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. . T - ' • - PRESENTS JOHN M c C R f A , RALPH DANIEL, C o - e d i f o r s EMIU H A R R S L L , Business Manager oza =A-n,n.u,a.l f ' ublndtuui ? t the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA V L I MVI E F I F T V S E V E J ANN LISTER MARTIN, Woman ' s Editor DOROTHY ALEXANDER, Art Editor THE SHY When the students of the University of Georgia learned that this school had been chosen by the United States Gov- ernment to have a Navy Pre-Flight School on the campus, there was quite a mixture of feelings present. During the time of the Pre-Flight School ' s stay mutual benefit has been realized by both the University and the Pre- Flight School. It is now no longer " Hurrah for Georgia " but rather " Hurrah for Georgia and Georgia Navy. " Official U. S. Nat i Photographs P R . E - F L I G H T The University gave the use of its entire facilities to the Pre-Flight School to use as it saw fit. The Navy added new buildings and new facilities which will be used after the war by the greater University of Geor- gia that will arise. ■■■1 iin THE L S. T. P. The A. S. T. P. unit here at the University of Georgia is an active part of the school itself. Many of their instructors also teach civilian students, and though the civilian students and A. S. T. P. boys have no classes together, the same courses are offered to both. A more cooperative and likable group of men could not be found anywhere. The University is proud to have them as an active part of it. - • . ■ ■ i - J , ■ 5. - -r. ,■■ ■ r ■• ' .• ' , ' .. kJ ;■ ' ■ ' : . c E » • ' • • : •.- - t ' „■ ' - ' • A ' Scfl ■ ' vff . -c. 1 : ■ ' ' ; • •: f ' y , i ' S fik ' , ' •■■■ ••• • ' • ' V . ,. ' ..■ • ' ' „■ ' ' ' ■■ , ;. ' lit ' ■ - , - ' 1 . .. . •— - s • •• ' i ' • - , ■ . 1 • ' ■ . ■.; ■ ■ ' y ; " ■,. - • V ' " ■••• ' ? ' w . M ' ' m -. ' I ■.. ' V J I J - ■ Or ■ .?; »• ' ■ ■ . ' , 4 i V V ' • - ' mm- - " ■ .1 .i ' l ' rffi v 7 fj « . . • WW- ' .. C ■ • . ' St I ' ,S i - i a t liOVERNOR ELLIS GIBBS A R N A L L With the aid of Governor Arnall the University of Georgia managed to regain her standing as an accredited school. With deep appreciation and admiration the students of the University of Georgia pay tribute to him. 14 CHANCELLOR STEAD MAS V I » C E N T SANEORD No man could have done a better job of leading the University through its most trying times than Chancellor Sanford. His untir- ing efforts have been of great benefit to the University of Georgia. 15 HARMON W. CALDWELL President Caldwell leads the University here at Athens on to greater heights. He is the highest University offi- cial with whom the students actually come in contact. 16 7 j ' % 7 Bird ' s-eye view of the ceremony The procession enters the chapel On January 27, 1944, five men were honored and presented with certificates of fifty years of service to the University of Georgia. It is men like these who have seen the University through its worst and best days who will be forever commemorated. Dr. Charles Morten Strahan . . 60 years Dr. Willis Henry Bocock . . .54 years Dr. William Davis Hooper . . .53 years Dr. John Hanson Thomas McPherson 5 1 years Dr. John Morris 5 years The five who have seen 50 years of service President Caldwell presents the certificates 17 DE HS OF SCHOOLS Dr. G. H. Boyd, A.B., M.S., Sc.D. Professor of Zoology, Head of Department of Zoology, Chairman of the Division of Biological Science, and Dean of the Graduate School. Dean R. P. Brooks, A.B., Ph.D. Professor of Economics and Dean of the College of Business Administration. Dean Paul W. Chapman, B.S.A., B.S. Ed., MS. A., Sc.D. Dean, College of Agriculture. Miss Mary E. Creswell, B.S.H.E. Professor of Home Economics and Dean of the School of Home Economics. Dean John E. Drewry, A.B., B.J., M.A. Professor of Journalism and Dean of the School of Journalism. 18 DREWRY nil COLLEGES Dr. L. L. Hendren, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Dean of Faculties, Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. E. D. Pusey, A.B., M.A., LL.D. Professor of Education and Acting Dean of the College of Education. Dr. Henry A. Shinn, A.B., J.D. Acting Dean of the Law School and Professor of Law. Dean Donald J. Weddell, B.S.F., M.S. Professor of Forestry and Dean of the School of Forestry Dean R. C. Wilson, Ph.G. Professor of Pharmacy and Dean of the School of Pharmacy. 19 FACULTY Prop. Wallace Butts, A.B. Assistant Professor of Health Education for Men and Head Football Coach. Prof. Claude Chance, A.B., M.A. Professor of Romance Languages and Head of the Department of Romance Languages. Prof. " . O. Collins, B.S.A. Professor of Agronomy and Head of the Department of Agronomy. Dr. E. H. Dixon, A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Head of Department of Physics and Astronomy. Prof. Lamar Dodd Professor of Art and Head of the Art Department. Prof. Rudolph H. Driftmier, B.S.A. , M.S.A.E. Professor of Agricultural Engineering and Head of the Depart- ment of Agricultural Engineering, also Acting Superintendent of Buildings, Dormitories, and Dining Halls. Mr. Marion D. Dubose, A.B., M.A. Professor of German, Acting Head of German Department. Dr. A. S. Edwards, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Head of the Department of Psychology. Prof. Herbert B. Henderson, B.S., M.S. Professor of Dairying and Head of Department of Dairying. Prof. Hugh Hodgson, B.S. Professor of Music, Head of Department of Music, and Chair- man cf the Division of Fine Arts. 20 FACULTY A Dr. M. P. Jarnagin, U.S.A., M.Agr., Sc.D. Professor of Animal Husbandry and Head of the Department of Animal Husbandry. Prof. R. L. Keener, B.S.A., M.S. A. Professor of Horticulture and Head of Department of Horticulture. Dr. T. H. McHatton, B.S., M.Hort., Sc.D. Professor of Horticulture and Head ut the Departmen Prof. R. I. McWhorter, A.B., M.A. Professor of Latin and Head of the Department of Classics. Dr. J. H. Miller, B.S.A., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Plant Pathology and Plant Breeding and Head of the Department of Plant Pathology and Plant Breeding. Prof. Hubert B. Owens, B.S.A., M.A. Professor of Landscape Architecture and Head of the Depart- ment of Landscape Architecture. Mr. T. W. Reed, M.A., LL Registrar, Professor. Mr. J. D. Salter, B.S., M.S.Ed. Instructor in Education, Principal, Demonstration School. Dr. Albert B. Save, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Political Science and Acting Head of the Department of Political Science, Dr. A. W. Scott, B.S., Ph.D. Terrell Professor of Chemistry, Head of the Department of Chemistry, and Chairman of the Division of Physical Sciences. 21 FACULTY Prof. E. S. Sell, B.S.A., M.S.A. Professor of Geography and Head of the Department of Geography. Miss Sellers, A.B. Director of Women ' s Activities. Mrs. M. E. L. Soule, A.B., MA. Professor of Health Education for Women and Head of the Department of Health Education for Women. Mr. R. P. Stephens, A.B., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics and Acting Head of the Department of Mathematics. Prof. Robert M. Strozier, Ph.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Associate Dean of Students. Prof. William Tate, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of English, Dean of Student Housing. Dr. A. E. Terry, Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of German and Head of Department of German on Leave to Romance Language Department. Dr. J. D. Wade, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English, Head of the Department of English and Chairman of the Division of Language and Literature. Dr. J. T. Wheeler, B.S.A., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Rural and Agricultural Education and Head of the Department of Vocational Education. Dr. B. O. Williams, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Sociology and Head of the Department of Sociology. 22 23 m BODY PRESENTING THE SCHOOL OF LAW HAROLD HIRSCH HALL The School of Law, for many years known as the Lumpkin Law School, was founded in 18 59 by three eminent Georgia lawyers, Joseph Henry Lumpkin, Georgia ' s first Chief Justice; Thomas R. R. Cobb, father of the Georgia Code, and William Hope Hull, one-time law partner of Governor Howell Cobb. Today, 8 5 years later, Harold Hirsch Hall, which was completed and dedicated in 1932, is the home of the Law School. Harold Hirsch Hall furnishes adequate space for library, classrooms, practice court and offi- ces for the administration and faculty. The Law School operates under an honor system adopted in 193 0. The school acts on the supposition that a student who does not merit confi- dence is unworthy of its degree and unsuited to bear the great responsi- bilities incident to the practice of law. The Pledge " On my honor as a gentleman, I have neither given nor received any aid on this examination (or paper), nor have I witnessed any viola- tion of the Honor Code. " In 1937 the School of Law, in conjunction with the law schools of Emory and Mercer, organized the Association of Georgia Law Schools for the purpose of improving legal education. OFFICERS OF THE SCHOOL OF LAW ROBERT LEE ROYAL Chief Justice Honor Council WILLIAM C. CALHOUN Associate Justice SAM PHILLIPS McKENZlE Associate Justice SHELBY MYRICK, JR. Treasurer JOHN MORGAN GAULDING President First Year Law Class 26 THIRD YEAR LAW CLASS Third Year Law Class William C. Calhoun Shelby Myrick, Jr. . Harbin King . Robert Lee Royal . Augusta Savannah Curryville Sycamore McKENZIE ROTHWELL CALHOUN KING MYRICK ROYAL Second Year Law Class Sam Phillips McKenzie . . Montgomery, Ala. Louise Rothwell Athens Guy B. Scott, Jr Albany First Year Law Class Forrest Lee Champion, Jr Chipley Doris Rosalie Goldin Savannah William E. Dixon Macon Carl Heath . . • Hinesville John Morgan Gaulding Colbert Leonard F. Powell Augusta Grace H. Barnes :: " Athens Thomas W. Davison " ' Columbus Homer Sylvester Durden, Jr. . . . Athens Aubrey C. Evans Rebecca Gustav Karow Athens No picture 27 BARNETT BOWERS BROOKS CARSON JOHNSON KEITH KIMBALL LATIMER LEWIS MARTIN McCREA McKENZIE MORRIS NORMAN 7fe RIGDON ROYAL STEINBACH WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES A N UNIVERSITIES The method of selection for Who ' s Who Among Stud ents varies from place to place so as to be best adapted to dif- ferent campus situations. In most schools the nominations are made by a committee under some college executive — presi- dent, or dean, or registrar; in some schools the nominations are made by a committee composed of both faculty mem- bers and students; in still others, a more individualized method of selection is used. Whatever the procedure, (at the University of Georgia these students were selected by Dean Robert M. Strozier and a committee of faculty members) the students are chosen conscientiously and impartially after their qualifications have been carefully considered. Requi- sites for membership are character, scholarship, leadership in extra-curricular activities, and potentiality for future use- fulness to business and society. Juniors, seniors, and students in advanced work are eligible. ROLL Joy Barnett Atlanta David Bowers Moreland Betty Ann Brooks Atlanta Willard Carson Dalton Ruth Duke Griffin Willis Johnson West Point William Keith West Point Clyde Kimball Atlanta Martna Latimer Newnan Clifford Lewis Waynesboro Clifford Martin Stilson John McCrea Americus Sam McKenzie Montgomery, Ala. Aubrey Morris Roswell Murray Norman Hartwell Wilbur Orr Rayle James Perry Nashville Sara Florence Rigdon Tifton Robert Royal Sycamore Richard Steinbach Atlanta 28 entot ate Adams Akin Alkon Allman Anderson, A. M. Anderson, J. B. Avedisian Averitt Aycock Baker Barker Barnes, E. Barnes, E. L. Barnes, F. L. Barnett Beasley Beatenbough Beaton Beaumont Bedingfield SENIORS Ann T. Adams Tignall CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Vice-President of Alpha Chi Omega. Polly Ann Akin Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Dorothy L. Alkon Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Delta Phi Ep i!an Education Club. Martha Nell Allman Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta Homecon; Pioneer Club. Alfred Milton Anderson Dalton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Kappa Sigma G Club; Football 40, 41, 42; Basketball 40, 42. Jarrell Barr Anderson Blue Ridge CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Lambda Chi Alpha Scabbard and Blade. Harry Avedisian New York City CANDIDATE FOR B.S.FOS. DEGREE Forestry Club. Geraldine Averitt Millen CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Omicron Pi Pandora Staff, 40, 41; Radio Club, 40, 41, 42. Homecon Club. Dorothy Aycock Watkinsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Mazel W. Baker Norman Park CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon Club; P. O. P. S. [OYC1 C. Barker Carrollton CANDIDATE FOR A.D. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Emogene Barnes McRae CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 4-H Club; Homecon Club. Esther Lee Barnes Statesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Delta Delta Delia Pioneer Club; Rifle Team. Frances Louise Barnes Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Freshman Commission; Sophomore Cabinet. Joy M. Barnett Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Kappa Alpha The a President Coordinate Student Government; Alpha Lambda Delta; Z Club; Pan-Hellenic Representative; President Theta Sigma Phi; Pandora Staff; ReJ and Black; Mortar Board. Walter G. Beasley CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Lavonia Kathryn Beatenbough Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Naomi R. Beaton Waycross CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Anne E. Beaumont Hapevillc CANDIDATE FOR B.A. DEGR] I Edna E. Bedingfield Cadwell CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon Club; 4-H Club. 30 of 19 4 1 Wii ion [.Kin Middleton CANDIDATI I OR U.S. AC. DECREE Gaff.ui Club; Saddle Sirloin Club; R. O. T. C. Club, Infantry. Fekkell T. Benson- Bucna Vista c ANDIDATE i ok B.S.AG.l NG. mi. hi i Alpha Tan Omega Baseball Club; Ag. Engineering Club. Esther R. Berger Lincolnton ( ANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGR1 I Vice-President of Delta Phi Epsilon; Glee Club; Pioneer Club; Vice-President of Pioneer Inner Cir- cle; Senior Women ' s Athletic Association; Executive Business Manager of University Theatre; Treasurer of Thalian-Blackfriars; Religious Council. Birnard D. Bf.rman Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Tau Epsilon Phi Chaplain; Hillel Cabinet. Elizabeth C. Bisson Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Junior and Senior W. A. A.; Manager Town Intra- murals, 42, 43. Martha H. Blackburn Thomaston CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta Norma Alice Blackmon Washington CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Mildred L. Blair Cornelia CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Upsilon Omicron Homecon Club. Lawrence S. Bodzinger Savannah candidate for b.s. digrii Tan Epsilon Phi Scribe Tau Epsilon Phi, 41, 42, 45; Intcrfraternity Council 42; Religious Council 42; President Hillel Foundation 42, 43. Jane Mayo Bowden Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta Jane Bowden Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE James E. Bowen Quitman CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. DEGREE President of Gaffau Club. Gus B. Boyd Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Men ' s Glee Club 41, 42; University Hour. ■ • ' Bell Benson Berger Berman Bisson Blackburn Blackmon Blair Bodzinger Bowden, J. M. Bowden, J. Bowen Booth Bradley Bramlett Brannen, . C. Brannen, N. P. Brimberry Briscoe MURRAY NORMAN Campus Leader Betty Sue Booth East Point CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Cheer Leader 43. Miriam Bradley Chatsworth CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Pi Beta Phi Daniel W. Bramlett Ashland CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG. DEGREE Jennie C. Brannen Hazlehurst CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Transfer Georgia Teacher ' s College. 31 Nell P. Brannen Millen CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta President of W. A. A.; Pan-Hellenic Representative. Betty Brimberry Camilla CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Homecon; Transfer from G. S. W. C. Margie E. Briscoe Monroe CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Broadhurst Brown, F. W. Brown, H. M. Brown, M. S Brown, M. Browne Brown, S. E. Buford Bush Byington Cannon Cantrell Carson, H. B. Carson, W. L. Carter Cauble Chambliss Chanin Chastain SENIORS George Marion Broadhurst Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PH. DEGREE Phi Eta Sigma 42; Biftad 42; Junior Cabinet 43; Solicitor-General, Parliamentarian, and Critic of De- mosthenian; Dean ' s List 42; Mortar and Pestle. Fred Wilson Brown Waynesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Helen Miriam Brown Dawson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE President of Homecon; President of 4-H Club; Vice- President 4-H Club; Vice-President Ag. Hill Coun- cil; Vice-President Student Government; Wesley Foundation Council; V. R. A. Cabinet; Poultry Science. Mary Sue Brown Dillard CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Speech Club 42-43, 43-44; B. S. U. Council 42-43, 43-44. Miriam Brown Dewy Rose CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Kappa Delia Louis Davis Browne Augusta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Sigma Nit Rillc Team; Cavalry Club. Sara E. Brown Manchester CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Phi Mu House; Red and Black; Society Editor of Red and Black. Rosemary Buford Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Jacolyn Evans Bush Barncsvillc CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Alpha Delia Pi Thcta Sigma Phi Secretary; Assistant Woman ' s Edi- tor Red and Black. William Winslow Byington .... Culverton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Ministerial Club. Jo Ann Cannon Albany CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Kappa Delia Mary Rachel Cantrell Acworth CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon Club. Dorothy Carlan Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Harold Bryan Carson Daltori CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Dcmosthenian Club. in nr P. Carson Dalton ( ANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Zeta Freshman Award 40-41; Alpha Gamma Rim Freshman Award; Member of Alpha Zeta; Jun- ior Cabinet; Gridiron; Blue Key; Student Council; Dean ' s List 40-43; President Senior Class. Asm Carter Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Mu House; Red and Black; W. A. A. Gerald Cauble Memphis, Tcnn. CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Art and Speech Club; Scabbard and Blade. Dorothy M. Chambliss Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Art League. Louis Chanin Macon CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Secretary-Treasurer Tau Epsilon Phi; Vice-President University of Georgia Hillel Foundation; Most Out- standing Second Basic Student in Cavalry Troop; .Assistant Business Manager Red and Black; Inter- Fraternity Debate Team. Joe IV Chastain Roberta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE 32 JOY BARN6T7 President of Student Government of 1944 Jeanette E. Clarke Athens CANDIDATE TOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE V. R. A. Cabinet; First Vice-President B. S. U.; Student Assistant B. S. U.; Homccon Club; Junior Homecon Club; Agriculturist Staff. Margaret J. Clary Atlanta CANDIDATE I OR .B. DEGRE1 Alpha Omicron Pi Frances M. Cliett Waynesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. Dl GR1 I Mary M. Cobb Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. Dl ( R1 I ii ham M. Colbert Sanford, M.i. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Forestry Club; R. O. T. C Helen B. Colley Washington CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGRI E Glee Club. Joe B. Conger Pcnficld CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG. DEGREE Michael John Costa Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Freshman Basketball 41; X Club, Treasurer 42; Cap- tain R. O. T. C. 43; Scabbard and Blade 42-43. Ellen L. Council Waycross CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Graelam Fay Covington Rome CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Phi Mu Women ' s Editor, Society Editor, Assistant Women ' s Editor Red ami Black; Thcta Sigma Phi. Mildred Cowart Danielsvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Norma Vivian Cox Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Alpha Chi Ome a Glee Club. M. Anne Crawford Lexington CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Secretary of Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Freshman Commission; Sophomore Council; Vice- President of Art Students League. Clarke Clary Cliett Cobb Colbert Colley Conger Costa Council Covington Cowart Cox Crawford Cross Cromartie Crummey DeHart Dickens Donehoo Donnelly Jeanette Cross Ocilla CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Glee Club. Dorothy Cromartii Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Gloria Richey Crummey Rochelle CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Omicron Pi Homecon. 33 Garnett H. DeHart Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG. DEGREE Elizabeth A. Dickens Madison CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta Frances E. Donehoo Roswell CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Rosalia F. Donnelly Milledgeville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Doughty Doyal Drake, G. L. Drake, J. L,Jr Drewry Drexel Duke, E. L. Duke, R. E. Durham Edwards, H. D. Edwards, W. M. Elliott Estroff Everitt Fambro Feuger Finney Fisher Fletcher Fokes SENIORS Martha Turner Doughty • ■ • Charleston, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Mu Nell E. Doyal Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DI ' GRl E Pi Beta Phi George L. Drake Titton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DFGRI I Pi Mtt Epsilon John Lee Drake, Jr. Donalsonville CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Pi Kappa Phi Karl E. Drewry Griffin CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Gene A. Drexel Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Edith Louise Duke Leary CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Ruth E. Duke Griffin CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. DEGREE President of P. O. W. ' s; Editor of " G " Book 43-44; Vice-President of V. R. A. 43-44; Agronomy Club; Ag Hill Editor of the Red ami Black; Student Cabi- net; Student Government. Olga F. Durham Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kappa Delta Howard D. Edwards Bogart CANDIDATE FOR B.V I l (,R1 I Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma, Vice-President; Dean ' s List. Walter M. Edwards Woodbury CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Delta Tan Delta President Blue Key 43; International Relations Club. Josephine I. Elliott Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta Marvin D. Estroff Lyons CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Dorothy L. Everitt Atlanta CANDID M I OB B.S. DEGR1 I Alpha Lambda Delta Vice-President Student Government 42; Zoology Club. Martha Fambro Rockmart CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Treasurer of Alpha Lambda Delta; Vice-President of Delta Delta Delta; Z Club; Secretary Pan-Hellenic 42; Epicurean Council; Secretary -Treasurer Coordi- nate Student Government. Acnes E. Ffuger Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECK I I Kappa Alpha Theta Louis W. Finney Haddock CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Kappa Sigma 1 kiw S. Fisher Athens CANDIDA II FOR B.S.H.E. DI GRI E Homecon. Earl W ' arri n Fletcher Moultrie CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Cavalry Club. Dorothy L. Fokes Montezuma CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Chaplain of Delta Delta Delta; Dance Club; Trans- fer F. S. C W. 34 of 1944 Dorothy Ford Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac. Ida Jean Fort Hamilton CANDIDATE EOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Transfer G. S. C. W.; Homecon; Agriculturist Busi- ness Staff. Dorothy Francfs Foster College Park CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Delta Zeta Phi Eta; Speech Club; Glee Club. Evelyn S. Foster Roswell CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Delia Mary Beth Foster Cornelia CANDIDATF FOR A.B. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Coordinate Cabinet V. R. A. Doris P. Fowler Greenville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Irene F. Freeman Unadilla CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Kappa Delta Secretary of Kappa Delta; Kappa Delta Pledge Ac- tivity Cup; V. R. A. Cabinet; Sophomore Cabinet; Freshman Club; Freshman Commission; B. S. U. Council; Staff of Rett ami Black; B. S. U. News Staff; Glee Club. Wanda Rae French Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta Betty W. Frier Fairfax CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Thomas Clyde Fulford Glenwood CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG. DEGREE Harry S. Garey Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG. DEGREE Henry Garrison Ashland CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG. DEGREE Longenia Gillis Soperton CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta International Relations Club. Ford Fort Foster, D. F. Foster, E. S Foster, M. B. Fowler Freeman French Fulford Garey Garrison Gillis Gober Gordon Grant, F. Grant, M. V. Green Greene Gnffies ELEONORE WINECOFF President Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic Council Henry F. Gober Gainesville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Christine Gordon Danielsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Senior W. A. A.; Corresponding Secretary Alpha Delta Pi. Frances Grant Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Alpha Omicron Pi Pan-Hellenic Council. Mary Virginia Grant Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECK I 1 Alpha Omicron Pi Senior V. R. A. Cabinet; Psi Chi; Secretary of Phi Upsilon Omicron; Business Staff of Georgia Agricul- turist; Woman ' s Editor Georgia Agriculturist; Presi- dent Wesley Foundation. Fsta Green Toccoa CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. AND B.S. DEGREES Delta Phi Epsilon Pioneer Club. Frankie R. Greene Crawfordville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon; V. R. A.; Glee Club. Saralyn Griffies Devereux CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE 3S Griffin, C. Griffin, W. H. Grogan Groover Hall, S. E. Hallman Hardeman Harp, S. E. Harrell, Evangeline Harrison Griffith Groff Hall, L. Hall, M. Hamilton Hancock Harp, W. D. Harrell, Emily Harvey Haslam SENIORS Catharine Griffin Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi V. R. A. Cabinet; Homecon. William H. Griffin Gibson CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Kappa Sigma Daniel P. Griffith Sandy Springs CANDIDATE FOR B.S.M. DEGREE Lambda Chi Alpha I. R. C; Inter-Fraternity Council. Martha Patat Groff Alliens CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Upsilon Omicron; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. Modree E. Grogan Dawsonville CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Sigma Alpha Iota; Women ' s Glee Club; Transfer from Brenau College. Mary Frances Groover Statesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta Pioneer Club; Homecon. Louise Hall Blue Ridge CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta Homecon; Pioneer Club. Maggie, Hall Meigs CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 42, 4} Secretary of Rural Youth Council; Secretary of 4-H Club. Suzv E. Hall Atn(;m CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Spence Hook Hallman Boston CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG. DEGREE Ruth Hamilton Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Hilda Hancock Winterville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Nell B. Hardeman Winterville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DLCKE 1 Sara E. Harp Oglethorpe CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE William Dixon Harp Oglethorpe CANDID VI I FOR U.S. DEGR1 I Alpha Tau Omega Emily Harrell Cochran CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Lyre Editor of Alpha Chi Omega, Psi Chi; Business Manager of ' 44 Pandora; Ritle Club; Transfer from Middle Georgia College. Evangeline Harrell Collins CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Delta 44 Pandora Staff. Lura M. Harrison Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Transfer from G. S. C. W. James DeLoach Harvey Glennville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE John Harry Haslam Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Chi Psi Chi Psi Treasurer; Inter-Fraternity Council. 36 SAM McKENZIE President of the Inter-Fraternity Council of Ml I I Lucille P. Hauton Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGRE1 Kappa Alpha Theta Pandora Revue; Navy Day Queen; Treasurer Kappa Alpha Theta. Frances Ann Heard DeLand, Fla. CANDID AT) 1 ok B.S.PH. DECREE Delta Delta Delta President of Delta Delta Delta; President or ' Mortar and Pestle; Student Government Representative; Stu- dent Cabinet V. R. A.; Student Council; Transfer from F. S. C. W. William Staclr Helton Sandersville CANDIDAT1 FOR B.S.CH. DEGREE Phi Delta Theta Luther W. Hi ndrick IJowman CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AC. DEGREE Charles Leroy Henry Warwick CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CH. DEGREE Honor Roll. Dewey Rosen wall Henry Warwick t ANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG. DEGREE Dorothea Herty Hellertown, Pa. CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta Thalian Black friars. Travers Hill Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE S. A. E. Maxine S. Hirshberg Lindale CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Howell P. Holbrook Commerce CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Doris Patricia Holliman Unadilla CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Kappa Delta Secretary of Kappa Delta; President of Phi Upsilon Omicron. Frances Celeste Hooks Lexsy CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Omicron Pi Vice-President of Phi Upsilon Omicron; President of Alpha Omicron Pi; Homecon. Peggy Howard Crawford CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Pi Beta Phi Women ' s Glee Club; 43 Pandora Staff. Hauton Heard Helton Hendrick Henry, C. L. Henry, D. R. Herty Hill Hirshburg Holbrook Holliman Hooks Howard Howell Hudgins Hudson, E. P Hudson, K. B. Huff Huggins Hulme Mary E. Howell Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Senior W. A. A.; Dean ' s List 42, 43. Margaret A. Hudgins Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Red ami Black 43. Eldred P. Hudson Eatonton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kendrick B. Hudson Hamilton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Sigma Nu Men ' s Glee Club 41, 42, 43; Forestry Club; Inter- Fraternity Council; Vice-President of Inter-Fraternity Council 43 ; President of Sigma Nu 43 ; Gridiron. 37 Dorothy B. Huff Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREI Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon. Irene Huggins Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi President of Alpha Delta Pi. George W. Hulme Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha DeMolay; President of Pi Kappa Alpha; Gridiron. il Hulsey Ingram Irvine Ivey Jenkins, C. Jenkins, H. Johnson, 1. B. Foster Johnson, S. L. Jones, B. T. Jones, C. M. Jordan, A. R Jordan, D. H. Jowers Joyner Kahn Kelley Kennek Kimball Kirkland SENIORS Daniel B. Hulsey Dawsonville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG. DEGREE Gaffau Club, Vice-President; Ag. Club; Saddle and Sirloin. Ruby L. Ingram Barney CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE Dorothy Irvine Monroe CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECK I I Glee Club; Psi Chi. Mary Marie Ivey Jakin CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon; 4-H Club. Catherine Jenkins Danielsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon. Harriet Jenkins Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Chi Omega Vice-President of Chi Omega; W. A. A.; Student Government; Homecon; Pioneer. Irvine B. Johnson Sparta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG. DEGREE Blue Key; Gaffau Club; X Club; Saddle and Sirloin; Agronomy; Secretary -Treasurer of Senior Class 45 and 44. Samuel D. Johnson College Park CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG.ENG. DEGREE Sigma Chi Bit tad; Junior Cabinet; Thalian Black friars; Presi- dent Infantry Club; Ag Engineering Club; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gridiron; Secretary Inter-Fraternity Council; International Relations Club; Scabbard and Blade; Business Manager of 1943 Pandora; Demos- thenian; Captain Adjutant R. O. T. C. Sara L. Johnson Senoia CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Ho mecon; 4-H Club. Betty T. Jones Waynesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Charles M. Jones Albany CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Tan Omega Treasurer of Alpha Tau Omega; Religious Council. Athley R. Jordan Waycross CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Sigma Nu President of Sigma Nu 44; Forestry Club. Dan H. Jordan Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR B.S.AG. DEGREE Agronomy Club. Marcus R. Jowers Wray CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Emily Joyner Screven CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Student Government; Association for Childhood Education. Shirley Kahn Pelham CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Delia Phi Epsilcm Secretary of the Glee Club; Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Iota; President of Music Club. Mary Frances Kelley Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Phi Mm James Kennek Flushing, N. Y. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Forestry Club. Clyde Kimball Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE President of V. R. A.; Vice-President V. R. A.; President of Baptist Student Union; Vice-President of Demosthenian; X Club; Secretary-Treasurer of Blue Key; Student Council; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents of American Universities and Colleges; Eco- nomics Society; Politics Club. Virginia Kirkland Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Psi Chi 38 of 1944 James C. Kit a if Douglaston, N. Y. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGR1 I Demosthenian; Red and Black; Cavalry Club. Walter Kornfeld Athens i UN DID ATE I OK B.S. AG. DEGRI I Poultry Science Club; Phi Kappa Phi. I i i i Philip Laiacona Atlanta ( ANDIDA I 1 FOR U.S. DEGREE HAZEI Leona Lamb Danville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon; Agriculturist Staff; House Council. I kv Anne Lambert Madison CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGRE1 Phi Mil Rhona Koplin Landis Atlanta Delta Phi EpsUon Alpha Lambda Delta; Treasurer Pan -Hellenic ; Pan- Hellenic Councd 42, 43. Mary P. Lazenby Thomson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Frances A. Leake Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta Evelyn Lee Fayetteville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon; Editor of Georgia Agriculturist 43. Ryals E. Lee Americus CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Chi Phi G Club; Football 42; Advanced R. O. T. C. Louilla Levie Montezuma CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron. Walter A. Levie Montezuma CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. DEGREE Agronomy Club. Isadore Lewinson Dalton CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Tau Epsilott Phi Chancellor of Tau Epsilon Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Biftad; Phi Eta Sigma; Varsity Debating Team; Hamilton-McWhorter Award; In- ternational Relations Club; Inter-Fraternity Council; Hillel; Debating Team; R. O. T. C. Leadership Medal; Gridiron; Phi Kappa Phi. Kitaif Lambert Lee, E. Lewinson Low ic Kornfeld Landis Lee, R. E. Lewis Lynn Laiacona Lazenby Levie, L. Little Lyons Lamb Leake Levie, W. A. Lopez Maddox RUTH DUKE President of P.O.W. ' s Clifford Lewis " Waynesboro Sarah E. Lowrie St. George, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi President of Alpha Delta Pi; Vice-President of Pan- Hellenic; Vice-President Mortar Board; Z Club; President of Coordinate Student Government. Dudley Little Homer CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Francisco Lopez Manati, Puerto Rico CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Lambda Delta. Frank Lynn Reidsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PH. DEGREE Ruth Lyons Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Pi Beta Phi Pansy Maddox Senoia CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 4-H Club; Red and Black; B. S. U.; Homecon. 39 Maguire Maret Marshall Martin, A. L Martin, G. F. Martin, M. F. May Mazursky MtCay McClain, D. F. McClain, L. M. McCloskey McDonald McKenney McLeod McMillan McPhee Mercke Merrill Miller SENIORS Walter A. Maguire Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Chi Pst Sara Brooks Maret Lavonia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGRI I Kappa Delta Marianne Marshall Americus Delta Delta Delta Transfer Georgia Southwestern College. An ni Lister Martin Spartanburg, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi Omega Pandora Staff 42, 43, Woman ' s Editor Pandora 44; Alpha Lambda Delta; Secretary-Treasurer of Inter- national Relations Club 4 3 and 44; Politics Club; Student Cabinet. G. Fain Martin Edison candidate for b.s. degree Sigma Nu Mary Frances Martin Dawsonville candidate for b.s.h.e. degree Homecon Club. [Catherine E. May Thomson candidate for b.s.h.e. degree Homecon; 4-H Club. Paula R. Mazursky Barnwell, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Delta Phi Epsiloti Rep. a Jeannette McCay Danielsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Dorothy Fay McClain Clayton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGRI I V. R. A.; Homecon; Vice-President and Secretary 4-H Club. Laura M. McClain Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREP V. R. A. Cabinet; Treasurer of Wesley Foundation; Homecon. Margaret A. McColskey Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Paul A. McDonald Fitzgerald CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. DEGREE Sigma Nu Glee Club; Band; Demosthenian; Treasurer Sigma Nu 43 and 44. George W. McKenney, Jr. Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Sigma Nu Infantry Club 42 and 43; Inter-Fraternity Council 43; Gridiron; Manager Freshman Basketball 41; Man- ager Varsity Basketball 42 and 43; G Club. Rose McLeod Pineview CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE G. S. C. W. Transfer; Homecon; Agriculturist Staff; Student Government Council; Dean ' s List; Phi Kap- pa Phi. Roger McMillan Fitzgerald CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Pioneer Club; Pioneer Inner Circle; Homecon; W. A. A.; Dance Club; Business Staff Rett and Black. Dick H. McPhee Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECREE Pi Kappa Alpha Katherine E. Mercke Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Vice-President of Thalian Blackfriars; Art Students League; University Theater. Joseph H. Merrill Palatka, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE I i aine B. Miller Cordele CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Delta Phi Epsilon 40 MARIAN WELTNER President Mortar Board of 19 4 4 JULIAN MlLLlR Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Speech Club; International Relations Club. Robert B. Mitchell Atlanta . INDIDATE 1 OR A.B. DECREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Margaret Winn Monfort . ■ . . Lawrenceville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. Ill CRI 1 Alpha Delia Pi Vice-President of Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Associate Editor of Pandora; Chi Omega Prize Winner; Pan-Hellenic Representative; Sopho- more Representative to Court; Dance Club; Zodiac- Award; Hamilton-McWhorter Award. Carolyn L. Moore Ambrose CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DIGRI I Patricia W. Moore Moultrie CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE William F. Moore Buford CANDIDATE LOR B.S. DEGRI I James Arthur Morgan Douglas CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CH. DEGREE Anne Morris Waynesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.E.A. DECREE Elco E. Morris Hull CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Carolyn A. Morrison Glenwood CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 4-H Club; Homecon Club; Vesper. Grace E. Morrison Birmingham, Ala. CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Delta Delia Delia Dean ' s List 41-42; Honors Day 42; Phi Kappa Phi Award 42; Beauty Review 43; Pioneer Club 45. Ruth Murph Marshallville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delia Delia Delia Pioneer Club. Luther P. Murphy, Jr Coohdge CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. DEGREE Saddle and Sirloin Club; Gaffau Club; Parliamenta- rian Gaffau Club. Miller Mitchell Monfort Moore, C. L Moore, P. W. Moore, W. F. Morgan Morris, A. Morris, E. E. Morrison, C. A. Morrison, G. E. Murph Murphy, L. P., Jr. Murphy, W. A. Murray Neel Nelms Nelson Newman Newsome Wilbur A. Murphy Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CH. DEGREE Mary P. Murray Buena Vista CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Eugenia Louise Neel Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Pi Beta Phi Zodiac Club, President; Pioneer Club; Secretary- Treasurer of Pioneer Inner Circle; Pandora Staff; Student Cabinet; Phi Kappa Phi. 41 J. Hoyt Nelms Hull CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Agnes L. Nelson Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Robert E. Newman Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CH. DEGREE Martha H. Newsome Sandersvilk CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGRI . Delta Delta Delta Homecon Club. Newton Nunnally Owens Parks Pittard Norman, E. M. Oesterreicher Owens Pearce Pollard Norman, H. H. Orlich Palmour Peeples Pope, C. Norville Overfelt Parker Perry Pope, G. SENIORS Agnes Acree Newton Forsyth CANDIDATE FOR. B.F.A. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi President Music Club 42, 45. Ellington Murray Norman Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Campus Leader; Vice Campus Leader; President Stu- dent Cabinet; Executive Council Student Cabinet; Demosthenian Literary Society; President, Chief Jus- tice, Sergeant-at-Arms; Gridiron, Secretary-Treasurer; Blue Key; X Club, President; Varsity Debate Team; Debate Key Circle; Speech Club; International Rela- tions Club; Radio; Politics Club, President; V. R. A, Cabinet; Southern Debate Trip, 42, 43 ; Pandora and Red and Black; Electoral Board; Student Advis- ory Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Univer- sities. Harry H. Norman Atlanta S. A. E. Peggy McRee Norville Watkinsville Honors Day — Upper Ten Per Cent Freshman Class; Alpha Lambda Delta. George Lamar Nunnally Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Football. Donald Oesterreicher Quitman CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Peter F. Orlich West New York, N. J. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Freshman Baseball Numeral; Varsity Baseball Nu- meral; G Club. Barbara Overfelt Ft. Benning CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta John A. Owens Hahira CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Farrell Owens Dahlonega CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Chi Omega Anne Palmour Gainesville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Freshman Commission, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sopho- more Cabinet; W. A. A.; Pioneer Inner Circle; Zodiac; International Relations Club. Charles Parker Waycross CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Sigma Nu Transfer from Georgia Teachers College 41; Demos- thenian; Men ' s Glee Club 41-43, Business Manager 43; Pandora Staff 41-42; Junior Business Manager 42 ; Lieutenant Commander Sigma Nu; University Theater; Inter-Fraternity Council; International Relations Club. Blanche Parks Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGRE] Alpha Delta Pi Speech Club. Marvis Pearo: Bowdon CANDIDA II I UK U.S. H.I . Dl i,KI 1 Lucia C. Peeples Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi Omega Glee Club; International Relations Club 41, 44. Virginia Perry Washington CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. Dl t.K I I Henry Pittard Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. DEGREE Agricultural Engineering; DeMolay. Robert Pollard Appling CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.G. DEGREE Clouis Pope Roopville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Giraldine Pope Lyons CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Homecon, 42 of 1944 Martha J. Praithi R Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Josefh N. Preston Monrnc CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DI-GRFE Phi Delta Tbeta William H. Pri •■ton Columbus I NDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DI .RI 1 Pi Kappa Alpha Pledge Master of Pi Kappa Alpha 41-42, Secretary, Treasurer 43-44. James N. Price Griffin CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Hell on Horseback Club; Advanced R. O. T. C. (Sergeant); Economics Society; B. S. U. General Council. John A. Pursi I y Harlelock CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGR1 I Army Life. Addie Mae Rainwater Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Peggy Reade Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Chi Omega Homecon; Art Club; Treasurer of Chi Omega; Pan- dora; Pioneer Club; International Relations Club. Thelma Z. Reed Cochran CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Delia Phi Epsilou Winner of Inter-Mural Debate 43; Sociology Club. Halden Eugene Reese Jakin CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CH. DEGREE Rosemary Reynaud Chicago, III. CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Alpha The a Alpha Lambda Delta; Freshman Commission; Fresh- man Cabinet; Sophomore Cabinet; Zodiac; Vice-Presi- dent of International Relations Club; Pioneer Club; Pioneer Inner Circle; Pandora Staff 40-42; Presi- dent of Kappa Alpha Theta 42-43. Jean Rhodes Augusta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Pi Beta Phi Red and Black; Speech Club; Glee Club; Rifle Club; W. A. A.; Badminton Club; Dance Club. Guillermo Torres Ricci .... Rio Piedras, P. R. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Francis Marion Rich Gainesville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Delta Upsilon Scabbard and Blade, Captain; Thalian Blackfriars, President; Infantry Club; Demosthenian; University Theatre, Business Manager. Proither Preston, J. N Pursley Rainwater Reese Reynaud Rich Rigdon Roberts, R. A. Robinson Preston, W. H. Reade Rhodes Rish Rossheim Price Reed Ricci Roberts, H. E. Rountree r , WILLARD CARSON President Senior Class Sara Florence Rigdon Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Chi Omega Freshman Commission; Z Club; Sophomore Repre- sentative to Council; Sigma Alpha Iota, President; Women ' s Glee Club; Music Club; Pan-Hellenic, Vice-President; Chi Omega, Secretary; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties and Colleges. Wallace R. Rish Rome CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGR] I Phi Delta Theta Hannah E. Roberts Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Ruby A. Roberts Lexington CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Lambda Delta; Pioneer Club; Sociology Club; International Relations Club; Freshman Commis- sion; Sophomore Council; Pandora Staff. Mary Anne Robinson Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Mu House; Pioneer Club; Dean ' s List; Pioneer Inner Circle; Sociology Club; Circulation Staff of ReJ and Black; Zodiac. Louise M. Rossheim Teaneck, N. J. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta William E. Rountree Swainsboro CANDIDATE FOR B.A. DEGREE 43 Rowan Sammons Scarborough Shulman Scott Seagraves Serrano Sewell Shackleford Shannon Sheppard Sherman Shull Smith, C.J. Smith, F. B. Smith, G. B. Smith, P. Smith, W Solomon, B. L. Solomon, F. SENIORS Ruth Rowan Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Ul mont Sammons Watkinsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGR1 I Aii xander Alan Scarborough Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Biftad; Secretary-Treasurer X Club; Freshman Bas- ketball and Track Teams; Dean ' s List. Annabelle Shulman Canton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGR1 1 Sarah Scott Atlanta CANDIDA Tl FOR B.S. 1)1 GR1 I Rebecca Seagraves Athens Alpha Lambda Delta; Politics Club. Claudio Luis Serrano . . . Isabels, Puerto Rico CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Martha Vivian Sunt Lavonia CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon. Hattil Shackleford Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DI c. K I I Mary E. Shannon Jcffersonvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Omicron Pi Mary Claire Sheppard Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Homecon; Pandora Staff 42; Alpha Lambda Delta; Treasurer Phi Upsilon Omicron; Secretary Alpha Chi Omega. Joanna Sherman Blakcly CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Chi Omega Red and Black 42-44; Assistant Woman ' s Editor of Red and Black; Hunt Club; Theta Sigma Phi; Asso- ciate Editor Pandora 1944. Sara Hall Shull Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. ED. DEGREE C. Jacqueiyn Smith Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta Treasurer of Kappa Alpha Theta; Zeta Phi Eta; Speech Club. Frances Blackmer Smith Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE G. Berthing Smith Columbus CANDIDA I I I OK U.S. DEGR1 I Piggy Smiiii Concord CANDIDAT] FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Ma Vice-President Phi Mu; Pioneer Club; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi. W ' iiifite Smith Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega President of Alpha Chi Omega; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Homecon. Betty L. Solomon College Park candidate: for a.b. degree Alpha Chi Omega Freshman Commission; Sophomore Cabinet; Secretary Alpha Chi Omega. Frances Soiomon Moncks Corner, S. C. candidate for b.b.a. degree Delta Phi Epsilon Secretary of Delta Phi Epsilon; Treasurer of Delta Phi Epsilon. 44 MARGARET MONFORT Scholarship i) I I 9 I I Janis M. Spi no r Atlanta t NDIDA I i I OR A.B. D1 GR1 I Nell Stapi is Mt. Zion c A NDIDA i i FOR B.S.H.l . I l -R1 I Business Manager of Red and Black 44. Wai n r Stearman Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE President of Dcmosthcnian 45; V. R. A. Cabinet 43, 44. Richard Allen Steinbach Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Phi Epsilon Pi President of Phi Epsilon Pi; President of Omicron Delta Kappa; President of Phi Kappa Literary So- ciety; President of International Relations Club; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colleges 45; Varsity Debate Team 42, 43; Manager of Varsity Debate Team; Vice-President of Biftad; Secretary-Treasurer of Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Speaking Key; Freshman Debate Team; Dean ' s List 41, 42; Treasurer of Inter-Fraternity Council; Pandora Staff 43. Janii Virginia Stephens Waynesboro CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta First Vice-President of Alpha Gamma Delta. Margaret R. Stewart Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kappa Delta W. A. A.; Pioneer Club; Rifle Club. Leason Blake Stills Blue Ridge CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A.G. DEGREE Chi Psi Louise S. Stock Rome CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Delta Phi Epsilon Winner of Woman ' s Intcrmural Debate Tournament 4 3. Bennie S. Stone Gainesville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta James Maxwell Storey, Jr. Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha Spencer Staples Stearman Steinbach Stewart Stites Stock Stone Storey Stringer Strother Swan Swann Symmes Thomas Thompson, F. R. Thompson, S. R. Tompkins John E. Stringer, Jr. Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Forrest Clinton Strother Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Football 40, 41, 42; G Club. I i gi ma H. Swain Camilla CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Chi Omega Dance Club. Charles Andrew Swan Wrens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. DEGREE First Vice-President of B. S. U. 42; President GafTau Club 42; Scribe of Alpha Zeta 43; Secretary-Treas- urer of Aghon Society 43; Ag Club; 4-H Club. 45 Hattie F. Swann Wrens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE John C. Symmes Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Rifle Team 41, 42, 43. Joy R. Thomas Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Rcil and Bliick; Pandora Staff; Pioneer Club. Frances R. Thompson Bethlehem I ANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Sarah Rachel Thompson Bethlehem CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Elizabeth Tompkins Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Towler Turk Turner, F. E. Turner, J. C Turner, M. E. Walker Wallace Walters Ward Watkins, D. P. Watkins, M. F. Watts Wells Weltner West Westbrook Whatley Wheeler, J. T. Wheeler, V. L. Whelchel SENIORS Josephine Towler Monroe CANDIDATE FOR B.5. DEGREE Alpha Lambda Delia W. W. A.; House President, Bradwcll Hall, 42, 43; Student Government 42, 43. Celia Turk Thomasville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Psi Chi V. R. A. Cabinet. Frances E. Turner Jesup CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECK I I Kappa Delta Hunt Club; Rifle Club; Coordinate V. R. A. Cabinet; Zodiac; Dean ' s List. James C. Turner Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Cheerleader; I_t. Commander, Sigma Nu; Forestry Club; X Club; Demosthcnian. Margaret E. Turner Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon; Glee Club. Loula dyne Walker Madison CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Homecon. Robert W. Wallace Washington CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PH. DEGRI I University of Georgia Band; Mortar and Pestle; Little Symphony Orchestra. Myrtle V. Walters Ocilla CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon; House Council; B. S. U. Council. Clyde V. Ward Donalsonville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGRI 1 Dorothy P. Watkins Ball Ground CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DI GRI I Martha Fay Watkins Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Kappa Delta Alpha Lambda Delta; Theta Sigma Phi, President 43; ReJ ami Black; Woman ' s Editor 43; Kappa Delta, Assistant Treasurer 41, Treasurer 43. Robert T. Watts Ringgold CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Aghon; Gaffau Club; Saddle and Sirloin; 4-H Club, President. Sara E. Wells Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Homecon. Marion A. Weltner Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGRI I Pi Beta Phi Pioneer Inner Circle, President; Student Council Junior Cabinet; Junior W. A. A.; Senior W. A. A.; Zodiac; Mortar Board, President; Student Govern- ment, Secretary; Pioneer Club 43; Freshman Com- mission Sophomore Cabinet, Vice-President; Z Club. Secretary-Treasurer; Hunt Club, Vice-President; Delta Delta Delta, Secretary; Pandora Staff 43; So- phomore Class, President; Pi Beta Phi, President. I i wis West Sandersville CANDIDA I I 1 OR U.S. I ' M. HI i.KI I Six ma Chi Sigma Chi, President; Demosthcnian; Mortar and Pestle; Inter-Fraternity Council; Gridiron. W. E. Westbrook Ringgold candidate for degree Giorge P. Whatley Forsyth CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. DEGREE John T. Wheeler Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Pi Ma Epsilon Sigma Pi Sigma. Vera L. Wheeler Ball Ground CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE ReJ ami Black Staff. Mary J. Whelchel Cordelc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Pi Beta Phi Homecon, Vice-President; V. R. A. Cabinet; Reli- gious Cabinet. ii I 19 4 4 Eleanor V. Whigham Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B. S.H.I . Dl .RI I Homecon, Corresponding Secretary 43, 44; B. S. U., Music Chairman 4 5, 44. Martha Amih White Macon CANDIDATE FOR B. S.H.I Dl GR1 I 4-H Club. Horace C. Whitimr. |r. Butord CANDIDATE I OR B.S. DEGREE Glee Club; Thalian-Black friars; University Theater; Speech Club; R. O. T. C; Cavalry Club; Demo - chenian; V. R. A.; Frerhrnan Cabinet. • An nt Ruth Wicker Americus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Transfer Georgia Southwestern; President 4-H Club. M r " i I . Wiggins Sanford CANDID TE I OR A.B.I. DEGREE Pi Beta Phi E udelli G. Wilcox Hazlehurst CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECRI I Harold B. Wilkinson Stateshoro CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. DFGR1 I Saddle and Sirloin Club; Cavalry Club. George Williams, Jr. Crawfordville CANDIDATE FOR B.B.AG. DEGREE Marketing Club; Economics Club. Julian H. Williams Blakcly CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. DEGRI E Gaffau Club, Secretary. Reyna E. Williamson Rentz CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. DEGREE Agricultural Club President; Gaffau Club Treasurer; Editor of Agriculturist; Danforth Fellowship 43. Violet L. Williamson Smyrna CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 4-H Club; Homecon. Wi Whicjhom White Wiggins Wilcox Williams, J. H. Williamson, R. I. I Willingham A oma:k Whitener Wicker Wilkinson Williams, G., Jr. Williamson, V. L. Winecoff Wyatt Wynn York RICHARD STEINBACH President of Omicron Delta Kappd Elenore Winecoff Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Pan-Hellenic, President; Student Cabinet, Secretary; W. A. A., Secretary; Pioneer Inner Circle, Secretary and Treasurer. Donald L. Willingham Statham CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PH. DEGREE Margarlt Anne Womack Decatur CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE 47 Evelyn V. Wyatt Dublin CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGRFi: 4-H Club, President 43. Rosemary Wynn Glenwood CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Orlean W. York Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Alpha Omicron Pi Treasurer Dance Club; International Relations Club. .11 Ml) II BIG SHOTS DOROTHY ANN ALEXANDER Atlanta Alpha Lambda Delta, ' 42; Secretary of Art League, ' 43, ' 44; Treasurer of Kappa Delta, ' 42, ' 43; President of Kappa Delta, ' 43, ' 44; Art Editor of ' 44 Pandora; Junior Class Representative to Court, ' 43, ' 44. DAVID BOWERS Uoreland Editor-in-Chief of Red and Black, ' 44; Managing Editor of Red and Blacky ' 43; President of Sophomore Class, ' 43, ' 44; Senior Cheer Leader, " 43; Vice-President of Sigma Delta Chi, ' 43, ' 44; Gridiron Club, ' 43; " X " Club, " 43; Biftad, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, ' 43. RALPH DANIEL Blakely Co-Editor-in-Chief of ' 44 Pandora; Managing Editor of ' 44 Pandora; Omicron Delta Kappa, ' 43; Business Manager of Red and Black, ' 43; Dean ' s List, ' 43; First Vice-President of Phi Kappa, ' 44; Chief Justice of Phi Kappa, ' 43; Second Vice-President of Phi Kappa, ' 43; President of Phi Epsilon Pi, ' 44; Secretary of Phi Epsilon Pi, ' 43; Interfraternity Council, ' 43, ' 44; Secretary-Treasurer of Junior Class, 44; President of Biftad, ' 43, ' 44; Phi Eta Sigma, ' 43, ' 44; President of Phi Eta Sigma, ' 43 ; President of International Relations Club, ' 44; Gridiron, ' 43; Student Cabinet, ' 43, ' 44; Red and Black Electoral Board, ' 43; University Theatre Business Staff, ' 43. FRANK HAMMETT Athens Freshman V. R. A. Cabinet, ' 42, ' 43; Senior V. R. A. Cabinet, ' 43, ' 44; Treasurer of V. R. A. Cabinet, ' 43, ' 44; Treasurer of Chi Phi, ' 42, ' 43 ; President of Chi Phi, ' 43, ' 44; Interfraternity Council, ' 43, ' 44; Secretary of Interfraternity, ' 43, ' 44; Business Manager of " G " Book, ' 43, ' 44; Gridiron Club, ' 43; Dean ' s List, ' 42, ' 43; International Relations Club, ' 43, ' 44. KENNETH HENSON Athens Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gridiron, ' 43, ' 44; President of Phi Kappa, ' 43; Assistant Business Manager of ' 44 Pandora; Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ' 44; Vice-President of Blue Key, ' 43, ' 44; Justice of Phi Kappa, ' 43; Student Cabinet, ' 43. JOHN McCREA Americus Co-Editor-in-Chief of ' 44 Pandora; Feature Editor of the Red and Black, ' 43 ; Football Program Manager for Georgia University and Navy Pre-FIight, ' 43 ; President of Athletic Association, ' 43, ' 44; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, ' 43; Student Cabinet, ' 43, ' 44; " X " Club, ' 43; Blue Key, " 43; Grid- iron Club, ' 43; Transfer Georgia Southwestern College. AUBREY MORRIS Roswell Editor-in-Chief of Red and Black, ' 43; Vice-President of Junior Class, ' 43, ' 44; President of Blue Key, ' 43, ' 44; President of Sigma Delta Chi, ' 43, ' 44; International Relations Club, ' 43; President of Georgia Collegiate Press Association, ' 44; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, ' 43. 48 fS ItULOt ate JUNIOR to Adams, Bettv Ann Royston Agostas, W.luam N Augusta Alexander, Dorothy A Atlanta Alexander, Savannah Allison, Henry A. Cleveland Anderson, Mary G At | anu Anderson, Shivers L. Au; , usu Andrews, Martha Elizabeth .... Greenville Ansley, Jane Thomson Areher, Anna Frances College Park Arnold, Kitty Palm Beach, Fla. Autry, William J Savannah Avera, Harmon A Athens Avrett, Zadie B Atncns Ayers, Dorothy L Atlanta Baker, Sara J. Summerville Baldwin, Molly I. Fort Gaines Barber, Miriam Inez Bainbridge Barbre, Peggy R Albany Barrett, Joy Atlanta Barron, Amy M Rome Barron, Florence Marietta Barrow, Mary A. Atneris Battle, Oscar K Columbus Blck, Roblrta W Grirnn Benton, Mary Leila Monticello Biggar, Ellen D " Augusta Blackmon, James H. Washington Blasa, Bruno V. Gary, Ind. Bloodworth, Rue Athens Bolton, Anne E Tifton Boydell, Robert K Rutherford, N. J. Bradley, Rosemarion Winterville Brawner, Mary B. Smyrna Broome, Robbie R Danielsville Brown, Hazel N. Augusta Brown, Sarah A. Athens Brown, Sarah Frances Royston Bush, Alice A. Lexington Bynum, Anita E Shellman Cabe, Guy Toccoa Calhoun, Mary Frances Sopcrton Calloway, Eula W Covington Calloway, William H. Athens Cannon, Margaret L Walnut Grove 50 cuss Carter, Claudia J. Winterville ( kiik, June E. Dunedin, Fla. ( i SON, ELLANOR Jam: Waycross ( ii i ki r, Margaret L. ■ . West Palm Beach, Fla. c hapman, Margaret P. Crawfordville i HENEY, I EILA SlMS Washington CHILDS, Margaret Abbeville Clarke, Juni E. Athens Claxton, Lee Roy Wrightsville C 1 11 it, Marilyn E. Americus Cochran, J. Brown Jettersonvillc CoHtN, Charlotte R. Sparta Collier, Elizabeth B. LaGrange Collier, Joseph L. Montezuma ( ON « i i i , Caroline Lavonia Cooper, Joyce Rome Copeland, Madelyne Athens Craig, Carol Salem, S. C. Crisp, Kathryn J. Clayton Crltchfield, Elsie L. Atlanta Curtis, LaVerne Atlanta Dailey, Mary Hilda Temple Daniel, Carlton R Blakely Davis, Ernestine E Taylorsville Davis, Frances A. Terre Haute, Ind. Davis, Vista Ann Columbus Dempsey, Ernestine F. Watkinsville Denton, J. C. Hiawassee Dillon, Ruth Atlanta Dowling, Valeria Hoboken Driftmier, Betty J. Athens Dlkis, Betty Pembroke Dunston, K. Aurelia .... Greensboro, N. C. Durden, Walter F. Monroe Edwards, Mary E Ellabelle Eppinger, Anita Atlanta EvERETTE, Reaunette Waycross Fain, Dorothy E. Royston Fannin, Elizabeth N. Aragon Feingold, Blanche Albany Felos, Mildred C Athens Findley, Anne Athens Flor, Mary E. Demorest Fortson, Callye Lee Hartwell Foster, Nell Gertrude College Park AI H 51 JUNIOR ,. -.,- ' " .- :M Foster, Virginia L. Wadley Fox, Betty Dawson Frank, Edythe Atlanta Fulmer, Mary • Savannah Gamble, Weldon Savannah Garrett, Emily Quillian Waycross Garrison, Oland F. Cornelia Gary, Maude V. Augusta Glenn, Helen D. Athens Glover, Herman V. Cleveland Glover, Jerry Quitman Gnann, Richard L., Jr. Savannah Graham, S. Clementine Baxley Grantham, Sara E. St. Petersburg, Fla. Green, Sara K. St. Petersburg, Fla. Cross, Julia M. Atlanta Hall, Margaret F. • - • ■ • Sandersville Hamilton, Hazel C. • • Columbus Hammett, James Frank Athens Hancock, William R. Savannah Hargrove, Raymond W. Augusta Harland, Miriam D. Atlanta Harris, Leon W. Eastman Hart, June Temple Hawes, Ruth E. Thomson Hayes, Elizabeth Winterville Haynes, Florence Hartwell Hearn, Henry B., Jr Griffin Heath, Emily Columbia, S. C. Henson, Kenneth M Coral Gables, Fla. Hu ks, Gerry L. Macon Higginbotham, Helen Athens Hinson, Eloise Alamo Hogan, Jane E. Macon Holliman, George M. Warren ton Horne, Clarence J. Athens Huguley, Betty Ann Phenix, Ala. Hull, Noblee A., Jr. Augusta Hutcherson, Sidn i y f . Adairsvillc Ingram, Joyce E. Pelham [vey, Nancy • • • Dalton Jarrell, Louise Greenville Jeff] rson, Gwen Hapeville Johns, Rozzalee LaGrange Johnson, June E. Atlanta 52 f L A SS [ones, I wns R., Jr. Hawkinsville [ones, Marion Fay Metier Jones, Robert F. BIyche [ones, Walter R. Newton Kalinsky, Morris Holly Hill, S. C. Kane, |i an M. Goshen, N. Y. K ss. SaraBEL Thomaston Kay, Betty R Albany Ki i i v, Betty Atlanta Ki i it v, Virginia L. Monticello Kemp, W. Frances Marietta Kennedy, Margaret A. Atlanta Kenyon, Martha S. Dawson Kimbrough, Anne A. Richland King, George R. Waycross King, Helen H. Cusseta King, Martha Athens Knight, Emma Ruth Sale City Knight, Mary F. Doerun Langley, Lillian I. Duluth Leonard, Ann K. Atlanta Levie, Velvie C. Montezuma Lilly, Margaret E. Avondale Estates Linch, Elizabeth Eatonton Loftin, Nell H. Carrollton Logan, Mary Lee Elberton Londner, Annabelle Marion, N. C. Luck, Mary Angie Carrollton Luke, Dorothy M. Augusta Lutz, Florence Valetta Atlanta MacDonald, Cary Paducah, Ky. Maddox, Joan Luella Malone, Mary R. Pearson Marlow, Elma H. Smyrna Martin, Mary Sue Tit ' ton Martin, William B. Hilton Mathis, James E. Gainesville Matthews, Ann Fort Valley Maxwell, Helen M. Lexington Meadows, S. Evelyn Cochran Miller, Myra R Chipley Miller, Virginia R. Portal Mixon, Perry Patterson Mixon, Warrena Ocilla Mobley, Joyce G Statham 53 JUNIOR Mobley, Muriel J. Fort Gaines Monroe, Betty Lee Waycross Montague, Augusta A. Savannah Moore, Barbara Moultrie Morris, Aubrey R. Roswell Morris, Helen H. Hartwell Moseley, D. Elizabeth McDonough Murphy, Hayne K Talmo Murrah, Mary H. Richland McBride, Lulane Alston McCall, Sara Clark Moultrie McCarthy, Elinor M. White Oaks McCay, Ouida Milledgeville McCrea, John Americus McDuffie, Katherine N. Columbus McFarland, Rosemary B. • ■ North Adams, Mich. Newton, Fred, Jr. Halcyondale Newton, Nellie K. Millen Nix, Thelma L. Cleveland Norman, Margaret V. Columbus Nowak, Irwin L. Philadelphia, Pa. Nuckolls, Marilee Columbus Odom, Joyce Atlanta O ' NiELL, Nellie G. Atlanta Orndorff, Jimmie P. Adairsville, Ky. Paderewsky, Helen F. Savannah Parker, Edward B. Brunswick Patterson, James LaGrange Patterson, Betty Columbus Perkins, Henry F Springvale Petty, Virginia E. Tit ' ton Pi ' Ein er, Mary Louise Sylvania Phillips, Annie Mae Palmetto Phillips, Guy Frank Canon Pilcher, Sara H Warrenton Pittman, Emily Ann Cartersville Porter, Frank C. Danville Porter, Martorie Christine Cochran Powell, Ruth M. Mountain City Redd, Mahai.a E. Cumming Reed, Evelyn E. Cedar Springs Reid, Sara R. Athens Reinhardt, Roger F. Ashburn Rhodes, Jo Siloam Richardson, Dorothy A. Atlanta 54 ■I f LASS Richardson, Frances Hartwell Richardson, Nellene V. Forest Park Roberts, James C. Gainesville Salisbury, Yancey Ellen Columbus Schoenwetter, Howard K. .... Garner, Iowa Scott, Alfred W., Jr Athens Sealy, Hugh K. Reynolds Shepherd, Bill M. Edison Shepherd, Robert S. Savannah Shumate, E. Bettie Atlanta Simpson, Julia P. Decatur Skelton, Patsy M. Griflin Smith, Dorothy Macon Smith, John B Moultrie Smith, Martha K. Cuthbert Smith, Sally Barton Smith, Susan Carlton Athens Spilky, Sheila C Mount Dora, Fla. Stanford, Annibel C. Atlanta Stapleton, M. Jane Elberton Stelling, Kessel D Augusta Stephens, LaRose E. Register Stewart, Doris A. Blue Ridge Stewart, Kathleen Rome Stuckey, Eugene A. Brunswick Suddath, Mary Ann C. Savannah Thaxton, James E Athens Thompson, Harold A Monroe Thurmond, Frances A Dyersburg, Tenn. Tibbetts, John F. Athens Tomlinson, Willie L. Lake Park Torpin, Louise L. Atlanta Trulock, Gordon B Whigham Trussell, Mary W. Athens Turner, Earlene L Mauk Vannerson, Jessie C. Savannah Veal, Carolyn Baxley Veal, Marilyn Baxley Vinson, Myrtle A Atlanta VPaliaven, Ruby G. Atlanta Walton, Grace E Miami Beach, Fla. vX ' atkins, R. Geneva Ball Ground WtATHEnwAs, Fuller G. Augusta Wells, Mary E. Hapeville Westfield, Mary Lois Chatsworth 55 J II HI I! S Whatley, Margaret J Columbus White, Margaret Augusta Whitfield, James E Blue Ridge Wier, Dorothy S Athens Wier, George Dudley T. Athens Wilburn, Eugenia L Woodbury Wiley, Marylin Cordele Wilkes, Virginia E Athens Williams, Carl J. Waycross Williams, Cullen B. Athens Williams, Jean Athens Williams, Mary H Trenton, Tenn. Williams, S. Agnes Atlanta Wilson, Daisy Josephine Atlanta Wilson, R. Frances Milner Winter, Wallace E. Augusta Wismer, Billie S Columbus Wolfe, Helen C. Savannah Wood, Elizabeth Adelaide .... Washington Wright, Martha Eugenia Atlanta Wright, Monica D Athens 56 7 katitate a J SOPHOMORE %ft 3Li 9 Adams, Augusta L. Dewey Rose Adams, Frances Atlanta Akins, C. Lewell Statesboro Allen, Lucy Hoschton Alsup, Janice Dublin Anderson, Betty Jane Atlanta Anderson, Lazelle Blue Ridge Anderson, Margaret L. Atlanta Arri miai.i , Jean Marie Colbert Ashford, Constance S. Athens Aultman, Gloria Sylvester Baker, Irene Jacksonville, Fla. Banks, William C, Jr. Lakeland, Fla. Barfield, Annie Laura Louisville Barker, G. W., Jr. Franklin Barnett, Camilla L. Washington Barrow, Dorothy Matthews Bass, Emory P. Valdosta Beall, Jennie L. Dearing Beatty, Carole Jacksonville, Fla. Bedell, Jane Adair Atlanta Bedingfield, Wade Rumsey, Jr. Augusta Bellah, Betty H. LaFayette Bennett, Bonnie J. Athens Bertini, Dolores F. Cortland, N. Y. Betts, Maxine Atlanta Bone, Betty Ann Athens BOOMERSHINE, Marie L. Atlanta Boone, Virginia M. Savannah Bo wen, Elizabeth Ann Claxton Bowers, David W Moreland Boykin, Sue H. Columbus Bradley, John F Chatsworth Braungart, Mary Anne Atlanta Brown, Emily M. Macon Bruce, Marion P. Atlanta Bryant, Laurene E. Bowdon Bull, E. Coren Savannah Camp, Parkie Leigh Newnan Campbell, Mary Lois Athens Carnes, Eldredge Roopville Carswell, Bowdre L. Blakely Carroll, Mary J. Trenton Carter, Martha Virginia Atlanta Cato, Vivian Moultrie Chambers, Mary Virginia Thomson Chapman, Elizabeth Anne Crawfordville Chapman, Gloria Forsyth Chestnut, Marian L Chamblee Clarke, Martha J. Donalsonville Cochran, Rachel R. Carrollton Collins, Gloria J McBean Collins, Florrie George Marietta Conklin, Coletti Decatur Copeland, Frances E. Atlanta Costello, Christine M. Atlanta Coulter, Sue Cuthbert Coursev, Virginia C. Atlanta Cox, Margaret V. Atlanta Crawford, Kathli en B. Lexington .- ■_- i. J 58 CLASS Crumbley, Arthur J Atlanta Cunningham, Georgi P Cornelia Davis, Alice Ann Gainesville Davis, Evelyn E. Manteo, N. C. Davis, High J Athens Davis, Justin E. Jesup DeLoach, c. E., Jr Claxton Dobbs, Ji an C Athens Doss, Mary Anne Canton Downing, Charlotte A. Atlanta Dunn, Rosemary A. Flushing, N. Y. DuVerni i, James P Albany Earl, Jane Sparta Early, S. C. Bishop Elliott, George Swainsboro Everett, Farris Opal Rome Finch, George G., Jr Atlanta Florence, Mars R Wrens Flynt, Johnny Washington Fudge, Marilyn Colquitt Garner, Norma V. Gainesville Glanton, Sarah E. Grantvillc Good, Mrs. Helen P. Rock Hill, S. C. Good, Robert E. Rock Hill, S. C. Griefin, Burnette Dublin Griffith, Mary K. Sandy Springs Griner, Hilda L. Fitzgerald Hamilton, Mary Margaret Augusta Hardwick, Richard H., Jr Atlanta Hardy, Katherine Molena Harmon, Howard B Atlanta Harris, Richard M Decatur Harrison, Dennis J. Blackshear Harrison, J. Harold Kite Harrison, Syble Joyce West Point Hatcher, Lamar Dublin Hendley, Margaret L. Atlanta Herbert, Clara E. Hiawassee Herling, Anita M. Middletown, N. Y. Hodgson, Harold B Athens Hodgson, Marguerite T Athens Hodgson, Roberta E Wilmington, Del. Hooton, Betty Roanoke, Ala. Hudson, Allen Athens Hum, Dora N Athens Hutchens, Margaret R Dallas Ivey, M. Louise Augusta Jackson, C. Norman Washington James, Albert S Reynolds Ja mes, George Branson Royston Jarrell, Harold Butler li nkins, Mildred Bryan Harcwell Johnson, Betty Lloyd Augusta Johnson, Lewis Fred, Jr Augusta John. on, Lois Helen Alma Jones, Saunders Atlanta Jones, Virginia Hawkinsville Jordan, Jane Lumber City Jordan, Mary L Lawrenceville Kanter, Harriet Savannah 59 SOPHOMORE 2 !k Karesh, Phyllis Charleston, S. C. Kaufmann, Dorothy D. ... Camp Murphy, Fla. Kiihan, Lucile F. Jacksonville, Fla. Ki i i iv, Bebe Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Ki i iy, Carolyn A. Augusta Kelly, Thomas Glenn Augusta Ki , n ' y, James Athens Kennon, Elsie Jean .... Watkinsvillc King, Pat Columbus Knowles, Thomas Broxton Lamb, Miriam .... Danville Lamons, Betty L. Atlanta Lang, Mary E. Athens Lanier, Elene Collins Lanier, Mary E. Athens Lassiter, Dorothy V. Covington Lee, Evelyn C. Atlanta Lively, Ethelyn R. College Park Livingston, Gloria E Augusta Logan, Alma A. • • ■ ■ Athens Lott, Amye Hoschton MacDonald, Dorothy Ann .... Palatka, Fla. Mm Kfnna, Bill Smyrna Manning, Margalyn Atlanta Martin, Caroline H. Savannah Martin, Frances E. Statesboro Massey, Sara L. ■ ■ • Athens Maynard, Carolyn Winder McElroy, Rachel C. Fitzgerald McMillan, Harris Fitzgerald McKlllar, Jesse L. Shannon McKown, Helen M. LaFayette McRee, Betty Jo Watkinsville Mc Williams, Dorothy Birmingham, Ala. Mc horter, Ann Anderson, S. C. Mi ddin, Audrey Savannah Miller, Ann L Athens Mizelle, John D. Jamesville, N. C. Moor, Connie Atlanta Moore, Margie Atlanta Morris, Thedral M. Hull Muggridge, Sara C. Cairo Newberry, Vivian Atlanta Nevin, Mary Lou Atlanta Nichols, Stelljes Savannah Nurr, Freddie Waycross O ' Quinn, Faye E. Hiawassee Orr, Ann M. Athens Ortiz, Wilfrido R. Ponce, Porto Rico Outlaw, Lucy R. Elizabeth City, N. C. Paine, Rufus R Athens Parker, Thomas A. Waycross Paschall, Lloyd Hubert Appling Patten, Robert L. Lakeland Patterson, Olin W„ Jr. ■ • Lumpkin Payne, Daniel W. Reynolds Pease, Ida E. ■ • • ■ • Columbus Pirkle, Helen J. Hoschton Postell, Bettie Macon Powell, Alvin M. Athens 60 CLASS PUCKETT, HOYLE B Jesup Purslev, Norman B Houston Ranscne, Emily E. Atlanta Reagin, Sara Jo Hazlehurst ReQua, Jacquie E Savannah Reynolds, Lucyle Lexington RincwAY, Jof E Royston Roberts, Lenora Athens Roberts, Saretta Lexington Robinson, Stanli y M. Savannah Rlckir, Wii.iiNA Elberton Ryckeley, Joyce M. Decatur Siegel, Gloria Anderson, S. C. Sims, Laura F. Vienna Shannon, Mary B. Atlanta Sheffield, John E Quitman Shipp, Tatty A Atlanta Shiver, Joe K. Sylvester Shuman, Margie Hagan Skinner, Malcolm C Athens Smith, Caroline O. Atlanta Smith. Harrii t E Atlanta Solms, Ida Lee Savannah Sparks, Lavonia H. Washington Spratlin, Rosalyn Lincolnton Stied, Sara A. Barnesville Stern, Esther R. Cartersville Stkatacos, Mary A Augusta Stribling, Elizabeth M. N. Roswell Summer, Dorothy J Decatur Summerour, James Patrick Washington Swann, Marion F Athens Thomas, Sally J. Waycross Thomson, Julia H. Madi ' on Torbett, Jack Arlington, Fla. Turner, Carlisle G. Gay Turner, John J. Biairsville Vanlandingham, Mable Cairo Wai kir, Elinor W. Washington Waters, Lucy Agnes Blakely Watkins, Jane Brooklet Watson, Daisy Estelle Athens Walker, Eleanor A. Atlanta Watson, Margy W Athens Watson, Sara K. Nashville W ' i stbrook, Helen R Athens Westbrook, Iris M Augusta White, Valeria A. Dalton WlLKES . J- C Lyons Williams, Betty Jane Atlanta Williams, Edwina B Albany Williams, Mary H Austell Wright, Ileana Macon Wirst. Mary R Meigs Yates, Dorothy L Rome Young, Fannie George Athens 61 (leCfUtiatian Top row, left to right: Students line up at the treasurer ' s office to pay fees. They will be wearing them (ratcaps) until Christmas. Bird ' s-eye view of the university walks. Second row: Look on the main bulletin board for the latest news. It ' s good to see everyone back. From the office on to classes. Third row: All rush to register. Signing up for the quarter. Headed for home after the first day. Bottom row: Freshmen recerve a warning from the campus leader. 62 I temmau ate FRESHMAN Abney, Martha Jane Athens Abrasis. Anna Merle Pelham L Adams. Barbara Atn .