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' r ' -..■■■k . ' J »..■ : ' w vM " ■ - ¥ ; ?« -. J " : -.-■ i in D i j - THE YEARBOOK OF ll[ lilllR [1 [H VOLUME FIFTy-THREE PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS AND COPYRIGHTED 1940 BY J. AMBROSE BURCH, EDITOR HORACE CROW, BUSINESS MANAGER WILLIAM McNIEL, MANAGING EDITOR Awuii Oii The 1940 PANDORA has been published with the desire of presenting to the students, alumni, faculty, and other friends of the University of Georgia a faithful, accurate, and permanent picture of campus life and activities during the 1939-1940 school session. ALMA MATER THE STUDENT BODY MILITARY ATHLETICS BEAUTIES ACTIVITIES THE GREEKS FEATURES A ' •W ' 1 This year ' s staff has attempted to portray student life on the Georgia Campus by the use of a photographic theme. In carrying out this theme the editors have made use of larger picture areas, less type and an informal manner in handling the material. 4 " IndJudeto. u [. On the silver anniversary of a great journalism school which stands as a living symbol of progress in the eyes of a respect- ful state and nation, this fifty-third volume of the PANDORA is dedicated to an eminent educator who has served his students and fellow citizens with unselfish fidelity . . . John E. Drewry, Director of the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism. JOHN E. DREWRy Since 1832 thousands of students have filed through the University ' s historic chapel to attend assemblies, conventions, nnusical and religious programs, and for many years to receive diplomas. m ' Hf ;r; ' ' . • . % m ■ y • S ' « - " m - JkV ' ■ , ' % iild H 1-1 The Language and Literature Building where English and foreign languages are taught. It also contains two sound- proof rooms with voice re- cording equipment. ,Sv,C,(if,g mmnmmmmmm mmm IIIIIMIUIIIJUIIlUllll.llll.l.. 1 Harold Hirsch Hall ' s colon- naded sandstone entrance leads to second floor ciass- roonns, offices of the dean and faculty. The Alexander Campbell King Memorial Library occupies third floor. The first floor, with entrance in the rear, contains the smoking room and courtroom. Scene on the Coordinate Campus. Lake Kirota on Agricultural Campus. A Sf« ' " ' ' •i r V: :■ ' ' - i i ♦u. iiiiiliMtiHi :i!; T ; Pw?|fiiC wfi 1 1 iiMBiii -. • . " %i ' i. Dedicated to Georgia victims of the World War, Memorial Hall contains a spacious ban- quet room, library, swimming pool and student rooms. The athletic training headquarters is located in the rear o-f the building. The Forestry Building on Agri- cultural Campus, occupied this year, is panelled on the in- terior with thirty-six varieties of Georgia-grown wood. J Commerce-Journalism Building, where future business execu- tives and newspaper editors are trained. In it are the com- merce library, journalism reading room and auditorium. I nRf ' 1 ' -.1 S. V. SANFORD C uiiiie u ' t c-f; J lie I [iiivetM if := i i eiit c ' jf C ecttfiu OFFICERS OF THE BOARD OF REGENTS ' MARION SMITH , CASON J. CALLAWAY 1 S. V. SANFORD L. R. SIEBERT . . . Vice-Chairman Chancellor W. W. NOVES HARMON W. CALDWELL ijyrciiiient ' t J lie C iitixemlii . ' j: i Jcctaiu E. D. RIVERS MARION SMITH L. W. ROBERT, JR. T. JACK LANCE GEORGE MAINS MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF REGENTS J. KNOX GHOLSTON JOHN G. KENNEDY J. D. GARDNER GEORGE C. WOODRUFF CASON J. CALLAWAY CLARK HOWELL MILLER S. BELL C. M. MILAM JOHN W. BENNEH. SR. SANDY BEAVER ABIT NIX L . WdUlke. WILLIAM OSCAR PAYNE, Faculty Director of Athletics, accompanies the football team on all its trips. His history courses are popular with students. . . . Business Manager BENJAMIN CLARKE KINNEY finds Georgia ' s expanding campus an increased burden — constantly uses telephone — likes to fly. ... A sympathetic interest in student prob- lems fits MRS. MARY BRANNON BONDURANT for her task as Personnel Officer. She operates the Placement ureau. . . . HAMILTON FRAZIER MOORE, Director of the newly established University of Georgia Press, has supervised publication of eight books. . . . DYAR MASSEY, youngest departmental head at the Univer- sity, is Director of Public Relations and Assistant Pro- fessor of Journalism. ' - ' • " ra MOORE Prominent mathennatician and administrator, DR. ROS- WELL POWELL STEPHENS heads the Mathematics De- partment and is Dean of the Graduate School GEORGE HUGH BOYD, Director of the Division of Bi- ological Sciences, is prominent in scientific circles — in- terested in research. . . . Director of the Division of Fine Arts, HUGH HODGSON heads the Music Depart- ment. He directs Music Appreciation Hour in a crowded Chapel every Thursday night. . . . JOHN MORRIS, head of the German Department and oldest member of the faculty, has taught at the University since 1893. . . . DR. ALFRED WITHERSPOON SCOTT heads the Chem- istry Department as well as the Division of Physical Sciences. He was formerly an All-American basketball player. scon MORRIS Wdk 1U Authority in Political Science, DR. JOHN HANSON THOMAS McPHERSON has headed the History Depart- ment since 1891 — is also Director of the Division of So- cial Sciences. . . . Youngest Dean at the University, JOHN ALTON HOSCH heads the School of Law— frequently entertains law students. . . . Recognized in 1939 as the man who contributed most to agriculture in Georgia is PAUL WILBER CHAPMAN, Dean of the Col- lege of Agriculture. . . . Chairman of the Student Life and Activities Committee is ROBERT CUMMING WIL- SON, Dean of the School of Pharmacy. . . . Georgia ' s first Rhodes Scholar and recognized authority on taxation is ROBERT PRESTON BROOKS, Dean of the School of Commerce. As Director of the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism, JOHN ELDRIDGE DREWRY works hard for journalism and journalism students. DONALD JAMES WED DELL, new Dean of the School of Forestry, says his ulti- mate professional aim is " to head the best Forest School in the South. " . . . Head of the Voluntary Religious Association EDGAR LEE SECREST has completed seven- teen years directing religious activities on the campus. . . . Member of President Roosevelt ' s Advisory Com- mittee on Education is WALTER DEWEY COCKING, Dean of the Peabody College of Education. . . . HUBERT BOND OWENS, Head of the Landscape Archi- tecture Department, takes a prominent part in State garden club activities. AMBROSE BURCH Editor-in-Chief HORACE CROW Business Manage WILLIAM H. McNIEL Managing Edito CEDELIA HOUSE Woman ' s Editoi BERT GARY JOE GINSBERG JIMMIE HARTFORD SIDNEY HASKINS Junior Business Manage JOE JACOBUS Junior Business Manage Editoi Edito, Edito umn nm No doubt the most exasperating job on the campus, editing a PANDORA, has its compensations in the hope by the Editor and Business Manager that they are recording accurately impressions of the current year for future reference. The most difficult part of the business is the constant struggle to create a book that is " different " from past annuals — a hope which in many ways cannot be fulfilled. This year the staff has used a photographic theme to unite the material and has presented the material in an informal manner. With the hope that the book will have a measure of appeal to the student body, the staff presents the 1940 PANDORA. SENIOR STAFF: AMBROSE BURCH, Editor JUNIOR STAFF: CHARLOTTE ADAMS SOPHOMORE STAFF: HENRIETTA AGOOS HARRY BAKER J. T. BRADBURY JANE COLLIER DOT DANIEL BENSON EARLE EMMET FERGUSON ULY GUNN MARVIN HILL JAMES A. JOHNSON REUBEN KRUGER CAROL LASHER W. W. NEWSOM JOAN ORR ISABELLE PARKER JAY SMITH FRESHMAN STAFF: MURRAY ACKERMAN EMILY ARNETTE FRANCES ASHER MARCIA CORNWELL FRANCES FERGUSON FRANCES GORDY BETTIE HARRISON JOHN HEAD 5ENIE HILLIS BARBARA HOLDER BEN HOWELL BUDDY KRUGER BEVERLY LANGFORD BOB LIPSHUTZ HENRY MAS5EY SIMON MICHAEL JOHN MILLER JIM MONTGOMERY GRIFFIN MOODY MARVIN ORENSTEIN AUGUSTUS PARTEE MARY ALICE ROANE CORDEI lA SALTER LYNETTE SUODERTH NANCY SUMMERFORD GRACE WATSON JAMES WILSON JULIET YEARNS Jact Reld and Curtis Hames FIRST TERM JACK REID Edito FRANCIS MADDUX Managing Edlto CURTIS HAMES Business Managei BILL ROGERS News Editoi STANFORD SMITH Make-up Edltoi LUTRELLETIFT Woman ' s Edito ODONALD MAVS Sports Edito, J. LLOYD BURRELL Ag Hill Editoi VIRGINIA EASON Societ Edito JAMES BRIDGES Radio Editoi T. L WOOD Feature Editoi AL WEILL ) A ■ f f R • BILL GUNTER ( ' ' assistant Business Managers FRED WICKHAM .... Circulation Manager SECOND TERM FRANCIS MADDUX Editor STANFORD SMITH Managing Editor AL WEILL Business Manager BILL ROGERS News Editor ROBERT BROWN Make-up Editor VIRGINIA EASON Woman ' s Editor JACK REID Sports Editor ODONALD MAYS Ag Hill Editor WYLENE RIGHTON Society Editor BILL WHITE Feature Editor SIGO MOHR Circulation Manager STAFF Copy Desk LEE BANKS AL FOWLER ERNEST HICKS JOHN McMULLEN QUIMBY MELTON PHIL REAGAN JOE RICHMAN LARRy SMITH Left to rlqht: Stanford Smith, Bill Rogers, Larr Smith, Bobby B ' o-r ar-3 J. Uovd Burrell. The Sports Staff, left to nght: O Donald Mays, S.go Mohr, David LeRo-y, Louis Steyerma . ' r-_ ' :»- ejWAJSB! AARONi GB ' ; : :: -_ MC ; ; ■ER BLftJNlOHIAIMJ a TiilLE sun-: - - RIC- - E ' iiS HUQHI saiNiAse JOE L--..-. ... - - — • ■OiSy BRAV FRANCES L ' ' : : " : : OH.- XtHH BBICE GLARBNiCE -£. ■ W : : owei bbuce aOSBT UfFSMuTiZ mi .uj snt SanCk£n NEi " MAR1IHA COOU ' et SILL MdCdLlDM. JIAOC SIRIIlAaS E - - BCMET FOKGUSOM JIIMIMT MdlNfOSH BS8RyL saiiEss - mxx. ptaoEn ROflESTT MdNIULW MARVEy scoea. HOSTOMI GR E .-.- ■ - SFCt-S ,-.-.-. LAURA DUNCAN . ' mEgWE MABAINIZ Racs All II PH GAMIUS IHOWIAS Su PARK 1 bd fc nAWB IzSLOV SOS PAIIUItRSCm ,-»., Moasiis MdLfiwoeE LOUIS SHerERMAN H WOMAKS STAFF H GHlAHLOTiiE A0-AJUfS JOAN ORR ANNE SROOKS iE v -x;« ' .t. Aji p BLEAJNOS EHUISeHiNIBa Hi-- : • : - - • : ioh K .j H K " NANCy cqioBt E; -- - : -l SLBf fc ' BV DOT DANIIB- Ai " . ' .£ " -; -:-E? s H g SIUISAN IDXIILUNGHAM ic ' -. ' z ' z- ' ::- -3ES Hb ' ▼ ANNE ilTMli BROS :E ' »i E At, SliHIN m CHWUIA HOdJISE m m MJSiNeSS SfAJFF , HR . HAlRy EWJKB5 JBNINIINGS HEaO fJH WlllNnrON BILAOCWBUL iOE JACOWUIS li 9i fl B 1 R08ERT COLLAT SmmW 1LANGIFOR.ID ' fl C ' vf Mt H aCGARlDWIBI JACK MEWDOWS V m 1 WKQIL HAKUBNI jK Iv Mjf H ajd fist •: ■■lib Mauga; SuCc L kft to li bt: Jcai - od H GmIb(, As- ette Wcmlaw VT i jiw i Ea- u «Q ' «. STAFF First Term O ' DONALD MAYS Editor EARLE ODOM Business Manager EARL BRUMBY WIGGINS • • Managins Editor BEny McDAVID Woman ' s Editor BRUCE WILDER Associate Editor DOUGLASS M. RICHARD Associate Editor THOMAS PARKS Associate Editor SIDNEY HASKINS Circulatiori Manager Second Term EARL BRUMBY WIGGINS Editor EARLE ODOM ■ Business Manager DOUGLASS M. RICHARD Managing Editor BEHY McDAVID Woman ' s Editor BRUCE WILDER Associate Editor CLARENCE LEVY . . . . Associate Editoi SIDNEY HASKINS. • . Circulation Manager FACULTY ADVISORS WILLETT M. KEMPTON EDITORIAL STAFF JAMES HACKE MARTHA COOPER ELEANOR BUSHNELL BETTY PRINGLE NANCY COLLIER NANCY WHITE CAROLYN HUEY ANNE BARWICK BUSINESS STAFF MARGARET SIMMS SUSAN RICHARDSON DOT LINK BILL NORRIS TYUS BUTIR HORTON REENE HUGH BET ARLENE WRROW JEAN R05 TOM ROGRS MORRIS ACEY SIMON MICHAEL CIRCULATION STAFF GUY WHELCHEL SAM HALPERIN Founded in !935, the GEORGIA ARCH provides a medium for student literary expression . . . serves ia stimulus for the encouragement of original work . . . records a true picture of campus life . . . furnishes a mediurfor entertain- ment . . . renders a means whereby student opinion and interests may be recognized. The GEORGIA ARCH prides itself on pioneering in a candid camera picture page and was ce of the first magazines to adopt a Stymie Light typeface for titles. Exchanges with the nation ' s leading magancs honor the ARCH with numerous credit lines for both cartoons and humor, as well as poetry. R n A Monthly Magazine Published By the Students in the Agricultural School. Founded in 1907. J. DYD BURRELL Editor-in-Chief HAROLD PARODY Managing Editor MAVIN B. GILLIS Business Manager ALICE RUTH MILLER Woman ' s Editor ALLEN BURSON Circulation Manager Seated, J. Loyd Burrell, Editor, and Marvin Gillis, Business Manager, ASSOCIATE EDITORS •• »»l». BOB ENSON JOHNDUPREE ALPH- FOWLER JOHNHOLLIDAY BILLY JAY EMORY JONES W. TROUPE JONES JOE PERRY ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS CURTt AVERY PAUL ROWLAND AUREJS P. BARNETT C. B. SECKINGER E. W. ANIEL FRANK STANCIL J. W, ASSITER WOMAN ' S STAFF HELEKBUCK BETTY WHITE NELLE ANE WILLIE BELLE WILLS ZELDA ' UCKER ASSOCIATE CIRCULATION MANAGERS DAVID IROR THOMAS SIMMONS K. D. ARSHALL JAMES SPANN ALFRE MULLINS W. C. WHEELER PHILII- ' OWLAND FACULTY ADVISORS W. ). COLLINS W. E. HUDSON MRS. M. H. BLAIR The Board of Control: Left to risht. White, Gillis, Burrell, Parody. Below, left: The Editorial Staff. . . . Right: The Business Staff. I! l Senior i Se Uo i Sendee WMW - ' W ' ' ' ' vsm . (f iPffliniiEPeoFs I. Mike McDowell assists Hugh Hodgson in the Music Depart- 2. Mrs. Margafct Singleton knows the names of all the girls on Co-ordinate Campus. 3. Dr. McHatton, Head of the Department of Horticulture and Professor of Horticulture. 4. Mr. Heckman: " The PAN- DORA has got to come out earlier this year. " 5. John William Firor, Head of the Department of Agricul- tural Economics and Rural So- ciology. 6. Dr. Elon E. Byrd, Assistant Pro- fessor of Zoology. 7. Miss May Zeigler: " I did the talking today. You can do the talking tomorrow. " 8. Willett Main Kempton: " Oh my! Someone really left this lab in a mess. " 9. Dr. Hutchinson: " In other words, this is what I meant to say — in a social problem, well now let me put it differently, etc. " 10. Miss Young; " I want to give you some more statistics from the Yearbook of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Endocrinology. " 11. William Clin Collins, Professor of Agronomy. 12. Miss Louise H ollin gsworth. Reference Librarian. 1. Dr. Glenn Wallace Sutton, Pro- fessor of Finance. 2. Miss Evelyn Sellers, Secretary to the Dean of Women. 3. Jerry Winters, Director of the Statistical Bureau, is thoroughly convinced that this is the " ma- chine age. " 4. Rudolph Henry Driftmier, Head of the Department of Agricul- tural Engineering. 5. Capers Holmes, new Editor of the ALUMNI RECORD. 6. Mrs. Albert Saye, better Itnown as Miss Kendrick, is Secretary to the Dean of Ad- ministration. 7. Says B. P. Beckwith: " The be a ten-minute quiz today. " 8. Robert Taylor Segrest, Assist- ant Professor of Economics. 9. Mr. Claude Chance, Head of the Department of Romance Languages: " A man from Geor- gia needs no introduction. 10. Mr. Lamar Dodd, one of the thirteen most outstanding con- temporary artists in the United States. [8 HDNIMINE lIUEEIi-Ei The Holy Cross-Georgia game brought welcomed alumni, gay dances and Gene Krupa— in other words, Home- coming. The Pan-Hellenic Council paraded Friday night— it was their dance. Sat- urday moming sleepy-eyed students came to the Breakfast dance. After the game, which Georgia just did lose, spirits were revived with the Tea dance. Krupa kept a tired crowd alive Saturday night as the campus men took their turn at " leading out. " MWiiMiigillilliiMil CO-ED m TO A DANCE When a co-ed goes to a dance at Georgia that is not news, but when the cannpus looks in on one as she dresses, that is, definitely. As is shown, one reason for girls having friends is that they nnay help each other dress. Waiting for dates is done on any cam- pus, dancing is almost the same in any college, but intermission at Georgia is as only Georgia co-eds can " intermiss. " The last picture: Who wouldn ' t be tired after a night like this? fcKc-a5. iS5a7 ' ?a¥S3 " ■ m xx plciiioviam VIRGINIA GRAY NOVEMBER 24, 1917 OCTOBER 15, 1939 FRANK ELIJAH MITCHELL FEBRUARY 26, 1896 JANUARY 10, 1940 MRS. JULIAN McCURRY JUNE 18, 1888 JULY 3, 1939 CHARLES MERCER SNELLING NOVEMBER 3, 1862 SEPTEMBER 19, 1939 HERMAN JAMES STEGEMAN JANUARY 21, 1891 OCTOBER 22, 1939 MILLIE LENETTE WISE JUNE II, 1919 JANUARY 26, 1940 . S aW Uiei OilflceAA. - ' ' :r; j:„S:::L ' ;; " : ..e. ..,. .„. t:„r;r;i:K: ' r;e ' r;:r.tMif.::.™ " ™ ' " " ' " " " yel eve, ,ecu„.nl. come Ihos. disqu.etmg t ' ' ™ ' ° ' " ;,,, ' ,J|,„;„„ ,,,„, |„,he,, „«„ diploma l..lh.., makes :lir cL-:rid7 v ' . r;;.:it;i,:::d ' :;::tV -, . »- -- -- - -- -- ™ • ' - red cap or a little red beret. PRESIDENT Woodfin Cavender, President of the Senior Class, has directed the activities of the larsest class ever to graduate from the University of Georgia. OFFICERS Tommy Willis and Jimmy Stev art have successfully com- pleted a year as Vice-Presi- dent and Secretary and Treas- urer, respectively, of the Senior Class. Almost the end of a bumpy road — Checking credits for graduation and wondering " Whafll I do next? " ACKER, JANE BEVERLY Albany, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A 8. DEGREE ADAMS, BERNARR B. Dewy Rose, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE ADAMS, EDWIN G., JR. Greensboro, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE ADAMS, MANTA MAE Vidalia, Georgia t CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREF Transfer, Mercer University; Homecon Clul. fLE)CAI ER: TFIADy f Elizabeihton, Tennessee CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRYIJeGR PI KAPPA ALPHA Xi Ph. XI; Alpha Xi Sisma; ScablJ d and Blade; Freshman Cross-Country; Junior abi- net; Forestry Club; First Lieutenant, R. V T. r; Assodate-Editor, CyPRE KNL e ' 39, Jjditor, ' 41 3 tN, WILLUM Buford, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. CHEMISTRY DEGREE Charter Member, Chemistry Society; Presi- dent, Chemistry Society, ' 39; Grand Alche- mist, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Xi Phi Xi; Glee Club, ' 38. fc±:( ADAIR, WILMA AGNES | Rutledge, Georgia , CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE Transfer, South Georgia Teachers ' College; Homecon, ■38- ' 40; 4-H Club, ' 38- ' 40; Poul- try Science Club, ' 38- ' 40; Social Chairman, Homecon, ' 40. ADAMS, ADAMS, MARIA ISABEL Dry Branch, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHYS. ED. DEGREE Transfer, G. S. C. W., ' 38; W. A. A. Cabinet, ' 39- ' 40; Rifle Team, •38- ' 39. AINSLIE, JOSEPHINE Madison, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE ALEXANDER, NORMAN Blakely, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE ALLEN, ANNE S. Washington, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE 4-H Club; Homecon. ALMAND, BEny College Park, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE HHMMia ' i ANDERSON, HARRY W. Dallas, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE ANDERSON, MARGARET Dallas, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S HOME EC. DEGREE ARNOLD, JOE WILSON Washington, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE CHARLOTTE R. afh syille, Georgia FOft A.B.JOURNALISM DEGREE DELTA DELTA DELTA BAILEY, JAMES D. ' Athens, Georgia GWji ' CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE f ' mmm ' :n m m ' iifm ' .!m - ' j. ■ BAKER, LATHROPE K, Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE BALDWIN, C. LILL BALDWIN, THOMAS B Madison, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE BANKSTON, HOMER JOS. Roberta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE BARNES, M. August CANDIDATE FOR BEASLEy, HUGH Reidsville, Georgia c ' aNDIDATE for A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE BEARD, THOMAS V., JR. Moultrie, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S, COMMERCE DEGREE BEASLEY, TOM REED Reidsville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ALPHA TAU OMEGA Transfer, Emory University; Secretary, Alpha Tau Omega; Secretary, Demosthenian Liter- ary Society; Secretary, Economics Society. ifl S S F I 9 ' t MHIHMil BECKWITH, SARA ELOISE Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Kappa Phi; Sigma Alpha lota; Girls ' Club, ' 36- ' 40, Librarian, ' 37- ' 38, Secre- ■38- ' 39, President, ' 39- ' 40; Freshman cil, ' 34- ' 37; Sophomore Council, ■37- ' 38; ersity Women ' s Council, ' 38- ' 40, Vice- dent, ' 39- ' 40; Secretary-Treasurer, Music , ' 39- ' 40: Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Tennis Club, ' 37. Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE SENIOR C LH S S OF BOLGLA, SARA LEE Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE DELTA PHI EPSILON BOORSTEIN, BETTY SARA Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE BOWEN, CALHOUN AUSTIN Tifton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE PHI DELTA THETA Phi Bcla Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Gridiron; Phi Eta Sigma; Biftad, President; Jocltey Club, Treas- urer; Glee Club, ' 37, ' 38; Periclean; Fresh- man Golf, ' 37; Varsity Golf Team, ' 38, ' 39, •40; German Club, Vice-President; Lt. Adj R. O. T. C; Epicurean, Governing Court Vice-President, Phi Delta Theta; Honor GJ| uate, R. O. T. C. } -iB, f BOONE, THOMAS FOSTER Tallahassee, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE BOSTON, H CANDIDATE FOR I Gaffau Club; A| Monroe, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGR1CULTURE-DEGR§ Secretary, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Saddle and Sirloin Honor Key; 4-H Club; Intercol- legiate Dairy Cattle Judging Team, ' 38- ' 40; Winner, Phi Kappa Phi A« ,rd, •38- ' 39. f ( ,AM B., JR. Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. ENG. DEGREE BRANDON, FRANCES LOUISE Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE KAPPA ALPHA THETA Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; President, Alpha Lambda Delta, ' 37- ' 38; Student Gov- ernment Council, ' 36- ' 37; Zodiac, President, ' 38- ' 39; international Club; President, Pioneer Club, Fall Quarter, ' 39; Senior Advisor, Alpha Lambda Delta, ' 39- ' 40. BRANTLEY, JOE G. Lyons, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE BRAWNER, EDITH STUART Greenville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE BREWTON, CECIL BART Mershon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE Phi Delta Chi; Xi Phi Xi; Mortar and Pestle; Chemistry Club. MMIi BRICE, OWEN BARRETT Lake Wales, Florida CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE li BROCK, MARY H EN Sale City, Geor CANDIDATE FOR B BROOKS, ANNE MOORE Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE PHI MU BROOKS, LUFRED Decatur, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE BROWN, GLADYS CLARK Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE BROWN, KENNETH H. Calhoun, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE BROWN, SARA Sylvester, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME. EC. DEGREE BRIDGES, JAMES ALBERT Fairburn, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE Freshman Y. M. C. A. Commission, Sopho- more Council: Glee Club; Demosthenian; RED AND BLACK; Winner, Sophomore Declama- tion Trophy; Epicurean Club; Junior Cabinet; Sisma Delta Chi; University Band. BRIDGES, SARAH EDDIE Carlton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE BRODY, MORRIS C. Sumter, South Carolina CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE TAU EPSILON PHI JT nsfe -University of S. C; President, T ■39- ' 40; Phi Kappa; Varsity De Tpionship Inter-Soclcty De Orator of Phi Kappa agcr, PANDORA, ■38- " 39 bpsifcn Phi; Member Pan lellenJA Council. n v BRdWN, JAMES fjr Vlyesley, Georgfa CANDID B OR B.S. AGRICULTUfte© oyK ROB TViEmy iGrovania, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. ASl ENS. DESRB ■X JROWNING, RUBY E. Bainbridge, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S, EDUCATION DEGREE SENIOR C L n S CARMICHAEL, JOSEPH P. Carrollton, Georsia CANDIDATE FOR A.B, JOURNALISM DEGREE CARPENTER, JOHN LUTHER Demorest, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE CARSWELL, HENRY J., JR. Waycross, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE CASSELS, ROBERT Q. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE CAVENDER, JAMES WOODFIN Millwood, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE President, Senior Class, ' 40; Chancellor, Alphi Zela; Scabbard and Blade; Treasurer, Ag Club- Vice-President, 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club; GEORGIA AGRICULTURIST Staff; Business Manager, GEQftGIA CLOVER LEAF, CARTER jray, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE J CHAMBERS, GERALDINE F. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE CHAMBERS, NANCY E. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE CHAPMAN, MARY VIOLA Barwick, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE CHEEK, ELLEN LOUISE Bowcrsville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE CHRISTIAN, MARIGENE Elberton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE Transfer, Shorter College; PAND ORA Staff, ' 37- ' 38. R C L(1 S S OF I 9 ' f CLARK, HARVEy RICHARD Gay, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Saddle and Sirloin Club; Poultry Science Club. CLARK, JAMES J. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. DEGREE CLARKE, ROBERT O. Millen, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE CLIFTON, HARRY R. Lyons, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE • a UD, M. C, JR. 3t» n«ton, West Virginia c r: . COMBS, DURWOOD C. LaGrange, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE CONNELL, LOUISE Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE ALPHA CHI OMEGA Warden, Alpha Chi Omega; Delegate to Alpha Ch, Omega Convention, ' 39; Thalian- Blackfnars; RED AND BLACK Staff; ARCH Staff; Photog Club; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council. COOK, ELIZABETH JANE Crosby, Minnesota CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE PHI MU Alpha Lambda Delta; Registrar, Phi Mu, J|9| ' 40; Glee Club. CONE, LLOYD CLEMENT Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE COOPER, IRA Haddock, Georg CANDIDATE FOR 4 jrgia!- ' U, A W-C U LT U R ikpt CE k M eorgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE Poultry Science Club; 4-H Club; Homecon COREY, SAMUEL C Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE CORNETT, ANNE S. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE COX, WANSLEY HOWARD Cartersville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. ENG. DEGREE Alpha Zeta, Treasurer, ' 39- ' 40; Agricultural Engineering Club, Secretary, Winter, ' 39; Scribe, Fall, ' 39; Scabbard and Blade; Glee Club, ■36- ' 40; Regimental Sergeant Major, Infantry, ■38- ' 39; First Lieutenant Adjutant, ' 39- ' 40; Upper Ten Per Cent, of Freshman Class; Upper Ten Per Cent, of Sophomore Class. CREWS, GEORGIA A. Waycross, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE 0 F I 9 ' h ■MMiiB CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM T., JR. Lexington, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE CHI PSI DASHER, MARION N. Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE DAVIS, HARRY E. Albany, Georgia S E N I DRAKE, VIRGINIA W. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE DUFFEE, ROy KENNETH Decatur, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE PI KAPPA PHI President, Ticasurer, Pi Kappa Phi; Freshn y. M. C. A. Commission; Sophomore Y. M A. Council. DUMESTRE, JOHN B. Avondale Estates, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE DUNCAN, POPE ALEXANDE Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DESRtE . Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi ' Ei Sigma; Biftad; Xi Ph, Xi, President, ■39- ' 40 Glee Club, ' 36- ' 37 DREIZIN, MIRIAM Butler, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE DELTA PHI EPSILON Thalian-Blackfriars; Secretary, Pan-Helleni( Council, ■39. ' 40; Student Go mcnt Re scntative, ' 38- ' 39; Secret Sigma Alpha lota, ' 39- ' 40; DyE, OBE D.jJR. Middleton, (Sebrgia CANDIDATE FOR 6 S. AGRICULTURE DEGR-I Agh n; AlpJia Zeta; Vice-President, Se Ag Club; Secretary, 4-H Club; GEOR, CLOVERLEAF Staff; Parliamentarian, Saffa Club;;Saddle and Sirloin CluU. 3- . Vli ECKFORD, ELEANOR Athens, Georgiax CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEgSeE PHI MU Beta Kappa; Vice-President, Mortar Board; Sophomore Council; RED AND BLACK, ■ib- ' il; PANDORA, ' 37-38; R.ije Squad, ■37- ' 38; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Business Manager, Dance Club, ■39- ' 40; Inter- national Relations Club, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 39- ' 40; University Women ' s Council, ' 38- ' 40. DUPREE, C. VERNON Oakfield, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE DyER, CLARENCE D. Millen, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Vice-Campus Leader, ' 39- ' 40; Alpha Xi Sigma; Gridiron; Varsity Track Team; Varsity Cross- country Team; " G " Club; Vice-President, Forestry Club; Demosthenian. EASON, MARy VIRGINIA Miami, Florida CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE PHI MU Theta Sigma Phi; President, Phi Mu, ' 39- ' 40; Pioneer inner Circle and Club; University Women ' s Council; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council; Sophomore " Y " Council; RED AND BLACK, Assistant Society Editor, ' 38, Society Editor, ' 39, Woman ' s Editor, ' 40; Parts in University Plays, " Ah, Wilderness " and " Ex- cursion. " EBERHART, DORIS C. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE ELDER, DAVID M. Watkinsville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. ENG. DEGREE ■■■Mi OF I 9 ' t ■■HI ELDER, JOHN DAVIS Winder, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE ERWIN, GOODLOE Y. Athens, Georgia CAN DIDATE FOR B.S. CHEMISTRY DEGREE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Omicron Delia Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Ha Sigma: Xi Phi Xi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Swimming, ■38- ' 40; Co-Captain, Swimming Team, ' 40; International Relations Club; Jockey Club; Junior Cabinet. EVANS, BETSY ELLEN Wadley, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE EVERin, CHARLES J. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE FANNING, JULIA Thomson, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE FARR, MARY I. Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ELDREDGE, WILLIAM KNOX Miami, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. ED. DEGREE ELTON, ALBERT M. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE ERBESFIELD, IDA LILLY Newton, North Carolina CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE DELTA PHI EPSILON GEORGIA ARCH Staff, ■27- ' 29: Hammer and Coffin; Treasurer, Delta Phi Epsilon, ■38- ' 40. V£VANS, AUDREY VfHailehurst, Georgia CANBIDATE for B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE :,KA P3 Ai.eHA THETA ' - ' Fresbfnan- Commission, ' Sfr Tfsasurer, Sopho- more " y " Cabinet, ' ' 38; Senior Women ' s Cabinet, ' SiJiO; Staff, GEORGIA AGRI- ■• ' " ' ' 37- ' 38; Hoi EVERETT, SARA Atlanta, Georgia C CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEpl 6 KAPPA ALPHA C. A. A. A%t»t» n Training; Glee Club; Fresh- ' fig: Economics Society. f AWUM, PffANR 59? Orangeburg, South Carolina. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORKJUy DEGREE INSl , MIRIAM L Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE SEN! FERGUSON, SARAH ANN Marietta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE CHI OMEGA FICKLING, LAUREHE Butler, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Transfer, Andrew College; Wonncn ' s Glee Club, ' 39- ' 40. FIELDS, GLENN DIXON Macon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Demosthenian Society; Economics Society; Photography Club, ' 39. FINNEy, ' ERRy $EAL Macon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A ' EMINGriACK C. artwell, Georgi V ;REi TE FORkB.S. AG, a (3 i JOSEPH C. W - FOLSOM? Atlanta, Georgia dCAND Daiton, Georgia IDATE FOR. B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE FETZER, HARLAND L Marlow, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE . ' A r FLANIGEN, ELEANOR B. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Sophomore Women ' s Council; University Women ' s Coun- cil; Hunt Club, ' 37- ' 39; PANDORA Staff, ' 37- ' 39. FLOyD, CLYDE Chipley, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE FORBES, WALTER B., JR. Griffin, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE FORDHAM, JOSEPH R. Eastman, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR. B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE FOSTER, PERRy GEORGE, JR. Americus, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR. B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE L OF 19 0 ■liiMMIMMiMMIMMMaaHBBH FOX, THERON GLENN Calhoun, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE FRIES, JAMES ANDREW Miilen, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE FULLER, ANNIE ELIZABETH Columbus, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE », ' JACK FORREST Dttsburg, Virginia NqjCATE FOR A.B. ' iOURNALISM DEGREE SENIOR GEISSLER, MARY ANN Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A,B. DEGREE DELTA DELTA DELTA Mortar Board; University Women ' s Council Freshman Commission; Sophomore Col Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Hunt Club Pioneer Club; President, Delta Delta Delta, ■39- ' 40; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 39- •40. GIBBS, ELIZABETH COLQUITT Gainesville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE GIDDENS, JOEL EDWIN Eastman, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi; 4-H Club; Ag GERSON, JOE Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE TAU EPSILON PHI Varsity Manager, Football, ' 39; Varsity Base ball, ' 37- ' 39, Captain, ' 38; " G " Club, ncss Manager, ' 38- ' 39; VicyPl«ident, Tau Epsilon Phi, ' 38- ' 39; Spa t atr 6 lub; Pan- Hellenic Council, ' 39- ' 4 I JEdj n; Phi Kappa; GEORGIA AR5H,- J i« Staf?. GINSBERG, SYLVIA TOBY Dalton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE SIGMA TAU Thalian-Blackfriars; PANDORA Staff; Presi- dent, Sigma Tau, ' 38- ' 40; Women ' s Hellenic Council, ' 38- ' 40. GLENN, SAM F. Rochelle, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Economics Society; Scribe, Delta Sigma Pi, GOLDSTEIN, ISRAEL M. Miiledgeville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE TAU EPSILON PHI Transfer, Georgia Military College; Phi Kappa; er and Coffin; GEORGIA ARCH Staff. GORDON, WILLIAM ELLIOT Pitts, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Alpha Zeta; President, Ag Economics and Rural Sociology Club; 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club. W GRIFFinS, VIRGINIA CAROLINE Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE Transfer, Maryvillc College; RED AND BLACK Staff, ' 38- ' 39; Dolphin Club. iMsiit I GROGAN, RAYMOND G. Byron, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Wife e itii «. :tiiHis LM. i 0 GUIMARES, HAL ROBERT Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Transfer, North Georgia College. GUNN, VERA I. Thomson, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE HACKE, JAMES E., JR. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE - J. ' .»i GRACE, MARK Lyons, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE GRIFFITH, LELIA T. Eatonton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE GRIFFIN, EDWIN M. Attapulgus, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE l MES, ' CECIL THOMSON Athens, Georgia »,NDIDATE FOR e.F.A. DEGREE iEGA lommerce, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Onni(?fciT ' Delta Kappa; President, " Sigma Cf ' 39; Assistant Business Manager, RED AND BLACK; Northern Debate Tup, ' 40; Varsity Debate Team, ' 38- ' 39- ' 40; Peiicleans; Inter- national Ra ations Club; Treasurer, Y. M. C. AKCIL, TAHSIN HASAN Kirtahya, Turkey CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE V S E N I R C nan HALL, LUCILE LATHROP RIdsewood, New Jersey CANDIDATE FOR M.A. DEGREE HAMES, CURTIS GORDON Claxton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. COMMERCE DEGREE Business Mana3cr, RED AND BLACK; Bl Key; Gridiron; Demosth Sccretary-Trc Freshman ck Te an; Junior Cabinet: ■ Class; Manaser, Chemistry Club. HARDY, GEORGE MOORE Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. ENG. DEGREE HARDEN, GEOR : Whigham, Georgia CA NDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE D PI KAPPA PHI President, Pi Kappa Phi; Presidcni Jun Class ' 39; Vice-President, Sophomore Class» ■38; Junior Ediloir fi yPQ A, ' 39-. BIye- Scabbard andl " ' HARMtoN ' DORALEA J K Savannah, Georgia N ' ■ CANDIDATE- R B.S. DE E HA« 1S( N, f y - r- jHafrison, Georgia y -. CANDIDATE FOR B.S HOME EC, DEGREE Homecon £lui ; Potilt y Jc Alamo, G« OF I 9 HALLIBURTON, JULIAN D. Macon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE KAPPA ALPHA Sphinx, Phi Beta Kappa; Vice-President, Phi Kappa Phi; Secretary and Treasurer, Omlcron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; M iaser, Varsity Football Team, ' 39; RED XN© LACK Staff; Chairman, Flag Pole C rumlt LS vManagc Freshman Football Tea , ' 3 JEW « t e r V Board. ' 39- ' 40; Gridiron; aaZ] Secretary, Alpha Pn mission, ' 36; Preside ' 37; y. M. C. A. Ca Justice, Phi Kappa, ternational Relation; Table; Omicron D Men ' s Schola rshi , ' 3 Colonel, Gov V0 HAMRICK, Talking Rock, JDATE FOR B.S. COMMERC HARBER, WILLIAM HUBERT Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE HARGROVE, JOHN Z., JR. Eastman, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE HARRISON, BRAXTON S. Harrison, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE HARRISON, OSCAR DILL Lavonia, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE HATCHER, MARY ETTA Albany, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE HAWKES, NELL Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F. A. DEGREE ■■■■a HAWKINS, MELBA E. Eatonton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE HEARN, DORA MVRL Carrollton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE Transfer, West Georgia College; Homecon Phi Upsilon Omicron: 4-H Club. HERIOT, ROBERT LATIMER Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE SENIOR C L R ra HOGAN, U. J. Dexter, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Transfer, Georgia Military College. HOLCOMB, BENJ. F. Gainesville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. COMMERCE DEGREE HOLSENBECK, WILEY HOWARD Macon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S, COMMERCE DEGREE Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Economics Society; Demosthenian. HORSEY, Atlanta, Geiorgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B; DEGREEj HOLBROOK, ROBERT B. Carnesville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE » Young Harris, Georgia eANDJOATEFOBjlLS.St!EMIS1i)«Y DEGR| HDrcHfsoN, lVman - Kite, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE EDELIA Woodville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE ALPHA CHI OMEGA Transfer, Shorter College, ' 37; Woman ' s Edi- tor, 1940 PANDORA; Thalian-Blackfriars; Theta Sigma Phi, Publicity Chairman, ' 39- ' 40; University Women ' s Council; University Thea- tre, Production Staff; Camera Club; RED AND BLACK; Editor, V. R. A. ANNOUNCER, ' 40; Student Correspondent, ATHENS BANNER HERALD; House Treasurer, Alpha Chi Omega, ' 39. HUBBLE, HETTIE B. Trenton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE HUNNICUT, WILLIAM OLIVER Macon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S, EDUCATION DEGREE HUTCHESON, HARRY Kite, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE HUTCHINSON, CELIA GAIL Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa; Senior W. A. A.; Pioneer Inner Circle; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Mask and Foil; Girls ' Fencing Team, ' 40; International Relations Club. S F 19 4 INGRAM, HENRy BARNEV Barney, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR. B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE IRWIN, CHRISTOPHER F. Sandersville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE IVEV, HENRy FRANKLIN, JR. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B, DEGREE C J ' _ ' ' nesville, Georgia ■m OlBATE FOR A.B. DEGREE CLASS I 9 i ,. JOEL, CHARLES, JR. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE JOHNSON, JULIA ANNETTE Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi; Freshman Council, ' S?; Vice- Prcsdcnt, Alpha Lambda Delia, ■37; Presi- dent, Sophomore " Y " Council, S; Pioneer Club; Pioneer Inner Circle; Zodiac; Kappa Delta Pi. JOHNSON, CECIL Oglethorpe, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE JONES, E. KLAH Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. G|EE ALPHA DELTA PI Treasurer, Freshman Class, ' 37- ' 38; -Tioneer Club; Pioneer Inner Circle; Vice-Presid_e Junior Homecon, ' 38; Homecon; REr BLA JONES, GORDON Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE JONES, ROBERT LYNN Lakeland, Georgia JONES, VINCENT SANFORD Jackson, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE SIGMA NU KALMON, JULIA FRIEDSON Albany, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE KANEY, JOHNATHAN D. Hickox, Georsia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE KELLER, A. PAUL, JR. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE i Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Chemistry Club; Zoolosy Club. KELLY, FRANK S. Blakely, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE KEMPTON, MRS. GRACE Athens, Georgia lANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE CHI OMEGA nsfer. Shorter College; RED AND BLACK iff; Theta Sigma Phi; Publicity Staff, Uni- versity Theatre. KICKLIGHTER, QUENTIN H. Glennville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE ha Zeta; Saddle and Sirloin; Agricultur. Club; Demosthenian. KIGHT, FRED CLARK Lovett, Georgia :ANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE KANTER, WALTER Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE tau epsilon phi KEEN, TRAMMELL COLWELL, JR. Dublin, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE KELLEY, SARA PAULINE Louisville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S EDUCATION DEGREE PI BETA phi KELLY, CECIL ROBERT y ' tAfcon, Georgia ANDIJlATe-FQR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE iCTPFTtyilPOLD W €st North Brighton,»«v( Yorl( ..CAMai.DATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DE ' , POLLY GWENDOLYN Monticello, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.e.OEStEE TpHA CHI OMEGA S. 6tNW.; Camera Clu Omega. KtERCE, ALICE VERNh V Ccfumbus, Georgia . CANDIDATE fB ' r A B. JOURNALISM DEjERftX ' Q Qi A DELTA DELTA " Freshman CtOrjfil; Sophomore Council; Jun- ior W. A. A. ' ; RED AND BLACK Staff; Theta Sigma P(hi, ytreasurer, ' 38- ' 40; Delta Delta Dllta Corj Espondinq S retaiV and ' W j President. I TTNi KILLIAN, LEWIS(M Macon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE KAPPA ALPHA Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Phi Eta Sigma; Scab- bard and Blade; President, Biftad; Phi Kappaj Vice-President, Voluntary Religious Associa- tion; Varsity Rrfle Team; Junior Cabinet; President, Student Christian Council; Glee Club. SENIOR CLASS 93 KIMBROUGH, MARJORIE Monroe, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A B. JOURNALISM DEGREE LAMKIN, LISBETH S. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE CHI OMEGA LANE, NELL REBECCA Jackson, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE LANGDON, JOSEPHINE E. Woodbury, Georgia " " ' CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE ' y LANSDELLVJOS Ptf TRU HephzitaVi, Georgj. 5IDATEFOR A.B. JOURNALisM " E TgMisfcr, Junior College of August •JD BLACK Staff; Univeisity Thea Del a Chi; Demosfhenian ER, m tO an y 7illa Rica, Georgia yV ■ CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DMR __ ALPHA CHI OMEGA ' J , Transfer, G. S. C. W. and West Georsi - lege: fHofnecpn; Photog Club. rl i LEE, TRUMAN LEROY Fitzgerald, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE KING, FRANCES S. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE LANE, ' Lumpkin CANDIDATE FOR B.S S3NEy, . VNf Macon, Ucf!taeia L LANGLEY, EDWENA J. Calvary, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE LASSETER, JAMES G. Villa Rica, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. ENG. DEGREE LAWRENCE, JOYCE ELIZABETH Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE LEE, ST. ELMO Cairo, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE LEGGETT, UDELL CLAIRE Baxley, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE vm OF I 9 ' h LENNARD, CAROL LOIS Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE _isn. CANDIDATE FOlf 8.S. kfO »fe ECVllGREE KAPPA ALPHA THETA unsfer, G. S. C. W.; Secretary, Phi Upsilon Siicron, ' 39; President, Phi Upsilon Omicron, ' •); Homecon; Thalian-Blackfriars; Phi Kappa Phi. LIPFORD, EDWARD H. Americus, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON snsfer, Georgia Southwestern; Phi Kappa. LIHLE, MARION Louisville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE PHI MU I ' sshman Council; Sophomore Council; Uni- rsity Women ' s Council, ' 38- ' 39; Y. W. C. A. ibinet, Vice-President, ■39- ' 40; RED AND BLACK, ' 37-39. I I LLEWELLYN, FERN MASON Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE LOCKMAN, MOSS TROY Gsrinth, Mississippi CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE LOIZEAUX, JOHN DARBY Jefferson, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE LEON, LETTYE DESPINA Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE LEVY, ISAAC CLARENCE, JR. Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE Transfer, Junior College of Augusta; Demos- thenian; GEORGIA ARCH, Humor Editor, Radio Editor, Feature Editor, Associate Edi- tor; Hammer and Coffin; RED AND BLACK; Sigma Delta Chi; Student Publications Board; Photography Club; University Theatre, Pub- licity Staff, ' 39- ' 40. LINDSEY, PAUL J. Willacoochee, Georgia DIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE ISecretary, Sl.ctc_h Club, ' 38; Kappa Pi Scribe .AlfJra-J mbda Delta, ' 39- ' 40. I LIHLE, WIL -Marietta, Georgia CAFmiOATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEI SIGMA AtJWHA EPSILON r lf®?P CHARLES ED Lal «nd, Georgia 3aNM 3ATE, » Jy AGRICULTURE - FTlfcr lCE ' J HILLIPi Columbus, Georgia — FOR B.S. »3VMElKE REE , E. Pf TRICIA Avon Parit, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE PI BETA PHI Transfer, Stetson University. V S E N mamammr ' LOOPER, BEN KEITH Dalton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. DEGREE LUCAS, ROBERT E., JR. Macon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE MACPHERSON, MARGARET Brunswick, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHVS. ED. DEGREE KAPPA ALPHA THETA Freshman Commission, ■36- ' 37; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ■37- ' 39; Vice-President, Women s Athletic Association, ' 38- ' 39: Dolphin Club, Vice-President, ■39- ' 40; President, Kappa Alpha Theta, ■39- ' 40; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council: Delegate, Kappa Alpha Theta Co vention, ' 39. cx MADDOX, Winder, Geofgi CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGRE MARSH, GEORGE RUSSE Rockford, Illinois CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE ALPHA GAMMA RHO Alpha Xi Sigma; Forestry Club. LOVVORN, HOMER BRUCE Cedartown, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE LUKE, E V MADDUX, FRANCIS TAYLOR Sycamore, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE Editor, THE RED AND BLACK; Phi Beta Kappa. MANNING, HARRIS CAMP Ellaville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE MANRY, FRANCES Edison, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE MARION, JOHN WHITE lla, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE MARSHALL, KENNETH D. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Ag Club; 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Gaffau Club; C. A. A. Flight Course. B C L fl S F I 9 ' f riHUnM i MARTIN, EDWIN DENNIS Columbus, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE PI KAPPA ALPHA == ?2 - 4It MATHEWS, FLORENCE LUCILE Americus, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE MAULDIN, FURMAN G. Liberty, South Carolina CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE MAXWELL, EUGENE KNOX Lexington, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE MAYS, JAMES O ' DONALD Louisville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE , Sisma Delta Chi; RED AND BLACK, Sports ( Editor, ■39- ' 40, Associate Editor, ' 39; GEOR- GIA ARCH, Editor, ' 39- ' 40; Editor, N, Y. A. TIME SHEET, ' 39; Asricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Club; Poultry Science ; Club; Freshman Trad, ' 37; Cross-Country, ' 36- ' 38. McBRAYER, GERALDINE A. Rome, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE MARTIN, JOHN G., JR. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE MARTIN, LUTHER P. Chipley, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE MASSEV, JOHN MORGAN Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE H VIRGINIA ta, Cjeorgia Candidate for a.b.-education degree MAXWELL, EDGAR JAMES, i Lexington, Georgi CANfllDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE AY, BETSVS r ' C Ipldnta, Georgia O I CANDIDAf ' EiOM-S. COMWERCE DEGREE RTJ DTCa-LA LORkAlBf Milton, Florida CANplDATS FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE f U.- SENIOR C WoC- ALCEV, CATHERINE E " Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE KAPPA DELTA V vk. r-«A»; ' ' ' m w m9Sr? i !?i 2il McCARTy, LAURA SCOH Dalton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE CHI OMEGA McCASKILL, ALEX Newnan, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE Ashburn, Georgia ' V NDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM oeSfiEgJ ; KAPPA ALPHA THETA jfTransfer, Ward-Belmont Collese; Theta Sigma |Phi; Treasurer, Kappa Alpha Theta, ■39- ' 40. McDonald, morris l Bolton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE McEWEN, PAT Danielsville, Georgia CANDIDATE F OR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE McGARIiy, HUGH HARRIS Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Band, ' 36- ' 40; Symphony Orchestra, ' 36- ' 40; Glee Club; Bulldog Orchestra, ' 36- ' 38; Young Artists ' Club, ' 37- ' 40; University Theatre, ' 36- ' 37. McLAURY, MARGARET Waycross, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE ALPHA DELTA PI OF 19 4 ■IM McLENDON, J. C, JR. Waycross, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREB McWHORTER, MARY E. Cochran, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE MERCIER, BILLY RICE I Daniclsville, Georgia I CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE :A3hon; Agricultural Club; Saddle and SIrlo. Club. MILLER, ALICE RUTH Sasser, Georgia j CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE ' KAPPA ALPHA THETA Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Worrian ' s Edi- ' or, GEORGIA AGRICULTURIST; Secretary, |y. W. C. A.; President, Phi Upsilon Omicron; ' President, Junior Home Economics Club; I State Chairman, Home Economics Clubs; Y. |W. C A. Cabinet; Vice-President, Sophomore ICIass; Zodiac; Alpha Lambda Delta; Vice- President, Kappa Alpha Theta. MILLER, MARILYN Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE V V McLENDON, NATH HARMON Edison, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Transfer, Abraham Baldwin College; Vice- President, 4-H Club; Agricultural Club; Saddle and Sirloin; Poultry Science Club. McNIEL, WILLIAM HOBGOOD Fairburn, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE SIGMA CHI Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Sigma Chi, ' 38- ' 40; Managing Editor, 1940 PANDORA; Assistant Business Manager, University Thea- tre; Associate Editor, " G " BOOK, ' 38; Photo Editor, RED AND BLACK, ' ST- ' Ba; Blue Key; Pericleans; Phi Eta Sigma; International Re- lations Club; " X " Club; Thalian-Blacltfriars; Biftad; Demosthenian; Sophomore Debate; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Y. M. C. A. Freshman an d Sophomore Commissions; Vice-President, O. D. K. McRAINEY, MALCOLM A. Elmodel, Georgia OIOATE FOR A.B. DEGREE ORTER, JOSEPH EVEREH _ arrollton, Georgia Ki TDSTEFOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Tian»fer, West Georgia College; Econon Society; DeKa Sigma Pi, Scribe, ' 40, Chanc l- ( ( lor, ■39- ' 40. MEEKS, STANTON Nicholls, Georgia CANDIDATBFOR B ' AGRICULTURE Dl H ' JROOKS, tfanta, Geor CAftDIOAtE FOR B.S. EDUCAT - ALPHA OMICRON PI fansfer, Wesleyan, 1937; President, ' op J , ' 39- ' 40; Memb. jW MT LER. JESS Cairo, Georgi CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Gridiron; Freshman Cros Country; Chairman, Ag Club Debating Coun- cil; Circulation Manager, GEORGIA CLOVER- LEAF, ' 39; Business Staff, GEORGIA AGS CULTURIST, ■37- ' 38; Saddle and Sir Chest Leader, ' 39. J V MILLER, SIDNEY SMITH Gordon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE , V SENIOR C L n S S OF MILLSAP, ZACHARy T., JR. Doerun, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE MINKOVITZ, EMMA Sylvania, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. COMMERCE DEGREE DELTA PHI EPSILON Secretary, Delta Phi Epsilon, ' 37- ' 38; Presi- dent, Delta Phi Epsilon, ' 38- ' 40; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council, ■38- ' 40. MITCHELL, RAYMOND Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. ENG. DEGREE MIZE, Cave Spring, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S MIMS, WILLIAM Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE MORAN, ELIZ ELIZABET Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE MOBLEY, JAMES HARRY Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE MONSEES, GERALDINE Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE MOORE, ERMER LEON Blackshear, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Transfer, Abraham Baldwin; Xi Phi Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; 4-H Club, ' 38- ' 40; Student Assistant, Plant Pathology. MORAN, EDWARD Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE MORGAN, MAEDELLE Vienna, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE P y CLASS 9 4 MORRIS, ALBERT L Young Harris, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE CHARL Georgic S. FOREST ' MMA RHO lOJRc estry Club; Sec h ' 3 79: President, Alp a 39- ' 40 o c%. MORRIS, THOM Ayg B. Atlanta, Georg CANDIDAXE-Fng 8S, a titT MOSES, BILL HENRY Uvalda, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE LEON lUUIElHi] 1MM9 ,EK MOTE, HAROLD Acworth, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE MUNDY, JOSEPH B. Jonesboro, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE NEAL, HARRY K. Kite, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE NORMAN, FRANCIS A., JR Columbus, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE MORRIS, ASHLEY D. Pearson, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE MORRIS, RUEL I., JR. Appling, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE MORRISON, MARTHA Pennbroke, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE ALPHA OMICRON PI Transfer, Georgia State College for Women. MUNDY, EMMEL WINSLO;; Harlem, ..., CANDIMTTE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DE EE " " ■ Uptr Kappa Psi; Economics So ll SENIOR C LR NORMAN, ROBERT C. Washington, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa; Sphinx; Omicron Delta Kappa: Blue Key; Pcricleans; President, Y. M. C. A., ■39- ' 40; Ptcsidcnt, Demosthenian, ' 40; Debate Manager, ' 39- ' 40; Northern Debate Trip, ■39- ' 40; Glee Club; Gridiron; Interna- tional Relations Club; " X " Club; Biftad; Phi Eta Sigma; V. M. C. A. Cabinet; State B. S. U., President; President, Phi Eta Sigma and " X " Club. NORTON, MARy EVELYN Graves, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE Girls ' Glee Club, ■36- ' 38; University Dance Club, ■37- ' 40; W. A. A. Secretary, ■39- ' 40 y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 36- ' 40; Intramura rd, ' 38- ' 39; Treasurer, Physical Education Major Club, ■39- ' 40; President, Wesley Foundation, ■40. NUTT, MYRIC H. Bowdon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE NORRIS, LESTER ELLIOTT Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE NORTHINGTON Tennille, CANDIDATE FOR B.( aeorgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE SIGMA CHI Transfer, Georgia Military College, 1938; Busi- ness Manager, GEORGIA ARCH, ' 39- ' 40; RED AND BLACK; Sigma Delta Chi; Demos- thenian. OLLIFF, LAURA Bristol, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE OWEN, JAMES COLEMAN Griffin, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE PHI DELTA THETA Treasurer, Phi Delta Theta; Biftad; X Club; Junior Cabinet; Gridiron; Jockey Club; Peli- can Club; Captain, Scabbard and Blade; Periclean, ' 39- ' 40; Phi Kappa; Colonel of Cavalry, •39- ' 40. PADDOCK, DAVE FLEMING Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE KAPPA ALPHA Scabbard and Blade. PARDUE, HELEN R. Aiken, South Carolina CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ALPHA DELTA PI Transfer, Winthrop College. PARIS, HOWELL DON Dallas, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE PATAT, HARRV F., R. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE PATTERSON, PAXTON K. Blairsville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE ALPHA GAMMA RHO Saddle and Sirloin Club; 4-H Club; Secretary, Alpha Gannma Rho, ' 39- ' 40. PAULK, RUSSELL F. Brunswick, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE i PEARSON, OWEN P. ZEMINS I Baconton, Georgia fjia ■ CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE itlOHOK " ' Transfer, Middle Georgia College; Econorr M ! Society; Senior Warden, Delta Sigma Pi, ' 39 ,. ; ' 40; Head Master, ' 40. We. Colli! ' - PERKINS, DOROTHY Stillmore, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE PARIS, MARTHA LOUISE Alpharetta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE PARK, JACK LENIS Molena, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE PARTRIDGE, DOVA LEE Lincolnton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE PAULK, RACHEL Albany, Georgia CANDIDAS FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGJJfE PAJfKE EONARD liOSCO r V I Canton, Georgia - ' CANDIDATE E tVi SKIClJLTUkE DfeRE - pe ples, ( Chatsworth, GeorgiC NOIDAT£ FOR B.S. AGRICULIU )! f ) PERKINS, FREDERICK L. Wadley, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE CLASS OF 19 0 PERRY, ARTHUR GORDON College Park, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE SIGMA NU Transfer, Un.vers.ty of M.ryUnd UniversitY of lllmois, Ind.ana Un,ve,s,ty, Un.vers.ty of Mi»our,, M,«oun B.ble College; S ' gma Delta Chi- RED AND BLACK; GEORGIA ARCH. PERRy, EDWARD OWEN, JR. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. COMMERCE DEGREE PHILLIPS, ARLENE Felton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE Transfer, West Georgia College; Homecon; Corresponding Secretary, Homecon; Little Symphony Orchestra; AGRICULTURIST StafK PHILLIP: Cuthb kt, (§( CANDIDATE FOR A.B,,btGREI DELTA Transfer, And -A A- . C PERRY, CATHERINE Sardis, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE Phi Upsilon Omicron; Treasurer, Homecon, I, ■39- ' 40. FERRYMAN Cedartov CANDIDATE FOR B PI Pelican Club; vO PHILLIPS, C 1S M. xnnicE, tvjewnan, ' Gcol-gia E FOR ».S. COMMERCED! fAN, ERMA JEAN, ' Tifton, Georgia IFOR B.S. HOMEECfEGRI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ,,,.shman Commission, •35- ' 36; Women ' s Glee rClub, ' 38- ' 39; Homecon Club; Wonnerv-S Hellenic Council, ' 38- ' 39; Presider l Gamma Delta, ■39- ' 40. PQfNO HARVBy aARl W. Hartford, CorinecFicut CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DeWeE Dublin, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE ALPHA OMICRON PI - Transfer, Georgia State Teachers College, ' 37; IWomen ' s Glee Club; Student Government Representative. PIERCE, GRACE ELIZABETH Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE PINCKNEY, JEROME E. Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE POLLOCK, S. LOIS Daytona Beach, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE ALPHA XI DELTA Transfer, Stetson University; Kappa Pi. POPPER, CAROLYN PEGGY Macon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE Alpha Lambda Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; RED AND BLACK, ' 36- ' 39. POTTER, PHILIP A., JR. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE F 19 4 POWELL, EDDIE LAMAR Omega, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE j PRINTUP, MARGARET ELLEN ' M Dearing, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE PULLEN, WILLIAM HELTON ifff I Damascus, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. ENG. DEGREE ! RAINEY, MARIAN F. Alt Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE TA A,iR ' gn»i« I RAUZIN, MARTHA LILLIAN Miami Beach, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.F. A. DEGREE I DELTA PHI EPSILON I W. A. A.; Freshman Commission, ' 37; Glee Club, ' 38- ' 40; Sigma Alpha Iota; Winner, Inter-Sorority Ping-Pong Cup. RAY, HERBERT L Calhoun, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F. A. DEGREE PI KAPPA PHI Music Club: University Orchestra. POWELL, LORAN ELL Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A. 8. DEGREE PRESNELL, GROVER C. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE PRINCE, WILLIAM J. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE RAGSDAL " " " -... Athens, Georg ' ' t« OATE£afi B.S. COM ME 4)NBAm ' mm H CAtlafit , ' Georgia ( CA " ft ( DAf loR B.S. COMMERCE DE ' " " r r - SENIOR fl S S 9 ' h RAY, HENRY COOK Boston, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR fl.S. COMMERCE DEGREE REESE, JOHN EVANS Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. CHEMISTRY DEGREE REID, HARVEY JACKSON Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE PHI DELTA THETA Editor, Managing Editor, Sports Editor, RED AND BLACK; President, Sigma Delta Chi; Board of Student Publications; Freshman Swimming Team; Freshman Basketball Team; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. REDDICK, SARA ELIZABETH Cairo, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE REYNOLDS, HOfi Cairo, Geoi§T REYNUroS, JAMIE CAROLYN Washington, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE RICE, WILLIAM B., JR. Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE l RK yfX). DOUGLAS MI S- . Savannah, Georgia WDEGiEE y e«e; 5igm» CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISK Tifensfer, Armstrong Junior College; Sigrrvy Delta Chi; Hammer and Coffin; Secretary an j Treasurer, Hammer and Coffin, ' 40; RED ANP " BLACK; GEORGIA ARCH; Cha.rmanySty dent Transportation Commiftpc. ' ' RICHARDSON, SAkA J Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE RILEY, (Parley hiowJro - Butler, Georgia ICANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE RICHARDSON, FRANCES D. Montezuma, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE DELTA DELTA DELTA Glee Club, ' 38- ' 40; Music Club; Sigma Alpha, ' SS- ' a?; Sigma Alpha lota, ' 39- ' 40. RICHSTONE, ALAN A. Carroilton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE RITCHIE, GEORGE C. Milledgeville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE CLASS OF 19 0 I ROACH, ELIZABETH R. Lauderdale, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE Transfer, Georgia State College for Women ROACH, VIRGINIA R. Lauderdale, Florida CANDIDATE FOR A B. JOURNALISM DEGREE ROBERTS, JAMES LEON Blackshear, Georsia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE ROBERTS, THEODORE A. Gainesville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE ROGERS, MARy JOSEPHINE Ashburn, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Transfer, West Georgia College. ROGERS, WILLIAM SHELLEY Elberton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON RED AND BLACK; Secretary, Thalian-Black- friars; Treasurer, Sigma Delta Chi; Scabbard and Blade; International Relations Club; BIflad; Freshman " Y " Commission; Phi Eta Sigma; Business Staff, University Theatre. ROSSEE, SARA Eatonton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE ALPHA DELTA PI Treasurer, Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 39- ' 40; Vice-President, Sigma Alpha lota, ' 39- ' 40; Senior Women ' s Council, ' 38- ' 40; Treas- urer, Alpha Delta Pi, ' 38- ' 39; President of Sophomore Class, ' 37- ' 38; Student Govern- ment Court, ' 37- ' 38; Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 37- ' 38; Freshman Commission, ' 36- ' 37; Freshman Representative, Student Gov- ernment Council, ' 36- ' 37; " Z " Club. ROTHWELL, GORDON OTIS New Bedford, Massachusetts CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Forestry Club; Demosthenian; University Thea- tre, ' 37- ' 39; Freshman Boxing, ' 36; Varsity Boxing, ' 37- ' 40. Jackion, Tennessee CANtlDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE ALPHA TAU OMEGA osthenian; President, Treasurer, Forestry Club; Parliamentarian and Critic, Forestry Club.- SENIOR C L PPP RUBIN, ALVIN PERRY Gordon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. COMMERCE DEGREE RUTKIN, HELEN Tampa, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE DELTA PHI EPSILON Vice-President, Delta Phi Epsilon, ■39; Dance Club, ■37- 38; Winner, Inter-Sorority Debating Cup, ' 37. SALISBURV, GEORGE Ocoee, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE SANDERS, REGAN HOT Commerce, Georg CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM RUCKER, BETTY LLOYD Griffin, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE SANCKEN, SARA N. Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE PHI MU Glee Club, •38- ' 39. SCHEER, GLORIA ROSE Eatonton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE SCOTT, BEHY Rome, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE SEATON, FRANK W. Cohufta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE J i 9 t SEAY, SARAH MABLE Reynolds, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE ■m SIMON, ' HER Brooklet, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE SIMS, ALICE MARGARET Ousley, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE ALPHA CHI OMEGA SKINNER, LOUIS I. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE ALPHA GAMMA RHO Vice-President, Alpha Gamma Rho, ■39- ' 40; Saddle and Sirloin Club, Vice-President, ' 39; Vice-President, 4-H Club, ' 39; Vice-President, Interstate Collegiate 4-H Clubs: Business Manager, GEORGIA CLOVERLEAF; Saddle and Sirloin Honor Key. I SLATE, MARY YONGE I Athens, Georgia ]NBK 5 I CANDIDATE FOR A. B. JOURNALISM DEGREE SMITH, ANDREW N. Waycross, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE SHERIFF, SAM COLLINS Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. FORESTRY DEGREE SHUMAN, ROY PASCO Coolidge, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE ALPHA LAMBDA TAU Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Tau, ■38- ' 39; Pan-Hellenic Council, ■39- ' 40; Mortar and Pestle, ' 36- ' 40. SIMMONS, MARY L. Oglethorpe, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE Transfer, Andrew College; 4-H Club; Ho Economics Club. CA fllOAIE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGRE Hi DELTA DELTA DELTA President, Freshman Class, ' 36- ' 37; Freshman Commission, •36- ' 37; Student Government!) ' 36- ' 37; Junior Home Economies Oub, ' 37- ' 38, Glee Club, ' 37- ' 38; Tennis Club, ' 37- ' 38; Dolphin Club, ' 38- ' 39; Historian, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Delta Delta Delta - 8WITH, C V} CASON CONRAD Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S, DEGREE Lt i I SENIOR C LR SMITH, ELEVA Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE SMITH, HOKE VICTOR Forsyth, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR 8.S. COMMERCE DEGREE SMITH, LAWRENCE W. Charleston, South Carolina CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE SMITH, MARION LEE Covington, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE SMITH, S Cochran, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRIC f=z( SMITH, GUy F. Carnesville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE SMITH, KAT Statesb CANDIDATE FOR B.SJ ' H Transfer, Georgia Slatt Te Homecon Cli ITH, VIVIAN ASTQR Bremen, Georgia •Candidate for B. .tiOME ec. degree tansfer, West Georgia College; A i uh BVERLEA Staff; Homecon Club To try Saence Clut .— Tifton, Georgia candidate for B.S. DEGREE ' Freshman Golf Team, ' 37; Varsity Golfl; •38- ' 39; Glee Club, ■27- ' 29: Ph Epicurean Club SOHN, LOUIS S., JR. Atlanta, Georgia ' XANDIDATE for A.B. DEGREE PHI EPSILON PI Presiderft, Phi Epsilon Pi; Omlcron Kappa; Phi Kappa, President, ' SB- ' S?, Chief Justice, ' ST- ' Se, Second Assistant, ' 37- ' 38; Freshman Debate Trip, ' 37; Varsity Debate Team; Biftad, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 37- ' 38; International Relations Club; Scabbard and Blade; Thalian-Blaclcfriars, Vice-President, - ' S- ' 40; Director, University Theatre, ■39- ' 40; Pan- Hellenic Council, ' 38- ' 40; Blue Key; Univer- sity Religious Council, •39- ' 40. SMlfTTPAUL ALBERT Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE SMITH, SARA JO Watkinsville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE Senior Women ' s Athletic Association; Rifle Team Manager; Member, Women ' s Rifle Team; Hunt Club; Dance Club; Photography Club; Publicity Chairman, Dolphin Club, ' 39. SMITH, WILBUR, JR. Tennille, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE SNELLING, JOHN McL, JR. Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE SOLMS, SELMA L Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE PHI MU Phi Kappa Phi; Homecon Club; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Pioneer Club, ' 39; Historian, Phi Mu, •39- ' 40. wm SOUTHER, JOHN PAUL Choestoe, Georgia STANLEY, GEORGE W. Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE SIGMA CHI Glee Club, ' 37- ' 38; PANDORA Staff, ' 38 Forestry Club; Thalian-Blackfriars, ' 39- ' 40; Uni versity Theatre. STARR, MARGUERITE Newnan, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Kappa Delta PI; Honors Day, ' 38- ' 39. STELLINGS, CARL H. Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE STEPHENSON, JAMES E. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE SPANN, JAMES LUTHER Columbus, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Agricul- tural Economics and Rural Sociology Club; GEORGIA AGRICULTURIST Staff, ■38- ' 40; PANDORA Staff. SPEER, HELEN LOUISE Ochlochnee, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE SPIVEy, MARTHA HENRIETTE Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE hkD, MARY ELLEN Rock, Georgia Candidate foiva.b. degree STEGEfffANVjOHN POST Alliens, Georgi NDJDATE for B.S. DEGREE n v STEPHENS, SOPHIA ' Newnan, Georgia CANDIDATE for A.B. DEGREE-.. ' " ■ ' ALPHA CHI OMEGA J- Transfer, LaGrangc College; Camera CIA; Secretary, Alpha Ch, Omega, ' 38; Student Government, .:38- ' 39, ■39- ' 40; STEWART, ARTHUR T., JFL( White Plains, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Freshman Baseball, ' 37; Vice-President, Jun lor Class, ■38- ' 39; Saddle and Sirloin Club, Treasurer, ' 39, President, 40; 4-H Club; Agri- cultural Club; Gridiron; Dairy Cattle Judging Team. V SENIOR CLASS STEWART, JAMES M. Sylvester, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Dcmosthenian: Economics Society; Ffcshman Baseball; Basketball, Freshman Manager; " X " Club; Gridiron: President, Blue Key; Manager, Varsity Basketball, Secretary and Treasurer, Senior Class. STEWART, WILTON W. White Plains, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Saddle and Sirloin Club, President, ' 39; Win- ner, Junior-Senior Livestock Judging, ' 39; Dairy Judging Team, ' 39; Agricultural Club, Parliamentarian; Holstein Winner of Little International, ' 38- ' 39. STOGSDILL, B. R., JR. Chickamauga, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE ' STEWART, THOMAS H., Fort Screven, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE SXRiaeiAND, J. Cy Waycross, Georgi j 5 NDIDATE FOR B.S. COM MERCEfDEGREE ummerfOrd, DANlEt-fr J Reidsvillc, Georgia fx CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGKE Mortar and Pestle; Treasurer, Phi Celt Barnesville, Georgia CANDIDATE fOU B.S. HOME EC. DEGRIE SUMMERS, ANTOINET Martinez, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE STODDARD,. Atlanta, CANDIDATE FOR A.B f- S.- ' Qsjo ' Vy Athens, J STRICKLAND, CHARLES H. Comer, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE STRONG, NANCy LEIGH Nev nan, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE SUMMEROUR, KATHERINE Norcross, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE TABOK, ZIYA IDRIS Istanbul, Turkey CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE TAYLOR, JOHN FRED Greensboro, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE CLASS OF 19 0 TEASLEV, BILLy CORDELL Elberton, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRy DEGREE TETER, ROBERT HUBBARD Charleston, West Virginia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE THOMAS, DORIS MARIE Orlando, Florida CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE PHI MU " H MPSON, SADIE EILEENE Alley, Georgia ■ - niDATF FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE ■Kansfef, Brewton-Parlier Junior College: Home- Plii Upsilon Omicron; 4-H Club. TRAyLOR, JAMES BOTHWELL Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE TURK, RICHARD P. Butler, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE TURNER, KATHRYN L. Griffin, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE TYE, JOHN LEWIS Atlanta, GeorsiA; CANDIDATE FOR A.B. OESREE TRIBBLE, ANSLEY S. Monroe, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE TURNER, TYE, MIRIAM Edison, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE Transfer, Abraham Baldwin College; President, 4-H Club; CLOVERLEAF Staff; Poultry Science Club. VAN RIPER, WARREN Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ryr7 = PICKERY, CHARLES JACKSO ' Hartwell, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGRI CrcA w ALDHOUR, ELIZABETH A. Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE Transfer, Armstrong Junior College; Vice-Presi- dent, President, University Camera Club; RED AND BLACK Staff; Photography Club; Editor, GEORGIA ARCH; Recording Secretary, Hammer and Coffin. VAUGHAN, NEHIE BELLE College Park, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE VOIGT, RAMON GOLDEN Demorest, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE WALKER, ALICE HARRISON Decatur, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE « 1 n n c 9 4 WALL, HENRY BELMA, JR. Statham, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AG. ENG. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; Agricultural En gineering Club; Associate Editor, Editoi GEORGIA AG ENGINEER; Censor of Alph Zeta. WALLACE, JAMES J., JR. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE WARNER, ISABEL McL. Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE WATKINS, EUNICE LeGRANDE Midlothian, Virginia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Transfer, Wilham and Mary College; Kappa Pi; Secretary, Kappa Pi, ' 39. . WESTBROOK, BONNIE TECORAH I Ha, Georgia j CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE ) ALPHA CHI OMEGA 3lee Club; Camera Club; Secretary, Ward iMpha Chi Omega; Junior Physical Edu tion Club. SENIOR C L R S S WESTBROOK, SHELBY L Cordeic, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. DEGREE WHEELER, JEAN MADELINE Rome, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE KAPPA PI WHEELER, RANDAL STACY Lambert, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. DEGREE WHELAN, JOSEPH HINTON Ettrick, Virginia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE WHATLEY, EMILY CLAIRE Reynolds, Georgia WHELCHEL, SARAH Alto, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE WHITE, CAROLYN R. New Orleans, Louisiana CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE KAPPA ALPHA THETA Transfer, Sophie Newcomb College; Glee Club. WHITE, WILLIAM OTIS Augusta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Scabbard and Blade; Chemistry Club; Rifle WHITHEAD, MARY SNELLING Pine Hurst, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE WHITMIRE, ERSKINE F. Dahlonega, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE C LR S S OF I 9 WICKHAM, FREDERICK LOUIS, JR. Columbus, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ALPHA TAU OMEGA President, Vice-President, Secretary, Keeper of Annals, Alpha Tau Omega; Treasurer, Secrjt»fr ' S«ticita{;Genefal, Demosthenian lident, Secret Economics Society ' ' Gridiron; Ssargf r TB I u e Key Council; Biftad j)er, Eh AND BLACK WILHITE, D. TAPLEY, JR. Jefferson, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE WILLIAMS, GEORGE FRANK Plains, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE Junior Cabinet, ' 38- ' 39; Scabbard and Blade Jockey Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM DAVID Sylvania, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE 0 ' WILLIAMS, WILLIAM ISAIAH jygia I Albany, Georgia jSSie 1 CANDIDATE FOR B.S, AGRICULTURE DEGREE WILLOUGHBY, JANELLE Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE WIGGINS, EARL BRUMBY Benevolence, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. JOURNALISM DEGREE PI KAPPA ALPHA Editor, Managing Editor, Fiction Editor, GEORGIA ARCH; RED AND BLACK Staff; Secretary, Pi Kappa Alpha; Men ' s Pan- Hellenic Council; Hammer and Coffin, Grave Digger; Photography Club; Demosthenian. WILBURN, ANNE Woodbury, Georgia S E N I C LR S S mws WILSON, JAMES ANDREW Savannah, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE WILSON, ROBERT GUMMING, JR. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE KAPPA ALPHA Giidiron; Mortar and Pestle; Phi Delta Chi Financial Manager, Athletic Association. WIMBERLY, JAMES WILSON Waynesboro, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B S. CHEMISTRY DEGREE WING, JULIA MARTHA Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE ALPHA OMICRON.PI President, Sketch CI Secreta f WOOTEN, JAMES ALVA Hazlchurst, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICUi-TURE DEGREE WRIGHT, JAMES ALEX Washington, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE WRIGHT, JOHN WESLEY, JR. Charleston, West Virginia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE VATES, DORIS KATHRYN Camilla, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HOME EC. DEGREE ZACHARy, EUGENIA ANN Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR A.B, DEGREE WOOTEN, JAMES SAMUEL Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DEGREE WRAV, MARTHA LOUISE Royston, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR B.S, PHARMACY DEGREE ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Mortar and Pestle. SENIOR CLASS OF I m m G mA tUei Pnje4 iS Mi After a hard year of campus politics, dances, dates, club initiations, being elected, being disappointed, and bull sessions on everything fronn social conditions to sex, they prepare to run things " their way " next year. Already can be discerned the future citizen — some satisfied, some disgusted, some filled with hot incentive, some with death-dealing conceit — but all, BMOC and LMOC alike, resolve to make next year their " big year. " Eying a Eutopian Senior year, most of them ha ve worked hard scholastically, and have carried extra hours so that they will have more time to sprawl at the Co-op, chew grass in front of the library and jelly at Costa ' s. Some few view their broken idols stoically, yet weep mentally over their young ideals, destroyed before they had yielded fruit. These few entreat for idols new. I Bob.Cassels, President of the Junior Class and a member of A. T. O. Studying hard this year in order to have plenty of time to loaf next year. .B (• 1 AARON, IRA EDWARD Mlllen, Ga. ABRAM, RUTHANNE Fitzgerald, Ga. AGREE, LILLIAN R Athens, Ga. ADAMS, ANNIE LOVE Athens, Ga. ADAMS, CHARLOTTE M Alpharetla, Ga. ADAMS, DORA ELIZABETH .... Cedartown, Ga. ALDEN, JOHN C Cornelia, Ga. ALLIGOOD, MARy RUTH Cairo, Ga. ALMONRODE, ALVA JOYCE McRac, Ga. AMOS, BESSIE LOUISE Monticello, Ga. ANDREVJCS, JAMES T Lakeland, Ga. ARNOLD, LIZBETH L Palm Beach, Fla. ARRENDALE, IRMA E Colbert, Ga. BAILE , DARTHA W Norcross, Ga. BAKER, MARGARET E West Point, Ga. BALFOUR, CONSTANCE E Thomasville, Ga. BALK, THEODORE F Augusta, Ga. BALKCOM, ROBERT E Blakcly, Ga. BALLEW, DEWITT, JR Savannah, Ga. BALLEW, WESLEY J Americus, Ga. BARBER, ELIZABETH Atlanta, Ga. BARNES, BENJ. S., JR Macon, Ga. BARNES, NINES HOLT Warm Springs, Ga. BARNETT, AURELIUS P Washington, Ga. BARNETT, HENRIETTA Bishop, Ga. BARNHILL, MARY F Glenwood, Ga. BARRON, GEO. ALBERT, JR LeKington, Ga. BARROW, THOS. A Athens, Ga. BASS, ANN VIRGINIA .... Davtona Beach, Fla. BAXTER, LUCy FRANCES Ashburn, Ga. BAYNES, WM. JACKSON .... Greensboro, Ga. BAZEMORE, ALVA W Butler, Ga. BEAMER, HELEN L Calhoun, Ga. BEASLEY, EMILY LOUISE Di«ie, Ga. BEATT , FAYE MARIE Brunswick, Ga. BEDGOOD, PATSY