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Text from Pages 1 - 480 of the 1948 volume:

' :i titI t -.lHStii;V UiU?i i i " - - ss jTTi theyniversityofgeorgia i l . ■ ' ' i SfiZ iH H 1 l- KS ' PANDORA The University of Georgia 19 4 8 PANDORA STAFF CHARLES B. JOHNSTON Editor A. R. BRUCKNER, JR. Business Manager FRANCES MARTIN Managing Editor JAMES T. THRASHER Art Editor DICK PIPES Sports Editor ASSOCIATE EDITORS Margaret Watt Alice T. Law WOMAN ' S EDITOR Amelia Knoedler EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Ronny Rish Jolaine Bailey Actor Cordell Janice Jones Bill Hudson Shirley Parish Thomas G. Walker Margaret Hightower Katherine Lanman BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Ralph Smith Alan Huvard PHOTOGRAPHER Kenneth Guest FIVE MONTHS AFTER THE SIGNING OF THE TREATY WHICH recognized the independence of the American colonies, the legislature of Georgia, on February 25, 1784, passed on act setting aside 40,000 acres to endow a college or seminary of learning. In January of the following year, the legislature passed a supplemental act, which is the charter of the Uni- versity of Georgia. At the first meeting of the Board of Trustees, Abraham Baldwin was elected President of the University, but his duties were of course nominal, as the University existed only on paper. Fifteen years elapsed before the trus- tees finally chose a site for th e University. In the summer of 1 801 a committee of five of the Senatus Academicus, headed by Abraham Baldwin, selected a spot in the primival forest of north Georgia on the very edge of the Indian country. John Milledge, later Governor of the State, purchased the tract of 633 acres, and donated it to the State, and the Trustees named the expected town Athens. Baldwin, who had become United States Senator from Georgia, then resigned his office of the President, and Josiah Meigs was elected. In the fall of 1801 Meigs went to Athens, and a contract was at once let for the first college building, called Franklin College (now Old College). The first step toward making Franklin College a University was taken in 1867 when the Lumpkin Law School became the Law Department of the University. During the War Between the States, Congress had adopted legis- lation designed to initiate and support in the several states instruction in the mechanical arts and in agriculture. Under this agreement, the State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts was created in 1872 and made a part of The University of Georgia. Little interest was shown by the University in providing specific instruc- tion in agriculture, and in 1 906 the General Assembly created a new institution. The State College of Agriculture, having a separate Board of Trustees and its own President. The twentieth century has witnessed many important enlargements of the facilities of the University. It now has a School of Law (1859), a School of Pharmacy (1903), a College of Education (1 908), a Graduate School (1910), a School of Commerce (1912), a School of Journalism (1921), a Division of Ex- tension (1914), a School of Forestry (1935): ET DOCERE ET RERUM EXQUIRERE CAUSAS i PANDOR A 7 c o -n C m o 1948 m 5%- .I ' M- ' ' H ' DEDICATION To . . . GEORGE HUGH BOYD Dean of the Graduate School and Director of Research at The University of Georgia, who, during a long and distinguished career at this University, has stood always for the highest ideals of scholarship; who, by his patient and indefatigable efforts, has elevated the standards of both the undergraduate and graduate work in all departments of the University; who has encouraged and directed the develop- ment within this University of a sound andcomprehensive program of research work; who, by reason of his personal and professional attainments, has brought new prestige and luster to the name of this University throughout the nation; who, through his vi sion and leadership has made a lasting contribution to the greatness of The University of Georgia; and who, by his admirable qualities of character, has won the affection and respect of members of the faculty and student body, this sixty-first volume of the Pandora is dedicated. Dr. George H. Boyd 7! ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY . " Hu ? ' -- ' , ' SI RAYMOND R. PATY Chancellor of the University System of Georgia. Dr. Paty was graduated from the University of Tennessee, Emory University, and the University of Chicago. He was given an Honorary LL.D. from Emory University and the University of Ala- bama, and an L.H.D. from Birmingham Southern College. He was a member of the faculty at Emory University as professor of Bible and Religious Education. In 1 936 he became State Direc- tor of the Georgia Youth Administration and later Fellowship Director of the Rosenwald Fund In 1938 he became president of Birmingham Southern College and after four years was ap- pointed President of the University of Alabama. From there he came to us as Chancellor of The University System of Georgia. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa and Sigma Chi Social Fraternity. s I HARMON W. CALDWELL President of The University Dr. Caldwell received his B.A. Degree from The University of Georgia, and in 1924 received his Law Degree at Harvard. He has Honorary Degrees of Doctor of Laws from Emory, Mercer, and Tulane Universities. Dr. Caldwell was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 1 926 and for a short time taught law at Emory University. Upon leaving Emory he became Professor of Law at The University of Georgia, then Dean of the Lumpkin Law School in 1933. In 1935 the State Board of Regents elected Dr. Caldwell President of The University of Georgia, He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Phi, Sphinx and Chi Phi Social Fraternity. WILLIAM TATE DEAN OF MEN Dean Tate received his A.B. Degree from the University of Georgia in 1924, and his MA. Degree in 1928. He also attended Columbia University and Harvard. Before becoming Dean of Students in 1942, he was Dean of Freshmen. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, O.D.K., Sphinx, and Gridiron. EDITH L STALLINGS DEAN OF WOMEN The new Dean of Women received her B.S. Degree in Pre Med and Dietetics from the Uni- versity of New Hampshire, her Graduate Cer- tificate in Dietetics from Johns Hopkins, and her M.A. Degree in English at the University of Alabama. Before coming to the University of Georgia, Dean Stallings served on the staff of Dean of Women at the University of Ala- bama, and during the war she served in the United States Navy for five years. D.A.R., Colonial Dames, and E.E.U.W. are some of the organizations to which she belongs, and she is also a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Alpha Xi Delta, Social Fraternity. DELORES ARTAU STUDENT COUNSELLER Miss Artau received her A.B, and M.A. De- grees from the University of Georgia. She was French Fellow in 1936-37 from the University of Georgia, and the Institute of International Education. Her professional experience has been in the fields of Romance Languages and Counselling. During World War II, she did supervisory work in the Office of Censorship. Miss Artau came to the University in 1946, G. S. C. W., where she was Acting Head of the Spanish Department. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Pi Gamma Mu. ALVIN BISCOE DEAN OF FACULTIES Dean Biscoe received his A.B. Degree from Duke University, and his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Virginia. He served on the Faculty of Bucknell University, and later en- tered Government Service. He was Public member and Vice Chairman of the Fourth Regional War Labor Board, and prior to this he served as Wage Stabilization Director in Atlanta, and Administration Meditation Offi- cer in Washington for the Board before com- ing to the University of Georgia. Dean Biscoe is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Alpha Delta, Delta Sigma Pi, and Theta Chi. JOHN OLIN EIDSON DIRECTOR OF COORDINATE CAMPUS Dr. Eidson, Director of Coordinate Campus and Associate Professor in English, received his A.B. Degree at Wofford College, his M.A. Degree at Vonderbilt University, and his Ph.D. in English at Duke University. He came to the University of Georgia in September of 1936 and was on leave from 1942 to 1946 while he served in the United States Army. He returned to the University in September 1946. Dr. Eidson is the author of Tennyson in America, and the Editor of Reading for Pleasure, a text used in Freshman English at the University. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. MARTHA LATIMER DIRECTOR OF WOMEN ' S ACTIVITIES Miss Latimer received her B.A. Degree from the University of Georgia. During World War II she served as Labor Market Analyst in Re- ports and Analysis, Division of Regional Office of the War Manpower Commission. She re- turned to the University of Georgia in August, 1946, to assume the duties of her present office. Miss Latimer is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, and Phi Kappa Phi. She is also listed in " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. " ADMINISTRATION JOSEPH THOMAS ASKEW Head of Veferons Division WILLIAM MADISON RANDALL Director of Student Affairs J. RALPH THA ,TOr Registrar CLIFTON E. HARPER Director of University Printing Department B. C. KINNEY Head of Plant Operations E. L, SECREST Director of Religion E. B COOK Head of Dormitory Supervision and Dining HoHs JAMES D. BAILEY Director of Men ' s Activities ALBERT BRUCE JONES Assistant to Dean of Faculties Assistant to Diiector of Student Affairs, Director of Student Publications ARTS AND SCIENCES DEAN LEON P. SMITH Dr. Smith, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, received his A.B. Degree from Emory University in 1919, his M.A. Degree from the University of Chicago in 1928, and his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Chicago in 1930. He received the Diplome de I ' Universite de Potiers in 1932. Before coming to the University of Georgia he served on the faculty of the Wesleyan Conservatory of Music, the University of Chicago, Washington and Lee University, and during the War he was a Commander in the United States Navy. Dr. Smith is a member of the Modern Language Association, the Linguistic Society of America, the Chicago Philological So- ciety, and the Illinois Association of Deans and Advisers of College Men. He is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa, is listed in " Who ' s Who in America, " and is a member of Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity. LAMAR DODD LAWRENCE NACHTRAB ALFRED W. SCOTT Head, Art Department Head, Aviation Department Head, Chemistry Dept. JAMES A, ALEXANDER LEIGHTON BAL lv, Head, Classics Department Head, Drama Department EDWIN M EVERETT MERLE CHARLES PRUNTY ELLIS MEKTOF J COULTLP HUBERT B, OWENS TOMLINSON FORT Head English Department Head, Geography Dept. Head, History Department Head, Landscape Head, Mathematics Dept. Architecture Department ARTS AND SCIENCES HUGH HODGSON Head, Music Dept. ELLIS H. DIXON Head, Physics and Astronomy Dept. MERRITT B. POUND Head, Political Science Department AUSTIN S. EDWARDS JOHN A. DOWNS Head, Psychology Dept, Head, Modern Language Dept. BARNETT O. WILLIAMS B. D. NAPIER Head, Sociology Dept. Head, Religion Dept. JONATHAN J. WESTFALL Head, Botany Dept. Veterinary Medicine VETERINARY MEDICINE DEAN THOMAS J. JONES Dr. Thomas J. Jones, after coming to this country from Car- marthen, S. Wales in 1926, received his B.S. Degree from the University of Florida in 1931. He then came to the University of Georgia where he received his D.V.M. Degree and his M. A. Degree in 1933. Dr. Jones joined the University faculty as Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry in 1939. He was appointed Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine last June after receiving his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Illinois in 1946. Dr. Jones is a mem- ber of Phi Kappa Phi. Xi Phi Xi, Phi Sigma, and Blue Key. JOHN W. FIROR Head of Agricultural Economics Dept. THOMAS H. McHATTON Head of Horticulture Department JOSEPH C. BELL Head of Poultry Husbandry Dept. AGRICULTURE DEAN PAUL WILBUR CHAPMAN Dean Chapman attended the University of Georgia and the University of Missouri and received his Sc.D. DeGree from Clemson College. He has been at the University of Georgia since 1 920, and has served as Dean of the College of AgricultJre since 1934. Dean Chapman is a member of the Athens Rotary Club, American Vovation Associa- tion, National Education Association, Land- grant College Association, and consultant of three departments of American Govern- ment. He is also a member of the National Advisory Committee of Education, and has written a number of books on Agriculture. 13 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM T. HICKS Head of Marketing Department DEAN JAMES EDWARD GATES Dean Gates received his B.S. Degree from the University of Kentucky in 1929. He did graduate study at the University of Kentucky and the University of Chicago, and received his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Virginia in 1933. Before coming to the University of Georgia, Dean Gates was Assistant Professor at Indiana University 1940-41, Ma- terials Officer with the War Production Board 1941-45, and Economist with the Container Corporation of America 1945- 47. He became Dean of the College of Business Administra- tion January 1, 1948. Dean Gates is a member of the American Economic Asso- ciation, the American Marketing Association, and the Amer- ican Association of University Professors. ROBERT T. SEGREST Head of Industrial Relations Department LAWRENCE P. McGRATH Head of Finance Dept. HOWARD R SMITH Head of Public Relations Department HAROLD M. HECKMAN Heed of Accounting Department EDUCATION DEAN OMER C. ADERHOLD Dr. Aderhold received his B.S.A. Degree from the Uni- versity of Georgia in 1923, his M.S. A. Degree in 1930, and his Ph.D. from Ohio State University in 1938. He served as Principal of the Martin Institute in Jefferson, Georgia, from 1923 to 1926, and was Superintendent from 1926 to 1929. He returned to the University of Georgia in 1929 as Associate Professor of Rural and Vocational Education and became Professor in 1937. In 1946 he was appointed Dean of the College of Education. Dr. Aderhold is a member of the Com- mittee on Objectives of the United States Office of Education, Special Editor of the Agriculture Education Magazine, and a member of the Policies Committee of the Georgia Education Association. ERNEST B SMITH MRS. MARY E. L. SOULE LAW DEAN J. ALSTON HOSCH DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF LAW Dean Hosch, received his B.S.C. and MA. De- grees at the University of Georgia and his L.L.B. Degree at the Harvard Law School in 1928, He has been active in Public Activities, serving as United States Commissioner in Gainesville, Ga., from 1 933-35, Director for Georgia of the American Judicature Society 1938-39, and President of the Riverside Military Academy Alumni Society from 1938 to 1940. Dean Hosch is Past President of the Association of Georgia Law Schools. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Sphinx, Gridiron, the Rotary Club, and Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity. JOURNALISM DEAN JOHN E. DREWRY DEAN OF THE HENRY W. GRADY SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM Dean Drewry received his M.A. Degree at the University of Georgia in 1925. Later he did grad- uate work at Columbia University. He has served as Instructor, Associate Professor, Director of the School of Journalism, and Dean of the School of Journalism. Dean Drewry is Past President of the American Association of Teachers of Journalism, and of the Athens Rotary Club. He is a member of the Gridiron, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi, Kappa Tau Alpha, Blue Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Kappa Alpha. FORESTRY DEAN DONALD WEDDELL DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF FORESTRY Before coming to the University of Georgia, Dean Weddell attended Michigan State College and later taught at the Alabama Polytechnic Institute. He is a member of the Society of American Foresters, Xi Sigma Pi, Phi Kappa Tau, and the Kiwanis Club. He has B.S.F. and M.S. Degrees. PHARMACY DEAN ROBERT C. WILSON DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Dean Wilson, who is a graduate of the University of Georgia, also attended the University of the South and the University of Michigan. He received his Ph.G. Degree, and has been a member of the Faculty of the Univ ersity of Georgia since 1907. He is active in State and National Pharmaceutical work, past Director of the Southern Association of Science and Industry, past Chairman of the House of Delegotes, Chairman of the American Pharma- ceutical Association, and Past President of Georgia Pharmaceutical Activities. He is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi, and the Athens Board of Health. HOME ECONOMICS DEAN PAULINE P. WILSON DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF HOME ECONOMICS Dean Wilson received her B.S. Degree from the University of Kentucky in 1924. She did graduate work at Cornell University, and received her M.A. and Ph.D. Degrees from Columbia University. Be- fore coming to the University of Georgia in 1946, Mrs. Wilson was Director of the Nursery School at Cornell University later becoming Associate Profes- sor and Director of the Nursery School at the University of Georgia. She is also the former head of the Department of Family Life in the School of Home Economics, end Dean of Women at the Uni- versity of Alabama. She is the co-author of the book, Women After College. Mrs. Wilson is a member of Mortar Board, Phi Epsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Lambda Theta, and Delta Delta Delta Social Fraternity. ' .. i .i t GRADUATE DEAN GEORGE HUGH BOYD DEAN OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL Dr. Boyd received his A.B. and M.S. Degrees at Emory University. Before coming to the University of Georgia in 1926, he taught at both Georgia Tech and Emory University. He is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and the American Society of Parasitelogists. He is a Fellow in the American Association for Advancement of Science, Past Secretary of the Georgia Academy of Science, and Past President of the Southern Asso- ciation of Science and Industry. ' GEORGIA ' S FAGULTY if, ' " Marion F Roland R Barbara. Henderson, H. B Irma Mary. Hil Hamilton, Clara. Harrison, 0. S. Hys, Thorns A. S. Hendren, P. R., Sr. Alciatore, Jules. Allmon, E. C. Allums, John F. Anderson, John B. Appleby, Jane. Arrendole, John V. Armstrong, A. Eliz. Ashford, Dr. A. W. Bailey, Betty M. Bailey, Jock C. Borfoot, J. L. Barrow, David F. Boteman, Mrs. Nellie. Beall, Alice. Beck, Theod. T. Beck, Edwin G. Beckwith, W. S. Bennett, Caroline B. Bennett, F. W. Bennett, Mary Ann. Bennett, Robert L, Beverly, Gladys. Beverly, O. D. Birchmore, H. A. Bishop, George N. Black, Homer A. Blair, Marg. H. Boggess, Morg A. Bonner, John W., Jr. Bovee, Arthur G. Branch, Vivian. Brandon, Frances H. Brcithaupt, Erwin. Breckenridge, H. Beverly. Broach, Maria L. Broodhurst, Kathleen. Brockman, Chas. J. Brooks, Robert P. Brown, Alton, Jr. Brown, Calvin S. Browne, E. Broodus. Brumby, Roberta E. Burke, John F. Burkhart, Walter C. Burnham, Reba. Butler, Franklin. Butler, M. Tyus. Byrd, Elon E. Callaway, Matilda. Camp, Paul A. Carlton, Wm. M. Carreker, John R. Cham- bliss, Rollin. Chance, Claude. Clarke, Jere W. Clark, Thos. A. Cobb, Carlisle, Jr. Coggin, Howard T. Cohen, S. A. Condrcy, Chas. E. Condroy, Mrs. Chas. E. Cope, Chas. L. Coulter, E. M. Cox, John L., Jr. Creswell, Mary E. Cronguist, A. J. Cross, Otis E. Danner, W. N. Davenport, U. H. Davidson, W. W. Dean, John E. Dean, Katherine I. DeRenne, Wymberly W. Dillingham, Mrs. W. P. Dillingham, W. P. Doster, Wm. Clark. Downs, John A. Dozier, Emily A. Drew, Leiand 0. Driftmier, R. H. Dumas, Marie F. DuBose, Marion. Duncan, Amon 0. Duncan, Samuel D., Jr. Duncan, W. H. Eidson, John O. Ewing, A. M. Font, Louise. Field, David M. Fields, Ethel. Flonigon, B. L. Fritz, Evelyn M. Frye, J. B., Jr. Gabrielsen, B. W. Grosdin, Mary J. Grant, Bishop F. Gray, J. Stanley. Green, T. F., Jr. Greenway, Vo. O. Hall, Hormer, Dorothy. Harper, C. E. Harris, Harrison, R. I. Hathaway, C. 0. Hovilond, Hearon, Mary Anne. Heckmon, Harold M. L. L. Henry, H. F. Henry, R. G. Hicks, Hodgson, Hugh. Hoff, Kemp. Hofman, Hollidoy, Anne M. Hollingsworth, Louise. Hollingworth, Mrs. M. Hood, Mrs. Maude Pye. Hosch, Alton. Hudgins, C. F. Hudson, Wm. M. Huff, Gerald B. Huff, Lawrence. Hughes, M. Clyde. Hult, H. W. Hussey, James B. Hutchinson, Geo. A. Ison, Frances F. Ivey, E. R. Jackson, Frances. Jackson, Lyie. James, Edwin. James, Wm. T. Jenkins, Ruth P. Johnson, E. A. Johnson, R. W. Jones, J. T. Jones, Marion Fay. Jones, Thomas J. Kandel, Phoebe M. Kass, Sorahel. Keaster, Effie L. Kenney, W. D, Kimble, Lucille. Kinard, King, Frank P. King, Roff E. King, William B. Kitchin, Korbe, Lita L. Krakowski, Paul. La Boom, Martha L. izabeth. Lacher, Hermann J. Latham, James. Leconte, Lenoir, James J. Levit, Robert J. Lewis, Clifford G. Drayton T. Irwin C. LaBoon, E Joseph. Lidell, W. J. Loden, Harold D. Luke, Elizabeth. Lund, Horace O. Martin, Sidney W. Mather, Eugene. Millikan, F. Ford. Mitchell, James Long, Edward C. Lovens, Robert Madden, Henry J. Mallary, E. P. Michael, Lewis H. Miller, Cora A. H. Montgomery, Horace, Moon, Mrs. E. C. Moore, Floride. Moorefield, Jesse. Moorhouse, Harold W. Morrison, Donald N. Morrow, Paul R, Mosely, Millard, Mummery, Dorothy V. Munn, Richard A, McCutchen, Earl. McGarth, Lawrence P. McPhaul, Margaret E. McPherson, Robert G. McWhorter, Robert L, McWhorter, Mrs. Ellen R. Nachtrab, Lawrence. Napier, Davie. Nea Ray V. Neeson, Jack H. Newton, Catherine. Newton, Charlotte Nuttycombe, John W. Odum, Eugene P. Ogilvie, Bruce C. O ' Kelley George L. Oliver, Jane. Palmour, Anne. Parker, Wm. Edd W. Patterson, Archie E. Perkinson, Jessie D. Peterson, Johnnie M. Philbrook, George E. Powers, John J. Price, Olin L. Proctor, Roy E. Rahe, Maurice H. Range, Willard E. Rasmussen, Einar. Redman, Ken- neth. Rice, Charles E. Riggs, George 0. Riley, Eliz. Ritchie, Horace B. Roberts, Wm. P. Rowan, Waldo S. Saye, Albert B. Schoeborn, Henry W. Scoot, Donald C. Segrest, Robert T. Sell, E. S. Sellers, Ezra. Sheed, Karl S. Shinn, Henry E. Shufelt, James V. Simmons, Mildred K. Simons, Joseph W. Singleton, Stanton J. Singleton, Mrs. R. C. Skour- las, Despy. Smith, Howard R. Smith, Jennie B. Smith, Sumner J. Smith, Thomas. Snyder, Walter E. Stanion, Margaret. Stanley, James M. Stay, Hazard H. Stelly, Matthias. Stewart, Frances. Strahon, Mary Stubbs. Alice C. Stumpf, Wippert A. Surrency, Erwin C. Sutton, Ro- chael S. Talmadge, John E. Teague, Peyton C. Terry, Andrew E. Tews, Richard W. Thomas, Howard. Thomas, Mary L. Thomas, Sid- ney S. Thompson, George E. Tison, John L. Todd, Elizabeth A bert, Julia E. Trimble, Richard B. Vance, Caroline. Vinson, Almira. Walker, R. P. Wall, C. A., Jr. Walls, Frances L. Ward, J. A. Warner, Byron H. Weber, Herschel W. Wescott, Harold. West, S. E., Jr. Wes- Wheeler, R. S. Whitehead, Thomas H. Wigginton, Brooks. Williams, Joe. Wil- ' ■ ■ ■ Womack, T. N. terfield, C. Wheeler, J Wier, Louise. Wilder, C _, , son, C. C. Winn, Nell. Wolff, Emily T. Womack, Annie V Mary Anne. Wood, Virginia L. Worrell, A. C. Young, Florene M Young, Rich Lee. Youngblood, C. Ralph. Ziegler, M. May. iBf afc • ' 8t TB j 3 t9 iB jj k HH iCyj iTfcT ' ljK N H r TjBMk} ' «n!flM K -l tf B M ckV HlJ 3 .. ' " - t . . « »■ . J ■ ■ ' i ii r V;i.. : ii :iii f m ' H i . -, ■ « v ; C5 ? ' - p- « x l ,: » f r-.Ti ' - ' JRlHBf- Sl « Sk? r«r A. PJN- m %- J ' k .j ' MT THE CHAPEL THE ACADEMIC BUILDING f : « - SENIORS SEN O R CLASS MELBOURNE McLENDON, President WALTER SMITH, Secretary and Treasurer LILLIAN PACE, Vice-President ABERNATHY, BETTY F. Gastonia, N. C. — B.F.A. Degree Georgia Crocker, Art Editor; Art League ACKER, NATHAN H. Eiberton — B.B.A. Degree ACREE. ELIZABETH Decatur ADAMS, CAROLYN E. Athens— A.B.J. ADAMS, STEPHEN L. Waycross — B.B.A. Alpha Phi Omega ADLERSTEIN, MARJORIE Newark, N. J. — B.A. Delta Phi Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi, Psychology Club, Hillel Foundation AKINS, CHARLES L. Statesboro — B.B.A. Sigma Chi, Glee Club ALDRED, FRED L., JR. Thomson — B.S.A. E. Engineering Club, Alpha Zeta, Scabbard and Blade, Demostheniai ALEXANDER, WILLIAM M., JR. Atlanta ADCOCK, SARA Fender — B.S.Ed. ADKINS, JACK A. Keysville — B.B.A. Lambda Chi Alpha; I. F. C, Treas. ALBINSON, BONNIE Bartow, Flo. ALLEN, FRANCES A. Greenville ALLEN, RICHARD B. Milledgeville — B.S. Kappa Alpha, Psychology Club 4 8 ALLGOOD, JEAN Athens — A.B. Degree Alpha Chi Omega, Glee Club, Dance Group, Pandora Colleges end Universities, Glee Club, Pioneer Club, Pan-Hellenic Council ' 46, ' 47. Pres, Pan-Hellenic Council ' 47- ' 48 ARNALL, JAMES W,, JR. Senoio — A.B J. Degree Alpha Tau Omego, Radio Workshop AMOS, WILLIAM G. Monticello AMSLER, FREDRICK Decatur ANDERSON, JAMES Ringgold ANDERSON, JEANNETTE Blue Ridge ANDERSON, JOHN H. Athens — B.S.A. Agronomy Club. American Legion, Masons ANDERSON, MARY F. Washington, D. C. Vice-Pres., Alpha Delta Pi, Pres., Alpha Delta Pi, Who ' s Who in American ANDERSON, RICHARD B. Athens ANDERSON, WILLIAM S. Decatur ANDREWS, HUGH E. McRoe — A.B. Degree ANDREWS, ROLAND C. Bornesville — B.S.A. Pi Kappa Alpha, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Marine Corps League ANDREWS, W. R,, JR. Carnegie — B.S.A. Saddle and Sirloin Club ARMSTRONG, THOS. B., JR. Atlanta ARNOLD, JAMES F., JR. Stothom — B.S. Degree Sigma Nu ARRINGTON, JOYCE Smyrna ASH, NEAL Cleveland — B S A. Degree Pi Kappa Phi, Scabbard and Blade, Air R.O.T.C. Captain, Ag Economics Club ATKINSON, JULIAN H. Voldosta — B.S.A. Degree Saddle and Sirloin Club, Treos.; Ag Economics Club; B.S.U. J, NDERSON Jl ANDERSON J. ANDERSON H ANDREWS R. ANDREWS 1 ANDREWS T. ARMSTRONG J. ARNALL J, ARNOLD J. ARRINGTON JX ' J J. ATKINSON 4. ' ' : SENIOR E. AVRIETT % H., BAKER J, BAKER J. BALDWIN R. BALK AUTRY. HOMER V. BAKER, JEAN Plainville Douglas AVERA, HARMON Q. BALDWIN, JOHN P. ATHENS — B.5. Physics Degree Dublin University Theater, Key Member Thalian-Blackfriars, Band, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma BALK, ROBERT S. Augusta AVRIETT, EDGAR K., JR. Homerville BALK WILLIAM A. BAGEN, LEONARD A. Augusta — B.S.AE. Degree Freshman Agriculture Proficiency Atlanta Award; Engineering Club, Scribe Pythagorean Club, Alpha Zeta BAGLEY, A. JEAN Millwood BALLARD, LUCIAN Montlcello BAILEY, HAROLD E. Hartwell — B.R.A. Degre e Landscape Architecture Club BALLENGER, THOMAS D. Gore — BS.A. Degree BAILEY, ROBERT M. Alpha Tau Omega, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Military Rifle Team Jefferson — B.B.A. Degree Phi Delta Theta BANDY, HARLEY B. BAKER, BILLIE G. Trion Alapaho — A.BJ. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta, Pioneer CI j( BANKS, MITCHELL D. Glee Club Statesboro 4 8 BANKS, ROBERT L. Atlanta BANKS, WALTER S. Thomaston — B.S. Degree BANKSTON, ROBERT V. Preston — B.S. A. Degree Gaffcu Club, Treas.; Ag Club, Ag. Hill Council BARBER, HALLIE A. Athens — B.F.A. Degree Alpha Delta Pi, Glee Club, Pandora, Art League BARKER, NATALIE Savannah — A.B.J. Alpha Chi Omega, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Theta Sigma Phi, Trees. BARKER, THOMAS B. Wyoming, Ohio BARNARD, JOHN F. Long Beach, Calif. BARNES, HORACE B., JR. McRae — B.S. A. Degree Saddle and Sirloin Club BARNES, JOSEPH FRANK Reynolds — B.B.A. Degree BARNETT, LORAIN C. Smyrna — B.S. Degree Homecon Club, United World Federalists, V.R.A. Senior Cabinet, Associate Editor ' 47 " G " Book, Art Students League, Glee Club ' 46.-47, Wesley Foundation, Crusader Editor ' 48 BARNETT, PHILIP Bishop BARNHILL, MAXCY Glenwood BARRINEAU, CHARLES Cairo BARRON, ARTHUR, JR. Rabun Gap BARTLETT, WAYNE Athens BARTON, LAWRENCE N. Rydal — B.B.A. Degree BARWICK, JACKSON L. Atlanta BASSING, PEGGY Augusto — B.S. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta, 1st Vice-Pres.. Social, Choir- man — Scribe; Dance Club, Pres., Sec, Treas.; Womens National Official Rating Committee — Treasurer BATTLE, CHARLES T., JR. Ellaville — B.B.A. Degree Delta Epsilon Pi BAXTER, WILDA Glennville BEASLEY, ROBERT Palatka, Flo. BECKNELL, CAROLYN Atlanta BEDINGFIELD, JAMES W. Cadwell — B.S. Degree BEGGS, WALLACE A. Lovonia I 3ARNETT F 3ARNETT v M. BARNHILL C. BARRINEAU A BARRON W. BARTLETT L. BARTON J BARWICK i 3ASSING ■ r ' C. BATTLE ii M :% C. BECKNELL J. BEDINGFIELD W. BEGGS ' 4 - 1 SENIOR CLASS BELL, FRANCES Decatur BOLTOE, RICHARD E. Atlanta SENATOR, RALF B. Atlanta BERK, HOWARD F. Taulton, Mass. — A.BJ. Degree Sigma Delta Chi BERRY, WILLIAM L. Villa Rica — A.B.J. Degree American Pharmaceutical Assn, State Pharmaceutical Assn. BIDEZ, WILLIAM A. Savannah BIGGERS, MARGARET S. Columbus — A.B. Degree Pi Beta Phi, Art Students League BIRD, WILLIAM W. Avondale Estates — B.B.A. Degree BLACKMON, JAMES H., JR. Washington BLAIR, ESTEELLE Savannah BLANKS, JERRY J. Macon — B.S.A. Degree Kappa Sigma, Saddle and Sirloin BLANTON, BETTY Talbotton BLANTON, LOU Valdosta BLASINGAME, WILLIAM Cape Charles, Va. P BLAWIE E. BLEAKLY L, BODDIFORD D. BODIFORD A. BOHN 4 8 B. BONNER WE iJ. BOWEN . BOWERS ' n. BOWLING D. BOYD BLAWIE. PAUL Athens — B.B.A. De gree Kappa Alpha, Vice-Pres., Newman Club, Pres., Phi Kappa Literary Soc, Pythagorean Math. Club BLEAKLY, EDWARD A., JR. Savannah — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Gridiron BODDIFORD, LEANORD C. Dover BODIFORD, DOROTHY Macon BOGGES, BOON B. Wilmette, III. BOHN, AUGUST J., JR. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi BONNER, BETTY J. Carrollton — A.B. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta, Chap- lain; Thalian-Blackfriars; Pi Gamma Kappa; Zeta Phi Eta, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Speech Club; Wesley Players BOWDEN, LEE C. Athens — B.S.A.E. Degree Sigma Nu, Ag Engineering Club, Wesley Foundation Council BOWEN, JACQUELYN Stotesboro BOWERS, WILLIAM M. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi BOWLING, NANCY M. New York City — A.B. Degree in Forestry Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; W.A.A., Pan- Hellenic Council BOYD, DAN Atlanta Alpha Phi Omega BOYD. WILLIAM G. Quitman BOYLES, CHARLES R. Cedartown — B.S. Degree Gamma Sigma Epsilon BRACELL, GAYNOR L. Plant City, Fla. BRACEWELL, DONALD F. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Delta Sigma Pi, Senior Warden G. BRACELL BRADFORD, MARY Live Oak, Fla. BRANDENBURG, JENOISE Miami, Fla. — B.F.A. Degree Glee Club BRANT, BARBARA Asheville, N. C. BRANTLEY, CHARLES O. Harrison — B.S. Degree BRASWELL, ANNETTE Monroe BRASWELL, BELTON H. Stotesboro — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Chi, Demosthenion BRAUDA, CAROLYN Rome BRENNAN. THOMAS A. Savannah — B.B.A. Degree Newman Club, Treos.; Demosthenion, S.V.O. D. BRACEWELL M. BRADFORD SENIOR CLASS BREWER S. BREWER J. BRIDGES G. BRIGHTWELL B. BRIMBERRY J. E. BRINSON J. W. BRINSON M. BRISCOE G. BRISENDINE W. BRISENDINE M, BRITTON A, BROADHURST C. BROOK BREWER, BETTY Athens — BB.A. Degree Alpha Lambda Delta BREWER, SPENCER S. Atlanta — B.S. Degree Sigma Chi, Demosthenian Literary Society, Cadet Officer R.O.T.C, V.R.A., Students Veterans Organization BRIDGES, JULIAN D. Sumner BRIGHTWELL, GEORGE A. Columbus — B.FA. BRIMBERRY, BARBARA Albany — B.S. in Chem. Degree Alpha Delta Pi. Pioneer Club, Gamma Sigma Epsilon BRINSON, J. EDISON Wrightsville BRINSON, JOHN W. Wrightsville BRISCOE, MADISON H. Athens BRISENDINE, GARRET Atlanta BRISENDINE, WILLIAM Lyons BRITTON, MARILYN Augusta — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta, Glee Club, Phi Phi Theta, Pioneer Club BROADHURST, DAISY ADELE Athens — B.S.H.E. Degree B.S.U. Council, Sec. and Treas.; Homecon Club P.O.W. BROOK, CHARLES, JR. East Point — A.B.J. Degree Sigma Delta Chi, Red and Black, Georgia Cracker, Swimming Team BROOKS, JAMES B. Chipley BROWN, ALTON P. Smyrna — A.B. Degree Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain and Sec; Phi Eta Sigma; Vice-Pres. Freshman Class; French Club, Pres., Vice- Pres.; Cosmopolitan Club BROWN, CAROLYN McRae C. M. BROWN G. BROWN J. BROWNE W. BROWN BROWN, CLARENCE M. Hinesville BROWN, GENE E. Athens — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi BROWNE, JEAN Savannah — B.S.H.E. Degree BROWN, LENARD C, Bainbridge — A.B. Degree Lambda Chi Alpha, Scabbard and Blade BROWN, LOUISE Eatonton BROWN, W. FRED Atlanta BROWN, MARTHA L. Rossville — H.E.B S. Degree 4-H, President BROWN, VIRGINIA C. Athens — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon Club BRUCE, GEORGE A. Atlanta — A.B. Degree Delta Tau Delta, Asst. Treas.; Demosthenian; University DeMolay Club; Chess Tournament; Chess Club, President BRUCKNER, ALBERT Augusta — B.B.A. Degree Blue Key; Red end Block, Bus. Mgr.; Pandora, Bus. Mgr.; X Club; Digamma Kappo, Pres.; Demosthe- nian; Gridiron BRUCKNER, ELERA H. Athens BRUKER, WILLIAM C Augusta BRYAN, SPEDE J. Atlanta — A.B.J. Degree Pi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman; Sigma Delta Chi. Treas.; X Club, Vice Pres.; Digamma Kappa; Red and Black, Asst. Sports Ed.; University Theatre BUCKLER, ALONZO M., JR. Decatur — B.B.A. Degree Delta Sigma Pi, Track Team BUCKNER, EMILY Savannah A. BUCKLER E. BUCKNER f H L. BURDETT P. BURGE BUICE, BETTY East Point — A.B.J. Degree Theta Sigma Phi, Drum Majorette, University Band BUICE, WILLIAM R. East Point — B.S. Degree Pi Mu Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, University Band, R.O.T.C. Lieutenant BULLARD, FRANK L., JR. Machen — B.S.A.E. Degree Ag Engineering Club, Secy. BURCH, IRIS R. Foyetteville BURDEN, JAMES T., JR. Comer — B.S. A. Degree Alpha Gamma Rho, Goffou Club, Poultry Science Club, Ag Club BURDETT, LEE H. Sandy Springs BURGE, PHILIP W. Oakpark, III. — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Psi, Business Admn. Society, Pres. BURK, LAWRENCE G. Woodbury — B.S.A. Degree Plant Pathology Club BURKHART, ELIZABETH A. Athens BUICE W. BUICE E. BURKHART k A k G. BUTCHER J. BUTLER BURNS, BEVERLY Gainesville — B.S. Degree Delta Delta Delta, Gomma Sigma Epsilon, Dolphin Club, Womens ' Athletic Association, Georgia Cracker Staff BURSON, WILLIAM H. Thomoston — A.B.J. Degree University News Bureau. Assistant Director, Director; Sphinx; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Sigma Delta Chi, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Phi Eta Sigma, Sec.-Treas.; " X " Club, Vice-Pres.; Biffod; Alpho Phi Omego, Corres. Sec; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; Deon ' s List; Georgia-Georgia-Tech Com- mittee on Student Relations; Red and Black Staff, Feature Editor, Editor; V.R.A. Freshman An- nouncer; Pic Magazine College Council; Pic Magazine Collegiate Writer ' s Award for Southeast; B.S.U. Council; G.O.P. BUSH, BOBBY Barnesviile — B.S. in Education Pi Kappa Alpha; Glee Club; Tennis Team BUSH, JAMES W. Albany BUSH, ROBERT K. Camilla — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Nu, Treas.; Delta Sigma Pi BUSSELL, ELENA Collins BUTLER, JOE W. Camilla — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Nu BUTLER, RICHARD Amercius BUXTON, MARY ANN Greenville, S. C. BYARS, WILLIAM Rome — A.B.J. Degree Kappa Sigma CAIRNES, ALLAN E. Marietta — A.B.J. Degree Chi Phi; Sigma Delta Chi CALDWELL, CARRIE Hamilton CALDWELL. EDWARD, JR. Greensboro — B.S. Degree Alpha Tau Omega CALHOUN, ANNE Augusta A. CALHOUN 8 I CAMHbtLL faM V CARMICHAL CALHOUN, DOROTHY Talbotton — B.B.A. Degree P.O.W. Council, W.A.A. Council, Glee Club, Phi Chi Theto, Wesley Foun- dation Council CALLAHAN, MARGARET E. Athens — B.S. Degree Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, W.A A,, Wesley Foundation Council, Hockey Club CALLAS, EUNICE Demorest — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon Club CALLAWAY, WEYMAN West Point — SB. A. Degree CAMP, JAMES R. Atlanta CAMP, MARTHANE Atlanta CAMPBELL, LOUIS W., JR. Decatur — B.B.A. Degree Demosthenion, Delta Sigma Pi CAREY, JANE Atlanta CARMICHAL, WM. N. JR. Sargent — B.S. A. Degree Alpha Gamma Rho CARR, RALPH W., JR. Jackson — B.B.A. Degree Demosthenion, Delta Sigma Pi CARSWELL, ASHLEY J Homerville CARTER, DOROTHY SUE Columbus — B.F.A. Degree Art League CARTER, JAMES C, JR. Lake Pork — B.S. A. Degree Alpha Gamma Rho, Agri- cultural Economics Club CARUTHERS, MARGARET College Park — A.B.J. Degree Pi Beta Phi, Pres.. Vice- Pres., Secy., Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres.; Student Council; Pioneer Club, Pioneer Inner Circle, Pres., Vice- Pres.; Pan-Hellenic Council, Vice-Pres.; Georgia Cracker, Asso. Editor; Pandora Staff; Mortar Board, Secy.; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges CASE, VERNON E. Rochester, N. Y. — B.B.A. Degree Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Demosthenion CASEY, EVELYN Cedartown — B.S. in Ed. Education Club CASH, GEORGINE Hoschton — A.B. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi CAUBLE, GERALD D. Athens — B.F.A. Degree Gridiron; " X " Club; Student Cabinet; Art Club; Speech Club Cadet Captain; Scabbard and Blade; Cavalry Club; Red and Black CAWTHON, JESSE M. Jackson — B.B.A. Degree Wesley Foundation, Treos. CHANCY, JAMES F. Blakely CHAPARD, SAMUEL L. Griffin CHAPMAN, CECIL Sylvester — B.S. A. Degree CHAPPELL, ANN M. Macon CHASTAIN, VICTOR T. Pickens, S. C. CARSWELL D. CARTER M. CARUTHERS V. CASE G. CASH CAUBLE J. CAWTHON f SENIOR CLASS CHESNA, JOE L. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. CHEVES, ELIZABETH P. Atlanta — B.F.A. Alpha Delta Pi; Art Student League Dance Club, Pyramid Club; Uni- versity Theatre; Newman Club; Twisted Tobe, Editor CHEVES, JAMES P. Atlanta CHICK, HOYT N., JR. Athens — B.B.A, CHILDRE . RUDOLPH J Reynolds- — B.S.A. Gaffau CHIVERS ANNE Dublin CHOTAS, MARION Atlanta CHRISTIAN, MARY M Augusta Education Club, A.C.E., Wesley Foundation CLARY, WALLACE B. Atlanta CLAXTON. JAMES R. Girard — B.S.A. Agronomy Club, Treas.; Alpha Zeta; Ag Hill Council CLAXTON, LEE R. Wrightsvile CLEMENTS, HARRY T., JR. Waycross — B.S. CLOER, FRANK G. Dalton — B.S.A. Gaffa D. COLEMAN 8 CLOER, GRADY LEE Rayle — B.S. Ed. Degree COE, LESTER J. Bishop COFER, CLAIRE Washington — A.BJ, Degree Alpha Lambda Delta, Glee Club COHN, EVA Athens — B.B.A. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon, Pres.; Mortar Board; I.R.C.. Sec.-Treas.; Zodiac, Pres.; Beta Gamma Sigma; Who ' s Who; Varsity Debate Team ' 44- ' 46; Glee Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac Award ' 45; H. McWhorter Award ' 45; Hillel, Sec. ' 45. COLE, JANE Carrollton — A.B. History Degree COLEMAN, DANIEL Voldosta COLEMAN, LAMAR GENE Garfield — B.S. Degree Alpha Tau Omega COLLINS, JAS. LAWRENCE Atlanta — A.B.J. Degree COLLINS, JAMES SPEIR Waycross — A.B.J. Degree Red and Black, Editor, Managing Ed., News Ed.. Asst. News Ed.; Sigma Delta Chi, Pres., Sec, Historian; I.R.C., Vice- Pres., Program Chairman; Blue Key; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gridiron; Demos- thenian; S.V.O.; G.O.P.; Wesley Singers Presbyte- rian Choir; Faculty-Stu- dent Advisory Committee; Tech-Go. Student Rela- tions Committee; Who ' s Who Among Students COLLINS, MARTHA GLYNN Claxton — B.S. in Phys. Ed. Alpha Chi Omega, Physical Education Major Club, Women ' s Athletic Assn. COLLINA, PATRICIA H. Calhoun — B.S. Psych. Kappa Delta. House Pres., Membership Chairman; Pan-Hellenic Council; Pandora Staff; Psychology Club; Pioneer Club COLSON, JAMES H. Voldosta — B.S.F. Degree Forestry Club COLSON, RODNEY Plant City, Fla.— B.S. Ed. Degree Industrial Arts Club, pres. ' 47- ' 48: G Club: Foot- ball ' 45; Baseball ' 46- ' 47; Ed. Club; I.A.C., Treas. ' 46- ' 47 Milledge Hall Whiskey Bowl Champs, Coach CONAWAY, DEAN Atlonta CONE, ANNA T. Savannah — A.B. Degree Kappa Alpha Theta CONNELL, EMORY L. Ncylor CONNELL, JAMIE Noshville — A.B J. Degree Kappa Alpha Mu CONNELL, JOHN L. GRAY — B.S. A. Degree Forestry Club; Demosthenion Literary Society; Cypress Knee Staff ' 47- ' 48, Ass ' t Business Manager ' 47, Assoc. Business Mgr. ' 48 COOK, ALEX MARVIN Colquitt — B.S. Pharmacy Degree American Pharmaceutical Association COOK, DAVID C. Atlanta COOK, MARION Lumber City COPLIN, JAMES E., JR. Elberton — B.F.A. Degree Kappa Alpha, Phi Kappa Literary Society, Gridiron COPLIN, JOHN F. Elberton — A.B. Degree Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa Literory Society, Alpha Phi Omega D. CONAWAY E. CONNELL SENIOR CLASS COOPER, RALPH A. Athens — B.S. Ed. Cheerleader ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 COPELAND. JIMMY B. Carrollton — B.S. A. Georgia Agriculturist, Editor; Georgia Dairymon, Editor; Red and Black, Ag Hill Editor; Blue Key; Aghon; Who ' s Who; Ag Club, Treos,; Ag Hill Council, Vice- Pres.; Dairy Science Club; 4-H Club; Baptist Student Union Council COPTSIAS, CLEOPATRA Americus CORBETT, MARGUERITE Buford — B.F.A, University Theater, Thalian-Black- friars. Art League, Dean ' s List CORDELL, JOE A. Hartwell CORLEY, JUDSON A. Atlanta — B.S. COUCH, GLENN B. Dougherry COWART, ALICE M. Savannah — A.B. Sociology Pi Beta Phi; Pandora Staff; Pioneer Club, Pres. COWDEN, JEAN H. Rockmart — B.S. Home Ec. Homecon Club COWN, NORRIS A. Loganville — B.S. A. Voc. Ed. COX, MOLISSA B. College Park — B.F.A. CRAIG, F. MARIE Atlanta CRAIG, SAMUEL M. Atlanta — B.S. A. An Hus. Saddle and Sirloin Club CRANE, JAMES R. Athens — B.B.A. Marketing Phi Delta Theto CRAVY, ROBERT P. Atlanta — B.B.A. Phi Delta Theto. Phi Koppo J. CRANE R. CRAVY A. CRITTENDEN D. CRITES W. CROMLEY R. CROSS 8 CULPEPPER CUNNINGHAM CRITES, DALE A. Atlanta — B.BA. Degree Delta Sigma Pi CRITTENDEN, ALEX F., JR. Pelham — B.BA. Degree Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Kappa; Ga. Bulldogs Orchestra CROMLEY, WILLIAM C. Brooklet CROSS, RUSSELL E. Pelham — BB.A. Degree CROWELL, EVELYN Jacksonville, Flo. CULLENS, ZACK A., JR. Savannah CULPEPPER, AGNES Augusta — A.B.J. Degree Kappa Delta. Publicity Supt. Society and Woman ' s Ed on Red and Black; Uni- versity Theatre; Glee Club; Georgia Cracker CULPEPPER, GEORGE Orlando, Fla. CULPEPPER, STUART Orlando, Fla. Phi Delta Theta, Bond CUNNINGHAM, CAROLYN Eatonton CUNNINGHAM, W. E., JR. Atlanta CURTIS, JEANNE Decatur — B.F.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Iota, Sgt.-at- Arms; Women ' s Glee Club DAGGY, WAYNE C. Macon — B.BA. Degree Delta Sigma Pi; Dean ' s List DALE, EDWIN GLEN Palestine, Texas DALE, ANNE Atlanta — B.A. Degree Women ' s Glee Club; Chapel Choir DANCER, ALICE JANE Colquitt — B.S.H.E. Degree Phi Upsilon Omicron; B.S.U. Council; Homecon; Y.WA., Pres. DANIEL, BETTY Rome DANIEL, CHARLES M., JR. Morrow — B.B.A. Degree Pi Koppa Phi DANIEL, GEORGE W. McRae — B.BA. Degree DANIELL, JEFF W. Gresston DANIEL, MARY R. Augusta DARSEY, FRED F. Sunnyside — A.B.J. Degree Thalian Blackfriors; Red and Black Staff DAVIDSON, LEE West Point DAVIS, BARBARA Grantville — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon C. DANIEL SENIOR CLASS DAVIS, BLAKE E. Montgomery, Ala. — A.B. Degree Sigmo Nu, Demosfhenian, Politicol Science Club DAVIS, MARTHA Talladega, Ala. DAVIS, CARTER F. DAVIS, MONIQUE de CHEZELLE Fitzgerald Savannah — A.B. Sociology Degree French Club DAVIS, CHARLES H., JR. Macon — B.B.A. Degree DAVIS, PAUL E. Delta Epsilon Pi Blun DAVIS, ERWIN DAVIS, ROBERT. JR. Carrollton Macon — B.B.A. Degree DAVIS, JOAN Kappa Alpha Donalsonville — B.S.H.E. Degree Delta Delta Delta; Dance Club; Homecon; Lambda Chi Alpha, Sponsor ' 47- ' 48 DAVIS, ROBERT P. Columbus — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Chi DAVIS, JUNE E. Savannah — B.S. Psychology Degree Kappa Delta, Ass ' t Treas, House Pres., Guard; Pioneer Club; Psy- chology Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; B. S. U.; Red and Black DAVIS, SARAH Atlanta — B.S. Degree University Y.W.A. DAVIS, WILLIAM C. DAVIS, JUSTINE Gray Jesup DEAL, JAMES F. DAVIS, LOUISE B. Rabun Gap Atlanta — B.S. Degree Alpha Zeta, Dairy Science Club, College Y.W.A. 1947 Dairy Cattle Judging Tea J. DeBEAUGRINE J. DeLOACH L. DEMPSEY D. DENTON J. DERISO K. DeRENNE f ) - 4 8 DeBEAUGRINE, JUNE Athens DeLOACH, JEAN Savannah — B.S. Chem. Degree DEMPSEY. LOLLIE Wotkinsville DENTON, DOROTHY Bronwood — BS.H.E. Homecon Club DERISO, JANE Moultrie — A.BJ. Degree Alpha Chi Omega, Pioneer Club DILL, GORDON E. Atlonta DILLARD, CAROLYN Colbert — B.S.H.E. Homecon Club DILLARD, LEWIS P. Calhoun — B.B.A. Degree DILLON, R. WAYNE Savannah — B.B.A. Degree DIXON, KATHERINE Wilmington, N. C. DOERNER, GEORGE DeRENNE, KENTWYN Savannah Athens — A.B.J. Degree Chi Psi; Blue Key, Vice-Pres.; Sigma Delta Chi; Demosthenian; Red and Block, Editor, Managing Editor; dOMINY PERRY F New s Editor, Asst. News Editor; Student Scholarship Fund, Mgr. Toomsboro — B.S.A.E. Degree Ag Engineering Club, Treas.; Alpha Zeta, Censor DESMOND, MacCHESNEY Simsbury, Conn. — B.S. Forestry ., , , DONALDSON, SUSANNE Forestry Club; Alpha Zeto; Xi Sigma Pi; Cypress Knee, Associate Ed. Atlonta — A.B.J. Degree DONALDSON, WILLIAM T. Tifton DONEHOO, W. R. Douglas DORN, CLYDE B. Augusta — B.B.A. Degree DORSEY, THELMA Lambda Chi Alpha, Dean ' s List Atlanta DOUGHTY, CECILE Augusta — A.B.J. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi; Theta Sigma Phi Zodiac; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List; Pandora DOUGLAS, ALLEN H. Sovonnah DOUGLAS, ELLOISE Meeks DOUGLAS, KARLEEN Ocilla — B.S.H.E. Degree G. DOERNER P. DOMINY S. DONALDSON DOUGLAS, LILLIAN Dalton W DONALDSON W. DONEHOO C. DOUGHTY A. DOUGLAS E. DOUGLAS K. DOUGLAS L. DOUGLAS SENIOR CLASS I ir DOUGLAS M. DOWNING D. DOWNS J. DOYLE DOUGLAS, MERL Atlanta — B.B.A. Econ. Degree Phi Delta Theta DOWNING. M. EMMALYN Savannah — B.F.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Iota, Recording Secretary; Glee Club; A Capella Choir DOWNS, DON Newnan DOYLE, JOHN A., JR. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Phi Delta Theta DOZIER, RICHARD Sylvonia — B.B.A. Acct. Degree DUBOSE, JESSE I Omaha DRAKE, ANN Griffin Phi Upsilon Omicron; Club Homecon DREWRY, JUDSON H., JR. DURDEN, BETTY A. Camilla McDonough — B.S.H.E Degree DRYER, FRANCES M. Atlanta — B.F.A. Degre e DUTCHAK, EUGENE Scranton, Pa. — A.B.J M. Degree DUKE, JOHN G. Newnan — B.B.A. Degree DUNHAM. MARTHA Athens DUNLAP, EDGAR B Gainesville DUNLAP, ROBERT H. Athens — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Chi; Gridiron; Alpha Kappa Psi; X Club; Demosthenian, Vice-Pres.; Glee Club, Business Manager DUPREE, GWENDOLYN Savannah — B.S.H.E. Degree League of Women Veterans; Kondel Club; Art League Dean ' s List R. O. T. C, Regt. Comdr., Cadet-Col.; Kappa Alpha Mu, Pres.; Sigma Delta Chi; I. R. C; Red and Black. Student Faculty Advisory Comm. J. ECHOLS DWIGGINS, GENEVIEVE Atlanta DYAR, THOMAS E. Winder — A.B, Hist. Degree DYE, CHARLES W. Macon DYKES, DAVID W, Cochran EARLY, S. CHRISTOPHER shop — B.S, Degree Glee Club ECHOLS, JOHN B. Danielsville EDDLEMAN, HUBERT Dewey Rose — B.SA. Degree Gaffau Club EDWARDS, WALTER Gainesville EICHBERG, CAROLYN Atlanta — B.F.A. Degree Hillel; Art League; Pandora ELAM, CHARLES W. Lincolnton — BS.AE, Degree Ag. Eng. Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary and Treasurer ELDRIDGE, ERWIN J. Americus — BBA. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Glee Club; V. R. A.; Demosthenian; Student Veterans Organization ELLIS, CORDELIA A. Wrens — B.S.H.E. Degree Glee Club; Homecon Club; 4-H Club, Sec ' y. ELLIS, GRADY L. Gainesville — BS. Ed. Degree ELLIS, JOSEPHINE Mustang, Okla. — BS Nursing Ed. Degree ELLISON, EDWIN Charleston, S. C. EDENFIELD, BETTY Metter — B.B.A. Degree ELEAZER, WILMA ELLISON, JAMES C. Springfield — A.B. Speech, English Mount Airy Zeta Phi Eta, Vice-Pres., Sec ' y.; Digommo Kappa, Treas.; Speech Club, Pres.; Junior Varsity Debate Team; University Theatre; ENGLISH, CHARLES M. Pandora Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree ELKINS, CAROLINE Waycross Delta Sigma Pi, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Demosthenian; Economics Society EDWARDS, DOROTHEA A. ELLIOT, C. RICHARDS ENGLISH, DAVID L. Athens — B.S.H.E. Degree Augusta — B.S. Degree Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Homecon Club: B. S, U.; Education Chi Psi, Pres.; Thalian Blackfriars, Delta Sigma Pi, Vice-Pres.; Demos- Club; Student Veterans Sec ' y.; University Theatre; Organization Theta Alpha Phi thenian; Economics Society; Dean ' s List E. ELDRIDGE W. ELEAZER C. ELLIOT fi,5 E ELLISON J. ELLISON C, ENGLISH D, ENGLISH SENIOR CLASS J. D. EVANS M, EVANS ENGLISH, ROY W., JR. Sandersville — B.B.A. Delta Sigma Pi ENLOE, GEORGE Atlanta EPPES, CLARA Athens ERQUITT, JOSEPH M. Atlanta — B.B.A. Chi Phi, Secretary; Delta Sigma Pi, President; Scabbard Blade; Marine Corps League, Senior Vice-Commondont; Advanced R.O.T.C, Regimental Adjutant; Dean ' s List ERWIN, GEORGE Athens ETHRIDGE, JOHN C. Hartwell EUBANKS, WILLIAM W. Augusta — B.S. Chem. Demosthenian; Adiatus EVANS, JOHN D. Eastman — B.S. A. Poultry Science Club; Veterans Organization F FABIAN F. FAULK EVANS JOHN D. Gay EVANS MALCOLM HozlehL rst — B.B.A. Sigma |u EVANS ROY W. Athens- -B.S.A. Gaffau Club; Alpha Gamma Rho EWING, CHARLES CONN Atlanta — B.B.A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon FABIAN, FRANK H. Wotkinsville FAULK, FERNIE, JR. Augusta FAULKNER, ROSE Decatur — B.S.H.E. Home Economics Club; Glee Club FAYSSOUX, DORMA Atlanta S. FELDMAN E. FENLAND M, FERNIE J. FIELDS 4 8 FLOURNOY FELDMAN, SYLVIA Atlanta FENLAND, EVELYN Boston FERNIE, MURRAY C. Atlanta — B.F.A. Alpha Lambda Delta; Deon ' s List; Neal Reid Scholar- ship; Landscape Architec- ture Club FETZER, J, FRANK Atlanta — SB. A. Delta Sigma Pi FIELD?, JOHN H. Atlanta — B.S.A. Georgia Agriculturist, Busi- ness Manager; Ag. Hill Council, Vice - President; Dairy Science Club, Treas- urer; 4-H Club, Secretary; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Baptist Student Union, President FIFE, MARY A. Atlanta — B.S. Zoology Glee Club FINLEY. HOYT P. LoGrange — BB.A. Delta Sigma Pi FISHER, RICHARD M. Sardis FLOURNOY, FELTON Fort Gaines FLOYD, DAGMA L , JR. Athens— B.F.A. FLOYD, WOODROW W. Adairsville FOLSOM, ROLAND J. Barney — B.S.A. Goffou Club FORD, JAMES H. Tyty— B.S.A. E. Pi Mu Epsilon; Agricultural Engineering Club, Scribe and Vice-President; Alpha Zeta FOREHAND, JAMES F. Lilly— B.S. A.E. Ag. Engineer, Assistant Busi- ness Manager; Ag. Engi- neering Club, President % FLOYD J. FORD J. FOREHAND W. FORRESTER FORRESTER. WHITFIELD Cordele FORGY, LUCY A. Tampa, Fla. — A.B. Chi Omega; Hunt Club; Art Students ' League FOWLEY, FRANK L. Columbus FOX, PHELPS Dawson FRANCIS, JOE T. Martinez FREEMAN, FRANCES Jackson FREEMAN, SAMUEL Foirmount FRYE, JAMES T. Hortwell FRYE, RALPH F. Hortwell FULLER, DREW R. Atlanta — B.S. Chemistry Sigma Chi L. FORGY F F( SENIOR CLASS W. GARLAND C, GARNER GARVIN I. GATLIN K GAULDII-1 E. GIBSON A GILBERT FUQUA, BENJAMIN F. Jackson — B.S.A. Degree Ag. Club GAINES, GORDON B. Fitzgerald — B.S. Degree Sigma Pi Sigma, President GAINEY, RAY D. Boston — B.S. Pharmacy Degree GALAMBOS, JOHN Athens GARLAND, BETTY J. St. Petersburg, Fla. — A.B.J. Degree Theta Sigma Phi, President; Zodiac; Student Veterans Organization, Executive Council; Dean ' s List; American Legion, Historian; Georgia Cracker GARLAND, WYMAN M. Wrightsville — B.S. Forestry Degree Forestry Club; Demosthenian; Student Veterans Organization; American Legion GARNER, COLUMBUS G. