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;t ' 49 PANDORA ;-:T«aMHiywtt-. ' h-i-v N K% W ly ' m ' - SSaiEJKKJ mmfmmtr ' T ■•■■■• ■ w " I ■ ■ " ' " ' The ' 49 Pandora Annual Publication of THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ATHENS, GEORGIA VOLUME LXIl DAVID E. GATES, Editor ROBERT H. SMALLEY, Business Manager , THIS IS YOUR ' 49 Pandora ■ ' .«- . - ' r ; m 4mf: t THIS IS YOUR RECORD COPytaoxY - ' ) • ' v 1 ii - V«--V Ji -VN ill r « ( % " ■- v. : • ts» ••- 5j OF GRADUATION- of Classes and Classmates.... , ) ' J of Friends and Familiar Flaces... of Publications, Poles and Parties... 10 of Sports 13 Wo DedicatG... . . . this sixty-second edition of The Pandora to a faithful and worthy friend, Mr. Hugh Hodg- son. For more years than many of us have lived, " Mr. Hugh " has unselfishly and diligently dedicated himself to The University of Georgia and to its students. A little more than a third of a century ago he himself graduated from the University and has since that time become one of its most prominent and active alumni, distinguishing himself as a teacher, com- poser, and concert pianist. He studied music in Berlin but returned to the United States in 1919 to make his formal debut in New York. There his abili- ties as a concert pianist gained for him the highest esteem and admiration of the entire musical world. For more than eight years after his debut in New York he was a visiting artist for the American Association of Visit- ing Artists. During this time he visited col- leges and state universities in over half of the forty-eight states. In 1928 he accepted the appointment to the head of the Music Department of The Uni- versity of Georgia, and since then has served brilliantly in that capacity. He is also pres- ent chairman of the Fine Arts Division of the University. During his years here he has known prac- tically every student on the campus and has been known by them, either as instructor, director of the Glee Club, or simply as the man who plays at the " Muse Appreciation Hours. " " Mr. Hugh " takes great pride in being referred to as one of the " characters " of the campus. Several years ago he founded the Hugh Hodgson Scholarship Fund for promising students in the field of music; and he has also been a leading factor in the furthering of musical education in Georgia ' s public schools. He is always eager to be of any possible service to his school or to any of its students, either as councilor, instructor, or just plain " friend. " It is because of this loyalty and un- selfishness that we most proudly and humbly dedicate this ' 49 Pandora to a truly great man. THE STAFF !4 9 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE UP HE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY Ol II i tMM UMa M mmiz mr iua m Administration and Faculty 1 HARMON W. CALDWELL Chancellor, University System of Georgia 15 JONATHAN C. ROGERS President 16 .. a( i ALVIN B. BISCOE Dean of Faculties JOHiN D. BOLTON Treasurer m Mn m J. THOMAS ASKEW Ret istrar ALBERT B. JONES Ass ' t Director of Student Affairs 17 WILLIAM TATE Dean of Men JAMES BAILEY JOHN STOREY Director of Men ' s Activities Director of Men ' s Housing if- tl B. DAVIE NAPIER University Chaplain WILLIAM CRANE Secretary Alumni Association 18 MRS. EDITH L. STALLINGS Deaii of Wonieii MISS MARTHA LATIMER MISS DOLORES ARTAU Director of Women ' s Activities Councilor to W omen JOHN O. EIDSON Director Coordinate Campus DR. EDGAR J. MAXWELL Uniiersity Physician 19 1 " " ' I — MBb wSkv-ans. GEORGE H. BOYD Dean Graduate School ALTON HOSCH Dean of Law School MRS. PAULINE PARK WILSON Dean of School of Hotne Economics 20 LEON P. SMITH Dean of Arts and Sciences I O. C. ADERHOLT Dean of College of Ediicatio)i nn.ia JOHN E. DREW RY Dean of College of fomiialhm B i NHH Tc _■ 1 } 1 i wmm H ' Hr l n p WjI 2 H ' £ 1 H fl •x v :iaii PAUL W. CHAPMAN Dt j« of College of Agriculture JAMl 1 , C.A I I Dean of College of Business Adminislralion 21 KENNETH WATERS Dean of Pharmacy THOMAS J. JONES Dean of Veterinary Medicine DONALD J. WEDDELL Dean of Forrestry School 22 L.f - ' ■-»— -- ' ■ B. C. KINNEY Head of Plant Operations The Campus lis THE UNIVERSITY CHAPEL 23 OLD COLLEGE DEMOSTHENIAN HALL 24 --■■ -T- i ■ a«iiini lii ADMINISTRATION BUILDING PHI KAPPA HALL 25 COMMERCE-JOURNALISM BUILDING LAW SCHOOL 26 -» " ■ " ■• ' ■ " ' » ' PEABODY HALL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION PHARMACY BUILDING 27 . DAWSON HALL SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS 28 CONNER HALL COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE SMITH BUILDING COORDINATE CAMPUS 29 • ,1 Jf MEMORIAL HALL BALDWIN HALL 30 ... „._. . .. . ■_. I -Tin-iif " " - - ■ ' » " ■ ' PARKS ' HALL LE CONTE HALL THE BELL AT COORDINATE THAT CALLS YOU TO 32 - " -- " - ' ' «c aig».f«.Mi CLASSES 9 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE U iE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF SENIORS HLIBI in (.KIST ANN ANOKEWS BOH SMALLEV President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer orncERS HUBERT GRIST ANN ANDREWS BOB SMALLEV CLASS of ' 4S AGREE, W. R. ADAMS, A. ALLGOOD, C. H. ALLIGOOD, V AGREE, WALTER RICHARD; Toccoa; BBA in Marketing; Phi Delta Theta, Glee Club, Band, Phi Kappa- ADAMS, ANN; Dublin; BS in Marketing; Phi Mu, Education Club, Pioneer Glub-ADAMS, JAMES C; Colbert; BBA in Marketing— ADAMS, LEWIS A., JR.; Carrollton; BBA in Economics-Law; Sigma Chi, Demosthenian— ADAMS, ROBERT E.; Athens; BBA in Marketing; Lambda Chi Alpha-ADERHOLT, H. EDWIN; Jefferson; BS in Chemistry; Phi Delta Theta, president. Phi Kappa, Varsity Swimming Team ' 47- ' 48— AKINS, SAM; Nash- ville; BBA in Marketing; Lambda Chi Alpha-ALDERMAN, JAMES C; Adel; BBA in Accounting-ALDREDGE, HUGH CARMICHAEL; Atlanta; BBA in Marketing; Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Kappa-ALLEN, CAROLYNE L.; Manchester; BS in Clothing; Homecon, Phi Upsilon Om ' cron secretary, Student-Faculty Committee, Ag Hill Coun- cil, Agriculturist, POW Council- ALLEN, HAYWARD E., JR.; Butler; BSA in Horticulture; Alpha Phi Omega, University Theatre, Ag Club, Floricultural Club president, secretary-treasurer— ALLGOOD, CHARLES H., JR.; Au- gusta; BE A in Art- ALLIGOOD, VERNON; Dexter; BSA in Vocational Agriculture; FFA Club-AMON, VIRGINIA L.; Savannah- ANDERSON, BENJAMIN J.; Covington; BBA in Marketing- ANDERSON, CHARLES L.; Glenwood; BSA in Vocational Agriculture-ANDERSON, HARRY F.; Lindale; BBA in Industrial Relations; Glee Club- ANDERSON, JAMES H.; Jesup; BSAE; Ag Engineering Club, Alpha Zeta, Captain ROTC-ANDREW, ANN; Greenville; AB in English; Pi Beta Phi vice president, rush chairman, WSGA president, vice president. Mortar Board secretary. Senior Class, vice president; Junior Class, secretary-treasurer; " Z " Club, president; Pioneer Club Inner Circle; Alpha Lambda Delta, secretary- ANDREWS, HAROLD B.; Atlanta; AB in Journalism- ANTHONY, JULIAN J.; Augusta; AB in Journalism- ARKIN, MURRY C; Savannah; BS, Pre-Med-ARONSON, PHYLLIS; Adel; BBA in Marketing-ARRINGTON, FRANK J.; LaGrange; BBA in Accounting, Delta Tau Deha-ARUNDEL ARONSON, P. ARRINGTON, F. J. ARUNDEL. J. C. ASHIR, B. ASHFORD, V. ASHWORTH, W. W. ASHWORTH, W. D. ASPINWALL, A. M. Al IIMAN. I. V. AlSriX. H, - AlHRII, M AVl Id , 1 1 AVRIim, F. K KACWELL, J. W. BAILEY, B. S., JR. BAILEY, C. J. VDAMS, L. A. ANDERSON. B. .1. ADAMS. R. } ' .. ANDI-RSON. C. L. ai)i:rholt, h. anderson. h AKINS. S. ANDERSON. J. H. ALDERMA.N. J. C. ANDREWS. A. AI.DRhDOE, H. ANDREW S, H. B. ALLEN. C. L. ANTHONY, J. J. ALLEN. H. t. ARKIN, M. C. xikaiaii- kffenon: M; Nash- DMDGE, LYXEL; PCoan- hi Omega, , JR.; Au- b-, 10N. CHARLEJ iRtliOons; .INDREI . THONT. PHULIS; JANICE C; Statesboro; BSHI: in Institutional Management: Homecon, Golf Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron— ASHER, BUDDY; Atlanta; LLB; Demosthenian, GOP social chairman. Student Night Club manager. Student Union, Georgia Cracker staff-ASHFORD, VIVIAN; Athens; AB in English; Chi Omega, Glee Club-ASHWORTH, WALTER W.; Calhoun; BSE in Social Science- ASHWORTH, WILLIAM DONALD; Bowman; BSA in Ag Economics- ASPINWALL, ANDREW M., JR.; Patterson; ABJ; Sigmi Nu, Demosthenian- ATHERTON. MRS. ELIZABETH; Savannah; BFA in Art-ATHERTON, LUCIUS H., JR.; Marietta; BS in Pharnacy; Sigm.i .Nu, IPC rcprtsenta- tive-ATHON, MRS. JEAN B.; Sasser; BS in Elementary Education-A THON, FDD; Miiledgcvilk: BBA in Marketing-AULTMAN, JAMES V.; Tifton; BSAE-AUSTIN, HENRY W ARREiN; Augusta; BBA in Account- ing-AUTREY, MERRILL, JR.; Griffin; BSE in Distributive Education; Kappa Sigma, DE Club-A ' ERY, THOMAS EUGENE; Atlanta; BSF; Pi Sigma Pi, Alpha Zeta, " Cypress Knee " associate editor, Forestry Club, Blue Key— AVRIETT, E. K., JR.; Homerville; ABJ; Pi Kappa Phi-BAGWELL, JOSEPH W.; Jacksonville, Fla.; BFA in Com- mercial Art; Kappa Sigma, Art Students ' League— BAILEY, BERNARD S., JR.; Augusta; BBA; Glee Club— BAILEY, C. JOLAINE; Atlanta; ABJ; Alpha Chi Omega treasurer, Theta Sigma Phi, ' 49 Pandora Woman ' s Editor— BAILEY, EDWARD N.; Cobb; BS in Industrial Arts-BAKER, JOE B.; Sanford, Fla.; BBA in Marketing; Lambda Chi Alpha— BAKER, LAW- RENCE M.; Dalton; BBA in Accounting-BAKER, RITA; Summer illc; BSHE in Clothing; Hume- con, Gke Club. CLASS of ' 4S BAKHS. H. BARNlfS, T. J. BALDWIN, P. E. liALKCOM, C. M. BARRETT, E. B. BARRETT, J. BAKES, HIRAM; Ft. Gaines; ABJ; Alpha Tau Omega, Red and Black, Phi Kappa, Pi Kappa Delta, Economics Club-BALDWIN, PHERABY E.; Memphis, Tenn.; BSE-BALKCOM, CHARLES M.; Blakely; BSA-BALL, JAMES F., JR.; Pineview; BS in Pharmacy; Mortar and Pestle, Ga. Pharmaceutical Association, Student Branch APA-BANKS, MITCHELL D.; Statesboro; BBA in Marketing-BARBER, M. MASON, JR.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; BBA in Marketing-BARBER, ROBERT L.; Athens; BBA in Marketing-BARBER, TURNER F.; Bainbridge; BSE; Forestry Club-BARILE, MICHAEL F.; Boundbrook, N. J.; BS; Phi Eta Sigma, Science Club, Philosophy Club-BARNES, CURTIS S.; McRae; BSF; Forestry Club-BARNES, EUGENE W.; Athens; ABJ-BARNES, THOMAS J., JR.; Baxley; BS in Pharmacy-BARRETT, EDGAR B.; Cairo; BSA in Agronomy-BARRETT, JUNE; Griffin; BFA in Piano; Alpha Chi Omega vice president, A Cappella Choir, Sigma Alpha Iota, Tennis Club— BARTLETT, W AYNE; Athens; BSA in Animal Husbandry-BARTON, JOHN T.; Rydal; BSA in Agronomy- BASKIN, ANNE; Roanoke, Ala.; ABJ; Chi Omega, Theta Sigma Phi-BASS, ANNE; Warwick; BSHE in Cloth- ing and Textiles; Ag Hill Council secretary-treasurer, 4-H Club president, W ' SGA Legislative Council, Homecon, YWA president-BASS, WILLIAM R.; Blackshear; BBA in Accounting-BATEMAN, EDWIN N.; Sylvester; BSE; Industrial Arts Club-BATES, CLERMONT R.; New Smyrna Beach, Fla.; BBA in Marketing; Chi Psi- BATES, WILLIAM M.; Soperton; ABJ; Red and Black Editor, Managing Editor, News Editor, Sigma Delta Chi vice president, ODK, Whos Who, Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Demosthenian-BAXTER, DUARD; Com- merce; BSF-BEALL, CHARLES E.; Columbus; BBA in Accounting; Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi-BEAU- MONT, CHARLES A.; Hapcville; AB in English; La.iibda Chi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma-BELK, ROBERT M.; BAXTER, D. BEALL. t. E. BEAUMONT, C. A. lilLK. R. M. BELL. C. H. BELL, E. J. BERLINER, R, BERRVMAN, L. T. BERRVMAN, W. T. BEISILL. G. S. BELIELL, B. K. BIBB, H. B. BELL, N. L. BELL, W. E. BIBLE, E. I. BINNS. W . A. ■nii-iMnirwMin«iiiMiiir-« 1 - ' ' " ' BALKCOM, L J|. ' ■ BAMFTT, J, JALL. J. V. HANKS, M. D. URTI.HIT. V. BARTON, J. T. HARBKR. M. M. BASKIN, A. BAKBIK, R. I. BASS, A. BAKBI.R, 1 . K. BASS, . R. BARILk, M. F. BARNES, C. S. HATFMAN, K. N. HA1 i:S, C. R. BARNl-S. K. VC. BAITS. W. M. SA-BAll, cm Branch )p. Teni.; iiinbniige; -BARNES. n.JlM; nnii Oub- . roMiny- llinCloili- LHooxaiiL .; Syhattt; i; Qi Psi- iijnu Wis .IRD: Ccffl- Ps-BEAU- MERT M.; Cairo; DBA in Accounting; " G " (Aub, Alpiia Kappa Psi— BF.I.L, CURTIS II.; lilbcrton; AB in Political Science; Demosthenian president. Pi Sigma Alpha— BELL, EDWIN J.; Jacksonville, Fla.; BBA in Marketing— BELL, NELMS L.; Middleton; BS in Zoology-BELL, WILLIAM E.; Ma.xeys; BSE-BENNETT, ROGER Q.; Rossville; BSAE-BENNETT, WILLIAM D., JR.; Lawrenceville; BS in Physical Education-BENSON, STANLEY; Thomas- ton; BS in Chemistry; Sigma Chi, Band-BERKMAN, HAROLD; MontieellorN. Y.; ' BBA ' wi - l.inagement- BERLINER, RHODA; Dublin; BFA in Interior Design-BERRYMAN, LAWRENCJ ' - T.; llberioir; JJHA in Ac- counting; SAE, Delta Sigma Pi-BERRYMAN, WESLEY T., JR.; Newp(|J|jy|kj|| ' |l,; BFA rt; Pandora Staff— BETSILL, GEORGE S. ; Clinton, S. C; BFA in Landscape Architecture; Sigma Nu, LA Clyb, Glee Club— BEUTELL, BARRINGTON K.; Sea Island; BBA in Business; ATO, Canterbury Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Eco- nomics Society-BIBB, HORACE B., JR.; Greenville, S. C; BBA in Marketing-BIBLE, EDWARD J.; Rising Eawn; BS in Horticulture; Ag Club secretary. Dairy Science Club, Floriculture- (;iub— BINNS, WAI.LACI! A.; Albany; BSF; SAE, Phi Kappa, wrestling team M7-B1RD, EVELYN; Atlanta; AB in Geography; Alpha Omi- cron Pi corresponding secretary, vice president. Geography Club vice president. Alpha Lambda Delta, IRC-BISHOP, BETTY ANN; Atlanta; AB in Sociology; SRO-BISHOP, THOMAS F.; Wat- kinsville; BSAE- BIVINGS, E. A.; Donaisonville; BS, Pre-Med. NETT, R. Q. BENNETT, D. BINSON. S. BERKMAN. li. n. B. BISHOP. B. A. HISIIOI ' , 1. K. BIVINGS, E. A. CLASS of ' 4S ' ' ' ,fl2 liiili j BLACK, H. BONNER, M. J. N BLACK, R. E. BOSWELL, R. M, liLACKMAR, D. DOVi ' EN, D. L. BLACK, HERBERT; Macon; BFA-BLACK, RALPH E.; Rome; BA in Psychology; University Theater, Thalian- Blackfriars, University Band, Men ' s Music Club-BLACKMAR, IH, DANA; Waycross; ABJ; Sigma Nu, Red and Black Staff, Sigma Delta Chi, Demosthenian, Univ. News Bureau, Economics Club— BLACKSHEAR, KATHE- RINE; Atlanta; AB in Spanish; Alpha Gamma Delta vice president; " Z " Club treasurer; Pioneer Inner Circle vice president; Coordinate " Clips " editor; Student Directory Editor; Mortar Board vice president; Westminster Fellovv ' ship; V.R.A. cabinet; Pan-Hellenic Council; Senior Representative Women ' s Student Government— BLACK- WELL, STEPHEN E.; DanielsviUe; BS in Pharmacy-BLAKE, WILLIAM C. JR.; Tampa, Fla.; AB in Econ.; Alpha Tau Omega-BLASINGAME, WILLIAM G.; Cape Charles, Va.; BS in Pharmacy; Alpha Phi Omega, presi- dent, vice president, secretary; American Pharmaceutical Association, treasurer (Student Branch)— BLASINGAME, WOODALL T.; Atlanta; BBA in Accounting-BOBBITT, THOMAS C, JR.; Dudley; BBA in Marketing- BOGESLOV, OSCAR M.; Augusta; BBA in Accounting-BOND, FRED; Dewey Rose; BS in Ag. Economics- BONNER, MARY J.; Athens; BBA in Accounting-BOSWELL, ROBERT M.; Thomson; BBA in Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi president; I.F.C Representative— BO WEN, DANIE LOIS; Columbus; BA in Commercial Art— BOWEN, RUTH LEE; CarroUton; BS in Pharmacy; A. Ph. A secretary; Ga. Pharmacist staff-BOWER, ALLEN E.; Alma; BSA in Economics-BOWMAN, HOWARD K., JR.; Buford; BBA in Marketing-BRADFORD, ELEANOR; Monroe; BS in Home Economics; Phi Mu, Homecon Club, Canterbury Club— BRAIL, JACK; Atlanta; BBA in Marketing-BRANCH, JERRY J.; Davisboro; ABJ in Advertising; Kappa Sigma-BRANCH, VIVIAN G.; Lakeland; ABJ in Advertising; Alpha Omicron Pi; Women ' s Athletic Association, Dance Club, Glee Club, Pi- oneer Club-BRANDENBURG, EMORY H.; South Miami, Fla.; BS in Pharmacy; Lambda Chi Alpha, American BRANNEN, E. E. BRANNON. E. W. BRASWELL, A. BREEDLOVE. R. A. BRENNAN, H. BKOCK, ED BROCK, J. R. BROCKETT, S. F. BROOKE. J. F. BROOKS, J. C. BREW ER. R. M. BROOKS, G. A. BRIGHT. R. P. BROOKS. IL I. BRINKLEY, C. D. BROOKS, R. iM. WK, D. L A(,KSIIIAU. K. ) IN. K. I.. !. Haliaii- .Red and urn- 90 Circle omiffiier -BUCK- ID Ecoo.: tjiptesi- LXGAJIE, ibikediig: lAlUN ADFORD. ;;AdanB: MING.; a«b, Pi- m.ACKW ELL. S. E. h() i:r. a. e. BLAKE, V. C. BOWMAN. II. ULA,si. t,AME, W. C. HLA.SINCAMF, W. T. HOHHII L. I. (.. BOGESLOV. (). M. (tn.M). I BKADEORD. E. HKAU . I HKANC II. J. J. BKAN(.1I. V. .,. BRANDENBURG, E. Pharm. Assoc.-BRANNEN, HDW IN K.; Baxle) ; BSA in Voc. Ag.; Gaffau Club, Ag. Club-BRANNON, ELLIS W., JR.; Hamilton: BSA in Dairying; Dairy Science Club-BRASW ' ELL, ANNETTE; Monroe; BSHE-BREEDLOVE, ROYCE A., JR.; Monroe; BSA in Dairy Mfg.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Dairy Science Club president; Ag. Hill secretary-treasurer— BRENNAN, HANORIA; Columbus; BFA in Drama; Alpha Chi Omega secretary; University Theatre; Thalian-Blackfriar secretary, ice president— BREWER, ROYCE M.; Athens; BBA in Sec. Studies-BRIGHT, ROBERT P., JR.; Cordele; AB in Geography; Pi Kappa Alpha; Geography Cluh-BRINK- LEY, CARL DEVON; FaceviUe; ABJ in Radio-BRISCOE, CHARLES N.: Monroe; BS in Chem.; I i Kappa Phi-BRITTAIN, R. L.; Athens; BFA in Drama; University Theatre; I h.aian-BIackfriars-BRIZENDlN ' E. WIL- LIAM M.; Lyons; BS in Ag. Engr.; Ag. Engr. Club-BROADW ELL, MIDEORD M.; Marietta; BS in Chem.- BROCK, ED; LaGrange; AB in Speech-BROCK, JOHN R.; CarroUton; BS in Chem.-BROCKETT, STELLA F.; Bainbridge; BBA in Bus. Adm.-BROOKE, JOHN F.; White; BSA in Poultry; Ag. Club; Demosthenian; Ga. Ag- riculturist staff; Poultry Science Club vice president; Alpha Zeta— BROOKS, JANE C. ; Washington; BBA in Sec. Sci.; Chi Omega; Pioneer Club; Dance Club-BROOKS, GUESTON A.; Lilburn; BBA in Acctg.-BROOKS, HARRY J.; Blakely; BSA in Voc. Ag.-BROOKS, ROY M.; Newton; BSA in Ag. Econ.; Ag. Economics Club- BROOKSHIRE, JAMES L., JR.; Decatur; BSA in Voc. Ag.-BROWN, ALBERT L.; Matamoras, Penn.; BSA in Plant Path.-BROWN, J. EL- LIOTT; Sasser; AB in Math.; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma-BROWN, JAMES G., JR.; Savannah; BBA. ISCOE. C. N. BRITTAIN. R. L OOKSHIR. J. L. BROW N. A. L. BRIZENDINE. W . M. BROADWELL. M. M. BROWN. J. E. BROWN. I. G. CLASS of ' 4S BROWN, L. C. BROWN, M. A BUFFORD, L. G. BULFIN, G. A. BROWN, LEONARD C, III; Dainbridge; AB in Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha, IFC-BROWN, MARY A.; Cartersville; BSHH; Honiecon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicion-BROV, N, SARA JANE; Atlanta; ABJ; Delta Delta Delta-BROWN, WATSON S.; Dawson; BS in Agronomy; Ag. Club, Aghon-BROWN, WORTH P.; Athens; AB in French- BROWNING, JAMES A.; Douglasville; BS in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon- BRYAN, JASPER C; Fort Valley; BSA-BRYANS, RALEIGH G.; McDonough; ABJ-BRYANT, EUGENE C; Athens; BBA in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi-BRYANT, MARY KELLY; Comer; BS in Zoology; Alpha Delta Pi, Pioneer Club, Canterbury Club-BRYSON, REBECCA ANN; Greensboro; BSHE in Clothing and Textiles; P. Tau Chi vice president, Homecon, Wesley Foundation Council— BUFFORD, LILLY G.; Lincolnton; BSHE— BUL- FIN, GEORGE ANN; Decatur; BSHE; Alpha Gamma Delta second vice president, Homecon, Phi Upsilon Omicron chaplain, Canterbury Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Glee Club-BULLOCK, RICHARD D.; Fort Benning, ABJ; Delta Tau Delta secretary, Sigma Delta Chi secretary, SVO Administrative Council, Red and Black, Demosthenian— BURCH, CHARLES B.; Athens; BBA in Marketing-BURCH, ROBERT J.; Fayetteville; BSA-BURGAMY, CHARLES; Americus; BBA-LLB-BURGARD, BENNING; Columbus; ABJ; Phi Mu-BURGESS, CICERO J.; Al- pharetta; BSE in Distributive Education; Delta Epsilon Mu-BURGESS, DUFFTE D. ; Toccoa; BBA in Account- ing; Glee Club, BSU-BURK, DOW C, JR.; Americus; BSE in Distributive Education; D£ Club-BURNS, BETTY JEAN; Atlanta; BSHE in Institutional Management; Alpha Omicron Pi-BUSBEE, GEORGE D.; Vienna; BBA; Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa-BUSH, JAMES W.; Albany; AB in Psychology; ATO, Red and Black, Ga. Cracker, Psychology Club-BUSSEY, BEN P.; Cairo; BS in Chemistry-BUSSEY, HENRY S.; Augusta; BSA in Horticul- BUSBEE, G. D. BUSH. J. W. BUSSEY, B. P. CALHOUN. I.. G. CALLAW AY. M. H. CAMP, H. P. BUSSEY, H. S. BUTLER, G. E. BUTLER, W, C. BYARS, H. C. CAMPBELL, B. L. CAMPBELL, L. W. CANNON, R. W. CAPERS, A. BYRNE, M. M. CAREY, J. L .1 -U- -.•-..-J.,- J, ». . km. ' ti B«0«. i, 1. aUOCK, R, D JROW N. w . ; JURCH. (.. H. lARYA.; iiu;AB]; 10RTH Epsiloo- ;LM C: pb Delia arale; P. |[-BIL- lOmimin og, AB); stheiiian- %m. 10J.;AI- Account- S,BEm Hi: BBA: iCncker, Hortiflil- nuow N, v. p. UL ' RC:il. R. J. BROWNING, J. A. BURGAMY, C. HRVA . J. (,. HIRGARD. B. BR A.NS, K. BLRCiKSS, C;. DK ' AN 1. h. C. KrR(,lS.S. I). D. BK AM . M bi;rk. I), c Bl SON. K. . Bl HNS. B. J. ture; C;hi Psi, rioricultural Club president and vice presi lent-HUTI.IlR, C.LORIA i;.; Athens; BSI Ili-BUTLliR, W ALIHR C, JR.; Macon; BBA; Alpha Phi Omega-BYARS, HARDIN C;., JR.; Rome; BS in Ag. Engineering; Phi Delta Theta secretary, ASAE, Veterans Club-BYRNE, MARY-MARGARET; Columbus; ABJ; Alpha Chi Omega, Red and Black Woman ' s Editor-CABANISS, HARVEY; Athens; BS in Zoology-CABERO, GEORGE N.; Hawkinsville; ABJ; Ga. Cracker Fiction Editor-CAFIERO, JOSEPH S., J Cj iivaanahi BSA io Food Tech- nology; Pi Kappa Phi, IFC, Newman Club-CALDWELL, E. G.; Jackson; in Phartr.icy; Student Br.inch APA, Demosthenian-CALHOUN, LOUIE G.; Tarrytown; BSA in Vocational A JtiaiItiir -CALLA VAV, MARSHALL H.; Bishop; BSA in Animal Husbandry; Saddle and Sirloin.-CAMP, HERBFRT P.; . tl.iiu.i; BBA in Marketing; Demosthenian, Football ' 43, Basketball ' 44, Manager Wrestling Team, Member Varsity Wrestling Team— CAMP- BILL. BETTY L.; Arlington, Va.; ABJ; Alpha Omicro.i Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta-CAMPBELL, LOYD W.; Athens; BBA in Accounting-CANNON, ROBERT W.; Greensboro; BSF-CAPliRS, ANDERSON; Augusta; BBA in Accounting-CAREY, JANE; Atlanta; ABJ; Pi Beta Phi, Pioneer Club Inner Circle- CARII HI;RS. HERBERT caW ' .) ' G.; Nicholson; BSE-CARLSON, HERBERT; Orlando. Alpha Mu, Alpha Phi Omega, Demosthenian, Pic Magazine College Council Representative, Red and Black Assistant News Editor, University News Bureau Staff Writer-CARLTON, E. W., JR.; Rockmart; BBA in Marketing-CARMICHAEL, R. L.; Jackson. lANISS. II. CABFRO. G. N. CAFIHRO. J. S. CALDWELL, E. G. :ITHERS, H. G. CARLSON. II. P. CARLTON. V. V. CARMICHAEL, R. L. I ' la.; ABJ; Sigma Delta Ciii, Biftad ice president. K.ipjia cuss of ' 43 CARMICHAEL, R. R. CARNES, N. R. CARNEY, T. D. CENTER, L. M. CHAMBERS, D. P, CHANDLER. A. E. CARMICHAEL, ROBERT R., JR.; Meansville; BBA-CARNES, NORMAN R.; Athens; BBA; Pi Kappa Phi- CARNEY, THOMAS D.; Tate; BS-CARR, COLEMAN D.; ThomasviUe; BSF; Sigma Chi, Demosthenian, Forestry Club, Alpha Zeta, World Federalists-CARROLL, TROY L., JR.; Alpharetta; LLB-CARSWELL, JOHN H.; Blair- ville; BS-CARTER, BENJAMIN H.; Atlanta; BBA; Kappa Sigma-CARTER, CAREY C, JR.; Hartwell; LLB; Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, Dean, Clerk of Rolls; Demosthenian— CARTER, F. C. ; Athens; BSA— CARTER, JOHN C; Athens; BBA-CAUSEY, WILLIAM J.; Macon; BSA in Animal Husbandry; Kappa Alpha, Alpha Zeta, Saddle and Sirloin, Dairy Science Club— CENTER, LLOYD M.; Greensboro; AB in Political Scie nce; Political Science Club-CH AMBERS, DWAIN P.; Athens; BSAE; Georgia DeMolay Club. Ag. Engineering Club, Ad- vanced Military— CHANDLER, ALICE E.; Athens; AB in Geography; Phi Mu, " Z " Club, VRA Cabinet secre- tary, Westminster Fellowship president. Zodiac president. Mortar Board, ' 47- ' 48 " G " Book Editor, Geography Club president-CHANDLER, CHARLES E.; Bowman; AB in History-CHANDLER, DANIEL; Commerce; BSA- CHANDLER, JUNE; Greensboro; AB in Psychology; Phi Mu, Psychology Club, Pioneer Club, Canterbury Club— CHANDLER, WILLIAM L.; Hull; BS in Pharmacy; APA-CHAPMAN, AGNES; Atlanta; BS in Chemistry; Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilon— CHAPMAN, CAROLYN; Columbus; AB in Sociology; Kappa Alpha Theta-CHAPM AN, WALTER L.; Sole City; BSF; Xi Sigma Phi, Forestry Club, BSU-CHASTAIN, JAMES M.; Atlanta; BBA in Economics-CHEEK, JOHN J.; Rhine; BSAE-CHEEK, MRS. MARGIE H.; East- man; BS in Education-CHENEY, JOHN M.; Athens; BBA in Marketing-CHESHIRE, CURTIS W.; Atlanta; I. i lOBi. ' AdmJu. IHANDLER. C. E. CARROLL. 1. L. CHANDLER. D. CARTLR. B. II. CHANOLLR. W . L CARII CHAPI CARIER. F. C. CHAPMAN. C. C.AKIhR. J. -. CHAPMAN. VC . L. (ALSh . W. J. CHASTAIN. ). M. fpPbi- lFockot H.:Bliir- «U:LIB: CARTER. IpiuZeo, hlidal lAAii- BflittR- ijilnCliib :t: BSA- jrOub- bbot: Pi Sooology; 1, STA1 ■. H.:to- Ailino; BBA in Industrial Rchitions-CHICK, HOYT N., JR.; Athcn;,; ABJ in Advcrtising-CHRISTIAN, BILLY J.; Athens; BFA in Music; Organist University Chapel, WRFC, First Baptist Church— CLARY, MARIAN; Thomson; AB in Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, " Z " Club, ACE— CLEMENTS, HARRY T.; Waycross; BS in Chemistry-CLEMENTS, HORACE M.: Buena Vista; BS in Chemistry; Phi Delta Theta- CLEVELAND, HELEN; Hartwell; BSHE in Clothing and Textile; Homecon, Glee Club, WSGA Council. W AA Council-CLIATT, CAROLYN J.; Lincolnton; BSE in Elementary Education-CLIU ORD, ROBERI ' B.; Atlanta; ABJ- CLIFTON, HENRY E.; Allenhurst; BSA in Vocational Ag.-CLINE. HORACE L.; Rome: BSAE; ATO, Ag. Engineering Club, Scabbard and Blade, Demosthenian— CLONTS, JOHN F., JR.; Powder Springs; BSE in Industrial Arts; Industrial Arts Club, APO— COALTER, JACK O.; Jesup; BBA in Aeronautical Administration; Alpha Kappa Psi vice president, Economics Society— COALTER, MERLE C. ; Jesup; BBA in Secretarial Science; Phi Chi Theta secretary. Economic Society-COBB, WILLIAM T.; Eastman; BS in Pharmacy-COBURN, MARVIN J.; Augusta; BBA in Management-COFFEE, HUGH L.; Eastman; AB, Pre-Med; Phi Delta Theta, Biftad-COLE, HAROLD T.; Villa Rica; BBA; ATO-COLE, HENRY R., JR.; Madison, Tenn.; AB-COLE, NORMAN L.; Athens, BFA in Paint- ing-COLEMAN, GEORGE ' .; Atlanta; BS in Pharmacy; Member APhA. CLASS of ' 4S COLEMAN. R, L CONGHR, S. II. COLEMAN, RUFUS L.; Swainsboro; ABJ-COLEY, DAVID T.; Cochran; BS in Pharmacy; Member APhA- COLEY, PAUL A.; Montrose; BS in Physical Education-COLEY, ROY ' .; Montrose; BSA in Vocational Ag.; Gaffau Club-COLLIER, CLIFFORD W., JR.; Griffin; BFA in Drama; Sigmu Nu, Head Cheerleader, Glee Club, Demosthenian-COLLINS, CLARENCE L.; Byron; BSA in Agronomy-COLLINS, JANE C; Jackson; AB in In- ternational Affairs-COLLINS, MARY A.; Commerce; BSHE; Homecon-COLLINS, WILLIAM C; BlairsviUe; BS in Social Science-COMOLLI, CONST ANTINE; Elberton; BBA-CONWAY, DEAN; Atlanta; AB in Psy- chology; Wesley Foundation, Psychology Club-CONGER, STEPHEN H.; Augusta; BSF; SAE, Red and Black Cir- culation Manager, Phi Kappa, Biftad treasurer, Forestry Club— CONNELLY, JOHN; Lewisburg, Tenn.; BSF— CONNER, MATTHEW F.; Savannah; BSA in Agronomy; Ag. Club, Agronomy Club, Alpha Zeta, Aghon-COOK, CLAUDE M., JR.; Weston; BSA in Vocational Ag.-COOK, DOROTHY; Cochran; BS in Social Science-COOK WILLIAM L.; Athens, BBA in Accounting-COONS, PATSY; Hapeville; ABJ; Phi Mu house president. Pioneer Club, Canterbury Club, Dolphin Club-COOPER, LUTHER J.; Bruceton, Tenn.; BBA in Accounting-COOPER, MARY A.; Rome; AB in English-COPPINGER, HARRY J.; Columbus; BBA in Marketing; Pi Kappa Alpha, Newman Club-CORBETT, WARREN P.; Lakeland; BS in Agronomy-CORNETTE, JAMES E.; LaFayette; BS in Pharmacy; APhA-COSPER, GRADY E.; LaGrange; BBA in Marketing; Alpha Kappa Psi-COWART, CARL W.; Garfield; BBA in Industrial Relations-COWART, JOHN M.; JR.; Arlington; BBA in Management; Phi Delta Theta— COX, CATHA S.; Savannah; BSHE in Clothing; Homecon, Canterbury Club, Alpha Gamma Delta— CORNETTE, J. E. COSPER. G. E. COWART, C. V. COWART, J. M. C RFA, I W. CRINSHAW, T. C. CROFT, I. K. fRONK. B. COX. c. s. CROKER, J. COX, C. S, COX, J. L.. CRAFT. R. V. CROTTO, P. CROY, W. R. CULBREATII, J. R. ;-: ,«»; f APhA- xul Ag.; ikClul), ifiiob liimille; linPsT ' IbdCii- l;BSF- h OOK, t-COOK L Pioneer [OOPER, a Alpha, jfimie; IT.CABL mi: Pti lu Wu- C.OI.I.INS, J. C COONS, 1 ' . C.OI.I.INS. M. A. COOl ' tR. L. J. (OI.LINS. . (.. COOI ' IiU. M. I. .OMf)I.M. (;. C.Ol ' I ' liNGLK. 11. J. CONAWAV. IJ. coRBi;n, x ' . I ' . cox, COLLliHN S.; Lincolnton; BSHli— COX, JAMKS L.; Cave Spring; BSAIi; Ag. Iiiginccriiig Club, icc presi- dent. Alpha Zeta, Alpha Gamma Rho, Pi Mu Epsilon-CRAFT, RICHARD .. JR.; Starr, S. C; BSA; Gaffau Club-CRAMER, ROBERT J.; Lockpyrt, N. Y., and Macon; BS in Physical Education-CRAW ' FORD, BKTTY E.; Martin; BSHE in Institutional Management; Homecon-CRAWFORD, DOROTHY C; Atlanta; BBA; Phi Chi Theta-CRAW FORD, JAMES M., JR ; Commerce; BSF; Forestry Club, Xi Sigma Pi-CR£. , jOiJN V. . : College Park; ABJ in Advertising-CRENSH AW, THOMAS C; Atlanta; BBA in MarUjiting-CROn , JACK K., JR.; Augus- ta; BBA in Marketing; Chi Psi-CRONK, BARBARA; Atlanta; ABJ; Kappa p pa Giinimii-CRUKEK, JACQUE- LIN; Dallas; BSE in Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Homecon— CRO TTO, PAUL; Lung Branch, N. J.; BS in Zoology-CROY, WILLIAM R.; Norman Park; BSA in Animal Husbandry-CULBREATH, JOHN R.; Tampa, Fla.; BBA in Marketing; Kappa Sigma, Phi Kappa-CUNNINGH AM, HAROLD E.; Eatonton; BSA in Horticulture— DAITCH, TOBY G.; Augusta; BBA in Social Science; Delta Phi Epsilon, pledge mother, Hiilel, Intercollegiate Zionist Federation— DAME, REVA A.; Macon; ABJ; Alpha Delta Pi, Red and Black Woman ' s Editor, Society Editor, Theta Sigma Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Zodiac-DANCER, ALICE J.; Col- c|uitt; ABJ in Radio; Alpha Delta Pi, University i lieatre. CLASS of ' 49 DANIEL, D. N DAVIS, H. D. DANIEL, DEWEY N.; Forest Park; ABJ-DANIEL, ELAINE A.; Athens; BS in Physical Education; PE Major Club, WAA-DANIEL, GEORGE E.; Macon, BBA in Accounting; Sigma Chi, Delta Sigma Pi, Varsity Debating Team, Pi Kappa Delta, Men ' s Glee Club, Phi Kappa, Advanced ROTC. Scabbard and Blade-DANIEL, JOHN C; Alamo; BSA in Animal Husbandry; Saddle and Sirloin-DANIELS, HAROLD L.; Sale City; BSA in Animal Husbandry-DAVIDSON, HILTON E.; Rentz; BSA in Vocational Agriculture; Gaffau, Ag. Club-DAVIE, ROBERT F.; Atlanta; BBA-DAVIS, BILL G.; Cave Spring; BSA in Vocational Agriculture; Ag. Club, Gaffau, Alpha Gamma Rho-DAVIS, BOB A.; Cave Spring; BSA in Vocational Agriculture; Ag. Club secretary, Ga. Agriculturist Business Staff, Gaffau Club, Demosthenian, Alpha Gamma Rho— DAVIS, CECIL; Columbus; BBA in Accounting— DAVIS, HAROLD E.; Sasser; ABJ; Sigma Delta Chi, Ga. Cracker Managing Editor, Demosthenian— DAVIS, HUGH D.; Cave Spring; BBA in Accounting-DAVIS, HUGH J.; Thorsby, Ala.; BS-DAVIS, JAMES H., JR.; Athens; BBA in Marketing; Kappa Sigma-DAVIS, JEROME D., JR.; Miami, Fla.; BBA in Manage- ment; Sigma Chi-DAVIS, JOHNSON E.; Carrollton; BBA in Law; Sigma Nu, Justice Law School Honor Court, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Alpha Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, Pandora Staff, Bulldog Ciub, IRC, Drum Major Band, Demosthenian-DAVIS, KATHERINE D.; Atlanta; BS in Zoology; Kappa Alpha Theta-DAVIS, MARJORIE; Birmingham, Ala.; BFA in Art; Pi Beta Phi— DAVIS, R. A.; Broxton; BBA in Accounting; Wesley Foundation President, Pi Tau Chi, Wesley Players, Demosthenian— DEAL, JACK B. ; Carters; BS in Distributive Education; DE Club, Kappa Sigma, Demosthenian— DEAN, HAZLE A.; Bowersville; BSHE in Clothing and Textiles— DE AVERS, VIRGEL C; Gatesville, Tex.; BS in Industrial Arts-DE LA PENNA, DANIEL S.; Atlanta; BS in Chemistry-DECOSIMO, JOSEPH F.; Smock, Penna.; BBA in Accounting-DE GREGORY, JOHN; Savannah; DE LA PENHA. D. S. DECOSIMO. .1. F. DE GREGORY, J. DEKLE, Q. L. DELESKI, G. J. DE LOACH, C nr viRF. D. nifKi Rsnx. i a. diftz. f nv. dill, r. a. dillon, b. m. dittffr. j. O ■■ yy . |B I " .- «Jll i.V :T.l-v. i .H|..t,l OAliTS. J. R INIIiL, J. C. IVIS. J. D. PE Major Dtindng .JOHN -DAVIE, , Gaffau. in, Ga. jiLMES .MaM§«- » Court, Of Bini fcation; visr iirf! DAiNItLS. H. L. DAVIDSON. II. E. DAVIK. R. F. DAVIS. J. E. DAVIS. K. DAVIS. M. DAVIS. B. G. DAVIS. R. A. DAVIS. B. A. DKAI.. J. B. DAVIS, C. DEAN, H. A. DAVIS. H. k. DFAVERS. V. C. LLB; X Club vice president, IRC vice president— DEKLE, QUINTON L. ; Thomasvillc; BBA in Accounting- DELESKI, GERALD J.; W ' ilkcs-Barre, Penna.; BSE in Physical Education; Lambda Chi Alpha, Football S(|uad. " G " Club secretary-treasurer, Newman Club-DE LOACH, CORINNE; Pitts; ABJ-DE LOACH, EDWARD T. ; Thomaston; AB in Political Science; Den-.osthenian, Political Science Club— DE LOACH, LIONEL R.; Glenn- ille; BSA in Agronomy— DE LOACH, MERIDA P., JR.; Statesboro; BBA in Accounting: Sigma Chi treasurer, Pythagorean Math Club, IRC-DERDEN, JAMES L.; Moultrie; BSA in Poultry-DEROSE. LEONARD M.; Athens; LLB-DEVANE, BENNIE L.; Ellaville; BBA in Accounting-DEVERE, DOROTHY: Sa .inniih; AB in psychology; W ' AA, Tennis Club-DICKERSON, L A.; Statesboro; BSA in Vocational A -DIETZ, JON W.; Ringgold: BS in Education; Glee Club-DILL, RICHARD A.; Atlanta; BBA in Marketing; Sigma Nu-DILLON, BESSIE M.; Berner; BS in Social Science-DITTLER, JACK; Atlanta; BBA in Industrial Relations-DITZER. JOSEPH R.. JR.; Savannah; BS in Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon— DIVINE, ALICE N. ; West Palm Beach, Fla. ; AB in Math; Alpha Delta Pi. Dolphin Club-DIXON, GLORIA A.; Athens; BS in Chemistry; Alpha Chi Omega, Zodiac secretary, Wesley Foundation Council— DIXON, HUGH L. ; Bainbridge; BSA in Vocational Ag.— DOBBS, . FRANK; Athens; BS in Pharmacy- DODD, JAMES L., JR.; Jonesboro; ABJ in Radio; Pi Kappa Alpha, DiGamma Kappa vice president, Kappa Alpha Mu vice president, Sigma Delta Chi, Phi Kappa, Univ. News Bureau Radio Editor. .j[fHCH IR ■ ' I-OAC.H. M. F. DERDEN, J. L. DE ROSE. L. M. DkVANK. B. L (XON. G. A. DIXON. H. L. DOBBS. V. F. IX5DD. .1. L. CLASS Of ' 49 .i|i» nOKRNER, G. G. DONALDSON. J. H. DONHHOO, V. K. DURDEN, D. II. DURDEN. D. DURDEN. W. 11. ,II1I.NCE,J- DOERNER, GEORGE G.; Savannah; BBA in Industrial Relations; Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega, Bulldog Dance Band Leader, Economics Society-DONALDSON, JAMES H.; Statesboro; BAA in Accounting-DONEHOO. WILLIAM R.; Douglas; BBA in Aeronautical Administration-DOWDY, DERRELL C; Glenville; AB in Polit- ical Science; Demosthenian, Political Science Club, Independent Sports Club— DOWDY, RICHARD; Athens; BFA in Landscape Architecture; LA Club vice president-DOWNER, ROBERT R.; Ri chland; BSA in Dairy; Dairy Science Club, 4-H Club-DRAKE, CHARLES B., JR.; Crawfordsville; BBA in Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi, IRC, Red and Black-DRIGGERS, DERRILL C; Newberry, S. C; BSAE-DUKE, H. L.; Athens; BSAE; Pi Mu Epsi- lon, Ag. Engineering Club-DUNAHOO, JOYCE; Statham; BSHE; Homecon-DUNN, JAMES E.; Ringgold; BSA in Vocational Ag.; Gaffau Club, Ag. Hill Council, 4-H Club, Ga. Agriculturist-DURDEN, DAISY H.; Athens; BSHE-DURDEN, DICKSON; Graymont; BBA in Accounting-DURDEN, WILLIE H.; Baxley; BBA in Accounting; Alpha Kappa Psi— DURRENCE, JOANNE; Savannah; Delta Delta Delta historian. Pioneer Club— DURRENCE, LEONARD C; Waycross; BS in Chemistry-EASTERLIN, BEN; Americus; BBA; SAE-ECKLES, CHARLES L., Ill; Atlanta; BBA-EDENFIELD, RAYMOND G.; Lyons; BBA in Management; Delta Sigma Pi- EDGE, CAROLYN; Doerun; BSE; VRA Cabinet, WAA Council, House President, Pioneer Club, Association Childhood Education Club, Alpha Gamma Delta-EDMONDSON, WILLIAM K.; Atlanta; BBA in Marketing; ATO -EDWARDS, JOSEPH B.; Raymond; BS in Chemistry-EDWARDS, MARGARET E.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; ABJ; Delta Delta Delta president, Pan-Hellenic Council, Dormitory president. Coordinate WSG— EDWARDS, MARTHA L.; Nashville; BS in Zoology-EDWARDS, WALTER J.; Gainesville; AB in Political Science; Phi Kappa-EIDSON, WILLIAM B., JR.; Richmond Hill; ABJ-ELDER, WINFRED D.; Jefferson; BBA in Account- I EDWARDS. M. E. EDWARDS, M. L. EDWARDS. W. J. EIDSON, W. B. ELDER. W. D. ELLARD. P. M. ELLIS, B. W. ELLIS, C. A. EIHERIDGE, E. ETHERIDGE, F. C. EVANS, C. E, EVANS, D. H. EVANS. J. EZELL, J. C. FABIAN. A. E. FAILE. H. F. «!!«! niUdo;: XINEHOO, AB u Polii- ID; Athens; Diin; Dair. m Pi, IRC Pi Mu Epsi- ; Ringgold; D.MSY H.; ,«; BBA in Ota Club- E-EOOES. .Miikeiing; Bturg. Fla.; [D«ARK, aaitt;Plii imAcfflunt- UL.NAIKJO, J. DUNN, J. h. KDMONDSON, W. K. FDWARDS. J. B. ing— KLLARD, POPE M.; Cornelia; BBA in Accounting; Chi Phi treasurer, UGRA Senior Cabinet, Alpha Phi Omega vice president. Band, Demosthenian, Delta Sigma Pi, ROTC Major-ULLIS, BENJAMIN V., Ill; At- lanta; BBA in Accounting; Alpha Phi Omega treasurer, corresponding secretary, alumni secretary, Demosthenian— ELLIS, CORDELIA A.; Wrens; BSHE in Clothing and Textiles; 4-H Club secretary, Women ' s Glee Club, Home- con, Agricultural Staff-ENGEL, MARY J.; Baltimore, Md.; BFA in An; ffflrenVmaHcifrOOtpllttPClub, Band, Art Students ' League, Golf Club-ENGLISH, J. RIFE; Barney and Sa .innah; AB in Political Science-EPPS, BILLY B.; Athens; BS in Pharmacy; APhA-ESTEP, WILLIAM P.; W ' hitesburg; BSA in Vocational Ag.- ETHERIDGE, ELIZABETH; Royston; ABJ-ETHERIDGE, FRANCIS ( ..; Atlanta; BBA in Industrial Relations- EVANS, CHARLES E.; Augusta; BBA in Finance; Chi Psi, Phi Kappa-EVANS, DONALD H.; Bartow; BBA in Finance-EVANS, JAMES H.; Athens; BSF-EZELL, JAMES C; Monticello; BSA in Animal Husbandry- FABIAN, ALFRED E.; East Gary, Ind.; BBA in Marketing; Biftad, " G " Club, Gridiron, Varsi ty Basketball- FAILE, HAZEL F.; Macon; BS in Pharmacy; APhA treasurer-FARIS, EUGENE T.; Athens; BSE-FARR, J. B.; Athens; BBA in Marketing; Captain Varsity Track Team, Basketball letterman. Lambda Chi Alpha secretary, " G " Club-FARRAR, CHARLES C; Summerville; ABJ in Radio; Pi Kappa Alpha, DiGamma Kappa, Red and Black-FAULKNER, HARRY W.; Covington; Pre-Med. ;gel, m. j. I nglish, j. r. RIS, L. T. ! ARR. J. B. tPPS, B. B. nSTEP. V. F. FARRAR. C. C. FAtiLKNFR. H. V. CLASS of ' 49 FAUS, D. O. FLATMAN, P. lAUSETT, I. KKARS, II. K. FLEMING, A. W. FLORENCE, F. E. rati»s.ii- FlOWOV.f.t FAUS, DAVIS O.; Hapeville; BBA in Marketing-FAUSETT, ISABEL; Dublin; BBA in Industrial Relations; Alpha Oniicron Pi, Phi Chi Theta-FEARS, HAROLD K.; Madison; BSA in Agronomy; Agronomy Club-FER- GUSON, RONALD E.; Dawson; BSA; Saddle and Sirloin-FINDLEY, H. AUBREY; Lyons; BBA in Marketing- FINDLEY, RUSSELL D.; Uvalda; BBA in Accounting- FINNEY, ROBERT, JR.; Macon; BSE in Distribution Sigma Nu, Scabbard and Blade, DE Club, ROTC Captain, Demosthenian-FITZ-SIMONS, THEODORE, B. Savannah; AB in History-FLAKE, WILLIAM E.; Decatur; BBA in Economics-FLANAGAN, HUBERT, JR. Athens; AB in History-FLANDERS, JAMES M.; Lyons; BSA in Agronomy-FLATMAN, PATRICIA A.; Oliver BFA in Interior Design-FLEMING, ALLEN W.; Madison; ABJ in Advertising-FLORENCE, FRANCES E. Ccdartown; BBA in Secretarial Science; Chi Omega, UGRA Cabinet, Dolphin Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home- con, Pan-Hellenic, Phi Chi Theta-FLOURNOY, FELTON B.; Fort Gaines; BSAE; Ga. Agriculturist Business Manager, Ag. Hill Council, Scabbard and Blade, Rifle Team, Ag. Engineering CIub-FLOWERS, THELMA V.; Jesup; BSE in Vocational Education; Homecon, 4-H Club, Education Club, Pioneer Club— FOLDS, GEORGE R. ; Waleska; BSA in Dairy; Sigma Pi, Dairy Science Club-FOLSOM, HILTON W.; EUenton; BSA in Vocational Education— FORDH AM, BEN; Graymont; BSA in Vocational Ag; Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Ag Club sec- retary, Gaffau Club secretary, Demosthenian— FOREHAND, HARRY O.; Lilly; BSA in Agronomy; Agronomy Club-FORMBY, DONALD N.; Lindale; LLB-FORT, W. D.; Lumpkin; BBA in Finance; ATO treasurer. Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Kappa, Business Administration Society secretary. Student Union Board, Student Council— FORTSON, JANET; Jacksonville, Fla.; BBA in Secretarial Science-FOSTER, HOWELL J.; Lavonia; BSF-FOWLER, BET- FORTSON, J. FOSTER, H. J. FOWLER, B. L. FOWLER, H. L. FOWLER, R. M. lid IK, I. J. FULLER. D. FUNDERBURKE. K.P. FUSSELL, H. G. GAINES, W. A. FOX, J. A. FRANKS, J. FRANKUM, S. D. GARFEIN, D. GARLAND, R. GARRETT. J. H. .AffllSCR; ; r 1. J ( ' .l. f -..; i:ROLSt)N. R. i;. fWHKU, f, E. LOURNOY, F. B. Onk-FER- Metiiig- kxiibiiim; M, B- iUT, JR.; .V;Ob ei; ANCES L; waHm- lELMA V .; EORGER.; ApooMv Burtr. Delu .fORTSON. , LEI BET- riNNKY, R. FOLSOM, H. W. I ITZ-SIMON, " 1 . FORUllAM, B. I r AKF, FORFIIANU, FLANAGAN, M. FORMBY, D. N. Fl ANrjl KS. J. M FORI, W. D. TIE L.; Macon; BSK in Pliysical Kducation; " Pcmm ' " Cliih president, X AA vice president— FOWLHR, HI CiH I..; Athens; ABJ; Sigma Chi-FOWLER, RUTH M.; Athens; AB in Sociology; Alpha Delta Pi president, Pan-Hel- lenic-FOX, JACK A.; Etowah, Tenn.; BSF-FRANKS, JONES, JR.; Martin, BSA in Animal Husbandry- FRANKUM, STEPHEN D.; Clarkesville; LLB; Phi Alpha Delta-FREEMAN, JAMES D.; Rome; BBA in Aero- nautics; Sigma Pi president, secretary. Scabbard and Blade-FREEMAN. IRG1N1A; Sylvania; B6H1 -FRIEND, BALFOURA; Shanghai, China; ABJ; Hillel vice president, Cosmopolitaa (iluh sterol. ir , Ddnct (Juh— FRYE, SAMUEL W ' .; Griffin; BBA in Marketing-FRYER. JOEL J.; Atlanta; BBA in Law; " X " CIub,J alian-Biack- friars. Drama Dept. Executive Business Mgr.— FULLER, DENNIS; Eatonton; BSE in Distributive Education— FUNDERBURKE, KENNEY P., JR.; Sumter, S. C; BSF-FUSSELL, HINTON G.; Melbourne, Fla.; BBA in Ac- counting-GAINES, WTNFORD A.; Elberton; BSA in Animal Husbandry-GARFEIN, DONALD; Brooklyn, N. Y.; ABJ in Radio; Ga. Cracker Staff, Sigma Delta Chi-GARLAND, RILEY; Toccoa; BBA in Industrial Relations; Lambda Chi Alpha, IRC, Demosthenian— GARRETT, JAMES H.; Albany; BSA in Agronomy; Ag Club presi- dent. Agronomy Club president, 4-H Club presi- dent, BSU treasurer, Ga. Agriculturist Business Staff-GARRISON, JOE E.; Gaffney, S. C; BSF- GASKINS, JOHN H., JR.; W ' illacoochee; BSAE; Ag Engineering Club-GASKINS, M. H.; BSA in Horticulture-GATLIN, EDGAR R., JR.; Albany; BSF. EEMAN, J. D. FREEMAN, V. FRIEND. B. FRYF. S. . RRISON. I. E. GASKI.NS. }. II. GASKINS. M. II (,. IIIN. I R CLASS of ' 43 GATLIN, J. GILBERT, R GATLIN, JUNE; Tucker; AB in English; Kappa Delta asst. treasurer, secretary. Alpha Lambda Delta, Pioneer Club-GATLIN, WILLIAM L.; Griffin; ABJ-GAY, MRS. KATHRYN H.; Gravmont; AB in English-GAY, WILLIAM F.; Gay; BBA in Marketing; ATO president, IFC secretary. Phi Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi, Economics Society-GENTRY, CLYDE C., JR.; Rome; BBA in Accounting-GENTRY, JAMES M.; Rome; BSAE-GEORGE, WILLIAM B.; Atlanta; Chi Phi-GERI, JOSEPH S.; Phoenixville, Penna.; BS in Physical Education; Lambda Chi Alpha, Varsity Football, " G " Club-GIANDOMENICO, FRANCES A.; Atlanta; BBA in Marketing; Phi Chi Theta president, Newman Club, Glee Club, Economics Society-GIBSON, BEVERLY; Mt. Zion; BSHE-GIBSON, ROBERT E.; Athens-GILBERT, RICHARD B.; Atlanta; BBA in Finance-GILBERT, ROY A.; Tennille; BS in Pharmacy-GIUSTO, EDWARD J.; Washington, Penna.; BBA in Accounting-GLASS, DAN W.; Decatur; Phi Delta Theta-GLEASON, PATRICIA L.; Miami; Fla.; BSHE; Kappa Delta treasurer. Kappa Delta Magazine, BSU Council, BTU Group President, Program Chairman, Home Ec. Education Club, Homecon, Pioneer Club, Edu- cation Club vice chairman-GLENN, JUNE M.; Atlanta; BBA in Accounting; Phi Chi Theta-GLISSON, CLAY- TON H.; Girard; BSA in Agronomy-GOBER, JACK, JR.; Ila; AB in Geography-GOBER, HUBERT P.; Atlanta; BSF-GODDARD, FRANK O.; Doyle, Tenn.; BSA in Ag Economics; Kappa Sigma, Freshman Football, Alpha Phi Omega, Ag Engineering Club, Ag Economics Club— GOLDEN, EDGAR F.; Dawson; BS in Chemistry— GOLDEN, GEORGE E., JR.; La Grange; BBA in Accounting-GOLDIN, JOEL W.; Rockmart; BS in Pharmacy- GOLDMAN, MARCIA E.; West Point; BFA in Art-GOLDSTEIN, BETTY; Macon; ABJ in Radio; Delta Phi GOLDEN. G. E. GOLDIN, I. W. GOLDMAN, M. E. GOLDSTEIN, B. GOODMAN, J. L. GOODNER, M. A. GOODRICH, H. I. GOODRICH, S. JW GRAHAM, r M (.RAXAni. W O. GRANTHAM, J. H. GRAY, A. H, GREEN, B. L. GREEN, R. K. GREEN, W. M. GREENE, J. T, nmtii « ; ( m u sti iflr p p n A ' i ' . . F. GKNTRV. C. C. GKNTR . I. M. CliOKGl:, . H. GI-RI. J. S. tUSTO. I, J, , LASS. U. W . GLKASON. P. L. GLENN. I. M. (.LLSSON. C. II. GOHI-K. J. ak-CAY. Eoxwinics GEORGE, i: Unilxli ttiBj; Pti -GIBSON. ilk BS b Miui; Pti . b;iziiie. (MEdu- )N,CUY- .: Adanu; jiliAlplia Cbiiiiisirf- P!unii» ' Dtlu Phi (.lANDOMIiNICO, F. GIHSGN. B. GOBFR. 11. P. GODI3ARD. F. O. GIBSON. R I GOLDtN, E. F. Kpsiloii presicieiit, Thcta Sigma Phi, Pythagorean Math ( ' luh, Alj)ha Lambda Delta, Pan-I Icllcnic Council — GOODMAN, JESSE L., JR.; Leary; BSA in Vocational Ag; Gaffau-GOODNER, MARY A.; Nahunta; BSE- GOODRICH, HAROLD L; Milledgeville; BBA in Management; Alpha Epsilon Pi-GOODRICH, SYLVIA; Mill- tdgevillc; AB in Zoology; Delta Phi Epsilon-GORDON, CELIA R.; Buford; ABJ in Radio; Delta Phi Epsilon, Hilkl Honor Society, Glee Club, Red and Black, DiGamma Kappa recording secretary and puhlicit chairman, Philosophy Club, University Theatre-GORDON, MARY A.; W ' atkinsv ilk-; A8 in Socioh.gj -G( )KD( )N. MUR- RAY R.; Brunswick; BS in Chemistry; Tau Epsihm Phi, Gamma Sigma fpsilon— GRADY, LUANM : Macon; ABJ; Alpha Chi Omega " Lyre " Editor, Theta Sigma Phi, Pioneer Club-CIRAI I AM, C. MOiNTROSI . JR.; Stilson; BSAE-GRANADI., WILLIAM O.; Augusta; BS in Chemistry-GRANTH AM, JOHN IL; Douglas; BSAE-CiRAY. AUSTON H.; Lexington; BBA in Marketing; Alpha Kappa Psi-GREEN, BETTY L.; Atlanta; BFA in Music; Sigma Alpha Iota, Mortar Board, Hillel-GREEN, RUFUS K.; Atlanta; BSA in Horticulture; Sigma Chi- GREEN, WILLIAM M.; Athens; BBA in Accounting-GREENE, JAMES T.; Hampton, Ark.; BSE-GREENW ' AY. CARLOS D., JR.; Alma; BFA in Landscape Ar- chitecture; LA Club-GREER, EDGAR S., JR.; Atlanta; BSF-GREESON, RAY F.; Chatsworth; BS in DE-GRIFFIN, BEVERLY F.; Savannah; BSE; Sigma Chi, Forestry Club. DON. t. R. GORDON. M. A. GORDON, M. R. GRADY. L. EENViA -. C. D. GRFFR. F. S. GRFFSON. R. F. GRIFFIN, H F CLASS of ' 49 GRIFFIN. C. W GUNN, T. M. GRIFFIN, F. GUNNELS, A. GRIFFITH, J. M. ;i|niIH. GUNTER, W. E. | ]iT, J ' GRIFFIN, CHARLEY W.; Chester; BSA in Vocational Ag.; Gaffau Club-GRIFFIN, FLETCHER X ' ., JR.; At- lanta; BBA in Marketing-GRIFFITH, J. MAC; Buchanan; BSA in Animal Husbandry-GRIFFITH, ROBERT E.; Austell; BS in Physical Education; Education Club secretary-treasurer— GRIFFITH, TY C; Jasper; BSA in Agronomy-GRINER, DUDLEY; Cross City, Fla.; BBA in Bus. Adm. and Law; Delta Tau Delta-GRIST, HUBERT G.; Rabun Gap; BSA in Vocational Ag-GROFF, WILLIAM M.; Athens; BFA in Interior Design-GROOVER, JOHN O.; Statesboro; BBA in Accounting; Sigma Chi-GROOVER, WEYMAN B.; Plainville; BBA in Market- ing-GULLEDGE, JOHN R.; Statesboro; BBA in Mana3ement; Sigma Chi-GUNN, THOMAS M.; Crawfords- ville; BS in Zoology-GUNNELS, ANNE; Decatur; BBA in Secretarial Science; Kappa Alpha Theta-GUNTER, WAL- TER E.; Winterville; AB in Geography; Geography and Geology Club, Scabbard and Blade secretary— GUY, JOHN T.; Decatur; BBA in Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi, Economics Society-HAGAN, JAMES F.; Atlanta; BSF-HALL, DONALD R.; Augusta; BS in Chemistry; Sigma Chi, Glee Club, Demosthenian-HALL, HAROLD V.; Bowman; BSA in Vocational Ag.-HALL, HULAN L.; Chamblee; BSA in Vocational Ag.; Gaffau Club-HALL, JOHN P., JR.; Atlanta; ABJ; Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha Mu, ' 49 Pandora Staff Photographer, Demosthenian— HALL- MAN, ROY R.; Boston; BSAE; Ag Engineering Club, Delta Tau Delta-HALPERIN. FLORENCE; Fitzgerald; BBA in Secretarial Science; Delta Phi Epsilon, Hillel-HAMBRICK, RUTH; Macon; AB in English-HAMBY, BOYCE G.; Tifton; BSA in Vocational Ag.; Gaffau Club-HAMILTON, JIM S.; Bainbridge; BSA in Vocational HAMBRICK. R. HAMBY, B. G. HAMILTON. J. S. HAMILTON, S. W. HAMLETT. R. T HAMMOND. J. F. HAMMOND. R. HAMMOND. R. C. IIAXKIXSOX, r. B, HANNAH. G, S. HANSON, .1. W . HAN.SON, R. HARD.AWA ' l-. .1. A. HARDl 1 , L. W. liARDIE, G. L. HARDIN. B, I WHM X !? P RIKHTH. K. i:. OKIllini. 1. (.. I.KIMK. 1). UY, J. T. IIACAN. J. F. HAIL, U. H. l.UIMI. II ( HAM, II. V. (,l ()ll, W . M. GKOOVKR, J. O. CROOVKR. . II. (,l I.I.I.IJOI . J. I( llAII, II. I. HAM., J. P. IIAI.I.MAN. R. K IIAII ' IRIN, F. . Jl; Al- )BERTE.; ; m ui .HllRT iROOVER. u . liikei ' tofotiis- iER,«AL- X JOHN SF-HAIL :Bo«w: ,pHJiP.. ufl-HALL- Fitzjttalii; -HiMBY, Vooiional Ag.-HAMILTON, SII1;RRC)D W ' .; Winder; RS in Pliarmacy-HAMI.ITT, Robert T.; Lcwisburg, Tcnn.; BSF- HAMMOND, JOHN E.; Fitzgerald; BSF-HAMMOND, RAVONDA; Danielsville; BSHE-HAMMOND, ROY C; Pelham; BBA in Industrial Relations-HAMPTON. COMER F.; Commerce; BS in Math.-HANCOCK, AGNES; W ' interville; BSHE in Vocational Education; Homecon, Education Club, 4-H Club— HANCOCK, J. GUY; Athens; BS in Distributive Education; Lambda Chi Alpha, DE Club president— HANCOCK, JANli; Athen ; BBA in Sec- retarial Science-HANKINSON, THOMAS B.; Meyers Mill, S, C; BSF; Fort r Cluh, Ag Jlill Counai-HAN- NAH, GERALD S.; Winder; BBA in Accounting-HANSON, JOHN W,; Macon; BSF; Phi Delta Thcta, Forestry Club-H ANSON, ROBERT; Byron; BS in Distributive Education-HARDAWAY, JAMES A.; Miami, Fla.; BBA in Marketing; SAE-HARDEE, LUTHER W„ JR.; Franklin Springs; AB in Math.-HARDIE, GORDON L.; Kay City; BS in Pharmacy-HARDIN, BILLY; Ocilla; BS in Physical Education-HARDMAN, JOE W.; Athens; BSA in Food Tech.-HARGETT, BILLY; West Point; BBA in Accounting-HARMON, HOWARD B., JR.; Atlanta; BBA in Finance; SAE-HARPE. HAROLD J.; Pinehurst; BSA in Vocational Ag. CLASS of ' 49 HARPER, P HARRISON, HARPER, PAUL G.; Jacksonville, Fla.; BBA in Marketing; Kappa Sigma president, IPC, Economics Society, Demosthenian— HARRIS, AUDLEY C; Athens; BS in Psychology; Kappa Alpha secretary. Phi Kappa president. Red and Black sports editor, Progressive Government Club, Psi Chi, Gridiron— HARRIS, HASKELL B. ; Clarkes- ville; BSA; Agronomy CIub-HARRIS, JAMES H., JR.; Commerce; BBA in Marketing; Sigma Chi, Demosthe- nian-HARRIS, KERMETT J.; Athens; BSA in Vocational Education-H ARRIS, LEONARD P.; Upatoi; ABJ; Delta Sigm.a Phi, University Theatre, Thalian-Blackfriars, Cosmopolitan Club, University Radio Workshop— HARRIS, LLOYD N.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; BSA in Agronomy; Agronomy Club-H ARRIS, MELVIN J.; Cuth- bert; ABJ in Radio; Phi Epsilon Pi, University Theatre, Thalian-Blackfriars, DiGamma Kappa, Demosthenian— HARRIS, SARA; Jesup; AB in Sociology; Alpha Onicron Pi, Student Govt. Legislative Council— HARRIS, STEPHEN R.; Savannah; BBA in Marketing; SAE-HARRISON, A. T., JR.; Brunswick; BBA in Management; Delta Tau Delta, Pythagorean Math Club-H ARRISON, LULA M.; Nahunta; BS in Elementary Education-H AR- RISON, ROBERT E.; Nahunta; BSA in Vocational Ag-HARRISON, S. ELIZABETH; Sandersville; BFA in Art- Id ARROD, EDITH O. ; Bowdon; BSHE; Homecon recording secretary, BSU Council, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Ga. Agriculturist Women ' s Editor— HART, DORIS A.; Lyons; BSA in Animal Husbandry; Ag Hill Council, Saddle and Sirloin secretary— HARTM AN, ALEDA J.; Athens; AB in Sociology; Glee Club, Student Union Board— HARVEY, ELSIE; Jakin; BSHE-HARVEY, JACK E., JR.; Buena Vista; BBA in Accounting-HARVEY, JOHN P.; Monticello; AB in History-HARVEY, JOSEPH R.; Pmeview; BBA in Aeronautical Administration-HARVEY, MARY; Buena Vista; BSHE; Homecon-HARVEY, ROBERT J.; Monticello; BBA in Marketing-HARVILL, HARVKV, R. J. HARVILL, W. M. HASKINS, J. B. HEALAN, E. (). HEARN, C. W. HEATON, E. K. HATHCOCK. L. V. HAWKINS, P. R. HAYNES, D. H. HA- ES, R. O. HELD, S. I. HELMKEN, R. D. HEMPHILL, J. D. HENDON. J. A. HAVES, R. he:jdrk:ks, b. lai !93L iL3 ' ti- dit 11 , ' .. . - ,» •. I- ' ■ ' WRRIS, HB lAKKIS. J. II. IIAKKIS. K. J «■ E HAffllSOX, s. [ lARROD. E. O. HART. 13. A. a SodeR, pttsideni. liCbikes- Deomiiie- um: ABJ; oriabp- J.; Cuth- sihenian- -H. RRIS. ujciiirat: uo-HAR- K in An- Y.jOHN HARVEY. IIAVHS, « HARRIS. I.. P. HARIMAN. A. J. HARRIS, L. N. HARVEY, n. HARRIS. M. J. HARVIV. J. I; HARRIS. S. HARVIV ' . J. I ' . AHi HARRIS. S. R HARVIV. J. R HARRISON. A. T. HARVI ' 4 ' . M. WILLIAM M.; Atlun.s; BHA in Accouiuing-HASKIN.S, JACK B.; Macon; ABJ in K.uiio; Phi lita Sigma vice president, DiGamma Kappa, Glee Club-HATHCOCK, LHON .; Poulan; BSA in Ag Leo.iomic.-IIAW KINS, PAUL R.; Cordele; ABJ-HAYNES, DANIEL H.; GanesviUe; BSA-HAYES, RICHARD O.; Bonaire; BS in Pharmacy-HAYES, RUDOLPH; Waycross; ABJ; Sigma Chi-HAYS, NAOMI; Watkinsville; AB in English- HAYS, WILLIAM G., JR.; Covington; BSE in Distributive Education; PW, Delia. Thu.i, Cia. ( laJscr-HAYS, WILLIAM J.; Camilla; BSA in Voc. Ag.-Animal Husbandry-HAZELRIG, IfflOMAS R.; Uloicih; AR] in Radio; Sigma Delta Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, DiGamma Kappa, Sigma Pi Alpha, GleC (Jub, MfljL iJUL , Operetta ■48-HEALAN, FAYE O.; Winder; AB in English-HE ARN, CHARLES . ; IkllxiUe; BBA in Managemcnt- HEATON, EVAN K.; Mineral Bluff; BSA-HELD, SIGMUND I.; Atlanta; BBA in Finance; Phi Epsilon Pi vice president. Phi Kappa-HELMKEN, RALPH D.; Savannah; BSF; SAE; Phi Kappa-HEMPHILL. JOHN D.; Summerville; BSA in Animal Husbandry-HENDON, JANE; Carrollton; BS in Math; Pi Beta Phi-I lENDRICKS. BARNEY W., JR.; Cochran; BBA in Marketing; ATO-HENDRY, CARROLL .S., JR.; Hinesvilk; BBA in Ac- counting; Sigma Nu-HENRY, FLOYD Q.; Dal- ton; BSA in Vocational Ag.-HENRY, PHIL; Thomaston; BBA in Accounting; Demosthenian— HERNDON, WILLIS K., JR.; Augusta; BSE in Distributive Education. ' . N. HAYS. W. G. HAYS. W. I. HAZIIRK,. 1. R. RNDRY. (;. S. HI:NR •. I-. Q. HlNR ' l. I ' . HIRNDON, W K CLASS of ' 43 HERRING. C. H. HERRLV, H. J. HERTWIG, F. H. HILL. M. L. HILL. N. E. HILL. O. E. HERRING, CLAUD H., JR.; Hiram; BSAH in Rural Ekctrification-HERRLY, HELEN J.; Atlanta; ABJ; Delta Delta Delta, Pioneer Club-HERTWIG, FLEWELLYN H.; Athens; BBA in Industrial Relations-HESS, JEAN C; Atlanta; AB in Psychology; Kappa Kappa Gamma secretary. Psychology Club, Canterbury Club— HESTER, MRS. DOROTHY G.; Cuthbert; BSA in Horticulture; Floriculture Club secretary-treasurer— HESTER EARL N.; Cuthbert; BSA in Horticulture; Floriculture Club vice president, Ag Club-HEWITT, JOHN W.; Jesup; BBA in Acc ounting; Delta Tau Delta-HICKS, BECKY; Conyers; BS in Pharmacy-HIGGINS, PATRICIA G.; Col- lege Park; AB in Sociology; Pi Beta Phi secretary, social chairman, Canterbury Club, Glee Club— HIGHTOWER, BOB; Augusta; BBA in Accounting; Delta Tau Delta-HIGHTOWER, MARGARET; Westbury, N. Y.; AB in English; Chi Omega secretary, vice president, ' 49 Pandora Associate Editor, Glee Club— HILL, MEREDITH L.; Kings- land; BS in Pharmacy-HILL, NATHAN E.; Covington; BBA in Marketing-HILL, OTIS E.; Commerce; BSA in Vo- cational Education-HILL, WILLIAM B.; Forsyth; BBA in Marketing; Sigma Chi, Demosthenian, Scabbard and Blade-HINKLE, JAMES C, JR.; New Castle, Va.; BSF-HINSON, WALLACE L.; Malon; BSA in Ag Eco- nomics-HINSON, WYNELLE; Americus; BS in Chemistry-HINTON, GOLDEN S.; Athens; BS in Zoology- HINTON, ROSEMARY; Thomson; BFA in Landscape Architecture; LA Club, Band, Kappa Alpha Mu-HIRSCH, MARSHALL; Atlanta; BFA in Music; Phi Epsilon Pi, Biftad, Phi Kappa, Pandora Staff, Red and Black Asst. Bus. Mgr., Little Symphony, Band, Bulldogs Orchestra-HIRSH, ALVIN G.; Macon; BBA in Marketing; Tau HODGES. N. W. HODGES. T. C. HOLTON, W. T. HOOD, HODNETT. B. HOOD, 1 n HOLfOMBE. A. IIOLCOMBE. B. H. HOLCOMBE, R. T. HOLLEY. R. E. HOLLEY. W. J. J HOOKS O D HOOVER. H. W . HOWARD. H. H. HOWINGTON. W . A IIUCKEBA. R. i , . " » i " imi(,, f. H, ItSS. J. C. " lU, 0, [, IILL, V. B. ifij; Delu ]m -Hisra, E.aiN.; wp: BBA G.; Col- (TOWER, v.; . B in L; Kings- iSAinVo- ibhudaod lAjEco- IIlSlhR. U. O. HINKLE, J. C. HESTER. E. N. HINSON. W. L. MICKS. B. HINION. G. IIK.HIOWER. M. IIIKSII. A. G. Epsiloii Phi-HODGRS, NANCY ' .; Albany; AB in English; Kappa Kappa Gamma-I l()IX,i;S, lOM (..; (...hl)- town; BSA in Vocational Ag.-HODNHTT, BETTYE; Hogansvillc; BSHE in Vocational HE; Homc-con-IU )!.- COMBE, ANN; Temple; BSHE-HOLCOMBE, BONDY H.; Ball Ground; BBA; Lambda Chi Alpha, Scabbard and Blade-HOLCOMBE, ROBERT T.; Acworth; BSA in Agronomy-HOLLEY, RUDOLPH E.; Augusta; BBA in Aeronautical Administration— HOLLEY, WILLIAM J.; Stapleton; BSA iii Agronomy— HOLLIM AN, MARION L.; Warrenton; BS in Chemistry-HOLLIS, SAMUEL B.; Macon; BBA in Accounting-} l()L,Mi:S, IflOMAS W ' .; Valdosta; BBA in Management— HOLT, CAROL; Macon; BFA in Music; Phi Mu, Signi.i AIpli.i lota-t lOLTON, WILLIAM T.; Manassas; BSAE; A. S. A. E.-HOOD, CARL, JR.; DoraviUe; BBA in Marketing; Chi Phi - HOOD, E. DuPONT, JR.; Savannah; BS in Chemistry-HOOKS, GERALD D.; Lexsy; BSA; Sigma Chi-HOOVER, HERBERT W.; Athens; BSE in Music; Glee Club-HOW ' ARD, HUBERT H.; Ludowici; AB in Political .Science- HOWINGTON, WILLIAM A.; Nicholson; BBA in Accounting-HUCKEBA, RETHA; Tifton; HHA in Auouni- ing-HUDSON, LOUIS P.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; BBA in Industrial Relations-HUDSON, ORION D.; Jakin; ABJ in Radio-HUFF, CLAREN CE H.; Bogart; AB in Vocational Education— HUFF, ROY G.; Bogart; BSA; Education Club, Gaffau. CLASC of ' 43 HUGHES, H. F. HUGHIE, L. HUNT. K. H. HUTCHHRSON, G. S. HUTCHISON, R. S. HUTTO, T. L. HUGHES, HELEN F,; Atlanta; AB in Political Science-HUGHIE, LOUISE; CarroUton; BS in Education-HUNT, EDWARD H.; Harlem; BSA in Animal Husbandry; Saddle and Sirloin-HUNT, REBECCA; Dalton; BSE in Elementary Education-HURLBUTT, DORIS; Augusta; BSF-HURLEY, JAMES R.; Monroe; BS in Pharmacy- HUROWITZ, IRVING M.; Dalton; BBA in Management; Tau Epsilon Phi secretary, Hillel-HURST, MARY A.; Cairo; BSE; BSU Council, YWA, Education Club-HUSTON, WILLIS E.; Dalton; BSAE; Alpha Gamma Rho Noble Ruler, Ag Engineering Club president, IFC, Ag Hill Council secretary-treasurer. Alpha Zeta president-HUTCHESON, AVA L.; Buchanan; AB in Political Science-HUTCHESON, BONNIE; Bremen; BS in Elementary Education-HUTCHERSON, GEORGE S.; DanielsviUe; BBA in Indus; rial Relations-HUTCHI- SON, REED S.; Chipley, Fla,; BSAE-HUTTO, THOMAS L.; Augusta; ABJ; Sigma Delta Chi, Delta Tau Delta, Red and Black, Univ, News Bureau— HUVARD, ALAN B.; Atlanta; ABJ in Advertising; Alpha Epsilon Pi vice president, president, ' 48 Pandora Asst. Bus. Mgr., Biftad president, " X " Club, Great Greeks ' 47, Red and Black Business Staff, Phi Kappa, University Theatre Pu ' olicity Staff, Alpha Phi Omega, " Fraternity Way " Proof Editor, IFC, Ga.-Ga. Tech Better Relations Committee ' 48-INGHAM, BETTY; Pensacola, Fla.; BBA-INGRAM, ALBERT G., JR.; Augusta; LLB; Sigma Chi, Law School Honor Court, Phi Alpha Delta Justice-INGRAM, DEL B., JR.; Athens; BBA in Accounting-INGRAM, HERBERT J.; Lilly; BSA in Vocational Ag.-INHULSEN, BERNARD E.; Savannah; BBA in Accounting-IRELAND, WILTON C; Tifton; BSAE; Ag Engineering Club, Ag Hill Council, Demosthenian— IRVIN, GEORGE T. ; Columbus; BBA in Aeronautical Administration; Alpha am, A f IRVIN, J. F. IRWIN, F. irSTIS, n. A, JINKS. J. G, IVEY, C. H. I2ZO, R. F. JAMES. A. S. JAMES, P. JAYNES. G. B. JENKINS, C. H. JOHNSON, A. L. JOHNSON, B. J. JOllXSOX, f, C irillXSOX. f. ri. JOIINSOX. I, I., JOIIXSOX. F. H.I t. ' ' n« ri • V(nMi..4rj,2 ' UNT. R. lllRIHri T. 1). IIURLliV, .1. R. UVARU, A. B. INGHAM, 1). , iNGRAM. A. G O-HIW, «: BSE in fkiraaq- il, MM lu Giiiiiiia llpiu M -HITCHI- TwDelu. loo Pi fl« . Rtd aod in " Proof LNGHWI. •LSGILW. tmg Club. „r: Alptu •- • ' in ROWnZ. I. M. Ml RSI. M. A. INGRAM. I). II. INGRAM. H. J. 1 iku.ii HUSION. v;. i;. hutchfson. a. i.. iiuk.iikson. u. INHULStN. B. li. IRELAND. Vi . C. IRVI.N. G. 1. Kappa Psi secretary. Bus. Adm. Society— IRVIN, JAMES F.; Newton; BBA in Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha— IRWIN, FRANK; Rockmart; BS in Zoology; Lambda Chi Alpha-IVEY, CARL H.; Jakin; BBA in Accounting- IZZO, RICHARD F.; Ellwood City. Fla.; BS in Pharma:y-JAMES. ALBERT S., JR.: Reynolds; BS in Chemistry; Delta Tau Delta— JAMES, PATRICIA; Royston; BFA in Art Education; Art Students ' League, Wesley Founda- tion secretary-JAYNES, GEORGE B.; McCormick, S. C. ; BS in Pharmacy-|ENKINS, CHARLFf w Millcdge- ville; BBA in Aviation-JENKINS, HELEN H.; Milledgiville; AB in English-JLNKUSS, K. MIfc3; Atlanta; BBA; Aero Club-JENKINS, WILLIAM H., Ill; BSAE; SAE-JENNING.S. AXX M.: Amer.Tuf; BSE; Chi Omega, Homecon-JESTES, DALLAS, A.; Johnson City, Tenn.; ABJ-JINKS, JOHN G., JR.; East Point; ABJ- JOHNSON, ANNIE L.; Macon; ABJ in Radio-JOHNSON, BETTY J.; Bowman; ABJ-JOHNSON. CHARLES G.; Atlanta; BS in Chemistry-JOHNSON, CHARLES H.; Siloam; BS in Pharmacy; Student Branch APhA, SAE-JOHNSON, EARL L.; Homerville; BBA in Marketing; Sigma Chi, Glee Club, U F-JOHNSON, FRED- ERICK H.; Augusta; BBA in Accounting-JOHN- SON, HAROLD R.; Bowdon; BSF-JOHNSON, RAYMOND R.; Washington; BBA in Market- ing-JOHNSON, ROBERT A.; Toomsboro; BSF -JOHNSON. ROBERT E., JR.