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4 J. he hills of Geor-gia ' s north am? thy no - ble brow, =j j-j If m= m- ' And the sons of Geor mi=f± mm Al- ina Ma . ter th S IS - ing, Pledged with sa - cred vow mm i h. hon - or, True and loy-al nz n-tr i i M j n |f ' owij th praise and glo - ry, Geor - gia hail S 2. ' Neath the pine trees ' stately sha Oiread thy riches rare, id thy sons, dear Alma Mater ill thy treasures share. I» wi 1 946 ' 3. ThBWjfh the ages Alma Mat, M J will look to thee; est of the sity. ' ro lo D ,v f ' )« 3W t« VoluniL ' 59 of the Pan!X)ha is presented to the students with weary brains overtaxed in an attempt to present a book whieh will be pleasinr;, entertaining and elose to the individual. Every effort has been made to seeure as many photograpfis as possible. We realize that the great increase in enrollment due to the number of returned veterans entering school has meant that there are many whose pictures are not in the liook. However, our deadline made it impossible to do better. The theme of the 1946 Pandora is THANK YOU, GEORGIA, FOR A STATE UNIVERSITY. We have atteiui ted to show in a small measure our appreciation to the state for the high calibre university it has provided for its sons and daughters. Students, alumni and all those connected with the University of Georgia are proud of the institution. Through this book we hope to arouse a warm feeling of personal association in the hearts of man other Georgians who will thumb through its pages. For the first time in three years the Panhoka once again reaches the size of pre-war days. Of this fact we are very proud. The section de oted to the Uni ' ersit - of Georgia School of Medicine, Augusta, Georgia, is the largest in the history of Panuoka. Our fellow students in Augusta are greatly responsible for the success of this boc k— if we might be optimistic enough to believe it successful. Through the following pages you will find ourself and our friends. Our staff is proud to be able to present the 1946 Pandora with the fervent hope that in future years you may relive the joyous memories of college davs at GEORGIA. The Editor THE CONTENTS Introduction Thanks to the Athens Area Classes Thanks to the Augusta Area Unirersity ScJwoJ of Medicine Thanks to the x tlanta Area Cliihs and Orfianizations Thanks ro thi; Rome Area Beauties Thanks to the Macon Area Greeks Thanks to the Goeumbus Area MiUtarij ' J ' hanks to the Savannah Area Athleiics Thanks to the University of Georgia Features John Eldridge Dkewry We Dedicate this, the 59th volume of the Pandora, to jolm Ekhidge Drewry, Dean of Henry W. Grady School of journalism. In the past two decades he has been a tremendous direct and indirect influence on Georgia and the South. His abilit ' as insti-uctor, writer, lecturer, and indefatisable worker has been the basis for the development of leadership in the thousands of stu- dents with whom he has come in contact. Th( combina- tions of keen intelligence, genuine scholarship, gentle but effective leadership, and breadth of culture, have made him a recognized leader on the campus and throughout the South. An alumnus of the Uni ersity of Georgia and Columbia University, Dean Drewry was in active newspaper work before and during his early years as a teacher. He was once state editor of the Associated Press. For many years he has written a syndicated col- umn, " New Book News, " and is author of " Book Re iew- ing, " " Concerning the Fourth Estate, " " Contemporary American Nhigazines, " and editor of " Post Biographies of Famous Journalists. " He is University Director of the Georgia Scholastic Press Association, Georgia Collegiate Press Association, Georgia Press Institute, and George Foster Peabody Radio Awards. He has been secretary, ice-president, and president of the American Associa- tion of Teachers of journalism; president, Athens Rotary Club; is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Delta Chi, O.D.K., Gridiron, Blue Key; and is chairman of the board of deacons of the First Baptist Church. He is listed in " Who ' s Who in America " and " Who ' s Wlio of Young Men in America. " Governor Ellis Arnall Dr. Harmon W. Caldwell President of the Univemity of Georgia Dr. and Mrfi. Caldnell at home Graduate GEORGE H. BOYD, A.B., M.S., Sc.D. ( Dean of the Graduate School ) Dr. Boyd has been at the University since 1926. For his A.B. and M.S. degrees he attended Emory Uni ' ersitv. He tanglit at both Tech and Emoi-y be- College of L. L. HENDHEN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D (Acting Dean of the Gollege of Arts and Sciences) Dean Hendren came to the University of Georgia in September of 1908, after having taught at Trinity Park Preparatory School and holding the following positions: Assistant in Physics at Columbia, Associate Professor of Applied Math at Trinity College and Pro- fessor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Georgia. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi, Georgia Academy of Science, and the American Ph sical Societv. He is also a fellow in the American Association for Ad ancement of Science. Language and Literattire Faculty. First row: Theodore Beck, Marie Dumas, Edwin M. E erett, Marian Martin and Margaret Anne Womack. . . . Second row: T. Scott, W. W. Davidson, A. E. Terry, R. L. McWhorter and Mary Strahan. . . . Third row: Charles Wall, Marian Hall, Annie V. Womack, and Carolyn Vance. . . . Fourth row: Claude Chance. 1. E. Talmadge, R. H. Powell and S. I. Smith. Physical Science Fucidlij: First row: E. H. Dixon, L. L. Hendren, Iris Callaway, D. C. Barran and Edward Long. . . . Second roiv: Pope Hill, H. T. Coggins, W. Beckwith and R. G. Henry. . . . Tliird row: P. C. Teague, H. F. Henry, J. C. Bailey, P. A. DeVore and Wesley Bailey. . . . Fourth rote: A. W. Scott and C. N. Wilder. School lore coming to tlie Uiii ersit - of Georgia. He is a member of Phi Kai pa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi and the American Society of Parasitologists. He is a fellow in the Anrerican Association for Advancement of Science, past secretary of the Georgia Academy of Science, and past president of the Soutliern Associa- tion of Science and Industry. Arts and Sciences Fine Arts Faculty: First row: Garolyn N ' oshell, Lucile Kimble, P ' rances Stewart and Jennie Bell Smith. . . . Second row: G. R. Lown, Jr.. J. H. Mitchell, Hugh Hodgson, H. B. Owens and Lamar Dodd. . . . Third row: G. F. Blair, M. A. McDowell, E. S. McC:utchen, Howard Thomas and Bxron Warner. Science Fcictdty: First row: Florene M. Young, George H. Boyd, Helen Jordan, A. S. Edwards, E. E. Byrd and May Zeigler. . . . Second row: E. P. Odum, H. W. Schoenborn, G. G. Wilson, W. S. Burkhart, L. S. Lindsay, J. W. Nutty- combe and R. S. Wheeler. Social Science Faculty: First row: E. S. Sell, Frances H. Brandon, Mrs. Nell Gannon and M. B. Pound. . . . Second row: E. P. Mal- lorv, Mrs. J. E. Fleming, A. B. Save, E. M. Goulter and J. G. Meadows. . . . Third row: J. E. Fleming, E. F. Dowell, J. G. Vinson. B. O. Williams and Walter Martin. School I Joiinialisin Vnciilttj: First row: Miss Carolyn Vance and Miss Mildred Miscally. Second row: |ohn E. Talmadge, M. Tyus Butler, Clifton E. Harper and Ralph R. Williams. f r. f ctt rlA. ijii n ' 1 m !p.l -Li w L " J 1 W L " ' 1 r; College Education Faculty: First row: Miss Emily Jones, Mrs. Maiy E. Soule, Kenneth R. Williams, Miss Elizabeth Todd, Miss Elizabeth Jennings. . . . Second row: Mrs. Hazel Rnark, Mrs. Rachel Sutton, Miss Alice Beall. Horace B. Ritchie. . . . Third row: Mrs. Robert Marbut, Miss Marv Tingle, Miss Florence Simpson, Miss Mary Taylor, Mrs. Ruth Bonner, Miss Effie Keaster. . . . Fourth row: Miss Ruth Maynard, Paul Morrow, J. D. Salter, Oral S. Marrison, W. H. Stumpf and Ceorge O ' Kelley, Jr. College Business Administration Faculty: Left to rip,ht: R. P. Brooks (Dean of Faculties), D. A. Worcester, G. W. Sutton, Mrs. M. C. DeVore, R. E. Hall, Miss Geneva Wat- son, R. S. Cornish, J. F. Burke and E. C. Griffith. School Law Faculty: Left to right: Carlisle Cobb, Sigmund A. Cohn, Blanton Fortson and Robert E. McWhorter. of Journalism JOHN E. DREWRY, A.B.. B.J., M.A. ( Dean of the School of Jovirnahsm ) Dean Drewry received his M.A. degree at the University in 1925. Later he did graduate work at Columbia University. He has been an Instructor, Associate Professor, Director of the School of Journalism and Dean of the School of Jour- nalism. He is a past President of the American Association of Teachers of Journalism, President of the Athens Rota:y Club, Gridiron, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi, Kapjxi Tan Alpha, Kappa Alpha, Blue Key and Omicron Delta Kappa. of Education KENNETH R. WILLIAMS, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. ( Dean of the College of Education ) Dean Williams has been at the University since 1938. He was graduated from the University of Florida and the University of Chicago. Before coming to the Uni ersit ' of Georgia he taught in the public schools of Florida and at Florida State College for Women, and served as a Specialist in School Administration on President Roosevelt ' s Advisory Committee on Education. He is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Kapjia, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Phi, Phi Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Phi Epsilon, Phi Gamma Mu, Blue Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Education Association, Georgia Education Association, American Geographical Society and the Kiwanis Club. of Business Administration ALVIN B. BISCOE, A.B., Ph.D. ( Dean of the College of Business Administi-ation ) Before coming to the University of Georgia, Dean Biscoe served as public member and vice chairman of the Fourth Regional War Labor Board. Previous to this he was Wage Stabilization Director in Atlanta and Administration Media- tion Officer in Washington for the Board. He received the A.B. degree from Duke University, and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Virginia. Prior to entering government service, he was on the faculty of Bucknell University. He has been elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, and Theta Chi. of Law HENRY A. SHINN, A.B., J.D. ( Acting Dean of the Law School ) Dean Shinn has been at the University for twelve years. He attended Kansas University, Yale University and Leland Stanford University. He has taught at the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Leland Stanford and Mercer. He is a member of the California, Georgia and American Bar Associations. Schoo FhtiinKicy Fticiiify: Left to rioht: . W. Byrum and Dr. R. C. Wilson. Schoo Home Economics Faculty: Left to right: . (aiy E. Creswell. Fay Jones, Dr. R. P. Brooks (Dean of Faculties), Quinelle McRae, Catherine L. Newton, Peail C. Moon, Matilda Callaway, Alice C. Stubbs, Margaret Harris Blair and Mande Pve Hood. School Forestry Faculty: Ijft to right: (Xscar K. Battle, L. W. R. Jackson, R. F. Grant and G. Norman Bishop. College Agriculture Faculty: First row: W. O. Collins, Edwin James, R. L. Keaner, M. P. Jarna in, F. W. Bennett, T. H. McHatton, J. VV. Kelly, J. W. Firor, joe Bell, II. Henderson, C. C. Murray, T. J. Jones, VV. N. Danner, |r., and G. E. Thomiison. of Pharmacy W. T. SUMERFORD, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. ( Dean of the School of Pharmacy ) Dr. Sumerford received his B.S. Pharmacy and M.S. Chemistry from tlie Uni- versity of Georgia, and his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. He has been a member of the stall of the University of Georgia School of Pharmacy since 1929. He is a member of the editorial Adxisorv Board of the Scientific Edition of the Journal American Pharmaceutical Association. Dr. Sumerford is the author of a number of scientific papers dealing with the synthesis of drugs, and is co-author of " Laboratory E.xercises in the Chemistry of Medicinal Products. " He is a member of the American Pharmaceutical Association, American Chemical Society, Georgia Pharmaceutical Association, American Association for the Ad- vancement of Science, Phi Kappa Phi, Rho Chi and Sigma Xi. of Home Economics CATHERINE L. NEWTON, B.S.H.E., M.A. ( Acting Dean of the School of Home Economics ) Miss Newton is a graduate of the University of Georgia. She received her M.A. from Columbia in 1924. Since that time she has done additional work at Columbia and Cornell. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the Georgia Nutrition Committee, American Home Economics Association, past president of the Georgia Home Economics Association, member of the American Dietetic Association, past president of the Georgia Dietetic Association, member of American Association of University Women, Georgia Academy of Science, Georgia Education Association, Phi Upsilon Omicron and Phi Kappa Phi. of Forestry DONALD J. WEDDELL, B.S.F., M.S. ( Dean of the School of Forestry ) Dean Weddell attended Michigan State College and taught at the Alabama Polytechnic Institute before coming to the University of Georgia. He is a member of the Society of American Foresters, Xi Sigma Pi, Phi Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa Tau and the Kiwanis Club. of Agriculture f PAUL W. CHAPMAN, B.S.A., B.S.Ed., M.S.A., Sc.D. ( Dean of the College of Agriculture ) Dean Chapman has been at the University since 1920 and has been Dean of the College of Agriculture since 1934. He attended the University of Georgia and the University of Missouri, and received his Sc.D. from Clemson College. He is a member of the Athens Rotary Club, American Vocational Association, National Education Association, Landgrant College Association, and Consultant of three departments of American Government. He is a member of the National Advisory Committee of Education. He has written a number of books on agriculture and is the author of " Occupational Guidance. " ATLANTA mJLu ,,R FITZGERALD FAIRMOUNT ELLAVILLE )o ._ CENTER OECATVJR DONALSONVILLE EAST THOMASTON ' - V GORDON UNCO ' eT-re.c.. ve .. « HAMBLE HOSCHTON GUYT ON CONcoftr TOOMSBORO ° COMER . t4NEuSO » W, HOMERVIULE lARRISON ' VC -J s.onM-!?!cX WOODLAND pos LL- ., _ " " c. y- Flow DAVIS KINSVILLE - LlAWRENCEVILLE i CHATTAHOOCHEE jtaIRBURN E: mk ARMUCHEE V EAST POINT e fJr ' ' r EXPERUJIENT „ t ' JlL A ' T SMITHVILLE BRONWOOD ijX .t v THENS, located in Clark County at the foothills of North Georgia, is the home of the Uni ersity of Georgia, oldest chartered State imiversity in the nation. One hundred and sixty- one years old this year, the University boasts many famous alumni, among them Abraham Baldwin, Crawford W. Long, Alexander H. Stephens, John B. Gordon, and Robert Toombs. Toda ' the University, with its four major campuses, and more than 7.5 major buildings, is dotted with campus landmarks of historical interest which represent the charm and beauty of the early days when the University was created in 1801. The historic Chapel, Old College Dormitory, the Pharmacy Building, and Academic Building hold a warm spot in the hearts of the many thousands of students who have paraded through the famous Georgia Arch through the years. Ringing of the famous Chapel Bell has called countless numbers to classes- in this historic institution. MONROE, also located in this area, is one of tlie most prosperous and thri ing towns in the state. Thirty-seven miles from Athens, ELBERTON, home of huge granite quarries and finishing plants, is also proud of its spacious residential section, thriving busmess district, schools and churches. 7 " r CeLLo MOUNT VERNON CITY ha«TWELU HAMPTON JJ | ;; P 4 - ' . . CHOES.OE-;;;, ■■ ELLERSLIE " Bj pK n-«;raMi l " SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY It is now June, 1966. The General Assembly of the UNO has evinced a stioniz; desire to test a new and extremely potent atom bomb, upon a suitable locality. In my capacity as chairman of tlie Committee for Experimentation and Verification of the Potentialities of New Weapons, it fell my lot to choose the testing ground. Certain engineers and gentlemen (?) who graduated from a little known school of technology in Atlanta suggested the University of Georgia to me. In order to be completely fair about this, I sent out ques- tionnaires to prominent Georgia alumni of the class of ' 46. It came as something of a shock to me to note tlie varied and impressive positions which my former classmates had attained. To illustrate this point: Frank Cheatham, boss of the joowerful Geechee machine, has recently made headlines with his heated denunciations of the current wave of axe murders in his bailiwick. The attorneys for the defense, Morris Janko and John Mobley, emphatically state that their clients were driven to their mad acts by the excesses of the No. 1 Cheatham henchman, " Scarface Sam " Gardner. Jack Krasner has been currently named chairman of a nation-wide drive to produce fimds for the re- tirement of over aged Tiddledwinks. Chief sponsor of the drive is Hallie Bowen, far famed benefactress of worthy causes. Heading the drive on the Univer- sity of Georgia campus is Ethel Martin, associate di- rector of the VRA. Several Georgia alumni are now the toasts of the theatrical world. Among them are John Herman Deaton, junior, who is receiving accolades for his per- formance in the Rudolph ' alentino role of " The Sheik; " Lois Johnson, for her glowing presentation of Herman ' s leading lady; and Mary Lois Campbell, who is reviving vaudeville with her brilliant work as an accordian virtuoso. Pope Brock, brilliant crusading lawyer-columnist, ha ing exposed the sins of so many Georgia politicos, is now heading the campaign of a certain well-known South Georgia timber magnate for the governorship. Need it be mentioned that the aforementioned mag- nate is none other than Leon A. Hargreaves, Jr., popu- larly known as " The Hat. " The opposition in the above mentioned campaign is being provided by Annie Laura Barfield, Georgia ' s first woman gubernatorial candidate. Managing her campaign is Jean Lewis, ably assisted by Frankie Settle, Gayelle Carby, Mary Anne Braungart, and Hariette Speer. Bill Johnson is being hailed " the second Hoagy Car- michel " as he plays accompaniment foi the talented Yvonne, with four little Johnsons looking on. This worthwhile couple can be heard at " Slipper - Joe Conkle ' s Night Spot. " Also appearing on the bill— and what a bill it will be— are Emory Bass, idol of the Bobby Soxers, and Paula Odom, with her famous ' Vicki " dance. Tom Penland, president, and George Maddox, sec- retary-treasurer, of the Possum Trot Bar Association, have recently announced that Bobby Mitchell has won the award annuallv i resented to the outstanding " Code Laivi er " in the Possum Trot District. Judge Jesse Bowles, of the neighboring Chithn Switch Dis- trict, will speak at the presentation ceremony. " Genial George " Lawrence has announced that he will contest the awards. Four of the South ' s most divorced women, Nita Hewell, Dot Rose, Betty Ray, and Madeleine Wall, are engaged in a four- ' ay fight for the services of Ralph Roger Williams, the outstanding di orce attor- ney of the country. Ed Cnare, prominent liberal leader, is spearheading a great crusade to bring Student Government to Lib- eria A. M. His publicity is being capably handled by the Nevin sisters and Mary Margaret Hamilton. Alvin Wallace, dean of Liberia A. M., is strongly opposing this move, feeling that his dusky charges are not yet ready for it. Sara Massey, as a result of her brilliant record of maintaining discipline among the women undergrad- uates at her Alma Mater, has been appointed Director of UNO Penal Institutions. Mike Castronis, retiring after nineteen sensational years of pro-ball, has been called by Coach Camilla Barnett, " the most versatile lineman I have ever seen. " His running mate, J. P. Miller, also came in with high praise. Emily and Jimmy Delay, controlling stockholders in " Delay ' s Unlimited, " have recently retained the promi- nent economist, Phil Dohn, as general manager. John McCrea, prominent prohibition leader, has just formed a new anti-liquor league; it is rumored that the nation " s breweries are subsidizing this movement, in an effort to strike a body blow at the distilleries. Due to the infirmities of middle age. Coy Deloach has retained Kenneth Henson to help him carry his keys around. Usually reliable sources report that Mr. Henson is doing a singularly fine job. And at the University itself. Hasty Marlow is now dean of the School of Home Economics and author of " Old Mother Marlow ' s Recipes; " while Mary Sue Wil- son is capably heading the department of mathe- matics. Oh yes, and the (juestionnaires— well, somehow, it seemed that the Georgia alumni feel that Tech ' s loss will be Georgia ' s gain. BLOW UP TECH!!! Jeff Newbern, ' 46 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Frank Cheatham President Maky Lois Campbell Vice-President Jeff Newbebn Secretanj 19 .» -,;=r- First row. Adams, Allen, Almon, Andt-rson, B. J., Anderson, M. L., Aniliuny. Ash- ford. . . . SecONil row: Aredisian, Aultman, Ayers, Bacon, Bailey, Ballard, Barber. . . . Third row: Barfield, Bareneau, Barnett. . . . Foiirlh row: Barrett, Barrow, Bass. SENIORS FRANCES ADAMS Atlanta Candidate for A.B. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi . . . Charter Member, Vice-Presi- dent, Treasurer, Zeta Phi Eta; Secretary, Alpha Omicron PI; Treasurer, Glee Club; University Thea- tre; Thalian-Blackfriars; Freshman Commission; Music Club; Vice-President, Digamma Kappa; P. S. A. Cabinet; V. R. A. Cabinet. 1946 JULIA T. ALLEN Arnoldsville Canilidate for A.B. Speech Degree Zeta Phi Eta; Speech Ciub; University Theatre; Radio Club; Digamma Kappa. ANNE ELIZABETH ALMON .... Atlanta Canilidate for A.B. Psychology Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . Pioneer Club; Red and Black; Spanish Club. BETTY JANE ANDERSON Atlanta Candidate for A.B. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta . . . Politics Club; W. A. A.; L R. C; President Alpha Gamma Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council; Zodiac; Dean ' s List. LAURA BARFIELD President of Party of Organized Women and Baptist Student Union, and Vice-President of V. R. A. MARGARET L. ANDERSON .... Atlanta Candidate for A.B. Sociology Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . Vice-President, Sociology Club; Pioneer Club; Treasurer, Pioneer Inner Circle. BENNIE L. ANTHONY Center Candidate for B.S. Degree P. O. W. Council; Education Club. CONSTANCE S. ASHFORD Athens Candidate for A.B. Degree Chi Omega . . . Student Council; Dance Club. LOUISE I. AVEDISIAN Augusta Candidate for A.B. Degree Politics Club. GLORIA AULTMAN Sylvester Candidate for B.S.F.d. Degree CURTIS AYERS Carnesville Candidate for B.S.A. Degree ADRIAN S. BACON Americus Candidate for L.L.B. Degree SAM M. BAILEY Sanibel, Fla. Candidate for B.S. Degree Football Team; G Club. VIRGINIA C. BALLARD .... Gainesville Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Kappa Alpiia Thcta . . . University Theatre; Key Member, Treasurer, Vice-President, Thalian-Black- friars; Zeta Phi Eta; Digamma Kappa; Dance Group; Glee Club; Transferred from Shorter College ' 44. INEZ M. BARBER Bainbridge Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree V. R. A. Cabinet; Wesley Foundation Ci uncil; Homecon; Editor, Student Directory. ANNIE LAURA BARFIELD .... Louisville Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree President, Treasurer, B. S. U.; Assistant Editor, Student Directory; President, Treasurer, Party of Organized Women; Religious Council; Vice-Presi- dent, V. R. A.; Student-Faculty Relationship Com- mittee; Georgia Agriculturist; Student Council; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Mortar Board. JOANNA BARINEAU McRae Candidate for B.B.A. Degree CAMILLA L. BARNETT .... Washington Candidate for B.S. Phys. Ed. Degree Vice-President, Mortar Board; Z Club; Secretary, Student Council; Treasurer, P. O. W.; President, Religious Council; President, Vice-President, Treas- urer, W. A. A.; Wesley Foundation Council; Fresh- man Commission; Sophomore Cabinet; V. R. A. Cabinet. WILLIAM I. BARRETT, JR. . . . Candidate for B.S.A. Degree Ag Club. Jersey DOROTHY BARROW Matthews Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi . . . Politics Club; International Relations Club; Treasurer, Zodiac; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi. EMORY P. BASS, JR Valdosta Candidate for A.B.J. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Glee Club; Key Member, University Theatre; Thalian Blackfriars; X Club; Gridiron; International Relations Club; Young Dem- ocrats Club; Progressive Go -ernment Club; Red and Black. MARJORIi: JEAN BATEMAN . . . Sylvester CanJidatf for B.f.A. Degree Art Students League. AUDREY C. BOTKIN .... Brooklyn, N. Y. CainUdiite for B.S.EJ. Degree Delt.T Phi Efwilon . . . Hillel; Dcin ' s List. HOPE BAYNES Atlanta CanJiJcite for A.B. Math Degree OPAL C. BECK Carrollton Caiitlitlafe for B.S. Degree Delta Delta Delta ... Red and Black; W. A. A.; International Relations Club. LOUISE BURSON Camilla CaiiJiJiile for B.S.H.E. Degree Transferred from Berry College; 4-H Club; Home- con; B. S. U. EDWIN C. BELL Atlanta CanJiJute for A.B. Degree BERNARD BERG Macon CanJiiUte for B.B.A. Degree Kappa Sigma. JAMES N. BODDIFORD Sylvania Caiulhlate for B.S.,4. Degree JANE BONNER Blakely Cimliilate for A.B.f. Degree Chi Omega . . . Theta Sigma Phi. MARTHA BOWEN Tlfton CandhLile for B.S.H.E. Degree Chi Omega . . . Pandora; Homecon. JESSE G. BOWLES Baconton CiiiiJulule for A.B.-L.L.B. Degree Chi Phi . . . President, Vice-President, Inter-Pra- tcrniiy Council; Vice-President, Student Council; President, Chi Phi; V. R. A. Cabinet; American Legion; Gridiron; G Club; Law School Honor Court; Football Team. JENNIE G. BOYD Thomson CiiriJi,Ute for B.S.H.E. Degree Art Students League; Homecon; B. S. U. Council. SUE H. BOYKIN Columbus Cmnlhlille for A.B.J. Degree Phi Mu . . . Vice-President, Dance Club; Pioneer Club; Red and Black. HARRIET E. BRANCH Decatur Ciiniliilii e for A.B. Degree 1946 JEAN LEWIS Pan-Hellenic Council Head and Treasurer of Student Council. MARY ANNE liRAUNGART .... Atlanta Cdudiilafc for A.B. Sociology Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . Glee Club; Freshman Commission; Sophomore Cabinet; President, Z Club; President, Pi Beta Phi; Pan-Hellenic Council; Secretary and Treasurer, Co-ordmate Student Government; Treas- urer, Vice-President, Women ' s Student Government; Pioneer Club; President, Pioneer Inner Circle; W. A. A.; Treasurer, Student Council; Vice-President, junior Class; Spanish Club. VIRGINIA A. BREEDLOVE .... Compton Can hilate for B.S. Degree CAROLINE BRIGHAM Dublin CatuliiUte for B.S. Zoology Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . Woman ' s Athletic Association. ELSIE BRINSON Wrightsville CanJhlate for B.S.H.E. Degree Home Economics Club. POPE F. BROCK. JR Atlanta Cauiiulaie for L.L.B. Degree Demosthenian Literary Society; Student Manager, Debate Team. BETTY J. BROWN Brunswick CanJiilate for A.B. English Degree Kappa Alpha Theta. SENIORS First rou,-. Brown, H., Brown, M., Bowen, H., Brown, R., Brown, S., Brownlee Bruce. . . . Second row. Bryan, Brunson, Buflfington, Bull, Bumball, Burkett, Burson . . . Third row: Butler, P., Butler, P. A., Cabin. . . . fourth row: Callaway, Camp Campbell. SENIORS HAZEL N. BROWN Augusta Candidate for A.B. Degree Alpha Chi Omega . . . Psi Chi. MARTHA W. BROWN Cartcrsville Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Alpha Lambda Delta. 1946 HALLIE C. BOWEN .... Emory University Candidate for B.S. Bio. Chem. Degree Presbyterian Student Association: V. R. A. Cabinet; Religious Council; Party of Organized Women; Glee Club; Student Council. RUTH BROWN Dillard Candidate for B.F.A. Degree B. S. U. Council; P. O. W. Council. SARA F. BROWN CartersviUe Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon. BUDDY HARGREAVES Campus Leader, Forestry Club President and maker of high average in Forestry School. LEILA BESS BROWNLEE Calhoun Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree President, B. T. U.; Treasurer, Home Ec. MARION P. BRUCE Atlanta Candidate for A.B. Sociology Degree Phi Mu. JOHN T. BRYAN Macon Candidate for B.B..A. Degree JULANIE A. BRUNSON Savannah Candidate for B.S. Degree HERBERT L. BUFFINGTON, JR. . . . Canton Candidate for A.B. Polit. Sci. Degree Demosthenian Literary Society; Politics Club; Ameri- can Legion; Sigma Delta Kappa. COREN E. BULL Savannah Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Phi Mu . . . Pan-Hellenic Council; W. A. A.; Land- scape Architecture Club; Student Council; Hunt Club. PAUL A. BUMBALL, JR. . . Bcrnardsvillc, N. J. Candidate for B.S.Phar. Degree Sigma Nu . . . Mortar and Pestle: Demosthenian Literary. JUANITA BURKETT Oakin Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree LUCY BURSON Camilla Candidate for B.S.H.E. Dc.s;ree Homecon; 4-H Club; B. S. U. PICKENS A. BUTLER Gainesville Candidate for A.B. I. Degree Phi Delta Theta. PATRICIA A. BUTLER Miami, Fla. Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree SANTIAGO R. CABAN . . Santuce, Puerto Rico Candidate for L.L.B. Degree CAROLINE S. CALLAWAY .... Atlanta Candidate for A.B. Degree Chi Omega . . . Sociology Club, Art Club, Nurses Aide. HELEN R. CAMP Sandcrsville Candidate for B.B.A. Degree MARY LOIS CAMPBELL Athens Candidate for A.B.-L.L.B. Degrees Chi Omega . . . Vice-President, Senior Class; Treas- urer, Mortar Board; President, Secretary, Politics Club; President, Vice-President, Secretary, Interna- tional Relations Club; Student Council; Pan-Hellenic Council: Pandora Statf; Vice-President, Herald, Chi Omega; Z Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Cabinet; Freshman Commission; President, Vice-Presi- dent, Co-ordinate Student Government; Student- Faculty Advisory Committee. GAYELLE M. CARBY Atlanta Candidate for A.B.j. Degree Chi Omega . . . Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager, Red and Black; Rifle Club; Nurses Aide; Theta Sigma Phi. MIKE J. CASTRONIS .... Jacksonville, Fla. Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree ' ice- President, G Club; President, Athletic As30cit- lion; Captain, Alternate Captain Football Team; Blue Key. DOROTHY M. CAUDELLE .... Commerce Candidate for A.B. Psych. Degree Mortar and Pestle Club. ■MARY VIRGINIA CHAMBERS . . . Thomson Candidate for B.S. Pharni. Degree SARA W. CHAMBERS Cornelia Candidate for A.B.f. Degree Alpha Lambda Delta; Theta Sigma Phi. FRED M. CHANDLER, JR Bowman Candidate for B.S. Pharm. Degree Mortar and Pestle Club. ELISE CHAPMAN Charlotte, N. C. Candidate for A.B. Sociology Degree Pi Beta Phi . . , Pioneer Club: Glee Club. ELIZABETH ANN CHAPMAN . . Crawfordville Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; Freshman Commission; Sophomore Cabi- net; Religious Council: B. S. U. Council: Alpha Lambda Delta; President, Plii Up ' .ilon On- icron. GLORIA E. CHAPMAN Forsyth Candidate for A.B.I. Degree HENRY H. CHASE Augusta Candidate for A.B. Degree Sigma Nu . . . Gridiron, American Legion; President, Sigma Nu. FR.AiNK S. CHEATHAM, JR. . . . Savannah Candidate for A.B.-L.L.B. Degrees Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . President, International Relations Club; Vice-President, Phi Kappa; Varsity Debate Team; Gridiron; Blue Key; Vice-President, X Club; Digamma Kappa. JANE G. CHEEK Bowersville Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Kappa Delta . . . Homecon. MARY J. CHENEY Stephens Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree MARION L, CHESNUT Chamblee Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta . . . Vice-President, Secretary, Alpha Gamma Delta; Homecon Club; Pioneer Club. ■ J. 1946 CAMILLA BARNETT President of V( ' . A. A. and Religious Council; and Secretary of P. O. W. and Student Council. HOPE M. CHILDS Atlanta Candidate for B.S. Degree AlARTIN L. CLAXTON Athens Candidate for L.L.B. Degree Beta Theta Pi. SARA B. CLAY East Point Candidate for B.F.A. Degree EMILY D. CLEPPER . . South Pittsburg, Tenn. Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Mu. MARTHA CLIATT Villa Rica Candidate for A.B.f. Degree Woman ' s Editor, Assistant News Editor, Ag Hill Editor, Assistant Woman ' s Editor, Red and Black; Theta Sigma Phi. EDWARD G. CNARE .... Madison, Wis. Candidate for A.B.J. Degree Lambda Chi Alpha . . . Newman Club; V. R. A. Cabinet; Student Co uncil. SENIORS Pint rou: Carby, Castronis, Caudelle. . . . Second roii : Chambers, M., Chambers, S., Chandler. . . . Third row: Chapman, E. C, Chapman, E. A., Chapman, E., Chase, Cheatham, Cheek, Cheney. . . . Fourth row: Chestnut, Childs, Claxton, Clay, Clepper, Cliatt, Cnare. }■ ' )■ s you : Coaclinian, Cuheii, Colcnian, Collins, Conklc, Cunklin, Cunwdl. . . . Si-coiiif row: Cook, Cooper, Costello, Crane, S. j.. Crane. S. V., Crawford, Crooks, . . . Third roil ' : Cross, Crowe, Crozier. . . . t ' oiir h row: Cuthbertson, Daniel, Davis, A. SENIORS BONNLLL P. COACHMAN . . . Donalsonville CmiiUJatc for L.L.B. Dcgrcf Sigma Alpha Epsiion. GILBERT COHEN Atlanta CainliJtite for L.L.B. Degree 1946 MARIE EDMCARDS COLEMAN . . . Eastman CanJhhile for A.B. S ii-cf i Digret Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Univ ersity Theatre; Speech Club; Student Council; Radio Award; Vice-President, Kappa Alpha Theta; Thalian-Blackfriars; Digamma Kappa; President, Zeta Phi Eta. RUTH ANN COLLINS Smyrna Candidale for B.S. Psych. Degnf Alpha Gamma Delta . . . Psychology Club; Pioneer Club; Psi Chi. JOSEPH H. CONKLE Columbus Canditlale for A.B.]. Degree Sigma Nu . . . Red and Black; University Theatre; I. R. C; American Legion; Gridiron; Sigma Delta Chi; President, Digamma Kappa. J. P. MILLER Outstanding lineman; played in Rose Bowl game ind captained Oil Bowl winners. COLETTE CONKLIN Decatur CaiiJiJate for A. B. J. Degree Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Theta Sigma Phi. EMILY A. CONWELL Lavonia Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Alpha Chi Omega . . . President, Economics Society; Business Manager, Red and Black; Student Council; Pan-Hellenic Council; V. R. A. Cabinet; Rush Chairman, Alpha Chi Omega. SARA E. COOK Falrburn Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon, 4-H Club. DORIS C. COOPER Columbus Candidate for B.f.A. Degree Phi Mu . . . V( ' . A. A.; Landscape Architecture Club. CHRISTINE M. COSTELLO .... Atlanta Candidate for A.B. Degree Kappa Delta . . . President, Kappa Delta; President, Freshman Commission; President, Pioneer Club and Inner Circle; President, Newman Club; Vice-Presi- dent, Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Council; Z Club; Secretary, Pyramid Club; W. A. A. SARAH JEANETTE CRANE Dixie Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree SARA V. CRANE Hapeville Candidate for A.B. Degree KATHLEEN B. CRAWFORD . . . Lexington Candidale for B.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . Pyramid Club; Secretary, Alpha Delta Pi; Homecon; Sophomore Cabinet; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron. MARY G. CROOKS Jefferson Candidate for A.B. Degree MARY H. CROSS Athens Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree Education Club. EDITH H. CROWE Smyrna Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Phi Mu . . . Art League. BETTY J. CROZIER Bluflftim Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree 4-H Club; Glee Club; Homecon; Education Club. SHIRLEY S. CUTHBERTSON . . . Marietta Candidate for A.B. Degree Economics Society; Y. W. C. A. JOHN S. DANIEL Savannah Candidate for A.B. Degree Alpha Lambda Tau . . . President, Alpha I ambda Tau; Phi Kappa Literary Society. ALICE ANN DAVIS Gainesville Candidate for A.B. Degree (hi ( niega . . . Glee Club; Sociology Club; Pioneer Club; Nurses Aide. CATHKRYiN 1.. DAVIS Vienna Cdiulidalf jor B.S.H.E. Dr rrr P. O. W; Homecon; 4-H Club; NX ' esley Foundation. NKLL RUTH DAVIS Spring Place CaiiiliJale for B.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Chi Omegj . . . President, Homecon; Glee Club; V. R. A. Cabinet; B. S. U. Council. MARDRE A. DAVIS Thomasville Cainli,l.ile for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon. JOHN H. DF.ATON, JR Columbus Camlitlafe for B.S. Degree Alpha Tau Omega . . . Inter-Fraternity Council. COY i:. DeLOACH, JR Claxton CtiiuliJale for B.B.A. Degree Sigma Chi . . . Treasurer, Inter-Fraternity Council; President, Treasurer, Sigma Chi; Treasurer, Eco- nomics Society; Student Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Gridiron; Softball and Football Champion Teams. JOHN N. DFGREGORY Savannah Ciiiitluiate for L.L.B. Degree Sigma Chi ... X Club, International Relations Club; Glee Club. JAMES C. DELAY Atlanta CanJidate for B.B.A. Degree Gridiron; Vice-President, Blue Key; President, Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Business Manager, G Book; As- sistant Business Manager, Red and Black; Business Manager, Student Directory; President, Vice-Presi- dent, Speakers Key; Demosthenian Literary Society; President, Alpha Phi Omega; Varsity Debate Team; President, Student Council; Chaplain, American Legion; V. R. A. Cabinet; X Club. BETTYE D. DOCKERY Broxton Cdiulhlale for B.S.H.E. Degree PIIIIIP H. DOHN, JR Macon CainluLle fur B.B.A. Degree President, Blue Key; President, Demosthenian Literary Society; Treasurer, V. R. A.; Parliamentarian, Stu- dent Council; Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager, Red and Black; Gridiron. MARTHA B. DONALDSON Senoia CanJidate for A.B. Degree VIRGINIA C. DOUGLAS Atlanta CiiiidiJate for B.F.A. Degree Music Club; 4-H Club. KATHRYN C. DOZIER Atlanta Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Phi Mu . . . Sigma Alpha Iota; Music Club; Little Symphony Orchestra. JOAN M. DURHAM Watkinsville Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Economics Society. JAMES P. DUVERNET Albany Candidate for B.S. A. Degree Phi Delta Theta . . . Chairman, House Presidents Club; President, Phi Delta Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Secretary, Inter-Fraternity Council; Gridiron. ELLA JANE EARL Sparta Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . President, Sigma Alpha Iota; Secretary, Glee Club; Mortar Board; Zodiac; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wesley Foundation Council; Repre- sentative to Court. JANE EARL Sigma Alpha Iota President; talented musician; and Mortar Board member. EDNA EATON Marietta Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree RICHARD ELLISON .... Charleston, S. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree Phi Epsilon Pi . . . Little Symphony Orchestra; Uni- versity Band; Georgia Bulldogs Orchestra. RUTH EVERETT Atlanta Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree B. S. U.; P. O. W. ARTHUR D. FIELDER Candidate for A.B. Degree Augusta 1946 KATHLYN M. FLYNT .... Crawfordville Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta . . . Homecon; Education Club. SENIORS First rati: Davis, C, Davis, N., Davis, M. . . . Second row: Deaton, DeLoach, DeGregory. . . . Third rou: DeLay, Dockery, Dohn, Donaldson, Douglas, Dozier, Durham. . . . Fourth row. DuVernet, Earl, Eaton, Ellison. Everett, Fielder, Flynt. Fint row. Foster, Fowler, J., Fowler, T., Frank, Freeman, A., Freeman, E., Freeman, W. . . . Second row: French, Frier, Turpin, Gardner, H., Gardner, S., Gilbert, Glanton. . . . Third row: Goldman, Greene, Griner. . . . Fourth row: Ham, Hamilton, Hammack. SENIORS ESTELLE M. FOSTER Alamo Ca::did,itf for B.S.H.E. Degree ■l-H Club. JAMIE W. FOWLER Sopcrton Catididiile fur B.S.H.E. Decree THOMAS E. FOWLER Apalachee Citndidii e for A.B. Degree LEILA E. FRANK Savannah Candidate for B.V.A. Degree Phi Mu . . . Sigma Alpha Iota. ATWOOD M. FREEMAN .... Brunswick CanJidtile for B.S. Degree 1946 ELIZABETH M. FREEMAN .... LaGrange SARAH E. GLANTON Grantville Candidate for B.S. Degree Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree C. E. DeLOACH Holds purse strings of Inter-Fraternity Council and heads Sigma Chi Chapter. i K " - Df , [ r! vJ M Mj ' ifli WALTER A. FREEMAN, JR Decatur Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Vice-President, Demosthenian Literary Society; Alpha Kappa Psi. BETTE FRENCH Chattanooga Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Art Students League. LYNDA R. FRIER Waycross Candidate for A.B.f. Degree Wesley Foundation; Religion-In-Llfe Commission. JOHN W. TURPIN Demorest Candidate for B.S. A. Degree American Legion; Ag Club; 4-H Club. HAZEL GARDENER .... Hartsville, S. C. Candidate for B.S. Degree SAM J. GARDNER, JR Savannah Candidate for L.L.B. Degree Chi Phi . . . President, Phi Kappa Literary Society; President, Chi Phi; Glee Club; Debate Team. ANNE G. GILBERT Augusta Candidate for A.B. Psych. Degree Psi Chi. HILDA L. GOLDMAN " West Point Candidate for A.B. Sociology Degree Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Glee Club; Recording Secre- tary, Delta Phi Epsilon; Flillel; Hillel Honor Society. GRACE W. GREENE Americus Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Homecon; Glee Club. BETTY D. GRINER Savannah Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Treasurer, Glee Club; University Theatre; Homecon; Pioneer Club. JOHN W. HAM, JR Parrott American Legion; Delta Sigma Pi. MARY .MARGARET HAMILTON . . Augusta Candidate for A.B.J. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi . . . International Relations Club; Woman ' s Editor, P. ndora; Feature Editor, Red and Black; Glee Club; Secretary, Alpha Omicron Pi. JEAN HAMMACK Cochran Candidate for A.B. Degree Alpha Chi Omega ... Pi Mu Epsilon . . . University Theater; Thalian-BIackfriars. .« BETTY HAMMOND Newnan Cttndldati- for B.S.Ful. Degree Alpha Chi Omega . . . Education Club; Radio Club; Art Students League. NANNETTE HANCOCK Lizella CatuUilatc for B.S.H.E. Degree KATHERINE HARDY Molcna Canilhhte for B.S.H.E. Degree Phi Upsilon OmicrtJn; President, Baptist Student Union; V. R. A. Cabinet; P. O. W. Council; Homecon. LEON A. HARGREAVES. JR Pearson Candidate for B.S.F. Degree Campus Leader; Gridiron; President. Forestry Club; Demosthenian Literary Society. MIRL M D. HARLAND Atlanta Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Kappa . " Mpha Theta . . . Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion. JAMES R. HARRIS Athens Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Pi Kappa Phi . . . Landscape Architecture Club. SYBLE JOYCE HARRISON . . . West Point Candidate for A.B.f. Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . President, Secretary, Woman ' s Athletic Association; Red and Black; Pan-Hellenic Council; Vice-President, Alpha Delta Pi; Thcta Sigma Phi. JUDITH HASTINGS Decatur Candidate for A.B. Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . Pioneer Club; Sociology Club. R. JENNINGS HEAD Alma Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Pi Kappa Alpha . . . Red and Black; University Theater; President, Pi Kappa Alpha; Thalian-Black- friars; Inter-Fraternity Council. EMILY H. HENDERSON . . . Jackson, Miss. Candidate for A.B. Degree Chi Omega . . . International Relations Club; Red and Black. KENNETH M. HENSON . . Coral Gables, Fla. Candidate for L.L.B. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . President, Phi Kappa Literary Society; Student Manager, Varsity Debate Team; President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Assistant Business Manager, Pandora; Red and Black; Vice-President, Blue Key; Gridiron; I. R. C; Inter- Fraternity Council; Student Council; President X Club. MALCOLM R. HENDERSON . . . Social Circle Candidate for B.B.A. Degree ANITA HERLING Middleton, N. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta . . . Young Democrats Club; Pioneer Club; Recording Secretary, Alpha Gamma Delta. MINOR HERNDON Elberton Candidate for A.B. Degree Chi Omega . . . Sociology Club; Red and Black; Pandora; Nurses Aide. 1946 SARA MASShY President of Mortar Board, Women ' s Student Gov- ernment, Theta Sigma Phi, and Junior Class; Editor Red and Black. MARIE H. HERRING Climax Caud ' ulate for B.S.Ed. Degree JUANITA HEWELL Atlanta Caud ' nlate for A.B. English Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . Associate Editor, Pandora; Red and Black; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List; Correspond- ing Secretary, Alpha Delta Pi. JANIE KATE HICE Cherry Log Candidate for B.S. Ed. Degree JOHN L. HILL Dawson Candidate for LL.B. Degree American Legion; Freshman Justice, Law School Honor Court. MARGUERITE T. HODGSON .... Athens Candidate for A.B. Degree Chi Omega . . . Hunt Club; Rifle Club; President, Chi Omega; Pan-Hellenic Council; Spanish Club; Business Manager, Student Directory. REBECCA H. HOGG Gainesville Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree SENIORS First row: Hammond, Hancock, Hardy. . . . Second row: Hargreaves, Harland, Harris. . . - Third rou : Harrison, Hastings, Head, Henderson, Henson, M., Herlong. Fourth rou: Herndon, Herring, Hewell, Hice, Hill, Hodgson, Hogg. Finf roll-: Hollistcr, Hood. Howe, Huber, Hulmc, Hunt, J., Hunt, M. . . . Second row: Humphrey, Hurlbutt, Hutchens, Hutchins, Ivey, jjckson, Ingram. . . . ThinI row: Jackson, W., Janko, lameson. - . . fonrlh row: Jenkms. Jennings, Johnson, E. SENIORS GEORGIA B. HOLLISTER .... Americus Cainiidatc for B.S.H.E. Degree C ' esley Foundation Council; 4-H Club. JANET HOOD Jefferson Caniliilale for B.S.H.E. Dc.