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree GARVIN, BEN J., JR. Atlanta — B.S. Degree Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; V. R. A,, President, Vice-President; Religion- in-Life- Week Program, Treasurer; Demosthenian; Gridiron; Wesley Foundation Council; Psychology Club GATLIN, ISABELLE S. Albany — B.S.H.E. Degree GAULDEN, KATHRYN A. Camilla — B.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta; Homecon; Pioneer Club GIBBS, THOMAS A., JR. Bostwick — B.S.A. Degree Dairy Club GIBBS, WILLIE A. Abbeville GIBSON, ELEANOR L. Atlanta — A.B. Degree Chi Omega; Golf Club GILBERT, ANNE C. Savannah — B.F.A. Degree Kappa Delta, Vice-President, Histo- rian, Sgt.-at-Arms; Red and Block; Pandora, Asst. Art Ed,; Art League, President, Vice - President, Secre- tary; Alpha Lambda Delta, Secre- tary Mortar Board; Dean ' s List. GILBERT, CHARLES M. LaFayette GILBERT. MARY Tifton — B.F.A. Degree Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sec.-Treos. of Sophomore Class; Women ' s Student Government, Jun- ior Representative; Sigma Alpha Iota, President, Treasurer; P. O. W., President; B. S. U. Council; V. R. A. Cabinet; Student-Faculty Ad- visory Comm.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. C. GILBERT M. GILBERT N. GILLESPIE A. GILLIS 4 8 GLASS GLISSON GLYNN GODWIN k Ik GILES, J. GORDON Ochlochnee — B.S.A.E. Ag. Hill Council; Alpha Zeta; Ag, Engineering Club, President GILL, JOHN T. Luthersville GILLEN, LILLIAN R. Bishop GILLESPIE, LOWRY H.. JR. Athens — B.S.A.E. Degree Phi Delta Theto; Alpha Zeta; Ag. Engineering Club GILLESPIE, NAN Athens — A.B. Degree Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Dean ' s List GILLIS, ARTHUR L. Axson — B.S.F. Degree Forestry Club GLASS, CHARLES W. Decatur — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Tau Omega; Intramural Board GLISSON, HUBERT H. Hilltonia — B.S.A. Degree Gaffau; 4-H Club GLOVER, GEORGE M. Cleveland GLYNN, JEANNETTE Savannah GNANN, JOHN W. Rincon — B.S.F. Degree Sigma Chi; Forestry Club GNANN, RICHARD Savannah GODBEE, ROBERT E. Millen — B.B.A. Degree GOLDBERG, JACK J. Charleston, S. C. — A.B. Eng. Tau Epsilon Phi; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa; Hillel GOLDSTEIN, JULIUS Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Epsilon Pi, President; Inter-Fraternity Council; Dean ' s List GOODRICH, SYLVIA Milledgeville R. GNANN R. GODBEE J. GOLDBERG J. GOLDSTEIN GORDON, BOB P. Buford — B.S. Degree Alpha Epsilon Pi, Exchequer, Historian, Assistant Ex- chequer; Sigma Pi Sigma; I. R. C; Phi Kappa; Dean ' s List; University Theotre GODWIN, JIMMY Lakeland GRANADE, HELEN Washington — -B.S. Ed. GRANT, WILLIAM LaGronge — B.S.A. Degree Poultry Science Club; Ag. Hill Council GRAY. EARL V. Walesko GREEN, ARTHUR E. Adamsville, Ala. GREEN, JOHN S. Nicholls GREENE, EDGAR H., JR. Atlanta S. GOODRICH B. GORDON i H. GRANADE SENIOR GREENE, SARA Fort Valley — A.B .Degree Alpha Delta PI; Art League Canterbury Club GRESHAM, THOMAS T. Rome GRIFFETH. JOE L. Jefferson GRIFFIES, REBECCA Carrollton GRIFFIN, SARA J. Cochran — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon Club GRINER, EUGENE W. Savannah — BBA. Degree Chi Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma GRIZZELL, JULIA B. Decatur — SB. A. Degree Kappa Delta, Pledge Secretary, Pan Hellenic Representative; Pioneer Club GROVES, JACK Lavinio — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Kappa; Economics Society; University Theatre; Presbyterian Student Association GROW, PATRICIA Atlanto — A.B. Degree Georgia Cracker Staff, Associate Editor GUY, J. SAM Atlanta — B.BA. Degree Kappa Alpha, Treasurer; Gridiron, Historian; Tholian Blackfrior; Phi Kappa GUY, JOHN T. Decatur HAAR, LANETTE Savannah — B.F.A. Degree Thalian Blackfrior HALE. JOYCE Augusta — A. 8. Degree Cosmopolitan Club; Red and Black Staff HALL, BETH Milledgeville — A.B. Degree Pi Beta Phi; Pandora; Politi- cal Science Club; Can- terbury Club; Spanish Club, Secretory-Treasurer; Geography Club; University Chapel Choir HALL, CECIL R., JR. Atlanta — B.BA. Degree Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa J. HAMMOND E. HANCOCK S. HAND HALL, JACK M. Moultrie — B.S.F. Degree Phi Delta Theto; Forestry Club HALL, JUNE Chickamouga HALL, VIVIAN S. Villa Rica — B.S. Ed. Degree HAMMOND, ELSIE Clarkston HAMMOND, JAMES T. Atlanta HANCOCK. E. J. Lizello HAND, SNOW B., JR. Brooks — B.S. A. Degree Alpha Tou Omega; Dairy Science Club HANSON, M. JEANNE Savannah — A.B. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta HARDEN, WILLIAM Athens J. HANSON HARDIN, DORIS L. Athens — B.S. HE. Degree Beta Sigma Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron HARDY, MARGARET R. Quitman — A.B. Degree B. S. U. HARGREAVES, GEORGE Pearson HARGROVE, R. W.. JR. Augusta — B.S. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pi Mu Epsilon; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Glee Club HARGROVE, WILLIAM A. Leslie HARLIN, WILLIAM M. East Point — B.BA. Degree Lambda Chi Alpha HARMON, JOSEPH R. Falls Church, Va. — B.B.A. Delta Sigma Pi; Dean ' s List HARMON, MARTHA B. Atlanta — A.B. Degree Psychology Club W. HARDEN D. HARDEN iJL k G. HARGREAVES R, HARGROVE W. HARGROVE W. HARLIN J. HARMON M. HARMON SENIOR I R. HARPER CLASS J R.A. HARPER W, HARPER E. HARRELL HARPER, EDWARD M. Atlanta HARPER, REX S. Commerce — B.S.F. Degree Xi Sigma Pi; Alpina Zeta; Aghan; Forestry Club; Earl Jenkins Memorial Award; Cypress Knee, Business Monager, Editor HARPER, ROBERT A. Hapeville — B.S.F. Degree Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President HARPER, WILLIAM L. Jesup HARRELL, EDSEL L. Jesup HARRINGTON, BURTON J. West Hartford, Vt. — B.S.A. Degree Agri. Econ. Club HARRINGTON, RALPH Milledgeville — B.S.A. Degree Demosthenian, President, Parliamen- torion; Saddle and Sirloin Club. President; Blue Key; Aghon; Grid- iron Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Ag. Hill Council, Vice-President; Ag. Club, Vice-President; Council Member of Veterans Organization J. HARRIS HARRIS, ANN E. Athens — A.B. Degree Koppo Alpha Theta, Corresponding Secretary; V. R. A., Sophomore Cabinet; Glee Club; Canterbury Club HARRIS, BEVERLY Riverdale — B.S. in Zoology Degree HARRIS, GEORGE L,, JR. Atlanta HARRIS, IDA Denton. Texas HARRIS, JANE F. Bradley HARRIS, JOHN T. Jenkinsburg HARRIS, LILLIAS Ft. Valley HARRISON, ELIZABETH Sandersville HARVEY, HENRY A, Camilla B. HARRINGTON R, HARRINGTON J T HARRIS E HARRISON H HARVEY A J. HARVEY J. HATCHER G. HAWKINS E HATCHER S. HATFIELD J HAWKINS " - » V fx 4 8 r. V. HAWTHORNE HAYNES V. HAYNES X HELD J. HENDERSON HARVEY, JOSEPH Q. Jakin HATCHER, ELDRIDGE V, Montezuma — B.S.A. Degree Gaffau Club, Vice-President HATCHER, JACK B. Harlem — BS.A. Degree Dairy Science Club HATFIELD, SARAH Monroe — B.F.A. Degree Alpha Delta Pi, Art League HAWKINS, GEORGE M. Fords, N. J. HAWKINS, JOHN B. Spring Place — B.B.A. Degree HAWKINS. WILLIAM Cordele HAWTHORNE, WILLIAM C. Gordon — B.B.A. Degree Phi Delta Theta HAYNES, B. C, JR. Chatsworth — B.S.A. Degree Alpha Zeta; American Society Agricultural Engineers HAYNES, WINFRED N. Chattanooga, Tenn. — B.S.F. Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi HELD, SIGMUND I. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Phi Epsilon Pi, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary; Phi Kappa HENDERSON, JAMES G. Chomblee — B.S.A. E. Ag. Eng. Club HENDON, JANE Carrollton HENDRIX, CAROLYN Trion HENDRIX. JAMES E. Columbus — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary HENTZ, CLARKE B. Chattanooga, Tenn. HERNDON, JOHN G. Dewy Rose — B.S.A.E. Degree American Society Agricul- tural Engineers; Aero Club; Track Team, Win- ner, 50-Yard Dash; Swimming Team HERRIN, CHARLES R., JR. Stothom HEYMAN, ARTHUR, II Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Phi Epsilon PI, President, Secretary, Treasurer; I. F. C, Vice-President; Red and Black, Asst. News Editor, News Editor, Managing Editor; Pandora, Sports Editor; Biftod, Secretory- Treasurer; I. R. C; Grid- iron; Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretory; Phi Kappa HEYN. CLARENCE W., JR. Jacksonville, Flo. — B.F.A. Freshman Football; Varsity Football; Varsity Man- ager; Pi Mu Epsilon; Landscape Architecture Club, President HICKS, MARIAN B. Columbus — B.S. Degree Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary; Zodiac; Gamma Sigma Epsilon HIGNITE, WILLIAM E. Connersville, Ind. — A.B. HILL, CECIL F. Homer — B.F.A. Degree Koppo Sigma; Landscape Club HILL, JOYCE Kmgsland — B.S. HE. Degree Alpha Delta Pi; Homecon Club J HENDON C. HENDRIX J. HENDRIX J. HERNDON SENIOR CLASS i- M, HILL W. HILL ■f : .- . H. HODGENS HILL, MARY GROVER Statesboro — BB.A. Degree Delta Delta Delta; Pioneer Club HILL, WALKER P., JR. Thomcsville — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Chi. President, Vice-President HILLEY, JAMES E. Jackson — A.B.J. Degree Demosthenian, Historian; Red and Block Staff; Sigma Delta Chi; World Student Federalist; International Relations Club; B. S. U. HINLEY, ANNE Savannah — B.S.H.E. Degree P. O. W., Secretary; B. S. U., Vice- President; Homecon; 4-H Club HINSON, CHARLES O., JR. Thomasville — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Chi; Demosthenian A, HODGES J, HODGES HIXON, JENNY Corrollton HOBBS, RICHARD F. Milledgeville — B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association HODGENS, HAROLD F. Augusta HODGES, ANITA Valdosta HODGES, JACKIE Augusta HODGES, KENNETH Brinson HODGSON, HAROLD B., JR. Athens — B.S. in Pharmacy Pi Kappa Alpha; I. F. C; Mortar and Pestle Club; American HINTON, SARAH J. Pharmaceutical Associa Tote — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon HODGSON, NELL HIRSCH, STANLEY Athens Columbus — B.B.A. Degree HOFFMAN, CHARLOTTE Tau Epsilon Phi, Secretary, Vice- President; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa; Hillel, Treasurer Atlanta — A.B. Degree Chi Omega; Pioneer Club J. HOGAN R. HOLDER H. HOLLAND M HOLLAND 4 8 .HOLLINGSWORTH j HOLLOWAY N " HOOKS S ' ' ' » HOGAN, JAMES J- Augusta — B.S.F. Degree HOLDER. ROBERT B. Atlanta — B.S.F. Degree Forestry Club; Science Club HOLLAND, HENRY F. Fort Valley HOLLAND, MARTHA Cochran — B.S. in Educotion Education Club HOLLAND, WILLIAM TATE Albany — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Nu; International Relations Club; Georgia Cracker Staff; Political Science Club; Captain, R.O.T.C; Scabbard and Blade; " X " Club; Demosthenian; Economics Society; Student Veter- ans ' Organization; Alpha Phi Omega, President HOLLIMAN, GEORGE M. Warrenton HOLLINGSWORTH, M. A. Carrollton — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon HOLLINGSWORTH, R. Sylvania MOLLIS, ALTON B. Decatur HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM L. Register — B.S. A. Degree Chi Psi; Floriculture Club HOOKS, GERALD D. Lexsy HORNE. SUSAN A, Chattanooga, Tenn. HORNSTEIN, HELEN Savannah HORTMAN, JOSEPH Columbus HOUCK, SIMPSON P. Augusta HOWARD, CAROLYN Williamson — B.S.H.E. P. O. W.; Homecon HOYT, MALCOLM Cordele — B.B.A. Degree HUDGINS, HAROLD T. Decatur HUDSON, JOHN B. Blue Ridge — B.B.A. Degree Chi Psi HUDSON, WILLIAM T. Milledgeville — B.B.A. HUIE, MILDRED P. Morrow HULL, NANCY Atlanta — A.B, Degree Alpha Gamma Delta, Presi- dent, Vice-President; Al- pha Lambda Delta; " Z " Club; Women ' s Student Government, President, Vice-President; Pioneer C lub, President, Secre- tary; Pioneer Inner Circle; Freshman-Sophomore V. R. A. Cabinet, Secre- tary; Panhellenic Council; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Mortar Board HUMPHRIES, WM. F., JR. Tampa, Fla. HUTCHERSON, SIDNEY Adoirsville — B.S. Zoology Pi Kappa Phi; Band; Glee Club H. HORNSTEIN J. HOTMAN S HOUCK C. HOWARD M. HOYT Iv ' H HUDGINS 1 SENIOR CLASS A. HUTCHESON S. HUTCHESON J HUTCHINS C- HYMAN M, HYNDMAN L. IRBY 4 mmm B. IRVIN B. JACKSON E. JACKSON J. JACKSON HUTCHESON, ARLEIGH V. Buchanan HUTCHESON. SUE Chicago, III. — B.B.A. Degree HUTCHINS, JAMES Lawrenceville HYMAN, CATHERINE Savannah HYNDMAN, MARIANNE Decatur — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi; Westminster Fellowship Council; University Theatre; V. R. A. Summer Cabinet IRBY, LUCIE Hapeville — A.B. Soc. Degree IRWIN, ALTIE Shreveport, La. IRVIN, BEN S. Washington — B.B.A. Degree IVES, JOY Quitman — A.B. Degree B. S. U. JACKSON, BETTY L. JACKSON, EDMUND W. Augusta JACKSON. JAMES N. Waynesborough — B.S. Degree Phi Kappa Tau JAMES, ALVIN W. Blacl 5hear JEFFRY, ALBERT N. Stonington, Conn. — B.S. Ed. Degree Football Team; G Club; Industrial Arts Club; Education Club JENKINS, CHARLES J. Valdosta JENSEN, ANTHONY S. Tallahassee, Fla. — B.S. For. Degree Forestry Club C, JENKINS A. JENSON R. JOBSON E. JOHNSON F. JOHNSON F. JOHNSON 4 8 iOHNSON :OH NSON V JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOBSON, ROBERT B. Atlanta JOHNSON, BONNIE GWEN Atlanta — B.F.A. Degree Women ' s Tennis Club; Art Students ' League JOHNSON, ERWIN C- Chattanooga, Tenn. — B.S, Pharmacy Degree Glee Club; Gamma Sigma Epsilon JOHNSON. EULA VIVIAN Macon JOHNSON, ALLEN F. Ray City — B.S. Degree JOHNSON, FRED Augusta JOHNSON, H. HARRIS, JR. Washington — B.F.A. Degree Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa; Landscape Architecture Club JOHNSON, JOSEPH M. Macon JOHNSON, M M, Phoenix City, Ala. JOHNSON, MARGARET V. Macon — B.F.A. Degree Art Students ' League; Zeto Phi Eta; V. R. A.; Wesley Foundation, Wesley Players; Shorter Award, ' 47; Lamar Dodd Cup, ' 47; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, ' 48 JOHNSON, RALPH B. Voldostc — B.S. Education Dean ' s List, ' 47 JOHNSON, ROBERT B. Ray City — B.S. Education JOHNSON, SUZANNE Atlanta JOHNSON, TASKER D. Apalachee — B.S. Education JOHNSTON, CAROLYN Atlanta — A.B. Degree Phi Mu; Pioneer Club; Canterbury Club JOHNSTON, CHARLES B. Athens — B.F.A. in Painting Editor Georgia Cracker, ' 46- ' 47; Editor Pandora, ' 48 R. JOHNSON S. JOHNSON T. JOHNSON i-,Jk JOHNSTON. CHARLES M. Atlanta JONES, BETTY FITCH Athens — B.S.H.E. Degree JONES, CAROL EUGENIA Decatur — B.F.A. Degree JONES, CATHERINE V. Hawkinsville— B.S.H.E. Homecon; 4-H Club; Educa- tion Club; Wesley Foun- dation Council; P. O. W.; V. R. A. JONES, CHARLIE B. Milledgeville — B.S.F. Degree Forestry Club, Vice-President JONES, ELIZABETH C. Branford, Fla. JONES, JACK E. Middleton — B.S. A. Degree Alpha Zeta: Agronomy Club, Vice-President, Secretary, Treosurer; Dean ' s List; Georgia Agriculturist JONES. JANE Canton, Ga. C. JOHNSTON C. B. JOHNSTON C, JOHNSTON i Vl J. JONES J. JONES JONES, JOHN D. JOYNER, VAN B. Athens — B.S.A.E. Degree College Park — A.B. Journalism Ag. Engineering Club JUSTICE, EDWARD L. JONES, MARY Albany — B.S. A. Degree Greensboro, Ala. Saddle and Sirloin Club; Boxing Team JONES, MARY L. Ball Ground — B.B.A. Degree KAPNER, MAXINE Phi Chi Theta, President; Glee Club; Savannah — A.B. History Degree Economic Society Delta Phi Epsilon Inter-Collegiote Zionist Federation of JONES, RUSSELL C. America, Secy.; Hillel, Secy. Winder — B.B.A. Degree Phi Delta Theto KELLY. JOHN A. New Brunswick, N. J. — B.S. Degree JONES, VIRGINIA Freshman Basketball Team; Newnan Club, Vice-President, President Decatur JONES, WILLIAM A., JR. KELLY, S. WALTER, JR. Columbus — B.S. Chemistry Degree Marietta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa JOSSEY. MARGARET KEMP, ARNE K. Lakeland — B.S. Education Degree Hibbing, Minn. — B.S.F. Degree Forestry Club; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma JOYCE, NORMAN W. Pi Waycross — B.B A. Degree KEMP, EDWARD H., JR. JOYNER, EARVIN L. Acworth — B.S.A.E. Degree Brunswick — B.B A. Degree Ag. Engineering Club; Ag. Hill Delta Sigma Pi, Chancellor Council S. KEMP T. KEMP J KENIMER F KENNEDY M, KENNEDY J. KENNEMUR i ml . li. 8 n M. KING M KING KEMP, SARAH KERR, MARTHA E. KING, JAMES T. Decatur Arlington, Va. — B.F.A. Kappa Alpha Theta, President, Secretary Vice- Columbus KEMP. THOMAS S. Pelham — B.S. Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeto Aghon; Forestry Club, President Women ' s Student Govern- ment, Secretary, Fresh- man Representative; V. R. A. Sophomore Cabinet; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Art League; W. A. A. KING, JOHN M. Atlanta — B.S. A. Degree Agronomy Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club KERR, THELMA J. KING, MILDRED L. KENIMER, JOE Atlanta Atlanta KESLER, JOHN L. Curryville — A.B. Eng. Pioneer Club KENNEDY, EVA M. Reidsville — A.B. Degree Hull — ABJ. Degree KICKLIGHTER. HENRIETTA KING, SUMNER A. White Plains — B.S. Degree Savannah — B.S. Psych ology KENNEDY, MABRY B., JR. Kappa Alpha Theta; KING, WALTER E.. JR. Orlando, Fla.— B.S.A.E. Pioneer Club Round Oak Alpha Zeto; Ag. Enginee Club, Vice-President, ing KIGHT, VIRGINIA Secretary Kite KINGERY, JAMES R. Summit — B.S. Degree KENNEMUR. JAMES R. Whigham — B.B.A. Degree KENNEMUR, ROBERT S. Whigham — B.B.A. Degree Pi Kappa Phi KENT, CLAUDE N. Gainesville — A.B.J. Degree Phi Delta Theta, Vice- President; Digamma Kappa KILLINGSWORTH, H. H. College Park — A.B.J. Adv. R. O. T. C. KING, EVELYN Franklin Springs — B.S. Ed. KING, JACK H. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Pi Kappa Phi KING, JAMES T. Columbus H. KILLINGSWORTH E. KING KIRKLAND, ANGIELINE J. Lyons — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon Club; Georgia Floricultural Club; 4-H Club; Y. W. A.; B. S. U. KITCHEN, ANN M. Ailey — B.S. Education Wesley Foundation Council; Elementary Teachers ' Club; Education Club V N J KINGERY A. KIRKLAND A. KITCHEN IJl i - KNIGHT, STUART GRADY Savannah, Ga. — B.B.A. Degree S. A. E. KNOEDLER, AMELIA Powder Springs, — A.B.J. Degree Secretary and Lyer Editor; Alpha Ch Omega; Assistant Business Man- ager, Red and Black; Woman ' s Editor, Pandora, ' 48; Secretary Theta Sigma Phi; Digamma Kappa; Glee Club KNOTTS, ULYSSES S., JR. Augusta — B.B.A. in Accounting Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Captain R. O. T. C; Demosthenion KNOX, ARTHUR O. Panama City, Fla. — A.B. in Math. Pi Mu Epsilon, President KOGER, MILES S. Augusta — B.S.F. Degree KOGER, SHIRLEY Augusta LANDRESS, WILLIAM C. Atlanta LANE, CHARLES E. Columbus — B.B.A. Degree Delta Sigma Pi; Demosthenion LANFORD, HORACE W. Athens — B.B.A. Degree LANG, LILLIAN MARIE Brunswick — A.B. in Psychology Alpha Gamma Delta; Freshmen Club, President; Hocky Club, President; Psychology Club; Women ' s Ath- letic Association LANIER, RENE Crawford, Ga. W. LANIER R LASTER E. LAUGHLIN J. LAUGHLIN V i " ! B. LAUTHNER T. LAWTON " l 7 8 IS -EEUWENBURG -EFF J. LEHARDY LANIER. WILLIAM LOVELL Metter — B.S.A. Degree Alpha Gamma Rho, Pledge- master, Treasurer; Agri- cultural Club, Secretary, President; Aghon; " X " Club; Ag. Hill Council; Astronomy Club; Student- Faculty Committee; Who ' s Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges LASTER, RALPH H. Roopville — B.S.A. Degree Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeto; Goffau Club; Agri- cultural Club LAUGHLIN, EMILY Guyton LAUGHLIN, JAMES H., JR. Savannah — B.B.A. Degree LAUTHNER, BETTY W. Augusta — A.B. Degree Phi Mu, Pledge Trainer; Pioneer Club; Canterbury Club LAWTON, TAYLOR Jacksonville. Fla. LEE, WILLIAM W. Marietta — B.B.A. Degree Chi Phi, Treasurer; Delta Sigma Pi LEE, JACK D. Savannah — B.S. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon LEE, JOSPH WILLIAM, JR. Indian Springs — B.S.A. Agricultural Club; Dairy Science Club; Associate Editor of the Georgia Dairyman LEEUWENBURG, BARBARA Wilmington, N. C. — B.B.A, LEFF, THERESA Hartsville, S. C— A.B. Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel Honor Society LeHARDY, JULIUS Decatur toliuWest Point LEONARD. BETTY ANN Atlanta — A.B. Degree Alpha Lambda Delta; Glee Clubb; V. R. A., Cabinet; Spanish Club, President of Adelante; Psychology Club LESTER, CHARLOTTE Daytona Beach, Flo. LEVERRETT, WILLIAM F. Jackson E. LEHMANN B. LEONARD LEVIN, IRVING Savannah — B.S. Degree Tau Epsilon Phi; I. F. C. LEVY, HARRY S. Augusta LEWIS, FRANK H. Kennesaw LINZ, WERNER A. Albany — A.B. Degree Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Sigma Epsilon LITTLE. BETTY Athens LITTLEFIELD, E. L. Albany — B.F.A. Degree Alpha Delta Pi; Art Stu- dents ' League; Newman Club; Glee Club; Univer- sity Dance Club LLOYD, WILLIAM C. Gainesville LOH, LAWRENCE M., JR. Macon — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice-President W. LEVERRETT E SENIOR CLASS i L._» R, LONGING J. LOUGHRIDGE M, LOURIE C. LOVE i LOWARY T. LOWNAN B. E. LUMPKIN A. LUNCEFORD L. L. LUNDY H LYLE G. MacARTH i I i RTHUR I « LOMAX, ANN DAVIS Macon — B.S.H.E. Degree Phi Upsilon Omega; Dean ' s List LOMAX, JOHN H. Macon — B.B.A. Degree Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbord and Blade; Demosthenian; Dean ' s List LONG, ROBERT H. Savannah — A.B. Degree Sigma Nu, President; I. F. C. LONGINO. RUTH Palmetto — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon LOUGHRIDGE, JAMES Chatsworth — B.S.A. Degree Demosthenian; G. O. P., Vice-Campus Leader; Ag. Club; Saddle and Sirloin LOURIE, MARY St. George, S. C. — B.B.A. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon, Treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Economics Society, Secretory; Dean ' s List; Hil- lel Dromo Group LOVE, CLAIRE Columbia, S. C. — B.A. Degree Alpha Lombdo Delta Pioneer Club; Hillel, Secretary; Delta Phi Epsilon, Pledge Mother LOWERY. HARVEY Alamo — B.S.A. Degree Agronomy Club LOWMAN, THEODORE Kibbee LUMPKIN, BENNY E., JR. Athens — B.B.A. Degree R. O. T. C. Cavalry, Captain; Ameri- can Legion; Track Team LUNCENFORD, ALVIN M., JR. Crawfordville LUNDY, LESTER Boston LYLE, HENRY Atlanta McARTHUR, GEORGE A. Valdosta — A.B.J. Degree Pi Kappa Alpha; Sigma Delta Chi; Demostehnion; Red and Black, Managing Editor, Editor McCARD, JAMES HAROLD Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Nu; Band; Georgia Bulldogs McCarthy, ward White Oak — B.S.F. Degree Forestry Club C. McCLELLAN A. McCLURE D, McCLURE 8 McCLELLAN, CHiARLES Brunswick — B.B.A. Degree McCLESKEY, LOUIS Athens McCLURE, ARDIE E., JR. Chattanooga, Tenn. — B.F.A. Alpha Tau Omega; Thalian- Blackfriar; Landscape Architecture Club; " G " Club; University Theatre, Asst. Technical Director McCLURE, DOROTHY W. Jocksonville Beach, Fla. — B.F.A. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta; Tha- lian-Blackfriar, President; W. A. A., Key Member; Glee Club; Zeta Phi Eta. Secretary McCRANIE, GEORGE P. Tifton McCRANIE, SUE JEAN Milon — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; B. S. U., Presi- dent; P. O. W.; 4-H Club, Vice-President, Treasurer; W. A. A. McCRARY, BARBARA Smyrna — B.F.A. League Art Students ' League; Alpha Lambda Delta McCRARY, WILLIAM Voldosta McCUE, ROBERT R. Canton, Ohio — B.F.A. Phi Delta Theta; Landscape Architecture Club, Treasurer McCURRY, LAURA J. Clarkesville McELVEY. MABLE Voldosta — A,B. Degree McEVER, WILLIAM M. Gainesville McGALLIARD, CLARIS China Grove, N. C. — A.B.J. McGARITY, MABLE Dallas McGARITY, STUART W. Athens — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Pi, Master of Festivities; V. R. A., Treasurer; " G " Book, Asst. Editor; Bull- dog Orchestra; Band McGARITY McGEHEE, JEAN Alpha Omicron Pi; Women ' s Student Government, Legislative Council McGINN. JOY Savannah — B.S. Chemistry Kappa Alpha Theto McJUNKIN, EUGENE Houlka, Miss. — B.B.A. McKEOWN, JOHN A. Augusta McKINLEY, ANNE Milledgeville — B.S. Ed. Chi Omega; Pioneer Club; Industrial Arts Club McKINNEY, WILLIAM Lincolt — B.S. A. Degree McKISSACK, HERBERT Fort Gaines — B.B.A. Kappa Sigma McLaughlin, leo d. Atlanta — A.B.J. Degree Chi Phi; Newnan Club; Georgia Cracker McLEOD, DAVID L. Brooklet — B.B.A, Degree J. McGEHEE J McGINN McJUNKIN J. McKEOWN A. McKINLEY W. McKINNEY H. McKISSACK L. McLaughlin d. mcLeod SENIOR CLASS M. MAFFETT E, MAGUIRE McLEOD, ROBERT E. Thomasville H, MALONE McMANUS, JOHN A. Flushing, N. Y. McMillan, harris Fitzgerald McNeill, robert d. Americus — B.S.A. Degree Saddle and Sirloin Club McNEW, ROBERT L. LaFayette — B.S. Pharmacy Degree Student Branch of American Phormoceutical Association McPHAUL, HARRIETT Tuskegee, Ala. — B.S. HE. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta; V. R. A., Sophomore Cabinet, Senior Cabinet; Pioneer Club; Homecon Club; Georgia Agriculturist MADDOX, CLAUDE N. Jackson — B.S.A. Degree MAFFETT, MYRTUS W. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Nu, Vice-President; I. F. C, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer; Delta Sigma Pi. Pledgemaster MAHONE, HAMILTON P. Talbotton — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Tau Omego, House Manager I. F. C. MALCOM, GLORIA E. Monroe MALCOM, JUDSON V. Athens — B.S.A. Degree American Legion MALONE, JAMES R. Dexter — B.S.A. Degree Kappa Sigma; Demosthenian; Agron- omy Club; Ag. Hill Council MALONE, SIDNEY L. Tifton — B.B.A. Degree Delta Sigma Pi MALOOF, FRANK M. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Sophomore Class President; Biftod; " X " Club; Economic Society; Demosthenian Literary Society; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club, Asst. Director of Intramural Sports MALOY. C. J. Helena 8 W MARSHALL MANGET, HENRY F., JR. Decatur — A.B. Degree MANN, HEWELL H,, JR. Athens — B.B.A. Degree Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi, President; Scabbard and Blade; Adv. Cavalry R. O. T. C, Cadet Captain; Demos- thenian Literary Society; Economics Society MANNING, TOM O. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree MANRY, ALFORD B. Camilla — B.S. Degree MARLIN, BARBARA A. Tampa, Flo. — B.F.A. Degree Women ' s Glee Club, Vice- President; A Capella Choir; Sigma Alpha Iota, Editor MARLOW, POSIE B. Athens — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon Club MARSHALL, MILDRED Athens MARTIN, CAROLYN M. Norman Park — A.B. Degree MARTIN, FRANCES A. Atlanta — A.B.J. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi, Treos- urer; Glee Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; V. R. A., Sophomore Cabinet, Sen- ior Cabinet; Theta Sigma Phi; Pandora, Associate Editor, Managing Editor; Morta ' r Board; I. R. C. Westminster Fellowship Club MARTIN, LOUISE A. Commerce MARTIN, LYNN Orlando, Fla. — B.S. Phor. Alpha Omicron Pi, Treasurer; Glee Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Student Branch, American Pharmaceutical AAso- ciation; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Westminster Fel- lowship Council; Pandora Staff; International Rela- tions Club; Band Drum Majorette; Mortar Board MARTIN, MARGARET R. Comer — A.B. Eng. Degree V. R. A.; Senior Cabinet; Women ' s Glee Club; B. S. U. Council MARTIN, MILDRED A. MARTIN, MARY A. Commerce MARTIN, MILDRED A. Athens — B.B.A. Degree Phi Chi Theto; B. S. U.; Alpha Lambda Delta MARTIN, NELL Leesburg MARTIN. WILLIAM H. Athens MASSEE, FRANCES C. Fitzgerald — B.B.A. Degree Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Glee Club MASSELL, SAM, JR. Atlanta Phi Epsilon Pi, President, Vice-President, Secretary; Georgia Cracker, Business Manager, Circulation Ma Mgr., Circulation Mgr., Ex. Ed., Bus. Stall; Phi Kappa Literary Soc, 1st Vice-Pres., Secy.-Treas., 1st Assoc. Justice; I. F. C; Frat. Way Mag., Asst. Ed., Ed.; Univ. Theatre, Assoc. Bus Mgr., Bus. Staff, Publicity Staff; Stu- dent Federalists, Corre- sponding Secy.; Executive Council; Hillel; Bus. Mgr., Scroll, Council; Red and Black, Bus. Staff. Ed. Staff; American Legion, Adjustont; Pandora, Ed. Staff; Kappa Beta Phi, Scribe; Gridiron I. R. C; Alpha Phi Omega Cobb Law Club; Amvet; S. V. O.; Great Greeks on American Campuses MASSEY, ABIT Athens — B.B.A. Degree Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice- Pres.; Blue Key, Secy., Treas.; X Club, Pres.; Biftad, Pres.; Pres. Soph- omore Class; Gridiron; G. O. P. Secy., Treas.; Pan- dora. Managing Ed.; Demosthenian, Secy., Treas., Solicitor-General; Alpha Phi Omega, Secy.; Red and Black, Cir. Mgr., Asst. News Ed.; B. S. U. Council; Dean ' s List; Student Voters ' League MATHENY, RALPH T. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Pi Kappa Phi MATHER, DOROTHY S. Savannah — A.B. Degree MATHEWS, JOHN R. Tifton — B.S.F. Degree Glee Club; Forestry Club I A. MARTIN L. MARTIN M. R, MARTIN M. A. MARTIN M. A. MARTIN N, MARTIN W. C. MARTIN H MARTIN F. MASSEE S. MASSELL, JR. A. MASSEY ■- .-) R. MATHENY D. MATHER J MATHEWS 4 SENIOR CLASS B. MATHIS E. MATHIS J. MAUGHON H. MAULDIN C. MAUPIN B. J. MAYO B. MAYO J MEADOWS M. MEANS MATHIS. BOBBIE MEADOWS. JOHN G. Atlanta — B.S. Education Umatilla, Flo. — B.S. Pharmacy MATHIS, ELISHA Atlanta — B.S. Education MEANS, MARY ALICE Industrial Arts Club Macon — B.F.A. Art League, Junior and Senior; Can- MAUGHON, JANE terbury Club, Junior and Senior; Alpha Delta Pi; V. R. A., Sopho- College Park more; Spanish Club, Sophomore MAULDIN, HAROLD M. Middleton MEGRAN, ANN Valdosta — B.A. MAUPIN, CHARLIE Elizabethon, Tenn. — B.S. A. Spanish Club; French Club; Transfer From L. S. U. Agronomy Club MERCHANT, ROBERT J. MAUPIN, WALTER K. Willacoochee — B.B.A. Elizabethton, Tenn. — Forestry Delta Sigma Pi Football; Letter in Track; Club Forestry MAXWELL, DEWEY L. Albany — B.S. A. MERRITT, LUCIUS A. Williamsburg, Mass. — B.S. in Physics Soddle and Sirloin Club; Science Club Pou Itry MESCHINE, GENE MAYO, BETTY JOYCE Clarksville— B.S. in Physical Ed. Richland — B.S. Math. W. A. A.; Physical Education Major Club MAYO, BILLIE Atlanta — B.S.H.E. MEW. VERA Homecon Club Atlanta J. MIDDLEBROOKS F. MIDDLETON B. MILES G. MILES 8 " TVwTI FILLER C V ILLWOOD UlNGLEDORFF, JR. M. MINOR MIDDLEBROOKS, JANE Savannah MIDDLETON, FRANCES Talbotton MILES, BERTIE Blackshear— B.S.H.E. Homecon MILES, GERALDINE Blockshear — B.S.H.E. Homecon MILLER, ESTHER Rome — B.B.A. Chi Omega; Z Club, Vice- President; Freshman Class, Vice-President; Freshmon V. R. A.; Vice- President, President, V. R. A.; President, Mortar Board; Secretary-Treas- urer Junior Class; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities MILLER, JOHN J. Sautee — B.S.A. Alpha Zeta. Treasurer; Saddle and Sirloin, Vice- President; Ag. Hill Coun- cil; Agricultural Club MILLER, ROBERT P. Savannah MILLIGAN, JAY A. Graves MILLS, MONTY N. Lyons — B B.A. President, Alpha Epsilon Pi; I. F. C. Representative; Dean ' s List, 2 Quarters MILLWOOD, CHARLES E. Gaffney, S. C. MINGLEDORFF, F, W,, JR. Hinesville MINOR, MARY AILLENE Atlanta MITCHELL, CHARLES E. Toccoo — B.B.A. Kappa Sigma; U. of Go. Band MITCHELL, JEANETTE Musella MITCHELL. MARY GODL Lumber City MIZELL, JOHN D., JR. Jamesville, N. C. — B.S. MIZELL, WOODFINE G. Cairo — B.F.A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice- President; Art Students ' League; Art Editor of Georgia Cracker MOBLEY, MILDRED Atlanta MONEY, BETTY ANNE Columbus— B.F.A. Art Students ' League; University Theatre MONROE, WILLIAM L., JR. Atlanta — B.F.A. Phi Delta Theta; Transfer From Auburn MONTGOMERY, A. J. Augusta — B.B.A. Sigma Nu; Men ' s Glee Club; Demosthenian MONTGOMERY. MARY L. East Point MONTGOMERY, ROBERT Warrington MONTS, JEAN Americus — B.F.A. in Piano Sigma Alpha Iota C, MITCHELL J. MITCHELL M MITCHELL W. MIZELL } W. MONROE, JR. A. MONTGOMERY M. MONTGOMERY R. MONTGOMERY J. MONTS SENIOR CLASS O. MOORMAN B. MOORELAND M MOORELAND ip MORGAN W. MORGAN H. MORROW IV- G. MORTON L. MOSHEIM E. MOSSMAN h MOORE, CHARLTON L Thomasville MOORE, DOROTHY L. Nashville — A.B.J. Degree Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List; Red and Black; Glee Club; Adelante Spanish Club MOORE, JACK W. Savannoh — B.S. Forestry Degree Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi MOORE, JAMES B. Manor — B.S. Forestry Degree Forestry Club MOORMAN, OSCAR D. Douglas — B.B.A. Degree Demosthenian MOORELAND, BETTY B. Atlanta — A.B. Degree Alpha Delta Pi. Treasurer; Alpha Lambda Delta; Economics Club; Archery Club MOORELAND, MARIANNE Rome — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Chi Theta; Thalian Blackfriars; W. A. A.; Bond; Little Symphony Orchestra MORGAN, SARAH F. Guyton — A.B.J. Degree Phi Mu, President, Rush Chairman; Ponhellenic Council, Treasurer; Pioneer Club; Canterbury Club MORGAN, W. WATTS Atlanta MORRIS, JAMES B. Bainbridge — B.S. Psychology Degree Pi Kappa Phi, President; Psychology Club; Demosthenian MORROW, HARRY P. Lake Wales, Flo. — B.S. Phor. Degree MORTON, GEORGE N. Pavo — B.S. Forestry Degree Forestry Club MOSHEIM, L. BETH Chickamougo — B.S. Degree Chi Omega MOSSMAN, EDITH Decatur — B.B.A. Degree MULLINS, SPENCER G. Thomaston — B.S. Pharmacy Degree Gamma Sigma Epsilon MURPHY, CLARENCE C. Augusta — B.S. Degree Chi Psi; Phi Theta Kappa; Phi Mu Epsilon F. NEAL 8 .i lEWBERRY E, NEWSOME MURPHY, HAYNE K. Talmo — A.B. Degree Sigmo Alpha Epsilon, Vice- President, Secretary; In- ternotional Relations Club; Phi Kappa MURRAY, JOHN M. St. Simons Island — B.S. Forestry Newman Club; Forestry Club; Student Federalist; Xi Sigma Pi MURRY, OWEN J. Augusta MUSGROVE, JAN A. Atlanta — A.B. Degree NALL, ALICE M. Albany — A.B.J. Degree Chi Omega NEAL. FRANK S. Ashland — B.S. A. Degree Saddle and Sirloin Club NEAL, HENRY G. Columbus — LL.B. and B.B.A. Kappa Sigma, President; I F. C, President; Student Veterans ' Organization, Vice-President; Freshmen Law Class, President; Phi Delta Phi, Historian; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Gridiron; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Great Greeks on American Campuses; I. R. C; Demosthenion; Scabbard and Blade; Student- Faculty Relations Committee NEAL, HOYT C. Ashland — B.S. Chemistry Gamma Sigma Epsilon NELSON, LUCIAN D. Kingsland — B.B.A. Degree NELSON, MARY Calhoun NESMITH, NEWELL Cochran NESTORAK, STAN Detroit. Mich. — B.S. Ed. Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Letter in Football NEVERS, JACKIE Valdosta — A.B.J. Degree NEVINS, FREEMAN J. Miami, Flo. NEW, JOHN C. Uvaldo NEWBERN, LAURA H. Thomaston — B.S. Ed. Degree Kappa Delta; W. A. A.; Educotion Club; Golf Club; Tennis Club NEWBERRY, JAMES W. Acworth — A.B.J. Degree Sigma Pi, Treasurer; Scab- bard and Blade, Treasurer NEWBERRY, TOM W. Colquitt NEWSOME, EDGAR T. Milledgeville NEWTON, FRED B.. JR. Holcyondale — B.S. A. Degree NICHOLSON, LAURIE Athens — A.B. Degree Glee Club; I. R. C; Student Federalist Club; B. S. U. Council, State, Local NIVENS, JAMES E. Gainesville — B.B.A. Degree Delta Sigma Pi NIX, MARTHA L. Hortwell — B.S. Ed. Degree Education Club NIXON, JENNY R. Carrollton — B.S. Ed. Degree Phys. Ed. Major Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Hockey Club, Secretary-Treasurer; W. A. A. L. NEDBERN J. NEWBERRY S E N I R. NORRIS M NOK I HLU 1 1 C, NUGENT J. OAKES NORRIS, ROBERT Tifton — B.S. Zoology Degee NORTHCUTT. MARY College Park NUGENT, CLIFTON P. Willacoochee PADGETT, LINDSEY Plains OAKES, JULIUS H. PADGETT, THOMAS V. Lowrencevilie Augusta — B.B.A. Degree Delta Sigma Pi O ' BRIEN, JACK Albany — B.S. Education Degree PAGE, RINALDO B. Physical Ed. Majors ' Club, P Di Gamma Kappa; Swimm Team ODOM, JOSEPH R. esident; ng Wilmington, N. C. — A.B.J. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secre- tary, Warden; Epicurean Society Waverly — B.B.A. Degree Delta Sigma Pi PALMER, JAMES Athens — B.S. Ed. Degree OGLESBY, LESLIE E. Scabbard and Blade Hortwell O ' NEAL, BETTY JEAN Blackshear O ' NEAL, JEAN PAPASSINESSIOU, SOPHIE Athens, Greece — A.B. Cosmopolitan Club, Presi- dent: French Club, Presi- dent; V. R. A.; Dean ' s List Chipley O ' NEILL, MARY PARDUE, MARY NELL Atlanta Evans OWENBY, PAUL. JR. Hiwassee PARHAM, EDWARD G. Hapeville OSBORNE, MARY ANN Atlanta — B.F.A. Degree PARHAM, SARA J. Alpha Gamma Delta; Art Pioneer Club CI jb; Tallapoosa — B.S. Zoology Kappa Delta S. PAPASSINESSIOU M. PARDUE E. PARHAM S PAkHAM Ik • " t 8 ' I W. PARKER PARKEN, FARRIS C. Pendleton. S. C. — B.S.F. Forestry Club PARKER, HARMON S. Dclton PARKER, JANET M. Atlanta PARKER, MERCER H. Ludowici — B.S. Chemistry Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Ser geant-at-Arms, Grand Visor PARKER, RUTH C. Waycross PARKER, WILMER Waycross PARKS, GEORGE W., JR. Cornelia — B.S. Phar. Degree Student Branch of American Pharmaceutical Assoc. G, PARKS, JR. R. PARKS PARKS, REBECCA W. Calhoun — B.S. Ed. Degree Golf Club PARKS. SYLVIA M. Atlanta — B.F.A. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Students ' League; Women ' s Athletic Assoc. PARR, ANNETTE Athens — B.S. Ed. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi; W. A. A. Physical Ed. Club PARRISH, SADIE L. Adel — A.B. Soc. Degree PARTRIDGE, ERNEST L. Martin — B.S.A. Ag. Club; Goffou Club PASCHAL, LLOYD H. Apling — B.S.A. Degree Goffou; B. S. U.; 4-H Club S. PARKS ::i PATE, JOHN W. Jacksonville, Flo.- Glee Club PATRICK, SIDNEY McDonough — B.S.A. Degree Dean ' s List; Soddle and Sir- loin Club PAUL, CALVIN C. Wrightsville PAUL, J. C. Athens — B.S. Chemistry, Psychology Degrees Head Cheerleoder; V. R. A.. Vice-President; Biftod, Vice-President; X Club, Secretary, Treasurer; Gridiron, Student Director, Business Manager; South- eastern Student Council ' B. S. U. PAYNE, BENJAMIN Rome S. PARRISH PARTRIDGE L. PASCHAL S. PATRICK SENIOR CLASS JU J PEACOCK H. PENCE, JR. A. PENDERGRASS G. PENDLEY E. PENLAND N PENNINGTON L. PENUEL If " L. PERDUE W PERKINS M. PERLING PAYNE, DAN W., JR. Reynolds — B.S.A. Degree PEACOCK, JACK M. Rome PEKOR. VIRGINIA G. Columbus — A B.J. Degree Phi Mu; Theta Sigma Phi PENCE, HARRY C, JR. Hawkinsville — SB. A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Koppo PENDERGRASS, ALVA W. Athens PENDLEY, GEORGE R. Atlanta PENLAND, EVELYN Boston — B.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Upsilon Omicron PENNINGTON, NELLIE Hazlehurst PENUEL, LUCRETIA Thomson — B.S.H.E. Degree Delta Delta Delta; Homecon PERDUE, CHARLES Thomoston — B.B.A. Degree Kappa Sigma, Vice-President PERDUE, LILLIAN Kathleen — B.S.H.E. Degree Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon PERKINS, WALTER Carrollton — B.B.A. Degree PERLING. MILTON Sandersville — B.B.A. Degree Tau Epsilon Phi; U. S. Naval Reserve PERRY, ROBERT S. Dawson — B.B.A. Degree Beta Gamma Sigma; Blue Key PERRY, WILLIAM R. Sordis — B.B.A. Degree PETERS, EARL V. Athens H. PICKELSIMER J, PICKENS S. PINSON 4 8 b tIRKLE LUNKETT J, OUNDS A. POWELL IC V I Fairmont — A.B. Soc. Degree Y. W. A. PICKENS, JEANETTE Monroe — A.B, Eng. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi PILCHER, CLIFFORD J. Americus PINSON, JAMES A. Rome PINSON, SAMUEL W. Athens — A.B.J. Degree PIPES. RICHARD Roanoke, Va. — A.B.J. Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian, Correspondent; Red and Black, Sports Editor; Pan- dora, Sports Editor; Di Gamma Kappa; Sigma Delta Chi PIRKLE, BISHOP A. Hoschton — B.S.A.E. Degree Alpha Phi Omega; Ag. Engi- neering Club; Ag. Engi- neer, Associate Editor; Wesley Foundation; Demosthenian PLAATJE, BARBARA Avondole Estates — A.B. PLUNKETT, DOROTHY Unadilla — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon POLHILL, ROSA Louisville — B.S.A. Degree POOL. WILLIAM H. Wrightsville — B.S.A. Degree Saddle and Sirloin Club, Treasurer; 4-H Club, President; Poultry Science Club, President POOLE, HARRY L. Warwick — B.S.A. Degree Poultry Science Club, Presi- dent; Baseball; Volleyball- Rifle; Blue Key; Gridiron; Aghon; Who ' s Who; Gaf- fau Club, Secretary; " G " Club; Dean ' s List; Cheer- leader POPE, JOHN E. Athens — A.B.J. Degree Sigma Delta Chi; Blue Key; Basketball; Dean ' s List; Director of Athletic Publicity; Red and Black, Sports Editor; Pandora, Sports Editor; " G " Club POPE, HENRY L., JR. Athens J, POPE H. POPE, JR. C POWELL, JR. L. POWELL, JR. R POWELL POPE. KATHERINE F. Decatur — B.S. Chem. Degree Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Dean ' s List POSS, ROBERT L. Athens POTTS, KATHRYN B. Ringgold — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon Club; 4-H Club POUNDS, JACK M. Atlanta POWELL, ADALENE R. Cairo — B.B.A. Degree POWELL, CARL B., JR. Hartwell POWELL, LESLIE C, JR. Cairo — B.B.A. Degree POWELL, RALEIGH H. Washington, D. C. — A.B.J. University Newscasts; Dean ' s List; University Radio Workshop Prods. POWELL, VAN ROBERT Wrightsville POWER. JAMES F. Winder R, POSS K. POTTS mm ■ " " " p J SENIOR CLASS • V. (RATHER E. PREETORIUS J PRESCOTT C, PROVEAUX C PRATER, WILLIAM H. Atlanta — A.B. Spanish Degree Spanish Club, Vice-President; Dean ' s List; Baseball PREETORIUS, EDWARD L. Stotesboro PRESCOTT, JAMES A., JR. Wrens — B.S.A. Degree Dairy Science Club; 4-H Club PRICE, R. GERALD Lyons — B.B.A. Degree PRITCHETT, CATHARINE Atlanta — A.B. Journalism Degree Kappa Delta, Treasurer, Editor; " Z ' Club, President; Mortar Board, Historian; Freshman Commission; Sophomore Cabinet; Student Council, ' 45; Red and Black Staff, Society Editor, Woman ' s Editor; Coordinate Clips, Editor; Georgia Cracker, Business Staff; Pandora Staff; Pioneer Club; Inner Circle, Secretary. Vice-President; Glee Club PROCTER, GRACE CARMEN College Park — A.B. Degree Kappa Alpha Theta; Pioneer Club; Spanish Club; Art Students ' League PROPHETT, CHARLES C. Rome — A.B.J. Degree PROVEAUX, CURTIS L. Jesup — B.S.A.E. Degree Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Vice- President, Treasurer; V. R. A., President; Senior Cabinet; Ag. En- gineering Club, Treasurer; Ag. G, PROCTER C. PRITCHETT G. PROPHETT H. PUCKETT C. PUETT Club; Demosthenian; Go. Agricul- turist, Editor, Circulation Manager Business Manager; X Club. Vice- President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Honor Award, Agricultural Engi- neering; Glee Club, Business Mana- ger; Student Council: Student- Faculty Com.; I. F. C; B. S. U., President PROUT, OPHELIA Barnesville PRUETT, JOHN W. Thomaston — B.BA. Degree Lambda Chi Alpha PRYOR, WILLIAM A. Moultrie — B.S. Phys. Degree Pi Kappa Phi, President, Historian; I. F. C. PUCKETT, HOYLE B. Jesup PUETT, CORNELIUS D. Young Harris PULLEY, ANNE C. Atlanta — A.B, J. Degree Red and Black PURSELL, SHIRLEY Decatur QUEEN, JACQUELINE F. Atlanta — A.B. Psy. Degree Kappa Delta, President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Convention Delegate; Newman Club, Treasurer; University Theater; Psychology Club; Pioneer Club; Panhellenic Council; Art League 4 8 jREDDEN REECE fN I. REEVES REGISTER REID RABB, JAMES L. Savannah RABURN, JULIAN A. Springfield — B.S. Ag. Degree Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Wes- ley Foundation, Vice-Pres- ident; V. S. O., Treasu- rer; Ag. Economics Club, President; Ag. Hill Council RADCLIFFE, BARBARA Cornelia — B.S, Phys. Ed. Alpha Omicron Pi; Phys. Ed. Major Club, Vice-Presi- dent; W. A. A., Award Chairman; Dance Club; Education Club; Glee Club RADFORD, GEORGE Atlanta RAMPLEY, MARTHA Carnesville — B.A. Degree RE, GEORGE F. Hunnlngton, L. 1. REDDEN, J. R. Laurens, S. C. REECE, W. R. Rockmart REEVES, WILLIAM Cartersville — B.S.A.E. Demosthenion; Ag. Hill Council, President; Society of Agricultural Engineers, President; Aghon, Secre- tary-Treasurer; Omicron Delta Kappa; Georgia Ag. Engineer, Editor; Georgia Agriculturalist; Agricul- tural Engineering Club; Georgia Agricultural Club, Vice-President; G. O. P. REGISTER, GUILFORD Athens REID, MARY ARNOLD Elberton REID, PAUL W. Madison REIMER, THOMAS F. Decatur — B.S.F. Degree Demosthenion; Ag. Club; Forestry Club; Georgia Agriculturalist REINERT, GEORGE Birmingham, Ala. — B.S.F. Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta REPPARD, BARBARA Orlando, Fla. — A.B.J. Pi Beta Phi; Pioneer Club; Canterbury Club REYNOLDS, MARION LoGrange — A.B. Degree RHODES R RHODES G RICE, JR. RHODES, DAVID E. Abbeville RHODES. JACK L Augusta — B.S. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon RHODES, ROBERT A. Union Point Sigma Alpha Epsilon; RICE, GEORGE R., JR. Atlanta — B.F.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Landscape Architecture Club RICE, LEONIDAS E. Elberton — B.B.A. Degree Pythagorean Moth Club RICE, MAJOR B. Bishop — B.S. A. Degree Agronomy Club RICE, MARY S. Athens — A.B. Degree Chi Omega; Glee Club; Thalion Blockfriors; Psychology Club; Red and Black; Pandora Staff RICH, OLIVE Bainbridge — B.S. Education Chi Omega REPPARD M. REYNOLDS D. RHODES M B. RICE M S, RICE % hi ■ I— ' S E N O R CLASS d i R. RIVENBARK J. ROBERTS E. ROBERTSON C. ROBINSON R, RODRIGUEZ G. ROFFMAN R, ROFFMAN B. ROGERS RICHARDSON, THOMAS W.. JR. Savannah — B.S. Degree RICKS, ROBERT T. Sovannah RIDEN, VICTOR B. Madison RIKE, MARY C. Marietta — B.S. Phys. Ed. Degree W. A. A.; Phys. Ed. Majors ' Club; Hockey Club RILEY, TIMBES Washington, D. C. — A.B.J. Degree RISH, WALLACE Rome — B.B.A. Degree Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa; Univer- sity Theatre; Art League; Pandora RIVENBARK, ROBERT L, Waycross ROBERTS, JAMES C. Gainesville — A.B. Degree G. O. P. ROBERTSON, ELINOR College Park — B.S. in Education ROBINSON, CON Savannah — B.B.A. Degree Chi Phi RODRIGUEZ. REYNALDO Havana, Cuba — B.B.A. Degree Pi Kappa Alpha ROFFMAN, GLORIA Savannah — A.B. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon; Alpha Lambda Sigma ROFFMAN, ROSE M. Savannah — A.B. Degree Thalian Blackfriars; Glee Club; Gamma Sigma Epsilon ROGERS, BETTYE JO Sandersville ROGERS, CORNELLE Rupville ROGERS, EDWINA Reidsville 8 KOUNDTREE POWSTON J, ROYCE ROGERS, JOHN W. ROWE, WILLIAM P. SALTER, M. T. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Shannon — B.F.A. Degree Atlanta — B.F.A. Degree G. 0. P ; Demosthenian Delta Tau Delta; Art Students ' League ROGERS, MARIE ROWSTON, WILLIAM J. Atlanta — B.S H.E. Degree Charleston, S. C. SALTER, WILMER H. P. 0. W. Council; Homecon Dawson ROGERS, OPAL ROYCE, JANET SANTOS, ANTHONY M. Roopville — B.S, HE. Degree Savannah — B.F.A. Degree Savannah B. S. U. Council; Y. W. A. Chi Omega, Vice-President; Panhellenic Council; Art Students ' League; Glee Club RUMBLE, BETTY ROGERS, PARRIE Roopville — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon SASSEVILLE, BETTY A. Atlanta — A.B.J. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretory; Alpha Lambda Delta; Theto Sigma Pi, Keeper Columbus of Archives; Panhellenic ROLAND. BETTY JOY Council; Pandora Staff Donalsonville — B.S.H.E. Homecon RUSHING, GEORGE B. SATRIANO, NICHOLAS M. ROLLINS, ADDIE JANE Columbus — B.S. Augusta — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Inter- national Relations Club; Woodhoven, N. Y. — B.S. Phi Kappa SAUL, ALVIN ROUNDTREE, JEANIDEAN Atlanta Dublin RUSSELL. RITCHIE ROUSE, GRETA Thomosville SAUL, SEMON Savannah — B.B.A. Degree Jesup SALMON, JAMES E. Alpha Epsilon Pi ROUTH, CONRAD Rome — B.B.A. Degree SAUNDERS. FRED B. Atlanta — B.S. Degree Delta Sigma Pi; Dean ' s List Colquit B. RUMBLE G RUSHING R RUSSELL J. SALMON M. SALTER f . N SATRIANO A. SAUL V ! F. SAUNDERS f ' ■ SENIOR CLASS R. SCOTT S. SCOTT H. SEARS K. SESSOMS R. SEXTON M. SEYMOUR SAVAGE, CARL P. Montezuma — A.B. Degree SAWYER, ELLEN Mountain Lakes, N. J. SAWYER, RALPH C. Waleska SCHILLING, MARY Rome SCHRODER, VINCENT N. Boinbridge — B.S.A. Degree Alpha Zeta; 4-H Club; Little Sym- phony Orchestra; Ag. Hill Council SCHWARTZ, STUART I. Macon SCOTT, CORNELIA A, Plainville — A.B.J. Degree Red and Black, Society Editor, Wom- an ' s Editor; Theta Sigma Phi; Dean ' s List SCOTT, SARA Atlanta — B.S.H.E. Degree SEARS, HAZEL E. Nahunto SEIGLER, LULYANNE A. Augusta — A.B.J. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee Ck Georgia Cracker SESSOMS, KATHRYN V. Avondale Estates — B.S. Degree SEXTON, RICHARD C. Colquitt — B.S.A. Degree SEYMOUR, MARGIE College Pork — A.B. Degree Kappa Alpha Theta, President, Editor; Pioneer Club; Panhellenic Council SHANKS, JAMES Baltimore, Md. L. SHARP L SHELTON C. SHARROW C. SHEPARD C. SHEPHERD M. SHEPHERD SCOTT, RICHARD S. Athens SHANNON, MARY E. Atlanta i 8 SHERMAN, WESLEY Athens — B.A. Degree Chi Phi; Demosthenian; Kappa Alpha Mu; Georgia Cracker SHIELDS, SARA Decatur SHIRLEY, MARY L. Collins SHIRLEY, EDWIN C. Columbus SHORT, JACK Doerun SHORTT, WILLIAM J. Waycross — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Nu, Chaplain, Vice- President; Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, Presi- dent; Demosthenian, Ju- dicial Council, Secretary- Treasurer; Digamma Kappa, Treasurer, Vice- President, President; Political Science Club, Secretory-Treasurer; " X " Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Delta Sigma Pi; Economics Club SHUMAN. LOUIS Athens — B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association SHUMAN, NELL Hagon — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Chi Omega; Art League SHURLING, HARLEY F. Tennille — B.S. A. Degree Ag. Club; 4-H Club SIEDELBERG, ANNA K. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree PI Beta Phi SIEGEL, MELVIN R. Savannah — B.B.A. Degree Tau Epsilon Phi, Treasurer SIKES, CHARLES R. Atlanta SILVER, MILTON J. Augusta SILVEY, FRANK C. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon L SHUMAN N. SHUMAN H. SHURLING SIMMONS, ROGER L. Macon — A.B.J. Degree Pandora Sports Editor; Phi Kappa, Vice-President, Secretary; Red and Black, Sports Editor; Alpha Phi Omega; Digamma Kappa; Georgia Cracker, Sports Editor; Sigma Delta Chi, Secretary, Treasurer; " X " Club, Secretary-Treasurer; R. O. T. C. Cadet Aword; Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian SIMPKINS, HOYT E. Griffin — B.B.A. Degree Gridiron; " X " Club; Political Science Club; Demos- thenian, Vice-President; Red and Black, Circula- tion Manager; Georgia Bulldogs, Bsuiness Man- ager; Alpha Phi Omega, President; G. O. P., Secre- tary-Treasurer SIMPSON. MARY E. Athens SKINNER, CHARLES L. Villa Rica — B.S.A. Degree Ag. Ec. Club; Poultry Science Club A. SIDELBERG M. SIEGEL :, IKES R. SIMMONS H. SIMPKirij M. SIMPSON C, SKINNER u k% I S E N O R CLASS B J. SMITH E. D. SMITH E. S. SMITH F E SMITH F. M. SMITH G. T. SMITH SKINNER, MALCOM C. SMITH. EARL D Athens Valdosta SLADE, MARTHA SMITH, EMILY Vienna Augusta SLOTIN, LEON SMITH, EVELYN S. Savannah — B.B.A. Degree Columbus Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice-President; Hillel SMITH, FRANCES E. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree SLUSKY, SARA BELL Alpha Gamma Delta, Treasurer, Augusta — A.B. Degree Chairman of Names; Pioneer Club Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel; Red Black and V. R. A. SMITH, FRANCIS M. SMARAGDIS, MARY Atlanta — A.B. Psychology Degree Augusta — B.S. Ed. Degree Psychology Club; Canterbury Club Kappa Delta Pi; Cosmopolitan Club SMITH, GEORGE T. SMITH, ALBERT C. Camilla Albany SMITH, JACK C. SMITH, ANN E. Meridian, Miss. — B.B.A. Degree Knoxville — B.S.H.E. Degree Pi Kappa Alpha M, Y. F.; Y. V A.; Homecon Club SMITH, J. DAN SMITH, BETTY J. Augusta — B.B.A. Degree Atlanta Sigma Chi; Demosthenian J. L. SMITH P. Z. SMITH J. T. SMITH M. SMITH R. E. SMITH P. SMITH : jp " ry. 1 i m nEk fe - " K %r . ' if m- 4 8 ■ ■ re. SMITH f 1 II I- i J SMITH V SMITH, JAMES T. East Point SMITH, JOHN L. Barnesviile — A.B. Degree SMITH, MARJORIE Commerce SMITH, PERRY Z. Blokely — B.S.A.E. Degree Ag. Eng. Club SMITH, PHILIS Atlanta SMITH, RALPH E. Cedartown — B.S.A.E. Degree Alpha Zeto; Pi Mu Epsilon; 4-H Club; Ag. Eng. Club SMITH, RALPH M. Lumber City — B.B.A. Degree Student Veterans ' Organi- zation, Vice-President; Demosthenian, Secretary- Treasurer; Pandora, Asst. Business Manager; Red and Black, Asst. Business Manager SMITH, ROBERT C. Atlanta Chi Phi SMITH. ROBERT J. Powder Springs — B.S.A. Alpha Phi Omega; " X " Club; Ag. Club; Demos- thenian; Plant Pathology Club SMITH, WALSTON L. Tifton — S.S.A. Degree Demosthenian; Saddle and Sirloin SMITH, WILLIAM R. Athens — A.B. Degree SMYLY, JOHN T. Atlanta — A.B.J. Degree SNOW, MARJORIE B. Valdosta — B.F.A. Degree Art Students ' League; B. S. U.; Georgia Cracker; Dean ' s List SOUTHERLAND, ANN Moultrie — A.B.J. Degree SOWELL, GROVER, JR. Atlanta — B.S.A. Degree Alpha Zeta; Agriculturist; Ag. Club; Plant Pathology Club; 4-H Club; B. S. U. SPECHT, BETTY Atlanta — A.B.J. Degree Alpha Delta Pi; Thefa Sigma Pi, Vice-President; Red and Block; Georgia Cracker SPINNEY, ULMER W. Somerville, Moss. SPRATT, HENRY G. Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Lambda Chi Alpha SPROULL, RALPH T. Stilesboro STANFIELD, BARBARA Jasper — B.S.H.E. Degree 4-H Club; Homecon; P. O. W. Council STANFIELD, ETHEL M. Americus — B.S.H.E. Degree Kappa Alpha Theta; Homecon, Vice-President; Georgia Agriculturist; Pioneer Club STANFORD, SUE Atlanta — B.F.A. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi; Art Stu- dents ' League; Women ' s Athletic Association; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List STANFORD, THOMAS D. Asheville, N, C. STAPLES, IRVIN R. Bowden — B.S.A. Degree Poultry Science Club; Alpha Zeto A. SOUTHERLAND G. SOWELL, JR. U. SPINNEY CLASS It. staples H. STEPHENS W. STEPHENS G. STEVENS B. STEWART, JR. C. STEWART C. ST. JOHN ■5¥ H. ST. JOHN C. STONE J. STONE STAPLES, THOMAS T. Bowdon Ik. L ' iss.. . k 7 W. STOVALL B. STRAWN G. STRICKLAND R. STUBBS STONE, JAMES W. Marion, Va. — B.S.A. Degree Alpha Zeta; Dairy Science Club; STEPHENS, HELEN Demerest STEPHENS, WESLEY Athens — A.B, Degree STEVENS, GRAHAM Rome STEWART, BEN C, JR. Macon — B.B.A. Degree I. R. C; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi STEWART, CONNER E. Fountain Inn, S. C. ST. JOHN, CONNIE Tampa, Fla. ST. JOHN, HERBERT L. Jacksonville, Fla. — B.S. Ed. Degree " G " Club; Varsity Football STONE, CHARLES D. Athens — B.S. Chemistry Degree Saddle and Sirloin Club; Georgia Dairyman Scholarship STOVALL, WILBUR Elberton — B.S.A. Degree Saddle and Sirloin Club; Agriculture Club STRAWN, BETTY E. Holland STRICKLAND, GENE Milledgeville STUBBS, ROBERT S. Miami, Flo. — B.S. Chemistry Degree STUCKEY, JAMES H. Nesmith, S. C. — B.S.F. Degree Forestry Club SUDDERTH, OLIVIA Atlanta — A.B.J. Degree J. STUCKEY O. SUDDERTH C. SULLIVAN J. SULLIVAN J. SUMNER D SURRENCY N. SUTTLES B. SUTTON ' " X I 8 SULLIVAN, CLAUDE H. SWEETIN, WILTON E. TEAVER, ALICE Perkins — A.B.J. Degree Delta Tau Delta, Treasurer; Inter-Fraternity Council; Digamma Kappa University City, Mo. TANNER, JACK R, Dublin LaGrange — B.S. Homecon Club; 4-H Club SULLIVAN, JOHN J. Augusta — B.B.A. Degree Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club; Scabbard and Blade TAYLOR, BETTY Greensboro TAYLOR, CREED THATCHER, WILLIAM B. Vero Beach, Fla. — B.B.A. Sigma Phi Epsilon SUMNER, JACQUELINE Atlanta — A.B.J. Degree Red and Black Atlanta — B.S. Degree TAYLOR. JAMES M. Clinchfield THIGPEN. W. C, JR. Pavo — B.S. A. Degree Agronomy Club; Demosthenian SURRENCY, DON Jesup — B.F.A. Degree Men ' s Music Club TAYLOR, MACK, JR. Ocala, Fla. — B.B.A. Degree Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade THOMAS, CAROL Atlanta SUTTLES, NELL Fairburn TAYLOR, RALPH B. Clayton THOMAS, HODGSON H. Decatur — B.B.A. Degree Delta Sigma Pi SUTTON, BERRIEN Axson — B.B.A, Degree TEASLEY, ANN M. Canton THOMAS, WILLARD E. SWANN, NELL Wrens TEASLEY, RALPH B., JR. Athens — B.S. Degree LaFoyette SWANSON, FRANCES H. Atlanta University Band; Biftad, Vice-President Freshman Class ' 43- ' 44; Demos- thenian; Speaker ' s Key THOMASON, KATHRYN Atlanta J. TAYLOR M. TAYLOR, JR. R. TAYLOR A. TEASLEY SENIOR CLASS C. THOMPSON L. THOMPSON . .. ■■. V.J L. O. THOMPSON M. THOMPSON W. THOMPSON W. THOMPSON L. THOMSON W. THORNTON h IHKASH l l J. THRASHER P. TIDWELL R. TILLMAN H. TIMM0N5, JR G. TINDOL THOMPSON, CLAUDE M. Maysville — B.S. Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association THOMPSON LAWRENCE Mt. Vernon THOMPSON LEWIS 0. Hephzibah — BF.A. Degree THOMPSON, MILDRED Douglasville THOMPSON, WILLIAM Fairmount THOMPSON, WILLIAM Bloomingdale THOMSON, .EE Gainesville THORNTON, WILLIAM M. Warner Robins — B.S. Degree THRASH, FRED W. Heflin, Ala.- -B.S.F. Degree THRASHER, JAMES T. Douglasville — B.F.A. Degree Art Students ' League; Pandora; Art Editor TIDWELL, PAUL R. College Park — B.B.A. Degree TILLMAN, RICHARD G. Claxton TIMMONS, HOMERS S., JR. Guymon Okla. — M.B.A. Degree Alpha Psi Omega; Alpha Phi Omega; Business Administration Economic Society TINDOL, GEORGE A. Dublin — B.S. A. Degree Georgia Agricultural Club; Ag. Economic Club; B. S. U. TINSLEY, HENRY C, JR. Calhoun TIPPINS, DAVID A. Cioxton — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Chi; Demosthenion H. TINSLEY, JR, D. TIPPINS M. TOOLE P. TOOLE J. TORBETT D. TORRAS R. TOWBRIDGE E. TRAGESSER 4 8 TRAWICK TOOLE, MICHAEL Augusta TOOLE, PATRICIA J. Asbury Park, N. J. — A,B J. Kappa Alpha Theta, Editor; V. R. A.; Red and Black; Homecon. Secretary TORBETT, JACK Albany — B.B.A. Degree Phi Delta Theta TORRAS, DOROTHY runswick TOWBRIDGE, RUBYE E. Harlem — A.B. Degree TUCKER. HUGH C. Monticello — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Tau Omega TUCKER, ROY E. Fairburn TUCKER, WILLIAM E. Tifton — B.S.A. Degree Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, Vice-President; Glee Club; Demosthenion; Ag. Hill Council; Student Veterans ' Organization; Student Voters ' League; Ag. Economics Club; Collegian Orchestra; 4-H Club; Ag. Club TUNSTALL, T. H. Lovingston, Vo. — B.S. Pharmacy Degree American Pharmaceutical Association; Student Branch, Georgia Pharma- ceutical Association; Business Manager, Geor- gia Pharmacist School Magazine; News Editor, Student Branch A. Ph. A. TURNER, HARRY W. Thomasville TURNER, KATHERINE Comer USHER, JACK H. Savannah — A.B. Degree Sigma Chi; Demosthenion USSERY, CARLTON Hazlehurst — B.S.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon USSERY, JUANITA Hazlehurst Homecon Club VALENTINE, H. PAMELA Jacksonville, Fla.— A.B. Assistant Business Manager, Georgia Cracker; Business Manager. Red and Block; Junior Varsity Debate Team; Cheerleader; P. O. W. Council; Assistant Business Manager, Red and Block VAN DE ERVE, JANET Charleston, S. C. — B.F.A. Sigma Alpha Opta; V. R. A. Cabinet; Women ' s Glee Club VEAL, RALPH J. WALKER, PATRICIA Augusta Decatur — B.S. Education Degree Education Club VESTEL, ATHA L. Cohutta WALLACE, ANNE VINSON, JESSE H. Washington Madison — A.B. Degree Phi Mu; Panhellenjc Council; Georgia Cracker; Pioneer Club; Canterbury Club WADE, ALICE J. Thomaston — B.S. Mus. Ed. Degree WALLACE, WILLIAM A. Canterbury Club; A Capella Choir; P. 0. W. Augusta — B.B.A. Degree WADE, JEREMIAH C. Phi Epsilon Pi, President, Vice-Presi- dent, Treosurer; Dean ' s List; Geor- gia Cracker; 1. F. C; Phi Kappa Athens — B.B.A. WAHLING, MARGARET Decatur WALLACE, WILLIAM ANDREW, JR. Louisville — B.S. Phys. Ed. Degree WALDEN, JAMES W. WALLACE, ALBERT Matthews — B.S.A. Degree Gnffin Goffau Club WALKER, CHARLES M. Sumner WALLACE, JOSEPH M., JR. Atlanta WALKER, FRANCES WALTON, OLIN E. Smyrna Athens — B.B.A. Degree 8 T vVATSON, JR WANSLEY, MARY ANN WATT, MARGARETT R. WEEKLEY, PAUL A. Carnesville Thomasville — A.B. Degree Birmingham, Ala, — B.S.F. WARD, JOSEPH R. Chi Omega, Rush Chairman; President Soule Hall; Woman ' s Student Govern- Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta Elberton ment; W. A. A.; V. R. A.; Pandora, Associate Editor WEINTRAUB, JOSEPH WARREN, JOSEPH W. Thomaston — B.B.A. WEATHERLY, MARY E. Decatur — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi Westmin- Atlanta — B.S. Degree WATKINS, JEAN ster Fellowship Council; WELCH, MURIAL Albany University Theater; V. R. A. McDonough — B.B.A. Degree WATKINS, WILLIAM H Fitzgerald WEATHERLY, GEORGE Mountain City WELDON, ROBERT A. Griffin WATSON. HAROLD WEAVER, ARLIN Graymont Ellijay WELLS, J. P. Cordele — B.S.A. Degree WATSON, RICHARD B. Waycross — B.S. Ed. Deg ree WEAVER, ARTHUR N. Marion — B.S. A. Degree Alpha Gamma Rho; Saddle and Sirloin Club Demosthenian; Wesley Foundation; Education Club Georgia Ag. Club WEAVER, EARL M. WELLS, LEONORA Columbus WATSON, THOMAS C, JR. Reynolds Elberton — A.B. Chi Phi, President, Vice- President; 1. F. C. Presi- dent, Vice-President; " X " Club; Gridiron; Band; Phi Kappa; Who ' s Who; University Representative to National Student Assembly; Faculty- Student Advisory Committee WEAVER, OSCAR P. Rock Springs — B.S. Ed. WEBB, CLIFFORD H. Hohira — B.S.A.E. Ag. Eng. Club; Ag. Club WELLS, WILLIAM Cordele WENBERG, MARGARET Wilmington, N. C. t WEATHLRLY C WEATHERLY A, WEAVER A, N. WEAVER E. WEAVER O. WEAVER i. WEINTRAUB M.WELCH R. WELDON L. WELLS M WENBERG I SENIOR CLASS WESTBROOK, GRADY Rochelle WETMORE, ANNE Atlanta — B.S. Pharmacy Degree Alpho Omicron Pi, Vice-President; Glee Club; Pandora; American Pharmaceutical Association, Junior Branch, Corresponding Secretary; Gamma Sigma Epsilon WHALEY, DORIS M. Pelham — B.S.H.E. Degree Georgia Agriculturist, Woman ' s Editor; Homecon, Secretary; Ph Upsilon Omicron WHEELER, FRANK L. Jacksonville, Flo. WHELCHEL, MARY N. Gainesville — B.S. Education Degree Flying Club; B. S. U. WHELCHEL, RUTH J. Athens — A.B. Degree Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac WHITE, JOHN A. Moultrie WHITE, JOHN B. ingham, Ala. — B.S.F. Degree Xi Sigma Pi, Secretary-Fiscal Agent WHITE, ROBERT Dillard WHITLOCK, MARY C. Dublin WHITTEMORE, HIRAM Kanakakee, III. — B.S.A.E. Degree Alpha Zeta R. WILCOX S. WILENSKY jgpl s A 8 J. 1ILKINS WHITTEMORE, SETH Ranger — B.B.A. Degree WICKER, DAVID J. Americus WIER, ALLEN D, JR. Athens — B.B.A. Degree Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi, Master of Rituals; Economic Society, Treos. WIGHT, HELEN Cairo — B.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon; Dolphin Club WILCOX, RODNEY P. Wray WILENSKY, SHIRLYE B. Augusta — A.B.J. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon; Georgia Cracker, Assistant Busi- ness Manager; Hillel; Dean ' s List; Theta Sigma Phi WILKINSON, DOROTHY Toccoa WILLIAMS, EDITH S. Ocillo — B.F.A. Degree University Theater; Thaliar Blackfriors WILLIAMS, HARRY B. Macon WILLIAMS, HENRY M. Eastanolle — B.S.A, Degree WILLIAMS, HOMER C. Cordele — B.S.A.E. Degree WILLIAMS, J. PAUL Ocilla — A.B.J. Degree Blue Key; Sigma Delta Chi, Dean ' s List; University News Bureau WILLIAMS, JOHN W. Demorest — B.B.A. Degree Kappa Alpha WILLIAMS, L. VONCILLE Eldorendo WILLIAMS, MARSHAL W. Seneca, S. C. — B.S. Degree WILLIAMS, MILLARD Thomaston WILLIAMS, RUTH V. Seneca, S. C. — A.B. Degree WILLIAMS, THELMA Adairsville WILLIAMSON, CHARLES M. Atlanta — B.F.A. Degree Glee Club; Art Students ' League WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM J. runswick — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rush Chairman, Recorder, Ath- letic Director; President Freshman Class; Gridiron; " X " Club, Vice-President; Landscape Architecture Club; Biftad; Phi Kappa; Tennis Club; Glee Club WILLIFORD, SARAH E. Griffin — B.S. Ed. Degree WILLIS, MARGARET D. Bainbridge — A.B. Spanish Spanish Club L. V. WILLIAMS M W. WILLIAMS S, WILLIFORD M. WILLIS SENIOR CLASS m inL. f H WINDELL E, WINN I, WOFFORD J. WOFFORD L. WOLLSTEIN C. WOODALL E. WOODWARD WILLIS, REBECCA Griffin — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; Art Club; Glee Club WILLIS, MIRIAM BEATRICE Savannah — B.F.A. Degree Art Students ' League WILSON, AUGUSTUS M. Rome — B.S.A. Degree WILSON, DOROTHY Statesboro — B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon WILSON, LIONEL Abbeville WINDELL, HAROLD K. Abbeville WINN, ELIZABETH Orlando, Fla. — B.B.A. Degree Pi Beta Phi; Pioneer Club; Phi Chi Theta WINN, LATHAM Elizabethton, Tenn. WINN, MARTHA Atlanta WOFFORD, IRVIN Cornelia — B.S.A. Degree G. O. P.; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Ag. Club, Vice-President; Ag. Hill Council, Secretary- Treasurer; Agronomy Club; Student-Faculty Advisory Council; Student Veterans ' Organization WOFFORD, JAMES DOUGLAS Gainesville — LL.B. Degree Chi Phi; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Kappa; American Legion WOLLSTEIN, LEO Bishop WOODALL, CHARLES Atlanta — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon WOODWARD, EARL J. Rentz — B.S. Pharmacy Degree American Pharmaceutical Or- ganization; Georgia Phar- maceutical Association; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Dean ' s List WOODCOCK, HARRIET Gainesville WOODS, VERNON G. Brooks WOODWARD, ALBERT Waycross WOOTEN, BRAXTON Hazlehurst — B.B.A. Degree Alpha Kappa Psi WRIGHT, FRANCES Atlanta — B.F.A. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta; Land- scape Architecture Club WRIGHT, MIRIAM Gainesville YAGER, THEO H. Miami, Fla. — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secre- tary; Delta Sigma Pi, Secre- tary; Phi Kappa YARBROUGH, CAESAR A. Macon — B.B.A. Degree Sigma Nu H. WOODCOCK V WOODS A. WOODWARD F. WRIGHT B. WOOTEN M. WRIGHT 4P 4 8 it P sffm AjV ' OUMANS H ZALKOW lEGLER ZUCCARO y s h ' 1 . Ml 1 YOPP, ANNE Atlanta YORK, GLENN Cedartown — B.B.A. Degree Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa YOUMANS, ANNE Metter ZALKOW, JUDITH Savannah — B.B.A. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon; Alpha Lambda Delta; Panhellenic Council; Hiliel ZIEGLER, SHIRLEY Avondale Estates — A.B.J. ZUCCARO, JOHN B. Natchez, Miss. — B.S.A. Sigma Chi, President, Vice- President; Saddle and Sirloin JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS Aaron, Morris E. Adams, Ann Aaron, Thomas Gainesville Dublin Royston BRYON WHITEHURST, pres., ANN ANDREWS, sec.-treos.; LAMAR GIBSON, vice pres. Adams, Alvin Wrens Acree, W. R. Adams, Lewis A. Toccoo Carrol Iton ¥ R j||T :i H Agee, William S. Al in, Elaine Akins, Hazel Akins, Sam Alderman, J. Crawfordville Macon Nashville Nashville Adel Allen, Carolyne Allen, Haywood Alley, Ogburn Anderson, Benj. Anderson, H. Andrews, A. M. Manchester Butler Dalton Covington Mount Airy Greenville Aronoff, Marvin Aronson, Phillis Arrington, F. A. Arundel, Janice Ashford, Vivian Ashley, H. ome Adel LoGrange Statesboro Athens Valdosta Alfred, F. P. Hartwell Andrews, M, Collins Atherton, L, H. Marietta Allen, Arabella Orlando, Fla. Antopolo, G. L. Savannah Athon, Ed Milledgeville 92 8 Bailey, Bill M. Harlem Aultman, J. V, Bacon, Beverly Tifton Tampa, Flo. Bacon, Joe B. Baggett, L. Sanford, Fla. Valdosta Bagwell, Joe W. Jacksonville, Flo. Bailey, C. J. Atlanta Balkcom, C. M. Boll, James F. Athens Pine View Bailey, W. F., Jr. Baker, Lawrence Baker, Paul M. Macon Dalton Atlanta Bollard, Wm. Covington Balliet, J. Donolsonv Banister, A. M. Hartwell Baker, Rita Baldwin, H. J. Balfour, Robert Summerville Atlanta Thomasville Barber, Henry E. Barber, Mason Barber, T. F., Jr Atlanta Chatt., Tenn. Boinbridge Barfield, Chas. L. Borgeroe, Chos. Borile, Michael Barker, Royce H. Barksdale, Gus R. Hahira Sardis B. Brook, N. J. Macon Conyers Barrett, Chas. A. Barrett, George Barrett, June Barrett, Lantie Barron, Charles Union City Gainesville Griffin Social Circle Athens Boskin, Louis Boss, Anne Bass, William R. Bateman, Edwin Batemon, Joline Lokeland Warwick Blackshear Sylvester Camilla Barksdale, H. Sandersville Barton, John T. Rydal Bates, Clermont New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Barnes, Curtis S. McRae Basinger, D. W. Hartwell Bates, John F. Millen Barnes, Jean Decatur Boskin, Anne Roanoke, Ala. Bates, William M. Soperton 93 JUNIOR CLASS 4k ■ c W E ' v Baxter, Duard O. Baxter, Mack Commerce Glennville Beall, Charles E. Beall, Mary Ann Beatty, E A. Columbus Americus Marshall, Va. Belk, Robert M. Bell, Curtis H. Cairo Elberton Bell, John T., Jr Columbus Bell, Nelms Bennett, Gerald Bennett, W. D. Benson, H. S. Bently, James L. Benton, Helen Berkman, H. W. Berliner, Rhodo Elberton Lawrenceville Lawrenceville Thomaston Thomaston Colbert Flushing, L. I. Dublin Bird, Evelyn Atlanta Blumberg, Bob Macon Boardman, K Atlanta Boswell, Robt. M. Thomson Blount, Clarence Blockshear Bowen, Danie Columbus 8 Boyette, William Bradford, Elenore Brail, Jack Branch, An Toccoa Monroe Atlanta Grovetown Brannan, Jas. H. Brantley, Blake Breedlove, Royce Brennan, H. Columbus Tenniville Monroe Columbus ronch, Jerry J. Davisboro Brewer, Royce M. Athens Brandenburg, E. Brannen, Jas. W. Brannon, E. W., Jr. S. Miami, Flo. Statesboro Hamilton Bright, Robert P. Brinkley, Carl D. Brinson, James R. Cordele Faceville Port St. Joe, Fla. Briscoe, Chas. N. Broadwell, M. M. Brock, John H. Brock, John R. Brockett, Stella Monroe Marietta Atlanta Carrollton Bainbridge Brookshire, J, L. Brown, Barbara Brown, Claud L, Brown, Edwin M. Brown, Emory Dillard Flowery Branch Joliet, III. Unadilla Brown, Sara J. Brown, Wm. Z Brown, Worth P. Bryan, Jasper C. Bryans, Raleigh Atlanta Statesboro Athens Fort Valley McDonough 95 Brooks, Gueston Brooks, Jayne C. Brooks, Ray M. Li lburn Washington Newton Brown, J. G,, Jr. Brown, Jane Savannah Savannah Brown, Mamie Stotenville Bryant, Clark H. Bryant, E. C. Bryson, Thomas Comer College Park Greensboro JUNIOR CLASS Bullfin, G. A. Decatur Bullock, Richard Burch, Chas. B. Bursch, Robert Burgard, B. Burgess, Duffie Ft. Benning Athens Fayetteville Columbus Toccoa ' Butler, Walter C. Byars, Hardin C, Byrne, Mary M. Cabaro, George Cady, Virginia Cagle, Thos. T. acon Rome Columbus Hawklnsville Atlanta Rome ' Calhoun, T. A. Callaway, Marsh. Callaway, Mild. Camp, H. E., Jr. Camp, James G. Campbell R A Tarrytown Bishop Rayle Jonesboro Sylvester Purvis, Miss. Cannon, Robert Carithers, H. G. Carithers, W. K. Carlisle, Dorothy Carlson, H. P. Greensboro Nicholson Macon Camilla Orlando, Fla. Carlton, Ezra Rockmart Carnathan, H. Atlanto Carr, Coleman D. Carreker, J. W. Carrington, H. Thomosville Gainesville Toccoa Carroll, Betty Carter, Benj. H. Avondale Estates Atlanto Campbell, T. E. Cannon, Jessie Valdosta Greshamville Carlton, Patricia Cormichael, R. R. Bartow, Fla. Meonsville Carter, David E. Carter, John C. Baxley Elberton 96 Burt, Hilliord Bush, William T. •) Albany Lexington Caldwell, E. G. Calhoun, Louie Jackson Tarrytown 8 Carter, John M. Cory, Elton Causey, W. J. Chambers, D. P. Chambless, R. Cordele Miami, Fla. Macon Athens Sylvania jChancey, A. L. Chandler, Alice Chandler, C- E. Chandler, Jane Chapman, Agnes Chapman, R. H. Chappell, Ernest Chostcin, Mary ! Atlanta Athens Bowman Greensboro Atlanta Atlanta Americus Thomasville Claxton, Brazele Clements, H. M. Cleveland, Helen Cleveland, R. C, Cliatt, Elizabeth CIme, Horace L. Hazelhurst Clonts, John F. Coad, James, Jr. Cobb, Ruth Powder Springs Columbus Metter Cole, Norman L. Coleman, Geo. Colevins, C. Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Elberton Columbus Cobb, William T. Coffee, H. L. Eastman Coley, David T. Cochran Eastman Coley, Roy W. Montrose Coggins, B. F. Atlanta Collier, Clifford Fitzgerald Cline, Pierce L. Oxford Cohen, Lester Atlanta Collier, Horace Augusto Cloer, Ross A. Young Harris Cole, Harold T. Villa Rica Collier, James E. Blakely 97 JUNIOR CLASS 1 1 Collins, Mary A. Collins, W. C. Colvin, Richard Coney, Audrey Conger, Stephen Connell, J. W. Connelly, J. F. Commerce Bloirsville Clevis, N. M. Cuthbert Augusta Waycross Lewisburg, Tenn. Cooper, C. W. Cooper, Frank L. Cooper, Mary Clinton, S. C. Grayson Rome Cook, Ethel L. Cook, Wm. L, Cooner, Carol Coons, Patsy Newnan Athens Americus Hapeville Conner, M. F. Savannah Coppinger, H. L. Columbus i V . Coworf, Andrew Garfield Cramer, Robt. J. Lockport, N. Y. Crisp, Virginia Americus Cox, Bryant A. Camden, S. C. Cravey, Zock Atlanta Croft, J. K, Augusta Cox, Colleen Lincolnton Crawford, Betty Martin Croker, Jacqueline Dallas 98 Davis, Bob A. Davis, Cecil Davis, Constance Davis, Doris Cave Spring Columbus Savannah Rome Dovis, Moriorie Davis, Ralph A. Davis, R, A. Birmingham, Ala. Atlanta Broxton Dawson, W. E. Hinesville, Go. iDeGaris, Eliz. 1 1 Savannah Dekle, Q. L. Thomasville Deleski, Gerald DeLooch, Benj Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Claxton Davis, Harold Davis, James Q. Sasser Athens Dean, Hazel A. Deavers,, Virgil Bowersville Gatesville, Tex. DeLoach, C. Pitts DeLoach, E. Thomaston Davis, J, E. Davis, Kotherine Mont., Ala. Atlanta Decosimo, Jos. Deen, Hugh G. Somck, Pa. Alma DeLoach, H. R. DeLoach, Frank Claxton StQtesboro 99 JUNIOR CLASS Donaldson, J. H. Dorris, Frank P. Doster, John Statesboro Douglas Newnan Doudney, Alfred Dowdy, Derrell Dowdy, R. L. Dowis, Louis N. Downer, R. R. Sanford, Fla. Glennville Athens Lovonia Richland Downs, Horry S. Drake, Charles Drake, James E. Conyers Williamson Gordon DuBose, Ethel Duke, Albert A. Duke, Harold L. Omega Wolhalla, S. C. Albany Durden, Dickson Durden, Virginia Durrance, L. Groymont Statesboro Waycross Drake, Joseph W. Drone, J. E. Donaldsonville Augusta Driftmier, Helen Driggers, D. C. Athens Newberry, S. C. Dulligan, Betty Griffin Durmrence, J. Savannah Dunahoo, Eva Statham Dye, Joe T, Middleton Duncan, Earl R. Corrollton Dyson, Oliver Washington Dunn, James E. Ringgold Eckles, Chorles Atlanta Drury, Liston Kingsland Durden, Mrs. D. H. Groymont Eddenfield, W. A. Stillmore 100 8 Edge, Betty C. Edgy, Virginia idmond, Horace Edmondson, J. E. Edney, Robert E. Doerun Waynesville Columbus Temple Tryon, N. C. idwards, Joe B. Edwards, Mahlon Edwards, Morg. Eidson, Wm. 8. Elder, Winfred Ellard, Pope M, Ellis, B. W., Ill Ellis, Carleen oymond Jersey St. Petersburg, F. Richmond Hill Jefferson Cornelia Atlanta Hagon Imbigfi, Eda Engel, Mary Jane Epps, Billy Estep, William F. Estes, Thomas L. Etheridge, E. Etheridge, F. Eubank, William Ivtlanto Baltimore, Md. Athens Whiteburg Union City Sparta Atlanta Appling Finley, Herschel Lyons Farmer, Robt. H. Athens Findley, Russell Uvalda Farr, Juddie B. Athens Fisher, Robert J. Albany Exiey, Cora Clyo Fears, John E. Madison Fiske, Kothryne Augusta ExIey, George Springfield Feingold, Bob Camilla Fitzgerald, C. Camilla Ezell, James C Monticello Ferguson, Joe Prmceton, Ind. Fitzsimons, T. Savannah Fabion, Alfred E. East Gary, Ind. Ferguson, J. W. College Park Fitzpatrick, Vera I la 101 JUNIOR CLASS Flake, W. E. Flanagan, H. Flanders, J. M. Flannogan, C. Flemming, A. W. Florence, F. Flowers, Jas. Atlanta Athens Lyons Athens Madison Cedartown Camillo Floyd, James L. Foard, Catherine Folds, George R. Fordham, Ben E. Formon, Betty L. Forrest, Lew Fort, James F. Atlanta Marion, S. C. Walleska Groymont Savannah Brooklyn, N. Y. Lookout Mt., T. Flowers, Virginia Jesup Fortson, Janet Jacksonville, Fla, Foster, Howell J. Fowler, B, L. Lavonia Macon Fowler, Hugh L. Fowler, L. C. Fowler, Ruth M. Franks, J. M,, Jr. Frasier, Joe B. Frazier, Gary Athens Coolidge Athens Martin Hinesville Lindale Freeman, Ann Freeman, J. D. Freeman, Jean Freeman, Walton French, Martha Frier, Myra L. Fry, Samuel W. Fryers, H. S. Gonye Griffin Furney, John E. Gaboniss, W. Ochlocknee Athens Gair, Joseph S. Gonier, Lucy L. Garland, R. L. Garren, V. R. Garrett, Jas. H. Gaskins, John Phoenixville, Pa. Percy, Miss. Toccoa Dalton Albany Willacoochee Gentry, Clyde C. George, William Rome Atlanta Gilbert, W. H. Gill, Myra Jean Tennille Richmond Hill Geri, Joseph S. Giandomenico, F. Gibbons, Robert Gibson, Beverly Gibson Robt. E. Gilbert, Clark Phoenixville, Pa. Atlanta Fort Gaines Mt. Zion Athens Atlanta GiMom, Harry H. Gilliland, Homer Ginstrom, Roy A. Giusto, E. J. Elli|ay Kellyton, Ala. Rockford, III, Savannah Gleason, Patricia Glenn, June Miami, Fla. Atlanta Ghsson, J. E. Cloxton Gober, H. B. Atlanta Goddord, F. 0. Doyle, Tenn. Golden, G. E. LoGrange Goldin, Joel Rockmart W. Goldstein, Betty Macon Goodner, M, A. Nahunto Goodson, W Hardwick Gordon, Celia Buford Gordon, James C. Thomaston Gordon, Jas. T. Atlanta Gordon, M. A Watkinsville Gordon, Ma Waycross xine Gordon, M. R. Brunswick Gorman, V. M. Lakeland Gottlieb, Alan Savannah Grady, Luanne Macon Graham, Guy E. Barney Granger, Ruby 1 Perry Grantham, J. Douglas H. Green, B. L. Toccoa Green, Lilly G. Lincolnton Greene, M. F. Lake City, Fla. Greene, Susan Columbus JUNIOR CLASS Greenway, C. Alma Griffith, Mac J. Buchanan Greer, Edgar, Jr Atlanta Grimsley, J. U. Bainbridge Greer, J. Cordele Greeson, Ray F. Chatsworth Gregorie, J. A. Albany Griner, K. D. Grist, Hubert G. Grogan, Shirley Cross City, Fla. Rabun Gap Dawsonville Grey, Edward Griffeth, Jim K. Griffin, W. H., Jr Brunswick Athens Cochran Groover, W. Plainville Groover, Wilson Grovatt, L. Stilson Savannah Grove, Marion Macon Hall, M. Dean Macon Hancock, J. G. Hancock, Jane Gunn, T. M, Crowfordville Hallmon, Roy R. Boston Gunnels, Jos. C. Danielsville Hambrick, Ruth Macon Hamlett, Robert Hamm, M. Lewisburg, Tenn. Claxton Hankinson, T. B. Hanson, Gordon Hanson, J. W. M. Mill, S. C. Savannah Macon Hammond, J. E. Fitzgerald Harber, G. M. Commerce Hammond, R. C. Pelhom Ha rber, J. J., Jr Commerce Hall, Harold V. Bowman Hancock, Agnes Winterville Hardee, L. W., Jr Franklin Springs 104 8 Hardie, Gordon Ray City Hardin, Billy Ocilla Harden, R. Louis Hardman, J. W. Harget, Billy Reidsvllle Athens West Point v.H,j,.; I. , Harper, Paul P. Harrell, Jeanette Harrington, A. Jacksonville, Fla. Lyons LaGrange Harris, J. H. Commerce Harris, Kermett Covington Harris, Leonard Upotoi Harris, Aubrey H. Cordele Harris, Sara E. Jesup Harris, Hoscell B. Harris, Audley B. Harris, Henry O. Harris, Ida Clarksville Athens Mt. Airy Denton, Tex. Harris, Steve R. Harris, Melvin J. Harrison, Arthur Harrison, T. Savannah Cuthbert Brunswick West Point Hathaway, W. H. Hawkins, Paul R. Hawkins, Thos. Hayes, Naomi Savannah Cordele Americus Watkinsville .a. " V j . M Hoys, W. J. Camilla Haywood, Smith Hazelrig, Robert Hearn, Thos. Thomaston Decatur LaGrange Harvey, Mary Buena Vista Hayes, R. O. Bonsare Hearn, Joyce Felton Harvill, Wm, M Athens Hayes, R. L. Waycross Heaton, W. M. Jacksonville Haskins, E. B. Haskins, Jack B. Lewisburg, Tenn. Macon Haynes, D. H. Gainesville Hoynie, Wm. H. Atlanta Helmken, Ralph Hendricks, B. W. Savannah Cochran JUNIOR CLASS Hendry, Carroll Hinesville Hess, Jean Atlanta Henry, Floyd Q. Henry, Phil M. Dalton Thomaston Hester, Dorothy Hetser, Glen Cuthbert Augusta Hensley, Jas. C. Cobbtown Herrington, B. P, Herrly, Janice Hertwig, F. Sardis Atlanto Atlanta Hewitt, John W. Hickmon, R. R. Hicks, Becky Jesup Sanford, N. C. Conyers Hertz, Jimmy E. Cedartown Higgins, Patricia Hightower, M. College Park Westbury, N, Y, Hightower, R. Augusta Hill, James H. Rosswell Hinson, Wynelle Hinton, G. S. Americus Athens Holcomb, Bonby Holland, M. L. Ball Ground Calhoun Hill, Joseph E. Athens Hinton, R. Thomaston Holley, R. E. Augusta Hill, Meredith L. Hill, Otis E. Hill, William B. Hills, Marshall Hinkle, James C. Kingsland Commerce Forsyth Johns Is., S. C. New Castle, Va. Hirsch, Marshall Hodges, Tom C. Hodnett, Betty Hogon, Eric E. Holcombe, Ann Atlanta Cobbtown Hogansville Chulo Temple Holley, Wm, J. Hollis, Fred D. Hollis, Samuel B. Holloway, F. A. Holmes, Paul C. Stapleton Pelhom Macon Cobbtown Athens 4 8 Holmes, Thomas Holt, Carol Valdosta Macon Holton, William Hood, Carl V. Manassas Doraville Hood, E. D., Jr Savannah Hooks, Morcile Lexsy Hook, Wyott Atlanta Huckebo, Retho Hudgins, Loetta Huff, Clarence Tifton Meansville Bogart Hornbuckle, B. Omega Huff, Roy G. Bogart -•»!. § 01 «= . 11 Horovin, Sara G. Howard, Hubert Howe, Robert L. Howington, W. A. Sumter, S, C. Ludowici Carnesville Nicholson Humphrey, P. Hunnicutt, G. L. Malba, L. I., N. Y.Franklin, N. C. Hunnicutt, H. Metter Hunnicutt, L. Metter Hunt, Edward Harlem H. Hunt, James Milledgeville H. Hurlbutt, B Park Clear, oris A a. Hurley, James Monroe R. Hurst, Mary Cairo Hurowitz, Irving Dalton Hurt, Mary Columbus L. Huston, Dalton Willis E Hutcheson, A. Buchanan L. Hutcheson, B. Greenmen Hutcherson, Danielsville G. S. Hutchins, Ann Savannah Hutchison, R. Chipley S. Hutchinson, R. Thomaston Hutto, T, L Augusta Huvard, Atlanta A. B. Ireland, W. Tifton Irwin, Frank Rockmart Irvin, G. T. Columbus Irvin, James F Newton Isley, G. H. Savannah Izzo, Richard F. Thomasville Jackson, G, Clorkesville C. Jackson Harrison G. W. 107 JUNIOR CLASS Jackson, J no. A. Americus Jenkins, M. T. Atlanta Jackson, Lucius Gainesville Jenkins, S, A. Scrdis Jackson, T. A. James, Albert Augusta Reynolds Jenkins, Wm. Sumner Jennings, Ann Americus James, Patricia Jay, Fer Royston Jernigan, M Tampa, Fla. 3uford Johnson, A. L. Cusseta Jaynes, Bruce Jenkins, G. A. McCormick, S. C. Rome Johnson, A. L. Macon Johnson, B. J. Bowman Johnson, C. G. Atlanta Johnson, M, Bowdon Jolly, Frank Decatur Johnson, C. Siloom Johnson, R. Woshington Jolly, J. Dawson Johnson, Denton W. Johnson, E. Homerville Johnson, Euel T. Johnson, F. H. Blocksheor Augusta Johnson, Rob W. Johnson, Ruth Bomeville Atlanta Jones, C. Atlanta Jones, C. S. Berwick Johnson, W. Savannah Jones, Harry L. Atlanta Johnston, Athens Jones, M. C- Summerville Johnson, Martha Johnson, M. A. Rockmort Atlanta Johnston, D. W. Johnston, Jack M, Atlanta Rock Hill, S. C. Jones, W. H. Jordan, R. W. Tallahassee, Fla. Waycross 108 1 4 8 Jorgensen, R. F. Juneman, James Keehan, Betty Keeter, h. F. Bainbridge Birmingham, Ala. Tampa Savannah Kelium, J, A. Waycross % I Kelly, Edwin E. Decatur Kelley, Jane Tifton Kelley, Paul V. Kelly, Margaret Kelly, Mary E, Lawrenceville N. Brunsw., NY. Carlton Kemp, James A, Kemp, William Augusta Pelham Kennedy, Jno. W. Kent, Charles H. Kent, Robert H. Kerkland, W. E. Key, William O. Kilroy, Brandon Kimsey, Jack King, Helen Stctesboro Lumpkin Glenwood Lyons Tallapoosa Savannah Cornelia Hackensack, N. J JUNIOR CLASS Lanier, Thomas Lanman, Kothryn Latham, J. M. Loube, Constance Laughlin, Marian Lavinder, G. W. Law, Alice T. Lawrence, Cecelia Metter Birmingham, Ala. Gainesville Atlanta Sea Island Wash., D. C. Atlanta Tifton Lawrence, J. A. Lawrence, P. L. Lawrence, Ruben Lawson, J. C. Lay, Robert Leak, John M. Leard, Virginia Ledbetter, Betty Greenville Monticello Eatonton Ringgold Cordele Boston Colbert Camilla Ledbetter, J. Lee, Forest W Charlotte, N. C. Franklin Lee, Herman Nichols Lee, Sara D. Atlanta Leech, Paula Lefkoff, Harold Lennette, Joyce Leonnord, L. B. Savannah Atlanta Newark, N. J. Atlanta Leofis, Pondelee Leslie, Robert E. Levy, Irvin L. Levy, Irwin A. Lewis, Ernestine Lewis, Gilbert Lewis, Margaret Lewis, R. E. Brunswick Decatur Augusta Brooklyn, N. Y. Waycross Millen Atlanta LaGrange Lewis, Robert S. Lichtenstein, M. Lindsey, Joe A. Lock, Clinton Lockhort, R. R. Logon, Jean Logan, Robert Long, Willie Augusta Norfolk Atlanta Douglas Athens Whitman Whitman Screven 110 8 McCormick, Jno. McCranie, G. V. McCue, A. E. McCuller, James McCurdy, D. R. McDaniel, W. T. Brooklet Milan Richmond, Va. Blokely Pensacola, Fla. Louisville McDuggey, J. B. McElroy, W. N. McGinty, Delores McGinty, Jack E. McGinty, Newton McGowan, John E. McRae Atlanta McRae McRae Norwood Metter McKelvey, R. C. McKenney, J. B. McLain, Mary M. McLeroy, J. C. McLeroy, Mary McLeod, Ann B. Rockmont Albany Hull Bogart Bogart Gainesville JUNIOR CLASS McLeskey, Mae McMillan, Chas. Anderson, S. C. Acworth McRae, W. H. McRae McVoy, G. B. Cochran McMulien, C. Atlanta Mack, M. B. Athens McNab, Wm. C. Tampa, Fla, Madden, J. Concord McNeil, Dorothy McNeill, John W. McPherson, C. Jackson, Miss. Cairo Bremen McRae, Russel G. Morven Maddox, J. C. Madison Maddox, Lemuel Magnan, Chas. G. Mahaffey, Bascom Cordele Hogonsville Richmond Hills Majors, Frank A. Majors, Thos, J. Claxton Mann, E. A, Danielsville Martin, Jo Ann College Park Claxton Marchall, E., Jr Augusta Mason Walt. C. LaFayette Malcolm, M. Bogort Maricich, Eli J. Chicago, III. Massey, G. L. Albany Malone, H. C. Albany Marlow, H. V. Athens Mathews, Bill D. Dawson Malone, John D. Monticello Marshall, C. Decatur Mathews, M, Wotkinsvilie Malone, Laree Monticello Martin, D. P. Daytona B., Fla. Matthews, C. Wrens Malony, T. F. Maloof, Rowando Bridgeport, Conn. Copperhill, Tenn. Martin, Ed Albany Matthews, E. Atlanta Martin, Harry W. Columbus Mauthe, John H. Marietta 8 mt Jl Maxey, M. L Moxwell, B. J. Maxwell, Willie May, E. M. Jr. Moy Purest J. Decotur Moultrie Athens Augusta Frariklin i Mayne, Joe W. Douglas Megahee, T. G. Norman Pork Mazo, Irwin Meoders, H. T. Meadows, Betsye Meadows, Joe W, Mendel, Jerome Moens, Frances Means, F. L. Savannah Swoinsboro Savannah Cochran, Go. Atlonta Valdosta Louisville Melton, Lynwood Meredith, Albert Merk, Suzanne Merritt, C. R. Methvin, T., Jr. Middlebrooks, A. Miles, A. L. Lyman, S. C. Hartwell Athens Weston Lumpkin Dublin Metter r . Milhollin, C. M. Milhollin, H, R. Miller, Gene E, Miller, Rome Douglas Cordele Atlanta Millee, Virginia Atlanta Mingledroff, G. Springfield Miller, W. D., Jr. Miller, W. H. Milles, Rose Waynes., N. C. Gainesville Hazelhurst Milner, Henrietta Mills, Lionel Atlanta Cairo Mills, Ruth B ' ham, Mich. Mills, William Forest Park Minix, Forrest Misset, Jean Mitchell, Alice Mitchel, A. Hapeville Newport N., Va. Atlanta Musella Mitchell, Nina Mitchell, W. H. Mixon, Billy P. Crawfordville Athens Columbus 113 JUNIOR CLASS Mobley, J. W. Thomasville r-i r 0 f f % f - Mock, C. N. Brunswick Monroe, T. J. Atlanta Moore, Charles Moore, Cleon E. Moore, Grover Atlanta Chula Rising Fawn Montgomery, G- Montgomery, Wm. Monts, J. H., Jr. Moody, Johns B. Moon, F. J. Atlanta Birmingham Americus Clorkston Conyers Moore, Jack Cuthbert Moore, J. H, Moultrie Moore, J. W. College Pork Moore, Marcia Broxton Moore, O. B., Jr Greensboro M - ' i ( " «c ri 4 V ; L efi f c - Moorhead, Peggy Moron, Carl W. Morgan, D. E. Morgan, H. A Morgan, H L. Morgon, J. D. Morris, Helen Mosley, W. G. Bogart Augusta LaGrange Hillsboro Macon Cave Springs Atlanta Jasper Moss, Johns M. Mote, Doyle H. Mull, Mary Augusta Calhoun Rome Mull, William Mullin, Ann Munson, R. F. Murphy, W. H. Musselwhite, H. A, Lindale Columbus Port Henry, N.Y. Swainsboro Cordele Musser, Dole Griffin Myrick, D. P. Milledgeville Nonce, Emory L. Neel, M. N. Douglas Brookhaven Neel, W. L. Thomasville Neely, Jo Ann Nelms, Thos. Atlonto Elberton Nelson, P. J. Macon 114 4 8 Owen, Marvin P. Ozburn, Arch M. Panter, S. D. Parham, C. W. Parham, J. D. Barnesville Riverdale Lumber City Athens Athens Parrish, Aaron Andalusia, Ala. Parrott, Delores Savannah Partridge, W. A. Lincolnton J U N O R CLASS Pate, Caryn Pate, R. J Hawkinsville Hamilton Peovy, Horriette Pedrick, Fuller Unadilla Quitman Patterson, W. H. Patterson, W. R. Payne, John B. Paxson, Robin M. Peassick, Selma Covington Atlanta Danielsville Abbeyville Atlanta Pendley, Anne Perkins, Clifford Perkins, Helen Perrin, Barbara Perry, Boling B. Persse, James H. Atlanta Mount Zion Howard Atlanta Atlanta Savannah Perters, W. C. Moultrie Pinson, T. W. Ellijay Peterson, C. W. Fort Valley Pintchuck, M. Atlanta Peterson, Mrs. C. Petree, H. R. Fort Valley Atlanta Pond, Amy L. Ponder, Jim Sorasota, Flo. Rutledge Pittard, H. F. Atlanta Pool, Fulton J. Canyon Pittman, W. K. Commerce Porter, Lewis Gainesville Petty, W. L . Varnell Pitts, Margaret Tifton Porter, Marion Cochran Phillips, Leverne Pickrell, Morion Pierce, M. A. Soperton Cochran Empire Plompin, Richard Pledger, S. R. Atlanta LoFoyette Poss, Herman E. Powell, Jack C. Morris Station Atlanta Pogue, Doris Birmingham, Ala. 8 Powell, J. M. College Park Powell, Mildred Atheris Power, Dewey R. Prager, Irwin L. Danielsville Brooklyn, N. Y. Proither, Howell Atlanta Rainwater, John Rankin, Ruth Cedartown Savannah Rotcloff, James Raulerson, T. Savannah Nichols Reddick, Alton Gainesville Reddish, J. R Savannah Reeves, Martha Reid, Bernie S. Savannah Hannilton, Ohio Reid, Joseph W. Reitmeyer, Robt. Leslie Vmcennes, Ind. Redgearn, J. A. Redmond, Alice Redmond, Grace Reed, Robert J. Albany Columbus Arlington Atlanta Reynolds, L. F. Rhode s, Clarence Rice, Blanton B. Rice, Harold D. Bainbridge Siloam Royston Elberton JUNIOR CLASS Rich, Edward M. Richardson, T. Greencove, Fla. Madison Riley, Salley Albany Rivers, Betty Avera Richwme, S. W, Wash., D. C. Rooch, Charles Canton Ridley, Alex Franklin Robbins, Forrest LaFayette Rigdon, Nancy Tifton Roberts, A. A. Athens Rigsby, Elios R. Sole City Roberts, F. S. Atlanta Riley, Kitty Decatur Roberts, Inez Gray Riley, Owen Pine Mtn. Valley Roberts, Joe Collinsville, Ala. Roberts, A L Waycross Roberts, R. E. UnadillQ Roberts, T. S. Brotton Roberts, T. Valdosta J. Robins, L., Jr. College Park Robinson, D. York, S. C. B. Robinson, J. T. Corrollton Robtnson, Sara Greensboro Roddenberry, R. Kingslond Roper, Alice E. Laurens, S. C. Rosenburg, S. B. Swainsboro Roundtree, Egypt C. Rouse, Harley Jesup Rowe, R. E. Claxton Rowland, Jock L. Athens Rowland, J, R., Jr Wrightsville Ruork, D. 0. S. Atlanta Rubnitz, Julius Savannah Rucker, Caroline Elberton Ruffin, F. E Cordele Salkin, Selmo Savonnoh Sammons, Th Swainsboro OS. Sanders, Julio M. Atlanta Sanders, R. T. Augusta N k 4 8 Sanson, R. B. Sapp, Edwin E. Sapp, K. F. Souther, D. E. Saxon, Austin Dunwoody Athens Atlanta Dalton Watkinsville Scarborough, F. Schonche, D. A. Schonche, N. D. Scharnitzky, E. Scheer, Frieda Schow, Bobbie A. Scott, Jock D. Scott, J. D,, Jr. DeSoto Atlanta Atlanta Augusta Eatonton Vienna Augusta Augusta Scruggs, L. L. Seago, J. M. Sellors, W. Seitz, Erwin Seitz, W. M. Seiz, Emil Severlin, Jane Seymour, Mary ■ Columbus Gracewood Bainbridge Atlanta Augusta Atlanta Decatur Bowman Shierling, Charles Shivers, Guy Blakely Norwood Shy, William H. Simmons, Doris Simmons, J. E. Athens Alamo Easton Shockley, R. Monroe Simons, R. J. Thomson r o % Sheots, F. Atlanta Shooke, Floyd Hiawassee Simmons, W. S. Athens 119 Shelby, J. C. Mt. Vernon Short, W. O. Augusta Simons, W. H. Atlanta Sherman, Marg. Sherrer, W, A. Statesboro Rayle Shumon, A. R. Shurling, M. H Jacksonville, Flo. Tenniel Simonton, M. W. Simpson, Robert Franklin Lokeland JUNIOR CLASS Simpson, S. K. Sims, Roleigl-i Sirmens, James Sisson, Willard Skelton, Howard Skelton, Sue Skelton, Van Smalley, R. H., Jr. Atlanta Conyers Homerville Ringgold Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Elberton Smallwood, C. E. Smisson, Hugh Smith, Billy Smith, C. H. Swainsboro Fort Valley Wrens Palmetto Smith, Cornelius Smith, Frank M. Smith, G. W., Jr. Smith, J. L Charlotte, N. C. Corrollton Gainesville Willacoochee Smith, J. L. Smith, James T. Smith, Janice Smith, Jean Smith, Jesse M. Smith, John M. Smith, L. A. Smith, L. K. Covington Jackson Atlanta Brunswick Douglas Martinez Hartsfield Codwell Smith, Luke B. Smith, Marge ry Smith, M. J. Smith, M. B. Smith, Morton Smith, T. R Smith, T. M. Smith, Thomosino Athens Thomaston Atlanta Watkinsville Watkinsville Hamilton Atlanta Athens Smith, Virginia Smith, W. P. Smoot, John B. Snelling, Char lie Snowden, J. B. Snyder, Pau H. Solomon, Haro Id Sorrells, Nancy Maryville, Tenn. Dawson Dublin Greenville, S. C. Savannah Cornelia Athens Jacksonville 8 Sorrells, Walker Spielberg, Sol Spillers, Erving Stack, E, J. Stafford, Alice Monroe Atlanta Musella Tampa, Flo. Thomaston Stofford, Carolyn Stamey, D. D. Stamey, G. M. Stamps, Monroe Staniton, L. Stanley, Betty Stanley, D. D. Starr, Dorothy A. Savannah Clarkesville Athens Manchester Atlanta Savannah Savannah Augusta Staton, Gerald Steele, Herbert Stephens, Robert Stephens, Sara Stephens, Vernon Stephenson, C. P. Stevens, H. L. Stewart, Wilmer iCIermont Columbus Wrens Cordele Roopville College Park Athens Savannah Stieglitz, Jeane Stiles, Margaret Stipe, Atlanta Cartersville Tifton St. John, Carl St. John, Jas. T. Stokely, Meral Stokes, W. D. Atlanta Valdosta Augusta Jacksonville, Flo. Stone, Robert E. Stone, Walter N. Stout, Carter M. Stovall, S, M. Stratton, Grady Strickland, A. J. Strickland, John Fitzgerald Nicholson McRae Elberton Elberton Valdosta Savannah Strutevant, C. Atlanta Stuart, R. E. Macon Sturtevant, W. B. Styles, Robert Savannah Douglasville Suit, Mary F. Hartwell Sullivan, R. H. Sumistin, Kathryn Copperhill, Tenn. Ringgold Stone, Joel Ellison Athens Stroud, G. R. Swoinsboro Sumner, Ernest A. Wilma, Fla. JUNIOR CLASS Tepper, Louis Tetterton, S. Thacker, S. W. Thomas, A. L. Thomas, E. Thomas, H. N. Thomas, H. J. Thomas, J. E- Cordele Vidalia Cleveland Marietta Athens Athens Long Is., N. Y. Dexter Thomas, M. Thomas, Wm. R. Thomason, J, H. Thomason, Louie Thompson, E. Thompson, M. Thompson, R. G. Thompson, S. Alamo Washington, D. C. Elberton Columbus Augusta Alley Shellman Augusta Thomson, V. L. Thornton, H. Thornvell, E. A. Thorton, Marion Thrash, C. L. Thrasher, W. S. Thurman, Ann Thurman, R., Jr. Macon Hapeville Atlanta Elberton Gay Atlanta Athens Copperhill, Tenn 8 i Akm Thurmond, Mary Tidwell, R, E. Tillman, J. B. Timmons, Eloise Timmons, K. C. Athens Douglosville Register Athens College Pork L 1 1 " ' Tinsley, G. C,, Jr. Tippins, Billy Titshow, H. S. Todd, E. H. Todd, R. L. Tomms, R. S. Toney, H. F. Totbett, Jack Cartersville Glenville Gainesville St. Augustine, F. Worenton LaGrange Carnesville Albany Towson, Bill Trapnell, J, C. Traylor, H. G. Trice, Jane Troiono, F. E. Tucker, Warren Tumlin, T. N. Tupper, Madelyn ' Dahlonega Metter LaGrange Doerun Brooklyn, N. Y. Ocilla Cave Spring Atlanta ill, Tei» Turner, Fred P. Griffin Turner, Jack D. Alma Turner, J. H. Carrollton Turner, Reba Mauk Turner, R. G. Athens Turner, W. F. Clearwater, Flo. Twiliey, R. 1. Eotonton Tyler, John C. Atlanta Tyner, Calvin E. Lawndale, N. C. Tyner, Margaret Dcnielsville Ungar, Helene Savannah Vandiver, James Douglosville Varner, Sarah Ashland Vaughan, L. M. Atlanta Veal, Joanne Milledgeville Verner, Jimmie Atlanta Vickers, Betty Valdosta Wade, Merle Boston Walden, M. E. Wrens Waldrop, E. R. Forest Park Walker, James Glenwood Walker, J. F. McRae Walker, P. H. Griffin Walkley, Jean Atlanta JUNIOR CLASS Webb, Emily Augusta Webb, J. G. Marietto Webb, W. W. Macon Webster, 0. C, Augusta Weekly, C. Atlanta Weeks, J. F. Macon Weir, E. L. Atlanta Weir, Virginia Athens Wells, Maxine Kingsland West, Jack C. Dal ton West, Marion Athens Westbrook, H. C. Gainesville Westbrook, J. W. Athens Westbrook, J. A. Canton Westbrook, J. L. Rochelle Westbrook, L. Gainesville Westbrook, M. Rochelle Westbrook, N. East Point Westbrook, R. Ila Westbrooks, N. Brunswick Wester, Ernest Cedartown Wheeler, J. L. Athens Wheeler, J. D, Maysville Wheeler, Jane Savannah 9 8 Wheeler, J H. Wheeler, M. B. Whelchel, Nell VVhilu, B, A. White, W. L. Homerville Athens Gainesville Roopville Ocala, Fla. White, W. W. Whitehurst, B. Whitfield, A, L. Whittield, J. J. Whitehead, H, L, Whitley, B. A. Whipple, F. Whitaker, B. B. Sonford, Fla. Adel Austell Royston Athens Moultrie Cochran Augusta White, Christine White, Dorothy White, J. L. White, Walker White, W. H. Whittle, William Worton, S. H. Griffin Atlanta Lindale Columbus Norfolk, Va. Rochelle Cave Spring B 2-; V Wildes, H. C Folkston Wiley, M. E. Cordele Wilkes, Theron William, Louise Lyons Dalton Williams, H. W. Williams, J. R. Williams, K. R. Williams, K. L. Williams, Lloyd Williams, Lynda Homerville Athens Atlanta Whigham Copperhill, Tenn. Buena Vista Williamson, J. C. Wills, Jomes W. Wilson, Grady Wilson, James Wilson, Johns T. Wilson, Oliver Franklin Washington Decatur Monticello Douglos Denton 125 J U N O R CLASS Wilson, T. E. Pelham Wolff, Marlon A. Atlanta Wingate, H. L. Wingate, Ruth Winn, B. A. Wise, A. Q. Wise, E. J. Wise, Jane Wofford, Martha Pelham Pelham Greenwood, S. C. Athens Americus Thomasville Athens Wood, Barbara Wood, Ernest J. Wood, Robert L. Woodland, B. J. Woodliff, Samuel VVoodruff, Fran. Woodruff, R. S. Harrison Bishop Cedartown Atlanta Flowery Branch Atlanta Vienna Woods, Henley P. Woodward, Anne Wren, Margie Calhoun Savannah Augusta Wynne, David Yorbrough, G. Perry Atlanta Young, Norma Canton Wright, Barbara Wright, Joan Hartwell Atlanta Young, Slade C. Yopp, John W. Atlanta Atlanta Wyche, M. B. Elberton Wynens, J. C. Wynn, E. L. Hillsboro Portal SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS CLASS OFFICERS BOB SMALLEY, Sec, -Treasurer SARAH GILBERT, Vice President BEVERLY ASBURY, President AARONS, JEAN Y. Hazelhurst ABEL, NICK R., JR. Macon ABELSON, SONYE Atlanta ABBOT, JOE M. Marietta ABBOTT, THOMAS E- Athens ABRAMS, SOL Pelham ADAMS, JAMES T. Atlanta ADAMS, MARTHA Atlanta ADAMS, NORMA Tignall ADAMS, WALTER D. Tignall ADAMS, WILLIAM W. Camilla ADERHOLD, ELENOR College Park ADLER, BERNARD A. Savannah ALDERMAN, MIRIAM Atlanta ALFORD, FRANK Lithonia ALLEN, JEAN Greenville ALLEN, MARION A. Fort Valley ALTHISAR, HENRY M. Manchester AMATO, LUCY Atlanta AMMONS, MARGIE Tampa, Flo. ANDERSON, ELIZABETH Augusta ANDERSON, HARRY F. Lindale ANDERSON, JAMES H. Jesup ANDERSON, JESSIE A., JR. Athens ANDERSON, JOHNS F. Moore, S. C. ANDERSON, PRESTON S. Athens ANDERSON, WILLIAM Alamo ANDREWS, JAMES A. TOCCOQ ANDREWS, MARY Toccoa ANGEL, WALTER O. Alexander, Va. 8 ANSLEY, WILLIAM Decafur ANTONOPOULOS, J J, Augusta ARGO, ROBERT E. Atlanta ARNOLD, JOHN S. Savannah ASHBURY, BEV. Elberton ASHBURY, GENE Elberton ASHER, WILLIAM E. Atlanta ASHWORTH, WILLIAM Bowman ASKEW, MARY Hogansville ATKINSON, ROSWELL Atlanta ATTAWAY, ANNIE R, Madison AUSTERN, ELAINE B. Atlanta AUSTIN, HENRY W. Augusta AVERA, EDITH Athens AVERY, THOM AS E. Atlanta AVRETT, JOHN GLENN Atlanta AYCOCK, BARBARA Bolivia, N. C. BAGWELL, JAMES Alpharetta BAILEY, BERNARD S. Augusta BAILEY, HARRY B., JR. Augusta BAILEY, HASKIN S. Rossville BAILEY, JOHN Athens BAIRD, JOSEPH M. Athens BALDWIN, THOMAS D. Dublin SAME, MILTON, JR. Atlanta BANKS, GEORGE M. Lakeland BANKSTON, SARAH A. Atlanta BARBATO, LUDWIN L. Jersey City, N. J. BARBER, PHYLIS Athens BAREFIELD, CLEVELAND Perkins BARLOW, VIVIAN Kingsland BARRETT, ANN Atlanto BARRETT, GEORGE C. Winterville BARWICK, BEATRICE Athens BATTLE, ELIZABETH Atlanta BAXTER, DENVER O. Crandall BAYLISS, BETTY Atlanta BEAUCHAMP, PAT Warner Robins BECK, ANNE Griffin BELL, CHARLOTTE Elberton BELL, JOE M. Eotonton BELL, RUREL Gibson BELL, WILLIAM E. Maxeys BELLMORE, SU SANNA Atlanta BELOTE, WILLIAM B. Bainbridge SOPHOMORE CLASS BENNETT, ARTHUR Dougiasville BENNETT, ERNEST L. Porterdale BENNETT, WYOLENE Albany BENSON, JOHN