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-.ii ' ui. ' . ' ' ' - •■ . S SV : »T f ?»T . 185 •SI) ■ 6 ■i: apv -» ifC j l ' - ; ' i f ' .ii-- f. W ' Wi m m fc-. .X- " m -• .. -;:Ji.. •• ; -■ ' M THE miHRSITY OF GEORGIl n fie4je4iZ ■V- ifi;i!mmm ' " ' ' ,. 1 1 1 I I I I THE 1942 yeanJpCMlz a tUe PUBLISHED BY THE STAFF • AT ATHENS. GEOBCIA • MAY. 1»42 VOL. 55 PlIDORl :. JAY SMITH, JR., Ed.-in-Chi.f • W. MARVIN HILL. Bus. Mgr. • ILY S. GUNN. Mgr. Ed. • JOAN ORR, Womairs Ed. m i I I ■ mmmfmmimf ' m m m Colonel Riggs, Professor of Military Science and Tactics at the University of Georgia, presents an R. O. T. C. stu- dent with the lieutenant ' s commission which will make him a part of the United States armed forces in May, 1942. DEDIUTIOI W ITH all the respect and admiration due to those who lay aside selfish desires and personal ambitions for the sake of their country, we dedicate this fifty-fifth volume of the Pandora to those recent graduates of the Univer- sity of Georgia, and especially to the men of the Class of 1942, who have already entered, or will enter, the armed forces of the United States in this hour of the gravest national emergency. Painting of the interior of St. Peter ' s Cathedral inside the University ' s classic Chapel. II If E II R I i II ARTHUR K. MADDOX August 12, 1888 - September 28, 1941 Class of 1911 LIEUTENANT COLONEL RUFUS B. DAVIDSON October 19, 1895 - September, 1941 Class of 1913 Army Air Corfys officer. K lliJ in jAiuic crmh. LIEUTENANT WILLIAM H. BINNS November 2, 1909 - September, 1941 Army Air Corps officer. Killed in liluiie crash. LIEUTENANT AARON BUSH November 27, 1902 - October 25, 1901 Class of 1923 Natal Reseric officer. Died while on active duty. WILLIAM McKINLEY COBB July 3, 1866 - November 14, 1941 Class of 18 86 LACY FLEMING MANGLEBURG July 11, 1917 - December 24, 1941 Class of 193 9 Killed in accidental plane crash ichile eny ai eil in the line of duty on a patrol orer the Burma Road in Yunnan I ' rot ince, China. MARTHA BERRY October 7, 1866 - February 27, 1942 Received honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Georgia in 1920. Member of the first Board of Regents. 19U. i)m FOREWORD Jl ERHAPS the most difficult task of the many which annually confront a Pandora staff is the selec- tion of a theme which will serve to connect all the varied material of a yearbook, and of an arrangement which will be logical and interesting, and, most important of all, different from anything that has gone before. Nearly all themes and arrangements have, by this time, been used already, and therefore, the staff must, in most cases, simply present old ideas in new forms. J. The 1942 Pandora whs particularly fortunate in having several " ready made " themes at its disposal. As state and nationwide interest in the institution of higher learn- ing with the oldest state-granted charter in the United States was aroused, due to publicity given by actions of the Governor and Board of Regents last year, a review of the University ' s history, rich in tradition and incident, and inspiring to a lover of progress, naturally suggested itself. At the same time, the second World War and the consequent rise of patriotic fervor, with its attendant possibility of compulsory military training for male students at Georgia, proved a fertile field for ideas. The staff eventually decided to use both these subjects, with the rise and progress of the University as the major theme, ,uid patriotism as a decorative motif. Informality has been stressed wherever possible, and candid snapshots have been distributed profusely throughout the book, in order to add interest and to make the material more readily understandable. Chronological arrangement was discarded in favor of the old division arrangement, so that various topics of more special interest to some than to others, might be easily located. And, finally, an effort has been made to enlist the varied talents of as many as possible of the student body, so that the 1942 Pandora might be, in the truest sense, what it purports to be — a representative yearbook of the students of the University of Georgia. C T E I T S THE UNIVERSITY THE CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY THE STUDENT BODY LAW STUDENTS SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN THE GREEKS FRATERNITIES SORORITIES FEATURES BEAUTIES THE YEAR IN PICTURES THE MILITARY ACTIVITIES FORENSICS MUSIC AND DRAMATICS PUBLICATIONS ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL MINOR SPORTS WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS FEATURES »- ' ■ vrs , " . ?.r " ' •. -;S,. ' i -m-i ■:» Sr »S» ?ri ' ' ' r x - 7 v ' -f.? " - - ' J v ■ ' ■■ ■y ' ' Mi-fit t- Creaking but still useful, the Academic Building represents the Un T H f iversity of a bygone day I 1) I { Beautiful Memorial Hall, symbol of the new University ' s spirit of progress. H R n T Y THE UNIVERSITY HIT— Ahrjlwrn BaUliiin, t„„„Jc, a,„l f rU rrcuJc«l of Ih. ' 1784-1865 On Ifbruary 2i, 1784, the IcgisLuurc of the new Commoiiweahli of Georgia, guided by a young Connecticut Yankee, Abraham Baldwin, passed an act laying aside 40,000 acres of virgin forest " for the endowment of a college or seminary of learning. " This was the genesis of the University of Georgia. A year later, on jjiuiary 27, 178i, a charter was granted to the proposed institution and lialdwin made its first president. Sixteen years elapsed before the unwieldy governing bodies of the University actually functione d. In July, 1801, how- ever, a site was located on the upper Oconee, and Josiah Meigs elected president. In 1803, Old College, oldest building on the campus was completed, and in 1804, the first com- mencement program was held. After Meigs ' resignation in 1811, however, a succession of weak presidents almost ruined the young and struggling Unlversiy. In 1819, the appoint- ment to the presidency of Dr. Moses Waddell saved the day. Before his resignation in 1829 new buildings had been constructed, the enrollment had more than doubled, the faculty had been enlarged. Dr. Alonzo Church, president from 1829 to 1859, completed Waddell ' s work, making the University and Athens the cultural center of the state. During this period, the University epitomized the best there was in the culture of the Old South. When that culture received its death-blow during the War Between the States, so did the old University. Dr. Andrew A. Lipscomb, Chancellor from 1860 to 1874, struggled valiantly to keep the school open during the conflict; in 1864, however, its doors were closed. When " .« . Mfiji, TrcsiJciil of Ihc Vnh (ISOl-UU). Universiry of Georgia, ss. ylihcnu March Jt, 1804 THEfira public ConunenccmeiK in Ihit Uv xr iij, wiU bt hoWcn at Ihis place, on ThuifiUy the jiUdByofMay A tiiMlini; of the Bo «i 6F tkust lh Is ,.p,.mv,l ij btliolJtn in ihcCoi i.» r ..o Wtd.itAljy, the 30th i.f Mvf, laj 1! is - ;racd ihal the iciiporijnce of the bu :iiicis :heo 10 tic laid before tliem, will i i (luce Very men Ucr to atten.l. On the J«y of txMting ,ot the boa? ■ S;riiioo »ill l.r i» " .tfedr6y il.t Rt Ro»r. Rf: C«Jl lSOM. ) lifdrefTe.! p.f ricutariy 10 the c. nitidates for degree Thememtwr o( ilie Board o( visi 1 on. the ReStrt and Tultr, nl AcaJtmir, in.l icAurf;, «f(Kcially of thofe which are fiippoftcd by potjlic fundu, anil ,.i. ■ Friend of Science and Literature, .ir- •■ peafolly rcqoelled t . rtenJ 1! • An. toumcmeni of the first romiu.n, ■•■ nl of Ihe Vnhersity, May )I, 1S04. All otJ new of fhc Cliaprl, completed in lSi2, sliowiiig I now vanished steeple tudcnts returned in December, 1865, e of the University ' s history the tattered, grey Confederate unifor :ra had begun. From the close of the War Between the Slates to the opening of the twentieth century, the University marked time. Though many able professors, such as Dr. Charles Morris, held on to their none too lucrative posts on a diminished faculty, hard-pinched legislators in Atlanta were slow to realize the pressing needs of the classic University with the oldest charter in America. In these days of mid- Victorianism, prominent Methodist and Baptist divines, desirous of attracting state funds to their own hard-pressed schools of Emory and Mercer, indulged in violent attacks on the Athens institution as a den of vice and corruption. Beneath the surface, however, various influences were at work, awaiting the revitalizing touch of some man who could lead the University out from under the stagnant, clerical influence which had dominated it for a century, and bring forth a new day of academic freedom. All these forces had come to a head in 1899, when the Trustees, seeking deceased Chancellor William E. Boggs, broke the precedent of a hundred nd selected a M.icon lawyer, Walter B. Hill, rather than the usual minister, for the post. 1899-1942 Though he held the Chancellorship only six years (1899-190S), Walter B. Hill ranks as one of the founders of the modern University. Chancellor Hill came to Athens with the vision of transforming a decadent, stuffy old college into a modern, wide-awake university, whose influence should extend to every corner of the state, whose faculty should be loosed from the bonds of a stifling academic system years out of date. Enlisting the support, financial and otherwise, of a prominent New York philanthropist. George Foster Peabody, the progressive Chancellor caused the construction of the Academic Building and the Library, and organized a School of Pharmacy. In T ,r G -mrjl Library BniUi,, . gijt of Mr. P, n. ;!,!:„::, in:!t 1899-1942 (Continued) ] ' ' (.. ., .liter l,is lU-alh, the Schools of AgricLil- lui-.- and )ur«try came mtu Licing. On Chanccllur Hlll dculi, .1 successor was found who could ably carry on tllc xrcat work. Probably no man m the University ' s liislury was more universally loved, respected, and .id- nilred ih.m David Crenshaw Barrow, Chancellor from I ' iOi. .0 1925. His administration covered a critical period; the University w-as expanding far beyond the oiisinal concepts of its founders; the problems of admin- istration were doubled and trebled. A College of Educa- tion, a (.r.iduate School, and Schools of Commerce and lournalism were established. And in |9|9 came the most i - ' ■ t ..!i,i i DuiiJ Crenihau the UiliiTTUi:,. l90C-l92i. »■. Chancellor 0 Sliul.,,1, „l Ihr SUIe Normal School ,u 1102. Sc, 1927— Dr. S. V. SJ ..I, f. ,■.„ ,. at Ihe , ,, , of the Coiiilt„r,,-lo,ni;alnia lliuljinii. ,,l. ChamclU.r of Ihc radical step of all; women, barred from the University for over a century, were allowed vo matriculate, and co-education, with all its new and varied problems, was a reality. So fast did the institution grow that when, in 192 5 Charles Mercer Snelling became Chancellor, the urgent need for reform and reorganization had become all too apparent. In 19.M, the state legislature, stimulated by the need for economy resulting from the Depression, passed a Reorganization Bill. A Board of Regents was set up on January 1, 1932, over the whole University System of twelve schools and col- leges, and all three branches of the University in Athens were integrated under one presi- dent. S. y. Sanford. Chancellor Snelling moved up to head the entire system, and, on in 19.V5, was succeeded by the brilliant Atlanta lawyer, Philip Weltner. In 191(, President Sanford was .idvanced to his post, and the much- admired Dean of the Law School, Harmon W. Caldwell, elected to the presi- dency. The seven years of Dr. Caldwell ' s administration have covered an unparalleled period of progress. The University has been brought up to the modern conception of an institution of learning, while the physical plant has been enlarged a lmost beyond recognition as a result of Chancellor Sanford ' s earnest solicitation of federal funds. Thus, under the guidance of its two great leaders, the University of Georgia moves forward towards the con- summation of the ideal conceived by our Revolutionary fathers one hundred and forty-eight years ago. t , ' ' ■: ' " Beautifully furnished Harold Hirsch Hall where law students are trained. op: Old Lucy Cobb Dormitory, home of women students since ante-bellum times. Above: Odoriferous Terrell Hall, home of the Department of Chemistry. immmmfmmmmiimHiiimmmm«u ■ ' smmmsmmmm, Language and Literature Building, gift of the federal governnnent. Old College, landmark of the University since 1801. HI III m M K ..- h - i g,ii! »i0fi0a M . f-im ' ' 9 LeConte Hall, named for two famous scientists who were alumni of the University. A The Faculty struts in the time-honored academic costume on Honors Day. HUM 01 W. ULDWEU Though naturally of a quiet, modest, and unassuming manner, Dr. Caldwell has gained, during his seven years of service as one of the youngest college presidents in the United States, the universal respect of faculty members and students alike. In 193 5, he forsook with reluctance the comparative retirement of the classroom to confront all the harassing problems of administering a great University and of preventing the dangerous encroachments of politicians so natural in a state-supported school. Since that time, his determined and untiring though unsuccessful, fight to preserve the accredited standing of the University, now lost through the political interference, whose malignant influence he had consistently opposed, have made him one of the outstanding figures in contemporary American higher education. The high regard in which Dr. Caldwell is held by alumni and friends of the Uni- versity and by all right-thinking people in Georgia testifies that his efforts have not been unavailing. Top to bottom, left to right: Bull session in the president ' s office. . . The president attends to his correspondence. . . . Discussion of the football season with Assistant Athletic Director Johnny Broadnax. iMl fV u wmum LINVILLE LAURHNTINr HFNDREN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. D,;r.n „f F.unllies Will lAM TATi:,, M.A. D,.»; til Sliulcl. RALPH HA1,ST1:AD PARKPR, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Director of Lihrjrics JOHN DIXON BOLTON, C.P.A. Com pi roller , nut TrciMirer THOMAS Vi ' ALTLR RFFD, M.A., LL.B. KcKnlrar FRAZIER MOORE, A.B., M.A. Director of the Utihrr if Press HAROLD IR XTN REYNOLDS, A.B., M.D., F.A.C.P. Director of Sliuleitt Health WADE HOYT, A.B.J. Director of Public Relation W. M. CRANE Aliniini Secretary c toe " „is . ' » ' " " bud ADMIUnRilTlfll ROBERT MANNING STROZIER, Ph.B., M.A. Director of Student Activities Assistant Dean of Students EVELYN SELLERS, A.B. Supervisor of Women ' s Arlii ;.( JAMES RALPH THAXTON, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. .Ui v , ;; of the hiheral Arts College in charge of acadimu- uork at the Co-ordinate College The Academic Buildins, GHOS of the Administcation. SELLERS THAXrON BONDURANT MARY B. BONDURANT, A.B.J., M.A. Director of Vocational Placement Aged Crawford W. Long Infirmary, yet un-replaccd by a new structure DOROTHY S. NXHITEHEAD, A.B.. M.A. Supen iwr of Student Aid EDGAR LEE SECREST, A.B. Director of Keliy,ion BENJAMIN CLARKE KINNEY, A.B., M.A. Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings; Supervisor of Dining Halls ELLEN R. McWHORTER, A.B., M.A. Suju-n nor of Women ' s Housing Left: Dean Strozier explains new rushing rules to freshmen. Below: Miss Sellers chats with Co-ordinate girls. GRUIIATE NIIIOOL r.ilahlishcd l ' )l() Roswiii. I ' owrii siiPiirxs, a. is., I ' h.i) lop to bottom, left to tishl: Dean Stephens in his office. ... Mr. W. W DeRenne, Library Archivist, who assists graduates in doing research work. . . Graduate Dormitory. • I bBHIHII niLLEGE OF k in m mum Es al ' lishcd ISOl LINVILL.F. LAURENTINE HENDREN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Acting Dealt DIVISION OF LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE JOHN DONALD WADE, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. C hiiniuin of the Diiisioii an,l )ha,l of tin- D.-fnliin-,! of Hnxlhh WILLIS HENRY BOCOCK, A.B., Litt.B., M.A., LL.l)., Litt.D. .... HchI , Dcp,nlmeiit of Greek CLAUD CHANCE, A.B., M.A. .■.(■ , Dtpaitmeul of Romance L,i„ifHagei WILLIAM DAVIS HOOPER, A.B., M.A., Litt.D. Hc,i,l, Del ,iiiment of U hi ROBERT LIGON McWHORTER, A.B., M.A. lle,nl, Depuiimen of Clanics ANDREW EZELL TERRY, Ph.B., M.A. He.ul. Defiur nieiil of Geniiuii Below, left to right: Students at worii m Romance Language Library. ... The Language and Literature Building. I ARTS A , D S M E C E S N . DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES JOHN HANSON THOMAS MtPHFRSON, A.B., I ' h.l). F.LLIS MERTON COULTER, A.B., M.A., Pli.D. . . . MERRITT BLOODVC ' ORTH POUND, A. 15., M.A., Ph.D. 1 DNXARD S. SELL, B.S.A., M.S. A. BARNETT OSBORNE WILLIAMS, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. . . . . ;;,. , . ;), ui ;«, o ; A »n ; ,,„ , n,luntmnil nj r„hluul Scicnc ■ ■ Iha.l. Diiiuiliiini of Cnoxr,,!, ,) Left: Dr. Coulter, chronicler of Georgia ' s his- tory. . . Below: Dr. J. C. Meadows, sociolo- gist, lectures on Georgia ' s problems. McPHERSON SELL Top to bottom: Chemistry lab in progress. . . . Moore College, home of the Phys Department. . . . Right: Science majors at work in the Physics lab. UTS L « SCIEHES DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES GFORGE HUGH BOYD, A.B., M.S., Sc.D. C.hiiirntan of the Division and Head of the Department of Zoology AUSTIN SOUTHWICK EDWARDS, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Head, Department of Psychology Top to bottom, left to right: Bacteriology class. . . . Bota nist C. L. Worley performs an experiment. . . . LeConte Hall, headquarters of the Division. DIVISION OF FINE ARTS HUGH HODGSON, B.S. Chairman . the Diinmii and Head of the Department of Minic LAMAR DODD Head, Department of Art EDWARD C. GROUSE, A.B., M.A. Head, Department of Drama HUBERT BOND OWENS, B.S.A., M.A. Head, Department of Landscape Architecture elow, left to right: Miss Lucille Kimble of the Music Department at the piano in her sound-proof office in the Fine Arts Building. . . , Art students draw with an attractive model. LIIMI ' KI SCHOOL Top to bottom: Harold Hirsch Hall, si t of the alumni. ... Law students attempt to concentrate in the stillness of beautiful Alexander Campbell King Memorial Library. Established 18 59 Iir.NRY ARTHUR SllINN, A.B., ].D. A, IKIK ) ■. ' " ROIil RT LIGON McWHORTI R.,I,I .B. THOMAS F. GRIT;N, |R., A.B., I.I..B., |.S.I). ™ , ' ,»,r « Law JAMtS A. Sl ' RUILL, IR., A.B., B.A. (0. on.), LI..n., LL.M. A uicidlc Professor of Late BRAINERD CURRIE, A.B., I.L.B. Associate Professor of Law McWHORTER iHii nun OF FHUIIUY Establishcil l )t)} robi:rt gumming vctlson, pIi.g. Future pharmacists learn how to mix drugs. New Collese, formerly a dormitory, now converted into the Pharmacy Building. (] II I L f. (i ] II F 1 li II 1 1! I ' L T II It E t.stal ' l ' iln t I ' lUb PAL ' l WIIHL ' K C MAl ' MA.N. li.S.A., K.S.IaI., M.S. A.. Scl). D in .lOSIl ' ll ( ULU.MliUS Bll.l., li.S.A.. . , linn Iha.l . Drt .n Inn i:l oj V„utl, Hinluuulry j V1L1.IA. I (.1L1N COLLINS, U.S.A. I lr,iJ. Ihp nlmnil of A.i runamy I RUDOLPH HLNRV DRIITMIER, B.S.A.E., M.S.A.E. 7,W i Dctiarlmcnt oj Agricultural Eiigimrrhis ,K1H. WILLIAM FIROR, B.S., M.S.A. ,•■;, Department of Anrunltural V.conomus a iJ Rural Soeiol„xy M MILTON PRLSTON JARNAGIN, B.S.A., M.Agr., Sc.U. Hia, W . H Department of Animal Husbandry CHAPMAN JULIAN HOW ILL MILLKR, B.S.A., M.S.. Ph. LI. Hra,l Department of Plant Palholoxy ami Plant Breeding THOiMAS HUHBARO McHATTON, B.S.. M.Hort.. Sc.U. lleaj Department of llortunllnre Left, top to bottom: Conner Hall, main building on Ag Campus. . . . Barrow Hall, head- quarters of the Agricultural Engineering Department. . . . Hardman Hall, redolent with animal odors. . . . Below: Ag Engineering senior drafting. . . . Agronomy class studies soils. -dfcrii 111 » «»»: -«w OEiiiKiE nmw nmm sniiiiiL of foiientry EsUihlislud I ' ) Ob DONALD |. Vil DDELI., li.S.R M.S. Diuin DISHOI ' I. GRANT, B.S.R, M.S.R l ' n,f -nor of VomI Uliliziilioii aiul jli Director of Slimmer Camh Left: Forestiy Building. oonoE PE iKiiiv (;iille(;f OF EI)II(;ATIOi Ihtablishid I ' HIS EDVi ' lN DAVIS PUSEY, A.B., M.A., LL.D. hlni Ueaii PRANK HAROLD FROST, B.S.C., ALA. ll ' " ' l Department of Health E,t:u,iti„n for Men MARY ELLA LUNDAY SOULL, A.B.. M.A. lle,i,l Department of Healtli EJiieatnjn for Women BROOKS GRIFFITH HECKMAN JENKINS LEyDEN SUTTON CULLEliE (IF IIISI ESS Allllli INTRilTION Es MisM 1915 ROIil K 1 I ' RISION ISROOKS, A.M.. I ' ll. I). Divjw I-nWAKl) C lAYIlROOK GRU-FITH, A.U., M.A., I ' h.D. AsihIanI Prtifc m " j Economh:, ll. Kli|l) Mil UlN }IECKMAN, li.S.C, M.A., C.P.A. Pi ili-ss(ii-(jj ' Ac,i,!ni iii)i JOHN WILKINSON JENKINS, A.B., M.A. Pruje snroj Eionumia THOMAS ARTHUR I.EYDEN, 15.S.C., M.A hislnuloi in Acciiutiva GLENN VCALLACE SUTTON, B.S., M.A., Pli.D Professor of Finance Below, left to right, top to bottom: Mi. Hcckman arranges schedules foi Bus. Ad. student. ... The Commeice half of the C.-J. Building. . . . Bus. Ad. students at work on the business machines. HENRY W. GIUDY SCHOOL OF .JOlHnLISM Eitahlhhcd 192} JOHN EIDRIDGH DRI.WRY A.B., B.J., M.A. Dcaa MARION TYUS BUTLHR, A.B.J., M.A. Asih an frofcsnr of founialnm vii,i,i:tt main kf.mpton, a.b., m.a. Aishlailt Projissor of ]uiiriialism Journalism half of the C.-J. Building Journalism lab in progr, S(;H00L of hone EOOiYOMICS Eitahlnlxd 19 ii MARY ETHEL CRESWELL, B.S.H.E. Dean rop to bottom, left to right: Home Ec majors believe the way to a man ' s hea rt is through his stomach. ... A tasty repast is served at the Home Management house. . . . Many long hours are spent by Home Ec majors learning to sew. . . . Dawson Hall. Rebellious young students of the early I 800 ' s defy faculty regulation against playing billiards. Today the " pool room " is still a favorite haunt. T H E S T H 1941— Outraged students before the State Capitol In Atlanta protest Governor Talmadge ' s political interference in the University. i I T BODY THE STUDENT BODY During the first sixty years of the University of Georgia, its student body was drawn mainly from the sons of wealthy planters, the only young men of ante-bellum days who could afford the luxury of a college education. High-spirited as wild colts after the free and easy life on their fathers ' plantations, these young aristocrats led a hard life at an institution dominated by the strictest, most Puritanic ideals. Many were the infractions of severe regulations concerning class attendance, holidays, conduct, dress, manners, and amusements. Many a young Southerner was fined and denied liberties, and many another failed to complete his academic career, due to expulsion. At first, amusements were few in what was comparatively a frontier settlement; with the passing of the years, however, and the growth of Athens, the accustomed militia drills were superseded in popularity by saloons, pool rooms, and the company of the town ' s young ladies. In 1861 came the war which was to destroy the civilization of these young men. When the remnant of ex-Confeder- ate soldiers returned in 1865, their ardor was not abated. An i ncident reminiscent of re- cent events occurred in 18 67, when Albert H. Cox, a junior, violently attacked the dictatorial military govern- ment to which Georgia was then subjected. Like its mod- ern prototype, the govern- ment in Atlanta threatened to ruin the University, but later rescinded its action. During the forty years after the close of the war, the anti-Emory and Mercer campaign was in full swing, and Georgia students responded to charges of drunkenness and disorderliness with cartoons like that below. Courses taken were still much like those of pre-war days and required much concentrated study. Fun-loving as now, however, those young mid-Vic- torians were beginning the new sport of hazing fresh- men, and the word " Sophomore " received its modern connotations. Social life was beginning to attract many to " Germans, " dances, etc., at the turn of the century. -Albert H. Cox ,: during Ik e Kceoustrucliou govern n meiit speeches. ABOVE: Militia drills, a faiorife activity of students when the University was young. Vacuity members deplored the dis- orderly conduct of the high-spirited young Southerners after these military displays. LEFT: Typical student of 1SS6. Note fra- ternity pin worn on coat lapel. rA i A self-explanatory cartoon of the iS9(ys. A haiJ-Hn,knr , ,l.lcnt of IS ' ii. Fifty yean ago, as now, sophonior, felt the world revolved around then Dancing at the turn of the century. The enlargement of the University under Chancellor Hill brought a great influx of new students, especially to the newly founded Agri- cultural campus. New traditions, such as the annual Senior Parade and the ringing of the chapel bell after football victories became established. During the World War, 1917-18, as in the 1860 ' s patriotic feeling was dominant on the campus. Sphinx initiates in 1917 boosted the sale of liberty bonds in their annual skit. The coming of the co-ed in 1919 revolutionized the student body. Women students were few at first, but their numbers have been steadily increasing, and this year, the student body was almost equally divided in numbers between the two sexes. The " Roaring Twenties " found Georgia school spirit at its heighth. These were the days of prohibition, of rowdy trips to Columbus for the Auburn game, of RIGHT: BoiirJ of EJiton of the Georgian, ifmliiif iinnitlAy. in 1900. Professor V. O. Vnytie uls hi the center. BELOW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Patriotic feelinn ran hixh on the campiii during the first World War. Here, Sphinx initiates boost the sale of Liberty Bonds. ABOVE: 1908 — Seniors, in fantastic costume, prepare for the annual Senior Parade. The costumes have now been replaced by canes and derbies. BELOW: Senior Dajv Parade twenty years ABOVE: Typical student of the Tf| 1920 ' s. ' violent fist-fights at the Tech game. Freshmen lost their hair and were treated to midnight paddlings in the local graveyard. A cow and finally an Austin automobile were lugged up to the third floor of Candler Hall. Window panes were shattered and stair railings wrenched loose in inter-dormitory battles. The G. O. P. party was formed to protect the inter- ests of non-fraternity men in campus politics. On one occasion, a notoriously dissolute Old College roisterer was elected president of the Y. M. C. A. by popular vote, forcing " Mr. Eddie " Secrest to nullify the election. The decadent thirties witnessed a considerable abatement of high spirits, but down to the present day, the slogan coined some twenty years ago re- mains: " A Georgia Man Needs No Introduction. " the 1922 Pandora, entitled, we stroll out Milledge. " ' Why Sophomores administer punishment to freshmen when hazing, uas at its heighth. 1928 — Co-f. h.iJ. hy ih tablished a place for them I liim . definitely es- elies on the campus. School spirit ran high during the late twenties- especially at football games. a S T II II K IT ' S Atising In time to make an 8.30 A weekly habit of most Georgia students — the shower bath. Inveterate pastime of class-dodgers — iellying in the Co-op. Lunch at Mrs. Dunlap ' s hash-house: Which shall it be, potatoes or peas? A light supper Is usually taken at the Varsity and the evening wears away as low-grade bull is shot far into the night. D 1 Y AT G Ml II IJ I 1 Ind At Qa-a l4ijate Going to classes In the morning — the unpleasant part of college life. At the lunch hour — waiting for Senior Hall ' s doors to open. Games of bridge while away many a long afternoon Only dancing before Christmas is with other girls. The more athjcti. At night, some studying is done by the cloistered inmates of Co-ordinate . . . nore fortunate, those in sorority houses enjoy a surreptitious midnight snack. Left to light: Pceples, Adair, F, STIIIIEi T ADVISORY BOARD The Student Advisory Board was formed in the fall of 1941 by William Tate, Dean of Students, in order to co-ordinate the work of the administration in relation to student life, with the wishes of the students themselves. For that purpose a representative group of students was selected as a consulting group, with the hope that eventually it will evolve into a real, campus-wide system of student government. MEMBERS AL FO t " LER Pn-si.i,;, , Me„ ' s CMiu-t. V. R. A.; C i„l„n U.uir, VERNER CHAFFIN Pieih int, hitcr-Fraltniity Cotincil MARIANNE ADAIR PrcsiJi-nt, Pan-Hellenic Council HARLEY BOWERS Editor, Red and Black JANICE HATCHER President, Senior Diviuon, W. A. A. JULIA FARMER President, Senior Division, Women ' s Student Government BEVELYN HOWARD Rejiresentative from Co-ordinate College E. T. MIMS .? ' Council Representative MORT PEEPLES President, Senior Class (Representing non-fraternity men while Campus Leader and President of the V. R. A. are held by the same man.) E T MIMS ADIN STEENLAND President President Fall Quarter Winter Quarter AG HILL STIIDEMT mUR The Ag Hill Student Council was formed in the spring of 1941 by agriculture, forestry, and home economics students who felt the need of a central organization to bind together the many different clubs on Ag Hill. Two juniors or seniors are elected to the Council for terms of two quarters each with staggered terms. At present, the primary goal of the Council is subscription of funds for a long-needed student center for Ag Hill. OFFICERS Fall Quarter Winter Quarter E. T. MIMS President ADIN STEENLAND C. B. SECKINGER Vice-President MATHER HYATT JACK DURDEN Secretary-Treasurer ELIZABETH McCREERY ROLL Fall Quarter Ag Club Jack Durden Mather Hyatt Ag Economics Club . Felton Holland Tom Simmons Ag Engineering Club . E. T. Mims Billy Strauss Aghon M. P. Martin Agronomy Club . . Dennis Rouse Alpha Zeta . . . . C. B. Seckinger Adin Steenland Forestry Club . . . John C. Calhoun Murray Marcus Gaffau Club . . . . A. J. Powell Georgia Agriculturist . Curtis Avery Al Fowler Homccon Club . . . Judy Sullivan Dorothy Timm Phi Upsilon Omicron . Frances King Elizabeth McCreery Poultry Science Club . Ivey Jacobs Saddle and Sirloin Club Travis Sanders Albert Williams 40 Winter Quarter Mather Hyatt Austin Rheney Tom Simmons Frances Rogers Billy Strauss Olin Ginn M. P. Martin Bill Caldwell QuENTiN Lee Adin Steenland Byron Suddath Murray Marcus Earl Jenkins Curtis Avery Al Fowler Judy Sullivan Ruby Adams Eli ' zabeth McCreery Jack Tumlin Lloyd Yeargin Albert Williams Charlie Morris Xi Sigma Pi 4-H Club FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Tumlin, Sullivan. . . . . . THIRD ROW: Rheney, Seeking Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Bob Keeling Horace Mathias Horace Mathias Johnny Jarrell Sam Bailey Sam Bailey Miriam Camp John Preston T: yeargin, Simmons Adams, McCreery, Hyatt, DND ROW: Morris, Preston, Strauss, Avery, M SENIOR woiiErs STPEi T (i«VER HE T JULIA FARMER, President Women ' s Student Government The Senior Women ' s Stu- dent Government is com- posed of one representative from each sorority and each girls ' dormitory for junior and senior women. The president is elected each spring by the votes of all junior and senior women on the campus. The Stu- dent Government Associa- tion makes and enforces rules and regulations re- garding conduct of junior and senior women in the University. A meeting of the student government association in the Strahan Ho JULIA FARMER Presideiif KATHERINE MORGAN LUCILLE KENYON . Sccrctary-Trcinitrcr Vicc-Preshlciit Julia Allison Repmenlnlh c of Netf Girls ' Dormitory Carolyn Byrd Represeiitutiie of Soiile Hull Hasseltine Davis Representaliie of Mary Lyinlon Hull Flora Eaves Repmciitatiie of Lucy Cobb Dormitory Georgia Field Representative of Alpha Omicron Pi Mildred Gaston Representative of 4-H Club Home Bettie Harrison Representative of Alpha Chi Omeaa Sara Patterson Arta FlENRY Representative of Pi Beta Phi Betty Hoyt Representatiie of Phi Mu Jerry Isenberg Representative of Delta Phi Epsilon Lucille Kenyon Representatiie of Alpha Delta Pi Irma King Representative of Alpha Gamma Delta Katherine Morgan Representative of Chi Omega Paula Representative of Kappa Alpha Thela ■ ■ Representatiie of Delta Delta Delta LEFT TO RIGHT: Allison, Byrd, D nry, Hoyt, lienberg, Kenyon, King, BOTTOM ROW: Morga . SECOND ROW: Muller, Patterson. ■mnwinrin n • " " ■ — - — " FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cottingirr, Nowcll, Smallwood. . . . SECOND ROW: French, Rigdon, Baldwin. ... TH IRD ROW: Sullivan, Wallace, Findlcy. OFFICERS CLIFFORD LEWIS Pirsidni GERALDINE COTTINCilM Vicc-PrcsiJcnt MARY NOWELl Secre my-Tirauiirr REPRESENTATIVES KBA SMALLNXOOD Vnihlnit. Sot hi inor,- CLisi MARTHA FRENCH Solihutiiorr Ri-[ res,nl.(liic to Court SARAH FLORENCE RIGDON Sotihomon- Ri ' limiilu it c to CoiiiuH MOLLY BALDWIN PnuJait. fn- hmuii Chiii MARTHA SULLIVAN rnJiiinii: R.pifsnil.iln , o Court BLANCHE WALLACE hris uiuii: Rrfiriu-iilatiu- to Council ANNE FINDLEY Town Represefitat i STIl irr (;ii-iii;iii ;iTh] {]{um Tmi Student Government Association at the Co-ordinate College is composed of ten women elected by the votes of all freshman and sophomore girls. The Asso- ciation makes and enforces rules of con- duct, holding " court " every Tuesday night for the trial of various offenses. Fines are assessed against girls guilty of violating the rules. CLIFFORD LEWIS, President Co-Ordinate Student Government nenl holds " court " at the Co-ordinate. Future barristers spend many hours studying in the Law School Library. cua StMxie4iti Vann, Gunter, Kelly, Murphy, Whittle. Liw siiiiiiiL mn COIIMIL SAMUEL EDGAR KELLY Chief Justice Members from Senior Class WILLIAM B. GUNTER WALTER H. BOLLING Members from Junior Class JAMES R. MURPHY LEE SECREST Members from Freshman Class THOMAS K. VANN JOSEPH A. WHITTLE LAWYERS ON THE LOOSE— MOCK TRIALS Left to Right: Solicitor Henry West opens a mock trial held In the Law School Courtroom in the basement of Harold Hirsch Hall. . . . Examination of a witness by the prosecution. . . . Exciting moment during a mock trial— Charlie Paschal, playing the part of the defendant, is subjected to a rigid cross-examination by Barrister E, D. McDonald. SENIOR LAW OFFICERS DOUGLAS CAMPBELL Fresident RULE EDWARDS Vice-Vresideiit E. D. McDonald . Scnefary-Treasurcr Left: The Senior Law Officers: Left to right, McDonald, Ed- wards, and Campbell. i S E n H LAW (] L U S FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Boiling, Campbell, Chaffin, Cooper, Edwards, F. H. . . . SECOND ROW: Edwards, R. D., Gracey, Hasklns. WALTER H. BOLLING Arnoldsville, Ga. DOUGLAS M. CAMPBELL Athens, Ga. Kappa Alpha cnt, Kjppi Alphj: President, Senior Gridiron; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Kappa Inter-Fraternity Council. VERNER FRANKLIN CHAFFIN Toccoa, Ga. Sigma Nil Sphinx; Phi Beta Kappa; President. Inter-Frater- nity Council; President, Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; Presi- dent, Sigma Nu; President. Junior Law Class. ' 40- ■41; President, Student Christian Council; Presi- dent. Gridiron; President, International Relations Club; Editor, G Book: Associate Editor, Georgia Bar lounial: Director of Law Clubs; Highest Average, Freshman Law Class, ■19. ' 40; President, Demosthenian Literary Society; Religious Council; V. R. A. Cabinet; Who ' i Who Among SluJenls In Amcruai, lUintrsitin anj Collega. SIDNEY HASKINS Macon, Ga. Tait Epsilon Phi President. Secretary, Tau Epsilon Phi; Presi Vice-President. Chief Justice. Phi Kappa; Bu Manager. 1941 Pandora; Treasurer. Inler-Fi nity Council; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Gridiron; Scabbard and Blade; I. R. C; Bl University Religious Council; Epicurean; clean; Circulation Manager. Georgia Arch; sity Debate Team; Phi Kappa Speaking Key; Z List. -J?- ' }?; Winner, Tau Epsilon Phi C Council Extra-Curricula Award, ' 40; W ' jo ' s Among SlnJrnls In American Uniicrulu-i Collcgci. MORRIS M. HERZBERG Atlanta, Ga. SAMUEL EDGAR KELLY, ,IR. Blakcly, Ga. Chief Justice. Honor Council; President, Phi Delt Phi; Associate Editor, Georgia Bar Jonrnal; PI Kappa Phi; -Winner, Wills Writing Award; Mem ber, Georgia Bar Association. WTTCHER S. McCULLOUGH Huntingtion, W. Va. iDvciN DAVID McDonald Fit .gcrald, Ga. ROBERT W. NEEL, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi ROBERT CLAUDE NORMAN Washington, Ga. Sigma Chi President. Sphinx. ■40- ' 42; Phi Beta Kappa; Presi- dent. Omicron Delta Kappa: Blue Key: Phi Delta Phi; Law School Honor Council, ■40- ' 41 ; Vanity Debate Team, ' }8- ' 40; Varsity Debate Manager. ■]8- ' 40; Debate Coach. ' 40- ' 41; Northern Debate Tour, •)«. ' 40; International Debate. MS; Preii- dent, Speaking Key, Demosthenian; Glee Club. ■ 6--J9: Vice-President. Glee Club; President, Treasurer, Sigma Chi; Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 37- ' 41; Sigma Chi Balfour National Award. ' 40; I. R. C; " X " Club; Biftad; President. Phi Eta Sigma; Gridiron; President. Treasurer. Y. M. C. A.; Student Christian Council; President. Georgia State Baptist Student Union. ■.18- ' 4l. ' . CHARLES M. PASCHAL, JR. Atlanta, Ga. ERNEST VANDIVER, JR. Lavonia, Ga. Phi Delia The a FRED H. VC ' ALKER Valdosca, Ga. JACOB MAX COOPER Savannah, Ga. Tall Epsilon Phi FRANK H. EDWARDS Atlanta, Ga. RUFE D. EDWARDS Jacksonville, Fla. ROBERT B. GRACEY Augusta, Ga. Kappa Alpha WILLIAM BARRETT GUNTER Commerce, Ga. Sigma Chi Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Sigma Chi, ■il; Assistant Business Manager. RcJ and Black, ' 39; Northern Debate Trip. ' 40; Var- sity Debate Team. ' JS- l; Perlcleans; Interna- tional Relations Club; Treasurer. Y, M. C. A., ' 39- ' 40; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; University Thcaiei Stag. 7T FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hetzbcrg, Kelly, McCullough, McDonald, Nccl. . . . SECOND ROW: Noiman, Paschal, Vandivcr, Walker. Top to bottom: MacDougald, Owen, Vaughn, Kenyon. CLASS OFFICERS JIM C•) X■EN I ' u ' Miliiil DICK KKNYON Vue-Prcsnlcnl GILMER MacDOUGALU Sfrir , v CLARENCL R. VAUGHN TnaMiicr n un LAW CLASS MEMBERS I 1) ARU DA IKS BLOCK Atlanta ROBI RT IHOMAS BRC:) N I-lbcrton ROBl.RI " C:RhNSHA V Atlanta .K)l I 1R IN DAIICH Augusta JAMLS A. DUNLAl ' Gainesville B. C, GARUNKR, JR Camilla W II MAM R. GIGNILLIAL Birniingliani, Ala. AILI N RICHARD KLNYON Gainesville I UGLNL M. KIRR Augusta GILMKR A. MacUOUGALD Atlanta HUGH 1 DWARl) MORRIS Ilartwell JAMLS R. MURPHY Bremen BRYAN «■. NIWKIRK C;oral Gables, Fla. WILLIAM WHLLLLR NIAVSOM Union I ' onu lAMLS COLLMAN OWLN Griftin GLORGL I ' OLATTY Kvans ROBERT I ' OTTLI Athens LEK SECRLST, JR. Alliens THOMAS L. SHANAHAN 1 nnda, N. Y. ROBERT TAYLOR SMITL1 Atlanta CLARENCE R. VAUGHN, JR. Conyers Gle:)RGl- LI. VINCLN 1 Lair Mount . SHER LOUIS WEILL Atlanta FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Block, Brown, Crenshaw, Dailch Dunlap Gardner Gignilhat Kenyon SECOND ROW: Kerr, MacDougald, Morris, Murphy, Newsorn, Owen, Polatty, Pottle. , . . ' THIRD ROW: Secrest, Shanahan, Smith, Vaughn, Vincent, Weill. f o life l a MUk A 5s -- y Ci f ;0 Qfi QC liMikiiiyUlfe Ik ' ikii FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bclchcf, Bolton, Bradley, Brown, Carpenter, Carswcll, Cocke, Cox, Daniel Darflen Driftrrier. . . . SECOND ROW: Duke, Earle, Edwards, Floyd, Fudge, Gould, Griffin, Kahn, Killian, Kimbrell, King. . . . THIRD ROW: Langford, Lipshutz, Macey, Maddox, Magruder Mitchell, Mohr, Newton Parker, Rogers, Ross. . . . FOURTH ROW: Royal, Solms, Sutton, Valeri, Whittle, E. I., Whittle, J, A., Williams, Young. F R E S H M 1 » LAW U H S FRED L. BELCHER Pelham ARTHUR K. BOLTON Griffin RICHARD PENN BRADLEY Glennville CLEM BROWN, JR. Tennillc MAE CARPENTER Springfield, IM. GEORGE H. CARSWELL Bainbridgc ERLE COCKE, JR. Atlanta JOHN LEE COX, JR. Cordele JOHN SAXTON DANIEL . . • - . Savannah WILSON P. DARDEN Hogansvillc JOHN DRIFTMIER Athens VICTOR LEROY DUKE ■ ■ Knoxvillc BERRY BENSON EARLE Thomasville HOBART B. EDWARDS, JR. Valdosta ELMORE McNAIR FLOYE) Camilla JAMES M. FUDGE, JR. Colquitt GORDON CLIFTON GOULD College Park JOHN C. GRIFFIN Cordele AVRUM JACK KAHN Pelham WILLIAM RUSSELL KILLIAN Brunswick CHARLES A. KIMBRELL Augusta HARBIN MARSH KING Curryvillc JAMES BEVERLY LANGFORD Calhoun ROBERT J. LIPSHUTZ Atlanta MORRIS «TLLIAM MACEY Camilla JAMES DICKSON MADDOX Rome GEORGE H. MAGRUDER Rome LEE McKINNEY Nashville, Tenn. DOUGLAS WRIGHT MITCHELL, |R. ■ . . Dalton SIGO MOHR, JR Savannah WILLIAM WARD NEWTON Hilltonia WILLIAM C. PARKER, JR Waycross MURPHEY ROGERS Ocilla LAMAR ROSS Macon ROBERT LEE ROYAL Sycamore WILLIAM OSBORNE SOLMS Savannah RALEIGH M. SUTTON Washington AMERICO VALERI . . LaGrangc THOMAS K. VANN Thomasville ELEANt)R IRBY WHITTLE • JOSEPH A. WHITTLE . . . ■ FRANCIS M. WILLIAMS • ■ • WILLARD WI;LLMAN YOUNG Savannah Brunswick Ft. Valley itsvillc, Al.i. CLASS OFFICERS HAROLD CARSWELL WILSON DARDEN ■ WILLIAM SOLMS . ■ ■wi r i ■udnil ,l.ny-Trca Left to right: Soln cz £c ' t J—tiw tiiiients ana, : eniot J LsteX in. ' MfllO ' S Hill) Mn ST11DE, TS l ktUXUl COLLEyS n liniEllSITIES " Thi; following twenty-one students, senior law or seniors, were selected at the beginning of the year by a faculty committee, headed by Mr. Robert M. Strozier, Director of Student Activities, to represent the University of Georgia in Wlx ' s Who Among Stu- Jfii s in Aiiniiiiiit CollciiiS ami V ii ' ncnitics. MARIANNE ADAIR Comer HEYWARD ALLEN Birmingham VERNER F. CHAFFIN Toccoa ERLE COCKE, JR. Atlanta DOROTHY DANIEL Athens JULIA FARMER Fayetteville, N. C. ALPHA FOSTER, JR. Douglasville B. C. GARDNER, JR. Camilla SIDNEY HASKINS Macon JANICE HATCHER Macon ERNEST VANDIVER, JR. ELIZABETH ANN HOSCH Gainesville CLIFF KIMSEY Cornelia SHEALY McCOY Athens JACK C. MEADOWS, JR. Athens E. T. MIMS Colquitt ROBERT C. NORMAN X ' ashingto JOAN ORR Athens JAMES C. OWEN Griffin NAN SUE ROGERS Adel C. JAY SMITH, JR. Newnan Lavonia FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Adair, Allen, Chaffin, Cocke, Daniel, Farmer, Fowie Haskins, Hatcher, Hosch, Kimsey, McCoy, Meadows. . . . THIRD ROW: Mim Smith, Vandivcr. SECOND ROW: Gardner, man, Orr, Owen, Rogers, Problem of the Class of ' 42 - Which Shall It Be, the Army, the Navy or Marines? 7 4e Se UJ(MA, The Senior officers pose beneath the Arch. Left to right: Pccples, Carter, and David. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MORT PEEPLES Preside)?! ROBERT DAVID Yice-Presidenl HAROLD CARTER . . . Sem-tary-Tiraunrr J s ai MORT PEEPLES Class President nil OR OFFIMRS cW.a iiismm9i s»} s m: I. Al Fowler, Campus Leader and V. R. A. head. ... 2. Marianne Adair, petite Pan-Hellenic president. ... 3. " Judse " B. C. Gardner, silver-tongcd orator and ad salesman. . . . 4. Julia " Shorty " Farmer, Student Government and Mortar Board head and loyal Tri-Delt. ... 5. Shealy McCoy, Com- mander-in-Chief and business machine operator. ... 6. Joan Orr, Southern lady and double Woman ' s Editor. ... 7. Jack " Cass " Meadows, -.cholar, singer, orator, colonel, business manager, and Brucru member. a t te SeniM. R. Af. 0. G. ' i. and B. W. 0. C. ' i. j TT FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Adair, Adams, N., Adams, R. L., Ada W. G. . . , SECOND ROW: Akins, Akridge, Allen, E. P., Allen, H. MARIANNE ADAIR Comer, Ga. Alpha Chi Omega President, Pan-Hellcric Council; President. Alplia Chi Omega; Who ' s Who Amo,, : StmlciiH In American Vfiitmities and Colleges. NELL ADAMS Atlanta, Ga. RUBY LEE ADAMS Opclika, Ala. WILLIAM G. ADAMS Macon, Ga. P j; Delta The a President. Phi Delt.i The LEFFLER H. AKINS Statesboro, Ga. PHIL BAILEY AKRIDGE Sale City, Ga. EVELYN PERFECT ALLEN Atlanta, Ga. Dcin ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi. HEYWARD ALLEN Birmingham, Ala. Gridiron; Blue Key; Captain. Football Team, ' 41; Football Lctterman, M9, •■(0, ' 41; Who ' s Who Among Students hi American Universities and Colleges; -G " Club. RISDEN T. ALLEN Wrens, Ga. SENIOR CLASS JULIA CAROLYN ALLISON Lavonia, Ga. [unior ( ' . A. A.. MO. ' 40; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mask and Foil Club; Upper lOC ' c of Sophomore Class; » ' omen ' s Fencing Team. ' i1. ' 40. •41; Senior Division Student Government. DANIEL G. ANDERSON Nashville, Ga. MARY ALICE ANDERSON Blue Ridge, Ga. Phi Upsilon Omicron; Historian, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, ' 42; Phi Kappa Phi; Women ' s Glee Club; Homecon; 4-H Club; Georgia Agricnilurist, Wom- en ' s Staff. SARAH MARJORIE ANDERSON Leslie, Ga. SARA ELIZABETH ANDREWS Augusta, Ga. ANN H. APPLEBY Jefferson, Ga. MILTON ARDEN, JR. Guyton, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Allen, R. T., Allison, Anderson, D. G , Ander! MA... SECOND ROW: Anderson, S. M., And ' ews, Appleby, Arden. ()F IHg DOLLY ASBURY CUrkesville, Ga. ELIZABETH W. ASHMEAD Augusta, Ga. Chi Omega Sketch Club, •i9---IO: Art Club; Girls ' Glei Club, •41- ' 42. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT; Asbury, Ashmead Ashworth Aske SECOND ROW: Atkinson, K., Atkinson, L. C, Attaway Avery VERA MADALINE ASHWORTH Ranger, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon; Transfer, Bessie Tift. GEORGIA FORT ASKEW Arlington, Ga. KATHARINE ATKINSON Waverly, Ga. LENORA CANDLER ATKINSON Savannah, Ga. CURTIS B. AVERY, JR. West Point, Ga. Phi Uu EMORY CECIL ATTAWA ' i Wriglnsville, Ga. Alpha Gamma Kho Giffju Club, Phi Kappa Phi: President, . ghon; President, Cav- alry Officers Club; President, Phi Eta Sigma; Cen- sor, Alpha Zcta; Business Manager, Georgia Agri- ciitlnrisl; O. D. K.; Blue Key; Gridiron; Scab- bard and Blade; Biftad; X Club; Junior Cabinet; Most outstanding freshman in Ag. School; Most outstanding Treshman military student; Winner Danforth Fellowship; Sophomore Sears Scholarship Winner; Dairy Cattle Judging Team; Lieut. Col., Cavalry; Periclean; Ag. Hill Council; Speaking Key, Ag. Club; Honor Key, Saddle Sirloin Club; Dean ' s List twelve quarters. JOHN BRETT BACON SAM H. BAILEY Savannah, Ga. President, Intercollegiate 4.H Club; President Uni- versity 4-H Club; Assistant Business Manager, Gror ia Clovrrlcif: Ag. Hill Council; Georgia Rural Youth Council; Ag. Economics and Rural Sociology Club; Ag. Club: Crorgia Agnnilliiriil , Staff; Radio Club. HARRY JAMES BAKER Savannah, Ga. Sigma Chi Pandora Staff, •J8- ' 40; Red unJ Blaek. ' J9- ' 41; Assistant Business Manager, Red and Mack. ' 41; Demosthenian; Officer, V. R. A., •}8- ' 40; Univer- sity Theater, ' .18- ' 42; Thalian-BlacUl riars; Vice- President, Secretary, Sigma t ' hi. Irwinton, Ga. CAROLYN BALL Savannah, Ga. Alpha Delta Pi GEORGE DEWEY BAILEY, Athens, Ga. JR. HENRY LEE BANKS, JR. Savannah, Ga. Sigma Chi Sigma Delta Chi; Captain. Advanced Military Photo Editor, Georgia Arch; Feature Editor, Red and Black; Demosthenian; University Theate Play; Pandora PhotoRrapher; Cavalry Officer MARY LOUISE BAILEY Dunwoody. Ga. CHARLES JACKSON BARBER Alpha Gamma Delta Eatonton, Ga. vcrsity Theater; Radio Activities Club Club. Pioneer Phi Delta Thvfa FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bacon, Bailey, G. D., Bailey, M. L., Bailey, 5. H. . . . SECOND ROW: Baker, Ball, Banks, Barber, C. J. Curtis Avery, scholar and Ag Hill big ■i.%A V A ttm i v ■ - -;£ FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barber, D. R., Barker, Barnes, D. L., Barnei, H C. . . SECOND ROW: Barnes, H. J., Barnett, Bass, L. G., Bass, M. A. DARIUS ROBERT BARBER, JR. Bainbridge, Ga. Sigma Chi Transfer, Gturgia Teachers College; Senior Men ' s Cabinet, V. R. A.; Economics Society; Varsity Debate Team. IDA REBECCA BARKER Franklin, Ga. DOROTHY LEE BARNES Atlanta, Ga. HARRY C. BARNES Warm Springs, Ga. 1 ■ HENRY JEWETT BARNES Warm Springs, Ga, First licutenunt, Advanced Military; Sw CLAIRE CHAPMAN BARNETT Washington, Ga. LARRY GRANT BASS Milledgeville, Ga. MARTHA ANN BASS East Point, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delta BETTY BATEMAN Macon, Ga. Phi Mu SOI OR UJSS BLANCH ARU BALI. BATTLE Columbus, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon I ' hi Kappa I ' hi; I ' hi Era S.gma: BiftaJ; Blue Key; I, R. C; S. 1-. I ' . O.; President. Hell On Horseback Club; Ereshman Debate Team. ' 41; Phi Kappa Speaking Key; Primary, Acrobatic. C-ross- l ountry. C. A. A.; Freshman, Sophomore. V, R. A, Cabinei; Most Outstanding Second Kjsit R, O. T. C. Cup. HELEN MORGAN BATTLE Augusta, Ga. DAVID II. BATTS Doerun, Ga. JAMES EMORY BAUGH Milledgeville, Ga. W ' lLLARD F. BAZEMORE Sylvania, Ga. WILLIE G. BEALL Hazlehurst, Ga. FRED L. BELCHER Pelham, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Baleman, Battle, B. B., Battle. H. M., Batts. . . . SECOND ROW: Baugh, Bazcmorc, Beall, Belcher, F. L. i} flF H42 NANCY T. Bl-LCHFR Cairo, Gj. Dtjn ' , 1.1,1. MO ' 41: BrlJ Gjimiij Sign FRANK L. BELYEU, JR. Atlanta, Ga. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Belcher, N. T., Belyeu, Bennett, SECOND ROW: Bernd, Berrong, Befry, E. P., Berry, R. S. JOHN W. BENNETT Butler, Ga rANDIDATF FOR B ! ED DPrRrr EARL PARKS BERRY Athens, Ga. CANUIllATF, FOB B.S.A.E. DEMIF HOWARD EDSEL BENSON ROLAND S. BERRY Thomson, Ga. Lambda Chi Alpha MARY KATHRYN BERRYMAN Carlton, Ga. GUS BERND CANDIDATE FOR B.S.K.E. DEGREE Macon, Ga. Glee Club; Homecon; 4-H Club; Ag. Econo and Rural Sociology Club. Uebiiing, -41; Speaking Key, ' 41; Phi Kappa Lit- erary Society; Ked and Black Staff; Director of Institute of Student Opinion, ' 39, ' 40, ' 41; Eco- nomics Society. ' )»- ' 40; G. O. P. Inner Circle; Young Democratic Club; President, Better Gov- AARON BIRENBAUM ernment Club, •41- ' 42; International Relations Club, ■41- ' 42. Brooklyn, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi WILDON HOYLE BERRONG EDWIN G. BIRKENHAUER Commerce, Ga. Maplewood, N. J. SUE NELL BLACK Glennville, Ga. JAMES WILLIAM BLACKBURN Swainsboro, Ga. DOROTHY BLACKSTOCK Jefferson, Ga. R. O. T. C. Chi Psi WALTER BLACKSTOCK Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Nu FRANCES M. BLACKWELL LIncolnton, Ga. Transfer from Bessie Tift; Music Club; Alpha Psi Omega; President, Kappa Delta Pi; Education Club. 1 1 SMIflR CLASS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Blake, Blalock, Blanchard, T. M., Blanchard M. J. . . . SECOND ROW: Blank, Bledsoe, Bolt, Bonner, E. N. lil-N.IAMIN DANCF. BOONF. Louisville, Ky. Sixma Chi RICHARD IRVIN BERNSTEIN New Haven, Conn. Tan Epsilon Phi Freshman Baseball, ■!9: Phi Ka|.pa; Historl Tail Fps.lun Phi; Marketing Club; Econoit JOHN GEORGE HOPKINS BLAKE Rockford, 111. Sigma Chi Var-ity Debate Team; Radio Club; Demostheni; Speakins Kev; Theater; Vice-Presiden Speech Club. WILLIAM HAROLD BLALOCK Rabun Gap, Ga. THOMAS M. BLANCHARD Augusta, Ga. MARY JANE BLANCHARD Crawford, Ga. DOROTHY BLANK Thomaston, Ga. Winner Michael Tennis Cup, ' .IS; W. A. A.. ' May Day Court. ' 40; C. A. A. Primary Cou Cheerleader, -41, ' 4:. MARTHA ELIZABETH BLEDSOE Fairburn, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delta Transfer from G. S. C. V. ; Pioneer Club. JOEL SULLIVAN BOLT Gainesville, Ga. EDWARD NAPIER BONNER Macon, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delia Delta Sigma Pi; Economics Society. FLORA BONNER Lavonia, Ga. K. WILLIAM BOSTON Waleska, Ga. Gaffau Club; Education Club. JOHN DANIEL BOWDEN, JR. Athens, Ga. MARGUERITE RUSSELL BOWDEN Savannah, Ga. Kappa Alpha Theta SARA ELIZABETH BOWEN Tifton, Ga. WALTER HARLEY BOWERS Moreland, Ga. Editor. R.-, ,iiiil BUck. •41- ' 42; Sports Editor, RcJ ,uid Black, " 41; President, Sigma Delta Chi, ■4l- ' 42; Treasurer, Sigma Delta Chi; Digamma Kappa; Radio Club; Demosthenian; Blue Key; Editor, NYA Time S n;t. Bob Burson, University Theater wotke f I ff - ! 1 I ' " «=«» C - l ' 3 OF 1942 ELEANOR WEBSTER BOYD Savannali, Ga. MARY GLADYS BOYD Adel, Ga. " iiAM FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Boyd, E. W. Boyd M G Boyett Bovk.r, SECOND ROW: Bradbury, Bradley, Bradshaw, B-amb ' lctt, ' WALTER HILL BOYETT Morris Station, Ga. ALBERT P. BOYKIN Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROSALYN BRADSHAW Atlanta, Ga. ry, Theia Sigma Phi; Radio Club; ' J9. ' 40; Upper 107c of Clais. ■40- ' 4l. JAMES EDWIN BRAMBLETT Gumming, Ga. HERBERT B. BRASELTON, JR. Braselton, Ga. ALBERT . I. BRASWELL Statesboro, Ga. Sigma Chi JOSEPH THOMAS BRADBURY Athens, Ga. Pi Kappa Phi Treasurer, Phi Kappa. ■4U-42; Treasurer. Sigma Delta Chi, Hl-Ml; Treasurer, Economics Society, ■41; Scabbard and Blade; Junior Business Man- ager, 1941 Panoor ; Circulation Manager, Rr „„J Black. -41; University Theater Business Staff. JOHN G. BRADLEY Waycross, Ga. ROBERT EARL BRANCH Sylvester, Ga. LESTER E. BRANNEN, JR. Statesboro, Ga. SHELTON BRANNEN Stilson, Ga. Alpha Gamma Rho President, Alpha Gamma Rho; Photo Edito Georgin Agriciillurizl: Gaffau; Transfer froi Georgia State Teachers College, and Abrahai Baldwin Agricultural College. BETTY F. BRAUNGART Atlanta, Ga. PARIS DUANE BR. Y Canon, Ga. MARJORIE VIRGINIA BRAWNER LaGrange, Ga. Kappa Delta FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Branch, Brannen, L. E., Brannen, S., Braselto . . , SECOND ROW: Braswell, Braungart, Bray, Brawnei. 1 SKHflB CUSS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT- Bridges, Brightwcll, Brinson, B., Brinson, E, L. , . SECOND ROW: Britt, Broome, Brown, B. L., Brown, C. F. lANIF LOU BROWN Swaimboro, Ga. MARTHA AGNES BROWN Monroe, Ga. Transfer from West Georgia College; Homccon Club; Rural Sociology Club. PERRY L. BRIDGES Blakely, Ga. JANE BRIGHTWELL Athens, Ga. BUCK BRINSON Millen, Ga. Sigma Chi Transfer from The Citadel; Primarv and Ad- vanced Flying Course; Saddle and Sirloin. EMORY LEE BRINSON Woodcliff, Ga. CHARLENE BROOME DanielsviUc, Ga. BONNIE LOUISE BROWN Dillard, Ga. Transfer from G. S. C. W.; Education Club; Ag. Economics and Rural Sociology Club. CLEM F. BROWN Tennille, Ga. Phi Delta Theta Lieuicnant, Advanced Military. JOHN HERNDON BROWN Cornelia, Ga. Mr.LVILLE CARROLL BROWN Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega Demosthcnian, Captain, Fencing Team, M9- ' 40; Junior Cabinet: President, Junior Class; President. Alpha Tau Omega; President, Mask and Foil Club, ■40- ' 4I; Economic Society, STEWART DIXON BROWN, JR. Royston, Ga, Chi Phi AUGUSTA BRYAN St, Petersburg, Fla. WILLIAM O. BRITT Athens, Ga. JOSEPH E. BROWN Buffalo, N. Y. MARY M. BRYAN Americus, Ga. John Ridley, loyal V.R.A. workc FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Brown, J. H., Brown, J. E., Brown, J. L., Brown, M. A. . . . SECOND ROW: Brown, M. C, Brown, S. D., Bryan, A., Bryan, M. OF 1942 1 I IZAHl I 11 W . liKVANS AusuM., C,a. JOSIPH A. BRYANT, JR Columbus, Ga. JUANITA BULLOCK Danielsville, Ga. CAROLINE H. BUMANN Savannah, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bryans, Bryant, Bullock, Bu ROW: Burch, N. H., Burch, R., Budelte, Burgess. MARY LUCY BURGESS Good Hope, Ga. MARTIN JOSEPH BURKE Atlanta, Ga. MARY ALICE BURNS Tucker, Ga. Alpha Chi Omega r Club; University Tl GERALD BURROUGHS Ocilla, Ga. NATHAN H. BURCH Athens, Ga. ROBERT BURCH, JR. Turnerville, Ga. Sticnte Club; Saddltr and Sirloin Club. LOIS C. BUDETTE Burdal, Ga. Sociology Seminar. MARY BEVERLY BURKE Atlanta, Ga. Chi Omega LOUELLA VIRGINIA BURLESON Gadsden, Ala. GRETCHEN BURNETTE Howell, Ga. WILLIAM F. BURROUGHS Danielsville, Ga. ROBERT GEORGE BURSON Athens, Ga. Lambda Chi Alpha O, U. K.; University Theater Business Staff, ' is ■42; Business Manager, University Theater. ' 41 ■42; Treasurer, Thalian-Blackfriars; Glee Club; Phi Kappa; Major. Advanced R. O. T. ( FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Burke, M. J., Burke, M. B , Burle . . . SECOND ROW: Burns, Burroushs, G W., Burrows, W F , Mort Peeples, heads Senior Class and keeps books of Blue Key. i SEnoR njsx JOHN C. CALHOUN Palatka, Fla. I ' midcnt, Puri-stry Club; Chief Forester. Alplij X, Slsm.i; lorcsicr. Xi Sigma Pi; Ar Hill Coun- cil; Alphi Zcti; Aghon. H. GRAOY CALLAHAN Athens, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Burl, F., Burl, W. H., Butt, W. G., Bush. SECOND ROW: Butler, Byid, J. C, Bytd, J. W., Caldwell. LambiU Chi Alpha FRANK BURT Kennesaw, Ga. J. CAROLYN BYRD Christobal, Canal Zone ADOLPHUS SANFORU CALLAWAY Rayle, Ga. Sigma Chi WALTER H. BURT, JR. Albany, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsihti WILLIAM G. BURT Bolingbroke, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon OVID BERN BUSH, JR. Atlanta, Ga. JANE WINTER BYRD Savannah, Ga. Gamma Sigma Epsiloti; Zoology Club; President, Zooloiiv Club. ■41- ' 42; Dean ' s List; Transfei from Armstrong Junior College. WILLIAM SIDNEY CALDWELL, JR. BlairsviUe, Ga. Xi Phi Xi; Agronomy Club ROBERT E. CALLAWAY Rayle, Ga. THOMAS OLIVER CALLAWAY Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi MIRIAM KAY CAMP Moreland, Ga. Phi Upsilon Omicron; Phi Kappa Phi; 4-H Club; Lambda Chi Alpha JAMES B. BUTLER Chatsworth, Ga. JACK CHILTON CALHOUN Columbus, Ga. President, Scabbard and Blade; President, Dclt, Sigma Pi; Vanity Rifle Team; Lieutenant Colonel. R.OT.C; Economics Society; Demos ihenian; Gridiron. WALTER HADEN CAMP Newnan, Ga. Sigma Chi Sigma Chi. •41- ' 42; Dcmoslhei FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Calhcun, Jack; Calhoun, John- Callahan, Callaway, A. S. . . . SECOND ROW: Callaway, R. E., Callaway, T. O., Camp, M. K., Camp, W. H. 1 OF 1942 WILLIAM L. CAMP, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Lambda Chi Alpha Fencing Team; Mask and Foil; Uni. Theater; Demosthenian; Art Club. FRANCE.S ELIZABETH CANNON Atlanta, Ga. FRED L. CANNON, JR. Atlanta, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Camp, W. E. Cannon F E Cannon F L. Canlhcts. ... SECOND ROW: Catswcll, Carter H. B., Carter, ' r. E. Castellaw ' . ROBERT LUTHER CARITHERS X ' inder, Ga. Phi Delta Theta Gridiron; Lieutenant. Advanced Military: Calvary Officers Club; Pandora Staff. ' .IS-MO; Vice- President. Phi Delta Theta, ■41- ' 42; President, Ph ' i Delta Theta, ' 42. HENRY J. CARSWELL, JR. Waycross, Ga. HAROLD B. CARTER Cordelc, Ga. Secretary-Treasurer. Junior Class; •40- ' 41 ; Secre- tary-Treasurer. Senior Class. ■4I- ' 42: Blue Key; Gridiron; X Club; Demosthenian; Agronomy Club; Secretary. Young Democratic Club; First Lieutenant, Advanced R.O.T.C; All Intra-Murjl Football (two years); All Intra-Mural Softball. CHARLES AUGUSTUS CHAMBERS Cornelia, Ga. CAROLYN E. CHAPMAN Athens, Ga. Y.W.C.A. Sophomore Cabinet; Freshman Debate Team; Varsity Debate Team, •.19- ' 42; RecordinR Secretary, Pi Beta Phi, M9--40. JIM TOM CHASTAIN Fair Mount, Ga. EVA ROB CHESHIRE Atlanta, Ga. CANDIDATt FOB A.B.J. DtOBEC Alpha Gamma Delta Sigma Phi; Radio Club; Second Vi President. Alpha Gamma Delta. HOMER LEE CHESHIRE Douglas, Ga. MARGARETE G. CHESNUT Chamblce, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delta ROLAND EARL CARTER Athens, Ga. Delia Tan Delta GERALDINE CASTELLAW Commerce, Ga. ROBERTA VIRGINIA CHASTAIN Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Omicron Pi Freshman Commission; Sophomore Cabinet; Uni- versity Women ' s Council; President. Psi Chi; Secretary, Alpha Omicron Pi. WYATT WOOTEN CHILDS Macon, Ga. Kappa Alpha Treasurer. Kappa Alpha; Junior Cabinet; Glee Club, ■)9- ' 42; Little Symphony Orchestra ■18- ' 42; Band. •Jg-42; Phi Kappa; V.R A Cabinets. ■)9- ' 41. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Chambers, Chapman, Chastain, J. T., Chaslain, R. V. . . . SECOND ROW: Cheshire, E. R., Cheshire, H. L., Ches.iut, Ch Ids. Erie Cocke, All-American politician. m ' i SF flB njss I Ri I- cxic;ki:, jr., (,.1. Kappa Alpha O.n.k.; nluc Key; Gridiron; Senior I nolbjll Manager; President. Phi Kippa: President. Alpha Phi Omega: Historian, I.R.C.; X Club: Fresh- man Impromptu Debate: Phi Kappa Debate Man- ager: Senior V.R.A. Cabinet; lunior Cabinet; Mji..r. R. (1 T ( , SUZANNl- ( OHN Athens, Ga. JIARl.l S n. CHRISTIAN Mompliis. Toin. ANDRKW C. COBB Savann.ih, Ga. RAWSON H. COLEMAN Atlanta, G.i. HHN CHRISTli: Parrott, G.i. .S wrf Nil Transter from Middle Georgia College; Tran-fei Ri: CHRISTli: Parrott, Ga. Sigma Nil Transfer from Middle Georgia College; Transfc, from Georgia Teachers College; Dcmosthcnian Education Club. RKMER Y. CLARK Savannah, Ga. JOHN TYRUS COBB Athens, Ga. ( ' ILL1AM H. COBB Americus, Ga. Siama Alpha lipsiloii JEAN B. COCHRAN Savannah, Ga. Kappa Sigma President. Kappa Sigma; Inter-Fraternitv Council; Captain, Cavalry, R. O. T. C. I IZABKTH FRANCES COLLEY Hapeville, Ga. HELEN COLLEY Washington, Ga. LXmOTHY JANE COLLIER Toccoa, Ga. IllOMAS BENJAMIN CT.AXTON Girard, Ga. ulJIe and Sirloin Club; Gaffau Club. IHOMAS ANDREW COCHRAN Lafavcttc, Ga. Chi Omega Iransfer from G. S. C. W.; Secretary, lunior Homecon; lunior Council, ■39--40; Paniuha Staff. •.l9- ' 40: Pioneer Club; Treasurer, Phi Upsilon. MO-MZ: Vice-President, Senior Council. Pope Holliday, scholar in prc-mcd. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cochran, J. B., Cochran, T. A., Cocke, Cohn. . . . SECOND ROW: Coleman, Collcy, E. F., Collcy, H., Collier, D. J. flF 1942 SARAH COLLIER Comer, Ga. JOE EVERETTK COLLINS Collins, Ga. HAZEL C. COLLINGS Clemson, S. C. ROBERT A. COLTER Rentz, Ga. PAUL DANIEL CONNOR Albany, Ga. Alpha Tail Omega MARCIA E. CORNWILL Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Omicron Pi Frohman Commission: Sophomore Council: Uni- versity Women ' s Council; Pandoba, ' JS-Ml ; Treasurer, Alpha Omicron K. ' 4I- ' 42. CECIL CLAY CORRY, JR. Union Point, Ga. MARCUS L. COX Tifton, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon JULIAN PRYOR CRAIGMILES Thomasville, Ga. WILLIAM ADRIAN C ROM AR I II Coolid c. Ga. JOHN CH APMAN CROMLEY Brooklet, Ga. ILIZABETH CRUMBLEY Savannah, G.l. I ' ll! Upsilon Omicron: Glee Club: II..: JOHN RUFUS CRUMPLAR Cordelc, Ga. WILLIAM CHESTER COOPER Cohutta, Ga. GEORGE AYERS CRESS Decatur, Ga. JCIHN c:. CULPl I ' I ' I R Cordelc, Ga. PIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cox, Craigmiks, Cress, Cromartii SECOND ROW: Cromley, Crumbley, Crumplar, Culpepper. cth Hutchinson, champion fcnr 1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cunningham, Dailey, Dally, Dalton SECOND ROW: Daniel, B. E., Daniel, C, Daniel, D. B., Daniel, E. SEHflR UJSS LEE H. DARBY Vidal a, Ga. CANiunATE ro K B.B.A. oncmi; Uolt.1 SiKmj I ' i; Iconomits Society. HUBERT H. DARSEY Cain , Ga. ROY T. DASHER Valdos ta, Ga. ROBERT D. CUNNINGHAM Eatonton, Ga. Vhi Delia Thcia GLADYS EVELYN DAILEY Tunnel Hill, Ga. MARY JO DALLY Social Circle, Ga. DAVID N. DALTON Daniclsville, Ga. CAROLYN DANIEL Stillmore, Ga. DOROTHY BEALLE DANIEL Athens, Ga. Phi M« Prciidcnt, Vice-President, Phi Mu: Treasurer, Board; President, Z Club; President, Zodiac; President, Hunt Club; Treasurer, Hunt Club; President, Jr. Division W. A. A.; Ga. Athletic Federation of College ' Women Council; Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Delta; Varsity Debate Team. •39- ' 40; Freshman Debate Team; Secrctarv. Somen ' s Cbinet of V. R. A.; Fresh- man C..mmi M.,n: Trc.isurcr, Sophomore Cabinet; Pandora s, i1, n-4ii. Coordinate Editor, Assistant S,„Ki, l,l,i,,r. Society Fditor. Red «n,l S:.,.t. liii ' M i, ThcniT ni,..ness S.nff. •JS--40; Ilijli.,n-i;!,ul Imk o rci uv , I ,,, l,m,,n Class; l ' ,,.n.o I li.i. S,..,,i ,:, .,, !■ ,cr Inner (.,, Jc; l ' ,,„.| I, i U„u i i.u.uil, 4l- ' 4:, Winner of Badminton roiMnimeni. .-■ ' : Runner- up Ladles Golf Tournament. ' S ' J- U; Mi inner Ladies Jumping, Ladles Horsemanship, ' 39- ' 40j Who ' s Who Among SInJciit! hi Amc-ricin Viiivrr. silin ,uiJ Cllcsct ROBERT KENDRICK DAVID Columbus, Ga. Sigma Nil President. Sigma Nu; Inter-Fraternity Council; Vice-President. Senior Cl.iss. ANN HASSELTINE DAVIS Savannah, Ga. MARCIA DAVIS Albany, Ga. NELL V. DAVIS Rutledge, Ga. BEN E. DANIEL Claxton, Ga. Austin Rhcney, A9 Hill Icatjc ELAINE DANIEL Morrow, Ga. THOMAS CAI ' ERTON DEAS Augusta, Ga. OF 1842 MARJORIE LEE Dl ' KLE Cordele, Ga. Chi Omega RICHARD F. DELAjMAR, JR. HawkinsviUe, Ga. LAURA F. DENSON Quitman, Ga. GEORGE MITCHELL DICKERSON Hartwell, Ga. Saddle and Sirloin Club; 4-H Club. SARA ADEL DICKERSON Rabun Gap, G.i. Transfer from G. S. C. W.; Education Club; Ag. Economics and Rural Sociology Club. NATHAN DIFTLER Knoxville, Tenn. Alpha Epsilon Pi Transfer from University of Tennessee; Forestry Club; Xi Phi Xi; Xi Sigma Pi. HOWARD EUGENE DILL McRaf, Ga. WILLIAM EDGE DIXON Cairo, Ga. President, Wesley Foundation; Dean ' s lis ' 40- ' 41; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma V. R. A. Men ' s Cabinet. WILLIAM WARREN DIXON Jonesboro, Ga. Alpha Gamma Rho Transfer from Abraham Baldwin; Seen Gaffji, Club. ' 41; 4-H Club, ' 41; Treai Alpha Gamma Rho, ' 41. BENTON THOMAS DODD Newport News, Va. LAWRENCE MICHAEL DONOVAN Savannah, Ga. Kappa Alpha Gridiron; Secretary. Kappa Alpha; Inlernjilonal Relations Club; Inter-Fraternity Council; Phi ELIZABETH DOLORES DOSTER Atlanta, Ga. DOT LUCILE DOUGLAS Hope Hull, Ala. MARY ANNE DOWLING Fitzgeraitl, Ga. Chi Omega CHARLES HENRY DRAKE Jefferson, Ga. DORIS K. DRAKE Llnnalsonvillc, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dixon, W. W., Dodd, Donovan, Dostc SECOND ROW: Douglas, Dowlmg, Drake, C. H., Drake, D. K. Robert David, runs River Road i il - FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Drake, J. M., Dunbar, Durden, D. W., Durden, J. D. . . . SECOND ROW: Durham, Duvall, Earic, Earnest. lANIE MARGIE DRAKE Colquitt, Ga. MARY V. DURHAM Commerce, Ga. sniflR njss HERSHEl, E. EDWARDS Crawfordville, Ga. MARION EDWARDS Claxton, Ga THOMAS R. EDWARDS Greensboro, Ga. CANOroATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delia CAROLYN ANNE DUVALL Atlanta, Ga. UTLLIAM EDWARD EDWARDS Macon, Ga. CHARLES ARNOLD DUNBAR Valdosta, Ga. :-Colonel. Cavalry. DOSH WILLIAM DURDEN Atlanta, Ga. rslty Treater; Thallan-Blackfriars; Inur- ,al Relations Club; Phi Kappa Phi; O. D. K. JACK D. DURDEN Swalnsboro, Ga. Managing Editor, Georgia AgricuUiirht; Aghon; Secretary-Treasurer, Ag. Hill Council; Honor Key, Critic, Ag. Club; Reporter, Gaffau Club: ■4-H Club; Reporter, Saddle and Sirlion Club; Captain, Cavalry, R. O. T. C; Cavalry Offi- cer ' s Club; Winner Alpha Zeta Award. BERRY BENSON EARLE Thomasville, Ga. Sigma Chi LILLIE RUTH EARNEST Carrollton, Ga. GEORGE THOMAS EDWARDS Athens, Ga. Pi Kappa Phi llpha Kappa Psi ; ' ice-President, Marketing Chih; -41; Capt.iin, R. O. T. C. Infantry. BETTY SUE ELDER Chickamauga, Ga. EDITH MARIE ELDER Clarkesville, Ga. LAMAR ALEXANDER ELDER Bishop, Ga. Harlpy Bowers, RED AND BLACK FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Edwards, G. T., Edwards, H. E., Edwards, M., Edwards, T. R. . . . SECOND ROW: Edwards, W. E., Elder, B. S., Elder, E. M., Elder, L. A. 1 flF 1942 DAVID RICE ELMORE Savannah, Ga. JOHN R. ELTON Hazlehurst, Ga. LUTHER EUGENE ENGLISH Clarkesville, Ga. Agricultural Fconnmics and Rural Soiiolngv ( lu JOHN ERANCIS FPPES Athens, Ga. mt •nd lieutenant. Advanced R. O. T. C. CARRIE MYRTICE ESTES Gay, Ga. Kappa Alpha The a Sigma Alpha Iota; Glee Club. LORENZO EUBANKS Sale City, Ga. EUGENE T. EVANS, JR. Moreland, Ga . JIAN LOUISE EVANS Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Delia ..phoiuorc Council; Sophomore Student Go FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Evans, N., Evans, O. P., Eve, Evetctl, SECOND ROW: Faircloth, Farrrcr, J. A., Farmer, S. F., F, FIRST ROW, ROW: Estcs, LEFT TO Eubanks, RIGHT: Elmore, Elton, English, Eppes. , . . SECOND Evans, E. T., Evans, J L. NORMAN EVANS lUI.IA ANTIONETTE FARMER Coolidge, Ga. Eayetteville, N. C. lA.VDlDATF FOR B.S.P1I R. DrolltL Delta Delta Delta ORREN PRESSLY EVANS Moreland, Ga. Glee Club. ' 40; Freshman Commission; Secretary- Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta: Vice-President, Sophomore Class: Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Cab- inet; University Women ' s Council; President. Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Division Student Government; Secretary-Treasurer, Pioneer Inner (irclc: President. Mortar Board; WAo ' i Who ill American Viiivcriitici and CoUef es. FLORA LEE EVE Savannah, Ga. SARA FAVER FARMER ■ " ■ " " " " ■ " ■■ " " Fayetteville, N. C. Delta Delta Delta LOY AUSTIN EVERETT Oliver, Ga. President, Ireshman Commission; Vice-President, Y. W. C. A.; Senior Y Cabinet; Chaplain. President. Delta Delta Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Secretary-Treasurer Student Govern- (lANnmATt roR M.S. A. Dr.f.Rir HOWARD M. EAIRCLOIll MAXINE LEIGH EARR Pincview, Ga. Au justa, Ga. P., Eve, Everett. . . . F., Farr. ■Sis " Hosch, runs both the Wome V.R.A. and Pioneer Club. 1 SEiiflR fiun FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Faulkner, Fawcclt, Fender, Field. SECOND ROW: Fields, Finch, Fine, Fisher. JOHN ASA FAULKNER Griffin, Ga. DOROTHY G. FAWCETT Savannah, Ga. Chi Omega Transfer from Armstrong Junior College; Va sity Debate Team: Pioneer Club. DAR X ' IN E. FENDER Palestine, Texas Vice-President, Glee Club; Major, Cavalry R. O. T. C. ; Assistant Business Manager, Cypress Knee; Brew Crew; Civalry Officers Club; Forestry Club. GEORGIA B. FIELD Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Omicron Pi Glee Club; Senior Student Govcrnm. President, Alpha Omicron Pi, Ml- ' Club. Charlie Seckinger, Ag Hill figun . 1 ik JAMES GORDON FIELDS Milan, Ga. MAC ISSAC FINCH Gumming, Ga. EDNA EARLE FINE Metter, Ga. Delta Phi Epsilon JAMES H. FISHER Clayton, Ga. VIRGINIA REID FITE Columbus, Miss. ANGIE ELLEN FITTS Americus, Ga. GRACE G. FITZGERALD Avondale Estates, Ga. Alpha Chi Omega ry, Alpha Chi Omega; Pan-Hcllc JAMES E. FLEMING Wrens, Ga. HAROLD COOK FLETCHER Parrott, Ga. Alpha Zeta; Xi Phi Xi ; Treasurer, Ag. Engineer- ing Club, ' 4I- ' 42; Business Manager, Ag. En- gineer; Transfer from Middle Georgia College. ORLIN K. FLETCHER Augusta, Ga. LAVINIA N. FLOWERS Atlanta, Ga. HENRY B. FLOYD, JR. Chipley, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Fite, Fitts, Fitzgerald, Fleming. . . . SECOND ROW: Fletcher, H. C, Fletcher, O. K., Flowers, Flovd. flF 194 ' 2 ZELMA ANN FORD Alma, Ga. SARA ETHEL FOREHAND Sylvester, Ga. [iM " FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ford, Forehand, Fort, Foster. . . . SECOND ROW: Fowler, A. A., Fowler, J. M., Frankum, Freeman, J. E. NANCY JANE FORT Americus, Ga. Delta Delia Delta Vice-President, Delta Delta Delta. ■41- ' 42: Int. national Relations Club: Women ' s Senior Cabini •40- ' 42; President, Summer V. R. A. Cabinet, ' I JOE MARION FOWLER Stone Mountain, Ga. JAMES M. FUDGE Colquitt, Ga. Phi Delta Thcta MARY CURRIE FOSTER Plains, Ga. KATHLEEN FRANKUM Clarkesville, Ga. JOHN E. FREEMAN, JR. Milledgeville, Ga. GEORGE K. FULLER Atlanta, Ga. TOM WATSON FULLER Dallas, Ga. Gaffau; 4-H Club. ALPHA A. FOWLER Douglasville, Ga. dent, V. R. A.; Sphinx; President, Baptist ;nt Union; Campus Leader; Editor, Georgia cnllurisi; Vice-President, Aghon; Ag Hill jr. Red and Black; President. Freshman ; President. Freshman Cabinet; Upper lO o; Hill Council; Alpha Zeta; O. D. K.; Grid- Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade: X Club; ,d; Junior Cabinet; Lieutenant-Colonel, In, T, R. O. T. C; Treasurer, V. R. A. net: Winner Alpha Zeta Award: Speaking Ag Hill Club: Most Outstanding First meed Infantry Cadet, ' 41; ' Who ' s W ' jo «.? SIndenIs in American Uniiersities and Cnlle?,-!. KATE HELEN FREEMAN Savannah, Ga. Transfer from Armstrong Junior College; Dean ' s List: Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation Council: Sociology Seminar; Education Club. JEAN J. FREISLEBEN Opelika, Ala. Zodiac: Psi Chi; Glee Club; Sociology Semina. SEABORN E. FULLILOVE Athens, Ga. JOHN B. GADDESS, JR. Decatur, Ga. GEORGE H. GALLOWAY Gainesville, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Freeman, K. H., Freisleben, Fudge, Fuller, G. K. . . . SECOND ROW: Fuller, T. W., Full. love, Gaddess, Galloway. Sue Rogers, Phi Beta Kappa fr. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gardner, 6. C, Gardner, J. C, Garrett, A., Garrett, J. A. . . . SECOND ROW: Garrison, Garvin, Gaskins, Gaston, Ji. r. GARDNER, JR. Camilla, Ga. Sphinx; Busineis Manager, Red and Black: President, Treasurer, Demosthenian; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; President. Gridiron; X Club; President, Ephicurean; Junior Cabinet; . R. . ' , Freshman Cabinet; Varsitv Debate Team; Debate Manager. JOHN CALHOUN GARDNER Savannah, Ga. ANNE GARRETT Atlanta, Ga. JEAN ALLEN GARRETT Waycross, Ga. Alpha Delta Pi jsurer. Sigma .Mpha lu WAYNE D. GARRISON Fitzgerald, Ga. HETTIE JANE GARVIN Tifton, Ga. Transfer Itetson University, ' 38; Ohio State University. ' 39; Middle Georgia College. ' 40; . ' r(;herv Club; Bowling Club; Pen and Brush Club; I. W. A.: Homecon Club; Marketing Club. ALVAH WILLIAM GASKINS Nashville, Ga. MILDRED INEZ GASTON Carrollton, Ga. DOROTHY BURDETTE GAY Berea, Ky. SMI OR CUSS LETA GAY Millen, Ga. Transfer. Georgia Teachers ' College; Homecon ( lul-; 4-H Club; Poultry Science Club; Dramatic Club. RHODABEL GAY Jasper, Ga. HYMAN B. GERSHON Atlanta, Ga. Tan Epsilon Phi Ptcshman Numerals. Basketball, Track; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track; Phi Kappa. JOEL EDWIN GIDDENS Eastman, Ga. HERMAN P. GILDER Alamo, Ga. OLIN ' WINTON GINN Atlanta, Ga. President, V.ce-President. Agricultural Engineer .115 Club; University Theater; Xi Phi , i Alpha Zeta; Demosthenian. HENRYETTA GLOVER Americus, Ga. Phi Mu A d OF 1942 AVIS E. GODDARD Americus, Ga. rrji.,fcr. Georgia Suuthwestern College; Gai Sigma tp ilon. G.-or iJ Clo,,rU.ll: Fduc. HAL ALFORD GODWIN Jacksonville, Fla. Alpha Gamma Rho jpiiM Siudeiil Union: Gaffau Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Goddard, Godwin, H. A., Godwin, R., Goggans. . . . SECOND ROW: Gooch, Goodloe, Goodman, Graham. RUTH GODWIN Plains, Ga. CATHERINE YOUNG GRAHAM Valdosta, Ga. ELLEN MILDRED GRAVES Atlanta, Ga. Phi M« Dean ' s List, " W-HI; Music Club. JAMES FLOYD GOGGANS Lenox, Ga. Transfer. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College; Forestry Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Xi Sigma Pi. PAULINE GOOCH Savannah, Ga. i.fer, Armstrong Junior College. ANNE GOODLOE Valdosta, Ga. EMMA JEAN GRANT Chula, Ga. Senior W. A. A.; Physical Education Club; Education Club; Zoology Club; Glee Club; Archery Club; Sophomore Council; Kappa Delta JAMES DANIEL GRANT Athens, Ga. Secretary, Thallan-Blackfriars; University HENRY OSCAR GREEN Swords, Ga. JOSEPH ALLAN GREENBERG Newark, N. J. THOMAS EDGAR GREENE, JR. Macon, Ga. CANDIDATE FOA B.S.ED. DEGREE WINFRED S. GOODMAN Atlanta, Ga. DEWEY WESLEY GRANTHAM, JR. Douglas, Ga. Transfer, South Georgia College; Historian Demosthenian; V. R. A. Men ' s Cabinet; Inter national Relations Club; Education Club; Busi ness Manager, ' 4I- ' 42 Student Directory. SARAH ADELAIDE GREGORY Decatur, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Chi Omega FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Grant, E. J., Grant, J. D,, Grantham, Gr, . . SECOND ROW: Green, Grecnberg, Greene, Gregory. Uly Gunn, prominent in publication the military department and K.A. 1 7 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gnffin, E. C, Gciffin, E. E., Griffin, J M.. Gnffitfi. . . . SECOND ROW; Gcist, Groom, Groover, J. T., Groover, J. H. SE flR HiHS ULY S. GUNN Athens, G.i. Kappii Alpha Mjnaging Editor, 1942 Pandora; Omicron Delta Kappj; Blue Key; Gridiron; President, Vice-Presi- dent, Kappa Alplia; Ma.or, Infantry, R. O. T. C; Thalian-BIackfriars; University Theater, MD- ' •12; Junior Cabinet; Secretary, V. R. A. Men ' s Cabinet, ' 40- ' 41; Sophomore Cabinet; Freshman Cabinet; Inter-Fraternity Council, ' 42; Economics Society; Phi Kappa; Freshman Swimming Team, ■ »■■)• ; Junior Editor, 1941 Panuoka. WINIFRED HACKE Athens, Ga. EDNA CLAIRE GRIFFIN CarroUton, Ga. Homecon Club; Transfer, West Georgia College. ERASMUS EGGLESTON GRIFFIN, JR. Gibson, Ga. Kappa Sigma Delta Sigma Pi; Economics Society JO MARIE GRIFFIN Savannah, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delta Transfer, Notre Dame College; Secretary, Alpha GEARY E. GRIFFITH New York, N. Y. Pi Kappa Alpha Editor, Business Manager, Georgia Arch. JACK D. GRIST Dillard, Ga. Alpha Gamma Rho Vice-President, Secretary, GaSau Club; Secretary, Saddle and Sirloin; Agronomy Club; Agricul- tural Club; Circulation Manager, Georgi., Agri- cullurhl; K. O. T. C. Band. PAUL " WILLIAM GROOM Avontlate Estates, Ga. JOHN THOMAS GROOVER, JR. Jonesboro, Ga. Alpha Gail Rho JULIA HELEN GROOVER Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha Theta WILLIAM RAST GROOVER Athens, Ga. Alpha Gamma Rho Transfer, North Georgia College, ' M; Galfau Club; Saddle and Sirloin; Ag Club; 4-H Club. Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Treasurer, Zodiac; Secretarv-Trcisorer, Xi Phi Xi; Girls ' Glee Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Telegraph Archery Team; Bert Mich.iel Schol- LOUISE MAINS Augusta, Ga. Chi Omefia Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Vice-President, Chi Omega. FRANCES EVELYN HALL Comer, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.t:. DEGKEII HELEN SARAH HALL Atlanta, Ga. JACK HASKINS HALL Blue Ritlge, Ga. Kappa Sigma Transfer, North Georgia College; Beta Gamma Sigma; Captain, Cavalry, R. O. T. C; R. O. T. C. Honor Graduate; " X " Club; " G " Club; Vice-President, Kappa Sigma; Varsity Track Team. MARGARET FiALL Montezuma, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delta Transfer. Huntingdon College, ' 40; Phi Kappa Phi; Pioneer Club; Dean ' s List; Treasurer, Alpha Gamma Delta. Sue Ransome, journalist and Phi Mu ik OF 1942 SARAH PEEPLES HALL Newton, Ga. A ) j i Chi Omega ccuii CKib: Pioneer Club. MURIEL HALPRIN Ft. Valley, Ga. Dvlla Phi Epsilon Vicc-Presidenc. Correspond. ng Secretary. Delta Phi Epsilon; Secretary-Treasurer, Education Club. WILLIAM F. HAMILTON, JR. Augusta, Ga. HOPEWELL HULL HAMMOND Griffin, Ga. Sigma Chi Transfer, North Georgia College, ' -iO; Dcmos- ihenian; First Lieutenant. Infantry. R. O. T. C. SAMMIE NELLE HAMMOND Suinmerville, Ga. Homecon Club; -l-H Club. DOROTHY G. HAMRICK Jasper, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hardman, Hardy, H. B., Hardy, J. L., H FIRST ROW, LFFT TO RIGHT: Hall, S. P., Halprln, Hamilton, Hammond, H. H. . . . SECOND ROW: Hammond, S. N., Hamrick, Hanes, Harden. CLARA EUGENIA HANES ARTHUR THOMAS HARMON Madison, Ga. Chatsworth, Ga. rAMllUATI lOK B.S.H t. orr.RCE CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DICREE XI Phi Xi; Secretary-Treasurer, Pi Mu Epiilon; President, Education Club. ADRON HARDEN Glenwood, Ga. D. Q. HARRIS, JR. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Pitts, Ga. CANDIDATE tOR B.S.A. DECREE MARY L. HARDMAN Colbert, Ga. FRANCES ELIZABETH HARRIS Dublin, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE HARRY B. HARDY, JR. FOSTER VERNER HARRIS Miami, Fla. CarroUton, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Sigma Nil Gaffau Club; Education Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club. JAMES LEE HARDY JAMES THOMAS HARRIS Lizella, Ga. Morvcn, Ga. 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Club. , Hardy, J. L., Harmon, rris, F. v., Harris, J. T. Tom Simmons, Pandora ' s Ag Hill cdi tor, also distributes the Agriculturist 1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hdttison, C. A., Harrison, F. E., Harrison, M. R., Hartsfield. . . . SECOND ROW: Hatcher, S. B., Hatcher, )., Hawkins, Hayes, G. SEHDR nJSS W ' AI.TKR T. HAYGOOD, JR. MARGIE RUTH HAYMON Winder, Ga. CHARLES THOMAS HAYNES Atlanta, Ga. ( ARLYLE A. HARRISON Glennville, Ga. SMILEY B. HATCHER Brinson, Ga. Sigma Nil Freshman Council; Sophomore Commission; De- mosthenian; Economics Society; Cavalry Oflicers ' Club; Marketing Club; Treasurer, Sigma Nu. FRANCES ELIZABETH HARRISON West Point, Ga. Alpha Delta Pi Transfer, Georgia Teachers ' College; Glee Club; Education Club. JANICE HATCHER Macon, Ga. Mortar Board; President. Senior W. A. A.; Wlio Who Among Students hi American UnhenJIi and Colleges. CECILE PRICE HEARD Cordele, Ga. JAMES MARION HEGIDIO Vienna, Ga. MARTHA ROBERTS HARRISON Sandersviile, Ga. JAMES DILLARD HAWKINS Arnoldsville, Ga. GARLAND HAYES Atlanta, Ga. WALTER GLEN HENDERSON Chamblee, Ga. LUCILLE A. HARTSFIELD Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delta Speeth Club; Pioneer Club. LILLIAN M. HAYES Athens, Ga. GUIDER FOREMAN HENRY Warwick, Ga. Clarence Vaughn, head of the Cavaliy. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hayes, L. M., Haysood, Haymon, Hayne . . . SECOND ROW: Heard, Hegidio, Henderson, Henry. OF 1942 PAUL MICHAEL HERNDON Hartwell, Ga. NANCY ELLA HICKS Marietta, Ga. ' WRIGHT G. HICKS Roberta, Ga. SARA A. HIGGINBOTHAM Madison, Ga. LEWIS J. HIGGINS Dalton, Ga. EUGENIA JONES HILL Dallas, Ga. WILLIAM MARVIN HILL Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Nu O. D. K.; Blue Key; Junior Cjbinei; B.lijJ; I ' ANDOKA Staff. ■38- ' 42; Business Manager. ' 42; Men ' s Glee Qub. ' JS-Ml; Business Manager, •40- ' 4I, ' 41. ' 42; Six Major trips; Demosthenian, M8- ' 42; Vice-President, Fall Winter. ' 40- ' 41 ; Economics Society, ' iS- 42; President. Secretary. Treasurer; Sigma Nu; Freshman Fionor Key Winner. ' 38- ' 39; Sentinel. ' J8- ' 40; Marshal. ■40- ' 4I, ' 41- ' 42; Pledge Instructor, •39- ' 40, •40- ' 41, •41- ' 42; Alumnae Contact Officer. ■40- ' 41; V. R. A. Freshman Council, •38- ' 39; Sophomore Cabinet, ■39- ' 40; Senior Cabinet. ■40- ' 4I; Georgia Arch Staff, •)S- ' i9, Assistant Business Manager. ' SS-MO; First Sergeant, Ad- vanced Military, •40-MI ; Military Ball Com- mittee. ' 41; V. R. A. Deputation Quartet. ' 58; Delta Sigma Pi Pledge. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hcrndon, Hicks, N. E., Hicks, W. G., Higginbotham. . . . SECOND ROW: Higgins, Hill, E. J., Hill, W. M., Hillis, MARY RUTH HILLIS GirartI, Ga. Sophomore Council. SAMUEL L. HINSON, JR. Albany, Ga. JOHN JENKINS HINTON Dacula, Ga. Transfer. Young Harris c:.,lleBe; Agronomy Club, MARY GENEVA HODGES Savannah, Ga. lloniecun Club: Phi Upsilon On PAT HINTON HODGES Reynolds, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hinson, Hinton, Hotlges, M. G., Hodge P. H. . . . SECOND ROW: Hogg, Holbrook, Holcomb, Holland, R. J. WILLIS DIXON HOGG Ellaville. Ga. Phi Delta Theta CHARLIE E. HOLBROOK Clarkcsville, Ga. LORENE J. HOLCOMB Clarkesvilic, Ga. ROGER JOSEPH HOLLAND Statesboro, Ga. Sigma Chi Sidney Haskins, holds purse strings of Inter-Fraternity treasury. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Holland, W. F., Holliday Hollis, Holwell. . . . SECOND ROW: Hopkins, Home, Horowitz, Hosch. n flR cuss JACQUELINE HOWARD Harlan, Ky. HUGH HOWELL, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Phi Delta Theta Phi Kappa: Young Democrats Club. WILLIAM LAWRENCE HOWELL Ellerbe, N. C. WILBUR FELTON HOLLAND Townsend, Ga. Vicc-PresidL-nt, Ag Economics and Rural Sociology Club; 4-H Club; Ag Hill Council; Vice- President, Ag Club; Lieutenant, Infantry, R. O. T. C. POPE B. HOLLIDAY Athens, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; " X " Club; Secretary, Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Freshman Swimming Team, ' 38; S. F. P. O.; Phi Kappa; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; X. Phi Xi; Secretary, Junior Cabinet; Biftad: Freshman V. R. A. Commission; Vice-President, Sophomore Council. WILLIAM HART HOPKINS Waycross, Ga. DONATA HORNE Atlanta, Ga. MAURICE K. HOROWITZ Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi EUGENE HUBBARD Atlanta, Ga. WILSON HUDSON Ocilla, Ga. President, Athletic Association; Cheer Leader, ■40, Hf; " G " Club; Blue Key; Track Team, M9- ' 41; Boxing Team. •39- ' 40; Swimming Team. ' 39- " 40; Secretary-Treasurer, Talmadge Club; Demosthenian. ALBERT BURNEY HUFF Rome, Ga. MARY I. HOLLIS Columbus, Ga. CHARLES WILLIAM HOLWELL Quitman, Ga. ELIZABETH ANN HOSCH Gainesville, Ga. Delta Delta Delta Transfer, Brenau College, ' 39; Sophomore Cabinet, V. R. A.; Red mid Black Staff; Women ' s Glee Club; Vice-Prcsidenc, Secretary, Glee Club; V,ce-President, Secretary-Treasurer, I. R. C; Pioneer Club: President, Secretary-Treasurer, Pioneer Inner Circle; President, ' Women ' s Cabinet, V. R. A.; Vice-President. Delta Delta Delta: Mortar Board; Who ' i Who Among Sludcils in Anu-riam Uniimilu-s and Colleges. HAROLD W. HUGHES Jefferson, Ga. STEPHEN G. HUGHES Rome, Ga. Jean Ross, journalist and Kappa Alpha Theta pledge trainer. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard, Howell, H., Howell, W. L., Hubbard. . . . SECOND ROW: Hudson, Huff, Hughes, H. W., Hughes, S. G. 1 nF I!I42 ROBLRT DONALSON HUMl ' HRLY Bainbridge, Ga. S..ddlc and Sirloin Club: Econ Agronomy Club. WILLIAM FLOY ' D HUMPHREYS Sycamore, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Humphrey, Humphreys, Hunter, Hutchcrson. . . . SECOND ROW: Hutchinson, Hyatt, Israils, Jacobs, Irving. JOHN FRED HUNTER Greensboro, Ga. GUY K. HUTCHERSON Ashland, Ga. BETH ELAINE HUTCHINSON Athens, Ga. Mortar Board; University of Georgia Art League; President, Secretary-Treasurer, Pioneer Inner Circle: University Theater; President. Secretary-Treasurer, Mask and Foil; Alpha Lambda Delta; Varsity Debate Team, ' 40, ' 41; Varsity Fencing Team: Junior W. A. A.; Senior W. A. A. MATHER MELVIN HYATT FrankHn, Ga. Transfer. MCest Georgia College; Alpha Zcta; Aghon; Phi Kappa Phi: Saddle and Sirloin; 4-H Club; Blue Key; Chairman, Agricultural Club Debating Council; SecretaryJTreasurer, Ag Economics and Rural Sociology Club; President, Ag Economics and Rural Sociology Club; President. Ag Club; Gridiron: Vice-Speaker, Young Democrats Club; Vice-President, Ag Hill Council. NETTIE ISRAILS Atlanta, Ga. Delta Phi Epsiloii Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac: Gimn Epsilon; Dean ' s List, ■ 9- ' 4 . IRVING JACOBS New Haven, Conn. IVEY JACOBS Nahunta, Ga. Treasurer. Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Treasurer. Poultry Science Club; Phi Kappa Phi. HARMON JERNIGAN JACKSON Sparta, Ga. Poultry Science Club; Ag. Economics and Rural Sociology Club; Demosthenian: 4-H Club: Young Democratic Club: Agricultural Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club. HENRY CALVIN JACKSON Manchester, Ga. JOHN ANDERSON JARRELL Thomasville, Ga. Lambda Chi Alpha EARL C. JENKINS Anderson, S. C. Transfer from Anderson Junior College; Gle. Club; University Little Symphony Orchestra Band, ■)9- ' 41; Associate Editor, 1941 Cypres Knee; Editor, 1942 Cypres! Knee. ELIZABETH ANNE JENKINS Hartwell, Ga. Chi OmcKU CHARLIE GEORGE JEREMIAS Thomson, Ga. BARBARA M. JOHNSON Athens, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jacobs, Ivey; Jackson, H. J., Jackson, H. C, Jarrell. . . . SECOND ROW: Jenkins, E. C, Jenkins, E. A., Jeremias, Johnson, B. M. Sphinx-like Vcrner Chaffin is membt of Sphinx and multiple president. mM M sniflB njss HARVFY H. JUINtR Dublin, Ga. FMILY (,. JONES Augusta, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Johnson, E. M., Johnson, F. C-, Johnson, G., Johnson, J. A. . . SECOND ROW, Jrhnson, J. E., Johnson. R., Johnson, S. M., Johnson, W. A, ELEANOR MOZELLE JOHNSON CarroUton, Ga. FRANCES COLLEY JOHNSON X ' ashington, Ga. Kappa Alpha Theta Senior Women ' s Cabinet; Treasurer, Kappa Alpha Theta, ' 40- ' 42; Pioneer Club; Sophomore Council; Women ' s Glee Club; Treasurer. Sophomore t Knv; Freshman Commission; Alpha Lambda Delta. GAYLE JOHNSON Jacksonville, Fla. Alpha Delta Pi JAMES AUGUSTUS JOHNSON, JR. Athens, Ga. Pi Kappa Phi rhi Beta Kappa; Phi K.ippa Phi; O. I). K.; I ' hi Eta Sigma; Biftad; Junior Cabinet; Presi- .fcnl. Gamma Sigma Epsilon; President, Pi Mu 1 psilon; Xi Phi Xi; I. R. C; Secretary. Phi Kappa; Junior Business Manager. 1941 Panuora; i,c-Prcsident. Treasurer. Photography Club; S. P. P. O.; Dean ' s List, •39- ' 41. JOF FLSON JOHNSON Sylvania, Ga. Alpha Tan Omega Economics Society. MRS. RUTH JOHNSON Newnan, Ga. S. MARVIN JOHNSON Athens, Ga. WESLEY ALLEN JOHNSON Bowtlon, Ga. MARGARET ANN JOHNSTON Statesboro, Ga. GEORGE E. JONES Alpharetta, Ga. KATRINA JONES Graymont, Ga. Delta Helta Delia Club; Speech Club; llomccn; from Georgia Teachers College. MARION DOROTHY JONES Decatur, Ga. NANCY SUE JONES Athens, Ga. Alpha Lambda Delta; Glee Club. RUHY LUCIFNl JONFS Young Cane, Ga. Heyward Allen, game football cap- tain, headed Georgia ' s Orange Bo ' l 1. " fe-.. I I I flF 1942 ViARREN L. jONKS Griffin, G.i. Vi ' OOnUN tiRADV .K:)NES Middlctnn, Ga. URST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jones, W. L., Jones, W. G., Jordan, Kane . . . SECOND ROW: Kantor, Keeling, Keenc, Keltncr. THOiMAS COOK JORDAN Barton, Ga. NOMA ELIZABETH KANE Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Delta Pi SYLVIA KANTOR Atlanta, Ga. Delta Phi Epsilon Alph.i Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Beti Sigma: Student Government; Treasur Phi Epsilon, ■40- ' 41. ROBERT FORD KEELING TuUahoma, Tenn. i Sisma Pi; Alpha Xi Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Zcta; Xi Phi Xi : Aghon; Fore.try Club: President, porestry Club, ' 41; Business Manager, l ' M2 Crprr , Kiirr: Ag Hill Student Council; University Band. MARGUERITE F. KEENE Macon, Ga. JACOB GREEN KELTNER Memphis, Tenn. JAMES MOORE KENDRICK Sharon, Ga. Sigma Chi JOSEPHINE OLLIFF KENNEDY Savannah, Ga. Chi Omega preshman Commission; Sophomore Council. WILLIAM DOUGLAS KKNNEY Athens, Ga. EDWIN RUSSELL KENNY Atlanta, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha Lreshman Pencing Team; Mask and Foil Club: Vice-President, Treasurer. Landscape Architecture Society; Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, Pi Kappa Alpha; Captain, Cavalry R. O. T. C. ; Junior Cabinet; Cavalry Officer ' s Club; Deans List, ' 40. VIRGINIA WEBB KENNON Athens, Ga. LUCILLE KENYON Dawson, Ga. Alpha Delta Pi Vice-President, Student Government; Art Club; Transfer from Sullins College. HAROLD D. KICKLIGHTER Douglas, Ga. DORIS M(,Hr Kite, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kendrick, Kennedy, Kcnney, W. D., Kenny, E. R . . SECOND ROW: Kennon, Kenyon, Kicklighter, Kight ci 1 t - ' -i- : M SENIOR (]USS LORRAINE M. KOCH Athens, Ga. Marketing Club SHIRLEY KOONTZ Augusta, Ga. Glee Club; Gjmma Sigma Epsilo JEAN S. KRAUSS Brunswick, Ga. DAWSON TISDEL KILCREASE Waycross, Ga. Sigma Chi Transfer from South Georgia College, BOBBIE KIMBALL Winder, Ga. HAROLD WATERS KING Adairsville, Ga. HELEN MAE KING Augusta, Ga. REUBEN KRUGER Fitzgerald, Ga. Tail Epsilon Phi Biftad; Vice-chancellor. Tau Epsilon Phi; Georgia Arch, ■38- ' 40; University Theater, ■}«- •40; Pandoka, ' SS-MO. Alpha Delta Pi Transfer from Brcnau; Sophomore Cabinet Homecon; Outstanding Student in Hon Economics, ' 40; Speech Club; University Women Council; President. Alpha Delta Pi, ' 42. CLIFF C. KIMSEY, JR. Cornelia, Ga. Pi Kappa Phi " G " Club; Grid)ron; Freshman, Varsity Foot- ball; Alternate Captain, Football Team, ' 41; Baseball, ' 41; Dean ' s List. ' 41; Inter-Fraternitv Council; Lieutenant-Colonel, Infantry R. O. T. C. FRANCES LOUISE KING Savannah, Ga. IRMA RYDER KING Jackson, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delia JOHN ALLEN KING Columbus, Ga. CHRISTINE CHARLOTTE KITCHEN Winter Garden, Fla. Alpha Gamma Delta Dolphin Club; Dance Club; Physical Ed. Major SHIRLEY LILLIAN KULBERSH Tifton, Ga. Delta Phi Epsilon GrorjiV Arch. ■3S- ' 59; Pan-Hellenic Council. ■40--41; University Theater; Thalian-Blackfriars. JOSEPH FRANCIS KUNZE Columbus, Ga. Sigma Chi Demosthenian. JOHN H. LANE Colquitt, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT- Kitchen, Koch, Koontz, Krauss. . . . SECOND ROW: Kruger, Kulbersh, Kurze, Lane, J. H. OF H42 MARGENE LANE Griffin, Ga. AARON LEWIS LANG Savannah, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi Transfer from ArmstronR Junior College nomics Society; Glee Club, ' 40. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lane, M., Lang, Langston, Lashe SECOND ROW: Lee, E. K., Lee, M. C, Lee, Q. S., Lee, W. E. NORMAN LANGSTON, JR. Commerce, Ga. CANDIDATE I WALTER E. LEE, JR. Waycross, Ga. JEANNIE S. LEWIS Greensboro, Ga. Chi Omega CAROL RUTH LASHER Atlanta, Ga. EDITH KATHERINE LEE Covington, Ga. Vice-President, Psi Chi RAYMOND E. LESSER Athens, Ga. Phi Epsilon Pi O. D. K.; President, Secretary, Phi Epsilon Pi; President, I. R. C; President, Sigma Pi Sigma; Vice-President, Honor Key; Thalian-Blackfriars; Phi Eta Sigma; Xi Phi Xi; Secretary-Treasurer, Biftad; Assistant Business Manager, University Theater; Junior Business Manager, RcJ and BUck; Stage Crew, University Theater; Sports and Cir- culation Staffs, Red and BUck; S. F. P. O. ; Junior Cabinet; Phi Kappa. JIM B. LEWIS Waynesboro, Ga. CANDIDATE I Phi Delta Thela GEORGE EDWARD LICHTBLAU New York, N. Y. MOSE C. LEE Ray City, Ga. CANDIDATE I QUENTIN SARGENT LEE Cordele, Ga. Alpha Zcta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Secretary, Agronomy Club; Cavalry Officers Club; 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Ag Hill Council, CELIA BERNICE LEVINE Wilmington, Del. JEAN MADISON LEWIS Lenox, Ga. FRANCES VIRGINIA LINDFORS Fort Lauderdale, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECREE JAMES MORGAN LINDSEY Danburg, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lesser, Lcvinc, Lewis, J. M., Lewis, J. S. SECOND ROW: Lewis, J. B., Lichtblau, Lindfors, Lindsey. Raymond Lesser, town boy, heads the Phi Ep ' s and I.R.C. 1 nnoR i]ijss TROY LEE MANNING Alamo, Ga. rURRAY AARON MARCUS Savannah, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lipham, Lloyd, Loden, Lonq. ROW: Lovetl, Loyd, Lumpkin, Maddox. Alpha Zeta; Alpha Xi Sigma; Ag Hill Council. Sfcrotary, Fnreury Club; Secretary-Treasurer. X Sigma Pi. WOODFIN EMMET LIPHAM LaGrange, Ga. WILLIAM CANDLER LLOYD Gainesville, Ga. ROBERT NEWTON LOYD Athens, Ga. EDWIN KING LUMPKIN Athens, Ga. MILLARD P. MARTIN, JR. Stilson, Ga. President, Secretary, Honor Key, Ag Club; Sec- retary-Treasurer, Aghon; Ag. Economics and Rural Sociology Club; 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Honor Key; Grand Champion, Little International, HI; National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest Team. Phi Delia Theta ANNA CHRISTINE LODEN Colbert, Ga. Homecon; Glee Club; Education Club. MARGARET CAROLYN MADDOX Monticello, Ga. ELIZABETH MATHEWS Carlton, Ga. EDWINA SANILLA LONG Roswell, Ga. WILLIAM T. MALONE Wilmington, Del. Kappa Alpha PHILIP E. MATHEWS Athens, Ga. BETTY LOUISE LOVETT Dublin, Ga. MORRIS MANHEIM, JR. Atlanta, Ga. HORACE B. MATHIAS Alley, Ga. Bob Norman, completes long outstand. ing career as law school senior. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Malone, Manheim, Manning, Marcus. . . SECOND ROW: Martin, Mathews, E., Mathews, P. E., Mathias. 1 OF 1942 MARTHA GRIFFIN MAUI.DIN Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delta ■ President. Alphi Gamma Delta; Hon- MARTHA L. MAXWELL Dewey Rose, Ga. ■=IRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mauldin, Maxwell, M. L., Maxwell, W. L MrCflll . . SECOND ROW: McCarthy, McCarver, McCay, McClain. WINIFRED LOUISE MAXWELL Lexington, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H-E DEGREl Rifle Team; Homecon Club; Education Club. MARVIN A. McCALL Pitts, Ga. CAROLYN F. McCARTHY White Oak, Ga. CLYDE GAY McCARVER Vidette, Ga. JAMES LANKFORD McCLAIN Athens, Ga. Cavalry Officers Club; Forestry Club WILLIAM HALL McCOMB Milledgeville, Ga. Alpha Xi Sigma; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. LEONARD F. McCONNELL, JR. Hiawassee, Ga. MELISSE McCONNELL Dublin, Ga. MARTHA NELL McCRARY Jcffersonville, Ga. Beta Gamma Sign- ELIZABETH ANNE McCREERY Savannah, Ga. Phi Upsilon Omicron; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; President, Homecon; Secretary, -l-H ( lub; Secretary, Ag Hill Council; Associate Editor, Georgia Clovcrlraf. HENRY HAWKINS McCURLEY Colbert, Ga. Cavalry Officers Club. BONNIE RUTH McCAY Ila, Ga. SHFALY I-. McCOY Athens, Ga. MAUDE McCURRY rlarkesvillc, Ga. Transfer. Middle Georgia College. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RISHT: McComb, McConnell, L. F., McConnell, M., McCoy. . , . SECOND ROW: McCrary, McCrecry, McCutley, McCurry. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: McElhannon, McElmurray, McElvcen, McFe . . . SECOND ROW: McKenzie, McPeters, McRae, Meadows. JAMES EMORY McELHANNON Jefferson, Ga. MARY OLIVIA McPETERS Savannah, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECREE Tronsfcr from Armstrong Junior College. SOIflR OLASS ANNE ELIZABETH MEISNER Savannah G ' decree GEORGE SIMMONS MELTON Acmore, Ala CANOroATE FOR B .S.F. decree Forestrv Club; Cavalrv Offi ers Club; First Lieutenant. Cavalry R. O. T. C. ARTHUR I. MENDEL Monroe, Ga Alpha Epsilon Pi CARL LESTER MERRITT Cavalry, Ga. HELEN J. McELMURRAY Augusta, Ga. GRACE LOUISE McELVEEN Brooklet, Ga. Transfer from Georgia Teachers College; Home- con; Education Club; Ag. Economics and Rural Sociology Club. LAURA GRACE McFEE Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Omicron Pi Art club; Kappa Pi. HERBERT M. McKENZIE Rome, Ga. ALICE CAREY McRAE Hawkinsville, Ga. ROBERT BRANDON MILAM Cartersville, Ga, AJpha Delta Pi isfer from Wlnthrop College; Art Club. JOHN CASSIUS MEADOWS, JR. Athens, Ga. Sphinx; Phi Beta Kappa; Vice-President, Phi Kappa Phi; Glee Club, •38- ' 42; President, Glee Club, ' 42; Brcwcrew; Executive Business Manager, University Theater; President, Treasurer, Thalian- Blackfriars; Varsity Debate Team, ■}9- ' 42; An- nual Mid-West Debate Tour, ' 41; Wlnthrop De- bate Tour. ' 40; Freshman Debate Team; Key Council, Phi Kappa; Lieutenant-Colonel, Infan- try, R. O. T. C; Junior Business Manager, Ktd anil Black; Vice-President, O. D. K.; Blue Key; Gridiron; Wlio ' s Who Amons SluJctils in Amer- ican Collcses and Universities; President, Vice- President, Biftad; President, Junior Cabinet; President, Xi Phi Xi ; X Club; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Eta Sigma; Pericleans; Visor, Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Winner Freshman Chemistry Award; Dean ' s List, ' JS-Ml; S. F. P. O. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ENOCH ALLEN MILES Covington, Tenn. EDWIN THOMAS MIMS Colquitt, Ga. Scribe, Alpha Zeta; President, National Council Student Branches A. S. A. E.; President Ag. Hill Council; Ag. Hill Editor, Red and Black; Blue Key; Aghon; Xi Phi Xi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Editor, Student Ag. Engineer, ' 41; Vice-Presi- dent. A, S. A. E.; Ag. Hill News Reporter, ' 41. MORRIS A. MINK Midville, Ga. M. P. Martin, Ag. Club prcsicJcnt. 1 FIRST V.O-W, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mcisner, Mellon, Mendel, Mctritl. SECOND ROW: Milam, Miles, Mims, Mink. 1 X .1 kkMk nF 1942 SHIRLEY Z. MINSK Albany, Ga. Alpha Lambda Deltj; Dein ' s List, ' 39; Recordei Gamma Sigma F.psilon, l ' )40-41. ANNA LOU MITCHELL Arlington, Va. HAZEL LEE MIXON Patterson, Ga. Alpha Omicron Pi CECIL S. MIZE Ashland, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEf.l CLYDE NEAL MIZE Ashland, Ga. ■WILLLIAM RIDLEY MONK Sylvester, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon President, Sigma Alpha Epsil EMMA GRACE MOORE Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delta Transfer from Fairmont Junior College; Captai Golf Team, ' 40; University Women ' s Golf Chai pionship, 1940-41. 11 ' ' 1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Minsk, Mitchell, Mixon, Miie, C. S. . . . SECOND ROW: Miie, C. N., Monk, Moore, E. G., Moore, R. D. ROBERT D. MOORE Bolton, Ga. Chi Phi President, Chi Phi; Captain, Basketball Tean ■42; Baseball; Vice-President, Blue Key; Vic President, Inter-fraternity Council; O. D. K. Vice-President, Gridiron. HERBERT LOYALL MORGAN Knoxville, Tenn. Transfer from University of Tennessee; Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi. KATHERINE E. MORGAN Guyton, Ga. Chi Omega Treasurer, Art Club, 1941-42; Senior Division of Student Government; Secretary-Treasurer, Wom- en ' s Glee Club, 1941-42. PERRY WALLACE MORGAN Douglas, Ga. BETTY ANN MORRIS Hartwcll, Ga. Kappa Alpha Theta Secretary, Kappa Alpha Thcta, 1941- CHARLES G. MORRIS Bowdon, Ga. Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Clui. MARY ELISE MORRIS Athens, Ga. RICHARD MORRIS Athens, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ELIZABETH MARIE MORRISON Waycross, Ga. Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Zoology Club. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Morgan, H. L., Morgan, K. E., Morgan, P. W., Morris, B. A. . . . SECOND ROW: Morris, C. G., Mortis, M. E., Morris, R., Morrison. nil Gunter, prominent law student. J IP A FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Morrow, Morton, Mullins Mundv SECOND ROW: Munn, Murray, E. F., Murray, R., Murphy, J. SEIIOR njss W I.SLl Y ..Ul.l ' i:i ' l ' KR MURPHY Fayettcvilk-, CJa. Sigmu Chi m Norlli Gcorgij Collrg.- MARY LOU MYERS Americus, Ga. PAUL EDWARD MORROVv ' Athens, Ga. MALCOLM O. MORTON Gray, Ga. HENRY A. MULLINS Chipley, Ga. DERRELLE MARGUERITE MUNDY Harlem, Ga. Treisurer, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 41-42; Upper Tej Per-centi Music Club; Speech Club; Educatioi Club; Epicurean Club; W. A. A. Letter. RICHARD ADAMS MUNN, JR. Columbus, Ga. Lambda Chi Alpha Phi £ca Sigma; Freshman Fencing Team; Men ' s Glee Club; Music Club; Demosthenian; Ad- vanced R. O. T. C; Cavalry Officers Club. ELLEN FENTON MURRAY East Point, Ga. ROSALIE MURRAY Americas, Ga. Transfer from Georgia Southwe JACQUELINE MURPHY Talmo, Ga. Kappa Delta MARGARET MURPHY Savannah, Ga. CURTIS T. NELSON Augusta, Ga. ELIZABETH NEUWEILER Allentown, Pa. EMORY DEWEY NEWTON Millen, Ga. MARY W. NEWTON Madison, Ga. C. WYLENE NICHOLSON Marietta, Ga. President, 4-H Club; Staff, Cloverteof ; Home- LOn; Ag. Economics and Rural Sociology Club; Secretary, Junior Homecon; Sophomore Council; Freshman Commission. Jay Smith, PANDORA ' S editor. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Murphy, M., Murphy, W. C, Myers, Nelson. . . . SECOND ROW: Ncuweilcr, Ne »ton, E. D., Newton, M. W., Nicholson, C. W. nF 19 4 2 HOMER K. NICHOLSON, JR. Athens, Ga. Kappa Alpha tad; Phi Elj Sign TOM M. NISBET Athens, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nicholson, H. K., Nisbet, Norman, Obc . . . SECOND ROW: O ' Bryant, Odreiin, O ' Neal, Oppenhcim. CAROLYN B. NORMAN Moultrie, Ga. ELIZABETH TIDWELL OBEAR Atlanta, Ga. Alphi Lambda Delia: Homccon. WILLIAM EDWARD OPPENHEIM Florence, Ala. Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Secretary, Fore, I Club, ' 41; Alpha Zeta; Transfer from UniV( sity of Alabama. ADA ROSE O ' QUINN Atlanta, Ga. CLYDE TEASLEY OUTZ Hartwell, Ga. MG OLIVER OWEN LaGrange, Ga. Kappa Alpha Gridiron. HENRY G. O ' BRYANT Athens, Ga. DAVID ODREZIN Savannah, Ga. Tau Epsilon Phi Orchestra; Economics Society. SARA MAUD O ' NEAL Greenville, Ga. JOAN TREANOR ORR Athens, Ga. Chi Omega Freshman Debate Team; Secretary, Freshmar Commission; Alpha Lambda Delta; Jr. W. A. A.; Z Club; Pioneer Club; Inner Circle; Sophomor. Cabinet: Business Staff, University Theater, ' JS; Women ' s Editor of 1942 Pandora; Women ' ; Editor, Red and BUck: Vice-President, ■« ' omen ' ; Division of V. R. A.: Secretary, Chi Omega; Zodiac; W io ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Unit ' ersitiei and Colleges; Secretary, Mortal Board. GAIL M. OSTERHOUT Sharpsburg, Ga. WILLIAM EDGAR OWEN McDonough, Ga. CHARLES R. PARKER Millen, Ga. ISABEL ANNE PARKER Waycross, Ga. Chi Omega Blanchard Battle, has made outstand- ing record in scholarship, debating, and military in only three years. 1 n inB HI us MILDRED PERSONS Kissimmee, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Women ' i I ' jn-Hcllcnic Council; Ediicjlion Ciub. SARA FRANCES PETERS Manchester, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Parker, L. G., Parker, W. C. Parkman Parkerson. . . . SECOND ROW: Parrish, C. V., Parrish, H. G., Pearce, Pcavy! Chi On FRANCES PHILLIPS LEONARD G. PARKER, JR. HENRY GRADY PARRISH Jacksonville, Fla. Talbotton, Ga. Brooklet, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE CANDIDATE rOK B.S.A. DECREE CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Alpha Delta Pi Theta Club; Sigma Phi; Digamma Kappa; Hunt Club; Pan-Hellenic Count Dolphi il, ' 41 WILLIAM CLING PARKER LAURA ELIZABETH PEARCE Atlanta, Ga. Pioneer Club; Production Manager, Ra tivities Club. dio Ac Waycross, Ga. Alpha Delta Pi Beta Gammi Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; President, Alpha Kappa Psi; Treasurer, Demosthenian; Blue Key; Cavalry Officers Club. Freshman Representative to Council; Freshman Commission; Sophomore Cabinet; Senior Wom- en ' s Council; Junior W. A. A.; Secretary, Mor- tar and Pestle. NANCY LEE PHILLIPS Columbus, Ga. SAMMIE BELL PARKMAN Doerun, Ga. JAMES EDWIN PEAVY Cuthbert, Ga. Delta; Alpha Gamma Delta Vice-President, President, Alpha University Art Students League Lambda Delta. Gamm Alph Transfer from Abraham Baldwin College; Staff Grorgij Asriculturiif. Ag. Club; Gaffau Club; Demosthenian. WILLIAM MORTON PEEPLES Chatsworth, Ga. WAID PHILLIPS LESLIE C. PARKERSON Eastman, Ga. President, Senior Class; Vice-President Agron- omy Club; Ag. Club; Demosthenian; Secretary- Treasurer, Blue Key; Gridiron; Young Demo- cratic Club. XI Ph Palatka, Fla. ,Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Treasurer, and Pestle. Mortar — ' BETTY PERRYMAN CHARLES V. PARRISH Thomason, Ga. DOROTHY H. PHILPOT Valdosta, Ga. Alpha Delta Pi Athens, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE Education Club. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.P.E. DECREE lill Durden, golden-voiced ten actor, and O.D.K. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peeples, Ferryman, Persons, Peters. SECOND ROW: Phillips, F., Phillips, N. L., Phillips, W., Philpot. flF 1942 MARY JANE PHINIZEE Forsyth, Ga. JOHN HAROLD PLATT Gainesville, Ga. Kiippii Alpha JAMES BROWN POLHILL Louisville, Ga. Kappa Alpha WILMA ELLEN POOLE Winder, Ga. NADA DORIS POOLE Oxford, Ga. CHARLES FLANNERY POPE Dublin, Ga. Kappa Alpha Captain, Infantry R. O. T. C; Cup for best appearing First Advanced Infantry Cadet; Phi Kappa. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Phiniiee, Piatt, Polhill, Poole, W. E. . SECOND ROW: Poole, N. D., Pope, C. F., Pope, F. E., Pope, H. C. FORREST EARL POPE Athens, Ga. HUBERT GARY POPE Fitzgerald, Ga. KATHRYN BERNELL POPE Athens, Ga. MARJORIE POPE Athens, Ga. F. Y. PORTER Gadsden, Tenn. JAMES WYATT POSEY Headland, Ala. RAYMOND L. POSS Union Point, Ga. ALFRED JACKSON POWELL Dixie, Ga. JOHN HENRY POWERS Griffin, Ga. JOHN B. PRESTON Flovilla, Ga. Alpha Zeta; Ag. Hill Council; Treasurer, Agron- omy Club; Editor, ClovcrUaf ; 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Gaffau Club; Dean ' s List. Mary Mollis, following in brothc footsteps, makes outstanding reco i SE flli UJSS MIlDKll) KATHLYN REEVES VC ' interville, Ga. [•hi Upsilon Omit NELL REGISTER Winter Haven, Fla. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pritchett, Proctor, J. V., Proctor, M. A., Puckctt. . . SECOND ROW: Rabb, Ragan, Raines, Ransom. SUSAN MANN PRITCHETT Albany, Ga. VIRGINIA DARE RAGAN Albany, Ga. MARTHA EVA REID Forest Park, Ga. Chi Omega Trjn.fcr from G. S. W. C; Theta Sigma Phi; Radio . ctiviiies Club: Blue Ridge. ' 41 l-H Club; Homecon. JAMES VASCO PROCTOR Blackshear, Ga. JAMES GREGGS RAINES Dawson, Ga. CLAUDE L. RHYNE Americus, Ga. M. ASBURY PROCTOR Athens, Ga. LAWRENNA MIZELI. PUCKETT Jesup, Ga. SUE ELlVlER RANSOM Augusta, Ga. WARREN N. RICHARDS Phenix City, Ala. MARY CAROLINE RABB Savannah, Ga. ELTON AUSTELL REED Cedar Springs, Ga. LORRAINE RIDGEWAY Winder, Ga. James Johnson, maker of high grade in Chemistry Dep ' l. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Reed, Reeves, Register, Reid. . . SECOND ROW: Rhyne, Richards, Ridgeway. I flF 1942 JOHN ROBl-RT RIULF.Y Decatur, Ga. Sigma Chi Trjniltr from Emory Universityi Vkt-l ' reMdeni Presidenr, Sigma Chi; Vice-President, V. R. A.; Senior Cabinet; State President. Y. M. C. A.; V. iM. £ A. Conference; Parliamentarian, Demos thenian; X Club. WILLIAM McWHORTER RILEY Thomson, Ga. FIRST ROW, L6FT ROW: Roberts, C. TO RIGHT: Ridley, Rilcy, Riyers, Roan. . . . SECOh J , Roberts, E., Roberts, T. A., Roberts, M. E Sigma Chi sler from South Georgia College; Tennis Team, ' 41- ' 42. MILDRED ELIZABETH ROBERTS FRANCES ROGERS Suwanee, Ga. Barney, Ga. lANDIDATt fOR BS H.t. DECREE CANUCOATli FOR B.S.H.F. UEOHEE WALTER JOE RIVERS Glenwood, Ga. Homecon; 4-H Club; Y. W. A.; Wesley Foun- dation; Student Government Council; Transfer from G. S. W. C. MARY GENE ROBERTSON iMARY LOUISE ROGERS JAMES MITCHELL ROAN CarroUton, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Zebulon, Ga. Delta Delta Delta Secretary, S.gma Alpha Iota; Music Club; Glee Club. MURPHEY ROGERS Ocilla, Ga. CLARENCE JOSEPH ROBERTS Chief Justice, Associate Justice, Adlatus, Annl- versarian, Demosthenian; Junior Oration. Tallapoosa, Ga. JOHN THONLAS ROBINSON, JR. Charleston, S. C. NAN SUE ROGERS ELNA ROBERTS Pinehurst, Ga. Pi Kappa Phi Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club; Transfer from Col- lege of Charleston. Adel, Ga. Alpha Delta Pi Phi lleta Kappa; Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Vice-President, Alpha Delta Pi; Who ' s Who Among Studttil! In American Vnivrruliet and Colleges. THEODORE A. ROBERTS MARY FRANCES ROBINSON WILLIAM MADISON ROGERS Gainesville, Ga. Waynesboro, Ga. Cohutta, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robertson, Robinson, J. T., Robinson, M. F., Rogers, F. . . . SECOND ROW: Rogers, M. L., Rogers, M., Rogers, N. S., Rogers, W. M. ilw ' i ir ii 1 SE IflR f!USS FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Roland, Rose, Ross, C. L., Ross, E. J. SECOND ROW: Ross, L. H., Ross, M., Rossee, Rouse. FLORENCE RUBIN Savannah, Ga. Delta Phi Epsilon Pi Mu Epsilon; Xi Phi Xi; Education Club; JESSIE LOUISE RUFFIN Atlanta, Ga. Delta Delta Delta Vice-President, Speed. Club. WILLIAM CLIFTON ROLAND Donalsonville, Ga. LAMAR HALL ROSS Macon, Ga. JACK TOLLES RUSSELL McDonough, Ga. CHRISTINE KING ROSE Smithfield, N. C. Transfer, Virginia Intermont; Homecon Club. MARIANA ROSS Mobile, Ala. Delta Delta Delta EMILY G. SALE Oklahoma City, Okla. Kappa Alpha Theta CAROLYN L. ROSS Statham, Ga. FLORRIE ROSSEE Eatonton, Ga. Alpha Delta Pi FRANCIS MARION SALISBURY Athens, Ga. Alpha Omicron Pi E. JEAN ROSS Athens, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta Board; President, Theta Sigma Phi; Vice- nt. Secretary, Kappa Alpha Theta; Secre- reasurer. International Relations Club; • Club; Pioneer Inner Circle; Associate I ' s Editor. Grorjij Arch; Hammer and Alpha Lambda Delta; Sophomore Council. ROY DENNIS ROUSE Andersonville, Ga. Alpha Zeta; Xi Phi Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Pr dent. Agronomy Club; Ag. Hill Council. ROBERT LEE ROYAL Sycamore, Ga. RUTH KEY SAMMON Abbeville, S. C. CHARLES M. SANDERS Commerce, Ga. ChoHy Drake, founder of nc FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Royal, Rubin, Ruffin, Russell. ROW: Sale, Salisbury, Sammon, Sanders, C. M. 1 1 OF 1942 HELEN SANDERS CarnesviUe, Ga. JOSEPHINE SANDERS Atlanta, Ga. TRAVIS A. SANDERS Winder, Ga. Saddle and Sirloin; Ag. Hill Council; Capt; Infantry R. O. T. C. DAVID W. SCARBOROUGH Comer, Ga. FRANCES C. SCHWEIZER Savannah, Ga. ALICE JANE SCOTT Savannah, Ga. WILBUR M. SCOTT, JR. Milledgeville, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT; Sanders, H., Sanders, J., Sanders, T. A., Scarborough. . . . SECOND ROW: Schweizer, Scott, A. J., Scott, W. M., Scawright. EUNICE LUCILLE SEAWRIGHT Savannah, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delia Transfer, Arm.trong Junior College; Hoir GLADYS MILDRED SEBRING Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Llmbda Delta; Art Club. CHARLES BERNARD SECKINGER Springfield, Ga. Secretary, Honor Key, Engineering Club; Editor, Georgia Ag Engineer; Georgia Agricutturiit; De- bating Council, Ag Club; Vice-President, Ag Hill Council; Chancellor, Alpha Zeta; Captain, R, O. T. C; Scabbard and Blade; ' W ' esley Foundation Council; C. A. A. Flight Program. BERNICE R. SHAINKER Atlanta, Ga. Delta Phi Epsilon President, Delta Phi Epsilon, HO-Ml; Par Hellenic Council; Speech Club; Radio Club. MARY J. SHAPARD Griffin, Ga. GEORGE SHAW Waycross, Ga. FELIX ALLEN SHEALEY Tennille, Ga. MARY SHEFFER Athens, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. OEGP ANN JOHNS SHEPARD Columbus, Ga. Phi Mil Theta Sigma Phi. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Scbring, Scckinger, Shainker, Shapard. SECOND ROW: Shaw, Shcaley, Sheffer, Shepard 1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sheriff, Shcnill, Shingler, Siaf c SECOND ROW: Simmons, Sims, Sires, Smith, C. FLETCHER A. SHERIFF Athens, Ga. ALAN SHERRILL Pensacola, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha TrcJnirci. I ' i Kapp Alpha; Forestry Club MARGUERITE SHINGLER Atlanta, Ga. LILLIAN SIAFACAS Athens, Ga. MARGARET JETT SIMS Comer, Ga. Pion Alpha Chi Omega msfer. G. S. C. W., ' 39; Sophoi ; Gi-orgia Arch; Glee Club; T Homecon; Speech Club REBA SIRES Macon, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEC CLARENCE SMITH, JR. Hogansville, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha SF IflR njss CLARENCE JAY SMITH, JR. Newnan, Ga. Sigma Chi Sphinx; Phi Beta Kappa; Editor-in-Chief. 194; Pandora; Oraicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Grid- iron; Phi Kappa Phi; President, Vice-President. Secretary, Sigma Chi; President, Vice-President. Secretary, Chief lustice, Key Circle, Demos- thenian; Varsity Debate Team. ' 41; Sophomore Declamation; Sophomore Prepared Debate; Fresh man Impromptu Debate; President, Secretary- Treasurer, Biftad; Secretary-Treasurer, O. D. K.: Secretary-Treasurer. Phi Eta Sigma; Vice-Presi dent. International Relations Club; " X " Club; Mask and Foil; Junior Cabinet; V. R. A Men ' s Cabinet; Sophomore Cabinet; Freshman Commission; Varsity Fencing Team; Freshman Fencing Team: Dean ' s List. 4 years; Winner, loe Brown Connally Fellosi ' ship; Inter-Fraternity Council; Co-Editor, Inter-Fraternity Publication: Whn ' s Who Among SItidi-ttU h, Amrrirjn f ' n - lerdlies «nil Collmri. S. F. P. O. DAVID H. SMITH Lumpkin, Ga. GRACE AURELIA SMITH Perry, Ga. HINES HARVILLE SMITH Statesboro, Ga. ICE CAIN SMITH Sycamore, Ga. 1 andscape Archil ry, Pi THOMAS WATSON SIMMONS Douglasville, Ga. resident, Secretary-Treasurer, Agricultural tco- omics and Rural Sociology Club; Treasurer, igricultural Club; Vice-President. 4.H Club: lonor Key. Saddle and Sirloin Club; Lieutenani. .. O. T. C. ; Circulation Manager, Georgia Agrt- ullurist; Ag Hill Editor, 1942 Pandora; Georgia ' loverlcaf Stag; Young Democrats Club; Radio Activities Club; Ag Hill Council. DOROTHY IRENE SMITH Chattanooga, Tenn. Alphj 1 ambda Delt .; Upper 10 Per Cent Phi Upsilon Omicron JANFT SIMPSON SMITH Buffalo, N. Y. JIMMIF SMITH Commerce, Ga. Alf ha Chi Omraa FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Smith, C. J., Smith, D. H., Smith, D. I., Smith, G. A. . . . SECOND ROW: Smith, H. H., Smith, I. C, Smith, J. S., Smith, J. M 1 M M BM ik ik nF 1H2 JOE GORDON SMITH Douglasville, Ga. JOHN ALEX SMITH Greensboro, Ga. Vict-Prc5idenr. Siddlr jnd Sirloin Club. lOHN CLARK SMITH Hamilton, Ga. OTIS E. SMITH, JR. Tallapoosa, Ga. RUTH H. SMITH Douglas Manor, N. Y. Kappa Delta President, Vice-President, Kappa Delta: Deans List; Pioneer Club; Treasurer, University Art Students League; Glee Club. STEPHEN DAVID SMITH Rome, Ga. igma Alpha Epsilon W. T. SMITH Knnxville, Tenn. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Smith, J G., Smith, J. A., Smith, J. C, Smith, O. E. . . . SECOND ROW: Smith, R. H., Smith, S. D., Smith, W. T., Smith, W. L. WHITE L. SMITH Davisboro, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR DEGREE JACK DELACY SNELLING Millettville, S. C. WILLIAM OSBORNE SOLMS Savannah, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon WILLIAM McLEROY SORRELLS Macon, Ga. HERBERT C. SOUTHER BlairsviUe, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Snclling, Solms, Sotrclls, Southc SECOND ROW: Spearman, Spence, J., Spence, J. F., Spilky. NEIL S. SPEARMAN Macon, Ga. Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta; Scabbard and Blade Biftad; Junior Cabinet. JANIE SPENCE Camilla, Ga. Alpha Chi Omega Softball Manager, Junior W. A. A.; Rifle Te, JOHN FRANKLIN SPENCE Fairburn, Ga. NATALIE SPILKY Mount Dora, F!a. Delta Phi Epsilon Glee Club; Student Government; Pan-Hellei Council; Economics Society. 1 0r i ' - • ' 1 1 ( 4 II igiT • - H . A It CTWT %d FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Spiucll, Stark, Starr, Staton. . . . SECOND ROW; Slcedman, Sicenland, Stephens, J. M., Stephens, M. L. CECIL LEWIS SPRUELL Bowdon, Ga. GEORGE ARNOLD STARK Dalton, Ga. ADIN P. STEENLAND Palisades Park, N. J. Alpha Zcta; Xi Phi Xi; President, Xi Phi Xi, ■41--42; President, Ag Hill Council, ' 42; Ag Club; Key Council; Dcmosthenian; Freshman Debate Team; Freshman Council; Sophomore sniflR fiijss NELLIE ELIZABETH STEVENS Savannah, Ga. VERNON MOORE STOKELY Crawford, Ga. HOMER A. STOKES Toccoa, Ga. MARY CELESTE STONE Waynesboro, Ga. JACOB MARVIN STARR Newnan, Ga. JAMES MELL STEPHENS Monroe, Ga. JOHN JACKSON STORY Ashburn, Ga. MILDRED MARIE STATON Clearmont, Ga. MARVIN L. STEPHENS Macon, Ga. WILLIAM A. STRAUSS Decatur, Ga. MARTHA R. STEEDMAN Athens, Ga. Phi Mu Hunt club; Radio Club. SARA JOYCE STEPHENS Bowdon, Ga. CURTIS S. STRIPLING Camilla, Ga. Wilson Hudson, heads Athletic Associa- tion and keeps Candler Hall " Barons " well-behaved. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Stephens, S. J., Stc SECOND ROW: Stone. Story, Strauss, Stripling. OF 1942 JENNIE ELIZABETH STROTHER Athens, Ga. JOE STRULETZ LaGrange, Ga. Tail Epiilon Phi Tau Epsilon Phi; Phi Kappj; Eo CHARLIE R. STULB Augusta, Ga. WILLIAM BYRON SUDDETH College Park, Ga. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH SUIT Hartwcll, Ga. JUDY RUSSEY SULLIVAN College Park, Ga. University Woman ' s Council; Homecon; 4.H Club; Ag Hill Council. i£4 ACT FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Strolhcr, Struletz, Stulb, Suddeth. SECOND ROW: Suit, Sullivan, Summers, Sutton, M. E. SIBYL SUMMERS Newnan, Ga. MARY E. SUTTON Savannah, Ga. Alpha Gamma Delta V. R. A., ' 39-40; Radio Club; Newman Club RALEIGH SUTTON Washington, Ga. Vhi Delta Theta JAMES H. TATE, JR. Rome, Ga. ERIN DALE TAYLOR Atlanta, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sutton, R., Tate, Taylor, E. D., Taylor, J. F. . . . SECOND ROW: Taylor, J. H., Taylor, M. J., Taylor, W. J., Thomason. m JOHN FRED TAYLOR, JR. Greensboro, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR B.B.A. DEGREE JOHN HERSCHEL TAYLOR Oglethorpe, Ga. MARGUERITE J. TAYLOR Atlanta, Ga. — — ■W. J. TAYLOR Davisboro, Ga. JOHN HENRY THOMASON Macon, Ga. Saddle and Sirloin Club; 4-H Club; B. S. U. Dot Fawcclt, prominent in fo 1 1 i LEFT TO RIGHT: Thompson, J. E., Thompson, M. A., Thompson, nton. . . . SECOND ROW: Thuiman, Thurmond, Tiller, Tilley. SMIflB flLASS JAMES CHALMERS TODD Americus, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsiloti WILLIAM BAER TORAN Chester, Penn. Alpha Epsilon Pi iry, Alph.i Epsilon Pi; Phi Kappa; Mortar and Pestle. JANE ELIZABETH THOMPSON East Point, Ga. MIRIAM THURMOND Athens, Ga. CHARLES BUFORD TORRANCE MilledgeviUe, Ga. .Mpha Zeta; 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin. MARGARET A. THOMPSON Vidette, Ga. MARVIN T. THOMPSON Valdosta, Ga. HAROLD STILLE TILLER Athens, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha President, Vice-President, Pi Kappa Alpha; In tcr-Fraternity Council; C. A. A.; Gridiron Freshman Swimming Team, ' 37. HILMA TRAYLOR Carrollton, Ga. LEILA FLORENCE TRUITT College Park, Ga. Kappa Delta STEVE W. THORNTON MilledgeviUe, Ga. LEW TILLEY Rome, Ga. IDELLE P. TUCKER Athens, Ga. SIDNEY WOODROW THURMAN Midville, Ga. DOROTHY LOUISE TIMM Augusta, Ga. Alpha Chi Omega Homccon; Ag Hill Council; Pioneer Club. ROY SLATON TUGGLE, JR. Atlanta, Ga. President. Marketing Club; Treasurer, Alpha Kappa Psi; Economics Society. Al Williams, Vice Campus Lead? FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Timm, Todd, Toian, To ROW: Traylor, Truitt, Tucker, Tuggle. OF H42 JACK THOMAS TUMLIN Pine Mt. Valley, Ga. I ' hi Kjppj Phi: Aghon; Alpha Zeti: I ' rcsiJcnt. I ' nultrv Science Club; Secretary-Treasurer, Poul- Mv Science Club; Dean ' s List, 3 years; Treas- urer, l ' )4l Baby Chick and Egc Show. MYRON W. TUPPER, JR. Rembert, S. C. ROBERT GURR TURNER Columbus, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tumlin, Tupper, Turner, Tye. . . . SECOND ROW: Upchurch, Uskudarii, VanFlcet, VanLandinsham. Sigma Chi OSCAR HILL TYE Edison, Ga. DOROTHY MAE VANN Swainsboro, Ga. JOHN ALFRED VOUSDEN Atlanta, Ga. MARY R. UPCHURCH ThomasviUe, Ga. Cbi Omega President. Chi Omega; Pan-Hellenic Council; Secretary, Phi Upsilon Omicron. FRANCES RABUN VANNERSON Savannah, Ga. Kappa Alpha Theta President, Music Club; Treasurer, Music Club; Corresponding Secretary, Kappa Alpha Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota. ELLIOTT S. WADDELL, JR, Columbus, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon AYETULLA USKUDARLI Athens, Ga. JOHN DANIEL VanFLEET Atlanta, Ga. Lambda Chi Alpha ROBERT LEON VanLANDINGHAM Cairo, Ga. (ANOinATF rOR A.B.J. DFCHFr Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Kapp.i Phi ROBERT iYATT VanZANDT Gulfport, Miss. VALERIE VARNON Charlotte, N. C. Alpha Chi Omega Treasurer. Theta Sigma Phi; Zodiac; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pioneer Club; Speech Club; Pho- tography Club; Pandora Staff, ■38- ' 39; Treas- urer, Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Chi Omega. JOHN MARCUS WAITS, JR. Rockmart, Ga. CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Radio Editor, Ked and Black; President, gamma Kappa; Editor, N. y. A. Time : President, Radio Activities Club; Sigma Chi: Dcmosthenian. EUGENIA WALKER Atlanta, Ga. Delta Delta Delia FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vann Vannerson, VanZandt, Va SECOND ROW: Vousden, Waddell, Waits, Walker, Eugenia. i X 1 11 ■ 1 FIRST ROV , LEFT TO RIGHT: Walkc, E«a, Walker, S., Wall, Wallace, Wallender. . . . SECOND ROW: Ward, Ware, Waters, Watson, H. O. EVA WALKER Valdosti, Ga. SUE WALKER Birminghim, Ala. BITHEL WALL, JR. Sylvesta, Ga. WILMER WARREN WALLACE Tennille, Ga. LILLIAN M. WALLENDER Ft. Screven, Ga. Frances Phillips, Outstanding Pi( Club Debater, Journalist. MARGARET ANNE WARD Hape ille, Ga. JAMES ALMON WARE Franklin Springs, Ga. JULIA MARIE WATERS College Park, Ga. Alpha Gumma Delia Pfe.idcni, Vomen ' i Gl« Club: ViM-Pr«ideot, Sigma Alpha Ion; Music Club. HELEN O. WATSON Carrollton, Ga. WILLIAM C. WATSON Thomason, Ga. Phi Kappa Phi Xi Phi Xi. soiflR n,us VIRGINIA CARTER WAYNE Atlanta, Ga. Chi Omega Theta Sigma Phi; RrJ tni BUrk. CLARENCE WESLEY WELCH Macon, Ga. Blue Kev: Captain. BaKball Team: Vartily Foot- ball: Prciidcnt. " G " Club: Captain. Infanlrv R, O. T. C. KATHLEEN ETHRIDGE WELDON Milner, Ga. Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Upiilon Omicron; Voineii " ! Editor, Georgia AuricnUuralhl ; A-H Club: V. R. A. Senior Women ' ! Council. DANTO GLYNN WEST Camilla, Ga. FRANCES H. WHEELER Gainesville, Ga. HOViARD B. WHITAKER Flovilla, Ga. Vice-President, Alpha Kappa Psi: Treasurer, Mai keiing Club; Demoslhenian; Young Democrat] Club. JOHN RICHARDS WHITE DiUard, Ga. Secretary, Vice-President, Forestry Club. ROBERT G. Vi HITE Athens, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Watson, W. C, Wayne, Welch, Weldon, West. . . . SECOND ROW: Wheeler, Whitaker, White, J. R., White, R. S. np 1912 THOMAS WHITE Savannah, Ga. Galfau; 4-H Club. EDNA WHITMIRE Atlanta, Ga. RUTH V. WHITMIRE Atlanta, Ga. JOSEPH AMBROSE VC ' HITTLE Brunswick, Ga. COLYE HURST WHITWORTH Hull, Ga. DOROTHY E. WIGGINS Sanford, Fla. MARVIN JONES WIGGINS Smithville, Ga. SARAH ALICE WIGGINS Carrollton, Ga. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: While, T., Whilmite, E., Whitmire, R. V., Whittle, Whitworth. . . . SECOND ROW: Wiggins, D. E., Wiggins, M. J., Wiggins, S. A., Wile,, OLIN WIMBERLY WILEY Cordele, Ga. SARAH EMOGENE WILKERSON Sandersville, Ga. ANNIE J. WILLIAMS Summertown, Ga. FRANCIS M. WILLIAMS Ft. Valley, Ga. JAMES EDGAR WILLIAMS Athens, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha Vice-President, Pi Kappa Alpha; Marketing Club-, Captain, Infantry R. O. T. C. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wilkerson, Williams, A. J., Williams, F. M., Williams, J. E., Williams, O. A. ... SECOND ROW: Williams, P. H, Wiir.ams, S. N., Williamson, Wilson, F. H. OSCAR ALBERT WILLIAMS, JR. Plains, Ga. Treasurer, Saddle and Sirloin Club; Agronomy Club; 4-H Club; Busineis Manager, Georgia Chvrrlcil; Ag Hill Council; Vice-Campus leader; Aghon; Gridiron. PEG HODGSON WILLIAMS Athens, Ga. Chi Omega Transfer from Winthrop College; University Women ' s Council; Vice-President, University Arc League. SADA NELL WILLIAMS Decatur, Ga. ELIZABETH A. WILLIAMSON Washington, Ga. Freshman Commission; Sophomore Council. FARRIS H. WILSON, JR. Griffin, Ga. Adin Steenland, B. S. U. and Ag. Hill leader and Jack Tumlin, Poultry Science scholar. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wilson, J. A., Wise, Wood, Woodnng Woods . . . SECOND ROW: Worley, L. S., Worley, L M., Worlsman, Wylie. SEHflR UJSS I.OYD C. YEARGIN HartwcU, Ga. MARY r.STHER YOUNG Augusta, Ga, Alpha Gam ma Delta Georgia Arch: Rjjio Activities Club; T j - Nr Mas -Jm: HELEN ZACHOS Atlanta, Ga. JOHN A. WILSON Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Sigma Trjnsfcr from North Georgia Collcse, Emory University; Demosthenijn; Economics Society; Trcisurer, Kappa Sigma. ALMA VERNE WISE Plains, Ga. Transfer from Abraham Baldsvin College; Tr, urer, Homecon; Education Club; Agricuki Economics and Rural Sociology Club. MARY LOUISE WOOD Commerce, Ga. JOHN CRAWFORD WOODS Athens, Ga. Chi Psi LENA SAVANNAH WORLEY Habersham, Ga, LOUISA MARY WORLEY Habersham, Ga. ELISE ANN WORTSMAN Savannah, Ga. ANN ELIZABETH ZELLNER Forsyth, Ga. Tr.,nsfer from Bessie Tift College; Homecon. RUSSELL JOSEPH BURKE Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi LOUISE PRICKETT Grantville, Ga. IRIS V. PRICE Wrightsvillc, Ga. THOMAS MERMAN PRICE Sayannah, Ga. JEANNETTE WOODRING Clearwater, Fla. Phi Mu Music Club; Universit MARY KATHERINE WYLIE Glenn Ridge, N. J. OSCAR PRISANT Albany, Ga. Alpha Epsiloti Pi Ed Kelly, Law School Chief Justic FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Yeargin, Young, Zachos, Zellner, Burke SECOND ROW: Prickett, Price, I. V., Price, T. M., Prisant. .. Memberb of Junior Cabinet Meet to Discuss the Prob lems of Their Class l 7 4e unio JUNIOR OFFICERS JAMES WILSON Praideuf H. B. EDWARDS, JR Vice-Pirshh-ii BERYLL SELLERS . . . Secretary-Treasurer The Junior officers on the steps of the Chapel. Left to right: Sellers, Edwards, Wilson. JAMES WILSON President Junior Class J irn R OFFICERS I. Fire-ball Frankie Sinkwich, who made the 1941 Bulldogs famous. ... 2. Frances Gordy, biggest B. W. O. C. of the Junior Class. ... 3. Simon Michael and Gus Partee labor diligently on the PANDORA. ... 4. Quimby Melton at his weekly job of puting out the RED AND BLACK. and Quitlo (U Wo J i mm i ml im ' m ' FIRST ROW Saka Louist Abbott Brunswick Phillips Abbott, Jr. .... Louisville William W. Abbott Louisville Antonio R. Acevedo Decatur Murray Ackerman . White Plains, N. Y. John Barnard Adams Savannah Kerwin Butler Adams Atlanta Mary E. Alexander McDonough Raymonde a. Alexander .... Atlanta Charles J. Alford Fort Valley John Charles Allen Evans SECOND ROW Julia Tippin Allen .... Arnoldsville Lela Matilda Allison .... Clarkesville Charles C. Anderson Decatur Dorothy R. Anderson .... Stillmore Herbert R. Anderson, Middle Village, N. Y. Irby Exiey, Ag Hill Julia F. Andrews Thumasvillc Harold M. Appler . Ridgefield Pk., N. J. Frances Mae Arnold Atlanta James Alford Arnold Edison Lillian F. Arnold Vienna RoBiRT Ir sin Aronson . Krooklyn, N. Y. THIRD ROW Frances F. Asher Atlanta Edith Munroe Askew Newnan Mabel E. Askew Atlanta William Arnold Aski «■ ■ . . Arlington Albert M. Attyah Americus Marie Frances Aveka Athens Geraldine AvERiTT MiUen Mary Elizabeth Avers Atlanta Betty Dealva Bacon Reidsville Grace Earle Bailey ■ • ■ Pompano, Fla. Jack Cecil Bailey I.aGrange FOURTH ROW Susan Jane Bailey Elberton Robert Courtney Bailu ■ . . Augusta Paul W. Baker Lafayette Charlie W. Baldwin Madison Mary Ursula Barber Atlanta Julia Mae Barfield Louisville Libbv Bargeron Miami, Fla. . " lngelinf Barker Carrollton Emogene Barnes McRae Alma J. Barnett . West Palm Beach, Fla. Vo Hammie Barnett .... Washington FIFTH ROW Abram Barron, Jr Columbus HoYT Edwin Barron Rome James J. Barron, Jr. Bradley Leola E. Bateman Byron Annie F. Baxter Ashburn WiLMA Ruth Beacham .... Elberton Mary Lee Beall Hazlehurst Mary Katherine Beatenbough . Athens Roy E. Beddincfield Dublin Tollie S. Bedenbaugh Athens Neva S. Beers College Park SIXTH ROW Anne Stewart Bell Trion Fred Bell Tifton Robert L. Bennett Athens Selby Benton Cornelia Tom Frazier Benton Jefferson Harry Louis Berman Atlanta William Bisson Athens Homer A. Black Cartersville John Dick Black, Jr. ... Cummings Edna R. Blanchard Thomson Philip Sawyer Blanks Macon JOIORS nJSS OF 19 4.1 FIRST ROW Carolyn Blanion Cairo Arnold S. Blum Macon Maurice Boatwrighi- .... Swainsboro Ned James Bond, Jr. .... Watkinsville Edgar Reid Bosw] li Greensboro George Rled Bowhoin .... Adairsville Hazel Brackctt Athens Elaine Bradshaw Athens Wm. Henry Bramblett • . . Chatsworth Gilbert D. Branch Sumner RovcE H. Bras«ell Athens SECOND ROW Marv Anne Braswell Athens Faust Mell Bray Athens Robert Mobley Bray Atlanta James H. Braziel, Jr. Pitts George E. Broach Athens Annie Ruth Brown Macon Elizabeth Lasanby Brown . . . Atlanta James Edward Brown Doerun Julia Reid Brown Columbus Martha Brown Martin Johnnie C. Brownlee Calhoun THIRD ROW J. William Brunso.n . . . Donalsonville John L. Bryan Macon Robert L. Bryan Grayson Virginia Bryans McDunou h Glover E. Bryant, Jk LaGrange John Thomas Bryant .... Columbus Thomas Mitchum Bryant .... Jersey Ralph C. Buchanan Woodland John L. Buckley Augusta Sylvia Buffington ... College Park Burrill E. Bunim Atlant.t FOURTH ROW Charles C. Bunn Cedartown Alice Hannah Burch Athens Mary Jean Burch Fayetteville Emma Jean Burns Macon Sara Ross Burns Atlanta Amon Lee Cain, Jr. Hampton William P. Cain Millhaven Walter W. Calhoun Atlanta Henry Grady Califf . . . Milledgeville Julliette Callaway Eatonton Arthur B. Carlan Commerce FIFTH ROW Lewis B. Carlton . . . W.iuchulj, Ela. Sarah A. Carpenter Atlanta Sanford Perry Carr Dalton Enrico Carrasco Newnan Virginia Margaret Cason • . Cedartown Annie M. Castellaw .... Commerce Stanley E. Caswell Aniericus Leslie C. Cauthen Buchanan John Elmer Champion .... Chipley Emily Chandler Athens Fred Chandler, Jr. Bowman SIXTH ROW Thomas L. Chason Ochlochnee Arthur Keelin Cheney . . Gadsden, Ala. Joseph G. Christian Savannah Frank E. Christie Dawson Joseph T. Christmas Vienna Frank Fleming Clark .... Louisville Janie Mell Clark Athens Nelson Clement .... Harlem, Mont. Otis Jackson Cliett .... Waynesboro LuNiE Mae Clifton Statesboro n o o Kk f » :i tew » FIRST ROW WiLBERT A. ClOWLR Dougljs Henry H. Cobb, Jr Athens Laura Blanche Cobb Hartwell Carolyn Jane Cobourn • . Toledo, Ohio Ann Cochran Atlanta James Wesley Cochran . . . Clearwater John Y. Coffee, Jr Athens Anne Coile Athens Mary Coker Canton Otho K. Coleman Unadilla Robert Collatt Savannah SECOND ROW Louis A. Collins Augusta Henry B. Colquitt Lexington Virginia C. Cooksey Columbus utslanding junior in the V.R.A. John Edgar Cooper Dalton Cecil W. Corbett Monticello John Wesley Corbin Rome Leonard Costa, Jr Athens Margaret C. Craig .... Lawrenceville Linton K. Crawford Cornelia Margaret Eugenia Creekmore - Athens Francis M. Cronic Gainesville THIRD ROW Elon Kelley Crumbley . . McDonough Carolyn G. Crummey .... Rochelle Edward W. Darden Athens William H. Darden .... Union Point Luther R. Davenport Loving Thomas Edward David . Hollywood, Fla. William Fred Davidson . . . Cleveland Margaret Ann Davis .... Hapeville Raymond Lamar Davis .... Brunswick Van Davis Elberton Nancy Deen Lakeland, Fla. FOURTH ROW Alvin Hugh Dempsey . . •■ Watkinsville Harry Elmore Devane .... Nashville R. L. Dial, Jr. Albany Erasmus R. Dillard .... Washington Winifred Divine SummerviUe Robert D. Dixon . . . Blucfield, W. Va. Harry E. Donaldson, Jr. ... . Lindale Lamar Grant Dooley . . . X ' atkinsville George Wayne Dozier Leary Mary Adele Drenon Jesup Earl M. Drewry ' , Jr Griffin FIFTH ROW Jones M. Drewry Athens Anne D. DuBose .... Newport, R. I. Dean Jackson Duggan .... Irvinton Mehmet Muammer Dumlu . . . Athens Andrew C. Dudish Breslau, Pa. Sam Grady Dunaway Tignall Mary Eleanor Duncan .... Hartwell Martha A. Dunson LaGrange John T. Early, Jr Rome Mary L. Edwards WinterviUe Cleveland P. Eley Franklin SIXTH ROW Eugene Ellenson . . . Coral Gables, Fla. Carl B. Elliott Augusta Elouise Oliver Ellis Atlanta William Jarvis Ellis Hazlehurst Harriette Emerson Atlanta James M. Enneis Savannah Sara K. Etheredge Sumner Marjorie Faye Evans Griffin Thena Holt Evans Sandersville Charles K. Ewing . . Framingham, Mass. Irby Sheck Exley Clyo .III I [ n R s (1USS OF 1941; FIRST ROW Charles W. Fain, Jr. . Daytona Beach, Fla. Lfnton R. Fausett Add Rebecca Fausett Dublin Mildred Gladys Feagin .... Savannah Frances Ferguson DeSoto Herbert H. Fielder Columbus Harriett H. Fincher Athens David L. Firor Athens Frank Williams Fitch Athens Charles H. Fitzgerald .... Conycrs Michael M. Fiveash Lake Park SECOND ROW WiLLENE T. Flanigan ■ ■ . Greshamvillc John T. Fleetwood Cartersville Carmi Ruth Fletcher Molena Sara R. Flournoy Grantville George R. Flowers Decatur Elva Carolyn Foster Edison Roel Hershell Fowler Adrian DeJongh Franklin Atlanta Beverly R. Franks Decatur Blanche J. Freeman Unadilla Lucille M. Freeman Atlanta THIRD ROW Mary Frirls Millcn Helen Sue Fuller Corbin, Ky. Edward H. Furcron, Jr. ... Crawford Sarah Ann Gardner Rossville Warren Edwin Garni u .... W.irthen William R. Garrard .... Washington Roy M. Garren Morgantown George Frank Garrison .... Atlanta Charles Bearden Gay .... Washington Milton D. George Blakcly Vernon W. Gheesling .... Norwood FOURTH ROW Dixie Lois Gibson Atlanta Wallace M. Gibson Athens Carolyn E. Gilbert Toccoa Dannie Virginia Gillis .... Sopcrton Aron Nathan Gillman .... Augusta Lee Wells Ginn Athens Herbert Cecil Glover .... Cleveland Cecil Glass Gann Savannah Larry L. Goodrich Griffin Harold B. Goolsby Monticello Frances Jane Gordy Columbus FIFTH ROW Ralph M. Goss Athens Evelyn V. Graham Athens Charles Russell Green Dallas Tifton S. Greer Lilburn Sarah Frances Griffeth .... Athens Beatrice M. Griffin Cochran Lucia Janele Griffin Douglas Pleasant D. Griffin Hoboken Patricia A. Griffith .... Daniclsvillc Thomas William Gurley, Jr. . Columbus Laurier E. Hackett Camilla SIXTH ROW Carolyn Sue Hadasxay .... LaGrange Martha Foil Hahn . Mt. Pleasant, N. C. Curt Orr Hall, Jr. Newton George Milton Hall Elbertcm Thomas Marshall Hall . . Miami, Fla. Sammie Halperin Fitzgerald Clara E. Hamilton Augusta W. C. Hardin, Jr. Ball Ground Myra Marjorie Hardman .... Colbert Leon A. Hargreaves Pearson William Archie Hargrove .... Leslie J mi 1 f5 Q r FIRST ROW Dan N. Harrhll Tifton Max a. Harrell Eastman Winifred G. Harrell .... White Oak Catherine Harrington .... Plainfield Ruby Lee Harrington .... Gainesville Carolyn Harris Leesburg Emily Coile Harris Wintervillc Homer White Harris Bradley Tames Rodney Harris Athens Robert Oscar Harrison ■ . Ciawfordville Sara E. Harrison Decatur SECOND ROW Vernon W. Hartley Alamo Ann E. Haslam Fort Valley jack Bell Hatcher Harlem Jamie Lamar Hatcher Cordelc Marianna Hawkes Athens John Richard Hawkins Gray Sara Frances Hayes Athens John Francis Head Albany Joseph Lynn Head Clermont Frances Ann Heard Deland Richard Adair Hecht .... Columbus THIRD ROW Mary Belle Hembree .... Alpharetta Maurice L. Henderson .... Adairsvillc Mary Arta He.nry .... College Park Reuben Herring Tifton Joseph Hesse Washington, D. C. John Robert Hesti r .Savannah HiLLiARD T. Hicks, Jr. ■ . • Wrightsvillc Groves C. Hillard Atlanta Senie M. Hillis Sardis Leonard Hirschberger ■ Brooklyn, N. Y. William L. Hitchcock Colbert FOURTH ROW Mary Elizabeth Hobbs Athens Betty Hodges Atlanta Jacqueline A. Hodges .... Loganvillc Allene L. Hodgson Athens Mabel India Hodgson . • Baltimore, Md. Frank Hoffman Savannah Martha S. Hoi.brook .... Carnesvillc W. DtANE Holland Collins Ann W. Holloway Register John A. Holloway-, Jr. .... Register Katherine L. Hooks Swainsboro FIFTH ROW William R. Hornbuckle .... Grayson Everett C. Horne .... Louisville, Ky. Betty Jane Horton . ■ . Anderson, S. C. Raydeen R. Howard Canton Ben O ' Neal Howell Thomson Frances R. Howell Athens Sara Kennedy Howell .... Statesboro Bettie p. Hoyt Atlanta Grady Huddleston Senoia Eugene Hill Hudson Raleigh Kendrick B. Hudson Hamilton SIXTH ROW Martha E. Huff WmterviUc Robert Wheeler Huff Rome Patsy Ann Huffman .... Columbus Ben Tillman Huiet, Jr. .... Atlanta Alva Humphrey Waynesboro John A. Hunnicutt Athens Louise W. Hunnicutt . St. Petersburg, Fla. Bennett R. Hunter Columbus Marjorie Hurlbutt Augusta Darwin M. Hutchinson .... Ashland .Mary F. Hutchison • ■ • Charlotte, N. C. J II n R s riJSS OF 194B FIRST ROW RozzELLE C. Hyatt Franklin Idus Ardek Inglis Clarkesvillc Marjory Ingram .... J.icksonville, Fla. Ji.MMY Allen Irwin Rockmart Geraldine B. Isenber ; Gordon Richard H. Jachens Savannah Mary Jackson Greshamvillc Rose C. Jackson Roswell Ira Arthur Jacobs . . New York, N. Y. Rembert L. Jarrell .... Thomasvillc Edna M. Jenkins Macon SECOND ROW Billy S. Jennings Americus W. H. Jennings, Jr Winder Elizabeth Jane Johnson .... Siloam H. Thomas Johnson Jefferson Howard H. Johnson Augusta Ralph B. Johnson Valdosta Robert Johnson Woodvillc Ruth Jean Johnson Grantville Jean E. Johnstone . . St. Petersburg, Fla. Betty D. Jones Rome Billy K. Jones Millen THIRD ROW Edith Moreland Jones Uaw un Joyce Jones Louisville Shirley B. Jones Atlanta William Bailey Jones .... Middleton Barbara Ellen Jordon . . . Lawrencevillc Mary Frances Kellfv . . . Bath, Maine Billy White Kemp Martinez. Lois Janelle Kennev Athens Warner Lewis Kenno Atlanta William Harry Keni .... I ort Valley Kenneth Erwin Keupi r . Waukesha, Wis. FOURTH ROW Ralph E. Kicklighti k Lyons Mahlon J. Kieffer Savannah John C. Kilgore Stapleton Catherine B. Kino Atlanta Martha Florence Kini. . . . Monticello Paul P. Kluk Hudson, Penn. Frank R. Knapp Augusta James Grady Knight Sale City Mary Louise Kollock Atlanta Hindalyn Kottellman . . Orlando, Fla. Joseph F. Krafka Augusta FIFTH ROW Buddy Lewis Kruger Fitzgerald Harry Kuniansky Atlanta Gainer B. Lamar Hawkinsville Hazel Lamb Danville Peggy Lancaster Eatonton Margaret S. Landers Atlanta Barbara A. Landstreet Atlanta Annette Saba Lasky Savannah Luke R. Lassiter Covington Clara Nell Lavender Jefferson Royce F. Lawrfnci .... Millcdgcvillc SIXTH ROW Carl Wilson Lawson .... Gainesville Needham Henry Layton Chula Frank B. Leasman Atlanta Claudia Lee Leesburg Thomas Edward Lee Danville Katherine R. Lester Atlanta LouiLA Levie Montezuma Joshua Leon Lewis Swainsboro Dorothy Mabel Link Athens Thomas A. Lipham, Jr. ... Franklin George H. Lipscomb Dahlonega A ' v» ' 9 " o Q ( 9 o, .( f O Q, Ji mM km M5Mi FIRST ROW Edward C. Long, Jr. Athens James Clayton Lord Dudley Jack Hopkins Lott Waycross HliLENE V. LovEjOY Decatur John Felton Lowrey Preston John Lewis Luke Statham Thomas F. Lumsden Talbotton Lester L. Lundy Boston Dan H. Magill, Jr. Athens Alfred John Maguirl Augusta John H. Mahmarian . North Bergen, N. J. SECOND ROW Spencer M. Mallory Clyo Jesse Roger Mangham .... Columbus Manley L. Markell, Jr. . Brooklyn, N. Y. Clieton E. Marshall Reynolds George O. Marshall, Jr. . . . Americus Clyde S. Martin Toccoa Doris Marie Martin Barney Harriett C. Martin Hilton Mary Ella Martin Carrollton William E. Martin Millen Sara Mae Mason . . . Mt. Sterling, Ky. THIRD ROW James William Massencale . . Greenville James H. Massey Athens Sara M. Mathews Atlanta David B. Mathis Richland Aubrey Ruth May Adairsville Thomas Eric McArthur Macon William McCollum .... Thomasville Janet Elizabeth McCuen . . . Savannah Jane McCain Bremen Claudia McCravy .... Greenville, S. C. Sarah McDaniel Alamo FOURTH ROW Martha E. McDougalu .... Savannah Lucile p. McDuffie Columbus Fayette M. McElhannon .... Winder John S. McElmurray .... Hephzibah Bernard W. McFall Suches Marcia McGarity Dallas Charles Thomas McGee . . Lawrenceville James F. McIntosh Savannah Edith Lynn McKenzie .... Montezuma Bob McKibben Social Circle Robert L. McMahon Athens FIFTH ROW Orius Earl Mc Neal Hahira Joseph Melvin McRae Athens Oliver Quimby Melton, Jr. . . . Griffin Nettye Cecille Meltz Atlanta Joseph H. Mendes, Jr. Savannah Simon Michael Athens Frank Jack Miller . . . Gr.iceville, Fla. James P. Miller Athens John B. Miller Macon John Clinton Miller . Greeneville, Tenn. Charlotte M. Mills Augusta SIXTH ROW Lewis A. Mili s Savannah William Carlos Mills Cairo Emily W. Mitchell Atlanta Annie Coleen Mixon Ocilla Kenneth C. Mock Colquitt Barbara Montgomery .... Commerce James N. Montgomery Rome Julian M. Montgomery Rome Frances R. Moore Dahlonega Margie Moore X■illacoochee William Frank Moore Buford JIIIIORS UJSS flF 19 4:] FIRST ROW Sarah Earl Moorhlad .... Buckhead Davis Shannon Morgan . • - Easr Point Jessie M. Morris Alpharetca Helen Morrison . . . ( ' inter Haven, Fla. J. B. Morrison Chatswortli James Cohen Morrison • . ■ Gainesville Margaret Shaw Moss Smyrna Dorothy Hazel Mote Acwortli Raymond T. Muggridge .... Sale City Paula Jeanne Muller . . . Miami, Fla. James R. Mulligan . . . Baldwin, N. Y. WiLLIAN SECOND ROW Henry Muli.ins . imbolt, Tenn. nd Hts., Oliio nd Hts., Ohio Fort Valley . Savannah . . Resaca Montezuma Waycross Audrey R. Murphy . Clevcl Kathryn L. Murphy . Clevel Thomas Lewis Murph Shelby Myrick, Jr. . Glyn Nations • . • Mary Rebecca Neal Jean Louise Neary . Joseph S. Neel Atlanta Will G. Neisler Reynolds Ruth King New Dunwoodv THIRD ROW Louie R. Niwbirrv . . . William Harold Newberry Alfred Cula Newell . ■ . Barbara Theresa Ni. Athens James Elmer Nix Leary Coleman Norris Bogart Martha A. Norris Athens Willie Paul Norvell Augusta Cyril Jerome Oakes Doerun M. Mac O ' Barr Lavonia Colquitt H. Odom Girard FOURTH ROW Janice B. Oettingi r Atlanta Hilary Rhodes Oliver ■ • ■ Birmingham Cecil Jay Olmstead • . Jacksonville, Fla. Kate O ' Shields Duluth Walter Wilson Otto Savannah Jesse Lamar Outlar Omega Wilmot B. Ouzts Tennille Lamar Overstreet Baxley Charles Edison Owen .... Barnesville Harriet Jannie Owen .... Stockbridge J. Erwin Owens Dahlonega FIFTH ROW William Harris Owens, Jr. . . . Decatur William M. Owens Augusta Charles Eugene Ozburn . . . Monticello Robert L. Padgett Quitman Laura R. Paddock Athens Elmo V. Palmer Sale City James Thomas Parady Cuthbert Jack Sumpter Parker Waycross Myron B. Parker . . . Little Rock, Ark. Irvin J. Parkerson Augusta Benjamin Franklin Parks .... Athens SIXTH ROW Dorothy D. Parrish Nashville Jack Waldo Parrish Pembroke Roy Ellwood Parrish Camilla WooDiE Augustus Partee, Jr. • • Decatur Homer M. Passmore, Jr. .... Valdosta George Carey Patrick .... Savannah Jeanne L. Patterson Savannah Sara M. Patterson Atlanta Betty Ann Patten .... Lakeland, Fla. Gibson M. Patillo Decatur David Payne Hartwell o ,,- w - i " 9 Q A ' • 9 k ■Wf-w—iWWII — PBBOpiBiP O r) Q . FIRST ROW Mary Wylette Payne .... Carnesville Sarah Vivian Pearman .... Hartwell Laura Burton Peek Rockmart James J. Pellinger .... R.ihway, N. J. Thomas Coke Penland .... Blairsvillc Ralph Linton Perry Buford Eugene E. Petty Tifton Morris O. Phelps .... Louisville, Ky. Edgar J. Phillips Dacula Margaret L. Phillips Jesup Harry Brooks Pierce Trion SECOND ROW Alan Y. Pittard Dulutli Paul Miller Pitts, Jr. ... Columbus Marcella E. Plowden Valdosta Joseph Francis Polak . . . Lowell, Mass. Martha Louise Poole Americus Geraldine Pope Lyons George W. Poschner ■ Youngstown, Ohio Martha E. Postell Macon Leonard A. Postero Athens Roy Edward Powell Hartwell Clinton R. Prfwftt Dallas THIRD ROW Julian E. Price Quitman William Carswell Pridgen . • . Cordelc Thomas L. Pritchett .... Wintervillc Anna May Pryor Fitzgerald Jeanne Evelyn Pryor .... Fitzgerald Edwin R. Pullen Damascus Robert Hines Purvis Barney Jesse O. Quillian Douglas Melvin G. Rally Avera Drury D. Rambo Marshallvillc Louise Gayle Rankin Atlanta FOURTH ROW Rowland Wyatt Ranson Tate Frances C. Ravenel Savannah Philip L. Reagan, Jr. . ■ Sunbright, Tenn. Orrin a. Redman Chicago, 111. William L. Reeve Calhoun Zelma K. Reidling Commerce Peyton Austin Rhenev .... Wadley John Edward Rhoads Toccoa Ollife H. Rhodes Barwick Pete Stroupe Rhynl Americus Charles C. Rice Athens FIFTH ROW Kathrvn Rill Byron Robert Scott Rice Athens Mary Jane Richards Athens Roy Martin Richards Calhoun George W. Richardson Toccoa J. mes P. Richardson Hartwell John W. Richardson, Jr. ■ . . Lumpkin Elinore M. Richman . - Manning, S. C. Melvin Rigdon Tifton Anne Carey Riggs Athens Francis T. RroisM .... Nanticoke, Pa. SIXTH ROW Wallace Ronald Rish Rome Mary Alice Roane Atlanta Margaret E. Roberts . . - Morris Station John W. Robertson Newborn William Shelor Rodgi rs .... Dublin Bernice Rogers Cobbtown Henry L. Rogers Ocilla Jack Anderson Roland .... Crawford Ellen F. Routledge Rome Alicia C. Rowland Wrightsvillc William Thomas Rox Augusta .m iORS CLASS OF 1943 FIRST ROW JOHN M. Ro-,,M 1 Uecatui- Carlton Rlmrk Bostwick Henrv ' Vi ' AiTiR RuARk Bostwick K. Earle Ru( ki r Kibcrton |oHN Rushing Statcsboro Carol L. Russell Waycross Albert A. Salt .... New York, N. Y. Cordelia A. Salter Atlanta Martha F. Salter Atlanta John F. Sammons Watkinsvillc Helen Sims Sanoirs Griffin SECOND ROW James Oscar Sanders Columbu ' i Theodore S hlapeer . Caldwell Twisp, N. J. Gloria J. Schwager Decatur Bruce Harvey Scobfl . Mt. Vernon, N. Y. D. F. ScoGGiNS, Jr. Thomasvillc James William Scovili .... Oglethorpe Dorothy G. Sfaco Gracewood George E. Seaton Cohutta Annette Seely Albany B. H. Sellers Fort Gaines Ezra Lee Sellers Atlanta THIRD ROW Margaret B. Sellers Atlanta Jonathan G. Seymour Atlanta Anna J. Sheffield Cedartown Hartley A. Shein . 1 MiLY Kathleen Sheii DWIN C. Shepard hirli Y T. Sherrill . Robert Baker Snook Hannah Leah Siegel Martha W. Simmons ;w Brunswick, N. J. . . . ■ Lexington .... Savannah Bowdon St. Petersburg. Fla. . Anderson, S. C. . . . . Statesboro Colquitt Sims, Jr. Commerce FOURTH ROW Saralee T. Sims Ocilla Marvin Louis Singer Unadilla Frank F. Sinkwich . ■ Youngstown, Ohio Robert Skinner Athens Susy Rebekah Si ATON .... Oawsonvillc George C. Slickman Rome Jo Ann Smith Winder Martha F. Smith Atlanta Martha Lee Smith Washington Nellie Maxine Smith Lindalc William Henr Smith ..... Augusta FIFTH ROW Fred L. Smothirman. Jr. . . ■ LaCjrangc Juliette Snellings Columbus William R. Spratlin Hull Charlotte L. Starr .... Atlanta Virginia Ellen Starr Atlanta Roy James Steadham .... Bainbridge Rosalie Stein Cartersvillc Beryl Celeste Stephens .... Lavonia Carolyn Stevens Dawson George Ellis Stevens Edison Helen Se-w ' ELL Stevens .... Ellaville SIXTH ROW Truxton H. Stevens Ellaville Byrice Marie Stewart Buchanan Frances N. Stewart Atlanta Irving H. Stewart Ashburn Patricia A. Stodghili Atlanta Jessica Stoner .... Chattanooga, Tenn. Frances L. Storey Rome L Harold Storey Armuchee Anna Clyde Stubbs Douglas Sarena Stripling Orlando, Fla. Caroline H. Stump Valdosta FIRST ROW M. Lynette Sudderth Leary Nancy R. Summerford DeSota Jessie P. Sutton Decatur Alice Eulalia Swint Chipley Katherine Elizabeth Swint • • Chipley Dan Gossett Syfan Commerce Anne Elizabeth Tabor Athens Mary Clyde Tanner Douglas Tony Tatum ■ " " Talking Rock Dorothy Eltzabeth Taylor ■ • ■ Duluth John Lee Taylor Athens SECOND ROW Marjorie Lou Taylor • • Lexington, S. C. Lyra M. Telford Maysville Annette S. Tenenbaum .... Dalton Morris Macey, heads Biftad Club and leads freshman law class in grades. Frances Thomas Decatur Julius Otis Thomas Albany Maureen Thomas ■ . . Winter Park, Fla. Daniel E. Thompson, Jr. • • • Pinchurst Gordon Thompson, Jr. Athens Mary Sue Thompson .... Greensboro Jasper Alfred Tilly Decatur Mary Elfzabeth Timmerman . . • Macon THIRD ROW Herman C. Titsha s; ' , Jr. Pitts Joseph Tobias Newark, N. J. James Conway Todd .... Laurens, S. C. John Arthur Torode .... Starke, Fla. A. Maria Townsend Athens Eleanor R. Troutman Atlanta L. A. Trowell Oliver Anne Carter Trunnell .... Cochran Jason A. Tuggle, Jr. Chamblee Floyd Mashburn Turk Ocilla Martha Lois Turner • . Charleston, S. C. FOURTH ROW Carolyn Tuten Alma Mary James Twitty Atlanta William Crockett Twitty . • • Pelham George Tworoger Berlin William Max Tyson Athens Lucy Margaret Vance . . . Fort Valley John Vickers, Jr. Norman Park Irving Victor Savannah Thomas E. Walden Athens Frances B. Walker Dublin Anna Sue Wallace . West Palm Beach, Fla. FIFTH ROW Ernestine L. Wanslev .... Carnesvillc Roy Thurman Ward .... Watkinsville Virginia Dixon Watts Rome RuFus Cohen Webb Moultrie William Lanier Webb . . . Milledgeville Mary Hill Welch Atlanta Virginia Wendlinger Athens Cherie West Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Lewis Marcus West Sandersville James L. Westberry Waycross Newton A. Whatley Plainville SIXTH ROW Fred S. Whitaker .... Jacksonville, Fla. Henri B. Whitaker Athens James A. White Boston Jewell Eltzabeth White . . . Waresboro J. Delores Whitehead Athens Alice E. Williams Monroe Carol Williams Atlanta Elise Edna Williams Brooklet Olleen Williams . ■ . Birmingham, Ala. Julian B. Willingham Augusta Anne Elizabeth Wilson .... Augusta .1 II I fl R S nJSS flF 19 4 3 FIRST ROW Frances W. Wilson Douglas James E. Wilson, Jr Thcimson WiLMOT Y. WiMBtRLEY .... Bainbridge George Edwin Wolfe ■ . . Batavia, Ohio John Saxton Wolfe, Jr. . . . Savannah Louis A. Wolfe . . . Hammonton, N. J. Mary S. Womack . . Murfreesboro, Tcnn, Earl Bransen Wood . ■ . Powder Springs Norma Rose Wood Commerce Philip Newton Wood . . . Douglasville Lewis Woodruff Griffin SECOND ROW Willis C. Wooten, Jr Homerville Elbert M. Wootten Amcricus William B. Worthy Americus Jean Wright Suwanee Lillian F. Wright Athens OuiDA Elfzabeth Wyatt .... Brooklet Ira Lynette Yandle Lyons Ella G. Yarbrough Atlanta Emily Yarbrough Hartwell Betty Ann Yates Rome Juliet W. Yearns Louisville THIRD ROW Samuel F. Yelton Appling Helen Yelvington .... Arcadia, Fla. Waldo Laverne Yeomans .... Lexsy John Andrew Youmans . . Brunson, S. C. Kathryn C. Young Atlanta Hr i 1 A ' 1 ■■ I. Initial process — securing the permit to register in the rotunda of Memorial Hall. ... 2. Beginning of the physical exam — the tuberculin test. ... 3. Stripped of all clothing, students are examined by medical students from Augusta for signs of physical defects. ... 4. PANDORA staff members fill out cards for year-book photographs in Lucas Hall . . . 5. . . . while upstairs, Whitehall Studio photographs snap the picture. Sophomores receive many free shoe-shines from hapless freshmen. ,;-A-7 SapJuufW ei FRANK WESLEY CLIFFORD MARTIN DEMPSEY LEA CH SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Main Campus . Prcshlcnt . Vice-Preiidcnt Secret ary-T rcinurcr Co-ordinate Campus EBA SMALLWOOD Preshlent The Sophomore officers on the steps of the Academic Buildmg. Left to right: Martin, Wesley, Leach. im % « l i FRANK WESLEY President Sophomore Men EBA SMALLWOOD President Sophomore Women SOPHOMORE OFF in Its I. Willard Carson, scholarship winner, pursues his work far into the night. ... 2. Pleasant sophonnorc pastime — teaching freshmen to respect the authority of upperclassmen. ... 3. Doe Lewinsohn strives to preserve his outstanding record — highest average in the class of ' 44. ... 4. President Wilbur Orr holds a meeting of the Sophomore V. R. A. Cabinet. and QUanjGxde iMiic So pAafHO-ne. Actiaitle yn Howaid, Cooidinatc V.R.A. ' cr. FIRST ROW .VUkon is. Alkirman . . New V.,rk. N. Y. An.n EviiLVN Adams Boston Anni; Tabor Aoams Tignill Iames KiiNNiTH Adams Canon Marv Jane Adams Athens ViRoixiA Louise Adams Atlanta Thomas Addis .... Newport News, Va. Na.sxy O ' Neili. Admns Athens William Ainslie Madison George Alexaxdi r Atlanta Riiv Kari. Al m n Naylor SECOND ROW TLLIAM Rudolph Allen ... Monroe Conrad L. Allgood Scottdale Ann Elev Allison .... Live Oak, Fia. KvELVN Alice Allison . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Sidney Y. Allison Blairsviiie Chambers P. Almon Franklin Alfred M. Anderson Dalton David H. Anderson, Jr. . . . Fort Valley X II I ' II II II n It E X John Harold Anderson .... Athens Charity Ann Angle Rome 1 IMA Jewell Anthony ' . . . High Shoals THIRD ROW Thomas IS. Akmstronc Atlanta James Sti w ar r Asburv .... KIberton .• li X Woodson Asm ord Athens David H. Askew, Jr. Arlnigton ; ' 1LLIAM J. AuTRV Savannah Harry Avedisian . . . New York, N. Y. Dorothy Avcolk Watkinsville Gloria Hope Bachman . West Orange, N. J. Ralph U. Bacon Pembroke Russell G. Baills Tampa ViiiiiAM Emory Barr, |r. Rex FOURTH ROW Amy Barron Rome Loyce Alice Barrow Monticello Osgood M. Bateman Deepstep Carolyn Reed Baugii .... Greensboro Warren W. Beali Atlanta Curtis A. Beall Brewton Mary J. Bearse Atlanta Fred Davis Beasley Statesboro Myron J. Benefield CarroUton Frances Bentli - Amity Barbara D. Bfrrs College Park FIFTH ROW Charles Conway Bishop . . Watkinsville ELrzABETH Charlotte Bisson . . . Athens Vi ' iLLiAM Bisson Athens Robert H. Blackmon . . New York, N. Y. Norma Alice Blackmon . . VCas ' hington Brooker Charles Blanton . . Valdosta Carl Ashton Blount . . . Waynesboro Alfred Blume Brooklyn, N. Y. Harriett Jean Bolton .... Bostwick George W. Bone Sea Island Carl W. Boyd Dalton SIXTH ROW FvANuiR A. Bovnton ■ . Wiggins, S. C. JoL Tom Boynton Quitman Charles E. Brackett Cohutta Sarah R. Bradley Auburn William G. Brantley . . Washington, D. C. James L. Brawner Athens Robert Paul Brett • . . Flushmg, N. Y. Benjamin T. Bridges .... Thomaston William Lee Bridges, Jr Sumner Parks Brock Athens Miriam N. Brookshire Decatur SEVENTH ROW Barbara Ann Broward Atlanta Frank R. Brown .... Knoxville, Tenn. Hugh Mack Brown Athens James L. Brown Athens James Wesley Brown .... Starr, S. C. Mildred K. Brown Senoia Ann Bullard Edison i Jl B k it. A. L Jai a l ■ i 1r FIRST ROW Horace R. Bullard Wintervillc James Thomas Burde.n Comer Annette Field Brumby .... Marietta EssLEV Burdine Marble Hill Esther Burger Lincolnton Henry Cobb, Jr Athens Anthony Burroughs .... Uanielsville JUANiTA Burroughs Danielsville Sam Pinckney Cain Cairo RosiNA Virginia Camaraia . . . Athens Margaret L. Cannon ■ . NX ' alnui Grove SECOND ROW Hra.nk i ' . Cahiks, Jk. Auguslj William Henry Carlton, Jr. • Union Point Joseph Allen Carrincton . . . Vf ' inder Harold B. Carson Dalton WiLLARD P. Carson Dalton Anne Carter Atlanta James R. Carter. VHinterville Jesse LeRoy Caton - . . Andalusia, Ala. Gerald D. Cauble .... Memphis, Tenn. Louis Chanin Macon John Robert Childs. Jr. .... . tlantj THIRD ROW Fred J. Clarke, Jr. .... ' I ' liomasville Jeanette E. Clarke Athens Jasper R. Clifton Stilson Janei- C. Cline Athens Annie Jo Cobb Metter George Cohen Newark, N. J. VCiLLiAM M. CoLBEKi • . . Sanford, Fla. Joe Ben Conger Penfield Melvin Conger Atlanta MoLLiE CooLiK Reynolds James E. Copitn .... Burlington, N. C. FOURTH ROW Virginia Cakoi . Cork . . Union Point Michael John Cost a Athens ElLLEN Louise Council Athens Graham F. Covingion Rome .VIary Jean Craei Elberton Marjory Cravey Atlanta Margari r Anne Cka Lexington Paul A. Craweord Ma Charles Lemuel Curr Tho.mas Andrew Cur Jack Duncan Dasmi k W. Shellman . Dublin chub, EIj. FIFTH ROW RuFFlN Sledge Davis .... Como, Miss. S. M. Davis Ashburn Vt ' iLLiAM Carl Day Canton Lillian A. Deal Atlanta Garnett H. DeHari Athens George Harold DeLonc, . ■ - Gainesville Frank T. Denham Katonton ELrzABEtH A. Dickens Madison George H. Dicus .... Scou bore, Ala. William Earle Dixon Maeon George Alfred Doss, Jr. Canton SIXTH ROW Henry G. Dottery Alliens Dorothy Douglas Augusta Bolling S. DuBose Athens Cora B. Duncan Bowman Fannie Mae Dunn Baxley Patricia R. Durham . . Upper Darby, Pa. Charles Wesley Dyi .... Fit gerald Hazfl F. Edmunds Augusta Billy A. Edwards Menio EsTELLE Edwards .... Highlands, N. C. jAMis D. Edwards t.ainesville SEVENTH ROW X ' ali Murray Edwards . . . ' VX ' oodbury Clyde i ' . Ehrhardt . .Murtreesboro, Tenn. Joh.n F. Ehrhart Atlanta liLrzABETH Ruth Eiuson .... Athens Theodore R. Ellis Chipley James C. Ellison Mount Airy .Marvin David Estroee Lvons tll- SS flF 1(144 FIRST ROW Cleveland M. Eunici; lirisi Dorothy L. Everitt Atlim Charles W. Fain, Jr. • Dayton.1 Bench, Fl James H. Fambrouch ■ . . Cr.iwfordvil Murray W. Feingold Albany Bertram Flrber .... Brooklyn, N. Y Bertram L. Fink . . . New York, N. Y, Ernest Lewis Fisher . . . Roxbury, Mass William C. Fisher Clayton Frank Williams Fitch Athens Betty Fleetviood Cartersville SECOND ROW Carmi Ruth Fi i u hir Molcna Arthur P. Flowers, Jr. .... Atlanta Dorothy Lewis Pokes .... Montezuma Frank D. Foley, Jr. Columbus Dorothy Coile Ford Athens Jack Marion Forehand .... Savannah James F. Forehand Pinehurst s (I p II im (I i{ K s Dorothy Frances Fosti r . . College Park Evelyn S. Foster Roswell Mary B. Foster Cornelia Doris A. Fowl i k Bogart THIRD ROW John Alexandi r Fox Dawson Jack Carlyle Eraser Atlanta Eugene D. Freeman, Jr. . . ■ Columbus Irene F. Freeman Unadilla Martha W. French Decatur Leonard Allen Ganus .... Matthews Charles Denby Garrison ■ . Mobile, Ala. Shirley L. Gately . • • Charlotte, N. C. WiLLARD C. Gentry Newnan Eugene F. Gibson, Jr. • ■ ■ College Park Alta Marie Giddens Decatur FOURTH ROW Garland E. Giles liyromville Al Eugene Gledhill Macon Marjorie Lee Glenn Waycross Henry Ford Gober Gainesville William D. Godwin . . Blytheville, Ark. Doris R. Goldin Savannah Sherman M. Goldsmith, Perth Amboy, N. J. Cyrus S. Goodyear ... St. Simons Island Robert Sidney Gordon ■ ■ ■ Watkinsville Carl F. Grate Greenfield, Ohio Sarah Rebecca Gray Newnan FIFTH ROW Esta Mozelle Green Toccoa Frankie Ruth Greene . . Crawtordville Mary Isabel Greene .... Bainbridge James Alfred Greer Athens Sarah F. Griffeth Athens John Cyrus Griffin Cordele Daniel P. Griffith Burdal Fred M. Grist Dillard Howard Groelincer . . . Bayside, N. Y. Carl M. Grollman Bainbridge John Carroll Hagei r Augusta SIXTH ROW John H. Haire, Jr Atlanta James Marvin Hale Athens Louise Hall Blue Ridge Spence H. Haleman Boston John Wilson Ham, Jr. Parrott Hilda Hancock Winterville Norman Handley Athens Nell Bryant Hardeman . . Winterville EsTON Avery Harden Glenwood Arthur W. Harrington .... Decatur Ewell Harold Haynes Athens SEVENTH ROW Peggie Joyce Haynil Decatur Dewie R. Henry Albany Miriam Anne Henson Athens Elsie Lou Herrington Evans James Render Hill Greenville Minnie Frances Hill Alamo Hazel Louise Hime . West Palm Beach, Fla. ft -. i « O f- i C ! cx f% r FIRST ROW Gene L. Hinson Hazlehurst Jack Walter Hirsch Columbus Newton Jarrell Hogg- .... LaGrange William Augustus Holbrook . . • Atlanta Eloise W. Hood Jefferson V. H. Hooks, Jr. Lexsy Richard Henry Horsey .... Atlanta Bevelyn Ho« ' ard Decatur Elizabeth Brady Howard .... Atlanta Henry C. Howard Atlanta Mary Eefie Howell Athens SECOND ROW William Marvin Howell • Lake City, Fla. Robert B. Huddleston Athens Dorothy B. Huff Athens Irene Turner Huggins Athens John Robert Huggins Oliver Minnie Troup Hughes .... Brunswick George W. Hulme Athens Barbara Jane Indell Atlanta Halvor Iverson Savannah Floyd C. Jarrell Butler Ruth Murray Jarrell Athens THIRD ROW Jane Carolyne Jarvis Atlanta Ben Hill Jenkins, Jr Valdosta Catherine M. Jenkins . . • Danielsville Harriet P. Jenkins Hartwell Mary ELfZABETH Jenkins .... Chipley Arthur B. Jett Ellijay Irvine B. Johnson Sparta Matilda J. Johnson Elberton Reuben L. Johnson, Jr. .... Fairburn Sam D. Joeinson College Park Willis Johnson, Jr. West Point FOURTH ROW Robert F. Johnson .... Christine L. Jones . . - Charles McArthur Jordan Dan Herndon Jordan . . James Eugene Jordan .... Rocky Face Shirley V. Kahn Pclham Gilbert T. Karp .... Brooklyn, N. Y. Florence A. Karpf Savannah William E. Keith West Point Palma Kelley Mitchell John A. Kelley ■ • New Brunswick, N. J. FIFTH ROW James Francis Kennek . Flushing, N. Y. Martha Florence King . . ■ Monticello Harvey D. Kirstein Atlanta Myron C. Kitaif . - ■ Douglaston, N. Y. Arthur F. Kitchens, Jr. Macon James Croll Knox, Jr Monroe Rhona Leslie Koplin Atlanta Blanche Krugman Atlanta Ivan Melvin Kulbersh Tifton Philip Lajacona Mcdford, Mass. Mary Anne Lambert Madison SIXTH ROW Lois K. Lancaster Wrens Robert Lathem Gainesville Martha D. Latimer Ncwnan L empsey Wilson Leach Athens Louis Lee Winston Ryals Eugene Lee . . . . . Americus Bernard D. Leibowitz . . Bayonne, N. J. Columbus Ann Kathryn Leonard . . . . Atlanta Decatur George V. Leroy . . . Ne w Haven, Conn. Glenwood Gus George Letchas . . . Thomasville . Canon Walter A. Levie .... . . Montezuma SEVENTH ROW IsADORE Morris Liwinson .... Dalton Clifford G. Lewis Waynesboro i ' lLLiAM Fred Lightscy .... Savannah Benton ' . Lindsey . . Tishomingo, Miss. Andrew Llamas Gainesville Francis Locklin Athens Francisco C. Lopi ... San Juan, P. R. Politic lilly conducts " Elli. riJSS nF H44 S fl P H fl M fl K F S WaRII H. MCC.ARII! I. AURA MAt Mc.Cl I Felix A. McCi i i t • ■ . White t).ik Athens llnllv Hill, S. C. FIRST ROW SARAti FiHH l.OL ' Rii • • St. (.jeor(;c, S. C BuKii:Y B. Lui I uRROw Oliver LfstI ' R L. Ll ' m Boston Frank Lynn Reidsvillc Walter A. Magliri Athens Dorothy L. Malooi C:uthberi Clarlnch Henry Manly .... August.i Robert Elder Mann McRjc Miles V. Mansfifi n Newton Sara Brooks Mari i Lavonia Ci riioRi. Martin Stilson SECOND ROW Fari I. Marshall . . Wheeling, W. Va. Fdmund C. Martin Gainesville James Bledsoe Martin Shellman James R. Martin Pembroke Sara Daniels Mathews . . . Augusta Thomas J. Mauldin. Jr. .... Hartwcll Paula r! M.a !URskv . . . Barnwell. S. C. Larry H. McCalla .... Greenville, S. C. I. , S THIRD ROW OnLCIA F. MtC.U I 1 ANIl . Mary C. McEi Murray ■ . Hayward Wai ti r McFvlr Charles Newton McGee ■ CiioRGi " . McKlnniy, Jr. Herbert McKissac k • . . .Marcarit McLain . . . . JoN Daniel McLi on. Jr. . Dick Henry M Phei Robert Grier McPhirson Richard Henry Mi alor • . ■ . Oeilla ■ . • Augusta • • . Monroe ... Sparta ■ • Columbus . Ft. Gaines . . • Dawson . . . Omega ( anfield, Ohio . • . Athens . . . Athens Reynolds T. Montford . . Thomasville . rthur Montgomery Atlanta Richard T. Mc»re, Jr. Athens VCiLLiAM H. Moore Statesboro FiiAisiOR W. Morgan Guyton Fico Morris Colbert Hi RBI RT F. Morris Appling Nanc: Morris Decatur RciHi Ri B. Morris Decatur Gkmi 1. Morrison . . Birmingham, Ala. SIXTH ROW John (oilman Mosri s . . James R. Moslly Jo E. MUNDV Ben Warwick Murphy ■ FOURTH ROW Calvin Stewart Mi LKs Nicholls Ione McKen ' zie Merci r .... Monteztima Katharine F. Mfrcki ■ . • . Athens Wilma Jean Merrili . ... Franklin George C. Metzger Atlanta Annie L. Milhollin Rome Alice S. Miller Athens Elaine Blanche Mili i r . . . . CorcJele Julian H. Miller, Jr. .Athens William F. Miller, Jr. . . Fake City, Fla. Elbert H. Mm hi I I Marietta FIFTH ROW James H. Mi ' . .... F.lstinollee Pine Mt. Valley ■ . ■ . lonesboro ...... Sparta Annie Laurie Musi Atlanta Alice C. Neal Atlanta Henry G. Neal Columbus Eugenia Louise Nlel Atlanta J. H. Nelms Hull Clarence T. Nelson . . Memphis, Tenn. Peggy Neweli Athens SEVENTH ROW William A. Newsome . New York. N. Y. Dorothy N. Nix Gainesville Jack P. Nix Cleveland Fllie Seidell Norman Hartwell Harry Norman. Jr. Atlanta Mary Nowei.i Monroe George L. Nunnallv Athens %m i a g ex f ,Q ?) O f O ' , iU l 2i i !, i .lCV0 J Jh f O ( FIRST ROW FREn Richard Oaks . . i Georgl Hollis Oi iver, Jr. Peter F. Orlich . . . . jiMMiE P. Orndorm :w York, N. Y. • . • Valdosta • New York Adairsville, Ky. John Nolan Orr Athens Wilbur Adolphus Orr Raylc Henry FioRAcE Osborne • • • Savannah Barbara A. Overfelt ■ • ■ Fort Benning Joseph Nfal Pamplin Waycross O. Parker, Jr. .... Waycross BLANrHE Adams Parks Atlanta SECOND ROW Carolyn Virginia Parr Athens Kathryn M. Parr Decatur Marie Parrish Adel Martha L. Patai Athens Benjamin C. Patrick Monroe James Gibbs Patrick Omega Lucia C. Peeples Atlanta Joseph Willard Pembir .... Augusta Thomas J. Pendercrast .... Atlanta William V. Pentecost Atlanta James H. Perry Nashville THIRD ROW Paul FIugh Pekk .... Jim Neal Peterso.n • ■ . William LeRoy Pett . ■ Evaclaire Plowdi n . . ■ Robert ( ' illiam Pollard ■ . . Sardis Soperton . Varnell Arlington • Appling Robert A. Porter Bishop Jack Morgan Pounds Atlanta Leonard F. Powell Augusta M. Jacqueline Praither .... Athens E. L. Preetorius, Jr. Hunters William Harvey Preston .... Midland FOURTH ROW Arlie LeRoy Price Wrightsvillc James N. Price Griffin Robert S. Pryor DeSoto Frank S. Pursli i Wellston Robert B. Quatti i raum .... Americus Howard ( ' . Rabb Waynesboro Ruth S. Rainey Thomasvillc Lawrenci N. Redi in .... Chicago, 111. Eleanor F. Reed Atlanta Thelma Z. Reed Cochran Halden Eugene Reese Jakin FIFTH ROW Margaret O. Reeves • Boiling Field, D. C. Sara Rebecca Reid Athens Thomas Francis Reimer .... Decatur Roger F. Reinhardt Ashburn Rosemary Reynaud Decatur Kathryne E. Rhodes Augusta Guillermo Ricci . . ■ Rio Piedras, P. R. ' alter a. Richards • VCinston-Salem, N. C. Harry Lee Richardson Atlanta Henry Wallace Richtir .... Macon Sara Florence Rigdon Tifton SIXTH ROW Jackson Allan Richer . Millhurn, . J. Frank M. Riley Butler Thomas M. Riley Macon Frank Joe RrrZA Savannah Wilson A. Robbins . . Binghannon, N. Y ' . Hannah Elfzabeth Robi rts ■ Sandersvilje Martin P. Roberts Ball Ground Roland H. Roberts Ray Ruby Augusta Roberts .... Lexington Anne E. Robertson Byron Mary Ann RomNsdN Atlant.i SEVENTH ROW Robert VC ' iebur Robison Ailcy Carl Duvis Rogers, Jr. .... VCaycross James C. Rogers . Cleveland Hts. Ohio Hobart H. Rohman ■ VChitesboro. N. Y. Apple K. Rossetter .... Sanford, Fla. Louise M. Rossheim • • . Teaneck. N. J. ,VI. Louise Rothwt i l Athens (ItJSS OF H44 p BVl TOffWCJrxictJ ' y, V. J I,. Mav Wingficid, comely Phi Mu and rising younc journalist. FIRST ROW Hlfzabi m DuNioi ' Rou i n • . • RODliRT L. ROVILANL) N ' idctlC Henry Vi ' . Ruark Bostwick Mary P. Ruckir Alphaiett.i p. F.LLIOTT RvDiR .... M.idison, N. J. I-RANtES F.. Saxon V.itkinsvillc Allen R. Scarborough .... Elberton Doris W. Scheider Athens Yvonne G. Schilling Atlam.i Martha Jean Schnedl . Charlotte, N. C. . nnabelll Schulman . . Canton, N. C. SECOND ROW Emanuel E. Schwartz . Brooklyn, N. V. Carroll P. Scruggs Hahira Martha Vivian Senvi ll .... Lavonia James P. Sharman St. Simons Thomas Watson Shaw . ■ . College Park William Vi ' ard Shearouse . . ■ Savannah snPHnfiflBRS Edwin W. Shell Pitts Minnie B. Shelton Columbus Reuben C. Shi-rrill Bowdon IlllA Fir ABliM Shingler . . . Ashhurn ( HAKI IS W ' ll MAM SluiAl Athens THIRD ROW Warren Gilbert Shuman . . . Nashville Walter Allen Sikes Augusta Melvin Silverman Atlanta William Simko Linden, N. J. Ned A. Simmons Barwick Arnie N. Simpson Millcdgeville Clinton D. Sims, Jr. Irwinton Marihill Sims Atlanta Marianna Slack Athens Billy B. Slocumb Docrun Mary E. Smallwood Fookout Mt., Tenn. FOURTH ROW Cleg Jacquelyn Smiiii Atlanta Earl Daniel Smith Valdosta Jeanette Smith Waycross John Reynolds Smith Newnan Joseph Chapman Smith Oliver Mary Ruth Smith Lumpkin Ned Nolan Smith Columbus Roy Lee Smith Swainsboro Sara Helen Smith Cartersville Nanette Snelling Pinehurst Frances Soloman . . Monks Corner, S. C. FIFTH ROW Betty L. Solomon College Park Gladys B. Sommers • • Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Frank Joseph Spettel .... Ft. Benning Ulmer ' w. Spinney. . -Winter Park, Fla. John Lee Spratling .... Hogansville Aubrey St. John Athens Betty Helen Staeford Dalton Clara J. Stamps Thomaston Virginia Sanders Starr .... Newnan George Wilkes Statham .... Athens Bettie J. Stebbins Atlanta SIXTH ROW Betty Steele Decatur Marvin Steinreich - • ■ Brooklyn, N. Y. Ianie Virginia Stephens . • • Waynesboro William Hughey Stephens • • . Atlanta Mary L. Stevenson Brunswick ELfZABETH Louise Stewart ■ . . Ashburn Fluker G, Stewart Atlanta Francis E. Stewart Marietta Robert Percy Stewart . . Natchez, Miss Louise Shirley Stock Rome Ed. S. Stoffregen Rome SEVENTH ROW Mary Flfzabeth Stuni: Atlanta James Maxwell Storey Athens Edward Strickland Athens James Aaron Strickland ■ • . Royston Robert S. Strickland .... Douglasville Oscar R. Styles, Jr Bowdon Drew Henry Stynchcomb ■ . • Atlanta . 1 % ? i " ' ' 4 O O ! Q ! . k ::ii f O ( aC% f O O dL tk tv f 7 FIRST ROW Charles Andrew Svcan Wrciis John Cleves Symmes Atlanta Marion L. Talmadge Athens Robert E. Tanner .... Baldwin, Fla. James Daniel Tarver " Wadley Lois Anderson Taylor Athens Ed A. Thilenius Maxe; s Joy Rebekah Thomas Athens Sidney S. Thomas Athens Frances R. Thompson .... Bethlehem Sarah R. Thompson Bethlehem SECOND ROW ' iLLiAM Thompson Pembroke Doug VCade Thornton Atlanta Martin Thorpe Aiken, S. C. Josephine Towler Monroe ' iLLiAM Crouse Trapnell .... Metter Sherwin S. Tucker Murrayvillc DiLMAS Edward Turk Pitts Edward R. Turner Milledgevillc Frances E. Turner Jesup James Candler Turner ■ . . Jacksonville John Martin Turner Franklin Springs THIRD ROW Betty Vlrui Decatur Warren H. Waldrtp • ■ . New Holland LouLA B. X ' ALKER Atlanta Mary Stuart Walker Macon Robert Webst er Wallace . . Washington fcd i o f% iih .£k m. Willia.m B. Walton, Jr. . . . Homerville Martha F. Watkins Atlanta Betty Jane Watson Atlanta DoMA A. Watson Athens Theron E. Watson, Jr. .... Lithonia Thomas C. Watson Elberton FOURTH ROW Robert Thomas Watts .... Ringgold John F. Welch . - . New Haven, Conn. Thomas L. Weller ' illiamson Virginia Wendlinger Athens Lloyd C. Westbrook Athens Willie E. Westbrook Ringgold Frank D. Wesley Austell Dora Frances Wheeler .... Maysvillc Meritt C. Whelchel Athens Marie Elizabeth White Atlanta Horace C. Whitener Buford FIFTH ROW Mary L. C ' iggins Santord, Fla. Marylyn Wiley Cordele Joseph Campbell Wilkins . . Townsend Harold B. Wilkinson .... Statesboro Garland H. Williams .... Heth, Ark. George L. Williams Millen James Glover Williams Macon Montine R. Williams Athens Adelaide Williamson Macon Annie G. Wilson Thomasville Dorothy Jane Wilson Atlanta SIXTH ROW Eugene H. Wilson Decatur Eleonore Winecoff Atlanta May K. Wingfield Athens Julia Margaret Wood . . Greshamville Ollie Jo Wood Baxley Vernon G. Woods Brooks John G. Woodward Stilson Braxton B. Wooten Hazlehurst James E. Wright Gray Fred Thomas Wurst Meigs John T. Wynne Sardis SEVENTH ROW ' ALDO L. Yeomans Lexsy Jean Young Atlanta Marvin Yudelson • • . Birmingham, Ala. Elmer Julian Zorn Ashburii u,iu nF I a 4 4 I. " Mr. Eddie " receives the arriving crowd — this is his big night. ... 2. V. R. A. ' er Al Fowler an- nounces the program on steps of Memorial Ha with the Bulldog Orchestra as a backdrop. ... 3. Fowler then descends into the crowd and pumps the hand of dazed freshman. ... 4. Freshmen who attend mingle with new co-eds. . . . 5 . . . while seniors bring their own dates to the affair. According to an old Georgia custom, freshmen must keep the chapel bell ringing till midnight „„_. after a football victory. M 7 4e le Ji me n The Freshman presidents pose to- gether. Left to right: Joiner and Baldwin. F R E S II M 1 1 OFFICERS I. Freshmen football players are the first to come. ... 2. Freshman football player contemplates his shaved head. ... 3. A sure sign of Regis- tration Week — the endless line waiting before Memorial Hall for physical exams. ... 4. Tuberculin tests. ... 5. Freshmen do a strip-tease for thorough physical exam. ... 6. Fowler ' s agents begin sale of rat-caps. (Dean Tate took most of the profits.) ... 7 and 8. Freshmen take the usual placement exams. ' ( ( Ml ■ill u. I:l b 3 f 5 JtAWNtllt l U.S . . . Rutledgc Royston . . ChambUe C.HARIES AVI . . . AtUnlj . . . Metter A A ■ . . . Atlania . Mniedgeville . . Savannah He-j»v a. Allison .... Pearl Alper lo . . Cleveland ng Island, N. Y. Alan Martin Ament .... Paterson. N. J. . l ' hitc Plains SECOND ROW . . . Atlanta . . . Claxton . . . Atlanta Athens . . Atlanta Joseph Klarence Apat .... Bruuklyn, N. 1. Andrew? James A ' Zaoie B. Atrett Mac Charles Bag« Freshmen dolefully Clarkesvllle . Savannah erson. N. J. . Athens THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW AVALON F. Berns David M. Blume New York, N. Y. . Cortland, N. Y. Bridgeport, Conn. . . . Unadilla Wallingford, Conn. . . Camp Stewart . . . Maysville Cape Charles, Va. . . . . Athens . . . . Royston . . . Royston . . . Sylvania . . . Savannah . College Park .... Rydal Rutherford, N. J. . . . . Athens Lexington H. Bras iRANCH B .