%ree Homecon; P. O. W. 1946 WINIFRED E. HOWE Carnesville Caniliilttte for A.B. Sociology Degree Alpha Gamma Delta. CATHERINE R. HUBER Jennings Caiuliilatc for B.F.A. Degree Newman Club; Landscape Architecture Club. MARION F. HULME Elbcrton Cmuliihite for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; B. S. U. NITA HEWEL Associate Editor of Pandora and member of Phi Kappa Phi. JOSEPH C. HUNT Rockmart Caudidate for B.S.Ed. Degree MILDRED H. HUNT Climax Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree ROBERT W. HUMPHREY, JR. . . Swainsboro Candidate for L.L.B. Degree Alpha Tau Omega. NUCIA HURLBUTT Elbcrton Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Glee Club; Art Students League; Red and Black. MARGARET R. HUTCHENS Dallas Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta ... W. A. A. M. RY LILLIAN HUTCHINS .... Atlanta Candidate for A.B. Degree JANE M. IVEY Forsyth Candidate for A.B. Degree lOYCE JACKSON Donalsonville Candidate for B.S. Ed. Degree lUTPYE INGRAM Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree WARREN L. JACKSON Newnan Candidate for B.S. Degree Lambda Chi Alpha. MORRIS JANKO Atlanta Candidate for L.L.B. Degree Tau Epsilon Phi . . . Vice-President, Senior Law Class; International Relations Club; Historian, Par- liamentarian, American Legion; Secretary-Treasurer, X Club; G Club; Gridiron; Chief Justice, Phi Kappa Literary Society; President, Hillel Honor Society; Vice-President, Parliamentarian, Hillel Foundation. VIRGINIA JAMESON Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club; Pioneer Club. Augusta ILirtwel MILDRED B. JENKINS .... Candidate for A.B. Degree Chi Omega . . . International Relations Club; C ' . A. A.; Pamdoka Staff; Pioneer Club; Pioneer Inner Circle. AYI.ENE R. JENNINGS Rome Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Delta Delta Delta . . . Homecon; Pioneer Club; Stu- dent Government Representative; House President. Barney ELEANOR B. JOHNSON Brunswick Candidate for A.B. Degree LOIS H. JOHNSON Alma Ciinlnlulv for BS.EJ. Dixn-r Alpha Omicroii Pi . . . Education Club; W. A. A.; P. E. Major Club; Glee Club; Alternate Cheerleader; Pandora Staff; University Theatre. WILLIAM W. JOHNSON, JR Athens CiUiilhl,! ,- for B.F.A. D -,i;m- Glee Club; President, Music Club. FRANCES JOINES Sale City Clihlidii i- for B.B.A. Degree BETTY E. JONES Carrollton CaiidiJitle for B.S.Ed. Degree EVA M. JONES Hahira Camlidate for B.S.H.E. Degree 4-H Club. JEANETTE JORDAN Atlanta CMiidldule for A.B.J. Degree MARY LEE JORDAN Lawrenceville Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree Education. HARRIET KANTER Savannah Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Recording Secretary, Hillel; Vice-President, Delta Phi Epsilon; Red and Black. DOROTHY D. KAUFMAN . Morro Bay. Calif. Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Pioneer Inner Circle; Eco- nomics Society. LUCILE F. KEEHAN .... Jacksonville, Fla. Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Pioneer Club; Art League. EMORUTH KEITH Clearmont Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron. GEORGIA ANNE KELLY Augusta Candidate for A.B. Psy. Degree Chi Omexa . . . Pioneer Club; Pandora Staff; Glee Club. MARJORIE L. KELLEY Midvillc Candidate for A.B. Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . Treasurer, Rush Captain, Pi Beta Phi; Red and Black; Treasurer, Pan-Hellenic Council. MARTHA ANNE KELLY Jefferson Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree GLORIA KICKLIGHTER Savannah Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Vice-President, Homecon; Corresponding Secretary, Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron. 1 1946 MARY LOIS CAMPBELL Vice-President of Senior Class; outstanding Chi Omega and member of Mortar Board. MILLICENT KICKLIGHTER . . . Glennville Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree HELEN KING Cusseta Candidate for A.B. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta . . . Art League. LANEZ KING Blakely Candidate for A.B. Degree Women ' s Athletic Association. MARTHA KING Athens Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Kappa Alpha Theta. BARBARA L. KISER Augusta Candidate for A.B. Degree Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Glee Club. SENIORS First ruw. Johnson, L.. Johnson, V ' ., Joines. . . . Second rou: Jones, B., Jones, E., Jordan, J. . . . Third rou : Jordan, M., Kanter, Kaufmann, Keehan, Keith, Kelly, G., Kclley, M. . . . Fonrt t rou: Kelly, M. A., Kicklighter, G., Kicklighter, M., King, H., King, L., King, M., Kiser. FinI row: Krugman, Lamb, Lamors, Lance, Lawrence, Leavitt, Lemley. . . . S«- H row: Lewis, C, Lewis, J., Littlejohn, Livingston, Llado, Logan, Long. . . . Third row: Lovette, Lutz, Lynn. . . . fourlh row: Mack, Mackenna, W., Mackey. SENIORS BLANCHE L. KRUGMAN . . . Candidate for B.S. Dcgre Atlanta MIRIAM V. LAMB Danville Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . President, Economics .Society, Student Council; Zodiac; Pandora Beauty Review. BETTY L. LAMONS Atlanta Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Kappa Alpha Thcta . . . Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Art Students League; President, Kappa Alpha Theta; Vice-Chairman, House Presidents ' Club. SARA E. LANCE Atlanta Candidate for A.B. Degree Baptist Student Union. JIMMY Delay President of O. D. K., Demosthcnian, Alpha Phi Omega and Student Council; Business Manager of Student Directory and G Book. 1946 GEORGE D. LAWRENCE Eatonton Candidate for L.L.B. Degree Campus Leader; President, Senior Class; Commander, Vice-Commander, American Legion; President, Fresh- man Law Class; President, Demosthcnian Literary Society; Business Manager, Pandora; Business Man- ager, Red .ind Black; President, Gridiron; President, Agricultural Club; President, University 4-H Club and Inter-Collegiate 4-H Club; Editor, Georgia Agri- culturist; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Biftad; X Club; Aghon; V. R. A. Cabinet; Demosthcnian Speakers Key; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. JEANNE I. LEAVITT . . . Chattanooga, Tcnn. Candidate for A.B.J. Degree Red and Black; Alumni Record. FAIRLIE B. LEMLY .... Washington, D. C. Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Chi Omega. CONDER E. LEWIS .... Greensburg, Ky. Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Mu. JI;AN C. LEWIS Lakeland, Fla. Candidate for A.B. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta . . . Transferred from Brcnau College; President, Pan-Hellenic Council; Treasurer, Student Council; Secretary, House Presidents ' Club; I. R. C; Pandora Beauty Review. JULIA K. LITTLEJOHN .... Gaftney, S. C. Candidate for B.S. Math Degree Kappi Alpha Thcta . . . Student Council; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phi Kappa Phi. GLORIA I. IIVINGSTON August.t Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi. JUAN G. LLADO . . . Santurce, Puerto Rico Candidate for B.S.A.E. Degree __ Gridiron; President; Agricultural Engineering Club; Business Manager, Ag Engineer. MARY LEE LOGAN Elberton Candidate for A.B. Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . President, Vice-President Pi Beta Phi; Pan-Hellenic Council; W. A. A.; University Theater; Thalian-Blackfriars; Pioneer Club; Secre- tary-Treasurer, Pioneer Inner Circle. LOUISE M. LONG Fort Gaines Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; 4-H Club; Education Club. JACKIE LOVETTE Wrightsville Candidate for A.B. Siniology Degree FLORENCE LUTZ Atlanta Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Omicron Pi . . . Homecon. REBECCA M. LYNN Georgetown Candidate for B.S. Degree . L ' RV A. MACK Athens Candidate for A.B. Degree University Band; Little Symphony Orchestra; Vice- President, Presbyterian Student Association. WILLIAM J. MACKENNA Smyrna Candidate for A.B.f. Degree Chi Phi . . . G Club; Manager, Football Team. IRIS MACKEY Dublin Candidate for B.S. Degree Kappa Delta . . Education Club; W. A. A.; P. E. Major Club; Cheerleader. GEORGE E. MADDOX Albany Candidatf for L.L.B. Dcxn-c Gridiron: American Legion; Chief Justice, Law School Honor Court; Demosthenian Literary Society. MIRIAM A. MADLIOX Jackson CandiJuli- for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; Education Club; 4-H Club. JOSEPH B. MAHAN, JR Ryd..l Cii ' iJiJute for A.B.J. Degree Demosthenian Literary Society; Digamma Kappa. GERTRUDE M. MARCUS Sauiiiuh CiiiiJiJate for A.B. Soeiology Degree Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Hillel; Glee Club; Historian, Delta Phi Epsilon. KLMA HASTY MARLOW . . . Pensacola, Fla. CmiJiJale for A.B.]. Degree Feature Editor, Red and Black; Secretary, P. O. W.; Phi Upsilon Omicron. CAROLINE H. MARTIN Savannah Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Chi Omega. ETHEL MARTIN Jefferson Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree President, Wesley Foundation; Corresponding Secre- tary, Homecon; Religious Council; Student Council; 4-H Club; V. R. A. Cabinet. FRANCES E. MARTIN Statesboro Candidate for B.i.A. Degree Delta Delta Delta. SARA L. MASSEY Athens Candidate for A.B.J. Degree President, Mortar Board; Editor, Red and Black; President, Women ' s Student Government; President, Treasurer, Theta Sigma Phi; President, Junior Class; Secretary, P. O. W.; Editor, State B. S. U. Paper; B. S. U. Council; Music Club; Student Council; -Vlanaging Editor, Woman ' s Editor, Red and Black; Town Representative, Freshman Representative, ■ ' omen ' s Student Government; Pyramid. KATHRYN E. MAYFIELD Monroe Candidate for B.S.H.E. De.i;ree Glee Club; Homecon. JOHN McCREA Atlanta Candidate for A.B.J. Degree Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Sigma Delta Chi; Gridiron; X ' ho ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities; X Club; Editor, Pandora; Feature Editor, Sports Editor, .Assistant News Editor, News Editor, Red and Black; President, Athletic Association; Stu- dent Council. ROBERT A. McCREERY Savannah Candidate for B.S.A. Degree Gamma Sigma Epsilon. DORIS A. McDowell Gordon Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree 1946 EMILY Delay Editor of Student Directory and Business Manager of Red and Black. CAROLINE Mcelroy Fitzgerald Candidate for A.B. Degree EVELYN McGEHEE Newberry, Fla. Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; 4-H Club; International Relations Club. HELEN McKOWN LaFayette Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Kappa Delta . . . Homecon; Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer Kappa Delta. MARY GRACE McRAE . . Winter Garden, Fla. Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; V. R. A. AUDREY MEDDIN Savannah Candidate for A.B.J. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon ... Phi Kappa Phi; President, Delta Phi Epsilon; Dean ' s List; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Zodiac; Librarian, Hillel; Secretary, Theta Sigma Phi. GWENDOLYN L. MERRITT .... Edison Candidate for A.B. Degree Kappa Delta . . . Sigma Delta Pi; Glee Club; Span- ish Club. ESTHER R. MICKLEY Athens Candidate for A.B. Degree SENIORS f n row: Maddux, G., Maddox, M.. Mahan. . . . Second row: Marcus, Marlow, Martin, C. . . . Tbini row: Martin, E., Martin, F., Massey, Mayfield, McCrea, McCreery, McDowell. . . . Fourth row: McEIroy, McGehee, McKown, McRae, Meddin, Merritt, Mickley. liii ii ii. Mii hcll, Mint, Mize, Mobley, Monoxelos, Morgan, Moor. . . . Second rem.-. Moore, A., Moore, M., Moore, N., Mundy, Nevin, M. L., Nevin, M., Newberry. . . . Third roil. ' Newbern, Ncwsome, Newton. . . . fourt h roi . Nickols, Norwood, Odom. SENIORS BOBBY B. MITCHELL Musella Candidate foi B.B.A.-L.L.B. Degrees Associate Justice, Demosthenian Literary Society; Freshman Justice, Law School Honor Court. MARGUERITE MINTZ Rockmart Candidate fur B.B.A. Degree Alpha Gamma Delta . . . Vice-President, Economics Society; Education Club; Pioneer Club. KATHLEEN MIZE Bowdon Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Recording Secretary, Homccon; Woman ' s Editor, Georgia Agriculturist: Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Upsilon Oniicron. JOHN HOLDER MOBLEY .... Jefferson Candidate for L.L.B. Degree Chi Psi . . . Student Council; President, Historian, Chi Psi; President, Vice-President, Demosthenian Literary Society; Associate Justice, Law School Honor Court; Varsity Debate Team; Adjutant, American Legion; Gridiron; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; X Club. HELEN R. MONOXELOS .... Columbus Candidate for A.B. Degree Kappa Alpha Theta . . . University Theatre. MARY LOU NEVIN Thirst of the Nevin sisters to edit the Red and Black; Chi Omega Secretary and Pledge Captain. 1946 MARION WALLACE MORGAN . . . Augusta Catuiiiliite for L.L.B. Degree CONSTANCE B. MOOR Atlanta Ciindidiitt for B.B.A. Degree Alpha Chi Omega, ALICE MOORE Greensboro dmiiidate for B.S.P.E. Degree President, P. E. Major Club; Tennis Champion. MARGIE MOORE Covington Candidate for B.S. Physics Degree Delta Delta Delta . . . Women ' s Athletic Association; International Relations Club; Red and Black; Pan- Hellenic Council. NORMA LEE MOORE Valdusta CMudidate for B.B.A. Degree Economics Society; Y. W. C. A.; B. S. U.; Phi Lambd.i Sports Club. jUDITM MUNDY Harlem Candidate for BS. Phychology Degree President, Psi Chi. MARY LOU NEVIN Atlanta Candidate for A.B.J. Degree Chi Omega . . . Editor, News Editor, Woman ' s Editor, Society Editor, Managing Editor, Assistant Woman ' s Editor, Red and Black; Secretary, Pledge Captain, Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi; International Relations Club; Economics Society; Dean ' s List; Editor, Owl Blink;.. MAURINE M. NEVIN Atlanta Candidate for A.Bf. Degree Chi Omega . . Editor, Managing Editor, Vf ' oman ' s Editor, Assistant Woman ' s Editor. Red and Black; International Relations Club; Student Council; Stu- dent-Faculty Advisory Committee; Pioneer Club; Theta Sigma Phi; Dean ' s List; Treasurer, Pledge Captain. Chi Omega. VIVIAN NEWBERRY Atlanta Candidate for A.B.f. Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . Senior Representative. Women ' s Student Government; Pioneer Club and inner Circle; Vice-President, Theta Sigma Phi; Rush Captain, Pi Beta Phi. JEFFERSON L. NEWBERN, JR. . . . Valdosta Candidate for A.B. Degree Sigma Nu . . . International Relations Club; Varsity Debate Team; American Legion; Religious Council; Vice-President, Adelatus, Judicial Council, Demos- thenian Literary Society; Omicron Delti Kappa; Blue Key; Gridiron; Dean ' s List; V. R. A. Cabinet; Secretary-Trea,surer, Senior Class; Secretary -Treas- urer, Politics Club. NORA L. NEWSOM Athens Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; 4-hI Club. FRANCES A. NEWTON MiUcn Candidate for A.B. Englis j Degree JAMES M. NICHOLS Blue Ridge Candidate for L.L.B. Degree MARTHA NORWOOD Valdosta Candidate for A.B.J. Degree University Theatre; Digamma Kappa. PAULA ODOM Donalsonville Candidate for B.S. P. Ed. Degree FAYE i:. O ' QUINN Hiawasscc CiinJiJatc fnr B.R.A. Dfgrre Economics Society. ANN M. ORR Athens I ' tlnilhliil- fnr B.F.A. D ' rir Chi Omega . . . Rifle Club; Art League. MAR I NtAL OWEN Atlanta Caiidntiilc fnr B.f.A. Degree Art League. ANNE PARKER Wrightsv.lle CaiuliJatc for B.R.A. Degree .MILDRED S. PARKER College Park Caiitlititife for A.B. Degree JAMES E. PATTERSON LaGrange Caudtdate for A.B. Degree WTLLIA.M J. PEACOCK Chauncey CunJulate for B.B.A. Degree IDA E. PEASE Columbus Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Phi Mu . . . Dance Club. THOMAS C. PENLAND Blairsvillc Candidate fnr I..I..B. Degree Campus Leader; Sphinx: Oniicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Gridiron; Aghon; X Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; State Chair- man, Student Political League; President, Freshman Law Class; President, Dcmosthenian Literary Society. rXlRlS J. PERKINS Savannah Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree EMILY PERT Athens Candid :te fnr B.S.Hd. Degree B. S. U. Council; V. R. A. Cabinet. JUNE R. POINDEXTER Savannah Candidate fnr A.B. Degiee Chi Omega . . . Red and Black; Pandora; Canter- bury Club. HELEN J. POTTER Dahlonega Candidate for B.B.A. Degree ELIZABETH A. PRATCHARD . . . Cedartown Candidate for B.S. Degree ELIZABETH M. PROCTOR . . . Statesboro Candidate fnr B.S.H.E. Degree 1946 r m ' Vi r. ' 1 I MAURINE NEVIN Red and Black Editor and holder of high average in Journalism School. ALBERT J. PROGAR Augusta Caiuiidatc for B.B.A. Degree Sigma Alpha Epiilon . . . American Legion. PRANCES J. QUEEN Blue Ridge CuitJidafc for B.S.H.E. Di-grec MARY C. QUIZLEY Atlanta Candidate for B.S. Degree EMILY E. RANSONE Atlanta Cundidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Kappa Delta . . . Pioneer Club and Inner Circle; Homecon; V. R. A. Cabinet; President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Kappa Delta; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Education Club. BETTY JANE RAY Columbus Cundidufe for B.h ' .A. Degree Cheerleader; Glee Club; Art Students League; Pioneer Club; University Theatre; Vice-President, Digamma Kappa; Fhalian-Blackfriars. SENIORS First row. O ' Quiiin, Orr, Owen. . . . Seiond mu: Parker, A., Parker, M., Patten. . . . Third row: Peacock, Pease, Penland, Perkins, Pert, Poindexter, Potter. . . . Fourth rote: Pratchard, Proctor, Progar, Queen, Quigley, Ransone, Ray, B. SENIORS STELLA RAY Atlanta Candidate for B.S.H.E. Dexiec ROBERT W REYNOLDS Albany Candidate for L.L.B. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DOROTHY E. REYNOLDS Arabl Candidate for A.B. Sociology Degree LUCYLE REYNOLDS Lexington Candidate for A.B. Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . Politics Club; Sociology Club; W.A.A. ROSALYN RISH Rome Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . Art Students League. CLYDE O. ROBERTS Athens Candidate for B.S.A. Degree AgClub; 4-H Club. JOHN McCREA Former Pandora Editor and Athletic Association President. 1946 LENORA ROBERTS Athens Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; 4-H Club. MARION A. ROBERTS Valdosta Candidate for B.S. Degree Phi Mu. SARETTA ROBERTS Lexington Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon. CAROLINE ROBINSON Covington Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Mu. WARREN F. ROBINSON Athens Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Art Student League. JEAN W. ROONEY Decatur Candidate for A.B.J. Degree DOROTHY M. ROSE Decatur Candidate for A.B.f. Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . Treasurer, Theta Sigma Phi; Pan- Hellenic Council; President, Alpha Delta Pi. X ' ILLENA RUCKER Elberton Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Homecon; V.R.A. Cabinet; Red and Black; Econo- mics Society. EMMA CATHERINE RUDOLPH . . Gainesville Candidatc for B.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . Glee Club; Homecon. FRANCES D. RYLANER Americus Candidate for A.B. Degree Chi Omega . . . W.A.A. ELIZABETH I. SCOTT Decatur Candidate for A.B. Degree Kappa Delta . . . Thalian-Blackfriars; Pioneer Club; Canterbury Club; Glee Club; Red and Black; Art League; Secretary, Kappa Delta; Dean ' s List. EZRA L. SELLERS Atlanta Candidate for B.F..1. Degree Art Students League; American Legion. RUBY L. SELLERS Atlanta Candidate for A.B. Degree FRANKIE B. SETTLE Savannah Candidate for A.B.f. Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . Editor, Managing Editor, News Edi- tor, Assistant Feature Editor, Red and Black; Pan- dora Staff; University Theater; Publicity Manager. Pioneer Club and Inner Circle; Secretary, Theta Sigma Phi; Champion Volleyball Team. MARY U. SHANNON Atlanta Candidate for A.B.Sociology Degree Kappa Alpha Theta . . . President, Kappa Alpha I ' heta; President, Sophomore Class; Secretary, Junior Representative. VX ' omen ' s Student Government; Z. Club; Freshman Commission; Sophomore Cabinet; Pan-Hellenic Council; Glee Club; Pyramid. THOMAS L. SHANAHON .... Fonda, N. Y. CanJidale for L.L.B. Degree VIRGINIA SHIRLKY Gainesville Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree Education Club; 4-H Club; P.S.A.; Phi Kappa Phi. SARAH E. SHORT Cornelia Candidate for B.S.Ed. Degree SHIRLEY K. SHULMAN Atlanta Candidate for A.B. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Music Club; Speech Club; Zodiac. MARGIE SHUMAN Hagan Candidate for B.B..A. Degree Alpha Chi Omega. ERWIN C. SURRENCY Jesup Candidate for L.L.B. Degree American Legion; 4-H Club. GLORIA SIEGEL Anderson, S. C. Candidate for A.B. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Hillel Honorary Society; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pioneer Club; Sociology Club. LAURA FRANCES SIMS Vienna Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Glee Club; Sigma Alpha lota. REBECCA SMITH Ila Candidate for B.S.H.E Degree IDA LEE SOLMS Savannah Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Phi Mu ... Red and Black JEWELL SOUTH Atlanta Candidate for A.B. English Degree Alumni Society Assistant. LAVONIA H. SPARKS Washington Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Alpha Lambda Delta; V.R.A. Cabinet: ' esley Foundation; Glee Club; Orchestra; Freshman Commission. HARRIETTE T. SPEER Atlanta Candidate for A.B.J. Degree Chi Omega . . . International Relations Club; B.S.U.; Managing Editor, News Editor, Red and Black; Phi Kappa Phi; Theta Sigma Phi. 1946 ELIZABETH CHAPMAN President of Phi Upsilon Omicron and big shot in Home Ec School. ROSALYN SPRATLIN Llncolnton Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon. EDITH M. STALLINGS Atlanta Candidate for A.B. Degree EMMA H. STANFIELD Dalton Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree WILLIAM KAY STANLEY, JR Macon Candidate for L.L.B. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . President, Phi Kappa; Inter- national Relations Club; Blue Key; Gridiron; X. Club. ESTER R. STEIN Cartersville Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Hillel; Pan-Hellenic Council. ESTHER R. STEIN Cartersville Candidate for B.B.A. Degree Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Hillel. SENIORS first row: Shannon. M., Shanahon, Shirley. . . . Second roii: Short, Shulman, Shuman. . . . Third row: Surrency, Siegel, Sims, Smith, Sohns, South, Sparks. . . . Fourth row: Speer, Spratlin, Stallings, Stanfield, Stanley, Stein, Stein. Pint row Stephens, Stevens, Stewart, Stratacos, Summerour, Swann Swmt. . . . S.- o,ul ■■ T nner, D., Tanner, J., Tate. Thomason. E.. Thomason, J., Thompson, Thorpe. r ™rThu mond. T.dwell, Todd. . . . Vourth re: Torrey. Trulock. Turner. Thin! SENIORS MARTHA A. STEPHENS Alr.haretta Caiululjlr fur B.S.H.E. Di ' .ijrn ' JESSIE ANNE STEVENS Caiulhlalf for B.S.H.Il. De nr Home Ec Club; Education Club „.„ 19 4 6 NINA K. STEWART Atlanta Caiidhhite for B.S.E.I. D, t;rfe Education Club; B.S.U. GERALDINE E SWTNT Savannah SARAH M. THORPE Townsend Can,li.lale for BS.H.E. D. r.v Cvnlnhlc for A.B. Degree Glee Club; Homecon Club. Kappa Delta. MARY A. STRATACOS Augusta CtiiiJiilale for A.B. Degree PAULA 1. THURMOND Fitzgerald DOROTHY M. TANNER Palmetto ' Ca,ul,date for A.B. Degree JAMES P. SUMMEROUR .... Washington CaihliJale for B.S.H.E. Degree Nurses Aide. CainliJale for B.B.A. Degree P.O.W. HATTIE F. SWANN Wrens CaiuluUte for B.S.H.E. Degree EARL V. TIDNXELL Atlanta JESSIE TANNER Sandersville CjiiJidale for B.E.A. Degree CaiiJhliite fur B.S.H.E. Degree Delta Tau Delta . . . Glee Club; Little Symphony Orchestra, BEEFY EAVES Popular Football Captain and G Club President. LOURENE TATE Atlanta CcuiJuliite fur A.B.]. Degree Pi Beta Phi EMILY THOMASON Shady Dale Cjinlula e for B.S.H.E. Degree Wesley Foundation; Home Ec Club. HAROLD W. TODD, JR A ' any Cinnlidale for B.S.F. Degree Forestry Club; Landscape Architecture Club. BETTY B. TORREY Elberton CaiuluUite for A.B.f. De.i;ree Red and Black; Glee Club. JULIA H. THOMASON Madison GORDON B. TRULOCK CaiiiliJute for A. B. Sociology De.s:ree Phi Mu. ROSEMARY D. THOMPSON . . . Manchester Caiuli.lafe for A.B. Pol. Sci. Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . Red and Black; Pioneer Club; Poli- tics Club; W.A.A. Whii;ham CiiinliiUte for L.L.B. Degree X Club; Gridiron; Glee Club; Demosthenian Literary Society; ' Intern.itional Relations Club; Omicron Delta Kappa. CAROLYN W. TURNER . . . Franklin Springs aiiuliilate for A.B. Hist. Degree MAUEL C. VANI.ANDINGHAM .... Cairo Ciiihli.lali- for B.S.P.E. Dixn-e Alrli.i OnilLron I ' i . . . W ' .A.A.; P.K. Major Club; Ediicuion Club. nOROTHY VANSANT Athens Cnuhiljlf far A.B. SIhiii. Dfgrec Alpha Delta Pi . . . Transferred from Huntingdon College, ' 4 ; RcJ .ind Black; Glee Culb; International Relations Club. RUTH VAUGHN Washington Ctiii.lhlatc fin B.S. Ei . Di ' xrer KATHRYN VICKERS WILSON . . . LaGrange CaiiiliJatc for B.S.H.E. Dcxree Homecon; 4-H Club. THEO CHARLES VOCALIS Atlanta Ctnuihlatc for B.S. JLtl. Degree Pi Kappa Phi . . . Demosthenian Literary Society. JANIE O. WAITES Savannah Caiiiiulat,- for B.F.A. Dtgree Alpha Oniicron Pi . . . Art Editor, Pandora; Art Students League; Red and Black. LORRAINE WALDRIP Atlanta Camlhiatc for A.B.f. Degree Red and Black; Digamma Kappa. 1;LEAN0R a. WAIKER Atlanta CiiinluLile for A.B. Degree Delta Delta Delta . . . Freshman Commission; Pan- liOKA; Cilee Club; VC ' .. .A.; Pioneer Club; Vice-Presi- dent, Pioneer Inner Circle; Pyramid Club; Freshman Club; Secretary, Rush Chairman, Delta Delta Delta. WILLENF WALKER McDonough CtiiiJnIiifi- for . ' A.B. Degree Alpiia Gamma Delta. MADELEINE WALL Thomasville CiiiuliJ.ite for A.B. Trench Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . Pioneer Club; Pioneer Inner Circle; Spanish Club. ALVIN T. WALLACE Millen CmuliJale for B.S. A. Degree SARAH D. WAKEFIELD .... Jackson, Miss. CMiiJiJa e for A.B. Degree Chi Omega . . . International Relations Club; Assis- tant Business Manager, Red and Black. RICHARD W. ( ' ATKINS, JR Jackson C ' uiiiitltile for L.L.B. Degree KATHERINE WATSON Nashville CiuiJulcile for B.S. Pharm. Degree President, Vice-President, Mortar and Pestle Club; Student Council. 1946 FRANKIE SETTLE Editor of Red and Black and Secretary of Thcta Sigma Phi. EVELYN M. WATTS Lakemont Caudhlate for B.S. TLB. Degree SARA EUGENIA WEST DeSota CanJidale for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon; Wesley Foundation Council; 4-H Club; P.O.W.; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron. HELEN ROSE WESTBROOK Athens Cafulidate for B.S. EJ. Degree Glee Club; W.A.A.; Education Club; P.O.W. IRIS M. WESTBROOK Clythe Candidate for A.B. Degree Glee Club; Sociology Club. SARA ANN WHIPPLE Vienna Candidate fur S.S.H.E. Degree Alpha Delta Pi . . . Art League. KISER E. WHATLEY LaGrange Candidate for L.L.B. Degree SENIORS First row: VanLandingham, Vansant, Vaughn. . . . Second row: Wilson, Vocalis, Waites. . . . Thnd row: Waldrip, Walker, H., Walker, VC ' ., Wall, Wallace, Wakefield, Watkins. . . . fourth run: Watson, Watts, West, Westbrook, H., Westbrook, I.. Whipple, Whatlev. fiT?. - v£ First roiv: Whaley, Wheeler, " Whelchel, Whiteford, Whittemore, Williams, Wehunt. Secoiul row: Wilbanks, Wildes, Wilder, Williams, M., Williams, M., Williams, B., Woods Third row: Wright, Wurst, Wynn. 1946 SENIORS VIRGINIA F. WHALEY Pelham CanJidale for B.B.A. Degree DORIS L. WHEELER Kite Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree 4-H Club; Homecon. CLAIRE WHELCHEL Cordele Candidate for A.B. Eitg. Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . Pioneer Club; Education Club. ROBERT D. WHITEFORD Decatur Candidate for B.S. Degree Newman Club. MAX M. ■Vi ' HITTERMORE Athens Candidate for A.B. Philosophy Degree RALPH R. WILLIAMS .... Crawfordville Candidate for L.L.B. Degree Sigma Chi . . . Cammandant, Marine Corps League; International Relations Club; Varsity Debate Team; Chairman, Young Democrats ' Club; Vice-President Sigma Delta Chi; Digamma Kappa; Chairman, Stu- dent Veterans Committee. RALPH L. WEHUNT Athens Candidate for B.S. A. Degree American Legion; Agriculture Club. MILDRED L. WILBANKS .... Clarksville Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon Club. VIRGINIA E. WILKES Athens Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon Club; Vice-President. Wesley Foundation. RUTH M. WILDER Albany Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon Club. MARY H. WILLIAMS Austell Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Presbyterian Student Association; Glee Club. MARY HUNT WILLIAMS . . . Trenton, Tenn. Candidate for B.B. Ed. Degree Delta Delta Delta . . . Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; Glee Club; Pioneer Club; Education Club. BETTY JANE WILLIAMS Atlanta Candidate for B.F.A. Degree Pi Beta Phi . . . Art League. BETTY L. WOODS Newington Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree P.O.W. Homecon Club; Wesley Foundation; 4-H Club. MONICA D. WRIGHT Athens Candidate for B.F.A. Degree MARY R. WURST Meigs Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon Club; President, Y.W.A.; B.S.U. Council; Business Manager, Georgia Agriculturist; Education Club; P.O.W. GERVAISE WYNN Sycamore Candidate for B.S.H.E. Degree Homecon Club; 4-H Club; Education Club. JESSE BOWLES Inter-Frat Council and Chi Phi Leader and Chief Justice of Law School Honor Court. SENIOR LAW CLASS Bowles Janko JESSE G. BOWLES Bacmuon MORRIS jANKO Atlant.. Maduox Shan A HON GEORGE E. MADDOX . Albany THOMAS L. SHANAHON . . Fonda. N. Y. Valentine, Erickson and Dekle JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Irene Erickson President Jean Valentine Vice-President Virginia Dekle Secretory and Treasurer 39 JUNIORS AARON, MARYDONA H. . . Frjnklin Springs ABELL, MARIE P McLeau, Va. ABRAMS, ANNA MERLE Pelham ACKERLY. ERNEST Atlanta ADAMS, BARBARA L Athens ADAMS, JOHN Q Barnesville ADERHOLT, BETTY Jefferson AHLGREEN, CAROLYN R Atlanta AINS X ' ORTH, MARY Atlanta ALEXANDER. ROBERT D Athens ALFORD, REBECCA Lawrcncevlllc ALFORD, ADRIAN N. . . . Owensboro, Ky. ALSPAUGH, CARLTON G. . . . Toccoa Falls AMIS, ELIZABETH Athens ANDERSON, BETTY R Miama, Fla. ANTHONY, RAYMOND E Monk ANTHONY, EDNA M Augusta ARIAIL, WILLIAM T Cornelia ARNOLD, FRANCES Washington ARNETTE, TOMMIE LOU ... Mt. Pleasant ARY, MILDRED C Moultrie ASKEW, PEGGY Columbus ASKIN, JANE Thomaston ASTIN, PHIL C Carrollton AVERETT. ZADIE B Athens AYERS, ZANE Atlanta BANKS. GRADY Carrollton BARLOW, RUEL J Douglas BARRET, SARA N Jersey BARNETT, MARY H Washington BASKIN. BETTY Marietta BAXTER, MYRL P Glennville BECKER, ANNETTE West Point BEELER, ANNE Toledo, Ohio BELLAMY, BONNIE F Monticello BENNETT. RUTH E Savannah BENTI.EY, NANCY W Athens BENTLEY, UPSHAW C Athens BERRY, JUANITA E. . . . . . Young Harris BESNARU, MARTHA A St. Petersberg BIRCHMORE. MARY Hawkinsville BLANCHARD, LUCY ANN Harlem BLAND. FRANKYE E UvalJa BLACK, LISETTE C Savannah BLEAKLEY, EDWARD A Savannah 40 19 4 7 BOND, ALICE NELSON Greensboro BONNETT, EDITH Portal BOND. DOROTHY L Hartwell BOND. JOSEPH Danielsvillc BONNER. BETTY JO Carrollton BOWERS, EI.EANORE Canon BOWEN, ELIZABE1H A Claxton BOWERS. JEAN Athens BARVilCK. LONA LEE Adrian BRADFORD. WILLIS W Augusta BRAZELL. MARY E Atlanta BRINSFIELD. DOROTHY E Decatur BRISENDINE. GARRETT M Atlanta BRO ' N. MARY A Williamson, W. Va. BROWN, MARY ALICE FitzgeralJ BROWN. FRED Atlanta BRUMBY, AMELIA C Macon BRUMBY, EMMA C Atlanta BRYAN. FRANCES W Jefferson BUIE, WILLIAM J Rentz BURNS, ANN C Atlanta BURTON. BETSY J Decatur BUSH, BEVERLY S Decatur BURTON, GEORGE T SmithviUc BYRD, LAURA C Savannah CALDWELL, SUSAN G Columbus CALDWELL. HELEN B. . . . Concord. N. C. CANADY. LONA LOUISE Augusta CANTRELL, LILLIAN .... Flowery Branch CAPERS. JOHN D Augusta CARITFIERS. HERSCHEL Athens CARNES, ELDREDGE T Roopville CARNES, JOHN H Athens CARPENTER. MILDRED Atlanta CARPENTER. PATTY M Eatonton CHAMBERS, WANNELLE Milan CHANCE, HELEN Savannah CHANDLER, PARISH C Toccoa CHENEY, PATRICIA Macon CHEVES, ELIZABETH P Atlanta CHISM, CAROLYN E Pelham CHRISTIAN. MARTHA A East Point CLARKE. IMOGENE Helena CLAUSSEN. ANNE W Augusta CLINE, BARBARA L Vanuuoro, N. C. tL.: 41 JUNIORS COARSEY, GRACE Tifton COFFEE, LAWRENCE W Eastman COFER, MARY FRANCES Athens COFFEY, LAUREN G Lithonia COLEMAN, JUNE Atlanta COLQUITT, HILDA J Marietta COMER, SUE Americus CONOVER, JEAN W Concord, N. C. COX, MARY E West Point COX, BETTY S Camilla CRONK, MARY Atlanta CROWLEY, MARGARET ANN . . . Atlanta CRUMP, LOIS, New Bern, N. C. COX, HELEN Atlanta CULPEPPER, STUART P Orlando, Fla. CUMBIE, JAMES D Lyons CUNNINGHAM, PATRICIA K. . . . Atlanta CUNNINGHAM, FRANCES W. . . MrCaysville DANIEL, SARA J Elberton DARNELL, DENVILLE T Jasper DASHER, GORDON W Savannah DAVENPORT, NAN E Decatur DAVIS, ELIZABETH Manteo, N. C. DAVIS, JACQUELYN F Atlanta DEBARDELABEN, LENDA Atlanta DEKLE, VIRGINIA Quitman DELOACH. BENJAMIN H Manassas DENNEY, CLIFFORD S Athens DIVINE, ANITA Griffin DIXON, CHLOE ANN Macon DONALD, CARRIE E Atlanta DOLINSKY, FLORENCE Augusta DOZIER, CAROLYN Leary DOZIER, MARY L Dublin DRENNAN, HILDA B Athens DOWNS, DONALD J Newman DOWNS, LAURA HELEN .... Thomaston DRISKELL, DOYCE A Athens DURDEN, JOHN H Leslie EAVES, CHARLES P Elberton EBERHARDT, MERLDEE Atlanta EDELBUT, MARY E Fort Myers, Fla. EDELSON, BETTYE F LaGrange EDWARDS, BEVERLY Claxton EGGERT, HELEN Griffin 42 19 4 7 IISENBKRG, DAVID S Atlanta KLLIOTT, FLIZABETH ANN .... LaGrange ELLIOTT, NANCY A Savannjh ENGLISH, DORIS H )onesboro ERICKSON IRENE McKinnon ERWTN, GEORGE Athens ESKEU ' , ANN E Atlant.i ESTES. RUTH A Atlanta EVANS, EILEEN Tifton EUBANKS. MILDRED L Mariett.i FAIN, ALICE J Savannah FECHTEL. DOROTHY E Atlanta FERGUSON, VIVIAN Woodland FISHMAN, HERMAN L Atlanta FITCH, BETTY W Athens FITZPATRICK, CHRISTINE Vienna FLANIGEN, MARY N Atlanta FLEMING, ANN E Augusta FLOYD, DOROTHY M Athens FLOYD, INA ELAINE Hometvillc FLYNT, JOHNNY Washington FORD, CARLA Little Rock, Ark. FOSTER, MARJORTE Canton FOY, BETTY BIRD Statesboro FRANKLIN, JULIA Midv.lle FUDGE, MARILYN Colquitt FULLER, MARIAN L Corbm FULTON, MARGARET L Atlanta FURCHGOTT, CHARLES M Atlanta FUQUA, BETTY ANNE Blakely GAMBLE, ADONIS E Marvin GARRISON, SARAH A Cornelia GARVIN, BEN J Atlanta GLENN, WILLIAM J Athens GORDON, ELIZABETH C Loganvillc GOULD, FLORINE R. . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. GREAR, JESSE W Augusta GREENE, BILL Bainbridge GUNN, SAMUEL E Crawfordville GRINER, LORRAINE Fit gerald GUY, J. SAM Atlanta GRIBBLE, MARY H Dalton GWYNN, JEAN Ft. Gaines HALL, ELDRIDGE E Iron City HALL, ROSELYN V Micholls 43 JUNIORS HAMMOND. FRANCES E LaFayette HARBIN, FRANCES Lavonia HARRIS, ANNETTE A Savannah HARVEY, LUCY X■ Lindale HAYS, GLORIA M Atlanta HEATON, MARGARET ANN .... Augusta HFLMLY, THOMAS C Savannah HENDERSON, MARY C Canton HICE, WILLIE GEORGE .... Cherry Loy HILL, ELIZABETH Kingsland HILL, ETHEL REE Greenville, S. C. HILL, F. LOUISE, Winder HINKLE, EDNA H. . Atlanta HOLLAND, ELLIS Cochran HOLLINGSWORTH, CAROLINE . . Carrollton HOOL1, OLIVER JULIAN LaGrange HOOTON, BETTY Roanoke, Ala. HORNICK, RHODA C. . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. HUDSON, KATHERINE R. . . . Swainsboro HUDSPETH, MAMIE Blakely HURLEY, MARIE F Atlanta HYMAN, SHIFRA S Charleston, S. C. IRVIN, ELIZABETH W Washington IR.VIN, WILLIAM H Albany IVEY, JAMES Milledgeville IVEY, JOHNNIE FAYE Glennville JACKSON, BETTY LAINE Atlanta JACKSON, ERNESTINE .... Pensacola, Fla. JACKSON, LAMAR C Atlanta JACKSON, CLAUDE NOR.MAN . . Washington JACKSON, WILLIAM A Augusta JANES, JULIAN T Abbeville JARRETT, MARY CAROLYN . . College Park JAY, GLADYS H Commerce JENKINS, HUGHES B Richmond Hill JERNIGAN, GEORGE T. . . Springfield, Tenn. JOHN,SON, BETTY L Senma JOHNSON, DENTON Columbus JOHNSON, DOROTHY A Bogart JOHNSON, JANICE AUDRY Chattanooga, Tenn. JONi:S AVA JEAN Blue Ridge JONES, CAROL E Decatur JONES, NANCY JANE Atlanta JONES, VIRGINIA A JORDAN, BETTY C Atlanta 4-1 19 4 7 JORDAN, JAMES L Rochcll KAHN, HARRIETT E Pclhaiii KELLAM, COLEY Atlanta KELLEY, GEORGE P Lawrencevillc KEEN, JANE V Dublin KILLINGSWORTH, MURIEI Atlanta K.IMSEY, ELEANOR Cornelia KING, JANICE H Macon KING, PAT V Rome KNAPP, HELEN Atlanta KREIDMAN, FLORA Atlanta LAHOOD, ELLEN C Valdosta LAMAS, FIFI C Savannah LAND, ETHEL G Athens LANIER, CHANDLER W Macon LARMORE, BILLIE L Atlanta LAWRENCE, LOUISE L Atlanta LAWTON, TAYLOE .... Jacksonville, Fla. LEE. BETTYE J Leesburg LEE, ELIZABETH PensacoU, Fla. LESTER, MARY E Athens LEVC ' ALLEN, ROSE MARIE Athens LEWIS, EVELYN Cochran LITTLE, BETTY C Royston LOCKHART, GASTON Atlanta LOGAN, BERNARD K Savannah LOWNDES, MARGARET Atlanta LUCKEY, ROBERT L Dearing MAGUIRE, HAROLD O Athens MAHAFFEY, ELIZABETH A. . . Richmond Hill MANN, FLORIA V Conyers ■MARTIN, CHARMIAN N. . . Avondale Estates .MARTIN, MARIAN FRANCES . . . Atlanta MARTIN, MILLIE J Lula MARTIN, ULDINE O Nevils MATHIAS, VIRGINIA S Alley MATTHEWS, JOYCE Moultrie MASSEE, FRANCES C Fitzgerald MASON, CAROLYN C Grayson McCRAVEY, MARY A Baxley McDANIEL, CAROL .... Jacksonville, Fla. McGEE, BAKER Musella McGLAMERY, WILLIAM F. . . . Watkinsville McILWAIN, LOVETTA E Atlanta McI.ENDON, BETTY Pensacula i2 1)4 i 45 JUNIORS McWHIRTER, FRANCES W. . . . Hapeville Mc X ' HORTER, ALMA C Decatur MAUPIN. ALICE JOAN Athens MELL. GENE E Savannah MEYER, M. ANNE ( ' interville MIDDLEBROOKS, MARION R. , . . Dalton MILLER, MARTHA L Fairburn MINGLEDORFF, FRED VC Hincsville MITCHELL, ANN H Columbus MONCRIEH, JOYCE Atlanta MONEY, BETTY ANNE .... Pensacola, Fla. MOORE, VIRGINIA Covington MOREMAN, MARY E Vest Point MORGAN. MARTHA E Atlanta MORGAN, MARGARET 1. Atlanta -MORGAN, THOMAS V Macon MORRIS, E. JEAN Douglasvillc MORRIS, PAUL M Douglasville MOSELEY, OSCAR REID . . . Huntsville, Ala. MOSES, ANNE Uvalda MURRAY, MARY GRAY Ashburn MYERS, JOYCE Hartwell NEEDHAM, GLORIA L Hapcvillc NEISLER, ANN Reynolds NELSON, EDWIN C Athens NEVIL, JAMES LEM Metter NENJf ' , JOHN C Lyons NEViBERRY, MARY KATHERINE . . Macon NEWSOM, CHARLES O Athens NICHOLSON, MAY DEARING .... Athens NISBET, RITA Athens NOBLES, PATRICIA M Moultrie NORMAN, ELLIE S Hartwell NORRIS, MARION E Atlanta NORTHINGTON, JANE Tennville NORTHCUTT, THOMAS J Atlanta NORTON, FRANCES L Wrens ODOM, JACQUELINE I Atlanta ODOM, MARY LOU Glennville OLDHAM, ALICE C Jacksonville, Fla. OSLIN, CHARLOTTE M Atlanta ONXEN, JOHN S Orangeburg, S.C. OVCENS, DOROTHY SUE Albany OXFORD, MILLIE ANN Dawson PACE, LAURA R Dawson M. L tVi ll 46 19 4 7 PANTER, MARY R Lyons PARSONS, ARTHUR V Abbeville PARR, BETTY JANE Athens PARRISH, PATRICIA M Hapeville PARTEE, FRANCES R Athens PATE, GEORGE L SandersviUc PATTON, WENDELL M. . . Spartanburg, S. C. PAULK, VENITA J Ambrose PENN, ELOISE L Savannah PENUEL, CAROLINE M Thomson PERHACH, C. HENDRY . . Lake Wot h. Fla. PARRY, LAURA PALMAR Atlanta PFEIFFER, RUTHE H Sylvania PHILLIPS, CARLSO Valdosta PIRKLE, ANNETTE Alma PITTMAN, CAROLYN E Helena PITTMAN, MARY J CartersviUc PLANT, FRANK M Opelika, Ala. POLHILL, EMILY C Louisville PORTER, VIRGINIA M Cochran POWELL, MINNIE I Fitzgerald PRATER, VIRGINIA I Athens PRYOR, EMILY Douglas PURYEAR, ANNE F Atlanta PUTNAM, SARA F Cohutta RACKLEY, MARGARET L Camilla RADFORD, ANN L Quitman RAINE, MARY FRANCES Atlanta REEVES, WILLIAM G CartersviUc REGISTER, ANNE E Jacksonville, Fla. REYNOLDS, CAROLYN Athens RHENEY, EVA MAE Hephzibah RHODES, JACK L Augusta RICHARDSON, THOMAS W. . . . Savannah RICHEY, WILLIAM M Atlanta RIGBY, MARGARET A Macon ROBBINS, MAXINE Camden, N.J. ROBERTS, FLORENE Lithonia ROGERS, GRACE Manassas ROUNTREE, JEAN Lyons ROWE, CONNIE W Cam Uton ROYAL, CHARLES C Augusta RUSHIN, WALTER J Atlanta RUSSELL, BETTY Winder SALE, GERLEEN Augusta I JUNIORS SANDERS, CARL E Augusta SCHANTE, FERN A Atlanu SCOTT, DOROTHY E Atlanta SCOTT, MARTHA JUNE Macon SEAGO, JOHN M Gracewood SEAGRAVES, KATHRYN E Hull SECKINGER, WINIFRED A. . . . Springfield SHANKLIN, EI.MA E Gandi SHANNON, BETTY K Atlanta SHASKAN, DAVID M Brooklyn, N. Y. SHEFFIELD, JOHN E Quitman SIKES, BARBARA Atlanta SIMMONS, LAURA E Oglethorpe SKINNER, WILLIAM F Nashville SLATE. MARIAN L Atlanta SLAUGHTER, IRENE J Atlanta SLOAN, GLORIA F. . . . Vi ' alnut Ridge, Ark. SMITH, BETTY Barnesville SMITH, HELEN R Ocilla SMITH, CHARLES H Palatka, Fla. SMITH, HOMFR P Gainesville SMITH, MADISON P Monroe SMITH, SUZANNE P Manassas SPARKS, JANE D Macon SPARKS, JUNELL Atlanta STANSELL, MARY KEITH Athens STANTON, KATHERINE Athens STELLINGS, ISABEL B. . . Wilmington, N. C. STEWART, COLON S Crawfordville STOGSDILL, SARA C Chickamauga STOVALL, LOUISE Flberton STRATFORD, JAMES G. . . . Jacksonville, Fla. STRICKLAND, GLORIA L Americus STRINGER, DOROTHY N Augusta STRITE, BETTY JEAN .Atlanta STRONG, MARY E Atlanta STUCKEY, .MARQUILLA . . . Lcpanto, Ark. SUDDATH, DOROTHY K Portal SUMNER, AGNES VIRGINIA .... Tifton SURATT, VALESKA JANE . . Jacksonville, Fla. SURRENCY, DON J Jesup SUTTON, AUDREY H Norman Park TAYLOR, WILLARD Greensboro TALLEY, BETSY Atlanta TAITY, ADA JANE Jonesboro 48 19 4 7 TIRFSHINSKI, lOSFPH P. . . Cicn I v, n, Pcnn. THOMAS, JOHN J Athens THOMAS, jULIA K IHOMASON, NANCY C Canton THROWER, WTLLIt; K Omaha IinWI-l.l , jUANITA A Dalton 1(11 l.l-TT, ROBKRT !■ AtlantJ TOOl.i:, GRACE Augusta TOUGHTON, HOWARD P Douglas I ' RAPNELL, JOANN Statcsboro TRAPP, GEORGIA I Macon TREGONE, DOROTHY Monroe TRULOCK, RUTH Whigham TUNSTALL, THOMAS H Lovingston TURNER, SARA V East Point TUT (TLER. BARBARA A Athens TYLER. SUE Macon TYLER, MARY ANNE Atlanta VALENTINE, JEAN .... lacksonville, Fla. VICKERS, SARAH JANE Douglas NICKERS, SARAH JANE Douglas VINCENT, ROBERT H Rome VINSANT, SHIRLEY JANE . Liiilc Rock, Ark. WADE, SUZANNE W Augusta WALK, CAROLYN Vincennes, Ind. WALTZ, PATRICIA L Toledo, Ohio VXANSLEY. PAUL Y Endent.m WARE, MARY LOU ... St. Petersburg, Fla. WARMACK, SARAH KATE .... Fairmount WARNOCK, CHARLES H. . . . Garnett, S. C. WARRFN, ROBERT W Atlanta Vi ' ATSON, DAISY E Athens WELLS, DON R Fort Pierce, Fla .rilS. IFNORA A Columbus VESTBROOK. BETTY Albany WETHFRHORN, MORMA M. . Miami Beach, Fla. WHISONANT. SARAH C Baxley WHITE, BETTY J Carrollton WHITE, L ' GENIA Macon WHITEHEAD, CHARLESEY A. . . . Atlanta WICKLIFFE, ALICE C Athens WIENYES, MARTHA C Augusta WIER, VAN NOY Athens WILKES, FRANCES LaFayette WILKINS, FRANCES W Jesup 49 JUNIORS WILKINSON, MARY Ludovia WILKINSON. WARREN Ayersvillc WILLIAMS, CARL J Wiycross WILLIAMS, ELEANOR L Athens WILLIAMS, SIBYL Cnnct.rd WILLIAMSON, CATHERINE L. . . . Atbnt.i WILLIAMS, THELMA Y Adairsville VC ' ILSON, BALLARD Madison WILSON, SUSANNE M Ellaville WINN, W. DOUGLAS Waycross WINTERBOTTOM, BETTE . . . Cartersville WIRICK, HILDA Z Milledgeville WOODMAN, CATHERINE T Atlanta WOODRUFF, LOUISE C Ccdartown WOODSON, MARY S Crest WOOTEN, FRANCES L Hazlehurst WRIGHT, HILDA A Albany YANCEY, LUCY G Albany YANCEY, PRISCILLA H Atlanta YARBROUGH, JUNE Savannah YARN, BARBARA C Decatur YATES, LEROY B Quitman YOUMANS, ANNE A Metter JUNIOR LAW CLASS BROCK, POPE F Atlanta CLAXTON, MARTIN L Athens COHEN, GILBERT Atlanta LAWRENCE, GEORGE D Eatonton MOBLEY, JOHN H Jeffcrs.m STANLEY, WILLIAM K Macnn TRULOCK, GORDON B WhiKh.m, UNDERCOFLER, HIRAM K. . Philadelphia, Pcnn. 50 CooLEY, Gilbert and Massey SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Abit Massey President Dick Cooley Vice-President Maey Gilbert Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORES 1948 First row: ADAMS, CAROLYN E., Athens . . . ADLER, BETTY, Atlanta . . . AGNEW, GLORIA A., Canon . . . ALBINSON, BONNIE J., Bartow, Fla. . . . ALDREDGE, HUGH C, Atlanta . . . ALLEN FRANCES A., Greenville . . . ALLGOOD, M. JEAN, Athens . . . ALMON, MAIZIE R., Atlanta . . . ANDERSON, ADA F., Hillsboro . . . ANDERSON, JEANETTE, Blue Ridge. Second row: ANDERSON, MARY F., Washington, D. C. . . . ANDREW, SUE W., Atlanta . . . ANDREWS, FRANCES JEAN, Atlanta . . . ANSLEY, GUY E., Thomson . . . ATKINSON, ANNE E., Atlanta . . . AUERBACH, BETTY, Atlanta . . . BAKER, BILLIE, Alapaha . . . BALDWIN, BETTY, At- lanta . . . BALL MARTHA L., Thomasville . . . BANKS, M. DEKLE, Statesboro. Third row: BARBER, HALLIE ANNE, Athens . . . BARKER, NATALIE J., Savannah . . . BARRETT, CLARENCE E., Cleveland . . . BARTLETT, LUTHER, Thomasville . . . BASSING, PEGGY J. Augusta . . . BAZEMORE, CAROLYN, Butler . . . BECK WILLIAM H., Griffin . . . BECKNELL, CAROLYN H., Atlanta . . . BELL, BEVERLY A.. Augusta . . . BERMAN, JOAN E., Lewiston, Maine. Fourth row: BEGGERS, MARGARET SUE, Columbus . . . BISSETT, JESSIE ANNE, Savannah . . . BLANTON, BETTY, Talbatton . . . BOAT- WRIGHT, MARTHA L., Augusta . . . BONIFACE, JOHN F., Savannah . . . BOULEY, LAURENT H., Jewett City, Conn. . . . BOULINEAU, MAR- GARET, Augusta . . . BOWLING, NANCY M., Atlanta . . . BRAUDA, CAROLYN F., Rome . . . BRAIL, JACK, Atlanta. Fifth row: BRASWELL, ANNETTE E., Monroe . . . BREWER, BETTY L., Athens . . . BRINKLEY, MARY R., Decatur . . . BRINSON, LEILA E., Wrighlsville . , . BRITTON, MARILYN C, Augusta . . . BROADHURST, DAISY A., Athens . . . BROWN, CAROLYN S., McRae . . . BROWN, GENE E., Athens . . . BROWN, JAMES A., Hinesville . . . BROWN, MARY LOUISE, Senora. Sixth row: BROWN, ROBERT A., Newnan . . . BRYAN, JASPER C. Fort Valley . . . BURDSHAW, AGNES E.. Augusta . . . BURGAMY, CHARLES, Americus . . . BURGESS, SAMUEL L., Ashburn . . . BURPEE, FRANCES R., Jacksonville, Fla. . . . BULLOCK, JANE C, Columbus . . . BUTLER, JOE W., Camilla . . . BUXTON, MARY ANN, Greenville, S. C CABANISS, WILLIAM HARVEY, Athens. 