Athens BENTON, JAMES F., JR. Monticello BERLIN, JACK J. Aflanto BETSILL, GEORGE S. Clinton, S C. BEVERLY, PHIL C. Ochlochnee BEVERLY, ROBERT H. Ochlochnee BIBBINGS, ROBERT G. Patterson, N. J. BISHOP, SARAH Marietta BLACK, F. GARLAND Swainsboro BLACK, HERBERT K. Macon BLACKBURN, FRANK M. Statesboro BLAND, JAMES P. Pulaski BLASINGAME, BEVERLY Atlanta BOBE, DOT Atlanta BOMAR, WILLIAM M ., JR. Nashville, Tenn. BOYD, CAROLYN Atlanta BONDURANT, MARY CLAIRE Athens BONNER, VIRGINIA Athens BOORSTIN, RONALD Atlanta BOOS, DAVID I,, JR. Atlanta BORZYNSKI, NANCY Elberton BOWERS, BEVERLY Canon BOWMAN, HOWARD K., JR. Buford BOWMAN, ROSLYN Buford BOYETTE, BONNIE Toccoa BOYETTE, WILLIAM R. Toccoa BOZEMAN, DAVID Whitman BRADLEY, JAMES P. Chatsworth BRADSHAW, BETTY Stephens BRANCH, DAVID, JR. Tifton BRANCH, OTHO M. Bishop BRANEN, EDWIN E. Baxley BRANNON, A. M. Columbus BRANNON, KENSON Cedartown BRASELTON, GLYNN Pendergrass BRASELTON, HENRY E. Braselton BRAWNER, HARRIETTE Smyrna BREWSTER, NANCY Newton, Mass. BRIDGES, JOHN H. Athens BRIGHTWELL, NELSON Columbus BRINSON, FAY Arnoldsville BRISCOE, JOHN E. Monroe i fr i j « ' A. Ft P f 4 8 V 1 BRITT, JACK Grayson BRODIE, HELAINE Atlanta BROOKE, JOHN F. White BROOKS, PAT Cornelia BROOKS, WILBUR C. Elberton BROOME, ROBERT J. Grantville BROWN, HARLEY Avondole Estates BROWN, JAMES E. Bowman BROWN, RUBY JO Vidalio BRUNER, EMILY Toomsboro BUCHANAN, JACK P. Shyloh BUDD, RICHARD Oxford BUNN, HILDA Midville BURCH, CAROL Atlanta BURFORD, MARY E. Brunswick BURGER, CLARENCE Farmington BURKE, THURMAN R. Sovonnah BURNS, RAY Conyers BURNS, TENA A. Jesup BURNS, THOMAS L. Fitzgerald BURROUGHS, HENRY Cairo BURT, JAMES C. Dawsonville BUTLER, ALBERT Manchester BUTLER, OTHO L. Ambrose BUTLER, JOSEPH T. Decotur BUTLER, MARY E. Union Point BUTTON, LOUIS S., JR. Jeffersonton, Va. BUTTS, FAYE Athens BUTTS, JOHN BOYD, JR. Milledgeville CAFIERO, JOSEPH Savannah CAGATHARP, DALLAS G. Moss, Tenn. CAIN, JOAN Athens CALLAWAY, MARTHA Lexington CAMP, HERBERT P. Atlanta C AMP, BETTY Cordele CAMP, LINDLEY M, Atlanta CAMPBEL, BETTY Atlanta CAMPBELL, CLIFFORD S. Covington CANNADY, LESLIE J. Thomasville CANNON, SHIRLEY Tiger CANNON, WIMBERLY Worm Springs CANTY, ROBERT C. LoGrange CARLTON, BOND M. Canton CARMICHAEL, VICTOR Jackson CARROLL, JACQUELINE Decatur SOPHOMORE CLASS CARROLL, JOHN T. Tucker CARROLL, ROBERT, JR. Atlanta CARSON, JOE M. Dalton CARTER, BLANTON F. Monroe CARTER, F. C. Athens CARTER, FRED H. Jasper, Flo. CARTER, GRAHAM Centerbrook, Conn. CASE, JOYCE Trenton CASEY, EDWIN R. Cedartown CASTLEBERRY, JAMES Lumpkin CHAMBERS, CARL G. Atlanta CHANCEY, M. JEAN Atlanta CHANDLER, BETTY ANN Marietta CHANDLER, JACK H. Social Circle CHANDLER, NANCY Barnesville CHANDLER, ROBERT Barnesville CHANIN, ZELDA Macon CHAPARD, SAMUEL Gnffin CHAPMAN, WALTER L. Sale City CHASTAIN, HARRY N. Brunswick CHASTAIN, JACK R. Atlanta CHASTAIN, PATRICIA Thomosville CHENEY, LOUIE T. Columbus CHERRY, JOE B. Lumpkin CHERRY, MAXIE Donalsonville CHEW, HARRY H. Crawfordville CHILDS, DORIS Thomoston CHITWOOD, LESSOR Valdosta CHRISTIAN, ROBERT V. Tate CHURCH, ROBERT N., JR. Atlanta CIANDRINI, FRANK Tuckahoe, N. Y. CLAPP, FRANCES Atlanta CLARK, ANN Atlanta CLARK, BETTY Lyons CLARK, JOHN E. Atlanta CLARY, WILLIAM Atlanta CLAY, THOMAS D. Macon CLAY, WILLIAM S. Atlanta CLEVELAND, GROVER Ft. Valley CLIFTON, ELLIS E. Douglas COALTER, JACK O. Jesup COALTER, MERLE C. Jesup COBB, LEONARD Bogart COBB, L. PAUL Atlanta COBURN, MARVIN J. Augusta 4 8 COCLIN, JAMES W, Beaufort, S. C. CODDY, JAMES W. Atlanta COFER, RICHARD Athens COHEN, ADRIAN, JR. Augusta COHEN, ARTHUR New York, N. Y. COHEN, HENRY R. Waynesboro COLE, HAROLD 0, Carnesville COHEN, JERALD Alma COLEMAN, EMMETT Barnesville COLEY, PAUL A. Montrose COLLINS, CECIL Fort Valley COLLINS, CHARLES Cleveland COLLINS, CLARENCE L. Byron COLLINS, EDNA Bogort COLLINS, HAROLD Decatur COLVIN, JAMES N. Clovis, N. M. COMER, JAMES E. Ray City COMOLLI, CONSTANTINE Elberton CONNER, DANIEL Milan CONNER, JOHN S. Monroe COOK, TOM Macon COOPER, LUTHER J. Brucetown, Tenn. COOPER, SUSAN Columbus COPELAN, ANN Greensboro CORDELL, ACTOR, JR. Hartwell CORE, MACON C. St. Simons Island COWART, CHARLES Edison COX, MARILYN Atlanta CRANE, BETTY Athens CRAWFORD, CHARLES R. Lexington CRAWFORD, HUGH Martin CREECH, BETTY Atlanta CREEL, WAYMAN O. College Park CRITES, DALE A. Atlanta CROMARTIE, HENDRICK Leesburg CROSS, GEORGE Avondale Estate CROUCH, CORNELIUS M Augusta DANIEL, CHARLOTTE Conyers DANIEL, JUDSON H. Americus DANIELL, HERMAN Gresston DANIELS, JAMES E. Jacksonville, Flo. DANIELS, STEWART Brunswick DANIELSON, JO ANN Atlanta DANTZLER, SHERMAN Atlanta DARBYSHIRE, QUINCY Moultrie SOPHOMORE CLASS ' 1 DAUGHERTY, EDWARD Atlanta DAUPHIN, VERNON M. Jacksonville, Fla. DAVENPORT, FORREST Hemp DAVENPORT, WILLIAM Rockmart DAVIS, CORNELIAS Elberton DAVIS, FRANK Arlington DAVIS, GEORGE W. Macon DAVIS, HORACE L. Colquitt DAVIS, JULIA Talladega DAVIS, MARY CELESTE Demorest DAVIS, RICHARD B. Atlanta DAVIS, SAM THOMAS Chattanooga, Tenn. DEAL, JACK B. Carters DEATH, FLORENCE Marietta DEATH, MARTHA Marietta DEBEAUGRINE, ANN Worrenton DELANGE, TOMMY Athens DEMPSEY, LEE D. Watkinsville DENNIS, MARVIN Augusta DENNY, WAYNE T. Hogansville DERDEN, JAMES LEO Moultrie DEVON, CHARLES G. Atlanta DIAMOND, VIRGINIA Atlanta DICHERSON, NEAL L. Rabun Gap DICKERSON, JANE Miami Beach, Flo. DIETZ, JON Ringgold DITZER, JOSEPH R., JR. Savannah DODD, W. BARRON Buford DODGEN, JEANINE Atlanta DOLBEE, EARL R. Hendersonville, N. C. DOMINEY, FRANCES Atlanta DOMINGOS, HAROLD Griffin DONAHOE, GERMAN San Augustine, Tex. DORWOOD, BARBARA Atlanta DOSS, BENJAMIN F. Gainesville DOTSON, CECIL M. Madison DOTSON, SARAH Decatur DOUGHTY, CECILE Augusta DOWNER, LOUIS L. Richland DRAKE, LELIA College Park DRAKE, VERGINIA Alpharetta DRAWDY, EDWARD C. Wolterboro DUKE, WILBORN A. Foceville DUNAPHANT, DAVID W. Atlanta DUNAWAY, J. ALEX Lincolnton 8 DUNN, BYRON H. Zebulon DUNN, SHIRLEY Dublin DUPREE, STANLEY Gordon DURDEN, W. H, Baxley DURHAM, LINDSEY Athens EADIE, FRANK H. Atlanta EASON, AUSTON Atlanta EASTERLY, WILLIAM Sheridan ECHOLS, SEABRON Danielsville EDENFIELD, RAYMOND G. Lyons EDMONSON, REX Atlanta EDWARDS, BETTY Bogart EHRLICH, CLARENCE L. Augusta ELDER, NATHAN T. Farmington ELLERBEE, JACK D. Manchester ELLINGTON, JOHN E. Soperton ELROD, JOHN Hartwell ENTREKIN, DUNWARD N. Tallapoosa EPPS, WILLIAM D. Athens EPSTEIN, LEWIS B. Weston, Conn. ESCOE, RICHARD S. Jefferson ESTES, BENJAMIN G. Atlanta ETHERIDGE, MONOR Tennille ETHERTON, PHYLLIS Savannah EVANS, WILLIAM W. Hapeville EVERETT, SUE Augusta FALLAW, WILLIAM H. Brookhaven PARR, MARION W. Thomson FAUSETT, ISABEL Dublin FAWCETT, BILL Atlanta FEARS, HAROLD Madison FEARS, JEAN ANN Little Suamico FELKER; KERT B. Atlanta FENDIG, EDWIN, JR. St. Simons FENDLER, BRABRA Boltimore, Md. FIELDS, NOVIS K. Swainsboro FIELDS, WILLIAM D Glenwood FINNEY, ROBERT A. J., JR Macon FLEMING, HAILEY A. Hartwell FLETCHER, WILLIAM Parrott FOLWELL, ELEANOR Miami, Fla. FORD, HENRY J. Lavonia FOREHAND, HARRY O. Lily FOREHAND, OLIVER C. Sylvester FORT, W. DAVIS Lumpkin SOPHOMORE CLASS FOWLER, ELOISE Marietto FOWLER, RITA Columbus FREDERICK, CECIL H. Montezumo FREEMAN, IDELL Athens FREEMAN, LAMAR Athens FREEMAN, LAWRENCE Cleveland FRIEDMAN, BARBARA Atlanta FRIEND, BALFOURA Shanghai, China FRIES, SHIRLEY Savannah FULLER, JOHN E. Macon FULTON, C. BEN Summerville FUNDERBURKE, KENNY P. Sumter, S. C. FURR, DEWEY N. Atlanta GADDY, RICHARD M. Arlington, Va. GADDY, VIRGIL F. Atlanta GAMMETT, DONALD E. Loganville GAROFALO, J. McKees Rock, Pa. GARRISON, ELLEN Cornelia GARRISON, JOE E. Goffney, S. C. GARRISON, GROVER C. Thomson GARTRELL, MARY Atlanta GARVEY, SARA ANN Atlanta GATTIS, SIDEY Porterdale GAULDING, CHARLOTTE Atlanta GAY, BOLLING Atlanta GAY, TOWNS, JR. LaGrange GENTRY, JAMES M. Rome GEORGIE, RICHARD E. Columbus GIBSON, ROBERT J. Mount Zion GIDLEY, THOMAS G. Athens GILBERT, ROY Tennille GILBERT, SARA Tifton GILBERT, WESLEY Thomaston GILES, BETTY LaFayette GILES, J. M. LaFayette GILL, PEYTON C. Tignoll GILLET, ROBERT B. Thomasville GILMAN, ELAINE Columbus GILMORE, ABRAM Blacksheor GILMORE, ERNEST E. Columbus GILPIN, BRINCA Athens GINN, PRISCILLA Jacksonville, Flo. GISSENDANNER, JULIAN Sumner GLASS, DAN Decatur GLASS, R. J. Brunswick 4 8 • %. a GLEESON, CHARLOTTE Jeffersonville GLENN, JAMES H., JR. Carton GNEHM, JOHN R. LaGrange GOLDBERG, JOEL H. Atlanta GOLDEN, ALVA MORGAN Milledgeville GOLDEN, EDGAR F. Dawson GOLDICH, PHILLIS Atlanta GOLDMAN, MARCIA West Point GOLDSMITH, LAURENS H. Athens GONSALLEZ, BRAULIO-BELLO Arecibo Rd., Puerto Rico GOODMAN, CAROLYN Athens GOODMAN, CAROLYN Atlanta GOODMAN, J. L. Leary GORE, JACK A. Savannah GRAHAM, C MONTROSE, JR. Sfilson GRANADE, JOSEPH W. Washington GRANADE, WILLIAM Augusta GRAVES, LAURA Toccoa GRAVES, RICHARD F. Clarkesville GRAY, ALSTON H. Athens GRAYDON, ANNETTA Atlanta GREEN, JOHN S. Augusta GREEN, RUFUS K. Atlonta GREEN, JULIA Americus GREENWAY, WILEY J., JR. Chamblee GREGORY, ROWLAND Eton GREINER, CHARLES E. Alma GRIFFIN, FLORENCE Atlanta GRIFFIN, JEANNETTE Macon GRIFFIN, JOSEPH C N. Cortez, Fla. GRIFFITH, CHARLES Chester GRIFFITH, ROBERT Austell GRIGG, PEYTON W. Gainesville GRIGGS, JOSEPH H. Macon GRIST, HERSHEL Jefferson GRIST, JAMES L. Rabun Gap GRIST, RALPH S. Atlanta GRIZZELL, R. FRANK Atlanta GROFF, WILLIAM M, Athens GROOM, DAVID G. Avondale Estates GROOVER, JOHN O. Statesboro GROVES, EDWIN D. Byronville GUILLEBEAU, F. D. Lincolnton GUNN, BEVERLY ANNE Atlanta GUNNELS, ANNE Decatur SOPHOMORE CLASS HADDEN, ROBERT L. Avera HAGAN, FRANK C. Brunswick HAGAN, JAMES F. Atlanta HALE, MARCUS Crandall HALL, HULAN L. Chamblee HALL, JERRY Atlanta HALL, JOHN P. Atlanta HALL, VIVIAN Bowman HALL, WILLIAM LEE Newnan HALPRIN, HARRIET Fort Valley HAM, NWEIN H. Atlanta HAMBY, FRED K. Marietta HAMBY, JAMES Columbus HAMILTON, BETTY Hapeville HAMMOND, ELSIE Clarkson HAMMOND, MARIE Atlanta HANCOCK, BRUCE W. Louisville HAND, STARK Brooks HARGROVE, JULIAN C. Augusta HARKINS, JOHN W. McDonough HARMON, FRANK Summerville HARPER, WILLIAM R. Orlando, Fla HARREL, ELMO M. Thomoston HARPING, ROBERT L. Atlanta HARRIS, DONALD Union Point HARRIS, HELEN Cordele HARRIS, MARTHA Atlanta HARRIS, LLOYD Chattanooga, Tenn. HARRIS, ROBERT L. Fort Valley HARRIS, TROUPE M. Washington HARRISON, ELLEN Whitman HARRISON, JO ANNE Athens HARRY, HENRY G. Warm Springs HARTMAN, C. M. Reynolds HARVEY, JOHN F. Monticello HARVEY, ROBERT Monticello HARTWELL, LOUISE Atlanta HASLETT, MARY E. Elberton HASTY, SARAH Thomosville HATCHER, MARY E. Harlem HAWK, JAMES Atlanta HAWTHORNE, WARREN C Gordon HAYES, WILLIAM G. Covington HAYGOOD, JACK L. Forsyth HAYNES, MELVIN T. Clermont 4 8 HAZLERIGS, FRED B. Decatur HEARD, CHARLES Forsyth HEERY, JAMES T. Stone Mountain HENDERSON, BILLY Macon HERNDON, WILLIS K. Augusta HERRING, JOEL E Canon HESTER, EARL N. Cuthbert HESTER, SALLY Marietta HICKMAN, JAMES H. Thomaston HICKS, ARNOLD Wrightsville HIGGENS, MARY L. Atlanta HIGGINBOTHAM, PATTI Albany HILL, LEVI W. Sandersville HILL, ROBERT P. Atlanta HILL, WILLIAM P Greensville HINSON, JACK W, Pelham HIRSCH, SYLVIA Columbus HIRSHBERG, ROBERT Sumter, S. C. HITE, HARRY W. Ellaville HOBBS, LEROY C. Milledgeville HOBBY, J. M. Cordele HOCK, WALTER K, Atlanta HOLCOMBE, DOROTHY Nelson HOLTON, WYONA W. Douglas HOOKS, O W. Jonesboro HORGER, FRANCES Calhoun HORNE, ROY Jacksonville, Fla. HOUSTON, DALLAS Warwick HOWARD, EDWIN Millen HOWARD, P. L. Nashville HOWELL, LUKE Ookmon HUDGINS, PAUL Atlanta HUDSON, BILL Griffin HUDSON, JAMES B. Gallatin, Tenn. HUDSON, OROIN D. Jakin HULME, HENRY P. Danville HULME, JAMES C, Elberton HUNNICUTT, JEAN Metter HUNT, FRANCIS D. Griffin HUNTER, EARL 8. Athens HUPPERSBURG, WILLIAM R. College Pork HUTCGERSON, HENRY G. Donielsville HUTCHESON, TOM Tolbotton HYATT, CHARLES H. Atlanta INGHAM, BETTY Pensacola, Flo. SOP II OMORE CLASS IRVIN, HUEY Bombridgc IRVING, HOWLETT Elberton IRWIN, VIRGINIA Rockmort IVIE, BETTY Tiger IVEY, CARL H. Jokin JACKSON, CHARLES F. Rome JACKSON, JAMES L. Donovan JACKSON, JANE Augusta JACKSON, LAMAR J. Tignoll JACKSON, MARTHA Atlanfo JACKSON, MARVIN D. Chatsworth JACKSON, SARAH JANE Toomsboro JACOB, BETTY Augusta JAMESON, LEWIS Brundidge, Ala. JARDINA, JAMES A. Atlanta JENKINS, 0. CRAWFORD Hull JENNINGS, ROBERT N. Lawrenceburg, Tenn. JERNIGAN, BEN W. Shellman JERVEY, WALTER E. Marietta JINKS, CHARLES Atlanta JOEL, ROBERT Athens JOHNSON, DEWITT Crawfordville JOHNSON, FRANK E. Alma JOHNSON, FRED R, Washington JOHNSON, GLORIA Atlanta JOHNSON, HAROLD R. Bowdon JOHNSON, HOLLIS Meigs JOHNSON, JACK, JR. Stockton JOHNSON, JOHN H. Douglas JOHNSON, MILTON I., JR. Macon JOHNSON, NEIL P Pelham JOHNSON, ROBERT W., Jl Athens JONES, CHARLES H. Thomaston JONES, EZRA B., JR. Bremen JONES, MARTHA Atlanta JONES, MRS. MARVIN Summerville JONES, MILLARD H. Metter JONES, ROSSER Columbus JONES, STUART H. Columbus JOSSEY, WILLIAM F. Adel JOYNER, J. E. Sparks JUSTICE, BETTY Atlanta KAHN, MIMI Pelham KAMINSKI, THOMAS M. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. KANE, ROBERT T. Rome 8 1 1 ! I I KEA, PAUL R. Dublin KELLEY, HAROLD Lowrenceville KELLEY, SALLY Atlanta KELLEY, EUGENE Gainesville KELLY, HAROLD L. Rochelle KELT, WILLIAM N. Bayside, N. Y. KEINER, EDWARD Bishop KENNEDY, ELI A. Statesboro KENNEDY, HYRAM M. Savannah KENNEDY, PAULINE Gainesville KENNETH, JACK R. Athens KENNY, JACK Atlanta KIGHT, RAY Kite KILIPER, ROBERT S. Far Rockowoy, N. Y. KIMBERLY, JEAN Atlanta KIMSEY, JOHN K. Sandersville KING, ANNIE Brandon, Flo. KINNEY, CLADER W. Macon KINNEY, JOSEPH E. Rockmart KIRBO, BRUCE W. Bainbridge KIRBY, DAVID E. Commerce KIRBY, MAXINE Dunwoody KIRKLAND, BYRON A. Blun KIRKLAND, WYMAN Lyons KNIGHT, BETTY Madison KNIGHT, HAROLD E. Warner Robins KNOWLES, LAWRENCE Richmond, Vo. KOCEVAR, FRANCES C. Chorleroe, Pa. KOLODNER, ZELDA Macon KRIEGER, HAROLD L. Valdosta KRUMBEIN, HERBERT Washington KUHN, ROBERT Homestead, Flo. LABE, MARTIN R. Da I ton LACEY, BETTY Acworth LA COUR, FLORENCE Atlanta LAMB, JOHN T. La Grange LANDERS, CLARENCE Lindale LANDERS, ROBERT W. Smyrna LANE, THOMAS M. Carrollton LANGFORD, CHARLES Calhoun LANGLEY, JAMES H. Ellijay LANIER, ALICE Miami, Fla. LARRISEY, JOSEPH Sylania LATIMER, JOHN P. Rome LATTY, HOWARD Atlanta SOPHOMORE CLASS LAYLOCK, HASSEL M. Memphis, Tenn. LEASMAN, CLAUDE H. Atlanta LE CROY, CHARLES Hortwell LEDBETTER, ANN Norwood LEE, CHARLES E Dawson LESLIE, E. ALPHEUS, JR. Decatur LEWIS, CHARLES D. Decatur LEWIS, GEORGIA Sparta LEWIS, HOWARD R. Athens LILLY, LAURA Athens LIPPINCOTT, WILLIAM C. Red Bank, N. J. LISENBY, WILLIAM E. Soperton LUTTRELL, SALLY Atlanta LONG, BOYCE S. Augusta LOOPER, HARRY S. Dalton LOVE, HENRY Jacksonville, Fla. LOVELL, MARGARET HOLT Sandersville LOVVORN, CLAIRE Atlanta LUKE, CLAUDE W. Cartersville LUKE, DOUGLAS M. Augusta LUKE, DREWRY L. Camilla LUMSDEN, JESSE C, JR. Talbotton LUNDAY, BOB L. Culloden LUTTRELL, SALLYE Atlanta LYON, HAROLD Harrison LYONS, ROBERT E. Summerville McCALL, KENNETH E. Orlando, Flo. McCARLEY, HUGH P. Newman McCLENDON, W. A. Jonesboro McCONNELL, JONATHAN Gainesville McCOY, WENDELL B., JR. Jackson McCRARY, LOUIS Molena McCURRY, A. A. Savannah McDARIS, R. EUGENE Wrightsville McDAVID, JOSEPH Athens McDonald, ellen Atlanta McDowell, daniel Monroe McDowell, floyd Gordon McENTIRE, JAMES Chatsworth McGARITY, GEORGIA Dallas McGEE, MILTON E. Rome McGINNIS, LAMAR Athens MacGREGOR, HELEN Tampa, Flo. MclNTYRE, B. W, Lyons McKEE, JOE W. Atlanta I 9 4 8 McKENZIE, WILLIAM A. Thomaston McKINNEY, MARCIA Atlanta McLEMORE, THOMAS E., JR. Atlanta McLENDON, BESSIE Washington McNEEL, MORGAN Marietta McRAE, HUGH M, Rockmart MABRY, CHARLOTTE Dunwoody MAFFETT, JAMES D., JR. Montezuma MAFFETT, MARILYN Montezuma MAGUIRE, GRACE New York, N. Y. MAHAFFEY, JETHRO C. Young Cane MANN, ROY C. Abbeyville MANNING, DABNEY S. Atlanta MANNING, RICHARD W. Rocky Face MARCUS, SIDNEY J. Atlanta MARTIN, ALTON L. Shady Dale MARTIN, ELIZABETH Athens MARTIN, JAMES D, Atlanta MARTIN, REUBEN Carlton MARTIN, WANDA Atlanta MARTIN, WILLIAM H. Athens MATTISON, MARIAN Atlanta MAXWELL, DOYLE Commerce MAXWELL, HOWARD T. Toccoa MAYES, BARBARA Fitzgerald MEADOWS, CARL L. Savannah MEAGHER, NEIL Atlanta MERCER, JAMES P. Donovan MERRELL, PATRICIA Atlanta MILES, RICHARD J. Augusta MILLER, CHARLES M. Cornelia MILLER, EDWIN A. Lawrence, N. Y. MILLER, FRASER Helon MILLER, IRON C. Lawrence, N. Y. MILLER, THOMAS W. Augusta MILLER, WILLIAM Barnesville MILLS, SARA Griffin MINCHEW, HOWELL Jesup MINTER, JACK Eastman MITCHELL, JAMES Brunswick MITCHELL, JOE C, Clinax MITCHELL, POLLY Thomasville MITCHELL, ROYCE Martin MIZE, NEVEL W. Atlanta MOATE, LEGAY Devereux SOPHOMORE CLASS MOBLEY, GWINN N. Thomasville MOBLEY, JAMES W, Stotham MOBLEY, THOMAS Atlonto MONTGOMERY, TOM Athens MOODY, RICHARD A. Macon MOORE, BEVERLY Miami, Flo. MOORE, CHARLES E. Jefferson MOORE, ELAINE F. Perry MOORE, EMILY A. Macon MOORE, MARVIN Tiffon MOORE, MELBA Voldosfa MORELAND, SARA East Point MORGAN, PAUL, JR. Blocksheor MORGAN, PERRY E. Shorpsburg MORGAN, THOMAS E. East Point MORRIS, GEORGE R. Marietta MOSELEY, GROVER C. Winder MOYE, VECTOR C. Dublin MOYER, OLIVER Columbus MUNDAY, CHARLES D. Jonesboro MURDOCK, ELBERT C, JR. Rome MURPHEY, PATRICIA Atlanta MURPHEY, JAMES Felton MURRAY, MILTON Athens MURREY, LEONARD Atlanta MYRICK, WILLIAM N. Waycross NASH, HERMAN E. Lowrenceville NASH, HOKE Athens NEEL, ELIZABETH Atlanta NEELEY, SAMUEL Dalton NELMS, FRANK D, Atlanta NELMS, VIRGINIA C. Athens NELSON, ROBERT Thomaston NEWNAN, GUINNA McCoysville NEWMAN, WILBER H. Atlanta NEWSOME, JOE A. Bornesville NEWTON, JOHN RAY Millen NICHOLSON, ROBERT N. Athens NIX, L. C. Safolah NIXON, BEVERLY Atlanta NORMAN, W. DAVID Homerville NORRIS, WILLIAM Little Rock, Ark, NUNNALLY, LEWIS Bogort OATES, DOROTHY Brunswick OGLESBY, SAM W McDonough 4 8 I OGLETREE, BENJAMIN Union Point O ' KEEFE, CLARA Atlanta OLDHAM, DOROTHY Blakely ORR, CAROLINE Atlanta ORR, EVELYN Athens OSGATHARP, DALLAS G, Moss, Tenn. OVERSTREET, WILLIAM H. Hahira OWEN, IRIS Macon PADGETT, WILLIAM C. Boxley PAGE, ARTHUR L. Lyons PAGE, BLUFORD B. Dublin PAGE, CHRISTIAN W. Augusta PALMER, CHARLES Atlanta PARIS, JAMES W, Clorkesdole PARKER, BUFORD J. Columbus PARKER, CHARLIE, JR. Macon PARKER, JAMES H. Ellijay PARKER, MARGIE Lyons PARKER, MARY Brunswick PARKER, WILLIAM H. Mclntyre PARKS, JAMES P. Atlanta PARNELL, FRANCES Covington PARRISH, HENRY A. Wrens PARTEE, JAMES E. Decatur PASS, BRUCE Buford PATTERSON, BETTY Augusta PATTON, DEVON K. Shady Dale PAUL, PEGGY Albany PAUSE, BARBARA Atlanta PAYNE, CLYDE R. Pembrook PEARCE, LOUISE Atlanta PEEBLES, HALL Augusta PELL, HERMAN S. Macon PENCE, ROBERT LESTER LaFayette PERRY, CLYDE L. Donaldsonville PETERS, CORAL Atlanta PETREE, RALPH L. Atlanta PETRUZZO, ROBERT T. Philadelphia, Po, PETTIT, WALTER Ellijay PHILLIPS, BEN F. Richland PHILLIPS, GRADY W. Soperton PHILLIPS, MYRON Jesup PHILLIPS, W. BARRY Valdosta PIERCE, ROBERT M. Cartersville PILCHER, JACQUELYN Warrington SOPHOMORE CLASS PILKINTON, PEGGY Molena PINADELLA, MICHAEL Bellvllle PINKSTON, BARBARA Parrott PITTARD, LILLIE Athens PITTS, ELIZABETH College Park PITTS, PHILLIP WESLEY Mcultrie POLATTY, THOMAS A. Atlanta POLHILL, LOIS Louisville POLK, MARY Atlanta POLLE, WILLIAM M Athens POOL, BEVERLY Wrightsville POOL, THOMAS W. Reynolds POOLE, CHRISTIAN H., J Atlanta POOLS, ROBERT R. Louisville POPE, CADESMAN, JR. Macon PORTER, CHARLOTTE East Point PORTER, JAMES E. Hartsville, S. C. PORTMAN, BERNARD Savannah POTTER, EDWARD N. Atlanta POTTS, JANICE Columbus POUNDS, MORRIS Milledgeville POWE, MARY E. Decatur POWELL, CALVIN L. Wrightsville POWELL, FRED A. Gainesville POWELL, HENRY M. Atlanta POWELL, HOWARD W. East Hartford, Conn. POWELL, RAYMOND LEE Arlington PRATT, DAN E. Bradenton, Flo. PRICE, LEILA Griffin PRUITT, ELIZABETH Fitzgerald PRYOR, BETTY Fitzgerald PULLIN, JAMES C. Atlanta QUARLES, THOMAS D. Ballground QUIGG, VIRGINIA Rome QUINNEY, HARLEY Swoinsboro RAFFO, CYNTHIA Brunswick RAGSDALE, SHIRLEY Augusta RAGSDALE, THERMON Homer RAINEY, E. L. Clarkston RAMEY, EUGENE Cornelia RAMSEY, RICHARD E. Evans RANDALL, SUE Madison RANDALL, WILLIAM D. Athens RAWLINGS, PAUL B, Atlanta READ, KAY Social Circle 4 8 REAMES, WILBUR A. Edgefield, S. C. REDDISH, VERNON Odem REED, PHILIP Gainesville REEVES, ROBERT L. Cartersville REVIS, EDGAR Thomaston RHODES, BOB Stone Mountain RHODES, WILLIAM H. West Columbia, S, C. RICHARDS, THOMAS Augusta RICHARDSON, BUDDY Hendersonville, N. C. RICHARDSON, IRWIN, JR. Waycross RIDGWAY, JERE Bowman RIDLEY, IVE L. Warick RIETZ, PAUL R. Brownsville, Tenn. RIGDON, CHARLES Tifton RITCHIE, ALFRED Atlanta ROBERTSON, JOHN F. Dalton ROBERTSON, WILLIAM E. Loganville ROBINSON, ADA W. Carrollton ROBINSON, GEORGE Hartwell ROBINSON, ROY College Park ROBINSON, WILLIAM C. Carrollton ROBISON, THOMAS Jackson ROGERS, BETTIE Tampa, Flo. ROGERS, WALTER H., JR. Barney ROMM, MENDEL, JR. Atlanta ROOS, DAVID I., JR. Atlanta ROPER, WILLIAM Gainesville ROQUEMORE, DENA Atlanta ROSARIO, LAURA Rio Grande, Puerto Rico ROSEN, HARVEY J. Columbia, S. C. ROSOLIO, MARILYN Thomasville ROTHELL, MARY N. Toccoa ROWE, JAMES P, Carrollton ROWE, WILLIAM E. Enterprise, Ala. RUCKER, WALTER H. Elberton RUFFIN, LEONARD Macon RUPPERSBURG, WILLIAM R. College Park RUSSELL, WILLIAM Cleveland SANDERS, JAMES D. East Point SANDERS, JOHN W. Lindole SANDERS, JOYCE East Point SANDERS, RILEY G. Milner SANDERS, ROBERT O., JR. Macon SASSER, HORACE O, Albany SATTERWHITE, CAROLYN Decatur SOPHOMORE CLASS SAWYER, GERALD B. Atlanta SAWYER, TOM Y. Arlington SCARBOROUGH, BEVERLY Atlanta SCARLETT, FRANK MUIR, IV Brunswick SCHEPIS, GENE L Rochelle Park, N. J. SCHNEIDER, JANE Atlanto SCHWETTMANN, BARBARA Decatur SCOGGINS, HENRY Augusto SCOGGINS, JOHNS F. Augusta SEAGRAVES, SARA A. Athens SEAY, MADELIN Greensville SEIGLER, CHARLES Bowman SELARGE, FRED R Atlanta SELLERS, ROBERT L. Ellijay SEYMOUR, BOBBIE G. Bowman SHAW, W. N. Rome SHEALY, DOROTHY Macon SHEFFIELD, JOANN Kingslond SHELL, FRANK Rome SHELNETT, ROBERT G. Wehadkee, Ala. SHEPPARD, MARTHA JANE Athens SHIRLEY, HAROLD Lavonia SHIVER, JEAN Sylvester SHORT, CARL M. High Point, N. C. SHORT, HENRY T., JR. High Point, N, C. SHORT, JACK Gainesville SILVERMAN, ALAN Brooklyn, N. Y. SIMMONS, CHARLIE Moxeys SIMMONS, FRANK, JR. Register SIMMS, SAM Savannah SIMONS, WALTER Seaford, Del. SIMPSON, WALTON Kingslond SIMPSON, WILLIAM A. Athens SIMS, RICHARD B. Canton SINGLETARY, KAY Atlanta SISKIND, MELVIN Voldosto SLADE, SAM M. Edgefield, S. C. SMITH, BETTY JO Atlanta SMITH, BILLY E. Bessemer SMITH, EDWARD M. Sharpsburg SMITH, ESTHER Decatur SMITH, GEORGE B. LoGronge SMITH, HARRY B. Hozlehurst SMITH, JOY Atlanta SMITH, LARRY Atlanta 4 8 SMITH, OLIVER A , JR. Soperton SMITH, RICHARD K. Tift, Mo. SMITH, WILLIAM Williamson, W. Vo. SNEAD, CHARLES B. Atlonto SNIDER, FAYE Elloville SNOW, RIGDON V. Waycross SNOWDEN, JIMMIE Fitzgerold SPEARS, WILLIAM R. Doerun SPRADLEY, JOEL H. High Point, N. C, SPRATLIN, JOHN W. Lincolnton SPRUILL, RAYMOND Dunwoody STAHLMAN, SAMUEL New York, N. Y. STANLEY, GENE Greensboro STANLEY, LAWRENCE Columbus STARKS, HOMER B. Athens STARR, BOBBIE Colhoun STATHOS, HARRY J. Flushing, N. Y. STEARNS, GWYN Atlanta STEIGMAN, SAMUEL Valdosta STEIN, CHARLES R. Miami, Flo. STEMBRIDGE, WESLEY Elliiay STEPHENSON, FRANK H. Carrollton STEVENS, JOE A. Carlton STEVENSON, WILLIAM S. Camilla STEWERT, ALFRED Atlanta STEWART, DONALD L. Ochlocknee STEWART, JULIAN T. Miami, Fla. STEYERMAN, HARRY C. Thomosville STILWELL, JOHN P. ThomasviMe STINCHCOMB, EDWIN, JR. Greshamville STIVERS, JAMES E. Rome STODGILL, ALBERT J. Jackson STONE, RUBY Hoschton STORY, WILLIAM F. Waynesboro STOVALL, SAM J. Carrollton STOW, JANE Atlanta STOWE, CHARLES W. Martin STRANGE, WALTER G. Ellaville STRECH, CHARLES D. Atlanta STRIBLING, MARY V. St. Simons Island STRIBLING, WILLIAM L. St. Simons Island STRICKLAND, CECIL LaGronge STROZIER, JAMES F., JR. Savannah SWINT, WILLIS Jonesboro SYFAN, JOAN Atlanta SOPHOMORE CLASS ELIZABETH HENRY C, SYKES, JACK E. Thomasville TARPLEY, JOHN E. Albany TATEN, C. M. Athens TAYLOR, ANN College Park TAYLOR, DOROTHY L. Doerun TAYLOR, Cochran TAYLOR, Atlanta TAYLOR, SPAFFORD C. Miami Beach, Flo. TAYLOR, WILLIAM L., JF Doerun TELFORD, GORDON N. Cleveland TEMPLEMAN, GEORGE Atlonta TERRELL, CHARLOTTE Atlanta THIGPEN, PEARLY A. Adrian THOMAS, BARBARA Madison THOMAS, BETTY Atlanta THOMAS, BRYANT Goinesville THOMAS, BUSTER Nicholls THOMAS, JAMES H. Farmington THOMAS, MARTHA Hopeville THOMAS, WILLIAM R., J Thomasville THOMAS, WILLIAM Farmington THOMASON, ANN Madison THOMPSON, ALBERT Thomaston THOMPSON, EDWARD Thomaston THOMPSON, GEORGE Jesup THOMPSON, JOHN L. Sylvania THOMPSON, PAUL M. Augusta THOMPSON, ROBERT Hephzibath THOMSON, ROBERT W. Lyons THOMSON, THOMAS H. Atlanta THORNTON, ANN Lovonia THORNTON, JOEL L. Union Point THRELKELD, HAROLD G. Athens TIDWELL, CLAUDE W. Thomaston TILLMAN, JEAN Mettor TILLMAN, THOMAS B. Monroe TINGLE, ELINOR Hopeville TINKER, FRANK E. Macon TODD, DONNIE Charleston, S. C. TOLLESON, CHARLES Atlanta TOOLE, CHARLES L. Atlanta TOOLE, EDWARD T. Garfield TOOMBS, JACK Jacksonville, Flo. TOUCHSTONE, JACK Tifton TOWNSEND, WILLIAM R. Athens 4 8 TROUP, EARL C. Fitzgerald TRUSSELL, KATHERINE Athens TUCKER, HARRIETTE Wilhamston, S C TUGGLE, JAMES B, Stone Mountain TUNISON, W. H. Hattiesburg, Miss. TURNER, BYRON Jonesboro TURNER, JAMES A. Cuthbert TURNER, PATRICIA Tampa, Fla TURNER, RALPH M Duluth TURNER, RUBEN E., JR. Rome TURNER, WILLIAM G. Jacksonville, Fla. TURNIPSEED, B. RHETT Gainesville TUTEN, ALLEN M. Baxley TYNER, CALVIN B, Danielville UNGURIAN, JOHN D. Atlanta VAN BROCKLE, GRETCHEN Saranac, N. Y. VANCE, MILDRED Cedartown VAN HARLTERN, FRANK Griffin VARNEDOE, ZACK Thomasville VOCALIS, CHARLES, JR. Atlanta VOLK, FRANK W., JR. Brunswick VOLL, ESTELLE Atlanto WACHTEL, ARTHUR Lake Mahopac, N. Y V AGES, SARA Athens WAITES, CURTIS E. Forsyth WALKER, THOMAS G. Atlanta WALL, JOHN G. Gainesville WALLACE, BETTY Atlanta WALRAVEN, HAROLD Atlanta WALTERS, HAROLD S. Toccoa WALTON, MARY F. Fort Valley WANSLEY, BETTY Carnesville WANSLEY, CHARLES C. Elberton WARDLOW, JAMES L. Arabi WARE, ARTHUR T. LaGrange WARNOCK, ROBERT H. Decatur WATKINS, ANNE Bartow WATTS, WILLIAM C. Talbotton WEBB, BAXTER Atlanta WEBB, MARTHA Marietta WEBB, THAXTER Atlanta WEBB, THOMAS E. Statham WEINER, CAROL A. Savannah WELBORN, BRANSON Mt. Airy WELDON, MARINELLEL Milner SOPHOMORE CLASS WELLS, BETTY Atlanta WELLS, J. C. Tifton WEST, THOMAS W. Macon WEST, WILLIAM M. Albany WESTBERG, RAYMOND Winder WHATLEY, CAROLYN Atlanta WHEELER, AUBREY Alma GENE , JOHN W. JAMES C. , FRANK S. WHEELER, Athens WHIDDEN Tampa, Fla. WHIPLEY, WILLIAM Savannah WHITING, Oakwood WHITLOW Carnesville WHITWORTH, CLYDE W. Douglasville WHITWORTH, SUE Bogart WIEGAND, WILLIAM E. Adrian, Pa. WIEGAND, ARNOLD FRANK Wellington, Kan. WILEY, DOROTHY Social Circle WILKES, KATHLEEN Collins WILKES, NATHAN C. Lincolnton WILKINSON, BILLIE Iron City WILKINSON, MARVIN A. Albany WILLIAM, ARTHUR J. Atlonto WILLIAMS, BARBARA Winder WILLIAMS, CHARLES Monroe WILLIAMS, HENRY M. Eostanollee WILLIAMS, I. S., JR. Quitman WILLIAMS, JULIA A. Fitzgerald WILLIAMS, MRS. MARGARET Quitman WILLIAMS, PATRICIA Albany WILLIAMS, PAUL C. Rockmort WILLIAMS, W. T. Augusta WILLIAMSON, Albany WILLIS, MACK E. Cairo WILSON, ARTHUR C. Crawfordville WILSON, BETTY A. Dunwoody WINGFIELD, WILLIAM T. Athens WIRKENS, ROBERT L. Lyons WITCHER, WILLIAM B Athens WOO, EVELYN Augusta WOOD, BETTY Athens WOOD, MARGARET Atlanta WOOD, RAY Bishop WOOD, WILLIAM F. Wrightsville WOODALL, LILLIAN Athens WOODARD, JAMES W. Athens TOM 4 8 WOODHAM, BENJAMIN Bogort WOODRUFF, GEORGE IColumbus IWOOLARD, MAURICE C. Sylvester VOOTEN, ROY F. iHomerville IVVORD, BURL J. lAtlanta WORREL, WILLIAM H. Viarietta WORRELL, CORNELIUS J. Marietta ivVRIGHT, JAMES B. ' Soinesville rOUNG, CHARLES F. Cordele YOUNG, FRANK A. Augusto YOUNG, VIRGIL -t. Valley YOUNG, ZELLNER C. Ft. Valley YOUNGBLOOD, JANE MARIE Winder ;ZABAN, HARRIET lAtlanta ZELLER, WILLIAM P. Forsyth I fyx ■.• - j ; ..- 0. i FRESHMEN FRESHMEN CLASS CLASS OFFICERS (Right) DAN CABANISS (Left) CHARLES BARNWELL ABNEY, GEORGE M. Athens ADAIR, BENNIE M. Dallas ADAMS, BILLY Athens ADAMS, ELEANOR Waycross ADDISON, D. A. High Springs, Fla ALEXANDER, T. Lyons ALFORD, KATRINA Atlanta ALGER, ANN Albany ALLEN, BARBARA Butler ALLEN, CURTIS W. College Park ALLEN, MARCIA Atlanta ALLISON, LESTER Athens ALLMAN, FRED L. Atlanta ANDERSON, ANDREW Elberton ANDERSON, JACKIE Decatur ANDREWS, VIRGINIA Atlanta ANTLEY, MARG. Athens ANTONELLI, A. Westford, Mass. ARONOFF, MARVIN Rome ASHER, HAROLD C. Atlanta ASLINGER, SONNY Atlanta ATTAWAY, MONTIE Atlanta AUTRY, DORIS Doraville AVERA, FLOYD E. Wrens BACKUS, MAYR Fort Pierce , Fla. BAGGETT, DAN M. Douglosville BAGGS, CALVIN Camilla BAKER, LAMAR D. Omega BAKER, LLOYD F. Omega BALDWIN, DORIS Dallas 4 8 BALLENGER, HERBERT Gore BANKS, MURPHY Thomoston BARCROFT, THOS. E. Atlanta BARFIELD, ELDRID Columbus BARFIELD, MARGARET Louisville BARNES, DON B. McRae BARNES, K. D. Bloomington, Ind BARNELL, CHARLIE Atlanta BARRON, EDGAR Rome BRASELTON, LUTHER Monroe BARWICK, H. Andrews, S. C. BASS, JOHN C. Douglas BEARDEN, BILLY Dawsonville BEAVERS, HELEN Cedartown BECK, MARY E. Atlanta BECKWITH, W. Athens BEDGOOD, MELBA Athens BELL, GEORGE P. Moxeys BELL, J. E. Moultrie BELL, MARY E. Wrens BELL, SALLIE Warren, Ohio BELT, VERNON Millersburg, Pa. BENTLEY, WM. R. Atlanto BERGER, HERBERT New York, N. Y. BERMAN, JULIUS McRoe BESNARD, M. St. Petersburg, Fla. BIBLE, GEORGE Rising Fawn BICE, MARIE Atlanta BICKERS, JOHN N. White Plains BIRD, MARTHA LEE Atlanta FRESHMEN CLASS BIRD, RICHARD E. BISHOP, ANN BLACK, BARBARA BLAIR, EDITH BLAIR, GEORGE W. BLANCHARD, HARRY BLANE, PAUL C. BOADNER, R. EVANS BOHANAN, JOHN P. BOLLINGER, BETTIE BOLTON, J. BEN BOLTON, JOHN D. BOTTOMS, BEVERLY BOWDEN, BETTY BOWDIDGE, JOHN S. BOWERS, CONNIE BOWIN, EDWIN BOWLAN, TOM G. BOWLING, JOHN M. BOYD, JANE BOYD, JEAN BOYETTE, WILLIAM B. BRADFIELD, FRANCES BRADLEY, JOE B. Portal Pittsburg, Atlanta Atlanta Quitman Appling Thomasville Griffin Conyers Coral Gables, F. Clewiston, Flo. Atlanta Atlanta Athens Augusta Bowersville McRoe Commerce Bronxville, N. Y. Athens Athens Gray Gabbittville Greensboro BRADLEY, JOHN BRADSHAW, WILLIAM T, BRAIL, ROBERT BRAMBLETT, JEANETTE BRANTLEY, GENE BRAY, WILLIAM D. BRECKENRIDGE, ANNE BREEN, MAEBELLE BREMER, JEANNE BRESLER, OWEN R, BRETT, MARIAN BROOKS, EDWARD A. BROOKS, WILBUR C. BROWN, ARCY T. BROWN, BLOIS BROWN, EDGAR C. BROWN, LEWIS M. BROWN, MARY I. BROWN, OWEN B. BRUCE, BETTY BUFFORD, CAROL BURKES, GEORGE BURKS, RAYMOND A. BURLEYSON, VIRGINIA BURNETT, EMILY BURRAGE, JEANNE BURRUACK, JOHN S. BUTTS, THOMAS U. BYCK, DAVID A. BYRD, CHARLES E. Greenville, S, C Atlanta Atlonta Atlanta Columbia, S. C. Social Circle Savannah Jesup Atlanta Atlanta Augusta Chipley Elberton Rhine Jacksonville, F. Elberton Covington Dalton Barnesville St. Simons Lincolnton Athens Atlonto Dalton College Pork Norris, Tenn. Goshen, N. Y. Columbus Savannah Young Harris r Mi .. Ji CAIN, LANIER Gainesville CALDWELL, HARRIETT Umatilla, Fla. CALLAHAN, MARTHA N. Athens CALLAHAN, ROBERT Sanford, Fla. CALLAWAY, DAVID Stockbridge CALLAWAY, EMILY Rayle CAMARATA, ELEANOR A. Athens CAMP, CAROL Rome CAMP, PAUL W. Rome CAMPBELL, CHARLES E. Marblehead, M CAMPBELL, WILBUR Dallas CAMPBELL, BETTY Atlanta CANNON, REGINALD Toomsboro CARLAN, MARVIN D. Homer CARPENTER, CORRINE Atlanta CARPER, BETTY Rome CARPF, LLOYD R. Rock. C, N. Y. CARROLL, MONROE H. Rock Hill, S. C. CARROL, ROBERT E Atlanta CARSON, BARBARA Athens CARSON, HARRISON D. Farmington CARSON, MARY Dalton CARTER, ANN Winterville CARTER, CAROLYN Rome CASTLE, DIANNE Atlanta CASTLEBERRY, IVA Lumpkin CAUSEY, ELDRED W. Alamo CAWTHON, JEFF Toccoa CHAMBERS, BOBBY Cornelia CHAMBERS, HUGH M. Corrollton CHAMBERS, MITCHEL F. Athens CHANCE, THELMA Fort Gaines CHEATHAM, THOMAS Commerce CHEVES, JO LANE Atlanta CHINCHESTER, HELON L. Macon CHILDERS, ASBURY Athens CHURCH, JOANNE Dunwcody CLARK, GEORGIA A. Smithville CLARK, RICHARD H. Decatur CLEVELAND, SIDNEY Elberton CLATT, RUTH Columbus CLIFTON, JASPER R. Stillson CLINE, FRANK Longdole, N. C. COBB, JOHN L. Panama City, F. COBB, WEYMAN E. Decatur COGGIN, CHARLES 0. Elberton COHEN, ALICE Atlanta COHN, MARINNE Athens COILE, HAROLD 1. Hull COLLIER, JIMMIE Warm Springs COLLINS, ELSIE Augusta COLVARD, THOMAS W, Crandall CONROY, ANN-PERRY Monroe CONWAY, MARION FRESHMEN CLASS COOK, J. EUGENE Atlanto COOK, WALTER B. Valdosto COOPER, EVANGELINE Atlanta COOPER, FRED D. Hoganville COPELAND, CHARLES Greensboro CORLESS, CHARLES W. LoGrange COVINGTON, ARTHUR E. Lindale COWAN, REBECCA COX, BILL COX, EARL, JR. CRANDALL, MARY A. CRAWFORD, JAMES H. CROCKETT, LORETTA CRONIC, JAMES F. CRONIC, JUNIOR CROSS, JOE CROWLEY, EDGAR J. CRUMP, ALVIN H. Atlanta Atlanta Cave Springs Macon Decatur Atlanta Commerce Commerce Colquitt Watkinsville Hartwell CRUMP, WILLIAM A. Chatsworth CUDGER, ROBERT Ellijay CULPEPPER, BETTY Atlanta CURRY, G. L. Lindale DANIEL, DOROTHY Marietta DAPRANS, WILLIAM Atlanta DAVIS, EARL J. Youngstown, DAVIS, ETHELDA Tournapull DAVIS, MARY POPE Atlanta DAVIS, WILLIE S. Pinehurst DAWKINS, BETTY Atlanta DEAN, DORIS Avalon DEARING, ROBERT D. Athens DENMARK, CHARLES Bainbridge DENMARK, WARNELL Brooklet BENNY, VERGINIA Hogansville DICHIRA, GIRO V. Birmingham, A DICKERS, JOHN N. White Plains DICKERSON, ROBERT S. Rabun Gap DICKERSON, V. C ., JR. Clayton DIXON, MARSHALL E. Talbotton DODSON, CHARLES W. College Pork DOLLAR, HUBERT T. Bainbridge DOTSON, JOSEPH E. Savannah DOWNS, ANN ZANIER Thomaston DREWRY, McCULLEY Camilla DRISKELL, CURTIS Athens DRUMMOND, BRADY, JR. Rome DRURY, ROBERT St. Mary ' s DUDLEY, HOWELL T. Thomaston DUNN, EDWARD L. Thomaston DURDEN, MARY ANN Atlonta EADY, CAROLYN Atlanta EASON, WINNIE MAE Ludowici EBERHARDT, ANITA Athens ECHOLS, DORIS Atlanta ECKER, MARTHA Athens EDWARDS, A. S. Athens EDWARDS, MARTHA Lexington ELDER, HUGH S. Monroe ELEY, MARIAN Siloom ELKINS, JANE Boxley ELLINGTON, JOE ANNE Conyers ELLIOTT, JEANNINE Alexondria ELLIS, EDWARD P. Atlanta ESPY, JACK S. Trion EVANS, WALTER T. Atlonta PAGAN, CHARLES Martin FEINBERG, MARCIA Social Circle FERGUSON, ELEANOR Thomaston FIELDS, LOIS Wintersville FINDLEY, JANE Atlonta FISCHER, WILLIAM A, Atlonta FITZPATRICK, HORACE Commerce FLEMING, GUY, JR. Appling FLORENCE, WILMA Cedartown FLOURNOY, ADELE Macon FLOWERS, EDWARD Parrott FOGEL, NYRON J. Augusta FOLSOM, CAROLYN Atlanta FOREACRE, MILLICENT Atlanta FOUNTAIN, D. C. Columbus FOWLER, JACK H. Canton FRANKLIN, ROSE A. Lyons FREEMAN, BETTY Conyers FREEMAN, GLENNA Atlanta FRIENDMAN, NORMAN Columbus GAMBELL, EDWARD C. Anderson, S. C. GANN, ROBERT W. Athens GARBER, RICHARD Atlanta GARDNER, MARTHA Atlanta GARDNER, SAMUEL H. Locust Grove GARETT, BARNEY L. Macon GAY, MARGIE Warner Robins GHITTER, LEAH Augusta GIBBS, MARCUS C. Ty Ty GIBLIN, NANCY Atlanta GIBSON, LAMAR J. Woycross GILLEN, JESSIE Bishop GINBURG, BENNETT Atlanta GINN, HELEN East Point GLENN, THOMAS L. Athens GOLDSTEIN, MARILYN Marietta GOMEZ, CESAR Lima, Peru GOODLETT, PRUDENCE Toccoa GOOLSBY, BETTY Atlanta GOOLSBY, KENNETH E. Lincolnton GOOLSBY, MARY A. Monticello GOWER, NANCY Atlanta FRESHMEN CLASS GRAF, MARJORIE GRAY, JAMES L. GREENBAUM, JOYCE GREENBLATT, EARL GREENBAUM, ELISE Atlanta Augusta Atlanto Montreal, Con, Savannah GREENWAY, HUBERT T. Athens GREER, ROBERT S. Atlanta GRIFFIN, SAMUEL C. Athens GRIFFIN, TENNEY S. Valdosta GRIMES, MILLARD Columbus GRIMES, RICHARD A. Cordele GROGAN, KENNETH Dawsonville GROOVER, JOANNE Macon GRUBB, MILDRED Athens GUEST, SHIRLEY Atlanta GUFFIN, MARY Atlanta HADAWAY, JOE Macon HALPERN, ALVIN Atlanta HAMMOCK, BERT L., JR. Rome HANCOCK, WILLIAM K Thomaston HARDIGREE, JERRY WatkinsvilU HARDMAN, HUGH Colbert HARDY, JIMMIE T. Athens HARGROVE, RICHARD Augusta HARKINS, GLEN R. Tucker HARPE, WILLIAM J. Brunswick HARPER, MARY Atlanta HARPER, ROGER W Oak Park, HARRIS, JOANNE Atlanta HARRIS, THOMAS C. Atlanta HARRISON, KENNETH Folkston HARTLEY, SYBIL Tennille HASTINGS, JOHNS C. Selbyville, C HATCHER, CHARLES Attapultus HAULBROOK, HAROLD Maysville HAWK, JAMES M. Springfield HAWKINS, EVELYN Cordele HAWKINS, JUNE Canton HAYS, JEWELL Watkinsville HEAD, GLORIA East Point HELD, CHARLES H., JR Atlonfo HENDERSON, MARGORIE Adairsville HENRY, CATHRYN HENSON, JAMES A HERNDON, DONALD L. HERNDON, WILLIAM HERRINGTON, WILBER HERZENBURG, LARRY HIGHSMITH, JACKIE HIGHT, ROBERT HIGHTOWER, B. F HIGHTOWER, DEWARD HILL, ARTHUR L. HILL, CAROLINE Atlanta Copperhill Grayson Snellville Evans Atlanta Brunswick Sparta Toomsboro Reynolds Ellijay Prestonburg, K. HILL, JOYCE Decatur HILL, ROBERT P. Ellljay HILL, WALTER F. Ellijay HILLEY, WILLIAM Athens HILLIARD, JANIE Macon HILLIARD, JOHN W. Bowersville HINSON, A. W. McRae HINSON, ERIN Savannah HITCHCOCK, HELEN Athens HOBBS, HOMER S. Talbotton HOBBS, JAMES LEE Stopleton HOBBS, WILLIAM A. Dexter HODGESON, W. H. Lowell, Mass. HOGAN, VINCENT Lincolnton HOLAHAN, MARGARET Smyrna HOLBROOK, DOROTHY Decatur HOLLAND, HELEN Wash., D. C. HOLLIMAN, EVELYN Warrenton MOLLIS, PHILIP LoGrange HOLLOMEN, ROBERT J. Atlanta HOLEMS, NELLE Griffin HOLZMAN, HERBERT New York HOOKS, C. W. Jonesboro HOPKINS, BETTY Athens HOPKINS, C. S., JR. Orlando, Flo. HOPP, CLIFFORD L. Hastings, Neb. HOWARD, CHARLES F. Cartersville HOWARD, NILO L., JR. Wrens HOWEL, ROBERT C. Cove Springs HOWELL, LEON E. Baxley HUBBLE, VANCE Albany HUDSON, BENJAMIN L. Stone Mountain HUFF, RAYMOND C. Athens HUNT, AL Hottiesburg, M. HUNT, BETTY Calhoun HUNT, JOSEPH L. Decatur HUTCHENS, LANETTE Decatur INMAN, MILDRED Atlanta JACKSON, CALVIN L. Cleveland JACKSON, LEON N. Grantville JACKSON, WENDELL D. Gainesville JAMES, SARA Augusta JENKINS, RAY C. Bridgeboro JILES, KATHRYN Athens JOHNSON, ANITA Milledgeville JOHNSON, CARLTON M. Columbus JOHNSON, JACK Fort Valley JOHNSON, MARILYN Flat Rock, N. C. JOHNSON, MONROE Augusta JOHNSON, RENEE Rome JOHNSON, ROBERT J. Ringgold JOHNSTON, SUZANNE Atlanta JOINER, HERBERT M. Alamo FRESHMEN CLASS JONES, ALYCE E. Gainesville JONES, DOT Decatur JONES, FRED Uvalda JONES, HUGH D. Moultrie JONES, JANICE Atlanta JONES, LILLY Washington JONES, MAR GARET TOCCOQ JONES, ROBERT L, Atlanta JORDON, EMMETT Monticello JORDON, JOE L. Bloomfield, Inc JORDON, LILLIAN Atlanta KAMENSKY, SIDNEY Columbus KEADLE, C. G. Camilla KEE, TUPLE D. Augusta KEEN, CLARENCE Soperton KEETER, JOSEPHINE Sovannoh KEITH, AMOS L. Chatsworth KELLEY, RALPH N. Midville KENIMER, JOYCE Rising Fawn KEY, KATHRYN Woodbury KIDDER, BARBARA Atlanta KILGORE, JAMES L, Villa Rica KING, ALEXANDER C. Atlanta KING, CLIFFORD Arnoldsville KITCHENS, NEIL P, Macon KNIGHT, ROBERT M. Atlanta KNIGHT, TROY Atlanta KNOX, CHARLES C, Atlanta KOPLIN, BERYL Atlanta KRAMER, MARY St. Simons Is. LAFAVOR, JERRY, JR. Avero LAMBERT, BARBARA Atlanta LAND, MILLIE Athens LANDRUM, WM. E. LaFayette LANGFORD, HOWARD E. Winder LARSEN, W. W. Dublin LAVIETTS, PAUL ALAN Atlanta LAWRENCE, MARIE Athens LAWSON, SHIRLEY Decatur LERNER, DONALD New York, N. Y LEVINE, BERNARD K. Atlanta LEVY, BETTY Birmingham, A LEVY, NATHALIE Atlanta LEWIS, CARL H. Waycross LEWIS, EARL E. Warrenton LINDSEY, HUBERT Athens LINDSEY, ROBERT A, Washington LLOYD, DARON C. Atlanta LOGGINS, J. ELMER Trion LOMAN, JEAN Atlanta LOMAX, ANNE Macon LONG, JACQUELINE E, Macon LOWE, CHARLES H East Point LOWE, JACKIE Atlanta LOWERY, JESSIE L. Rocky Foce LUNCEFORD, MALCOLM Union Point LYNN, VIRGINIA Fitzgerald McARTHUR, ROBERT Atlanta McAULIFFE, VERNON Atlanta McCALL, RODERICK Lyons McCLENDON, CLAUDE Lyons McCOOL, GEORGE Mclntyre McCULLOCH, W. W. Union Point McDonald, hazel Atlanta McDORMAN, JOHN Abbeville McELHANNON, WALTER Winder McELHANNON, JOHN Compton McELVEY, MARIAN Panama City, F. McGARITY, MEADOR B. Clarkston McGEE, JOANN Rome McLEOD, CARLIS Po. De Leon, F. McLEON, JANE Hopeville McLESKY, FRANCES Anderson, S. C McMANUS, JOE W. Atlanta MACK, HARRIET Athens MACON, BETTY Macon MADDOX, MARTHA L. Atlanta MAHONE, BETTY Atlanta MAJOR, JAMES Atlanta MALLARD, EARL Shellman MALLARD, ALOHA Albany MANN, BETTY Decatur MANN, EARL D. Surrency MANNING, MARY Atlanta MANLEY, BETTY Atlanta MARLOW, FLORENCE Athens MARTIN, DAN Atlanta MARTIN, HELEN Orlando, Flo. MARTIN, JAMES N. Albany MARTIN, ROBERT J. Groyson MARTINEZ, ERNEST J. Atlanta MASON, PHILIP H. Avondale Est. MASSEY, ALBERT C. Columbus MATHIS, BETTY Decatur MATHIS, WM. Lindole MATTHEWS, HOOPER Noshville, Tenn MATTHEWS, WILLIAM Howard MAYO, DELMA H., JR. Wrightsville MEGAHEE, BERNICE Norman Park MERCER, JOHN T. Donovan MERRITT, JOANNE Atlanta MEYER, JULIE Atlanta MEYER, WILLIAM Arco MIDDLEBROOKS, GWEN Farmington MILBORN, GEORGE, JR. Brookhoven MILES, FRANK Baxley MILLER, JOSEPH A. Helen MILLER, MORRIS L. Stilson FRESHMEN CLASS MILLS, JACKIE L. MINCY, ANGUS MITCHELL, JOHN MIXON, FRED MIZE, ANNE MIZE, WILLIAM Lyons Sylvania Irwinton Vidalia West Point Shady Dole MOBLEY, BETTY East Point MOFFETT, JAMES M. Columbus MONTGOMERY, MARION Thomoston MOORE, GEORGE C. Coleman MOORE, JANE Griffin MOORE, MARY L. Sparta MOORE, STANLEY L. MOOREFIELD, SALLY MORGAN, GLORIA MORRIS, JIMMY MORRIS, WILLIAM L, MOSS, EMILY MOSS, MARGUERITE MUNDY, DELORESE NEWTON, CAROLYN NORRIS, CLAUDE Q. NORTON, BETTY NUNNALLY, ROY H, O ' KELLY, BENJAMINE OLIVER, GWYNETH O ' QUIN, ANNE ORR, WEBSTER T. OWEN, CYDNOR L. OXMAN, BENNETT B, PARKER, JAMES P. PARKER, KATHARINE PARKERSON, GERALD PARKS, MUGENIA PARSONS, COLETTE PARTEE, WALTER D. PATTERSON, MARVIN PATTILLO, MELVILLE H. PAYNE, THELMA PEACOCK, JOSEPH PEARCE, D C. PEARSON, PATRICIA PEGUES, PEGGY PENNINGTON, D., JR. PENNINGTON, EDD PEPPERS, PAUL A. PESKIN, HERMAN PHILLIPS, FRANK L. PIERCE, ROBERT N. PINKERTON, MARG PINTCHUCK, ROSE PITTMAN, WILLIAM PLANT, LORAINE POLLOCK, EDWIN Cedar Grove Atlanta Atlanta Surrency Quitman Decatur Athens Jonesboro Athens Winterville Athens Bogart Logonville Atlanta Atlanta Royle Athens Atlanta Monroe Brunswick Cadwell Homer Athens Athens Lampasas, Tex, Nashville, Tenr Elberton Blacksheor Woycross Blacksheor Decatur Da I ton Hazlehurst LaFayette Winder Logonville Rome Atlanta Atlanta Athens Americus i ? . p POOL, LOUISE Atlonta POPE, JAMES T. Atlonta PORTERFIELD, ALICE Winterville PORTEREIELD, HENRY Winterville POTTS ARTHUR L. Omega POTTS, MARJORIE Buford POWELL, MARY J Gainesville POWELL, STEWART Rome PYRDUM, CARL S. Atlanta QUILLIAN, KELLEY Winder RAMSEY, MARTHA Decatur RAMSEY, WILLIAM 0, Gainesville REED, JAMES N. Decatur REED, NEIL T. St. Louis, Mo REEP, BARBRA Jacksonville, F. RENTZ, FELTON L. Lenox RICE, CHARLES M. Anniston, Ala. RICE, CHRISTINA Atlanta RICE, JEANETTE Crawford RICHARDS, WILLIAM Ft. McPherson RICKS, LONNIE Savannah RILEY, CHRISTINE Atlanta RILEY, MARTHA J. Gainesville RINGEL, FRED Brunswick RITCH, JOHNNY A, Greens., N. C. ROBINSON, HAROLD A, Atlanta ROBINSON, LOUISE Dunnellon, Fla RODGERS, LAWRENCE Thompson ROSS, ROBERT L. Decatur ROSSEE, ALEXANDER J. Eatonton ROWE, ROBERT H. Columbus SADLER, RUFUS G. Hortwell SALTER, McTYLER Dawson SAMS, WILLIAM E. Sylvester SANDERS, CARROLL Apalachee SANDERS, FRANKIE Lizella SANDERS, MARIAN Atlanta SAPP, JOSEPHINE Waycross SAULS, WARREN H. Atlanta SCHRODER, OLIVER B Savannah SCHROEDER, NANNETT Augusta SCHUESSLER, ROBERT Atlanta SCHWOB, HENRY C. Columbus SCOTT, MAMIE Griffin SEARCY, DANIAL 8. Griffin SEXTON, JEANNE Savannah SHADBURN, JOHN D. Macon SHAMBLIN, ROBERT Summersvilla SHAW, NORMAN LEE Adairsville SHEFFIELD, BARBARA Atlanta SHIVER, WILLIAM Athens A FRESHMEN CLASS SIMMONS, JACK A. Macon SIMMONS, WILLIAM St. Peters., F SIMON, BOOTS Augusta SIMON, GORDON E. Atlanta SIRMON, LENORE Atlanta SMITH, AL M. College Park SMITH, CHARLES L. Morgantown SMITH, DOROTHY Rome SMITH, ELAM D. Martin SMITH, JEAN Barnesville SMITH, ROBERT C, JR. Athens SMITHLOFF, ADELE Atlanta SNELLING, BETTY Atlanta SNODDY, ROBERT E. Bloomington, SPRANGER, GINTHER A. Savannah STAINBACK, WILLIAM B. Atlanta STANSELL, JACK McDonough STARNES, HUBERT R. Dalton STEIN, RUTH STEINBERG, JACK J. STEINBURG, RENEE STEGLER, MICHAEL E. STEPHEN, THOMAS Cartersville Augusta Ritter, S. C. Lansford, Pa. Lowell, Mass. STEPHENS, ERVY T., JR. Dalsonville STEPHENS, HOWARD E. Atlanto STEPHENS, SARA Athens STEWART, JAMES E. Woycross STEWART, MERRILL Trenton STOCK, JOE D. Rome STONE, NOAH J., JR. Avondale Est. STOWERS, EDWARD Dawsonville STORY, WILLIAM E. Macon STRICKLAND, PAIGE Atlanta STRONG, HELEN Knoxv., Tenn. STROTHER, BETTY Athens STROTHER, JOAN St. Simons Is. STURGiS, ANN Atlanta TALMADGE, LUCY Athens TARRANT, BETTY Atlanta TATHAM, HOWARD Young Horns TAYLOR, CARTER Meonsville TAYLOR, VICTOR E. Newark, N, J. TERRY, JO Gainesville THOMAS, BETTY Athens THOMAS, DOROTHY Warner Robins THOMAS, ROBERT E. LaFayette THOMAS, MARY F. Atlanta THOMASON, NANCY Rome THOMPSON, ANDREW Augusta THOMPSON, JACK T. Soperton THOMPSON, LEVY Lyons 8 THORNBURGH, JACK Atlanta THORNTON, DOROTHY Bogart TIMMERMAN, TERRY Macon TILLMAN, THOMAS N. Fort Pierce, F. TINGLE, BETTY Monticello TIPPINS, JESSIE G. Claxton TOLBERT, JOSEPH Greensboro TOMLIN, DONALD Hapeville TOOLE, EMRETTE Atlanta TRABER, ART N Y., N. Y. TRONCALLI, MARY Atlanta TUCK, BETTY Athens TURNER, CHARLES Hillsboro TURNER, DONALD Pavo TURPEN, VIC H. Talluloh Foils TYLER, CHARLES Macon TYNER, CALVIN Lowndole, N. C VARNEDOE, JAMES Fitzgerold VAUGHN, JAMES G. Roswell VOYLES, CHARLES Lewner WADDELL, KITTY Decatur WAGES, FRED E. Arco WALKER, BETTY Atlonto WALKER, DUMAH A. Roopville WALL, HILTON J. Sylvester WALL, MARSHALL D. Winder WALLER, LOUISE Augusta WALSH, THOMAS J. Trenton, N. J. WALTERS, CHARLES Columbus WARD, JAMES Atlanta WARD, LULA MAE Athens WARE, SUE Jesup WARREN, JACK R. Atlanta WEAR, MILLARD L. Cohutta WEAVER, WALTER 8. Rock Springs WEINSTEIN, MARILYN Bornesville WEINSTEIN, ELAINE Macon WEINTRAUB, MARVIN Atlanta WELCH, EDWARD G. Cooperst., N. Y. WELLBORN, BETTY Atlanta WELLS, JACKIE Athens WESTBROOK, RAMONA lla WHALEY, CHRISTINE Pelham WHEELER, JOHN Atlanta WHEELER, MARY F. LoFoyette WHITLEY, JEAN Decatur WHOLEY, PAUL R. Lowell, Mass. WICKER, JOY Atlanta WIDEMAN, TILLIE Athens WIER, BETTY Athens WILBANKS, STERLING Buford WILLEY, DONALD E. Athens WILLIAMS, AMARYLLIS Cotton WILLIAMS, EDWARD B. Atlanta FRESHMEN CLASS WILLIAMS, MADELINE Douglas WILLIAMS, MINTON Macon WILLIAMSON, E, 1, Hull WILLIAMSON, JAMES Rebecca WILLIAMSON, JAMES R. Dalton WILSON, BETTY Atlanta WILSON, MARGARET Crawford WILSON, ROBERT C. Athens WILSON, WILLIAM Mathews WILTES, GASTON Vidalia WHITAKER, ANDREWS Hortwell WHITWORTH, JACK W. Greenville WOLFE, MARY G, Atlanta WOODALL, POLLY Athens WOODALL, LEWIS A. Austell WOODALL, SARAH Columbus WOOLARD, HENRY Sylvester WOOTON, STANLEY Jonesboro WORRELL, WM. H , JR. Marietta WRIGHT, MARIWILL Atlanta WRIGHT, SARA Carlton YORK, HAROLD W. Carnesville TERRELL HALL LAW SCHOOL 19 4 8 r OFFICERS Mel McLendon Frances Allen Ned Stephens HONOR COURT Bob Christian John Knox Sidney Smith Dick Best William Darden Bill Preston LAW SENIORS Allen, Francis W. Barksdale, Thomas H., Beeler, Anne Statesboro Conyers Toledo, Ohio Bennett, Jesse J. Black, Eugene C. Winder The Rock Bunn, Charles C. Cedartown Burgamy, Charles Carter, William O. Cawthon, Phil R. Chambers, Richard Cheatem, Frank Americus Hartwell Toccoa Augusta Savannah Cowart, George B., Jr Darien Crawley, Harry A. Drew, Lionel E., Jr. Dickens, Gorden Lee Elmore, David R. Evans, Foy S. Thomaston Oncea, Fla. Sparta Savannah Americus Farrar, Archibald Summerville Fears, Alfred D. Gannom, Michael Gardner, B. C. Girardeau, Rufus K. Griffin, John E - ' a ' 50n Savannah Camilla Claxton Hazleh ' urst Griffis, Virgil Cecil 19 4 8 Hall, Mary Cam Tifton bell Hamilton, Frank E. Atlanta Harris, John Macon Harris, Wendell V. Ringgold Hood, Foy L. Atlanta Jett, Arthur Ellijay Keller, Ernest Marietta Kelly, Lawrence B. Athens Knox, Gordon Hazlehurst LoVender, Woodrow Bowman Leach, Dempsey Conyers W. Leonard, Lynn R Augusto Malcolm, Owen Social Circle Marshall, Thomas Americus McAlphin, Ki Savannah k McCoy, Sheoley E. Athens McCraven, Mary Boxley McGahee, Jack Augusta McGowan, James Metter D. Mitchel, Harlan E. Dalton Myers, J. Frank Americus Newbern, Jeff L. Valdosto Nilan, John J. Columbus LAW SENIORS Northcutt, Thomas Smyrna Penlond, Thomas C. Blairsville Preston, William Monroe Prince, Robert A. Athens Ray, Earl Clarksville Sanders, Carl Augusta Shobb, Marvin Savannah Simpson, John T, Norcross Smith, Oscar M. Valdosta Stanford, Morgan C. Atlanta Stanton, Ross H. Columbus Stearn, Edwin Albany Sullivan, Robert Savannah F. Thornton, Douglas Atlanta Trotter, William P. LoGrange Voleri, Richard A. LoGrange Waltz, Patricia Toledo, Ohio Watson, Francis E. Fitzgerald 1 Watson, James Waycross Wiggins, William J. CarroNton Young, Willard Athens . 