER, MELL J., JR.; Sandersville TAYLOR, ALICE GWENDOLYN; Rochelle . . TAYLOR, GEORGE HOWARD; Milledgeville . . TAYLOR, JOSE- PHINE BARCROFT; Atlanta . . . TAYLOR, VERDIE ERA; Adel . . . TEEL, WILLA JANE; Temple . . . TEMPLE, ALBERT PAUL, JR.; Man- chester. NINTH ROW: TERHUNE, JOHN WESLEY, JR.; Rome . . . TERRELL, BARBARA JACKSON; College Park . . TERRY, MYRA VIRGINIA; Chatsworth . . . THARPE, SHILEY ANN; Vienna . . . THOMAS, DORIS JEAN; Lexington . . . THOMAS, HOWELL OWEN; Calvary . . THOMAS, JAMES ALLEN; Thomasville . . . THOMAS, MARY V.; Atlanta . . . THOMAS, FRANCES; Greenville THOMPSON, CHARLES NA- THAN; Thomoston THOMPSON, EDWIN C; Vidalia . . . THOMPSON, GARLAND; Soperton . . . THOMPSON, HOMER LEONI- DAS; Luthersville. What could be in those cups? . Taylor, J. Thompson, C. Taylor, V. Thompson, E. Teel Thompson, G. Temple Thompson, H. £tm flHy joI .«ik •» f % 0 % ii ' -j Thompson J. Thompson, M. Thompson, M 5 Tidwell Tilton Titshaw Towns True Trulock Tucker Turner, A. Turner, C. Turner, E. Trimble Ulivo Upton Vaughn, G. Vaughn, V. VanSant Veal Veale Veozey Vogt Vonier, R. C. Vonier, R. B. Walker Walters Warren Watkins Watson Wells Westbrook Webb, G. Webb, S. Weaver Welch Wheeler Wells, D. F Wells, D L. Whorton Whighom Whitaker White Whitehead, C. Whitehead, Whitfield Wickham, N. Wickham, W Wilder, J. Wilder, W. Wiley Wilkes Williams, G Williams, R Willioms, W. Wilson, D. Wilson, D. E. Wingtield Wolff Wood, B. Wood, R. Woodall Woodard Wright, C. Wynens Yarbrough, E. Yorbrough, T. Wright, E Wright, S. Young, M. Vrono Zittrour T. Yates Yelton Young, J. L. JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: THOMPSON, JAMES PHILLIP; Washington . . THOMPSON, MARY EUGENIA; Valdosta . . . THOMPSON, MARY SOUTH; Atlanta . . . TIDWELL, CLAUDE WILLIAM; Thomaston TILTON, EVA MAY; Athens TITSHAW, HARRY JEROME; Pitts . TOWNS, ROY PARKS; White Hall . TRUE, CATHERINE; Davenport, Iowa . . TRULOCK, PHOEBE JANE; Climax. FIFTH ROW: WHEELER, SYLVIA A.; Ball Ground . . . WELLS, DAVIS FRANKLIN; Macon . . . WELLS, DORIS LEIL; Cordele . . . WHORTON, FRANCES ANN; Marietta . . WHIGHAM, LAMAR FRANKLIN, JR.; Bainbridge . . . WHITAKER, ROBERT TOOMBS; Harlem . . . WHITE, BETH; Blakely . . . WHITEHEAD, CAROLYN; Athens . . . WHITEHEAR, JAMES EDWARD; Winder. SECOND ROW: TUCKER, SALLY E ; Tifton . . TURNER, ANGELA; Bridgeport, Conn. . . . TURNER, CARL JOSEPH; Powder Springs . . TURNER, ELza- beth Anne; Carlton . TRIMBIE, ARTHUR ANDREW; Moultrie . . . ULIVO, MONICA MARIE; Savannah . . . UPTON, THOMAS CLARKE; Douglas . . . VAUGHN, GLENN; Covington . . . VAUGHN, VIR- GINIA MARCELENE; Atlanta. SIXTH ROW: WHITFIELD, SAMUEL ROY; Jasper. . . WICKHAM, D. NEAL; Co- lumbus . . . WICKHAM, WILLIAM C; Columbus . . . WILDER, JAMES ZATTER; Painted Post, N. Y. . . . WILDER, WILLIAM FRANK; Fort Valley . . . WILEY, ROBERT C, JR.; Sparta . . . WILKES, ROBERT L.; Lyons . . . WILLIAMS, GREEN BERRY, JR.; Rome . . . WILLIAMS, ROBERT McMATH; Valdosta. THIRD ROW: VAN SANT, VIRGINIA A.; Woodstock . . . VEAL, PHYLLIS ANITA; Elberton . . . VEALE, EMORY OSLYN, JR.; Arnoldsville . . . VEA- ZEY, CHARLTON STRICKLAND; Grenesboro . . . VOGT, WANDA BRIGHAM; Lithonia . . . VONIER, RANDALL C; Boston . . . VON- lER, RONALD B.; Boston . . . WALKER, WILLIAM A.; Lumpkin . . . WALTERS, FRANCES O ' VERA; East Po.nti SEVENTH ROW: WILLIAMS, WILKES B ; Sylvania . . . WILSON, DAVIS RICHARD; Toccoa . . . WILSON, DEWEY EDMOND; Montgomery, Ala . . . WINGFIELD, PATRICIA DeLETTE; Athens . . . WOLFF, SHELDON MALCOLM; Newark, N. J. . . . WOOD, BEVERLY ANNETTE; At- lanta . . . WOOD, ROBERT CLARENCE; Bishop . . . WOODALL, PEGGY ANN; Macon . . . WOODARD, DONALD BRYANT; Athens. FOURTH ROW: WARREN, J. M., JR.; Dexter . . . WATKINS, GLENN GIBSON, JR.; Atlanta . . . WATSON, THOMAS EDWARD; Vicksburg, Miss . . . WELLS, NORMA CATHERINE; Athens . . . WESTBROOK, E. MARIE; Canton . . . WEBB, GILSON S,; Richlond . . WEBB, SONYA RUTH; Athens . . . WEAVER, MRS. LORRAINE, Chicago, III. . . WELCH, EDWARD GERRY; Cooperstown, N. Y EIGHTH ROW: WRIGHT, CARL DREWY; Atlanta WRIGHT, EDWARD MASON; Augusta . . . WRIGHT, SARA KEY; Covington . . WYNENS, JAMES CECIL; Hillsboro . . . YARBROUGH, ELEANOR P.; Rome . . . YARBROUGH, THOMAS G.; Lindale . . . YATES, NANCY CAROLYN; Rome . . . YELTON, ROY JAMES; Appling . . . YOUNG, JIMMY CURTIS; Atlanta. NINTH ROW: YOUNG, MARY H.; Charleston, S. C. . . . ZITTROUER, HENRY LOVICK, JR.; Savannah . . . VRONO, IRENE GLORIA; Atlanta. Campus politico returns after making good So that ' s the way they run things on Ag Hil Now there ' s a cute kid Now, he ' s the happy one K r ,Afii tltidy una . little education too. Peochtrees and pretty girls Gay initiation stunts 107 And of course, Home Coming ' v.. •■ -. i The caption lor this pictuie has been censored Just registration lines Oh! For the days of short skirts 109 Beryl Weiner, Frank Gaines SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President BERYL WEINER Vice-President FRANK GAINES Secretary-Treasurer JANE JAY 110 rmt Usual week-end affairs Picture for Pandora — Spooky place for students to be. Prize picture, find me! Adams, C. Adams, R. Adams, M. Adams, F. Adamson Adkins Akins Alexander Alexander Bazemore Beard Bell Benjamin Berkman Berman Bcrryman Beusse Bickley Boswell Botters Bowen, C. Bowen, H. Branch, R. Branch, W. E. Brannen Brown, A. L. Brown, A. Brown, B. Brown, M. A. Brown, P. Brown, T. Bryan Bryant Bunting Burko Burney Benstein Butts, C. Butts, M. Cable Calhoun Callaway Callahan Campbell Calvert Cammack Cannon, B. Cannon, J. Chodwick Carpenter Carter Chance Chandler, C. Chandler, J Charney Cheek Chestney Childs Clarke Clark Cleve Cobb, Bet. Cobb, B. C. Cobb, C. Coleman Cobb, H. Collett Cobb, J. Compher Cohen Conklin Coile, L Cook Coile, W. Cooper 1 X f Colaiacovo Corbett Cole Cordell Colbert Cote Anderson Bird Arnold Blumenthal Bauerband Boss SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: ADAMS, CHARLES ROY, JR.; Fitzgerald . ADAMS, ROBERT E.; Wrens . . . ADAMS, MARILYN; Tignall . ADAMS, F. LEON; El- berton . . . ADAMSON, SUE; Atlanta . . ADKINS, JOYCE THORN- TON; Atlanta , AKINS, HENRY J ; Register . . . ALEXANDER, GEORGE THOMAS, JR., Thomasville, N. C. . . . ALEXANDER, ;JESSE EUGNE;; Trion . . . ANDERSON, ROBERT HOYT, JR.; Talla- poosa . . . ARNOLD, MERRILL K ; Benevolence . . . ASHER, MUR- RAY; Atlanta . . . BACON, WILLIAM SLADE; Irwinton . . . BAIRD, ERNA; Danielsville . . BALANDER, RICHARD; Brooklyn, NY.... BALDWIN, J. CHANDLER; Atlanta BANNISTER, DOROTHY L.; Hopeville . . BAUERBAND, ROBERT LEO; Rahwoy, N. J. SECOND ROW: BAZEMORE, JEAN NEWELL, Atlanta BEARD, CHARLES WAL- TER; Colquitt . . BELL, MARIAN; Atlanta . . BENJAMIN, Heath; Augusta . BERKMAN, SARA LEE; Charleston, S. C. . . BER- MAN, NORMA JEAN; Birmingham, Ala. . . BERRYMAN, VERNON N,; Colbert . . BEUSSE, CARLTON B.; Columbus BICKLEY, ANN ELIZABETH; Canton . . BIRD, RAYMOND EUGENE; Jesup . . . BLUMENTHAL, JOYCE; Royston . . BODDIE, FRAN; Hope- ville . . . BOETHL, RAYMOND F.; Athens . . BOLTON, JOHNNY DIXON; Athens . . . BOND, HORACE ARNOLD; Athens . . BOND, JANET IRENE; Greensboro . . . BONNELL, PEGGY ANN; Sonders- ville . . . BOSS, LUTHER DONALD; Loganville. THIRD ROW: BOSWELL, FRANCES LEE; Atlonto . BOTTERS, BARBARA ANNE Athens . . . BOWEN, CHARLES E.; Atlanta . . . BOWEN, HARRY Rhine . . . BRANCH, RUBY G.; Athens . . . BRANCH, WILLIAM E. Baxley . . . BRANNEN, JOHN FRANKLIN; Statesboro . . . BROWN, ALICIA LYNNE; Moultrie BROWN, ANN; Macon. FOURTH ROW: BROWN, BETTY CARLISLE; Atlanta . . . BROWN, MARY ALICE; Decatur . . . BROWN, PETE JAMES; Milledgeville . . . BROWN, TOM CLYDE; Elberton . . . BRYAN, THOMAS EDWARD; Douglas . . . BRYANT, JO ANN; Blokely . . . BUNTING, VIRGINIA FAYE; Waycross . . . BURKA, AUDREY FAY; New Orleans, La. . . . BUR- NEY, CHARLES F.; Dallas, Texas. FIFTH ROW: BERNSTEIN, JIMMY S.; Athens . . . BUTTS, CAROLYN BEALL; Co- lumbus . . BUTTS, MARY JEAN; Arnoldsville . CABLE, RALPH EDWARD; Seymour, Conn. . . CALHOUN, ULEY THOMAS, JR., Waycross . . CALLAWAY, HOWARD; Harlem . . CALLAHAN, MRS. MARTHA PAGE; Sonford, Fla. . . CAMPBELL, SALLY; At- lanta . . . CALVERT, GRADY V.; Tryon, N. C. SIXTH ROW: CAMMACK, AUDREY LOUISE; Savannah . . . CANNON, BETTY PA- TRICIA; Biloxi, Miss. . . . CANNON, JEFFIE RUDOLPH; Fort Val- ley .. . CHADWICK, BARBARA JEAN; Atlanta CARPENTER, AGNES LOUISE; Mountain City . CARTER, DAVID LEE; LoganviKe . . CHANCE, MARY OLIVIA; Athens CHANDLER, CHARLES EDMOND; Oteen, N. C. . . . CHANDLER, JAMES B.; Oteen, N. C. SEVENTH ROW: CHARNEY, GEORGE ALBERT; Bridgeport, Conn. . . CHEEK, MARY LUNA; Butler . . . CHESTNEY, DAVID A.; Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . CHILDS, JEWELDINE; Athens . . . CLARKE, KATHRYNE FREDA; Ma- rietta . . . CLARK, TOM; Toccoa . . CLEVE, NANCY SUE; Vance- boro, N. C. . . . COBB, BETTY; Canton . . . COBB, BILLY CLAUD; Athens. EIGHTH ROW: COBB, CAROLYN; Athens . . . COBB, HERBERT LOUISE; Miidleton . . . COBB, JOYCE LEE; Atlanta COHEN, RICHARD B ; At- lanta . . COILE, LAUREN McWHORTER; Athens COILE, WAL- TER JAMES; Winterville . . COLAIACOVO, PHILIP; Newark, N. J. . . . COLE, ALICE, Athens . . . COLBERT, WILMA JANE; Athens. NINTH ROW: COLEMAN, JAMES ELBERT; Doerun . . . COLLETT, THOMAS WIL- LIAM; Trion . . . COMPHER, MARY TRUETT; Hamilton . . CONK- LIN, MARQUIN LIVINGSTON; Atlanta . COOK , DAVID BARTOW; Atlanta . . . COOPER, JAMES ROBERT; Augusta CORBETT, WILLIAM JACKSON; Lake Park . . . CORDELL, BARNEY COLVARD; Elberton . . . COTE, ARMAND JOSEPH; Decatur. Art in the C-J . 1 .- ' -m. ' ! 4 Crouch Douglas Ellis, V. Galagand Goodman, H. Grimsley Hamilton Harvey, J. Henderson, J. Cox Drew Emmeriett Garvin Goodman, D. Griner, J. Hand Harvey, K. Hertz •0 Creech Drewry Estery Geiger Goza Griner, W. Hardigree, C. Harwell Hildreth Crockett Drysdale Ewalt Ghitter Green Jackson Hardigree, Hassell Hill, E. Curran Dukes Fambro Gilmore Greene Hoile Herman Hawkins Hill, R. Daley Dull Florence Ginsberg Griffin Hoiley Harris, P. Hazen Hodges, M. Davenport Durham Fortune Goble Greenberg Hair Harris, W. Heath Hodges, T. David Earle Franklin Goldsmith, A. Griffin Hale Harrison Hendlemon Hoffar Davis, J. Drowdy Gaines Goldsmith, M. Griffin Hambrick Harvey, G. Henderson, G. Hoffman o c m r- Davis, T. Davis, W. Dawson Dell Deaton DeLillo Wetwiler Dorsey Doster Echols Edwards, M. Edwards, R. Edenfield Edge Edwards Elder Elkins Ellis, D SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: CROUCH GENERAL HORACE; Athens . . COX, TED LLOYD; New Orleans, La. . . CREECH, MADELYN A.; Harlem . CROCKETT, WILLIAM EVANS; Waynesboro . . . CURRAN, BETTY RE, Atlanta DALEY, JAMES PETER; Woon, R. I. . . . DAVENPORT, MAR- GARET GIRARDEAU; Charleston, S. C . . . DAVID, RICHARD LYLE, Athens . DAVIS, JACK MARSHALL; Atlanta . . DAVIS, THOM- AS EUGENE- Athens . . . DAVIS, WALTON C, JR.; Albany . . . DWSON BILLY JONES; Watkmsville DELL, JAMES GLENN; Mason. ' . DEATON, SARAH HAZLETTE; Jefferson . . DeLILLO, ALBERT P Staten Island, NY.. . . DETWILER, MARILYN; Atlanta . . DORSEY, E. GENE; Atlanta . . . DOSTER, CHARLES EUGENE; Rebecca. SECOND ROW: DOUGLAS, SHIRLEY MONTGOMERY; Coral Gables, Fla. . . . DREW, THOMAS AUGUSTUS; Midville DREWRY, MILTON; Athens . . DRYSDALE, MARTHA LOUISE; Birmingham, Ala . DUKES, JACQUELYN WILDA; Surrency DULL, MARTHA KATHERINE; Atlanta . . . DURHAM, ROBERT HARRIS; Greensboro . . EARLE, RUTH ANITA; Rome . DRAWDY, LOIS PAULINE; Kissimmee, Fla. . . . ECHOLS, JOHN TRAWICK; Thomaston . EDWARDS, MAL- VIN STEWART, JR ; Athens . EDWARDS, RUBY LEE; Apolachicola, Fla. . . . EDENFIELD, MARTHA ANN; Darien . . . EDGE, EVELYN ESTELLE; Decatur . . . EDWARDS, STORY; Lyerly . . . ELDER, ELLEN HARDY; Jefferson . . . ELKINS, BILLY; Cairo . . . ELLIS, DORRITT SUE; Rome. THIRD ROW: ELLIS, VAN BUREN, JR.; Yatesville . . . EMMERICTT, BERTIE ELIZA- BETH; Atlanta . . . ESTERY, ANN JOY; Atlanta . EWALT, JANICE ELLA; Atlanta . . . FAMBRO, WILLIAM PAUL; Rockmart . . . FLORENCE, GEORGE E ; Athens . . FORTUNE, EDDIE WAR- THEN; LaFayette . . . FRANKLIN, ELAINE JOYCE; Atlanta . . . GAINES, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, JR.; Anderson, S. C. FOURTH ROW: GALGANO, VICTOR PAUL; East Orange, N. J. . . GARVIN, JULIA ANN; Summerville . . . GEIGER, JAMES F., JR.; Alamo . GHIT TER, IRVIN LEROY; Augusta . . GILMORE, ANNE GARDNER; Ce- dortown . . . GINSBERG, BETTY SUE; Atlanta GOBLE, JOE HOMER; Talona . . . GOLDSMITH, ART LEE; Newark, N. J. . . . GOLDSMITH, MARGARET TERRY; Greenville, S. C. FIFTH ROW: GOODMAN, HENRY ELLIOT; Brooklyn, N. Y. . . GOODMAN, PAUL; Savannoh . . GOZA, PATRICIA ANN; Atlanta . . GREEN, MITZI MARLENE; Atlanta . . . GREENE, GAIL LaTRELLE; Atlanta . . . GRIFFIN, DONALD CLAY; Forest City, N. C. . . GREEN- BERG, AL H.; Washington, D. C. . . . GRIFFIN, MARTHA ANNE; Forest City, N. C. . . . GRIFFIN, SARAH ALICE; Atlanta SIXTH ROW: GRIMSLEY, GEORGE STEWART; Cordele . . GRINER, JOSEPH CLAY- TON; Savannah . . GRINER, WILLIAM EDWIN; Claxton . . JACKSON, JOHN WILLIAM, JR.; Broselton . HAILE, JAMES CHESNUT; Savannah . . . HAILEY, CHENAULT WILLIAM; Hartwell . HAIR, WILLIAM B., JR.; Summerville HALE, JUNIA VIR- GINIA; Athens . . HAMBRICK, JANE LATRELLE; Bainbridge. SEVENTH ROW: HAMILTON, JOE WILCOX; Atlanta HAND, GERALD CORNE- LIUS; Griffin . . . HARDIGREE, CLARENCE G., JR.; Watkmsville HARDIGREE, ELIZABETH; Watkinsville HARMAN, MARY ELIZ- ABETH; Columbus . . HARRIS, PATRICIA ANN; Cordele . HAR- RIS, WESLEY LAMAR; Taylorsville . . HARRISON, HAROLD CLIF- FORD, JR.; Hazlehurst . . . HARVEY, GOWDON WILLIAMS; Ashe- ville, N. C. EIGHTH ROW: HARVEY, JOEL VERNON; Albany HARVEY, KATHERINE; Mon- ticello . . . HARWELL, BARBARA; Camilla . . HASSEL, L. PARKER; Ellijay . . HAWKINS, ELEANOR HELEN; Gainesville . . HAZEN, FRANCES MARIAN; Center Hill, Fla. . . . HEATH, PEGGY JEAN; Atlanta . . . HENDELMAN, DAVID; Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . HENDER- SON, GEORGIA COWART; Fairburn. NINTH ROW: HENDERSON, JOHN H , JR.; Marietta . . . HERTZ, RONALD EDWIN; Cedartown . HILDRETH, JUDITH RANDOLPH; Spartanburg, S. C. . HILL, ERNEST NOLAN; Bainbridge . HILL, ROBERT WAR- REN Valdosta . HODGES, MARY ANN; Jesup HODGES, THOMAS H.; Athens . . . HOFFAR, BEVERLY JEANNE; Atlanta . . . HOFFMAN, RICHARD EDWARD; Garden City, N. J. Freshmen of 1963 Seniors of same year ;. ' .«i ■-•-«fy V. ' .._-_l Hopkins Hoyt Hudson, E Hudson, J. Huie Hunt Hunter, J. Hunter, P. Ingram Jorgensen Kahn, B. Kahn, J. Kandel Karovangeli Keel, A. Keel, D. Kellogg Kelly Kitchens Knight Kohlmon Krowcheck Lancaster Landers Langley Langston Leotherwood Lee Lehning Leive Lester Lewis Lloyd Little Long Lord Lovell Lucas Lyie McBride McCabe McEachern McGinty McKinnon McMillan Macmillon McNair Mackmer Maclachlon Mocuch Maddox Malcom Martin Mathis Mauldin McDonald McLain Mason Mathews Mew Middlebrooks Miller, C. Miller, J. Miller, E. Mills, M Mimms Mitchell Mize Mobley, E. Mobley, M. Mock Montgomery, C Montgomery, W. Moore, B- Moore, G. Moron Moreland Morris Morrison Morrow Mosteller B «I s Ivins Jackson, C. Jackson, T. Jay Jones, B. Jones, H. Jones, J. Jordan, B. Jordan, P Kemp Kenimer Kennedy, U. Kennedy, M. Kennon Kepp Keterson Kimsey King SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: HOPKINS, ALEX STEPHENS; Madison . HOYT, MARJORIE R.; Atlanta . HUDSON, EARLE FRANKLIN; Unadilla . . . HUDSON, JOAN NELL; Athens . HUIE, EMILY JANE; Atlanta . . . HUNT, OPAL H ; LaFayette HUNTER, JOAN ADELE; Augusta HUNTER, PATRICIA; Colquitt . . . INGRAM, ROYSTON ALBERT; Cumming . . . IVINS, NANCY LOU; Atlanta . . JACKSON, CARO- LYN; Rome . . JACKSON, THOMAS W.; Chattanooga, Tenn. . . . JAY, JANE; Thomasville . . . JONES, BERT; Savannah . . . JONES, HELEN JOYCE; Lawrenceville . . . JONES, JOHN L.; Blakely . . . JORDAN, BETTY JOAN; Comer . . . JORDAN, PAXTON HOLT; Wrens. SECOND ROW: JORGENSEN, SONJA SIG RID; Augusta . . KAHN, BARBARA ANN; Savannah . . . KAHN, JEROME BERNARD; Pelham , . . KANDEL, GEORGE ERWIN; Savannah . . KARAVANGELI, VIVIAN; Athens, Greece . . . KEEL, ANNIE LAURIE; Atlanta . . . KEEL, DOUG; Cor- dele . . . KELLOGG, ALBERT FREDERICK: Austell . . . KELLY, GEORGE LOCKWOOD; Augusta . . . KEMP, JOANN; Savannah . . . KENIMER, CAROL F.; Rising Fawn . . . KENNEDY, UBIE BLACK- SHEAR; Baxley . . . KENNEDY, M. SYBIL; Jacksonville, Fla. . . . KENNON, OLIVER LEN; Watkinsville . . . KEPP, LOWELL JENNINGS, JR.; Savannah . . . KETTERSON, LYN; Smyrna . . . KIMSEY, MEL- BOURNE; Colbert . . . KING, CHARLES W. ;Atlanta. THIRD ROW: KITCHENS, MELVIN EVERETT; Macon . . . KNIGHT, WARREN ED- WARD, Dublin . . . KOHLMAN, LAURA CARTER; Atlanta . . . KRAWCHECK, SHERELYN JEAN; Charleston, S. C. . . . LANCAS- TER, JAEN ELIZABETH; Greenville, S. C. . . . LANDERS, WILLIAM EARL; Lindale . . . LANGLEY, DERWENT; Martinez . . . LANG- STON, FLOYD LEROY; Greenville . . . LEATHERWOOD, PHILIP LEE; Atlanta. FOURTH ROW: LEE, HARRY FRANKLIN; Statesboro . . . LEHNING, NANCY CAROL; Rome . . . LEIVE, DUANE HENRY; Tescott, Kan. . . . LESTER, R. STEWART; Wadley . . LEWIS, MARGARET ANNE; Tokoma Park, Md. . . . LITTLE, ROBERT DUWAYNE; West Helena, Ark. . . . LLOYD, CLARENCE POE; Hiav assee . LONG, GRETCHEN GRAY; Asheville, N C; LORD, ROBERT CECIL; Milledgeville. FIFTH ROW: LOVELL, V. C; Clarkesville . . . LUCAS, MARIAN JOYCE; Asheboro, N. C LYLE, DAVID ALVA; Crawfordville . . McBRIDE, CLAUDE WALTON; Columbus McCABE, PAT; Decatur Mc- EACHERN, WILLARD WHEELER; Macon . McGINTY, JOSEPH B.; Elberton . McKINNON, EMORY H , JR.; Atlonta . . . McMILLAN, GARNETT R ; Clarkesville . SIXTH ROW: MACMILLAN, A. R.; Caldwell, N. J . . . McNAIR, HAL HARRIS; Augusta MACKMER, ROBERT THOMAS; Tifton MACLACH- LAN, MARCIA; Decatur MACUCH, VIVIAN MAY; Augusta . . . MDDOX, RTHUR KENNEY, JR.; Griffin MALCOM, HAZEL VIR- GINIA; Good Hope . MARTIN, JAN DALLAS; Tifton . . . MATHIS, WALTON H.; Thomaston. SEVENTH ROW: MAULDIN, JERRY LEE; Atlanta . . McDONALD, ARTHUR WAR- REN; Milledgeville . . . McLAIN, GENE; Lake Park . . . MASON, STUART LINDSAY; Valdosta . . . MATHEWS, MARJORIE ANNE; At- lanta . . . MEW, MARGARET; Atlanta . . MIDDLEBROOKS, ANN; Farmington . . . MILLER, CHARLES COX, JR.; Richland . . . MILLER, JEAN T.; Decatur. EIGHTH ROW: MILLER, ERNEST HAROLD; Winder MILLS, MARTIN G.; Forest Park . . MIMMS, MALON DURANT; Atlanta . . . MITCHELL, RICHARD FRANKLIN; Porterdale . . . MIZE, WILLIAM FRED; Shody Dale . . . MOBLEY, EDWARD DAVID; Rome . . MOBLEY, MARION A.; Thomson . . MOCK, FRANCES RHEA; Atlanta . . . MONT- GOMERY, CHERRYE L.; Rome. NINTH ROW: MONTGOMERY, W. DEAN; Chamblee . . MOORE, BENJAMIN THEODORE; Gainesville . . . MOORE, GEORGIE ELIZABETH; Atlanta . . . MORAN, CHARLOTTE; Atlanta . . MORELAND, JOANNE; Thomasville . . . MORRIS, SARAH ANN; Chattanooga, Tenn . . . MORRISON, JACQUELIN ERNEST; Avondale Estates . . MORROW, CYNTHIA ANN; Decatur . . . MOSTELLER, MIRIAM RILEY; Athens. Old faces still appear What a big crowd!! dk : lStt Murray Ferryman Roberts, W. Sereno Sims Speer Stokes Neidlinger Pervis Rohrabugh Setser Slagle Speir Stolz Neves Pitner Rubinson Seymour Smith, B. Stanford Stradling Newton, N. Poole Rowland Shain Smith, E. Starling Streetman Newton, M. Portwood Sanders Shattles Smith, G. Stein Surry Noland Powell, R. E. Schneider Sheehon Smith, R. Stephens Sweetlond Noyes, A. Nowell, R.W. Schomberg Shepherd Smith, S. Stetson Tanner Noyes, F. Privette Scott Shumon Snellgrove Stevens Toylor Odom Quinn Sealy Siegel Spears Stockton Teat Terry Thompson, J. Thorpe Timmons f f% Theriault Titshaw Thomas, C. E. Talbert f i m :: ' - -S , ' ri- f r ' « i, ' " Thomas, C. H. Tribble Thomas, K. Troup jifv: ' t Thomas, M. Tucker Thompson, F. Thompson, G. Turk Turner 0 , -■ " - m C3 Q .C| Oglesby Rackley O ' Kcllcy Otwell David Parker, A. Parker, R. Parr Parrish Perrymon Randall Rann Rawlins Reece Reeves Reynolds Rhodes Roberts SO PHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW. MURRAY, DONALD LEE; Quitmon . . . NEIDLINGER, JUDY MIRIAM; Atlanta . NEVES, JAMES H ; Ft. Gaines NEWTON, NELLE MARIE; Atlanta . NEWTON, MARTHANN; Titton NOLAND, KATHRYN PATRICIA; Atlanta NOYES, ADA L ; Atlanta NOYES, FRNCES LEE; Atlanto . ODOM, MRS. DOROTHY MAE; Yyons . . OGLESBY, THEODORE N ; Lumber City O ' KELLEY, RALPH THOMAS; Damelsville OTWELL, ROY P JR , Cumminq . . . OWEN, DAVID HERNDON; Anderson PARKER, ANTHONY WAYNE; Sylvania . PARKER, ROBERT BAYNE; Baxley . . PARR, DONALD B.; Athens . . PARRISH, JANE C, Atlanta . . . PERRY- MAN, ANN; Cedartown. SECOND ROW: PERRYMAN, WILLIAM J.; Cedartown PERVIS, MARY VIRGINIA; Atlanta . . . PITNER, RICHARD ; Alameoa, Calif. . . POOLE, BEVERLY ELIZABETH; Gumming PORTWOOD, BOYCE HILL; Summit . . POWELL, RALPH EVERETT; Athens POWELL, ROB- ERT WILLIAM; Athens . . PRIVETTE, MARILYN MILLER; Atlanta . . . QUINN, RICHARD HARRIS; Greenville, S. C. RACKLEY, JAMES MURROW; Thomasville RANDALL, BETTY JANE; Cov- ington . . . RANN, BILL F,; Dalton . RAWLINS, JAMES WIL- LIAM; Decatur . . . REECE, JACK HILL; Summerville REEVES, ROBERT NUNN, JR.; Americus . REYNOLDS, HILDA RUTH; Tuck- er .. . RHODES, WILLIAM HENDERSON, JR.; Union Point . . . ROBERTS, THEODOE DENNIS; Atlanta. THIRD ROW: ROBERTS, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR ; Fairburn ROHRABAUGH, PAUL NATHAN; Bartow RUBINSON, HARRIETTE; Atlanta . . ROWLAND, HELEN ELIZABETH; Hiawassee SANDERS, ROBERT DICKINSON; Atlanta SCHNEIDER, ROGER GUSTAVE; Great Neck, NY.. SCHOMBERG, JANE; Warner Robbins . SCOTT, CARROLL LEE; Columbus . . SEALY, SALLY; Blakely. FOURTH ROW: SERENO, LOUIS R ; Bridgeport, Conn. . SETSER, MARGARET NANCY; Franklin, N. C. SEYMOUR, MARTHA SIBYL; Monroe . . . SHAIN, WILLIAM ARTHUR; Louisville, Ky , SHATTLES, JACKIE DONNELL; Macon SHEEHAN, ELIZABETH A ; Macon . . . SHEPHERD, WILLIAM J.; Voldosta SHUMAN, MARTHA; Glennville . . . SIEGEL, MARION; Chattanooga, Tenn. What ' s she doing out there? 7 KF FIFTH ROW: SIMS, HARRY EDWARD; LaGrange .... SLAGLE, HALBERT JEN- NINGS; East Point . . . SMITH, BETTY JUNE; Atlanta . . . SMITH, EUGENE MELVIN; Atlanta . . . SMITH, GEORGE L ; Roanoke, Va. SMITH, ROBERT SAMUEL; Washington, D. C. . . . SMITH, SUZANNE; Atlanta . . . SNELLGROVE, TINA; Atlanta . . . SPEARS, JULE COLLINS; Athens. SIXTH ROW: SPEER, JOAN MILDRED; Anderson, S. C. . . . SPEIR, CARLIN GLO- RIA; Oteen, N. C. . . . STANFORD, GEORGE RICHARD; Rossville . . . STARLING, HUBERT CARLTON; Ray City . . . STEIN, MYRA; Dalton . STEPHENS, JOYCE ELIZABETH; Tucker . . STETSON, ROBERT RAIDY; Athens . . . STEVENS, GEORGE ROBERT; Eotonton . . . STOCKTON, HAMILTON, JR.; Atlanta. SEVENTH ROW: STOKES, MARY MONA; Avondale Estates STOLZ, IRWIN WIL- LIAM, JR.; Atlanta . STRADLING, J GARRISON, III; Atlanta . . . STREETMAN, ALYCE LOIS; Columbus . . . SURRY, VIRGINIA LEE; Atlanta . . . SWEETLAND, ANNE; Athens . . . TANNER, JACK BREWTON; Moultrie . . TALYOR, GEORGE ALLEN; Elberton . . . TEAT, BEVERLY ANN; Athens. EIGHTH ROW: TRRRY, EDITH SUE; Athens . . THARPE, ANNALEE; Austell . . . THERIAULT, NEYLE COLQUITT; Margarita, Canal Zone . . THOM- AS, CHARLES EDWARD; Columbus . . THOMAS, CHARLES HILL; Dexter . . . THOMAS, KERMET; Commerce . THOMAS, MARY JANE; Athens . . THOMPSON, FRAN W.; Charleston, W. Va. . . . THOMPSON, GROVES MARVIN; Atlanta. NINTH ROW: THOMPSON, JAMES ROBERT; Vidalia . . TIMMONS, RICHARD PARKE; Decatur . , . TITSHAW, WILLIAM GEORGE; Pitts . . TALBERT, MARY GUTHRIE; Comer . . . TRIBBLE, WILLIAM ORR; Lavonia . TROUP, ROBERT ALLEN; Toccoa . . . TUCKER, DEX- TER J.; Cedartown . . . TURK, FARRIS RAY; Hlllsboro . . . TUNER, CHARLES TATE; Hillsboro. Johnny yells for Gawja ' ■- ' » C Jt Turner M. Turner, H. Twitty Vance Wages Wallace, G. Wallace W. Walters, S. Walton Wainright Warren Waters, C. Waters, R. Watkins Watts Wayt Weeks Weems Weiner Welch Weller Westbrook Wheeler Wilkes White Whitehead Williamson Wilson, G. Wilson, S. Wingfield Wise Withers Wong Wood Wortham Wray Yancey York Youmans Young Youngblood Yow Zegel FIRST ROW: TURNER, MARCELINE LORENZ; Atlanta . . . TURNER, HOYT JACK- SON; Athens . . . TWITTY, MARGARET LEAH; Camilla . . . VANCE, WILLIAM LITTLE, III; Tate . , . WAGES, MARIAN; Bruns- wick . . . WALLACE, GLORIA JNAE; Metter . . . WALLACE, WIL- LIAM H., JR.; Decatur . . . WALTERS, SHIRLEY ANNE; Macon . . . WALTON, WILLIAM FREDERICK; Augusta. SECOND ROW: WAINWRIGHT, ROBERT ELLIOTT; Brunswick . . . WARREN, CLAUDE FRANKLIN, JR.; Lincolnton, N. C. . . . WATERS, CHARLES HOWLE; Florence, S. C. . . . WATERS, RUTH ANN; Statesboro . . . WATKINS, ROBERT CAMERON, JR.; Sandy Springs . . . WATTS, GRAHAM MAITLAND; Drexel Hill, Pa. . . . WAYT, JOSEPHINE KLEIN; Atlanta . . . WEEKS MARY ANN; Ringgold . . . WEEMS, ANN JETER; Atlanta. THIRD ROW: WEINER, BERYL HAROLD; Atlanta . . . WELCH, FRANK RICHARD; Cooperstown, N. Y. . . . WELLER, HAL FRANKLIN; Athens . They caught the right bus WESTBOROK, SALLIE CRAWFORD; Athens . . . WHEELER, MAYRIE POPE; LaFayette . . . WILKES, JOY QUILLAN; Atlanta . . WHITE, AULEY; Metter . . . WHITEHEAD, CHARLIE LIVINGSTON; Gaines- ville . . . WILLIAMSON, NANCY ELEANOR; Monroe. FOURTH ROW: WILSON, GEORGE OTIS; Decatur . . . WILSON, SARAH RUTH; At- lanta . . . WINGFIELD, JACKSON MORRIS; Tampa, Flo. . . . WISE, CAROLE LEE; Winder . . . WITHERS, ROBERT LEWIS; Atlanta . . . WONG, GEORGE N.; Savannah . . . WOOD, ROGERS W.; Rochelle . . . WORTHAM, JAMES CALVIN; Watkinsville . . . WRAY, AR- THUR BEATY, JR.; Vale, N. C. FIFTH ROW: YANCEY, WINSTON WARE; Atlanta . . YORK, MELBA CLAIRE Jesup . . . YOUMANS, HENRY BRANTLEY; Metter . . . YOUNG GERALD KIMBLE; Barrow, Fla. . . . YOUNGBLOOD, MARY VIR GINIA; Jesup . . . YOW, JOAN FRANCES; Atlanta . . . ZEGEL ARTHUR JOHN; Windham, N. Y. Hmmm! A Southern Belle Four queens, and an ace % Stranded Don ' t it run, bud? Kenneth Malsberger, Frank Kelley FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President KENNY MALSBERGER Vice-President LARRY BENNETT Secretary-Treasurer FRANK KELLEY 122 Wave that rat-cap, freshman! Why did I ever come here? Campus law enforcers. Typical registration. Any port in a storm. 123 Accolla Bazemore Albright Bell Anthony Bishop FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: ACCOLLA, BARBARA ELAINE; Horttord, Conn. . ALBRIGHT, ED- DIE A.; Atlanto ALEA, JORGE ANTONIO; Rome ALLEN, RCHIE EUGENE; Butler . . . ALLEN, PHYLLIS MARILYN; Decatur . . . ALPERN, SIMONE ROSE; Savannah ANDERSON, ANITA LILLIS; Wilmington, N. C ANDREWS, DONALD CLARKE; De- catur . . . ANTHONY, JOELLA; Atlanto . ATKINS, JAMES WIL- LIAMS; Rome ATKINS, WILLIAM MACK; LoFayette . . . BADGETT, SONDRA; Decatur . BAGGS, PERRY ARMAND; Pelham . . BAKER, SYBIL JACQUELINE; LoFayette . BARGREN, JAN- ICE ELLEN; Atlanta PARISH, JOYSE RUTH; West Palm Beach, Flo. . . . BARNES, BILLY Y.; Newnon BARNETT, ROBERT DONALD; Bishop. SECOND ROW: BAZEMORE, BETTE; Savannah BELL, GEORGE EDWARD; St. George BELSON, ARLYNE SONDRA; Atlanta BENNETT, LARRY KENNETH; Alma BENNETT, MARY LYNN; Chomblee . . BENTLEY, JACKIE MARIE; Haddock . . BERLIN, GERTRUDE ELEANOR; Grenwood, S. C. . BIRLANT, MARIAN RUTH; Charles- ton, S. C. . . . BISHOP, DAVID WESLEY; Toccoa . . BLACKMAN, BILMUS M ; Woshington BLALOCK, ROBERT LEWIS; Rabun Gop BATCHFORD, MARTHA SIMMONS; LonJsdowne, Pa. . . BLEDSOE, CHARLES ROBERT; Rossville BLITCH, JAMES MATH- EWS; Stotesboro . . BLUM, MICHAEL LARRY; Macon BOR- DERS, CAROLE ELOISE; Commerce BOWEN, ROONEY LILLY, JR ; Unadillo . . BOYD, NANCY HAYES; Decatur. THIRD ROW: BRADEN, BIDDY H ; Rome BRANNEN, BETTY BURNEY; Stotes- boro . . . BRANYON, DONALD LeROY, JR , Athens BRAY, AN- DREW S ; Newport News, Vo. BREMER, PEGGY ANNE; Atlanto . . . BRIGHAM, JOHN WILSON, Sovonnoh BRUMBACK, MARY ELIZABETH; Macon . . BUMGARDNER, BILLIE LOUISE; Elberton . . . BURCH, VIRGIL B.; Nicholls FOURTH ROW: BURPEE, ROSEMARY ELAINE; Augusta CALLAWAY, GERTRUDE ELIZABETH; Atlonto CANNON, WILLIAM JACKSON; Ft. Vol- ley . . CAPLES, NORVAL PATRICK; Gainesville CARMICHAEL, ANNE FREE; Augusta . CENTER, HELEN REE; Chattanooga, Tenn. . . . CHAPMAN, JAN BEVERLY; Blue Ridge CHASTAIN, JACK CALHOUN; Moultrie . . CLARK, GARY EUGENE; Augusta. FIFTH ROW: CLEMENTS, GEORGE MURRAY; Charlotte, N C. . . . CLOTFELTER, ELEANOR MARIE; Atlonto COBB, WILLIAM ASA; Voldosta . . . COHEN, JANICE GERI; Savannah . COHEN, MARY ANNE; Gostonia, N. C. . . COILE, ANDREE JOYCE ;Athens . . . COLE, BARBARA ANN; Atlanto COLLINS, JACK KENNETH; Bogort . . . COLLINSWDRTH, THOMAS EUGENE; Hillsboro. SIXTH ROW: COLQUITT, JOE EPHRAIM; Cedortown . . COMEH, HOWARD EMRI, JR.; Brunswick COOK, CHARLES FRED; Smyrna . . . COOPER, NANCY LURA; Athens COUSINS, VIRGINIA; New- berry, S. C. . . COX, JOANN, Morrow CRAWFORD, ANN ELAINE; Modison . CUTCHINS, Kermit Lee; Portsmouth, Vo. . . . D ' AGOSTINO, ANNA; Orlando, Fla. SEVENTH ROW: DANIEL, JENNY; Shelley, N. C. . . DARDEN, HENRY R., JR.; La- Grange DAVIDSON, MARIANNE; Decatur DEATON, LOUIE FLETCHER; Stone Mountain DEFOOR, MARY DORIS; Eostonal- lee . . . DEKLE, KATHRYN YVONNE; Boston DEKLE, THOMAS ERVIN, JR.; Jesup . DE LA TORRE, JORGE; Caibarien, Cuba , DELAY, MARILYN ANN; Decatur. EIGHTH ROW: DELLINGER, RUTH ANN; Atlanta DICKENS, DOLORES N.; Bo- gort . DIXON, RITA; Colquitt DOLLAR, RUSSELL LIONELL; Thomosville . DOZZER, JOAN ELIZABETH; Macon . . DRAKE, WALTER HOMER; Newnon DUBBERLY, ALBERTA CONNIE; Brunswick . . . DUNN, DOROTHY HELEN; Mocon . . . DURRENCE, HENRY HOMER; Reidsville. NINTH ROW: DUVALL, TALMADGE CLIFTON; Greensboro . . EAST, SANDERS ROLLEN; Covington EDELSTEIN, JOSEPH; Brooklyn, NY. EDWARDS, WAYNE; Wmterville ELLIOTT, JOAN E ; Pensocolo, Flo. . . ELKINS, JO ANNE; Elberton ELLISTON, JERRY S.; Waycross . . . ELLIS, PATRICIA CAROLYN; Stone Mountain . . . ESTES, LELAND; Gay. The Phi Mu ' s won « , ■■ ■■ m nisi !. — — Graduation in the spring 4.. A-; ilC:ii- 1 Atkins, J. Atkins, W. W. Badgett Baggs Baker Borgren Blackman Blalock Batchtord Bledsoe Blitch Blum Braden Brannen Branyon Broy Bremer Brigham Burpee Callaway Cannon Copies Carmichael Center Clements Clotfelter Cobb Cohen, J. Cohen, M. Coile Colquitt Comer Cook Cooper Cousins Cox Daniel Darden Davidson Deaton Defoor Dekle, K Dellinger Dickens Dixon Dollar Dozier Drake Duvall East Edelstein Edwards Elliott Elkins Barish Borders Brumback Chapman Cole Crawford Dekle, T. Dubberly Elliston Barnes Bowen Bumgordner Chostain Collins Cutchins de la Torre Dunn Ellis Barnett Boyd Burch Clark Cillinsworth D ' Agostino Delay Durrence Estes Evans Haeussler Felson Handley Pickling Horber Flanders Hardman Foreman Hardin Fulcher Harper Fuller Horrison Fussell hartley Garber Harvey FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: EVANS, DARWIN HENRY; Glenwood . , , FELSON, SALLY ALINE; Jacksonville, Fla. . . . FICKLING, GAIL; Atlanta . . . FLANDERS, JOHN PAUL; Adrian . . FOREMAN, JOAN R.; Atlanta FUL- CHER, JOHN D.; Harlem . . FULLER, MARTHA JOANNE; Decatur . . . FUSSELL, THOMAS FRANKLIN; Doerun GARBER, NANCY ROSE; Atlanta . . . GARTON, MARIANNE; Avondale Estates . . . GIBBS, ONA FAYE; Moultrie GIBSON, PATTI BRAXTON; At- lanta . . . GILBERT, EVELYN ELIABETH; Perry GLISSON, MARY; Atlanta . . GODSHALK, JOHN TINSLEY; Akron, 0. . GRANT, JAMES CURTIS; Lawrengeville GRINER, MONA HOLT; Ocilla . . . GUNBY, MRS. NORMA; Atlanta. SECOND ROW: HAEUSSLER, FREDERICK WILLIAM; Cincinati, HANDLEY, DAVID ALLISON; Charleston, S C HARBER, CHANDLER LA- MAR, Lithonia . . HARDMAN, JOEL GRIFFITH; Colbert HAR- DIN, YVONNE CECELIA; Pensacola, Fla. , HARPER, JOANNE ETHLYN; West Point . HARRISON, GEORGE LOWNDES; Marietta . . . HARTLEY, LAMBETH O ' NEAL; Tennille HARVEY, WIL- LIAM CHARLES; Monticello HAWKINS, LAURA ANN; Atlanta . . . HEATON, VIVIAN WINIFRED; Atlanta . . . HENG, JANE ELIZ- ABETH; Augusta . . HERNDON, ALAN JOHNSON; Logonville HESTER, CECIL W., JR.; Atlanta . HILL, ROBERT JOHNSON; Ellaville HIRSCH, BEVERLY LYN; Macon HOLLADAY, HOWARD KELLY; Augusta . . . HODGSON, BETTY; Bowman. THIRD ROW: HOLDEN, FRANK ALEXANDER, JR ; Atlanta HOLL, TONY ASH- MORE, Atlanta . . HOLLER, BARBARA ANNE; Gainesville HOLLINGER, MARTHA JANE; Vidalia . . . HOLT, SHIRLEY; Atlanta . . . HORTMAN, LUTHER DOWLING; Normon Park . HULL, NATALIE LOUISE; Atlanta . . HUNTER, ROBERT MORTAN; Au- gusta . . . HUTCHINGS, MARY JANE, Rockmart. FOURTH ROW: JACOBSON, GERALD ADAIR; Waycross . . JARRELL, NANCY; Greenville . JOHNS, BETTY JANE; Fairburn JOHNSON, PHYLLIS MARIE; Atlanta . . JONES, JOE FRANK; Elberton . JORDAN, CLYDE MARVIN, JR ; Lizella . JOYNER, WILLIAM EU- GENE; Cairo KAPLAN, RALPH ELLIOT; Greenville, S. C. . . . KAUFMAN, CHARLES DAVENPORT; Brunswick. FIFTH ROW: KELLEY, CAROLE; Atlanta . . KICKLIGHTER, MAE JO; Glennville . . . KILLINGSWORTH, ALBERT SANDERS; Ft. Gaines . . . KNIGHT, RUBYN COOPER; Brunswick . . . KNOWLES, ANN SA- BRYNA; Eatonton KYSER, HELEN ANN; Atlanta LANIER, FENTON AUBREY; Brunswick . . LAWRENCS, JANET; Avondale Es- tates LEHR, LEE ANN; Atlanta. SIXTH ROW: LENKERD, GWENN; Atlanta LERNER, HARVEY JACK; Paterson, N. J. . LEWIS, JOSEPHINE; Athens LINDER, ELIZABETH JANE; Birmingham, Ala LIPSEY, ELSA SHYRLE; Tallahassee, Fla. . . . LLOYD, CHARLES A.; Atlanta . . LOCKHART, THOMAS JAMES; Chickamauga LOOPER, JAMES HOYT; Dawsonville . . . LOVETT, WALTER MARVIN; Waynesboro. SEVENTH ROW: LUNDVALL, MARILYN HELEN; Atlanta , LUNDY, WALTER AU- BREY, JR.; Cairo . . , LYNK, ZELDA MAY; Livingston, NY.. MACDONALD, KATIE LOU; Bay City, Mich. McCALLUM, GLENN ELWIN; Lizella McGUIRE, LAURA ELIZABETH; Ashvillc, N. C. . . , McLEROY, BENJAMIN B,; Bogort MARTIN, BAR- BARA ALLEE; Atlanta MATTHEWS, MOLLY WALLACE; Ashe- ville, N. C. EIGHTH ROW: MARET, RANDALL TEASLEY; Lavonia MASON, SYLVIA CYNA- RA; St. Petersburg, Fla MAYES, NANCY; Fitzcerald MER- RITT; CHARLES WINSTON; Ocilla MIDDLEB ' ROOKS, SALLIE; Haddock MIDDLETON, ROBERT M, JR.; Talbotton MIL- LENER, MARY PRENTISS; Ft. Bennmg , , MILLER, MARY ANN; Atlanta . . . MILLER, NANCY SUE; Newton, Moss. NINTH ROW: MILLER, PAUL; Atlanta MILLER, THOMAS F.; Clarksville, Md. MILLS, OTIS PRINTISS, JR.; Greenville, S. C. . . . MOHR, DONALD F ; Long Island, NY. MORGAN, MARION CLAR- ENCE; Hawkmsville MORRIS, JERRY LAMAURICE; Surrcncy MORRIS, CARLENE WYNELL; Hull MORRIS, PAULA NEAL; Ocilla . . . MORTON, PHYLLIS; West Palm Beach, Fla. Stag line And the farmer hauled another load away! oeo 1 Gorton Gibbs Gibson Gilbert Glisson Godshalk Grant Griner Gunby Howkins Heoton Heng Herndon Hester Hill Hirsh Hoiloday Hodgson Holden Holl Holler Hollinger Holt Hortmon Hull Hunter Hutchings Jocobson Jorrell Johns Johnson Jones Jorden Joyner Kaplan Kaufman Kelley KIcklighter Killingsworth Knight Knowles Kyser Lanier Lawrence Lehr Lenkerd Lerner Lewis Linder Lipsey Lloyd Lockhart Looper Lovett Lundvall Lundy Lynk MocDonold McCollum McGuire McLeroy Martin Matthews Maret Moson Mayes Merritt Middlebrooks Middleton Millener Miller, M Miller, N. Miller, P. Miller,!. Mills Mohr Morgan Morris, J. Morris, C. Morris, P. Morton 9 -3 T Moseley Myers, L. Myers, M. Nelson Nixon, P Nilson, S. Noell Norris Orr Pope Pricrard Pritcheft Pusch Ramsey Randle Register Reynolds Richardson Scruggs Sewell Shadgett Shattock Shehulski Sheppard Siegel Simmons Sims Sisson Smith, C. Smith, H. Smith, J. Smith, R. Spark Spence Spratlin, M. Spratlin, T Stointon Starkey St. Clair Steinberg Steiner Stegcll Stribling Stocks Stowe Sturman Sullivan Swtnt Szczepanski Tote Taylor, R. Taylor, T. Teasley Turner, M. Tharp Therndon Thomas Thompson, B. Thompson, D. Thompson, R. Tribble Tucker Terry Turner, T. Twilley Underwood Unger Veal Walsh Wollis Warner Webb Wells Wengrow White Wilds Wilkins Wojnor Woodroot Worth Wynn f3 CS 41 9 C .