■ H. Bri ' De( rsborc . Blue Ridge Palatka. Fla. . . Griffin SEVENTH ROW Beccs, )r Canon BRINK Jamaica, N. Y. - Bfii Middleton . Athens . Atlanta Nicholson Lexington . Carlton DaniclsviUe Dewey Rose Danielsville Dilla: Athen; Atlant. F B E S H M O niJSS HF 1845 FIRST ROW Leon Brvant Edwasd W. Buchanan, Jk. . . Ujrien, Conn. Anita Elizabeth Binum Shellman Dan K. Bvnum Shellman Elizabeth G. Bvrd .... Daytona Beach, Fla. Guv Cabe Toccoa Elizabeth S. Cain Savannah John R. Cain, Jk Greensboro losE L. Calderon Canovanas, P. R. Louie G. Calhoun Tarrytown Louise M. Callatav Rayle William Ho«-ell Caiia«av .... Philomath Joan Cannon Albany SECOND ROW Peter A. Cantillo Newark, N. J. John Herbert Capehari .... Rock Springs Victor H. Carmichaei Jackson MliNER S. Carnes Eatonton jErTHA Rucker Carr Athens ASHLEV J. Carsveli Homcrville Claudia Jane Carter Wintervillc BiLLiE Terrell Cato Stapleton INMAN Lamar Chambers Cornelia M. Paschai Chapman .... Crawfordvllle Melvin Joseph Chasteen Monroe Lelia Sims Chenev Vfashington James P. Cheves. Jr Atlanta THIRD ROW Louise B. Chiosev Rome William Haines Childs Atlanta Hazel M. Chittv Jacksonville, FU. Raymond V. Chosewood Atlanta William W. Christian .... Orlando, Fla. William Henry Clark Greenville June Estelle Clarre Athens Eleanor L. Clarkson Decatur Wll E. Clev Con NIE Jo Cobb Mctter Charlotte R. Cohen Sparta Dena Cohen Hickory, N. C. FOURTH ROW William R. Coile, Jr -Winterville Cecil Helen Coker Atlanta .Marian Elizabeth Couak Augusta Joe L. Collier Montezuma Thomas ' William Cone .... Brunson, S. C. Jacqueline Conklin Decatur RUFUS B. CooDY Eastman Anderson S. Cooper Moultrie Madelyn Copeland Athens Jasper F. Copelon Grcsharaville Geraldine Cotton im Atlanta NORRIS Almano Co«n LoganviUe Norma Vivian Cox Atlanta FIFTH ROW James Ross Crane, Jr Athens Flora M. Cra»-ford Clarkston Owen H. Craitford .... South Bend, Ind. Robert ■ » ' . Creighton .... St. Elmo, Tenn. Kathryn Jane Crisp Clayton Harold Murphy Crow Alto John S. Culpepper, Jr Evan, Joseph A. Cunha .... St. Petersburg, Fla. William E. Cunningham, Jr Atlanta Sally Ann Currie Atlanta Tommie S. Daniel Athens Robert J. Darden Hogansville Mabel V. Dasher Tifton SIXTH ROW Vernon W. Dasher Reijsvillc Joy E. Davenport Austell Emma Ernestine Davis Taylorsvillc High point of Joe Brown rat court. Annete Davis Sylvester Inn Davis Columbus izabeth Death .... Covington Grove C. Dehart Rippleracad, Va. Edythe Leola Delonc Atlanta Ernestine F. Dempsey WatkinsviUe J. C. Denton Hiawassec Ellis Howard Dixon Athens Jean Carolyn Dobbs Blue Ridge Robert B. Dorman Atlanta SEVENTH ROW Arthur Leroy Dormins Enigma Earl B. Douglass, Jr Athens Jane Ellen Downey Cedirtown Gene Drexel Tifton Betty Jo Drittmeir Athens Charles H. Driver Atlanta Leonard Dubrow Newark, N. J. Ruth Evelyn Duke Griffin Katherine a. Dunston . . . Greensboro, N. C. Hiram Franklin Dupree . . Walhalla. S. C. ii ' .rff fviiiiric i iik. ik M.t. ■ei FIRST ROW Jack Duren Thomisvillf Mercer C. Durham, Jr Woodvillt Olca Faye Durham AtUnij James Rush Dve Middleton Howard D. Edwards Bogan Walter Jay Edwards Gainesvilk- Nancy Jane Emery Atlantj Anita Eppincer Atlantj Gloria Virginia Estes Athens Sarah Anne Estes Columbus Charles C. Evans .... ... Atlanta Forest Furman Evans Griffin George W. Evans Gainesvilk- SECOND ROW Iohn D. Evans Eastman Rowan B. Evans Douglas Helen Katherine Exu.m Moultrie Clyde Lester Fagcart Atlanta Martha Fambro Rockmart Julia Annette Farr Athens Blanche Feincold Albany LOUISE Felion Miami Fla. losEPH Carroll Few • Apalachee Garner Hall Fields Darfield Mildred Louise Finch Greensboro Anne M. Findley Athens Hugh W. Fischer Athens THIRD ROW Marion S. Fisher Athens Mary Alice Fisher Clayton Marion F. Fitzgerald vondale Estates Chester Fitzpatrick Commerce Mary Elizabeth Flor Demorest Donald C. Florence Atlanta Callye L. Fortson Hartwell Nell Gertrude Foster College Park Ravenel Lee Foster Dalton EUYTHE Frank Atlanta Walter C. Freeman Danielsville ALBERT Fbiedheim New York. N. Y. Grady W. Fulforo Glenwood FOURTH ROW Thomas Clyde Fcleoku Glenwood Helen Mae Galumbeck . . . Asheville, N. C. Weldon Gamble Savannah Virginia Jane Gann Atlanta Hardie M. Gardner Ellabell Harry Sanchez Garey Atlantj Howard Scott Garner .... Stone Mountain Emily Q. Garrett Waycross WiLHELMlNA Garrett .... Appalachia, Va. Charles Taylor Cause Atlanta Emory Speer Gay. Jr Kocky Ford Thomas Anderson Gibbs Bostwick Sarah Elizabeth Glanton .... Grantville FIFTH ROW Helen D. Glenn Athens Lawrence C. Glover Columbus Gloria Gormlly Atlanta C. Montrose Graham, Jr Stilson Leroy Graham Danielsville Frances E. Grant Athens Frances G. Greenberg . . . Vt ' jshington. D. C. James Lloyd Griefeth Bogart Catharine Griffeth Atlanta William Ellis Groover. Jr Waycross J. Richard Hacke Athens iRED Carlton Haley Canton Vi ' iiLlAM Edwin Hai i Mettei SIXTH ROW GtoRCE Stanford Hamer Columbus Kenneth Hamilton Vidalia Herbert H. Hampton Danielsville Gordon P. Hamrick, Jr Jasper Norman C. Handley, Jr Athens William Michael Hanlv Elberton Glorce McCoy Harber Commerce John Ira Harden, Jr Zebulon Pearl Elizabeth Hardy Dalton Clarke E. Harrison, Jr Decatur Norman John Harrison Cairo Robert Arthur Harrison Martin JosFPH C. Hartman Columbus SEVENTH ROW WiLLARD Robert Hartman Athens Joe Quitman Harvey Jakin John Henry Hasla.m Savannah Hugh Brady Hasion Albany Bennett Hauser Brooklyn, N. Y. Lloyd Hauser New York, N. Y. Lucille P. Hauton Atlanta Florence B. Hayes Hartwell Elizabeth Haynes VCinters-ille Ewell Harold Haynes Athens William Stacer Helton Sandersville FRESHMEN mjss np 194 5 FIRST ROW . J.fferso., lerwn. N. J. DouglasvilU- BethUhem, Pa . . . Cuthberi Jjcksonvllle. Fla FOURTH ROW SECOND ROW Tkav£ks Hill Atlanta SiANLET HiRscH BfOoklyn, N. Y. Homer Brown Hosbs .... Lexington, S. C. Jane Elizabeth Hogan Macon James Lambert Holliday Athens George Thomas Hollovtav Pulaski John Palmer Holmes . . . Deep River, Conn. William Gradv Holt, ]r Lawrenceyille Joseph Tal-madge Hoou Commerce Iack Howard Crawford Ruth Hubert Athens Makgakli Ho«a«1h Savannah RaiI ' H C ari HLBS1.H .... Brouklvn. N. Y. . Athens Valdosta Holly Hill, S. C. . Goshen, N. y. THIRD ROW Ron I ' heni: William Marvin Ht i . s. i Betty N. Hughes . . Betty Ann Hugulev . Daniel Blrrv Hulslv Dawsonville Edward H. Hunt Harlem Pathicia Ann Hunt Atlanta Earl Thomas Hupp .... Elm Grove, W. Va. Vernon James HuRsr Rome William H. Hyatt Hamilton Robert Simmons Lanilr Statesboru Walton Law Chula George Durwooo Lawrenci . . Milledgcville William O. Lawson Ringgold Ralph Lazarus Valdoita Shirley E. Leasman Atlanta George F. Ledbetter Tallulah Falls Marian J. Ledford Atlanta Floyd Lee Grayson Stuart B. Levi Washington, D. C. SEVENTH ROW Carol Lichte.nstltter Miami. Fla. Elizabeth Ann Lilly Atlanta Margaret E. Lilly Avondale Estates Ethelyn R. Lively College Park Annabelle Londner Marion, N. C. Robert Arthur Long Atlanta Thomas D. Loncino . . . Camp Edwards. Mass. Benjamin Hampton Lord .... High Shoals Robert Lee Lucrey, Jr Dearin; Joe Marvin Lundy Albany Florence V. Lutz Atlanta km ' a MillM ' Ah " ' r-i QM - f l n ; f All 7 r5 o ) Omer Maguire Athens ■S ' . Mallorv. Jr Atlanta Ma Savi Jr. . . . DanieUville . . San Juan. P. R. .... Savannah Lister Martin Atlanta Sue Martin Tifton RD D. Massif Tiger E E. Mathis Kingston SECOND ROW May Lucy M. McCannon . Dorothy Fay McClaii Lucius O. McClamroc Louis D. McCeesky Ardie E. McCeure Ouioa McCoy . . . . Atlanta nooga, Tenn. M.llcdseville Paul A. McDonald . Katherine N. McDuEi lEAN F. McElreath Rosemary B. McFareai Emmet G. McKenzie, Mary Nancy McKinei THIRD ROW Homer J. McKinz Herbert D. McMa: loHN A. McMilla Betty Jo McRee Robert L. McVChi Grace Edna Meen Thomas G. MtGa DovEF Merritt . A. Me ELY Mil Jacksonville. Fla FOURTH ROW G. Mobl: Mo Ocilla Statham Atlanta cnceville C ' . MONFORD La ' N. Moore Loganville A. Morgan Guyton Albert L. Morris. Jr Groveton Aubrey R. Morris Roswell FIFTH ROW Helen Henry Morris Hartwell James Buice Morris. Jr Elberton Murphy, Jr Coolidge Nelms Athens IS Newsom Reidsville uise Nix Cleveland SIXTH ROW O ' Nlim . B. O ' QUINN IR O ' QUINN R. Ortiz . T. Paddock B. Page . . . Ailant, • Jesui Glenwoot ,T Step Olivi Pah .... Athens Wilmington, N. C. . . . . Atlanta Atlant; Athen Atlant; August, SEVENTH ROW Edward B. Parker Brunssvick Betty O. Patterson Columbus JiMMiE G. Patterson Thomasville James Micajah Pauek Ray City Mary Stephens Paul Perry Lucy Fleming Payne Athens NE. Jr. . N. Pear Hit rille FRESH MFJ m t. s.n lBU ' . « 1; - j mM v a ri Qf !lp 3ll FIRST ROW Ro iMAHV N. Si ' i,, Athens Ai. H. St. John. Jk ).,cksonville, Ih. Richard A. Steinbalh t.arrollton MOKKI! M. SltlNBtRI, Augusta Wksli:v H. Stembkid,.! Ellijay UoKoTHV J. Sterne Atlant.i UoRfs Anita Stemari Blue Ridge Marion G. Stickney Macon Eeeanor L. Stone Athens RoBTiE Lee Stone, Jr Athens Walter North Stone Athens Sara B. Strickland Jonesboru William Evans Strickiand .... ( jrtersviile SECOND ROW Eugene A. Stuckev. |k Brunswick Martha L. Sullivan Atlanta Edgar Cecil Suratt Gainesville Allen Ralph Tabor lort Valley Patst L. Tanabaum Atlanta Lester R. Tankersiiv Appling Sam Tate Tate Creed Taylor Atlanta h p. Tlreshinski .... Glen Lvun, I ' j. RT Joseph Thomas . . Ions Island, N, Y. Thomas B.shui, olm C. Thomas Alara., lAM Harold Thomas l.av.M.i., THIRD ROW iam McKiNLEV Thomas . . . Carlersville v Elizabeth Thokjm Athens N. Threlkeld Colbert F. TiBBiiTS Athens EL Tillet Cartersville CES M. TisDALE Decatur E TORPIN Augusta LD R. To«NSEND .... Clarcndon. Ark. IAM Malcolm Toscson Montrose LES Louis Trippi Pittston, Pa. ON Byron Trulock Whigham Newton Tucker Athens FOURTH ROW eth Baker Tucker Ocilla Y Daniel Turner Macon Lee Turner Anderson, S. C. IAS Warren Turner . . , Eranklin Springs Rebecca Ulman .... Hardeville, S. C. NIL F. VlcKREY Atmore, Ala, LES Edwin Wall Statham M Franklin Wall Atlanta CHE A. Wallace Decatur JUS R. Waller Tarrytown Eugene Walton Athens Vernon Wanslev Middleton LES M. Ward Shellman FIFTH ROW iE A. Ward, [r Elberlon Mae Warwick Athens iND M. Watkins Atlanta Harold Watkins Columbus ■ EsTELiF Watson . thens lliJiN I Wju..«orih .... llelle Glade. Fla, Kdward RriD Weeks Savannah Ralph Lee Wehunt Athens Philip H. Weincarten .... Brooklyn, N. Y. Eugene Albert Weiss . , . . Hohokus, N. J. Dorothy Anne Wellman Athens Dorothy Elizabeth Weu s . , . . Columbus Marion Augusta Weltner Atlanta Miriam F. Whailey St. Augustine SIXTH ROW Frank L. Wheelir |jLks„nville, 11a. John Taylor Whleler Athens Robert Francis White D.llard William Walker White .... Sanford, Fla. Reuben C. Whitman, Jr Eatonton Dorothy Sue Wier Athens Isabel Thomas Wier Athens Calvin P. Wilbanks Demorest Joe Bowers Wilder Royston J. C. Wilkes Lyons Virginia Elizabeth Wilkes Athens Bobbie M. Williams Savannah George Williams, Jr Crawfordville Martha Jean Williams Athens SEVENTH ROW Sarah Agnes Williams Atlanta Andrew B. Williford Rebecca Donald Willingham Statham Daisy J. Wilson Atlanta Lionel Gerald Wilson Abbeville Rosa Frances Wilson Milner Samuel Wyatt Wilson Athens Charles Harold Winters Bradley Monica D. Wright Athens Virginia Elizabeth Wright Atlanta Nathaniel A. Wynn Glenwood Orlean W. York Athens Abner Taylor Zachry Waycross Charles Logan Zachry Athens F R E S H W E I " RUSH WEEK " BEGINS AS NEW RULES GO INTO EFFECT . . . I. Newly arrived freshmen sit solemnly In the Chapel . . . 2 ... as Dean Strozier explains the new rules of the Inter- Fraternity Council which will 9overn Rush Week. ... 3. At their booths In Woodruff Hall, fraternity men wait anxi- ously. ... 4. Finally freshmen come down the hill from the Chapel and make dates at booths. ... 5. Much swapping of dates and general discussion ensues, but the new rush- ing system Is pronounced a success. e Bli4Ai-le4.l Slu it-tail PaA Gjole ' ' . . . I Am MxU njexU 4?a Ue 4? e4w e A YEARLY event at the University of Georgia is the misnamed " shirt-tail " parade, held in the fall usually on a night before the first football game. Its avowed purpose is to teach freshmen boys due regard for the lowliness of their position. Rougher features of previous years have been eliminated, and the whole affair is now regarded as the occasion for a hilarious good time for all. This year ' s parade was set off with a pep-meeting in Wood- ruff Hall, attended by all students. Freshmen boys were placed in a large group in the center of the barn-like structure, while their classmates from the Co-ordinate and other spectators ranged themselves in the seats along the sides. After the usual cheers, songs, speeches, and exhortations of loyalty to Alma Mater, all girls were ushered out and sent back to Co-ordinate, while freshmen boys stripped themselves to inconsequential underwear shorts and formed a long line. Proceeding out of Woodruff Hall, through the campus and main streets of Athens, the line ran the two miles out to Co-ordinate, shouting derisive remarks about Georgia ' s football op- ponents, and proclaiming their loyalty to Georgia. Their shouts were stimulated by belts of upperclassmcn, but no paddles were allowed. At the end of their journey, they were handsomely received by Co-ordinate girls. , ' ' Following the parade, the Inter-Fraternity and Pan-Hellenic Councils entertained all fraternity and sorority pledges at a dance in Woodruff Hall. Undaunted by their harrowing experience, freshmen danced till midnight to the Bulldogs ' music. I. Co-ordinate and safety at last! ... 2. The aftermath— sweaty bodies are stretched on the grass before Bradwell Hall for much-needed rest. . . . 3. At the dance, " Kublai " Kahn and the Bulldogs. ... 4. The dance is attended by all. ... 5. Fully recovered, freshmen look over the crop of new sorority pledges. ' V A Conception of fraternity life twenty years ago (fronn the 1920 Pandora) T H E 1941— Officers of the lnter-Fratern,ty Councl lead out w,th the,r dates at the Homecoming dances. anus • THE GREEKS I w " Bi lORi the War Between the States, Greek letter fraternities tailed to gain a foothold at the University of Georgia. This was perhaps due to the presence of the two literary societies, Dcmosthenian and Phi Kappa, which filled all the needs of the small student body for con- genial, brotherly companionship. From 1844 to 18 59, it is true, a group called the Mystical Seven, many years later united with Beta Theta Pi, had a chapter on the campus, but this body passed away just before the war. On December 31, 1865, twelve days before the re-opening of the University after the war, three members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon formed themselves into Georgia Beta Chapter of S. A. E., first fraternity at the University. Two years later, in 1867, however, the first chapter actually founded. Eta of Chi Phi, was issued a charter by Dr. Henry C. White, secre- tary of the Virginia chapter and for sixty years a professor of chemistry at the University. Kappa Alpha Order followed in 1868, then, Phi Delta Theta and Phi Gamma Delta in 1871. Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu, founded in 1872 and 1873, respectively, completed the first group established on the campus. In these early days, both the faculty and trustees looked askance at these newcomers. The early Georgia fraternity men kept all their activities a deadly secret, and were recog- nized only by the large badges worn on their coat lapels. The greatest curiosity was aroused among non-members, and dire tales were told of these mysterious groups and their devilish purposes. Dcmosthenian and Phi Kappa, fearing that they might ultimately be displaced, made loud complaints. Thus, superstition and jealousy combined, and re- sulted in the trustees ' passing a law in 1874, forbidding the existence of fraternities at the University. ?alrirk H. UU. CI,,„ucUor of Ihr Vniv nu. who Tcfmcd o ncccfl tht Jio KB anti-fratcrnity laws were repealed Dr. Heart C. While, prole ,or of Chem, stry. l 72-1927 uho is ueH to Eta Ch fter ot Ch, Phi i n 1S67 the fir he Geo t ch rler grant amfm. ■d by a TRflceRmcies ' - ' ' !_ fw { ' vi) fraternity pins were first worn on coat lapels and larger than they are today. nuch Cartoon heading the fralernily section of the 1902 Pandora. In Title page of the first Pandora, 1SS6. The yearbook ua these days, fraternities emphasized their secret, mystical character. nated hy Ihc fraternities and published hy them for thirty Despite the statute, however, all the seven except Sigma Chi continued to exist sub rosa for the next four years. In 1878, the vacant chancellorship was offered to Dr. Patrick H. Mell and refused by him until the re- peal of the obnoxious ordinance forbidding fraternities. Thereafter, S. A. E., Chi Phi, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta, and Sigma Nu re-formed their chapters and were allowed to continue unmolested. A new period of growth set in, and during the re- mainder of the century, three new fraternities were added: Alpha Tau Omega (1878); Delta Tau Delta (1882); and Chi Psi (1890). Kappa Deuteron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, established in 1871, became in- active in 1891, and has never been re-established. From 1878 to the early 1900 ' s, the fraternities were merely secret societies which met in a down-town hotel room, where their regalia was stored. There was little 1893— A typical fraternity group. I9li— r j,- rrnntty j.nwrd Viii-Ucllcic Council (,o„s for a piclur, regulation by University authorities; the fraternities were regarded, for the most part, as small cliques, voting to- gether in campus elections. The deepest secrecy shrouded their aims and purposes, and every effort was made to emphasize their mysterious nature to the outside world. Skulls and crossbones were their symbols and tales were told of neophytes being led naked into lonely cemeteries to mystify the unknowing. It was the fraternity men of this period who conceived the idea of a college yearbook, and the Pandora still bears the Greek name chosen by its founders, a group of fra- ternity men. The enlargement of the University under Chancellor Hill ushered in a new phase of fraternity development. Kappa Sigma was founded in 1901, followed by Pi Kappa Alpha in 1908. Sigma Chi was re-established in 1910, and, in 19H, three new fraternities. Pi Kappa Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Phi Epsilon Pi, appeared. Soon after the turn of the century, the growing fra- ternities took the most important step in the history, the establishment of chapter houses. A new conception of fraternal life was formed, and around the " house " grew those traditions and experiences which old graduates delight to recall. Another forward step was the formation of the Pan- Hellenic Council, in 1915. The Council functioned during most of its career as a political group where selfish interests predominated and political factions wrangled eternally. Finally, about two years ago, a letter spirit prevailed, the Pan-Hellenic changed its name to Inter-Fraternity Council, and began to consider measure of general fraternity wel- fare. 19;i— Al« Bcia oj Chi Omcs,a, soon aj In it »« foiiiiJcJ, l ic second sorority ou the After the first World War, another movement of expansion began, and Tau Epsilon Phi, Alpha Epsilon Pi and Alpha Gamma Rho came to tlic campus in 1919, 1926, and 1927, respectively. The entrance of women into the University paved the way for the estab- lishment of sororities, and Phi Mu was formed in 1921, closely followed by Chi Omega in 1922, Alpha Gamma Delta in 1923, and Kappa Delta and Sigma Delta Tau in 1924. The last of these became inactive in 1929. A Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council was formed very early, and politics ruled out by a system of rotating the presidency. Rushing rules were soon adopted and strictly enforced. Sorority expansion entered a new phase nine years ago. Alpha Delta Pi came in 1933; Delta Delta Delta, in 1934; Alpha Omicron Pi and Delta Phi Epsilon, in 1935; Kappa Alpha Theta, in 1937; Alpha Chi Omega, in 1938; Pi Beta Phi, in 1939. Thus, by wise measure of University regulation, the number of women ' s Greek letter organizations almost trebled, in this short space of time. n T E R F II 1 T E R I T y f fl 11 H I L VERNER CHAFFIN President Sigma Alpha Epsilon BILLY SOLMS ROBERT CRENSHAW Chi Phi ROBERT BROWN ROBERT MOORE Kappa Alpha DOUGLAS CAMPBELL LARRY DONOVAN Phi Delta Theta TAMES OWEN RICHARD HORSEY OFFICERS ViRNLR CiiAiiiN, Sigma Nu Presiilent Bobby Moore, Chi Phi Vicc-Pirsiclni John Hi au, Pi K.ippa Phi Secretary Sidney Haskins, Tau Epsilon Phi Treasurer Sigma Chi |AY SMITH BEVERLY LANGFORD Sigma Nu ROBERT DAVID ELMORE FLOYD Alpha Tau Omega PAUL CONNOR TIFTON GREER Delia Tau Delta WILLIAM BLACKBURN EARL CARTER The I. F. C. plans for Homecoming dances in the Law School courtroom. ROLL Chi Psi JiTLLIAM JENNINGS, JR. WALTER WELLMAN Kappa Sigma ROBERT BRETT WILLIAM TRAPNELL Pi Kappa Alpha HAROLD TILLER JOHN COX Phi Epsilon PI RICHARD HECHT RAYMOND LESSER Pi Kappa Phi CLIFF KIMSEY JOHN HEAD Lambda Chi Alpha E. D. FREEMAN ROBERT BENNETT Tau Epsilon Phi MAX COOPER SIDNEY HASKINS Alpha Epsilon Pi OSCAR PRISANT MURRAY FEINGOLD Horsey. rown, Moore, Campbell, Donovan, Jennings, Wcllman, Brett, Trapnell, Tiller, Cox, Hecht, L Bennett, Cooper, Haskins, Prisant, Feingold Second ££ diM First row, left to right: Daniel, Newton, Upchurch, McCuen, Phillips, Mauldin. . . . Second row: Smith, Brawner, Kimball, Phillips, Ross Fleetwood Third row: Shainker, Spilkcy, Douglas, McDougald, West, Jones. . . . Fourth row: Fitigerald, Wiggins, Persons. MARIANNE ADAIR President Phi Mu DOT DANIEL Preshlent MARY NEWTON . . . Repmenfa iir Chi Omega MARY UPCHURCH .... Premlciit BETTY McCUEN • • . Representatin- Alpha Gamma Delta NANCY PHILLIPS PresiJcnt MARTHA MAULDIN . Kepreieutatiic Kappa Delta RUTH SMITH Prnhlcii MARJORY BRAWNER . Representuthe Alpha Delta Pi BOBBIE KIMBALL Prcshltnl FRANCES PHILLIPS • • Repreien a iic Delta Delta Delta MARIANNA ROSS Prnidetit BETTY FLEETWOOD . Represenlatiie PiliHELiEiic mmii Marianne Adair, Alpha Chi Omega PresiJciit Mary Newton, Phi Mu Vice-President Betty McCuen, Chi Omega Secretary Betty Fleetwood, Delta Delta Delta Treasurer Women ' s Pan-Hellenic meets at the Alpha Chi Omega house. Delta Phi Epsilon BERNICE SHAINKER NATALIE SPILKEY • . . PresUe,, Ri-presef!t,: iic Alpha Omlcron Pi DOROTHY DOUGLAS . ■ ■ Preiuh-} MARTHA McDOUGALD. Rcpresetila i. Kappa Alpha Theta CHERIF NXEST • SFORLEY JONES Alpha Chi Omega MARIANNE ADAIR . GRACE FITZGERALD Pi Beta Phi DOTTIE WIGGINS • ■ MILDRED PERSONS . . . Pn-uJ.;tl Rvprese,i a iir Repreientiitti . . PreuJna Represetlfutilf (i E It (; I it R E T i (; H H T E H tajj: Left to right: (seated) Boykin, Crenshaw; (standing) Monk, Solms. OFFICERS Robert Crenshavc President Ridley Monk Vice-President Albert Boykin Secretary William Solms Treasiiier FACTS Founded, UnirersUy of Alabama, ISSd Georgia Beta Chapter founded, 1866 First to he established on campus 11} active chapters Colors, royal purple and old gold Total membersliip, 52,419 FRATRES IN FACULTATE LT. CARSON HILTON W. T. WINTER MILTON T. JARNIGAN R. M. STROZIER W. L. MAULDIN C. W. SCARRF.TT nt, Page, and Wheeler step out. Blanchard Battle and Pope Holliday are outstand- ing S. A. E. graduates this year. Battle, in O. D. K., Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, and Phi Eta Sigma was formerly on the varsity debate team. Hol- liday has all the scholarship keys, including Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Phi Eta Sigma. Elliott Waddell is an ex-captain of the varsity golf team. The S. A. E. ' s were repre- sented on the varsity football and tennis teams by Will Burt, playing guard, and Walter Burt in tennis. Will Burt, Richard Morris, John Fleetwood, Billy Solms, and Steve Smith are to finish their R. O. T. C. training with commissions. The S. A. E. ' s are noted for winning the Governor ' s Trophy. Last year they added number seven to their collectio n. This year they won second place in the Homecoming decoration awards. Throughout the year the chapter entertained at barbecues and house dances. OF s I G IN mviw E P n L WOODSON ASHFORD, ' 44 Athens BLANCHARD BATTLE. ' 42 Columbus ALBERT BOYKIN, ' 42 Atlanta BOBBY BRAY, ' 43 Atlanta EMERSON BRYANT, ' 43 LaGrange WILL BURT, ' 42 Macon WALTER BURT, ' 42 Albany BILLY COBB, ' 42 Americus WILLIAM CLARKE, ' 44 Greenville JAMES COCHRAN, ' 43 Clearwater, Fla. MARCUS COX, ' 42 Tifton ROBERT CRENSHAW, Junior Law Atlanta HAROLD CROWE, ' 45 Alto HAROLD DeLONG, ' 44 Gainesville R. B. DORMAN, ' 4! Atlanta CHARLES DYE, ' 44 Macon GENE ELLENSON, ' 43 Miami, Fla. JOHN FLEETWOOD, ' 42 Cartersville ARTHUR FLOWERS, ' 44 Atlanta DENBY GARRISON. ' 44 Mobile, Ala. JOHN HAGLER, ' 44 Augusta GEORGE HAMER. ' 4! Columbus CHARLES HARRISON, ' 44 Atlanta HUGH HASTON, ' 45 Albany TRAVERS HILL, ' 45 Atlanta PAT HODGES, ' 42 Reynolds JAMES HOLLIDAY, ' 45 Athens POPE HOLLIDAY, ' 42 Athens WILLIAM LLOYD, ' 42 Gainesville JAMES MADDOX, Freshman Law Rome ROBERT MILAM, ' 43 Cartersville DOUGLAS MITCHELL, Freshman Law Dalton RILDEY MONK, ' 42 Sylvester ARTHUR MONTGOMERY, ' 44 Atlanta RICHARD MORRIS, ' 42 Athens SHELBY MYRICK, ' 43 Savannah JAMES McINTOSH, ' 43 Savannah EMMET McKENZIE, ' 45 Macon HARRY NORMAN, ' 44 Atlanta HOLLIS OLIVER, ' 44 Valdosta HORACE OSBORNE, ' 44 Savannah RINALDO P. GE, ' 45 Wilmington, N. C. RICHARD RICHARDSON, ' 4 5 Savannah WILLIAM SHEAROUSE, ' 44 Savannah EDWARD SHEPARD, ' 44 Savannah STEVE SMITH, ' 42 Rome WILLIAM SOLMS, Freshman Law Savannah CREED TAYLOR, ' 45 Atlanta JAMES TODD, ' 43 Laurens, S. C. JAMES TODD, ' 42 Americus ELLIOTT WADDELL, ' 42 Columbus FRANK WHEELER, ' 44 Jacksonville, Fla. First row, left to right: Ashford, Battle, BoykJn, Bray, Bryant, Burt, Will, Burt, Walter, Clarke, Cobb, Cochran, Cox. . . . Second row: Crenshaw Crowe DcLong Dorman, Dye, Ellcnson, Fleetwood, Flowers, Garrison, Hagler, Hamcr. . . . Third row; Haston, Hill, Hodges, Hollrday, J., Holliday, P., ' Lloyd ' Maddox ' Milam, Mitchell, Monk, Montgonnery. . . . Fourth row; Morrrs, Myrick, Mcintosh, McKenzie, Norman, Oliver, Osborne, Page, Rrchardson, Shearouse Shcpard . . . Frfth row; Smith, Solms, Taylor, Todd, Jrm, Todd, James, Waddcll, Wheeler. T ETA CHAPTER Left to right: Slickman, Moore, Calhoun, Mrs. Knox, and Johnson. OFFICERS Bobby Moore Alpha Everett Horne Beta Walter Calhoun Gamma George Slickman Delta r n FACTS Foiiiuled, Unhersify of North Caroliini, Un Eta Chapter jolimleJ, lSb7 Sci ' Oiui olih ' st OH campus 3 5 actiie chapters Colors, scarlet ajui blue Total memhership. 14,934 HARMON V. CALDWELL FRATRES IN FACULTATE THOMAS GREEN ROBERT McW ' HORTKR Not only the Chi Phi ' s but everyone on the campus will miss Heyward Allen and Bobby Moore who this year join the ranks of the gradu- ated. Allen, in Blue Key and Gridiron, was captain of the famous football team. Moore, vice-president of the Inter-Fraternity Council, was a member of O. D. K., Gridiron, and Blue Key, was captain of the basketball team and played third base in base- ball. Tom Blanchard, Stewart Brown, and Walter Otto are also marching in the graduation proces- sional this June. The Chi Phi ' s held their place in the social spotlight with three gay house dances and the annual hayride out to Charlie Williams ' place. Famous house dan nth Chi Phi setting. OF CHI PHI ROLL JOHN B. ADAMS, ' 45 Savannah GEORGE ALEXANDER, ' 44 Ball Ground HEYWARD ALLEN, ' 42 Birmmgliam, Ala. JAMES S. ASBURY, JR., ' 44 Elberton TOM M. BLANCHARD, ' 42 Augusta POPE BROCK, ' 4S Atlanta JOHN H. BROOKS, JR., ' 44 Carlton STEWART D. BROWN, JR., ' 42 Royston ROBERT BRO ' W ' N, Junior Law Elberton WALTER W. CALHOUN, ' 4} Atlanta LEO COSTA, ' 43 Athens FRANK D. FOLEY, ' 44 Columbus JACK C. FRASER, ' 4.1 Atlanta RALPH GOSS, ' 43 Athens HOWARD HAIRE, JR., ' 43 Atlanta RENDER HILL, ' 44 Greenville EVERETT C. HORNE, ' 45 Louisville, Ky. WILLIS JOHNSON, ' 44 West Point GEORGE H. MAGRUDER, Freshman Law Rome WALDO MALLORY, ' 45 Atlanta DUKE McCLESKY, ' 4! Atlanta GILMER A. McDOUGAI., Junur Law Atlanta ROBERT McWHORTER, ' 4S Athens RICHARD H. MEALOR, ' 44 Athens ROBERT D. MOORE, ' 42 Bolton JOSEPH NEEL, ' 43 Atlanta ROBERT NEEL, Senior Law Atlanta WALTER W. OTTO, ' 42 Savannah TOMMY PENDERGRAST, ' 42 Atlanta ROBERT E. POSS, JR., ' 4! Athens MARTIN ROBERTS, ' 43 Ball Ground ROY Y. SANDERS, ' 44 Atlanta CLAUDE G. SCARBROUGH, ' 44 Columbus GEORGE C. SLICKMAN, 43 Rome MARION TALMADGE, ' 44 Athens LOUIS TROUSDALE, Freshman Law Athens GARLAND WATKINS, ' 4i Atlanta MERRITT WHELCHEL, ' 44 Athens First row, left to right: Adams, Alexander, Alien, Asbury, Blanchard, Brock, Brooks, Brown, S. D. . . . Second row: Brown, R., Calhoun, Costa Foley Fraser Goss, Haire, Hill. . . . Third row: Home, Johnson, Magruder, Mallory, McClesky, McDougal, McWhortcr, Mealor. . . . Fourth row: Moore, Neel, J. Neel R. Otto, Pendergrasl, Ross, Roberts, Scarbrough Fifth row: Slickman, Talmadge, Trousdale, Watkins, Whclchel. f ' 5k ' i c 6 4 , rt ( O U M M it CIU F T E R Seated, left to tight: Childs, Mrs. Saxon, Donovan. First Term Douglas Campbell Uly S. Gunn . Larry Donovan . Wyatt Childs OFFICERS . Presideiif . Virc-Premlciif . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Standing: Gunn, Cannpbell. Secoinl Term . Uly S. Gunn . John Miller Bill McCollum Wyatt Childs FACTS Tomuli-J, WmlMiigluii ami Lie Uiihcnity, IS65 Gumma Chapter founded, J86S Third oldest on campus 67 active chapters Colors, crimson and old gold Total membership, 29,34} FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. EUGENE BRO i ' N M. B. POUND JOHN E. DREWRY R. H. POWELL ALTON HOSCH S. V. SANFORD CAPT. CHARLES H. HOOPER E. L. SECREST CHARLES M. STRAHAN The K. a. Cowboy Ball — wild and nineteenth century western — is always one of the most colorful dances of the year. Formal dress is aban- doned for a night, and Wood- ruff Hall becomes a realistic scene of the times when hard- riding cowboys and cowgirls ruled the western plains. The Kappa Alpha gradu- ating class includes men who are prominent in many cam- pus activities. Doug Camp- bell, Phi Delta Phi, is presi- dent of the Senior Law Class. Erie Cocke, Phi Kappa presi- dent, has done an outstanding job as varsity football man- ager this year. He is also a member of the Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Blue Key, and L R. C, and is listed in WIm ' s Who in American Colleges. Uly Gunn, who holds the rank of major in the R. O. T. C, is man- aging editor of the Pandora and a member of Blue Key, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, and Thalian-Blackfriars. Campbell, Cocke, Gunn, Donovan, and Owen are members of Gridiron, and Wyatt Childs is business manager of the Glee Club. Huff, Jordan, Piatt, Pope, Polhill, and Raines complete the K. A. cap and gown lineup. On January 19, Kappa Alpha celebrates at its annual Found- ers ' Day Banquet the birthday of Robert E. Lee, who as presi- dent of Washington College was the source of great inspiration to the first chapter. Pope and pledges at bridge. ■■M «■ OF KAPPA it L P II il ROLL BILL ABBOT, ' 43 Louisville PHIL ABBOT, ' 43 Louisvilk- RUSSFXL BAILKS, ' 44 Tampa, Fla. LUCIAN BALLARD, ' 45 Montlccllo UPSHAW BENTLEY, ' 4S Athens WALTER BOLLING, ' 42 Athens DOUG CAMPBELL, Senior Law Athens FRANK CAPERS, ' 44 Augusta WYATT CHILDS, ' 42 Macon ERLE COCKE, ' 42 Atlanta JIMMY COPLIN, ' 44 Burlington, N. C. BILLY DIXON, ' 44 Macon LARRY DONOVAN, ' 42 Savannah JOHN DRIFTMIER, Freshman Law Athens BOLLING DuBOSE, ' 44 Athens R. B. EVANS, ' 4S Douglas CHARLES EVANS, ' 45 Atlanta CHARLIE FAIN, ' 44 Daytona Beach, Fla. ROBERT GRACEY, ' 43 Del Ray Beach, Fla. ULY S. GUNN, ' 42 Athens BERNEY HUFF, ' 42 Rome REMBERT JARRELL, ' 43 Thomasville WENDY JORDAN, ' 42 Waycross MILES LEWIS, ' 43 Greensboro SPENCER MALLORY, ' 43 Clyo BILL MALONE, ' 43 Greenville BILL McCOLLUM, ' 45 Thomasville ROBERT McPHFRSON, ' 44 Athens QUIMBY MELTON, ' 43 Griffin JOHN MILLER, ' 43 Macon JOE MULL, ' 4S Rome HOMER NICHOLSON, ' 43 Athens BUDDY OUTZ, ' 43 Tennillc SIG OWEN, ' 42 LaGrange HAROLD PLATT, ' 42 Gainesville CHARLIE POPE, ' 42 Dublin JAMES POLHILL, Junior Law Louisville JAMES RAINES, ' 42 Dawson PHIL REAGAN, ' 43 Sunbrixht, Tenn. BOB RICE, ' 43 Athens HARRY RICHARDSON, ' 44 Atlanta THOMAS RILEY, ' 44 Macon HAMPTON ROWLAND, ' 45 Athens JOHN SAXON, ' 45 Athens FRED SCOTT, ' 4S Thomasville LEE SECREST, Junior Law Athens PRATT SECREST, ' 4S Athens ED STRICKLAND, ' 44 Athens EVANS STRICKLAND, ' 45 Cartersville HENRY TURNER, ' 45 Macon R. C. WHITMAN, ' 45 Eatonton JAMES WILLIAMS, ' 44 St. Simons HARRY WOOLEY, ' 44 St. Simons CHARLES ZACHARY, ' 4 5 Athens First row, left to eight: Abbot, B., Abbot, P., Bailes, Ballard, Bcnlley, Boiling, Campbell, Capers, Childs, Cocke, Coplin. . . . Second row: Dixon Donovan Driftmier, DuBose, Evans, R. B., Evans, C, Fain, Gracey, Gunn, Huff, Jarrell, . . . Third row: Mallory, Malone, McCollum, McPherson, Melton, Miller, Mull, Nicholson, Outz, Owen, Piatt. . . . Fourth row: Pope, Polhill, Raines, Reagan, Rice, Richardson, Riley, Rowland, Saxon, Scott, Secrest, L. . . . Fifth row: Secresl, P., Strickland, Ed.; Strickland, Evans; Turner, Whitman, Williams, Zachary. o ' " a r g (f cj ( w - c$ o. Q n dt c: ck o ip-: f?!i c o V litk (iE IKi U U P H A Left to right: Carithe Hackett, Askew, Ad and Spearman. OFFICERS William G. Adams President Robert Carithers Vice-President Laurier E. Hackett Secretary Neil S. Spearman Treasurer FACTS Founded, Miami Utiiveni y, 1S4S Georgia Alpha Chapter foiiiuh-d, (S.-) fourth oldest on campus 106 active chapters Colors, argent and azure Total membership, i 1,476 TYUS BUTLER U. H. DAVENPORT FRATRES IN FACULTATE T. W. REED A. W. SCOTT ROBERT WEST R. P. STEPHENS R. P. WARREN Ernest Vandiver, past president of the Inter- Fraternity Council and Sphinx member, graduates this year with a Law Degree. He has served as Phi Delt president several times. Prominent on the drill field are Clem Brown, Robert Carithers, Dixon Hogg, Ed Lumpkin, and Neil Spearman. Spearman is a member of Scabbard and Blade, Carithers a member of Gridiron, and Lumpkin is secretary of Phi Kappa. The Phi Delts ' annual Bowery Ball is a signal to the brothers for an all-out good time. Every- thing is done up according to the Naughty Nine- ties style with nothing lacking — except false mustaches, which usually get misplaced. Twitty and Parrish in heated ping-pong clash. (] H il P T E II OF PHI HELTA T H E T A WILLIAM GARDENKR ADAMS, ' 42 Macon DAVE H. ASKF.W, JR., ' 43 Arlington WILLIAM ARNOLD ASKEW, ' 44 Arlington FRED BELL, ' 45 Tifton CARL ASHTON BLOUNT, JR., ' 44 )Caynesboro CHARLES CLIFFORD BROOKS, ' 44 Lexington CLEMENT FRAZIER BROWN, ' 42 Tennillc ROBERT L. CARITHERS, ' 42 Winder FRANK FLEMING CLARK, ' 45 Louisville ROBERT DOUGLAS CUNNINGHAM, ' 42 Eatonton WILLIAM EVERHART CUNNINGHAM, JR., ' 45 • • • • Atlanta CHARLES CURRY, ' 44 Shellman WILLIAM CARL DAY, ' 4} Canton JAMES ANDERSON DUNLAP, Junior Law Gainesville JAMES MIMS FUDGE, JR., ' 42 Colquitt WILLIAM R. GIGNILLIAT, Junior Law .... Birmingham, Ala. LAWRENCE CLYDE GLOVER, JR., ' 44 Columbus THOMAS WILLIAM GURLEY, ' 42 Columbus LAURIER EUGENE HACKETT, ' 43 Camilla CURT ORR HALL, JR., ' 43 Newton CLARK E. HARRISON, JR., ' 45 Decatur WILLIAM STAGEY HELTON, ' 43 SandersviUe JULIAN WILLINGHAM, ' 43 ■ WILLIS DIXON HOGG, ' 42 EllaviUc RICHARD HENRY HORSEY, ' 44 Atlanta BEN HOWELL, " 43 Thomson BILLY HUFFMAN, ' 4S Rome JOHN A. HUNNICUTT, ' 42 Athens EDWARD KING LUMPKIN, ' 42 Athens JAMES HARLEY MITCHELL, ' 4! Quitman JAMES N. MONTGOMERY, ' 45 Rome CECIL OLMSTEAD, ' 44 Hinesvillc JAMES C. OWEN, Junior Law Griffin ROBERT E. PARRISH, ' 45 Camilla CARSWELL PRIDGEN, ' 44 Cordelc BOB REYNOLDS, ' 4S Atlanta RONALD RISH, ' 45 Rome NEIL SAUNDERS SPEARMAN. ' 42 Macon ROBERT STEWART, JR., ' 44 Natchez, Miss. DANIEL SYFAN, ' 45 Commerce ROBERT CHARLES TROUP, ' 44 Danville, III. AUDLEY DEFORREST TUCKER, ' 44 Lindale WILLIAM CROCKETT TWITTY, ' 43 Pclham SAMUEL ERNEST VANDIVER, Senior Law Lavonia HAROLD WATKINS, ' 43 Columbus Augusta First row, left to right: Adams, Askew, D. H., Askew, W. A , Bell, Blount, Brooks, Brown, Caritlicrs, Clark. . . . Second row: Cunningham, R. D,, Cunningham, W. E., Curry, Day, Dunlap, Fudge, Gignilliat, Glover, Gurley. . . . Third row: Hackctt, Hall, Harrison, Helton, Hogg, Horsey, Howell, Huffman, Hunnicult. . . . Fourth row: Lumpkin, Mitchell, Montgomery, Olmstead, Owen, Parrish, Pridgen, Reynolds, Rish. . . . Fifth row: Spearman, Stewart, Syfan, Twitty, Vandivcr, Watkins, Willingham. ■O fi ' a ?5 C f!% O I) E L T i; II il P T E R Left to risht: Ridley, Camp, Smith, Baker, Mrs. Wilson. First Term John Ridley . Jay Smith . Harry Baker . Haden Camp . OFFICERS . Consul . Procoitsiil Ainiofa or Oiiacs or FACTS Founded, Miami Vmicnity, ;S5 5 Delta C japter founded, ' 1 872 Fiffij oldest on campus 98 active cliapters Colors, blue and old gold Total viembersliip, 4}, 000 Second Term . Jay Smith Harry Baker Robert Turner . Haden Camp LAMAR DODD W. D. HOOPER ALAN KUZMICKI EARL McCUTCHEON W. O. PAYNE FRATRES IN FACULTATE H B. RITCHIE A. E. TERRY HOYT WARE 1. B. WHITWORTH Sigma Chi this year has one of the largest graduating classes in its history. Included among the twenty-two who will don the cap and gown are Jay Smith, editor of the Pandora, Sphinx, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, O. D. K., Gridiron, Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Blftad, and presi- dent of Demosthenian; John Ridley, consul and first vice- president of the V. R. A.; Bob Turner, Sigma Delta Chi journalist and radio specialist; Harry Baker, Red am! Black and University Theater busi- ness man. From the Law School go Bob Norman, last year ' s National Balfour Award winner (an award to the most outstanding Sigma Chi in the nation), and Bill Gunter, Phi Beta Kappa. Harry Baker, Lee Banks, Dolph Calla- way, T. O. Callaway, Hope Hammond, and Jimmy Kendrick already have reservations in Uncle Sam ' s army by way of the R. O. T. C. Ben Boone abandons the football trainer ' s job, pre- ferring the sheepskin, and Yank Blake relinquishes the right of ever again being a varisty debater. At the sixth annual Sigma Chi Derby, Mary Sue Martin, Chi Omega, was crowned the new Sweetheart, and Life Magazine recorded the event for posterity. Biggest addition to the Chapter trophy collection was the Interfraternity Scholarship Trophy, awarded to Sigma Chi for having the highest scholastic average among all the fraternities on the campus last year. Sigma Chi pledges in training. OF n G II it u ROLL HARRY BAKER, ' 42 Savannah LEE BANKS, ' 42 Savannah JOHN BLAKE, ' 42 Rockford, lU. BEN BOONE, ' 42 Louisville, Ky. GEORGE BOWDOIN, ' 43 Atlanta ALFRED BRANCH, ' 4 5 Decatur ALBERT BRASW ' ELL, Graduate Statesboro HELTON BRAS ' ELL, ' 4! Statesboro BUCK BRINSON, ' 42 Millen lOHN BRYANT, ' 43 Columb us RUSSELL BURKE, ' 42 Atlanta DOLPH CALLAWAY, ' 42 Rayle T. O. CALLAWAY, ' 42 Atlanta HADEN CAMP, ' 42 Newnan ASHLEY CARSWELL, ' 4 5 Homerville JAMES P. CHEVES, JR., ' 4S Atlanta JOHNNY COOPER, ' 44 Dalton WILLIAM DARDEN, ' 44 Union Point TED DAVID, ' 43 Hollywood, Fla. GEORGE DOSS, ' 44 Canton BENSON EARLE, Freshman Law Thomasville JACK EHRHART, ' 43 Atlanta HAMP FURCRON, ' 43 Crawford BILL GUNTER, Senior Law Commerce HOPE HAMMOND, ' 42 Griffin ROGER HOLLAND, ' 42 Statesboro JACK HOWARD, ' 44 Crawford SAM JOHNSON, ' 44 College Park HORACE WHITENER, ' 44 • JIMMY KENDRICK, ' 42 Sharon DAWSON KILCREASE, ' 42 Waycross BILLY KILLIAN, Freshman Law Brunswick JOE KUNZE, ' 42 Columbus BEVERLY LANGFORD, Freshman Law Calhoun ROBERT LANIER, ' 4! Statesboro BOB LEASMAN, ' 42 Atlanta CLIFTON MARSHALL, ' 43 Reynolds GEORGE MARSHALL, ' 43 Americus LARRY McCALLA, ' 44 Greenville, S. C. JOHNNY McLEOD, ' 43 Ome ga FRED MILLER, ' 4S Jacksonville, Fla. WESLEY MURPHY, ' 42 Fayetteville WILL NEISLER, ' 42 Reynolds ROBERT C. NORMAN, Senior Law Cashington WILBUR ORR, ' 44 Rayle EDDIE PARKER, ' 4 5 Brunswick CHARLES PARRISH, ' 43 Chattanooga, Tcnn. GUS PARTEE, ' 43 Decatur GIBBS PATRICK, ' 44 Omega ROY RICHARDS, ' 43 Calhoun JOHN RIDLEY, ' 42 Decatur BILL RILEY, ' 42 Thomson COLQUITT SIMS, ' 43 Commerce C. JAY SMITH, JR., ' 42 Newnan REYNOLDS SMITH, ' 44 Newnan BOB TURNER. ' 42 Columbus TUGGLES WATSON, ' 43 Lithonia Buford First row, left to right: Baker, Banks, Blake, Boone, Bowdoin, Branch, Braswell, A., Braswell, B., Brinson, Bryant. . . . Second row: Burke, Callaway, D., Callaway, T. O., Camp, Carswcll, Cheves, Cooper, Darden, David, Doss. . . . Third row: Earle, Ehrharl, Furcron, Hammond, Holland, Howard, Johnson, Kendrick Kilcrease, Killian. . . . Fourth row: Kunie, Langford, Lanier, Leasman, Marshall, C. E., Marshall, G. A., McCalla, McLeod, Miller, Murphy. . . . Fifth row: Neislcr, Norman, Orr, Parker, Parrish, Partee, Patrick, Richards, Ridley, Riley. . . . Sixth row: Sims, Smith, J., Smith, R., Turner, Watson, Whitener. . ' Ik i . iW i.:i i mm i n Ci c o cx a a ( 0| D O O i iL I Lll il P T E R Left to right: Haynes, Wil- liams, David, and Parlier. OFFICERS Robert David Commamler Jack Parker Vice-Corn Ji!a ider Tommy Haynes Treasurer Francis Williams Recorder JOHN VC. JENKINS FRATRES IN FACULTATE JOHN TYSON FACTS FuiniJtJ, Virginia Military linlilnti-, III6S Mil Chapter foiitulid. lS7i S v oltlest oil caiiltiHs 97 active chapters Colors, golJ, black, and uhilc Total memhenhip, 39, 7} JOHN WADE The Sigma Nu ' s are spending theii ' first year at their palatial country estate out River road way on the mythical Fraternity Row. The house, which overlooks the Oconee River, is built according to French Provincial style of architecture and is the latest thing In fraternity housing at the Univer- sity. Bryant, Ben and Ren Christie, Chaffin, David, Haynes, Hill, Hopkins, Lee, Lott, and Thompson compose the graduating class this year. Verner Chaffin will receive his Law Degree after a bril- liant career at the University. This year he has served as president of the Interfraternity Coun- cil. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, O. D. K., Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Phi, and almost all other honorary clubs on the campus. Robert David, chapter president, is vice-president of the Senior Class. Marvin Hill is business manager of the Pandora and the Men ' s Glee Club. Pool, ping-pong, and Sigma Nu ' s. .s i 1 1 i t - ffl H M IB f I iii ■iMi]J|i?||ii OF S I fi iLJ LI jOi; TOM BOYNTON, ' 44 Quitman DICK BRADLEY, Frcshmjn Law Glcnnville THOMAS BRYANT, ' 42 Jersey RUSSKLL BEUTELL, ' 4S Atlanta HAROLD CARSWELL, Freshman Law Bainbridgc VERNER CHAFFIN, Senior Law Toccoa BILLY CHILDS. ' 45 Atlanta BOB CHILDS, ' 44 Atlanta BEN CHRISTIE, ' 42 Parrott REN CHRISTIE, ' 42 Parrott JOHN COFFEE, ' 4J Athens LAMAR COFFIN, ' 43 Richland TOM CURRY, ' 43 Dublin ROBERT DAVID, ' 42 Columbus VICTOR DUKE, Freshman Law Fort Valley ELMORE FLOYD, Freshman Law Camilla BILL GROOVER, ' 4S Waycross HARRY HARDY, ' 43 Miami, Fla. TOMMY HAYNES, ' 42 Atlanta FIELDING HEIGHT, ' 4! Atlanta TOM HENDRIX, ' 4S Atlanta MARVIN HILL, ' 42 Atlanta TAYLOR ZACHARY, ' 43 . - BILL HOPKINS, ' 42 W ' aycross KENDRICK HUDSON, ' 43 Hamilton BEN HUIET, ' 43 Atlanta BILL JONES, ' 44 Augusta HARRY KENT, ' 41 Fort Valley WALTER LEE, ' 42 Waycross JACK LOTT, ' 42 Waycross TOM McARTHUR, ' 44 Macon LOU McCLAMROCK, ' 43 Atlanta PAUL McDonald, ' 4! Fitzgerald GEORGE McKINNEY, ' 44 Columbus VCHEELER Ni;WSOME, Junior Law Union Point CHARLIE PARKER, ' 43 Waycross JACK PARKER, ' 43 Waycross CURTIS SHEPARD, ' 4! Social Circle GROVER SEYMORF, ' 43 Atlanta DREW STYNCHCOMB, ' 44 Atlanta SIDNEY THOMAS, ' 44 Athens FRANK THOMPSON, ' 42 McRae JIMMIE TURNER, ' 44 Lexington 1. C. WILKINS, ' 43 Darian FRANCIS WILLIAMS, Freshman Law Fort Valley Waycross First row left to tight: Boynlon, Bradley, Bryant, Beutell, Carswell, ChaHin, Childs, Billy; Childs, Bob; Christie, B. . . . Second David Duke Floyd Groover, Hardy, Hayncs. . . . Third row: Height, Hendnx, Hill, Hopkins, Hudson, Huiet, Jones, Kent, McArthur, McClamrock, McDonald, McKinney, Ncwsome, Parkei, C, Parker, )., Shepard. . . . Fifth row: Seymour, Slynchcomt Wilkrns, Williams, Zachary. , R., Coffee, Curry, Fourth row: Lolt, Thompson, Turner, % (i E IMI (i U A L nn BETA Left to right: Brown, Greer, Storey, Parker. OFFICERS Melville Brown Worthy Master Leonard Parker Worthy Chaplain Tipton Greer Worthy Keeper Exchequer Harold Storey Worthy Keeper Aiiiuils FACTS fonmleJ, Virginia Military Smiitiite, ISby Georgia Alpha Beta Cliapter founded, 1S7S Screiit } oldest on campus 93 active ctjapters Colors, s tv I ' liie and old gold Total mcinhcrsl ip, 3S,I02 FRATRES IN FACULTATE R. P. BROOKS ROBERT SEGREST L. L. HENDREN E. S. SELL H. I. REYNOLDS The a. T. O. graduates are Kerwin Adams, John Black, Melville Brown, William Burch, Paul Connor, George Fuller, Tifton Greer, D. Q. Harris, Joe Johnson, C. M. Jordan, and Leonard Parker. President Brown was formerly president of the Junior Class and Mask and Foil. Greer was president of the Economics Society. Brown is fencing coach, and Greer is manager of the track team. The chapter this year acquired the spacious old colonial home which formerly belonged to the famous Georgia statesman, Thomas R. R. Cobb. The imposing colonial style of architecture, with broad grounds and magnolias, makes it an ideal fraternity house. (!H n T K II F IV T ni M E fi A ROLL KERWIN ADAMS, ' 42 Atlanta HERMAN BASINGER, ' 44 Hartwcll ROBERT BEASLEY, ' 4 5 Palatka, Fla. THOMAS BENTON, ' 43 Jefferson JOHN BLACK, ' 42 Gainesville WILLIAM BRADLEY, ' 43 Hagan J. H. BRAZIEL, ' 4! Pitts MELVILLE BROWN, ' 42 Atlanta WILLIAM BURCH, ' 42 Leary PAUL CONNOR, ' 42 Panama Canal Zone JACK FOREHAND, ' 43 Savannah GEORGE FULLER, ' 42 Atlanta BURNEY ' GOOLSBY ' , ' 43 Monticello TIFTON GREER, ' 42 Lilburn D. Q. HARRIS, ' 42 Pitts GROVES HILLARD, ' 43 Atlanta W. G. HOLT, ' 45 Lawrenceville RICHARD JACKENS, ' 43 Savannah JOE JOHNSON, ' 42 Sylvania C. M. JORDAN, ' 42 Lumbt-r City JIM KITAIF, ' 44 Douslastown, N. Y. TOM LONGINO, ' 45 Atlanta CLARENCE MANLY, ' 44 Augusta LEWIS MILLS, ' 43 Savannah LEONARD PARKER, ' 42 Talbotton ALTON REDDICK, ' 43 Sylvania GEORGE RICHARDSON, ' 43 Toccoa EDWIN SHELL, ' 43 Pitts WILLIAM SHOAF, ' 44 Athens HENRY ' SHUMAN, ' 45 Hagan HAMP STEVENS, ' 43 Ellavillc HAROLD STOREY, ' 43 Armuchcc NEWTON WHATLEY, ' 43 Plainville WILLIAM WHITE, ' 45 Sanford, Fla. First row left to rlqht- Adams Basingcr, Beasley, Benton, B lack, Braziel, Brown, Connor. . . . Second row: Forehand, Fuller, Goolsby, Greer, Harris, Hillard, Holt Jac ' kens Third row Johnson Jordan Kilaif, Longino, Manly, Mills, Parker, Richardson. . . . Fourth row: Shell, Shoaf, Shuman, Stevens, Story, Whatley, White. L .Q " O ' ' i ' i BETA n E LTi LeH to right: Vincent, Hamilton, Blackburn, and Keith. OFFICERS Bill Blackburn Praidciit Bill Hamilton Vice-President George Vincent Secretary Earl Carter Treasurer FACTS toiiiiilal, Bctluiiiy Colliac, IS5S Beta Delia Cljapler foiiiiJeJ, ISS2 Eigljl } oldest on campus 7i iHliic cimplen Colors, purple. xoU. ami white Total memberslilp, }},7n FRATRE IN FACULTATE VILLIAiM TATE Delta Tau Delta loses only four men through graduation: Jim Carter, Bill Hamilton, Eugene Hubbard, and George Vincent. Hamilton finishes his pre-med course. Hubbard is a member of the Glee Club and the University Symphony Or- chestra. Bill Blackburn, who did graduate worli in the Commerce School, was first term president. and Vincent, who graduates from the Law School, was second term president. The Delta Tau Delta ' s had a successful season in intra-mural football. For homecoming decora- tions they rigged up a replica of the General Hospital, called in Dr. Sinkwich to operate on the Dartmouth Indians, and won first place in the judges ' rating. Homecoming dccoratrons — the winner (] H A P T E R OF DELTA T HI DELTA RICHARD ANUKRSON, ' 4 5 Athens BILL BLACKBURN, ' 4: Swainsboro GEORGE BRUCE, ' 45 Atlanta EARL CARTER, ' 42 Athens GENE GLEDHILL, ' 44 Macon EDVi ' IN HALL, ' 45 Metter BILL HAMILTON, ' 42 Augusta I ' HIL HAMRICK, ' 4 Jasper V. H. HOOKS , ' 4 Swainsboro EUGENE HUBBARD, ' 42 Dewy Rose BILL KEITH, ' 44 West Point JOSH LEWIS, ' 43 Swainsboro JULIAN MILLER, ' 44 Athens NOLAN ORR, ' 44 Athens CHARLES O ' NEALL, ' 4i Athens HOWARD PARK, ' 4S Augusta PAUL PERRY, ' 44 Sardis JIM PETERSON, ' 44 Sopcrton BOBBY TANNER, ' 44 Baldwin, Fla. SAM TATE, ' 44 Tate DOUGLAS THORNTON, ' 44 Atlanta GEORGE VINCENT, Senior Law Fairmount DOMA WATSON, ' 45 Athens First row left to right: Andeison, Blackburn, Bruce, Carter, Gledhill, Hall. . . . Second row: Hamilton, Hamnck, Hooks, Hubbard, Keith, Lewis. . . . Third row: Miiier Orr O ' Neall, Park, Perry, Peterson. . . . Fourth row: Tanner, Tatejhornton, Vincent, Watson. A L P in A L l IN I) E L T il Left to right; Jennings, Riker, Voung, Mrs. Bennett, Birkenhauer OFFICERS William H. Jennings, Jr Prcsiihnf J. A. Riker Com ' spoiiding Secretary WiLLARD W. Young Recording Secretary Edwin G. Birkenhauer, Jr Treasurer FACTS limihlcil, I ' nioit College, 1S41 Ml ha Alfh,! Delta Chapter foinnleJ, IS ' fO Ninth oldest on campus 25 actiie chapters Colors, purple ami golil Total membership, 12,}W FRATRES IN FACULTATE W. W. DeRENNE J. C. WHITEHEAD HUGH HODGSON THOMAS H. WHITEHEAD The major league in softball at Georgia is composed of two teams, the Chi Psi and the Phi Mu; all others are mere bush leaguers. Each year this classic in semi-amateur soft- ball is played down on the baseball diamond with the Phi Mu ' s coming to bat against the Chi Psi ' s with not three strikes but four, and three outs to their opponents two. To equalize the contest, the Chi Psi team bats left-handed, and the Phi Mu team retaliates by never failing to win the Consolation Trophy awarded to the loser. Ed Birkenhauer, William Jennings, Walter Wellman, and Willard Young are the Chi Psi graduates this year. Jennings is fraternity president and Wellman is representative to the Inter- Fraternity Council. Ul AP T E It U F (]ll I P N I ED BIRKENHAUF.R, ' 42 Maplcwood. N. J. BRUCE BROVi ' N, ' 4S Dewy Rose LARRY BUCKLEY, ' 43 Augusta RICHARD ELLIOTT, ' 43 Augusta HARRY HASLAM, ' 44 Savannah J. C. JARREL, ' 44 Butler WILLIAM JENNINGS, ' 42 Winder GEORGE LEROY, ' 44 New Haven, Conn. CLARENCE NELSON, ' 44 Memphis, Tenn. JOSEPH PEMBER, ' 44 Augusta JOSEPH POLAK, ' 43 Lowell, Mass. LEONARD POWELL, ' 44 Augusta LARRY RIDLIN, ' 44 Athens JACKSON RIKER, ' 43 Athens NED SMITH, ' 43 Columbus ED THILLNIUS, ' 44 Maxcys HERBERT THOMAS, ' 4! Long Island, N. Y. TOM WATSON, ' 45 Elbcrton JACK WELCH, ' 44 New Haven, Conn. VX ' ALTER WELLMAN, ' 42 Athens JAMES -WESTBERRY, ' 43 Waycross WILLARD YOUNG, ' 42 Athens n, Jarrel. . . . Second row: Jennings, Leroy, Nelson, Pembcr, Polak, PowelL jw: Welch, Wellman, Westberry, Young. BETA L it ill B D it Left to tight: (seated) Coleman, Hall; (standing) Brett, Wilson. OFFICERS Rawson Coleman Grand Master Jack Hall Grainl Procurator William Trapnell Grand Scr hc Al Wilson Grand Treasurer Robert Brett (hand Master of Ceremonies FACTS Founded, University of Virginia, 1S69 Beta Lambda Cliapter founded, 1901 TentI, oldest on campw. 11(1 acliie r .hip eis Colore scarlet, white, and emerald ureeu Total menihersltip. 44.2110 Kappa Sigma, founded at the University of Vir- ginia, was the first fraternity of southern origin to realize the desirabiUty of national representation and to estabUsh a chapter in the north. The fra- ternity is now represented in every state except Delaware, Nevada, and Connecticut. Kappa Sig ' s celebrate two special days annually, A. S. Jackson Day and Founders ' Day. The chapter loses by graduation men who will be hard to replace: Rawson Coleman, E. E. Grif- fin, Jack Hall, Herbert McKenzie, and Al Wilson. Hall — a Beta Gamma Sigma man — holds the rank of Captain in R. O. T. C, and is on the varsity track team. He is also in " X " Club and " G " Club. C H i P T E R (IF K A F n S I (i II il GEORGE ANDERSON, MS Rome ROY BEUDINGEIELD, ' 4! Dublin GEORGE W. BONE, ' 44 St. Simons Island ROBERT BRETT, ' 44 Port Washington, N. Y. BILL BRIDGES, ' 44 Sumner ENRICO CARRASCO, ' 43 Newnan WILLIAM CHRISTIAN, ' 44 Orlando, Fla. RAWSON COLEMAN, ' 42 Atlanta SPEIGHT COOPER, ' 4 5 Moultrie GEORGE GAINES, Graduate Adairsville BILL GENTRY, ' 44 Newnan E. E. GRIFFIN, JR., ' 42 Gibson JACK HALL, ' 42 Blue Ridge GEORGE THOMAS HOLLOW AY, ' 4! Pulaski AL WILSON, ' 42 WHITE KITCHENS, ' 4 5 Wrens JIMMY KNOX, ' 44 Monroe HERBI RT MtKENZIE, ' 42 Rome JOHN McMillan, ' 4! Barmw HENRY NEAL, ' 44 Columbus HERBERT McKISSACK, ' 43 Fort Gaines CHARLES RHOADES, ' 45 Orlando, Fla. WILLIAM SEWELL, MS Rome J. POSTELL SHADMAN, ' 43 St. Simons Island EARL SMITH, 43 Valdosta JAMES TARVER, ' 44 Wadley BILLY THOMPSON, ' 4S Wrens BILL TRAPNELL, ' 44 Metter THOMAS WALDEN, ' 4S Gibson Decatur First row, left to right: Anderson, Beddingfield, Bone, Brett, Bridges, Carrasco, Christian. Kitchens. . . . Third low: Knox, McKenzie, McMillan, Neal, McKissack, Rhoades, Sewell. Walden, Wilson. Second row: Coleman, Cooper, Gentry, Griffin, Hall, Holloway, . Fourth row: Shadman, Smith, Tarver, Thompson, Trapnell. .£k ■ l ' L P II ] II Un P T E R Left to right: Tiller, Williams, Kenny, and Smith. OFFICERS Harold Tiller Vrcsideut James Williams Vicc-Prcsideii Clarence Smith Secretary EuvriN Kenny Treasurer FACTS VoKihlcJ, Unircnity of Virginia. ISbS Atfiha Mil Chapter founded, 190S Elcientb oldest on campus SO active chapters Colors, garilet and old gold Total membership, 24,9U FRATRES IN FACULTATE HUBERT OWENS JOHN BROADNAX PAUL W. CHAPMAN HOWELL HOLLIS COL. OLIN C. NEWELL GUY TILLER, JR. FORREST TOWNS BYRON WARNER The Pi K. A. ' s began the ycir with a very successful rush week, pledging one of the largest groups on the campus. Six men graduate. Harold Tiller, president, is a member of Gridiron. Geary Griffith was editor of the now defunct Geor- gia Arch. Clarence Smith, in Thalian-Blackfriars, is president of the Landscape Architecture Society. The chapter boasts two R. O. T. C. captains, Edwin Kenny and Jimniie Williams. The chapter ' s outstanding social function is the annual formal dance which features the presentation of the Pi K. A. Dream Girl. Last year the brothers ' unanimous choice was Betty Braun- gart. Pi Beta Phi. T OF PI K A P P it ALPHA SAM CAIN, ' 44 Cairo ROY CATON, ' 44 Andalusij HENRY COBB, ' 43 Athens BILLY CONE, ' 4! Brunson, S. C. JOHN T. COX, ' 42 Cordclc GEORGE GALLOWAY, Graduate Gainesville FRANK GARRISON, Mj Atlanta GEARY GRIFFITH, ' 42 New York, N. Y. NORMAN C. HARRISON, ' 4! Cairo ROBERT R. HARTMAN, ' 45 Athens JAMIE HATCHER, ' 41 Cordele GEORGE HULME, ' 43 Athens EARLE HUPP, " 45 Wheeling, W. Va. ARTHUR B. JETT, ' 45 Ellijay FRANK JOHNSON, ' 44 Columbus EDWIN KENNY, ' 42 Atlanta ARTHUR LONG, ' 44 Atlanta EARL B. MARSHALL, ' 44 Wheeling, W. Va. RICHARD McPHEE, ' 44 Canfield, Ohio RICHARD MOORE, ' 44 Atlanta JOHN YEOMANS, ' 44 . ■ • IDWIN OWENS, ' 43 Dahlonega ROBERT PAINTER, ' 44 Atlanta ROY PEAVY, ' 4! Byron TOM PENLAND, ' 4 . I llijay WALTER PRICE, ' 4! Athens WILL ROBBINS, ' 43 . Bantor C. D. ROGERS, ' 44 Macon ALAN SHIRILL, ' 43 Pensacola, Fla. WARREN SHUMAN, ' 44 Nashville ROGER SIMMONS, ' 4! Macon PRANK SINKWICH, ' 43 Youngstown, Ohio CLARENCE SMITH, ' 42 Hogansville JIM STOREY, ' 45 Athens HAROLD TILLER, ' 42 . . ... . Athens KEN TUCKER, ' 43 Ocilla ERWIN WALL, ' 4! Atlanta ED WEEKS, ' 4! Savannah MARVIN WIGGINS, ' 43 Smithville JAMES E. WILLIAMS, ' 42 Athens ELBERT WOOTEN, ' 43 Americus Brunson, S. C. First row, ' eft to right: Cain, Caton, Cobb Cone, Cox, Gallaway, Garrison, Griffith, Harrison. . . . Second row: Hartman, Hatcher, Hulme, Hupp, Jett, John Kenny, Long, McPhee. . . . Third row: Marshall, Moore, Owens, Painter, Peavy, Penland, Price, Robbins, Rogers. . . Fourth row: Shirill, Shuman, Srrrm Sinkwich, Smith, Storey, Tiller, Tucker, Wall. . . . Fifth row: Weeks, Wiggins, Will.ams. Woolen, Yeomans. L m IMIA Ml I P T E R Left to right: Wilson, Berry, Head, and Watson. OFFICERS James Wilson Vres ' ident John Head Tranurcr Roland Berry Secretary William Watson Wiiitlcii FACTS Founded, College of Charleston, l K)4 Lambda Chapter founded, ' ' S Thirteenth oldest on campus 32 active chapters Colors, gold, ichitf, and hhie Total memhirdvp. ,241 FRATRES IN FACULTATE WALLACF BUTTS ( |. HROCKMAN WAl.TI ' R MARTIN J. RALPH THAXTON The Pi Kappa Phi ' s, true to the spirit of national defense, boast an almost complete of- ficers ' set-up. Among the graduating seniors in R. O. T. C. is a Colonel, Lieutenant- Colonel, Major, Captain, and two First Lieutenants. To J carry the idea further, the chapter entertained dates at a " Blackout " breakfast after the Friday night dance during Homecoming. No bombs fell, but not a light was turned on. Cliff Kimsey, famous as the " Iron Man " of the Georgia foot- ball squad, was Alternate Captain of the team and is a Lieuten- ant-Colonel in the R. O. T. C. Green Keltner, varsity tackle, holds the rank of Major. J. T. Bradbury, George Edwards, and Robert Loyd will receive commissions in the army as well as diplomas in June. James Johnson, the chapter ' s scholarship man, is wearing Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and O. D. K. keys. He is also president of Gamma Sigma Epsilon. J. T. Bradbury is treasurer of Phi Kappa, circulation manager of the Kfil ami Black, and a member of Sigma Delta Chi. OF PI K il F P it PHI ROLL SELBY BENTON, ' 43 Cornelia ROLAND BERRY. ' 42 Thomson ASHTON BOYNTON, ' 45 Charleston, S. C. ,|. T. BRADBURY, ' 42 Athens CHARLES BUNN, ' 42 Ccdartown LINTON CRAWFORD, ' 43 Cornelia OVCEN CRAVf ' FORD. ' 4! South Bend, Ind. FRANK DUPREE, ' 44 Walhalla, S. C. GEORGE EDWARDS, ' 42 Athens RODNEY HARRIS, ' 42 Athens lACK HATCHER, ' 43 Harlem JOHN HEAD, ' 43 Albany LEWIS HIGGENS, ' 43 Dalton WILLIAM HOSCH, 43 Decatur JAMES JOHNSON, ' 42 Athens GREEN KELTNER, ' 42 Memphis, Tcnn. CLIFF KIMSEY. ' 42 Cornelia JAMES WILSON, ' 42 - • • • GUS LETCHAS, ' 44 Thomasville ROBERT LOYD, ' 42 Athens MARVIN LUNDY, ' 45 Albany CLYDE MARTIN, ' 42 Toccoj RAY MeRAF, ' 43 Athens BOB McKIBBEN, ' 42 Soeial Circle CHARLES PARKER, ' 42 Millen EUGENE PETTY, ' 42 Tifton BROOKS PIERCE, ' 43 Trion HOWARD POSTERO, ' 45 Athens JACK POUNDS, ' 45 Atlanta TOM ROBINSON, ' 42 Charleston, S. C. ARNOLD STARK, ' 42 Dalton GORDON TRULOCK, ' 45 Whigham CLARENCE VAUGHN, ' 42 Conycrs WILLIAM WATSON, ' 42 Thomson GEORGE WILLIAMS, ' 44 Crawtordville Thomson Fnst row, left to right: Benton, Berry, Boynton, Bradbury, Bunn, Crawford, L., Crawford, O., Duprec, Edwards, . . . Second row: Hams, Hatcher, Head, Higgcns, Johnson, Kcltner, KImsey, Letchas, Loyd. . . . Third row: Lundy, Martin, McRae, McKibbcn, Parker, Petty, Pierce, Poslero, Pounds. . . . Fourth row: Robinson, Stark, Trulock, Vaughn, Watson, Williams, Wilson. Q CS d QMi O L ETA OF Left to rlsht: Richter, Ben- nett, Freeman, and Tugglc. OFFICERS Eugene D. Freeman High Alpha Jason A. Tuggle High Bclu Wallace Richter High Gamma Robert Bennett High Tan FRATRES IN FACULTATE LEO BELCHER FACTS Fuinnlcd, Boston College, 1909 Nil C h, filer loinuleJ. 1915 follvlcciith ohlcit on cmiplis 10b actiie chapters Colon, pilrjile, xrceil, ini.l gohl Total memherJup, 2S,S47 JOHN F. BURKE Lambda Chi Alpha has nude iMpid g.iins since its founding in 1909. The most recent event of extraordinary significance in the history of the fraternity was in September, 1939, when it merged with Theta Kappa Nu (founded, 1924), which adopted many of the older fraternity ' s organiza- tional features and policies. The Lambda Chi ' s pledged one of the largest classes on the campus after a successful rush program. Approximately thirteen members graduate. Bob Burson leaves a good record of achievement at the University. He is business manager of the Univer- sity Theater and a member of Thalian-Blacktriais. A cadet Major on the drill field, he is to receive his commission upon graduation. He has been active in the Glee Club for several years. Merry Christmas! L m II u it n ALPHA ROLL E. LUKE ANDERSON, ' 42 Statcsboro EUGAR K. AVRIETT, JR., ' 41 Homcrvlllc EDWARD A. BACHTLER, ' 4S Long Island, N. Y. FRANK L. BELYEU, ' 42 Atlanta EDSEL H. BENSON, ' 42 Athens ROBERT BENNETT, ' 43 Athens BROOKER C. BLANTON, ' 43 • ■ ■ Valdosta ROBERT G. BURSON, ' 42 Athens O. V. B. BUSH, JR., ' 42 Atlanta JOHN D. CALD X ' ELL, Special Student ... . Cornelius, N. C. H. GRADY CALLAHAN, ' 42 Athens WILLIAM E. CAMP, ' 42 Atlanta JEPTHA R. CARR, ' 45 Athens FRED J. CLARKE, ' 43 Thomisville MELVIN CONGER, ' 44 Atlanta JULIAN P. CRAIGMILES, ' 42 Thomasville R. LAMAR DAVIS, ' 43 Brunswick JAMES ED-WARDS, ' 44 Gainesville EUGENE D. FREEMAN, ' 43 Columbus HARRY GAREY, ' 4S Atlanta CHARLES T. CAUSE, III, ' 4S Atlanta EUGENE F. GIBSON, ' 43 College Park DANIEL P. GRIFFITH, ' 44 Atlanta HILLIARD T. HICKS, JR., ' 43 WrightsviUe WILLIAM HOLBROOK, ' 44 Atlanta V. DEAN HOLLAND, ' 42 Collins JOHN P. HOLMES, ' 4! • ■ • ■ Deep River, Conn. JOHN R. HOWARD, ' 42 Nashville JAMES A. IRWIN, ' 43 Rockmart JOHN A. JARRELL, ' 42 Thomasville BEN H. JENKINS, ' 45 Valdosta JAMES G. KNIGHT, ' 42 Sale City LOY W. MILAM, JR., ' 4i Fairburn REYNOLDS T. MONTFORD, ' 44 Thomasville JAMES PARTAIN, ' 4S Marietta JAMES M. PAULK, ' 4i Miami, Fla. JIM PERRY, ' 44 Nashville HOWARD RABB, ' 44 Waynesboro THOMAS P. RICHARDS, ' 4i Elyria, Ohio H. WALLACE RICHTER, ' 44 Macon H. HOBERT ROHMAN, ' 44 Utica, N. Y. DALLAS F. SCOGGINS, ' 43 Thomasville C. P. SCRUGGS, " 43 Hahira ROBERT T. SMITH, Junior Law Atlanta ROBERT S. STRICKLAND, ' 44 Douglasville JASON A. TUGGLE, ' 43 Atlanta JOHN D. Van FLEET, ' 42 Atlanta WILLIAM O. WINGATE, ' 43 Ocilla First row, left to right: Avriett, Bachtler, Belyeu, Benson, Bennett, Blanton, Burson, Bush, Callahan. . . . Second row: Camp, Carr, Clarke, Conger, Graigmilcs, Davis, Edwards, Freeman, Gaccy. . . . Third row: Gause, Gibson, Griffith, Hicks, Holbrook, Holland, Holmes, Irwin, Jarrcll. . . . Fourth row: Jenkins, Knight, Milam, Montford, Partain, Paulk, Perry, Rabb, Richards. . . . Fifth cow: Richter, Rohman, Scoggins, Scruggs, Smith, Strickland, Tuggic, Van Fleet. 