4 i I LAW JUNIORS JUNIOR LAW Alexander, William H.Anderson, Arnold B. Anderson, George R. Andrews, Williom Comer Statesboro Banks, William C, Jr. Bell, Barnett A. Lakeland Roswell Bentley, Upshov Athens Brice, Henry B., Jr Quitman Carr, Richard D. Thomasville Christian, Robert Americus Clarke, Thomas A. Clay, Clarence H. Atlanta Macon Comer, John D. Macon Cone, LoFayette W. Cowden, Bartow, III Darden, Willian Stilson Rockmart Union Point DeLoach, Harry Cloxton DeRose, Leonard Micha Athens Dukes, William W. Gibson Edwards, Bob East Point Gaines, Ezekiel Savannah Gibbons, William Hahira Howard, James W. Cochran Hill, Trovers Atlanta Hines, John W. Athens Hodgson, Don B. Athens Hogan, David H. Chub Holman, James F. Pelham Hopkins, William Brunswick Huckeba, George B. Bowdon JUNIOR LAW Hutcheson, Thomas A Wrightsville Jones, William J. Commerce Kennedy, Harvey J,, Barnesville r. Lester, Raymond E Athens McKenzie, James Atlanta McLendon, Melburne Atlanta Martin, James R. Valdosta Murphy, Harold L. Felton Nunnery, Murry E. Jokin O ' Rourke, Gerald J. Chickomauga Pittord, Grady C. Winterville Pitts, James H. Cordele Puckett, Henry Buford Richardson, Willis J., Savannah J r Rogers, John R. Ashburn Roundtree, William Swoinsboro Russell, Robert L. Winder Shropshire, Robert 0. Athens Sorrow, Charles F. Griffin Stephens, Nelson B. Cedortown Stewart, Theodore M. Athens Stuckey, Loretto Brunswick Sturges, Fredrick W. Macon Swann, J. P., Jr. Atlanta Thompson, Louis Bloomingdale Towson, Lombuth Athens Wilkinson, Albert M., Decatur J Young, Robert G. College Park Young, W. H., Jr. Savannah FRESHMEN LAW Adamson, Frank Bussey, Lynward S. Jonesboro Macon Austin, Donald Savonnah Byrd, Garland T. Reynolds Bailey, Milton R., Jr. Augusta Cain, Billy R. Buford Baillie, Donald Carr, Jeptha R. Augusta Athens Beckmann, Luhr G,, Jr. Carter, Carey, Jr. Savannah Hartwell Blackburn, J. B. Chambers, Carlton F Savannah Marietta Bradford, Lacy Cheely, Joseph E. Nashville Chamblee Bridges, Morion Clarke, Harold Sumner Forsyth Brooks, Troy L. Cleveland, King D. Danielsville Elberton Brown, Edward E. Cline, Henry E. Boldwin, Fla. LaGrange Brown, Howard Bill Cobb, Carswell H. Savanna h Savannah Brown, Sue Coile, William R. Athens Winterville Burnside, Betty V. Cook, Pattie A. Savannah Savannah o r» FRESHMEN LAW Coney, Walter E. Cuthbert Coppeck, Edward T. Decatur Cowart, John M,, Jr Arlington Crawley, H. Thad Thomaston Darby, Sanford P., Jr Augusta Davidson, Jack Athens f-- Davis, William S. Camilla Dean, Braswell D., Jr Alma Dillard, Thelma Hartwell Exiey, William Savannah Freeman, Ralph W. Sylvania Gaskin, Ruth East Point Gibson, Lamar Folkston Hamrick, J. Edwards LaGrange Hardin, John Randolph Macon Hortridge, Julian, Jr Savannah Hasiom, Nelson Savannah Heckman, Orville Savannah Hammontree, Harold Chickamauga Hancock, Edwin Gainesville Hardin, Walton Washington Harrison, Otis W. Augusta Hodges, Robert L. Statesboro Hollis, Oscar P. Crawfordsvilie Holton, Elie L, Douglas FRESHMEN LAW Ingram, Albert G. Augusta Lanier, Robert S. Statesboro James, Branson G. Long, Calhoun A. Royston Atlanta Jernagin, John L. McCarthy, Kenneth Woycross White Oak Jinks, John G. McLain, James P., J East Point Wilmington, Del. Johnson, Charles May, Roy Union Point Atlanta Jones, David C. Merritt, Davis R. Sylvester Buford Komack, Robert J. Mills, John R., Jr. Atlanta Jacksonville, Fla. Kennedy, John G., Jr. Moore, Thomas M. Savannoh Toccoa Kitchings, Alton B. Moss, Claude Savannah Hiawossee Knight, Henry L, Mottola, Charles Roopville Brooklyn, N. Y. Kronick, Norman M. Mullins, Henry A. Athens Chipley Knox, John S. Nims, Arthur L, Atlanta Macon Lanier, Dan Norris, John D. Metter Washington FRESHMEN LAW ») Parks, Benjamin G., Jr Waycross Stork, William Monroe i Peeples, John Sterrett, Edwin H., J Voldosta Montgomery, W. Vo. Persons, John P. Strother, Harvey Atlanta Decatur Pierce, Hinton R. Talley, Martin E. Augusta Chala Roberts, Hugh Taylor, George 0. Columbus Miami Beach, Fla. Roberts, John W. Tipton, Wilbur J. Dewy Rose Athens Roberts, William Towson, William M. Montezuma Dublin Self, Earl B. Wall, William A. Subligna College Park Seymore, Fred M. Ward, Harold E. Bowman Dublin Smisson, Roy C. Weotherly, Alvis M. Ft. Valley Atlanta Smith, Sidney, Jr. William, Alfred A. Gainesville Winder Smith, Walter T. Wright, Frank C. Macon Gainesville Smith, William T. Yorbrough, Gordon Camilla Atlanta SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE Bell, Donovan Orangeburg, S. C. Blount, Carle A. Waynesboro Bryson, James T. Washington Davis, Calvin M. Wrightsville Doggen, OIlie M. Marietta Fisher, James H. Claton Godwin, Alton S. Jacksonville, Fla. Groffith, Leland E. Enigma Hardy, Lollis H. Atlanta Herring, John C. Tifton Leonard, Charles W. Athens McConnell, Edward L. Ciorkesville McNeill, Charles N. Americus Mobley, Ralph C. Americus Nunnery, Murray E. Jakin Shannon, Robert O. Covington Smith. Felix Cordele Smith, William V. East Point Tuttle, Jack Athens Christopher, John L. Athens Crimmins, Laurence T. Macon Dorminy, Arthur Enigma Drake, Roscoe Collins Dye, Obe D. Colbert Griner, E. Ray Valdosto Grubbs, Clarence Barnesville Hilliard, Byron Bowersville Hinson, Lios E. Hazlehurst Leard, Lecel P. Bowersville McDonald, Paul A, Fitzgerald Mercer, John T. Donovan O ' Connor, Joe Albany Palmer, Jack R. Camillo Reagan, Clyde M. Cairo Thomas, John B. Dexter Thomas, Walter G. Calvary Watson, William H. Macon Williams, Charlie L. Cairo SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE «: % % Adams, William Camilla Bromley, Glare L , Jr. Atlanta Barnes, Leslie A. Bogart Corter, William L , Jr. Poulan Gates, David E. Atlanta Glyatt, Bobby Clarkson, Louis Louisville, Ky. Nashville Elinburg, Wiliiom A., J Bufcrd Garner, Howard S. Stone Mountain Greening, Charles A. Decatur Gibson, Woodrow Sylvania Jones, Wallace D. Metter Knapp, William A. Atlanta London, Leicester Folsom, Lo. Knox, Earl L Athens Manley, Morion Griffin Mason, Roymond H. Swainsboro Pace, William Marianne, Flo. Meeks, Robert L. Nichols Palmer, Waldo H. Gamillo Rushing, Ernest B. Statesboro Steele, Leonard ToccOQ Sloan, Jesse S. Pelham Strong, William D. Athens Suber, Pat Moultrie Walsh, Thomas J., Jr. Trenton, N. J. Thornton, Gorey W. LoGrange Waters, Wm. Millen White, James R. Sylvester Yorboro, Lewis Gene Shelby, N. C, GRADUATE SCHOOL v Abrams, Anna Merle Pelham Alderman, L. C. Douglas Allison, Howard T. Gainesville Allmon, Edward C. Newington Ash, James A. Jefferson Barrett, Carl A. Vicksburg, Miss. Barton, R. William Augusta Barnard, Jack S. Dacula Beaver, Lucile Gainesville Benson, Arthur J. Buena Vista Bentley, Freeman F. Cedartown Berry, Elizabeth Blairsville Beutell, Joe M. St. Simons Island Bond, Arthur B. Elberton Bolond, Harmon Ocilla Boyd, Hudson L. Dal ton Bradford, Willis W. Augusta Burriock, Jean Goshen, N. Y. Calhoun, Emily Atlanta Carter, Mary Coral Gables, Fla. Covett, Eldred C. Athens Chance, Leon H. Alexander Chandler, William C. Augusta Clark, Jeree W. Rex Clark, Juanito Athens Claxton, Emily Cochran Clepper, Emily South Pittsburg, Tenn. Crawley, Thomas Atlanta 9 4 8 Davis, Cecil Chipley Davis, Rosalind Macon DeVone, Earl Buron Dodd, Otho L. Commerce Domby, Chorles W. Denver, Col. Drake, George L. Tifton Edmond, Horace F. Columbus English, Robert L. Oglethorpe Eschmann, Edgar Athens A., r. Estes, Charles L. Lincolnton Evans, William D. Hoschton Firor, Helen Athens Frier, Betty W. Millwood Glass, William A , Jr. Savannah Glenn, William J Athens Gober, Henry F., Jr. Gainesville Goolsby, James F. Woodland Gould, David Statesboro Gould, Florine Chattanooga, Tenn. Griffeth, E. Frederick Eatonton Guffin, Thomas East Point Hollamn, Spence H. Boston Harrison, Normon J. Monticello Jr. Harrison, Robert Crawfordville Hart, Leslie Savannah Heath, Emily Washington, D. C. Henderson, Peter Hapeville M. Henry, Dorothy Augusta 185 GRADUATE SCHOOL Henry, Guider F. Athens Hitchcock, William Athens Holmes, Capers A, Culloden Home, Peggy Pot Marion, Va. Hudson, Margaret Elliiay Ingram, Anne Carrollton Ivey, Moncher Lee, J Cordele r. Johnson, Jack D. Bainbridge Joiner, Robert Stuckey Kahn, Harriette Pelham Kahn, Shirley Pelham Kickhghter, Harold D Athens Latham, Robert J. Macon Logan, Clayton Athens Lott, Susan Waycross McClure, Thomas Canton McCorkle, David B, Buena Vista McPherson, Robert G. Athens Massey, James H. Athens Marin, James E. Waynesboro Miley, Lamar G. Ray City Mills, Lawrence Marshalltown, Iowa Morgan, Hondsell Buford Morgan, John A. West Point Mote, Harold Atlanta Murphy, Luther Coolidge Noel, Malcolm E. Atlanta 9 4 8 .. i mM ■ ■■1 ..-. i ni ■ H. Patterson, Mrs, Alice Macon Patton, Dorothy Athens Parker, Elizabeth Reynolds Parr, Olan D. Athens Parrerson, William J,, Macon Jr Pate, Thomas Montezuma Patton, Wendell Athens Peters, George Athens Phillips, Beniamin C. Port Wentworth Shorpe, Edith Ellenton Sharpe, Shelton, Jr. Ellenton Sheets, Robert L. Franklin Smith, Susan Athens Statham, Robert E., J Athens r. Stewart, Roy Mt, Airy Stone, Nora Nicholson Stiles, Leason B. Blue Ridge Surrency, Erwin Jesup Talley, Betsey Atlanta Tobias, Joseph Athens Toncray, Gertrude Johnson City, Tenn. Tyner, Raymo Donielsville nd E. Verster, Thomas M. Rotterdam, Holland White, Thomos A., Jr. Round Oak Woods, Margaret Reynolds Woody, Arthur D. Suches Yancey, Pricilla Atlanta 187 SPECIAL STUDENTS 948 Adams, John D. Adams, Juanita Matthews Camilla Blasingcme, Ruth M. Cook, Ethel Leigh Cape Charles, Va. Newman Currie, Maxine DuBose, Sam Alamo Omega Enge, Gloria Atlanta English, Elizabeth Sandersville Gonier, Lucy Lee Percy, Miss. Hancock, Hazel Louiseville Houck, Kenneth T. Augusta McClure, Athens Elfreida F Mendis, Joseph H., Jr. Savannah Mitchell, Reginald England Rowland, Helen Savannah Smith, Morton Watkinsville Smith, William C, Jr. Riverdale Solomon, Athens Muriel Thornton, Charles Athens Tuck, Joseph Q. Winterville Walker, Wilson A. Tifton Ward, Ralph N. Hapeville Widener, David M. Augusta 188 I GREEKS 189 PAN-HELLENIC Two representatives from each of the 13 sororities form the Pon-Hellenic Council. The presidency rotates among the sororities. Foremost among the efforts of Pon-Hellenic are the formulation of sound rushing rules, the encouragement of superior scholarship, the sponsorship of intro-mural sports competition, and the creation of harmony among the sororities. OFFICERS Andie Anderson .... President Margaret Caruthers . Vice-President Nell Hodgson .... Secretary Annie Laurie Ragsdale Treasurer. TREASURER RAGSDALE PRESIDENT ANDERSON VICE PRESIDENT CARUTHERS SECRETARY HODGSON 190 1 COUNCIL ALPHA CHI OMEGA: Natalie Barker Jane Maughon ALPHA DELTA PI: Andie Anderson Ted Harrison ALPHA GAMMA DELTA; Katherine Biacksheor Nancy Hull ALPHA OMICRON PI: Nancy Bowling Betty Ann Sasseville CHI OMEGA: Nell Hodgson Janet Royce DELTA DELTA DELTA: Jane Dickenson Jean O ' Neal DELTA PHI EPSILON: Eva Cohn Judy ZaIkow KAPPA ALPHA THETA: Margie Seymour Madelyn Tupper KAPPA DELTA: Jacqueline Queen Frances Seckinger KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA: Betty Lanier Annie Laurie Ragsdale PI BETA PHI: Ann Andrews Margaret Caruthers Martha Groover Sarah Morgan SIGMA DELTA TAU: Sarah Horovin Shiefra Hyman Council members at a regular meeting. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Beta Sigma Chapter OFFICERS Natalie Barker .... President Sara Ann Proffitt Vice-President Amelia Knoedler Corresponding Secretary Hanoria Brennan Recording Secretary Jolaine Bailey .... Treasurer Left to Right: Trees. Bailey, Rec. Sec. Brennan, V. Pres. Proffitt, Pres. Barker, and Corres. Sec. Knoedler. Norma Adams Jean Allgood Eleanor Aderhold Jolaine Bailey Anne Alger Phyllis Barber Natalie Barker Martha Bird Mary Margaret June Barrett Beverly BlosingameNeli Callahan Betty Beotty Hanoria Brennan Peggy Callahan ; »j . 192 1 HISTORY Alpha Chi Omega was founded at DePauw University in 1895. Its flower is the red car- nation and its colors are scarlet and olive green. Beta Sigma chapter was established on the University of Georgia campus in 1937. Alpha Chi is an international sorority and there ore now 70 active chapters. In the past academic year, it placed first in the Sigma Chi Derby and won second place in " Stunt Night. " Every spring it presents the Alpha Chi Olympics, a derby for the fraternity men. Ruth Mills Jo Ann Neely Shirley Parish Sara Ann Proffitt Grace Redmond Barbara Reep Christina Rice Martha Jo Riley Jeanideon Rountree Betty Rumble Barbara Schwettman Mamie Lee Scott Nell Shuman Betty Simpson Sue Skelton Jane Stow Ann Taylor Eloise Timmons Enrette Toole Lenora Wells Billie Wilkison Rosonnoh Westbrook Polly Woodall ■ : rley Cannon Martha Collins Jone Deriso Sue Everett ' gie Claridy Frank Cullens Gloria Dixon Jane Finley oxie Cherry Patricia Denmark Jeannine Elliott Luanne Grady Susan Greene Shirley Grogan Ruth Hambrick Martha Harmon Betty Locey Claire Lovvorn Jane Maughon Helen Harris Florence Locour Chorlotte Mabry Lena Maxey Amelio Knoedler Lucille Lovvern Jo Madden Jone Maxwell 193 ALPHA DELTA PI Beta Nu Chapter Left to Right: Treos. Moreland, V. Pres. Harrison, Pres. Ander- son, and Sec. Hicks. OFFICERS Mary Frances Anderson President Ted Harrison . . . Vice-President Marian Hicks .... Secretary Betty Moreland .... Treasurer ranees Ann AllenMargurite Antley Frances Bell Barbara BrimberryCorrine Carpente ' Margie Ammons Mary Askew Barbara Black Blois Brown Jackie Carroll Mary F. Anderson Hollie Ann BarberBetty Bowden Dorothy Carlisle Elizabeth Cheves 194 ii HISTORY Alpha Delta Pi is the oldest secret organiza- tion for women, being founded in 1851 at Wes- leyon College in Macon. Its colors are blue and white and the flower is the purple violet. There are 67 octive chapters throughout the United States and Canada and Beta Nu chapter was established on the University of Georgia campus in 1933. At present, it leads the other sororities in membership, having 78 actives and pledges enrolled. Ann Mize Betty Moreland Carolyn Newton Dena Roquemore Judy Sanders Morion Sanders Jane Severin Barbara Sheffield Joanne Sheffield Margaret Shermor Evelyn Smith Janice Smith Betty Specht Jody Strother Elizabeth Toylor Solly Thompson Pat Turner Kitty Waddell Jean Watkins Mary Charles Whitlock Helen Wight Lynda Williams Madeline Williom Harriet Woodcocl- Revo Ann Dame Alice Divme Alice Jane Dancer Phelps Fox Julie Davis Ruth Fowler Nan Gillespie Margie Hamm Marion Hicks Marion F, Grove Ted Harrison Joyce Hill Sarah Green Sarah Hatfield Nelle Holmes 195 Anne Ingram Josephine Keeter Midge Lovell Kathy Jiles Mary Kelley Mary Means Ruth Johnson Kikkell Littlefield Madge McCord ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Gamma Alpha Chapter Seated: Pres. Hull; standing, left io right: Corres. Sec. Brittain, Rec, Sec. Mew, 1st V. Pres. Bassing, Trees. Smith and 2nd V. Pres. McClure. OFFICERS Nancy Hull President Peggy Bassing 1st Vice-President Dorothy W, McClure 2nd Vice-President Frances Smith Treasurer Marilyn Brittain Corresponding Secretary Vera Mew . . Recording Secretary Betty Anderson Billie Baker Betty Ann Boylis Betty Jo Bonner ' Jeanette Anderson Ann Barrett Martha Besnard Marilyn Britton Jean Bogley Peggy Bassing Katherine Emily Buckner Blackshear 196 Janice Miller Nina Mitchell Marianne Moreland Marguerite Moss Ann Osborne Jackie Pilcher HISTORY Alpha Gamma Delta was founded in 1904 at Syracuse University. There are now 63 active chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The flower is the red and buff rose and the colors are red, buff and green. Gamma Alpha Chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1 923. Cjrge Ann BulfinBetty Culpepper Martha Ecker Betty Lee Formon Kathryn A. t ty Ann Carroll Frances Dominey Corolyn Edge Carolyn Folsom Gaulding yionna ChardronBetty Dulligan Carolyn Elkins Ruth Gaskin Helen Ginn Marjorie Graf Beverly Ann Gunn Jane Jackson Dorothy McClure Rowanda Maloof Jean Hanson Barbara Lambert Harriet McPhaul Vera Ellen Mew Nancy Hull Lillian Lang Elizabeth MaguirePat Merrill 197 ALPHA OMICRON P Lambda Sigma Chapter First row, left to right; Rec. Sec. Goulding, V. Pres. Wetmore, Corres. Sec. Bird; bock row; Pres. Bowling and Treas. Martin. OFFICERS . . President Vice-President Nancy Bowling . Anne Wetmore Charlotte Gaulding Recording Secretary Evelyn Bird Corresponding Secretary Frances Martin .... Treasurer Jo Balliet Helen Beavers Beverly Bowers Sue Brown Georgine Cash i Betty Battle Wyoline Bennett Nancy Bowling Marthanne Camp Betty Creech Pat Beauchamp Evelyn Bird Nancy Brewster Betty Campbell Jeannine Dodg ' j 198 HISTORY Lambda Sigma chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was established at the University of Georgia in 1935. The sorority flower is the Jacquemmot Rose and the color is cardinal. Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College, Columbia University, in 1897. In 1946 it won three cups for outstanding participation in intra-murals and the J, W. H. Cup, AOPi notional award for outstanding work. Jean McGehee Betty Norton Jackie Norton Sylvia Parks Annette Parr Barbara Pause Jeanette Pickens Loraine Plant Barbara Radcliffe Sue Randal Betty Sasseville Carolyn Satterwhite Barbara Thomas Martha Jane Thompson Betty Wallace Ann Wetmore Louise Willio ' ■;:ile Dought l!bel Fouseft :athryne Fiske Mary Gortrell Vuian Goiir.on M riL Hammond Kathryn Henr Margaret Hudson Louise Leonard Lynn Martin lotherine Foard Charlotte GauldmgAnne Graydon Martha Harris Morcile Hooks Marianne Frances Martin Betty Mathis rma Jeanne Shirley Fries Charlotte Gleason Mary Ruth GuffinSara Harris Betty Hopkins Mary Elizabeth Helen Martin Ala McBride Hyndman Payssoux I CHI OMEGA Mu Beta Chapter Left to Right: Vice Pres. Royce, Pres. Hodgson, Treos. Thomas and Sec. Hightower. OFFICERS Nell Hodgson Janet Royce Margaret Hightower Carol Thomas President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Vivian Ashford Anne Beeler Betty Bruce Mary Davis Harriett Ashley Mary C. BondurantBeth Burford Frances FlorenoJ ' Anne Baskin Joyne Brooks Mary Cooper Wilma Florence ' 200 HISTORY Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895. The flower is the white car- nation and the colors are cardinal and straw. Mu Beta Chapter was established at the Uni- versity of Georgia In 1922. Last year Chi O.-nega tied for first place in the inter-sorority sing. Susan Rice Nan Rigdon Sally Riley Bettie Rogers Janet Royce Bobbie Starr Mary V. Stribling Annie Laurie Thomas Carol Thomas Marion Thorntor Dorothy Torras Kitty Trussell Mildred Vance Patricio Waltz Margaret Watt Jane Grey Webb Leta Webb Ruth Jane Welchel li Betty Wilson i Ruth Wingate Priscilla Yancy L ' y Ann Forgy Joonne Groover Sally Hester Nell Hodgson Jane Kelley E|se Fowler Winifred Groover Mary L. Higgins Mimi Inman Charlotte Lester E mor Gibson Sara Hasty Margaret Ann Jennings Ernestine Lewis Hightower Betty Macon Barbara Mayes Anne McKinley Dot McNeil Esther Miller Beverly Moore DELTA DELTA DELTA Alpha Rho Chapter OFFICERS Jean O ' Neal President Jean Fambro . . Vice-President Helen Driftmier .... Secretary Gerry Dwiggins .... Treasurer Going up the steps: Pres. O ' Neal, Sec. Driftmier, Treas. Dwig- gins and V. Pres. Fambro. Arabella Allen Beverly Bacon Beverly Burns Anne Chivers Jo Ann Dovie: Mary Andrews Jackie Bowen Faye Butts Ann Clark Jane Dickensoi Edita Avera Jane Brown Nancy Chandler Dorothy Daniels Helen Driftmie 202 Betty Keehan Thelma Jo Ken Katherine Key Jean Kimberly Alice T. Law Frances Lott Georgia Lewis Frances Massee Helen MacGregor Ann Middlebrooks Jane Middlebrooks Alice Mitchell DELTA PHI EPSILON P s i Chapter OFFICERS Eva Cohn President Gerri Mattel . . . Vice-President Mary Lourie Treasurer Betty Goldstein Recording Secretary Joyce Lennett Corresponding Secretary Claire Love . . . Pledge Mother Seated on floor: Pledge Mother Love and Corres. Sec. Lennett; back row, left to right: Treas. Lourie, Pres. Cohn, V. Pres. Mattel and Rec. Sec. Goldstein. Jean Aarons Marjorie Adlerstein Lucy Amoto Phyllis Aronson Betty Chernoff Morion Joan Brett Alice Cohn Zeldo Chonin Eva Cohn 204 HISTORY Delta Phi Epsilon was founded in 1917 at Woshington Square College, New York. Psi, one of the 21 active chapters, was founded on the University of Georgia campus in 1935. The sorority flower is the pansy end its colors are royal purple and pure gold. The chapter placed third in the annua! stunt night and hod on active year in charity work. Mdanne Cohn V ' lt nia Diamond ih ey Dunn Mors ! ... f !.■! Jane Elkins Marcia Feinberg Sylvia Feldman Barbara R. Friedman Balfoura Friend Zelda Kolodne Joyce Lennett Betty Levy Natalie Levy Mary Lourie Clair Love Julie F. Meyer Bootsie Piossick olorio Roffman Sara B. Rosenberg Adole Smithloff Ruth Stein Bootsie Simon Estelle Voll Caroline Weine Elaine Weinstein Marillyn Weinstein Shirley Wilensky Judy Zaikow Leah R. Ghitter Elaine Gillman Marcia Goldman Betty Goldstein Sylvia Goodrich Celia Gordon Bett Grcun Joyce Greenbaum Sylvia Hirscli Corolyn Goodman Harriett Halperin Miriam Kahn Marillyn Goldstein Joanne Harris Moxine Kopner 205 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Gamma Delta Chapter Left to Right: Treas. Bexley, Sec. Harris, V. Pres. Kerr and Pres. Seymour. OFFICERS Margie Seymour President Martha Kerr Vice-President Anne Harris Secretary Carolyn Bexley .... Treasurer Martha J. Adams Virginia Andrews Dorothy Bobbe Elizabeth Clictt Bonnie Albinson Carolyn Bexley Harriet Browner Ruth Cliatt Katrina Alford Sally Bishop Patricia Carlton Anna Cone 206 Shirley Oram Caroline Orr Thelma Payne Louise Poole Betty Preston Carmen Proctor 4 It. ' ii HISTORY Kappa Alpha Theta was founded ot DePouw University in 1870 and established on the Uni- versity of Georgia campus in 1936, The colors are block end gold and the flower is the black and gold pansy. At present, there ore 72 active chapters. Outstanding accomplishments for the post year include the G-Doy Cup and a tie for first place in the inter-sorority sing. a .vvn: lyn Cox Catherine Davis Leila Drake Shirley Guest Ann Gunnells Martha Kerr Loree Molone Georgia McGority 18 Croker Elizabeth De GorisVirginio Droke Ruby Granger Ann Harris Henrietta Betty Manley Mabel McGority nee Crook Zanier Downs Edo Embigh Julia Greene Ellen Harrison Kicklighter Ellen McDonald Joy McGinn Martha Maddox Morcio McKi Nancy Nix Mary Northcut KAPPA DELTA Sigma Phi Chapter OFFICERS Jacqueline Queen . President Anne Gilbert . . . Vice-President Nell Suttles Secretary Catherine Pritchett . Treasurer Sealed. V. Prei ijilbert and Pres. Queen; Standing; Sec, Suttles and Treas. Pritchett. jd Betty Bollinger Bonnie Boyett Dorothy A. Breckinridge Gene Brantley Jean Bremer Jane Brown Patricio Brooks Betty Carper Caroline Carter Patricia Chastain Pat H. Collins Agnes B. Culpepper Carolyn Cunningham June Davis Eleanor Ferguson 208 Louise Rcbinson HISTORY Kappa Delta was founded at Virginia State Normal School in 1897. The flower is the white rose and the colors are olive green and pearl white. Sigma Phi chapter was established at the University of Georgio in 1924. Mory N. Rothel Sara Shields Foye Snider Mary Shannon Nell Suttles Jean Tillman Jimmie Verner Betty Wansley Anne Wernicke Josephine Wickliffe Winelle Wickliffe Betty Wier Virginia Wier Margaret Wood Anne Youmans ti 1 .A V S ' n A. Garvey Patricio Gleason Jeonette Griffin Catherine Heyman Hazel Johnsc J e Gatlin Prudence Goodlet Julia B, Grizzell Betty Jacob Dorothy M. J Ai Gilbert Maxine Gordon Mary E. Haslett Soro J. Jackson Margaret Joi ison Sally Kelly Marian McElvey ones Polly Kennedy Betty Mohone ones Margaret Lewis Polly Mitchell Helen Morris E. Pruitt Margie Parker J. Queen Catherine Pritchett L. Roberts KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Delta Upsilon Chapter COUNSELORS BETTY LANIER LYNN DURHAM LATHAM ANNIE LAURIE RAGSDALE Going up the stairs: Graduote Counselors Ragsdale, Lanier and Latham. m- ■ ' ' - 131 Hiffna " T? U-U ' - ' liMiniiiW it ' l Jean Lowman HISTORY Kappa Kappa Gamma is the baby sorority on the campus, having been established here only last year. There are now 84 active chapters. It was founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, III,, in 1870. The flower is the fleur-de-lis and its colors are light blue and dark blue. Aillene Minor Peggy Miller Dianne Castle Joanne Church Barbara Cronk Nancy Giblin Jean Hess Janet Cheves Ann-Perry Conroy Eleanor Folwell Priscilla Ginn Altie Irwin 211 PHI MU Alpha Alpha Chapter 1 I ; I OFFICERS Sarah Morgan .... President June DeBeaugrine Vice-President Kathryn Thompson . Secretary Lillias Harris .... Treasurer Left to Right: Pres. Morgan, V. Pres. DeBeaugrine, Sec. Thomp- son and Treas. Harris. Ann Adams Sara Ann Bankston Ann Beck Benning Burgard Jane Chandler Betty Crane Eleanor Bradford Alice Chandler Patsy Coons Virginia Crisp 212 HISTORY Alpha Alpha of Phi Mu wcs the pioneer sorority on the University of Georgia campus, being installed in 1921. It wos founded at Wesleyon College in 1852 and now has 63 active chapters. The pin is block ond gold; the colors are rose and white; and the flower is the enchantress carnation. The Phi Mu ' s have been active in many fields. Lost year they re- newed an old tradition, that of the annual Phi Mu-Chi Psi baseball gome with the losers keeping the cup for a year. Lillian Lumpkin Nell Martin Sara Mills Jane Moore ■ i« i L. Sara 1 Morgan ■ - 6v Jon Musgrove PI Pi L Dale Musser 1 { 1 a - Beve riy Nixon i r % X Virg nia Pekor m Bt )Mr k Lois Polhill i E, " Martha Preston Martho Reeves Inez Roberts Tommie Jean Roberts Helen Rowland Kay Singletory Laura Summers Betty Thomas . C } m i ' . ' V ' ' :j t k Ann Thomason Kathryn Thompson Terry Timmerman Patsy Strong Ann Wallace Marion West Betty Wood Nell Welchel nriic Dovis June DeBeaugrine Adele Flournoy Janet Fortson n De Beougrine Mary Ann Durden Millie Foracre Jane Harris ' ' 1m ■ f 0t Lillios Harris Emily Heoth Elizabeth Harrison Corel Holt Anita Johnston Miric m Laughlin Eloise Lehmonn Carolyn Johnston Betty Lauthner Jackie Lowe PI BETA PHI Georgia Alpha Chapter Left to Right: V. Pres. Drake, Rec. Sec. Biggers, Pres. Caruther Treas. Borzrnski and Corres. Sec. Almon. OFFICERS Margaret Caruthers President Ann Drake .... Vice-President Margaret Sue Biggers Recording Secretary Maizie Almon Corresponding Secretary Nancy Borzrnski Treasurer Ann Andrews Mary E. Beck Ann Bishop Sallie Bell Margaret S. Katherine Biggers Boordman 214 Nancy Borzrnski Jeanne Burrage i Carol Burch Jane Carey Mary Manning essie L. McLendon HISTORY Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth Col lege in 1867. There are now 96 active chop ters in the United States and Canoda. Georgia Alpha Chapter was established at the Univer- sity of Georgia in 1939. The flower is the wine carnation end the colors are wine and silver blue. Joanne Merritt Emily Moss Ann Mullin orgaret Rebecca Cowan Marjorie Davis Nancy Gower Ann Groves Jane Hendon Corruthers Frances Clapp Ann Drake Florence Griffin Beth Hall Pat Higgins ice Cowart Hellen Holland Lanette Hutchins Patricia Humphrey Kothryn Lonman Joanne Ledbet Betty Mann SIGMA DELTA TAU Eta Chapter OFFICERS Sara Horovin . Harriet Zaban Frieda Scheer Sonya Abelson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Seated on floor: V. Pres. Zoban and Sec. Scheer; on couch or Pres- Horovin and Trees. Abelson. Sigmo Delta Tau was founded at Cornell University on March 25, 1917. It was originally begun on the Uni- versity of Georgia campus in 1924, and the charter was renewed in 1945. There are now 27 active chapters. The colors are cafe au lait and old blue, and the flower is the tea rcse. The SDT ' s hove had the highest scholastic average of any of the sororities for the past two con- secutive quarters. Sonyo Abelson Phyllis Goldrich Elise Greenebaum Helen Hornste Sara Horovin Theresa Leff Marilyn Rosolio Freido Scheer Sara B. Sluskv 216 FRATERNITIES INTERFRATERNITY HENRY G. NEAL President CLARENCE H. CLAY Vice-President DANIEL D. STANLEY Secretary RUFUSW, BARTON Treasurer ALPHA EPSILON PI Alan B. Huvord Robert Blumberg PHI EPSILON PI E. Richard Ellison Sam Massell, Jr. ALPHA GAMMA RHO John Fuller Willis Houston PHI DELTA THETA Roy Lambert Jim McKenzie ALPHA TAU OMEGA William Gay Pitts Mahone PI KAPPA ALPHA William B. Phillips Buck Griffin CHI PHI Craig Thrash Tommy Thompson PI KAPPA PHI Robert M. Boswell E, K. Averitt CHI PS! Rufus W. Barton El wood S. Newton, Jr. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON George L. Harris, Jr. Tom Smith DELTA TAU DELTA Daniel D. Stanley Claude H. Su llivan KAPPA ALPHA Clarence H. Clay William C. Banks SIGMA CHI Don Downs Dick Carr SIGMA NU Joseph J. Dixon L. H. Atherton KAPPA SIGMA William Peters John Culbreath TAU EPSILON PHI Mendel Romm Norton M. Melaver LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Erwin Seitz Bondy Holcombe COUNCIL. ALPHA EPSILON PI The Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity was founded at New York University in 1913. The A. E. Pi colors are blue and gold and its flower is yellow rose. The present exoteric periodical is the " Alpha Epsilon Pi Quarterly. " There ore 43 chapters of A. E. Pi in the United States. Omicron Chapter was founded at the University of Georgia in 1826. It is the sixteenth fra- ternity founded on the campus. . . . Omicron ' s achievements for 1947 were highlighted by the winning of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Award for its work in the annual Infantile Paralysis Drive. tt OFFICERS MONTY MILLS Master ALAN HUVARD Lieut. Master BOB GORDON Exchequer CHARLIE STEIN Recording Scribe EDDIE MILLER Corresponding Scribe ROLL ABRAMS, SOL BAGAN, LEONARD BENATOR, RALPH BENSON, RAYMON BLUM, JULIUS BLUMBERG, BOB CONN, LARRY COWAN, WALLY FISCH, PAUL FRIEDMAN, NORMAN FRYER, JOEL GIBSON, AL GOLDMAN, DONALD GOLDSTEIN, JULIUS GORDAN, BOB GREENBLATT, EARLE HERZENBERG, LARRY HILLMAN, HAROLD HOLZMAN, HERBERT HUVARD, ALAN JACOBS, JOE KARPF, LLOYD KRAVTIN, SAM KRIEGER, HAROLD KRUMBEIN, HERBERT KUPFERMAN, ARTHER LAZURUS, MILTON LEVINE, BERNIE LEVY, JERRY LEVY, NEILAN MILLS, JACKIE MILLS, MONTY MILLER, EDDIE MILLER, IRWIN SAUL, SEMON SCHWARTZ, STUART STEIN, CHARLIE STEINBERG, MICKEY STEIGMAN, SAM SISKIND, MELVIN WACHTEL, ARTHUR GT ' t w m.AMLCi • i «.; Si I ALPHA GAMMA RHO Founded at Ohio State University and University of Illinois in 1908. . . . Apha Etc Chapter established in 1927. . . . Sev- enteenth on the campus. . . . Colors are dork green and gold. . . . The flower is the pink rose. . . . The publication is the Crescent. OFFICERS WILLIS E. HUSTON President BLANTON RICE Vice President WILLIAM N, CARMICAL Secretary JOHN E, FULLER Treasurer ROLL ANDERSON, JOHN H. BOND, ARTHUR B. BOND, FRED G. BOND, HORACE A. BREEDLOVE, ROYCE A. BUCHANAN, JACK P. CARMICAL, WILLIAM N. CARTER, JAMES C, JR. COX, JAMES L. EVANS, ROY W. FULLER, JOHN E. HARDEN, ROBERT L. HUSTON, WILLIS E. JONES, MILLARD H. JONES, WALLACE D. KEENE, WINDELL H. LANIER, THOMAS Z. LASTER, RALPH H. LENNARD, JESSE W. LEONARD, WILLIAM A. LOWMAN, THEODORE R. MANN, HAROLD M. MATTHEWS, WILLIAM T. McGOWAN, JOHN E. 3l 5 . MOORE, STATEN M. MOSELY, JOHN C. PARKER, WILMER G. POWELL, VAN A. RICE, BLANTON SMITH, PERRY Z. STEMBRIDGE, WESLEY H. TURNER, JAMES H. WELLS, WILLIAM J. WHEELER, THOMAS E. WORRELL, CORNELIUS J. WORRELL, WILLIAM H. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865 . . .first fraternity established after War Between the States . . . first national fraternity based entirely upon Christian principles . . . first fraternity to establish a national placement service . . . now has one hundred chapters in forty-three states . . . Georgia Alpha Beta established in 1878 . . . sixth fraternity on campus . . . publication is the Palm . . . flower is the whits tea rose . . . colors sky blue and old gold. OFFICERS ROBERT YOUNG President HAROLD HUDGINS Vice President CHUCK TOOLE Secretary WILLIAM ALEXANDER Treosurer JIM ARNALL Historian ROLL ADAMS, J. D. ALEXANDER, WILLIAM ARNALL, JAMES ARNOLD, JOHN AVRETT, JACK BAKES, HIRAM BALLENGER, DILL BEUTELL, BARRINGTON BRANNON, MEANS BROMLEY, BUDDY BURGE, PHILIP BUSSEY, ARTHUR COLE, HAROLD COLEMAN, GENE COOK, DAVID DAVIS, JUSTIN DENMARK, CHARLES DRAWDY, EDWARD EDMONDSON, WILLIAM ESTES, BEN FULTON, C. B. FORT, DAVIS FREW, SAM GARREN, JOHN GAY, WILLIAM GIBBONS, ROBERT GLASS, CHARLES HAND, SNOW HARKINS, JOHN HARRELL, E. K. HARRIS, WILLIAM HENDRICKS, BARNEY HILL, JAMES HUDGINS, HAROLD HUDGINS, PAUL HUTCHINS, JAMES JERVEY, WALTER KENNON, PAUL KIMSEY, JOHN KNOTTS, U. S. LEONARD, RUSSELL LEWIS, CURTIS LYLE, HENRY MAHONE, PITTS MANNING, DABNEY MARTIN, EDWARD MASON, PHILLIP MAY, THOMAS McCLURE, ARDIE McNAB, WILLIAM MERRITT, REID OAKES, JULES V!l: OWENS, DAWSON OZMER, JOSEPH PAGE, CHRISTOPHER PARKS, JAMES PREETORIOUS, SUNNY REDDISH, RUSSELL REED, NOLAN ROGERS, LEONARD SHANKS, JAMES SHIVAR, WILLIAM SKELTON, BOYD SMITH, AL STEWART, WILMER STRICKLAND, CECIL TALBOTT, THOMAS TANKERSLEY, RALPH TOLBERT, JOSEPH TOOLE, CHUCK TOOLE, EDWARD TOOLE, MIKE TUCKER, HUGH WATTS, WILLIAM WHIPPLE, BENNETT WHIPPLE, FIELDING WILSON, CHIC WHITE, JAMES YOUNG, ROBERT CHI PHI OFFICERS TOMMY THOMPSON President HARRELL DREWRY Vice President CHARLES BROWN Secretory WILLIAM LEE Treasurer HENRY B. TROUTMAN Custodian BOURKE FLOYD Correspondent Founded at Princeton University . . . result of successive unions of three older organizations of some name . . . Eta Chapter established in 1867 . . . second on campus . . . sun flower is the flower . . . colors are scarlet and blue . . . the Chokett is the magazine. ROLL ARNOLD, DAVID BARNWELL, CHARLES BASSETT, EARL BELL, BARNETT BRISENDINE, GARRY BROWN, CHARLIE BROWN, FRED CAIRNES, ALLEN COGGINS, FRANK CARMICHAEL, VIC CARROL, ROBERT CLAY, WILLIAM CUTCLIFF, JAMES DANIELS, HINES DANTZLER, SHERMAN DOUGLAS, ALLEN DREWRY, HARREL DREWRY, MAC EDMUND, HORACE, JR. ELLARD, MARTIN ELLIS, EDWARD ERQUITT, JOE FLOYD, BOURKE FOLEY, FRANK GRINER, EUGENE GEORGE, WILLIAM B, HADAWAY, TALMADGE HANCOCK, REGINOLD HARRIS, McMULLEY HARTRIDGE, JULIAN HELMLY, THOMAS HOOD, CARL HOOD, FOY HORNE, JAMES HUDSON, ALLEN INGRAM, BOBBY JOHNSON, R. R. KENNEDY, HARVEY KING, ALEX, III LEE, WILLIAM LOWE, CHARLES MARGESON, THEODORE MARTIN, ARTHUR B. McCLESKEY, DUGAS McCURRY, PETE McLEOD, JOHN MacDOUGALL, DANIEL McMillan, charles McMILLIEN, FINDLEY McMULLEN, CHARLES McLaughlin, daniel mcwhorter, fonville moffitt, james moseley, reid methvin, thomas mozley, robert i mmm NICHOLS, ROBERT PASCHALL, JAMES PAINE, RUFUS PLASTER, DANIEL POWELL, HENRY MILLER, JR ROBINSON, CONSTANTINE, JR. RANSOM, SAM REID, HENRY SANDERS, CARL SHERMAN, WESLEY SMITH, CODIE SMITH, ROBERT STRETCH, DAN SWEETIN, WILTON THEUS, CHARLTON THOMPSON, THOMAS THORNWELL, EDWARD A, THRASH, CRAIG TROUTMAN, HENRY TURNER, ROZIER WAITE, ARTHUR WALLACE, MILTON WARD, JAMES WILLIAMS, KENNETH WINGO, ROBERT WINECOFF, FLEMING, JR. WOFFORD, DOUGLAS YOPP, JOHN CHI PSI Only National Conservative fraternity at the University . . . founded at Union College, May, 1841 ... oldest national fra- ternity re presented at the University . . . local chapter founded 1 890 . . . magazine is the Purple and Gold . . . colors are purple and gold . . . houses are called " lodges " . . . local chapter is Alpha Delta. OFFICERS THOMAS C. WATSON President R. WILLIAM BARTON Vice President ELWOOD S. NEWTON, JR Vice President HERMAN E. POSS Secretary R. EUGENE HOLLEY Secretary FREDERICK H. JOHNSON Treasurer ROLL BARTON, RUFUS WILLIAM CATES, DAVID EARL COCLIN, JAMES WILLIAM CROFT, JACK KIRBY, JR. DeRENNE, KENTWYN DREW, LIONEL E, ELLIOTT, CARL RICHARDS EVANS, CHARLES EUGENE EXLEY, MALLEY GRIMES, MILLARD 8. HESTER, GLENN BERTRAND HUDSON, JOHN BAXTON HOCH, WALTER KLOECKLER HOLLY, RUDOLPH EUGENE HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM LAWSON JINKS, CHARLES CRAWFORD, JR. JOHNSON, FREDERICK H. KEITH, AMES LADD, JR. LEWIS, ROBERT STANTON LOOPER, HARRY STEWART, JR. MAY, EDWIN MORRIS, JR. MEAGHER, NEIL J. MILLER, THOMAS WILLIS MORAN, WARREN CARL MOSS, JOHN MARVIN, JR. MURPHEY, CLARENCE CHESTLEY, JR. McCOY, WENDELL BROWN NEWTON, ELWOOD SCHEETZ, JR. PEMBER, JOSEPH WILLARD POSS, HERMAN EMILE POWELL, LEONARD FORREST, JR. ROBINSON, THOMAS, JR. SASSER, HORACE OLIVER SCOTT, JOHN DIXON, JR. SCOTT, JACK DAVIDSON SHORT, WILLIAM OTTO STEELE, HERBERT LYMAN, JR. STILES, LEASON BLAKE THOMPSON, ANDREW NAPIER WATSON, THOMAS C, JR. WEST, JACK CLEMENT WIDENER, DAVID MILLEDGE YOUNG, WILLARD WELLMAN ) I fe JT i -• ir DELTA TAU DELTA Founded at Bethany College in 1859 . . . united with the Rainbow Society in 1886 ... 75 chapters in the U. S. and Canada . . . Beta Delta Chapter established at Georgia in 1882 . . . eighth fraternity on campus . . . flower is the iris . . . colors are purple, white and gold . . . magazine is the Rain- bow . . . chapter led all fraternities in scholarship during past year. ! .A: OFFICERS LEE H. BURDETT President ROBERT O. SHANNON Vice President NELSON C. WESTBROOKS, JR Treasurer EDGAR M. MATTHEWS Recording Secretary RICHARD D. BULLOCH .... Corresponding Secretary ROLL ARRINGTON, FRANK J. BARRON, CHARLES E. BATES, JOHN F., JR. BOGGS, BOONE B, BROWN, EDWARD E. BRYANS, RALEIGH G. BULLOCK, RICHARD D. BURDETT, LEE H. CONEY, WALTER E., JR. COOK, WALTER G. COWART, CHARLES W. COX, WILLIAM F., JR. DICKENS, GORDON L,, JR. GAY, CRAIG HARPER, EDWARD M. HARRISON, ARTHUR T., JR, HEWITT, JOHN W. HIGHTOWER, ROBERT S. HUTTO, THOMAS L, JAMERSON, LEWIS W. JAMES, ALBERT S., JR. JOHNSON, GEORGE E. LEWIS, RICHARD E. MacMILLAN, ROBERT A. MATTHEWS, EDGAR M, McABEE, WILLIAM W., JR. McCONNELL, EDWARD L. MITCHELL, JAMES, JR. MOCK, CHARLES N. MURRAY, MILTON H. PARK, HENRY H., JR. POPE, CADESMAN, JR. PORTER, JOSEPH M. POWELL, JAMES M. REDDEN, JONES R. REEVES, ROBERT L. RICH, EDWARD M. SALTER, M. THOMAS SAPP, KENNETH F., JR. SELLERS, FLOYD C. SHANNON, ROBERT O. SMALLWOOD, CHARLES E. SPROUSE, JOEL F. STANLEY, DANIEL D. SULLIVAN, CLAUDE H. SUTHERLAND, JAMES M. TARPLEY, JOHN E., JR. TRAYLOR, HENRY G. TURNER, JACK D. VOLK, WILLIAM F., JR. WALKER, JOHN M. WESTBROOKS, NELSON C. WILLIAMSON, HOWARD E ' y .iU: KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS CLARENCE CLAY President PAUL BLAWIE Vice President HENRY BRICE Secretory BILL BIDEZ Treasurer Founded at Washington and Lee in 1865 . . . first called Phi Kappa Chi . . . majority of chapters in Southern institu- tions . . . third oldest fraternity at Georgia . . . Gamma Chapter established in 1868 . . . third oldest chapter of Kappa Alpha . . . colors are crimson and gold . . . red rose and magnolia are flowers . . . Kappa Alpha Journal is the magazine. ROLL ALLEN, DICK ANDERSON, BILL ASBURY, BEV ASBURY, GENE ATKINSON, GEORGE BALFOUR, ROBERT BALLARD, LUCIAN BANKS, BILL BANKS, GEORGE BARRETT, CHARLES BARTLETT, BILL BENTLEY, BILL BENTLEY, UPSHAW BIDEZ, BILL BLAWIE, PAUL BRICE, HENRY BROCK, JOHN BURT, HILLARD BUTLER, DICK BUTTOLPH, LYMAN CAMP, LINDLEY CAPERS, FRANK CHAMPION, RANDOLPH CLARK, TOM CLAY, CLARENCE COLEMAN, EMMETT COPLIN, JACK COPLIN, JIM CREEL, WEYMAN DANIELS, STEWART DARBYSHIRE, QUINCY DAVIS, BILL DAVIS, BOB DAVIS, CORNELIUS DAVIS, WRIGHT DIMMOCK, AVERY FERGUSON, JOHN FERGUSON, JOE FISHER, DICK FRYER, BOB GAY, BOLLING GLOVER, GRAHAM GOLDSMITH, LAUREN GUY, SAM HALL, BOB HALL, BUNNY HALL, DEAN HARRIS, AUDLEY HARRY, HENRY HASTY, JULIAN HOGAN, DAVE HOGAN, GENE HOWELL, HARRY HUFF, NEALE ISLEY, GEORGE JOHNSON, FRED JOHNSON, HARRIS KEMP, TED KIRBY, WILKINS LARSEN, WASHINGTON MARTIN, RUBEN MAY, HOKE MINGLEDOFF, FRED MITCHELL, WARREN MOODY, DICK MOTT, BOB NELSON, PETE NEWTON, CHARLES NICKERSON, SAM OGLESBY, SAM PAGE, BLUFORD PAIT, JACK PATE, PAT POOLE, TOM PITZER, VANCE RABB, ROY REYNOLDS, JIM REESE, ROY ROBERTS, FRANK ROWLAND, JACK SEARCY, BART SHEATS, BREWSTER SIMPSON, ROBERT SKINNER, CHARLES SLATEN, PAT STEPHENSON, CALVIN STRINGER, ROBERT THOMAS, BILL TIFT, BOB TILLMAN, HARRISON TOWSEN, BILL TOWSEN, LAMBETH TURNER, BILL TURNER, HARRY UPCHURCH, CHARLES VARNEDOE, ZACK WALKER, PAUL WATSON, HAROLD WEAVER, EARL WEIR, ALLEN WILLIAMS, JOHN WINGFIELD, TERRY WHELCHEL, H. H. mm. C) KAPPA SIGMA Founded at the University of Virginia in 1869 . . . first Southern fraternity to establish a chapter in the North . . . Kappa Sigma has 1 14 active chapters . . . Beta Lambda Chap- ter was established in 1901 . . . tenth fraternity on the Univer- sity of Georgia campus . . . the Caduceus is the magazine . . . colors are scarlet, white and emerald green . . . flower is the lily of the valley. OFFICERS JOHN CULBREATH President JO BILL FERGUSON Vice President JERRY BLANKS Master of Ceremonies BILLY LUKE Secretary BEN CARTER Treasurer 4 £ ROLL ALLGOOD, CONRAD ANSLEY, BILL BAGWELL, JOE BELL, ED BETTS, WEYMAN BLACK, HOMER BLANKS, JERRY BRANCH, JERRY BYARS, BILL BRYANT, TULLY BUTTS, BOYD CARTER, BEN COOK, JOHNNY CULBREATH, JOHN DAVIS, HUGH DRAKE, ED ESTES, TOM FERGUSON, JOE BILL FOWLER, ROY GILMORE, ERNEST GODDARD, FRANK GOSS, JAKE GROTHEER, HERMAN HARPER, PAUL HEERY, JIMMY HUBER, TONY JORGENSON, RALPH JONES, HUGH KENNEDY, MAC KANE, BOB KING, KIRTON KNIGHT, ED LATIMER, JOHN LOTT, CLINTON LUKE, BILLY McKISSACK, HERBERT MALONE, ROY MARTIN, BOB ;., - f.:l i •• ;J MITCHELL, CHARLES MOORE, JAMES MUNSON, RAY MURDOCK, ED NEAL, HENRY NeSMITH, DON PACE, BILL PAGE, HARLAN PERDUE, CHARLES PETERS, BILL PULLIN, JAMES REEVES, JUD SHOEMAKER, BIX STATON, WAYNE STOKES, BILL THRASHER, SID TOOMBS, JACK PINSON, JAMES HICKS, CRAWFORD WATSON, FRANK LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded at Boston University in 1909 . . . outgrowth of Cosmopolitan Law School . . . fourteenth fraternity on the campus . . . Nu Chapter established in 1915 ... all chapters required to issue at least four periodicals a year . . . notional publication is the Cross and Crescent . . . colors are purple, green and gold . . . flower is the white rose . . . there are 1 16 active chapters at present. OFFICERS WILLIAM M. McCRARY President ROBERT HARPER Vice President THOMAS E. WILSON Secretary WILLIAM HARLIN Treasurer WALTON S. FREEMAN Ritualist JACK A. ADKINS Rush Chairman ABNEY, GEORGE, JR. GERl, JOE ANDERSON, JESSE, JR. GLENN, THOMAS ANDREWS, JAMES A. GLENN, WILLIAM ADKINS, JACK A. GORE, JACK ASLINGER, SONNY GROSS, FRANK ATKINSON, ROSWELL J. HANCOCK, JAMES G. BAKER, JOE B. HARLIN, WILLIAM ' BARNES, KENNETH HARPER, JAMES C. ' ' BARFIELD, CHARLES L HARPER, ROBERT A. BEAUMONT, CHARLES A. HOLCOMBE, BONDY H. BENNETT, WILLIAM HOLLIS, OSCAR P. ! BLANE, PAUL HOLMAN, JAMES F. j !il BODINE, ALBERT HOOD, EDWARD D. 1 !!l BOWERS, WILLIAM M. HOWARD, P. L. I a BROWN, LEONARD C, III HULSEY, CHARLES fl ;; BRANNON, RICHARD IRWIN, WILLIAM F. BURCH, CHARLES B. JENKINS, CHARLES J. COBB, IRA JUCURA, JOSEPH : , - COOK, JAMES M. KENIMER, JOSEPH S. ' 1 ffl CRAWLEY, HERBERT KING, HILLYER » DECK, WILLIAM LASSITER, WILLIAM L. DELESKI, GERALD J. LITTLE, WARREN DILLARD, LEWIS LLOYD, MAYFIELD 1, ;,; DOLLAR, HUBERT MAJORS, THOMAS J. Sli DOUDNEY, ALFRED C. MANN, HEWELL H. SI DREW, WAYNE R. MARTIN, SONNY I DULANEY, ROBERT F. MARTIN, RICHARD ' TH FARR, J. B. McCRARY, WILLIAM M. FORDHAM, BENJAMIN E. McDonald, hubert FREEMAN, WALTON S. MIXON, ray GARLAND, RILEY L. MOBLEY, GWINN N. NESTORAK, STANLEY G. PALMER, CHARLES PARKER, JACK PARSONS, DONALD PATAT, JOHN PLAMPIN, RICHARD T. PROSPERI, RAY PRUETT, JOHN PROVEAUX, CURTIS L. PYRDUM, CARL RAUCH, JOHN REID, BERNIE REID, ERNEST ROBINSON, WALTER L. ROBERTS, HUGH ROWE, ROBERT H. SALTER, FORREST B. SCOTT, JULIAN H. SEITZ, IRWIN C. SIMS, RALEIGH H SMITH, CHARLES SMITH, ROBERT C. SPRATT, HENRY G. STERRETT, EDWIN H. STONE, JOEL E. TAYLOR, WILLIAM R. THOMPSON, EDWARD TOUCHSTONE, JACK TUMLIN, THOMAS N. WELCH, EDWARD WILSON, THOMAS E. WOODARD, JIMMY - i L iv. ' £ PHI EPSILON PI OFFICERS SAM MASSELL, JR Superior DAVE LANDAU Vice Superior JOEL GOLDBERG Treasurer ROBERT JOEL Recording Secretary DAVID ROOS, JR Corresponding Secretary Organized in 1904 at the College of the City of New York . . . founded as a non-sectarian organization , . . Mu Chapter Dt Georgia established in 1915 . . , oldest Jewish local fraternity in continuous existence . . . twelfth on the campus . , . maga- zine is the Phi Epsilon Pi Quarterly . . . colors are purple and gold . . . flower is the white carnation. j ROLL BRAIL, JACK BRAIL, ROBERT BYCK, DAVID COHEN, ADRIAN, JR. EDEL, JULIUS ELLISON, RICHARD GOLDBERG, JOEL HELD, CHARLES HELD, SIGMUND HEYMAN, ARTHUR, II JOEL, ROBERT KILIPER, ROBERT LANDAU, DAVE MARCUS, SIDNEY MASSELL, SAM, JR. MENDES, JOSEPH RINGEL, FRED ROOS, DAVID, JR. SCHWOB, HENRY STEYERMAN, HARRY WALLACE, WILLIAM m PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS EMORY L. CONNELL President JAMES T. ST. JOHN Vice President DEWEY W. JOHNSON Secretary JOHN E. GRIFFEN Treasurer The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded at the Univer- sity of Virginia in 1888 ... all founders served in the Con- federate Army . . . Alpha Mu Chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1928 . . . eleventh fraternity on the campus . . , garnet and gold are the colors . . . the flower is the lily of the valley . . . the Shield and Gold is the chapter paper. ROLL ANDERSON, RICHARD B. ANDREWS, ROLAND C. ANGEL, WALTER O. ARGO, ROBERT E. BAILEY, JOHN E. BALDWIN, JOHN P. BENNETT, ERNEST LEROY BIBBING, BOB B. BABBITT, THOMAS B. BRIGHT, BOB BROADDRICK, TOM L. BROWN, WILLIAM BRYAN, SPEDE J. BUSH, BOBBY C. CAMPBELL, THOMAS E. COBB, LANIER A. CONNELL, EMORY L. CRITTENDON, ALEX F. CRENSHAW, THOMAS C. CROMARTIE, HENDRICK CULPEPPER, QUINCY W. DEEN, BRASWELL DICKERSON, GEORGE DODD, JAMES L., JR. EDMONDSON, J. E. FARRAR, CHARLES C. FAWCETT, WILLIAM FENDIG, EDWIN FIELDS, NOVIS GREINER, CHARLES E. GRIFFIN, JOHN E. GRIFFIN, TENNY S. GRIFFITH, JAMES K. GREINER, CHARLES E. GRINER, CHARLES E. GRIST, JACK GRIZZELL, FRANK R. HALL, JERRY L. HALL, JOHN P., JR. HAM, EDWIN H. HODGSON, HAROLD B. HOGG, JAMES P. HOLLIS, ALTON B. HYATT, CHARLES H. IRWIN, FRANK IVEY, MONCHER LEE JERNIGAN, JOHN L. JOHNSON, DEWEY W. KENNY, JACK M. KNOX, JOHN G., JR. LANKFORD, JOHN LATTY, HOWARD O. LEGETTE, EUGENE S. LEOTIS, PODELE A. LEWIS, CHARLES D , JR. MARTIN, PAUL D. MARTINEZ, ERNEST J McARTHUR, GEORGE A. McMANUS, JOE W. McGINTY, JACK E. MOORE, JACK NOEL, MALCOLM E., JR. OWEN MARVIN P., JR. PARKS, BEN G., JR. PHILIPS, BARRY PIPES, RICHARD H. RANDELL, WILLIAM DAVID RIGDON, CHARLES R. ROBERTS, HUGH ROBINSON, LEROY RODRIQUES, REYNALDO SAWYER, GERALD SOWER, GERALD B. SCHANCHE, DONALD SIMMONS, ROGER F. SIMMONS, JACK SMITH, JACK C. SMITH, WILLIAM A. TAYLOR, JEAN TAYLOR, RALPH THOMPSON, A. M. THOMPSON, W. P. TOLLESON, CHARLES M. TOWNSEND, WILLIAM R. TROTTER, McKIE M, WALRAVEN, HAROLD C, WEBB, BAXTER WEBB, THAXTER WEATHERLY, GEORGE M, WILKINS, WALLACE A. WEANT, DONALD WHELCHEL, ALVIN C. YORK, GUS PI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS JAMES B. MORRIS Archon PAUL E. KING Treasurer ALTON P. BROWN Secretary JOHN H. WHEELER Warden FRANK M. SCARLETT Chaplain WILLIAM PRYOR Historian ROBERT M. BOSWELL House Manager Founded at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, December 10, 1904 . . . Lambda Chapter was found- ed in 1 91 5 ... it is the thirteenth oldest on the campus ... there are a total of forty-four active chapters of Pi Kappa ' Phi . . . the fraternity colors are gold and white . . . the fra- ternity flower is the red rose . . . the outstanding event of the past year has been reactivating the chapter after several | wartime years. ROLL ASH, NEAL AURIETT, JAKE BAILIE, DONALD BALDWIN, HARRY J. BOSWELL, ROBERT M. BOYETTE, BILL BROWN, ALTON P., JR. BRUCE, ED CAFIERO, SONNY CHASTAIN, HARRY DANIELS, C. MILTON FAUS, GEORGE GOLDEN, JOEL graves, richard harpe, jimmy harper, lindsay hutcherson, s. fain jackson, george james, branson jolly, victor f. keunemur, stokes king, jack king, paul McCarthy, kenneth McKENNY, JACK METHENY, RALPH !l MILEY, LAMAR MILLER, MAX MORRIS, JAMES B. NEWTON, RAY NIXON, JOHN POUNDS, JACK PRYOR, WILLIAM SCARLETT, FRANK M. SIMONS, WILLIAM L. SMITH, BILLY SWERINGER, WALTER THOMPSON, ROBERT A. WHELLER, JOHN H. WOOTEN, ROY F. fc) PHI DELTA THETA Founded at Miami University in 1848 . . . member of the Miami Triad ... at first existed sub rosa . . . Georgia Alpha established in 1871 ... fourth fraternity on the campus . . white carnation is the flower . . . colors are argent and azure . . . magazine is the Scroll of Phi Delta Theta. OFFICERS ROY LAMBERT President JlMMcKENZIE Vice President COLLIER MARTIN Secretary ROY TURNER Treasurer BOB EDWARDS Warden WALTER KELLY Pledge Master CHARLIE MILHOLLIN Chaplain ROLL ACREE, RICHARD ADERHOLT, ED ALLMAN, FRED ATKINS, NORMAN BAILEY, BILL BAILEY, BOB BAILEY, HARRY BARKSDALE, GUS BATTEY, HORACE BEASLEY, FRED BECKWITH, WHITIE BELL, JOHN T. BIRDSONG, BUCK BLACKMON, GUY BRADBURY, BUCK BRADSHAW, BILL BRASELTON, L. A. BRYANT, CLARK BUTLER, BILL BYARS, HARDIN CABINESS, HARVEY CAMPBELL, CLIFF CHERRY, BILL CHRISTIAN, BOB CLEMENTS, HORACE COBB, BILL COFFEE, LUMPKIN COLLINS, CHARLIE COOK, GENE COWART, JOHN CRAVEY, BOB CRAVEY, ZACK CRAWFORD, CHARLIE DANIEL, NED DONALDSON, BILL DOUGLAS, MERLE DOYLE, JOHN DUGAS, GRAHAM DUNLAP, ED EDWARDS, BOB ENGLE, BILL FORIO, BOB FORIO, ED GARRETT, BILLY GILLESPIE, LARRY GREENWAY, CARLOS GREEN, FURMAN GREER, FURMAN GREER, JIMMY GLASS, DAN GRIFFIN, BILL HALL, HOWARD HALL, JACK HAWTHORNE, BILL HAYES, BILLY HEARD, CHARLES HILL, NAT HILL, PENSON HILTON, GOLDEN HONEA, TOM HUDSON, BILL HUNNICUT, BALFOUR JERNIGAN, BEN JORDAN, BUD KELLY, RALPH KELLY, WALTER KENT, CLAUDE LAMBERT, ROY LANIER, ALFRED LEE, ERNEST LESLIE, ED LESLIE, AL LIPPENCOTT, BILL LUNDY, BOB MacARTHUR, BOB MANSFIELD, LARRY MARTIN, COLLIER MARTIN, JIM MASSEY, GEORGE MEADORS, JOE MILHOLLAND, CHARLIE MONROE, BILL MOFFATT, JIM KflJt rivii McCUE, BOB McGEHEE, GENE McKENZIE, JIM MOSELEY, GOULD NELLANS, CHARLIE PARKER, CHARLIE PATE, TOM PENLEY, GEORGE PRITCHETT, BUNNY QUEENER, SAM REDDICK, ALTON RHODES, MUTT ROBERTS, BILL SANDERS, BOBBY SCRUGGS, LANIER SHADBURN, JOHN SHEPHARD, MASON SHORT, JACK SMITH, LARRY SMITH, SYD STANTON, LAFAYETTE STANTON, ROSS STRIBLING, TEE THOMAS, BILL THOMPSON, PAUL TOLBERT, JACK TROTTER, BILL TURNER, KELLY TURNER, ROY TYLER, JOHN WALLACE, AL WALTHALL, FRANK WAMPOLE, PHELPS WARE, ARTHUR WARNOCK, BOB WEIGAND, FRANK WHELLER, M. B. WILLIAMS, JACK WOODRUFF, RENTZ WOOTEN, BOBBY YORK, GLENN OFFICERS WILLIAM C, LLOYD . President THOMAS M. SMITH Vice President JAMES E. HENDRIX Secretary KIRK McALPIN Treasurer SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856 . . . one woman member . . . largest national fraternity . . . Georgia Beta Chapter founded in 1865 . . . oldest fraternity on the University of Georgia campus . . . initiations held in Fran ce during World War I . . . magazine is the Record . . . flower is the violet . . . colors are royal purple and old gold. ROLL ADAMS, GEORGE GRAVES, DOUG ' 1 BAKER, CASEY GRAY, JACK BATTLE, BLANCHARD GREENE, BILL BECKMAN, LUHR GRIMSLEY, JOHN BERRYMAN, TYLER GROVES, JACK BINNS, WALLACE HAGLER, GOULD BLALOCK, WELBORN HARDAWAY, JIM BLANTON, LOU HARDWICK, LESTER BOHN, A. J. HARGROVE, DICK BASELTON, HENRY HARGROVE, RAY BRIDGES, JULIAN HARMEN, HOWARD BRIDGES, MARION HARRIS, GEORGE BROWN, JIM HECKMAN, ORVILLE BROWNING. RODNEY HELMKIN, RALF CABANISS, DAN HENDRIX, WIMP CAMPBELL, CHARLES HILL TRAVERS CANN, SAM HUTCHESON, TOM CAPERS, JACK JENKINS, HARVEY GARY, ELTON JOHNSON, CHARLES CASTLETON, ED JOHNSTON, MAC CHEATHAM, FRANK JONES, BARNEY CHICHESTER, BUDGE JONES, BILL CLARKE. HAROLD JONES. ROSSER CLAUSSEN, WARD KEETER, ED 1 COOK, TOM KING, JIM COX, ROBERT KNIGHT, STUART CUSHMAN, JOHN LEBEY, CLIFORD DARDEN, MORRIS LEMASTERS, TED i L -ix DAVIS, JACK LINDSEY, JOE « m DODSON, CHARLES LLOYD, BUDDY DYE, CHARLES LOGAN, BERNARD EASTERLIN, BEN LOH, LARRY FBERSOLE, BILL LOKEY, CHARLES EISENHART, NED LYONS, BOB : ELDREDGE, DOC MALOY, C. J. K SILV V 1 M EWING, CHARLES MERCER, GEORGE FAULK, FRANK MILLER, TOM FERRELL, CONVERSE MIZELL, WOODY FLOURNOY, BUDDY MONROE, TOM FLOWERS, ED MONTFORT, BURT FLOYD, EARL MONTFORT, DAVE GAINES, ZEKE MONTGOMERY, GEORGE GIANNONI, PAUL MURRAY, MERCER MURPHY, ELLIS i ' f ' l! - MURPHY, HAL MURPHY, HAYNE MEYERS, FRANK McALPIN, KIRK McCAULLEY, DICK McMillan, john nevil, lew newton, bill newton, will norton, frank ogletree, bill oliver, jim PAGE, RYE PAULK, DONALD PEEPLES, JOHN PENCE, HENRY PENDLETON, BILL PENNINGTON, FRED PERDUE, RHODES PERSONS, PAT PETERSON, PETE PIERCE, HINTON POWELL, JACK PRICE, ELMER RAGSDALE, JOHN REEVES, LANE RHODES, JACK RICE, GEORGE RICHARDSON, BUDDY RICHARDSON, DICK RUSHING, GEORGE RUSSELL, BOB SHOCKLEY, DICK SHOCKLEY, HANK SIKES, CHARLES SILVEY, FRANK SMISSON, ROY SMITH. THOMAS SPEARS, HAROLD STEWART, BEN STRICKLAND, JULIAN SWANSON, BILL SWIFT, JOHN TAYLOR, CREED TURNELL, TRENTON VAUGHN, LEWIS WALTERS, JESSE WEAVER. TERRY WHEELER, FRANK WHIDEN, JOHN WILLIAMS, HARRY WILLIAMSON, BILLY WISE, JEAN WOOD, CHARLES WOODALL, CHARLES WOODARD, BUCK WOODRUFF, GEORGZ WOODFOLK, GENE WORTHEY, ALLEN WRIGHT, FRANK WRIGHT, TATE YEAGER, THEO JH. SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami University in 1855 ... a Miami Triad fraternity . . . unique feature is the Constantine Chapter, group in the Confederate Army ... 