Athens, Ga. BEDINGFIELD, JAMES A Cadwell, Ga. BEERMANN, ANNA B Atlanta, Ga. BELCHER, ANNIE MARTHA . . . Bainbridge, Ga. BELL, ARLIS GREEN Athens, Ga. BELL, JACK E Athens, Ga. BELL, LOIS LAVERNE Tifton, Ga. BELL, ROBERT ARDELL Cairo, Ga. BELL, SARAH E Richland, Ga. BELL, ALICE SYLVIA Arlington, Ga. BENNETT, WM. GEO Tallapoosa, Ga. BENSON, BEVERLY A Athens, Ga. BENSON, JAS. E Buena Vista, Ga. BENSON, JNO. H Athens, Ga. BENSON, SARA F Sandersville, Ga. BERNARD, HUGH Y., JR Washington, Ga. BERND, GUSTAVE Macon, Ga. BETT5, MRS. LUCILLE A High Shoals, Ga. BIGGERS, M. JOSEPHINE Columbus, Ga. BIGGS, ERLE LESLIE, JR Starke, Fla. BIRDSALL, LOIS ELIZABETH . West Palm Beach, Fla. BIRD, NELLIE Z Colquitt, Ga. BLACK, ANNA LOU Bowman, S. C. BLACKBURN, JAS. WM Swainsboro, Ga. BLACKSTOCK, JAMES B Talmo, Ga. BLACKSTOCK, DOROTHY Resaca, Ga. BLACKWELDER, M. MAY Griffin, Ga. BLEDSOE, LOUISE L Georgetown, Ga. BLITCH, WILDER M Savannah, Ga. BLOODWORTH, B. R., JR Athens, Ga. BLOOM, ETHEL Forsyth, Ga. BODDIE, JAS. WARNER LaGranse, Ga. BOGGS, HAROLD A Daniclsville, Ga. BOGGS, WILBURN A Atlanta, Ga. BOLTON, EMORy S Meigs, Ga. BOLAND, HARMON L Coolidge, Ga. BOLLIER, SHERWOOD H. . . N. Tonawanda, N. Y. BOND, C. MOOD Canon, Ga. BOND, RA MOND C Elberton, Ga. BOOTH, CORA LEE Cordele, Ga. BOWEN, ELIZABETH A Atlanta, Ga. BOWEN, EARL CHEEK Cleveland, Ga. BOWEN, WILLIE PAULINE Amencus, Ga. BOWEN, SARA EMMA Chickannausa, Ga. BOWEN, WILLIAM L., JR McRac, Ga. BOYCE, MARY BAGLEY Savannah, Ga. BOYD, GEO. HUGH, JR Athens, Ga. BOYETT, MARY EDITH Cairo, Ga. BOYKIN, ROSCOE R Halcyondale, Ga. BOYNTON, MARTHA K Albany, Ga. BOZEMAN, JAMES W., JR Sylvester, Ga. BRAMLEH, GLENN LAMAR Marietta, Ga. BRASELTON, HERBERT B Braselton, Ga. BRADLEY, JOHN G Waycross, Ga. BREWTON, WM. SLATER Stalesboro, Ga. BRICE, JOHN HENRY Lake Wales, Fla. BRICE, MITCHELL Quitman, Ga. BRINSON, EMORY LEE Woodcliff, Ga. BRISCOE, MARY ELLA Athens, Ga. BRITT, WM. O Athens, Ga. BROACH, MARY ARNOLD Athens, Ga. BROADRICK, JOHN E Fort Valley, Ga. BROOKS, GARTH E Barwick, Ga. BROOKS, HAYNIE S., JR Cumming, Ga. BROOKS, MARY Z Atlanta, Ga. BROOME, BENNIE O McBean, Ga. BROWN, ALMA PONDER Augusta, Ga. BROWN, FRANCES ELIZABETH . . Cleveland, Tenn. BROWN, JACK RUCKER Hartwcll, Ga, BROWN, JOS. SCOTT Atlanta, Ga. BROWN, KATHLEEN M Vidalia, Ga. BROWN, HELEN Atlanta, Ga. BROWN, ROBERT THOMAS Elberton, Ga. BRUMBY, CORDELIA G Marietta, Ga. BRUCE, WOODROW W Homerville, Ga. BRYANT, EVERETT Newnan, Ga. BULGER, LEANNE 5 Philadelphia, Penn. BULLARD, WILLIAM LEE DuPont, Ga. BUMANN, ELEN V Savannah, Ga. BURCH, NATHAN H Athens, Ga. BURCH, ROBERT, JR Turncrville, Ga. BURKE, HARRIETT Amcricus, Ga. BURROUGHS, WM. F Danielsville, Ga. BUTLER, JASPER C Bowman, Ga. CAGLE, MARION C, JR Cartersville, Ga. CALHOUN, C. H Tarrytown,Ga. CALHOUN, DONALD W Silver Springs, Md. CALLAHAN, FLORENCE L Athens, Ga. CALLAN, ROBERT L., JR Norman Park, Ga. CALLAWAY, ROBERT E Rayle, Ga. CANDLER, WILLIAM Atlanta, Ga. CARROLL, JEAN E Brunswick, Ga. CARSON, MARION A Lyons, Ga. CARSTARPHEN, MELBA K Augusta, Ga. CARSWELL, JAS. J., JR Augusta, Ga. CARTER, GEORGE THOMAS .... Carrollton, Ga. CARTER, HUGH ALTON Plains, Ga. .C) ..g o. o I Ml CARTER, ROBERT K Meigs, Ga. CATE, GU5TAVUS V Brunswick, Ga. CAUTHORN, TH05. E Atlanta, Ga. CHANCE, GEO. ALLEN, JR Sardis, Ga. CHANDLER, BURTON B Washington, Ga. CHANDLER, FRANCIS W Milledgeville, Ga. CHANDLER, LOUISE McM Athens, Ga. CHAPMAN, W. T., JR Augusta, Ga. CHAPPELL, A. WILLIAM Americus, Ga. CHESHIRE, HOMER LEE Moultrie, Ga. CHILDS, WARREN C Locust Grove, Ga. CHRISTIE, JESSIE W Columbus, Ga. CHRISTOPHER, FRANCES Atlanta, Ga. CLARK, SHIRLEy DEKLE Statesboro, Ga. CLARY, HORACE E Atlanta, Ga. CLAXTON, EDWARD B Dublin, Ga. CLAXTON, ARLIE W Harrison, Ga. CLEMENTS, ANNIE RUTH Enigma, Ga. CLEMENTS, CHAS. REED LaFayctte, Ga. CLEVELAND, THOS. G Elberton, Ga. CLIETT, PEARSEL ALEX Americus, Ga. CLINE, RALPH CAROL Crandall, Ga. CLINKSCALE5, MAVLON B Commerce, Ga. CLOER, WANDA BIythe, Ga. COBB, WILLIAM H Americus, Ga. COCKE, ALINE HUFF Atlanta, Ga. COILE, JANE FRANCES Athens, Ga. COLEMAN, MARY BRYA ' I Douglas, Ga. COLLIER, CURTIS H Athens, Ga. COLLIER, NANCy JANE . . . St. Simons Island, Ga. COLLINS, GWENDOLyN T Athens, Ga. COLLINS, MARJORIE E Baxley, Ga. COLQUITT, PAT R Ccdartown, Ga. COMER, JAMES L Gray, Ga. CONE, L. W Stilson, Ga. CONE, REMER HAMILTON Stilson, Ga. CONGER, MARGARET E PenfieFd, Ga. COOK, ELGIE GORDOixl Geneva, Ga. COOK, HERBERT TROY Waleska, Ga. COOK, JAMES E Albany, Ga. COOLIK, NORA Reynolds, Ga. COOPER, MARTHA LUISE Augusta, Ga. COPELAND, COLIN LEE Dunedin, Fla. CORNELL, JAMES E., JR . . . Indian Springs, Ga. CORNWELL, ANN Atlanta, Ga. CORNWELL, DORA P Monticello, Ga. CORRY, CECIL CLAY, JR Union Point, Ga. CORRy, FRANK, JR Tifton, Ga. COUCH, RAYMOND E Athens, Ga. COVINGTON, JOE PIERCE Atlanta, Ga. COWART, DOROTHY R Donalsonvillc, Ga. COX, CAROLYN E Nahunta, Ga CRABB, THOS. NATHAN Athens, Ga. CRANE, SAMUEL LEON Dixie, Ga. CRAWFORD, JANELLE Athens, Ga. CREEKMORE, ANN N Athens, Ga. CRENSHAW, ROBT. W., 11 Atlanta, Ga. CRIFASI, JASPER P Atlanta, Ga. CROMLEY, JNO. CHAPMAN ... Brooklet, Ga. CROMPTON, ROY CLIFTON Athens, Ga. CROSBY, WARNEY L Mershon, Ga. CUMMING, EMILY F Cordele, Ga. CUNNINGHAM, ROBT. D Eatonton, Ga. DAILEY, JAMES ROBERT Mableton, Ga. DANIEL, EMILE W Claxton, Ga DANIEL, GRAHAM F Athens, Ga. DANIEL, MARY CLAUDIA Jefferson, Ga DAVIS, BRUCE Wintcrville, Ga DAVIS, CATHERINE V Athens, Ga DAVIS, CHAS. N Albany, Ga DAVIS, ELIZABETH VIOLA Franklin, Ga DAVIS, HARRy L Colquitt, Ga DAVIS, MARy E Taylorsville, Ga DAVIS, PHILIP Rome, Ga DAVIS, WINIFRED Blakeiy, Ga DAVISON, IDA DORSEY Athens, Ga DAVIS, EMMA RUTH Baldwin, Ga DEADWYLER, THOMAS J Decatur, Ga DEAN, CiyDE Athens, Ga DEFREESE, JAMES LEE Hirann, Ga DEKLE, BENJ. CARROLL Rcsister, Ga DEMPSEy, JNO. PATTON Rome, Ga DENNEY, NEWMAN D Roopville, Ga DeVAINE, ERNEST Benevolence, Ga DICKENS, ZELLA ANNE Spartecville, Ga DIXON, EDITH Thomasville, Ga DOSS, JULIA MARIE LaGranse, Ga ' iDOTTERY, EDWIN L Athens, Ga DOUGLASS, MARY Athens, Ga DOWNER, SANDERS C Richland, Ga DOZIER, HARRIETTE E Tifton, Ga i DRAKE, CAROLYN A Rockmart, Ga JdRAUGHON, MYRTICE H Savannah, Ga IdRESSER, grey Athens, Ga JDuBOSE, JANET S Athens, Ga ! DUDLEY, JAS. WALLACE Athens, Ga I DUFF, ELIZABETH Ameticus, Ga DUGGER, WILLIE MACK Atlanta, Ga DUKE, GERALD Y Soperton, Ga DUKES, MAUD PEEPLES Valdosta, Ga - " I ' lOUNDON, MARY M Americus, Ga i- i.B|[)yNLAP, JAS. WMS Macon, Ga I DUNN, JULIUS W Baxley, Ga (DUNN, TOMMY Albany, Ga !««ij DuPREE, JNO. WILLIAM Hampton, Ga « " ' ) DURDEN, DEWITT T Hazlehurst, Ga •m«H DURHAM, JOHN L Woodville, Ga «■■!«» EARLY, JOHN T, JR Rome, Ga M» B|EDGE, JAS. BRANNEN Statesboro, Ga EDWAR DS, HILDA C Woodbury, Ga EDWARDS, THOS. H Pembroke, Ga EIDSON, VERA Whigham, Ga ELROD, MARY FRANCES Toccoa, Ga ESTES, BAYARD C Athens, Ga A3 ' ETHEREDSE, HARRIEHE Albany, Ga EUBANK, JACKSON, E Appling, Ga EUBANKS, MARY JUANITA BIythe, Ga EVANS, CHARLES H., JR Warrcnton, Ga EVERETT, GRADY 8 Hazlehurst, Ga EVERETT, LOY AUSTIN Oliver, Ga FALK, DORIS VIRGINIA Savannah, Ga FAULKNER, MONNYE M Hoschton, Ga FERGUSON, WASHINGTON .... Cuthbert, Ga FERRELL, LORRAINE Albany, Ga FEW, SHOCKLEY P Apalachee, Ga FIELDS, JOHN HENRY Hampton, Ga FIROR, ANNE BYRD Athens, Ga FISHER, MITTIE B Carrollton, Ga FITE, MARTHA COCHRAN Dalton, Ga FLANDERS, RACHEL H Scotland, Ga FLEXER, MARGARET E Brunswick, Ga FLORENCE, MARGARET E Douglasville, Ga D C .r - O i f )i ;r -i i n a a, a Mdi III liiii iifBI . .. 4. V ajy ' 3. J I Ktlrit iri ' ife j FLUKER, THOMAS R., JR Quitman, Ga. FORDHAM, MARY BRADLEY .... Dccatut, Ga. FORTSON, MILDRED Washington, Ga. FORTSON, WESTON M Lincolnlon, Ga. FOUNTAIN, THEOLA A Savannah, Ga. FOX, SARAH RHETTA Savannah, Ga. FRAM, BENJAMIN Worcester, Mass. FRANK, DOROTHY M Decatur, Ga. FRASCH, CHAS. OSKAR Atlanta, Ga. ERASER, FRANK A., JR Atlanta, Ga. ERASER, OLIN Hinesville, Ga. FREOERIKSON, HENRY P Union City, N. J. FREEMAN, FRANCES Y Unadilla, Ga. FRENCH, RICHARD C Decatur, Ga. FUGITT, EDITH T Atlanta, Ga. FULMER, WALTER WM Savannah, Ga. GAINES, GEORGE V Adairsville, Ga. GAINES, PAUL Bowman, Ga. GALLOWAY, GEORGE H Athens, Ga. GAMBLE, ANNE Savannah, Ga. GAMBLE, LOUISE W Louisville, Ga. GARNER. JAMES SAMUEL Rome, Ga. GARRARD, GEORGE H Washington, Ga. GARY, ALBERT VON K Aususta, Ga, GARY, MARSHALL R Sparks, Ga. GAULDING, JNO. MORGAN. . . . Cuthbert, Ga. GENTRY, MARY JANE Atlanta, Ga. GIBBS, SARA BOWEN Ty Ty, Ga. GIBSON, CHARLIE O Fitzgerald, Ga, GIBSON, MARY M Griffin, Ga. GILBERT, KATHERINE C Augusta, Ga. GILLON, GEORGE H Atlanta, Ga. GILREATH, MARY ELIZABETH . . . Cartersville, Ga. GINSBERG, JOSEPH H Dalton, Ga. GLANTON, ROZELLE Grantville, Ga. GLAROS, JOHN C Plant City, Fla, GLEASON, PAUL L., JR Decatur, Ga. GLISSON, MARJORIE G Claxton, Ga. GOOGE, HENRIETTA Savannah, Ga. GORDON, JAMES H Pitts, Ga. GOSS, MERLIN Byron, Ga. GRAHAM, R. B Bowdon, Ga. GREEN, HENRY OSCAR Athens, Ga. GREEN, THOMAS Lawrenceville, Ga. GREER, NORMA GRANT Athens, Ga, GREER, WARREN CORYELL Athens, Ga. GREER, ZACK EVANS Cordele, Ga. GRESHAM, JULIA HALL Greenwood, S. C. GRESHAM, MARTHA McL Smyrna, Ga. GRIST, JACK D Dillard, Ga. GROVES, ROBT. W., JR Savannah, Ga. GUARD, MARGUERITE W Cainjack, S. C. GULBRANSEN, POLLY ANN . . Ancon, Canal Zone GUNN, FRANK L Crawford, Ga. HAINES, JUNE M Miami, Fla. ; HALE, JACK LEE Maysville, Ga. ' j HALL, LEON L LaGrange, Ga. ' HALL, ROBT. E Tifton, Ga. HALL, ROBT. HOWELL Sopcrton, Ga. HAMILTON, CHAS Vidalia, Ga. HAMILTON, DONALD E Oil City, Pcnn. HAMMETT, DOROTHY A Athens, Ga. HAMMOND, GEORGE LAMAR , , Winterville, Ga. HAMPTON, ROBERT ALLEN .... Blue Ridge, Ga. HAMRICK, BLANCHE D Cartcrsvi ' lc, Ga. HARDEN, HERSCHEL V,, JR. . . . Hogansville, Ga. HARDIGREE, WILLIAM J Wmder, Ga. HARDING, MILDRED E Decatur, Ga. HARDMAN, BILL STARR .... Gainesville, Ga. HARBER, THOS. A Commerce, Ga. HARBIN, BESSIE L Lavonia, Ga. HARDEMAN, GERALD H Wintcrvillc, Ga. HARD , SUnON L Molena,Ga. HARLOW, ROBERT Ccnterville, Ga. HARPE, CLIFFORD W Leslie, Ga. HARPER, FRANCES JANE .... Cincinnati, Ohio HARRELL, JOS. DELAMAR Eastman, Ga. HARRELL, JOS. R Milan, Ga. HARRINGTON, WILLA MAE Athens, Ga. HARRIS, ANN JOSEPHINE Aususta, Ga. HARRIS, CHARLES E., JR Oakfield, Ga. HARRIS, JASE C Danlclsville, Ga. HARRIS, JOHN B., JR Macon, Ga. HARRIS, PAULINE W Atlanta, Ga. HARRIS, WM. ERNEST Winder, Ga. HARRISON, PERRy LEWIS .... Oglethorpe, Ga. HARRISON, ROBT. H Bethlehem, Ga. HARRISON, ROBERT I Atlanta, Ga. HART, JEWELL E Social Circle, Ga. HARTFORD, JAS. N., JR Athens, Ga. HARTSFIELD, RICHARD C Lakeland, Fla. HARWELL, EDITH L Winder, Ga. HASLAM, GEO. HAROLD Athens, Ga. HATCHER, DOCK A Screven, Ga. HATTAWAY, WM, B Brundidjc, Ala. HAVERTy, RAW50N Atlanta, Ga. HAYES, LILLIAN M Athens, Ga. HAYES, MARION Decatur, Ga. HAYGOOD, WALTER T., JR. . . . Farmington, Ga. HEATH, JAMES WALTER Augusta, Ga. HEFFERNAN, THOMAS J Augusta, Ga. HEIDLER, HARRISON H Athens, Ga. HENNESSEY, LEO F Attlcboro, Mass. HENRy, FRANCES W Cowpens, S. C. HERRINGTON, ELZA Q Cordele, Ga. HICKS, MARy MALONE Vienna, Ga. HILL, LILLABEL T Atlanta, Ga. HILL, WALTER C, JR Atlanta, Ga. HIPSON, JEANNE H Savannah, Ga. HIX, LOWELL S Summcrville, Ga. HODGSON, ROBERT Athens, Ga. HOGAN, BROWNIE E Hogansville, Ga. HOLLEy, DAVID P Pisgah, Ala. HOLLIDAy, JOHN WM Lexington, Ga. HOPKINS, L. B., JR Griffin, Ga. HORTON, MARGARET A Augusta, Ga. NORTON, MARY SUE Plant City, Fla. HOSFORD, JIMMY C Atlanta, Ga. HOUSTON, THEOPHILUS B Blakcly, Ga. HOWARD, JACQUELINE Harlan, Ky. HOWARD, MARJORIE Ludowici, Ga. HOWELL, D. LOUISE Blakely, Ga. HUCKABEE, LEO B Macon, Ga. HUDDLESTON, JOSEPHINE Athens, Ga. HUDSON, CHARLES M Eatonton, Ga. HUDSON, JAS. TIDWELL Athens, Ga. HUDSON, WM. CHAS Atlanta, Ga. HUDSON, WILSON Ocilla, Ga. HUFF, JOS. WINSTON West Point, Ga. HUG, FRANCES BERNICE .... Fort Benning, Ga. HULME, E. ELAINE Athens, Ga. HUNNICUTT, GLORIA A Athens, Ga. n a .c f H n « a a g f1 .0 C- O rr TT ' T ' ' r " Q f f " . o a I III HUNTER, MARY D Quitman, Ga. HURLEY, ELEANOR Macon, Ga. HURST, JOHN WILLIS Carrollton, Ga. HUTCHESON, GUY K Ashland, Ga. HUTCHINGS, SARA A Watkinsville, Ga. JACKSON, MARIAN Cochran, Ga. JACKSON, ROBERT L Greensboro, Ga. JACOBUS, JOSEPH Atlanta, Ga. JAILLET, ESTHER M Tallapoosa, Ga. JAMISON, JOE D Clarlsvillc, Te«as JARRELL, MARIE Butler, Ga. JARRETT, HAROLD M Center, Ga. JAY, WILLIAM H DouslasvHIe, Ga. JEFFARES, CATHRINE M Athens, Ga. JEFFERS, JUNE MARY .... Fort McPherson, Ga. JENKINS, SARA M Daniclsvillc, Ga. JEWELL, CORINNA Savannah, Ga. JOHNSON, ELIZABETH JANE .... Atlanta, Ga. JOHNSON, EVELVN L Bo3art, Ga. JOHNSON, HAZEL L Douglas, Ga. JOHNSTON, MARY J Haysvillc, Ga. JOLLEY, RICHARD G Rome, Ga. JONES, ANNIE V Jackson, Ga. JONES, BOLLING, III Atlanta, Ga. JONES, DOROTHY E Winder, Ga. JONES, EMORY PARKS Quitman, Ga. JONES, WALTER TROUPE Quitman, Ga. JONES, WARREN L Griffin, Ga. JUNKIN5, CHAS. ROBT LaFayettc, Ga. KAPLAN, EMIL Clifton, Ga. KEELING, ROBT. FORD Clarksville, Tcnn. KELLEy, EVAN LEVI Grovetown, Ga. KENDRICK, LAWRENCE W Statham, Ga. KENNEDY, JOSEPH EDWIN Atlanta, Ga. KENNEMUR, MARTHA VIRGINIA . . Whisham, Ga. KENT, JOHN HOWARD, JR Rome, Ga. KEY, JAMES L Durand, Ga. KIDD, J. INMAN Hartwcll, Ga. KILLINGSWORTH, LEWIS Edrson, Ga. KING, HARBIN MARSH Curryvillc, Ga. KING, HAROLD WATERS Adairsvillc, Ga. KINNEY, WM. LEROY Braselton, Ga. KIRBY, WM. CALVIN Decatur, Ga. KIRKLAND, DANIEL ALTO Columbus, Ga. KITCHEN, JAMES R., JR Alley, Ga. KITTLE, ARTHUR THOMAS Athens, Ga. KNIGHT, WM. THOMAS Savannah, Ga. KNOX, PAUL CEPHUS Appling, Ga. KNUPP, JOHN CUTLER Atlanta, Ga. KOONTZ, A. SHIRLEY Augusta, Ga. KRAMER, SARAH HELEN .... Summervillc, Ga. KRUMRINE, MARION S Athens, Ga. KUZMICKI, ALAN Wylam, Ala. LANE, MARGENE Griffm, Ga. LANGDON, JULIA L Columbus, Ga. LANIER, MARION Statcsboro, Ga. LANKFORD, MARY AGNES Lyons, Ga. LASSITER, SARA F Dawson, Ga. LASSITER, JAMES WM Villa Rica, Ga. LATIMER, CHAS. HENRY .... Washington, Ga. LAVENDER, MARTHA B Jefferson, Ga, LAWRENCE, EDWIN L Homestead, Fla, LAWLER, MARY C Carrollton, Ga. LAWSON, POWERS C Fredrick, Ga LEE, CAROLYN GENE Albany, Ga LEE, DANIEL WARNELL Alma, Ga LEE, EDWARD ERWIN Amcricus, Ga. LEE, FRANK T Vidalia, Ga. LEE, MILDRED MITCHELL Covington, Ga. LEE, QUARTERMAN, JR Jacksonville, Fla. LEE, R. EDWIN Fort Gaines, Ga. LEE, SAMUEL VINSON Nicholls, Ga. LEHOCKy, ALBIN A McKccsport, Penn. LEMACKS, WM. JACKSON Sale City, Ga. LEMMOND, SARAH JEANNE .... Atlanta, Ga. LEROy, LEMUEL DAVID Lgnall, Ga. LESSELBAUM, HAROLD New York, N. y. LESTER, REBECCA W Marshallville, Ga. LEWIS, GLENN LAMAR Athens, Ga. LEWIS, ROBERT O Atlanta, Ga. LINCOLN, JAMES PRATT Athens, Ga. LITTLE, GEORGE B., JR Atlanta, Ga. LOGAN, WILLIAM S Jackson, Miss. LONG, ERNEST P., JR Atlanta, Ga. LONG, G. AUGUSTA Tupelo, Miss. LOWERy, FRANK H Milan, Ga. LOWREy, FRANCES B Soperton, Ga. LOWREY, TYLER ANDREW Preston, Ga. LYNN, DONNA MARIE Miami, Fla. LyON, EMMETT FELTON .... Ball Ground, Ga. MacFEELEY, C. PAUL Savannah, Ga. MacDONELL, ANNE Savannah, Ga. MacDONELL, JEAN Macon, Ga. MADDOCK, ELEANOR R Savannah, Ga. MAJORS, MARION Moultrie, Ga. MANN, JOHN THOMAS Gay, Ga. MANLEY, RICHARD J Griffin, Ga. MANLEY, JAMES ALBERT Barwick, Ga. MARCHANT, WARREN H Tifton,Ga. MARSH, WM, JOHN Athens, Ga. MARSHALL, DELLA JO Clemson, S. C. MARSHALL, EUGENE W., JR Perry, Ga. MARTIN, ANNIE BERNICE Atlanta, Ga. MARTIN, CLYDE 5 Toccoa, Ga. MARTIN, IDA ANNE Macon, Ga. MARTIN, NINA Carrollton, Ga. MASHBURN, DELMAR L Rochclle, Ga. MASON, JAS. S Thomasvllle, Ga. MASSEY, ROBERT L Columbus, Ga. MATTHEWS, JOE I., JR Dallas, Ga. MATTHEWS, LAURA E Fort Valley, Ga. MATTHEWS, MARJORIE Atlanta, Ga. MATHEWS, PHILIP E Woodbury, Ga. MATTHEWS, THOS. MILLE:; .... Thomaston, Ga. MATHIS, WM. HOWARD Portcrdale, Ga. MAUGHON, EMMA TATUM . . . Pembroke, N. C. MAXWELL, AUGUSTUS B Lexinston, Ga. MAXWELL, MARIAN G Augusta, Ga. MAXWELL, ROBT. J., JR Augusta, Ga. MAY, WM. WARDLAW Augusta, Ga. McCALL, JNO. CLARK Moultrie, Ga. McCANTS, RALPH B Butler, Ga. McCOLLUM, BESSIE M New York, N.Y. McCOMB, WILLIAM HALL . . . Milledgeville, Ga. McCONNELL, MARY V Atlanta, Ga. McCOy, LAURA Columbus, Ga. McCRACKEN, HOWARD C Barley, Ga. McCRARy, THOS. A Waycross, Ga. McCREERY, ROBT. A Savannah, Ga. McDADE, RUTH BROW:j Athens, Ga. McDAVID, MARY E Athens, Ga. McDonald, JAS. JACKSON Athens, Ga. .1 A ift . ' I McDUFFIE, WILBUR E., JR. . . . . . Macon, Ga. McELHANNON, JA5. EMORY . . . . Jefferson, Ga. McELRATH, WM. McDOWELL . . . Macon, Ga. | McEVER, MARGARET C. . . . . . Monroe, Ga. | McGAHEE, JACK E2ELLE . . . . . Augusta, Ga. ; McGINTY, FRANKLIN A. . . . . . . Calhoun, Ga. 1 1 McKENZIE, JOE H . . Carrollton, Ga. 1 Mclaughlin, earl r. . . . . . . . Jesup, Ga. McRAE, MARGARET .... . . . . McRae, Ga. McREE, JENNIE V . . Watkinsville, Ga. MEADORS, IRBY H . . . Albany, Ga. MEDLIN, MARY D .... Miami, Fla. MEEKS, LOUISE . . Hawkinsville, Ga. MEEKS, RUTH M . . Carrollton, Ga. MERRITT, BRUCE . Douglasville, Ga. MEYER, WILLIE J .... Adel, Ga. MICHAEL, CHARLOTTE . . . MICHEL5, JULIAN G . . . Savannah, Ga, MIDDLEBROOKS, MARGARET . Norman Park, Ga. 11 MILLER, HAROLD NILS . . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. MILLICAN, SEABORN L. . , MIMS, EDWIN THOMAS . . , . . . Colquitt, Ga. MINICK, CAROL . Statesboro, Ga. MITCHELL, BETTY VAN . . . . . . Cusseta, Ga. MITCHELL, EMMA RUTH . . . . . Sunnyside, Ga. MITCHELL, HELEN C. . . . . . Yatesville, Ga. MITCHELL, MARTHA F. . . . . . Round Oak, Ga. , MIZE, CECIL S . . . Ashland, Ga. ; MIZE, CLYDE NEAL .... MOBLEY, JULIA ANN . . . Stone Mountain, Ga. MOHR, 5IGO, JR . . . Savannah, Ga. MOOR, ROSLYN C . . . Atlanta, Ga. MOORE, EDWARD C . . Loganville, Ga. MORGAN, MILLARD S. . . . .... Mystic, Ga. MORRIS, CHA5. G . . . Bowdon, Ga. MORRISON, INA MAE . . . . . W,ntcrvillc,Ga. MOSELY, JOSEPH LEE . . . . . . DuPont, Ga. MOSS, JAS. THOS . . Wintcrville, Ga. MOTE, VIVIAN . . . Acworth, Ga. MOTT, VIRGINIA EVELYN . . . . . Decatur, Ga. MOZLEY, CLAUDE D., JR. . . . . Douslasville, Ga. MOZLEY, JEWELL ELIZABETH . . Douglasville, Ga. MULLINS, NELL LOUISE . . . . . . Marietta, Ga. MURROW, BESSIE A. . . . . Social Circle, Ga. MYERS, JAS. FRANK, JR. . . . . . Amcrlcus, Ga. NEILL, WILFRED T., JR. . . . . . . Augusta, Ga. NELSON, HERMAN . . Cartcrsvillc, Ga. NEW, JACOB . . . . Dexter, Ga. 1 NEWTON, LEE T . . . Madison, Ga. NIBLACK, SARAH F . . . . Cobb, Ga. ( NICHOLS, FENWICK T. . . . . . . Savannah, Ga. , NIX, DILLARD LAF . . Commerce, Ga. NORRIS, BONNIE RUTH . . NORRIS, JABIE W . . . Newton, Ga. .... Evans, Ga. NORRIS, LEONARD P. . . . . . Grovetown, Ga. NOWELL, ROBIN SMITH . . . . . Monroe, Ga. OKELLEY, CHAS. ROGERS . .... Hull, Ga. O ' NEAL, JOHN BARNWELL . . . . Valdosta.Ga. OPPENHEIMER, JEANETTE . . . . Butte, Montana ORR, BROADUS S . Flowery Branch, Ga. OWENS, JEFFERSON C. . . . . . . . Evans, Ga. PALMER, DOROTHY G. . . . . . . Waycross, Ga. PALMER, OLIN H., JR. . . . .... BIythc, Ga. PARIS, EARL PIERCE, JR. . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. PARK, THOS. B . . . Eatonton, Ga. PARKER, WM. WRIGHT Brunswick, Ga. PARKINSON, M. JEAN Spirngficld, Mo. PARKER, SAMUEL LEE LaFaycttc, Ga. PARKS, EDITH VIRGINIA Gainesville, Ga. PARR, MARTHA N Athens, Ga. PARRISH, MARGARET C Pavo, Ga. PARROTT, JESSE LVLE Hahira, Ga. PARKS, DAPHNE Athens, Ga. PAYNE, JAS. ELBERT Hartwcll, Ga. PAYNE, JACKSON W Hartweli, Ga. PAYNE, MARTHA Athens, Ga. PEAKE, ANNE Atlanta, Ga. PEARSON, WM. OSGOOD Albany, Ga. PENNINGTON, LUTHER T Matthews, Ga. PENNY, LEONARD DENNIS Athens, Ga. PENTECOST, JEAN H Atlanta, Ga. PERSONS, JEAN MALONE .... Monticello, Ga. PERSONS, JOHN DOZIER .... Monticello, Ga. PESETZKY, RALPH New York, N. V. PETERSON, M. M Augusta, Ga. PEYTON, VIRGINIA T Athens, Ga. PFEIFFER, LOUIS O., JR Sylvania, Ga. PHILLIPS, CORNELIA G Soperton.Ga. PHILLIPS, FRANCES E Palmetto, Ga. PHILLIPS, SARA H Albany, Ga. PHILLIPS, WAID D Palatka, Fla. PIHMAN, MARVIN C Macon, Ga. PITTS, KATHRYN E Columbus, Ga. PLOWDEN, JNO. GABRIEL . . . Summertown, 5. C. POLAHY, GEO. J Evans, Ga. POOLE, ROBT. L Sylvester, Ga. PORTERFIELD, WM. DANIEL Comer, Ga. POWELL, MATTIE WILL Moultrie, Ga. PRESSLEY, JAMES R Chamblee, Ga. PRICE, ANN Miami, Fla. PRICE, IRIS V Wrightsville, Ga. PRICE, PEGGY Albany, Ga. PRICKEH, GEO. DANIEL Athens, Ga. PRINGLE, ELIZABETH Thomasville, Ga. PULLIAM, DWIGHT F Martin, Ga. PURCELL, JONES W Athens, Ga. PURCELL, JAMES W., JR Chamblee, Ga. QUALLS, GUY LOGAN, JR. . . . Fort Benning, Ga. RADFORD, MARGUERITE E Kcysville, Ga. RAINES, MARVIN D Warwick, Ga. RAMSEY, WILBER F Gainesville, Ga. RAUERS, JOHN JACOB, JR Savannah, Ga. RAY, ELIZABETH RACHELLE .... Calhoun, Ga. RAY, WALTER WALLACE Arlington, Ga. RAY, WILLIAM G Blue Ridge, Ga. REARDON, WM. BASCOM .... Woodbine, Ga. REED, HAROLD S Cochran, Ga. RESNICK, JACOB M Syracuse, N. y. REYNOLDS, ZAHNER Atlanta, Ga. RHODES, DOROTHY D. . . . Stone Mountain, Ga. RHYNE, CLAUDE L Americus, Ga. RICH, FRANCES CECIL Bainbridge, Ga. RICHARDS, KATHERINE Columbus, Ga. RICHARDSON, ALICE M Atlanta, Ga. RICHARDSON, NELLIE G Washington, Ga. RICHMAN, JOS. ISAAC Savannah, Ga. RIDLEY, JOHN ROBT Decatur, Ga. RIGHTON, WYLENE ELIZABETH . . Savannah, Ga. ROGERS, FRANCES Barney, Ga. ROGERS, TOM HOWELL Dallas, Ga, ROOKS, ILA Carrollton, Ga. I ROSE, MARy ELIZABETH Decatur, Ga. ROSENKRANS, D. B., JR CIcmson, S. C. ROTHMAN, S. LAWRENCE Aususta, Ga. ROUSE, ROy DENNIS Andersonville, Ga. ROWLAND, PHILIP A Vidctte, Ga. RUARK, HORACE EDWARD Bostwick, Ga. RUBIN, SAUL Savannah, Ga. RUSHTON, ARCHIE S Rocky Ford, Ga. RUSSELL, BURWELL A Waverly, Ga. SALE, MIRIAM Danburg, Ga. SALLETTE, LAURA E Ludowici, Ga. SAMPLES, HOWELL G Alamo, Ga. SANCKEN, HERMAN H Augusta, Ga. SAyE, HAROLD A Athens, Ga. SCHUMPERT, MARY Z Jacksonville, Fla. SCOTT, WM. B., JR Savannah, Ga. SCOTT, MARTHA AGNES Atlanta, Ga. SCROGGS, JOE P Alto, Ga. SECREST, EDGAR LEE, JR Athens, Ga. SEE, DOROTHy H Atlanta, Ga. SEROTTA, HARRIET LOIS Augusta, Ga. SEWELL, ROBERT R Lavonia, Ga. SEYLE, CHARLES W Savannah, Ga. SHANNON, JOHN F Atlanta, Ga. SHARPLEY, HELEN A Savannah, Ga. SHAHUCK, SARA MAE LaFayette, Ga. SHEPARD, JOHN L., JR Damascus, Ga. SHEPARD, WILLIAM A Adel, Ga. SHERRILL, SHIRLEy T Swords, Ga. SHIFLET, ROBT. EDWIN Augusta, Ga. SHMERLING, S. RITA Augusta, Ga. SHORE, DOROTHEA C Baldwin, Ga. SILVA, AGNES Avondale Estates, Ga. SIMMONS, EMMA L Kensington, Ga. SIMMONS, JOSEPHINE E Metter, Ga. 5IMONTON, ABNER A Atlanta, Ga. SIMPSON, JOHN E Savannah, Ga. SIMPSON, WM. THOMAS, II ... . Lakeland, Ga. SKIPWORTH, JAMES T Colunnbus, Ga. SMITH, CAROLINE Swainsboro, Ga. SMITH, DOROTHY E Ochlochnee, Ga. SMITH, DOROTHY VIRGINIA .... Atlanta, Ga. SMITH, FREIDA VIVIAN Reidsville, Ga. SMITH, JOHN CLARK Hamilton, Ga. SMITH, LAURA L Athens, Ga. SMITH, MARGARET H Carrollton, Ga. SMITH, OTIS E., JR Tallapoosa, Ga. SMITH, ROBT. E., JR Atlanta, Ga. SMITH, SARA BEny Wadley, Ga. SMITH, WHITE L Davisboro, Ga. SMITH, WM. STANFORD, JR Macon, Ga. SNELLING, WM. M Athens, Ga. SNYDER, ELMER C Sumtei, Ga. 50RTORE, JEAN LOUISE . . Avondale Estates, Ga. SPARKS, A. O. B., JR Macon, Ga. SPEARS, ROSE ELLEN Marietta, Ga. SPENCE, LEWIS L., JR Warcsboro, Ga. SPENCER, ELIZABETH REED . . Daytona Beach, Fla. SPENCER, RICHARD P Columbus, Ga. STANCIL, FRANK EARL Toccoa, Ga. STANDARD, SAMUEL B Washington, Ga. STAPLETON, VERA C Elberton, Ga. STATHAM, ROBERT EARLE Athens, Ga. STEGEMAN, MARION F Athens, Ga. STEIN, JOSEPH H Athens, Ga. STEPHENS, ALVIN R., JR Newborn, Ga. STEVENS, NELLIE ELIZABETH . . . . Savannah, Ga. STEVENS, JOE GOULDING Sparta, Ga. STEVENS, PAUL REVERE, III . . . Hartford, Vermont STEWART, EDITH M Ashland, Ga. STEWART, JOHN B Union Point, Ga. STIFF, WALTER BOOTHE Akron, Ohio STILL, HENRY 5 Blalccly, Ga. STIMPSON, WM. HERBERT Mobile, Ala. STINSON, RALF HALE Leslie, Ga. STOCKTON, BOBBIE DELL Atlanta, Ga. STODDARD, H. L., JR Thomasville, Ga. STOKELy, JOHN M Athens, Ga. STOKES, DUDLEY R Columbus, Ga. STONE, EDWARD M Oxford, Ga. STORY, FRANK KNOX Wanenton, Ga. STDVALL, JAMES B., JR Aususta, Ga. STOWE, JAMES EDWIN Martin, Ga. STOWE, JOHN P Eastanollec, Ga. SUDDATH, JACK L Portal, Ga. SULLIVAN, ROBT. F., JR Savannah, Ga. SUMMEROUR, WM. O Winder, Ga. SUMMERS, THOMAS E Senoia, Ga. SUTHERLAND, M. CALHOUN .... Atlanta, Ga. SWAIN, HIRAM LEE Pinehurst, Ga. 1 SWEAT, LONNIE E Blackshear, Ga. :! SWIFT, GEORGE P., IV Columbus, Ga. I TEAL, CHARLES B,, JR Fitzgerald, Ga. I TEASLEr, EDITH ANN Toccoa, Ga. TEAT, MYRA E Rome, Ga. j THIBADEAU, WILLIAM C Atlanta, Ga. ; THOMAS, MARY ELIZABETH . . . Nashville, Tenn. I THOMAS, WM. O Commerce, Ga. ! THOMASON, MARY H Stone Mountain, Ga. ; THOMPSON, JAMES O Alley, Ga. THRASHER, ANNE IRENE Athens, Ga. THRELKELD, EUCLEDE Colbert, Ga. TILLI, HENRY B Paterson, N. J. TIPTON, FRANK P Atlanta, Ga. TOLBERT, A. M Calhoun, Ga. TOLSON, WATSON L., JR Akron, Ohio I TOMME, LOU ELLEN LaGrange, Ga. TOMPKINS, ADURLINE Sandcrsville, Ga. TORAN, WM. B Augusta, Ga. TOWLER, DOT Monroe, Ga. TREGONE, FRANCES Monroe, Ga. TROTTER, M. CHARLOTTE Madison, Ga. TROUSDALE, LOUIS C Athens, Ga. TRUSSELL, LAGRANGE Athens, Ga. TUCK, RENE D Athens, Ga. TUCKER, SUSIE W Waynesboro, Ga. TUCKER, ZELDA Ocilla, Ga. TURNER, ANN WADDELL Macon, Ga. TURNER, AUGUST B Atlanta, Ga. TURNER, JOHN L., Ill Thomasville, Ga. TURNER, MARTHA E LaGrange, Ga. TURNER, RALPH A., JR Kaufman, Texas TWIGGS, MARGARET S Augusta, Ga. TYE, VIRGINIA GLENN Edison, Ga. VALDES, JOE Atlanta, Ga. VAN HOOK, WM. y Culberson, N. C. I VANN, JOHN WALLACE, JR Vidalia, Ga. I VERDERY, WIN5L0W H Harlem, Ga. WADSWORTH, WM. F., JR Columbus, Ga. WAGONER, EDDIE R Dayton, Ohio I WALDROP, CHARLES M., JR. . . . Savannah, Ga. I WALKER, HENRY GRAD Bishop, Ga. I I WALKER, IMOGENE C Dahlonega, Ga. WALKER, MARY C Tampa, Fla. WALLACE, ANNE S Atlanta, Ga. WALLACE, HUGH L Amcncus, Ga. WALLIN, VIRGINIA ELOISE Atlanta, Ga. WALTERS, WM. GEORGE East Pomt, Ga. WARD, PATRICIA EILEEN Atlanta, Ga. WARE, ORA BELLE Franklin SpHngs, Ga. WEBB, KATHRYN Tifton, Ga, WEEKS, ELEANOR R Savannah, Ga. WEINMAN, ROSALIND Atlanta, Ga. WEINSTEIN, ABRAM Augusta, Ga. WELLS, AVICE R Lincointon, Ga. WELLS, CHARLES B„ JR Atlanta, Ga WELLS, CLAUDINE EMILy .... Lincointon, Ga. WELLS, LILLIAN M Claxton, Ga. WEST, MAHIE GROSS Thomson, Ga. WEST, DAVID GLYNN Camilla, Ga. WESTBROOK, MONTIE C lla,Ga. WESTON, WARREN Concord, Mass. WHEELER, ELIZABETH P Atlanta, Ga. WHITE, JOHN W., JR Thomasville, Ga. WHITE, NANCY Covington, Ga. WHITE, WALTER B Dillard, Ga. WHITE, WM. OSMOND, JR. . . . Greenville, 5. C. WHIHEMORE, ALTON D Comer, Ga. WHITTLESEY, THEORA R Albany, Ga. WICKER, DOROTHY EVA Americus, Ga. WILLIAMS, NELLIE C Baconton, Ga, WILHEIT, PHILIP A Augusta, Ga. WILKES, ROY JUNIOR Collins, Ga. WILLIAMS, ANN M Macon, Ga. WILLIAMS, EDWARD B Commerce, Ga. WILLIAMS, EUGENIA H Washington, Ga. WILLIAMS, LOUISE C Demorest, Ga. WILLIAMS, RALPH ROGER .... Columbus, Ga. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM G Stillmore, Ga. WILLIAMSON, JAMES N Monroe, Ga. WILLS, WILLIE BELLE Alpharetta, Ga. WILSON, MARGARET Hazlehurst, Ga. WILSON, WM. LEE Decatur, Ga. WILCOX, JANE F Atlanta, Ga. WILEY, NELIE WILL Jersey, Ga. WIMBISH, JAMES FRED Decatur,Ga. WING, CATHERINE S Atlanta, Ga. WINGATE, FRANCES C Ellijay, Ga. WITHERINGTON, JAMES W Pmeview, Ga. WOMACK, JACK E Atlanta, Ga. WOOD, CATHERINE VIRGINIA . . Monticcllo, Ga. WOOD, JAMES F Valdosta, Ga. WOODRUFF, JOSEPH G., JR. . . Montgomery, Ala. WOODS, OWEN O Athens, Ga. WOODY, EDGAR, JR Thomasville, Ga. WOOTTON, AMELIA A Savannah, Ga. WORTHAM, SARA Franklin, Ga. WRIGHT, GRAHAM P Rome, Ga. WRIGHT, KATE M Reynolds, Ga. WRIGHT, ROBT. B Moultrie, Ga, YANCEY, MARY ELLA Albany, Ga. YOUNG, RICHARD Columbus, Ga. TIME— 9 A. M. PLACE— PRESIDENT ' S OFFICE. Professor Drizzle Enters. Professor Drizzle Sits Do« " What ' s on your mind today, professor Professor Drizzle stands up. ' So you had to get your breakfast in town this morning. " Professor Drizzle stands up. ' m glad little Bobby got over the measles. " Professor Drizzle sits down. v. I it -. ' SI Ht J " Oh, your mother-in-law is visiting you. " Professor Drizzle le ' For dinner tomorrow night at 8, then. " " Now, back to work. " AND SO ON UNTIL 5 P. M. " LinLE MAN, YOU ' VE HAD A BUSY DAY. " uurfiyrluritu oiixi Utei OlUoe This year they found it was only an ugly rumor that co-eds are dated up for two weeks in advance; this year they dis- covered that all professors aren ' t machines — some can be bootlicked, some can ' t, some are human, some aren ' t, some are great men, some are little men; this year they found that hluman Biology is just as hard as it is cracked up to be; this year they finished military and the survey courses after weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Envy entered their lives and they thought juniors wearing symbols of honor fraternities were stuck-up. Some decided they didn ' t want to be chemists or Greek scholars anyway since the place was so shot through with crip courses — but, strangely, these crip courses seemed to have all the elusiveness of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. All are beginning to feel like college men and women and all are straining at the bit to get home and show the folks how lustrous a polish two years in college can put on a person. They will return uncertain of the reality or virtue of that polish. OFFICERS Left to right: Robert Middleton, President; Dennis Stogsdill, Vice-President. Archie Walker (no picture) is Secretary and Treas- urer. CO-ORDINATE OFFICERS Left to right: Frances Johnson, Treas- urer; Dotty Bowen, President; Julia Farmer, Vice-President; Florrie Rossee, Secretary (not in picture). la IElLliiiri UHi- ' t Sophomores handle freshmen who can ' -t scramble like an egg, ring like the chapel bell or spell " Tech " correctly. rib " rf fh f . ikHlii BOYD, MARY GLADYS Adel, Ga. BRADBURY, J. T Athens, Ga. BRADLEY, WILLIAM D Hason, Ga. BRADSHAW, ROSALYN Atlanta, Ga. BRAMBLEH, RUPERT H Cumming, Ga. BRAWNER, JAS. L Athens, Ga. BRADDOCK, WILLIAM R Athens, Ga. BRADLEY, RICHARD P Glennville, Ga. BRAY, PARIS DUANE Canon, Ga. BRIDGES, DORIS L. Athens, Ga. BRIDGES, JANE Athens, Ga. BRIDGES, JNO. L Fairburn, Ga. BROWN, MARY GRACE Rossville, Ga. BROOME, CHARLENE Daniclsville, Ga. BROWNE, EDWARD K Madison, N.J. BROWN, FRANK R Knoxville, Tenn. BROWN, JNO. HERNDON Cornelia, Ga. BROWN, MIRIAM Dewy Rose, Ga. BROOKS, ORIEN L Auburn, Ga. BROWN, CLEM F., JR Tennllle, Ga. BROWN, WOODROW W. . . . Chattanoosa, Tenn. BROWN, MELVILLE C Atlanta, Ga. BRUCE, CHARLES H Augusta, Ga. BROWN, JOSEPH E Buffalo, N. Y. BRYAN, JOHN L Macon, Ga. BRYAN, SARA S Jefferson, Ga. BRYANT, PAULINE Moultrie, Ga. BRYANT, JOS. A., JR Columbus, Ga. BULLOCK, EUGENE H Dallas, Ga. BULLOCK, JUANITA Danielsville, Ga. BUNIM, BURRILL E Atlanta, Ga. BUNN, CHAL CARDEN Cedartown, Ga. BURDETTE, LOIS C Burdal, Ga. BURKE, MARTIN JOS Atlanta, Ga. BURNETTE, GRETCHEN Howell, Ga. BURSON, ROBT. GEO Athens, Ga. BURT, WALTER H., JR Albany, Ga. BURT, WM. G Bolinsbroke, Ga. BUTMAN, DEAN PHILLIPS .... Providence, R. I. BYRD, JESSIE C Cristobal, Canal Zone CABANISS, BESSIE B Athens, Ga. CALLAWAY, THOS. O Atlanta, Ga. CAMP, WALTER H Newnan, Ga. CANNING, HARRELL G Athens, Ga. CANNON, CATHERINE Laurens, S. C. CANNON, FRED L., JR Atlanta, Ga. CALHOUN, JACK C Columbus, Ga. CARITHERS, HERSHELL Athens, Ga. CARLTON, MIKE H Athens, Ga. CARTER, MALCOLM R Meansville, Ga. CARITHERS, ROBT. L Winder, Ga. CARTER, FRANCES E Thomaston, Ga. CARTER, HAROLD B Cordele, Ga. CARTER, MILLARD F., JR Cordele, Ga. CARTER, THOS. E Winterville, Ga. CALHOUN, JNO. C Palatka, Fla. CALLAWAY, ADOLPHUS S Royal, Ga. CHAMBERS, CHAS. A Cornelia, Ga. CHAPMAN, CAROLYN E Athens, Ga. CHASTAIN, RALPH LACEY Cordele, Ga. CHATHAM, ROY LOT Colbert, Ga. CHESTNUT, DAVID O., JR Atlanta, Ga. CHICK, ELEANOR KATE Monroe, Ga. CHILDS, WYAH WOOTEN Macon, Ga. CHRISTIAN, CHARLES D Memphis, Tenn. CALLAHAN, H. GRADY, JR Athens, Ga. CAMP, D ORIS E Decatur, Ga. CLARK, REMER Y Savannah, Ga. CLARK, HERBERT FARGO Augusta, Ga. CLARK, JULIA V Louisville, Ga. CLARK, WYNDELL H Leslie, Ga. CLARY, FORREST T Thomson, Ga. dm mmfk o o " . ' f c%,0t . m o o - I ki . ' -I n 9 1 a fl B fl . B lil ' A n A V - Ml . CLEMENTS, HARRY T., JR Waycross, Gg. CLEPPER, JANE FARR .... South PIttsburs, Tenn. CLEMENT, RALPH L Savannah, Ga. CLIFTON, P. W., JR Stilson, Ga. CLODFELTER, RUTH Milledgcville, Ga. COCHRAN, THOS. ANDREW .... LaFaycttc, Ga. COCKE, ERLE, JR Atlanta, Ga. COFFIN, Z. LAMAR, JR Richland, Ga. COHEN, JOS. JACOB Atlanta, Ga. COLEMAN, RAWSON B Atlanta, Ga. COLLIER, DOROTHy JANE .... Toccoa, Ga. COLLEV, HELEN Washington, Ga. COLLIER, MARY HARRIS Athens, Ga. COLLIER, SARAH Comer, Ga. CONNOR, PAUL DANIEL Albany, Ga. COOGLE, SARA ELIZABETH . . . Oglethorpe, Ga. COOP ER, JACOB MAX Savannah, Ga. COOPER, LEVI J Cohutta, Ga. COOPER, WM. CHESTER Cohutta, Ga. COWN, LEWIS C Loganville, Ga. COX, JEAN ETTE Atlanta, Ga. CRAFT, LOUISE T Anderson, S. C. CRANE, SARAH J Dixie, Ga. CROSSWELL, ANNE W Atlanta, Ga. CROMARTIE, WM. ADRAIN .... Coolidge, Ga. CROWLEY, FRANCES Athens, Ga. CRUMBLE , JAS. J Sylvester, Ga. CULPEPPER, PERRY M Cordele, Ga. DALLY, THOMAS B Social Circle, Ga. DANIEL, ELAINE Morrow, Ga. DANIEL, CAROLYN Stillmore, Ga. DANIEL, DOROTHY B Athens, Ga. DANIEL, JNO. SAXTON Savannah, Ga. DARBY, LEE H Vidalia, Ga. DARDEN, EDWARD W Athens, Ga. DARSEY, HUBERT B Cairo, Ga. DASHER, ROY T Valdosta, Ga. DAUGHERTX, VIRGINIA Rydal, Penn. DAVIS, FLOYD E Patterson, Ga. DAVIS, GUY CLAUDE Toccoa, Ga. DAVIS, JAS. HUGH, JR Atlanta, Ga. DAVIS, OLIVE BELL Atlanta, Ga. DAVIS, YOUNG Baldwin, Ga. DAVID, ROBT. KENDRICK Columbus, Ga. DAVIS, FRANCES L Cumming, Ga. DAVIS, JNO. WM Stillson, Ga. DAVIS, VIRGINIA N Winterville, Ga. DEAN, RANDOLPH C Jasper, Ga. DEKLE, MARJORIE LEE Cordele, Ga. DeLOACH, CHAS. JAS Savannah, Ga. DEMPSEY, ALVIN HUGH .... Watkinsville, Ga. DENSON, LAURA F Quitman, Ga. DIAL, R, L., JR Albany, Ga. DODD, BENTON THOS Newport News, Va. DOLLAR, JOE, JR Bainbrldge, Ga. DOUGLAS, CLARA VIRGINIA Athens, Ga. DOWLING, MARY ANNE .... Manchester, Ga. DRAKE, LUCIA SLADE Griffin, Ga. DUNCAN, JAMES L Bowdon, Ga. DUNBAR, CHAS. ARNOLD Valdosta, Ga. DUNCAN, MILDRED .... Bowdon Junction, Ga. DURDEN, JACK Swainsboro, Ga. DUVALL, CAROLYN ANNE Atlanta, Ga. DYAL, MILTON Baxley, Ga. EARLE, BERRY B Thomasville, Ga. EDGE, ANNE B Decatur, Ga. EDWARDS, GEO. THOS Athens, Ga. EISENSTEIN, BLANCHE New York, N.Y. ELDER. LAMAR ALEX Bishop, Ga. ELLIOTT, MARY K Augusta, Ga. ELLISON, WM. T Headland, Ala. ENGELHARDT, SIDNEY .... Highland Park, N. J. ENNEIS, JAMES M Savannah, Ga. EPPES, JNO. FRANCIS Athens, Ga. ESTES, CARRIE M Gay, Ga. EUBANKS, LORENZO Sale City, Ga. EVANS, NORMAN Coolidse, Ga. EWING, CHARLES K Fram.nsham, Mass. FARMER, JULIA A Atlanta, Ga. FARMER, LEON J Wrens, Ga. FARMER, SARA FAVER Atlanta, Ga. FEIGENBAUM, IRVING A. . . . Maplewood, N. J. FENDER, DARWIN E Waco, Texas FERGUSON, EMMET, JR DcSoto, Ga. FIELD, GEORGIA B Atlanta, Ga. FINE, EDNA EARLE Metter, Ga. FISHER, JAMES H Clayton, Ga. FISHER, ALBERT, JR Macon, Ga. FLEETWOOD, JOHN T Cartersville, Ga. FORT, NANCy JANE Americus, Ga. FORD, ZELMA ANN Alma, Ga. FOWLER, ALPHA, JR Douglasville, Ga. FOWLER, JOE MARION . . . Stone Mountain, Ga. FREISLEBEN, JEAN J Opelika, Ala. FORMAN, GERBERT Riverdale, N. V. FUDGE, JAMES M., JR Colquitt, Ga. FUDGE, FELIX P Colquitt, Ga. FULLILOVE, SEABORN E Athens, Ga. FYON, DOREEN JANE Ouebec, Canada GANDY, LUCILLE LaGranse, Ga. GARDNER, B. C, JR Camilla, Ga. GARRETT, ANNE Atlanta, Ga. GERSHON, HYMAN B Atlanta, Ga. GIBSON, GRACE Columbus, Ga. GIBBS, BEny Martinez, Ga. GINN, OLIN W Atlanta, Ga. GINN, CHARLES L Palatka, Fla. GOGGANS, JAMES F Lenox, Ga. GOLDEN, LEONARD A Newark, N.J. GORMLEY, CELESTE Atlanta, Ga. GRACE, GEORGE B Clearwater, Fla. GRANT, JAMES DANIEL Athens, Ga. GRANT, EMMA JEAN Milledseville, Ga. GREENE, THOS. EDGAR, JR Macon, Ga. GREENBERG, JOS. ALLAN Newark, N.J. GREER, JOHN THOMAS Monroe, Ga. GRIFFITH, E. FRED, JR Eatonton, Ga. GROOM, PAUL W Atlanta, Ga. GROOVER, JULIA HELEN Atlanta, Ga. GUNN, ULV S Athens, Ga. HACKE, WINIFRED Athens, Ga. HAGAN, CHAS. KANE Atlanta, Ga. HAINS, LOUISE Augusta, Ga. HALE, FRED ARTHUR, JR Athens, Ga. HALE, WARNER S Statham, Ga. HALL, FRANCES E Comer, Ga. HALL, JOHN J., JR Wadley, Ga. HALL, JACK TURNER Tifton, Ga. HALL, SARAH P Newton, Ga. HALPERIN, SAMMIE Fitzgerald, Ga. HALPRIN, MURIEL Fort Valley, Ga. HAMILTON, WM. F., JR Augusta, Ga. HAMILTON, WILLIAM T Athens, Ga. HAMPTON, WILLIAM D Covington, Ga. HANEY, ANDREW NEWTON .... Marietta, Ga. HARDEN, ADRON Glenwood, Ga. HARDMAN, MARy L Colbert, Ga. HARRIS, WM. HENRy Atlanta, Ga. HARRISON, CARLYLE A Glennville, Ga. HARRIS, D. Q., JR Pitts, Ga. HARRIS, FOSTER V Carrollton, Ga. HARDEMAN, ANNIE RUTH .... Winterville, Ga. HARWELL, JAMES W Athens, Ga. HARRINGTON, LAWRENCE .... Brunswick, Ga. d f o n % iii a O f ' 9 ' n 1 " ,:3w » o, o. a c e Q O HASLAM, ADAM W Fort Valley, Ga. HATCHER, FRANK P Eldorcndo, Ga. HATCHER, SMILEY B Brinson, Ga HAYNES, CHAS. THOMAS Atlanta, Ga. HAYNES, EUGENE V., JR Atlanta, Ga, HEAD, R. JENNINGS Alma, Ga. HEARD, RENDER J Franklin, Ga. HENDRIX, MARy L Statesooro, Ga. HENLEY, DAVID P Summervllle, Ga. HERBERT, GEO. H Atlanta, Ga. HERRINGTON, THOS. J Evans, Ga. HIBBEN, IDA RUTH Chattanooga, Tenn. HICKS, HILLIARD T., JR Wrishtsvillc, Ga. HICKS, WRIGHT G Roberta, Ga. HICKS, ERNEST Lavonia, Ga. HIGGINBOTHAM, SARA A Madison, Ga. HIGHSMITH, NORWOOD H Baxley, Ga. HILDERBRAND, KATHRVN Atlanta, Ga. HILL, CHAS. P Griffin, Ga. HILL, WM. MARVIN Atlanta, Ga. HILLIS, MARY RUTH Girard, Ga. HIXON, HELEN W Atlanta, Ga. HODGES, WM. H Watkinsville, Ga. HODGSON, MARy L Atlanta, Ga. HOFFMASTER, KATHRYN . . Blue Ridse Summit, Pa. HOLLAND, W. DEANE Collins, Ga. HOLLAND, WILBUR F Townscnd, Ga. HOLLIDAy, POPE B Athens, Ga. HORNBUCKLE, WM. R Grayson, Ga. HORNE, W. H Atlanta, Ga. HOROWITZ, MAURICE K South Bend, Ind. HORTON, JOHN W Waynesboro, Ga. HOSFORD, WM. DUNCAN Atlanta, Ga. HOSCH, ELIZABETH ANN .... Gainesville, Ga. HOUSTON, CLARENCE H Sylvester, Ga. HOWARD, JOHN R Nashville, Ga. HOWARD, MARY OLIVE Decatur, Ga. HOWARD, DOROTHY Stephens, Ga. HOWELL, ROBT. LEWIS Thomson, Ga. HUEY, CAROLYN ELIZABETH .... Atlanta, Ga. HUFF, LAWRENCE Hull, Ga. HUGHES, STEPHEN G Rome, Ga. HUGHES, HAROLD W Jefferson, Ga. HULSEY, INMAN VON Portal, Ga. HUNTER, JOHN FRED Greensboro, Ga. HUNTER, KATHRVN B Athens, Ga. HUNGERFORD, GRAYSON Atlanta, Ga. HUNTER, ELISE ANSLEY Atlanta, Ga. HUTCHINSON, BETH E Athens, Ga. HUTCHINSON, JACK G Athens, Ga. HUTCHESON, A. VIRDON Buchanan, Ga. IRSy, NELL COLE Athens, Ga. ISENBERG, MYER JACOB Gordon, Ga. ISRAILS, NETTIE Atlanta, Ga. JACOBS, IRVING Milford,Conn. JACOBS, IVEY Nahunta,Ga. JACKSON, HARMON J Sparta, Ga. JARRELL, JNO. ANDERSON . . . Thomasville, Ga. JARVIS, SARA E Atlanta, Ga. JENKINS, EARL C Red Creek, N. Y. JENNINGS, W. H., JR Winder, Ga. JOHNSOR, FRANCES C Washington, Ga. JOHNSON, JAMES A., JR Athens, Ga. JOHNSON, H. THOS Jefferson, Ga. JOHNSON, S. MARVIN Athens, Ga. JONES, KATRINA Graymont, Ga. JONES, NANCY SUE Athens, Ga. JONES, PAUL MATTHEWS .... Middleton, Ga. JONES, PEGGY Canton, Ga. JONES, EUGENIA FAYE Dallas, Ga. JORDON, JEROME B., JR Broxton, Ga. KAHN, AVRUM JACK Pelham, Ga Ill KANE, NOMA ELIZABETH Atlanta, Ga. KANTOR, SVLVIA Atlanta, Ga. KAPLAN, LILLIAN Wrightsville, Ga. KAROW, GUSTAV Savannah, Ga. KEEHAN, WM. FRANCIS, JR Macon, Ga. KELTNER, JACOB GREEN Memphis, Tcnn. KEMP, BARNEY E. P Martinez, Ga. KEMMER, VIRGINIA Chattanooga, Tcnn. KENDRICK, JAMES M., JR Sharon, Ga. KENNEDY, ALBERT T Atlanta, Ga. KENNEDY, O. JOSEPHINE Savannah, Ga. KENNEY, WM. DOUGLAS Athens, Ga. KENNY, EDWIN RUSSELL Atlanta, Ga. KENNEDY, JESSE C Albany, Ga. KENNON, VIRGINIA WEBB Athens, Ga. KICKLIGHTER, HAROLD D Douglas, Ga. KILLIAN, JOSEPH OLIN .... Holly Springs, Ga. KIMSEY, CLIFF CLAY, JR Cornelia, Ga. KIMSEY, MARY Gainesville, Ga. KIMBALL, BOBBIE Winder, Ga. KIMBRELL, GEORGE H Athens, Ga. KIRK, JAMES EDWARD Valdosta, Ga. KLUK, PAUL P Hudson, Ga. KOCH, LORRAINE M Athens, Ga. KOPLIN, NORMA Macon, Ga. KRAUSS, JEAN S Brunswick, Ga. KRUGER, REUBEN Frtigerald, Ga. KULBERSH, SHIRLEY L Tifton, Ga. KYLE, GEORGE, JR Columbus, Ga. LANDRUM, WM. SANFORD .... Thomaston, Ga. LANGSTON, NORMAN, JR Commerce, Ga. LANE, JOHN H Colquitt, Ga. LASHER, CAROL RUTH Atlanta, Ga. LEACH, JAMES W Conyers, Ga. LEASMAN, FRANK BOB Atlanta, Ga. LEE, OUENTIN SARGENT Cordelc, Ga. LEE, SYBLE Lamar, S. C. LEE, WALTER E., JR Waycross, Ga. LEE, CLAUDIA Leesburg, Ga. LEE, WILLIAM P., JR Grantville, Ga. LESSER, RAYMOND E Athens, Ga. LEVERETTE, MARJORIE E. . . . Warm Springs, Ga. LEVINE, CELIA BERNICE .... Wilmington, N. C. LEVIE, WALTER HILL Montezuma, Ga. LEWIS, JEAN MADISON Lenox, Ga. LEWIS, JEANNIE S Greensboro, Ga. LEWIS, JIM BARNETTE Waynesboro, Ga. LLAMAS, ANDREW Gainesville, Ga. LODEN, ANNA CHRISTINE Colbert, Ga. LONG, MALCOLM J Atlanta, Ga. LONG, MARGARET JANE Atlanta, Ga. LORD, DOROTHY Wrightsville, Ga. LOYD, ROBERT NEWTON Athens, Ga. LUMPKIN, EDWIN KING Athens, Ga. LUMSDEN, THOMAS F Talbotton, Ga. LUNDY, LESTER L Boston, Ga. LUTHER, MIRIAM Griffin, Ga. MADDOX, JAMES DICKSON Rome, Ga. MADDOX, VIVIAN L Blakely, Ga. MAGILL, DAN H., JR Athens, Ga. MAGRUDER, GEO. HILLERY Rome, Ga. MALONE, BUFORD G Monticello, Ga. MALONE, W. THOMAS Atlanta, Ga. MANNING, TROY LEE Alamo, Ga. MANN, JAMES MOSS Athens, Ga. MARSH, CHARLES LEROY Athens, Ga. MARTIN, MILLARD P., JR Stilson, Ga. MARTIN, ROSE E Macon, Ga. MARCUS, MURRAY AARON .... Savannah, Ga. MASSEY, THOMAS H., JR Commerce, Ga. MATHIS, DAVID B Richland, Ga. MATHIAS, HORACE B Ailey, Ga. ( " ) C ■db4 - " jL ( f f o f f ' ' f " A fT), e f a f r: a MAUPIN, ROBT. H., JR Athens, Ga. MAULDIN, MARTHA G Atlanta, Ga. MAXWELL, MARGARET A Lexington, Ga. MAXWELL, WINIFRED L Lexinston, Ga. MAYER, JOSEPH G Erie, Pcnn. McCAV, BONNIE RUTH lla.Ga. McCLAIN, J AS. LANKFORD Athens, Ga. McCOy, SHEALY E Athens, Ga. McCURLEY, HENRY H Colbert, Ga. McDANNELL, MARIE Atlanta, Ga. McDUFFIE, GEO. EDWARD Ashland, Ga. McELWANEY, EDITH REBECCA . . Faycttevillc, Ga. McFEE, LAURA GRACE Atlanta, Ga. McKINNEV, LEE Nashville, Tenn. McMULLAN, JNO. EDWIN Miami, Fla. Mcknight, blanche l Miami, Fia. MEADOWS, JNO. C, JR Athens, Ga. MEADOWS, JOHN G Athens, Ga. MELTON, GEO. SIMMONS .... Nokomis, Ala. MEEKS, ELISHA A., JR Nicholls, Ga. MERRITT, E. price Atlanta, Ga. MIDDLETON, ROBT. G Brunswick, Ga. MILES, ENOCH ALLEN Athens, Ga. MILLER, DANIEL F Washington, Ga. MILLER, ROBT. B., JR Nacoochee, Ga. MILTON, JAS. OLIVER Palmetto, Ga. MINSK, SHIRLEY Z Albany, Ga. MINK, MORRIS A Midville, Ga. MISCHNER, HERMAN .... Highland Park, N. J. MITCHELL, ANNA LOU Arlington, Va. MITCHELL, RAYMOND H Athens, Ga. MOBLEy, ROBERT W Girard, Ga. MONK, WM. RIDLEY Sylvester, Ga. MONTGOMERY, ROBERT C Butler, Ga. MOORE, JAS. E., JR Nunez, Ga. MOORE, ROBERT D Bolton, Ga. MORRIS, HARRIETTS .... Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MORRIS, BETTY ANN Hartwell, Ga. MORRIS, RICHARD Athens, Ga. MOSS, BEN, JR Eastanollee, Ga. MULLINS, HENRY A Chipley, Ga. MUNDY, DERRELLE M Harlem, Ga. MUNN, RICHARD A., JR Columbus, Ga. MURRAY, THOS. LEWIS Fort Valley, Ga. MURPHY, JACOUELINE Talmo, Ga. MURPHY, NELLE LOUISE Talmo, Ga. NANCE, MARY LOUISE Ringgold, Ga. NEISLER, WILL G Reynolds, Ga. NELSON, CURTIS T Augusta, Ga. NEWKIRK, BRYAN W Coral Gables, Fla. NEWSOM, WM. WHEELER . . . . Union Point, Ga. NEWTON, MARY W Madison, Ga, NIBLEH, CHAS. T Birmingham, Ala. NICHOLSON, COLEMAN W Marietta, Ga. NICKER50N, THEA Columbus, Ga. NIX, DORIS RUTH Commerce, Ga. NOBLE, ANNE ROGERS Atlanta, Ga. NORMAN, ELLINGTON M Hartwell, Ga. O ' BEAR, ELIZABETH T Atlanta, Ga. O ' CONNOR, REBA T Augusta, Ga. O ' NEAL, SARA MAUD Greenville, Ga. ORR, JOAN TREANOR Athens, Ga. OSBORNE, WM. W Savannah, Ga. OTTO, WALTER WILSON Savannah, Ga. OWEN, 5IG OLIVER, JR LaGrange, Ga. PARHAM, SCHELLE G Decatur, Ga. PARKER, ISABEL ANNE Waycross, Ga. PARRISH, HENRY GRADY Brooklet, Ga. PARKER, CHARLES R Millen, Ga. PARKER, LEONARD G., JR Howard, Ga. PARHAM, ALICE F Bogart, Ga. PATTILLO, CHAS. E., JR Decatur, Ga. I if! PEARCE, JOHN L St. Petersburg, Fla. PEARSON, JAMES H Fo(t Valley, Ga. PEARCE, ELIZABETH Atlanta, Ga. PEEPLES, WM. MORTON Chatswocth, Ga. PERRY, IRA MYRTLE Summerville, Ga. PERRY, GEORGE W Hull, Ga. PERRYMAN, BETTY Thomson, Ga. PERRY, IRIS L Atlanta, Ga. PERRY, JOE S Moultrie, Ga. PERRY, RALPH LINTON Buford, Ga. PERSONS, MILDRED Kissimmce, Fla. PHILPOT, DOROTHY H Athens, Ga. PHILLIPS, NANCY LEE Columbus, Ga. PITTARD, JNO. THOS WInterville, Ga. PITTARD, LINTON Y Monticello, Ga. PLAH, JOHN HAROLD Gainesville, Ga. POLHILL, JAS. BROWN Louisville, Ga. POOL, WILMA ELLEN Winder, Ga. POPE, FORREST EARL Winder, Ga. POSS, RAYMOND L Union Point, Ga. POTTLE, JAMES R Athens, Ga. PRESTON, JOHN B Flovilla, Ga. PRICE, JULIAN E Quitman, Ga. PRICKETT, L. LOUISE Grantville, Ga. PRIEBE, GERALD JOHN St. Paul, Minn. PRISANT, OSCAR Albany, Ga. PRITCHETT, THOS. L WInterville, Ga. PROCTOR, M. A5BURY .... Warm Springs, Ga. PUCKETT, FRANK B Fort Gaines, Ga. RAGSDALE, RUTH ELIZABETH . . . Clemson, S. C. RAMBOW, EARL A Augusta, Ga. RANDALL, GLADYS C Atlanta, Ga. RANSOM, SUE ELMA Augusta, Ga. RA5T, JACQUELINE Quitman, Ga. REEVES, MILDRED K Winterville, Ga. RENFROE, RUDOLPH Quitman, Ga. RICE, ELIZABETH ANTOINETTE . . . Lexington, Ga. RICHARDS, WARREN N Columbus, Ga. RICHARDSON, FRANCES Macon, Ga. RIEMER, WM. EMANUEL Brooklyn, N. Y. RINEARSON, ELIZABETH GRAY .... Athens, Ga. ROACH, C. ALMAND Dublin, Ga. ROAN, JAMES MITCHELL Zcbulon,Ga. ROBERTS, ELNA Pinehurst, Ga. ROBERTS, HOWARD G Swainsboro, Ga. ROBERTS, WILLIAM V Augusta, Ga. ROBERTSON, BESSIE E Statham, Ga. RODGERS, FRANCES R Moultrie, Ga. ROGERS, J. VAN, JR Chattanooga, Tenn. ROGERS, MURPHEY Ocilla, Ga. ROGERS, NAN SUE Adel, Ga. ROGERS, WM. MADISON Cohutta, Ga. ROSS, LAMAR HALL Oakfield, Ga. ROSS, CAROLYN L Statham, Ga. ROSS, ERIE JEAN Athens, Ga. ROSSEE, FLQRRIE Eatonton, Ga. ROSS, MARIANA PEARL .... Fort Screven, Ga. ROYAL, ROBERT LEE Sycamore, Ga. RUFFIN, JESSIE L Atlanta, Ga. SALISBURY, FRANCIS M Athens, Ga. SALE, EMILY G Oklahoma City, Okla. SAMMON, RUTH KEY Abbeville, S. C. SANDERS, HELEN SIMS Griffin, Ga. SANDERS, CHARLES M Commerce, Ga. SANFORD, JANE Augusta, Ga. SARGENT, MARY PAGE LaGrange, Ga. SCARBOROUGH, DAVID W Comer, Ga. SCHAINWOQKS, MELVIN .... New York, N. Y. SCHULMAN, MURIEL Canton, S. C. SCOTT, ROBERT P Corinth, Miss. SCOTT, WILBUR M., JR Milledgeville, Ga. SCOVILLE, SHELDON H Nutley, N. J. Q O C SE8RING, GLADYS M Atlanta, Ga. SECKINGER, CHARLES B Sprinsfield, Ga. SELLERS, JACK A Godfrey, Ga. SEWELL, DOROTHY ELIZABETH .... Rome, Ga. SHAPARD, MARY J Gnffin, Ga. SHAINKER, BERNICE R Atlanta, Ga. SHEFFER, MARY Athens, Ga. SHERIFF, FLETCHER A Athens, Ga. SHINGLER, MARGUERITE Atlanta, Ga. SIAFACAS, LILLIAN Athens, Ga. SIBILSKY, EDWARD L Milledseville, Ga. SIEGEL, HANNAH LEAH Anderson, S. C. SIMS, MARGARET JEH Comer, Ga. SIMON, BRUNELLE HELEN Brooklet, Ga. SIMMONS, THOS. WATSON . . . Douglasville, Ga. SLAUGHTER, CHARLES W Brooksville, Ga. SMITH, JAMES R., JR Vidett, Ga. SMITH, J. RACHEL Commerce, Ga. SMITH, RUTH H LaGrange, Ga. SMITH, CLARENCE, JR Hogansville, Ga. SMITH, CLARENCE JAY Newnan, Ga. SMITH, DOROTHY IRENE . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. SMITH, ICE CAIN Sycamore, Ga. SMITH, RAYMOND E Atlanta, Ga. SMITH, STEPHEN DAVID Rome, Ga. 5NELLING, JACK DELACY .... Millcttvillc, S. C. SOLMS, WM. OSBORNE Savannah, Ga. SOLODKIN, MORRIS New York, N.Y. SPEARS, JACK HARRIS Mansfield, Ga. SPEARMAN, NEIL S Macon, Ga. SPEER, JACK P Commerce, Ga. SPENCE, JANIE Camilla, Ga. SPILKY, NATALIE Mt. Dora, Fla. STANDIFER, WM. BRYAN Blakcly, Ga. STEENLAND, ADIN P Athens, Ga. STEINHEIMER, H. ISABEL Savannah, Ga. STEPHENS, MARVIN L Macon, Ga. STOKES, HOMER A Hawkinsville, Ga. STRICKLAND, JACKSON Royston, Ga. STRAUSS, WM. A Decatur, Ga. STROTHER, JENNIE ELIZABETH .... Athens, Ga. STRULETZ, JOE LaGrange, Ga. SUDDETH, WM. BYRON .... College Park, Ga. SULE, FRANK Proctor, Vermont SUTTON, MARY Savannah, Ga. SWINDLE, MARGARET ANN Camilla, Ga. TATE, JAMES H., JR Rome, Ga. TAYLOR, JAMES L., JR Nashville, Tenn. TAYLOR, JOHN FRED, JR Greensboro, Ga. TAYLOR, W. J Davisboro, Ga. TELFORD, GEORGE DEAN Cleveland, Ga. THOMSON, SARAH ELIZABETH . . . Decatur, Ga. THOMAS, SYBIL Athens, Ga. THORNTON, RUBY ELIZABETH . . Winterville, Ga. THURMAN, SIDNEY W Midville, Ga. THURMOND, MIRIAM Athens, Ga. TILLER, HAROLD STILLE Athens, Ga. TIPTON, MIRIAM C Meigs, Ga. TORTORA, FRANK P Brooklyn, N. Y. TREADWELL, ROGER B Chipley, Ga. TRUITT, LEILA F College Park, Ga. TUGGLE, ROy S., JR Atlanta, Ga. TUMLIN, JACK THOMAS . Pine Mountain Valley, Ga. TURNER, MARGARET VIRGINIA . . . Danburg, Ga. UPCHURCH, MARY R Thomasvillc, Ga. VANZANDT, ROBERT W Gulfport, Miss. VANSANT, H. NELSON Athens, Ga. VARNON, VALERIE Atlanta, Ga. VERDI, MARTHA Dccatut, Ga. WALKER, ARCHIE M Ft. Games, Ga. WALKER, EUGENIA Atlanta, Ga. WALKER, WM. S Clearwater, Fla. WALL, BITHEL, JR Sylvester, Ga. WALKER, FRED HARDING Valdosta, Ga. WANSLEY, GENEVA Carnesville, Ga. WATERS, JULIA MARIE College Park, Ga. WATKINS, EMORY C Brooklet, Ga. WATSON, WILLIAM C Thomson, Ga. WAYNE, VIRGINIA C Atlanta, Ga. WEBB, EUSTACE OSCAR Graymonl, Ga. WEBB, VIRGIL F Graymont, Ga. WEBB, VIRGINIA Oglethorpe, Ga. WEISS, ADELE Newark, N.J. WEINTRAUB, ESTA Douglas, Ga. WELCH, CLARENCE W Macon, Ga. WELLMAN, WALTER M., JR Athens, Ga. WERDEN, WILLIAM R., JR Dublin, Ga. WHITLEV, RUTH VIOLET Dacula, Ga. WHITMIRE, JESSIE G Athens, Ga. WHITE, HARRIET C New Orleans, La. WIGGINS, DOROTHY E Sanford, Fla. WILLIAMS, NORRIS C Stone Mountain, Ga. WILEN5KY, LORRAINE Augusta, Ga. WILKES, FREDERICK M Athens, Ga. WILLIAMS, JAMES EDGAR Athens, Ga. WILLIAMS, MARION G Clyattvillc, Ga. WILLIAMS, OSCAR A Plains, Ga. WILLIAMSON, ELIZABETH A. . . . Washington, Ga. WILLIS, OSGOOD P Rome, Ga. WILSON, FARRIS H., JR Griffin, Ga. WILLIAMSON, ANNIE B Bristol, Ga. WILLINGHAM, ROSE G Macon, Ga. WILLIS, KENYON CARL Sylvester, Ga. WOLFE, LOUIS H Hammonton, N.J. WOLFF, JEANNE T Savannah, Ga. WOODRUFF, ARTHUR P Vienna, Ga. WOODRUM, WILLIAM E Millen,Ga. WOOD, MARY LOUISE ... . Commerce Ga. WOODS, A. y., JR Athens, Ga. WOODS, JOHN CRAWFORD Athens, Ga. WRIGHT, MADISON C, JR. . . . Greensboro, Ga. WRIGHT, VIRGINIA T Athens, Ga. WVAH, ROBERT L., JR Atlanta, Ga. YEARGIN, LOYD C Hartwell, Ga. YESUKIEWICZ, WILLIAM Enfield, Conn. YOUNG, M. ESTHER Augusta, Ga. YOUNG, WILLARD W Huntsvillc, Ala. ZACHOS, HELEN Atlanta, Ga. ZIMMERMAN, RICHARD B Atlanta, Ga. CO ' ?- .r hr r) r q n m i [i (utd theln, OUiceU Disillusionment and defiance fisht for topnnost position in the former Rats ' emotions, as they find that " Joe and Josephine College " are merely mythical persons — that raccoon coats, pork-pie hats, three-foot pipes, screaming red dresses, hard- drinking co-eds, and tap-dancing professors were only cruel illusions forced on them by some crack-brained movie pro- ducer. Already they are laying plans to " get even " on the next bunch of lowly freshmen that look in awe at the Arch and dash for first place in the bell-ringing line. Already they are practicing with paddles for next year ' s Rat Court season. Most of them made their grades and most of them learned that colleges aren ' t solely a combination of swing music, wild parties, and football games. All of them, looking the next three years in the eye, are " rarin " to go. CO-ORDINATE OFFICERS Left to right: Marian Rogers, Treasurer; Annie hHawkes, Vice-President; Frances Gordy, Secretary, and Toni Lewis, Presi- ent. OFFICERS Officers of the Freshman Class are, left to right: Tom Penland, President; Jack Ramsey, Vice-President, and James Wilson, Secretary and Treasurer. ' And when you finish this you can go to town for me and then you can 1 I ill 1 ai f n Q. o ( i a - Cf a r n I f ff5 r ' v O A e - r f i ACKERMAN, MURRAY . . . White Plains, N. Y. ADAMS, JOHN BARNARD . . . Savannah, Ga. ADAMS, JOHN CALVIN Athens, Ga. AKRIDGE, MARGARET y. . . . St. Sinnons, Ga. ALLEN, JOHN CHARLES Evans, Ga. ALLEN, SIDNEY NATHAN .... Athens, Ga. ALLGOOD, CONRAD L Scotldale, Ga. AMOS, WILLIAM G Montlccllo, Ga. ANDERSON, CHARLES C Decatur, Ga. ANDERSON, ELVIN Register, Ga. ANDERSON, JOHN HAROLD . . . Athens, Ga. ANDREWS, MARION A Martinez, Ga. APPLER, HAROLD M Ridsevilie, N. J. ARNETT, EMILY Atlanta, Ga. ARNOLD, LILLIAN F Vienna, Ga. ARONSON, ROBERT IRWIN . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. ASHER, FRANCES F Atlanta, Ga. ASKEW, DAVID H., JR Arlinston, Ga. ASPINWALL, HARRIEH M. . . Blackshcar, Ga. AULTMAN, ANDREW JAMES . . . Warwick, Ga. AVERA, MARIE FRANCES Athens, Ga. AVERITT JACK N Statesboro, Ga. AYCOCK, ROBERT EARL Monroe, Ga. BAGGETT, CLIFFORD A Fitzgerald, Ga. BAILEY, DEWEY ERNEST Athens, Ga. BAILEY, JACK CECIL LaGrange, Ga. BAILEY, JNO. HOLDER Jefferson, Ga. BAILEY, SUSAN JANE Elbcrton, Ga. BAILEY, JACK Videttc, Ga. BAKER, MARY JANE Decatur, Ga. BAKER, THOMAS R Madiso n, Ga. BALDWIN, CHARLIE H Madison, Ga. BALDWIN, LAURA S Madison, Ga. BALL, JANE Atlanta, Ga. BARFIELD, JULIA MAE Louisville, Ga. BARGERON, LIBBY Coral Gables, Fla. BARNETT, VO HAMMIE H. . . Washington, Ga. BARNWELL, HAROLD G, JR. . . . Decatur, Ga. BARRON, HOYT EDWIN Rome, Ga. BARROW, DOROTHY N Matthews, Ga. BATTLE, B. BALL, JR Columbus, Ga. BAXTER, ANNIE F Ashburn, Ga. BEARD, JOHN FRANKLIN .... Moultrie, Ga. BEATENBOUGH, MARY K Athens, Ga. BECKMANN, SAUL Lynbrook, N. Y. BEDENBAUGH, TOLLIE S Athens, Ga. BEERS, NEVA STOUGH . . . College Park, Ga. BELCHER, GEORGE W Wadley, Ga. BENNETT, ROBERT L Athens, Ga. BENNETT, WILLIAM A Tallapoosa, Ga. BENTLEY, JAMES H Redan, Ga. BENTLEY, WALTER F Augusta, Ga, BENTON, SELBY GLENN Cornelia, Ga. BERMAN, HARRY LOUIS .... Atlanta, Ga. BISHOP, ANNE ELIZABETH .... Athens, Ga. BLACK, HOM ER A Cartcrsville, Ga. BLATTNER, MARY Orlando, Fla. BLACKWELL, WINTON E Miami, Fla. BLISS, JOHN PUTMAN .... Hatboro, Pern. BLUM, ARNOLD S Macon, Ga. BOCK, SYLVIA MAE Atlanta, Ga. BOLL, LAMAR Savannah, Ga. BOND, NED JAMES, JR. . . . Watkinsvillc, Ga. BOWDEN, JANE ADRIENNEO . . . Athens, Ga. BOWEN, LENNON E., JR Tifton, Ga. BOYD, COLUMBUS M., JR Sanford, Fla. BOYD, HUDSON LESTER . . . Rocky Face, Ga. BRACKETT, E. HAZEL Athens, Ga. BRADFORD, WILLIS W Lincolnton, Ga. BRASSELL, RICHARD Pensacola, Fla. BRASWELL, MARY ANNE Athens, Ga. BRAUNGART, BETTY F Atlanta, Ga. BRAUNGART, GEORGE Atlanta, Ga. BRAY, FAUST MELL Atlanta, Ga. BRAY, ROBERT MOBLEY Atlanta, Ga. BRIDGES, ROBERT M Fairburn, Ga. BRIGGS, STANLEY M., JR Atlanta, Ga. BRISCOE, ANITA ROSE Athens, Ga. BROCK, JAMES C Davisboro, Ga. BROKAW, ELEANOR C Atlanta, Ga. BROOKS, MARY ELLEN Griffin, Ga. BROWN, ANNIE RUTH Macon, Ga. BROWN, CHARLES R05C0E .... Hull, Ga. BROWN, HUGH MACK Athens, Ga. i fi - f .Mi .M »!lM f i» t j « BROWN, JAMES LOGAN Athens, Ga. BRUCE, CHARLES A Dawson, Ga. BRYAN, ROBERT L Grayson, Ga. BRYANT, GLOVER E., JR LaGrangc, Ga. BRYANT, PAUL J Athens, Ga. BURCH, WILLIAM L Leary, Ga. BURNS, SARAH ROSS Atlanta, Ga. CAOLE, WILLIAM EDEN . . . Swainsboro, Ga. CAIN, WILLIAM P Mill Haven, Ga. CALHOUN, WALTER W Atlanta, Ga. CALLAWAY, JULIETTE G Eatonton, Ga. CANN, DOROTHY JANE . . . East Orange, N. J. CANNON, JOHN T Greensboro, Ga. CAPOEVIELE, HELENA M Atlanta, Ga. CARDEN, VAN R Hatlcy, Ga. CARITHERS, MARY C Elberton, Ga. CARLAN, ARTHUR B Commerce, Ga. CARPENTER, SARAH A Atlanta, Ga. CARRASCO, ENRICO Ncwnan, Ga. CAREY, PHILIP JOHN . . . Birmingham, Mich. CARTER, JAMES ROLAND . . . Wintervillc, Ga. CARTEY, ELSIE MARIE Athens, Ga. CATLETT, RAYMOND H Commerce, Ga. CHAMBERS, JOHN ALLAN . . Winterville, Ga. CHAMPION, JOHN ELMER . . . .Chipley, Ga. CHANCE, ARTHUR W Swainsboro, Ga. CHANDLER, EMILY McM Athens, Ga. CHANDLER, FRED McC, JR. . . . Bowdon, Ga. CHILDS, PATRICIA F Macon, Ga. CHRISTIAN, EVELYN Elberton, Ga. CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM W Orlando, Fla. CLARK, CHARLES DIXON . . . Waynesboro, Va. CLARK, FRANK FLEMING . . . Louisville, Ga. CLARKE, FRED J., JR Thomasville, Ga. CLARK, JANIE MELL Athens, Ga. CLEMENS, HARRIEH Thomasville, Ga. CLEVELAND, HOWARD Hartwell, Ga. CLIFTON, JASPER R Statesboro, Ga. COBB, ANDREW C Savannah, Ga. COBB, HENRY H., JR Athens, Ga. COBB, JOHN TYRUS Athens, Ga. COBB, LAURA BLANCHE .... Hartwell, Ga. COFER, SAM THOMAS . . St. Simons Island, Ga. COFFEE, JOHN Y., JR Athens, Ga. COHEN, FAY Charleston, S. C. COILE, ANNE Athens, Ga. COILE, WILLIAM R., JR. . . . Wintervillc, Ga. COKER, MARY Canton, Ga. COLEMAN, DANIEL E., JR. . . . Valdosta, Ga. COLEMAN, OTHO K Unadilla, Ga. COLLAT, ROBERT Savannah, Ga. COLLIER, JOS. WEAVER Athens, Ga. ' COMPTON, CHARLES S Athens, Ga. i COOK, CLYDE ALLENE Athens, Ga. ! COOPER, ROBERT C Athens, Ga. I COOPER, WILLIS A., JR Athens, Ga. 1 COPLIN, JOHN F Burlington, N.C. I COPLIN, JAMES ELBERT . . . Burlington, N. C. j CORNWELL, MARCIA E Atlanta, Ga. I COX, JEAN LOUISE Plymouth, N. C. ! COX, MARCUS L Tifton,Ga. i CRAWFORD, LINTON K Cornelia, Ga. I CREEKMORE, MARGARET E. . . . Athens, Ga. I CROMER, FRANK H Hull, Ga. I CROSSWELL, MARGARET J. . . . Atlanta, Ga. I CULYER, ROBT. P Port Chester, N. Y. OANIELL, JAMES D Watkinsville, Ga. I DARBY, SANFORD P., JR Augusta, Ga. I DARDEN, HAROLD Gabbettville, Ga. ' DAVENPORT, LUTHER R Loving, Ga. ; DAVID, THOMAS EDWARD . . Hollywood, Fla. I DAVIS, JAMES W Atlanta, Ga. I DAVIS, MARY VIRGINIA Athens, Ga. DAVIS, NELL V Rutledge, Ga. 1 DAVIS, S. M Warwick, Ga. i DAWKINS, WILLIAM H Llncolnton, Ga. DEAN, GEORGE Athens, Ga. DELAMAR, LEONARD G. . . . Hawklnsville, Ga. DELL, CLEON EARL Waycross, Ga. ■ DENNEY, CLIFFORD S., JR Athens, Ga. IDEVEREUX, SAMUEL McD. . . . Devereux, Ga. •DICKSON, ARCHER Anderson, S. C. DICKSON, GEORGIA K Atlanta, Ga. ' DIVINE, WINIFRED Athens,Ga. - VV o ra ' A f% " f i h 4 g fi n n - f o .n f ..I ' .;!» n D A --4 ' - i r t) a a f DIXON, ROBERT D Bluefield, W, Va DOLLAR, ALVIN J Bainbridse, Ga. DONALDSON, HARRY E., JR. . . . Lindcll, Ga. DONOVAN, LAWRENCE M. . . . Savannah, Ga. DOOLEY, LAMAR GRANT . . Watkmsvlllc, Ga. DOVER, JAMES CLIFTON Buford, Ga. DREW, LIONEL E., JR Oncco, Fla. DREWRY, EARL E., JR Griffin, Ga. DREWRy, JONES M Athens, Ga. DRIFTMIER, JOHN F Athens, Ga. DUMAS, ANDERSON Atlanta, Ga. DUNCAN, HENRY L Bulord, Ga. DUNCAN, MARY ELEANOR . . . Hartwcll, Ga. DUPREE, MARY JANE Gordon, Ga. EBERHART, EDGAR L., JR Athens, Ga. EDWARDS, HERSHEL E. . . . Crawfordvilic, Ga. EDWARDS, JAMES D Gainesville, Ga. ELDER, BENJAMIN H Maxcys, Ga. ELDER, ELLA MARTHA Maxeys, Ga. ELLIOTT, FRANK B Sargent, Ga. ELLIS, THEODORE R Chipley, Ga. EMERSON, HARRIETTE Atlanta, Ga. EVANS, JEAN LOUISE Atlanta, Ga. EXLEY, IRBY SHECK Clyo, Ga. FAIL, JOSEPH L Luverne, Ala. FAMBROUGH, JAMES H. . . Crawfordville, Ga. FARKA5, SAM Albany, Ga. FAUSETT, LENTON R Adel, Ga. FAUST, REX JEROME .... Homestead, Fla. FELKEL, OWEN T Thomasville, Ga. FERGUSON, FRANCES Desoto, Ga. FERGUSON, JOE BILL Princeton, Ind. FERQUERON, MARGARET E. . . . Athens, Ga. FEW, HORACE MASON .... Apalachee, Ga. FICKLEN, OSBORNE 8 Washington, Ga. FIROR, DAVID L Athens, Ga. FISHER, WILLIAM C Clayton, Ga. FITZGERALD, CHARLES H Conycrs, Ga. FITZGERALD, GRACE G. . Avondale Estates, Ga. FLANIGAN, ANNIE BEE Winder, Ga. FLEISHMAN, STANLEY .... Edgemere, N. Y. FLEMING, FRANK L., JR Atlanta, Ga. FLORENCE, WM. LOYD Athens, Ga. FLOURNOy, WALKER R Columbus, Ga. FLOWERS, GEORGE R Decatur, Ga. FLOYD, ELMORE McN Camilla, Ga. FOWLER, JULIA FANE . . . . Douglasvillc, Ga. ERASER, JACK CARLYLE Atlanta, Ga. FREEMAN, EUGENE D., JR. . . . Columbus, Ga. FREEMAN, G. D., JR Danielsvillc, Ga. FREEMAN, LUCILLE M Atlanta, Ga. FREEMAN, JOHNNIE B Unadilla, Ga. GABELIA, GEORGE .... College Point, N. Y. GANUS, LEONARD ALLEN . . . Matthews, Ga. GARDNER, JESSE A., JR Moscow, Penn. GARREN, ROY WM Morganton, Ga. GARTNER, HELEN L Augusta, Ga. GEISSLER, RUDOLPH Atlanta, Ga. GENTRY, OSCAR LEE, JR Athens, Ga. GEORGE, MILTON D Blakely, Ga. GIBSON, CHARLES D Waynesville, Ga. GIBSON, EUGENE F., JR. . . College Park, Ga. GILBERT, CAROLYN E Athens, Ga. GINN, LEE WELLS Athens, Ga. GLOVER, CATHERINE R Savannah, Ga. GLOVER, JOHN G., JR Atlanta, Ga. GOLDEN, BETTY RUTH Amcricus, Ga. GOLDENBERG, BERNARD . New Brunswick, N. J. GORDON, SHERMAN M, . . New Haven, Conn. GORDY, FRANCES JANE .... Columbus, Ga. GOSS, RALPH M Athens, Ga. GOULD, GORDON CLIFTON . College Park, Ga. GRAHAM, EVELYN V Athens, Ga. GRIFFITH, DORA ANNE .... Atlanta, Ga. GRIFFITH, GEARY E New York, N.Y. GRIFFITH, JANE A Montclair, N. J. GRIFFITH, PATRICIA A. . . . Danielsville, Ga. GRIFFETH, SARAH F Athens, Ga. GROOVER, DENMARK, JR. . . . Ouitman,Ga. GUNTER, JOHN S Savannah, Ga. GUREWITZ, HARRY Brooklyn, N. Y. HABERMAN, JULES Flushing, N. Y. HACKETT, LAURIER E Camilla, Ga HAINES, I. JEANETTE Crawford, Ga. HALE, EMMETTE JAMES Statham, Ga. HALE, JAMES MARVIN Athens, Ga. HAMBRICK, NINA JEAN Athens, Ga. HAMILTON, CLARA E Augusta, Ga. HARDMAN, HAZEL JANE Hull, Ga. HARD , BOBBY F Jefferson, Ga. HARDY, HARRY B., JR Miami, Fla. HARDY, NELLE E Atlanta, Ga. HARDIN, MC. C, JR Ball Ground, Ga. HARGIS, WILLIAM R Marietta, Ga. HARRELL, JOHN B., JR Augusta, Ga, HARRIS, ETHRIDGE J Adel, Ga. HARRIS, HOMER WHITE Bradley, Ga. HARRIS, JAS. RODNEY Athens, Ga. HARRISON, ROBT. OSCAR . . Crawfordville, Ga. HARRISON, SARA BETTIE .... Decatur, Ga. HAWKES, MARIANNA