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; BS in Pharmacy; Student Branch APhA. .xjfiSCH N ' KINS. II. II. HNKIN.s. K. .M. l ' ' ...cnV F H HNSON. H. R. inilNSON. R R MNKI.N.S. . II. IIN.MNGS. A. M lOHNSON R. A. lOIINSON. R 1 CLASS of ' 49 JOHNSON, ROYCE; Savannah; BFA in Drama-JOHNSTON, DAVID W.; Atlanta; BS in Zoology; Phi Eta Sigma, BSU Executive Council, Lab Asst. Zoology Dept.-JOHNSTON, JACK M.; Rock Hill, S. C; BBA in Ac- counting-JOINER, J. E., JR.; Sparks; BBA in Finance-JOLLY, FRANK; Decatur; BBA in Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi-JONES, ANNE; Atlanta; AB in English-JONES, CHARLES L.; Barwick; BBA in Finance-JONES, HARRY L.; Atlanta; BBA in Marketing; Phi Kappa-JONES, MARIAN L.; Dalton; BS in Elementary Education-JONES, WALLACE H.; Tallahassee, Fla.; BSF; ATO, Forestry Club-JORDAN, SARA A.; AB in Elementary Educa- tion; Kappa Delta-JUSTICE, BETTY C; Atlanta; BS in Social Science-KEEHAN, BETTY J.; Tampa, Fla.; BFA in Landscape Architecture; Delta Delta Delta, LA Club, WAA-KELLAM, JIMMY; Waycross; BS in Pharmacy; Sigma Nu, APhA, Demosthenian, Economics Club-KELLERHALS, KATHERINE; Ringgold; BSHE- KENNEDY, JOHN W.; Statesboro; BS in Pharmacy-KENNEMUR, JAMES R.; Whigham; BBA; Pi Kappa Phi-KEOWN, LOLA W.; LaFayette; BS in Education; BSU Social vice president, choir, ACE-KESLER, HERMAN; Toccoa; BSAE-KEY, WILLIAM O.; Tallapoosa; BBA in Accounting-KIMSEY, JACK; Cornelia; BBA in Fi- nance-KING, JEAN M.; Woodland; BSE-KING, PAUL E.; Menlo; BBA in Industrial Relations; Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa Phi— KING, RAYMOND E., JR.; BS in Physical Education; Demosthenian program chairman— KIRKLAND, BYRON; Blum; BS in Vocational Ag-KIRKLAND, JACK C; Vidalia; ABJ-KIRKLAND, REBA J.; Douglas; BBA-KIRKLAND, W. E.; Lyons; BSA in Vocational Ag-KITCHINGS, ALTON D.; Savannah; LLB-KNIGHT, VERNON J.; Canton, N. C; BSF; Xi Sigma Pi, BSU Council vice president, Ga. Agriculturist tOT I.; «l it Pi im. Conn KING, P. E. KING, R. E. KIRKLAND, B. KIRKLAND, J. C. KIRKLAND, R. J. KIRKLAND, V, E, KITCHINGS. A. D. KNIGHT, V. J. H " H Una, IAMB. .1. C. LAMBERT, C. LAMBDIN, C. E. LANCASTER, J, LANDAl ' , D. I.ANDERS, G. E. LANE, W. T. LANG, J. A. Jf I ! J ' JOHiNSlllX, |. •■ )■ KtlUM, J, ilNHR. J. E. ELLERllALS, K. .; Pki Eia BA in Ac- : Pi Kappa imn a-]0NE5, in Educa- npi. Fla.; is: BS in d;BSHE- Pi Kappa HER-MiN; IBA in Fi- PiKippa diiinnan- ND.REBA ; Sivannali; A iculiiiriii JOI.LV, I ' . KENNEDV, J. W JONES. A. KENNEMUR, J. R JONES, (;. s. KEOWN. L. W JONES. II. I,. KESLIR, II. JONES. M. 1,. KE ' -. W. O. JONES. V(. II. KIMSEV. J. JORDAN. S. A KING, J. M. WCHT. Staff, Forestry Club, Ag Club, Ag Hill Council-KOLODKIN, HhRBHRr S.; Columbus; ABJ in Advertising; Tau Epsilon Phi secretary, steward, IFC, Phi Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi, Cia. Cracker Articles Editor— KOODEN, DORIS; Savannah; AB in Sociology-KRAVTIN, SAMUEL J.; Columbus; BBA in Marketing; Alpha Epsilon Pi treasurer. Bulldog Club, Band— LAMAS, FIFI C. ; Savannah; BBA in Secretarial Science; Alpha Omicron Pi, Pioneer Club-LAMB, JACK G.; Albany; BSAE; Ag Engineering Club-LAMBERT, CLYDE W.; Decatur; BSA in Animal Husbandry— LAMBDIN, CHARLES E.; Lorain, Ohio; BS in ( hcmistrj ; K.ipjia Alph.i, Piii Kappa— LANCASTER, JEAN; Shady Dale; AB in Math; Zodiac, Pi Mu Epsilon-LANDAH, DAVF; Minmi. I la.; BBA in Marketing; Phi Epsilon Pi president, Ga. Cracker Business Staff, Phi Kappa, IFC— LANDERS, GUY E.; Car- tcrsville; BS in Pharmacy-LANE, WILLIAM T.; Clinton, Tenn.; BS in Pharmacy-LANG, JAMES A.; Atlanta; BSA in Animal Husbandry; Sigma Chi-LANG, THOMAS F.; Athens; AB in History-LANGLEY, HERMAN T.; Ellijay; BSA in Agronomy— LANIER, T. Z., JR.; Metter; BSAE; Alpha Gamma Rho chaplain, Ag Engineer- ing Club treasurer and business manager— LAN- MAM, A. KATHRYN; Birmingham, Ala.; BFA in Painting; Pi Beta Phi president. Art Students ' League president, Pan-Hellenic Council vice presi- dent. Delta Tau Delta sponsor. Pandora Beauty Court, Homecoming Court, Who ' s Who. LODKI.N. II. S.KOODEN, 1). KRAVTIN. S. J. LAMAS. F. IG. T. F. LANGI.I ' l. II I lANIER. T. Z. I ANMAX. A. K. CLASS of ' 49 - V.: LAUGHLIN, . L. LAW. A. 1 . LEE, L. LEDBETTER, B. C. LAUGHLIN, WILLIAM L.; Savannah; BBA-LAW, ALICE T.; Atlanta; BFA; Delta Delta Delta; Associate Ed. Pandora; Art Students ' League; Lan dscape Arch. Club; Canterbury Club— LAWRENCE, JAMES A. Greenville; BBA-LAWRENCE, PAUL L.; Monticello; BSF-LAWSON, JAMES C; Ringgold; BSA; Biftad Agronomy; Intramural Sports-LAYTON, ARTHUR C; Meigs; BSA-LEAK, JOHN M., JR.; Boston; BBB Delta Tau Delta Frat.-LEBEY, CLIFFORD; Savannah; BBA-LECORY, CHARLES L., JR.; Hartwell; BBA Economics Society; Demosthenian Society— LEE, CLALJDE E.; Fayetteville; BSAE— LEE, FORREST W.; Frank- lin; BSA-LEE, LAWTON; Nicholls, BS-LEDBETTER, BETTY C; Camilla; AB; Delta Delta Delta-LEGG JOSEPH E.; Cochran; APhA; BS-LENNETT, JOYCE H.; Newark, New Jersey; ABJ; Delta Phi Epsilon Sor.; Hillel; Red and Black; Pandora-LEONARD, LOUISE; Atlanta; Homecon; Alpha Omicron Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Glee Club; Pandora; University Theatrc—LESTER, QUILLAN; Athens; BA-LESTER, RAYMOND E.; Athens; LLB; Delta Theta Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Demosthenian Literary Society-LEVY, IRWIN A.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; ABJ; University Theatre; Demosthenian Literary Society; DiGamma Kappa Radio Frat. ; Georgia Cracker— LEVY, IRVIN L.; Augusta; BBA; Tau Epsilon Phi Frat.-LEWIS, E. ERNESTINE; Waycross; BFA; Chi Omega, Pi- oneer Club, Art League-LEWIS, JAMES R.; Decatur, BBA-LEWIS, ROBERT STANTON; Augusta; BS; Wrestl- ing Team ' 48- ' 49, Phi Kappa Chi Psi-LICHTENSTEIN, MORRIS; Norfolk, Va.; BBA-LINDSEY, JOE A.; At- I m LEWIS, K. S. LICHTINSTtIN, M. LINDSEV, J. A. M ' KF. ( V. !IKF, n. M. I UND ' i ' , L. L. LITTLE, C. A. LONG, C A. " LONG. P. H. LONG, V. C. LONGINO, I XfH. I r MNN, M R MADDOX, 1 P-. " ' urn t - liCG. ), t. : Associaii A.MIS A.; •A; Bilt ■ tt ■ Frink- ;G)OStPH • llillfl; [.; Aihens; ;kX.Y.; da-LEW. Omega, f ' - Bi; ' » ' ' ■ ri ll V Al- o 4 1 ■ ki:n( 1 . p. 1.. LAWSON. J. (;. :nnhtt. j. h. i.honard, I.. I.A ' TON. A. LISTER. Q. I. I.I.AK, J. M. l.lSTliR. K. i:. LEE, C. E. LEWIS. E. E. LEE. 1 . W . LEWIS. J. R. lant;i; BBA; Sigma Alpha lipsilon. Phi Kappa— LITTLL, CHARLliS A.; Atlanta; BS; Sigma Chi, American Chemical Society-LONG. CALHOUN A.. JR.: Atlanta; LLB; Sigma Chi, Demosthenian, Phi Alpha Delta, treasurer-LONG, PATRICIA H.; Columbus; BFA: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Golf Club-LONG. ILLIK C; Screven; BSA; Gaffau. secretary. Gridiron Club-LONGINO, BKTTY; ImgltQ; BSIi£-jJ TT FRANCES; Hoschton; BSHE; Delta Delta Delta, Homecon Club, Phi Upsilon ()miciO-B nTTip|npJ Qumbus; AB; GSCW; Spanish Club, president. Student Union Board, P.O.W. Council, Baptist Student Urior, Kdir i L() ' IN, EDWIN, Auburn; BSA; Gaffau Club-LOWE, VICTOR L.; W ' atkinsvilk; BBA-LUKl., CLAl Ul. WILLIAM, Carters ille; Kappa Sigma, secretary, Demosthenian, Economic Society— LUKE, DOUGLAS M.; Augusta; BSA— LUNDY, LESTER L.; Boston; BSF-LYLE, ELEANOR, Fort Valley; BSHE-LYLE, STUART; Elberton; ABJ- LYNCH, LEO CHARLES; Atlanta; BBA, Chi Phi-LYNN, MARTIN RANDALL; East Point; BBA-MADDOX, JOHN CHARLES; Madison; BBA-MALCOM, MARJORIE L.; Bogart; BSHE; Homecon-MALONE, HARRY C; Albany; ABJ; Sigma Delta Chi, Demosthe- nian Literary Society, Georgia Cracker, Editor, Fiction Editor-MALONE, IRA V.; Monticello; , . BSA-MALONE, JOHN D.; Monticello; BBA. TT. I. LOVE. G. LCOM. M. L. MALONE. H. C LOVIN. L. MALONE. I. V. LOWE. V. L. MALONE. .1. O. CLASS of ' 49 MALONI ' , L. MASHBURN, A. D. MANN, K. A MASLIA, II. MARICICH, S. G. MASON, W. C. MALONE, LAREK; Montkello; BS; Kappa Alpha Theta-MANN, EDWARD ALLEN; Danielsvillc; BBA- MARICICH, SUSAN G.; Columbus; ABJ; Alpha Chi Omega-MARSHALL, EDISON, JR.; Augusta; AB; Sigma Chi-M ARSH ALL, ROSCOE F.; Atlanta; BSA-MARTIN, BENJAMIN G.; Athens; BBA-MARTIN, E. C, JR.; Albany; BFA; Alpha Tau Omega, Landscape Architecture Club-MARTIN, HARRY W.; Columbus; AB-MAR- TIN, JO ANN; College Park; AB; Band-MARTIN, MARIE; Albany; BSHE-MARTIN, WILLIAM COLLIER; Atlanta; BS; Phi Delta Theta, Chapter Chaplain, Chapter secretary-MASHBURN, ALVA D., JR.; Adel; BS- MASLIA, HENRY; Atlanta-MASON, WALTER C; LaFayette; BSP-MASSEY, ABIT; Athcns-MASSEY, GEORGE L.; Albany; ABJ; Phi Delta Theta, Red and Black, Phi Kappa-MATHEWS, BILL; Dawson; BBA; Delta Tau Delta-MATTOX, SUSAN; Elberton; AB-MATTHEWS, EDGAR M.; Atlanta; BAJ; Asst. Feature Editor, Editorial Associate, Red and Black, Sigma Delta Chi, secretary. Delta Tau Delta— MAUTHE, JOHN H.; Marietta; AB— MAXEY, MARY LENA; Decatur; BSHE; secretary, Alpha Chi Omega, secretary, Homecon Club, Agriculturist Staff-MAXWELL, B. JANE; Moultrie; BS; Alpha Chi Omega, WAA, Physical Education Major Club-MAXWELL, ELMER; LaGrange; BBA-MAY, FORREST J.; Franklin; BSE-M AYES, LAMBETH CLAY; Nashville, Tenn.; ABJ; Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Delta Chi, Glee Club, 45-46, Deans List 45, " X " Club, International Relations Club, Georgia Cracker-Humor Editor, Contributing Editor— MAYNE, JOE W., JR.; Douglas; BBA-MAYNE, LENNA M.; Adel; AB-MAZO, IRWIN ISIAH; Savannah; BBA; Biftad, Tau Ep- MAXWELL, E. MAY, F. J. MAYES, L. C. MAVNE, ]. W. MAYNE, 1. M. MAZO, I. I. McCLURE, W. W. McCONNKI.I., I. F. McCORMir, H McCORMKK. I T McCULLER. S. McCUE, A. E. McABEE, P. L. McCURDY, D. R. McABEE. W. W McCURRY, J. M r[ WOtH, 5. O.llAU.MlAI I . I . W . W. C 1ASSI ■. A. iB; Sigma .CJR; IE-MAR- ;om£R; M: BS- MASSEY, Ki; BBA; (.faiuie OHN H.; 10X1 Qub. 1)0 !iliiot [HQAY; TOob, L Till k MAKSIIAI.r,. R. 1 MASSIF ' , (j. I.. MARTIN. H. C. MATIIIAXS. MAKTIN. i:. C. MATTAX. S. MAK ' IIN, M. W. MATTUKViS. i:. MART [X, MAlITMi:. MAR r IN. ,M. MA.Mi ' -. .M. I. MARIIN. V . ( MAXWELL. B. siloii Phi, trcasurcr-McABI ' H, PAULA L.; Athens; BBA; Alpha Lambda Dclta-McABEE, WILLIAM W.. JR.; Athens; BBA; Varsity Baseball MS-McCALL, CHARLES W.; Lyons; BFA-McCALL, CHARLOTTE L.; Re- becca; BSHE; VRA; Student Union, Thalian-Blackfriar, University Theatre, BSU, WAA, W ' SGA, Education Club- McCLURE, JOHN M.; Gainesville; BSA; Gaffau Club-McCLURH, W. WILSON; Atlanta; BBA; Alpha Phi Omega-McCLURE, WILLIAM W.; Rossville; ABS; Sigma Delta Chi, Riifl 5fBinfftai,Tim-fS i -McCON- NELL, JONATHAN E.; Gainesville; BSA-McCORMICK, HELENA; (olu.nhus; BA-McCOR.NTU K, JOHN THEUS; Brooklet; BS-McCULLER, STEVE; Jacksonville, Fla.; BBA; ScihhniH nnd Bhdc. Dchi Sitj,,,.. Pi-Mc- CUE, ALBERT E.; Richmond, Virginia; BS; Football Team, Track Team-McCLRDV, DANil.i. K.; Pensacola, Fla.; BS; Alpha Phi Omega-McCURRY, JAMES M.; Clarkesville; BS; Ag Engineering Club-McDAVID, JOSEPH T.; Atlanta; AB-McDEVETT, JOSEPH E.; At- lanta; BBA; Economics Society, Newman Club, Delta Sigma Pi-McDONOUGH, LAWRENCE A.; Savannah; BSF; Varsity Boxing Team, Fores- try Club, Geechee Club, Newman Club— Mc- DOUGALL, JAMES CALHOUN, JR.; Atlanta; BBA. yi Ei. f ' I ALL. C. W. McCALL, C. ' " ■ . Uint. ) frDAVID, J. T. McDEVITT. J McCLl ' RE. J. M. MtCLL ' RE, W. V . MtDON ' OirCiH. I.. A. MtDOUGAL, J. C. CLASS of ' 43 McDUFFIE, J. B. McGINTV, D McNeill, j. w. McRae, j. f. McDUFFIE, JESSE B.; McRae; BBA-McGINTY, DOLORES; McRae; BBA-McGINTY, JACK S.; McRae; BBA; Pi Kappa Alpha Demosthenian, Alpha Phi Omega, vice president of Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer, treasurer of Pi Kappa Alpha-McGOWAN, JOHN E.; Metter; BSA; Alpha Gamma Rho, vice president Dairy Science Club, treasurer Saddle and Sirloin Club, Dairy Scholarship-McH ARGUE, SIDNEY L.; Valdosta; BAJ; Demosthenian, Red and Black Staff, DiGamma Kappa, Alpha Phi Omega-McINTYRE, B . W., JR.; Lyons; BBA; Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer and vice president, Demosthenian Lit. Soc, Education Club— McKEMIE, CHAR- LOTTE P.; Atlanta; BAJ-McLEROY, JAMES C; Bogart; BSEd-McMILLAN, CHARLES H., JR.; Acworth, BBA; Chi Phi, Delta Sigma Pi, secretary Phi Kappa-McNAB, WILLIAM C; Tampa, Fla.; BBA; Alpha Tau Omega-McNEIL, DOROTHY; Jackson, Miss.; BFA; Arts Students ' League, Chi Omega, UGRA-McNEILL, JOHN W.; Cairo; BS; Delta Epsilon Mu, charter member-McRAE, JEAN F.; Rockmart; BS; Delta Delta Delta, vice president. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Ag Hill Council, Homecon-McRAE, WM. H.; McRae; BSP; Alpha Phi Omega, Demosthenian, APhA-MEADERS, HOMER T., JR.; Swainsboro; ABJ; Feature Ed. Red and Black, Sigma Delta Chi, Demosthenian-MEADOWS, BETSYE J.; Savannah; BSHE; Homecon-MEADOWS, CARL L.; Savan- nah; BBA-MEANS, FRANCES; Valdosta; ABJ; Zeta Phi Eta, Women ' s Glee Club, Theta Sigma Phi-MeGAHEE, T. G.; Norman Park; BSP-MENDEL, JEROME M.; Atlanta; BBA; Tau Epsilon Phi, vice president and secretary, Hillel-MENZIN, AARON W.; Bridgeport, Conn.; BS-MERK, SUZANNE; Athens; BSH; vice president of Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon Club, Danforth Fellowship -METHVIN, THOMAS, JR.; Lumpkin; BBA; Chi Phi- METHVIN, T. MIDDLEBROOKS, A. E.MIDDLETON, E. MILES, R. J. MILHOLLIN, C. M. MILHOLLIN. H. R. MILLER, G. MILLER. P. MILLS. L. V. MILLS. R. MILLS, R. E. MILLS, X . 1. MILLWOOD, C. E. MINGLEDORFF, G. MITCHELL, A. MITCHELL. 1. A. Mma ; 1 RkJBA: nraofPi oaChb, MOimmi, MuSigDU It CHAR- ; k «k lplu Tiu McNEIlL Wo Delta. .AlpluPlii . L; Savin- M(G.«lEt. nlsoKian. nicDiolPbi i.ChiPlii- cGOWAN. J. E. McHARGRE, S. T EADERS. H. T. MEADOWS, B. J. MclNTVRE, B. . MEADOWS. C. I.. Mcl.ERO ' . J. C. MK.AHEE. T. G. McMillan. (.. ii MENDEL. J. M. McNAB. X ' . C:. MENZIN. A. W. MIDDLhBROOKS, ANN K.; Dublin; BBA; Tri Dclt, Phi Chi Theta, Economics Society-MlDDLIiTON, liLIZA- BITH: Talbotton; BSPE-MILES, RICHARD J.; Augusta; BSEd; Varsity Basketball-MILHOLLIN, CHARLES M.; Rome; BBA; Phi Delta Theta-MILLHOLLIN, HENRY R.; Douglas; BSA-MILLER, GENE Cordele; BBA; Tau Epsilon Phi-MILLER. PEGGY; BSEd; Columbus; WAA; KAPPA Gamma Gamma. Golf Club, AEC- MILLER, THOMAS W.; Savannah; BBA-MILLER. WILLIAM H., JR.; Athens; ABJ-xMILLiMER. HENRIETTA; Atlanta; BBA; Hillel, Coordinate Clips-MILLS, HIRAM J.; Atlanta; BBA-MILLS, LI( )NEL XX .; Cairo; BSA- MILLS, ROSE; Hazlehurst; BSEd; Tri Delt-MILLS, RUTH E.; Birmingham. Mich. : Ali]: DR amnia Kappa, N ' RA frosh and Soph cabinet. Alpha Chi Omega, Glee Club-MILLS, WILLIAM T.; Forrest Park; BSA-MILW ' OOD, CHARLES E.; Gaffney S., C. ; BSE; Forestry Club, vice president, reporter. Sports manager— MINGLEDORFF, GRETCHEN; Springfield; ABJ; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pythagarean Math. Club, Theta Sigma Phi-MIR.HELL. ALICE; Atlanta; ABS; Tri Delta, Pioneer Club, Pan-Hellenic Council president. Student L ' nion Board— MITCHELL, TERRELL A., JR.; Savannah; BSP; Kappa Alpha Mu, Georgia Pharmacist-MITHCELL, WALTER H.; Columbus; ABS-MIXON, AUBREY C; Tifton; BSA-MIZE, NEVEL W ' .; Atlanta; BS- MONTFORT, DAVID, JR.; Reynolds, ABM. ILLER. T. W. .MILLIR. . II .Mil LNIR, N. ITCIIIII. W . 11 .Ml (l . A ( Ml. ' l. N W MONIFORI, D. I. i. it-- m t AmiSm CLASS of ' 4S ;7 ' ' " ' C MONTGOMERY, R. C. MONTS, J. H. MOORE, C. E. MORAN. C. MORGAN, H. L. MORGAN, P. MONTGOMERY, ROBERT, JR.; Warrenton; BS-MONTS, JOSEPH H., JR.; Americus; BS; Student Branch of American Pharmaceutical Association, Executive Council of Student Veterans Organization— MOORE, CLEON E.; Chula; BSA-MOORE, GROVER ALEXANDER; Rising Fawn; BBA-MOORE, HOWARD W.; Ashburn; BSA-MOORE, JACK; Cuthbert; BBA; Pi Kappa Alpha-MOORE, MALCOLM E.; Nashville, Ga.; BBA-MOORE, MARCIA HOKE; Broxton; BSHE-MOORE, MARVIN J.; Tifton; ABJ-MOORE OSCAR B., JR.; Greensboro; ABJ; Red and Black-MOORHEAD, PEGGY J.; Bogart; BSHE; Homecon; BSU-MORAN, CARL; Augusta; BBA-MORGAN, HUNTON L.; Macon; BBA; Delta Sigma Pi-MORGAN, PAUL, JR.; Blackshear; BBA- MORGAN, PERRY E.; Sharpsburg; ABJ; Demosthenian, Sigma Delta Chi, Georgia Cracker, Managing Editor— MORRIS, HELEN D.; Atlanta; BSE; Kappa Delta, President, Pioneer Club, Zodiac Club-MORRIS, HEWIN; Hartwell; BS-MORROW, WILLIAM H.; Red Bay, Alabama; BSF-MOSELEY, JOHN M.; McBean; BS; Stu- dent Branch of the Pharmaceutical Association— MOSS, JOHN MARVIN, JR.; Augusta; BBA; Chi Psi; Phi Kap- pa-MULL, MARY McDONALD; Rome; BS; Chi Omega-MULL, WILLIAM C; Lindale; BBA-MURPHY, HAROLD L.; Felton; LLB; Phi Delta Phi, legal fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-MURPHY, KATE HOLMES; Atlanta; AB; Phi Mu-MURPHY, WILLIAM R.; Swainsboro; AB; Alpha Phi Omega-MURRAY, MILTON HOOD; Fort Valley; BS-MUSSELWHITE; HARRY; Cordele; BS; Theta Chi, vice president. Distributive Edu- cation Club treasurer, Education Club-MYRICK, DUDLEY P.; MiUedgeville; BBA-NANCE, EMORY LEE; I MURPHY, H. L. MURPHY, K. H. MURPHY, N. R. MURRAY, M. H. MUSSELWHITE, H. MYRICK, D. P. NANCE, V. I.. NELMS, F. D. NELMS, J. B. NII.SON. P 1. NELSON. R. B NESMITH, D. W. NEWMAN, J. I. NEW .SOMI . I NASH, H. L. Imjuj MOOKI, ( Ml I.L. M. W. MOOKIll AD. MILL. W. C. m Btuich LOEON Ashbn; -MOORE, iretosboro: ; Au ia; ar; BBA- i| Ediior- HE« ' IN; i: BS; Sni- i; Plii Kap- MlTtPHY. Douglas; ABJ-NASH, HOKF.; Athens; BBA; Sigma Chi, Siahharci and Blade, I.t. Colonel ROTC, VRA, Cab- inet-NEAL, DANIKL; Claxton; BBA; Sigma Chi-NEAL, MARK P.; Atlanta; BBA-NEEL, WALLACE L; Thomasville; BS; Sigma Chi-NELLANS, CHARLES T.; Atlanta; BBA; Phi Delta Theta-NELMS, FRANK D.; Atlanta; BBA; Delta Sigma Pi-NELMS, JOHN B.; Athens; BBA-NELSON, PETER J.; Macon; BBA; Kappa Alpha-NELSON, ROBERT B.; Thomaston; BS; Forestry Club-NeSMIT)4, DONALD W.r l ' ohrie: BBA- NEWMAN, JOEL L; Stilson; ABJ-NEWSOME, EDGAR THOMAS; BSA; Flurkoilture Club president, Agci- culture Club secretary, Ag. Hill Council-NEWTON, E. S., JR.; Augusta;- BBA: Oii Psi. IPC Representative- NEWTON, " ILL HILL, JR.; Griffin; BBA; Sigma Alpha Epsilon secretary, International Relations Club vice president. Blue Key secretary " X " Club, Thalian-Blackfriars, Business Manager of llniversity Theatre, Delta Sig- ma Pi, State Chairman Collegiate Council on United Nations, Phi Kappa, Business Staff Red and Black-NICHOLS, ROBERT A.; ABJ-NICHOLS, DONATH; Ousley; BS; Sigma Pi, Delta Epsilon Mu, Scabbard and Blade-NIX, NANCY JO; Jacksonville, Fla. ; BS; Kappa Alpha Theta vice president. NKAI.. M. p. Nl l:l.. W . I . Ni;i.I.ANS. C. T. I.NICHOI.KS. K. A NKIiorS, D. NIX. N. ). !» ..« «.« ,, , CLASS of ' 49 NIX. W . G. NIXON. D. B. OLEARV. J. D. ORAM, S. M. NODVIN. M. P. OROURKE, G. T. NIX, WILSON G.; Athens; BSA; Poultry Science Club, Gaffau Club-NIXON, DON B.; Atlanta; ABJ-NODVIN, MARVIN P.; Savannah; AB; Tau Epsilon Phi, Phi Kappa-NOLAND, EMMIT E.; Ben Hill; ABJ-NORMAN, THOMAS E.; Norman Park; BSA-NORRIS, WILLIAM P.; Columbus; BE A; Art Students ' League-OAKES, CYRIL J.; Doerun; BBA-O ' BRIEN, CLINTON C; Athens; BS; Student Branch APhA-ODOM, REUTHER J.; Collins; BBA-OFFERMAN, GEORGE S.; Eastman; BBA; Delta Sigma Pi-O ' KELLY, T. HAYWOOD; Murrayville; BSA; Demosthenian Literary Society; Saddle and Sirloin— O ' LEARY, JOSEPH D.; Savannah; BSF— ORAM, SHIRLEY M.; Ridgewood, N. J.; Kappa Alpha Theta, secretary; Girl ' s Glee Club, chaplain ;Co-ordinate Clips; Art Students ' League; Canterbury Club; Red and Black— O ' ROURKE, GERALD J.; Chickamauga; LLB; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Theta Phi, Student Editorial Board Ga. Bar Journal— ORR, CHARLES J.; Athens; BS; Psychology Club, BSU, Glee Club-ORR, SALLY; Athens; BS; Chi Omega-OTT, WILLIAM A.; Moultrie; ABJ-OWEN, MARVIN P.; BarnesviUe; BBA; Pi Kappa Alpha-OWENS, FARRICE; Atlanta; AB; Sigma Alpha Iota, Band-PAGE, ARTHUR L.; Lyons; BBA; Alpha Tau Omega-PAIT, JOHN A.; Thomasville; BBA; Kappa Alpha— PALMER, CHARLES B.; Stonington, Conn.; BSE; Industrial Arts Club, Ereshman Football, Lambda Chi Alpha-PALMER, CHARLES J.; Atlanta; BFA-PANTER, SAM D.; Hazelhurst; BSE-PARISH, CHARLIE H.; Tifton; ABJ; Kappa Alpha Mu, Sigma Nu, Demosthenian-PARISH, SHIRLEY A.; Savannah; ABJ; Alpha Chi PALMER, C. J. PANTER. S. D. PATTERSON, O. W. PATH RS() , W PARISH. C. H. PARISH. S. A 11 I ' A-lM . A. I ' A N ' h. (.. I . PARKER. M. B. PARKER. T. A. PARNELL. C. W. PKAVl . H. PHDRK K. F. G. PIRKINS. II, PARRISH. A. F. PFRRW B. B. ( UTk NODVDi, «RMAN, t-OAKES, REITHER nOOD; li; BSF- JMHdinatt m LIB; I.: Adiais; Moilirie; B; iigiM »l!c;BBA; jlLlamWa CHAKIIE PAIHSH. ' ' ij .. . OI.ANI), h. i:. iNORMAN. 1. I. NORRIS. W . P. Oil. . A. i)AKi;s. C. .1, OWIN, M. I ' . OHRIKN, (.. (.. OOOM. K. I. PAGE, A. L. oiiiRMA.v, (,. . o i;; i.r I ■»•. i . ii. PAIl. J. A. 1 A ' MIK. (.. U. Omega, secretary-PARKliR, MYRON B.; Williamson; USA-PARKIiR, IHOMAS A.; W ' aycross; LLB; Sigma Nu-PARNELL, CHEVF.S W ' .; Brunswick; BSF; Forestry Club-PARRISH, AARON F.; Franklin; BSH-PAR- RISH, HENRY A.; Wrens; BS; Lambda Chi Alpha-PARTRIDGE, WALLACE A.; Lincolnton; BSE-PATE, CARYN; Hawkinsville; AB-PATTERSON, GEORGE M.; Buchanan; BS-E4XXi;j8,SOrsi, OLL W.. I.umpkin; BBA; Sigma Chi Frat., Demosthenian Literary Society-PATTERSON, WILiLlM M.; Gninuton. HBA-I ' AYNE, ARTIE; Cedartown; BS-PAYNE, CLYDE; Pembroke; BS-PEAVY, HARRJETTE; In.idilla: BSHE; llomecon- PEDRICK, FULLER; Quitman; BSA; Ag. Horn, Gridiron " X " Club, Ag. Club secretary, Agronomy Club, Demosthe- nian Literary Society, Ag. Hill Council, Saddle and Sirloin secretary— PERKINS, HELEN; Howard; BSHE; Homecon, member of Council of Wesley Foundation— PERRY, BETTY B.; Athens; ABJ; Theta Sigma Phi, Red and Black, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta-PERRY, BOLING B.; Athens; BBA in Marketing-PERRY, ROY C; Colbert; BSA-PERRY, W ILLIAM R.; Sardis; BBA in Marketing-PERSONS, A. THAD, JR.; Talbotton; BBA in Marketing; Kappa Sigma, Student Union. KRISIl. 11. A PAKIRlIX.h. W A. PAl I:. C. PAT! KRSO.N. O. M. tRRV, B. H. PI Kin . I! (. PHRR ' -. W. R. PHRSONS, A. T. CLASS of ' 4S -t r . I !• " 1 ' ' 4i Ki , PERSONS, H. PINSON, H. E. PERSSE, J. H. PINSON, J. W. PETERMAN, D. F. PINTCHUK, M. fnufflvi » " piJT lJD.Rf. 1 PERSONS, JANICE H.; Columbus; AB in Sociology; Kappa Kap pa Gamma-PERSSE, JAMES H.; Savannah; BFA in Music Education-PETERM AN, DAVID F.; Bridgeboro; BSA in Ag. Economics-PETERSON, C. W.; Fort Valley; BS in Pharmacy; SAE, APhA vice president-PETERSON, MRS. C. W.; Fort Valley; BS in Phar- maey; Alpha Delta Pi, APhA-PETREE, HENRY R.; Atlanta; BSA in Agronomy-PETTY, WILLIAM L.; Var- nell; BS in PE-PHILLIPS, BEN F.; Richland; BSAE; Pi Mu Epsilon, Ag. Engineering Club-PICKRELL, MARIAN L.; Cochran; BSHE; Hocemon-PICKREN, ANNETTE, Argyle; BS in Education-PIERCE, MILTON A.; Empire; BSF; Forestry Club-PINSON, HAROLD E.; Gainesville; BBA in Marketing-PINSON, J. WAYNE; Ellijay; BSE in Secondary Education; Bulldog Club, Demosthenian, Education Club— PINTCHUCK, MAXWELL; Atlanta; BBA; Phi Epsilon Pi, Kappa Alpha Mu-PITTARD, HAROLD F.; Atlanta; BBA in Accounting; Wes- ley Foundation, Wesley Singers president— PITTMAN, WILLIAM K.; Commerce; BS in Chemistry; Sigma Nu, Demosthenian-PITTS, M. MARGARET; Tifton; ABJ; Poineer Club, 4-H Club, Floriculture Club, Band-PITTS, PHILIP W., JR.; Moultrie; AB in International Affairs-POGUE, DORIS D.; Birmingham, Ala.; BFA in Art; Art Students ' League secretary, Ga. Cracker Art Staff— POL ATTY, THOMAS A.; Atlanta; BBA in Management; Phi Kappa— POLHILL, LOIS; Lousville; BS in Elementary Education; Phi Mu secretary. Pioneer Club-POND, AMY L. ; Sarasota, Fla. ; BS in Elementary Education; American Childhood Club president. Education Club, Soule Hall secretary-treasurer-POOL, THOMAS W., JR.; Reynolds; BBA in Finance; Kappa Alpha-POOLE, FULTON J.; Canton; BS in Dist. Ed.-POOLE, HAROLD B.; Atlanta; BS in Botany-POPE, DOUGLAS; Pinehurst; BSA ! POOL. T. W. POOLE. F. ). POOLE. H. B. POPE. D. PORl hK. J. M. POSS. H. J. POSS. H. E. POWELL, D. PRAIEK. S. V. PKIHORH ' , V. L. PRl SCOTT, L A. PRESLEY, C. B. PRICE. A. PRICE, E. M. PRICF. K. T. PKK K. M C Kit! ' .. ETERSON, C. . Pli ' ItKSON. C. VC . Mrs.PKTRlh, H. U ITTARD. H. F. PITTMAN, W. K. Pni S, M. SinoDili; ' L W .; IS in Pb M L; Vir- PICKRtLL, , MILTON I.WYNE; LOTELL; Bimg: Wes- jijm Nu. uj-pins, a .ta; All flikiit: Phi )NU . W ye Hall liTON).; jwm: BSA PRlCi, ' PtTl ' i ' , V. PITTS, P. W. PHILLIPS. B. I-. POGUE. D. U. PK.KKtLL. M. L. POLATIV, T. A PK.KKLN, POI.IIII.I., I.. PIKRCt, M. POND. A. in Agronomy; Agronomy Club, Flying Club— PORTKR, JOSEPH M.; Cochran; BSA in Animal Husbandry— POSS, HENRY J.; Atlanta; BBA in Aeronautical Administration-POSS, HERMAN E.; Morris Station; ABJ in Advertising; Chi Psi secretary, vice president-POWELL, DARVC ' IN L.; Millen; BSA in Vocational Ag.-POW ' ELL, JAMES M.; College Park; BBA in Accounting; Delta Tau Delta-POWELL, LEONARD F., JR.; Augusta; BBA in Management; Chi Psi, Phi Kappa-POWER, DEWEY R.; Danielsville; BS in Zoologj-PRAGER IRWIN L.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; AB in Geography; Tau Epsilon Phi, Boxing Team Mgr.-pRATER, SUSAN V.; Athens; BSHE in Institutional Management-PREETORIUS, EDWARD L., JR.; Statesboro; ABJ in Ad ertising-PRESCO T I. JAMES A., JR.; Wrens; BSA in Dairy; Alpha Zeta, Dairy Science Club-PRFSLFY. CHARLES B. ; Chatsworih; BSA in Animal Husbandry; Blue Key, " X " Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Ag. Hill Council president, Saddle and Sirloin president, vice campus leader, Demosthenian vice president. Alpha Zeta, Gridiron, Aghon— PRICE, ANNETTE; Vidalia; BBA in Sec. Sci.; Kappa Delta-PRICE, ELMER M.; Quitman BBA in Finance-PRICE, KIRKLAND T.; Camden, S. C; BSE in PE; Freshman Football ' 45, Track •46-47-PRICE, MARTIN C; rightsville; BSA in Vocational Education; Gaffau Club-PRICKETT, WILLIAM C; Atlanta; BS in Chemistry-PRIDGERS, ClEORCiE R.; Waycross-PROFFITT, SARA A.; Dalton; BSHE; Alpha Chi Omega president, Homecon— PRYOR, WILLIAM A.; Moultrie; BS in Physics; Pi Kappa Phi president, historian, IFC, Sigma Pi • - Sigma. DWELL, J. M. POWELL. L, V. POWER. D. R. PRAGKR. I. L. £ RICKETT. W. r. PRIIK.FRS. G. R. PROEEITI. S. A. PRVOR, W ' . A. CLASS of ' 49 PUCKKTT. 11. D. PURSELL, S. J. KliAMES, V. H. REDDICK, A. I PYLE, C. REDDICK, E. C. PUCKETT, HENRY D.; Buford; LLB-PURSELL, SHIRLEY J.; Decatur; BSHE-PYLE, CAROL; Moultrie; ABJ-RABHAN, SARA H.; Savannah; BBA in Sec. Sci.; Mortar Board president, IZFA vice president, Sigma Delta Tau president. Alpha Lambda Delta, Glee Club, UGRA Cabinet-RABON, CORBETT M.; Whigham; BSA in Animal Husbandry-RACHELS, JULIAN A.; Dublin; BBA; SAE-RAINEY, GORDON M., JR.; Augusta; AB in History-RAIN WATER, JOHN E., JR.; Cedartown; BBA in Management-RANKIN, RUTH; Savannah; AB in French-RATCLIFFE, JAMES C; Savannah; BBA in Marketing-RAULERSON, THEHMON K.; Nicholls; BBA in Accounting; Scabbard and Blade, Red and Black Business Staff-REAMES, WILBUR H.; Edgefield, S. C; BSF; Xi Sigma Pi, Forestry Club-REDDICK, ALTON L.; Bainbridge; BBA in Accounting-REDDICK, EMORY C; Vidalia; BS in Pharmacy-REDDICK, ROBERT E.; Port Wentworth; BBA in Marketing; Sigma Chi, Demosthenian-REDDISH, JAMES R.; Savannah; ABJ-REDDISH, MRS. LUCILE L.; Athens; BS in Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega-REDMOND, ALICE B.; Columbus; AB in Psychology; Alpha Omicron Pi, Psy- chology Club-REDMOND, GRACE; Arlington ABJ in Advertising; Alpha Chi Omega, Wesley Foundation, Pioneer Club-REED, JOHN P.; Gainesville; BBA in Marketing-REEVES, BERNARD P.; BarnesviUe; BBA in Industrial Relations-REID, BERNIE; Hamilton, Ohio; BSE in PE.-REID, HENRY J.; Athens; BSA in Animal Husbandry-REID, JOSEPH W.; Leslie; BBA in Accounting-RHODES, CLARENCE L., JR.; Siloam; BBA in Management; Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa-RHYNE, DAN E.; Americus; BSA in Agronomy; Agronomy Club- REID. H. .1. KEID. T. W. RHODES, C. L. r.HVNE. D. E. RICE, B. B. RKE, 11. D. RICHARDSON, T. M. RIDLEY, A. RILEY. K. RILEY, O. L. RILEY, S. RIVERS, B. ROBBINS. F. F. KOHl K 1 ,S, | ( ROBERTS, R. E. ROBERTS, T. J. )i; « ,r a r-« k ' .u.iiu ,.uS: ig iftia rvtr:m.»r Eif ii i m ' f J. ,? h I mn.u :DDi(K. K Moolnie: km. Sijna .:Nidiolls: ipMi i RIDDICK. SpaQii. [IflKllUIl DO PL h- ■ U11A.N, S II Ki nnisii, J. R KAC.HIiL.S. J lUDOlSll. I.. KAINWATFK, J. I. UIDMONO. O. KA.NKIN. K. Kill). 1. I ' KAICLIFH.. J. „ RFHVKS. B. P. KALLLKSON. 1 . REID. B. fln Club- ' S •1 RICi:, BLANTON B.; Roy!,ton; BSA in Vocational Agricuhurc-RICi:. HAROLD 1).; IMbcrton; BSA in Animal Husbandry; Ag. Club president, Ag. Hill Council, Demosthenian, Blue Key, Alpha Zeta, Saddle and Sirloin— RICHARDSON, THOMAS M.; Madison; BSA in Vocational Ag.-RIDLEY, ALEX; Franklin; BSA in Vocational Ag.-RIDLEY, JAMES R.; Atlanta; BBA in Management; Swimming Team-RIGDON, NANCY; Tifton; BBA in Sec. Sci.; Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota, Glee Club, WAA, Student (.oxt RTGSBY. ' FLTAS . ; ' s ' iik City; BSA in Vocational Ag.; Gaffau Club-RIKARD, HENRY C; Fairfield I ligli lands, AJ.i.: USA in A muotiiy; Agronomy Club-RILEY, KITTY; Decatur; BBA in Sec. Sci.; Kappa Alpha Theta-!flPiT " fl P; We Mt. Valley; BSF; Forestry Club-RILEY, SALLEY; Albany; AB in Sociology; Chi Omega, Glee Club, Golf Club, junior Dol- phin-RIVERS, BETTY; Avera; AB in Sociology-ROBBINS, FORREST P.; LaFayette; BBA in Marketing- ROBERTS, JAMES C; Gainesville; AB in Political Science; Demosthenian, Political Science Club, Pi Sigma Alpha-ROBERTS, RICHARD E.; Unadilla; BBA in Accounting-ROBERTS, TOMIE J.; Valdosta; Phi Mu- ROBERTSON, PARKER A.; Rabun Gap; BBA- ROBERTSON, WILLIAM E.; Loganville; BSA in Food Tech.-ROBINSON, CHESTER C; Omega; BSA in Agronomy-ROBINSON, DONALD B.; York, S. C; BS in Pharmacy; APhA. I-I; " », .1. K. RIC.noN. N. i;! ,SBY. K. R. BFRISON. I A ROBI KTSON, . i:. ROBINSON ' . ( (,. RIKARD, II. C. ROBINSON. D. B. CLASS of ' 49 ROBINSON, W. C. ROBINSON, V, L. RODDENBER, R. 1 RUFFIN, L, RUPPERSBURG. V. R, SANDERS, R. T III 1 1 ' ROBINSON, WILLIAM CLYDE; Carrollton; BSAE-ROBINSON, W. LEONARD, JR.; College Park; BBA in Econ.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega, United World Federalists, Glee Club-RODDENBERRY, RAN- DOLPH F.; Kingsland; BSF in Forestry-ROSENBERG, SARA BELLE; Swainsboro; BFA in Drama; Thalian- Blackfriars, Hillel, Delta Phi Epsilon, Zeta Phi Eta, University Theater-ROSSMAN, MILDRED JANE; Moultrie; BFA in Land. Archi.-ROUSE, HARLEY E.; Jesup; BS in Chem.-ROWAN, CHARLES W.; Nashville; BSAE; Ag. Engineering Club, 1st Lt., ROTC-ROWANDA, MALOOF; Cartersville; BSHE; Newman Club, Homecon, Alpha Gamma Delta-ROWE, SANDRA HELEN; New York; BFA in Art; Art Students ' League-ROUNDTREE, CHARLES C. ; Egypt; BSF; Sigma Nu, Forestry Club,Demosthenian Literary Society— RUSSELL, ANNE; Calhoun, BS in Education-RUFFIN, LEONARD; Macon; BFA in Comm. Art-RUPPERSBURG, WILLIAM R.; College Park; BS in Ag.-SANDERS, ROBERT THOMAS; Augusta; BBA in Marketing; SAE Frat., Col., ROTC, Alpha Phi Omega, Football Team, 1944-45, Phi Kappa Literary Society-SAPP, EDWIN EUGENE; Brunswick; BS in Zoology-SAPP, KENNETH; Atlanta; ABJ; Sports Editor, Pandora-SAUNDERS, MRS. MARY E.; Colqqitt; BS in Elem. Ed-SAWYER, BETTY NEWBERRY; Arlington; BS in Ed.-SAXON, AUSTIN, JR.; Watkinsvijle; ABJ in Journ.-SCARBOROUGH, F. H., JR.; DeSoto; BSA in Ag. Engin.-SCHEER, FRIEDA THERESA; Eaton- ton; BSHE; Sigma Delta Tau, Home Economics Club, Hillel Foundation, Freshman VRA Cabinet, Art Students ' League-SCOGGINS, HENRY D.; Augusta; BS in Chem.-SCOTT, CHARLES EDWIN; Clima.x; BS in Pharmacy; American Pharmaceutical Association— SCOTT, JACK D. ; Augusta; BBA in Marketing; Chi Psi, Varsity Swim- Ou. I ' iiiU SCOTT, C. E. SCOTT, J. D. SCOTT, J. H. SCOTT. R. S. SCRUGGS, L. L. SEAGO, J. M. SELL, W. H. SEITZ, W. M, SHARP, R. D. SHAW, E. E. SHEARER. K. F. SlUlFllin, V SHELLHARSE, E. T. SHEPPARD, R. L. SHERMAN, M. SHOCKLEV, E. C» J 1 ' ' - A «OI)I)INBtll, lY, RAN- , Ikliin- , Modiiie; Ic, M: Hootton, ymi ; Cjlbiwn, .: College IC Alpha d;B$ui G)l(|iiin; idiiosiille; SA; ton- iSnileiiis ' ptiamaty; niiv S ' in- 5SKNHIKC,. S. B. KOSSMAN. M. J. ,PP, E. E. SAPP, K. ROLSE. H. E SAUNDERS, M. I.. ROWAN. C. W. SAWDER, B. N. ROWANDA, M. SAXON. A. ROVCE. S. H. ROL ' NTREE, ,. C. SCARBOROUGH. E. II. SCHEER, F. T. RUSSEIL, A. St.OCGlNS. 11. I). ming ream-SCOTT. JULlAiN H.; Athene; BS in UE.-SCOTT, RICHARD S.; Athens; BBA in Acci.; Sigma Chi, Uni. DeMolay Club, Canterberry Club-SCRUGGS, LEWIS LANIER; Columbus; ABJ in Adv.-SEACiO, JOHN M.; Gracewood; BS in Zoology-SELL, W. HORACE; Hoschton; BS in Ag.; Agronomy Club-SEITZ, WILLIAM M.; Augusta; BBA in Marketing; Sigma Chi, Delta Sigma Pi-SELLAR, WILLIAM M.; Bainbridge; BSA in An. Husb.; Saddle and Sirloin Club, Rifle Team, Dairy Science Cliib EYSrDtJR, ' ZACK " LT; " Bowman; BSA in Forestry-SHADDIX, SIMEON AUGUSTUS, JR.; Upatol; ABj in Journ., Editor, Ihe Red ami Black, Sigma Delta Chi, Blue Key, Gridiron, Demosthenian Literary Society— SH. A l.NKHR. CHARLES; Atlanta; BBA in Marketing; Tau Epsilon Phi— SHARP, RACHEL D.; Signal Mountain, Ttnn.; BEA in Comm. Art; ice jiresident. Art Students ' League, president, Crawford W. Long, Dorm.— SHAW, ESCO E.; Gainsville; BBA in Marketing— SHEARER, KENNETH P.; Alapaha; BS in Physics-SHEFFIELD, FRANKLIN P.; Bostwick; BBA in Marketing- SHELLHARSE, ELBERT T.; Dalton; BSA in Ag. Econ.-SHEPPARD, ROBERT LESTER; Tennille; BBA in Ac- counting-SHERMAN, MARGARET L.; Statesboro; BFA in Music-SHOCKLEY, ERNESTINE; Monroe, BBA; Phi Mu Sorority-SHOCKLEY, RICHARD L.; Monroe; BBA in Marketing; SAE, Phi Kappa Literary Society, International Relations Club-SHORT, WILLIAM OTTO; Augusta; BBA in Accounting-SHROP- SHIRE, ROBERT O.; Athens; LLB; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fratcrnity-SHURLINCi, MARION H.; Tennille; BSA in Animal Husbandry. EARS. V. SEYMOUR, Z. E. SHADDIX, S. A. SlIAl.NKER, C. )(;Ktn. K I siiOKi, w (I SHROPSHIRE. R. (). SHUREING, M. H. CLASS of ' 49 1 r ■■■ SHY, W. H. SIMPSON, B. D. SILAS, C. K. SIMPSON, R SHY, WILLIAM H.; Athens; BBA in Statistics-SILAS, CLAIR K.; Jacksonville, Fla.; BBA; Delta Sigma Pi- SILVER, MILTON J.; Augusta; BBA in Management; Tau Epsilon Phi-SILVERMAN, ALLAN; Brooklyn, N. Y.; BBA-SIMMONS, DORIS; Alamo; BSHE-SIMMONS, JOHN E.; Eastman; BBA in Accounting; Delta Sig- ma Pi, Demosthenian, Red and Black Asst. Business Mgr.-SIMMONS, FRANK, JR.; Register; BSF-SIMMONS, WILLIAM S.; Atlanta; BBA in Accounting-SIMONTON, MERLIN W.; Franklin; BBA in Law-SIMONTON, PIERCE C; Statham; BBA in Accounting-SIMPKINS, HOYT; Griffin; BBA in Economics; Alpha Phi Omega president, Demosthenian vice president, GOP secretary-treasurer, Ga. Bulldogs Business Mga., Gridiron, " X " Club-SIMPSON, BURNS D.; Athens-SIMPSON, ROBERT; Lakeland; BBA-SIMPSON, WALTER R.; Kings- land; BSA in Poultry— SIMS, RALEIGH H.; Conyers; AB in Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha, Political Sci- ence Club-SINGLETARY, DONALD L.; Fort Valley; BS in Psychology-SISSON, WILLARD L.; Ringgold; BSA in Dairy-SKELTON, BOYD; Atlanta; BBA in Marketing; ATO-SKELTON, SUE; Atlanta; BFA in Art; Freshman Class president, VRA Freshman and Sophomore Cabinets, Alpha Chi Omega, Freshman Glee Club— SMALLEY, ROBERT H.; Elberton; BBA; ' 49 Pandora Business Mgr., Red and Black Asst. Business Mga., Senior Class secretary-treasurer. Sophomore Class secretary-treasurer, Demosthenian secretary-treasurer, UGRA Cabinet, Phi Eta Sigma, president. Biftad, vice president, " X " Club— SMALLWOOD, CHARLES E. ; Swainsboro; BS in Pharmacy; APhA, Delta Tau Delta-SMISSON, HUGH, JR.; Fort Valley-SMITH, ALEX W., JR.; Atlanta; LLB; Chi Phi, Phi Delta Phi-SMITH, BETTY J.; Atlanta; ABJ; Hockey Club, Tennis Club-SMITH, BILLY M.; BBA in Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi-SMITH, BRYANT M., JR.; Athens; BBA in Marketing; Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha L, ' ioE Bnu m SMITH, A. W. SMITH, li. .1. SMITH, B. M. SMITH, B. M. SMITH, C. H. SMITH. C. X ' . SMITH, G. W. SMITH, H. SMITH, J. D. SMITH. .1. M. SMITH. J. M. SMITH, L. A. SMITH, L. K. SMITH, L. B. SMITH, M. E. SMITH. M. J. .VIRMAN. A. SIMMONS, D. SIMMO.NS. .1. li. lis. R. II. SINGLITAR ' . D. L. SISSON. W . I.. O Ip c x I V J SIMMONS. 1-. SKKLTON. IS. SIMMO.NS. W. SKI-l.TON, S. M.MOMON. M. . SMAI.I.K ' i ' . R. II. SI.MO.MON. I ' . C. SMAi.iAvoon. c. 11. SIMI ' KINS. II. SMISSON. II Pi- i()(il)ii.N ;DelaSig- wm. MONTON, Pill Omega km. " X " l; KiDg - ■olitidSo ' ; Ringolii: F. b An: Girt Club- U Cibioet. wo; BS in luu; UB; .VM.BBA Phi Omcga-SMITH, CHARLHS H.; Palmetto; BSA in Vocational iiducation; Ciaffau, Ag. Club trtasurcr-SMirH, CORNELIUS W., JR.; Charlotte, N. C; BBA in Accounting; Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade-SMHII, GEORGE V( ' ., JR.; Gainesville; AB in Political Science; Political Science Club, Pi Sigma Alpha, Demo thcnian, Freshman Law Class secretary-treasurer-SMITH, HAYWOOD; Thomaston; BBA in Accounting-SMiril. JAMES L.; W ' illacoochee; BSF-SMITH, JAMES T.; Jackson; BSA in Vocational A ;.-SM1TH, jAiNICE t. ; AtLinta; AB in English; Alpha Delta Pi, Canterbury Club, Pioneer Club, ADPi corrcspundliig serret.iry— SMITM. |l AN C. ; Brunswick; BBA in Accounting; Alpha Gamma Delta house president, VA Tennis Mgr.; Tennis Club. Phi Chi Theta— SMITH, J. DAN; Augusta; BBA in Marketing; Sigma Chi president, vice president. Dcmosthenian-SMl I ' ll, JESSE M.; Douglas; ABJ-SMITH, JOHNNY M., JR.; Mart ' .nez; BS in Psychology; French Club-SMITH, LEONARD A.; Hartsfield; BS in Dist. Ed.; DE Club-SMITH, LHWIS K.; Cadwell; BSA in Animal Husbandry- SMITH, LUKE B.; Athens; BS in Chemistry; UWF-SMITH. MARGERY E.; Thomaston; ABJ-SMITH. MARTHA J.; Atlanta; AB in French-SMITH, PERRY Z.; Blakely; BSAE; Alpha Gamma Rho, Ag. Engineering Club-SMITH, ROBLEY D., Ill; Tifton; BS in Chemistry; ATO, Demosthenian, French Club, Geography Club-SMITH, SAMUEL R.; Knox- ville; BS in Chemistry-SMITH, THOMASINA; Athens; BSHE; Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Homecon. ' f sr t il SMITH. J. c. S.NMlll. T. CLASS of ' 43 ; r F f ' 1 li. r SMITH, V. M. SOUTHER. D. SMITH. V. R. SPIELBERG. S. SMOOT. J. B. SPIELERS. I. W. m my SMITH, VIRGINIA M.; MarpiUe, Tenn.; AB in Psychology-SMITH, WILLIAM P.; Dawson; BBA in Man- agement; Delta Tau Delta— SMOOT, JOHN B. ; Dublin; BBA in Management; Sigma Nu, Demosthenian, Varsity Tennis Team ' 44-SNEAD, LESLIE G.; Savannah; BS in Zoology-SNELLING, CHARLIE M., Ill; Greenville, S. C; BBA in Industrial Relations-SNOW, RIGDON V., JR.; Waycross; BBA in Marketing-SNOWDEN. JAMES B.; Savannah; BSF; XI Sigma Pi, Alpha Zeta, Forestry Club-SNYDER, PAUL H.; Cornelia; BBA in Industrial Relations; Student Union Board president, Demosthenian— SOLOMON, HAROLD; Athens; BFA in Drama-SOLOMON, MRS. MURIEL A.; Athens; AB in History-SORRELLS, NANCY C; Jacksonville, Fla.; AB in English-SOUTHER, DENNIS; Dalton; BBA in Accounting-SPIELBERG, SOL; Atlanta; BBA in Ac- counting; Alpha Epsilon Pi, IRC-SPILLERS, IRVING V.; Musella; BBA in Accounting-SPRADLEY, JOEL H.; High Point, N. C; BS in Chemistry-STACK, E. JEAN; Tampa, Fla.; BFA in Commercial Art-STAFFORD, C ROLYN M.; Atlanta; ABJ; Delta Delta Delta, Red and Black, Canterbury Club, UGRA-STAMEY, GEORGE M.; Warner Robins; BSF; Forestry Club-STAMPS, MONROE F.; Manchester; ABJ-STANLEY, BETTY D.; Savannah; AB in Psychology; Chi Omega, UGRA, Canterbury Club— STANLEY, DANIEL D.; Savannah; AC ia Spanish; Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Spanish Club— STAPLETON, ELBERT A.; Griffin; BBA in Accounting— STAPLETON, WILLIAM T.; Griffin; BBA in Marketing-STARKS, HOMER B.; Athens; BSF; Forestry Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Xi Sigma Pi-STARR, DOROTHY A.; Augusta; ABJ; Alpha Gamma Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, Philosophy CIub-STEELE, HERBERT L., JR.; Columbus; BBA in Marketing; Chi Psi, Newman Club-STEPHEN- STAPLETON, W. T. STARKS. H. B. STARR. D. A. STOKES, W. D. r.TONF C: D. STONE, W. N. STEELE. H. L. STORY. R. J. STEPHENSON. C. P. STEPHENS. H. D. STEWART, W. D. STIEGLITZ. J. STOUT, C. M. STOVALL, M. STOVER, V. C. " ilRATlflN, G. L. h HI Mill ' a. ViBit) GtMiille, WWDEN. i; BBA is ; BFA in n]lt Fir. JA in Ac- lOEH.; r AFFORD. .GFORGf im ' D.; riJ.AC ' i jilTcnDBf- [omOub, jipM Phi. ilEPHEN- EAI). ).. C. SNHLLINC. C. iADLFV. J. 11. S1A(K. li. J. SNOW. R. V. STAIFORU. {.. M. .SNownix. .1. n. SIAMK ' , O. M. SiN " iDi;R, p. H. STAMPS. M. F. SOLOMON, H. STANLKY, B. D. .SOI.OMO.N. M. A. STANLEY. D. IJ. SORRELLS., N. C. STAPLKTON. H. A SON, CALVIN p.; College Park; BSA in Agronomy: Kappa Alpha. Phi Kappa-STEPHENS, HELEN D.; Demo- rest; BSHE in Education; Homecon, Education Club— STEWART. ILMER D.; Savannah; AB in English— STIEGLITZ, JEANE; Atlanta; BSE; Pi Beta Phi corresponding secretary. Pioneer Club-STILES, MARGARET E.; Cartersville; BS in Biology; Canterbury Club, UWF-STIPE, BILLY B.; Tifton; BFA in Art; Art Students ' Lcague-STIVERS, J AMPS E.; Rome; BBA in Account ' .ng-STOKELY, IWH V V V M ' " Account- ing-STOKES, WILLIAM D.; Jacksonville, Fla.; BS in Zoology-Chemistry; K.ippa Sigim, Phi f Qna-STONE, CHARLES D.; Athens; BS in Chemistry-STONE, WALTER N.; Nicholson; BSI ' t fdrtsrn -f-flff cabbard ; ' r,d Bladc-STORY, RICHARD J., II; Macon; BSA in Animil Husbandry-STOUT. CARTER M.; McRae; BBA in Accounting-STOVALL, MARGARET; Elberton; BSHE; Phi Upsilon Omicron, IRC, Zodiac, Homecon, Student- Faculty Home Ec. Committee— STOVER, WILLIAM C. ; Sycamore; BBA in Management; Sigma Nu— STRATTON. GRADY L.; Elberton; BBA in Accounting-STRICKLAND, ARTHUR; Nahunta; BSA in Vocational Ag.- STRICKLAND. ALLAN J.; Valdosta; BBA in Account ng; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, IRC. " X " Club. Phi Kappa. Blue Key, Gridiron, University Theatre, Asst. B is. Mga., Pandora Staff, Asst. Bus. Mgr. of Pandora— STRICKLAND, ELTON C; Hortense; BS in Vocational Ag.-STROZIER, James F., JR.; Sa- vannah; BBA in Industrial Relations; Kappa Sigma. D sTlECinZ. ' ».FS. M. E. S1IPF. B. B. STW ' I " Isl . DMKKKIAM). S SlIVFRS. .! F s I UK KI M), I STOKELY. M. F. STROZIER. J. F. y, CLASS of ' 4S STUART, R. E. STYLES, R. M. STURTEVANT, C. W. TAYLOR, Ci. L. TAYLOR, H. V. TAYLOR, J. iiuji ' ,i , I " ' Al ' lOJ.). " STUART, ROBERT EDWARD; Macon; BS in Pharmacy; Member, American Pharmaceutical Association— STYLES, ROBERT M.; Douglasville; BS in Pharmacy; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, American Pharmaceutical Association— STURTEVANT, CARLETON W.; Atlanta; BBA in Marketing-SULLIVAN, ROBERT N.; McCaysville; BS in Chemistry— SUMMERS, LAURA; Thomaston; BS in Comm. Ed.; Phi Mu, Pioneer Club, Canterberry Club, Trans- ferred from Shorter CoUege-SUMMERS, GEORGE SIDNEY; Newman; BSA in Animal Husbandry-SUMNER, EARNEST A.; Wilma, Florida; BSE in Forestry, Biftad vice president, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Zeta, Aghon vice president, Ag. Hill Council president. Forestry Club secretary. Cypress Knee Business Manager, Demosthenian, Literary Society vice president, Pythagerean Math. Club treasurer, Georgia-Georgia Tech Student Relations Com- mittee, 1948-49-SUIT, MARY FRANCES; Hartwell; BS in Sec. Ed.-SUTTON, GERALD W.; Athens; BSAE- SWAIN, HENRIETTA PARKER; Atlanta; AB in Psychology; Kappa Kappa Gamma secretary. Women ' s Student Govt.; WAA Council, Tennis Club, Psychology Club-TANNER, JACK RAY; Dublin; BBA in Acct.; Sigma Nu, Demosthenian Literary Society, International Relations Club, Economics Society— TAYLOR, GLENN L. ; Atlanta; BS in Phys. Ed.; Cheerleader-TAYLOR, HENRY FANETTE; Smyrna; in Animal Husbandray-TAYLOR, JACK; Eastonolla; BS in Plant Path.-TAYLOR, JEAN; Hazlehurst; BSE in Forestry; Pi Kappa Alpha-TAYLOR, MRS. MARTHA FRENCH; Athens; BE A in Art-TAYLOR, RALPH; Clayton; BS; Pi KA-TAYLOR, WIL- LIAM ROBERT; Athens; BBA in Marketing-TEAL, LEWIS; Macon; BSA in Gen. Ag.-TEASLEY, JAMES W.; Hartwell; ABJ in Adv.; Circulation Manager, Red and Black, Parliamentarian, Demosthenian Literary Society, SVO, GOP-TEATE, WILLIAM L.; Cordele; ABJ in Adv.-TEPPER, LOUIS R.; Cordele; BS in Psychology; Psy- TEPPER, M. THOMAS. A. L. THOMAS, E. THOMAS, G. D. THOMAS. H. N. THOMAS, H. R. IIIOMAS. J. E. THOMAS, W. W. THOMPSON, R. A. THOMPSON, W. P. THORNTON, M. THRASHER, W. S. THURMAN, R. THURMOND, M. L. 1 HURSB-i ' . J. C. TIDWELL, R. E. dik: L;a I TAVIOR, I, -SIYIB, JMudoii- kiBSin d), Trans- slMNER, tt Aghon Kisiiienian, BffiCom- i; BSAE- H Went ti; Sigma lINJi L; ■TAYIOR, -TAYLOR, .OR. 1l- .IMESW.; d«y,SVO. k U I P P " p a LI.IVAN. K. N. SrMMFRS. I.. L ■1. )R, J. ■1A L()R. M. F. SUMMIKS. (.. S. TAVI.OR, R. SUMNIiK. I. A TAYLOR. . R. SI II, M. I. HAL, L. SI I ION, C. . 1 KASLfi ' . J. W. SWAIN, M I ' TKATK. W . L. I ANN! R, L R TLPPtR. L. R chology Club, Tau tpsilon Phi- IliPPhR, xMARGARF.T; Cortk-lc; HIJA in Mkt.; Delta Phi Hpsilon-THOM AS, ANNIE LAURIE; Marietta; AB in Sociology; Chi Omega, UGRA, Cantcrbcrry Club-THOMAS, EVANGE- LINE A.; Athens; BS in Home Ec. ; ice president. Home Economics Club, Dance Club— THOMAS, GERALD D.; Calvary; BBA in Mkt.; THOMAS, HENRY N.; Athens; ABJ-THOMAS, HENRY R.; Winder; LLB in Law- THOMAS, JAMES EARL; Dexter; BSA in Voc. Ed.-THOMAS, WALES W. 715 ecaUir; AbTh d3l|l. -THOMP- SON, ROBERT T.; Mt. Vernon; BSA in An. Husb.-THOMPSON, BE ' mMlJNE; Albjiiv; HgT E in Textile Clothing; Pi Beta Phi-THOMPSON, LOUIS A.; Bloomingdale; LLB in WjPMHbP|pR|MilBi Delta Phi, Phi Kappa Literary Society-THOMPSON, MARTHA JANE; Ailey; BS in Phy. Ed.; WAA, Pemm Club, Alpha Alpha Omicron Pi-THOMPSON, ROBERT A.; Hephzibah; BS in Ed. Sec.-THOMPSON, W. P.; Blooming- dale; BSE in Forestry-THORN rON, MARION; Elberton; BS in Math.; Chi Omega treasurer. Pi Mu Epsilon, UGRA-THRASHER, WILLIAM SID; Decatur; BBA in Marketing; Kappa Sigma Eraternity-THURMAN, RUFUS, JR.; Copperhill, Tenn.; BBA in Accounting-THURMOND, MARY LEWIS; Athens; BS in Elem. Ed.-THURSBY, JAMES C; Bainbridge; BSA in Voc. Ag.; Gaffua CIub-TIDW ' ELL, RAY E.; Douglasville; BSA in Ag.-TILLMAN, LEIGHTON E.; Metter; BS in Forestry; Forestry Club-TIPPINS, BILLY N.; Glennville; BBA in Finance-TIPPINS, ELDRED L.; Claxton; BBA in Accounting-TITSHAW, H. SCOTT, JR.; Gainesville; BS in Zoology. lOMAS, R J. IHOMPSON, H. J. THOMPSON. L. A, I IIOMP.SO.N, M. J. IIMAN. 11. IIPPINS, B. N. TIPPINS, E. L. TITSIIAW. II, S, CLASS of ' 49 TODD, D. TURNER, F. P. TOMME, R. S. TOOLE, E. TURNER, H. TURNER, J. D. TODD, DENNIS; Charleston, S. C; BSF; Forestry Club-TOMME, ROBERT S.; LaGrange; BBA in Industrial Relations-TOOLE, EDWARD T.; Garfield; BBA in Marketing-TOOLE, JAMES W., JR.; Lizella; BSA in Animal Husbandry-TOWSON, BILL; Dahlonega; BS in Zoolojy; Kappa Alpha-TRAYLOR, HENRY G.; LaGrange AB in Philosophy-TROIANO, FRANK E.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; BS in Chemistry; Cosmopolitan Club, Alpha Ph Omega-TUDOR, KENNETH H.; Rossville; BBA in Industrial Relations-TUMLIN, THOMAS N.; Cave Spring BSA in Animal Husbandry; Lambda Chi Alpha presides, IFC-TUPPER, MADELYN; Atlanta; BFA in Com mercial Art; Kappa Alpha Theta president, Pan-Hellenic Council, WAA, Hunt Club-TURNER, CARLESE; Gay AB in Psychology-TURNER, FRED P.; Griffin; BBA ii Accounting-TURNER, HOWARD; Carrollton; BSAE Alpha Gamma Rho reporter, Ag. Engineering Club scri je-TURNER, JACK D.; Alma; BSF; Delta Tau Delta Forestry Club-TURNER, JOHN J., JR.; Blairsville; BS in Social Science-TURNER, WILLIAM F.; Clearwater Fla.; BSF-TUTEN, ALLEN M.; Baxley; BBA in Accounting-TWILLEY, RALPH I.; Eatonton; BS in Phar macy; APhA-TYLER, JOHN C; Atlanta; AB in Law; Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa-TYNER, MARGARET T.; Danielsville; BSHE in Vocational HE-TYUS, FRANKLIN L.; Cairo; BSAE; Ag. Engineering CIub-UNGAR, HELENE; Savannah; AB in History-VANDIVER, JAMES H., JR.; Douglasville; BBA in Accounting-VAN LANDINGHAM, MARY; Cairo; BSE; Kappa Alpha Theta-VARNER, FRANCES; Ashland; BSE in PE; WAA, Pemm Club- VAUGHAN, LEWIS M., JR.; Atlanta; BBA in Aeronautical Administration; SAE-VAUGHN, MRS. JOANNE L.; Charlotte, N. C; AB in Sociolagy; Pi Beta Phi, Glee Club, Pandora Staff-VEAL, JOANNE; Milledgeville; AB in Sociology-VICKERS, BETTY M.; Valdosta; BBA in Industrial Relations; Phi Chi Theta- VANDIVER, J. H. VAN LANDINGHAM VARNER. E. WALKER, C. M. WALKER, M. L. WALKER, P. H. VAUGHAN. L. M. WALKER. J. C. VAUGHAN, J. WALL, M. VEAL, J. WALL, M. VICKERS, B. M. WALLACE. W. C. VILLAMOR, L. WALLACE. W. I.IIL ' : ' ■ Jk yutrial jGmgt; in Com- : E:Ga); o; M; iu Delta; hmm. I ffl Pbt- (RG. RET -INGAR. joj-VAN PliWAA. lAlGHN, )0,CM; iiTheo- OLl:. J. W. roWSON. B. RNHR. J. J. ILKNtR, W. F IKA HJK. H. Ci. TROIANO. 1-. i:. n ix)K. K. 11. TUMLIN. 1 . N. lUFPhR. M. TURNER. ( TUThN. A. M. TWILLEV. R. I. 11 LIK. J l NER, M. 1. TVUS. F. I. UNGAR, H. VIllASIOI. VILLAiMOR, LUIS E.; Santurce. Puerto Rico; BBA in Marketing-VINSON, JESSE H.; Washington; BS in Sec- ondary Education; Ministerial Association— WACHTEL, ARTHUR A.; Lake Mahopa, N. Y.; BS in Zoology; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Kappa-W ' ADE, MERLE; Boston; BSHE in Dietetics-W ' AITES, WALLACE L.; Ocilla; ABJ-WALKER, CHARLES M.; Sumner; BSA in Dairy Mfg.; Member ADS A, Dairy Science Club publicity officer, 4-K Club secretary, parliamentarian— WALKER, MARTHA L.; Alma.;,ABJ in Radio; Dance Club, Radio Workshop, Drum Majorette, Zeta Phi Eta-WALKER, PAUL H., JR.; Griffin; BBA in Marketing; Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi-WALKER, JAMES C; Glenwood; ABJ in Advertising-W ALL, MARGARET; Gu tnn; BSHE; Homecon, Ga. Agriculturist Staff- WALL, MARVIN D.; Atlanta; ABJ; Sigma Delta Clii, Oemostluiraii. Bulldog Club, Red and Black sports editor, news editor, asst. news, sports and feature editors— WALLACE, ILLARD C. ; Atlanta; BE A in Commercial Art; KOTC commission— WALLACE, WILLIAM C; Athens; BS in Pharmacy; Rho Chi, Band, APhA-WALLS, LAVENIA; Quitman; BBA in Accounting-WALLS, SARA C; Brunswick; BSHE; Homecon president. Phi Upsiloii C micron librarian. Zodiac, Ag. Hill Council, Home Ec. Education Club-WALLS, WILLIAM H.; Bruns- wick; BS in Pharmacy; APhA Branch president, Alpha Phi Omega, Ga. Pharmacist Editor— WAL- THALL, FRANK W.; Macon; BBA in Manage- NSON. J. 11. W ACHIEL. A. A. WADE. M. WAITES, V. L. ALLS. L. W Alls. S. C. W AILS, W . 11. ALTMALL. F. W . CLASS of ' 49 WALTON, T. L. WARD, D. G. WEATHERWAX, F. G.WEBB, J. V. WARD, H. WEBB, T. E. WALTON, TOMMY L. JR.; Leesburg; BSA in Ag. Economics; Alpha Zeta, Ag. Economics Club-W ' ARD, DOROTHY G. M.; Atlanta; BS in Zoology-WARD, HENLEY; Buena Vista; BS in Pharmacy; AphA, Rho Chi— WARDLOW, JAMES L.; Arabi; BSA in Ag. Econ omics; Ag. Economics Club, Ag. Hill Council— WARREN, HARVEY B.; Midville; BBA in Accounring-WARREN, JOE B.; Childress, Tex.; BBA in Accounting- WARREN, ROBERT E.; Claxton; BSA in Vocational Ag.; Gaffau Club, BTU-W ATKINS, ANNE; Bartow; BSE-WATSON, THERON E., JR.; Lithon a; BBA in Accounting; Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi-WATSON, VINCENT C; Athens; ABJ; S gma Chi; WAY, SAM A. Ill; Hawkinsville; BBA in Management; Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa, VRA Cabi.iet, Glee Club, BSU-WEATHERWAX, FULLER G.; Augusta; BS in Pharmacy; Ga. Pharmacist Editor, APhA-WEBB, JAMES V.; Athens; AB in History-WEBB, THOMAS E.; Statham; BS in Plant Pathology-WEBSTER, OTHO C; Augusta; BSA in Animal Husbandry; Phi Gamma Delta, Demosthenian, Ga. Cracker, Saddle and Sirloin— WEEKLEY, CORLYN E.; Atlanta; BS in Chemistry; Alpha Lambda Delta, Gamma Sigma Epsilo.1, VRA Sophomore Cabinet— WEEKS, JAMES F. ; Ma- con; BBA in Accounting-WELLS, J. C; Tifton; BSA in Plant Pathology- WEINBERG, BENJAMIN L. JR.; Hapeville; AB in Psychology; Lambda Chi Alpha— WEIR, EVA L.; Atlanta; AB in English; Delta Delta Delta, Red and Black Asst. Business Mgr., WSGA Legislative Council-WELDON, ANDREW J. JR.; Macon; BBA in Economics-WELLS, MAXINE; Kingsland; BFA in Co.nmercial Art-WELLS, WILLIAM H.; Oxford, N. C; BBA in Statistics; Delta Sigma Pi, Candidate for Honors in Economics— WEST, MARION; Athens; ABJ, Edito- rial; Phi Mu president, v.-pres., WAA publicity chm.. Red and Black Society Editor, W oman ' s Editor, Dance Club WELLS, W. II. WIST, M. WHITE, M. WEST, W. M. WESTBROOK, J. A. WESTBROOK. J. W. WESTBROOK, J. L. WESTBROOK, M. H| WHEELER, J. II. WHEELER, M. 1!. WHELCHEL, N. B. WHIPPLE, B. WHIPPLE, F. D. WHITE, J. L. WICKLIFF, B. WHITE, W. W. ib-WARD, I CoMcil- : BBA in SATKINS, [hi Alpha e: BBA in :UB C; iBU; BS in ES f.; Ma- PiLjIl.; Wo Delta, m; BBA in ofi N. ' ,ABJ. ■ DiwClub ARDLOU, J. L. WARRIN. H. B C ' HBSIKL, {). (.. WtHKLfi, C. li WARREN, J. WEEKS, J. F. WAKRKN ' , K W 1 I IS, J. (, WATKINS. A. WMNBERG. B. I.. WATSON, T. E. W EIR, K. I.. W A ISDN, V WELDON, A. J. W A . S A WM.I.S, M. sec ' y-treas., Pan-Hcllcnic Couiuil-W ' HITi:, MARY; Atlanta-W ' MST, WILLIAM i L; Moultrit-; BBA in Ac- counting-W ' ESTBROOK, JOHN ANNE; Canton; BSHE; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Zodiac- ESTBROOK, JAMIS V( ' .; Athens; BBA in Marktting-WESTBROOK, JOHN L.; Rochelle; ABJ in Advertising-W ESTBROOK, MIL- TON H.; Rochelle; BBA in Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi- X ESTBROOKS, NELSON C. JR.; Brunswick; BBA in Accounting- VESTBRO( K, WILLIAM P. JR.; Albany; BS in Chemistrv -Wi;sTi:R,T iRNTSTn. €.] ( cdartoxvn: BSAE; Ag. Engineering Club, 4-H Club-WHEELER, AUBREY: Alni.i; BS in Pli.irmacj -WHFEl.FR. JOHN H.; Homerville BBA in Marketing; Pi Kappa Phi-WHEELER, MARSHAll, B.; Athens; BBA in Marketing; Cap- tain Varsity Tennis Team, Phi Delta Theta - W HELCHEL, NELL B.; Gamcsvilk; AB in Math; Phi Mu-WHIPPLE, BENNETT; Cochran; ABJ in Radio; ATO, Sigma Delta Chi, Glee CIub-WHIPPLE, FIELDlNCi D.; Cochran; ABJ; ATO, Sigma Delta Chi, DiGamma Kappa-WHITE, JOHN L. JR.; Lindale; BBA in Industrial Relations-VC ' ICKLIFFE, BILLIE; Athens-WHITE, WILLIAM W.; Sanfcrd, Fla.; BS in Chemistry-W HII EIELU, AUBREY L; Austell; BSF-WHITFIELD, TOM JR.; Kite; BSA in Vocational Ag.- HITEHEAD. HARRY L.; Athens; BSE in Industrial Arts-WHITEHURST, BRYAN K.; Adel; BSA in Animal Husbandry; Blue Key presi- dent; Ag. Club president. Junior Class president. Saddle and Sirloin v.-pres., treas., " X " Club sec ' y-treas.. Cirid- iron, Aghon, Ag. Hill Council, SVO, E. ecutive Committee, Demosthenian Judicial Council, Edi- tor ' 48-49 Student-Eaculty Telephone Directory, Sphin.x. CLASS of ' 49 WICKLIFFE, J. WIDDOWS. J. WILLIAMS, H. W. WILLIAMS, K. R. WILR, V. WILLIAMS, K. L. WICKLIFFE, JO; Athens; BS in Phys. Ed; Kappa Delta, W ' AA, PEMM-WIDDOWS, JEAN; Rome; BBA in Sec. Science; WIER, VIRGINIA; Athens; BS in Education; Kappa Delta-WIKE, CHARLES O.; Atlanta; BS in Fores- try; Boxing Team, Forestry Club, Outstanding Freshman Award, Forestry School, Cypress Knee Staff— WILCOX, DAVID P.; Cairo; BSA in Voc. Ag.-WILKES, NATHAN C, JR.; Lincolnton; BS in Pharmacy-WILLIAMS, BETTY JOYCE; Atlanta; BBA in Mkt.-WILLIAMS, FRED; Danielsville; BSA in Ag.-WILLIAMS, FRED; BS in Ag.-WILLIAMS, FRED; BS in Zoo.; Derby Virginia-WILLIAMS, HENRY D.; Savannah; AB in Eng.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa Literary Society-WILLIAMS, HENRY M.; Eastanollee; BSA in Voc. Ag.-WILLIAMS HENRY WYLDER, JR.; Homerville; BSE in Forestry; Sigma Nu, Glee Club; Forestry Club-WILLIAMS, KEN- NETH R.; Atlanta; BBA in Mkt.; Chi Phi-WILLIAMS, KYLER LEE; Whigham; BS in Pharmacy-WILLIAMS, LOUl.S ANDREW; LaFayette; BS in Chem.-WILLIAMS, LOUISE, Dalton; AB in Journalism; Red and Black, Pandora, Alpha Omicron Pi-WILLIAMS, LYNDA LOWE; Buena Vista; BS in Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi, Pioneer Club, Homecon Club-WILLIAMS, MONTEEN P.; Atlanta; BBA in Acct.; Phi Chi Theta-WILLIAMS, NANCY LOUISE; Augusta; BFA in Comm. Art; Wesley Foundation, Art Students League-WILLIAMS, TONY A.; Blaktly; BSA in Voc. Ag.; Gaffau, Alpha Gamma Rho-WILLIAMS, WILLIAM TALBERT, Augusta; BS in Chem. -WILLIS, MACK; Cairo; BS in PE-WILLIS, WILLIAM W., JR.; Atlanta; ABJ in Adv , Business Staff, Georgia Cracker; WILLS, JAMES W.; Washington; BBA in Acct. WILSON, JAMES SMITH, JR.; Monticello, BBA in Mkt.; Alpha Tau Omega, Economics Society, Treasurer, Phi Kappa Literary Society— V(TLSON, DOROTHY; Statesboro; BS in Home Economics; Homecon Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron— WILSON, GRADY; Decatur; ; WILLIS, W. W. WILLS, J. W . WILSON, J. s. WOLFE. C. WOOL), I. J. WOOD, P. N. WILSON, D. WOOD. R. L. WILSON. G. WILSON. O. W ILSON. T. E. WINGATE, R. S. WOOD, W. H. WOODCOCK, II. F. WOODLAND, B. W ' OODLIFF, S. J. t l ) IK BAiok. i u Fore- «UCOX, ILLLUIS, FMDJS I Ed;.; Pi riLUAMj MS. KEN- mm jodBkck. IpJuDelu iluWlJ. i TON ' ' bu; BS in ttkjs Stiff. Hlootkello. DROTHV; ; Deon " ; WIIIIAM.-i. M .M WILLIS. M. wncak, BS in Ag.-W ' ILSON, OLIVFR, Denton; BSA in Voc. Ag.-WII.SON, THOMAS E.; Ptlham; BBA in Atronautical Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha-WINGATE, RUTH S.; Pelham; BSHH in llomt Dtm.; Chi Onu-ga, President, Hometon, President, Mary Lyndon Dorm., President, Ag. Hill Council, Secretary and Treasurer, Pan Hellenic Coun- cil, Secretary, Student Faculty Committee of Home Economics School, Mortar Board, Agriculturist Staff, Pioneer Club, Outstanding Home Economics Senior of month— WISE, EDWARD JI 3tt ' " AHiiJHeB.sJ B5 ir( " Bc()nomics— WISE, JANE IRWIN; Thomasville; BS in Psychology-WOFFORD, MARTHA; Atfuns; BS in Home 1 conomics; Homecon Club, Education Club, 4-H Club-WOLF, ELIZABETH LEIGH; Atlanta; BBA in Bus. Adm.-W OLEE, CHARLES; Cordele; BSA in Voc. Ag.-WOOD, ERNEST J.; Bishop; BSA in Ag. Economics-W OOl), PHILIP N.; DouglasviUe; BS in Pharmacy- X ' OOD, ROBERT L.; Cedartown; BBA in Industrial Relations-WOOD, WEN- DELL H.; Sycamore; BSA in Voc. Ed.-WOODCOCK, HARRIET EAYE; Gainesville; ABJ; Theta Sigma Phi, Al- pha Delta Pi, Little Symphony Orchestra, Red and Black-WOODLAND, BARBARA JOY; Atlanta; BSHE in Clothing; Homecon Club-WOODLIFF, SAMUEL J.; Alghonetta; BSA in Voc. Ag.; Gaffau Club-WOODS, HEN- LEY P.; Calhoun; ABJ-WORD, BURL J.; Atlanta; BA in Law; Phi Kappa Literary Society, Phi Alpha Delta, Delta Sigma Phi-WREN, MARGIE; Augusta; ABJ in Radio; Universit) Theater, Westminster Eellowship-WRIGHT, BARBARA E.; Hartwell; BBA in Mkt.; Phi Chi Theta. ! 1 I 1 iJ WM ISH. E. ;. W ISF. I. I. W ' OFFORD. M. WOLF, E. L. OODS. II. I . WORD. H. I. WRFN, M., B. F. Jsi CLASS of ' 49 WRIGHT, E. J. YOUNG, N. L. W •! ( III . M. H C)Lii G, R. G. " 1 M , I), . ■lOLiiNG, S. C. 1 KhH( )l (Jl: G, .Gl ' I ' CJ, 1 . WRIGHT, E. JOAN; Atlanta; BSE in PE; Pi Beta Phi house president, WAA president. Tennis Club presi- dent, Red and Black Woman ' s Sports Editor- WYCHE, MADISON B., JR.; Elberton; BBA in Finance- WYNNE, DAVID W.; Elko; BFA in Drama-YARBROUGH, GORDON; Atlanta; BBA in Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi-YOPP, JOHN W.; Atlanta; AB in Economics; Chi Phi, Phi Kappa-YOUNG, SLADE C. ; Atlanta; BBA in Law— YOUNG, NORMA L. ; Canton; BFA in Landscape Architecture; Alpha Lambda Delta, Band, LA Club secretary-YOUNG, ROBERT G.; College Park; LLB; ATO, Phi Alpha Delta- YOUNG, VIRGIL H., JR.; Ft. Valley; BSA-ZOPPO, THOMAS; Roslindale, Mass.; BBA in Finance; Theta Chi asst. treasurer, Newman Club. JUNIOn CLASS OFFICERS HOKE NASH President BARBHRA PAUSE Vice Presideiil BARRY PHILIPS Secy.-Trctii. iDlt-. CLASS of ' 50 - I u AARONS, J. Y. ABIL, N. R. ABELSON, S. ADAMS, N. ALKXANDEK, G. T. ALFORD, P. M. ALLEN, J. I. ALLEN. A. ADCOCK, H. L. ALLEN, S. P. ADLER. L. D. AMMONS. M. AENCHBACH, L. AKIN, L. R. AKINS, W. B. ANDERSON, B. ANDERSON, J. T. ANTHONY, W. AARONS, JEAN Y.: Hazlehurst-ABF.L, NICK R.; Macon- ABELSON, SONYA; Atlanta-ADAMS, NORMA; Tignall-ADCOCK, HAZEL; Monroe-ADLER, LEOPOLD; Savannah-AENCHBACH, LOUIS; Americus- AKIN, LAWRENCE R.; Decatur- AKINS, WILLIAM B.; Barnesville-ALEXANDER, G. T.; Thomasville, N. C.-ALFORD, FRANK M.; Lithonia- ALLEN. JEAN L; Greenville-ALLEN, ANNE; Summerville-ALLEN, SALLY P.; Atlanta- AMMONS, MARGIE; Tampa, Fla.