52 SOPHOMORES 1948 First row: CAIRNES, ALLEN E., Marietta . . . CALDWELL, EMMETT O., Zebulon . . . CALHOUN, DOROTHY R., Talbatton . . . CALLAHAN, PEGGY, Athens . . . CAMP, BETTY J., Atlanta . . . CAMPBELL, FRANCES J., Atlanta . . . CAMPBELL, NANCY J., Americus . . . CAREY, JANE, Atlanta . . . CARTER, DOROTHY S., Newnan . . . CAWTHON, JESSE M., Jackson. Second row: CHAMBERS, RICHARD L., Augusta . . . CHAPMAN, DOROTHY A., Dublin . . . CHAPMAN, MARY RUTH, Waycross . . . CHESNA, lOSEPH L., Wilkes-Barre, Pa CHIVERS. ANNE G., Dublin . . . CHOTAS, MARIAN E., Atlantta . . . CHUBB, ROSEMARY, Atlanta . . . CLARKE, HAROLD C, Forsyth . . . CLAXTON, MONA F.. Athens . . . CLEMENTS, HORACE M., Buena Vista. Third row: COBB, RUTH, Metter . . . COFER, HAL LEWIS, Athens . . . COFER, MARY C. Washington . . . COGBURN, ANNE R., Atlanta . . . COHN EVA G , Athens . . . COLLINS, PAT H., Calhoun . . . COLSON, RODNEY C, Plant City, Fla. . . . CONGER, STEPHEN H., Augusta . . . CONVERSE, ANN, Waycross . . . CONEY, WALTER E., Cuthbert. Fourth row: COOK, JAMES M., Stonington, Conn. . . . COOLEY, JULIUS RICHARD. Charlotte, N. C. . . . COOPER, LETTY C, Columbus . . . CORBIN, JUDY, Valdosta . . . COWART, ALICE M., Savannah . . . COWART. DOROTHY M., Douglas . . . CROSS, FLORENE G., Fitzgerald . . . CRUM, GEORGE G., Carnesville . . . CULLENS, ZACK A., Wrightsville . . . CULVER, KATHERINE B., Rome. Fifth row: CURTIS, JEANNE D., Decatur . . . DAGGY, WAYNE G., Macon . . . DALY. BILLE M., Atlanta . . . DANCE, JOAN, Atlanta . . . DANIEL. MARY R., Augusta . . . DASHER, HOWARD, Valdosta . . . DAVIS, CONSTANCE, Savannah . . . DAVIS, JUNE E., Savannah . . . DAVIS, MARTHA M., Talladega, Ala DAWSON, WALTER E., Hinesville. Sixth row: DEBEAUGRINE, JUNE F., Madison . . . DEAS, GRADY, Gracewood . . . DELAPERRIERE. JAMES E., Hoschton . . . DELARUE, MAR- t;EL G.. Decatur . . . DEMPSEY, LOLLIE M., Watkinsville . . . DERISO, JANE E., Moultrie . . . DIXON, KATHERINE. Wilmington, N. C DIL- LARD. CAROLYN, Colbert . . . DONALDSON, DOT, Decatur . . . DORSEY, THELMA B., Atlanta. 53 SOPHOMORES 1948 First row: DOUGHTY, CECILE, Augusta . . . DOZIER, GLADYS PATRIC IA, Jefferson . . . DREW, KENYON, St. Simons Island . . . COOLEY, MI- CHAEL T., Atlanta . . . DURANT, MARY HALE, Valona . . . DWIGGINS, GENEVIEVE P., Atlanta . . . EVANSOX, LOUISE, Winder . . . EDEL- BLUT, ADA LOUISE, Fort Myers, Fla EDWARDS, DAN M., Gatesville, Texas . . . ELEAZER, WILMA, Springfield. Second row: ELLIS, THEODORE R., Chipley . . . ELY, BARBARA J., Bowdon . . . EMBER, EDWIN R., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . EVANS, ANNE H., Atlanta . . . FARRAR, JACK T., Athens . . . FARNELL, CAROLYN E., Jacksonville, Fla FAULK, FRANK R., Albany . . . FAYSSOUX, DORMA J., Atlanta . . . FEIGENBAUM, BETTY J., Jacksonville, Fla FELDMAN, MARTHA, Jacksonville, Fla. Third row: FERGUSON, MURIEL S., Thomaston . . . FERNIE, M. CLYDE, Atlanta . . . FIFE, MARY A., Atlanta . . . FINLEY, LAURIE, Atlantta . . . FORD, PEGGY J., Lavonia . . . FOSTER, BETTY JOYCE, Columbus . . . FORTSON, BOLLING S., Jacksomille, Fla. . . . FOUCHE, LUTHER T., Nicholson . . . FOX, PHELPS, Dawson . . . FRANKS, JONES, Martin. Fourth row: FREEMAN, FRANCES, Jackson . . . GADLIN, DOROTHY S., Atlanta . . . GARLAND, BETTY J., St. Petersburg, Fla., GARLAND, WYMAN M., WrightsviUe . . . GARRETT, JOHN M., ElUjay . . . CIANDOMENICO, FRANCES A., Atlanta . . . GENTRY, JOAN, Atlanta . . . GIL- BERT, ANNE C, Savannah . . . GILBERT MARY O., Rockmart . . . GILLESPIE, NAN E., Athens. Fifth row: GILLIS, ARTHUR L., Axson . . . GINN, ORA MAE, Athens . . . GLENN, JAMES C, Athens . . . GOLDBERG, JACK, Charleston, S. C. . . . GOODE, JANE, Decatur . . . GOSDIN, GITTIS W., Frankhn . . . GRACE, DOROTHY J., Albany . . . GRACE, DOROTHY M., Atlanta . . . GRA- HAM, BILLIE, McRae . . . GRAVES, MARTHA, Augusta. Sixth row: GREENE, EDGAR H., Atlanta . . . GRIMES, ALBERT M., St. Petersburg, Fla GROSE, MARY B., Augusta . . . GROVES, CORNELIA ANNE, Atlanta . . . GROW, PATRICIA M., Atlanta . . . GUESS, PATRICIA, Decatur . . . GUTHERIE, ESTHER MAE, Greensboro . . . HAINS, VYUYAN A., Augusta . . . HALL, MARY, Summit . . . HALL, JUNE E., Chickamauga. 54 SOPHOMORES 1948 First row: HALL, HOWARD W., Moultrie . . . HALL, WAYNE H., Atlanta . . . HAMILTON, NEWELL M., Westminster, S. C. . . . HARMON, ROSAMOND A., Hapeville . . . HARPER, REX S., Savannah . . . HARRELL, MARGIE, Rhine . . . HARRIS, BEVERLY J., Riverdale . . . HARRIS, CHARLES E., Newnan . . . HARRIS, ELIZABETH R., Lookout Mountain, Tenn HARRIS, LILLIAS C, Fort Valley. Second row: HARTMAN, HARRY M., Haggerstown, Md. . . . HARVEY, JAMES S., Atlanta . . . HATCHELL, LILLOUISE, College Park . . . HAVNES, DANIEL H., Gainesville . . . HEAD, W ILLIAM R., Clermont . . . HERRON. MARGARET E., Buford . . . HICKS, MARIAN B., Columbus . . . HILL, WALKER R., Thomasville . . . HILLEY, MARY, Deeatur . . . HINELY, ANNE A., Savannah. TItird row: HIERS, WILLIAM L., Sanford, Fla. . . . HIGGINS, BEVERLY O., Atlanta . . . HINES, L. HICKS, North Augusta, S. C. . . . HJORT, ANDREW PAUL, Thomasville . . . HOBBS, LEROY C. Milledgeville . . . HODGE, JAMES E„ Chattanooga, Tenn. . . , HODGES, FRED W., States- horo . . . HODGSON, BE TTIE R., Baltimore, Md HOLDER, DORIS H., Winder . . . HOLLIRAN, BARBARA A., Atlanta. Fourth row: HOLLIMAN, MARION L., Warrenton . . . HOLLAND, MARCUS, Cochran . . . HOOPER, MARY L., Cedartown . . . HORN, JANE, Rome . . . HORO TTZ, ELLIOTT S., Savannah . . . HOWARD, CAROLYN L., Williamson . . . HUBBARD, FRANCES A., Commerce . . . HULGAN, JOSEPH L., Macon . . . HUIE, MILDRED P., Decatur . . . HULL, NANCY G. Atlanta. Fifth row: HALPERIN, GERALDINE, Fitzgerald . . . HURST, MARGARET, Macon . . . HUTCHENS, HALLIE E., Dallas . . . BRYANT, BETTY JANE, Blakely . . . INMAN, JANE, Thomasville . . . JACOBSON, M. ANNE, Wayeross . . . JEFFREY, ALBERT N. Stonington, Conn. . . . JOHNSON, BONNIE, Atlanta . . . JOHNSON, THOMAS E., Athens . . . JOHNSTON, CAROLYN, Atlanta. S .V I row: JOEL, ROBERT, Athens . . . JONES, CATHERINE, Havvkinsville . . . JONES, JANE T., Canton . . . JONES, MARY L., Ball Ground . . . JORDAN, KATHRYN O., Comer . . . JUSTICE, HERBERT C, Andersonville . . . KENNEY, ANNA FRANCES, Shellman . . . KERR, MARTHA E., Arlington, Va KIDD, EARL L., Decatur . . . KILLINGSWORTH, ANITA S., Atlanta. 55 SOPHOMORES 1948 First row: LAWRENCE, MARY M., Atlanta . . . LEE, BARRARA V., Athens . . . LEE, GRACE M., Mount Dora, Fla. . . . LEE, JOYCE D., College Park . . . LEEUWENBURG, BARBARA, Wilmington. N. C. . . . LEFF, THERESA H., Hartsville, S. C. . . . LEONARD, BETTY ANN, Atlanta . . . LITTLE, BETTY EUGENA, Athens . . . LITTLEFIELD, ELIZABETH L., Albany . . . LOCHERER, VIRGINIA E., Atlanta. Second row: LOGAN, JOSEPH C, Athens . . . LOURIE, MARY, St. George, S. C. . . . LOVE, CLAIRE, Columbia, S, C. Peru . . . MALONE, SIDNEY, Tifton . . . xMALCOLM, JUDSON V., Athens . . . MANNING, AMELIA A., Decatur Athens . . . MARLOW. BEATRICE, Athens . . . MARTIN, ELIZABETH, Sebring, Fla. LUNA, ROBERTO. Lima, . MARLOW, IRGINIA, Third row: MARTIN, FRANCES ANN, Atlanta . . . MARTIN, EVELYN D., Orlando, Fla. . . . MARTIN, MILDRED A., Athens . . . MARLIN, BARBARA A., Tampa, Fla. . . . MASSEY, F. ABIT, Athens . . . MASSEY, FRANCIES, Atlanta . . . MAUCHON. JANE, College Park . . MAY, CAROLINE A., Jacksonville, Fla MAYES, LAMBETH C, Nashville . . . MAYO, BILLIE S., Atlanta. Fourth row: McGALLIARD, CLARIS M., China Grove, N. C. . . . McCLUNG, MARILYN H., Atlanta . . . McCRANIE, Sue J., Milan . . . McCRARY, BARBARA B., Atlanta . . . McCRARY, MARY Y., Jeffersonvile . . . McDANIEL, CAROLYN J., Atlanta . . . McELROY, SARAH D., Lithonia . . . McKINNON, LYNN, Milledgeville . . . McCLAIN, ANN E., Wilmington, Del McLEOD, ROBERT E., Quitman. Fifth rotv: McMANEUS, JOYCE D., Cairo . . . McPHAUL, HARRIETT H. Poulan . . . McQUAGGE, OUIDA A., Panama City , Fla. . . . McTYRE. VIRGINIA H., Atlanta . . . McGARITY, MABEL M., Dallas . . . MEANS, MARY ALICE, Macon . . . MEWBORN, CURTIS F., Hartwell . . . MER- CER, GEORGE A., Savannah . . . MESCHINE, GENE, Clarkesville . . . MICHAEL, CLAY, Bogart. Sixth row: KING, EVELYN V., Franklin Springs . . . KING, JOHNNIE E., Carl . . . KIRKLAND, HARRY L., Augusta . . . KNIGHTON, LETA H., Blakely . . . KRIEGER, FRANCES L., Columbus . . . KRUGER. ELMER L., Richmond Hill . . . LACKEY, ALICE M., Palmetto, Fla. . . . LANG, LILLIAN M., Brunswick . . . LANIER, MARY E., Collins . . . LATHAM, JA.MES HARRY, Gainesville. 56 SOPHOMORES 1948 First row: MIDDLETON, FRANCES T., Talbotton . . . MILLER, ESTHER E., Rome . . . MILLS, CAROLYN V., Jacksonville, Fla. . . . MITCHELL. BETTY L., Decatur . . . MOLLICA, MICHAEL J., Savannah . . . MONROE, WILLIAM J., . . . MANDERSON, LAROSE, Decatur . . . MOORE, DOROTHY L., Nashville . . . MORELAND, MARIANNE, Rome . . . MORELAND, BETTY B., Atlanta. Second row: MORGAN, SARAH F., Guyton . . . MORRIS, JOSEPH K., Athens . . . MORRIS, MARY S., Hull . . . MUNSELL, JUSTINE A., Atlanta . . . MYERS, RUTH N., Americus . . . NEEDHAM, GLADYS I., Ellenwood . . . NELSON, MARY R., Calhoun . . . NESTORAK, STANLEY G., Ham- tramck, Mich NEWMAN, MARGARET E., Miami, Fla NIX, CARL A., Atlanta. Third row: MORRIS, ROBERT A., Washington . . . NORTHCUTT, MARY B., College Park . . . O ' NEAL, BETTY JANE, Blackshear . . . O ' NEAL, JEAN K., Chipley . . . PACE, LILLIAN H., HapeviUe . . . PARKER, DORIS A., College Park . . . PARKS, SYLVIA M., Atlanta . . . PEABODY, MARY G., Ashton, Md. . . , PEACOCK, JACK M., Rome . . . PECK, FRANCES G., Sparta. Fourth row: PERDUE, LILLIAN K., Kathleen . . . PERHACH, ANDREW, Campbell, Ohio . . . PHILLIPS, EDITH E., Atlanta . . . PHILLIPS, IN.MAN C, Augusta . . . PINSON, SAMUEL W.. Athens . . . PITTARD, JOHN T., Winterville . . . PITTMAN, JOYCE, Dania, Fla. . . . PLATOCK, ROSLYN, Savannah . . . PLUNKETT, DOROTHY C, Unadilla . . . POLLER, JOSEPH, Cairo. Fifth row: POPE, JOHN EDWIN, Athens . . . POPE, KATHERINE F., Atlanta . . . PRICKETT, HELEN D., Athens . . . PRICHETT, CATHERINE, Atlanta . . . PROVEAUX, CURTIS L., Jesup . . . PUCKETT, HENRY D., Bulord . . . PUGH, NANCY, Thomasville . . . PURVIS, JEAN B., Chicopee . . . QUEEN, JACQUELIN F., Atlanta . . . QUEENER, SAM H., Montezuma. Sixth row: QUIJANO, FRANCISCO J., Panama City, Panama . . . QUINN, KIRBY J., Greenville, S. C. . . . RACKLEY, ANNIE ELIZABETH, Miami, Fla RADCLIFFE, BARBARA A., Cornelia . . . RATCLIFF, RAY M., Moultrie . . . RAWLS, BETTY J., Albany . . . REHBINDER, LEO M., Fort Meade, Fla RICE, SUSAN M., Athens . . . RICHARDS, GEORGE G., Thomason . . . RICHARDS, LOIS S., Bradenton, Fla. SOPHOMORES 1948 First row: RICKS, EMILY M.. Guyton . . . ROBERTS, KATHARINE M., Atlanta . . . ROBERTS, MARY G.. Athens . . . ROBERTSON, ELINOR G., College Park . . . ROGERS, JOE C, Baxley . . . ROSE PRESTON, Decatur . . . BOUSE. GRETA, Jesup . . . RUARK, BETTY J., Bostwick . . . RUSH- IN, REBECCA G., Cairo . . . RUSSELL, RITCHIE A., Thoniasville. Second row: RYLEE, FLOY I., Homer . . . SALMON, JAMES E., Rome . . . SANDERS, CAROLYN ANN, Barnesville . . . SANDERLIN, CAROLYN, Bainbridge . . . SASSEVILLE, BETTY ANN, Atlanta . . . SANDERS, ROBERT T.. Augusta . . . SAUNDERS, DOROTHY E., Re nokls . . . SCHIL- LING, SUZANNE, Atlanta . . . SCHILLING, MARY E., Rome . . . SEAGRA ES, ROBERT G., Athens. Third row: SEGINOR, JAMES W., Newton, N. C. . . . SEITZ, ERWIN C, Atlanta . . . SEYMOUR, MARGIE, College Park . . . SPARROW, CLAIRE S., Hollywood, Fla. . . . SHAW, LAWTON, Atlanta . . . SHEFFER, MILES, Athens . . . SHIPLEY. RUTH L., Atlanta . . . SIKES, CHARLES R., De- catur, Ala SILBERSTEIN, SHIRLEY N., Atlanta . . . SIMPKINS. HOYT E., Griffin. Fourth row: SKLNNER, WILLIAM E., Augusta . . . SMALLWOOD, HENRY C, Swainsboro . . . SMITH, CHARLOTTE E., Marietta . . . SMITH, DEWITT C, Savannah . . . SMITH, EVELYN S., Columbus . . . SMITH, FRANCES E., Atlanta . . . SMITH. FRANCIS MARION, Atlanta . . . SMITH, JEAN, Austell . . . SMITH, JOHNNY M., Martinez . . . SMITH, LESLIE A., Athens. Fifth row: SMITH, ROBERT J., Powder Springs . , . SMITH, SHIRLIE H., Atlanta , . . SPAIN, EVELYN, Gainesville . . . STEWART, BEN C, Macon . . . STIEFEL, ANN M,. Jacksonville, Fla. . . . STOVALL, MARY ELIZABETH, Danielsxille . . . STOVALL, WILBUR D., Elberton . . . STROM, CARL H,. McCormick, S. C STURGES, FREDERICK W., Long Beach, Calif SOUTHERLAND, MARTHA N., Moultrie. Sixth row: SUMNER, JACQUELINE, Atlanta . . . SUTTON, MARY ANNE, Elberton . . . SWANSON, FRANCES H., Atlanta . . . TAYLOR, JAMES M., Tiger . . . TEASLEY, REE, Canton . . . TEMPLES, INMAN, Hartwell . . . THOMSON, MARTHA R., Decatur . . . THOMAS, WILLIAM H., Lavonia . . . THOMPSON, ELIZABETH, Valdosta . . . THOMPSON, HARRIET G., Memphis, Tenn. 58 SOPHOMORES 1948 First rotr: THOMPSON, KATHRYN G., Atlantu . . . THOMPSON, MILDRED A., Douglasville . . . THOMSON, MARTHA K., Decatur . . . THUR- MON, ANN, Athens . . . THORPE, HALCYONE R., Atlanta . . . TIDWELL, CLAUDE W., Thoniaston . . . TIDWELL, PAUL R., Atlanta . . . TOMEY, NORMA J., Atlanta . . . TOMLINSON, MARY M., Lake Park . . . TOOLE, PATRICIA J., Asbury Park, N. J. Second row: TUANTESO, CANULO, llabana, Cuba . . . TRUITT, ELIZABETH, Collese Park . . . TUCK, ROBERT F., Wintervilk- . . . TUCKER, MARY E., Waynesboro . . . TUCKER, WILLIAM E., Tifton . , . TURNER, EDWARD R., MilledKeville . . . TWEEDIE, ANN, MuUins, S. C. . . . VANDENBURGH. PETER A. C, New Orleans, La. . . . VALENTINE, H. PAMELA, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . VANDIVER, ROBERT W„ Douglasville. Thin! row: ' OEGTLE, HENRY J., Albany . , . WADE, JOSEPH R., Taylarsville . . . WALRAVEN, MARTHA E., Atlanta . . . WARE, ARTHUR T., LaCrauRe . . . WATSON, DOROTHY A., Jacksonville Beach, Fla. . . . WATTS, WILLIAM C, Talbotton . . . WEAVER, CAROLYN J. Atlanta . . . WELLMAN, MIRIAM, Athens . . . WELLS, JOHN P., Lincolton . . . WENBERG, MARGARET E., Wilmington, N. C. Fourth row: WESTBROOK, JAMES W., Athens . . . WETMORE, ANNE E., Atlanta . . . WHALEY, DORIS M., Pelham . . . WELCHEL, RUTH J., Atluns . . . WILKINSON, SUSAN, Toccoa . . . WHITCOMB, CATHERINE L., Camilla . . . WHITING, BETTE L., Decatur . . . WHITLOW, MIRIAM E., Royston . . . WIGGINS, ANN L., Sanford, Fla WILKINS, OPHELIA MAE, Leesburg, Fla. Fifth row: WILLIAMS, JOSEPH B., Athens . . . WILLIAMS, KATHRYN, Tampa, Fla. . . . WILLIAMS, VIRGINIA D., Savannah . . . WILLIFORD, BETTY. Gri ffin . . . WILLIS, MARGARET D., Bainbridge . . . WILLIS, MARY S.. Coolidge . . . WILSON, LOIS K., Decatur . . . WILSON, PAUL H., WaNcross . . . WINN, ELIZABETH F., Orlando, Fla WOODCOCK, HARRIET, Gainesville. Sixtli row: ' OODS, NORMA K., Richland . . . WREN, CHARLIE R., Gibson . . . WOODWARD, NANCY M., Atlanta . Atlanta . . . WRIGHT, MIRIAM N., Gainesville . . . WRIGHT, PEGGY A., Augusta . . . ZIMMERMAN, ELSIE, Atlanta E., Atlanta . . . ZALKOW, JUDITH, Savannah. WRIGHT E. FRANCES, . YUDELSON, FRANCES 59 SPECIAL STUDENTS PHILLIP L. BARNFTT .... Bishop RUTH B. BARRON Newnan X ' ARREN W. BEALE AtlantA CHARLES R. BOYLES . . . Cedartown MARGARET L. CARUTHERS College Park LENA L. CARTER Atlanta V. ERANK CASEY . . Birmmgham, Ala. DORIS A. DANIEL Milieu CECIL R. DILLINGHAM .... Hemp V. ALFRED DORLEY . . . WatkinsviUc ROBERT M. FIXELL . New Rochellc, N. Y. BETTY GREENBAUM .... Atlanta LILLOUISE HATCHELL . . College Park NEAL T. HORT Athens LUCIE A. IRBY Hapevillc MAX I.EVENSON . . . Elizabeth, N. J. EDA SUE MARSH . . . Kensington, Md. HARRIET W. MACKENNA . . Atlanta SADIE E. NIX College Park RAY L. SANDERLIN . . MonticcUo, Ark. I C;AR0L S. THOMAS Atlanta ROBERT L. VOYLES .... Jonesboro MIIORFD A. WARE . . . Miami, Fla. , REBECCA E. WILLIS Griffin FRANCES D. WOODRUFF . . . Atlanta MAR1 ' JO WOODWARD JULIA C. WORTH . . JOHN B. ZUCCARO . . Esom Hill Warm Springs Natchez, Miss, 60 Woods, Carroll, Cahteh, Skllkin, Km. lank a.nji Bland FRESHMAN CLASS MEN Hal Woods President John Bland Vice-President Bill Carter Secretary-Treasurer WOMEN Sue Skelton President Betty Ann Carroll Vice-President Anne England Secretary-Treasurer 61 FRESHMEN First row: AARON, JEAN, Ft. Benning . . . ADAMS, CARL B., Greenwood . . . ADAMS, JOHN, Matthews . . . ADIERSTEIN, MARJORIE, Columbus . . . AGEE, WILLIAM, Crawfordville . . . AKIN, THOMAS, Summerville A1,BEA, PATRICIA, Jacksonvile, Fla. . . . ALLEN, HAYWARD, Butler . . . ALLEN, HENRY, Commerce . . . ALLEN, THOMAS, Blue Ridge . . . AMASON, MARY, Jefferson . . . AMASON, ROGER, Jefferson . . . AN- DERSON, CAROLYN, Avondale Estates . . . ANDREWS, ANN, Greenville. Second row: ANDREWS, AUDREY E., Atlanta . . . ARKIN, MURRAY C, Savannah . . . ARNOLD, CHARLES A Helena . . . ARONOFF, JOSEPH, Atlanta . . . ARONSON, PHYLLIS. Adel . . . ASHFORD, VIVIAN F., Ath- ens . . . ASPINWALL, TOM P.. Albany . . . ASTON, JACKSON C. Greer, S. C. . . . AUSTIN, ROBERT W.. Hahira . . . AUTRY, MARVIN H., Social Circle . . . BAILEY, JOLAINE, Atlanta . . . BAKER, JOE B., Sanford, Fla BARBER, TURNER F., Bainbridge . . . BARFIELD, ETHEL J.. Louisville. Third row: BARMON, BURTON B., Dublin . . . BARNARD, ESTELLE, Waycross . . . BARNETT, DEAN, Greenwood. S C BARROW, BEN C, Athens . . . BASSETT, JUNE M., St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . BATEMAN, JESSIE J., Camilla . . . BAXLEY, SALLY B., Savannah . . . BEALL, DILBON, Thomasville . . . BEALL, LYRA A., Sparta . . . BEASLEY, SAMUEL L., Collins . . . BEATTY, ELIZABETH A., Mar,shall, Va BECKENDORF, JOHN R., Long Island, N. Y BECKHAM, OTTO F., Cordele . . . BEGGS, WALIACE A., Lavonia. Fourtli row: BELLMORE, SUS ANNA J., Atlanta . . . BENNETT, BARBARA. Atlanta . . . BENNETT, JAY DON- ALD, Albany . , . BENNETT, WILLIAM D., Lawrcnceville . . . BENTLEY, HARVEY E., Lincolnton . . . BER- GER, LEONARD H„ Savannah . . . BE.XLEY, CAROLYN C. Moreland . . . BISHOP, MARTHA JO, Norcross . . . BISHOP MILDRED V., Haoeville . . . BISHOP, THOMAS F.. Watkinsville . . . BLACKSHEAR, KATHERINE B., Atlanta . . . BLAKELY, BARBARA J., Athens . . . BLAND, JOHN W., Forsyth . . . BLAND, MARTHA K., Metter. Fifth row- BIAYLOCK, HASSEL M., Memphis, Tenn. . . BLOUNT, BETTY D.. Atlanta . . . BLOUNT, CLAR- ENCE D Blacksliear . . . BONNER, MARY J., Athens . . . BODNE, RENEE MAE, Charleston, S. C. . . . BOOTH, CARLTON Athens . . . BOROCHOFF, LEON D., Rome . . BOWEN. CECELIA B.. Cairo . . . BOWEN, JAMES A Abbeville . . . BOXLEY, NANCY, Atlanta . . . BRAGG, EMMETT T., Gray . . . BRENNAN, HANORIA S.. Columbus . . . BREWER, MA] Y B., Buckhead . . . BRITT, ELLIS F., Snellville. ,Sh( i row BRITTAIN, ANN C, Gainesville . . . BRINSON. JOSEPH J., Wrightsville . . . BROACH, WILKES W. Richland . . . BROCK, CHARLES G., East Point . . . BROCKETT, STELLA F.. Bainbridge . . . BROWN, BAR BARA, Dillard . . . BROWN, CLARENCE M., Hinesville . . BROWN JOHN L., Newnan R., Hartwell . . BROCK, JOE D., Rome . . . BROOKS, JAYNE C, Washington con . . . BROWN, MARY ANN, Cartersville BROWN, LAROSE . BROWN, LESTER H., Ma- BRYAN, MARY ANN. Dublin. Seventh row: BRYSON. REBECCA, Greensboro . . . BUCKLER, ALONZO M., Decatur , . . BUFFINGTON, CHARLOTTE A.. Decatur . . . BULFIN, GEORGE ANN, Decatur . . . BULLOC K, GEORGE H., Athens . . . BUNCE ANNA MAY, Baltimore, Md. . . . BUNCH, BETTY LOU, Murphy, N. C. . . . BURGARD. BENNING. Columbus BURK, SHELIA A., Danville. Ill BURKE. BETTY J.. Atlanta . . . BURR. HEYWARD S., Greenwood, S. C. . . . BURSON, WILLIAM H., Thomastou . . . BUSSEY, BEN P.. Cairo . . . BYRD, JACQUELINE, Decatur. Ei " htli row CALLAWAY, OWEN B., Rayle . . . CAMPBELL, BETTY W., Roanoke, Va. . . . CANN, SAMUEL A.. Savannah . . . CAPRAL, EDWARD R.. Atlanta . . . CARLTON, PATRICIA, Bartow, Fla. . . . CARROLL, BETTY NN Decatur . . . CARROLL, BETTY A., Decatur . . . CARTER, JOYCE, Atlanta . . . CARTER, MARY LOU, Baxle ' y . . . CARNATHAN, HELEN B., Atlanta . . . CARTER, WILLIAM O., Hartwell . . . TANNER, ELIJAH H.. Macon . . . CAUSEY, WILLIAM S., Clarkdale . . . CHAMBERS, DWAIN O., Athens. Ninth row: CHANDLER, ALICE E., Athens . . . CHAPMAN. AGNES S.. Atlanta . . . CHAPPELL, VIRGINIA M., Orlando, Fla CHEELEY, JOSEPH E., Buford . . . ClIERNOFF, BETTE M.. Bro.xtou . . . CLARIDY, ANGIE E., Griffin . . . CLARK, CHARLTON E., Brunswick . . . CLARK, JESSE B., Albany . . . CLEVELAND, EFFIE H., Hartwell . . . CLEVELAND. ROBERT C. Elberton . . . CLINE, MARY C, Atlanta . . . CLIATT, ELI- ZABETH, Columbus . . . CLONTS. SAM B., I ' owder Springs . . . COLE. JOHN R., Austell. Tenth row: COLLINS, CHARLES E., Forsyth . . . COLLINS, MARY A.. Commerce . . . COLLINS, MELLY L., Goulds, Fla. . . COLLINS, VIVIAN M., Homerville . . . COOK, HARRY, Decatur . . . COOK. JOE D., Sunmier- viUe . . COOLEY, JEAN S., Elberton . . . CONAWAY. DEAN P., Atlanta . . . CONE, DOROTHY E., Plant City, Fla CONNELL, EMORY, Norglor . . . CONNELL, JACQUELIN. Williamson . . . CORDRAY. YVONNIE M., Savannah . . CO.X, JEROME W.. Rome . . . COX MARCUS L.. Conunerce. Eleventh row: COX, SARA L., Toccoa . . . COX, WILLIAM II., Gro eland . . . CRAWFORD, DOROTHY C. Atlanta . . . CRAWFORD, KATHLEEN, Cornelia . . . CRISP, JOHN K., Macon . . . CROWE, RICHARD H., Helen;. . . . C:R0VV, JOHN M., Commerce . . . CULPEPPER, FLAVIUS J., Augusta . . . CULPEPPER, JAMES D., Atlanta . . . CURLIN, MARGARET C, Savannah . . . DAITCH, TOBY G., Augusta . . . DAME, REVA ANN, Macon . . , DANSKY, FLORENCE H., West Hempstead, N. Y. . . DAVID. MADGE E., Athens. Twelfth row: DAVIDSON, JACK S., Norcross . . . DAVIS. BLAKE E., Bremen . . . DAVIS, EARL B., Danielsville DAVIS, JOYCE E., Ludowici . . . DAVIS, MARJORIE I., Birmingham, Ala. . . . DAVIS, RUTH E., Ludowici , . . DAVIS, RUSSELL, .Atlanta . . . DEGARIS, ELIZABETH II., Savannah . . . DELESKI, GERALD J., Wilkes- Barre, Pa. . . . DELO. CH. BENJAMIN C. Cllaxton . . . DEl,OACH CORRINE. Pitts . . . DELOACH. HER- BERT R., Claxton . . . DELOACH, FRANK, Statesboro . . . DEMPSEY, WILLIAM M., Dunwood ' . I 1 mM 19 4 9 ,ii ' 1191«Wi t f@l il 9M% •f-r x msi s iiM S ' L--3 ' i i ' r m i i d ft FRESHMEN First rmv: DENMARK, PATRICIA A.. Tampa. Fla. . . . DEROSE, LEONARD M., Athens . . . DEWITT. JAMES B.. Forty Fort, Pa. . . . DISMUKE, THERESA K., Columbus . . . DIXON, JOSEPH J.. Atlanta . . . DOBSON, JULIA ANN, Atlanta . . . DONNELLY, ARTHUR S., Milledgeville . . . DONNER, PHYLISS C, Macon . . . DOYLE. FRED, Savannah . . . DRAKE, CHARLES H., Swainesboro . . . DREWRY, JUDSON H„ Camilla . . . DUKEHART, WALTON EDWARD, Decatur . . . DRIFTMIER, HELEN M., Athens . . . DULLIGAN, BETTY, Griffin. Second row: DUMAS, FRANK C, HiUsboro . . . DUNAWAY. JAMES C„ Carrollton . . . DWIGGINS, BETTY, Lakeland, Fla. . . . EDWARDS, MARGARET E.. St. Petersburj;, Fla. . . EDWARDS. PHILYS J., Ila . . . EMBIGH, EDA G., Atlanta . . . ENGLAND, LILA A.. Atlanta . . . ENGEL, MARY JANE, Atlantic City, N. J. . . . ENLOE. GEORGE, Atlanta . . . EPPES, CLARA E., Athens . . . ESTEP, WILLIAM F., Whitesburg . . . ETHRIDGE, ELIZABETH W., Sparta . . . ETHERIDGE, OTTIS R., Decatur . . . EUBANK, ROBERT F., Win- terville. Third rnic: EUBANKS, JOYCE, Atlanta . . . EVANS. JA.VIES P., Augusta . . . FABIAN. ALFRED E., East Gar -. Ind. . . . FAMBRO. JEAN. Rockmart . . . FEINGOLD. ROBERT J.. Camilla . . . FERDILSON. ROSE L., Bir- mingham, Ala. . . . FERGL ' SON, EDITH, Thomaston . . . FERGUSON, LUCY E., Atlanta . . . FINDLEY, RUS- SELL D., UValda . . . FINLEY, BETSY M.. Athens . . . FITZPATRICK, VERA E., Commerce . . . FITZGER- ALD PHYLLIS F., Lee.sburg . . . FLANAGAN, HUBERT L., Athens . . . FLANNAGAN, SERENA J., Athens. Fourth row: FLANDERS, EDSEL H., Kite . . . FLANDERS, LUCILE N., Decatur . . . FLOWERS, JOHN G„ Bainbridge . . . FOARD, CATHERINE, Little Rock, Ark. . . . FORTSON, JANET, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . FOW- LER, BETTIE LOUISE, Macon . . . FOWLER. EVELYN P., Athens . . . FOWLER. FRANK E., Athens . . . FOWLER. MARGARET E.. Aiken . . . FOWLER. RUTH M., Athens . . . FRANCO, SUSANNA, Atlanta . . . FRANK, EUGENE J.. Wanamie, Pa FRENCH, MARTHA, Columbus . . . FROST, CORNELIA ANN, Athens. Fifth row: FROST, VIRGINIA L., HapeviUe . . . FULLERTON. BARBARA K., Atlanta . . . FURNIVAL, GEORGE M., Rexeyville, Va. . . . GARNER, COLUMBUS G., Atlanta . . . GARNER, ELOISE G., Athens . . . GARNER, EMILY C, Rockmart . . . GARRETT, RUFUS A., Swainsboro . . . GARRISON, RAMONA, Clarkes- ville . . . GATLIN, JUNE. Tucker . . . GREEN. JOYCE A., Albany . . . GIBSON, HOPE H.. Atlanta . . . GIBSON, RANDOLPH H., Atlanta . . . GIBSON, ROBERT E.. Athens . . . GIBSON, LAMAR, Folkston. Sixth row: GIDLEY, THOMAS G., Athens . . . GILL, MARY A,, Atlanta . . . GITTINGER. J. PRICE, Athens . . . GOLDSTEIN. BETTY, Macon . . . GOODNER, MARY .. Nahunta . . . GOODRICH, SYLVIA, Milledgeville . . . GORDON CELIA R., Buford . . . GORDON, JAMES T. Atlanta . . GORDON, MARY ANN, Watkinsville . . . GORDON, TALMADGE F., Manchester . . . GORMON, VIVIAN M., Lakeland . . . COWER, ROBERT J.. De- catur . . . GRADY, LUANNE, Macon . . . GRAVES, RUTH L., Atlanta. Seventh row: GREENBERG, CHARLOTTE B., Glennville . . . GREENE, BERTHA L., CrawfordviUe . . . GREEN BETTY L., Toccoa . . . GREEN, JANE E., Tilburn . . . GREENWAY, DAVID T., Athens . . . GREG- ORIE, JOHN A., Albany . . . GREY, ANTHONY, Philadelphia Pa., . . . GRIER, MARY Z., Belton . . . GRIFFIN, LAMAR R., Eatonton . . . GRIFFETH. DOROTHY A., Bogart . . . GRIFFITH, TY C, Jasper . . . GRIFFITH. WILLIAM D.. Jasper . . . GRIST. HUBERT G., Rabun Gap . . . GRIZZLE, LEWIS H., Statham. Eighth row: GROOVER, JOHN T., Statesboro . . . GROOVER, MARTHA N., Macon . . . GROVES, JACK, La- vonia . . . GL NNELS, ANNE. Decatur . . . GUEST, HOWARD H., Atlanta . . . GUPKO, JOSEPH W., Wilkes- Barre, Pa. . . . GUNTER, WALTER E., Winterville . . . GUY, JOHN T., Decatur . . . HALL. DONALD R.. Augusta . . . HALL, OLIN G., Brunswick . . . HALPERIN, FLORENCE, Fitzgerald . . . HANCOCK, AGNES, Winterville . . . HANCOCK, CALVIN W., Savannah . . . HANCOCK, MARGARET V., Atlanta. Ninth roiv: HARBER, JAMES J., Commerce . . . HARDIN, HOWARD J., Decatur . . . HARDIN, JOHN R., Ma- con .. . HARDMAN, FRANCES, Atlanta . . . HARDY, CAROL ANN, Rome . . . HARDY, DAN L., Valdosta . . . HARDY, DONALD A., Atlanta . . . HARRINGTON. BURTON J., Atlanta . . . HARRIS, JANE F.. Bradley . . . HARRIS, LEONARD P., Upatoi . . . HARRIS, LORRAINE B., Athens . . . HARRIS, NICHOLAS H., Brunswick . . . HARRISON, GENEVA J.. Kite . . . HARRISON, THEODORA S., West Point. Tenth row: HARTMAN, ALEDA JOAN, Athens . . . HAWKINS, JO ANN, Athens . . . HAYES, GWENDOLYN E., Dawson . . . HAYES. RUDOLPH L., Waycross . . . HAYS, WILLIAM J., Watkinsville . . . HEMPHILL, JOHN D., Summerville . . . HELTON, WEYMAN V., Jasper . . . HENTZ. CLARK B., Chattanooga, Tenn. . . . HESTER, EARL N., Cuthbert . . . HEWELL, HIRAM C, FayetteviUe . . . HICE. SPERGEON, Cherry Log . . . HICKS, LOIS R., Conyers . . . HIGGINS. PATRICIA G., College Park . . . HIGHTOWER, GEORGE W., Attapulgus. Eleventh row: HIGHTOWER, MARGARET, Floral Park, N. Y HILL, CLIFF R., Sparta . . . HILLIS, FRAN L., Cuthbert . . . HINKLE, JAMES C, New Castle, Va. . . . HINTON, ROSEMARY, Thomson . . . HIRSCH, STANLEY, Columbus . . . HOBBY, J. M., Cordele . . . HODGSON, JIMMY M., Athens . . . HOLLINGSWORTH, JOE ANN, Camilla . . . HOOKS, MARCILE, Lexsy . . . HOPPER, MARGARET P., Clayton . . . HORNE, WIL- LIAM E., Wilmington, N. C. . . . HOROVIN, SARA G., Sumter, S. C. . . . HOWE, ROBERT L., CarnesviUe. Twelfth row: HOWINGTON, ANNE, Atlanta . . . HUBBARD, CHARLES L., Albany . . . HUFF, FRANCES G., Williamson . . . HUFF, ROY G., Bogart . . . HUMPHRIES, BETTY A., Doraville . . . HUNT. ELEANOR A., Hattiesburg, Miss. . . . HUNTER, EARLE B., Athens . . . HURST, MARY A., Cairo . . . HUTCHESON, LEITA C, Savannah . . . HYNDMAN, MARIANNE, Decatur . . . HYNDMAN, MARY E., Decatur . . . IRWIN, FRANK, Rockmart . . . IVEY. NAN, Atlanta . . . JACKSON, JOHN B., Toomsboro. A if. ? n i .. . A I 19 4 9 j lis A iWkMl rx fr- ■1 . Ik ) v 4B . m ' -•rl i- " ) -T iR • r §1 5 A k .Mr M Mk FRESHMEN First roiv: JAY, DORIS JEAN, Douglasville . . . JAYNES, G. BRUCE, McCormick, S. C. . . . JINKS, JOHN C, East Point . . .JOHNSON, ANN J., Wrightsville . . . JOHNSON, ANNE, Dublin . . . JOHNSON, ANNIE L., Macon . . . JOHNSON, MARTHA E., Rockmart . . . JOHNSON, CHARLES F., Union Point . . . JOHNSON, HAROLD C, Atlanta . . . JOHNSON, JACK E., Warrenton . . . JOHNSON, JUNE E., Hartford, Conn. . . , JOHNSON, LOUISE, Ranger . . . JONES, ARTHUR D., Camilla . . . JONES, BARETTE, Baxley. Second row: JONES, ELIZABETH C, Branford, Fla JONES, JACK E., Middleton . . . JONES, WILLIAM R., Auijusta . . . JORDAN, DAVID C, Crawford . . . JORDAN, DORIS F., Athens . . . JORDAN, J. CAROLYN, Wrightsville . . . JOYCE, NORMAN W., Waycross . . . KAHN, ABRAHAM J„ Seliring. Fla. . . . KEEHAN. BETTY J., Jacksonville, Fla. . . . KELLY, BETTY J., Pehani . . . KELLY. EDWIN E., Decatur . . . KELLEY, MARY, LawrenceviUe . . . KEMPSON, RUTH E., Atlanta . . . KENLMER, LIB A., Jacksonville, Fla. Third row: KENNEDY, ROX L., Macon . . . KENT, ROBERT H., Glenwood . . . KINGERY, JAMES R., Summit KIRKLAND, BETTY G., Fitzgerald . . . KITCHENS, JEWELL A., Comer . . . KOLODKIN, HERBERT S., Columbus . . . KOODEN, DORIS A., Savannah . . . KROWTCK, NORMAN M., Athens . . . KUMN, NANCY P., Tampa, Fla. . . . LANE. CHARLES E., LaGrange . . . LAMBERT, ASA C, Gabbettville . . . LANG, SARA A.. Hapeville . . . LANG, THOMAS F., thens . . . LNKFORD, CRAYTON J., Athens. Fourth row LAWRIE, E. PAULINE, Wavcross . . . LAWRENCE, CECELIA, Tifton . . . LAWSON, BETTY I., Newark N J . LAWSON, HELEN P., Decatur . . . LAWSON, JAMES C, Ringgold . . . LEATHERS, VIR- rlotte N. C. . . . LEE. N. REBECCA, Atlanta . . . LED-GINIA C, McRae . . . LEDBETTER, M. JOANNE, Cha SINGER, C. LEWIS, Marietta . . . LEE, SARA D., Atlanta . . . LEE, VIRGINIA A.. Tallulah Falls . . . LEECH, PAULA J., Savannah . . . LEMON, MARY L., Atlanta . . . LEONARD, LOUISE B., Atlanta. Fifth row: LETHERMON, ROBERTA A., Atlanta . . . LEWIS, ERNESTINE. Waycross . . . LEVIN, DORIS L., Charlotte, N. C. . . . LEWIS, MARGARET E., Bartow, Fla. . . . LIGHT, MARVIN, Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . LINE- HAN, JAMES C, Buffalo, N. Y. . . . LINES, WALLACE A., Savannah . . . LINZ, WEMEH A.. Alban . . . LISLE, HERMAN L., Griffin . . . LOGAN, CHARLES H., Athens . . . LEWIS, JEWELL VAN, Lyons . . . LA.M- MON, KATHRYN, Birmingham, Ala. . . . LOONEY, TYLER, New Castle, Va. . . . LUMPKIN, EDWIN, Athens. Sixtit row: LUNSFORD, WILLIAM O., Crawfordville . . . LYLE, ELEANOR, Fort Valley . . . MacDONELL, ALEX, H., Savannah . . . MacROBERT, MARGARET ANN, Havana, Cuba . . . MADDOX, GEORGE W., Wades- boro, N. C. . . . MADDOX, JOHN W., Wadesboro, N. C. . . . MADDEN, JO A., Concord . . . MALCOM, MAR- JORIE L., Bogart . . . MALLARD, GLORIA A., Savannah . . . MALLORY, WILLIAM A., Thomaston . MALOOF, FiCaNK M., Atlanta . . . MARCHMAN, BETTY C. Hawkinsville . . . MARDEN, RAYMOND A., Madison, Maine . . . MARTIN, DORIS E., Lincolnton. Seventh row: MARTIN EDSEL D., Nevils . . . MASON, CHARLES L., Swainsboro . . . MATZ, MURRAY N., Atlantic City, N. J. . . . MATHEWS, BILL D., Dawson . . . NL THEWS, MARTHA L., Watkinsville . . . MATH- IS, ROBERT L., Decatur , . . MATTEL, GERRI, Atlanta . . . MAXEY, M. LENA, Decatur . . . MAZIAR, ANITA. Atlanta . . . MAXWELL, BARER JNE, Moultrie . . . MAYES, JEAN. Miami, Fla. . . . MAYS, BOWDRE P., Augusta . . . McATEER, BETTY J., Atlanta . . . McALPIN, KIRK M., Savannah. Eighth row: McCALL, CHARLES W., Lyons . . . McCALL, SILVEY A., Elberton . . . McGALL, CHARLOTTE L., Rebecca . . . McCONTS, MARTHA C, Fort Valley . . . McCORD, MADGE L., Macon . . . McCOY, HUGH B.. Quitman . . . McCURLEY, HILDA, Colbert . . . McDONALD, EDWARD D., East Haiupton . . . McGA- HEE, BETTY J., Augusta . . . McGINTY, JACK E., McRae . . McGRIFF, DAVID P., Hawkinsville . . . McKEL- VEY, DONALD S., LawrenceviUe . . . McLEROY, JAMES C, Bogart . . . McLEROY, ROBERT L., Athens. Ninth row: McLESKY, MAE, Anderson, S. C. . . . McMANUS, JOHN A., Flushing, N. Y. . . . McMILLAN, JOHN L., Osierfield . . . McNATT, HOWARD G., Lyons . . . McNATT, JAMES P., Lyons . . . MEADORS, ANNIE L., Covington . . . MEADOWS, WILLIAM E., Hawkinsville . . . MEALOR, MARVIN C, Hull . . . MEANS, FRANCES R., Valdosta . . . MELL, PATRICIA C, Athens . . . MENZIN, AARON W., Bridgeport, Conn MERRITT, BETTY JO, Marietta . . . MICHAEL, SHIRLEY A., Augusta . ELIZABETH, Talbotton. MIDDLETON, M. Tenth row: MIDDLETON, WILLIAM P., Atlanta . . . MILLER, ANN J., Atlanta . . . MILLICAN, EMILY C., Atlanta . . . MILLS, ELSIE W., Fort Gaines . . . MILLS, FRANCES, Elberton . . . MILLS, WILLIAM T., For- est Park . . . MINCHEW, WARREN J., St. Simons Island . . . MINGLEDORFF, GRETCHEN, Springfield . . . MISSET, JEAN M., Newport News, Va. . . . MITCHELL, INEZ E., Colbert . . MITCHUM, BEN, Athens . . . MOBLEY, MILDRED RUTH, Atlanta . . . MONEYHUN, MILDRED A., Warm Springs . . . MONROE, RO- LAND S., Waycross. Eleventh row: MONTGOMERY, ROBERT C, Warrenton . . , MOORE, VERNARD D., Athens . . . MOOB- HEAD, PEGGY J., Bogart . . . MORGAN, HUNTON L., Macon . . . MORRIS, HELEN D., Atlanta . . . MUL- LIN, ANN W., Columbus . . . MURPHY, DAVID E., Thomasville . . . MURRAY, WILLIAM J., Athens . . . MURROW, MARY H., Athens . . . NEEL, SAMUEL N., Hapeville . . . NEELY, JOANN, Atlanta . . . NEW- MAN, E. NELSON, Atlanta . . . NEWSOME, EDGAR T., Milledgeville . . . NIX, NANCY J., Jacksonville ,Fla. Twelfth row: NORMAN, MARGARET J., Atlanta . . . NORTON, JACQUELINE A., Cave Spring . . . NORTON, LESTER G., LawrenceviUe . . . NORVILLE, ZACK S., Watkinsville . . . NOVAK, EUGENE E.. Nantroche, Pa. . . . NUNLEY, PATRICIA A., Athens . . . O ' BRIEN, DOROTHY S., Atlanta . . , OGLETREE, THELMA ANITA, Washington . . . O ' KELLEY, THOMAS H., Murrayvillc . . . OLIVER, BOBBY B., Athens . . . OLMSTEAD, VELMA R., Macon . . . ORAM, SHIRLEY M., Ridgewood, N. J ORR, DICK R., Macon . . . OWENS, FAR- RICE R., Atlanta. k f i 19 4 9 mm t f mm. i ' M aaoo | m i ?0 FRESHMEN First row: OZBURN, ARCH M., Riverdale . . . PANTER, WILLIS H., Lyons . . . PARISH, SHIRLEY A., Savan- nah .. . PARRISH, JOYCE, Portal . . . PATE, CARYN E., Hawkinsville . . . PATTEN, HENRY W.. Lakeland . . . PATTERSON, SARAH ANNE, Atlanta . . . PATTERSON, WILLIAM H., Covington . . . PAUL, NANCY ANN, Austell . . . PAULK, WILLIAM E., Rebecca . . . PAULOR, NICK P., Greenville, S. C. . . . PAYNE, HAROLD R., Ashland . . . PEARSON, DOROTHY P., Fort Valley . . . PENNINGTON, EDITH A., Atlanta. Second row: PIERCE, JEAN W., Washington . . . PIERCE, WALTER S., Richland . , . PILCHER, JOHN L., Mengs . . . PINSON, HILDA, Athens . . . PITTMAN, MARY ANN. Thomasville . . . PLAMPIN, E. ROMESA, Decatur . . . POLHILL, LOIS P., Louisville . . . POPE, JAMES T., Atlanta . . . PORTER, WILLIAM B., Athens . . . POWELL, GRAYSON C, Svvainsboro . . . POWER, DEWEY R., Danielsville . . . POWERS, LENORE M., Hempstead, N. Y PRICE, RAYEORD G., Lyons . . . PROFFITT, SARA ANN, Columbus. Third row: PRUITT, JAMES D., East Point . . . PRUITT, RUFUS H., Watkinsville . . . PULLIN, JEPTHA P., Mc- Donough . . . PURCELL, CELESTIA E., Athens . . . PUR TS. BEITYE B., GlenviUe . . . QUILLIAN, DAN D.. Clemson, S. C. . . . RALLY, BERNICE E, Avera . . . RAY, H. VERNER, Thomasville ... RE, GEORGE F., Huntington, N. Y. . . . REDFEARN, ELLISON H., Lake Worth. Fla. . . . REESE, MILTON B., Abbeville, S. C. .... RHODEN, VIRGINIA L., Bradenton, Fla. . . . RICH, EDWARD, Green Cove Springs, Fla . . . RICHARDS, SARA J., Camilla. Fourth row: RIGDON, NAN. Tifton . . . ROBERTS, ALYCE L., Waycross . . . ROBINSON, WALTER L., Col- lege Park . . . ROCHER, HUBERT P., Crawfordville . . . ROGERS, EDNA J., Pelham . . . ROGERS, JAMES R., Cla. ton . . . ROMANOWSKI, EDMUND S.. Ashley, Pa. . . . ROWE, WILEY D., Hines ille . . . RUARK, DAVID O. S., Hartwell . . . RUE, GLORIA H., Washington, D. C. . . . RUSSELL, WILLIAM R., Cleveland . . . RYALS, CLARENCE B., Lakeland . . . RYLEE, GROVER H., Homer . . . SALKIN, SELMA, Savannah. Fifth row: SALTER, BARBARA J., Atlanta . . . SASEBEE. JOHN W., Toccoa . . . SAVAGE, JOHN B., Monte- zuma . . . SCllEER, FRIEDA T., Eatonton . . . SCHLINGLOFF, DOROTHY H., Hinesville . . . SCHEELER, BARBARA A., Decatur . . . SCHNEIDER, GEORGE C. Lancaster, N. Y. . . . SCOTT, CORNELIA A., Plain- ville . . . SECKINGER, FRANCES B., Atlanta . . . SEIGLER, WILLIAM E., Augusta . . . SEYMOUR, ROBERT D., Bowman . . . SEYMOUR, ZACK S., Bowman . . . SHAHAN, HOWARD E., LaFa ette . . . SHEFFIELD, SHEFFIELD, EUGENIA E., Arlington, Va. Sixth row: SHEPHERD, JOHN H., Columbus . . . SHEPHERD, MASON H., Unadilla . . . SHEPPARD, ROBERT L., Tennille . . . SHIREY, EDWIN C, Atlanta . . . SHIRLEY, GENE C, Commerce . . . SHIRLEY, RUSSELL M., Atlanta . . . SHURLING, MARION H., Tennille . . . SUMMONS, ROSEMARY, Atlanta . . . SIMPSON, WALTON R., Kingsland . . . SIMS, RALEIGH H., Conyers . . . SKELTON, SUE, Atlanta . . . SLADE, MARY O., Atlanta . . . SLIGH, JACKIE SUE, Athens . . . SMITH, BETTY J., Atlanta. Secenth row: SMITH, DALA, Winder . . . SMITH, EMBREY M., Lyons . . . SMITH, JAMES T., Jackson . . . SMITH, JUNE E., Gastonia, N. S. . . . SMITH, LLOYD L., Augusta . . . SMITH, MARGIE A., Dalton . . . SMITH, EARL L., Athens . . . SMITH, ROBERT C, Sasser . . . SMITH, RUTH H., Cocoa, Fla. . . . SMITH, STANLEY H., Atlanta . . . SMITH SYLVIA, Carrollton . . . SMITH, THOMASINA, Calhoun . . . SMITH, WIL- LIAM P., Dawson . . . SMOTHERMAN, BETTY J., LaGrange. £ig i( ( row: SNEE, JENEE A., Atlanta . . . SNELSON, CAROLYN, Atlanta . . . SORELLS, NANCY C, Jackson- ville, Fla. . . . SOLOMONS, JUNE, Savannah . . . SOWELL, GROVER, Atlanta . . . SPENCE, FRANCES S., Cave Spring . . . STEPHENS, ELIZABETH, Atlanta . . . STEPHENS, RICHARD A., Bainbridge . . . STEPH- ENS, RAYMOND W., ReidsviUe . . . STEWART, EVELYN V., Atlanta . . . STEWART, VIRGINIA L., Natchez, Miss. . . . STIEZLITZ , JEANE, Atlanta . . . STOCKDALE, NANCY T., Decatur . . . STODGHILL, JAMES E., Jackson. Ninth row: STOLOFF, HERBERT, Atlantic, N. J. . . . STONE, JEANNINE, Athens . . . STROTHER, WIL- LIAM F., St. Simons Island . . . STRICKLAND, ALLAN J., Valdosta . . . STRONG, JOSEPH C, Savannah . . . SUMNER, EARNEST A., Vilas, Fla. . . . SIRMANS, JAMES, Homerville . . . SWZGERT, CHARLES, Senoia . . . SYLVETER, LAURA H., Richlands, N. C. . . . TANNER, ELIJAH H., Macon . . . TATUM, BETTY JO, Elber- ton . . . TAYLOR, GEORGE O., Miami Beach, Fla. . . . TAYLOR, HENRY F., Smyrna . . . TALYOR, MACK, Ocala, Fla. Tenth row: TEPPER, MARGARET, Cordele . . . THEODORE, NICK A., Greenville, S. C THIE, JOYCE E., Atlanta . . . THOMAS, FRANCES W., Richmond, Va. . . . THOMAS, MARY E., Farmington . . . THOMASON, BEVERLY A., Atlanta . . . THOMASON, LOUIE F., Columbus . . . THOMPSON, HUGH S., College Park . . . THOMPSON, M. NAN, Perry . . . THOMPSON, SALLY P., Augusta . . . THOMPSON, WILLIAM P., Athens . . . TONEY, HAROLD F., Carnesville . . . TRAGESSEE, EUGENE F., Lancaster, Pa. . . . TRAPP, ROBERT L., Columbus. Eleventh row: TRENT, BETTY L., Jacksonville, Fla. . . . TROIANO, FRANK E., Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . TUPPER, MADELYN D., Atlanta . . . TURNER, JAMES H., Blairsville . . . TURNER, MARY B., Athens . . . TUCKER, ROY E., Buford . . . TURNER, R. E., Rome . . . TYNER, EDRILL E., Fort Valley . . . TYSON, JACK M., Cairo . . . UNDERWOOD, EVA, Fort Valley . . . VANDIVER, WILLIAM H., Martin . . . VARNUM, CHESTER J., Jeflerson . . . VEIT, NANCEY H., Silver Spring, Md VERNER, JIMMIE L., Atlanta. Twelfth row: VOLL, ROSALIE, Atlanta . . . VOORHEES, BERNADENE E., Bradenton, Fla WARDS, ERN- EST H., Gainesville . . . WALD, SHIRLEE J., Atlanta . . . WOESS, MARION A., Atlanta . . . WALDEN, SHIR- LEY P., Atlanta . . . WALKER, GERALD R., Brooklyn, N. Y., . . . WALLACE, JOSEPH M., Atlanta . . . WAL- LACE, LUTHER R., Atlanta . . . WALTERS, DONALD A., East Point . . . WALTON, JUNE C., Jacksonville, Fla. . . . WALTON, HELEN E., Fort Valley . . . WANSLEY, MITCHELL E., Elberton . . . WARE, MILDRED A., Miami, Fla. " ' 1 ( ' 19 4 9 FRESHMEN 1949 First roic: WARREN, VIRGINIA A., Powder Springs . . . WATSON, JAMES T. , Waytross . . . WATSON, VINCENT C, Athens . . . WEAVER, HAROLD M., College Park . . . WEBB, BETTYE J., Atlanta . . . WEBB, JANE C, Marietta . . . WEEKES, GERALDINE A., Decatur . . . WEEK- LEY, CARLYN E., Atlanta . . . WEINBERG, LAUREL, Atlanta , . . WEIR, EVA I,., Atlanta . . . WEISSINGER, EUGENIA L., Gainesville . . . WEST, ROBERT E., Swainshoro. Second row: WEST, THOMAS W., Macon , . . WESTBROOK, JOHN A., Canton . . . WESTBROOK, RASANNAH, Ila . . . WESTBROOK, WIN- STON H., Athens . . . WHEELER, CARL L., Macon . . . WHEELER, GEORGE F., Atlanta . . . WHITFIELD, JOSIAH J., Royston . . . WICKLIFFE, JO, Athens . . . WICKLIFFE, BILLIE, Athens . . . WIER, VIRGINIA A., Athens , . . WILBORN. ALVIN F., Thomaston . . , WILLIAMS, BETTY J., Atlanta. Third row: WILLIAMS, GEORGE D., Athens . . . WILLIAMS, HARRY G., Macon . . . WILLIAMS, HENRY L., Marietta . . . WILLIAMS, JOHN T.. Round Oak . . . WILLIAMSON, GEORGE G., Augusta . . . WISE, JANE I., ThomasviUe . . . WHITE, RAMONA H., Marhle Hill . . . WHITEHEAD FRANCES E., Bogart . . . WHITLOCK, HARRIETTA A., Marietta . . . WILBANKS, STERLING T., Buford . . . WILLIAMS, MARY R., Ocilla. WILLS, EVELYN G., Savannah. Fourth row: WOFFORD, MARTHA, Athens . . . WOODARD, ROBERT S., Rebecca . . . WOOD, BARBARA A., Atlanta . . . WOODS, HENLEY P., Calhoun . . . WOOTEN, TOMMY D., Lumber City . . . WILLIAMS, MONTEEN P., Atlanta . . . WRIGHT, ELLEN J., Atlanta . . . WYCKOFF, BEV- ERLY L., Winter Park. Fla. . . . YANCEY, ELIZABETH J., Atlanta . . . YOUNG, NORMA L. Canton . . . YUNDT. KATHARINE, Atlanta . . . YAR- BROUGII, MARGARET K., Adairsville. Joe Brown Ral Court, Fresliinan Hubert Grist on the block and Buck Denis and Carl Strom us Judge and Recorder. The verdict hacinsi been announced the piinishinenl is iiiven at the able liands of upperelassnicn. 70 FRESHMAN LAW CLASS ADRIAN S. BACON .... Americus SANTIAGO CABAN . . . Puerto Rico MARY LOIS CAMPBELL .... Athens I-RANK S. CHEATHAM . . . Savannah BONNELL COACHMAN . Donaldsonville JAMES C. DELAY Atlanta JOHN N. DEGREGORY . . . Savannah DAVE EISENBERG Atlanta SAM J. GARDNER Savannah JOHN L. HILl Dawson KENNETH HENSON . Coral Gables, Fla. ROBERT H. HUMPHREY . . Swainsboro SARA L, MASSEY Athens MARY McCRAVEY Baxley BOBBY MITCHELL Musella MARION W. MORGAN .... Augusta JEFFERSON L. NEWBERN . . Valdosta JAMES N. NICHOLS .... Blue Ridge THOMAS C. PENLAND . . . Blairsville ROBERT W. REYNOLDS . . . Albany ERWIN C. SURRENCY Jesup PATRICIA ' ■■ALTZ . . . Toledo, Ohio RICHARD W. WATKINS . . . Jackson RISER W ' HATLEY LaGrange RALPH R. WILLIAMS . . Crawfordville TOM PENLAND President of Freshman Law Class and Demosthenian Literary Society. JOHN PRODGERS and JOHN HILL Freshman Justices on the Law School Honor Court. FRANK CHEATHAM President of Senior Class and International Relations Club. First row: Allen, Alexander. Anderson, Burke, Con ers Eppinger, Everette. . . . Secand row: Hiilliburton, Harris Jenkins, Krasner, Lee, Manning. Miller. . . . Third row. McKaniy, Schilling. Stewart, Tolbert. . . . Fourth row. Watkins, Wilson, Sirmali. GRADUATE STUDENTS LUCY ALLEN Hoschton CutuliJtUf fur A.B. Dt-gref Alpha Chi Omega . . . Glee Club; Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Chi Omega; V.R.A. Cabinet; Radio Activities Club. DOROTHY A. ALEXANDER . . Candidate for M.f.A. Dcgr Kappa Delta. Atlant AUDREY J. ANDERSON . Cedar Rapids, Iowa Candidate for M.f.A. Degree An Guild. FLUKER STEWART Second man in University history to edit Red and Black and Pandora; President of Dcmosthenian and Sigma Delta Chi. r " IT ' LAWRENCE M. BURKE .... Covington Candidate for Ai.Ed. Degree MADGE B, CONYERS Atlanta Candidate for M.A. Degree American Legion; Glee Club; Women Vetrins ' Organization ANITA EPPINGER Atlanta Candidate for M.F.A. Degree Kappa Delta . . . Thalian-Blackfrlars; Art League. REAUNETTE EVERETTE .... Waycross Candidate for M.F.A. Degree Thallan-Blackfriars; University Theater; Art Stu- dents League. JULIAN HALLIBURTON Athens Candidate for M.A. Degree CORNELIA HA RRIS Washington Candidate for M.S. Degree MARY E. JENKINS Chipley Candidate fur M.A. Degree Baptist Student Union. JACK D. KRASNER Atlanta Candidate for M.S. Degree President, Alpha Phi Omega; Secretary-Treasurer, Blue Key; Chief Justice, Dcmosthenian Literary Society; Gridiron; Psi Chi; Psychology Club. EVELYN C. LEE Atlanta Candidate fur M.B.. . Degree P.O.W.; V.R.A. TROY L. MANNING Athens Candidate fur M.S.A. Degree JAMES P. MILLER Athens Candidate for M.Ed. Degree G Club; Co-Captain, Football Team. JEAN McKAMY Atlanta Candidate for M.S. Ed. Degree Art Students League; Glee Club. YVONNE G. SCHILLING .... Atlanta Candidate for M.F.A. Degree Glee Club; Music Club; Sigma Alpha Iota. FLUKER G. STEWART Atlanta Candidate for M.A.j. Degree Editor, Panoora; Editor, News Editor, Red and Black; Adiutant, Junior Vlce-Comander, Ameri- can Legion; President, Speakers ' Key, Dcmosthen- ian Literary Society; Vlce-Prsident, Omicron Del ta Kappa; President, Sigma Delta Chi; Blue Key; Gridiron; Student Council; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. JULIA E. TOLBERT . . . Ninety-Six, S. C. Candidate for M.F..A Degree . n Students League GENEVA WATKINS Ball Ground Candidate for M.S. Ed. Degree MARY SUE WILSON Valdosta Candidate for M.A. Math Degree Delta Delta Delta . . . Pioneer Club; Pi Mu Ep- sllon. I ' AHIR M. SIRMALI . . . Istanbul, Turkey Candidate for M.A Sociology Degree Dcmosthenian Literary Society; Psychology Club; Ping-Pong Champion. Cupluiii Eaves aiul cheerleaders " Don ' t walk under the Arch! " " Wear your rat cap! " " What ' s the good word? " " Spell Tech! " " Assume the angle! " These and many similar phrases seem to be the essence of every waking minute for the new Freshman at Georgia. Freshman Week is ne er forgotten for this is the time in the life of the " Rat " wjien the sight ot an npperclassman brings a feeling of stark terror. FRESHMEN WEEK Shirt-lail iiuimlc hefJins Along with placement tests, physical examinations and numerous obligatory University occasions the " Rat " must find time to attend G.O.P. and P.O.W. meetings, go through fraternity and sorority rushing, attend " pep " meetings, and most important of all for the boys, participate in the annual shirt-tail parade. Poor Fresh- man!! i i_ [ ' ( s (( mer iiuii Women ' s Athletic Association Pi Beta Phi defeated Kappa Alpha Theta by a score of 38 to 28 to win the annual intramural olleyball tour- nament. t f Women ' s Athletic Association Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi had the lucky set of shoes this year to win the annual intramu- ral horseshoe tournament. Alpha Gumma Delta CADET FRAINING Georgia ' s nurse training program has been very successful under the capable supervision of Miss Phoebe Kandel. Miss Kandel Professor of Nursing Education of the University of Utah on Iea e to direct the nursing program in Georgia, has carefulK- Cadet Nurse Regiment at I iiiicr iity Hospital. Augusta Cadets receive instruction at Barrett School of Nursing, University Hospital First hand cxpcricnt c for Cadets at Crawford Long Hospital Cadet Nurse Heginient al Picdniont Hospital Atlanta ; Mi! , t ' ■1 yi aHJ ' VW N ' A " ■ " ,i ' ,3V .. m . -, NURSE ; ROGRAM aided the trainiiiK of hundreds ot cadet muses in the State, liotos raj lis on these pages record only a minute part of the reat work being done by Miss Kandel, her staff and the members ' the Cadet Nurse Corps. (.