„ s ■ Adams, David H Social Circle iHE ;4 B Alford, Rebecca Lawrencevillc L " W|| Allen, Gerry A Atlanta f B ye£ .i Am:s - Elizabeth L ... Athens Anderson, Jesse A.. Jr Athens Anderson. William S.. Jr Decatur Andrews, Daisy L Atlanta Arnette. Tommie L Brunswick Arnold, Frances S Washington Atkinson. Robert Edward Bishn Bailey, Mary Frances Athens Baldwin, Jack L Atlanta Barham, Feus A Blakely Barnett, Hazel G Bishop Barnett. Mary H Washington Barr, Mary Ann Columbus Barrett. Charles A Union City Barriti. George C Winterville Barrhi. Piarle L., Jr Jacksonville, Fla. Baskin, Betty Marietta Bateman, Marjorie Jane Sylvester Batkin, Audrey C Brooklyn. N. Y. Bedgood. Millie B Athens Bell, Beverly A Augusta Binte.ii. Nancy G Thomasville BiMiis, Nancy W Athens Bt " ' - J° Y Atlanta Black. Anne Waycross Black. Martha J Atlanta Blackmon. Stephen E Washington Blonstein. Gladys Atlanta Bloomer, Landon K Albany ■4. Bilmberg, Amy L. .... Macon Bond. Alice N Greensboro Bond, Dorothy L Canon S % Bowden, Faye Athens J ni » a Bowden, Lee C Athens Boats. Hsu IE C Emory University 7 . ■ » Bowers. Mars E Canon Bowers. S Jean Athens F B Bowman, Benjamin L Decatur y ' l ' ' " ' • ' ,| " Mari.arei Viri.inm .... Spring Place Bradley, Fred A Winterville Bridges, .Dora A Athens Bridges, Julian D Sumner Brinkiiv. Richard T Norfolk. Va. Brinsiield, Dorothy E Decatur Brittingham, Caroiyn M Atlanta Broadwell, Midford M Marietta Brown, Charles W Lyons Brown, Martha W Cartersville Brown, Mary Anne Williamson. W. Va. Brown, Sara F Cartersville «aL- rlmby. Amelia C Macon ryant, William Clinton Athens uie. William J R enI2 -uvball. Palil A., Jr Irvington. N. J. Bunger. Evelyn F Savannah Bunn, Lorraine Wavcross Bunt, Dana R Geneva Burton. GtORGE TlLLsiAN, Jr Smithville - tr 4i l Bltiih. Richard D Americus Byrd, Henry T KAau Caldwell, Frances O Thomasville Calhoun. Murray Clairi Macon Camfron, Barbara A Starke, Fla. Casip, Helen R tncns Camp, Herbert P Atlanta Cantrell, Alma Atworth Cantrell, Lillian G Flowery Branch Carpenter, Mildred Atlanta Carpenter, Wyatt W Mountain City Cartledge, Anne Atlanta Castleton, Ed L Atlanta Chambers. Sara W Cornelia Chandler, Arthur B Augusta Chandler, Charles E Bowman Charles, Charles E Harrison Cheney, Emmie Patricia Macon Cheves, Elizabeth P Atlanta Chew, Harry H Crawfordville 64 CLASS tii n, Lima A Charleston, S. C. irr wood, March N Lula hristiak, Martha s East Point ark, M IMOGENI Hclcn.i IARS1 . Gra i Brookficld ob, Keller T Decatur »bb. Mary Louise Atlanta mi man. Juni Atlanta LEMAN, Vera 1 Cedartown ■llier, S. Jean Toccoa 11 1 ins. Albert J Decatur 1N..IR. Barbara ANNE Miami, Fla. 3NNALU . JOS1 I ' M H Cairo 30DV, Robert Eastman IOL1 T, I red B Cleveland ioper, Dorts C Columbus sta, Theresa A Athens i sins. Paui J Miami, Fla. ON . MART Atlanta Cross, Corme J Fitzgerald Crimbim, Amu C. Powder Springs Daniel, Garnett I., Jr. Athens Daws. Marcus Thomas Social Circle Dawson, Walter E Hinesvillc Dean, R. Eloise Avalon DeButts, Frances I Jacksonville Defn, Hugh G Almj Deloach, Edward T Thomaston Di I oai m. Mamie Anita pj tts Dempset, Lee D Watkinsville DeVaUCHN, Robert W Montezuma Dickie, Robert W. . (_ hatsworth Macon DixON, Chioi A. Dixon, Dan A Clarkesviile Don m d, Carrie Atlanta Donaldson, I awton L Quitman Dorman, Betts Atlanta Dorminv, Jerry E Hoboken Dowdy, Derrell C Glennville Do i inc. Veron D Hoboken Dozier, Mary L Macon Drake, Jos. Wallace Donalsonville Dl ni ap, Robert H Athens Durden, Donald D Gravmont Durham, Joan M Watkinsville Dyar, Hubert L Royston Fchols, Jeanne Athens Edelson, Bettye I- LaGrange Edwards, Joice A Claxton Edwards, WILLIAM C , Tifton Eiam. Charles Ward Lincolnton Eifazer, Robert B Springfield Eliard, Lynn E Cornelia Ell-ot, Ann LaGrange Eppes, Gloria C Athens Epps, Biiiy B Athens Epps, Charles W Athens Erickson, Elma Irene McKinnon Estes, Ruth A Atlanta Eubanks, William H Appling Evans, Eileen Tifton Evans. John R Ogeechee Evans, . SEYMOUR Augusta Fain, Alice J Washington. D. C. Farr, Juddie B Athens Fechtel, Dorothy E Atlanta Feldman, Shirley Charleston, S. C. Fender, Helen H Jacksonville, Fla. Ferguson, Johnny A College Park Ferguson, S. Muriel Thomaston Finley, M.Nell Atlanta Firor, Peggy M Athens Fischer, Joseph L Olean, N. Y. Fitch, Betty W Athens Fitzpatricr, Hettie D Commerce Flanigen, Mary N Atlanta Floyd, Dot M. Athens Forio, Ed J Atlanta Fortson, Luther G., Jr Fortson Foster, Marjorie Canton Foster, Roy G Wadley Foster, Ruth R Atlanta Fraser, Joseph B., Jr Hinesville Fulton, Margaret Louise Atlanta 65 FRESHHAH Ganus, Ann E Matthews Garvin. Benjamin J., J, Atlanta Ghfn, Barbara Athcns Gimonev. James vy Atlanta Giles, Sara H LaGrange Gniin, L. Roxy BisSop Giilespie, Lowry H.. Jr Athens G.nn, Betty J A[hcns Glasser. Leah Rose Augusta Gober, Dorothy Cedartown Godbee. Dorothy M. Sylvania Gould. Georce C, Jr. . ' . ' . ' Waycross Graham. Jane At]jnti Graham, Marion Sylvania Greenber,.. Yetta West p a | m B „ chi pi, G-.EENBEATT. MaDELYN A.b.U Greer, Jimmy F Coracle Gr.zzell, Jul ' a Bee Decatur Groover, Dan C Statesboro Grose, Mary B Augimj Gutherie, Esther M Greensboro GuY - J AME5 S At |., ntJ Haerlin. Chester F.. Jr. ... Wet Palm Beach. Fla. Hale. Bobbie M Monroe Hamburger, Elizabeth G Columbus Harden. Dana Socia | circ | e Harper, Rosslr a Social Crcle Harris. Audley Athens Harris. Buck H Norfolk, Va. Harvey, Raymond S lakin Harvill, Thomas R Athens H,»k. James B ' Social Crcle Hendrix, Suzanne Burnett Tampa, Fla. Herndon, Marion E Hartwell Heyman. Arthur. Ill ' . Atbntl Hiohtower, Dorothy M Cedartown Hill, Nathan E Covington H„l. William B Forsyt(] Hilliard. Thomas Floyd. Jr Rhine Hinkle, Frances Edna Atlanta Hinson, Lois E Hazlehurst Hinton, Maxine Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. H.rsch, Marshall H Atlanta Hobbs, James L Staplcton Hodgson. Bettie R Wilmington. Del. Holder. Ernestine G Atlanta Holi ingsworth, Joe D Lynch. Kv. Hon, [anet Elizabeth Eastman Holt, Robert Lawrenccville Honour, Billie Emorv University Hood, Cecil A Lawrenccville Hooks, Gerald D Lexsy Hornick, Rhoda C Brooklyn. N. Y. Houston, Pol, y F A|U „„ Hosce. Winiered E. Carnesvillc Huches, Bessie M Athens Hit si v. Mary Ellen Jacksonville. Fla. Humphrey, Ann Christopher Swainsboro Humphrey, Robert H.. Jr Swainsboro Hunnicutt. Barbara D Hapev.lle Hurley, Marie F Atljn „ Hyman. Sh:fra S Charleston, S. C. Irvin. Elizabeth W Washington Jackson, George C darken, IU Jackson, Gordon W Harrison Jarvis, Laurabeile Atlanta Jay. Gladys H ' . ' . ' . ' commerce Johnson, Betty Louise Senoia Johnson, Charles H S iloam Johnson, Dorothy A Bogarl Jones, William Dawson Joyce, Virginia E Morchead City. N. C. Joyner. Anne B Decatur Kahn, Liizabith Pelham Kaplan, Edwin Loeb LaGrange Rein, Jane Virginia Dublin Keen, Margie A Atlanta Kiftir. Edward F., Jr Savannah Keiley, Mary H East Point Kinimer. Hallie C Jacksonville, Fla. Keown. Donald LaFayette King, Janice H: Macon Kirbo, Carolyn Bainbridge Knapp, Helen R • . . . . Atlanta 66 CLASS Knight, Roy C. Dexter Knoedler, Grace A LaFayette Knott, jAsirs R Macon K, iM h, Msk.iorie J Athens 1 ssi . ETHEI G Athens Land, Jinoisi R Atlanta Lanier, Lonnie R Athens Isisuk, John V Rome Isssn.x lii shi th T Arlington, Fla. I i s. ii, Hfiin I Hapeville League, Suzanne D Gainesville Leasman, Shirley E Atlanta In. Iosiimi «.. Jr Gtantville I isiir. Mars E .... Athens Lewis, Evelyn . . Cochran Little, Betty C. • Royston Llado, Jean G Santurce, P. R. I oss noes, Margaret . Atlanta Lumpkin. Bi nnv E, Jr Athens lis, si, in. Jissi C, Jr Talbotton LuNCEFORD, Alyin M., Jr Crawtordville Llnsford, Carl O Atlanta Mack. Mary A Athens Macon, Hal H Statesboro Macill. Carroei Athens Ma, .111. Tiiisiss B Wilmington, N. C Majors, Tims, ss Claxton Malcom, Martha N Athens Mai one. Richard W Lookout Mountain Manacr, Celeste Anita Sylvania Manning, N. Barbara Atlanta Marlow. Posie Beatrice Athens Martin, Charmian Avondale Estates Martin, Daisy G Gainesville Martin, Mille Jo Lula Martin. William Collier Atlanta Massey, Franr, Jr Dade City, Fla McClessey, Gloria Atlanta McDonald, Gloria Baxley McDowell, Doria Anne Gordon McElroy, Sarah Lithonia McFarland, Sue J Atlanta McKnight, Roy Crawford Toccoa Means, Bess M Ben Hill Mell, Gene E Isle of Hope Meyer, Anne Winterville Michael, Clay Bogart Miles, Edgar B Pembroke Miller. Eugenia K Macon Miller. Virginia E Atlanta Mitchell, Ann H Columbus Mitchell, James B .... Porterdale Momand, Jean Macon Monroe, Thomas J Atlanta Moore. Mary P Atlanta Moore, Virginia G Atlanta Morris, Bernard S Statesboro Morris, Newton W Dublin Morrison, Frances C . . . . Birmingham, Ala. Moscowitz, Anne Atlanta Moseley, Oscar R Huntsville, Ala. Moses, Anne Vidalia Mott. John R Thomasville Murphriy, Jean E Hephzibah Murray, Mary Gray Ashburn Neal, Mary Helen Rome Needhan, Gloria L Hapeville Nelson, Edwin C, Jr Athens Nicholson, May D Athens Nisbet. Rita Athens Norris, Marion E Atlanta Northington, Jane Wrens Norton, Evelyn A Watkinsville Norton, Frances Wrens Norton, Gloria Wrens Orlofp, Shirlee B Atlanta Oslin, Louise Glenridge. N. J. Owens, Dorothy S Albany Parr, Betty J Athens Parrish, Patricia M Hapeville Parrs, Harriette B Athens Partridge, Ernest L Appling Patterson, William R Griffin Patton. Gloria D Atlanta i AAQ A 67 FRESHMAN Paul, Jewell Callaway Athens Payne, David Lee Alexandria Va. Payne, Don B Springfield, Tenn. Pease, Ardell A Suffield, Conn. Peck, Edward O Dahlonega Penland, Barbara A Ellijay Perry, Laura Palmer Atlanta Peeiffer, Ruthie Sylvania Ph.llips. Glenn S Harlem PlLCHER, Adrienne L Warrenton Pindar. Mary M Savannah Polhill, Emily C Louisville Pool i , William Henry Cocoa, Fla. PoRTERFIELD, JlMMY L Atlanta Poss, Alien D Athc „ s Powers, Betty j Atlanta Price. Nelle G Athen , Proctor. Debreli Brooklet Puryear, Anne T Atlanta Quattlebaum, Julian K-, Jr Savannah Rachels, Julian A Dublin Reynolds, Carolyn Athens Rheney, Eva Mae Hephzibah Rhoads. Alice Jane Moultrie Richards Rosanna Columbus Ridcway, Rudolph Royston Robbins, Marine Camden, N. J. Roberts, Antoinette Atlanta Roberts, Florence Lithonia Robertson. Pierce Orlando, Fla. Rollins, Luther C Hinesvillc Rountree, Charles Egypt Rowland. Jack L Athens Rushing. LaVerne A Glennville Sanders, Maurice A Griffin, Frank S Youngstown, Ohio Saxon, Anne Athem Scarborough, Evelyn Columbus Schantz, Fenn A Griffin Scnibben, Marilyn Ruth Florence, S. C Scoenbaum, Vivian Brooklyn, NY. Scott, Jane Macon Sears. Charles F Atlanla Seigler. Jean Mbiny Shafferman. Esther N Atlanta Shannon. Betty- K Athnta Sharpe. Edward M Ogeechee Shelton, Nancy E Atlanta Shenton. Mary A , bany Sherrer. Webster A Rayle Shivers. Guy H . ' . ' . ' Norwood Shoake, FlOYD r- f Shockley, Richard L ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' Monroe Shurlinc. Harley F Tennille Simmerson, William Martin Athens Simmons. Joe Ann ' . ' . Mlcon Sims, Callistra Irwinton Singletary, Phillis Cookridge Slaughter, Patricia L Orlando, Fla. Smallwood, Charles E Swainsboro Smith, Betty Barnesville Smith, Charles Palatka, Fla. Smith. Florence Joy,, East Point Smith. Helen R Ocilla Smtth, Janet C ' . ' . ' . ' . " . ' Atlanta Smoot, John B Dublin Sparks, Jane D . ' . ' . ' . ' . Macon Sparks, Junell AtUn[1 Stansell, Mary Keith Athens Stephens, Frank H.. Jr . ' . ' Athens Still. Rose Mary Waycross Stone. Charles D AtllMS Stone, Joel E Atnem Stovall, James B Waycross Strickland, Rebecca Buchanan Stroud, Ernest L LaGrange Sumpter, Mary Ann Atlanta Suratt, Valeska June Gainesville Swick, Sara E Thomasville Swillinc, Sarah F Toccoa Tate, Elizabeth D Marietta Taylor, Betty Greensboro Teasley, Ralph B, Jr Athens Thames, Anna F Red Oak 68 CLASS Thomas. Elizabeth A Waycrou Thomas, Evangeline A Athens Thomason, Nan Canton Thompson, Martha M Athens Thurmond, Paula J Fitzgerald TirriNs, Billy N Glennvile T„s,,,w. Homer. Scott Gainesville TOLLETT, RoBLRT E Al|jn,J r»APNEI.L, |o Ann S " " " b , " , r " ruEVlNE, I-i.c ' llisn Jacksonville, Fla TROTT!, lini- G AtUn " Tucker, Chakles S Gainesville rUGCLE, |acRIF R " " ,C Tutwiler, Barbara A Athens Tyler, Lucinda S M " con Ii i i b. Mary Anne Atlanta Underwood, Boyd Cleveland Ursrey, Margaret L D « " ° " Usher, Jack H Savannah Vfal, Elizabeth M Augusta Wa.o.n, Judy E Atlama Wallace. Alvin T Millen Walton, Anne K Athens Watson. Doroths J Palatka, Fla Watson, Iris R College Park Vl ' ssNt. Bob C Flowery Branch Wl athi RFORD, John G Athens «,u,.,IuiM Reynolds Webb. Frank Memphis, Tenn. Webber, Richard G Collc S e P " k Wellman. Meme Athens Westbrook. Betty A11 » " y Wlstfield. Rebecca Frances Chatsworth Wheel, s, Clifford H Ath ™ ' Whitehead, Adrienne L Watkinsville Whitehead, Charlesey Ann Atlanta Whitehurst, Bryan K ™ ci Wn ml n if. Alice C Athens „r. Van Nay Atnens Wilbanks, Lane Homer Wukes, Theron Lyons Sa ' iirins, Frances W J esu P Wilkinson, Warren T Ayersville Williams, Eleanor L Athens Williams, Thelma Y Ada.rsville Wilson, Geneva Cedartown Wise, Arthur Quinton Athens Wood, Catherine Merion, Pa. Woodruff, Louise C Cedartown Woodward, Mary J Esom H ' " Wright, Harry Elberton Wright. Florence Covington Wrye. Jeanne C Atlanta Yancey, Lucy G Albany Yaschik, Dena Charleston, S. C. York, Sara Lavinia Athens Zerkel. Eiizabeth Anne Luray, Va. Zimet, Bernice Brooklyn. N. Y. 69 LIFE 1% r ; Snaps Beating the rationing problem. Have to get in those co-op hours. Top row, left to right: Alpha Chi Omegas receive award for first place in Bond Drive. First goal of super-successful campus-wide drive. Second row: V. R. A. ' ers Orr, Kimble, and Pasco. Milledge! Third row: Brushes fly as time for Art Auction draws near. Curving the curves. Fourth row: Think they will strike? The Navy digs in. Fifth row: She ain ' t scared. Duke and her P. O. W. ' s. 72 e n it ti C i Hanked, Judged by Varga of " Esquire " for the Eighth Annual Pandora Beauty Revue MISS LUCILLE HAUTON MISS GLORIA EPPES MISS GLADNEY HOLDER MISS GRACE WALTON MISS MARY SUE MARTIN MISS TATTY SHIPP MISS HAZEL HAMILTON MISS CARROLL MAGILL Queen of the Campus PRESENTED BY PHI MU y Vl ' ujL J_ucILL j-H auto u PRESENTED BY KAPPA ALPHA I lm K jlo ' cia Ernies PRESENTED BY HOME OF SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN yi Lus K jLilneii { H-oUL et PRESENTED By LUCY COBB DORMITORY yi i ' uA jtace { Walton PRESENTED BY SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON f . jfl ISA 1 =I ll t a till atij czzyiie _y v Latiiu PRESENTED BY PHI EPSILON PI ,1 PRESENTED BY CHI OMEGA Uitli Z liLY)V " " ■—-■ --— r — A-J UA r-TdTel t f-ramiltcii ; PRESENTED By " THE RED AND BLACK " eighth mm i ' mi II HI 83 i onsets MISS FRANCES COPELAND Presented by Candler Hidl " " " ' ■■ ' oil 4£ «v " £ «. " lis,. MISS GRACE MORRISON Presented by Delta Delta Delta 84 MISS BETTY FRIER Presented by Crawford Long House 7 (m iatj .1 ' j a Miss rr Uif " Phi MISS MOZELLE GROSS Presented by Kappa Delta 85 - 1« s, 1 wn cu MISS ELEANOR WELLS Presented by Alpha Chi Omega ■ t KV S ) h Ebsilo " MISS MEME WELLMAN Presented by Chi Phi 86 1 Hk 1 w £ 4 1 wmct£ MISS ROSEMARY WYNN Presented by Alpha Tail Omega Pre- Ml SS 4ti £iD Ka PPa C j Pbt £ MISS MARY ANN BARR Presented by Alpha Gamma Delta 87 )Clt£Ct± ' ' ■■ %Zyu " ' " " C j p rss zetty J e ' " • a MISS ELIZABETH VEAL Presented by Woman ' s Club Dormitory MISS EVELYN LEE Presented by Chi Psi House MISS MARTHA WRIGHT Presented by Clark House Dormitory oeusets MISS GLORIA CRUMMEY Presented by Alpha Omicron Pi 89 £ 7 en at panted 10 Pri ' s m MISS SARETTA ROBERTS Presented by Alpha Delta Pi V 1 tfCSO tf C • ■ MISS LOUISE TORPIN Presented by Sigma Chi Home 90 t e e K 5 L ___ INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL First row: Claxton, Davis, Hammett, Hudson, Haslam, Stiles, Patton, Griffith. . . . Second row DuVernet Stembach, Daniel, Hodgson, Battle, Hill, Norman, West. . . . Third row. Parker, E., Jordan, Parker C, Bodlincr ' . Tacts: Founded in 1915 . . . Considers matters of general fraternity welfare. . OFFICERS Sam McKenzie President Harry Norman Vice-President Frank Hammett Secretary Dick Steinbach Treasurer ROLL Alpha Tn ii Omega Phi Epsilon Pi L,ee Roy Claxton Ralph Daniel Justin Davis Dick Steinbach Chi Phi Pl K " l t " Alpha Frank Hammett Oscar Battle Allen Hudson Harold Hodgson pi- p ■ Sigma Alpha Epsilon it t_t _, ., Travers Hill Harry Haslam „ „ Harry Norman Blake Stiles f ,., aij.1 Si a 111 a Chi Kappa Alpha w Hugh Inman Eddie Parker Bob Patton Simula Nn Lambda Chi Alpha Athley Jordan Dan Griffith Charles Parker Phi Delta The a Tail Epsilon Phi Fred Bell Lawrence Bodzinger Jimmy DuVernet Jack Hirsch 92 P 1 N ■ II E L L E III I ( ' C II 11 CI I Facts: Organized, 1922 . . . Two members from each sorority . . . Presidency ro- tates each year . . . Enforces rushing rules . . . Encourages harmony among sororities. OFFICERS Eleonore Winegofi President Clifford Lewis Vice-President Louise Rothtell Secretary Esther Stein Treasurer ROLL ALPHA CHI OMEGA Willette Smith President Doris Stewart Representative ALPHA DELTA PI Clifford Lewis President Margaret Winn Moniort . . . Representative ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Ouida McCoy President Janie Stephens Representative ALPHA OMICRON PI Celeste Hooks President Frankie Grant Representative CHI OMEGA Karen Smith President Mary Sue Martin Representative DELTA DELTA DELTA Frances Heard President NiilBrannen Representative DELTA PHI EPSILON Blanche Feingold President Esther Stein Representative KAPPA ALPHA THETA Martha Blackburn President Joy Barnett Representative KAPPA DELTA Dot Alexander President Francis Foster Representative PI BETA PHI Marion Weltner President Mary Wiggins Representative PHI MU Louise Rothwell President Eleonore Winecofi- Representative First row: Smith, W., Stewart, Lewis. Monfort, McCoy, Stephens, Hooks, Grant .... Second row: Smith, K., Martin, Heard, Brannen, Feingold, Stein, Blackburn, Barnett, . . . Third row: Alexander, Foster, Weltner, Wig- gins, Rothwell, Winecoff. 93 Homecoming Top row, left to right: Homecoming decorations at the Phi Mu, Kappa Delta, and Sigma Chi houses. Second row: Tea dancing. Notice the tails. The campus leads out. Third row: Why $o serious? Ahhhh! Chan Chandler and his orchestra. Council members lead out. Across: Recognize anybody? 94 Little Commencement Top row, left to tight: McKenzie and date lead out. Tea dancers take it easy. Second row: It ' s Tommy Tucker Time. Friday night lead-out. Third row: Stag line looks on. I. F. C. lead-out. Fourth row: " I Don ' t Want to Set the World on Fire. " Hold it, please. Across: The gang ' s all here. Georgia Alpha Chapter ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS Lee Roy Claxton ' . President Justin Davis Vice-President Fred Johnson Secretary Charles Jones Treasurer • Alpha Beta of Alpha Tau Omega was founded at the Vir- ginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, in 1865 and was the first social fraternity established after the War Between the States. There are 98 active chapters. Alpha Beta is the fifth oldest chapter of the fraternity, and was the eighth to be established on the Georgia campus, coming here in 1878. The fraternity colors are sky blue and old gold, and the flower is the white tea rose. • Ferrell Benson Buena Vista Lee Roy Claxton Wrightsville Justin Davis j esU p William Harp Oglethorpe Robert Humphuries Swainsboro Fred Johnson Augusta Charles Jones Albany James Kataif New York, N. Y. First row: Benson, Claxton, Davis ... Second row: Harp, Humphuries, Johnson lhird row: Jones. LJJ Now, fellows She looks like that 96 Nil Chapter PHI EPSILON PI OFFICERS Richard Steinbach President Ralph Daniel Secretary Arthur Heyman • • Treasurer Founded nationally in 1904 at the College of the City of New York, Mu chapter of Phi Epsilon Pi entered the Uni- versity of Georgia campus in 1915 as twelfth fraternity on the campus. There are thirty-two active chapters. The colors are purple and gold and the flower is the white carnation. Ralph Daniel Blakely Arthur Heyman Atlanta Marshall Hirsch Atlanta Harvey Kirstein Atlanta Richard Steinbach Atlanta First row: Daniel, Heyman Second row: Hirsch, Kirstein . . Third row: Steinbach. Try that one Daniel Finessed 97 ktt. First row: And erson, Banks, Barrett . . . Second row: Butler, Calhoun, Cunningham . . . Third row: DeVaughn, Dixon, Durden . . . Fouth ow: Elliott, Fergerson, Foster . . . Fifth rcw: Gibboney, Guy. William Anderson Decatur William Banks Lakeland Charles Barrett Union City Edgar Bratton LaFayette, Tenn. Dick Butler Americus Lyman Buttolph Hagerstown, Md. Gamma Chapter of OFFICERS Hugh Inman President Robert Patten Vice-President William Dixon Secretary George Cunningham Treasurer In 186 5 Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington College, now Washington and Lee University and has 67 chapters. Gamma, .third oldest chapter, was established in 1868 as the thud fraternity on the University campus. Crimson and old gold are the colors and the red rose and magnolia are the flowers. William Calhoun Augusta Johnny Cook Rome George Cunningham Cornelia Bob DeVaughn Montezuma William Dixon Macon Don Durden Graymont Pi-tten ' s Dealing 98 KAPPA ALPHA George Elliott Swainsboro Screven Farmer Louisville Johnny Ferguson College Park Roy Foster W.idley Jimmy Gibboney Atlanta Sam Guy Atlanta Dick Hardwick Atlanta Auuley Harris Athens Carl Heath Hinesville George Jernigan Springfield, Tenn. Hugh Inman Thomasville Roy Knight Dexter Sammy Lowe Hinesville Frank Massey, Jr Dade City, Fla. Newton Morris Dublin Reid Moseley Huntsville, Ala. Bobby Mott Thomasville First row: Hardwick, Harris, Heath . . . Second row: Knight, Massey, Morris . . . Third row: Moseley, Mott, Patten . , , Fourth row: Rowland, Scott, Sealy . . . Fifth row: Weaver. Bob Patten Lakeland William F. Perry Vienna Jack Rowland Athens Guy Scott Panama City, Fla. Hugh Sealy Reynolds Earl Weaver Reynolds K. A. Pastir 99 First row: DuVernct, Edwards, Evans . . . Second row: Forio, Greer, Harris row: Helton, Hill, Martin. Fred Bell, Jr Tifton Joseph W. Blanton Alexandria, Va. James DuVernet Albany William C. Edwards Tifton Georgia Alpha Chapter of OFFICERS Samuel McKenzie President John A. Pursley Reporter Nemrod Preston Secretary J. Fred Greer Treasurer In 1848, Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University. Alpha, the first chapter of the fraternity in the state, came here in 1871 as fifth oldest on the campus. There are 106 chapters in all. The flower is the white carnation and argent and azure are the colors. Seymour Evans Augusta Edgar J. Forio Atlanta J. Fred Greer Cordele Richard Harris Decatur Helton Says So 100 Nil DELTA THETA William Helton Sandersville Nathan Hill Covington Collier Martin Atlanta Samuel McKenzie Montgomery, Ala. James Minor Butler James Mitchell Covington William F. Moore Buford Jimmie Orndorff Athens Nemrod Preston Monroe John A. Pursley Haddock Ronnie Rish Rome First row: McKenzie, Mitchell, Moore . . . Second row: Orndorff, Preston, Pursley . Third row: Rish, Webber. Harry E. Stock, Jr Takoma Park, Md. William T. Wagner . West Falls, Church, Va. Richard Webber Atlanta William R. Thomas Bethesda, Md. Bull " 101 " « Clyde F. Anderson, Jr Atlanta Jesse A. Anderson, Jr Athe Oscar K. Battle, Jr Columbus Alpha Mu Chapter of OFFICERS Oscar K. Battle, Jr. Harold B. Hodgson, Jr. William Harvey Preston Robert F. Jones, Jr. Billy Epps Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. Since that time the fraternity has reached a total of 78 chapters. Alpha Mu came on the campus in 1908 as eleventh here. The fraternity flower is the lily of the valley and the colors are garnet and old gold. Midferd Broadwell Marietta Charles A. Brown Lyons Billy Epps Athens First row: Anderson, J. A., Battle, Broadwell . . . Second row: Brown, Epps, Harvey . . . Third row: Hulme, Hodsson. The paper says so 102 PI KAPPA ALPHA Raymond Harvey Jakin George Hulme Athens Harold Hodgson Athens Robert F. Jones, Jr Blythe Howard B. Meeks Kite John Turner McDermid Vidalia Richard H. McPhee Canfield, Ohio Roy Patterson Griffin William Harvey Preston Columbus Danny Poss Athens V First row: Jones, McPhee, Patterson . . . Second row: Preston, Poss, Stephens row: Stone, Storey. . Third Frank H. Stephens Athens Joel Stone Athens Jimmy Storey Athens Red ' s thinking 103 . - Eta Chapter CHI PHI OFFICERS Frank Hammett Alpha Rufus Paine Beta Charles Eaves Gamma Allen Hudson Delta William MacKenna Epsilon Ryals Lee Zeta The Chi Phi fraternity was first established in 1858 at the University of North Carolina. Eta chapter entered this cam- pus in 1867 and is the second oldest national social fraternity here. It has 3 5 active chapters. The Chi Phi colors are scarlet and blue and the sunflower is the fraternity flower. Charlie Eaves Elberton Frank Hammett Athens Allen Hudson Athens Ryals Lee Americus William MacKenna Marietta Rufus Paine Athens First row: Hammett, Lee . . . Second row: Hudson, MacKenna . . . Third row: Paine. Chi Phi ' s take it easy Alu Chapter TAH EPSILOI PHI OFFICERS Jack W. Hirsch Chancellor Lawrence Bodziner V ice-Chancellor Marvin Estroff Bitrson Louis Channin Chaplain Isadore Lewinson Warden • Purple and white are the colors of the Tau Epsilon Phi fra- ternity, founded in 1910, at Columbia University, in New York City. The fraternity has reached the size of 32 active chapters, Nu chapter being organized as fifteen fraternity on this campus in 1919. • Bernard Berman Sa vannah Lawrence Bodziner Savannah Louis Channin Macon Marvin Estroff Lyons Leon Harris Eastman Jack W. Hirsch Columbus Morris Janko Atlanta Edwin Kaplan Gilbert Isadore Lewinson Dalton First row: Berman, Channin, Kaplan . . . Second row: Bodziner, Estroff, Lewinson Third row: Harris. I don ' t believe it He can ' t play 105 Georgia Beta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Ala- bama, March 9, 18 5 6, and has advanced to the present total of 1 1 1 active chapters. Georgia Beta chapter of S. A. E., the oldest chapter of the fraternity in continuous existence, and first fraternity established on the University campus, came here in 1866. The fraternity flower is the violet and the col- ors are royal purple and old gold. OFFICERS Saunders Jones President George Dudley Wier Vice-President Hayne Murphy Secretary Tr avers Hill ■ . Treasurer Hubert Dyar Rovston Chester Haerlin West Palm Beach, Fla. Raymond Hargrove Augusta Lester Hardwtck Atlanta Howard Harmon Atlanta Kenneth Henson Athens First row: Baldwin, Bass, Bridges . . . Second row: Brown, Dyar, Hargrove . . . Third row: Harmon, Henson, Hill . . . Fourth row: Johnson, Jones, Keeter. Leland Baggett . Atlanta Jack Baldwin Atlanta Emory Bass Valdosta Julian Bridges Sumner Fred Brown Waynesboro Ed Castleton Atlanta " Nice, huh " 106 SIGMA U.I ' ll t KI ' SIMh Travers Hill Atlanta Charles Johnson Siloam Green Saunders Jones Atlanta Ed Keeter Savannah C. J. Maloy McRae Bob Mitchell Atlanta Tom Monroe Atlanta Hayne Murphy Talmo Harry Norman Atlanta Julian Rachels Dublin Robert Shepherd Savannah First row: Mitchell, Monroe, Murphy . . . Second row Norman, Rachels, Shepherd Third row: Shockley, Stellmg, Wier, G. D. . . . Fourth row: Wier, V. N. Richard Shockley Monroe Kessel Stelling Augusta Buddy Taulman Atlanta George Dudley Wier Athens Van Noy Wier Athens Charlie Wills Washington " We aren ' s laiy " 107 » Mu Chapter of First row: Barham, Barrett, Bedingfield, Blackmon . . . Second row: Bloomer, Bowden, Browne, Bumball . . . Third row: Burton, Cobb, Dawson, Finch . . . Fourth row: Fraser, Gould, Holbrook, Hudson . . . Fifth row: Jordan, Keown. Felix Barham Blakely Pierce Barrett Jacksonville, Fla. Wade Bedingfield, Jr Augusta Gene Benton Florence, S. C. James Blac.kmon Washington Landon Bloomer Albany Neil Bowden Athens Louis Browne Augusta Paul A. Bumball, Jr Irvington, N. J. George T. Burton, Jr Smithville OFFICERS Athley Jordan Commander William Rutland Lieutenant-Commander Paul A. Bumball, Jr Treasurer Perry Mixon Secretary Paul A. McDonald . Intra-Fratcrnity Council and Chaplain Louis Brown Reporter • The first chapter of Sigma Nu was organized at the Virginia Military Institute in 1869. Throughout the years, the fra- ternity has grown to its present size of 98 active chapters. Mu chapter of Sigma Nu was the seventh