■ " J V - s Owcnby Rieser Parker Roberts m 1 J Patty Robertson Pearlmon Rose Peavy Sandifer Peters Salter Peterson Sawyer Phillips Scorboro Pilcher Scoggins FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: MOSELEY, WILLIAM DARRELL; Stockbridge , , MAYERS, LAMAR J , Albany . . . MYERS, MARTHA REYNOLDS; Marietta . . NEL- SON WILLIAM BRICE; Augusta . NIXON, JAUL ALLEN; Rome . ' . NIXON, SALLY TOOMBS, Augusta . NOELL, SARAH ANNE; Cleveland . NORRIS, DAN EDWIN, JR.; Oxford . ORR, WIL- LIAM JAMES; Nivholcon . , OWENBY, WILLIAM DAVID; Blue Ridge PARKER, HOWARD J ; Ellijay PATTY, CLARENCE WAYNE; Ringgold . PEARLMAN, PEAVY, PATSY ANN; Atlanta . Monosquon, N. J. . . . PETERSON, PHILLIPS, ANN; Louisville . . renton. MARION BELL; Dawson . . . PETERS, FRANCES MAXINE; ROBERT DWIGHT; Tunnel Hill PILCHER, MARY JOAN; Wor- SECOND ROW: POPE, JOHNNY D.; Jackson PRICHARD, EMILY NELSON; Shaw- mut, Ala. . PRITCHETT, HUGH WAYNE; Winterville . . . PUSCH, NINA JEAN; Toccoo . . . RAMSEY, ALLAN M ; Bainbridge . . . RANDLE, BUDDY; Conyers , . RAGISTER, BARBARA JANE; Endicott, NY. REYNOLDS, JULIAN CLARENCE; Harlem , RICHARDSON, WILLIAM H.; Rossville . . RIESER, ALBERT; Augusta ROBERTS, SARAH ANN; Cornelia ROBERTSON, ERNEST LAWENCE; Marietta . . . OSE, SHEP KALMAN; Baxley . SANDI- FER, MYRA; Ocilla . . . SALTER, VIRGINIA BLACK; Savannah . . . SAWYER, JEANNE; Atlanta . SCARBORO, JOYCE ERNESTINE; Atlanta . SCROGGINS, HAZEL JUANITA; West Point. THIRD ROW: SCRUGGS, WILLIAM GORDON; Monven . . SEWELL, ROBBIE RAY; Canon SHADGETT, ALAN HALL; Athens . . SHATTACK, SUE; LaFayette SHEHULSKI, FRANK, JR.; Son Antonio, Tex. . . . SHEPPARD, FRANHCES LOUISE; Atlanta SIEGEL, LEON- ARD BERNARD; Brooklyn, NY.. SIMMONS, S. W., JR.; Sa- vannah . . . SIMS, ERNEST THEODORE, JR.; Conyers. FOURTH ROW: SISSON, LEILA LARENDON; Atlanta . SMITH, CARROLL BRANCH; Augusta . SMITH, HENRY ELMER, JR ; Norcross SMITH, JAMES AUTUSTUS; Macon SMITH, RAYMOND ALTON; Hazlehurst . SPARK, JOAN RHODA; Macon . . SPENCE, ADOL- PHUS; Summerton SPRATLIN, MARY LOUISE; Athens . . . SPRATLIN, TERRY; Lincolnton. FIFTH ROW: STAINTON, MARY LOUISE; Bronxville, NY... . STARKEY, DAVID LEROY; Atlanta . ST. CLAIR, MARTHA F.; Girard, 0. . . STEINBERG, BARBARA MARLENE; Charleston, S. C. . . . STEINER, LISA; Athens STEGALL, ELIZABETH ANNE; Thomosville . . STRIBLING, RAY; Macon . . . STOCKS, HAROLD; Alto . . . STOWE, CAROLE JANE; Bishop. Young Youngblood Zetterower SIXTH ROW: STURMAN, TOBY ANNE; Liberty, NY... SULLIVAN, DAVID FRITZ; Atlanta . . SWINT, MARTHA MARIE; Jonesboro . . . SZCZEPANSKI, STANLEY; Miami Beach, Fla TATE, MARY KATHERINE; Decatur TAYLOR, ROBERT LAMAR; Attapulgus TAYLOR, THOMAS AUCRETT, JR.; Columbus TEASLEY, KATHERINE JANE; Canton TERRY, JERE NANNETTE; Gaines- ville. SEVENTH ROW: THARP, WALTER WILLIAM, JR.; Norfolk, Va . THERNDON, JACK CLAIRE; Decatur THOMAS, JACKSON E ; Lovonia . . . THOMPSON, BARBARA JEAN; Atlanta THOMPSON, DONELL; Statesboro THOMPSON, ROBERT INGRAM, JR ; Wotkinsville . TRIBBIE, ALFON JOSEPH; Athens . TUCKER, SIDNEY LANIER; Athens . . . TURNER, MARGIE; Ben Hill. EIGHTH ROW: TURNER, THOMAS LITTLETON; Jamesville, Va. . . . TWILLEY, ANNE; Griffin UNDERWOOD, CLAUDETTE EVELYN; Athens . . . UNGER, JO ANN; Decatur VEAL, SYLVIA ELDRIDGE; El- berton . WALSH, JOHN FRANCIS; Trenton, N. J. . . . WALLIS, GEORGE WASHINGTON; Atlanto WARNER, ALFRED DEWITT; Griffin WEBB, GEORGE HUTCHINS; Dalton. NINTH ROW: WELLS, CLYDE NEWTON lanta WHITE, MARY ston . WILKINS, CLAIRE WOJNAR, EDWARD JOSEPH JASPER GUY, JR ; Titton WYNN, GORDON FLOYD; ROBERT; Macon . . YOUNGBLOOD, RICHARD E ZETTEROWER, JACKIE; Statesboro. . WENGROW, ANN; At- WILDES, GILBERT; Folk- St. Simons Island . . . R. I. . . WOODROOF, WORTH, GILBERT RAY; Atlonto . . Warner Robins YOUNG, JAMES Augusta . . . Wotkinsville . . K ; Athens ELIZABETH; Woonsocket, Chow lines were never like this! -S5»1 - - ' ' ' «•» s % w ' " Y%i Farber Fickle Forehand Goodwin Grondy Griffin Gunderson Gunnels Harris, A. Grant Hall Hommett Harris, T. Harrison, J. Horrison, M. Heidler Hopkins Howalf James Keller Abboff Allmon Boles Bolkcom Beoty Bolton Briscoe Brown Brownett Burnette Ljracli uaie h FIRST ROW: ABBOTT, THOMAS EDWARD CARLTON; OSCAR; Dublin Blokely . . . BEATY, EDWARD; Athens . . . ALLMON, Newington BALES, THOMAS BALKCOM, CHARLES McDONALD; ROY, JR.; Thomosville. SECOND ROW: BOLTON, ROBERT EMORY; Norman Park . . . BRISCOE, CHARLES NEVTN; Monroe . BROWN, LAMAR COOLEDGE; Winder . . BROWNETT, THELMA DEN- YER; Augusta . BURNETTE, LAWTON MILLER, JR.; Roberta. THIRD ROW: CAIN, JOSEPH HARDING; Flowery Branch . . . CON- STABLE, JOHN, JR.; Winston-Salem, N. C. . . . COX, JAMES CLARENCE; Milledgeville . . CROUCH, WIL- LIAM ALFRED; Swoinsboro. FOURTH ROW: DANION, JAMES IRCHARD; Athens . . . DAVENPORT, THOMAS WILSON; Blokely . . EASTERLY, WILLIAM D., JR.; Sheridan, Ark. . EDGE, CARL CARTER, JR.; Athens. FIFTH ROW: ELLIS, CORDELIA ANNE; Wrens . ESKEW, WAL- TER REID; Fairburn ESTES, ANNE HAGERTY; De- catur . . . EVANS, JOHN HENRY; Memphis, Tenn. SIXTH ROW: FARBER, NATHAN; New York, N. Y. . . . FICKLE, EUGENE WALLACE, Atlonto . FOREHAND, JAMES F.; Lilly . GOODWIN, MELVIN HARRIS, JR ; Athens. SEVENTH ROW: GRANDY, PHYLLIS LUCILE; Mobile, Ala. TENNEY S ; Athens . GUNDERSON, Norway GUNNELS, JOE C; Monroe. . GRIFFIN, KAARE; Oslo, EIGHTH ROW: HARRIS, AUDLEY CHANDLER; Athens . . GRANT, MRS. KAY C ; Lowrenceville HALL, HAROLD V.; Good Hope HAMMETT, LYMAN RUSSELL; Goffney, S. C. NINTH ROW: HARRIS, TROUPE M., JR.; Washington . . HARRISON, JACK TARVER; Brooklet . . . HARRISON, MARY FRANCES; Wrightsville . . . HEIDLER, GEORGE HODG- SON; Athens. rfN7 " H ROW: HOPKINS, MILTON NEWTON, JR.; Fitzgerald . . . HOWALT, ROBERT FREDERICK; Jacksonville, Fla. . . . JAMES, JESSE; Woycross . . . KELLER, EDGAR WIL- LIAM; Eostonollee. School Kenncrly Knight, W Knight, V. Knox Kopp Locklear Long McLaurin Macon Matus FIRST ROW: KENNERLY, DAN LANFORD, Decatur . . KNIGHT, WALLACE STRINGFELLOW, Canton, N. C. . . . KNIGHT, VERNON JAMES; Canton, N. C. . KNOX, HAROLD CAMPBEL; Trenton, Tenn. KOPP , JAMES B.; Montezumo. SECOND ROW: LOCKLEAR, ANSON; Pembroke, N. C. . . . LONG, ROY; Augusta . . McLAURIN, KATE M.; Griffin . . . MACON, ARTHUR RILEY; Rossville . MATUS, THEO- DORE P.; Gaffney, S. C. THIRD ROW: MICHEL, JOHN; Freelond, Pa. . MILLER, RUSSELL LEE; Cairo . MOORE, NOELLENE J.; Voldosta . . . MORRISON, BETTY R.; Miami, Flo. FOURTH ROW: MURPHY, EUGENE WHITFIELD, JR.; LaGrange . . . MURRAY, SARA STEPHENS; Augusta . . . NICHOLSON, WALLER STAPLES, JR.; Guilford College, N. C. . . . NIX, HAROLD L.; Foyetteville. FIFTH ROW: ODOM, REVA CLARENCE; Lyons OLMSTEAD, FRANCES HUGHES; Sovanonh . , PARKER, CHARLES WILLIAM; Abbeville PAUL, J. C; Athens. SIXTH ROW: PEEPLES, WILLIAM DEWEY, JR.; Birmingham, Ala. . . . PINSON, THOMAS WAYNE; Ellijay. . . . RASMUSSEN, JANE F.; Athens . RILEY, JAMES A.; Hattiesburg, Miss. SEVENTH ROW: ROSSI, PETER FRANCIS; Brooklyn, NY.. RUBIN, HERBERT LAWRENCE; Miami, Fla. . . SHELLHORSE, ELBERT T.; Athens . . SMILEY, FRANCIS J.; Savan- nah. EIGHTH ROW: SMITH, PAUL ROYCE; Winder . STANSELL, JAMES RUSHING, JR.; Macon . . . STEWART, SHERWOOD ASHLEY; Montgomery, Ala. . . . THOMPSON, LOUIS A.; Bloomingdale. NINTH ROW: TILLITSKI, JOHN EDGAR; Canton, 0. SUNDLAND, MILTON JAY; Jones, Mich. . . WALKER, DAVID T.; Spartanburg, S. C. . . . WELLS, JAMES HUBERT; Cli- max. TENTH ROW: WILSON, LOUISE ANNE; Lexington, Ky. . WILLIAMS, LELAND HENDRY; Columbia, S. C. . . . YEH, VICTO- RIA; Kiangsi, China. . . . YOUSE, BEVAN K ; North Webster, Ind. Murphy Murray Nicholson Nix Odom Olmstead Parker Paul Peeples Pinson Rasmussen Riley Rossi Rubin Shellhorse Smiley Smith Stansell Stewart Thompson Tillitski Sundland Walker Wells Wilson Williams Yeh Youse - ' r 4 - - f « -•»• ' S :: f Atkinson Autry Barnes Briggs Bromley Carter Clyatt Daniel Elinburg Gibson Greenig Greenway Clark Hearn FIRST ROW: ATKINSON, ROBERT EDWARD; Bishop; DVM Degree; Alpha Psi, Junior American Vet Medicine Association . . . AUTRY, DORIS BENELENE; Doroville; DVM. Degree; A.V. MA . . BARNES, LESLIE ALLAN; Bogort; DVM. Degree BRIGGS, JAMES 0.; Ft. Pierce, Flo.; DVM. Degree; Omega Tau Sigma; A.V. MA, . . . BROMLEY, CLARE L., JR.; Atlanta; D.V.M. Degree; Alpho Tau Omega; Alpha Psi; A V MA . . . CARTER, WILLIAM LEE, JR.; Poulon; DVM Degree; Alpha Psi . CLARK, WILLIAM BAKER, JR.; New Canton, Vo.; DVM. Degree; A V.M.A. SECOND ROW: CLYATT, BOBBY MERLE; Nashville; D V M Degree; Alph o Psi; A V MA DANIEL, EMORY BRINSON; Savonnoh; B.S. Chemistry . . . ELINBURG, WILLIAM A., JR.; Buford; D.V.M. Degree; Alpha Zeta, Chronicler; Omicron Delta Kap- pa, Vice-President; Aghon; Blue Key; Gridiron; X-Club; Alpha Psi Campus Leader; Ag Club, President Ag Hill Council, Pres.; Junior Chapter of A. V.M.A. GO. P.; Demosthenian; Georgia Agriculturist; Sphinx . . . GIBSON, W. H.; Sylvanio; D.V.M. Degree . . . GREENIG, CHARLES A.; Decatur; DVM Degree; Alpha Psi; Jr. A. V.M.A. . . . GREENWAY, WILEY JACK- SON, JR.; Chomblee; D.V.M. Degree; Omega Tau Sigma; Veterinary Science Club; Georgia Cracker, Cir. Manager . . . HEARN, HARVEY B.; Palmetto; DVM Degree; Omega Tau Sigma. THIRD ROW: HIGGS, WILBUR S.; Lyons; D.V.M. Degree; Omega Tau Sig- ma .. . HIRSCHBERG, ROBERT RYTT; Sumter, S. C; DVM Degree; Omega Tau Sigma; Bulldog Club; Blue Key; Jr. A.V. M.A.; Swimming Team; Head Cheerleader . . . IRVIN, W. ANDREW; Atlanta; D.V.M. Degree; Alpha Zeto; Jr. A.V. MA. . . . KEPP, JAMES CORNELIUS; Savonnoh; DVM De- gree; Alpha Pshi; Jr. A. V.M.A. FOURTH ROW: KING, JAMES T.; Zebulon; DVM. Degree; Jr. A. V.M.A. . . . KNOX, EARL LEAMON; Athens; D.V.M. Degree; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Vet Science Club, Vice-Pres.; Jr. A.V.M.A., Pres. . . . LANDON, LEICESTER L. Folsom, Lo.; D.V.M. Degree; Who ' s Who in American Univ. and Colleges; Omega Tau Sigma, Pres.; Veterinarian; Jr. A. V.M.A ; Dean ' s list. . . LAWRENCE, ROBERT CAMPBELL, JR.; Decotur; DVM. Degree; Omega Tau Sigma. Well, well, my professor ' s daughter VETERINARY HIggs King ,C » ' » Hirshberg Knox Irvin London Kepp Lawrence t ' fi - ' T% Lee Rhodes McCranie Rigdon • ■-? f! . O •H Meeks Rushing Morris Sondrfer m k A imd: Pace Patton Sloon Porter Smith FIRST ROW: LEE, CHARLES EDWARD; Dawson; DVM Degree; Alpha Psi; Veterinarian, Editor, Boxing Team, Captain; Veterinary Science Club, Pres . . McCRANIE, 6ERALD V.; Milon; D V.M. Degree; Omega Tau Sigma; Jr. A.V.M.A. . . . MEEKS, ROBERT LAMAR; Nicholls; DVM Degree; Alpha Zeta; Alpha Psi. . . . MORRIS, DANK; Moysville; DVM. Degree; Omega Tau Sigma . . PACE, WILLIAM EDGAR; Marianna, Flo.; DVM. Degree; Kappa Sigma, Pres.; Alpha Psi, Treas, Pres.; Vet, Science Club; Jr. A.V.M.A. . . . PATTON, GEORGE WILLIAM, JR.; AHanto; DVM. Degree; Omega Tau Sigma . . PORTER, JAMES ELWOOD; Salisbury, N. C; DVM. Degree; Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Psi; Jr. A.V.M.A.; Aero Club; Demosthenian Lit. Soc. SECOND ROW: RHODES, WILLIAM HARLEY West Columbia, S. C; DVM. Degree; Omega Tau Sigma; Veterinarian; Jr. A.V.M.A. . . . RIGDON, CHARLES ROBERT; Tifton; DVM Degree; Alpha Psi; Jr. A.V M A RUSHING, ERNEST BRADLEY, JR.; Stat-esboro; D.V.M. Degree; Omega Tau Sigma; Vet. Science Club; Jr. A V.M. A . . . SANDIFER, JAMES ROBERT; Lo- cust Grove; DVM. Degree . . . SIMS, CHARLES GEORGE; Conyers; D.V.M. Degree; Omega Tau Sigma . . . SLOAN, JESSE S.; Pelham; D.V.M. Degree; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; Vet. Science Club, Vice-Pres. University Village, Councilman, Mayor . . . SMITH, FRANK HOPE; Abingdon, Va.; DVM Degree; Alpha Psi. THIRD ROW: SPECHLER, DAVID H.; Epsilon Phi; Phi Zeta. D.V.M. Degree; Alpha PONT; Blakely; DVM SUBER, PAT; Moultrie; Quincy, Flo.; DVM Degree; Tau STEELE, LEONARD J.; Toccoo; Psi . . STRONG, WILLIAM Du- Degree; Omega Tau Sigma. . . . DVM. Degree; Omega Tau Sigma. FOURTH ROW: TAUL, LeROY KEENAN; Hordinsburg, Ky.; DVM Degree . . . THORNTON, CAREY W., JR.; LoGronge; DVM De- gree; Alpha Psi, Treas , Veterinarian; Vet Science Club; Jr. A.V.M.A. . . . TUTEN, ALLEN V.; Baxley; DVM Degree; Omega Tau Sigma . TYNER, CALVIN EARL; Athens; D.V.M. Degree; Phi Eta S igma; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; Scab- bard and Blade . . . WEAVER, WALTER BOYD; Athens; D.V.M. Degree; Alpha Psi . . WHITEFORD, ROBERT DAN- IEL; Decatur; D.V.M. Degree; Omega Tau Sigma; Jr. A.V. MA ; Medical Technician . . . YARBORO, LEWIS GENE; Shelby, N. C; DVM. Degree; Alpha Psi; Alpha Zeta; Veteri- narian; Jr. A.V.M.A. MEDICINE Spechler Tau! Steele Thornton Strong Tuten m. I Suber Tyner Weover Whiteford Yorboro Alston Andrews Armstrong Austin, L Austin, W. Berzon Blalock Branch Collins, C Collins, 0. Dorsey Earwood Ellett Flowers Fulcher Gwens Harley Hite Holbrook Justice Little Lee MacPherson Midyette O ' Quinn Patton Powell Richardson Riggs Russell Sanders Setser Shackleton Smith Staton Tippins Turn in Van Pelt er Veo tch Will ams FIRST ROW: ALSTON, MAURICE EDWARDS; Athens ANDREWS, WAYLAND DOWNING; Mt. Landing, Va. . . ARMSTRONG, HUGH WATSON; Gastonia, N. C. .. . AUSTIN, L H ; Albemarle, N C AUSTIN, WILLIAM L.; Stockbridge . . BERZON, DAVID R ; Atlanta . . . BLALOCK, HORACE G., JR ; Baskerville, Vo BRANCH, JAMES CURTIS, JR.; Enigma . . . COLLINS, CARLE WILSON, JR., Screven. SECOND ROW: COLLINS, DERON; Macon . DORSEY, NANCY SUE; Atlanta EARWOOD, LUTHER JAY; Biltmore, N C ELLETT, EDWIN WILLARD; Amelia Courthouse, Va. . FLOWERS, THOMAS ED- WARD, Rome . . . FULCHER, OPHUS MARTIN; Mountain Park, N. C . . . GIVENS, PRESTON MILLER; Richmond, Va HARLEY, HERSEL C; Clintwood, Va. HITE, STEPHEN COURTNEY; Athens. THIRD ROW: HOLBROOK, HAROLD HAMILTON; College Park, Md JUSTICE, WILLIAM HAROLD; Pittsboro, N. C. . . . LITTLE, AUBREY LEE, Ayden, N. C. . . . LEE, DONALD EUGENE; Brooks . . MacPHER- SON, RALPH D.; Eoston, Md. . MIDYETTE, NORFLEET WARD; Raleigh, N. C. . . . O ' QUINN, JOE B.; Odum . . . PATTON, CHARLES B.; Abingdon, Vo. . . . POWELL, HARTY STEWART; Rome. FOURTH ROW: RICHARDSON, JOHN H ; College Park, Md RIGGS, BRUCE SKEEN; Homer RUSSELL, LELAND RUSSELL; Beuloville, N. C. SANDERSON, DORSEY A.; Gainesville, Fla. SETSER, MACK SLAGEL; Franklin, N. C. SHACKLETON, CHARLES CALVIN; Durham, N. C. . SMITH, ROY RICHMOND; Cleveland, Va. . STATON, LEMUEL BAKER, Rocky Mount, N. C. . TIPPINS, JESSE G.; Claxton. FIFTH ROW: TUMLIN, JACK THOMAS; Mountain Valley . . . VAN PETTEN, LOUIS ELDREDGE; Taneytown, Md. VEATCH, JULIAN LAMAR; Athens . . . WILLIAMS, ROBERT GREEN; Tampa, Fla. VETERINARY MEDICINE SPECIAL STUDENTS Bromley Bacon Bacon Magotee Banister Mtkami Breedlove Sakomoto FIRST ROW: ASHER, WILLIAM EUGENE; Decatur BACON, PAUL GRANT; Wilchester, England . . . BANISTER, JOYCE ESTES; llo . . . BREED- LOVE, BAILEY 0.; Atlanta. SECOND ROW: BROMLEY, WILLIAM L ; Atlanta MAGATEE, EDWARD V,; Athens . MIKAMI, EIKO; Tokyo, Japan . . . SKAMOTO, TSUYAKO, Tokyo, Japan. ' " •Hj; -I ' :3 ' ' 4 mTm " L A W Andrews Bell Beverly Birdsong Brasclton Bruce Burns Champion Sullens Ford Foster Gambrell Garrett Gibson Hawk Head Hicks Howard Hulbert Hyatt Jackson SENIORS FIRST ROW: ANDREWS, MARY LOUISE; Toccoo; LL.B.; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Delta Delta, president; Professional Pan Hellenic Council, Vice- President; Freshman Class, Sec.-Treas.; Junior Class, Vice-Presi- dent; Women ' s Student Government, President; Pioneer Club; Glee Club; U,G R.A . - BELL, CURTIS H.; Elberton; LL.B. . . BEVERLY, OSCAR DWIGHT; Athens; LL B ; Delta Theta Phi; Beta Alpha Psi . . . BIRDSONG, ANDREW W.; LaGronge; LL.B.; Phi Delta Theta; Demosthenion Lit. Soc; Freshman Law Class, Vice-President; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice . . . BRASELTON, GLENN BOYD, JR.; Pendergross; LL.B., Phi Alpha; Economics Soc; Mayor University Village . . . BRUCE, W. KIRBO; Bain- bridge; LL B.; Phi Alpha Delta; X Club . . . BURNS, WILLIAM MEADE; Atlanta; LL B . . . BURT, MILLIARD PACE; Albany; LL.B.; Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Phi, Pres.; Georgia Bar Journal; Pi Sigma Alpha; " X " Club; Tennis Team, Copt.; Political Science Club, Pres. . . . CARR, JEPTHA RUCK- ER; Athens; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi, Bailiff; Demosthenion Lit. Soc. . . CARTER, WILLIAM CALVIN; Columbus; LL B ; Pi Koppa Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Law Honor Court. THIRD ROW: HAWK, ALTON L.; Atlanta; LL.B , Alpha Tou Omega; Phi Alpha Delta . . HEAD, HENRY C; Buchanan; LL.B. . . . HICKS, ARNOLD; Wrightsville; LL.B.; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Alpha Delta; Junior Low Class, Vice-Pres.; Honor Court; Demos- thenion Lit. Soc. . . HOWARD, HUBERT HOLDER; Ludowici; LL.B., A.B., B.S.; Sigma Chi, Pres ; Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta; " X " Club; Gridiron; Demosthenion Lit. Soc; Law Honor Court . . HULBERT, DAVID PAUL; Irwinton; LL.B. . . . HYATT, CHARLES HOWARD; Atlanta; LL B ; Pi , appa Alpha, Pres ; Phi Alpha Delfo . . JACKSON, PEGGY; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; LL.B.; Alpha Delta Pi . . . KELLY, EUGENE EDWARD; Gainesville; LL.B.; Phi Kappa Tau, Pledge Master; Demosthenion Lit. Soc ; International Relotions Club; Economics Society . . . LARSEN, WILLIAM WASHINGTON, III; Dublin; LL B ; Kappa Alpha, Sec; " X " Club, Georgia Bar Journal; Junior Low Class, Pres.; Phi Delta Phi; Honor Court; Phi Kappa Lit Soc, Pres. . . . LOWIE, OLIVER FRANK; McRae; LL B. SECOND ROW: CHAMPION, JOE S.; Albony; LL.B.; Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta, Demosthenion Lit. Soc; Senior Class President . . . CULLENS, J. R.; Vidolia; LL.B.; Phi Alpha Delta; Georgia Bar Journal, Editor; Demosthenion Lit. Soc; Freshman Class, Vice- President; Soph Class, Sec.-Treas. . . . FORD, CURTIS MILTON; Augusta; LL B FOSTER, RALPH HARRISON; Bluffton; LL B ; Delta Theta Phi; Demosthenion Lit Soc . . GAMBRELL, ROBERT HAGOOD; Atlanta; LL B , Sigma Alpho Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi GARRETT, BETTY FLOYD; Atlanta; LL B ; Koppo Delta; Phi Delta Delta; Senior Class, Sec.-Treas; Student Government; Glee Club; Professional Pan-Hellenic Council . . . GIBSON, ROBERT EDWARD: Athens; LL B ; Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Delta Phi . . . GLENN, JAMES ALLEN, JR.; Carlton; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi; Demosthenion Lit. Soc; International Relations Club . . . GOODMAN, JACK C; Greenville, S. C; LL.B,; Delta Theta Phi; Tou Koppo Alpha; Demosthenion Lit. Soc . GREENSTONE, ALBERT; Staunton, Va.; LL.B.; Phi Epsilon Phi; Phi Koppo Lit. Soc; Inter Fiaternity Council, Treos. Meddin Strickland Newton Vann Parker Waddell Burt Glenn Kelly Corr Goodman Larsen Corter Greenstone Lowie FOURTH ROW- MEDDIN, ARNOLD ROGER; Savonnoh; LL B ; Tau Epsilon Phi . . . NEWTON, WILL HILL, JR.; Griffin; LL B.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres.; " X " Club; International Relations Club, Pres.; Gridiron; Blue Key; Who ' s Who In Ameri- can Universities and Colleges; Thalian Blackfriars; Phi Koppo Lit. Soc; University Theatre, Bus. Mgr ; Golf Team; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha Delta . . . PARKER, BUFORD JETWON; Colum- bus; LL.B.; Chi Phi; Phi Alpha Delta PAYEFF, MANDEL; Aiken, S. C; LL 8 . . . PRITCHARD, MARION C; Woycross; LL.B. Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Delta; Demosthenion Lit. Soc; Honor Court . . . QUILLAN, AL A.; Winder; LL.B., A.B.; Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Demosthenion Lit. Soc. . . . ROBERTS, OWEN G., JR.; Columbus; LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Junior Low Class, Vice- Pres.; Honor Court, Chief Justice, Associate Justice; Law School Student Advisory Committee, Chairman . . ROZAR, GRADY EDWARD; Athens; LL.B. . . . SMALLEY, ROBERT HARRIS; LAW HONOR COURT Standing: Alex King, Wash Larsen, Sam Calhoun, Robert Ennis. Seated: M. C. Pritchard, Wilbur Brooks, Bruce Kirbo. Elberton; LL.B.; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Koppo; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Biftod " X " Club; Pandora, Business Manager; Red and Black, Assistant Bus. Mgr.; Senior Class, Sec.-Treas.; University of Georgia Religious Association, President; Demosthenion Lit. Soc, President . . . STANFIELD, JAMES ALAN; Glennville; LL.B.; Sigma Pi, Pres., Sec; Delta Theto Phi; Demosthenion; Senior Low Class, Vice-Pres.; Inter- Fraternity Council. FIFTH ROW: STRICKLAND, WILLIAM PARKER, JR.; Blocksheor; LL B ; Phi Alpha Delta; Demosthenion Lit. Soc. . . . VANN, FRANK COCHRAN; Comillo; LL.B.; Koppo Alpha; Phi Delta Phi. . . . WADDELL, THOMAS ALTON; Thomoston; LL B ; Blue Key, Pres.; Vice-Campus Leader; Demosthenion Lit. Soc; Wayfarer ' s Club; Phi Alpha Delta; Gridiron . . . WALTERS, CLARENCE DILWORTH; Savannah; LL B.; Sigma Chi . . . WALTHER, ROB- ERT G.; Athens; LL B ; Delta Theta Phi . . . WATERS, RAY- MOND LYNWOOD; Millen; B S.A.; Saddle and Sirloin . . . WOOD, JAMES MINES; Conton; LL.B,; Delta Theta Phi, Treos., Dean; " X " Club . . . WOOD, JAMES HORACE; Atlanta; LL B ; Delta Theta Pi; Freshman Low Class, Pres. . . . YANCEY, BEN- Payeff Walters Pritchard Walther Quillian Waters Roberts Wood Rozar Wood V Smalley Yancey Stonfield Young Argo Barnwell Blackman Boulineau Beaver Brookins Chilivis Cobb Cork Drake Edwards Ennis Fell Fitzgibbons Ford Gilreath Griffith Guess Hardie Hare Harrington Harris Hathaway Herndon, R. Herndon, W. Hopkins Johnson, C. Johnson, T. Jolles, H. Jolles, 1. Jones Jordan Keene Kecter Kelley King Kocevor Kruger McConnell Mathews May Meddin Miley Nelson Owens Palmour Phillips Ruth Scarbrough Silver Steljes Thompson Williams, A. Williams, F FIRST ROW: ARGO, ROBERT EUGENE, JR , Atlanta . BARNWELL, CHARLES FRANKLIN, Atlanto; BLACKMAN, WALTER MARLOWE; Cairo . . BOULINEAU, ROBERT MILLER, JR ; Augusta BAUER, RAYMOND; Rochester, N. Y. BROOKINS, ERNEST DOYLE; Cairo . CHILIVIS, NICKOLAS P.; Athens . . COBB, WAYMAN E.; Decatur CORK, ROBERT LANDER; Greenville, S. C. SECOND ROW: DRAKE, ROBERT MONTGOMERY; Albany EDWARDS, CRAWFORD BROWN; Macon ENNIS, ROBERT SHELDON; Atlanta FELL, GORDON S.; Trenton, N. J. FITZGIBBONS, PATRICK FRANCIS, JR.; Cordele . FORD, RICHARD MARSHALL; Miami, Flo. GILREATH, CHARLES M ; Cartersville . GRIFFITH, JACK TATE; Atlanta . GUESS, JOHN HARRISON; Decatur. THIRD ROW: HARDIE, MARVIN BURKE; Bloomingdale HARE, WILLIAM CHES- TER; Hompstead, Md. . HARRINGTON, WILTON DANIEL; Plain- field . . HARRIS, JAMES BARRON; Atlanta . HATHAWAY, J. A., JR.; Folkston . . HERNDON, ROBERT HARVEY; Milledgeville . . HERNDON, WILLIAM BARCLAY; Snellville HOPKINS, CHARLES EDWARD; Lindale . . JOHNSON, COY ROBERT; Porter- dale. FOURTH ROW: JOHNSON, TROY J.; Porterdale JOLLES, HOWARD PARRILL; Augusta . JOLLES, ISAAC SEYMOUR; Augusta JONES, WIL- LIAM THOMAS; Albany JORDAN, WILLIAM H , JR.; Monticello . . . KEENE, KENNETH RAY; Athens . KEETER, EDWARD F., JR.; Athens . . . KELLEY, GEORGE LORENZE; Fredericksburg, Va. . KING, CLARENCE BILLY; Adairsville. FIFTH ROW: KOCEVAR, KARL FRANCIS; Charleroi, Pa KRUGER, MELVIN IRVIN; Live Oak, Fla, McCONNELL, PATRICIA ANN, Decatur . . . MATTHEWS, DOROTHY WYNETTE; Decatur MAY, EARLE B., JR.; Bainbndge . . . MEDDIN, DAVID LAWRENCE; Savannah . . . MILEY, BARBARA JEAN; Hohiro . NELSON, CARL K., JR.; Dublin . . . OWENS, WILBUR DAWSON, JR.; Albany SIXTH ROW: PALMOUR, ALBERT CECIL; Trion PHILLIPS, W. BARRY; Val- dosta . RUTH, THOMAS L., JR ; Chicago, III SCARBOR- OUGH, JOHN CLEMONS, JR.; Roberta . SILVER, MURRAY MEN- DEL; Savannah . . STELLJES, GEORGE, JR.; Macon THOMP- SON, HARRY FRED; Macon . WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER DYER; Douglas . . . WILLIAMS, FRANK CARSWELL; Atlanta. LAW JUNIORS AND FRESHMEN All dressed up just to play that piano? Just usual registration headaches. nd In bet ween classed to .- i UNIVERSITY of GEORGIA SESQUI -CENTENNIAL GRADUATt ' DIVISION More displays. Displays on celebration day. r ' ■• ' j Presidential problems In the president ' s new home. 150 ueard: a areat univerditu Serving for Chorter Day luncheon. keened ahen from i harter IdJau (celebration A till ' mNSAm ' Wf ' r RATERNITIES PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Two representatives from each of the fourteen sororities form the Pan-Hellenic Council. The presi- dency rotates among the sororities. Foremost among the efforts of the Pan-Hellenic Council are the for- mulation of sound rushing rules, encouragement of superior scholorship, and creation of harmony be- tween the sororities. It is the governing body of all sororities. OFFICERS President GILDA BLOOM Delfa Phi Epsilon Vice-President WILMA FLORENCE Chi Omega Secretary FRAN THOMASON Kappa Kappa Gamma Treasurer JO LANE CHEEVES Alpho Delta Pi Scholarship Chairman MILDRED MATTHEWS Pi Beta Phi President Bloom OFFICERS, ON FLOOR: Cheeves, Matthews, Thomason. SEATED: Bloom, Florence. Sororities participate in homecoming. Oil I Lv iv. iviunei L oiier, iviomie Lee icorr, Renee inenoerg, Baroara DiacK, Joan Kosenthal, Millie Mathews, Wilma Florence, JoLane Cheeves, Mary Liz Jackson, Jean McLellan, Mary Andrews SEATED: Jackie ShaUles, Joyce Roberts, Mono Giassman Cohn, Julie Ellen Askew, Fran Thomason, Joyce Thomas. STANDING: Joan Ruden, Polli Powell, Sue Houch, Gilda Bloom. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Mamie Lee Scott Muriel Dozier DELTA DELTA DELTA Mary Andrews Jean McLellan PHI MU Mary Thomas Julia Ellen Askew ALPHA DELTA PI Barbara Black Jo Lane Cheeves DELTA PHI EPSILON Joan Ruden Mono Giassman PI BETA PHI Millie Matthews Mary Elizabeth Jackson ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Joan Levers Polli Powell KAPPA ALPHA THETA Katherine Gates Erskine Forgy SIGMA DELTA TAU Renee Steinberg Joan Rosenthal ALPH OMICRON PI Carol Stewart Marty Martin KAPPA DELTA Rusleen Potts Sue Houch ZETA TAU ALPHA Joyce Roberts Jackie Shattles CHI OMEGA Wilma Florence Anne Bleakley KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Fran Thomason Joyce Thomas 71 A II t, S«»5 h y h:r LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Lanford, Ellington, Kelley, Core, Foodoll. SECOND ROW Boiemore, Borger, Weill, Horrii, Croom, Underwood, Coile, Sheppord. THIRD ROW: Steed, Coousins, Coboniss, Thomoson, Goldsmith, Council, Corpenter. FOURTH ROW: Wheeler, Scorboro, MocDonold, Moxley, King, Teat, Walker. FIFTH ROW Toole, McComy, Howes. Thomp- son, Grow, Knight. SIXTH ROW: Newton, Scott, Teal, Sickel, Mrs. Alexonder, Bargren, Mohone, Foster. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega was founded at DePauw Uni- versity in 1885. The flower is the red carnation and colors are scarlet and olive green. Beta Sigma chap- ter was established at the University of Georgia in 1937. OFFICERS President MAMIE LEE SCOTT Vice-President JAN ELLINGTON Secretory MARY ANN CORE, BETTIE FOSTER Treasurer POLLY WOODALL MEMBERS Beverly Almond Alta Barger Janice Bargren Betty Bazemore Murray Boyd Isabelle Cabaniss Nell Callahan Ann Carpenter Mary Christian Andree Coile Mary Ann Core Winifred Council Virginia Cousins Gayle Croom Muriel Dozier Jo Ann Ellington Bettie Foster Terry Goldsmith Sherrie Grow Lucy Harris Ann Howes Anne Kelly Betty King Jean Knight Janice Lanford Katie Lou McDonald Ann McCarry Joan Mahoney Barbara Martin Betty Moxley Mickey Newton Lurene Redmond Joyce Scarboro Mamie Lee SCott Frances Sheppard Marilyn Sickel Mary Martha Smith Edna Earle Steed Evelyn Teal Beverly Ann Teat Frances Thomason Gwendolyn Thompson Emy Toole Claudette Underwood Polly Walker Virginia Warren Annella Wells Doris Wells Barbara Wheeler Ezmee Whyte Polly Woodall Left to right, first row: Foster, Core, Woodall, Walker. Second row; Toole, Scott, Ellington LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW. Kennedy, Greene, Mocueh, Bynum, Waters, Well.. SECOND ROW Mixe, Stornes, Chevej. Black, Bryan, Baird, Fowler, O ' Neil, Jockson. THIRD ROW: Randolph, Birge, Delllnger, Boddie, Gorton, Gnttin, Goethe. FOURTH ROW: Gibbons, Coleman, Scroggins, Echols, Sheffield, Council, Johnson. FIFTH ROW Todd, Johnson, Gorton, Zetterower, Saunders, Matthews, Harper, Doniel. SIXTH ROW: Leach, Smith, Dugger, Short, Bicker, Hordy, Ridelhuber. SEVENTH ROW: Edge, Green, Strong, Maxwell, Pund, Ivins, Parks. EIGHTH ROW: Jenkins, Weeks, Holmes, Sanders. Holmes A., Seiti, Ingrom, Meiere, Fuleher, Peckham, Chipley. NINTH ROW: Trimble, Mooreficid, Commock, Dunn, Fuller, Glisson, Pierce. ALPHA DELTA AF ' iriEP,. Alpha Delta Pi was founded in Macon, Georgia, May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan College. Beta-Nu Chap- ter was established on the University campus in 1933. This year the sorority is celebrating its one hundredth birthday. The centennial celebration will be held in Macon, Georgia, the scene of its founding, in June. Many members of Alpha Delta Pi from its seventy- seven chapters will be present. OFFICERS President BARBARA BLACK Vice-President JOLANE CHEVES Corresponding Secretary LU STARNES Recording Secretory MARJORIE FOWLER Treasurer ELIZABETH BAIRD Martha Bush Allman Elizabeth Baird Carolyn Becker Joan Birge Barbara Black Frances Boddie Ann Carter Burdell Emily Bynum Audrey Cammack Jo Lane Cheves Eliza Chipley Elizabeth Coleman Claire Council Jenny Daniel Ann Dellinger Barbara Du Bois Sally Dugger Dot Dunn Nancy Carter Echols Sue Edge Sue Ellis Marjorie Fowler Joanne Fulcher Betty Fuller Jackie Gorton Marianne Gorton Norma Gibbons Mary Glisson Janet Goethe Ludie Gray Rosanne Gray Gail Greene MEMBERS Jean Grear Jan Griffin Hannah Grimes Joe Hardy Joanne Harper Augusta Holmes Nell Holmes Kitty Hopkins Rutledge Ingram Nancy Lou Ivins Judy Jackson Ruth Jenkins Elizabeth Johnson Mary Johnson Betty Kennedy Janet Lawrence Lynn Leach Diddie Macuch Molly Mathews Marbara Maxwell Barbara Maxwell Marion Meiere Ann Mize Sally Moorefield Carolyn Newton Jackie Parks Carolyn Peckham Peggy Pierce Harriet Pund Pat Randolph Betty Ridelhuber Marion Sanders Peggy Jo Saunders Juanita Scroggins Barbara Seitz Joanne Sheffield Peggy Short Elizabeth Smith Lu Starnes Frances Strong Jean Trimble Ann Waters Ann Weeks Tinka Wells Joyce Woods Jackie Zetterower firs row Starnes, Baird, Fowler. Second row: Block, Cheves LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Lonkenou, Shimp, Hmm: fMSm!MmC mf.m wn, Trunkey, S. Walters, Turner, Thorp, Wood. THIRD ROW: Crowford, J. Williams, Farrior. Foles, TOVrC MHflrStomfnftlURTH ROW: Davidson, Boxemore, Shottuck, Lott, Fortune, Snider, Betters. FIFTH ROW: Jones, C. Williams, Griffin, Bodgett, DeLoy, Boggs, Biermon, Poulk. SIXTH o, ..,. ...,-._ »., . , Culpepper. Moson; Middlebrooks. Allen R. Willioms. S " ALPHA GAMMA DELTA mPHA C Alpha Gamma Delta was founded May 2, 1904, at Syracuse University. There are now 62 active chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Gamma Alpha Chapter was founded at the Univer- sity of Georgia on May 29, 1932. The fraternity colors are red, buff, and green. Outstanding accom- plishments for the year include second place in intra- murals, high scholastic average, and the presidents of Women ' s Athletic Association, and Student Gov- ernment. OFFICERS President JOAN LEVINS Vice President SHIRLEY FALES Secretary BETTY CULPEPPER Treasurer BARBARA ALLEN MEMBERS Barbara Allen Jean Bazemore Sandra Badgett Jo Ann Bierman Janet Bond Ann Betters Vivian Boggs Nancy Boyd Nancy Bridges Ann Brown Mariam Crawford Betty Culpepper Mimi Davis Marianne Davidson Marilyn DeLay Shirley Fales Betty Farrior Eddie Fortune Phyllis Grandy Peggy Griffen Mary Alice Home Mug Jones Marian Killingsworth Catherine Lankenau Joan Levens Aileen Lott Sylvia Mason Marilyn Meeks Sallie Middlebrooks Marguerite Moss Lucy Nickerson Lynn Paud Cynthia Peavy Polli Powell Gloria Ray Sue Roberts Sue Shatttuck Betty Shimp Leila Sisson Barbara Smith Mary Snider Shirley Thorpe Billie Trunkey Solly Tucker Morceline Turner Frankie Walters Shirley Walters Cora Williams Jo Williams Rose Williams Beverly Wood Culpepper, Poles, Levens, Allen. AU II LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Underwood, Leopold, Neidlinger, Arnold, Ellis. SECOND ROW James, Myriek, Stewort, Young, Martin. THIRD ROW: Cole, Colbert, Curron, Huie, Lynk. FOURTH ROW: Finley, Streetmon, Moddox, Hogon, Hogon, B. FIFTH ROW: Wolker, Ewolt, Allen, Adams, Veol, Campbell. SIXTH ROW: Weems, Brooks, Privette, Estey, Hildreth. SEVENTH ROW: Bird, Chapman, Moore, Geeslon, West, Taylor, Church. EIGHTH ROW Roberts, Clork, Hamilton, Howord, Ulivo, Kohlman. ALPHA OM I C RO N P :;, HA ' P ' TER L ambda Sigma Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was established at the University of Georgia in 1935. The flower is the Jacquominot rose and the color is cardinal. Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Branard College, Columbia University, in 1897. OFFICERS President CAROL STEWART Vice-President MARTY MARTIN Corresponding Secretary SARAH MYRICK Recording Secretary SUE JAMES Treasurer MARY YOUNG Marilyn Adams Phyllis Allen Mary An Arnold Betty Bird Bobby Brooks Sally Campbell Sarah Chapman Margaret Ann Church Billie Jean Clark Jane Colbert Julia Cole Pot Ellis Joy Estey Janice Ewalt Mary Ellen Finley MEMBERS Carolyn Geeslin Gloria Hamilton Judith Hildreth Barbara Hogan Betty Ann Hogan June Howard Emily Huie Sue James Anie Laurie Keel Shirley Kist Laura Kohlman Becky Leopold Zelda Lynk Julia Maddox Marty Martin Georgia Moore Sarah Myrick Judy Neid linger Marilyn Privette Sarah Ann Roberts Carol Stewart Alyce Strutman Gwen Taylor Jo Taylor Monica Ulico Barbara Underwood Phyllis Veal Margaret Vonier June Walker Ann Weems Mary Young LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ray, Lombart, Davis, Sims, Parriih, McMonus. SECOND ROW Pilcher, Terry, Wcllman, Striffler, Steiner, Garrer. THIRD ROW: Stricklans, Scott, Thurmond, Bleokley, King, Brown, Fite. FOURTH ROW: Sweet- land, Vance, Barrett, Herry, DuPre, McNeel, Wotkins. FIFTH ROW: Boynes, Lunsford, Martin, Sharp, Austen, Talmadge. SIXTH ROW: Tye, Simmons. Leyburn. Joiner, Joy, Soule, Hill. SEVENTH ROW: Lehr, Elder, Horkan, Mayes, Mrs. Davis, Babbitt, Chambers, Rogittar. C H I OMEGA Mu Beta Chapter of Chi Omega was the second sorority on the University of Georgia campus, being installed in 1922. It was founded at the University of Arkansas on April 5, 1895. At present there are 107 active chapters. The flower is the white carna- tion, and the colors are cardinal and straw. The chapter gives an award for outstanding achievement in social science each year. OFFICERS President WILMA FLORENCE Vice-President VIRGINIA LEYBURN Secretary BETTY BRUCE Treasurer JULIANNE MORGAN Celeste Barnett Barbara Baynes Ann Bleakley Nancy Bobbett Jane Boyd Jean Boyd Jean Brown Betty Bruce Nancy Brumbeck Carolyn Butts Joan Chambers Mary Chance Judith Davis Mildred Deaver Leiia DuPree Peggy Elder Louise Fitz Wilma Florence Marion Fowler Joan Garner Helen Hayes Honey Hill Olif Horkin Barbara I son Jane Jay Beverly Joiner Foster Jones Ladre King Lucy Lane Lambert Lea Ann Lehr Virginia Leyburn Marylin Lunsford Jan Martin Pat McManus Nancy Mayes Ellen Merry Jean Miller Loise McNeil Julianne Morgan Nancy Neil Joyce Parrish Dorothy Scot! Virginia C. Simmons Patsy Gay Simms Katherine SoLile Ann Sweetland Peggy Striffler Sue Terry Lucy Talmadge Carolyn Thurmond Amy Watkins Ruth Wellman Bobby Vane LEFT TO RIGHT: Bruce, Leyburn, Florence, Morgan LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: McClellon. Cramer, Boyce, Bunn, Bcelond, Twitty, Little, Kimbrougk. SECOND ROW: Monroe, Sewell, Hoyt, Parker, McMullin, Edge, Morriten, Laine. THIRD ROW: Cheek, McDonald, Nason, Davis, Moore, Lehning, White. FOURTH ROW: Howze, Fonythc, Thompson, Mitchell, Lindor, Gilmorc, Larson. FIFTH ROW Westbrook, Salmon, Forrcll, Davenport, Andrews, Harris, Lee, Wise, -Preston, McGuire, Yates. DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Delta Delta was founded at Boston University in 1889. Its flower is the pansy and its colors are silver, gold, and blue. Alpha Rho chapter was estab- lished at the University of Georgia in March of 1934. OFFICERS President MARY ANDREWS Vice-President FRANCES SEWELL Secretary JACQUELINE MORRISON Treasurer KATHERINE PARKER MEMBERS Mary Andrews Joyce Askins Alice Avera Bevery Beeland Bertha Boyce Lenora Bunn Danna Chappell Mary Luna Cheek Mary Truitt Compher Carroll Conroy Nancy Cramer Margaret Davenport Sandra Davis Nancy Dickinson Evelyn Edge Charlene Forsythe Anne Gilmore Beth Kimbrough Jo Ann Hall Patricia Howze Morjorie Hoyt Joan Larson Mary Sue Laine Lynn Lee Nancy Lehning Betty Lindor Betty Little Jean McClellan Mary McDonald Jane McMullm Phyllis McMullin Laura McGuire Elizabeth Mitchell Jean Moore Florence Monroe Jacqueline Morrison Jo Ann Nason Katherine Parker Gloria Preston Jean PurYeor Patsy Salmon Frances Sewell Ann Stephens Margaret Ann Thompson Leah Twitty Jane Vickery Beverly Westbrook Coroll Wise Beth White Nancy Yates Left to right, on floor: Morrison, Monroe, Parker. Seated: Sewell, Andrews LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Meultok, Faingold, Voone, Berlin, Chernoff. SECqt Pf: Wengro, Abromson, Piossick, Simmons, Blumingthol, Segal. THIRD ROW: Glassmon, Rubinson, Gilmore, Center, Bloom, Franklin. FOURTH ROW Spork, Barish, Appel, Ginsberg, Aorons, Miller. FIFTH ROW: Stock, Alper, Shrieber, Weinstein, Sturman, Sher, Mark. SIXTH ROW Green, Gerstein, Feinberg, Setier, Cohen, Licberman. SEVENTH ROW: Gilmon, Cohen, Alhedeff, Mrs. Steinberg, Ghitter, Wilensky, Cooper, Berman. EIGHTH ROW: Cohen, Ruden, Albert, Alpern. DELTA PHI EPSILON A ICEiRH J Delta Phi Epsilon was founded in 1917 at New York University. Psi Chapter was established on the University of Georgia Campus in 1935. The flower is the pansy, and the colors are royal blue and pure gold. OFFICERS President JOAN RUDEN Vice-President MONA GLASSMAN Recording Secretary DORIS ALBERT Corresponding Secretary SHIRLEE CHERNOFF Treasurer GILDA BLOOM Pledge Mother MARCIA AARONS MEMBERS Ma re i a Aarons Marissa Abramson Doris Albert Jeanette Alhadeff Marilyn Alper Simone Alpern Betty Appel Joyce Barish Eleanor Berlin Norma Jean Berman Gilda Bloom Joyce Blumenthal Helen Center Shirlee Chernoff Janice Cohen Lynne Cohen Rella Cohen Francine Cooper Jone Elkins Marcic Feinberg Irene Feingold Elaine Franklin Irma Fox Middy Gherstein Leah Ghitter Elaine Gilman Chippy Gilmore Betty Sue Ginsberg Mono Glassman Mitzi Green Annette Liebermon Dorothy Mark Delores Moltack Nancy Miller Diane Piossick Harriette Rubinson Joen Ruden Namci Schrieber Barbara Segal Faye Setzer Carol Sher Dorothy Simmons Joan Spark Kitty Stock Toby Sturman Irene Vrono Elain Weinstein Ann Wesgrow Peggy Wilensky LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW: Bloom .Albert, Chernoff. SECOND ROW: Aorons, Glassman, Ruden LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Hood, Forehand, Richardion, Gotet, Proctor, Mock, Mew. SECOND ROW: Rondoll, Myers, Parr, Cole, Register, Powell, Johnson. THIRD ROW: Cliott, Sellers, Kennedy, MeCrorey, Thorpe, Fickling, Cox, Bridges. FOURTH ROW: Newton, Tingle, Adamson, Brown, Hunter, Irvin, Morris, Kemp. FIFTH ROW: Cooper, Adams, Price, Ellis, Wilson, Butler. SIXTH ROW: Little, Sawyer, Mn. Norman, Parker, Taylor, Jackson. KAPPA ALPHA THETA Kappa Alpha Theta sorority was founded in 1870 at DePauw University, Greencostle, Indiana. It was the first Greek letter fraternity known among women. Gamma Delta was founded at the University of Geor- gia in 1935. The colors are black and gold, end the flower is the block and gold pansy. OFFICERS President KATHERINE GATES Vice President ANN JACKSON Corresponding Secretory HARRIET PARKER Recording Secretary LORETTA CROCKETT Treasurer ELIZABETH PRICE House President LORETTA CROCKETT MEMBERS Judy Adams Marion Bell Edith Blair Nancy Brown Barbara Bridges Ruth Cliatt Alice Cole Loretta Crockett Florence Forehand Erskine Forgy Barbara Jean Fussell Katherine Gates Pat Hunter Ludie An Irvin Ann Jackson Eleanor Jones Joanne Kemp Sybil Kennedy Margaret Mew Frances Mock Nancy McCrorey Harriett Parker Lillian Powell Elizabeth Price Gloria Parr Micley Sellars Betty Jane Tingle Clare Taylor LEFT TO RIGHT: Parker, Gates, Price, Powell, Jackson. .Jim Left to right, first ROW; Fischer, Moulden, Bornhort, Pender, Lonier, Harwell. SECOND ROW: Shuman, Hes»er, Hecker, Pittmon, Martin, Bright, Lawther, Morris. THIRD RCW. Emmerick, Callahan, Kyser, Fuller, Garrett, Maclaehlan, Paradise, Leverette. FOURTH ROW: McBride, Ketterson, Piott, Carper, Hambrick, Mouldin, Elyea, PraM, Gozo. FIFTH ROW: Allen, Long, Bremer, Tate, Gwynn, Abney, Wilson, Donovan. SIXTH ROW: Reynolds, Houck, Cole, Stointon, Cruteher, Weir, Rice, Lawther. SEVENTH ROW: Potts, Allen, Rackley, Harvey, Yarbrough, Dohlberg, McGee, Morgoridge, f eoce, Woyt. KAPPA DELTA Kappa Delta sorority was founded at the State Normal School, Fcrnville, Virginia, on October 23, 1897. At present there are 80 active chapters and 204 alumnae chapters. The pin is a diamond shield; the colors, olive green and pearl white; and the flow- er, the white rose. Sigma Phi chapter was established on the University of Georgia campus twenty-six years ago. OFFICERS Pre sident RUSLEEN POTTS Vice-President BETTY CARPER Secretory JACKIE FOSTER Treasurer BETTIE BOLLINGER MEMBERS Frances Abney Dottie Allen Teeny Allen Mary Jane Barnhart Peggy Bremer Bettie Bollinger Ruth Bright Shirley Caine Betty Callahan Betty Carper Frissie Carter Barbara Cole Kotherine Crutcher Avalo Donovan Rose Elyea Bertie Emmerick Betty Jean Fisher Jackie Foster Joanne Fuller Betty Garrett Pat Goza Jane Gwynn Jane Hambrick Katheryn Harvey June Harwell Betty Hecker Jean Hester Sue Hauck Mary Ann Hodges Lyn Ketterson Left to right: Foster, Potts, Carper, Bollinger Helen Kyser Patti Lanier Pat Lawther Sammy Lawther Rebecca Leverette Jackie Long Marcia Maclachlan Teeny Martin Jerry Mauldin Barbara Morgaridge Clara Morris Gloria Mauldin Peggy McBride Joanne McGee Becky Paradise Rachael Peace Harriett Pender Sister Pittman Rusleen Potts Sara Pratt Jean Rackley Frankie Reynolds Jane Rice Martha Shuman Mary Louise Stainton Lily Starling Kotherine Tate Nancy Trevillyan Josephine Wayt Clara Nell Whelchel Ruth Wilson Hill, Brondt, McNiren, Helton. THIRD ROW: Shroder, Anderson, Bobcock, Hill, Bennett, Miller, Gordner, Lanier. FOURTH ROW: Hull, Jordan, Whatley, McGehee, King, Parker, Thampson, VonNess, Smythe. FIFTH ROW Church, Beck, Hill, Alexander, Stroiier, Btockmar. SIXTH ROW: Bradley, Bell, Thompson, Battle. SEVENTH ROW: Sherlock, Swint, Thomo- son, Lundvall, Breen, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA DELI liHAPTER Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in 1870. The golden key is its pin, light and dark blue ore its colors, and the fleur-de-lis is its flower. Delta Upsilon Chapter was founded at the University of Georgia February 14, 1948. Outstanding accomplishments for the past year include first place in intramurals, first place in the " Z " night skit, first place in the Sigma Chi Derby, and second place in scholarship. OFFICERS President FRAN THOMASON Vice-President DIANNE CASTLE Recording Secretary JOANNE CHURCH Corresponding Secretory BETTY BABCOCK Treasurer CECELIA SHERLOCK MEMBERS Amelia Adams Abbie Alexander Mary Alexander Anita Anderson Betty Babcock Barbara Bassford Betty Battle Kitty Beck Mary Bell Jean Bennett Hildegarde Bergen Sue Blackmor Anne Bradley Barbara Brandt Maebelle Breen Dianne Castle Joanne Church Ann Crawford Alice Erwin Mary Ann Fuller Suzanne Gardner Patti Gibson Anne Halter Barbara Hill Martha Hill Suzanne Hill Margery Hitch Nancy Lee Holt Mimi Holton Natalie Hull LEFT TO RIGHT: Thomason, Babcock, Castle, Sherlock. Wilhelmina Jordan Martha King Martha Lanier Ashby Lippittt Marilyn Lundvall Lois Mathas Patricia McCormick Marilyn McGeehee Peggy McNiven Margaret Miller Martha Myers Kitty Parker Lisa Paul Cherie Poe Cecelia Sherlock Ann Shoun Sara Louise Shroder Anne Smythe Ann Sturgis Nelle Strozier Mary Ann Swint Joyce Thomas Fran Thomason Barbara Thompson Mary Thompson Metteleen Thompson Grace Van Ness Wanda Vogt Beth Whatley ■■aa unficuuBuiiiiMZi !: owaii, AiCSwrlutts, Davis, Thomas, Daniel, Simpson. SECOND ROW: Williamson, Pckor, Durden, Moore, Mrs. Mudd, McDowell, Smith, Whorton. THIRD ROW: Schomberg, Rogers, Koy, Fombro, Lane, Moldcr. Wesley. FOURTH ROW Miller, Peovy, Arnold, CoHey, Mooreland. Cormichoel, Brown. FIFTH ROW: Johnson, Fuquo, Sealy, Mollory, Longely, Aultmon, Terry. SIXTH ROW: Gan», Glover, McCormick, Harden, Morrow, Drowdy, Williams, McKinney. SEVENTH ROW: Patch, Rond, McColl, Clorke, Taliaferro, Gilbert, Show, Hatchings, Hodgson, Nixon, Powell, Froser. EIGHTH ROW Crowe, Gleaton, Blitch, Dowling, Johnson, Hoyt, Williams, Woodoll, DuPree, Whetstone, Moron, H M U kPTER Alpha Alpha Chapter of Phi Mu was the pioneer sorority on the University of Georgia campus, being established in 1921. It was founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 and has 66 active chapters. The pin is black and gold, the colors are rose and white, and the flower is the enchantress carnation. OFFICERS President MARY THOMAS Vice-President SUSAN McCALL Secretary CARTER DANIEL Treasurer SHIRLEY PEKOR MEMBERS Lillian Abbott Augusta Arnold Julia Ellen Askew Suzanne Aultman Shirley Blitch Betty Brown Jean Butts Helen Caffey Ann Carmichael Freda Clarke Faye Cochran Judy Cooledge Dottie Crowe Carter Daniel Lou Davis Ginger Davis Joanne Dowling Charlotte Drawdy Sarah Ann Dupree Mary Ann Durden Betty Rose Fambro Adele Flournoy Nancy Fraser Jane Fuqua Harriet Gant Mary Gilbert Ann Gleaton Jonsie Glover Sister Harden Marie Hodgson Corrie Hoyt Mary Hutchins Jackie Johnson Katherine Johnson Mary Lane LEFT TO RIGHT: Pekor, Thomas, McCall, Daniel. Betty Langley Susan McCall Stella McDowell Mary An McKinney Mary Ann Miller Jane Molder Jane Moore Joanne Mooreland Blanch Mallary Cynthia Morrow Sally Nixon Alta Lee Patch Patsy Peavy Shirley Pekor Judy Powell Martha Rand Mable Rogers Jane Schombera Solly Sealy Carolyn Shaw Martha Simpson Suzanne Smith An Taliaferro Bettv Terry Marv Thomas Cnrol Westbrook Eva Whet-stnne Jov Wilkes Carolyn Williams Georae Williams Eleanor Williamson nJnet Weslev Ann Whorton Peggy Woodall i s- K LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Fiveosh, Miller, J., Butcher, Matthews, Twitty, Smith, H. SECOND ROW: Durdin, Kelly, D ' Agostino, Robinson, Sledelberg, O ' Neill. THIRD ROW: Smith, T., Thompson, F., Johnson, Burns, Terry, N., Stegoli. FOURTH ROW: Roy, Smith, A., Smith M., Collowoy, Westbrook, Jorrell. FIFTH ROW: Phillips, Greene, Turner, George J., Hoys. SIXTH ROW Word, Burton, Acker, Hollar, Clapp, Stelling. SEVENTH ROW: Wholey, Terry, J., Noland, Miller, D., Montgomery, Linger, Thornton, Garrison. EIGHTH ROW: Hoiley, Jackson, M. E. Cobb, Holt, Hutchins, Smith, H., Harrison, LeFiles, Blades, Shoemoker. NINTH ROW: Horstman, Cooper, Molsberger, Mullin, Rogers, Correll. p I BETA P H I GEORGII ' li Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College in 1867 and now has more than 98 active chapters in the United States and Canada. Georgia Alpha Chap- ter was established on the campus in 1939. The flower is the wine carnation and the colors are wine and silver blue. OFFICERS President MILDRED MATTHEWS Vice-President CHRISTINE WHALEY Recording Secretary TECKLA STELLING Corresponding Secretary HELEN SMITH Treasurer MARY ELIZABETH JACKSON MEMBERS Ann Acker Mary Ellen Blades Bettty Branan Bobbie Ann Burns Barbara Burtton Beneryly Butcher Trudie Calloway Joyce Carrell Carolyn Chambers Frances Clapp Joyce Cobb Virginia Cooper Anna D ' Agostino Delaine Durden Patsy Fiveash Sue Gardner Jackie Garrison Anita George Jean George Vickie Greene Charlotte Hailey Brenda Harrison Betty Hays Barbara Holler Shirley Holt Mary Horsman Lonnette Hutchins Elizabeth Jackson Mary Elizabeth Jackson Carole Kelley Beth LeFiles Gretchen Long Janice Molsberger Prudenc Marshmon Mildred Matthews Delores Miller Cherrye Montgomery Ann Mullin Patricio Nolond Emily An O ' Neill Ann Phillips Jean Robinson Sarah Rogers Patti Roy Hilda Shoemaker Bonnie Shrubar Mariano Sieldelberg Ann Smith Myra Smith Helen H. Smith Helen R. Smith Theresa Smith Carlin Speir Betty Stegall Teckia Stalling Jo Ann Terry Nancy Terry Jean Thornton Frannie Thompson Mary Thompson Suzanne Twitty Joonn Unger Ann Word Sallie Westbrook Christine Whaley Diane Williams Margie Turner OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Jackson, Smith, Stelllng. SECOND ROW: Matthews, Whaley. !l i»M: iei;iiwai!w; «iv . enouer, Rosenthal, Steinberg, Aeper, Poris, Rosolio. SECOND ROW: Breckmon, Silver, Berkmon, Lincoln, Hirsh, Krowcheck. THIRD ROW: Gorber, Belson, Reismon, Burger, Crystol, Stein. FOURTH ROW; Lipsey, Fieldi, Levine, Steinberg, Cohen, Morris. FIFTH ROW: Konner, Seigel, Glenn, Birlort, Felson. SIXTH ROW: Hirsh, Mrs. Downs, Blum. SIGMA DELTA TAU PTLIlll. Sigma Delta Tau was founded at Cornell Univer- sity on March 25, 1924. Eta Chapter had its begin- ning on the University of Georgia campus in 1924, and the chapter was renewed in 1945. Twenty-eight active chapters of Sigma Delta Tau now function with cafe au lait and blue their colors and the tea rose their flower. Eta ' s tea rose bloomed in 1949 with the opening of their first house. OFFICERS President RENEE STEINBERG Vice-President FRANCES ALPER Secretary JOAN ROSENTHAL Corresponding Secretary MIRIAM PARIS Treasurer SARA DESSAUER MEMBERS Frances Alper Arlene Belson Sarah Berkman Marvin Binlant Dorothy Blum Sandra Bogin Rita Brickman Audrey Butka Mary Ann Cohen Barbara Crista! Sarah Dessauer Sally Felson Barbara Fields Nancy Garber Shirley Hirsh Beverly Hirsh Barbara Kahn Norma Kanner Sherelyn Krawchwck Vivian Levine Rita Lincoln Elsa Kipsey Sarah Ann Morris Hennah Reisman Joan Rosenthal Marilyn Rosalio Marion Seigel Rita Silver Myna Stein Renie Stenberg Barbara Steinberg LEFT TO RIGHT Paris, Rosenthal, Steinberg, Alper, Dessouer. v. i ' e L LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST R0 son, Ziegler, Baker, Blatch Twiggs, Jones, Grice, H ROW: Buckley, Dougltf ■• 1 Gilberir; Chapman, Wallace, Boswell, Hazen. D ROW: Mosteller, Baggett, Jorgenson, P( Noell. FIFTH ROW: Salter, Poole, SKottles, b Surrey. y ■ Dickens, Griner, Thomp- Brown. FOURTH ROW; , Hoffer. Weaver. SIXTH -i Z E T A T A U ALPHA r MA P Zeta Tau Alpha, international fraternity for women, was founded at Longwood College, Farnville, Virginia, October 15, 1898. The pin is a shield with a smaller shield raised on the surface. The colors are turquoise and steel gray. There are 24,000 alumnae groups from all over the world in the fraternity. Gamma Pi chapter, the 83rd of the 88 chartered chapters, was installed at the University of Georgia on November 5, 1949, and is the youngest on the campus. OFFICERS President JOYCE ROBERTS Vice-President JACKIE SHATTLES Secretary SHIRLEY DOUGLAS Treasurer FRANCES GRICE Historian VIRGINIA LEE SURRY MEMBERS Mavis Baggatt Jackie Baker Marty Blatchford Frances Boswell Betty Brannen Alice Brown Grace Buckley Jan Chapman Joyce Dawson Dolores Dickens Shirley Douglas Martha Edenfield Evelyn Gilbert Mono Grimar Frances Grice Jo An Harrell Frances Hazen Beverly Hoffer Kay Huston Eleanor Jeffers Billy Jean Jones Sonya Jorgenson Joyce Lucas Miriam Mostellar Ann Noel I Jane Parrish Beverly Poole Jackie Poole Joyce Roberts Helen Rowland Virginia Salter Jackie Shattles Joan Speer Mono Stokes Virginia Lee Surry Donell Thompsonn Jean Thompson Barbara Twiggs Gloria Wallace Boots Weaver Earline White Barbara Zeigler LEFT TO RIGHT: Douglas, Roberts, ShotHes, Grice. NTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL President Relnhardt The Inter-Fraternity Council, consisting of two rep- resentatives from each of the twenty social frater- nities, acts as a governing body of oil fraternities. The main objectives of the I.F.C. are to create har- mony between the fraternities, to promote scholar- ship, formulate rushing rules, and give the campus the benefit of organized social life. Each year the I.F.C. sponsors two campus-wide dances, featuring a name band, such as Jimmy Dorsey, Ray Anthony, Claude Thornhill, and many others. This year the I.F.C. has opened the fraternity co-op plan, in which participating fraternities may buy food and household goods at lower prices. OFFICERS President BOB REINHARDT Vice-President BOB McARTHUR Secretary JOHN TERRELL Treasurer BOB ARGO, HANK GREENSTONE LBFT TO RIGHT: Greenstone, Reinhardt, McArthur, Terrell. I.F.C. participants in Homecoming. ' .- ..r-i-. ' S ' ' ' riahiiiMiliJliUiii 4 ■•. . ' " ' IM, mmammgm LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Stonfield, Reinhardt, Fryer, McArthur, Greenstone, Terrell, Galgono. SECOND ROW: Johnson, Morns, Patteway, Barnwell, Bowmon, Brown, Denney, Bauerhand. THIRD ROW: Adams, Morris, Ansley, Motherne, Grimes, Halter, ' Durant ' FOURTH ROW: Chilivis, Mankin, Jordan, Cook, Kamensky, Lipshutz, Sheppard, Broil, Herndon, Jaeobson, Langston, St ' oloff, Lewis, Ellis Conine, Andrews. ' ' THE COUNCIL ALPHA EPSILON PI: Eddie Kaminsky Joel Fryer ALPHA TAU OMEGA: Carl Mankin Charles Adams CHI PHI: Don Walters Charlie Barnwell CHI PSI: Woody Ansley Wyndell Taylor ALPHA GAMMA RHO: Robert Baurband Hamp Denney DELTA TAU DELTA: Ronnie C, Payne Charles Patteway KAPPA ALPHA: Tommy Bentley Harold Morris KAPPA SIGMA: Ben Bowman Robert Herndon LAMBDA CHI ALPHA: Nick Chilivis Mike Andrews PHI EPSILON PI: Bob Brail Richard Lipshutz PHI KAPPA TAU: George Moore William Sheppard PI KAPPA ALPHA: Joe Conine Preston Lewis PI KAPPA PHI: Tom Motherne Leroy Langston PHI DELTA THETA: Frank Halter Gene Cook, Jr. SIGMA CHI: J. C. Paul Tommy Johnson SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON: William Jordan James Hendrix SIGMA NU: Joe Durant Linwood Vann SIGMA PI: J. C. Ellis Jim Stanfield TAU EPSILON PHI: Al Jaeobson Herbert Stoloff THETA CHI: George Brown Vic Galgono 179 ALPHA E P S I L O N P fcH ' iJP ' TI-ll-L Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded in 1913 at New York University . . . Omicron Chapter at University of Georgia was founded in 1926, the sixteenth fra- ternity on the campus . . . A. E. Pi has the greatest number of active chapters of any Jewish fraternity in existence . . . The colors are blue and gold, and the flower is the yellow rose. OFFICERS Master EDDIE KAMINSKY Lieutenant Master ARTHUR BARTELL Post Master JOEL FRYER Exchequer IRVIN ELKINS Recording Scribe MURRAY ASHER Corresponding Scribe JERRY HELLER Member at Large MAX KLENBERG MEMBERS Norman Abramsky Murray Asher Arthur Bartell Arthur Benerofe Jerry Blonder David Bergrin Bobby Chaite Wally Cowan Irvin Elkins Jerry Fields David Frank Joel Fryer Hank Goodman Jerry Heller Ruppert Heller Malcolm Hirsch Murray Kahn Eddie Kaminsky Ralph Kaplan Paul Klein Max Klenberg William Krapf Herbert Krumbein I. M. Lazarus Harvey Lerner Kennith Levenstein Alvin Levine Irwin Levine Sam Mayo Arthur Merlin Henry Michaelove Paul Miller Sheldon Miller Jackie Mills Sidney Peskin Kennith Reisch Shep Rose Bobby Schwartz Philip Slotin Sam Steigman Fryer, Elkins, Heller, Klenberg, Kaminsky, Asber, Bartell LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW: Porrish, Denny, McKibbcn, Brockin. SECOND ROW Boiley, ' Kelley, Dan.el$, J erndoii. THIRD ROW; Hordigree, Monn, Bond, Bauerbond. FOURTH ROW: Hordey, Morgon, Peterson, James, Jones, Culpepper. SIXTH ROW: Goodson. ALPHA GAMMA RH O Alpha Eta of Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in 1927 . . . Restricts membership to agricultural stu- dents or students of related agricultural subjects . . . In 1947-48 held the highest scholastic average on the campus as well as being the highest among all thirty-two national chapters, and third among all fraternities in the nation. OFFICERS President ANDY McKIBBEN Vice-President HAROLD MANN Secretary JERRY HARDIGREE Treasurer JAMES CULPEPPER Pledge Master JAMES PARRISH MEMBERS Robert Bauerband Horace Bond Charles F. Brackin James Culpepper J. T. Bailey Freddie Boswell William Dabbs Cecil Daniels Pee Wee Denny Bill Exener Hugh Goodson, Jr. Jerry Hardigree Bill Hardey Preston Herndon Jesse James Malloy Jones Harold Kelley Don Lewis Harold Mann Tim McCoy Andy McKibben Jack Morgan Webb Newbanks Webb Newbanks, Jr. James Parrish Jimmy Perry David Peterson Garland Thompson Brantley Yoemans Kippy Platter Charles Randcll Ernest Robertson Curtis Spear Gene Strickland Alton Tribb ' e George Vaughan Dennis Weldon John Wheeler Floyd Wynn Mann, Parrish, McKibben, Culoeooer, Hardioree ' ■.•vt - " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ATO k ALPHA T AU OMEGA GEOR LPH;ii Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Virginia Mili- tary Institute in 1865 . . . Georgia Alpha Beta was established in 1878 . . .The publication is the PALM, and the flower is the white tea rose; the colors are sky blue and old gold . . . Alpha Tau Omega boasts a national placement bureau. OFFICERS President CARL MANKIN Vice-President BILL FRANKLIN Secretary DUDLEY JERVEY Treasurer SAM KOLP MEMBERS Charles Adams Tony Altobellis Joe Anderson Donald Arrington Downing Barnitz Jack Bentley Dan Berry Ronald Binns Woodson Briscoe Mike Buchanan Bud Budriski Joe Byrd John Ciccarone Bob Collins Ed Dunn Victor Hanson E. K. Harrell Bill Harris Al Hawk Dudley Jervey George Kelley Albert Killingsworth Sam Kolp Bill Mallet Carl Mankin Carlton McCurdy John McDorman Jim Neves Paul O ' Conner Roy Otwell Kippy Platter Charles Randall Ernest Robertson Curtis Spear Gene Strickland Alton Tribble George Vaughan Dennis Weldon John VV ' heeler Floyd Wynn Mankin, Jervey, Wheeler, Kolp LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Rhyne, J. Kelly, Lippeft. Bishop, Harvey, Drew. SLLUHUROW: Boven, Whitehead, Clayton, Carter, Conrad, F. Kelly, Worth, Taylor. THIRD ROW: Branson, Dominey, Barnwell, Cooper, Walters, Jane Jay, Hopkins, " " — -- Cambee, Cairnes. FOURTH ROW: A. King, Gardner, Ellis, Guyer, Perkins, Wat LOW: Ward, Holcombe, C. King, Smith, McMillan, Gilreath, Young, Moffett, Nuniri TfTTnp ■ jT T IIjJ jli-L i c H P H Founded at Princeton University in 1825, Chi Phi is the oldest notional fraternity . . . Eta Chapter, established in 1867 as the second fraternity on the Georgia campus, claims among its charter members such notables as John Donaldson, Henry Grady, Louis LeConte, and Benjamin Hell. Its floral emblem is the sunflower, and its colors ore scarlet and blue. OFFICERS President DON WALTERS Vice-President ED ELLIS Secretory PHIL BRANSON rreosurer GEORGE McWHIRTER Historian JIM MOFFETT Custodian CHARLIE NUNNALLY MEMBERS Charlie Barnwell Dave Bishop Charlie Bowen Phil Branson Madison Brower Lewis Cairnes James Carter Chuck Chandler Jim Chandler Lyn Choson Marcus Clayton Neil Conrad Mish Combee Joe Cooper Leonard Cottongin Julian Dabison Dan Dominey Charlie Drew Riley Elder Ed Ellis Jack Espy John Ewing Jay Gardner Charlie Gilreoth Collier Glodin Charlie Guyer Chenoult Hoiley Bernard Holcombe Alex Hopkins Pat Keating Frank Kelley Jack Kelley Alex King Charlie King Max Lippett Finley McMillan George McWhirter Ben Northcutt Jim Moffett Morris Notrica Cha rlie Nunnolly Ed O ' Kelly Jim Olsen Eston Perkins Ralph Powell Butch Rawson Ralph Ragan Tom Roberts Charlie Soussy Melvin Thompson Bubber Tietz Frank Taylor Bill Vance Don Walters Bob Wotkins Jim Ward Charlie Whitehead Gil Worth Slade Young Moffat, hlunnally, McWhirter, Walters, Ellis •v - .- LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW Oemler, Cook, Cuireni, Jones, Anderson. SECOND ROW: Edwards, Jones, Mrs. Young, Shirley, Ruth Wellmon, Borlield, Purser. THIRD ROW: Miller, Home, Harris, Ansley, Robinson, Grimes. FOURTH ROW: Contey, Hollond, Wells, Barton, Coclin. FIFTH ROW: Sotcher, Roberts, Garland. SIXTH ROW: Brown, Lovern, Truner, Taylor, Hill. SEVENTH ROW Cox, Dorsey, Fox. EIGHTH ROW: Alford, Sanders, Reiser, Clork. c H S ALPHA TER Chi Psi was founded at Union College in 1841 and is the oldest National Fraternity on the Georgia cam- pus . . . Chi Psi is the only Conservative National Fraternity at the University . . . Alpha Alpha Delta founded in 1890 . . . The magazine is the PURPLE AND GOLD; colors are purple and gold . . . Alpha Alpha Delta won the campus football championship as well as first place in the Homecoming Decoration Contest this year. OFFICERS President WYNDEL TAYLOR Vice-President MILLARD GRIMES Secretary ELDRID BARFIELD Treasurer j CK TURNER MEMBERS Robert Anderson Wooldridge Ansley Eldrid Barfield Ralph Barton Clyde Brown Bryant W. Cantey Thomas Clark Charles Cooper Barney Cordell Alva Crowe Thomas L. Cullens James P. Daley Eugene Dorsey Thomas Edwards Davis Fox Millard Grimes James Harris Ernest N. Hill George Home Joseph Jones Stuart Jones Jimmie A. Miller Richard Mooney Cyrus Oemler Clarence Roberts Justin Robinson Milton B. Satcher Sam Sosby John R. Shirley Wyndel Taylor Hoyt J. Turner Harold Welden John A. Welles James Wilder Edward Wojnar Grimes, Taylor, Barfield, Turner LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Pe»ywoy, Wildi, Mrs. E. K. Oversfreet. Jr.. AHStin, Scott. SECOND ROW: Low, Crowley, Martin, Lord, Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Rabun, Hitchcock, Beusse, Culpepper, Walker. FOUR Mooney, Campbell, Shadgett. FIFTH ROW: Green, Mathews. Weller, Rosier, Roberts. SIXTH, M. V ..... . 1 ,1 DELTA T A U DELTA r DELHI Delta Tau Delta founded in 1859 at Bethany Col- lege, and united with Rainbow Society in 1886 . . . Beta Delta Chapter established at Georgia in 1882, the eighth fraternity on the campus . . . The flower is the Iris; the colors are purple, white and gold, and the magazine is the RAINBOW . . . Beta Delta Chapter won the homecoming decoration at Georgia in 1949. OFFICERS President TOM RAWLS Vice-President ROBERT WALKER Secretary HARRIS C. MOONEY Treasurer THOMAS AUSTIN Howard Abram Thomas Austin John L. Berry Carlton B. Beussee Connie F. Branch Mercer Brown Raleigh Bryans Girard Campbell Tunis Crowley William T. Dean MEMBERS Jerry Goggans Frank Martin Alan Shadgett J. S. Green Harris C. Mooney Robert Shepard Marshall Hamilton Milton H. Murray Wilbur F. Scott Richard Hickman Ronnie Payne John Tarpley Lloyd Hitchcock Charles N. Petteway Robert A. Troup Charles Hoover ■ Julian Peebles Robert Walks ' - Ernest L. Hull William Pruitt William H. Wallace George Johnson William Rabun Hal Weiler Coy Johnston Tom Rawls Thomas Westbrook Gerge H. Law Robert C. Robert Gene Wilds Iverson Lord Laughlin Rozier Mooney, Walker, Rawls, Austin • V V V f r I f f ♦ n [iiir ' LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Blackburn, Morton, DisiiiiiKe Ford; KItelif fe. SBCOND ROW: Mil?er, Parks. Fombro, Sliah, Lester. Harrison. THIRD ROW: Whitehead, Scott. Mouptn, Stoli. iiissell. Allbright. FOURTH ROW: Shaw. Mobley, Peggy Elder Bent ey. Lorsen. FIFT-H ROWi Roberts. Williams. Bowen, Little, Mrs. Carithers. Deadriek. Tillman. Lovctt, Pat Bowden. SIXTH ROW: Orr, Ebertolo, Stevfenson. Brown. Banks. Chambers, Wingfield. SEVENTH ROW: Graybill, Cunninng- " ■ ' homas. EIGHTH ROW; Mossey. Vonn. Coleman. Burt. Bolton. Kelso. Major. NINTH ROW: iMeComb, McNatt. TENTH ROW: Hutehins. Whitlock, Bonks. ELEVENTH ROW: Perry. r- ' irL KAPPA ALPHA GA ' II Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington and Lee In 1865 . . . for promotion and continuation of Southern ideals and traditions . . . Gamma Chapter at Georgia founded in 1868, the third fraternity on the campus . . . The magazine is the JOURNAL, the flowers are the Magnolia and Red Rose, and the colors are crimson and gold. OFFICERS THOMAS BENTLEY ;; JOHN MOBLEY ;; WASHINGTON LARSEN IV CHARLES SHAW Edward Albright Charles Banks George Banks Thomas Bentley Oris Blackburn John Bolton Pat Bowden William Bowen A! Brown Joe Buchanan Hillard Burt Edgar Chambers Don Channel Wilby Coleman Herbert Cobb Thomas Cousins Thomas Cuningham Joseph Deaderick David Dillenger George Dismukes Robert Dunlap David Ebersole Paul Fambo Richard Ford Tom Fussell Boiling Gay Graham Glover Joseph Griffin Larey Gardner Joseph Graybill William Hair George Harrison MEMBERS Guthrie Henderson Harry Hogan George Horkan Harry Howell Tryon Huggins Jake Hutchins Pat Kelso Wilkins Kerby Washington Larsen Stewart Lester Wilder Little Leon Lovett J immy Major James Massey Jimmy Maupin Carlton Mell Sam Miller John Mobley Harold Morris Bill Morton Thomas McComb Joseph McGlnty Gene McNatt Sam Nickerson Eddie Orr Edward Parks Richard Perry Robert Ratcliff Ted Roberts Irving Scott William Selman Charles Show Thomas Shealy Charles Sligh Bill Smith Phinizy Spalding Robert Stephenson Irwin Stotz George Taylor James Thomas Isaih Tillman Frank Vann Robert Wheeler Tom Whitehead James Whitlock George Williams Terry Wingfield Mob ey, Bentley, Larsen, Show KAPPA SIGMA BETA HAPTER Founded at the University of Virginia in 1869, Kappa Sigma has grown into one of fhe leading national fraternities with 122 active chapters and the largest endowment fund of any fraternity . . . Beta Lambda chapter was chartered in 1901 and celebrated its fiftieth anniversary on the Georgia campus this year. OFFICERS Grand Master BEN BOWMAN Grand Procurator DAN MOODY Grand Scribe BILL DUNN Grand Treasurer BILL GALLIENNE Grand Master of Ceremonies JOE CROSS MEMBERS Charles Blalock George Boney Ben Bowman Lon Carnes George Cato Gerald Childs Robert Cobb Joe Cross Chick D ' Alessio Herman Daniel Sam Dillander Bill Dunn Donn Fendler Bill Foy Frank Gaines Bill Gallienne Herman Gibson Al Grills Tommy Harris Jim Heery Bob Herndon Bob Hight Ray Jenkins Doug Keel George Kelley Jock Kennimer Barry King Gene Lamb Sonny Leggitt Dan McCook Glen McCurry Ray McMillan Bill McKemie Tom McKinney Morris Means Dan Moody Jack Murdock Tony Owen Gerald Parkerson Tom Parry Ray Register Charles Seaton Bix Shoemaker Bob Strozier Bill Taylor Paul Wholey Bob Whyte Sonny Woolard Otis Woods Moody, Dillander, Bowman, Cross, Dunn AYA I ;] i -J r naa t M; [ti:aiMai:viMa»i ' fTrn iMviTiiT : Dollar, HomlirWI H Hfr SECONa RDWr Daniel.