«( ( ' ;V( Riginicnt at C.iaHforil Linifi lloxjiiUil, Atlanta .A " man-less " dance at I ' icdniout llospilal Cadet tests hlinid pressure at Georgia Baptist Hospital Typical Cadet Nurse Cadet Nurse Regiment at Georgia Baptist Hospital, Atlanta (?J5. f rv f f f f T ' j J V HOME C October Spirits ran high al Homecoming this year in spite of evil forces on all sides which seemed to oppose it. The return of All-Ameri- can Charlie Trippi earlier in the week made Georgia ' s chances for an overwhehiiing victory seem inevitable, but the gods, and L.S.U., were against the " Bulldogs. " A strong L.S.U. team de- feated the gallant Georgia team 32-0 under balmy southern skies. Howe er, e ' en the loss of the football game could not dampen the high spirits of the thousands of Georgia students and alumni who were in Athens for the Homecoming celebra- tions. Gay decorations co ' ered the lawns and fronts of all the University housing units. Chi Omega sorority won the cup awarded by the Biftad Service Club in the annual Homecoming decorations contest. Inter- Fraternity Council dances this year took on an atmos- phere ul pre-war days with Woodruff Hall being packed to overflowing. Music for the dances was furnished by Dean Hud- so 1 and his famous orchestra. Non-Frdtcniity Icadout . . . Chi Omega ' s iciu- iiing clccardtidu.s . . . Hudson leads for duet . . . Vail iif the Friday niglit " mob. " ' niatist Fraiices C ' .iihicll OMING 19-20 Following a solo by -in L.S.U. football player, Dot " Trigger " Tregone, Uiii ersit ' co-ed, ' " wowed " the Saturday night crowd with her sultry rendition of ' I ' ll Buy That Dream. " Campus Leader Leon Hargreavcs and lo el ' Laura Barfield inaugurated the Friday night dance heading the Non-Fraternitv leadout. The Saturday tea dance, immediately following the game, drew a record breaking crowd for an afternoon dance. Many of the out of town football fans were unable to resist the strains of the Hudson music from Woodruff Hall and stopped in to dance two hours before lea ing Athens. Saturda ' night newK-weds Jesse and Ruthie Bowles headed the Inter- Fraternit ' Council leadout. Inter-Fraternity President Bowles and Secretary C. E. DeLoach, Jr., were responsible for the huge success of the dances this year. Sunday foimd Universit ' students ery tired, but happ ' , after the most enjo abIe weekend of the college year. Inti ' i-Fraltrnity Council Icadotit . . . Lambdu Chi Al]ih(i decorations . . . lam session . . . All eyes turn tincurd band stand as " Trigger " sings. " Trigger ' % BROOKFlELD tor ILLE RDELE - o " »%V r ir 9 sv CLAXTON r ' ' Jvp .X CT MILAN °° ' LeT «. ' " ' V , WOODSTOCK r M e ' ,f o6 e SUB CH 1 V A UG ?LARKSTON C 2b V CONCORD i .e V CC ••»» ' ILUE t o : DONALSONVILLE :iiL«rtM l 5LAND. IILLEDGEVILLE NASHVILLE BLUE RIDGE K , l ' 0 C© XUGUSTA-siace 1828 the lioiiif ni the University of Georgia School of Medicine-is Georgia ' s second oldest and third largest city, having been founded in 1735. Steeped in the heritage and traditions of the Old South, she is as old as the Nation yet as young as today. This Southern metropolis of 110,000 inhabitants is the home of the Augusta National Golf Course where annually the internationally famous gather for the Master ' s Invitation Tournament. George Walton, signer of the Declaration of Independence, is but one of the many honored sons. Woodrow Wilson, Justice Joseph K. Lamar, Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, Dr. Paul Fitzisimmons Eve, Ty Cobb and scores of others were proud to call her " home " . RightfulK- does she claim the title of Medical Center to the Southeast, for in addition to the University Hospital, there is the Ohver General Hospital, United States Veterans Hospital, the newly created Catholic Hospital, and as soon as conditions permit, she will be the home of the new State General Hospital. Her reputation for beautiful homes and gardens is widespread and garden lovers from all sections of the country visit her annual Camellia Show. FORT OGLETHORPE O M.LSTEAD RICHLAND CHATTAHOOCHEE % BLAKELY V - =: v ' t ■ Gort ROSWEUU ALAMO N ' Ou rSTO . " g - CHA_MBLEE „ ,N i.tcAVSV.UUE V V V. Wilhenlord Hospital Vniversilij Hospital i-l jtHviOiHK-- Newton Btiilding { to m Vt SeC itov NVW ve Editc " ' r M ' . 1 sectio ' tt[F c tb Miirjihcij Building We Pay Tribute As an expression of admiration and gratefnl ap- preciation for liis friendliness, unfailing courtesy, lasting patience, multiplicity of interests, and for his colorful, stimulating and instructive interludes in the midst of an often distresing and tiring study, we hereby dedicate this Section of Pan- dora to Dr. ' irgil Preston Sydenstricker. Virgil Preston Sydenstricker Processor of Mcdiciiw Message from the Dean G. Lombard Kelly Dean Under These Men S s. Dk. W. a. RlSTEEN Professor of Neurologic Surgery Dr. G. Loinl);ird Kelly (seated). Dr. Lane Allen (standing). Professors of Gross Anatomv; Dr. W. H. Waller (left). Assistant l rofessor of Gross Anatoniw Ij-ft tn riglit: Mrs. Nell Murpliey, lahorator ' elerk; Dr. W. Know. ton Hall, Assistant Professor Bioclieniistr " ; Miss Mar Barnes laboratory elerk; Dr. Alfred P. Briggs, Associate Professor Biochemistry and Medicine. Dr. Carlton Howard Maryott Professor of Biochemistrtj Dr. Lucius N. Todd Professor of Tuberculosis Dr. IIehvey M. Clecklev Professor of Neuropsijchiatnj Dr. Garland Frank Jones Professor of Surgery Dr. Stewart II. Anerhacli (left). Associate Professor of Pathology; Dr. Edgar H. Pnnd, Professor of Pathology. Dr. Perry P. N ' olmtto Professor of Anesthesiology Faculty ' ' ■f ' Dr. John Kobeist Rinkeu Professor of Urology DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY Left to right: Dr. John W. Remington, Assistant Professor; Dr. Philip Dow, Associate Professor; Dr, W. F. Hamilton, Professor; Miss Mar ' Catherine Reiser, Secretary. Dr. Robert C. Major Professor of Tttoraeic Surgery Dh. Peteh B. Wiuuht Professor of CAinietil Orthopedic Surgery DKl AHTMEXr OF PEDIA 1 KICS Dr. Philip Mulherin (left), Professor; Dr. Robert C. MeGahee, Assistant Pro- fessor of Clinical Pediatrics. DEPARTMENTS OF HISTOLOGY AND EMBRYOLOGY Dr. Joseph Krafka (left). Professor; Dr. L. L. Bowles, Assistant Professor. Faculty " •S " Dr. Harry T. llAiiii.u As.tDciate Professor of Medicine Dr. N.vrH. ' iN M. DeX ' aughn Assistant Professor of Medicine DEPARTMENT OF I ' HARMACOLOGY Left to ri ht: Dr. Russt-ll A. Muggins, Assistant Professor; Miss June Durden, Secretiir ' ; Dr. Raymond P. Alikjuist, Assistant Professor; Dr. George P. Child, Fellow; Dr. Robert A. Woodbnr ' , Professor. Dr. Marion W. Mathews Assistant Professor of Medicine b (- Dr. Henry G. Me. ling Assistant Professor of Medicine Mlss Mary B. Cumbus Registrar Miss Janie Turner (seated). Librarian; Miss Sadie Rainsford, Assistant Libarian. Miss Martha Frances Dreyer Assistant Treasurer and Business Manager Candidates for Degrees . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left til riiiht: Ziick Browning, Vice-Presiclent; William L. Bridges, Jr., President; James A. MrQnown, Seeretary-Treasurer. Op room SENIORS Russell Edgar Andhews, Jr. Rome Alexanoeh Woodson Ashfobd Athens William Arnold Askew Arlington Louis LeGarde Battey Augusta James William Bennett LaGrange William Fred Bennett, Jr. Columbus Emil Blair Savannah William Lee Bridges, Jr. Sumner Zack Clark Browning Cochran James Monroe Bryant Newnan DOCTORS DO MORE GOOD TO MANKIND WITHOUT A PROSPECT OF REWARD THAN ANY PROFESSION OF MEN WHATEVER. —Samuel Johnson Richard Porter Campbell Rockmart Enrico Dederick Carrasco Newnan Calder Benjamin Clay, Jr. Macon Herbert Ira Conner Mount Vernon FOR THE PHYSICIAN THERE IS ONLY ONE RULE: PUT YOURSELF IN THE PATIENT ' S PLACE. —Lord Lister r - fWC i Hhahles VValteh Coolidge Savannah Wallace Miller Gibson Milledgevillc L Chahles Russell Green Dallas Thomas Marshall Hali Milledgeville Herman Delancy Cartersville Asa William Deloach Savannah Henry Arthur Foster Franklin William Justus Cower, Jr. Atlanta Russell Enoch Graf Atlanta Laurier Eugene Hackett Camilla Lawton Quinby ' Hair Augusta FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS .MEDICINE HAS UNITED THE AIMS AND ASPIRA- TIONS OF THE BEST AND NOBLEST OF MANKIND. —Karl Marx John Price Harrod, Jr. Townsend Samuel Arthur Heaton, Jr. ' Augusta A. C. HoBBs, Jr. Columbus SENIORS (asper Thomas Hogan, Jn. Macon » ' Paul Fhanklin Holcomii Clarkesville Flovd Chapel Jauhell, Ji . Butler .. Tni). L .s Jefferson Lattimore Macon ieit- ' Thomas Eric McAmthur, Macon Kauris Talmadce McElre Wadlcy Maumn Harlan Johnstun Green Cove Springs, Fk. James Bledsoe Martin Shellman William Ingram Coronado Beach, Fla. r r Jesse Campbell MgMill Macon Herbert Spencer Kupperman John William Mauldin ' Augusta Augusta ,7 3 IN ILLNESS THE PHYSICIAN IS A FATHEU; IN CONVALESCENCE, A FRIEND; WHEN HEALTH IS HESTOHED, HE IS A GUARDIAN. —Mrahmamc smjing Sidney Isenberc Atlanfa Henry Hyde McNeely Toccoa A I ' llVSICIAX CAN SOMETIMES PAKHY THE SCYTHE OF DEATH, BUT HAS NO I ' OWKR OVER THE SAND IN THE HOURGLASS. —Hester Lynch Viozzi f ' Jamks Allen McQuown Decatur Li: IS ' iLLL M Moore Atlanta Lamar Batts Peacock Albany James Brennan Purkall, Jr. Augusta Mrs. Jesse M. Roberts Alpharetta James Allen Roberts Rockmart Edgar Dewitt Shanks, Jt;. Atlanta Warren Gilbert Shuman Nashville ARLEs Stephen Mulherin Augusta ' ;«» -J T ' Walter Wllson Otto Savannah i-- Turner Wayne Rentz Colquitt Mercer Brannon Sell, Jh. Dallas . . . HAPPINESS LIES IN THE ABSORPTION IN SOME VOCATION WHICH SATIS- FIES THE SOUL. . . . WE ARE HERE TO ADD WHAT WE CAN TO, NOT TO GET HAT WE CAN FROM LIF E. —Sir William Osier Walter Allen Sikes Augusta Frederick Eugene Sims, Jr. Decatur Henry Wildkh Smith Swuinsboro ' X William Eugene Smith James Caki ion Tanneu, Jn. Athiiitu ' ( : BiTHEL Wall Sylvester SENIORS Hoy Malachi Waller Dalton liiciiARi) Patten Watson, Jm. Savannali Aubrey Jackson Waters Statesboro RK:iIAliD Wayburn Macon louring the past year, the careers of two taculty members ot tlie University of Georgia School of Medicine came to a close. The Senior Class jiavs tribute to the memory of these physicians who gave that we might learn. William Anthony Mulherin Profcasur Emeritus of Clinical Vcdiutrics Claude McKinley Burpee Vrojcusor of Fcf Hal lies Edward McMichael West Atlanta Benjamin Daniel White Atlanta Cec:il Asa White, Jr. Was ' cToss Maiu;ahet Wong Augusta Junior Class JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Cliarles E. Wills, Vice-President; Charles Richards, President; W. H. Houston, S ecretar -Treasurer Junior Class Addy, William Harrison. Jr. . . Senoia Agostas, William Nick . . . . ugusta Bodziner, Lawrence Stanley . Savannah «f Brawley, William Gaston . . . Atlanta Brown, Robert Harris. Jr. Locust Grove Burns, John Knox, Jr. . . Gainesville Carson, Willard Palmer . . . Palmer Car er, Joseph Rodwell . . . . ugusta Caswell, Doyle Fuller . Augusta Coffee, John Young. Jr. . . . Athens Coleman, Otha Kinney . . . Unadilla Counts, Russell Lane .... Dalton Crumbley, . rthur Jack, Jr. . . Atlanta Dixon, Ellis Howard, Jr. . . Athens Dodd, William Asa Macon Doohen, Donald James . Detroit, Mich. Duff, Alexander Peru .... Cusseta Klam, Lincoln Patrick, Jr. . Lincolnton Etheridge. Edwin Holt .... Carl Fitts, Edgar Marlin .... Augusta Forester, Beverly Wood .... Cairo Gaines, Frances Clarke . . . Macon Goss, Woodrow Richland Hargrove, Roy Belmont, Jr. Waynesboro Harvey, James DeLoach . Glennville Haston, Hugh Brady, Jr. . . . Albany Hiarn. Henry Branham, Jr. . Eatonton Ilirsch, Jack Walter . . . Columbus Hockenhull, John . ndoc . . . . tlanta Hodges, John McConnick, Jr. . Marietta Holbrook, Howell Parks, Jr. . Commerce Houston, William Herbert, Jr. St. Augustine, Fla. Jones, James Richard, Jr. . Hawkinsville Jones, I ' aul Matthews . . . Micldleloii K.i , Janus Benjamin . . B r()n Kiny, Hubert I ' K ' sses . . Augusta Korst, Elizalietli .... Augusta Lane, George Mitchell . Lineolnton Ma , Louis Earl East L msing, Mich. McArthur, John Davis . . N ' idalia McElroy, Arthur Robert . Union, S. C. McNeill, Archibald Ale.xander . . Cairo Meeks, Calvin Stewart . . Nicholls Nathan, Marvin Myer .... OcilUi Neal, Lnni Cooflrey . . . Cleveland Nicolson, William Perrin, III . Atlanta Norton. John Harvey, Jr. . Cave Springs Parker, Charles Orville, Jr. . W ' aycross Priles, Charles Victor . . . Atlanta Pryor, Carol Graham . . Newington Reese, Halden Eugene . Jakin Reinhardt, Roger Franklin . Ashburn Richards, Charles Kenneth Greensboro Roberts, Ralph Donald . . Gra Sims, John Norris, Sr. . . . Comer Smith, Joel Perry, Sr. . . LaGrange Starr, Harlan McKinney Rome Steinbacli, Richard Allen . . Atlanta Taylor, William Johnston . Davisboro Valentine, E. Henry .... Macon Wager, Anne Wilkinson . . . Atlanta Ward, Roy Thnrnian, Jr. . Watkinsville Wills, Benjamin Charles . . Savannah Wills, Charles Edward, Jr. . Washington Wilson, John Page . Foley, Ala. ' inter, Wallace Edward . Augusta NO PICTURES Goldin, Harold Winfred . Rockmart Williams, Pierce Lee, Jr. . Cordele ? iJkBbik r ■ -» «r . f»» . Ata. IN MEMORIAM FRED WILSON BROWN June 29, 1945 Sopohomore Class SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS David Hall, President; Charles William Ramey, Vice-President; Faust Durden. Secretary-Treasurer. y ov• Al Stodc»ic fdtds ' iTo ci N vaXo d V o oc First Rua Barker, George William, |r Franklin Bedingfield, Wad Ramsey, Jr An usta Bo.ston, John Armistead, Jr Cliamblee Bo d, Augnstns Brown Athen.s Brewster, Charles Milliard Cedartown Brinkle , A er - Baron Angusta Second How Brown. Alfred Green. Jr Dalton Brooks. Bett Ann Decatnr Brown. James Henry Boss ille Burganiy, Clyde Allen Irwinton Carsweli, Bowdre Lucian Attapnigus Chandler, Arthur Bleakley Augusta Third Row Chastain. Joe Brvan Roberta Cobb, Claud Pope, Jr Tampa. Fla. Collins. Robert Aaron. Jr Unadilla Crandall, Homer Lewis Aniericus Cummins, Manles LaFaxette Ashford, Ala. Daniel, William Rogers Atlanta Fourth Row DcWitt, Paul DeLauder Miami, Fla. Dickey, Loviek Edsel, Jr Sylvania Dnrden, ' alter Faust Monroe Echols, Joseph Martin Macon Friedman, Charles, |r Sparta Glover, Odis G., Jr Canton Fifth How Goldberg, Ira Augusta Green, Edmond William Atlanta Grossman, Murray Sa annah Hall, David Parks Chickamauga Hancock, William Roy Savannah Harrison James Harold Kite Si.v( j How Helton, William Sandersville Hogan, Thomas Slade Stockton, Calif. Homeyer. Walter Fred. Ir ■ Gainesville Jarrell. Harold George Butler Johnson. William Bernard Ellaville Kelly. Thomas Glenn Augusta First Row Lee, Joseph Darling Augusta Little, Clarence LeRoy, Tr Tennille Meadows, Jesse Cleveland, Jr Vidalia McDermid, John Turner Vidalia Merrill, Joseph Howes, Jr Palatka, Fla. Minis, Harold Maurice Hephzibah Second Row Minor, James Berry Butler Moore, Victor Augustus, Jr Roswell Murphey, Alexander Thomas, Jr Augusta Navarre, Robert .... ... Hartford, Ojnn. Newlin, Lucion Kennerly, Jr. . . . , . Sylvester Newman, Harvey Mashburn, III Gainesville Third Row Noel , Richard David Farniville, Va. Nolan, Thomas Campbell Macon Payne, Ninette Gihner Atlanta Pou, Leo Harben, Jr. . . .AIIanlT Prichett, Joseph Henry, Jr Atlanta Pursley, Norman Brundage Warner Bobbins r ' . __ ___ Fourth Row Ramey, Charles William McCalla, Ala. Sewell, Robert Riley Lavonia Shepherd. Edwin Collier Sea Island Shumate, Robert Edward Lee Sea Island, Ga. Slappey, Donald Hugh Andersonville Smith, Clyde Pearson Fifth Row Smtth, George Bertling Columbus Thevaos, Theo George Augusta Thigpen, Frederick Bruce, Jr Savannah Thompson, Josiah Auugsta Thornton, Nathaniel Albert. Ill Atlanta Tyson, Arthur Milton Nasliville Sixth Row Waller, Robert Drain Mauk Watkins, James William, Jr Jackson Whatley, George Smith LaGrange Williams, Trevor C Tully R. D., N. Y. Woodward, Louie Frances . Vienna r.T-t n ' » i ' S Freshman Class FKESllMAN CLASS OFFICERS Burton F. Simmons, President; Frank Schmid, Vice-President; Marvin L. Greene, Secretary-Treasurer. E.TY) bx " uo O o.o i t omt- ' yfj ofc CO CO o a CO P-. Allmon, Edward Carlton Newington Anderson, Ann Litlionia Bailey, Albert Wright Augusta Barnett, Joseph Carl, Jr Marietta Blackshear, Stuart Grady Richland Bloodworth, Augustus Frederick . . . . ' Gainesville Brown, Edward Ernest, Jr LaGrange Clark, Sarah p ' tt Collier, Tames Robert . . . . " .■.■ . ' Altoonal ' All Compton, M ' illiaui Stover Atlant ' i Cox, Toel Eugene . xt i „ -, Manchester Crowe, Norman Jewel Sylvester Durden, Charles Spurgeon, Jr Leslie Fitterman, Israel . . iti . , , „ . , Atlanta Caddy, George Douglas qjII j Gaftnej ' , George Washington, Jr. . . Tnnpa Fli Garner, James William ,;b ,;,; Greene, oseph Elmo , Greene, Marvin Louis ... p i. , Haggerty, Meigs Bartlett . . ' . ' .■. ' .■ mj ,,,; p [ Haines, Thomas Walton Xenia, Ohio Hatcher, Lamar Lewis O ,, ,; Henser,, James Paul St. Louis, Mo. Hornaday Charles Edwin Auburn, Ind. Howard, Thomas Jack . , „ , Augusta Jeans, Robert Frederick Miami, Fla. Jolinson, David Eugene Ji,.t i • f , , i Lif cui, ... Hutchmson, Kansas Johnson. Lewis Fred . T „ „ Augusta Jones, Forest Da eni5ort . r- • i .- , ,,,.,,. rairburn Kannel, Wdham B „„ , ,, , Keim, Robert Rayn.ond, Jr Barrington, iN ' .J. Lamson, Thomas Hunter Indianapolis, Ind. Lanier, Denxer d i t- , T.J .„, nockv Ford Lanier. Lonnie Richard ' . ,, T ■ I ., , . , Atliens Lieberthal, Alan S. . »,l , ' , , Milwaukee, Wis. Lochridge, Edwin Payne , ,i , T ,-.11,,, " Atlanta Mnl tl T Riverside, 111. Matthew, Robert Alonzo Anderson, Ind Maughon, James Sidnev r„ii n i M .n. . ,, . • College Park McAllister, Harrv Moses o i „ Rochelle McLaurin, Daniel Archie. Jr Moore.sville, N. C. xVIiller, Grantland Shepperd . i i . Moore, Robert Foss " ' Moore, William Finlev, Jr. . ' ' ' ' r ,,, ' rV T . , ,,. ,, , - ■ " Lake Citv, Fla. Miillins, SyKester Delon, fr. a ' .i , M „ , , Atlanta Newton, Ralph George ,1 .,„,,,,, = Macon Penick, Roland Wingate r- ■ . D • , , , Covington Pennington, Claude Lee .... , Prather, Stuart Holmes, Ir » ' ' " " p 1 r-j , ,, Amencus Pressly, Edward Brewster . ,., , Atlanta Pugh. Charles Marion , , . n 1 n , Lumpkin Innsly, Bernard Beverly Hills, Calif. (Juante, Margaret . ,.. D jj T T r Savannah Redd, Bryan Lafa ette, Ir r- Rev, Charles Joseph Cummings n , Decatur Roberts, Robert Eugene ..i . „ , . r, . Atlanta Robinson Stanley Mccarty Savannah Rubel, William Fielding Louisville. Kv Stantini, Lewis Charles . . i- „. p " ,,,.,„, Kent. la. Schmid, Frank Riclwd Ridgewood, N. J. Schmidt, Donald William Belleville 111 Schwarz, Larry Arthur Macon Shiver, Charles Brinson, Jr Manchester Simmons, Burton Franklin Kingston, III Smith, Nat Erskine y,, ) C Stewart, William Floyd ' Wcatherly Pa Spivey, Oscar Smith Macon Sullivan, Daniel Bernard Flint Mi .], Terrell Warren Newport, Ark. Ihompson, Cleveland, Fr Millen, Ga. Vaughn, Augustus Quiiin Conyers Warren, Frederick Monroe, Jr. . . . Austin Te. Watkins. William Mark Martinez Wecms, Horace Eugene, [r. . . . Macon Wells, David Allen ■. Hape ' vill.. NO PICTl ' RE Lowe, Dee Donald Willard. Utah U " fi iiffc t! ' y itf f j ■ - - J !-;» 1 , £kt,I I M. ■ I W1 1 IIIW I III IM H I I ■■II il,MI r A ' ( JORDI NG lO THE DW Of lEPlClKi t. fut ia fipne oifiers Jm Tfc Tow j fc s fcm oft min w cf}- acccrdifiit; to m abi Uty. K§yuA ement. Jcvnsic FcjgJfHE ' BliNEFlT OH X }iKllFNi:s a tqCn m whatwer is c Seierioits fo msc evous. Inid jive no deM iMc cine to ' any one i as ced nor jjdj ( st af sucf counscr ' om ffjCe manner I uiiu not ive ic a woman attssary toj)ro (uce : f wiUnot cutj crsons {aSoritw ujwier tk stme , Jut iJtUave disto k " (Jf f wt7c ai-e prncttnonm oftmwor JntAuil)atevtr houses M J I enierJm iytnto ' nmJw t K ' ■ eu ryiio ifnt act lntx Tief ccrrHpm ' ; .. w t M seiuctfm gfjmales or males cffreemen ' xS ' s iues practice pr nor in connection wit fit. ' see cr n ' in t6f i e i men . w ncf outfit n t to spo 3f ro jT7f7U NOIWI I WA as reckling l-hat an such should be keptiecn t While ■ ' I continue to keep this Oath unvidatod, , , m ' jl be granrc me to enjoy I ife the practice ,s. i-T,! of the Art cespefcted by all men in all times! But should ) trespass violate this Oath ma) ' the reverse be my lot I t yiih piKK 0ii • V!-. . l ' - F,sculapi«5 ' 32Heakh AII ' heal aDth lgo{is25 goddesses that aocorxiuig to my ability judgen nt. . - ' ;-t BL KEEP THIS O this 5tipiijatJon-to reckon him who tau t me mis Ai equaHy dear tome as rrjy parents to share my substance _. _., with him ' rrlieve his necessities if n?quiied to look, upon his oflspnnglif the same footing asiny own iDTOtherlXto teach th«mi this A rt itthejyshallVvjsh tolearrut. ... ,. j " - • . - Otfat precepr lecturr. evety otffr mode oT instnwtion -fysy- .w rr lJi.?rM; ►Ti i z y-T ; FRATERNITIES and ORGANIZATIONS PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Tlic ( ' (Hiiicil is composed of two nienibeis from each of the school ' s five medical fraternities. Its sole purpose is to plan and sponsor social events for the students and faculty of the School of Medicine. Herman DeLancy President Justus Govver Vice-President Perrin Nicolson Secretary-Treasurer lilCHMAN DEL. Vr;Y P resilient ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA PHI CHI PHI DELTA EPSILON Perrin Nicolson Harlan Starr Justus Gower John Hodges Herman DeLancy Benjamin Wills PHI KHO SIGMA THETA KAPPA PSI William Thomas DoDD ■ JOLAN William DeLoach Bithel Wall First rcnv. left to rifilit: DfLoaL-h, Uockl, Gower, Hodges, Nicolson. Starr, Wills, Wall. 105 . . Second row: Nolan, ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA William P. Nicolson Russell E. Andrews President Vice-President Gus B. Boyd Secretary Edwin Etheridge Treasurer Founded at Dartmouth College ALPHA GAMMA GHAPTER Organized 1904 lOfi f q ' - i m i ih iA n L FtMf Rou Third Row Fifth Row AsHFORD, Woodson A. HoBBs, A. C., Jr. Robinson, St.inley M. Bennett, James W. Hornaday, Charles E. Shuman, Warran G. BnA vLE , William G. Johnson, Lewis F. Smith, Henry W. Shown, James H. Kay, James B., Jr. SiMiTH, Joel P. Burns, John K. Keibn, Robert Stabb, Hablan M. Carver, Joseph Kelly, Thomas G. Stewart, William F. Coffee, John Y. Maughon, James Thompson, Cleveland Jn Connor, Herbert I. McAllister, Harry Tyson, Arthur M. Second Row Fourth Row Sixth Row Cox, Joel E. McDermid, John Turner Ward, Roy ' T. Crumbley, Arthur J. McElre. th, Farris T. White, Benjamin D. Cummins, Manley L. McNeill, Aachibald, Ju. V ' iLsoN, John Page DuRDEN, Charles Miller, Grant X ' alentine, E. Henry Caddy, George Mulherin, Charles Stephen Glover, Odis G., Jr. XoEL, Richard D. Haston, Hugh B., Jr. Peacock, Lamar B. Helton, William S. Roberts, Robert E. 107 PHI CHI Charles K. Richards Jt)iiN P. Harpod, Jr. Ali£Xani)Kr ] ' . Duff President yicc-Frcsidcnt Sccrclanj Russell L. Counts Treasurer Founded at Unhersity of Virginia ALPHA PHI SIGMA Organized CHAPTER 1930 • S First Row Edward C. Allmon Alberi- W. Bailey Joseph C. Barnett, Jr. Stuart G. Blackshear A. Frederick Bloodworth Charles H. Brewster Edward E. Brown, Jr. Robert H. Brown, Jr. Zack C. Browning Second Row Clyde A. Bubgamy Richard Campbell Enrico D. Carrasco Doyle F. Caswell William S. Compton William R. Daniel LoviCK E. Dickey W. Faust Dubden Henry A. Foster Third Row James William Garner Wallace A. Gibson Woodrow Goss William J. Cower, Jr. Mek.s B. Haggebty Thomas W. Haines Lawton Q. Hair John M. Hodges, Jr. Paul F. Holcomb Fourth Row Walter F. Homeyer William Ingram WiLi lAM B. Johnson Marvin H. Johnston Forest D. Jones Edwin P. Lochbidge Joseph H. Mebbill Henry H. McNeely James A. McQuown Fifth Row William F. Moore Sylvester D. Mullins LuM G. Neal, Jr. J. Harvey Norton, Jr. Charles O. Parker, Jr. Roland Wingate Penick Leo H. Pou, Jr. Stuart H. Prather Edward B. Pressley Sixth Row Charles William Ramey Charles Joseph Rey Turner W. Rentz James A. Roberts Edgar D. Shanks, Jr. Donald H. Slappey John N. Sims Burton F. Simmons Nathaniel A. Thornton Seventh Row Augustus Q. Vaughn Roy M. Waller Frederick M. Warren Aubrey Jackson Waters James W. Watkins, Jr. David A. Wells Trevor G. Williams Edward M. West Cecil Asa White, Jr. 109 PHI RHO SIGMA William A. Dodd President Calvix Meeks Vire-Prcsiclent ,!- ««| MYMSk Harvey Newman, III Louis Earl May Secrelary Treasurer .■;3».., .-Vi-ff-- Foiiiulcil at Nartliwestcrn Vniiersittj CHI ALPHA CHAPTER Organized 1903 110 t a ' ' ■?. r ?f| .«?! f! 4 $1 t f ' ' HI o , a a, a a .q 9 i ' ' ' t ( f f r - ' -f - •-? . -J ' - f- ' -••sf ' 1 First Row Third Row Fifth Row William A. Askew Jasper T. Hogan, Jr. Roger F. Rhelnhardt Louis L. Battey Thomas S. Hogan Ralph Roberts W. R. Beddinc.field Howell Holbrook Edwin C. Sheppherd John A. Boston David Johnson Walter A. Sikes William F. Bennett 7 ' homas Lamson G. Bertling Smith ames Collier Thomas J. Lattimohe Nat Smith Bleakley Chandler Joseph D. Lee Daniel Sullhan Caldeh B. Clay, Jr. James B. Martin Oscar Spivey Otha K. Coleman Jesse C. McMillan Donald Schmidt Second Row Fourth Row Sixtli Row Walter Coolidge Harold Minis Robert Sewell Homer L. Cbandall Robert A. Matthew Robert Shumate NoHMAN Crowe James Minor William E. Rubel Paul DeWitt Alexant er T. Murphy J. MES C. Tanner Donald J. Doohen R. LPH Newton ' iLLiAM J. Taylor Benerly Forester Thomas C. Nolan Frederich R. Thigpen James Henson Charles V. Pryles R. Patton Watson, Jr Laurier Hackett Claude L. Pennington Gene Weems Lamar Hatcher J. B. Purkall, Jr. Wallace Winter 111 PHETA KAPPA PSI I ; f t BiTHEL Wall President James M. Bryant Roy B. Hargrove, Jr. Vice-President Secretary Russell Green Treasurer Founded at New Haven, Conn GAMMA KAPPA CHAPTER Organi x ' d 1920 Miss Maegaret Ann Heaton Sponsor K ) f Al M First Rntv W ' lLiAM H. Addy, Jr. William N. Agostos G. W. Barker, Jr. William L. Bridges, Jr. A. B. Brinkley Alfred G. Brown WlLLI.-VRD P. CaHSON BowDRE L. Carsw-ell Joe B. Chasrain Second Row Cl. ud p. Cobb Robert A. Collins A. ' iLLiAM DeLoach Ellis H. Dlxox Toe M. Echols Lincoln P. Elam, Jr. Russell E. Graf Edmond W. Green Joseph E. Green Third Row M. RviN L. Greene David P. Hall Roy Hancock James H. Harrison James D. Harvey Henry B. Hearn, Jr. Samuel Heaton William H. Houston L. J. CK Howard Fourth Row Floyd C. Jarrell Harold Jarrell. James R. Jones Paul M. Jones Hubert King George M. Lane Denver Lanier L. R. Lanier C. LeRoy Little Fifth Row Charles H. Love John D. McArthur Dan A. McLaurin J. C. Meadows, Jr. Robert F. Moore Victor A. Moore L. Kennerly Newlin Walter W. Otto Joseph H. Pritchett Sixth Row Norma.v B. Pursley Bry. n L. Redd H. Eugene Reese Lewts C. Santini Frank R. Schmid l. Brannon Sell Frederick E. Sims Charles B. Shi er Clyde Smith Seventh Row Eugene Smith Warren Terrell Theo Thevaos Robert Waller w. m. w.4tkins Charles E. Wills 113 PHI DELTA EPSILON Emil Blair President RicnAiu) Wavuurn Vice-President Jack IIimsch Secretary Larry Bodzineb Treasurer Founded at Cornell University BETA IOTA C;HAPTER Organized 1926 First Row Third Row Herman Delancy Robert Navarre Israel Fitterman Bernard Punsley Ira Goldherc Larry Schwartz Second Row Fourth Row WiLLLAM KaNNEL Richard Steinbach Alan Liberthal Benjamin Wills Marvin Nathan ' r f . 1 ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA HONOR MEDICAL SOCIETY Aljilia Omega Alpha was founded at the College of Medicine of the Uni eisity of Illinois, Chicago, on August 25, 1902. Schohirship is the basis for membership in this organization. The aims of this society are stated by its constitution as " the promotion schohirsliip and research in medical schools, the encouragement of a high standard of character and con- duct among medical students and gradu- ates, and the recognition of high attain- ment in medical science in practice and related fields. " d ' J Lamar B. Peacock President Walter A. Sikes Secretary-Treasurer Herman DeLancy Lester L. Bowles Charles L Bryans Ralph H. Chaney Herxey M. Cleckley N.-vthan M. DeVauchn Robert G. Ellison FACULTY MEMBERS Charles G. Henry G. Lomrard Kelly ' Joseph Krafka, Jr. Eugene B. Murphey Thomas B. Phintzy R. Pund WiLFORD A. RiSTEEN Jules V. Roule, Jr. VlRGFL P. SyDENSTRICKER Lucius N. Todd George W. Wright 115 STUDENT FACULTY COUNCIL The Student- Faculty is composed of five faculty members and nine students. The pre-clinical and clinical departments are each represented by two members from each class together with the President of the Student Body. This Council acts as an advisory body in student and faculb, ' relations. G. Lombard Kelly Dean FACULTY MEMBERS Hervey M. Cleckley Harry T. Harper G. LoMB. RD Kelly Edgar R. Fund Peter B. Wright STUDENT MEMBERS BiTHEL Wall, President of the Student Body Brannon Sell, Edgar Shanks, Senior Class Russell Counts, Hubert King, Junior Class Joe Chastain, William Daniel, Sophomore Class Stuart Prather, William Watkins, Freshman Class ry f fs f . CLECKLEY HARPER CHASTAIN KING SHANKS COUNTS PRATHEK WALL DANIEL SELL WATKINS FUND WRIGHT 116 ARMY SPECIALIZED TRAINING PROGRAM This unit ol ASTP. Det. 18, SCU 1411, was acti ated in June, 1943, at tlu ' University of Georgia School of Medicine. Major Rov S. Haggard is commanding officer. He succeeded Captain Wilbur 11. Sumrall who served here from the establishment of the unit until October 15, 1945. The staff also includes Sgt. Mauney and Sgt. Gambrell. Under the plan of the Army Specialized Training Program, Army s tudents continue theii ' complete course of study and have, in addition, militaiy ti aining designed to prepare them for active service. At the time of their graduation Army students are commissioned as first lieu- tenants in the Army Medical Corps. They then serve a nine months ' internship in civilian hospitals before being called back to acti ' e duty. The present graduating class of Army students is the first to com- plete the entii-e course of medicine at University of Georgia School of Medicine under the Ai-my Special Training Program. 117 Naval V-12 Training Program The Naval V-12 Unit of the School of Medicine was established in September, 1943, and ended December 19, 1945. Captain M. G. Ken- nedy, USN, of Columbia, South Carolina, was the commanding officer of the Naval area. Lt. F. A. Doggett, USNR, executive officer, made frequent visits from Columbia to supply the need of tlie Navy students and to supervise their activities. The unit was under the direct super- vision of PhM 2 c C. R. Daly. The students in the Na al program were given training for active duty in addition to their regular medical course. Upon graduation these students are commissioned as lieutenants in the United States Naval Service. They may either serve as an interne for nine months in a civilian hospital, or enter active service immedi- ately by serving their internship in a Naval base hospital. hfu4, the StetltXi-ixM4ie. lit .■ " " nvtw i bi! . JSI b r ■s % □a, SI ' : . p sV ' ; ._ l p 1 H-»- vjaR° — - L -p j il. Q " a a j fUD— " " Li :tSt3 n . -— t- ATTAPULGAS QUITMAN CARTERSVILLE CHATTAHOOCHEE C ' ST HOSCHTON ' ' UTLEDGE CDOfOM ' o HEP ' BAH ' o ? o c COOLER " VIENN i-- oi ' -.i . FOLKSTON VC- t - H i • - UG J5 ' ' SOCIAL OBCUe • p . BUCHANAN ■ ' SOA, .vcev- ' CLEVELAND S " f ILLEDGEVILLE . - " ' " " ' -«p ■J ' ee. TLANTA, Empire City of the Soutli, is the second largest city in the South. Also it is the third largest telegraph center in the world, third largest telephone switch center in the world, largest railroad center in the South, and the highest large city in altitude in the United States excepting Denver. Atlanta is the home of Joel Chandler Harris, known for his Uncle Remus stories, Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind, Bobby Jones, internationally known golfer, and many other world reknowned notables. In the Spring tourists are attracted to Atlanta by the exotic beauty of the annual Dogwood Festival. The world famous Cyclorama, depicting the battle of Atlanta, is one of the show places of the country. The city boasts many beautiful homes, churches, schools, and points of civic interest. Peachtree Street and Five Points are the hub of an ever-growing business district. DECATUR, located on the outskirts of the city, is the home of Emory University and beautiful Glenn Memorial Chapel, and Columbia Seminary, Presbyterian Theological College. Stone Mountain, eighth wonder of the world, is located in DeKalb county 16 miles from the site of the State Capitol. ANO ' sa, HARTWELL f O DOERUN OLTONcPr?. GRACEWOOD ' TrcELLS " °:;fp:° -N , , 5TILLM " " " ' " " " ' - niimM „ cov- iSBORO nBBi CANTON - ...X ' ' ' Os- GRAY Co I ' ' ' = ' V.Lle ' 0 v I TOOMSBORO C O. IV ADRIAN V: . . Oy, VaV S SHELLMAN I - ' ?j S? ' . " ' " " • ' STONE MOUNTAIN ieP_ ' « ' AD.. v i «Vo, Ou,sv„, ;v e ' Who ' s Who IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES The idea of creating one basis of recognition for students, devoid of iiolitics, initiation fees, and dues was concei ' ed more than ten years ago at the [Jnixersity of Alabama. Names of the students named to Mio ' s Who are inckided in tlie edition called " Who ' s Who in American Uni ersities and Colleges. " ' Functions of the organization are: (1) An incentive for students to get the best results from their college experience, (2) a means of compensation to students for what they have alreadv achieved. (3) a stardard of measurement for stu- dents comparable to oUier organized scholastic and service organizations, (4) a recommendation of snccessful students to the business world. I Laufa Barfield Camilla Barnett Jesse Bowles Pope Brock Mary Lois Campbell Mike Castronis Frank Cheatham James DeLay NOMINEES Jane Earl Charles Eaves Leon Hargreaves George Lawrence Jean Lewis Sara Massey John McCrea Robert A. McCreery J. P. Miller Mary Gray Murray Mauy Lou Nevin Maurine Nevin Fhankie Settle Fluker Stewart Alvin Wallace lU-IELn Ii. UNETT HO VLE.S BROCK CAMPBELL CASTRONIS CHEATHAM DE LAY EAML EAVES IIAHGHEAVE.S LAWRENCE LEWIS MASSEY MC CREA MC CREEBY MUUBAY NEVIN, M. NEVIN, M. SETTLE STEW. RT WALLACE 126 J AW SCHOOL HONOR COURT CiEOHCE Maddox .... (liicf Justice Jesse Bowles, Tommy Lee Horne . Senior Justices George Lawrence, JOHN MoBLEY .... Junior Justices John Hill, John Prodgers . . . Freshuum Justices foHN MoBLEY TreosureT Bowles, Hill, Maddox, Mobley, Horne, PnoDGEns Kenyon, Janko, Shanahan SENIOR LAW OFFICERS Tom Shanahan President Richard Kenyon Vice-President Morris Janko Secretary-Treasurer HuDoiNs, Brock, Undercoflor JUNIOR LAW OFFICERS Hiram Undercoflor President Pope Brock Vice-President Burhell Hudgins Secretary-Treasurer George Lawrence Former Cumpii.s Leader, Senior Cla.s.s President, Demosthenian Head, P.andora Business Man- ager and all-around big wheel. Jeff Newbehn Secretarv ' - Treasurer of Senior Class, Varsity Debater and lead- er in Demosthenian and Politics Club. SPHINX Membership in Sj hinx is the highest non-scholastic honor at the University. 1. A. H. Patterson 2. W. D. Hooper 3. L. A. Cothran 4. G. Green 5. C. R. Andrews 6. E. E. Pomeroy 7. A. Pratt Adams S. Will S. Blun 9. C. VV. Davis 10. M. D. Dubose 11. R. P. Jones 12. A. J. McBride 13. R.J.Travis 14. T. W. Rucker 15. M. M. Truman 16. John Banks 17. R. L. Denmark IS. J. E. Hall 19. R. M. Charlton 20. Harry Hull 21. H. C. Johnson 22. J. B. Ridley 23. W. R. Ritchie 24. J. L. Erwin 25. Phinizy Calhoun 26. F. K. McCutchen 27. Longstreet Hull 28. B. C. J. Lamar 29. W. M. Hardy 30. N.P.Park 31. W. J. Hammond 32. Lamar C. Rucker 33. Sterling Blackshear 34. M. M. Dickinson 3.5. Andrew Calhoun 36. Cam D. Dorsey 37. M. S. Richardson 35. B. S. Walker 39. Sandy Beaver 40. F.M.Ridley 41. G. W. Legwin 42. Randolph Jaccjues 43. Ralph Meldrim 44. Marion Smith 45. Wallace Miller 46. Minor Boyd 47. W. J. Turner 48. J. F. Baxter 49. Harold Ketron 50. Jack Bower 51. Framton Ellis 52. Frank Anderson 53. R. P. Brooks 54. L.P.Goodrich 55. 1. S. Hopkins, Jr. 56. J. L Killorin 57. M. H. Blackshear 58. Virlyn Moore 59. Tom W. Connally 60. Winship Nunnally 61. T. T. Turnbull 62 . W. W. Patterson 63. Arthur Sullivan 64. Charlie H. Co.x 65. Rodney Hill 66. Haroki Telford 67. A. L. Hardy 68. J. E. D. Young 69. W. O. Ma.shburn 70. H. M. Scott 71. John A. Brown 72. George Hains 73. Dan Y. Sage 74. I. C. Levy 75. Lansing B. Lee 76. Y. Raoul 77. J. J. Reagan 78. R. S. Parker 79. George P. Whitham 80. W. L. Erwin 81. Harrison Jones 82. C. D. Cabaniss 83. W. G. Brantley 84. P. R. Weltner 85. A. H. Carmichael 86. R.Kyle Smith 87. W. Brown 88. J. K. McDonald 89. C. N. Feidelson 90. Frank Martin 91. H. L. J. Williams 92. R. H. Jones 93. S. O. Smith 94. M. S. Hodgson 95. H. P. Delaperierre 96. F. C. Newton 97. Claude Derrick 98. W. C. Henson 99. J. B. Harris 100. Y. B. Smith 101. D. H. Redfearn 102. Jerome Michael 103. D. L. Rogers 104. E. V. Carter, Jr. 105. J. E. Lucas 106. H.G.Bailey 107. E. M. Brown 108. AbitNix 109. O. W. Franklin 110. E. T. Miller 111. H .L. Lanham 112. H. B. Blackshear 113. W. Falk, Jr. 114. A. R. McDonald 115. H. C. Hatcher 116. Paul L. Bartlett 117. E. L. Pennington 118. E. W. Moise 119. G. C. Woodruff 120. E.V. Heath 121. Millard Rewis 122. R. B. Troutman 123. Arthur K. Maddux 124. J. L. Sibley 125. L. D. Brown 126. ChffBrannen 127. G. T. Northen 128. W. A. Mann 129. H.D.Meyer 130. B. H. Walton 131. D. R. Peacock 132. V. E. Durden 133. C. E. Martin 134. E. B. Dunlap 135. R. L. McWhorter 136. R. H. Freeman 137. Z. S. Cowan 138. E. Morganstern 139. James M. Lynch 140. H. Levy Rogers 141. B. H. C ' happell 142. Ira Funkenstein 143. Frank Carter 144. T. Rucker Ginn 145. Aaron Bernd 146. Russell H. Patterson 147. Victor Victor 148. H. H. Whelchel 149. L. H. Pinkussohn 150. Clark Howell, Jr. 151. D. K. McKamy 152. D. F. Paddock 153. John Henderson 154. E. J. Hardin 155. George S. Whitehead 156. James B. Conyers 157. C. W. Jacobson 158. H. L. Hodgson 159. R. W. Wesley 160. G. L. Harrison 161. C. M. Tanner 162. W. H. Quarterman 163. Robert Callaway, Jr. 164. Joel B. Mallett 165. Thomas A. Thrash 166. MaxL. Segall 167. Hofman Sorrells 168. W. O. White 169. J. P. Stewart 170. N. L. Gillis, Jr. 171. RoffSims, Jr. 172. J. H. Carmichac-I 173. Howard McCall 174. Irvine M. Le 175. Hinton Longino 176. R. VV. Courts 177. L. H. Tippett 178. O. R. EUars 179. R. H. West 180. R. L. Foreman, |r. 181. J. M. Hatcher 182. Dewey Kniglit 183. Louis S. Da is 184. W. P. Zachry 185. Irvine Phiniz - 186. R. D. O ' Callaghan 187. Charles M. Candler 188. W. M. Dallas 189. Claude H. Satterfield 190. F. W. Hanokl 191. V. D. Nliller 192. Arthur Pew 193. R. E. L. Spencc 194. C.VV. Slack 195. John R. Slater 196. E. WayHighsmi;h 197. A. M. Dav 198. C. M. Strahaii 199. H. H. Maiigum 200. V. H. Stephens 201. J. B. Ford 202. Nathan Jolles 203. Owen Reynolds 204. J. P. Carson 205. W. D. Durden 206. VV. B. Cody 207. M. A. McRainey 208. W. F. Daniel 209. E. H. Dixon 210. F. C. McClure 211. L. H. Hill 212. J. J. Clark 213. C.A.Lewis 214. J. J. Bennett, Jr. 215. Alton Hosch 216. C. G. Henry 217. J. K. Harper 218. H. H. Maddox 219. J. L. Watson 220. C.R.Anderson 221. E. M. Gurr 222. H. M. Cleckley, III 223. W.C.Carter, Jr. 224. William Tate 225. C. F. Weihrs 226. John Fletcher 227. J. D. Thomason 228. John Hosch, Jr. 229. Tom F. Green, Jr. 230. W. E. Sewell 231. Lester Hargarett 233. C:. L. Bowen 234. M. E. Kilpatrick 235. J. D. Allen 236. H. D. Shattuck George Morton 237. G. H. Nixon 238. A. A. Marshall 2.39. C. N. Mell 240. E. P. Rogers 241. W. T. Forbes, Jr. 242. G. S. [ohnson . — H. Brown B - G. Butler C - O. S. Sibley D - D. E. Dougherty E - W. H. Harris F - H. Bacon G - W. P. Hall H - F. K. Boland I - H. G. Colvin J - W. S. Cothran K — W. Spain L — John Dorsey M - F. R. Mitchell N - H. Dodd O - C. H. Black 243. Rollin J. Chambliss 244. Ernest Clamp. Jr. 245. Allen Post 246. A. S. Clay, HI 247. Kells Boland 248. Ivey Shivers, Jr. 249. William H. Young 250. Issac K. Hay 251. George E. Florence, Jr. 252. Thomas A. Nash 2.53. Tom J. Hamilton, Jr. 254. Ben H. Hardy, Jr. 255. Hall L. Stancil 256. Daniel C. Tulley 257. R. L. Patterson, Ir. 258. HokeS. Wofterd 259. John S. Candler, II 260. G. B. Lautzenhiser 261. Rufus B. Jennings 262. Craig Barrow. Jr. 263. Robert B. Hooks 264. Joseph H. Boland 265. Guy C. Hamilton 266. James J. Harris 267. William J. Kline, Jr. 268. Kankakee Anderson 269. J. Ernest Palmour, Jr. 270. Heniy Palmer 271. Kelly .McCutchen 272. Guerry Harriss 273. Douglas Feagin, Jr. 274. Mattox L. Pur is 275. Joseph M. 01i er 276. Marvin Cox 277. Ellis G. Arnold 278. Herbert Maffett 279. Sanford Sanford 280. John W. Maddox 281. MarkHollis 282. W. C. Latimer 283. Vernon S. Smith 284. W. M. Strickland 285. James W. Mclntiie 286. Marion Gaston 287. McCart ' Crenshaw 288. William Hazelhurst 289. Lero ' S. Young 290. Ferderick Solomon 291. Virlyn B. Moore, Jr. 292. William T. Maddox, Jr. 293. J. M. Richardson, Jr. 294. Morton S. Hodgson, Jr. HONORARY MEMBERS P - - W. R. Tichenor Q- - G. T. Jackson R- -W. B. Hill S- -C. M. Snelling T- - David C. Barro U- - R. E. Park V- -H. C.White W- - A. M. Soule X- -W. H. Bacock Y- — S. V. Sanford Z- — C. M. Strahan AA- — H. J. Stegeman BB- — Svlvanus Morris CC- - G. F. Peabody DD- - E. A. Lowe 295. T. R. Thigpen, Jr. 296. Robert G. Stephens jr. 297. John Wesley Calhoun 298. DeNean Stafford, Jr. 299. John Bond 300. Harry Baxter 301. Winburn T. Rogers 302. John Dan Bowden 303. J. Carl Strong 304. A. Lee Rogers 305. James Walter Wise 306. William T. Bennett, Jr. 307. William Colbert Hawkins 308. Robert T. Anderson 309. Wade C. Hoyt, Jr. 310. Charles C. Harrold, Jr. 311. Ben Anderson, Jr. 312. Edward H. Baxter 313. Dyar Massey 314. Anderson Roddenberry 315. Morris Abram 316. Floyd C. Newton, Jr. 317. Quinton Lumpkin 318. Roliert B. Troutman, Jr. 319. Robert P. McCuen 320. A. G. Cleveland, fr. 321. Robert C. Norman 322. Julian Halliburton 323. Lee Price 324. Howell Hollis 325. Alex McCaskill 326. Stanford Smith 327. Lee Newton 328. Jack Matthews 329. Ernest Vandi er 330. Frank Gunn 331. Alpha Fowler, Jr. 332. C. J. Smith, Jr. 333. B. C. Gardner, Jr. 334. VernerChafRn 335. John C. Meadows, Jr. 336. Cliff C. Kimsey 337. Thomas C. Penland 338. John B. Miller 339. W. A. Partee, Jr. 340. TrbyExley 341. Frank Sinkwich 342. Murray Norman 343. Forrest Champion 344. George D. Lawrence 345. Jesse Bowles 346. James P. Miller EE - T. J. Woofter FF - T. W. Reed GG — Hany Mehere HH - H. N. Edmunds II - Harold Hirsch JJ — Edgar L. Secrest KK - Harmon W. Caldwell LL - Paul W. Chapman MM - Robert R. Gunn NN - John D. Wade OO — Hughes Spalding PP - Charles H. Terty QQ - E. M. Coulter RR - W. O. Payne SS - Wallace Butts GRIDIRON Secret K raanization OFFICERS George Lawrence Hubert Dyar President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS William Airial Emory Bass Jesse Bowles Elmo Brookshire Herschel Carithers Henry Chase Frank Cheatham Walter Dawson James DeLay Coy DeLoach Philip Dohn, Jr. James P. DcnERNETT Hubert Dyar Charles Eaves Charles Furchgott William J. Glenn Sam Guy- Leon Hargreaves, Jr. Kenneth Hen son Tom Lee Horne Morris Janko Jack Krasner George Lawrence Johnny ' Llado George Maddox John McCrea J. P. Miller John Mobley Jeff Newbern Tom Penland William Richey John E. Sheffield William Stanley Flltcer Stewart Gordon Trulock E. KiSER Maddox Van Noy Wieh f t it AllIAIL Bass KOW Lh5 CAlUllllilIb Chase 130 Kjridi iron Cheatham Eaves Henson Maddox Penland DeLay fubchgott Janko McCrea RiCHEY DeLoach Glenn Kbasner Mobley Sheffield DOHX Guy Lawrence Moseley Stewart DuVebnftt HAnOREAVES Llado Newbern Tnui.ocK 131 MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board recognizes outstanding leadership among women. The Parthenean Chapter was estabhshed on the campus here in 1939. It took the place of the Parthenian Society. OFFICERS Sara Massey President Camilla Barnett Vice-President Laura Barfield Secretary Mary Lois Campbell Treasurer MEMBERS Laura Barfield Mary Lois Campbell Camilla Barnett Jane Earle Sara Massey Barfield Campbell Eablb Bahnett Massey 132 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa was founded at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, De- cember 3, 1914. The motixes which guided tlu- fouutleis sprang from a desire to bring together in one body for the general good of the institution, all leaders in the various forms of college acti ' ities. Circles have been established in leading American colleges and imiversities. Seniors are elected in the fall quarter— Juniors in the spring quarter. OFFICERS Jimmy DeLay President Fluker Stewart Vice-President Dr. Alvin B. Biscoe Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Dr. Alvin Biscoe William Crane Jimmy DeLay Coy DeLoach Philip Dohn Dean John E. Drewry Dr. E. C. Griffith George Lawrence John McCrea Jeff Newbern Tom Penland J. C. Perkins Dr. Albert Saye Fluker Stewart Bill Trotter Gordon Trulock DeLay McCrea DeLoach Newbern Dohn Stewabt Lawrence 133 BLUE KEY Blue Key is a national honorary organization composed of outstanding students and faculty mem- bers. Elections are held twice a year. Seniors are elected during the fall quarter and juniors during the spring (iuarter. The motto of Blue Key is " Ser ing. T Live. " It accepts as members those students who have attained high scholastic honors and who are leaders on the campus. OFFICERS John Sheffield President James DeLay Vice-President Jacx Kbasner Secretary-Treasurer Professor Claude Chance Faculty Adviser William Crane Alumni Secretary MEMBERS William Abiail William Barrett Willis Bradford Elmo Brooksiiihe Frank Cheathant J. MES DeLay C. E. DeLoach Philip Dohn Kenneth Henson Ja ck Krasner George Lawrence John McRae John Mobley Jeff Newborn Thomas Penl. nd John Sheffield Kay Stanley Fluker Stewart f - .