-ANDERSON, BONNIE; Graymont-ANDERSON, JOHN T.; Augusta- ANTHONY, WILLIAM; La Grange-APOSTOLAK, COSTAS G.; Athens, Greece-ARN- OLD, JOHN S.; Savannah-ARNOLD, MARY A.; Vienna-ASBURY, BEVA.; Elberton-ASBURY, GENE; Elber- ton-ASKEW, MARY S.; Hoganville-ASSILANIS, SAM K.; Savannah-ATKINSON, ROSWELL J.; Greenville- AVERA, EDITH; Athens - AVIS, RONALD J.; Staten Island, N. Y. - AVERETT, JOHN GLENN; Atlanta - AYERS, RASLYN B.; Buford-BACON, DANIEL D.; Glennville-BAGWELL, BETTY SUE; Gainesville- BAKER, PAUL M.; Atlanta-BALDWIN, W, D.; Ft. Gaines-BALFOUR, ROBERT C; Thomasvillc-BANISTER, ANDREW M.; Hartwell-BANKS, ORIE T.; Mendcf -BARBATO, LUDWIG L.; Jersey City, N. J.; BARBER, PHYLLIS I.; Athens-BARFIELD. CLEVELAND A.; Penki- ' -BARGE, LA VERNE; East Point-BARKSDALE, JOF. E.; Chatsworth-BARLOW, CLEO; Kingsland-BARRETT, ANNE B.; Atlanta-BARRINEAU, ROBERT L.; Cairo. APOSTOLAK, C. G. ARNOLD, J. S. ARNOLD, M. A. AVIS, R. I. AVRETT, I. G. A iERS. R. B. RANKS. () I KARBATO, L. L. BARBER. P. I. ASBllR " k ' . B. A. ASBURY. G. ASKEW, M. S. ASSILANIS. S. K. ATKINSON, R. J. AVERA,, E. BACON. D. D. BAGWELL, B. S. BAKER. P. M. BALDWIN, W. D. BALEOUR. R. C. BANISTER. A. M. BAREFIELD. C. A, BARGE, L. V. BARKSDALE, J. E. BARI() ,( RARRITT, A. H BARRINEAU, R. L. lUk . ' 7. lft jMLl.f J JUNIORS NOMA; .toiois- iiKMflilk, -ALLEN, DERSON, to-ARN- [; Elber- twiville- AtlMU - IMSTER, BARBER. IKJDALE, )BERTL: BARROW, CAROL; Reynolds - B ASTON, JOHN D; Thomason-BATE, HUGH; Atlanta-BATTLE, CARL H.; Columbus-BAXLHY, SARA B.; Savannah-BAXTER, O LEN; Crandall-B E A M, CHARLES S.; Sandersville- BEASLEY. CAROLYN; W ' aycross-BECK, ANNE; Grit- fin - BEDINGFIT, BETTY; Cadwell - BELL, CHARLOTTE A.; Elhcrton - BELL. Rl ' REL; Gibbon - BELL- MORE, SUSANNA j.; Marietta-BENNET T, BETTY A.; Atlanta-BENSON, IRENE K.; Bucna Vista-BENSON. WILLIAM R.; Buena Vista -BENTLEY, GEORGE R.; Mclntyrc-BENTLEY, T. PRESTON; Thomaston-BER- GER, LEONARD H.; Savannah-BERRY, BARBARA; Macon-BETHEA, ELIZABETH; Atlanta-BE ERLY. PHIL C; Ochlochnee-BEYTEGH, T. J.; Savannah-BINEORD, T. W.; Newborn-BISHOP, SALLY; Griffin- BLACK, MARY; Greenville, S. C- BLACKBURN, FRANK M.; Statesboro-BLACKBURN, MERCER; Savan- nah-BLASINGAM, RUTH M.; Cape Charles, Va.-BLITCH, AGNES M.; Statesboro-BOBE, DOT; Atlanta- BONDS, JEAN; Atlanta-BONDURANT, MARY C; Athens-BONNELL, MILTON E.; Walton-BONNER, VIRGINIA A.; Athens-BOORSTIN. RONALD; Atlanta-BOROUGHS, FRANCES; Bowdon. LL. r. A. npi I. R. RR ' N ' . B. MITIIhA I . ASINGAM. R. M Hint II, X M RFIIMORF, S. J. BENNETT. B. A. BENSON, I. K. BENSdN. W . R. BINTLE , G. R. BEVIRI •, P. C. BEVTEGM, T. J. BINEORD. 1 . W. BISHOP. S Bl AC K. M. BOBE. D. BONDS. J. BONDURANT. ( BOXXI i I . M I BONM R. V A BENTLEY , T. P. BERGER. L. H. Bl Af KBl ' RN. E. M. Bl A KBIRX. M nooKSTIN. K •.■ il:nl (,l|x I CLASS of ' 50 BORZVNSKI, N. DOVCEN, H. V. BOWER. J. A. BOWERS. E. M. BOVETTE, M. BOYETTE. W. R. BRADFORD, J. H. BRAMBLETT, J. BRANAM. J. T. BRANAN. B. BRANCH, D. L. BRANCH, J. D. BRANCH, O. M. BRANNON, J. BRASELTON. G. B. BRASELTON, H. E. BRAWNER, H. BREWER, J. BORZYNSKI, NANCY; Elberton-BOWEN, HUGH W.; Americus-BOVCHR, JAMKS A.; Alma-BOWKRS, ED- GAR M.; Gainesville-BOYETTE, MELBA; Adel-BOYETTE, WILLIAM R.; Toccoa-BRADFORD, JOE H.; Tifton-BRAMBLETT, JE ANNETTE, Atlanta-BRANAM, JAMES T.; Athens-BRANAN, BETTY; Lexington- BRANCH, DAVID L.; Tifton-BRANCH, JIM D.; Baxley-BRANCH, OTHO M.; Bishop-BRANNON, JACK; Swainsboro-BRASELTON, GLENN B.; Pendergrass-BRASELTON, HENRY E.; Braselton-BRAWNER, HARRIETTE; Smyrna-BREWER, Julia; Atlanta-BREWSTER, BLAKE D.; Milner-BREWSTER, NANCY; Newton, Mass.-BRIDGES, JAMES D.; Americus-BRIDGES, JOSEPH H.; Sharpsburg-BRIGGS, JAMES E; Re- becca-BRINKLEY, BLANCHE S.; Bainbridge; BRINSON, ERIS; Arnoldsville-BROCK, EUGENE; Cedartown- BROCK, F. LANELL; CarroUton-BROOKS, JEANNINE; Colquitt-BROOKS, W ' EYMAN; Monroe-BROOME, ROBERT J.; Grantville-BROWN, DOLAN; Garfield-BROWN, HORACE S.; Hartwell-BROWN, JAMES A.; Dawson-BROWN, JAMES C; Elberton-BROW N, JAMES E.; Bowman-BROWN, NARDIN P.; Hartwell- BROWN, ROBERT E.; Brunswick-BROWN, RUBY J.; Vidalia-BROWN, STEWART E.; Carteret, N. J.- BROWN, WILLIAM Z.; Statesboro-BRUNER, EMILY; Toomsboro-BRYANT, CLARK H.; Comer-BRYANT, MIRIAM; Mouhrie-BRYANT, OWEN F.; Dalton-BUCHANAN, JACK P.; Manchester. L; jOA Zdk OIL BREWSTER. B. D. BREWSTER. N BROOKS. ;. BROOKS. W. BROWN. R. E. BROW N, R. J. aim.). URiED- [ )0E H.; Lainpon- )N, JACK, WNER. NAiVO ' : [IS E; Re- •BROOME, JMS,1; ; Hirwell- (ci N. )■- -BRV, NT, a.1 BllOCK.f.L BULLARD, HOMER T.; Albany - BUNN, HILDA E.; Midville-BUNTING, JOSEPH L.; aycross-BURCH, JOHN M.; Fayetteville-BURCHAM, BEVERLY; Or- lando, Fla.-BURFORD, MARY E.; Brunswick-BURKE, HARRIET C; Miami, Fla.-BURKETT, NORMAN D.; Jakin-BURNS, RAY; Conyers-BURNS, TENA A.; Jesup-BURRIACK, JOHN S.; Goshen, N. Y.; BUR- ROUGHS, HENRY W.; Cairo-BUSH, JOHN E.; Finleyson-BUSH, MARJORIE H.; Decatur-BUTLER, OTHO L.; Ambrose-BUTLER, PAUL, Tryon, N. C.-BUTTS, FAYE; Athens-CAGLE, C MARIE; Jasper-CAIN. JOAN; Athens-CAIN, MYRA S.; Columbus-CAINE, SHIRLEY; Greenville, S. C.-CALDW ELL, EMMEIT O.; Zebulon-CALLAW AY. OWEN B.; Rayle-CAMP, JAMES G.; Sylvester-CAMP, JOE B.; Dallas-CAMPBELL, CHARLES E.; Marblehead. Mass.-CAMPBELL, CLIFFORD S.; Covington-CANADY, LINW OOD J.; Hogans- ville-CANNON, JOE A.; Blakely-CANTEY. ROBERT C; La Grange-CARLISLE. NELSON; La Grange- CARMICHAE, VICTOR H.; Jackson-CARSON, JOE M.; Dalton-CARTER, GRAHAM M.; Plains-CARTER, OLLIE W ' .; Surrencv-CARTER. W ALLACE E.; W ' avcross-CASH. MAXW ELL; Mt. Airv. JRRIACK. J. S. lUJRROl ' GHS. H. W. BLSH. J. E. BITLIR. O. I.. niTLER. P. SJ UN. M. S. CAINt, S. •X.) ' - " j j - JVNNON. J. A. CANTED ' , R. C. CARLISLE. N CALDW ELL. E. O. CALLAW A ' i ' . (). B. CAMP. J. G. Bins. F. CAGLE. C. M. CAIN. J. C AMPBELL. C. E. CAMPBELL. C. S. CANADV. L. J. ( AI!MI( IIAI , V II ' AKSON. IM (AKIIK.C, M ( ARTER. O. X . CARTER. . F. CLASS of ' SO CASH, T. B. CASHIN, H. CHAMBERS, C. G. CHANCE, C. CASON, L. R. CHANCE, M. CASON, O. CASTLEBER, L. CATES, D. E. CATO, G. S. CAWLEV, F. P. CHAFIN, B. J. CHANCEY, M. J. CHANDLER, B. A. CHANDLER, N. CHANDLER, R. C. CHAPMAN, M. L. CHAPMAN. P. W, CASH, TOM B.; Ashland-CASHIN, HENRY J.; Augusta-CASON, LOIS R.; Vienna-CASON, O.; Bruns- wick-CASTLEBER, LARRY; Lumpkin-CATES, DAVID E.; Atlanta-CATO, GEORGE S.; Rome-CAWLEY, F. P.; Spalta-CHAFIN, BETTY JEAN; McDonough-CHAMBERS, CARL G.; Atlanta-CH ANCE, CATHERINE; Athens-CHANCE, MARY; Sardis-CHANCEY, MARJORIE J.; Atlanta-CHANDLER, BEITY ANNE; Mari- etta-CHANDLER, NANCY; Barnesville-CHANDLER ROBERT C; BarnesviUe-CHAPMAN, MORRIS L.; Doerun-CHAPMAN, PAUL W.; Athens-CHASTAIN, HARRY N.; Brunswick-CHASTAIN, PATRICIA; Thomasvilie-CHERRY, J. B.; Lumpkm-CHERRY, IVIAXIE J.; Donaldsonville-CHEW, HARRY H.; Craw- fordville-CHILDS, JOYCE; Thomaston-CHITWOOD, LESSOR C; Valdosta-CHURCH, MARGARET A.; Bremen-CLACK, JANE M.; Winder-CLARK, JACK E.; Atlanta-CLARK, BETTY; Lyons-CLARK, ANN E.; Atlanta-CLARK, GEORGE C; Waycross-CLARK, MARTHA H.; Louisville Kent-CLARK, NELL; Menlo- CLARK, PATSY; Macon-CLARY, WILLI AO M.; Atlanta-CLAXTON, ERNEST J.; Swainsboro-CLAY, ROB- ERT; De Soto-CLEMENT, WILLIAM M.; Rome-CLEVELAND, GROVER H.; Ft. Valley-CLEVELAND, KING D.; Elberton-CLIATT, NAN; Villa Rica-CLIFTON, ELLIS E.; Douglas-CLIFTON, LAMAR; Albany- CLOER, ROSS A.; Young Harris-COBB, L. PAUL; Atlanta. CHASTAIN, H. N. CHASTAIN, P. CHERRY, J. B. CHERRY. M. J. CHEW. H. H. CHILDS. J. CLARK. J. E. CLARK. B. CLARK. A. F. CLARK. G. C. CLARK. M. H. CLARK, N. CLAY, R. CLEMENT. W. M CI! VI I.AXn, (,. 1 1. ritVir.AXn K n ( LIATT. M. fjinox. r. CHITWOOD. L. C. CHURCH. M. A. CLARK. P. CLARY. VV. M. CLrFTOX. L CLOER. R. A CLACK, J. M. CLAXTON. E. J. f ORB. I COlUi; COST! CUM I . " ■ 5s»«r M Hi ' " r«»4. M jUNions I.; Bnins- I LEY, F. HERINt; .E: Mari- RRIS L; iTRlClA; I.; Craw- RfTA.; ANN t; Menlo- lY.ROB- iEUND, , Ateny- miA c()h;r. r. m. COLfcMAN. t. L. (;()I1i:n, a. coleman, ii COBB, LEONARD F.; Bogart-COCLIN, JAMES W.; Beaufort, S. C.-CODY, G. R.; Griffin-COFHR, RICH- ARD M.; Athens-COHEN, ADRIAN; Augusta-CO- HEN, ARTHUR; New York, N. Y.-COHEN, JERALD; Alma-COLE, HAROLD O.; Carnesvilk-COLEMAN, EMMETT L.; Barnesvilk—COLEMAN, HAROLD; Roopville-COLLIER, JAMES E.; Blakcly-COLLINS, HAR- OLD; Decatur-COLLINS, NELL P.; Amtrkus-COLW ' ELL, A. C; Blairsvillt— COMER, ROBERT H.; Americus- CONINE, MARTHA N.; Lakcland-CONLEY RICHARD L.; Savannah-CONNELLY, EDWARD W.; Savannah- CONNER, DANIEL B.; Milan-CONNER, JOHN S.; Monroe-COOK, JOHN D.; Damascus-CORDELL. ACTOR; Hartwell-COVINGTON, ARTHUR E.; Lindale-COWART, ANDREW; Garfield-COW ' ART, CHAR- LIE W.; Edison-COWART, JIMMIE L.; Millen-COX, WILLIAM C; Claxton-CRANE, BETTY, Athens- CRANE, CHARLOTTE; Lawrenctvilk—CRAW FORD, CiHARLES R.; Ltxington-CRAW ' FORD, HUGH D.; Mar- tin-CRAW ' LEY, T. H.; Atlanta-CREIGHTON, DONALD G.; Atlanta-CREWS, CLARENCE M.; Barntv vilk-CRITTENDE, CARTER; Shcllman-CROUCH, TOM J.; Valdosta-CROUCH, WALTER D.; Albany. OLLIKR. J. E. COr.UNS, H. O. COLLINS, N. P. COLWELL. A. C. COMER, R. H. CONINE. M. N. CONLEV. R. L. CONNELLY. K. W. ONNKR. D. B. O.NNER. J. S. COOK. J. D. CORDELL, A. COVI.NCI ON, A. i:. (.OWART, A. COW ARl , C. W. COWAKI, J. L. COX, W . (RAN1,B. RANE, C. CRAW FORD. C R. ( R AW 1 OKO, H. U. CRAWLEY, T. IL CREIGilTON, I). G. C;REW S, C. M. CRin I M)l . ( . (ROlell. 1. .1. ( ROI ( II, W , 1). C:- f C3 P- f Q CLASS of ' 50 ,(?; ' p f f?» CROUT, A. W. CULLUM, H. A. DANIELSON. J. A. DANIELS, G. E. CULPEPPER, J. DANION, J. R. CUMMINGS, J. DANTZLER, S. DANIEL, D. R. DARLEV, H. " . DANIEL. E. DARWIN. A. B. DANIEL, G. L DASHER, S. E. DANIEL, J. H. DANILLL, H. DAVENPORT, J. DAVENPORT, W. L. CROUT, ALOIS W,; College Park-CULLUM, H. A.; Monticello-CULPEPPER, JAMES; Talbotton-CUM- MINGS, JEAN; Douglas-DANIEL, BEARING R.; Athens-DANIEL EDGAR; MiUen-DANlEL, GARNETT L.; Athens-DANIEC JUDSON H.; Americus-DANIELL, HERMAN; Gresston-DANIELSON, JO ANN; At- lanta-DANIELS, G. E.; Jacksonville, Fla.-DANION, JAMES R.; Wilmington, N. C.-DANTZLER, SHERMAN; Atlanta-DARLEY, HERBERT W.; Brunswick-DARWTN, ARTHER B.: York-DASHER, SAMUEL E.; Val- dosta-DAVENPORT, JEANNE; Augusta-DAVENPORT, WILLIAM L.; Rock Mart-DAVID, E. GEORGE; Atlanta-DAVIDSON, SHIRLEY; Cockran-DAVIS, ALFRED L.; Atlanta-DAVTS, CHARLES E.; Toomsboro- DAVIS, CLARA A.; Mobile, Ala.-DAVIS, CORNELIUS B.; Elberton-DAVIS, FRANK P.; Arlington-DAVIS, JULIA L.; Talledega, Ala.-DAVIS, MARY C; Demorest-DAVIS, SAM T.; Chattanooga, Tenn.-DAVIS, WIL- LIAM H.; Concord-DAVIS, WILLIE S.; Pinehurst-DEAN, ALBERT D.; Ty Ty-DEATH, FLORENCE; At- lanta-DEATH, MARTHA; Atlanta-DE MARS, JEAN; Savannah-DEES, VIRGINIA R.; Ambrose-DE LA PER- RICRE, JIM; DELKE, WALLACE K.; Metter-DELOACH, H. RAY; Claxton-DEVON, CHARLES G.; At- lanta-DE WEY, FREDERICK B.; Albany-DIAMOND, VIRGINIA R.; Atlanta-DICKERSON, GEORGE L.; Clayton-DICKINSON, JANE; Miami Beach, Fla.-DILLARD, WILLIAM F.; Cusseta-DODGEN, JEANINE, Atlanta. DAVID, E. G. DAVIS, S. T. DLKLE. W. K. DAVIDSON, S. DAVIS, A. L. DAVIS. W. H. DAVIS, W. S. DELOACH. H. R. DEVON, C. G. DAVIS, C. E. DAVIS, C. A. DAVIS, C. B. DAVIS, F. P. DAVIS. I. L. DEAN. A. D. DEATH. F. DEATH. M. DE MARS. J. DEES, V. R. DEW ' EV, F. DIAMOND. V. K DICKI liSON, G L. DICKINSON, J. DILLARD. W. DAVIS, M. C DE LA PERRICRE, J. DODGEN, J. mm SS: Ai- EBiliN; L: Val- iEORGE; losboro- -DAVIS, IS.«1L- a: At- UPER- I G.; At- )RGE L; LAXLNE. DAVIS, M.C pfUPERRICIt. OOOGEN, JUNIORS IPC) JOMINL. V. DOMINI . (). d IRAKI:. 1 . dkam:. V. DORW AKD. B. DOTSON. S DKAKh. I). F. DRAW •. K. (;. orhxii., a. h. drkxfx. r. j. DOMINEY, FRANCES; Atlanta-DOMINY, OLIN O.; Tcomsboro-DORWARD, BARBARA; Atlanta-DOT- SON, SARAH; Athtns-DRAKH, BETTY F.; Cobb- town-DRAKE, LEILA, College Park-DRAKE, VIR- GINIA; Atlanta-DRAW ' DY, EDWARD C; Walters- boro, S. C.-DREXEL, ANNE B.; Irwington-DREXEL, RICHARD ville-DRURY, ROBERT D.; St. Marys-DUCEY, FREDRICK E., JR. J.; Vaklosta-DRIVER. ESTELLE; ; Savannah-DUKE. W ELBORN A.; ville-DULLIGAN, BETTY; gusta-DUNN, BYRON H.; Ella Face Griffin-DUNAW ' AY, J. ALEX; Lincolnton-DLUNAW ' AY, FRANCES; Au Zebulon-DUNN. DOT; Atlanta-DUNN, SHIRLEY H.; Dublin-DUNNING MARION; Blakely-DUSKIN, LOUISE; Columbus-D CHES, CLINTON; Savannah-DYCHES, HILDA; Sa vannah-DYE. JOE; Elberton-EADIE, FRANK; Atlanta-EARLY CHARLES L.; Augusta-EASTERLY, WIL LI AM D.; Sheridan, Ark.-ECHOLS, MARIAN X ' .; Quitman-ECHOLS, SEABROM M.; Danielsvilk—EDMOND SON, REX; Atlanta-EDW ARDS, BETTY; Bogart-EDWARDS, EMILY W.; Augusta-EHRLICH, CLAR ENCE; Augusta-ELDER, NATHAN T.; Athens-ELKINS. JANE; Baxley-ELLINGTON, JOHN E.; Soperton DRIJRY. R. n. DUCEY. F. K. Jr. DUKE, VC ' . A. )UN ' N. S. H. DU.NNING. M. Dl ' SKIA. I.. DVCHhS, C;. CHOLS. M. W . ECHOLS. S. M. I DMONDSON. R. EDWARDS, B. DULLIGAN. B. DlJNAWAY. }. A. Dl NAWA ' . E. DINN B II D ' iCHES. H. D ' iE. T. lADIt, E. I AlU. ' . ( . I EDWARDS. E. W. KHRLICH. C. ELDER. N. T. ILKIN . I DINN. D. 1 ASTERL -. W. D. ELLI.NGTON. J. E. CLASS of ' 50 ELLINGTON, H. G.;LLIS. C. EPSTEIN, L. S. EPSTEIN, L. B EARRAR, J. T. FARRAR, M. M. FAWCETT, W. K. FEINBERG. G. E. FELKER, K. B FENNELL, R. S. FETNER, R. L. ELLINGTON, HOWARD G.; Covington-ELLIS, CARLEENS; Hagan-ELMORE, ELAINE; Jeffersonville- EPSTEIN, LEON S.; Atlanta-EPSTEIN, LEWIS B.; New York City-ERWIN, ALICE; Athens-ETHERIDGE ROBERT L.; Winder-EUBANKS, WILLIAM M., JR.; Augusta-EVERETT, SUE; Augusta-FARBER, NA THAN; New York, N. Y.-FARRAR, JACK T.; Ath;ns-FARRAR, MARY M.; Athens-FAWCETT, WIL LIAM K.; Atlanta-FEINBERG, GERALDINE; Thomas. ille-FELKER, KERT B.; Atlanta-FENDIG, EDWIN St. Simons Isl.-FENNELL, ROY S.; Douglas-FETNER, RICHARD L.; Macon-FICKLE, EUGENE W.; At lanta-FIELDS, NOVIS K.; Swainsboro-FISHER, CLARENCE, JR.; Gatlinburg, Tenn.-FITZGERALD, CLAY TON v.; Camila-FITZGERALD, TASK A S.; Lavona-FLANDERS, CHARLES E.; Brunswick-FLEMING HAILEY A.; Hartwell-FLETCHFR, JAMES M.; Americus-FLETCHER, WILLIAM H. P.; Arrott-FLOYD CALVIN, C. M.; Cartersville-FOREHAND, OLIVER C; Sylvester-FOUNTAIN, DELBERT C; Columbus- FOWLER, L. C; Coolidge-FOWLER, RITA L.; Columbus-FOX, JESSIE L.; Calhoun-FRANCLSA, DORIS FayetteviUe, W. Va.-FRANKLIN, ALEX W.; Plainviile-FRASER, CHARLIE E.; Hinesville-FREDERICK CECIL H.; Montezuma-FREEMAN, JUDSON L., JR.; Hilton-FRIEDMAN, BARBARA R.; Atlanta-FRIED MAN, HAROLD L.; Brunswick-FULGHOM, EDITH; CamiUa-FULGHOM, MELVER M.; CamiUa-FULGHUM TOM R.; South Boston, Va.-FULLER, WYNETTE; Columbus-FULTON, C. BEN; SummerviUe. FICKLE, E. W. FIELDS, N. K. FISHER. C, Jr. FITZGERALD, C. V. FITZGERALD, T. S. FLANDERS, C. E. FLEMING, H. A. FLETCHER, J. M. FLETCHER. W. H. 1 FLOYD. C. M. FOREHAND. O. C. FOUNTAIN. D. C. lOW LLR. L. C. FOWLER. R. L. FOX, J. L. FRANCESA, D. FRANKLIN. A. V . ERASER, C. E. FREDERICK, C. H. FREEMAN. J. Jr. FRIEDMAN, B. R. I HIl DMAN. I : I.. nK.HOM. I FULGHOM, M. M. Fl LGI lUM. 1 . R. FULLER, V. FULTON, C. B. Mville- EiUDGE, EK NA- T, WIL- EDTOi; W .; Ai- I ClAY- LEMM, ■nm jiiunbus- DORIS; DERICK. ,-FlllED- LGHDl, 11). M. [I .A« ' MORS O C CAINtS, G. H. (.AURKTT, J. L GARNER. M. GARRISON. F. GARNKTT. M. GARRISON. Ci. garoi:alo. J. I. GARTRKLL. R. G G.; Blue Ridgt— GATTIS, SID- Millcn-GIBBS. DOROTHY L; GADDY, RICHARD M.; Arlington, Va.-GAINES, GEORGE H.; Atlanta-GARNER, MARY E.; Atlanta- GARNETT, MALVIN R.; Savannah-GAROFALO, J. J.; McKees Rocks, Pa.-GARREN, VERNON J.; Atlanta- GARRETT, JAMES L.; Valdosta -GARRISON, ELLEN; CORNELIA-GARRISON, GROVER C; Thomson-GARTRELL, ROBERT NEY T.; Porterdale-GAULDING, CHARLOTTE; Atlanta-GAY, CRAIG; Ocilla-GIDDENS, WILLIAM M.; Eastman-GIDLEY, THOMAS G.; Athens-GILBERT, BETTY; Savannah- GILBERT, SARAH C; Belton, S. Car.-GILMORE, JAMES R.; Milledgcville- GILMORE, A. ALBERT; Black- shear-GINN, GROVER C; Columbiis-GINN, PERRY ; Atlanta-GISSENDANER, JULIAN A.; Athens-GLASS CYNTHIA R.; Brunswick -GLEESON, CHARLOTTE T.; Jeffersonville-GLENN. JAMES C; Athcns-GLENN, CHARLES A.; Cairo-GNEHM, JOHN R.; La Grange-GODBEE, W RAY A.; Millcn-GOLDBERG, JOEL H.; Atlanta- GOLDEN, ALVA M.; Milledgevilk-GOLbMAN, DONALD H.; New York City-GOODMAN CAROLYN; Aiher.s-GOODSON, THOMAS W .. JR.; Frankiin-GOODSON, WILLIAM O.; Ha ' rdwick-GOOD WIN. lEANNE M.; Eldorado, Ark.-GORDY, JAiMES C; Thomaston. . nnCHafI ' ATTIS.S. T. GAUI.niNG. C, GAY. C mSfTcE. i ' LMORK. A. GINN. G. C. GINN, F GIBBS, n. I.. GIDDENS. V . M. GIDLE ' . T. G. GILBERT. B. GILBERT. S. f . GILMORE. J. R. GISSLNDAN. .1. A. GLASS. C. R. GLEE.SON. (J. T. GLENN. J. C. GI.LN.N. ( .. A (.NLMM. J. R. ODBFE. W. A. GOLDBERG, J. H. GOIDIX. A. M (.OLDMAN. I). II. GOODMAN. C:. GOODSON. T. W. Jr. GOODSON. W . O (,OOD IN. I NL GOKD . J. C. n ik Sealed: Dr. Jonathan C. Rogers, President; Standing: J. D. Bolton, Comptroller, Dr. G. H. Boyd, Dean of Graduate School, Dr. A. B. Biscoe, Dean of Faculty, and Dr. J. Thomas Askew, Assistant to the President and Director of Students Affairs. At this point, we pause to honor the new President of the University of Georgia, Dr. Jonathan Clark Rogers, who was re- cently transferred from North Georgia College to his new post. We dedicate this page to him by wishing him the very best of success in his new position. HHPVi p 1 1 r " ! L. ' .iH rj ' i IL s in A 9 Wm ' jl r.i 1 E Pp h» m 3 ■II::; . jjp Jl Dr. Tom Reed, Registrar Emeriliis, Wel- comes the New President The Honorable Jack Wells, Mayor of Athens, Greets Dr. Rogers •i JUNIORS ,o C.OKNIC). M. W . GKA ■|)() ' . A. (jOULliT. C. I. CRKEN. J. S. Jr CjUAiNADI;. J. . GREENE. M. F. GRAVES, H. D., Ir GREENE. W. W . GORNTO, RAYMOND C; Adel-GORNTO, MARILYN ' .; Soperton-GOULET, CHARLES E.; Manchester, N. H.-GRANADE, JOSEPH X ' .; W ' ashington-GRAVES, H. D., JR.; Augusta-GRAY, JAMES L.; Augusta- GRAYDON, ANNE; Atlanta-GREEN, JOHN S., JR.; Augusta-GREENE, MYLES F.; Douglas-GREENE, WILLIAM W.; Buena Vista-GREENW AY, W ILLY J., JR.; Chamblee-GRIFFIN, JEANETTE; Macon-GRIFFIN, FLORENCE; Atlanta-GRIFFITH, FRANK W.; Buchanan- GRIFFITH, JOHNNY L.; Atlanta-GRIMSLEY, JOHN U.; Burmbridge-GROSS, |IMMY N.; " aycross-GUL- LEY, HERMAN; Elberton-GULLEY, JEAN C; Fiber .on-GUNN, BEVERLY; Atlanta-H ADDEN, ROBERT L.; Aveva-HAGAN, FRANK C; Brunswick-HAILE, ROBERT E.; West Green-HAILEY, GRACE; Hartwell- HAISLET, JOHN A.; Garrettsville, O.-HAISLET, MARJORIE; Garrettsville, O.-HALE, iVlARCLS; Crandall- HALL, JAiMES C; Homerville-HALL. JAMES D.; M :.uItrie-HALLIDAY, ROBERT N.; Decatur-HALPRIN, HARRIET; Fort Valley-HAMBY, JAMES J.; Columjus-HAMBY, EDWARD W.; Smyrna-HAMILTON, FRANCES; Sandersvelle-HAMMOCK. BERT L.; EDWARD; LaGrange-HANCOCK, BETTY J.; Atlanta. REEN AV. XJ..Jr.GRIFHN. J. GRIFFIN. F. GRIFFITH. F. W. GRIFFITH. J. L. GRIMSLEV. J. GROSS. J. N. GII.I.FV. II. Gl LI.FV. J. UNN. B. MADDEN. R. I.. HAGAN. F. C. HAILE. R. F. IIAILEY, G. HAISLET. J. A. HAISI.FT. .M. MALE. M. HAEL. I. (.. lALL, .1. D HALLIDA . R. N. HALPRIN. Fl. FIAMBV. J. J. HAMBV. E. V. HAMILTON. F. HAM.MOCK. li I HA.MRK K. F 1). HAN 0(K. H I CLASS Of ' 50 HAND, HERBERT; Hazelhurst-HARBEN, FORD; Athens-HARDEE, JAMES G.; Savannah-HARDIN, JOHN R.; Macon-HARDY, JIMMIE T.; Athens-HARKINS, JOAN; Palm Beach, Fla.-HARKINS, JOHN W.; Mc- Donough-HARLEY, JOSEPH M.; Savannah-HARRELL, ERNEST K.; Camilla-HARRIS, CHARLOTTE; Mon- roe-H ARRIS, DONALD E.; Union Point-H ARRIS, MARTHA E.; Atlanta-H ARRIS, ROY J.; Collins-H AR- RIS, TROUPE, JR.; Washington-H ARRIS, WILLIAM R.; Fitzgerald-HARRISON, JACK T.; Savannah-HAR- RISON, JO ANN; Athens-HARRISON, OTIS W.; Augusta-HARRY, HENRY G.; Warm Springs-HARTMAN, C. M.; Reynolds-HARVILL, MRS. W. M.; Athens-HASKINS, ERNEST B.; Lewisburg, Tenn.-HASLETT, MACY E.; Elberton-HATCHER, BETTY; Harlem-HAWK, JAMES B.; Atlanta-H AWKINS, ANNETTE M.; Macon-H AY, WILLIAM T.; Madison, Fla.-HAYWORTH, HARRY R.; Toccoa-HEAD, JAMES D.; Cleveland- HEARD, CHARLES P.; Forsyth-HEERY, JIMMIE; Stone Mt.-HEINS, HARRIET; Augusta-HELTON, THOMAS H.; Duluth-HEMBREE, ALBERT H.; Bartoi-HEMPHILL, HARRY E.; Athens-HENDERSON, BILLY; Macon-HENDRY, ROBERT; Blackshear-HENNING, ROBERT C; Edison-HENSLEY, PEGGY A.; Atlanta-HERNDON, GEORGE D.; Berinind, W. Va.-HERRING, JOEL E.; Canon-HERRING, CHARLES; Alpharetta-HESTER, FRANCIS L.;-Cairo-HICKS, FLORA; ClarkesviUe-HIGGINS, JOAN, Augusta. i. HARR -. H. HARTMAN, C. HA f)KTH. II. HEAD. J MFXDH ' i-, R. HINNING, R. HARVILL, Mrs. V. HASKINS, E. HIARD. C. HEERV, J. HI NSLE -. P. HERNDON. G. HASLETT. M HEINS, H. HERRING, J. HATCHER. B. HELTON. T. HERRING, C:. HAWK. J. HEMBREE. A. HESTER. E. HAWKINS. A. HAY, W. HEMPHIEL. H. HENDERSON, B. HK.KS. E. lilGGINS. J. junms i j f f Ji T.; Me- re; Mm- B-HAR- ili-HAR- RTMiN, ASLETT, m M.; trelffld- lELTON, )ER50N. GCVA.; H ARIES; loinow 1 K, A. iiionTowKR, D. nil I., n. INSON, .1. HIRSCH. S. Ill II, II nil I , K. iini , M. HIGHTOW ER, ANiNA J.; Damascus - HIGHTOWHR, DORMAN L.; Attapulgus-HILL, D. SLOAN; No. ilkes- boro, N. C.-HILL, RAYMOND M.; Bessemer, Mich- HILL, ROBERT ].; St. Petersburg, Fla.-HINSON, JACK W.; PelEiam-HIRSCH, SYLVIA; Columbus-HITE, HARRY W.; Ellaville-HITE, MILDRED H.; EllaviUe-HOBBY, J. M.; Cardele-HOBBY, EDWARD G.; Ash burn-HOCH, WALTER K.; Atlanta-HODGE, PAUL. JR.; Leslie-HODGES, ALBERT J.; Springfield- HODGES, FRED W ., JR.; Statesboro-HODGES, ROBERT H.; Loganville-HOGAN. BENJAMIN M.; Ocilla-HOGAN, BETTY A.; Dudlev-HOLLAND. FREDERICK P.; Columbus-HOLLINGSW ORTH, DORO- THY J.; Macon-HOLLIS, HERSCHEL; Reynolds-HOLLIS, OSCAR P.; Crawfordville-HOLTON, NOAH E.; Douglas-HOOKS, O. ., [R.; Tonesboro-HOOVER, CHARLES E.; Augusta-HOPKINS, MILTON N., JR.; FitzgeraJd-HORNBUCKLE, BETTY J.; Omega-HORNE, MARY ALICE; Augusta-HOTCHKISS. LEONARD B.; Hawkinsvilk-HOWALT, ROBERT F.; Jacksonville, Fla.-HOW ARD, DANIEL H.; S Ivania-HOW ARD, EDVXIN C; Sylvania-HOW ARD, PRYOR L.; Nashville-HOW ELL, LUKE; Oakman-HUBBARD, HILDRID; Emerson-HUCKEBA, NELL; Tifton-HUDGINS, LEE P.; Atlanta. IIOGAN. B. IIOCAN. B. HOI.IAM). 1. HOFKI.NS. M, Jr. HORNHt CKI.I. li. IIOR.M. M. Ill H18ARD. II lir(KlHA, N. I HIM.INS. I.. CLASS of ' SO I ' ■«• t N f O f m€ i HLDGINS. O. D. Ill ' DSON. .1. P. HUDSON. .1. I . HUMPHREY. M. P. HUNNICUTT, P. J. HURST. B. H. HUDSON, v., A. HUFF. G. H. HUIE. M. HULING, A. F. HULME. J. C. HUTCHERSON. H. G.HUTCHESON, T. P. HUTCHINSON. J. W. HYATT, R. ILLGES, M. L. HULME. H. P. INGRAM, A. R. HUDGINS, OSWALD D.; Sycamore-HUDSON, JAMES P.; Gallatin, Tenn.-HUDSON. JEAN F.; Atlanta- HUDSON, WILLIAM A.; SummerviUe- HUFF, GERALD E.; Ray City-HUIE, MILDRFD; Albany-HULING, ALBERT F.; Folkston-FIULME, JAMES C; Elberton-HULME, HENRY P.; DanviUe-HUMPHREY, M. PA- TRICIA; Malba Long Island N.-HUNNICUTT, P. JEAN; Metttr-HURST, BYRON H.; Camilla-HUTCHER- SON, HENRY G.; DanielviUe-HUTCHESON, TOM P.; Talbotton-HUTCHINSON, JOHN W.; Lancaster, S. C-HYATT, ROWENA; Franklin-ILLGES, MARY LOU; Columbus-INGRAM, ANNIE R.; Barney-IRVIN, HOWLETT C; Elberton-IRWIN, VIRGINIA L.; Rockmart-ISACS, HOWARD E.; Westhampton Beach, N.- JACKSON, CALVIN-JACKSON, JANE; Augusta-JACKSON, L. C.-JACKSON, LAMAR ].; Tigrell-JACKSON, LOUISE E.; Anniston, Ala.-JACKSON, MARTHA G.; Atlanta-JACKSON, ROBERT C. ' ; Roswell-JACKSON, SARAH; Toomsboro-JAMES, KENNETH E.; Homerville-JAMES, TRUITT, D.; Waycross-JAY, FERMAN L.; Buford-JENKINS, CRAWFORD O.; HuU-JENNINGS, ROBERT N.; Lawrenceburg, ' Tenn.-JERNIGAN, BEN W.; Shellman-JETER, CECIL D.; Moultrie-JOHNSON, BERNICE; Grantville-JOHNSON, FRANK E.; Alma- JOHNSON, GRETTA; Epworth-JOHNSON, MARION P.; Ft. Valley-JOHNSON, MARTHA M.; Athens- JOHNSON, NEIL P.; Hinsonton-JOHNSON, RUBIDOJX E.; Athens-JOHNSON, T. JACK; Stockton-JOHN- SON, VIRGINIA; Zebulon. IRVIN. H. C. I.7 VIN. V. L. ISACS. H. E. JACKSON, R. C. JACKSON, S. JAMES, K. lOHNSON. H. JOHNSON, F. E. JOHNSON. G. JACKSON, C. JACKSON, J. JACKSON, L. C. JACKSON, L. J. JACKSON, L. E. JACKSON, M. G. JAMES. T. D. }K . E. L. JENKINS, O. C. JENNINGS, R. N. JERNIGAN, B. W. JETER, C. D. JOHNSON, M. P. JOHNSON, M. M. JOHNSON, N. P. JOHNSON, R, E. JOHNSON, T. J JOHNSON. V. A. illLN ' G, M. PA- TCHER- Luasier, -IRVLN, ich, iN- iCKSON, iCKSON, iL N L; BEX ; Alma- Adiens- f-IOHN- JONES, CHARLES H.; Thomaston-JONES, EUGENE; Alapaha-JONES, J. ROSSER; Columbus-JONES, MAR- GARET F.; Toccoa-JONES, ROBYE B.; Summcrvilk— JONES, STAUART H.; Columbus-KAHN, MIMI R.; Pelham-KEA, PAUL R.; Dublin-KEETER, JOSEPHINE; Savannah-KELLAM, MIMI; Dublin-KELLER, EDGAR W " .; Eastanollee-KELLY, HAROLD M.; Rochcllt; KENNEDY, HYRAM M.; Savannah-KENNEDY, JOHN D.; Albemarle, N. C.-KENNEDY, PAULINE; Gaincs- ville-KENT, MARY; W ' oodcliff-KERR, ELLEN, Columbus-KEW ' YON. NAVEDA M.; Lindale- KIBLER, DOTTIE; Dudley-KICKLIGHTER, ELBERT B.; Giennvillc; KIGHT, HAROLD E.; Warner Robins-KIGHT, RAY; Kite-KIMBERLY, )EAN; Atlanta-KING, A. D.; Douglas-KING, DOROTHY P.; McMinnville, Tenn.- KING, GABIE; Fort Gaines-KING, SARA A.; Thomas viUe-KINNEY, CALDER .; Macon-KIRBY, DAVID F.; Commerce-KIRKLAND, WYMAN R.; Lyon;, KIRKPATRICK, JAMES F.; Detatur-KISER, MARION J.; Qiiitman-KLENBERG, MAX B.; Atlanta-KiN APP, WILLIAM A.; Atlanta-KMERIM, VINCENT L.; Kings- port, Tcnn.-KNIGHT, ROY C; Dcxtcr-KNOWLES, LAWRENCE F.; Savannah. j ,j lOHN ' SON V.A LLER. E. W. KFM.V. H. M CKLIGHTER, E. B. KICHT. H. E. KENNEDY ' . II. M. KENNED ' , I. D. KENNEDY. P. KICHl . R. KIMHERE- -. KIRKLAND. W. R. KIKKPA ERK K, I E.KISER. M. .1. KENT. .M. KING. I). V KING. A. D. KI ENBERG. M. H. KNAFE. W . A. Kl RR, E. KING. G. KEW VON, N. .M. KIHI.ER. D. KING. S A. KI.N.NE ' , C. W. K.NIERIM. V. I KNK.H I K KNOW I I i I E CLASS Of ' SO wL V LjK ' •. . yni v 4. m KOCEVAR, 1- ( KOI LOCK, J. C. KONTER. I. LANIER. J. V. LAMEU, K. LATTV, H. O. KOZELNICK. G. M. LACOUR, F. O. LAMB, J. T. LAW, G. H. LAW ' S, S. LAX, B. LAMON, T. E. LANE, C. G. LANGLE- ' . J H. LEASMAN, C. II. LE BLANE, R. M. LEDBETTER, A. KOCKVAR, FRANCIS C; Charleroi, Penna.-KOLLOCK, JOHN C; Atlanta-KONTER, IRVIN, Savannah- KOZELNICKY, GEORGE M.; Allentown, Pa.-LACOUR, FLORENCE O.; Atlanta-LAMB, JOHN T.; La Grange-LAMON, THOMAS E.; Dixie-LANE, CALVIN G.; Savannah-LANGLEY, JAMES H.; Ellijay-LA- NIER, JAMES W.; Lake City, Fla.-LANIER, ROBERTS; Statesborc-LATTY, FIOWARD O.; Atlanta- LAW, GEORGE H.; Gainesville-LAWS, SARAH; Valdosta-LAX, BERNARD; New York, N. Y.-LEASMAN, CLAUDE H.; Atlanta-LE BLANE, ROSE M.; Tifton-LEDBETTER, ANN; Norwood-LEE, RICHARD C; EI- berton-LEFKOFF, HAROLD J.; Atlanta-LENHARDT, KATE; Atlanta-LEONARD, EDWARD A; Savann;ih- LEONARD, ELIZABETH L.; Savannah-LEOTIS, PONDELEE A.; Brunswick-LEVER, SAM A.; Augusta- LEVIN, FREIDA; Nashville-LEVINE, WILLIAM L.; Savannah-LEVY, JEROME W.; Atlanta-LEWIS, CHARLES D.; Decatur-LEWIS, GEORGIA; Sparta-LEWIS, WILLIAM G.; Hogansville-LILLY, LAURA B.; Hull-LIPPINCOTH, WILLIAM C; N. J.-LITTLE, CAROLINE A.; Marietta-LIVINGSTO, WILLIAM J.; Moultrie-LLOYD, BYRON C; Atlanta-LOCKE, BOBBY J.; Butler-LOVELL, MARGARET; Sandersville- LOVVORN, VIRGINIA C; Atlanta-LUKE, JIMMY; Ashburn-LUMSDEN, JESSIE C; Talbotton-LUTTRELL, SALLY; Atlanta-MAC ELHANNON, JAMES R.; Winder-MAFFETT, JIMMY; Montezuma-MAFFETT, MA- RILYN; Montezuma. LEE, R. C. LEFKOFF. H. J. LENHARDT, K. LEONARD, E. A. LEONARD, E. L. LEOTIS, P. A. LEVER, S. A. LEVIN, F. LEVINE, W. L. I LEVY, J. W. LEWIS, C. D. LEWIS. G. LEWIS. W. G. LILLY. L. B. LIPPINCOTH. W. C. LITTLE. C. A. LIVINGSTO, W. J. LLOYD, B. C. I LOCKE, B. J. LOVELL, M. LOVVORN. V. C. LUKE. J. LUMSDEN. J. (.. H TTRFLL. S. MAC ELHAN, J. R. MAFFETT. J. MAFFETT, M. o iiyii K IdMSiJ -: •4liMnN i«» tJh rij. ltJH »JAMatSAi » U LWOIEV.IH LIM. lH)BFraR,A jvimiili- iT,;La Jijiy-li- Adfflia- ML D C; El- rLE«iS, LAITIA ' .lUWl dtnville- TTRELL. AHAFFKV, J. K. MAHKTT ' i-. R. W . MALONK, F. I.. MANNING. R. V. MANNY, M. lANSFIELD, P. MARET, K. U. MARLOVC, S. N. MARSH, F. MARSHALL. W. S. MAHAFFEY, JFTHRO F.; Younj; Cane— MAHFTTY, R. W.; Lawrensvillt-MALONK, FARL F.; Miami, Fla.- MANNING, RICHARD W ' .; Rocky Face-MANNY, MARTHA; Quitman-MANSFIFLD, PATRICIA; Carteis- ville-MARFT, KARF D.; Favonia-MARLOW, SARAH N.; Carrollton-MARSH, FRANK; Dublin-MARSHALL, W ' IFMA S,; Amcricus-MARTIN, HUGH B. ; Atlanta- MARTIN, ROBERT H.; Jesup-MARTIN, VERNE; Valdosta-MARTIN, WAFTER F.; Fincolnton-MARTIN. WANDA J.; Atlanta-MASHBURN, FFEWEFFYN V.; Adel-MASSFNBURG, ANN; Macon-MATEZ, MURRAY N.; Atlantic City, N. J.-MATHEWS, GEORGE W.; Cuthbert-MATTISON, MARIAN; Atlanta-MAURIO- COURT, JAMES N.; Moultrie-MAXWEFF, BARBARA J.; Griffin-MAXWEFF, W ' IFFIE F,; Athtns-MAY. ROY E.; Atlanta-MAYS, KATHRYN P,; Aiken, S. C,-McA VFIFF, VERNON; Atlanta-McCARFFY, HUGH F.; Newnan-McCANFISH, R. M.; ElIijay-McCFURE, ROBERT E.; Acworth-McCOFSKE, STEPHENS C; Vidalia-McCRARY, FEWIS, Molena-McCREA, JOAN; Thomasviik— McCRFFRY, WIFFIAM F.; Savannah- McCuFLAR, CFARENCE F.; Moultrie— McCUFFOCH, ILFIAM, ' .; Union Point-McCURRY. A. A.; Sa- vannah-McDONAFD, THOMAS W ' .; Monroe. , IEVINT,«L MAFF[Tr,M. kRTIN, H. B. MARTIN, R. H. MARTIN, V. MARTIN, VC. 1 TTISON, M. MAl ' RIOCOL RT. J. N. MAXW ELL, B. ]. MAXW ELL, W :LURE, R. E. McCOLSKE, S. C. McCRARV. L. McCREA, J. MAR! IN, W. J. MASIIBURN, L. V. MASSENBL ' R, A. .MAI EZ, M. N. MATHEWS, G. . MA -, R. E. MA S, K. P. McALLIFF, V. MtCAl LEY, H. F. MctANLISH. R. M. McCREERY. W . F. .MtClJLLAR. C. L. McCULLOCH, W . ..McCLRRY. A. A. McDO.V ' ALD. T. W. CLASS of ' SO McDonald, E. McELROV. W. N. McENTIRE, J. F. McFEELV, R. a. McGAFFIC. H. R. McGARITY. G. McGINNIS, L. S. McINVALE. W. R. McKENZIH. W. a. flOOM I McKJNNEY, M. A. McRAE, H. McVCHORTER, C. L. MEADOW, C. H. MEAGHER, N. J. MEDLIN, J, R. MEEKS, C. C. MERIWETHER, W. F.MERRITT, R. J. McDonald, ELLEN; Atlama-McELROY, WILLIAM N.; Atlanta-McENTIRE, JAMES F.; Chat!,worth-Mc- FEELY, ROBERT A.; Augusta-McGAFFIC, HERBERT R.; Darlington, Pa.-McGARITY, GEORGIA; Dallas- McGlNNIS, L. S.; Athens-McINVALE, WILLIAM R.; Manchester-McKENZIE, WILLIAM A.; Thomaston- McKINNEY, MARCIA; Canton-McRAE, HUGH; Rockmart-McWHORTER, CHARLES L.; Winder-MEADOW, CLAUDE H.; Cordele-MEAGHER, NEIL J.; Atlanta-MEDLIN, JAMES R.; Jasper-MEEKS, CHARLES C; Douglas-MERIWETHER, WILLIAM F.; Sanford, Fla.-MERRITT, ROYSTON J.; Norcross-MERRITT, SARA F.; Cumming-MESCURE, ISABELLE £.; Waycross-METHVIN, VIRGINIA N.; Senoia-MIDDLETON, WIL- LIAM M.; Blakely-MILLER, JOHN F.; Cleveland-MILLS, JOHN R.; Jacksonville, Fla.-MILLS, JULON B.; Hazlehurst-MIMS, GEORGE; Plains-MIMS, KATHRYN L.; Hartsfield-MINCHEW, HOWELL E.; Jesup- MITCHELL, ALVIN; Mozella-MITCHELL, JAMES; Brunswick-MITCHELL, JOE C; Climax-MITCHELL, NINA; CrawfordviUe-MITCHELL, PAULINE; Thomasville-MITCHELL, ROYCE J.; Atlanta-MIXON, RAY L.; Tifton-MOATE, GAY; Dercerenx-MOBLEY, GWINN; ThomasviUe-MOBLEY, JAMES R.; Augusta-MOB- LEY, RALPH C; Live Oak, Fla.-MOBLEY, THOMAS E.; Atlanta-MOCK, CLARA B.; Atlanta-MODDOX, STEDHAM L.; Gainesville-MONTFORT, CHARLIE T.; Regholds-MOODY, JOHN K.; Savannah-MOONEY, DOROTHY; Rome. MERRITT, S. F. MESCURE, I. E. METHVIN, V. N. MIDDLETON, W. M.MILLER, J. F. MILLS, J. R. MILLS, J. B. .MIMS, G. MIMS. K. L. MINCHEW, H. E. MITCHELL, A. MITCHELL, J. MITCHELL, J. C. MITCHELL, N. MITCHELL. P. MITCHELL. R. J. MIXON, R. L. MOATE, G. - ■ - MOBLEY, G. MOBLEY, J. R. MOBLEY, R. C. MOBLEY, T. E. MOCK. O. B. MODDOX, S. L. MONTFORT, C. T. MOODY, J. K. MOONEY, D. , Ir? !) ' JUNIORS »onh-M(- l;D»llas- Mduston- n m, JiliSC; n, SARA )N, VTIL- .ION B.: ;.; joup- nCHElL ON. RAY BU-MOB- WDDOX. .MOONEV. lOCIRI. B. MOOHIi.J. El. MOORl, M. J. MOORE. N. L. MOORE, S. D. lOOKt, . J. MORELAND. S. MORGAN. D. . MORGAN. J. L. MORRIS. G. R. MOORE, BEVERLEY; Miami, Fla.-MOORE, JAMES H.; Chula-MOORE, MARTHA J.; Douglas-MOORE, NEW- MAN L.; Athens-MOORE-Sampson D.; Morris Sta- tion-MOORE, WALTER J.; NunI) -MORELAND, SA- RAR; East Point-MORCiAN, DISKIN G.; Douglas- MORGAN, JUDITH L.; Clenwon, S. C.-MORRIS, GEORGE R.; Marietta-MOSELEY, GROVER C; Winder-MOSES, EDWARD C; Uvalda-MOSES, EDWIN O.; Uvalda-MOULDEN. C.LORIA; Jackson, Miss.- MOXLEY, BETTY; Midvillc-MULLIGAN, ROBERT C; Augusta-MULLIS, JOHN E.; Dubiin-MUNDY, CHARLES D.; Jontsboro-MUNSON, RAY; Port Henry. N. Y.-MLJRPHY. JLMMY J.; Morrow-MURPHY, ELLIS; Athens-MURPHY, SADIE; Quitman-MURRAY, LEONARD E.; Atlanta-MYERS, FREDERICK; Ma- rietta-NEAL, RUSSELL O.; Ashland-NEEL, ELIZABETH A.; Atlanta-NELMS, VIRGINIA C; Athcns-NEL- SON, ERNEST J.; Calhoun-NEW BERN, FRANK C; Valdo.sta-NEWCOM, WILLIAM H.; Sullivan Kcnt-NEW - MAN, LAWRENCE; Athens-NEWTON, HOWELL E.; Milicn-NEWTON. |OHN R.; Miilen-NEWTON, PRESTON; Concord-NICHOLS, THOMAS; Cedartowr.-NICKENS, RAY; Madison-NICHOLS, ' AN N.; Sa- vannah. lOSELEV. G. C. MOSES. E. C. MOSES. E. O. (■RPin. J. J. MURPHY. E. MURPHY. S. E BERiN. F. C. .N ' lWCOM. W. H. NEWMAN. I.. MOULDEN. G. MOXLEY, B. MURRAY, L. E. MYERS, F. NEWTON. H. E:. NEWTON. J. R. MliEEIGAN. R. C. Ml ' LLIS. J. E. NEAL. R. O. NEEL. E. A. NEWTON, P. .NKIIOES. T. MUNDY. C. D. MUNSON. R NELMS, V. C. NELSON. E. ). NKKENS. R. NICHOLS. V. N. CLASS Of ' SO NIXON, H. C. NORTON, C. L. OVi EN, I. PALMOUR, W. NUNNALLY, L. G. GATES, D. PARHAM, J. R. PARKER, J. H. OKEEFFE, C. PARKER. J. T PARKER, C. L. ORR, E. E. PARKER, J. R. NIXON, H. C; Macon-NORTON, CHARLES L.; Savannah-NUNNALLY, LEWIS G.; Bogart-OATES, DOROTHY; Brunswick-OKEEFFE, CLARA; Atlanta-ORR, CAROLINE; Atlanta-ORR, EVELYN E.; Athens- ORR, JOHN v.; Alto-OSGATHARP, DALLAS G.; Moss, Tenn.-OWEN, IRIS; Savannah-PALMOUR, WEL- DONK; Gainesvillc-PARHAM, JAMES REED; East Point-PARKER, JAMES H.; Quill-PARKER, JAMES T.; Carnesville-PARKER, CHARLIE L.; Macon-PARKER, JOHN R.; Anderson, N. Car.-PARKER, MARY E.; Brunswick-PARKS, JAMES P.; Atlanta-PARNELL, FRANCIS E.; Martinez-PARRISH, JOYCE; Moultrie- PARTRIDGE, MARY B.; Union Point-PATCH, JEWELL J.; Moultrie-PATRICK, LESLIE; Quitman-PAT- TERSON, JOHN B.; Donalsonville-PATTERSON, BETTY L.; Augusta-PATTERSON, MARVIN C; Lampasas, Texas-PATTON, DEVON K.; Shady Dale-PATUREAU, ALAN C; Atlanta-PAULK, WILLIAM E.; Rebecca-PAULSEN, J. H.; Savannah-PAULSEN, JOHN F.; Savannah-PAXSON, ROBIN M.; Abbeville- PAYEFF, MANDEL; Aiken, S. C.-PEARCE, LOUISE F.; Atlanta-PEARCE, ROBERT L.; Moultrie-PEEBLES, HALL; Augusta-PENLAND, RALPH; Covington-PERRY, CLYDE L.; Donalsonville-PERRY, RALPH W.; Rome-PETREE, RALPH; Atlanta-PETTIT, WALTER, F.; Ellijay-PHILLIPS, GEORGE R.; Atlanta-PHILLIPS, GRADY W.; Soperton-PHILLIPS, W. BARRY; Valdosta-PHILLIPS, WESLEY J.; Dacula. PARNELL. F. E. PARRISH, J. PATLREAU. A. C. PAULK, W. E. PENLAND, R. PERRY. C. E. PARTRIDGE, M. B. PATCH, J. J. PAE ' LSEN, J. H. PAULSEN, J. F. PERRY. R. W. PETREE, R. PATRICK, L. PATTERSON, J. B, PATTERSON, B. L. PATTERSON, M. C. PATTON, D. K. PAXSON. R. M. PA-iEFF. M. PEARCE. L. F. PEARCE. R. L. PEEBLES. H. PETTIT. W. E. PHILLIPS. G. R. PHILLIPS, G. W. PHILLIPS, W. PHILLIPS, W. J. I.ttut i «,7-uf-«tai mm tm.i i-OATK, .; Aihens- II m lAMESl; m E.; Mouluie- man-PAT- RVIN C; WILLIAM Abbevilk- -PEEBLEi ALPH «.; -PHllUPi 5. Ci I ' lIKIiNTON, P. I ' ONDtR. J. A. PINADl I.I.A, M. POPE. J. 1. PIRKLE, J. F. PORTER, J. E. PITTS, K. A. PORTER, M. E -PORTMAN, BERNARD; B.; Lakeland-POW ' KLL, Savannah-POTTS, VhLA M.; Kite- PILCHER, JACQUELYN; W ' arrenton-PILKENTON, PEGGY, Molcna-PINADELLA, MICHAEL; Belleville, N. J.-PIRKLE, JOSHUA E.; Hoschton-PITTS, E. ANN; College Park-POAGE, THOMAS X ' .; Tampa, Florida- PONDER, JIM A.; Rutlcdge-POPE, JAMES T.; Atlanta- PORTER, JAMES E.; Salisbury-PORTER, MARY E.; Cochran AMY; Ringgold-POWE, MARY E.; Dccatur-POWELL, JOE POWERS, MARIE E.; Savannah-PRICE, VIRGINIA; Griffin-PRINCE, WENDELL L.; Pelham-PROC TOR, LAKE; Athens-PRUITT, ELIZABETH; Manchester-PRYER, JOSEPH E.; Dcsota-PURSER, CHARLES A.; Cochran-PYLES, HOLMES E.; Lizella-QUARTERMAN, CLARK; Valdosta-QUEEN, JOHN W.; Dccatur- RAINEY, CARL; Augusta-RAMSEY, RICHARD E.; Evans-RANDALL, WILLIAM D.; Athens-RANDALL, W ILLIAM R. W.; Ashington-RATHELL, MARY N.; Toccoa-RAY, BOYCE II.; Calhoun-REDDISH, ' ERNON R.; Athens-REECE, JOHN R.; Douglas-REECE, W. O.; Douglas-REED, IRWIN; Cochran-REED, JOHN A.; Lexington-REED, PATRICIA; St. Petersburg, Fla. nisoMIC. P4nON.l " |ORTMAN. B. POTTS. A. ™7l f - ' " Iru ' tt. K- PRVI R. J. I POWE. M. E. POWFI.I.. J. B. POWEI.L. V. M. POWERS. M. E. PRKF. V. Pl ' RSER. C. A. PVLES. II. i:. Qr ARTERMAN. N. .Ql EEN. J. W . RAINI , C. PHIIU ' S ' |a ' ' ' AII R KAIHMI.M N KA • B H. REDDISH, V. R. REECE, J. R. Kl l( I . W O KM I). I. PRIN( E. W . I . RA,M.Sh . R. t Kill), 1 A. PROCTOR. L. RANDALL. Vi . D. HI I I). P. f P CLASS of ' 50 REEVES. L. REEVES. R. L. RICHARDS, T. E. RICHARDSON. B. REGISTER. J. A. RICHMAN. B. E. REGISTER. R. I RIDGW AV. J A. Rl HNQI ' J.SI, I. RILEV. G M. HUD, J. T. RILLV, W. J. REINHARDT, G. ROBBINS, R. ■« ' . RHOADES. C. B. ROBERTS, H. RICE. J. ROBERTS, J. M. SAVBW.U « REEVES, LANE; Savannah-REEVES, ROBERT L.; Cartersville-REGISTER, JOSEPH A.; Savannah-REGISTER, RALPH F.; Rentz-REHNQUIST, ELLEN; Mt. Carmel, lU.-REID, JAMES T.; Bremen-REINHARDT. GEORGE R.; Sycamore-RHOADES, CHARLES B.; Columbus-RICE, JANICE; Savannah-RICHARDS, THOMAS E.; Augusta-RICHARDSON, BUDDY; Hendersonville, N. C.-RICHMAN, B. E.; Manning, S. C.-RIDGWAY, JERE A.; Bowman-RILEY, GEORGE M.; Statesboro-RILEY, WALTER J.; Reynolds-ROBBINS, ROBERT W.; Rome-ROBERTS, HUGH; Columbus-ROBERTS, JIM M.; DonalsonviUe-ROBERTSON, JOHN F.; Dalton- ROBERTS, SAMUEL P.; Tallapoosa-ROBINSON, ADA U.; Carrollton-ROBINSON, ROY; College Park- ROBISON, THOMAS E.; Jackson-RODDENBERRY, REBECCA; Cairo-RODGERS, W. R.; Mouhric-ROGERS, BETTIE; Tampa, Fla.-ROGERS, JULIA; Covington-ROHRER, BETTYE X ' .; Clarkston-ROHRER, CHARLES G.; Clarkston-ROLAND, ROBERT W.; Hartwell-ROMM, MENDEL; Atlanta-ROPER, WILLIAM H.; Gaines- ville-ROSOLIO, MARILYN; ThomasviUe-ROWAN, BURL V.; Nashvilk—ROWE, ALVIN J.; Clayton-ROWE, ALVIN J.; Clayton-ROWE, RICHARD E.; Claxton-RUCKER, WALTE R H.; Elberton-RUSHTON, A. F.; Atlanta-RUSSELL, JESSE R.; Monticello-RUSSELL. WILLIAM A.; Woodland-RYAN, JO; Savannah-RY- LANDER, CORNEILLE; Americus-SANDERS, JAMES; East Point-SANDERS, JOYCE; East Point-SANDERS, RILEY G.; Milner. ROBERTSON. J. F. ROBERTS. S. P. ROBINSON. A. U. ROBINSON. R. ROBISON. T. E. RODDENBERRV. R. RODGERS. W. R. ROGERS. B. ROHRER. B. V. ROHRER, C. G. ROLAND. R. . ROMM. M. ROPER. W. H. ROSOI.IO. M. ROWAN. B. V. ROWE. A. J. RUCKER. W. H. RUSHTON, A. F. RUSSELL. .1. R. RUSSELL. V. A. RYAN. J. RVLANDER, C. SANDERS. J. SANDERS, J. ROGERS, .1. ROWE, R. E. SANDERS, R. G. SlIGifi , REGISTIR, .GEORGE lOMAS E.; iiDcm )BFRT V.; ' ,, Dilton- kje Park- ;-ROGERS, CHARLES H.: Gai»- OD-ROWE, IN. A. F.; iciuh-RV .v.lVDER . ROGBS,). R0« !.«■ ' ■ SANDERS, ROBERT O.; Macon-SANDERS, WILLIAM C; Cordele-SASEEN, JOSEPH O.; Savannah-SASS ER, HORACE; Albany-SATTERWHITE, CAROLYN; De- catur-SAVERENO, LUNDIX J.; Carolina, W. Va.- SAWYER, GERALD B.;, BEVERLY J.; Atlanta-SCARLETT, ERANK M.; Brunswick-SCHLOSS, ROBERT M.; Jacksonville, Fla.- SCHNEIDER, MILLICENT J.; Atlanta-SCiHWETTMANN, BARBARA; Dtcatur-SCOGGINS, JOHN F.; Au- gusta-SCOGGINS, WILLIAM V.; Deiatur-SCOTT, JOHN D.; Augusta-SCOTT, WILBUR E.; Savannah- SEAGO, SARAH; Graccvvooil-SEAY, MADELYN; Grt ' Lnvillt-SE(, ARS, CHARLES, JtfferM)n-SEIGLER, CHARLES W.; Bowman-SELARGE, ERED R.; Atlanta-SELIGM AN, PEARL, Cla.vton-SELLERS, LLOYD C; Baxley-SEWELL, MARY A.; Palm Btach, Fla.-SEYMOUR, E. M.; Bowman-SHADBLIRN, MINOR C; Thom- aston-SHAPARD, SAMUEL; Griffin-SHARKEY, JOHN C; Mt)ultricvillc— SHARPLESS, ROBERI J.; Columbus- SHEALY, DOROTHY A.; Macon-SHEAROUSE, SHIRLEY, Savannah-SHEFFIELD, JOANN; Kingsland- SHELNUTT, ROBERT G.; Wehadkee, Ala.-SHEPHERD, MARTHA; Athens-SHIFLET, HOLLIS; Adel-SHIP- MAN, WILLIAM T.; Augusta-SHIPP, JAMES W.; Royston. CHNFIDFR. M. J. SCIIWITTMANN, B.SCOGGINS. J. F. " SCOGGINS. W. V. SCOTT. J. D. SCOTT. W. F. SEAGO. S. SFAV. f. SFGARS. C. EIGLFR. (.. V. SI.1 ARGF. F. R. SEI.IGMAN. P. SELLERS. F. C. SFWELL, M.A. SEYMOUR. F. M. SHAUBURN, M. C. SHAPARD. S. SHARKEY. J. C. illARPLESS. R, J, SlIEALY. I). A. SHEAROUSE. S. SIIFFFMI.D. .1. SI II IM IT. K. (,. SMIPIIIKI), M Mlllin. II SlIIPM A. . W . 1 . SMIPP. J.W. P ti f f 1 CLASS of ' SO SHIRLEY, H. L. SHIVFR, J. SIMPSON, V. A. SIMS, W. M SIMMERSON, W. SIMMONS, J SINGLETARV, K. SISK. V. M. SIMONS. R. J SKINNER, A. SIMONS, W. L. SIMPSON, A. II. SIMPSON, C. SLADE, S. M. SMILEY, R. J. SMITH, B. J. SIMPSON. J. P. SMITH, n. SHIRLEY, HAROLD L.; Lovonia-SHIVER, JEAN; Sylvester-SIMMERSON, WILLIAM; Madison-SIMMONS, JOE; Newton-SIMONS, RALPH J.; Thomson-SIMONS, WILLIAM L.; Atlanta-SIMPSON, AUBREY H.; Hardwick-SIMPSON, CAROLYN; Atlanta-SIMPSON, JOE P.; Loudon, Tenn.-SIMPSON, WILLIAM A.; Athens-SIMS, WILLIAM M.; Atlanta-SINGLETARY, KATHERINE-SISK, WILLIAM M.; Lexington-SKIN- NER, ALBERT; Nashville-SLADE, SAM M.; Edgefield, S. C.-SMILEY, FRANCIS J.; Savannah-SMITH, BETTY JO; Atlanta-SMITH, BLANCHE; Rome-SMITH, CARL P.; Hapeville-SMITH, CAROLYN; Oglethorpe- SMITH, CECIL E.; Eatonton-SMITH, CHARLES C; Athens-SMITH, DALA; Winder-SMITH, EDWARD M.; Sharpsburg-SMITH, ERNEST B.; Athens-SMITH, FELIX M.; Cordele-SMITH, HARRY B.; Hazlehurst- SMITH, HARRY G.; Tallapoosa-SMITH, JAMES; Covlngton-SMITH, JOHN S.; Douglas-SMITH, JOY; At- lanta-SMITH, MARGUERITE; Savannah-SMITH, S ANNIE M.; Cochran-SMITH, SYBIL; Coalidge-SMITH, WILLIAM T.; CamiUa-SNEAD, CHARLES B.; Atlanta-SNIDER, REFAYETTE; EUaville-SNOWDEN, JIMMIE; Fitzgerald-SPEAR, GEORGE W.; Fort Valley-SPRATLING, LEONARD H.; Atlanta-ST. JOHN, C. H.; At- lanta-STAMEY, DARIUS D.; Clarkesville-STAMPS, ODIS C; Atlanta-STANLEY, LAWRENCE S.; Pisgah- STANLEY, NAN; Savannah. SMITH, C. P. SMITH, C. SMITH, C. E. SMITH, C. C. SMITH, D. SMITH, E. M. SMITH, E. B. SMITH, F. M. SMITH, H. B. SMITH, H. G. SMITH. J. SMITH. J. S. SMITH. J. SMITH, M. SMITH, S. M. SMITH, S. SMITH, W. T. SNEAD. C. B. SNIDl R, R. SNOW DEN, J. SPEAR. G. W . .SPRATLING, L. II. .ST. JOHN. C. H. SHAMEY, D. D. STAMPS, O. C. STANLEY, L. S. STANLEY, N. tsjlIs ' MORS IMf)ll , I, f SlilUUl, I.VLMONS, IREY H.; M A.; 3«-SKLN- iBEny ;d«ard ulthorsi- PY; Ai- ;-5MlTH. JIMMIE; : H.; Ai- ,j SMITH, H , I 5NEAD,C.B. STARLING, R. J. STKKLi:, W . B. SIMGMAN, S. S I hPMl.NS. l. L. SI hPHh.NSO. I . 1 1 STKVKNS, J. A. STIAVARl. J. C. STKWARl , D. I.. SI KWART, J. L. STliW AR T. J. 1 . STARLING, ROBERT J.; Ray City-STEELE, W. B.; Vienna-STEIGMAN, SAMUEL; Valdosta-STEPHENS, EDWARD L.; Savannah-STEPHENSO, ERANK H.; Carrollton-STEVENS, JOE A.; Carlton-STEWART, JAMES C; Ochlochnec-STEWART, DONALD L.; Ochlochnee-STEWART, JOHN L.; Ochlochnee-STEW ' ART, JULIAN T.; Miami, Fla.-STILW ELL. JOHN P Thomasville-STINSON, WILLIAM L.; Atlanta-STOVALL, ANN M.; Savannah-STOWE, CHARLIS W Martin-STRANGE, WALTER G.; Eilaville-STRIBLING, MARY V. A.; St. Simons-STRICKLAN, JOHN H Savannah-SULLIVAN, WILLIAM C; McCarpville-SUMMEROUR, BETTY; Monroe-SUTTLES, WILLIAM J.; Atlama-SWIFT, JOHN H.; Columbus-SYFAN, JO ANN; Atlanta-TATE, BARBARA J.; East Point- TATUM, C. M.; Athens-TATUM, E.; LaGrangt— TATUM, RYLE; Whitt— TAYLOR, AUBREY; W aycross- TAYLOR, ELIZABETH F.; Cachran-TAYLOR, JOHN W.; Quitman-TAYLOR, PAT; Miami, Ela.-IAYLOR, SPAEEORD C; Miami Beach, Ela.-TEMPLEMAN. GEORGE; Atlanta-TENNILLE, WAYNE; Arlinj;ton- I ERWILLIGER, ERANK M.; Atlanta-THIGPEN, PEARLY; Adrian-THOMAS, BARBARA; Madison-THOMAS, BETTY J.; Atlanta. STILWELL, J. P. STINSON. W . L. STOVALl., A. M. STOWE. C. W. .STRANGl. W. C. STRIBLING. M. V. STRICKI.AX. J. H. St ' l.MVAX, W. C. SI M.MFROLR. B. SUTTLKS, V, J. S IKT, J. H. TAYLOR. J. W. TA ' iLOR, P. SVFAN, J. 1 A LOR, S. C. 1 AI L, B. J. TATLM. C. M. n-MPLKMAN. (.,. THNMIM . W . TAll M, l:. TAILM. R. 11 R ILI.IGIR. I-. M IIIIGPI N. P. 1 A I.()R. A. THOMAS. H. I A •LOR. L. L. THOMAS. B. J. CLASS of ' SO THOMAS, G. N. THOMAS, G. J. THOMAS, J. H. THOMAS, L. T. THOMAS, W. H. THOMAS, W. R. THOMASON, A. M. THOMPSON, A. THOMPSON, C. R. : I THOMPSON, E.N. THOMPSON, T. H. THOMSON, V. L. THORNTON, J. L. THORNTON, T. VC. THURMOND, V. F. TIDWHLL, C. W. TIFT, R. H. TILLMAN, E. J. THOMAS, GEORGE N.; Thomasboro-THOMAS, GROVER J.; Blue Ridge-THOMAS, JAMES H.; Farming- ton-THOMAS, LYDE T.; Hoboken-THOMAS, WILLIAM H.; Farmington-THOMAS, WILLIAM R.; Thomas- ville-THOMASON, ANN M.; Madison-THOMPSON, AL; Thomaston-THOMPSON, C. R.; Clayton-THOMP- SON, EDWARD N.; Thomaston-THOMPSON, T. H.; Atlanta-THOMSON, VERNON L.; Macon-THORN- TON, JOEL L.; Union Point-THORNTON, THOMAS, W.; Atlanta-THURMOND, WILLIAM F,; Greensboro- TIDWELL, CLAUDE W.; Thomaston-TIFT, ROBERT H.; Albany-TILLMAN, EMMA J.; Metter-TILLMAN, THOMAS B.; Monroe-TIPTON, JACK; Sylvestcr-TITSHAW, MARTHA; Gainesville-TODD, ROBERT L. Warrenton-TOLLESON, CHARLES M.; Atlanta-TOLLESON, L. A., JR.; Talloyoosa-TOMLINSON, LEON C. Lake Park-TOOLE, CHARLES L.; Atlanta-TOWSON, MARY E. M.; Dahlonega-TRAPNELL, EDGAR P. Augusta-TRAYWICK, OLIVIA A.; Atlanta-TRUSSELL, KATHERINE C; Athens-TUCKER, CHARLES S. Fairburn-TUCKER, HARRIETTE; Williamston, S. C.-TURNER, JAMES A.; Cutlebert-TURNER, PATRICIA A.; Tampa, Fla.-TURNER, RALPH M.; Duluth-TURNIPSEED, B. RHETT; Gainesville-TUTTLE, JACK B.; Tifton-TYNER, CALVIN B.; Danielsville-TYSON, THOMAS H.; Augusta-UNGURIAN, JOHN D.; Atlanta- UPCHURCH, WILLIAM T.; Clyattville-VAN HALTER, FRANK; Griffin-VAN HOUTEN, IRIS; Albany- VANCE, MILDRED; Cedartown; VARNEDOE, ZACK, Thomasville. TILLMAN, T. B. TIPTON, J. TITSHAW, M. TODD, R. L. TRAPNELL, E. P. TRAYWICK, O. A. TRUSSELL, K. C. TUCKER, C. S. TOLLESON. C. M. TOLLESON, L. A., Jr. TOMLINSON, L. C. TOOLE, C. L. TUCKER, H. TURNER, J. A. TURNER, P. A. TURNER, R. M. TUTTLE, J. B. TYNER, C. B. T ' iSON, T. H. UNGURIAN, J. D. UPCHURCH, W 1 VAN HALTER, F. VAN HOUTEN, I. VANfF. M TOWSON, M. E. iVAl TURNIPSEED, B. R. |v llf VARNEDOE, Z. L ».■». THOJIfjlix.iK, 1 TimiiN.i.j tAZk , k. S. VI-.KNfcK, M INCtNT, M. VOLK, F., J. •THORN- ttisboro- ILLMAN, JERT L; L£ONC; m P.; JUiSS.; ' ATRICIA JAtt B.; , Ailiou- VARHOOl.Z VEAZEY, EUGENIA S.; Greensboro-VERNER, MAR- THA; Decatur-VICKERS, ALICE II.; Douglas-VICK- ERS, ROBERT C; Huntsville, Ala.-VICKERS, WYNDOLYN; Gainesville— VINCENT, MARIANNE; Cartersvillc-VOLK, JR., FRANK W ' .; Brunswici -VOLL, ESTELLE; Atlanta-W ' AITES, CURTIS E.; Eorsyth-WALBURN, CARL; Hogansville-W ' ALDROP, CHARLES M.; Savannah-WALKER, JOHN M.; Athens-WALKER, THOMAS G.; Atlanta-W ' ALL, BARBARA A.; Blue Ridge- W ' ALLER, JIMMY ' .; Coiumbus-WALRAVEN, HAROLD C; Atlanta-W ' ALSH, THOMAS J., JR.; Trenton, N. J.-WALTERS, DONALD A.; East Point-W ' ALTERS, GORDON E.; Augusta-W ' ALION, MARY P.; Fort Valley-WANSLEY, BETTY C; Carnesville-WANSLEY, CHARLES C; Elberton-W ' ARD, ALBERT W ' .; Watkinsville-WARD, GEORGE G., JR.; Atlanta-W ' ARNOCK, ROBERT H.; Decatur-W ' ASH, JAMES A., JR.; Ft. Gaincs-W ' ATERS, FRANCIS D.; Glennville-WATERS, WILLIAM J.; Milltn-W ' ATSON, HEYW ARD; Laktland-W EBB, E. BAXTER; Atlanta-WEBB, LETA; Marittta-W EBB. RAY D.; Springfield-WEBB, THAXTER; Atlanta-W EBB, THOMAS L.; Valdosta-W EED, SHAETER H.; Birmingham, Ala. AI.DROP. (,. WALKER. J. M. WALKER. T. G. WALL. B. A. WALLER. J. W. WALRAVEN. H. ( W ALSH. T. J.. Jr. WALTERS. D. A. WALTERS. G. E. ALION. M. Vi ANSLh ' , B. ANSLE ' i ' . C. C WARD, A. W. WARD. G. (,.. Jr. ARNfX.K. R. W ASH. J. A.. Jr. ATERS, E. D. WATERS, W. J. W Al.SO.NJ, II. WEBB. E. I HH, 1 . WIBR. K. I). W 1 BH, 1 . EBB, T. W EED, S. H. CLASS of ' SO WELDON, M. WELLS, E. D. WELLS, J. WELSH, R. J. W EST, G. WEST, T. W. WESTBERG, R. W. WHATLEV, D. B. WHEELER, C. E. WHEELER, G. WHEELER, J. D. WHELtHEL, J. G. WHELCHOL, E. V. WHITE, R. E WEEMS, ROSE O.; Summerville-WEINTRAUB, MARVIN; Atlanta-WEISER, HAL; Savannah-WELBORN, BRANSON E.; Mt. Airy-WELDON, MARINELLE; Milner-WELLS, ELOISE D.; Preston-WELLS, JUANITA; Atlanta-WELSH, RICHARD J.; Savannah-WEST, GWEN; Statesboro-WEST, THOMAS W.; Macon-WEST- BERG, RAYMOND W.; Winder-WHATLEY, DONALD B.; Reynolds-WHEELER, CHARLES E.; Kite- WHEELER, GENE; Athens-WHEELER, JACK D.; Maysville-WHELCHEL, JACK G.; Moultrie- WHELCHOL, EMMET v.; Moultrie-WHITE, ROBERT E.; Athens-WHITMIRE, DAN W.; Atlanta-WHITWORTH, CLYDE W,; Douglasville-WICKER, CARL C; Monticelle-WIEGAND, WILLIAM E.; Adrian, Pa.-WILBANKS, BILLIE S.; Winder-WILBANKS, STERLING; Buford-WILKES, THERON F.; Lyons-WILKIN, WILLIE J.; Colquitt- WILLIAMS, BARBARA E.; Winder-WILLIAMS, BETTY; Cordele-WILLIAMS, CHARLES L.; Cairo-WIL- LIAMS, HAZEL; Crawfordville-WILLIAMS, JOHN A.; Forsyth-WILLIAMS, JOHN T.; Round Oak-WIL- LIAMS, WILLIAM A.; Athens-WILLIAMSON, MARTHA B.; Atlanta-WTLLINGHA, ANNE C; Marietta- WILLIS, BETT Y; Coulidge-WILLIS, JAMES E,; Columbus-WILLIS, SARA; Bainbridge-WILSON, ARTHUR C; Crawfordsville, Ark.-WILSON, BETTY A,; Dunwoody-WINGATE, HARRY L.; Pelham-WINSLETTE, W. T.; Albany-WITCHER, WILLIAM B.; Athens-WOMBLE, ALLEN; Claxton-WOOD, BETTY; Athens. WHITMIRE, D. WHITWORTH, C. WICKER, C. C. WILLIAMS, B. WILLIAMS, C. L. WILLIAMS, H. Wll I IS, J. E. WILLIS, S. WILSON, A. C. WIEGAND, W. E. WILBANKS, B. S. WILBANKS, S. WILKES, T. F. WILKIN, W. J. WILLIAMS, B. E WILLIAMS, J. WILLIAMS, J. VvTI I lAMS, W A WILLIAMSON, M. B. WILI INCiHA, A, C. WILLIS, B. WILSON, HA. WINGATE, H. L. WTNSI H I 1 W 1 Wll ( lli:R, W. B. WOMBI 1, A. WOOD, H. U n JUNIORS lELBOR-N. [lAMTA; m-WEST- E.: Kite- iiimi H, CLYDE k5,BlLLlf , C))l(]uiii- Oil-WIL- ; Mjiietu- . ARrHUR INSLEnE. Vital. WOOD. K. WOODAl L. L. A. WOOD, MARGARET; Atlanta-WOOD; RAY; Bishop- WOOD, WILLIAM F.; WrightsviUe-WOODALL, LIL- LIAN A.; Atlanta-WOODHAM, BENJAMIN, Bogart-WOODRAFF, GEORGE C; Columbus- WOOLARD, MAURICE C; Albany-WOOLUM, JAKE; Cayce, S. C.-WOOTTON, RICHARD G.; Brunswick-WORRELL, C0RNI;LIUS J.; Marietta-WORRELL, WILLIAM H.; Athens-WRIGHT, JAMES B.; Gainesville-YAR- BROIJGH, JAMES A.; Lindale-YARBROUGH, ROBERT E.; College Park-YARBROUGH, SARA F.; Frank- lin -YATES, CHARLES E.; Bowdon-YOUMAUS, BEFTY A.; College Park-YOLJNG, CHARLIE F.; Cordelc— YOUNG, FRANK A.; Augusta-YOUNG, HOWARD B.; Watkinsville-YOUNG, MARION H.; Rebecca- ZELLNER, WILLIAM P.; Forsyth. C ' OODHAM, B. WOODRAri ' , G, C. WCKM.ARD. M. C. OOLLIM, J. WOOTTON, R. G. WORRELL, C. I. WORRKLL, W. 1! VkRIGHT. J. B. ■SARBROl ' GII. J. A. ARBRO[!f;n. F. •ARHR()lIGII. S. I. •A l:s, C. E. OUMAnS, H. A. ' OlING. C. F. YOUNG, F. A. VOINC;, H, B. VOliNfiM. II I I INI K. W I ' i I d m REGISTRATION BAY 1 1 • THE 1 ACULIA ' WAIT BUT NOT FOR LONG PHYSICALS PEEPING POSITIVELY LAST CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR PANDORA PICTURE MADE ! SOFHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS a MARY ANN COHN Vice President TENNY GRIllIN Secy.-Treiis. DAN CABANISS President (Picture not available) CLASS of ' SI ABBOT, LILLIAN; Louisville-ADAIR, BLNNIE M.; Dallas-ADAMS, BILLY; Athens-ADAMS, ELEANOR; Waycross- ADDISON, DOTTIE A.; High Springs, Fla.- AIKEN, BILLY; Dallas-ALDRED, WILLIAM H.; Thomson-ALLEN, BARBARA; Butler-ALLMAN, FRED L.; Atlanta- ANDERSON, JACKIE; Decatur- ANTLEY, MARGUERITE; Athens- ANTONELLI, ARTHUR; Westford, Mass.-ASHER, WILLIAM E.; Deca- tur- ASLINGER, SONNY; Atlanta-ATTAWAY, MONTINE; Atlanta- AYERS, STERLING; Cedartown-BAIRU. ELIZABETH; Augusta-BALDWIN, DORIS E.; Dallas-BARFIELD, MARGARET; Louisville-BARNARD, JACK; Dacula-BARNES, DON V.; McRae-BARNETT, DONALD; Jefferson-BARNHILL, SARAH F.; Homerville- BARNWELL, CHARLIE E.; Atlanta-BARR, BERTON J.; Chicago, Ill.-BARRON, EDGAR J.; Rome-BAR- TENFELD, WILLIAM H.; Dahon-BARTLETT, MARION E.; Brenien-BARTON, JEAN; Calhoun-BARWICK, HERSHALL G.; Andrews, S. C.-BASSFORD, BARBARA; Augusta-BATES, ALICE G.; Meridian, Miss.-BAXTER, ALFRED O.; Arondale Estate-BAXTER, HAROLD O. ; Decatur-BEARDEN, BILLY J.; Dawsonville-BEARD- EN, MILTON E.; Walhalla, S. C.-BEASLEY, WILLIAM E.; Warner Robins-BEAVERS, HELEN; Cedartown- BECKWITH, WIGHTMAN S.; Athcns-BEDGOOD, MELBA M.; Athens-BELCHER, DOTTIE; Athens-BELL, MARY E.; Wrens-BENTLEY, CHARLES F.; Lincolnton-BIBB, WILLIAM P.; Adairsvillc-BICKERS, JOHN; White Plains. BARFIELD, M. BARNARD. J BARTLETT. M E BARTON. J. BEASLEY, W. E. BEAVERS. II. BARNES, D. V. BARNETT, D. BARNHILL. S. F. BARNWELL, C. E. BARR, B. J. BARRON. E. J. BARTFNEELD. W. I BARWICK. H. G. DASSEORD, B. BATES, A. G. BAXTER, A. O. BAXTER. H. O. BEARDEN, B. J. BEARDEN, M. E. BECKVC ITH, W. S. BEDGOOD, M. M. BELCHER, D. BELL, M. E. BENTLEV. C. F. BIBB. V. P. BICKERS, J. WH-ii l-wuAwrs M H,; Deaiw- E.; Deri- i-BAlRU, B.JACK; aiwnille- )iiic-B. R- IAR«ICK, -BiXTER, BE.ARD- ,«lino«ii- jtt-BELl. li JOHN; BIl.i;S, (ARRIi; J.; Jackson-BIRD, MARTHA L.; At- lanta-BIRD, RICHARD i:.; Portal-BIRGH, JOAN; Gastonia, N. C.-BISSON, I- ANTON A F.; Athcns- BITTICK, ROLLIH J.; Forsyth-BLACK, BARBARA; Atlanta-BLAIR, FDDITH; Atlanta-BLAIR, GFORGF W.; Quitman-BLKAKLFY, ANNF; Atlanta-BLUM, SARA M.; Augusta-BCJFFORD. CARROL W.; Lintulii- ton-BOGGS, BRUCF D.; Albany-BOHANAN, JOHN P.; Conyers-BOLAND, FARNFST P.; Columbus- BOLLINGFR, BFTTIH; Coral Gables, Fla.-BOND, CLAUDE; Atlanta-BOTTOMS, BFVFRLY; Atlanta- BOURNE, BOB; Brunswick-BOWDIDGE, JOHN S.; Charleston, S. C.-BOW ' EN, EDWIN H.; McRae-BOW ' EN, FRANCES E.; Unadilla-BOW ' ERS, ANDREW E.; Fayetteville-BOWERS, CONNIE M.; Bowersvillc-BOW LAN, THOMAS G.; Commcrcc-BOWLING, JOHN M.; Bronsvillc, New York-BOW ' M AN. BEN, Statham-BOYD. JANE; Athens-BOYD, JEAN; Athens-BOYD, MURRAY, Thomson-BRADFIELD, FRANCES; Ciabbettvillc- BRADLEY, FRED A.; Winterville-BRAGAN, WILLUi O.; Brooklet-BRAIL, ROBERT; Atlanta-BRANT- LEY, GENE; South Bend, Ind.-BRANYAN, WALTER C; Georgctow n-BRAY, IRA L.; Columbus. BICKEItU LUM. s. M. RoiFORr). :. w. bocgs. B. n bohanan. .i. p. Bor.ANn, f. p. Boi.i.iNt.cR. b. bond, r hottdms. b hoirnf. b. ■ lOWDIDGE. J. S. HOW FN. h. FiOWFN. F. F. ROW FRS. A. F. BOWFRS. . M. BOW IAN. T. O. BOW I INC. I, M BOWMAN. B BOM). .1. OVn, ?. BO D. M. BRADflEI.D, F. BRADLFY, F. A. BRAGAN. W . O. BRAU . R. BIMNIin. (. M.(AN AN. W ( BKAV. I. 1 IS MM. CLASS of ' 51 BR£CKENRIDGE,D.A. BREEN. M. BREMER, J BROWN. W. C. BROWN. W. C. BRUCE, B. BRENNER. L. L. BRESLER, O. BRIGHTWEL, N. BROOKS, C. H. BROOKS, E. BROWN, M I BURLEYSON, V. BURRAGE, J. BURTS, R. H. BUSH, M. BUTTS, T. U. B C K. D A BRECKENRIDGE, DOROTHY A.; Savannah-BREEN, MAEBELLE; Jesup-BREMER, JEANNE; Atlanta- BRENNER, LLOYD L.; Scott, Miss.-BRESLER, OWEN; Atlanta-BRIGHTWEL, NELSON; Columbus- BROOKS, CARLES H.; Sunnyside-BROOKS, FAYE; Albany-BROWN, MARY L; Dalton-BROWN, WIL- LIAM C; Thomasvillc-BROWN, WILLIAM C; Augusta-BRUCE, BETTY; St. Simons Island-BURLHYSON, VIRGINIA; Dalton-BURRAGE, JEANNE; Fountain City, Tenn.-BURTS, ROBERT H.; Columbus-BUSH, MAR- THA; Aflanta-BUTTS, THOMAS U.; Columbus-BYCK, DAVID A.; Savannah-CAIN, LANIER; Gaincsvillc- CALDWELL, HARRIETTE E.; Umatilla, Fla.-CALHOUN, ARNOLD R.; Tarrytown-CALLAH AN, MARTHA; Sanford, Fia.-CALLAHAN, NELL; Athens-CALLAHAN, ROBERT R.; Sanford-CAMARATA, ELEANOR A.; Athens-CAMP, CAROL E.; Rome-CAMP, JEWELL L.; Ellijay-CAMPBELL, BETTY A.; Atlanta-CAN- NON, REGINALD T.; Toomsboro-CANNON, WILLIAM B.; Shelbyville, Tenn.-CAREY, MARION L.; Ath- ens-CARRELL, JOYCE; Athens-CARSON, MARY K.; Dalton-CARTER, CHARLES H.; Savannah-CASEY, JEAN; Adairsville-CASTLE, DIANNE; Atlanta-CAST LEBERRY, IV A L.; Lumpkin-CATHCARTO, ROBER J.; Atlanta-CECI L, PANONIA; Oneida, Tenn.-CH AMBERS, BOBBY; Cornelia-CH AMBERS, MITCHELL F.; Athens-CHAMBLEE, RALPH D.; Menlo-CHANCE,THELMA; Fort Gaines-CHERNOFF, SHIRLIE; Broxton- CHEVES, JO L.; Atlanta. Ill CAIN. L. CALDWELL. H. E. CALHOUN. A. R. CALLAHAN, M. Ill CAMPBELL. B. A. CANNON. R. T. CANNON, W. B. CAREY, M. L. CASTLEBl RRY. I fAI H( ARTO, R, J. CECIL, P. CHAMBERS, B. CALLAHAN, N. CALLAHAN, R. R. CAMARATA, E. A. CAMP, C. E. CAMP, J. L. CARRELL. J. CARSON. M. K. CARTER, C. H. CASEY. J. CASTLE, D. CHAMBERS. M. E. ( HAMBLHH. R. I). ( HANCE, T. CHERNOFF, S. CHEVES, J. L. SOFHOMOHES " ' I»10»N,M.l, ' BVaD.A. : AllfflU- Colwnki- ' 4N. WIL- RLfYSON, LSH,M, R- jiinciiillt- I, RTHA; ELfANOR iii(a-CAN- ' N L: Aih- ih-lASEV, 0, ROBER tHELL F.; llCllI-.Sri R. II. I. ( H|I|«,H. .1. ( lARK, I. AV. l:. M. Cl.i;VKI.AND, b. M. C.LIATT. R CHICHESTER, HEI.ON L.; Macon-CHURCH. JO- ANNE; Dunucody-CLARK, EDWARD; Douglas- CLARK, JOHN J.; Amsterdam-CLARY, RUTH; " Ma- con-CLAY, EDWIN M.; Rossvillt— CLEVELAND, SID- NEY M.; Elberton-CLIATT, RUTH; Columbus-CLIE- TON, JASPER R.; Stilson-CLINE, C. FRANK; Lawndalc, N. C.-COBB, LINDSEY B.; Griffin-COHN. MA- RIANNE; Athens-COLLIER, JIMMIE E.; Warm Springs-COLLINS. DERON; Macon-COOK, JOHN W.; Loganville-COOK, WALTER B.; Valdosta-CORE, MARY A.; Athcns-CiORREA, ENRIQUE; Guayama Piurto Rico-COTTON, THOMAS E.; West Point-COWAN, REBECCA; Atlanta-COW ART, GERALD; Summit- CRANDALL, MARY ANN; Macon-CRANE, ALIDA; Lawrenceville-CRAW FORD, JAMES H.; Dccatur-CRIBB, ROBERT E.; VC ' aycross-CROCKETT, LORETTA; Atlanta-CROSS, JOE; Colquitt-CROUCH, ALFRED; .Swains- boro-DALTON, EDGAR; De Soto-DANIEL, EMORY B.; Savannah-DAUGHIN, VERNON M.; Jacksonville, Fla.-DAVIS. ETHELDRA N.; Tournapull-DAVIS, JAMES O.; Cave Spring-DAWES, KENNETH V.; Atlanta- DAWKINS, BETTY ANN; Atlanta-DEAN, DORIS; Avalon-DE VANEY, E. D.; Augusta. ( OILIER. J. E. COLLIN.S. D CRANHALL. M. A. CRANE. A. DAIJCIIIN. V. M. DAVIS. COOK. J. V. (OOK, W B CORE. M. A. C ORREA. E. COTTON. T E CRAVCFDRD, 11 ( RIKil, R 1 ( ROCKETT. I . (ROSS. .1. CROl CM. A. DAVIS, 1 () DAW IS. K, V DAW KINS. H . DEAN. D. DE VANE . E CLASS of ' SI DEKLE, R. T. DELLINGER. ;. C. DINJAR, E. S. DIXON, F. J. DIXON, J. H. DODD, S. J. DOWNER, L. L. DOWNS, Z. DRAKE, T. E. DUNN, E. L. EASEN, W. A. EAVES, B. DEKLE, RAY T.; Metter-DELLINGER, J. C; Brunswick-DINJAR, EUGENE S.; Atlanta-DIXON, FRAN- CES J.; Jonesboro-DIXON, JEANNE H.; Savannah-DODD. SALLY J.; Atlanta-DOLLAR, HUBERT; Bain- bridge-DORSEY, NANCY S.; Atlanta-DOTSON, J. EUGENE; Savannah-DOWNER, LOUIS L.; Richland- DOWNS, ZANIER; Thomaston-DRAKE, THOMAS E.; Atlanta-DUNN, EDWARD L.; Thomasville-EASEN, WALTER A.; Atlanta-EAVES, BETTE; Tucker-EDEL, JULIUS; Savannah-EDWARDS, MARTHA E.; Lex- ington-EDWARDS, WARD; Butler-ELDER, HUGH S.; Monroc-ELLINGTON, JOE ANN; Iva, S. C.-EL- LIS, EDWARD; Atlanta-ELLIS, JOSEPH C; Jesup-ENGLISH, TEDDY A.; Landersville-EPPS, NELLE; Ath- ens-EVANS, WALTER T.; Atlanta-FAGAN, CHARLES W.; Martin-FARMER, JAMES H.; Watkinsville- FARRELL, DONALD A.; Staten Island, N. Y.-FEINBERG, MARCIA; Atlanta-FIELDS, JERRY H.; At- lanta-FITZPATRICK, HORACE J.; Commerce-FLANDERS, JOE A.; Swainsboro-FLANDERS, RAY; Lyons- FLATMAN, ROBERT E.; Oliver-FLEMING, GUY E.; Appling-FLORENCE, WILMA; Cedartown-FLOUR- NOY, ADELE; Macon-FOGEL, MYRON J.; Augusta-FOLADARE, IRVING S.; New York, N. Y.-FOLSOM, CAROLYN; Atlanta-FOSMIRE, WILLIAM L.; Savannah-FOSTER, JACKIE; Canton-FOWLER, JACK B.; Canton-FOWLER, MARJORIE; Athens-FREEMAN, BETTY; Conyers. ELDER. H. S. ELLINGTON, J, FARRELL, D. A. FEINBERG, M. FLOURNOY, A. FOGEL, M. J. ELLIS, E. ELLIS, J. C. ENGLISH, T. A, EPPS. N. FIELDS, J. H. FITZPATRICK, H. FLANDERS, J. A. FLANDERS, R. FOLADARE, I. S. FOLSOM, C. FOSMIRE, W. L. FOSTER, J. EVANS, W. T. FAGAN. C. W. FARMER. J. H. ' J8i FLATMAN, R. E. FLEMING, G. FLORENCE, W. Uls ' ll FOWLER, J. D. FOWLER, M, FREEMAN, B. mxi FRiV ERT; Bain- ilidilin(i- IctiWEN, A E.; lis- S. C.-EL- EUE;Aih- ukios ille- I ' H.; Ai- Y; Iwns- n-ELOll- -fOLSOM, lACK B.; FlORlNa. " FJEEM,4N B ' FREEMAN, GLENN A; Atlanta-FRIEDMAN. NOR- MAN; Columbus-FULCHER, RAYMOND E.; Harlem- FUTRAL, SUE; Griffin-GARBER, RICHARD A.; At- lanta-BARFIELD, ELDRID W.; Colunibus-GARRETT, JACK W.; Thomson-GERSTEIN, MIRIAM; Coving- ton-GHITTER, LEAH R.; Augusta-GIBBS, JAMES G.; Moultrie— GIBBS, JAMES M.; Homervilk— GIBSON. JAMES T.; Lyons-GILCHRIST. EDGAR H.; Ellavillu-GILL, CARRIE L.; Commcrcc-GILREATH, DAVID W.; Athens-GINN, HELEN; East Point-GLASSMAN, MONA B.; Hewlett, L. I., N. Y.-GLENN, BILL; Swains- boro-GLENN, THOMAS L.; Athens-GOSWICK, CREED O.; Chatsworth-GOWER, NANCY S.; Atlanta- GRAY, ALLIE M.; Evans-GREAR, JEAN; Augusta-GREEN, ROY W.; Rome-GREENVC ' AY, HUBERT T.; Athens-GRESHAM, JOAN; Griffin-GRIFFIN, TENNEY S.; Valdosta-GRIFFITH. SAMUEL C; Athcns- GRIMES, MILLARD B.; Columbus-GRIMES. RICHARD A.; Cordele-GROGAN, KENNETH W.; Dawson- ville-GROOVER, JOANNE; Macon-CiULLEY, CHARLES G.; Elberton-HALPERN. ALN ' IN; Atlanta-HAM- METT, GEORGIA; La Grangc-HARDEN, WILLIAM G.; Zehuion-H ARDIE, MARVIN B.; Bloomitigdale. IBBS. J. M. GIBSON, J. T. OSVCICK. C. U. GOWER, N. S RIMKS, M. B. GRIMES. R. A GILCHRIST. E. H. GILL. C. I.. GRA •. A. M. GREAR, J. (,R(H,AN. K. V. GROOVER. J GILREATH. D. W. GIN ' N. H. GLASSMAN. M. B (,LENN. B GREEN. R. W. GREENWA -. H. T. GRESHAM. J. GRIIEIN.l. S GULLh •. (. (,. IIALFERN. A. MAMMEll , G HVKDIVW GLENN. T. L. GRIEMTH. S. C. HARDIK, M B CLASS of ' 51 HARDIGREE, J. B. HARDIGREE, . O. HARE, V. R. HARELIK, M. M. HARMON, J. B. HARP, VC. J. HATCHER, C. R. HAWKINS, J. B. HAWKINS, G. W. HAY, J. £. HAYS, J. HAZEN, M. HARRIS, J. HECK, R. E. HARRIS, T. C. HARRISON, A. R. HELD, C. H. HELMEY, E. L. HARDIGREE, JERRY B.: W ' atkinsville-HARDIGREE, WILLIAM O.; Watkinsville-HARE, VERNON R.; Jacksonville, Fla.-HARELIK, MELVIN M,; Augusta-H ARMON, JOHN B,: McCormick, S. C.-HARP, WIL- LIAM J.; Brunswick-H ARRIS, JEANNE; Atlanta-H ARRIS, THOMAS C; Atlanta-HARRISON, ADRAIN R.; Patterson-HATCHER, CHARLES R.; Attapulgus-HAWKINS, JEAN B.; Atlanta-H AWKINS, GIRARD W.; Ath- ens-HAY, JAMES E.; ShelbyviUe, Tenn,-HAYS. JEWELL; WatkinsviUe-HAZEN, MAYNARD; Athens-HECK, ROBERT E.; Charleston, S. " c.-HELD, CHARLES H.; Atlanta-HELMEY, EDGAR L.; Marlow-HENDERSON, MARJORIE; Austell-HENRY, CATHRYN; Atlanta-HERNDON. DONALD L.; Grayson-HERNDON, WIL- LlAiM B,; Loganville-HERRING, WILLIAM J; Cumming-HICKS, ARNOLD; Wrightsville-HICKS, ELBERT; Wrightsville-HIGGINBOTHAM, MARIAN; Waycross-HIGHTOWER, HAZEL M.; Attapulgus-HILL, JOYCE A.; Decatur-HILL, WALKER F.; EUijay-HILLEY, WILLIAM W.; Athens-HINSON, ERIN; Savan- nah-HIRSHBERG, ROBERT P.; Sumter, S. C-HITCHCOCK, HELEN; Athens-HOBBS, JAMES L,; Stapleton- HOBBS, HOMER B.; Talbotton-HOBBS, WILLIAM A.; Dexter-HODGSON, JAMES M. ' ; Athens-HODGSON, WILLIAM H.; Lowell. Mass.-HOGAN, VINCENT; Lincolnton-HOLAHAN, MARGARET F.; Smyrna-HOL- LAND, BILL; Fort Valley-HOLLAND, HELEN; Chery Chase, Md.