-KnTgin, WuilbUHNpWIasR, RagW Smith. THIRD ROW: Benner, Rhodes, Rowe, Horcj Ker, Welch, Crawford, Betheo. FOURTH ROW: Boykin, Watson, Northcutt, Taylor, Barrett. FIFTH ROW: MeDonalC RRnn, Glenn, Brandon, Chilivis, Boetel. SIXTH ROW: Strickland, King, Lysett, Bruce, Cobb. SEVENTH ROW: Whitley, Hoffman, Zfttrouer, Renick, Arrington. EIGHTH ROW: Camp, Moloy, ' ' T hM HMlWI LAMBDA C H I ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston Uni- versity in 1909 as an outgrowth of Cosmopolitan Law School . . . Nu Chapter, established at Georgia in 1915, was the fourteenth fraternity on the campus . , . The national publication is the CROSS AND CRESCENT; the colors are purple, green, and gold, the flower is the white rose. OFFICERS President MYRON ANDREWS Vice-President HENRY L. ZITTROUER Secretary GEORGE M. BRANDON Treasurer ANTONIO J. BOYKIN Ritualist NICK P. CHILIVIS George N. Abney Myron J. Andrews Al Arrington Don Barnett Jim A. Bethea Robert Bruce Raymond F. Boetel Bob Benner Clarence A. Barrett Antonio J. Boykin George M. Brandon Joe H. Briley John J. Bruner Nick P. Chilivis Ira Q. Cobb Jimmie Crawford Robert E. Daniel Thomas Drew Hubert Dollar R. F. Dulaney Dick Dooley Earl Davis Tommie Glenn Jimmie Glenn Clyde M. Harrell Clyde C. Harrison Jim Harper Bill Harvey MEMBERS Dick Hoffman Jack Hill Radford Hamilton Joe Jordon H. King Clem Knight Troy Knight Charlie Lloyd Carter Longford Tom Lysett Bill Murray M. T. Maloy Tom McDonald Arthur Morrison Glenn Mitchell J. Y. Nash Hiram Nichol Dan Nodal Freddie Northcutt J. P. Parker Ray Prosperi Van T. Renick Thomas R. Ragland Robert Rowe Gary Strodling Tom M. Spillane Al D. Smith Ray Stollings Ken Strickland Bill Sutlive Grier Tanner Jim Taylor Frank R. Welch Franklin Welch Jimmie Woodord Don Woodard Bill Wright Gerald D. Watson Hudson Whitley W. B, Whitley Robert M. Williams Henry L. Zittrouer Boykin, Chilivis; Brandon, Andrews, Zittrouer niii LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Devaughn, Pryor, Cook, Dovfs, EllioH, Harrison, l kie, Barren, French, Way, Heard, Cain, Bittiek, Cofer, Halter. THIRD ROW: Thompson, Pritchett, O KfKtKtfffttBice. Parks, Beekwith Ryner, Pokes, Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Handley, Proctor, BurH, Radford, Phillips, MyrJck, Livingston. FIFTH ROW- Mit- chell, Tregellos, Hoyes, Garrison, Murray, Willis, Baldwin, Yoncey, Autrey. SIXTH ROW: Peters, Reeves, Daniels, Felton, Dovis Lewis, Porker, Hickey, Outtendon, Horton. SEVENTH ROW: Moddox, Marsha, Stockton, Thomas, Withers, Guess, rA J. °5SSS? J!- " " ' ' Ii. ' " = ' ' " " ' Adams, Daniels, Gaunt, Forio. EIGHTH ROW: Mitchum. Bowers. Trimble, Hightewer, ' , Ramsey, Malsberger, Wilson, M P H DELTA T H E T A Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University OFFICERS in 1848, a member of the Miami Triad . . . One . ., , curcMi: mnu id u „j „j J iU i i_ ■. -ri ii President EUGENE COOK, JR. hundred and thirteen chapters . . . The flower is the white carnation, and the colors are argent and Reporter CHARLES HEARD azure . . . The magazine is the SCROLL OF PHI Warder, HAL COFER DELTA THETA . . . Georgia Alpha Chapter estab- lished in 1871 and has initiated over one thousand Treasurer ED FRENCH members up to February 1, 1951 . . .It was the Rush Chairman FRANK HALTER fourth fraternity founded on the campus. 5 BUB WAY MEMBERS John Adams Bob Daniels David Hondley Bill Moody Troy Simmons Bill Austin Ned Daniels Jim Hickee Danny Moore Hamilton Stockton Chick Autry Jeff Davis Charles Heard Herbert Murray Harold Tregellas Harris Baldwin Jol DeVaughn Sam Hightower Wilber Owen Averett Taylor Ernest Barron Beverly Dolan S. Horton Michael Parker Walter Thomas Melvin Bowers Graham Dugas Lewis Kendrid Richard Parks John Thurston Robert Burts Herbert Elliott Ray Lewis Dick Phillips Bob Thompson Whitey Beckwith Jule Felton Mayo Livingston James Proctor Andrew Trimble Pete Bittick Jack Pokes Arthur Maddox R. Pritchett George Turner C. S. Burns Bob Forio L. A. Marsha Gerald Pryor Howard Wallace Bill Cherry Ed Forio Jim Martin John Peters Ramsey Way Dick Chew Billy Fisch Kenneth Malsberger Roland Radford Hap Willis Hal Cofer Ed Gauntt Bob McArthur Allan Ramsey Jim Whaley Gene Cook Frank Gordy Charles Maurice Elbert Reeves John Wilcox Lawson Cook John Guess Lee Lamar Robert Rogers Bob Withers Jock Cork Frank Halter Kenneth McDonald Don Roland Buddy Wilkie C. Crittendon Zach Hayes Wilson Mitcham J. B. Ryner Hunter Wilson Burford Culpepper Johnny Harrison Walter Mitchell Ramsey Simmons Cleve Wilcoxen Heard, Cofer; French, Cook, Halter (ur F an 750 P H I E P S I L O N P I " CflApifliR y Organized in 1904 at the College of the City of New York, Phi Epsilon Pi was founded as a non- sectarian organization . . . Mu Chapter was organ- ized in 1898, merged with the national fraternity to become the twelfth fraternity on the campus . . . Mu Chapter has won over twenty scholastic trophies in the past twenty-five years and has placed men on every honorary organization on the campus . . . Sponsors annual " tea party, " OFFICERS Super or JULIUS EDEL Vice-Superior DAVID BYCK Treasurer RICHARD LIPSHUTZ Recording Secretary BERYL WEINER Corresponding Secretary HERBERT GILBERT MEMBERS James Bernstein Larry Blum Bob Brail David Byck Charles Collat Julius Edel Byron Eichholz Nat Farber Leonard Farkas Dick Friedlander Ed Garfinkel Herbert Gilbert Albert Greenstone Charles Held David Handelman Bob Joel Donald Joel Ed Kirk Richard Lipshutz Howard Massell David Pass Gene Perlman Ronald Schwarz Beryl Weiner Albert Weis Lipshutz, Byck; Broil, Edel, Gilbert FIRST ROW: Fitzgibbons, Sheppard, Moore, Phillips. SECOND ROW: Simm Osley, Goreri, Bjerken, Mealing. FOURTH ROW: Kelly, Lutes, Barfiel||_£ P H 1 KAPPA T A U Phi Kappa Tau was founded at Miami University in 1906 and now has sixty-five active chapters and colonies . . . Local colony was established at Georgia in 1948 . . . Colors are Harvard red and old gold; flower is the red carnation, and the magazine is the LAUREL. OFFICERS President GEORGE MOORE V ce President BILL SHEPPARD Secretary GEORGE HARVEY Treasurer LINTON PHILLIPS MEMBERS Amos J, Barfield Lennart H. Bjerken Molvin S. Edwards Clifford Ethridge, Jr. Pat F. Fitzgibbons, Jr. Peter M. Gareri George R. Harvey III Edward L. Hereford Eugene E. Kelly Dana C. Kent Henry G. Mealing Burton S. Middlebrooks Melon D. Mimms George C. Moore Edward C. Moses Edwin D. Moses Gordon C. Osley Linton W. Phillips Robert W. Powell Carl S. Pyrdum Reid Redfern William Sheppard William S. Simmons Sheppard, Moore, Phillips s ? ir K A .■f !S. t V 4 I • w . ' V-r ' ' r-- - v I fc 4. a ' H v ' lT V- THIRD ROW: Baker, Crisp, Doron, Harmon, Gibbs, Conine, Oiteel. FOURTH ROW: Bowen, Benefield, Martin, Young, Bobbin, Findig. FIFTH ROW: Jackson, Hunter, Durham, Phillips, Mills, Brodrick. SIXTH ROW: Young, Reeves, Rondell, Hail, Paulson, Jones. SEVENTH ROW: Hogg, Jones, Grizzell, Johnson. Rutland. Ayres. EIGHTH ROW: Stubbs. Proctor Sanders. Johnson, Lewis, Hudson, Morris. NINTH ROW: Crowmortie, Ivey, Meyers, Skinner, Wilson, Lewis, Crowtordj Bennett, Whighom, Powell, Barber. J p KAPPA ALPHA .Mvnm CHA Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia, March 1, 1868. . .Alpha Mu Chapter established on the Georgia campus in 1908, the eleventh fraternity here . . . The magazine is THE SHIELD AND DIAMOND; garnet and gold are the colors, and the flower is the lily of the valley. OFFICERS President WALLY WILKINS Secretary GEORGE GIBSON Vice-President BILL RILEY Treasurer RAY WALKER Bryan Ayers Bob Argo Dick Baker Herman Baker Dewey Benefield Ernest Bennett Billy Burt Wendell Bobbitt Tom Broaddrick Tom Clayton John Clements Laurin Coil Frank Crawford Hendrick Crowmartie Jack Davis Ken Dawes Dick Durham Neal Fendig Jimmy Gibbs George Gibson Bill Goirns Bob Gairns Tenny Griffin Toxy Hall Leonard Hampton Carl Harmon Cecil Hester Jimmy Hogg Hugh Ivey Bert Jones Bill Jones Marion Johnson Jack Johnson Jock Jackson George Kandel Preston Lewis Dan P. Martin Don Martin Terry McGowan Bill McRae Buster Morrison Ken Murphy Bill Mills Forrest Neely Gene Osteel James Procter Bruce Myers Bob Paulsen Bill Powell Duncan Randall Lanier Randall Nun Reeves Bill Riley Ted Rutland Spud Sanders Don Schueler Frank Skinner Paul Stephens John Stroble Ben Sutton Roland Stubbs Ray Walker Frank Whigham Wally Wilkins George Wilson George Whelchel Jimmy Young Rooney Bowen Charles Crisp Ed Lindorme Frank Grizzell Gibson, Wilkins, Riley, Walker LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW; Johnion, Orr, Comer, Dawson, Sims, Oakley, Ingram. SECOND ROW: Pernell, Cook, Chosfoin, Murdough, Jackson, McLeod. THIRD ROW: Stealy, Honna, Holey, Davis, Motherne. FOURTH ROW: DeWin, Herring, Pierce, Amick, Groy, Roberts, Rollin. FIFTH Rfi; Ji!« ' »h. Merritt, Langsfon, Bourne, Miller, Conely, Wilson. KAPPA P H Pi Kappa Phi, founded at the College of Charles- ton, has established strong chapters in leading col- leges of the nation, four in the state of Georgia. . . Its purpose is to promote fellowship, encourage excel- lence in scholarship, and inculcate in its brothers the highest ideals of Christianity and citizenshp. OFFICERS Archon HARRY CHASTAIN Treasurers LAMAR MURDOUGH and HERMAN DAVIS Secretary DAVID COOK Historian LARRY McLEOD Warden THOMAS WEST Chaplain HENRY DOAR House Manager RALPH PIERCE MEMBERS Dan Alley Bob Bourne Harry Chastain John Comer Richard Conley David Cook George Clements Herman Davis Pete Dawson Marion DeWitt Henry Doar Don Farrell Ferrell Gray William Haley John Hanna A! Harris Max Helms Bill Herring Glenn Hicks Royston Ingram George Jackson Herman Jansen Sheddy Johnson Leroy Langston Thomas Matherne Joel Mauk Larry McLeod Jimmie Merritt Connie Miller Dean Montgomery Lamar Murdaugh Fred Oakley Bill Orr Bryan Pennell Hugh Phillips Ralph Pierce Al Prichard Jim Roberts Jim Rollins John Secnor Harry Sims Raymond Smith Fred Steed ley Thomas West Ed Wilson Fred Wooten Richard Youngbiood Left to right: Pernell, Jackson, McLeod, Conley 1 H " ' " aitiiiAt tf ltt den, Ennis, Dortch. SECOND ROW: Joanis, Simpson, Entre Ferauton, Wickom, WooaruH, Edwards, Barrow, Collins, Goldsmith, Hardee, Phiniiy, Jones. FIFTH ROW: Phillips, Rue, Stellies, Wickom, Andrews, Dudley, McNeel, Stephens. SIXTH ROW: Chichester, Brown, Eoson, Woodord, Solms, Jones, Newton. SEVENTH ROW: Coward, Swift, Bethtine, Gombrell . Homilton. S teele, Cox, Stephens, P ' ' " ., Norton. Russell. EIGHTH ROW: McEoehern, Newton. Waters, Neel, Dovid H H Jordon, Doe Bonki. NINTH ROW: Souter, Terrell. Da La Perriara, Cobaniss, Finehar, Hudson. Flanging, I Hpinn, Raeves. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON PTi;;iit " J Beta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon founded in 1865 was the first fraternity on the University of Georgia campus . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama in 1856 . . . The magazine is the RECORD; the flower is the vio- let, and colors ore royal purple and old gold. OFFICERS President JAMES HENDRIX Vice-President CHARLES KRUMRINE Secretary TOMMY BUTTS Treasurer CHARLES MONTFORT Mote Andrews Warren Barrow Wesley Boss Jim Bethune Otis L. Bonner Roy L. Bowden Mack Butler Thomas U. Butts Clyde Bridges, Jr. Ronnie G. Byrd Charlie Bryant Dan Cabaniss Samuel A. Conn John D. Carswell Melon L. Chichester Robert Collins Edwin E. Cowart Fred Cox Bob Gumming Paul C. Cushman George Crawford Fred C. Davidson James DeLaPerriere George L. Dortch Jim Dudley Crawford B. Edwards W. A. Eoson Bob Ennis Harry Entrekin Robert L. Etheridge Robert F. Fincher William Fleming Charles H. Ferguson Robert H. Gambrell Charles C. Glover Miles M. Goldsmith Joseph W. Hamilton MEMBERS James G. Hardee Bill G. Henry Leon Hinston Bill Joanis Bill Johnston Dan E. Hudson James E. Hendrix William Barney Jones Frank A. Jones William H. Jordan Charles A. Krumrine Lint C. Law Fred Leathers William B. Loh Chiel Watson Marlow Inmon Mays Harry H. McNeil Willard McEochern Charles T. Montfort Ralph B. Murray Dillard Nosh Joe Neel Lem Nevil William Mac Newton Will Hill Newton Frank K. Norton Inman Phillips William Phinizy Homer S. Price Richard H. Quinn Alexander K. Reams Lane J. Reeves Richard B. Russell Allan J. Rue Walter L. Solms James L. Souter Harris A. Simpson Richard Simpson Harold T. Spears William T. Steele Virgil Steele George Stelljes Thomas J. Stephens Raymond Stephens Frank Stevenson Tom M. Stubbs Carlysle Sullivan John H. Swift John H. Terrell Nath Thompson Charles Waters Billy Wickham Neel Wickham George C. Woodruff William L. Woodward William H. Young Montfort, Hendrix, Krumrine, Butts T TO RIGHT FIRST ROW: Knight, Powell, Blockmon, Snow, Bliteh. SECOND ROW: Ferguson, Paul, Mrs. Dottery, Holl, eoty. THIRD ROW; Rossi, Whotley, Bond, M. Woinwright, Comer, Cooper. FOURTH ROW: L. Whatiey, Paulsen, Peoree, Gould, B. Woinwright, McEaehern. FIFTH ROW: MeKinnon, Mullinix, Quillion, Cordes, Blair. SIXTH ROW: Tippins, Benson, Campbell, Sumin, Tidwell. SEVENTH ROW: Coufman, Barnes, Bird. EIGHTH ROW: Ritchie, Nieos, Homiiton, Gills, Coth- eort, Dryden, Askew. NINTH ROW: Pierce, Drake, Hollidoy. Herndon, Shoptaw, Green, Fort. TENTH ROW: Bowling, -.. _-.-.. , . . — . TroonelL Holladov. Howard. ' »- . •f ' ' , ' ' ' ! SIGMA C H I Delta Chapter was established at Georgia in 1872, the fitth on the campus . . . Held the Governor ' s Trophy for 1948-49 and 1950-51 . . . Held the high- est scholastic average of all chapters in the South- eastern Province of Sigma Chi . . . Sponsored the annual Sigma Chi Derby . . . Owns a lot on the corner of Baxter and Lumpkin for the erection of a new chapter house in the near future. OFFICERS President J. C. PAUL Vice-President DON HALL Secretory JAMES FERGUSON, JR. Treasurer ROY BEATY Blake Askew Tom Bailey Billy Barnes Roy Beaty Marvin Benson Richard Bird Dilmus Blackmon Billy Blair Jimmy Blitch Tom Bond John Bowdidge John Bowling Jimmy Brooks John Burkhalter Bob Bradberry Ted Campbell Jack Cathcart Richard Cofer Emri Comer Bobby Cooper Bill Cordes J. R. Cullens Bob Drake Homer Drake Russell Dollar Harold Dryden Tom Elder James Ferguson, Guy Fleming Tom Fort Ed Franklin Jim Gill Pete Gould Bob Green Jr MEMBERS Don Groover Don Hall Newell Hamilton Bob Henderson Phil Herndon Bill Hightower Howard Hollodoy Richard Holliday Hubert Howard Jack Humphrey Charles Hunt Buddy Hyde Tommy Johnson Wyatt Johnson Charles Kaufman Rubyn Knight Paul Knowles Wally Lewis Alec Lowe Ernest Lowe J im McEochen Scotty McKinnon Richard Mullinix Allen Nicos J. C Paul Jay Paulsen D. O. Pearce Jean Pierce Tommy Powell Kelly Quillian Cecil Redfern Bill Richards Bill Ritchie Pete Rossi Don Sharpley Tommy Sharpley George Shoptaw Bill Simpson Clyde Smith Harvey Snow David Starkey Jimmy Stewart Hulett Sumlin Bill Tidwell Jesse Tippins Grayson Trapnell Bob Wainwright Marshall Wainright Ed Waggoner Leonard Whotley Troy Whatley Paul, Hall, Ferguson, Beaty LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Smith, Pope, Simmons, Cooper, Horris, Hurst. SECOND ROW- Elliston, Sims, Sullivan Doster, Evans, Lundy, Bowen. THIRD ROW; Brodshaw, Donahue, Gily, Nelson, Stancil, Scoggins, Joekson, J. W., Cummings. FOURTH ROW Wilson, Mcintosh, Jones, Mrs. Anna Edwards, Vonn, Phyllis MacMullen, Ford, Cole. FIFTH ROW: Smith, R. S., Giannini, Hollond, Roberts, Alexander, J., Amason, McMichael, Fleming, Devon. SIXTH ROW: Harrington, Wright, Prosswell, Hatcher, George, Bunting, Dyehes, Kellom, Alexander, L. SEVENTH ROW: Greer, Ridgeway, Warren, Jackson, SIGMA N U Sigma Nu was founded at Virginia Military Insti- tute in 1869 . . . The seventh fraternity on the Geor- gia campus, Mu Chapter was established in 1873 . . . The journal is the DELTA; colors are gold, black and white, and the flower is the white rose . . . Last year Sigma Nu held the Governor ' s Trophy. OFFICERS Commander LINWOOD VANN Lieutenant Commander KENNETH FORD Recorder LAWRENCE COLE Treasurer E B JONES Lloyd Alexander James Alexander Alfred Amason Edwin Bowen Walter Bradley John Bradshaw Charles Breese Luther Bunting Samuel Burnley George Charney Lawrence Cole Bruce Cooper Charles Cook Jack Crosswell Hudson Cummings Johnson Davis Charles Devon Richard Donahue Charles Poster William Dunford Joseph Durant Clinton Dyches Jerry Elliston Charles Evans Wallace Fleming Kenneth Ford Joseph George John Giannini Jack Gily MEMBERS James Gilmer Earl Gleaton William Googins Benjamin Greer Louis Guice Arthur Gunter Wilton Harrington Wayne Harris Albon Hatcher William Hodgson Robert Holloman Billy Holland Frank Hurst J. W. Jackson Tommy Jackson E. B. Jones James Kellam William Lee Walter Lundy Thomas Mcintosh Charles McMichael Robert Muldrow William Nelson Lewis Patrick Marion Pope Robert Reinhardt Roy Roberts Robert Rhodes Thomas Ridgeway Clark Scoggins Earl Sims William Simmons Robert J, Smith Robert S. Smith Max Stoncii Rowell Stanley Jack Sullivan Linwood Vann Melvin Warren James Wright Bronnon Wilder T. V. Williams Donald Wilson Cole, Jones, Venn, Ford SIGMA ALPHA TER Alpha Phi Chapter was established In 1947, being the first fraternity to be organized on the Georgia campus in 23 years . . .Its flower is the purple orchid and its colors are purple and white . . . The Orchid Ball Formal and the " Skoll Game " are among its traditional activities . . . Winner of the coke race this year. OFFICERS President JAMES STANFIELD Vice-President RAY WILLIAMSON Secretary ALBERT TEMPLE Treasurer JOE ELLIS Herald LARRY KNOWLES Thomas Anderson Warren Baker Chankler Baldwin Roy Bowden Carter Walker Joe Ellis Gilbert Gilchrist Gene Gregory MEMBERS Larry Knowles Joe Lawless James Lockhart Frank McGowan Joe Mosheim Lawrence Nachtrab Bill Randall Johnny Rahn George Rose James Stanfield Albert Temple Tommy Wassh Charles Walston Richard Warren Ray Williamson Earl Votes Stanfield, Ellis, Williamson, Temple, Knowles c5 ' ;V°.f ' ' Ti ' " " ' ' ROWiJolles, Altermpn, Miller, Jocobson, Orkin, Shopiro, Ehrlich. SECOND ROW: Ghingold, Berion, FOURTH ROW: Bermon, RiHenbaum, Horelik, Cotfs, Nirenstein, Fogcl, Bresler, Joeobs, Feingold. FIFTH ' ROW- Edelstein! ? ' ' " " ' w uT cpv? ' mxu ' ' dA; P ' ' JJ ' Y ' ■ ' » ' " • . ' " ' ° - ° ' ' " " ' • ' » " " ' ■ ' " " bson. Poller, Plottoek, Uvine, Seibel, Stein- berg, Wolff. SEVENTH ROW: Cohen, Rosenthal, Slotin. T A U E P S I L O N P H r NU Tau Epsilon Phi was founded at Columbia Uni- versity in 1910 . . . Nu Chapter at Georgia founded in 1919 . . . Magazine is the PLUME; colors are lavender and white, and the flower is the Lily of the Valley . . . Nu Chapter won the interfraternity scholarship cup in 1950 for the second straight year. OFFICERS President HERBERT STOLOFF Vice-President OWEN BRESLER Secretory GERALD PLATOCK Treasurer PHILIP KAPLAN MEMBERS Malcolm Altermon Julius Berman Dave Berzon Milton Blair Max Bolgia Leon Borochoff Owen Bresler Ed Brown Dave Chestney Alfred Cohen Leonard Cotts Joseph Edelstein Gerald Ehrilich Robert Feingold Myron Fogel Ivan Friedlond Richard Garber Maurice Ghingold Irving Ghitter Ronald Gordon Carl Hamburger Melvin Harelik Walter Hirschberg Harris Jacobs Al Jacobson Gerald Jacobson Howard Jolles Isaac Jolles Sidney Kamensky Philip Kaplan Melvin Kruger Morton Levine Gerald Levy David Meddin Roger Meddin Burt Myer Charles Miller Henry Nirenstein Sanford Orkin Bennet Oxman Philip Peskin Gerald Platock Joseph Poller Gerald Pross Jerome Rittenbaum Nathaniel Rosenthal Jerome Saul Monroe Seibel Philip Shapiro Murray Silver Philip Slotin Marvin Steam Jack Steinberg Herbert Stoloff Philip Sunshine Julian Turk William Waronker Sheldon Wolff Bresler, Stoloff, Kaplan, Platock TMlIr7 o w " J ' .r " ' L??V- ' ? ' » " ' « ' ' Areees, Adams. Brown. SECOND ROW Covonough, Gufierrei. Knox. McDonold. THIRD ROW: Collins, Whitehead, Turner, Hellams, Thomas. FOURTH ROW: Golgono, Wheeler, Groy, Joyncr T H E T A C H I TER Theta Chi Fraternity came to the University cam- pus in the spring of 1948 . . . National organization founded in 1856 at Norwich University in Vermont . . . Theta Chi has 100 active chapters . . . Fra- ternity colors are red and white, and the flower is the red carnation. OFFICERS President VICTOR P. GALGANO Vice-President D. B. ADAMS Secretory JOSE M. GUTIERREZ Treasurer GEORGE E. BROWN D. B. Adams Ramiro Areces Alvin B. Biscoe, Jr. George E. Brown Arthur F. Cavenaugh Carle Collins MEMBERS Gary Cooper Victor P. Galgano Jack Gray Jose M. Gutierrez Robert B. Hellams Gene Joyner Charles C. Knox Cecil F. McDaniel James A. McDonald Daniel Vv . McDonald J. C. Thomas Thomas L. Turner Jack D. Wheeler James E. Whitehead Galgano, Brown, Adams, Gutierrez C H P H " Anybody seen my girl " Motley crew Brofherhood .Jk ' iif0 Our homecoming decorations And our sponsor DELTA TAU DELTA Our national prexy Cute kids ... all oi them. Pride ot the Delts And we won, too Christmas party . KAPPA SIGMA S IwR. ' C We ' re pretty proud of our team That ' ll lorn ye, pledge. The blooming idiot . To impress the alumni Who does he think he is, Mercury? Move that bottle, quick. Joe giving with music. PHI DELTA THETA FRATERNITY LIFE A ' hll ' f ■ h ■ i I ' ll get even with her yet! Whatto ball game Parties, parties and more parties PI KAPPA ALPHA Very weird party Harmony PI KAPPA P H A beauty for the court That greatest house donee Whatto party that was Oh, why can ' t I graduate? 9 " - - More nonchalonce Where wos thot? SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Miss S.A E. and a few members Just a lotto (aces S.A.E. shack Old South s C M A C H Just can ' t get rid of M. E. Whatta chick Come back again, fella. This is the way we scrub our floors. I r TAU EPSILON PH •M( t.xf Blackface ... or initiation! ' Fogel and his slaves Just Tau Ep faces Sorto messy — eh? Lesson — how to wow the gals GRAND OLD PARTY Waddell, Elinburg, Barnum OFFICERS Campus Leader BILL ELINBURG Vice-Campus Leader TOM WADDELL Secretary-Treasurer ED BARNUM Meeting of the party A square dance for GOP GOP As wc sot in the hay . . What to do with Brooks T. R. and his music-makers Executive Board and Founders of Triquetral Sarah Tinrus, and Grace Miller. B. E. Emmerich, Dean Edith Stollings and " Vicky, " the mascot, Mary Brown; Ruby Branch, OFFICERS President MARY BROWN Recording Secretary GRACE MILLER V;ce-Presiden( BETTY HARVEY Treasurer NADINE VICKERS Corresponding Secretary RUBY BRANCH Historian ANN NALLY Advisor MRS. EDITH STALLINGS Triquetra, which had its beginnings in the Party of Organized Women, is the University of Georgia ' s social organization for independent women on the campus. The motto, " She who is a stranger is my sister, " signifies that Triquetra welcomes as a mem- ber any girl, new or old, who is not affiliated with a Greek letter social group. Triquetra holds several social functions during the year, including a spring formal at which the officers for the following year are introduced, and dances for underclassmen on coordinate campus. Meetings are held weekly. The symbols of Triquetra are the sterling silver pin, which is composed of three independent arcs fused to make one continuous figure with raised let- ters on the top inside arc, which may be worn by any active member; the guard, a small " T, " which is given for service; the flower, which Is the talisman rose; and the colors, red, gold, and black. - ' ■ Queen: Jo Ann Terry Beauties of: HOMECOMING 1950 Thev ' re ALL bcaufies Thornhill giving with the music — President and Mrs. DEDICATION OF SANFORD STADIUM X V v O R T S GEORGIA ' S Wally Butts, better known as the bowl master, has compiled a record at Georgia that students end alumni won ' t soon forget. The little round man has led the Bulldogs to seven post-season contests. They are: 1942— ORANGE BOWL 1943— ROSE BOWL 1946— OIL BOWL 1947— SUGAR BOWL 1948— GATOR BOWL 1949 — ORANGE BOWL 1950— PRESIDENT ' S CUP Head WALLY BUTTS Coach and Athletic Director ■ t " itc • Cheerleaders and mascot V M | Mlfal Coach Ralph Butts and his Jordan, Coach staff Left to right they are: Jim Whatley, Carol Thomas, Butts, Quintor) Lumpkir), and Sterling Dupree. ■•-«-• • ' , t » ' - . " " ■ " " .AX rf ' H BW fc ' .«: Captain Mike Mevola and Co-captain D c c Yelvington. COACHING STAFF Coach Jordan looking dejected during Tech game. Captains Merola and Yelvington speak with North Carolina Captain irv Holdash. ( 1 r ) Facing its toughest op- position in many a year, Georgia ' s Bulldogs fin- ished grid activities for 1950 with a six won, two lost, three tied record. Three ties marked a new record for Georgia teams, and a bid to com- pete in the President ' s Cup game in College Park were two of the highspots for Wally Butts and his chargers. The Bulldogs fared well against Boston College, Furman, Florida, Mary- land, Auburn, and Missis- sippi State, but fell to the Crimson Tide for its first loss of the season. Traditional rival Geor- gia Tech finally con- quered the Sandford Sta- dium jinx and upset the Bulldogs, 7-0. The sophomore span- gled squad should hold its own next year and reach the eighth post-season game under Wally Butts. 9 5 GEORGIA BULLDOGS 19 5 Miss Homecoming and Court . Action in the Florida gome Press box view of Maryland game . . . Another gain for the Bulldogs h ' • ■ ■ FOOTBALL REVIEW Georgia 27 Maryland 7 Georgia 7 St. Mary ' s 7 Georgia North Carolina Georgia 27 Mississippi State Georgia 13 L. S. U. 13 Georgia 19 Boston College 7 Georgia 7 Alabama 14 Georgia 6 Florida Georgia 12 Auburn 10 Georgia 40 Furman Georgia Tech 7 PRESIDENT ' S CUP Georgia 20 Texas A M 40 Rek-Tech at the arch CENTER DE CARLO END THOMPSON PUNTER FIELD GEORGIA 27 MARYLAND Sparked by the sensational catch of fullback Fred Bilyeu, Georgia ' s Bulldogs defeated the Old Liners from Maryland 27-7 at Sanford Stadium. Quarterback Billy Grant, playing in his only game of the campaign, pitched the scoring pass. It was the first score of the season by the Bulldogs. The 35,000 fans who witnessed the victory saw the Old Liners fumble six times and set up three of the four Red and Black scores. Mai Cook, Billy Mixon, and Dick Raber all scored one touchdown each. Maryland back stopped by Georgia linemen. QUARTERBACK COOK LINEMAN TANNER FLANKMAN BABCOCK SAFETYMAN MORRIS GEORGIA 7 ST. MARY ' S 7 Southeastern Conference teams emerged pretty well from post-season games but the west coast fan doesn ' t think too highly of football played below the Mason-Dixon line. The Bulldogs went West to San Francisco more than a two touchdown favorite, but could only tie a weak St. Mary ' s eleven. Time after time Red and Black drives were halted. Mixon goes for live yards. The Gaels scored first when John Johnson took the opening kickoff of the second half and scampered 90 yards to pay dirt. It was the alert Claude Hipps that paved the way for Georgia ' s only score. Several plays later, quarterback Mai Cook sneaked across from the one-yard stripe. Wolston split the up- rights with the PAT. HALFBACK ROBERTS A- ) .! r ,5C . jglSiir- ' - GEORGIA N. CAROLINA An underdog Georgia team battled to a scoreless deadlock at Sanford Stadium with the Tarheels of North Carolina in the season ' s second home game. Pre-game odds had Carl Snavely ' s crew more than a one touchdown favorite, but the locals, trying to live down 7-7 stalemate the week previous against St. Mary ' s, pushed back drive after drive by the Tarheels. Just before halftime. Quarterback Ray Prosperi completed a 50-yard pass to half- back Zippy Morocco. Once again it was Mo- rocco who took the ball on a lateral from Prosperi but was brought down three yards from paydirt. Although Carolina lost to Notre Dome just one week previous by just one touchdown, it was evident that Choo-Choo Justice had departed from the Carolina grid scene. •• » Morocco picks up eight. . . Cook hit by six Carolina tacklers. . S- f ' " " THE ROCK " PRINCIPE ALL SEC BACK MIXON LINEMAN STEELE FULLBACK BILYEU ■ ifv; I GEORGIA MISSISSIPPI STATE The first of two Homecomings was un- veiled against Mississippi State on October 14, and the Bulldogs helped along with week- end festivities by defeating the Maroons, 27-0. Twenty-five thousand wild-eyed fans watched Wally Butts ' chargers trounce the Maroons with consistent drives through the State forward wall. Lauren Hargrove scored his first and last touchdown of the season with a 22-yard sprint around left end. Har- grove out ran the entire secondary to put the Bulldogs ahead 14-0. Mai Cook scored two touchdowns, the first coming on a quarterback sneak and the other after he was trapped 13 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Cook broke through a host of Maroon tacklers to score the third TD of the day. The last score came on a Pros- peri to HIebovy pass that was good for 26 yards. OS Cook goes ovef r r-- ' i .-- • " ■ ' ' HALFBACK ROCCO HALFBACK BRUNSON GUARD FEHER QUARTERBACK PROSPERI GEORGIA 13 L. S. U. 5 Lukie picks up blockers for 8 yards artd first down DEFENSIVE BACK HILL A highly favored Georgia squad rambled into Baton Rouge, La., one Saturday night in October, but a pre-game switch in offense gave the LSU Tigers a much unexpected tie. LSU passes accounted for the stalemate. Quarterback Ma! Cook set up the first Bulldog score with a 58- yard run. The drive was culminated when hard-driving fullback Dick Raber plunged over from the two-yard line. Walston missed the PAT and the score was 6-0. The Tigers tied things up midway in the third quarter. A four- yard pass by Norm Stevens snarled the score. But Georgia came back quickly when Cook hit Zippy Morocco with a flat pass. Zippy raced to the Tiger 14. Three plays later the Red and Black scored. Walston converted. Offside penalties paved the way for the second Tiger score during the fourth period. Closing minutes of the contest saw the Tigers on the Bulldog one-yard stripe. Tiger foils shy of pay dira I FLANKMAN DUKE GEORGIA 19 BOSTON 7 Cook gives off to Raber for IS-yard jaunt. , X Clad in stockings for the first time in 12 years, the Bulldogs braved the sub-freezing temperature of Boston and trounced Boston College 19-7 via the aerial route. Georgia failed to score during the first period but struck on the first play of the second with a 31 -yard pass. Zippy Morocco, who took the pass in the end zone. Walston failed to convert. Mai Cook ' s passes set up the second score with passes to Gus HIebovy and Walston. Cook then scored his sixth touchdown of the season with a sneak over center. Walston kicked the PAT and the Bulldogs led 13-0. Boston College scored mid-way in the third period on a pass from Joe McKinnon to Mike Roarke. Georgia racked up its last score in the lost quarter when Bill Mixon galloped 86 yards to tally. Walston ' s extra point was wide. CENTER BRADSHAW GUARD BURGAMY Brunson scores. Tilitski cuts through for first down. »-- » tB d ■ Georgia felt the sting of their first defeat when a powerful Alabama pass- ing attack sparked by Ed " Suitcase " Salem and Butch Avinger sent aerials through the Bulldog pass defense. The Crimson Tide won the contest 1 4-7. Lukie Brunson scored for the ' Dogs in the first half and gave the Red and Block a 7-0 advantage at intermission. Alabama came bock strong in the second half when Salem ' s passes moved the Red Ele- phants to the Bulldog 10. Avinger scored over tackle on fourth down. Fullback Tom Calvin, with minutes remaining, plunged over for the game-winning score. The play was set up when quarterback Mol Cook ' s pass to Zippy Morocco »vas intercepted. GEORGIA 7 ALABAMA 4 GEORGIA 6 FLORIDA »rr «■ y». c • ' ■ • ' ] »- ■ i ' 1 % ' ■■■; " ty yi ' i«?r ' Magoni brought to the ground. Georgia added another SEC victory to their record by squeezing o 6-0 vic- tory over Florida at Jacksonville. The l icking of Pot Field kept the Gators in the shadow of their goal line all afternoon and thus prevented a Gator attack from ever materializing. Mol Cook passed to end Bob Wal- ston for the only score of the day after a Florida punt went out of bounds on the Gator 44 yard line. Mixon, Brun- son, and HIebovy carried to the six, where Cook fired to Walston, Cook passes to Duke. TACKLE CAMPBELL FULLBACK SCICHALONI HALFBACK HIPPS HALFBACK MAGONI GEORGIA 12 AUBURN 10 Cook passes to Duke for six yards. V ' if " . ' -•if ; .