0k ' - ml iki 1 1 w W IB a lyL ly iL " o p dlk li r o . i JF.W iMi % li lifli aL aI . mKritf j! 1 M. I IA D q f " 4 M kL J Mt ' - ' ' ' ' ' jS , ' " |.e; 1%1 ' u L II (; H n T E n Left to right: Michael, Franklin, Lesser, Hecht, and Kirstein. OFFICERS Raymond Lesser Superior Richard Hecht Vice -Superior Simon Michael Kccordiii; Secretary Harvey Kirstein Corresponding Secretary DeJongh Franklin Treasurer ■ FACTS l,i,n„ c.l. CulUxr nf llle City of New Y„r ;, rtll4 Mil Chapter fniiii.lnl. I ' m Twelfll} oldest nil cinifin j ; ai-tii e ibtiplcn Colon, purple ami xol,l Total mcmbcnhip. J.ino The Phi Ep ' s are as famous for scholastic achieve- ment as they are for tea sipping. Their semi-annual Tea Parties roll around as regularly as Homecom- ings and Little Commencements, and the effect on the festive spirit at such times is tremendous. Lor a number of years, the chapter has won either first place in scholarship on the campus, or has finished close to the top. Raymond Lesser is the only Phi Ep who will be ' ost through graduation. Among his achievements arc memberships in O. D. K., Phi Eta Sigma, Biftad, and Thalian-Blackfriars. He is also presi- dent of Interna tional Relations Club. Guests clumoring for " tea. " OF PHI EPNI LI) i n HARRY Bl-RMAN, ' 4} Ailaiu.. MORRIS MACEY, Freshman La DijONGH FRANKLIN, ' 43 Atlant HARVEY KIRSTEIN, ' 43 Atlanta RAYMOND LESSER, ' 42 Athens STUART LEVI, ' 45 Washington, D. C. JOSEPH MENDES, ' 43 RICHARD HECHT, ' 43 Columbus SIMON MICHAEL, ' 43 SIGO MOHR, JR., Freshman La RICHARD STEINBACH, 45 . IRVING VICTOR, ' 43 . . . . ROBERT LIPSHUTZ, Freshman Law Atlanta AL WEILL, Junior Lav . Camilla Savannah . Athens Savannah Carrol Iton Savannah Atlanta O ( A mdk mMLm IJ i II i r T E II OF Left to right: Kruger, Cooper, Sttuletz, Daitch. OFFICERS Max Cooper. Chancellor Reuben Kruger Vice-Chancellor Joe Struletz Bursar Irvin Daitch Scrihe Richard Bornstein, Burrill Bunim, Max Cooper, Hyman Gershon, Sammy Halperin, Sidney Haskins, Reuben Kru- ger, David Odrezin, and Joe Struletz write finis to their college careers this year. Haskins and Cooper graduate from the Law School. Haskins, a former business manager of the Pandora and president of Phi Kappa, is a varsity debater, treasurer of the Inter-Fraternity Council, and member of O. D. K. The chapter takes an active interest in the carryings-on at Phi Kappa. Bunim, Gershon, and Struletz are included on the society ' s rolls. Gershon was a mem- ber of the varsity track team and basketball squad. Bunim has been active in the University Theater, and Odrezin the Univer- sity Symphony Orchestra. FACTS founded, Columbia Unhcnity, 1910 Nu Chapter founded, 1919 Fifteenth oldest on campus 27 active chapters Colors, laiendcr and white Total membership, 4,111 Freshman Slotin gets it in the end. TAD E P SI L I PHI ROLL BERNARD HERMAN, ' 44 Savannah DAVID BLUMENTHAL, ' 4 5 Royston SOI. BLUMENTHAL, ' 4S Royston LAWRENCE BODZINER, ' 45 Savannah RICHARD BORNSTEIN, ' 42 New Haven, Conn. BURRILL BUNIM, ' 42 Atlanta LEONARD BURNETT, ' 43 New York, N. Y. LOUIS CHANIN, ' 44 Macon GEORGE COHEN, ' 44 Newark, N. J. MAX COOPER, Senior Law Savannah IRVIN DAITCH, Junior Law Augusta MARVIN ESTROFF, ' 44 Lyons HYMAN GERSHON, ' 42 Atlanta NATHAN GILLMAN, ' 43 Augusta CARL GROLLMAN, ' 44 Bainbridge SAMMY HALPERIN, ' 42 Fitzgerald SIDNEY HASKINS, Senior Law Macon MARVIN YUDELSON, ' 44 • JACK HIRSCH, ' 44 Columbus FRANK HOFFMAN, ' 43 Savannah LLOYD HOUSER, ' 44 New York, N. Y. TED jAFFE, ' 4! Paterson, N. J. MORRIS KALINSKY, ' 4! Holly Hill, S. C. LEWIS KRUGER, ' 45 Fitzgerald REUBEN KRUGER, ' 42 Fitzgerald IVAN KULBERSH, ' 44 Tifton RALPH LAZARUS, ' 45 Valdosta ISADORE LEWINSON, ' 44 Dalton DAVID ODREZIN, ' 42 Savannah MAURICE ROSENSTOCK, ' 45 Ellenville, N. Y. MARVIN SINGER, ' 43 Unadilla LEON SLOTIN, ' 4! Savannah NORMAN SOMBERG, ' 4 5 Miami, Fla. MORRIS STEINBERG, ' 44 Augusta JOE STRULETZ, ' 42 LaGrange ■ Athens First row, left to right: Berman, Blumenthal, 0., Blumenthal, S., Bodzirer, Bornstein, Bunim, Burnett, Chanin, Cohen. . . . Second row: Cooper, Daitch, Estroff, Gcrihon, Gillrran, Grollman, Halperin, Haskins, Hirsch. . . . Third row: Hoffman, Jaffc, Kalinsky, Kruger, L., Ktuger, R., Kulbetsh, Lazarus, Lewinson, Odrezin. . . . Fourth row: Rosenstock, Singer, Slotin, Somberg, Steinberg, Struletz, Vudelson. jyiiiiMim p T E R Left to right: Mendel, Diftler, Liebowitz, Prisant, Felngold. OFFICERS Arthur Mendel Master Oscar Prisant Lieutenant-Master Bernard Liebowitz Scribe Murray Feingold Exchequer Nathan Diftler Sentinel FACTS Founded, New York Unhersily, 191} Omicron Chapter founded, 1926 Sixteenth oldest on campus 21 acthe chapters Colors, gold ami hluc Total mcmbcrsljip, 2,i91 The a. E. Pi ' s set aside two days annually for special observance. National Alpha Epsilon Pi Day comes in August. Members gather in principle cities throughout the United States for celebra- tions. In November the founders are paid tribute in the celebration of Founders ' Day. Al Birenbaum, Nathan Diftler, Maurice Horo- witz, Morris Manheim, Arthur Mendel, Oscar Prisant, and William Toran will be missed by the local chapter next year. Diftler is a member of the Forestry Club, Xi Phi Xi, and Xi Sigma Pi, and Toran is a member of Mortar and Pestle. Murray Feingold, sophomore, has made an out- standing record during his two years at the Uni- versity, being a member of Biftad, the Pandora staff, and Thalian-Bhickfriars. This year, the A. E. Pi ' s placed second in the decorations contest at Homecoming, having cap- tured first prize last year. What a record it was! OF UPHA EPSILO PI ROLL ALAN AMENT, ' 45 Paterson, N. J. JEROME BICK, ' 4 5 Bridgeport, Conn. AARON BIRENBAUM, ' 42 Brooklyn, N. Y. ROBERT BLACKMAN, ' 44 New York, N. Y. NATHAN DIFTLER, ' 42 Knoxvillc, Tenn. MURRAY FEINGOLD, ' 44 Albany BENNETT HAUSER, ' 4S Brooklyn, N. Y. STANLEY HIRSCH, ' 4S Brooklyn, N. Y. MAURICE HOROWITZ, ' 42 South Bend, Ind. AARON LANG, ' 42 Savannah BERNARD LIEBOWITZ, 43 Bayonnc, N. J. MORRIS MANHEIM, ' 42 Atlanta ARTHUR MENDEL, ' 42 Monroe MONTY MILLS, ' 45 Dublin OSCAR PRISANT, ' 42 Albany HARVEY SCOBEL, ' 43 Mount Vernon, N. Y. MELVIN SILVERMAN, ' 44 Atlanta WILLIAM TORAN, ' 42 Chester, Penn. U I ' ll A E T 1 Cll il P T E R Left to right: (seated) Smith, Brannen; (standing) Dixon, Gaskins. OFFICERS Shelton Brannen Nohle Ruler David V. Smith Vice-NoNc Ruler William Gaskins Secretary William W. Dixon Treasurer FACTS Fciiihlal. Ohm Sla c Unii vrsi y and Vnhcruly of ]lU,ii,n, 19ns Alpha Eta Chapter founded, 1927 Seventeenth oldest on campus 31 active chapters Colors, green and gold Total ni-ml.enhip, 9,252 FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. C. BELL R. L. KERNER W. O. COLLINS C. C. MURRAY MYRON C. DAVIS B. O. WILLIAMS The Alpha Gamma Rho graduates include names that are out- standing in the agricultural and forestry schools, from which the fraternity chooses its membership. Prominent in Gaffau Club arc Warren Dixon, secretary, Emory Attaway, Shelton Brannen, William Rast Groover, and Jack Grist, secretary. Grist is also secretary of Saddle and Sirloin and circulation manager of the Georgia Agriculturist. Brannen is photography editor of the same publication. Each year Alpha Gamma Rho presents an award to the most outstanding freshman on the agricultural campus. OF U P II i G il N II il lUI EMORY CECIL ATTA ' AY, ' 42 Wrightsville WILLIAM EMORY BARR, ' 44 Rex ROBERT EARL BRANCH, ' 42 Miami, FU. SHELTON BRANNEN, ' 42 StiUon PARIS DUANE BRAY, ' 42 Canon LAMAR BURDEN, ' 44 Athens HUGH ALVIN DFMPSEY, ' 43 Watkinsville WILLIAM WARREN DIXON, ' 42 Jonesboro Vi ' AYNE DOZIER, ' 43 Morgan W. L. EUBANKS, ' 42 Sale City A. W. GASKINS, ' 42 Nashville HAL A. GODWIN. ' 42 Jacksonville, FU. JACK GRIST, ' 42 Dillard JOHNNY GROOVER, ' 42 Jonesboro WILLIAM RAST GROOVER, ' 42 Fairburn NORMAN HANDLEY, ' 44 Athens JASPER ELLIS HARGROVE, ' 44 Eastman RUBEN LEE JOHNSON, ' 43 Fairburn RICHARD KAUFFMAN, ' 44 Dayton JAMES KELLEY, ' 44 Athens JOHN KILGORE, ' 43 Staplcton JO-ELLIS MUNDY, ' 44 Atlanta LAMAR PITTARD, ' 44 Athens DRUDE G. RAMBO, ' 42 Marshallville LARRY REEVE, ' 43 Calhoun DAVID V. SMITH, ' 45 Lumpkin FRANKLIN SMITH, ' 4S Dawson JOHNNY SPENCE, ' 42 Fairburn RALPH TABOR, ' 4! Ft. Valley TONY TATUM, ' 42 Talking Rock First row, left to right: Attaway, Barr, Branch, Brannen, Bray, Dempsey, Dixon. . . . Second row: Doiier, Eubanks, Gaskins, Godwin, Grist, Groover, J., Groover, W. R Third row: Handley, Johnson, Kauffman, Kelley, Kilgorc, Mundy, Pittard. . Fourth row: Reeve, Rambo, Smith, D. V., Smith, P., Spence, Tabor, Tatum. TIIK Sllitll {] IIEIIKY Fllll SllllllltlTY PLEIIIiES... An annual fall event on the Georgia campus is the Sigma Chi Derby for sorority pledges, held last year in mid-October when Indian summer provided sufficient warmth for co-eds clad in gym suits. This year ' s event caused added interest due to the presence of a photographer from Life Magazine, which gave the occasion national prominence in a three-page spread. The Derby consists of an afternoon of fun and frolic. Icadmg up to the selection of a sorority pledge wiio will bear the coveted title of " Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi " for the remainder of the year. Each sorority on the First step — ' Measurements of modern re taken. ant must check in at the registration desk, ' enus contestant Lucy Payne, Athens TrI-Delt, wins shortest pledge honors. Measuring tallest pledge entrants requires much reaching. First aid is administered to fatigued Thetas. Alpha Chi amazons pull lustily tug-of-war contest. A study in determination. . . . Shuckin " corn — a good way to break fingernails. J ' The potato You should have been more careful Back to nature. The bevy of beauty lines up. A decision is hard to make. campus en of the eve a certain number of pledges for each which include a sack race, a tug-of- war contest, a potato race, a spoon-and-egg relay, and a steeplechase. Besides these, measurements are taken to determine winners of the titles of " Modern Venus, " " Tallest Pledge " and " Shortest Pledge. " In the final event of the evening, five contestants from each sorority parade past the judges stand; from among these the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi is chosen, and, adorned with royal robes, is presented with a floral replica of the fraternity pin. This year ' s choice was Mary Sue Martin, comely Chi Omega from Tifton, while Blanche Wallace, Kappa Delta from Decatur, was awarded Modern Venus honors. Chi Omega and Alpha Gamma Delta tied for the ber of points in the various events of h was therefore awarded a trophy The new sweetheart receives her crown . . . . and stands surrounded by her new admirers. the day, and for first place. Attended by th» attracted a ho ' ities en masse, the Derby also St of other curious onlookers, who joined whole-heartedly in the spirit of the occasion, and cheered lustily as their favorites won in the various events. Though utterly fatigued at the end of the day the participants proudly carried away shiny trophies to adorn mantel pieces in their houses out on Mitledge. U P IN U P H it Left to right: Newton, Young, Hollls, Daniel, Adams. OFFICERS Dot Daniel President Mary Hollis Vice-President Mary Newton Secretary Nell Adams Treasurer FACTS FounJcJ, W ' fs o ' . ' " . ' Si2 EitahliibcJ at the Viihcriity Alpha Alpha Chapter, 1921 61 actii ' e chapters Flotift, enchantress carnation Colors, rose anJ white SORORES IN FACULTATE MISS MARIE DUMAS MISS MARY STRAHAN Pioneer sorority on the University of Georgia campus was Alpha Alpha of Phi Mu, installed in 1921. Long famous for beautiful girls, the Phi Mu ' s this year stood out in other fields. The big- gest B. W. O. C. is Dot Daniel, town girl. Besides being president of the sorority, she has been presi- dent of almost every woman ' s organization; she also holds the office of treasurer in Georgia ' s Mortar Board group. Phi Mu ' s vice-president, " Chick " Newton, is vice-president of Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council. Phi Mu is proud of Eleanor Morgan, who was last year ' s Beauty Queen, and of Mary Helen Johnson, another beauty. Participating with these two in the Pan- dora Beauty Parade were several other Phi Mu ' s. Also on the Phi Mu roster is May Wingfield. Al- though she is just a sophomore, May has a brilliant journalistic career before her. This is proved by the fact that she is Make-up Editor on the Red and Black staff. Mary Hollis takes time out from her duties as an officer of Pioneer Inner Circle and Dolphin Club to make Phi Kappa Phi this year. One of the highlights of each spring quarter is Phi Mu ' s annual baseball game with the Chi Psi ' s. Do not let those pink and white colors fool you, they know how to play baseball. elieve it or not — Pi Mu ' s study! M lgMuastmrnmiigllgm UN P T G H OF PHI II NELL ADAMS, ' 42 Atlanta BETTY ANDRE (S, ' 42 Augusta ANN ASKEW, ' 4! Savannah EDITH ASKEW, ' 43 Ncwnan GEORGIA ASKEW, ' 42 Arlington LENORE ATKINSON, ' 42 Savannah ALICE BARROW, ' 44 Lakeland, Fla. ■ ■ • • Macon . . . . Griffin • • . Athens ■ ■ ■ Augusta . . . . Atlanta • ■ • . Rome Anderson, S. C. • • ■ • Athens • • . . Athens BETTY BATEMAN, ' 42 ROBERTA BECK, ' 4S JANE BRIGHTWELL, ' 42 ELIZABETH BRYANS, ' 42 BOOTSIE CARTER, ' 44 FAYE COVINGTON, ' 44 LOUISE CRAFT, ' 42 JEAN CREEKMORE, ' 43 DOROTHY DANIEL, ' 42 . TOMMIE DANIEL, ' 4S Athens LILLIAN DEAL, ' 44 Atlanta MARTHA DUNSON, ' 43 LaGrange ELOISE ELLIS, ' 43 Atlanta ANGIE ELLEN FITTS, ' 42 Americus CATHERINE GLOVER, ' 45 Savannah HENRYETTA GLOVER, ' 42 Americus LARRY GOODRICH, ' 43 Griffin CATHERINE GRAHAM, ' 42 Valdosta MILDRED GRAVES, ' 42 Atlanta MARY HOLLIS, ' 42 Columbus BETTY HOYT, ' 43 Atlanta PATSY ANN HUFFMAN, ' 43 Columbus LOUISE HUNNICUTT, ' 43 St. Petersburg, Fla. JEAN JOHNSTONE, ' 43 St. Petersburg, Fla. KAY YOUNG, ' 43 MARY ANN LAMBERT, ' 44 Madison MARY FRANCES KELLEY, ' 43 Columbus VIRGINIA KELLEY, ' 45 Monticello SARAH MATHEWS, ' 43 Atlanta TUREA MAY, ' 44 Macon KATHERINE McDUFFIE, ' 4S Columbus LUCILLE McDUFFIE, ' 43 Columbus EMILY MITCHELL, ' 43 Atlanta AUGUSTA MORGAN, ' 45 Guyton ELEANOR MORGAN, ' 44 Guyton CHICK NEWTON, ' 42 Madison CAROLYN NORMAN, ' 42 Moultrie MARGARET NORMAN, ' 4 5 Columbus ROSA POLHILL, ' 4 5 Louisville SUE RANSOM, ' 42 Augusta ANN RIGGS, ' 44 Athens MARY ANN ROBINSON, ' 44 Atlanta LOUISE ROTHWELL, ' 43 Athens MARNIE SAMPSON, ' 4 5 Atlanta ANN SHEPARD, ' 42 Columbus MARTHA STEEDMAN, ' 42 Athens SARENA STRIPLING, ' 43 Orlando, Fla. MARY TIMMERMAN, ' 43 Macon ELEANOR TROUTMAN, ' 43 Atlanta MARTHA TURNER, ' 43 Charleston, S. C. DOROTHY WELLS, ' 4 5 Columbus ANN WILLIAMSON, ' 44 Macon DOROTHY WILSON, ' 44 Atlanta ELEANOR WINECOFF, ' 44 Atlanta MAY WINGFIELD, ' 44 Athens JEANNETTE WOODRING, ' 42 Clearwater, Fla. Atlanta First row, left to right: Adams, Andrews, Askew, A., Askew, E., Askew, G., Atkinson, Barrow, Bateman, Beck, Brightwell. . . . Second row: Bryans, Carter, Covington, Creekmorc, Daniel, D., Daniel, T., Deal, Dunson, Ellis, Flits. . . . Third row: Glover, Goodrirh, Graham, Graves, Mollis, Hoyt, Huffman, Hunnicutt, Johnstone, Lambert. . . . Fourth row: Kclley, M. F., Kelley, V., Mathews, McDuffie, K., McDuHie, L., Mitchell, Morgan, A., Morgan, E., Newton, Norman, C. . . . Fifth row: Norman, M., Polhill, Ransome, Riggs, Robinson, Rothwell, Sampson, Sheoard, Sleedman, Stripling. . . . Sixth row: Timmerman, Troutman, Turner, Wells, Williamson. Wilson, Winecoff, Wingfield, Woodring, Young. II l{ E T A i; II il P T E R Left to right: Upchurch, Mains, Baxter, Orr. OFFICERS Mary Upchurch PrcsiJciif Louise Hains Vhe-Prt ' siilcnt Joan Orr Secretary Florence Baxter Treasurer FACTS roiiiiJeJ. Uiiiin-M y of Ark,i„u,s, lS9i Establii nJ at Lhiirnuty ,jf Georgia, Mil Beta, 1922 II, actire chapters Flower, while ranlatioit Colore cardinal allJ traw SORORES IN FACULTATE MISS LAURA SMITH MISS ALICE CABANISS MRS. MARY BONDURANT MISS GLADYS BROWN MRS. DOROTHY ViHITEHEAD Mu Beta of Chi Omega owns the coveted scholarship plat- ter, awarded to the sorority having the highest average for three consecutive quarters, and several debating cups. Marjorie Dekle, 1940 Beauty Queen and Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, was featured in a national beauty contest for college students. In 1941 Peg Williams and Barbara Nelson were among the nine beauties chosen in the Pandora Review. Mary Sue Martin is this year ' s Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Bevelyn Howard stands high on Co- ordinate campus as president of Sophomore Cabinet and a mem- ber of " Z " Club. Katherine Morgan is secretary-treasurer of Student Government and an officer of the Art Club. President Mary Upchurch is a member of the University Women ' s Coun- cil, Phi Upsilon Omicron, and Homecon. Sue Pritchett, star athlete, mixes her sports with journalistic honors; she was re- cently tapped for Theta Sigma Phi. Holding the Woman ' s Editor positions on both Pandora and Ked and Black, Joan Orr is secretary of Mortar Board. pchurch displays Chi ' s array of cups. OF CHI II G G 1 SARAH LOUISE ABBOT, ' 43 Brunswick BETTY ASHMEADE, ' 42 Birmingham, Ala. FLORENCE BAXTER, ' 4} Ashburn ELIZABETH BOWEN, ' 42 Tifton ANNETTE BRUMBY, ' 44 Marietta BEVERLY BURKE, ' 42 Atlanta BESSIE CABANISS, ' 42 Athens ELIZABETH CAIN, ' 4( Savannah MARGARET CARSON, ' 4 3 Atlanta JANE COLLIER, ' 42 Toccoa MARY DOVi ' LING, ' 42 Manchester MARJORIE DEKLE, ' 42 Cordele ANNE DUBOSE, ' 43 New Port, R. I. DOROTHY FAWCETT, ' 42 Savannah VIRGINIA FITE, ' 42 Columbus, Miss. Vi ' ELDON GAMBLE, ' 4! Savannah LEACY ANN GOODLOE, ' 42 Albany ADELAIDE GREGORY, ' 42 Decatur SUE HADAWAY, ' 43 LaGrange LOUISE HAINS, ' 42 Atlanta HAZEL HIME, ' 44 Augusta REVELYN HOWARD, ' 44 Decatur ELIZABETH JENKINS, ' 42 Hartwell HARRIET lENKINS, ' 44 Hartwell JOSEPHINE KENNEDY, ' 42 Savannah JEANNE LEWIS, ' 42 Greensboro ANNE DUNWOODIE MARTIN, ' 45 Savannah ANNE LISTER MARTIN, ' 4 5 Atlanta MARY SUE MARTIN, ' 45 Tifton KATHERINE MORGAN, ' 42 Savannah JULIET YEARNS, ' 43 . . . . ROBERTA MOORE, ' 43 ELISE MORRIS, ' 42 NANCY MORRIS, ' 44 BARBARA NIX, ' 43 JOAN ORR, ' 42 LOLLA PADDOCK, ' 43 MARGARET PADDOCK, ' 45 . . ISABEL PARKER, ' 42 LUCIA PEEPLES, ' 44 SARA FRANCES PETERS, ' 42 • MARCELLA PLOWDEN, ' 43 ■ SUE PRITCHETT, ' 42 FRANCES RAVANEL, ' 43 .... SARA FLORENCE RIGDON, ' 44 • BETTY SHINGLER TALMADGE, ' 44 JULIA SIMPSON, ' 45 BETTY SINCLAIR, ' 4 5 . ... JEANNETTE SMITH, ' 45 KAREN SMITH, ' 45 JESSIE SUTTON, ' 44 MARY UPCHURCH, ' 42 . . ■ ANNA SUE WALLACE, ' 4 3 .... BETTY JANE WATSON, ' 44 . ISABEL WEIR, ' 4 5 VIRGINIA WAYNE, ' 42 DOROTHY ANN WELLMAN, ' 4 . HENRIETTA WHITAKER, ' 45 ■ PEGGY WILLIAMS, " 42 LILLIAN WRIGHT. " 43 MONICA WRIGHT, ' 45 Louisville Dahlonega • ■ Athens Decatur . . Athens . . Athens . • Athens ■ . Athens . Waycross . . Atlanta Manchester . Valdosta . Savannah . Savannah . . Tifton . Ashburn . Decatur Savannah - Waycross . Cuthbert . . Decatur Thomasville 1 Beach, Fla. . Atlanta . . Athens . . Atlanta . . Athens . . Athens . ■ Athens ■ • Athens . . Athens First row, left to right: Abbot, Ashmeade, Baxter, Bowen, Brumby, Burke, Cain, Carson, Collier, Dowling. . . . Se:ond row: Dekle, DuBose, Fawcetl, File, Gamble, Goodloc, Gregory, Hadaway, Hains, Hime. . . . Third row: Howard, Jenkins, E., Jenkins, H., Kennedy, Lewis, Martin, A. D., Martin, A. L., Martin, M. S., Morgan, Moore. . . . Fourth row: Morris, E., Morris, N., Nix, Orr, Paddock, L., Paddock, M., Parker, Peeples, Peters, Plowdcn. . . . Fifth row: Pritchctt, Ravenel, Rigdon, Shinglcr, Simpson, Sinclair, Smith, J., Smith, K., Sutton, Upchurch. . . . Sixth row: Wallace, Watson, ' Wayne, Weir, Wellman, Whitaker, Williams, Wright, L., Wright, M., Yearns. p i|ii %aa ti i II 11 i MMN iti OFFICERS Nancy Phillips President Martha Mauldin Vice-President Mary Anne Braswell Secretary Margaret Hall Treasurer FACTS Founded, Syracuse Uuiienity, 1904 Established at University of Georgia, Gamma Alpha chapter, 192} 50 active chapters Flower, red and buff rose Colors, red, buff, green SORORES IN FACULTATE MISS MARY McCLURE MISS LOIS SNYDER Last year the Alpha Gam ' s moved into their new house on Sorority Row. Pledges for 1941-42 have caught the spirit of the sorority and are already gaining prominence on the campus. Besides win- ning the Sigma Chi Derby, two of them are rep- resentatives to Court on Coordinate Student Government. Martha Sullivan was recently elected president of Freshman Club. Alpha Gamma Delta teams have won many intra-mural tournaments. This year they had three of the four highest placers in the golf tournament. Mary Stevenson won the award. Last year Grace Moore won first place. Mary Stevenson is also tennis champion. While they have members in almost every extra- curricular activity, certain of the girls are out- standing in their fields. Marie Waters is president of the Music Club and vice-president of Sigma Alpha Iota. Eva Rob Cheshire is a member of Theta Sigma Phi and University Women ' s Coun- cil. Although only a junior, Frances Gordy is one of the best known girls on the campus. She is the first woman ever to be a member of the regular Junior Staff of the Pandora. She belongs to Pioneer Club and Inner Circle. On Coordinate campus she was one of the six freshmen women of her class elected to " Z " Club. Alpha Gam pledge dance. (]HHTEI{ (IF ALPHA U M IH A I) E L T A ROLL MARY LOUISE BAILEY, ' 42 Dunwoody MARTHA ANN BASS, ' 42 East Point JANE BLANCHARD, ' 42 Crawford MARTHA BLEDSOE, ' 42 Fairburn MIMI BRADLEY, ' 42 Atlanta MARY ANN BRASWEI.L, ' 41 Atlicns MIRIAM BROOKSHIRE, ' 44 Decatur VIRGINIA BRYANS, ' 4} McDonough ANN BULLARD, ' 44 Edison SARAH BURNS, ' 43 Atlanta EVA ROB CHESHIRE, ' 42 Atlanta MARGARET CHESNUT, ' 42 Chamblec ANNIE JO COBB, ' 44 Metier MARION COLLAR, ' 4! Augusta GERALDINE COTTONGIM, ' 4! Atlanta MABEL DASHER, ' 45 Tifton DORIS DRAKE, ' 42 Donalsonville JANIE MARGIE DRAKE, ' 42 Colquitt PATRICIA DURHAM, ' 44 Upper Darby, Pa. CAROLYN FOSTER, ' 43 Edison BLANCHE GIBSON, ' 43 Douglas FRANCES GORDY, ' 43 Columbus JOSEPHINE GRIFFIN, ' 42 Savannah LOUISE HALL, ' 44 Blue Ridge MARGARET HALL, ' 42 Montezuma PEARL HARDY, ' 45 Dalton LUCILLE HARTSFIELD, ' 42 Atlanta JANE HOGAN, ' 45 Macon RUTH JARRELL, ' 44 Athens MARGARET JENNINGS, ' 45 Atlanta ANNIE BEE JONES, ' 45 Atlanta CHRISTINE KITCHENS, ' 42 Winter Garden, Ela. MARY KIMSEY, ' 42 Gainesville IRMA KING, ' 42 Jackson MARTHA MAULDIN, ' 42 Atlanta BETTE MILLIKEN, ' 44 Nashville, Tcnn. GRACE MOORE, ' 42 Atlanta BETTY JO OAKES, ' 4 5 Lawrenccville VIRGINIA PETTY, ' 45 Tifton NANCY PHILLIPS, ' 42 Columbus MARGARET REYNOLDS, ' 4 5 Ocala, Fla. MARGARET RYAN, ' 45 Pclham EUNICE SEAWRIGHT, ' 42 Savannah GLADYS SOMMERS, ' 44 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MARY STEVENSON, ' 44 Brunswick MARTHA SULLIVAN, ' 45 Atlanta MARY SUTTON, ' 42 Savannah MARIE WATERS, ' 42 College Park HELEN JEAN WEDGEWORTH, ' 4! Belle Glade, Fla. ALICE MAY WING, ' 45 Atlanta NORMA ROSE WOOD, ' 42 Commerce ESTHER YOUNG, ' 42 Augusta First r Dashei Kitche right: Bailey, Bass, Blanchard, Bledsoe, Braswell, Bryans, Bullard, Burns Drake, J. M., Durham, Foster, Gordy, Griffin. . . . Third row: Hall, . . Fourth row: Mauldin, Moore, Oakes, Petty, Phillips, Reynolds, Rya Waters, Wedgeworlh, Wood, young. Brook Hall, M., Hardy, Hartsfield, Hog; Scawright, Sommers, Stevenson. . . . : Cobb, Collar, Coltongim, n, Jarrell, Jennings, Jones, Fifth row: Sullivan, Sutton, X I (i ] r II I (] H n ' T E R Left lo right; Evans, Lasher, Brawner, Snnlth. OFFICERS Ruth Smith President Mar.iorie Brawner Vice-President Jean Evans Secretary Carol Lasher Treasurer FACTS FounJe i, Vngiuia State Normal College, 1 897 Established at the University of Georgia Sigma Phi chapter, 1924 70 active chapters Flower, white rose Colon, Olirc s,r,-eti and pearl uhile The K. D. ' s were the fourth sorority founded at the University of Georgia. Members are especially prominent in intra-mural sports and religious activities. Among the outstanding seniors are Marjorie Brawner, Carol Lasher, and Ruth Sammon. Marjorie is a member of the Economics Society. While she is a member of several clubs, Carol still has time to keep up her high scholastic record. Ruth is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. This year Blanche Wallace won the coveted title of " Modern Venus " in the Sigma Chi Derby. Her cup graces the Kappa Delta mantel along with athletic awards. OF K il P P il DELTA ROLL ROSALIND KARNHILL, ' -ti Hoim-rvillc JO BEARSK, ' 44 Atlanta FLORA BONNER, ' 42 Lavonia MARjORIE BRAWNER, ' 42 LaGrangc SARA CARPENTER, ' 43 Atlanta ELAINE DANIEL, ' 42 Morrow OLGA DURHAM, ' 4( Atlanta JEAN EVANS, ' 42 Atlanta EVELYN FOSTER, ' 44 Roswcll FRANCES FOSTER, ' 44 College Park NELL FOSTER, ' 45 College Park BLANCHE FREEMAN, ' 43 Unadilla IRENE FREEMAN, ' 44 Unadilla SHIRLEY GATELY, ' 43 Charlotte, N. C. PAT GRIFFITH, ' 42 Danielsvillc BARBARA HOLDER, ' 43 ■ Thomasvillc ELIZABETH HOWARD, ' 44 Atlanta ROSE JACKSON, ' 43 Roswell MATILDA JOHNSON, ' 44 Elberton CAROL LASHER, 42 Atlanta FIELEN LOVEJOY, ' 43 l lccatur FRANCES WEIEELER, ' 43 • SARA BROOKS MARET, ' 44 Lavonia DOTTIE MARTIN, ' 43 Barney HELEN McELMURRAY, ' 42 Augusta BARBARA MONTGOMERY, ' 43 Tluimasvillc JACQUELINE MURPHEY, ' 42 Talmo NELLIE GILBERT O ' NEAL, ' 41 Atlanta JIMMIE PATTERSON, ' 4S Thomasvillc ANN RUSSELL, ' 43 -Waycross RUTH SAMMONS, ' 42 Abbeville, S. C. MARTHA J. SCHNEDLE, ' 43 Charlotte, N. C. MARGUERITE SHINGLER, ' 42 Atlanta RUTH SMITH, ' 42 New York, N. Y. ROSE MARY SPIERS, ' 45 Athens ELIZABETH STEWART, ' 44 Ashburn ANN A CLYDE STUBBS, ' 43 Douglas MARY CLYDE TANNER, ' 43 Douglas MIRIAM THURMOND, ' 42 Athens LELIA TRUITT, ' 42 College Park FRANCES TURNER, ' 44 Jesup BLANCHE WALLACE, ' 45 Decatur FAY WATKTNS, ' 44 Atlanta Gainesville ; row, left to right: Barnhill, Bcarsc, Bonner, Brawncr, Carpenter, I ;man, I., Gately, Griffith, Howard, Jackson, Johnson. . . . Third ro Fourth row: Russell, Sammon, Schnedle, Shingler, Smith, Spies, Stew anici, Durham, Evans, Foster, E. . . . Second row: Foster, F., Fostc , N., F ecman, B. : Lasher, Lovejoy, Maret, Martin, McElmurray, Montgomery Murphey, O ' Neal Patterson art, Stubbs, Tanner. . . . Fifth row: Thurmond, Truilt, Turner Wallace Watkin , Wheeler Left to right: Rossee, Kim- ball, Mrs. Reynolds, Rogers, Etheridge. OFFICERS Bobbie Kimball President Sue Rogers Vice-President Florrie Rossee Secretary Sara Etheridge Treasurer BETA n FACTS Foiimlal, Wcsl,y,i„ College. UU Establnhal ,il the Uniicrsity of Georgia Beta Nil c MJitcr, )93! 62 iicfiic cbaplen flouer, iiolct Colon, blue ami while SORORES IN FACULTATE MISS EVELYN SELLERS MISS MARY RLUFERN The a. D. Pi president, Bobbie Kimball, is .ilso president of Women ' s Council. Presidents are plentiful in the Chapter. Clifford Lewis holds a high office on Coordinate as head of Student Government. She is also a member of Sophomore Cabinet and " Z " Club. Lois Taylor is president of the latter organization. Elizabeth Pearse is a member of Mortar and Pestle and Frances Phillips was tapped by Theta Sigma Phi at the first of the year. Libba Thompson, now Mrs. Jimmy Fudge, past president of the chapter, is a " Z " Club alumna. Sue Rogers bolsters the chapter average considerably; she won several prizes last year for making the highest women ' s average in the Uni- versity. Belonging to practically every organiza- tion on the campus, she holds office in several. She is vice-president of Student Government and vice- president of Mortar Board. Her highest honor came at the first of this year when she was one of the seven seniors chosen to Phi Beta Kappa. Bobbie Kimball calls A. D. Pi chapter meeting to orde CHAPTEH OF U P IN I) E L T J PI CAROLYN BALL, ' 42 Savannah RUE BLOODVi ' ORTH, ' 4 5 Athens CAROLYN COBOURN, ' 42 Hollywood, Fla. ELLEN COUNCIL, ' 44 Gainesville, Fla. MARJORIE CRAVY, ' 44 Atlanta ANNE CRAWFORD, ' 44 Lexington THENA EVANS, ' 43 SandersviUe SARA ETHERIDGE, ' 43 Sumner LENTON FAUSETT, ' 43 Adel ANNE GARRETT, ' 42 Atlanta EMILY GARRETT, ' 4 5 Waycross JEAN GARRETT, ' 42 ■ ■ • • Waycross GLORIA GORMLEY, ' 4i Atlanta CATHERINE GRIFFIN, ' 45 Atlanta JANNELLE GRIFFIN, ' 43 Douglas FRANCES HARRIS, ' 42 Savannah FRANCES HARRISON, ' 42 West Point ANNE HASLAM, ' 42 Ft. Valley BETTY lANE HORTON, ' 43 Anderson, S. C. IRENE HUGGINS, ' 44 Athens GAYLE lOHNSON, ' 42 Jack onvllle, Fla. NOMA KANE, ' 42 Atlanta LUCILLE KENYON, ' 42 Dawson BOBBIE KIMBALL, ' 42 Winder CLIFFORD LEWIS, ' 44 Waynesboro BETTY LOVETT, ' 42 Dublin CLAUDIA McCRADY, ' 43 Greenville, S. C. ALICE McRAE, ' 44 Hawkinsville DAISY MILLER, ' 45 Atlanta MARGARET ANN MONFORT, ' 4! Lawrenccville RUTH KING NE X ' . ' 43 Dunwoody AGNES NEWTON, ' 44 Forsyth BETTY PATTERSON, ' 4 5 Columbus B ETTY PATTON, ' 4 3 Lakeland BETTY FERRYMAN, ' 42 Lincolnton FRANCES PHILLIPS, ' 42 lacksonvillc, Fla. RUBY AUGUSTA ROBERTS, ' 44 Lexmgton SUE ROGERS, ' 42 Add FLORRIE ROSSEE, ' 42 Eatonton ELIZABETH ROUTH, ' 44 Atlanta ANNETTE SEELY, ' 43 Albany lOAN SMITH, ' 43 Winder BETTY STEELE, ' 44 Decatur VIRGINIA STARR. ' 44 Newnan MARIAN STICKNEY, ' 4 5 Macon MARY STONE, ' 42 Waynesboro CAROLYN STUMP, ' 4 3 Valdosta LOIS TAYLOR, ' 43 Athens FRANCES THOMAS, ' 43 Decatur MARY JAMES TWITTY, ' 43 Atlanta LOULA WALKER, ' 44 Tifton FRANCES WALKER. ' 43 Dublin LILLIAN WALLENDER, ' 42 lacksonville, Fla. GREGG YARBOROUGH, ' 43 Atlanta First row, left to right: Ball, Bloodwotth, Cobourn, Council, Cravy, Crawford, Evans, Elheridge, Fausctt, Garrett, A., Garrett, E. . . . Second row: Garrett, J. Gormlcy. Griffin, C, Griffin, J., Harris, F., Harrison, F., Haslam, Horton, Huggins, Johnson, Kane. . . . Third row: Kenyon, Kimball, Lewis, Lovett, McCrady, McRae, Miller, Monfort, New, Patterson, Palton. . . . Fourth row: Ferryman, Phillips, Roberts, Rogers, Rossee, Routh, Seely, Smith, Steele, Starr, Stickney. . . . Fifth row: Stone, Stump, Taylor, Thomas, Twitty, Walker, L, Walker, F., Wallender, Yarbrough. 1 i ' t a9Af»Anar,rv [ I F IN K H I) (! IM F T E K OF LeH to right: Walker, Ross, Mrs. Chapcau, Hosch, Yates. OFFICERS Marian NA Ross President Elizabeth Ann Hosch ] Vice-President Jane Fort ) Eugenia Walker Secretary Betty Ann Yates Treasurer FACTS luiiiulal, Bmluii Uunnsily, ISSS EsfabVnt cii at University of Geor ' hu Alfj },! Mo i japter. I ' J 14 S7 actiic c .Mtitcn Flower, puiny Colors, silirr, hine ami aoU SORORES IN FACULTATE MISS AMY SLOCUM MRS. MARGARET H. BLAIR Two prominent Tri-Delt seniors this year hold between them several of the major of- fices open to women on the campus. Julia Farmer is presi- dent of Mortar Board and president of Student Govern- ment and secretary of Pioneer Club. " Sis " Hosch, president of the Women ' s division of the Voluntary Religious As- sociation, is also president of Pioneer Club, a member of Mortar Board, International Relations Club, and Glee Club. Both were asked to send their biographies to the " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities " for 1941-42. Sara Farmer, Julia ' s twin, is active in extra-curricular achievements although she has to spend a great deal of her time in the Home Management House in order to complete her class-work. Betty Fleetwood bids fair to follow in her older sisters ' footsteps. Only a sophomore, she has won honors on Coordinate campus and is now treasurer of Pan-Hellenic Council. The Tri-Delt ' s are especially prominent in University Theatre work. Among the journalism majors is Mary Womack, one of the first women cheerleaders at Georgia. Athletic Tri-Delts ball tourf ngagc iment. D E n il DELTA DELTA ROLL MARY GAYNOR ANDERSON, Hi Atlanta GRACE EARLE BAILEY, ' -(l Et. Lauderdale, Fla. CHARLIE BALDWIN, ' 4.1 Madison ANGELENE BARKER, ' 4! . Carrollton FRANCES BARNES, ' 44 Savannah BETTY BYRD, ' 4 5 Daytona Beach, Fla. BONITA CHIVERS, ' 44 Dublin MARY COKER, ' 43 Canton DOTTIE DOUGLAS, ' 44 Augusta BETTY JO DRIFTMIER, ' 4 5 Athens HARRIETTE EMERSON, ' 43 Atlanta JULIA FARMER, ' 42 New Orleans, La. SARA FARMER, ' 42 New Orleans, La. BETTY FLEETWOOD, ' 44 CartersviUe DOROTHY FOLKS, ' 44 Montezuma MARTHA FAMBRO, ' 4! Rockmart JANE FORT, ' 42 Americus MARTHA FRENCH, ' 44 Decatur MARJORIE HAILEY, ' 44 Albany BETTY HODGES, ' 43 Atlanta INDIA HODGSON, ' 43 Baltimore, Md. ELIZABETH ANN HOSCH, ' 42 Gainesville lACQUELINE HO ' ARD, ' 42 Harlan, Ky. MARGARET ANN JOHNSTON, ' 42 Statesboro MARY LOUISE KOLLOCK, ' 43 Atlanta MARY ELLA MARTIN, ' 43 Carrollton MARY McELMURRAY, ' 44 Augusta hi TTY ANN YATES, ' 43 . - KITTY MERKE, ' 44 Athens GRACE MORRISON, ' 44 liirmmgham, Ala. PEGGY NEWELL, ' 44 Athens MARY NOWELL, ' 44 Monroe ANN PALMOUR, ' 45 Gainesville SARA PATTERSON, ' 43 Atlanta LUCY PAYNE, ' 45 Athens LOUISE PLATT, ' 44 Gainesville MARTHA POSTELL, ' 43 Macon ANNA MAE PRYOR, ' 43 Fitzgerald JEAN PRYOR, ' 43 Fitzgerald MARY GENE ROBERTSON, ' 42 Carrollton MARY ROMBERGER, ' 45 Atlanta MARIANNA ROSS, ' 42 Brookley Field, Ala. JESSIE RUFFIN, ' 42 Dunwoody MARGARET BYNE SELLARS, ' 43 Atlanta EBA SMALLWOOD, ' 44 Chattanooga, Tenn. CAROLYN STEVENS, ' 44 Dawson PATRICIA STODGHILL, ' 43 Atlanta MAUREEN THOMAS, ' 43 Orlando, Fla. HILMA TRAYLOR, ' 42 Carrollton GENE WALKER, ' 42 Atlanta ANNE •« ' AGER, ' 44 Atlanta VIRGINIA WATTS, ' 43 Rome BOBBIE WILLIAMS, ' 4 5 Savannah YVONNE WIMBERLY, ' 43 Bainbridge MARY WOMACK, ' 43 Murfrcesboro, Tenn. Rome ' , left to right: Anderson, Bailey, Baldwin, Ba Fort, French, Hodges, Hodgson, Hosch, Hov 1. . . . Fourth row: Payne, Poslell, Pryor, Bytd, Coker, Dougl Driftmicr, Emerson, Farmer, J. . . . Sect ston. Kollock, Martin, McElmurray, Merk Robertson, Romberger, Ross, Ruffin, Sellars, SmalU Womack, Watts, Williams, Wimberly, Yates. Stodghill, P SI {] n T E R Left to right: Meltz, Hal- n, K a n t o r, K a r p f , Shainker. OFFICERS Bernice Shainker President Muriel Halprin Vice-President Nettye Meltz Secretary Sylvia Kantor Treasurer FACTS nnilcJ. Wmhiunfon Sc]ii,ire Collcxe. 1917 EilMislxJ at Ihiiirrsity of Georgia, Pii chapter, 19)5 19 active chapters Flower, orchid Colors, royal pin pit ' atul goltl Delta Phi Epsilon ' s rise on the campus has been as colorful as the royal purple and gold signifying the sorority. The D. Phi E. ' s have a reputation for fine scholarship and debating ability. In 193 9 they won the scholarship cup and have had con- sistently high averages since. Sylvia Kantor and Nettie Israils, both seniors this year, have their names on the rosters of Alpha Lambda Delta and Zodiac. Nettie Meltz is a member of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, national honorary chemical society. Carrying on the standard which glamourous Emma Minkovitz set for beauty throughout her college years, Muriel Halprin paraded in last year ' s Pan- dora Beauty Review. D. Phi E. ' s get ready for bed. OF D E L T il PHI E F S I L U DOT ALKON, ' 4! Savannah ESTHER BERGER, ' 44 Lincolnton CHARLOTTE COHEN, ' 4 5 Sparta DENA COHEN, ' 45 Hickory, N. C. BLANCHE FEINGOLU, ' 4 5 Albany EDNA FINE, ' 42 W ' elur DORIS GOLDIN, ' 44 Savannah MOZELLE GREEN, ' 44 Toccoa MURIEL HALPRIN, ' 42 Fore Valley GERALDINE ISENBERG, ' 43 Gordon NETTIE ISRAILS, ' 42 Atlanta SHIRLEY KAHN, ' 44 Pelham SYLVIA KANTOR, ' 42 Atlanta FLORENCE KARPF, ' 44 Savannah SARABEL KASS, ' 4$ Thomaston RHONA KOPLIN, ' 44 Atlanta HINDALYN KOTTLEMAN, ' 45 Orlando, Fla. SHIRLEY KULBERSH, ' 42 Tifton HELAINE KRUMBOLZ, ' 45 Atlanta ANNETTE LASKY, ' 43 Savannah DOROTHY LINK, ' 45 Athens ANNABELLE LONDONER, ' 4 5 Marion, S. C. SARA LOURIE, ' 44 St. George, S. C. ESTHER MALTINSKY, ' 45 Savannah PAULA MAZURSKY, ' 45 Barnwell NETTYE MELTZ, ' 45 Atlanta DIANE POMERANCE, ' 45 Atlanta ELINORE RICHMAN, ' 4 5 Manning, S. C. THELMA REED, ' 44 Cochran FLORENCE RUBIN, ' 42 Savannah LEAH SEIGEL, ' 42 Anderson, S. C. BERNICE SHAINKER, ' 42 Atlanta FRANCES SOLOMAN, ' 44 Monks Corner, S. C. NATALIE SPILKY, ' 42 Mt. Dora, Fla. ROSALIE STEIN, ' 43 Cartersville LOUISE STOCK, ' 44 Rome ANNETTE TENENBAUM, ' 43 Dalton PAT TANANBAUM, ' 4 5 Atlanta First row, left to right: Alkon, Berger, Cohen, C, Cohen, D., Fcingold, Fine, Goldin, Green. . . . Second row; Halprin, Isenberg, Israils, Kahn, Kantor, Karpf Kass, Koplin. . . . Third row: Kotlleman, Kuibersh, Krumbolz, Lasky, Link, Londoner, Lourie, Maltinsky. . . . Fourth row: Maiursky, Melti, Pomerancc Richman, Reed, Rubin, Seigel, Shainker. . . . Fifth row: Soloman, Spilky, Stein, Slock, Tenenbaum, Tananbaum. L it II IN) 1 S I nU CHAPTER Left to right: Mrs. Martin, Field, Douglas, Salter, Chastain, Cotnwell. OFFICERS Dorothy Douglas President Georgia Field Vire-Prcsiilcii Virginia Chastain Secretary Marcia Cornwell Treauirer FACTS Foiii„h;l, B,in,arJ Collide, 1S97 Esfitl ' Iis jeJ at Viiiienily of Georgia, Lambda Sigma chapter, 7 93 5 52 actiic r }apters rioirvr, mc Color,, ral aiiJ ulutc Although only six years old on the University of Georgia campus, Lambda Sigma of A. O. Pi lists on its rolls several women prominent in extra- curricular activities. Rosalyn Bradshaw is an outstanding journalism student and this year is serving as vice-president of Theta Sigma Pi, honorary journalism sorority. While on Coordinate campus, she was a member of Al- pha Lambda Delta and Zodiac. Marcia Cornwell not only features in fashion shows but also is a member of the Women ' s University Council. The national sorority, recognized by the red rose, is identified by philanthropic work in the Kentucky mountains. Each chapter contributes monthly towards the maintenance of the schools and hospitals which are supported in the mountain district. s while away afte th bridge games. OF U P H 1 II I (; K (H PI EVFXYN ADAiMS, ' 44 Boston ZADIE AVRETT, ' 45 Athens GERALDINE AVERITT. ' 41 Millcn MARY BARBER, •45 Atlanta CAROLYN BLANTON, ' 43 Cairo ROSALYN BRADSHAW. ' 42 Atlanta VIRGINIA CHASTAIN, ' 42 Atlanta JEANNETTE CLARK, ' 44 Athens JUNE CLARK, ' 4S Athens MARCIA CORNWELL, ' 42 Atlanta CAROLYN CRUMMEY, ' 43 Rochelle DOROTHY DOUGLAS, Graduate Hope Hull, Ala. MARION EDXX ' ARDS, ' 42 Claxton GEORGIA FIELD, ' 42 Atlanta JANE GANN, ' 4? Atlanta qRGINIA GILBERT, ' 44 Atlanta FRANCES GRANT, ' 4! Athens HELEN HIGGINBOTHAM, ' 4! Athens JOYCE JONES, ' 43 Louisville LOIS LANCASTER, ' 44 Wrens KATHERINE LESTER, ' 43 Atlanta AGNES MEISNER, ' 42 Savannah JESSIE MORRIS, ' 45 Alpharetta HAZEL MI XON, ' 42 Patterson MARTHA McDOUGAI.D, ' 4 5 Claxton GRACE McFEE, ' 42 Atlanta GLYNN NATIONS, ' 43 Resaca DOROTHY NELL NIX, ' 44 Dawsonvillc LENA MAE PEEK, ' 4S Miami, Fla. LOUISE POOLE, ' 43 Americus ZELMA REIDLING, ' 43 Commerce MARY FRANCES ROBINSON, ' 45 Waynesboro ELLEN ROUTLEDGF, ' 43 Rome MARION SALISBURY, ' 42 Oconee, Fla. CORDELIA SALTER, ' 43 Atlanta MARTHA FRANCES SMITH, ' 4 5 Atlanta REBECCA THOMAS, ' 44 Athens MARGARET WOOD, ' 44 Greshamville JEAN WRIGHT, ' 43 Suwanee ORLEAN YORK, ' 44 Athens First row, left to right: Adams, Avrett, Averitt, Barber, Blanlon, Bradshav , Chaslain, Clark, Jeanttle . . . Second row: Clark, June; Cornwell, Crummcy, Douglas, Edwards, Field, Ganr, Grant . . . Third row: Higglnbolham, Lancaster, Lester, Meisner, Morris, Mixon, McDougald, McFee. . . . Fourth row: Nations, Peek, Reidling, Robinson, Routlcdgc, Salisbury, Salter, Srrilh. . . . Fifth row: Thomas, Wood, Wright, York, Jones, Nix, Poole. (i 111 in D E L T { OFFICERS Cherie West President Jean Ross Vice-PresiJciif Frances Vannerson Secretary Frances Johnson Treasurer FACTS Fumnlcl, Dcl ' .mu Vnnciwty, IVO hstahlisbcJ at Unit crsily of Georx,,,, Gamma Delia chapter, IVib 6 5 acthe chapters floiccri, black ami gohl paii y Colore, black ami goht Boasting members outstanding in every phase of college life, Gamma Delta chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta fraternity since its arrival upon the campus has made itself well known among the eleven sororities. Vice-President Jean Ross is president of Theta Sigma Phi, a member of Pioneer Inner Cir- cle, and a member of Mortar Board. " Little Annie " Hawkes is a good athlete and has helped to win several of the many trophies which grace the li- brary mantel. Last year they won the bowling championship. Talented musically, Carrie Myrtice Estes belongs to Sigma Alpha Iota. Posture queen for 1941-42 is Kay Stribling, a Theta. Frances Howell did a fine job as editor of the G Book, annual publication of the Voluntary Religious Association. Also on the sorority roll are the names of several Phi Beta Kappa ' s and last year ' s " Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi, " Betty Ann Lilly. Saturday night at the Theta house CHHTER OF K il P P il U P lU THETA JOY BARNETT, ' 4! Atlanta JOY BARRETT, ' 4! Atlanta ANN BELL, ' 44 Trion BARBARA BERRY, ' 4! College Park MARTHA BLACKBURN, ' 45 Tlioma ton MARY BRAWNER, -45 Smyrna JACQUELINE CONKLIN, Mf Decatur ELIZABETH DICKENS, ' 43 Madison NANCY EMERY, ' 45 Atlanta CARRIE MYRTICE ESTES, ' 42 Gay MARJORIE GLENN, ' 44 Waycross HELEN GROOVER, ' 42 Atlanta LUCILLE HAUTON, ' 45 Atlanta ANNIE HAWKES, ' 43 Athens DORTHEA HERTY, ' 45 Bcthelhem, Penn. FRANCES HOWELL, ' 43 Athens MARY HOWELL, ' 44 Athens ELIZABETH HUGHES, ' 4 5 Brunswick MINNIE TROUPE HUGHES, ' 44 Brunswick JANE JARVIS, ' 44 Atlanta FRANCES JOHNSON, ' 42 Washington CHRISTINE JONES, ' 44 Decatur SHIRLEY JONES, ' 43 Atlanta CAROL KNIGHT, ' 45 Atlanta MARGARET LANDERS. ' 43 Atlanta BETTY ANN LILLY. ' 45 Atlanta MARCIA McGARITY. ' 43 Dallas MARGARET McLAIN, ' 44 Dawson lONE MERCER, ' 44 Montezuma LAURIE MILHOLM. " 4 3 Rome ELIZABETH MORRIS, ' 42 Hartwcll PAULA JEAN MULLER. ' 4 3 Miami, Fl.i. ALICE NEAL, ' 44 Atlanta BARBARA OVERFELT, ' 44 Fort Benning DOROTHY PHILPOT. 42 Athens PEGGY REEVES, ' 44 Columbia, S. C. SARA REID, ' 44 Athens ROSEMARY RENAUD, ' 44 Decatur JEAN ROSS, ' 42 Athens LOUISE ROSSHEIM, ' 44 Teaneck, N. J. ANN ROYSTON, ' 45 Royston EMILY SALE, ' 42 New Orleans, La. SHIRLEY SLAUGHTER, ' 45 Orlando, Fla. JACQUELINE SMITH, ' 44 Atlanta CLARA STAMPS, ' 4 3 Thomaston JANIE STEPHENS, ' 44 Waynesboro FRANCE VANNERSON, ' 42 Savannah CHERIE WEST, ' 43 Thomson JEAN WILLIAMS, ' 45 Athens VIRGINIA WRIGHT, ' 45 Atlanta «, left to right: Barnelt, I M., HugSes, E,, Hughe Mullet. . . . Fourth row Conklin, DIcke irvis, Johnson, Jon. irfelt, Philpol, Ree Slephe roover. . . . Second , S., Knight, Landers, heim, Royston, Sale. Wright, Herty, Howell, II E T il SI (i II A i; IM P T E R Left to right; Fitzgerald, Ferguson, Mrs. Lawlor, Adair, Cason. OFFICERS Marianne Adair Presidciif Frances Ferguson Vicc-Prcsiclenf Grace Fitzgerald Secretary Mary Boyd Treasurer FACTS Vonndecl, Del ' miw Unhersily, J8S5 Estiiblhhrd at University of Georgia, Beta Sixma chapter. 1937 63 active chapters Flower, red carnation Colors, scarlet and olire-areeii SORORES IN FACULTATE MISS CAROLYN VANCL MLSS MARION HALL Alpha Chi Omega points with pride to Marianne Adair, who this year carried out suc- cessfully the innovation in sorority rushing order insti- gated on the University of Georgia campus last spring by her predecessor, Dot Cann. As president of her sorority and Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, Murianne guides both skillfully. Janie Spence and Sara Hall, seniors, arc out- standing in sports. Alpha Chi Omega owns several plaques received in recognition of athletic prowess. Marianne Adair and Valerie Varnon are among the 1942 Zodiac members, and Frances Ferguson was tapped for Pioneer Inner Circle in her sophomore year. Valerie is also a member of Theta Sigma Phi, national honorary journalism sorority. The first drum majorette in the history of the University of Georgia IS Alta Marie Giddens; she has twirled her way to national fame. Beta Sigma, Georgia chapter, is one of the three youngest on the campus. The sorority, having a chapter In Canada, is international. Hungry Alpha Chi ' s await supper. OF U P H A CHI II ME (i MARIANNK AUAIR, ' 42 Comer HENRIETTA BLACK, ' 4! Marietta BOBBIE BOND, ' 45 College Park MARY BOYD, ' 42 Adel MARY ALICE BURNS, ' 42 Tuekcr ANITA BYNUM, ' 45 Sliellman VIRGINIA CASON, ' 44 Cedartown MARION CRAWFORD. ' 4 5 Clarkston KATHRYN CRISP, ' 4 5 Clayton JEAN DOBBS, ' 45 Blue Ridge GENE DREXEL, ' 45 Tifton FRANCES FERGUSON, ' 45 DeSoto MARY ALICE FISHER, ' 4 5 Clayton GRACE FITZGERALD, ' 42 Avondale Estates. MARION FITZGERALD, ' 45 Avondale Estates BTLLIF GARRETT, ' 45 Appalachia, Va. ALTA MARIE GIDDENS, ' 44 Decatur SARAH HALL, ' 42 Newton BETTIE HARRISON, ' 43 Decatur MARGARET HOWARTH, ' 4 5 Savannah DOROTHY HUFF, ' 44 Athens CLAUDIA LEE, ' 43 Leesburg MARGARET LILLY, ' 45 Avondale Estates REBECCA NEAL, ' 43 Montezuma MARTHA LEON PATAT, ' 44 Athens MARY ALICE ROANE, MS Atlanta MARION RUCKMAN, ' 45 Atlanta DORIS SCHEIDER, ' 44 Athens MINNIE SHELTON, ' 44 Columbus MARY CLAIRE SHEPPARD, ' 45 Atlanta MARGARET JETTE SIMS, ' 42 Comer MARIHILL SIMS, " 44 Atlanta JIMMIE SMITH, ' 42 Commerce BETTY SOLOMON, ' 44 Atlanta JANIE SPENCE, ' 42 Camilla BETTY STAFFORD, ' 44 Dalton DOROTHY STERNE, ' 45 Atlanta DORIS STE ' WART, ' 45 Blue Ridge DOROTHY TIMM, ' 42 Augusta CAROLYN TUTEN, ' 43 Alma VALERIE VARNON, ' 42 Charlotte, N. C. HELEN YELVINGTON, ' 43 Arcadia, 1-la. First row, left to right: Adair, Black, Bond, Boyd, Burns, Bynum, Cdson, Crawford, Crisp. . . . Second row: Drexel, Ferguson, Fisher, Fitigerald, G., Fitzgerald, M., Garrett, Giddens, Hall, Harrison. . . . Third row: Howarth, Huff, Lee, Lilly, Neal, Patat, Roane, Ruckman, Scheider. . . . Fourth row: Shelton, Sheppard, Sims, M. J., Sims, M., Smith, Solomon, Sperce, Stafford, Sterne. . . . Fifth row: Timm, Tuten, Varnon, Yelyington, Dobbs, Stewart. ? if OOllliU UFIIA Left to right: Cochran, Home, Wiggins, Henry. OFFICERS Dorothy Wiggins President Jean Cochran Vicc-Prcsichiit Don ATA HoRNE Secretary Mary Arta Henry Treuuircr FACTS Foumtcil, Monmoutly College, 1867 EitahliJn-J at Uiihcrsi y of Georgia, Georgia Atplm clmfiter, 19)9 Si actiie chapter Flower, nine caruation Colors, uine aii.l ulter hhie The Pi Phi ' s, though only three years old, have stepped into a definite place on the campus. They are active in forensics and journalistic circles, be- sides being outstanding in intra-murals. As presi- dent of the Hunt Club, Nancy Dean has made the organization known on the campus. Polly McClanahan, Barbara Turner and Betty Braungart were sponsors in the Pandora Beauty Review last year. The latter girl claims the distinction of being the Pi K. A. Dream Girl. Jean Cochran is a talented musician. Pi Phi ' s ready to try out a new convertible ?? CHAPTEK OF PI KETil PHI ANN ALLISON, ' 44 Live Oak. FU. EDITH ANDERSON, ' 4! Atlanta NEVA BEERS, ' 43 College Park JANE BEDELL, ' 4! Atlanta BETTY BRAUNGART. 4: Atlanta ALICE BURCH, ' 43 Athens FRANCES CANNON, ' 42 Atlanta CAROLYN CHAPMAN, ' 42 Athens BERRIEN CHIDSEY, ' 45 Rome MARGARET CHITTY, ' 4 5 Jacksonville, Fla. ANN COCHRAN, ' 45 Atlanta JEAN COCHRAN, ' 42 Forsyth NANCY DEAN, ' 43 Lakeland, Fla. CAROLYN HARRIS, 43 Leesburg MARY ARTA HENRY, " 43 College Park MIRIAM HENSON, ' 44 Athens MARY ELLEN HILL, ' 4! Greenville DONATA HORNE, ' 42 Atlanta ANN HUGHLEY, ' 45 Columbus BARBARA INDELL, ' 44 Atlanta BETTY JONES, ' 43 Rome BETTY KELLY, ' 45 Atlanta MARGENE LANE, ' 42 Griffin MARION LEDFORD, ' 4S Atlanta RUTH LYONS, ' 4S Atlanta CHARLOTTE MILLS, ' 4 3 Augusta EUGENIA NEEL, ' 44 Atlanta MILDRED PERSONS, ' 42 Kissimmce, Fla. GAIL RANKEN, ' 43 Atlanta JOSEPHINE SANDERS, ' 42 Atlanta CFIARLOTTE STARR, ' 43 Atlanta VIRGINIA STARR, ' 43 Atlanta JEAN YOUNG, ' 44 Atlanta MARION WELTNER, ' 45 Atlanta DOROTHY WIGGINS, ' 42 Sanford, Fla. MARY WIGGINS, ' 44 Sanford, Fla. First row, left to rigfit: Allison, Anderson, Beers, Bedell, Braungarl, Burch, Cannon, Chapman. . . . Second row Chidsey Clilny, Cochran, A., Cochran J Dean, Hams, Haynie, Henry. . . Third row: Henson, Hill, Home, Hughley, Indell, Jones, Kelly, Lane Fourth row Ledford, Lyons, Mills, Necl Persons ' Ranken, Sanders, Starr, C. . . . Fifth row: Starr, V., Young, Weltner, Wiggins, D Wiggins M. lllaid of Mens, ore lue part. Give, . Give me back my heart EnJ.b)ihaf old Beau j Judge. Johw HELDjr rT Heauties of The Cray j .inet7es vvere. Heartless (creatures. FEIT The eight PANDORA beauties snapped after their big night last winter. IIRES i{ E II r V I) I n u T II E (1 il )l P II s I 9 4 2 ' »B i HRa i lBB iBiJM«ipa aiW ; .. 1 Cl-l „l B,, Sl„:„x . .-iw.rai a( Li rj CoW- Eleven, tweNt. tliirtecn— " M.Si Millif " linislicd Lountinj; the youiii; ladies and led the procession from the Chapel exercise downtown back to the sate walls of Lucy Cobb Institute. To this seminary, founded in 18S , came daughters of the South ' s finest families. Strictly watched (uer, the) ' thoroughly enjoyed the pranks by which the men students enlivened days and nights and harassed the Institute authorities. The girls themselves sometimes did a bit of rule-upsetting. There is the story of the group who ran away, hired a horse and buggy, took a ride in the counrry, and spoke to three men en route. 0( course the young ladies were expelled, but later recalled, because among the culprits was the entire graduating class. . ' Vfter the turn of the century, the Teachers College (Coordinate College now) drew ambitious young women. Here they wore dark blue uniforms and were as carefully chaperoned as the Lucy Cobb inmates. With the end of the war, women moved to main campus — a solemn, elderly group bent solely upon study. Women ' s activ ities began soon after. The flapper came and went, but Pioneer Club still flourishes, its members combining beauty and brains. Geo. ' gia beauties had been chosen before in a senii-otlicial way. It remained for the Pandora, in 19.V, to sponsor the first Beauty Re- view. Seven women were chosen winners. Since then, each year, several girls, ranked by a nationally known artist and approved by the student body, reign as queens of loveliness on the University of Georgia TaoJruff Hall J„ An inevitable pastime of the Georgia co-ed. hel eo ' bin Soil t J, Mr. c s»o 5. e ' n a. Ur th, fro foil o»», Tlp " • Pil, ' " isio - ' S S tfta MJ •« Cor ' V ' -inn oh( o»e th. 3139 our oouat. 1» tw, °n« aT " i2 h«„ " 8 1S», _ 5 " . Be?. ' ' ' • Cobb •9oa n! oada ° » 0io ' Taoa ° be Am, eri " «e oaa the ' " ' aj. " " onianh two tf ' " ' " Cf. » i. » j " jg,?- «i.a r ot ' ipfui ; ' " th. ; ' ' • la to • «t ' ' ltle. or „u " o aiai-. ° ' " fa oe. Of , . ' «ra ■ " " ' trj ' ' C- . ' .C-ij. " " " at. or, Oaed w: Madame Helena Rubinstein, International a uthority on beauty and famed cosmetics manufacturer. ' • ' Xri- " ' J PRESENTED BY PHI DELTA THETA PRESENTED BV SIGMA CHI y I Ll.i.i J-.Clll.iC j ull PRESENTED BY CLARK HOWELL DORMITORY yPL cJane jli etcet PRESENTED BY CHI PHI JMUa ettif nn J- ' diif PRESENTED BY ALPHA TAU OMEGA PRESENTED BY PI KAPPA ALPHA U l ' PRESENTED BY KAPPA ALPHA _ fW py Lull die i abb PRESENTED BY ALPHA GAMMA RHO yliiAS jeanette £=r-l-hraitt yyii l Lattlta teeilfnan Presented by Phi Epsilon Pi Presented by Milledge Annex Presented by Joseph E. Brown Dormitory Presented by Pi Kappa Phi S P lU R S spoHon Presented by Alpha Epsilon Pi tV 2 Presen-ted by Lambda Chi Alpha Presented by Candler Hall Presented by Milledge Hall 222 Presented by Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1 Presented by Kappa Sigma -..-vl. A 1 1 ix jjAlllLl I UjntAKll Presented by Tau Epsilon Phi Presented by Sigma Nu •Cs S P 1 S fl R S 223 SPOiSORS Presented by Chi Psi ik Presented by Old College yylt A June C latk Presented by Cannp Wilkins H liAA luikic C cnldiii Presented by Delta Tau Delta Skinner Hicks and " Kublai " Kahn join freshmen in celebrating the midnight return of Georgia ' s Bulldogs after one of their many 1941 victories. T , -A- MlaUUaJiii al t te ea HO II HMIII I (; : EVENTS OF FRIDAV, MORNING AND AFTERNOON ' " 11 .-- EVENTS OF FRIDAY NIGHT— THE FIRST DANCE . . . I. Tony Pastor plays " Let ' s Do It. " ... 2, The boy looks tired. ... 3. " Paradiddle Joe. " ... 4. Bigsesi crowd in years. ... 5. Posed at Homecoming. ... 6. Chaffin — Sphinx, etc. ... 7. Homecoming crowd. ... 8. More of same. ... 9. The Inter- Fraternity leadout. ... 10. The inevitable aftermath. ' i m .y R IN Qtffr " " pf - IE (• ' ■i ' ' y ' - ' ' ' ■■f — ■y ' i W Wb il - mr gjg SSi iQ ' H ■alJI Ml 1 1 II M !___ „...._,..„.. i tfiMmigmmmamimK SATURDAY— THE FINAL FLOURISH . . . I. Phi Mu ' s break into print. ... 2. A. D. Pi ' s play a swan song for Dartmouth. ... 3. Hoorah for the Bulldogs! . . . 4. You figure it out. ... 5. The Campus Leadout. ... 6. And still they come. ... 7. Ho iored. SPfl SOIIS OF THE II. (I. T. C. HXIT UE niESE TEI) ll THE yTEH (IU IIEPOHE I ' «t •♦««■ ' • « Left: The cavalry regiment lines up for the Review which was held o(. the Polo Field. Right: Lieutenant " Swampy " Hilton es- corts the sponsors on to the field. Left: At the " reviewing stand ' sponsors stand by the Sphinx-like brigade staff, awaiting their escorts. Right: Commanders of the various units march forward to the tune of The Marme Hymn to -laim their sponsors. msimt Left: Having presented sponsors to the various units, the colonels, lieutenant-colonels, majors, and captains return to the reviewing stand. T 11 E I L I T ni Y B il L L Left: Johnny McGee and his orchestra entertain future " shavetails " and their guests In Woodruff Hall, decorated for the first and only time after the declaration of war on December 8th. Below, top to bottom: Tuxedo-clad guests outnum- ber those in military uniform, but it is still a military affair. Second Advanced Military students and their dates dance a no-break after the band has rendered THE STAR-SF ' ANGLED BANNER. Tins YEARS iUliHES N ' i;. T. MiMs AND Chkistinf. Craig. CHARLtS SECKlNGtR AND REBECCA Nl-AL, (.,. K. Knight and Julia Allison. Warner Garner and Peggv Lancaster. loM Penland and Nancy Summereoru. |ames Arnold and Evaclairl Plowden. Buck Brinson, -X, and Carolvn Tun liMMV Hegidio and Marv Green. ' Iames Wilson, U K , and Ruth Smhi John McLeod, - X, and Mabel Dasher, .VIA. Jack Ehkhart, - X, and Mar,|orie Brawnir W A. Morris Phelps and Gregg Yarbrough, - A U. K A. Weebie Mains, X Q, and Ken Keuper Linton Crawford, n K and tiLORIA SCH»AGER, K A nd Hi len Jean W ' eugi Joe Tom Boynton, A r A. Betty McCuen, X ii, and Eddii Shlperd, Tom Blanchard, X , and Mary Mollis, ' I ' 1. D. W. Grantham and Virginia Burleson. Enoch Miles and Anna Sheefield. Mane Blanchard, - 1 ' A. and Jimmy Ki ndrick, - X. " Dot Link. A !■ E, . nd Sidney Maskins. T K ■! MORT PkEPI.IS ANIl EvPLvv Graham Pr , X ' lLLlAMS. X ' .;, AXD Robert Hodgson, K A (Now Mr. .ind Mrs. Robert Hods on) WAR TRAGEDIES— THOSE LEFT BEHIND Sara Farmer, -i A A, and Sic Owen, K , Chick Newton, ' I " -M, and Larry Donovan, K A. Juliet Yearns, X!. ' , and Bill Malone, K .v. Pat Durham, A 1 ' A, and Chum Brown, X 1 . Florrie Rossee, . A 11, and Doug Cunningham, ' I ' A I . Barbara Berry and Bob Li asmax, — X, Mildred Pearsons, H H I , and Bobby Neel, X She has his pin. 918— Georgia students in military training during the first World War. THE MIL November I I, 1941— Georgia ' s R. O. T. C. marches on Armistice Day. In a few short weeks, these students were to become potential soldiers for a second World War. ITUl 1 II I HI RIGH 1 ' : Til ' ,„„l,„m o Ihr Wtr of III!. . . . 7■v . .( »»i »r» „ .,■ l. i,ati Wir, . . . Gmeril I. R. R. Cohb in I be iiiii- iurm of Ihf Confcdency. A arjJualf of Ibe Uailrnily iiiJ Inter a luw profenor. (..fierjl Cohh gave bis life lor Ibe Sonlb, as JiJ many ..ll.rr xraJuale, of Ihe Vni- THE MILITARY Whin ilic UnivcrsUy of Georgia was founded in 1801. Athens was only X (ew miU- trom Indian eouiury. As a result, milit.a companie were organized anionic the students as well as the townspeople, for protection against the raids of the red men. Though these raids never materialized, militia drills continued during the entire ante-bellum period, and, being almost the only extra-curricular interest of the stu- dents, were the occasions for many riotous good times. The War of 1812 and the Mexican War elicited much interest among the high-spirited, adventurous Southern youth at the University, and several graduates and a few undergraduates participated in these con- flicts. The opening of the War Between the States was the signal in 1861 for a wholesale exodus from the halls of learning in classic Athens. Representing the best leadership in the State, University students nat- urally felt the duty of fighting for the South. Classes diminished successively in ' 61, " 62, and ' 63, and finally, in 1864. old Chancellor Lipscomb closed the University; practically all his students were in the Confederate Army. It was not until 1872. after the University had been re-opened for some seven years, that a regular military unit was established at Geor- gia. In that year, taking advantage of the Morrill Act, the University received a grant of land from the federal government in return for a promise to establish a military unit for the students. Out of this plan was to evolve the present Reserve Ofl cers Training Corps unit at the University, which provides compulsory basic military training for freshmen and sophomores, and optional advanced training for a limited number of juniors and seniors, leading towards a reserve commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Army. In 1904 was begun the practice of sending advanced students to a summer camp where military discipline and training may be more thoroughly inculcated than in the lax atmosphere of a university. Coniinniy H ni l ' 12. Vinfu ula, to thou- ironi hy Writ Vniut r.uia The V i,,ciMf B.n,,l 1,1 r)n riioriii had mm hcc, adopted. When war was declared on Germany in April, 1917, the senior class of that year volunteered en masse, and the seniors received their degrees before completing college work by special action of the Board of Trus- tees. The long history of the University affords no more dramatic action than the graduation exercises of 1917, when seniors received their diplomas wearing khaki uniforms instead of the usual academic cap and gown. During the two years of American participation in the First World War, 1917-18, the University was organized along the lines of a strictly military school, with primary emphasis given to military rather than academic education. As a result, most of the students were able to stay in school and absorb what little academic education was possible in the exciting days of war. Not a few graduates of the University failed to return from the battle-fields of France after the A.