-HOLLOMON, BOB; Atlanta-HOLMES, NELLE G.; Griffin-HOLZMAN, HERBERT; New York, N. Y. HENDERSON, M. HENRY, C. HERNDON, D. L. HERNDON, . B. HERRING. . I. HICKS. A. HICKS. E. HIGGBOTHAM, M. HIGHTOWER, H HILL, J. A. HILL, W. F. HILLEY, W. W. HINSON. E. HIRSHBERio. R. P. HITCHCOCK. H. HOBBS. J. L. HOBBS, H. B. HOBBS, W. A. HODGSON. J. M. HODGSON, W. H. HOGAN, V. HOLAHAN. M. F. HOLLAND, B. HOLLAND. H. HOLLOMON. B. HOLMES, N. G. HOLZMAN, H. I ' HlKavB « r f. f tmM M 10 TSlf C - 2Ev JSi ' rri:! i i«n»t«Bi!BiinTa;I ' ? ' ! ' l LSOX R.; IRP.WII )R. IN R.; D5-.;Alll- ffi-HECK. Dim. ON. WIL- , ELBERT; ijus-HlLL. IN: Savjn- yapleton- lODCSON. sm-HOL- HOOTEN, JAMES L.; Atlanca-HOPKINS, BKTTY; Athens-HOPP, CLIFFORD; Hastings, Nebraska- HOUCK, SUE; Augusta-HOUSTON, GORDON R.; Da- ritn-HUDSON, BENJAMIN; Clarkston-HUEY, IRVIN; -HULL, RALPH L.; Conyers-HUNT, BETTY R.; Marietta-HUNT, CHARLES S.; Ashburn-HUNT, JOSEPH L.; Decatur-HUNTEMANN, J. WALTER; New York City-HUNTER, HELEN L.; Atlanta-HURT, FRANCES; Crawford-HUTCHINS, HUMPHREY W.; At- lanta-HYDE, INEZ; Atlanta-JACKSON, RUTH J.; S;ablcton-JENKINS, RAY; Bridgeboro-JINDRA, WIL- LIAM; Port Chester, N. Y.-JOHNSON, JACK; Fort Valley-JOHNSON, CARY R.; Savannah-JOHNSON. COY; Porter Dale-JOHNSON, MARILYN; Barnesville-JOHNSON, MARY A.; Savannah-JOHNSON, RENEh L.; Rome- JOHNSON, ROBERT J.; Ringgold-JOHNSON, SIDNEY M.; Bogart-JOHNSON, TRAY; Porter- dale- JOHNSTON, BRICELYN; Decatur-JOINER, HERBERT M.; Alamo-JONES, ALYCE E.; Gai:iesville- JONES, BETTY LEE; Dalton-JONES, JOHN W ' .; Commerce-JONES. ROBERT L.; Atlanta-JONES, WIL- LIAM T.; Albany-JORL ' AN, LILLIAN; Atlanta-JORDAN, WILLIAM H.; Monticello. HlGHTOra, !,R1. HOBBS, CNO. HOliW. HUNT. J. L. Hl ' NlKMANN. J. W.Hl ' NTER. H I. HCIRT. F. lOHNSON. C. R. JOHNSON. J. JOHNSON. ( . JOHNSON. M. OHNSTON, B. JOIMK. IIM JO.NhS. A. t. JONtS, B. I.. HUTCHINS. H. W. HYDE. I. JOHNSON. M. A. JOHNSON. R. JONES. J. . JONES. R. L. JACKSON. R. J. JENKINS. R. JINDRA. Vf ' . JOHNSON. R. J JOHNSO.N. S. M. JOHNSON. T. JONES. Vi. T. JdKIHN I lORDAN. V. H. : ' .pLfm CLASS of ' SI JUSTICE. W . H. KAAS, D. KEY, K. KIDDER, B. J. Ktt, 1. D KINCHEN, R E JUSTICE, WILLIAM H.; Pittsboro, N. C.-KAAS, DONALD; Atlanta-KEMENSKY, SIDNEY; Columbus-KEE TUPLE D.; Augusta-KELLER, JOYCE L; Pelham-KELLEY, JOHN B.; WinterviUe-KENTMER, JOYCE K.: Rising Faum-KENNEDY, JOHNNIE C; Savannah-KEY, KATHRYN; Woodbury-KIDDER, BARBARA J.; At lanta-KIMSEY, JOHN A.; Young Harris-KINCHEN, R. ELTON; Brunswick-KING, ALEXANDER C; At lanta-KINSELLA, JOHN J.; Auburn, N. Y.-KNIGHT, ROBERT M.; Atlanta-KNIGHT, WALLACE S.; Can ton, N. C.-KNOWLES, JOHN L.; Columbus-KRAMER, MARY; Jesup-LANG, ISAAC W.; Waverly-LARRI MORE, HERBERT; Dickinson, Ala.-LAVIETES, PAUL A.; Atlanta-LEOPOLD. BECKY; Savannah-LEOPOLD BECKY; Savannah-LEVY, BETTY; Birmingham, Ala.-LEWIS, DON O.; Calhoun-LEWIS, EARLE; Warren ton-LEWIS, WALLACE A.; Waycross-LITTLE, WILLIAM M.; Lavonia-LIVELY, CHARLES H.; Rome-LIV INGSTON, G. MAYO; Bainbridge-LORD, HERMAN C; Winder-LOWE, JACKIE; Atlanta-LOWMAN JEAN; Atlanta-LUMPKIN, EDWIN S.; Athens-LUNSFORD, MARILYN; Clarkesville-LYNN, VIRGINIA J. Fitzgerald-LYON, NAN; Cave Spring-MAJOR, JIMMY; Atlanta-MALOY, M. T.; West Palm Beach, Fla.- MANLEY, BETTYE; Atlanta-MANN, EARL D.; Baxley-MANN, HAROLD M.; Dalton-MANN, MARY E. Conyers-MANN, S. BETTY; Decatur. KRAMER, M. LANG, I. W. LEWIS, W. A. LITTLE, W. M. LVNN. V. I. L-iON, N. LARRIMORE, H. I AVIETES, P. A. LEOPOLD, B. LEOPOLD, L. P. LEW. B. LEWIS, D. O. LEWTS, E. LIVELY, C. H. LIVINGSTON, G. M. LORD. H. C. LOWE, J. LOWMAN. J. LUMPKIN, E. S. LUNSFORD, M. MAJOR, J. MALOY, M. T. MANLEY, B. E. MANN. E. D. MANN. H. M. MANN. M. E. MANN. S. B. eOFHOMORES B-U K[ [lj , ibifi-KEE, ME K.; R. J.;Ai- » C; Al- E S.: Qn- i-LARRI- iOPOLD. ; " Juien- oot-LlV- OWA.N. GLNIA].; A Hi.- M. RY E.; HARSTON. M. MARTIN. C. MARllN. J. lAll IIKW S, M. MATTHFW S. W . T. MAYER. G. K. MAU ' lIN. H. MAllltRNl:. I . McARTHUR. R. -S. McBRIOK. M. J. MARSTON, MARY ANN; Atlanta-MARTIN, CAR- ROLL H.; Athens-MARTIN, JAMES N.; Albany-MAR- TIN, PAUL D.; Atlanta-M ATHERNE, THOMAS, JR.; " Houma, La.-MATTHEWS, MILDRED; Ashevilk, N. C.- MATTHEWS, WILLIAM T.; Haword-M AVER, GEORGE E.; Decatur-McA ' ;iTHUR, ROBERT S.; Atlanta-McBRIDE, MARTHA J.; Thomasvilk— McDONALD, HAZEL M.; Atlanta-McDONALD, SELMA R.; Cleveland-McDORMAN, JOHN; Abbeville, S. C.-McLEOD, CAR- LIS J.; Ponce De Leon, Fla.-McLESKEY, ERANCIS; Anderson, S. C.-McNEILL, ELMO S.; Augusta-MEADOR, JOHN T.; Old Hickory, Tenn.-MEDDIN, ARNOLD R.; Savannah-MEISNER, ALFRED; New York, N. Y.- MERRITT, BYRON O.; Jakin-MERREFT, JOANNE; Atlanta-MILL HARRY E.; Berkley, Michigan-MILLER, JOSEPH A.; Cleveland-MIZE, ANNE; West Point-MIZE, WILLIAM F.; Shady Dale-MONK, SAM; Naylor- MONTGOMERY, MARION H.; Thomaston-MOORE, JERRY L.; Calhoun-MOORE, MARY L.; Sparta-MOORE- FIELD, SALLY; Atlanta-MORRIS, THAD J., JR.; Statesboro-MOSELEY, WALLACE G.; Jasper-MOSES, JANE; Unaloa-MOSS, MARGUERITE; Athens-MOURE, MAURICE; Metter-MURRAY. HERBERT P.; Columbus-MY- RICK, JOHN; Columbus. li«1S,t lUNSFORD.M. MtUONALD. M. MtRRlTl. B. ). MOOKI-, M 1 MlDONAI.I), S. R McDORMAN, J. Mcl.KOlJ. :. I. McI.F.SK ' l ' . F. McNFIL. E. S. MEADOR. J. T. MFKRIIl, J. NJILI. H. A. MIl.LFK. .1. A. MIZI , A MIZE. . F. M0N; . S. MdOMI Fin I). S MORRIS. F. J.. Jr. MOSFI , (.. MOSFS. J. MOSS, M. MOURE. M. MEDDIN. A. R. MFISNFR. A. MO. FCO.MFR . .M. .MOORK. J. L. Mi ' RRAi 11 ( ' .m rk:k. J. i if c f 5 m CLASS of ' SI NAAR, J. L. NEWTON, P. K. NIXON, C. N. PARKERSON, G. R. PARR. G. A. PARRY, T. C. NORRIS, C. Q. PARTEE, W. D OLEARY, D. F. PARDUE, C. E. PATTERSON, H. C. PATTON, C. B. PARKER, J. P. PAUL, B. PARKER, K. PAYNE, J. C. PARKER, W. H. PEACOCK, J. L. NAAR, JOSEPH L.; Osswing, N. Y.-NEWTON, PAUL K.; Haicyondale-NIXON, CHARLES N.; Canon-NOR- RIS, C. QUILLIAN; WinterviUe-OLEARY, D. F.; Savannah-PARDUE, CLINTON E.; Augusta-PARKER, JAMES P.; Monroe-PARKER, KATHARINE; Brunswick-PARKER, WILLIAM H.; Mclntyre-PARKERSON, GERALD R.; Cadwell-PARR, GLORIA A.; Leary-PARRY, THOMAS C; Moultrie-PARTEE, WALTER U.; Athens-PATTERSON, HOMER C.;Hinesville-PATTON, CHARLES B.; Abinedon, Va.-PAUL, BARBARA; Lex- ington-PAYNE, JAMES C; Augusta-PEACOCK, JOSEPH L.; Blackshear-PENNINGTO, EDD; Hazelhurst- PERRY, CHARLES A.; Savannah-PERRY, JIMMY; Shadydale-PERRY, LENNING G.; Conimerce-PESKIN, HERMAN; Winder-PHILBIN, RICHARD; Lowell, Mass.-PIERCE, RALPH; Butler-PIERCE, ROBERT N.; Rome-PIPPIN, MARGARET; St. Petersburg, Fla.-PITMAN, ROBERT E.; Pittsburgh, Pa.-PITTMAN, WIL- LIAM F., JR.; Athens-PLART, LORAINE; Americus-PODOLL, MARILYN M.; Savannah-POOLE, LOUISE; Atlanta-POTTS, RUSLEEN D.; Newnan-POWELL, GRAYSON C; Swainsboro-POWELL, H. S.; Rome- POWELL, JOHN; Cedartown-PRATT, BRUCE G.; Beaufort, S. C.-PUND, JEAN H.; Augusta-PUTMAN, BIL- LIE; Decatur-QUAT, ROBERT D.; Brooklyn, N. Y.-RABUN, WILLIAM P.; Macon-RAMSEY, WILLIAM O.; Gainesville-RAY, WARREN T.; Madison-REAGIN, BILLY H.; Elberton-REDMOND, LEE J.; Athens. PENNINGTO, E. PERRY, C. A. PERRY, J. PITMAN, R. E. PITTMAN, W., Jr. PLART, L. PERRY, L. G. PESKIN, H. PODOLL, M. M. POOLE, L. PHILBIN, R. PIERCE, R. PIERCE, R. N. PIPPIN, M. POTTS, R. D. POWELL, G. C. POWELL, H. S. POWELL, J. PRATT, B. G. PUND, J. H. PUTNAM, B. Ql ' AT. R. D. RABUN. W. P. RAMSEY. NX . O. KAY. W. T. Kl AGIN, R. II Rl DMOND. L. J. ttOOVOIl t ■ M »W,» TV ! SOrSOMORES ' r m-m- -PARKIR. RXERSON, UTER D.; lARA; Lex- iutlhursi- [-PESKIN, IBERT N„ LAN, WIL- i, LOUSE; .; Romt- MAN.BIL- WILLIAM PIPPIN, M. Rl IVIS. M. t. Ul.M . 1 I UK.DON. () K. KIM.H V- kk.e:. (,. A. Kl KH, J. A. RICIIARHSON. A. RICKS, L. W. KOBKRTS. ( . ROBINSON, I.. REEVES, MARY E.; Memphis, Tcnn.-RENTZ, FEL- lON L.; Lenox-RICE. CHRISTINA A.; Atlanta-RICH- ARDSON, ANN; Lynn Haven, Fla.-RICKS, L. WADE; Brookhaven-RIGDON, ORVILLE R.; Waycross-RIN- GEL, FRED; Brunsvvick-RITCH, JOHN A,; Greensboro, N, C.-ROBERTS, CLARENCE; Athens-ROBINSON, LOUISE; Dunnellon, Fla.-ROBINSON, W ALIER R.; Columbus-ROGERS, )ACK A.; Lithonia-ROGERS, JEFF; Augusta-ROGERS, WILLIAM H.; Tifton-ROUN- TREE, BEN C; Adel-ROWE, ROBERT H.; Coliimbus-ROWLAND, JACK L.; Athens-RYNNE, WILLIAM F.; Boston, Mas .-SAMMONS, THOMAS W.; Swainsboro-SANDERS, D. A.; Gainesville, Fla.-SANDERS, FRAN- KIE; Lizella-SATTERWHITE, WILLIAM A.; At lanta-SAUNDERS, JACK; Savannah-SCHROEDER, NAN- NETTE; Augusta-SCOTT, DOROTHY; ThomasviUe-SCOTT, REILLY; Austell-SEXTON, JEANNE; Savan- nah-SHARPE, EDWARD M.; Ogeechee-SHAW, CAROLYN; Decatur-SHEPARD, ROBERT P.; Perry-SIM- MONS, C. DON; Eastman-SIMMONS, TROY L.; Americus-SIMMONS, VIRGINIA C; Bainbriclge-SIMON, BOOrS G.; Augusta-SIMONION, JON B.; Atlanta-SIMS, MARY; Pembrake-SIMS, RICHARD B. ; Cantar. ROBINSON, . R. ROGERS, I. A. ROGERS, .1. ROGERS, W . H. ROl ' NTREE. B. C. RO XE, R. H. SANDERS, I). A. SANDERS, K. SA 1 1 1 R HIl E, W SAl NDI R.S, I SCHROEDER, N. SCO I I , D. SHAW, (. SHI HARD, K. 1 ' . SIMM( )NS, ( 1). SIMMONS, 1 . L. SIMMONS, V. C. SIMON. B. G. ROW LAND. J. I.. R NNE, W . S(,OIT, R. SEX 1 O.N, I. SIMONION. .1. B. SIMS, M. SAMMO.NS, I . W. SIIARHE. M CLASS of ' SI SIRMON, LENORE; Atlanta-SISSON, JULIA; Ringgold-SKAGGS, JOIE W.; Louisville, Ky.-SLOTlN, I ' HIL H.; Douglas-SMALLWOOD, ALICE; aycross-SMITH, DOROTHY; Rome-SMITH, FRANK H.; Abingdon, Va.-SMITH, FRED H.; Monroe-SMITH, HELEN; Manchester-SMITH. JOSEPH H.; Barnesville-SMITH, R. C; Athens-SPRANGER, GINTHER A.; Athens-STAINBACK, WILLIAM B.; Atlanta-STALLINGS, RAY; Nashville-STEBLER, MICHAEL E.; Lansford Penna.-STEEDLEY, FRED N.; Argyle-STEIN, RUTH; Carters- ville-STEINBERG, JACK; Augusta-STEINBERG, RENEE H.; Savannah-STELLING, TECKLA; Augusta- STEPHENS, ERBY T.; Dougherty-STEPHENS, RAYMOND W.; Reidsville-STEPHENS, SARAH; Athens- STEPHEN, THOMAS J.; Lowell, Mass.-STEPHENSON, JOHN W.; Athens-STEVENSON, WILLIAM A.; Commerce-STEVCART, MERRILL; Trenton-STOWERS, ED H.; Dawsonville-STRICKLAND, W P.; Black- shear-STROTHER, BETTY; Athens-STURGIS, KATHRYN A.; Atlanta-SULLIVAN, JOHN D.; Carnesville- SUTTON, EARL P.; Fort Gaines-SYDNOR, L. O.; Cedertown-TALMADGE, LUCY; Athens-TANKERSLEY, C. C; OciUa-TAYLOR, CHARLES W.; Statesboro-TAYLOR, CLARE; Augusta-TAYLOR, W ' YNDELL L.; Clinchfield-THOMAS, BETTY; Athens-THOMAS, JOYCE; Atlanta-THOMAS, ROBERT E.; LaFayette- THOMASON, MARY F.; Atlanta-THOMASON, NANCY; Rome-THORNTON, DOROTHY; Bogart. STEINBERG, R. H. STELLING, T. STEPHENS, £. T. S 1 EPHENS, R. W. STEPHENS, S. STEPHEN. T. J. STOVCERS. E. H. STRICKLAND. W. STROTHER. B. STLIRGIS. K A. SULLIVAN. I. D. SU ETON, E. P. TAYLOR, C. W. TAYLOR, C. lAIIOK W I IliOMAS, H I 1 1( ).M A.s, J IIIO.MAS. K 1, STEPHENSON, J. STEVENSON, VV. A. STEWART, M. SYDNOR, L. O. TALMADGE, L. TANKERSLEY. C. THOMASON. M. F. THOMASON. N. THORNTON. D. SOFHOMOKES r j fS iMllHii. f riLLlSON, W. h. IILLITSKI. J. E. TIMMHRMAN. T. TINGI.H. B. J. SniNBERG] I rRUNKEY. B. Tl ' RI.INGTON. H. TIRNKR. G. ICRNIR. (). J riN, PHIL :UiiiigiJon. iMITH, R. GS, MY; H: Qtiers- UAM A.; P.; Bkck- jnwflllc- JffiLEY, ,D[LL L; LiFjuiic- V5(ftt..t.SIEU«T. l Z.I TANKERSIIV.C IS SV THO.NTOXO- TILLISON, WILLIAM H.; Atlanu-TILLITSKl. JOHN i;.; Canton, Ohio-TIMMERM AN, THRRY; Tarrytown, N. Y.-TINGLE, BETTY J.; Monticello-TIPPINS, JESSE G.; Claxton-TRUNKEY, BILLIE; Atlanta- TURLINGTON, EDWIN; Atlanta-TURNER, GEORGE; Decatur-TURNER, OLGA J.; Atlanta-TUTEN, ALLEN V.; Baxley-WAGES, FRED E.; Brunswick-WALKER, BETTY; Atlanta-WALKER, DUNAH A.; Roopville-WALKER, W. A.; Lumpkin-WALL, JAMES H.; Syl- vester-WALL, MARSHALL D.; Winder-WARD, JAMES S.; Atlanta-W ARE, SUE N.; Jesup-WATERS, AUBREY F.; Decatur-WEATHERFORD, LAWRENCE E.; Watkinsvillc-XX EAVER, J. B.; Hartwell-WEBB, JAMES T.; Springfield-WEINSTEIN, ELAINE; Macon-WEINSTEIN, MARILYN; Barnesville-WEIR, JAMES A.; Atianta- ELCH, JEROME C; Atlanta- HEELER, JOHN L.; Atlanta-WHEELER, MARY F.; LaFayctte- WHITCOMB, CAROLINE G.; Camiila-WHITAKER, BARNEY B., JR.; Augusta-W HITEHEAD, MARIE; Albany-W HITLEY, W. B.; Osierficld-W HITW ORTH, JACK W.; Greenville-WHOLEY, PAUL R.; Lowell, Mass.-W ICKER, JOY; Atlanta-W lER, BETTY; Athens-WILCOX, JAMES L.; Ocilla. WACiKS. F. F. V, AlKFR, B. AI KHR. D A. W AI KFR. W. A. W ' AI I., I 11. W AI I , M D. W ARD, .1 S WFAlllhRFDRl). I . V. 1 AVI R, .1. H. W 1 BH. .1. 1 . W I INSllIN. li. W hlNSlI IN. M. WIIR.J.A. 11 H.,|.( WHlK.OMh. C. O. W iniAKlK. B. Jr. W III n HI AI). M I II 1 I n . . B. WHnViORTli. J. WHOI I . I ' l WKKhR.I W ARF. S N. W MH l.l R. J 1 . W 1 1 K h X ATHRS. A. F. WIIFH.KK. M. F. W IK OX. J. L. ?0p ' j255? ' - ■ ' ' ' p o SOFBOMO ES m mM Iki ... tin ' I WILDS, G. G. WILKIE. J. N. WILLEY, D. E. W 1 1 I I AMsON. J. WILLIAMSON, J. WILLIAMS, ;. C. WILLIAMS, A. L. WILLIAMS, C. M. ILSUiN, G. L. WILSON, P. WOLSON, f . A. WOODALL, L. A. WRIGLEY, L. YOUNG, B. M. ZEITZ, R. M. WILLIAMS, J. C. WINCEY, G. F. ZITTROVER, H. B. WILDS, GARLAND G.; Glennville-WILKIE, JAMES N.; Decatur-WILLEY, DONALD E.; Athens-WILLIAMSO, JAMES L.; Rebecca-WILLIAMSO, JAMES R.; Dalton-WILLIAMS, JOHN C; Americus-WILLIAMS, JOHN C; Long Island-WILLIAMS, ALICE L.; Savannah-WILLIAMS, C. M.; Howard-WILSON, GEORGE L; Locust Grove-WILSON, PRICHARD; Matthews-WINCEY, GEORGE F.; Blackshear- WOLSON, FREDDIE A.; Savannah-WOODALL, LEWIS A.; Austell-WRIGLEY, LUCILLE; Atlanta-YOUNG, BEVERLY M.; Savannah-ZEITZ, ROBERT M.; New Bedford, Mass.-ZITTROVER, HARRY B.; Springfield. rHESHMM CLASS First Row: ANN JACKSON, Treas.: CLARA MORRIS. Pies.: Second Row: JAN GRIFFIN, ice Pres.; BETTY BABCOCK, Secy. MEN ' S DAN DOMINY, Pres.: NICK CHII.INIS. Secy-Treas.: Not Pictured, CHARLIE VAN- DERVIER, Vice Pres. CLASS of ' 52 :H?«t ' aWr..A . AARONS. M. J. ADAMS, E. ADAMS, R. AKINS, R. L. ALBERT, D. ALHADEFE, J. ALLEN. D. G. ALLISON, A. ALLRED, M. I ALMAND, B. ALPER, M. ALTMAN, A. ANDERSON, T. L. ANDREWS, M. J. ANGEL, J. R. ARNETT, T. ARNOLD, A. ARONSON, S AARONS, MARCIA J.; Hazlehurst-ADAMS, KMILY; Dalton-ADAMS, REBECCA; Greenwood, S, C.-AKINS ROY L.; Statesboro-ALBERT, DORIS; Metier- ALHADEFE, JEANETTE; Atlanta-ALLEN, DOROTHY G Brunswick-ALLISON, ANGEL; New Orleans, La.-ALLRED, MARY F.; Athens-ALMAND, BEVERLEY; Athens- ALPER, MARILYN; Cordele-ALTMAN, ANN; Sylvania- ANDERSON, THOMAS L.; Hartwell-ANDREWS MARY J.; Toccoa- ANGEL, J. RUTH; Franklin, N. C-ARNETT, TALMADGE; Brunswick- ARNOLD AUGUSTA; Hapeville-ARONSON, SAM; Adel-ARWOOD, CHARLES; Moultrie-ASSELANIS, GEORGE; Sa vannah-AXELROD, HERBERT W.; Atlanta-BABCOCK, BETTY; Avondale Estates-BALL, EVELYN R.; Pine view-BARNUM, EDWARD L.; Valdosta-BATCHELOR, PATRICIA; Columbus-BEACH, MARY R.; Atlanta- BEHRAKIS, CHARLES J.; Lowell, Mass.-BELLAMY, BOBBIE J.; Monticello-BENFIELD, DEWEY; Decatur- BENNETT, BETTY J.; Brunswick-BENNETT, ELIZABETH G,; Rossville-BENTLEY, TOMMY; Athens- BIRDSONG, NANCY C; Columbus-BLITCH, BETTY E.; Homerville-BLOOM, GIEDA M.; Weymouth, Mass.- BLUMERFEL, BETTY; Rockmart-BOBBITT, F. WENDELL; Dudley-BOLT, DANIEL L,; Lindale-BONEY, GEORGE F.; JacksonviUe-BOSTICK, FRANCES; Atlanta-BOWEN, EDITH R.; Cairo-BOYD, BETTY; Winder- BRACKIN, C, F,; Donalsonville-BRADFORD, MARY B.; Athens-BRASELTON, CLARA E.; Brazelton, ARWOOD, C. ASSELANIS, G. BELLAMY, B. J. BENEFIELD, D. BOBBITT, F. W. BOLT. D. L. AXELROD, H. W. BABCOCK, B. BENNETT, B. J. BENNETT, E. G BONEV. G. F. BOSTICK, E. BALL. E. R. PENTLEY. T. BOW FN, F, R BARNUM, E. L. BATCHELOR, P. RIRDSONG. N. C. BLITCH, B. E. ro 1). K. BRACKIN, C. F. BEACH. M. R. BEHRAKIS, C. J. CLOOM. G. M. BLUMERFEL, B. BRADFORD. M. B. BRASELTON. C. :-, KINS, IIHYG.; I ; im- NMWs. . 1LN0LD. )RGE; Sa- il; Pine- AduD- Detanit- Aihens- 4Mass-- :«iakf- %ti RA ILL. (,. 1 ' . «)OKS. (j. HKA , J. W . BROOKS. M BRHSNER. R. BROOKS, S. R. BRIDGFS. B. J. BROWN. B. A. BRINKLHV. A. BROWN, B. C. BRASWHLL, CLARISSA P.; Adrian-BRAY, J. W.; Daltop.-BRF.SNER, RHODA; Atlanta-BRIDGES. BAR- BARA J.; Sumncr-BRINKLEY, ANNE; Sparta- BROOKS, GEORGIAN A; Chipley-BROOKS. MARGA- RET A.; Atlanta-BROOKS, S. RICHARD; Brooklyn. N. Y.-BRO X ' N, BETTY A.; Coral Gables, Fla.-BROW ' N, BOBBY C; Locust Grovc-BROWN, GEORGE E Burnswick-BROWN, JAMES M.; Atlanta-BRYANT, JOHN D.; Malon-BURNETTE, COILYSS L.; Athcns- BURNETT, V. C; Atlanta-BURT, HILLIARD P.; Albany-BUTLER. JAMES R.; Macon-BUTTS. JEAN Athens-BYRNE, PHILIP M.; Columbus-CAIN, MARY A.; Buford-CALLAW ' AY, EMILY K.; Rayle-CAMP JOY; Rome-CAMP, JUNE; Atlanta-CAMPBELL. TED M.; Atlanta-CARDEN, L. MAX; Cordck— CARL RICHARD; Atlanta-CARRUTH, MARY L.; Athens-CARTER. DANIEL D.; Haziehurst-CARTER, DAN ' ID E. BaxlLV-CHAMBERS, EDGAR; Atianta-CHICK. JOANNE; Monrot-CHL ' ECA, CARLOS; Caraz Ancash. Peru- CLFVELAND. NANCY J,; Scnoia-COBB, LUCILLE; Metter-COCHRAN. JIMMY; Norcross-CODY, SALLY R. Atlanta-COHEN, ALFRED; New York, N, Y. BROW .N. C. I BD MWS. ' - CAIN. M. A Bll-MRHl-B. I CARTER, o. F ,[;i,[lTON.U BROW N. J. M. BRYANT. J. D CJALLAW AV. t. K. CAMP. .1. ( IIAMBKRS. F CHIfK, I Bl ' RNFTTF. (.. I (AMP. J. (IllKA. ( . BURNFTF. W . (.. Bl ' R F. H. P. CAMPBFLL. T. M. CARDFN. L. M. CLFVI I AND. N. J. COBB. F. BllFFR. J. R. CARL. R. COC HRAN. F Bl TTS. J. B KNF. P. .M. (ARRITH. M. F. ( ARl KR. D. D. COD •. S. R. ( OIIFN. A. CLASS of ' 52 COUNCIL, .1. C. DE MARS, C. J. CRAVEN, F. DENNIS, C. S. COHEN, JACQUELINE; Atlanta-COLLIER, MARGARET; Birmingham, Ala.-COMERFORD, BEVERLY; At- lanta-COMPTON, MARTHA; Powder Springs-COOLEY, JANE; Cleveland-COOPER, VIRGINIA F.; Atlanta- COUNCIL, JAMES C; Waycross-CRANFORD, JANE; Jesup-CRAVEN, FRANK; Palmer, Mass.-CRAWFORD, BETTYE; Concord-DANIEL, EMMA C; Athens-DARDEN, HOLT; Columbus-DAVIS, ADREENNE R. ; At- lanta-DAVIS, ESTKER; Savannah-DEAVER, MILDRED; AdamsviUe, Ala.-DE MARS, CLARENCE J.; Savan- nah-DENMARK, MARY; Atlanta-DENNIS, CLIFTON S.; Pocomoke, Md.-DESSAUER, SARA; Augusta- DOOLEY, BOBBY J.; Watkinsville-DOSTER, CHARLES E.; Rebecca-DUGGER, SALLY; Atlanta-DUNLAP, ROBERT R.; Thomasville-DUNN, WILLIAM M.; Gainesville-EDWARDS, G. E.; Rome-EDWARDS, THESON S.; Monticello-ELDER, BILLY; Jefferson-ELEY, JACK A.; Winder-ELKINS, CHARLES B.; Elber- ton-ELROD, WILLIAM H.; Hartwell-ENGLISH, CARLTON; Jefferson-ECHOLS, HUBERT FULFORD; Glen- wood-ESCOE, RICHARDS.; Jefferson-ESKEW, GLENN M.; Sarasota, Fla,-ESKEW, REID; Fairburn-ESTEOFF, PHYLLES E.; Augusta-FARRAR, GRACE C; Athens-FARRELL, PAT; Jamaica, New York-FARRIOR, BETTE I.; Marietta-FATE, JOE; Portsmouth, N. H.-FEINER, JOHN M.; Ann Arbor, Mich.-FINLEY, CORINNA W.; North Wilkesboro, N. C.-FISHMAN, BERNICE; Atlanta-FLANIGAN, ROBERT E.; Lincolnton-FRANKLIN, JAMES A.; PlainviUe. DESSAUER, S. DOOLEY, B. J ELEY, J. A. ELKINS, C. B. FARRAR, G. C. FARRELL. P EDWARDS, G. E. EDWARDS, T. S. ELDER, B. FSKEW. G. M. ESKEW, R. ESTEOFF. P. F. FISHMAN. B. FLANIGAN, R. E. FRANKLIN, J. A. I III t ' ir II ' rmitiiinniMiiTMaiininBStriitni ' ' - ' ■ ' r-j ..- •■) ■ flEEMAN, E. FUI.LKR. M. A. ARRISON. K. C. OASKINS. K. D ERIY; At- ' : Aibnu- [AWFORD, l I: k- ; J.: km AujuHa- -DINLAP. D«ARDS, i.: Elber- «D;Glen- •ESTEOfF, )R.BEm INNA W.; R.ANKILN. FREEMAN, ELINOR; Atlanta-FULLER, MARY ANN; Atlanta-FUTRAL, W. SCOTT; Griffin-GALE, CHAR- LOTTE; Brunswick-GARRETTE, CLAIRE; Statham- G ARRISON. KARL C; Atlicns-GASKINS, KENNETH D.; NasFiville-GEE, ROBERT L.; Butler-GENTRY, ANNE; Athens-GENTRY, IRIS F.; Spartanburg, S. C.-GEORGE, M. ANITA; Morrow— GIBSON, Rl ' NIE A.; Brunswick-GOBER, GENE T.; Commerce-GOLDBERG, JACKIE; Birmingham, Ala.-Goodroe. FAYE L.; LutFiers- ville-GOWER, ANNE J.; Pine Lake-GRANT, LILLIAN; Atianta-GRANT, ROSS C; Ringgold-GRAVES, BET- TY; Rome-GRAY, DOZIER R.; Athens-GREEN, RONALD H.; Atlanta-GREKNW AY, (iLORIA; Athens- GRIFFIN, GEORGE V.; Georgetown-GRIFFIN, JAMES L.; Sparks-GRIFFIN, JAN; Ashburn-GRIGCiERS. ELARAY; Atlanta-HADDEN. MYRON H.; Avera-HADDON, BILLIE; Sumter, S. C.-HAILEY, JO B.; Siloam-HAILEY, CHARLOTTE K.; Hartwell-HALLM AN, HARRIETT-HAM, LEONARD E.; Atlanta-HAM- BY. REBECCA; Tifton-HAMMOCK, DONALD; Rome-HAMMOND, ANNETTE-HARBEN, GLENN; Athens -HARBEN. SILVEY; Davidsonville. EOR(.F, M. A. CIBSON, R. A. (.OBKR. G. I . f.OI.nBERG. I. C.OODROE. F. L. COWER. A. J. GRANT. I . GRANT. R. C. GRAVES. B. (,RFFN A ' S . G. GRIFFIN, G. V. t.RIFFIN. J. L. (.RIFFIN. J. GRIGGFRS. F. HADDFN. M. H. HAOnoN. B. RA ' V , F). R. GRFEN. R. Alll ' l. 1. H. IIAIFF -, ( . K. MAM, I . F. FIAMB ' . R. HAMMfK K. n. HAMMOND. A. IIARBFN, G. FIARBEN. S. CLASS Of ' 52 HARDIN, R. T. HARDY, W. C. HAROLD, ). HARPER, B. H. HARRISON, J. L. HART, HARVEY, L. H. HARWELL, R. W, HAWES, R. E. HENDRIX, J. W. IlENDRIX, J. W. HENNHSSEE, M, IIENSON, W. II. HIGGISON, M. E. HIGHT, R. A. HILL, A. L. HARDIN, ROBERT T.; Culloden-HARDY, WILLIAM C; Atlanta-HAROLD, JEANE; Atlanta-HARPER, BEN HOYT; Evanston, IIL-HARRISON, JOE L.; Bogart-HART, BEVERLY; Gray-HART, SAMUEL W.; At- lanta-HARVEY, LAWRENCE H.; Sereven-HARWELL, ROBERT W.; Atlanta-HAWES, RICHARD E.; Thom- son-HENDRIX, JOHN W.; Milledgeville-HENDRIX. JOSEPH W.; Madison-HENNESSEE, MARGARET; Atlanta-HENSON, WILEY H.; EIlijay-HIGGISON, MARTHA E.; Macon-HIGHT, ROBERT A.; Culverton- HILL, ARTHUR L.; Ellijay-HILL, JACK W.; Culverton-HILL, ROBERT P.; Ellijay-HOBBS, JACQUELINE; Powder Springs-HOGAN, BARBARA; Dudley-HOLBROOK, GEORGE C; Atlanta-HOLDEN, TED; Westficld, N. J.-HOLLID AY, ROBERT P.; Lookout Mountain-HOLMES, ELIZABETH; Augusta-HORNE, EUGENE L.; Augusta-HOWARD, JUNE A.; Alexander, Va.-HUBBARD, STANLEY A.; Bremen-HUDSON, DELMAR; At- lanta-HUFF, THELMA J.; Bogart-IRVIN, LUDIE A.; Newton-IVEY, C. RAY; Macon-JACKSON, ANN; At- lanta-JACKSON, EUGENE J.; Decatur-JACKSON, MARY E.; Hartwell-JACKSON, WILLIAM E.; Macon- JAMES, SUE A.; Rayston-JARRELL, JOSEPHINE J.; Greenville-JENKINS, ANNE; Brunswick-JINKS, BETTY; Atlanta- JOHNSON, FLORENCE A.; Athens-JONES, BETTY E.; Rochelle-JONES, BILLIE J.; Statesboro- JONES, JOSEPHINE R.; Flowery Branch-JORDAN, EDWIN C; Andrews, N. C. JOYttJIl t mmm (O CH, M h. -HARPER, El« " ,;Ai- ' E.; Ihom- yiGARIT; Gilvenon- QlELIiNE; ; « ' esifieli GLNE L; LMAR; Ai- iNN; At- ,; MMOn- i BETTY; joiebo ' o- KAMLl: I , B KINO, S. KAPLAN, n. KIl ILI;. M. I. KM.LK ' i ' . A. H. KNIGHT. J. KNISKLRN, I ' . M. JOYCK, MARY E.; J t. Augustine, Fla.-KAMLKT, BKRT; Lawrence, L. I., N. Y.-KAPLAN, DAVID; Atlanta- KELLEY, ANNE H.; Lawrencevilk—KEMP. LOUISE; Powder Springs-KING, FRANCES; Atlanta-KING, SHERRY; Atlanta-KII TLH, MARY L.; Athens- KNIGHT, JEAN; Atlanta-KNISKERN, PETER M.; Albany-KOSLIN, MARTIN; New York, N. Y.-KRUM- RINE, CHARLES A.; Brunswkk-LAMBE, ERNEST M.; Lakeland, Ela.-LANEORD. JANICE; Decatur-LAND, JOYCE; Athens-LANDRETH, RAYMOND E.; Gabbettville-LANDRDM, W. E.; Lafayettc—LANIER, HELEN J.; Atlanta-LARRIMORE, ROY W.; Dickinson, Ala.-LEACH. LYNNE; Avondale Estates-LEDBETTER, SUE; Atlanta-LEDSINGER, CHARLES L.; Marietta-LEE, DONALD E.; Brooks-LEE, MARY L.; Thomson-LEW ' IS, EDWARD L.; Decatur-LEWIS, WALTER E.; Warner Robins-LIEBERMAN, ANNETTE; Durham, N. C- LINDER, ALBERT ().; Savannah-LINDSEY, BEVERLY; Atianta-LONG, JACKIE; Macon-LONG, MARGIE; Athens-LOVINGOOD, ALTON J.; Kennesaw-LYNCH, WALTER; Athens-LUTES, HELEN; Augusta-MAIN, WILLIAM W.; Norwich. Conn.-M ALCOM, JEAN; Athtns-MALSBERGE, JANICE; Atlanta. liO!i,ll-£- HOWARD! . KOSI.IN. M. KRl ' MRINi:. C. A. LAMBF. F. M. I ANFORD. J. LAND. J. JACKSON, ' I LFACII. L. LFDBFII FR. S. LFD.SINCFR. (.. L. IFF, D. F. LEE. M. L. (,!C LINDSF -. B. F()N ' (,, S LONCi. J. L()VIN(, K)I), A. J. LYNCH. V. LANDRFTH. R. E. LANDRUM. W. E. LAMFR. H I. I ARRIMORF. R. ' LEWIS. F.L. LEWIS. W. E. I IFHFRMAN. A. I INDFR, A. (). IIIFS. H .MAIN. W W .MAKO.M I . I AI SHFRt.FR, J. CLASS of 52 MARKS, J. McCRARY, J. N. MARTIN, D. M McGOWAN, T. MAXWELL, A, J. McVCHIRTE, G. H. McALPIN, M. C. MEYtR, £. McBROOM, E. MIDDLEBROOKS, B. McCRARY, G. MILLER, J. A. mil. ' MARKS, JANET; Albany-MARLOWE, BOBBY W.; Winder-MAR TIN, DAVID M.; Carlton-MASSEY, JAMES E.; Hahira-MATHEWS, J. D.; Savannah-MAXWELL, ALBERT J,; Athens-McALPIN. MALCOLM C; Blackshear-McBROOM, ELLEN; Miami, Fla.-McCRARY, GEORGE; Macon-McCRARY, JEAN N.; Malena- McELRATH, ANN E.; Macon-McGOWAN, TERRY; Atlanta-McNAIR, WILLIAM L.; Harlem-McNEAL, MARY A.; Gainesville-McWHIRTE, GEORGE H.; Atlanta-MEYER, ERICA; Atlanta-MIDDLEBROOKS, BURTON S.; Sharon-MILLER, JIMMIE A.; Brunswick -MITCHELL, ANNE; Brunswick-MITCHELL, ANNIS L.; Columbus-MOCK, WILLIAM L.; Colquitt-MOLDER, ELOISE; Athens-MONROE, FLORENCE; Atlanta- MOORE, ANN; Atlanta-MOORE, JAMES H.; Thomson-MOORE, JOSEPH E.; Calhoun-MORRIS, HAROLD M.; Athens-MORRISON, CHARLES R.; Winterville-MORSE, LAMAR D.; Atianta-MOSS, CATHARINE; Ath- ens-MOSS, PAUL J.; Brunswick-MYRICK, SARAH; Cokimbus-NALLY, ANNA L.; East Point-NASH, BET- TY; Atlanta-NASH, NELSON; Athens-NEEDHAM, FOANNE; Ellenwood-NELSON, CARL K.; Dubiin- NEWSOME, LAMAR E.; Avera-NILL, BERYL C; Atlanta-NIPPER, ANNELLI; Fayetteville-NIRENSTEI, HENRY S.; Macon-NIX, F. GAY; Jesup-NIX, GOSS R.; Athens-NO FIAGE, DAN A.; Atlanta-ONEAL, MARION C; Columbus. MITCHELL, A, MITCHELL, A. L. MOCK, W. L. MOLDER. E. MORRISON, C. R. MORSE, L. D. MOSS, C. MOSS, P. J. MISON, C. K. NEVVSOME, L. E. NILL. B. C. NIPPER, A. I. MONROE, F. MOORE, A. MYRICK. S. NALLY, A. L. NIRENSTEI, H. S. NIX. F. G. MOORE. J. H. MOORE, J. E. MORRIS. H. M. NASH, B. NASH, N. NEEDHAM, F. NIX, G. R. NOTTAGE, D. A. ONEAL, M. C. MV.H! . .«N1S Ailaflia- l ROLD NEJtli- jRBET- DoHin- IfNSTEl 4N ' EAL Jf- MORRIS. H.N ' ONi.U.M.C OSHIELDS, SALKNA; Duluth-PALMKR. MARY E.; Columbus-PARADlSi;, BECKY; Cascade- PARKAM, — JEANNE; Atlanta-PARKER, JAMES C; Cordele- PAYNE, CAROLYN; Bowman-PE ACOCK, RAY L.; Vidalia-PERKINS, BILLY; W ' inder-PERKINS, C. C.; Mt. Zion-PERRY, EDNA; Atlanta-PETERMAN, MILTON; Warner Robins-PETERSON, DAVID; Laureltori, L. L-PETRY, BEREHA M.; Jacksonville-PErTMAN, PAT; Coiumbus-PORTEREIELD, HENRY E.; W inter- ville-POTTS, ERANCES; Columbus-POWELL, WILLIAM E.; Griffin-POWER, BETTY; Atlanta-PRICE, ELIZABETH; La Grange-PRICE, HOMER S.; Valdosta-PRICE, LAURA H.; Vidalia-PRINCE, MOLLY; Ath- en«,-PRITCHETT, BETTY A.; Atlanta-PTACEK, JAMES E.; Coraopolib, Penn.-RABER, EDWARD N.; Ashe- ville, N. C.-RAINWATER. EDNA E.; AIpharetta-RAW LS, THOMAS; Miami, Ela.-RAY, GLORIA; Colum- bus-RAY, HENRY P.; Nashville-RAY, ROSE; Commerce-REECE, JACK H.; Summerville-REGISTER, JAMES D.; Mowen-REGISTER, RAYMOND; Moultrie-REID, EVA; Atlama-RHODES, M. ANN; Lake City, Fla- RICE, BETTY J.; Opelika, Ala.-RICE, GEORGE W.; Royston. ETERMAN, M. PETFRSON, D. PETR ' ' . B. M. PITTMAX, P PORIIRI II [ D. II. E. POTTS, F. PO EI.L, W. E. POW ER. B. RICE, II. S. PRK E, I.. H. AY, H. F. RA , K PR1N( E, M. HI ICE, J. II. HHIKMlll. B A I ' lAMK.I I KABER, E. N. RAINWATER. E. E. RAW l.S. I . KK.IMIK. 1 I) KK.IMIK. I Kill). 1 RHOIM-.S. M KKF H I PRICE, E. RA , (.. KK I , W. cuss of ' 52 RlCKtTSON, J. A. RIVERS, M. ROSEiNTHAL, N. A. ROSSER, M ROBERT, H. C. ROTHSTEIN, B ROBERTS, S. H ROWE, J. R. ROBERTS, S RUDEN, J. ROGER, L. H. RUSS, N. ROOBIN, L. J. RVMER. J. F. ROSEN THAL, J. L. ROSENTHAL, N. L SAMS, A. SAUNDERS, M. J. RICKETSON, JOHN A.; Dougles-RIVKRS, MADGE; Miami, Fla.-ROBERT, HENRY C; Atlanta-ROBERTS, SALLY H.; Augusta-ROBERTS, SUE; Lithonia-ROGER, L. HOWARD; Lafayette-ROOBIN, L. J.; Atianta- ROSENTHAL, JOAN L.; Augusta-ROSENTHAL, NATHANIEL L.; Brookline, Mass.-ROSENTHAL, NORMA A.; Elizabeth, N. J.-ROSSER, MARJORIE; Decatur-ROTHSTEIN, BEVERLY; Columbus-ROWE, JAMES R.; Nashville-RUDEN, JOAN; Atlanta-RUSS. NORMA; Atlanta-RYMER, JIMMIE F.; Blue Ridge-SAMS, ARD- ATH; Atlanta-SAUNDERS, MARGARET J.; Jacksonville, Fla.-SAYE, ROBERT PAUL; Athens-SCHREIBER, NANCI; Blackshear-SCHWARTZ, ROBERT I.; Macon-SCHWARZ, RONALD M.; New York, N. Y.-SCOTT, FAYE; Moultrie-SCOTT, HOWARD I.; Macon-SCROGGINS, L. J.; Thomaston-SEAGRAVES, LAURA; Ath- ens-SECKINGER, JUDITH P.; Atlanta-SEIBEL, MONROE; Lawrence, New York-SHACKELFO, DOROTHY; Miami-SHADDEN, WILLIAM N.; Cartersville-SHADDIX, CAROLINE; Decatur-SHAW, ANNE C; Decatur- SHEPHERD, JOAN S.; Lewiston, Idaho-SHERLOCH, CECILIA; Monroe-SHIMP, BETTY; Decatur-SHORT, DONALD C; Mt. A iry-SIDNEY, SIMMONS W.; Macon-SIEDELBER, ELLEN M.; Atlanta-SIMS, PATSY G.; Rome-SIR, JOSEPHINE; Chattanooga, Tenn.-SIRMONS, CAROL; NashviUe-SISKIND, FAYGE G.; Valdosta- SMALLEY, KATHRYN; Elberton-SMITH, ANNA L.; Trenton-SMITH, JACQULINE; Athens. SAYE, C. P. SCHREIBER, N. SCHWARTZ, R. I. SCHWARZ, R. M. SCOTT, F. SCOTT, H. I. SEIBEL, M. SHACKELFO, D. SHADDEN, W. N. SHADDIX, C. SHAW, A. C. SHEPHERD, J. S. SHERLOCH, C. SHIMP, B. SIDNI •. S. W. SIEDILBFR, 1 . M. SIMS, P. G. SIR, J. SIRMONS, C. SISKIND, F. (,. SMALLER ' , K. SMITH, A. L. SCROGCINS, L. J. SEAGRAVES, L. SECKINGER, J. H. SHORT, D. c:. SMITH, J. FRESHMEN llt l.).L ftlMllUM »■ SAINDIH, | I, lOBERTS, Aiiuiu- , NOHMA iMESR,; «S, ARD- ,-ston, ■RA; Aih- IROTHY; . Dtciwr- -SHORT, ' ATSYG.; Vjldciia- IVRL SICKINH " ' ) SMllll, L. SMITH, 1-. A. SMITH, J. SMITH, W. R. SMITH, Vi ' . W. SPENCtR, G. SMITH, K. M. SPIIiGtLMA, K SMITH, l.LlZABinH; Atlanta-SMITH, FLOYD A.; Furman, S. C.-SMITH, JOAN; Austell-SMITH, ROY M.; Athcns-SMITH, THOMAS A.; Elbtrton-SMITH, WAYNE R.; Atlanta-SMITH, WENDELL W.; Swains- boro-SPENCER, GLADYS; Atlanta-SPIEGELMA, FRANCES; Atlanta-STANFORD, DONALD; Rebecca- STARNES, ROSLYN; Macon-STELLJES, GEORGE; Ma- con-STEPHENSO. ROERT F.-STEWART, FLORENCE C; Miami, Fla.-STINER, JOHN J.; Atlanta-S LOCK, KATHERINE R.; Rome-STONE, PRISCILLA; Athens-STORM, BARBARA; Atlanta-STORY, SUZANNE; At- lanta-STROHBEHN, JOANNE; Athens-SUMMEROUR, WILLIAM F.; Davvsonvilk— SUNSHINE, PHILIP; Atlanta-SUSOTT, JANET; Atlanta-SYMAN, FAYE; Augusta-SYMAN, LOIS; Augusta-TANNER, CLINTON W.; Macon-TANNER, ERNEST G.; Sylvania-TAYLOR, JAMES D.; Sylvania-TEMPLE, ALBERT P.; Manchcs- ter-TERRELL, BARBARA J.; College Park-TERRY, M. VIRGINIA; Chatsvvorth-THARP, THELMA L.; Tampa, Fla.-THIGPIN, VERRILLE GREY; Oak Ridge, Tenn.-THOM AS, JAMES A.; Thomasville-THOMAS, [ERE- MIAH C; Athens-THOMAS, FRANKLIN; Winterville-THOM AS, MARY V.; Atlanta. STARNES. R. SI II.I.JES, G. STEPHENSO, R. F. STEWART, F. C. STINFR. J. I. STOfK.K R. STONE. P. STORM. B. SIORV. S. STKOHHEHN. J. SIMM] ROUR, W. F. SUNSHINE. P. SUSO IT. J. S MAN. E. SSMAN. I.. I ANNER. C. W. I A.N.NER. E. (.. I A T OR. J. I). lEMHLI, A P n KKI LE. B. J. TERRY, M. V. I HARP. I . !.. 1 HIGPIN, V (, IHOMAS. J. A. I HOMAS. I I NOMAS. E. IHOMAS. M V f i f « tl£ CLASS of ' S2 Trp:«r; -ws THOMPSON, C. N. THOMPSON, F. THOMPSON. M. THOMPSON, W. N. THOMSON, P. THORNTON, B. F. THORNTON, L. THRASH, H. L. TILTON, E. TOWNSEND, H. TUCKER, W. H. TURNER, E. A. TURNER, J. L. TURNER, J. UTSEY, A. L. VAN LANDINGHAM VEAL, L. B. VEAZEY, C. S. THOMPSON, CHARLES N.; Thomaston-THOMPSON, FRANCES; Dublin-THOMPSON, METTELEN; At- lanta-THOMPSON, W. N.; Mt. Vernon-THOMSON, PATSY; Dtcatur-THORNTON, BILLY P.; Hartwell- THORNTON, LENDELL; Screven-THRASH, HELEN L.; Atlanta-TILTON, EVA; Athens-TOWNSENU, HERBERT; Bainbridge-TUCKER, WILLIAM H.; Athens-TURNER, ELIZABETH A.; Carlton-TURNER. JAMES L.; Griff in-TURNER, JOE; Powder Springs-UTSEY, ASHLEY L.; Wando, S. C.-VAN LANDING- HAM, BETH; Cairo-VEAL, LAWRENCE B.; Conyers- VEAZEY, CHARLTON S.; Greensboro-VENABLE, BARBARA J.; Jefferson-VICKERS, NADINE; Macon-VIRGIN, LOUISE; Atlanta-VRONO, IRENE G.; At- lanta-WALDRUP, BETTY; Atlanta-WALKER, DOLLY; Athens-WALKER, FRANCES; Sumner-WALKER, RAY; Thomaston-WALLACE, HOWARD P.; Griff in-WARD, BEN Y.; Athens-WARD, DOROTHY C; Bainbridge-WARDLOW, GEORGE; Arabi-WEAR, OLETA D.; Cohutta-WEAVER, MARY A.; Atlanta- WEBB, SONYA R.; Elberton-WEHUNT, MILDRED R.; Athens-WELLS, CATHERINE; Athens-WEST- BROOK, BEVERLY H.; Ila-WESTBROOK, E. MARIE; Canton- WHETSTONE, EVA; Atlanta-WHIDDON, BETTY; Atlanta-WHITE, JANE; Atlanta-WHITEHEAD, JAMES E.; Winder-WHITFIELD, S. R.; Jasper- WICKHAM, NEAL; Columbus-WICKHAM, WILLIAM C; Columbus-WILKINS, THOMAS C; Jesup. VKNABLE, B. J. VICKERS, N. VIRGIN, L. VRONO, I. G. WARD, B. Y. WARD, D. C. WARDLOW, G. WEAR, O. D. WESTBROOK, E. M. WHETSTONE, E. WHIDDON, B. WHITE. J. WALDRUP, B. WALKER, D. WALKER, F. WALKER, R. WALLACE, H. P. WEAVER, MA. WEBB. S, R. WEHUNT. M. R. WELLS, G. WESTBROOK, B. H W 1(111 UlAl). I. E. WHnUhLU, S R. l( KHAM. N. WICKHAM, W. C. WILKINS, T. C. 0 0 ! . f p. rilESMN will lAM . I . KIOH 1, t. 1. WILLIAMS, C. VARBROUGH, E. 11.1 lAMS, C, Alls, N. W ILLIAMS, S. LLION, R. WILSON, M. E. YOUNG, J. C. WINGFItl.l), H. •Ol! ' G, M. H. OOD. J. h. l, b. WOODW AKIO. H. I I I ROW m. M K WILLIAMS, JO ANNE; Douglas-WILLIAMS, CORA; Atlanta-WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA; Mar- tin-WILLIAMS, SARAH; Athens-WILSON, MARY E.; Decatur-W ' INGFIELD, PATRICIA; Athens-W OOD, JOYCE; Avondale Estates-W ' OODWARD, PHYLLIS; Decatur-W RIGHT, EARNEST I.; Bradley- YARBROUGH, ELEANOR; Rome-YATES, NANCY; Rome-YELTON, ROY; Appling-YOUNG, JIMMY C; Atlanta- YOUNG, MARY H.; Atlanta-ZENT, SHIR- LEY; Atlanta-ZITTROW ER, HENRY K.; Savannah. ALEXANDER, HARRY WILLIAM; Comer; LLB; Sigma Nu, Phi Alpha Delta, Demosthenian-BARTON, R. WILLIAM; Augusta; LLB; BBA; Chi Psi, Treas. of I.F.C-BECKMANN, LUHR G. C, JR.; Savannah; LLB; Honor Court, SAE, Phi Alpha Delta-BRIDGES, MARION L.; Sumner; LLB; Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Delta Chi, Phi Delta Phi, " X " club, International Relations Club, Pres. 1947; Honor Court Law School, SAE-BROWN, BILL; Savannah; LLB; Boxing Team, 1948-BURKE, WALKER D.; Savannah; LLB-CAIN, BILLY R.; Buford; LLB- COMER, JOHN D.; Athens; LLB; Phi Delta Phi, Student Editorial Board; SAE-COWDEN, BARTON, 111; Rockmart; LLB-DIMMOCK, AVARY, JR.; Atlanta; LLB; KA-EDWARDS, ROBERT JOEL; East Point; LLB, Phi Kappa, President, 1948, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Delta Theta-GRIEFIN, JOHN W.; Hazelhurst; LLB; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres., Treas., I.F.C, Pres., Delta Theta Phi, Demosthenian, Gridiron, Who ' s Who, Ga.-Ga. Tech Relations Committee, Ga. Bar Association-HIRSCH, MILTON; Columbus; LLB; I.F.C. Representative, Tau Epsilon Phi, President, 1948-HOGAN, DAVID H., JR.; Chula; LLB; Phi Delta Phi; KA-HONEA, THOMAS A.; Thomasville; LLB; Phi Kappa, Glee Club, I.R.C., Phi Delta Theta, Secretary, Vice-President-HUCKEBA, GEORGE; Bowdon; LLB; Phi Alpha Delta, Sigma Chi-HUTCHESON, THOMAS A.; Wrightsville; LLB-JOHNSON, CHARLES F.; Union Point; LLB; Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Delta Phi, Dean ' s List-KENNEDY, HARVEY J., JR.; Barnesville; LLB; Delta Theta Phi, Rifle Team, 1946, Phi Kappa, Georgia Bar Association, American Legion, Re- COWDEN, B. DIMMOCK, A. EDWARDS, R. J. GRIFFIN. J. V. Ill TCHESON. T. A. JOHNSON, C. F. KENNED ' ' . H. ,1. .N:AiniN, J, R. IIIRSCH, M. McALPIN, K. M O Oi c I I I ' lll Ns, N H M | Al r . I M. IXTON, I IBiHonoi 3Clli.Phi rN, Bill, ord; ILB- TON, III; ' oiiu: LIB, Pi Kappa b Rtlaiions pslun Phi, lioimstille; ; Botdoii; ami EYJ,)R.; serve Officer ' s Association, Chi Phi-MARTIN, JAMHS R.; Vaidosta; LLB; Delta Theta Phi, University Golf Team, Lanilxia Chi Alpha-McALPHIN, KIRK M.; Sa- vannah; LLB; SA1;-McKI-:NZIK, JAMKS W " .; Atlanta; LLB; Phi Kappa, President, Vice-President, Phi Delta Phi, Blue Key, Gridiron, Varsity Debate, Phi Delta Theta, President, Vice-President-NIMS, ARTHUR L.; Ill; Athens; LLB-PEEPLES, JOHN NEWTON; Vaidosta; LLB- PITTARD, GRADY CANDLER, JR.; Winterville; LLB; Vice-President Senior Law Class, Delta Theta Phi, Demos- thenian, GOP, SVO-PITTMAN, CLARENCE; Asheville, N. C; LLB-RlCHARDiO.X Mi-Ub }., JR.;, Savannah; LLB; Delta Theta Phi, " G " Club, Gridiron Club, Varsity Football, SAE-ROGFRS, JOHN Rl( HARD; Ashburn; LLB; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Delta, Law School Honor Court-SELF, EARL B SuhUimi: L -l lt| Iheta Phi, Dem osthenian, Editorial Board Georgia Bar Journal-SMITH, SIDNEY OLSEN, JR.; Gainesville; LLB-S TliPHENS, NELSON B.; Cedartown; LLB; Phi Kappa, President, Debate Team, 1946-47, Phi Alpha Delta, Law School Honor Court, 1947-48, Blue Key, Secretary-Treasurer, Phi Delta Theta-STEWART, THEODORE M.; Athens; LLB; Phi Alpha Delta, Sigma Chi-SWANN, JAMES P., JR.; Atlanta; LLB-WILKINSON, ALBERT MIMS, JR.; Decatur; LLB; Sphinx, Campus Leader, 1947-48, Senior Law Class President, 1949, Blue Key, Gridiron Club. " X " Club, In- ternational Relations Club, Demosthi-nian, Senior Cabinet of VRA, Phi Al|iha Delta, Who ' s Who, Dean ' s List, ' 46. .i i 2 - LAW ABBOl . L. K. CAMP. H. E. ADAMSON, F. ( HAMBERS, F. ANSLEY, P. H. CHEELEV, J. F. BENTLEY, J. L. CLARKE, H. G. BERGEN. J. B. COBB, C. H. BLACKBURN, J. B. BROWN, E. M. BURNSIDE, B. V. BUSSEY, L. S. CONEY, V. E., Jr. DAVIDSON, J. S. DYAR, T. E. EISENBERG, D. ABBOT, LAURIE K.; Savannah-ADAMSON, FRANK; Jonesboro- ANSLEY, PALMER H.; Savannah-BENT- LEY, JAMES L, JR.; Thomaston-BERGEN, JOSEPH B.; Savannah-BLACKBURN, JAMES B.; Savannah- BROW ' N, EDWIN M.; Joliet, Ill.-BURNSIDE, BETTY V.; Savannah-BIJSSEY, LYNWARD S.; Macon- CAMP, HIRAM E.; Jonesboro-CHAMBERS, FAINE; Marietta-CHEELEY, J. E.; Buford-CLARKE, HAROLD C; Forsyth-COBB, CARSWELL H.; Savannah-CONEY, WALTER E., JR.; Cuthbert-DAVIDSON, JACK S.; Athens-DYAR, T. E.; Winder-EISENBERG, DAVID S.; Atlanta-EXLEY, WILLIAM M.; Savannah-FAULK, FRANK F., JR.; Albany-FREEMAN, RALPH W.; Sylvania-GALLIENNE, WILLIAM F.; Dayton, Ohio- GASKIN, RUTH E.; East Point-GIBSON, LAMAR; Folkston-HANCOCK, EDWIN R.; Gainesville-HATH- AWAY, J. A., JR.; Folkston-HESTER, GLEN B.; Augusta-HODGES, ROBERT L.; Statesboro-HOLTON, ELIE L.; Douglas-JONES, BILLY M.; Sylvester-JONES, DAVID C; Sylvester-LAMBERT, E. R.; Madison- lEXLE , W. M. lAULK, E. F. FREEMAN, R. W. GALLIENNE, V. F. GASKIN, R. E. GIBSON, L. [HODGIS, K I IIOI ION. h L. lO.NES, BM. JONES. D. C. I AMHl KT, E. R. McLAIN, J. P. HANCOCK, E. R. HATHAWAY. J. A. HESTER, G. B. MILLER, J. C. MILLS, L. A. MOTTOLA. C. UlLl . , P 0 -iO fc-BEM- aijnriih- , Miion- H. ROLD hFAlLK, HOLTON, Miiiison- McLAIN, J. P.; Atlanta-MILLER, JERRE C; Dry Branch-MILLS, LIAX ' IS A.; Ath- ens-MOTTOLA, CHARLES VAN SICK- LEN; Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y.-OLMSTEAD, CECIL J.; Savannah-OW ENS, J. CONNOR: Ellijay-ROBERTS. W ILLIAM T.; Montezuma-ROGERS. JOHN W.; Athens-RUFFIN, F. EUGENE; Cordele-SMITH. THOMAS M., JR.; Atlanta-SMITH, WALTER; Macon-STARK. WILLIAM B.; wf Y f9 ' A(A fF - Miami Beach, Fla.-TUNISON, WOODROVC H.; Hattiesburg, Miss.-W ' ALL, " ILyA|P ■! College Park-W ALLACE. ALBERT B.; Griffin-W ARD, HAROLD E.; Dublin-WARE, ARTHUR T.; La Grange-W HELCHEL. HOYT IL: Moultrie-WHITE, DANIEL H.; Darien-W ' HITE, WATSON L.; Douglasvillc—l ' SHER, CALVIN; Guyton-VORK. GLENN T.; Cedartown. JfENS. J. C. ROBFRTS. W. T. ROGERS. J. W. RUFFIN. F. E. SMITH. T.. Jr. SMITH. W. STARK. . B. TAYLOR. G. O. TIMSON. NX . M ALL, W. A ALLA(K. AB. W ARD. M. E. WARE, A. T. W HELCHEL. H. II. WHITE. D.H. WHITE. W. L. ISHFR.f VORKG. T. p r:, rr o C) p c ADAMS, J 1 . ANDtRSON. F. W. ANDLRSON. 11. R. ANDRLV: S, M. ARGO. R. E.. Jr. BALLARD, W. D. BENNETT, J. D. BENNETT, E. L. BRANSON, J. 1BEJ ADAMS, JAMES T.; Atlanta-ANUERSUN, FRANK W.; Augusta-ANDLRSON, HUGH R.; HayesviUe, N. C- ANDRI ' WS, MARY; Toccoa-ARGO, ROBERT E., JR.; Atlanta-BALLARD, W. D.; Covington-BENNETT, J. DONALD; Albany-BENNETT, ERNEST L.; Fortcrdalc-BR ANSON, JAMES, JR.; Royston-BRISCOE, J. E.; Monioe-BROOKS, WILBUR C; Elbciton-CAMP, LINDLEY M.; Atlama-CHAUCEY, ALLEN L., JR.- At- lanta-EDMONDSON, J. E.; Teniplc-EDWARDS, BRUCE B.; Valdosta-EOSTER, RALPH H.; Bluff ton-GAM- BRELL, ROBERT H.; Atlaiita-GARREN, VASTIN R.; Dalton-GARRETT, BETTY F.; Atlanta-GILY, LOUIS A.; Laurel, Miss.-GLENN, JAMES A., JR.; Carlton-GOODMAN, JACK C; Columbus-GOODSON, CHARLES L.; Eranklin-GRINER, HENRY G.; Savannah-HAHN, MAX; New York. N. Y.-HAMBURGER, CARL A.; Colunibus-HENDRIX, JAMES E.; Columbus-HERTZ, JIM; Ccdartown-HYATT, CHARLES H.; Atlanta- BRISCOF, J. E. BROOKS. W . C. (AMP. L. M CHAUCEY, A. L., Jr. EUMONDSON, J. E. EDW ARDS, B. B. ECJSTER. R. H. GAMBRELL, R. II. GARREN, V. R. GARIil 1 I , li. I . CAL . L. A GLENN, J. A. GOODMAN, J. C. GOODSON, C. L. GRINER, H. G. HAHN. M. ' ic .v N[n, OE, ). E.; , It; At- ..n-C.iM- .V.LOUS CH.«1ES C RLA.; AtliWa- KHLLY, LUGl ' Nl:; Gaintsvillc-KIRBO, BRUCE W.; Bain- bridgc-MOCK, CHARLES N.; Brumwick-MORGAN, CHARLES C, JR.; Macon-MORGAN, DAVID E.; La Grangc-MURDAUCH, LAMAR L.; McRac-PARKER, BIJEORD J.; Columbu.s-PENCE, HARRY C; ValdoMa- Pt)LLER, JOSEPH; Cairu-PUOLi;, WILLIAM M.; Aihtns-POW liK, HAROLD; loccua-PRITCHARD. MA- RION C; Waycross-REISMAN, LOUIS; Savannah-ROBER I S, tnX ' EN, ! ' ! ! j ypy y ' N.; W ' aycross-ROX. FRANK E.; Augusia-STANFIELD, JAMES A.; Gknnvillc-SUMNER, ROBERT B.; Pear- son-WADDELL, THOMAS A.; Thomabton-WHITCOMB, CARROLL K.; Camilla-W OOD, JAMES IE; At- »UL " - ItlOftC. „p,1)RlS..I MORGAN. C. C, Jr. !()1K,A , 1). I. Ml ' RDAI (.H. I. L. I ' ARKI R. B. J. 1MN I. II. (. I ' OI I 1 R. .1. I ' ( K)l.l . W . M. I ' OWIR. M. I ' RI I II ARI). M. C REISMAN, L. r.OlliRTS. O. (j. UOIIlsiiN.I KOX.I. H. SI ANI 111 I). J. A. slMMi; I! li W ADDMI.. 1 . A. W I II H OMI). . k. W OOD. J. II. ' 9 f y ? f VETERINARV O O bromiev, c. l. cook. vv. McNeill, c. n. palmer, j. r. GRUBBS, C. B. SHANNON, R. O. HERRING. J. G. SMITH, W. V. HIGHTOWER, D. THOMAS, J. B. HILLIARD. B. P. THOMAS, W. G. HOLLINGSWORTH LEONARD ADAMS, W. W. BARNES McDonald, p. t CHANDLER, J. A f N OKS-BROMLEY, CLARE L.; Atlanta-COOK, WALTER; Clarkesville-GRUBBS, CLARENCE B.; Barnes- ville-HERRING, JOHN G.; Tifton-HIGHTOWER, D. E.; Reynolds-HILLIARD, BYRON P.; Bowersville- HOLLINGSWORTH, ROBERT R.; Sylvania-LEONARD, CHARLES W.; Athens-McDONALD, PAUL A.; Ath- ens-McNEILL, CHARLES N.; Amerkus-PALMER, JACK R.; Camilla-SHANNON, ROBERT O.; Covington- SMITH, WILLIAM V.; East Point-THOMAS, JOHN B.; Dexter-THOMAS, WALTER G.; Calvary. SOPHOMORES- ADAMS, WILLIAM W.; Camilla-BA RNES, LESLIE A.; Bogart-CHANDLER, JOHN A.; Columbus-CLYATT, BOBBY M.; Nashville-EDENS, JOSEPH D.; Atlanta-ELINBURG, WILLIAM A.; Buford- GARNER, HOWARD S.; Athens-GLASS, ROBERT J.; Brunswick-GODWIN, ALTON S.; JacksonviUe- GREENIG, CHARLES A.; Decatur-HAWK, JAMES M. ; Springfield-KNOX, EARL L.; Athens-LEE, CHARLES E.; Dawson-MASON, RAYMOND H.; Swainsboro-MEEKS, ROBERT L.; Nicholls-PACE, WILLIAM E.; Mari- anna, Fla.-PALMER, WALDO H.; Camilla-RIGDON, CHARLES R.; Tifton-SANDIFER, JAMES R.; Locust Grave-STEELE, LEONARD J.; Toccoa-STRONG, WILLIAM D.; Blakely. CLYATT, B. M. EDENS. J. D. ELINBl ' RG. W. A. GARNER. H. S. GLASS. R. .1. GODWIN. A. S. GREENIG, C. A. HAW K. J. M. LEE. C. E. .!ASON, R. H. MEEKS. R. L. PACE. V. E. PALMER. W.IL RIGDON. C. R. SANDIEER. J. R. STEELE. L. J. KNOX. E. L. STRONG, V. D. MEDICINE ATSON. W . M. ■ARB )RO, L. G. - ORK, II. ttOXf. «!KlNAlD,UrK,NS0N, R. E. AL ' TRV, D. CLARK. O. A. iS,LA. CKA, T)L[li,:,4 B„ Barnes- wersville- ;iA.;Ath- [(hthjioo- jOHN A.; V; BuW- liioiiville ;CHAR1B iML-.Mari- I: Locust So f homores- ' ATSON, WILLIAM H.; Athens-YARBORO, LEWIS G.; Shelby, N. C.-YORK, HAROLD G.; Carnesville. Freshmen- ATKINSON, ROBERT E.; Bishop- AUTRY, DORIS; Doravillc-CLARK, GEORGE A.; Smith- ville-DOTSON, CECIL M.; Athens-GIBBS, MARCUS C; Tyty-HARDY, JESSE C; Valdosta-HEARN, HARVEY B.; Palmetto-HUMPHRIES, WILLIAM P.; Elberton-KUHN, ROBERT M.; Homestead. Fla.-LIND- SEY, TOM W.; Willacoochee-O ' KELLEY, BEN M.; Loganville-OLIVER, EDWARD J.; Atlanta-PAGE, BEN- JAMIN R.; Vidalia-PATTON, GEORGE W.; Atlanta-RHODES, WILLIAM H.; West Columbia, S. C- SPECHLER, DAVID; Quincy, Fla.-STOVALL, M. PAUL; Atlanta-STRICKLAN, DAN; Westminster, S. C- TAUL, LE ROY; Hardinsburg, Ky.-TYNER, CALVIN E.; Lawndale. N. C.-YOUNG, ARTHUR S.; Athens. lOTSON. t. M. GIBBS. M. C. HARDY. J. C. HEARN. H. B. HUMPHRIES. W . F. KUHN, R. M. LIN ' DSEV. T. V. O KELLEY. B. M. OLIVER. E. J. AGE. B. R. FATTON. G. W. RHODES. W. H. SPECHLER. D. STOW AM. M. STRICKLAN. D. TAIL. L. TYNTR. C. E. YOlNt;. A. S. " t Vi w C fl r CRADUATE MKXANDER. M. ATKINS. N.M. BAGGS. B. C. BENTLEY, F. F. BLACK, E. C. BRADBURY, M. M. BROOKS, T. D. DURNETTE ' i ,H. J " " ' ■ " ALEXANDER, MARGARET; Reidsville- ATKINS, NORMAN M.; Young Harris-BAGGS, BETTY C; Cam- illa-BENTLEY, FREEMAN F.; Cedartown-BLACK, EUGENE C; The Rock-BOND. ARTHUR B.; Elberton- BRADBURY, MARY M.; Macon-BROOKS, TRUMAN D.; Coldwater, Miss.-BURNETTE, HOWARD W.; Bel- ton, S. C.-CALDWELL, EDWARD; Greensboro-CLARK, JERE W.; Rex-CLOUD, MASON C; St. Albans, W. Va.-COOKE, JULIAN P.; Barnesville-DAVIS, ETHEL B.; Lavonia-DAVIS, WILLIAM C; Gray-DES- MOND, MAC CHESNEY; Simsbury, Conn.-DOBSON, HORACE G.; Tampa, Fla.-ERWIN, GEORGE; Ath- ens-FRIER, BETTY; Millwood-FRYE, JAMES T.; Hartwell-FUQUA, BENJAMIN F.; Jackson-GAINES, GORDON B.; Fitzgerald-GODBEE, ROBERT E.; r.Iillen-GOSDIN, GITTIS W.; Franklin-GRINER, BETTY D.; Savannah-GRINER, EUGENE W.; Athens-GROGAN, HIRAM J.; Ball Ground. CALDWELL, E. CLARK, J. W. CLOUD, M. C. COOKE. J. P. FRIER, B. FRYE, J. FUQUA, B. F. GAINES, G. B. DAVIS, E. B. DAVIS, W, C. DESMOND, M. DOBSON. H. ERWIN, G. GODBFE R. GOSDIN, G. W. GRINER, B. D. GRINER. E. W. GROGAN, H. J. « ' i GCBOOL ELlNirrtJ 5 HAMILTON. J R HARRISON, K. O. MII.I K , J. E. C; Cam- 1.; ElbertoB- KDWJel- k Albans. Gm-DES- )RGt; Alt- «4;aine5, :FI BETH ' HAMILTON, JOHN R.; Atlanta-HARRISON, ROBERT O.; Cra%vfordvillt— HILLEY, JAMES £.; Jacksoii- HORNE, PEGGY P.; Marion, Va.-HSI, CHING HENG; Shanghai, China-HUGHES, IRA W ' .; Coushatta, La.- HUNTER, BENNETT R.; Columbus-JAMES, EDWARD C; Eitzgerald-JONES, JACK E.; Middleton-JONFS, JAMES A.; Flowery Branch-KAHN, SHIRLEY; Pelham-KELLY, ALICE D.; Vitnna-KILPATRIC, VIRGINIA; Gadsden, Ala.-MADDOX, LEMUEL; Cordele-MALOY, JASPER I.; Pelham-MARTIN, WILLIAM B.; Cedar Springs-McLENDON, MELBURNE D.; Atlanta-McWHORTER, H. BOYD; Cochran-McKINLEY, ANNE A.; Milledgeville-MILLER, JOHN J.; Sautee-MILLS, LAWRENCE P.; Marshalltown, lowa-MONTGOMER, MAR- VIN L.; East Point-MOTE, HAROLD; Acworth. HUGHHS. I. V. IIUNTKR. B. R. JAMES, E. C. JONES, J. E. JONES. J, A. KAHN. S. MAI.01-. J. I. MARIIN, W. B. MtlENOON, M. D. McW HORTER, H. B. McKINLEV, A. A. MILLER. J. J. KELLY, A, D. KILPATRIt. V. MADDOX. L. MILLS. L. F. .MONTCOMI R. M. MOTE. H. GRADUATE SCHOOL NOEL, M. E. O KELLEY, H. B. PHILLIPS, B. C. ROUTH, C. F. SALIER, M. T. SAUNDERS, F. B. SHEPHERD, C. G. SHERMAN, W. S. SHIBLEY, J. L. SMITH, J. L. SOWELL, G. STAPIES, T. STEWART, R. SURRENCY, E. C. TARPLEY, C. E. TEASLEY. R. B. THIGPEN, W. C. TILLEY, S. TONCRAY, G. VAN ANTWERP, D. WALDROP, B. WHIPPLE, J. E. WILKINSON, J. R. WILLIAMSO, C. M WITHERING, J. M. WOODY A. D. ZUCCARD J.B. NOEL, MALCOLM E.; Atlanta-O ' KELLEY, HUELL B.; Danielsville-PHILLIPS, BENJAMIN C; Port Went- worth-ROUTH, CONRAD F.; Atlanta-SALTER, METHVIN T.; Brookhaven-SAUNDERS, FRED B.; Colquitt- SHEPHERD, CHARLES G.; Atlanta-SHERMAN, WESLEY S.; Savannah-SHIBLEY, JOHN L.; Athens-SMITH, JOHN L.; Barnesville-SOWELL, GROVER; Atlanta-STAPIES, THOMAS; Bowdon-STEWART, ROY; Mt. Airy-SURRENCY, ERWIN C; Jesup-TARPLEY, CARL E.; Wordstock-TEASLEY, RALPH B.; Athens-THIG- PEN, W. C; Pavo-TILLEY, STELLA; Mt. Airy, N. C.-TONCRAY, GERTRUDE; Johnson City, Tenn.-VAN ANTWERP, DANIEL J.; Mobile, Ala.-WALDROP, BETTY; Savannah-WHIPPLE, JOHN F.; Quitman-WILK- INSON, JOSEPH R.; Palatka, Fla.-WILLIAMSO, CHARLES M.; Atlanta-WITHERING, JULIA M.; Dexter- WOODY, ARTHUR D.; Suches-ZUCCARD, JOHN B.; Natchez, Miss. SFECIAL i n BATTLE c: T. BkKK , J A. LUCKEIHLLI . 1 . UAKIS. L. 1. DOWD ' i . H. C ENGi;. G . s MARIIN, F. MITCHELL. R. C. NEEL. J. NIXON. J. W. SETZER. p. C. SHEPHERD. A D. .SPRANGER G A. .STEPHENS H E. SIRICKLA.ND, R K TIPTON, B W ALLAC:h . S. E. W Iin EHIRS. C. H. WINTER F A. CH m ■ Ml BATTLE, CHARLES T.; Ellaville-BERRY, JAMES A.; Atlanta-COCKFIELD, JACK ' .; Hemingway. S. C- DARIS, CHARLES H.; Savannah-DOW DY, HELEN C; Athcns-ENGE, GLORIA S.; Atlanta-MARTIN, FRAiNCES; Atlanta-MITCHELL, REGINALD C; Brighton Sussex. Eng.-NEEL. JULIA; Thomasville-NIXON, JOHN W ' .; Augusta-SETZER, PAUL C; Canton. N. C.-SHEPHERD. ANNE DALE; Atlanta-SPRANGER, G. A.; Athens-STEPHENS. HOWARD E.; Atlanta-STRICKLAND, RAY K.; Valdosta-TIPTON, BETTY; Dalton- W ' ALLACE, SARA E.; Atlanta-VC HITEHURS, CAROLYN H.; WiUiamson-W INTER, FLORENCE A.; Bruns- wick. ADHRHOLD. O. C. ALCIATORE, J. C. ALEXANDER, J. W. ALLGOOD, L. E. ALLMON, E. C. ANDERSON. J. H. ANGA, E. APPLE, R. ARTAU, D. ASKEW, J. T. BAILEY, J. D. BAILEY, V. BALLEW, L. M. BANNER, J. W. BARBER, C. W. BECKETT, L. ADERHOLD, O. C; Athens- ALCIATORE, JULES C; Athens-ALEXANDER, JAMES W.; Athens-ALLGOOD, LORENZO E.; Ozford-ALLMON, EDWARD C; Athens-ANDERSON, JOHN H.; Athens-ANGA, ELIZABETH; Athens-APPLE, RUSSEL; Athens-APPLEBY, JANE; Athens-ARTAU, DOLORES; Athens-ASKEW, J. THOMAS; Athens-BAILEY, JAMES D.; Athens-BAILEY, VIRGINIA; Athens-BALLEW, LEIGHTON M.; Athens-BANNER, J. WORTH; Athens-BARBER, CLIFFORD W.; Athens-BECKETT, LOIS; Athens-BEER, JENNIE; Athens-BELL, J. C; Athcns-BENNETT, CAROLINE; Gay-BENSON, ARTHUR J.; Buena Vista- BERCOS, JAMES; Chicago, IlI.-BERGGREN, JOHN R.; Senttsbluff, Neb.-BICK, JEROME; Bridgeport, Conn.- BIGGER, THEODORE C; Athens-BISCOE, ALVIN B.; Athens-BISHOP, G. N.; Athens-BLEDSOE, ERNES- TINE; Fort Valley-BODDIE, JAMES W.; La Grange-BOGGESS, MARGARET; Athens-BOYD, FANNIE L.; Athens-BOYLE, MRS. J. G.; Athens-BRADBERRY, A. H.; Athens-BRADFORD, WILLIS W.; Athens-BRANAM, MILDRED; Athens-BRANDON, FRANCES H.; Athen.-BROCKMAN, C. J.; Athens-BROWN, CALVIN S.; Athens-BROWN, ROBERT H.; Athens-BURNHAM, REBA; Carrollton-BURKE, JOHN F.; Athens-BUTLER, FRANKLIN; Athens-BUTLER, M. TYUS; Athens-CALKINS, H. E.-CAMARATA, VIRGINIA; Athens. BELL, J. C. BENNETT, C. BENSON. A. J. BERCOS, J. BLEDSOE, E. BODDIE, J. W. BOGGESS, M. BOYD, F. L. BERGGREN, J. R. BICK, J. BIGGER, T. C. BISCOE, A. B. BISHOP, G. N. BOYLE, MRS. J. G. BRADBERRY, A. H. BRADFORD, W. W. BRANAM, M. BRANDON, F. H J BROCKMAN, C. J. BROWN. C. S. BROWN, R. H. BURNHAM. R. BURKE. J. F. BUTLER. M. T. CALKINS, H. E. CaMARATA. V. » ULGOOD, JL ETH: 15K£ ' « ' , ] mS M.; Mft-BEER. au Visia- xtCom- E, ERNES- WIE L: BRANAiM, .UVLN S.; JITUR, CAMP. P. A. CHAMPION. J. I CARTFR. CHANCK, CARlI.hDCl:. CHANCE. L. (ALBLK, B. COGGIN. H Athens-COLLINS, W. O.; Athens-COPE, C. Athens-DANNER, W. N.; Athens-DAVIS, CAMP, PAUL A.; Athens-CARTER, CAROLYN Baxlcy-CARTLEDGE, PEARL; Lexington-CAUBLE, BETTY A.; Athens-CAUBLE, GERALD D.; Athens- CHAMPION, JOHN E.; Chipley-CHANCE, CLAUDE; Athens-CHANCE, LEON H.; Waynesboro-COGGIN, H. T.; Athens-COHEN, A. C; Athens-COHN, SIGMUND A.; L.; Athens-CULLLSON, A. E.; Athens-DALTON, WILLIAM T.; RACHEL P.; Athens-DAVIS, WILLIAM C; Athens-DEAL, JAMES P.; Rabun Gap-DEAN, JOHN E.; Athens- DICKERSON, JAMES L.; Athens-DILLINGHAM, W. P.; Athens-DODD, LAMAR; Athens-DOOLITTLE, H. C; Athens-DOWDY, HELEN C; Athens-DOW ' NS, JOHN A.; Athens-DRAKE, GEORGE L.; Tifton- DREWRY, JOHN E.; Athcns-DRIETMIER, R. H.; Athens-EDWARDS. A. S.; Athens-ELLIS, MRS. BEN W.; Atlanta-EPPS, LUCILLE; Athens-ERNEST, D. L.; Athens-EVANS, EDITH E.; Hazlchurst-EANT, LOUISE- FEARS, MARTHA N.; St. Joseph, Mo.-FEILD, D. M.; Athens. COMN, S. A. COLLINS. W. O. COPE, C. L. CULLISON. A. H. DALTON. W. T. DANNER, W. N. DAVIS, R. P. DAVIS V C DEAL J F DEAN. J. E. DICKFRSON. J. L. DILLINGHAM. W. P.DODD. L. DOOLITTLE, H. C. DOW DY. H. C. DOWNS, J. A. DRAKE. G. L. DREW RV. J. E. DRIFTMIER. R. II. FDW ARDS, A. S. ELLIS. MRS. B. W. FPPS, I RNl .S I . n I . I VANS. F. E. FANT. L. FEARS. M. N. FEILD. D. M. FILANAGAN. N. H. FLANIGEN, B. FORT, T. FREE, M. FRITZ, E. GILREATH, MRS. D. GIUSTO, E. C. GOSDIN, D. W. GOTESKY, R. GOULD, F. GAMBRELL, B. J. GARRISON, K. C. GATES, J. E. GEER, N. A. GRANT, B. F. GRAVES, M. GREEN, T. F. GREENE, J. E. FILANAGAN, NELL H.; Athens-FLANIGEN, BARRINGTON; Athens-FORT, TOMLINSON; Athens-FREE, MARY; Athens-FRITZ, EVELYN; Athens-GAMBRELL, BEUBEN J.; Belton, S. C.-GARRISON, KARL C; Athens-GATES, JAMES E.; Athens-GEER, NORA ALEENE-GILREATH, MRS. D. W.; Athens-GIUSTO, EMILY C; Boston-GOSDIN, D. W.; Athens-GOTESKY, RUBIN; Athens-GOULD, FLORINE; Chattanooga, Tenn.-GRANT, B. F.; Athens-GRAVES, MARIAN; Athens-GREEN, THOMAS F.; Athens-GREENE, JAMES E.;Athens-HARMER, DOROTHY; Athens-HARRISON, O. S.-HARRISON, ROBERT I.; Athens-HART, ALLIE C; Madison-HATCHER, ELOISE G.; Athens-HATHAWAY, CHARLES O.; Athens-HAVILAND, BARBARA; Athens-HAWKINS, GEORGE E.; Athens-HAYS, T. A. S.; Athens-HECKMAN, H. M.; Athens-HENDERSON, H.B.;Athens-HENDERSON, PETER L.; Athens-HENDERSON, WILLIAM M.; Athens-HENRY, HUGH F.; Athens-HICKS, WILLIAM T.; Athens-HILKEY, CHARLES J.; Atlanta-HILL, POPE R.; Athens-HOLLINGSW, MAUDE S.; Adel-HOSCH, J. ALTON; Athens-HUDGINS, EMILIA K.; Athens-HUDSON, W. E.; Athens- HUFF, FAWRENCE; Athens-JACKSON, FRANCES; Jasper, Ala.-JACOBS, DON L.; Athens-JAMES, WIL- LIAM T.; Athens-JOHNSON, ROBERT B.; Ray City- JOHNSON, ROBERT W.; Athens. HARMER. D. HARRISON, O. S. HARRISON, R. I. HART, A. C. HATCHER, E. G. HATHAWAY, C. O. HAVILAND, B. HAWKINS, G. E. HAYS, T. A. S. HECKMAN, H. M. HENDERSON, H. B. HENDERSON, P. L. HENDERSON, W. M. HENRY, H. F. HICKS, W. T. HILKEY, C. J. HILL, P. R. HOLLINGSW, M. S. |»A.«. f I11PUK,A. k HOSCH, J. A. HUDGINS, E. K. HUDSON, W. E. HUFF, F. JACKSON, F. JACOBS, D. L. JAMES, W. T. JOHNSON, R. B. JOHNSON, R. W. KSn )•£• G[ER.N,A. . T.r. C8tft-E,).t ( MS-FREE, fML: -GIl ' STO, .E.IAMES RIALLIE LARBARA; .DERMN. l■GH E.; LLINGSW. .; Aihsffi- act H W ' ' L ,18. JONES. A. B. KAPLAN, A. JONES, ALBERT B.; Athtns-JONES. THOMAS J.; Athens-JORDAN, MRS. RALPH; Athens-KAMINE, A. B.; Athens-KANDEL, PHOCHE M.; Athens-KAPLAN, ARTHUR; Athens-KELLY, ARTHUR R.; Athens- KELLY, LAWRENCE B.; Athens-KING, ROEF E. P.; Athens-LAMBLE, R. A.; Athens-LANE, CHARLES F.; Athens-LATIMER, MARTHA; Athens-LEARD. l LIZA- BETH M.; Hartwell-LE CONTE, JOSEPH N.; Athens-LENOIR, JAMES J.; Athens-LEVEr. ROBERT J.; Athcns-LEVY, CLAUDE R.; Atlanta-LORENZ, ROBERT; Athens-LOWE, ERNEST A.; Athcns-LUKE. ELIZA- BETH; Ashburn-LUND, HORACE O.; Athens-MACCURDY, RAYMOND R.; Athcns-MARTIN, MILDRED; Athens-MATHER, EUGENE-MATHEW ' S, HELEN; Athens-MAXWELL, EDGAR J.; Athens-McMAHAN, C. A.; Athens-McMAHON, JOSEPH P.; Athens-McNEESE, SARA C; Athens-McWHORTE, ROBERT L.; Athens- MEADOWS, JOHN C; Athens-MELL, CAROLINE B.-MESSER, J. D.; Athens-MILLIKAN, F. FORD; Athens- MILLS. HUGH M.; Albany-MILLS, V. CARLOS; Athens-MITCHELL, J. HARRIS; Athens. LANE, C. F. LUKE, E. LATIMER, M. LL ' ND. H. O. LEARD. E. M. LE CONTE, J. N. LENOIR, .1. J. MACCLiRD ' i-, R. R. MARTIN. M. MAI HIR. Y . LIVIT. R. J. MAIHFW S. 11 LEW, C. R. LORENZ, R. LOWE. E. A. MA.XW ELL, E. J. McMAHAN, C. A. McMAHON, J. 1 McNElSH, S. C. McW HORll. R. L. MI ADOW S. I. {,. MELL. C. B MhSSIR, J. I). Mil I IKAN, E. F. MILLS. H M. MILLS. V . C. MITCHELL, J. I MOORE, FLORIDE; Athens-MOORE, FRAZIER; Athens-MOORHOUSE, HAROLD W.; Athens-MORRISON, DONALD M.; Athens-MORSE, ROY E.; Athens-MULLINS, D. F.; Athens-NACHTRAB, L. J.; Athens- NEWTON, CHARLOTTE; Athens-NEWTON, MRS. E. D.; Athens-NIX, ABIT; Athens-NIX, VICTOR C. Athens-OWENS, J. CONNOR; Ellijay-PALMAUR, ANNE; Gainesville-PATTERSON, A. E.; Athens-PERKINS HENRY F.; Athens-PETERS, GEORGE O.; Athens-PETRAS, GEORGE S.; Long Island, N. Y.-PFUETZE PAUL E.; Athens-PICKETT, B. S.; Athens-PIERCY, PAUL H.; Athens-POLLOCK, JOHN M.; Athens-POPE MRS. W. B.; Athens-POWELL, ELIZABETH; Athens-PRATER, WILLIAM H.; Atlanta-PROCTOR, ROY E Athens-REDMAN, KENNETH; Athens-RHODEN, WILL W.; Athens-RICE, CHARLES E.; Athens-RIEDEL B. B.; Athens-RIGGS, GEORGE O.; Athens-RILEY, ELIZABETH; Walnut Grove-RITCHIE, HORACE B. Athens-ROM AN, C; Athens-ROSE, CHARLES M.; Athens-ROVER; Athens-RUSSELL, WILLIAM J.; Athens- SAILORS, HOPE; Athens-SANE, RUTH; Athens-SCOTT, ALFRED W.; Athens-SCOTT, DONALD C. Athens-SCOTT, LOIS G.; Athens-SEAWELL, ANNE; Athens-SELL, E. S.; Athens-SHEDD, KARL E.; Athens- SHEVRING, JOHN J.; Athens. PICKETT, B. S. PIKRCV, P. H. POLLOCK, J. M. POPE, W. B. RICE, C. E. RIEDEL, B. B. RIGGS, G. O. RILEY, E. SAILORS, H. SANE, R. SCOTT. A. W. SCOTT, D. C. POWELL, E. PRATER, W. H. PROCTOR, R. E. REDMAN, K. RHODEN, W. W. RITCHIE, H. B. ROMAN, C. ROSE, C. M. ROVER RUSSELL, W. J. SCOTT, L. G. SEAWELL, A. SELL, E. S. SHEDD, K. E. SHEVRING, J. J. SMllj FACULTY SINGLETON. S. SMITH, L. SMIl H. S. SOULE, M. STALLINGS, E. STALLINGS, E ORRISON, ; Adiflis- aOR C .; PERKLNS, PR ' ETZE, ins-POPE, , ROY E.; -RIEDEL R. CE B.; .; kim- AIDC; ■;Adie»- STEPMENSON, M. SINGLETON, S. J.; Athens-SMITH, LAURA L; Athcns- SMITH, SUMNER J.; Jefferson-SMITH, THOMAS H.; Athens-SMITH. VIVIAN M.; Wmttrvilk— SOULE, MARY E.; Athens-STALLINGS, EDITH L; Athens- STALLINGS, EDITH M.; Atlanta-STELLY, MAT- THIAS; Athens-STEPHENSON, MARY K.; Boston-STOREY, JOHN D.; Athens-STOREY. AGNES F.; Athens- STROTHER. W. D.; Athens-SULLIVAN, DARRELL 1.; Athens-SUTTON, GLENN W.; Athens-TATE, WIL- LIAM; Athens-TEWS, RICHARD V.; Athens-THOMAS, HOWARD; Athens-THOMAS, MARY L.; Athens- THOMAS, SIDNEY S.; Athens-THOMASON, JOHN H,; Bishop-THOMPSON, GEORGE E.; Athens-THURS- BY, ELIZABETH; Athens-TINGLE, MARY; Athens-TRAGESSER, EUGENE F.; Athens-TROELSTON, EMIL S.; Columbia, Missouri-TUMLIN, NELLE; Athens-TYUS, MARGARET; Cairo-WARD, JAMES A.; Athens- WARD, PATRICIA S.; Athens-WARDLOW, MARY L.; Arabi-WASHBURN, RICHARD H.; Athens-WATERS, KENNETH L; Athens-WEBB, MRS. A. P.; Athens-WEDDELL, D. J.; Athens-WESCOTT, HAROLD G.; Athtns-WEST, HENRY H.; Athens. BHODKlf ' STOREY. J. STOREY. A. STROTHER. V. SULLIVAN. D. SUTTON. G. TATE. W. TEWS. R. THOMAS. H. THOMAS. M. m ' SSEU. ' ) THOMAS. S. THOMASON. J. THOMPSON. G. THURSBY. E. TINGLE. M. TRAGESSER. E. TROELSTON. E. TUMLIN. N. TYUS. M. ; " " V " I Ann I WARD. P. ARDLOVC, M. W ASllBrRX. R. V.AHRS. K. W IBB. MRS. A. EDDELL. D. W ESCOTT. H. G. XEST. H. H. r _ P f- A A O ' ?- ' - • " VJ " ' ' «:- rACULH WEST, S. D. WESTERFIE, C. WESTFALL, J. WHEELER, J. WHETTEN, L. WHITEFORD, MRS. R WHITEHEAD, T. WIGGINTON, B. WILLIAMS, J. WILSON, P. WILSON, W. WISDAHL, S. WITHROW, M. WOLFF, E. WORRELL, A. WRIGHT, P. YOUNG, M. YOUNGBLOOD, C. WEST, SIDNEY D.; Athens- WESTERFIELD, CLIFFORD; Watkinsville- WESTFALL, JONATHAN J.; Athens-WHEELER, JOHN T.; Athens-WHET- TEN, LELAND C; Athens-WHITEFORD, MRS. R. D.; Athens-WHITEHEAD, T. H.; Athens-WIGGINTON, B. E.; Athens-WILLIAMS, J. A.; Athens-WIL- SON, PAULINE P.; Athens-WILSON, WENDAL T.; Athens-WISDAHL, SUSIE T.; Athens-WITHROW, MARGUERITE; Harlem-WOLFF, EMILY T.; Springfield, Penna.-WORRELL, A. C; Athens-WRIGHT, PHINEAS P.; Athens- YOUNG, MARY E.; Watkinsville- YOUNGBLOOD, C. RALPH; Athens. I 1 MILITARY ' mmmmthi ' 9 173 174 mmm staff COLONEL J. V. V. SHUFELT AIR INFANTRY CAVALRY LT. COL. PRICE LT. COL. SCHWENK MAJOR RAHE .. Icstnictors, Olficcrs and Enlisted Men C) . :-- ' c-y« a MAJOR SALVATORE ( , l ' I AIN IKIDDII ( API Al Ml ' NN (APIAIN ( IIAI ' I ' AS (API AIN MIKETINAC ( APIAIN ivin SERGEANT CHEEK SERl-.l.AM (OPELAND l lu.l W I ( KANT. SERGEANT KOCH SERGEANT McCORMICK SI lU.I AM MMill SIRC.EANT DEAN SIKCIANT SLI.IIVAN SERGEANl I I KM K SERGEANT W ESTALL Sim, 1AM WIllIMAN 175 THE mmzm COL. WILLIAM M. POOLE CAPT. J. H. EVANS CAPT. II. T. LANGLEY REGIMENTAL STAFF Regimental Commander W. M. POOLE Regimental Executive C. E. TURNER Regimental Adjutant J. H. EVANS Regimental S-5 H. T. LANGLEY Regimental Sgl. Major F. H. MARSHALL MISS KATRINA SECREST OFFICERS AND SPONSORS 176 The Rc inunt Pjs.iiw in Kniiw )5P0N The Regimen at Parade Dress 177 LT. COL. HOKE S. NASH, JR. MISS CAROLYN WHITEHEAD BATTALION STAFF Battalion Commander H. S. NASH Battalion Executive T. P. HUTCHESON Battalion Adjutant M. E. BAILEY Battalion S-3 W. E. GUNTER Battalion Sgl. Major W. R. TA- LOR THE CAVALRY STAFF 178 The Battalion Salutes the Sponsors ■ COMPANY " A CAPT. R. A. FINNEY MKS. ANN MNNIV Commanding, ROBERT A. FINNEY Co. Exciiilite WILLIAM R. SELLARS Isl PI. Ldr. WILLIAM F. TURNER 2iid PI. Ldr. MILES M. BARBER ird PI. Ldr. CLARENCE H. HUFF The ' -I ' J Giitcl iiites of Company " A ' COMPANY " B " CAPT. GAINES LT. RUCKER LT. HUFF LT. HILL MRS. SARA GAINES Comniiinding CLAUDE P. GAINES Co. Exec. HOMER B. HOBBS I si PL Ldr. WALTER H. RUCKER liiti PI. Ldr. CLARENCE H. HUFF ird PL Ldr. ARTHUR L. HILL ii ' i 1 1° ikM MM m Sip i K i - ' -A i . ;». n ' M ■: .J L ' ' . ■ ' 4. ■ ■ i ' " - Hj jjw ' ' -. ' •JH i ic:- wW ' HK aH i P lHllK H IrM ' ■ ' ' - " m m: iM " •w w T jf future Lieutenants of Company " B " Company B ISO -iliUAKtS 1 COMPANY ' C LT. BUTLER NATAI.IK l.OCKHARI Commanding JOHN C. SPRATLINE Co. Exec. WALTER C. BUTLER 1st PI. Ldr. BASCOM MacHAFFEY 2ttd PI. Ldr. HAROLD W. ■ ' ORK ird PI. Ldr. CALDER W. KINNEY • it ' ° Vv ;-Y-; -W " i ' • ' sy uyyz The Officers and NCO ' s of Company " C " Company " C " 181 COL. CULPEPPER MRS. JEAN CULPEPPER SECOND BATTALION INFANTRY BalttilioH Commander J. S. CULPEPPER Battalion Executive W. O. ANGEL Battalion Adjutant F. N. DAVENPORT Battalion S-i B. H. HARGETT Battalion Sgt. Major A. W. FRANKLIN COL. CULFLPPHR, MAJOR ANGEL, CAPT. DAVENPORT, CAPT. HARGETT, SGT. FRANKLIN 182 The Battalion on the March COMFMY I CAPT. ANOKRSON l.T. NIX LT. AKINS LI. PI l.L MISS ALICH KKUMOND Commjniliiig J. H. ANDERSON Co. Exec. H. S. PELL hi PI. Ldr. H. S. AKINS 2,1.1 PI. Ur. W. A. JOHNSON irJ PI. Ur. W. C. NIX ... 5 .-, . . «... ' ' ..0 ;hir i l A : f¥.M i ' i M if Tm §« flSKfiWia 0i% M VMMt i r .7f Officers and SCO ' s of Company " E " . ' ■■ ' ' t: f : : t ' {• » 9 •«-..» ' •l -f-: . . : -! ' ;?-. ' 4.-T ' ).