-I Georgia racked up another win when they defeated Auburn University at Columbus, 12-10. The Tigers threw a powerful eight-man line at the Bulldogs, but their pre-game strategy failed to materialize. Billy Mixon cracked over for the first score after Capt. Mike Merola recovered a Tiger fumble. Bob Walston missed the conversion. Auburn came back, however, when quarterback Bill Tucker led a 66-yard drive. Tucker skirted end for the PAT. Once again Tucker took command. He directed the Tiger attack to the nine-yard line where he kicked a field goal, giving Auburn a 10-6 advantage. A few minutes after halftime. Zippy Morocco took a handoff from quarterback Mai Cook and raced 18 yards for the winning score. DEXTER POSS LINEMAN ANGLIN GUARD GREENWAY " ifei GEORGIA 40 FURMAN Sparked by three touchdown jaunts by Zippy Morocco, the Bulldogs wal- loped the Purple Hurricane from Furmon 40-0. A mere crowd of 1,000 watched the Bulldogs in an 11 -degree temperature. Morocco scored once on a lateral from quarterback Mai Cook, diving over from the one-yard line. He also reached pay dirt from the four-yard line. But the high point of the game was Morocco ' s 90-yard punt return. He gathered the pigskin in on the 10, cut to the sidelines, and then up the middle. It broke the punt return record set by Eli Maricich against North Carolina. Eli ' s run was good for 88 yards. Fullback John Tillitski scored twice, and linebacker Derwent Langley intercepted a pass, turning it into a TD. CO-CAPTAiN YELVINGTON HALFBACK HARGROVE LINEBACKER LANGLEY QUARTERBACK BRATKOWSKI GEORGIA TEGH 7 A ofocco returns punt. Quarterback Cook stopped after picking up five yards. t: ■..;..;...S; f--- ' . -- ;-- ' A.»■«! |te ■;SIS SBf ' «. 1% «iir;. .t«yi ji n tf — ?. XW " ■-•■ •Iv -= ir ' DEFENSIVE BACK CAPRARA CENTER McCLUNG FULLBACK RABER QUARTERBACK GRANT An underdog Tech team defeated Georgia ' s Bulldogs for the second straight year at Sanford Stadium 7-0 before one of the largest Homecoming crowds. The 45th meeting of the two bitter rivals saw a spirited Tech squad turn back Red and Black thrusts time after time. The Yellow Jackets pounced on Bulldog fumbles and took advantage of every break. The Techsters were unable to crack the Bulldog defense in the second half OS they managed to gain o nly seven yards via passes or and on the ground. The ' Dogs mode their bid for at least a tie in the third period when they marched 70 yards to the three-yard line of Tech. Lukie Brunson tried to crack the Tech forward wall but fumbled, and Tech was quick to recover. It was never a game after that as the Bulldogs couldn ' t get their T machine started. It was only the second time that the men from Tech have won at Sanford Stadium since its dedication in 1929. " May the best team win SCAT BACK MOROCCO I 9 5 Georgia ' s 1951-52 basketball squad will be without the services of three of its first string players. Lost to graduation are Bob Schloss, Earl Davis, and Joe Jordan. But Coacli Whatley will hove the valuable oid of Jim Umbricht and Bill Shain. Shain was selected to the all-SEC sophomore team. Umbricht ' s ability under the basket and general floor play was an outstanding factor in the Bulldogs ' 1950-51 campaign. Coach Jim Whatley discusses plans with starting five. From left to right; Center Bob Schloss, Forward Earl Davis, Guards Joe Jordan and Jim Umbricht, and Forward Bill Shain. Basketball experts rate this team one of the all-time greats. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Coach Jim Whatley, Minton Williams, Sonny Dykes, Bill Shain, Joe Jordan, Dick Thomas, Zippy Morocco, Nate Williams, and manager. TOP ROW: Jack Turner, John Marshall, Charlie Bryant, Bob Schloss, Jim Umbricht, Earl Davis, Kermit Hall, Nath Thompson. BASKETBALL 1950-51 SCHEDULE Georgia 64 Mercer 51 Georgia 60 South Caroline 58 Georgia 58 Clemson 45 Georgia 39 Alabama 60 Georgia 69 Clemson 70 Georgia 59 Mississippi 41 Georgia 50 Georgia Tech 56 Georgia 64 Florida 48 Georgia 68 Auburn 69 Georgia 72 Tulane 70 Georgia 59 South Carolina 57 Georgia 77 Georgia Tech 66 Georgia 60 Mercer 58 Georgia 49 Auburn 61 Georgia 68 LSD 65 Georgia 54 Georgia Tech 53 Georgia 56 Tampa 64 Georgia 75 Florida 58 Georgia 53 Alabama 56 Georgia 57 Mississippi State 49 Coach Whatley plans counter attack Alternate Captains Jordan, Schloss, Davis. A c 1 o N . Hall fouled by Auburn. - H N Hall shoots inside Tiger defense Two more for the Bulldogs. . j rj ' 4 11 V A O N THE COURTS Jordan passes to Umbricht. Jordan adds two on o driving lay-up. Morocco passes through Tiger defense. Davis sets from outside. Red and Black scores again Davis swishes the nets again Shain drives past Tech ' s Umstead Youngstown Flash Zippy Morocco Davis heads tor basket Zippy Morocco Jim Umbrlcht Kermith Hall Sonny Dykes Joe Jordan Slats Thomas Bob Schloss Charlie Bryant Bill Shain L- g L 1 V OH P S 1 M L V f SPORT SCENES Woodruff Hall . . . Crowded as usual JACK TURNER Diamond trio . . . Askew, Bagwell, Henderson SWIMMING AND TRACK Boo Mitchell clears hurdle. Pan-American meet. TENNIS AND GOLF Coach Mollis presents golf trophy. GoH team at Country Club CAPTAIN M. B. WHEELER m_ ' M . % 4i ' ?-- INTRAMURAL SPORTS lA A A :« r r •• Intramural Director Wendell Wilson confers with associates. INTRAMURAL ATHLETIC BOARD AND MANAGERS INTRAMURAL ACTION WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC Mrs. Soule and fhe group . . A : a ASSOCIATION k ■ II M ;, ' .r»r« rs » ' • t - . -J i ' . " ' V - •3- . ' ■• • ' -|| ' itfiTfri ' ir ' ii EAUTIES This year PANDORA came up with a queen that ought to suit |ust about anybody. Besides being one of the best looking girls that ever graced a Georgia campus, she ' s got o personality that we ' ll match against anybody. Lucy Lane hails from Dalton, Geor- gia, and IS a member of Chi Omega sorority. She ' s majoring in education, and (unfortunately for the boys) grad- uates in June of ' 51 . p H I D E L T A P H I P R E S E N T S QUEEN: fJLucu rJLane cJLambept : K A P P A S I G M A P R E S E N T S r 1 lartka i tmpdon ip -.f s I G M A N U P R E S E N T S PUl WacWJL H A E P S I L O N P I P R E S E N T S w, irium KJep stein p H I D E L T A T H E T A R E S E N T S kirieu L c ¥ ciine s I G M A C H I P R E S E N T S ruclie italic uwu i ' mmiu wm r ' ■! t- A L p H A G A M M A R H O P R E S E N T S c Delored c Di ai cd rrnxT, p I K A P P A P H I P R E S E N T S iberta c DubberlL f T A S I G M A P I P R E S E N T S (iDechu " urauise JOANNE FULCHER Presented by Chi Psi JAN MARTIN Presented by Alpha Tau Omega PEGGY ELDER Presented by Kappa Alpha JANE JAY Presented by Chi Phi KATHERYN TATE Presented by Delta Tau Delta BEVERLY WESTBROOK Presented by Lambda Chi Alpha SHIRLEY HIRSCH Presented by Phi Epsilon Pi JACKIE ZETTEROUER Presented by Pi Kappa Alpha JULIA ELLEN ASKEW Presented by Sigma Alpha Epsilon K i»; F»:i ' ri ' wjiB ISABELLE BERN Presented by Tau Epsilon Phi CARROLL CONROY Presented by Sigma Pi Presented by: 1951 Pandora Staff Editor Business Mannger Managing Eailor Associate Editors Art Editor Woman ' s Editor Sports Editor Pliotographer Faculty Advisor Ray Jenkins Grayson Flowers Gerald Levy Jimmy MiUer Melvin Harelik Wyndell Taylor Ituby Branch Dick Brooks Bill Brown Claudi- Davidson Judges MK. WILLIAM S. |0WUAN«-3„ , , „ , ,,,, .„, , M ' SS ' l Z! Academy o. Charm Modeling Agency. MA TEK OF CEREMONIES ORGANIST lilBECTOB Ray Jenkins Joyce Parrish Lcighton Ball " w Acknowledgements Stage settmg Flower arrangement I -hers D. Weaver Bridges Van Clcvcs ' s Si-ma Alpha lota music fraternity Contestant L l. J Alpha Epsilon Pi 1. Miriam Gerstein Alpha Gamroa Rho 2. Dclores Davis Alpha Tau Oniega 3. Jan Martin Candler Hall 4. Ann Waters Chi Phi 5. Jane Jay Chi Psi 6. Joanne Fulcher Clark Howell Dormitory 7. Palsy Ray Delta Tau Delia a. Katherine Tale Delta Sigma Pi 0. Becky Paradise Joe Brown Hall 10. Belh LeFilcs Kappa Alpha U. I ' eggy LIdcr Kappa Sigma 12. Martha Simpson Lambda Chi Alpha 1:5. Beverly Westbrook Lucas House 14. Mary Elizabclh Harman Milledgp Hall 1.5. Carolyn Dunning Phi Delta Phi 10. Lucy l.ane Lambert Phi Delta Thela IT. Shirley Cainc Phi Epsilon Pi 13. Shirley llirsch Phi Kapl ' a Tau 19. Ami Smith Pi Kappa .■ Ipl ' a 20. Jackie xtlerowcr Pi Kappa Phi 21. Alberta Dubbcrly Sigma Alpha Epsilon 22. Julia Klk " •• ' ' " ' " Sigma Chi 2:5. Trudy Callaway Sigma Nu 24. Phyllis MacMuHcn Sigma Pi 25. Carroll Conroy Tau Epsilon Phi 26. Isabelle Bern MYRA SMITH Presented by Phi Kappa Tau CAROLYN DUNNING Presented by Milledge Hall ANN WATERS Presented by Candler Hall MARY ELIZABETH HARMAN Presented by Lucas House PATSY RAY Presented by Clark Howell Judges: Joe Cheeley Ruth Harris Dyar Massey UkIi LITERARY SOCIETIES IN EIGHTEEN HUNDRED GANIZATIONS s H N X FIRST ROW: Bryans, Reinhardt, Evans SECOND ROW Jay Smith, Phillips, Crimmins, Elinburg. Saudenf President — Raleigh G. Bryans. Sphinx was founded at the University of Georgia in 1897, and is the highest non-scholastic honor in the University. 1. A, H. Patterson 2. W. D. Hooper 3. L. A. Cothran 4. G. Green 5. C. R. Andrews 6. E. E. Ponieroy 7. A. Pratt Adams 8. Will S. Blun 9. C. W. Davis 10. M. D. Dubose 11. R. P. Jones li. A. J. McBride 13. R. J. Travis 14. T. W. Rucker 15. M. M. Thurman 16. John Banks 17. R. L. Denmark l.s. J. E. Hall 111. K. .M. Charlton :;ii. Harry Hull 21 H. v.. Johnson 22. J. H. Ridley 2:i. V. K. Ritchie 24. J. L. Erwin 2. ' ». Phinizy Calhoun 26. F. McCutcheon 27. Long.street Hull 25. B. C. J. Lamar 2!i. W. M. Hardy :iO. N. p. Park :U. W. J. Hammond :t2. Lamar C. Kucker :!:i. S. Blackshear :i4, .M. Dickinson . ' i. Andrew Calhoun :i6. Cam D. I orsey :i7. M. Richardson 38. B. S. Walker :iit. Sandy Beaver HI. V. .M. Ridley 41. C. W. Legwen 42. R. Jacques 43. Ralph Sleldrim 44. .Marion Smith 4. " .. Wallace .Milk-r Hi. Minor Boyd 17. W. R. Turner IS. J. V. Baxter 411. Harold Ketron 50. Jack Bower 51. Fra ' mpton Ellis 52. Frank Anderson 53. R. P. Brooks 54. L. P. Goodrich 55. I. S. Hopkins, Jr 56. J I. Killorin 57. M. Blackshear 58. Viriyn Moore 59. Tom Connally 6(1. W. Nunnally 61. T. T. Turnbull 62. W. W. Patterson 63. Arthur Sullivan 64. Charlie H. Cox 65. Rodney Hill. 66. Harold Telford 67. A. L. Hardy 68. J. E. D. Young 69. W. XIashburn 70. H. M. Scott 71. John A. Brown 72. George Hains 73. Dan Y. Sage 74. 1. C. Levy 75. Lansing B. Lee 76. L. Raoul 77. J. J. Ragan 78. R. . Parlier 79. G. P. Whitman 80. W. L. Erwin 81. Harrison Jones 82. C. D. 83. W. G. Brantley 84. P. R. Weltner 85. A Cannichael 86. K. Kyle Smith 87. W. Brown 88. J. K. McDonald 89. C. N. Jsliielson 90. Frank Martin 91. H. L. J. WilUims 92. R. H. Jones 93. S. 0. Snillh 94 M. S. Hodgson 95. H. Delaperierre 96. P. C. .Vcwton 97. Claude Derrick 98. W. C. Henson 99 J. B. Harris 100 Y. B. Smith 101 D H Redfern 102 Jerome Michael 103 D. L. Rogers 104 E. V. Carter, Jr. 105 J. E. Lucas 106 H. G. Bailey 107 E. .M. Brown 108 Abit Nix 109. 0. V. Franklin 110 E. T. Miller 111 H. L. Lanham 112 H. B. Blackshear 113 W. Talk, Jr. 114 A. R. McDonell 115 H. C. Hatcher 116. Paul L. Bartlett 117 E. L. Pennington 118 E. W. Moise 119 G. C. Woodruff 120. E. V. Heath 121. MiUard Rewis 122. R. B. Troutman 123. Arthur .Maddox 124 J. L. Sibley 125. L. D. Brown 126. Cliff Brauncn 127. G. T. Northern 128. W. A. Mann 129. H. D. Meyer 130. B. H. rt ' alton 131. D. R. Peacock 132 V. E. Durden 133. C. E. Martin 134 E. B. Dunlap 135 R. L. McWuorter 136. R. H. Freeman 137. Z. S. Cowan 138. E Morganstern 139. James M. Lynch 140 H. Levy Rogers 141. B. H. Chappell 142. Ira Funkenstein 143. Frank Carter 144. T. Rucker Glnu 145. Aaron Bernd 146. R. H. Patterson 147. Victor Victor 148. H. H. Whelchel 149. L. Pinloissolin 150. Clark Howell, Jr. 151. D. K. McKamy 152. D. F. Paddock 153. John Henderson 154. E. J. Hardin 155. G. S. Whitehead 156. J. B. Conyers 157. C. W. Jacobson 158. H. L. Hodg:ion 159. R. W. Wesley 160. G. L. Harri ion 161. C. M. Tanner 162. W Quarterman 163. R. Callaway, Ji. 164. Joel B. Mallett 165. T. A. 166. Max L. Segall 167. Hofman Sorrels 168. W. 0. White 169. J. P. Stewart 170. N. L. Gillis, Jr. 171. Roff Sims, Jr. 172. J. Carniichael 173. Howard McCall 174. Irvine M. Levy 175. Hinton Longiuo 176. R. W. Courts 177. L. .H Tl| pctt 178. O. R. Ellars 179. R. H. West ISO. R. Foreman, Jr. 181. J. .M. Hatcher 182. Dewey Knight 183. Louis S. Davis 184. W. P. Zachry 185. Irvine Phinizy 186. R. O ' Callaghan 187. C. M. Candler 188. W. M. Dallas 189. C. H. Sattelflell 190. F. V. Harrold 191. W. 1). .Miller 192. Arthur Pew 193. R. B. L. Spencc 194. C. W. Slack 195. John n. Sl. ter 196. E. W. Highsmilh 236. George Morion 306. W. Bennett, Jr. 237. G. H. Nl.von 307. W. C. Hawkins 238. A. A. Marshall 308. R. T. Anderson 239. C. N. .Mell 309. W. C. Hoyt, Jr. 240. E. P Rogers 310. C. Harrold, Jr. 241. W. T. Forbes. Jr. 311. B. Anderson. Jr. 242. G. S. Johnson 312. E. H. Baxter ' 243. R. J. Chambliss 244. Ernest Camp, Jr. 245. Allen Post 313. Djar Massey 314. A. Roddeuberry 315. Morris Abram i f ■ mi. V ....MPM 246. A. . Ciay, III 247. Kells Boland 316. F. Newton, Jr. i 317. (J. Lumpkin m ? 24S. Ivey Shivers, Jr. 249. W. H. Young 318 R Troutman Jr Jm «« 319. R. P. -McCuen jte glggj j 250. Isaac K. Hay 320. A. Cleveland. Jr. ■ PSSBSSSS 251. G. Florence. Jr. 321. R. C. Norman ■ 1 252. T A. Nash 322. J. Halliburton 98 253 T. Hamilton, Jr. 323. Lee Price 191 254. B. H. Hardy, Jr. 324. Howell HolUs ' 9 255. Hall L. Standi 325. Alex McCaskill — « 256. D. C. Tulley 326. Stanford Smith 257. R. Patterson, Jr. 327. Lee Newton 258. H. S. Wofford 328. Jack Matthews 259. J. S. C.indler, II 329. Ernest Vandiver 260. L. LautzenheLser 330. Frank Gunn 261. R. B. Jennings 331. A. Fowler, Jr. 262. C. Barrow, .Tr. 332. C. J. Smith, Jr. 263. R. B. Hooks 333. B. Gardner, Jr. 264. J. H. Boland 334. Verner Chaffin 265. G. C. Hamilton 266. J. J. Harris 335. J. Meadows, Jr. 336. Cliff C. Kimsey 267. W. J. KUne, Jr. 337. T. C. Penland 197. A. M. Day 268. K. Anderson 338. John B. Miller 198. C. M. Strahan 269. J. Pahiiour, Jr. 339. W. Partee, Jr. 199 H. H. Mangum 270. Henry Palmer 340. Irby Exley 200 W. H Stepliens 271. K. McCutcheon 341. Frank Sinkwich 201 J. B. Ford 272. Guerry Harris 342. -Murray Norman 202 Nathan Jolles 273. D. Feagin, Jr. 343. F. Champion 203. Owen Reynold s 274. M. L. Purvis 344. G. D. Lawrence 204. J. P. Carson 275. J. M. Oliver 345. Jesse Bowles 205. W. D. Durden 276. Marvin ;Jox 346. J. P. Miller 206. W. B. CoJy 277. Ellis G. Arnall 347. Charles Trippi 207. M. A. McRainey 278. Herbert Maftett 348. Jimmy DeLay 208. W. F. Daniel 279. Saiiford Sanford 349. Fluker Stewart 209. E. H. Dlxou 2S0. J. W. .M:iddox 350. J. Sheffield, Jr. 210. F. C. McClur e 281. Marie Hollis 351. W. F. Scott, Jr. 211. L. H. Hill 282. W. C. Latime.- 352. F. S. Cheatham 212. J. J. Clark 283. Vernon S. Smitli 353. Dan Edwards 213 C. A. Lewis 284. W. Strickland 354. B. M. Joiner 214. J. J. Bennett, Jr. 285. J. W. Mclntire 355. D. W. Leach 215. Alton Hosch 286. Marion Gaston 356. W. H. Burson 216. C. G. Henry 287. M. Crenshaw 357. .M. D McLendon 217. J. K. Harper 288. W. Hazeihurst 358. John Sheffield 218. H. H. Maddox 289. Leroy S. Young 359. Kirk McAlphin 219. J. L. Watson 290. F. Solomon 360. John Ranch 220. C. R. Anderson 291. V. B. -Moore, Jr. 361. Mims Wilkinson 221. E. M. Gurr 292. W. Maddox. Jr. 362. Bryan Whitehurst 222. H. Cleckley, 1 i; 293. J. Richardson, Jr. 363. John E. Griffin 223. W. C. Carter. Jr. 294. M. Hodgson. Jr. 364. Harry L. Wingate 224. William late 295. T. Tliigpen, Jr. 365. James L. Bentley 225. C. r. Wiehrs 296. R. Stephens, Jr. 366. James Andrews 226. John Flet-.her 297. J. W. Callioun 367. Porter Payne 227. J. D. Thomason 298. D. Stafford, Jr. 368. Samuel Ray Biu-ns 228. John Hosch, J r. 299. John Bond 369. H. Walraven, Jr. 229. T. F. Green, Jr. 300. Harry Baxter 370. R. J. Healey 230. W. E. Scwell 301. W. T. Rogers 371. Raleigh G. Bryans 231. Lester Hargrett 302. J. D. Bowden 372. L. T. Crimmins 232. C. L. Bowen 303. J. Carl Strong 373. G. R. Reinhardt 233. .M. !■:. Kilpatri ck 304. A. Lee Rogers 374. W. A. Elinburg 234. J. D. Allen 305. J. W. Wise 375. W. B. Phillips 235. H. D. ShattucK 376. W. T. Evans HONORARY MEMBERS A ■ — H. Brown Q - — G. Jackson GG — Harry Mehre B — G. Butler R — V. B. HiU HH — H. Edmunds C — 0. S. Sibley S — C. Snelling II — H. Hirsch D — D. Doughert v T — D. C. Barrow JJ — E. L. Secrest E — W.H.Harris U — R. E. Park KK — H. Caldwell F — H. Bacon V — H. C. White LL — P. Chapman G — W. P. Hall W — A. M. Soule MM — R. R. Gunn H — F. K. Boland X — W. Bocock NN — J. D. Wade I — H. G. Colvin Y — S. V. Sanford Oa — H. Spalding J — W. Cothran Z — C. Strahan PP — C. H. Herty K — W. Spain AA — H. Stegeman QQ — E. Coulter L • — John Dorsej BB — S. Morris RR — W. 0. Payne M — F. Mitchell CC — G. Peabody SS — V. Butts N — H. Dodd DD — E. A. Lowe TT — W. M. Crane — V. H. Black EB — T. Woofter UU— H. A. Shinn P . — W. Tichenor FF — T. W. Reed VV — W. 0. Collins WW — E. Cocke, Jr. A C H O N OFFICERS President RUSSELL MILLER Vice-President JOE TURNER Secretary- Treasurer MORGAN GOLDEN Aghon is a local honorary society in the College of Agriculture. One must have com- pleted at least eighteen courses toward an agricultural degree, besides possessing out- standing ability, to be eligible for membership. Aghon elects seven men in the fall and spring quarters. Golden, Miller, Turner MEMBERS Ted Evans Johnny Davis Don Ryder Jim Collier Bill Bibb Lawrence Williamson Earl L. Knox T. R. Mobley Joe Turner Russell Miller Bill Elinburg Morgan Golden Charles Mundy Glenn Smith FIRST ROW: Mobley, Turner, Miller, Elinburg, Golden. SECOND ROW: Evans, Davis, Ryder, Collier, Bibb, Williamson, Knox. ABSENT: Mundy, Smith. WH14 -■- AGRONOMY CLUB A member of the Student section of The American Society of Agronomy, the Agronomy Club was founded on April 2, 1940. Its purpose is to provide practical experience and training, and to promote better inter- est in agronomy. Past year activities include co- sponsorship of Ag Hill stunt night, a three-acre corn project, a soil testing booth at the 1950 Athens Agri- cultural Fair, and a three-acre wheat project. OFFICERS President WILLIAM J. DAVIS Vice-President DONALD TURNER Secretary PAUL K. BERKEYPILE Treasurer THOMAS WEAVER John Addison Emory Appling Paul K. Berkeypile Connie M. Bowers S. V. Bowers John T. Brannen W. R. Butler Jim Collier Thomas Cotton William J. Davis Tom Denham James G. Harris Lawrence Harvey L. J. Hunt Ray Hodges Bob Jones Charles Majeski Frank McGill T. R. Mobley William Parker Earl Propst Theron Rogsdale William Rivenbark C. Lloyd Smith Fred Smith Roy Tote Donald 0. Turner John Teihune Thomas Weover Jack White wm ALPHA KAPPA PSI Alpha Kappa Psi, first and oldest professional com- merce fraternity, was founded at New York University October 5, 1904. Alpha Epsilon Chapter was installed May 13, 1922. The purposes of the organization ore to further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to ap- preciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administration. OFFICERS President LEE ROY EARLY Vice-President GRAYSON FLOWERS Secretary GEORGE ALLAN SUSTARE Treasurer ANTHONY THOMPSON Mosterof-Rituals CLAUDE DUKE Claude Bray Mitchell Chambers Dick Chewr Dick Cofer Hal Cofer, Jr. Claude Duke Lee Roy Early Grayson Flowers MEMBERS Dewey DeLattre Bob Fincher John Fulcher Boyd Garner Dozier Gray John Kelly William B. Loh, Jr. Paul Mangold Collier Mills Ralph Murry James P. Parker Vance Rogers Robert Southwell George Sustobe Tony Thompson A. Beaty Wray, Jr. R. P. Brooks John E. Dean W. T. Hicks H. W. Moorhouse FACULTY MEMBERS George O. Riggs R. T. Segrest Glenn W. Sutton Emil S. Troelston District Councilor Lawrence H. Walker District Councilor ALPHA PHI OMEGA The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and to promote service to humanity. Its four major fields of activity are: service to the student body and faculty; service to youth and community; service to members of the fraternity; service to the nation as a participating citizen. OFFICERS President p. DAN MARTIN Vice-President CHARLES McMICHAEL Secretory WALLACE FLEMING Treasurer JERRY FIELDS Historian IRWING ZASLOW Advisor AUSTIN EDWARDS Charles McMichael Jerry Fields Dan Martin Pat Murphy Bill McRae MEMBERS Toxy Hal! Lamar Merk John Stillwell Frank Triano Don Walters Dick Grimes Joe Hadaway Bill Scoggins Wallace Fleming Irwing Zaslow ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY Alpha Psi, national professional veterinary medi- cine fraternity, was founded at Ohio State in 1907. Lambda Chapter, chartered May 15, 1948, is the youngest of eleven chapters. Fraternity colors are dark blue and bright gold. The fraternity flower is the red carnation. OFFICERS President BILL PACE Vice-President JESSE C. HARDY Recording Secretary ROBERT L MEEKS Corresponding Secretary HAROLD E. STINSON Treasurer CAREY W. THORNTON, JR Thornton, Stinson, Pace, Hardy, Meeks. MEMBERS Robert E. Atkinson Theodore R. Barrett L. Roe Bedwell Rurel Bell Albert C. Benson C. L. Bromley, Jr. William L. Carter, Jr. George A. Clark, Jr. Bobby Merle Clyatt James Ellis Daniels William A. Elinburg, D. C. Forbes 0. M. Fulcher Edgar H. Gilchrist Charles A. Greenig, III Leiand E. Griffith Jesse C. Hardy William C. Hare James M. Hawk Harold H. Holbrook William H. Justice Jr James C. Kepp Earl L. Knox Robert M. Kuhn Charles E. Lee Raymond Mason Robert L. Meeks Norfleet W. Midyette Angus C. Mincey Benjamin M. O ' Kelly James Edward Oliver William E. Pace Benjamin R. Page, Jr. Charles B. Patton Walter G. Pearson James E. Porter Irvin T. Rhodes Charles R. Rigdon Robert W. Robison Mack S. Setser Jesse S. Sloan Frank H. Smith George L. Smith Leonard J. Steele Harold M. Stinson Leroy K. Taul Corey W. Thornton, Jr. J. T. Tumlin Calvin E. Tyner L. E. Van Petten Julian L. Veatch William J. Waters, Jr. Walter B. Weaver James Edward Wheeler L. Gene Yarboro Arthur Young McTyler Salter Albert K. Robinson Walter H. Rogers, Jr. Joseph J. Johnson Thomas P. From James B. Rutledge, Jr. Donald E. Mules Preston M. Givens Ralph D. MacPherson John S. Walker John A. Kimsey Lemuel B. Stoton Walter Watt Dickson H. Nelson Witt Aubrey L. Little Donald T. Walbert Luther J. Earwood Hersel S. Harley William B. Clark, Jr. Stephen C. Hite Roy R. Smith E. W. Ellett Horace G. Blalock, Jr. Waylond D. Andrews Bruce S. Riggs John H. Richardson Lelond S. Sanderson m ii -. ALPHA Z E T A Alpha Zeta, honorary agriculture fraternity, was founded to promote the profession of agriculture; to establish, foster, and develop high standards of schol- arship, character, leadership, and a spirit of fellow- ship among its members; to create and bind together a body of outstanding technical men, who by scholarly attainment, faithful service, and maintenance of ethical ideals and principles have received distinc- tion and are capable of honoring achievement in others; to strive for breadth of vision, unity of action, and accomplishment of ideals. OFFICERS Chancellor BILL ELINBURG Censor RUSSELL MILLER Scribe LAWRENCE WILLIAMSON Treasurer LEROY TAUL Chronicler L G YARBORO Guide R. L. MEEKS Miller, Yarborough, Williamson, Elinburg Harold O. Baxter Rurel Bell William J, Davis, Jr. William A. Elinburg Willard Everett, Jr, W. Andy Irvin William H. Justice Edgar W, Keller Earl L. Knox MEMBERS William A. Knopp Donald E. Lee E. Samuel Lyie, Jr. Raymond C Martin Robert L. Meeks Burton S. Middlebrooks Russell Miller Jeffie V. Minchew Theodore R. Mobley Clifford R. Mordecai, Jr. George W. Rice, Jr. Don Dyder, Jr. Jesse S. Sloan LeRoy K. Toul Carl J. Turner Calvin E. Tyner J. Lawrence Williamson L. Gene Yarboro FIRST ROW: Miller, Davis, Mobley, Turner, Irvin. SECOND ROW: Elinburg, Ryder, Bartley, Minchew, Yarboro, Bibb. THIRD ROW: LyIe, Mordecai, Baxter, Everett, Martin, Knapp FOURTH ROW: Justice, Rice, Williamson, Keller, Knox, Lee. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is the voluntary religious activity of the Boptist Students within the schools and colleges of the South as provided for and promoted by the Southern Baptist. The Baptist Student Union, the connecting link between college and the local church in the college center, has been active on this campus since 1925 Membership is based on stu- dents membership in any recognized organization of a local Baptist Church. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEMBERS President RHONWYN LOWRY Enlistment Vice-President SARAH LANCASTER Social Vice-President SYBIL COMPTON Devotional Vice President PAT BATCHELOR Recording Secretary JOHNNY DAVIS Corresponding Secretary FLO STRICKLAND Treasurer BILL RAMSEY Sunday School Representative JACK SHIRLEY Training Union Representative BOWMAN BARR Promotion Director NANCY WHITWORTH Music Director GLORIA MALCOLM Extension Director MARJORIE ROSSER Historian JOE TURNER Publicity Director JULE SPEARS Athletic Director NELSON NASH Stewardship Director WRIGHT GELLERSTEDT y W. A. Representative MARY ADCOCK Student Secretary REV. AUBREY HAWKINS Local Pastor DR HOWARD P. GIDDENS Faculty Advisor DR FRED BENNETT AMERICAN PHAMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION The American Pharmaceutical Association, Student Branch, was organized on this campus in 1945 to provide a means whereby the stu- dents in the Pharmacy School can assemble to- gether to discuss current issues pertaining to their profession. The A. Ph. A. further acquaints members with the parent organization, the National American Pharmaceutical Association, and with the Georgia Pharmaceutical Association. OFFICERS President MICHAEL STEBLER Vice-President JIM FARMER Treasurer TERRELL WEBB Recording Secretory GEORGE McCLURE Corresponding Secretary D. 0. PEARCE Faculty Advisor DEAN KENNETH L. WATERS MEMBERS Baird, Joe L. Hunt, J. R. Wilson, D. R. Tolleson, C. Bryan, T. E. Merritt, C, w. Belote, W. B. Jackson, J. C. Wood, G. C. Vick, L, G, Caldwell, W. L. Morgan, M C. Brooks, C. H. Johnson, M, 1. Whitaker, W. M. Weaver, M. 0. Compher, M. T. Potty, C, w. Chombers, T. R. Keliom, J. A. Moseley, T. W. Webb, T. Ethridge, L. Lord, R. c. Chostain, H. N. Little, W. M. McClure, D. Whitworth, J. Evans, J. B. Matthews, J L. Chichester, H, L. Lord, B. H. McCook, G. Williams, J. Ghitter, 1. L. McNair, J. M. Cobb( L. B. Moore, R. T. McRoe, W. Williams, J. Gray, L. R. O ' Dell, B. B. Cox, J. R. Murphy, J. M. Nevil, J. Williamson, J. Grice, G. F. Parker, R, B. Crawford, L. H. Mossey, J. E. Parkerson, G. R. Williamson, T Herrin, C, R. Porrish, C. E. Crawley, T. H. Maxwell, J, A. Pearce, D. 0. Wolson, F. Kennedy, M. S. Reynold, L. S. Culpepper, F. E. Register, R, S. Phillips, S. Alpert, S. R. Kepp, L. J. Spears, J. C, Daniel, H. B. Shorpe, W. H. Potts, C. Burnley, J. R. Kinney, R. B. Speer, Joan M, Dorsey, J. F. Former, J. Sutton, E. P. Rentz, F. L. Collingsworth, T, E. Kitchen, M. E. Tanner, J. B. Sutton, H. S. Robbins, R. W. Edward, G. W. Lipscomb, G. H. Thompson, G, M. Gray, J. L. Greenwoy, A. D. Taylor, A Sammon, T. Edward, J. R. Hardman, J. G. Warren, C Thoggard, J, C- Stornes, R. Elhston, J. S. Heng, J. E. Walker, S. D Groves, E. 0. Thomas, J. A. Stebler, M. Forrest, J E. Jasperse, D. G. Webb, R. D. Honberry, C. Veole, E. 0. Sullivan, D. Blackburn, L. F. Maret, R. T. Whatley, L. S Hodgson, J M Whatley, W. T. Taylor, C. Brannen, J. F. Wood, R. W. V: K wiUKuHsa •J BETA GAMMA SIGMA Beta Gamma Sigma is a national hon- orary fraternity for students in Business Administration, its members being selected from the upper ten per cent of the gradu- ating class and the upper three per cent of the junior class in scholastic standing. There are 65 chapters and 20,000 mem- bers in the United States. Alpha of Geor- gia Chapter was installed on May 15, 1918. OFFICERS President GLENN W. SUTTON Vice-President MADGE LESHER Secretary-Treasurer HOMER A. BLACK Sutton, Block. MEMBERS STUDENTS; Glenn W. Sutton Madge Lesher Homer A. Black R. P. Brooks J. D. Bolton A. B. Biscoe Alton Hosch H. J. M. Heckman R. T. Segrest J. E. Gates W. T. Hicks J. F. Burke E. Champion J. T. Frye Berton J. Barr Norman W. Stafford Roland F. Carter Delaine Durden Paul T. Eskew, Jr. Jay D. Gardner Joseph A. Miller Charles E Powell William E. Veal Earnest I. Wright Richard E. Bird Kenneth V. Dawes Jack H. Anderson James W. Stone, Jr. Charles R. House B L U K Y Blue Key is a national honorary organization composed of outstanding students and faculty mem- bers. Members are selected on the basis of excel- lence in one of the five fields: Leadership, scholar- ship, athletics, publications, and forensics. Juniors are elected in the spring and seniors in the fall quarter. OFFICERS President TOM WADDELL Vice-President BILL BIBB Secretary-Treasurer RUSSELL MILLER Corresponding Secretary DON RYDER Alumni Secretary JOHN MOBLEY SEATED: Miller, Waddell, Bibb STANDING Ryder, Mobley. ; MEMBERS T. R. Mobley Ike Newberry Bob Hirschberg Frank Rich Grady Griner Tom Waddell Don Ryder Bill Bibb Joe Turner Joe Jordon John Bowdidge Gordon Woodard Dr. W. O. Collins Lawrence Crimmins Bill Crone C, O " Fat " Baker Cecil Olmstead Curtis Bell Bill Elinburg LeRoy Taul Lawrence Williamson Ted Evans Grayson Flowers Fred McMonus Paul Cresap Bill Bradshow Paul Eskew Tommy Pope Will Hill Newton COLLEGE 4-H CLUB The 4-H Club was established on campus to pro- mote the welfare of students and the institution; to train leaders, and each year to help the outstanding club member attend the Danforth Foundation Lead- ership Camp at Camp Minwanka. The club sponsors each spring an Ag Hill Carnival to benefit the 4-H Loan Fund, which provides college scholarships for former club members. OFFICERS President RENEE WILLIAMSON Vice-President JOHNNY DAVIS Secretory AGNES CARPENTER Treasurer LAWRENCE WILLIAMSON Bill Andrews Jewel Biles Louise Blackburn Donald Branyon, Jr. Biddy Braden Agnes Carpenter Jack Clay Joe Colquitt Sybil Compton Christine Copelon Johnny Davis Richard Darden Cordelia Ellis Leiand Estes Ed Flowers Faye Gibbs MEMBERS Ben Gray Chandler Hurber Lawrence Harvey Barbara Herring Harold Joiner Bob James Fred Kellogg Louise Kemp Carol Kenimer Rhonwyn Lowry Charles Inman Catheri ne McCreery Darrell Mosely J. V. Munchen William Nelson Anne O ' Quinn Hassell Parker Bill Ramsey Elizabeth Ryals Elaine Shellhouse Len Siegel Carol Sirmons Merrill Stewart Mell Farmer Era Taylor Virginia Terry John Terhue Billy Thompson Roy Whitfield Lawrence Williamson Renee Williamson DELTA SIGMA T : T 7T 7T yyy i ±l-j yxx xxA AAAA, OFFICERS Head Master LOUIS THOMPSON Sen or Warden WILLIAM HENRY MEYER Junior Warden RICHARD SAM SCOTT Treasurer G. B. WRIGHT Scribe JOSEPH A. MILLER Chancellor WILLIAM WOOLARD Master of Festivities JIMMY YOUNG Master of Ceremonies ROLLIE J. BITTICK Historian BILLY FRES HYDE House President JAMES KELLY COODY Faculty Advisor JOHN BURKE Robert L. Sellers Phillip Branson Kenneth Dawes Dan Dominey Joseph A. Miller William R. Harris W. R. Walker Rollie J. Bittick Paul Eskew Harry R. Hayworth Billy Fred Hyde Richard Sam Scott Louis A. Thompson G. G. Wright Jimmy Young MEMBERS Barnett Allison Charles Amick Al. O. Baxter Bruce D. Boggs Walter Bradley James Kelly Coody Clarence Henderson William H. Meyer Don Simmons Frank Tigner William Woolord Bryant Harris Bower Lawton M. Burnette, Jr. Joseph Luther Conine Fred Eugene Cox George Dewey Gassett Samuel Clarence Griffith, Jr. Ray Carson Griner John Raymond Kiker Eugene Harold Lee Frank C. Mathews, Jr. Daniel Oscar McCook Elmo Eugene Miller Charles Howard Mott Albert Joseph Roberts Thomas Michael Spillane Aaron Starling, Jr. Alfred W. Stewart, Jr. Thomas Edwin Syms Henry Hall Woolord, Jr. Cholres Carter HA iv. ' - _SS DELTA THETA PHI Delta Theta Phi, National Law Fraternity, was tounded in 1900. The fraternity has sixty-five active senates and over 23,000 members. It was established at the University of Georgia in 1904. OFFICERS Deon JACK C GOODMAN Vice-Dean RALPH H FOSTER Tribune JAMES L BOATRIGHT Master ol Rolls STEPHEN PACE, JR. Master of Ritual SAM CALHOUN, JR. chancellor Exchequer WILLIAM C PRICKETT 3ailiff WILBUR BROOKS Oscar D. Beverly James L. Boatright Wilbur Brooks Sam Calhoun, Jr. Jeptha Rucker Carr Ariel V. Conlin John Dean Jesse I. DuBose Ralph Harrison Foster Jack C. Goodman George E. Johnson MEMBERS John E. Owens Stephen Pace, Jr. James W. Paris William C. Prickett Grady Rozar Robert B. Summer Robert C. Walther James Mines Wood James Horace Wood Clarence D. Walters Marvin B. Hardie Frank Lowie Troy Johnston Bob Cork Tom D ' Alessic Patrick Fitzgibbons Angelo Grills Conrad Hilburn Dowell C. Ireland William T. Mobley Armond Odell Parks THETA SIGMA PHI Theta Sigma Phi, honorary jour- nalism fraternity for women, was founded at the University of Wash- ington on April 8, 1909. Alpha Xi chapter was founded in 1929 and selects its members on the basis of journalistic activity and generaliy high scholarship. OFFICERS President WILMA FLORENCE Vice-President CHRIS WHALEY Secretary CARTER DANIEL Treasurer ETHELDRA DAVIS Jean Butts Jean Casey Louetta Crockett Carter Daniel MEMBERS Etheldra Davis Jon Ellington Wilma Florence Barbara Hogan Louise McNeel Betty Shimp Chris Whaley DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Disciples Student Fellowship was organized on campus in September, 1949, by students of the Christian Church and by the advisor. Dr. W, W, Wasson, Dean of the Christian College at the University. The Fellowship is part of the national program for Disciples of Christ college students. Its purpose is to provide and to create an interest in religion, to seek the highest religious values of life in a spirit of fellowship, and to share in the search for solutions to common problems. OFFICERS President JAMES L. HOOTEN Vice-President LANIER RANDALL Secretary CAROLYN WHITEHEAD Treasurer MALON MIMMS Advisor DR. W. W. WASSON FRONT ROW: Whitehead, Hooten. BACK ROW: Mimms, Randall. Mary Arnold Tom Brown Donald G. Creighton Mrs. D. G. Creighton Curtis Driskel Leon Driskel Sammy East Wilma Grubb MEMBERS Charles Hodges Ji Hooten Bob Mochmer P. A. Marshall Malon Mimms Ben Minish Carolyn Newton Danier Randall Mrs. Lanier Randall Jewel Setzer Dick Timmons Bob Tonn Dr. W. W. Wasson Mrs. W. W. Wasson Carolyn Whitehead ECONOMICS SOCIETY The Economics Society was organized at the Uni- versity of Georgia in 1916. It strives to interest stu- dents in economic affairs, encourages and seeks to cultivate ideals of service and proper leadership among the college students. The membership is open to students of all the various colleges on campus. OFFICERS President BILL F. HYDE Vice-President GLENN BRASELTON Secretary W. H. WOOLARD Treasurer G. B. WRIGHT Faculty Advisor DR. E. S. TROELSTON FIRST ROW: Hyde, Brasselton, Troelston. SECOND ROW Woolard, Martin, Wright. MEMBERS E. S. Moss, Jr. A. D. King, Jr. Louis N. Guice, Jr. M. M. Oppegard George C. Moore Robert H. Burts Tena Burns William A, Byard W, G. Goggans, Jr. Lance Mackey W. L. Phillips, Jr. Roy D. Martin Jasper Maloy, Jr. Raymond F. Thomas D. W. Benton Schiran C. Carter Eugene J. McLaughlin Bill Meyer Marion E. Bartlett John G. Flowers Jimmy Coody Grady R. Cody Bruce Boggs L. Roy Early Marvin R. Benson Joe A. Miller Robert Heck Helena Chance John H. Bedford Al Roberts Ford Harben Charles H. Mott Gene Lee Charles E. Wheeler Robert Mottox Don Simmons John Stilwell Oren H. Stephens Betty Hays W. Read Porter Edward Moses Wayne Harris Morris L. Whitlock Thomas Lipham Louis E. Patrick Gordon C. Osley Jim Gidner FLORICULTURE CLUB Floriculture Club was founded at the University in 1946. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in the field of agriculture and associated fields. Club activities include progra m presentations and decora- tions for various campus events. OFFICERS President AL TEMPLE Vice President JOAN ROSENTHAL Secretory DAN NOTTAGE Treasurer ADA PARAMORE Sam Culpepper Willard Everett Dorothy Hester Dan Nottage James Parker MEMBERS Ada Pcramore Joan Rosenthal Richard Reynolds Herbert Rubin Gerald Smith Al Temple Mrs. M. L. Van Winkle Lucy Worth James Cecil Wynens INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club was founded at Furman University in 1915. Aided by the Carnegie Foundation, which began organiza- tion of clubs in many of the leading colleges and universities throughout the United States. The purpose of this club is to serve as serious study groups seeking to promote an intel- ligent informed public opinion on world problems. OFFICERS President HARRY McNEEL Vice-President JOHN STILLWELL Secretory Treasufer FRANCIS CLAPP MEMBERS Barbara Burton Tom Stubbs Alex King Ralph Regan Mary Elizabeth Jackson Eugene Kelly Bill Cronder Tom Lipham Sam Conn Gordon Osley Inman Philips Tommy Roberts Lane Reeves Jim Moffett Neil Conrad Butch Rowson George McWhirter Charles Oren Joyce Roberts Lamer Cain John Stillwell Harry McNeel Francis Colpp Homer Price Bob Etheridge Walt Solms John Swift LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CLUB Landscape Architecture Club was founded in 1929 to create an interest in the educational and profes- sional fuilds of Landscape Architecture. Membership is open to second quarter majors who have an active interest in Landscape Architecture. OFFICERS President HARRY CLEMENTS Vice-President HENRY BIGNAULT Secretary MARY YOUNG Treasurer JAMES HARDEE Corresponding Secretary BAILEY BREEDLOVE Breedlove, Bignault, Hardee, Young, Clements. Collier Gladin Henry Bignault Sa m Monk Anie Laurie Keel Eugene Brock Pat Wingfield A! Smith Jack Reid James Hardee Jimmy Coile Gene Colquitt Thomas C. Crawford MEMBERS Charlie Devon Van Ellis Bob Harmon Harry Clements Delmar Hudson Harry Smith William Cobb Bill Robertson Mary Young Bill Holland Bill Wallace Bailey Breedlove Arthur Zegel Robert Hill Adel Flournoy John McLean Cleve Hendrix Bill Henderson Marvin Hughes Robert Joel Bob Machmer Fred Oakley Dewey Thurmond Maurice Waggoner FIRST ROW: Gladin, Bignault, Monk, Keel, Brock, Wingfield, Smith, Reid, Hardee. SECOND ROW: Clements, Hudson, Smith, Cobb, Robertson, Young Holland Wallace Breedlove, Zegel, Hill, Flournoy, McLean, Hendrix, Henderson. MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board, Senior honor society for women, rec- ognizes scholarship, leadership, and service, and ad- vances a program to stimulate development of a finer type of college woman. The Parthenian Chapter was established on the Georgia campus in 1939. OFFICERS President JO ANN TERRY Vice-President FRANCES THOMASON Secretary BETTY BOLLINGER Treasurer MILDRED MATTHEWS FIRST ROW Terry, Mathews. SECOND ROW: Lowry, Bollinger. THIRD ROW: ;gy; Ghitter, Thomason. FOURTH ROW: Florence, Foster. LEFT TO RIGHT: Terry, Thomason, Matthews, Bollinger. MEMBERS Betty Bollinger Marty Ecker Deen Wilma Florence Jackie Foster Leah Ghitter Rhonwyn Lowry Mildred Matthews Jo Ann Terry Fracnes Thomason OMEGA TAU SIGMA Omega Tau Sigma, founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1906, is an international professional fraternity for students of veterinary medicine. Eta chapter was chartered at Georgia August 20, 1948. The fraternity seeks to promote brotherhood and friendship and to further the veterinary profession in every way possible. fiiia fiiiBi i ist ISll ' nP n I m . OFFICERS President (Fall) L L LANDON (Winter and Spring) J. C FRAZIER Vice-President (Fall) CHARLIE VICKERS (Winter and Spring! CHARLES G. SIMS Secretory VERLIN A KRABILL Treasurer L R LUCE Alpha Pledgemaster FRED JONES Beta Pledgemaster E. B. RUSHING Moster-ai-Arms ALLEN V. TUTEN MEMBERS William W. Adams Charles B. King Maurice E, Alston Verlin A. Krabill William L. Austin Robert Kimmel Murphy W. Bonks James T. King James 0. Briggs Leicester L. London William K. Barker Robert Lawrence Deron Colins L. R. Luce Thomas B, Carkson Kenneth C. Loper Gerald K. Cordell Gerald V. McCrannie Karl K. Dockery William B. Martin Fred Davison Luther P. Murphy Joseph D. Edens Millard V, Morrison James S. Ellis Joseph B. O ' Quinn Walter R. Eskew Waldo H. Palmer J. C. Frazier George W. Patton, J Charles E. Faulkner Stewart Powell William H. Fletcher George D. Radford Robert J. Glass Ernest B. Rushing, Jr Wiley J. Greenwoy William H. Rhodes Wibur S. Higgs John S. Reed Francis T. Helton Charles G. Sims Charles W. Henry Dupont Strong Harvey B. Heorne Patrick Sober Robert R. Hirshberg Dorsey A. Sanders, Jr. Lonnie L. Howze S. Jackson Shirley Francis Jackson Dovid Spechler Fred Jones M ' mm PHI ALPHA DELTA Phi Alpha Delta is a national honorary law fra- ternity founded in 1898 by a group of law students in Chicago, III. It has chapters in 58 of the leading American law schools and 31 alumni chapters in the larger American cities. Alexander Stephens Chapter was founded at Georgia in 1947. OFFICERS Justice HUBERT HOWARD Vice -Justice BARRY PHILLIPS Clerk GLENN BRASELTON Marshall EARL MAY LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard, Phillips, Braselton, May. Laurie K. Abbot Curtis H. Bell Phil C. Beverly Robert M. Boulineau, Jr. Glenn B. Braselton, Jr. Joe S. Champion Thomas Bruce Cooper J. R. Cullens Alfred N. Downes Crawford Edwards Bruce E. Eller Curtis M. Ford Wright W. Gellerstedt L. A. Gily John H. Guess Girard W. Hawkins MEMBERS James B. Harris Hinton A. Hicks J. A. Hattaway, Jr. Hubert H Howard Henry C. Head Robert H. Herndon William B. Herndon John Ingram William H. Jordan, Jr. Alexander C. King Bruce W. Kirbo Earle May Charles E. Moore Will Hill Newton Jacob H. Paulsin, Jr. William B. Phillips Tommy Pope Marion C. Pritchard Alfred A. Quillian Bob Reinhardt Fred N. Rollison Thomas L. Ruth William P. Strickland, Jr. John C. Scarborough James R. Smith Harry F. Thompson Thomas W. Waddell Donald A. Walters John W. Wilcox T. V. Williams Slade C. Young P H C H — — A m m Phi Chi I heta, national women s business frater- nity, was founded in New York City January 4, 1926, Alpha Epsilon Chapter was activated at Georgia May 18, 1947. The purpose of Phi Chi Theta is to further the interests of women in the business field. i 1 F! 1 OFFICERS President POLLY WOODALL First Vice-President JOAN LEVINE Second Vice-President BARBARA ALLAN Secretory JOAN BIRGE rreosurer DELAINE DURDEN Faculty Advisor MRS DAN HOWARD m Barbara Allan Joan Birge Ann Brown Delaine Durden MEMBERS Louise Harwell Peggy Heath Betty Hopkins Peg Lamther Joan Levins Jane Parrish Lucy Talmadge Gloria Wallace Polly Woodall P H I DELTA P H I Phi Deta Phi International Legal Fraternity is the oldest and largest of professional fraternities. It was founded at the University of Michigan in 1869. Wilson Inn was established at the University of Geor- gia in 1922. Outstanding scholarship is a requisite for membership. The organization is dedicated to the promotion of a higher standard of ethics and culture in the schools and profession of law. OFFICERS Magister (foil Quarter) OWEN G ROBERTS, JR. (Winter Quarter) ROBERT E GIBSON Exchequer FRANCIS M. RICH Clerk DAVID P. HULBERT Historian WILLIAM W. LARSEN, III Faculty Advisor PROF. ROBERT L. McWHORTER Gibson. Rich, Hulbert, Larsen. MEMBERS James C. Abbot Milliard P. Burt William G. Carter Don E. Channel! Wilby C. Coleman C. B. Corban William T. Divine Charles W. Ellis Hoyle B. Adorns Charles F. Barnwell Walter M. Blcckmon John J. Bruner G. Ralph Burger George D. Busbee D. Robert Gumming Chauncey W. Depew Joseph J. Games Robert H. Gambrell Robert E. Gibson Wilton D. Harrington Ed Henning David P. Hulbert John Johnson William W. Larsen, III William B. Moody, Jr. Charles M. Gilbreoth Jack T. Griffith Marvin B, Hardie George A. Horkan E. B. Jones George L. Kelley Charles M. King John H, Mobley Carlton K. Nelson Paul T, O ' Connor Charles J. Moore Francis M. Rich Owen G. Roberts, Jr. Frank F. Rox Robert H. Smolley Frank C. Vann Alex D. Williams Wilbur D Owens Marion T. Pope C. Lanier Randall Charles C. Shaw George Stelljes Tom M. Stubbs John H. Swift Walter R. Thomas Benjamin L. Weinberg Sponsor: Lucy Lane Lambert LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: King, Moody, De Pew, Thomos. SECOND ROW: Chornell, Rich, Gibson, McWhorter, Hulbert, Larsen THIRD ROW: Burt, Vann, Rondoll, Horrington, Owens, Divine. FOURTH ROW: Kelley, Cummings, Coleman, Shaw, Adams, Weinberg, Bruner, Smalley, Burbee, Moore, Williams, Jones, Burger, Gambrell, GrIfMth. P H I K A A Phi Kappa Literary Society was organized on Wash- ington ' s birthday by Joseph Henry Lumpkin. The purpose of the society is to develop its mem- bers ' ability to speak and think on their feet so as to make them better citizens of our great state. The number of outstanding achievements mode in school and later life by its members have been numerous. The Halls of Phi Kappa hove kept alive the art of debating and rendered a service to the future. FALL QUARTER OFFICERS President GENE COOK Vice-President WASH LARSEN Vice-President HAP McNEEL Secretary ED KIRSTEIN WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS President WASH LARSEN Vice-President WILBUR OWENS Vice-President ED KIRSTIN Secretory DAVID HANDLEY MEMBERS Wilbur Owens Robert H. Burts Jerry Pryor Frank Gordy John Thurston Frank A. Holden, Jr. Jimmy Harrison Herbert Elliott Ray Lewis, Jr. Hamilton Stockton, Jr. David A .Hondley Allan M. Ramsey, Jr. Lee G. Wilkie, Jr. Kenneth B. Molsberger Joe H. De Vaughn Lawson Cook Ed Gauntt Bob Withers Chick Autry Walton Davis Allen Pritchett Wilson Mitchom Billy Wickham Harris Simpson Al Reomn Jimmy Smith Jock Cork John D. Carswell Charles H. Ferguson Nath Thompson Melvin C. Bowers Hunter Wilson Andie Trimble Dillard Nash Howard Massell Leonard Fragas Stan Lippman Stewart Lester Edward Parks, III Bob Ratcliff Sam Miller Eddie Orr George Harrison Thommy Whitehead Averett Taylor George Dismukes J. Huggins, Jr. Brannon H. Wilder John Mobley Paul Fancho J. K. McDonald R. F. Thompson W. Earnest Barron Samuel A. Conn Richard Ford Irwin Stolz Jim Hickey Hap McNeal Billy Askew Truitt Land Rowland Radford Lemar Merk Shang Read Cleveland Willcoxon R. O. Jones John Barron Bob Thompson John Guess Beverly Dolan Jule Felton p M U E P S I L O N Pi Mu Epsilon is a national honorary mathematical fraternity, founded at Syracuse University, Albany, N. Y , May 25, 1914, to promote mathematics and scholarships. Alpha of Georgia Chapter was founded at the University March 2, 1934 OFFICERS President W. D. PEEPLES, JR Vice President TYNE A. NEWTON Secretary DAVID T. WALKER Treasurer CLINTON D. DYCHES MEMBERS Dr. Tomlinson Fort Dr. R. J. Levit Dr. David F. Barrow Dr. G. B. Huff Dr. A. C. Cohen Dr. Patrick Du Vol Dr. G. M. Conwell Dr. Roswell P. Stephens Dr. Paul E. Pfuetze Hugh S. Stanley W. S. Beckwith Pope R. Hill Fred H. Smith Oliver M. Wisdohl Clint Dyches William G Harden Gerhard N. Wollan Dan Morre Edsel A. Harrell Avey Carroll Watters .John Krewson N. W. Hill Tyre Alex Newton William D. Peeples, Jr. George O. Peters, Jr Benjamin Chereek Harry F, Wright William Bibb William H. Norris David T. Walker Jack L, Fotes Wallace S. Knight Roy Long Lois M. Mathis Fred Noegel Daniel J. Van Antwerp William J. Jindra John Woodward Bevan K. Youse Leiand H Williams J. Graham Wall Alfred T. Hind, Jr. Owen Hoke Rolf S. Wollan Joe Lesser John Lineburger Renee Williamson James Williams Doris Baldwin Teckia Stelling Billy M. Lewis Marion C. Harrell Clayton McDuffie Charles England Alton Godnin Fred Kellogg Durwood Hoys James Brooks J. W, Hendrix Kenneth Chambers John Payne R H O C H Eleven seniors at the University of Michigan Col- lege of Pharmacy adopted a constitution for the " Aristolochite Society " May 4, 1908. On June 3, 1922, this society was granted a charter by the State as Alpha Chapter of Rho Chi. The Greek letters Rho Chi were chosen as an emblem of the prescrip- tion sign, while the colors attached to the seal of membership ore indicative of the royalty of the white. Alpha Kappa Chapter was established at Georgia Jan. 31, 1949, with 16 students and three faculty members of Pharmacy school as charter members. The present society consists of 16 senior studenis and nine faculty members. OFFICERS President DENNIS SULLIVAN Vice President TERRELL WEBB Secretary Treasurer MILTON I JOHNSON Historian LLOYD VICK Vicli, Sullivan. Webb MEMBERS James T. Webb Lloyd Vic k John D. Sullivan Milton I, Johnson Michael E. Stebler Florence E Culpepper Thomas W. Sammons George R. McClure Herman Darnell James H. Farmer Clarence Pittman Thomas Chambers Creed Taylor Robert Robbins Chester Hanberry Clarence Jackson Robert Styles William Easterly Frank Dobbs Charles Hortmon Dr. Joseph LaRocco Dr. Kenneth L. Waters Prof. F. Ford Millikan Dr. Woodrow R. Byrum Prof. Boyce M. Gilbert FIRST ROW: Webb, Vick, Sullivan, Johnson SECOND ROW: Stebler, Culpepper, Sommons, McClure, Daniel, Farmer. THIRD ROW Pittman, Styles, Gilbert, La Rocca, Waters, Millikan, Easterly SADDLE AND SIRLOIN CLUB P - ' j HI w% ■ H 1] tu f H H mm i A H t? ' R ' W B, Bi ' J [ ] r- 1 f ' 1 gff Founded in 1920, Saddle and Sirloin Club is o so- ciety for the promotion of more and better livestock in Georgia. The society sponsors the annual Little International Livestock Show, Herdsmen ' s Bawl, and Livestock Judging Team. OFFICERS First Term President TED EVANS Vice-President HIM JOINER Secretary HILL YOUNG Treasurer HOWARD HARRISON Sergeant-at-Arms CARLOS CHUECA Second Term President LAWRENCE WILLIAMSON Vice-President BOB HAMMOND Secretary JACK SMITH Treasurer HARRY ZITTROWER 5ergleant-ot- rms BILLY DICK MEMBERS Bill Andrews Andy Banister E. P. Bray O. B. Brown Carlos Chueca Leo Coogle Joe Cross Verlyn Denny Billy Dick Ted Evans Tom Glen Hugh Goodson Ben B. Gray R. A. Hammond W. C. Hardy N. J. Hams Howard Harrison Carlton Home Dorman Lott Charles McCorkle Andy McKibben Bill Moore John A. Parrish Clyde Patterson Jimmy Perry George Rice, Jr. W. G. Richards M. P. Ricketson John H. Roberts G. D. Sanders Jack Smith Norwood Stewart Sarah Tinivs Bill Thorpe James R. Thompson Bob Watkins Raymond L. Waters Lawrence Williamson Jorry B. Zettrover Ike Newberry George Whelchel Willis Godowns Robert Adams Holt Jordon John Griner Charles Church Wendell Prince Stuffer Malcolm John Carswell Jimmy Bridges G. R. Stanford UN VERSITY OF GEORGIA STUDENT UNION The purposes of the Student Union are to promote a spirit of fellowship among the students, to sponsor an integrated program of social, educational, and cultural activities for the entire campus, to foster the high ideals of the University, and to heighten the prestige of the campus within the com- munity. Every student at the Universiy is a member. STAFF Deportment Head j THOMAS ASKEW " ector OPAL BECK Assistant Director MRS. LEONARD POODRY OFFICERS f;. " ' ' ' f " ., ED DUNN Vice President MEADOR McGARITY " ' ° ' ' » ' WALLACE FLEMING BOARD M Julia Ellen Askew Betty Babcock Ed Barnum Ed Dunn Marshall Dixon Wallace Fleming EMBERS Suzanne Gardner Meodor McGarity Barbara Terrell Mary Thompson Wondo Vogt SIGMA DELTA CHI aT5 W jflH|i| ABNEY PENNINGTON MINTER DEAN DREWRY Sigma Delta Chi is a national professional |ournalism fraternity numbering among its member- ship some of the most outstanding newsmen in the country. Sigma Delta Chi cooperates with the Journalism School in sponsoring the annual Georgia Collegiate Press Association, the Georgia Press Institute, and the Georgia Scholastic Press Association. OFFICERS President GEORGE ABNEY, JR Vice-President JOHN PENNINGTON Secretary JAMES G. MINTER Treasurer MILLARD B GRIMES Faculty Advisor DEAN JOHN E. DREWRY BENEFIELD BROOKS MEMBERS tfKlte. George Abney Richard Conley Charles Martin Dewey Benefield Charles Corbett Jim Minter 1 Paul Burton Ed Dunn John Pennington - - 1 Dick Brooks Mike Edwards George Pettet ' f Luther Bunting Millard Grimes Dean John E. Drewry J BUNTING CONLEY CORBETT MARTIN EDWARDS DUNN (V ! -- - 9 , _ m " r )f M m___ k m 1 THALIAN-BLACKFRIARS Thalian-Blackfnars was founded April 23, 1931, through the union of two old dramatic societies, the Thalians and the Blackfriars. It is an active service organization dedicated to fostering the production of meritorious campus drama and stimulation of interest in the cultural aspects of the theatre. OFFICERS President NAN LYON Vice-President JOHN PATTERSON Secretory ANNE LADD Treasurer JAY GARDNER Lyon, Gardner Ladd Bettye Crawford David Eisenstein Jay Gardner Rosemary Hill Irish Kelly MEMBERS Anne Ladd Oliver Land Arthur McDonald Gus Mann John Patterson Kathy Pender Chuck Walston Nan Lyon Leighton M. Ballew Paul A. Camp James E. Popovich w GEORGIA ' S UNIVERSITY BORN YESTERDAY GARSON KANIN «• I Mil (SSBS Bs e ! tm H A T R In 1931 the Thalians and th e Blackfriars, two separate dramatic societies on the campus, which had been functioning for some eighty years as producing organizations, were merged and became familiarly known as " T-B, " the theatre honorary of the University Theatre. Since 1931 the Uni- versity Theatre has functioned as the producing organization, and in 1941 the Department of Drama was formed when the Fine Arts Building was completed. During the past ten years the Department of Drama and the University Theatre have expanded rapidly. During the past year the University Theatre has undertaken the sponsorship of the State Drama Festival especially devoted to high school drama students and their coaches. A two-day clinic was held in February with panel discussions and speeches by theatre educators. The tenth district lit- erary meet is held annually in April, and the staff offers its services as judges for adjoining districts. The University Theatre was also host this year to two foreign students who served as Junior Artists-in-Residence. Miss Clare James and Paul Bacon, both graduates of the Royal Academy, London, England, were seen in several plays during the year. During the spring holidays the University Theatre takes one of its plays and tours the State. Last year over twelve hundred miles were covered in one tour alone. The pictures shown here indicate how varied a season the University Theatre has offered its pa- trons. All plays are selected to give a balanced season. The University Theatre schedules light, serious, classical, and contemporary plays. STAFF Supervising Director LEIGHTON M. BALLEW Technical Director PAUL CAMP Associate Director JAMES E POPOVICH Secretary MARGE MANDERSON Shop Foreman AUBREY HENLEY Shop Assistant HUGH ERASER Electrician JOEL PHILLIPS Costumes NAN LYON Make-up JOHN HAMLET Business Manager MYRON FOGEL Promotion Manager WILLIAM PRUETT THE MALE ANIMAL THURBER AND NUGENT ■«: !( f % ' .j a Ks UNIVERSITY BAND OFFICERS Preudent CHARLES KNOX Secretary PEGGY BROOKS Business Mar ager JOHN BODDIDGE Librarian JOHN RITCH Oirector J. HARRIS MITCHELL Krtox, Bowdidge, Mitchell, Brooks, Ritch PERSONNEL FLUTE: Warren Little Alex Leseur OBOE: John Anderson Helen McKown CLARINET: Eleanor Adams Peggy Brooks Cloyton Courson Irene Feingold Jimmy Harris Billy Head Lloyd Hitchcock Bob Lamb Salvatore Merolo Ann Morris Carl Pyrdum Bill Tillison BASS CLARINET: Beryl Weiner BASSOON: Frank Belvin Ralph Kaplan ALTO SAXOPHONE: Raymond Register William Titshaw Renee Williamson TENOR SAXOPHONE Royston Ingram Richard Hoffman BARITONE SAXOPHONE Sidney Tucker CORNET: Mary Joe Andrews Kate Calloway John Comon Grayson Flowers Larry Knowles Joe McGinty TRUMPET: Earl Beach Thomas Byrnes HORN: Alvin Biscoe, Jr. JoAnn Hall John Ritch TROMBONE: John Bowdidge Ed Getzman Gerald Hand Charles Knox Ernest McLcndon Lane Smith George Taylor BARITONE: Lamar Ball Loyd Landrum Paul Nixon Alan Shadgett TUBA: Ed Dunn Erwin Feldmon Julian Hester Marion Johnson PERCUSSION: Jean Bazemore Herbert Cobb Doug Keel Andy Trimble Sheldon Wolff TYMPANI: Ed Moblcy WESLEY FOUNDATION Wesley Foundation is a notional organization for Methodist students on college and university cam- puses. Its purpose is to develop students in worship, creative recreation, wholesome friendships, and in- telligent churchmanship. A cordial invitation is ex- tended to all to join its fellowshp. OFFICERS President HELEN HITCHCOCK Vice-President MARY ANNE JACOBS Secretary HARRIETT CALDWELL Treasurer CATHERINE TIMM Wesley Foundation Director REV. BRUNSON C. WALLACE Jacobs, Hitchcock, TImm, Caldwell Charles Carter Beverly Almond Sue Terry Neil Mooney Beulah Metcolf Wyatt Johnson Gwendolyn Taylor Nan Lyon Lee Smith Clyde Bridges Catherine Smalley Audree Coil Brown Stephens MEMBERS Nell Callahan Louise Mays Betty Harvey Willie Bragan Bob Womack Hugh Park Don Seery Beverly Ann Teat Jean Boyd Bobby Singleton Dan New Marjorie Fowler Horace Stohl Donald Lee Bob Porter Betty Porter Bruce Armstrong Margaret Setser Theron Ragsdale Melvin Edwards George Boney Jackie Foster Mack El rod Hubert Anthony Jane Boyd Doris Bonks George Abney, Jr. Nolan Richardson, Jr. I X I SIGMA P I The objective of Xi Sigma Pi is to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forest education, to work for the upbuilding of the profes- sion of forestry, and to promote fraternal relations among earnest workers engaged in forest activities. OFFICERS Forester ■ HAROLD 0. BAXTER Associate Forester JAMES D RYDER Secretary-Fiscal Agent DAVID F. O ' LEARY Ranger EVERETT S. LYLE, JR Faculty Advisor PROF LEON A. HARGREAVES O ' Leary, Baxter, Ryder, Lyie Dwight Barrett William Bartley Harold Baxter Bert Broyles Frank Craven Minor Crenshaw Bobby Dunlap Bill Evans Jeff Margraves John Harmon Noah Jackson Reuben Jeffries Elton Kinchen Vernon Knight Ed Kreis Mayo Livingston Sam LyIe Carroll Martin Burt Middlebrooks MEMBERS Jack Moore Cliff Mordecai Nelson Nash David O ' Leary James Proctor Don Ryder John Swilley Ernest Tanner Bill Thompson Bratislov Zak FACULTY MEMBERS Dean D. J. Weddell Dr. L. W. R, Jackson Professor G. N. Bishop Professor B. F. Grant Professor A. C. Worrell Professor A. E. Patterson Professor L. A. Hargreaves FIRST ROW: Nash, Middlebrooks, LyIe, Kreis, Hargraves, Kincher, Martin SECOND ROW: Baxter, Jackson, Merdecci, Crenshaw, Craven, Bartley THIRD ROW: Proctor, Hargreaves, Nash, Livingston, O ' Leary, Evans, Swilley, Barrett, Jeffries, Ryder, Knight, Moore, Zak, Grant. -- 4 B F T A D Biftad, freshman honorary service club, was founded in 1910. Ten men are elected at the end of their freshmen year and five at the beginning of their sophomore year on a basis of scholarship and leadership. Biftad annually sponsors the Homecom- ing decorations contest and the Inter-Fraternity Sing. OFFICERS President RONNIE SCHWARZ Vice-President BILL JONES Secretary CHARLIE ADAMS Treasurer DICK PHILLIPS Phillips, Adams, Schwarz Ronnie Schwarz Bill Jones Charles Adams Dick Phillips Alex King Ed Dunn George Stelljes Ed Ellis FIRST ROW: Flowers, Fogel, Schwarz, Bowdidge, Parker, Adams. SlCOhlD ROW: Ellis, Jacques, Weiner, Phil- lips, Middlebrooks, Collot, King. MEMBERS Julius Edel David Byck John Bowdidge Jim De La Perriere Myron Fogel Burt Middlebrooks Charles Collot Homer Price Howard Walace Tom Roberts Don Walters Grayson Flowers Jim Jacques Chanault Hailey Al Jacobson Hossel Parker Beryl Weiner Bob Smalley mmm r- X c L U B X Club was founded by the late Chancellor S. V. Sanford in 1931 for the purpose of improving school spirit and loyalty. The society annually elects to membership men who have displayed in- dustry, ability, and merit. OFFICERS President JAMES PTACEK Vice-President TOM JOHNSON Secretory BILL ALDRED Treasurer DICK BROOKS Brooks, Aldred, Johnson, Ptaceli Grayson Flowers Barry Phillips Bruce Kirbo Clayton Griner Bill Elinburg Dick Brooks Bob Martin Ed Barnum Tom Woddell Hubert Howard Tal Arnette Nick Chilivis MEMBERS Bill Jones Bill Devine Roy Whitfield George Boney Walter Leonpacher Alton Lovingood Hassell Parker Joe Turner John Bowdidge Jim Ptacek Paul Cresup James H. Wood Robert A. Paulson John C. Scarborough, Jr. Jesse G. Tippins Bill Aldred Bill Ramsey Don Walters Bill Thompson William Lawson, III Robert Corley Wilbur Owens Phil Herndon Jim Word n n f i AMERICAN VETERINARY MEDECINE ASSOCIATION JUNIOR CHAPTER Organized in 1946, AVMA includes over 85 per cent of all Veterinary Medi- cine students. OFFICERS President CHARLES E. LEE Vice-President DAN STRICKLAND Treasurer G. V. McCRANIE Secretory S. J. SHIRLEY Corresponding Secretary W. H. JUSTICE Class Representatives: First Year HERSEL HARLEY Second Year DAVID FORBES Third Year JAMES ELLIS Fourth Year ROBERT MEEKS President-Elect W. H. RHODES 1950 OFFICERS President EARL L. KNOX Vice-President H. G. WOODARD Secretory DORIS AUTRY In 1950 the chapter became affiliated with the Notional American Veterinary Medicine Associorion. Each member is acquainted with the 1 1 -point program of the organization and strives toward that accomplishment. T J9 =fc i C! • - ANATOff, Mil PHI UPSILON OMICRON Phi Upsilon Omicron, a national pro- fessional honorary fraternity, was founded in the University of Minnesota in 1909. The Chi Chapter was estab- lished on this campus in 1936 . The purpose of this organization shall be to establish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote the moral and in- tellectual development of its members, and to advance and promote Home Eco- nomics. OFFICERS President JEWEL BILES Vice-President MARY KRAMER Recording Secretary BARBARA TERRELL Corresponding Secretary . . VIRGINIA VAUGHN Treasurer NADINE VICKERS Candle Editor MILDRED MATTHEWS Librarian CATHERINE McCREERY Historian BARBARA M. LEACH Chaplain RHONWYN LOWRY ■1 SEATED Vickers, Kramer, Biles. ON FLOOR: Terrell, Vaughn. Ruth Cox Emily Casey Sarah Lancaster Ann Trowbridge Dolores Palmer Charlotte Kight MEMBERS Mary Thomas Mary Thompson Wanda Vogt Cecelia Sherlock Louise Jones Mary Ward low Barbara Burton Angel Allison H O M C O N Homecon was founded in 1918. The ob- jectives ore to develop leadership and per- sonality in its members, to encourage schol- arship, and to foster high ideals of and ap- preciation for home life. It is affiliated with the American Home Economics As- sociation and the Georgia Federation of Women ' s Clubs. OFFICERS President VIRGINIA TERRY Vice President BARBARA TERRELL Recording Secretary CATHARINE McCREERY Corresponding Secretary VIRGINIA VAUGHN Reporter ANGEL ALLISON SEATED McCreery, Terry, Vaughn. FLOOR: Terrell, Allison. MEMBERS Marie Albert Phyllis Allen Angel Allison Mary Ellen Blades Jewel Biles Pam Brasselton Winnie Bowman Betty Browning Agnes Carpenter Kate Calloway Jeweldine Childs Mary Kathryn Carson Matilda Callaway Leona Carter Miriam Davis Sara Dessauer Leiand Estes Elizabeth Ellis Bertie Emmerick Janell Folds Mary Ellen Finley Louise Fife Jo Hardy Ruth Hilliard Sharon Halperin Nancy Jackson Bobbie Jackson Billie Jean Jones Louis Kemp Barbara Kahn Carol Kenimer Geraldine Kittle Charlotte Kight Mary Kramer Helen Lonford Vivian Levine Barbara Meek Leach Sara Murray Linda Murphy Catherine McCreery Millie Matthews Mildred Norman Alberta Newbonks May O ' Hara Delores Palmer Beverly Poole Doris Prior Hilda Reynolds Helen E. Rowland Joyce Stevens Virginia Terry Barbara Terrell Mary Thompson Barbara Twiggs Jo Taylor Wanda Vogt Virginia Vaughn Lucy Worth Ann Waters Carol Westbrook DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Demosthenian was founded in 1801, stands today as a monument to the art of public speaking and argumentation. In the spirit of its illustrious founders the primary purpose of this society remains that of encouraging a diligent speech for truth by means of debate. Any male student in the University may become a member of the society by attending two consecutive meetings at each of which he voices the desire to join. Among the famous men who hove been mem- bers are Robert Toombs, Benjamin H. Hill, L. Q. C. Lamar, and Crawford Long. Honorary members in- clude Robert E. Lee, William Cullen Bryant, and Winston Churchill. In the history of a great University, Demosthenian stands as a connecting link between a glorious past and a brilliant future. OFFICERS President ED BARNUM Vice-President GUS WOODALL Secretary- If eosurer HASSELL PARKER Parker, Barnum, Woodall MEMBERS Leon Adams Clay Anderson Emory Alexander William H. Aldred Talmodge Arnette Edward Barnum Harold Baxter Donald Branyon Richard Brooks James Brooks George F. Boney Robert Blalock Emory Comer A. V. Conlin Paul Cresop George Crawford William Divine Russell Dollar Charles Doster Jesse DuBose Mike Edwards William A. ElinburgJohn Homer Goble Charles Elkins James C. Grant Ted Evans Joseph C. Griner Grayson Flowers J. A. Hathaway John D. Fulcher Clarence Heath William Franklin Hubert Howard Frank Gaines J. Walter Hunterman William Hyde Lewis Jackson William Justice Bruce Kirbo Donald Lee Walter Leonpocher Alton J. Lovingood Walter Lundy Robert J. Martin Claude McBride Earle May Jacques Merie Linsday Mock William D. Moseley Hassel L. Parker Howard J. Parker James Ptacek Boyce Portwood Bryant Ragan Donald Ryder Julian Reynolds John C. Scarborough A. F. Singley Charles Shackleton Robert H. Smalley Jock Smith Don Strickland W. P. Strickland Robert Taylor William Thompson Joe Turner Thomas A. Waddell George Wallis Lenard Wells Robert C. Westbrool Robert Whitaker Roy Whitfield I. S. Williams John C. Williams E. A. Woodall H. G. Woodard GRIDIRON SECRET SOCIETY OFFICERS President ROBERT S. MacARTHUR Secretary -Treasurer ... ROY WHITFIELD MEMBERS Robert MacArthur Roy Whitfield Will Hill Newton Charlie Barnwell Cecil Olmstead J. C. Paul John Swift Charles Mundy Barry