109 active chapters and 112 alumni chapters . . . Delta Chapter established in 1872 . . . fifth fraternity at Georgia . . . publication is the Magazine of Sigma Chi . . . colors are blue and old gold . . . flower is the white rose. OFFICERS JOHN B. ZUCCARO President W. EDWARD ANDREWS Vice President GEORGE A. DOSS, JR Secretary ROBERT P. DAVIS Treasurer ROLL ADAMSON, AUGUSTUS F. AKINS, CHARLES L. ANDERSON, ARNOLD B. ANDERSON, GEORGE ANDREWS, WILLIAM E. BANKS, MITCHELL D. BARRINEAU, CHARLES E. BOHLER, CHARLES E. BOLTON, JAMES B. BOWDIDGE, JOHN S. BOWLAN, THOMAS G. BOWLING, JOHN M. BRADBERRY, ROBERT M. BRADLEY, JAMES P. BRANCH, THOMAS A. BRASWELL, BELTON H. BREWER, SPENCER S,, JR. BURKS, RAYMOND A. BYRD, GARLAND T. CAMP, HIRAM E., JR. CARR, COLEMAN D. CARR, RICHARD D. CARROLL, JOHN T., JR. CARSWELL, ASHLEY J. CHAPMAN, PAUL W., JR. CHAPMAN, ROBERT H. CHASTAIN, JACK R. CHESNA, JOSEPH L. CHEVES, JAMES P., JR. COBB, CARSWELL H. COFER, RICHARD M. DANIEL, GARNETT, L., JR. DAVIS, JEROME D., JR. DAVIS, ROBERT P. DEGREGORY, JOHN N. DELOACH, MERIDA F., JR. DOSS, GEORGE A., JR. DOWNS, DONALD J. DRAKE, GEORGE L., JR. DUNAPHANT, DAVID W. DUNLAP, ROBERT H. EDWARDS, DAN M. FLEXER, JOHN W. FORT, JAMES F. FOWLER, HUGH L. GIBSON, ROBERT E. GLASS, ROBERT J. GNANN, JOHN W. GNANN, RICHARD L., JR. GOBER, HENRY F. GREEN, RUFUS K. GREGORY, ROWLAND E. GRIFFIN, BEVERLY F. GROOVER, JOHN O. HALL, DONALD R. HAMMOND, JAMES T. HANSON, E. GORDON, JR. HAYES, RUDOLPH L. HENDERSON, DANIEL C. HILL, JOSEPH E. HILL, WALKER P., JR. HILLEY, WILLIAM W. HINSON, CHARLES O., JR. HOBGOOD, WILLIAM J. HOLMES, CAPERS A. HOOKS, GERALD D. HOOKS, O. W., JR. HOPKINS, CALVIN S,, JR. HOWARD, HUBERT H. HUCKEBA, GEORGE B. HUNT, ALBERT L. JACKSON, CLAUDE N. JAMES, ALVIN W. JOHNSON, EARL L. JONES, CUMMINS B. KENNEDY, JOHN G., JR. KENNEDY, JOHN W. LANG, JAMES A. LEASMAN, CLAUDE H. LINDSEY, WILLIAM H. LITTLE, CHARLES A,, JR. LONG, CALHOUN A., JR. McCARLEY, HUGH F. McCALL, KEN McGARITY, STUART W. McGINNIS, LAMAR S. McLAIN, JAMES P., JR. McMillan, pierce h. McRAE, HUGH M. MARSHALL, EDISON, JR. MAYES, LAMBETH C. MILHOLLIN, HENRY R. MILLER, DAVID E., JR. MILLER, WILLIAM D. MOBLEY, JOHN W. MONROE, ROLAND S NASH, HOKE S. NEEL, WALLACE L. NOLAND, EMMIT E., JR. OLLIFF, JAMES F., JR. OWEN, IDWAL H. PARRIS, GEORGE B., JR. PARTEE, JAMES E. PAUL, JEWELL C. PERHACH, ANDREW PUETT, GARNETT E. JR. JR. QUILLIAN, ALFRED A. QUILLIAN, JOHN K REED, ROBERT J ROGERS, JOHN R SCHRODER, OLIVER B. SCHUESSLER, ROBERT L, SCOTT, GEORGE E SCOTT, RICHARD S. SELLERS, WEYMAN G. SIMMONS, FRANK, JR. SIMPSON, S " . K. SIMPSON, WILLIAM A. SMITH, JOSEPH D., JR. STEWART, THEODORE M. STEWART, JAMES E. STROTHER, HARVEY Q. STROTHER, WILLIAM F. TAYLOR, GEORGE O., JR. TIDWELL, CLAUDE W. TILLMAN, JACK B. TIPPINS, DAVID A. TIPPINS, JESSE G. TOLLESON, TOM M. TUCKER, WARREN H. TURNER, ROBERT G., JR. USHER, JACK H. VANDENBERGH, PETER A. VEAL, JESSE R. WALDROP, CLAXTON R., WALL, WILLIAM A. WARREN, THOMAS E. WATSON, VINCENT C. WELLS, JOHN P., JR. WILLIAMS, JOHN R. WITCHER, WILLIAM B. WOODS, HENLEY P. WRIGHT, JAMES F. WYNN, EDWIN L. ZUCCARO, JOHN B. " %. SIGMA NU Organized at Virginia Military Institute in 1869 ... or- ganized from the Legion of Honor, a secret society . . . Mu Chapter established in 1873 ... 105 active chapters . . . sev- enth fraternity on Georgia campus . . . journal is the Delta . . . colors are gold, block and white . . . flower is the white rose. OFFICERS JOE DIXON President MICKEY WARD Vice President MURTIS MAFFET Treasurer JOLIN McMANUS Secretary ROLL ABEL, JACK ABEL, NICK ALEXANDER, WM. ARNOLD, FRED ARMSTRONG, JOHN ATHERTON, HOWARD BELL, WADE BETSILL, GEORGE BLACKMAN, DANA BOWDEN, NEIL BRANNAN, HAROLD BROWN, CLARENCE BULLINGTON, JOSEPH BUMBALL, PAUL BUSH, ROBERT BUSH, JACK BUTLER, JOSEPH CASTLEBERRY, JAMES CHENEY, LOUIE COLLIER, CLIFFORD CONNELL, JACK CROSBY, NICK DAVIS, BLAKE DAVIS, JOHNY DAWSON, WALTER DENKINS, SAMUEL DEVON, CHARLES DILL, GORDON DIXON, JOSEPH ERWIN, RAYMOND EVANS, MALCOLM EVANS, WILLIAM FEANS, JOHN FINNEY, ROBERT ERASER, JOSEPH GALT, WILLIAM, JR. GIBSON, JAMES GRAVES, EDWIN GREGORIE, JOHN HALL, JAMES HALL, WILLIAM HARRIS, ROBERT HASKINS, JACK HILL, LEVI HOLLAND, WILLIAM HOLLOMAN, ROBERT HOOKS, JOSEPH JACKSON, BENJAMEN JONES, EZRA JORDAN, ROBERT JURNIGAN, MALCOLM KELLAM, JAMES LANE, THOMAS LEE, EDWIN LONG, ROBERT LAKE, DREWERY MAFFETT, MYRTIS MALONE, GEORGE MALONE, WILLIAM MAYS, BOWDRY MILBURN, GEORGE MINIX, FORREST MIXON, PERRY MONTGOMERY, JEROME MORGAN, THOMAS MORGAN, WILLIAM MAYE, VICTOR MYRICK, WILLIAMS McCARD, HAROLD McKENNEY, JAMES McMANUS, JOHN OWENS, CONNER PARKER, THOMAS PEACOCK, GERALD PEEBLES, HALL PEACOCK, JACK PONDER, JIM PORTER, LESTER PORTER, JAMES PRECTARIUS, WILLIAM REID, HUGH RIVENBACK, ROBERT RHODES, ROBERT RICHARDSON, IRWIN ROBERTS. ALFRED ROBERTSON, ROBERT SEIZ, EMIL SHELTON, LUTHOR SHORT, BILL SHIVERS, GUY SIMS, RICHARD, JR. SMISSON, HUGH, JR. SMITH, JACK SMOAT, JOHN STANFORD, TOMMY STEARNS, LEROY G. STERLING, LEROY STRAFFORD, GEORGE SWANN, JAMES TANNER, JACK THOMPSON, LEE TODD, ROBERT TURNER, RUBEN WALKER, JAMES WARD, JOSEPH WEATHERBY, ALVIN WENT, WILLIAM WILKINS, J. C. WILLIAMS, HENRY WILLIAMS, JULIUS WINN, LATHAM WOOTTON, STANLEY WRIGHT, JAMES YARBOROUGH, CAESAR YOUNG, ZELLNER TAU EPSILON PHI Founded at Columbia University in 1910 . . . Nu Chapter was founded in 1919 and was the fifteenth fraternity to be established on the campus of the University of Georgia . . . largest Jewish fraternity on the campus . . . Tau Epsilon Phi has 37 active chapters . . . the fraternity magazine is the Plume . . . colors ore lavender and white . . . flower is the lily of the valley. OFFICERS MORTON MELAVER President LEON SLOTIN Vice President JERRY MENDEL Secretary MELVIN SEIGEL Treasurer ROLL BERGER, HERBERT BERMAN, JULIUS BOORSTEIN, RONALD BRESLER, OWEN BROWN, EDWIN BROWN, HOWARD BERLIN, JACK BEGESLOV, MELVIN COBURN, MARVIN COHEN, ARTHER COHEN, JERALD COHEN, LESTER EHRLICH, CLARENCE FEINGOLD, BOB FOGEL, MYTON FRIEDMAN, KARL GALOMBOS, JOHN GARBER, RICHARD GINSBURG, BENNETT GILMORE, AL GOLDBERG, JACK GORDON, MURRAY GOTTLIEB, ALAN HALPERN, ALVIN HAMBURGER, KARL HIRSH, MILTON HIRSH, STANLEY HUROWITZ, IRWIN JAY, FERMAN KAMENSKY, SIDNEY KOLODKIN, HERBERT KOPLIN, BERYL LAVIETES, PAUL LEFFKOFF, HAROLD LERNER, DONALD LEVIN, IRVIN LEVY, IRVIN MAZO, IRVIN MELAVER, NORTON MENDEL, JERRY MILLER, GENE NODVIN, MARVIN OXMAN, BUSTER PESKIN, HERMAN PRAGER, IRWIN RABHAN, DAVID ROMM, MENDEL, JR. ROSEN, HARVERY RUBEN, JULIAN RUBNITZ, JULIUS SAUL, ALVIN SHOOB, MARVIN SIMMS, SAM SIEGAL, MELVIN SILVER, MILTON SILVERMAN, ALAN SLOTIN, LEON STEARN, MARVIN STEINBERG, JACK STOCK, JOE TEPPER, LOUIS WEISER, HAL if ,... _- t OFFICERS JIMMY NEWBERRY President JIM FREEMAN Secretary DONATH NICKOLS Treasurer SIGMA PI Founded in 1897 at Vincennes University . . . Georgia Col- ony established November 14, 1947 . . . fraternity colors ore lavender, white and gold . . . flower is lavender orchid. ROLL BARTENFIELD, BILL CHAKIS, GEORGE CROUT, WENDELL ESPY, JACK FLAKE, BILL FOLDS, GEORGE R. FREEMAN, JIM JOHNSON, HAROLD NELSON, ERNIE NEWBERRY, JIMMY NICHOLS, DONATH POWERS, GENE PUCKETT, HOYLE RAVEN, FOREST L. ROBERTSON, JOHN ROGERS, BILL THOMAS, BRYANT VAN HALTERIE, FRANK VON HOLLEN, JIM WILSON, GEORGE WILLIAMSON, RAY YATES, EARL " . ALPHA EPSILON PI SOL, GLASSES, AND TRUMPET 1 RUSHEES HAD JUST LEFT HOME-COMING CAN BE HECTIC THE SKIN YOU LOVE TO TOUCH SHAGGIN ' SAMMY! JOE AND AEPi PLEDGE 255 ALPHA TAU OMEGA SNUFFY THE SCHOLAR MOVIE STAR AND FRIENDS ' SGOOD FOR A GROWIN ' BOY THREE MEN OF DISTINCTION HANDS ACROSS THE TABLE 256 CHI PHI THE CAMERA DOES NOT LIE JOVIAL GROUP REID AND CAROL AND FINGERS SHINE FOR VEE MARDI GRAS MADNESS FROWNS AMID GAITY 257 CHI PSl JUST CHUMS PREVIEW OF STUNTNIGHT 0 THE " T C. MISS MARTHA NONCHALANCE TO THE EXTREME SERIOUS SANTA AND SMILEY MASCOT AND MASTERS WHEELS ON THE CAMPUS CART 258 DELTA TAU DELTA FULL OF CLEVER GET UP THOSE STAIRS, MLLE! K EW ri |M - J H ttJ f p» HEY— HOW ' RE YOU A STUDY IN SMILES 259 KAPPA ALPHA V. R. A. WILL GET YOU THERE DID SOMEONE SAY " PARTY? ' MY BILL COACH COPLIN AND CARDS SLAVES OF HABIT 260 KAPPA SIGMA LIGHTS ' CAMERA ' LEGS! f ' T BLOOD, SWEAT, AND SMILES Pi " - V,- . M FRANK GODDARD AND COMPANION FOLLOW THE ARROW TO FUN VERY ATTRACTIVE, MISTER HARPER DANCE CLUB PRACTICE IT ' S THE ACTRESS IN ALL WOMEN 261 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OBVIOUSLY THE BASHFUL TYPE MISS ASHLEY AND RUSHERS GENE GIVING WITH THE VERSE A MAN AND HIS TROPHIES KNUCK BEING A WOW COMPLETE OBLIVION PI KAPPA ALPHA " T-BONE ' BEN AND BONNIE PLAY HEARTS BOB AND JANE SPREADING JOY THE FORE SPOKES IN THE RED AND BLACK WHEEL THE AFTER PI KAPPA PHI m ' ml t tEi s | Bfc »rr- ' ' jfci gy--- ,,M t4j CAMPUS DISEASE TWO BIG BLURS CAMERA SHY SEEKERS OF HIGHER LEARNING PHI DELTA THETA RED, ZEKE, ' N CLAM JEST ASETTIN ' BUCK SHARING HIS MAIL THAT BOWERY BALL 1 ifi m II 11 DJt lili ' ■ m Ull 0. vt L ' M nil or Si IT m vm mm L : flH L v -vi. JUST TWO BIG KIDS YEH BIG TEAM! 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I j . , i . - Pi „ l?M« " - « : RIFLE TEAM Front row, left to right: Willey, D. E.; Buice, W. R.; Broadwell, M. M.; Thompson, J. T.; Cox, W. F.; Fulton, C. B.; Rigdon, C. R. Rear row, left tc right; Captain Ivie, coach; Turner, W. F.; Martin, M.; Kennedy, R. L.; Sellers, W. M.; Stillwell, J. P.; Balk, R. S.; M Sgt. McCormac, Asst. Coach and Manager. Non Com Instructors COL. J. V. V. SHUFELT I COLONEL J. V. V. SHUFELT, University of Georgia, P5M T Born in Chathom, New York, 1891; attended the public schools and high school in Chatham; graduated from Syracuse University, 1915; entered the Army through the first officers ' training camp, 1917; advanced through the various ranks to the present rank of Colonel in 1941; served overseas in World War I; during his army career he has served in some of the following places: along Texas border, Fort Riley, Kansas, Philippine Islands, (North Af- rica, Corsica, Italy — World War II). He has a number of campaign and service ribbons and the following decora- tions and honors: Legion of Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster; Army Commendation Ribbon; Notre Ordre du Nichan (Tunisian); Sherifian Ordre du Ouissam (Moroccan); Honorary P. F. C. in the French Foreign Legion. His last com- mand overseas during World War II was as commander of the North African Service Command. FRONT ROW: (Left to Right) LT. COL. H. C. PRINDLE CART. C.W. IVIE CART. R. A. MUNN, JR. CAPT. W. M. SOUELLS CAPT. R. L. JACKSON CAPT. C. H. CHAPPAS BACK ROW (Left to Right) LT. COL. H. H. STAY MAJ. M. H. RAKE MAJ. L. K. CANNON LT. COL. J. P. MOUREFIELD MAJ. JAMES C. LATHAM 305 H ig te j a i; ' ■ m mm m ' ' i ' i mmfBfi f f v.. xi ' tf ? , %L ' is tw i MILITARY REVIEW AND BALL SNAPSHOTS f toe rt SPORTS c eorgia Loac WALLACE BUTTS, Head Coach — Born at Milledgeville, Georgia, Feb. 7, 1905, Coach Butts was an all-round athlete, including all- prep end, at Georgia Military College in 1923 before entering Mercer at Macon. There he captained the football team and was All-SIAA end in 1927. B u t t s ' prep school coaching career in- cluded Madison A M, Georgia Military Col- lege, and Male High, Louisville, Ky., where he had an undefeated season. Lost only ten games in ten years of coaching and had winning streaks of twenty-six games. He came to Georgia in 1938 and since that time his teams have won 59 games, lost 21 and tied two during regular season. His 1941 squad beat T. C. U. in the Orange Bowl, 40-26; his 1942 eleven trounced U. C. L. A. in the Rose Bowl, 9-0; his 1945 team beat Tulsa, 29-6, in the Oil Bowl; last year the Bulldogs whipped North Carolina, 20-10, in the Sugar Bowl, and this year the Georgia team tied Maryland, 20-20, in the Gator Bowl. Butts was voted the outstanding coach of Souhecstern Conference in 1942 and 1946. MRS Front row, left to right: J. V. Sikes — baseball coach; Car- rol Thomas — end coach; Wally Butts, Head Coach; Bill Hortman — b a c k - field coach, and J. B. Whitworth — line coach. Back row, left to right: Forrest G. Towns, track coach; Ralph Jordan, bas- ketball coach; George Jernigan, " B " team football coach; Q u i n t o n Lumpkin, assistant line coach. Mrs. F. E. Hill and Mrs. C. E. Stewart, Secretaries in Athletic Ticket Office. Johnny Brocdnax, Business Manager of Athletics 1947 Bulldog Football Managers, Bob Chresten and Jack Lulick. Bill Strudel, Director of Athletic Publicity GEORGIA TRAINERS, Lou Blanton and Claude Bond FOOTBALL 947 September 19 September 27 October 4 . October 1 1 . October 18 . October 25 . October 31 . November 8 November 1 5 November 22 November 29 SCHEDULE 1947 . GEORGIA 14— Furman 7 . GEORGIA 7— North Carolina 14 . GEORGIA 35— L. S. U. 19 . GEORGIA 0— Kentucky 26 . GEORGIA 20— Oklahoma A M 7 . GEORGIA 7— Alabama 17 . GEORGIA 21 — Clemson 6 . GEORGIA 34— Florida 6 . GEORGIA 28— Auburn 6 . GEORGIA 27 — Chattanooga . GEORGIA 0— Georgia Tech 7 January 1, 1948 GEORGIA 20— Maryland 20 Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, Fla. 1947 UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA FOOTBALL SQUAD Halfback Joe Gerl picks up seven yards against Furman as Dan Edwards blocks out a foe. Georgia vs Furman On the warm night of September 19th, with 24,000 fans looking on, the Georgia Bulldogs, fresh as bottles of Co-op milk, opened their 1947 football season. Furman ' s gallant team moved fast and sent Hank Johnson over the " golden stripe " for the evening ' s first touchdown. The Buttsmen then caught hold of themselves momentarily and carried the ball to the two-yard marker where it was handed to Billy Henderson who smashed over to even the game at 7-all. The following 50-odd minutes were humiliating ones for the Red and Black squad. The Greenville lads refused to give in to the Athens ream and did an excellent job of it. With only moments left in the game, center Mike Cooley handed the ball to quarterback Johnny Rauch, who stepped back about 10 yards and heaved a 22-yarcl bullet pass to end Dan Edwards. Edwards, taking the pigskin on the Hurricane ' s five-yard stripe, dashed over for the winning tally. Joe Geri, with his famous " educated toe " split the uprights for both extra points. FINAL SCORE— GEORGIA 14; FURMAN 7. Georgia vs North Carolina After their big scare with little Furman, the Georgia Bulldogs journeyed north to Chapel Hill, North Carolina for the nation ' s first 1947 thriller. Most people claimed that it was to be a replay of the Sugar Bowl game of a few months before (minus one Charles Trippi). Kenan Stadium gathered 49,000 people from all over the Southeast for the big occasion. Coach Wally Butts mode a few last-minute changes and put his boys out on the gridiron. Georgia took an early lead in the second period after gaining a " break " on a pass interference penalty. John Donaldson broke through from the one-yard line for the Bulldogs ' only touchdown of the day. Geri added the extra point. North Carolina started rolling late in the third period after Johnny Clements intercepted Johnny Rauch ' s short pass on the Carolina 42, but after moving down to Georgia ' s 25, Bob Cox fumbled and Georgia recovered. Georgia was forced to punt and Choo-Choo Charlie Justice raced it back to Georgia ' s 49. Then Walt Pupa tossed one over the heads of the Georgia secondary defenders which Cox caught and ran another 20 yards untouched for the touchdown that deadlocked the score. Another Pupa-to-Cox pass gave the Tarheels a first down on the Geor- gia 17 and from here Pupa pitched one to Art Weimer who caught it in the corner of the four-yard line and raced across for the winning touchdown. Carolina ' s offensive centered around Mr. Justice, but this day the Bulldogs made him look like just another ball player. He had a net gain of 22 yards in the 19 times he carried the ball. FINAL SCORE— NORTH CAROLINA, 14; GEORGIA, 7. John Donaldson smashes through a strong North Carolina teem to moke a first down. Don Edwards (55) moves in to block as Weyman Sellers (53) looks the situation over. LnJ Dl L. S. U. Edwards, after taking a Rauch pass, races for the end zone to score one of the five touchdowns against Georgia vs Louisiana State University " y ° ' " ' ° summer, footbaii fans, sports writ- O ers, and probably, in secret, the coaches and players, were dreaming of a super perfect Georgia football game. Not until this crisp October afternoon did they see that dream walking or running, as the case may be. A lot of " bookies " and 38,000 fans got the surprise of their lives when they woke up to the fact that Georgia had turned back the great Tigers from Baton Rouge to the tune of 35 to 19. L. S. U. grabbed a 1 2-0 lead in the opening minutes, going 34 yards for the first score after recovering a Georgia fumble. Abner Wimberly, L. S. U. end, snatched a Rauch pass out of the air a few moments later and shot over from the 1 8. The Bulldogs came roaring back and carried the ball 62 yards to their one. Floyd Reid bucked over for the first Georgia score. A few minutes later Georgia began sweeping downfield on the Rauch-to-Edwards combination, Ed- wards took one for the second tally. Georgia led, 14 to 12, at half-time. L. S. U. picked up another in the third pe- riod when Y. A. Tittle went over from the one. Georgia came right back and Edwards took another one over. Reid also ran up another six points. Brunson, too, made six points, while Geri added five consecutive extra points. FINAL SCORE— GEORGIA, 35; L. S. U., 19. 317 Kentucky vs Georgia Up in Lexington, Kentucky, on Friday night, October 1 1th, the Wildcats pulled one of the season ' s sterling upsets with a 26-0 victory over a highly regarded Bulldog team. The fantastic grid story was unwound by a proud Kentucky team that made the br eaks happen and then cashed in on them. In the first quarter, the crowd of 24,000 fans saw Don Phelps and company run up a 20-0 lead and put out guards for the expected Georgia second-half rally. But it never came, and the blue and white team emerged with the first shutout that had been registered against the Georgians in 20 games. Before the game was over a minute old, Phelps took the Bulldogs ' punt and dashed 62 yards for a touchdown. Then, just a minute before the half, Kentucky made two more touchdowns. It was the latter two scores which, more or less, broke Georgia ' s back. The Wildcats added another score in the last half when Wilbur Jamerson inter- cepted a Georgia pass and sped 57 yards to pay dirt. FINAL SCORE— KENTUCKY, 26; GEORGIA, 0. Don Phelps (21), Kentucky ' s fine back, heads for pay dirt as Jack Bush (67) blocks out opponent. 1 i» Sliown above is a Georgia scoring threat which failed in tlie opening t|uarter of flic Oklahoma A M game. Fullback Floyd Reid took c lateral from Rauch and tried to circle his own left end, but the alert Cowboys chased him out of bounds on the A M one-yard line from which point the Aggies booted the ball out. Georgia vs Oklahoma A M October 18th was Georgia ' s day in Stillwater, Okla- homa! The Bulldogs had a small field day (more or less). Anyway, they came back to old Athens town with a 20-7 win over the Oklahoma Aggies. John Rauch went wild out there in that little midwest town. His accuracy was amazing as he hit his receivers for scores in the third and fourth quarters and accounted for numerous other passes for long gains. Rauch ' s passing first paid off in the middle of the second period when he flipped the pigskin 25 yards to Wey- man Sellers who was standing on the Aggie 10. Eli Maricich pushed to the seven and Lukie Brunson went over right guard to score. Joe Geri ' s try for extra point was blocked. No sooner had the Aggies scored their third-period touchdown than Georgia struck back after the kickoff. The Bulldogs started on their 21 -yard line and moved to the midfield stripe where Rauch heaved another bullet pass to Sellers on the Aggie 18, who took it over. Geri ' s try for extra point was good. In the closing minutes of the game, the Red and Black squad made their final touchdown. Oklahoma fumbled on their own 35 and Georgia took over. This time Rauch passed to Bob Walston over the goal. Geri came through with the extra point. Rauch completed 1 2 of 17 passes for 183 yards. FINAL SCORE— GEORGIA 20; OKLAHOMA A M, 7. Clem son vs G eorgia a 21-to-6 victory for the Buttsmen, they showed their obi for the magnificent punting of Bobby Gage, versatile Ti it much worse. The limber Anderson, South Carolina, st good in any man ' s land! It was Georgia ' s Johnny Rauch who keynoted the atto Johnny Donaldson, right halfback, chunked one, a 51-ya 287 yards (Floyd Reid, 71; John Donaldson, 56; Billy He cich, Joe Geri, Bob Walston, and Rauch split the remoini Stan Nestorak, Floyd Reid and Bob Walston tallied ago heaved a 40-yard pass to Bob Walston on the 10, who car The second touchdown came when Reid took the pigsk added another six points when he plunged through center three extra points. FINAL SCORE— GEORGIA, 21; CLEMSON, 6. The Bulldogs went up against little Clemson on Friday night, October 24th, and, although the gome ended wjth lity to much more advantage than the score indicated. But ger tailback, the Red and Black team would have made ar booted them for 68, 67, and 51 yards, which is pretty ck. He tossed nine bullseyes in 1 9 attempts for 1 64 yards. rder, to end Dan Edwards. The Georgia rushees piled up nderson, 50; Al Bodine, 40; and Lukie Brunson, Eli Mari- ng 70 yards). inst the Tigers. Rauch, standing on the 50-yard marker, ried it over for the first score. in over right end for 19 yards and six points. Nestorak for four yards to the golden stripe. Joe Geri added all Halfback Bill Henderson (20) rips through a strong Clemson line to gain a first down as Dan Edwards (55) and Homer Hobbs (79) come in to give aid. W V " Breezy " Reid clips off right end for four yards against Alabama. Weyman Sellers (53) rushes in to help the fullback, insert shows sports announcer Bill Stern (center) describing the game to sports fans across the nation. Alabama vs Georgia The Alabama Crimson Tide rolled into old Athens town Saturday, October 25th, and brought with it bouncy Harry Gilmer and star Lowell Tew. However, it wasn ' t until the sun had faded away beyond the distant Georgia hills did the 55,000 fans who gathered for the big home-coming event realize that " Big Bama, " with Mr. Gilmer and Mr. Tew leading the way, had smashed the Bulldogs to the ground and marked up a 17-to-7 win for them- selves. Alabama took the lead on the first punt when halfback Gilmer gathered in Joe Geri ' s kick and sped 80 yards without being touched. He stumbled on the 10-yard line but managed to stagger into the end zone. Quarterback Hugh Morrow booted the extra point. The Bulldogs scored in the second period to even the game, 7-7, at halftime. Eli Maricich slipped behind the Alabama secondary and took a pass from Johnny Rauch and dashed down the sidelines 83 yards into pay dirt. Geri punted the extra point. Just prior to that Georgia had put an end to an Alabama drive of 66 yards at the Bulldog 5, and Maricich had started the 95-yard scoring movement with a 12-yard dash. Alabama ' s second score was just about as sudden as the first and was good for 83 yards. Tew weaved 45 yards through Georgia tacklers and lateralled to Bill Cadenhead, right halfback, at the Georgia 38-yard marker. The lat- ter carried the ball into the promised land. In the final quarter, Gilmer ran a punt back 19 yards to the Tide 25 and the visitors rolled to a first down at the Georgia 13, With fourth down and four to go at the seven. Morrow was called in and he booted a field goal from 15 yards out. It was his field goal that really broke Georgia ' s back. FINAL SCORE— ALABAMA, 17; GEORGIA, 7. 321 ( PnrOl ' a Flon ' rlrJ " Saturday afternoon, November 8th, a tired but O victorious Georgia eleven walked off the playing field of Jacksonville ' s Municipal Stadium pleased that they had trounced the Florida Gators, 34-6. The Bulldog team didn ' t look great, but at times looked exceptionally good, and on two or three occasions it looked very poor. The Florida boys kept Georgia bottled up almost completely, so the Red and Black lads took to the air and Johnny Rauch completed 13 of 20 passes, two for scores. Dan Edwards, the boy who just reaches into the sky and pulls ' em in, snagged six for 85 yards. After a fumble cost the Georgians a chance to score in the first few minutes, they came back and mode good. Rauch flipped a 25-yard pass to Dan Edwards to put the ball on the Florida five. Three plays later, Rauch pushed over to score. Joe Geri added the extra point. Georgia ' s second score came in the second play of the second period. Rauch heaved a beautiful pass to John Don- aldson, who was standing in the corner of the end zone. Again, Geri booted the extra point. Pass interference was called on a Rauch pass that outdistanced Edwards on the Gator 33. The Florida team and fans protested the ruling, but, of course, it stood and Georgia went on to score on another Rauch plunge from the two-yard line. It was the only score in the third period, Geri missing his extra point try. The fourth touchdown came after a drive which started on the Bulldog 35 and ended when Rauch passed 26 yards to Edwards in the end zone. Geri made another point. The final touchdown was made when Gene Chandler intercepted a Gator pass, Geri going over for the score. He also added another point. Florida ' s only score came in the third period when Hal Griffin raced 68 yards to payland. FINAL SCORE— GEORGIA, 34; FLORIDA, 6. Bill Henderson ploughs into the Florida forward wall for a nice gain as Porter Payne (66) and Herb St. John (76) clear the way. John Donaldson returns kickotf 33 yards before being stopped by bob Cannon (Auburn 25) in the first quar- ter. Herb St. John (76) does good job of blocking for his team as does Porter Payne (66). Georgia vs Auburn Wallace Butts and his boys journeyed to Columbus on November 15th and outplayed their opponents, the Auburn Tigers, in almost every department to win, 28 to 6. It was the 51st contest between the two elevens since they started Deep South football in 1892. Some 23,000 fans saw the game, played on a soggy gridiron in misty, cold weather. Georgia rammed over a touchdown in the opening period when Weyman Sellers fell on a fumble at the Tiger 13. Bill Henderson picked up 8 yards on the first play, and drove across from the one after two plunges had moved it there. Joe Geri added the first of his four perfect placements. The next Georgia score resulted from a 59-yard march. After Rauch and Henderson had taken the ball almost to the goal line, Floyd Reid smashed over from the one on fourth down. A third Bulldog touchdown, early in the second half, came on a 70-yard drive, with Geri crashing over on a 13- yard run up the middle. Reid added his second and Georgia ' s final score late in the same period after Clayton Deavers intercepted a pass from Travis Tidwell and went back to the Auburn 27. Auburn ' s lone tally came in the last quarter when Johnny Liptak gathered in Billy Hodges ' pass on the Auburn 3 and scampered 97 yards down the sidelines without being touched. The Bulldogs netted 226 yards rushing and 124 passing to 29 net rushing and 18 passing for Auburn. FINAL SCORE— GEORGIA, 28; AUBURN, 6. Chattanooga vs Georgia It wasn ' t just the rain that gave the Bulldogs a head- ache Saturday afternoon, November 22nd. No, sir, those Chattanooga Moccasins were much more of a headache than the rain that fell that cold, dark day. However, the Georgia team sank the ' Noogo team and returned to Athens with a 27-to-O verdict. The Bulldogs went to Chattanooga expecting and intending to pile up an early lead on the Moccasins (in order to rest up for the Tech game, which was only a week away), but did well to be ahead, 6-0, at halftime. Chatta- nooga just wouldn ' t give in to Georgia ' s powerful attacks in the first half and then, too, the field was pretty slip- pery. Georgia ' s first touchdown came late in the first period when fullback Al Bodine intercepted a pass on ' Noogo ' s 33 and dashed across untouched. Three minutes after the start of the second half, Georgia took possession on its own 44, and scored without losing the ball. Bill Henderson cracked center from the one for the score after Joe Geri had brought it most of the way on a sustained drive. Late in the same period, Floyd Reid swung around left end at the Chattanooga 30 and went all the way with Bulldog blockers cutting down defenders. With about eight minutes remaining in the gome, John Tillitski took the ball on the one-yard marker and plunged over for the final score, Geri booted three out of four extra points. FINAL SCORE— GEORGIA, 27; CHATTANOOGA, 0. Gene Chandler (82) makes ready to nail a ' Nooga back. Eli Maricich (33), on hand-off from Rauch, gams 9 yards through center of line in first quarter of Tech gome in Atlanta. Georgia Tech vs Georgia Dawn broke late in Atlanta on the morning of Novem- ber 29th, but when the sun found its way through the toll downtown buildings, approximately 38,000 fans who were lucky enough to hold ducats to the annual Georgia Tech-Georgia grudge battle, awoke from a deep slumber (although there were many who didn ' t sleep and twice that many who stumbled out of their beds with hangovers) wondering just which of the two schools had the better team. Well, to make a long story short, Georgia Tech was the better of the two by seven big points, having won, 7 to 0. Georgia Tech was held against its own goal during most of the first half because of the Jackets ' inability to get an offensive underway. Joe Geri, the Bulldog star punter, outdistanced Tech ' s Billy Williams on each exchange and the Bulldogs picked up an occasional first down to force the favored Jackets deeper into their own territory. The day ' s only touchdown came in the third period when Red Patton, standing on the Georgia 13-yard line, heaved a perfect pass to George Broadnax in the end zone. Tech had reached that point when Jim Castleberry intercepted a Rauch pass and ran it back 17 yards. The Yellow Jackets led in first downs, 10 to 8, and in yards rushing, 129 to 61. The Bulldogs gained 83 yards on Rouch ' s passes, while Tech picked up 43. Georgia ' s deepest penetration came in the final minute when the Bulldogs drove from t heir 35 to the Tech 25. FINAL SCORE— GEORGIA TECH, 7; GEORGIA, 0. 325 AL-I-G AT R GATOR BOWL Georgia vs Maryland Shortly after the Georgia Tech game, Georgia was invited to play the University of Maryland in the Gator Bowl. It was the Bulldogs ' fifth bowl invitation and they wanted to win as they had in the four before. Butts worked his boys hard in the few weeks prior to the January meeting in Jacksonville and when the great day showed up and his lads walked out on the playing field at Municipal Stadium and faced the big, power- ful Terrapin eleven, they were thankful that they hadn ' t been given a chance to relax. They knew they were going up against one of the strongest teams in the country. And don ' t think they didn ' t consider themselves lucky to emerge with a 20-to-20 deadlock when time ran out. For three quarters, Jim Tatum ' s Maryland team, headed by the galloping bambino, Lucien Gambino, gave Georgia a few tips on how to play football. Then the Bulldogs came to life and scared the Terps half to death by scoring three rapid touchdowns to tie up the score. In fact, of the 21,000 fans on hand, at least 20,989 of them will tell you that had the Bulldogs been given another thirty seconds, the Chapel Bell in Athens would have rung all night. Maryland went 73 yards in five plays for its first touch- down, right halfback Gambino scoring on a 35-yard run. The Terrapins marched 80 yards for a second touchdown, Gam- bino plunging the final yard. Gambino took a pass from John Baroni for the Maryland third score. Tommy McHugh con- verted two extra points from placement. Johnny Rauch scored Georgia ' s first touchdown on a quar- terback sneak after a pass-interference penalty gave the Bulldogs a first down two yards from Maryland ' s goal. Joe Geri rammed over guard to score the second touchdown after a roughing penalty had put Maryland back on the five. A fumbled punt set up the last Bulldog score five minutes before the game ended when Dan Edwards pulled down Earl Roth on Maryland ' s 33. Georgia moved to the 14 on three plays and Rauch flipped an angling pass to John Donaldson, who scooted over from the seven. Joe Geri kicked two out of three placements. Rauch ' s closing passes were great and Floyd Reid, Donald- son, Geri, and Henderson all packed ball-carrying punch. Al Bodine was the defensive star of the day and Gene Chandler made himself a hero with his pass interception that turned the tide. (1) Coach Wally Butts and his coaching staff on their ar- rival in Jacksonville. (2) Gator Bowl officials go all out for decorations. (3) One of many high school bands showing off during the half. (4) Queen of the Gator Bowl just before be- ing presented to a packed stadium. i « rn i ym M r- . The Bulldogs arrive at Union Station in Jacksonville for their game with the University of Maryland. Florida high school girls performing at half-time. The Queen of the Gator Bowl, Barbara Ann Burkhalter, and her ladies-in-waiting just before going on the playing field at half-time. An admirer gets the low-down from Herb St. John, Johnny Rauch, and Jack Bush prior to the Gator Bowl game. Part of the 23,000 fans on hand for the third annual Gator Bowl game. ' Breezy " Reid (42) picks up 5 yards in Gator Bowl game Maryland ' s Lue Gambino (44) sweeps around left end as the Georgia boys come in to smear the Terp star. aF .0 ' ' Ht John Donaldson (31) picks up 14 yards against Maryland. Lukie Brunson (25) heads for the goal line as Rauch comes in to block. John Donaldson (carrying ball) fights off a Maryland player Johnny Rauch flips a bullet pass to Dan Edwards, only six yards from six points. GEORGIA COACHES ETC Head Coach Wallace Butts and star Dan Edwards • Line Coach J. B. Whitworth • Backfield Coach Bill Hartman • End Coach J. V, Sikes • Freshman Coach Howell Hollis • Assistant Coach Quinton Lumpkin • Assistant Coach Carrol Thomas • Boxing Coach Pete Tcrpley • Assistant Coach Forrest " Spec " Towns • Trainer Neal Alford. Leading the cheers for the 1947 football season were Pam Valentine, Herbert Grist, Pat Turner, C. V. Paul, Betty Carrol, Otho Butler, Maxie Cherry. Clegg Stark, University of Georgia waterboy. Two of Georgia ' s 1947 football stars, Dan Edwards (right end) and John Rouch, 1948 Ail-American prospect. JOHN RAUCH BILLY HODGES RAY PROSPERI KEN McCALL LUKIE BRUNSON BOBBY WALSTON STAN NESTORAK BILLY HENDERSON BUCK BRADBERRY JOE GERI ELI MARICICH JOHN DONALDSON GUS HELBOVY RICHARD LEE AL BODINE JOHN TILLITSKI SPAFFORD TAYLOR FLOYD REID WEYMAN SELLERS BEN FORDHAM GENE LORENDO JULIUS POPWELL DAN EDWARDS JOHN DUKE JACK BUSH DON (Chub) JENKINS HUGH McCARLEY HOWARD JOHNSON PORTER PAYNE CLAYTON DEAVERS ANDY PERHACH HERB ST. JOHN CARL GEORGE TOMMY POPE JOE CONNALLY BERNIE REID HOMER HOBBS AL JEFFREY HENRY LOVE MIKE COOLEY GENE CHANDLER JOE JACKURA BILL BRADSHAW GERRY DELESKI AL McCUE SONNY LLOYD JOE CHESNA ERNIE REID AS I SEE IT By EDWIN POPE Panegyrics and enconiums (well, what the hell, I been in college four years, ain ' t I?) may return in part for the University of Georgia ' s 1948 gridiron edition, but there will be no Trippi. There will be Johnny Rauch, the Bulldogs ' bellweather since CT left, slinging them in grandiose patterns as always. But just who will transport th leather oval aground is contributive to sleepless nights on the part of Worryin ' Wally Butts. Among followers of a certain team, optimism far too often over- steps the boundaries of reason. Such was the mase at Georgia in 1947. Supporters failed to realize the immense all-around value of Trippi, wrote him off as another All-American who would be missed but not too much, and failed to remember 1943, the season before which the incomparable Sinkwich left. Let not the cheering override the limits of common sense. True, the Georgia ends this autumn will be only a little less potent, with Wey- man Sellers on one flank and Mike Merolz and Gene Lorendo battling for the other terminal. The tackles should be equally well reinforced with Jack Bush and Porter Payne returning, the latter a fast-improving heart with a genuine love for the game. Payne will receive his praises and he will earn them. Even with the perennially brilliant Herb St. John lost through graduation, the guards should not provoke headaches for the pole-locked mentor Jennings Bryan Whiteworth. Mister Whit will find a suitable replacement ' mongst Al Jeffrey, Tommy Pope, Carl George and others. The healthy Bernie Reid returns to anchor one side. Mike Cooley leaves the center position, but Messrs. Brodshaw, Jockura, Deleski and Vernarsky should equip the pivot spot admirably. The bockfield quarterdeck will be filled again by Jarrin ' Jawn Rauch, whose passing magnificence is often forgot amid his ball-carrying deficiencies. And Rauch ' s quarterbocking will be improved, moke no mistake about it Wally Butts, who did not attend Notre Dame but attends to the signal-calling details in the best traditions of old Eire, will see to that. Will Breezy Reid be the right halfback? Purely a rhetorical question, ladies and gentlemen, for Mr. Butts has given his word. And the like of John Donaldson, Eli Maricich and company insure certain reserve strength there. Fullback will view George Ford, the victim of a serious auto mishap before lost season, in the top role if oil goes as planned. Al Bodine will serve os previously in the capacity of line-backer, which he does with dynamic wholesomeness and a complete lock of consideration for opposing boll-carriers. John Tillitski, who looked good in a rookie role during the ' 47 campaign, will return at full if he is not shifted elsewhere. Left halfback is the " X " in this year ' s 10 IX curriculum. Even the versatile mind of the Round Man and the South ' s finest array of jour- nalistic cerribelli cringe of a solution. Lukie Brunson or Billy Henderson, both speedsters, may split the answer betwixt them. Some of the state ' s finest prep backs ore upcoming but their eligibility is nil since the conference rule barring rookies goes into effect this season. They ' re better, all in all. But don ' t expect a representation the like of Orange, Rose or Sugar Bowl contingents. For coaches, however great, cannot exceed their material. 947-48 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND RESULTS December 5 December 6 December 8 December 1 1 December 12 December 1 8 December 19 January 6 . January 9 . January 10 . January 12 . January 16 . January 17 . January 20 . GEORGIA 74- GEORGIA 81- GEORGIA 80- GEORGIA 61- GEORGIA 71- GEORGIA 62- GEORGIA 62- GEORGIA 49- GEORGIA 47- GEORGIA 74- GEORGIA 70- GEORGIA 41- GEORGIA 47- GEORGIA 51- -Furman 66 -Erskine 37 -Mercer 62 -Clemson 52 -Erskine 37 -Chattanooga 34 -Virginia 55 -Furman 44 -Alabama 44 -Mississippi 66 -South Carolina 57 -Auburn 52 -Alabama 48 -Kentucky 88 January 23 January 24 January 26 January 30 February 3 February 7 February 9 February 1 2 February 1 4 February 18 February 21 February 25 February 28 GEORGIA 55- GEORGIA 38- GEORGIA 64- GEORGIA 55- GEORGIA 58- GEORGIA 60- GEORGIA 73- GEORGIA 64- GEORGIA 56- GEORGIA 65- GEORGIA 74- GEORGIA 61- GEORGIA 81- -Florida 52 -Florida 46 -Tennessee 70 -Mercer 53 -Georgia Tech 68 -Tennessee 69 -Chattanooga 55 -Georgia Tech 73 -Florida 42 -Georgia Tech 58 -Auburn 36 -South Carolina 64 -Clemson 31 V pBc i, t ACTION !.,. MORTON SMITH (14) AND BOB HEALY GENE LORENDO (Forward) MORGAN HARVILL (Guard) JOE JORDAN (Guard) AL FABIAN (Center) I DICK THOMAS (Forward) E. L. RAINEY (Guard) ROBERT SCHLOSS (Center) LARRY McLIN (Center) EARL DAVIS (Guard) BOB HEALY (Forward) MORTON SMITH (Forward) ED KNIGHT (Center) BASEBALL-1948 March 2 I . . GEORGIA 7 — Rollins College 14 April 21 . . GEORGIA 8 — Vanderbilt 4 March 21 i . . GEORGIA 10— Rollins College 2 April 22 . . GEORGIA 6 — Vanderbilt 8 March 2 1 . . GEORGIA 11 — Florida Southern 4 April 23 . . GEORGIA 10— Kentucky 12 March 2! 5 . . GEORGIA 8 — Florida Southern 1 April 24 . . GEORGIA 26— Kentucky 2 March 2i 5 . . GEORGIA 21— Tampa 9 April 30 . . GEORGIA 5 — Tennessee 6 March 2 ' . . GEORGIA 8— Tampa 6 May 1 . . . GEORGIA — Tennessee 9 March 3 . . GEORGIA — South Carolina (rained) May 7 . . , GEORGIA 1 — Auburn 6 April 1 . . GEORGIA — South Carolina (rained) May 8 . . . GEORGIA 4 — Auburn 5 April 5 . . GEORGIA — Furman 1 May 14 . GEORGIA 1 1 — Georgia Tech 9 April 6 . . GEORGIA— Clemson (rained) May 15 . . GEORGIA 10 — Georgia Tech 14 April 9 . . GEORGIA 10— Auburn 2 May 1 9 , . GEORGIA 13 — Kentucky 9 April 10 . . GEORGIA — Auburn (rained) May 20 . . GEORGIA 6 — Kentucky 1 1 April 12 . . GEORGIA 5— Clemson 2 May 21 . . GEORGIA 13 — Georgia Tech 1 1 April 13 . . GEORGIA 8— Furman 3 May 22 . . GEORGIA 8 — Georgia Tech 3 April 16 . . GEORGIA 12— Tennessee 4 April 17 . . GEORGIA 8— Tennessee WON- -16; LOST— 10. N ' K.: BASEBALL Johnson, catcher • Maricich, second baseman • Smith, center field • Callahan, pitcher • Eskew, shortstop • Henderson, left field • Jen- kins, first baseman • Still, pitcher • Trippi, coach. % TRACK-1948 ; April 3 GEORGIA 57 SOUTH CAROLINA 69 Apnl )0 GEORGIA 31 FLORIDA 93 April 16 (FROSH won meet with RICHMOND ACADEMY) April 17 GEORGIA 37 AUBURN 89 April 24 GEORGIA 28 TENNESSEE AOVi GEORGIA TECH 831 2 May 1 GEORGIA 90l MERCER 35 2 3 May 15 (Southeastern Conference at Birmingham) Farr, second in high jump; Brad- berry, fifth in broad jump. May 22 (A. A. U.) BOB SNODDY — Freshman hurdle star. KEN McCALL — High jump. JOHN FARR — Takes a high one. . V SCHEDULE AND RESULTS Janua;y 17 . GEORGIA 60 — Birmingham Y 15 January 24 . GEORGIA 36 — Emory 39 January 28 . GEORGIA 45— Clemson 29 Janua.y 30 . GEORGIA 22— North Carolina State 53 February 12 GEORGIA 29— Emory 46 February 14 GEORGIA 60— Clemson 15 February 19 GEORGIA 27— Florida 48 February 27 GEORGIA 31 — Miami 44 February 28 GEORGIA 27 — Georgia Tech 48 March 9 . . GEORGIA 20— Florida 55 March 13 (Southeastern Conference Meet in Atlanta) Stewart won 50-yard free style and 150-yard back- stroke, setting new record in latter — 1.42,4. i ; HiiH ■SHI jHHllHHflBB ■n 5S 555SS 5 nj IH • m» " biit, ; BC Jo Jonu I WRESTLING February 10, Georgia 5, Georgia Tech 29. February 14, Georgia 18, Van- derbilt, 13. February 19, Georgia 23, At- lanta Y, 8. March 4, Georgia 10, Vander- bilt, 30. Georgia won 2 — lost 2. BOXING January 10, Georgia 1, Citadel 8. January 17, Georgia 1, Clemson 7. January 20, Georgia V2, South Carolina 7 2. January 23, Georgia 4 ' ' 2, Clem- son ' iV . February 14, Georgia 0, Louisi- ana State University 8. February 20, Georgia 4, South Carolina 4. Georgia Vv on 1 — Tied 1 — Lost 4 i r GOLF ♦ » •IV GEORGIA 12 IOWA . 6 GEORGIA 4 ROLLINS . . 14 GEORGIA 21 2 FLORIDA . 151 2 GEORGIA 51 2 MERCER . . 121 2 GEORGIA 201 2 FLORIDA 6 2 GEORGIA 8 GEORGIA TECH 10 GEORGIA 16 EMORY . 11 GEORGIA 151 2 ROLLINS . 21 2 GEORGIA 6 VANDERBILT . 12 GEORGIA 121 2 EMORY . . 51 2 GEORGIA 14 MERCER . 