-misticc on November 11, 19IS. In their memory, the alumni of Georgia raised a War Memorial Fund, and out of it was built Memorial Hall, dedicated in 1924 to the Georgia men who gave their lives in 1917-18. Advance notices indicate that quite fittinj ly, the Naval Air Base, to be established, on the campus in June, 1942, will have offices in this building, now occupied by the Athletic Department. Immediately after the war, a reaction against military training set in among the students, who had been subjected for two years to an un- wonted regimen of military training. The beloved Chancellor Barrow is given credit for quieting the disturbance. Since that day, many a freshman and sophomore, compelled, if physically fit, to drill twice a week in the dull blue " bell-hop " or " cowboy " basic uniforms, has grumbled at his " hardships " ; however, since 1939, there has been a noticeable decline in the grumbles, and a desire to be prepared for any contingency has increased studying of military subjects. From 1918 to 1940, the student body of the University far outgrew the capacity of the military department to give advanced training, though well over a thousand were commissioned during the period. For example, in the Class of 1942, with approximately eight hundred seniors, over half of whom are men, only about one hundred, or ap- proximately one-fourth of the men, will receive commissions. No doubt, during the course of the present war, this situation will be remedied. In 1940. due to the passage of the Draft Act and the need of officers fur the new Army, graduates of Georgia began to enter the service immediately after receiving their commissions. This was true, likewise, of practically all R. O. T. C. students in the Class of 1941, and orders have now been issued to all R. O. T. C. seniors of the Class of 1942 to report for duty soon after graduation of May 16th. In the midst of another great wir, the most serious since 1861. Uni- versity of Georgia men stand ready to again go to their country ' s aid, •ind if the experience of previous wars is significant, will be unmatched in their display of patriotism by any similar group in the nation. Memorial Hall, dedicated in 1924— ■■IN LOYAL LOVE U ' E SET APART THIS HOUSE. A MEMORIAL TO THOSE LOVERS OF PEACE, i ' HO TOOK ARMS. LEFT HOME AND DEAR ONES, AND GAVE LIFE, THAT ALL MEN MIGHT BE FREE. " ' I. Youngest freshman learns the " manual. " ... 2. " Port, ARMS! " ... 3. Captain Hooper checks progress. ... 4. Cavalry freshman troops just organized. ... 5. Infantry tries a practice review. ... 6. Popular Colonel Anderson talks " drill. " R. 0. T. (!. S T 11 D E O S L E A R i HOW TO DRILL I i THE F U L . . . n I (1 E R S (IF I S T II II Ml i Til E 11 ni ER SIT R. 0. T. L II H T Col ONUL Kerr T. RiGGS . • ■ ■ • Professor of Military SciciKC and Tar Lieutenant Colonel H. R. Anberson . Lieutenant Colonel O. C. Newell . Major Carl T. Sutherland Captain Charles H. Hooper . First Lieutenant C. H. Edwards . • First Lieutenant C. A. Hight . Second Lieutenant C. L. Hilton . Second Lieutenant B. H. Juhan . Cavalry ' c.v Infantry Cavalry Infantry Infantry Cavalry Cavalry Infantry Cavalrv Below: Colonel Rlsgs, the PM5 T Below: Headquarters of the Mililary Departi 239 j r II E - ' 5- " • ' ' • ' - - - |{ II I (i 1 I) K ' ' S T k F F COL. McCOY MISS GRETCHEN BURNETT BRIGADE STAFF Shealv E. McCoy Colonel, Cdiiniiiiinl iiii Miss Gretchen Burnett Sponsor J. C. Meauovcs IJni rnant-Colonel, E criif tc Officer T. L. Murray Major, S-3 D. E. Fender Major, Adju anl B. B. Battle Sergeant -Major 11 DER ■ ■n f? flT XI III ■Mln [SI THE II i H E R N I T Y II k i II J. H. Hai L Captain W. H. Bramblltt First Svr i cant R. B. Johnson Druin Mnjnr Alta Marie Gidulns Dniin Miijorcttc R. T. DoTTERY Band Director R. G. Bayles W. C. BissoN L. G. Calhoun W. Childs R. B. Goody A. S. Cooper E. R. DiLLARD H. G. DoTTERY J. D. Edwards W. M. Edwards J. C. Few H. W. Fisher F. Fitch A. E. Gledhill H. L. Gober K. Hamilton L. L. Hauser H. T. Hicks H. C. Howard R. R. K. Hi B. T. W. F. J. G. R. F. A. J. G. B. W. O, G. V. M. W P. N j. Mc J. M. W. F. F. M. P. A. F. E. HUEIT Humphries Henderson Johnston Kahn Lamar Lawson LeRoy . Lewis McDonald MiLLAN McRae Miller Moore Perry Pope W. L. Porter H. Postero E. F. Preetorius L. Reeve W. A. Richards F. J. RrzzA J. Rogers M. Rogers C. S. SiLSBY R. L. Stone J. S. Strickland R. Strickland O. R. Styles W. M. Thomas E. N. Tucker F. Turk R. V( ' . Wallace T. C. Watson E. M. Wooten I _ CAPT. HALL MISS GIDDENS 241 I n H T R Y R E r. I }l E n L S T il F F COL. CHRISTIAN l! j l M MISS SANCE PETERS Charles D. Christian . Colonel, Commanding Miss Sance Peters Sponsor Jack C. Calhoun .... Lieutenant Colonel M. L. Stephens .... Major, S-l Ailjiitunt R. G. BuRsoN .... Majcn, S-2, Intellif ence U. S. GuNN . . . h a]or, S- ' i . Plans r3 Traininv j. A. Bryant Major, S-4 Supply John Adams Sergeant Major FIRST BnTilLII) MAJOR KELTNER CAPTAIN POPE LIEUT. BARNES FIRST BAHALION A. A. Fow I hR Liciitciiaiil Colonel J. G. Kmtner Ma]nr, Executive Miss Janice Hatcher Spoinor C. F. Popi. . . Captain, S-5 Plans ' 3 Trainiii H. C. Barnes i ' irst Lieutenant. S-I Adjutant T. C. Pent AND Sergeant Major INFANTRY COLORS Lamar Dams Color Sergeant N AN Davis Color Sergeant SECOND BAHALION C. C. KiMSEY Lieutenant Colonel E. Cocke Major Executive Miss Mary Adele Drenon .... Sponsor T. A. Sanders . . Captain, S-i Plans ' 5 Training H. J. Barnes . I v t Lieutenant, S-l Adjutant H. B. Enw ARDS Sergeant Major SE(10 D BiTTUlO LT.-COL. FOWLER MISS JANICE HATCHER £ - • rn ' m i k. ' B k . ' Qii .f) . MAJOR COCKE CAPTAIN SANDERS LIEUT. BARNES LT.-COL. KIMSEY J, MISS MARY ADELE DRENON • • • n M F il f Y A G. T. Edwards Captain, Commanding Miss Jean Lewis Sponsor E. N. Bonner Firsf Lieutenant A. Y. PiTTARD First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON H. G. Callahan First Lieutenant M. T. Kieffer Platoon Sergeant J. A. Tilly Sergeant R. O. Harrison Sergeant L. McKenney Sergeant J. B. Minor Sergeant SECOND PLATOON A. Harden First Lieutenant, Commanding T. W. Simmons Second Lieutenant W. C. Cooper Second Lieutenant A. G. Blum Platoon Sergeant B. F. Parks Sergeant A. B. Carlan Sergeant H. Storey Sergeant D f% f BONNER CALLAHAN HARDEN SIMMONS COOPER 244 MISS JEAN LEWIS J.E.Williams .... Ca[ituin,Coiiimaiidiiig Miss Barbara Landstreet .... Sponsor C. N. MizE First Lieutenant J. M. Royall First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON C. N. Brown . . First Lieutenant, Conimainling J. D. Hawkins Second Lieutenant H. H. Smith Second Lieutenant S. Michael Platoon Sergeant W. C. Harden Sergeant E. R. Boswell Sergeant E. RucKER Sergeant n MIZE BROWN HAWKINS SMITH 1 MISS BARBARA LANDSTREET BRADBURY LIPHAM SECOND PLATOON J. T. Bradbury .... First Lieutenant, Commanding W. LiPHAM Second Lieutenant R. C. Bailie Platoon Sergeant J. C. Sanders Sergeant W. L. Hitchcock Sergeant H. D. KiRSTEiN Sergeant 245 • • • t! (I M P H Y (] C. Seckinger Captain. Coiinnaiidiiig Miss Kathryne Rice Sponsor H. H. Hammond First Lieutenant J, P. Miller First Sn: cant FIRST PLATOON C. S. MiZL lirst IJciitcnant,Coinnianiiing W. P. Holland Sccoinl Lieutenant E. H. Hudson Platoon Sergeant B. R. Hunter Sergeant W. R. KiLLiAN Sergeant SECOND PLATOON J. M. Fowler First Lieutenant T. R. Edwards Second Lieutenant M. I. Macey Platoon Sergeant W. R. Spratlin Sergeant J. H. Fambrough Sergeant J. F. Champion Sergeant J. L. Luke Sergeant , , O ' 1 HAMMOND MIZE HOLLAND FOWLER EDWARDS 246 CAPT. SECKINGER MISS KATHRYNE RICE CuRiis Nii. ' ON . . . (.Uiji ii ii, C ' oiniiiaihlni)( Mibi ElizabiiTh Ann Hosch .... Sponsor W. G. Burt Firs Lieutenant G. Ellenson First Serf eunt FIRST PLATOON T. O. Callaway . Hirst Licnttininl, CoiiinuuiJin) J. F. Eppts Second Lieiitemint L. Davis Sergeant vsmm MISS ELIZABETH ANN HOSCH SECOND PLATOON F. A. Shealy .... Firs Lientenant, Commanding H. H. Joiner Second Lieutenant D. E. Thompson Serveant Sergeant T. L. Buckley I] M P i n E • • • SECOND PLATOON V. M. Stokely .... First Licitfciiaiit, Commanding W. W. Calhoun Platoon Sergeant D. E. Thompson Sergeant H. W. RuARK Sergeant S. G. Benton Sergeant R. CoLLATT Sergeant E. H. FuRCRON Sergeant C.W.Welch Captain, Commanding Miss Josephine Griffin Sponsor H. E. Dill First Lieutenant J. C. Todd First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON O. Prisant First Lieutenant, Commanding W. H. Berrong Second Lieutenant W. W. Young Platoon Sergeant R. M. Richards Sergeant J. B. Adams Sergeant L. A. Trowell Sergeant CAPT. WELCH MISS JOSEPHINE GRIFriN W.S.Goodman . . . Cii[ iiii,Coiiiiiniinliiig Miss Mary Kate Gofer Sl ' oinor N. S. Spearman First Lieutenant E. HoRNE First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON G. S. Griffith • ; Licii ciniiit, Coniniainlin; F. A. Sherrii 1 Second Liciitctiaiit G. HuDDLESTON Phitooii Ser; eiiiif G. Poschner Seii eant R. L. Bryan Sergeant R. A. Hecht Sergeant C. T. McGee Sergeujit . ,,, .,.., ._, SPEARMAN SHERIFF RICHARDS FAULKNER CAPT. GOODMAN MISS MARY KAE COFER SECOND PLATOON W. N. Richards . . . First Lieutenant, Connnaiuling J. Faulkner Second Lieutenant A. C. DuDisH Platoon Sergeant W. O. RoBBiNs Sergeant R. E. Parrish Sergeant COMPilH G 249 n i u i{ V K E (i I II E T k L S T A F F ' ™ «c H nlife Clarence R. Vaughn . Colonel, Coinwanding Miss Doris Henson Spoiisvr C. A. Dunbar . . Ijititcnanl Colonel, Executive W. D. Kenney .... Ma ' jor, S-2 liifclligeiice E. K. Lumpkin . . Mrf;or, S-i Pltiiis f3 Train in } J. I. Daitch .... Captain, S-l Adjutant j. D. BovcDEN Ma]or, S-4 Supply W. H. Smith Sergeant Major FIKST S(|IUIIKI) ' ' V s :, w , MAJOR MORRIS LIEUT. MELTON CAPT. KENNY LT.-COL. AVERY MISS JEAN BOLTON FIRST SQUADRON Curtis A t ry Licutciianl Coluini Richard Morris M«;or, Excciithi ' Miss JtAN Bolton Sponsor George S. Melton . t ' iis Lieutenant, AJjiitiint Edwin R. Kenny Captain, S- THE CAVALRY COLORS B. O. How ELI Color Si ' rgcii i t j A. H. Dempsey Color Scr eant SECOND SQUADRON J Will A. Strauss .... Lieutenant Colonel Will C. Parker, Jr. . . . Ma]or, Executive Miss Jackie Conklin Sponsor Thomas L. Pritchett, |r S-i James E. McElhannon, hirst Lieutenant , Adjutant .sei:o ii SQiiiiitoi i ik ik MAJOR PARKER CAPT. PRITCHETT LIEUT. McELHANNON LT -COL STRAUSS MISS JACKIE CONKLIN • !V W OOP it THIRD PLATOON H. B. Darsey . . . • Firs Licii cintii , Coniwandin ' J. T. Cobb Second Lieutenant J. S. Parker Vlatoon Sergeant A. A. Salt Sergeant J. D. DuRDEN Captain, Commanding Miss Mary Lou Myers Sponsor G. F. Garrison First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON M. J. Burke First Lieutenant, Commanding Q. S. Lee Second Lieutenant S. M. Davis Platoon Sergeant F. N. Mack Sergeant SECOND PLATOON H. B. Carter .... First Lieutenant, Commanding C. A. KiMBRELL Second Lieutenant L. A. PosTERO Platoon Sergeant J. R. Mulligan Sergeant MISS MARY LOU MYERS 252 R. B. CoLLMAN CalUaiii,C iiiiinaiuliiig Miss June jEFrtRs Sponsor B. K. Jones First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON A. S. Callaway . . . l- rs Lnutciiaiit, Comiuaudin) W. A. Cromartie Second Lieutenant J. T. Parady Ser eant SECOND PLATOON H. N. McKenzie . I irst Lieutenant, Commandiny M. W. SoRRELLs Second Lieutenant J. N. Montgomery Platoon Sergeant C. H. Fitzgerald Sergeant £ McKENZIE SORRELLS McCLAIN CAPT. COLEMAN MISS JUNE JEFFERS • THIRD PLATOON J. M. Kendrick .... First Lieutenant, Commanding J. L. McClain Second Lieutenant R. C. Webb Platoon Sergeant L. W. GiNN Sergeant r R 1 ' • • • TROOP C THIRD PLATOON R. A. MuNN .... Sicoiij Licntcnant, CoiiiiiianJiu C. N. Sanders Second Lieutenant M. L. Henderson Platoon Sergeant C. W. Lawson Sergeant FLEETWOOD HOGG SMITH CARITHERS MUNN SANDERS W. O. SoLMS Captain, Commanding Miss Ione Mercer Sponsor L. A. Mills I-irst Sergeant FIRST PLATOON . T. Fleetwood . . . First Lieutenant, Commanding W " . D. Hogg Second Lieutenant O. A. Williams Platoon Sergeant H. M. Appi ER Sergeant SECOND PLATOON L. D. Smith First Lieutenant, Commanding R. L. Carithers Second Lientenant J. S. McElmurray Platoon Sergeant K. C. Mock Sergeant MISS IONE MERCER JOHN Crumpler Captain, Coniniaiidiir:, Miss Mar.iorif Dekli Sponsor John F. Sammons l- ' irsf Scrijcrf ; ,tt. ( |iri ¥ 1 w CAPT CRUMPLER MISS MARJORIE DEKLE FIRST PLATOON W. W. Newsom firs Luii ciiaii , C onnnandiii f ]. DuNLAP Scronil Ln-ntetiaiil W. C. Lloyd Sccoml Licu cnan ■ X ' . B. OuTZ Scrgean A C. Sims Sergeant SECOND PLATOON C. T. Haynes .... First Lieutenant, Commanding E. G. BiRKENHAUER Secoiul Licufenaiit H. L. Poss Secotid Lieutenant W. C. Pridcen Platoon Sergeant B. O. Hovt ' ELL Srr fd; T R (I P E « • n r K (I II p F L 1 E. Benson Second Liciilciuiiif K. Rice Platoon Sergeant D. I. FiROR Sergeant I. J. Parkinson Sergeant M. AcKERMAN Sergeant R.E.Callaway Captain, Commanding Miss Louise Callaway Sponsor Z. I. Coffin First Lieutenant J. Y. Coffee First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON R. KtNVON First Lieutenant , Commanding Q. Melton Platoon Sergeant A. H. Dempsey Sergeant L. A. Mills Sergeant SECOND PLATOON E. Miles First Lieutenant, Cojnmanding H. Baker Second Lieutenant O f CAPT. CALLAWAY MISS LOUISE CALLAWAY H.L.Banks, Ir Captain. Cnmmatuini? Miss Pkccv Mathi vs Spoiisur R. L. M Maiion livstScr;j,caiil FIRST PLATOON C. Harrison LunU-nant ,Comiiiamliir T. L. Murray Liriifcnun H. A. SiiEiN I ' Ici ddu Sci: ( ' ai t H. E. Barron Sergeant CAPT. BANKS MISS PEGGY MATHEWS HARRISON MURRAY VAN ZANDT R. W. VanZandt J. L. Taylor R. J. LlPSHUTZ . SECOND PLATOON Lieutenant .C ' xiniianJ ' nig I ' latoiin Sergeant Sergeant T R I) II P ■4 T II ; r 1 II ] T (1 II It I s P H s n I { K 1 1 I f ff ' ffl Top, left: The R. O. T. C. Brigade lines up lor the Review on the muddy polo field. . . . Top, right: With many a sour note, the Georgia Band marches by the reviewing stand. . . . Left, center; The horseless cavalry regiment passes, and the com- mand " EyES RIGHT! " is given. . . . Right, center, The cavalry colors bring reviewers sharply to attention. . . . Left: The pro- cession IS completed as the infantry unit plods by. s ( it B n III) it n R L t II E " PROMOTES LEADERSHIP AND BETTER UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN OFFICERS AND CADETS ' ' (i ioiuil Honorary Military Fraternity " L " (. ' oiiipaiiy. Second Regiment, Established in 1920 jAtK. Caihoun Captain JACK CALHOUN ). I). How DIN l-nsl Lieutenant CuKTis AviRY Second Lieutenant Jack Miadows Virst Sergeant MEMBERS Curtis Avery Charles Dunbar Jack Meadows J. 1). BowDEN Jim Dunlap Richard Morris J. T. Bradbury Ai. Fowler C. B. Seckinger Martin Burke John Jarrell Billy Solms Jack Calhoun A. R. Klnyox Neil Spearman Top Row left to risht: Avery, Bowden, Bradbury, Burke, Dunbar, Dunlap, Fowler. . . . Bollorr Row, left to right; Jarrell, Kcnyon, Meadows, Morris, Seckinger, Solms, Spearman. 0 3 ff HELL THE CAVALRY NON-COMMISSIONED Bi ( HARD B. Bat 1 1 i C AIU W. I AWSON . Riuii R I I.. Bi NNi r r . Jdiin I . Sammons . I ' ici ihii Vicc-Prcsidcnl . Sccrcliiry . Treasiini ROLL Ml ' KKAV ACKERMAN llAHOIl) M. lloVT 1-. liARRON lU AM iiAKii H. Battle lUiBERT L. Bennett Hugh M. Brown iTtANK F. Cl.ARK |uMN Y. Coffee Sam M. Davis Aevtn H. DEMl•s s M. Ukewrv Davii) L. Firor Charles H. FIT GERALD DeJongh Franklin S. Frank Garri Lee W. Ginn Curt O. Hall M. L. Henderson Ml N O. Howell BrLLV K. Jones Frank R. Knapp Luke R. Lassiter Carl W. Lawson Robert J. Lipshut Freoerick N. Mack II R H II I (] K OFFICERS ' CLUB ROLL Manli V L. Makkili Clifton I-.. Marshall John S. McElmurray Robert L. McMahon Oliver Q. Melton- Lewis A. Mills Kenneth C. Mock James N. Montgomery James IK. Mulligan WiLMOT li. Ouzis William M. Owi ns Jack S. Parklk Irvin J. Parkerson Leonard Poster o William C. Fridge n Robert S. Rice Albert A. Sali ohn F. Sammons Hartley A. Shi in Colquitt Sims W. H. Smith John L. Taylor Fred S. Whitakir RuFUS C. Webb Oscar A. Williams W. C. WOOTEN I L I T 1 II V SIM M E R THE INFANTRy AT CLEMSON COLLEGE J HP JliSE, JIM, I HI THE CAVALRY AT FORT OGLETHORPE • 1915 — In their annual skit, Sphinx initiates ridicule woman ' s suffrage. THE 1941 — Sphinx initiates parody Governor Eugene Talmadge ' s dictatorial interference with the University faculty. U T 1 n T I E s FORENSICS Ex iRA-curricular activities have existed on the Univer- sity campus since the year of its founding, but before the War Between the States were confined almost solely to forensics. In 1801, members of the junior class founded Demosthenian Literary Society, not only for purposes of debating, but also as a social club. This dual character was continued until long after the War of the Sixties. To pro- vide competition to the older society, a group led by Joseph Henry Lumpkin, later Georgia ' s first Chief Justice, founded Phi Kappa in 1822. The ante-bellum period was the golden age of " old style Southern oratory. " Many and frequent were the debates on all manner of subjects in the halls of Demosthenian and Phi Kappa, participated in by such ardent lovers of speech-making as Georgia ' s Bob Toombs and Alexander H. Stephens. Famous men all over the nation were granted honorary memberships, a custom extended to the present day; in 1936, a Phi Kappa key was awarded President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In this modern day, the societies have lost much of their vigor, but still afford much healthy forensic exercise to their members. LKFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BO 1 lO.Vl. U, iiwU jciui, Hull, hun orulury for oier a century. . . . Robert Toombi, Georgin itates u,ii a reialcitraiit Denioslheiiiaii of the H20 ' s. . . . Phi Kappa Hall, now graces the canipiu Jue to the efforts of Georgia ' s first Chief lintice. . . . Alexander H. Stephens, Vice-President of the Confederacy, uas an alnmnus of Phi Kappa. . . . High point in Phi Kappas history: the speaking key is conferred on President Rooseielt at Warm Springs in 19H. MUSIC AND DRAMATICS To JUL authorities of the University a hundred years ago, music and drama were evils to be prohibited. Any student who appeared in any dramatic performance whatever in the town of Athens, whether during the scholastic year or during vacation, was inviting heavy punishment. Fifty years later, in the 18 90 ' s, however, old prejudices were wearing awa) ; student groups gave dramatic performances; a Glee and Mandolin Club was formed. For a time, two rival dramatic clubs, the Thalians and Blackfriars, put on competing performances, but in 1931, the two joined forces, secured Edward C. Crouse as director, and opened the University Theater in the old chapel of Lucy Cobb on Milledge Avenue. Ten years later, in 1941, this aged struc- ture was abandoned, and the present Fine Arts Building occupied. During the same ten-year period, the Georgia Glee Club, directed by Mr. Hugh Hodgson, has become nationally recognized as one of the best in the country. PUBLICATIONS First publication to appear on the campus was the Gcor- , ia Unii ' crsify Magazine, which appeared in 1857 and died during the War. Its contents consisted in the main of sentimental doggerel and learned discussions of current problems. It was not until thirty years later that student interest began to grow in publications. In 1886 representa- tives of the various fraternities began publication of a yearbook, styled the Pandora, which, with the exception of two years, has been issued annually ever since, and shares with the University of Virginia book the honor of being the oldest college annual in the South. About 1910, it be- came the official student yearbook. Seven years later, in 1893, after many false starts, a student newspaper, the BELOW, LEFT TO RIGHT: The Glee and Mandolin Club in the Gay Nineties. . . . Scene from " Upstairs, Mr. Booblebaum, " presented by the University students in W . LEFT TO RIGHT. TOP TO BOTTOM: A dramctu- pcrfoniiance of 1917. . . . Settcy-Stoiull Theah-r on Millviigi- Aieiiiie, used by the Vnhersity Theater from 19)1 to 1941. . . . Central portico of the new Fine Arts BiiiUing. . . . Brilliantly lighted foyer of the University Theater. . . . A view of the new Auditorium from the stage. ■ . . April, 1S 7 — first page of the Georgia Unirersily Magazine. . . . The 1SS6 Pandora, oldest in the South. . . . Staff of the first Pandora, inclujii tires of each fraternity. eprcseuta- Kcd and Bhiik, was i suc-d and Is now in its forty-ninth ot con- tinuous publicition. Student magazines have had a chequered career. I or many years after 1896, the Georgian held sway, to be followed by the Georgia Cracker, which likewise passed into oblivion. In 1936, the Georgia Arch appeared, to be peacefully laid aw.ay in 1941. At the present time, efforts are being made to start a new student magazine. The Georgia Agriciilfiirist has existed since 1907 for the benefit of students of the Colleges of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics. ORGANIZATIONS J ' . -L. CO C PER. B , L. JONES, ' % J . I- Etfibrial ( or!». Like other Souther wn IT E 1! F. A 11 VOL. . il. .ITOENS, IPRIJL. 1853. M. Wriuea i t!ie Georgia l iiiwrjrity MagaziDS, fiUf.JOSi ' ECTION, O.N THK KVE OF .VKVV YEAB. - BY M. L. W. KleMpLCbinifS St. M rk s Selts — one hoar mora, and they will Koand Iheir kiV. tdbes for 1850 ; on-i hour more, and this fear, latj ja wi|h it» hajry bttfO ' ii of si,-: and sufufing, will pass away iii» ihai roriei the ,: ' fi whors iirarly six thousand yeaK ib buriul, witli iheir v arious •- cords oi set.lshncss, deceit, opprrMion and bl d- fihod, thou h brigbtco cd her« anJl thcr« with ni Ulu decd ol it v.», sacnftoe and ' meray which serve as tjpaconsno Ughtthe psUiway of those ybo search in its vast depth-). Vfid now, fearless and resolaie, ex y brain jjiow giddy iOi h«aii-ct.iai;a quiver tn the empi, ! giriknWI Pt to p ss through lJjp«V»r opened p rr.a!s whio!) lead to this imnienss ahyss, and bring to isiiiii Bgkl t ' JS briglit bopa-s diiiUiajJ jcjs, and hjartronding saoriBocs of luj , tHj .outh. f " - _ » . - ' • ■ IBIO.— Pleasant Voar of girlhood ! when buoyant, gay and hopi lul, I roanto thrcoeh tiie green meadovs, and old nak forests of iny father ' s ' ' doniiiiii ; when I aalhercd wild wood flowers, and wove tbeni into gar- lands, to deck ihf iiroH- of him, who wjs over at my side, my brother Fni. ' ii ;4 hen we listened to the sighiuj; of tho tdnd amongst the branch ,r- n of ib« oaks, or walche4 the silvery ripples of the brooiiln, quietly gnrglidg on thtoui(Vi the dref), dark past. Ab, these Were blissful da]«, ' »hen, aflet our daily t«ks onw oieil ' wo Ili»%i;rtl%ltered roaLTf ' d ! o tutor near to wairh our «»ery motion, oj interpret our e«ret thoui his; no eliiding fsthct to check my loud, shrill l;)Ugh whtvh eeboed throtigb the woods, nor to forbid Frank who, itbpul- sis and daring, would climb the loAiefi otk. 0 •OV ' ' " rank I Prank! my brother, great «:is thy ambition! , Mlf l 4l.,-My(ir»t sn ..,ii ' .Hi; " ll- .lr.n.l- r iUliOW m rld telirf. .he. Georgia students ha e been inveterate " join- ers, " and even with the campus as admittedly " over-organized " as it is today, there always seems to be room for another " organization. " Al- though this tendency has been manifest throughout the University ' s history, the great age of organizations has been the last forty years. About si.xty are now recognized in the P. ' vndor. . Beginning with FTTHE md v XD BUCK, -m VniE.NS, 0 ., ntfEIBKBZ. 18M il n iiui IB «iiiii«i. " . " J " . " ' ' " ;. " UI Uviuiil, Ebc Ocoi 3ian. ATHENS, JUNE. I« ' : A 80N0 or 1 WAfia Uiiilwanl « Far thniuyb the wrat, A mrltlsit, tri mb ' liaii, liquid tt ar. of nre. which Mton ahKll i]ulv ' riDj( alii Rvnpklh (he flood of ityinji akli. , A Haahliig |rvm from Pandlw. Oh I limbvnt i|Uoeii, With Fll»( ry f»f;« unfflarrpd, lloda rallhfill guide for HU elect That Juiiriipy heavenward. r ? -A i. lOP TO liOITOM: I ' JOI — 7 1, Kii .(», i , , ; .S , , . . I ' )H— 77-11 ' C;to).j: ,; N ,( f. IS ' J-,— S,r,)«, I, MIC at the IW.I ,inj Hhiik 11 .» I.ikni up ;.(i,V ' ' ' v U1 1 .ilhLlic »,« 1. supL ' r-mystciious .iikI supcr-cxclusivi. ' Sphinx in 1897, new organ:- z.itlons h.ivc appe.ired nearly every year, some national, some local, some honorary, some scholastic, some professional. On not a few has been bestowed the uncomplimentary soubriquet of " sucker clubs. " The campus has long been accustomed to seeing tuxedo- clad figures go through strange antics, and paddles have been often turned to good use on other than offensive ireshmen. Whether the many campus organizations serve a useful purpose has long been a moot question, but that they add much to the color and spirit of the University cannot be doubted. LhFT 10 RIGHT, lOP lO bOIIOM: Mcnihcs of l h ., Kapp,i Nii. o - Haniziilioii of ! rc- ' mlJ War I Jays ,iiiil note i nnf. . . . IVlJ—ScabhaiJ ,iihl Blade initiate!. Hue lip iiilh brooms ami pajdies. . . . 192 8 — fllliior Cabinet neophytes endure their ordeal calmly. . . . Sphinx initiation of 1927 parodies Lindbergh ' s transoceanic flight of that year. A somewhat different skit would he put on today concerning Lindbergh ' s actiiities. 3 - An age-old custom — the Anniversarian of Demosthenian, Murphey Rogers, appears before the two literary societies n exercises commemcrating the founding of forensic activity on the University campus in 1801. o te dlcd ibcrs of the team prepare for the Northern debate trip. Left to risht; Bates Block, Jack Meadows. John Miller, Bob Lipshutz. I .1 II S I T V II ] II 1 T K T K 1 CARRIES ON THE TRADITION OF TOOMBS, STEPHENS, ETC. Mr. Ralph Stkphens Debate Coach MEMBERS D. R. Barber Sidney Haskins George O. Marshall, Jr BAThi Block Willis Johnson Jack Meadows George A. Doss, Jr. Doe Lew insohn John Miller DeJongh Franklin Bob Lipshutz William C. Parki k B. C. Gardnir, Jr. Gus Partee O Id THE THREE PRESIDENTS GARDNER SMITH ROGERS FALL QUARTER OFFICERS B. C. Gartinfr. Jr I ' rcudciil C. Jay Smith, Jk ' ui-l ' r,M,lciil Gus Partek Secretary ■William C. Parmr Treasurer Murphy Rogers Chief jintice David Firor Associate justice H. B. Edwards, |r Associate Justice Jack Rovall Solicitor-General Bi VFRLv Langford Parliamentarian U. W. Grantham Historian C. Jay Smith, Jr Adiatus LiTEiiiin mm IdiiiiJctI III Ihc Uii uisit) ( (,i ' (ii: ici ill 1X1)1 BI " IB r 11 c L B JbSI R " C. JAY Smith, Jr Harlev Bowers Vice-President Beryl Sellers Secretary William C. Parker Treasurer Murphy Rogers Chief Justice David Firor Associate Justice WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS . . President H. B. Edwards, Jr Associate Justict- QuiMBY Melton Solicitor-General Wilbur Orr Parliamentarian D, i ' . Grantham Historian Murphy Rogers Adiatus Albert Morris Sergeant-at-Arms President Vice-President Secretary First row, left to tight: Partee, Parker, Firor, Edwards, Royall, Langford. Sellers, Melton, Orr, Mo Second row: Grantha Third row: Doss, Royal, Darden, Wesley, Marshall. HOLDERS OF THE DEBATE KEY DEMOSTHENIAN KEY CIRCLE John Blaki Bevir L L, B, C. Gardner C. jAl Smith AA UofGA 1801 CONSTITUTA TZZC i D ni N T H K n I ' HIl I 11 ' BaNM K Waki) Bi .NXi;rT KlssIIJ. BlUTIIL 1 iMos UiMior John lii am Gi;oiu.i Bom Haiui liOW lRS Ai nil 1. Bkancii 111 I ION KltXS M 1 1 Mmhson BuiSiOl Bk Russi 1 1- BuKki Rov Caion JAMF.S ChI.XI S I. R. CiiiiRs, Jk. Wll 1 1AM H. OllI llv. |n. Bl ClUUSTM Rl N CllKIMM Sl ' MGH 1 COOI ' I R Thomas Currv WiisoN Darih s Harry Di ' am GioRt.i Doss H. B. Enw ARiis. |R Irhv Fxi 1 V DaVMI HlROR B. C. Gardmr D. W. Grantham Bii I V Gkoovi R Harry Haslam loM Hi MIR1 Elmo HtsTi.R Kl-NDRICK Hui)so Sam Johnson ROKIRI loiMR Bll 1 1 Kll llAN Winn Kn in Ns Bl MRll I.VN .10R ROBIRI I.ANllR Left to nqht, fifst tow: Banner, Bennett. Beutell, Bisnop, Blake, Bone, Bowers, Brancti. . . . Second (ow: Bcaswel Brisco, Brett, Burke, Caton, Cheves, Childs. J, R,, Childs, W. H. . . . Third row: Christie, B., Christie, R., Coope Curry, Darden, DcVane, Doss, Edwards. . . . Fourth row: Exley, Firor, Gardner, Grantham, Groover, HasSan Hendrix, Hester. . . . Fifth row: Hudson, Johnson, Joiner, Killian, Kitchens, Langford, Lanier. O Q f l a (?!i DEMO M. C. Lee George Metzger Roger Mangham Fred Miller George O. Marshall Albert Morris James Martin J. M. Montgomery Larry McCalla Edgar O ' Quinn Lou McClamrock Wilbur Orr Leonard McConnill Inman Owens Paul Mt Donai n Robert Painter Cai viN S. Meeks Knnit Parker QUIMBV Ml ETON V. C. Parker Sammy Parkman Gus Partee Roger Reinhardt John Ridley John R. Rogers Levy Rogers Murphy Rogers Robert Royal Jack Royall Beryl Sellers Curtis Shepard Jay Smith Bob Strickland Malcolm Towson James Turner E. Wall Gene Weiss Frank Wesley H. B. Whitaker Taylor Zachary First row, left to right: Lee, Mangham, Marshall, Martin, McCalla, McClamrock, McCorinell, McDonald. . . . Second row: Meeks, Melton, Metzger, Miller, Morris, Montgomery, O ' Quinn, Orr. . . . Third row: Owens, Parker, E., Parker, W. C, Parkman, Partee, Reinhardt, Ridley, Rogers, J. R. . . . Fourth row: Rogers, L., Rogers, M., Royal, R., Royall, J., Sellers, Shepard, Smith, Strickland. . . . Fifth row: Towson, Turner, Wall, Weiss, Wesley, Whitaker, Zachary. - ? 1 f f 3 ' SPEECH CLUB PROMOTES SPEECH IMPROVEMENT Lin til iirfiiiiiizci itiii jiiiindcJ in t )4i) First row, left to right: Baugh, Bentley, Caublc. . . . Second row: Jenkins, Mundy, Murphy. . . . Third row: O ' Quinn, Parks, Rainey. . . . Fourth row: Smith, Tanner, Williams. . . . Fifth row: Wilson. OFFICERS First Term Robert Royal President Julia Allen Vice-President Edna Jenkins Secretary and Treasurer Second Term Julia Allen President Edna Jenkins Vice-President Roderick Flowers Secretary and Treasurer ROLL Julia Allen Edgar O ' Quinn Carolyn Baugh Blanche Parks Frances Bentley Louise Platt Gerald Cauble Ruth Rainey Roderick Flowers Robert Royal Edna Jenkins Jacqueline Smith Marguerite Mundy Mary ClydeTanner Benjamin Murphy Carole Williams Grace Wilson THE THREE PRESIDENTS COCKE MILLER HASKINS FALL QUARTER OFFICERS Erli_ Cockk PrvH,h;,l Bobby Lipshutz Fin Assistant John Miller ScconJ Aimfunt Ed Lumpkin Secretary J. T. Bradbury Treauirer Morris Macev Chief Justice IsADORE Lewinson Aisociale Justice Bill Dixon Associate Justice Ivan Kulbersh Serseant-at-Arms nil RilMM LITERARY SOCIETY I ' liniiJcJ III the Uiiiicrsi y of Georgia in 1X20 First row, left to right: Lipshutz, Lumpkii Macey. . . . Second row: Lcwinsohn, Dixoi Kulbersh, . . . Third row: Block, Franklii Kahn. . . . Fourth row: Scott, Johnson. WINTER QUARTER OFFICERS John Milllk I ' r.-nlet,! Bobby Lipshutz .... First Assistant Bill Dixon Secouil Assistant Morris Macey Secretary |. T. Br. dbury Treasure! Bates Block Chn-f Juslnr DeJongh Franklin . . Associate Justice A. J. Kahn Associate Justice Fred Scott Sergeant-at-Arins SPRING QUARTER OFFICERS Sidney Haskins PresiJent Billy Dixon First Assistant Morris Macey .... SeconJ Assistant Bates Block Secretary J. T. Bradbury Treasurer A. J. Kahn Chief Justice DeJongh Franklin . . Associate Justice Willis Johnson . . . Associate Justice Frlu Scott Seraeant-nt-Arms PHI KAPPA KEy CIRCLE Blanchari) Battle Isadorl Li insohn Bates Block Bob Lipshutz Erle Cocke Morris Macey Billy Dixon Jack Meadows DeJongh Franklin John Miller Sidney Haskins Lle Secrlst HOLDERS OF THE DEBATE KEY lyifcMh d BATTLE DIXON LEWINSON MEADOWS BLOCK FRANKLIN LIPSHUTZ MILLER COCKE HASKINS MACE SECREST F II I K i P P A Woodson Ashiord l.UCIAN HaI t ARD iKII) Bl 11 Cius BtiiNi) I ' hii,ii Bl ank liATUs Block DaNII 1 Ml UMl N I HAL Sol lil IMI NIIIAI J. T. Bkai.iu ' KV lioiiBV Bkav Frank Capi:rs Lewis Chanin Erle Cocke George Cohen Robert Collat Jimmy Coplin ROBI RT CRINSHAW Wll 1 lAM CUNNlNf.llA Bon INC. DuBosL CllARLLS MVANS R. B. Evans Bill Dixon Charles Fain DeJongh Franklin Carl Grollman Richard Hackl CuRi Hall C 1 ARk Harrison SiDNI V HasKINS Skinnlr Hicks Iamls Holliday Richard Horsly Hugh Howell Jamls Johnson Vi ' iLLis Johnson A. J. Kahn Morris Kai insky Ivan Kui iursii RaI I ' M [,A ARtJS Raimonu Llsslk First cow, left to light: Ashford, Ballard, Bell, Bernd, Blank, Block, Blumcnthal, D., Blumenthal, S. . . . Second row: Bradbury, Bray, Capers, Chanin, Cocke, Cohen, Collat, Coplin. . . . Third row: Crenshaw, Cunningham, DuBosc, Evans, C, Evans, R. B., Dixon, Fain, Franklin. . , . Fourth row: Grollman, Hacke, Hall, Harrison, Haskins, Hicks, Holliday, Horsey. . . . Fifth row: Howell, Johnson, J., Johnson, W., Kahn, Kalinsky, Kulbersh, Lazarus, Lesser. F H I Kirn Stimart Levi ISAllORl LeWINSON Robert Lipshutz En Lumpkin- Morris Macev Spenci r Mallory Rav McRae Robert McPherson Robert Mc i ' horter Ia( K Meadows Joe Mendes John Mieler Harley Mitchell Dick Moore Joe Mull Horace Osborne liunuY Outz Roy Parrisei Harold Platt Thomas Riley Maurice Rosenstock Hamptox Rowland John Saxon Emanuel Schwartz Pratt Secrest Fred Scott Marvin Singer Norman Somberc Richard Steinbach Robert Stewart Evans Strickland Aubrey St. John Henry Turner William Twitty Irving Victor Peter Wheeler Merritt Whelchel Bob White R. C. Whitman Charles Zachary First row, left to ngM: Levi, Lewlnson, Lipshutz, Lumpkin, Macey, Mdllory, McRae, McPherson. . . . Second row: McWhorter, Meadows, Mendes, Miller, Mitchell. Moore, Mull, Osborne. . . . Third row: Outi, Parrish, Platt, Riley, Rosenstocli, Rowland, Saxon, Schwartz. . . . Fourth row: Secrest, Scott, Singer, Somberg, Steinbach, Stewart, Strickland, St. John. . . . Fifth row: Turner, Twitty, Victor, Wheeler, Whelchcl, White, Whitman, Zachary. C ff5 ikii liik ii4i.jft 277 niiCLE CONTROLS AFFAIRS OF PIONEER CLUB Lonil Or) aiiizutit ii fimiidcil in 1928 First Term Elizabeth Ann Hosch Mary Hollis . Julia Farmer OFFICERS . President . Vice-President Sccrctiiry and Treasurer Second Term . Frances Gordy Charlie Baldwin Frances Ferguson Charlie Baldwin Florence Baxter Dot Daniel Julia Farmer ROLL Frances Ferguson Mary Mollis Beth Hutchinson Betty McCuen Henri Whitaker Sarah Mathews Frances Ravenel Joan Orr Jean Ross 278 M ! E G R C L II B ORATORS OF THE FAIRER SEX Loci C)r; iiii :.ii i()ii f(ii(iuh l in 7 92X rst row, left to right: Abram, Allison, Barnctt, Bedell, Bernstein, Black, Bledsoe, Brawner. . . . Second row: ison Cheshire, Chesnut, Cohen, Crawford, A., Crawford, M., Deal, Douglas. . . . Third row: Durham, O., jrham P. Ellis, Fambro, Fawcett, Fleetwood, Gann, Garret. . . . Fourth row: Gormley, Green, Hall, Harrison, artsfield. Hill, Howard, B., Howard, E. . . . Fifth row: Jarrell, Jennings, Kelly, B., Kelly, V., Latinner, Lovejoy, auldin McDuHie. . . . Sixth row: McLain, Neel, Norman, Paddock, Paul, Polhill, Reynaud, Roberts. . . . yenth row: Robinson, Rosshcim, Rothwell, Sims, Stickney, Wells, Winecotf, Wright, M. . . . Eighth row: Wright, V, Yearns, Young ROLL Jlanette Abram Ann Allison Vo Hammie Barnf-TT Jane Bedell Ester Berger AvoLON Bernstein Henrietta Black Martha Bledsoe Mary Brawner Virginia Cason Eva Rob Cheshire Marguerite Chesnut Dens Cohen Ann Crawford Miriam Crawford Lillian Deal Dot Douglas Ogla Durham Patricia Durham Eloise Ellis Martha Fambro Dot Fawcett Bettv Fleetwood Jane Gann Billy Garrett Gloria Gormlev MozELLE Green Margaret Hall Bettie Harrison Lucille Hartsfield Mary Ellen Hill Bevelyn Howard Elizabeth Howard Ruth Jarrell Margaret Jennings Betty Kelly Virginia Kelly Martha Latimer Helene Lovejoy Martha Mauldin Katherine McDuffie Margaret McLain Eugenia Neel Margaret Norman Margaret Paddock Mary Paul Louise Platt Rosa Polhill Rosemary Reynaud Ruby Roberts Mary Ann Robinson Louise Rossheim Louise Rothwell Marihill Sims Marian Stickney Dorothy Wells Eleanor Winecoff Monica Wright Virginia Wright Juliet Yearns Jfan Young ■• r " i Ul I (! li L T II l[ .1 L (; L II W FOSTERS DEBATING ACTIVITIES ON AG HILL i iuiiJcJ ill I ' xr First Term M. 1 ' . Martin . i-LLTON HOLLAX ' l) BUELL CaRLAN . Tommy Simmons Curtis Avlrv Jack Uurden . • W ' li.LARU Carson Ma I III R Hyatt . Str,iiC,i,ll-u -Ari,ls M Hill Cwnnil Curtis Avery Edwin Brackett A. BuELL Carlan WiLLARD Carson Harold Carson Jack Durden H. E. Edwards Irby Exlly Thomas Gidbs Second Term . Mather Hyatt C. B. Seckinger 3ERT O. Harrison Tommy Simmons Felton Holland Austin Rheney Charles Sw Austin Rhe ■ NN MATHER HYATT Pies., Second Term M, P. MARTIN MEMBERS Robert O. Harrison Guy Henry Elmo Hester, Jr. Felton Holland Daniel B. Hulsey Mather Hyatt Robert Joiner Eugene Jordan Dempsey Leach Thomas Lipha.m M. P. Martin Clieiord Martin Edmund Martin Frederick Moore William H. Moore Tom Penland Eugene Reese Austin Rheney Harold Seav C. B. Seckinger Reuben C. Sherrill Tommy Simmons Charles Swann DiLMUs Turk George Tworoger Gilbert Woodward FACULTV ADVISERS Dr. K. M. Autry row, left to right: Avery, Brackitt. C son, Henry, Hester, Holland, Hulsey, Jo e, F., Moore, W. H., Penland, Reese I Exiey, Gibbs. . . ow: Lipman, Marti- eckinser, Sherrill, ! ' - -jx: - « - ' y -- - ik A regular Wednesday night affair — Glee Club practice in the Fine Arts Building. M n ' S (i L E E CLUB ACHIEVES NATIONAL FAME UNDER HODGSON ' S DIRECTION llui.ii i loix.soN nirfchir BvRON W ' aknlr AisiitanI Director OFFICERS Jack Mfadovcs Prvudciit Darviin Fender Vicc-Prcshicn Wyatt Childs Business Manager HUGH HODGSON Director ROLL JACK MEADOWS President Gus Boyd Everhart Cunningham Halvor Iverson Jim Perry John Bryant Bob Dixon Ben Jenkins Eugene Petty Bob Burson Bip Edwards Harlan King Howard Rabb Enrico Carrasco Jimmy Edwards Eddie Long Jimmy Raines Lewis Carlton Darwin Fender Ray McRae Larry Reeve John Champion Frank Fitch Jack Meadows John Rhoads Wyatt Childs Mac Fitch Richard Munn Creed Taylor John Cooper Marvin Hill Jimmy Orndorff Pete Wiley Kendrick Hudson Charles Parker John YOUMANS First row (left to right): Edwards, Hill, Reeves, Warner, Hodgson, Meadows, Fender, Childs, Whitener . . . Second row (right to left): Jenkins, Fitch, Edwards, Lipscomb, Finch, Iverson, Thomas, Munn, Williams, Shephard, Carrasco, Rabb, Dixon. Orndorff, King, Darden, McRae, Champion , . . Third row (left to right): Hudson, Long, McDonald, Bryant, Darden, B., Taylor, Boyd, Barnwell, Parker, Cooper, Raines, Carswell, Hargrove, Perry, Burson. OMEFS GLEE CLUB THE CAMPUS P RIMA DONNAS OFFICERS Marie Waters President Elizabeth Ann Hosch Vice-President Annie Ruth Brovin Secretary Shirley Kahn Co-ordinate Secretary Frances Vannerson Treasurer Rose Jackson Publicity Chairman Yvonne Schilling Librarian MARIE WATERS President Adele Albert Edith Anderson Betty Ashmead Charlie Baldwin Rosalind Barnhill Joy Barrett Helen Battle Eloise Beckwith Eleanor Boyd Annie Ruth Brown Louise Callaway Lelia Cheney Jane Clark Ann Davis Lillian Davis Winifred Devine Dottie Douglas Dolores Doster Sara Etheridge Callie Lee Fortson Blanche Freeman Irene Freeman Winifred Hacke Dorothea Herty India Hodgson Elizabeth Ann Hosch Patty Hunt Marjorie Ingram Rose Jackson Shirley Kahn Ann Leonard Margaret Lilly Katherine Morg n Helen Morris Ruth Rainey Gayle Rankin Frances Richardson Sara Florence Rigdon Mary Gene Robertson Anne Russell Helen Saunders Yvonne Schilling Lillian Siafacas Natalie Spilky Sara Smith Mary Stone Mary James Twitty Frances Vannerson Mary Stuart Walker Marie Waters Marion Weltner Marilyn Wiley Josephine Wilson Alice May Wing Alice Witherspoon Jean Wolff OuiDA Wyatt Emily Yarbrough Jeanette Smith L I T T L K N V Jl P II (I Y I) II i) II K S T II k STUDIES THE CLASSICS . . . HuoH Hodgson Director MuiiAii McUovsuLL Aii ' ntaiit Director Margaret Fountain Coiicirt Master HUGH HODGSON Director Violins Cc lie Clarinets Trunnpet 1)a ii) Odrezin Mr. Rudolph Kratina Clyde Fagcart HiLLiARD Hicks Mr. Duncan Burnet Emily Garrett A. J. Kahn Eugene Gledhill Warren Turner Annette Tenenbaum Oboe Richard Morris Eugene Hubbard Trombone Mr. Sigmund Cohn Maurice Kahn Dc ubie Bass Douglas Thornton Leila Cheney Forrest Pope Roger Holland Frank Fitch French Horn TympanI Wyatt Childs Fl jtes Walter Edwards C. Jeremias Violas Hilda Edvcards Harold Appler Jean Garrett Alice Withlrspoon Robert Wallace Drums Janice Oettinger Elizabeth Rion Louise Callavcay Jimmy Edwards B II L L II II (i II R (] II n T II A MAKES MERRY WITH JIVE AT CAMPUS FROLICS Skinner Hicks, Leader SKINNER HICKS Leader Saxophones A. J. " KuBi.Ai " Kahn Billy Scott Clyde Faggart Al Ament Trombone Forrest Pope Trumpets Charles Niblett Gene Gledhill Skinner Hicks Rhythm Jimmy Edwards, Piaito Chick Edwards, Drums Bip Edwards, Bens The Bulldogs hard at work . . . and during intermiss MARGUERITE TAYLOR President Gracl BaIL1£Y Joy Barrltt Eloise Bkckvcith Eleanor Boyd Cathkrine Cannon HONORS PROMINENT MUSICIANS ioumhil ill the U ii icisi School of Miisir, Aim Arbor, Mifhr iiii, in VfM lota Zcta Chapter foiniJcl at the Vnncrsity of Georgia in l ' 40 OFFICERS Mar(,ui Riri Tayi or President Marie Waters Viee-President Mary Gene Rouertson Secretary Jean Garrett Treasurer ROLL ToMMiE Daniel Patty Hunt Sara Florence Rigdon Mary James Tvcitty Carrie Myrtice Estes Shirley Kahn Mary Gene Robertson Frances Vannerson Peggy Fountain Marion Ledford Yvonne Schilling Mary Walker Jean Garrett Janice Oettinger Bess Strickland Marie Waters Emily Garrett Barbara Overfelt Marguerite Taylor Alice May Wing BARRETT BOYD GARRETT, J. GARRETT, E. HUNT OETTINGER OVERFELT RIGDON ROBERTSON SCHILLING STRICKLAND TWITTY VANNERSON WALKER WATERS 11 S I f (] L I! II CREATES INTEREST IN MUSIC OFFICERS Frances Vannerson Vrcshhiit Eleanor Boyd V cr-l ' rcsiilcii Eugene Hubbard Secretary-Treasurer Michael McDovcell Adihor FRANCES VANNERSON President ROLL Joy Barrett Eleanor Boyd Catherine Cannon Walter Edwards Roderick Flowers Mildred Graves Dorothea Herty Eugene Hubbard Michael McDowell Frank Pursley Mary Gene Robertson Ruth Rainey Helen Saunders Marguerite Taylor John Turner Frances Vannerson Alice May Wing Alice Witherspoon Mary Walker Marie Waters Yvonne Schilling BARRETT BOYD EDWARDS GRAVES HUBBARD PURSLEY ROBERTSON RAINEY SANDERS TAYLOR TURNER WALKER WATERS SCHILLING niNITV Til EATER HON VED THIS YEAR BY THE NATIONAL THEATER CONFERENCE Pronio inii Maitai cr Biisiiics : Manager The Theater ' s Production Staff spends many hours making sets like these. Paula Muller, first lady of the stage this year, is The huge switchboard in the new Theater p made up for her part in " Ladles in Retirement. " duces many beautiful lighting effects. First row, left to right: Aronson, Baker, Bailey, Baugh, Bennett. Blake, Brett, B.own, Burson, Clarke, Cobb, Divine, Dixon. . . . Second row: Durden, Ehrhart, Elliott, Evans, Feingold, Franklin, Freeman, Grant, Gunn, Harrison, Hawkes, Holmes, Hubbard. . . . Third row: Hutchinson, Jenkins, Johnson, Johnson, Jones, Kirstein, Krumhoiz, Kulbersh, Meadows, Merke, Miller, Moore, Oetttnger. . . . Fourth row: Riley, Scott, Smith, Strickland, Tanner, Tilley, Turner, Varnon, Whatley, Wilkerson, Womack. f f% O D f f e» n ( r: evw r f TIIUIAI-BLUKFRHU ACTORS, ACTRESSES, STAGE HANDS, ELECTRICIANS, USHERS, AD SALESMEN, ETC. OFFICERS Jack Meadows President Raymond Lesser Vicc-Prcshiciif Dan Grant Secretary Bob Burson Treasurer Bob Aronson Harry Baker Bobby Bennett Bob Burson Billy Dixon William Durden DeJongh Franklin Eugene Freeman Dan Grant Uly Gunn Headquarters of the University Theater Left to cishl: Ar Baker, Bennett, Kirstein, Kulbersh, B., Kulbersh, 5,, Le Durden, Frankli Macy, Smith, Wilkc Sam Johnson Shirley Jones Harvey Kirstein Buddy Kulbersh Shirley Kulbersh Raymond Lesser Morris Macey Jack Meadows Clarence Smith Sarah Wilki rson JliBW i Tf B H B Staff of the fifty-fifth Pandora at work in its Commerce-Journalism Building penthouse. it T H K 19 4 2 C. JAV Smum, Jr Editor-iii-Chicj Marvin Him Business Manager Uiv GuNN Managing Editor Joan Orr Woman ' s Editor Frances Gordy Junior Editor Simon Michael Junior Editor Gus Partee Junior Editor Bi-N Ho xELL junior Bnsiness Manager 15oiJ LiPSHUTZ junior Bnsiness Manager Tom Simmons Ag Hill Editor Fred Scott, Jr Sports Editor Homer Nicholson Feature Writer Sue Pritchett Feature Writer PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Wailaci; Rtchiik Albert Attvah ART STAFF EvtRHART Cunningham John Roci ks Louise Hunnicutt Frances Ashlr Carolyn Crummey JUNIOR STAFF Mary Drennon SOPHOMORE STAFF liLIZABETH Ho » Ruth Jarrell Sam Johnson Buddy Kulbersh Martha Latimer Peggy Newell Frances Ferguson Bettie Harrison Charles Parker Blanche Parks Ruby Roberts Gladys Sommers Virginia Starr Joan Orr gives instructions to the Woman ' s Staff The Junior Editors: Michael, Gordy, and Parte 292 P HI) (I R J FRESHMAN STAFF Dorothy Alexander Ann Anderson Mary Azaar Joy Barnett Jane Bedell Russell Beutell James Cheves Anita Eppinclr Martha Fambro Jane Gann Helen Hiccinbotham Anne Huguley Betty Kelly Robert Lanier Ralph Lazarus Ruth Lyons Anne Lister Martin Fred Miller Eugenia Neel Anne Palmour Mary Paul Mary Romberger Louise Rossheim Ellen Salisbury Fred Scott Mary Claire Shepard Julia Simpson Dick Steinbach Henry Turner Blanche Wallace Marian Weltner Sue WiER The task of publishing a college annual has always called for unstinting labor plus an unusual amount of cooperation, and this year ' s book is the result of a great deal of both from a capable and hard-working staff. To enumerate the contribution of everyone would take much space, but it seems desirable to point out a few whose work was invaluable. First must come the Junior Editors — Frances Gordy, Simon Michael, and Gus Partee, all of whom gave freely their time and best efforts. " Gordy, " as the first girl to be a Junior Editor, managed the rather large women ' s staff with unusual tact and forbearance, at the same time, shouldering responsibility for women ' s organizations and numerous other tasks. Simon strug- gled with the interminably long class rolls and used his camera to good advantage, while Gus was in charge of the fraternities and numerous organizations. ■d capably as liaison id the Pandora, and al Beauty Review. Uly Gunn, as Managing Editor, officer between the military departm put over most successfully the sixth Financial affairs were run smoothly by Business Manager Marvin Hill and his assistants, Ben Howell and Bob Lipshutz. Joan Orr served as " Woman ' s Editor, and contributed much towards the Feature Section. Tommy Simmons very successfully represented the Agricul- tural Campus on the staff, brought in Ag Hill rolls and much useful information about things of Ag Hill import. On the photography staff, Wallace Richter, Lee Banks, and Albert Attyah were always willing to perform thankless tasks, with no remuneration other than the satisfaction of viewing their work in the Pandora. Of the sophomore staff. Buddy Kulbersh and Sam Johnson deserve credit for sticking by the Pandora throughout the year; Martha Latimer should also be singled out for her tireless efforts. On the freshman staff, many promising Pandora workers ap- peared. Fred Scott was elevated to the post of Sports Editor, and to him is due much praise for the writeups of the football and basketball seasons. Besides their professional work, the staffs of Wrigley Engrav- ing Company, Foote Davies Printing Company, Whitehall Studios, and S. K. Smith Company presented valuable ideas. Professor H. M. Heckman, after fifteen years in his " field. " Pandora, was of great assistance, and Mr. Robert M. Strozier, as Director of Student Activities and former editor of the Emory annual, had many helpful remarks to make. There are many others, and to all, hearty thanks is due for all they have done to make the 1942 Pandora possible. Jay Smith. MARVIN HILL Circle: Junior Business Managers Howell and Lipshutz map out a campaign to sell ads. . . . Right: Part of the editorial staff at work. Willis Jt.llNSON 1-RANK KlMO UliSTliR Rodman Porter Glorge Marshall Harold Mitchell Clark Harrison REPORTERS STAFF Albert Morris Aubrey Morris Jean Kane MoNTiNE Williams Anna Mae Pryor George Doss Billy Dixon l l ' ifST ' fERM STAFF HARLEi ' BowiiRS ■•„ ' " • ' • • Eilitor B. c!. (jARCrlijER.jR. „• ■ • Biisiiii-ss Manager QuiMBY Melton, Jr ,. ' . ' -; ' . . . ManaghiK Eili nr BiRVL Sellers A ' liis E,h iir Charles Rice Jj wr s Eililur May WiNGFiELD Makc-„iiEJitor JoAx Orr Wuman ' i Editor E. T. MiMS ■„„,. i-;,:.:, ' y- ' :;;l A HM Editor Dot Daniel . . . - I ■ • ■ ■,,,■•: ' " ' ■ ' ' ■■ ' Sor c y £( ; or C. P. Scruggs .... ic ■ Copy Editor Laurence McMahon [eatiire Editor Harry Baker ■{sustant Ihisimsi Manager De Jongh Franklin Asiittaul Bii iinss Manager Wallace Richter Phato Editor 1. T. Bradbury . CntiiLition Manager Left, left to MAY WINGFIELD, Mdke-up Editof, First term; Copy Editor, Second Term. CHARLES RICE, Sports Editor, First Term; Make-up Editor, Second Term. nnh Hark SECOND TERM STAFF QUIMBV MtLTON ' . Jk EJilor DeJongh Franklin Binhicsi Manager Beryl Sellers Managing Eili o ' C. P. Scruggs News E,li i)r :harles Rice Makc-iift EJilor Dot Daniel Woman ' s EJilor Patsy Ann Huffman Society Editor May Wingfield Copy Editor Murray Feingoi d Cirrnla inn Manager QUIMBy MELTON, Managing Editor, First Term; Editor, Second Term. BERYL SELLERS, News Editor, First Term; Managing Edito THE UORUl ilUiiniLTlRin Al Fowler F.ditor Curtis Avery Biis iicis Muiia ' cr Kathleen Weldon Woman ' s Editor Tommy Simmons Circuhitiini Mainr cr Jack Burden Managing Editor Luke Lassiter Assistant Managing Editc The AGRICULTURIST Tnumvirate: Curtis Avc;y, Busmess Manager; Kathle Weldon, Woman ' s Fditor; Al Fowler, Editor. EDITORIAL STAFF Harry Avedisian Dan Harrell Luke Lassiter Irby Exley Elmo Hisiik BUSINESS STAFF DiLMAs Turk Fred Bell Edwin Martin Buddy Outzs Edwin Brackett Henry Massey Tom Penland BuELL Carlan Eugene Reese Left Mary Alice Anderson, Frances Howell, and Virginia Camarata discuss the feminine touch which they will add to the AGRICULTURIST with NJComan ' s Editor Weldon. . . . Below: Business Manager Avery gives out assignments to solicit ads to his staff. Above: Circulation Manager Tommy Simmons and his staff prepare the finished AGRICUL- TURIST for mailinq. WOMAN ' S STAFF Anne Adams Virginia Camarata Marv Alice Anderson Madilyn Copeland Joy Davenport J. B. Amos Rebecca Barker Herbert Capehart CIRCULATION STAFF Howard Fambrough Ho ARD Garner Mildred Gaston Daniel Hulsey Frances Howell Peggy Lancaster Clieeord Martin Alan Pittard Frances JC ' THE L Y. L TIME SHEET OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA N. Y. A. Mark Waits • ; f ' ' ; ' ' Albert Morris Manaams Ed,tor Bob Van Landingham Robert Joiner . Mildred Brown Elmo Hester Albert Attyah Mac Finch . Brett Bacon . News Editor . Makc-HJ) Editoj Woman ' s Editor Ag Hill Editor Photo Editor Circulation Manager . . Chief Typist STAFF Virginia Adams Jack King Rodman Porter Ethelyn Lively Left to right, top to bottom: Preparing copy. . . . Albert Morris, Managing Editor. . . . N.Y.A. students gather m Mrs. Whitehead ' s office to prepare their publication. MARK WAITS, Editoi riiEiMiti (; m imiilk itiii s for nm I. Members of Ihe PANDORA editorral staff at the in- terminable job of filins pictures. ... 2. PANDORA ' S Business Manager, with assistant Ben Howell, gets the books in shape to present to Mr. Heckman. ... 3. With helpful co-workers, Editor Al Fowler of the AGRICULTURIST, ponders an edi- torial for the monthly publication. ... 4. General staff meeting of the AGRICULTURIST. ... 5. The RED AND BLACK staff gathers for its weekly Wednesday evening of fun and frolic in the basement of the C.-J. Building. 1 O.D.K. initiates are made public at homecoming. s r II I X hnnitclrj ill IS97 MEMBERSHIP IN SPHINX IS THE HIGHEST NON-SCHOLASTIC HONOR AT THE UNIVERSITY MEMBERS 1. A. H. I ' ATIIRSON 59. Tom W. Connallv 117. E. L. Pennington :. i ' . D. Hooper 60. Winship Nunnally 118. E. W. MoisE 5. L. A. COTHRAN 61. T. T. Turnbull 119. G. E. Woodruff 4. G. Greln 62. W. W. Patterson 120. E. V. Heath !. C. R. Andrews 63. Arthur Sullivan 12 1. Millard Rewis 6. E. E. POMEROY 64. Charlie H. Cox 122 R. B. Troutman 7. A. Pratt Adams 65. Rodney Hill 123. Arthur K. Maddox 8. Will S. Blun 66. Harold Telford 124. J. L. Sibley 9. C. W. Davis 67. A. L. Hardy 12 5. L. D. Brown 10. M. D. DuBosE 68. J. E. D. Young 126. Cliff Brannen 11. R. P. JONtS 69. W. O. Marshburn 127. G. T. Northen i:. A. J. McBride 70. H. M. Scott 128. W. A. Mann 13. R. J. Travis 71. John A. Brown 129. H. D. Meyer 14. T. W. RUCKER 72. George Hains 130. B. H. Walton IS. M. M. Thurman 73. Dan Y. Sage 13 1. D. R. Peacock 16. John Banks 74. I. C. Levy 132. V. E. Durden 17. R. L. Denmark 75. Lansing B. Lee 13 3. C. E. Martin 18. J. E. Hall 76. L. Raoul 134. E. B. Dunlap 19. R. M. Carlton 77. J. J. Regan 13 5. R. L. McWhorter 20. Harry Hull 78. R. S. Parker 136. R. H. Freeman 21. H. C. Johnson 79. George P. Whitman 137. Z. S. Cowan 22. J. B. Ridley 80. W. L. Erwin 138. Edward Morganstern 23. W. R. Ritchie 81. Harrison Jones 139. James M. Lynch 24. J. L. Erwin 82. C. D. Cabaniss 140. H. Levy Rogers 25. Phinizy Calhoun 83. W. G. Brantley 141. Bentley H. Chappell 26. F. K. McCuTCHEN 84. P. R. Weltner 142. Ira Funkenstein 27. LONGSTREET HULL 85. A. H. Carmichail 143. Frank Carter 28. B. C. J. Lamar 86. R. Kyle Smith 144. T. Tucker Ginn 29. W. M. Handy 87. W. Brown 145. Aaron Bernd 30. N. P. Park 8 8. J. K. McDonald 146. Russell H. Patterson 31. W. J. Hammond 89. C N. Feidelson 147. Victor Victor 32. Lamar C. Rucker 90. Frank Martin 148. H. Hoyt Whelchel 33. Sterling Blackshear 91. H. L. J. Williams 149. Louis H. Pinkussohn 34. M. M. Dickinson 92. R. H. Jones 150. Clark Howell, Jr. 3 5. Andrew Calhoun 93. S. O. Smith 151. D. K. McKamy 36. Cam D. Dorsev 94. M. S. Hodgson 152. David H. Paddock 37. M. S. Richardson 95. H. P. deLaPeriere 153. John Henderson 38. B. S. Walker 96. F. C. Newton, Sr. 154. Edward J. Hardin 3 9. Sandy Beaver 97. Claude Derrick 15 5. George S. Whitehead 40. F. M. Ridley 98. W. C. Henson 156. James B. Conyers 41. G. W. Legwin 99. J. B. Harris 157. C. W. Jacobson 42. Randolph Jacques 100. Y. B. Smith 15 8. H. L. Hodgson 43. Ralph Meldrin 101. D. H. Redfearn 159. R. W. Wesley 44. Marion Smith 102. Jerome Michael 160. G. L. Harrison 4S. Wallace Miller 103. D. L. Rogers 161. C. M. Tanner 46. Minor Boyd 104. E. V. Carter, Jr. 162. W. H. QUARTERMAN 47. W. J. Turner 105. J. E. Lucas 163. Robert Callaway, Jr. 48. J. F. Baxter 106. H. G. Bailey 164. Joel B. Mallett 49. Harold Ketron 107. E. M. Brown 165. Thomas A. Thrash SO. Jack Bower 108. Abit Nix 166. Max L. Secall s 1. Frampton Ellis 109. O. W. Franklin 167. HOFMAN SORRELLS 52. Frank Anderson 110. E. T. Miller 168. W. O. White S3. R. P. Brooks 111. H. L. Lanham 169. J. P. Stewart S4. L. P. Goodrich 112. H. B. Blackshear 170. N. L. Gillis, Jr. SS. L S. Hopkins, Jr. 113. W. Falk, Jr. 171. RoFF Sims. Jr. S6. J. J. KiLLORIN 114. A. R. McDonald 172. J. H. Carmichael 5 7. M. H. Blackshear lis. H. C. Hatcher 173. Howard McCall 5 8. ViRLYN B. Moore 116. Paul L. Bartlett 174. Irvine M. Levy PROFESSOR PAYNE I7S. HlNTON LoNt.INO 229. Tom F. Green, Jr. 283. 176. R. W. Courts 230. W. E. Sewell 284. 177. L. H. TirpETT 231. Lester Hargrett 285. 178. O. R. Ellars 232. C. L. Bowen 286. 179. R. H. West 233. M. L. KiLPATRICK 287. 180. R. L. Foreman, Jr. 234. J. D. Allen 288. 181. J. M. Hatcher 23!. H. D. Shattuck 289. 182. Dewey Knight 236. George Morton 290. 183. Louis S. Davis 237. G. H. Nixon 291. 184. W. P. Zacharv 238. A. A. Marshall 292. 18!. Irvine Phinizv 239. C. N. Mell 293. 186. R. D. O ' CaLI ACHAN 240. E. P. Rogers 294. 187. Charles M. Candler 241. W. T. Forbes, Jr. 295. 188. W. M. Dallas 242. G. S. Johnson 296. 189. Claude H. Sattereii ld 243. Rollin J. Chambliss 297. 190. F. H. Harrold 244. Ernest Camp, Jr. 298. 191. W. D. Miller 245. Allen W. Post 299. 192. Arthur Pew 246. A. S. Clay, III 300. 193. R. E. L. Spence 247. Kuls Boland 301. 194. C. W. Slack 248. IvEY Shivers, Jr. 302. I9(. John R. Slater 249. William H. Young 303. 196. E. Way Highsmith 2!0. Isaac K. Hay 304. 197. A. M. Day 2!l. George E. Florence, Jr. 305. 198. C. M. Strahan 252. Thomas A. Nash 306. 199. H. H. Magum 253. Tom J. Hamilton, Jr. 307. 200. W. H. Stephens 254. Ben H. Hardy, Jr. 308. 201. P. B. Ford 25!. Hall L. Stancil 309. 202. Nathan Jolles 256. Daniel C. Tulley 3 10. 203. Owen Reynolds 2!7. R. L. Patterson, Jr. 311. 204. J. P. Carson 258. Hock S. Wofford 312. 20!. i ' . D. DURDEN 259. John S. Candler, II 313. 206. W. B. Cody 260. G. B. Lautzenhiser 314. 207. M. A. McRainey 261. RuFus B. Jennings 315. 208. W. F. Danill 262. Craig Barrow, Jr. 316. 209. E. H. DrxoN 263. Robert B. Hooks 317. 210. F. C. McClurl 264. Joseph H. Boland 318. 21 1. L. H. Hill 265. Guy C. Hamilton 319. 212. J. J. Clark 266. James J. Harris 320. 213. C. A. Lewis 267. William J. Klinl, Jr. 321. 214. J. J. Bennett, Jr. 268. Kankakee Anderson 322. 2M. Alton Hosch 269. J. Earnest Palmour, Jr. 323. 216. C. G. Henry 270. Henry Palmer 324. 217. J. K. Harper 271. Kelly McCutchen 325. 218. H. H. Maddox 272. GuERRY Harris 326. 2 19. J. L. Watson 273. Douglas Feagin, Jr. 327. 220. C. R. Anderson 274. Mattox L. Purvis 328. 221. E. M. GuRR 275. Joseph M. Oliver 329. 222. H. M. Cleckley, III 276. Marvin Cox 330. 223. W. C. Carter, Jr. 277. Ellis G. Arnall 331. 224. William Tate 278. Herbert Maefett 332. 22!. C. F. Weihrs 279. Sandford Sandford 333. 226. John Fletcher 280. John W. Maddox 334. 227. J. D. Thomason 281. Mark Hollis 335. 