%. - i mT ' f- %J5 %» " ' Company " E " 183 COMPANY T ' CAPT. LANCASTER IT. ROWAN LT. STOUT IT. HARDY MISS HELEN BEAVERS Commanding J. J. LANCASTER Co. Exec. C. W. ROWAN Ul PI. Ldr. C. M. STOUT 2nd PI. Ldr. J. T. HARDY ird PL Ldr. R. S. SEGARS The Officers and NCO ' s of Company " F " t L .v -...:: ' ■ ' ' -% ' J •? » %- f ' ■•% » ' .. ••r. • .• • jP S - " ■« ' " i« 184 Company " F " COMPANY " G ' CAPT. FULTON IT. TROUP LT. AKINS LT. McCOOK MISS MARION WEST Commaniiing C. B. FUI.TON Co, Exec. J. E. COLLIER hi PI. Ldr. W. B. AKINS 2nd PL Ldr. G. E. McCOOK ird PL Ldr. E. C. TROUP Whrm- MM The Officers and i CO ' i of Company " O ' (inifn " Compiiii) Ci ' 185 : COL. PARKS THE AIR BATTALION STAFF Ballution Commander BEN G. PARKS Batlulion Execnliie P. MARTIN ELLARD Battalion Adjutant GEORGE E. DANIEL Battalion S-3 C. L. ECKELS Battalion Sgt. Major J. P. AMMOSS MISS BONNIE ALBINSON COL. PARK.S, MAJOR I 1.1 ARD, CAPT. DANll.l,. (Al ECKELS, SGT. AMMOSS -Jj 186 The Battalion at Retreat COMPAMV T CAFT. Hl:Nl)K LT. SIMONS I.T. iNKCINNIS 1,1. KOWl MISS JUI.IF DAVIS Commaniihig C. S. HENDRY Co. Exec. R. J. SIMONS 1st PI. Ldr. L. S. McGlNNIS 2,ul PI. Ldr. A. J. ROWE irJ PI. Ldr. J. B. BAKER Tht Offictn and ACO ' j oj Comlhiii) I " ' te r ' Collljhll ) I " 187 COMFMY I CAPT. ANDERSON I.T. MATHEWS LT. DOWDY LT. LANHAM MRS. MAVIS ANDERSON Commanding P. S. ANDERSON Co. Exec. G. W. MATHEWS Ul PI. Ldr. W. T. LANHAM 2nd PL Ldr. T. W. MILLER ird PI. Ldr. D. C. DOWDY The Officers and NCO ' s of Company " K ' The Company at Rest 188 CAPT. MURPHY I.T. ADAMS l.T. HOWINGTON I-T. CHAPiVlAN f MISS BKCK ' IMRADISi: Commanding J. J. MLIRPHV Co. lixec. J. T. ADAMS Is PI. Ldr. W. R. HOWINGTON 2» i P . Ldr. C. A. TURNER 3r i PI. Ldr. Z. C. YOUNG • JW " r jt Officen and SCO ' s of Company " L " 1 l_ iff ■f ■. • ' «■ ., .» « • C ' ini[hi i) L " 189 THE BMD LT. JOHNSON E. DAVIS MISS DOROTHY JliAN DAVIS The Band at the Armistice Day Parade 190 ' ■- ■■ ' " niFLE TEAM I1 k Ron. left If, righl: KHNNEOV, TURNER, SKLLARS, RUCKER, ROGERS. Iront Ron. left lo rig.hl: IVIE, EUl.TON, WILLEV, WHITLEY, MEAGHER, USHER, McCORMAC. Schedule for 1948-49 Missiisippi State College Clemson College LJni ersity of Pittsburg Citadel Oregon State Georgia Tech University of Florida V. M. I. University of Washington CAPT. IVIE, Atiiisot SGT. F. n. McCORMAC, Asusiuni C. B. EUI-TON D. E. WILLEY W. B. WHITLEY N. J. MEAGHER C. H. USHER R. l. KENNEDY W. F. TURNER V. M. SEI.I.ARS W H. RUCKER J. T. ROGERS 191 MILITm SCENES 1 ' M m Company " A " at Armistice Day Parade PRESIDENT ROGERS, GENERAL IRVING, DR. HOSCH and OTHERS s. The I links Roll On Company " F " Marches By 192 MEDICAL SCHOOL I UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AUGL ' STA, GA. 193 DEDICATION DR. ROBERT C. MAJOR Dept. of Thoracic Surgery The student body of the University of Georgia Medical School dedicates its section of the 1949 yearbook to Dr. Robert C. Major, Professor of Thoracic Surgery. Dr. Major was born in Latta, S. C, received his AB degree from Wofford College at Spartanburg, S. C, in 1928 and his MD in 1932 from Johns Hopkins Medical School, where he also served his internship. He continued his training at Beebe Hospital, Lewis, Delaware; Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit; and Charity Hospital, New Orleans. He also has taught at Louisiana State University, University of Michigan, and Emory University medical schools. He came to Augusta in 1944 as head of the newly created Department of Thoracic Surgery. Equipped with a thorough knowledge of his specialty and his remarkable ability, he is a most valuable member of our faculty. It is not only to Dr. Major, the surgeon, but also to Dr. Major, the man, that we dedicate this annual. 194 ■iN- a w«- »a.«.i . i - a uw S NVN , ' U V V v.v- ' - ' " " G. LOMBARD KHLLY Detiu Moaooi. or iK»ic:iNK To the Pandora Staff of the School of Ilodicine and to the Student Body: It seeas to it is fitting; that I call to your attention in the Pandora of 19U -19U9 the next steps that arc being proposed for the expansion of the ser ices of your Alna Itoter to the Connonneftlth of Georcia. A general state hospital on the school caapus nill be the key- stone of the new aroli that connects the activities of the School of Medicine v ith the professional services to jatients in the state supported liGspit,als and ini ' irnaries. Two panels of the Better Health Conference ol ' the Geort;ia Citizens Co ' uncil iave approved the conritruction and iiaintenancc of such a (.eneral hospital (one third of the cost of construction and equipnHint to be derived fron funds appropriated throufh the Hill-Urton Sill and the renaininf tiro thirds from tlie State of Georgia). The brocliure which I have had prepared this fall and liave sent to all the ph; sicians and legislators in Georgia outlines a plan to integrate nodical education and nodical care in our state. It en- visions legislation tliat trill place all state hospitals under one constitutional hoard, sinilar to the ' Joard of Fepents of the Uni- versito ' System, ivitJi the professional care of patients delegated to the tiYo medical schools (optional with Emory, but oblipatory for Georgia). At present these hospitals and infirmaries are under the control of three separate and independent agencies, which do not have a plan for central purchasing or medical or surgical supervision. Rotation of internes, assistant residents and rcsidcnto tlirough the two hospitals in k ' e. tn ( ' Jniversi tj- and State Gen- oral), the state hospitals and infirmaries, and municipal hos- pitals that desire to cooperate, and rotation also of assistant and associate professors of the School of Uedidne, will bring the plan to fruition. This plan will insure better professional care of patient in state institutions, will nrovide more residencies and will turn out better pre|«red physicians for our state. Every student and every aluraius of our school is earnestly rotfiested to aid in ever} ' way possible the realisation of this goal. Jf:3L e,yuQ C. Loobard Daui ■•Uy, y. D., 195 FACULTY DR. LANE H. ALLEN Professor of Gross Anatomy DR. I 1 ,S I I K L. BOWLES Professoi of Microscopic Ainttomy DR. ALFRED P. BRIGGS Professor of Biochemistry DR. WILLIAM F. HAMILTON Professor of Physiology DR. EVERETT S. SANDERSON Professor of Meclicitl Microbiology iid Piihlic Health DR. RAYMOND P. AHLQUIST Professor of Pharmacology DR. EDGAR R. FUND Professor of Pathology DR. ROBERT B. GREENBLATT Professor of Endocrinology DR. HERVEY M. CLECKLEY Professor of Neuropsychiatry 196 i ■■ ir ;r,H ' -i ' :t t:. ' A.n,iumm ; :i i)K. V. p. sni)i:nstri ;ki;r Profissor oj Aleilhiiie DR. Pl-KKI U. (H IM 1 Id Professor oj AimllHiioloiiy 1)K. JAMHS M. HA lMORi: Profissor oj Dermuloloiiy mid Syphilolofiy DR. JOHN H. SHERMAN Professor of Surgery DR. J. ROBERT RINKHR Professor of Vrology DR. I.. P. Ht)I.Mi;S Professor of Clhiicjl Koeiiliieiiology DR. RICHARD TORPIN Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology DR. ROBERT C. MAJOR Professor of Thoracic Surgery DR. NX ILEORD A. RISTEEN Professor of Neurologic Surgery Mtn 197 DR. PETER B. WRICIHT Professor of Orlhopeilic Surgery DR. HOKE WAMMOCK Professor of Oncology DR. HENR ' SCHMIDT Professor of Tuherculosis DR. W. R. SHEPHERD Professor of Clinical Pathology MR. JACK WILSON Director of Medical Art MISS MARY B. CUMBUS Registrar NO PICTURES DR. PHILIP A. MULHERIN Professor of Pediatrics DR. C. IVERSON BRVANS Professor of Opihalmology and Oto-Luryngology MISS JANIE TURNER Librarian MISS MARTHA DREYER Comptroller 198 -jr i ii. SENIOn CLASS I.ejl to rifihl: SIMMONS, presidenl; DURDF.N. Ireamrer: M. 1.. (,l l l-N, iecrelary (not in picture). f Jt Ann Anderson Lithonia Avery Baron Brinklev Augusca Norman Jewel Crowe Sylvester Albert Wri ;ht Bailey Augusta t.liarlcs Denny Bailey LaGrange 1 Oradv Blackshear Richland Edward Ernest Brown, Jr. Stewart Dixon Brown, Jr. Renter Younp Clark, Jr. James Robert Collier I .f.r.n... R,.vston S.ivjnnjh AUoona. Ala. Jt e Wesley Daniel, Jr. Macoo Charles S. Durden, Jr. Leslie Charles Friedman, Jr. Sparu George Douglas Gaddy Dillon, S. C. 199 James William Garner Ashburn Lewis Lamar Hatcher Dublin Harold George Jarrell Butler James Daniel Grant Athens William Stacer Helton Sandersville William D. Jennings, Jr. Augusta Joe Elmo Green Augusta Charles Edwin Hernaday Auburn David Eugene Johnson Hutchinson, Kan. Marvin Louis Green Perry Thomas Jack Howard Augusta Forest Davenport Jones Fairburn Daniel Plunkett Griffith Sandy Springs Thomas Fred Jackson William Kannel Brooklyn, N. J. Robert Raymond Keim, Jr. Thomas Hunter Lamson Barrington, N. J. Indianapolis, Ind. Lonnie Richard Lanier, Jr. Edwin Payne Lockridge, Jr. Charles Herbert Love, Jr. Athens Atlanta Riverside, 111. 200 . iSiia ■». . rr-T ., t %Sm Roberc Alonzo Mjithi Anderson, Ind. VC ' JIIiam Finlcy M Lake City. Fla. Jesse OBerr Quillijn Douglas Ralph George Newion, Jr. i:us(ace Harold Prcscott. Jr Allanca Brjan La Fayette Redd, Jr. Kober Augusta Bernard Punsley Beverly Hills. Calif. 201 No Pic I.ois Taylor Ellison William Floyd Stewart Weatherly, Pa. Horace Eugene Weems. Jr liunon Franklin Sii Kingston, III. Warren Terrell Newport, Ark. David Allen Wells Fiapeville i 202 i niriifri nrMM vmamM SENIOR SNAPS 203 JUNIOR CLASS Left to right: BOZEMAN, Sliuieut Fuuilty Coumil: N I API, I .s. P tudtnt: HARGIN, Student ¥inulty CoumiU McCRARY, Treasitier; VANSANT, Seiretciry. James Emory Ba MiUedgeville illiamGeorgeChambless Sarah Louise Clark OawsoQ Parrott ■ iiiice Davis ugusta Wayne Culbreth John Herman Deaton, Jr. Frances Kathryn £dwards Harold Samuel Engler Columbus Atlanta Augusta 204 i:niniyn-!Mjiijei.nttr ,i i . . - : :-::.: i. l . v»- m .. ibram Oscar Gold i Albany Bright Mctonnell. Jr AuguMa Henry Berncr Jo Gray Roy Marcin Jc.yn College Park George Alfred McCrary (;ha James X ' ynford Pa VC ' aycross C. Parker Meek Forsyth Ken Julian Giles Rupert Clarence Harold Houstiu Sylvester M.irtha GeraldJne Gin Bill Purcell Jefferson 205 John Francis Yarbrough Covington 206 207 SOFHOMORE CUSS p m ■■ m ■■ IH jH i JKt m • ' Tw ' ' .A. ' at i - $ ft nH Left to iKht: g( Al ILhHAlM, Student Fatu n (oiiuiil: I BERHARDT. Student Faculty Council; ROBISON, ne-! reit(Jcnt: GREEN, Treasure i ; WOODWARD. P)csiJtttt; DRAKE, Secretary. Fdwin W. Allen. Jr Milledgevilie Perry G. Busbee. Jr Sheldon B. Cohen Augusta J. C. Dismuke, Jr. Albany William Reeves Anderson Ja Atlanta Atlanta Thomas Atkii Hubert Morns Caddell Augusta William Edwin Coleman David Hal Conner Graymont Charles Hiuton Drake Collins loseph L. Caldwell, Jr Augusta Mt. Vernon Henry Wright Bailey Augusta James Edgar Cantrell Albany Harold Alex Attapulgus Reese Clarence Eberhardt Wilson Taft Edenfield Maysville Lyons William W. Bledsoe, Jr Georgetown James Patrick Evans Augusta 208 iHEfiifiiai Gl.) DanK-l Menr LaGrange Loy Grover Hicks. Jr. Clarksville nd Hobson .lordan William George Kciter Robert Mainor Forsylh Benjamin F. Moss, Jr. Albert Grady Olivet Augusta Royston Augusta II. C. McDcrmid, Jr. Vidalia Charles Thomas Parks Brookhavcn )arriel G. Kilche Savannah Stanley L. Peck. Jr. Savannah Hduin Milkr Ctiliin Attjpulgus James C. Ho«cll Jackson Cecil Heard Pirkle (:as( Point Richard L. Hjnbcrry. Jr •Macon lack Hudson Augusta Robert Harrison Lester Wadley George Edward Mixon Ocilla J. K. Quatilebaum, Jr. Savannah 209 I W iUiam P. Robison Ailey Herbert Fund Stelling Augusta Jr. James G. Woodward Dahlonega William Cottles Shirley Baiabridge Goodwin G. Tuck Covington NO PICTURES-TiUie Mildred Horkey. LaCanada, Calif.; Alfred Hinton Hunt, Camak ; Hughes Brantley Jenkins, Jr., Donalsonviile; Robert Wilburn McKey, Augusta; Deering Abercrombie Nash, Savannah; Virgil Collier Wade, Leslie. rl Lynwood Smith 210. ■■WT1J.M 211 F ESmM CLASS Left to right: DAVIS, Student Faculty Council; COX, Treasurer; BROWN, Secretary; LOOPER, Student Faculty Council; MEREDITH, President, John Latham Bowen Chickamauga James Merlin Clayton Chatsworth Richard Binion Allen Milledgeviile Derald J. Cleckley Augusta John Roxie Doster, Jr, Newnao John Alexander Dyal, Jr. William K. Fitzpairick Woodbine Atlanta LaGrange Carter Franklin Davis Fitzgerald Herbert Royce Frost Jefferson lenjamin Franklii Thomaston 212 ia la BKnamciiBiifl Cecil Franklin Jacobs Waycross Alberc O. Meredith, Jr James Aubrey K Augusta Frederick C. J. Kratioa Atlanta Howard Street Ma cGregor Charles Graham Magnan John Gordon McAllis Atlanta Hogansville Atlanta G. Mullins. Jr. Charles Gerald Pcagle Werner Abraham Linz Albany Charles Herbert Moselcy Spei Eastanolee Thomaston Manor 213 i ' t NO PICTURES-Karl Arthur Leitheiser, Augusta; John Judson Pilcher, Jr., Wrens; Medical Art Student, George Lynch. 214 ' :A ' - Aj,:ZLil «r r .««.■ »«»■».. »»T« mmm snaps 215 OFFICERS Presideii Vice-Presidciil Secretary Treasurer George Gaddy F.niniet Ferguson Robert Lester Grant Miller A K K Bill Anderson Tom Atkins George Boyd Brewser Brown Harry Burkett Henry Carter Remer Clark Bob Coggins William Coleman Joel Cox Marcus Cox Lee Darby John D eaten Charles Durden Emmet Ferguson George Gaddy William Harden MEMBERS Judson Hawk William Helton Charles Hornaday Harold Houston James Hunt Gordon Jackson Cecil Jacobs Ivey Jacobs Denton Johnson James Johnson John Josey Bob Keim William Keiter Darriel Kitchens Bob Lester Jim Maughon James McCanless Bright McConnell H. C. McDermid Howard McGregor Thomas McLemore Joe Mercer Grant Miller Spence Mullins Dick Nelson David Noel John Pilcher Julian Quacdebaum Bill Reid Enos Reilley Bob Roberts Stanley Robinson Emiie Scharnitzky Kenny Singleton Carl Simpkins James Skinner James Smith Herbert Stelling Dick Stone Frank Story Cleve Thompson H. A. Thornton Charles Usher William Vallotton Dick Wade Charles Ward James Ward Robert Willingham 216 a« ' iiA,. ■ ,. ..k: il M- ,V«IH.»JJ President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Fred Warren Albert Bailey l-rank Wood Joe Harnett 4) X Albert Bailey Joe Barneit Stuart Blackshear Pierce- Blitch Fred Bli)od».orih Mack Bonner James Bozeman Rudolph Bragg Edward Brown Bill Compton Harry Crider Robert Delaney Taft Edenfield George Fisher Knox Fitzpatric M M H K R S Ben Franklin John Looper Burt Simmons Herbert Fros Albert Lehman David Sowell James Garner Billy Luke Tom Strozier Dan Grant Gordon MacAIIister Allen Turner Ed Griffin George McCrary Goodwin Tuck Lamar Hatch Steve Mullins Richard Turk Len Hicks Vi illiam Moore Claude Vansant Bob Hutchins on Charles Parks Curtis Veal Cleon Jcjhnst n Gerry Peagler Fred Warren Lawson Johnson Stanley Peek David Vteils Forresi Jones Roland Penick Frank Wood Fred Kralina Stewart Pralher James Woodward Lamar King Fd Pressley John Yarborough Edwin Lochri dge Charles Rey Owen Youles 217 OFFICERS President I ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer Ralph Newion Claude Pennington Don Schmidt E. G. Mize Tim " P I !kfes?%-. ' - MEM B E R S Ed Allen Joseph Daniels James Kemp lames Rabb Dick Allen John Deal Thomas Lamson Donald Schmidt Charles Bailey James Dismuke Karl Leitheiser Mason Shepherd Henry Bailey John Doster Robert Mainor William Shirley James Barfield John Dyal Robert Matthew Nat Smith Fred Bell Patrick Evans Charles McKay Oscar Spivey William Birdsong Daniel Ferguso n George Mixon Marcus Stewart William Bledsoe Daniel Griffith E. D. Mize Dan Sullivan Perry Busbee Richard Hanbe rry Charles Moseley Dock Waddell Morris Caddell John Harris Ralph Newton Charles Watson Richard Carter James Henson Claude Pennington William Weaver Derald Cleckley James Howell Winford Pool Eugene W eems James Collier Albert Hunt E. H. Prescott William Williamson Norman Crowe David Johnson Jesse Quillian Joseph Yates 218 ;-x ' -:.lf. -T ,H:, . - -.C .-T .1T- «. .-. M.,■ ,iV« .,». OFFICERS " iftiiniigio, " onScimiili ■G.Mue President Vice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer Stewart Brown Marvin Greene H. H. Jones C. B. Shiver M 1 M B 1. K S KiniKih Adims Marvin Althisar Fhil AMin Jmus B.ugh John Boniface John Bowen Avery Brinklcy Stewart Brown lorn Brown Zcb Burrell Joe Caldwell James Cantrell Alex Carswell Larry Cauthen Bill Chambless James Clayton Maicr Cronic Wayne Culbreth James Daves Carter Davis Leonard Davis Charles Drake George Duncao Reese Lbcrhart ILirold Kngler Mack Freeman Fletcher Garris Ben Gatliff Leigh Gedney Ben Giles Dan Glover Joe Green Marvin Greene Wi Ha Richard Hartsfie L. G. Hicks Jack Howard Jack Hudson Charles Ireland lli., ..Ul l.irrill Ki.kii Br W 1). K Cecil John H. B. Jones Raymond Jordan } ' ■ Roy Joyner Charles l.amb Richard Lanier Charles Love C harles Magnan T. M. McElhann Dan McLaurin William Martin Parker Meek Owen Meredith Robert Moore Ben Moss A. G. Oliver James Pate G. M. Patillo George Pilcher Cecil Pirklc Marion Hugh Bill Purcell J. W, Purcell Hugh Queen Bryan Redd Eugene Reese e K Louie Reynolds William Robis Rov Roland Buck Shearer (). H. Shiver Henry Smallwt Carl Smith Luther Smith Robert Smith William Smitt Pelham Staples James Taylor Warren 1 Calv Thr Luther Vinton Raymond Water Mark Xatkins Norman VC ' heele J. T. XriRht Loyd Yeargin Lionel Yoe 219 OFFICERS President Margaret Quante Vice-President Kalhryn Edwards Recording Secretary Sarah Clark Treasurer Dot Brinsfield A £ I ' I 220 ■ JLJi jiT: ■ • ' ■ " " " ' " ' ' - A A H O N O R M E D I C A L S o c I E T Y CLASS OF 1949 Marvin Greene I). A. McLaurin C. B. Shiver Bernard Punsley CHRISTIAN MEDICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS Prcsidiitl Secrtlary Treasurer Bill Smith Albert Lehman Herbert Stelling MEMBERS Thomas Browne Dick Hartsfield Jack Howard Jim Garner Cleon Johnson Calvin Meeks Bill Purcell J. W . Purcell Bryan Redd Don Schmidt Albert Smith Bill Smith Luther Smith Herbert Stcllinf; Tom Strosier Loyd ' eargin 221 STUDENT FACULTY counciL FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. G. Lombard Kelly, Dean Dr. Lane H. Allen Dr. Hervey M. Cleckley Dr. Edgar R. Fund Dr. Peter B. Wright STUDENT MEMBERS Roland Penick, Presideiil of SliidenI Body Stuart Prather Mark Watkins Eugene Bell James Bozeman Reese Eberhart Julian Quattlebaum John Looper Carter Davis «l INTER- FRATEimiTY COUNCIL Alpha Kappa Kappa George Gaddy, President Bob Coggins Phi Delta Epsiloii Bernard Punsley Alpha Epsiloii Iota Margaret Quante Kathryn Edwards Phi Rho Sigma Ralph Newton Joe Vates, Secretary-Treasurer Phi Chi Fred Warren James Bozeman Thela Kappa Psi Stewart Brown Pelham Staples 222 S3 2 B " ' " " " ' EH ' Published monthly by and for tht students, nurses, and doctors as- sociated with the University of Georgia School of Medicine. D. A. McLaurin, Jr. Editor Margaret Quante Associate Kditor R. E. Roberts Rusiness Mana-ier Tom Lamson Circulation Man. ' iuer Hernard Punsly Features Kditor Grant .Miller News Editor Sarah Clark . Asst. News Editor Kathryn Edwards Hill Moore Tillie Horkey Jim Collier Joe Mercer Robert Keim Emiuett Ferguson Features SlafI s. New s Staft 223 FANBOHA STAFF MEDICAL SCHOOL SECTION EDITORIAL STAFF Margaret Quante Editor Steve Mullins Associate Editor Joe Mercer Features Editor Art Editor Norman Wheeler Photographer George Boyd Photographer Members Kathryn Edwards Gram Miller Joe Barnett Dot White Emmet Ferguson Fred Warren George Lynch BUSINESS STAFF Charles Durden Business Manager Members Dan Sullivan Harold Jarrell Dot Brinsfield I nil 224 at.-... .. :«;- , .« ... i ACTIVITIES 19 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE U HE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF Jl u «?-:jti T m, - i: . L J .-j nmizs. 13tMNUAL PANDORA BEAUTY REVIEW iS V , ' i T 14 h . X. — --- " V J V_: i y ' A 22S JUDGES msm E S Tj Atlanta journal Alkinta Constitution alor of " Mark Trail " 226 QuGsn H t i S f ' ' f ' - — " " ■■■■•rTi-i(if»i ' n i 0 etti a A. i4t SitM r e tt f efiK.7(Je4t r - ' mmm Ma w clfut C( H fV ctwi an HOH, ' 00 C0(yC(y p SPONSORS ANN GUNNIiLS JACKIh CROKEK Signm All ' l ' ,1 r. isiloii K ifi nl MIiImi 237 238 I NELL CLARK Pi k,il p.i Phi 239 FRANCES BUROUGHS S}gma Pi NANCY CHANDLER Camp Wilkins 240 SOROniTIES FM-HELLENIG COUNCIL Two representatives from each of the thirteen sorori- ties form the Pan-Hellenic Council. The presidency rotates among the sororities. Foremost among the efforts of Pan-Hellenic are the formulation of sound rushing rules, the encouragement of superior scholar- ship, the sponsorship of intra-mural sports competi- tion, and the creation of harmony among the sororities. OFFICERS President ALICE MITCHELL Vice President KATHRYN LANMAN Secretary RUTH WINGATE Treasurer MADELYN TUPPER WINGATE 242 FAN-HELLENIC COUNCn. ALPHA CHI OMHGA DELIA DELIA DELTA KAPPA KAPPA (,AMMA Beverly Blasingame Margaret Ivdwarcls Mary Lou Iliges Sara Ann Proffiti Alice Mitchell Olga Turner ALPHA DELTA PI Ruth Fowler DELTA PHI EPSILON PI BETA PHI Margaret Sherman Marsha Goldman Kathryn Lanman Betty Goldstein Elizabeth Neel ALPHA GAMMA DHLTA Kathcrine Bhickshear Betty Williams KAPPA ALPHA THETA PHI MU ALPHA OMICRON PI Sue Brown Caroline Orr Madelyn Tupper Anne Beck Palsy Butts Charlotte Gaulding CHI OMEGA KAPPA DELTA SIGMA DELTA TAU Frances Florence Helen Morris Sonya Ahelson Ruth W ' ingate Margie Parker Sara Blum 243 ALFHA CHI OMECA Byrne Cillaliao Chttn ' Di™ I Gdy Hinbiicli Slisef Mi Miididl Palish Slelioc Alpha Chi Omega was founded at DePauw University in 1895. Its flower is the red carnation, and its colors are scarlet and olive green. Beta Sigma chapter was estahlished on the University of Georgia campus in 1937. Alpha Chi Omega is an international sorority com- posed of seventy-two active chapters. In the past academic year, it placed first in the Sigma Chi Derby. Every year Alpha Chi presents the Alpha Chi Olympics, a derby for fraternity men. Norma Adams Jean Knight Johine Bailey FKirance Lacour Phyllis Barber Joyce Land June Barrett Janice Lanford Salley Baxley Claire Loworn Martha Bird Jo Madden Beverly Blasingame Lena Maxey Frances Borroughs Jane Maxwell Murray Boyd Huth Mills Pam Braselton Ann Mitchell llanoria Brennan Mary Margaret Byrne Shirley Parish Nell Callahan Mary Ellen Porier Maxie Cherry Betty Power Mary Christian Betly Ann Prilchett Angie Claridy Sara Ann Proffitt Peggy Clark Grace Redmond Mary Ann Core Christina Rice Betty Dickson Jo Riley Gloria Dixon Mamie Lee Scott Jeinnine Elliott Barbara Schwettman Sue Everett Sandra Shepherd Mary Ann Frith Sue Skelton Luanne Grady Aria Symmcrs Ruih Hambrick Ann Taylor Ann Highiower Emy Toole Jcin Hudson Carolyn Whtkhel Bcti Gl n Kirkland Polly Woodall Li ' lt to lighi: BA1LE -, BARRETT, PROFFITT, MADDtN. MAXEV, PARISH OFFICERS President SARA ANN PROFFITT Vice-President JUNE BARRETT Second Vice-President JO MADDEN Corresponding Secretary LENA MAXEY Recording Secretary SHIRLEY ' PARISH Treasurer JOLAINE BAILED ' AX a to ■ " ! .a 245 Smith Taylor 1 liompson Turner Williams Willis Woodcock Bnniks Ktm. DELTA FI Alpha Delta Pi is the oldest secret organization for women in the world, being founded in 1851 at Wts- leyan College in Macon, Cieorgia. Its colors are blue and white, and the flower is the purple violet. There are now sixty-two active chapters throughout the United States and Canada, the Beta Nu Chapter being estab- lished at the LIniversity of Georgia campus in 1933. T- Isabcllc Allen Margie Amniiins Marguerite Antlev Elizabeth Baird Mary Beach Barbara Black Betty Biiwden Agnes Blitch Jeannine Brooks Blois Brown Joan Burgt Ann Burkett Dorothy Carlisle Corrine Carpenter Jackie Carroll Jo Lane Cheeves lilizabeih Coleman Susan Cooper Keva Ann Dame Alice Jane Dancer Julie Davis Joanne Delaney Alice Dcvine Sally Duggar Dorothy Dunn Emily Edwards Ruth Eowler Jean Greer Sue lulral Jan driffin Hannah Grimes Harriet Hallman Sarah Hatfield Marguerite Hamni Harriet Hcins Nell Gray Holmes Peggy Jackson Ann Jenkins Josephine Keeier l.ynnc Leach Madge McCord Joan McCrea Sarah McMurry Ann Mize Sally Moorcfield Jane Moses Sadie Murphy Carolyn Newton Jean Harriet Pune Julia Rogers Julia M. Sanders Marian I. Sanders Barbara Sheffield Joan Sheffield Peggy Jo Saunders Margaret Sherman Elizabeth Smith Janice Smith Alice Ruth Stafford Jody Strother Elizabeth Taylor Patsy Thompson Sally Thompson Pat Turner Elizabeth Van I.andingham Jean Waikins Joan Weadon Jackie Wells Helen Whatley Lyndii Williams Madelyn Williams Sara X ' illis Patricia Wilson Harriet Wiwdcock Left 10 rinhl: lOW LER, SHERMAN. DAME, McCORO OFFICERS Presidoii Vke-Presidiiil Secretary Treasurer RUTH FOWLER MARGARET SHERMAN REVA ANNE DAME MADGE McCORD AAIT J 247 Bulfin Camphell ALFHA QAMA DELTA Alpha Gamma Delta was founded in 1904 at Syra- cuse University. There are now sixty-three active chapters throughout the United States and Cana- da. The flower is the red and buff rose and the colors are red, buff, and green. Gamma Alpha Chapter was established at the University of Geor- ia in 1923. Barbara Allen Margaret Baynard Ann Barrett Katherine Blackshear George Ann Bulfin Charlotte Carrol Betty Ann Campbell Betty Chafin Sue Cox Mimi Davis Frances Dominey Betty Dulligan Betty Eaves Martha Ecker Carolyn Edge Betty Farrier Beverly Flanders Carolyn Folsoni Wynnette Fuller Ruth Gaskin Marjorie Graf Charlotte Gale Elaray Griggers Beverly Gunn Camille Hardy lilizabcth Haigler |o3n Harkins Ciloria Head Joan Hubbard Jane Jackson (.abif King Rowanda Maloof Vera Mew Janice Miller Nina Mitchell Marguerite Moss l.ucy Nickerson Chedsey Nil I Ann Osborn Jackie Pilchcr Shirley Kagsdale Gloria Ray Madge Rivers Sue Roberts Marx Ceiirgia Rnuiitree Jinimic la Rymer Katherine Sciple Betl Shimp Caroline Shaddix Betty Joyce Stnith Jean Smith Marguerite Smith Dorothy Ann Starr Mildred Thompson Billie Trunkey Barbara Wall Betty Wells Betty Williams Cora Williams Joann X ' illiams Beverly ■oung Li ' l 10 ukI ' I: WII.I.IAMS, Bl.ACKSl lliAR, Bl I.IIN, DUI.I.I- CAN, SMITH. HARI) OFFICERS President BI:TT • WILLIAMS Isl Vice-Pres. KATHLRINI BI.ACKSHKAK 2nd Vne-Presideni GEORGE ANN Bll.FIN Recordina Secrelury BETT ' SMITH Corres ponding Secretary BETT ■ DUl.LICjAN Treauirer CAMIIII 1IARI) AfA 2-49 Myriciv Plant Rctlmond Rhodes Thompson Williams, S. White ALPHA OMICRON FI Lambda Sigma chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was established at the University of Georgia in 1935. The sorority flower is the Jaccjuominot Rose and the sorority color is cardinal. Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College, Columbia Uni- % ' ersitv, in 1897. Ann Alltn K.itlir n Iknry Mary Ann Arnold Barbara Hogan Iktty Rags Betty Ann Hogan Helen Beavers Jean Hollingsworth Ann Bell Martile Hooks Hvelyn Bird Biti Hopkins Beverly Bowers June Howard Nancy Brewster Margaret Hudson Roberta Brooks Sue James Sue Brown Betty Jean Burns Hot King Betty Campbell Fifi Lamas Louise Cason Betty Leonard Margaret Ann C hunli Louise Leonard Ester Davis Ruth McKinney Jeannine Dodgen Frances Martin Isabel Fausetl Helen Martin Charlotte Fouche Sara Myrick Shirle Fries Jackie Norton Charlotte Gaulding Lorraine Plant Charlotte Cileason Alice Redmond Lillian Grant Ann Rhodes Ann Ciraydon Carolyn Satterwhite Mary Ruth Cuffin Carol Stewart Betty Ann Hardin Martha Jane Thompson Betty Hatcher Louise Williams Martha Harris Sara Williams Sara Harris Jane White Left 10 righl: (,At LDING. BROWN. BRLW STFR, BIRD, MAR RIS, CAMPBFLL OFFICERS Presithiil SIT BROWN hi Vice-Prcsidcr.l LVli. ' lN BIRD 2nd Vice-Pres. CHARI.OTTF C.Al ' I.DlN(i Recording Si-c,c:.:ry NANC ' BRFWSTFR Correspoiidhr; Sccrelury MARTHA HARRIS Treasurer W 1 ( AMPBFLL AOIT 251 Bondurani Stribling Talmadge Thomas Thornton Trussell Vance Vickers Watkins Webb Williams Willingham Wilson Wingate 252 CHI OMEGA Mu Beta of Chi Omega was the second sorority on the University of Georgia Campus, being installed in 1922. It was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895. At present there are 104 active chapters. The flower is the white carnation, and the colors are cardinal and straw. Outstanding accomplishments for the past year, 1947-48 include first place in the intcr-fraternity sing and a high scholastic standing. Harriet Ansley Ann Baskin Barbara Jean Baynes Beity Bennett Mary Clair Bondurant Jayne Brooks Betty Bruce Bclh Burford Mary Jean Busbee Catherine Chance Martha Clarke Patsy Clarke Mary Cooper Mary Davis Mary Anne Delaney Louise Duskin Jane Faulk I ' rances Florence W ' ilma Florence Eloise Fowler Marion Fowler Joanne Groover Margaret Hightowcr Ann Jennings June Johns Jane Keliey Ellen Kerr Beity Anne Lanier Ernestine Lewis Caroline Little Anne McElraih Ann McKinlcy Dorothy McNeil 15r.rbara Mayes Beverly Moore Judy Morgan Mary Mull Delores Mundy Alice Nail Dorothy Oates Joyce Parrish Peggy Pease Ellen Rhenquist Nan Rigdon Rebecca Roddenberry Bettie Rogers Dorothy Scott Faye Scott Betty Stanley Nan Stanley Bobbie Starr Florence Stewart Suzanne Story Mary V. Stribling Lucy Talmadge Annie Laurie Thomas Marion Thornton Carolyn Thurinond Katherine Trussell Mildred Vance Alice Vickers Amy Watkins Leta Webb Ruth Wcllman Betty S. Williams Anne Willingham Betty Ann Wilson Ruth Wingaie Ihoiil 10 luuk: WINGATE, THORNTON, RODC.ERS, HICH- TOWER OFFICERS Presichiil Rl ' TH WINt.ATI Vke-Prcsiclcnl MARC.ARET HK.HTOWER Secretary BETTIE ROCERS Treasurer MARION THORNION wmr " " .- ■ Rv lil l ' ■ ii %iM ' Ifl J H i. .- xl ' SH fi . M H ' ; ■pl B V ' B hT H ■ El ft rii i B L a_ 253 -i«ta udai BKa fi ' iniJtv i DELTA DELTA DELTA (J Delta Delta Delta was founcied at Boston Uni- versity in 1889. Its flower is the pansy and its colors are silver, gold, and blue. At present there are ninety-two active chapters. Alpha Phi chapter was established at the University of Georgia in March of 1934. Arabella Allen Mary Andrews Fdith Avera Betty Bagwell June Bassett Ann Brinkley Jane Brown Faye Butts June Camp Louise Carter Nancy Chandler Dorothy Chappell Ann Clark Dorothy Daniels Jane Dickinson Joanne Durrence Margaret Edwards Patricia Farrell JoAnn Gracey Nan Guest Cir,-ice Hailey Jo Hailey I.ouise Harkrader Janice Herrly Betty Hornbuckle Joanne Howell Martha Jackson Betty Keenan Katherine Key Jean Kimberly Alice Law Betty I.cdbetter Lynn Lee Georgia Lewis France I. oil Marilyn Maffcit Mary Mann Ann Middlebrooks Jane Middelbrooks Rose Mills Alice Mitchell Gay Moate Florence Monroe Gwyn Oliver Kaytherine Parker Fva Reid Carolyn Rose Jane Schneider Frances Sewell Mary Ann Sewell Louise Sharp Blanche Smith Joy Smith Nancy Sorrells Carolyn Stafford Margaret Stiles Barbara Storm Joan Syfan Mary Ann Trotli Sara Ward Eva Lee Weir Gwyn West Beverly Westbrook Julia Ann Williams Nancy ' atcs Lefl lo riiihl.- PARKER, JACKSON, EDWARDS, SORRELLS OFFICERS President MARGARET EDWARDS Vke-Presidtnl NANC ' SORRELLS Secretary MARTHA JACKSON Treasurer MAR PARKER AAA 255 Jt. ' Li A Alper Ll mj _V n Davidson Diamond Kahn King Lennett Levin Levy Marks Meyer Podoll Rosenberg Rosenthal Ruden Russ Seligman Simon Sir Siskind DELTA Fm EFSILON Delta Phi Epsilon was founded in 1917 at Washington Square College, New York. Psi Chapter was founded at the University of Georgia campus in 1935, and is one of the twenty active chapters of the international or- ganization. The flower is the pansy, and the colors are royal purple and pure gold. An annual Christmas party is one of the activities of the chapter in addition to numerous other charity affairs. Better relationship with other organizations on campus was the outstand- ing project of Psi for 1948-49. Jean Aarons Marcia Aarons Doris Albert Jeanette Alhadeff Marilyn Alper Phyllis Aronson Gilda Blum Rhoda Bressner Zelda Channin Jackie Cohen Marianne Cohn Toby Daitch Shirley Davidson Adrienne Davis Virginia Diamond Shirley Dunn Jane Elkins Jerry Feinberg Marcia Feinberg Bernice Fishman Barbara Freidman Miriam Gerstein Leah Ghitter Mona Glassman Jackie Goldberg Marcia Goldman Betty Goldstein Carolyn Goodman Sylvia Goodrich Celia Gordon Bettv Green Florence Halperin Harriet Halperin Joanne Harris Sylvia Hirsch Miriam Kahn Sherry King Joyce Lennelt Freida Levin Betty Levy Annette Leiberman Janet Marks Erica Meyer Marilyn Podoll Elaine Pollock Sara Belle Rosenberg Norma Rosenthal Joan Ruden Norma Russ Pearl Seligman Boots Simon Josephine Sir Fayge Siskind Frances Spiegleman Ruth Stein Kitty Stock Margaret Tepper Estelle Voll Irene Vrone Elaine Weinstein Marilyn Weinstein Shirley 7-aglin Lef 10 rig }!.- GORDON. LENNETT, GOLDSTEIN, GOLDMAN, l:)UNN OFFICERS President BETT GOLDSTEIN Vice-Presidetil MARCIA GOLDMAN Corresponding Secretary CELIA GORDON Recording Secretary }OYCJ. LENNETT Treasurer SHIRLEY ' DUNN Pledge Mother TOBY DAITCH A4 E 257 m?h ALFHA THETA Kappa Alpha Theta, the first Greek letter fraternity for women, was founded at DePauw University in 1870 and established on the University of Georgia campus in 1936. The colors are black and gold, and the flower is the black and gold pansy. At present, there are seventy-two active chapters. Outstanding accomplishments for last year include the Table-Tennis Cup, the Archery Cup, fourth place in in- tramurals, and honorable mention in the Sorority Sing. Virginia Andrews Joan Higgins Kairina Alford Eleanor Jones Barbara Bridges Martha Lee Mary Black Joyce Lorenlzon Carolyn Bex lev ' Marcia McKinney Sally Bishop Georgia McGarity Dot Bobe Ellen McDonald Harriet Brawner Doiiie Belcher Nancy McCrory Sally Cody Bettye Manley Peggy Collier Clara Mock Carolyn Chapman Laree Malone Florence Crook Ann Milliard Jackie Croker Nancy Jo Nix Lorette Crockett Caroline Orr Ruth Cliatt Shirley Oram Katherine Davis Mary O ' Neil Clara Davis Celestia Purcell Zanier Downs Louise Poole Leila Drake Elizabeth Price Virginia Drake .• nn Stubbs Eda F.mbigh Betty Strother Katherine Gates Madelyn Tupper Jeanne Goodwin Ellen Tatum Ann Ciunnels Clare Taylor Booisie Hendley Joanne Hempstead Betty Jane Tingle Jean Hawkins Mary Van l.andin ha Georgia Hammttt Betty oumcns Left to trjjij nK. KL, . 1. , . UK1. M ■» , H PPER O !■ M C E R S PresiiUiil MADELYN TLIPPER Vice-Presideiti NANC ' NIX Secrelury LEILA DRAKE Treasurer MARCIA MtKlNNEV KAe 259 - - ' Cwft frJlln (jilben Grave! Crilliii Viibwck KAFPA DELTA Kappa Delta was founded at Virginia State Normal School October 23, 1897. The flower is the white rose and the colors are olive green and pearl white. Sigma Phi chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1924, fourth on the campus. There are seventy-three active chapters. C.loria Mouldtn Rebecca Paradise Margie Parker lidna (Snoukie) Perry Ann Bitts Rusleen Potts Annette Price Helen Price Elizabeth (Lib) Pruitt Lawanna Roberts Louise (Toni) Robinson Mary Nell Hothell Lenore Sirmon Faye Snider Jean Tillman Iris Van Houton Betty Wansle) Mary White Joy Wicker Betty Wier Virginia Wier Jo Wickliffe Billie Wickliffe Betty Wilson Margaret Wood Eleanor Yarbrougli Martha Zellars Jacbi Ootlie Allen Joiei Bettie Bollinger Kennedy | Charlotte (Sister) Bradiha b.( Gene Brantley long Dorothy Ann Brcchinridge Morris, H. Jeanne Bremer Shirley Caine MooHen Carolyn (Frissie) Carter Parilse Betty Carper Perry Pat Chastain Piiii Jackie Foster Pons June Gatlin Price Kunie Gibson Pniiil Betty Gilbert Pat Gleason Robetis Maxine Gordon Holiinw Betty Graves Sirmoi Jeanette Griffin Slider Myrtle Gross Wiisley Mary Eleanor Haslett e Sara Jane Jackson Wicker ' Hazel (Totsy) Johnson Margaret Jones fcB- Polly Kennedy Wier, V. Sarah (Sissy) Laws ftiikl Jackie Long Wieklft ' ' Clara Morris Helen Morris Left lo right: KENNEDY, GATLIN, MORRIS, PARKER, GLEAS- ON, JOHNSON, BOLLINGER OFFICERS President HELEN MORRIS Vice-PresidcHl TOTSY JOHNSON Secretary JUNE GATLIN Treasurer PAT GLEASON Assistant Treasurer POLLY KENNEDY Editor BETTIE BOLLINGER Membership Chairmi.n MARGIE PARKER 251 Habcock Bassford Bethea Bottoms Brucni Brewer Brown SAFFA Um JSiBim Kappa Kappa Gamma, the first Greek letter fraternity for women, was founded at Monmouth College, Mon- mouth, Illinois, in 1870. The golden key is its pin. light and dark blue are its colors, and the flower is the stately Fleur de Lis. Delta Upsilon chapter was founded at the University of Georgia on February 14, 1948, being the newest sorority on the campus. Betty Babtotk Cjerniaine I.awson Barbara Bassford Patricia Long Ceay Bethea Je.-.n Lowman Phyllis Blakely Ile ' cna McCormick Beverly Bott oms Janice Persons Maybelle Breem Peggy Petry Julia Brewer Priscilla Pridgeiin Eeiiy Ann Brown Patricia Reed Ethel Bryrn Corncille Rylander Beverly Burcham fhirlcy Sherouse Diane Castle Cecilia Sherlock Janet Cheves Carolyn Simpson Joanne Church Ann Sturgis Betsy Davis Clark Henrietta Swain Nell Page Collins Pat Taylor Barbara Cronk Joyce Thomas Alice Erwin Mary Frances Thomason Eleanor Foswell Mary Thompson Mary Ann Fuller Mettelyn Thompson Mary Garner Olivia Traywick Betty Jean Hancock Olga Turner Jean C. Hess Marie Whitehead Nancy Hodges Alice Wilson Mary Lou lUpes Elizabeth Wolf Altie Irwin Phyllis Woodward Betty Jinks l.ucile Wrigley ,.; lo rifil)l: BULIM. IIOIX.HS, 1LLC.ES, HESS OFFICERS Presidcnl MARV LOU ILLGES Vke-Presiilct NANCY HODGES Senc ' lury JEAN HESS Treasnrei MA BELLE BREEM KRf 263 ' - iJH 264 FBIMU Alpha Alpha of Phi Mu was the pioneer sorority on the University of Georgia campus, being es- tablished in 1921. It was founded at Wesieyan College in 1852 and now has sixty-five active chapters. The pin is black and gold, the colors are rose and white, and the flower is the enchant- ress carnation. Lillian Abbot Minii Kellam Ann Adams Kate Lenhardt Carolyn Beasley Jackie Lowe Anne Beck Lillian Lumpkin Elejnor Bradford Sarah Mills Benning Buryard Ann Mitchell Eugenia Bush tloise Moldtr Jean Butts Susan McCall Fatsy Butts Stella McDowell Alice Chandler Beverly Nixon Jane Chandler Lois Polhill Patsy Coons Tomie Jean Roberts Betty Crane Ardith Sams Carter Daniel Carolyn Shaw Lou Davis Ernestine Shockley Jeanne Dixon Kay Singletary Charlotte Drawdy Anne Stovall Adeh Flourney Laura Summers Millie Foracre Betty Summerour Janet Fortson Helen Thrash Iris Gentry Betty Thomas Iris Ginnalail Mary Thomas Joan Greshani Anne Thomason Charlotte Harris Terry Timmerman Liz Harrison Marion West Jeanne Harold Nell Whelchel Grace Holder Cynthia Williams Carol Holt Betty Willis Anita Johnston Betty Wood Left to rifihl: POLHILL, BECK, WEST, WHELCHEL OFFICERS President ANNE BECK Vice-Presideiil MARION WEST Secretary LOIS POLHILL Treasurer NELL WHELCHEL 265 FI BETA FHI Home HuDiet Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College in 1867. There are now ninety-seven active chap- ters in the United States and Canada. Georgia Alpha chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1939. The flower is the wine car- nation and the colors are wine and silver blue. Doitie Addison Ann Andrews Linda Arnold Nancy Borzynski Mary Elizabeth Beck Betty Branan Jeanne Burrape Joyce Carroll Jane Carey Frances Clapp Virginia Cooper Rebecca Cowan Marjorie Davis Jean DeMars Joan Dodd Anita George Nancy Gower Bunny Griffin Charlinie Hailey J ne Hendon Patricia Higgins Holly Holland Peggy Pat Home Belly Ann Humphrey Patricia Humphrey Helen Hunter Lanette Hutchins Mary Elizabeth Jackson Bricehn Johnston Kathryn Lanman Jan Malsburger Betty Mann Barbara June Maxwell Mary Manning Patricia Mansfield .Mildred Matthews Elizabeth Neel Clara O ' Keefe Caryn Pate Virginia Price Margaret Pippin Billie Putman Madelyn Seay Betty Jean Rice Helen Smith Tetkia Stelling Je::nne Stelling Loretta Stuckey JoAnn Terr Betty June Thompson Christine Whaley Nancy White Joan Wright Shirley Zent Ull 10 ri hl: STEIGLITZ, HIGGINS. BOKZ NSKl, A.NDRIWS, LANMAN O FFICERS fresidenl KATHRYN LANMAN Vice-Preshleni ANN ANDREWS Sccrelury JEANNE STEIGLII . Treasurer NANCi ' BORZ N.SKI 267 SIQMA DELTA TAU Sigma Delta Tau was founded at Cornell Uni- versity on March 25, 1917. Eta chapter was orig- inally begun on the University of Georgia campus in 1924, and the charter was renewed in 1945. There are now twenty-seven active chapters. The colors are cafe au lait and blue, and the flower is the tea rose. ROLL Sonya Abelson Sara Blum Sara Desseaur Elaine Estroff Eleanor Freeman Terry Pintchuck Sara Horovin Rabhan Joan Rosenthal Marilyn Rosolio Freida Scheer Renee Steinberg Faye Syman Lois Syman Left to right: ABELSON, SCHEER, BLUM OFFICERS President SONYA ABELSON Secretary FREIDA SCHEER Treasurer SARA BLUM lAT Syman, F. Syman, L, 268 rmERNITIES IfliOX iCHEER BLUM AbtliO " DtiitJii ' Scbea i 0 ' 269 INTER-FRMSmTV COUNCIL JOHN E. GRIFFIN BILL GAY RALEIGH BRVANS MENDEL ROMM KAPPA SIGMA: Paul Harper Frank Watson LAMBDA CHI ALPHA: Jim Andrews L. C. Brown PHI DELTA THETA: Ed Aderholt Tee Stribling PHI EPSILON PI: Joel Goldberg Harry Steyerman PI KAPPA ALPHA: Bob Argo Barry Phillips PI KAPPA PHI: Sonny Cafierro Tom Matherne PUBLICITY DIRECTOR: David Cates SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON; John Terrell Casey Baker ALPHA EPSILON PI: Neilan Levy Joel Fryer SIGMA CHI: Emmit Noland Bill Simpson ALPHA GAMMA RHO: Jack Buchannan Wally Jones ALPHA TAU OMEGA: Bill Gay John Arnold CHI PHI: Robert Mozley Charles Barnwell SIGMA NU: Pulm Swann Charlie Fraser TAU EPSILON PI: Mendel Romm Myron Fogel CHI PSI: Burt Hester Mallie Exley SIGMA PI: Aubrey Findley DELTA TAU DELTA: Raleigh Bryans Milton Murray THETA CHI COLONY: Reginald Cannon William Greene KAPPA ALPHA: Zack Varnadoe Bob Balfour PHI KAPPA TAU COLONS ' Carl Smith Roy Mills 27C CATES BARNWELL HARPER CAFIERRO ROMM BROWN MATHERNE FOGEL ADERHOLT NOLAND riNDLEV GOLDBERG SIMPSON CANNON ARGO SWANN GREENE PHILLIPS ERASER SMITH «! ■ 171 ALPHA EFSILON H ALPHA EPSILON PI was founded at New York University in 1913. Colors are blue and gold and the flower is the yellow rose. The present periodical is the Alpha Epsiloti Pi Quarterly. There are 43 chapters in the United States. Omicron Chapter was founded at the University of Georgia in 1926, the sixteenth fraternity on the campus. Charlie Stein Huvard Marvin Lazarus Neilan Levy Irvin Miller Dick Forman Sam Kravtin Master Retiring Master Corresponding Scribe Exchequer Recording Scribe Lt. Master Member at Large lAMUT Abrams, Sol Aronson, Sam Avis, Ronald Axelrod, Herbert Benson, Ramon Blumberg, Bob Chasin, Irwin Cohn, Larry Elkins, Irvin Epstein, Sol Fields, Jerry Fisch, Paul Fisher, Bob Forman, Dick Friedman, Norman Fryer, Joel Goldman, Donald Goodrich, Harold Heller, Gerald Hillman, Harold Holzman, Herbert Huvard, Alan Kamlet, Bert Karpe, Lloyd Kessler, Joseph Kravtin, Sam Krieger, Harold Krumbein, Herbert Lazarus, Marvin Lazarus, Milton Lazarus, Richard Levine, Bill Levine, Irvin Levy, Jerry Levy, Neilan Miller, Eddie Miller, Irvin Mills, Jackie Peskin, Sidney Reed, Buddy Richman, Bernard Rinzler, Stanley Schwartz, Robert Schulmister, Leon Slotin, Philip Speilberg, Sol Steigman, Sam Stein, Charles Steinberg, Mickey Wachtel, Arthur Young, Arthur ' 272 li, Ajw GOLDMAN AXEI.ROI) GOODRICH frii;dman HUVARD KRAVTIN SLOTIN LEVINE SPEILBERG LEVY STEIGMAN Kit IIMAN W ACIIIEL SCHWARTZ " I )l N(. s xji 273 ALFHA AMMA RSO ALPHA GAMMA RHO was founded at Ohio State Univer- sity and University of Illinois in 1908. Alpha Eta Chapter was established in 1927, the seventeenth fraternity on the cam- pus. Colors are dark green and gold. The flower is the pink rose, and the publication, the Crescent. Willis Huston Jack Buchanan C. J. Worrell John Daniel Noble Ruler Vice Noble Ruler Secretary Treasurer T. Z. Lanier Chaplain Anderson, John Bond, Arthur Breedlove, Royce Buchanan, Jack Cox, James Daniel, John Davis, Bill Davis, Bob Hobby, Gene Huston, Willis Jones, Hinton Jones, Wallace Lanier, T. Z. Mann, Harold Matthews, Bill Powell, Albert Rice, Blanton Russell, Alvin Smith, P. Z. Stembridge, Howard Turner, Howard Worrell, Bill Worrell, C. J. Young, Howard 274 ANDFRSON DANIEL BOND DAVIS, BILL BREEDLOVE DAVIS, BOB BUCHANAN HUSTON COX JONES WORRELL, B. WORRELL, C. J. k jA 275 ALFHA m OMEGA ALPHA TAU OMEGA was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Georgia Alpha Beta, established 1878, was the sixth fraternity on the University campus. There are now 100 chapters of Alpha Tau Omega over forty-three states. The publication is the Palm, the flower is the white tea rose, and colors are sky blue and old gold. Bill Gay John Arnold Davis Fort Chuck Toole President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Adams, J. D. Akin, Duke Archer, Jimmy Arnold, John Avrett, Jack Bakes, Hiram Bakes, Walter Barnitz, Downing Beutell, Barry Blake, Bill Brannon, Jack Brannon, Means Burns, Tommy Bush, Jimmy Butts, Leon Ciccarone, John Cline, Horace Coleman, Gene Crouch, Walter Daniel, Ed Davis, Justin Dixon, Nicky Drane, Pete Drawdy, Ed Dunn, Ed Edmondson, Bill Fort, Davis Frew, Sam Fulton, C. B. Garren, John Gay, Bill Gibbons, Bob Godbee, Wray Harkins, John Harrell, E. K. Harris. Rill Harwell, Al Harwell, Bob Haslam, Nelson Hawk, Al Hendricks, B?rney Henning, Bob Heslen, Dick Hicks, Arnold Hill, Bob Holland, Freddie Horrocks, Al Hudgins, Harold Keith, Gay Kent, Lawrence Mahaffey, R. H. Martin, Ed Mankin, Carl Mayer, George McDorman, John McFeeley, Alton Murray, Leonard Naismith, Jean Newton, Bob Owens, Dawson Ozmer, Joe Page, Arthur Phillips, James Pittman, Bob Poage, Tom Preetorious, Sunny Price, Virgil Reddish, Russell Russell, Jessie Scoggins, John Simons, Bill Skelton, Boyd Stewart, Wilmer Smith, Al Smith, Robley Suttles, Joe Talbot, Tommy Toole, Chuck Tutwiler, Bob Walker, Bill Watts, Bill Wheeler, John Whipple, Bennett Whipple, Fielding Whitener, Chuck Whitmire, Dan Wilkie, Jack Williams, Coy Wilson, James Wilson, Prichard ' oung. Bob Immi,! HTM HGE 1 swim TOO 276 Pr(iy(«( [ki-fmiinl Immir J«r(Mr| f .O f O- BAKhS. H. lil.AKi: IDMONDSON FULTON BRANNON, J. GAY DAMI 1. IIAKKIS HARWELL, B. HENDRICKS HENNING PAGE PITTMAN RUSSELL SUTTLES TOOLE WALKER HICKS SCOGGINS WHEELER HILL SIMONS WHIPPLE HOLLAND SKELTON WHITMIRE McDORMAN STEWART WILSON, J. McFEELEV SMITH. A. WILSON, P. MLKRAY SMITH. R. YOUNG 277 CHIFHI Founded at Princeton University, CHI PHI is the result of successive unions of three older organizations of the same name. Eta Chapter was established in 1867, the second fra- ternity on the Georgia campus. The sun flower is the flower, colors are scarlet and blue, and the Chakett is the magazine. Bob Mozley Charlie Barnwell Martin Ellard Alex King Bourke Floyd Sherman Dantzler President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Historian Custodian Barnwell, Charles Bowen, Jerry Branson, Philip Branson, William Carmichael, Victor Daley, Julian Dantzler, Sherman Davison, Julian Dominey, Daniel Drake, Elton Drewry, Harrold Ellard, Martin Ellis, Edward Floyd, Bourke George, Billie Hadaway, Talmadge Handcock, Regenald Harris, McCulley Hartridge, Julian Holton, Robert Hood, Carl Home, Jimmy Johnson, Raymond King, Alex Klein, Robert Lynch, Leo MacDonald, Frank McCurry, Asben McDouglall, Calhoun McMillian, Charles McMillan, Finley McWhirter, George McWhorter, Fonville Methvin, Tommy Moffett, James Mozley, Robert Nee, Jack Newton, Charles Nicholes, Robert Nunnally, Charles Plaster, Daniel Pope, Thomas Reid, Henry Roberts, Martin Schultz, Fred Sims, Motte Spulding, Fhinizey Stretch, Daniel Theus, Charlton Thompson, Melvin Thompson, Thomas Thornell, Alison Troutman, Henry Walters, Donald Ward, James Westbrook, William Winecoff, Flemming Yopp, John 278 BARNWEII ( AKMK HAM. 1 JOHNSON NICHOLES KING REID McCURRY WALTERS METHVIN VCESTBROOK MOFFETT 279 CBIFSI I CHI PSI was founded at Union College in 1841. It is the oldest national fraternity on the campus, and is the only National Conservative fraternity at the University. The local chapter is ALPHA ALPHA DELTA, and was founded in 1890. The magazine is the Purple and Gold, houses are called " lodges, " and colors are purple and gold. Alford, Forest P. Barfield. Eldrid W. Barton, R. William Bates, Clermont Bowman, Howard K. Bussey, H. Shaw Gates, David E. Coclin, James W. Courtney, George L. Croft, Jack K. Davis, John Donaldson, John C. Evans, C. Eugene Exley, William Mallette Ford, Donald S. Green, Johnnie S. Grimes, Millard B. Grimes, Richard Hancock, Harry Harris, James Harrison, Otis W. Hester, G. Bertrand Hill, D. Sloan Hinson, Jack W. Hoch, Walter HoUey, Eugene R. Hutchinson, J. William Elwood S. Newton Herman Poss Carl Moran Fred Johnson Johnson, Fred H. Jones, Stuart H. Keith, Amos Knierim, Vincent L. Lewis, Robert S. Looper, Harry Stuart McCandlish, Robert M. Meagher, Neil J. Miller, Willis Moran, W. Carl Moss, John Marvin Murphy, Clarence C. Newton, Elwood S. Parker, Buford J. Poss, Herman E. Powell, Lenord, F. Robison, T. Elwood Sasser, Horace O. Scott, Jack Davidson Scott, John Dixon Shirley, John Short, William O. Steele, Herbert L. Taylor, Wyndell Trapnell, Edgar P. Watson, Thomas C. West, Jack C. . . President Vice-President . . Secretary Treasurer h ti 4 i 280 7 f Cj Il w i T I ' bPm ta Smitor hmn f HILL HINSON HOCH HOLLEY HUTCHINSON JOHNSON- JONES KNIERIM LEWIS MEAGlltR MORAN MOSS NEWTON PARKER HOVCELL ROBISON SASSIR SCOTT, JACK SCOTT. J. D. SHORT STEEL 1 A I.OR IRAPNEL — 281 DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA TAU DELTA was founded in 1859 at Bethany Col- lege, and in 1886 was united with the Rainbow Society. There are now 75 chapters in the U. S. and Canada. Beta Delta Chapter was established at Georgia in 1882, the eighth fraternity on the campus. The flower is the iris, colors are purple, white, and gold; the magazine is the Rainbow. Charles Smallwood Charles N. Mock Frank Sprouse Edward Rich Arthur T. Harrison Arrington, Frank Jackson Bates, John Forsyth, Jr. Boggs, Boone B. Brown, Edward E. Brown, Mercer Bryans, Raleigh G. Bullock, Richard D. Campbell, Girard N. Cobb, Lawrence Paul, Jr. Coney, Walter Eugene, Jr. Cook, Walter Granger Cowart, Charles Webb Davis, Cecil Gentry, Clyde Griner, Dudley Hallman, Roy Rowan Harrison, Arthur Thomas, Jr. Hay, William Turner Hereford, Ed. Hewitt, John Winton Hightower, Robert Shirley Hoover, Charlie Hutto, Thomas Lauder James, Albert S., Jr. Johnson, Coy Johnson, George Edwards Leak, Jack Lewis, Eli Lewis, Richard Edward Lott, John MacMillan, Robert Albert Matthews, Edgar M. Matthews, William Mitchell, James Jr. Mock, Charles Newman Mullis, John Murray, Milton Hood Porter, Joseph Marion Powell, James Madison Rawls, Thomas Everett Reeves, Robert L. Rich, Edward M. Ridley, James R. Salter, Methvin T, 111 President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Sapp, Kenneth F., Jr. Shannon, Robert Odum Smallwood, Charles E. Smith, W. P. Spear, George Spears, Doyle Sprouse, Joel F., Jr. Stanley, Daniel D. Sutherland, James Madison Tarpley, John Estelle, Jr. Thompson, C. R. Thompson, George Tippins, Billy Nathan Traylor, Henry Grady Turner, Jack D. Volk, William Frank, Jr. Walker, John M. Waites, Joe Westbrooks, Nelson C, Jr. Williams, Jack Mayfield Zorn, William Austin i 282 ARLINGTON BULLOCK COBB HARRISON HA HEWITT COOK COWART HIGHTOWER HOOVER IIAI.LMAN MATTHEWS MITCHELL RIDLEY MOCK SALTER MIJLLIS SAPP TIPPINS MURRAY SHANNON IRA I 1 R PORTER POWELL SMALLWOOD SPEAR rURNIR VOLK RAW ' LS STANLEY W Al KIR REEVES THOMPSON VC FSTBRf)OK 283 Um ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA was founded at Washington and Lee in 1865. Gamma Chapter was established at Georgia in 1868, the third fraternity on the campus. At first Kappa Alpha was called Phi Kappa Chi. Colors are crimson and gold, red rose and the magnolia are the flowers, and Kappa Alpha Journal is the magazine. Clarence Clay Joe Fegerson Bill Bidez . President Vice-President Secretary Asbury, Bev Asbury, Eugene Atkinson, George Balfour, Bob Banks, George Banks, William Bell, Ed Bentley, Thomas Bentley, Upshaw Bidez, William Bradshaw, Martin Bray, J. W. Brice, Henry Brock, John Brown, James Burt, Milliard Buttolph, Lyman Camp, Lindley Cannon, William Champion, Joe Champion, Randolph Clay, Clarence Coleman, Emmett Coplin, James Consins, Thomas Consins, William Creel, Wyman Crudup, Joseph Cunningham, Thomas Darbyshire, Quincy Darden, Holt David, George Davis, Connelius Dimmotk, Avery Dixon, Ben Dunlap, Bobby Fegerson, John Fegerson, Eugene Fontson, Eugene Fryer, Robert Gay, Boiling Glover, Graham Goldsmith, Lauren Grayson, William Harris, A. C. Harry, Henry Hay, James Henshaw, Dick Hogan, Dave Hogan, Harry Hogan, Gene Howell, Harry Huff, Neal Hutchins, Jake Isley, George Kemp, Ted Kirby, Wilkins Mabley, John Major, Jimmy Matt, Robert McComb, Tommy McNatt, Gene Nelson, Pete Newton, Charles Nickenson, Sam Page, Bluford Pait, Jack Pitzer, Vance Pool, Tom Powell, Ben Rohrer, Charles Scott, Bubber Searcy, Bart Shealey, Sonny Simpson, Robert Slaten, Pat Stephenson, Calvin Stephenson, Robert Suttive, Carey Thomanson, Charles Thomas, James Thomas, William Tift, Robert Tillman, Harrison Towsen, Lambeth Towsen, William Turk, Hal Turner, James Turner, William Tutt, Sonny Varnedoe, Zack Walken, Paul Whelchel, Hoyt Wingfield, Terry 284 HARRIS POOL HARRV POWELL HAY SIMPSON HOGAN, D. MAJOR McNATT NELSON STEPHENSON, C. STEPHENSON, R. THOMANSON TURNER, J. TURNER W. VARNEDOE WALKEN VCHELCHEL n iL p O P , . -.4 1 285 EWA SIBMA i KAPPA SIGMA, founded at the University of Virginia in 1869, was the first Southern fraternity to establish a chapter in the North. There are at present 114 active chapters. Beta Lambda Chapter was established in 1901, the tenth fraternity on the campus. The Caduceus is the magazine; scarlet, white, and emerald green are the colors; and the flower is the lily of the valley. Claude W. Luke James Moore Eel Drake John Cook Jim Herry Grand Master Grand Procuraloi Grand Master of Ceremonies Treasurer Scribe Antony, John W. Autrey, Merrill Jr. Ayers, Hugh Bagwell, Joe W. Bell, Julius E. Belts, Clarence W. Boney, George F. Branch, Jerry J. Bryant, Tully D. Butts, John B., Jr. Carter, Ben H. Cato, George S. Cobb, Robert M. Cochran, Marcellus F. Jr. Cook, John H. Jr. Culbreath, John R. Deal, Jack B. Drake, James E. Dunn, William M., Ill Fendler, Donn C. Ferguson, Joe B. Gallienne, Wiliam F. Goddard, Frank O. Greeson, Ray F. Harper, Paul G. Herry, James T. Jr. Hildebrand, Charles M. Jr. Howalt, Robert F. Huber, Anton II Jolley, Frank F. Jones, Obie F. Jr. Kane, Robert T. Kenan, Owen Knight, Isaac E. Jr. Latimer, John P. Leverett, Paul D. Jr. Lott, Clinton L. Jr. Luke, Claude W. Mauriocourt, James N. Moore, James H. Morgan, Paul Jr. Murdock, Elbert C. Jr. Munson, Raymond F. Jr. NeSmith, Donald W. Parry, Thomas C. Pearce, Robert L. Peters, William C. Pullin, James C. Rodgers, Wallace R. Rushton, Albert F. Jr. Seaton, Charles E. Shoemaker, Charles B. Spears, William R. Staton, Gerald W. Stiner, John J. Stokes, William D. Strozier, James F. Jr. Taylor, William F. Jr. Thrasher, William S. Tigner, Frank Toombs, Jack C. Turnipseed, Barnwell R., Ill Volkhardt, William G. Watson, Frank T. UIUOOIU r 286 AUTREY BAGWELL DEAL DUNN BONEY GALLIENNE BRANCH GODDARD CARTER GREESON (AIO HARPER CI LBREAIH HOW ALT MAURIOCOURT MOORE MORGAN MUNSON NeSMITH RLSHTON STATON STINER STROZIER PEARCE RODGERS THRASHER TLRNtPSEED 287 LAMBDA cm ALPHA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA was founded at Boston University in 1909 as an outgrowth of Cosmopolitan Law SchooL Nu Chapter, established at Georgia in 1915, was the fourteenth fraternity on the campus. The national publication is the Cross and Crescent. Colors are purple, green, and gold; the flower is the white rose. At present there are 116 active chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha. Newt Tumlin Chaile Burch Bondy Holcombe Riley Garland Erwin Seitz V President ce-President Secretary Treasurer Rush Chairman Abney, George Adams, Carl Anderson, Jess Andrews, Jimmy Aslinger, Sonny Atkinson, Ross Baker, Joe Beaumont, Charles Bennet, Bill Bodine, Al Brown, L. C. Bryant, Quillian Burch, Charles Chilivis, Nick Clark, Walt Cobb, Ira Cole, Bob Crawford, James Crawley, Herbert Daniel, Ewing Deck, Bill Deleske, Jerry Dollar, Hubert Dulaney, Fudge Evans, Bilbo Farr, J. B. Ford, Henry Fountain, Ralph Garland, Riley Geri, Joe Glenn, Jimmy Glenn, Tommy Hancock, Guy Harper, Jim Hill, Jack Holcombe, Bondy Holden, Ted Hollis, Palmiiur Howard, Dan Howard, P. L. Huckeby, Paul - Irwin, Frank Jackura, Joe Jenkins, Jean King, Hillyer Linehan, James Little, Maurice Majors, Jack Mauthe, John Mobley, Nick Molloy, Ted Montgomery, Ed Nash, J. Y. Newton, Paul Palmer, Weldon Parker, Jack Pruett, John Reid, Bernie Roberts, Hu ;h Robinson, Leonard Rousakis, John Rowe, Bobby Scott, Julian Seitz, Erwin Simms, Rawleigh Skaggs, Joe Smith, Snuffy Stallings, Ray Stone, Joel Strickland, Ken Tanner, Grier Thompson, Ed Touchstone, Jack Tumlin, Newt Walker, Tommy Watson, Wyna Williams, Dickie Wilson, Tom Wiiieberg, Ben Woodard, Jimmy Zittourer, Henry 288 • ' k Ultfiii BAKhK GERI BEAUMONT GLANN, J. BROWN GLENN. T. BURCH HANCOCK DEI.ESKh IIOLCOMBE IJOI.IAK HOI.OEN HOWARD, D. HOWARD, P. IRWIN ROBERTS ROBINSON MAUTHE MONTGOMERY NEWTON STALLINGS THOMPSON WALKER PALMER XILSON REID ZITTOURER FHI DELTA THETA PHI DELTA THETA was founded at Miami University in 1848, first existing sub rosa. Georgia Alpha was established in 1871 as the fourth fraternity on the University of Georgia campus. The white carnation is the flower, colors are argent and azure, and the magazine is the Scroll of Phi Delta Theta. Ed Aderholt President Alfred Lanier Secretary Lafayette Stanton Treasurer Roy Lambert Warden Tee Stribling House Manager Glenn York Chaplain uvoraov Kk nSLVBa Acree, Richard Adams, Tom Aderholt, Ed Bailey, Harry Barkesdale, Gus Battey, Horace Beckwith, Whitey Bell, Tom Bittick, Pete Blackmon, Guy Bowen, Huey Bradberry, Buck Bradshaw, Bill Burts, Bobby Busbee, George Byars, Hardin Byrne, Phil Cabiness, Harvey Campbell, Clifford Carter, Pete Cherry, Bill Chew, Richard Christian, Bob Clements, Horace Cofer, Hal Coffee, Lumpkin Cook, Eugene Cowart, John Crawford, Buddy Crittenden, Carter Daniel, Ned Doyal, Jerry Edwards, Bob Eisch, William Forio, Bob Forio, Ed Fullerton, Dick Gish, Bob Glass, Dan Greer, Jim Halter, Frank Haogabook, Claude Hayes, Bill Heard, Charlie Hill, Nat Hinton, Golden Holland, Emory Honea, Tom Hudson, Willie Hunnicutt, Balfour Jernigan, Ben Lambert, Roy Lanier, Alfred Lee, Ernest Leslie, Al Leslie, Ed Lewis, Kendrick Lippincott, Bill Livingston, Mayo Maffet, Jim Martin, Collier Martin, John Massey, George McGee, Gene McKenzie, Jim Meadows, Joe MilhoUin, Charlie Mitchell, Walter Moore, Danny Moseley, Gould Murray, Herbert Myrick, Johnny Owens, Wilbur Palmer, Jack Parker, Charlie Parker, Mike Persley, Bob Pritchett, Bunny Queener, Sam Radford, Roland Randall, Bobby Reddick, Alton Rhodes, Mutt Roberts, Bill Salzman, Bob Sanders, Bobby Short, Jack Simmons, Troy Smith, Dala Smith, Jim Smith, Joe Smith, Sidney Stanton, Lafayette Stribling, Tee Swann, Tom Taylor, Spafford Tilley, Wright Tompson, Paul Turner, George Turner, Kelly Tyler, John Tyson, Julian Wallace, Albert Wallace, Howard Walthall, Frank Warnock, Bob Way, Sam Whaley, Jim Wheeler, Marshall Wiegand, Frank Wilcox, John Williams, Jack York, Glenn k 290 AUtKllOLT BECKWITH LOWEN BURTS BVARS B ' iRNE (.ABIMSS ( AMI ' BtLL COWART CRITTENDEN GLASS HILL HINTON HONEA ULDSON JERNIGAN 1mm Mb Hwo( Umiii CkfUi LIVINGSTON MAEFET PARKER. C. REDDICK TURNER, G. TYLER MASSEY ROBERTS WALLACE. A. McKENZIE SANDERS WALLACE, H. MILHOLLIN SIMMONS WALTHALL MIICllELL SMITH. D. WARNOCK MLRRAY SMITH. J. WAY M ' iRICK SMIIH. S. WHEELER PALMER TAYLOR YORK FHI EFSILON FI Organized in 1904 at the College of the City of New York, PHI EPSILON PI was founded as a non-sectarian organiza- tion. Mu Chapter was established at Georgia in 1915 as the twelfth fraternity on the campus. It is the oldest local Jewish fraternity in continuous existence. The magazine is the Phi Epsiloii Pi Quarterly. Colors are purple and gold, and the flower is the white carnation. Harry C. Steyerman Superior Sigmund I. Held Vice-Superior Nathan Farber Treasurer Adrian Cohen, Jr Recording Secretary David A. Byck, III Corresponding Secretary Brail, Jack Brail. Robert Byck, David A., Ill Cohen, Arthur, Jr. Edel, Julius Ellison, E. Richard Farber, Nathan Garfinkel, Edward Goldberg, Joel Gordon, Alvin Held, Charles, Jr. Held, Sigmund I. Joel, Donald Joel, Robert Landau, Dave Lichenstein, Morris Lipshutz, Richard Marcus, Sidney Pintchuck, Maxwell Ringel, Fred Schwob, Henry Smith, Harry G. Steyerman, Harry C. 292 I 1 V I teij!Y -_.vm_-L.