fraternity on the University of Georgia campus, being established in 1873. The colors are gold, black, and white. The fraternity flower is the white rose. • William Childs Atlanta Kellar Cobb Decatur Walter Dawson Hinesville George Finch Atlanta Joe B. Fraser, Jr Hinesville Pete Gould Waycross Robert Hague Jacksonville, Fla. Harold Holbrook Commerce Kendrick Hudson Hamilton Eating with the Sigma Nus 10!! SIGMA M Athley Jordan Waycross Troy Keown LaFayette John Latimer . . Rome Carl Lunsford Atlanta Truman B. Magill Wilmington, N. C. Fain G. Martin Edison William McConnell LaFayette Paul A. McDonald Fitzgerald George McKenney Columbus Bryant Meeks, Jr Macon A. Perry Mixon Patterson John I. Nix, Jr Waycross Charles O. Parker Waycross Glenn S. Phillips, Jr Harlem Robert W. Pollard Appiing Roger F. Reinhardt Ashburn Pierce Robertson Orlando, Fla. O Q, Discussing the " Red and Black " First row: Latimer, Lunsford, Magill, Martin . . . Second row: McDonald, McKenney, Mixon, Parker . . . Third row: Pollard, Robertson, Rollins, Schoenwetter . . . Fourth row: Smoot, Stovall, Tollett, Turner . . . Fifth row: Williams. Luther Rollins Hinesville William Rutland Columbus Howard Schoenwetter Garner, Iowa Brawner Smoot Dublin Sherrod Smith Atlanta James Stovall Waycross Robert Tollett Atlanta James C. Turner Lexington Julius Williams Waycross C. A. Yarbrough Macon 109 fc Wfl First row: Akins, Chew, Deloach . . . Second row: Daniels, Dunlap, Fortson . . . Third row: Groover, Gnann, Hill . . . Fourth row: Hooks, Jackson, King. Lewell Akins . St.uesboro Harry Chew Crawfordville Coy E. DeLoach Claxton Delta Chapter of OFFICERS Lewis West . Edward Parker . President Vice-President Richard Gnann Secretary-Treasurer The fifth national fraternity to be established on our campus was Delta chapter of Sigma Chi, in 1872. It became inactive when fraternities were abolished at Georgia and was re-estab- lished in June, 1910. Sigma Chi was founded at Miami University in 185 5, now claiming 101 chapters. The colors of the fraternity are blue and old gold. The flower is the white rose. Garnett Daniel Athens Robert H. Dunlap Athens Luther Fortson Fortson Richard L. Gnann Savannah MfSLl Sigma Chis eat 110 SI (J MA CHI I pfx Dan Groover Statesboro William B. Hill Forsyth Gerald Hooks Lexsy Norman Jackson Washington George King Waycross Hal Macon Statesboro P. Harris McMillan Fitzgerald Richard W. Malone Chattanooga Bernard Morris Statesboro Edward B. Parker Brunswick Olin W. Patterson Lumpkin Stanley M. Robinson Savannah Alfred W. Scott, Jr Athens a s i First row; Macon, McMillan, Malone . . . Second row: Morris, Parker, Patterson Third row: Robinson, Scott, Quattlebaum . . . Fourth row: Usher, West. Julian K. Quattlebaum Savannah Jack Usher Savannah Lewis M. West SandersviUc Was it funny, Lewis? in iWfill m .f .wy The Sigma Chi Derby is an annual event of the fall quarter. All of the pledges of the different sororities vie with each other for the cups presented by the Sigma Chi Fraternity to the winners. The Derby provides a day of entertainment for the whole campus as well as many townspeople who look on. There is quite a spirit of competi- tion among the sororities which finally culminates in the " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " Contest. Modern Venus is chosen by a group of specifica- tions and each contestant is weighed and measured, and her points averaged. The winner of this year ' s title of Modern Venus is Miss Eva Mae Rheney of Kappa Delta Sorority. Sweetheart of Sigma Chi is chosen by the Sigma Chis themselves by a series of eliminations. The sororities spend the whole evening anticipating this event. The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi this year is Miss Mary Hunt Williams of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. The Social Whirl Above: " How much am I offered? " ; " Sold for 400 " ; Beauty for War Bonds. Below, first row: Kappa Delta House Dance; Alpha Chi Omega House. Dance: Alpha Delta Pi House Dance; second row: Chi Omega Dance; Gridiron. Dancers: Delta Phi Epsilon House Dance; third row: Ag Engineer Banquet; Alpha Dance; Alpha Omicron Pi House Dance. 113 w First ro : Alford, Allen, Barbre, Benton . . . Second row: Booth, Bowen, Brown, Bynum . . . Third row: Cox, Crisp, Cross, Dobbs . . . Fourth row: Drexel, Edwards, Godbee, Griffith . . . Fifth row: Grogan, HarreH, Huff, Joyner . . . Sixth row: Keene. Beta Sigma Chapter of OFFICERS Willette Smith President Peggy Barbre Vice-President Mary Claire Sheppard Secretary Carolyn Maynard Treasurer • Alpha Chi Omega, founded on the DePauw University cam- pus in 188 5, is the sixth national sorority in order of age. Beta Sigma was established in 1937. There are sixty-three chapters; one of them in Canada making the sorority an in- ternational one. Wearing the jeweled lyre, members recognize the colors scarlet and olive-green, and the red carnation. • Caroline Conwell Lavonia Emily Conwell Lavonia Vivian Cox Atlanta Kaimryn Crisp Clayton Jeanette Cross Ocilla Jean Dobbs Athens Gene Drexel Tifton Joyce Edwards Claxton Dorothy Godbee Sylvania Mary Griffith Sandy Springs Modree Grogan Dawsonville Rebecca Alford Lawrcnceville Lucy Allen Hoschton Peggy Barbre Albany Mary Leila Blnton Monticello Suzie Booth East Point Elizabeth Bowen Claxton Hazel Brown Augusta Anita Bynum Shellman Maynard, Smith, Sheppard, Barbre 114 iLiMit chi inim Harr. .i Cochran Dorothy Hun Athens Connie Jones Sylvania Kathryn Joyner Screven Margie Keene Atlanta Amelia Knoedler LaFayette Elizabeth L.nch Eatonton Carolyn Maynard Winder Sue McFarland Atlanta Jean Momand Macon Jackie Moon Decatur Jean Murphey Hephzibah Betty Jane Parr Athens Mary Claire Sheppard Atlanta Marjorie Shuman Claxton Patsy Skelton Griffin Willette Smith Atlanta Betty Solomon College Park First row: Knoedler, Linen, Maynard, McFarland . . . Second row: Momand, Murphey, Parr, Sheppard . . Third row: Shuman, Skelton, Smith, Solomon . . . Fourth row: Spencer, Stan- ford Stewart, Walraven . . . Fifth row: Wells, Westfield, F., Westfield, L. . . . Sixth row: Wood. Janis Spencer Atlanta Annabel Stanford Atlanta Doris Stewart Blue Ridge Ruby Walraven Atlanta Elena Wells Atlanta Frances Westfield Chatsworth Lois Westfield Chatsworth Adelaide Wood Washington One forgot to smile 115 First row: Arnold, Bennett. Brimberry, Bush, Calhoun . . . Second row: Cheves, Council, Crawford, A., Crawford, K., Dixon . . . Third row: Doner, Dukes, Earl, Everette, Findley . . . Fourth row: Fox, Garrett, Gordon, Griffin, Grose . . . Fifth row: Hall, Harrison, Hug- gins, Jones, Kay . . . Sixth row: Kenyon. Frances Arnold Washington Bonnie Bennett Athens Betty Brimberry Camilla Jacolyn Bush Barnesville Murray Claire Calhoun Macon Elizabeth Cheves Atlanta Ellen Council Waycross Anne Crawford Lexington Kitty Crawford Lexington Anne Dixon Macon Beta Mn Chapter of OFFICERS Clifford Lewis President Margaret Winn Moni-ort Vice-President Ann Crawford Recording Secretary Christine Gordon Corresponding Secretary Emily Garrett Treasurer • Alpha Delta Pi, a Georgia sorority, was founded as the Adel- phean Society at Wesleyan in 18 51, and claims to be the oldest secret sorority for women in the world. Beta Nu chap- ter was established at the University of Georgia, 1933. Mem- bers of the sixty-two chapters wear the diamond-shaped pin bearing the clasped hands and stars. The colors are blue and white; the flower is the violet. • Mary Dozier Macon Betty Dukes Pembroke Jane Earl Sparta Reanette Everette Waycross Anne Findley Athens Bltty Fox Dawson Emily Garrett Waycross Christine Gordon Danielsville Catherine Griffin Atlanta Mary Grose Augusta Margaret Hall Sandersville Joyce Harrison West Point Crawford, Monfort, Lewis, Garrett 116 ALPHA DELTA PI Irene Huggins Athens Betty Jones Waynesboro Betty Kay Albany Martha Kenyon Dawson Miriam Lamb Danville Clifford Lewis Waynesboro Gloria McClesky Atlanta Dorothy MacDonald Palatka, Fla. Anne McWhorter Anderson, S. C. Margaret Winn Monfort Lawrenceville Barbara Moorf • • Moultrie Anne Moses Uvalda Mary Pierce Murray Buena Vista Agnes Newton . Forsyth Marilee Nuckolls Columbus Dot Owens Albany Blanche Parks Atlanta Betty Patterson Columbus Emily Ann Pittman Cartersville Betty Postell Macon Who ' s behind the post? First row: Lamb, Lewis, McClesky, MacDonald, McWhorter . . . Second row: Monfort, Moore, Moses, Murray, Newton . . . Third row: Nuckolls, Owens, Parks, Patterson, Pitt- man . . . Fourth row: Postell, Reynolds, Roberts, R., Roberts, S-, Scott . . . Fifth row: Steed, Trotti, Walker, Watson, D., Watson, M. . . . Sixth row: Wismer. Lucyle Reynolds Lexington Ruby Roberts Lexington Saretta Roberts Lexington Jane Scott Macon Sarah Anne Steed Barnesville Betty Trotti Atlanta Loula Walker Madison Dorothy Watson Palatka, Fla. Margy Watson Athens Billie Wismer Covington 117 First row: Allman, Alsup, Anderson, B. J., Anderson, L. . . . Second row: Barr, Black, Brinsfield, Cheney . . . Third row: Chestnut, Donald, Elliott, Fortson . . . Fourth row: French, Grantham, Groover, Hall, . . . Fifth row: Herling, Hicks, Hogan, Howe . . . Sixth row: Hutchens, Kemp. Martha Nell Allman Atlanta Janice Alsup Dublin Betty Jane Anderson Atlanta Lazelle Anderson Blue Ridge Mary Ann Barr Columbus Martha Black Atlanta Dot Brinsfield Decatur Pat Cheney Macon Gamma Alpha Chapter of OFFICERS Ouida McCoy President Janie Stephens Vice-President Virginia Petty Recording Secretary Wanda French Treasurer • The third national sorority to be established on this campus was Gamma Alpha Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta in 1923. Nationally, the sorority was founded at Syracuse University in 1904 and now has forty-seven chapters. The pin features the Alpha in pearls; red and buff roses against green leaves are the flowers; the colors are the same. • Marian Chestnut Chamblee Mable Dasher Spartanburg, S. C. Carrie Donald Atlanta Jo Elliott Savannah Callye Lee Fortson Hartwell Wanda French Columbus Clementine Graham Baxley Sara Ellen Grantham St. Petersburg, Fla. Mary Frances Groover Statesboro Louise Hall Blue Ridge Anita Herling Middletown, N. Y. French, McCoy, Stephens, Hogan, Petty 118 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Geraldine Hicks Macon Jane Hogan Macon Winifred Howe Carnesville Margaret Ruth Hutchens Dallas Frances Kemp Marietta Janice King Dublin Pat King Columbus Janaisf. Land Atlanta Frances Leake Atlanta Shirley Leasman Atlanta Charmian M rtin Avondale Estates Warrena Mixon Ocilla Mary Murrah Richland Ouida McCoy Milledgeville Dorothy Mc Williams Birmingham, Ala. Lucy Outlaw Elizabeth City, N. C. Virginia Petty Tifton Sarah Pilcher Warrenton First row: King, J., King, P., Land, Leake . . . Second row: Leasman, Martin, Miion, Murrah . . . Third row: McCoy, McWilliams, Outlaw, Petty . . . Fourth row: Pilcher, Rhoads, Roberts, Shumate . . . Fifth row: Stephens, Stribling, Summer, Trevine . . . Sixth row: Williams. Janie Rhoads Moultrie Florence Roberts Lithonia Betty Shumate Atlanta Janie Stephens Waynesboro Elizabeth Stribling Roswell Dorothy Summer Decatur Jackie Trevine Jacksonville, Fla. Agnls Williams Atlanta ' Neath the arbor 119 First row: Adams, Aventt, Avrett, Bowers . . . Second row: Bush, Clary, Cobb, Crummey . . . Third row: Dillon, Estes, Fannin, Fulton . . . Fourth row: Grant, F., Grant, M., Ham- ilton, Herbert . . . Fifth row: Higginbotham, Hooks, Jefferson, Johnson. Lambda Sigma Chapter of OFFICERS Celeste Hooks President Josephine Wilson Vice-President Helen Higginbotham Recording Secretary Frances Richardson .... Corresponding Secretary Ann Leonard Treasurer • Lambda Sigma Chapter of A. O. Pi was founded on the University campus in 1935. There are fifty-two chapters, the first one having been founded in 18 97, at Barnard College. The Alpha Omicron Pi pin features the Greek letters jeweled with rubies and pearls. The red rose is the flower; the colors are red and white. • Gloria Crummey Rochelle Ruth Dillon Atlanta Ruth Estes Atlanta Elizabeth Fannin Rockmart Margaret Fulton Atlanta Frances Grant Athens Mary Grant Athens Mary Margaret Hamilton Augusta Clara Herbert Hiawassee Frances Adams Atlanta Geraldine Averitt Millen Zadie Avrett Athens Eleanore Bowers Canon Milburn Brigham Girard Alice Bush Lexington Margaret Clary Atlanta Mary Louise Cobb Atlanta Hooks, Wilson, Higginbotham, Richardson, Leonard 120 ALPHA OMICRON PI Helen Higginbotham Athens Celeste Hooks Lexsy Gwendolyn Jefferson Hapeville Lois Johnson Alma Margaret Kennedy Atlanta Gloria Land Athens Mary Emily Lanier Athens Suzanne League Gainesville Ann Leonard Atlanta Gloria Livingston Augusta Florence Lutz Atlanta Helen Neal Rome Nellie Kate Newton Millen Dorothy Nell Nix Dawsonville Marion Norris Atlanta Laura Perry Atlanta Frances Richardson Hartwell First row: Kennedy, Land, Lanier, League . . . Second row: Leonard, Livingston, Luti, Neal Third row Newton, Norris, Perry, Richardson . . . Fourth row: Roberts, Shannon, Trapnell, Van Landmgham . . . Fifth row: White, Wilson, York, L., York, O. Antoinette Roberts Atlanta Mary Shannon JefTersonville Jo Ann Trapnell Statesboro Mabel Van Landingham Cairo Margaret White Augusta Josephine Wilson Atlanta Lavinia York Athens Orlean York Athens Watching the corner 121 r First row: Alexander, Amis, Arnold, Ashford, Barnett . . . Second row: Baskin, Bentley, Brown, Campbell, Carpenter . . . Third row: Collier, Collins, Cooper, Davis, Evans . . . Fourth row: Flamgan, Gamble, Hodgson, Hulsey, Irvin . . . Fifth row: Jenkins, H., Jenkins, M., Martin, A. L., Martin, C, Martin, M. S, . . . Sixt ' i row: Monroe, Nisbit. Louise Alexander Savannah Betty Amis Athens Kitty Arnold Palm Beach, Fla. Constance Ashford Athens Mary Barnett Washington Betty Baskin Marietta Nancy Bentley Athens Evelyn Block Atlanta Sara Frances Brown Royston Mary Lois Campbell Tifton Mildred Carpi nti r Atlanta Elizabeth Collier LaGrange Mil Beta Chapter of OFFICERS Karen Smith President Harriet Smith Vice-President Sara Florence Rigdon Secretary Peggy Reade Treasurer • Mu Beta of Chi Omega was established on this campus in 1922. Since the founding of the sorority in 189S at the University of Arkansas, ninety-seven chapters have been es- tablished, making it the largest national sorority. Cardinal and straw are the colors; the flower is the white carnation. Members wear the jeweled X and horseshoe pin. • Florrie George Collins Marietta Joyce Cooper Rome Gene Cox Camilla Alice Ann Davis Gainesville En len Evans Tifton Mary Flanican Atlanta Weldon Gamble Savannah Marguerite Hodgson Athens Mary Ellen Hulsey Jacksonville, Fla. Elizabeth Irvin Washington Harriet Jenkins Hartwell Mildred Jenkins Hartwell Jenkins, Smith, Reade, Rigdon L22 CHI Ml K lit rn Anne Lister Martin Atlanta Caroline Martin Savannah Mary Sue Martin Tifton Cary McDonald Paducah, Ky. Betty Monroe Waycross Rita Nisbit Athens Mary Lou Nevin Atlanta May Dearing Nicholson Athens Ann Orr Athens Farrell Owens Dahlonega Lucia Peeples Atlanta Anne Puryear Atlanta Peggy Reade Athens Sara Florence Rigdon Tifton Joanna Sherman Blakely Tatty Shipp Atlanta Julia Simpson Decatur Caroline Smith Atlanta Harriet Smith Atlanta Karen Smith Cuthbert Karen posed First row: Nevin, Nicholson, Orr, Owens, Peeples . . . Second row: Puryear, Reade, Rigdon, Sherman, Shipp . . . Third row: Simpson, Smith, C-, Smith, H., Smith, K-, Smith, S. . . . Fourth row: Stansell, Stapleton, Swain, Taylor, Thomas . . . Fifth row: Trussell, Wellman, Westbrook, White, Wood . . . Sixth row: Young. Susan Smith Athens Mary Keith Stansell Athens Jane Stapleton Elberton Gene Swain Camilla Mary Taylor Savannah Sally Thomas Waycross Mary Trussell Athens Meme Wellman Athens Betty Westbrook Albany Valeria White Daiton Catherine Wood Merion, Pa. Fan Young Athens 123 First row: Anderson, Ansley, Barker, Barnes, E. . . . Second row: Barnes, F., Beatty, Brannen, Caldwell . . . Third row: Coursey, Dorman, Doss, Driftmier . . . Fourth row: Fambro, Fechtel, Fokes, Foster . . . Fifth row: Gillis, Heard, Holder, Keehan . . . Sixth row: Lott, Luck. Mary Gaynor Anderson Birmingham, Ala. Jane Ansley Thompson Joyce Barker Carrollton Esther Lee Barnes Statesboro Frances Barnes Savannah Carole Beatty Jacksonville, Fla. Nell Brannen Millcn Frances Caldwell Thomasville Alpha Rho Chapter of OFFICERS Frances Heard President Martha Fambro Vice-President Eleanor Walker Secretary Marianne Marshall Treasurer • The crescent moon and trident is the pin worn by Tri- Delts of eighty-seven chapters. Delta Delta Delta was founded on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University. Alpha Rho was established on the University Campus in 1934. Tri-Delts honor silver, blue, and gold as their colors, and the pansy as their flower. • Virginia Coursey Atlanta Betty Dorman Atlanta Mary Ann Doss Canton Betty Jo Drii tmier Athens Martha Fambro Rockmart Dorothy Fechtel Atlanta Dorothy Fokes Montezuma Mary Foster Cornelia Lougenia Gillis Soperton Yoland Hargraves •. . Deland, Fla. Frances Heard Deland, Fla. Fambro, Marshall, Heard, Walker 124 DELTA DELTA DELTA Gladney Holder Atlanta Frances Jenkins Eatonton Lucille Keehan Jacksonville, Fla. Martha Sue Lawton Natitochees, La. Am ye Lott Hoschton Angie Luck Carrollton Frances Martin Statesboro Marianne Marshall Americus Roger McMillan Fitzgerald Kitty Mercke Athens Myra Miller Chipley Margie Moore Atlanta Virginia Moore Atlanta Frances Morrison Birmingham, Ala. Grace Morrison Birmingham, Ala. Ruth Murph Marshallville Martha Newsome Sandersville Ann Palmour Gainesville Betty Smith Barnesville First row: Martin, Marshall, McMillan, Mercke . . . Second row: Miller, Moore, M., Moore, V., Morrison, F. . . . Third row: Morrison, G., Murph, Newsome, Palmour . . . Fourtt row: Smith, Stone, Thompson, M., Thompson, N. . . . Fifth row: Walker, Wilburn, Williams. Wynn . . . Sixth row: Yates. Bennie Stone New Holland Martha Thompson Athens Nan Thompson Canton Eleanor Walker Atlanta Gene Wilburn Woodbury Maty Hunt Williams Trenton, Tenn. Rosemary Wynn Glenwood Dorothy Yates Rome Tri-Delts gather ' round 125 P s i Chapter of First row: Alkon, Abrams, Berger, Blonstein . . . Second row: Cohen, Edelson, Feingold, Feldman . - . Third row: Frank, Green, Greenbtatt, Greenberg . . . Fourth row: Goldin, Hornick, Hyman, Jay . . . Fifth row: Karesh, Kanter, Kass, Kaufman. Dorothy Alkon Savannah Anna Merle Abram , Pelham Esther Berger Lincolnton Gladys Blonstein Atl.inta Charlotte Cohen Sparta lit i TYi Edelson LaGrange Blanche Feingold Albany Shirley Feldman Charleston, S. C. OFFICERS Blanche Feingold President Esther Berger Vice-President Dorothy Alkon Recording Secretary Sarah Lourie Corresponding Secretary Frances Solomon Treasurer The eighth sorority on this campus is Psi chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon, established in 193 5. Nationally, the sorority was founded at Washington Square College, New York, in 1917. The founders chose for their colors royal purple and pure gold; for their flower, the orchid; and for their pin, the pearled triangle. Edythe Frank Atlanta Mozelle Green Toccoa Madelyn Greenblatt Atlanta Yetta Greenberg West Palm Beach, Fla. Doris Goldin Savannah Rhoda Hornick Brooklyn, N. Y. Shifra Hyman Charleston, S. C. Solomon, Lourie, Feingold, Berger, Alkon 126 im.ii phi i:i ' Miii Gladys Jay Commerce Phyllis Karesh Charleston, S. C. Harriet Kanter Savannah Sarabel Kass Thomaston Dorothy Kaufman Atlanta Rhona Koplin Atlanta Harriet Kahn Pel ham Shirley Kahn ... Evelyn Lewis Cochran Sarah Lourie St. George, S. C. Paula Mazursky Barnwell, S. C. Audrey Meddin Savannah Elaine Miller Cordele Shirlee Orloff Atlanta Helen Paderewsky Savannah Thelma Reed Cochran Maxine Robbins Camden, N. J. First row: Koplin, Kahn, H., Kahn, S., Lewis . . . Second row: Lourie, Mazursky, Meddin, Miller . . . Third row: Orloff, Paderewsky, Reed, Robbins . . . Fourth row: Siegel, Schoen- baum, Spilky, Solomon . . . Fifth row: Stein, Stock, Yaschik, Zimet. Gloria Siegel Anderson, S. C. Vivian Schoenbaum Brooklyn, N. Y. Sheila Spilky Mt. Dora, Fla. Frances Solomon Moncks Corner, S. C. Esther Stein Cartersville Louise Stock Rome Dena Yaschik Charleston, S. C. Bernice Zimet Brooklyn, N. Y. The Chapter 127 " = » ' First row: Adams, Archer, Barnett, Barrett . . . Second row: Berg, Blackburn, Bowden, Bowers . . . Third row: Brawner, Brown, Chalker, Conklin . . - Fourth row: Cox, Cronk, Curtis, Dickens . . . Fifth row: Feuger, Harland, Hauton, Hinton . . . Sijcth row: Herty, Howell. Barbara Adams Athens Anna Frances Archir College Park Joy Barnett Atlanta |ov Barrett Atlanta Joy Berg Atlanta Catherine Berry College Park Martha Blackburn Thomaston Jane Mayo Bowden Savannah Jean Bowers Athens Mary Brawner Smyrna (i a m m a Delta Chapter of OFFICERS Martha Blackburn President Jane Bowden Vice-President Mary Brawner Corresponding Secretary Blazie Hauton Treasurer • The black and gold kite became prominent when Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at De Pauw University in 1870. Gamma Delta, the only Theta chapter in Georgia, appeared on the University campus in 1936. Since then, Theta has become international with chapters in Canada and with these has sixty-eight chapters. The colors are black and gold; the flower is the black and gold pansy. • Betty Ann Brooks Decatur Betty Brown Brunswick Sara Brown Athens Margaret Chalker West Palm Beach, Fla. Marion Clary Atlanta Colette Conklin Decatur Peggy Cox Atlanta Mary Cronk Atlanta LaVerne Curtis Atlanta Elizabeth Dickens Madison Agnes Feuger Savannah Brawner, Hauten, Reynaud, Bowden 126 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Miriam Harland .... Lucille Hauton Atlanta Maxine Hinton Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Dorothea Herty Hellertown, Penna. Mary Howell Athens Laurabelle Jarvis Atlanta Carol Jones Decatur Hallie Kenimer Jacksonville, Fla. Ann Kimbrough Richland Mar.jorie Kutnink Athens Betty Lamons Atlanta Virginia Miller Atlanta Ann McLaine , Delaware Ann Mitchell Columbus Barbara Overfelt Fort Benning Sara Reid Athens Rosemary Reynauu Chicago, 111. Louise Rossheim Teaneck, N. J. Betty Shannon Atlanta Mary Shannon Atlanta First row: Jarvis, Kenimer, Kimbrough, Kutnink . . . Second row: Lamons, Miller, Mitchell, Overfelt . . . Third row: Reid, Reynaud, Rossheim, Shannon, B. . . . Fourth row: Shannon, M., Slaughter, Smith, Sparks, J. . . . Fifth row: Sparks, L., Sumpter, Tate, Vannerson . . . Sixth row: Walton, Williams. Pat Slaughter Orlando, Fla. Jacquelyn Smith Atlanta Junell Sparks Atlanta Lavonia Sparks Washington, Ga. Kathleen Stewart Rome Mary Ann Sumpter Atlanta Betty Tate Marietta Jesse Vannerson Savannah Grace Walton Miami Beach, Fla. Jean Williams Athens Think it will hold ' em? 129 First row: Alexander, Brown, Cannon, Costello - - . Second row: Crutchfield, Durham, Ep- pinger, Everett . . . Third row: Foster, E., Foster, F-, Fester, M., Foster, N. . . . Fourth row: Freeman, Grizzell, Gross, Harrell . . . Fifth row: Hawes, Hendley, Hinkle. Dorothy Alexander Atlanta Miriam Brown Dewey Rose Emma Brumby Atlanta Jo Ann Cannon Albany Christine Costello Atlanta Elsie Crutchfield Atlanta Oiga Durham Atlanta Anita Eppinger Atlanta Sigma Phi Chapter of OFFICERS Dorothy Alexander President Anita Eppinger Vice-President Irene Freeman Secretary Fay Watkins Treasurer • The fourth sorority on the Georgia campus was Sigma Phi of Kappa Delta, established in 1924. The sorority ' s first chapter was established in 1890 at Farmville, Virginia. Since then Kappa Delta has organized sixty-eight chapters. Mem- bers wear the diamond shaped pin and recognize as their colors olive green and pearl white, and the white rose as their flower. • Opal Everett Rome Evelyn Foster Roswell Frances Foster College Park Marjorie Foster Canton Nell Foster College Park Irene Freeman Unadilla Julia Bee Grizzell Decatur Mozelle Gross Atlanta Watkins, Freeman, Eppinger, Alexander 130 KAPPA DELTA A Y Evangeline Harrell Collins Ruth Hawes Thomson Margie Hendley Atlanta Edna Hinkle Atlanta Patsy Holliman Unadilla Betty Hooten Roanoke, Ala. Polly Houston Atlanta June Johnson Atlanta Sara Brooks Maret Lavonia Helen McKown LaFayette Anne Miller Athens Nellie O ' Neill Atlanta Emily Ransone Atlanta Eva Mae Rheney Hephzibah Annette Richardson Atlanta First row: Holliman, Hooten, Houston, Johnson . . . Maret, McKown, Miller, O ' Neill . . . Third row: Ransone, Rheney, Richardson, Suddath . . . Fourth row: Stewart, Torpin, Tuggle, Turner . . . Fifth row: Walden, Watkins, Wickliffe. Mary Ann Suddath Savannah Margaret Stewart Atlanta Louise Torpin Augusta Jackie Tuggle Rome Frances Turner Brunswick Judy Walden Atlanta Fay Watkins Atlanta Alice Wickliffe Athens Going some place 131 First row: Beck, Boykin, Brown, E., Brown, S. . . . Second row: Bruce, Brumby, Bull, Calla- way . . . Third row. Carter, Cooper, Covington, Doughty . . . Fourth row: Elliott, Flor, Fulmer, Heath . . . Fifth row: Hodgson, Humphrey, Kelley, Kelly . . . Sixth row: Lambert. Roberta Beck Griffin Sue Boykin Columbus Emily Brown Macon Sara Brown Manchester Marion Bruce Atlanta Amelia Brumby Macon CaREN Buli Savannah Alpha Alpha Chapter of OFFICERS Louise Rothwell President Peggy Smith Vice-President Ida Pease Secretary Katharine McDufi il Treasurer • Established in 1921, Alpha Alpha of Phi Mu is the pioneer sorority on the University campus. Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan in IS 52 and now has sixty-two chapters in the na- tional organization. The pin of the sorority is black and gold; colors pink and white; and the flower the pink carna- tion. • Eula Callaway Covington Anne Carter Atlanta Doris Cooper Columbus Fay Covington Rome Martha Doughty ... ... Charleston, S. C. Ann Elliot LaGrange Mary Elizabeth Flor Demorest Mary Fulmer Savannah Emily Heath Columbia, S. C. Roberta Hodgson Wilmington, Del. Ann Humphrey - Swainsboro McDuffie, Rothwell, Smith, Pease l. ' }2 PHI Mil Mary Frances Kelley Columbus Sarah McCall . . • • Moultrie Virginia Kelly Columbus Mary Ann Lambert Madison Katherinl McDuffie Columbus Eugenia Miller Macon Margaret Norman Columbus Ida Pease Columbus Mary Pindar Savannah Emily Polhill Louisville Jacquie Re Oua Fort Screven Carolyn Reynolds Athens Rosanna Richards Columbus Mary Anne Robinson Atlanta Louise Rothwell Athens Ann Saxon Athens Peggy Smith Concord First row: McCall, McDuffie, Miller, Norman . . . Second row: Pease, Pindar, Polhill, Re Oua . . . Third row: Reynolds, Richards, Robinson, Rothwell . . . Fourth row: Saxon Smith, Solms, Sparks . . . Fifth row: Thomason, Williams, C, Williams, E., Winecoft , . . Sixth row: Yancey. Ida Lee Solms Savannah Jane Sparks Macon Julia Thomason Madison Cullen Williams Athens Eleanor Williams Athens Eleanor Winecoff ... Atlanta Lucy Yancey Albany Taking a ride 133 First row: Anderson, Andrews, D., Andrews, E., Bea II . . . Second row: Bell, Bedell, Boone, Bradley . . . Third row: Braungart, Collins, Davis, Downing . . . Fourth row; Doyal, Dunn, Florence, Green . . . Fifth row: Hendrix, Howard, Huguley, Jarre 1 1 . . . Sixth row: Johnson. Margaret Anderson Atlanta Daisy Andrews Atlanta Elizabeth Andrews Greenville Jennie Beall Dealing Beverly Bell Augusta Jane Bedell Atlanta Virginia Boone . Savannah Miriam Bradley Chatsworth Georgia Alpha Chapter of OFFICERS Marion Weltner President Eugenia Neel Vice-President Ann Huguley Corresponding Secretary Sara Green Recording Secretary Ruth Lyons Treasurer • The youngest national sorority on the University campus, is Georgia Alpha of Pi Beta Phi, installed on February 4, 1939. Pi Beta Phi was founded at Monmouth College, Mon- mouth, Illinois, in 1867. There are now eighty-seven chapters whose members wear the golden arrow and chain; honor the colors of wine and silver blue, and uphold the wine carnation as their flower. • Mary Anne Braungart Atlanta Gloria Collins Augusta Frances Davies Terre Haute, Ind. Charlotte Downing Atlanta Nelle Doyal ... Atlanta Rosemary Dunn Long Island, N. Y. Ruth Florence Wrens Sara Green St. Petersburg, Fla. Suzanne Hendrix Tampa, Fla. Mary Ellen Hill Greenville Huguley, Lycns, Neel, Weltner, Green 134 M BETA PHI Peggy Howard Crawford Ann Huguley Columbus Louise Jarrell Greenville Betty Johnson Augusta Bebe Kelley Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Betty Kelly Atlanta Mary Lee Logan Elberton Ruth Lyons Atlanta Barbara Manning Atlanta Margalyn Manning Atlanta Muriel Mobley ' Ft. Gaines Helen Morris Hartwell Gloria McDonald Baxley Eugenia Neel Atlanta Vivian New berry Atlanta Joyce Odom Atlanta Nelle Price Athens First row: Kelley, Bebe, Kelly, Betty, Logan, Lyons . . . Second row: Manning, B., Man- ning, M., Mobley, Morris . . . Third row: McDonald, Neel. Newberry, Odom . . . Fourth row: Price, Rhodes, Tyler, Weltner . . . Fifth row: Whelchel, Westbrook, Wiggins, Wil- liams . . . Sixth row: Wright. Jean Rhodes Augusta Mary Anne Tyler Atlanta Marion Weltner Atlanta Mary Jeff Whelchel Cordele Iris Westbrook Augusta Mary Wiggins Sanford Betty Jane Williams Atlanta Martha Wright Atlanta That ' s a cat Braungart is holding 135 - r mxrirs 1 IBMBM md - L . _ ' J i ? THE 1943 BULLDOG SPORTS EDITION BUTTS ' WARTIME ' 43 ELEVEN PERFORMED IN SHINING GLORY The Little Round Man Carries On THE STORY: WEEK BY WEEK Sept. 17 — Presbyterian College, 25-7, Athens. Sept. 2 5— L. S. U., 27-34, Baton Rouge. Oct. 1 — Tenn. Tech, 67-0, Athens. Oct. 8 — Wake Forest, 7-0, Athens. Oct. 10 — Daniel Field, 7-18, Augusta. Oct. 23 — L. 5. U., 6-27, Columbus. Oct. 29 — Howard College, 3 9-0, Athens. Nov. S — Presbyterian College, 40-12, Athens. Nov. 13— V. M. I., 46-7, Atlanta. Nov. 27 — Georgia Tech, 0-48, Atlanta. J. B. WHITWORTH Line Coach THOMAS and KEUPER Freshman Coach and Assistant Football Coach ELMER A. LAMPE Basketball Coach and Assistant Football Coach By JOE LIVINGSTON ATLANTA JOURNAL SPORTS STAFF WRITER Georgia ' s Legions have displayed their athletic prowess from the Yale Bowl to the Rose Bowl and have tasted the sweets of victory against the Green of Dartmouth and Alabama ' s surging Crimson Tide, but never have the Red and Black banners waved so gloriously as that bleak September day in 1943 when Coach Wallace Butts gave his out-manned Freshman varsity a chance to quit honorably and the courageous Sons of Athens Town replied, " No dice. " Eighty-two men lost to the services that included a galaxy of stars the like of whose potentialities Sanford Stadium had never seen, and with but approximately a half dozen backs ready to start the opener and this includ- ing no fullback at all, the war-time Bulldog edition voted to carry on the school ' s tradition. Coach Butts, respected, admired and feared in every quarter of the nation, wanted to carry on, but he wouldn ' t have blamed his boys had they thrown in the towel. They did not let him down. Georgia will see better hours in the era of peace that will come some day, but that moment in 1943 will go down in history as the University ' s shining hour. Thrown together in an abrupt manner, comparatively speaking, Coach Butts fielded his yearling squad the weekend before school convened and as a result few were on hand to cheer the Rose Bowl champions when they bounded out to meet Presbyterian. The Opening Game The Blue Stockings scored with but thirty seconds remaining in the game, but the Bulldogs won, 25-7, and looked good doing it. Their second trip out was probably the Georgia eleven ' s best of the season. Playing in Baton Rouge the Bulldogs lost to L. S. U., 27-34, in a bruising scoring duel. A powerful experienced line-bucker would probably have swayed the tide in favor of the Red and Black, Coach Butts reported later. Back on home territory for the third game, and with a swarm of students to greet them, the Bulldogs smothered Tennessee Tech, 67-0. Here such men as Johnny Cook, Billy Rutland, Rabbit Smith and Bobby Hague stood out as a smooth-working backfield behind a spirited line, led by Captain Mike Castronis. Johnny Cook Passing Back row, left to right: Harris, B.; Janko, M.; Chonko, B.; Saulsbury, L.; Smith, J.; Land, C; Stovall, J.- Bar- rett, P.; Bratten, E.; Blash, B.; Hale, M.; Kanes, J. . . . Third row: MacKenna, B., Mgr.; Byrd, H. : Phillips, C; Perry, B.; Moseley, R.; Meeks B.; Bailey, S.; McConnell, B.; Smith, S.; Daniel, A.; Belk, B. ' ; Cousins, P.; Harrell, H.; Simons, W.; Buttolpti, L., Mgr. . . . Second row: Davis J.; Webb, F.; Connally, J.; Rusher] J.; Robertson, P.; Hague, B.; Hotlingworth, J.; Garasic, G.; Savich, F.; Jernigan, G-; Betts, W. First row: Jefts, V. R.; Latimer, J.; Gould, P.; Rutland, B.; Castronis, M.; Cox, B.; Cook, ' J.; Poole, B.; Burk F. Charles (Rabbit) Smith Receiving 138 THE l!)4:! FOOTBALL SEASON IN BRIEF COOK PACED THE YEARLING SQUAD Bulldogs Nose Deacons The boys were still " up " when Wake Forest invaded San ford Stadium the following week. The Deacons were big and fast but when the final whistle sounded the tally read 7-0 in favor of the home side. Just as they were feeling their oats against Wake Forest the Bulldogs were down at Augusta when they played Daniel Field. The soldiers out- weighed them almost a ton when the two elevens answered the opening bell. Most of their efforts were in vain that day and the Bulldogs lost, 7-18. Then came the journey down to Columbus for a second try at L. S. U. Billy Rutland, playing before home folks, scored the Fighting Bulldog ' s only touchdown. Paced by their ferocious tailback, Steve Van Buren, the Bayou Bengals won, 27-6. The Bulldogs got back above the .500 mark in their seventh game, against Howard College. The Bulldogs won easily, 39-0. Presbyterian came back for a second game at Sanford Stadium in early November. This time the visitors scored twice but Georgia got six touch- downs where they had made but four in September. Georgia won, 40-12. Wally Butts and his crew made their Atlanta debut the following week at Grant Field. It was the Bulldogs ' first appearance in Grant Field since Frankie Sinkwich and Company had pulled one out of the fire thirteen months before against Alabama. Virginia Military Institute, furnishing the opposition, could not stop All-Southeastern Johnny Cook and Georgia tri- umphed, 46-7. That Game at the Flats Then came the game for which all waited — the annual battle with Georgia Tech. The Bulldogs had banged themselves up a bit in hard scrimmages preparing for their traditional rival. But Freshmen, comparatively inex- perienced in collegiate gridiron warfare, are no match for seasoned sailors. As a consequence, Tech won, 48-0. Wally Butts knew how much the odds were against his team when they went to Atlanta. His main fears were that the Bulldogs would get hurt, and that they would quit when the going got tough. But the Athenians did neither and closed out a historical season in defeat but with their proud heads unbowed. Next year it will probably bf the same story, new men, inexperience and other heartaches to bear but when all is said and done the Bulldogs will have scored a victory more important than those reckoned in points and soon forgotten. They will have carried on. Georgia ' s fighting men and women the world over can be justly proud of Coach Wallace Butts, his staff and the Georgia football team of 1943. ' They lived, indeed, their shining hour. Time out for the Cheerleaders while former All-American Tom Nash speaks before the pep meeting prior to the Georgia-Tennessee Tech game BULLDOG PASS NETS TEN-YARD GAIN— Henry Bird (32), Georgia End, of Athens, takes a pass from Johnny Cook for a ten-yard gain in the Bulldogs ' game with the Presbyterian College at Athens, Friday night, September 17. COOK MAKES THREE FOR BULLDOGS— Johnny Cook, Georgia tailback, cuts through Louisiana State ' s line for a three-yard gain in the game at Columbus, Ga., Saturday, Oct. 23. OVER THE WALL FOR GEORGIA TECH— Carpenter, Tech fullback, makes a hi gh-driving lunge over Georgia ' s line in Atlanta Nov. 27, but the mass of Georgia men held. Credit for stopping him went to Bill Chonko (45), kneeling in right foreground, Georgia back, and Junior Meeks (just under Carpenter ' i left knee), center. 139 A TABLOID VIEW OF THAT CAME AT THE FLATS % It ' s not who won, but how you played the game COACH ALEXANDER Perhaps in 1944? COACH BUTTS GEORGIA ' S STARTING LINEUP AGAINST TECH— Backfield: Bratton, H.B.; Hague, B B., Rutland, F.B.; Cook, T.B. . . Line: Phillips, L.E.; Simons, T.; Burk, T: Castronis, R.G.; Meeks, C; Cox, L.G.; Perry, L.E. Ill) 99 CLUB Facts: A club for men in the University of Geor- gia having won .1 Varsity letter. ROLL Alfred Anderson Ryals Lee Walter Maguire George McKenney Dick McPhee Jerry Nunnally Forrest Strother ANDERSON MAGUIRE McPHEE 141 COACH LAMPE ' S BULLDOG QUINTET THE QUINTET ' S RECORD Do . Where Flayed (., orgia Score Opponent Score Jan. 7 Athens 44 Lawson General 43 Jan. 10 Clemson, S. C. 44 Clemson 40 Jan. 14 Augusta 38 Ga. Med. School 30 [an, 19 Athens 52 Clemson )1 Jan. 21 Macon 42 Robins Field 4 Jan. 2-1 Macon 44 Mercer 57 Jan. 25 Athens 4S Mercer 54 Ian 29 Athens 48 South Carolina (.4 Jan. 51 Athens 25 A. S. T. P. 37 Feb 1 Columbia, S. C 3 5 South Carolina 67 Feb 5 Atlanta 40 Lawson General 36 Feb 9 Athens 4S Robins Field 45 Feb. 12 Athens 39 Georgia Tech 42 Feb. 1! Athens 54 Ga. Med. School 44 Feb. 19 Atlanta 44 Georgia Tech 71 Feb 22 Athens 39 A. S. T. P. 71 Mar 2 Louisville, Ky. 29 Kentucky S7 Freshman Georgia Team Wins Seven Cage Games SQUAD NOT FORMED UNTIL LAST MINUTE The Georgia Bulldogs were faced with the same situation in basketball as in football. They had only freshman material to pick from and it was indefinite up until the last minute if a team would be fielded. In order to keep the sport going at the university, the athletic head decided to sponsor a team, even if it lost most of its games. Coach Elmer Lampe had only one week to drill the squad, and from the large number of turnouts he selected the men for his team. The Bullpups started the season auspiciously, winning four straight. The opener with Lawson General was a thriller all the way, the Bulldogs rallying in the last few minutes to pull the game out of the fire, 44-43. The Georgians had another close shave the next week, narrowly beating Clemson at Clem- son, 44-40. A win over the Medical School from Augusta, 38-30, was followed by an overwhelming 52-31 conquest of the Clemson Tigers. The Pups led at the half, 38-6. The first loss of the season came to Robins Field in Macon, 42-54. The Bulldogs then lost two games in a row to the Mercer Bears, 44-57 and 48-54. Two tilts were dropped to Naval powered South Carolina, and also one to the strong ASTP unit here on the campus. How- ever, the youngsters snapped out of the losing slump by topping Lawson General again, in Atlanta, 40-36. In the return encounter with Robins Field, the Lampe crew rallied late in the game to come out on top, 48-43. The team was keyed up for its home game with Tech, which had the benefit of a Naval unit. Georgia played inspired ball and held the highly touted Jackets to a three-point margin of victory, 39-42. Lampc ' s Courtmen did O.K. THE 1944 SQUAD — Third row: Dean, Gould, Stovall Dowdy, Hillard . . . Sec- ond row: Savich, Maddox, Bailey, Moseley, Buttolph (Mgr.) . . . First row: Holt, Farr, Bratton, Smith. 142 A BIRD ' S VIEW OF THE BULLDOG BASKETEERS With tins game behind them, the Bulldogs trimmed the Medical School again, J4-44. When the team invaded Atlanta for the Tech game, the Jackets won by a decisive 71-44 score. Another loss to the A. S. T. P., 39-71, ended the regu- lar season. For their fine spirit and play throughout the ' 44 season the team was rewarded with a trip to Louisville to play in the conference tournament. But as things turned out, Georgia drew Kentucky, the team that easily won the tourney, in the first round, and the Wildcats took the game, 5 7-29. Captain Edgar Bratton and J. B. Farr at guards, Ross " Shorty " Maddox at center, and Reid Moseley, Robert Holt, Charles " Rabbit " Smith, and Pete Gould, forwards, won let- ters. Maddox was high scorer with 184 points, while Farr and Smith were the best defensive men. The Boys (Holt, Maddox, Moseley, Bratton, and Farr) talk things over EDGAR (SHORTY) MADDOX EDGAR BRATTON THE BUtLDOGS IN ACTION 143 «™ I L I T I IS V FACTS ABOUT THE R. 0. T. C. The Color Guard F. M. Rich, H. C. Whitencr, L. D. Brown, G. D. Cauble. Since June of 1943, 30 former members of the R. O. T. C. unit of the University of Georgia have received their com- missions and are now serving on fighting fronts all over the world in the South Pacific and European theaters of war. Many changes have been made in the R. O. T. C. units here at the University. At the request of the War Depart- ment the Infantry and Cavalry units have been combined into one unit for basic training for the duration of the war only. Advanced R. O. T. C. training will continue until the students have been graduated and are ordered to Officers Can- didates Schools. Fifty-eight men are enlisted in the advanced unit; seven of these are classified as first advanced and have completed the 13 weeks basic training. This group of first advanced is increasing by the month. It is possible that the 18 first advanced men inducted in June will be allowed to return to graduate. The remaining 5 1 second advanced who were inducted last July have been graduated according to the time of completion of their courses at the University. The cadet corps are now in regulation O. D. uniforms fur- nished by the War Department instead of the blue which has been used for a number of years. Due to the lack of officer personnel, basic units have been supervised and drilled by ad- vanced R. O. T. C. students during the past year. In June of last year most of the Army personnel was trans- ferred to the A. S. T. P. unit on Coordinate Campus. Major Harper and his assistant have done an excellent job of han- dling the freshman that entered in September, 1943. There are plans for a larger R. O. T. C. unit after the war with increased facilities at the disposal of the military department. S8lKt % The Basic Cadet Staff S. C. Early, Color Sergeant; John Flynt, Color Sergeant; C. R. Daniel, Color Sergeant; J. F. Hammett, First Captain; A. W. Scott, Sergeant Major; A. H. Hudson, Second Captain, Adjutant; J. E. Thaxton, Color Sergeant. 146 COL FREDERICK M. ARMSTRONG Colonel Frederick M. Armstrong, Infantry, Cuba, Philippine Insur- rection, World War I, Graduate Command and General Staff School, P. M. S. T., and Commandant, A. S. T. P., 1942-1943. 147 OFFICERS OF INSTRUCTION MAJOR HARPER Major James B. Harper — Nathalie, Halifax County, Virginia. Graduated Blackstone Military Institute, 1917; Entered Virginia Military Institute, 1917; O. C. S., 1918; Returned to V. M. I., 1918; Commissioned Second Lieutenant Reserve, 1928; Graduated Ft. Benning, Infantry School, 1935; Active Duty, March, 1940; Ft. Jackson, S. C; University of Georgia, February 1942, Assistant P. M. S. T. Infantry. LIEUTENANT FELSENTHAL LIEUTENANT HARVEY First Lieutenant H. J. Felsenthal — Chicago, Illinois; O. C. S. Ft. Benning, 1942; Camp Wheeler, 1943; University of Georgia, 1943. Second Lieutenant James D. Harvey — Green Castle, Indiana; Sergeant Indiana National Guard, 1941; Camp Shelby, Miss.; Graduated O. C. S. Ft. Benning, 1943; University of Georgia, Instructor, 1943. 148 THE ADVANCED R. D . T. C. COMPANY ROLL Anderson, A. M. Anderson, J. B. Anderson, S. L. Avedisian, Harry Beasley, Walter G. Bell, W. L. Browne, L. D. Cauble, G. D. Chanin, L. Conger, J. B. Costa, M. J. Crawford, P. A. Crawley, E. Z. Denham, F. T. Drewry, E. E. Finney, S. W. Griffin, W. H. Hallman, S. H. Harden, E. A. Harp, W. D. Hendrick, L. W. Henry, D. R. Hudson, E. P. Johnson, S. D. Kennek, J. F. Lee, R. E. Levie, W. A. Lewinson, I. M. Maguire, W. A. McPhee, D. H. McKenney, G. W. Morris, E. Murrah, W. M. Nunnally, G. L. Owens, J. A. Perry, P. E. Powell, L. F. Preston, J. N. Pursley, J. A. Rich, F. M. Rish, W. R. Sammons, U. B., Jr. Stiles, L. B. Storey, J. M. Stringer, J. E. Strother, F. C. Symms, J. C. Turner, J. C. Whitener, H. C. Wilkinson, H. B. Williams, C, Jr. Williams, G., Jr. WlLLINGHAM, D. L. ADVANCED R. O. T. C. COMMANDER: JERRY D. CAUBLE MISS BETTY ANN ADAMS 149 C M P A Hi Y k BASIC R. 0. T. C. FIRST PLATOON PLATOON OFFICERS Paine, R First Platoon Sergeant Collier, G Sergeant, First Squad Leader Deloach Sergeant, Second Squad Leader Stone, S. Sergeant, Third Squad Leader ROLL Atkinson, Bill Knight, Roy C. Brown, Bill Massly, Frank Cobb, Kelllk McKnight, Rai Dawson, Walter E. Partridge, Lamar E. Dowdy, Derrell C. Patterson, Roy Dowling, Vernon D. Payne, David Durden, Donald C. Pierce, Roy W. FORTSON, LUTHLR S, PROCTOR, DeBRELL Holt, Robert D. Sears, C. R. Hood, Allen Sherrer, Webster A. Greer, Jimmy Shivers, Guy H. Kaplan, L. Underwood, Boyd Keown, Donald T. SECOND PLATOON PLATOON OFFICERS Pursley Second Platoon Sergeant Anderson Sergeant, First Squad Leader Poss Sergeant, Second Scjuad Leader Daniel Sergeant, Third Squad Leader ROLL Akins, C. L. Johnson, C. H. Barrett, G. C. Jones, J. R. Bowman, B. L. Macon, H. H. Collins, A. J. Majors, T. J. Coody, C. R. Morris, B. S. Daniel, G. L. Patterson, O. W. Daws, M. T. Peck, E. O. Dixon, D. A. Sharpe, E. M. Dorminy, J. E. Shooke, F. Farr, J. B. Shurling, H. F. Fraser, J. B. Teasley, R. R. Graham, M, K. Tyson, C. E. Hilliard, T. F. Whitehurst, B. K. Hobbs, J. L. W ii kinson, W. T. Jackson, G. W. COMPANY OFFICERS Hodgson, H Captain Nowak, J First Lieutenant Harrison, H. . . Second Lieutenant Drake, W First Sergeant CADET R. O. T. C. COMPANY COMMANDER: HAROLD BISHOP HODGSON MISS JEAN BOWERS I .11 BASIC R. 0. T. C It COMPANY v S6 SECOND PLATOON FIRST PLATOON PLATOON OFFICERS Avera, H First Platoon Sergeant McKellar, J. L Sergeant, First Squad Leader Jarrell, H Sergeant, Second Squad Leader Paschal, Sergeant, Third Squad Leader Baldwin, J. Blacrman, S. E. Broadwell, M. M. Carpenter, W. W. Davis, Hugh Davis, Stewart Dunlap, Robert H. Evans, N. S. Groover, Dan Harper, R. A. Hooks, G. D. Heyman, Arthur ROLL Lee, J. V. Martin, VC C. Mizelle, J. D. Paul, J. C. QUATTLEBAUM, JULIAN Rowland, J. L. Shockli v, R. L. Smith, Bubber Smoat, J. B. Wayne, B. C. Wilkes, T. F. PLATOON OFFICERS Johnson, L. L Second Platoon Sergeant Bronson, J Sergeant, First Squad Leader Sheffield, J. E Sergeant, Second Squad Leader Tarbett, J Sergeant, Third Squad Leader Bridges, J. D. Eaealyes, R. B. Eubanks, W. H. Garwin, B. J. Harvey, R. S. Harvill, T. H. Hawk, J. B. Herndon, M. E. Jackson, G. C. Johnson, L. Kfeter, E. F. ROLL Lanier, L. R. Miles, E. B. ' Monroe, J. J. Ridgway, R. Rollins, L. C. Sealy, H. K. Stone, Charles Tollett, R. E. Usher, J. H. Weatherford, J. G. COMPANY OFFICERS Crumbly, A Captain Gnann, R. L. . . . First Lieutenant Carswell, B. L. . . Second Lieutenant CADET R. O. T. C. COMPANY COMMANDER: ARTHUR JACK CRUMBLY MISS VIRGINIA MILLER 151 COMPANY C PLATOON OFFICERS Garrison First Platoon Sergeant James Sergeant, First Squad Leader Kenney, J. W Sergeant, Second Squad Leader Allason, H. A Sergeant, Third Squad Leader ROLL SECOND PLATOON PLATOON OFFICERS Jones, CM Second Platoon Sergeant Puckett, H. B Sergeant, First Squad Leader Skinner, M. C Sergeant x Second Squad Leader Harmon, H. B Sergeant, Third Squad Leader Barker, G. W. Barrett, C. A. Bowden, L. C. Bryant, W. C. Camp, H. P. Castleton, C. D. Chandler, C. E. DeVaughn, R. W. Forio, E. Fisher, J. Foster, R. G. Gillespie, L. H. Hardwick, L. Harris, A. C. Hill, M. B. Hill, W. B. James, A. S. Jones, B. K. Malone, R. W. Mitchell, J. B. Phillips, G. S. Roches, J. Smallwood, C. E. Stephens, F. A. Tippins, B. W. Titshaw, H. S. Weaver, E. M. Bass, E. P. Buie, W. A. Chandler, A Chew, H. H. Deen, H. G. Dempsey, L. D. Dickie, R. W. Elam, C. M. Epps, B. E. Evans, J. R. Farmer, R. S. Ferguson, J. A Haerlin, C. F. Harris, R. M. Harrison, D. J. B. ROLL Hirsch, M. H, Knowles, G. T. Lumpkin, B. E. Lumsden, J. C. LUNCEFORD, H. M. LUNSFORD, C. O. Llado, J. G. Michael, David Mott, J. R. Nix, J. I. Roundtree, C. C. Stroud, E. L. Wilkes, J. C Wise, A. Q. Wright, H. F. COMPANY OFFICERS Cunningham, G Captain Williams, J. . First Lieutenant Bowers, D. . . . Second Lieutenant Cochrane, B. . . . First Sergeant CADET R. O. T. C. COMPANY COMMANDER: GEORGE P. CUNNINGHAM MISS NANCY BENTL EY 152 « ' ftl ' A ' ft dd0A£S 4A l«lfl U. United States Pre-Cadet Nurse Corps Second and Third Quarter Students . . . Three Cooperating Hospital Schools of Nursing, Crawford W. Long, Piedmont, Georgia Baptist. PRE-CADET NURSES AT WORK Administering oxygen requires scientific knowl- edge and alertness — {Georgia Baptist Hospital School of Nursing}. Labels must be carefully read and medicines measured accurately — {Crawford W. Long Hospital School of Nursing). For new strength, a balanced diet well prepared and at- tractively served — (Piedmont Hospital School of Nursing). 153 zniois THE 1944 STAFF Ralph Daniel) • , . , . , T „ r ■ . . . baitors-in-Chict John McCrea j ' Emily Harrell . . . Business Manager Anne Lister Martin . . " Woman ' s Editor Dorothy Ann Alexander . Art Editor Joanna Sherman i . , _,., r. c „ „_ i . . Associate Editors Doris Stewart ) Arther Heyman . . . Sports Editor Kenneth Henson, Asst. Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF Landon Bloomer Paul Bumball Luther Fortson Mary Griffith Margie Heene Sue McFarland Adelaide Wood 9 f T 156 PANDORA PANDORA STAFF Daisy Andrews Frances Arnold Mary Barnett Bonnie Bennett Jerry Cauble Kitsy Collier Evangeline Harrell Mildred Jenkins Miriam Lamb Angie Luck Dick Malone Peggy Reade Bill Richardson Julia Simpson Jane Stapleton Valeria White 157 THE THE FALL QUARTER STAFF Aubrey Morris Editor Ralph Daniel Business Manager David Bowers Mai aging Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Margaret Chilus News Editor John McCrea Acting Sports Editor Stelljes Nichols Assistant News Editor Fay Watkins Woman ' s Ed for Sara Brown Society Editor Mary Malone Feature Editor Jackie Bush Assistant Women ' s Editor Ruth Duke Ag Hill Editor BUSINESS STAFF Marshal Hirsch . . Assistant Business Manage) Lamar Pittard .... ASSISTANTS Hugh Davis Joyce Johns Helen Paderewsky Eleanor McCarthy Harriet Kanter 158 RED l ll IM, Ilk THE WINTER QUARTER STAFF David W. Bowers Editor-in-Chief Nell Staples Business Manager Stelljes Nichols Managing Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Robert Mitchell News Editor Audley Harris Sports Editor Sara Brown Woman ' s Editor Arthur Heyman Assistant News Editor Irene Freeman Society Editor Hubert Dyar Feature Editor Joanna Sherman Assistant Woman ' s Editor Betty Ann Adams Assistant Society Editor Ruth Duke Ag Hill Editor Margaret Childs Assistant Business Manager John Sheffield Assistant Business Manager Lamar Pittard Circulation Manager Lucille Hauton Assistant Circulation Manager Aubrey Morris Editorial Assistant Emory Bass Charlie Johnson Margaret Childs Laura Palmer Perry Mary Ann Tyler Daisy Andrews Mary Gray Murray Mary Malone Charlotte Downing Ruth Dillon Hasty Marlowe Earl Weaver Jean Kane Betty Jane Powers Mary Louise Cobb REPORTERS Elizabeth Fannin Gloria Epps Sara Massey Mary Ann Doss Joy Barnett Elsie Crutchfield Vivian Newberry Laurene Bryant Virginia Kelly Ida Lee Solms Roger McMillan Colette Conklin Angie Luck Lyman Buttolph, Jr BUSINESS STAFF Martha Jane Clark Willena Rucker Ginky Moore A n n Puryear Martha Black 159 r=- V G E R G I A AGRICULTURIST . . . published by the Ag Club, the Homecon Club, the Ag Engineering Club, and the Forestry Club of the University of Georgia. STAFF Evelyn Lee Editor-in-Chief Guy Cabe Managing Editor Ann Bolton Business Manager Mary Grant Women ' s Editor Daniel Hulsey .... Circulation Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Betty Brimberry Dan Bromlett Dot Huff James Mathis BUSINESS STAFF Inez Barber Jeannette Clarke Caroline Conwell Celeste Hooks Dot Lassiter Elizabeth Lynch Peggy Reade CIRCULATION STAFF James E. Bowen Eldredge Carnes Charles Elan Harrel E. Thompson John Turner Julian H. Williams 160 STUDENT CABINET Facts: Established on the University of Georgia Campus in 1943 body composed of the presidents of all clubs. governing OFFICERS Murray Norman President Guy Scott Treasurer Eleanore Winecoff Secretary ROLL Harmon Avery Joy Barnett Bonnie Bennett Esther Berger Lawrence Bodziner David Bowers Nell Brannen Sara Brown Billy Calhoun Jerry Cauble Lelia Cheney Ralph Daniel Billy Dixon Ruth Duke Walter Edwards Emily Garrett Martha Groff Frances Heard Saunders Jones Windy Kimball Evelyn Lee Anne Lister Martin Margaret Winn Moniort Aubrey Morris John McCrea Sam McKenzie Mrs. Agnes Nelson Stellejes Nichols Betty Patterson Lamar Pittard Alex Scarborough Dick Steinbach Jim Thaxton Fay Watkins Marion Weltner Reyna Williamson First row: Barnett, Bennett, Berger, Bodziner, Bowers, Brannen, Brown . . . Second row: Calhoun, Cauble, Cheney, Daniel, Dixon, Duke, Edwards . . . Third row: Garrett, Groff, Heard, Jones, Kimball, Lee, Martin . . . Fourth row: Monfort, Morris, McCrea, McKemie, Nelson, Nichols, Patterson . . . Fifth row: Pittard, Scarborough, Stein- bach, Thaxton, Watkins , Weltner, Williamson. 