• ri. ii. Barrett Bn.xDKoiii) CJllE.VTIIAM DeLay DeLoach Dohn Henson Kk. sner Lawrence MOBLEV Newbebn Penland Shekkield Stanley .Stewart 134 ZODIAC CLUB The Zodiac Club is an organization composed of tvvehe sophomore women ha inj; highest scholastic a erages. It was founded in 1920. OFFICERS Barbara , dai is President Marjorie Foster Treasurer MEMBERS Barbara Adams Marjorie Foster Betty Baskin Betty H. Moore Nancy Bentley Laura Perry Jacqueline Davis Anne Puryear Marjorie Elwell Shirley Shulman Ruth Estes Jane Sparks Adams Foster Baskin Perry Bentley Puryear Davis Shulman Estes Sparks 135 X CLUB The X Club is an honorary service organization founded by Chancellor S. V. Sanford in 1931. OFFICERS Abit Massey President Frank Cheatham Vice-President MoRBis Janko Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Emory Bass Abit Massey Frank Cheatham Lambert Mayes Harold Clarke John McCrea Dick Cooley John Mobley John DeGregory Tom Penland Jimmy DeLay Curtis Proveaux Kenneth Henson Mac Richey Morris Janko Kay Stanley George Lawrence Gordon Trulock Bass Ianko Penland Cheatham Lawrence Proveaux Clarke Massey Richey Cooley Mayes Stanley DeLay McCrea Thulock Henson Moblev 136 Z CLUB The Z Club is an honorary society for freshmen women and was founded here in 1934. It sponsors tlie annual Stunt Night. OFFICEKS Catherine Pritchett Esther Miller President Secretanj-Treasurcr Gerry Dvviggins Jane Goode Nancy Hill MEMBERS Reida Vander Pyl Lynn McKinnon Esther Mh.ler Catherine Pritchett DwiGGlNS McKinnon Goode Miller I ill 1. PHITClltTT 137 BIFTAD SERVICE CLUB Founded in 1910 the Biltad Sei ice Cliil) elects to membership those freshmen and sophomores wlio meet tlie iiiialifications of the point hst. It sponsors the annual homecomint; decorations. OFFICERS Jim De La Perriere President Lawton Shaw Vice-President Baker McGee Secretary Steve Conger Treasurer MEMBERS John Bland Harold Clarke Charles Coixins Jim De La Perriere Don Downs Seymour Evans Jimmy Hammond George Lawrence Abit Massey Baker McGee Lawton Shaw Pierce Smith Charles Sikes Fred Sturges Skrl aiHHHdi Bland Clarke Collins De La Perriere Downs Hammond Lawrence Massey McGee Shaw SlKES Smith Sturges 138 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta is an honorary fraternih for frpshnien women. It encourages high scholastic average, promotes a higher standard of living and develops leadership. Scholastic reqtiiremeiits for membershi)) call for an a erage of o er eight -fi e for any two (juarters of the freshman year. This fraternity was founded nationally in 1924 and was installed at the University of Georgia in 1934. OFFICERS Margaret Caruthers President Anne Gilbert Secretary Gerry Dwiggins Treasurer Frances Allen Sue Willard Andrew Natalie Barker Nancy Bowling Betty Breweb Amelia C. Brumby Peggy Callahan Margaret Caruthers Mary Claire Cofer Davis Cecile Doughty ' Louise Edelbt.ut Naomi Fountain MEMBERS Murray Clyde Fehnie Ina Lee Frankum Anne Gilbert Mary Gilbert Mary Howell Nancy Gray Hull Betty- Ann Leonard Marie Lourie Claibe Love Doris Lowe Evelyn Martin Mildred Martin Barbara McCrary Elaine Mendle Frances Middleton Dorothy Moore Betty Moreland Mary Presley Betty Sasseville Anne Saxon Claire Sharbow Ann Smith Iuantta Swann Kathryn Thompson Mary Anne Tyler Reida Vander Pyl Ruth Jane Whelchel Allen Andrew Barkeb Bowling Brewer Bbu.mby 1 loWELL Caruthers Gofer Davis Doughty ' Edelblut Febnie A. GiLBEBT M. Gilbert Thompson Hull Leonard Lourie Love E. Mabtin M. Martin McCrahy Middleton MOOBE MOBELAND Morries Nelson Nobles Pittman Sasseville Shabbow Callahan Whelchel 139 DEMO c LITERARY A group of Demosthenian members. The Demosthenian Society, one of the first hteraiy societies ever founded in this coun- tiy, and the oldest in the state, owes its birth to the first class that ever graduated at Franklin College. The birthday of the society is generally considered to be the 19th of June, 1801, though in a letter to the society, Mr. Wil- liams Rutherford states that on the 5th of February, 1S03, the Junior Class consulted together and formed a society " for the pro- motion and extemporizing of the extempo- raneous speaking. " The organization was perfected on the 19th day of the same MEMBERS Wade Allen Bill Ariail Bob Austin Grady Banks Pope Brock John Beckendork Clarence Brown John Bland Hubert Buffington James Brown Sam Burgess Eldridge Carnes Bill Carter Joe Cook George D.wis Blabe Da is Jimmy DeLay r f ( Allen . riail Austin Banks Beckendorf Bland Buffington Burgess Carnes Carter Cook Dax ' is Gibson Guest Hargraves Hester HiCHTOWER Jones Brock Brown, C. Brown, J. DeLay Dohn Freeman Johnson, C. Johnson, H. Kelly 140 THENIAN SOCIETY moiitli, lu ' iicc this day is generally regarded as the birthday of the society. Some of the most distinguished men who ha ' e grad- uated at the Unixersit}- ha e been Demos- tiienians, among whom may be mentioned Robert Tooml s. Benjamin Hill, William Lumpkin, and numerous others. Letters of acceptance into the honorary membership of the society (whereabouts unknown ) were received from Henry Clay, Martin Van Buren, Judah P. Benjamin, Andrew Johnson, W. L. Yancey, Washing- ton Irwin, and ViIIiam Cullen Bryant. Some outstanding members. Phil Dohn Jessie DuBose o. c. forhand Walter A. Freeman Johnnie Flint Lamar Gibson Howard Gilst Lawrence Gease Johnnie Gregorie Lawrence Griffin Herhert Grist Howard Guest Leon Harcreaves Earl Hester George Hightower Dan Jones Charles Johnson Harold Johnson MEMBERS Jack Kr. sner George Kelly James Lawson George Lawrence TvLER Looney R. H. Lucky Milton Lawrence Joe Mahan Abit Massey Bobby Mitchell Basson Menger Clay Michial John Mobley Melbome McLendon Baker McGee Jeff Nexvbern Nelson Nexvman Jimmy Nichols Walter Pierce Jack Peacock Tom Penland KiRKLAND Price Ray Vernes Fluker Stewart Ralph Stenson Robert Smith Pierce Smith Hoyt Simpson Carl Stron Cecil Turner Howard Touchton Gordon Trulock Robert Tuck W. E. Tucker Clayton Wilkes Hal Woods Thomas West .«| ' - k J - w| ' J . 1 ' Krasner Lawrence Lawson Looney Lucky Mahan Massey MiCHL-iL Mitchell Mobley Newbern Newman Nichols Peacock Penland Pierce Simpson Smith, P. 1 Smith, R. Stewart Stron Touchton Tuck Tucker Trulock West 141 PHI KAPPA LITERARY SOCIETY Founded at the Uni ersit - of Georgia in 1820. OFFICERS Kay Stanley President Ben Stewart Secretary-Treasurer Tom J. NoRTHCOTT Chief Justice Sam Gardner Associate Justice Alex McDonald Associate Justice MEMBERS Buddy Aldhidce Bob Fl -ell John McMillan Bill Braveh Sam Gabdneh Murray Met7, Sam Cann Bill Green- Lem Nevil Fhank Cheatham Jack Groves Tom Northcott Lawhence Coffee Kenneth Henson Dick Orr Fred Doyle Morris Janko Bill Patterson Hubert Dyar Bill Johnston Charles Royal Dave Eisenbeko Herbert Kolodkin I ale Smith Dif K Ellison ORMAN KrONLICK Kay Stanley Bill Enclk Chandler Lanier Ben Stewart I ' at E an.s Kirk McAlphin WaI.LY ■ARREN Robert F " ein(:old Alex McDonald ill .ffe Aldridce Cann Cheatham Coffee Doyle ElSENBERt; Ellison Evans Feingold Gardner Green Groves Henson Janko Kolodkin Kronick Lanier McAlphin McDonald McMillan Metez Nevil Northcott Orr Patterson Royal Smith Stanley Stewart Walker Warren 142 VARSITY DEBATE TEAM A professional outlet for the ideas of the silver-tongued orators of the campus. Kenneth Henson Manager MEMBERS Pope Brock Frank Cheatham Eva Cohn Sam Gardner John Mobley Jeff Newbern Ralph Williams Kay Woodman Brock Henson Williams Gardner Mobley Cohn Newbern Cheatham 143 PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Si.nma is an honorarv scholastic cluli for freshmen which was founded here in 1938. The national organization was established at the Universit ' of Illinois in 1923. Freshmen find it necessary to make an average of 92 for their first two (|uarters or an average of 90 tor the first three (_[uarters in order to become a member. MEMBERS Julius Richard Cooley James Taylor Hammond III Lamreth Clay Mayes Mr. William Tate Mr. James Ralph Thaxton Y i Cooley Mayes 144 Landscape Architecture Club The Landscape Architecture Club was founded in 1931 to furtlier knowledge and interest in professional landscape architecture. Membership in the organization is limited to students in the Landscai e Architecture Department. OFFICERS CoREN Bull President Ed Nelson Vice-President Ester Miller Secretary Doius Cooper Treasurer MEMBERS Robert Austin Cohen Bull Frances Bubpe Doris Cooper Murray Clyde Fernie Bolling Fortson Talmadge F. Gordon, Jr. Paul Hjort Catherine Huher Robert Joel Caroline May Ester Miller Edwin Nelson Leo M. Rehbinder Sara Robinson William Stewart Henry Joseph Voegtle Frances Wilkins Austin Fernie HUBER Nelson Bull ortson Joel Rehbinder Bit pe Gop.exdn May Voegtle Cooper Hjort Miller WlLKlNS 145 PIONEER CLUB Pioneer Club, oldest organization for women on the campus, was founded to promote closer fellowship anions; the women students. As this need was alleviated it began to sponsor literary discussions and debates. The governing body of Pioneer Club is Pioneer Inner Circle. Both are local organizations. Carolyn Ahlcren Ann Andrew Sue Boykin Mary Alice Brown Amelia Bhu.mby Fr. nces Bryan Chris Costello Ann Crowley Carrie Donald MEMBERS Ann Elliott Mekldee Eberhardt Marjorie Foster Cornelia Ann Frost Ann Grover Frances Hammond C. ROLYN J. RRETT Lynn McKinnon e.mily polhill Betty Rawls M. Seymour Betty Smith Becky Thomas Nan Thom.ason Eugenia Weissinger Virginia ' illi. ms Mary Sue Wilson Lucy Yancey Ahlc;ren . ndrew Boykin Brumby Crowley Donald Elliott Eberhardt IIammonf Jahrett McKinnon t ' OLHILL Smith Thomason Weissinger Williams Bm AN Foster Rawxs ' lLSON Costello Frost Seymour Yancey 146 PIONEER INNER CIRCLE Thf purpose of Pioneer Clnli is to promote closer fcllowsliip among the women stnilents. It is the oldest organization for women on the campus. It has now become a literary and debating society and sponsors programs on music, literature and current e ents at its meetings. Pioneer Inner Circle is the go -erning bod - of tlie club and elects new members quarterly. OFFICERS Chris Costello President Gloria Siegle Vice-President Nan Thomason Secretary Margaret Anderson Treasurer Almon Evans k. mtfkman POLHILL Anderson Foster Kelly Settle Braungart Hill Logan Siegle Caruthebs Heaten Newberry Thomason Costello Hull Ouu.M Tyler DwiGGINS Jenkins Parr Walker 147 SIGMA DELTA CHI National Professional Journalism fraternity. The Georgia chapter was established in 1928 for the fnrtherance of the principles of journalism at the University. Rec- ognized as one of the most active Sigma Delta Chi chapters in the country, it cooperates with the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism in sponsoring the Georgia Collegiate Press Association and assists in making the Georgia Press Institute and the Georgia Scholastic Press Association a success each year. OFFICERS Fluker Stewart Ralph Williams President Vice-President MEMBERS Cliff Denney John McCrea Fluker Stewart Ralph Williams Denney McChea SrtWAKT Williams 148 THETA SIGMA PHI Theta Sigma Phi, an honoran ' ioiinialism fraternity for women, was founded at the Unixersitv of Washinston in 1909 and the chapter here was estabhshed in 1929. Outstandins women in journaHsm on the campus have achieved prominence through their work, and man - members of Theta Sigma Pin occupy positions in campus pidihcations. OFFICERS Sabah Massey President Vivian Newberry Vice-President Frankie Settle Secretary Dorothy Rose Treasurer MEMBERS Jane Bonner Gayelle Carby Sarah Chambers Martha Cliatt Colette Conklin Mary Ann Doss Dorothy Fowler Joyce Harrison Sarah Massey ' Mary Lou Nevin Maurine Nevin Vivian Newberry ' Dorothy Rose Dorothy Scott Frankie Settle Harriet Speeh Bonner Harrison Rose Carey Massey ' Scott Chambers M. L. Nevin Settle Cliatt M. Nevin Speer Conklin Newberry 149 il f International Relations Club An organization of students interested in discussions of diplomatic relations among different countries of the world. It is financed by the Carnegie Foundation. OFFICERS Frank Cheatham President Anne Puryear Vice-President John De Gregory Sccretanj-Trcasurcr Betty Jane Anderson Dot Barrow Emory Bass Opal Beck Frances Bryan Mary ' Lois Campbell Mildred Carpenter Patsy Carpenter Henry Chase Frank Cheatham Harold Cl. hke Eva Cohn MEMBERS Joe Conkle Sam Conn John De Gregory Hubert Dyar Ruth Estes Margaret Fulton Bill Green Mary Margret Hamilton Emily Henderson Kenneth Henson Morris Janko Mildred Jenkins Harold Johnson Jean Lewis Lambert Mayes Kirk McAlphin Mary McCravey Esther Miller Marjorie Moore Lem Nevil Mary Lou Nevin Maurine Nevin Jeff Newbern Mae Dearing Nicholson L. URA Perry Anne Puryear Charles Royal H.arriette Speer Kay- Stanley Ben Stewart Gordon Thulock Sally Wakefield Betty Westbhook Van Noy Wier Ralph Williams Ani)i:hmi Harhow Bass Beck BllVAN C;ampbell Carpenter Carpenter Chase Cheatham Clarke Cohn Conkle Estes Fulton Green Hamilton Henderson Henson Jenkins Johnson Lewis Mayes McAlpin McCravey Miller Moore Moore Nevin, M. L. Nevin, M. Newbern Nicholson Perry Puryear Royal Speer Stewart Westbrook WiEB 150 POLITICS CLUB The Politics Club studies problems of iiolitical interest, and debates the qualifica- tions of political candidates of the state and nation. OFFICERS Mary Lois Campbell President BETTi- Jane Anderson Vice-President Jeff Newbern Secretary-Treasurer Betty Jane Anderson Louise Ivey Avedisian Dorothy Barrow Harley Bowers Pope F. Brock Herbert L. Buffington Mary Lois Campbell Charles Collins MEMBERS Turner G. Cunningham Jimmie DeLay Mary Anne Doss Dorothy Enge QuiNTON L. Gibson Julian Halliburton James T. Hammond Norwood Highsmith William Holley Muriel Killingsworth Dan Lambert Lanier James G. Mason Jeff Newbern Mary Stratacos Nelson Stephens Rosemary D. Thompson dM m % Anderson Avedisian ' Bahhow Brock BUFFINCTON Campbell Collins DeLay Gibson Halliburton Killingsworth Newbern Stratacos Thompson 151 111 ECONOMICS SOCIETY The Economic Society, founded in 1916, includes in its membership students of the School of Business Administration and those majoring in economics. The Society, meeting every two weeks, has as its purpose the promotion of better relations among Business Administration students. It promotes interest in subjects pertaining to economics. OFFICERS Miriam Lamb President Marguritte Mintz Vice-President Joanne Durham Secretary C. E. DeLoach Treasurer Dorothy Barhow Nancy Bentlev Amelia Brumby Susan Caldwell Marvin Cawthorn C. E. DeLoach Joanne Durham Ann Elliott Walter A. Freeman Margaret Fulton MEMBERS Charles Hanis John H. m Dorothy Kaufman Miriam Lamb Evelyn Lee FiKi Lama.s Charmian Martin Marguritte Mintz Norma Moore Ann Moses William Peacock Ida Pease Ann Puryear Willena Rucker Connie Rowe Jane Scott Carl Strom Esta Stein Cecil Turner Sai!a Kate Wamack Barrow Bentley Brumby Caldwell Cawthorn DeLoacii Durham Elliot Freeman Fulton Ham Kaufman L. mb Lee Martin Mintz MoORE Moses Thompson Pease Puryear Rucker Rowe Scott Strom Stein Wamack 152 STUDENT BRANCH OF THE AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Tlic Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association is a national organization whose purpose is to inform students of the problems they will face in the profession of pharmacy. Membership is open to ail pharmacy students. OFFICERS Katherine Watson President Betty Little Vice-President Jo Ann Trapnell Secretary-Treasurer William Afiail Haiwey Bentley Paul Bumball ' iHGiNiA Chambers Freu _ I. Chandler, Jr. Dorothy Craweord Lollie Dempsey MEMBERS Jame.s Harbor Margie Harrell Rebecca Hicks Beverly Hic;gins Carolyn Jordan Betty Little Lynn Mar fin Walter Pierce J. L. PUGH Jo Ann Trapnell Thomas Tungstall Katherine Watson Jimmy Westberry Ann Wetmore loE Whitfield Ariail Bkntlev Bumball Chambers CilANUl.l 11 ( JIAW 1 UHl) Dempsey Harbor Pierce Harrell Trapnell Hicks Tungstall HiGGINS Watson Jordan W ' etmohe Little Whitfield Martin 153 PHI UPSILON OMICRON Phi Upsiloii Omicron, natidiial honorary Home Economics fratcrnit)-, was founded at the University ' of Minnesota in 1910 with the purpose of acknowledging scholastic abilih ' and professional leadership. Chi C ' hapter was founded at the Uni ersit) ' in 1936. OFFICERS Elizabeth Chapman President Dorothy Floyd Vice-President Helen Knapp Recording Secretary Saretta Roberts Corresponding Secretary Glorl Needham Treasurer MEMBERS Laura Barfield Helen Knapp Elizabeth Chapman Gloria Needham Pat Cheney May Dearing Nicholson Dorothy Floyd Saretta Roberts Katherine Hardy BaHI " IEI.1) Knapp Ch.- pman Needham Chenky Nicholson Floyd Roberts I Iahdv 154 HOMECON CLUB The lloinecoii Club, open to all Home Economics majors, studies methods of improving home and family relations. OFFICERS Nell Ruth Da is President Gloria Kicklighter Vice-President Kathleen Mize Secretary Bessie Brownlee Treasurer ' - % QJk kr • ' r ' Bhinson M. A. Brown S. Brown Brownlee Burson Burton Chapman Cheek Eberhardt English EUBANKS EVERETTE Floyd Green Cribble Hardy Hood IVEY Jarrett Jones Keith Kicklighter E. Martin J. Martin McIlwain McGehee McKown McPhaul Morgan Myers Newberry Northington Odum Pace Perkins Porter Putnam Ransome Seckinger Simmons Stevens Sumner Sutton Tanner Trulock West WiLLBANKS Wilder 155 AGRICULTURAL CLUB The Agricultural CIuli is a local organization, whose purpose is to better speaking and thinking along agricultural lines. To be eligible lor membership, a student must be enrolled in the College of Agriculture and must attend half of the meetings. OFFICERS Willis VVabren Bradfokd President Albert M. Grimes Vice-President Thomas Newsome Secrctanj Owen Peck Treasurer MEMBERS Pefcy Anslee Edwin Allen John Bales H. M. Blaylock Jasper Bryan W. Warren Bradford Ellis Britt Harold Durden John Garrett GiTTIS GOSDIN Albert M. Grimes Hubert Grist Clark Hentz Earl Hester Jack Jones Charles Leonard R. L. Luckey VisTOR Malcom Silvey McCall Robert McCreery Thomas Newsome John Ransom G. H. Rylee Roy Sandeblin Marion Shurling James Sirmons, Jr. William Skinner Robert Smith C. S. Stewart Wilbur Stoxall N. H. Thompson Robert Tuck Robert Wade Alxin Wallace Paul Wanslee Warren Wilkinson Anslee Allen Bl.AVI.OCK Bryan Britt Garrett GosDIN Grimes Grist Hentz Hester Jones Luckey NLalcom McCreery Newsome Rylee Sanderlin Shurling Skinner Smith Stewart Tuck Wall. ce Wanslle Wilkinson 156 THE GEORGIA STUDENT BRANCH OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS This Ditianization seeks niainlv to cultivate a more genuine interest in agricultural engineering on the University campus, and in the professional world. Compre- hensive study is made of real electrification, conservation of farm resources, and other technical developments. OFFICERS William Grady Reeves, Jr President G. D. Williams Vice-President Juan Llado Secretary W. P. Smith Scribe MEMBERS P. L. Bahnette W. R. Jones F. J. QUINJANO T. F. Bishop Juan G. Llado William Grady Reeves O. B. Callaway Roberto Luna H. P. Rocker D. P. Chambers W. O. LUNSFORD Miles Sheffer R. A. Davis B. D. Matthews J. C. Shirley F. C. Dumas J. L. McMillan W. E. Skinner E. H. Flanders W. T. Mills W. P. Smith J. C. Glenn T. H. OKelly C. Tbaviesa F. W. Hodges VV. H. Panter Wansley R. E. Jones Curtis Proveau.x G. D. Williams Bahnette Bishop Callaway Chambers Dumas Flanders Glenn Hodges Jones Llado Luna Lunsford Matthews McMillan Mills O ' Kelley Panter Proveaux Quinjano Reeves Rocker Sheffer Skinner Smith Travtesa Wansley Williams 157 PI MU UPSILON Alpha Chapter of Pi Mu Upsilon was founded here in 1943, the national organi- zation ha ing been begun in 1914. Membership is limited to those showing high scholarship in the Matliematics Department. OFFICERS Julia Kathebine Littlejohn Jean Hammack President Vice-President Jack Cecil Bailey David F. Barrow Theodore Toulon Beck W. S. Beckwith MEMBERS Paul A. DeVore ToMUNSON Fort Jean Hammack James L. Howell Robert F. Jones Julia Littlejohn Edward C. Long, Jr. Frances Moore Mary Sue Wilson ' r. Bailey Bahhow Beckwith Fort Hammack Howell Littlejohn Long Wilson 158 MARINE CORPS LEAGUE We, who served honorably in the United States Marine Corps, have united to estabhsh a permanent national organization under the laws of the United States of America, which shall always be non-political, non-partisan and non-sectarian; and which shall never serve as a medium of personal jiolitical ambition or prefer- ment. This organization, ha ing been incorporated by the Congress of tlic Lhiitcd States, bv an Act signed bv the President of the United States on August 4, 1937, shall take o er all of the i-)ropertv and obligations and continue the affairs of the l rexioush ' unincor porated Marine Corps League pursuant to such Act, and for the objects and ))uriK)scs tlierein set forth. Coininmxdant Sturges Vice-Commandant . IoLLlCA Secretary-Treasurer MEMBEKS Hknhy Andehson I ' HED Be. SLE John Bland To, i Greene AiBEHT Jeffrey JiMXUE Jones Fred Mingledorki ' Wake Island — A tiny striji of coral sand 5,000 miles from hoiue. Where American heroes stood And made their stand; Stood alone, and spoke the words Heard roimd the world: " The enemy has landed. The issue is still in doubt! " ' ake Island — a tiny strip or coral sand. •5.000 miles from home! MEMBERS MiGHAEL MOLLICA . lbert Pearl Fred Sturges Earnest Summer Robert Vingent MaRJOMIE W ' lLLARl) Ralph tlll . is Tommy Wooten Preaiilcnt Caldiccll, Miiyiir Pciidletdii and Ralpli Williiims, Commandant of the League, arc snapped at the League ' s first baiuiucl. Robert Slierrod was guest of honor. 159 MANGLEBURG-ELROD POST NO. 175 OF THE AMERICAN LEGION First American Legion Post on any campus in the South, the Mangleburg-Eh-od Post No. 175 was officially cliartered Januar - 18, 1945. High officials of the national Legion organization attended the formal dedication exercises. The Post is named for Lieutenant Lacy Mangleburg and Major Henry T. Elrod, first University graduates to die in World War H. They both died on December 24, 1941. POST OFFICERS Commander George Lawrence First Vice-Commander Fluker Stewart Second Vice-Commander William James Glenn Adjutant John Mobley Finance Officer William Ariail Historian Mrs. Wyman M. Garland Chaplain James C. DeLay Scrgeant-at-Arm.s C. Lawton Shaw Service Officer Edwin Surrency Lawrence Stewart Garland Glenn DeLay Mobley Shaw Ariail Surrency 160 MEMBERS Henhv Allen William Ariail Curtis Ayers Professor Wesley Bailey Wesley Ballew Luther Bartlett Warren Beall John Bland, Jr. H ASSET BlaYLOCK John Boniface Jesse Bowles Willis Bradford John Bradley James Brinson Robert Brown, Jr. William Fred Brown Lawrence Bubke William Carter Charles Carroll Henry Chase Charlton Clarke Walter Conley, Jr. James Conkle Emory Connell NfADGE CONYERS Ti-HOME Cox r.fXJRCE Crane Gwendolyn Crump Jack Davidson Tames DeLay Fredie Doy-le Jesse Dubose Wtlliam Encle Edsel Flanders Frantc Fowler George Furnivol Betty Jo Garland Wyman Garland Green Garner John Garnett John Gaulding William Glenn James Gordon Talmadge Gordon Anthony Grey Albert Grimes John Horn Leon Haroraves Rex Harper Harry Hartman, Jr. Kenneth Henson John Hill Charles Holman Tom Lee Horne Elliott Horowitz Lamar Jackson Morris Janko Jack Jones Earl Kedd, Jr. Jack Krasner George Lawrence John Maddox, Jr. JuDsoN Malcolm Troy Manning Amos Merchant Raymond Marden Lambeth Mayes Marshall Mires Bobby Mitchell John Mobley Aubrey Morris Edward Mltllins David Murphey Hugh McCoy Henry McCrea Jack McGinty James McGrotha Robert McKelvey Lawrence McKinley, Jr. Jefferson Newbern, Jr. James Nichols, Jr. Simmie O ' Neal Kenneth Pearce Albert Perl Rayford Price Donald Rodford Harry Ray James Rogers Connie Rowe Clarence Ryals Ezra Sellers Lawton Shaw, Jr. Charles Shepard Edwin Shirley DeWitt Smith, Jr. William Smith Jackson Speer Fluker Stewart Grady Stover Amos Summer Erwin Surrency Professor Glenn Sutton Curtis Tate. Jr. Henry Taylor Paul Tidwell Alvin Wallace Paul Wansley Mary Lou W. re Charles Warnock, Jr. Joe Warren Ralph Wehunt Clayton Wilkes Mabjorie Willard Carl Williams Tommy Wooten Leroy Yates Willard Taylor, Jr. 161 League of Women Veterans The League of Women Veterans was organized on the campus Jaiiuar - 24, 1946. The purpose of the organization is to work in coordination with other eteran ' s organizations on the campus; to represent the woman ' s ser ices in patriotic and mihtar ceremonies; to preserve the sense of com- radeship as ex-ser ice women and to maintain a feehng of mutual lielpfuhiess; to work toward the effecti e assimiUition of women eterans into the hfe and activities of the campus; to con- tribute to the more mature thinking of tlie campus group tluougli the medium of student publi- cations and other activities. OFFICERS Madge Bennett Conyers President Julia Harris Vice-President Bett ' J. Garland Secretary Marion C. Ward Treasurer Miss Evelyn Sellers Faculty Adviser ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Blythe Burnette (WAC) Emmeliza Swain (USNWR) Martha B. Bailey (USMCWR) Mary J. Bearse (USNWR) Marjorie C. Blakely (ANC) Barbara Brandt (WAC) Sylvia Buffington ( USNWR ) Madge B. Conyers (WAC) Frances M. Dreyer (ANC) CHARTER MEMBERS Betty J. Garland (USNWR) Christine Gardner ( WAC ) Julia Harris (WAC) Jane Holliday (USNWR) Jane Hughs (USNWR) Margaret V. Loyd (WAC) Louise Martin (USMCWR) Elizaheth McCurry (USNWR) Laura Paddock ( USNWR) Lorena Rabun (USNWR) Willie Smith (USNWR) Sibyl Summer (USNWR) Marion C. Ward (WAC) Mary Lou Ware (USNWR) Ruth ' . Williams ( USNWR ) Women vcU-nins ;il " CJet Together " baiKnirt, J;uiuaiy 15, 1946. 162 DANCE CLUB Mfinbers of Dance Club are selected each year at tiyouts. Memliership is In competition. It is headed by Miss Ruth Farmer, of the School of Education. OFFICERS Constance Ashford President L ' genia White „ Viee-P resident Frances Campbell Secretani Peggy Bassing Treasurer Miss Ruth Farmer Adviser MEMBERS Marie Abell Frances Campbell Jean Allgood Gene Mell Constance Ashford L ' genia White Peggy Bassing FORESTRY CLUB OFFICERS Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Leon Habgreaves President John Sheffield Frank Norris Vice-President Jimmie Cumbie Harold Todd Secretary Joe Rogers Lynn Kidd Treasurer Lynn Kidd MEMBERS Charles Arnold Turner F. Babbeh, Jr. Dean A. Barnett Phil R. Bradford Emmett T. Bragg Alvin p. Cannon Eldridge Carnes Richard L. Chambers Steve Conger Jimmie Cumbie George M. Furnival Wyman M. Garland Lovis A. GiLLis Donald A. Hardy Leon Hargreaves Rex S. Harper Thomas S. Harrison Harry Hartman James C. Hinkle Robert L. Howe, Jr. E. E. Kelly Norman Kennon Lynn E. Kidd Sebert T. Looney A. V. Merchant William A. Mallohy Frank Norris Jim Pellinceh J. P. Pullin Joe Rogers Robert Seymour Zack Seymour John E. Sheffield Ed I. Smith Joseph C. Strong E. A. Summer Harold W. Todd, Jh. Calvin Touchstone E. R. Turner J. T. Williams Arnold Barber Barnett Bragg Carnes Chambers Conger Cumbie Furnival Garland Gillsis Hardy Hargreaves Harper Hartman Hinkle Howe Kelly Kidd Looney Mallory Pullin Rogers Seymour, R. Seymour, Z. Sheffield Strong Summer Todd Turner Williams 164 ALPHA PHI OMEGA A national service organization for men. OFFICERS Jack Krasner President Pierce Smith Vice-President David Shaskan Secretary John Beckendorf Treasurer MEMBERS John Beckendorf Harold Johnson David Shaskan Joe Brock Jack Krasner Hoyt Simpkins Dick Cooley Abit Massey DeWitt Smith Jimmy DeLay Mickey Mollica Pierce Smith John Gregory Jimmy Nichols 1 - Jfl tki J - ' .TJ ' M d:L .i A WW ;? A 1 litfi V, Beckendorf Cooley DeLay Gregory Johnson Krasneh Massey Mollica Shaskin Simpkins Smith, D. Smith, P. 165 ZETA PHI ETA Zeta Phi Eta, the oldest professional fraternit ' in its field, was founded to bring together groups of selected college women interested in maintainig high standards of speech and drama, to build a professional philosophy for women engaged in the speech profession, and to stimulate and encourage all worthy speech and dramatic enterprises. OFFICERS Marie Edwards Coleman President Julia Allen Vice-President Dorothy Chapman Recording Secretary Frances Adams Treasurer MEMBERS Frances Adams Julia Allen Virginia Ballard Dorothy Chapman Marie E. Cole man 166 DI GAMMA KAPPA Alpha Chapter of Di Gamma Kappa was founded to give recognition to tliose students who have done meritorious performances of non-professional radio production on the University campus. The participating in all phases of ratlio production of ten shows is reijuired for membership. OFFICERS Joe Conkle President Betty Ray Vice-Prcsidott Julia Allen Secretary Bob Tollett Treasurer MEMBERS Frances Adams Julia Allen Virginia Ballard Mary Anne Brown Dot Chapman Frank Cheatham Hope Childs Marie Coleman Joe Conkle Helen Cox Jimmy Dunnaway Ruth Estes Bill Glenn Bill Green Jeanette Jordan Alice Lackey Joe Mahan Martha Norwood Beity Ray Barbar. Sikes Martha Thomp.son Bob Tollett Howard Touchton Lorraine Walprip .4ll. MS (X)NKLE Mahav .-Kllen Co.x NOHWOOD B. LL. HD Dunnaway Ray BUOWN Estes SlKES Glenn TOLI.ETT CHEATH. . t Green Touchton ClIILDS Jordan VVai.dhip Coleman Lackey 167 Physical Education Major Club An organization for majors in Physical Education. OFFICERS Alice Moore President Anne McClain Vice-President Lynn McKinnon . Secretary-Treasurer Arnette Baknett Bassing Becker Bishop Callahan Campbell Daniel Davis Devine Downs Fowler Frost Fuller Harris Hutchens Johnson King McGahee McKinnon McClain MacKey Maxwell Meaders Meschine Miudleton Moohe NORRIS Odum Radcliffe Slate Suddath Tyleh Van Landingham Wilson Woodson Woodward Wright J. Wickliffe W. Wickliffe 168 " G " CLUB The " G " Club accepts for membership members of the football squad who have won a varsity letter. OFFICERS Joe Terreshenski Presidei t Charles Smith Vice-President George Jernigan Secretary-Treasurer Gene Alexander Sam Bailey Mike Castronis Bill Chonko Mike Cooley Charles Eaves Dan Edwards Charlie Furchcott VV. L. Hiers MEMBERS Ryals Lee J. P. Miller Reid Mosely Cahso Phillips Andy Pekhach Charles Smith Robert St. John Joe Terreshenski Ch.-vhlie Trippi George Jernigan Bailey Mosely Castronls Phillips Eaves Perhach Edwards S UTH Furchcott Terreshenski Jernigan 169 EDUCATION CLUB I An organization for majors in Education. Studies problems of the teaching pro- fession. OFFICEl S Ed Griffith President " Skeet " Meadore Vice-President Eva Mae Rheney Secretary Ed O ' Quinn Treasurer MEMBERS Carolyn Aiilgreen Rebecca Alford ToMMiE Lou Arnette Peggy Bassing Elsie Brinson Betty Crozier Jane Deriso . nita Divine Kathleen Flint Esther Mae Guthrie Ed Griffith Margaret Ann IIeaton Betty Hooten Betty Ingram Carolyn Jarbett Lois Johnson Marth. Ann Kelly MlLLICENT KiCKLIGHTER Janice King BiLLiE Larmobe Louise Long Iris Mackey Miriam Maddox Doris McDowell Betty McGahee Skeet Meadore Margaret Mintz Ed O ' Quinn Virginia Porter Emily Ransome Eva Mae Rheney Florence Roberts Vihgini. Shirley Sahah Elizabeth Short Carolyn Tanner Ruth Trulock Lucindia Sue Tyler Mabel Van Landingham BiLLIE WiCKLIFFE Jo WiCKLIFFE Mary Hunt Williams Mary Jo Woodward Mary Wurst Geh AisE Wynn Ahlgueen H EATON Long Arnette Hooten Mackey Bassing Jarrett Maddox Brinson Johnson McDowell Crozier Kelly McGahee Deriso KiCKLIGHTER MiNTZ Divine King O ' Quinn Guthrie Larmohe Porter Ransome B. WiCKLIFFE Rheney J. WiCKLIFFE Roberts Williams Shirley Wurst Short Wynn Trulock Van Landingham JUNIOR DEBATE TEAM Kenneth Henson Manager MEMBERS WlLMA ElEAZER KiBK McALPfflN Alvin Saltl Robert F. Tuck Pamela Valentine Tom Watson EUAZEH Tuck Henson " Valentine McAlphix Watson 171 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Connie Rowe President Mac Richey Vice-President Gordon Trulock Business Manager 172 MEMBERS Ben Barrow Otto Beckman Ed Capral Charles Collins Walter Coney John Crow John De Gregory George Enloe Pat Evans Seymour Evans Ottis Etheridge Arthur Fielder Joe Ford Sam Gardner Jimmy Glenn Sam Guy Fred Hodges Don Hall Newell Hamilton Billy Johnson William R. Jones Chandler Lanier H. O. Latty Clayton I,ogan James Linehan A. V. Marchant Lambeth Mayes Alex McDonald Clark New Jimmie Nichols Carl Nix Mac Ogburn William Paulk Curtis Proveaux Mac Richey Leonard Robinson C-ONNIE RowE Marcel de la Rue David M. Shaskan Mason Sheppard Russell Shirley W. R. Simpson James Sirman William F. Skinner Kay Stanley Fred Sturges Dewitt Smith Earl Tidwell Frank E. Troiana Gordon Trulock William E. Tucker Newton Tyson- Don Walters 173 WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB The Women ' s Glee Club, uiuler the direction of Byron Warner, endeiuors to de elop student interest in music. The Glee Club performs in campus recitals and gives one big musical a year. OFFICERS Jane Earl rrcsidi-iil Ruth Estes Vice-President IIarriette Kahn Secretary Betty Grinek Treasurer 174 Siiini.EY Aram Frances Allen Anna M. Abrams Jean Aaron Bonnie Albinson Piiii.LYs Aronson Marie Abell Jean Allcood Betty Anis ' l TAN ASHFORD Marilyn Britton Ann Burdashaw NIartha Besward Mary Alice Brown Mary L. Brown Betty L. Bonner Ann Brvson Ruth Barron Ann Bulfor DoRiE Brochetta Jacqueline Byrd Mary G. Barber Sally Baxley Ancie Claridy Dot Cowart Betty A. Carroll Elsie Chapman Eva Cohn Susan Caldwell Millia Collins Jean Conover Sue Comer Helen Cleveland Nell R. Davis Patricia Dozier Gerry Dwigcins Helen Driftmire Elizabeth Ethkidge Eileen Evans Betty Edelson Jane Earle Susan Franco Phyliss Fitzgerald Catherine Foard Ruth Fowler Celia Gorden LoRAINE GbINER Sarah Garrison Adonis Gambell Barbara Grooms Frances Hubbard Anette Harris Jean Hartman Frances Hammond Vi IAN Hains Margaret Hightower Frances Harbin Pat Higgins MEMBERS Leita Hutcheson Sara Horovin FoY- Ivey Katiierine Jordon Elizabeth Jones Virginia Jameson M. rtha Johnson Doris Kooden Betty Kelly Marilyn Kelly Harriet Kahn Lib Kinimer Jean Kitchens Evelyn Lewis Jean Ledbetter Doris Levin Ellen LeHood FiFi Lamas Mary Lemon Kathryn Lanman Patricia Lawson Ann Mullin Gloria Mallard Frances Massey Barbara Marlin Jo Madden Jane Maughon Barbara McCrary Mae McBecky Lynn Martin Floria Mann Jean McKamy Betty J. Merritt Joyce Myers Frances Means Pat Mell Anne Patterson Pat Parrish Celeste Purcell Sarah Proffitt Shirley Parrish Barbara Radcliffe Betty Ray Gloria Rise Grace Rogers Nan Rigdon Sally Sims Frances Swanson Gerry Swint Winfred Seckinger Sue Skelton Carolyn Sanderline Suzanne Schilling Yvonne Schilling Ruth Shipley Dorothy Scott Jeannine Stone Laura Simmons Ann Sanders Tommy Smith Evelyn Spain Martha Sutton Betty Smith Anne Terrell Frances Thomas Ada Tait Julia Thomas Mildred Thompson Jane Vickebs Nancy Veit Virginia Wier Evelyn Wills Barbara Wood Betty Williams Betty White Jane Wise Anne Wetmore Norma Woods Dot Watson Martha Wienges Ann Weakes Helen Westbrook Suzanne Wilson Mary L. Ware Carolyn Williams Ophelia Wilkins Ann Youmans Ann Yarbrough 175 Little Symphony Orchestra J. Harris Mitchell Conductor OFFICERS George Enloe President Kathryn Dozier Secretary Seymour Evans Librarian Flutes Barbara Salter Farrice Owen Clarinets Frances Woodruff Barbara Scheeler Dick Ellison Agnes Burdashaw French Horn Bernadine Voorhees Trumpet George Enloe Otto Beckham Seymour Evans MEMBERS Percussion Earl Tldwell Frances Hubbard Betty- Hodgson Piano Michael McDowell Violincello Rudolf Kratina Pat Kempson String Bass Margaret Lowdnes Violin Carolyn Voshell Kathryn Dozier Mary Quigley Duncan Burnet Carol Jones Mrs. S. McFarland Lily Meaders Mrs. J. C. Vincent Joe Brock Fred Block Sigmund Corn Mrs. H.-vrris Mitchell Viola Katherine Roberts Little Symphony poses informally A fdrinal of Little Syiui ln iiy 176 University of Georgia Band J. Harris Mitchell Director MEMBERS Flutes Alto Saxophone Bell Lyre Barbara Salter Murray Mantez Mary Jane Engel Farrice Owen Pat Nobles Mason Shepard French Horn Tenor Saxophone Bernadine Voorhees Piccolo Cliff Etheridge Cella Gordon Pat Nobles Maek Holland Baritone Clarinet Coronets Jimmy Nichols Frances Woodruff George Enloe Ashley Mack Barbara Scheeler Otto Beckham Trombones Dick Ellison- Grayson Powell Jimmy Glenn Harriet Mack Betsy Martin Stuart Culpepper Katherine Pope Seymour Evans Marianne Moreland Billy Braver Bass Joe Ford Mary Ann Sutton Robert Austin E ' elyn Martin Herbert Stoloff Robert Norris Percussion Douglas Puckei i Becky Hicks Lamar Hubbard Agnes Burdashaw Billy Tidwell Drum Majorettes Cliff Etheridge Mike Kinnon ZiLDA Syman Mary Hall Phyllis Aronson Evelyn Martin 17 ' GEORGIA BULLDOGS Holland Mabcus Holland Leader Saxophones Cliff Etheridge Marcus Holland Murray Matez Lyle Smith Trumpcis George Enloe Otto Beckham Trombones Jimmy Glenn Drums Adrian Bacon Piano Charles Dillingham 178 THALIAN-BLACKFRIARS An organization for students who ha e achieved pioniinence in tlie University Theater. Summer and Vail Quarters Martha Thompson Ann Puryear .... Mary Ann Brown . . Virginia Ballard . . OFFICERS Winter and Spring Quarters President Bill Greene Vice-President Virginia Ballard Secretary Emory Bass, Jr. Treasurer Caroline Rose MEMBERS Frances Adams Frances Allen Betty Amis Virginia Ballard Emory Bass, Jr. Nancy Bentley Carolyn Brauda Mary Anne Brown Emma Brumby Rosemary Chubb Harold Clarke Marie Coleman Genevieve Dwigcins Mary ' Flanigan Bolling Fortson Bill Greene Sam Guv Jean Hammack Johnny Llado Mary Lee Logan Carol McDaniel Frances Morrison Julia Orme Ann Puryear Betty Ray Susan Rice Caroline Rose Betty Scott Mary Stansell Kitty Stanton Martha Thompson Van Noy VVier, Jr. Judy Allen ADA rs Brown Greene F. Allen Brumby Guy Rice J. Allen Amis Ballabd Chubb Clarke Coleman Hammack Llado Logan Scott Stansell Stanton 179 Bass Dwigcins McDaniel Thompson Bentley Flanigan Puryear WiER Brauda Fortson Ray UNIVERSITY lie (JLittte y oxeA CAST (in order of appcurimcc) Addie Shirley Vinsant CaJ Grady Deas Birdie llubburd Judy Allen Oscar Hubbard Bill Greene Leo Hubbard Edwin C. Seitz Regina Giddens- Betty Bay William Marshall Emory Bass, Jr. Henjarnin Hubbard .... Charles Collins Alexandra Giddens . . . Virginia Ballard Horace Giddens .... Harold Clarke, Jr. 180 THEATRE [■ aSieS oi " CAST (in order of appearance) Ai ig Martha Norwood Carraway Pirn Grady Deas Dinah Julia Orme Brian Strange Howard Touchton Olivia Marden .... Martha Thompson George Marden, }. P. . . . Emory Bass, Jr. Lady Marden Judy Allen The University Theater presents six plajs each year, but because of the Pandora deadline no photographs of the other four were available. 181 ART STUDENTS ' LEAGUE The Alt Students ' League was founded here in 1940. It promotes the study of art and takes an interest in galleiy shows. OFFICERS Gene Mell President Betty Lamons Vice-President Anne Gilbekt Secretary Pat Nobles Treasurer AlNSWORTH Ale.xandeh Andehson Ball Becknell Boyd Bravada (Jheves Clay Claussen Ecgeht Eppinger EVERETTE Foster Fox French Gilbert GiNN Harvey HOOTEN Jackson King Lamons Lemly LOUNDES McKamey McWhorter Mell Miller Moncrief AlORHIS Nobles Owen Owens Raye Rehbinder RiCHEY Robinson Sellers Slaughter Sphatlin Thomas Tolbert Waites Ware Weaver WiCKLIFF Williams 182 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota was founded at tlu ' University Scliool of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1903. lota Zeta Chapter was founded on the Uni ersit - campus in 1943. OFFICERS Jane Earle President Margaret Lowndes Viee -President LAxmA F. Sims Secretary Mary Gilbert Treasurer Helen Chance Angie CLAHrov . Iahtha a. Christian Jeanne Curtis Kathryn Dozier Jane Earle Eeil. Franks S. RAH Garrison Mary Gilbert Betty Greene MEMBERS Lorraine Harris Betty Hodgson Frances Hubbard Carol Jones Harriette Kahn Doris Levin Margaret Lowndes Anastasia Mabinos Betty Morgan Barbara Murlin Farhice Owens Carolyn Reynolds Nan Rigdon Katharine Roberts Barbara Scheeler suz.-inne schlling Lautia F. Sims Ophelia Wilkins L ' Genia White F ' rances Woodruff Ann Youmans Chance Clahidy Christian Curtis Dozier Earle Franks Garrison Gilbert Greene Harris Hodgson Hubbard Jones Kahn Levin Lowndes Morgan Owens Reynolds Rigdon Roberts Scheeler Schilling Sims White Woodruff Youmans 183 Voluntary Religious Association The purpose of the Vokmtary ReHgious Association is to maintain a high standard of spiritual, rehgioiis. and social development for the students at the Uni ersit ' . It was founded in 1933 when the Young Men ' s Chris tian Association and the Young Women ' s Christian Association merged. The V.R.A. believes that a student must not only achieve scholastic knowledge, l)ut at the same time should achieve a creative life through a growing knowledge of God. OFFICERS V.R.A. Cabinet 1945-46 CuKTis Proveaux President Barbara Adams Vice-President Laura Barfield Vice-President Camilla Bahnett Recording Secretary Robert Tuck Treasurer Sophomore Cabinet 1945-46 Jane Goode President Ester Miller Vice-President Nancy Hull Recording Secretary , V, Mii. E. L. Secrest Director Ai-). ' V. i,s BoWEN DeLay Goode Almand Cnare DoHN Hammond Anderson Cheney DwiGGINS Hull B. IU lELD CONWELL Foster Inman Bahnett Daniel Fulton Kerb i5E. LE Dams, J. Garwin Lawrence Bentley Davis, N. Glenn Leonard boatwright Dekle Gilbert Martin, E. 184 «- k -ft fr 1 " ' , ' r vl V.P w ,■■ t ' - ,_ Martin, Pace F. Mak.hon Pert Mrl ' iiAUL Phitchkti- Miller Prox ' eaux Mills RuCKER Murray Scott Xewbern Tuck Odom Barbara Adams Laura Barfeeld CA nLLA Barnett Warrex Beale Upshaw Bentley H. llle Bowex Ed Cnare Pat Cheney E nLY CONWELL JrANiTA Daniel V.R.A. CABINET MEMBERS Nell Da ts Virginia Dekle Jimmy DeLay Phil Dohn M.ARjoHiE Foster Bobby Fulton- Bill Glenn- Bex Garvix Frances Hammond Geoboe La -ben-ce Ethel Martin- Ester Miller Mary Gray Murray Jeff Newbebn Jackie Odom Emily- Pert Curtis Pbo eaux WlLLENA RuCKER Jane Scott Robert Tuck Mazie Alman-d Jean An-derson Martha Boatwtught Kf artha Davis Gerry Dwtgc.ins Mary- Gilbert Jean Goode SOPHOMORE CABINET MEMBERS Ann Harris Nancy ' Hlt,l Jane Inmax Martha Kerr Betty An-n Leonard Frances Martin- Jane Maughox Harriette McPhaul Ester Miller Caroly-n Mills Julia Orme LnxLVN Pace Catherine Pritchett Mary Waters Council members enter the Presbyterian Church. Reception honoring the new students in September. 185 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION An organization for Baptist Students in Southern Colleges and Uni ' ersities. B.S.U. COUNCIL MEMBERS Harold Massey Student Sccrctunj H. B. Henderson Faculti Adviser Pat Cheney President Katherine Hardy First Vice-President JuANiTA Daniel First Vice-President Mary Jenkins Second Vice-President Emily Pert Third Vice-President Daisy Broadhurst Secretary Clay Michael Treasurer Sara Massey Puljlicitij Abit Massey ... Bulldog Editor Mary Gilbert Music Sue McCranie B.T.U. Mary Wurst Y.W.A. Dave Greenway Brotherhood Greta Rouse Sundaii School Elizabeth Chapman Bible Study Laura Barfield Alumni Secretary Marian Hulme Community Missions Jennie Boyd Poster Chairman Curtis Proveau.x Prince Avenue Carolyn Snelson President of Coordinate Cabinet William Clinton Evangelism Cheney M. SSEY, S. I Haudy Ma.ssey. a. Barfield D. NIEL GiLHEHT Hulme Jenkins ! 