4 GEORGIA 2 2 GEORGIA TECH I51 2 (First Iowa defeat in two years.) Hal Spears, Brother Logon, and Pat Pate qualified in Southern Intercollegiate. Pate eliminated first round; Logan, second; Spears beaten on eighteenth hole in semi-finals. Winner — Al Besselink, Miami; runner-up — L. M. Crannell, North Texas State Teach- °rs ' College. Georgia Won 6 — Lost 6. i Jl I A C T V T THETA SIGMA PHI i OFFICERS BETTY GARLAND President BETTY SPECHT Vice President AMELIA KNOEDLER Secretary NATALIE BARKER Treasurer BETTY ANNE SASSEVILLE Keeper of the Archives HISTORY Theto Sigma Phi, an honorary journalism fra- ternity for women, was founded at the University of Washington in 1909 and the Chapter here was established in 1929. ROLL Natalie Barker Jo Bateman Betty Beatty Betty Buice Dot Corlile Margaret Caruthers Revo Ann Dame Cecile Doughty Ruth Estes Libby Etheridge Betty Garland Betty Goldstein Ted Harrison Amelia Knoedler Frances Martin Frances Means Gretchen Mingledorff Jackie Nevers Virginia Pekor Rebecca Porter Carol Pyle Greta Rouse Betty Rogers Betty Anne Sasseville Cornelia Scott Betty Specht Harriet Woodcock Shirley Ziegler Z CLUB OFFICERS HAZEL JOHNSON President MARTHA LATIMER Advisor LUCY AMATO Sec. -Treasurer HISTORY Z Club is an honorary society for fresh- men women. It was founded here in 1934. It sponsors the annual Co-ordinate Stunt Night. MEMBERS Lucy Amato Hazel Johnson Anne Beck Clara O ' Keefe Sarah Gilbert Betty Ann Wilson WILSON ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA HISTORY Alpha Lambda Delta is an honorary fraternity for fresh- men women. It encourages high scholastic average, promotes o higher standard of living and develops leadership. It was founded nationally in 1924 and was installed on this campus in 1934. OFFICERS BETTY ANNE CHANDLER President MARY GARTRELL Secretary LUCY AMATO Treasurer MEMBERS JEAN AARONS NORMA ADAMS LUCY AMATO BEVERLY BLASINGAME FAY IRIS BRINSON BETH BURFORD TENA A. BURNS MARJORIEJEANCHANCEY RITA FOWLER BETTY ANNE CHANDLER ELLEN GARRISON MARTHA DEATH VIRGINIA DIAMOND JEANINE DODGEN BARBARA DORWARD GWENDOLYN E. DUPREE MARILYN ETHERIDGE SUE EVERETT MARY GARTRELL ELAINE SHERRY OILMAN FLORENCE GRIFFIN MARY LEE HIGGINS MARTHA JOHNSON POLLY KENNEDY JEAN KIMBERLY ZELDA KOLODNER GEORGIA LEWIS ALLENE MARLER MARIAN MATTISON BESSIE LOUISE McLENDON SARA MORELAND ELIZABETH NEEL MARGARET B. PARKER MARY PARKER BARBARA PAUSE CAROLYN SATTERWHITE BARBARA SCWETTMAN MARTHA JEAN SMITH GENE STANLEY PAT TURNER GRETCHEN VAN BROCKLE BETTY M. VICKERS MARINELLE WELDON HARRIET ZABAN MORTAR BOARD HISTORY Mortar Board recognizes outstanding leadership among senior women. The Parthenian Chapter was established on this campus in 1939. OFFICERS ESTHER MILLER President LILLIAN PACE Vice President MARGARET CARUTHERS .... Secretary MARTHA KERR Treasurer DELORES ARTAU M. CARUTHERS EVA COHN G. DWIGGINS MARTHA KERR FRANCES MARTIN LYNN MARTIN ESTHER MILLER LILLIAN PACE C. PRITCHETT 349 - . .,A,N PA C£ . V«:e Pres„cten.t 9W£t J DUP E, Recc»rta,.ng Secretory CORil ' S HARDEN CcrreaponidiKng Secrfiftory iCMN AMN W£STfiR CO , T ecs-urer The pijrpose erf Phi Jpi,non Otdk- c cm, inoit.ircinoil pw-orf-ess-ttjooil Home Ecc - ifwammics fifofteifmrty lis if© odvanoe ond j rcimc t.e Home Ecc»r»G m«:s. Hts mem- bersihiip is s e J e c t e d can adholcurshiip, teotfeirsfhiiip, jamri) pir esS ' ' iono ottrtude. Ch i Chopter was grontsid o dhorter in 19% PHI UPSILON OMICRON M:EMBERS JEAN FAMBRO 0 lMA ADAMS DORIS L. HARDEN CAROLYN BROWN E OROTHY L, HENRY MARY ANN BROWN VIRGINIA KIGHT NELLIE CLYDE BOYD CLAIRE LOVVORN GEOR.QE ANN BULFJN JANE MAUGHAN AMR ION COOK GEORGIA McGARITY Bkl lY JANE DANIELL SUZANNE MERK AfJfJE DAVIS LILLIAN PACE BETTY DULLIGAN LILLIAN PERDUE GWEN DURREE ETHEL MARTIN STANFIELD MARGARET STOVALL GRETCHEN VAN BROCKLE BETTY WALDROP ■■■■■■■ ■■1 MARINELLE WELDON ■1 JOHN ANN WESTBROOK r - ilL H DORIS WHALE Y r ll HELEN V IGHT i SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota was founded in 1903 at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Iota Zeta Chapter was established in 1940, at the University of Georgia. It is a national professional music fraternity for women. Its objectives are to pro- mote high standards of musicianship and scholarship among music stu- dents. Each year the chapter presents the annual Inter-Sorority Sing. OFFICERS MARY GILBERT President BETTY MORGAN ROWE . . . Vice President BETTY GREENE Corresponding Secretary EMMALYN DOWNING . . Recording Secretary ANGIE CLARIDY Treasurer BARBARA MARLIN Editor JEANNE CURTIS .... Sergeant-at-Arms NAN RIGDON Chaplain ACTIVE MEMBERS ANGIE CLARIDY JEANNE CURTIS EMMALYN DOWNING MARY GILBERT ANN GRAYDON BETTY GREENE CAROL HOLT BARBARA MARLIN GENE McGEE MONTS SARAH MICHAEL ANNE PENDLEY NAN RIGDON JENIDEAN ROUNTREE BETTY MORGAN ROWE JANETVANDEERVE FRANCES WOODRUFF ANNE YOUMANS PIONEER CLUB OFFICERS MARGARET CARUTHERS . CATHERINE PRITCHETT . . GENIVIEVE DWIGGENS . . KATHERINE BLACKSHEAR INNER CIRCLE MAIZE ALMON ANNE ANDREWS KATHERINE BLACKSHEAR MARGARET CARUTHERS JANE CAREY GERRY DWIGGENS NANCY HULL VIRGINIA MOORE LILLIAN PACE CATHERINE PRITCHETT ' No Photograph President Vice President Secretary Treasurer HISTORY Pioneer Club is a literary organization whose purpose is to stimulate thought and promote inter- est among women in current themes, classic topics and campus discussion. Pioneer Inner Circle is an honorary society for outstanding members of the club. These members are chosen each Spring. MEMBERS BETTY ANDERSON JEAN BAGLEY JOLAINE BAILEY BETTYE BAYLIS MAEBELLE BREEN BARBARA BRIMBERRY BLOIS BROWN BETH BURFORD MARY ANNA CHAUDRON JOANNE CHURCH ALICE COWART MARY POPE DAVIS JANE DERUSA VIRGINIA FLOWERS LUANNE GRADY MARY HARPER TED HARRISON RUTH JOHNSON MILDRED KING LILLIAN LUMPKIN MARILYN MAFFETT ANN McKINLEY KATHARINE PARKER MARY PARKER MARGARET PITTS LOIS POLHILL MARTHA PRESTON CARMEN PROCTER BETTY ROGERS JUDY SANDERS MARGIE SEYMOUR JEANNE STIEGLITZ NELL WELCHEL PARTY OF ORGANIZED WOMEN The Party of Organized Women is a local organiza- tion for independent women, and plays a vital part in their college life. The P. 0. W.s sponsor dances and many other social activities. OFFICERS MARY GILBERT President CHARLOTTE McCALL .... Vice President MARTHA JOHNSON Secretory SARAH GILBERT Treasurer COUNCIL MEMBERS MARGARET V. BARFIELD CAROLYN HOWARD JEANETTE BRAMBLETT GLORIA LOVE " SfM JO BROWN TENA A. BURNS PAT COOK VIRGINIA EDGY ANNE HINELY GRACE McCLURE MARIE ROGERS JO SAPP BEVERLY SCARBOROUGH STERLING WILBANKS ' No Photograph PHI CHI THETA OFFICERS LOUISE JONES President VIRGINIA CADY .... Vice President ANNE JOHNSON Secretary VERA MEW Treasurer The purpose of Phi Chi Theta is to promote the cause of higher business education for women, to foster high ideals for women in business careers, and to encourage fraternity and cooperation among women preparing for such careers, and to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends. MEMBERS MARILYN BRITTON VIRGINIA CADY DOROTHY CALHOUN RUTH COBB LENONE CORTLONGINE THELMA DORSEY CAROLYN ELKINS MARY ANNE HEARON FRANCES GIANDOMENICA ANNE JOHNSON LOUISE JONES MILDRED MARTIN VERNA MEIN ANNE MIDDLEBROOKS MARIANNE MORELAND GRACE ROGERS FRANCES SMITH BETTY STRAWN BETTY VICKERS 354 WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION SIS LAMMON Senior Representative JANE WEBB Junior Representative MARGIE AMMONS Sophomore Representative CHARLOTTE McCALL P. 0. W. Representative The purpose of Women ' s Student Government is the self-govern- ment of the girls on the campus for the greatest good of the greatest number. Every girl on the campus is considered a member. The rules under which the Association functions are made by a representative from each University housing unit together with the Legislative Council meetings. These rules ore enforced through a court made up of the officers and class representatives. OFFICERS NANCY HULL President ANN ANDREWS .... Vice President JANE COLE Secretary ANNE BECK Treasurer 355 ' i: f- ' ■-.■■- : ; ' 5) iljlijfcl f I A J ji J a It fl. M WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS BETTY ROWE President BARBARA MARLIN . . . Vice President ANGIE CLARIDY Secretary JANET VAN DE ERVE .... Treasurer FRANCES SWANSON .... Librarian ROLL Jean Allood — Jackie Anderson — Mary Andrews — Marguerite Antley — Vivian Ashford — Jarrot Asj;eu — Billie Baler — Rita Baker — June Barrett — Helen Beavers — Melba Bedgood — Sally Bell — Anne Bell — Dorothy Belcher — Edith Blair — Mary Bonduront — Betty Bowden — Jane Boyd — Jean Boyd — Jenoise Bran- denburg — Iris Brinson — Virginia Burleyson — Emily Burnette — Eleanor A. Camarata — Mary Christain — Angle Claridy — Eva Cohn — Lorretta Crocket — Mary A. Crandall — Jean Curtis — Anne Dale — Alice J. Dancer — Betty A. Dawkins — Anne DeBeaugrine — Ted Dillard — Alice Divine — Ann Downing — ■ Doris Echols — Mar- tha Ecker — Caroline Elkins — Cordelia Ellis — Elizabeth Etheridge — Rose Faulkner — Mary A. Fife — Bev- erly Flanders — Eleanor Folwell — Betty A. Freeman — Lucy Lee Gainer — Pricilla Ginn — Prudence Good- lett — Laura Graves — Shirley Grogan — Marion F. Grove — Beth Hall — Joan Hartman — Mary E. Haslett — Erin Hinson — Helen Hitchcock — Carol Holt — Kathryn Jiles — Anne Johnson — Ruth Johnson — Mary Jones — Louise Jones — Margaret Jones — Harriet Kahn — Katherine Key — Helen King — Barbara Kid- der — Mary Kramer — Patricia Long — Virginia Lynn — Harriet Mack — Margaret Martin — Madge McCord — Neil McKinney — Dorothy McNeil — Mary E. Meadows — Frances Means — Virginia Miller — Laurie Morris — Cornelia Morris — Barbara Merlin — Carolyn Newton — Laurie Nicholson — Evelyn E. Orr — Marilyn Par- ker — Harriette Peary — Peggy Pegues — Jackie Pilcher — Rose Pintchuck — Lily Pittard — Shirley Purcell — Ruth Rankin — Nan Rigdon — • Sally Riley — Rose Roffman — Betty Rowe — Helen Row- land — Barbara Schwettman — Latroma Secrest — Rachel Sharp — Margaret Sherman — Thomasina Smith — Betty Snelling — Sara M. Stovall — Frances Swanson — Henrietta Swain — Joan Syfan — Dorothy Thomas — Marion Thornton — Mildred Vance — Janet Von de Erve — Jacqueline Wade — Mary F. Wheeler — Marianne Williams — Betty J. Williams — Voncille Williams — Peggy Wilson — Betty Wood — Anne Youmans. 356 Norma Adams — Carolyn Allen — Mary Askew — Ann Attaway — Rita Baker — Lorraine Barnett — Ann Bass — Wilsa Baxter — Mary Ann Beall — Wyolene Bennette — Eleanor Bradford — Daisy Broadhurst — Carolyn Brown — Louise Spivey Brown — Mary Ann Brown — Virginia Brown — Harriette Browner — Geor- vianna Bulfin — Carol Burch — Joann Cain — Eunice Callis — Nancy Chandler — Grace Clark — Helen Cleveland — Mary Ann Collins — Marian Cook — Jean Cowden — Betty Crawford — Joyce Danakse — Joan Davis — Hazel Ann Dean — Carolyn Dillard — Dot Dinton — Lillian Douglas — Betty Dulligan — Gwen DuPree — Betty Ann Durden — Daisy Durden — Dor- othea Edwards — Cordelia Ellis — Cora Exiey — Jean Fambro — Rose Faulkner — Jean Ann Fears — Vir- ginia Flowers — Kathryn A. Gaudlin — Pat Gleason — Joe Hadnett — Agnes Hancock — Camille Hardy — Je Harvey — Betty Harcher — Joyce Hill — Ann Heneley lyn Howard — Ann Jennings — Polly Kennedy — Virgi Kirkland — Grace Knowles — Shirley Kroger — Mary L — Frances Lott — Eleanor Lyie — Grace Maguire — E — Beatrice Marlow — Lena Maxey — Charlotte McC Meek — Butie Miles — Jetty Miles — Mary Mitchell — Jackie Norton — Evelyn Orr — Ruth Chapman Parker — Helen Perkins — Marian Picknell — Peggy Pilkent ice Potts — Kathryn Potts — Mildred Powell — Sara An Rogers — Joy Royland — Betty Rumble — Ruth Sane — Simpson — Ann Smith — Thomasina Smith — Marty St — Margaret Stovall — Jean Tillman — Betty Thomas Van Brockle — Betty Waldrop — Margaret Wall — Sar Louise Westbrook — John Ann Westbrooke — Doris Wh son — Barbara Williams — Julia Ann Williams — Lyn Ion — Ruth Wingate — Martha Wofford — Marian W HOMECON RUTH WINGATE President MARTY STANFIELD .... Vice President DORIS WHALEY .... Recording Secretary DOROTHY PLUNKET . Corresponding Secretary LILLIAN PERDUE Treasurer Julia Greene — Sara Ann Griffin — Nell Griffis — Betty nnette Harrell — Edith Harrod — Elsie Harvey — Mary — Jane Hinton — Polly Huie — Ann Holcombe - — Caro- nia Kight — Jean Kimberly — Jean King — Angeline azenby — Laura Lilly — Betty Longino — Ruth Longino velyn Malcolm — Marjorie Malcolm — Rowanda Maloof all — Sue Jean McCraine — Betsy Meadows — Suzanne Motcia Moore — Melba Moor — Peggy Moorehead — — Harriette Peavy — Lucretia Penuel — Lillian Perdue on — Sammie Ray Pledger — Dorothy Plunkett — Jan- n Proffitt — Shirley Pursell — Parrie Rogers — Marie Ellen Sawyer — Sara Seagraves — Doris Shealy — Betty anfield — Bobbie Starr — Doris Stephens — Nora Stone Evangeline Thomas — Juanita Ursery — Gretchen a Walls — Ella Ruth Walthrop — Mary Ann Wansley — aley — Helen Wight — Marinelle Wildon — Dot Wilkin- da Williams — Pat Williams — Becky Willis — Dot Wis- olff. OFFICERS MARY LANG President BETTY LOUISE FOWLER . . . Secretary JANE HARRIS Treasurer WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The purpose o f the Women ' s Athletic Association shall be to foster true sportsmanship and to further athletic in- terest and activities for University women. It was founded in February, 1924. ROLL ELAINE AIKEN ANN ANDREWS HARRIETT ASHLEY PEGGY BASSING CAROLYN BAZEMORE ANN BECK CAROLYN BEXLEY SALLY BISHOP DOT BOBE NANCY BOWLING JANET BOYD MARGARET BOYD BEVERLY BURNS PEGGY CALLAHAN PAT CARLTON MARY CHASTAIN MARY TRON COLLI MARTHA COLLINS ROBBIE DANIEL MARTHA DAVIS MARY ANN DURDEN CAROLYN EDGE BETTIE LOUISE FOWLER ELOISE FOWLER VIVIAN GORMAN MARIE HAMMOND JANE HARRIS SALLY HESTER MARCILE HOOKS MARY LOU ILLGES JANE JACKSON BETTY KEEHAN LIL LANG MARY LANG SARA LEE ERNISTINE LEWIS MARGARET LOVELL JANE MAXWELL GENE MESCHINE CHARLOTTE McCALL BAPTIST STUDENT UNION An organization for Baptist students in southern colleges and universities F. W. BENNETT, Faculty Advisor BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL WILLARD SISSON President JIM LYDAY Enlistment 1st Vice President GROVER SOWELL . Boys ' Enlistment 1st Vice President MARINELLE WELDEN Girls ' Enlistment 1st Vice President OPAL ROGERS Social Vice President DAVE JOHNSTON Denominational MARY HURST Secretary DAISY BROADHURST Treasurer JIM GARRETT Publicity Director ANN HINELY Extension Director BETTY DEANSILL Young Women ' s Aux. Representative DAVE GREENWAY . . . Brotherhood Representative BILL GLISSON .... Sunday School Representative BILL GIBBONS B.T.U. Representative FOSTICE NICKOLSON Music Director F. W. BENNETT Church Advisor D. B. NICKOLSON State Student Secretary PYTHAGOREAN MATH CLUB CHANDLER, GARTRELL, WIKE, DORWARD HISTORY An organization which promotes an appreciation of mathematics and honors outstanding freshman math students. The club was founded in January of 1946 under the sponsorship of Pi Mu Epsilon, honorary math fraternity. FALL OFFICERS BETTY ANNE CHANDLER President JOHN E. CLARK Vice President CHARLES O. WIKE Secretary MARY GARTRELL Treasurer BARBARA DORWOOD Historian DR. J. A. WARD Faculty Advisor WINTER OFFICERS ED ELLIS President JAMES MAJOR Vice President JEANETTE BRAMBLETT Secretary ED DUNN Treasurer LUCY NICHOLSON Historian SONYA ABELSON LUCY AMATO BEVERLY BLASINGAME NANCY BORZYNSKI BETH BURFORD HOWARD Z. CARINGTON BETTY ANNE CHANDLER JOHN EARLE CLARK ADRIAN COHEN MARTHA DEATH BARBARA DORWOOD ROLL MARY GARTRELL JOEL GOLDBERG JESSE S. GREEN FLORENCE GRIFFIN ARTHUR T. HARRISON, JR. ANDREW B. JOHNSTON GRAYSON W. LAMBERT RICHARD E. LEWIS CLAIRE LOVVORN BESSIE LOUISE McLENDON T. WILLIS MILLER MARY PARKER BARBARA PAUSE WILLIAM C. PETERS VIRGINIA PRICE THOMAS E. ROBINSON, JR. MENDEL ROMM, JR. WILLIAM SIMMS IVA MAE WALLACE ROBERT WARNOCK CHARLES O. WIKE Seated: HARPER, HINSON, NICKERSON, BRAMLETT. Standing: DR. J. A. WARD, HATCHER, MAJOR MILLER, DUNN, ELLIS. Dl GAMMA KAPPA Purpose: Honorary Radio Fraternity. OFFICERS ALBERT R. BRUCKNER, JR President WILLIAM J, SHORTT Vice President WILLIAM J. GLENN Secretary JAMES L. DODD, JR Treasurer MEMBERS NATALIE J. BARKER BETTY JO BONNER SPEDE J. BRYAN DONALD J. DOWNES HORACE P. EDMOND, JR. WILMA ELEAZER CHAS. G. FARRER RICHARD M. FISHER LUCIE GARNER WILLIAM STUART HOPKINS WILLIS JOHNSON CLAUDE KENT AMELIA KNOEDLER ROBERT C. LAY A. M. LUNCEFORD, JR. CHARLES A. McCLURE OWEN J. MURRAY JACK E. O ' BRIAN GEORGE R. PENDLEY RICHARD PIPES ROMESA PLAMPIN MRS. CLIFFORD SINGLETON N. A. WESTBROOK CLAUDE WILLIAMS, JR. LITTLE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA This organization was founded on this campus in 1934 for the purpose of promoting musical interest on the campus through an orchestral medium. OFFICERS HUGH HODGSON Conductor JAMES HARRIS MITCHELL Associate Conductor WARREN LITTLE President FRANCES WOODRUFF . . . Vice President GEORGE ENLOE Secretary JOHN ANDERSON Librarian VIOLIN— Robert Harrison Anna Harrison Daniel Temkin Alex King Vincent Schroeder Betty Mitchell Carol Jones Mary Harper Harriet Woodcock Janet Cheeves D. L. Floyd VIOLA— Betty Tarrant Mary Quigley Ralph Hodgson Ada Snyder CELLO— Rudolph Kratina Anne Pendley Betty Goolsby Hazel McDonald BASS— Jane Findley FLUTE— Warren Little Farrice Owens Carl Lewis OBOE— John Anderson CLARINET— Jackie Hodges Frances Woodruff Eleanor Adams Carl Pyrdum Cornelius Davis BASS CLARINET— Bob Pierce BASSOON— Leon P. Smith HORNS— Harris Mitchell Anne Graydon Milton Lathem Seymour Evans Johnny Ritch TRUMPET — George Enloe Marvin Aronoff TROMBONE— Charles Knox Paul Camp Mary Backus PERCUSSION— Charles Snead George Milbourne PIANO— Charles Wadsworth MR ' i % f J " Ri HHIH ,n _i H « Sp ■ ' jS| A n inj i H| Lv HVI[ H " i w i |B C.i ' Pp r I The Industrial Arts Club is a com- bined social and professional orgonizo- tion. It was founded by a group of In- dustrial Art students in 1946. Membership is limited to students obtaining a major or a minor in Indus- trial Arts. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB RODNEY COLSON JOHN EVANS . . VIRGIL DEAVERS . VICTOR NIX . . EDWIN BATEMAN J. M. CHISHIRE JOHN CLOUTS BILL DAVIES CECIL FREDERICK GEORGE GERNIGAN ' DONALD JENKINS No Pictures. OFFICERS President HOWARD JOHNSON Treasurer . . First Vice President GEORGE RE Reporter Second Vice President ALBERT JEFFREY .... Sergeant-at-Arms Secretary ARTHUR BENSON .... Parliamentarian DR. 0. S. HARRISON, Faculty Advisor ROLL J ' s " y HERMAN LISLE j Sftr ' W Nt H. A. LOVE HWyiH. S y ANNE McKINLEY E. A. MATHIS CHARLES PALMER JACK WHEELER HARRY WHITEHEAD " i 0 M ' ' O - |=v . ' W« f 364 Urir M i 1 ' V-. THALIAN BLACKFRIARS Purpose: An organization for students who hove achieved prominence in the University Theater. OFFICERS, FALL AND WINTER QUARTERS DOROTHY McCLURE President ROYCE JOHNSON Vice President HANORIA BRENNAN Secretary ARDIE McCLURE Treasurer LEIGHTON BALLEW, PAUL CAMP, JACK NEESON, Faculty Advisors. CAROLYN BECKNELL MELBA BEDGOOD RALPH BLACK BETTY JANE BONNER HONORIA BRENNAN BETTY CARROLL HAROLD CLARKE MARGUERITE CORBITT SARAH GILBERT MEMBERS ROY GINSTROM DONALD GOLDMAN VIVIAN HALL BARBARA HOLLIRAN ROYCE JOHNSON EDWARD KEETER JOHN KIM5EY OLIVER LAND CHARLOTTE McCALL ARDIE McCLURE DOROTHY McCLURE MARIANNE MORELAND ROSE HOFFMAN CHARLES STEIN CHARLES VOCALIS BAXTER WEBB LILIAN WOODALL UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA BAND OFFICERS H. HARRIS MITCHELL Conductor JOHN H. ANDERSON Asst, Conductor GEORGE ENLOE President BUD SNEAD Vice President FRANCES WOODRUFF Secretory HAROLD McGARD Librarian STUART McGARITY Asst. Librarian BILLY MYRICK Drum Major ROLL CLARINETS— Francis Woodruff Cornelius Davis Eleanor Adams Carl Pyrdum Troupe Harris Robert Pierce Ralph Black Fred Turner Ann Bill Harold McCard Jackie Hodges Ramsey Buice Jo Ann Martin BASSCLARINET- Lynn Martin FLUTES— Warren Little Farrice Owen Carl Lewis TRUMPETS— George Enloe John Bohanon Dot Smith Pierce Cline Larry Knowles Leonard Bagen Sam Kravtin Sallie Bell Frances McClesky Kate Callaway H. S. Benson Marshall Hirsh Leonard Clements Earl Dolbee George Doerner ALTO SAXOPHONE- Renee Johnson Wynelle Hinson Tommy Quarles TENOR SAXOPHONE— Richard Chew Robert Pierce Ralph Teasley BARITONE SAXOPHONE- J. T. Smith ALTO CLARINET— James Stewart PI MU EPSILON Alpha Chapter of Pi Mu Epsi Ion was founded here in 1934, the national organization having begun in 1914. The club honors high scholarship in the mathematics department. ARTHER KNOX . MARTHA BESNARD OFFICERS . . President CHARLES ELAM Vice President W. S. BECKWITH DR. G. B. HUFF, Faculty Advisor Secretary -Treasurer Corresponding Secretary ROLL HARMON Q. AVERA D. F. BARROW LUCILE BEAVER W. S. BECKWITH MARTHA BESNARD W. R. BUICE IRIS CALLAWAY EMILY CLEPPER C. L. COPE J. W. DANIEL H. L. DUKE W. M. EDWARDS CHARLES W. ELAM JAMES H. FORD TOMLINSON FORT No Pictures. W. A. GLASS C. L. HENRY POPE R. HILL G. B. HUFF REED S. HUTCHINSON ROBERT J. LEVIT ARTHUR KNOX JAMES E. MARTIN SOL T. NITZBERG OLIN PARR G. E. PHILBROCK RALPH E. SMITH MRS. J. C. VINSON JAMES A. WARD LEROY M. WILLSON AERO CLUB The Aero Club was founded on November 1, 1947, by Alton Hollis, Arthur Baron, and with the coopera- tion of Professor Lawrence Nachtrab, The purpose of the organization is to encourage collegiate flying, to stimulate inter-collegiate competition, and for the advancement of aviation in all phases. HOLLIS, PUGSLEY, MILLER, BARRON. OFFICERS ALTON B. HOLLIS, JR President EDWIN STERRETT Vice President PATRICIA PUGSLEY Secretary WILLIAM H. MILLER Treasurer ROLL THOMAS BALDWIN ARTHUR BARRON JOHN BOHANON OWEN BRESLER ROBERT DICKERSON PATRICIA DUMPHEY ALBERT GILSON RICHARD GARBER BILL GALT HOWARD HARMON JOHN HERNDON ALTON B. HOLLIS RALPH F. JORGENSEN FUEL JOHNSON HAROLD V. KELLEY ALEXANDER KING CHARLES D. LEWIS C. J. MALOY JIM MAPP DAVID E. MILLER WILLIAM H. MILLER THOMAS MacMILLAN THOMAS PARKER JIM PORTER PATRICIA PUGSLEY LANE REEVES CLEM RHODES EMIL SEIZ FRANCES STAFFORD EDWIN STERRETT RHETT TURNIPSEED MARY WHELCHEL GEORGE WOODRUFF No Pictures. 368 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SOCIETY The Business Administration Society (formerly Economics Society) seeks to encourage and cultivate ideals of service and proper leadership in college students. Membership in the society is open to students in the various departments of the school of Business Administration as well as to all students interested in promoting interest in economic and business affairs. OFFICERS BILL BURGE President MARY LOURIE Secretary LOUISE JONES Vice President ALLEN D. WIER, JR Treasurer MR. LAWRENCE WALKER, Faculty Advisor ROLL RICHARD E. BELOTE BARRINGTON K. BEUTRELL DANA BLACKMAN WILLIAM M. BOWERS, JR. PHILIP BURGE DOROTHY CALHOUN JAMES P. CHEVES JACK 0. COALTER LENORE O. COALTER LENORE COTTONGIN NIXON T. CROSBY JOSEPH F. DECOSIMO LEWIS P. DILLARD GEORGE G. DOERNER ROBERT H. DUNLAP FRANCES A. GIANDOMENCIO JACK GROVES JOHN R. HARDIN MARY ANNE HEARON ORVILLE HECKMAN SIGMUND HELD WILLIAM T. HOLLAND GEORGE T. IRVIN MALCOLM JERNIGAN ANNE JOHNSON LOUISE JONES JANE KEEN LAWRENCE M. LOH, JR. MARY LOURIE HOWELL H. MANN, JR. MILDRED MARTIN ABIT MASSEY VERA MEW ROBERT MOCK W. WATTS MORGAN, JR. HALL PEEBLES GRACE ROGERS CHARLES G. SHEPHERD, JR. FRANCES SMITH HARRY B. SMITH, JR. LEROY STERLING JOHN P. STILLWELL HOMER S. TIMMONS, JR. WILLIAM A. WALLACE ALVIS M, WEATHERLY, JR. EARL M. WEAVER WALKER WHITE ALLEN D, WIER, JR. ARTHER WISE BAXTON B. WOOTEN, JR. k - MK i i -1 " 1 ■p L V_ I E EJ Hk -jsa 369 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE CLUB The Landscape Architecture Club was founded in 1931 to further knowl- edge and interest in professional landscape architecture. Membership in the organization is limited to students in the Landscape Architecture Department. ROLL Walter 0. Angel — John J. Armstrong — Harold E. Bailey — Harry J. Baldwin — George S. Betsill — Armand P. Brindley — Gordon Butcher — William H. Butler — James L. Castleberry — Lloyd P. David — Madge E. David — Edward L. Dougherty — June F. DeBeaugrine — Charles G. Devon — Richard L. Dowdy, Jr. — Kenyon Drew — Holell T. Dudley — Virginia I. Durden — Murray C. Fernie — Sidney T. Gattis, Jr. — Adele Flournoy — Inman W. Greene — Carolos D. Greenway, Jr. — James J. Hamby — Robert W. Hamilton — James E. Hammond — Clarence W. Heyn, Jr. — Cecil F. Hill — Marshall W. Hills — Rosemary Hinton — Grady A. Jenkins — Robert Joel — Hillyer H. Johnson, Jr. — Betty J. Keehan — Kock M. Kenny — Alice T. Law — Robert L. Lunday — Edward C. Martin, Jr. — Paul D. Mar- tin — Ardie E. McClure, Jr. — Robert R. McCue — Meador B. McGarity — William L. Monroe, Jr. — Pauline Mitchell — Jean S. Pace — Jim B. Pace — Adalene R. Powell — William R. Reece — John A. Reed — George R. Rice, Jr. — Mildred J. Rossman — William E. Skinner — Al M. Smith — Howard L. Stevens — Albert J. Stodghill — Don G. Stefan — Charlotte I. Terrell — Charles W. Thornton, Jr. — Dewey S. Thurmond — James J, Wallace, Jr. — David M. Widener — Wallace A. Wilkins — Thomas G. William, Jr. — William B. Wise — Frances Wright — James B. Wright, Jr. — Norma L. Young — Dewey S. Stewart . OFFICERS JAMES J. WALLACE, JR President WILLIAM L. MONROE, JR. . . Vice President MILDRED ROSSMAN . . Recording Secretary JUNE DeBEAUGRINE . Corresponding Secretary ROBERT R. McCUE Treasurer H. B. OWENS Faculty Advisor INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club was founded at Furman University in 1915, aided by the Carnegie Foundation which began organizing clubs for the discussion of international affairs in 1916. The Georgia Club was established in 1926. ROLL William Bailey, Jr., Gerald Bennette, F. W. Blalock, Jr., Fred Boggs, Marion Bridges, David Byck, S. A. Cainn, Richard Carr, Faine Chambers, Harold Clarke, King Cleveland, George M. Clover, Arthur Cohen, Eva Cohn, Allen Collier, James Spier Collins, Walt Coney, Eugene Dutchak, Julius Edel, Horace Edmond, Jr., Charles Estes, Jr., Michael Gannon, Riley Garland, Richard Gnann, Joel Goldberg, Robert Gordon, James Hilley, Wm. T. Hol- land, Capers Holmes, Margaret Hudson, Thelma Joe Kerr, Nor- man Kronick, Sidney Marcus, C. C. Marshall, Francis Martin, Lynn Martin, Sam Massell, Jr., Kirk McAlphin, William McEven, Da- vid McLeod, D. R. Merritt, Perry Morgan, Milton Murray, Hoke Nash, Will Hill Newton, Dan Nichols, Laurie Nicholson, Em- mit Noland, George Rahsing, Fred Ringel, Bill Roberts, David Roos, C. P. Savage, D. A. Schance, Norman Schance, Charles Shepard, Oscar Smith, Charles Sorrow, Sol Spielberg, Margaret Stovall, Alan Strickland, Fred Sturgis, H. G. Traylor, James Walker, Tom Watson, Darline Yarbough. OFFICERS MARION BRIDGES President SPIER COLLINS Vice President EVA COHN Sec reta ry-Treasu rer DR. MONTGOMERY Faculty Advisor ' No Photographs. FLORICULTURAL CLUB OFFICERS WILLARD E. THOMAS President HENRY S. BUSSEY Vice President HAYWARD E. ALLEN, JR. . Secretary-Treasurer WILLIAM L. HOLLOWAY Corresponding Secretary ROLL HAYWARD E. ALLEN, JR. HENRY S. BUSSEY EARL HESTER WILLIAM L. HOLLOWAY ANGELIA KIRKLAND RAY KIGHT THOMAS E. NEWSOME THOMAS STEPHENS WILLARD E, THOMAS Faculty Advisor: ROY A, BOWDEN, Floricultu- rist and Research Assistant. 0. BILL HOLLOWAY HENRY BUSSEY EDWIN ALLEN THOMAS STEPHENS RAY KIGHT TOM NEWSOME WILLARD THOMAS 4-H CLUB The 4-H Club was founded prior to 1920. The club is open to any student who was in a 4-H Club in high school. Its overall purpose is training for leadership in com- munity activities. OFFICERS WILLIAM POOL President KATHRYN POTTS Vice President CHARLES M. WALKER Secretary FAIN CHAMBERS Treasurer MATHEW CONNER Parliamentarian DEWEY WHIDDEN Sergeant-at-Arms MARINELLE WELDON Reporter ROLL Winwood Boykin, George Bible, Anne Bass, Harry Blanchard, Jr., James Bran- non, Martha Brown, Marion Cook, Bob Campbell, Fain Chambers, Tom Colvard, Mathew Connor, Jimmy Copeland, Calvin Davis, Robert Downer, J. E. Dunn, Cor- delia Ellis, Bill Estep, Jack Fields, Guy Fleming, Jr., Virginia Flowers, James Gar- ret, Julian Gissendaner, Montrose Graham, William Heaton, J. J. Hogan, Angielene Kirkland, J. C. Mahaffey, W. T. McDaniel, Frank Miles, Harriette Peavy, William Pool, Kathryn Potts, James A. Prescott, Jr., Tom Queries, Bill Ramsey, Vincent Schroeder, Williard Sisson, Ralph Smith, Patsy Stanfield, Donald Stewart, Cary Thorton, Larry Torrance, Alice Teaver, Howard Turner, Frank Van Haltern, Charles M. Walker, William H. Watkins, Ernest Webster, Marinelle Weldon, Dewey Whiddon, Rodney Wilcox, Barbara Williams, Lawrence Williamson. No Photographs. THE GRADUATE CLUB The Graduate Club is a club for graduate students who are interested in teaching. Its purpose is to pro- mote matters of interest to graduate students; provide for a more perfect social unity among these stu- dents; to create a link between future school people and those already in the field; and to promote scholar- ship and leadership. COUNCIL ROBERT L. SHEETS, Chairman ERNESTINE BLEDSOE, Recorder ARTHUR J. BENSON HARMON L. BOLAND DOROTHY PATTON MEMBERS Lorenzo E. Allgood, James A. Ash, Boyd O. Bag- gett, Arthur J. Benson, Martha Ann Bunard, Ernes- tine Bledsoe, Harmon L. Boland, Ethel B. Davis, Robert I. English, Helen D. Firor, Max S. Flynt, Betty Waite Frier, James Foster Goolsby, Florine Rose Gould, Spence H. Hallman, Hellen V. Harris, Roland R. Harris, Elena Wells Harrison, Norman J. Harrison, Jr., Mary Anne Heoron, Emily P. Heath, William L. Hitchcock, W. Roy Huggins, Shirley Virginia Kohn, Phyllis Kenth, Josephine B. McGlamery, John D. Messer, William P. Neal, Alice P. Patterson, Dorothy Patton, Wendell M. kins, John B. Preston, Annie Laurie Ragsdale, Wilma B. Sanders, Fran- ||. I - ces L. Scudder, Robert L. ' ' 9 Sheets, Elizabeth C. R. Singleton, Thomas N. Smith, Mrs. Daisy S. Snore, Nora N. Stone, Emilizo Swain, Julia Nelle Tumlin, Elizabeth C. Wal- drop, Lottie Stone Wal- lace, Marianne S. Wil- iams. Art Students League HISTORY Art Students ' League, founded in 1940, promotes the study of graphic and plastic art and encourages student interest and participation in gallery shows. One of the League ' s most notable functions is assisting with the sponsoring of on annual Art Auc- tion of works of students and faculty. OFFICERS MARGARET JOHNSON President WOODY MIZELL Vice President LEDDELL LITTLEFIELD Secretary JACK DAVIS Treasurer MEMBERS BETTY ABERNATHY MIRIAM ALDERMAN JOHN BARNARD CAROLYN BECKNELL RODA BERLINA FLORENCE BROOK SUE CARTER ELIZABETH CHEEVES NORMAN COLE MARILYN COX JACK DAVIS MARGIE DAVIS FRANCES DREYER ELIZABETH ENGLISH SARA FIROR BEVERLY FLOWERS ELLEX GARRISON ANN GILBERT BOB JOBSON MARGARET JOHNSON MORGAN JOHNSON CONSTANCE LAMB LEDDELL LITTLEFIELD MARTHA MADDOX BARBARA McCRARY MARY ALICE MEANS WOODY MIZELL BETTY ANN MONDY DELORIS MONDAY MARGARITE MOSS ANN OSBORNE BETTY PRESTON ANNIE PYE CATHERINE RICE RONALD RISH JANET ROYCE TOMMY SALTER CLAIRE SHARROW BOBBY SNOW LOUIS THOMPSON TOMMY WALKER NANCY WILLIAMS CHARLES WILLIAMSON MARGARITE WOOD SADDLE AND SIRLOIN CLUB A society for the promotion of more and better livestock in Georgia, was founded in 1920. It sponsors the annual Little International Livestock Show and Livestock Judging Team. MEMBERS L. D. Adams, R. C. Andrews, W. R. Andrews, J. H. Atkinson, D. T. Ballenger, A. M. Bannister, H. B. Barnes, Jr., W. Bartlett, D. B. Bearden, G. C. Bible, J. W. Bronnen, J. C. Burt, M. Calloway, J. L. Carmon, J. A. Cordell, S. M. Craig, W. Cromley, H. Daniel, C. M. Davis, G. R. Folds, J. Fuller, R. Ferguson, W. A. Gaines, H. Gardner, H. Grist, R. A. Harrington, H. A. Harvey, J. Q. Harvey, J. D. Hemphill, J. Jackson, E. C. James, E. D. Justice, J. C. Knox, J. A. Lang, J. Massey, D. L. Maxwell, J. E. McGowan, R. D. McNeil, J. Meadows, L. Melton, J. P. Mercer, J. T. Mercer, J. J. Miller, F. Neil, S. C. Pedrick, F. Pedrick, W. H. Pool, C. B. Presley, H. D. Rice, B. Richards, S. E. Sharpe, W. L. Smith, W. Stovall, G. S. Summers, M. C. Thomas, T. B. Turner, W. L. Wells, B. Whitehurst, B A. Whitley, R. P. Wilcox. OFFICERS FIRST TERM SECOND TERM R. A. HARRINGTON President J. J. MILLER Vice President B. A. WHITLEY Secretary J. H. ATKINSON Treasurer J. L. CARMON Reporter F. PEDRICK Sergeont-at-Arms B. A. WHITLEY President J. FULLER Vice President E. C. JAMES Secretary B. WHITEHURST Treasurer J. A. LANG Reporter L. D. ADAMS Sergeont-at-Arms WESLEY FOUNDATION An organization for Methodist Students. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS ROBERT TUCK President JULIAN RABURN Vice President RUTH MOBLEY Secretary MARVIN CAWTHON Treasurer DOT CALHOUN Pianist WESLEY BERRYMAN Chorister AFFILIATE STEWARDS: Ben Garvin Robert Tuck Neil Bowden Roy Simpson B. C. Garner SERVICE COMMISSIONS: Workshop and Evangelism: Joe Tobias, Chairman Winifred Groover Ann Kitchen World Friendship: Nell Griffies, Chairman Frances Means Pierce Cline Community Service: Felix Smith, Chairman Tommie Holmes Bishop Pirkle Recreation: A! Ritchie, Chairman Martha Jean Smith R. A. Davis Deputations: Jean McCurry, Chairman Peggy Callahan George Pridgen Campus Church Relations Publicity: Committee: Robert Tuck B. C. Garner Editor of Crusader: Jean Baker Motive Representative: Dick George Elizabeth Etheridge, Chairman Morgan Johnson Gloria Dixon Enlistment: Randolph Roddenberry, Chairman Helen Prickett Mid Broadwell THE GRAND OLD PARTY The organization of non-fraternity men which suplies to its members and to the University three indis- pensable functions — (1) opportunity; (2) leadership; (3) service. MIMS WILKINSON Campus Leader Organized around 1919, the Grand Old Party makes possible the unique situation on the University of Georgia campus, where non-fraternity men hold dominant positions in every phase of campus life. On very few campuses is this true. Every male student not a member of a social fraternity is automatically a member of the Party. No dues or fees of any kind are charged. The Grand Old Party has no connec- tion with any off-campus political group, either local, state, or national. Its members are concerned with the welfare of the University, the student body as a whole, and especially the non- fraternity men. JAMES LOUGHRIDGE Vice Campus Leader LEADERSHIP HOYT SIMPKINS Sec reta ry-Treasu re r SERVICE One of the principal functions of the Grand Old Party is to further school spirit and to unify the student body. The Party sponsors all pep rallies, bonfires, shirt-tail parades, and other assemblies de- signed to help students get acquainted. It sponsors frequent campus-wide dances at low cost, furnishing much-needed relaxation and recreation for the student body. Grand Old Party members traditionally take leadership in all worthwhile campus projects, including such charitable drives as the Infan- tile Paralysis " March of Dimes, " the World Student Service Fund Drive, and others. University officials have recognized the co- operative spirit and hearty support of the non- fraternity men on numerous occasions. Elected by vote of all non-fraternity men on the campus, the Campus Leader is their direct representative and spokes- man. With the help and advice of the other GOP officers, com- mittees, and members, the Campus Leader attends to the interests of campus men in political, social, and other mat- ters. It is his responsibility to lead the Party in all its projects, and to promote the interests of all non-fraternity men in every way possible. This year the Grand Old Party has continued the fight for the five-day class week, for inter-campus bus transportation, for sidewalks where needed, for an expanded social program, and for better living conditions on and off the campus. As a focal point for student opinion, the Grand Old Party gives the great majority of male students an active, organized voice in the management of student affairs. OPPORTUNITY Due to the influence of the Grand Old Party, non-frater- nity men have ample opportunity to distinguish themselves in scholarship, honor societies, service clubs, publications, literary activities, and every other phase of campus life. The representative sampling below lists a few of the non- fraternity men who, through their own talents and efforts, and with the backing and encouragement of the Grand Old Party, have won positions of responsibility and leadership. ALLEN BOWER Business Mgr., Red and Black; Sec.-Treas., Demosthenian. WARREN BRADFORD Pres., Ag Club; Secty., Aghon. A, R. BRUCKNER Business Mgr., Pandora; Business Mgr., Red and Black. RAY BURNS Secty. -Treas., Freshman Class; Asst. Business Mgr., Red and Black. WILLIAM O. CARTER Pres., " X " Club; Vice Pres., Sophomore Class. PHIL CAWTHON Pres., Demosthenian. FRANCIS ALLEN Pres., Blue Key; Pres., Demosthenian. BILL BATES News Ed., Red and Black. DICK BEST Chief Justice, Law School Honor Court; Pres. Demosthenian. FAINE CHAMBERS Pres., Biftad; Varsity Debate Teem. SPEIR COLLINS Editor, Red and Black; Pres., Sigma Delta Chi. JIMMY COPELAND Editor, Georgia Agriculturist; Vice Pres., Ag Hill Council. 380 LEROY DORMINY Pres., Ag Hill Council; Pres,, " X " Club. EUGENE DUTCHAK ROTC Cadet Colonel; Pres,, Kappa Alpha Mu. BOB ENGLISH Business Mgr., Men ' s Glee Club; Public Re- lations Dir., College of Education. LAMAR GIBSON Pres., " X " Club; Vice Pres., Junior Class. HUBERT GRIST Mng. Editor, Georgia Agriculturist; Secty.- Treas., Ag Club. RALPH HARRINGTON Pres., Demosthenian; Pres., Saddle and Sirloin. NORMAN HARRISON ROTC Cadet Colonel; Pres., Gridiron. ALVA PENDERGRASS Pres., Men ' s Glee Club. TOM PENLAND Campus Leader; Sphinx. CHARLES PRESLEY Vice Pres., Demosthenian. JOHN SHEFFIELD Campus Leader; Sphinx. CHARLES SHEPHERD Pres., Alpha Phi Omega. BOB SMALLEY Secty.-Treas., Sophomore Class; Secty., De- mosthenian. RALPH SMITH Secty., Demosthenian; Vice Pres., Student Veterans. BOB JOINER Editor, Red and Black; Sphinx. JOE KNOX Secty., Saddle and Sirloin; Vice Pres., Demos- thenian. DEMPSEY LEACH Pres., Senior Class; Sphinx. RAYMOND LESTER Pres., Student Veterans Organization; Pres., Alpha Kappa Psi. FRANK MALOOF Pres., Sophomore Class. ABIT MASSEY Pres., Sophomore Class; Pres., " X " Club and Biftad. WALTER P. SMITH Secty.-Treas., Senior Class; Business Mgr., Red and Black. ERNEST SUMNER Vice Pres., Demosthenian; Pres., Ag Hill Council. BOB TUCK Pres., Ag Hill Council; Pres., VRA. WILLIAM E. TUCKER Vice Pres., Men ' s Glee Club; Vice Pres., Alpha Phi Omega. WATSON WHITE Business Mgr., Red and Black; Vice Pres., Demosthenian. MELBURNE McLENDON Pres., Senior Class; Vice Pres., Blue Key. BRYAN WHITEHURST Pres., Junior Class; Pres., Ag Club. FRED MYERS Pres., Freshman Class. IRVIN WOFFORD Pres., Ag Club; Secty.-Treas., Ag Hill Counci PHI KAPPA LITERARY SOCIETY Founded in 1820 by John Henry Lumpkin to promote the cultivation of the art of speaking by debates, declamations, and public discus- sions. Phi Kappa Literary Society today has over two hundred active members. Among the honorary members on the rolls are Andrew Jackson, James Knox Polk, Jefferson Davis, John Tyler, Napoleon III, Emperor of France, and Franklin Roosevelt. OFFICERS Fall Quarter JIM McKENZIE President HENRY BRICE First Vice President BILL ROBERTS Second Vice President SAM MASSELL Secretary-Treasurer Winter Quarter HENRY BRICE President SAM MASSELL First Vice President BILL ROBERTS Second Vice President ZACK VARNEDOE, JR Secretary-Treasurer Spring Quarter BILL ROBERTS President T. M. SMITH First Vice President BOB BALFOUR Second Vice President JOEL GOLDBERG Secretary-Treasurer ROLL H. C. SCHWOB CHARLES HELD JULIUS EDEL HELEN L. CHICHESTER J. REX EDMONDSON J. M. COWART J. M. MOSS G. L. MASSEY BOB EDWARDS JOEL H. GOLDBERG GEORGE E. DANIEL FRED RINGEL W. H, NEWTON V. L. THOMPSON DOUGLAS WOFFORD T. E. COOK ROBERT McAllister BILL SCHANSON JOHN CULBREATH R. S. HARGROVE ELMER M. PRICE T. M. SMITH L. S. BUSSEY W. F. BAILEY, JR. F. ALEX CRITTENDON AUDLEY C HARRIS 382 FRANK M SCARLETT RICHARD SHOCKLEY HAROLD CLARKE TOM WHITE MILLER BARNEY JONES CHARLES CAMPBELL MENDEL ROMM OWEN BRESLER A. J. STRICKLAND JOHN RAGSDALE QUINCY DARBYSHIRE JOHN H. SWIFT JOHN R. HARDIN R. C. BALFOUR J. B, BLACKSHEAR SAM MASSELL DAVID BYCK HENRY T. BRICE BEV ASBURY WHIT FORRESTER JACK BRAIL BILL ROBERTS STEPHEN L, HARRIS WILLIAM A. WALLACE BOB KILIPER ZACK VARNEDOE CLARENCE CLAY CALIRN STEPHENSON HARRY WILLIAMS ALEX C. KING JOE A, LINDSEY JIM McKENZIE JAMES HARPE CORNELIUS DAVIS W. G. HAYS HAROLD G. CLARK ' ■ Ox ALPHA ZETA Alpha Zeta is an honorary fraternity. Its aims are " to promote the profession of agriculture and to estab- lish, foster, and develop high standards of scholarship, character, leadership, and a spirit of fellowship among its members. " To qualify for membership a student must be a graduate or undergraduate majoring in the various fields of agriculture. He must be in the upper two- fifths of his class scholastically, and in the eyes of the fraternity possess high character and leadership ability. OFFICERS LAWRENCE THOMPSON Chancellor PERRY DORMINY Censor JOHN J. MILLER Treasurer M. P. SMITH Guide STATEN M. MOORE Scribe MEMBERS Fred L. Aldred, William A. Balk, James R. Claxton, Quin- cy L. Darbyshire, Calvin M. Davis, McChesney Desmond, James H. Ford, Rex S. Harper, Be njamin C. Haynes, Jr., De- ward E. Hightower, Till M Huston, Arne K. Kemp, Ma- bry D. Kennedy, Jr., William A. Leonard, Joe W. Meadows, Staten M. Moore, Fred B. Saunders, Vincent N. Schro- der, Shelton E. Sharpe, John L. Snare, Grover Sowell, Jr., Ir- vin R. Staples, James W. Stone, Irvin M. Wofford, Mad- ison P. Smith, John J. Miller, Cariise Cobb, Jr., Lawrence Thompson, Jr., Perry Dorminy, George L. Reinert, Paul A. Weekley, James G. Giles, James F. Deal, Thomas S. Kemp, Billy A. Whitley, Hiram D. Whittemore, John T. Mer- cer, Julian A. Raburn, Loyd L. Smith, Lowery H. Gillespie, Jr., Wilmer H. Parker, Royce A. Breedlove, Jr., Ralph H. Lasiter, Willis E. Huston, Wil- liam T. Mills, Jack E. Jones, Robert F. Tuck, Ralph E. Smith, Earnest A. Sumner. PHI DELTA PHI International legal fraternity, founded at the University of Michigan in 1867. Wilson Inn Chapter established at Georgia in 1922. OFFICERS TOM MARSHALL President JACK McGAHEE Vice President OSCAR SMITH Clerk HENRY NEAL Historian PROF. R. L. McWHORTER, Faculty Advisor WILLIAM E. ANDREWS UPSHAW C. BENTLEY JESSE J. BENNETT THOMAS A. BRANCH, 111 ' HENRY T. BRICE, JR. FAINE CHAMBERS RICHARD L. CHAMBERS JOHN D, COMER LAFAYETTE W. CONE HAROLD M. CROW WILLIAM H. DARDEN LEE DICKENS DAVID R. ELMORE WHITFIELD R. FORRESTER RUFUS K. GIRARDEAU VIRGIL D. GRIFFIS DAVID H. HOGAN CHARLES G, HOUSTON GORDON L. HART JOHN WILLIAM HINES JAMES M. HULL DANIEL B. HODGSON LAWRENCE B. KELLY DEMPSEY W. LEACH LYNN R. LEONARD BERNARD R. LOGAN SHEALY E. McCOY KIRK McALPIN JACK E, McGAHEE DANIEL MacDOUGALD THOMAS O. MARSHALL, JR HAROLD L. MURPHY HENRY G. NEAL JEFFERSON L. NEWBERN ARTHER NIMS WILLIAM L. PRESTON WILLIAM E. ROUNTREE JACK H. SHORT ALEX W. SMITH OSCAR M. SMITH SIDNEY SMITH L. R. TOWSON J. BEN WATKINS JOHN E. WIGGENS JULIAN B. WILLINGHAM PHI ALPHA DELTA Honorary Law Fraternity founded at Chicago in 1902 by students united in a fight against an adverse rule for admission to the Illinois Bar. Stephens Chapter inaugurated at Georgia on August 5, 1947. OFFICERS Charter Officers Present Officers WENDELL V. HARRIS Chief Justice Owen H. Malcolm MELBURNE D. McLENDON Vice Justice Albert N. Nesmith ERNEST KELLAR Marshall James Wofford OWEN H. MALCOLM Clerk John 5. Rogers Treasurer William H. Alexander William H. Alexander Donald Austin Jackson L. Barwick Blanchard B. Battle Troy L. Carroll Edward T. Coppock Donald N. Formey Michael Gannam B. C. Gardner John E. Griffin Wendell V. Harris Otis W. Harrison Trovers Hill George B. Huckeba Albert G. Ingram, Jr. Max M. Johnson Charles M. Johnston, Jr. David C. Jones William J. Jones Ernest Keller John S. Knox Robert S. Lanier Calhoun A. Long James D. McGowon Melburne D. McLendon Owen H. Malcolm Albert N.NeSmith James C. Owens, Jr. Thomas C. Penland James H. Pitts Heard Robertson John R. Rogers William B. Slocumb Walter P. Smith William T. Smith Thomas D. Stanford William B. Stark James P. Swann Wilbur J. Tipton Richard A. Valeri A. Mims Wilkinson Ralph R. Williams James D. Wofford Frank C. Wright Robert G. Young No photograph. 386 387 POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB The purpose of the Political Science Club is to promote a serious interest in responsible citizenship and to de- velop an interest in world, national, state, and local government. Membership is confined to political science ma- jors. In connection with the club, the faculty has petitioned for a chapter in Pi Sigma Alpha. Students making this organization will be the honor group of the Political Science Club. OFFICERS MILLIARD P. BURT . THOMAS C. WATSON President Vice President ROSE MARIE ROFFMAN J. THOMAS ASKEW . . Sec reto ry-Treasure r Faculty Advisor STUDENT MEMBERS Curtis H. Bell Hilliard P. Burt Samuel Adams Conn, Jr. Lloyd M. Center Bloke E. Davis Spyros Dialismos German Don Donahoe Horace Porter Edmond, Jr. John R. English James F. Fort Robert E. Gibson George M. Harber Capers A. Holmes Hubert Howard Helen F. Hughes Handsel Grady Morgan William McCord Kemp W. Barry Phillips Barbara J. Plaotje Lee Olin Price James C. Roberts Rose Marie Roffman Norman D. Schanche Raleigh H. Sims Frank M. Smith George W. Smith, Jr. Thomas C. Watson Thomas West FACULTY MEMBERS John F. Allums J. Thomas Askew Merrit B. Pount Willard Range Albert B. Saye R. B.Trimble Virginia Wood Members of Pi Sigma Alpha Fraternity. i ss» GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON Gamma Sigma Epsilon is the only notional honorary co-educctiona! chemical fraternity. It was founded at Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina, on De- cember 19, 1919. It now has sixteen chapters in nine states end a membership of 2,769. OFFICERS GEORGE L. DRAKE, JR Grand Alchemist LEON H. CHANCE Recorder MERCER H. PARKER Vison FRANCES T. MIDDLETON . . Sergeant-at-Arms Norman M. Atkins, Frances Anne Bell, Freeman F. Bentley, Charles R. Broyles, Barbara Ann Brimberry, Mid- ford M. Broodwell, Beverly Burns, Leon H. Chance, Emily J. Clepper, Yvonnie M. Cordray, William T. Donaldson, George L. Drake, Jr., Walter M. Edwards, Jr., Henry F. Gober, Charles L. Henry, G. F. Henry, Marian B. Hicks, Howard W. Hult, Erwin C. Johnson, Elizabeth C. Jones, Werner A. Linz, Evelyn D. Martin, John Y. Mason, Frances T. Middleton, George E. Mudter, Spencer G. Mullins, Hoyt Neol, Mercer H. Por- ker, Katherine F. Pope, John T. Robinson, Rose M. Roffman, George E. Scott, Webster A. Sherrer, Jos- eph Tobias, Eugene F. Trodgesser, Marion R. Trawick, Corlyn E. Weekley, Anne E. Wetmore, Earl J. Woodard. ' No Photographs. ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS Summer and Fall Winter and Spring CHARLES SHEPHERD . . President . . WILLIAM HOLLAND BILL TUCKER . . First Vice President . FRANK GODDARD Second Vice President . BILL BLASINGAME BILL BLASINGAME . Recording Secretary . JOE C. MITCHELL Corresponding Secretor y . . - BEN ELLIS WADE ALLEN . . Treasurer JACK McGINTY BILL HOLLAND. . Historian MALCOLM JERNIGAN Founded at LoFayette College in 1925 — Beta Zetc established at Georgia in 1938. Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity composed of men who were former Boy Scouts. The local chapter sponsors the Polio Drive, G-Day Track Meet, and the Coke Race. PLEDGES BILL BLASINGAME DAN F. BOYD J. C. BULLINGTON WALTER C. BUTLER JOHN CLOUTS ARTHUR COHEN W. E. CONEY GEORGE DOERNER MARTIN ELLARD BEN W. ELLIS FRANK O. GODDARD DICK GRIMES JOE HADAWAY WILLIAM T. HOLLAND MALCOLM JERNIGAN HERMAN LISLE DAN MARTIN JACK E. McGINTY B. F. MclNTIRE J B. McKENNEY A. MERZIN TOMMY MILLER F. L. MINIX JOE C. MITCHELL W. R. MURPHY HALL PEEBLES ALVA PENDERGRASS W. L. ROBINSON CHARLES G. SHEPHERD RALPH SIMONS WILLIAM SHORT HOYT SIMPKINS HUGH SMISSON H. S. TIMMONS WILLIAM E. TUCKER JIMMY WALKER A. M. WILKINSON A few of the many workers and sponsors who made the March of Dimes a success. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB The Men ' s Glee Club contributes to the musical entertainment of the University students and by its tours throughout the state gives wide publicity to the Music Department and the University as a whole. During the Fall Quarter the Glee Club sponsors Stunt night and combines with the Women ' s Glee Club to present " The Messiah " and a choral service for the Christmas season. The Winter Quarter is climaxed by a tour of Georgia and nearby states. In the Spring Quarter the combined Men ' s and Women ' s Glee Clubs present an operetta. OFFICERS ALVA PENDERGRASS President ROLAND SMITH Business Manager MR. BYRON WARNER Director MR. HUGH HODGSON Director Emeritus - -IT 1r 1 MEMBERS Duval Adams Horry Anderson Chorles Bolcomb Ernest Bennett George Betsill Dick Bullock Otho Butler Duffie Burgess Julian Bridges Coson Bruker Bill Christian Paul Cobb Pierce Cline Walter Coney Walter Cook Cliff Collier Randall Couch Arthur Covington George Daniel Cornelius Davis Hugh Deen Jon W. Dietz Bob English George Enloe Hugh Firor Lew Forrest Cary Frozier Tom Glenn Jim Griffeth Troupe Harris Frank Harmon Ray Hargrove Thomas Hazel rigg Jim Hertz Herbert Hoover Bill Hudson Gene Jenkins Gale Johnson Robert Johnson Paul Keo Clayton Logon Mel I Lunceford Henry Maslia Howell Mayo Joe Meadows Reid Merritt BillMcElroy Eugene McDavis Meadow McGarity J. B. McKenney Joe McKee Jerome Montgomery Bill Miller Don Nichols David Norman Charles Orr John Pate Alva Pendergross Harry Persse Chris Poole Curtis Proveaux Eugene Ramey Theron Rogsdale Charles Shepherd Carl Short H. T. Short James Sirmans Julian Stewart Robin Sung Roland Smith Thomas Tillman Mike Toole Bill Tucker James Vaughn Bill Volk Charles Wodsworth Fred Wages Bennett Whipple Hank Williams Charles Williamson FORESTRY CLUB Founded in 1914, the object of this club is to foster an interest in the school, to better acquaint the members with current forestry conditions, and to promote fellow- ship and wholesome recreation. Membership is open to all male students and professors of the Forestry School. OFFICERS T. S. KEMP President AL WEEKLEY Vice President W. P. THOMPSON Secretary ERNEST SUMNER Club Reporter F. P. Amsler Gene Avery Curtis Barnes Robert Beasley William Bray G. Butcher Bob Campbell W. L. Chapman V. T. Chastain Jim Coad J. H. Colson John Connell W, F. Cowan E. Dole E. A. Davenport R. A. Davis Mack Desmond Robert Edney John Ellington Wallace Farr Wyman Garland Joe Garrison Arthur L Gillis Paul Grover Arthur Green M. F. Green Joe Griggs Hank Haines J. R. Hamilton Wesley Hanson Tom Hendrix J. G. Hill Walter Hoch J. F. Hogon Robert Holder Wayne Jackson Lewis Jamerson Anthony Jensen Charles Jones T. S. Kemp Mills Koger Vernon Knight George Lavinder W. E. Lisenby L L. Lundy Wayne Manning Ward McCarthy Frank Miles Charles Millwood James Moore Harold Morrow Howard Morrow George Morton Robert Nelson W. H. Nims I. H. Owens F. C. Parker Pete Phillips M. Pierce J. S. Pierce Vernon Reddish Tom Reimer Joe R. Roberts William Rowston Luther Shelton James Snowden Ulmer Spinney John Starr L. L, Stanley Carl H. St. John William C. Sullivan Ernest Sumner H. Tatham S. Tetterton Frank Tinker L. N. Thompson W. P. Thompson Fred Thrash W. F. Turner Al Weekley Charles Wike Harry Wildes Tommy Wright ALPHA PSI Alpha Psi, national professional Veterinary Fraternity, was organized at Ohio State in 1907. Lambda Alpha Psi, which at present is a local fraternity, will become associated with the national organization upon accreditation of the Veterinary School. H OFFICERS RALPH C. MOBLEY President FRED DUCEY Vice President WILLIAM WATSON Treasurer WILLIAM V. SMITH Secretary WILLIAM ELINBURG Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Carl A. Blount Walter G. Cook John L. Christopher Lawrence Crimmins Calvin Davis Jimmy E. Daniels Roscoe L. Drake Fred E. Ducey William Elinburg James H. Fisher Ray E. Griner Edgar H. Gilcrest J.M. Hawk Jack Herring R. L. Lott J. T. Mercer R. C. Mobley Murray E. Nunnery C. M. Reagan Charles Rigdon Felix Smith William V. Smith L. J. Steele Robert 0. Shannon John Bell Thomas William Watson C. L.Williams No photographs. The Georgia Bulldogs Under the leadership of George Enloe the Georgia Bulldogs have come a long way in the music world. Beginning last sum- mer when the band had only ten pieces, it has now become a six- teen-piece band that is known throughout the Southeast. Featured with the band is George Enloe, who has been playing professional music for over 18 years and has played with some of the topflight bands in the country, and Charles Dillingham, one of the finest pianists in college circles, who has a distinct key- board all his own. Betty Carroll and Ed Murdock are the featured vocalists. HOYT SIMPKINS, Business Manager. First row, left to right: Charles Dillingham, Jim Buckner, Johny Buckner, J. T. Smith, Harold McCard, Alex Crittenden, Charlie Warren. Second row, left to right: Tommy Rhyne, Jim Wright, George Doerner, Stuart McGarity, Marshall Hirsch, Charles DeVon. Third row: Ed Murdock, Geoge Enloe, Betty Carroll. ■ri H -M i AGHON Aghon is a local honorary society in the College of Agriculture. One must have completed at least eighteen courses toward an agricultural degree, besides possessing outstanding abili- ties, to be eligible for membership. OFFICERS LEROY DOMINEY .... President REX HARPER .... Vice President WARREN BRADFORD MEMBERS Philip Barnett — Jimmy Copeland — Ralph Harrington — • — Robert Harrison — John Herring, Jr. — Robert Joyner — Thomas Kemp — William Lanier — Henry Massey — Tom Penland — Julian Raburn — William Reeves — John Sheffield — Earnest Sumner — Robert Tuck — Irvin Wofford. ' No photographs. Sec. -Treasurer (,■ ■. GRIDIRON SECRET SOCIETY HORMAN HARRISON President CLARENCE CLAY . . Secretary-Treasurer Frank Cheatham — Don Downs — Ed Dunlap — B. C. Gardner — Ben Garvin — Bill Glenn — Sam Guy — Arthur Heyman — Bob Joiner — Dempsey Leach — Clayton Logan — Kirk McAlpin — Abit Massey — Jhn Mbley — Wallace Mrgan — Reid Mosely — Frank Myers — Henry Neal — Jeff Newbern — Wilbur Orr — J.C.Paul — Tom Penland — Carl Sanders — John Sheffield — Bill Trotter — Robert Tuck — A! Weatherly — Frank Wesley — Kiser Whatley — Van Noy Wier — Clayton Wilkes — Robert Williams — Billy Williamson — Richard McCauley — Tom Watson — Henry Troutman — Hoyt Simpkins — L. N. Thompson — A. B. Merchant — Francis Allen — Ed Brinson — Gus Barksdale — Buddy Massell — Mims Wilkerson — Henry Brice — Ralph Harrington — Al Dominy — Spier Collins — Melvin McLendon — T. M. Smith — Dick Carr. ' No photograph. 