228. John Hosch, Jr. 282. William Carroll Latimer 336. A— H Brow.v B— G. Butler C— O. S. Sibley D— D. E. Dougherty E— W H. Harris F— H. Bacon G— W P. Hall H— F. K. Boland 1— H. G. COLVIN ,1— W. S. Cothran K— W Spain L-Jo HN T. Dorset M— F. R. Mitchell N— H Dodd O— C. H. Black HONORARY MEMBERS P— W. R. TiCHNOR Q — G. T. Jackson R— W. B. Hill S — C. M. Snelling T — David C. Barrow U— R. E. Park V— H. C. White W— A. M. SouLE X— W. H. Bocock Y — S. V. Sanford Z — C. M. Strahan AA — H. J. Stegeman BB — Sylvanus Morris CC — G. F. Peabody Vernon S. Smith William M. Strickla.vd James W. McIntire Marion Gaston McCarty Crenshaw William Hazelhurst Leroy S. Young Frederick Solomon ViRLiN B. MooRi-., Jr. William T. Maddox, Jr. J. M. Richardson, Jr. Morton S. Hodgson, Jr. T. R. Thigpen, Jr. Robert G. Stephens, Jr. John Wesley Calhoun DeNean Stafford, Jr. John Bond Harry Baxter Winburn T. Rogers John Dan Bowden J. Carl Strong A. Lee Rogers James Walter Wise William Tapley Bennett, Jr William Colbert Hawkins Robert T. Anderson Wade C. Hoyt, Jr. Charles C. Harrold, Jr. Ben Anderson, Jr. Edward H. Baxter Dyar Massey Anderson Roddenberry Morris Abram Floyd C. Newton, Jr. QuiNTON Lumpkin Robert B. Troutman, Jr. Robert P. McCuen A. G. Cleveland, Jr. Robert C. Norman Julian Halliburton Lee Price Howell Hollis Alex McCaskill Stanford Smith Lee Newton Jack Matthews Ernest Vandiver Frank Gunn Alpha Fowler, Jr. C. Jay Smith, Jr. B. C. Gardner, Jr. Verner Chaffin John C. Meadows, Jr. Cliff C. Kimsey DD — E. A. Lowe EE— T. J. Wofter FF— T. W. Reed GG — Harry Mehre HH— H. N. Edmunds II — Harold Hirsch JJ — Edgar L. Secrest KK — Harmon W. Caldwell LL — Paul W. Chapman MM — Robert R. Gunn NN— John D. Wade OO — Hughes Spalding PP — Charles H. Herty QQ — E. M. Coulter RR— W. O. Payne UN U I R SECRET ORGANIZATION First Term B. C. Gardner, Jr Picsiilc it Bobby Moorei Vicc-Prcs ili ' iif Erle Cocke Sccrctary-Trcinitrcr Second Term Curtis Avery Prcsiilrii Bobby Moore . . Vice-President Erle Cocke Secrcfary-Treasiirer First row, left to right: Allen, Block, Bowers, Brown, Calhoun, Campbell, Carithers. . . . Second row: Carter, Chaffin, Cocke, Crenshaw, Daitch, David, Donovan. . . . Third row: Dunlap, Everett, Fowler, Gignillial, Gunn, Haskins, Hyatt. a f r ry CLUB First r, Peeple , left to right: Kcnyc Polhill, Pollatty, Po CURTIS AVERY Hev ARD Allen Curtis A ' erv Bates Block Harley Bowers Bobby Brown Jack C. Calhoun Douglas Campbell Bob Carithers Harold Carter Verner Chaffin Erle Cocke Bob Crenshaw Irwin Daitch Robert David Larry Donovan James A. Dunlap LoY Everett Al Fowler B. C. Gardner, Jr. ' iLLIAM GiGNILLlAT Uly Gunn Sidney Haskins cDougal, Meadows, Moore, Norman, Imith. . . . Third row: Solms, Tille Weill, Williams. Mather Hyatt Dick Kenyon Cliff Kimsey Gilmer MacDougal Jack Meadows Bobby Moore Bob Norman Jim Owen SiG Owens MoRT Peeples James Polhill George Pollatty Wyatt Posey Lee Secrest Jay Smith Billy Solms Harold Tiller Louis Trousdale Ernest Vandiver Clarence Vaughn A. L. Weill Al Williams ond row: Owens, Trousdale, Vandn o ' ' i! MoiiiMR II onto RECOGNIZES LEADERSHIP AMONG WOMEN roiiinUd ill 191 It h n-prcsciitaliics jroin C.orinll U iiiifrsi y, Ohio Stale Uiiiicrsi y, Sitiirthiiiore College and the University of Michigan Parthenean Chajiter esfahtished tit the Uniiersity of Georgia in 19)9 OFFICERS Julia Farmhr President Sue Rogers Vice-President Joan Orr Secretary Dorothy Daniel Treasurer JULIA FARMER President ROLL Dorothy Daniel Julia Farmer Janice Hatcher Elizabeth Ann Hosch Beth Hutchinson Joan Orr Sue Rogers Jean Ross Fitst row, left to right: Danel, D., Hosch, E. A. . . . Second row: Hutch- inson, B., Orr, J. . . . Third row. Rogers, S., Ross, J. PHI KETl KiFFil RECOGNIZES HIGH SCHOLARSHIP IN COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Vi)HUilcil at William mid Mary Cull ( v,c in J 776 Alp hi of Ccorpa Chapter atabVnhcil in 1914 OFFICERS John Hanson T. McPherson I ' rrsiJcnt W. D. Hooper Vicc-l ' rciidcnt Forrest Gumming Secretary R. P. Stephens Treasurer MEMBERS Orlin K. Fletcher John C. Meadows WlNH RED HaCKE SuE RoGERS Pope Holliday C. Jay Smith, Jr. James A. Johnson FLETCHER HACKE HOLLIDAY JOHNSON MEADOWS ROGERS 305 M I Ml I RECOGNIZES LEADERSHIP iiiini, ,; al n yj ; ,,ii tiuj J. v Vi,iici ih in I ' i 1 4 Mj ' ha Ups lon Circle cst ihlnhcil in I ' Ji N ' lknlr Cham I Jack Mladows Jay Smuh OFFICERS Prcsidciif Vicc-Piciidciit Sccrctary-Trcauircr iu VERNER CHAFFIN I) E L T l K i r P 1 First row, left to tight: Avery, Battle, Brown, Burson. . . . Second row: Cocke, Durden, Fowler, Gardner. . . . Third row: Gunn, Haskins, Hill, Johnson. . . . Fourth row: Kcnyon, Lesser, Meadows, Moore. . . . Fifth row: Norman, Owen, Secrest, Smith. . . . Sixth row: Vandiver, Weill. MEMBERS Curtis Avery Bl ANCHARL) BaTTLE Robert Brown Robert Burson Verner Chaffin Erle Cocke William Durden Al Fowler B. C. Gardner, Jr. Uly Gunn Bill Gunter Sidney Haskins Marvin Hill James Johnson Dick Ken yon Raymond Lesser Jack Meadows Bobby Moore Bob Norman Jim Owen Lee Secrest Jay Smith Ernest Vandiver Al Weill 307 nil kiPPii nil IF HONORS HIGH SCHOLARSHIP IN ALL SCHOOLS I iiiiihlid lit Uiiiiiisit i ] rciiinssic, Pt ' iim li iiii ii S ii c (iillc- c, ■ aiiil U III I CIS ) of Mill lie ill I KIT " ' — . W Georgia Chapter iintaUcd in 192} " W ' f OFFICERS 1 B H JuilN C. iMi.M)e) s, Viir-Prtiicltiit V A H Milton P. Siuictiiiy I IB B HJIBI U)iiN Tlnkins Ticcisincr t. w. reed Prcsidest A.B. B.S. Agricultural Engineering B.S. Home Economics Nan Sue Rogers James Mill Stlphlns Evelyn D Perfect Clarence Jay Smeih, Jr. . ,, DosH W. Durden B-S- Agriculture Elizabeth A. McCreery Margaret Hall Mather M. Hyatt Mary Alice Anderson Blanchard B. Battle Robert A. Colter Miriam K. Camp Curtis B. Avery ' ™, o c , .,, Kathleen Weldon B.i. LoYD C. Yeargin Orlin K. Fletcher James Thomas Tumlin Dorothy Irene Smith Mary C. Rabb William C. Watson Ruby Lee Adams Pope B. Holliday Ivty Jacobs John C. Meado -s, Jr. „ ,. B.S. Pharmacy B.S. Forestry B.S. Education j mes F. Goggins avid N. Dalton Josephine Suit Janice Hatcher B. Business Administration LL.B. Marianne Adair W. Edge Dixon 5 g Kelly W. C. Parker A.B. Journalism Joseph A. Whittle Alise Ann Wortsman Mary Hollis .S. Chemistry R. L. Vanlandingham Shealey E. McCoy James A. Johnson. Jk. First row, left to right: Rogers, Smith, C. J., Durden, Hall, Battle, Fletcher, Rabb, Holliday, Meadows. . . . Second row: Suit, Hatcher, Adair, Wortsman, Vanlandingham, Stephens, Hyatt, Avery, Yeargin. . . . Third row: lumlin, Watson, Jacobs, Goggins, Di«on, Parker, Whittle, Hollis, McCoy. . . . Fourth row: McCreery, Anderson, Camp, Weldon, Smith, D- I., Dalton, Kelly, Johnson. ifiC HTI (J 4 iS I (i H il i HONORS HIGH SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT IN COMMERCE Fouiidfd at Uiiii ' crsity of Wisroiishi in 1907 Alpha of Georgia Chapter established iit 1918 OFFICERS H. M. Heckman President J. H. T. McPherson Vice-President R. T. Segrest Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Nancv T. Belcher Mary Holi is W. Edge Dixon Sylvia Kantor Zelma Ann Ford Martha McCrar-i Jack H. Hai i. W. C. Parker ELECTS OUTSTANDING SENIORS liiinhhil ill l ' iiitc sil III lloiiJii ill V- ' i (uoi : i,i Clhijitt-r f ' .laHiJuJ ill I ' n2 j First Term u Lee Secrest . BoBBV Moore MoRT Peeples MEMBERS Heyward Allen Mather Hyatt Curtis Avery Cliff Kimsey Blancharu Batti E Shealy McCoy Harm y Bowi rs Jack Meadonvs Harold Cum r I.. T. MiMS Vernlr Chaiiin Bobby Mooki Charles Cmrisil N JlM 0«EN Erle Cocke Bill Parker Edge Dixon Mort Peeples Al Fowler Lle Secrest Uey Gunn Jay Smith SiiiNLY Haskins Ernest Vandiver Marvin Hill Clarence fLLci Wii son Hudson LEE SECREST President, First Ten OFFICERS . President . Vire-Presicleiif Secretary-Treasurer Second Term E. T. MiMS Bobby Moore MoRT Peeples left to risht: Allen, A. . . Third row: Gunn, Ha ns, Hill, Hudson Fifth row: Parl i Carter, Hyatt. Fourth row: mith, Vandive Chatfin, Christian, Cod jmsey, McCoy, Meadow , Welch. -3 4C HONORS FRESHMEN WITH HIGH SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT loiiiiilid iif V ii ' ncysil af llliii(ii in ' J_ Gcor; hi C nip cr cs iiMiJhul in VH BOLLINS DuBOSE President OFFICERS Rolling DuBosl President Walter Murray Edwards Vice-Prcsiilciit IsADORE Lewinson Sccrctciry-T rciUHrcr George Statham Historian MEMBERS William Darden Ernest Fisher George Statham Boi.l INC DuBoSE ISADORI Lewinson Dougais Thorn ' ion VVai ter Murray Edwards Richard Moore Merritt Wheichel darden edwards fisher moore statham thornton 311 9 H f 3 LEWINSON WHELCHEL Jmk rf II I F T 1 II C L li B RECOGNIZES FRESHMEN OUTSTANDING IN EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES iiiiiiiJn ill I ' ) 10 OFFICERS Morris Macey President QuiMBY Melton Vicc-PrcsiJent Gus Bob Pari Ben rEE NET! iecreta Board ry- of Treasurer Directors MORRIS MACEY r . . . . Chairman President MEMBERS VCOODSON ASHFORD Elmore Floyd John Miller Blan ' Chard Battle DeJongh Franklin Dick Moore Bob Bennett Sam Johnson Homer Nicholson John Coffee Willis Johnson Gus Partee Wilson Darden Buddy Kulbersh Phil Reagan Billy Dixon ISADORE LEWINSO Bob Rice John Driftmier Bob Lipshutz Wallace Richter Bolling DuBose Morris Macey Sidney Thomas Murray Feincold QuiMBY Melton Frank Wesley David Firor Simon Michael Merritt Whelchel First row, left to light: Ashford. Battle, Bennett, Coffee, Darden, Dixon, Driftmief. . . . Second row: DuBose, Feingold, Firor, Floyd, Franklin, Johnson, S., Johnson, W. . . . Third row: Kulbersh, Lewinson, Lipshutz, Melton. Michael, Miller, Moore. . . . Fourth row: Nicholson, Partee, Reagan, Rice, Richter, Thomas, Wesley, Whelchel. aj ..jQ (T B ' i BI hfl. A wF C Mk ii fc lij L j Bv RH H ' iiJjHi j i i wA ' m f o D n A mm i M .-: M Cii M qr " k dM HdHtf 312 JACK ROVALL CLIH ' X " BOOSTS GEORGIA SPIRIT, SPONSORS ELEC- TION FOR OUTSTANDING SENIOR i ' nlllhhJ ill Mi2 OFFICERS Jack Rovall I ' rcs ' nlcut Tom Penland Vice-President M. J. Costa .... . . Secretary-Treasurer Robert M. Strozier Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Tom Addis B. C. Gardner Tom Penland Woodson Ashford Jack Hall Al Pittaru Curtis Avery Wright Hicks Carswell Pridgen Harold Carter Pope Holliday John Ridley Erle Cocke Beverly Langford Levy Rogers M. J. Costa Bill Malone Lee Secrest John Crumpler Clifford Martin Earl Smith Wilson Darden Hevward McEver Jay Smith Ted David Jack Meadovis Ren Smith Irby Exley Harris Mize Sonny Williams Al Fowler Wilbur Orr George Wolf Gus Partee First row, left to right: Addis, Asliford, Avery, Carter, Cocke, Costa, Crurrpler, Darden, David. . . . Second row: Exley, Fowler, Gardner, Hall, Hiclis, Holliday, Langford, Malone, M artin. . . . Third row: McEver, Meadows, Miie, Orr, Partee, Penland, Pittard, Pridgen, Ridley. . . . Fourth row: Rogers, Secrest, Smith, E., Smith, J., Smith, R., Williams, Wolf. 313 JUNIOR CABINET PROMOTES STUDENT-FACULTY RELATIONS l-(iiiihli;l III I ' ) OS OFFICERS John Mhi.i.r Vrcsidcnl QuiMBY MiiiTON Vicc-Prt ' iidciit Bob BENNliTT Sccre ary-Trcasiirer MEMBERS RoBLRT L. Bennett Morris Macey John Y. Coffee QuiMBY Melton John Driftmier Simon Michael H. B. Edwards John B. Miller Elmore Flo-d Gus Partee DeJongh Franklin Tom Penland Luke Lassiter Phil Reagan Robert J. Lipshutz Harold Storey Fust row, left to right: Bennett, Coftce, Driftmier, Edwards, Floyd. . . . Second row: Franklin Lassiter Lipshuti Macey, Melton. . . . Third row: Michael, Partee, Penland, Reagan, Storey. 1 O f f Fill HLTil nil PROMOTES HIGHER STANDARDS OF ETHICS AND CULTURE IN LAW PROFESSION l-(iniuliil at Viiiicrsit of M ' uhr iiii in IX(t9 Vils }ii Inn (■■. ii ' liJh-J at U nit cis y (if C,ror; iii in I ' )22 OFFICERS Edgak Kully I ' rcsiJcn Douglas Campbeli Trcciuiicf James Dunlap Clerk Ernest Vandiver His orian Edward Bates Block Walter Bolling Arthur Key Bolton Robert Brown Douglas Campbell Verner Chafitn James Dunlap Elmore McNair Floyd William Gignilliat Richard Kenyon James Dickson Maddox Gilmer McDougald Douglas Wright Mitchell James Anderson Moore Rober t Neel Robert Norman James Owen William O. Solms Raleigh Mathews Sutton Ernest Vandiver First fow, left to irght: Block, Bolling, Bolton, Brown, Campbell, Ctiaffin. Gignilliat, Kenyon, Maddon, McDougald. . , . Third low Mitchell, Neel, ■ Ji A f ' IM Mil KPSIL(I HONORS HIGH SCHOLARSHIP IN MATH DEPARTMENT 1(111 ml,- J III I ' 1 1 4 Ci ' i i; hi AIj mi C: hili n .slahlislnJ ni I ' I U JAMES A. JOHNSON President OFFICERS James A. Johnson Presideiif Ann H. Davis Vicc-Prcsidctif A. T. Harmon Secretary-Treasurer First row, left to right: Bowden, Burroughs. . Second row: Davis, Harmon. . . . Third row: Je mias, Rubin. ROLL J. T. Andrews J. D. Bowden, Jr. G. W. Burroughs Ann H. Davis A. T. Harmon Jeremias James A. Johnson Florence Rubin (iAMMii mik umu First row, left to right; Andrews, Dowdcn, Burlie, Byrd. . . . Second row: Coleman, Collat, Dc Lamar, Flowers. . . . Third row: Gaston, Goddard, Graham, Hollidav. . . . Fourth row: Humphrey, Israils, Jacobs, Jeremias. . . . Fifth row; Koonti, Lee, Meadows, Minsk. . . . Sixth row: Morrison, Rabb, Vance, Wilson. . . . Seventh row: Wooten, Ycargin. IS COMPOSED OF OUTSTAND- ING CHEMISTRY STUDENTS Foiiiidcil at Diiriilsoii College in 191 ' -) Mil Be fit Cluip cr csfiihlishcJ 1 940 OFFICERS James A. Johnson . Grand Alchcm ' nt Martin Burke Viior John D. Bowden . . . Rcconhr Pope Holliday . iicrgcaiit-at-Anin MEMBERS Elizablth Aniiriws James T. Anurlws John D. Bowdi;N Martin Burke Jane « ' . Byrd Otho K. Coleman Robert Collat Frank De Lamar Roderick Flowers Mildred Gaston Avis Goddard Catharine: Graham Pope Hoi eidav Alva Humphrey Nettie Israils IvEY Jacobs Charles Jeremias James A. Johnson Shirley Koontz QuENTiN Lee Jack Meadows Shirley Minsk Elizabeth Morrison Caroline Rabb Margaret Vance Farris Wilson Carl Wooten LoYD Yeargin =1 KiPPil DELTA n ENCOURAGES HIGH SCHOLASTIC STANDARDS IN PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION loiiiidrj at Lhiuvrsi y „f lll ,i,i s ni l ' )l I Bel a K.ijijhi Chiiplcr cs aN sbcl in I ' )29 OFFICERS Francis Blackwell President Mrs. W. 1. Flanagan Vice-Preshieii Marianne Adair Ciirrcspomliii " Secretary Marguerite Mundv Secretary-Treasurer H. B. Ritchie Counselor Marianne Adair Mary Alla Aliithe Bailuv VI ' ILMA Bf-ACHAM Francis Blackvc ' Lll Gi ADYS Brown Carolyn Byrd JuANiTA Clarm; Mrs. Hal Cii mi n is Hazll Di al Mrs. V. I. Flanagan RosLNA Flint MEMBERS Hllln Mary Glrdinl Magdallnl Gllnn Emma Jean Grant B. M. Grier Janice Hatcher Paul Herndon Morris King Lois Lancaster Elizabeth McCrelry luA McGukin Carl Merritt Mrs. Leila R. Mize Margui rite Mundy G. L. O ' Kelly Travis Osborne Anne Paine (ane Scott Nell Shockley Josephine Suit Mrs. Ra tii:l Sutton Emeliza Swain |i an Young « ?- r— 318 HARLEY BOWERS Presrdcnt NKilUil DELTA dill ASSISTS SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM IN SPONSORING PRESS MEETINGS AT THE UNIVERSITY OFFICERS 11arli Bow lrs I ' rc.s i c QUIMBV MhLTON, Jk Vicc-Prcs ilcii Beryl Sellers Scnr ary ]. T. Bradbury Treasurer Robert Brown Scr!iCiiii -a -Ariiis Lee Banks Cholly Drake Harold Mitchell Jim Tate Harley Bowers Garland Hayes SiGO MoHR Robert Turner |. T. Bradbury W ' lLi IS Johnson Eugene Petty John Turner Robert Brov n Lawrence McMaeion C. P. Scruggs Bob Vaneandingham George Doss Quimby Melton, Jr. Beryl Sellers Marcus Waits BANKS BRADBURY MITCHELL MOHR BROWN DOSS PETTY SCRUGGS DRAKE SELLERS WAITS HAYES TATE JOHNSON McMAHON TURNER, R. TURNER, J. VAN 319 u n i M n (i in it F I BRINGS ABOUT CLOSER RELATIONS BETWEEN COMMERCIAL WORLD AND STUDENTS OF COMMERCE idiiiiilid at iWii Yark i ' li iiisi in I ' m? I ' l CJuip ci is a Usl ' cJ ill 1 ' I22 OFFICERS Lee Darby Hcadmmiir John Bradley Treasurer Ernest Freeman Chancellor Ben Howell Scribe MEMBERS E. Bonner Ernest Freeman John Bradley Ben Howell Jack Calhoun Thomas Lee Walter Calhoun George Shaw Lamar Coffin Fred Taylor Lee Darby John Walden First row, left to right: Bonner, Bradley, Calhoun, J. . , Second row: Calhoun, W., Freeman, Howell. . . . Third row: Lee, Shaw, Taylor. 320 n F iH K 1 F n u SPONSORS RESEARCH PROJECTS IN COMMERCE FIELD I ' oiiinlcl at Ni-iv York Uiiinisify in 1904 Alpha Epsiloii Chapter iiis allnl in 1922 OFFICERS Leonard McConnell, Jk I ' lcsulcnt Howard B. Whitaker Vicc-l ' rcudenf Amon Cain, [r Secretary MEMBERS Amon Cain, Jr. W. C. Parker, Jr. Earl Carter Jimmie Sanders RoEL FowEER Gordon Smith Leonard McConnell, Jr. Roy Tuggle Robert Mobley Howard B. Whitaker First row, left to right- Cam, Carter, Fowler, Perkcr. . . . Second row: Sanders, Smith, Tuggle, Whitaker. Lamar Copf Tom Curry T. E. Davmj H. E. Dill WOODFIN f Lou McCl E. A. Mm Frank Thomp E C IL I) M I f S S (] I E T Y IS COMPOSED OF ECONOMICS MAJORS IdHinlcil ill l ' )lh OFFICERS Tn roN Grmr Frcsidcii MfcLviN Silverman Vice -President Newton Whatley Secretary Harvey Kirstein Treasurer First row, left to right: Ament, Barber, Bssingc- Bennett, Bick, Black, H., Black, J., Bonner. . . Second row Bornstein, Bradbury, Bradley, J., Bradley, W., Burt, Cain. Calhoun Callahan. . . . Third row: Cheves Curry David Dill, Dixon, Femgold, Fisher, Forehand. . . Fourth row: G-oover, Hausjr, Hendricks, Hill, Hillard Hirsc ' h Holt ' Howell. . . . Fifth row: Jackens, Johnson, Jones, Kantor. Kirstein, Kottelman, Lang, Levi. . . Sixth row ' - Lott Maguire, Manheim, McClamrock, Miles, Mills, Moore, Morrison . . . Seventh row: Reinstein Shell Silverman ' Spilky, Spratlin, St. John, Story, Struletz. . . , Eighth row: Talmadge, Taylor, Thompson TI ornto ' n Tibbetts ' Tugglc, ' A ' hatky, Wilson, Zachry. ' ' IrfciTlMililiiTI Mi : ' ..Aii Q n ' a n S fi ' " ■H AiM)| Hllll JfMlk k -4 - ' vf ' -r 322 I M A R K E T n G d L H B STUDIES PROBLEMS OF MARKETING AND ADVERTISING luiiiiidcd III l ' )40 OFFICERS Roy Tuggle President Geo rge Edwards Vice-President Leonard McConnell, Jr Secretary Howard ' W ' hitaker Treasurer MEMBERS Selby Benton George Edwards Alfred Maguire Richard Bornstein Roel Fo s■LER Leonard McConnell, Jr. Amon Cain Hattie Jane Green J. M. McRae Earl Carter Harvey H. Joiner Jasper Tilly Joe Christian Lorraine Koch Roy Tuggle, Jr. Dolores Doster Ed Lumpkin How aru Whitaker First row left to right: Bcnlon, Bornstein, Clin, Carter, Christian Doster, Edwards, Fowler. . . . Second row Joiner, Koch, Lumpkin, Megtire, McConnell, McRac, Tilly, Whitaker. ( fi (% o MARCUS WAITS IN U IH 11 i KAPPA HONORS STUDENTS WHO EXCEL IN RADIO WORK OFFICERS Mak( l ' s Waits VrcsiJriif Willis Johnson Vici-l ' rrsiilcnl Cholly Drake Secretary Frances Phillips Conc l ( ihliir Seire iiry First row, left to right: Drake, Freeman, Johnson. . . . Second row; J ones, Marshall, Phillips. . . . Third row: Scruggs, Wil- liams, Young. ROLL Cholly Drake Frances Phillips Lucille Freeman C. P. Scruggs Willis Johnson Marcus Waits Shirley Jones MoNTiNE Williams George Marshall Esther Young 324 Mr ] SPONSORS THE UNIVERSITY m m VARIETY HOUR . I ' oinii cJ ill I ' I4() Jf ' mm MARCUS WAITS President OFFICERS MEMBERS Marcus Wa.ts Prvsnln, T Z LL ' t " ' IZTk Lc " .! ToZr ZmZT Ma«v LomsE B«iLFV Lucille Freeman John R. Smith „ .. . T lEKiiY BicK Rose Jackson Maktha pHANcns Smith Charlie Drake Scciefury-Trciisiircr Rosalyn Bradshaw ijc ' ili is Tohnson Gladys Sommfrs Lawrence Buckliy Shirley Jones Mary Sutton •v, , n r . ' I - " ' Bernard Mary Clyde Tanner Willis Johnson Program Director Virginia Cooksey George Marshall Annette Tenenbaum Lloyd Denson Edwin Mims Valerie Varnon n J - ,. Georce Doss Audrey Murphy Marcus Waits Frances Phillips Proamlioil Manager Charlie Drake Janice Oettinclr Sarah Wilkerson Jack Ehrhart Frances Phillips Montine Williams Sara Etheredce Sue Pritchett Elise Wortsman C. P. Scruggs S lnlio Engineer Max Finch C. P. Scruggs Esther Young First row, left to right: AncJrews. Averitt, Bailey, Bick, Bradshaw, Buckley, Chesire, Cooksey, Denson. . . . Second row: Doss Drake Ehrhart Ethcredge Finch, Freeman, E., Freisleben, Freeman, L., Jackson. . . . Third row: Johnson, Jones, Leiberwiti, Marshall, Mims, Murphy, Octtinger, Phillips Pntchctt! . . . Fourth row: Scruggs, Shainker, Simmons, Smith, J. R., Smith, M. F., Sommers, Sutton, Tanner, Tenenbaum. . . . Fifth row: Varnon Wilkerson Williams Wortsman, Young. f First row left to right: Caldwell, Davis, Diftler Fletcher Ginn Hacke Harmon . Second row: Holllday, Huff, Johnson, Keeling, Lesser, Mathias, Meadows Third row Mims Phillips, Rouse, Rubin, Smith, Stephen Watson XI PHI XI SPECIALIZES IN SCIENCE FuKihli ' J III ! ' }6 OFFICERS Adin Steenland President BuRRELL Woods Vicc-Prcudciit Winifred Hacke Secretary-Treasurer J. T. Andrews Correspoiuiiii; Secretary P. H. Whitehead l-acnlty Adiiser MEMBERS J. T. Andrews Pope Holliday Waid Phillips William Caldwell Albert B. Huif Roy Rouse Hasseltine Davis James A. Johnson Florence Rubin Nathan Diftler Robert S. Keeling Ben Sanders Harold Fletcher Raymond Lesser John Smith Alan W. Ginn Horace Mathias Ad;n Steenland Raymond Grogan John C. Meadows James Stephen Winifred Hacke E. T. Mims William Watson Arthur Harmon Milledge M. Peterson Burrell Woods ORDER OF MORTiiR m PESTLE INFORMS STUDENTS OF PROBLEMS IN PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY , J FDiniilcilin 19)2 yVZLf OFFICERS L ,1| I. C. Smith ' 7 O. £. Smith Shelor Rodgeks ki l Waid Phillips Treasurer ■J H H MEMBERS I c. smith SIPNCV Allison Otha Colem in rRfO Grist Thomas Mecahel Eu Stoffrecen President Edgar AvRtEiT Marcus Cox William Hall Morris Mink Homer Stokes Philip Banner Francis Cronic Frances Ann Heard Willie Norvell J. H. Tavlok William Blasincame David Dalton Iohn Hicht Charles 0«en W. J. Tavlou William Britt Iack Dasher William Ho«ell Charles Parker Win mm Toran Marion Broaohlrst Lamar Doolev Robert Huff Elizabeth Pearci: K..,,i k i nSallace Frank Bro«n Billy Edwards Robert Johnson Waid Phillips I, « is Wist John Brov, ' N Lamar Elder John Lane Shelor Rodclks |ss,,s S■lllTE MliNER Carnes Norman Evans George Lipscomb Jock Roland Donaid Wielingham Henry Carswell Iames Fleming Frank Lynn E. D. Smith Giorge Wolfe Fred Chandler Carolyn Gilbert Herbert McMahan I. C. Smith John Wynne Iohn Coffee Garianu Giles Ci vdj MiMilian O. E. Smith First rov left to rigW: Allison, Avnetl, Banner, Blasingame, Britl, Broadhurst, Brown, F., Brown, J., Carnes, Carswell. . . . Second row: Chandler, Coffee, Coleman ' Cox Cronic Dalton Dasher Dooley Edwards, Elder. . . . Third row: Evans, Fleming, Gilbert, Giles, Grist, Hall, Heard, Hight, Howell, HuH. . . . Fourth row- Johnson ' Lane Lipscomb, Lynn, McMahan, Megahee, Mink, Norvell, Owen, Parker. . . . Fifth row: Pearce, Phillips, Rodgers, Roland, Smith, E. D., SmitF., O. ' E.. Stoffregen, Stokes, Taylor, J. H., Taylor, W. J. . . . Sixth row: Toran, Wallace, West, White, Willingham, Wolfe, Wynne. f i Sj f r CI c% f y " ■ - m. LdAh 327 Lil IISI ' irK llinilTEITIIIE SOHETY IS INTERESTED IN PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPING l-dinulnl ill yi2 OFFICERS Clarence Smith Pusitlni Edvc ' in Kenny Vice-President Sakah Mathews Secretary W ' li iiAM A. Jones Treasurer George W . Bone James L. Brawner James W. Brown Geraldine Cottingim Ruffin Davis Rowan B. Evans Thomas Gurley Homer W. Harris Rodney Harris Dorothea Herty First row, left to right: Bone, Brawner, Brown. . . . Second row: Cottingim, Davis, Evans. . . . Third row: Gurley, Harris, H. W., Harris, R. . . . Fourth row: Herty, Ingram, Kenny. . . . Fifth row: Kicffer, Leasman, Mathews. . . . Sixth row: Seymour, Stewart. Mar.iory Ingram William A. Jones Edwin Kenny Mahlon Kieffer Frank Bob Leasman Sarah Mathews Grover Seymour Clarence Smith Robert Stewart Jeanne Wolff 328 it R T L E A MI e SPONSORS STUDENT EXHIBITIONS, BRINGS OUTSTANDING ARTISTS TO CAMPUS i ' oinnltJ in ;440 OFFICERS George Cress President Peg Williams Hodgson Vice-President Sue Walker Secretary GEORGE CRESS President Katherine Morgan MEMBERS Dorothy Alexander Beth Hutchinson Gladys Sebring Charity Angle Helaine Krumholy Ezra Sellers Betty Ashmead Saramae Mason Shirley Slaughter NiTA Beam Alice Miller Ruth Smith Jane Blanchard Katherine Morgan Constancia Smith Joel Bolt Margaret Murphy Clara Stamps ToNi Brown Carolyn McCarthy Diane Stone Beverly Burke Grace McRae Mary Taylor Virginia Burns Nancy Phillips Lew Tilley Margaret Carson Katherine Rhodes Bunny Timmerman Dorothy- Douglas James Rousseau Sue Walker Flora Eve Josephine Sanders Wilmer Wallace Carolyn Foster Martha Jane Schnell Oleen Williams Shirley Gately Pig Williams Hodgson First row: left to right: Alexander, Angle, Ashrread, Beam, Blanchard, Bolt, Brown, Burke, Carson. . . . Second row: Douglas, Eve, Foster, Gately, Hutchinson, Krumholy, Mason, Miller, Morgan. . . . Third row: Murphy, McCarthy, Phillips, Rhodes, Rousseau, Sanders, Schnell, Sebring, Sellers. . . . Fourth row: Slaughter, Smith, R., Stamps Tilley, Timmerman, Walker, Wallace, Williams, Hodgson. 329 RAYMOND LESSER President First Term rKII iTI() lL l{EIJTIfl S CLUB PROMOTES STUDY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS T ' :3rB. OFFICERS First Term Ra moni) LissLR Pifsuhnt Jay Smith Vicc-Prcsidoil Elizabeth Ann Hosch Scrrctary-Tn-asiin-r P,es?d°en " ' se«nd Vm RLE CoCKE Lihra,ia„ Second Term RoBtRT CoLLAT President James Johnson Vice-Presicleii Pat Stodghill Serrefary-Treasiirer BoLLiNG DuBosE Libraiiiiii ROLL Bob Bennett Sidney Haskins Quimby Melton Erle Cocke Elizabeth Ann Hosch Gus Partee Robert Collat James Johnson Martha Postell William Darden Christine Jones Rosemary Reynaud Billy Dixon Harvey Kirstein Jean Ross George Doss Raymond Lesser Jay Smith Bolling DuBose Clifford Lewis Pat Stodghill Dosh W. Durden Doe Lewinson Douglas Thornton Harrietts Emerson Bobby Lipshutz Bob Van Landingham D. W. Grantham Irving Victor First row left to right: Bennett, Cocke, Darden, Dixon, Doss, DuBose, Durden, Emerson, Grantham. . . . Second row Haskins Hosch, Johnson, Jones, Kirstein, Lewis, Lewinson, Lipshutz, Melton. . . . Third row: Partee, Postell, Reynaud, Ross, Smith, Stodgill, Thornton, Van Landingham, Victor. C O. O f O ' " i MiJmiMwmmMi 330 EPi(;iiiiEi (ioiER. i (i mmi SPONSORS DANCES FOR CO-ORDINATE STUDENTS I ' duiidcd III 19 n ' OFFICERS Bill Dixon VrcsuUiit Betty Fleetwood iiccrctary Horace Whitener Trciisiinr QuiMBY Melton Public- Rclatioin Director Anne Allison Harrv Avedesion Gloria Bochman Lelia Cheney Dolly Chitty Everhart Cunningham ToMMiE Daniel Bill Dixon Martha Fambro Betty Fleetwood Billy Garrett MEMBERS Clark Harrison Richard Horsey Bevelyn Howard Henry Howard Clifford Lewis Jimmy Martin QuiMBY Melton John Miller Fred Miller Rye Page Betty Patterson Lucy Payne Phyllis Phillips Wallace Richter Fred Scott Bob Stewart Martha Sullivan Henry Turner Horace Whitener Tommy Wright Blanche Wallace First row, left to right: Allison, Avedesion, Bochnnan, CKeney, Chitty, Cunningham, Daniel, Fambro, Fleetwood, Garrett. . . . Second row: Harrison, Horsey, Howard, B., Howard, R., Lewis, Martin, Melton, Miller, J., Miller, F., Patterson. . . . Third row: Payne, Phillips, Richter, Scott, Stewart, Sullivan, Turner, Whitener, Wallace. 7iiish T II E 1 I) L 11 T U Y MEN ' S CABINET— SENIOR DIVISION Ai lowiiR Prcshhut JOMN RlDUY Vifc-l ' rcshlnil Dick Ki;nyon Vicr-l ' rrsnln, -. Mi.RKis Piiiii ' S Secrcfary lioBliiNNin Treasurer First low left to right; Barber, Bennett, Champion, Cocke, Coffee, Dixon. . . . Second row: Fitch, Grantham, Kenyon, Macey, Orr, Partec. . . . Third row: Penland, Phelps, Ridley, Royall, Storey, Hunter. I_ pQWLER President Hft fl ( !J r fL- Bv -jf ■ ' yL I A HL Jl S ° Bennett " TCT j , ' i Z 1 John Champion MkM MiB mt " VI BiM ; Mi co... ft I H ■ ■■H HHI IH .1 H ' , ' ;. B J «A m i john Coffee fl 1 t| H 4 ' " ' ' Dixon TTI CJ W I- F..NK PITCH., IK. - f fT i ' ' 1 FOWLIK yX ' ' W- ' C -A D. W. GK.NTH.M, JK. , S W T DICKKENVON 1 K ff H J H Morris Macey ■ Q S l!% O rlr- WOMEN ' S CABINET— SENIOR DIVISION Elizabeth Ann Hosch Vrcuileut Joan Orr Vice-Presiileiif mj-.- m Dot Daniel Scrir arv r Cfc ' ! i Vo Hammie Barnett Treasurer ' - " ' - p|,st row, left to right: Baldwin Barnett, Baxter, Daniel, Gillis, Farrrer, Fort. . . . Second row: Humphrey, ELIZABETH ANN HOSCH Hurlbutt, Orr, Plowdcn, Rogers, Sellers, Smith. . . . Third row: Summerford, Taylor, Weldon, Vance, Yates, Yearns. President ' w » ' ' • ALVA HuMPHKin Py ' i ai " | » f l JHH Marjorie Hurlbutt f M - ' ■ - e L ' • - ' -i j jai J» H Eva Claire Plowden 1. m , - H iSt m " ■ " M. A " ■ 1 ' jL . K Jl l Nancy Summertord Lois Taylor 9HR W tf M . H Bw fBi f f A - Kathleen Weldon HHi B . LV B - Bi B H ' - 9 ' ' Bl ' ft SS m tat . Margaret Vance ■■■I KiSm ' K rm n M KI Kii. l KF ■■ ' ! JuLM t Yearns SHHIHB B t J -ill « 332 r. RE LIU (KIN ilSN()(]HTIOI CO-ORDINATE COLLEGE CABINET Bevelyn Howard Prcsidciif Eba Smallwood Vicr-Prcsiclfii Betty Steele Vicc-Prcshlciit Betty Fleetwood Secretary Glut ORD Li wis Treasurer First row, left to rigtil: Barrow, Bcntley, Crawford, Fleetwood, French, Glenn, Haynic, Jon BEVELYN HOVX ' ARD Latimer, Lewis, Morgan, Neal, Raincy, Reynaud, Rigdon, Roberts. . . . Third row; Smallw President i " : ' :, Wilson, Winecoff. " jgj 1 j ip. Alice Barrow m» . K m ' ;M J - - ■ A ' M» X ' «=»» CHR,ST,.E JOXHS A.- ■ A A A. m V 1 Mary Nowell VRCT PVP B " I I 3 ' H 9 7 ' t ' Rosemary Reynaud ' r B W ' . WjRk r ' ■ W Sara Florence Rigdon W ' ' - 1 1 iilA Peggy Haynie Grace Wilson Ruth Rainey B ft ff- -T ' J- - • " M. • " " " f ' i " Frances Bentley Marjorie Glenn K " ' ' H ' F - k, 1 ' Anne Crawford Bi - ■ H ' ir tt Martha Latimer H ' ' . ' t HH H Ml Eleanor Morgan |H m k BS ,jrifl| Alice Neal H L. IMM t. TH A k. . - -. Ruby Roberts B Sara Smith fl| — . k Betty Solomon Eleanor Winecoff Martha French UNIVERSITY WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Bobbie Kimba ll I ' resii eii JiMMiE Smith Vice-President Jane Collier Vice-President Carol Lasher Secretury Mary Upchurch Treasurer First row, left to right: Adams, Carpenter, Chastain, Cheshire, Cobb, Collier, Cornwell, Evans, Farmer. . . . Second row: Ferguson Freeman, Gordy Haslam, Mollis, Howell, Jones, Lasher, Mathews. . . . Third row: McCuen, Myers, Upchurch, Pearcc, Smith, Sullivan, Willidms. Nell Adams Sara Carpextlr Virginia Chastain Eva Rob Cheshire Blanche Cobb Marcia Cornwell Charlotte Echols Jean Evans Julia Farmer Frances Ferguso.n Blanche Freeman Frances Gordv Ann Haslam Mary Hollis Frances Howell Betty Jones Sara Mathews Betty McCuen Mary Lou Myers Elizabeth Pearce Judy Sullivan Peg VCilliams 333 KILIWTIIIV KKLKlKirS ISSIK I ITIfl ' SOPHOMORE MEN ' S CABINET Wilbur Okr PnsiJcut George Statham . . . Vicc-PnsiJfi! George Doss Sccrcfary Frank Denham Tmnnrci- Woodson Ashiord Edwin Brackitt Clifford Martin James Martin Roger Reinhardt Kent Rosseter George Statham Sonny Williams First row, left to right: Ashford, Bu . . . Second row; Doss, Ma " , . . Third row: Reinhardt, FRESHMAN MEN ' S CABINET Fred Scott Pirsidctif Edgar O ' Quinn Vice-President Clark FiARRisoN Secretary Fred Miller . . Treasurer -w • George Anderson Robert Lanier Ai Upshaw Bentley Linton Bishop Herbert Capart George Lawrence i mm John Rogers FRED SCOTT President James Cheves Hampton Rowland Robert Joiner Pratt Secrest Howard Steinbridge Fir 5e M St row, left to right: Callaway, Drift .ond row: Huguley, Kelly, Lilly, Lyon encn, Nixon, Palmour. . . . Four t ' h r Gann, Garrett. . . . Third row: Mart ow: Polhlll, Sulliva FRESHMAN WOMEN ' S CABINET Lelia Cheney President Jane Gann Vice-President Challis Nixon . . . Secretary-Treasurer Louise Callaway Jody Driftmier Emily Garrett Ann Huguley Betty Kelly Margaret Lilly Ruth Lyons Mary Sue Martin Grace Meenen Ann Palmour Rosa Polhill Martha Sullivan Marian Weltner n FT I ST STUDENT BAPTIST STUDENTS IN SOUTHERN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES OFFICERS Al Fowler Pn-udctit Bob Bennett first Vue-Vrcudenl Kathleen Weldon Secoinl Vice-Prtsulciit Harold Story Third Vicc-Prcsulcnl Henry Massey Trcasur i Elizabeth Williamson Recording Secretary Carolyn Daniel, Luke Lassiti.r Corrcspmiding Sirrclariis Frank Denham Assistant Treamrcr Rosemary Baker Enlistment Virginia Burleson Social Bennett Hunter Devotional Blanche Freeman Pianist D. W. Grantham B. S. U. News Editor Emogene Grant Extension Director Carmi Ruth Fletcher. Mary Lou M lrs Magazine Ke resentatiies Gretchen Burnette Y.W. A. Representative Wilbur Orr S. S. Representative A. J. Powell, Wilma Poole B.T.U. Representatives Ann Huguley Freshman Representative A. T. Harmon Prince Avennc Representative H. B. Henderson Pacully Adviser II I I) I CHRISTIAN COUNCIL Curtis Avery Blanche Cobb Katherine Rice Harold Storey REVEREND D. B, NICHOLSON State Student Secretary Left to right: Bennett, Wcldon, Burleson, Storey, Hunter, Williamson, Daniel, Lassiter, Massey Denham Fre Grantham, Fletcher, Myers, Grant, Burnette, Orr, Powell, Poole, Rice, Storey, Avery, Cobb, Huguley ' Ha vi)i (i II LM (; II ri s aim SUPPORTS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ON THE CAMPUS Chartered in 1 940 OFFICERS First Term M. 11. 1J. XAU1) ' ,. JK. Chan man . I AMAR Coi I IN Spvakcr . Al FowLi R, Jr. ' hi--Sl cakcr B. C. Gardnir, |r. . ■ ■ SItcakcr-Pro-Tcm Harold Carti r Treasurer . David Smith Seirelary ■ Ernest Freeman Parliainetjtariau Second Terr . MOKI I ' l Hill Dix Ma I 111 R HvAlT . JOHN Miller Tom Penland Beryl Sellers Fred Scott, Jr. Al Williams Clerk Tommy Simmons Tommy Simmons ergeant-at-Arm Harley Bowers MEMBERS Bob Ben Gus Bn RiiD Bo H, B. Edwards, H. E. Ed«arD5 At. FowLr-K, Jn W A. Ha A. T. Ha» Tom Henc IN Sm First row, left to right: Bacon, Bcall, Bennett, Bernd, Boswcll, Bowers, Carter, Dixon, Donaldson. . . . Second row: Edwards, H. E., Fowler, Freeman, Gardner, Gardner, B. C, Jr., Hargrove, Harmon, Hcndrix, Hillard. . . . Third row: Howell, Huiett, Hyatt, Jackson, Lassitcr, Lawson, Leach, Long, Martin. . . . Fourth row: McConnell, Mellon, Metzgcr, Miller, Murphy, Penland, Pittard, Rambo, Scott. . . . Fifth row: Sellers, Simmons, Smith, D., Smith, F., Wesley, Wheeler, Whitaker, Williams, Worthy. £f f f n n fH r o ( r o 1 L p II I z n 1 RECOGNIZES LEADERSHIP AND SCHOLARSHIP IN COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE loniitUil at Ohio U iiii crsi y Georgia Chapter es ahlisbed in 1914 OFFICERS C. B. Seckinger Chanrellni Curtis Avery Censor E. T. MiMs Scribe hi V Jacobs Treasurer Adin Steenlanu Chronicler |a( k Tumlin Guide MEMBERS Curtis Avery Al Fowler Bob Keeling Horace Mathias John Preston Byron Suddeth John C. Calhoun Joe Fowler Luke Lassiter E. T. MiMS Austin Rheney BuFORD Torrance Herbert Darsey Olin Ginn Carl Lawson James Mulligan Dennis Rouse Jack Tumlin Irby Exley Mather Hyatt Quentin Lee Bill Oppenheim C. B. Seckinger LoYD Yeargin Harold Fletcher Ivey Jacobs Murray Marcus A. J. Powell Adin Steenland First row, left to right: Avciy, Calhoun, Exley, Fletcher, Fowler, A., Fowler, J., Sinn, Hyatt, Jacobs. . Second row; Keeling, Lassiter, Lawson, Lee, Marcus, Mathias, M!ms, Mulligan, Oppenheim. . . . Third Powell, Pieston, Rheney, Rouse, Steenland, Suddeth, Torrance, Tumlin, Yeargin. Ti. " f?S ft . O ll i 337 U H SUPPORTS PROJECTS OF THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE ioiiinffJ in V ,V OFFICERS Curtis Avi-ry President Al Fow 1 1 R Virc-Pifsidiii M. P. Makiin, )r Sf(rc ii})-Tn-asiircr First row: Calhoun, Durdcn, Fowler. . . . Second row: Hyatt, Keeling. Martin. . . . Third row: M!ms, Rheney, Seckinger. . . . Fourth row: Tumlin, Williams. MEMBERS Curtis B. Avery John C. Calhoun Jack Burden Al Fowler Mather M. FiYATT Robert F. Keeling M. P. Martin, Jr. Edwin T. Mims Austin Rheney Charles B. Seckinger Jack Thomas Tumlin O. Albert Williams L. H. AKl Ctcii. Atta VP. L. Beu. Ed Bkachet " GEORGIA FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA " rotiiidcd ill ;y w OFFICERS First Term Second Term WvATT Poshv PreuJeiil R. A. Colter ai ■ Carthel Anderson Vice-President Hal Godwin ' ' ,._ ; Warren Dixon Secretary Eugene Hudson ■ ™ ' " Smiley B. Hati her Treauirer William Moore A COLTER WYATT POSEY JoE Fowler Reporter Watson Fuller nt, Second Term President, First Term W. L. F.ubank5 Parliamentarian Al Fowler MEMBERS Tom Claxton W. L. Eubanks VfAiriK Hlnmrson | mf.s Lord Eimo PArMiK C. D. SlMS R. A. Cor.TEK Mac Finch Eimo Hestir Edmund Martin Iohn B. l RrsToN Rov Steadham GioRt.r DicKERSON Bennett Eeovd W. R. Hornbuckle I. Miles Tom Peniand Curtis Stricrea Warren Dixon Ae Fowler Daniel B. Hulsev Whliam Moor. Aian Pittard Byron Suddeth VCavne Do ier I. M. Fo«LrR |oE Iamison Aibert MorrI ' , Edward Poweii Charles SwAN Sam Dunawav Watson Fuller R. 1.. Johnson |o. E. Mundv VAsro Procior Loy Trowell |A K DURDEN Hal Godwin Batily Jones Iames Nix Wyatt Posei Tom Watts Rush Dye P. D. Grieeith Eucenl Jordan Dewiy Newton Eiton Rfei R. C. Webb Tom Fari-, Foster Harris |ohn Kiic.obe Ci yue Outz R C. Shi rrii i Joe Thomas W 1 [.us l.Nt.lls SSIIMY B. HaT.IIIK IllEON ln«RV SaM 1 ' aRRMAN Xl ' ll SjMI ' SON FlOYD YeLTON First row, left to right: Anderson, Akins, Attaway, Bell, Brackett, Bray, Bridges, Carson, W., Carson, H., Carter, Claxton. . . . Second rosv: DIckerson, Dixon, Dozier, Dunaway, Durden, Dye, Early, Eubanks, Finch, Floyd, Fowler, A. . . . Third row: Fowler, J. M, Fuller, Godwin, Griffith, Harris, Hatcher, Henderson, Hester, Hornbuckle, Hulsey, Hudson. . . . Fourth row; Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kilgore, Lord, Martin, Moore, Morris, Mundy, Nix, Newlon. . . . Fifth row: Outz, Parkman, Palmer, Preston, Penlar.d, Piltard, Powell, Proctor, Reed, Sherrill, Sims. . . . Sixth row: Steadham, Strickland. Suddath, Swann, Trowell, Watts, Webb, White, Yclton. n f| n c o 6 ,D f rj a r q, ( o 9 et Q a : fi ■ ■ V ■M.-jimMWSMmMmm ■HIM o Q „q ..a a n Q 33y KillKILTIIliL E ril. EUIHi n llB IS INTERESTED IN RURAL ELECTRIFICATION, SOIL CONSERVATION, FARM MACHINERY AND BUILDINGS First Term Olin Ginn - • Clyde N. Mizi D. L. Pavnl . . . PrciiJctll ■ ■ Vicf-Premlnit . . Secretary . T. F. LuMSDEN Scribe H RoMi Fletchhr TrcttsJircf Second Term . Ci.vni N. Mi i . • Harold Kino William Strauss . Cecil S. Mizl Harold Fletcher R. E. CAii PnUtTT Clf T. A. Cra« R. W. Crek .1. C. Ellisc J. F. Epps I. S. Exi.iiT H. C. I llTfH n. L. ITROR C. E. G«KNII M. D. Georgi O. W. GlNN H. B. Gooi SB I, I. Hardin n. X. Ha 1 ' .. W. Hav J. I-. Mini H, C. Ho-i S. D. JoHh B. W. Kem Vf. n. KF MEMBERS H. Mi ' , King I. G. Lamar T. F. LUMSDEN ]■•. L. Mays. Jr. Doyle Merritt E. A. Miles F. T. MiMv ( . N. Ml, . S, Mi i K. Mock I. T. Par. O. D. Par D. L. Pay H N. Pi 1 . Y. Porter R. L. Poss ;. E. RoBERTr Leonard Rot C. J. Roberts C. B. Seckinc V. A. Sherim First row, left to right: Callaway, Clements, Creighton, Ellison, Epps, Exiey, Fletcher, Firor, Garner. . . . Seco Haynes, Henderson, Howard, Johnson, Kemp. , . . Third row: Kenny, King, Lamar, Lumsden, Mays, Merritt, Mi Parady, Parr, Payne, Pearson, Porter, Poss, Robertson, Rotolo. . . . Fifth row:Roberts, Seckinger, Sheriff, Skinner, R, 1 . Smnnir n, M. Smiih, Jr. M. J, Stei-hens «■. A. Strav ' ss ( . t. W ' Al I l . G. West Sami ' M VI ' iison Isby, Harden, Harrell, . Fourth row: Mock, Wall, West, Wilson. Ck C ( % Q O -f «ft o ai r FOIIOTKV LIIB IS COMPOSED OF STUDENTS IN SCHOOL OF FORESTRY hoiiin fcl 111 1914 OFFICERS First Term JOHN C. Calhoun Presiilciit HoRACt; Mathias Vice-President Bill Oppenheim Secretary Cari Lawson Treasurer Second Term Bill Oppenheim President Earl Jenkins Vice-President Albert Salt . . Secretary Carl Lawson Treasurer XI Slum PI PROMOTES FRATERNAL RELATIONS AMONG FORESTRY STUDENTS National organization founded in 1915 Xi Chapter established in 1 94 1 OFFICERS John Calhoun Forester Horace Mathias Associate Forester Murray Marcus Secretary-Fiscal Agent John Jarrell . ' . Ranger First row, left to right: Diftlcr, Gosgans, Jarrell, Kcelins. . . . Second row Lawson Marcus, Mathias, McComb. . . . Third row: Morgan, Oppenheim, Robinson, Salt. ' MEMBERS John Calhoun Nathan Diftler Floyd Goggans John Jarrell Robert Keeling Carl Lawson Murray Marcus Horace Mathias William McComb Herbert Morgan William Oppenheim John Thomas Robinson Albert Salt O i iGKiciiLTiiiuL Ei;u. iiiii(;s ) umi mnim an DISCUSSES VOCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES IN AGRICULTURE l-iniiiilcil in l ' )U MATHER HYATT President, First Tern TOMMY SIMMONS President, Second Tcrrr First Term M.MHIR Hi M 1 . Fllion Holland Tommy Simmons Glorge Gaines . John Crumley . Tommy Simmons . . Prcmient . ■ • Vice-PresiJftif . Hecretary-Treasurcr Pa,hamc„ arh,„ ■ ■ Refiorler . ■ Second Term . Tommy Simmons • Emogenl Barnes Arthur B. Carlan . . George Gaines . Christine Craig An Hill Coiimil Frances Rogers Hyatt Hakmon J MoZtLL JC Mtkiam Jo Ruby Jon, Anne Ti Thances Whe Alma Wise Helen Zacho UN Dempsey Martha Holbrook M. P. Martin, Jr. First row, left to right: Bailey, Barnes, Brown, Camp, Carlan, Castellaw, Craig, Crumley, Duncan. . . . Second row: Foster, Harrell, Harrison, Hender- son, Hodges, Holbrook, Holland, Hyatt, R., Jackson. . . . Third row: Johnson, Jones, Knrght, Martin, McEleveen, McGee, Merrill, O ' Shrclds, Parrish. . . . Fourth row: Plowden, Poole, Preston, Rice, Ridgcway, Roberts, Rogers, Smith, G., Smith, M. , . . Fifth row: Simms, Suddeth, Trunell, Waldrep, Wansley, Wheeler, Wilson, Wise, Zachos, Zelliner. £4 4ik 1 Li? 111 n D II L IJ il i » n K L III I |] L II B SPONSORS THE LITTLE INTERNATIONAL LIVE STOCK SHOW luiuudcd ill I ' 120 AUSTIN RHENEY President, First Term ALBERT WILLIAMS ' resident. Second Terrr David CuRTfs Avery Henry J. Barnes Henry Barnes HoYT Barron Osgood Bateman MCll lAC First Term Austin Rhtnev PrcsiJenI J. A. Smith Vicc-PmiJsn Harry Barnes Secretary Henry Barnes Treasurer Hilly K. Jones Ri ' lmr cr Second Term VreiiJcl ■ ■ . Vue-Preshleiil Tom C. Penland Secretary Billy Blalock Treasurer George Jones Reporter Mo Albert Wil ARD BAZEMORE C. H. Odom Bazl John H. Th loHN T. Th C. B. TORKEI JONE, s H Kn John McElmli Tom McGee J. J. M.LLEK luLrAN M. Mo I»ED MoOKt First left to right: Anderson, Avery, Barnes, H. J , Barnes, H., Second row: Christmas riaxton, Cliett, Coodv, Copeland, Davis, Denhi Fields, Garner, Garrard, Gibbs, Graham, Haley, Mailman, Hardy, Ha dieston, Hyatt, Jennings, Jones, W. K., Jones, G., Knox, Lasslter, Lawn Mauldin, McElmurray, McGce, Miller, Montgomery, Moore, Morris, Porter, Ralcy, Rhync, Rigdon, Robinson, Robertson, Sanders, Smith. . Watts, Blackwell, Blalock, Denton, Dick ;n. Hartley, H :, S., Lawrenc Moiris, C, Morton 1, Dorminy, Durde y, Higglnbotham. , Durham, Edwards. . , . . . Fourth row: Henderson, Fifth row: Luckey, Martin, Odom, Outz, B., Outz, C, Third row: Evans Hornbuckle, Hud E., Martin, M. P. Padgett, Penland Torrcnce, Waldrep 2 a i; II II II M V i; L li B DISCUSSES SOIL AND PLANT GROWTH First Term Di-NNis Rousi; MoRT PKr.i Li;s Qui.NTiN S. Li r . WlLUAM HORNliUCKI 1 Ci AUDE Rhyni: . Bill Caldwell . Austin Rheney . idiiihhcl ill ri4il OFFICERS . l reside II I . Vuc-Vrcsidciit . Sccir iii) . Treasurer I ' arliamcntariaii . Reporter . Critic Second Term MoRT Peeples QuENTiN S. Lee . W. C. Cooper John Hinton Bob Milan Claude Rhyne . Pete Rhyne Hov I Barron Braxton Harrison Lrki) Bell Robert D. Harrison Rali ' h C. Buchanan Guy Henry Bill Caldwell John Hinton W. C. Cooper William Hornbuckle James H. Fambrough MEMBERS QuENTiN S. Lee John McElmurray Tom McGee Bob Milan Malcolm Morton Husky Odum Mort Peeples William Pi-eiffer John Preston Austin Rheney Claudi Rhyne Pete Rhyne Mitchell Roan Dennis Rouse Byron Suddeth Albert Williams First row, left to right: Barron, Bell, Buchanan, Caldwell, Cooper, Fambrough, Harrison, R. D. Henry. . . . Second row: Hinton, Hornbuckle, Lee, McElmurray, McGee, Milan, Morton, Odum. . . . Third row: Pfeiffer, Preston, Rheney, Rhyne, C, Rhyne, P., Roan, Suddeth, Williams. Z IN U JUNIOR SCHOLARSHIP ORGANIZATION Fonihlcd al the University of Georgia in l ' - 20 Marcarii Vanci: . Jacquelink Houges I ' nsidciil Tri ' iisiirc ' r MARGARET VANCE President Wilma Beecham Neva Beers Sara Etheridge Flora Lee Eve Clara Hamilton ROLL Jacqueline Hodges Alva Humphrey Rose Jackson Jean Louise Neary Margaret Lynn Shaw Martha Lee Smith Pat Stodghill Margaret Vance Henri Whitaker 345 Ill irNiLii II II I nil) I RECOGNIZES PROMINENT WOMEN IN HOME ECONOMICS ' ii i( iiiil Ori iiii zation organizcil in l )Ui on tl ' is campus ELIZABETH STEVENS President OFFICERS Elizabeth;ns PicsiJcnf Mary Alice Anderson Historian Dorothy Smith Vicc-PrcsiJcnl Frances Honxell Candle Editor Mary Upchlrch Secretary Kathleen Weldon Librarian Jane Collier Treasurer Betty Harrison Chaplain Ruby Adams Betty Crumbly Frances King Dorothy Smith Mary Alice Anderson Betty Harrison Nan McCreery Elizabeth Stevens Mariam Camp Frances Howell Mildred Reeves Mary Upchurch Jane Collier Kathleen Weldon First row. left to tisht: Adams, Anderson, Car McCreery, Reeves. . . np. Collier, Cry . Tllird row: 5 mbly •nith, , . . Second row: Harrisc Upchurch, Weldon. n, How ell, King, K fSL. Vl f ' 343 N E I II II II E i; II N STUDIES IMPROVEMENTS IN HOME ECONOMICS NAN McCREERY I B | ' i OFFICERS rfl ' ' " ' 1 1 -- B •■ » Nan McCreery i IT k " 4i " w PrcsiJciit K J ' jBE " " r Marion Edwards Virc-Prcsitlcitf Wmmi sm:3lMm ' Wl HB iKHi .l i.: f Bettu: Harrison Record II g Secretary Carolyn Crummey H A ■ m - m aft A L ' ' Corresponding Secretary Alma Wise ' Treasurer, Fall Ouarte " ■ Vera Ashw orth W , . P " 5 ' ' ° " ' ' = ♦ ' ° " 9 ' ' - Ed-ards, Harrison, Crummey, Wise i reasurer, W niter (Jliarter McElveen, Stephens, O ' Neal, Andrews. . . , Third SENIOR ROLL KAIHrtLN VfiilDON W ' urr .rr ' j ;;J. or »; Asr„r ;«rr Dot Timm M,-iiil rn jip Chairmia Kathuvn RrcE .... Frogram Chdirmaii Gkace McElvees So, ul Sir.vrr CUirmun Elizabeth Stephens BulUlin Board Chairman Saka Q-Neai Rcprcsentatin- l„ junior Homecoii TKA.vrES A.NDI(E«S Rfl-nletitaliir In ii.i or Homrcoil Martha Re:d Room Chiirmav DoKis Knicht Poster Chairman BlANCHE Cobb Srrap-hook Chairman Ilov Sullivan S,„,or Rcpr,!cnla .,e to Ag Hi ' .l Conncil Ruby Adams Senior Rr-jirccntatri .■ to Ag Hrll CoaucI Weldon. . Knight, Co GRACE MEENEN •sident, 11:30 Sectir CATHERINE GRIFFIN President, 12:30 Section H]Un HOME(]0 Left to right: Dasher, Clarkson, Weir, Moblcy, B arron, Estes. OFFICERS 11:30 Section 12:30 Section Grace Meenln President C MHl RINl GrIFEIN Mabel Dasher Vice-President Joyce Mobley Eleanor Clarkson . Secretary Amy Barron Sue Weir . . . Treasurer . . Gloria Estes IDLiii, in iiirri Ni(;ri nil HONORS WOMEN JOURNALISTS I ' oinulcil at the Uniicrsi y of Washiiiiifoii in 1909 (urnX ' c Chapter fuinnhj in I ' ll ' ) OFFICERS Jean Ross President Elise Wortsman Vice-President RosALYN Bradshaw Secretary Valerie Varnon Treasurer ROLL RosALYN Bradshaw Sue Pritchett Virginia Wayne Eva Bob Cheshire Sue Ransom Sarah Wilkerson Anne Haslam Ann Shepard Elise Wortsman Frances Phillips Valerie Varnon . . , Second row: Shepard, Wayne 348 f f 7 M Z " CLH IS SOPHOMORE HONOR SOCIETY Iniiiiilcd ill the I ' li in-M y iif (.;cov: ia in l ' 4 First tow, left to tight: Fleetwood, Howatd. . . . Secotid tow: Lewis, Rigdon. . . . Third row: Small- wood. OFFICERS ETTY FLEETViOOD . . Secretary Betty Fleetwood Bevelyn Howard ROLL Clifford Lewis Sara Florence Rigdon Eba Smallwood Lois Taylor 349 iLPIH IJMIIIM UGLTA PROMOTES SCHOLARSHIP AMONG FRESHMEN WOMEN Founded nationally in l ' - 24 Georgia Chapter estahlished in nH OFFICERS Christine Jones President CHRISTINE JONES President Elizabeth Ho ROLL ' |R(.IN1A AUAMS Elizabfih How ard Betty McCuen Gladys Sommers Ann Allison Mary Howell Mary Nowell Virginia Starr Elma Anthony Dorothy Huff Martha Patat Josephine Towler Mary Jean Craft Christine Jones Mary Elizabeth Ragsdale Mary Walker Margaret Ann Crawford RhONA KOPLIN Rose Mary Reynaud Fay Watkins Dorothy Everitt Lois Lancaster Ruby Roberts Grace Wilson Betty Fleetwood Martha Latimer Frances Saxon Ollie Jo Wood Dorothy Ford LouiLA Levie Marianna Slack Jean Young Doris Golden Margaret McLain Martha Lei Smith First row, left to right: Adams, Allison, Anthony, Craft, Crawford, Everitt, Fleetwood, Ford. . . . Se Golden, Howard, Howell, Huff, Koplin, Lancaster, Latimer, Levie. . . . Third row: McLain, McCue Patat, Reynaud, Roberts, Saxon, Slack. . . . Fourth row: Smith, Sommers, Starr, Towler, Walker, Watkin Wood, Young. E D I] U T 1 1 f 1 11 B IS COMPOSED OF FUTURE TEACHERS l-diimli ' J ni ri4l A. T. Harmon JosEPHiNF Suit Leslie Canthe; Charles D. Ch Ben Christie Ren Christie H. B. COLQUITl Marv Jo Dalle Haseltine Day Sara Dickensoi OFFICERS iJci:l MUKITL HaLPRIN hlci7l Dr. Floyd Jorda Sn r. .irv-rr, ' .isn . laniltyAJi. C. J. Grant D. W. Granth J. E. Greene Ruth Greene Pat Griffith Lorene Holcom Doi Hamrick MEMBERS ,RV HemBRII UL HERNDON .CLNIA Hill LNEVA HODr.ES EN KeLTNLR • INIA KeNNON IBETH MaTHIOS Ml 1E Ruth McCav Ka THV McClain He V McCoNNtLL Ga DE McCuRRV Ed McDanill Be E McElvilen Lo Marguerite Mu Marv Lou Mvfi A. T. HARMON 351 « :«» fe w — • A class football team of forty years ago, when athletics were getting started at Georgia. THE ITH Homecoming Game, 1941 — Coach Butts and Captain Allen watch from the bench as Dartmouth Indians are scalped. LETin During .iiuc-bclluin days, the University paid slight attention to the physical development of its students, and Georgia had almost passed the century mark be- fore organized athletics became a reality. Football and baseball teams at Georgia originated with early class teams, which engaged in vigorous competition with each other during the eighties and nineties. Annual " Field Day " events laid the founda- tion for the now-popular track meet. Such events as the half-mile bicycle race, the hammer throw, and the 100-yard class race comprised the held day. No inter-collegiate competition was held at tliat time. KM- LEFT: P; i i .. ,; ; ,. ,■ l n- firtl WorlJ V.„ ABOVE: r jc „llcrmilh u a pi„h ball S " " " ' . About 1889, fraternities organized tennis clubs for the purpose of playing other tennis clubs. In 1890 football teams were formed by representatives of each class. No coaching staff was employed at that time, and no offi- cial schedule was drawn up. About 1892, Glenn S. ( " Pop " ) Warner was brought down to Georgia as coach and trainer for the purpose of showing the student body how football should be played. Games were played whenever the University could sched- ule a game. Georgia ' s first inter-collegiate attempt with Auburn was in 18 92. Georgia came out on the short end of a 10-0 score. Basketball began about 189 5 with the organization of class teams. The golf team originated with the Golf Club of 1902. Intercol- legiate tennis was played for the first time in 1908. Improved athletic facilities began with the erection of Herty Field. Next, Sanford Field was laid out, and in 1929 work was completed on Sanford Stadium. The outlook for the 1929 football team was not bright. The team consisted of a group of green sophomores with few return- ing lettermen. Georgia had scheduled a game with the powerful Yale bulldogs for a game in which to dedicate Sanford Stadium. The outlook for the Red and Black team was gloomy, but the spirited " Flaming Sophomores " won by a score of 1 5 to 0. 354 Th- late II. I. Slcufinan. long- l,mc D,r,,l„r o Grorxw ' i .. .- BELOW: Co-ed Rifle Team in I ' L ' ' Up until 1941, the University of Georgia had never sent a football team to any bowl. However, through the efforts of the coaches, the spirit of the team, and the support of the student body, Georgia completed the season with the best record in many years, and received an invitation to the Orange Bowl in Miami, Fla. Georgia defeated Texas Christian University by a score of 40 to 28. Through the years, Georgia ' s athletics teams have been con- tributing factors toward making the University one of the best known schools in America. Such names as " Bob " McWhorter, Alfred Scott, " Bum " Day, " Chick " Shiver, Tom Nash, " Catfish " Smith, " Spec " Towns, Frankie Sinkwich, and many others will long remain a lasting memory in the minds of Georgia supporters. Georgia ' s athletic history is a story of climbing from complete obscurity to a place in the nation ' s athletic hall of fame. RIGHT: " Sff, " Touui. 120 }Ush Hurcler WorlJ Champion, reprt- wnled Ctoriia in Ihc 19)6 Ohm- pic Games al Berlin. Aeithclic dancing wui popular in tht- late 2(l ' i f f IM ' (i " CLUB HONORS OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN ATHLETICS OFFICERS Clarencu Welch President Curtis Nelson Sccre ary-Treasiirer Cluf KiMSEY Scrgcant-at-Arms FACULTY MEMBERS John Broadnax William Tate Howell Hollis Forrest Towns QuiNTON Lumpkin ROLL Alfred W. Scott Hevward Allen Tommy Green Leonard Parker Charlie Anderson Everett Horne Homer Passmore Joe Bryant Wilson Hudson Wyatt Posey Will Burt Steve Hughes George Poschner Leo Costa Joe Jameson Henry Powers Lamar Davis Green Keltner Clifford Roland Van Davis Kenneth Keuper Walter Ruark Andy Dudish Cliff Kimsey Frank Sinkwich Gene Ellenson Paul Kluk Jim Todd Bill Godwin Bobby Moore Clarence Welch Winfred Goodman Curtis Nelson Lewis Woodruff First row, left Coach Mollis. . Coach Towns. o right: Coach Lumpk . . Second row: Mr. . . Third row: Dean n, Hughes, Roland, Davis, Van, Broadnax, Home, Ruark, Parker, Tate, Anderson, Moore, Costa, Kcuper, Bryant, Dr. Scott. Nelson, Welch Kimsey, Dudist Da»is, Lamar, Todd, Powers, Goodman, , Poschner, Ellenson, Burt, Godwin, Sinkwich, Green, I H H ' _-|__ a|| H HMMH|HH l l ' ' ■l . 1 M 1 o P HR 9 m ibt i ' y kl ZjJ iMf K ' 356 First row left to nghl: Allen, Anderson, Bryant, Burt, Costa. . . . Second row; Davis, Lannar. Davis Van, Dudish, Ellenson ' Godwin Third row: Goodman, Greene, Home, Hudson, Hughes. . . . Fourth row: Kelter, Kcuper, KImspv ' Kluk Moore . Fifth row: Nelson, Parker, Passmore, Posey, Poschner. . . . Sixth row: Powers, Roland, ' ' ■ ' Ruark, Sinkwich, Todd, Woodruff. r iii]iiNiiv (IF (;i;iiitui ITIILKT mlt OFFICERS Harmon W. Cai dw i i i W. O. Payne . . . President Secretary Treasurer ■M-HiSi .). D. Boi Tox FACULTV MEMBERS W. D. HOOIM R E. D. PUSEY Alfred W. Scott L. L. Hkndren Robert L. McW ' horter R. H. Drhtmier S. V. Saneoru V. O. Payne . . • Faculty Chairman of Alhlclics [OHN Broadnax Assistant ALUMNI MEMBERS A G. Dudeey Athens Dan MacDougald Atlanta Thomas S. Meli Athens George A. Sancken Augusta Marion Smith Atlanta Watson Walker Macon George C. Woodruff Columbus George Hains Augusta A. A. Lawrence Savannah Robert B. Troutman Atlanta Miller R. Beli MilledgeviUe THE r II E E R L U D E R S MEN Billy Strauss Head Cheerleader Bill Malone Senior Cheerleader Beverly Langford . . . Junior Cheerleader Bob Harrison Junior Cheerleader WOMEN Dorothy Blank Betty Jane Horton Mary Womack The tumblers perform before fhe football crowds. STRAUSS MALONE LANGFORD HORTON BLANK HARRISON WOMACK 1 5 Beginning of the 1941 season, one of the best in the Bulldog ' s history — Davis snags a pass. ooiUU ■?% iP l:: (Mhinili lJ NTAFF ' - t Head Coach BuUs strikes a determined pose. Wallace Butts Head Football Coach J. B. Whitworth Line Coach J. V. SiKES End Coach and Head Baseball Coach Bill Hartman . . Backfield Coach and Freshman Baseball Coach Elmer A. Lampe . . Football Scout and Head Basketball Coach Forrest Towns . Assistant Football Coach and Head Track Coach Howell Mollis Head Freshman Football Coach and FIcad Tennis Coach QuiNTON Lumpkin Assistant Freshman Football Coach and Head Freshman Track Coach Left to right: Coaches Slices, Whitworth, Mollis, Butts, Hartman, and Lumpkin. Fritz Lutz, the Bulldogs ' Trainer 360 FRLE COCKE, JR. Team Manager 1942 SCHEDULE September 19, Kentucky Louisville, Ky. September 26 Open October 2, I ' urman Athens October 1(1, Mississippi Athens October 17, Tulane Athens October 24, Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio October 31, Alabama Atlanta November 7, Florida Jacksonville, Fla. November 13, Center Athens November 21, Auburn Columbus November 28, Tech Athens liHGERS OF THE 1911 BULLDOGS Erle Cocke, Jr Team Manager Louis Trousdale Equipment Manager SOPHOMORES Bill Ainslil Reynolds Smith James Williams FRESHMEN James P. Cheves, Jr. Charles Evans Tom Hendrix LOUIS TROUSDALE Equipment Manager Left to right: Ev Ainshe, Smith, Che Tin; IIILLIKILS II TRilllllG I. Preparing for the uniform that wows 2. The foot bath. ... 3. Getting the Icinks removed so they ' ll be ready to play more football. ... 4. Maguire gets his legs in condition for the dance. . . . 5. Coach Butts delivers his usual enlighten- ing lecture. ... 6. Georgia players wear the latest styles in campus footwear. . . . 7. There shall be no graft! ... 8. Lutz works out that morning-after feeling. . . . 9. Headmg for the training room after a tough practice. 362 II 5! k. 1. i Captains Allen and Kinnsey talk over the situation with Coach Butts. GEORGIliS 1941 ORilUE BOWL TEIM Hevvpard Allen, Capfu. Senior, Tailback Cliff Kimsey, Alternate Captain Senior, Blockiny Back ningham, Ab. Cornelin, Ga. VAN DAVIS Morris Phelps Louisville, Ky. Junior, End Charles Christian Memphis, Tenn. Senior, Emf Earl Marshall Wheeling, W. Va. Sofihomnre, Emi Jim Lee Atlanta, Ga. Sophomore, Guard Melvin Conger Atlanta, Ga. Sophomore, End Tommy Greene Macon, Ga. Senior, Tackle XX ' VATT POSEV Headland, Ala. Senior, Tackle 363 r af L d 1 fm ■ m i ' 1 iititl iiiMiittiiiiiiii It lirMiBiitiiWitfiiiiiiliiiliAtF M Green Keltner . Memphis, Tcnn. junior, Tackle Gi-NE Ellenson . . Miami, Fla. jiniior. Tackle Clarence Nelson, Memphis, Tenn. Sophomore, Tackle Brooks Pierce . . . Trion, Ga. Sophomore, Tackle Walter Ruark . . Bostwick Ga hn„or, Guard Garland Williams, Heath, Tenn. Sophomore, Tackle Everett Horne . Louisville, Ky. Junior, Guard Harry Kuniansky . Atlanta, Ga. junior. Guard Will Burt .... Macon, Ga. Junior. Guard WiNFRED Goodman . Atlanta, Ga. Senior, Guard ]. P. Miller .... Athens. Ga. Sopboniore, Guard Steve Hughes . . . Rome, Ga. Senior, Center Bill Godwin . . Blytheville, Ark. Sophomore, Center Lamar Davis . . Brunswick, Ga. junior, Wingback Leo Costa Athens, Ga. junior. Center LAMAR DAVIS 364 .