1cCranie Bovu Pert WUUST l ROVEAUX Broadhurst Rouse Snelson Michael Chapman 186 Presbyterian Student Association Local organization for Presbyterian students. OFFICERS Hallie Bowen President Ashley Mack Vice-President Nancey Hull . . Secretary Alice Chandler Treasurer MEMBERS Frances Adams Warben Beale Katherine Blacksheab Hallie Bowen Alice Chandler Helen Driftmier Frances Hammond Nancy Hull Betty Little Frances Martin Lynn Martin Ester Miller Ashley Mack John McManus Pierce Smith Anne Whitmore Mary Williams Bernadine Voorhees Adams Beale Blacksheah Bowen Chandle " Driftmier Hammond Hull Little Mack Mahtin, F. Martin, L. Miller McManus Smith Whitmore Williams Voorhees 187 J NEWMAN CLUB A national organization for Catholic students. OFFICERS Genevieve Dwiggins President Joseph Chesna Vice-President Maby Lou Ware Secretary Anne Beeler Joe Chesna Elizabeth Cheves Bill Chonko Ed Cnabe Mary Cronk Jerry Deleski Genevieve Dwiggins Lucille Flanders Eugene Frank MEMBERS Joe Gltpko Marie Hurley Jose Jaurequi Nancy Kuhn Ellen LaHood LlDELL LiTTLEFIELD Johnny Llado Kenneth Morris Eugene Novak Alice Oldham Mary O ' Neill Pat Parrish Jackie Queen Francisco Quijano Ed Romanowski Erwin Seitz Betty Shannon Joe Tereshinski Mary Lou Ware t BEELliU Chksna Cheves Cnahe Chonk Ueleski Dwiggins Flandehs Fkank HUHLEY Kuhn LiTTLEFIELD Llado Monms No ' ak Oldham Parrish OuEEN Quijano Romanowski Seitz Shannon Tereshinski Ware ISS WESLEY FOUNDATION An organization for Methodist students. OFFICERS Ethel Martin President Virginia Wilkes Vice-President Helen Westbrook Secretary Virginia Dekle Treasurer Frances Allen Camilla Barnette Betty Branch Sam Burgess Dot Calhoun Peggy Callahan Marvin Cawthon Hilda Colquitt Virginia Dekle MEMBERS Jane Earle L T iA Frier Bobby Fulton Ben Garvin Georgia Hollister Noble Hull Virginia Jones Ethel Martin Mable McGarity Helen Prickett Betty Ruark Sally Sims Catherine Stanton Robert Tuck Sara Gene West Helen Westbrook Virginia Wilkes Allen Barnette Branch Burgess Calhoun Callahan Cawthon Colquitt Dekle Earle Frier Fulton Garvin Hollister Martin McGarity Prickett Ruark Stanton Tuck West Westbrook Wilkes 189 RELIGION-IN-LIFE WEEK JANUARY 26-30 Cah ' ' " et Si M L l- ' 1 ■ 1 V J 1 V ■..a V?1 " ■ ' ■ ■ ta " Religion-in-Life Week is sponsored by ' " " the University and churches of Athens through the Athens Council of Church Women, Baptist Student Union, Chris- tian Student Ckib, Hillel Foundation, Newman Chib, Presbyterian Student As- sociation, the Wesley Foundation and tlie ' oluntary Religious Association. This ])rogram is ijresented in an effort to determine what true eligion does for eveiy area of life. Its sujjreme objective is to lead students to a vital faith in God, and to a thorough personal commitment to His cause in the v ' orld. Guest speakers for Religion-in-Life Week this vear were: Haurv Esshig Rabbi, B ' nai B ' rith Hillel FouncUition, New York City. David J. Evans Pastor, First Baptist Church, Americus, Ga. George G. Higgins Director, Department of Social Action of the National Catholic Welfare Conferences, and Lecturer in Economics at the Catholic Uni- versity, Washington, D. C. G. Ray Jordan Clergyman, Educator and Professor of Preaching at Emory University, Atlanta, Ga. John E. McCaw National Director of Student Work fo Christian Church, Indianapolis, Ind. Jack R. McMichael E.xeciitive Secretary of the Methodist Federa- tion for Social Service, New York City. John W. Melton Minister, First Presbyterian Churcf Rouge, La. Baton Lcfl ' ders ' liil ' IVi ' l T i: L 1 ' r H ANNUA L CAROL SERAI V K ' Pile ' iluiitar Religious Association The Men ' s Glee Club The Women ' s CJlee Club Present CHRISTMAS CAROLS Organ Prelude- ' Noel " . - Mr. William Johnson Processional— Adeste Fideles The Glee Clubs Invocation The Rev. David Cady Wright God Rest You Merry Gentlemen The Glee Clubs The First Noel .. .. The Glee Clubs The Prophecy Mr. Richard Kenyon Magnificat -- -— - Miss Carolyn Vance O Little Town of Bethlehem. ...Audience and Glee Clubs The Birth t Miss Julia Allen Silent Xight ... The Glee Clubs The . doration of the Magi Miss Frances Adams We Three Kings of Orient Are The Glee Clubs Offertory— Gesu Bambino (Yon) Miss Angie Claridy As a fitting expression of the Christmas season the offering is for the World Student Service Organizations to help our students who are ictims of the war. Good King Wenceslas The Glee Clubs Cantirjue de Noel .. The Glee Clubs Recessional— Hark The Herald Angels Sing Audience and Glee Clubs Benediction The Rev. David Cady Wright Choral Amen The Glee Clubs Organ Postlude— " Fanfare in D " . Mr. William Johnson Organist: Mr. William Johnson The music is under the direction of the Music Department of the University of Georgia, Hugh Hodgson, Director; Byron War- ner, Director of the Glee Clubs. h. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council was formed at the Unixersity in 1943 and is the adxisory board to tlie administration on student affairs. Membership is composed of the ]3residents of clubs on the cam]3us. OFFICERS Jimmy DeLay PresiderU Jesse Bowles Vice-President Camilla Barnett Seerefan Jean Lewis Treasurer Phil Dohn Parliamentarian Adams ASHFOIID Bahmlld Bahnett Barrow BOWEN Bowles liRAl H)HlJ Bull Campbell Cauuthers CHAP L4N Cheatham Cheney, J. Cheney, P. Cnare COOLEY COSTELLO Da is De La Pieiwiere DeLay Dohn Earl Eaves Erickson Foster Hammack Hargreaves Henson Johnson Kbasner Lamb Lawrknce Lewis Maddox Martin Massey, a. Massey, S. Mell Mobley Nevin Proveaux Pritchett RowE Stew. i t Thompson Watson Williams MEMBERS Fr. nces Adams connte ashford Laura Barfield Camilla Barnett Dorothy Barrow Hallie Bowen Jesse Bowles WiLLL M Bradford Elmo Brookshire CoREN Bull Mary Lois Campbell Margaret Caruthers Elizabeth Chapman Frank Cheatham Jean Cheney Pat Cheney Ed Cnare Dick Cooley Christine Costello Nell Ruth Davis J INT De La Perriere James DeLay Phil Dohn Jane Earl Beefy Eaves George Enloe Irene Erickson Cliff Etheridge Estelle Foster Florene GoiLD Jean Hammack L. A. Hargreaves Kenneth Henson BiLLY ' Johnson Jack Krasnek Miriam Lamb George L awrence Jean Lewis George Maddox Ethel Martin Abit Masse y Sara Massey Gene Mell John Mobley Maurine Nevin Curtis Proveaux Catherine Pritchett Connie Rowe Kay Stanley Fluker Ste ' art Mabtha Thompson Katherine Watson Ralph Williams Hal Woods President Jimmy DeLiuj caniliicts a meeiing.. 193 w o M E N S s T U D E N T Officers of Women ' s Student Government A.ssocialion , m ' Massey Bhumby SnANNf)N McKlNNA OFFICERS Saba Massey President Emma C. Brumby Vice-President Mary Shannon Secretani Lynn McKinna Treasurer MEMBERS Nan Thomason J iiniar Representative Vivian Newberby ' Scniar Representative Jane Goode Sapliantore Representative Celeste Cublin Freshman Representative Cabolyn Reynolds . . Town Representative Irene Ebickson P.O.W. Representative 194 G O V N M E N T Student GoLernmenl ( umiic A S S o c I A o N Newberry GOODE CURLIN Reynolds EmcKsoN Women students at the Univer- sity are members of the Wom- en ' s Student Government Asso- ciation. This organization promotes self discipUne in college in prep- aration for self government in later life. The Juniur Court— Hcjircacnting Coordinate 105 19 PANDORA MuiiRAV Massey Pope Waites Harper THE 1946 PANDORA STAFF Fluker Stewart Editor-in-Chief Mary Gray Murray .... Business Manager Abit Massey Managing Editor Mary Margaret Hamilton . . Woman ' s Editor John Edwin Pope Sports Editor Janie Waites Art Editor Mac Richey Assistant Art Editor Nita He ell Assoeiate Editor Clayton Wilkes Associate Editor Irene Erickson Associate Editor Mary Barnett . . . Assistant Business Manager Clifton E. Harper .... Faculty Adviser MEDICAL SCHOOL SECTION A. C. HoBBS Editor Jasper Hogan Business Manager Lamar Peacock Associate Editor Victor Moore Art Editor Hamilton, Hewell and Ehickson 196 46 TAFF HOBBS Hor.AN STAFF ASSOCIATES Emily Polhill John W. Bland. Jr. Bp;tty S. ssevii.le Cecil Doughty Bobbie Fulton Anne Wetmobe I.ois Johnson Lynn Martin Betty McIlwain Mary Barnett MiN Powell Fra.nkie Settle Francis Martin Ann Howington Dekle Banks Ann Gunnels Elizabeth Cliatt Ted Harrison J.-vne Sparks Carolyn Bexley Ann Andrews Bette Whiting Reva Ann Dame Mabel Van Landingham WiLMA Eleazer R. J. Smith, Jr. Martha Graves CiNi Hancock Fred Sturges MEDICAL SCHOOL SECTION Roy Ward William Moore Ann Wager Eugene Reese Charles Parker Richard Stein bach 197 (FI|f l th FALL gUARTEH STAFF Mauhine Ne in Editor Fkankie Settle Managing Editor Emily Conwell Businctis Manager Cliff Dennev News Editor Betty Baskin Woman ' s Editor Don Downs Sports Editor Mahy Margaret Hamilton Feature Editor Emma Bhumby Soeiety Editor Maby Gray Murray Assistant Nctcs Editor Hahriette Si ' eer Assistant News Editor Martha Cliatt Assistant Woman ' s Editor Bill Burson Assistant Feature Editor Mary Flanigen Assistant Soeiettj Editor Garry Brisendine Assistant Sports Editor May Dearing Nicholson Ag mil Editor Sally Wakefield Assistant Business Manager Lenoka Wells Assistant Business Manager Paul Bumball Circulation Manager business Sta News Staff an Hark WINTER QUARTER STAFF Fhankie Sheffield Editor Hahbif.tte Speer Managing Editor John Sheffield Business Manager Jean Valentine News Editor Sue. Brumby Woman ' s Editor John Edwin Pope Sports Editor Hasty Marlowe Feature Editor Mary Flanigen Society Editor Gayelle Cabby Assistant News Editor Ed Cnare Assistant Ncics Editor Mildred Carpenter Women ' s Sports Editor May Dearing Nicholson Ag Hill Editor Sally Wakefield Assistant Business Manager Emily Henderson Assistant Business Manager Spottswood Harvey Assistant Business Manager Lamar Griffin Assistant Business Manager News Staff FITZGERALD DEMOREST COLQUITT COMER |X " ME, located in the northwestern section of the state, bases its claim to versatility on the taL-t that it is supported about equally by agriculture and industry, and also on the fact tliat its industries run a wide gamut Irom plows to pants and from gloves to stoves. It is the home of Sliorter College, Darlington School and the world famous Martha Berry School. CEDAR- TOWN, also in this area, was the site of the Trading Post established in 1838 because of a large spring which was a customary place of congregation for the Cherokee Indians. Today this spring supplies more than eight million gallons of water daily for the use of the thriving town which now boasts an area of 3.14 stjuare miles. Georgia Scliool for the Deaf and beautihil Cave Springs are located near Cedartown. ARETTA fiXC ' NTA mmfft ELHURST FOLKSTON CONCORD .OUNr VERNON 17, " LTR,e ' MORELAND V ' :; " ' " ' " " " -°GANsWl i ' WILLACOOCHEE ' " -1Jt 1 -i, ' . o c n, i: - OGLETHORPE ON REYNOLDS Oc MANcHESTER BREMEN 04 B K , ' s1 o| 1 L M ft TRION ' • O PORT 06LETHC " BACONTON - . ■ 0 ' V BO ' - O " M ' % " ' ° ' SV» " BUENA VISTA SANDERSVILLE XJKf ' ' " " ' V O O ' cAMll saaaaKgg:, ;: !,; : ' . J CAMILLA ROBERTA Queen Carol Tlwmus Iclls runners- iij) how to tiin a beiiutij contest. The Tenth Annual Pandoka Beauty Revue was the largest and most colorful e er held. Forty-three sponsors paraded on a niodernisticallv designed stage before the judges: Mavor William B. Hartsfield, of Atlanta; Wini- fred Rothermel, VVonians ' Editor, The Atlanta Constitution; and Enid Day, Director of Radio Advertising, Da i- soii-Paxon Company, Atlanta. Student Council President jimmie DeLay was called upon to act as master of ceremonies when Pandor Editor Fluker Stewart was rushed to the University Infirmary with a high temjDerature a few hours before the Re ue. DeLay presided at the annual Pandora stafl: dinner preceeding the Revue, as well as at the Revue, with very little preparation. 202 PRESENTED BY OLD COLLEGE DORMITORY 203 f tJJ ivlildred L arpenter PRESENTED BY CHI OMEGA 204 ■vW - - ■• ' •• ' • ■!ft ' ? S ' ?? If 1155 -y nne KJunneti PRESENTED BY MILLER HALL 205 ivllii Ivlaru L Cine PRESENTED BY PI KAPPA ALPHA 2()fi ■:: ' :2£ ' j---;-?i2:,-.A»«t --= ' ? iix- ' - rr idd (j ulia Jrme PRESENTED BY SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 207 rVliAA Florence eJUoliniku PRESENTED BY TAU EPSILON PHI 208 intan ff ldi C lalte If If I arch I PRESENTED BY PARTY OF ORGANIZED WOMEN 209 PRESENTED BY POWELL HOUSE 210 Wis. Wen e We(L lllisi Aoan Ljentri Win Eell Ei rJ. Doif iVllii f- attu Ujenmark Wis. Wartka Wai irliii (Lmiiu Co Hi ommu cLe-J ardu IfliiS Keoecca oLu uliii ue ZJulei triiii C-arolun lAJiui ami Ifliii Jackie ranhi llliii Frances echi WU Bonnie Mi mion Irliii -y nn C ike llfliSA ara fr oraai ■ ' vA WU. 8ettu Sail y Wis. Wartka Dk omion irlUi Ljrace ZJo Wis. Waru Wurst lllUs Aeanne i urtis ifli i f uln owlei ff Us f- e . ske WU. Bellu 3ilh Ifliii Aane IKandall irliiA llancu orretli WU6 Eettu CarJt VVlisi fl ' larquUla tuckeii iVliid C-laine Iflendel irliii oLaurabelle Aarvis la ( arrie oDonald irliii .Annette .J4a rriA Wua Ruanda EurLll lllllii ZJhereia rJLeff JUDOKS ' WILLIAM B. HARTSFIELD Mayor, Atlanta, Ga. ENID DAY Director of Radio Advertising, Davison-Paxon Co., Atlanta, WINIFRED ROTHERMEL Woman s Editor, The Atlanta Constitution Day, Hahtsfieli). Rothehmel 217 Pandora Managing Editor Massey and Student Council President DeLay receive last minute instructions on the Beauty Revue from Editor Stewart in University Infirmary. . . . DeLay and judges at annual Pandora Staff Dinner preceeding dinner. . . . Joan Gentry turns on charm for judges. . . . Beauty and escort make entr ance. . . . Mary CHne and escort Jennings Head, iiresident of Pi Kappa Alpha. . . . Backstage. . . . Finalist Claire Marchman and Bill Carter, secre- tary-treasurer of Freshman Class. . . . Mayor Hartsfield doesn ' t get joke made b ' Enid Day. . . . Camera catches judges off guard. . . . Mayor Hartsfield gives finalists the once over — up close. I Ml 2.uee n Ga ioi cn Go44,ni Brunette Claiol Tlionias, Atlanta debutante and second place w inner in the 1945 PandoR ' Beaut ' Revue, walked oft with top honors in the re ue this year after three and a half horns of iiarading constantlv before the eyes of the three qualified judges. Mildred Carpenter, last year ' s winner, and Anne Gunnels, Freshman, pro ided the hottest competition for Carol in this years revue. Photograph at right was made backstage just before Carols ictorv was annoimced. Lower right shows Carol and coiut composed of se en rimners-up. In bottom photo- grai h Mayor William B. Havtsfield, of Atlanta, places orchid crown on Caiol ' s head as members of comt and Master of Ceremonies fames DeLay look on. Carol is wearing ermine robes. At ORDELE ABBEVILLE LUDOWICI . SANDERSVILLE PEMBROKE CAVE SPRINGS AUGUSTA fjQpcROSS ' AUMETTO O f _ q ' 4iuU ' ■• - lEEENVlLLE ' • - «0 ' HA °::iv ALDo V f |ACON, located in tlie heart ol Gei)rgia, is outstanding for leadership in industry, busi- ness, agriculture, and war activities. The rity also has many historical points of interest, among which are: the Indian Mounds, made into the Ocmulgee National Monument; Fort Hawkins, in which the early whites defended themselves from the Indians; and the birthplace of Sidney Lanier, noted poet and musician, who was recently elected to the Hall of Fame. Wesleyan College, oldest chartered college for women in the world, and Mercer University were founded here. Macon is also proud of her many beautiful homes, parks, and churches. This city claims more churches for its size than any other city in the world. GRIFFIN, also in this area, is noted for its beautiful schools and public buildings. It is also prominent in this agricultural district and is famous for its peaches and pimentoes. The Georgia Experiment Station and the largest pimento cannery in the world are located here. MORELAND s uVeRjO NN PlVlLLE OGLETHORPE STONE Moi . . EX.NGTON M.LLEDGEV.LLE ' ' ' ' " ' o e.o.... co ' ' , PENDERGRASS sv uu IS vC So v 50i ' Ate PERTON MILSTEAD VRENCEVILLE , STER STATESBORO • " FOREST GLEN »1 ' SOyv 0 MONROE O H BA NBRIDGE y. ' V u . ' my rS- y cou iCKAMAV ' . ' O ' ' Ooo ' GGo BRE iNs » Cey " ' V- J ,v A ' JASPER eocH ' ' ' V V :lo JONESBORO ALPHA CHI OMEGA BETA SIGMA CHAPTER Alpha Chi Omega was founded on the DePaiiw Universit) ' campus in 1895, and is the sixth national sororit ' in order of age. The Georgia chapter, Beta Sigma, was established in 1937. Members wear the jeweled lyre and recognize scarlet and Gli e green as their colors. The flower is the red carnation. MaULHON B.MIKEK DeIII.SO LeE OFFICERS Jane Maughon President Natalie Barker Vice-President Jane Deriso Secretary Grace Lee Treasurer 222 MEMBERS Rebecca Alford Carolyn Allgren Jane Allgood Audrey Andhews Anne Atkinson JoLAiNE Bailey Natalie Barker Sally Baxley Hazel Brown Peggy Callahan Martha Anne Christian Emily ' Convvell Nell Ruth Davis Jane Deriso Beverly Edwards Daryl Grumbelow Ruth Hambrick Jean Hammoch Betty Hammond LiLLOWISE HaTCHELL Leita Hutchison Mary Kelly Mary Lemon Grace Lee Joyce Lee Virginia Leathers Glohia Mallard ane Maughon Lena Maxle Ruth Mills Connie Moor Jane Myers Joanne Neely Betty Jane Parr Sarah Ann Profitt Margie Shuman Sue Skelton Charlotte Smith Lenora Wells Rosanna Westbrook Kathren Williams First row: Barker, Shaman, Lee, Mrs. Alexander, Maughon, Atkinson, Deriso. . . . Second rotv: .Alford, Lemon, Smith, Edwards, Lee, Mallard, Grumbelow, Mills, Callahan. . . . Third row: Denmark, Neeh ' , Parr, Skelton, Hatchel, Leathers, Bailey, Hutchison, Baxley. Fourth row: Aaron, Williams, Davis, Allgood, Hambrick, Maxie, Simpson, Hammack, Westbrook, Myers. . . . Fifth row: Allgren, Moor, Brown, Christian, Kelle -, Wells, Profitt. ALPHA DELTA PI BETA NU CHAPTER Alpha Delta Pi, a Georgia sorority, was founded as the Adelphean Society at Wesleyan in 1851, and claims to be the oldest secret society for women in the world. Beta Nu chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1933. Members of the sixty-two chapters wear the diamond-shaped pin with clasped hands and stars. The colors are blue and white and the flower is the violet. Rose Harrison Ahnold Scott OFFICERS Dorothy Rose President Joyce Harrison Vice-President Frances Arnold Secretary Jane Scott Treasurer 224 MEMBERS Frances Ann Allen Mary Frances Anderson Frances Arnold Hallie Ann Barher Annette Becker Martha Boatwright Caroline Bhigham Dorothy CHAP fAN Elizabeth Cheves Ann Cogburn Kitty Crawford Joan Dance Madge David Martha Davis Anne Dixon Mary Dozier Jane Earl Reaunette Everett Betty ' Lou Fowler Ruth Fowler Phelps Fox Nan Gillespie Jean Grace Martha Graves Margaret Hall Joyce Harrison Ted Harrison Nita Hewell Marian Hicks Mary Hilley Miriam Lamb Lydell Littlefield Amelia Manning Jo Ann Maupin Jean Mayes Madge McCord Judy McCulloh Carolyn Mills Betty Moreland Anne Moses Ella Murrell Dot Owens Laura Pace Mary Pittman LucYLLE Reynolds ROSALYN RiSH Saretta Roberts Dorothy Rose Jean Roundtree Catherine Rudolph Betty Russell Jane Scott Jackie Slich AiDA Jane Tait Carol Thomas Sally Thompson Martha Thomson Mary Lib Tucker Ann Whipple Suzanne Willis Bette Winterbottom Harriet Woodcock Norma Woods Mary Woodson First n w: (. Harrison, Rose, Mrs. Beachwood, Arnold, Scott. . . . Second roiv: Brigliani, Murrell, Tait, Pace, Moses, Dozier, Rish. . . . Tliird nnc: Rudolph, Reynolds, Russell, Di.xon, Hewell, Cogburn, Cheves. . . . Fourth rotv: McCord, Woodson, Pittman, Winterbottom, Mills, Anderson, Boatwright. . . . Fifth row: Thomson, Chapman, Becker, Graves, Roundtree, T. Harrison, Allen. . . . Si.v( i row: Barber, Gillespie, R. Fowler, Moreland, B. Fowler, Littlefield, Manning. . . . Seventh row: Owens, Da id, Mayes, Dance, Crawford, Roberts, Lamb, Hicks, Hille -, ' illis. . . . Eighth row: Thompson, Hall, Grace, Davis, Fox, Woodcock, Tucker, Sligh. 225 ALPHA OMICRON PI LAMBDA SIGMA CHAPTER Lambda Sigma Chapter of A.O. Pi was founded on the University campus in 1935. There are fiftv ' -two cha]:)ters. the first one liaving been founded in 1S97, at Barnard College. The Alplia Omicron Pi pin features the Greek letters jeweled witli rubies and pearls. The red rose is the flower; the colors are red and white. ;%. Fulton NOKHIS Pehhy H.iMILTON OFFICERS Margaret Fulton President Marion Norris Vice-President Laura Perry Treasurer Mary Margaret Hamilton Secretary 226 MEMBERS Frances Adams Ada Frances Andehson Zadie Avrett Sue Andrew Dorothy Babrow Eleanor Bowers Gene Brown Ann Burkhart Nancy Bowling Marthanne Camp Frances Campbell Emily Codington Betty Cox Lois Crump Cecile Doughty Mebldee Ebebhardt Babb.ara Ely Ruth Estes Dorma Jeanne Fayssoux Catherine Foard Margaret Fulton Vivian Gorman Mahy Margaret Hamilton Jo Hawkins Marcile Hooks NuciA Hurlbutt Marianne Hyndman Mary Elizabeth Hyndman Lois Johnson Marilyn Kelly Betty Kennedy FiFi Lamas Gloria Land Louise Leonard Gloria Livingston Virginia Lochereb Frances Martin Lynn Martin Jo Louise Moore Betty McIlwain Marion Norbis Jacqueline Norton Sylvia Parks Frances Pautee Ann Pennington Laura Perry Barbara Ann Radcliffe Katharine Robebts Betty Sasseville June Smith Jo Ann Tbapnell Mabel Van Landingham Janie Waites Patbicia Walden Anne Wetmobe Anne Yarbrough Lavinia York First row: Hawkins, Moore, Norris, Fulton, L. Martin, Bowers. . . . Second row: Douglity, M. E. Hyndman, M. Hyndman, Foard, Waites. . . . Third row: Parks, Roberts, Van Landingham, Cox, Mrs. Martin, Eberhardt, Radcliffe. Johnson, Adams. . . . Fourth row: Fayssou.x, Avrett, Andrew, Norton, Codington, Hurlbutt, Hooks, Brown, Yarbrough, Campbell. . . . Fifth row Pennington, Bowling, Kennedy, Anderson, Camp, Sasseville, Walden. . . . Sixth row: McHwain, Locherer, Leonard, Smith, Ely, Wetmore, Partee, Land, Bar- row, Lamas. . . . Seventh row: Crump, Kelly, Livingston, Estes, F. Martin, Gorman, Trapnell, Hamilton, Perry. 227 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER The third national sorority to be estabhshed on this campus was Gamma Alpha Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta in 1923. Nationally, the sorority was founded at Syracuse University in 1904 and now has forty-seven chapters. The pin features the Alpha in pearls; red and buff roses against green leaves are the flowers; the colors are the same. Anderson Chesnut Herlinc Hammond OFFICERS Betty Jane Anderson President Mabian Chesnut Vice-President Anita Herling Secretary Frances Hammond Treasurer MEMBERS Mabie Abeu. Betty Jane Anderson Carolyn Anderson Jeanette Anderson Blllie Baker Peggy Bassing Ann Bisset Nancy Lee Boxley Dorothy Brinsfield Marilyn Britton Mary Alice Brown jACiOE Byrd Betty West Campbell Betty Carroll Pat Cheney Marian Chesnut Ruth Collins Billy Daly Carrie Donald Louise Evanson Kathlyn Flynt Jane Greer Frances Hammond Anita Herling WiNU ' RED Howe Nancy Hull Hallie Hutchins Ruth Jarrell Sandra Jones Janice King Helen King LiL Lang Pat Lawson Dot Lemon Jean Lewis Sue Marsh Charm Martin Marguerite Mintz LaVerne Rushing Florence Roberts ViCKi .slaughter Betty Joyce Smith Frances Smith Frances Swanson Betsy Talley Halcyone Thorpe JUANITA TiDWELL Sue Tyler Billy Walker Dorothy Watson Geiuiy- Weekes Martha Weinges Eugenia Weisinger Louise Woodruff Mary Jo Woodward First row: Hammond, Howe, Brinsfield, Cliesuul, B. Andei-sun, Heiliiiy, C;lieiie , Lemon, I iuald. . . . Second roiL: Daly, Woodruff, Rushing, Hutehins, Jones, Tyler, Swanson, Talley, Mintz, Britton. . . . Third row: Greer, Brown, Thorpe, Woodward, Baker, Lang, Martin, Slaughter, J. King. Walker, Bassing, Hutehins, Marsh, Lawson. . . . Fourth row: Hull, Collins, Baxley, F. Smith, B. Smith, Watson, H. King, Campbell, McTyie, Weisinger, Evanson. . . . Fifth row: Weekes, Winges, J. Anderson, Carroll, Byrd, Roberts, Lewis, Tidwell, Abell, Flvnt, 229 CHI OMEGA MU BETA CHAPTER Mu Beta of Chi Omega was established on this cainjius in 1922. Since the found- ing of tlie sorority in 1895 at the University of Arkansas, nmety-seven chapters ha ' e been estabhshed, making it the hirgest national sororitj ' . Cardinal and straw are tlie colors; the flower is the white carnation. Members wear the jeweled X and horseshoe pin. Hodgson Campbell Nevin, M. L. Nevin, M. OFFICERS Mabguerite Hodgson President Mary Lois Campbkll Vice-President Mary Lou Nevin Secretary Maurine Nevin Treasurer 230 MEMBERS Betty Amis Constance Ashford VniAN ASHFOHD Martha Ball Maky Babnett Betty Baskin Nancy Bentley Jane Bonner Martha Bowen Jayne Brooks Caroline Callaway Mary Lois Campbell Nancy Campbell Gayelle Carby ' Mildred Carpenter Dorothy Cowart Alice Ann Davis Marilyn Elwell Marjorie Elwell Eileen Evans Mary Flanigen Eleanor Gibson Virginia Hancock Lucy Harvey Emily Henderson Minor Herndon Margaret Hightovver Lucy Hill Frances Hillis Marguerite Hodgson Elizabeth Irvin Mildred Jenkins Anne Kelly Elizabeth T. Le Hardy ' Faihlie Lemley Charlotte Lester Caroline Martin Esther Miller Mary Gray Murray Mary Lou Nevin Maurine Xevin May Dearing Nicholson Ann Orh Sally Orr June Poindexter Anne Puryear Betty ' Rawls Susan Rice Nan Rigdon Janet Royce Jeanne Ryan Marjorie Ryan Frances Rylander Harriet Smith HARRiE ' r Speer Shelley Spence Mary Keith Stansel Virginia Stewart Sally Wakefield Jane Webb Betty Westbrook Ruth Jane Whelchel Frit ' zi Yundt i€) First row: A. Orr, C. Ashford, Flanigen, Puryear, M. Campbell, Miss McDonald, Hodgson, M. L. Nevin, M. Nevin, Baskin, Poindex- ter, Wakefield, Bower. . . . Second row: Barnett, Bonner, Lemley, Jenkins, Kelley, Callaway, Herndon, Smith, Speer, Davis, Carby, Rvlander. . . . Third row: Murray, Marjorie Elwell, Marilyn Elwell, Ryan, Westbrook, Bentley, S. Orr, Nicholson, Evans, Carpenter, Welbiian, Ir in, Hill. . . . Fourth row: Stewart, Rice, Whelchel, Gibson, N. Campbell, Rawls, Miller, Lester, Henderson, M. Ryan, HiUis. . . . Fifth row: Brooks, Spence, Webb, LeHardy, Amis, Ro ce, Hancock, V. Ashford, Hightower, Stansell, Yundt, Rigdon. 231 DELTA DELTA DELTA ALPHA RHO CHAPTER The crescent moon and trident is the pin worn by Tri-Delts of eighty-seven chapters. Delta Delta Delta was founded on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University. Alpha Rho was established on the University campus in 1934. Tri- Delts honor silver, blue, and gold as their colors, and the pansy as thek flower. mm . m:f ' " ' Moore Martin Walker Keehan OFFICERS ViBGiNiA Moore President Frances Martin Vice-President Eleanor Walker Secretary Lucille Keehan Treasurer 232 MEMBERS Betty Aderholt June Bassett OpvU. Beck Barbara Bennett Frances Bryan Beverly Burns Patty Carpenter Annne Chivers Mary Cune Judy Corbin Pat Cunningham Mary Anne Doss Carolyn Dozier Helen Driftmier Gerry Dwtggins Peggy Farnell Bett - Byrd Fov Dot Fechtel Cornelia Ann Frost Mary Henderson Eleanor Ann Hunt Jane Inman Betty Lane Jackson Aylene Jennings Jane Jones Betty Keehan Lucille Keehan Mary Lawrence Amye Lott Carol MacDaniel Frances Martin Frances Massee Margie Moore Virginia Moore Frances Morrison Jean O ' Neil Frances Peck Carolyn Penuel MiN Powell Emily Phyor Jane Randall Carolyn Rose Ellen SAWTfER Nancy Sorrells Betty Smith Nan Thompson Martha Thompson Eleanor Walker Martha Walraven June Walton Mary Hunt Williams Mary Sue Wilson First row: Dozier, Hunt, Corbin, Walker, L. Keehan, Mrs. Kendig, V. Moore, Martin, Bassett, Walton, Dwiggins, Smith. . . . Second row: Lott, Jackson, Sorrells, Bennett, Fambro, Thompson, Carpenter, Wilhanis, Fechtel. . . . Third row: Cline, Rose, Cunningham, Beck, B. Keehan, Morrison, Aderholt, Bryan, Inman. . . . Fourth row: Driftmier, Cliivers, O ' Neil, Doss, Sawyer, Randall, Lawrence, M. Moore, Wilson, Penuel, Foy, MacDaniel. 233 DELTA PHI EPSILON PSI CHAPTER Eighth sorority to appear on the Uni orsit - of Georgia campus is the Psi chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon, established in 193cS. The sorority- was founded on a national basis at Washington Square, New York, in 1917. The founders chose for theii- colors royal purple and pure gold; for their flower, the orchid, and for their pin, the pearled triangle. V - ' 4:_X .. f - ) Meddin Kanter Goldman Abrams OFFICERS Audrey Meddin President Harriet Kanter Vice-President Hilda Goldman Secretary Anna Merle Abrams Treasurer 234 MEMBERS Anna Merle Abrams Betty Adler Marjorie Adlerstein Audrey Batkin Joan Berman E A COHN Bettye Edelson Betty Feigenbaum Hilda Goldman Florine Rose Gould Rhoda Hornick Anne Jacobson Harriett Kahn Harriet Kanter Dorothy Kaufmann Evelyn Lewis Mary Loubie Claire Love Trudy Marcus Audrey Meddin Rosalyn Platock Gloria Seigel Shirley Shulman Shuiley Silberstein Vivian Shoenbaum Esther Stein Rosalie Voll Shirley Wald Judy Zalkow Betty Averbach Phyllis Aronson Renee Mae Bodne Bett - Chernoff Toby Daitch Florence Dolinsky Phyllis Donneb Mary Jane Engel Betty Goldstein Betty Green Charlotte Greenbehc Janice Greenberg Frances Hardman Florence Halperin Geraldine Halperin Annette Harris Joyce Lennett Doris Levin Gerri Mattel Anita Mazier Margaret Tepper Laurel Weinberg iim. Miss Haijibi), Lrwis, Kdlcson, Marcus, Goldman, Meddiii. Kaiitcr, Gould, Abrams, Stein, Adler. . . . Second row: Green, Cohn, HorniLk, Kaufman. Batkin, Sthoenbaum, Schulnian, Kahn, Giegel, Donner, Harri.s. . . . Third row: Platock, Halperin, Chernoff, Wald, Voll, Zalkow, Silberstein, Herman, Lourie, Aronson, Engel, Levin, Feigenbaum. . . . Fourth rote: Mazair, Weinberg, Mattel, Len- nett. Alderstein, Badne, Tepper, Greenberg. 235 KAPPA DELTA SIGMA PHI CHAPTER The Sigma Phi chapter of Kappa Delta was estabUshed on the University of Georgia campus in 1924 and was the fomth sorority on the campus. The sorority ' s first chapter was estabHshed in 1S90 at Farmville, Virginia. Since then. Kappa Delta has organized sevent ' chapters. Members wear the diamond shaped pin. Colors are olive green and pearl white. The flower is the white rose. Ransone Foster Scott McKown OFFICERS Emily Ransone President Marjorie Foster Vice-President Elizabeth Scott Treasurer Helen McKowN Sccretanj 236 MEMBERS Dorothy Alexander Mary Brinkly Sue Brumby Acnes Buhdeshaw Jane Cheek Tony Cofer Dorothy Cone Christine Costello RosLYN Daniels Nan Davenport June Davies Anita Eppinger Anne Evans Majohie Foster Ann Gilbert Jean Gwynn Gail Hague Mary Harrell Lorraine Harris Margaret Ann Heaton Betty Hooten Carolyn Jarrell Martha Ann Kelly Margaret Lewis Iris Mackey Betsy Martin Helen McKown Skeet Meders Gwendolyn Merhitt Justine Munsell Mary Ann Pittman Catharine Pritchett Jacqueline Queen Emily ' Ransone Eva Mae Rheney Alice Dean Scott Elizabeth Scott Frances Seckinger Carolyn Snelson Katherine Stanton Elizabeth Truitt Ruth Trulock Alice Wickliffe Billie Wickliffe Jo Wickliffe Virginia Wier Susanne Wilson Anne Youmans rrr B " « ft ■ I iVfr ■i . . ' t m fj I n ;.- i ' V First row: Foster, Bruiiib) , Dalilberg, Ransone, B. Scott, McKown. . . . Second row: Jarrett, Heaton, Pritchett, Khene -, A. Wickliffe, Hooten. . . . Third row: B. Wickliffe, Daniels, Queen, Kelley, Brinkley, Cheek, Martin, Munsell, Eppinger, J. Wickliffe. . . . Fourth row: Mackey, Trulock, Alexander, Wilson, Evans, Costello, Davis, Youmans, Cone, Harris. . . . Fifth row: A. Scott, Glover, Merritt, Cofer, Harrell, Truitt. . . . Si,r( » row: Wier, Gilbert. 237 KAPPA ALPHA THETA GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER The black and gold kite became prominent ' hen Kappa Alplia Theta was founded at DePauw University in 1870. Gamma Delta, the only Theta chapter in Georgia, appeared on the University campus in 1936. Since then, Theta has be- come international with chapters in Canada and with these has sixt ' -eight chap- ters. The colors are black and gold; the flower is the black and gold pansy. Lamons Adams Kicklichteh McClung OFFICERS Betty Lamons President Barbara Adams Vice-Preskkmt Gloria Kickligiukh Secretary Marilyn McClung Treasurer 238 MEMBERS Bonnie Albinson Jean Andrews Barbara Adams Carolyn Walk V irginia Ballard Carolyn Bexley ' Jean Bowers Patricia Carlton Elizabeth Cliatt Marie Coleman Colette Conklin Mary ' Cronk Celeste Curlin Dolly Dalrymple Elizabeth Davis Eda Embigh Jackie Franks Ann Gunnels Eliz Vbeth de Garis Grace Green 1 Patsy Guess Ann Harris Miriam Harland Laurabelle Jarvis Lib Kenimer Martha Kerr Gloria Kicklighter Barbara Kiser Betty Lamons Katherine Littlejohn Helen Monoxelos Ann Mitchell Marilyn McClung Mabel McGarity Ann McLain Ann Neisler Nancy Nix Mary Nohthcutt Mary O ' Neill Betty Brown Julia Orme Ann Partee Celeste Purcell Margie Seymour Betty Shannon Mary Shannon Lucy Ann Sibley JuNELL Sparks Lavonia Sparks Louis Thomason Betty Tucker Madelyn Tupper Betty Whiting Jane Williams Nancy Woodard Patricia Toole Norma Tomey First row: Davis, Monoxelos, Ballard, Bowers, Jarvis, McClung, M. Shannon, CoMklm, lii iwn, ken. Walk. McLain. . . . Second row: Tucker, Lamons, Guess, Carlton, Albinson, Mrs. Rucker, Toole, Adams, Mitchell, Harris, . . . ' iliird row: Whiting, Be.xley, Orme, Purcell, Kiser, Tupper, Enibigli, Thomason, Cliatt, Gunnels. . . . Fourth row: Franks, Curlin, de Garis, Cronk, Tomey, Sibley, An- drews, Nortlicutt. Littlejohn. B. Shannon, J. Sparks. . . . Fifth row: Partee, Green, Nix, Kenimer, Woodward, Kickhghter, Dalrym- ple, Harland, Seymour, Neisler. 239 PHI MU ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER Established in 1921, Alpha Alpha of Phi Mu is the pioneer sorority on the Univer- sity campus. Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan in 1852 and now has sixty-two chapters in the national organization. The pin of the sorority is black and gold; colors pink and white; and the flower the pink carnation. Pe.4se Reynolds Ainswouth Bhumby OFFICERS Ida Pease President Carolyn Reynolds Vice-President Mary Ainsworth Secretanj Amella Brumby Treasurer 240 MEMBEKS Mary Ainsm ' Orth Pegcv Askew Sue Boykin Ann Britain Marion Bruce Amelia Brumby CoREN Bull Benning Burgard Frances Burpee Alice Chandler Anne Claussen Doris Cooper Edith Crowe Connie Davis June De Beaugrin Judy Dismukes Katherine Dozier Helen Eggert Ann Elliot Betty Fitts Bollinc: Fortson Janet Fortson Lelia Frank Martha Groover Bettie Hodgson Frances Hubbard Carolyn Johnston Chis Humphree Jones Connie Lewis Nancy Marshall Caroline May Pat Mell Betty Millican Sarah Morgan Ida Pease Emily Polhill Lois Polhill Jean Purvis Mary Frances Baines Ann Register Carolyn Reynolds M. A. Roberts Caroline Robinson Ida Lee Solms Jan e Sparks Rebecca Thomas Jui.ia Thomason Katherine Thompson Grace Toole L ' Genia White Eleanor Williams Virginia Williams Hilda Wright Lucy Yancey First row: Lewis, Elliot, Ainsworth, Reynolds, Pease, Brumby, Bo kin, Crowe, Thomas. . . . Second row: Solms, Dozier, Robinson, Paul, Bull, Bruce, Polhill. . . . Third row: Cooper, Yancey, Eggert, Toole, Rainey, White, Williams, Sparks, McKenna. . . . Fourth row: Thomason, De Beaugrin, Fitts, Register, Hubbard, Thompson, Purxis. Fortson, Frank. . . . Fiftli row: Roberts, Davis, Morgan, Hodgson, Fortson, Burgard, Disniuke. . . . S;.v( i row: Marshall, . Iell, C handler, Clausen, Polhill, Brittain, Groover, May, Burpee, Askew, Johnson, Williams. 241 PI BETA PHI GEORGIA ALPHA CHAPTER Georgia Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi was installed on February 4, 1939, on the University ' campus. Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in 1867. There are now over ninety chai ters whose members wear the golden arrow and chain, honor the colors of wine and silver blue, and upliold the wine carnation as their flower. LoCAN Williams Caruthers OFFICERS Mary Anne Tyler President Mary Lee Logan Vice-President Betty Jane Williams Secretary Margaret Caruthers Treasurer 242 MEMBERS Elizabeth Almon Maizie Almon Margaret Anderson Ann Andrews Beverly Bell Margaret Sue Biggers Mary Anne Braungart Jane Carey Margaret Caruthers Elise Chapman Alice Cow art Ann Crowley Marjohie Davis Joan Gentry Jane Goode Judith Hastings Patricia Higgins Nan Ivey Joanne Johnson Bebe Kelley Joanne Ledbetter Mary Lee Logan Frances Massey Lynn McKinnon Mildred Moneyhun Ann Mullin VrviAN Newberry Jackie Odom Cabyn Pate Bobby Ann Schow Frankie Settle Gloria Sloan Jeanette Snee Isabel Stellings Marquilla Stuckey Mary Anne Sutton LouRENE Tate Rosemary Thompson Mary Anne Tyler Madeleine Wall Iris Westbrook Claire Whelchel Ann Williams Betty Jane Williams Elizabeth Winn First row: Higgins, Mullu:, Groves, Tyler, Massey, Snee, Chapman, Sutton. . . . Second row: McKinnon, Gentry, Crowley, Pate, An- drews. . . . Third row: Schow, Ledbetter, Stuckey, Davis, Sloan. . . . Fourth row: Almon, Ivey, Johnson, Caruthers. . . . Fifth row: Bell, Newberry, Biggers, Wiggins, Westbrook, Wall, Braungart, Martin, Almon, Tate, Rhodes, Carey. . . . Sixtli row: Hastings, Stel- lings, Oduni, Logan, Hill, Moneyhun, Goode, Thompson, Mrs. Knox, Whelchel, Kelley, Settle, Winn, . nderson. 243 1 SIGMA DELTA TAU ETA CHAPTER Eta Chapter of Sigma Delta Tan was founded on the University of Georgia cam- pus in 1924. The chapter became inacti e in 1929 and was reinstated in 1945. The colors are cafelait and blue; the flower is the tea rose; and the pin is the golden torch. First row: Moscowitz, Hyman, Suluinons, Jii . . . . ,ccond rou: Lett, Krieger, Mendel, Tlurd row: Scheer, Hanovin, Feidelson. Hyman Jay Mendel OFFICERS Shifra Hyman Presklcnf Anne Moscowitz Secretary Gladys Jay Treasurer Elaine Mendel Pledge Trainer MEMBERS Rose Leah Feidelson Gladys Jay Anne Moscowitz Saba Hanovin Frances Kriecer Frieda Scheer Shifra Hyman Theresa Lekf Jane Solomons Elaine Mendel 244 ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA OMICRON PI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA CHI OMEGA DELTA DELTA DELTA Kt I KAPPA DELTA Hj sy Biih tan KAPPA ALPHA THETA PHI MU PI BETA PHI IN MEMORIAM Dr. Sanford EUGENE SMITH Died June 6, 1945 DR. S. V. SANFORD Chancellor Died September 15. 1945 ARTIS C. SNIDER Died September 17, 1945 HAROLD BURNS Died December 8. 1945 JOE BRINSON Died December 18, 1945 CARL HEATH Died January 27, 1946 255 CHI PHI I ETA CHAPTER Chi Phi was founded December 24, 1824, at Princeton University. Eta chapter was estabHshed at the University of Georgia in 1867. Bowles Bhovvn Bhisendine G. hdneb OFFICERS Jesse Bowles President Fred Brown Vice-President Garry Brisendine Secniunj Sam Gardner Treasurer 256 MEMBERS Allen Caiunes Charlie Cakroll Jesse Bowxes Garrett Brisendine Fred Brown John Donaldson Charlie Drake Harrell Drewry Beefie Eaves Sam Gardner Randolph Gibson Price Gittinger Tommy Hennedy Jimmy Hodgson Harry Kirkland Duke Lane Lewis Ledsinger Richard Lee Ryals Lee Bill MacKenna Jimmy Moffett Reid Moseley Ralph Nollner Dan Plaster Tommy Pope Gael Sanders Lawton Shaw Nick Theodore Hugh Thompson Melvin Thompson RoziER Turner Luther Wallace Milton Wallace Don Wells Henry Williams First nut:: LLclsingcr, Shaw, Gardner, Buwies, Ruth Fowler (Sponsor), Brcjwn, Brisendine, Gittinger, T. Pope. . . . Second row: Hodgson, Nollner, Turner, Sanders, Ryals Lee, Helmly, M. Wallaee, E. Pope, H. Thompson. . . . Third row: Lane, Carroll, Kirk- land? M. Thompson, Theodore, Drake, Moseley, Wells, Richard Lee. . . . Fourth row: Donaldson, Gairiies, Plaster, Williams, Mac- Kenna, Gibson, Eaves, Drewry, L. Wallace. 257 KAPPA ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Kappa Alpha was founded December 21, 1865, at Washington and Lee University. Gamma chapter was estabhshed at the University of Georgia in 1868. The colors are crimson and old gold. OFFICERS JiE Inman President FiiANK Flanders Vice-President Bob Brown Sccrcfani 25S MEMBERS I Bill B. ktlett Upshaw Bentley Bob Bbovvn Johnny Brock Sid Bryan Frank Capers Jack Coplin George Cunningham Bill Dixon James Ferguson Bobby Fryer Warren Garner Billy Gray Sam Guy Howard Guest Rudy Geisler Chester Gravely ' Dean Hall Sonny Hall John Ham Earl Horne Tom Lee Horne David Hogan Norwood HIGHS TH Hugh Inman Pat Longing Chandler Lanier James G. Mason Gene H. McNatt Bill Middleton Fred Mingledorff Newton Morris Rob L. Nelson Bill Norvell Bob Patton Jack Pait Louis Pitzer Grayson Po ' ELL Dan Qullian Leon Ryan Jack Savage Pratt Secrest Bobby Stringer George Tucker Harry Turner Charlie Upchurch Homes Watson Carl Wiggins Ben Youmans First row: Savage, Secrest, Coplin, Cunningham, Inman, Bentley, Guy, Powell, Capers. . . . Second row: Bartlett, Gray, Patton, Mrs Herschel Carrithers, Highsmith, Tucker, Pitzer. . . . Third row: E. Horne, Brock, Nelson, D. Hall. . . . Fourth row: Longino, Ryan, Pait, Guest, Mingledorf, Fryer. . . . Fifth row: S. Hall, Morris, Brown, Gravely, Mason, McNatt, Watson, Turner, Ham, Bryan, Novell. . . . i row: Doc and Frank. 259 mmmf. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA NU ZETA CHAPTER Lambda Chi Alpha was founded November 2, 1909 at Boston University. Nu chapter was estabhshed at the University of Georgia in 1915. The colors are purple, green, and gold. Proveaux Glenn, J. Gi.enn, B. Nix OFFICERS Cubits Proveaux President Jimmy Guenn Vice-President Billy Glenn Secretary Carl Nix Treasurer 260 MEMBERS 1 Joe Baker Edsel Benson Brooker Blanton Paul Boswell Billy Bubson Fuzzy Byrnes Mike Castronis Ed Cnare Jim Cook Russell Da is Jimmy Dunaway Dan Edwards Jimmy Enneis Ben Garvin Gardner Gidley Sam Gunn Morgan Harvill Frank Irvin Lanier Jackson Joe Kennimer Bill Lasseter Clayton Logan Buck Lunsford Sam Pinson Leonard Robinson Hubert Rocker Erwin Seitz Raleigh Sims Joe Tereshensky Claude Thames Charles Trippi First row: Jackson, Logan, W. Glenn, Pioveaux, Nix, J. Glt-un. . . . Sccaiul nnc: TImhr ' S, Kennimer, H.irvill, Trippi, Gar in, Burson. . . . Third row: Cook, Pinson, Sims, Dunaway, Seitz, Gunn. . . . Fourth row: Davis, Edwards, Lunsford, Cnare, Boswell, Baker. . . . Fifth row: Tereshensky, Blanton, Brown, Lasseter, Robinson, Irvin, Gidley. 201 " PHI DELTA THETA GEORGIA ALPHA CHAPTER Phi Delta Theta was founded December 26, 1848, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Georgia Alpha chapter was estabhshed at the University of Georgia in 1871. The colors are blue and wliite. L p -f -: ' iftfi ' McLeod DeVehnet Beck OFFICERS Robbie McLeod President Jimmy DeVernet . Vice-President Bnx Beck Treasurer 262 MEMBERS Ghady Banks FuED Beasley Pick Butler Harvey Cabiness Charles Collins Lawrence Coffee Hal Cofer Stewart Culpepper Bill Engle Talmadge Gordon Ed Green BuNKY Hancock Billy Ibwin Bill Johnston Tommy Johnson Bob McCann Gould Mosely Dick Our Billy Patterson Douglas Puckett Jep Pullin Sam Queener Jim Smith Lyle Smith Bill Stewart Hamp Turner Joe Vogel Arthur Ware George Williamson bimt rou: ( uli-r, DuW-nict. Mrs. Colfee, McLeod. Win. Btck, 111. L. Cxjllce. . . . Secoful row: Biillcr, yuitncr, Cabaniss, Ckuicuts, Culpepper, Ware. . . . Third rinc: Beasley, L. Smith, Green, Ji)lmst()n, Collins, Piiekett. . . . Fourth row: Irwin, Mosely, Vogel, Orr, J. Smith, Wilhamson. . . . Fiftli row: Fincll ' , Johnson, Hancock, Gordon, Tanner, Patterson. 263 PHI EPSILON PI MU CHAPTER Phi Epsilon Pi was founded November 23, 1904, at the College of the City of New York. Mu chapter was established at the Universit - of Georgia in 1915. The colors are purple and gold. Braver, Kronick, Joel, Walker, Brail, Furchgott, Ellison. rtrW 1 Furchgott Bhall Ellison OFFICERS Charles Furchgott u))ciior Jack Brail ... Vice-Superior Richard Ellison Sccretanj-Trcnsurcr MEMBERS Jack Brail Charles Furchgott Bill Braver Norman Kronick Richard Ellison Jerry Walker Bob Joel 264 PI KAPPA PHI LAMBDA CHAPTER Phi Kappa Plii was founded at the College of Charleston in 1904. Lambda chapter was founded at the Universit ' of Georgia in 1915. The colors are gold, white, and blue. UPf B IBBEHMH PI KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA MU CHAPTER Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the Uni ersity of Virginia in 1868. Alpha Mu chapter was established at the Unixersity of Georgia in 1908. The colors are garnet and old gold. Head Jones Johnson OFFICERS R. Jennings Head President Robert J. Jones Vice-President C. Denton Johnson Secretary Lee F. Jerkins Treasurer 266 MEMBERS P. C. Chandler, Jn. Lauben Coffey Lanier Cobb R. Jennings Head M. Cameron Head Dewey Henry George W. Hulme Lee F. Jerkins C. Denton Johnson Robert F. Jones Benjamin Parks, Jr. Richard H. Pipes Walter J. Rushin L. Miles Sheffer James M. Storey Joseph C. Strong George D. Telford Ralph Thornton Mac Trotter Jack Tyson Erwin Wall First inw: Jones, J. Head, Jerkins, Rushin. . . . Second row: Slieffer, Pipes. Johnson, Chandler, Tyson. . . . Third row: Storey " ' Per)per " (mascot), Hulme, Henry. . . . Fourth row: Strong, C. Head, Wall, Trotter, Thornton, Cobb. Parks, 267 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON BETA CHAPTER Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded March 9, 1856 at the University of Alabama. Georgia Beta chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1866. Colors are royal purple and old gold. Henson Ghekne W ' eih Clarke OFFICERS Kenneth Henson President Bill Greene Vicc-Piesklent Van Noy Weir Treasurer Harold Clarke Secretary 268 MEMBERS Buddy Aldred(;e Cliff Aveuett Walkek Bankston Emory Bass Tyeer Behhyman Wallace Binns Ed Bleakley Carlton Bullock Charlie Burgamy Sam Cann Jack Capers Elton Gary Frank Cheatham Howard Dasher Jim DeLaPerriere Fred Doyle Hubert Dyar Calvin Ellis George Erwin Pat Evans Frank Faulk Jack Godree Bill Green Pomp Gregorie Jack Groves Jack IIacler Jim Hardaway PiiiL Harrison Spott swood Hahvey Gene Haynes Kenneth Henson Frank JIester Cliff Hill Jimmy Hodges Stuart Knight Howard Latty Joe Lindsey Bernard Logan Lawrence Loh Charles Lokey Alex MacDonell Kirk McAlpin Dick McCaulie John McMillan George Mercer Mercer Murky- Clarence Mobley Lem Nevtl Tom Nobthcutt Donnie Paulk Harry Penz Charles Phinizy Jack Pierce Bob Reynolds Jack Rhodes Preston Rose Charles Royal Bob Russell Charlie Sdces Frank Silvey Henry Skipper Ro - Smisson Kay Stanley Dick Stearns Ray Stephens Ben Stewart John Stone BuBBER Strickland Louie Vaughn Jackie Waller Wallace Warren Van Noy Wier Harry Williams Theo Yeacer First row: Bullock, DeLaPurriL-iL ' , Steam, rluiii .y, Uairisuii, Aveiett, Suiissou, Hodge, Paulk, Strickland, Penct-, McAli in. . . . Second row: Mercer, Bleakle -, Stanley, Ha nes, Faulk, Stewart, Wier, Greene, Mrs. Barran, Henson, Ro al, D ar, Warren, Bass, MacDonald, Xorthcutt, Hagler, Reynolds. . . . TItiril row: Loh, Russell, Rose, Das her, Logan, Erwin, Sikes, Nevil, Evans, Stephens, " Doc " Banks, Cheatham, Lindsey, McCallie, Bankston, Lokey, Hester, Capers. . . . Fourtli row: Doyle, Veager, McMillan, Pierce, Vaughn, Rhodes, Murray, Groves, ' iliianis, Silvey, Binns, Hardaway, Cann, Skipper. Godbee, Ellis, Stone, Berrynian, Aldredge, Burgamy, Waller. Hill. 269 SIGMA CHI DELTA CHAPTER Sigma Chi was founded June 26, 1855. at Miami Uni ' eisity, Oxford, Ohio. The Delta chapter was estabhslied at the University of Georgia in 1872. The colors are scarlet and blue. DeLoacii Monroe RiCHEY Downs OFFICERS C. E. DeLoach .... President Bill Monroe ... Vice-President Mac Richey Secretary Don Downs Treasurer 270 MEMBERS 1 Dekle Banks Ed Capehal Joe Chesna B. C. DELoAcir, Jr. Frank DeLoach Ray DeLoach C. E. DeLoach Don Downs Otis Ethridce Frank Fovvler Jessie Grear John De Gregory John Grover Donald Hall Newell Hamilton James Hammond Rudolph Hayes Hicks Hines Walter P. Hill Fred Hodges Lamar Jackson Norman Jackson Gaston Lockhabt Hal Macon L. Clay Mayes Warren Ninchew Bill Monroe Sam Monroe John Owen Carlso Phillips Gene Pierce John Pilcher Mac Richey Joe Cabboll Rogers George Scott Russell Shirley DeWitt Smith Ned Smith Bill Strother Fred Stltrces George Taylor Billy Tidwell Grayson Trapnell P. A. Graham VanDenburg J. P. Wells George Williams Tommy Wooten First roio: Downs, B. Monroe, Richey, Hill, C. E. DeLoach, liamniond, Hines. . . . Second roic: Mass, Loclciiart, iJcC.rcgoi) , B.inks, Hamilton, Rogers, Owen. . . . Third row: Etlieridge, N. Jackson, Taylor, Fowler, Hayes, Wells, Tidwell. . . . Fourth row: Sturges, Minchew, Grear, Trapnell, Hall, Shirley, F. DeLoach, Pilcher, Scott. . . . Fifth row: L. Jackson, B. G. DeLoach, Ray DeLoach, Caperal, Hodges, S. Monroe. . . . Sixth row: Strother, Smith, Groover, Woods, V ' andenburg. 