- ' . hum FARBER LICHENSTEIN GOLDBERG PINTCHUCK HELD, S. RINGEL 293 FI m?K ALPHA PI KAPPA ALPHA was founded at the University of Vir- ginia in 1888. Alpha Mu Chapter was established on the campus in 1926, the eleventh fraternity at the University of Georgia. The magazine is the Shield a»d Diamond, garnet and gold are the colors, the flower is the lily of the valley. Braswell Deen Walter Angle lack McGinty President Vice-PresidenI . . Treusnrer Mm HUi MiCOTW V3C Will Aldredge, Hugh Alexander, Speedy Angel, Walter Argo, Robert Barber, Willie Barnes, Cliff Bates, Hugh Benefield, Dewey Bennett, Ernest Bobbitt, Wendell Bright, Bob Broad rick, Tom Brown, Bill Cobb, Lanier Connell, Emory Coppinger, Harry J. Core, Macon Crenshaw, Tom Cromatie, Hendrick Deen, Braswell Deprano, Bill Dickerson, George Dodd, Jim Duke, John Edmonson, J. E. Edwards, Tom Farrar, Charle Fawcett, Bill Fendig, Ed Fendig, Neal Friedman, Harold Gibbs, Jarner M. Gibson, George Gosset, Jo Greiner, Charlie Griffeth, Jim Griffith, Tenny Griffin, John Grizzell, Frank Hagan, Frank Hall, John Hardy, Jesse C. Harmon, Bob Hill, Andrew Hill, Bob Hodges, Bill Hollingsworth, Bob Hudson, Dutch Hyatt, Charlie Irvin, Frank Jernigan, John Jones, Bill Kenney, Jack Kinard, Freeman Latty, Scotty Lee, Buddy LeFiles, Julian Leotis, Pondy Lewis, Charles D. Lewis, Edward Marshall, Fred Martin, Dan Martinez, Ernest McAlphin, Malchon McGinty, Jack McGowan, Terry McManus, Bill Meadow, Claude, Jr. Mixon, Bill Moore, Jack Noel, Malcolm Owen, Marvin Phillips, Barry Poole, Bill Powell, Bill Price, Walter Randall, Duncan Roberts, Hugh Robinson, Bob Robinson, Roy Sawyer, Gerald Schuler, Donald G. Sharpless. Robert Smith, William D. Taylor, Jean Taylor, Ralph Thompson, Al Thompson, Lou Thompson, W. P. Tolleson, Charlie Townsend, William VanDiviere, Charles L. Walker, Ray Walraven, Harold Waters, Aubrey Webb, E. B. Webb, L. T. Wilkins, Wally Williams, Hank Williams, Jack Worrall, James Voung, Jimmy t 294 ALDREDGE AR(,() liA 1 IS DENNETT HI .Ml 11 LU HOHHin (OPPINGER CRENSHAW OK.KERSON DODD EOMONSON FARRAR FAWCETT FRIEDMAN (WilFFITH. J. (W IEEn H. 1 J fmiiitl 1mm HAGAN HALL HARDY HYATT McGOWAN MEADOW MOORE NOEL TAYLOR. J. THOMPSON, L. THOMPSON, W. TOLLESON IRVIN OWEN WALKER LEWIS, C. PHILLIPS WALRAVEN LEWIS, E. POOLE WEBB, E. B o 4k ' M L- i 295 FI KAFFA FHI PI KAPPA PHI was founded at the College of Charleston, South Carolina, in 1904. At the present there are forty-four active chapters. Lambda Chapter was established in 1915 as the thirteenth fraternity on the Georgia campus. The colors are gold and white; the flower is the red rose. Billy Mize Smith Archott I.ucius Jackson Treasurer Jimmy Harp Secretary Frank M. Scarlett Historian Richard Graves Chaplain William Satterwhite Warden Ash, Neal Avriett, Edger Knox, Jr. Bearden, Emett Kimsey Bruce, Edward C, Jr. Durkett, Norm::n DewitI Cafiero, Joseph S. Carnes, Norman Chastain, Harry Norman Chew, Harry Hayes Clarke, John Bradley Cowart, Jimmie Lane Demars, Clarence John Drake, Joseph WulLice Edwards, Joseph Brant Graves, Richard Forrest Harless, Hugh Victor Harp, William James Holliday, Robert Patterson Hotchkiss, Leonard Bogue Jackson, Lucius Carlton Jeter, James P. Jolly, Victor Franklin Kennemur, James Robert King, Paul Edgar Lawrence, William Matherne, Thomas McCarthy, Kenneth M. Minch, John Joseph Murphy, Joe Newton, John Ray Patterson, William Henry Satterwhite, William Scarlett, Frank Muir Smith, Billy Mize Wheeler, Hurbert Widner, Leonard Wilson, Grady Wither, Walter 296 I W- IIOTCHKISS JOLLY MATHERNE PATTERSON SATTERWHITE SCARLEIT SMITH X ILSON C 297 SIGMA am EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, the largest national fraternity, was founded at the University of Alabama in 1856. Georgia Beta Chapter was founded in 1865 and is the oldest fraternity on the campus. The magazine is the Record, the flower is the violet, and colors are royal purple and old gold. Casey Baker President Charlie Wood Vice-President Douglas Graves Treasurer Andrews, Andy Andrews, Mote Baker, Clarence Beckman, Luhr Bergen, Joe Berrvman, Tyler Binns, Wally Blalock, Welborn Brasselton, Henry Bridges, Marion Brown, Jim Butts, Tommy Cabiniss, Dan Campbell, Charles Cann, Sam Carey, Elton Castleton, Ed Chichester, Helen Clarke, Harold Claussen, Ward Comer, John Conger, Steve Cox, Robert Lee Crawford, Charles Crawford, George Cushman, John Cushman, Paul Davis, Jack Davison, Fred Dean, Ewing De La Perriere, Jim Dodson, Charles Easterlin, Ben Etheridge, Bob Faulk, Frank Ferrell, Converse Fincher, Bob Gaines, Zeke Gambrell, Bob Goldsmith, Miles Graves, Doug Gray, Jack Groves, Jack Hardaway, Jim Hardee, Jim Harmon, Howard Harris, Steve Helmkin, Ralph Hendrix, Wimp Henry, Joe Hickey, Jim Hill, Travers Hollis, W. H. Hooten, Jim Hudson, Dan Hutchcson, Tom Isenhardt, Ned Irwin, George Jenkins, Harry Johnson, Charles Jones, Barney Jones, Rosser Jordan, Bill Kelt, Newby Kinney, Calder Krumrine, Charles Lebey, Clifford Lindsey, Joe Logan, Bernard Loh, Billy Maloy, C. J. Markette, Jim McAlpin, Kirk McKinsey, Will McMillan, John Miller, Tommy Monroe, Tom Montfort, Burr Montfort, Dave Montgomery, George Murphy, Ellis Murray, Ralph Nevil, Lem Newton, Will Hill Norton, Frank Ogletree, Bill Oliver, James Peeples, John Pence, Harry Persons, Pat Peterson, Pete Pierce, Hinton Powell, Jack Price, Elmer Price, Homer Reeves, Lane Richardson, Dick Russell, Dick Sanders, Bob Shockley, Dick Smisson, Bill Smisson, Roy Souter, Jim Spears, Harold Spivey, Bob Stelljes, George Stephens, Ray Strickland, A. Julian Swift, John Terrell, John Tunnell, Trenton Vaughn, Louis Walker, John Watson, George Weaver, Terry Weed, Holman Weir, Jim Wickham, Billy Wickham, Neal Williams, Harry Wise, Gene Wood, Charles Woodard, Buck Woodruff, George Worthy, Moe 298 BECKMAN BlRC.tN BIHR MAN HINNS COMIK CONCKR CKAWFORO lAUl.K URIIX.IS 111 11. S IIARDA XA ' ' llARDli; .A.Ml ' BM.l. (JlK.lltSrtR (.I.ARKE HARMON HARRIS ill I.MKIN MOOTKN HL ' TCIIESON IRWIN MII.Ll-R MONTl-ORT MURPHY SHOCKI.IV STELLJKS JONES JORDAN KINNFV NEWTON PEEPLES PENCE STEPHENS STRICKLAND SWIFT KRLMRINE UW POWELL PRICE. E. VAUGHN WEIR LINDSAY McALPIN PRICE. H. REEVES WICKHAM WOODRUFF % P O ff» J p 299 Sim CHI SIGMA CHI fraternity was founded at Miami University in 1855. There are at present 113 active chapters and 112 alum- ni chapters. Delta Chapter was established at Georgia in 1872, the fifth fraternity on the campus. The publication is the Mtigazi)ie of Sigma Chi, colors are blue and old gold, and the flower is the white rose. Dan Smith Hubert Tucker Carswell Cobb Frank UeLoach President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Abott, Laurie Adams, Lewis A. Adamson, A. Frank Akins, Roy L. Anderson, Arnold B. Andrews, James Andrews, W. Edward Banks, M. Dekle Bass, Bill Benson, Stanley Bowdidge, John S. Bowlan, Thomas G. Bowling, John M. Bradley, J. Phillips Brinning, David Brown, William Burks, Raymond A. Camp, Hiram E., Jr. Carr, Coleman D. Carroll, John T. Cathcart, Jack Chapman, Paul W . Jr. Cobb, Carswell H. Coram, Albert Craven, Frank Daniel, Garnett L., Jr. Daniel, George Daniel, Neil Davis, Jerome D., Jr. DeGregory, John N. Dekle, W. Kennedy DeLoach, Frank M., Jr. Dcnahoe, G. Don Drake, George L., Jr. Dunaphant, David W. Eubank, William H. Fort, Tom Fowler, Huyh L. Gober, Henry Ford, Jr Gibson, Robert E. Godbee, Robert Green, Rufus K. Gregory, Roland E. Griffin, Beverly F. Groover, John O. Gulledge, Richard Hanson, Gordon Hall, Donald R. Harris, James Hart, Samuel W. Hayes, Rudolph I.. Hazen, Maynard Henderson, R. T. Hill, Joseph E. Hilley, William W. Hobgood, Joseph W. Hodges, Fred Hodges, Robert L. Hooks, Gerald D. Hooks, O. V. Jr. Howard, Hubert H. Hunt, Charles S. Ingram, Albert Jackson, Lamarr Johnson, Earl L. Jones, C. B., Jr. Kennedy, J. William Lang, James A. Leasman, Claude H. Lewis, Wallace Little, Charles A., Jr. Long, Calhoun A., Jr. Marshall, Edison Mayes, Lambeth C, Jr. McGinnis, Lam r S., Jr. McKinney, Robert F. McLain, James P. McMillan, P. Harris Miller, William D., Jr. Monroe, Roland S., Jr. Mooney, Richard Morris, James Moss, James Nash, Hoke S., Jr. Neel, W. Leon Noland, Emmit F., Jr. Olliff, James Frrnk, Jr. Parris, George B. Patterson, Olin W. Paul, Jewell C. Paulsen, Jay Fuett, Garnett E. Quillian, Alfred A. Reddick, Robert E. Richards, William Richardson, Nolan Ried, Ziegfield Roberts, Clarence Roberts, Ralph Rowe, Richard Scott, Richard S. Seitz, William M. Sharpley, Donald Sharpley, Thomas Simmons, Frank Simpson, William A. Smith, Joeseph Daniel, Jr. Tankersley, Cle n Taylor, George O., Jr. Tidwell, Claud; William Tillman, Jack B. Tippins, Eldrcd I ., Jr. Tippins, Jesse G. Tolleson, Thomas M. Tucker, Hubert Usher, Jack H. Welch, Clarence Van Den Burgh, Peter A. G. Waldroop, Clazton R. Warren, Thomas E. Watson, Theron E. Williams, George D. Wiicher, William B. Woods, H. P. Zuccaro, John B. iOHOOttO »M1 MAIB M0« SIMPSON I K 300 httihl :t-?mihl Smiti) ABBOTT ADAMS ADAMSON AlvINS BASS BOWDIDGF HOW LAN BOW I INC, (AMP ( AKK (IIAl ' MAN COBB CORAM CRAVEN DANIEL. G. DANIEL, N. DEKLE DONAMOE DRAKE GIBSON (,ODBEE GREEN GRIMIN GROOVER GULLEDGE HALL HARRIS HART HAVES HAZEN IIILLEV HODGES. F. HODGES. R. II A. G. 100KS. G. HOOKS. O. Vi . HOW ARD HUNT INGRAM .lARSHALL MAYES McGINNIS McLAIN NEEL •IMMONS SIMPSON SMITH TANKERSLEY TAYLOR JACKSON JOHNSON LANG LEASMAN LEWIS LITTLE NOLAND PATTERSON PAULSEN ROBERTS. C. ROWE SCOTT IIDWELL TIPPINS. E. 1 IPPINS. J. WATSON WTTCHER WOODS P r r: " ' f P 1 •4 J 301 Sim Nu SIGMA NU was organized at Virginia Military Institute in 1869 as an outgrowth of a secret society, the Legion of Hon- or. Mu Chapter was established in 1873, the seventh fra- ternity on the University of Georgia campus. At present there are 105 active chapters of Sigma Nu. The journal is the Delta, colors are gold, black, and white, and the flower is the white rose. John P. Swann, Jr. Commander Clarence Brown Ll. Communder Sidney Hendry Trctisurer Alexander, Lloyd Allen, Walter Arnold, Fred Aspinwald, A. M. Atherton, Red Baggs, Calvin Barnard, Allan Bell, Henry Betsill, George Blackmar, Dana Bradley, Walter Briscoe, Jack Brown, Clarence Brunson, Lukie Bunting, Luther Burnley, Sam Bush, Jack Cason, O. J. Castleberry, Larry Cherry, Joe Clark, Jim Collier, Cliff Connell, Jack Crosby, Nick Davie, Bob Davis, Blake Davis, Johnson Devon, Charles Diehl, Noble Dill, Richard Dinjar, Eugene Dixon, Joe Durant, Joe English, Ted livans. Bill Fears, John Finney, Robert Fleming, P. W. Fraser, Charlie Fraser, Joe Gibson, Lamar Greer, Ben Groves, Ed Gunter, Arthur Hall, J. D. Hampton, Comer Hardy, William Hargett, Bill Harris, Bob Hendry, Sidney Hill, Levi Hock, Harry Hodge, Paul H. Holloman, Bob Hubbard, Stanley Hurst, Byron Jackson, Ben Jernigan, M. C. Jones, E. B. Kellam, Jim Kennedy, John Knight, Roy Larkins, John K. Mathews, William McMillan, Maurice McMillan, Wall Mcador, James Mitchell, Joe Morgan, Charles Murphy, Jimmy Nelson, Carl Nix, William Olmstead, Bill Palin, Marion Parker, Tommy Patterson, Ben Peeples, Hall Pittman, Kenneth Ponder, Jim Porter, Jim Porter, John Reid, Hugh Rhodes, Bob Ricks, Wade Rinehardt, Bob Rilch, John Roundtree, Charles Scoggins, Bill Smisson, Hugh Smoot, John Stover, Bill Stratford, George Swann, James P., Jr. Tanner, Jack Walker, Jimmy Whitaker, Barney White, George Williams, Bob Williams, Hank Williams, Julius Wilson, J. Wright, Jim Young, Zellner 302 S ' y? :M ikM P !? f ASPINWALD lilLI. BHTSII.L B1.ACKMAK lil IS(.()i: HUNTING CASON (.AS 1 LhHhRKV ( HI KK , COLLIER DAVIK DAVIS DEVON DHL DINJAR ENGLISH FINNEV ERASER HAMPTON HARDV HARGETT HODGE MIK HELL MlRPin- NELSON PEEPLES ROUNDTREi: SC CK.GINS SMISSON SMOOT HOLLOMAN IirBBARD HIRST PITTMAN PONDER POR1 I R STOVER SW ANN WAIKIR KIIEAM KNIGHT KICKS RHCH lANNER g( - ■V ;: p p p o e: v mmiL. 303 SI MA FI SIGMA PI was founded in 1897 at Vincennes University. The Georgia Colony was established in November, 1947, and received its charter in October, 1948. Fraternity colors are lavender, white, and gold. The publication is the Emerald, and the flower is the lavender orchid. Wendell Crout Presideiil William Roper Vice-President Earl Yates Secretary Donath Nichols Treasurer Bartenfield, Bill Crout, Wendell Felker, Kermit B. Findley, H. Aubrey Folds, George R. Freeman, Jim Hadden, Robert L. Johnson, Harold Knowles, Larry Nelson, Ernest Nichols, Donath Peterson, Alex Roper, Bill Haltern, Frank Van Williamson, Ray Wilson, George Yates, Earl 304 HARTliN ' FIELD 1 ILKhR Prfiiiifil " ui-!mikl taiw LES NELSON NICHOLS VAN HALTtRN UiB SlV J 305 m EFSILON FHI TAU EPSILON PHI was founded at Columbia University in 1910. Nu Chapter, which is the largest Jewish fraternity at the University of Georgia, was founded in 1919 and was the fifteenth fraternity on the campus. There are 37 active chapters of Tau Epsilon Phi. The fraternity magazine is the Plume, colors are lavender and white, and the flower is the lily of the valley. Murray Arkin President Herbert S. Kolodkin Vice-President Mendel Romm Treasurer Irvin Levy Secretary Alpern, William Arkin, Murray C Berger, Leonard H. Berlin, Jack J. Berman, Julius Blair, Milton Bogeslov, O. Melvin Bolgla, Max Boorstein, M. Ronald Borochoff, Leon D. Bressler, Owen R. Brown, Bill Brown, Ed Brown, Stewart Carl, Richard Coburn, Marvin J. Cohen, Alfred Cohen, Arthur Cohen, Jerald Ehrlich, Clarence Fogel, Myron Garber, Richard Geldbart, Jack J. Gilmore, Al Ginburg, Bennett Good, Donald Gordon, Muiry Halperin, Alvin Hamburger, Carl Herelic, Melvin Hirsch, Alvin Hirsch, Milton Hurowitz, Irving M. Jacobs, Harris Jay, Ferman L. Kaminsky, Sidney Kaplan, David Kolodkin, Herbert S. Konter, Irvin Kruger, Melvin I. Lavietes, Paul A. Leffkoff, Harold Levy, Irvin Matez, Murray Mazo, Irwin Meddin, Roger Mendal, Jerome M. Miller, Eugene Nirenstein, Henry Nodvin, Marvin Peskin, Herman Poller, Joe Portman, Bernard M. Praeger, Irwin L. Quat, Robert D. Rabhan, E. David Reid, Fred Romm, Mendel Roobin, L. J. Rosenthal, Nate Safer, Edwin Seibel, Monroe Shainker, Charles Silver, Milton J. Silverman, Alan Slotin, Philip Spechler, David Stearn, Marvin Steinburg, Gene Steinberg, Jack Stock, Joe Sioloff, Herbert Sunshine, Philip Tepper, Louis Turk, Julian Weiser, Hal Wolson, Fred HOBK t 306 ARKIN HIRGIR BOCISIOV BOORSTKIN BUtSSLliR BROW N. B. BROW N, h. BROW N. S. CARL (OBIRN COHtN, ALFRED COIltN, A. COHHN. J. EHRLICH LOGEL GARBER GILMORE GORDON MAI PERIN IIAMBIR(,IU HERELIC HIRSCH, A. IIIRSCU. M. HUROW ' ITZ JAV KAMINSKV KAPLAN KOLODKIN KONTER LAVrhTES LEEFKOFF LIV MATEZ MAZO MEDDIN MENDAL NIRENSIEIN NODVIN PESKIN POLLER PORl MAN PRAEGER KOMM ROOBIN ROSENlllAL SIIAINKER SILVER SILVERMAN SIEINBURG.J. SUNSHINE TEPPER W FINER WOI.SON M Lm m •t ' pALfSA 307 THETA CHI THETA CHI was founded at Norwich University in 1856. The Georgia colony was established in April, 1948. The red carnation is the flower, and colors are military red and white. The magazine is the Rattle of Theta Chi. Robert E. Brown President Harry A. Musselwhite Vice-President Willie S. Davis Corresponding Secretary Theodore B. Fitz-Simons Recording Secretary Byron C. Lloyd Treasurer Truitt D. James Pledge Master Batayiss, Peter Biscoe, Alvin D., Jr. Briggs, Jack Brown, George Brown, Robert li. Carter, Wallace Cannon, Reginald T. Davis, Willie S. Doster, Charles E. Fields, William D. Fitz-Simons, Theodore B. Fuller, Dennis Geggis, James Greene, William W. Hill, Edwin H. James, Truitt D. Lloyd, Byron S. Mann, Earl D. Musselwhite, Harry A. Russell, William A. Stanford, Donald E. Taylor, Aubrey Wheeler, Jack D. Williamson, Tom F. Young, Hill Zoppo, Thomas 308 Jf ?1 htiihl TrMJm FITZ-SOMONS MANN «l £_ ' I 309 Am isxv ' 310 I 1 H B ■ k m xfi l - -;- . n " 3 311 ATA if ri 313 314 ' ■ ' " »! ■ 4 315 A.XA. r 316 $Ae 317 TTKA 318 J M r 319 320 -LyC i 1 TE m m 323 mm OLD mn The Grand Old Party, an organization of non-fraternity men, got its start around 1919, when a group of students decided that the non-fraternity men should have a voice in student activities. These men had three purposes: to give the average student representation, to better co-ordinate the student body, and to better co-ordinate the students and faculty. Non-fraternity men elect as their leaders a Campus Leader, a Vice-Campus Leader and Secretary-Treas- urer. These men serve as their representatives to the faculty, other campus organizations, and other col- leges and universities. Harrv Wingate— Campus Leader 324 CHARLES PRESSLEY J. L. BENTLEV HARRY WINGATE I OFFICERS Caiiipin Leader Vice Campus Leader Secretin y-Treasiirer HARRY WINGATE J. L. BENTLEY CHARLES PRESSLEY s I ■ . 325 nm or on MizsD women OFFICERS BEVERLY SCARBOROUGH President JEANETTE BRAMBLETT Vice President MARGIE BARFIELD Secretary TINA BURNS Treasurer I The Party of Organized Women is an organization for independent women, and plays a vital part in their college life. The P.O.W.s sponsor dances and many other social activities. 326 The CoiDicil at a meeting SFORTS 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE I 1 viul THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ' 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA 49 PANDORA THE UNIVERSITY OF !( FOOTBALL 327 The biggest thing that happened to Coach Wally Butts this year was the contract renewal by the university for a ten-year period as Athletic Director and head football coach. In addition, a sizeable increase in salary has been reported included in the Round Man ' s contract. Reviewing the 1948-9 football season saw proof of one of Georgia ' s (there- fore Butts ' ) most successful seasons in recent years, especially since Butts came to Georgia in 1939. The Bull- dog gridmen won nine out of ten games during the season, and lost their first bowl game in six chances. Only change occurring during the year in the athletic program was the elimination of wrestling as a varsity sport. Boxing was maintained for the second year, as were all other previous varsity sports. A summer clinic was held for grid coaches, primarily concerned with those in the high schools, and over 200 persons attended the three-day affair, the first of its kind to be sponsored by the school. Bigger plans are being made to enlarge the program for next summer, possibly including some noted guest coaches as speakers. 328 Front rini — rhoma! . Butts, llartinaii C C) A C H V. S Back (vyu — W hitwortli, Jordoii, Lumpkin, I ' uwns 329 HARTMAN; Ass ' t jooil-.:ll JORDAN; Ass ' t jootbJt and basketball coach M -»ii WHITWORTH; Ass ' l joolbalt coach TOWNS: Ass ' l joolball. head Hack coach LUMPKIN; Ass ' l loo hall coach lltlj t • ■■ ' J ite., THOMAS; Ass ' l joolball coach 330 9 ,5 9 S ! 444 444w:i FHUSr KOIT; -GREER (G) -ALLMAND (T) -HLEBOVY (RH) -BERNIE REID (RG) C-C -HOBBS (G) -JACKllRA (C:) -MAGONl (B) -ROCXO (B) -FLO D RKin (RH) -TAYLOR (F) -KAMINSKI (LID -CHANDLER (L) -HOPP (IB) 2ND ROW: 67-BUSH (T) 25-MICALL (LH) ' f5-FORD (FB) 25-BRL)NSON (LH) 55-MADRAY (E) 65-GLllDO (G) ftl-FEHER (T) 10-HODGES (QB) 68-JENKINS (T) 75-POPE (G) 35-GERI (RH) 44-BODINE (FB) 40-TILHTSKI (FB) 76-THOMPSON (E) 3RD ROW: 58-MEROLA (E) 51-CONNALLV (F) SO-DELESKI (C) 31 -DONALDSON (RH) 22-MIXON (LH) 18-RAL;CH (QB) 54- ALSTON (E) 19-PROSPERI (QB) 15-FJELD (QB) W)-YELVINGTON (T) V.-PHILLIPS (G) (3-ADAMS (G) 20-HENDERSON (LH) 7i-LOVE (G) 69-TANNER (T) 66- 33- 37- 86- 49- 56- 59- 49- 88 81 82- 57- 53- 72- 77- 4TH ROW: -PAYNE (T) -MARICICH (RH) -BRADBERRY (RH) -BRADSHAVC (C) -GRIFFIN (E) -LORENDO (E) -DUKE (E) -CHRISTO (E) -VERNARSKY (C) -McGARLEY (C) -ANTONELLI (G) -McMANUS (E) -SELLERS (E) -JOHNSON (T) -JEFFREY (G) 1948 RECORD u ' -9. L-2 September 25 Georgia 14 Chattanooga 7 (h) October 2 Georgia 14 N. Carolina 21 (h) October 9 Georgia 35 Kentucky 12 (h) October 16 Georgia 22 LSUO (V) October 22 Georgia 42 Miami 21 (V) October 30 Georgia 35 Alabama (V) November 6 Georgia 20 Florida 12 (V) November 13 Georgia 42 Auburn 14 (V) November 20 Georgia 33 Furman (h) November 27 Georgia 21 Ga. Tech 13 (h) January 1, 1949 Georgia 28 Texas 41 ( ) (x) Orange Bowl, Vliami (h) Home Games 331 ( ) Road Games SAM RICHW INE, Trjint ' Nooga ' i HOWARD DERRICK a. All 1.1 III lilllLiuji Unit 01} September 25, 1948, Georgia 14 — Chattanooga 7, Sanford Stadium In the season ' s opener, the Bulldogs came within one quarter of ekeing-out a scoreless tie against a surprising Chattanooga eleven, but instead, eked-out an unimpressive 14-7 decision. Only in the final period were the redshirts able to cross the Mocassin goal, the first score coming as Joe Geri plowed over frum the seven, climaxing an 80-yard drive. Rauch, who had been imable to hit his receivers all afternoon, found the mark, with Walston snagg ing a toss which carried 43 yards to paydirt and the final Georgia score. Geri booted both placements. The Mocs ' TD came as a result of an 88-yard interception return by bulky center, Gordon Atchley, who nabbed a Rauch misfire in the fourth quarter. ' Twas a sad day for Georgia coaches and a disappointment to the sparse crowd attending. Final score: Ga. 14— Chatt. 7. 332 BOB WALSION on ihe uuiy lo fhiul loinhtlown Bii iloss Mi(.AI.I. (Ji) and Slil.l.HRS ( ' i ) contcrgt on ,i romphig Larolhij hjtk October 2, 1948, Georgia 14 — North Carolina 21, Sanford Stadium The 21-14 defeat Georgia absorbed from Carl Snavelv ' s Tarheels belied the true content of the game. There was never a doubt as to wiio controlled the game, and it was onl) through breaks that the Bulldogs lost by such a close margin. The Bulldogs led at half time by virtue of a 76- ard interception run-back by defensive halfback Ivli Maricich, Geri collecting the extra point. From then on, the picture changed radi- cally in the second halt, as (. ' h()o-( h()() Justice romped to three (. " arolina touchdowns. The Bulldogs picked up flieir Hrst ot three total first downs with onb five minutes remaining in the game. Kauch passed to Lo- rendo for the final Georgia score, Geri kicking the point. Carolina ' s superior reserve power led b the great Charlie Justice was too much for Butts ' boys— at least in one afternoon. Final score: Ga. 14 — Carolina 21. 333 1 JOE GERI fighting through a host of Wildcats. BRADSHAW (H6) mid BUSH C67; of Georgia, BOLLER (53) and MARTIN (2) of Kentucky are in OH play October 9, 1948, Georgia 35 — Kentucky 12, Sanford Stadium Vengeance was achieved from last season ' s Keiicucky rout of the Bulldogs as the red-shirted men romped to a rip-roaring 35 to 12 victory over Bear Bryants " charges. The Wildcats scored first after blocking a Geri punt, soon following for a TD in the second quarter with a 58-yard pass completion from George Blanda. The Bulldogs came back to score 21 points in the second canto and 14 in the third. John Tillitski scored the first two markers on plunges, followed by Al Bodine and Joe Geri who also capped sustained drives. Eli Maricich pulled in a Blanda pass and scampered to the final Georgia touchdown. Extra- point ace Geri converted five for five, giving him a record of nine points in as many tries to date. The battle was strictly one of an offensive nature by both squads. Final score: Ga. 35— Ky. 12. 334 Georgia defensemen knock down u potential ' Cat score ■ 1 1 rs Bfj ' A 1 Q flfl - 1 r ( wH " ' ' " " • 1 1 I.I MAKK.ICH ujmpciiiia l,uil lu,j Bcuii.ils ji GllNl; Lt)l LNDO (y(,) Ijys u hey Mock October 16, 1948, Georgia 22 — LSU 0, Baton Rouge Stadium In «hc Bulldogs ' first road contest, a night affair, Butts ' crew fiddled around with the Bengals for the het- ter part of three quarters, accomplishing in the final period results that should have been made earlier in the game. The Big Red outplayed LSU throughout the battle, but muffed what seemed easy opportunities to score. Rauch countered the first score on a quarterback sneak early in the fourth quarter, following-up soon afterward in the same manner with the second score. " Breezy " Reid took the ball over for Georgia ' s final TD, which followed a safety against the Tigers. The Bulldogs showed great potentialities, but failed to realize breaks until a late period. Final score: Ga. 11 — LSU 0. 335 HKIIVi " KMI) ; ) (( into the Miami end zone muocHi October 22, 1948, Georgia 42 — Miami 21, Burdine Stadium During the process of lacing the Miami Hurricanes 42 to 21, the Bulldogs ran up their largest point total, and also allowed the most points scored against them thus far. Some 46,000 fans came to Burdine stadium to watch the Rauch-to-Walston aerial circus which caught fire somewhat late in the season. Georgia scored once in the opening quarter, three times in the second and twice in the third quarters. " Breezy " Reid scored first for the Bulldogs, but Miami came back to tie things up 7-7. From then on, however, the redshirts rolled to glory, led in scoring by Geri, who hit for two TD ' s, Tillitski, Rauch and Cliff Hopp with one each. Geri booted six out of six this time. The Hurricanes picked up single touchdowns in the last two quarters, ending with the score, Georgia 42— Miami 21. 336 ' fcr Octol Georgia ' ] bs. ' ehi louchdoi JoeUi score, IK urd in, (ioglinti guviao, Co-Capl. BERNIE REID meets Miami captain MARICICH uilh the ball. Visible are Bulldogs LORENDO (5(,), B. REID (7H), HOBBS (7 )). For Bama-NOONAN (20), SPEED (21), RICHESON (4 )), HOOD (22), FRANKO ( ) October 30, 1948, Georgia 35 — Alabama 0, Birmingham ' s Memorial Stadium Georgia ' s John Rauch passed Alabama dizzy as the Bulldogs inflicted the worst licking the Oimson Tide has felt in 50 jears of the series. The Pennsylvania ace hit 7 out of 12 for the da ' , accounting for two touchdowns. Walston grabbed the first scoring pass and Geri quickly followed with a 40-yard completion. Joe Juckura, Georgia center, intercepted a ' Bama pass from Ed Salem, and scooted 80 yards for the fourth score, just after Floyd Reid bucked over for number three. The final tally came as Billy Mixon drove 11 yards and crossed the Tide goal on a quick-opening pla). Geri converted all five placements. The Bull- dog line held a tight defense, and the ability to capitalize on breaks paved the waj for a crushing 35-0 Geor- gia victory. 337 l-louJy jolmr (llAKl.l - HUNSlNGhR nnn iiihj KAl (,ll. MIIIK K.n. .iiid (,K)K(,1 r rjvei It! on the pijy ' ) JVC l.ltnUd out. ' Gator CAPT. C.KON ' ES {(S ) November 6, 19 8, Georgia 20 — Florida 12, Jacksonville ' s Gator Bowl Stadium Florida ' s ' Gators came close to jolting Georgia ' s conference title hopes, outplaying the Bulldogs most of the game. The boys from the sunshine state outrushed the Big Red, pulverizing the line almost at will, but lacked the final punch Georgia was able to deliver in the long run. Rauch scored first on a buck, climaxing a 75-yard drive, Geri converting. Florida came back with a similar TD drive. Cox bulling over, but the conversion was blocked. Georgia led at halftime 7-6, then Joe Geri led a drive, topping it with a 12-yard dash for the second touchdown. His kick was good as Georgia led 14-6, but Charley Hunsinger ran back a Geri punt 65 yards showing brilliant open-field tactics, and presenting the ' Gators ' most serious threat. Floyd Reid iced the game for the Bulldogs in the closing minutes with a 7-yard plunge, ending a very close contest. Ga. 20— Fla. 12. 338 i LUKIE BRUNSON gelling good blocking againsi ihe Plainsmen November 13, 1948, Georgia 42 Auburn 14, Columbus Stadium Georgia ' s Bulldogs threw everything but the dirty kitchen sink at the hapless Auburn Tigers, win- ning easily, 42 to 14 before a packed Memorial stadium. Raucii again led the way as he com- pleted 7 out of 10 passes for 197 yards, chalking up the first score with a 5()-yard toss to W ' alston. John Tillitski spun over soon after, following a long drive. Auburn came hack with a score, but Geri nullified it with another ID. Auburn countered its final tally in the third period against Bulldog subs, but the efforts of (ieri, " Breezy " Reid, and John Duke netted three more slashing scores, and the Bulldog steamroller continued to roll on. Geri kicked six out of six placements. Final score: Georgia 42 — Auburn 14. JOHN Tll.lJISKI J,o„i to h pulUJ Uouii. .M.M ICK.ll ij and H.VLCH (iHj are visible 339 1 JOHN DONALDSON waving bye-bye to the boys from Furman November 20, 1948, Georgia 33 — Furman 0, Sanford Stadium GERI snorting through the Hurricanes Georgia had a tough time against a better-than- average Furman Hurricane, being held scoreless in the first quarter, and leading only 7 to at intermission. Geri plunged over from the Furman four for the Bulldogs first score, following with the extra-point. Fullback John Tillitski sparked the second touchdown in the third quarter by smashing through with a 23-yard jaunt. The final quarter saw Georgia ' s fireworks go up, as 19 points went up on the scoreboard for the red- shirts. Billy Mixon romped to the third TD, John Donaldson tore out for the fourth on a 50-yard trip, and Ray Prosperi hit Walston for a 30-yard scoring romp. Geri missed two out of five place- ments in an off day. Final score : Georgia 33 — Furman 0. 340 An unidentified Tech back runs into a swarm of Bulldogs November 27, 1948, Georgia 21 — Ga. Tech 13, Sanford Stadium The 21-13 victory over Tech by the Bulldogs not only gained Georgia a sweet victory over a bitter rival, but also the Southeastern Conference championship for 194H. John Rauch and Joe Geri shone brilliantly in their last appearance for an SEC game, also bowing out from the Sanford Stadium scene. Rauch connect- ed for 8 out of 1 1 passes, and Geri bulled through the Tech line for 130 yards in 20 attempts. The Georgia line play was probably the telling factor in this game, augmented by Rauch and his receivers. Floyd Reid and John Tillitski tallied the first two Bulldog TD ' s in ihe first half, by line plunging, while Ken McCall ran a Tech punt back 59 )ards in a beautiful open-field stint for the final Georgia score. Tech countered with single touchdowns in the third and fourth quarters after being held scoreless for one half. Geri con- verted three placements for three. Soon after the game, the Bulldogs had been invited to pla in the Orange Bowl at Miami on New Year ' s Day. 341 ELI MARICICH nd GENE CHANDLER get ready to halt a roving lech back 342 BODINE running back interception far Georgia ' s tjiiick first score January 1, 1949, Georgia 28 — Texas 41, Orange Bowl The eyes of Texas show fiercely as the Longhorns trampled roughshod over Georgia, 41-28, for the first Bulldog bowl defeat in six times. The monstrous Texas line proved too much for the local lads, and Blair Cherry ' s strategy outfoxed the efforts of the Big Red. Georgia scored almost immediately as Al Bodinc intercepted a Campbell aerial and sped 73 yards for a touchdown, Geri converting. Texas countered with a score in a sustained drive and added another on an interception and follow-up line-plunging attack. The Bulldogs came back with a dri e and scored their second TD early in the second quarter leading 14-13. Texas followed with a marker coming from the statue of liberty play, leading at halftimc, 20-14. The Longhorns added a fourth counter earlv in the third canto led bv Paul (Camp- bell. Georgia again got back into the game on a score late in the third quarter led bv Rauch. Score then— Texas 27, Georgia 21. The Bulldogs led for the last time, 28-27, as Rauch fired to Walston for the final Georgia TD. The last two scores by Texas ended the game with a new bowl-scoring mark of Texas 41, Georgia 28. For Georgia. Bodine and Walston scored once each while Geri crossed the goal twicj and booted all four placements. A colorful crowd of over 60,000 chilled fans packed Burdine Stadium to witness the grid phase of the Orange Bowl festivities. 343 UiUiiai ORANGE BOWL Georgia cheerleaders Pill Sihkman, theme girl—hJflhnc Reid oj Georgia micts Landry of ' ] ' e. as Donaldson meets the Longhorus -xrxr- High School bands oj Florida Parris Island Marine band hi 344 - BASKETBALL Lejl to yi hl-V HHALV, THOMAS, JORDAN, RAINES ' , FARR, WILLIAMS, TATUM, EARL DORIS. Back row: DAN, RAUSAKIS, JOHN DAVIS, SEHLASS, FOX, EABIAN, KNIGHT, BROWN (M r.) (OACll •SIC,- lOR. RECORD-W-17, L-12 Georgi Georgi Gcorgi Georg: Georgi Gcorgi Gtorgi Georg! Georgi Georgi Geor; Georgi Georgi Georgi Cieorgi a 70 a 74 a 60 a 81 a 78 a 70 a 56 a 72 a 56 a 62 a 40 a 55 a 43 a 49 a 59 Clemson 48 Georgia 59 Furman 45 Georgia 74 Clemson 58 Georgia 63 Chattanooga 53 Georgia 49 Mercer 59 Georgia 51 Miss. State 40 Georgia 53 Buffalo 51 Georgia 63 NYU 83 Georgia 49 Furman 71 Georgia 66 Mississippi 54 Georgia 58 Alabama 46 Georgia 47 Auburn 52 Georgia 40 Alabama 49 Georgia 74 South Carolina 43 Georgia 63 Florida 48 Georgia 62 (SEC Tourney) Tennessee 61 Tech 60 Mercer 51 Tech 56 Tennessee 77 Erskine 38 Florida 39 Florida 55 Chattanooga 65 Tech 60 Auburn 53 Kentucky 95 Erskine 33 South Carolina 64 Tulane 92 345 EARL DAVIS goes up for a try 346 ii !■ ' aF K. H ipr--: ■ i Br.Tii ifnft •■= ■iiiiinH ■ AL FABIAN takes a stab SCHLOSS, HEALY aw e u ? joe JORDAN EARL DAVIS BASKETBALL p " r ' " ' 1 V j 1 • HOUND DOG " DAVIS SNAPSHOTS THOMAS FOX, U. DAVIS 347 Left to ,ii;l l-I-,o,ii row: HA ' ES, RVNNE, MORRIS, DANION, DILLARD (Mgr.) BacA row: Coach PETE TARPLEY, Capt. LEE, ISELEV, Ali.- Cap. EVANS, BOOTH, HAWK, GOLT, WILKINS, SEARCY, DAVID, WALSTON RECORD-W-3, L-2 GEORGIA 91 2 ATLANTA STARS 2 ' 2 GEORGIA 7 SOUTH GEORGIA COLLEGE 2 GEORGIA 5 SOUTH CAROLINA 3 GEORGIA 21 2 MIAMI 51 2 GEORGIA 21 2 SOUTH CAROLINA 5Vz COACH PETE TARPLEY 348 AL HAWK lands a right cross !0 349 THEO EVANS (right) taking a left hook from Carolina ' s Ray Avant iPm TEA!! swIWilMC TEJIK . tOfiC €r y O ' 1 Kf i sv " " ' ; KfTti V 5 ° xEO iV. V , . MmH!K TEAK ♦! J Lf lo rigbl- l-ioiil roiv: BROWN, JOHNS, HARUEE, THOMAS, SHIPMAN, RICHARDS. Second row: RICHARDSON, BATTEY, SASSER, STEWART, ADERHOLD, STACK, GIDLEY, SCOTT. Top row: Coach BUMP " GABRIELSON, FENDIG, MORRIS, BUDERISKI, AVERETT, HEISHBERG, GREHM RECORD-W-8, L-4 GEORGIA 66 CLEMSON 9 GEORGIA 62 AUBURN 13 GEORGIA 41 EMORY 34 GEORGIA 52 FSU 23 GEORGIA 68 SOUTH CAROLINA 7 GEORGIA 60 AUBURN 14 GEORGIA 37 FSU 38 GEORGIA 20 FLORIDA 55 GEORGIA 30 PENSACOLA NAS 45 GEORGIA 37 TECH 38 GEORGIA 35 EMORY 20 GEORGIA 4A PENSACOLA NAS 31 SWIMMING 350 BOB HIRSHBERG 1)1 IN(. •i Gtorj-iit giiins ill a relay 351 CHOSS C0UNTR7 Lcf lo right-Fronl row: SLOTIN, WEINTRAUB, CRAMER. Back Row: GRIMES, HAI)AWA ' , HUTCHESON, STEPHENS RECORD-W-3, L-2, T-1 GEORGIA 36 TECH 21 GEORGIA 16 OGLETHORPE 47 GEORGIA 27 MERCER 30 GEORGIA 40 FLORIDA 19 GEORGIA 28 MERCER 28 GEORGIA 18 OGLETHORPE 39 Lower score wins GEOF 352 TRACK Lefl to righl-Froiil rou: SUTTON, BATE, DAPROiNA, iMv.CAl.L, 1 AKK (.Cafi.;, liKAWIil Ivlvi , i.n, liA .. J.uKiON. Back row: GALLIENNE, ASHER, HADAWAV, MARSHALL, STEPHENS, FLEMING, EHRLICH, HUTCHENSON, PEARCE RECORD GEORGIA 77 GEORGIA 44 GEORGIA 60 SOUTH CAROLINA 49 AUBURN 82 FLORIDA 66 HUGH BATES, HI ( K BKADHhKKN 353 BULLDOQ TRACKSTEHS Left: Capt. J. B. FARR, Broad and High Jump Right: CLARENCE EHRLICH, Weight Man 354 TENNIS Ircit, Uji lu iij hi: Capiain M. B. W HELLtK, BURT, RABER, JACK BRAIL, SIMONS. Back, left to righl: BOBBY BKAll.. KARFF, KRUMBEIN, BUDD, Coach ALBERT JONES. Absent from picture-BOBBY HILL RECORD GEORGIA 1 GEORGIA 9 GEOR GIA 7 GEORGIA 2 GEORGIA 4 GEORGIA 8 GEORGIA 7 GEORGIA 3 GEORGIA 9 DAVIDSON 8 CLEMSON TENNESSEE 2 TECH 7 FLORIDA 5 STETSON FLORIDA SOUTHERN 2 FLORIDA 6 MERCER 355«. GOLF Left to righl-FronI row: GRAY, SPEARS , KIRBY. Back row.- Coach HOWELL MOLLIS, COFER, McGEE, SMITH RECORD GEORGIA 16 JAX NAS 11 GEORGIA 8I 2 FLORIDA I8I 2 GEORGIA 13 FSU 14 GEORGIA 21 MERCER 6 GEORGIA 71 2 WAKE FOREST 191 2 GEORGIA 17 SOUTH CAROLINA 10 GEORGIA 211 2 EMORY 51 2 GEORGIA 9 FLORIDA 18 GEORGIA 91 2 KENTUCKY 8I 2 GEORGIA 91 2 EMORY 8V2 GEORGIA 9 AUBURN 9 GEORGIA 41 2 TECH 13V2 Won ' 49 SEC Championship with A71. (OF), in;: 356 BASEBALL Left to right-Front ruu (( M () (W ) K I 1 FIN (P), SHOEMAKER (IF), ESKEW (IF), MILES (P), BOMAR (IF), EASON (OF), HAIHIRI (OF), WAGES (OF), MARICICH (IF), CALLAHAN (P). Back row: Coach CHARLIE TRIPPI, HENDERSON (OF), CLIFTON (P), BAGWELL (OF), STILL (P), MITCHELL (OF, IF), KELL (P), WILLIAMS (IF), JENKINS (IF), JOHNSON (C), JACKSON (P), MONFORT (C). RECORD GEORGIA 1 GEORGIA 8-3 GEORGIA 8-3 GEORGIA 12 GEORGIA 3 GEORGIA 5-2 GEORGIA 3-10 GEORGIA 14-5 GEORGIA 2-13 GEORGIA 8-4 FURMAN DUKE 4-5 VANDY 4-4 CLEMSON 6 SOUTH CAROLINA 4 AUBURN 4-4 TENNESSEE 2-0 AUBURN 0-8 KENTUCKY 3-12 FLORIDA 3-0 357 id » ' lone 1 ' IW. Georgia firstsacker CHUB JENKINS ai)7is for the moon »|i | DIAMOND HIGHLIGHTS ¥ iili ' Hiniirj 1 eioifi 1 BiiUtlog i iiiji; ai iht bait I ' liiites Pliiinsman hot corner man BILLY HENDERSON in usual form, swipes another base is, 358 ::hi Psi, Chi Phi, Win Games; iowell Supremacy Threatened By Irr FoUdare and Dick The ranks of the unbeaten jt a bit this week. Five £ra id four independents 8til nong the unvanquis - •iddfera, ho» " one , l-fcl • ynrj • lonshlp seem mighty slim. ai I Phi, Wm Games; c hpL; " " %IT ' remacy Threatened ' ' " %4L© h ' L Brooks Alpha ' s Intercpo k F ' Bn thinned -i VM . t L Wr rT- P T-oe Lewis, and depend - V »- _,, i M r V " f° ' touchdowns, proved yj i - oattle m ' .O 4 t Bates managed to to the iY 0 . K .all recovered from Teg allmentt an which handicapped them earlier thlt n I season and the backfleld iB In good all aronnd shape. In the line though, It. is -anothpi story. Ed ' Orecnway, who perfornifi ' so well in the Auburn game is on d doubtful list and Chria Filipow , is also ailing.- Both these boys ai juarQs and It ' thcy are- not ready i a. the center of the line will b ' lakened greatly. Jeff Burgamy, 1 " (., of Albany is ' the only otii. r(l on the squad, so Coach Luir; will probably have to do soiu ing to bolster that spot. liri V ' i- th( y k - Alpha Epsilon . .4-0. .-lingered Clearmont ' t5 tacked In a pass from Jack ilnd one from AEPl ' s Mlcke err for both touchdownp , ut the touch on Bobby Q Joe (Sam Baugh) Harvey once »Cj igain threw two touchdown passes to Nelson Brlghtwell while Bob Price ran 10 yards for the third and de 1 the safety Eone for the f the score. Lambda Chi S Wally WUklns ani rg ' J ge Hall, ' 0? el-hipped t pitch oe Lewis, and all foi touchdowns, t Bates managed to • X the score with a toss .. Jones made the mar- J jry decisive by pinning A J Bobby Brail. featuring an array backs, hard charg- nemen, and greased-lightnlng romped over Camp Wilklns X. their third straight triumph, 13-0 The depen i proved to the 1 ' _ Milled ' ' wall and Clark remain Idle for two week? vembcr first they will battle taking place man Hall. The win test can very well ent tojich footb Soutb flrst AV . ivy fown- S AiS for .Ipha matee kicked ha from the rank d, lJ-0?Wnkln8 core on a pae; en and thrp besecond T TTle powp 4 . irlle Glass owned P JV A ■ 13-0, for klphaT . -V ' ' pay passes " Geor l - ( Job Newton. Chi w , their record at he ' oy O . a Gamma 1-e V e hit Mar ' wlce, ' J . Schul ' •ard hei» T ot ilghteen pu atp lasses for ai Alvln ' • Jelt- « cislve marker Last Tuesda the boys from M ledge Hall walked away wlth- ' victory over Camp Wil " ' " and Eskew were on " Although MillP up forty strength crossp Ir ' .? ' j yf,i •linued Plugging • . •(Continued from page 9) Crimson men to seven straight wi and a Sugar Bowl bi ' ' after losli he first two of tb ' What, yo- _.(%V] - will til lemar .- ll V o next y HT bea itv V niond mil Brir. A done K. " »« to ' ' " ' PmWednesda " one bad elttll ' ' " ' • « t4 C7 ulary Terms _ _ the b III Si imlt Aleck . suit: 1 , Slgmi in a foY HUllard tnan Creel p and a 7-0 con. ,o CIV i. geography. .rs»e remams was me arrival of sp -.•-- , W the UiMr y ' s photo interpretation courses, which accord- ,eX ' ' ? unty;are h? bestjo be ound_in the South today. y Su remarks was the " ' arrival of special photos thjs r T: t : ' t o . dean of the . ,feO- . o v e »• e « Vv(Ne aft ' ' ' »oia, aean oi luc ■ le ,« ! °1 ' V « •f . uatton, was principal , ' ! c » V-Vt t ' lV wlde conference and a 7-0 con o ,Se c ' e»- « e o .q V ersons In teacher aver PJ Kappa Ocv - l ..e Q ' l,tlBvllle, Ark., Mon- lutck enough l t eN V o V V ' ' J- A- Williams, ' . 1. r v ' ' ' -oV» v °V aO ' vceN we ' o ' education. iridirOTl T » ,ft rxv ' V oXe I « ' ' :o - -C V ' A attended • ' -«% ecBta ... -. FLlUliUU -l-X N,t n,ii ft v -5 0 ■ .c ' o Ocv® v vve Nerence J. .«lCV ' t. " he said. rr V.N t V ' ;V xo ' V ' added that TL ® V o % At -v ' , V ,- -..Kinney. hono. G . ' l ' ,v l«.V.« ' ' vVl - vC ' ' rrlcd on llembers 1 . : Gridiron, secret honoi •tf ' G®° (. " " t V ' ' ;ki- .. will initiate 11 studenV bA lo V f vo „ - id seven honorory meml. ' . ' .o ® j ' - lot ' X C ' ,iy night when a banqu «N " ' x ® v ie «4?oN ' V The department head states that the University ' s aerial photo analy- sis courses- are unusual. To the best of the kr ' ledge of the staff of the departm - other Institution n the sou. ° " ' ' ■V ' » ftL this fiela Co ' ' • ' " ' e stu- dents. " € j-s . " Excellent WJ When asked ab««t i. ? » ' ' ' struments and oPher rein. " 0 » ment used In the photogra i ij. ' aerial photo classes J)r Pru. VV ecstatic. lV t. " he =-.-. credit should go superintendent of - -,v J iuu uulldlngs, who con- iCi Tried on a search for photo- ' Ballet kingsla-fm J - Bill Bates and J. D. Turn« Ainio.. .. Juniors taken in mv ! W. Barnes, Decatur; D. -GT " Crelghto tlanta; W. H. Davis, Concord; J. Fox, Etowah. Tenn.; J. T. Greer Hampton, Ark.; J. A. Halslet Oi rettsville, Ohio; E. W. Hamt Smyrna; A. H. Hembree. Barto ' ' H H. Hock, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; ' T Lewis, Greensboro; J. F. McNe ] Philadelphia. Miss.; J. R. Parki Anderson. S. C; W. L. Prince, P ham; J. P. Simpson. Gordon, Teni ' Smith. Brunswick; W. 0. Th ' ■ k Ridge. Tenn.: J. H. Weal rmlck, S. C: and R. d. 111. embers are B. ' iiiin, Mazienurst; Allen Stri " ivN . ' .» ' ' .e» , S " v-a V rft ' i Id. Valdosta;- Alfred E. Fabl. ,o . V V ' , V V f ft ._8t Gary, Ind.; Ray Burns. Cov V.le fvX 0 , vo t fr le U tc ' I ' mmy Thompson, " , ' tlantar S ' ®t ' ' e ? Jp ° ' " " - Hazlehurst; Allen Stri " !c Vl V . . If fin S v N ?: ' ary ' on I re; and David Cat C». -Instruments. Through Mr. C; the department was able to re new equipment from surplus government property at very mod- est figures. Government Surplus Used One stereocomparagraph, a basic Instrument used In determining the height of objects on aerial photos, costs $370. The department now has several In Its laboratory, obtained ttarouKli government surplus. Other iii ' " " ■ % memt Arnold, k, «-t ,-Valhal ' , Philadelphia, " ' j-. Decatur; M. t-. " © . 7 S. C: 1. L. Bray. " «»_ " ■ Broyles. Chattanooga. , -Qr ■ Crldcr. Charleston. S. C. • 1 llngton. Covington; W. B. iva j Amerlcus; J. H. Hancock. Decati J. H. Hardy. Philadelphia. Pa.; J. Harmon. McCormlck. S. C; R. Harrison, Bristol, Tenn.; E. J. M tlnez. Atlanta: D. C. McClurk Jacksonville. Fla.: H. L. Morrc led Bay, Ala.: J. O. Reed. Rldgevll 5 C ; W. J. Sellers. Baxley; W. Sh ' oard, Beaufort, S. C; and O. L. V lama. Cartersvllle. i xutiiLtoncLl b For Georgia Named Despy Karlas Gives Concert iTt vesdi As final plans for the astitute took shape this weeft; x yso Vin Superb Garner 4J shion CUD n c TJ ohi tor lan 111 the meeting of souiuc. it i jfwt- Co oi ' , ' . Wyriacf Gathei ' ' )v r,eivv , S etv ' ,c v rco - ' ' ' ; ,se- X - Si 1 ' ' He e ' .■ ' merica. s ® . «■ ao-I ' „« »o Robert e eS , « , c ic. in 19 a V« V! ;spondent f dv l N ' . ef « ' ' - , . lain, and A ' ' t V 0 % «•° ■ This experier V eS ( ( Continued V o. ■P ■= ' ' 6t Shdngh To Begin By. Marlon West Victoria Shuan Yeh disclosed t Jniversity students Monday thai Chinese girls are no different fron American girls in the custom ol verloading pocketbooks. Victoria vho h not yet received her bag- rage from Shanghai, arrived on the Jniversity campus with much of hei lelongingB in a large fur muff. Standing four feet, 11 inches, and weighing 92 pounds, Victoria is thf irst Chinese woman to study at th( Jniversity. ' She is attending schoo )n a scholarship given by Augusts Notary CluK The scholarship w? ibtained for Victoria by Dr„ ' BJ. s ' Sanderson of the University M- ' ? school in Augusta. Dr, ' Si» % net Victoria and her fam ' ' ' he war when he was ' ' • 3hina. Since last June Victor mr vy -- SUMMER QUARTER fiy BILL McCLURE rying to get to the UnitX. ' OV ut because of civil strife V ?; lifficulty in leaving China , ' ' raveled across a p art ot warV % Uairy Short Courst Breaks All Records With 500 Attending The sixth annual Dairy Produc- ;i01v6hort Course broke all previous Summer time is vacation time for tiie student — time of lazy days, the " old swim- min ' hole, " and no thought of books and classrooms until the leaves begin to turn in the fall. But such was not the case for over 3,500 University students who sweltered through the sum- mer quarter, 1948. Nor was such (j». the case for the skeleton crew which manned The Red and Black for its summer stint. The paper ' s first issue of the quarter carried the story of na- tional recognition coming to the University ' s dairy department and the state ' s dairy industry. The American Dairy Science As- sociation held its 43rd annual meeting on the University camp- us, the first ever to be held in the Southeastern states, and over 950 delegates from 43 states at- tended the convention. In a statement for the paper, R. B. Stoltz, Association secretary, said that " the activities of the Univer- sity of Georgia ' s dairy depart- ment in increasing interest in dairying in Georgia and the sur- rounding region was a major fac- tor in the decision to bring the convention to Athens. " It was a well-deserved accolade for one of the up and coming industries of the state. While the summer quarter was the slack seaSon for most of the schools and departments of the- University, the College of Edu- cation enjoyed one of the biggest booms in its ' history. The reason — over 1,000 school teachers from all parts of the state took advan- tage of their three-month vaca- tion to enroll in summer courses at the University. Ranging in ages from 17 to 70, the school- marms-turned-students provided an unending source of wonder- ment for regular students, and unlimited feature material for The Red and Black. The University also held its Editor Red and Black — Winter traditionally second annual Leadership Train- ing Institute during the 1948 sum- mer quarter. Under the direction of Miss Emily Woodward, direc- tor of forums for the University System, the meeting drew civic and community leaders from all parts of Georgia to trade ideas and views on the problems of community leadership, and the discussion by experts of such sub- jects as " Labor ' s Place in Com- munity Development " and " Youth at Work in the Communi- ty " gave them valuable knowl- edge to be applied to their own problems at home. But the theme that may be considered as epitomizing the summer quarter as a whole in the minds of students who were here IS the theme of politics. The race between Herman Talmadge and M. E. Thompson for the govern- orship was in full swing through- out the state, and student groups backing each side were quick in making their appearance. The campus rapidly took on the ap- pearance of a miniature political battleground, with rallies, speech- es, straw polls, and charges and counter charges being the order of the day. Leading state political figures, Ellis Arnall and Charles Bloch, addressed capacity crowds of students and townspeople at out- door rallies, and by the end of the quarter politics had reached the fever pitch. At the high- point of the campaign, identical resolutions were introduced in both Demosthenian and Phi.Kap- pa Literary Societies condemn- ing The Red and Black for " turn- ing the official news publication of the University into a one-sided political sheet. " The resolutions were defeated, but only after bit- ter debate had made the stately halls of thos§ two venerable in- stitutions rin . Yes, the 1948 summer quarter got rather hot at times. g suspected ,Fine Arts s ' 4, d find any- 5 » lyy-, made none of ' ' ' - , ions to her sex. , ' ' %X .tes f ' o ' e ' ted cater in any way a difficult program. Hi. [J d it with the power, skill £1 -yi ' otion which characterize the or artist of either sex. Karlas took the mechanics t of Bach with true professional .erfection in opening her recital. She turned then to Beethoven, Cho- pin, Ravel and Prokofieff. Highlights of the recital were Bee- thoven ' s " Sonata " in C minor; Cho- pin ' s " Waltz " in A flat major, and Prokofieffs " Sonata " No. 3. As a member of the staff of the| ' f ' " ' ' ,;;:;;, music department. Miss Karlas ap pears frequently on the Thursday night music appreciation programs Her recital .Tuesday night was sponsore(JP the Mfen ' s Music Club. OHIO IPMlWll ' ' fdMll a ( pwM " ! • ' jfblrf) " " , " " I prdMol » •( 1 CwiiM La ' iHllorErfnJ 1 EJilor o( Pi " iBiili ' ' ' ' ■ ' t ' .i: (Kile n f, ■mil iiu tt ' I .aertes, were recom way stars to Robert 1er-dijector, who hapel Thursday, ®y - yk N up. Ophelia is o. V % %. now in her actress % . 1% y " Hire ie ograjn lillfWll ' I Bii Up 1 1 " ot am |) I FtOI OllillT • ' Unit rli ITlKOtW " I IlllMI UlTU I PmIM gl G ! Cidtl nle»: IClWIIntmr! tllt«b«gll|ik Cy J students will dis °o e c ' Uts in an amateu; " pj. red by Athens Lions " . " Vi y Arts auditorium tonigh p. ient acts will include a bar! " V i solo by Pete Logan, Savannah k special ' .y tap dance by Bess Akins J Nashville; piano solos by Charle I McCall, Lyons, and Betty Noel, At » l nta; impersonations by Nathanie Rosenthal, Brookline, Mass.; and ai accordian solo by Gloria Malcom Athens. An " applause meter " will registe audience approval for each contest ant. Three United States saving ,ond3 will be awarded as prizes ing from ?150 to $50 in value ission is " ll for faculty ami jfieople, 75 cents for Universit • " ..ehts, and 50 cents for children. lave Freedom ■I ' ll M tbm htli )t It IM W II PtIlU IM k BnpMtM iMnT ' i ippnnl To Gail - ° %% € ' Ctdn " irTn ration, ex- odruft Hall, b Slmately 2, BOO, ' ? «5.0 x ?Jaate six or seven " -= i " g a-be spectators. Inside Paces To Choob ' Ambers — Bailey By J. David Ooo». , " Fraternities have the right to choose their own members, " Jameis Bailey, director of student activities, said this week. " Nothing we can say or write, Bald the activities director, " will oi ercome the adverse puhUclty we ha received. We can ' ' only show an ' prove by our actions that what we r-nntained In the articles te not tni. Cade! I oncer{ i cater in my u] ita i a dillitilt prosiin »ith tie power, skiH laitli clmtteme tit ■: c( either ses. L: too!: tie mecbaiia litli trie profession 1 opejiij ier recital t-o to BeethoTen, Cto id ProioM. of tie recital were B« uu " in C miEor; Cbo ■ in A flat major, •5o:ata " N ' o, !. yr of tie staff ol lil aent, Miss Karli ' I ' it M tie Tlinr;i!i i-prscistiOB Viesday ligW " i lie Mta ' i Music Clal aertes, were recoa- I ' way stars to Robe Ci ier ii(eclo , rt ' iiapel Ttarsiiir X oMICRONX TA KAPPA fJ: z .. ! I MoFC Thaii 30 Bellcs Signed " er aZ " F Paodora Beauty Review MAJORS VO j y 1 Phi Bla Slgm Or a» III Atblctlca tap 1 1 BelMlsnkIp V i IflMOBB 2 K«pj» Detta PI t XI SlKDU PI ? »0 awragT for • qaarMn q: ' B«ia Oamma Blcma 1 44ptaa Zr a I e -parliiirn(«l pria« " ' " " olnrnalp CO 4 ra 8 Cap s .g 3 major ill tpam rluUlug 1 .2 Major letter 2 ManaKcr of other major epert 2 Cn|iiaiii of minor sport football teiini of other major aport Pandora qrlculturUt ■ [OW 11 1 actress. t£ «ts»iiiif;, ' ' • ' ' .ro.ilv Noel, B Prtaldent of Inferfratornlty Council (S yiiartcrs) 4 rrewUriit of Ihe Senior Class 3 riilef JiiHlIre of I.nw S( bool 8 PrrHldent of Ag Hill Coiiiicll 5 Caupua Leader (3 quarters) Oreap II S Rdltor Red and Black S Rdltor of Pandora 4 BuBloexa ' onager of Red and 4 BubIo " " • Edltot " V ' r ' A (Note: Tb, VQ i it« staffs win no, ' O " 4 FoBf or Bore - CV (Inlercollep. " y x -J 4 Baa. Mgr. fnlv TiTf 2 or more proHuv 4 Poor major farts In " (beater plays • % Three or more varsity d . " y A, 8 BiiHlne«« Manager nf Glee ' 8 President of Glee Club y Oroap VI: 5 Cadet colonel 4 3 Cade lleutenant-colooel 8 llembcr of Bphinx To be (4l b e for membership, a a minlmnm of 10 points and a 78 least (bre« fields with no more tbi be at least one major. Points muHt t e turned lo to Abi noon We lnei«lay. Nov, J. Recoenlaed club are: Bine Key, advisers approval). Tbatlan-Blaf ll f % JVRA Gets Nev To Gain Natio By Herb Carlson University of Georgia Religious i loclation, an old organization will lew title, wider powers, and under ■ ie slidenti n " ' Uinw fi -- ' -■ red by AtWi " ™.ntirely different set-up, began ope ■ ' imaadiM " " ' " -loiis this fall after a reiyganizatioi onference held between quarters - rmerly called Voluntary Rel - elation, the organization rector of student affa - ' ■tion of the chaplal Mass. " ' " ' in - ,. asaaiions solo by j meter ' Gloria jlalco " iH ' will tcpsl «fli conti« ' 1 a ' " , . « ' ' .t ' Vt " ' " " -1 ' ® ' ' 7 ' . ; 3d ' ' Fre cliildrei- ind labolt«. ' T | iM ■otiy " ««• 1 With the 13th annual Pandora Beauty Review only three days avra,. more than 30 contestants have already entered and three judges hav been selected to pick the pulchritudinous Miss Pandora of 1949. David Gates, Atlanta, editor of the 1949 Pandora, announced toda that entries are still coming in from dormitories and fraternities i the cainous SDonsorine beauties in tlie traditional review. 1 rime for the review, which FALL QUARTER By BILL McCLURE Editor Rx.l and nl.uL—W ' inM Tlie one thin.i; that stands uut in a consideration uf the 1948 fall quarter is the bignes.s of it. It was a quar- ter uf big enrollments, big dances, a big football schedule — and corre- spondingly big headlines in The Red and Black. When classes convened in Septem- ber, over 7,000 students had regis- tered-the largest enrollment in the 163 years of history of the Old Lady of the Oconee. Already pushed for housing space. University officials tightened their belts, brought out their slide rules, and by the end of a hectic registration week all were provided with bed and board. Social life, for this biggest-of-all quarters got int6 full swing early in the quarter with the " Pigskin Pan- orama " dances, Gop-sponsored coun- terpart to Homecoming, with Sam Donahue and his orchestra doing the musical honors. And once off to an auspicious beginning, campus social life mounted in gaiety until climaxed by the traditional Homecoming festi- vities late in November. With Charlie Spivak ' s mellow music set- ting the keynote, returned grads and Homecoming revelers saw the crowning of " Miss Homecoming of 1948. " viewed decoration displays by dormitories and fraternity and so- rority houses, and cheered the age- old parade of derby-and-cane be- decked seniors. The big news break of the quarter came late in October. Dr. Hamon W. Caldwell, who had served as president of the University for more than twelve years, was promoted to tile position of chancellor of the Uni- versity System, and The Red and Black ' s lead head of October 23, " New President Unnamed as Cald- well Is Promoted, " reflected the speculation that started immediately regarding the identity of his suc- cessor. And the speculation contin- ued thruugluiut the remainder of the quarter. But the front page was not alone in its ability to hold reader interest during the fall. Sparked by quarter back John Rauch, the leather-pack ing Bulldogs also made news, and plenty of it, and The Red and Black " : sports staR ' was kept busy reporting it to the campus. After an early-sea son loss to North Carolina ' s mighty Tarheels. the Bulldogs romped through the remainder of the season undefeated, and to settle any argu ment about wlio was tops in the Southeastern Conference, climaxed the season by plowing under highly-touted Tech team, 21-13. The victory over Tech netted the Bulldogs the Conference title, placed them among the top-ranking team of the country, and won a bid to th( Orange Bowl, Even the subsequent loss to a spirited Texas team on New Year ' s Day could not dim the sparkle of the Bulldog ' s 1948 football record. It was during the fall quarter, that The Red and Black embarked on one of the most ambitious crusades of its history — the " Better University Movement. " During the last month of the quarter the paper threw its weight behind a student-inspired program for obtaining increased ap- propriations for the University by individual student contact with state legislators over the Christmas holi- days. Editorials, news stories, pic- tures, even a " better University " supplement, were used to bring home to students tlie need for in- creased appropriations — and the part they could play in obtaining them. The crusade reached a pitch seldom surpassed in the field of college journalism. Yes. the overall impression of the fall of 1948 is one of magnitude. It was a big quarter. ng together Bome of the Unfvp y ' s lovelleet young ladles. Is 7 : S n., Tuesday. The place: Fine An ditorium. A ftature of this year ' s v " " " " " " II be solo trips by each of itanta over the heads of i ors — via a recently ereei. j )t ramp. Thus, say review offici ; judges will " have more time portunity for observing and jui •00 j ; ' ' ' PPs will be Ernest R ' ' C . Ifn A " re writer for T ' 2« writer f i lita Gary, •O y. - .Vf ,. " ' ' W, if .1 wru Hv " ' f tion: and i , o- ' jator of " Mark •ip. The judges will J long the audience ,In addition to selecting Miss P: ra, the judges will choose l her beauties to serve in her tn Striving to make this ' s bi view " one of the most colorful • iged at Georgia, " Pandora offi i ive arranged for new backd Iral displays, spotlights, and eclal effects. Gates reported b1 state dignitaries are expected present, .Climaxing the review will be owning of the new beauty qn task to be performed by Jan ' I ' son. Miami. Fla,, las ' - ' indora. Each of th iternlt UK. Irop othil ?•• tce CVv J Vo -ep;, -» r vQ ' ..iierce-Journ: ■ rCi[VLy at ' the box of f io -: |V • ' . ice la 70 cents for regi .. n_J nn I , « - -noo.-. . mtests Prevail m Hits Midwa; football parade I Is on hand ai y mark, your five llron prognostlca- ' ough the fog a proceeded into Ith surer steps. greeted Messrs. [core. Rich, and 1 greats tore into ichedules. ( finally decided vn league and go KE. but the five -ed over the , has run rerslty worke veek. " Constitutton ' 0 ,.• • chapt. it to a. m. jw the " U ' ni- .■%B«e of the ' BSTipioiW were dis- y tj latus ,. Blake Da. announced an •_:°sday. Hppointed George _- ' mporary ■ ■ _ WA - . if adlatus ' O fill s. rack De B .50 !i 0 . 45 and dug ?