■iv. ■ WOODRUFF Gus Lltchas . . . Thomasvillc, Ga. Homlr Passmori; . . . Valdosta, Ga. Clvdl Ehrhakdt, Murfreesboro, Tcnn. Alf And.irson .... Dalton, G.i. Sot joiiioic, Winghaik liniior. Blocking Buck Sot)homorc, Center Sup mniurc, EiiJ ]. C. MiLLLR . . . Hiawassee, Tenn. Joe Polak .... Milledgeville, Ga. Louis Woodrui f . . . ■ Griffin, G,i. MtLL Brav . t liens, Ga. Sopbowoir, Wiiigback Sophomore, Blocking Back Senior, Fulllnick Junior, End Jerry Nunnallv . . . Athens, Ga. Walter Macuire . . . Athens, Ga. Dick McPhee . • ■ Canficld, Ohio Brooker Blaxton- . . Valdosta, Ga. Sophomore, Winghack Sophomore, Blocking Buck Sophomore, Fullback junior. Tailback Jim Todd Laurens, S. C. Andy Dudish Breslau, Pa. George Poschner, Youngstown, Ohio Jim Lewis .... Waynesboro, Ga. Junior, Tailback Junior, Wingback Junior, End Sophomore, Tackle Ken.nlth Keeper . Waukesha, Wis. Hen ' ry Powers .... Griffin, Ga. Tommy Maeone . . . Atlanta, Ga. Fra.nk Sixkwich. Youngstown, Ohio Junior, Fullback Senior, Tailback Senior, End Junior, Tailback 365 riiE III4I um GIORC.IA, 81— MKRCI R, SEPTEMBER 27, 1941 NiAcciN, c;icmt,i. MERCILESS BULLDOGS MANGLE MERCER. Till nu)M priimisinj; tk ' i r);i.i tooili.ill UMni since llic ' ■Flaming Sopho- mores of " 29 " opened the pigskin parade September 27th against the Mercer Bears in Macon. The host of Georgia followers who accom- panied the Bulldogs in their Initial start were not disappointed. Before a capacity crowd of 12,000 (including Camp Wheeler), Sinkwich and jhe South Carolina game— " He flys through the air, etc. " his team mates mercilessly snowed under an amazed Mercer eleven. The track meet went to Georgia by a SI to score. GEORGIA, 54— SOUTH CAROLINA, 6 OCTOBER 4, 1941 The only description would be a catalogue of Georgia ' s scorers. The ATHENS, GEORGIA following players, alphabetically arranged, did the scoring: BULLDOGS CONTINUE CONQUERING BY CLOUTING CAROLINA Allen, Hcvward 2 touchdowns . . Macon, the 1941 edition of the Georgia Bull- dogs was unwrapped before home-town fans for the first time on .,. u u ■ touchdowns October 4th. The Canines entertained South Carolina under the lights of Sanford Field. South Carolina, directed by a former Georgia coach. Rex Enright, Costa, Leo 9 points-after-touchdowns out of 12 attempts had previously beaten the highly regarded North Carolina team. This established them as a team not to be taken lightly and the prospect of Georgia meeting her first real opposition jammed the gates with H,000 Davis, Lamar 1 touchdown fans. Georgia, receiving the kick-off, did fairly well against her first real opposition. To be exact, ic took a Sinkwich-sparked attack only six Ehrhardt, Clyde 1 touchdown pi y, s re. However, the big Red forward wall smothered the extra- point attempt. ,, , „ , 1 J Georgia then pushed over another t. d., and from there out, the Bull- Hughes, Steve 1 touchdown " . , ' -cj. dogs put on a repeat performance of the previous Saturday s game against Mercer. Nunnallv, Icrrv 1 touchdown Carolina, it might be added, had the dubious honor of being ex- tremely and unnecessarily rough. Sinkwich suffered a broken jaw which could be attributed directly to South Carolina ' s questionable tactics. Poschner, George 1 touchdown Still when the blood had stopped running, when the dust had settled and had been cleared out of the referee ' s eyes, Georgia had overwhelmed her neighbor 34-6. (Costa missed another extra point. Isn ' t that ter- Sinkwicli, Frank 3 touchdowns ribic!) First row, left to right: Alien, Sinkwich, Poschner, Lelchas, Kuniansky, Lee, R., Costa, Greene, Lee, J., Home, Bray, Miller. . . . Second row: Polak, McPhee, Riofski, Marshall, Christain, Ruark, Dudish, Davis, L., Kcltner, Nelson, Pierce, Hughes. . . . Third row: Boyd, Powers, Anderson, Woodruff, Cheney, Blanton, Passmorc, Davis. V . Burt, Posey, Kimscy. . . . Fourth row: Maguire, Phelps, Conger, Nunnaliy, Lewis, Goodman, Godwin, Williams, Ehrhardt, Ellenson, Welch, Keuper. 36. 63 S7 66 SO 61 SI It L 3 34 40 as S4 t 47 68 37 Let ' s sit this one out. Th : latest triumph, .intl .1 glorious one it came over the Columbia l.ions from New York. The Lions had been boomed as another coaching triumph of Columbia ' s Lou Little. It was a team compared by Eastern sports writers to Little ' s na- tional champs of ' 34. Secretly and opening they entertained similar aspirations for this team. Yet the Bulldogs from the South highly routed thii team 7-3. This statement is made on more than the that Columbia, with her alleged gridiron wizardry only a net three yards tunning all afternoon. Forgotten were past great lines of the nation. Grantland Rice gave credit to Georgia ' s great line as the chief reason for a magnificent victory. Behind this powerful line galloped " Flashing Frankic " Sinkwich. After handling the ball on nine straight plays, Sinkwich himself scored the only touchdown. Guess who kicked the extra point? Co:ta. Columbia ' s score came in the same period. It was a fine field goal by Ferrarina. That ended Columbia ' s punch except a dangerous passing attack in the third qurater. Finally stopping that, Columbia was again threatened by Georgia when the !;ame ended. GEORGIA, 14— .MISSISSIPPI, 14 OCTOBFR 11, 1941 ATHENS, GEORGIA GEORGIA TIES TOUGH REBELS IN TERRIFIC GAME exciting g The Mississippi-Georgia game afforded Sanfcird Field its A pair of powerful ball clubs came, saw, and tied 14-14. Sanford Stadium gathered 22,000 people from all over the Southeast to see two highly- teams go into action. Harry Mehre, Georgia ' s former head coach, brought his Olc Mi? headed by the Touchdown Twins, Hapcs and Hovius, back to Athens tow n. Wally Bu with Sinkwich, Davis, Kimsey, Keuper, and a host of other fine backs. In front of these backs were two big, fast, aggressive lines, charging and surer-blocking line that night. All of this made for the thrill-packed game that followed, capitalized on a pass interception, to score early in the first quart Eubanks made a spectacular catch of Hovius ' pass will wait many a day to see bettered. But the Bulldogs displaying what is known in the vcrn are made, evened the score with two blitzkrieg attacks in the last half. First, Lamar Davis dashed around end on a reverse that carried him 4S yards to a score. The few would-be tacklers Davis didn ' t outrun were cut down by Kimsey and McPhee. Costa, of course added the extra point. Later, in the fourth quarter, Sinkwich passed to Poschner who lateraled to Van Davis. Davis went all the way to glory. Costa simply added the extra point to end the most thrilling struggle of the year. GEORGIA, 7 — COLUMBIA, 3 OCTOBER 18, 1941 NEW YORK CITY SHERMAN ' S MARCH THROUGH GEORGIA (IN REVERSE) Nelson ' s rocking clow: Sinkwich pitching, Davis catching. . . . Right: Every body lean forward, please. iiiK. YlI 111 the hr»l halt of the contest the heretofore invincible forward wall of Georgia was completely outcharged and outsmarted by the Red Elephants from Alabama. The three touchdowns that the Tide surged across in the first half proved to be too big a handicap for Georgia to overcome. In that half, two sustained drives by ' Bama, sparked by the battery of Nelson, pitching, and Rast, catching, chalked up two tallies. The third came after Kimsey ' s punt was partially blocked deep in Georgia territory. This increased Alabama ' s half score to 20 points. Meanwhile, Georgia was not idle offensively herself. Captain Hey- ward Allen in the role of hometown boy making good, passed to Lamar Davis for a Georgia score. Costa converted. The half ended with Georgia, led by Sinkwich, marching to another score that only the timekeeper could halt. The last half saw the Georgia line come into its own and stifle any further offensive threat. ' Bama ' s final score was chalked up as a result of a pass interception that saw Nelson gallop 60 yards. However, Geor- gia was unable to gain also. Sinkwich ' s long runs deep into enemy terri- tory bogged down time and again. Finally, late in the game, a desperate pass, Allen to Nunnally, accounted for the final score of the game. GF:0RGIA, 7— AUBURN, NOVEMBER 1, 1941 COLUMBUS, GEORGIA PASS PLAY PULVERIZES PLAINSMEN The most spectacular finish brought a 7-0 victory for t Tigers. Contrary to recent ga were out-statistic-ed, but who in the entire history of a long series he Georgia Bulldogs over the Auburn mes, this time it was the Bulldogs who nevertheless eked out a victory. affa Auburn came closer to stopping Sink However, " Flashing Frankie " still avera The game was a free-gaii with touchdowns. Goal lint was that Georgia should be An inspired Auburn elev The offensive might of Sink throttled. Meanwhile, Aubu to be denied each time by was drawing to a close whi ich than anyone else all year. ed 4 yards a try. en if both teams were stingy stands were common. Still the consensus hankful for a win. This is why. n had played rings around the Bulldogs, ' ich and Company had been comparatively 1 had been threatening all afternoon only )ass interceptions and the like. The game Auburn punted out of bounds on Geor- GEORGIA, IS of the ball game. Then like . Ixu mii ,,f hell, lightning fro dercloud, a blitzkrieg out of Berlin, came a touchdown. Sinkwich faded back to pass. He had good blocking and hit " Race- hoss " Davis with a perfect toss 40 yards away. Davis snatched the ball in an equally brilliant catch and completely outran the Auburn secondary. Costa was allowed time to score in his 19th consecutive game. -FLORIDA, 3 NOVEMBER 8, 1941 lACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA GEORGIA GOBBLES GATORS GRACIOUSLY Georgia journeyed to Jacksonville on November 8th, and played their greatest game since Columbia as they completely overwhelmed Florida 19 to 3. Perhaps a better index to the caliber of the Floridan opposition is found in first downs. Georgia doubled her opponent and proportion- ately, Georgia was twice as good as the Floridans. The Gators threatened first but a goal line stand forced them to try a field goal. Filer did a fine job and for a while, Florida led. The big Red team started to roll. Thrice they wer bles and the like with goal to go. Consequently lerc two points the first half, own goal, w the walls of Jericho fall and the Bulldogs marched unted for 1! out of 17 points as he galloped for a This total was more than eight Florida backs could satile Frankie even kicked a field goal. be content with a r Harrison behind hii The new half sav in. Sinkwich total of 142 yards gather. In fact, the topped by fum- :he Bulldogs had to hen McPhee tackled It was an interesting ball game but Georgia was " right. " When Georgia is " right " any ball club is in for a busy afternoon. Ask Florida. GEORGIA, 47— CENTRE, 6 NOVEMBER 15, 1941 ATLANTA. GEORGIA CENTRE COMPLETELY CORRALLED BY COURAGEOUS BULLDOGS Before a small crowd in Ponce de Leon Park, Atlanta, the Georgia Bulldogs out-classed a courageous Centre eleven, 47-6. It was a beautiful day and the scant turnout of fans (the greatest percentage was Georgia students) were treated to a free-scoring affair. As long as Centre ' s manpower held out, the game was interesting, but Georgia ' s reserve strength turned the game into a rout after the first period. T IH II II E r i l I . (J U lU E 4liP9« rh.- liulldoss looked Kii-at for tlii; first three pLiys. Tlie score came on .1 long pass. Sinkwich to Davis, and Costa converted. Then tor the remainder of the half, Centre ' s eight-man line and determined courage held the mighty Bulldogs to surprisingly slender yardage. Of courrc the outcome of the game was never in cinch and Georgia earned all her touchdowns. Number one on Georgia ' s touch- down parade was a 8 -yard jaunt of a punt return by .jerry Nunnally. This score was the highlight of eight touchdowns. A fine score as a result of well-executed pass plays brought Centre a core in the closing minutes. That was the last threat from either side for the day. GEORGI. . 3 i— DARTMOUTH, fl NOYEMBFR 22, 1941 ATHIXS, GEORGIA DARTMOUTH DAMPENED BY DANGEROUS GEORGIA Away back in Indian Summer, football fans, sports writers, and probably in secret, the plajers and coaches, were dreaming of a super- perfect Georgia football );amc. Not until a crisp Saturday afternoon in late November did they see that dream walking, or running, as the case was. Before a Homecoming; crowd of 18,000 enthusiasts, Georgia turned back the big Green of Dartmouth by the decisive score of M-0. It was never close. Promp ted by a possible bow! bid, the Red and Black did everything right. Aggressive and fierce line play and a lightning attack on land and in the air wrecked all hopes of the Northern invaders. In fact, nnly extensive use of Webster ' s and inventive genius can produce enough adjectives to describe Georgia ' s play. In detail the attack was executed in the following maneuvers. Sink- wich, as usual, led a first-quarter drive that saw Keuper score the second. Next Davis sprinted 8 yards on a punt return. Then Ehrhardt intercepted a pass and stepped 75 yards for the final score of the first half. In the next half. Sinkwich again started the ball flying with a run- ning pass to Lamar Davis. Outside of saying that it was a perfect pass, there is no way to describe it. And in conclusion, Sinkwich himself treated the already breathless and goggle-eyed spectators to a 69-yard touchdown masterpiece. Xnien you consider that all this still doesn ' t include two other long touchdowns that were called back by pelialties. vou see how great Georgia really was. Is Sinkwich All-American? Is Georgia worthy of a bowl-bid? just ask any on.- of the 18.000 fans who saw them perform against Dart- mouth. Left: The last of the Aliens. Below, top to bottom: Wasn ' t the game fun? ... I am bound or the Promised Land. THE TIME-ll(l ORED fitP] OF THE YEM (,icMU,i. . :i— iKH, (I xcn ' iMBiR, :•). pmi A I 1 AN lA. I.IOKGIA TECH TAKES TERRIFIC TROUNCING THRICE ful football season at Georgia is determined not by the number of games won and lost, but the score of the Tech game. 1941 was the most successful season in many years. After winning seven out of nine previous g.imes, ihe liulldogs rolled over Tech 2 1 -0 with in domitable power. Memory fails in an crtnrt to recall a game in which the Bulldogs were to greatly superior. Maybe Tech wasn ' t the Tech of old, maybe Georgia is as great as everyone says, but the fact remains that Tech never seriously threatened. The 31.000 fans seemed to recognize Geor- ndous power and the game lacked the usual tenseness. Tech was content to cheer lustily for a first down or break out the band when Georgia was held to only a three-yard gain. Sinkwich was comparatively stopped by a fine Tech line. He gained only 64 yards and threw three touchdown passes. (Incidentally thai 64 yards was 22 more than the entire Tech backfield.) Because of Tech ' s line, heretofore mentioned as one of the finest Georgia has seen, the Bulldogs were forced to take the air. Sinkwich hit Poschner with a short toss for the first tally late in the first half. In the third quarter, Sinkwich sailed one to Conger on a play that covered 3 5 yards. Then, in the last period, as a climax, he threw a perfect 40-yard strike to Lamar Davis. Yes, Georgia was not to be denied. It was in the cards. Going back to Athens that night was a happy occasion. In fact, it was bordering on the anti-climax to learn that Georgia had received an Orange Bowl bid. The first bowl bid Georgia has ever :d is a fine tribute to one of the most colorful, most popular, most powerful teams ever to wear the Red and Black. Top to bottom, left to right: Fresh. . . . Goodbye, little darling. . . . Fair one-arm catch, I ' d say. . . . Observe closely and see Sinkwich tackled once. . . . Wonder where the blocking was? . . . That picture cOst Tech one point. I ' M (llti (;E HOWL (,l elRl.lA 411—1 I XAS ( IIRI JANLIAKV I, I ' MJ .1 IA UM ' I RSI I Y, :s MIAMI, l-IORIDA GEORGIA BOWLS OVER TEXAS CHRISTIAN Str.aniliiu — from ihc voluptuous curves of Miami ' s bathing beauties to the touchdown-stuilileJ oMense of the Cieorjiia Bulldogs— that was the keynotes of the 1942 Orange Bowl battle. A free-scoring game, predicted by the coaches and the attraction for .H.OOO fans, came true. Texas Christian University and Georgia, both offensive powers, both with a glorious backfield and a staunch line, constituted a natural struggle, l- ' rom the opening kick-off the fans were constantly wiping their brow partly because of football and partly because of .|une-in-january weather. After Keuper scored the first touchdown on a iw, -yard plunge, the Bulldogs ' remainmg scores came on perfect, indescribable pass plays like these: Sinkwich to Conger — 6 1 yards; Sinkwich to Kimse) 50 yards; Sinkwich to Keuper — 30 yards; Todd to Davis— 21 yards; .Sinkwich — 43 yards run on his " fake pass " play. T. C. U ' s first score (incidentally this score put them in the lead for a ' of Kimsey ' s blocked punt and a holding penalty against the Bulldogs. I threatened again and scored three touchdowns. All of them were on passes. T. C. U. has a fine ball club and justly deserves much credit, hut consciously or sub-consciously, the Bulldogs ' let up a little in the last half. And who can blame them? It was hot. Every- body was tired, and Georgia was 3 3 points ahead. T. C. U., .i great team, lost fairly, cleanly, and without alibi to a team more able and more thoroughly coached. It is with great pleas- ure and pride that we think back over the greatest season in the history of Georgia football. This edition of the 1941 Bull- dogs deserves .ill the credit in the world. Mav all of Georgia ' s Bowl ventures be .is successful. Above, top to bottom: The Bulldogs enter the field. . . . Coach Butts talks it over with the boys. . . . Left: With typi- cal Miami background, the captains exchange greetings bc- fot ' the game. . . . Below, left to right: No. 21 on the loose again. . . . " The Fire-Ball " is brought down. AIL AHEWCA mil FRHK SIIKWICII 1941 3adAeioaU T HE I H 2 n S k K T II U L TEA W.u.koli.i, J;■is 1 II E Ut B 1 S K E T WllH lilt iiJtion ' s jccljim of J liiKhly successful football season slill ringing in their cars, the athletic fans of the University turned to court the basketball court. Coach Lampe produced a colorful, interesting team with only a mediocre season. The Bull- dogs won exactly six games while losing eight. Still, as heretofore cited, the said Bulldogs were colorful and always gave fans and opponents an interesting evening. The Bulldogs were a one-man team offensively. Bobby Moore, All-Conference guard ,ind fourth highest scorer in the league, was the fair-haired brunette of the Red and Black. Exclusive of the luunianiem. lie fur some IS " ) points. And in be- tween baskets, he did .1 noble job of defense work. Close behind comes Bud Roland, the set shot artist. He tossed in 168. Bud is death on a long shot. Ask Clemson. (He got : points against them one evening.) Hour other boys saw much service. Lanky " Rusty " SproiiU. Ken Keuper, Morris Phelps and Billy Solms were outstanding. Highlight of the sea;on was the final ,i;an,e with Tech. The Bulldogs thrilled a e.ipaeity crowd with J brilliant one-point victory. That nude ' 42 a successful season h was the most terrific game seen ni many a day, and did it chafe Tech! (A Georgia victory tor the sixth time in the last eight ball games.) Following is a game-by-game resume of the 1942 Georgia eagers: Opened the season with South Carolina . . . lost 37-.M . . . Moore netied 17 points. Next came Clemson . . . beat soldiers 39-H . . . Roland came tlirough with 14 points VCe won the next one, taking Florida in Gainesville, 42-.3 3 . . . Florida slill pretty . ood . . . but double dose Moore and Roland proved sand in their flesh. . . . Next night we silenced Fllish but Florida squeezed through victorious 29-28 . . . Moore and Roland together gel 2 out of 28 points. . . . Huvw ' ARi) Mii;vin Monroe, Ga. joi: Bryant Columbus, Ga. Siwmr, CchAt BoBbV MoORr ruL NKHin Alabama lock tliu Kulldoss iji camp, 33-29. . . , Guos wli.i Ic.l iIk- soriiis for Georgia. . . . Kentucky ■.lightly beat m 51-26. . . . Still think .t w.n the Celtic, m mint-julcp clothing. . . . (Anyway, it took the champions to beat us that bad.) . . . What a nice trip we had to Clem«on. . . . Won, (.4- 2. . . . Roland scored 25, Moore 19, and Sproull 12 points. . . . Next came Vandy. . . . Moore tallied 25 times . . . we bit the dust, S8-38. . . . Suppose it is necessary to say we played Kentucky again. . . . That ' s enough, isn ' t it? . . . Roland scored 17 times though. . . . Back to Athens town to entertain the gentlemen from Auburn. . . . U. Ga. lost a ihriller-diller, 32-28. . . . Good ole Florida. . . . They came to VC ' oodruff Hall and were handed two defeats on successive nights. . . . Good ole Florida. . . . Roland got 21 points the seconsi game. . . . Ellish just about got his height in the two games (11 points). . . . Next we went to the vjlLige on the plain and were rudely treated to a (3-41 defeat. . . . O unhappy day. . . . Hveryone got to play the next game. . . . We upset Ole Miss, 36-27. . . . Vt ' e journeyed next to the home of Talmadge and Tech. . . . They eked uul a 48-29 win. . . . Pure luck however. . . . We got them in Woodruff Hall next week though and took the sting from the .lackets, 3 8-57. . . . Keuper led the Hght most of the way. ... It was a great da in Athens. . . . The final game of the season was the tournament in Louisville. . . . Georgia and Tennessee the tournament favorites. . . . The Bulldogs played a great game but lost. . . . Still we went down in a blaze of glory. . . . That ' s the story of an interesting but not great basketball team. They are to be congratulated. Paul Ptrts Columbus. Ga. J„uw,. Cail.v Watkmsvillc, Ga Sot hniiior,-.C,luir,l GroRGF PoscuNKR .... Youngstown, Ohio luninr. foruanl s T II 1 I IH III G fV r a M C , V. JoNi s W. C. 1,1 ovi) f li l Bakni • Coach Co-Captain C .o-Captaiii TEAM MEMBERS Woodson Ashi ord Popi; Holliday H. C. Barnes H. J. Barnes Eugene Dykes Ernest Fisher W. Fred Lightsey W. C. Lloyd Dan Magii 1 Roy Parrish Bob Rice T HE U) L F T E i R. I.. Keener CiHuh TEAM MEMBERS Aknoi I) Bl UM C i iM Brown jAtK Frazier Ruber 1 Huddleston Bill Tvcitty Left to right; Blum, Twitty, Huddle ton, Brown, Frailer. " 1 r — -.mJ H Shapely feminine bodies are developed by swimmins and other sports at the University. W I) I! E ' N 1 T H L K T I (] SENIOR WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION |anic:i Hatcher I ' irshlciif 15l I i 1 Mc CONNFI I Viir-I icsiilcii Hi I I V Ann Yati-.s Si ' trctary Roberta Moore Treas irer Janelle Kenny Autirds Chainiiaii al Educaton Bulding. Florence Baxter Carolyn Byrd Anne Coile Dot Daniel . Larry Goodrich Imogene Grant Annie Havckes Mary Hoi i is Softball Blih Hutchinson . Basketball Bonnie Ruth McCay Volleyball Betty McCuen . Golf Emily Mitchell . Tenn ' n Tom Nisbet Badminton Marty Sellars Softball Clara Siamps Swiininiu " Carol Williams . Fencing Basketball Table Tennis Bowling Volleyball Horseshoes . Riflery Archery Coile, Hawke McCdcthy, Daniel. ii s s (M n 1 JUNIOR WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION |i KRV Hicks Vicr-Pirsii ciit BOOTSIE CARThR Sccrefary-Trcasiirer BlVELYN How ARl) Cicinral Manager Bi 1 [• BvRi) Annie Kate Davis Betty Fleetwood Emuv Garrett . Peggy Haynie Miriam Henson Horseshoes Basketball Table Tennis . Baseball Badminton . Volleyball Mary McEi. Murray . Peggy Newell Eba Smallwood . Mary Louise Stephenson Lois Taylor .... Dot Wilson .... . Te icin ! . Riflery Swimming . . Golf Tenuis . Bouliu; Jean Young Archery 381 First row, left to right: Daniel, Griffin, Mollis, Newell. . . . Sect Norman. Nowcll, Patterson, Phillips. . . . Third row: Riggs, Sleedn Weils, Womack. Doi DaNII I 1 M I I I dull I IN . t. K lOUII I I All I M MCi Hoi i is ROLL Pi(,c,i Ni;v Ei.i, CaROI 1 N NORM.AN Mary Now i ll Bl TTV PaTTI RSON Trances Phu.i.ips iiii T a IB Mary Hoi i is Mary Now i i i Vicc-Prrsuliiil Mar V ' oMA( k Srcii-hiry- ' frciisiirc Ann Riggs MaRIHA SniDMAN Dor W ' l I IS Mary Womack DiliUE fLIlB Tkeny Atkinson JANICE Barnet Jane Clarke JEAN CREEKMORE Mil DRED Graves Janice Hatcher Emu y Jones Christine Kitchen Betty McConnell Caroi YN Norman 382 II (I L p II I (; L I i{ JANICE HATCHER President |amc 1 Ha 1 ( Ml n Mary Mollis Vicc-Preiidcnt Clihori) Llwis Secretary Eba Smaliwoof} Treasurer Evelyn Allison Charlil Baldvkin Janice Barnett Rue Bloodworth Carolyn Byrd BooTsiE Carter Jackii Conklin Martha Dunson Anne 1-indllv Mary Fries Larry Goodrich I.EECY Anne Gooulel Janice Hatcher Patty Hunt |i rr Hk ks Mar Hoi lis ROLL Christine Kitchens Hortense Kirby Clieeord Lew is Bi Ti V Ann Lilly Margaret Maxw ell Betty McConnell Mary McElmurra ' i Mar ' Nowell Irances Phillils Ellen Salisbury Eba Smai I wood Bunny Timmerman Dorothy Anni Wellman Hi NRi Whitakir Bi TTY Anne Yah s First row, left to right: Allison, Baldwin, Barnett, Bioodworth, Bycd, Carter, Conklin, Dunson, Findley, Fries. . . . Second row, left to rigiit: Goodrich, Goodloe, Hunt, Hicl s, Mollis, Kitchens, Kirby, Lewis, Lilly, Maxwell. . . . Third row, left to right: McConnell, McElmurray, Nowell, PhiHips, Salisbury Smallwood Timmerman, Wellmsn, Whitakcr Yates. ftU- im A NECESSITY TO THE GEORGIA LAWYER Code of Georgia Annotated Prospectus shuiv ' iiig sample pcii es, price and easy plan of pay men f mailed on request; idso catalog;, of new and used hooks. Complete in 34 Books and Current Pocket Parts " The critical test of constant use will disclose, I think, that this An- notated Code is the best Code of Laws that Georgia has ever had. " (Sisned) S. PRICE GILBERT Former Chairman of the Georgia Code Commission. KEPT TO DATE BY CUMULATIVE POCKET PARTS, MAKING THE CODE PRACTICALLY PERPETUAL. THE HARRISON COMPANY Law Book Publishers ATLANTA, GEORGIA HEADQUARTERS FOR GEORGIA LAW BOOKS f All Persons and Events Depicted in This Paper Are Fictional and Any Resemblance to Actual Persons or Events IS ENTIRELY Coincidental ROLL OUT YOUR MORALE ... FOR A BEAUTEOUS BOMBSHELL By Prankie Vesley Taking the sting out of the loss With a bevy of gorgeous cuties like coming to town. this campus in many a year. Watch of Java (not jive) is this luscious Jeannie around, how could anyone This ravishing bit of loveliness out Sheridan, tliat " Oomiili Girl " bit of scenery, Jeannie Bellynson. be disappointed because the Navy ' s possesses the niftiest figure seen on title is slipping. ' All the news that ' s fit to tint " THE UNIVERSALLY DISACCREDITED OF GEORGIA, ATHENAI. GEORGIA, MAY 1, 1942 NO. STUFF Well Spent Edwards Offers Cutting Remarks to Axis Have von been cut latelv: You have!! Is your razor as dull as a " Bed in Back " campaign? Would you like to oflfer sharp criticisms to the Axis? Does your mirror get nau- seated when it looks at you? Do you have the skin you love to clutch? You have!! For a thrill, cut Hitler (imagine!), (iive our razed razors; to Well Spent Edwards. The Government can ' t steal steel! Duck, Girls, It ' s Meltun Women Are Blue At Delayed Arrival Of ' Men in Blue ' Two thousand University co-eds stormed President Mormon W. Baldwell ' s office today in defiance of graduation on May 16 which they allege, " is being forced upon us at an inopportune time. " They gave hint that the reason for the rebellion is the arrival of 3.000 Navy men to the campus directly after graduation. Pranny Fillups, self-appointed leader, took her text and declared that now was the time " for all good women to come to the aid of their fellow men. " Giving her song and dance in a blue sailor suit, Franny had the co- eds cheering lustily as they tossed eggs into the office of the president, who, it is rumored, is an army man. The storm troops then paraded the streets of Athens with large banners which declared, " We ain ' t got no education. " They were met at the corner of Broad and Lump- kin by the faculty of the School of Homely Economists who appeased their majors with promises of being detained indefinitely, regardless of graduation date. .At midnite, the mass quietly ad- journed and reconvened at the Tav- ern. WORLD STUDENT SERVICE FUND DRIVE INAUGURATED; WARTORN STUDENTS TO BE RELIEVED? Outstanding student leaders to- day unanimously indorsed the pro- posed drive for the World Student Service Fund (no connection with the V. R. A.). Miss Silly Prowling, trailing clouds of glory, arrived on the campus early this morning from the Bronx, and was loudly ac- claimed as she stamped her size ten . A. . foot and challenged the outstanding students to set $1500 as their goal. The Fund, non-partisan and non- profit, is designed for the relief of wartorn students whose minds are degenerating due to causes beyond their control. The outstanding students agreed to lay aside their work-a-day tasks beginning today and devote one week to the cause. Elaborate ami thorough-going committees arc t " be announced immediately, accord ing to reliable inside dope. CONTRIBUTE! Say Tate Will Ride " Legs " Tate, that oomph plus personality, this week in an attempt to stimulate the fence stated that life is a glorious cycle of free wheel- ing. Asked why he chose to sport Mr. " Nettie, " in characteristic pose, pleads with Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil for contributions to W. S. S. F. himself thus in the public eye, he answered. " Because I am quite a character. " THE RED IX BACK. MAY 1, 1942 Your Slip Is Showing By Joe Ann Boor Xow that spring has come, girls, I feci that it is time for us to face ourselves frankly and find out why we do look forty instead of four- teen. If you can ' t decide, don ' t worry: you ' ll look fifty. Here are some helpful household liints, conned from my snoopings iri the alleged ixnvdor room at Woodruff Hall, whicli Georgia ' s glamour girls emi)loy to keep them- selves so alluriiig. " Hiss " Syans spends every spare moment holding lur badminton- scourged hands above her head. Re- sult: a languidly white appearance. .Moslem Sadshaw retires to a cor- ner and gives herself a pep talk. Result: her vigorous personality. W ary Hollis practices smiling while she counts to 100. Result: once it froze (the smile, I mean). " .Sis " U ' osch chokes herself. Re- sult: proof that a Georgia girl can still blush. Dodgery Pekle just rests. Result: the best rush on the floor. Rue Sogers tries to look inteUi- gent. Results: none. Heads Letuloiil Miss Evelyn Knapp, Rabun Gap, leads with her best foot forward. Men Find Out What Best Friends Won ' t Tell Them i " Damn these women. They ' re at it again, " inwardly cursed 150 men while they smiled dazzlingly at the girls who so callously passed them by with a far-away look. The occasion was the annual W. P. A. girl-break dance in Physed. Building last night on Hag Hill. The " Georgia Terriers " played. There ' ll Be a Hot Time in Woodruff Hall Late Tonight For positively the last time, Miss Evelyn Knapp. Rabun Gap, heads a Um ' versity Formal (also disac- credited) lead-out in ' oodruflf Hall tonight from 9 till the cows come home. Miss Knapp, who has stalked at the head of the Sigma Pies, pranced before the Shysters, waylaid the Lappa .Mplias, and run from the Ki- Pies, will tee off in an accentuating p e a - g r e e n gown with mauve touches. Her date, as yet unan- nounced will probably be Alfalfa Prowler, recently emancipated from the V. R. A., or Vermin Churffin, burned-out B. M. O. C. Burnie Furnace and his Flames of Joy will furnish red-hot music for University hot-dogs. Decora- tions will follow a patriotic theme and be there in spirit only. The stars especially will be unusually bright — if it doesn ' t snow, but who knows about Athens and snow? Chaperones for the dignified oc- casion will be Bean and Mrs. Silly Date, Dream and Mrs. Sobt. M. Hoozier, Miss Delvyn Cellars, and Bean and Mrs. Ankle. StinlcM ' ish Mixes Signals Lands in South Carolina Everybody does it sooner oi later, but Prankie Stinkwish, pranc- ing Pi Ka flat-foot, did it sooner The winsome lass of liis affections and now his bride is the formei Miss Adeline Wobbly (she is the brunette sister) of the Wooblj Dance Team. The dashing, dodging, tapping tippling Prankie slipped up this time and slipped across the South Carolina line with his own sweet Adeline. They met at the University when i she was just a carefree, jitterbug- ging Coordinate cutie. This past year she lent her talents to Ogle- thorpe, but love conquered distance. The blushing groom, the center of a huddle of his team-mates on Sanford Field, was not available for an interview. His bride, demur in a jersey housecoat, smiled and said: " It ' s all so sudden. I was swept completely off my feet. " HEADQUARTERS For School Books and All Kinds of Supplies for the Students ' Requirements SODA FOUNT, DRINKS, AND SMOKERS ' SUPPLIES We Appreciate Your Patronage GEORGIA COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Student Supply Store THE BED IN BACK, MAY 1, 1942 Page Three HIGH HONOR SOCIETIES ANNOUNCE ELECTION OF NEW SUCKERS; TEN SMACKERS DEMANDED This week several " honor ' ' clubs sold membership to gullible stu- dents. The high requirements for membership in the various clubs differs widely. However, one quali- fication is omnipresent — have the dough. Sniftad, the mutual admiration society, having just passed a new law admitting only members of Snappa Alpher social fraternity passed without question all male students able to pay the ten smack- ers and belonging to Snappa Al- pher. New members are: Pearl Cox, Mimby Quelton, Fooly Fun, and, at long last, Pill McWollum. Cox is a Boy Scout, member of the Dance Club, Scavenger for World Student Service Fund, mem- ber of the Inner Sanctum of Eddie ' s Bootlickers, and is a football hin- drance. His name appears in the Boos Boo of American Pickle- I pusses. I Quekon is THE EDITOR OF THE BED IN BACK (the hottest yellow sheet in the country), is a Juvenile Delinquent, and salesman for Lydia Stinkham ' s compound. Fooly Funn is past president of the Lotta Bull Society and author of the brochure " How to Reduce with Belch ' s Grape Juice. " Pill McWollum was a dark horse and investigation has not proved that he is actually registered. The Georgia chapter of the Fu- ture Charmers of America Associ- ation has just elected 300 students for membership in the exclusive Governing Council. Most prominent among these is Ralph Growler who is a matinee idol, all minor clubs, all major leagues. Big Noise, Dia- per League, A. S. S., etc., etc., etc. Other members are Grass Plott, Rising Fawn, Bucilla Ragsdale, Speaking Rock, Horse Radish, AI- pharetta, Irky XXXly, Sandy Plot, Lather Davenport, Loving. Phi Beta Kappa, going purely on scholastic averages, elected Jackie Boredman, Augusta; Lolla Crad- dock, Athens; Spike Kastronis, Ball Ground; Bulldog ' illiams, Hell. THE STUDENTS ' HEADQUARTERS FRESH FOOD COLD DRINKS CURB SERVICE Radio Activities Club Is On the Air; Students Go to Sleep It is nine o ' clock and tlie Radio Activities Club resumes its boring hour. Introduced by such sly, sub- tle remarks as " Nauglity, naughty, don ' t you toucli that dial — it ' s the Variety Hour, " this noxious drivel seeps slowly from the loudspeaker unless it is stopped by some dras- tic method. With Smellis Barnson as its guiding angel and Bark Crates as its chief hindrance, the program sinks lower and lower as the min- utes crawl by at a petty pace. Best remedy for this nuisance is to take an ax to your radio or tlie Club, preferably the latter. University Laundry Con- tributes Ill-Gotten Gains to National Defense Yesterday the entire staff of the University Laundry swarmed into the office of President Baldwell. Di- rector Yonny Broad Ax announced that the Laundry was determined to make some contribution to na- tional defense. Mr. Broad Ax then produced from an enormous trunk 12,000 gross of buttons, 250 mil- dewed shirts, 1250 pair of under- wear shorts, 145 sheets, 246 towels, and 1600 pair of socks. These, he explained, represented the loot filched from unsuspecting students over a period of five years. The ar- ticles, it was announced, would be auctioned off in front of the Arch by the strident voice of Pearl Cox, prominent student leader; the pro- ceeds, after Cox had received his usual 95% graft, will be used to buy Defense Stamps. Bottle And Blanket Elects Jackie Pastures, Athens, was elected president of Bottle and Blanket Society recently. Pastures is secretary of the Crap Shooters League, and hog-callcr in the Glee Club. n U N N • C VJ MEN ' S STORE W HEADQUARTERS FOR COLLEGE MEN ' age Four THE BED IN BACK, MAY 1, 1942 STUDENT RESORTS TO IN ORDER lOLENCE TO GET LIBRARY BOOK Crying exultantly, " I got one! " an unidentified student this week was seen tearing from the library. hile running like mad across the campus he screamed triumphantly that he had gotten a book from the General Library. Upon investigation. our reporter discovered that tliis was Ihc first hook to be cluckcil out with li- brary consent in three nionlhs. The student succeeded in getting the book for two reasons. First, he threatened tlie librarian with a gun. Second, the bnok was a copy of the 5(100 page library handbook pre- pared by the staff. The book was found in record time. It required only half an hour to discover that the book had not I)cen checked out, and a meagre forty-five minutes more to locate the book. After the student had filled out five invorniation blanks, produced his birth certificate, anc signed a mortgage on his car, he was permitted to check the book out overnight with the provision that there would be a penalty of death for one member of his fam- ily for each lionr the Imok was kept overtime. Mr. r.arker, director of the Li- brary and lace tatter extraordinary was interviewed on the apparent oversight on his part in perinitting a student to check out a book. He said: " A large percentage of the students on the campus have a gross misconception of the function of the library. Most of them seem to think that our books are in- tended to be read, and they can ' t seem to understand that they are solely for the purpose of being catalogued. However, the gun this morning made circumstances rather extenuating. Just think, he might have fired the gun and broken one of our tea cups. By the way, did you know that we have tea every morning? loin us sometime. " Q ' Once again the Pandora has been encased in a molloy-made cover a cover made by an or- ganization that specializes in producing the type of work as is exemplified in the 1942 pan- dora cover. " THE DAVID J. MOLLOy PLANT 28 57 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois SAE Chooses Oflfirers | For 13lli ' Fiiiic This Year Abiding liy the self-made rule that " men holding office develop leadership and drinking ability, " the S. A. Iv. ' s luild elections every other day so that at least half of the members may hold responsible fraternity positions sometime dur- ing their four years of college life. New officers are as follows: Shimmy Maclnbosh. president; Itchard Torrid, vici-i)resident; Punny Heatwood. -.ecrelary; Dope Vacation, treasurer. FINDLEY DRY CLEANERS " Cleaning Not a Side Line With Us " Phone 9295 Serve . . . BENSON ' S BREADS, ROLLS, CAKES, PIES AND ICE CREAM BEST FOOD -COURTEOUS SERVICE TONEVS CAFE Aiv-Coiidifioiicd FAMOUS FOR FINE STEAKS 233 E. Clayton Street THE nED IX BACK, MAY 1, 1942 Page Five We Protest . . . MONTAG BROTHERS. INC. Atlanta, Gkorgia Makers of BLUE HORSE STUDENT SUPPLIES Montag ' s Fashionable Writing Papers Outraged faculty meets in the Chapel to discuss infractions of moral and sanitary law at the University Theater. H. P., Art Critic Extraordinary, Deplores Pornographic Literature of Lousy Theater By Homely Picklepuss iltd Louse, Director of the Uni- vr-ity Theater, has just finished pioducing another ordeal, " Smother Rat " — the rat. Asked whether such pornographic literature did not in- jure the pure minds of L ' niversity students, Louse tool anotlier swig dressing rooms, a thing due pri- marily to Louse ' s inability to judge correctly the proper classification of some of his players when assign- ing the dressing rooms. Startlingly enough, it was found that some of our reputable students Bt ' sf Wishes from ROGERS STORES and BIG STAR SUPER MARKET from his sugarless dope and hung I were actually mingling with mem- his head as he replied, " I am sure I don ' t know what you mean. " This statement was later put in doubtful light when Mrs. Smellin- Splatt Rose BlackShirter investi- gated the back stage set up for pos- sible infractions of moral and sani- j tary law as a source of the porno- j graphic approach to the play. Her official report revealed that bers of the stage crew. This is thing too, too unmentionable. Mrs. BackShirter reports further that the language backstage is a hberal education in itself, to say nothing of the practical laboratory work in anatomy. As for the play, it can best be described in the words of Miss Marilyn Dance, leecli teacher: " It ' s the sexes were badly mi.xed in the just like Louse — it ' s louse-y. MOON-WINN DRUG CO " The Store of Personal Service " THE BURMAN PRINTING COMPANY PHONE 926 " The Best in Equipment " CHOKE ' S DRY CLEANING CO. One Day ServiceTelephone 9205 • 0 " ROOM Since 1912 Equipment - Service - Environment | The Best BILLIARDS SODA SMOKES Popular Priced . . . LESSER ' S APPAREL SHOP DRESSES - COATS - HATS Athens Georgia The Best Dressed Men Wear iCMSSJii ' Mi THE SCHWOB CO. Albany Columbus Athens Macon Atlanta LaGrange Savannah THE BED IN BACK, MAY 1, 1942 Moiisetro Huge Grojisoii Contiuues to Present Music Unappreeiatiou Hour To Students ' Dismay By " Coop " Shrugs One Tlnirsday night your roving reporter was strolling across the campus whistling " Zoot Suit, " when he was stricken by a singularly unpleasant discord produced by the whistling and some astounding music coming through the open door of the Chapel. I was met at the door by Miss Bennie Smell Myth who was ssshhhing violently. Presently the Master, Huge Grogson, appeared and con- descendingly asked the audience if their clothes were too tight, did they have a headache, wouldn ' t it be better if the air conditioning were turned to " torrid, " would they prefer sun- light or moonlight. He then vanished tempo- rarily and there immediately came forth the whole gamut of seasonal effects from the air- conditioning machinery. One minute the chapel was arctically frigid, the next minute it was equatorially hot. Then the lights played a rhap- sody of color, changing rapidly from a mellow- golden color to a vivid blue, then red on the stage and pea green in the wings. Suddenly the genius of Georgia reappeared and carefully explained that his contraption was a piano and that he was going to manipu- late the white objects called keys in a master- ful way. The rendition of the second or allegretto movement from " Epsom Salts, " that lovely drool by Bock, had been in progress but a few seconds when the Master stopped and threw his hands to his head in a pained gesture. This was a signal for Miss Pinball to pass quietly among the audience with a large tankard of ether designed to insure absolute quiet from the audience. He then proceeded with the se- lection. A rusthng sound in the gallery was quickly silenced by Mr. SmackFowell and his ever-ready handy pistol with one neat shot. I ran horrified from the chapel just as the Musician Magnificent began to gather a group of 3000 students on the stage for a combined Glee Club presentation of " Bell Bottom Trous- HAG HILL RIOT PRESENTED AGAIN; AWARDS ANNOUNCED . . . Press Institute Convenes The big brother journalists of the Red and Black (not to be confused with the Bed in Back) will gather at the University of Georgia for the next four weeks to discuss what is wrong with the Red and Black. Addresses will be made by a great crusader for free toothbrushes for mountaineers, a woman suffragette for suspenders for men, and a photographer noted for his magnificent shot of the unshootable and retiring Miss Hick Pewton. Banquets, masked balls, and siestas will be provided for the visiting dignitaries. All Penry W. Shady School of Journalism students will be excused from all classes for the duration. Hag Hill yesterday was the scene of gala festivities, marking the fifth successive time that the campus has been plagued with the an- nual Jackass Judging Contest, Cow Milking Relay, and Crap Shooting Contest, sponsored by the Future Milkmaids of America Associa- tion, the Hag Club, and the Georgia Agrimur- dcrist. Burtis Knavery, West Point, international authority on manures, won first honors in the Jackass Judging group. His discriminating taste in the matter was revealed by his choice of a roommate during his four years in col- lege. Sadie Beenland, who hails from Joisey, was awarded a baby blue ribbon for his masterful research in the field of animal odors. He has recently been appointed a Fellow in the . nimal Wifery Department. Chaperones for the affair were Bean Ball W. .Sapnian and Miss Airy Dresswell of the School of Homelv Economists. Wc ' lcoDie to HANE ' S SHOES ATHENS ONLY EXCLUSIVE FOR WOMEN SHOE STORE HARRY F. DOBBS, INC. HOTEL SUPPLIES - RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT 240-244 Ivy Street, N. E. Atlanta Georgia Coiiipliinenfs of THE McGregor CO. CALL OR WRITE FOR QUOTATIONS ON 1 SCHOOL AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT ®i|p SpJi in lark iftaxts Pagp THE BED IN BACK, MAY I, 1942 Page Seven Pressed In The Box By Barley Howls ' Poniiilit Coach Elmer Lumpc ' s quintet takes on the rough Emory Tea Boys, one of tlie strongest mixed teams in the country, in what promises to be the rowdiest ganir of the season Little Kenny Diaper will return to the game after a week ' s illness follow- ing the last Agnes Scott game in which he was rudely tripped. Kenny, who weighs only 300 lbs., is getting into shape for the final game with the Twiddling Twats from Scott and is out to get revenge. Thursday Coach Molly Gutts took a hint from River Road observers and switched Tnn Kodd, last year ' s foot- ball Flunkee to the position of passing back, and sent a note of thanks to a certain bottle blonde. Willie Dodwinn is still nursing that scratched fingernail he received in last fall ' s ferocious pigskin encounter with N.A.P.S. Frail, but plucky Tiff Tinisie was turned down by liis draft bored last week for being under-wei,ght H o n o r e Surrounded by admiring team-mates, Prankie Stinkwrish displays his AU-American trophy. WE PICK ' EM, YOU CHECK ' EM Sweetbriar vs. Mercer S weetbnar Georgia Tech vs. Emory Emory Barnard vs. Ole Miss Barnard Fordham vs. Vassar Vassar Navy vs. Army Marines Alabama vs. Black Mountain Black Mountain Oxford vs. Eton Hitler Due to the war, each man on the Georgia football team will be allowed only one coach, one manager, and one convertible. Biilldoj?s Return From Bowl Game; Review Past Season Georgia ' s unleashed Bulldogs, who outdrank T.C.U. in the Beer Bowl . ew Year ' s Day, returned to . thens town in triumph yesterday. Except for a dozen red noses, the team ap- peared to be in perfect shape as Coach .Molly Gutts and his assistants carried them from the train and shoved them into waiting co-ed cars, . fter an eve- ning ' s light diversion on the River Road, tlie team retired early, at 4:,?() . . M., and was tucked into bed by motherly Bennie Boom. assistant trainer. With beer bottles from Miami stored iway safely in their hope chests, the Bulldog varsity squad looks happily iiack on the 1941 season. Highlights were: the close Mercer game with its photo finish; the courteous gentlemen from Soutli Carolina, who always stopped before making a tackle to beg the pardon of the man with the ball; the fair and impartial coverage of the Tech game by the Atlanta papers. Dullest game of the season was the Ole Miss clash; only twenty spectators were in their seats when the final gun sounded. Most pungent memory to the squad will be the sweet, simpering pep talks .given by mild-mannered, soft-spoken Coach Mollv Gutts. EAT AT THE Georgian Hotel J. C. Stiles, Muiia - cr EXCELLENT FOOD! EXCELLENT SERVICE! So Say Dick Kenyon, Bill Gunter, AND Jim Dunlap, Law Stiidciifs. THi; Blin IX BACK. MAY 1, l ' )42 X1 BLOTTO PAGE Featuring Outstanding Student Leaders Miss Silly Prowling enthusiastically collects funds for the World Student Service Fund. Miss Prowling, assistc-d liy a co-worker, rakes in the funds, exclaiming excitedly, " We can do it! " (meaning the $1,500). (Above) Conscious-torn male students give all to war-torn students. (Below " Girl students hurriedly contribute to W. S. S. F. Phi Mu prepares for Pandora Spell bound crowd snapped at Beauty Review. Vespers. ? C- ■ .b The purged Board of Regrets meets in sanctimonious session. Gallant Russian comrades capture another 3,000 German prisoners. 392 THE BED IX BACK, MAY 1, 1942 Page Nine MORE BLOTTO Special BED IN BACK staff committee ap- pointed by Mimby Quelton for purposes of chas- ing prostitutes out of town. The campaign started with a bang, ended with a slight sputter, made Editor Quelton famous. Interior shot of Fats Barker ' s reclama- tion project on Hill street, known locally as " Huckingham Hovel. " The Honorable Eugene Talmadge, Governor of Georgia, poses with a group of admiring students at the famous Georgia Arch. 393 elltp Mth m lark ?E6ttortal Pagp THE BED IN BACK, MAY 1, 1942 A SLEEPER SLEEPS . . . By Serryl Bellows A TAVERN OR A LIBRARY? . . . . . . That ' s tlu ' (luestion (.very one ' s asking. Person- ally, we ' d like to see a happy medium — and we ' re usually right, aren ' t we? The library has an excel- lent bar l)nt no clear am- ber liquid. The library takes Esquire and New Yorker, but isn ' t (luitc the rou.yh-house So why split the brew crew? Let ' s move the bar to the books, or the books to the bar. and stop this messing. THE CO-OP BOOK STORE . . . Has not reformed yet. And we sure hope it doesn ' t. If this robbery keeps up, pretty soon there ' ll be no books on the campus, and if there ' s one thing the B. ' n ' B. has been cam- paigning for, it ' s fewer books. THE UNIVERSITY LAUNDRY . . . Is still tearing our sheets. How can the 11. ' n ' B. get along with torn sheets? They ' re worse than if they were war-torn. RATTY ROTSNIFF Presenting . . . . . . GUSSIE " I love my wife but oh you kid " BURND, Unca Ratty ' s choice for Girl of the Week 52 times a year. . . . This babe ' s curly platinum locks could warm the heart of the hardiest head- hunter. . . . The fellers kinda go for her, too, and among her trophies is tlie sponsorship of Phi Nu Then . . . cheated out of the Co-ordinate Beauty Award, we pre- dict this luscious, lovable choice of the lochin- vars will scratch Wellman ' s eyes out and prove herself capable of winning any contest. . . . She ' s terrific . . . she ' s curvacious . . . she ' s convertible . . . she ' s lovely, she ' s engaged . . . she uses Pond ' s. . . . SHE STINKsl . . . Apologies ... to HANICE JATCHER, who for the first time this year is not Girl of the week. . . . The reason . . . we seen her in a gym suit last week. . . . Sorry, HANICE, but just try hemming up a pig in a blind alley sometimes. SEEN ON A PEDESTAL . . . . . . EARL THE WHIRL COX pirouetting violently in an effort to advertise his new school of the dance MISS SPOT THE SPANIEL taking a jump on " Hap. " ... J. Myth opening Pandora ' s box and finding Heckman inside say- ing; tsch, tsch, CONFESSIONS . . . . . . Because the war cut down on the num- ber of boys, the SAE ' s have discontinued the practice of meeting in " A " and " B " groups and have lumped all their heterogenous members into one body. . . . Chi Phi has rented its pent house to F. E. as a haven of refuge. THE BED IN BACK Founded in .00001 B. C. I ' nhllshed by the liruCrn, the ' . R. A., and the Smart Set whenever they get a chance. Entered in the ash-can at . thens, Georgia, as matter of the low class. Mimby Quelton, Junior Editor De Young Prankling Business Muddler Serryl Bellows Mangling Editor Carol Shrugs Ratty Rotsniff Editor Spot Spaniel Littul Goils Editor ' ay Mingledfeelings Editor ' s Secretary Barley Howers Sports Editor Grits Rice Made-over Editor Editor Writes His Opinions; They ' re Pretty Damn Good By Mimby Quelton, Junior Editor I am editor of my Bed in Back. My paper is pretty damn .good, mainly because it ' s mine. Many students have asked me about my opin- ions, so I ' m going to state my opinions on sub- jects that interest me. I hate Hitler. I hate Talniadge. My candidate will be the next governor, after I ' ve sent Gene back to Sugar Creek. My paper is not censored, dammit!! I write what I please, when I please, how I please, in spite of Dean Crozier, Mr. Dreary, President Baldwell, the Hayes Office, the Ath- ens City Council and City Police Force, the y. R. A., and the National League for the Sup- pression of YELLOW JOURNALISM. FEMININE COUCH . . . By Joe Ann Boor Well, here we are again, folksies. Yours truly has interviewed everybody on the campus today from Well Spent Edwards to Mr. " Nettie " of the V. R. A. Brain Bust, without un- covering one choicey news item. However, journalism is journalism, no matter where you find it; so let ' s take a peek under the bed. . . . White orchids and dandelions to Serryl Bel- lows for busting the University Laundry case wide open. . . There ' s an up-and-coming jour- nalist for you. Don ' t wait up for me, mama, ' cause I smell 394 Jb SHEETS OFF A GEORGIA COT By Boris Cracey We are told that tlie nni verse is moving into infin ity (disaccredited state) What are we students oi the University of Georgi; campus going to do aboui this matter? The time ha- come for action — there art only 100,000,000,000 millioi; years left to act. Infinity reminds me of the immeasuarable everlastingness of the libidiual impulse. Wars, they may come and go, but the " Georgia love " impulse is as constant as the immortality of sucli famous names among the alumni as Fiend Talniadge, Smellis Carnal, Ed Creeks, and Mandy Cheavers, all of whom should be an inspiration for rewards on the outside. Here we are dabbling in Military Bawls and marching through the arch covered with roses to who knows what— while the housing situa- tion becomes more acute and cuter and the S. E ' s continue to reproduce at a rapid rate. Co-ordinate, here we come with the everlast- ing Georgia love spirit which conquers all. PILLOWS, BEDS, SPREADS By Homely Picklepuss Without stringing invec- tives too far. it can in- dubitably be alleged that the Red and Black, illiter- ate |)lai4irist of the Bed in Back, has sunk to deeps more formidable tlian Tartarus of " Classi- cal Culture " fame. As to ■he much sort after " thrill- ing " effect— it was passed unnoticed by the lethargic students, passed over by the satiated faculty, and passed out by general accord. After a pathetically uninspired attempt to arouse compassion in the hearts of the multi- tudes (Buick owners) for the soles of the few (Camp Wilkins cohorts), the Red and Black topped all previous absurdities with its luke- warm campaign to wash away the University Laundry. Winter approached and the R B editors, those sterling troupers of singularly un- developed ability, faced spiritual starvation. The campus seemed content to rock along, un- inspired by the melodramatic appeals to its baser self. The editors, however, hit upon a plan to make the aforementioned students conscious of realities in spite of themselves. The subsequent Wasserman farce ended happily for all con- cerned, and the campus went back to sleep. " Exciting " is not the word. a new story. It ' s all about the University Library — that place makes me so mad. .-Xnd that goes for Homely Picklepuss, too! Now that the " Feminine Couch " has un- covered the campus, we ' ll turn our copy over to the editor, who says we ' re getting better every week. Until next Friday, a fond au revoir. We hope you like us. EDITOR ' S NOTE: Students will uiuloiibtcilly notice witli rcyrct that no spring scenes, (except those of buildings, which were taken in the spring of 1941). or baseball, track, and Little Commencement pictures appear in the 1942 Pandora. This omission is also regretted by the Pandora staff, but was made necessary by the speed-up program and early graduation, put into effect after the declaration of war last December 8th. It was necessary to turn into Pandora printers all copy by the beginning of the spring quarter, a fact which naturally prevented a complete coverage of tlie year ' s events. In finishing up work on this year ' s annual, it might be apt to say that the next year will very probably see a great many radical changes in the publishing of a University of Georgia annual; however, the re- tiring senior staff feels its successors will continue to put forth that same kind of high-type yearbook which has appeared on the Georgia campus for the past fifty-five years. ATHENS LINEN SERVICE AND LAUNDRY Phone 662 Jack Wells, Manager • • • n n r • " Faster . . . More Dependable " A. A. A. HIGHWAY EXPRESS, INC. 632 14th Street, N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Sert ' es All Stations Between Albany, Ga. Americus, Ga. Columbus, Ga. West Point, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Athens, Ga. Gainesville, Ga. Augusta, Ga. Anderson, S. C. Greenville, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Charleston, S. C. Connections to All Points Athens Office — HO Ware Avenue Phone 1891 OUR NEWEST . i Compliments PALACE, GEORGIA. STRAND, and RITZ THEATRES 395 Safeguarded constantly by scientific tests, Coca-Cola is famous for its purity and wholesomeness. It ' s famous, too, for the thrill of its taste and for the hap py after-sense of complete refreshment it always brings. Get a Coca-Cola, and get the feel of refreshment. THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES rAM€RlCAN JURlSPRUDeNCg fyAMe ca, IN USE AS A STAIin.IZER which helps maintain the equilibrium of the ship or airplane the gyroscope has contributed much to navigation. The law is not always the way the lawyer would like to hare it. The pre- determination of a le al proposition without consulting with an open mind the existing rules of law may spell disaster. AMEltirAN JITRISPRFDEIVCE with its unbiased statement of the rulea of law supplies the necessary balance to judgment. The task oi the lawyer is to find out what the law really is, whether it is lor or against his client. He must approach this problem with an open mind and guard against un- due influence from his predetermined concepts. AMERICAIN ' .irniSPIHT»E fCE offers these aids to balanced judgment— 1 Easy-to-find well-stated rules, simple but powerful in their effect. A statement oi the reason lor the rule, without which a full understanding would be impossible. Well-illustrated exceptions which guard against improper applicationt. Cautions as to limitations inherent in the rule itselt. Write either publisher to furnish our new brochure describing this essential set. THE LAWYERS TO-UP. PUULISUIXii C O Rofhesler. . ¥. BAIMROFT-WUITNEY GO Smm Franeisca, lalif. SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of tlie priuesses of creatint ' pl " " " " layout and desi 5n-typesettin -printin| litlio 4rapliiii 4 and biiulini . . . Tluoui li- out liaU a century tiiis company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printiu ' . . . Our services inchide a special collei e annual sales and service organization... Abundant eiiuipment-modern and complete... Prices representing maxinnim in value FOGTE DAYIES PRlNTINd • Lll HlUlUAl ' HINi; • ENUKAVINQ ATLANTA s ( i M -k ' - ' m - 4- ' »- - % f • ■! M . J. t - ' } J « ' 5K 1 --»■ ' m yr - ' 11! II r i IIP ' " ' -IV ' A ' " f --. ,jm -- m . -Wf

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