271 SIGMA NU MU CHAPTER Sigma Nu was founded January 1, 1869, at Virginia Military Institute. Mn chapter was established at the Uni ersity of Georgia in 1881. The colors are gold, black, and white. i ■i fel ' ■! Chase Mohgan Bumdall Conkle OFFICERS Henry Chase Commander Thomas Morgan Lieutenant Commander P. A. BuMBALL, Jr Recorder Joe Conkle Treasurer 272 MEMBERS 1 Joe Brock Clarence Brown George T. Burton Joseph Butler Joe Cook John Crisp Blake Davis Walter Dawson Jac:k Fulwiler Spann Greene, Jr. John Gregorie Harold Johnson BowDRE Phinizy Mayes Jeff Newbern Gerald Peacock Jack Peacock Jimmy Pruitt Pierce Smith Robert E. Tollett R. E. Turner Newton Tyson Bryant Walton JULTOS WiLLAMS i ! First row: Fulwiler, Conkle, Moigan, Mrs. Bailey (liouseniother ), Chase, Bumball, Dawson, Williams. . . . Second row: Mayes, Brock, Peacock, Johnson, Butler, Newton, Burton, Tollett. . . . Third row: Cook, Brown, Davis, Gregorie, Turner, Smith, Crisp, Stratford. 273 TAU EPSILON PHI n NU CHAPTER Tail Epsilon Phi was founded October 19, 1910, at Columbia University. Nu chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1919. The colors are lavender and white. 0 " ' f l« " ' FiSHMAN ElSENBERG POLLER OFFICERS Herman Fishman ClianceUor Dave Eisenberg Vice -Chancellor Joe Poller Bursar Ralph Cohen Scribe 274 MEMBERS Murray Arkin Leonard Bercer Leon Borochoff Ralph Cohen Dave Eisenberg Ed Ember Bob Feingold Herman Fishman Bob Fkell Jack Goldberg Stanley Hirsch Elliot Horovitz Morris Jant o Jack Kahn Herbert Kolodkin Macks Levinson MtTRRY Matez Joe Poller Herbert Stoloff Alvin Saul First row: Fishman, Eisenberg, Mrs. W. L. Cliilds ( houseniotlier ), Saul, Feingold. . . . Second row: Borochofl, Poller, Kahn, Hirsch, Mantez. . . . Tliird row: Goldberg, Horovitz, Janko, Ember, Berger, Arkin. . . . Fourth row: Levinson, Kolodkin, FLxelle, StoIo£f. 275 CHI PHI KAPPA ALPHA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PHI DELTA THETA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA CHI SIGMA NU THE ADMINISTRATION Till ' people represented on this page are the " behind the scenes " faithful ones who keep the Uni- ersit ' operating. There are many others all of whom deserve equal praise. Left: Miss Evelyn Sellers, Dean of Womens Activities, and Wil- liam Tate, Dean of Students. REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE TREASURER ' S OFFICE Mrs. E. D. Newton, Mrs. Betty Gar- land, Miss Virginia Camarata, Mrs. Alene Warnock, Mrs. H. C. Doolittle, and Dr. J. Ralph Tha.xton, Registrar. SECRETARIES .Miss Madge Lesher, Miss Lucy Payne, Mrs. .Marie Avera, Miss Eula Hale, Ewell Barnes. Mrs. Maurice Lawrence, .Mrs. Manning Tripp, Lester Norton, and (seated) J. D. Bolton, Treasurer. ETERANS ' DIVISION Above: Miss Flora L. Her- ring, Telefjhone Operator. First roil. Mrs. Josephine Burns, Miss Nancy Jones, Mrs. Maurice Lawrence, Miss Laura Smith, Miss Nolee May Dunaway and Miss Alberta Church. . . . Second row: Mrs. Lizzie Shy, Miss Kathcryn Blackwell, Mrs. Betty Anne Cauhle, Mrs. Mozellc Hodgson and Miss Elizabetli Ocighton. . . . Third row: Mrs. Sara McNeese, Mrs. Hope Sailors, Miss X ' iryinia Camarata, Miss Carroll McMahon and Mrs. Sue Floyd. . . . Fourth row: Miss Kathryn Beat- enhougli. Miss Jeanne Mann, Miss Grace Costa and Mrs. Julia DeRose, . . . Fifth row: Mrs. Katherine Anderson, Mrs. Gilbert Henry, Miss Tommie Hailey, Miss Jennie Beer, Mrs. Edith Johnston and Miss Miriam Thunnond. Mrs. Helen Dowdv, Miss Nell Huff, Mrs. Emily DcLay, and J. Thomas . skew. Director of Veterans ' Division. 283 Alpha Chi Olympics Alplia ' ' lii Omega sorority inaugurated a new campus activity this year (Saturday, May 19) with their first annual Alpha Chi Olympics. Fraternity actives and pledges donned shorts and tennis shoes to vie for honors. Various relays and races ended witii Sigma Chi and Chi Phi tying for first place and two cups being awarded. Charles Burch, Phi Delta Theta entrant, boasted the handsome physique which won for him the title " Atlas of the Olympics. " Ed Nelson of A.T.O. walked away with the " Creek God " title after a " male beauty contest " judged by the members of Alpha Chi. Wearing a toga and riding in a " golden chariot, " Nelson was crowned by President Jane Manghon with I laurel wreath. Members of Alpha Chi aranged an afternoon I ' aiumcd full of entertainment tor the hundreds of spectators. Rutland Iturdles Atlas " 284 SIGMA CHI DERBY The ninth annnal Sigma Chi Derby (Saturday, October 13 was more entertaining this year than ever before. Sororit pledges suffered bruise after bruise in an effort to win potato races, " three-legged " races, egg races and various other events, " dreamed up " by the Sigma Chi ' s, in an effort to carry home the cup. In spite of stiff competition from other sororities. Kappa Delta came out ahead. Grace Toole, Phi Mu pledge, measured up to all the qualifications and became the 194.5 " Modern V ' enus. " The selection of the " Sweetheart of Sigma C:hi " is the outstanding event of tlie Derby each ear. This year, after a lengthy process of elimination. President C. E. DeLoach, Jr., presented lovely Nancy Sorrells, Delta Delta Delta pledge, as the 194.5 " Sweetheart. " Derby Day Croud " iiwcctiieart " 285 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Pan-Hellenic Conncil, founded in 1922, contains two representatives from each sororit ' . The Presidency of the organization is rotated among the sororities. Foremost among the efforts of Pan-Hellenic are the formulation of sound rushing rules, the encouragement of superior scholarship, the sponsorship of intramural sports competition, and the creation of harmony among sororities. Jean Lewis Chris Costello Esther Stein OFFICERS Jean Lewis President Chris Costello Vice-President Esther Stein Secretary JiNKY MooBE Treasurer JiNKY MOOHE i ' ' i .s7 iiiiL: Leiniiions, llarristm, Hiisf. NKknwii. AikUmsdii. . . . Srccnd row. Conklin, Meddin, Stein. Miss Evelyn Sfllfrs, Lewis. Cos- tello, J. Moore, M. Moore, Clausseii. . . . Tliird row. Parr, Mauglum, Oduni, Tyler, Hodgson, Campbell, Roos, Hynian, Sparks. 286 COUNCIL MEMBERS Alpha Omicron Pi BdBBiK Fulton President Betty McIlwain Representative Alpha Delta Pi Dot Rose President Joyce Harrison Representative Alpha Gamma Delta Jean Lewis President Betty- J. Anderson .... Representative Alpha Chi Omega Jane Maughon President Emily ' Conwell Representative Chi Oinc :a Marguerite Hodgson President Mary Lois Campbeli Representative Delta Delta Delta JiNKY ' Moore President Margie Moore Representative Delta Phi Epsilon Audrey Meddin President Esther Stein Representative Kai)iui Alpha Theta -Mauy Shannon President Marie Coleman Representative Kappa Delta Emily Ransone President Chris Costello Representative Pi Beta Phi Mary Ann Tyler President Bebe Kelly Representative Phi Mil Ida Pease President CoREN Bull ..... Representative Sigma Delta Tun Shifra Hyman President Matiel Roos Representative JEAN LEWIS CHRIS COSTELLO ESTHER STEIN 287 THE INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The Intei-Fiaternity Council is composed of two delegates from each of the thirteen fraternities and a faculty adviser. The council is a general governing body of the fraternities and furthers interest of the various chapters by giving awards for scholastic attainment and by studying fraternity problems. For many years the Inter-Fraternit ' Council has added to the spirit of the college by sponsoring the Home- coming Dances and the Little Commencement Dances. The council also makes regulations governing rushing and prevents any disorder during freshman week. OFFICERS Jesse Bowles President Charlie Fuechcott Vice-President Walter Dawson Secretary C. E. DeLoach Treasurer Mr. John F. Burke Adviser Bowles FURCHGOTT Dawson DeLoacu 288 COUNCIL MEMBERS Pi Kappa Phi Gordon Tkulock John ' J. Thontas Phi Delta Thcta Robbie McLeod jiMMiE Du ' ernet Phi Epsilon Pi C HARLIE FuRCHGOTT Jack Brail Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kenneth Henson Harold Clark Lambda Chi Alpha Bill Glenn Cur ns Pro eaux Kappa Aljtha JiE Inman Frank Flanders Sigma Nu Walter Dawson Henry Chase Sigma Chi C. E. DeLoach Don Downs Tail Epsiloii Phi Herman Fishman Dave Eisenberg Alpha Ep.silon Phi Gilbert Cohen Pi Kappa Alpha Jennings Head Walter Rushing Chi Phi Fred Brown Sam Gardner Alpha Tail Omega John Deaton Ed Nelson First row: Furchgott, Bowles, Mr. Burke, Dawson, DeLoach. . . . Second rote: Head, Gardner, Henson, Saul, DuV ' ernet, Cohen, Fish- man. . . . Third row: Proveaux, Rushing, Harris, Deaton, McLeod, Chase. . . . Fourth row: Glenn, Trulock, Nelson, Wells. 289 Party of Organized Women The Party of Organized Women is a local organization for non-sorority women, and plays a vital part in their college life. The POWV sponsor dances and othei- social activities. OFFICERS Laura Barfield President Irene Erickson Vice-President Virginia Dekle Secretary Camilla Barnett Treasurer " " ■ Barfield Emckson Dekle Barnett Allen FnosT McCall Sanders Anthony Bowen Brown Caldwell J. Davis R. Davis DlLL.-VRD Harbin HiNELY Holder Jordan Jones Marlow Martin McCranie McTyre Meschine Middleton Mincledorf Mobley Moore Sutton Trent J. Valentine P. Valentine Whisonant Wise Young REPRESENTATIVES IN COUNCIL Judy . llen Rutherford Hall Edna Anthony Rutherford Hall Hallie Bowen Candler Hall Mary Anne Brown Winnie Davis Helen Cladwell Old College Joyce Davis Winnie Davis JluTH Davis Winnie Davis Carolyn Dillard Mary Lyndon Virginia Frost Gilmer Hall Frances Harbin Crawford Long Anne Hinely B. S.U. Doris Holder Senior Hall Carolyn Jordan Senior Hall Virginia Jones Clark Howell Hasty Marlow Crawford Long Ethel Martin Candler Hall Charlotte McCall Gilmer Hall Sue McCranie Clark Howell Virginia McTyee Old College Gene Meschine Old College Elizabeth Middleton Miller Hall Gretchen Mingledorf Bradwell Hall Ruth Mobley Bradwell Hall Alice Moore Candler Hall Ann Sanders Clark Howell Audrey Sutton Crawford Long Kathryne Thompson Gilmer Hall Betty Trent Miller Hall Jean Valentine Clark Howell Pamela Valentlne Mary Lyndon Sara Whisonant Rutherford Hall Jane Wise Bradwell Hall Norma Young Miller Hall Grand Old Party G.O.P. is the organized group of campus men at the Uni ersit ' . No fraternit ' pledge or acti e member is allowed to join G.O.P. or to participate in any of its fimctions or social affairs. The purpose of the group is to assure all campus men a chance to reach the top in activities on tlie L ' ni ersity cami us. G.O.P. is not interested in the money or position that a student ' s family might ha ' e. It is iriterested only in the i:)otential talents of its members. Each year G.O.P. elects a C ampus Leader and Vice Campus Leader to carry on the work of the organization, and to act as a direct contact between the group and other college organizations. I BlTODY HaRGREAVES Campus Leader Bill Ariail Vice Campus Leader Abit Massev Secretary- Treasu rer h 292 FORT OGLETHORPE HHHf -ps,_,E CAVE SPRINGS .. X grI ewOOD 1 y . . . VWAYN chS estoe .v:j - ;, _ cH.-r ' ' ° rE SYCAMORE A rpw ' K. ' v . .. .6 Ai vs 5 O - vV ?- WRENS V " Oi OAN MAYSVr w « ■ _ ' .■ .. i ' " S! BROOKFIELD ADRIAN r %y_nT TTMRTIS located on the western side of the state, was formall - estabhshed m 1828- one of the last frontier towns of the original thirteen states. Today Columbns makes 200 items in 100 manuiacturing plants of varving sizes and boasts 90,000 residents. The city boasts churches of many denominations, schools, and points of civic and public interest. FORT BENNING, " America ' s most complete Army post, " is nine miles soutlieast of Columbus. Outstanding among its organizations are the Army Infantry School and the parachute school. Also in this area of the state are CORDELE, site of tlie first county owned hydro-electric plant in the United States, and MOULTRIE, located in the heart of Georgia ' s agricultural belt. QUITMAN, eight miles from the Florida hne, is one of the most thriving towns in the state. Its beauty and culture remain as a glowing example of the Old South with an added touch of the modern day atmosphere. ' . OGt-eTHncMACO K ' HOPlF r HIL.1- . -.-ccs..« -; cv- EXPERIMENT ,oc.e.-o. , ;..o V GRANTVILLE o o e o: P TELL ( liJ o f l • Pa I KM ATHENS ' ' NGSLAND " - 0 5, JESUP .NCOUNTON . - COLQUITT O ' VILLA RICA o vr sr - V AUGUSTA l ' ' O TALBOTTON LUMPKIN WHIGHAM ' ' S ' Colonel Richard B. Trimble Professor of Military Science and Tactics 296 Captain R. Morris. Colonel R. B. Trimble, Major C. H. Hooper and Captain D. B. Howard. First row: M Sgt. L. L. Williams, Captain R. Morris, Colonel R. B. Trimble, Major C. H. Hooper, Captain D. B. Howard, T Sgt. E. P. Foreman. . . . Second row: M Sgt. R. J. Smith, First Sgt. E. P. Copelan, S Sgt. G. B. Farmer, Pfc. P. E. Turner, S Sgt. H. B. Avrett and Sgt. F. E. Hill. 297 BATTALION STAFF RoBEBT C. Sanders Battalion Commander f Clayton Logan, Executive Officer; T. E. Johnson, Battalion Adjutant. 298 COLORS 299 COMPANY A Cadet Capt. George Erwin, Coimiiimding, Cadet First Sgt. L. H. Brown Cadet Cpl. M. D. Hall, Guidon Bearer FIRST PLATOON Cadet First Lt. Robert Joel Platoon Leader Cadet Tech. Sot. J. B. Baker Fhitooti Sergeant Cadet Staff Sgt. T. G. Cujley Platoon Guide FIRST SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. M. C. Arkin (squad leader), Cadet Privates Brvan, ]. C. Allen, H. E.. Beggs, W. A.. Booth, 1. C, Crowe, R. H., Cole, J. R., Cook. H.. Drake, C. H. Drewry, J. H. second SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. W. I. Braver (squad leader). Cadet Privates Dempsev, W. M,. Dooley, W. A., Davis, E. B., Fa- bian, A. E., Frank, E. 1., Findlev, R. O., Garrett, R. A., Henipliiil, J. D., Watson. V. C. third squad Cadet Staff- Sgt. J. C. Rogers (s.juad leader), Cadet Privates DeLoacli, B. C., Clonts, S. B., Bennett, J. D.. Blount, C. D., Barfx-r, T. F., Bennett, W. F., Bis- hop, T. F., Boswell, P. J., Bradford, P. R., Williams, J. T., Whitefield, J. J. SECOND PLATOON Cadet First Lt. A. D. Palmisano Platoon Leader Cadet Tech Sgt. R. L. Kennedy Platoon Sergeant Cadet Staff Sgt. F. W. Hodges Platoon Guide FIRST squad Cadet Staff Sgt. J. C. Lankford (squad leader). Cadet f ' rivates Lewis, J. V., Murray, W. J., McCall, S. A.. Mahaffey, B., Montgomery, R. C, Mason, C. L., Menzin. A. W., Norville, Z. L., Martin, E. D., Ty.son, J. M. SECOND SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. D. D. Quillian (squad leader). Cadet Privates Poss, G. W., Powell, G. C, f-iomanowski, E. S., So- well, G.. Shepherd, M. H., Stoloff, H.. Shurling, M. H., Turner, J. H., Tucker, R. E., Butler, |. W. rillRD SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. L. L. Smith (squad leader). Cadet Privates Brown, C. W., Toney, H. F., Vandiver, W. II., West, R. E., Gentry, J. C, Ozburn, A. M., Pilcher, J. L., Smith, E. L, Shahan, II. E., Stephens, R. W. Joel, Erwin, ilall and Palmisano 300 COMPANY B Cadet Capt. W. H. Cabaniss, Cominaiicliug Cadet First Sgt. D. Smti h Cadet Cpl. P. C. Astin, Guidon Bearer Lvunpkin, Cabaniss, Astin and Hodgson FIRST PLATOON Cadet First Lt. E. S. Lumpkin Platoon Leader Cadet Tech Sgt. V. R. Taylor Platoon Serjeant Cadet Staff Sot. J. H. Bullock Platoon Guide first syuAD C;adet StaH Sgt. H. M. Clements (squad leader). Cadet Privates , ldridge. H. C, Beckliam, O. F.. Boroelioft. L. D.. Bar- row. B. C. Berger. L. H., Bussey, B. P.. B rne, D. L., Fiengold. R. T., Gunter, V. E. SECOND S9U. D Cadet Staff Sgt. D. M. Sliaskan (squad leader). Cadet Privates Goldberg, J. P.. Grist. H. G., Gupo, J. VV., Hirsch, S., Kent, R. H., Kolokin, H. S., Kronick, . M., Lawson, J. C., Levenson, M., Logan, C. H. THIRD SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. M. L. Hollinian (squad leader). Cadet Privates Casev, W. F., DeW ' itt, I. B., Fexell, R. M., Hamilton, N. . l.. Hill, C. R., Norris, H. B., Poller, J., Rich, E. M., Robinson, W. L., Tay- lor, G. O. SECOND PLATOON Cadet First Lt. J. M. Hodgson Platoon Leader C. DET Tech Sgt. E. B. Hunter Platoon Sergeant C- det Staff Sgt. J. P. Evans Platoon Guide FIR,ST .SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. V. D. Moore (squad leader). Cadet Privates DeLoach, H. R., Harber. |. I., favnes. J. B., McLe- roy, R. L., McNatt, H. E., Paulk, W. E., Pierce, ]. W., Wade, J. R. SECOND SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. R. M. Shirley (squad leader), Cadet Privates Hayes, R. L., Jenkins, N. V., Layton, F. M., Sellers, W. G., Smith. R. C, Sims, R. A., Touchstone, C. E., Walton, B. G., Woods, E. H. THIRD SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. R. W. Auston (squad leader). Cadet Privates Bentlev, H. E.. Edwards, J. P., Flowers, J. G., ' Gibson, Q. L., Groover, J. T., Lawson, J. C, Valeri, G., Savage, ]. B., Wheeler, C. L., Westbrook, H. W. 301 COMPANY C Cadet Capt. H. L. Cofer, CoiuancJing Cadet First Sgt. J. L. McMillan- Cadet Cpl. R. J. Smith, Guidon Bearer FIRST PLATOON SECOND PLATOON Cadet Fikst Lt. W. R. Jones Plalodii Leader Cadet Tech S(;t. J. M. Smith Platoon Sergeant Cadet Staff Sct. T. F. Long Platoon Guide FinST SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. S. J. Kravtin (squad leader), Cadet Privates Hall, O. C, Howe, R. L., Huff, R. C, Irwin, F., lordan, D. C, Lassetter, W. L., Luck- ey, R. J., Ciiambers, D. P., Farrar, J, T. SECOND SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. H. S. Thompson (squad leader). Cadet Privates Lee, R. M., Lindsey, J. A., Linz, W. A., Nelson, W. R., Tlieodore, N. A., Patterson, W. H., Pope, J. T., Silver, M. J., Lowis, O. F. THIRD SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. I. M. Horowitz (squad leader). Cadet Privates Stone, J. C, Sutherland, J. M., Thomas, R. F., Ware, A. T., Wheeler, J. P., Saul, R. L., Sliom, C. H,, Salman, ]. E. Cadet First Lt. M. C. Arkin Platoon Leader Cadet Tech Sot. G. D. Williams Platoon Sergeant Cadet Staff Sot. W. A. Mallory Platoon Guide FIRST SQUAIl Cadet Staff Sgt. A. C. Doudrey (squad leader), t:adet Privates McMillan, I. L.. Mills, W. T., Mathews, B. D., McLerov, J.C, McCall, C. W., PuUin, J. P., Rus- sell. W. R.. Stephens, R. A.. Tanner. E. II. second SQU. 1) Cadet Staff Sgt. R. D. Turner (squad leader). Cadet Privates Thompson M. E., Williams, H. L., Wanslev, N. E., Brock, J. D., Callawav, O. B., Carv, E. M., Chambers, D. P., Cheelev, J. E., O ' Kelley, T. H. THIRD SQUAD Cadet Staff Sgt. D. S. McKeK ' ey (squad leader). Cadet Pvt. DeLoach, M. F., Dickerson, R. C, Escoe, W. T., Good- son, C. L., Newton, W. M., Joluison, J. E., McCarlev, H. F., Rich, E. M., Davis, R. A. joucs, Culcr, Smith .iiul .Vikiu 302 ttjUiviMi Wednesday morning drill period . Classroom lecture in map reading FIRST ADVANCED R. O. T. C The advanced R.O.T.C. course was reactivated at the Uni ersit ' at the beginning of the Winter Quarter to produce college trained junior reserve officers to meet the needs of the Army during the postwar period. The group is made up primarily from students who by reason of age and previous service in the armed forces are not liable to induc- tion. It is very significant that the men who have signed up foi " this advanced course compose th e first such group since tlie end of World War II. ROLL H. E. B. RBER L. E. Griffith H. W. Parr J. W. Brannon T. C. Griffith A. W. Parsons R. M. Brewer T. B. Hacerman B. B. Perry J. N. Brock N. C. Handley K. T. Price C. W. Brown N. J. Harrison E. D. Rabhan A. N. Burousas E. C. Hester A. W. Reid B. C. Bush H. G. Jarrard P. W. Rice E. Caldwell H. O. Lattv R. RODRIQUEZ N. R. Carnes H. C. Lowery J. K. Shiver F. J. Carter B. E. Lumpkin T. H. Stone R. L. Chambers K. A. MacLeod W. N. Stone J. B. Cleveland H. B. McCoy J. J. Sullivan W. L. Cook J. N. McGarity M. Taylor T. H. Cunningham H. O. Maguire L. E. Teasley J. W. Denson B. G. Martin W. E. Tucker L. J. Dukes I. E. Morris T. H. Tunstall P. F. DOMINV W. A. Nevin J. W. Palmer R. B. Watson f. 4 f, f m V ' f, f, . J If ' ▼ - . t - ' T ? rt Brannon Carter BllLULK Chambers Brock Cleveland Brown Cook Carnes Cunningham 304 Denson Hester McGaritv RoDWGXnEZ Teasley Harrison MacLeod Parsons Taylor Watson 305 ALPHAR LnTVILLE M LLEDGEVILLE THr. EL, . EDARTOWN LOCUST GROV •«- " «. YZ ONYE ' ' -CA ' ? BOSTON J l ' . eOA o;, " • ' ASCUS WARRENtS ' YETTE wtwLi ti ' , HELENA O Vl?t! y a Lv »» RlEN - iS M (JOU, Ji ' 0 s . r " «. otJ " ' Oi ' INGi i ' NETT UST. ' «NTRH;-.;W..V.0 :V| - . COr ' »TTX fl , ' — iP ' CENT r - , - V - TT . ' ■ " - G COMK tr FORTVAL MARSHALLVILLE lEwi lOmSVlLL E MONTfCEL FORT VALL ■ t WOODBURY RINGGOLD ' t t Vj " JASPER •Rso STILLMORE T, , WHITE PLAINS PEMBROKE SOl l? s Npt " e • l7-5. ® " AVANNAH, located in the southeastern section of the state, is Georgia ' s largest seaport, and one of the most historical and beautiful cities in the state. Famous for its year-round pleasing climate, Tybee Beach, located near Savannah, is one of the favorite recreational resorts of the South. The moss-covered drives and avenues in this area are as picturesque as the hospitality of the city is renowned. Bonaventure Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country. A stately monument stands in the heart of the city honoring James Edward Oglethorpe, who founded Sa annah in 1783. CVA FLOWERY BRANCH cHtPH p3 bisb AlHBURN OCHLOCHNEE T DEDICATED .... to Charles Parker " Beefij " Eaves, captain Georgia Football Team, 1945 In dedicating this Pandora sports section to you, " Beefy " , we are taking cognizance of the fact that not only are you a great competitor, but one of the most popular boys ever to take part in Uni- versity athletics. . . . Hard luck never hit a fellow harder than it hit you— bad knee as a freshman; dislocated elbow your sophomore season; appen- dicitis your junior year, and now your cracked verterbrae . . . but guvs like you are constructed to stand things like that. . . . You ' re a credit to a great Bulldog football team. THE MAN WHO PUT GEORGIA ON THE FOOTBALL MAP James Wallace Butts, Jr. Wally Butts, Mercer ' 28, completed his sev- enth season as Bulldog chief mentor and was immediately signed for five more years and a substantial salary raise. During his seven banner years, he developed such stars as Sinkwich, Ruark. Poschner, Cook, Trippi, Castronis and others. Probably the youngest coach in Georgia history, he is certainly the most successful in Bulldog annais. 1 FROM LEADERSHIP TO LEADERSHIP J. p. Miller, alternate captain When Captain " Beefy " Eaves was injured in tire first game, it left Miller in complete command. But Miller was used to giving as well as taking orders . . . for he had just completed service of nearly a vear as an army lieutenant in the Euro- l ean theater . . . received the Purple Heart. Miller played with the ijnmortal 1942 Rose Bowlers. That year he was second-team guard, but even then recognized as a first-class lineman. Georgia power was boosted immeasurably by the return of j. P. Miller, a fine man, a great leader. 308 f ' vt V Mil Ai GOOD REASON to be disgusted has Georgia ' s Little KouikI Man as he turns and walks toward the bench at that heart-rending L.S.U. spectacle— Athens ' biggest disappointment since Auburn in 1942. WHIT TELLS ' EM that " Beefy " Eaves has just been elected to lead the 1945 gridiron gladiators into combat; Hiers (49), Miller (53), Jernigan (26). " SLEEPY " McKenna, former manager, who took many of these Pandora sports photos. Thank you. Wild Bill. ED KAPUSCINSKI, left, and Jim Cook, right, soph tackles, charge in for the kill. VARSITY MANAGERS Lewis Ledsinger, left, Chi Phi, and Clifi Hill, SAE. GRIM GEORGIANS take helmets before going to the slaughter at hands of L.S.U.; Cooley (28), " Terrv " (32), Hiers (49), Edwards (.55), xMoselev (23). DISTINGUISHABLE ARE, left to right: Cook, Romanowski, Colson, Culpepper, Tanner, Colson, Donaldson, Bailey and Lee. 309 lOHN Rauch t arries against Murray in Bull (logs ' opener. DAN Edwards snags against Murray as Perhach (47) paves the way. OUTCLASSED MURRAY STATE BOWS IN DEBUT, 49 TO Sanford Stadium, Atliens, Sept. 22.— Little Murray State ot Kentucky got ambitious, carded the Bulldogs as their opening game and came South hilled as the Thoroughbreds . . . but ele en snapping Bulldogs leaped into the saddle and galloped to a 49-0 win . . . stadium sparsely populated . . . tint in worst condition in years. John Donaldson, much-publicized freshman, got away for one 60-yard scoring dash and another for almost as far . . . Richard Lee intercepted a Thorough- bred aerial and returned it 45 yards, then bucked it over two plays later . . . Stan Nestorak scored from short way out . . . Floyd Reid busts the middle for another one . . . Rauch to Moseley for six more points . . . Jernigan pulls perfectionist feat of booting seven conversions in seven tries . . . Bulldogs off to the races . . . First time in history a Bulldog ever outran a Thoroughbred. BRUISING BULLDOGS TROUNCE TIGERS, 20-0 Sanford Stadium, Athens, Sept. 29.— Floyd " Breezy " Reid, 17- year-old freshman from Hamilton, Ohio, waited for the opening kick-off by Clemson . . . scant moments later he was across the goal-line, credited with a 90-yard touchdown run, and had scored the first of three touchdowns that smashed Frank Howard ' s in- vading Tigers by 20-0. Veteran Mike Castronis broke his nose in the first half, returned to field to play best game of career . . . Donaldson took lateral from Rauch. passed 13 yards to Dan Edwards for final Georgia score . . . Tiger attack repelled . . . mission accomplished. DONALDSON juggles slippery ball on mud-soaked field against Tigers. ACTION SHOT of the year- " Breezy " Reid breezrs past " Footsie " Woods for 90-yard touchdown ' gainst Clemson. L ' lL RICHARD LEE breaks away against Murray State as Rauch and Mike Cooley lead play. Charlie F " urchgott ( 46 ) may be seen in the background. 310 CHESNA breaks away for 20 yards ' gainst Miami. RABBIT SMITH through Miami hiif for nine. MICHAEL JOHN CASTRONIS ••a - " I BULLDOGS FAMOUS FOR COMBACKS, RALLY TO BLAST MIAMI, 27-21 Orange Bowl Stadium, Miami, Oct. 5.— It looked for 45 minutes as if Georgia ' s first nocturnal outing of the seaso ' n was going to turn up unsuccesful, but the Georgians, long renowned for their last-stanza rallies, pulled a 37-yard pass from l- auch to Mose- ley out of the bag and emerged ictorious from a hectic affair with Miami, 27-21. Donaldson racked up 199 yards rushing in 16 tries . . . Moseley on way to second pass-snatching crown with over 100 yards gained on six airlane bombs . . . Veteran Mike Castronis hailed as finest tackle in conference after third straight Herculean performance of season . . . Rauch-to-Moseley for 40 yards earlier in game for score . . . Smith ' s two-yard-buck over middle for six points . . . Jernigan again converts three for four . . . ' Wells pick- ing up experience at right tackle, but Blaze Sanders called upon for relief . . . Mike Cooley left at home because of injuiy; Brooker Blanton couldn ' t make it either . . . 700-mile ride home. SCHLICE of Miami goes over for second Hurricane score as Steiner ( 13 ) dives into the melee. CONFUSED KENTUCKIANS SEEK COVER, BLASTED NEVERTHELESS BY 48-6 ARE Stoll Field, Lexington, Ky., Oct. 13.— Charlie " Rabbit " Smith, all 155 pounds of him, drove the Kentucky football sc uad into the grassy surface of the gridiron today and the rest of the Bulldog S(|uad continued their de-clawing tactics to plaster the Wildcats, 48-6, a far cry from the one- and two-touchdown erdicts of by- gone days between die Blue Grass boys and the Bulldogs. Smith, hailed as one of the best backs in the nation, tore of jaunts of 85, 61. seven and three yards for no less than four touchdowns . . . Godfrey " Goot " Steiner, aggressive Alabamian, scored on a pass from Slingshot Ranch . . . Moseley took an aerial from " Our Boy Jawn " for a touchdown . . . Flavins Josephus Cul- pej per drove over from the one . . . George Jernigan converted six out of seven (season record thus far: 18 for 21) ... Shiveley, chuckling when asked what Georgia performers he thought out- standing, " They ' re all good . . . every mother ' s son of ' em. " . . . S(|uad jubilant at news of Tiippi ' s return . . . " We ' re set, " they scream. HANDY ANDY PERHACH PASS-SNAGGING King Moseley 311 BP - ' J B»» _ « f 5? " TRIES IN VAIN - Trippi attempts to carry against L.S.U. but yellow-shirted Bengals won ' t agree. . . . Dan Edwards is seen at far left, also Deleski (25) and Furchgott (46). IT ' S THE Doc! C. W. Jones, team trainer, smiles before the L.S.U. game. ROSE BOWL HOPES KNOCKED A ' GLIMMERING AS L.S.U. SPOILS HOMECOMING, 32-0 Sa.nford Stadium, Athens, Oct. 20.— 26,000 fans and ten Georgia Bulldogs looked on today as Charlie Trippi again donned a Georgia football uni- form. This was a sad Homecoming. The Tigers drove it down Georgia ' s throat. Gene Knight, Y. A. Tittle, Bill Mont- gomery, Ray Sanders and Ray Coates all drove across the double-stripes for the Bayou Bengals of Bernie Moore. The Tigers netted 336 yards rushing to 30, and passed only twice for 14 yards. But they had no need for an air attack today . . . The biggest crowd since the ' 42 Tech game saw the Bull- dogs put on a miserable exhibition of football . . . and, the worst part of it all . . . ' Bama ' s ne.xt! GKIM TIGER closes in as Georgia ' s triple-threat Trippi, with a determined set of his teeth, starts around his flank in tlie awful Georgia-L.S.U. Homecoming affair. THIS BULL- DOG doesn ' t feel like growl- ing after L.S.U. debacle. BULLDOGS FIGHT GAMELY, OUTGAIN, OUTPLAY CRIMSON TIDE BUT ARE SMASHED BY 28-14 Legion Field, Birmingham, Oct 27.— The gods of luck were all for Alabama ' s Crimson Tide today. Several deci- sions which could have gone either way were called against the Georgians and Hairbreadth Harry Gilmer of the Red Elephants is a lad who likes to take advantage of a break. Alabama scored when Norwood Hodges reco ' ered a fumble and Gilmer passed to Hugh Murrow for the final nine yards, Georgia ' s first TD came on the last play of the first quarter as Trippi faked se eral Alabamians off their feet and went 33 yards for a touchdown. Trippi tossed a 66-yard pass to Richard Lee, who was dragged down from behind on the ' Bama 13, in the second half, but Lowell Tew throttled tliat threat widi an interception. Ranch passed a short one to Moseley and the latter galloped 65 yards, just as he did in 1944, for Georgia ' s last touchdown. The Tide ' s touchdown parade however was more than Georgia could bear up under and they trudged off the field beaten for the second straight time in two weeks; but there were many in the stands who still thought that Georgia was the better football squad. IIEHB Si. JOHN, Georgia ' s All-SEC guard, looks the part. JOHNNY RAUCH, sensational IT-year-old quarterback, who was the " most improved man on the squad, " according to Butts. TEXAS DAN EDWARDS, rugged, toughs first-string left end. 312 CARLSO PHILLIPS (33). helow, senior right end. e.xcels in classroom. CHARLIE FURCHGOTT (46), junior right guard re- serve for J. P. Miller, Boys ' High graduate in Atlanta. MIKE COOLEY, below, the Bulldogs ' rugged regular center from Atlanta. Hampered by in- juries. BOB - ' Blazie " SANDERS (45), popular regular righ tackle soph from Richmont Acadenn in Augusta. , £ s- . SURPRISINGLY TOUGH GHATTANOOGA HOLDS BULLDOGS TO 34-7 VERDICT Ghattanooga, Tenn., Nov. 4.— Fred Mullis and Gene Roberts, ' Nooga backfielders, appeared to be about as po- tent as anything Georgia could muster, and most folks considered the Bulldogs lucky to get away from the turf today with a 34-7 victoiy. Donaldson skiited his left flank for tlie score after Dan Edwards blocked a Chattanooga kick on the Mocs ' 36. . . . " The Rabbit " started around right end and took off on an 82-yard jaunt to score . . . Trippi accounted for an- other Georgia marker early in the third, smashing through center from his 20 . . . Late in fomth perid, St. John intercepted Chattanooga pass on Mocs ' 35 and galloped to seven before downed by former Georgia roommate Fred Mulhs . . . Mullis passes to Jurczak for only Moccasin score. GALLANT GATORS GAGED BY GEORGIA GLADIATORS, 34-0 Municipal Stadium, Jackson ille, Fla., No . 11— With All-. merican Charlie Trippi back in the saddle again, Geor- gia ' s hard-riding Bulldogs charged to a 34-0 ictory over a bimch of lighting but ill-conditioned Alligators of Florida University here this afternoon. Trippi cut off tackle for 50 yards and Georgia ' s first si.x points in the second ffuarter. From then on, it was a touchdown parade. John Donaldson around left end for another score . . . Trippi runs o er three would-be . lligator defenders for six more points . . . Reid Moseley pulled a gem of competition when he completely outfought Buddy Carte, Florida captain, to catch a goal-line pass . . . George Jernigan puts four out of fi e through the uprights . . . Georgia center corps: Mike Cooley, Alton Davis, Frank Plant and Gerry Deleski, one about as good as the other, divide playing time again. ■■ _ JESLP JOH. UU.NALDSO.N eludes a tackier at a practice session. E. -sailor tallied 42 points during season. ' " . s. 313 LOWERS HIS SHOULDER and butts . . . John Don- aldson is shown tearing oft a meaty gain in Auburn fray as Bob Sanders (45) rests on ground after blocking. ox, BULLDOGS, down the field . . . Charlie Trippi looks ahead as wake of tacklcrs look on futilely. In right back- ground, there ' s that Sanders boy again. This is another Auburn play. BULLDOGS ilEPEAT REVENGE FOR 1912 LIGKING WITH 35-0 BLASTING (;F PIAPLESS AUBURN PLAINSMEN Memorial Stadium. Columbus, Nov. 17.— Georgia ' s TD twins— T.D. for touchdown . . . T for Trippi . . . D for Donaldson . . . galloped roughshod o ' er the Auburn Tigers here as Wallace Butts watched from the bench in glee. The Bulldogs took command of the fray on a 61-yard march clima.xed by The Man ' s seven-yard sprint around end. Georgia ' s line was strictly up to snuff today, with big Mike Gooley and Joe Tereshinski standing out . . . don ' t forget Andy Perhach, now retmned to the fold at riglit tackle, and others such as Sanders, Castronis, St. John, Miller, Edwards, Moseley, Sellers . . . Trippi got off a 73-yarcl boot . . . axeraged 60 yards on two of them . . . John Ranch sneaked two yards for second score . . . Donaldson goes nine for si.x-pointer . . . Charlie Trippi 13 yards over tackle in third stanza for one more . . . The Goat " boots five for five ... 34 out of 39 for season . . . Butts happy at last . . . but whup! Tek ' s nekst . . . GREATEST DAY FOR GEORGIA FANS IN TWO YEARS AS BULLDOGS PLASTER TECH, 33-0 Grant Field, Atlanta, Dec. 1.— No need to go into detail . . Init the Georgia Bulldogs ended their two-year ic- tory drought with Tech by blasting their bitter rivals, 33-0, into the hard-packed turf of Grant Field here today . . . Cliarlie Trippi passed for three and ran for one . . . Floyd Reid intercepted antl ran 46 yards on the other . . . Tri|5 passed to Smith 69 yards for first . . . Then one to Ranch for 41 yards . . . then the second play of tiie second half produced a beaut to great pass-snagger Reid Moseley . . . Trippi went over from the one on the otiier. Al Lansing and George Mathews and Jack Peek, Tech backs, coiddn ' t get any place at all against the fierce Bulldog line. Backs " Rabbit " Smith, Joe Chesna, John Donaldson, John Ranch, Jimmy Gordon and others tore the Engineer line into bits. TriiJjDi set national season offense record with 405 yards in one game . . . Clegg shakes hand of eveiy alumni after game . . . ' It ' s a great clay for Georgia! " TRIPPI HIGH in air after letting pass fly against Tech . . . note Jackets rushing. Mils t;UY gets around . . . Charlie arouud right end . . . Perhach in background. 314 A REGULAR in more ways than one is Joe Tereshinski, rugged Bulldog right end first-stringer. IT ' S THE PLANT -Frank Plant, 200-pound junior cen- ter from Opelika. Ala., ar- ri ed late, but bolstered the strength at pivot spot. SANIBEL SAM BAILEY, senior left end, closed out college career as alternate at left end with Sellers and Ed- wards. AL DAVIS, soph husky from Warrenton, played almost half of Alabama game, is fine defense against nmning attack by foe. JL HARD - HITTING Tommy Pope won commendation for vicious tackling. Freshman, former star at Boys ' High in Atlanta. • " DUB " HIERS. 220-p(mnder from Sanford, Fla., proxided relief at the tackle spots. YOUNG DICK LEE, injured in middle of season, caught 60- ard aerial ' gainst Ala- bama, almost scored. L ' lL HAMP TANNER of Macon was big boy of line; finalK ' sweated himself down to 220 pounds. Reserve for Iron Man Castronis. %,i : SILENT JIM GORDON, A-1 quarterback, subbed for John Ranch. Boys ' High ex-pilot from .Atlanta. AL ' IERNAIE CAP N J. P. MILLER THE RABBIT ' ANCIENT CLEC;G CAUGHT STAR-GAZING is a group of Bulldogs. Front row: Frank Plant, Joe Tereshinski, J. P. Miller. . . . Back roic: Dan Edwards, Gene Frank, Sam BaileN ' , Joe Chesna and Alton Davis. That ' s " Terry " hugging the pigskin. THE JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD Fir.1t row: Strickland. Hodgson, Walters, Price, Fordhani, Norris, Layton, Pruett, Davol, Harris, Drake. . . . Second row: Keninier, Bussey, Plevack, Casey, Adcock, Coppinger, Fletcher, Gupko, Byrne, Gibson. . . . Back row: Thomas (coach). Smith, Beall, Darwish, Seigler, Brightwell, Short, Robertson, Culpepper, Chesna, Romanowski, DeWitt, Brown. INDIVIDUAL STARS-Lc (.- Frank Casey. Herb Norris and Freddie Lavton. Rifihl: JAYVEES BLAST SOUTH CAROLINA TWICE, LOSE TO ARCH RIVALS TECH IN SIX-CAME SCHEDULE UNDER COACH CARROLL THOMAS The Bull]:)iippies opened the season by bowing to Newberry, 27-6, but quickly silenced South Caro- lina twice, 20-0 and 20-12. Auburn was twice ' ictorious, 13-6 and 13-7, and the Georgians lost their finale to Tech, 19-12. Backfield stars were Culpepper, Norris, Fordham, Gupko, Hodgson and Romanowski, while Harris, Da ol, Short, Casey, Robertson, Fletcher, Beall and DeWitt, among others, shone in the forward wall. THE BULLDOG CHEERLEADERS (MINUS ONE) (.) ii Ik goc ' sl i ' lcnc Siiiitli i ' criites a neat acrobatic maneuver over Betty Ray, as Iris Mack, with megaphone, and Mac Richey look on. Other cheerleader, Mac Christian of East Point, is absent. This shot was made at Georgia-Georgia Tech contest. 316 BASKETBALL Nineteen lortv-six Georgia basketeers, under direction of Coach Elmer Lamix-. are: First row, silting: Bob Mathis, Arnold DeLaPer- riere. . . . Second row: Bill Searcv, Lanier " Skeet " Cobb, Wallace ■ilkins, Bob Russell, Eli Maricicli. . . . Third row, standing: Coach Lampe, Captain Ross Maddox. Al Fabian, Harry Wingate, Reid Moseley, Edwin Pope, manager. 317 COACH ELMER LAMPE-wliose ahility as a chief men- tor pulled the Bulldogs throiigii three war-time " crisis " seasons. Working with only two men on basketball schol- arships, the tall, serious Georgia headman made a far more than creditable showing. It was his defensive strate- gy that almost outwitted the powerful Tennessee Vols when they came to Athens to play a supposed " push- over. " Football scout or football end coach or basketball head coach or classroom jjrofessor— Lampe comes through. CAPTAIN ROSS " SHORTY " MADDOX-Si.x-foot-four- inch " Winder Whippet, " as the Naslnille papers described him, Maddox led in team scoring for three seasons. A junior this year, he was handicapped b ' tighter def ensive measures by the opposition, but he usvialK- produced when the chips were down. A brilliant shot who had rather win for the team than anything else, Maddox will return next season for more action. BULLDOGS HIT " ROAD-TRIP SLUMP. " BUT PULLED OUT OF IT IN TIME TO MAKE GOOD Lampe ' s proteges started off the season in amazingly good fashion, blasting Chattanooga here. 66-46, and the Clem- son Tigers, 41-34, in Clenison, S. C. Two more quick victories over Auburn, 38-37. at Athens and Alabama. 57-38, also in the home gymnasium, made the Georgia quintet a Southeastern Conference threat — but alas! too optimistic fans and Bulldog partisans were due for a definite awakening. The first succession of road trips netted the Georgia five a total of four straight losses, although they won their first one by defeating Chattanooga, 58-36. However, the Hippodrome crowd in Nashville drove the Bulldogs mad and th ey fell before the Commodores of Vandeibilt by 44-41. Back down the line at Columbia. S. C. the Gamecocks of Carolina Lhiiversity made it two losses for Georgia by coming away from a 42-30 decision, and Auburn made it three in a row by walloping the Bulldogs, 40-37, in a very close duke. The Alabama victory wasn ' t even close. Georgia trailed 21-4 at half and i)ulled up to 27-45 by the end of the game. They returned home, needless to say. in a very disgruntled mood. At least they were disgruntled enough to smack down Vanderbilt by 51-39. That was revenge for tiie lacing and jeering they took in Nashville. Then they put surprising resistence Imt fell to Tennessee, 46-33. 31S THREE VICTORIES FROM THE JACKETS Three dec ' isi c triumphs over the arch rival, Georgia Tech hoiu Atlanta, virtually " made " the season. The first was in At hens, 50-40; tlic next one was a hreath-taking thriller played in the Tech Armory, resulting in a 46- 4o triumph by tlie Georgia squad, and the last one was in the annual Southeastern (JonFerence tournament in Louisville, 36-30. After the first victory over Tech, the Bulldogs were walloped by the South Carolina Gamecocks, a scjuad that had done it once before, by 47-36. " Junior " Meeks, ex-Bulldog center of 1943, led the Carolinians in their victory. Thence to Knoxville without the services of ace forward Ross " Short ' " Maddox, high-scorer of the team, and the Bulldogs went down to 52-28 defeat. Returning home for a few more games before winding uj tlie season, the Bulldogs i rox ed that the first victory over Tech was no fluke when they plastered them 46-43 in Atlanta, after practically every state sports scribe had predicted an inglorious failing by the Bulldogs. The game with Florida in Gainesville was a unicjue one in that the s(;uad finished the game with only four players— Godfrey " Goot " Steiner, Bob Nh this, Mac Bagwell and Al Fabian— since four teammates fouled out of the rough fray and the travelling squad consisted of only eight men on that trip. A near riot resulted after the Bulldogs held the Floridians down for a period of almost two minutes while using only a quartet and still coming out on top, 44-41. The final contest of the season proved that the Bulldogs were good scorers— when they were " on " , as the ' racked up the highest Georgia score in almost five years. 