161 SPHINX «=- Kr Facts: Membership in Sphinx is the highest non-scholastic honor at the University. 1. A. H. Patterson 62. W. W. Patterson 123. 2. W. D. Hooper 63. Arthur Sullivan 124. 3. L. A. COTHRAN 64. Charlie H. Cox 125. 4. G. Green 65. Rodney Hill 126. 5. C. R. Andrews 66. Harold Telford 127. 6. E. E. Pomeroy 67. A. L. Hardy 128. 7. A. Pratt Adams 68. J. E. D. Young 129. 8. Will S. Blun 69. W. O. Marshburn 13 0. 9. C. W. Davis 70. H. M. Scott 13 1. 10. M. D. DuBose 71. John A. Brown 132. 11. R. P. Jones 72. George Hains 133. 12. A. J. McBride 73. Dan Y. Sage 134. 13. R. J. Travis 74. I. C. Levy 135. 14. T. W. Rucker 75. Lansing B. Lee 13 6. 15. M. M. Thurman 76. Y. Raoul 137. 16. John Banks 77. J. J. Regan 13 8. 17. R. L. Denmark 78. R. S. Parker 13 9. 18. J. E. Hall 79. George P. Whitman 140. 19. R. M. Carlton 80. W. L. Erwin 141. 20. Harry Hull 81. Harrison Jones 142. 21. H. C. Johnson 82. C. D. Cabaniss 143. 22. J. B. Ridley 83. W. G. Brantley 144. 23. W. R. Ritchie 84. P. R. Weltner 145. 24. J. L. Erwin 85. A. H. Carmichael 146. 25. Phinizy Calhoun 86. R. Kyle Smith 147. 26. F. K. McCutchen 87. W. Brown 148. 27. Longstreet Hull 88. J. K. McDonald 149. 28. B. C. J. Lamar 89. C. N. Feidelson 150. 29. W. M. Handy 90. Frank Martin 151. 30. N. P. Park 91. H. L. J. Williams 152. 31. W. J. Hammond 92. R. H. Jones 153. 32. Lamar C. Rucker 93. S. O. Smith 154. 33. Sterling Blackshear 94. M. S. Hodgson 155. 34. M. M. Dickinson 95. H. P. DeLaPerierre 156. 3 5. Andrew Calhoun 96. F. C. Newton, Sr. 157. 3 6. Cam D. Dorsey 97. Claude Derrick 158. 37. M. S. Richardson 98. W. C. Henson 159. 38. B. S. Walker 99. J. B. Harris 160. 3 9. Sandy Beaver 100. Y. B. Smith 161. 40. F. M. Ridley 101. D. H. Redfearn 162. 41. G. W. Lecwin 102. Jerome Michael 163. 42. Randolph Jacqui s 103. D. L. Rogers 164. 43. Ralph Meldrin 104. E. V. Carter, Jr. 165. 44. Marion Smith 105. J. E. Lucas 166. 45. Wallace Miller 106. H. G. Bailey 167. 46. Minor Boyd 107. E. M. Brown 168. 47. W. J. Turner 108. Abit Nix 169. 48. J. F. Baxter 109. O. W. Franklin 170. 49. Harold Ketron 110. E. T. Miller 171. 50. Jack Bower 111. H. L. Lanham 172. 51. Framton Ellis 112. H. B. Blacksfiear 173. 52. Frank Anderson 113. W. Falk, Jr. 174. 53. R. P. Brooks 114. A. R. McDonald 175. 54. L. P. Goodrich 115. H. C. Hatcher 176. 55. I. S. Hopkins, Jr. 116. Paul L. Bartlett 177. 56. J. J. KlLLORIN 117. E. L. Pennington 178. 57. M. H. Blackshear 118. E. W. Moise 179. 58. Virlyn B. Moore 119. G. E. Woodruff 180. 59. Tom W. Conn a i i v 120. E. V. Heath 181. 60. Winship Nunnally 121. Millard Rkwis 182. 61. T. T. TURNBULL 122. R. B. Troutman 183. Arthur K. Maddox J. L. Sibley L. D. Brown Cliff Brannen G. T. Northen W. A. Mann H. D. Meyer B. H. Walton D. R. Peacock V. E. Durden C. E. Martin E. B. Dunlap R. L. McWhorter R. H. Freeman Z. S. Cowan Edward Morganstern James M. Lynch H. Levy Rogers Bentley H. Chappell Ira Funkenstein Frank Carter T. Tucker Ginn Aaron Bernd Russell H. Patterson Victor Victor H. Hoyt Whelchel Louis H. Pinkussohn Clark Howell, Jr. D. K. McCamy David H. Paddock John Henderson Edward J. Harbin George S. Whitehead James B. Conyers C. W. Jacobson H. L. Hodgson R. W. Wesley G. L. Harrison C. M. Tanner W. H. Quarterman Robert Callaway, Jr. Joel B. Mallett Thomas A. Thrash Max L. Secall Hofman Sorrells W. O. White J. P. Stewart N. L. Gillis, Jr. Roff Sims, Jr. J. H. Carmichael Howard McCall Irvine M. Levy Hinton Longino R. W. Courts L. H. Tippett O. R. Ellars R. H. West R. L. Foreman, Jr. J. M. Hatcher Dewey Knight Louis S. Davis 162 184. W. P. Zachary 185. Irvine Phinizy 186. R. D. O ' Callaghan 187. Charles M. Candler 188. W. M. Dallas 189. Claude H. Satterfield 190. F. H. Harrold 191. W. D. Miller 192. Arthur Pew 193. R. E. L. Spence 194. C. W. Slack 195. John R. Slater 196. E. Way Highsmith 197. A.M. Day 198. C. M. Strahan 199. H. H. Magum 200. W. H. Stephens 201. J.B.Ford 202. Nathan Jolles 203. Owen Reynolds 204. J. P.Carson 205. W. D. Durden 206. W. B. Cody 207. M. A. McRainey 208. W.F.Daniel 209. E. H. Dixon 210. F. C. McClure 211. L. H.Hill 212. J. J. Clark 213. C. A. Lewis 214. J. J. Bennett, Jr. 215. Alton Hosch 216. C.G.Henry 217. J.K.Harper 218. H. H. Maddox 219. J.L.Watson 220. C. R. Anderson 221. E. M. Gurr 222. H. M. Cleckley, III 223. W. C. Carter, Jr. 224. William Tate 22 5. C. F. Weihrs 226. John Fletcher 227. J. D. Thomason 228. John Hosch, Jr. 229. Tom F. Green, Jr. 23 0. W. E. Sewell 2 31. Lester Hargrett 232. C. L. Bowen 233. M. L. Kilpatrick 234. J.D.Allen 23 5. H. D. Shattuck 236. George Morton A — H. Brown B — G. Butler C — O. S. Sibley D — D. E. Dougherty E— W. H. Harris F — H. Bacon G— W. P. Hall H — F. K. Boland I — H. G. Colvin J— W. S. Cothran K— W. Spain L — John T. Dorsey M — F. R. Mitchell N— H. Dodd O— C H. Black 237. G. H. Nixon 238. A. A. Marshall 239. C. N. Mell 240. E. P. Rogers 241. W. T. Forbes, Jr. 242. G. S. Johnson 243. Rollin J. Chambliss 244. Ernest Camp, Jr. 245. Allen W. Post 246. A. S.Clay, III 247. Kels Boland 248. Ivey Shivers, Jr. 249. William H. Young 25 0. Isaac K. Hay 251. George E. Florence, Jr. 252. Thomas A. Nash 253. Tom J. Hamilton, Jr. 2 54. Ben H. Hardy, Jr. 25 5. HallL. Stancil 2 5 6. Daniel C. Tulley 257. R. L. Patterson, Jr. 2 5 8. Hock S. Wofford 259. John S. Candler, II 260. G. B. Lautzenhiser 261. Rufus B. Jennings 262. Craig Barrow, Jr. 263. Robert B. Hooks 264. Joseph H. Boland 265. Guy C. Hamilton 266. James J. Harris 267. William J. Kline, Jr. 268. Kankakee Anderson 269. J. Ernest Palmour, Jr. 270. Henry Palmer 271. Kelly McCutchen 272. Guerry Harris 273. Douglas Feagin, Jr. 274. Mattox L. Purvis 275. Joseph M. Oliver 276. Marvin Cox 277. Ellis G. Arnall 278. Herbert Maffett 279. San ford San ford 280. John W. Maddox 281. Mark Hollis 282. William Carroll Latimer 283. Vernon S. Smith 284. William M. Strickland 28 5. James W. McIntire 286. Marion Gaston 287. McCarty Crenshaw 288. William Hazelhurst HONORARY MEMBERS P — W. R. Tichnor Q — G. T. Jackson R— W.B.Hill S — C. M. Snelling T — David C. Barrow U— R. E. Park V— H. C. White W— A. M. Soule X— W. H. Bocock Y — S. V. Sanford Z — C. M. Strahan AA — H. J. Stegeman BB — Sylvanus Morris CC — G. F. Peabody DD— E. A. Lowe 289. Leroy S. Young 290. Frederick Solomon 291. Virlyn B. Moore, Jr. 292. William T. Maddox, Jr. 2 93. J. M. Richardson, Jr. 294. Morton S. Hodgson, Jr. 295. T. R. Thigpen, Jr. 296. Robert G. Stephens, Jr. 297. John Wesley Calhoun 298. DeNean Stafford, Jr. 299. John Bond 300. Harry Baxter 301. Winburn T. Rogers 302. John Dan Bowden 3 03. J. Carl Strong 3 04. A. Lee Rogers 30 5. James Walter Wise 306. William T. Bennett, Jr. 3 07. William Colbert Hawkins 308. Robert T. Anderson 3 09. Wade C. Hoyt, Jr. 310. Charles C. Harrold, Jr. 311. Ben Anderson, Jr. 312. Edward H. Baxter 313. Dyar Massey 314. Anderson Roddenberry 315. Morris Abram 316. Floyd C. Newton, Jr. 3 17. Quinton Lumpkin 318. Robert B. Troutman, Jr. 319. Robert P. McCuen 320. A. G. Cleveland, Jr. 321. Robert C. Norman 322. Julian Halliburton 3 23. Lee Price 324. Howell Hollis 32 5. Alex McCaskill 326. Stanford Smith 327. Lee Newton 328. Jack Matthews 329. Ernest Vandiver 3 3 0. Frank Gunn 3 31. Alpha Fowler, Jr. 332. C. Jay Smith, Jr. 3 3 3. B. C. Gardner, Jr. 3 34. Verner Chaffin 3 3 5. John C. Meadows, Jr. 3 36. Cliff C. Kimsey 3 37. Thomas C. Penland 3 38. John B. Miller 339. W. Augustus Partee, Jr. 340. Irby Exley 341. Frank Sinkwich EE— T. J. Wofter FF— T. W. Reed GG — Harry Mehre HH — H. N. Edmunds II — Harold Hirsch J J — Edgar L. Secrest KK — Harmon W. Caldwell LL — Paul W. Chapman MM — Robert R. Gunn NN— John D. Wade OO — Hughes Spalding PP — Charles H. Herty QQ — E. M. Coulter RR— W. O. Payne SS — Wallace Butts ii,:; OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS Richard Steinbach . Samuel Johnson Harvey Kirstein . . President Vice-President . Treasurer DANIEL JOHNSON KIRSTEIN LEWINSON McKENZIE STEINBACH NORMAN Facts: National honorary fraternity . . . Purpose: To recognize true merit and gen- eral ability . . . Members selected twice an nually . . . Honored students tapped at pub- lic ceremony . . . Membership limited to deserving men. ROLL Ralph Daniel Samuel Johnson Harvey Kirstein Isadore Lewinson Sam McKenzie Murray Norman Richard Steinbach 164 BLUE KEY Facts: National honorary organization . . . membership — accomplished students and able faculty members . . . Election of juniors in Spring . . . Election of seniors in fall. OFFICERS Aubrey Morris President Kenneth Henson Vice-President Clyde Kimball Secretary Claude Chance Faculty Member William Crane Faculty Member W. O. Collins Faculty Member ROLL Willard Carson Walter Edwards Kenneth Henson Clyde Kimball Isadore Lewinson John McCrea Aubrey Morris Murray Norman Frank Rich Walter Stearman , ■ d-M sk i ' n •4 ( u W! dfr CARSON McCREA EDWARDS MORRIS HENSON NORMAN KIMBALL RICH LEWINSON STEARMAN 165 GRIDIRON ■rwjur Facts: Secret Organization. OFFICERS William Calhoun President Murray Norman Secretary-Treasurer ROLL William Banks Fred Bell David Bowers William Calhoun Ralph Daniel Billy Dixon John Gaulding Frank Hammett R. H. Hardwick Kenneth Henson Allen Hudson Kendrick Hudson Hugh Inman Sam Johnson Saunders Jones Harvey Kirsii in Isadore Lewinson John McCrea George McKenny Sam McKenzie Shelby Myrick Murray Norman Bob Patton Lamar Pittard J. N. Preston George Dudley Wier Lewis West First row: Banks, Bowers, Calhoun, Daniel, Dixon, Hammett, Hardwick, Henson . . . Second row: Hudson, A., Hudson, K., Johnson, Jones, Lewinson, McCrea, McKenny, McKenzie . . . Third row: Norman, Patton, Pittard, Preston, Wier, West. 166 II I! I! i 1 I! I! II I! II Facts: Recognizes leadership among women . . . Founded, 1918 . . . Parthenean Chapter established here, 193 9. OFFICERS Marion Weltner President Joy Barnett Vice-President Ruth Duke Secretary Margaret Winn Monfort Treasurer Joy Barnett Ruth Duke Clifford Lewis ROLL Margaret Winn Monfort Sara Florence Rigdon Marion Weltner BARNETT LEWIS RIGDON DUKE MONFORT WELTNER 167 BIFTAD BOWERS BROADHURST DANIEL HEYMAN HILL HIRSCH JOHNSON JONES NICHOLS PARKER SCARBOROUGH STEINBACH TEASLEY Facts: Founded 1910 . . . Ten men elected to membership at end of freshman year and five at beginning of sophomore year . . . Election based on points received for scholastic and extra curricular activities . . . Decorates streets for homecoming . . . awards cup to fraternity, sorority, or dormitory having best decorations. OFFICERS Carlton Ralph Daniel President David Bowers Vice-President Alan Scarborough Secretary-Treasurer ROLL David Bowers Marion Broadhurst Ralph Daniel Arthur Heyman Travers Hill Marshall Hirsch Sam Johnson Saunders Jones Stelljes Nichols Eddie Parker Alan Scarborough Dick Steinbach Ralph Teasley 168 X CLUB Facts: Honorary service organization . . . Founded 1931. OFFICERS Murry Norman President Stelljes Nichols Vice-President Saunders Jones Secretary and Treasurer Dean Robert M. Strozier Faculty Member Dr. W. O. Payne Faculty Member Chancellor S. V. Sanford Founder David Bowers Jerry Cauble Joe B. Chastain Howard Edwards John Gaulding Kenneth Henson Branson James Saunders Jones Clyde Kimball Walter A. Levie John McCrea Aubrey ' Morris Stelljes Nichols Murry Norman Eddie Parker Eugene Reese Alan Scarborough Walter Stearman Jim Thaxton First row: Sowers, Cawtc, CT.dsla ' in . . . jccc .c row: Edwards, Henson, James . . . Third row: Jones, Kimball, Levie . . . Fourth ow: McCrea, Morris, Nichols . . . Fifth row: Norman, Parker, Reese . . . Sixth row: Scarborough, Stearman, Thaxton. 169 -v y f- - if! Z CLUB Facts: Honorary Leadership Society for freshman women . . . Founded here 1934 . . . Sponsors Stunt Night annu- ally. OFFICERS Mary Anne Braungart Camilla Barnftt . . President Secretary-Treasurer First row: Barnett, Braungart . . . Second row: Campbell, Costello . . . Bottom: Shannon. ROLL Camilla Barnett Mary A. Braungart Mary L. Campbell Christine Costello Mary Shannon 170 PHI BETA KAPPA O OBK T Facts: Founded at William and Mary College, 1776 . . . Alpha chapter established here, 1914 . . . Recognizes high scholarship in colleges of liberal arts. OFFICERS Dr. J. H. T. McPherson President Dr. W. D. Hooper Vice-President Dr. R. P. Stephens Treasurer Marianne Adair Jack C. Bailey Annie Florence Baxter Wilma R. Beacham Neva S. Beers Mary Anne Braswell Robert Collat Betty Fleetwood A. D. Franklin Beverly Franks Raydeen R. Howard Augustus Partee Josephine E. Suit Henri B. Whitaker 171 PHI KAPPA PHI First row: Brannen, Carson, Crawford, Edwards, H., Edwards, W., French, Gordon, Groff . . . Second row: Hancock, Holliman, Kornfeld, Lee, Levie, Lewinson, Maddon, Mazursky . . . Third row: McClain, McLeod, Neel, Seagraves, Smith, Turk, Whatley, Womack. Facts: Founded at the University of Tennessee, Pennsylvania State College, and Uni- versity of Maine, 1897 . . . Installed here, 1923 . . . Honors high scholarship in all schools. OFFICERS T. V. Reed President Nell Brannen Vice-President Dr. Milton P. Jarnagin Secretary John W. Jenkins Treasurer ROLL Daniel Bramlett Nell Pope Brannen Willard P. Carson Margaret Anne Crawford Howard D. Edwards Walter M. Edwards Wanda French Christine Gordon Martha Patat Groff Hilda Hancock Nellie Smith Hirshburg Doris P. Holliman Hugh McDonald Inman Rhona Koplin Walter Kornfeld Martha Dunson Latimer Evelyn Lee Louila Levie Isadore Lewinson Pansy Naomi Maddox Paula Mazursky Margaret McClain Rose McLeod Richard Moore Eugenia Neel Mary Nowell Frances Saxon Susie Seagraves Peggy Jeannette Smith Celia Isabella Turk Mary Stuart Walker George P. Whatley Margaret Womack Jean Young 172 ZODIAC Facts: Junior Scholarship Organization . . . Founded at Georgia in 1920. OFFICERS Margaret Winn Moniort President Emily Garrett Treasurer ROLL Molly Baldwin Joy Barnett Roberta Beck Vista Ann Davis Katherine Dunston Emily Garrett Jane Hogan Isabel Kass Margaret Winn Monfort Ann Palmour Marion Weltner Daisy Wilson First row: Baldwin, Barnett, Beck, Davis . . . Second row: Dunston, Garrett, Hogan, Kass . . . Third row: Monfort, Palmour, Weltner, Wilson. 173 PHI ETA SIGMA Facts: Honorary scholastic club for freshmen men . . . Necessary to make a 92 average for first two quarters or 90 average for first three quarters to become a member . . . Founded, 1923 . . . First chapter established at University of Illinois . . . Georgia chapter organized in 1938. OFFICERS Carlton Ralph Daniel President Marion Broadhurst Vice-President Walter M. Edwards Secretary-Treasurer William Tate Faculty Advisor James Ralph Thaxton I t Faculty Robert M. Strozier First row: Broadhurst, Chandler, Daniel . . H. D., Edwards, W. M., Hammett . . Jones, Scott. . Second row: Edwards, Third row: Harrison, Alfred Behr Fred George Block Jack Nelson Bohn Marion Broadhurst Arthur Bleakley Chandler Percy O. Dale, Jr. Carlton Ralph Daniel Howard Daw son Edwards Walter M. Edwards James Frank Hammett, Jr. James Harold Harrison Saunders Jones Alfred W. Scott, Jr. 174 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Facts: Honorary fraternity for freshmen women . . . Founded nationally, 1924 . . . Established at Georgia, 1934 . . . Requirements tor membership: eighty-five average for two quarters. OFFICERS Betty Bone President Bonnie Bennett Vice-President Betty Lang Secretary Layonia Sparks Treasurer Laura Bari-ield Bonnie Bennett Betty Bone Mary Lois Campbell Elizabeth Chapman Kitty Cravci-ord Mary Ann Doss Jane Earl Esther Goodrich Betty Lang Carolyn Maynard Rebecca Seagraves Gloria Siegel First row: Barfield, Bennett, Bone . . . Second row: Campbell, Chapman, Crawford . . . Third row: Doss, Earl, Lang . . . Fourth row: Maynard, Seagraves, Siegel . . . Fifth row: Shepperd, Skelton, Sparks. Mary Claire Shepperd Patsy Skelton Lavonia Sparks 175 1 I PHI KAPPA LITERARY SOCIETY Facts: Founded 1820 by Joseph Henry Lumpkin. OFFICERS Billy Dixon President Ralph Daniel Firit Assistant Lyman Buttolph Second Assistant Audley Harris chief justice Seymour Evans Associate Justice Carl Heath Associate Justice Kenneth Henson Sergeant at Anns 176 Top row; Harris, Heath, Henson, Heyman, Hirsch, Morris . . . Bottom row: Patton, Rowland, Scott, Steinbach. Charlie Barrett Samuel Guy Dick Butler Howard Harman Lyman Buttolph Audley Harris Ralph Daniel Carl Heath Bob De Vaughn Kenneth Henson Billy Dixon Arthur Heyman Don Durden Marshall Hirsch Seymour Evans Newton Morris Screven Farmer Robert Patton Roy Foster Jack Rowland James Gibboni • Guy Scott Dick Steinbach 177 1 • 1 — ' " ' " ■■ — T IBOI P J BJfci I tmm . j« s il n ■ s ■- ' . 1 1 1 : i 1 1 s i 1 1 1 ; 1 1 SOCIETY Vacts: Literary society . . . Founded, 1801. The court will come to order David Bow ers Marion Broadhurst Eldridge Carnes F. L. Champion, Jr. C. E. Deloach Talmadge Deloach Derrel Dowdy Wallace Drake Charles Elam John M. Gaulding, Jr. Dick Gnann Dan Groover Marion Herndon Bill Hill Branson James Clyde Kimball Harbin King Aubrey Morris Stelljes Nichols Murray Norman First row: Bowers, Broadhurst, Carnes, Champion, Deloach, C. E.. Deloach, T., Dowdy . . . Second row: Drake, Elam, Gnann, Groover, Herndon, Hill, James . . . Third row: Kimball, King, Morris, Nichols, Norman, Parker. 178 OFFICERS Walter Stearman President Clyde Kimball (Chief Justice) Vice-President Murray Norman .... (Associate Justice) Sergeant -at -Arms Die k Gnann Secretary and Treasurer Marion Broadhi ' rst .... (Solicitor General) Parliamentarian The court in session Eddie Parker James Patterson Olin Patterson Norman Pursley Eugene Reese Roger Reinhardt Rudolph Ridgway Alfred Scott Floyd Shooke Walter Stearman Earnest Stroud Ralph Teasley Billy Tippins Scott Titshaw Bob Tollet C. S. Tucker Jack Usher Lewis West George Whatley Harry Wright First row: Patterson, J., Patterson, O., Pursley, Reese, Reinhardt, Ridgway, Scott . . . Second row: Shooke, Stearman, Stroud, Teasley, Tippins, Titshaw, Toilet, . . . Third row: Tucker, Usher, West, Whatley, Wright. 179 — n PIONEER I O E R CIRCLE ANDERSON BERGER COSTELLO COURSEY DOSS KELLY LYONS McMillan MURPH NEEL NORMAN PALMOUR REYNAUD ROBINSON ROTHWELL WALKER WELTNER WINECOFF tacts: Ruling body of pioneer Club . . . Founded in 1921. OFFICERS FALL QUARTER Marion Weltner President Ruth Murph Vice-President Eugenia Neel Secretary-Treasurer WINTER QUARTER Esther Berger President Louise Rothwell Vice-President Eleonore Winecoff Secretary-Treasurer ROLL Mary Gaynor Anderson Esther Berger Christine Costello Virginia Coursey Mary Ann Doss Mary Ellen Hill Betty Kelly Ruth Lyons Roger McMillan Eleonore Winecoff Ruth Murph Eugenia Neel Margaret Norman Anne Palmour Rosemary Reynaud Mary Ann Robinson Louise Rothwell Eleanor Walker Marion Weltner 180 PIONEER CLUB Facts: Women orators . . . local organization . . . Founded 1928. OFFICERS FALL QUARTER OFFICERS WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS Marion Weltner President Esther Berger President Ruth Murph Vice-President Louise Rothwell Vice-President Eugenia Neel Secretary-Treasurer Eleonore Winecoff .... Secretary-Treasurer Governing body is the Pioneer Inner Circle Dorothy Alexander Mary Lee Logan Anne Palmour Mary Gaynor Anderson Angie Luck Jacqueline Praither Esther Barnes Ruth Lyons Emily Ransom Esther Berger Roger McMilan Rosemary Reynaud Christine Costello Barbara Moore Mary Ann Robinson Virginia Coursey Ruth Murph Louise Rothwell Mary Ann Doss Eugenia Neel Eleanor Walker Evangeline Harrell May Dearing Nicholson Marion Weltner Mary Ellen Hill Margaret Norman Eugenia Wilburn Betty Kelly Eleonore Winecoff First row: Alexander, Anderson, Barnes, Berger, Costello, Coursey, Doss . . . Second row: Harrell, Kelly, Logan, Luck, Lyons, McMilan, Moore . . . Third row: Murph, Neel, Nicholson, Norman, Palmour, Praither, Ransom . . . Fourth row: Reynaud, Robinson, Rothwell, Walker, Weltner, Wilburn, Winecoff. 181 DEBATE TEAM J •-. i HENSON McKENZIE NORMAN ROYAL SCOTT STEINBACH Facts: Carries tradition set by Toombs and Stephens. OFFICERS Richard Steinbach Manager Kathryn Hendricks Kenneth Henson Samuel McKenzie Murray Norman Robert Royal Guy Scott Richard Steinbach 1 81 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Facts: Founded at Furman University in 1915 . . . Aided by Carnegie Foundations which began organizing clubs for discussion of international affairs in 1916 . . . Georgia Club established in 1926. OFFICERS Richard Steinbach President Mary Lois Campbell Vice-President Anne Lister Martin Secretary-Treasurer Mary Gaynor Anderson Joy Barnett Mary Lois Campbell Ralph Daniel Lougenia Gillis Frank Hammett Arthur Heyman Saunders Jones Ann Lister Martin Cary McDonald Julian Miller Richard Steinbach Barbara Moore Hayne Murphy Murray Norman Ann Palmour Blanche Parks Charlie Parker Rufus Payne Lucia Peeples Jackie Praither Peggy Reade Ruby Roberts First row: Anderson, Barnett, Campbell, Daniel, Gillis, Hammett, Heyman, Jones . . . Second row: Martin, Miller, Moore, Murphy, Norman, Palmour, Park, Parker . . , Third row; Payne, Peeples, Praither, Reade, Roberts, Steinbach. 183 POLITICS CLUB First row: Ashford, Bowers, Boykin, Broadhurst, Brown, Campbell, Carter . . . Second row: Gnann, Grantham, Harrell, Haynes, Howe, Kimball, Martin . . . Third row: Norman, Parks, Praither, Rich, Scott, Seagraves, Watson. Farts: A social organization for political science majors and those interested in public affairs . . . it is designed to promote friendly relations and cooperation between students who are interested in the same things. OFFICERS Murray Norman President Evangeline Harrell Vice-President Richard Gnann Secretary Jacqueline Praither Treasurer Dr. Albert B. Saye Faculty Adviser Dr. Clyde Hughes Faculty Adviser Constance Ashford David Bowers Sue Boykin Marion Broadhurst Emily Brow n Mary Lois Campbell June Ethel Carter Jean Garrett Richard Gnann Sara Ellen Grantham Evangeline Harrell Elizabeth Haynes Winii red Howe Clyde Kimball Anne Lister Martin Murray Norman Beverly Parks Jacqueline Praither Frank Rich Martha Jane Scott Rebecca Seagrax i s Margy Watson 184 PI Ml! EPS HON Facts: Founded, 1914 . . . Alpha chapter established here, 1934 . . . Honors high scholarship in Mathematics Department. OFFICERS Jack Cecil Bailey President John W. Wheeler Vice-President Edward C. Long, Jr Secretary-Treasurer Jack Cecil Bailey Leon H. Chance Howard D. Edwards Raymond A. Hargrove, Jr. Edward C. Long, Jk. Marvin A. McCall Howard Schoenwetter John W. Wheeler First row: Bailey, Chance, Edwards . . . Second row: Hargrove, Long, Schoenwetter . . . Third row: Wheeler. 185 SIGMA DELTA CHI 31 pu ifin. ' SB • DIXON McCREA MORRIS NICHOLS OFFICERS Aubrey Morris President David Bowers Vice-President Stelljes Nichols Secretary William Dixon Treasurer Dean John E. Drewry Faculty Adviser Sigma Delta Chi is a professional fraternity for men engaged in and preparing to enter the profession of journalism as a career. Founded at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, April 17, 1909, by ten undergraduate students, the membership now exceeds 12,000 men engaged in virtually every phase of journalism. The membership is well distributed throughout the country in direct relationship to the population. THE PURPOSES OF SIGMA DELTA CHI 1. To associate journalists of talent, energy and truth into a more intimately organized unit of good fellowship; 2. To assist the members in acquiring the noblest principles of journalism and to cooperate with them in this field; and 3. To advance the standards of the press by fostering a higher ethical code, thus increasing its value as an uplifting social agency. Georgia Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalism fraternity, was established in 1928 for the furtherance of the principles of journalism at the University. Recognized as one of the most active chapters of Sigma Delta Chi in the country, the Georgia Chapter this year sponsored the fifth annual Georgia Junior College Press Meeting. Cooperating with the School of Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi assisted in the Georgia Scholastic Press Association, Georgia Press Institute, an d the Georgia Collegiate Press Association, and has taken the lead in promoting high standards of journalistic endeavor. Sigma Delta Chi ' s professional program is exceeded only by its social functions. ROLL David Bowers John McCrea Lyman Buttolph, Jr. Aubrey Morris William Dixon Stelljes Nichols The two guiding forces of the Journalism School New Fall Members: Buttolph, Morris, McCrea, Bowers and Nichols. 186 Til ETA SIGMA I ' ll! Facts: Honorary Journalism sorority for women . . . Founded at University of Washington, 1909 . . . Founded here, 1929. OFFICERS I a ' , Watkins President Joy Barnett Vice-President Ikine Freeman Secretary Nellene Richardson Treasurer Jov Barnett Rhona Koplin Jacolyn Bush Nellene Richardson Fay Covington Joanna Sherman Sara Brown Fay Watkins Irene Freeman Orlean York First row: Barnett, Bush, Covington, Brown, Freeman . . . Second row: Koplin, Richardson, Sherman, V attcins, York. 187 BETA GAMMA SIGMA FORD MAZURSKY Facts: Founded University of Wisconsin, 1907 . . . National Scholastic honorary fraternity in commerce . . . Established here, 1918 . . . Requirements for member- ship: ambition, character, scholastic excellence, and business leadership. OFFICERS Dean R. P. Brooks President John W. Jenkins Secretary ROLL Wanda French Dorothy Ford Martha Groff Paula Mazursky 188 ECONOMICS SOCIETY Facts: Founded 1916 . membership. Economics major, or commerce course requirement for OFFICERS Jarrell Anderson President Mary Frances Kelly Vice-President Frances Richardson Secretary Carolyn Maynard Treasurer Jarrell Anderson Roberta Beck Frankie Cliatt Joyce Cooper Vista Ann Davis Callye Lee Fortson LOUGENIA GlLLIS Frankie Grant Harry Haslam Mary Frances Kelly Margaret Kenedy Carolyn Maynard Julian Miller Warrena Mixon Mary Lou Nevin Mary Pfeiffer Jim Price Frances Richardson Mary Shannon Robert Shepherd Walter Stearman Jack Stringer First row: Anderson, Beck, Cooper, Davis, Fortson, GHlis, Kelly . . . Second row: Kenedy, Maynard, Miller, Mixon, Nevin, Pfeiffer, Price . . . Third row: Richardson, Shannon, Shepherd, Stearman. 