« " i Cadet Colonel Poole To Hec , niversitv ROTC Regi ment «b u, — _ -_ ' ' Campus-Wlde Meets The " retreat " conference voted to teve campus-wide Tuesday night All tickets to IJnlTftrslty The- ater productions this year will GEORGIA gets : in ihtir quest I taking on an team. Alma Ma ' all, however. ' Benson decld I column and i over mighty i The four wis humbly stuck , company. VANDERBIL over lowly AL could foresee but playing d flying Irish of MICHIGAN £ ■ In their str ' ired by a punt- erl and Harry ,ddy " of Miami has been with it was Just a was on hand, Rich »- ' . -cy Rich wajs . feature SoBttiT wKh undefeated four co-patriots unblemished. The game of probably decide resentatlve fror Benson on a llij : iuaents rigure in une-inira Of Athens Automobile " Occidents Approximately 30 per cent of the persons r Athens traffic accidents last year were 1 ing to statistics released this week bv l j men ' s activities, and compiled by ' The report also revealed that Bn Arch and " Death Valley, " is the Lumpkin, paralleling the Univer gerous thoroughfare. The survey showed that imr passing is the main cause j W dents, accounting for 25.6 Vr of the total. Carelessness •t close second, with 25.4 Qj failure to stop for sig ,C 0 ' ' main traffic hazar(J Contrary to p 346 recorded ■■ts, accord- director qL Religious Fellowship Meeting To Hear D X Fulton Darby student deleg t coiyges gathe ' - dawn and dus) gerous times covered tha accidents hours. ' the An- dis- . of the daylight 6 p.m. is , erous intersec- -oad at Milledge ors with College at ' Broad at Pulaski. Georgia Bullc By National f By Elizal Little Commencement may br tra once a year, but Universit recognition at least once a wee That is the report according lovers which circulates from e( the magazir here is an arti ' leveloped fr arpest Willi! B ulldog or 1945 into The str Petropov School in endea thro use_ Bulldog bunch " i respect £ dent is n success three-sax _ __ (it, today the band is comp five saxes, four trombones, ij trumpets, three rhythm, and t vocalists. According to the Down Beat : tide, • " George Doerner and I ; Georgia Bulldog band are gaini quite an area reputation for play) dance jazz and swing music with touch of bop now being added. " This year the band has played dances all over the state as well in sections of South Carolina, Noi ' Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, a Alabama. Bookings have been creased this year as a result of pr tlge gained on tour last summer. Special mention was made of out standing talent In the band. " Tenor- ist Johnny Buckner and trombonist Charlie Devon . . . could hold down . chairs In afmost any name band WINTER QUARTER Exhibit of Faculty Art Work Slated To Close Wednesday An exhibition of work by art de- Jartment. faculty members, which jpened in Ffne Arts gallery three -SrppUs acn will ho t ..kii„; By BILL McCLURE Editor Red and Black — Winter With one quarter of the aca- demic year safely behind them, and with the memory of just-fin- ised Christmas holidays still fresh in their minds, University stu- dents returned to Athens to be- gin the 1949 winter quarter. They returned to the " shortses- sion " that is characteristic of the Winter quarter — eleven weeks which seemed even shorter be- cause of the activity, both within and witnout the classroom, that was crowded into them. And they returned to a campus whose activities were observed and re- corded, as they have been for more than half a century, by The Red and Black. Early in January the story broke that had kept campus newshounds on their toes for weeks. Dr. Jonathan C. Rogers was selected by the Board of Re- gents to serve as the new presi- dent of the University, succeed- ing Dr. Harmon W. Caldwell who had been promoted to the posi- tion of Chancellor the preceding fall. Dr. Rogers took over his new job with an impressive rec- ord of previous service to his state — the record of a man who had spent a lifetime in the field of education. A product of the public school system of Demorest, Ga., Dr. Rogers was graduated from Piedmont College and Co- lumbia University. He came to the University from the position of president of North Georgia College in Dahlonega, an insti- tution which had shown remark- able progress during the fourteen years of his headship. In a statement wired to The Red and Black on the occasion of his appointment to the position of University president, Dr. Rog- ers expressed a deep interest " in the welfare of the University, her faculty, and student body, " and stated that he looked with pleasure " to the privilege of working for the building of Geor- gia both as a University and as a state. " On February 11th Red and Black lead headlines screamed the news of one of the big camp- us events of the year: " Georgia Press Institue Convenes Wednes- day for Four Day Session; Gov- ernor Talmadge Opening Speak- er. " Under the auspices of the University ' s School of Journalism and the Georgia Press Associa- tion, top-flight state and national journalists gathered for the 21st annual session of the Georgia Press Institute. On hand to ad- dress the newspaper men and women were such nationally known figures as Hal Boyle, AP columnist and holder of a Pulit- zer Prize, Robert U. Brown, edi- tor of Editor and Publisher, Er- win Canham, editor of Christian Science Monitor, and Doris Flees- on, crack Washington correspond- ent. It was professional journ- alism at its best — with its hair down; and college journalism looked on in respectful awe. On another front, the coming of cold weather drove sports in- doors, and the University basket- ball team, after a flashy start, settled down to an off-again-on- again season. And the tradition- al " G " Day intra-squad football tilt gave fans a look-in on what to expect from the Bulldogs next fall. But the high spot on the sports page came in February with the signing of a new ten- year contract by Coach Wally Butts. The winter quarter was a quar- ter of ups and downs — of points of high interest and low ebbs of spirit. All during the quarter the specter of curtailed funds and loss of accreditation haunted Georgia, and students turned toward the spring and the April 5 referendum on additional taxes to support education. The Red and Black turned with them. i!llV rUllams fouth Conference of 194 7. Election of state officers of Wes Fellowship will be held a address Saturday afternoo J. McDowell Richards, pres Columbia Theology Sem night the annual banqui .d at the Georgian Hole ure a talk by Dr. ' Wl 3n, professor of churc Seminary. jgram of the cot id at church hou Richards ' sei ' The Univers: ts win 1 udents 1 y bouse r a recently LaGrange; Joh ' flta; Earl Davis y, Youngstown, Ohio ■it, Bloomfield, Ind. Slvington, Ormand, Fla. id ' V s Rule Books ImenV for Two ,vid Cook ed the housing problem, man Hamby, Blue Ri ge, a vetera ps, took up his borrowed hamm is dream house — a house trailer, g of fall quarter that he would I ivas up in South Carolina teaehin institution without any heatin rest between subsistence check everything was done except the ii terior work. Only $350 During the Christmas holiday Noah finished his " two-room apar ment " costing $350, wrote Willie 1 quit her job and come to Athens. Then Housing Director Storey to him that he could not park U newly built trailer in the Universli trailer- area. Shower and latrine t cilities were too limited. Howeve after long and patient search 1 found a place on South Lumpkin " If you want something, " Herma says, " you just have to go out ai Dr. I.Q. ' QuizShov To Visit University llifir slunr, ' . llinr ' it(«l slam. II iiirini «ui III •I ' lwrmt, „( it) not I " uiind ud q e l»» «l n lltildugli lit f Another in a series of ad- dressee entitled " Great Religions of the World " will be given by Rabbi Samuel Glasner tonight at 8 in the Temple at Jackson and Hancock. His subject will be " Catho- licism, " and the public is invited to attend. Willard Range and Miss Virginia Wood, assistant professors in the po- litical science department, are at- tending thp uTinnQi j t a. Women students who dbi to ■make room reservations In dormitories for the first session of summer school must register with Martha Latimer, director of women ' s actlritles, next week. Her office, 218 Academic Building, will be open Monday hrnn h Frjriav from 9 a.m. to " Dr. I. Q., " famous quiz prograi heard weekly over tiie Nations Broadcasting System, will be pr " fed in Fine Arts auditorium, Ai 5it 8:15 p.m., under the spM of Athens Optimist Club, show will not be broadcas h Athens, since the quiz prograi aired on Mondays, and the Fin ' Arts appearance will be Tuesday an Wednesday nights. Dr. I. Q., whose real name Is Le ' Valentine, began in show busines as a crooner for an Atlanta radi station, and later was master of cer« monies for a quiz show originatini , In Atlanta. Tickets are on sale at local stores ' including Gunn ' s and the Varsltj J iprchestra seats sell for $2. 40, -an] [balcony seats for |1.80. ] r - ' imm : ' " ' k? Dr. m Ugly Man Contest To Open Friday Ugliest Man " liy one- riii.A Lwuesi nie I ' nltei « ( ni(lid;itcs for tlie title oi " r,t;liest in (111 t ' iimpus " will tlirow tlu ' ir ts ill tlu ' rini; next Friday wlicn iiiieiy hopefuls register with Scah- ird and Blade, honorary military sanizatioii and sponsor of the an- ual " r.!;ly Man " contest. Xaniinp; of the contest winner wil ' ls, ' hlip it the Military Ball Fridr , pi il S, and each fraternity rmitory is expected to ent ' t proniisinK aspirant. W ' a ♦ ( Aie di iOSt " " t ' ss th 1. Alexandria, Va.. Sc lade president, said tlii? Cans — for hallot hi aied at the Ar Hill IS Co-ops and the g hall. Students • — " ; Melcho k Book ' for ho ' avetea ID? problem, ' ,BiieEii_ iis korrowed kam iiK-a ioiise traile: anertlatkmilii ioti Carolina teatiina Titloiit any leati " •; sabsistence tliei tu done eicept :e Cliristm! holldaj formam Y i lis " two-iooni »P« I jjiJ, wrote Wlii uii tome to itli« Director Storey a , ,..,. jol P " !! ' rair In tie Dninnll ■ ' -J I liniW, Ho»f« ' i I Soitl Lnmpkli ttioMiW ' Hef ist bsve to fo o« ' " (j losing Corn uritz Mckhior. Metropolita c tenor, will appear April 11 { Alts auditorium as the thir nd final presi ' iitation of the mus; eparlinent ' s concert series for th: ear. Contrary to a report hy an Atlant ewspaper that the ATlanta Syn hoiiy Orchestra would replace th )etroit Symphony Orchestra orig lally scheduled for .March 11, Me. hior will appear instt ail, and Cicb ts for the March 11 rnnccrt wi )e_ good for his perfur mance. The ' Creat Dane " Melchior. sometiinos called th ' G-r?at Dane. " has acliieved recog lition in • ' ivt ' fields- opei ' a. concert notion ' . s. rndio. and records He f J _ ' n Copenhagen. Den the School o ■s the UanisI f}.» ■ of the Hoy a ■ -X „„, Kin; becara % liiiu. anil wi.Nri ' ▼( . Tl (Il fcreni slant. I5i. SlHrted nut tills apiK-aranccs of iht any day now. In the nfT aruiliid and wait. ' Ill the • The law of averat;e s will although we are wllliiii OuizSho ' ' - " " " " ' The :i ' - v. ' ,-. . X the Carolina offic ' %%% ' ' - (3I10I1S orer tie ■ .irti i " Iiniversity " 1 " ' « " « ' " they ' ve seen preference for cent voy Scah ' ' ind Blade tapping cere- mony ' troduction of the regi- . " A nie ' Qp anit sponsors are othei v n ' Vr " let ' features. yjV ' collected hy the " W p contest will he used hy Sc ' StT J _ and Blade to purchase awards] ' Estonian Says Countrymen ' A nged for War in 1940 ■Td Vmley person who SPRING QUARTER By BILL McCLURE I-.Jitor Rvii and Hi.ick— ' nw Spring hit the campus like a ton of brick. Almost before stu- dents realized it the various flora (and fauna) which abounds on college campuses appeared in brighter, iiiore eye-appealing at: tire, and that to which, at that time of year, a young man ' s fancy lightly turns, made its appear- ance. Many a young swain be- gan to realize that starry skies and balmy nights were made for things other than studying. And Roddy Ratcliffe. The Red and Black ' s notorious snoop and chronicler of pinnings, datings, etc., became one of the paper ' s busiest hacks. But things of a more serious nature were in the wind. April 5 had been set as the date of a state-wide referendum to decide the question of whether or not Georgia was willing to increase her tax load to provide increased funds for education and other services, and the first issue of the quarter carried a front page edi- torial urging students to go home and vote to better the educational situation. The administration granted a 24-hour leave of ab- sence to those who wished to go home and cast their ballots, and hundreds of students made the trip. But It was not enough. The question of increased taxes was voted down, primarily, it was thought, because the specific sort of extra taxes to be imposed was not made clear, and the Universi- ty was again left facing the prob- lem of maintaining its already imperilled accreditation with a constantly shrinking budget. One factor that can always be counted on to add the spice of variety to a spring quarter is campus politics. And the spring of 1949 was no exception. Al- most from the time the first class was held, jockeying for position by the saddle-shoe politicos was in evidence, and bv the time the candidate registration books were closed, there were more iiats in the ring than Louella Parsons tlirows t ' way in a year. Those who have never experi- enced a campus political cam- paign and have not seen the dor- mitory ward-heelers in action have no way of knowing just how heated the contest can be- come. And when The Red and Black, in a lead editorial, an- nounced its policy of opening its columns for candidates to air their platforms, qualifications, and proposed reforms, one of the hottest campaigns in campus his- tory was well on its way to be- coming a certainty. But however much they were at odds on such questions, the two leading political factions, IFC and GOP, joined hands to wage war on that old and oft-recurring bugaboo, the Saturday class. Leaders in the movement, deter- mined to at last get to the root of the matter and settle it once and for all, staged rallies, held debates, applauded speakers, and plumbed faculty opinion on the subject. At the time of this writ- ing the final outcome was still unknown, but the drive gave more promise of showing results than any of its numerous prede- cessors. On The Red and Black ' s sports pages, baseball came into its own. The Georgia nine, one of the flashiest outfits in the Southeast- ern Conference ' s string, looked more like championship material than anything Georgia had had in the field in many a moon, and all indications were that Coach Charlie Trippi would boot home the University ' s first winner since the twenties. The quarter came to a close in June on an optimistic note — the graduation of one of the largest classes in University history. 7f boat. After two unsuccessful a tempts to flee Finland, he final! reached Sweden. He worked in a music shop whi attending the University of StocI holm. The shop owner obtained visa to the United States for him. In a displaced person status, Ur v ' tended Emory and Oglethorpe N;nta before coming to the Un C ' , family has been diridi N rly war days. He believ ' T, sister to be dead ar ] f prisoner In Slberl ► eVv in New York CI ' V -5 .le United Stat ' , (ffer from Eur , . - tey never ha ■ if) 7 are marri A ?». " Jrepared f " V . f roes, " Ui wi : iri y %. 6!i V o % ' % _-ss, w year Vw- ,tate dep jsor of An. ' .6 University ks leave tomoi f Janeiro, vi ■ in Brazi ' ' re« o literar Assume Fairburn, w . Gaffau Club Jar meeting th: rV -C " auClub J f) annon, I 0 in Gidde sf otjier offices th, vice pres Blakely, seer. Eastmai Godfrey Funk, Mt. Air Curtis Browning, Rent entarian; and Byron Klrl Jlun, adviser. . " he Party of Organized Worn. .11 hold a business meeting Monda jlght at 7 in Academic Building .when plan; will be made to sponsc a baby contest later this quarter. ' " ' ■ ' mania [or s " " ((tetejphysical educati. ' " l!roriEiW " ' f " e official Southt |jil sno " % ; y. ■ .•v Constitution scr iiid address down ■orinp r •% o- ■ ■ " ur ' . . .liiiie Dickinson, our lovely , ' • miii ham in the Southern relays ■ .. Dieam Girl last December, was Qu__ Of the relays last year, al .... trackster Joe Hailaway looms as one Of the outstanding cindermen of the season .... Coach Towns ' squad tin th received a boost lasi ■ «S ' » ' ' ,r ' ' ° ' ' ' ' ° ' ' ' ' -eP ' -esentv ' ' 7 ' , jH Jane, who was All-Soutli " ■ 11 lor f- ' " 9- lance at the odds last weekend an irone fro-n Lloyd Mangrum to Car J cop the 1949 Masters title, lltt! adows long enough to giggle sotti Idish 35-year-old West Virginian, ast putt had been sunk, Sam Snea elf with a brilliant 67 on Sunday m, who finished with a two-und ' .t a 69. Mangrum, and Bulla, in cond with scores of 285. lotinmiiiciit all the way around, with old fan Woather (Hxl liiiiiior anil the s|H-( ' tal(irs and participants quick piril. Iteii }{i $;aii, the brlovt l little golfer who onl.v a M ed V,, iiiiirli an.vifty in the s|«)rtinK world witli his a ball .ame leweatlieied ' n .i. i " • Xj , V ' ' ■ ' ' »• ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ■ ' " ■ I " " ' • " " HnisliinK touches to the affair witii a ■ stance tel -plione call of congratulations to Sncad, who closc l uiunl moot with a score of 282. A dMUttiyiiUiUiiitt The call for freshman tracksters took top prior. Need Tracksters over other needs around Memorial Hall this we. Wi}t 3 eb anb placfe sports; Millard Grimes Hoop basketball Baron tecord Broken ' Kentuiky ' s band of " the.greate HsiMiibled, must have had their ey iinK time. The Wildcat basketball In hat his " little boys " would achieve oy ' whom he was particularly inten (Jroza luus boon throwiiiK tlio balV nd a few weeks ago lie threw it ( anie thaji tuiy player in the SKC lia This of course pleased Alex, his tei ame on the scene when a Vanderb illy Joe Adcoek warmed the hoop lan the great Groza had done. Alex ' s record hji ' him, but he ce it schedule and noticed that uildogs was coming up on ice as he looked at that 3(j, ' ightly erratic on nume " - So the big center, th ' ud decide l tliat tli C all Georfria. And , ' V " O " hy not f;» ' t a I ' Well, the de ' , , ho] ent about A " x V lishin irdan ' s c ' - J -OV P ' " " ' i poin ' ' K by two. cord A C ed his star jained. week in this c .le Bulldogs might hey certainly fulfille t su ' T were not the ones I had The ) e with tlie kingpins of Uedule addition last November, ai as anything; but satisfying, at least ic it would have been hafl we beat Ah, fond dreams. At least Georgia ildcats had not used any other pi . while the ' Dogs racked up 40. Bu at counts, but the spirit in which tt Coach Wally But the other day, as cupation at the University for a nui ;Such a move by the University v ui can go about his job with a Ug nd. It also assur ' s Georgia of hi lo was being hotly pursued by other The main thing that appeals to me ; jict assures Coach Butts of his posit their schedule. Since the famous irds of the contests they have parti( t perhaps it will make the schoo tition than has sometimes been thi i ' Oudlv " " thing in the athletic ! ' can reajly be n lone of the tw- ew Contract ■sW Successful Season Predicted For Tmnrnrf f] J dldog Boxers SPORTS- .Spc.rts 1 iliior A ' .. Tl) Bulldog 1II4H--4!) ;it;iktic prciKii ' iii at the UniVLTMty cil Georgia unl started (jiio en.sp Autumn Satur- tlay in September, when t:ie Red and Black urid warriors (jI Cdach Wally Butts took the field against little Chattanooga. Jdhnny Rauch. ace Bulldoj .sig- nal caller, was the name on every une ' s tfingue, and the host of other talent the little round man had in Sanlord stadium that day was caus- ing fans to sense another unde- feated season. But the squad looked like any- thing hut champions as they man- aged to eke out a 14-7 victory over their smaller opponents. Sportswriters in all papers tore into the " sorry " showing of the Georgia team and predicted a slaughter by the sharp North Caro- lina Tarheels, whom they faced the following week. A record crowd flocked to Athens to see the big battle, and they got all any grid fan could ever want in thrills, as the gallant underdog Georgians fought their hearts out before going down in the final half by a 21-14 count. In the first half Line Coach Eais Whitworth ' s big men up front thwarted every Tarheel thrust ijn the goal line, but Rauch and the backs had not yet perfected the overpowering offensive they em- ployed so successfully in later games. Rebounding from the defeat, Georgia tore into Southeastern Con- ference opposition and ripped LSU 22-0 in Baton Rouge. They then lourneyed to glamorous Miami and whipped Miami U. 42-21 before a record crowd. The following week in Birming- ham, the ' 48 eleven reached then- peak in handing their old rival Ala- bama its worst loss in over forty years. Joe Geri, who had devel- oped into one of the hardest run- ners in the section, along with the air strength of Rauch-to-end Bob Walston. ran up a 35-0 score on the Crimson Tide. Dropping off from the peak they achieved, the ' Dogs were hard- pressed against supposedly weak Florida, but edged the Gators 20-12. Back in stride in Columbus the next Saturday they took Auburn 42-14 in a show of running power. Butts ' boys warmed up for the big game with Tech by topping Furman 33-0, after leading by a lone touchdown at the end of the first half. With their Bowl hopes and the SEC football championship on the line, the Bulldogs attracted another record crowd to Sanford stadium, to see them lace Tech 21-13, as Geri. Rauch, and end Gene Lorendo paced the attack. By MILLARD GRIMES III J — Wiiucr An Orange Bowl bid was the reward and the University of Texas was the oppiment. The Longhorns had a mediocre record, but spurred by the insults of sportswriters and a definite underdog position, the big men from the praine surprised the nation with a 42-28 upset of Georgia. The squad finished the campaign with nine victories against but two defeats, and Wally Butts ' third SEC football crown. Johnny Rauch was an All-Ameri- can selecti in at quarterback, while Porter Payne and Joe Gen won All- Star honors in the South. Coach R alph Jordan ' s hardwood crew opened their wars four weeks before the Orange Bowl catastrophe and did well until a slick NYU team handed them their first loss in Madison Square Garden. Hard Luck and ofT nights plagued an apparently good team through- out the season and the Red and Black basketeers never lived up to promise. Tech beat them two out of three games, Tennessee and Ala- bama dropped them twice, and Kentucky slaughtered Jordan ' s charges. But on good nights the Georgia five was hard to better in thrill providing and skillful shooting. Bob Healey, Earl Davis, and Joe Jordan are difficult to beat as court performers, and E. L. Rainey and .Slim Schloss were better than aver- age players, but they never seemed able to find the spark for consist- ent victory. While the shot-makers were struggling through a mediocre sea- son. Coach Bump Gabrielsen was having better success with the swimming aggregation. The Geor- gia mermen lost the SEC meet here by one point to Tech. Theyx Stewart, captain, paced tlie squad in the water events throughout the season, while Hor- ace Sasser won numerous diving honors, including the SEC title. Pete Tarpley brought out the boxing team for its sophomore year, and his band of sluggers won the hearts of the campus with their entertaining shows. They won four matches, beating among others powerful South Carolina. Theo McGee was the knockout king, while Captain Charlie Lee always turned in a smooth job. With a host of veterans and good new players. Coach Charlie Trippi began the baseball campaign with a squad rated tops in this section, but the streak of bad luck which seems to have hounded Red and Black wearers since New Year ' s da.v, hit the diamond crew also, and at this writing they had dropped four out of nine games, all by two or less runs margins. xiaruwuuu r ic - lined up for the 1949 irs on tab that have never been will be oCt, and everyone should have a gay near future. The list of boxers veight are; 111 flasB — Jeiry Month, Martlr UobertR. Ill Class — Charles Lee, Al Hawk 111. Class — H a r o 1 d Walraven Ige Isley. —J " — Theo Evans, Ed M imited Heavywelgni - l Walston, Bill Haggerty. !oach Tarpley has expressed a de to enter his finer boxers in thi, . , ional A.A.U. tournament at thiF " ™ ' ' entucky Wildcats ampede Georgia; roza Sets Record pi ' - ' tOBtiMf ' riiive iirtf proposal 10 f ' by tbe tinif ffiS3l fO( Ikrotc CoBniltw r ifustntative; tli (D cot, It tkt Gl lit in hilMc , ' ow e rate Foinliti Kentucky ' s Wildcats now have thi inotlon of running up the higher •e on a Georgia basketball teaii this modern era. Last Mondaj pen Jt, the charges of Adolph Rup| ibled through the Bulldog dd Ith an adding machine U 95 points against 40 for Geor|it« ' ' «« « ml tcfiiu lition ol {dtt (sfBt tautioi. liy siith noun Jig Alex Groza, 6 ' 7 " Wildcat cen . , scored 3 8 points to regain thi itheastern Conference scoring ree from Billy Joe Adcoek, Vander . Big Alex got 21 points In th t half, and tallied his 36tl nt with seven minutes left in th( test. Both Bob Schloas and A )ian fouled out attempting t( ,rd the great Kentucky center. 12 Men Used loach Rupp used 12 men In th« !sacre, with Dale Barnstable and f Barker scoring 13 and 15 ats, respectively, tob Healey was top man for the itH-atd btiij Idogs, scoring 12 points. Most iitiy- Healey ' s shots were fropi far out tie was unable to get (Hose to the 1 because of the tight defense ol Wildcats. Earl Davis followed ' tl seven, and Joe Jordan ' " ■ ' ix- ' he Wildcats start ' -- ' iif B( reTeinf (mi ' Biinijbi: 6alre lji " " loss din, [time were • a • W Inter-Fraternity basketb; in practically the same stateVjf con fusion this week that It did at last Si I. .teonesday, In a| rilllant return to form. The invaders were so outmannedl that they could not score a single]!., " " ' " ' ' " " ' int 11 mlniitiiiii ' ' " - ' " ' m " ' " ' f ' i ' « . Jlinii -Cli rl«u,,AIHuk -Huiiij uraimei, IMw If, eei Bill Hifjerly, Jl ! las eipressel a it hi? Iter taer; in ' ' ■ loimarifji ai ihi Editorials m t iiaeb anb placfe Opinion ill McClure Students ' Voice Bill Bates Jucfifmtilv Concerned r u l c Some Remodeling Needed JUStiriaOiy Oncernea One House Is En .. . „ ,„, antiquated county u. 5e(s Record ! WMcali m litie tU : raiins ip He kl torjiJ liailietball lnJ 1« era, Lait toes ol idolpi RiH roijli the BillJog li i: adlltt ■ji ajalMt (1 lof Geof The quality of the educational fa- tties that Georgia offers its clti- 18 has long been a matter of co rn to educators in this state. Al continued low rating in coi rative surveys with other stat 3ws that such concern is justifie The Minimu Foundation Pr gram is the a swer of t h e I educators to i question of " Wh can be done abo it? " The prograi for the most pai was well thoug out. It has c« inly received a lot of publicity ai lot of support. And it contain " Iproposal to provide the Universi stem with $4,822,000 for bad eded equipment and buildings. But by the time this part of t oposal got through the Appropr )ns Committee of the House presentatives this week, it h en cut, at the Governor ' s reque most in half — to $2,500,000. Now we realize that the ent; Inimum Foundation P r o g r a nges on the ability of the state ise revenue from some source ol than those now being utilizt ice there is not at present suf ;nt funds to finance it, and no ctation of getting them und esent taxation. Any such measures which are cc (;n)B,S ' " " WMMtcei ;j poinli to regaii Hi : Coitereice icorlig r« :;t Joe iJwli, VatJ -1 ;ol 21 poll ' ' ' " ' ' iBil ullieil Ml ! ' ' .ramlMleeli ' lJ " ' ' •■ Bob ScUoffl and A „; oil atiefflPllK " •ej: Keilitky ie»W ' .. jjej 12 mea l» « , ' j Bjle Banstable w Having already seen the top bil r Koriig 1! ' " " the Rat Hole this past Wednesd ertiielf ' . .j;ght — and being sick of pop cc ' ' ' I?p ' °5Jit!. MolfO ' way — Rurnabust took an evi cont? •... ,„„nLg q(( from the company all Burnabust The Pool m « ' IroiD !» ' " ' ' ■: Earl Davl ad Jo« J " " ' ' tingent upon money that we as yet have should, ot cou ' ne Mouse la ■.•■ Qeorgla-s unique and antiquated county ui Was it mere coincidence thsystem for nominating state officials in prima: rnWioQ mot awt fnnnH nthPlftctjonB has come in foF quite a bit ot attenli )f it has emanated from blatni impaign orators who have sr ' If-Btyled defenders of the sy But this week, in a sp ' iOllTOIRD AL By DAVID E. GATES luliioi. I9i9 Pandora ThlrI: AKL verv I-LW students who would n(jt swear by their Alma Mater, but at the same time there are even fewer who coulJ not suggest some much needed changes for general improvement. One of the greatest changes or improvements which is needed is the expan- sion of the medical services offered to students of the University. The in- firmary should be equipped to take care of the ,000 students and their im- mediate families and the University employees. This would mean about 10,000 active patients who are constantly requiring health certificates, check ups, and the like, in addition to a regular practice. Mainly, we need at least one more doctor full time and more equipment. Secondly, we need better facilities for the library. Plans arc made for a new library, but that is as far as it goes. It seems that fine plans arc constantly being made, but it goes no further. Of prime consideration for the University and state should be a uniform program for high schools. This should be important to the University now more than ever because it cannot plan on disqualifying large quantities of freshmen nor tan it afford to push poorly prepared ones. fore the Clarke County LeaKi of Women Voters, the Univ. : sity ' s respected professor ot T ' litical science. Dr. Albert i Saye, made a quiet and sensili iippeal tor a long-needed modiii cation of the system. As it is now constituted, tb county unit system gives six ui votes to the eight counties h;i ing the largest population, fn votes to the 30 next largest, a: two votes each to the remain it lis places the balance ot politi inds ot the rural., two-unit count i the voting strength ot the lar- defenders argue that it preven- 1 bosses from dominating the st;i; imittedly they have a point. Bu- le, the small counties have a voi ' ■ «nt much out of proportion to th( i to the taxes they pay into t! - «efe . „„p oft from the company of 1 teemed fellow jer-nah-lists and i ,3ded to join the elite for a sessl exhibitionism on the part of a v W lented young gent, possessing d( • « te panurgy. In other words, the ly wuz a shark. For those of you which ain ' t never , shot any pool — .y all three ot ' CS i you — it ' s not ex- actly an art that can be acquired just over night; it takes time, patience, and plenty ot know- how. The same might be said ot the makings of a campus politi- with the only ez- li By the time a person enters college and particularly by the time he is an upper classman, he should have become an adult and should expect to be treated as one. Contrary to faculty opinion, the majority of students here at the Uni- versity want an education and know that they must use the education they get here to earn a living for the rest of their lives. Therefore the University and its faculty should treat students more like adults. There should be only a five-day week with Sauirdays free for studying, going home, making up special work or anything the students please. Along this same line, there is no need to have cuts recorded. If a course can be passed without going to class — merely by work outside of class, then the student should either get credit or change the course. No one deliberately cuts, if they think their work imperilled. After all, is the aim to keep the class- room full or to impart knowledge. ' ' I consider the prime purpose of this university and school to serve the stu- dents and help them develop mentally, physically, and emotionally. This can only be done by combining an adequate program for the classroom and a sys- tem of installation of proper personal responsibility by individuals, and not by a faculty committee. ballot-box-stUfr the other one, things would be accomplished, the na " " " ' FauB, Ed Slmmonfl. 11 N wton. ViDcent is absurd disparity and yet reti I principle of the county unit ?: iroposes that each county be glv ' tor each 20,000 inhabitants, or :. Under such a plan, no countr votes while thirteen counties woi; r changes would be in the larp ' Q, for example, would now get i 12: Bibb. Richmond, and DeKalb and Floyd and Troup 6.- strength would be more equalized , big city " counties still would bo ol the state. •ends in the last 20 years show a Irom the rural to the urban area. ; must be done to correct a situ- idily grows more intolerable has inized by many thinking Georgians, ■ein lies the crux ot the problem, ist come from the small counti -f! ilance ot political power now r.- come from people who recognize ' and injustice ot the present system 5h enough to want to correct it. Unfortunately, certain politicians realize their survival depends on the perpetuation ot the present the University bettered throu ( , Vi AA ' the district, and the student: " OnaggiX Pied Pipers Tune Up ain ' t " in " on what ' s goin ' on get a better deal. Then wher the incentive to hold meetings resolutions, whisper words ot ly top secret nature over coffee and notch another key tor yoi chain? After all, if everybody 1; of course. Hiia iili This fertile breeding ground for politicians ot all hues and calibers continues to spew forth its embry- to be a " wheel, " there ain ' t n onic leaders. The often smelly pro- centage in getting to be one. cession goes ever onward. Things ' ve got definite prom o matter the is- pickin ' up— or at least not slac mmmm - _ throughout the coming wlnte H jng—campus. state. spring quarter veelcs, though. HBW [ H or national in ini axe so as to allow the Wallace Club to come out ot its hole. Questions fall rapidly. Just what do these political groups accomplish in the final analysis? Only Univer- sity dissension? Do they hope to win converts? Are they so naive as to be- lieve that their too-often questionable tactics will bring about any ap- THE ' 49 FMDORA FRIISENTS ORCHIDS TO.. campus tl " plava ffl fails of ilii work of i spoke vm tm »■ ' " ofdieii« ' o everr dit i Remember the headaches and feet-aches that we all used to get waiting in line during Registration. ' Thanks to Dr. J. Thomas Askew we no longer have to suffer these hardships during registration. For during the period that he served as University Registrar, he inaugurated a program that is greatly appreciated by every student at the University of Georgia, that of receiving appointment cards for registra- tion. When Dr. Askew was recently appointed Assistant to the President, it was a promotion greatly de- served for he has always striven for better faculty-student relations and to keep the students happy. Thus for his great and many services to the University, we present orchids to Dr. Askew. 366 " I ' d like to get our affair authorized for this Friday night, " are words often heard around the office of Miss Martha Latimer, Director of Women ' s activities, where she and her secretary, Miss Grace Costa, are continously handling things such as this. When you walk into that office, both of them always greet you with a smile and they will always listen patiently to your problem, no matter what it is. It is for this reason that we present them with orchids. They have always done a great deal to help better student-faculty relations and many other people should take a lesson from these two charming ladies. There are a lot of people around this campus that we never notice, but they play a very important role in the af- fairs of this University. Without the work of these people, an important spoke would be missing in the Uni- versity wheel. The Pandora has decided to present " orchids " to some of these people. Although we seldom see them or hear of their work, we feel the results of it every day that passes. At the end of this school year, the University of Georgia will lose to Yale our very able and sometimes most witty Chaplain. While here at Georgia, Dr. B. Davie Napier has done a great deal to further Religion on this campus. One of the big things that Dr. Napier was greatly responsib ' e for was the changing of ' RA to UGRA, thus end- ing the political era and beginning the new non-polit ' cal religious era of that organization. Dr. Napier has always been a very busy man around campus. He teaches some classes, works with WSSF, UGRA, works with all religious organizations on campus, and always has time to stop and talk to some stu- dent or faculty member. He also always works very hard with Freshman Week. We are therefore giving orchids to Dr. Napier. We are quite sorry to see him leave the University, but we wish him lots of luck in his new position at Yale University. I This section would not be complete without us giving orchids to Mr. Walter Danner, the new Registrar at the University. Since Mr. Danner, a former Agricultural Economics teacher, took over his new post early this year, he has continued to carry out the policies that were begun by his predecessor. He has simplified registration procedure even more and both students an J faculty are thankful to him for this. 367 ■t " ii tt.t-im firwMmiMiMMM ' mfiifi If you have a headache, stomach-ache, cold, heartache, or any other malady, the man to see about fixing you up is Dr. Edgar J. Maxwell at the University infirmary. Since coming to the Uni- versity last September, Dr. Maxwell has made thousands of friends because of his way of giving each case his special and individual attention. We therefore present orchids to Dr. Maxwell. But if you go bv the infirmary anytime during the day, you will notice that Dr. Maxwell is one of the busiest men on this campus. How long can he be expected to work day and night on so many patients without the ?id of another doctor. ' The Ptindorj strong- ly recommends that Dr. Maxwell be given an assistant or very soon, he will be one of the patients in the infirmary. We have never heard Dr. Maxwell complain of the great load that he carries, but we are sure that he would welcome another doc- tor to work with at the infirmary. ABOVE: Let us pause for a minute to honor the two University " cops, " Mr. W. W. Rhoden, or " Pop " ; and Mr. Albert B. Brad- berry. These two men have done much to straighten out the con- tinuous traffic muddle on campus, but besides this, they always greet you with a smile and ask how you are getting along, whether they are giving you a ticket or just merely saying " hello " as you walk across the campus. We must present them with orchids for the wonderful work that they are doing. At the present time, Mr. Bradberry is very ill, suffering from leukemia. We sincerely hope that he will be completely well soon an d will once again be a familiar sight driving his motor- cycle around campus. -K -K -K " I ' m sorry but he isn ' t in now. Is there anything I can do to help you. ' " says Miss Laura Smith in her pleasant manner. And nine times out of ten she can help you, for this lady, who is Dean Tate ' s secretary, does more different jobs than any person we have seen in a long time. She has probably signed Dean Tate ' s name more times than he has, she can either give you or refuse to give you an excuse, she handles most of the lost and found on the campus, and she does many more things. For this reason, we are giving orchids to her. Without her, this University would not be complete and we must pause to say, " Thank you for a job well done. " 368 THE RS ISTRAH ' S OmCE » « ihii yon «ill ; aloi$ ' ■ ayiif 369 1 1 niifwwa THE UNIVEHSIT? THSmH 370 I HB H 11 l Jt jteia| fi ill m ' 1 H ■ [K 1 ■ i " fl LJ 371 STUNT mm ALPHA EPSILON PI Honorable Mention ALPHA TAU OMEGA 372 ALPHA CHI OLVMFICS phaepmw ' , Each spring the Alpha Chi Omega sorority spon- sors an Alpha Chi Olympics for Georgia fra- ternity men. 1948 marked its fourth anniversary. Fraternity actives and pledges donned shorts and tennis shoes to vie for honors. Various relays and races ended with Chi Phi winning first place. Carl Mankin, Alpha Tau Omega entrant, boasted the handsome physique which won for him the title " Atlas of the Olympics. " Don Hall of Sigma Chi walked away with the " Greek God " title after a male beauty contest judged by the members of Alpha Chi. Wearing a toga and riding in a " golden chariot, " Hall was crowned by President Sara Ann Proffitt with a laurel wreath. Members of Alpha Chi arranged an afternoon jammed full of entertainment for the hundreds of spectators crowding the amphitheater. ■ ■. w . .J L . ._. -. :a-a MISS HOMECOMING Miss Homecoming— Virginia (Sister) Slribling, uiid Jane Dicken son, Betty Nash, Kathrine Lannian, Joan Rosenthal, Ruth Wellman THE JUDGES Lejl to right: Harry Malone, Sumner Smith, Gus Shaddox, David Gates 3 4 PUBLICATIONS 375 THE I 49 FMDORA UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA AT ATHENS DAVID E. GATES, Editor MYRON FOGEL, Managing Editor ROBERT H. SMALLEY, Business Manager To the Student Body: Every Editor hopes his publication will be the best of its kind ever produced. I have no reason to doubt that the ' 49 Pandora will be approved of when received but I ' m critical enough to admit this is not the finest. This year we tried something new— that is the addition of four full-color pages. If you haven ' t noticed them yet look back through the book; they look pretty nice. In compiling a book this size you are bound to make a few errors. There are probably a few organi- zations left out that shouldn ' t be, a good many pictures labeled wrong, and a lot of names misspelled. Most of these mistakes are our fault but a few are not— some organizations spell their own members ' names wrong and too many others send in a list of names like Red Young, Bubber Smith, etc. It may be you we fouled up, then we expect your criticism, but please don ' t be too harsh— think how many others we got right. Most of the credit of course goes to the hard-working staff you see below. There is not much glory or remuneration for working on the yearbook and anyone who does work deserves both. I hope you like this ' 49 Pandora and let us know. THE EDITOR THE STAFF DAVID E. CATES-Edilor ROBERT H. SMALLEY Business Manager D. SLOAN HILL Associate Editor MYRON J. FOGEL Managing Editor THOMAS WALKER Associate Editor WESLEY BERRYMAN Art Editor A. JULIAN STRICKLAND, III Asst. Business Manager JOLAINE BAILEY Woman ' s Editor LANE REEVES Asst. Business Manager KEN SAPP Sports Editor JOHNSTON E. DAVIS Mililary Edi)or JOHN E. HALL P jotograpljer CHARLES LEWIS Plootographer STAFF MEMBERS Jack Steinberg, Clare- O ' Keefe, Olga Turner, Bunny Mills, Betty Ann Chandler, Millie Vance, Beltv Voumans, Roddy Meddin, Phillip Sunshine, Harris Jacobs, Billy Apern, Jeanne Harold, I.. J. Roobin, Richard Carl, Henry Nirenstein. Phillip Kaplan, Danny Good, Julian Turk, Bob Quat. Milton Blair. I, FOGEL 377 JOHN HALL CHARLES LEWIS D. SLOAN HILL and TOMMY WALKER Associate Editors WESLEY BERRYMAN Art Editor 378 KEN SAPP Sports Editor ALLEN J. " BUBBER " STRICKLAND Assl. Business Manager C. JOLAINE BAILEY oiiiiiii ' s Ldilur LANE REEVES Asst. Business Manager 379 nsD m M z Bates, Hawkins, McClure and Shaddix FALL QUARTER OFFICERS Gus Shaddix, Editor; David G. Faus, Business Manager; William M. McClure, Managing Editor; Marvin D. Wall, News Editor; Ben Fulton, Sports Editor; Mary Margaret Byrne, Woman ' s Editor; Marion West, Society Editor; H. T. Meadows, Feature Editor; and Bunny Dauphin, Staff Photographer. WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS William M. McClure, Editor; Iris L. Owen, Business Manager; Marvin D. Wall, Managing Editor; Arthur B. Darwin, News Editor; Millard Grimes, Sports Editor; Marion West, Woman ' s Editor; Elizabeth Etheridge, Society Editor; Herb Carlson, Feature Editor; Dick Ramsey, Circulation Manager; and Bunny Dauphin, Staff Photographer. McClure, Darwin, Owen and Wall SPRING QUARTER OFFICERS Marvin D. Wall, Editor; Jim Waller, Business Manager; Jim Walker, Managing Editor; Herb Carlson, News Editor; Rex Edmondson, Sports Editor; Elizabeth Etheridge, Woman ' s Editor; Celia Gordon, Society Editor; J. David Cook, Feature Editor: Bill Rupperberg, Circulation Editor; and Bunny Dauphin, Staff Pho- tographer. 380 Darwin, Wall, Walker and Carlson The Red and Black has had quite a busy year during the 1948-49 school year, never letting the opportunity go by of picking up some cause and going to war for it. In the very first issue of the Fall Quarter, under Editor Gus Shaddix, the Red and Black went to bat with University officials about the handling of Student Automobile Registration, and about the way that the Physical Exams were conducted during regis- tration week. They continued the age-old adage of picking on the cafeteria. This quarter marked the end of the Ed Mathew ' s era of Pall Burnabust. In the winter quarter, Editor William Mc- Clure and staff took up one of the most im- portant causes that this University has seen in a long time. For nearly two quarters, the Red and Black fought for the Minimum Foundation Program but all this work was partly in vain for the voters turned it down in the April 5th referendum. Although de- feated at the polls, America ' s pre-eminent college weekly continued to crusade for bet- ter educational facilities in Georgia and es- pecially at this University. Editor Marvin Wall, who had moved up from the Sports Desk, continued the crusade for Minimum Foundation, taking the atti- tude that even though the vote rs had defeat- ed the taxes, the cause was definitely not lost yet. (The school will stay open six or eight more months, anyway). Once again, it grabbed an old bull by the horns in helping the IFC-GOP drive to end Saturday classes. (Just to get the IFC and GOP together was a real accomplishment). Yes, the boys in the C-J basement never had a dull moment this year, and it won ' t be long before they will be picking up some new cause to crusade for or against. Sports Staff trying to meet deadline Do they call this uorking? 381 GEQUGIA AGRICULTURIST The Georgia Agriculturist is a student publication founded in 1907. It is published monthly from October to May by the Board of Directors of the Agriculture Club, Homecon Club, Agriculture Engineer Club, Distributive Vocational Agriculture Teachers, County Agents, Home Demonstration Age nts, and Home Economics Departments. . HUBERT G. GRIST Editor WILLAKD SISSON Manager WALTER RUCKER Maitaghtg Editor JACK BUCHANAN Chiulathtl Manager 382 Tl}e Staff Hard at Work THE Eon iA mtm, i ind Home vc H[ B 5« W trA ilri iSH ,— — ' ' I S Editor HARRY MALONE Circulat ion Manager AL BROWN Business Alaiiager Miiuiigiiig Editor AL HORROCKS HAROLD DAVIS Editorial Associates MARIANNE COHN PERRY MORGAN Associate Editors DOROTHY CARLISLE DON GARFIEN HUBERT CALLAW AY MARCUS HALE GEORGE CABERO IRW IN LEVY Art Editor TOMMY SALTER BARRY BLITNER Poetry Editor MARION MONTGOMERY LILLIAN JORDAN Art Staff DORIS POGUE HERBERT BLACK BILL TIDW ELL BILL W ILLIS MORGAN JOHNSON JACK BISHOP EMMIT NOLAND REX EDMONDSON JIM GEGGIS MARTHA MEADOVC ' S Business Stuff GEORGE ANDERSON DALLAS MESTES CLARK WEBSTER JIM BUSH JACK DITTLER Eacult )■ Ad tisors W. W. DAVIDSON ERWIN BRETTHAUPT SUE FUTRAL ALBERT JONES 383 HBH VARSITY DEBATE TEAM II JAMES BAILEY, Director FAINE CHAMBERS, Captain BEN PARKS OTIS HARRISON ANN MASSENBERG DONALD AUSTIN RAYMOND KING BEV ASBURY MARY BONDURANT GEORGE BONEY FRAN THOMASON The purpose of the Varsity Debate Team of the University is to foster inter-collegiate debates and members are selected at try-outs by competent faculty members. A person to be eligible for the Varsity Debate Team must have an average of 73. 384 ACTIVITIES 385 ALPHA rill OMEGA .1 Purpose: To assemble college men in the fellowship of the scout oath and law, to develop friendship, and to promote service to humanity. OFFICERS President JOE MITCHELL Vice President HALL PEEBLES Corresponding Secretary DAN MARTIN Treasurer W. H. McRAE 386 Pledges: Argin Boggus John Daniell Robert Gee John Gulledge Gerald Huff Alva Mashburn William McElroy Paul Russell John Strickland Frank Triano Donald Walters Garland Wiido Roll: Allen, Edwin Bentley, James Blassingame, W. G. Brooks, E. Brooks, S. R. Campbell, J. Carlson, H. P. Cohen, Artie Coney, W. E. Doerner, George Donaldson, James Flak«, W. E. Fields, Jerry Floyd, J. L. Gallienne, Bill Grimes, D. Hadaway, J. Haislet, J. A. Lewis, W. G. Lichtenstein, Morris Martin, Dan McClure, W. W. McGinty, J. McHargue, S. L. McRac, W. H. Mitchell, J. C. Murphcy, Pat [ chks. Hall Porter, Jim Rushton, Frank Scoggans, B. Simons, R. J. Stilwell, J. P. Travis, Robert Walls, W. Wear, T. W. 387 m STUDENTS ' LEAGUE Art Students ' League, founded in 1940, promotes the study of graphic and plastic art and encourages stu- dent interest and participation in gallery shows. One of the League ' s most noble functions is assisting with the sponsoring of an annual Art Auction of works of students and faculty. Montine Attaway Joe Bagwell Bettie Ballinger Edlriel Barfield Sally Baxley Jeanne Burrage George Cabero Harriette Caldwell Patsy Clark Marjorie Davis Jeanne Dixon Gradner Gidley Nan Guest Frances Hamilton Carolyn Heery Robert C. Henning Eugene J. Jackson Pat James Virginia Johnson Constance Lambe Kathryn Lanman Wanda Martin Patsy Mays Roy Medders Judy Morgan David Norman Doris Pogue Thomson Salter Rachael Sharp Virginia Claire Simmons Blanche Smith Joy Smith Nan Stanley Ann Stovall Tommy Walker Holman Weed Margaret Wood OFFICERS KATHRYN LANMAN RACHAEL SHARP DORIS POGUE jOE BAGWELL DAVID NORMAN MR. CARL HOLTY 388 A CAFFELLA CHOIR ncoui OFFICERS President JACKIE PILCHER Vice Presideiil JO BROW N Secretary CHARLES McCALL Treasurer ANN BELL Publicity HARRY PERRSE Director DONALD MORRISON W " f JTi C f r O C m£ £i O?? -— " • - ' ■- ' Soprano: Jackie Anderson June Barrett Eddith Blair Mary Claire Bondurant Betty Branan Margaret Ann Church Doris Echols Kathryn Lanman Barbara Marlin Frances Martin Gay Moate Joyce Parrish Lillie Pittard Janice Potts Barbara Schwettmann Mary Jo Smith Peggy Wilson Alto: Ann Bell Nancy Borzynski Jo Brown Jackie Foster Glenna Freeman Erin Hinson Virginia Lynn Isabelle Mescure Jackie Pilcher Jean W ' alkley Helen Price Barbara Bridges Pat Higgins Margaret W ood Tenor: lirnest Bennett Hugh Dcen Thomas R. Hazelrig Billy Mixon W. C. Owen Marion O ' Neal John Scoggins Ray Walker Bass: Franklin Butler Alfred Davis Roy DE Long Carlton English David Hall Troupe Harris Alva Mashburn Charles McCall Olin Newton Harry Perrse Jerome Welch David Wynne 389 A RICULTUm ENQINEEHING CLUB W- Purpose: This club was founded on this campus in 1929; its main purpose is to provide orien- tation for the profession of Agriculture Engineering, and to provide opportunities for meeting outstanding members of the profession. OFFICERS President W. E. HUSTON Vice President J. L. COX Secretary J. V. AULTM AN Scribe J. H. TURNER Treasurer T. Z. LANIER AULTMAN TURNER William H. Aired James H. Anderson James V. Aultman Royce H. Barker Don V. Barnes Clin D. Baxter Rodger Q. Bennett William P. Bibb Willis D. Bigelow Thomas F. Bishop William Brizendine Joe Carson Walker G. Carter Dwain P. Chambers George L. Chavous John J. Cheek Horace L. Cline Earl Cox, Jr. James L. Cox Hugh Crawford T. L. Crompton James G. Culpepper D. C. Driggers Edward C. Drawdy Listen N. Drury Harold L. Duke Welborn A. Duke Mahlen Edwards William H. Fletcher John H. Gaskins Thomas G. Gilchrist R. B. Gillet Montrose Graham John H. Grantham Wilson P. Groover Robert L. Hadden Roy R. Hallman William G. Harden Ralph Hargrove Edsel A. Harrell Edgar L. Helmey Claude H. Herring, Jr. Benjamin L. Hudson Charles R. Hunnicutt Howard Hunnicutt Lanier A. Hunnicutt Willis E. Huston Reed S. Hutchison Wilton C. Ireland William H. Jenkins, III Neil P. Johnson Milford Jones Herman Kesler Thomas Lanier Claude E. Lee Alton J. Lovingood Jesse C. Lumsden Harold M. Mann James M. McCurry William T. Mills Nevel W. Mize G. E. Nichols Leslie B. Patrick Clyde Perry W. J. Phillips Ben F. Phillips T. J. Phillips J. F. Pirkle Robert Powell Joseph E. Pryor John R. Reece James T. Reid William C. Robinson Charles W. Rowan James D. Sanders Herman S. Sears Perry Z. Smith Robert E. Smith T. R. Smith Gerald W. Sutton James H. Thomas Robert E. Thomas Carl J. Turner J. Howard Turner Frank Tyus Frank Van Haltem Ernest J. C. Wester Howard N. Wilson David E. Zegel 390 THE SCHOOL OF VETEHINm MEDICINE ttf f Hi -.u - ' ' .yw jli AC HILL COUNCIL Rojce A. Bicedlove W. F. Cowan Mary Davis Robert Downer Hubert G. Grist T. B. Hankinson D. A. Hart John C. Hastings, Jr. OFFICERS CHARLES B. PRESSLEY President L. T. CRIMMINS Vice President ANNE BASS Secretary and Treasurer John G. Herring, Jr. W. E. Huston Robert T. Holcombe Wilton C. Ireland George Morris Myron B. Parker Fuller Pedrick R. E. Ramsey Willard Sisson James B. Snowden D. L. Taylor R. M. Turner Sara Wall Bryan K. Whitehurst 392 mmm club The Agronomy Club was organized under the guidance of Professor W. O. Collins, April 2, 1940. There were seventy-nine charter members. The aims of the club are to promote interest in agronomic work and fellowship among students in agronomy. To be eligible for membership one must have had at least two courses in agronomy. The club edits quarterly an Agronomy News Letter. OFFICERS M. I ' AKKIK 11. I ' AKKl.K IIOI.COMIU. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Parlia»ieiitariai Critic MYRON B. PARKF.R HAROLD PARKKR ROBERT T. HOLCOMB1-: W. J. HOLLEY JAMES F. McENTIRE WILSON WHITE JAMES H. GARRETT Ad:inis, John W. Adams, Lewis 1). Bacon, Dan narlctt, Charles X ' . Harreil, l:d;.;ar B. Barmn, John T. Blackburn, E-. M. Bond, Ar(hur Bo eman, IX E. Brown, VX ' acson S. lUrd, II. J. (Chandler, Daniel Clement, William M Collins, (;iarcnce L. Conner, iMaithew V. Corbett, Warren P. DeLange, Tommy DeLoath, Lionel R. Fears, Harold Flanders, James M Forehead, Harry I). Garrett, James H. (ilisscn, Clayton H. Cjraham, Guy E. Greenwav, Dave Griffith, Tu C. Harris, Haskell B. Harris, Lloyd N. llolcomhe, Robert T. Holley, William Hudson, Eugene K(welnicky, G. M. I.anfjiey, Herman T. I.awson, Jimni) Lmke, Bobbey J. Masseu, John H. McFntire, James Miles, Hubert C. Miller, Russell I.. Newton, Paul K. Parker, M ron Parker, Harold Parker, W. H. Parrish, Henry A. Pedrick, Fuller Petree, H. R. Pope, Douglas E. Propet, Henry E. Rhyne, Dan E. Rickard, Henry C. Riley, Walter J. Sell, Horace Thippen, W. C. Thompson, Jack T. White, Wilson ' oung, Virgil H., Jr. 393 wi t. t i .tm ■(■M ALFHA FSI Carl A. Blount. Jr. William L. Caner. Jr. John L. Christopher Bobby M. Clyatt Lawrence T. Crimmins James E. Daniels Calvin M. Davis OIlie M. Dodgen Roscoe L. Drake Frederick E. Ducey, Jr. Obe D. Dye. Jr. William A. Elinburg, Jr. James H. Fisher Edgar H. Gilchrist Charles A. Greenig, III Leland E. Griffith E. Ray Grtner J. Marion Hawk John G. Herring. Jr. Byron F. Hilliard Charles E. Lee Robert L. Lott Raymond H. Mason Edward L. McConnell Paul A. McDonald Robert L. Meeks John T. Mercer Ralph C. Moblcy Murry E. Nunnery William E. Pace Clyde M. Reagan Charles R. Rigdon Robert W. Robison Robert O. Shannon Jesse S. Sloan Felix M. Smith William V. Smith L. J, Steele J. B. Thomas Walter Gene Thsmas Cary W. Thornton, Jr. Jack G. Turtle William J. Waters, Jr. William H. Watson, Jr. Charles L. Williams Alpha Psi is a national professional fraternity for students in the field of Veterinary Medicine. It was the first fraternity of its kind to establish a chapter at the University of Georgia. Lambda Chap- ter was granted a charter on May 15, 1948, and is the youngest of eleven chapters. The fraternity colors are dark blue and bright gold. The fraternity flower is the red carnation. OFFICERS President WILLIAM V. SMITH Vice President J. MARION HAWK Recording Secretary ROBERT O. SHANNON Corresponding Secretary WALTER GENE THOMAS Treasurer WILLIAM H. WATSON SHANNON raOMAS mm mm WRTH 394 FHATEmTY PLEDGES Robert E. Atkiason Wniard R. Busselt David E. Carte George A. Clark. Jr Walter G. Cook Q. L. Darbyshire Jesse C. Hardy Earl L. Knox Robert M. Kuhn Ben M. OKelly Benjamin R. Page. Jr James E. Porter Calvin E. Tyn !? " Cecil M. Dotson Marcus C. Gibbs Walter Boyd Weaver r. Gene Yarboro 1»T»N COOK PAGE LLAjJk C ' f o • 395 kHJMIMfa ALFHA KAFFA FSI Alpha Kappa Psi professional commerce fraternity was founded at New York University October 5, 1904, and incorporated under the laws of the State of New York May 20, 1905. Alpha Epsilon Chapter was installed May 13, 1922. The purposes of Alpha Kappa Psi are to further the indi- vidual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance in institu- tions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administration. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Alaster of Rituals Deputy Councilor JOSEPH F. DECOSIMO JACK O. COALTER GEORGE T. IRVIN ARTHUR Q. WISE WALKER WHITE, JR. MR. LAWRENCE H. WALKER Alderman, James C. Beall, Charles E. Belk, Robert M. Beutell, Harrington K. Bryant, Eugene C. Chew, Harry H. Clark, John E. Cleveland, Robert C. Coalter, Jack O. Cosper, Grady E. Decosimo, Joseph F. Doerner, George G. Durden, Willie II. Elder, Winfred D. Gay, William V. Gray, Auston II. Hardin, John R. Howard, Daniel H., ) Irvin, George T. Kilroy, Brandon R. Mitchell, Royce J. Murray, Leonard E., It Smith, Harry B., Jr. Stilwell, John P. Swift, John II. Talley, Martin E. Taylor, Bill Walker, Paul H., Jr. White. Walker, Jr. Wise, Arthur Q. 396 ALPHA ZETA Alpha Zeta is an honorary fraternity with aims of promoting the profession of Agriculture and to es- tablish, foster, and develop high standards of scholarship, character, and leadership, and spirit of fel- lowship among its members. To qualify for membership a student must be a graduate or undergrad- uate majoring in the various fields of agriculture. He must be in the upper two-fifths of his class scho- lastically, and in the eyes of the fraternity possess high character and leadership ability. James H. Anderson Thomas E. Avery Roger Q. Bennett Royee A. Breedlove John F. Brooke James T. Bryson William J. Cousey Mathew F. Conner Coleman D. Carr William F. Cowan James L. Cox Laurence T. Crimmins (Calvin M. Davis William A. Flinburg, Jr. Harold K. Fears William H. Fletcher Monroe F. Green Ernest R. Griner John R. Hamilton B. C. Haynes Deward E. Hightower Robert T. Holcombe Willis E. Huston Witt A. Irvin, Jr. Neil P. Johnson William A. Knapp, Jr. James F. McEntire Charles G. McKelvey Joe W. Meadows John T. Mercer William T. Mills Ralph C. Mobley James H. Parker Henry R. Petree James A. Prescott, Jr. Charles B. Presley Harold D. Rice J. Saunders John I,. Snare Edward M. Smith Lloyd L. Smith James B. Snowden Carl H. St. J ohn Ernest A. Sumner Verrile G. Thigpen Larry T. Torrance Tommy L. Walton, Jr. Joseph T. Webb, Jr. Charles O. Wike OFFICERS Chancellor Censor Treasurer Guide Historian Scribe W ILLIS H. HUSTON DiAX ' ARD i;. higmto x ' i:r CALVIN M. DAVIS JOHN T. MHRCER LLOYD L. SMITH WILLIAM T. MILLS WILLIS E. HUSION WIIIIAM 1. MILLS 397 •- ■ • :jatM MtM STUDENT SmCH amehicm fhahmaceutical OFFICERS WILLIAM H. WALL President C. W. PETERSON Vice President RUTH BOWEN Secretary BECKY HICKS Corresponding Secretary H. F. FAILE Treasurer Adams, Rebecca Alpern, W. M. Atherton, L. H. Atkinson, George M. Angel, Ruth Ball, James F., Jr. Barnes, Thomas J. Belote, William B., Jr. Blackwell, Stephen Blasingame, William G. Bowen, Ruth L. Boyd, Edgar F., Jr. Boyette, William R. Brandenburg, Emory H. Brooks, Carles H. Butts, John Boyd Caldwell, Edward G. Cash, Albert M. Cason, Owen J. Cawley, Glynn L. Chichester, Helon L. Cobb, L. B. Cobb, W. Thomas Chandler, William L. Cochran, John M., Jr. Coleman, George Coley, David T Collins, Laun H. Comer, James Cohen, Russell Cornette, James E. Cox, J. R. Cloer, Ross A. Crawley, Herbert Crouch, C. M. Crenshaw, Clarence Cunningham, Thomas H. Cooper, Donald A. Cooley, Lamar F. Clary, Ruth Daniel, Emory B. David, Sam T. Dobbs, Frank Duke, Albert A. Dunlap, James G. Durden, Samuel J. DuPree, Stanley Easterly, William D. Elder, Nathan T. Entrekin, Durward Epps, Billy B. Evans, Guy V. Elrod, William H. Faile, H. F. Farmer, Robert H. Fisher, R. Jack Freeman, Glenna Gauthier, R. Joseph, Jr. Garrett, Harold L. Gausman, William J. Gilbert, Roy A. Gilmore, A. A. Gleeson, Charlotte Goldin, Joel Gray, James L. Grimsley, John U., Jr. Gordy, James C. Hamilton, Sherrod Harber, James Hardic, Gordon L. Hagan, Frank C. Hardman, Hugh L. Harpe, William J. Hartman, Charlie W. Hayes, Richard Herring, Joel Hicks, Rebecca Hill, Meredith Holcomb, James L. Howard, Edwin Hudson, James P. Hurley, James R. Hunt, J. R. Hodgson, James M. Hite, Harry W. Ivey, C. Ray, Jr. Izzo, Richard F. Jackson, Lamar J. Jay, Ferman L. Jaynes, G. Bruce Jennings, Robert N. Johnson, Frank Johnson, Milton L Johnson, Robert W., Jr. Johnson, Robert E., Jr. 398 OF THE II ' ASSOCIATION Johnson, Charles H. Johnson, David D. Kirkland, Wyman R. Kennedy. H. Mack Lane, William T. Lane, Robert L. Landers, Guy E. Legato, Joseph R. Legg, Joseph E. Lokey, Louis L. Lord, Ben H. Massey, James Malcolm, Roy Mason, Walter C. Maxwell, A. Joe Maxwell, Willie Lee Mauldin, James R. Megahce, Thomas Mitchell, Terrell A. Monts, Joseph H. Morris, Hewin V. Moselcy, John M. Mote, Doyle Mote, Harold Moye, Victor C. iMudter, George E. Muther, D. D. Murphy, J. M. McCook, George E. McKenzic, W. A. McRae, VC ' illiam H. McWhorter, Charles McVay, G. Birch O ' Brien, Clinton C. Oakley, Oliver Wendell Osgatharp, Dallas G. Patterson, Betty L. Pattillo, Melville Peterson, Cletus W. Peterson, Louise A. Petruzzo, Robert T. Phillips, Shirley Jane Pittman, C. W. Potter, Edward Potter, Patricia R. Redfearn, James A., Jr. Register, James 1). N. Register, Ralph I- Richards, Thomas V.. Robinson, Donald B. Robinson, John T. Reddick, Emory C. Rowe, James P. Rosario, Laura P. Sammons, T. W. Scott, Charles T.. Spears, William R. Stamey, Darius D. Stovall, Edwin A. Stuart, Robert E. Styles, Robert M. Swearingen, Walter Smallwood, Charles E. Strange, Walter Sullivan, J. D. Thomas, James A. Thomas, William R., Jr. Tolleson, Tom M. Toiieson, Charles M. Thornton, Lendell Tomlinson, Leon C. Troup, Earl C. Twilley, Ralph I. (Pal) Thompson, R. W. Vaughn, A. G. Wallace, Iva M. Wallace, William C. Waldrop, Charles M. Walls, William H. Wardlaw, Robert F. Weatherwax, Fuller G. Webb, W. W. Wheeler, G. A. Williams, Kyler L. Williams, J. C. Williams, J. G. Wingfield, Jackson Whiiaker, William Ward, Henley I. Woodard, Earl J. Wood, Philip N. West, Jack C. Winn, Marianna Young, Charles F. 399 SMir . ' BIFTAD Biftad is a service club whose members are chosen on the basis of scholarship and extra-curricular ac- tivities. It seeks to promote school spirit and pride through annual homecoming decoration contests and on an annual sing for male students. OFFICERS Bev Asbury Ray Burns David Byck John Bowdidge Herb Carhon David Gates Faine Chambers Helon Chichester Harold Clarke Lumpkin Cr f{Q(. Jimmy DeLai ' erriere Ed Dunn Julius Edel Ed Ellis Al Fabian Myron Fogel Joel Goldberg Alan Huvard Alex King Sidney Marcus Abit Masscy Irwin Mazo Hoke Nash Emmit Noland J. C. Paul Fred Ringle Mendel Romm Bob Smalley Buddy Snead Charlie Stein Zack Varnedo Don Walters CHARLIE STEIN HERB CARLSON ED ELLIS JOHN BOWDIDGE President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ' Left to right: Herb Carlson, F.d Ellis, John Bowdidge, Charlie Stein 400 BLUE KEY ioiiari Blue Key is a national honorary organization composed of outstanding students and faculty members. Members are elected from five fields: leadership, scholarship, athletics, publica- tions, and forensics. Juniors are elected in the spring and seniors in the fall. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Correspo?idii g Secretin) ' Alumnae Secretary BRYAN WHITEHURST WATSON WHITE WILL HILL NEWTON ' ALLAN STRICKLAND ' HAROLD PARKER ' HK ' i A. HI 1 I tU KM AI,S(), WHITE Will HILI. NEWTON ALLAN STRICKLAND IIARCIU 1 ' AKK.LK Bill Bates Willis Bradford Ray Burns Clarence Clay Uoliert Vernon ( hrisiian Lamar Cjibson Hubert Grist Abit Masscy Kirk McAlpin Jim MiKenzic Mel McLendon Will Hill Newum James Harold Parker Carlso Phillips Charles Presley Dan Rice Simeon Shaddix John Shelfield Walter Smith Ned Stephens Allan Strickland Watson While Br an Whiithursi Mims Wilkinson Harry Wingaie 401 B ;TT • burnside PHILLIP PITTS COSMOPOLITAN CLUB (AKlOb C.OKKIA COSTAS APOSTOLAKIS Greece BETTY BURNSIDE Georgia TONY CHEVREMONT Puerto Rico CARLOS CORREA Peru NONA MARIE FERNDON Texas BALFOURA FRIEND China CESAR GOMEZ Peru DAVID HSI China )ANE KEEN Georgia THEMIS LOIZIDON Cyprus ROBERTO LUNA Peru REGINALD MITCHELL England MARIA NIKA Hungary HALIL IBRAHIM OZDE- MIR Turkey PHILLIP PITTS Georgia LAURA ROSARIO Puerto Rico BESSIE SMARAGDIS Georgia FRANK E. TRIOANO New York TH S VERSTER Holland LOUIS VILLAMOR Puerto Rico DAVID WYNNE Georgia ENRIQUE CHEUCA Puerto Rico BALFOURA KRII . U REGINALD MITCHELL PRANK E. TRIOANO II ••( LOUIS VILLAMOR DAVID WYNNE 402 k DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB Purpose: The Dairy Science Club, an affiliate of American Dairy Science Association, is one of several inter- departmental clubs within the College of Agriculture. It is unsurpassed in vitality, purpose, or accomplish- ments. Aside from its primary function of stimulating; interest in the dairy industry of the South, the club offers each and every person interested in dairying an opportunity to get together and discuss subjects of mutual interest. OLD ,ii:d NHW OFFICHRS Frnnt Row (L-R) Folds, Sisson, McClendon, Thompson. Butk Row— Myers, ' oung, Conner. P (T DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB MEMBERS From Row C .-K — DavL-nport, Austin, Parker, Brecdlovc, Cheque, Shirk-), Gomez, Futral. MiiUle KoH — Lambert, Sisson, Goher, iMahaffey, Casey, Scl lars. Folds, Agee, Prestott, iMcC;iendon, Downer, Marei, ' oung, Myers. Buck Ro«— Perry, Bannister, Thompson, Webb, Conner, Walker, Heniphill, Booth. 403 ifnmiHiriii b " - — " ' ' " ' " ' ' " ' " ' ' ' ™ " DELTA mm PI Purpose: Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity in the field of commerce and business administra- tion organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation be- tween the commercial world and students of commerce and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. ! OFFICERS EARVIN L. JOYNER Headmaster NIXON T. CROSBY Senior Warden R. L. CARMICHAEL junior Warden F. D. DURDEN Treasurer CHARLES McMillan Scrlbe JOHN T. GUY Chancellor GORDON YARBROUGH Master of Ceremonies MILTON WESTBROOK Master of Festivities MASON BARBER Historian FACULTY MEMBERS Dean James E. Gates Dean Alvin B. Biscoe Prof. H. M. Heckman Prof. John F. Burke Prof. L. R. Whetten Prof. A. A. Charles Comptroller J. D. Bolton 404 Balk, R. S. Barber, M. M. Baiilc, C. T. Berryman, L. T. Builcr, W. C. Calhnva), W. L. Carniithael, R. L. Carmichael, R. R. Chamber, C. G. Crosb}-, N. T. Daniel, G. E. Dixon, J. J. Drake, C. B. Durden, F. D. Edcnfield, R. G. Ellard, P. M. Etheridge, F. C. Fabian, A. E. Fears, J. E. Fort, W. D. Guy, J. T. Harkins, J. W. Harris, D. E. Hearn, Thomas Mollis, S. B. Jernigan, M. C. Jones, E. B. Jones, Eugene Joyner, E. L. LeCroy, C. L. Livingston, W. J. McCuller, J. S. McDeviit, J. E. Mtlntyre, B. W. McMillian, C. H. McPherson, Carl Merritt, D. R. Morgan, H. L. Nelms, F. 1). Offerman, G. S. Piitard, H. F. Robison, T. E. Rowan, B. V. Seitz, W. i I. Sellers, R. L. Silas, C. K. Simmons, J. E. Smith, C. W. Wells, W. H. West, William Westbrook, M. H. Whipple, J. F., Jr. Woodall, Lewis Woolard, M. C. Yarbrough, Gordon First Row, Lefl to K g ) — Frank I). Nelms, Maurice Woolard, John Harkins, Steve McCuller, Stafford Offerman, Carl G. Chambers, Donald t. Harris, R. R. Carmichael, H. F. Pittard. Second Kou ' -Milton X ' estbrook, George Daniel, Charles McMillan, L. T. Berryman, Earvin L. Joyner, Mar- tin Fllard, Bob Balk. Sam Hollis, F. D. Durden. Nixon T. Crosby. Third Koi -C;harIes Drake. Charles Battle, Clair K. Silas, Raymond G. Edenfield, Joe MtOc iti. R. L. Carmichael, J. Ed Simmons, Davis Fort, T. E. Robison, Jr. loiirih Kou— John T. Guy, B. W. Mclntyre, Jr., Frank Ethridge, Mason Barber, Gordon Yarbrough, Joe Dixon, Hunion Morgan, John Whipple, Ezra B. Jones, Jr. 403 DELTA TBETA FHI National Law fraternity, originally founded in 1900. Fraternity has 65 active senates and over 23,000 members. Established at Georgia in 1904. OFFICERS Dean GERALD J. OROURKE, JR. Vice-Dean ROBERT O. SHROPSHIRE Tribune CHARLES VAN S. MOTTOLA Master of Rolls WILLIAM M. TOWSON Clerk of Exchequer THOMAS A. HUTCHESON Master of Ritual HENRY L. KNIGHT Bailiff EARL B. SELF Lefl In iiiihi. (icrald J. O ' Rourke, Jr., Robert O. Shropshire, Charles Van S. Motfola, William M. Towson, Thomas A. Hutcheson, Henry L. Knight, Earl B. Self I Jack W. Ballanger Carey C. Carter, Jr. Walter E. Coney Bartow Cowden, III John E. Griffin Gould B. Hagler Robert L. Hodges James F. Holm:;n Thomas A. Hutcheson Harvey J. Kennedy, Jr. Hevry Lamar Knight Raymond E. Lester James R. Martin Roy E. May Thomas M. Moore, Jr. Charles Van S. Mottola Gerald J. O ' Rourke, Jr. Grady C. Pittard, Jr. Clarence W. Pittman Willis J. Richardson Earl B. Self Robert O. Shropshire Benjamin Smith Dewey Smith William M. Towson Harold E. Ward DISTHIBUTIVE EBUCATION CLUB The Distributive Education Club was organized January, 1948, at the University of Georgia for the purpose of carr ing on Distributive Education throughout other schools and states. D.E. majors are ehgible for membership. OFFICERS J. GUY HANCOCK JULIAN H. SCOTT jOANN SHEFFIELD HARRY MUSSELWHITE MURRIELL AUTREY, JR. Preihh ' iil I ' he PresicU ' iil Secreliiry Treasurer Ptirlicimeiiliiriait }. GUV HANCOCK Jl ' LlAN H. SCOT! JOANN SlIlFllkLD MIRKIH I All KhY Jesse A. Anderson Merriell Autrey, Jr. Carolyn R. Bond Jack S. Burgess Henry W. Burnmuhs Alice Cohen Joseph M. Edwards Rohert Finney Dennis poller Bert I.. Hammock J. C.uv Hancock Robert Hanson Wilham G. Hays Willis K. Herndor Margaret Jones Betty Glyn Kirkland Karl Kocevar Boyce S. I-ong John W. McNeil Elaine Moore Harry Musselwhite Conath Michols James W. Palmer William A. Russell Julian H. Sc itt Joann Sheffield Hugh r. Smisson Leonard A. Smith R. E. Turner 407 DEMOSTHENIM LITERACY SOCIETY FALL QUARTER OFFICERS President DAN RICE Vice President JAMES BENTLEY Secretary-Treasurer JIM McLAIN Parliamentarian JIM TEASLEY Chief justice ROBERT HODGES WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS President JIM BENTLEY Vice President RAYMOND KING Secretary-Treasurer GEORGE BONEY SPRING QUARTER OFFICERS President BOB SMALLEY Vice President HUBERT HOWARD Secretary-Treasurer CHARLES JONES 408 Purpose: Demosthenian Literary Society, the oldest of its kind on the campus or in the state, was founded in 1801, and has been very active since that time. At present, there are approximately two hundred active members. Amastin, O. A. Anderson, Georj e Anthony, Bill Ansley, Palmer Argo, Bob Asher, Buddy AspinwatI, Mershon Barnes, Cliff Baxter, Glen Bell, Curtis Bell, Nelms Benson, Stanley Bentley, James Bentley, Preston Bewster, B. D. Blakewood, Dick Boggus, Argin Boney, George Boske, Paul Bowers, Allen Bradley, Walter A. Brinning, David M. Brooke, John F. Brooks, Dick Brooks, Wilbur C. Broome, Robert J. Brown, Bill Bryans, Raleigh Bryant, Owen F. Caldwell, Ed Caldwell, Owen Calloway, Hubert C. Camp, Hubert P. Carter, Carey C, Jr. Cates, David E. Chambers, Faine Chandler, Joe C;hecley, Joe Clary, William Cleveland, King Clifton, Lamar Cliffton, Ellis Crimmins, Lawrence Dauphin, Bunny Davidson, Jack Davis, Blake Davis, Bob Arnold Davis, Hugh Davis, Johnny De Lo.uh, Ed T. De Loach, Harry Dinjar, Eugene S. Donahoe, Don Dowdy, D. C. Edwards, Bruce Elkins, Charles Ellard, Martin F.nglish, Ted A. Faus, David Feldman, A. P. Flake, Bill Flanigan, Robert E. Fleming, Wallace Fletcher, J. Milton Fordham, Benjamin Floyd, Calvin M. Eraser, Charles Ciarrett, James H. Ciodbce, Robert E. Griner, H. G. Gross, Jimmy Halliday, Nick Hardin, Walton Hargrove, Ralph Harrison, Otis Hart, Whit Hawkins, Paul Hays, Thomas Heck, Robert Henderson, Bob Hill, Andrew J. Hill, Joe Hilley, J. E. Hock, Harry Hodges, Ben A. Hodges, Robert Howard, Hubert Hubbard, Stanley A. Ireland, Wilton C. Irvin, Howlett Jackson, Lamar J. Jones, David Jones, Ezra Jones, Bill Jones, Charles H. Jones, Charles Scriven Jones, Milford Jones, Paul Ji.nes, Robert Jones, Stewart H. Kindall, Samuel R. King, Raymond Kirbo, Bruce Knox, Joe Lester, Raymond Lewis, Wallace Lynn, Randall Masscy, Abit McClurc, Robert McHargue, S. L. McKelvey, Robert C. McLain, Jim McLendon, Melbourne McMillan, W. C. Mciulor, James Thomas Miller, Jerre Mitchell. A. B. Mitchell, Joe C. Mullins, Gene Murphy, Jim Naar, Joe Odom, Colquitt O ' Kelley, T. H. Parker, Buford J. Patureau, Alan Paulsen, Jacob H. Pedrick, Fuller Peeples, Hall Phillips, Barry Pierce, Ralph Pinson, Wayne Presley, Charles Raulerson, T. K. Reddick, Robert E. Rice, Dan Ricks, Wade Roberts, Al Roberts, Jim Robertson, Parker Rogers, John Rozier, Louie Rucker, Walter Rushion, Frank Scoggins, Bill Sheffield, John Sheffield, Lloyd Simpkins, Hoyt Smalley, Bob Smith, George Smith, Robby D., Ill Smith, Walter P. Smith, William Sour, Grover Sullivan, Dennis Sumner, E. A. Sutton, Harry Taylor, Jimmy Teasley, James Townsend, Hubert T. Tucker, C. S. Upchurch, William T. Wadell, Tom Walker, Jimmy Warren, Joe Welch, Clarence West, Thomas Westbrook, James W. White, Watson L. Whitehurst, Bryan Wilson, John T. Wingate, Harry ' oung, Frank A. 409 ffJHi rtitCwBiT ' ii; DI AMMA Um Purpose: To give recognition for outstanding radio work botli in the undergraduate and pro- fessional fields. History: ALPHA Chapter. Founded in 1939 on the campus of the University of Georgia. JIM DODD OFFICERS President BOB LAY Vice President JIM DODD , Receiving Secretary CELIA GORDON Correspoiidiijg Secretary EMORY NANCE J Treasurer MELVIN HARRIS CELIA GORDON i ACTIVES: Dodd, Jim Farrar, Charles Gordon, Celia Harris, Melvin Lay, Robert Levy, Irwin Mills, Ruih Nance, Emory Vocalis, Charles Westbrook, Norman Whipple, Fielding PLEDGES: Forrest, Lew Haskins, Jack Hazelrig, Robert Martin, Dudley McHargue, Sidney Mock, Robert Parrish, Charles Pyle, Carol Randall, David Toole, Chuck Walker, Jimmy 1 410 ASPIRANTS: Bakes, Hiram Bateman, Joline Brinkley, Carl Cabero, George Dancer, Jane Garfein, Don Giblicn, Nancy Hall, David Harris, Paul Johnson, Betty Land, Oliver Means, Frances Mitchell, Nina Moore, Marvin Mullis, Joe Sexton, Jean Silverman, Allan Ruark, David .. ECONOMICS SOCIETY OFFICERS PresiJei l Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor BARRY BHUTIiLL BILL GAY DAVIS lORT JAMES S. WILSON PROI-. J. WAI.KKR DAVIS FORT JAMIS S. WILSON Jack Avrett Barry Beutell Donie Brocket! Tena Avalene Burns Walter C. Butler Harry H. Chew Jack E. Clark Jack O. Coaiter Merle C. Coalter Lenoree Cottongim Dot Crawford Joe Decosimo George G. Doerner W. K. Edinondson F. C. litherridge Davis Fort John Garren Bill Gay Frances Giandomenico John Guy John Hardin John Harkins E. K. Harrell Steve Harris Al Harwell Dan Howard George T. Irvin C. S. Jones Eugene Jones M. C. Jones Laurence Kent Robert M. Knight Paul E. King Charles I,. LeCroy, Jr. Jennin;;s Livingston Joseph E. McDevitt James N. Mauriocourt Royce J. Mitcl-.tll Leonard E. Murray Frank D. Nelnis Dawson Owens Joe Ozmea Hall Peebles E. M. Price B. Vcniiin Kowan Robert T. Sanders William V. Scoggins (Charles G. Shepherd Bill Simmons Harry Smith John P. Stilwell Jack R. Tanner ' ernon Thomson Charles Tt)olc Rcben Tutwilcr Hetty V ' ickers Jimmy Wslker Walker Wliite Montan Williams James S. ' ilson Maurice C. W(X)lard Arther Q. Wise Joseph Zawistowski Thomas Zoppo UMt- EDUCATION CLUB The Education Club serves as a council for the many major groups in the field of education. Representatives from various clubs related to education plan activities and recreation for the benefit and enjoyment of each individual member. OFFICERS JULIAN SCOTT PATRICIA GLEASON ELIZABETH MIDDLETON President Vice President Secretivy-Treasiirer PATRICIA GLEASON ELIZABETH MIDDLETON 412 EDUCATION CLUB MEMBERS 413 FORESTHY CLUB The object of this club is to foster an interest in the school; to better acquaint the members with current forestry conditions; and to promote fellowship and wholesome recreation. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS AL DAVENPORT CHARLES MILLWOOD W. H. REAMES H. B. STARKES CHARLES MILLWOOD H. B. STARKES Anderson, John Avery, Gene Ashmore, Herb Barnes, Curtis Barrett, C. D. Baxter, H. O. Bearden, M. E. Beverly, P. C. Booth, G. A. Booth, Tillman Bray, I. L. Broyles, H. H. Budreski, F. A. Burke, Sam Burtz, O. C. Cantey, B. W. Chapman, W. L. Cloud, Mason Goad, Jim Connelly, J. F. Cowan, Frank Craven, Frank Crawford, J. M. Creighton, Don Crider, Jimmy Crooke, Dave Darby, S. P. Darley, Herbert Davenport, Al Davis, W. H. Dennis, C. S. Desmond, Mac Eadie, F. H. Edney, Bob Ellington, H. Ellington, J. E. Ellis, C. W. Evans, J. H. Evans, W. B. Exley, G. E. Faris, E. T. Farr, M. W. Felker, K. B. Fox, Jack Funderburke, D. P. Garafalo, Joe Garrison, Joe Gatlin, E. R. Gober, H. P. Green, Monroe Greer, Jack Groom, David Griggs, Joe Hagen, J. F. Haislet, J. A. Hamby, E. W. Hamilton, J. R. Hamilton, M. E. Hamlett, R. T. Hancock, John Hankinson, T. B. Hanson, J. W. Hardy, James Harling, Robert Harmon, J. B. Harrison, R. B. Haskins, E. B. Helmkin, Ralph Hembree, A. H. Henson, James Hinkle, J. C. Hughes, Al Hull, R. L. Hunteman, J. W. Johnson, Harold Johnson, R. A. Johnston, Coy Jones, W. H. Knight, Vernon Kuntz, John Lanier, J. W. Lewis, E. S. Lewis, T. D. Lundy, L. L. McClurkin, D. C. McKelvey, C. G. McNeil, James Manning, R. W. Martinez, E. J. Mathews, Ho oper Middlebrooks, B. S. Miller, M. L. Millwood, Charles Mobley, Tom Morris, Ed Neel, W. L. Nelson, Nash Nelson, R. B. Nims, W. H., Jr. Nix, L. C. O ' Leary, David G ' Leary, Joe Orr, John Parker, J. R. Parnell, Cheves Peterson, D. W. Phillips, Pete Pierce, Milton Prince, Wendell Proctor, J. C. Rankin, Scott Ratliff, W. M. Reames, W. H. Reddish, Vernon Reed, J. O. Riley, O. L. Ryder, J. D. Sellers, W. J. Seymour, Z. L. Sheppard, W. Simmons, Walter Simpson, Joe Slade, Sam Smith, F. A. Smith, J. L. Snowden, Jim St. John, Carl Stamley, G. M. Stanley, L. S. Starkes, H. B. Sullivan, W. C. Summer, Earnest Thigpen, V. G. Thompson, Bill Thompson, P. M. Thompson, W. P. Tift, R. H. Todd, D. P. Travis, Robert Turner, W. F. Turner, Jack Weatherly, J. 11. Webb, C. H. White, R. E. Whitfield, A. L. Wiegand, E. Wike, C. O. Williams, F. E. Williams, Hank Williams, Lee Woody, Arthur GAFFAU CLUB Founded in 1933, the purpose of the Gaffau Club is to promote vocational j uidance and agricultural leadership, and to provide recreation and fraternal relationship for agricultural students. Any student who is regularly enrolled in agricultural courses at the University of Georgia and who has been a mem- ber of a local FFA Chapter or is specializing in teacher training in the Division of Vocational Education is eligible for membership. OFFICERS . G. NIX PIERCE WILCOX BEN E. EORDHAM ROBERT HARRISON ROY COLEY DOUGLAS LUKE RALPH TLiRNER Charles L. Anderson Vernon Alligood Charles Bailey Edwin Brannan Joe Brooks Curtis L. Browning A. E. Bowers Jack Buchanan Otho Butler H. A. Barwick Tom Calhoun Joe Cannon F. C. Carter Henry Clefton Roy Coley Richard Cox Claude Cook R. W. Craf Hilton Davidson Bob Davis Bill Davis Pete Dickerson Dill Estep Charles Pagan H. W. Folsom Ben E. Fordhani Godfrey Funk Grover Garrison William Gidd:;ns Jesse Goodman Charley Grif. ' in Muhcrt Grisi Huland Mall Jim Hamilton Boyce Hamby J. B. Henry H. D. Harris Horald Harpe William A. Hargtuve Robert Harrison William Hayes Thomas Helton William Hitchcock Otis Hill Tommy Hodges Clarence Huff Preiidviit K J Vice President w . " Secretary -y Treasurer Reporter ' f ■ ' . Parliamentarian BtN l:. FORDHAM Advisor Roy Huff Jonathan McConnel Leon Hathcock John McClure Ben Harris Charles Meeks James C. Harpe Walter Moore Flemming Haliey Tom Nelms Samuel Kendall W. G. Nix Byron Kirkland Cliffard Park W. E. Kirkland Clyde Payne Ralph Lastcr loe Porter Willie Long Howard Pridgen Douglas Luke R. E. Ramsey KOV COLEY Poyce Ramsey Thomas Richardson Alex Ridley Sam Roberts C harles Segiers Charles Smith Pearly Thigpen Earl Thomas Thomas Thorton James Thursby Charles Tucker noi (,I.AS LUKK Ralph Turner Ernest Warren Bill Warrell Tony Williams Henry Williams Pierce Wilcox Oliver Wilson Dewey Whiddon Tom VX ' hiifield Emmet Whelchcl Williams Wcxid 1 - lafisisiisiiSiiSiBiiai 415 ■t iM ' i4.i--Jj universit: or geohqia aeho club The Aero Club was founded on November 1, 1947, by Alton HoUis, Arthur Baron, and with the coop- eration of Professor Lawrence Nachtrab. The purpose of the organization is to encourage collegiate flying, to stimulate inter collegiate competition, and for the advancement of aviation in all phases. OFFICERS HUGH REID President H. R. McGAFFIE Vice PresidetH JAMES E. PORTER Treasurer MARY WHELCHEL Secretary GENE HOLLEY Manager •416 Harry Bailey Ira L. Bray Quiliam Bryant W. E. Cain Bunny Dauphin Donald Ford James S. Greggis Winefred Gray Joseph R. Karvey Bill Hays George Isley Jimmie Morris Mikel Jenkins John Myrick Maurice Little Laurence Newman Carl Moran Barbara Ross EOnQIA AQRICULTURE CLUB The Georgia Agriculture Club is a local organization whose purpose is to promote better speaking and thinking along agricultural lines. To be eligible for membership, a student must be enrolled in the Col- lege of Agriculture, School of Forestry, or the School of Veterinary Medicine. OFFICERS JIM GARRETT President WILLARD SISSON Vice President BEN FORDHAM Secretary CHARLES SMITH Treasurer JOHN BROOKE Parliamentarian DAN RICE Critic JIM GARRETT WILLARD SISSON BEN FORDHAM CHARLES SMITH JOHN BROOKE n. C. Bozeman John Brooke Jack Buchanan Otho Bullcr Malhew Conner L. T. Crinimins Hilton Davidson Bill Davis Bob Davis Bill Fstep Ben Fordham C. R. Gaines James Garrett Guy Graham Hubert Grist Lawcrence Harvey Kmmelt Jorden Byron Kirkland Vernon Knight Andrew McKibbcn William McNair Harold Parker Devon Patton Fuller Pedrick Dan Rice R. C. Rayon Waller Ruckcr Fd Sharp Willard Sisson (Charles Smith John Snare Howard Stcmhridge Larry Torrance Ralph Turner B. E. Welbom Bryan Whiiehurst Harry W ' inpatc Bill Worrell 417 jfjBTrHtMifnifnmir- MEN ' S LES CLUB BYRON H. WARNER Director OFFICERS OTHO BUTLER President WALTER COOK Vice President ROYSTON MERRITT Business Manager JULIAN STEWART Asst. Bus. Manager JOHN SCOGGINS Publicity Manager ROLL OF MEMBERS Acree, W. R. Anderson, Harry Arnecte, Tal Barnwell, Charles Bauph, Wilbur Beckham, Otto Black, Herbert Bryant, Dennis Butler, Otho Cline, CJene Cline, Pierce Clark, Sidney Cobb. Paul Conncrs, Willia Cook, Walter Cotton, Oavid Collier, Cliff Crouch, Tom Coney, Walter Oaniel, George Dardcn, Holt Davis, Alfred Davis, Cornelius Davis, Doug Deen, Hugh Dunn, Edward English, Carlton Etheridpe, Bob Fieldmal, Al Firor, Hugh Fleming, Wallace Ford, Henry Forrest, Lew Fountain, Ralph Green, Ronald Griffclli, James Hall, David Harris, Troupe Haskins, Jack Haxelrigp, Hob Heard, Charles Hodge, Paul Howard, Daniel Hudgins, Paul Inhulsen, Bernard Irvin, Miias Jenkins, Jean Johnson, Robert Jones, Bill Jordan, Earl Kea, Paul Kirkpairick, Jim Kniskern, Peter Lax, Bernard Lever, Sam Lippitt, Maxwell MacDonald, Frank Mashburn, Alva Meadows, Joe Mcrritl, Rcnston Mills, J. R. Mitchell, Billy Mixon, Billy Mobley, Nick McComb, Tommy McElroy, Bill Moore, Tom McGarity, Meadow McKee, Joe McCreery, William Nash, Nelson Norman, Edwin O ' Neal. M. C. Owen, W. C. Pendergras, Alva Perry, Charlie Pitlard, Harold Price, Homer Rabun, William Ratchford, Sam Ruderman, Joe Saxon, Austin Scarborough, Fritz Scoggins, John Springer, Walter Stewart, Julian Suiline, Bill Tigner, Frank Tillman, Tommy Turner, Joe Volk, Bill Wages, F. E. Welch, Jerome Ward. Albert W. Way, Sam Walker. Ray Whailey. Don B. Walters, Don Whitaker, Barney Williams, Hank ■ ' arbrough, Robert Zitirouer, Henry 419 niDinoN sechet omNizATioN OFFICERS President THOMAS M. SMITH, JR. Secretary-Treasurer WATSON L. WHITE Bev A. Asbury Robert C. Balfour William O. Banks Gus R. Barksdale James Bentley Upshaw Bentley Allen E. Bower Henry Brice Marion T. Bridges Ray Burns David Gates Harold Clarke Clarence Clay King Cleveland Lawrence Crimmins Edward A. Davenport A. L. Dorminy Al Fabian Ezekiel B. Gaines Joel Goldberg John E. Griffin Hubert Grist Wiltun Ireland Joe Knox E. R. Lambert Abit Massey Jim McKenzie M. D. McLcndon Harold Parker Fuller Pedrick Charles Pressely William T. Roberts William M. Sellars Willard Sisson John E. Sheffield Sydney O. Smith, Jr. Walter Smith Allan Julian Strickland Earnest A. Sumner Thomas H. Thompson Thomas C. Watson Bryan K. Whitehurst A. M. Wilkinson, Jr. Harry L. Wingate, Jr. Glen York 4?Q |. ' l m n !T jm t E Bl: - ' -J ft ' 1 r - " S r ■ 1 J ' V " ' v IH .- ' WSSS • 1 kt - ■• ■ ' :M 5 1? m HILLEL FOUNDATION B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation, now celebrating its Silver Jubilee, is a national organization de- voted to cultural, religious, and counseling se .vice among Jewish students at American uni- versities. The University of Georgia Hillel Foundation was established around 1939, and meets at the Stern Community House on Jackson and Hancock Streets. The present Director is Rabbi Samuel Glasner, EXECUTIVE COUNCIL CHARLES STEIN Chairman BALFOURA FRIEND Vice Chairman SONYA ABELSON Secretary JACK STEINBERG Treasurer Executive Council in Session I 422 HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS President MARCILE HOOKS Vice President Secretary Treasurer JACKIE NORTON HARRIETTE PEAVY BETTY LONGINO BETTY LONGINO Corleen Cox Agnes Hancock Charlotte McCall Sara Walls Virginia Freeman Eleanor Lyle Doris Simmons L -nda Williams Patricia Gleason Margie Malcolm Margaret T iier Martha Wofford 423 HOMECON CLUB The Homecon Club, open to all Home Economics majors, studies methods of improving home and family relations. f ' i SARA WALLS OFFICERS President SARA WALLS Vice President EVANGELINE THOMAS Recording Secretary EDITH HARROD Corresponding Secretary LENA MAXEY Treasurer LYNDA WILLIAMS, acting treasurer EVANGELINE THOMAS Norma Adams Hazel Akins Carolyne Allen Janice Arundel Mary Askew Rita Baker Phyllis Barber Margaret Barfield Geraldine Bates Ann Bass Jewel Biles Agnes Blitch Frances Bradfield Jeannine Brooks Barbara Brown Mary Brown Miriam Bryant Ann Bryson Georgianne Bulfin Carol Burch Marjorie Bush Betty Bedingfield Myra Sue Cain Harriette Cantrell Mary Kathryn Carson Iva Lou Castleberry Maxie Cherry Martha Clark Nell Clark Grace Clark Helen Cleveland Nan Cliatt Mary Ann Crandall Betty Crawford Myrtle B. Cross EDITH HARROD Cleopatra Coptsias Colleen Cox Catha Sue Cox Jeanne Davenport Ethyl Davis Mary Celeste Davis Virginia Ruth Davis Virginia Dees Jean DeMars Betty Dulligan Daisy Durden Cordelia Ellis Virginia Flowers Charlotte Gaulding Dorothy Gibbs Helen Ginn Pat Gleason Wilma Jean Grear Agnes Hancock Jeanette Handley Elsie Harvey Betty Hatcher Joanne Hempstead Marcille Hooks Jean Hunnicut Ruth Jackson Mary K. Kellerhols LENA MAXEY m 1 f 1 LYNDA WILLIAMS Joyce Kenimer Pauline Kennedy Elizabeth Leonard Louise Leonard Betty Longino Frances Lott Eleanor Lyle Rowanda Maloof Mary Mann Sarah Nell Marlow Marie Martin Mildred Matthews Betsy Meadows Suzanne Merck Sara Frances Merritt Catherine Mims Marcia Moore Melba Moore Peggy Moorehead Betty Moxley Dolorese Mundy Virginia McBride Charlotte McCall Georgia McGarity Jean McRae Jackie Norton Harriette Peavy Helen Perkins Marian Pickrell Peggy Pilkenton Mary Ellen Porter Coleen Poole Marie Powers Susan Prater Harriet Pund Patricia Irene Rud Frieda Scheer Dorothy Scott Horothy Shealy Doris Simmons Mary Sims Sybil Smith Thomasina Smith Robbie Starr Helen Stephens Margaret Stovall Alice Teaver Barbara Thomas Jean Tillman Mary Martice Tomlinson Alice Vickers Merle Wade Hazel Weams Rose Weems Marinelle Weldon John Ann Westbrook Billie Sue Wilbanks Barbara Williams Ruth Wingate Martha Wofford Marion Wolff Joy Woodland Sara Frances Varbrough 424 INTEmTIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club was founded at Furman University in 1915, aided by the Carnegie Foundation which began organizing clubs for the discussion of international affairs in 1916. The Georgia Club was established in 1926. OFFICERS .. WILL HILL NEWTON F.MMIT NOLAND DARLF.NE YARBROUGH President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer W III. MILL NEWTON iMarli n Uridges Sam A. Carr Htinn (;hiihester Man. Id Clarke Ellis Clifton Arthur C iilicn Walt Coney Charles Drake Julius Edel Horace Edmond, Jr. Boh Gordon James Hilley Betty A. Humphrey Dan Humphrey Patricia Humphrey Tom Hutcheson Milton M. Murray Hoke Nash Emmii Noland Will Hill Newton Hall Peebles Barbara Koss EMMIT NOI AND Ercd R. Sclarpe Richard Schinkley Ralph I. Simons Margaret Siovall Sol Spcilberp Alan Strickland John H. Switt II. G. Traylor Jimmy Walker John R. Wardin Darlene ' S ' arbrough 425 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CLUB The Landscape Architecture Club was founded in 1931 to further knowledge and interest in professional landscape architecture. Membership in the organization is limited to students in the Landscape Architecture Department. I- OFFICERS ' ' ' ■ " ' ' " AL M. SMITH Vice President BOB HARMON Secretary POLLY MITCHELL ' ■ ' ' ' " ■ ' - SAM MONK Corresponding Secretary JACK REED 426 Angle Ayers lialJwin Barden Betstill Hi;;naulc Breedlove Brock Caslleherry (Elements Dtm n Uevurak D.owdy Drew Florinoy Callus Greene Hamby Hammond Harmon, C. Hendrix Hinion Holland Hudson Ingram Joel Johnson Keehan Knowlcs Law Le Master Martin, E. Martin, P. Mitchell Myers McGarity Nelson Powell Rawls Reed Rose Smith Stevens Stodghill, A. Stodghill, C. Taylor Thurmond Weadon Wilkins Williams Wise Wix dard Wright, A. Wright, J. Young, M. Young, N. 427 MORTAK BOARD Mortar Board, senior honor society for women, recognized scholarship, leadership, and service, and ad- vanced a program to stimulate and to develop a finer type of college woman. The Parthenian Chapter was established on this campus in 1939. OFFICERS President SARA H. R ABHAN Vice President KATHERINE BLACKSHEAR Secretary ANN ANDREWS Treasurer BETTY GREEN W IE -■ Ann Andrews » Alice Chandler Betty Green " " " ■ " . . M Margaret Johnson Sara H. Rabhan Ruth Wingate BI.ACKSHEAR CHANDLER GREEN RABHAN WINGATE OMICRON DELTA Um OinicTon Delta Kappa, National Leadership Honor Society for men, was founded in 1914 at Wash- ington and Lee University. Alpha Upsiion was founded at the University of Georgia in 1935. Purposes of ODK are: (1) To recognize men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activi- ties and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similar lines; (2) To hring to- gether the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mould the sentiment of the institution on questions of local intercollegiate interest; and (3) To hring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. OFFICERS President Vice President Faculty Adiiior Faculty Secretary Student Secretary Treasurer ABIT MASSEY KIRK McALPIN D. J. W ' EDDELL H. B. HENDERSON HAROLD CLARKE FAINE CHAMBERS Student Members: Bill Bates I.ynward Bussey Faine Chambers Tom Clarke Abit Massey Kirk McAIpin Melbourne McLendon Will Hill Newion (harks (.. Presley John Sheffield X ' alter Sniiih Dan Stanley larnesi Sumner Minis Wilkinson Jr Active Faculty Members: Alvin B. Biscoe William M. Crane H. B. Henderson William Tate Donald J. Weddell Associate Faculty Members: Tyrus Butler Harmon W. Caldwell Paul X ' . Chapman John E. Drcwry Alton Hosch Albert Jones Albert B. Saye John Sims John X ' ade 429 mm m sim Eta Chapter of Omega Tau Sigma Professional Veterinary Fraternity was established at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, August 20, 1948. OFFICERS CHARLES N. McNEILL President WILLIAM W. ADAMS Vice President JACK R. PALMER Secretary DAWSON L. TAYLOR Treasurer DR. THOMAS A. S. HAYS Faculty Advisor Leslie P. Barnes James Briggs J. D. Edens J. C. Frazier Francis M. Jackson Charles B. King Charles W. Leonard Gerald P. McCranie Joseph O ' Connor George W. Patton George D. Radford E. B. Rushing W. H. Rhodes Charles G. Sims Paul Stovall W. DuPont Strong Pat Suber A. V. Tuten C. L. Vickers James R. White Robert D. Whiteford First Row, l-r., Charles N. McNeill, William W. Adams, Jack R. Palmer, Dawson L. Taylor, S. Louis Clarkson, Don B. Bell, Robert J. Glass. Second Row, l-r., William B. Martin, Jr., Murphy W. Banks, Luther P. Murphy, James T. Bryson, Leicester L. Landon, Thomas W. Jenkins, Robert C. Law- rence, Jr. Third Row, l-r., Francis T. Holton, Dank Morris, Waldo H. Palmer, Clarence B. Grubbs, Lollis H. Hardy, Wiley J. Greenway Wilbur S. Higgs. 430 FHi CHI mu at the ;i Founded in New York City on January 4, 1926. Alpha Epsilon Chapter founded at Cieorgia on May 18, 1947. The colors are lavender and gold and the flower is the Iris. The purpose is to promote the cause of higher business education and training for ail women, to foster high ideals for women in business ca- reers, to encourage fraternity and cooperation among women preparing for such careers and to stimu- late the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends. OFFICERS FRANCES GIANDOMENICO President BETTY WILLIAMS First Vice President BETTY VICKERS Second Vice President MERLE C. COALTER Secretary JUNE GLENN Treasurer GIANDOMENICO h, 1 1 Mary listelle Bell Tena Burns Sarah Bishop Merle C. Coalter Dorothy Crawford Lenore Cottongim Caroline Elkins Isabel Faussett Frances Florence Frances Giandomenico June Glenn Mary Ann Hcaron Louise Jackson Jane Keen Fllen Kerr Vera Mew- Ann Middlebrooks Nan Kigdon Dorothy Smith Betty Vickers Betty Williams Monteen Williams Pauline Woodall Barbara Wright J, ClisS ' ,c.i " - ;« " ' 43 r irr , ' FHI ALPHA DELTA Phi Alpha Delta is a national Honorary Law Fraternity founded in 1898 by a group of law students in Chicago, Illinois. It has chapters in fifty-eight of the leading American law schools and thirty-one Alumni Chapters in the larger American cities. The total membership of the fraternity is approximately 18,000. The Alexander Stephens Chapter was inaugurated at the University of Georgia on August 5, 1947. OFFICERS FALL QUARTER ALBERT G. INGRAM, JR. Chief Justice LUHR G. C. BECKMANN, JR. Vice Jus ice KING D. CLEVELAND Marshal JOHN S. KNOX, JR. Clerk WILLIAM T. SMITH Treasurer Left lo right: ALBERT G. INGRAM, JR., Chief justice: LUHR G. C. BECKMANN, JR., Vice Justice; KING D. CLEVELAND, Marshal: JOHN S. KNOX, JR., Clerk; WILLIAM T. SMITH, Treasurer WINTER QUARTER KING D. CLEVELAND Chief Justice CALHOUN A. LONG Vice Justice JOHN R. ROGERS Marshal JACK TIPTON Clerk WILLIAM B. STARK Treasurer 432 Left to right: KING D. CLEVELAND, Chief Justice: CALHOUN A. LONG, Vice Justice; JOHN R ROGERS, Marshal: JACK TIPTON, Clerk; WILLIAM B. STARK, Treasurer w in the m. i I BECKJWN ' N ' . fy r o C O .iio U.»Mi ST. Augustus r. Adanison William II. Alexander Arnold B. Anderson Palmer H. Ans ' ey Luhr G. C. Be I. tiann, Jr. J. Donald Dcnne.l James L. Beniley, Jt. James B. Blackburn Richard A. Blakewood John E. Briscoe, Jr. Garland T. Byrd Troy L. Carroll, Jr. Joseph E. Cheely Kinj: D. Cleveland Zack n. Crave , Jr. Jack S Oavidson Johnson F. Davis Donald f. ' . Eormby Stephen D. Frankum Ezekiel B. Gaines Wright W. Gellderstedt Charles L. Gocdson Bill Green Edwin R. Hancock Walton Hardin McCulley Harris Otis W. Harrison G!cnn B. Hester Travers Hill Oscar Palmour Hollis Elie L. Holton Noah E. Holton George B. Huckcba Paul B. Huckeby Albert Ci. Ingran), Jr. Billv M. Jones David (;. Jones Robert W. Jones John S. Knox, Jr. Robert S. Lanier Calhoun A. Long, Jr. Cecil W. Lynn Abit Masscy James P. McLain, Jr. Albert X. NcSmith James C. Owens, Jr. Buford J. Parker James C. Pullin John R. Rogers Walter Smith William T. Smith William B. Stark Nelson B. Stephens Theodore M. Stewart James P. Swann, Jr. Wilbur Jack Tipton Henry B. Troutman, Jr. William A. Wall Albert Mims Wilkinson, Jr Frank Wright Robert G. Vounc 433 FI MU EFSILON Alpha chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon was founded here in 1934, the national organization having begun in 1914. The club honors high scholarship in the mathematics department. OFFICERS GORDON B. GAINES President AGNES CHAPMAN Vice President BEN FRANK PHILLIPS Secretary-Treasurer f 434 lii D. F. Barrow W. C. Beckwith J. Elliot Brown William R. Buice Leon H. Chance Agnes Chapman C. A. Cope James L. Cox George Drake Leland O. Drew Harold L. Duke Walter M. Edwards Tomlinson Fort Gordon B. Gaines W. A. Glass Bob Phillip Gordon Carolyn Hendrix Charles L. Henry- Pope Hill G. B. Huff Reed Hutchinson R. J. Levit W. V. Parker Thomas H. Pate George O. Peters Dr. George O. Philbrook Ben Frank Phillips Edward M. Smith Marion Thornton J. A. Ward Leroy M. Wilson FHI DELTA FHI Oldest and largest professional fraternity; founded 1860 at Ann Arbor, Mich.; Wilson Inn established at University of Georgia, 1922. Membership requirement of a high average in the Law School. Dedi- cated to the promotion of a high standard of professional ethics in the Law School and the profession. SIDNEY O. SMI I II, JR. C. hAlNE CHAMBtUS llOVT H. WIIELCHEL, JR. ARTHUR I.. .NIMS. Ill OFFICERS Alitgis cr Exchequer Clerk ll::.lor ' iii SIDNEY O. SMITH, JR. C. FAINE CHAMBERS HOYT H. WHELCHEL, JR. ARTHUR L. NIMS, 111 William B. Andrews Upshaw (;. Bcntlcy Lacy E. Bradford Thomas A. Branch, III Henry T. Brice, Jr. Marion L. Bridges Walker D. Burke C. laine (hambcrs Thomas A. Clarke John D. Comer Lafayette W. Cone Thomas E. Oyar Rohtrt J. Edwards I ' rank I ' . Eaulk Hcvry G. Griner Gordon L. Hart Nelson Haslam John R. Hawkins David H. Hogan Charles F. Johnson John G. Kennedy [Jcrnard R. Logan Kirk M. McAlphin lames W. McKcnzie Leonard O. McKibbon Lewis A. Mills, Jr. Claude E. Moss Harold L. Murphy Arthur L. Nims, 111 Cecil J. Olmsicad John N. Pecplcs John P. Persons Francis E. Ruffin Alex W. Smith Sidney O. Smith, Jr. Clyde M. Thomas Henry R. Thomas Louis A. Thompson Lambuth R. Towson Albert A. Wallace Hoyt H. VChelchel, Jr. Glenn T. York 435 FKI ETA SIQMA Phi Eta Sigma offers to every aspiring male freshman an honorary recognition of his scholastic achievement. The membership is available to any freshman who makes a ninety-two average, or better, for his first two quarters, or a ninety average, or above, for the first three quarters. OFFICERS ROBERT H. SMALLEY JESSE G. TIPPINS LUDWIG L. BARBATO DEAN WILLIAM TATE President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Adviser ROBERT H. SMALLEY LUDWIG L. BARBATO DEAN WILLIAM TATE 436 Lawrence K. Akers Robert C. Balfour Micheal F. Barile William M. Bates Charles A. Beaumont Rurel Bell J. Elliott Brown Richard F. Graves Charles R. Hatcher Thomas R. Hazelrig David W. Johnston Clifford S. Lebey George R. McClure Isaac H. Peebles Fred M. Ringel Michael E. Steblar Harry C. Steyerman Daniel D. Stanley Calvin E. Tyner HONORARIES Dean William Tate Dr. Alfred W. Scott Dr. James Ralph Thaxton Alton Hosch John E. Drewry Dr. Harmon W. Caldwell Dr. T. W. Reed Dr. Glenn W. Sutton Dr. Albert Saye Franklin Butler James Bailey FBI UFSILON OMICRON uirters, The purpose of Phi LJpsilon Omicron, national professional Home Economics fraternity, is to advance and promote Home Economics. Its membership is selected on scholarship, leader- ship, and professional attitude. Chi Chapter was granted a charter in 1936. OFFICERS Pri ' sidoit ice Presiih ' iit Recoidhig Secretary Corresponding Secre iiry Treiisiner CLAIRH LOVVORN SUZANNE MI:RK CAROLYNE ALLEN JOHN ANNE WESTBROOK MARGARET STOVALL Rl£i Cjl(l«ell ( I AIKI I.OVVOKX JOHN ANNi: WKSTBROOK SUZANNH MFRK Norma Adams ( " anilui Allen Janice Arundel Mary Ann Brown C.eor);e Ann RuUin Helly Jean Burns Ikicy Crawford Meity Dulliuan Dorothea I-dwards C harloite Ciaulding Mariha Harris Fdith Harrod Polly Kennedy Jean Kimberly Frances Lott Claire Lovvorn Cieorj;ia MeCiariiy Jean Fambro MiRae Suzanne Mcrk Colcen Piiolc Susan Praier Marj;aret Stovall Betly Waldrop Sara Walls Marinellc Weldon John Anne W ' csibrook Doroihv Wilson CAROLYN ALLEN MARt.AKHT SIOVALL 437 gBMfficransap MHMi FHi um Purpose: Founded in 1820 by John Henry Lumpkin to promote the cultivation of the art of speaking by debates, declamations, and public discussions. Phi Kappa Literary Society today has over two hundred active members. Among the honorary members on the rolls are An- drew Jackson, James Knox Polk, Jefferson Davis, John Tyler, Napoleon III, Emperor of France, and Franklin Roosevelt. OFFICERS President BENTLEY Vice President GAINES Secretary BUSSEY Treasurer EDWARDS Andrews, A. Avis, R. Bowen, H. Brown, J. Brackshaw, M. Bray, J. Bryne, P. Cannon, B. Carter, P. Ciccarone, J. Chasin, I. Cook, G., Jr. Cousins, T. Cunningham, T. 438 C. Cravey, Z. Crittenden David, G. Deen, B. Dixon, B. Doyle, J. Edmonson, B. Edmonson, R, Epstein, S. Farber, N. Faulk, F. Fisher, R. Fortson, G. Fowler, R. Glass, C. Glover, G. Hardee, J. Harkins, ] Helmken, R. Henshaw, D. Holter, F. Hogan, H. Hudson, D. Jernigan, J. Jones, B. Jones, H. Kamlet, B. Kinard, F. King, A. Kirby. W. Lipshutz, D. Major, J. Minch, J. jyioore, D. Peskin, S. Powell, J. Price, H. Richnian, B. Roberts, B. Schueter, D. Scott, B. Shealey, S. Soutcr, J Sutlive, C. Telley. V, Turner, G. Tutt, C. Whaley, J. Ward, H. Warrall, ) Watkins, n Watson, II Wheeler. B Wilcox, J. Williams, G LITERARY S0CIS7Y f f5 p f .6 Babbitt, W. rdw..rds B. Hutihins, J. Murray, M. Thompson, J. Ctniley, T. Edwards, T. Isaac, H. P.ilatty. T. Thomson, V. r.ittick, P. Fort. n., D. Pi.wcll, B. Towson. B. Elaikburn, J. Goldberg, J. Jones. G. Rin.ucI, F. arnedoe. 7_ Eussey, I.. Ciiirdon, A. Jones, 11. Rowan, B. Weir, J. Cline, G. Ilamriik, E. Levine, 1. Cone , W. Hanjjubruok, C. Lewis, E. Sanders, J. W iikham, N. Daniel, G. Hiwver, C. I.ichtensiein, M. Sharpless, B. NX ' iikham. X ' Daprano, B. Harelik, M. Livinj;Mone, J. Smith, H. Wilson, J. Darden, H. Hill, B. Mills, J. Spear, G. Word, B. Dunlap, B. Hollis, H. Mobley, J. Thomas, J. ' oung, J. 439 SADDLE MD SIRLOIN CLUB Purpose: A society for the promotion of more and better livestock in Georgia; was founded in 1920. It sponsors the annual Little International Livestock Show and Livestock Judging Team. OFFICERS OFFICE FIRST TERM SECOND TERM President BILLY WHITLEY CHARLES PRESLEY Vice President JOHN FULLER BRYAN WHITEHURST Secretary ED JAMES D. A. HART Treasurer BRYAN WHITEHURST J. E. McGOWEN and BILL SELLARS Reporter JIMMY LANG H.B.YOUNG Serjeant at Arms ■ LEWIS ADAMS WINGORD GAINS Faculty Advisor PROF E. P. WARREN BILLY W nn LEY 1 U JAMES BRYAN WHITEHURST JIMMV LANG LEW IS ADAMS D. A. HART I. 1 Mil.dW i BILL SELLARS H. B. YOUNG WINGORD GAINS Members Absent From Picture— D. C. Ad-ms, L. Adims, Wayne Bartlett, Carlos Chueca, W. J. Causey, Charles Ewing, J. C. Ezell, E. L. Justice, Joe Knox, Jack Massee, W. T. Mathews, S. L. Owens, Dan Rice, Bill Richards, Floyd Shooke, H. W. Stovall, C. E. Moore, L. T. Crimmins, M. H. Calloway. i; From Rou ' —D. A. Hart, Marshall Callaway, Edward James, W. T. Hay, Jack Harrison, Olin Home, Jr., John Cook, Charles Mundy, Jimmy Berry, Thomas Nelms, Charles Pres- ley. Second Kou— William Hardy William Sellars, Stanton Whitlow, James Brown, Ralph Petree, W. B. Cunningham, L. R. Luce, Howard Young, Joe Meadows, Win ford Gains, Robert Wickham, C. W. Swint, E. P. Warren. Third Row-Ray Newton, Harry Wingate, R. J. Story, J. A. Gissendanner, Alvin Russell, C. J. Worrell, E. H. Hunt, L. T. Thomas, George Adamson, James Jackson, G. S. Sum mers, W. E. Sams. Fount} Rou ' — Craig Gay, J. C. Danels. R. Ferguson, Lee Downer, R. M. Paxon, L V. Malone, E. O. Caldwell, Jimmy Toole, E. G. Hobby, T. L. Webb, A. D. Dean. Fiftlj Row-E. B. Kicklighter, C. Fisher, Jr., H. V. Harless, J. L. Cowart, 1. W. Lang, O. C. Webster, B. K. White- hurst, D. S. Ford, D. E. Lee, T. B. Tillman, A. M. Banister, E. B. Bearden, J. J. Miller. ku SIQMA DELTA CHI ,1 Sigma Delta Chi is a national professional journalism fraternity. It cooperates with the Journalism School in sponsoring the Georgia Collegiate Press Association, the Georgia Press Institute, and the Georgia Scholastic Press Association. OFFICERS Pn-ihli ' iit EMMIT NOLAND Vice PrcsicUiit W ILLIAM M. BATES Secreliiry RICHARD I). 1U ' LL()(.K Tretniircr PIRRY .. MORGAN Professioi iil Me ni hers: Dtan John V.. Drewry M. Tvus Butler (Miftiin K. Harper Ji hn F. Talmane Paul Krakdwski Franklin Builer KRAKOWSKI Georfje Anderson William M. Bates Dana Blackniar, III Raleijjh G. Bryans Richard D. Bullock Herbert P. Carlson Robert V. Christian Arthur B. Darwin Harold E. Davis James L. Dodd, Jr. Donald B. Ciarfein Thomas R. Hazelrig James Hilley Thomas L. Hutto Herbert S. Kolodkin Robert C. Lay Thomas J. Majors Frank A. Majors Harry C. Malone, Jr. Edgar M. Matthews Lamberth Ma es William W. McLure Homer T. Meaders. Jr. Perry E. Morgan Emmit Noland Edward M. Rich Simeon A. Shaddix Marvin Wall Louis Westbrook Bennett Whipple Fieldini; Whipple SS 441 SIQMA FI SIQMA Sigma Pi Sigma is the only national physics honor society. Its chapters receive into member- ship physics students and others in closely related fields. Membership is attained only on basis of scholastic or professional record. OFFICERS President H. FRANK TROTTER Vice President R. M. LOWERY Secretary-Treasurer RAMON JUAN ALLEN Faculty Advisor R. G. HENRY 442 Not in picture: Lawrence K. Akers Larrentine L. Hendren R. Gilbert Henry Richard M. Lowrey Front Row, Lejl lo R gA — William A. Glass, Dr. E. H. Dixon, Ramon Juan Allen, William Ramsey Buice, George O. Peters, H. Frank Trotter. Middle Rou ' — Frederick W. Noegel, Theodore K. Conlon, Thos. W. Hawthorne, H. C. Tinsley, Jr., William E. Harvill, Ralph B. Teasley, Jr., Dr. Hugh F. Henry. Back Koic— Gordon B. Gaines, Carlton Allmon, Richard Leo Young, Jr., William A. Pryor. THALIAN-BLACKmiAnS The season 1948-49 marked the eighteenth year of existence of Thalian-Blackfriars. Founded on April 23, 1931, through the union of two old dramatic societies, the Thah ' ans and the Blackfriars, this is an active service organization dedicated to the fostering of the produc- tion of meritorious campus drama, the developing of deeper appreciation hy the student body and by the general public, and the stimulation of interest in the cultural aspects of the theatre. OFFICERS President OLIVER LAND Vice P,e.ude»l HANORIA BRENNAN Seae nry MURIEL SOLOMON Treasurer DONALD GOLDMAN SOLOMOiN Arabella Allen Melba Bedgood Ernest Bennett Ralph Black llanci ria Brennan R. L. Britiain Cliff Collier Joel Fryer Sarah Gilbert Donald Goldman Leonard Paul Harris Melvin Harris J. C. Hume I.anctte Hutchins Royce Johnson Josephine Keeier Jerry La Favor Oliver Land Irwin levy Morris l.ichienstein Marilyn Maffcti Charlotte MiCall Nina Mitchell Will Hill Newton Charles Parker William Paulk Christine Riley Carolyn Rose Sara Belle Rosenberf- Harold Solomon Muriel Solomon Charles Stein Chuck Toole Charles ViKalis Baxter Webb Lillian X ' iMidall David Wynne 443 iiJAE iumr ian STUDENT Tlie purposes of the Student Union are: To promote a spirit of fellowship among the stu- dents, to foster the high ideals of the university, and to heighten the prestige of the campus within the community. The student Union Board plans and sponsors activities to suit the varied interests of the students during their leisure time. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS PAUL SNYDER BEN FORDHAM VIRGINIA AMON JEANETTE BRANBLETT MEMBERS OF SENIOR BOARD Otho Butler Joe Cheely Davis Fort Joan Hartman Gloria Love Bill McCuUoch Alice Mitchell Watson L. White 445 mVERSIT? OF 6E0RQIA Aware of our responsibilities and opportunities as a part of a world-wide community of stu- dents and faculty, we unite in the desire to realize a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. We determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. In this task we seek to understand and act upon the will of God as revealed in the Hebrew- Christian faith. To this end we purpose to carry on a unified non-denominational, campus-wide program of worship, study, and action, supplementing the work of the churches, and striving to realize the will of God in personal living in campus life and in the social order. OFFICERS BEV ASBERY President FAINE CHAMBERS First Vice Preside it J. C. PAUL Second Vice President SARAH LAWS Secretary ROBERT BALFOUR Treasurer ANNE QUEEN Director 446 SENIOR CABINET Lucy Amato Martin Ellard Nixon Mobley William Simpson Ann Bell Frances Florence Hoke Nash Willard Sisson Carol Burch Frances Clapp Cornelius Davis Sarah Gilbert David Rabhan Robert Smalley William Poole Betty Rogers Leta Webb Nan Rigdon Mary Davis Joel Goldberg Katrina Secrest Dot Scott RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION 1 U G R A MEETINGS SOPHOMORE CABINET ALEX KING President DETT ' STROTHER Vice President DOTTIE BELCHER Secretary EDWARD EI.L1S Treasurer Marguerite Antley Al Hunt Melba Bednood jj„,,„ M_,j„, David Bytke Carolyn Newton Marianne Colm Luty Nickcrson Curtis Driskdll Ered Ringcl Tom Glenn Bart Searcy Billey Hilley Jack Steinberg Gene Brantley Bcitie Bollinger Jeanne Burrage COORDINATE COLLEGE CABINET WILMA ELORENCE JACKIE LONG DOT DANIEL Jackie Anderson Eddilh Blair Carolyn Eady Dotlie Holbrm.k Mary Manning Ann Mize President I ' ' it President Secretary-Treasurer Lorraine Plant Jocnne Terry frannie Thoniason Terrv Timmerman I ' mv Toole Marilvn Weinsiein 447 WESLEY FOUMTION METHODIST STUDENT ORGANIZATION cy - 4 ( OFFICERS Presides R. A. DAVIS Vice Preside ' „t FELIX SMITH Secretary PAT JAMES Treasurer TOMMY WALKER NELL CALLAHAN MARTY ECKER Campus-CHURCH RELATIONS COMMITTEE R. A. DAVIS AL RITCHIE WORSHIP AND EVANGELISM COMMISSION ERANCES MEANS, Chairman HELEN HITCHCOCK BOB LAY WORLD FRIENDSHIP COMMISSION MID BROADWELL, Chairman ELIZABETH ETHERIDGE HELEN PERKINS COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMISSION DORIS DEAN, Chairman TOMMY HOLMES GLENNA FREEMAN RECREATION COMMISSION ANN BR " ' SON, Chairman BETTY PATTERSON GORDON WEDELL 448 HOUSE COMMISSION PIERCE CLINE, Chairman JEAN BOYD LAWTON LEE WORK WITH WEDS COMMISSION JERE and JUANITA CLARK EDITOR OF CRUSADER RAYMOND SMITH WESLEY SINGERS President Vice President Treasurer HAROLD PITTARD HELEN HITCHCOCK MARCIA MOORE MOTIVE REPRESENTATIVE HAROLD PIT! ARD DEPUTATIONS COMMISSION GEORGE PRIDGEN, Chairman MARTHA JEAN SMITH JANE BOYD PUBLICITY COMMISSION PHERABY BALDWIN, C iairtnan NANCY WILLIAMS RANDY RODDENBERRY ENLISTMENT COMMISSION RA " i- SIMPSON, Chairman GLORIA DIXON BETTY STROTHER WESLEY PLAYERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer TOMMY WALKER NANC - WILLIAMS MRS. GEORGE PRIDGEN GEORGE PRIDGEN WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIF ORGANIZATION lOR PRESBYTERIAN STUDENTS OFFICERS Prisidciil Vice Pres ' uleiit Secretary Second Secretary Treasurer ALiCK chandli;r KATHMRINH BLACKSHKAR MARY DAVIS WALTER COOK PAUL KING WILLIAM H. KRYDER Assisljiil Minister und JMJi iiler lo Sliidcnis 449 WOMAN ' S STUDENT SOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Purpose: The purpose of the Women ' s Student Government is the self-government of the girls on the campus for the greatest good of the greatest number. Every girl on the campus is considered a member. The rules under which the Association functions are made by a representative from each University hous- ing unit together with the Legislative Council meetings. These rules are enforced through a court made up of the officers and class representatives. I I OFFICERS Senior Division ANN ANDREWS President BEVERLY GUNN Vice President HENRIETTA SWAIN Secretary ANNE MIZE Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES KATHERINE BLACKSHEAR Senior BARBARA PAUSE Junior WILMA FLORENCE Sophomore RPVPPT V Qr " A D ROT? r»T Tr " u ' ' Z ' ' " right: 1st row, Marjorie Gilbert, Mae Massev, Pete Florence, Beverly Gunn, Katherine P n ir S«-AKCUKUUOM Blackshear, Peggy Pinkenton, Jeanette Bramlette. " ■ ' - ' ■ " • Left to rigl)l: 2nd row, Henrietta Swain, Ann Andrews, Anne Mize. m .M ! L. X £; fl ' ■ ' 1 ' OFFICERS Coordinate Division JACKIE LONG President JACKIE FOSTER Vice President ELIZABETH SMITH Secretary LYNN LEACH Treasurer Left to right: Betty Dalkins, Lynn Leach, Elizabeth Smith, Jackie Long, Jackie Foster, Carolyn 450 Folson, Mary Liz Beck, Carol Camp. . :: CLUB un made " X " Club was founded by the late Chancellor S. V. Sanford in 1931 for the purpose of improving school spirit and loyalty. Annually this society elects to membership men who have displayed industry, ability, and merit. OFFICERS Presicti ' iil Vice President Secretary Treasurer Marion I.. Bridges Lynwood S. Bussey H. P. Burt Harold Clarke John DeGregory Jack Davis Leroy Oominy William W. Fubanks William riake Joel Foyer Lamar Gibson J. H. Goldbcrj; William Holland Otis W. Harrison Alan B. Huvard G. W. Jackson Neilan Levy HAROLD CLARKE WILL HILL NHWTON, JR. NEILAN LEVY Abit B. Massey Kirk McAlpin Will Hill Newton, Jr. Fuller Pedrick J. C. Paul William Prater C. B. Presley W. I). Randall John Sheffield Allen Strickland Hoyt Simpkins Charles C. Stein Robert H. Smalley Charles B. Sncad T. M. Smith Bryan K. Whitehurst Jimmy Walker Tom Watson Mims Wilkinson 4SI ::i SIQMA FI The objects of Xi Sigma Pi are to secure and maintain a higli standard of scholarship in forest education, to work for the upbuilding of the profession of forestry, and to promote fraternal relations among earnest workers engaged in forest activities. XI CHAPTER Established in 1941 HAMILTON PATTERSON OFFICERS Forester Associate Forester Secretary-Fiscal Agent Ranger Faculty Advisor MONROE GREEN JACK HAMILTON GENE AVERY E. S. GREER PROFESSOR A. E. PATTERSON 4,52 Gene Avery, Curtis Barnes, Mason Cloud, Frank Cowan, Walter Chapman, Jaincs Crawford, Mac Desmond, Bob Edney, E. S Greer, Monroe Greene, Joe Griggs, Joe Garrison, Jack Hamilton, Rex Harper, A. H. Hembree, Wallace Jones, Vernon Knight, Charles McKelvey, L. C. Nix, John Orr, C. W. Parnell, Milton Pierce, W. H. Reames, H. B. Starks, Jim Snowden, Carl St. John. Lawrence Stanley, Zack Seymour, W. P. Thompson and V. G. Thigpen. FACULTY: Dean D. J. Weddell, Dr. L. W. R. Jackson, Professor G. N. Bishop, Professor B. F. Grant, Professor A. C. Wor- rell and Professor A. E. Patterson. ' . " Z " CLUE The " Z " Club is the most outstanding honor that can come to a freshman woman. From three to seven members are tapped during the Spring quarter at the annual " Z " Club Stunt Night on the Coordinate Campus. " Z " Club was founded on the University of Georgia campus in 1934 by the Sophomore Council. It is a service organization, and its members are chosen for unselfish service, outstanding leadership, cooperation, loyalty, and scholarshi|i. OFFICERS ZANIIR DOWNS WILMA ILOKKNCE ZANIER DOWNS W ' lLMA FLORKNCE Prcsidciil Secretiiry and Treastirer MEMBERS Marianna Cohn Jackie I.(»np Mary Mannin); I.oraint Plant Mary Frames Thomason 453 THETA SIQMA m Theta Sigma Phi, an honorary journalism fraternity for women, was founded at the Uni- versity of Washington in 1909 and the Chapter here was estabhshed in 1929. OFFICERS President DOROTHY CARLISLE Vice President ELIZABETH ETHREDGE Secretary GRETCHEN MINGLEDORFF Treasurer JOLINE BATEMAN WILLIAMS Keeper of the Archives FRANCES MEANS Jolaine Bailey iHHiilHHHIHi H lHP ' " " ' ' 1 Anne Baskin __ —, ■ % JK N Dorothy Carlisle By L f OUlk V ' Reva Ann Dame HT Vi 1 ' - t ' Betty Goldstein Luane Grady BR SEk, ■Ci ' Frances Means Gretchen Mingledorff Betty Perry p v -— m . Dorothy Surr 1i flP H: •»— » ' Joline Bateman Williams F ' I ! ' Harriet Woodcock HH 7 ■ uM BASKIN CARLISLE GRADY MEANS MINGLEDORFF PERRY PYLE STARR WOODCOCK I 454 TBE ART MUSEUM P This page shows the opening of one of the University of Georgia ' s greatest and possibly unheralded attractions — the Art Museum lo- cated at the present time in the library. 455 STUDENT SDITOmi BOARD GEORGIA BAR JOURNAL Formed Prior to the War; Reorganized June, 1947 The Board prepares notes and comments on state and federal court decisions for quarterly publication in the Georgia Bar Journal, the official organ of the Georgia Bar Association. Membership is open to advanced students and is based on a high scholastic average and successful competition during a student ' s third quar- ter at the Law School. The Board provides an excellent opportunity for training in the field of creative legal writing and research. |i Eclitor-iti-Cloiej Assislitiit Editor Assistiiiit Editor JOHN D. COMER SIDNEY O. SMITH, JR. WILLIAM M. TOWSON EDITORS Lacey E. Bradford, Jr. John G. Kennedy, Jr. Charles Van S. Mottola Arthur L. Nims Gerald K. O ' Rourke, Jr. Cecil J. OInis:c;;d J. Connor Owens John N. Pecples John P. Persons Earl B. Self Alex V. Smith, Jr. Ben F. Smith Truelt Smith Albert B. Wallace Hoyt H. Whelchel, Jr. front row, left to rigt)t: Mr. Feild, Smith, S., Comer, J., Towson, W. Second row: O ' Rourke, G., Wallace, A., Smith, A. Tloird row: Smith, T., Bradford, E., Self, E., 0° ' ens, J. Foiirtl) row: Peeples, J., Olmstead, C., Mottola, C. Back row: Nims, A., Welchel, H., Kennedy, J., Persons, J. Eaciilty Advisor: Professor David Meade Feild 456 ADVEHTISING ' iatioaiflthe uKeoii 457 t.ifg »Q» ' agffjfjCTn ' 3 ' t Serving Athens and Georgia with Quality Merchandise GALLAIVT-BELK CDMPAIVY " Athens ' Leading Department Store " Telephone 1316 213 E. Clayton St. Washington St. 2Tii? ' 7 WK S S 0ti s=s ' " - PRIVILEGED OF ia4q CHOKE ' S DRY CLEANING CO. 700 South Lumpkin Street CONVENIENT DRIVE IN Save by Cash and Carry Call 666 or 667 for Pick-Up and Delivery Service When Better Automobiles Are Built BVICK Will Build Them Be Sure with PURE Woco-Pep Gas — Tiolene Oil Pure Tires GEORGIA MOTORS, INC. WARREN C. THURMOND, President BROAD AND LUMPKIN Used Car Lot WASHINGTON ST.-NEXT TO FIRE DEPT. Phone 3141 Athens, Ga. ' I kM HERE ' S COKE... THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES Ask j or it either way . . . both trade-marks mean the same thing. ' ' Meet Your Friends at the Huddle " Open After Dances THE BASKETERIA Finest in Western Meats, Groceries, Produce, and Frozen Foods M Across from AG Hill 1200 South Lumpkin Street Specializing in Regular Dinners and Homemade Pies Seafoods in SeasoH The CO-ED Open Sunday NiglHs 984 S. Lumpkin Phone 9244 GUNN ' S foy L olteae illlevi ATHENS LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS • Phone 3041-3042 • 240 W. Claxton 1198 S. Lumpkin 1296 Prince ATHENS COOPERATIVE CREAMERY ' BETTER MADE ICE CREAM " COSTA ' S RECREATION CENTER if Headquarters for Students " The Store of Pcnoiial Serrice " M©©INI=WIINIIN1 PIRUa C©. INC. f! Prescription Work Our Specialty 197 Clayton St. Phone 67-68 ATHENS, GA. Enjoy . . . A. A. BAKERY i ctlity " Bakers ' " r.NRlCHr.D HOMEMADE BREAD AT EVERY MEAL " Across from Hoi man Hotel Headquarters . . . For School Books and All Kinds of Supplies for the Students ' Requirements . . . SODA FOUNT. DRINKS and SMOKERS ' SUPPLIES We Appreciate Your Patronage THE UNIVERSITY STORES STUDENT SUPPLY STORE For Your Comeiiieiice . . . Three Stores Franklin Campus— Ag Campus— Coordinate I GO ST A ' MURPHEY i STATIONERY CO. 718 BROAD STRl-ET AUGUSTA, GA. . The ALUi University EATS- Compliments of ANI TAVERN of Georgia School of Medicine DRINK ; CITIZENS ' PHARMACY Clayton and Jackson Sts. ATHENS, GA. Phones 1066-1067 W e Are As Near As Your Telephone BULLDOG ORCHESTRA OF I8tq Athens ' Newest Re creation Room (o i ooin Bowling— Billiards— Snooker Across from Campus in Bulldog Bowl Location it WELCOME STUDENTS-MEN and WOMEN MARKS MARKS INC. Hospital and Surgical Supplies AUGUSTA, GA. ANDERSON PLUMBING CO. PLUMBING and HEATING Residential . . . Commercial REMODELING - REPAIRING New Installations 925 WEST BROAD M hninf rttphir Suppliffs Simpson Photo ServicB 230 College Ave. Phone 1194 BOB SILVEY MOTOR CO. INC. DESOTO - PLYMOUTH Dealer SALES atid SERVICE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE 1095 W. Broad St. Phone 246 Wellman-Stith Co. Bendix Washers, Ironers, Dryers Phiico Refrigerators and Television Youngstown Kitchens 279 NORTH LUMPKIN STREET PHONE 2670 Pandora Beauty Queen ' s Bouquet Created By Van Clieve ' ATHENS RICHARDSON HODGSON MEN ' S WEAR 157 COLLEGE AVENUE Featuring Nationally Advertised Lines at Popular Prices Er T FIVE P0IMT5 r FIVE P0IMT5 . ,,. a 1656 S LUMPKIN ST., ATHEHS.GATI 232 E. CLAYTON ST. (Dalfermonias DIOmOnDS-JClUtlRV -UJPTCHCS PHONE 31 THE VA R S I T y STUDENT ' S HEADQUARTERS FOR 18 YEARS ATHENS, GA fife- i V RED o„j BLACK OF ia4q IL m barb r t ii s n u (Lxclusit e rrlen J lA ear 7 5 li 1 r n a S t . A 11 n II ' : t a , (1 ) I ' n r i a J. C. PEN NEY COMPANY •it fagftt jga IDiCIK HOTEL RICHMOND AUGUSTA, GA. THE GEORGIAN HOTEL AND COFFEE SHOP A $6.00 Meal Ticket for $%00 Parties — Banquets — Specialties SMORGASBORD Every Sunday Night PEIDMONT FOOD MARKET 240 Lumpkin ATHENS, GA. NEW WAY DRY CLEANERS LAUNDRY Furriers — Cleaners — Launderers Hatters 394 Prince Ave. Phone 1781 J. B. WHITE ' S Since 1874 uauita 6 cLeadli 2), ' epanmen t Stc ipartti Small Profit Margin Crow ' s Cut Rate Drug Sture Athen s ' Most Modern and Complete Drug Store FIIVE FDDDS You Are Always Welcome at CROW ' S 283 East Clayton Street All Class Photographs tor The ' 49 Pandora Are By HEWETT STUDIOS 701 Forrest Ave. Atlanta. Ga. WHITWORTH CLEANERS AND DYERS Athens ' Original Cleaners and Dyers NO ODOR - NO SPOTS i ' l e (ire hind to iiour clot lies 256 " . Clayton St. Phone 3323 There ' s no better portable typewriter! SMITH-CORONA (L-verulhinq for J tudenti THE McGregor go. 1888 1949 MARTIN BROS. SHOE SHOPS Specializing in INVISIBLE HALF SOLING SHOE REBUILDING No " Repaired Look " Makes Shoes Like New TWO SHOPS 459 E. Clayton St. Phone 621 151 v.. Clayton St. Phone 717 GEORGIA THEATRE COMPANY PALACE GEORGIA ST R A N D RITZ Simon Ghertner Founder DISTINCTIVE ANNUAL ♦ ♦ ♦ CULLOM GHERTNER COMPANY punted ' ' Puldukenyi ' 2ltlm f afme d NASHVILLE- ATLANTA iME3!cgjiiaHngangmitPiT]f3ft ' j If 4 1 J ;f 14 r A Si ji

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