72-51, over Clemson. Coach Elmer Lampe refused to yank his regulars, and those worthies blasted the hapless Tigers bv that large margin. Tluis the Bulldogs finished the season with a record (,f ten wins and eight losses, the best season since 1941. BULLDO(;S MAKE SURPRISING SHOWING IN SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE TOURNEY, KNOCK OFF TECH AND MISS ISSIPPI STATE, REACH SEMI-FINALS BEFORE BOWING TO RUNNER-UP LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY Even the plavers were surprised when they blasted Tech 36-30 in the SEC tournament, then went on to take a " bad on the blood-pressure " contest from Mississippi State 45-44. As Coach Lampe put it, die Bulldogs " almost went from the sublime to the ridiculous " after knocking out fourth-seated Tech and receiving such a close call from the league ' s cellar club, Mississippi State. Although L.S.U. power was too much for the Bulldogs in the semi ' s, what with Bobby Lowther, all-SEC cen- ter, and joe Bill Adcock, another " fair countrv ball-plaver, " racking up goal after goal to win over Georgia 60-41, Eli Maricich, Georgia ' s real ball-player in the tournament, was selected on the second All-Southeastern Confer- ence sciuad. Maricich scored 37 points in three games to spark the Georgia performance. 319 THE REGULARS BLOND AL FABIAN, rig it - Alert, talented 17-year-old freshman from Gary, Ind., was usually next to Mad- dox for high-point honors. Rated as great prospect by Coach Lampe, Al needs only age and experience. Con- scientious in classroom, Fabian was one of cleanest, most popular athletes on campus. Never lost temper in a game, won reputation as good sport all over circuit. Here are depicted four other Georgia regulars, forward Bob Russell, center Alfred Fabian and guards Eli Maricich and Ar- nold Delaperriere. ARNOLD DELAPERRIERE, above- Another " Winder Whippet, " Dela was always assigned to guard the oppo- sition ' s high-i50int man and usualK held them down to two or three fieltl goals. Sophomore guard was imsur- passed for hustling and general floor ability. Former serviceman dominated defensive prowess of team and was one of best in conference. Due back for more outstanding performances in ' 47. ELI MARICK:H, hclow - Stocky, muscular Chicagoan won starting berth in very short time. Best ball-liawk on squad, excellent Hoorman, former Marine who spent four years in USMC. Fought laps in Pacific as Leather- neck " tech sarge. " A-1 atli- Icte, concentrated on studies, made high grades. CLEVELAND ' S OWN BOBBY RL ' S- SELL, above — Popular, drawling ' country boy " was life of party on all trips. Regular forward for entire sea- son, got eye on hoop and began hit- ting bucket after early-season tiniidit ' vanished. Earned nickname of " For- get It " for saying just that so much. Stardom with more seasoning. 320 _, REID MOSELEV, atliletic, unortho- dox forward. Junior reported late be- cause of football games and bad knee, but played plent ' as reserve for either Maddox or Russell. BOB MATHIS, youthful forward from Decatur, was adjudged an outstanding prospect, got into games as sub for Maddox. Had good one-hand push shot. L a m p e considered him a " comer. " HARRY WINGATE, handsome re- serve center from Pelham, Ga., took good-natured razzing upon entering games from fans who thought he was a " good-looking brute. " Helped out on the backboard. WALLACE WILKLNS, cle er fresh- man guard from Valdosta, pro ed to be valuable reserve. Ex-serviceman was srood ball-handler and team man. LANIER " SKEET " COBB, only home town bo ' on Bulldog squad. Blond, ex-Athens High ace spent the war in armed forces, had difficulty regaining condition, but played a good bit toward of season. EDWIN " BULLDOG " POPE, manager, tried to keep the bas- keteers in line. Left the stars ' shoes at home on two big road games, but enjo ed his work just the same. Took it hard wlien his namesakes took it on the chin. 321 THE OIL BOWL - GA. 20 - TULSA 7 " THE MAX " LAL ' GHS AS HK KU.NS-Cluirlie Trippi (62, witli ball; carries the pigskj|A id a liearty laugh as he speeds 68 yards to a touchdown in the second annual Oil Bowl football game against tiie Tulsa Hun ffies. J. P. Miller (53), Georgia guard, blocks for Trippi. An eager wingback, Lloyd Barron (86), of Tulsa, isfieing blocked out b an unidentified Georgian. 322 w O CO pq PQ w « ■ ■?.? ' tfl -.4-1 o = o 2 2 n o s o -o - 3 » Oj to 60 S ' 2« 323 Texas Was Taken By Storm When Those Bulldogs Blew In By Edwin Pope Pandora Sports Editor RICE STADIUM, OIL BOWL, HOUSTON, TEX., Jan. 1, 1946 - " We ' re going to emblazon his name high Ijeside that oi Sam Houston, the savior oF Te.xas, " said Owl Bowl committeemen in praise of Charlie Trippi on the eve of Georgia ' s smashing 20-6 victory o er Tulsa Universitv ' . The second annual Oil Bowl saw Trippi demonstrate just what a perfect gridster does as the Bulldogs slogged their way across a perfect field for three ciuarters on a 7-6 shoestring lead, then made it a rout with two sensa- tional touchdowns in the final stanza. " Rabbit Smith went across from the six for the first Georgia score; Trijipi tossed a pass to John Donaldson for 65 yards and another score going into the fourth period. " The Man " himself grabbed the pigskin, started up the right sideline, then reversed his field and powered his way back up the side boundary, eluded a whole team of Golden Hurricanes, ran right on over a pair and was over the donble-stripes with a 67-yard punt return and six more points to his credit. George " Goat " Jernigan, extra-pointer par excellence, added two out of three place- ments. Wally Butts had high praise for the line pla of Mike Coolev ' , rugged center; Mike C astronis, eteran tackle, and Weyman Sellers, left end, wlio played almost the entire game when regular Texan Dan Edwards was injured in the early stages of tlie contest. The victory maintained Georgia ' s perfect bowl record, three bowl games in seven years of Butts-coaching, tinee victories in that man - bowls. The game, one of the roughest Georgia played, was clean and liard-fonght and marred by few x enalties. . . . Donaldson missed a touchdown pass in the clear but atoned for it by his nice snatch good for a score . . Mosely lived up to his clippings by making a sensational snag for 21 yards . . . " Rabbit " dislocated his elbow on an ofl ' -tackle play in the third quarter . . . Smith was kayoed three times . . . Gentleman John Ranch played sixty minutes of great ball . . . Lloyd Gregoiy, Houston Post: " Trippi did everything but eat the football, and 27,000 fans wouldn ' t have been a bit surprised had the lean Pennsyhanian devoured the pigskin without mustard " . . . Texas hospitality is all it ' s cracked up to be and more besides . . , " Coot " Steiner inlays for Bulldogs while brother Rebel .shines for " Bama in Rose Bow! classic at Pasadena . . . it s a iood ole world after all . . . maybe the folks ' ll forget about LSU now . . . 324 ALL SMILES REMINISCE AND GRIN . . . Georgia coaching staff is all smiles as it tliinks back on Oil Bowl victory and top prospects for 1946. Front row: Howell HoUis, freshman coach: Fitz Lutz, trainer; Jolinny Broadnax, business manager. . . . Back row, left to right: Forrest " Spec " Towns, assistant coach; Quinton Lumpkin, assistant coach; J. B. Whitworth (noted by faraway look), line coach; J. V. Sikes, end coach. Of these, Towns, Lumpkin, Sikes, Mollis and Lutz returned from naval service too late to coach squad during 1945 season. SMITH GE ' IS UliMFEU . . . but this Smith plaxs for Tulsa. Bob Smith of the Hurricanes is stopped by Johnny Rauch of Georgia on a pass play early in the Oil Bowl fray. Weyman Sellers (43) watches proceedings with pained e.xpression from turf. 325 VARSITY LETTERS AWARDED BY BUTTS TO OVER THIRTY PLAYERS Coach Wallace Butts, after sexeial months in the " banquet league, " avvaided arsitv letters to the followmg players on the 1945 Oil Bowl champions: ENDS: Reid Moseley, joe Tereshinski, Carlso Phillips, Sam Bailev, Dan Edwards, Weyman Sellers. TACKLES: Bob Sanders, W. L. ' Dub " Hiers, Andy Perhach, Mike Castronis. GUARDS: Herb St. [ohn, ]. P. Miller, Cene Alexander, Bill Clionko, Tomnu Pope, Charley Furchgott, George T. Jernigan. CENTERS: Mike Cooley, Gerald Deleski and Alton Da is. BACKS: John Ranch, Jimmy Gordon, Godfrey Steiner, John Donaldson, " Rabbit " Smith, Ryals Eee, Charlie Trippi, Al Jeffrey, Joe (Jhesna, f ' loNd Reid. LARGEST THRONG IN HISTORY BEGINS SPRING GONDITIONING DRILL The largest crowd of football candidates in recent history greeted Georgia ' s ' Little Round Man " for tlie ojiening of his 1946 spring drills, o er 100 would-lie footballers. After the first few days tlie ranks began to thin considerably, but Pete Sasser, Norman Harrison, . rdie McClnre and others from tlie 1942 team were back to spark the performances of the oldsters. Howard Johnson, freshman guard from Clarksville, Tenn.. was adjudged a likely prospect and one ant to nail down a starting guard ix-rth if things went well. Butts wasted no time in getting down to rough stuff. " Goot " Steiner, Richard Lee, Joe Gupko and others starred as backs in the first few scrimmages, with lineman Howard Johnson standing out up front. The 1946 schedule was announced for the squad, declared by Butts to be the " hardest in history " : September 26— Clemson in Athens October 5— Temple in Philadelphia October 12— Kentucky in Athens October 19— Oklahoma A. M. in Athens October 26— Tentative November 2— Alabama in Athens No ember 9— Florida in Jacksonville No ember 17— Auburn i n Columbus No ember 23— Chattanooga in C fiattanooga November 30— Georgia Tech in Athens 32 r; BULLDOGS RESUME BASEBALL FOR FIRST TIME SINCE SPRING OF 1943 Witli tlif rt ' tiini of hasehall inciitof |ulis ' . Sikes. tlie C;eor 2;ia Bulldot;s saw fit to rc-eiitt ' i tlu ' field of collegiate tliamoiid atti it . Sikes. altlu)uy;li faced with a lack of pkiyiny; accommodations as well as talent, lined up an at- tiacti e 2S-game scfiedule; March 2()-21-Michigan State College at Athens April f-2— Furman University at Athens April 5-6— Clemson College at Clemsou April 8— Presbyterian College at Athens April 9— University of Sonth Carolina at Athens April 12— Clemson College at Thomson, Ca. April 13— Clemson College at Athens April 15-16— Fnrman University at Greenville, S. C. April 22-23— Uni ersity of Florida at Gainesville, F ' la. April 26-27— Auburn at Athens May 6— Presbyterian College at Clinton, S. C. May 7— South Carolina at Columbia, S. C. May 10-11— Uni ersit - of Florida at Athens May 15-16— University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Ala. May 20— Newbeny College at Athens May 21— Newberry College at Newberry, S. C. May 24-25— Uni ersity of Alabama at Athens May 27-28— Auburn at .Auburn, Ala. SPEC TOWNS RE-ESTABLISHES TRACK AS SPRING SPORT AT UNIVERSITY Captain " Spec " Towns, U. S. . rmy, back after nearly four ears in the service, started once again cinderpatli doings at Universitas et Georgiae for the first season since 1942. Towns arranged the following schedule for his yoimg athletes: . pril 13— Florida in Gaines ille, Fla. April 20— Aubiuii in Auburn, Ala. Ma - 4— .Auburn and Georgia Tech in tliens Ia 11— Southeastern AAU in Auburn Ma 17 and 18— SEC in Birmingham, Ala. 327 ENNILL SUMMERVILLE OCK " hc aiti .3- • v - - ' •o ' -- " S - Msus S£ ■ LESLIE , es ' ' : - ' ' PALMETTO ' ' Ca- " ' ATONri o ' ! HARTWELL .ij O ' C .oFFERM N - fN MONTICELLO GUMMING EAST THOMASTON o ' ' " ?M, ' Oi; vr LAWRENCEVILLE BARNESVn • - A co tt4EU AVONDALE • AUGUSTA .Al . GROi mewton 0- oC ' r « WILLACOOCHEE ELHAM JACKSON 1 1 ASHBURN WARREN ' H Te AU JASFER evjfo niuerdik f " BL CLAXTON LUMBER CITY SYCAMORE ODUM LAKELAND sV " :ora£ ' v - o c ' ' t ' renton E«9 7 CLAYTON A v os ' ADEU PAVo ' O O KARTAH . STONE MOUNTAIN STONU HOSCHTON OCAyy WOODLAND MADISON R FF yV MIDVJLLE QUITMAN REIDSVILLE SPARKS .vvO -O y AUSTELL e . ' - ' ' oX ' e SAD SACK ' S PvT. Sad Sack Sad Sack was equipped last year with everything from a girl to an airplane when students sold over $200,000 worth ot war bond and stamps in the ' " Et[uip Sad Sack " Drive. s HOMECOMING ' BcnpicOut tc BALL 75 ' - ' Sfagor ' Drag ' BoiidBcdhs.-nCompu. " h Mit. Saii Sack Sad Sack was outfitted in everything he needed for civilian hfe in the ' ictory Bond Dri e this ear when students (louliled tlie iiuota. OFF PERIOD Tlie sound ot the liistiM ' ic old chaix ' l hell is the dail ' sij nal for a mad rush b ' students to the eatinsj establishment or student " hang-out. " The most centralh- located spot is the Co-Op which was renovated and redecorated at the beginning of this year. Bridge games and " bull sessions " are the most popular pastimes during off-periods. For those students who are unable to find seats in the Co-Op, or who for some other reason ( and there seem to be many ) wish to leave the campus there are several favorite eating establish- ments in to n. Pvumor has it that it is the student desire that classes be held in future years in these gathering places. If the students aren ' t prone to rela. around the campus many will be found " iioundiug the |ia ement " in the direction of the )us sto)) or standing on corners tr ing to hitch rides to their col- lege rooms. The chapel bell causes (juite a commotion when it heralds an NAVY MOVES OUT I Four years of war officialK ' came to an end tor students at the Unix ersit)- earl) in tlie Fall Quarter when word came that the Navy Pre-Flight School was leaving the campus and dormitories would once again be the college homes of Georgia co-eds and " loes. " Trunks, suitcases and hat l oxes were immediately called into use for pack- ing. . . . THE GIRLS WERE MOVING BACK TO AG HILL! joe Brown dormitory, used by boys until the war, was being used for girls. These co-eds were the first moved to the Agriculture campus to once again inhabit Mary Lyndon and Rutherford (formerly called New Girls ' ) Halls. Eveiy available University truck was used to haul the luggage, radios, irons and one thousand and one other articles the girls had to move. At the end of the day janitors in the three buildings were suffering from fallen arches and badly sprained backs as a result of carrying feminine paraphernalia up and down stairs. All smiles . . . . . Home again. Alucit s room for one more: ' CAMPUS ROMANCES A college campus seems to he the scene of more romances than any other place in the world. No college yearbook is complete without including a few of the luck) couples. However, this year we find that many of those who were merely " going steady " at the beginning of school are now introducing themselves as " Mr. and Mrs. " Mr. and Mrs. W. I ' . " ' I ' iini " Hill Ml. iiiul Mis. Jesse Bowles 334 . . iiiul Mrs. Cc ' orge Liiwren.t ' AND WEDDINGS Xdinij Thiri: ( :i and Mike CoiiJeij Ed Nehon and Jackie Oelit Gradtj Smith and Beverly Edwards Zuck Ctdlen.s- mid Dot Perki Nitu Hewell and Stewart Long Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trippi Mr. and Mrs. " Chuck " Brock Mr. and Mrs. James VeLaij Mr. and Mrs. " Cibb " Watts HONORS DAY I I I s Farultij marches to Fine Arts Auditorium for auuual Honors Day Fxcrcises. Rcfict Member Sandy Bearer; Dr. rhillin Daridson. Honors Day speaker; Dr. Harmon W. Caldwell, and Dean Robert P. Brooks. Interfratcrnity Council President Jesse Bowles presents I.F.C. check jor $100 to Robert B. Troutman for Alumm Endowment tuna. 336 VETERANS i»tf)s. Recess at Canfcrcnrr on ChdjH ' l steps. Appioximatelv 2,000 World War II veterans are now registered at the University. Since the end of the war these men and women have be- come a N-erv integral part of the campus life. Three organizations, the Mangleburg-Elrod Post of the .American Legion, the h rine Corps League and tlie League of Women Veterans have become very active in the college activities. Membership in these groups are steadily increasing. A conference on postwar social problems, held for and by the veterans, drew national publicit ' and interest. Dr. Sutton. Conference .spcal-crs and veterans. Legion Post Commander George Latcrcnee and wife at Legion social. New veterans join Legion Post. . . Adjutant Mohleij, Cotninander Lawrence and Senior Vice Commander Stewart look occr new membership cards. 337 TYPICAL MARRIED VETERAN AT GEORGIA The photographs below show the activities of the day of a t pical Uni ersit ' eteian and his wife, jimmie and Emily DeLay. Married on December 16, 1945, the couple had reserved an apartment the summer before to assure themselves of a place to live after the wedding. Jimmie is a law student and Emily a senior in the School of Busi- ness Administration. Ari: Mij; at 7:30 each morning Jimmie and Emily combine efforts to hurriedly prepare breakfast. Both know how to cook. After breakfast Emily presses a skirt to wear while Jimmie shaves. All housework must be neglected until later in order to be in class on time. A{ 8:20 the DeLays leave tiie apartment for school. Jimmie has classes in Law School Emily in the C.J. Building. After classes Emily works in the veterans ' office in Academic! Building. . fter lunch at the apartment Jimmie walks back to the campus with Emily. Leaving her at Academic Building he goes downtown where he works during the afternoon. Back liome in the e ening the typical veteran helps his wife clean their apartment before preparing dinner. A four room apartment- cleaning doesn ' t take very long. Dinner out of the way, Emily reads a novel while Jimmie studies law. Jimmie also studies during " off periods " in the mornings. On Tuesday escnings t pical veteran and wife (center of photograph) attend Vespers at Strahan House. Both are members of V ' .R.A. Cabinet. ' I ' hc DeLay apartment is often the scene of " bull " sessions or bridge games when other eterans drop in to spend the evening. 338 Chocolate Soldier The " Chocolate Soldier, " written by Oscar Stiaus, was presented through the combined efforts of the Men ' s and Women ' s Glee Clubs in the Sirring of 1945 at Fine Arts Auditorium. The production was under the direction of Byron Warner. Nadina was played by Yvonne Schilling and Bummerli by C layton Logan, both music majors at the Uni ersity. Nadina and Bummerli The cast of The Chocolate Soldier 339 RELIGIOUS GROUPS ON THE CAMPUS Baptist Student Union Religious groups on the campus are a very integral part of Uni ersity activities. Few colleges or universities in the United States can boast of an extra-curricular program which has the influence and interest that is found in these organizations at Georgia. Under the direction of well trained and capable adult and student leaders the men and women on our campus are drawn ever nearer to God. Religion at Georgia is not a " Sunday habit. " l eligion is a part of every student ' s everyday life, his or her interests and recreation, and wholesome iiicoaration lor future life. V. R. A. Frcsliindi. Reception Newman Club 340 Senior Class Election Frank Cheath. m Class officer elections in the Spring of 1945 proved to be more enthusiastic than those in many a year. The hottest " of all the races was between Jimmie DeLay (G.O.P. can- didate) and Frank Cheatham (Fraternity candidate). By a narrow margin of 33 votes Cheatham defeated DeLay. This was the first time a fraternits ' man liad been elected President of the Senior Class since 1919. JiMMiE DeLay .341 " SO YOU WANT TO LEAD A BAND " Kaye HA riLrox Kaye crvicws , II mil ton " Gursf Conductor ' Hamilton leads " Hold That rigci iminij Kaijc. K iiirclini nnil Billy W iUiam.s %y Sammy Kaye and his nationally tamovis band appeared at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta tor one week beginning January ol. Students troni the Univer.sit ' Hocked to Atlanta to see liini, l)ut of all those who went Newell " Pee Wee " Hamilton enjoyed himself most. Kaye selected " Pee Wee " as one of four in the audience to lead the bantl as a participant in the " So You Want To Lead a Band " contest held at each show. After interviewing Newell and finding that he was a junior in college, a pre-med student, a member of Sigma Chi, and a pianist, Kaye presented him with an autographed baton which " Pee Wee " used to guide the " Swing and Sway Band " through the rollick- ing rhythms of " Hold That Tiger. " Following the show Hamilton was asked to pose backstage with Kaye and Bett ' Barclay and Billy Williams, both featured vocalists with the band, for the pictures which appear on this page. A great hand lender eon ' ratulutea a great little guy. Barclay CAMPUS SNAPSHOTS ■ Jm 1. Lamar Trotti returns to Journalism School. ... 2. Marie Rose College Board. . . . 3. Massacre at Camp Wilkins. ... 4. Come and get it. . . . 5. Mortar Board. ... 6. Man or centipede? . 7. " G " Club initiation. . . . 8. A snack between meals. ... 9. No more " Hell Week " for S.A.E. ' s. ... 10. The latest in campus transportation. ... 11 " How about a ride? " ... 12. Members of Square Dance Club " cut a rug. " . . . 1.3. Dean and Mrs. Brooks on CO. P. hayride. ... 14. Reaching the top in campus activities. ... 15. Former campus leader Tom Penland and wife with their future co-ed. ... 16. " Lovely to look at " lean Rhodes. ... 17, Sigma Delta Chi Smoker. ... 18. Jimmie Hammond. ... 19. " Fireball " Sinkwich. . . . 20. Sigma Chi champions of intramural football. . . . 21. Pick Butler is ama ed. ... 22. Charlie Snyder supporting Lonzie Dukes. m LUMBERJACK BALL G 1 V E N B Y F () REST R Y CLUB «!. U. " - H IH HKii_ii i _ ' B ' C Bnj vjM( l ' Wih ' ' - Wk B(v ' M ! W ' u ' iiAi m uL L 1 in BiArii ' ' " Mim ff wm r ■uHiB hSM m r« » C;«, , ' =l i M . - i i :-: fW; _ , BOWERY BALL GIVEN BY PHI DELTA THETA • GILBERT MEMORIAL INFIRMARY Counler clockwise from left: Infirmary Staff; Miss Reba Todd, Technician; Miss Sara Reid, secretary; Mrs. Cleo Robertson, Dr. H. I. Rey- nolds, Miss Elizabetli Hale, Miss Lillian Wynn and Miss M;irion Graves. . . . Miss Grases takes temperature. . . . Dr. H. 1. Reynolds. . . . Mrs. Robertson takes pulse. . . . " Ma ' Hale ;iids in pre- p;uation of patient ' s food. Ahotc: Mr. and Mrs. Ru- dolpli Geisler. Lcfl: Delta Sigma Pi smoker ;it (Georgian Hotel. liiiilil: LeadoMt a( Alplia Omiiron I ' i dance. 346 Left: Hlue Key nt ' opln tcs. Rif:lil: I ' i Kapp;i Aljilias luu l dates ciijox ' hridm- at ihr liousc. Bclotc: Typical Milledgc Hall bov ' s room. a Mil AAA ' n E I 347 LITTLE COM Music for Inter-Fiateinit ' Councils Annual Little C ommencenitnit was furnished this year by Lee Castle ' s smooth ai sregation. There was a definite sign of peace having returned once again to the University Cam]ous when crowds " packed " Woodruff Hall for the tliree big dances of the new year, February 22 and 23. The campus leadout, highlight of Friday Night activities, was lead by campus leader Buddy Har- greaves and Miss " Gene " Calhoun. .Also at the Friday night Dance Sphin.x, highest nonscholastic honorar ' organization on the campus tapped fi e neophytes in its first election since soon after the war began. Those 348 [ENCEMENT elected to niembersliiii this year were George Law- rence, Jesse Bowles, ]. P. Miller, Murray Norman, and Forrest Cliamjiion. Tom Penland, veteran and mem- ber of Sphinx before leaving the University for the Ser ice, introduced the new members. Jesse Bowles, I.F.C. President, and Mrs. Bowles introduced the Inter-fruternibi- leadout at the Saturday- Night Dance. Newly elected members of the Sphinx presented a skit ridiculing the coming Gubernatorial election. An- other highlight of the closing dance of Little Com- mencement was the vocal number by Dot " Trigger " Tregone. well knowm campus Blues Singer. 349 WEATHER (Like the Co-Eds) Fair and Warmer S I 1 F II SNAFU Covers Georgia Like Denmark Stew VOLUME I (Once a life time) CIRCULATION - Only A Fool Would Try Td Read This! POPE MOUNTAIN tt ii GIRL OF LAST WEEK Bii Fhank Easley One of the best reasons that this old, old. old eampus is known as the " Iloiiie of Drastie Women " is the unknown EFFIE VANDEN- TOW ' N ' . She has eaused many male hearts to sjiutter for tlie past few ears. A student for many years, she lias been a fine and outstanding ,i;irl. Many boys have gone crazy o cr her and some have become sick I heart sick) because of her. As a side line too, she is very good at Fine Arts. EfRe is not a gold digger hut she does believe in having a good time. EfRe lives out in town and can have dates any night in the week. .So ou boys drop in a:ul see her some time. 1 am sure she would enjoy having yovi. If you are a poor conversationaUst, don ' t worry. Effie has a lovely " personality " and a brand new " juke. " Pope Mountain, eminent math professor, discovered at this age that the law of gravity will not reverse when he leaped off Lookout Moun- tain. From that time on Pope Moun- tain has been endeavoring to change the law b ' tossing daily a piece of chalk out the window and praying that it will someday go up instead of down. From these daily ex- periments Mr. Mountain has become the most famous man in the world because he is the onl ' known li ing person who can tell how many leaves fall in London each year. He has become so enthusiastic over his work that he now grades his students on their ability in working problems of this type. STUDENTS WANT SATURDAY CLASSES The drive to end all Saturday classes will probably come to a sud- den end in the next few days when the now growing whispering cam- paign covers the campus. Students, with no e.xceptions, will be content to remain in Athens over weekends when everyone learns of the newly developed liquor still in the base- ment of Academic Building. DODD-ALL-MIGHTY EXHIBITS CREATIONS AT MILLEDGEVILLE SORORITIES PLEDGE 1,050.000 GOILS DURING GUSH WEEK Outstanding pledges consist of Hot-lan-ta debs and chorous goils, the most outstanding of which ap- pear below with statements. Bubbles Rox of Tri Omega: " Cheeze, it was a tough fisht. Mom. but I won. " Mona Stuckupey of Bi Plata Pi: " My father ' s going to build them a new house. " Gypsey S. Tease of Felta Felta Felta: " If ou can ' t get the others Tri Felt. " Suzahn Phlirt of Pu Mu: " I think men are wonderful and they just make Pu Mu. " Chasis Curvacious of Di ' lta Aljio Tatto; " If this is going in the Snafu my telephone number is 1946. ' As Ima Golddigger president of Iota Felta Thi, remarked on pledging day: " This has been one of our most successful gush weeks. 1 nr er read Dunn and Bradstreet before. " Leemar Dodd-AU-Mighty, Athens renowned artist, displayed one of the most exciting examples of mod- ern art this week at the State Institu- tion for MentalK ' Sick in Milledge- ville. The painting that brought the most comment from the inmates was the Tempra— " Nude In The Corn- field. " This daring monstrosity ex- emplifies the tendency of the mod- ern painting toward the abstract. All those present for the exhibit were in an alistract frame of mind. Finding that the furnace would no longer suppK enough heal to keep the students warm. University offi- cials decided to do the next best thing— produce " liquid heat. " The furnace will soon be equipped with spigots and all students having classes in th e building furnished witli paper cups. A reliable source says that this spot will be a " heart warming SITE " for students and visitors, and a lovely place for fac- ulty members to " lose a weekend. " WALLY HINDPARTS ORDAINED TO PREACH Vall ' Hindparts ( member of the University faculty, has recently been ordained to the ministry. Because of his colorful language Hindparts was .selected to save the souls of the football players with whom he comes in contact. COMO PESTER NEW VICE LEADER Como Pester has been elected (Campus Vice Leader. Renowned for the part he has played in providing games ot chance and other " mild " forms of recreation for the girls on Coordinate Campus, Pester has been unani- mously acclaimed as the one man on the entire campus who can control Vice to the point that it will be entireh ' beneficial to no one but himself. Pester reports that his newest super-den-of-iniquily v ill be opened on the South Campus within the next three weeks. Tickets for the opening may be secured from Pester or the office of the Dean of Students. oSuoA Uu Paae LOOKING BEHIND The sole purpose of this column b ' the editor is to fill up space. We will ne er ha%e an thing worthwhile to comment upon. (If ou know anything keep it to ourself. ) Service blankets are in demand these dajs with the return of so many ex-servicemen to the campus. The stadium at night has more in- habitants than Times Square on New Year ' s E e. If Mr. Jimniie Narrowwax will wake up and begin charging admission the Athletic De- partment will become independentU ' rich. Buildings and housing are no longer a problem for college officials. Most of them have been ejected from the homes they were renting and are now living in pup tents alongside the thousands of eterans on the campus. Informed sources say the out-door life isn ' t so bad, but fumes from the Beanery have sent 53 to the hospital. These sources say there is no immediate need for worry as there are still several ox gen tents available in the state which can be borrowed to aid in the relief of near suffocation. President Deepwell, last of the stricken to be moved to the hospital, made a profound statement to the Administrative Council as he was being placed in the ambulance, " Repent ye sinners! This is the end! " Student Government is badly needed on this campus, and steps are now being taken by a group of interested students to see that it is installed. There is a great deal that could be said pro and con about this issue, but since this is an unbiased publication we will tell you abso- lutely nothing (maybe just a little pro, two or three pages). You will be notified of the date of voting 15 minutes before the polls close. In case you don ' t get to cast your vote, don ' t worry— you ' ll have Student Government anyway. Don ' t bother to tell your friends about it as they will be notified by the " Armed Guard " the morning after. ONE WORD PICTURES ANN GUNNELS tuneful BARBARA YARN spoonful GEORGE LAWRENCE dogmatic MAURINE NEVIN democratic " BUNNY " ANDREWS fun MILDRED CARPENTER hon JOHN HILL certain GENE BLASINGAME curtain " SLEEPY " MacKENNA graveyard Founded in 1946-Celebrating one day of janitor service. Frankie Uproar Editor Harriette Dagger Managing Editor John Cornfield Business Manager Jean Easter J ews Editor Sue Broomby Woman ' s Editor John Edwin Cro. ks Sports Editor Speedy Marshmellow Feature Editor Mary O ' Cai.lahan Society Editor Gayle Carbarn Asst. News Editor Ed Snare Asst. News Editor Mildred Plumber Women ' s Sports Editor Mae Adoring Dimesomf. Ag Hill Editor Sally Wheatfield Asst. Business Editor Emily Kenderson Asst. Business Editor TER UTE Eaten Garvey .... Asst. Business Editor Lamar Macon Asst. Business Editor Published once in a life time by journalism custodians. Subscription price— The price of a case of brew. Do not request advertising rates as we have none. SNAFU, JR. Martha ( It ' s great to be conscious ) Thomson: " I came to school. I met Mac Richey. Now I know what is meant by an education. " e o o Paula (Welfare Worker) Thur- mond: " I ' ve got everything Mae West has. And what ' s more, every- thing r e got looks better than her ' s —save my repuation. " o o o Howard (Inner Aid) Touchton: " Sure, I believe in evolution. Don ' t 1 look it? " o o o Grace ( Fraternit Conscious ) Toole: " I think I ' m good. You think I ' m good. Now we understand each other. " o o o Carol (I smiled all night) Thomas: " It ' s all so sudden. I was swept completely off my feet. " o o o Jimmy (My wife says she can ' t cook) DeLay: " It ' s easy to tell who is boss at my house. " o o o " Beefy " (Mob master) Eaves: " Martha doesn ' t know what a lucky girl she is. " Beverly (I love that man) Ed- wards: " You ought to see what Grad ' learned in Cuba. " Coy (I spend ni ' time studying) DeLoach: " ' ho said there are no attractive v.omen who are smart? They can ' t all be hicks. " Emory (Relief Worker) Bass: " I ' m not afraid of Mr. Blair. " Glenn (I ' m gon ' iia build a S700,- 000 hotel) Brinson: " I feel as old as my teachers. Think I ' ll quit school and go home and sell shrub- bery. " University laundnjman models G.I. otitiit. V.R.A. Cabinet marches to first Religion-In-Life Week service. Throngs " pull " for end of Saturday chisses. Faculty marches to Honors Day in Academic robes. Miss Sellers pleads for quiet Dr Dixon lookfi into at Coordinate Chapel. future for atom bomb. Mr. Askew takes a rest between veteran problems. Throngs watch " Sleepy " McKenna park .station-wagon. Future Eugene Talmadges pose for camera. 354 Women veterans enter University. Alpha Chi " hot box " fails in spite of snow outside. " Snakes " on the campus? Hubert Dtjar and Lawton Sliaw. Crowds rush to the Varsity for more food after a meal at Denmark Hall. Horses! Horses! Horses! Eddie Secrest (center) leads prayer meeting at Costa ' s. Miss Dumas ' Superman. Boys in ]oc Brown clean up dormitory for house meeting. 355 358 A HOTEL OF DISTINCTION PARTRIDGE IIVIV AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Rates: Single - $2.50 to $5.00 Double - $5.00, $6.00, $7.00 THE BAMBOO ROOM Aiiiiiista ' s Smartest Nis,ltf Cliil) Dancins; Nightly +. J. + + C o m p 1 i m c n t s ...of... S S. S Cafeterias AUGUST A MACON COLUMBUS mM mmu " JUST A GOOD ONE " Augusta Georgi + 359 + +. SPECIALIZING IN FRIED CHICKEN, STEAKS, SEA FOODS IN SEASON C. A. TruNsdl Motor (]oiiipaiiy OVEN SUNDAY NIGHTS ne i nicken nanti Athena ' Oldest Dealer i i 1 I I I I I I 1 246 W. Hancock Avenue Phone 1985 . 360 Building The Lawyer ' s Library The practice of law is a complicated profession and requires the most exacting; of tools. It is the lawyer ' s business to know the general principles of law fitting any case that might be brought to him . It is the law book publishers business to present the tools that will enable the lawyer to apply the general principles in the finest detail. Books of primary importance are the local Books of the State in which von will practice. THE MOST IMPORTANT GEORGIA LAW BOOKS CODE OF GEORGIA ANNOTATED, GEORGIA SUPREME COURT REPORTS. GEORGIA COURT OF APPEALS REPORTS. DIGEST OF THE STATE REPORTS, INGRAM PARHAMS GEORGIA LEGAL FORMS. ANNO.. REDFEARN ON WILLS AND ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES IN GEORGIA. ETC. (Sold On Convenient Terms) Complete list of Georgia Law Books and prospectus of Code of Georgia Annotated mailed on request. (Our long experience is yoins for the asking.) THE mmm fOMPMY L . W BOOKS Pryor Hunter Sts. Atlanta 2, Georgia SERVING THE LEGAL PROFESSION FOR MORE THAN 39 YEARS 361 + - 2 BRIGHT, MDDER]V UP-TD-DATE DRUG STORES IIV AUGUSTA TO SERVE YOU! CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 46 BELK-LUHE CD LflN€ DRUG STORES " Always the Best " Broad Street I I Augusta Georgia •+ + " ■ -+ ■■+ Only Official U. of Ga. CLASS RING Designed and Manufactured by HERFF-JONES CO. Pre-war Stones Available •+ +- 1 i I I ! I i I I i I I 1 I I i 1 I I I I I I I 1 I I I COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 46 A " symbol of achievement, " an " emblem of recognition " among fellow alumni in years to come. The type of ring that distinguishes you ] as a college man. For Any Graduation Year Write H. S. CANFIELD 1560 N. Decatur Rd., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. 1 I I I 1 i 1 I ! I I I Broad Street at the Monument Augusta Georgia 362 4. C o HI p I i in cuts ...of... THE C. V. MOSBY COMPANY SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS St. Louis 3, Missouri „„ „„ „„ „„ „,, „„. „.| in: " 11 PM. uO, J. 4 PORTRAITS BY • t BRE AU LT Inc. MURRAY DIVISION Augusta ' s Most Renown Studio Augusta, Georgia Richmond Hotel Building Calox I Wholesale Druggist Albolene +- i ..+ +- Murphy Stationery Co. social and commercial stationery 718 Broad Street Dial 2-2122 Augusta, Georgia A HUNDRED AND FIVE YEARS OF BAKING EXCELLENCE CLAUSSEN ' S ENRICHED BREAD Favored Over a Hundred Y ' ears 363 „ +- i i ! +■- +- J. SWANTON IVY AUTO DEALER _ , , „,, ,.„ ,„, „„ „., ,4 .|. Good LircK to the Bulldogs— CORRY-WYNNE DRUG CO. +- The Rexall Store Phone 55 Washington. Ga. ♦ J.C. PENNY ' S CO.. INC. 1611 Stores To Serve You A, H. BLACKMON DRY GOODS Washington Georgia + Coiit))lii)}enf.s of A P Super Market Athens + I i +- +.- i i J. B. WHITE ' S Headquarters for Victor Records 295 College Avenue Phone 1479 1 Ruing Yoi ' r C o-ed to the CO-ED for Drinks and Sandwiches +- 1 DO YOUR SHOPPING MCLELLAN 5 8c 10 STORE " V •{»«. " " • - 11 11 n 11 11 H II " V n « n — ii« ,+ 4. UNIVERSITY CHEVROLET COMPANY Hancock and Pulaski Street .4. +,. .+ +. WHERE STl ' DENTS MEET BETWEEN CLASSES CODY DAVID, INC. At Coordinate I i ..-,4. — 4. W. F. McElreath Beverage Co. Telephone 1311 Athens, Ga. i i -+ + " ■ 364 I - + + ■ i ' " " " " + ' " " " " " " " — " " — " " C o in p I i III e n t x Georgia Theatre Company PALACE GEORG A STRAN D RITZ ♦• ♦ HAVE YOV TRIED A. S. T. HESTAURMT 1 I . . . FOR . . . STEAKS HOT CAKES OUSTERS WAFFLES -+ + IS4 E. Clayton St. Phone 700 . — .41 — f SERVING ATHENS AND GEORGIA WITH QUALITY MERCHANDISE GALLANT-BELK COMPANY " Athrm, Leading Department Store " Telephone 1316 213 E. Clayton St. Washington St. 365 • " + Call MRBIIV ' S FLORIST FOR YOUR CORSAGE Telephone 3-4406 or 3-4407 Augusta Georgia + - + ...4. CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES OF ' 46! UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Augusta Geoigia + -+ + ■■+ 1 IMEADSS Compliments of the AUGUSTA AMUSEMENTS, INC. MILLER, IMPERIAL, MODJESKA AND RIALTO THEATRES Augusta Georgia 1 l. ' — iiii— nii — itl 4. Southern Cleaners Mrs. E. H. Jackson, Prop. Work Called For and Delivered Dial 2-2153 932 15th St. Augusta, Ga. I I -4 PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES Eastman Argus Leica Bell Howell BOWEN BROS. HARDWARE CO. 905 Broad St. Phone 2-6855 Augusta, Georgia TOWN TAVERN Air Conditioned WESTERN MEATS - SEA FOOD 647 Broad Street Augusta Georgia +- + - Hotel Richmo o Augusta, Georgia + - i I I 4. .4. Mead Johnson Company Evansville, Ind. + W. V. ROBERTS ' SERVICE STATION STANDARD PRODUCTS 15th Street and Central Avenue 1 Dial 3-7736 . ugusta, Ga. + +- 366 ! I Harry W. JcrniHan, Sr r I II AHUV W. Jki(nk;an. Jh. j Paints CONTHACTOHS SllPPlIES .iEK. iiii. II I mm lilt] ni. ■I Mill and Indi ' sthial Supplies 1033-39 Broad St. WHOLESALE A. ' D RETAIL AUGUSTA, GEORGIA I ' lionc 2-1818 MARKS MARKS, IIVC. C;OMPLETE LINE OF MEDICAL SUPPLIES 1 I 1 I I ALUMNI TAVERN I Where the Doctors and j Students Eat !_ ! +- I I I I I Augusta Georgia + + KINGS WAY PHARMACY Blanchard and Madebacli REGISTERED DRUGGISTS Phone 3-4456 2n3 Kings Wav Augusta, Georgia _ I 1 C O N G R A T II L A T I O N S ...AND. BEST WM S H E S TO THE CLASS OF ' 46 DAVISON ' S AUGUSTA ; 67 +,—..- + +.- III! III! Nl — ntjt ENJOY . . NIake i .itltlKEKY " QUALITY BAKERS " " ENRICHED " HOME MADE BREAD AT EVERY MEAL Across fbom Holman Hotel •+ +■ Moon -Winn Your Headquarters for DELICIOUS SANDWICHES REFRESHING DRINKS AND ALL DRUG NEEDS Telephone 67-68 EAT AT GEORGIAN HOTEL J. C. STILES Manager EXCELLENT FOOD! EXCELLENT SERVICE! So Say — Foster Cohan Mary Flanigen Mary Gray Murray Bobby Forbes 368 " Have a Coke " It ' s the friendly high-sign BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE ATHENS COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 569 Yoli Will Always Be Welcome at the Sheraton BDIV AIR HOTEL Every Facility for Meetinjys, Banquets, Danees THE ' I E N N E S E ROOM With the Music of Charlie Fiilcher For Full Information Call " Mr. Bodden " . . . 3-3611 Charles K. Dhake, General Manager 4 Con raliilations . . . TO THE CLASS OF " 46 FRIEDMAN ' S JEWELERS AUGUSIA •■+ + I I +■- + - Georgia Augusta, Georgia CENTRAL GARDEN FLORIST Walton Way at Heard Avenue FLOWERS BY WIRE Phone 3-4464 »OtTllO u tr 0 M| COC COI COM " •Jt tl«. " I CoinplifiKiits of PARTRIDGE INN BARBER SHOP AUGUSTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. I i 370 ■+ + I I Fur . . APPETIZING MEALS! SERVE FAMOUS SOUTHERN FOODS AND FAMOUS FIVE SAUCES LOMBARD BRINSON EXCLUSIVE MEN ' S WEAR Broad Street Aumista Georgia STARK EMPIRE LAUNDRY - DRY CLEANING Dial 3-3611 Augusta Georgia + + OII|ung SCtng EfHtaurant CHINESE AND AMERICAN DISHES 555 Broad Street Augusta, Georgia Dial 2-1283 Specialties CHOP SUEY AND WESTERN STEAKS Orders Put Up To Take Out Open 3:00 P. M. to 2:00 A. M. 371 ■•+ + WHEN C01,LEGE DAYS ARE OVER FEATHER YOUR NEST AT BRUNSON FURNITURE CO. MEET ME AT 447 E. Clavton St. + - Athens, Ga. I 1 POPULAR PRICED . . . DRESSES - COATS - HATS LESSERS APPAREL SHOP J Athens Georgia i I . . + CITIZENS PHARMACY - - - PHONE 1066 1 I MARTIN BROS. SHOE SHOPS j Specializing in INVISIBLE HALF-SOLING Ko " Repaired Look " - Makes Shoes Like Neic ' + - I I +■- + - BOWL FOR YOUR HEALTH AND ENJOYMENT AT THE ! 1 BULLDOG BOWLING ALLEY ] I . + + I " Q " ROOM -Since 1912- Eqiiipment — Service — Envirouwent the Best 459 E. Clavton St. Phones 621-71 ' I I -4 BILLIARDS SODAS + .. — SMOKES I ! " ' ' " " " " " " " " " ' ' f STUDENTS SUPPLY STORE Everything that is nsed in your school work can be bought at MCGREGOR ' S 321 E, Cla ' ton Street Make It A Habit To Visit Us + + -+ ■ + ARNETT ' S STUDIO COMMERCIAL PORTRAITS [ KODAK FINISHINGS 1 Telephone 2036 269 N. Lumpkin Street Athens +. — Georgia I ] I I 1 i I I + 4- 372 The Best Dressed Men Wear " STYLE-SMART " CLOTHES " They Do Somrthinti for Yon " Ader ' S Mens Shop 264 E. C:layton Street Complete Line of Men ' s Furnishings Glli i ' S MENS STORE He a d q It a r t e r s for College Men BEST FOOD COURTEOUS SERVICE TOM ' S un Air Conditioned FAMOUS FOR FINE STEAKS 233 E. Clayton Street ! I VARSITY S t u d e n t s ' H c a d (j ti a r t e r s FRESH FOOD - COLD DRINKS Qad For Better COOKING WATER HEATING REFRIGERATION SERVING ATHENS Atlanta Gas Light Company You Can Always Depend On Cas 155 E. Clavton St. Phones 736-737 -+ + • — 373 I — 4. ..A + WELCOME C; A R D S . . . Make It COSTl ' S C O U R T E O U S S E l ' I C E Student Meeting Place for 0 er 35 Years Adams Transfer Co. Athens, Geort!;ia C () III p I i in c n t s ...of... WOOLWORTH 5 10 " Cruise Ariiiinil Willi the Crew That Trade With Creus. " J. L. CREWS FURNITURE CO. " STORE OF BETTER VALUES " 361 E. Cla t()n Through to Wiishington St. Athens, Ga. Phone llOo 1 1 1 1 i FINDLEY DRY CLEANERS " CLEANING NOT A SIDE LINE WITH US " Phone 9293 •| i — iiii — Mil_ l.i.— ui — ii.i . .iM- lli.— ..I — irii — irii — ii ' . ' —- .— mi — 1111 — Hii — u i -+ ' + 1 I 1 i .4. ■t +- ■•+ 1 I New- Way Dry Cleaning and Laundry WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER 197 Prince Ave. Phones 1781-1782 STONE ' S IDEAL BAKERY " Makers of (Jiuility Baking Fiodticta " RIRTHDAY AND WEDDING CAKES Home Owned 1662 S. Lumpkin (At 5 Points) Phone 2527 1 ATHENS COOPERATIVE I I CREAMERY - + BETTER MADE ICE CREAM ' 374 ' mmm coi.m V Make Yours RED ROCK COLA Right the Thirst Time! RED ROCK really quenches thirst. Deliciously different Not too sweet. Not too tart. )ust right! Sparkling, ice-cold Red Rock is right with meals. Right for you — any time, every time! ED Rock is Right! Evenj Time! Vhen Better Automobiles Are Built BUICK will build them. Be Sure With PURE Woco-Pep Gas — Tiolene Oil GEORGIA MOTORS, INC. Wabren C. Thurman, Pres. Broad and Lumpkin St. Phone 446 Athens, Ga . + RED ROCK BEVERAGES OF ATHENS. INC. LaMar S. McGinnis, Mgr. 940 VV. Broad St. Phone 352 j 1 I I ■jaciM yts teT t ie ' SaJt lOav «I,p „ .,—„ ,. „. „ „„ „„ ,„ „.__„ u, ,,__„„ .„ u. -.„ S I i I I I I I I I I I I I + " - i i I I THE NATIONAL BANK OF ATHENS AN ATHENS INSTITUTION SINCE 1866 I C Q in p I i m e n t s ...of... S. H. KRESS -+ ♦•- 375 •■+ + - l an L lei e A Slower A FOR ALL OCCASIONS 186 East Clavton St. - + ROYSTON DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION DRUCGIST Phone S Royston, Ga. j j I +■- + I I I I 1 i 1 +■- - i i I SANDERS MOTOR COMPANY j Authorized FORD Sa es and Service ONE STOP SERVICE H. J. Sandeis, Ovviier and Manager Royston Georgia + ■ I I DLD SOUTH ATHENS Newest and Finest Restaurant When Grade " A, " QiiaHty Foods Are On the Market We Serve Them FISH-STEAK-OYSTERS Catering To Students . + LE MARS Apparel Shop 278 VV. CJhiyton Street Athens Georgia + - i + EAD()C ' ARTERS For School Books and Al! Kinds of Supphes for the Students ' Requirements . . . SODA FOUNT, DRINKS and SMOKERS ' SUPPLIES We Appreciate Your Patronage THE UNIVERSITY STORES STUDENT SUPPLY STORE + - I I I I I I Compliuwnts of . . . STOREY NEWS STAND - ' The Biggest Little Place in Town " On the Convenient Corner Music You Want When You Want It SOUND-SERVICE FOR ALL OCCASIONS THE MUSIC SHOP Telephone 1824 125 Lumpkin Street Athens, Georgia - + + - i Yoti Arc Ahcays Weh onic to Save at . . . CROW ' S CUT-RATE DRUG STORE 283 East Clavton Street -+ +- 376 4. 1 I I I I i 1 -+ , POSS ON THE ATLANTA HIGHWAY , M ,4. Samuel Elbert Hotel " Some Bigger— None Better " Elberton Georgia L , „„ A ELBERTON GRANITE IND. Elberton, Georgia L ,X.„ . - C m p I i in e n t s ...of... P A PATZ ' House of Qualitij Elberton Georgia . . . . • WARD S PHARMACY Phone 23-24 Elberton Georgia 377 lH§ !if«»Mffil ' mmm i

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University of Georgia - Pandora Yearbook (Athens, GA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


University of Georgia - Pandora Yearbook (Athens, GA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


University of Georgia - Pandora Yearbook (Athens, GA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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