189 J MORTAR AID PESTLE First row: Anderson, Broadhurst, Bumbalt, Cameron, Cato, Claxton, Cochran . . . Second row: Conger, Coulter, Cunningham, Eleazer, Epps, H. Good, R. Good . . . Third row: Graham, Hodgson, Johnson, Jones, Knight, Little, Neal . . , Fourth row: Patterson, Poss, Sherrer, Smallwood, Trapnell, Watson, Willingham. Facts: Local organization . . . Founded 193 2 . . . Studies problems in professional pharmacy. OFFICERS Frances Heard President Lewis West Vice-President Robert Wallace Secretary Ji sst: Anderson, Jr. Edgar Bratton Marion Broadhurst Paul A. Bumball, Jr. Barbara Cameron Vivian Cato Lee Roy Claxton Brown Cochran Anne Conger Charlotte Coulter George Cunningham Robert Eleazer Billy Epps Mrs. Helen Good Robert Good Marion Graham Max Grist Harold Hodgson Charles Johnson Robert Jones Roy Knight Betty Little Helen Neal William Patterson Allen Poss, II Webster Sherrer Charles Smallwood Jo Ann Trapnell Kathrine Watson Donald Willingham 190 SIGMA PI SIGMA OFFICERS Edward Crawford Long, Jr President Howard Dawson Edwards Vice-President Jack Cecil Bailey Secretary-Treasurer Jack Cecil Bailey Joseph Knapp Boddiford Uriah Harrold Davenport Dr. Ellis Howard Dixon Howard Dawson Edwards Dr. Linville L. Hendren Dr. Hugh Fort Henry Robert Gilbert Henry Edward Crawford Long, Jr. John Daniel Lyons Rolland Robert Randall Howard K. Schoenwetter John Taylor Wheeler, Jr. EDWARDS SCHOENWETTER WHEELER, JR. 191 PHI IJPSILON OMICRON »! First row: Avrett, Blair, Brown, Grant, Holhman . . . Second row: Hooks, Huff, Lang, Lee, Reade row: Sheppard, Wier, Wicker, Williamson, Wilson. Facts: Founded on this campus 1936 . Economics. Recognizes prominent women in Home OFFICERS Patsy Holliman President Celeste Hooks Vice-President Mary Grant Secretary Mary Clair Sheppard Treasurer Zadie Avrett Candle Editor Zadie Avrett Mildred Blair Betty Brimberry Sarah Brown Mary Grant Patsy Holliman Celeste Hooks Dorothy Huff Lois Jackson Betty Lang Evelyn Lee Peggy Reade Mary Clair Sheppard Sue Wier Ruth Wick er Violet Williamson Josephine Wilson 192 % £¥ iMb QA m First row: Allman, Ayers, Bailey, Baker, M., Baker, S., Barnes, Barron, Blair, Booth, Bowers, Brannon . . . Second row: Briscoe, Bynum, Cantrell, Calow, Carter, Clarke, Jeanette, Clarke, Jure, Cheney, Coleman, Copeland, Cowart, . . . Third row: Crummey, Dean, Duke, Fitch, Fisher, Floyd, Fort, Grant, Green- blatt, Greene, Griffin . . . Fourth row: Groover, Hall, Harp, Hart, Heath, Higglnbo thorn. Holt, Hooks, Huff, Ivey, Jenkins, C. . . . Fifth row: Jenkins, H., Jones, Kemp, Knapp, Lee, Leonard, Luke, Lutze, Maddox, Marlow, B., Marlow, H. . . . Sixth row: Martin, D., Martin, J., Meadows, McCain, D., McClain, L., McElroy, McLeod, Need ham, Newsone, Necholson, Northing ton . . . Seventh row: Owens, Rainwater, Rheny, Rowan, Sewell, Sheppard, Single tary, Smith, Swilling, Turner, Walker . . . Eighth row: Walters, Wells, Whigham, White, Wicker, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Woodward, Zimet. mnimn No Picture Eleanor Autman Inez Barker Betty Brimberry Joyce Ivysom Lois Jackson Jennie Pell Mabala Rhedd Mary Jeff Welchel Sue Wier Facts: Studies improvements in Home Economics . . . Provides opportunity for personal development service to school and community, and improving home and fam- ily living. OFFICERS Mazel Baker President Jean Williams Vice-President Celeste Hooks Treasurer Lois Jackson Recording Secretary Madelyn Copeland Corresponding Secretary 193 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING CLUB jl First row: Avera, Callaway, Denton, Elam, Glover, Johnson, Llado . . . Second row: Lumsden Pittard Powell Puckett, Shiver, Wcstbrook, Wilkes. Facts: Promotes rural electrification, soil conservation, farm machinery and building advancement. OFFICERS Edwin Pullen President Henry Pittard Vice-President Hoyle Puckett Secretary Alvin Powell Scribe Harmon Avera Jesse Lumsden, Jr. William Callaway Henry Pittard Paul Crawford Alvin Powell J. C. Denton Hoyle Puckett Charles Elam Edwin Pullen Herman Glover Joe Shiver Sam Johnson Willie Westbrook Juan Llado J. C. Wilkes 194 KAPPA DELTA PI Facts: Beta Kappa Chapter established on this campus in 1929 . . . encourages high scholastic standards in professional education. OFFICERS Dorothy Smith President Betty Ann Adams Vice-President Elizabeth Howard Secretary-Treasurer Betty- Ann Adams Colleen Flanagan Howard Gillman Elizabeth Howard Gayle Hutchinson Augusta Jenkins Mildred M. Johnston Vista Langford W. P. Lovett " W. E. Pafford Elizabeth Pye Dorothy Smith Nellie S. Smith SMITH, D. SMITH, N. S. 195 HEN ' S GLEE CLUB Facts: Musical organization . . . Purpose — to encourage musical ability. OFFICERS Walter Edwards President Jimmy Orndorff Vice-President Charlie Parker Business Manager If f -L Lewell Akins Jack Baldwin Emory Bass Gus Boyd Julian Bridges Brown Cochran Hugh Deen Bob Dunlap Chris Early Bill Edwards Walter Edwards Seymour Evans George Finch Luther Fortson Joe Fraser Jimmy Greer Raymond Hargrove Fain Hutcherson Norman Jackson William Johnson Clayton Logan Alvin Lunceford Dick Malone Truman Magill Harris McMillan Bernard Morris Julian Quattlebaum Stanley Robinson Luther Rollins Howard Schoenwetter Gordon Trulock Robert Warren Julius Williams First row: Akins, Baldwin, Bass, Boyd, Bridges . . . Second row: Cochran, Deen, Dunlap, Early, Edwards, B. . . . Third row: Edwards, W., Eyans, Finch, Fortson, Fraser . . . Fourth row: Greer, Hargrove, Hutcherson, Jackson, Lunceford . . . Fifth row: Malone, Magill, McMillan, Morris, Quattlebaum . . . Sixth row: Robinson, Rollins, Schoenwetter, Trulock, Williams. 196 aaaaia First row: Adams, Allen, Abrams, Alexander, Arnette, Amis, Barrett, Baker, Baskin, Beatty, Bowen . . . Second row: Bedgood, Bond Cooper Cox Cross Childs, DeButts, Davis, A., Davis, E., Earl, Edwards . . . Third row: Estes, Erickson, Evens, Firor, Flanigen, Fulton, Glenn, Griffith, Griffies, Griner, ' Grogan . . . Fourth row: Hodgson, Hulsey, Hamilton, Irvine, Kahn, H., Kahn, 5., Kenimer, Klmbrough, Knapp, Knoedler, King . . . Fifth row: Keehan Lilly Land Lutz, Martin, McCleskey, McElroy, Mitchell, Mobley, Morris, H., Murphey . . . Sixth row: Murray, Nicholson, Pittman, Polhill, Pirkle, Puryear, Rigd ' on, Reynolds] Richardson, Schantz, Shenton . , . Seventh row: Simmons, Still, Smith, Shelton, Slaughter, Smith, Trapnell, Turner, Vannerson Waters Eighth row West- field, Wood, Westfield, Wilburn, Wi lliams, E., Williams, M. H., Wolfe. WOMAN ' S GLEE CLUB Facts: The campus Prima Donnas . . . Promotes interest in music and vocalization among women students. OFFICERS Shirley Kahn President Sara Florence Rigdon Vice-President Helen Morris Secretary Joy Barrett Treasurer Jane Earl Librarian 197 No Picture Eloise Beckwith Anne Morris Marjorie Parkerson Josephine Williams LITTLE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The Little Symphony Practices STRINGS Violin — Florence Knox (concertmaster) , Duncan Burnet, Robert Emmett Brown, U. S. N. R., Sigmund Cohn, Carol Jones, Mrs. J. C. Vinson. Viola — Jean Garrett, Fred Brockmaier, A. S. T. P. ' Cello — Rudolph Kratina, Emily Garrett, Antoinette Roberts. Double Bass — Margaret Lowndes. WOODWINDS Flute — Robert Emmett Brown, U. S. N. R., June Coleman, Charles Geisler, A. S. T. P., Jerry Glover, Mary McGarity. Clarinet — Lamar Hatcher, George King, Ashley Mack, Mary Gray Murray, Storey Stokes, U. S. N. R. Bassoon — Leila Cheney. BRASS Horns — Walter Edwards, Hugh Ellison, U. S. N. R., Boyce Helms, A. S. T. P., Robert Wallace. Trumpet — Semour Evans. Trombone — Hugh McGarity, U. S. N. R., Bryant Whitehurst. PERCUSSION Tympani — Lazelle Anderson, Richard Evangelista, U. S. N. R. Piano — Lucile Kimble. Conductor — Hugh Hodgson. 198 t MUSIC CLUB Facts: Creates interest in higher types of music . . . Membership limited to music students showing interest in club. OFFICERS Shirley Kahn President Joy Barrett Vice-President William Johnson Secretary-Treasurer Antoinette Roberts Program Chairman Harriet Kahn Critic Frances Adams Genevieve Arnold Joy Barrett Martha Anna Christian Jane Earl Walter Edwards Emily Garrett Modree Grogan Bettie Hodgson William Johnson Harriet Kahn Agnes Shirley Kahn Hallie Kinimer Lucile Kimble (Faculty Adviser) Margaret Lowndes Sara Massey Gloria McCleskey Anne Morris Carolyn Reynolds Sara Florence Rigdon Antoinette Roberts Laura Frances Sims Waters First row: Adams, Barrett, Christian, Earl, Edwards, Garrett . . . Second row: Grogan, Hodgson, Kahn, H., Kahn, S., Kinimer, Lowndes . . . third row: Massey, McCleskey, Rigdon, Roberts, Sims, Waters. 199 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Facts: Founded at University School of Music, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1903 Iota Zeta Chapter founded here in 1943. OFFICERS Emily Garrett President Shirley Kahn Vice-President Joy Barrett Secretary Shirley Kahn Treasurer Sara Florence Rigdon Chaplain ROLL Joy Barrett Jane Earl Emily Garrett MoDREE GROGAN Shirley Kahn Sara Florence Rigdon 200 -W ART STUDENTS " LEAGUE First row: Alexander, Belts, Brown, Cannon, Chambliss, Cheney, Cheves . . . Second row: Crawford, Edelson, Edwards, Eppinger, Everette, Hendrtx, Leonard . . . Third row- MacDonald, Martin, McMillan, Mell, Moscowitz, Murphey, O ' Neill . . . Fourth row: Seigler, Sparks, Thompson, Torpin, Waters, Williams, Wood. Facts: Founded, 1940 . . . Sponsors exhibitions of students ' work . . . Promotes the visits of outstanding artists. OFFICERS Lelia Cheney President Ann Crawford Vice-President Dorothy Alexander Secretary Anita Eppinger Treasurer Dorothy Alexander Maxine Belts Sarah Brown Jo Ann Cannon Dot Chambliss Lelia Cheney Elizabeth Cheves Ann Crawford Bettye Edelson Mary Edwards Anita Eppinger Reaunette Everette Suzanne Hendrix Ann Leonard Cary MacDonald Frances Martin Roger McMillan Gene Mell Ann Moscowitz Jean E. Murphey Nellie O ' Neill Jean Seigler Lavonia Sparks Mary Taylor Martha Thompson Louise Torpin Agnes Waters Francis Wilkinson Cullen Williams Adelaide Wood 201 UNIVERSITY THEATRE SALUTES THALIAN-BLACKFRIAR PLEDGES Facts: Promotes student interest in acting . . . Brings out local student talent Open to all students interested in dramatic production. La Verne Curtis Drama Robert DeVaughn Journalism Anita Eppinger Art Ann Kimbrough Psychology Truman Magill Music Mozelle Gross Mathematics Sarah Scott Economics Josephine Towler Zoology Edythe Frank Commerce Edward Keeter Pre-Medical Julian Bridges Pre-Dental Pat King Drama David Payne Journalism Mary Lee Logan Psychology Harbin King Law Gladys Jay Elizabeth Tate Economics Augusta Montague Sociology David Michael Jean Kane Journalism Helen Paderewsky Education Roberta Hodgson Drama TRULY A THEATRE OF THE UNIVERSITY First row: Curtis, DeVaughn, Eppinger, Kimbrough, Magill, Gross, Scott . . . Second row: Towler, Frank, Keeter, Bridges, King, Payne, King . . . Third row: Jay, Tate, Montague, Kane, Paderewsky, Hodgson. 202 t- THUIAN BUCKFRIUS 1 Ml l AVERA LILLY BERGER MERCKE FEINGOLD RICH HERTY WALTON KIRSTEIN WHITENER Past Imperfect: We were building a theatre. Present: We are building a University Theatre. Future Perfect: We shall have built a theatre for the South. George Blair Faculty Advisor ROLL Harmon Avera Esther Rose Berger Blanche Feingold Dorothea Herty Harvey Kirstein Margaret Lilly Katherine Mercke Francis Rich Grace Walton Horace Whitener 203 ZETA PHI ETA fa ™ W fl Hk I First row: Adams Downing, Feingold, Foster, Herty . . . Second row: King, Lilly, Monroe, Smith, Walton. Facts: National Honorary Speech-Arts Fraternity . . . Over fifty years old. OFFICERS Pat King President Charlotte Downing Vice-President Frances Adams Treasurer Blanche Feingold Secretary Dorothea Herty Corresponding Secretary Margaret Lilly Marshal Betty Monroe Social Chairman Frances Adams Dorothea Herty ' Carolyn Baugh Pat King Charlotte Downing Margaret Lilly Blanche Feingold Betty Monroe Frances Foster Jacqeline Smith Grace Walton 204 DANCE li I! Ill I ' The Dance Group is selected from a tryout at the beginning of the year, and thereafter the group invites any outstanding students in the classes to become members. The Dance Theater, new this year, has been a stimulating factor in the group ' s work. Dance Theatre Constance Ashford . . . Secretary Sue Boykin Publicity Nell Brannen Business, Vista Ann Davis Music Clifford Lewis . . Stage and Lights Ann McWhorter .... Costumes Ida Pease Publicity Rosanna Richards . . Stage and Lights a.M Miss Mary Ward Pianist Ruth Allred Farmer Dance Director 205 HINT CLUB First row: Anderson, Bull, Carpenter, Cox, Driftmier, Dunston . . . Second row: Garrett, Grose, Hodgson, Holder, Hulsey, Nuckolls . . . Third row: Patterson, Rothwell, Sherman, Smith, Turner, Weltner. Facts: Riding organization for women . . . Requirements — Army riding specifica- tions. OFFICERS Betty Patterson President Marion Weltner Vice-President Jody Driftmier Secretary Mary Gaynor Anderson Treasurer Mary Gaynor Anderson Evelyn Block Coren Bull Mildred Carpenter Vivian Cox Jody Driftmier Aurelia Dunston Emily Garrett Mary Grose Marguerite Hodgson Gladney Holder Mary Ellen Hulsey Marilee Nuckolls Betty Patterson Louise Rothwell Joanna Sherman Karen Smith Frances Turner Marion Weltner 206 THE li I I! I, S RIFLE TEAM The Girls ' Rifle Team under the expert instruction of Major James B. Harper has received the same training given the men, and weekly matches have added to their skill and interest. MEMBERS Polly Akin Elizabeth Andrews Mary Gaynor Andrews Esther Barnes Carole Beatty Jane A. Bedell Virginia M. Boone Miriam Bradley Nell Brannen June Carter Jane Cason Gloria Collins Christine Costello Frances Davis Nelle Doyal Jody Driftmier Betty Dukes Ann Findley Betty Fox Irene Freeman Lougenia Gillis Sara Green Mary Be Gross Joyce Harrison Emily Harwell Margie Hendley Geraldine Hicks Margurite Hodgson Mary E. Howell Louise Jarrell Laurabelle Jarvis Virginia Jones Ann Kimbrough Elene Lanier Mary Lazenby Helen Leach Clifford Lewis Angeline Luck Ruth Lyons Brooksie Maret Jean Murphy Eugenia Neel Vivian Newberry MEMBERS Marion Norris Frances Norton Joyce Odom Nellie O ' Neill Ann Orr Betty Patterson Laura Palmer Perry Reaunette Everette Lucyle Reynolds Jean Rhodes Nancy E. Shelton Susan Carlton Smith Janis Spencer Doris Stewart Mary Ann Suddath Dorothy Sumner Elizabeth S. Tate Martha M. Thompson Frances Turner Mary Ann Tyler Lucinda Sue Tyler Jessie C. Vannerson Betty Jane Williams Blanche Williams Helen Wolfe Catherine Wood Rosemary Wynn 207 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Facts: All women student members, affiliated with the National Athletic Federation of College Women, and the Georgia Athletic Federation of Col- lege Women . . . Develops interest and ability in recreational activities. OFFICERS Nell Brannen President Gerry Hicks Vice-President Eleonore Winecoff Secretin) Camilla Barnett Treasurer Gaynor Anderson tommie arnette Camilla Barnett Jane Bedell Nell Brannen Amelia Brumby Anne Carter Gloria Collins Anne Crawford Katherine Crisp Nelle Doyal Jody Driftmier Anne Findley Irene Freeman Anne Ganus Emily Garrett Chris Gordon Mary Grose Joyce Harrison Gerry Hicks Margaret Hutchins Mildred Jenkins Betty Kay Betty Kelley Janice King Mary Lanier Helen Leach Evelyn Lee Clifford Lewis Ruth Lyons Ouida McCoy Margaret Winn Monfort Betty Monroe Louise Oslin Virginia Petty Sara Pilcher Ellen Salisbury Vivian Schoenbaum Jane Stapleton Margaret Stewart Lucinda Sue Tyler Eleanor Walker Marion Weltner Blanche Williams Eleonore Winecoff First row: Anderson, Arnettc, Barnett, fledell, Brannen, Brumby, Carter, Collins, Crawford . . . Second row: Crisp, Doyle, Driftmier, Findley Freeman, Ganus, Garrett, Gordon, Grose . . . lhird row: Harrison, Hicks, Hutchins, Jenkins, Kay, Kelley, King, Lanier, Leach . . . Fourth row: Lee, Lewis, Lyons, McCoy, Monfort, Monroe, Oslin, Petty, Pilcher . . . Fifth row: Salisbury, Schoenbaum, Stapleton, Stewart, Tyler, Walker, Weltner, Winecoff. 208 STUDENT 60VRRNMBNT Facts: Governing council for the woman students at the University of Georgia. OFFICERS Joy Barnett President Lelia Cheney Vice-President Marion Weltner Secretary Mary Anne Braungart Treasurer COURT Eugenia Miller Freshman Jane Earl Sophomore Dorothy Alexander Junior Anne Findley Town Ruth Duke P. O. W. COUNCIL Martha Blackburn . . . Kappa Alpha The a Jane Cason Candler Hall Lelia Cheney Phi Delta Theta Margaret Clary .... Alpha Omicron Pi Mabel Dasher .... Alpha Gamma Delta Rosalia Donnelly Candler Hall Nell Foster Kappa Delta Chris Gordon Alpha Delta Pi Florence Hayes Clark Howell Betty Haynes Crawford Long Mary Ellen Hill Pi Beta " Phi Katheryn Joyner .... Alpha Chi Omega Marianne Marshall . . . Delta Delta Delta Mary Sue Martin Chi Omega Rose McLeod Lucy Cobb Elaine Miller Delta Phi Epsilon Virginia Miller Chi Phi Ann Mitchell Mrs. David ' s Elizabeth Stribling Sigma Chi Dorothy Watkins Woman ' s Club Frances Wilkins Chi Pst Eleonore Winecoff Phi Mu jy) jt 209 THE VOLUNTARY Facts: Founded, 193 3, when Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. merged . . . encourages campus fellowship, international unity, and student initiative. OFFICERS Clyde Kimball President Edmund Perry Vice-President Ruth Duke Second Vice-President Carolyn Maynard Secretary Frank Hammett Treasurer CABINET Laura Barfield Camilla Barnett Bonnie Bennett Lelia Cheney Christine Costello Richard Gnann Mary Grant Christine Levie Margaret Lilly Stelljes Nichols Murray Norman Alfred Scott Lavonia Sparks Walter Stearman First row: Baker, Barfield, Barnett . . . Second row: Bennett, Braun- gart, Camp . . . Third row: Campbell, Chapman, Cheney Fourth row: Chett, Conklin, Costello . . . Fifth row: Gnann, Grant, Crawford . . . Sixth row: Cunningham, Doss, Dunn. 210 RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION GREATER COUNCIL Mazel Baker Mary Ann Braungart Parkie Leigh Camp Mary Lois Campbell Elizabeth Chapman Frances Cliett collette conklin Kathleen Crawford George Cunningham Mary Ann Doss Rosemary Dunn Bob Elizer Frankie Green Catherine Griffin Betty Hynes Lois Jackson Richard Jones Saunders Jones Frances Kemp Amye Lott Laura MacClain Sara Massey Mary Shannon Celia Turk Robert Turk Eleanor Walker First row: Green, Griffin, Jones . . . Second row: Kemp, Levie Lilly Third row: Lott, Massey, Nichols . . . Fourth row: Norman, Scott, Shannon . . . Fifth row: Sparks, Stearman, Turk . . . Sixth row: Walker. 211 BAPTIST STUDENT (J 91 1 ON Facts: For Biptist Students in Southern Colleges and Uni- ersities. first row: Barfield, Brown, Clark . . . Second row: Freeman, Huguley, Kimball . . . Third row: Luke, Reese, Smallwood . . . Fourth row: Walters, Wurst. Laura Barfield Mary Sue Brown Ji anette Clark [R] NI I ' rI 1 MAN Ann Huguley Clyde Kim ha i i Lois Jackson Dot Luki Eugene Ri i si Charm s S i i i w ood Tommie Starr Myrtle Walters OFFICERS Rev. D. B. Nicholson .... State Student Secretary Mary Sue Brown Local Student Assistants Jeanette Clark Local Student Assistants (. ii in " Windy " Kimbali President Charms Smallwood First Vice-President I ins Jackson Second Vice-President Mary Sue Brown Third Vice-President Myrtle Walters Secretary Dot Luke Treasurer Irene Freeman Sunday School Director Laura Barfield Training Union Diret tor Mary Wurst V. W. A. President Eugene Reece Brotherhood President Ann Huguley Dramatics Director Jeanette Clark .... Community Mission Director Tommie Starr Publicity Director Mary Wurst 212 PARTY OF ORGANIZED WOMEN Facts: Local organization for non-sorority women . . . Founded 1943. OFFICERS Ruth E. Duke President Norma Garner Vice-President n Davis Secretary Christine Levii Treasurer COUNCIL Sarah Baker Buckingham Mary Frances Calhoun .... Candler Hall Gene Mell Candler Hall Ruth Rovcan Candler Hall Nell Staples Chi Phi Mary Forsyth Chi Phi Dot Ayers Clarke Howell Ann Ganus Clarke Howell Katherine Hardy Clarke Howell Frankie Green Crawford W. Long Betty Frier Crawford W. Long Hazel Hamilton Crawford W. Long Laura Barfield Lucy Cobb Jo Rhodes Lucy Cobb Betty Taylor Lucy Cobb Camilla Barnett Phi Delta Theta Sarah Massey .... " Representative from Town Nellene Richardson . Representative from Town Margaret Lilly Sigma Chi Elizabeth Veale Women ' s Club First row: Duke, Garner, Davis, Levie, Baker, Calhoun, Mell . . . Second row: Rowan, Staples, Ayers, Ganus, Hardy, Green, Frier . . . Third row: Hamilton, Rhodes, Taylor, Barnett, Massey, Lilly, Veale. 213 THE VARSITY STUDENTS ' HEADQUARTERS FRESH FOOD COLD DRINKS CURB SERVICE HEADQUARTERS . . . For School Books and All Kinds of Supplies for the Students ' Requirements Soda Fount, Drinks, and Smokers ' Supplies We Appreciate Your Patronage THE UNIVERSITY STORES STUDENT SUPPLY STORE EAT AT GEORGIAN HOTEL J. C. STILES Manager Excellent Food! Excellent Service! So Say — Mary Williams Margaret Matters Ruth Dillon Frances Adams 214 MOON-WINN DRUG CO. ' The Store of Personal Service " W. GUY TILLER PLUMBING HEATING REPAIRS 149 N. Lumpkin Phone 1716 BERNSTEIN FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE MEMBER National rlprlrb iHnrtirianH by invitation Telephone 61 Athens, Ga. Compliments of RED STAR HODGSON ' S • FERTILIZER The Best Dressed Men Wear mmmi ADER ' S MEN ' S SHOP 264 E. Clayton Street Complete Men ' s Furnishings GAS For Better COOKING, WATER HEATING, REFRIGERATION Georgia Gas Service 1 1 5 E. Clayton Street Phones 736-737 You can always depend on Gas CATERinG TO SMART WOMEN AND MEN GALL ANT-BELK COMPANY 215 Biwr. the lmers library The Practice of law is a complicated profession and requires the most exacting of tools. It is the lawyer ' s business to know the general princi- ples of law fitting any case that might be brought to him. It is the law book publisher ' s business to present the tools that will enable the lawyer to apply the general principles in the finest detail. Books of primary importance are the local books of the State in which you will practice. THE MOST IMPORTANT GEORGIA LAW BOOKS Code of Georgia, Annotated, Georgia Supreme Court Reports, Georgia Court of Appeals Reports, Digest of the State Reports, Ingram Parham ' s Georgia Legal Forms, Anno., Redfeam on Wills and Administration of Estates in Georgia, etc. (Sold on Convenient Terms) Complete list of Georgia Law Books and prospectus of Code of Georgia Annotated mailed on request. (Our long experience is yours for the asking.) THE HIIIRINII. milM.H LAW BOOKS Pryor and Hunter Streets Atlanta 2, Georgia SERVING THE LEGAL PROFESSION FOR MORE THAN THIRTY-SIX YEARS 216 « -J? GUNN ' s MEN ' S STORE Headquarters for COLLEGE MEN MicUael ' l Compliments LUCAS AND JENKINS ENTERPRISES PALACE GEORGIAN STRAND RITZ THEATRES ENJOY A. A. BAKERY ARNOLD ABNEY " The Bakery of Tomorrow Today " ' Enriched " Home Made Bread At Every Meal PHONfc 1076 225 N. Lumpkin 217 Dine and Dance . . . Finest Steaks in Georgia The S avo y Phone 503 Crawford Georgia Ground Floor Location — Phone 2147 CLASSIC ART STUDIO 154 E. Clayton Street Athens, Ga. Portraits Kodak Finishing Nine Hour Service VAN CLEVE ' S F. T. D. FLOWERS Athens, Georgia Van Cleve W. Cochran Jack Cochran ATHENS CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY Photographs of Quality f r o m ARNETT ' S STUDIO 269 N. Lumpkin Street Athens Georgia Bring Your Co-ed to the CO ED for Drinks and Sandwiches OLAN MILLS PORTRAIT STUDIO " The Nation ' s Studio " Phone 840 103 College Ave. the McGregor co. Call or Write for Quotations on SCHOOL AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT 218 Best Food— Courteous Service TONY ' S CAFE AIR CONDITIONED Famous For Fine Steaks 23 3 E. Clayton Street In Your Home Town " Dear Old " Georgia We ' ve Enjoyed Serving You! PENNEY ' S J. C PENNEY CO., Inc. 1611 Stores to Serve You MONTAG BROTHERS, INC. Atlanta, Georgia Makers of BLUE HORSE STUDENT SUPPLIES Montag ' s Fashionable Writing Papers HARRY F. DOBBS, Inc. HOTEL SUPPLIES RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT • 204-244 Ivy Street, N. E. Atlanta Georgia " The Best in Equipment ' CHOKES Save 20% on CASH AND CARRY Lumpkin Street Across from Stadium Telephone 667 Athens 6 Hours Service on Cash and Carry 219 FINDLEY DRY CLEANERS " Cleaning Not a Side Line With Us " PHONE 9 29 3 WELCOME TO STOREY NEWS STAND " The biggest little place in town " On the Convenient Corner PATRICKS PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Phone 88 175 E. Clayton St. Athens, Ga. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO SAVE AT . . . CROW ' S CUT-RATE DRUG STORE 283 East Clayton Street W. A. CAPPS COMPANY JEWELERS Dispensers of Dependable Merchandise THE NATIONAL BANK OF ATHENS An Athens Institution Since 1866 Popular Priced . . . DRESSES - COATS - HATS LESSER ' S APPAREL SHOP Athens Georgia TAYLOR ' S BEAUTY PARLOR We Make You More Beautiful COSMETICS Welcome Coeds . . . make it COSTA ' S COURTEOUS SERVICE Student Meeting Place for Over 3 5 Years Meet Me At . CITIZEN ' S PHARMACY Phone 1066 THE TAVERN Tht Best Place to EAT AND DRINK Athe MS Georgia " Q " ROOM Since 1912 Equipment - Service - Environment the Best Billiards - Sodas - Smokes 220 There ' s friendliness in the simple phrase, " Have a Coke " . It turns strangers into friends . . . Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes — has be- come the high-sign of kindly- minded people around the world. It ' s natural for popular names to quire friendly abbreviations. That ' s why you hear Coca-Cola called " Coke " . BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 30-32 Fifth Street, N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA All Portraits in This Book Made by GASPAR-WARE STUDIOS • • OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR P R 11 D R R • • ALL PANDORA negatives are held in our files for several years and portraits can be obtained at any time. GASPAR-WARE STUDIOS 222 SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services (if experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating • planning layout and design ' typesetting •printing lithographing and hinding . . . Through- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing . . . Our services include a special college annual sales and service organization ... Abundant equipment modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value FOOTE DAVIES PRINTING • LITHOGRAPHING • ENGRAVING ATLANTA 7 i- s L

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