398 A WONDERFUL TIME WAS HAD BY ALL lV - - ' A • M SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi is a national professional journalism fraternity. It cooperates with the Journalism School in sponsoring the Georgia Collegiate Press Association, the Georgia Press Institute, and the Georgia Scholastic Press Association. OFFICERS WINTER QUARTER SPRING, SUMMER, FALL SPIER COLLINS President WILLIAM H. BURSON President EMMIT E. NOLAND Vice President ORVILLE GAINES Vice President CHARLES L. SKINNER Secretary SPIER COLLINS Secretary SPEDE J. BRYAN Treasurer SPEDE J. BRYAN Treasurer ROLL George Anderson — John Beall — William H. Burson — Orville Gaines — Spede J. Bryan — Charles Mc- Clure — Allen Cairnes — Spier Collins — George Doss — Kentwyn DeRenne — Don Downs — Eugene Dut- chok — James Hale — Herbert Kolodkin — Emmit Noland Lambeth Mayes — Edwin Pope — Charles Skinner — Lyman Buttolph — John Lee Kesler — J. Paul Williams — Marion Bridges — George McArthur — Jim Pinson — William Rowe — Clarence W. Jackson — Capers Holmes — Claude Williams — Howard Berk — Bob Lay — Lamar Matthews — Jim Murry — Dick Fisher — Dick Pipes — Allen Douglas — Frank Majors — Jack Majors — Charles Brock, Jr. — James Hilley — Mell Lunceford. No photographs. BIFTAD a Biftad is a service club whose members are chosen on the basis of scholarship and extra-curricular ac- tivities. It seeks to promote school spirit and pride through annual Home-Coming decoration contests and an annual sing for male students. Bev Asbury — Ray Burns — FAINE CHAMBERS P resident Bill Burson — Herb Carlson ROBERT H. SMALLEY Vice President — Bill Carter — David Cates EMMIT NOLAND Secretary — Faine Chambers — Louis JOEL GOLDBERG ■ Treasurer Cheney — Harold Clark — Don Downs — Al Fabian — Lamar Gibson — Joel Goldberg — Arthur Heyman — Alan Huvard — Bob Joiner — Frank Maloof — Sidney Marcus — Abit Massey — John Mobley — Wallace Morgan — R Bill Miller — Hoke Nash — Emmit Noland — J. C. Paul — Bob Smalley — Charlie Stein — Fred Sturges — Ernest Sumner — Ed Tucker — Zack Varnedoe — Billy Williamson . No photograph. r ALPHA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS HEWELL H, MANN President LAWRENCE M. LEH, JR. Vice President WILLIAM M. BOWERS, JR Secretary J. P. McMAHON, JR. Treasurer ALLEN D. WIER, JR Master of Rituals MR. HAROLD W. MOORHOUSE . . . Deputy Councilor The Alpho Kappa Psi, Professional Fraternity in Commerce, was founded at New York University October 5, 1904, and incorporated under the lows of the State of New York May 20, 1905. The Alpha Epsilon Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Psi on the University of Georgia campus was installed May 13, 1922. The purposes of Alpha Kappa Psi are to further the indi- vidual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank courses leading to degrees in business administration. MEMBERS Richard E. Belote, Barrington K. Beutell, William M. Bow- ers, Jr., Philip W. Burge, James P. Cheves, Jack O. Coalter, Mark E. DeBardelaben, Joseph F. DeCosimo, George G. Doerner, Robert H. Dunlap, John R. Hardin, Aubrey H. Har- ris, George T. Irvin, Lawerence M. Loh, Jr., Hewell M. Mann, Jr., Joseph P. McMahon, Jr. Henry H. Park, Jr., Harry B. Smith, Jr., Ernest L. Stone, Jr., Martin E. Talley, William R. Taylor, Earl M. Weaver, Allen D. Wier, Jr., Arthur Wise, Walker White, Jr., Braston B. Wooten, Jr. ' No photograph. PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma of- ft _ ' " " 1 fers to every ospir- L T|tar •» - ing male freshman on honorary recog- nition of his scholas- tic achievement. The membership is available to any freshman who makes a ninety-two average, or better, for his first two quarters, or a ninety average, or above, for the first three quarters. LYNWARD S. BUSSEY President JACK HASKINS Vice President J. C. LEWIS, JR. Secretary-Treasurer DEAN WILLIAM TATE Faculty Adviser Clarence D. Blount — Alton P. Brown, Jr. — William H. Bur- son — Charles E. Collins — Samuel A. Cann — George M. Furni- vci — Quinton Lomar Gibson — Robert E. Gibson — James T. Hammond — Rene Hawkins — Stanley Hirsch — Charles F. Johnson — Werner Linz — Kirk McAlpin — George E. Scott — Charles E. Beoll — Reubyn M. Chambless — Marvin Louis Den- nis — Richard Edward George — Frank Dempsey Guillebeau — Nathaniel Wilburn Hill — William W. McClure — Don Bruce Nixon — James Harold Parker — Charles B. Presley — Charles Budington Snead — Carl H. St. John, Jr. — William D. Stokes — Homer B. Storks — Emmitt Noland — Charles G. McKelvey, Jr. No photographs. HONORARIES Dean William Tate — Dr. Alfred W. Scott — Dr. James Ralph Thaxton — Alton Hosch — John E. Drewry — Dr. Harmon W, Caldwell — Dr. T. W. Reed. SPHINX Founded 1897 1. A. H. Patterson 38 2. W. D. Hooper 39 3. L. A. Cothron 40 4. G- Green 41 5. C. R. Andrews 42 6. E. E. Pomeroy 43 7. A. Pratt Adams 44 8. Will S. Blun 45 9. C. W. Davis 46 10. M. D. Dubose 47 1 1. R. P. Jones 48 12. A. J. McBride 49 13. R. J. Travis 50 14. T. W. Rucker 51 15. M. M. Thurnnan 52 16. John Banks 53 17. R. L. Denmark 54 18 J. E. Hall 55 19 R. M. Charlton 56 20 Harry Hull 57 21. H. C. Johnson 58 22. J. B. Ridley 59 23. W. R. Ritchie 60 24. J. L. Erwin 61 25 Phinizy Calhoun 62 26 F. McCutcheon 63 27 Longstreet Hull 64 28 B. C. J. Lamar 65 29 W. M. Hardy 66 30 N. P. Park 67 31 W. J, Hammond 68 32 Lomar C. Rucker 69 33 S. Blackshear 70 34 M. Dickinson 71 35 Andrew Calhoun 72 36 Com D. Dorsey 73 37 M. Richardson 74 B. S. Walker 75. Sandy Beaver 76. F. M. Ridley 77. G. W. Legwen 78. R. Jacques 79. Ralph Meldrim 80. Marion Smith 81. Wallace Miller 82. Minor Boyd 83. W. R. Turner 84. J. F. Baxter 85. Harold Ketron 86. Jack Bower 87. Frampton Ellis 88. Frank Anderson 89. R. P. Brooks 90. L. P. Goodrich 91. I. S. Hopkins, Jr. 92. J. I. Killorin 93. M. Blackshear 94. Virlyn Moore 95. Tom Connolly 96. W. Nunnolly 97. T. T. Turnbull 98. W. W. Patterson 99. Arthur Sullivan 100. Charlie H. Cox 101. Rodney Hill 102. Harold Telford 103. A. L. Hardy 104. J. E. D. Young 105. W. Mashburn 106. H. M. Scott 107. John A. Brown 108. George Hains 1 09. Dan Y. Sage 110. I.C.Levy 111. Lansing B. Lee 112 L. Raoul 113 J. J. Ragan 1 14. R. S. Parker 1 15. G. P. Whitman 1 16. W. L. Erwin 1 17 Harrison Jones 1 18 C. D. Coboniss 1 19 W. G. Brantley 120 P. R. Weltner 121 A. Carmichoel 122 R. Kyle Smith 123 W. Brown 124 J. K. McDonald 125 C. N. Feidelson 126 Frank Martin 127 H.L.J. Williams 128 R. H. Jones 129 S. O. Smith 130 M. S. Hodgson 131 H. Deloperierre 132 F. C. Newton 133 Claude Derrick 134 W. C. Henson 135. J. B. Harris 136. Y. B. Smith 137 D. H. Redfern 138 Jerome Michael 139 D. L. Rogers 140 E. V. Carter, Jr. 141 J. E. Lucas 142 H. G. Bailey 143 E. M. Brown 144 Abit Nix 145 0. W. Franklin 146 E. T. Miller 147 H. L. Lonhom 148 H. B. Blackshear 202 W. Folk, Jr. 203 A. R. McDonell 204 H. C. Hatcher 205 Poul L. Bortlett 206 E. L. Pennington 207 E. W. Moise 208 G. C. Woodruff 209 E. V. Heath 210 Millard Rewis 211 R. B. Troutman 212 Arthur Maddox 213 J. L. Sibley 214 L. D. Brown 215 Cliff Brannen 216 G. T. Northen 217 W.A.Mann 218 H. D. Meyer B. H. Walton D. R. Peacock V. E. Durden C. E. Martin E. B. Dunlop R. L. McWhorter R. H. Freeman Z. S. Cowan E. Morganstern James M. Lynch H. Levy Rogers B. H. Choppell Ira Funkenstein Frank Carter T. Rucker Ginn Aaron Bernd R. H. Patterson Victor Victor H. H. Whelchel L. Pinkussohn 219. Clark Howell, Jr. 220. D. K. McKomy 221. D. F. Paddock 222. John Henderson 223, E. J. Hardin 224. G, S. Whitehead 225. J. B. Conyers 226. C. W. Jocobson 227. H. L. Hodgson 228. R. W. Wesley 229. G. L. Harrison 230. C. M. Tanner 23 1 . W. Quartermon 232. R. Calloway, Jr. 233. Joel B. Mallett 234. T. A. Thrash 235. MaxL. Segoll 236. Hofmon Sorrels 237. W. O. White 238. J. P. Stewart 239. N. L. Gillis, Jr. 240. RoffSims, Jr. 241. J. Carmichoel 242. Howard McCall 243. Irvine M. Levy 244. Hinton Longino 245. R. W. Courts 246. L. H. Tippett 247. O. R. Ellors 248. R. H. West 249. R. Foreman, Jr. 250. J. M. Hatcher 251. Dewey Knight 252. Louis S. Davis 253. W. P. Zachry 254. Irvine Phinizy 255. R. O ' Calloghon 256. C. M. Candler 257. W. M. Dallas 258. C. H. Sotterfield 259. F. W. Horrold 260. W. D. Miller 261. Arthur Pew 262. R. E. L. Spence 263. C. W. Slack 264, John R. Slater 265. E, W, Highsmith 266. A, M. Day 267, C. M, Strahan 268, H, H. Mangum 269, W. H. Stephens 270, J, B. Ford 271, Nathon Jolles 272, Owen Reynolds 273, J. P. Carson 274, W. D. Durden 275 W. B. Cody 276. M. A. McRoiney 277. W. F. Daniel 278, E. H. Dixon 279. F. C. McClure 280, L, H. Hill 281, J.J.Clark 282. C. A, Lewis 283 J. J. Bennett, Jr. 284, Alton Hosch 285, C. G, Henry 286, J. K. Harper 287, H. H. Maddox 288, ROLL J. L. Watson 289. C. R. Anderson 290. E. M. Gurr 291. H. Cleckley, III 292. W. C. Carter, Jr. 293. William Tate 294. C. F. Wiehrs 295. John Fletcher 296. J. D. Thomason 297. John Hosch, Jr. 298. T. F. Green, Jr. 299, W. E. Sewell 300. Lester Hargrett 301 . C. L. Bowen 302. M. E. Kilpotrick 303. J. D. Allen 304. H. D. Shattuck 305. George Morton 306. G. H, Nixon 307. A. A. Marshall 308. C. N. Mell 309. E. P. Rogers 310. W.T. Forbes, Jr. 311. G. S. Johnson 312. R. J. Chombliss 313. Ernest Camp, Jr. 314. Allen Post 315. A. S. Clay, III 316. Kells Bolond 317. Ivey Shivers, Jr. 318. W. H. Young 319. Isaac K. Hoy 320, G. Florence, Jr. 321 , T. A. Nosh 322, T. Hamilton, Jr. 323 B. H. Hardy, Jr. 324, Hall L. Stancil 325, D. C. Tulley 326 R. Patterson, Jr. 327, H. S. Wofford 328, J. S. Candler, II 329 G. Lautzenheiser 330 R. B. Jennings 331 C. Barrow, Jr. 332 R. B. Hooks 333 J. H. Boland 334 G. C. Hamilton 335 J, J. Horris 336 W. J. Kline, Jr. 337 K. Anderson 338 J. Palmour, Jr. 339 Henry Palmer 340 K. McCutcheon 341 Guerry Harris 342 D. Feagin, Jr. 343 M. L. Purvis 344 J. M, Oliver 345 Marvin Cox 346 Ellis G.Arnoll 347 Herbert Maffett 348 Sonford Sonford 349 J. W. Maddox 350 Mark Hollis 351 W. C. Latimer 352 Vernon S. Smith 353 W. Strickland 354 J. W. Mclntire 355 Marion Gaston 356 M. Crenshaw 357 W. Hozelhurst Leroy S. Young F. Solomon V. B. Moore, Jr. W. Maddox, Jr. J. Richardson, Jr. M. Hodgson, Jr. T. Thigpen, Jr. R. Stephens, Jr. J. W. Colhoun D. Stafford, Jr. John Bond Horry Baxter W. T. Rogers J. D. Bowden J. Carl Strong A, Lee Rogers J, W, Wise W. Bennett, Jr W, C, Hawkins R. T, Anderson W, C, Hoyt, Jr. C. Horrold, Jr. B, Anderson, Jr. E. H, Baxter Dyar Mossey A, Roddenberry Morris Abram F. Newton, Jr. Q. Lumpkin R. Troutman, Jr. R. P. McCuen A. Cleveland, Jr. R. C. Norman J. Halliburton Lee Price Howell Hollis Alex McCaskill Stanford Smith Lee Newton Jock Matthews Ernest Vondiver Frank Gunn A. Fowler, Jr. C. J. Smith, Jr. B. Gardner, Jr. Verner Chaffin J. Meadows, Jr. Cliff C. Kimsey , T. C. Penland John B. Miller W. Partee, Jr. Irby Exiey Frank Sinkwich Murray Norman F. Champion G. D. Lawrence Jesse Bowles J. P. Miller Charles Trippi Jimmy DeLay Fluker Stewart J. Sheffield, Jr. W. F. Scott, Jr. F. S. Cheatham Dan Edwards R. M. Joiner D. W. Leach W. H. Burson M. D. McLendon HONORARY MEMBERS A — H. Brown Q — G. Jackson GG B — G. Butler R — W. B. Hill HH C — 0. S. Sibley S — C. Snelling II D — D. Dougherty T — D. C. Barrow JJ E— W. H. Harris U — R. t. Pork KK F — H. Bacon V — H. C. White LL G — W. P. Hell W — A. M. Soule MM H — F. K. Boland X — W. Bocock NN 1 — H, G. Colvin Y — S. V. Sonford 00 J — W. Cothron z — C. Srohon PP K — W. Spain AA — H. Stegemon QQ L — John Dorsey BB — S. Morris RR M — F. Mitchell CC — G, Peobody SS N — H. Dodd DD— E, A, Lowe TT — C. H. Black EE — T, Woofter UU P — W. Tichenor FF — T. W. Reed VV - Harry Mehre: - H. Edmunds - H. Hirsch - E. L. Secrest - H. Caldwell -P. Chapman ' - R. R. Gunn ' - J. D. Wade - H. Spalding ' - C. H. Herty - E. Coulter - W. 0. Poyne - W. Butts - W. M. Crane - H. A. Shinn - W. O. Collin BLUE KEY Blue Key is a national honorary organization composed of out- standing students and faculty members. Members are elected from five fields: leadership, scholarship, athletics, publications, and forensics. Juniors are elected in the spring and Seniors in the fall. - FRANCIS ALLEN President KEN DERENNE Vice President NEAL STEPHENS Secretory-Treasurer WALTER SMITH Corresponding Secretary ROLL FACULTY MEMBERS ALBERT BRUCKNER H. M. HECKMAN ED BRINSON W. M. CRANE WILLIS BRADFORD E. L. SECREST BILL BURSON W. O. COLLINS FRANK CHEATHAM TYUS BUTLER CLARENCE CLAY J. E. DREWRY GEORGE DOSS CLAUDE CHANCE LAMAR GIBSON H. W. CALDWELL 8. C. GARDNER D. J. WEDDELL NORMAN HARRISON W, A. SUTTON JAMES HAMMOND R. P. BROOKS TILL HARISTON ALTON HOSCH CAPERS HOLMES BOB JOINER HONORARY MEMBERS ELECTED JACK JOHNSON IN pALL QUARTER, 1947 DEMPSEY LEACH ABIT MASSEY ROBERT O. ARNOLD JEFF NEWBERN rpTesTn? ' o f°Go. Alur.n, Associc- CARLSON PHILLIPS ,lon) TOM PENLAND BILL PRESTON JOHN S. WOOD JOHN SHEFFIELD 9,T °l] ' °- . r . OtK „ -r, ,._,, (Member of Congress from 9th BOB TUCK District) MEMBERS INDUCTED IN FACULTY: FALL, 1947 DR. THOMAS J. JONES (Dean of School of Veterinary Medi- JAMES McKENZIE cine) ROBERT PERRY rA -, „- Ar x icr,D nAiii v. iiiiA» c FACULTY ADVISOR: PAUL WILLIAMS ., , ,, -ljam c ED POPE CLAUDE CHANCE JIMMY COPELAND SPIER COLLINS MEL McLENDON MIMS WILKINSON HENRY NEAL OSCAR SMITH RALPH HARRINGTON ft ; " No photograph. - . LEROY DORMINY President J IMMY COPELAND . . Vice PresidentlRVIN WOFFORD Sec. -Treasurer AG HILL COUNCIL MEMBERS W. G. AMOS VERNON BANKSTON ROGER Q. BENNETT V. T. CHASTAIN JAMES R. CLAXTON JAMES COAD, JR. CALVIN M. DAVIS JOHN H, FIELDS J. G. GILES G. W. GOSDIN WILLIAM GRANT RALPH HARRINGTON JOHN T. HARRIS JACK HERRING BILL LANIER J. T. MERCER JOHN MILLER DAVE MORGAN STATON M. MOORE JULIAN RABURN BLANTON B. RICE VINSON SCHRODER S. E, SHARPE BOB TUCK RUTH WINGATE " No photograph. X CLUB " X " Club was founded by the late Chancellor S. V. Sanford in 1931 for the purpose of improving school spirit and loyalty. Annually this society elects to membership men who have displayed industry, ability, and merit. Leroy Dorminy Ed Dunlap Harold Clarke Joel Fryer B. Williamson John Sheffield Lynword Bussey Weilan Levy Abit Massey Curtis Proveaux Charles Stein William Lanier Lamar Gibson Kirk McAlpin Francis Allen Norman Harrison Bill Burson L. Mayes Allan Strickland J. C. Paul Roger L. Simmons Harold MaGuire Hoyt Simpkins William Holland Tom Watson Frank Maloof Edwin May Albert Bruckner Alvin M. Lunceford, J Robert Joiner Jack Davis Mims Wilkinson John DeGregory Fuller Pedrick No photographs WILLIAM O CARTER President SPEDE J. BRYAN Vice President BILL SHORT Secretary and Treasurer CAFFAU CLUB Founded in 1933, the purpose of the Gaffau Club is to promote vocational guidance and agricultural leadership, and to provide recreation and fraternal relationship for agricultural students. Any student who is regularly enrolled in agricultural courses at the Univer- sity of Georgia and who has been a member of a local FFA Chapter or is specializing in teacher training in the Division of Vocational Education is eligible for membership. OFFICERS WILLIAM PARKER President ROBERT V. BANKSTON Treasurer ELDRIDGE HATCHER Vice President H. D. HARRIS Reporter WM. A. HARGROVE, JR Secretary HUBERT PASCHAL Parliamentarian ROLL J. T. Alexander, Robert V. Bankston, Wallace A. Beggs, Harry E. Blanchard, Jr., James Brookshire, A. C. Brown, Jock Buchanan, Ivis R. Burch, Louie G. Calhoun, Rudolph Childre, Frank G. Cloer, Roy W. Coley, Marcus Daws, J. E. Dunn, Hubert S. Eddleman, R. W. Evans, Guy E. Fleming, Jr., Roland J. Folsom, Ray Fulcher, Hubert H. Glisson, Hubert G. Grist, J. C. Gunnels, Harold V. Hall, Wm. A. Hargrove, Jr., H. O. Harris, Kermett J. Harris, Eldridge Hatcher, William Heaton, Floyd Q. Henry, James P. Heary, B. P. Herrington, S. A. Jenkins, W. H. Keene, W. E. Kirklond, Jr., Clarence N. Lambert, Ralph H. Laster, Jesse W. Lennard, Willie C. Long, Theodore R. Lowman, James Lydoy, Guy McAllister, Wm. T. McDoniel, T. E. Helms, Wilson G. Nix, Myron B. Parker, Wilmer Parker, Hu- bert Paschal, Blanton Rice, Rudolph Rigsby, Bradley Saunders, Charles H. Smith, V. R. Stephens, Elton C. Strick- land, James E. Thomas, Roy E. Tucker, Wm. H. Vandiver, James W. Walden, W. H. Whorrell, Oliver C. Wilson, J. J. oodliff. AGRICULTURAL CLUB The Agricultural Club is a local organization whose purpose is to promote better speaking and thinking along agricultural lines. To be eligible for membership, a student must be enrolled in the College of Agriculture, School of Forestry, or the School of Veterinary Medicine. OFFICERS Fall Quarter WILLIAM LANIER President . WILLIAM REEVES Vice President EDWARD BIBLE Secretary . Winter Quarter . BRYAN WHITEHURST . . ARTHUR WEAVER . . . HUBERT GRIST .JAMES COPELAND Treasurer JAMES COPELAND JAMES LANG Parliamentarian FULLER PEDRICK IRVIN WCFFORD Critic MATTHEW CONNER HUBERT GRIST Reoorter JIMMY LANG ROLL EDWARD BIBLE JACK BUCHANAN GEORGE BLAIR JOHN BROOKS MATTHEW CONNER JAMES COPELAND EUGENE COTTON JOE CROSS WILLIAM ESTEP BEN FUQUA JACK FIELDS JAMES GARRETT HUBERT GRI5T JAMES GRAHAM WILLIAM HIGHTOWER JIMMY LANG JAMES LOUTHERIDGE JOHN MILLER THOMAS NELMS HAROLD PARKER FULLER PARKER ' WILLIAM REEV;S HAROLD RICE WALTER RUCKER THOMAS RI,V ER CHARLES SMITH ROBERT TUCK LARRY TORRANCE ARTHUR WEAVER BRYAN WHITEHURST IRVIN WOLLORD No photograph. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front row, left to right: Richard Best, John Knox, Melbourne McLendon, Jock Briscoe; bock row, Bryan Whitehurst, Dempsey Leach, Watson White, G. Birch McVay. s Fall GUS BARKSDALE LINTON PITTARD OFFICERS Spring President RAYMOND LESTER Vice President RALPH SMITH FRANCIS ALLEN Secretary JULIAN RABURN Treasurer No photographs. . AL STEWART FULLER PEDRICK V o STUDENT VETERANS ORGANIZATION AGRICULTURAL This club was founded on this campus in 1929; its main purpose is to provide orientati on for the profes- sion of Agricultural Engineering, and to provide oppor- tunities for meeting outstanding members of the pro- fession. FALL QUARTER OFFICERS J. G. GILES President J. H. FORD Vice President M. D. KENNEDY Secretary AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING STAFF W. G. REEVES, JR Editor B. A. PIRKLE Associate Editor P. E. DOMINY Business Manager J. F. FOREHAND . Associate Business Manager ENGINEERING CLUB ROLL James H. Anderson Fred L. Aldred, Jr. James V. Aultmon William A. Balk Royce H. Barker Don V, Barnes Philip L. Barnett Arthur H. Bennett Roger Q. Bennett Lee C. Bowden Lewis M. Brown Olin B. Brown, III Frank L. Bullard Hardin C. Byars, Jr. Owen B. Callaway Dwain P. Chambers, Jr. James F. Chancy John Cheek, Jr. Horace L. Cline Earl Cox, Jr. James L. Cox Tommy L. Crompton Jeff W. Daniell Perry F. Dominy Derrill C. Driggers Harold L. Duke Mahlon Edwards Charles W. Elam James C. Ellison James H. Ford James F. Forehand James M. Gentry James G. Giles Lowry H. Gillespie, Jr. Harold B. Goolsby Robert B. Gillet Clarence M. Graham, Jr. John H. Grantham Wilson P. Groover Robert L. Hadden Ralph Hargrove Benjamin C. Haynes, Jr. James G. Henderson John G. Herndon Henry W. Holt William T. Holton Benjamin L. Hudson Howard Hunnicutt Lanier Hunnicutt Willis E. Huston Reed S. Hutchison Wilton C. Ireland Harry Jenkins Neil P. Johnson Henry D. Joiner John D. Jones Mabry D. Kennedy Herman Kesler Neil P. Kitchins Jack G. Lamb William E. Landram Thomas Z. Lanier Jesse C. Lumsden, Jr. Harold M. Mann Wm. T. Mills Nevel W. Mize James M. McCurry John L. McMillan DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi is a professional commerce fraternity. It was organized to foster the study of business in univer- sities; to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote a closer affiliation between the commercial world and the students of commerce; and to fur- ther a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. OFFICERS Summer and Fall CHARLES M. ENGLISH Headmaster DAVID L. ENGLISH Senior Warden MYRTUS W. MAFFETT Junior Warden THEO YEAGER Scribe THOMAS V. PADGETT Treasurer JOSEPH M. cRQUITT Chancellor Winter and Spring . . JOSEPH M. ERQUITT , DONALD F. BRACEWELL . . HENRY E. BARBER . . . THEO YEAGER . THOMAS V. PADGETT . . EARVIN L. JOYNER JOHN F. BURKE Faculty Advisor JOHN F. BURKE MISS ANNE GUNNELS Rose of Delta Sigma Pi 1947—1948 ROLL Roberts. Balk Miles M. Barber Charles T. Battle Lawrence T. Berryman Edward A. Blakeley Clarence D. Blount Augustus J. Bohn Alonzo M. Buckler Robert K. Bush Lewis W. Campbell Ralph W. Carr Vernon E. Case Rubyen M. Chambliss Dale A. Crites Alex F. Crittenden Nixon T. Crosby Wayne C. Daggy George T. Daniel Cecil C. Davis Charles A. Davis Charles B. Drake F. Dickson Durden P. Martin Ellard Roy W. English John E. Fears Hoyt P. Finley Columbus G. Garner John T. Guy George L. Harris M. Calvin Jernigan Ezra B. Jones, Jr. Walter E. King Charles E. Lane William W. Lee John H. Lomax Xicndy L. Malone Frank M. Maloof Hunton L. Morgan W. Watts Morgan Surart W. McGarity Berry W. Mclntyre John A. McManus Charles H. McMillan D. Reid Merritt Robert T. Merchant Will H. Newton James E. Nivens Joseph R. Odom Lindsey W. Padgett Leslie C. Powel Robert L. Rivenbark Elwood T. Robison James E. Salmon William M. Seitz William J. Shortt Alan R. Shumon John J. Sullivan Micajah Taylor, Jr. H. Hodgson Thomas Milton H. Westbrook John T. Whipple Watson L. White Henry M. Williams Gordon L. Yarbrough J. Donald Bennett W. Lester Calloway Robert L. Carmichael Wiley P. Davis Joseph J. Dixon Frank K. Fetzer Charles S. Garrett Charles M. Johnston John W. Maddox William H.Wert No photographs AMERICAN LEGION JACK DAVIDSON . EDWARD M. SMITH OFFICERS Commander EARNEST A. SUMNER . . Senior Vice Commander Adjutant FULLER G. PEDRICK Past Commander The Mangleburg EIrod Post of the American Legion was organized in 1945. This Post was the first Legion Post to be organized on a university campus in the South and second such Post in the nation. The Mangleburg EIrod Post is active and enthusiastic in the program of the American Legion, both in the Geor- gia Department and the National Department. Members as of March 15, 1948: Lynward S. Bussey, Walter E. Coney, John L. Connell, Bob A. Davis, Bill G. Davis, Charles M. Daniel, Sanford P. Darby, Jr., Jack S. Davidson, Donald N. Formby, M. Jones Franks, Jr., Joe H. Goldberg, Anthony Grey, Harold V. Hall, James Harris, Wilbur T. Herrington, Charles S. Jones, Harold E. Kight, Cecil W. Lynn, William C. Mull, Frank M. Maloof, James M. McCurry, Dudley P. Martin, Joel I. Newman, Fuller G. Pedrick, Clyde L. Perry, Harold D. Rice, Walter H. Rucker, John E. Sheffield, Edward M. Smith, Johnny M. Smith, Jr., William T. Smith, Earnest A. Sumner, Z. C. Young, Al A. Quillion. VARSITY DEBATE TEAM The purpose of the Varsity Debate Team of the University is to foster inter- collegiate debates and members are selected at try-outs by competent faculty members. A person to be eligible for the Varsity Debate Team must have an average of 73. The University of Georgia Debate Team attended a tournament at the Uni- versity of Miami from January 30-31, 1948, at which the University of Chicago was the guest of honor. The debate topic was: Resolved: That a Federal World Government Should Be Established. Inter-collegiate debates have been held with the University of North Caro- lina, Johns Hopkins University, University of South Carolina, Wake Forest, Wash- ington and Lee, and others. MEMBERS CLARENCE CLAY— Team Manager FAIN CHAMBERS LYNWARD BUSSEY DONALD AUSTIN JAMES McKENZIE DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Demosthenian Literary Society, the oldest of its kind on the campus or in the state, was founded in 1801, and has been very active since that time. At present there are approximately two hundred active members. OFFICERS FALL QUARTER- RALPH HARRINGTON President WILLIAM CARTER . . . . ' Vice President RALPH SMITH Secretary-Treasurer WINTER QUARTER — PHIL CAWTHON President CHARLES PRESLEY Vice President ROBERT SMALLEY Secretary-Treasurer SPRING QUARTER — CURTIS BELL President JOE KNOX Vice President DAN RICE Secretary-Treasurer ROLL Fred Aldred; Arnold Anderson; George Anderson; Francis Allen; Curtis Bell; J. J. Bennett; James Bentley; Richard Best; John Bowdidge; Allen Bower; Tom Bowlan; John Bowling; Phil Bradley; Jim Brinson; J. E. Briscoe; J. C. Bullington; Robert Broome; Ray Burns; Lester Calloway; Herbert Camp; H. P. Carlson; Dick Carr; S. P. Carr; John Carroll; Carey Carter; Bill Carter; Faine Chambers; Ellis Clifton; J. R. Cole; C. W. Collier; Spier Collins; L W. Cone; John C o n n e I I; George Cowart; Harry Cowart; Blake Davis; Johny Davis; Ken DeRenne; George Doss; A. H. Duke; Ed Dunn; Jessie Dubose; Martin Ellard; Davis English; Bill Eubanks; Davis Rous; Dan Fears; John Fears; Ted Fitzsimmons; J. L. Floyd; Oli- ver Forehand; Jim Fort; Riley Garland; Ben Garvin; Lamar Gibson; John Gill; John Gregorie; Rowland Gregory; Hubert Grist; John Groover; John Hammond; Ralph Hargrove; Otis Harrison; Ralph Harrington; Paul Hawkins; Phil Henry; Ed Hill; J. E. Hilley; J. C. Hinkle; Billy Hobgood; Harold Hodgen; Billy Holland; Fred Holman; Bob Hoiloman; O. W. Hooks; James Howard; Hubert Howord; Orion Hudson; Al Hunt; Tom Hutcheson; Malcolm Jernigan; Ezra Jones; Wm. J Jones; James Kemp; Jack Kinney; Joe Knox; John Knox; Bruce Kirbo; Charles Lane; James Lang; Dempsey Leach; James Loughridge; Raymond Lester; Randall Lynn; M D. McClendon; D. L. McCleod; John McManus; Clifford Marshall; Dud- ley Martin; William Mills; F. L. Miniz; A. B. Mitchell; Theodore Molnar; Oscar Moorman; H. L, Morgan; Henry Neal; Jeff Newbern; Robert Nicholson; John Nilan; Emitt Noland; T. H. O ' Kelley; L. W. Padget; James Partee; Jerry Pea- cock; Fuller Pedrick; William Penland; Hall Peebles; G. R. Philips; Charles Pres- ley; George Pridgen; Herman Pell; Bishop Pirkle; Clarence Pittman; Jim Por- ter; T. K. Rouluson; Tom Reimer; Dan Rice; John Rogers; William E. Rowe; Wil- liam P. Rowe; Victor Royal; Walter Rucker; Deen Schoncho; Don Schancha; Earl Self; John Sheffield; Charles Shepard; Hoyt Simpkins; Ed Simmons; Emmial Size; Bob Smalley; Leroy Smith; Ralph Smith; Walter Smith; Walton Smith; Hugh Stearns; Edward Sterne; Roy Sterling; Al Stewart; Ernest Sumner; Robert Tuck; William Tucker; D. E. Turk; Jesse Tippens; R. E. Turner; Millard Wagnon; Jimmy Walker; Dick Watson; R. A. Weldon; H. C. Wildes; Thomas West; Wat- son White; Bryan Whifehurst; Mims Wilkinson; W, B. Witcher; R. A, Valeri. VETERINARY SCIENCE CLUB ;»► The Veterinary Science Club was organized in 1946. Its purposes are to promote a spirit of friendly relations among students, provide an additional opportunity for members to gain profes- sional knowledge, and build character. Any student regularly enrolled in the School of Veteri- nary Medicine is eligible to be a member of this organization. OFFICERS J. T. MERCER President O. D. DYE Vice President E. R, GRINER President-elect M. T. MANLEY Secretary W. A. KNAPP Treasurer J. G. HERRING, JR First Year Class Representative W. A. ELINBURG, JR Second Year Class Representative No picture. M - MEMBERS Donovan B. Bell, Jr.; Carl A. Blount: James T, Bryson; Walter Cook; Lawrence T. Crimmlns; John L. Christopher; Quincy L. Darbyshire; Calvin M. Davis; Ollie M. Dodgen; Arthur L. Dorminy; Roscoe L. Drake; Frederick E. Ducey, Jr.; Obe D. Dye, Jr.; James H. Fisher; Alton Godwin; Ernest R. Griner; Clarence B. Grubbs; Lollis H. Hardy; Goynor W. Henry; John G. Herring, Jr.; Byron F. Milliard; Deward E. Hightower; Lois E. Hinson; Robert L, Lamb; Lecel T. Leard; Charles W, Leonard; Robert L, Lott; Paul A. McDonald; Edward L. McConnell; Charles W. McNeill; John T. Mercer; Ralph C. Mobley; Murray E, Nunnery; Joseph O ' Conner; Jack R. Palmer; Horley A. Phillips; Clyde M. Reagen; Robert 0, Shannon; Felix M. Smith: William V. Smith; Dawson L. Taylor; John B. Thomas; Walter G. Thomas; Jack G. Tuttle; William H. Watson, Jr.; Charlie L. Williams; Charles W. Wincey; William W, Adams; Murphy Banks; Leslie A. Borne; James O. Briggs; Clare L. Bromley; William L. Carter, Jr.; S. Lovis Clarkson; Bobby M. Clyatt; James E. Daniels: William S. Elinburg, Jr; Howard S. Garner; Woodrow H. Gibson; Edgar H, Gilchrist; Robert J. Glass; Charles A. Greenig; Wiley J. Greenwoy; Leiand E. Griffith; James M. Hawks; Wilbur S. Higgs; Robert R. Hirsh- bert; Robert R. Hollmgsworth; Wilt A. Irvin; Thomas W. Jenkins; Wallace D. Jones; William A. Knapp; Earl L. Knox; Leicester L. London: Robert C. Lawrence; Chorles E. Lee; Marion T. Manley; Cecil N, Martin; William B, Martin; Roymon H, Mason; Robert L. Meeks; Jackson D. Morgan; Don Morris; Luther P. Murphy; William E. Pace; Waldo H. Palmer; Charles R. Rigdon; Robert W. Robinson; Ernest B. Rushing: James R. Sondifer; Jesse S. Sloan Leonard Steele, Jr.; William duPont Strong; Pot Suber; Baker N. Sutton; Corey W. Thornton; Allen Tuten; Charles L. Vickers; William J. Waters; James R. White: Robert D. Whiteford: A. C. Wilkinson; Lewis G. Yarboro. ?t - SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military fraternity which strives to promote leadership among ROTC students. Its membership is limited to out- standing Cadet Commissioned Officers who ore third or fourth year military stu- dents. OFFICERS HOYLE B. PUCKETT Captain ROBERT S. BALK First Lieutenant GEORGE B. PARRIS Second Lieutenant MARVIN C. JONES First Sergeant MEMBERS Fred L. Aldred Neal Ash Richard Blakewood David L. Branch Midford M. Broadwell William R. Buice Milliard P. Burt Robert R. Carmichael, Jr Horace L, Cline Edward L. Coppock Joseph M. Erquit James D. Freeman William B. Hill Bondy H. Holcombe William T. Holland R. Eugene Holley Gordon Jackson Ulysses S. Knotts Frank Lewis John H. Lomax Hewell H. Mann James W. Newberry Don Nichols Emmitt Noland Alva W. Pendergrass, Jr. Henry H. Park, Jr. Thermon K. Raulerson Kenneth F. Sapp Cornelius W. Smith, Jr. Joel E. Stone Alvis M. Weatherly Isaac Williams No photographs. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Alpha Upsilon Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa was founded on the University of Georgia campus in 1935. Its purpose is to recognize men who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive for similar conspicuous attainments. Its members are selected in the fall and spring quarters. They must fulfill requirements set forth in a very strict point list and have an academic average of 78 or higher. OFFICERS DEMPSEY LEACH President ABIT MASSEY Vice President ARTHUR HEYMAN Secretary MEMBERS William Burson Kirk McAlpin Robert Joiner Robert Tuck Arthur Heyman, II Norman Harrison Quinton Lamar Gibson Dempsey Leach Frank Cheatham, Jr. Curtis Proveaux John E. Sheffield, Jr. Abit Massey Tom Penland B. C. Gardner Tom Clark Clarence H. Clay Charles E. Collins J. Spier Collins J. Clayton Logan Henry G. Neal William G. Reeves, Jr. Walter P. Smith A, Mims Wilkinson, Jr. No photographs. LAMBDA CHI BEAUTY SHOW REGISTRATION That bugaboo which faces everyone at the begin- ning of each quarter has now been robbed of its hor- rors. All old students are given permits to register on which a time and place is indicate d — no fuss, no bother, no stoop, no squat, no squint — just walk in, argue two hours with the Registrar ' s staff and walk out with none of the courses you ' d planned to take. The new students ore treated much better now, too. Lines are only about half as long as they were under the old system of registration, end a few of the more curvaceous girls, without waiting in line at all, can walk right by the wolves who guard the doors. No joking — the whole student body gives its deep- est gratitude to Dr. Ralph Thaxton and the powers that be for the new method of registration. SUNDAY MOVIES Dr. Terry, Miss Artau, Dean Tate and other loud speakers. No tickets are needed to get students into the Fine Arts Auditorium where the best in foreign and domestic films are shown — an " ID " card does the trick. Sol Abrams (right) tunes up his projector. SIGMA CH DERBY STUNT NIGHT GRADUATION AUGUST 30, 1947 Senator George speaks to the graduating group. ' 4. r m.J t mi H • E m K j H - 9 DIAPER DERBY Future students of the University of Georgia get an early start in activities. HOME COMING f. ; ' i W- IL » Wpk rHFYIIFH tPW u B L C A T O N RED AND BLACK " Oh, young Lochinvar is come out of the west . . . " A suitoble introduction to practically every RED AND BLACK staff throughout the 1947-48 season. Kentwyn " Mopsy " DeRenne assumed the editorial crown and leveled his lance in a hell-for-leather battle against cheating. Summer Editor Bob Joiner jousted with walkers-on-the-grass on Ag Hill. His heart blade (sic) for KEEP OFF THE GRASS signs. When Speir Collins picked up the gauntlet in the fall, he donned shining armor and did stately battle with the administration on the perennial five-day week issue and the hole-in-the-sock laundry. Editor George McArthur mounted the R B throne during the winter and waved the editorial sword for student government and the hanging of Henry Neal, IFC, and Mims Wilkenson, GOP, from the some gallows. (This would get them together on one platform, anyway.) Poll Burnabust, the RED AND BLACK malcontent, ranged all through the bloodshed, slicing at any neck that presented itself. With all the literary carnage, however, the RED AND BLACK managed to win second place for feature writ- ing in the Sigma Delta Chi national contest, and to bring home an Ail-American Honor Rating from the Associ- ated Collegiate Press. Business staff, Winter, 1948; White, Smal ley, Clark, Bevens, Bawer, Owen. " City Room " atmosphere Copy Desk, and Editor William Bates gives re-write instructions. BETA GAMMA SIGMA National Honorary Society for Commerce students, recognized by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, selecting its membership from those who excel in scholarship, character and promise. J. F. BURKE President ' 47, ' 48 MADGE LESHER v,ce President R. T. SEGRIST Secretary-Treasurer R. C. Farr V. B. Boyd J. M. Butell Henry Murry H. D. Hale T. A. Nutt Charles Alfred R. S. Perry J. H. Dangler Ann Puryear V. L. Brigmen Incomplete list. MEMBERS E. W. Griner H. E. Nichols R. L. Conner L. B. Yates H. N. Harvey Eva Cohn W. F. Scott T. K. Vann J. B. McKinnon C. S. Dorsey Mary Hearon 439 GEORGIA CRACKER EDITORIAL STAFF Editor EMMIT NOLAND Business Manager SAM MASSELL, JR. DEPARTMENTAL EDITORS Articles — Don Schanche Fiction — Harry Malone Sports — Edwin Pope Poetry — Paul Trowic k Exchange — William G. Hayes, Jr. Photography — Wesley Sherman Managing Editor PERRY E. MORGAN Art Editor BETTY ABERNATHY ASSOCIATE EDITORS William Rowe Margaret Caruthers ASST. BUSINESS MANAGER Joel Goldberg ART STAFF Morgan Johnson Thompson Salter Elizabeth English Frances Dryer Bobbie Snow Doris Poque BUSINESS STAFF George Anderson Elise Greenebaum Leonard Ruffin Pamela Valentine EDITORIAL ASSOCIATES John Bowdidge Jack Haskins Nell Suttles Bill Simpson Dorothy Carlisle Paul Harris Jo Ann Cox Clifton Campbell Lillian Jordan FACULTY ADVISORS W. W. Davidson Albert Jones Erwin Breithaupt ABERNATHY; ROWE; NOLAND; MASSELL; MORGAN. EVERYBODY LEND A HAND. THE EDITOR SAYS r l nLJLJK — ly O ■ ■ ■ What a time we have had with it! The original Pandora might have thought she had troubles when she opened the Wonderful Box and found a host of evils — we could have breezed right through things like that compared to what came our way. To begin, we started three months late and when we asked for help all we got was, " How much does it pay? " Frances Martin, Maggie Watt and Myron Fogle with " Drizzle " Knoedler, who graduated somewhere in the middle of the muddle, made up the working staff at that time. A short time later Steve Harris, Charlie Lewis and a few others came up to help us but as time went on most of them fell by the wayside. Then troubles came in doubles! While we were trying to get things organized in the office and the photog- raphers were sending us thousands of photographs which had to be checked and filed, the workmen who were building the new wing on the C-J Building decided to bore holes in our office floor — it just wasn ' t safe to sit down without at least two old Pandoras under us and even when the air drills were quiet it wasn ' t safe to sit in most of the chairs; they had no bottoms! The drilling and blasting quieted down after a couple of weeks only to be fol- lowed by hordes of men dragging huge sheets of tin in and out of the office all day. Playful gusts of wind brought cyclones of dust up our winding stair from the studio below and profane words reached our tender ears as men bumped their heads on the low rafters in the attic back of the office. Then one day the invading hordes took their air drills and their hammers and their cuss words and went away. We said to ourself, " Now we shall have peace. " Peace? Not on us! The ladders leading to our attic had been left unguarded and thieves came in the night and read our mail and snitched our photographs and sabotaged our files. Our Art Editor, a noble character and a whiz at making layouts, heard the call of the open road and after awhile we had a postcard from him — " Having a wonderful time, " it said, " wish you were here. " We were almost willing to grant his wish but we are made of sterner stuff and did not have the price of a bus ticket. Our woes were legion. Fraternities and Sororities just wouldn ' t send us their copy. We begged, threatened and even bled a little, but to no avail. Then a little ray of sunshine crept into our drab life: Cadet Colonel Dutchak, our Military Editor, arrived with most of his copy, some of his pictures and a smattering of his layouts — we would have kissed him except that we had a cracked lip. And to coin a phrase: When it rains it pours — the paying cus- tomers began to send in their copy; organizations sent us tons of write-ups and photographs; Dick Pipes, our Sports Editor, came down with a bad case of the " hurries " and we burned the midnight oil many moons while we wor- ried about where to place who in the Sports Section. Photographs which were stolen from our files hod to be replaced — a slow and expensive process; professors who had promised to " go easy " on outside work gave us more and more term papers to do, note books to keep up, and volume after volume of reference material to read. Most of the members of the staff gave up at one time or another and went into hiding but usually came out again after a good cry. Through all this strife and turmoil letters of encouragement (?) kept arriving from Johnny Long and Nor- man Wrigley, the printer and the engraver; we set deadline after deadline and then passed them merrily by. Finally came a day when we had accumulated enough material to actually see the possibility of finish- ing the book. Frances Martin, Maggie Watt and Myron Fogle, the Old Faithfuls of the staff, really buckled down and turned out reams of work. Jolaine Bailey, who had replaced " Drizzle, " lent a helping hand in a big way. Margaret Hightower laid out the snapshot pages. Steve Harris contributed his corny jokes (which proved there is something worse than working on the Pandora) and friends of the family came in and viewed the remains from time to time. During all this turmoil the business staff carried on — Bruckner, Smith, Huvard and others came and went OS though pandemonium and Pandora were one. The book is yours now; I hope you like it a nd even though there is a formal dedication in the front of the book, I re-dedicate the 1948 Pandora to YOU, the stu- dents of the University of Georgia. Sincerely, CHARLES B. JOHNSTON. FRANCES MARTIN Managing Editor Our wide-eyed business staff gives a demonstration of their alertness, and (below) " Drizzle, " Frances and Ye Edi- tor impersonate working people. Below is a rather large picture of Dick Pipes, Sports Editor of the 1948 Pan- dora—the picture size being no indication of the importance of the staff mem- ber. If size meant onything, each member would be given, at least, a road-side billboard picture in full color. Alice Law and Morgarett Watt, Associate Editors. THIS BOOK DESIGNED AND EDITED BY CHARLES B. JOHNSTON. COVER DESIGNED BY WESLEY BERRYMAN AND MADE BY THE KINGSPORT PRESS, INC., OF KINGS- PORT, TENNESSEE. ENGRAVING BY THE WRIGLEY COM- PANY OF ATLANTA. 5,500 COPIES HAVE BEEN PRINTED BY BOWEN, LONG AND YOUNG, INC., OF DECATUR, ON 1 GO-LB. WARREN ' S CUMBERLAND LUSTRO GLOSS. I SERVING ATHENS AND GEORGIA WITH QUALITY MERCHANDISE GALLANT-BELK COMPANY " Athens Leading Department Store " Telephone 1316 213 E. Clayton St. Washington St. GUNN ' S MEN ' S STORE Headquarters for College Men BEST FOOD COURTEOUS SERVICE TONY ' S CAFE Air Conditioned FAMOUS FOR FINE STEAKS 233 E. Clayton Street i FOR EVERY OCCASION Visit i t BENSON ' S RETAIL BAKERY ; " Benson ' s Bread Is Good Bread ' Appreciate Special Orders MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE HUDDLE Joe Herring, Manager OUR SPECIALTIES: Steaks . . . Waffles Chili Sandwiches . . . Short Orders All Types of Beverages MARTIN BROS. SHOE SHOPS Specializing in INVISIBLE HALF-SOLING No " Repaired Look " Makes Shoes Like New! 459 E. Clayton St. Phone 621-717 When Better Automobiles Are Built BUICK Will Build Them Be Sure With PURE Woco-Pep Gas — Tiolene Oil Yale Tires GEORGIA MOTORS, INC. Warren C. Thurmond, President Broad and Lumpkin Through to Clayton Street Phone 3141 Athens, Georgia SNACK SHACK Where Good Friends and Good Food Get Together ATHENS PHONE 9332 •••■••••••••••••■•■••■•••■•■■•■•••■••■••••••••••••••••••••-••••••••••••• ' •• C. A. TRUSSELL MOTOR CO. ATHENS ' OLDEST DEALER SALES 1 1. .»..»..•..•..•..•..•..•..«..•..»..•..•.. — CAR RENTALS Make MOON-WINN Your Headquarters for DELICIOUS SANDWICHES REFRESHING DRINKS AND ALL DRUG NEEDS Telephone 67-68 j W. F. McELREATH I BEVERAGE CO. I Telephone 1311 ATHENS GEORGIA Crow ' s Cut Rate Drug Store j Athens ' Most Modern and Complete | Drug Store i FINE FOODS j You Are Always Welcome at CROW ' S j 283 East Clayton Street 1 CHOKE ' S DRY CLEANING CO. 700 South Lumpkin Street Convenient Drive In Save By Cash and Carry Call 666 or 667 for pick-up and delivery service For Cameras and Photographic Supplies SIMPSON PHOTO SERVICE 230 College Avenue Phone 1194 I CO-OP CAB COMPANY • PHONE 2100 24 Hour Service ATHENS 45 Cabs GEORGIA ANDERSON PLUMBING CO. PLUMBING and HEATING Residential . . . Commercial Remodelling — Repairing New Installations 925 West Broad i WELCOME, CO-EDS . . . . . . Make It . . . COSTA ' S • I COURTEOUS SERVICE | • I 1 Student Meeting Place for Over 35 Years | i RICHARDSON-HODGSON MEN ' S WEAR 157 College Avenue • Featuring Nationally Advertised Lines At Popular Prices MICHAEL ' S IN ATHENS I Gray Brothers Dry Cleaners I 1377 Prince Avenue Phone 9126 t Superb Cleaning and Dyeing i Leather Jackets Cleaned and Redressed i N. I. C. D. Striving to Serve the Students ' Needs VETERAN CAB CO. PHONE 3242 DIANA SHOPS Quality Clothing At Reasonable Prices COLLEGE MOTORS, INC. 238 West Hancock Avenue Phone 34 Prince Avenue Soda Co. 495-497 Prince Avenue SUNDRIES SODA FOUNT SANDWICHES Music You Want When You Want It SOUND-SERVICE FOR ALL OCCASIONS THE MUSIC SHOP Telephone 1824 125 Lumpkin Street ATHENS GEORGIA ENJOY A . A . BAKERY " QUALITY BAKERS " " ENRICHED HOME MADE BREAD AT EVERY MEAL " Across from Holman Hotel GRADUATE TO BETTER SAVINGS BELL ' S FOOD MARKET • Athens ' Most Complete Food Service WASHINGTON AT PULASKI HALE BROS. SHOE SHOP We take special interest in every pair of customer ' s shoes. We Guarantee Our V ork 156 College Avenue Phone 356 GEORGIA THEATRE COMPANY PALAC E GEORGIA STRAND Rl TZ i i Industrial Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co. Each Garment Given Our Personal Attention 233 West Hancock Avenue Phone 276 ATHENS COOPERATIVE CREAMERY " BETTER MADE ICE CREAM " The Best Dressed Men Wear ADER ' S CLOTHES " They Do Something for You " ADER ' S MEN ' S SHOP 264 East Clayton Street Complete Line of Men ' s Furnishings I THE NATIONAL BANK OF ATHENS 1 t Member F. D. I. C. ATHENS GEORGIA T H E • BASKETERIA Finest in Western Meats, Groceries, ENJOY Produce, and Frozen Foods R E D ROCK • C OLA ACROSS FROM AG HILL 1200 South Lumpkin Street • 1 1 j OLD SOUTH i RESTAURANT BURTON ' S FOOD MARKET GREATER SELECTION OF FINER FOODS AT REASONABLE PRICES PRIME WESTERN MEATS Phone 1376 198 West Broad Street Phone 2977 225 Hull Street THE VARSITY Students ' Headquarters FRESH FOOD — COLD DRINKS EAT AT . . . GEORGIAN HOTEL • ALWYN B. STILES Manager • EXCELLENT FOOD! DISTINCTIVE SERVICE! MODERATE PRICES Sove 20 Percent With Our Meal Ticket HOLMAN HOTEL Coffee Shop . . . Rooms . . . Banquet Hal C. D. Newton, Mgr. Banquet Room for Special Parties Phone 2997 Every Sunday Niglit, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Family and Student Night, Special Reduced Prices Breakfast 7 to 10 Lunch 11:30 to 2:30 Dinner 5 to 8 N N CAFETERIA Air Conditioned • „......►.► •■•••••••• " ••••• 1 POPULAR i i PRICED . . . DRESSES - - COATS j i LESSER ' S APPAREL SHOP i ATHENS I GEORGIA UNIVERSITY CHEVROLET COMPANY Hancock and Pulaski Streets COBB BROTHERS 123 ya North Jackson Phone 2811 • I ALTERATIONS i Welcome to Storey ' s News Stand The Biggest Little Place in Town On the Convenient Corner Athens Laundry and Dry Cleaners | i Phone 3041-3042 j • I 240 West Claxton 1198 South Lumpkin j HODGKINSON ' S One Day Service Monograming Napkins, Stationery, etc. 145 East Clayton Street Phone 2828 I DICK FERGUSON ' S 325 East Clayton Street Phone 1171 T f TAILORING WHERE STUDENTS MEET BETWEEN CLASSES CODY DAVID, INC. At Coordinate HEADQUARTERS . . . For School Books and All Kinds of Supplies for the Students ' Requirements . . SODA FOUNT, DRINKS and SMOKERS ' SUPPLIES We Appreciate Your Patronage THE UNIVERSITY STORES STUDENT SUPPLY STORE ! F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. t FINDLEY DRY CLEANERS I " CLEANING NOT A SIDE i I LINE WITH US " i Phone 9293 STUDENT ' S SUPPLY STORE Everything That Is Used in Your School Work Can Be Bought At McGregor ' s 321 East Clayton Street Make It a Habit to Visit Us CITIZENS PHARMACY 4 Clayton and Jackson Streets Athens, Georgia I Phones 1066 - 1067 i We Are As Near As Your Telephone " ' Cruise Around With the Creu- That Trade At Crews " J. L. Crews Furniture Co. ••STORE OF BETTER VALUES " 361 East Clayton Through to Washington Street Athens, Georgia Phone 1103 MSIT ROBERTS ELECTRICAL j APPLIANCE CO. i For the Bc.-t in Klectrical Appliances J. SWANSON IVY AUTO DEALER Compliments . . . oj . . . S. H. KRESS PRINCESS SHOP Latest Style and Highest Value ii WOMEN ' S APPAREL J. C. PENNY ' S CO., INC. i 1611 STORES TO SERVE YOU WHITWORTH ' S ODORLESS CLEANING One Day Service 256 West Clayton Street Phone 2937 Have you tried . . . A. S. T. RESTAURANT For Steaks . . . Hot Cakes Oysters . . . Waffles 184 East Clayton Street Phone 700 idWM lomas iDmmonDS-j€UJ€iRv -ujptchcsi " •- ' nnrnnnTrn " - { CITY MOTORS, INC. i Oldsmobile — Cadillac — G. M. C. Trucks j 127 East Broad — Phone 1606 1 u A D D V c • PANDORA I HARRYS 11 BEAUTY QUEEN ' S i j 1 BOUQUET CREATED BY » At Five Points I • 1 j i VAN CLEVE ' S i • it I- f • i I Florists i STEAKS — CHICKEN — SEA FOOD I I ! I I ATHENS j i Red and Black Dry Cleaners i WELLMAN-STITH CO. i cleaning. Pressing, Altering and Repairing I i I Hats Cleaned and Blocked I t i Good W ork With Service t ? t Phone 9160 493 Prince Avenue i Bendix Washers, Ironers, Dryers I i .•■..•■.■.•■.•■.••.••.■•.••.••.••.••. •.■•.■•.■■. i Phiico Refrigerators and Radios j I •■•■■•••••••••••••••• •■••■••■••■••■••••• 1 I Morris Held Paint Store I I • I i I PAINTS — WALLPAPER — GLASS I 279 North Lumpkin Street Phone 2670 j I Phone 1761 L54 North Thomas Street i I i ATHENS J................................,..,.....,........................................................................,. , j S.ecia.i.i„,inMedChic.en,S.eo j | J J FASHION SHOP i Sea roods in .Season — Ojien .Sunday .Nights ? j i , i LADIES " WEARING APPAREL j I he Ln ClCen bhanty l | Exclusive .suits ... junior Deb ... Alamack I 246 West Hancock Avenue Phone 198.S | | 134 Clayton I For the Best in Recreation. i it the t ; ,_ .,._._ i.i .i..A.« . , , ,01 m D w i i LE MARS APPAREL SHOP i V KUUM r I I I 278 East Clayton Street ? Billiards — Smokes — Sodas r I „, , r. ? I ATHENS GEORGIA I 1251 2 Washington Street ? I Have a Coke Coke = Coca-Cola " Coca-Cola " and its abbreviation " Coke " are the registered trade- marks which distinguish the prod- uct of The Coca-Cola Company. DiniHTIOl ' W0 - m ;l

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