Phillips Bill Elinburg Ed Ellis Bill Bibb Bob Argo Lawrence T. Crimmins Bill Simpson Bill Aldred Hubert Howard Ted Evans Bob Reinhardt Grayson Flowers Gene Cook Lawrence Williamson Woody Ansley Gordon Woodard Tom Waddell John S. Bowdidge Carroll D. Cabaniss Hal Cofer Joel Fryer Millard Grimes Bruce Kirbo Don Walters Ray Jenkins Gus Woodall Joe Durant Tal Arnette Frank Halter Jim Ptacek Dewey Benefield Hassel Parker Tom Motherne OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa, Notional Leadership Honor Society for men, was founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee University and has circles in 61 leading American colleges and universities. Alpha Upsilon circle was founded at Georgia in 1935. Five indispensable qualifications for mem- bership in ODK are character, leadership and serv- ice in campus life, scholarship, fellowship, and con- secration to democratic ideals. OFFICERS President WILL HILL NEWTON, JR. Vice-President BILL ELINBURG Secretary JOHN SWIFT Treasurer J. C PAUL Faculty Advisors DEAN WILLIAM TATE, H. B. HENDERSON Swift, Newton, Paul William P. Bibb Lawrence Crimmins Bill Elinburg Ted Evans John G. Flowers Myron Fogel MEMBERS Joel Fryer Jay D. Gardner Baker McGee Russell L. Miller Will Hill Newton, Jr. Cecil Olmstead J. C. Paul Barry Phillips Francis Rich Don Ryder John Swift Lawrence Williamson PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma offers every aspiring mole freshman an honorary recognition of his scholastic achievement. Membership is available to any freshman who makes an average of 92 or more for his first two quarters or 90 for his first three quarters. OFFICERS President CHARLES R. ADAMS Vice-President __ . . LOWELL J. KEPP Secretary-Treasurer J. McREE ELROD Faculty Advisor DEAN WILLIAM TATE J. Eugene Alexander J. Dewey Benefield Norman E. Bowen George E. Brown Claude A. Bray James M. Butler James F. Dilworth William M. Dunn Walter Eskew George V. Luellman MEMBERS John C. Matthews Charles T. McMichael Burton Middlebrooks Carl K, Nelson Lowell Peacock William T. Roberts George Stellpes, Jr. R. Raldy Stetson Charles E. Thomas Bobby L. Momack HONORARIES James Bailey Franklin Butler William M. Crane John E. Drewry W. M. Henderson J. Alton Hosch Albert Saye Alfred W. Scott Glenn W. Sutton William Tate Lawrence Walker 7 i ii L te J1 I jprn 5 ir = ( TARY COLONEL J. V. V. SHUFELT LIEUTENANT COLONEL J. 0. PRICE MILITARY DEPARTMENT Marshall, Luelleman, Farmer, Mickelson, Boone, Williams, Humphrey, Lumley, Ezzard, Nolond, Bowles, Bell, Bowen. Yeardy, Kindig, Boddie, Tourney, Bennett, Sexton, Smith, Tedder, Robertson, Simmons. ARMY REGIMENT Mary E. Harman Sponsor John Bowdidge Co. Commander ARMY REGIMENT STAFF Beaty, Ridgdill, Bowdidge, Willey, McNeel. Nancy N. Cramer Sponsor F. A. Jones Co. Commander ARMORED BATTALLION STARR Barrow, Barnwell, Jones, Hight. Nancy Lee Holt Sponsor W. H. Fleming Co. Commander INFANTRY BATTALLION STAFF Corbett, Fleming, Arnette, Brown. COMPANY A OFFICERS Ellis, Home, Bohanan, Perryman. PLATOON LEADERS Grimes Rachael Moseley Magoni Butts Lightfoot Riley McKinney Elkins Fleming Hill Barnett Gilchrist Hendrix Daniell Prince Godowns ROLL Hoys Lyle, D. A. Earnest. C. B. Maleolm. S. P. Cites, J. C. EULs. ,1. Mnrdook. B. J. Anderson. H. H. Elklns. ( ' . B. McCo.v. A, V. Geiger, J. F. Fussell, T. P. Maurice. S. r. HoEan, .T. V. Pllipkowski. C. Mosely. V. 0. Smith, C. 0. Ford. .T. K. Nelson. W. B. Moore, S. L. Grant. W. C. Phinizy. V. V. Butler, J. M. Galhifi-i. T. C. Pritchett. J. SearborouKh. J, C. Goebel, V. A. Pattv. r. V. Allen, A. E. Gibson, G. M. Parr. D. B. Allgooci, D. E. Boldln. J. W. Roberts. W. T. Alexander. J. H. Gladin. C. B. Ragsdale. R. F. Branvon. L. D. Gulnesdielli. P. Spivey. L. G. Bldhm. A. R. Hornsliy. A. E. Strem. J. W. Brandon. G. M. Hamllev. D. A. Stephenson. J. V, Branson, S. F. Harsrove. .1. L. Shepard. R. P. Barnes. V. Y. Hill. .T. I . Stewart. W. T. Bishop, J. R. Hester. E. Smith. E. JI. BroH-nlee. E. W. Haik-.v. C. W. Tant. B. F. Brown. J. P. Horton, S. S. Tribble. W. 0. Callender. r . S. Hale. R. B. Taylor. J. R. riiandler. .1. B. .Tolm.son. B. L. Viola. A. fhandler. C. K. Jordan. W. H. Virosko. D. G. Crosswell. .1. C. Jarksnn. T. W. VanderEriff . J. A. Cork. .1. r. Johnson. C. H. Wood. R. W. Inirant. C. J. Keith. A. J. Wnodard. D. B. David. F. A. Kent. L. B. Whatlev. h. S. Durham. R. H. Kahn. JI. Wallace. W. H. Dt-aton. L. .F. Lamb. T. J. Westbrook. T. J. liipletro. F. J. LeConte. W. L. Mood.v. W. G., Jr. Principi. R. L. COMPANY B P» ' sponsor Co. (_ommander OFFICERS HERNDON, BOYKIN, WEATHERFORD, MORRISON PLATOON LEADERS Bowman Goodson George Carter Dunlap Vaughn Shiver Wallace Abrams Bowers Boswell McCallum Bowers Marlow White Beacham Pryor ROLL Benson Adams, R. E. Goggens, .1. L. Merola, S. S. Arnold, K. E. Gobels, J. A. McCorkle, C. H. Atkins, V. N. Hickham, R. B. Mock, H. C. Bowen. H. Henson, W. H. Northcutt, R. Buchannaii. .1- I ' , HoweU, H. L. Price, P. E. Baldwnn, B. H. Hertz, R. E. Pope, W. E. Bislioi). R. Herndon, A. .1. Parker, H. L. Br.idlierry. V. N. Hester, J. T. Rose, W. H. Carson. W. S. Hanson, E. V. Rankin, V. T. Carswell, W. H. Henle.v. G. H. Roobin, L. J. Carder. J. A. Hale, G. R. Russell, J. L. Cobb, W. L Hardeman, J. B. Simms, E. T. Crouch, V. A. Johnston. W. L. Strober, J. C. Dekel, D. T. Jackson. D. C. Sullivan. D. Dillinger. J. C. Jacobson. G. H. Slagle, H. Dingus. I . .T. Kennon, 0. L. T humer, J. A. Daniell.R. (!. LoveU, V. C. Theriault. X. English, H. C. Lewis, R. C. Tliomas. B. E.spy, .7. J. Lovett, W. M. Taylor, G. A. Edelstein, J. M, Lester, R. S. Thompson. R. Ferguson, W. P. Miller, T. C. Thompson, J. Farriish. J. E. McLain, H. W. tissery. G. Gobel. V. A. Madigoslo ' , J. Winn, G. F. Garner, J. C. McNatt, H. G. Whitley, H. Williams, Ci. Warren, R. Watkins. R. r o f, ; 1 f i y COMPANY C OFFICERS HUDSON, RAY, BARNES, GOBER PLATOON LEADERS May Paulnot Hunter Starling Doniell Cooper Welch Whitfield Smith Tanner Thompson Thomas Ramsey Brower Johnston Lewis Strickland Chambers Dottie Crowe Sponsor Dan Hudson Co. Commander ROLL Amlcrsnii, ]y. ( ' . Griner. K. C. I ' latock. G. M Kr.VMli, 11 Gaines. B. S. Parker, M. B lU ' iirli-y. .1. Guill. R. A. Phillips, L ll;im ' ll. ( ' . A. Holt, W. K. Roberts, R liclhuni ' . .1. E. Hartrampt. ( ' . H. Starling, H. C Hiid, K. K. Hooteii, T. E. Shnms, E. T Iiiii-nk ' , ' . .1. Hurr, R. B. Satterfield. M. lli-.vrin. V. T. Jones, R. D. Smith, T. J Unillllilc ' ll. E. L. Lewis, 0. Shaln, W. A. Creed. A. A. Mason, S. L. Schoem, G. H Clark, A. L. Mathews, J. T. Turk, P. R Cohen, R. B. Morton, W. J. Tarpley, .T. K Cooper, G. D. McGee, L. M. Taylor, G. H riismiikes. U. V. OiT. E. H. Watt. G. J Klldn.s, T. Powell, T. V. Woodaril, W. L Futnil, W. .S. Powell, M. C. Wright, G. B Fischler. A. A. Pierce, H. S. Payne, H. J. Williams, G. C. s m f l f -f t f t t :?■?.■ t ' t ' .tf ' lfc- " U ' COMPANY E Sponsor Roechael Drxon Co. Commander M. E. Dixon OFFICERS DIXON, RUSSELL, HARDIGREE, GALGANO PLATOON LEADERS Anderson Anglin Maddox Collins Beckwith Mothews Renick Charney Raber Dean Campbell Steele Brightwell Harvey Trimble McKinnon ROLL Turptn Anderson. C. W. Cniv, w. i:. Parker. R. B. Allsood, J. E. Ht-rndon, P. H. Paulk. J. V. Biiiden, B. H Henlt-.v. A. V. Ramsey, A. M, Bond, H. A. Hamilton, R. C. Reynolds. .T. ( ' . Bullock. B. J. Hifthtower, W. H. RusseU, W. A. Bonds, J. V. Hollida.v, R. A. Robert, H. C. Blum, 11. L. Holbrook, G. C. Sterner, 0. K. Balle.v. T. A. Joyner, B. .1. Stubbs, R. C. Cars on. .1. It. Jones, H. I). Stradling, .1. (;. Callowa.v. T. (;. Jones, R. 0. Simmons, S. W. Carswell. J. II. KellT. G. W. Smith, J. Cobb, W. A. Knight. J. W. Stanford, G. R. Callaway. .1. Kirk. E. A. Thomas, R. M. Driskell, L. V. Kclloy. G. L. Turner, T. L. Duvall, T. C. Liililsev, I . E. Taylor. R. L. Uodd, 0. IT. Lincoln, J. T. Umbrlcht. J. Dobbs, G. C. .Ma.s.sey. J. E. Vance, W. L. Eberbart. V. F. .Mil.hell. G. 0. Webster, W. L. Fussell. T. F, Murphy. L. A. Whitaker. R. T. Farabee. W. .1. Malc-nlm. S. P. Williams, E. R. (jarcar, R. M. MiUcr. C. P. Womack, B. I.. Craden, J, S. Miller. C. C. Wiiuslett. R. 11. Gordon. R. I.. McCrary, G. D. Wallace, G. H. Griner, W. E. Nash, T. D. Wortham. J. ( " . Olson, J. J. Young. W. H. r-T.rf.lLrr Jlr n f rf tMmmmrnw t ft tf « f : f f .f.t f-1:T ' " Y OFFICERS HADAWAY, ARNETTE, CHAMBERS, WALKER, DEPEW PLATOON LEADERS Simmons Myers Sullivan Fitts Clayton Austin Little Betheo Sirmons Phillips Ebersole Lovingood Harris Brandon Andrews Muldrow England Sponsor Sue James Co. Commander J. L. Hadaway ROLL Adams. C. R. Cooper, J. R. Lawley. R. L. Stocks, H. W Halrcl, C. H. Clegg, r. r . Lafever, B. Sereno, L. R Bennett, L. K. Drake, H. Lawless, J. SaiUisy, C. R Beiisse, 1). 0. Downs, A. N. Malinowski, F. W. Slarkey, D. 1. Blair. VV. K. Davis. J. M. McDonald, A. W. Siic-hilonc, J. V Blitch, J. M. Ellis, J. H. McRae, n. M Spadafino, L. P Brosemer, r. C. Flanders, J. P. Manisera, C. I,. Spears J. C Kilyeu, F. (;. Cuess J. H- Jlenos S. H- Shield, E. A Berliner H. M. Green, R. H. Mayes, A. I.. Birch. U. v.. Grubb, D. McEachern, W. V. Sliiflctl. li. M Barnhill. K. K. Godsliall!, J. T. Middletiin. R, M- niiirstiili. .1 R Gaskins, P. E. Mills, W. H Turlington, E. N Hrail.slKiw. H. K. Glover, C. C. McMill;ui, i; Tanner, .1. B George, B. A. Miirpliy, K. Timmons, R. P Harris, C. E. Newman, D. L. Terril, J. E { ' lenicnt.s, .1. S. Harvey, C. W. Porcari, L. A. Taylor J. L Hammond, L. H. Parker, H. .1. Veasley, C. S Coile. V. .T. Hopkins, A. S. Ritchie, W. L. Weller, H. F folc. U T. Hitchcock L. Register R. S. Wyatt,, L. I, CillliTs J. K. Hendelman, D. Roberts. D. R. Worley. E. V CrcicUett. W, E. ,!acobs, B. F. Rollins, .1. E. Wright, J. .1 rrawfrirri, 0. M. Kepp, L, J. Rhyne, .J. N aggoner, M. H Crow, A. K. Skinner. F. M. Yeager, J t T ? ▼ f f f If f " 14 ill ▼ |3 COMPANY G sponsor Helen Lanford Co. Commander Jack H. Clay OFFICERS CLAY, BRADSHAW, MARSHA, HILL PLATOON LEADERS Bennett Satcher Franklin Fendler Johnson Head Wholey Gilmer Nirenstein Fox Rowe Moore Edwards Rocco Woods Mintei ' Turner Ball ROLL Alexander. J, E. English, G. B. McDonald. J. A. Altobellis, A. T. Evans C. R. McLeod. L. V. Arnold, M. K. Faulkner. J. V. Mealing, H. G. Askew W. S. Fitzgibbons, P. F. Mills, M. G. Autrey, C. B. Florence, G. K. Morrison. M. A. Berry, D. C " . Ford, V. 11. Northcutt. B. V. BlacklKiren, 0. I). Franklin. J. V. Oakes, B. Blisslt, J. A. Fuller. A. ( ' . Pyle, J. E. Branilett. J. T. Grantham. .1. . Richev, .1. W. BrLscoe, F. W . 3ritfilh. B. n. Ray, D. C. Cabaniss, E. 0. Harris, V. L. Richardson W. 11 Callaway, R. ( ' . Heatli. B. . l Koane. C. A. Cannon, V. J. Hendelntaii I , Scroggins. L. H. Chastain. J. ( ' . Hunter. R. M. Seigler, H. E. Cobb B. C. Jenkins, V. 1). Slay, C. J. Collat. C. A. Jones, F. L. Stetson. R. R. Cokiultt, ,1. E. Keating. R. .1. Troup, R. A. Cowart, E. E. Koll). S. .T. Turner, C. T. Davis, H. G. Lavton. R. ( ' . Waggoner. H. E. Davis. W. J. Lee. H. F. Welden H. S. Dell, J. G. Lloyd, C. A. Wells F. B. De.Santls. J). .1. Lord, C. Woods. R. C. Durrence, H. H. Malcolm. I V. Young, B. Klroil. K. () Martin F. ,s. fLT r J " » M r_ MILITARY BAND sponsor Chamille Harden Co. Commander Ernest Blackwell Sponsor Renee Williamson Col. James L. Williomson A R F O R C .■•• , l - - .- X -: - - ' ' - ■■■ NASH, J. Y. GOODMAN, J. C. OFFICERS EDWARDS, M, S. PARKS, B. C. ROLL CLINE, C F ADDISON, J, A. Walston, R. H. Elder, T. L. Awtrey, fe. Yancey, G. H. Gairns, W. 0. Knight, B. Brown, J. M. Duke, J. H. Singleton, R. Cook, C. F. Waters, H. F . Thompson, R. Prince, D. H. Guyer, C. L. Pass, I . Minims, M. Byrd, R. Whitehead. J. E. McLeroj ' , B. Langston, F. L. House, D. i . Sunshine, P. Spear, C. V. Whvte, R. B. Ethridge. J. E. Michalove. H. Mohr, D. Balier, H. H. Shadgett, A. H. Miller, S. Harrison. C, C. Wilds, G. B. Mathews, E. Murray, B. Goggans. W. G., Jr. Ream, A. Patterson, R. Nadal. I . Atha. L. T. Steele, W. T. Boss, L. 0. Roberts, L. N. UeWitt. 11. Wheeler. G. B. Hlinbvy. G. Owenbv. V. D. Bishop. I). W. Kiiburts. L. X. Wells, C. N. .McDonald. W. M. Xflsoii. C K.. Ji Thompson. J. P. Bowers. M. ( ' . lienefield. J. 1). Martin. C. X. Greenwav. C. E. M KV. X. Mobley, .1. H. H.vde, J. G. Simons. T. Hall. K. r. Watson. G. 0. Orr. W. Reece, J. H. Kirkland. W. P. Baker. W. Harvey. W, Y. Gaines, C. S. .Ma.vo. S. Rue, A. J. Young, J. ( ' . Elliston. J. Harrison, H. Cousins. T. ( ' . Hicks. A. Lerner, H. .1. Roberts, J. T. Xicholsoii, R ■ Williams, N. C. Jackson, P. E. Pierce. J. W. Morrison. W. L. Hartley, L. Hall. B. Hamlel. J. D. Harrison, (i. L. Bordeaux. W. Dnniniey, 1 . 1 ' . Brown, G. E. Bonner. 0. .Miller, J. A.. Jr. Fendig, H. X. Rose, S. Asliew, B. Morris, B. Salerno, F. Poss, D. ( Cotton, T. E. Kirby, L. Weill), J. C. Bruner. J. J. Nash, R. X. Bolton. .1. 11. Guun, E. Tanner, E. G. Alley, D. T. Sponsor Beverly Westbrook Squad Leader J. Y. Nash 40 SQUARDRON 02 a» «L Tl Sponsor Mortha Simpson Squad Leader Miles Goldsmith OFFICERS GOLDSMITH, MILES M , JR HOGG, J. H. FINCHER, R E. TUCKER, J. H. WOOLARD, H. H. ROLL Tigner, F. H. McElllauuun. V. S. Fort, Tom Sialic, F. Sheppard, J. T. Filipovits, E. F. Stevenson. B. L. Coney, G. Agnew, F. Mashburn, L. Duke. C. V. Welch. E. (.;. Heel. Dous ' . Becknell, R. M Bentlev. T. S. Reed. Bob McCurdv. W. C. Hale. H. Tribble. A. .1. Poy, V. H AltshuliT. 11 Cook, .M. T. West. R. Peskln, P. B. Smith. A. ( ' . Wikle. W. ' . Benefore. A. Calloway, K. M. Shealy, T. T. Simmons. W. S, Mize, W. F. Turner. H. V. Ileoarlo. A. A. Collingswortli. T. E. Miirry, R. Stolz. I. W. Pulliani. N. I. O ' glesby, T. N. lii HI iMnhley, M. A. Woolard, W. H. Stephen. T. .1. Clark, R. T. Hall, T. A. Simpson. Harris Roane, T. V. Evans, D. Corsaro. J. Coleman, W. C. Scott, G. .M. Campbe ll, T. .M. Lowe, H. A. Hamilton. J. Halle. J. C. Griffith. V. L. Haeiis-slar. F. Kellv, R. .1. McDonald. R. Booth. G. B. Anderson. .1. H- Peterson. P. Smith. P. B. Harper. B. H. Brav. C. A. Harber. L. C. Taylor, E. E. Harden, H. R. Billiard. N. Vining. R.. .Tr. Duliberly, R. C. Sailors. S. C. Proctor, J. M. Currier. (J. C. Seery, D. Henderson, J. H. Bled.soe. C. R. Young. G. K. Haysli]!. W. C. POWELL, W. E. LEGGITT, C M Hilburn, C. R. Burkhalter, J. F. Watson, T. E. Roberts, A. R. ThomiJson, C. N, Fulcher, W. Hays, Z. C. Harper, E. L. Bowden. R. L. Brantley, C. W, Neves, J. H. Drewry, M. J. Rosenthal. N. L. Hellams, R. B. Barnard. W. H. Waters, C. H. Stephens. H. C, Parker, A. W. Wilkie. L. G. Gold, H. M. Johnston, W. J. Webb, J. D. Wilkes. R. L. Xeel. J. N. Hecknian. H. -M.. Bjerken. L. H. Albright, E. A. Cobb. H. L. McGiMty. .1. B. Bovd. .T. W. Dillon. T. .1. Harris, C. W. Portwood. B. H. Kelso, R. P. Marlow, C. W. Atkins, J. W. Rogers, J. D. Wickham, D. X. McDaniel, F. C. -1 rF]K- - ' iS : 2- : a g SQUARDRON 03 LOH, W B GARDNER, J. D. HISTORY BRADLEY, W A. GREER, R S. PROSSER, B. L., JR. GOOVER, D C TOWNSEND, G. A. Sponsor Gloria Cobb Squad Leader W. B. Loh ROLL Yates, J. E. Mltakis, S. E. Cox, F. E. Whitley, W. Guice, L. N. Kelley, R. N. McCormick, J. Barron, C. R. Stevenson, F. Warren. J. Burt, B. Thompson. G. Robertson. E. Clifton. J. H. Houston, G. L. Klein, P. Fort. J. S. Barnliill. G. Bowen. C. E. PliiUlps. H, Lott, D, H. Robinson. .1. M. Brlley, J. H. Stanley. R. Richardson. C. N. Brown. T. C. Malsberger. K. Taylor, A. Fanibro. I ' . Scruggs. W, Cordy, F. Mays, V. I. Reed. M. Carter. D. L. Hornbuckle. R, B. WalnwriBlit. R. 1 Wiley. R. (■ Levine. I. Gray. J. Pritchett. A. Brown. R. c. Stern, A. Marshall..!. Felton, J. W. Hampton. V. J. Randall. ( ' . .M. Leathers. F. Rhyne. .1. S. KillinKsworth. A. Snow. .1. W. Hester. JI. Reynolds. L. A. Seibel. M. Schwartz. It. I. Mitfliell. F. K. Elliott. S. H. t;iii. .1. Hightowei-. S. .1. Colle. L. Avers. W. B. Feldniitn. W. Waronker. W. L. Kaplan. R. Adams. F. L. Snider, 11, II, Thomjison. F. A. HinsclilMTK. V, Sims, R. B. Elhridge, H. E, .Tohnson, J. Loudermilk, L. Hudson. E. F. liouden. F. Wilder. J. Wray, A. B. Durand. R. P. Acker, W. P. Dorsey, E. G. Cordell, B. C. Oeraler. C. Hutchins, J. C. Owens, W. I . Jackson, N. R. Drew, C. L. Jones, J. English, G. Orkin, S. (ireen, J. Register, L. IIKillev, E. N. IVckius, J. H. .Smith. J. R. I ' liitter, K. Wells, J. A. Brighani. J. Meyer. B. O. Kdmunds, R. C. Middlebroolis. B Crowder. W. H. Pavner, R. E. Blair, C. R. R. £ -• ' jn wA Js ' j:L: -- r-- " - SQUARDRON 04 Sponsor Miss Pat Purvis f1 Squad Leader Grayson Flowers € € _JtlZ- _» -- ij !« «-- C-J 1 FLOWERS, J. G. ZITTROWER, H. L. OFFICERS BURNETTE, C. L. HUNTER, E. BARDEN, R. 0. BARFIELD, E. M. ROLL House, C. E. Matthews, F. Burgamy, J. J. Hanson, E. Dawson, J. Kent. D. Lowe, E. A. Gauntt, G. E. Huggins, T. Sumlin, H. D. Hoover, J. V. Conrad, X. Babcock, H. h. Quinn, R. H. Nicas, A. Youngblood. U. K. Lancaster, C. E. Weiss, J. Joyner, W. F. Kaufman, C. Nunnally, C. Bradley, 0. C. Mvers, L. Thompson, J. E. I orou{:li, K. Tanner. H. Jackson, W. F. Racklcy. J. M. Lanibe, p]. M. Chllivis. N. P. Young. B. Langley. 1). Hester, C. Worth, C. H. Busbee. R. JI. Rhvne, J. L. Kelley. J. F. Morocco. A. .1. Welch. F. DeVauKlin, J. H. Chestney. D. A. Peterson, R. D. Johnson. V. H. Norris, D. Otwell, R. Randall, D. P. Fort. A. T. Crowley, T. 0. PhlUips. A. R. Gardner. L. Tucker, S. Day, 11. H. Cook, D. B. Rawson. B. Makowski. H. A. Head, B. Wickham. B. Tomer, H. E. MeClendon. E. Culpepper, B. Stockton. H. Hammond. ( ' . H. Glover, A. R. Sherrer, B. Ii. Hulsev. E. H. Clark, A. H. Jindra. AV. I,.. .Ir. Withers, R. L. Sligh, C. Cairnes, L. V. Baggs, F. Clements, G. Bowen. C. K- Jordan. C. Akins. H. Bratkowski. E, R. Harvey, G. W. Simpson, R. K. Mcintosh, T. K. Hill. R. T. Thomas, C. E. Nixon, P. H Lindorme, E. K. Marshall, C. M. Tyre. T. Nickelson. R. L. Harley, J. B. Philliiis. .1. Johnson. T. Black, W. H. Souter, J. L.. Jr. Henderson, R. Wilson. G. D. Spade, C. I. " i! T » . »- ARNOLD A R SOCIETY TRAVIS CHAPTER OFFICERS Squadron Commander MAJOR J. Y. NASH Executive Officer CAPTAIN JOHN G. FLOWERS Operations Officer CAPTAIN JAY D. GARDNER SecretarY-Treasurer LT. THOMAS E. JOHNSON, JR. Adjutant LT. THOMAS E. WATSON, JR. if .- :y0 n - ' m, MEMBERS Henry F. Waters James L. Williamson Frank C. Mathews, Jr H. Eugene Ethridge James E. Tucker Harry T. Titshaw Clifton F. Cline Edward C, Drawdy Thomas M. Hays Roy O. Borden Elbert L. Hanson Walter S. McElhonnon Robert T. Henderson Joseph L. Conine James E. Yates Bobby C. Parks Bob L. Prasser SCABBARD AND BLADE Bowdidge, Jones, Carter Barrow, Ben C. Barnwell, Charles Bennett, E. L. Bohanan, John Boykin, John Corbett, Charles D. Dixon, Marshall Ellis, Ed. MEMBERS Etheridge, Gene Fleming, William H. Flowers, John G. Goldsmith, Miles Grimes, Richard House, Charles R. Johnson, Thomas E., Jr. Magino, Charles Mathews, Frank C. Scabbard and Blade, national honorary military fraternity, strives to promote leadership in ROTC stu- dents. Its membership is limited to third and fourth year military students. Company L, Second Regiment, stands in the highest esteem nation- ally and has maintained a leading part in the South for a number of years. OFFICERS Captain FRANK JONES First Lieutenant DON WILLEY Second Lieutenant CHAS. CARTER First Sergeant JOHN BOWDIDGE Company Advisor LT. COL. SCHWENK Prince, Wendell L. Ray, Joel C. Starling, Aaron Walker, G. D. Watson, Thomas Weatherford, Lawrence Welch, William Yates, Ed. i -M-: mM UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA RELIGIOUS ASSOGIATION University of Georgia Religious Association is an inter-faith, inter-denominational associaton of faculty and students, whch has as its purpose awareness of responsibilities and opportunities as part of a world-wide community of students and faculty; unity in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God, determination to have a part in making this life possible for all people. To this end UGRA proposes to carry on a unified inter-faith, campus-wide program of study, and action, supplementing the work of the churches and striving to realize the will of God in personal living in campus life and in the social order. UGRA takes the initiative in annually sponsor- ing the World Student Service Fund Drive and Religion In Life Week, which brings to the campus outstanding speakers representing the three major faiths, Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Protestant. OFFICERS President BOB SMALLEY Vice-President BETTY BOLLINGER Secretary CLARA MORRIS Treosorer JIM HOOTEN Amy Watkins Leah Ghitter Jane Vickery Jackie Foster Harry Hogan Wanda Vogt Barbara Terrell Wright Gellerstedt CHURCH REPRESENTATIVES Methodist Jane Boyd Disciples Anne Shaw Westminster Fellowship John Strobel Newman Club Jack Prenty Hillel Foundation Sara Dessauer Canterbury Club Lucy Nickerson EX-OFFICIO Claude Singleton Father Francis Clougherty Aubrey Hawkins George Gunn Rabbi Samuel Glosner Dr. W. W. Wasson Rev. J. Earl Gilbreath PUBLICATIONS j(f S ' fi r t r . GEORGIA •- 1951 PANDORA STAFF GERALD LEVY Managing Editor THE STAFF Editor-in-Chief RAY JENKINS Business Manager JOHN GRAYSON FLOWERS Managing Editor GERALD LEVY Art Editor WYNDELL TAYLOR Associate Editor JIMMIE MILLER Associate Editor MELVIN HARELIK Woman ' s Editor RUBY BRANCH Sports Editor DICK BROOKS Assistant Art Editor ELDRED BARFIELD Photographer BILL BROWN OFFICl HELP Jim Lockhart, Fronces Hazen, Shirley Douglas, Sally Felson, Marion Siegel, Homer Drake, Buddy Jolles, Phillip Shopiro, David Meddin, David Chestney, Tommy Elder, Millard Grimes, Mono Stokes. fMV %.-- MELVIN HARELIK Associate Editor DICK BROOKS Sports Editor ELDRED BARFIELD Assistant Art Editor —., , ■IIIMH B GEORGIA CRACKER EDITOR THOMAS HAYS EDITOR PAUL CRESAP and BUSINESS MANAGER FRANCES ALPER A disgusted editor looks on the general office confusion y ' ■ ' I ILA The Red and Blockers s ove all night wfii e . , , 0! w The Cracker boys play across the hall. RED AND BLACK SUMMER QUARTER FALL QUARTER Editor MILLARD GRIMES Business Manager NORMAN FRIEDMAN WINTER QUARTER DEWEY BENEFIELD Editor MELVIN HARELIK Business Manager MIKE EDWARDS Managing Editor CHARLES MARTIN News Editor Editor JOHN PENNINGTON Business Manager TAL ARNETTE Scenes from Red and Black Forties Red and Blacker Jim Minter, seen facing a typewriter until the wee hours of the morning. Ex-Business Manager Dean and another staff member ' s date. Editor Benefield after working hours. I Vi V , YEAR T H 1 Y } A R I , Y NEWS MAGAZINE iWiT ' i " ' !- SEQUI-CENTENNIAL ' S MASSEY $40,000 To Celebrate With. YEAR THE Y E A lU . V NEWS M A Cj A Z I N E UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS THE ADMINISTRATION Some Changes Made For the Unixersit) of Geortjia, 1950- 51 w;is supposed to be the year of re- turning normalcy. Since 1946 the campus had been crowded with veterans. Clubs, fraternities, life boomed, but things weren ' t normal. The normalcy was fore- cast for this year. But prevailing cir- cumstances saw Ht to decide otherwise. Instead, 1950-51 was the year of great change. The changes began in the ad- ministration. It was on a July day in Atlanta on Ivy street where the con- trolling Board of Regents meet monthly to toy with the reins of higher education that the changes began. Elderly wiseman and chairman Hughes Spalding laid a plan before the Regents which he wanted passed, and he accepted no compromises. In one stroke the plan retired the then-President and Dean of the Ag school and elected to their posi- tions O. C. Aderhold and C. C. Walker. The p lan also called for a cease-fire in the war agricultural interests on the Board had been waging to cut ag exten- sion stations off from the University. The plan went through and Dr. John- athan Rogers, who had served so ca- pably as President through several trying periods of the University, went back to the hills of North Georgia. Taking his seat behind the big desk was Aderhold, former dean of the College of Education. Aderhold was the man who probably knew more about education than any man in Georgia. He was an organizer, a good administrator. He picked up the troubles of the new war, the state ' s Min- imum Foundation law, and a L ' niversity in his 150th year of operation, and de- siring to do something to prove it. It was sesqui-centennial year, hut the new president had little time to celebrate — so he called on an alumnus to direct the big party. The alumnus ' name was Dyar Massey. SESQUI-CENTENNIAL The Five-Month Blowout Despite a great need for funds to build new libraries, dormitories, student union buildings, etc., and make the Uni- versit ' of Georgia rise to the standards set by other state institutions, the powers that be decided ;fi40,000 of the hard-to- come-by lucre would be used to throw a giant five-month celebration commem- orating the 150th anniversary of the school ' s opening. This decision met varied response. Many thought the money could be better used. Others agreed with the adminis- tration, went along with the idea thai RECEPTION LINE FOR PRESIDENT ADERHOLD A firm limit fur inii- troubles spirit and a closer association between the University and alumni would be fostered bv the Sefquicentennial celebra- tion. To coordinate the five months inttj useful information, fun, and inspiration for all, Dyar Massey was called up from his job as publisher of the Wrightsville Headliyht. Massey, a well-known state newspaper man, had a large committee to aid him, composed of students, fac- ult , and townpeople. The began plan, late in the fall with the celebration due to get under wav Ianuar 27, Charter Day. iVIassey had immediately become the man who would make or not make the $40,000 useful. It was in his hands, and the job was bigger than it appeared. Spending $40,000 wiselv retjuired a judgment beyond recount. Slight, 35- year-old Massey, coming of a fabulous family in L niversity annals, seemed ca- pable for the job. As an undergraduate he had been editor of the Red and Black, was a member of Sphinx and Phi Beta Kappa. On graduating in 1938 he had become an associate professor of jour- nalism, later director of public relations, and alumni secretary. Since January, 1946, Massey had be en Editor and Pub- lisher of the Wrightsville Headlight. The ' 38 Pandora had honored him with this phrase: " We predict a great future in Georgia politics for Dyar. " If he was to fulfil that statement Dyar had at last come to the right spot His agenda for making the Ses(juicentennial :i going concern, included meeting all the big men of the state and country, the signing of high-priced speakers, the con- tacting of the thousands of Georgia alumni who are Georgia ' s voters today. By the beginning of Spring quarter, sesquicentennial was just beginning to swing into high gear. It had come along slowly, for something so new is hard for people to take. But as the woods turned green, you got the idea that the trim Mr. Massey was beginning to get the wheels turning for a culmination on June b, Commencement Day, that would see the L ' ni er sit - through another 150 ears. LANDMARKS The Old Crumbles For one hundred of the 150 ears of the L niversity s existence. Chancellor House had stood, its ber.con light at night shining like a ghost from the past. Often Chancellor House drooped, but it ne er fell ; it was always a symbol for students to lock at and think about things like tradition and sentiment and iv -covered walls. Chancellor House was old, and it looked bad, and it did not fit in with the modern buildings rismg around it, but it had value because it had tradition, and tradition is the stuff and essence that Universities live b ' . But one day last fall came the news that Chancellor House must go. In its place some day would stand the Ira Dunlap Little Alemorial Library, a $2,000,000 structure to rate with an - in " ear, 1951 the nation. So Unixersity Printers and University Press cleared out of the an- cient abode, moved to new quarters which had been built for them down in " Annex Row. " Then strong men and machines came, and Chancellor House was taken away, an easy yielding foe of the wreckers. With new material shortages due to the war, and new money shortages due to increased taxes, estimates on time of the library ' s completion became darker as time went on. At Winter quarter ' s end, a hole was being dug where Chancellor House had stood. The campus at that spot looked very barren, very lonely. For some Georgians, even the new library would never fill the spot where creaky, dirty Chancellor House had been. However, an even greater landmark disappeared from the campus during 1951. It was not nearly as old as Chan- cellor House, but its following of wor- shippers was much greater. The Coop clientele was as loyal as it was large. Many of them automatically walked each morning to corner of Pharmacy building and into the crowded den of coffee drinkers and jelly-beans. As in the case of Chancellor House, progress caused the Co-op to be moved. Pharmacy School needed more space, so the Co-op moved to another landmark, the home of departed T. W. Reed. In the once sedate home of the honorable Air. Reed, the frolickers now gathered, danced in the upper floor, spilled coffee where Reed had once propped his feet and read dusty manuscripts. The New Rises . . . Evidences of progress were flagrant on the University campus this year. Out past the dirty, grey prefabs on Ag Hill, where a weed field and a spring branch had once been, a tremendous structure (if man ' s genius had arisen to be one of the ciiuntr ' s leading Veterinary schools. It took the place of a small, wooden frame building halfway between Ag THE RUINS OF CHANCELLOR HOUSE ■. the U III kin. Hill and Sanford stadium, which was hard to find, and not much when you found it. The new Vet school was a striking contrast. Its interior was strangely remi- niscent of a modern hospital, which in essence it is — a hospital for animals. The classrooms are clean, unmarked by the pencil markings and scratchings that " naughty boys " are destined to make on its desks and tables as years go by. Through its spotless halls, however, a smell of healing runs. It seems a bit out of place for the shining exterior and the clean halls of the top floors, that in the basement is the stench of sick ani- mals. But there is where the progress is most evident. For all the building ' s beauty, that is only an abstract, and the true worth of anything is the good it can do, and It is the lower Hour — where the THE NEW VET SCHOOL ( iiitir llir Shitiini] Exterior, a snitlt nf lleaUiiii an f (i,s -yit Idni i I oe Straw, the dirt, and the smell is — that the new Vet school will do its greatest good. More dormitory space arose, to take the slack caused by closing of the Ag Hill prefabs. The prefabs had been faith- ful ser ants but they were hardly ade- quate. Cardboard walls do not a dormi- tory make. Clark Howell and Milledge got the new dorm space. Only difficulty was workmen who labored almost the entire year with tractors, steam shovels, and other noise-making devices which dis- tracted inmates for 1950-51. May the inmates of 1951-52 profit. Pharmacy School came in tor who le- sale expansion, also. Nothing new was built, but as mentioned previously, the Co-op was removed, and also the Uni- versity Book Store, leaving an entire new floor for the druggists to work in. However, the biggest mark of prog- ress was just a wide hole in the ground. That ' s all there was in 1951 to show where some day the new library would stand. Some trees had been chopped down, the workmen were standing around looking at the hole. Fbey were probably trying to visualize the structure that will fill that hole. So were the stu- dents. They had artists ' plans to go on, and a prett ' dream, but that was all. Further progress depended on manv things. The chief one was a little prob- lem that a German pauper left with us about 100 years ago. His name was Karl Marx. THE WAR Mars Was a Little Hoarse In 1950 war came back to the United States. The draft call came back for college age boys. While changes were ear, 1951 going on and others licini: phuineii by Administrators, a force be (ind their control moved to make tlie bii;t;est change. EnroHment, which had reached peaks during the lush ears just passed, began to slide as Mars ' awful voice rumbled for more young men to feed his tier , unquenchable appetite. IJut Mars ' voice was a little hoarse. Probabl he was tired from two World Wars, and the little skirmish he had gotten up o ' er in Korea was not an " official " war. Hut people were getting killed. And the army of the greatest nation on Earth was beginning to grow again. To furnish the manpower, Amer- ica ' s " dark generation " came forth again. As The Red and Black described it, " ... a generation born and reared in depression times, faced with the greatest war in history on reaching maturity, and now standing to hght a war e en worse. . . " The picture was not pretty. A man finds it hard to concentrate on his lessons when he knows a year from then he will be in a foxhole ... or six months ... or a month. All during the fall and winter months reserve and National Guard units kept jerking men from school at any hour. Orders would come, then a day or two later the man Avould go. The draft was not quite as fast, but was just as sure. One letter from a soldier, an ex-Geor- gia student, expresses what all of them feel. " You lucky lucky people, back there in those stuffy old classrooms, with all that homework, and having to pinch pennies to buy a sandwich. Those won- derful dances and parties, and nights at the river, — they ' re the happiest days you ' ll e er live. What I wouldn ' t give to be back there . . . you can never ap- preciate it till you go away. . . " Georgia would not be as hard hit by the draft as some schools. Its ROTC advanced unit would keep a fair share of voung men in school, as these students are non-draftable. A few eterans are still around also. Next year would be different, though. One male student would be carting his books to the co-op for a short jelly pe- riod — another would be carting his gun to a foxhole for a short killing period. HOMECOMING For the Price of One . . . Alumni got a little puzzled last fall on exactl when to come back to " dear old Athens town. " Homecoming came in two bitter doses. The University had its Homecoming, and the Fraternities and Sororities had theirs, complete with decorations. Homecoming Queen, and a big band with a concert and two dances. The University had the Senior parade, and officially called the Mississippi State game on Oct. 14, Homecoming. Inter- STUDENT IN UNIFORM Xo More J, ' lly l ' ,ri;,h fraternity Council, which sponsors the Homecoming Dances, couldn ' t see it that way. Tech game had alwaiis been Home- coming, and that ' s the way they meant for it to continue. The University, with an eye on gate receipts, had felt that the Mississippi State game would be their only bad " seller " of the year, and figured a Homecoming tag would pull in the alumni. But IPC, which h: ' .s to invest thousands of dollars to get a band down for the dances, couldn ' t take a chance on the small crowd this game could draw, when the Tech game already had a guaranteed full-house. So, in the long run, both groups prob- ably prospered by the double dose of festivities. Losers were the alumni and students, who got their biggest fall cele- bration cut in half, and rationed out in monthly doses. The Quiet Pianist Placid looking Claude Thornhill, look- ing like a ghost from the past, flexed his nimble fingers over the keys of his piano at Fine Arts Saturday morning, Dec. 2. The fingers came down and music en- sued from the piano — beautiful music, easy music, which only Master Thorn- hill could produce. His audience was bleary-eyed from the night before, ;i little sensitive to loud drums. As Mr. Thorn- hill ' s music sweetly lured them, they had visions of the way the Bulldog would run over Tech that afternoon. But when Mr. Thornhill arose from his piano and proceeded to be a master of ceremonies, his magic ceased. Mr. Thornliill was made to play the piano — not be a master of ceremonies. After confusing Homecoming decorations tro- phies and stumbling over the Greek in- scriptions, the greying musician retired to his piano again, ami addressed the audience agam only to announce songs. The chief innovation which Thornhill left on the students of Georgia when he departed was a vehicle for strenuous exercise called " The Mexican Hat Dance. " He had employed this number some half dozen times during the two Homecoming hops to get a rise out of his audience, and the " Hat " piece had never let him down. Three months after his departure, Mr. Thornhill ' s introduc- tion of the Hat dance was still bearing fruit, had become a standby for other bands here also. STUDENT COUNCIL By the People . . . For a long time arious students at various times have agitated for Student Government at the University. Last Spring, a group calling themselves Stu- dents I- nited for Action drew a proposed VOTING FOR STUDENT COUNCIL Till I ' olitiis !(■(■ ■(• Just II Unbit Year. 1951 Constitution for a Student Council to govern the campus. After some politick- ing, they put this Constitution before the student body to be voted on. Georgia ' s student body, in its usual haze about such matters, responded blankh ' , but a little over a thousand students did indi- cate they favored the plan. Backers of the plan immediately claimed a victory, but opponents stated that at least a ma- iorit of students should ote in orde; to put the plan into effect. Another referendum was held with much the same result, and the plan then went to facultv committees to be pon- dered over for several months. Finally, in January, announcement was made of an election da ' for the new Student Council. Schools would be rep- resented on tile basis of the number of students enrolled. To qualify to be a candidate, a student had to have a peti- tion signed by 50 students in his or her school. Politics were supposed to be out in the Council elections. But the were just as evident as if it were springtime. Almost from habit, GOP candidates were aligned against Interfraternity can- didates, and the Fraternity men came away with a slight majority of members on the Council. Phi Delt Wilbur Owens took over as Chairman of the Council, and stood to be one of the biggest wheels on cam- pus if Student Council succeeded and really became a force. POLITICS Wanted: Mud to Sling That old Georgia custom, politic:-, seemed to be dying an untimely death this vear. The annual race for Campus Leader had brought four hopefuls, but few doubted that in the long run smooth Hill I 21inburg would not win. He did win, getting unsuspected opposition from Hill Hudson. Hudson took his defeat BANDLEADER BENEKE Music for V gly Men with succour, however, pledged undying support to Elinburg in " the bigger bat- tles, " presumably against IFC candidates in General elections. IFC, meantime, was electing its ne ' leader. Stepping into the President ' s chair without opposition was Sigma Nu Bob Reinhardt. Politics indeed had reached the low stage at this point, but Reinhardt had obviously been THE man. He pushed the co-op buying plan for fraternities, strove to put the Council (in a firm financial footing with big profits at the dances. Fraternity candidates won out as usual in races for the lower class offices, but CjOP retained its hold on the two big positions. President and Secretary-Treas- urer of the Senior class. UGLY MEN Ugliest of All A full Stegema n Hall turned out at the Military Hall on March 3. A lot of the milling throngs came to he ' ir Tex Beneke toot his sax, but even more were on hand to find out who " is ugliest of all at Georgia. " The Military Ball ' s Ugly Man contest had been going at a white heat pace for over three weeks, with motorcades clima.xing all-out cam- paigns. At 12 midnight the crowd hushed as the L ' gly Men marched on the stage. Fhen Frank Jones, Scabbard and Blade president, designated the winner. He was Bert Jones, a PiKA, who, like many of his opponents, was certainly not among the ugliest men on the campus. All agreed, however, that Bert was among the most popular. Frustrated complaint by one beaten candidate was: " Fm much uglier than that Jones fellow. " ADDITIONS AT CLARK HOWELL S ' oisi- Makiiif) Devices were ( seil PREDICTIONS We Predict : That Bob Her idon, the " dancing man of Kappa Sig, " will be the next Fred Astaire. . . . That little Jnn Bleakley, the girl who " snowed " everybody she dated, will be a Salvation Army nurse. . . . That Chi Psi ' s " Pretty JVoody " Ans- ley will some day be voted " Apollo " by the Alpha Chis. ... lliat Joanne Fiilclier, God ' s gift to the Tech men, will eventually settle down with a Gawja boy. . . . That Jim Harris, who always has a " kind " word for everybod , will be a good humor man on television. . . . That Ray Jenkins and Dick Brooks, the two wheels of Pandora and Red and Black, will be the next co-editors of the Brooklyn Eagle. . . . ' Fhat Millard Grimes, Chi Psi lover, and Roddy Ratcliffe, will take over when Hedda Hopper gives up the gos- sip profession. . . . That Gene Kelley, Phi Kappa Tau ' s gift to the co-eds, will be the next Tar- zan star. . . . T . J insey GloTer, Phi .Mu l " ' ireball, will give up the art profession and take to the theatre. . . . That Joanne Bryant, the K. D. trans- fer who set all the male hearts aglow, will be the next president of Women ' s Student Government — she attends all the meetings now, in an unofficial sort of a way. . . . Fhat Georeje Honey and Frank Gaines, campus politicos, will finally get in law school, somewhere. . . . That Eddy Urr, the KA pledge x ho could never make his average, will finalh marry his childhood sweetheart. Bertha Hammersi hloss. . . . ' Mary FJizahelh liar man, the onl girl who ever pledged Sigma Chi, will make up some new excuses to get out of dates . . . especiall with Pandora Staff members. . . . That Doug Keel, Kappa Sig ' s coun- terpart to KA ' s " Snerd " Morris, will he the next ugh man of the campus. . . . I ' JM BEAUTIES PANDORA QUEEN What Was Her Phone Number? I Wii il;i s aftet entries uffieiall) cKjm ' iI t(ir the 1950 Pandora Heaut - Review, representatives of Phi Delta Phi lej;al fraternit ' came to Ray Jenkins, poten- tate in charge of proceedings, ami begt eil that the be allowed to enter .1 tard candidate. Jenkins thoujiht for a moment, his normal thinkinfj period, asked the can- didate ' s name, and, upon hearing it, let the bars of authority down immediately. For the fair lass that all the social fra- ternities and dormitories had apparently overlooked, but that Phi Delta Phi had been quick to choose as a sponsor, was Lucy Lane Lambert, a brunette senior from Dalton. And tardiness was no handicap for Miss Lane, for in a picturesque Fine Arts settini;, a week later, she breezed in as the 1950 queen of Georfjia beauty. Fame had not come quickly to the new queen, as it had to numerous fair youn; things who make a fast splash in their first quarter or two. Lucy had been on campus for five quarters before the night she wore the crown of the loveli- est. She had spent a year at Athens in which the majority of public eyes had only admired her from afar, not know- ing her name, creed, or phone number. The Red and Black discovered her last summer and immediately unveiled her as its Girl of the Week. Lucy was next viewed on the cover of The Fraternitv AVav, as the object of a " fake " |iinnmg. Her dark beaut) ' brought this photograph a first place prize in the Atlanta Journal I Ligazine contest for good snaps, and the picture, naturally, was rerun in the Journal. Hy now, city, state and section knew who Lucy Lane Lambert was, but they really found out when Miss Triple L smiled her wa ' into the V niversity ' s top honor for young women. Behind Miss Lambert in the court ivere such leading ladies of Georgia pulchritude as Phyllis McMullen, a per- renial winner, holding more beauty titles than any girl on campus. Fair Phyllis had placed two years running in the Pandora and Homecoming courts, was Miss Revlon, and the University ' s rep- resentative to the Birmingham relays. Not content with beauty, she also makes top grades, is president of Tri Delta sorority, has two more years at Athens. VARIOUS QUEENS Fame, Early and Late I wo other queens w Inch ied with Pandora queen for eminence during the year were the March of Dimes queen, and Homecoming queen. The Home- coming queen, a senior like Aliss Lam- bert, had also found fame coming late. Lovely Joanne Terry took the laurels and was presented at halftime of the " second " Homecoming game. A fresh- man was March of Dimes queen. She attained fame swiftly, and it grew by the week. She was PiKA sweetheart three weeks after enrolling, later became QUEEN LUCY TtiriHiit ss II IIS . I lanilicnp Sweetheart of all the PiKA chapters in the South, competing against girls from schools in Florida, ' I ' enenssee, Alabama, and Carolina. A beautiful full page photo in the Cracker almost coincided with her honor as Queen of the Roosevelt Memorial Ball, and left Miss Jackie Zetterouer, the lady in mention, with few fields left to conquer. GIRLS OF THE WEEK From Dark Obscurity Too many ears ago for anyone to want to remember who could remember. The Red and Black instigated a gossip column with a fictitious newsgatherer named Roddy Ratcliffe to shovel the dirt and dispense it. A little later, Roddy, not content with mere gossip, decided each week to honor some fair lass on campus by making her " girl of the week, " and giving the male populace the low- down on this particular chick. The fea- ture gained momentum and soon be- came as much of an institution as Rodd himself. From the dark obscurity of dusty dorms and columned sorority houses, Roddy dug up the fairest ladies on cam- pus, whom no one knew, leaving the better known queens with the laurels they already had. Red and Black staff heads had decided that girls of the weeks should be " winners " in every sense, but should also be " discoveries. " This was not always an easy j(jb for those burdened with the discovering. However, at Winter Quarter ' s end. the 1950-51 Roddy Ratcliff ' e had brought approximately 20 young ladies into the limelight. He had a hard row to plow, though. His predecessor had featured Ann Brooker as girl of the week in No- vember 1949, and the following week Ann won the Pandora Beauty crown. He had also picked Joanne Terry and Lucy Lane Lambert. Pandora checked into progress made by recent picks of the chicks and came up with following information. Nancv Dickinson, a frosh from Miami, was picked two days after hitting the campus, has now become one of the most popular girls on Coordinate. Jean Grear, a senior, who was picked after already being quite well known, got an 18-karat diamond ring from her boy friend a week later. Ann Carmichael, another freshman, is now president of the class at Coordi- nate and just as popular with the boys as the girls. Wilhelmina Jordon, a Coonlinate blonde, played a wide field for a ipiarter, then got pinned to end it all. Midy Gerstein made the Pandora Court a week after selection, and two other choices, Joanne Fulcher and Patsy Ra , were in the review. ' ear, 1951 PRESS RED AND BLACK Headline of the Year " Chi Psi Maid Named " There was no mention that the Chi Psi ' s had a new butler also. The Big Dream On a hot Wednesda) last Jul , while a little band of diehards were strug- gling to give birth to their stunted six- page edition of America ' s Pre-P minent College Weekly, one of them, peering through the sweaty mist toward better days, said, " Let ' s have a 40-page issue un Charter Day next Januar -. " Fellow workers, with less beautiful insight, sneered and L ' rittcd their teeth. WORKER EDWARDS He SolidifiriJ the Drutni and went back to struggling with six pages. i5ut the dream that festered in heat and dust of summer slowl took a more solid form, and on the wintr - the the Frida of Januai n, the Red Black ' s 40-page Sesquicentennial edition hit the campus with a luud thump. The job had taken months. It had taken the combined efiforts of nearly the entire 234 person enrollment of Henr Grady ' s school. It had taken 1,639 inches of advertising b - Athens merchants to pay for the job. It had taken the long hours and diligent work of five young journalists who had made the dream solulit . -Melvin ifarelik, the business manager, had made the financing possible by ac- quiring those 1,639 inches of advertising. Without his work the paper could not ha e been publisheil. I)ewe ' Henefield, the editor, had worked on that one issue during the fall when, as Managing i ' ,ditor, he had envisioned the gigantic ;ichie ement. .Tolin Pennington and Chuch Martin had contributed un- ceasingly of their time and efforts. liut the top man at whom the finger could be pointed was a quiet, unassum- ing Junior from Marietta named Mike Edwards, who had dropped in at the Red and Black less than a year ago to " write a few headlines, " and had sta ed long enough to be Managing Editor for the Winter Quarter, and thereby find the dream in his lap to make a reality. Edwards was the kind of worker that bosses h ' ke to have. As assistant news editor last year, he had the patience and the wits to wrestle successfully with the difficult lead headline of the Red and Black iov fifteen straight weeks. He wrote hundreds of stories, rewrote hun- dreds more. When the big job came along, he was well set to handle it. On his back fell the responsibility during the fall to assign 40 pages worth of stories, features, and photographic work. During Winter Quarter, he had to take those 40 pages of stories and put them in an acceptable form. Already due for the Editor ' s chair th:s spring, Edwards, only a junior, hioked to his senior year with few fields left tn coniiinT, but rumors were that he would take to politics. The Black Generation Other editors of the Red and Black during the ear included Pennington, a frustrated eteran of the Pliilippine ram- CRUSADER PENNINGTON A f)ii l I ' oiki hiif ' paign ; and Millard Cirimes, a ripe re- cruit for the new war on the horizon. Both men sounded off at great length in their columns over the horrors of the old war and the new. Examples: On the outbreak of Korean hostilities. Grimes WTote, " America ' s most unfortunate generation of oung men and women stood at another dark crossroads this week. . . " Later in the quarter, he recommended that Stalin should have gone to college, that ,ill Communists should be sent to ALirs. Pennington, in the same somber tones: " Da - after da the soldier fought the enem . Then when he could stand it no longer, he took out a dull pocket knife and cut his throat. " In their lighter moments, however, Pennington and Grimes managed to score the biggest R. and B. scoop on record, when the ' had the story of Presi- dent Aderhold ' s appointment on the street two hours after the Regents passed the motion in Atlanta. Dail - papers fol- lowed a little later with the news. The coup was pulled neatly with Grimes covering the meeting and then phoning the news to Pennington, who was holding the presses and the front page of that week ' s paper. THE GEORGIA CRACKER Pinups and Modern Art Yor the Georgia Cracker, 1950-51 was the year of the big change. Everybody agreed changes were needeii, but each successive editor seemed a bit in doubt over how and where. Revolutionist Hu- bert Callaway introduced the cover girls and straight feature articles on such topics as pinball machines, did away with the usuall mediocre art and Heming- way-like attempts at fiction by bitter students. His Crackers had lively, clean humor and used photographs for illustra- tions. His successor, Paul Cresap, brought the " strange art " on the covers, instated cartoons with definitely shady humor. Pinups ran side by side with student brushwork. Examples: V )man with baby in arms remarks, " He told me that he was teach- ing me to rhumba. " Fiction: " There was a strange cold chill like death in the air, and it crept EDITOR JENKINS J Cliance ] leelint into my soul so that in spite of myself, 1 began to think back. . . " As the Pandora went to press during the fall of 1950, we found the editorship under a new-comer Tom Hays, who was going back to the idea of cover girls combined with the witty cartoons. So we leave the Cracker in top class shape. Year. 1951 PANDORA No Superhuman Virtues One da ' in the fall (it l ' ' 4 ' l, Tomm) Walker, the manaRint, ' editor of the 1 ' 550 Pandora, hroui;ht Sloan Hill, the editor- in-chief, lip to his room at Joe Hrown dormitory for a brief consultation on business matters. Walker ' s roommate, a rather unpretentious looking lad who could have passed for a high school senior, was King on his cot studying when the dignitary walked in. Walker introduced Hill to his roommate. Obviously awed at such a presence as the editor of the Pandora, the kinky haired lad admitted later that such " big wheels " awed him. Several months later he was probably very awed with himself, for he had just stepped into the rather large shoes vacated by Mr. Hill as editor of the Pandora. Jenkins had been so impressed by bis chance meeting that he had begun work- ing on the 1950 yearbook and had be- come the lead candidate for the T Sl editorial post, which he captured with no superhuman virtues needed. His youthful appearance seeming to disappear with the shouldering of respon- sibility, Jenkins at mid-winter was en- joying good success in the progress to- ward early publication of the 1951 Pan- dora. One thing at least was certain. No editor of recent times had enjoyed as much success with the members of the Pandora Beauty Review as Jenkins. SPORT BASKETBALL Tall and Short Four years ago the University Athletic Department decided it was tired of hav- ing mediocre basketball teams, so it im- mediately sent out its hounds to round up some talent that would burn up the baskets in Woodruff Hall. So from far and wide came the tall and short, and on December 3, 1947, the " new look " Georgia basektball team hit the floor, composed of three freshmen starters, with two frosh subs that were to see a lot of action. Fans who had sat rather quietly in Woodrufif for a number of years sud- denly raised their eyes in glee at the kind of ball Georgia ' s " new look " team was playing. It was colorful, delightful, crowd-pleasing, and it won nine games in a row that year. Four years later, on February 17, 1951, the wide-eyed freshmen who saw that game back in ' 47, along with the hundreds of students who had come along since, trucked into W oodruff Hall with an almost funeral-like atmosphere pre- vailing. For the marvelous frosh of ' 47, the scintillating sophs of ' 49, and the amazing Juniors of ' 50, were now tired old seniors, still unbeatable as crowd pleasers, and plaving their last game in the Woodruii ' Hall they loved so well. As the game progressed, the fans didn t seem to be watching the score so much. There was dimunitive Joe Jordan drib- bling undaunted up the floor, rushing through the crowd of defenders to ring up a shot, or go sprawling out into the sideline crowd. Schloss, leaping into the atmosphere, or pivoting at center and tossing in a shot. Earl Davis — the un- paralleled ball handler and miracle shot maker, doing his sleight of antics for the final time in Woodruff Hall. Slats Thomas was the fourth Frosh of that 1947 squad, and Slats has only attained fame this season, but it is a lasting fame, and few will forget the unerring set-shot artist. Somehow, Woodruff Hall will never seem the same without these four men, who made basketball solvent at the Universitv of Georgia. FOOTBALL Day of Destiny For Georgia ' s 1950 football team, the day of destiny was a very wintry Satur- day in early November in a town they call Magic City, otherwise known as Birmingham. On this particular day. Nature had chosen to sample the earth with a little bit of everything she could think of, and liberal quantities of ice, sleet, snow, and rain, plus plenty of chill wind had de- scended on the playing field and the vicinity in general. In the face of all this, a large number of Georgia sup- porters made the trip to Birmingham, for the Bulldogs were still undefeated, although a bit stained by three ties. The Alabama game was the payoff. So in the slush and chill of Legion Stadium, while the fans sat under the darkest day in many years and the rains came in calculated bursts, the Bulldogs went out to find what fate had for them in this season of strange grid procedure. Not even the 1949 team had performed as erraticallv as this edition of Red and A FOUR-YEAR COURSE IN CROWD PLEASING Year, 1951 Blacksters. On one Saturday they had humbled mij hty IMaryland, 27-7, and the followintr week let stumble-bum St. Marys tie them. They had the strength to slaughter Mississippi State, conquer- ors of Tennessee, but could just get by Boston College, 19-7, and only tie L.S.U. After the Maryland victory, the 1950 Bulldogs had been hailed as a new pow- er, ready to take its place beside the teams of Sinkwich and Trippi. The dis- appointment had been hard medicine to take for the Bulldog fans. But on this cool day in B ' ham, all could be atoned for. Warming them- selves in any possible way, the rooters from Athens sat trying to shake the chill that Eddie Salem and Al Lary were giving them, as they continually pulled Alabama Goahvard. But then the chill would dissipate as the stout Georgia line would rise and hold. Georgia got the lead when Johnny Carson whammed into little Larry Chioddetti, dropped him hard on the ' Bama three, and fell on Larry ' s fumble. Luke Brunson required only one line buck to get into the end zone. The fans felt better about the weather. But the elements kept plaguing them. Especially the air barage which Salem and Larry kept putting on. Their efforts got a TD for ' Bama and squared the score. With the time running out, Georgia had the ball deep in its own territory. The question was whether to stall for a tie, or gamble for a win. The fans felt the chill coming, and they remembered the three games alreadv that season in which the Bulldogs had settled for a draw. Quarterback Mai Cook remem- bered too. He knew that the ' Dogs had to be out to win this one. So he gambled — and lost. A guard intercepted one of Mai ' s tosses on the 25-yard line, and the crushing Crimson attack could not be THEATRE UNIVERSITY THEATRE Dumb Blondes and Ancient Greeks No doubt University Theatre is one of the most effective organizations on the campus. For every student who some day hopes he or she will trip the light fantastic in a Xew York playhouse and be a first nighter at a Rodgers and Hammerstein opening, the productions of the Theatre provide an ersatz substi- tute. For the fortunate few who work their way into parts, the Theatre means much more. Without pay, these students, desiring acting fame, work night after night, in- cluding weekends, to make their plays Broadway perfect. Seldom does a play come to the Fine Arts stage which is not as perfect as amateur producing can make it, and occasionally one will exceed the bounds it should hold. This was true of the year ' s first play, Boni Yesterdtiy , which was one of the better things to come out of the corri- dors of the Fine Arts in many years. Often, in its desire for classicism, the Theatre sacrifices entertainment for art, and brings to unsuspecting students such dry, uninteresting drama as Murder in the Cathedral , and to an extent, Toiver Beyond Tratjedy, its followup to Yes- terday. Last Spring much blood was let be- tween the Red and Black and the Thea- tre over a review which the campus paper ran on Murder in the Cathedral. The review expressed sound sentiments, with halted from that close in. When the clouds rolled away that daw Georgia knew the hand it held for 1950 football, and there were mi ace . THESPIANS CONROY, PERKINS, AND MANN for Thtir " Muod, " Curtain Calls, Applause credit given where deserved, but the Theatre directors could not quite see it. To quote the review: " Acting, stag- ing, and directing were of a professional quality, long a trade mark of the LJniver- sity Theatre. The play was presented with much spit and polish, and this was the best reason for the audience not walking out on the " intellectual proceed- ings. " " The audience failed to give the drama curtain one curtain call. A few members applauded mildly, then quickly left the auditorium, discussing the play, and ap- parently confused about the whole thing. " One letter to the R. and B. in retalia- tion said : " The cool response given to the play was indicative of the respect given by the impression left by the play. Any- body should realize the mood would have been destroyed by any curtain call. " Nevertheless, selections of the plays for production got a thorough lambast- ing, and Born Yesterday was just the thing to clear the air a bit. It had enough humor to delight most of the student au dience, and had enough good sense to satisfy the " intellectual " longings. Also, the play provided good, solid parts for its lead characters without casting them as ancient Greeks or Middle Age arch bishops. Gus ALmn, who had the main part in Murder (an aptly named piece, if we ever saw it), seemed much more at home in his excellent role as a shyster lawyer. But aside from the excellent script, and the usual " spit and polish " of the Theatre, Born Yesterday had the benefit of two of the best performances which have been enacted at the Fine Arts in recent years. As the dumb blond, Carol Conroy bore a resemblance to Judy Holi- day in more ways than just looks, and Eston Perkins as the junk dealer million- aire, put an edge on his part that hit the hearts of the audience. This play got many curtain calls, and most students agreed that it was the best thing since Home of the Brave, which starred the unforgettable Charles Vocalis. SMSCELLANY Numbskull Practice. Eager freshman, upon hearing upper classman remark about " skull practice, " asks what it is, and is bafflled by reply that " it ' s a clever play on voids. " Possible? Freshman asking upper classman, " Do you really have to go to Saturday classes here? " The Right Time. Asked w hy he con- tinually ignores bell ending class, in- structor replies, " I keep time by Western Union. " Overheard in Bull Session: " No, I don ' t think the students on Ag Hill hate the Georgia Cracker any more than the rest of us. " ynuLS ot DinncTioi Each year the PANDORA gives orchids to various people for various outstanding things. This year the PANDORA is giving orchids to the people who make the PANDORA. First, to Grayson Flowers, for handling all the money. And if you don ' t believe it ' s a job, just try to kick around about thirty thousand dollars for a year. You ' ll lose a few nights ' sleep. To Gerald Levy, for the wonderful way he handled the class section. It ' s not as easy as it seems, when you start playing with twenty-five hundred pictures. To Wyndell Taylor and his assistant, Eldred Barfield, who were respon- sible for those wonderful drawings in the opening section and on fraternities ' pages. You might not realize it, but it takes a pretty good while to draw one of those complicated buildings. To Jimmy Miller, for putting the fraternity section in a presentable form, and to Melyin Harelik, the other Associate Editor, who spent long hours on the telephone, getting organizations together. To Ruby Branch and her boy-friend, Jim Lockhart, who took over the sorority section and met the very first deadline of the entire year. To Dick Brooks, who worked with the sports. It ' s pretty tough on a fellow when he holds a position on both the Red and Block and the PAN- DORA, but Dick did it, and a pretty good job of it, too. To Millard Grimes, who did the section of University News, even though he held no position on the PANDORA. And then to the office help: There was Billy Barnes and Tommy Elder, who worked on the PANDORA for pledge points. All the Tau Ep pledges that Gerald brought to the office. To Claude Davidson, our faculty advisor, who always kept saying, " Just do your best, boys. " To Johnny Long, the publisher, who kept the staff on the ball. To Bill Brown, the photographer with patience enough to take about two thousand pictures. As you see, there weren ' t on awful lot of people connected with this PANDORA. That ' s why putting out a PANDORA is no picnic. It took on awful lot of hours, hours when other students were in libraries studying, or out dating. But I don ' t think you ever heard a one of them complain, except maybe the editor. To these people we give orchids. The people responsible for this, your 1951 PANDORA. Ray Jenkins, Editor, 1951 PANDORA. nci Jyn ( Ic Odin 9 THE ' 51 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA YEARBOOK Athens, Georgia Gerald Levy Managing Editor Ray Jenkins Editor Grayson Flowers BuiineM Manager Well, students, here it is — the last page of your ' 51 PANDORA. We hope you have liked it as much as we have enjoyed making it for you. Now is the time... the time when we, the members of the PANDORA staff can pause and look back on the results of our efforts. For a whole year, now, we have pooled our talents, added much hard work and many hours of worry and wonder, and as a result have achiev- ed the satisfaction of knowing that we have contributed our share of the passing of the Glass of 1951. We ' re pretty proud of our PANDORA. . .probably a lot more proud than you are, but then we have a right to be more proud. With each page, we have learned, many times through our own mistakes, what really makes up a yearbook. Regardless of the work, it has been enjoyable and well worth the effort. Now that we have finished and have taken a look back, we give you the book. We most sincerely hope you like it, because we really tried to make it the best PANDORA ever. Ray Jenkins , Editor, Grayson Flowers, Business Manager, Gerald Levy, Managing Editor. A 1 Id MiM

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