Athens, Ga. HAYES, SARA FRANCES Athens, Ga. HEAD, JOHN FRANCIS Albany, Ga. HEAD, JOS. LYNN Clermont, Ga. HECHT, RICHARD ADAIR .... Columbus, Ga. HENRY, MARY ARTA .... Collcse Park, Ga. HEREFORD, ROBT. THOS Waycross, Ga. HERSTEIN, HERMAN L NewYorIc, N.Y. HICKS, NANCY ELLA Marietta, Ga. HILL, MONTINE BARRETT . . . Columbus, Ga. HILL, SUZANNE MARTHA .... Collins, Ga. HILLARD, GROVES C Atlanta, Ga. HILLIS, SENIE Sardis, Ga. HINSON, JAMES W Marianna, Fla. HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM L Colbert, Ga. HOBBS, MARY ELIZABETH .... Athens, Ga. HODGES, BETTY Atlanta, Ga. HODGES, JACQUELINE A. . . . Losanville, Ga. HODGSON, ALLENE L Athens, Ga. HOLBROOK, CHARLIE E. . . . Clarfcsville, Ga. HOLDEN, JAMES M Burlingame, Calif. HOLDER, BARBARA McC. . . . Thomasville, Ga. HOOD, OLIVIA C Commerce, Ga. HOOKS, V. H., JR Lensy, Ga. HOPKINS, FRANCES C St. George, Ga. HOPKINS, WILLIAM E., JR. . . . Athens, Ga. HORTON, BETTY JANE .... Anderson, S. C. HOWARD, RAYDEEN R Canton, Ga. HOWARD, VIRGIL Jasper, Fla. HOWELL, BEN O ' NEAL . . . . Thompson, Ga. HOWELL, FRANCES R Athens, Ga. HUBBARD, PEARL FAY .... Glennville, Ga. HUBERT, JACK WILLIAM . . . Thomasville, Ga. HUDDLESTON, GRADY Senoia, Ga. HUDDLE5TON, ROBERT B Athens, Ga. HUDSON, EUGENE HILL .... Raleigh, Ga. HUDSON, WILLIAM RALPH . . . Atlanta, Ga. HUEY, GEORGE OWEN .... Homervllle, Ga. HUEY, MRS. DORIS M Homervllle, Ga. HUFF, AGNES INEZ Statham, Ga. HUFF, MARTHA E Winterville, Ga. HUFF, ROBERT WHEELER Rome, Ga. HUGHES, LEON Gainesville, Ga. HULME, GEORGE W Athens, Ga. HULSEY, ELSIE MAE Athens, Ga. HUL5EY, MARION M Atlanta, Ga. HUMPHREY, ALVA McC. . . . Waynesboro, Ga. HUNNICUTT, JNO. A Athens, Ga. HUTCHISON, MARY F Charlotte, N. C. HUTCHISON, SHIRLEY L Atlanta, Ga. HYMAN, BERNARD Bronx, N. Y. IRBY, MARY CHARLES Athens, Ga. IRWIN, JAMES C, JR Louisville, Ga. IRWIN, JIMMY ALLEN Rockmart, Ga. I5EMAN, HAROLD Sumter, S. C. ISENBERG, GERALDINE B Gordon, Ga. JACKSON, ROSE C Roswell, Ga. JENKINS, FRANK E., JR. . . . Apalachee, Ga. JENKINS, CHARLES H Columbus, Ga. JENKINS, EDNA M Macon, Ga. JOHNSON, BARBARA M Athens, Ga. JOHNSON, ELIZABETH JANE . . . Siloam, Ga. JOHNSON, REUBEN L., JR. . . . Falrburn, Ga. JOHNSON, RALPH B Valdosta, Ga. JONES, BETTY D Rome, Ga. JONES, BILLY K Millen,Ga. JONES, JOHN PAUL Matthews, Ga. JONES, KATHRYN G Thomaston, Ga. i a, ' r r " ( T ' ft e r c ) f!i a o. ' njr , o c " O f ImA ' " I - A - O t . f fx n. ,o !! f , o JONES, SHIRLEy B Athens Ga JONES, WILLIAM ALLEN O. . Cartersville ' Ga ' JONES, WM. BAILEy Middleton ' Ga ' JORDAN, BARBARA ELLEN . Lawrencevillc Ga KANE, FRANCIS P., JR Media, Perm KARP, FRANCES F Savannah Ga KELLY, RANDOLPH N Anderson, S. C KEMP, BILLV WHITE Martinez, Ga. KENNEY, LOIS JANELLE Athens, Ga, KESLER, JOHN LEE Colbert, Ga. KIEFFER, MAHLON J Savannah, Ga KILLIAN, WILLIAM R Brunswick Ga KIRBY, ALBERT J Rome, ' Ga. KIRSTEIN, HARVEY D Atlanta ' Ga. KITCHENS, MALCOLM C. . . . Byromvilie] Ga KLEINBERG, BARBARA P Savannah, Ga. KNUPP, MYRA LOUISE Atlanta, Ga. KOTTELMAN, HINDALYN .... Orlando, Fla. KRUGER, BUDDY LEWIS .... Fitzserald, Ga. LAMBETH, JOE EARL Maxeys, Ga. LANGDALE, BILL Valdosla, Ga. LANGFORD, JAMES B Calhoun, Ga. LASSITER, LUKE R Covington, Ga. LAW50N, CARL WILSON . . . Gainesville, Ga. LAYTON, CHARLES E., JR. . . . Waycross, Ga. LECKIE, ALBERT W Folkston, Ga. LEDBETTER, GRADY W Washinston, Ga. LEE, ELDRED BRINSON Nicholls, Ga. LEE, JOHN WOODARD . . . Hawkinsville, Ga. LEMOINE, RUTH ELSA . . . Washington, D. C. LENNARD, JESSE W Pelham, Ga. LERMAN, DAVID HARRIS . . New Haven, Conn. LEROY, GEORGE VINCENT . . New Haven, Conn. LEWIS, JACK HALL Forsyth, Ga. LEWIS, MILES W Greensboro, Ga. LICHTBLAU, GEORGE E. . . . New York, N. Y. LINK, DOROTHY MABEL Athens, Ga. LIPMAN, GRACE Atlanta, Ga. LIPSHUTZ, ROBERT J Atlanta, Ga. LOCKHART, ROBT. ROY Griffin, Ga. LOFLIN, ROBERT L Columbus, Ga. LOGAN, TORREY F Athens, Ga. LONG, EDWARD C, JR Athens, Ga. LONG, ROSE MARY Atlanta, Ga. LONGINO, IRA THOMAS . . College Park, Ga. LUKE, JOHN LEWIS Stathann, Ga. LUNDY, JAMES ELTON Albany, Ga. LYLE, HENRY R., JR Bogart, Ga. LYLE, HUGH H., JR Atlanta, Ga. LYNCH, ROWE FRANCIS .... Gadsden, Ala. LYNN, JESSIE EDITH Reidsville, Ga. MacGREGOR, JESSIE D Augusta, Ga. MacAULAY, DONALD J Jersey C(ty, Ga. MACEY, MORRIS W Camilla, Ga. MACK, FREDERICK N Fort Mill, S. C. MADDEN, CAROLYN F Concord, Ga. MAJORS, HUGHIE LEE Menio, Ga. MALONE, WM. T Atlanta, Ga. MARANZ, HERBERT J New York, N. Y. MARBUT, SARA LOUISE Athens, Ga. MARTIN, HOBAN C Hilton, Sa. MARTIN, JAMES RICHARD .... Barney, Ga. MARTIN, MURRAY NEAL .... Moultrie, Ga. MARTIN, WILLIAM E Millen, Ga. MARKELL, MANLEY L., JR. . . . Pulaski, Tenn. MARTIN, DORIS MARIE Barney, Ga. MASH6URN, FRANCES E Ashburn, Ga. MASSENGALE, JAMES W. . . . Greenville, Ga. MASSEY, JAMES H Athens, Ga. MATHEWS, ELIZABETH Carlton, Ga. MATHEWS, SARAH M Atlanta, Ga. MAXEY, JESSE E., JR Winder, Ga. McCLANAHAN, ELLENE P Atlanta, Ga. McCOLLUM, WILLIAM .... Thomasville, Ga. McCUEN, JANET ELIZABETH . . . Atlanta, Ga. McDonald, IMOGENE .... Covington, Ga. McDonald, MADA L Brunswick, Ga. McDOUGALD, MARTHA E. . . . Savannah, Ga. McELMURRAY, JOHN 5. . . . Hephzibah, Ga. McGARITY, MARCIA Dallas, Ga. McGILL, KATHLEEN Lincolnton, Ga. McGINNIS, D. G Gumming, Ga. MclNTOSH, JAMES F Savannah, Ga. McKINZEY, HOMER J Auburn, Ga. McMAHON, ROBERT L Athens, Ga. McMillan, T. J Athens, Ga. McNULTY, ROBERT H., JR. . . . Columbus, Ga. McRAE, JOS. MELVIN Athens, Ga. MELTON, OLIVER O.. JR Griffin, Ga. MELTZ, NETTYE CECILLE Atlanta, Ga. METZGER, GEORGE CARL .... Atlanta, Ga. MICHAEL, SIMON Athens, Ga. MIDDLEBROOKS, V. L Meansville, Go. MILLARD, OPAL ADELLE Athens, Ga. MILLER, JOHN B Macon, Ga. MILLER, WM. JOHN .... Baguomos, Cuba MILLS, LEWIS A., JR Savannah, Ga. MINCEMOYER, ELIZABETH V. . . Frantfod, Ind. MINYARD, JAMES T Brooks, Ga. MITCHELL, EMILY W Atlanta, Ga. MITCHELL, T. JOHN .... Greenwich, Conn. MIXON, ANNIE COLEEN Ocilla, Ga. MONTGOMERY, JAMES N Rome, Ga. MONTGOMERY, JULIAN M Rome, Ga. MOODY, CLARENCE G., JR. . . Woodvllle, Ga. MOORE, EMMA GRACE Atlanta, Ga. MOORE, WILLIAM H Statcsboro, Ga. MORRIS, JESSIE M Alpharctta, Ga. MORRIS, MARy ELISE Athens, Ga. MORTON, MALCOLM Gray, Ga. MORROW, PAUL EDWARD .... Athens, Ga. MOSELEY, CARRIE DENT . . . Huntsville, Ala. MOSLEy, JAMES R. . Pine Mountain Valley, Ga. MULLIGAN, JAMES R Baldwin, N.Y. MUNDY JOS. HOOD Athens, Ga. MURDOCH, OLGA Bclton, S. C. MURPHY, BEN WARWICK .... Sparta, Ga. MURRAY, C. C, JR Milan, Ga. MUSE, ANNIE LAURIE Atlanta, Ga. MYRICK, SHELBY, JR Savannah, Ga. NATHAN, ELAINE F Ocilla, Ga. NEAL, JOS. THOMAS Pineora, Ga. NEAR , JEAN LOUISE Waycross, Ga. NEEL, JOSEPH S Atlanta, Ga. NEUSTADT, ROBERT Norfolk, Va. NEWBERNE, JAMES W Adel, Ga. NEWBERRY, LOUIE R Bonaire, Ga. NICHOLSON, HOMER K., JR. . . . Athens, Ga. NISBET, TOM M Athens, Ga. NISBET, WINFIELD R., JR Athens, Ga. NIX, JAMES ELMER Leary, Ga. NIXON, EMILY F Rome, Ga. NOLTE, HELEN GRIFFIN . . . Jacksonville, Fla. NORRIS, FRANK W Atlanta, Ga. NORRIS, COLEMAN Bogart, Ga. NORVELL, WILLIE PAUL .... Augusta, Ga. NUNNALLY, MAVIS A Bogart, Ga. NUTT, JAMES H., JR Luella, Ga. O ' BARR, GEORGE ROBERT .... Lavonia, Ga. O ' BARR, M. MAC Lavonia, Ga. ODOM, COLOUITT H Girard, Ga. OETTINGER, JANICE B Atlanta, Ga. O ' NEAL, MARY MOORE .... Blackshear, Ga. ORENSTEIN, MARVIN S Decatur, Ga. ORR, SHIRLEY NOLAN .... Athens, Ga. ORTELL, PATRICIA L Miami, Fla. OSBORN, SARA F Royston, Ga. OWEN, HARRIET JANNIE . . . Stockbridge, Ga. PADDOCK, LAURA R Athens, Ga. PALMER, ELMO V Sale City, Ga. PARKER50N, IRVIN J Augusta, Ga. PARADIE5, DAN MORTON .... Atlanta, Ga. PARADY, JAMES THOMAS . . . . Culhbert, Ga. PARKER, JACK SUMPTER .... Waycross, Ga. PARKS, KATHRVN ELIZABETH . Cartersville, Ga. PARKS, LUCY ELIZABETH . . . Gainesville, Ga. PARR, WADE, JR Athens, Ga. PARRISH, HARRY F., JR Augusta, Ga. PARROTT, JAMES W. . . Strawberry Plains, Tenn. PARSLEY, MARGUERITE K. . St. Petersburg, Fla. PARTEE, WOODIE A., JR Decatur, Ga. PAHERSON, ROBERT E Atlanta, Ga. PATTERSON, SARA M Atlanta, Ga. PAUL, LEE MINOR, JR Perry, Ga. FAULK, PATRICIA F Jacksonville, Fla. PAYNE, DAVID L Hartwell, Ga. PAYTON, JAMES E., JR Atlanta, Ga. PEARLMAN, BEATRICE Valdosta, Ga. PEAVY, JOHN5IE WHITE . . Milledgeville, Ga. PEELER, HUGH HIRAM Athens, Ga. PELLINGER, JAMES J Rahway, N. J. PENDERGRA5T, THOS. J Atlanta, Ga. PENLAND, THOMAS COKE . . . Blairsville, Ga. PENLEY, HARRY EDWARD .... Chipley, Ga. PERKINS, HARRELL M Toccoa, Ga. PETTY, EUGENE E Tifton, Ga. PHELPS, MORRIS Louisville, Ky. PHILLIPS, JOHN O., JR Cuthbert, Ga. PITTARD, ALAN Y Duluth, Ga. POLK, WILLIAM H Little Rock, Ark. POSTELL, MARTHA E Athens, Ga. POSTERO, LEONARD A Athens, Ga. PRINTUP, MOZELLE Darien, Ga. PRYOR, FRANK LENWOOD . . . Houston, Texas PRYOR, ROBT. SPENCER .... Desoto, Ga. PUCKETT, LAWRENNA M Jesup, Ga. PULLIAM, JAMES R Winterville, Ga. PURCELL, EDWIN GAY .... Chamblee, Ga. PURKS, VIRGINIA P Cedartown, Ga. PURSLEY, FRANK S Wellston, Ga. RADFORD, NELL ELIZABETH . . . Quitman, Ga. RALEY, MELVIN G Avera, Ga. a rs A ' f o n D f O C ft C v »vr i : . a, i n ■«! O f O ' ' .O . - ' - " CX v.,- 9| r RALSTON, LEAMON W., JR. . Lawrencevillc, Ga RAMSEY, JACK C Macon, Ga RAVENEL, FRANCES C Savannah, Ga. READE, WILLIAM W Athens] Ga. REAGAN, PHILIP L., JR. . . . Sunbright, Tenn. REDDING, CLYDE M. . . Daytona Beach, Fla. REDMAN, ORRIN A Chicago III REEVE, WILLIAM L Calhoun, Ga. RENFROE, CHARLES B Vienna, Ga. RHOADES, CHARLES B. ... Orlando, Fla RHODES, KATHRYNE E Augusta, Ga RHODES, ROBERT E Taylorsville, ' Ga. RHOADS, JOHN EDWARD . . . Toccoa, Ga RICCI, GUILLERMO Rio Piedvas, P. R RICE, EDWIN WAYNE .... Damelsville Ga RICE, ROBERT SCOTT Athens, ' Ga. RICHARDS, MARY JANE Athens, Ga. RICHARDS, ROY MARTIN .... Calhoun, ' Ga. RICHARDSON, JAMES P Hartwell, Ga RICHARDSON, JOHN W., JR. . . Lumpkin ' Ga RICHARDSON, SUSAN C Lumpkin ' , Ga. RICHARDSON, THOMAS N. . . . Warren, Ohio RICHTER, ROBERTA Cairo Ga RIKER, JACKSON ALLAN .... Millburn, ' n. J. RILEY, FRANK M Butler, Ga. RINEARSON, ABRAM V Athens ' Ga RISH, WALLACE R Rome, Ga! ROANE, MARY ALICE .... Atlanta, Ga. ROBERTS, WILLIE FRED .... Lake Park, Sa. ROBERTSON, ANNIE KATE .... Athens, Ga. ROBINSON, BERNICE Jesup, Ga. ROE, EDWIN Bowcrsville, Ga. ROGERS, HENRY L Ocilla, Ga. ROGERS, MARIAN S Atlanta, Ga. ROLAND, JACK ANDERSON . . . Cray ford, Ga. ROSE, DOROTHY M Decatur, Ga. ROSENBERG, LEMAN L Atlanta, Ga. ROSSBOTHAM, JOS. E. . . . Ocean Side, N. V. ROUSE, JAMES JOS Tifton, Ga. ROUTLEDGE, ELLEN F Rome, Ga. ROWLAND, ROBERT L Vidette, Ga. ROYALL, JOHN M Decatur, Ga. RUMSEY, CHARLES A Athens, Ga. RUSHING, JOHN Statesboro, Ga. RUTHERFORD, MARJORIE . . Clarks Summit, Pa. SACHS, HAROLD Paterson, N. J. SAFFOLO, EDNA H Columbus, Ga. SALTER, CORDELIA A Atlanta, Ga. SALT, ALBERT A New York, N. Y. 5AMM0NS, JOHN F Watkinsvllle, Ga. SANDERS, JAMES OSCAR . . . Columbus, Ga. SARCONE, LEO A Dcs Moines, Iowa SCHLAPFER THEODORE, Caldwell Township, N. Y, SCHWOB, EDWIN E Bellaire, Ohio SCOBEL, BRUCE H Mt. Vernon, N. Y. SCOGGINS, D. F., JR Thomasville, Ga. SCRUGGS, CARROLL P Hahiia, Ga. SEAGO, DOROTHY G Graccwood, Ga. SEAGRAVES, MILLARD F Hull, Ga. SEATON, GEORGE E Cohutta, Ga. SELLERS, B. H Ft. Gaines, Ga. SELLERS, MARGARET B Atlanta, Ga. SELLERS, REBA JO Atlanta, Ga. SEYMOUR, JONATHAN G Atlanta, Ga. SHADMAN, JAMES P St. Simons, Ga. SHERRILL, ALAN P Pensacola, Fla. SHEFFIELD, I. MARIE Atlanta, Ga. SHEIN, HARTLEY A. . . . New Brunswick, N. J. SHELNUTT, SUSAN ELIZABETH . . Athens, Ga. SHEPPARD, MAYME L Edison, Ga. SHINGLER, SIMON B Ashburn, Ga. SIMON, NELLE Brooklet, Ga. SIMS, COLQUITT, JR Commerce, Ga. SIMS, CLINTON D., JR Irwinton, Ga. SKINNER, ROBERT E Athens, Ga. SLANN, IRENE B Atlanta, Ga. SLAPPEY, BOSCOM D. . . . Andersonville, Ga. SLICKMAN, GEORGE C Rome, Ga. SLOAN, IDA D Atlanta, Ga. SMITH, MARTHA F Atlanta, Sa. SMOTHERMAN, FRED L., JR. . . LaGrange, Ga. SNEED, WILSON W Rome, Ga. SNYDER, HELEN A Dover, Ohio SOLOMON, IRMA M., Richmond Hill, L. I., N. Y. SPANGLER, MARGERY Griffin, Ga. SPEIGHT, CHARLES G Unadilia, Ga. SPIGENER, JOHN v., JR. . . . Allendale, S. C. SPRATLIN, WILLIAM R Hull, Ga. SPURLOCK, PETER A., JR Logan, W. Va. ST. JOHN, AUBREY Athens, Ga. STACK, WILLIAM F. . . Moncks Corner, S. C. STAMPS, HELEN LARUE . . . Manchester, Ga. STEEDMAN, MARTHA R Athens, Ga, STEELE, MARY J Decatur, Ga. STEIN, ROSALIE Cartersville, Ga. STEIN, SAMUEL Paterson, N. J. mm STEPHENSON, FRANK H. . . . Carrollton, Ga. STERRETT, EDWIN H., JR Athens, Ga. STENX ART, CHARLES D., JR. . . Ft. Screven, Ga. STEWART, CHARLES W Athens, Ga. STEWART, FRANCIS X Athens, Ga. STEYERMAN, LOUIS Thomasville, Ga. STINSON, BERNARD C. . . . Newport News, Va. 5TOCKDALE, ELEANOR L Decatur, Ga. STORE , EMMETT L Columbus, Ga. STOREV, i. HAROLD Armuch, Ga. STUDSTILL, STEVE M Eastnnan, Ga. STYLES, OSCAR R., JR Bowdon, Ga. SUDDERTH, MARY L Lcary, Ga. SUMERFORD, NANCY R Desoto, Ga. SUSSMAN, HARRIET R. . . Daytona Beach, Fla. SUTTON, JESSIE P Decatur, Ga. TENENBAUM, ANNETTE S Dalton, Ga. THIGPEN, SARAH W Moultrie, Ga. THOMAS, ELLEN J Columbus, Ga. THOMAS, JOHN J., JR Athens, Ga. THOMAS, WILLARD E LaFayettc, Ga. THOMPSON, LOUISE C. . . Washinston, D. C. THOMPSON, WILLIAM B. . . . Cedartown, Ga. THORNHILL, JOHN P Tifton, Ga. THORPE, MARTIN Aiken, S. C. THURMAN, DOROTHY R Midville, Ga. TORODE, JOHN ARTHUR .... Stark, Fla. TOWNSEND, A. MARIE Athens, Ga. TROWELL, L. A Oliver, Ga. TRUELOVE, DENVER V Lula, Ga. TUCK, CLIFFORD M Wmterville, Ga. TUCKER, LOUISE VIRGINIA .... Athens, Ga. TUGGLE, JASON A., JR Chamblee, Ga. TYLER, RAYMOND R Ocilla,Ga. VANCE, ELEANOR R Macon, Ga. VANCE, LUCY MARGARET . . . Fort Valley, Ga. VANN, THOMAS K Thomasville, Ga. VEATCH, CURRY L., JR Rome, Ga. VERNER, EDWIN LEE ... . Watkinsville, Ga. WADDELL, J. H Devercux, Ga. WADE, PRESTON ALLEN Atlanta, Ga. WALLACE, ANNA SUE Rutlcdse, Ga. WARD, ROY THURMAN . . . Watkinsville, Ga. WARE, JAMES ALMON . . Franklin Springs, Ga. WARNOCK, DEWin Tarrytown, Ga. WATKINS, DOROTHY P. . . . Ball Ground, Ga. WATSON, DOMA A Athens, Ga. WATSON, GRACE E Atlanta, Ga. WEATHERLY, MARY A Royston, Ga. WEAVER, MARY J Jacksonville, Fla. WEBB, RUFUS COHEN Moultrie, Ga. WEIR, HOWARD T Village Green, Pa. WELLS, EDWIN R Wildwood, Ga. WENDLINGER, MAUDE V Athens, Ga. WEST, CHERIE Thomson, Ga. WESTBERRY, JAMES L Waycross, Ga. WESTBROOK, FRANK P Commerce, Ga. WE5T8ROOK, WILLIE E. . . . Ringgold, Ga. WESTBROOK, ROBERT C lla,Ga. WHATLEY, NEWTON A Plainville, Ga. WHELCHEL, GUY O., JR Athens, Ga. WHITAKER, FRED S Jacksonville, Fla. WHITAKER, HENRI B Athens, Ga. WHITE, JAMES A Boston, Ga. WHITE, JAMES BRYAN, JR. , . Cartersville, Ga. WHITE, JOHN R Dillard, Ga. WHITEHEAD, HARRY L Athens, Ga. WHITEHEAD, J. DOLORES . . . . Athens, Ga. WHITNEY, KATHARINE M. . . . Atlanta, Ga. WIER, GEORGE D Athens, Ga. WIESELTHIER, M. LOUISE . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. WILKES, GENE FRANCES .... Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAMS, ALICE E Monroe, Ga. WILLIAMS, CAROL Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAMS, CHARLES L University, Ga. WILLIAMS, FRANCES E. . . . Bainbridge, Ga. WILLIAMS, MONTINE R Athens, Ga. WILLIAMS, OLEEN Birmingham, Ala. WILSON, JAMES E., JR Thomson, Ga. WINER, ELEANOR F Macon, Ga. WINGATE, WILLIAM Ocilla, Ga. WITHINGTON, R. R Savannah, Ga. WITT, THOMAS EATON .... Louisville, Ky. WOFFORD, WILLIAM E., JR. . . Cartersville, Ga. WOOD, CHARLES PRESTONO . Knoxville, Tenn. WOODS, VERNON GRAY Brooks, Ga. WOOTEN, WILLIS C, JR. . . . Homervillc, Ga. WORTMAN, F. JAMES Albany, Ga. WRIGHT, FRANCES E Lincolnton, Ga. WRIGHT, JEAN Suwanec, Ga. WRIGHT, LILLIAN F Athens, Ga. WYLIE, MARY KATHERINE . . Glen Ridge, N. J. WYNNE, JOHN T Sardis, Ga. YARBOROUGH, TEEN T Lakeland, Fla. YARBROUGH, ELLA G Atlanta, Ga. YARBOROUGH, IRMA J Lakeland, Fla. YATES, BETTY ANN Rome, Ga. YEARNS, JULIET W Louisville, Ga. YELTON, SAMUEL F Applins.Ga. YORK, GUS, JR Athens, Ga. YOUNG, KATHRYN C Atlanta, Ga. •i r f f . f MiiiKii n o Q yM ' ! lili liii ' k £ 1 1 ' " - ' — DUNN ADAMS LANG HEARD CROWE LANGDALE NEWSOM BRANCH KAPLAN DORSEY HARVARD ERWIN GLASGOW VANDIVER JONES EDWARDS ATKINSON HOLLIS J!cua Sokool OlUce THIRD YEAR CLASS JACK DUNN President RONALD ADAMS Vice-President MARy LANG Secretary ROBERT M. HEARD Treasurer Honor Council Representatives VICTOR CROWE JOHN LANGDALE Chief Justice of the Honor Council REED NEWSOM SECOND YEAR CLASS JAMES A. BRANCH, JR. ♦ President KUSIEL KAPLAN Vice-President CAM D, DORSEY, JR. Secretary WILLIAM V. HARVARD Treasurer Honor Council Representatives HOWELL ERWIN, JR. WARREN GLASGOW FIRST YEAR CLASS ERNEST VANDIVER, JR. President GORDON JONES Vice-President RUFE DORSEY EDWARDS Secretary and Treasurer Honor Council Representatives DAVID S. ATKINSON, JR. HOWELL HOLLIS L ' A 1 f f:. I a I . ,| 14 I Looking down on a lot of shysters i Baa ADAMS, RONALD FLETCHER Hortense, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE Associate Justice, Chief Justice of Judicial Council, Demosthcnian Literary Society; Presi- dent, Demosthenian Literary Society: Vice- President, Senior Law Class. BRADBURy, MALCOM JARRETT Bogart, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE DELTA TAU DELTA Student Editor, GEORGIA BAR JOURNAL ' 39- ' 40. CURTIS, JAMES WOODROW Toccoa, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE SIGMA NU President, Sigma Nu; President, Junior C Phi Delta Phi; Blue Key; Pericleans; i President, Pan-Hellenic Council; Vicc-Presl dent, y. M. C. A.; Scabbard and Blad Jockey Club; Senior RoumK a|e »Q£rti - thenian; Gridiron; FrfiSmaS ' SlTS rsity yjy Swimming; Vice-President, Freshman Law ' Class; Vice-Pres.4ent, Sophomore Class. ' ' BAKER, COMPTON OTIS Macon, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE President, Gridiron; Blue Key; Business Mar ager, RED AND BLACK; Demosthenian Ke Council; Aghon; Agricultural Club; Key Council; Founder, Agricultural Ec Club; Poultry Science Club; 4.H Club; Pro- moter of Old College Club V ' P ' o oter of Old College vs. Ca; l«,-HVI Annual Football JOHNSON, WILLIAM H., JR. Gainesville, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE KAPPA ALPHA Transfer, Emory University, ' 38. LANGDALE, JOHN WESLEY Valdosta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Transfer, U. S. Naval Academy; President, Secretary, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Vice-President, Junior Law Class; La» School Honor Council. LEWIS, MILES WALKER Greensboro, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE Secretary and Treasurer, Sigma Delta Kappa; osthenian Literary Society; Band, ■ 5- 8■. Un Club. I R CLASS 9 ' h Ji LUCAS, BENJAMIN DEAN, JR Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE Presl- Delta Delta Scab. Pan- MATHEWS, ByRON HENLEY, JR. Atlanta, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE PHI DELTA THETA 38- ' 39; VicE-Presidcnl, Glee Club, sident, Scabbard and Blade, ' a?- ' 38; Vice-President, Junior Cabinet, ■li- ' il; Treas- urer, Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 39 ' 40: Business Man- ager, Glee Club, •36- ' 37; Treasurer, Freshnnan Law Class, •37- ' 3e; Secretary-Treasurer, ' retary-Treasurer, Blue Key Council; Gridiron; " G " Club; Phi Oe;ta Phi; Honor Graduate, Cavalry, ;b Council; Championship Debate Team, ■37- ' 38; Uni- versity Theatre; Student Case-Note Editor, GEOR- GIA BAR JOURNAL; Captain, R. O. T, C, •37- ' 3a; Captain, Rifle Team, •37- ' 38; Football, ' 34; Track, ' 34. ' 38; Cross-Country Team, ' 35-38. NEWSOM, THOMAS REED Union Point, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE Sigma Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; tary. Junior Law Class, ' 38- ' 39; Chief Justice of the Honor Council, ' 39. ' 40; Cha Sigma Delta Kappa, ' 39- ' 40; Board of Editors, GEORGIA BAR JOURNAL, ■38- ' 40; Editor- n-Chief, GEORGIA BAR JOURNAL, ■39- ' 40. " yMfj. ISMA LEE, JR. Swainsboro, Georgia ANDIDATE FOR LLB. DEGREE DELTA TAU DELTA President, Pan-Hellenic Council; Sphinx; dent. Gridiron; Vice-Prcsrdeatj Omicron Kappd; President, Phi Kappa ; re4ident, Tau Delta, ' 36- ' 38; Blue Key; " G " Ottb; bard and Blade; Captain, R. O. T. G Hellenic Representative, ■37- ' 40; Ma Boxing Team, ' 36; Debate Council; Phi Phi; Per cleans; Vice-President, Freshma ' Class, ' 38. Bet School Hon GEORGIA BAR JOURNAL ant Instructor in Economic urer, Sigma Alpha Epsilo SOUTHERLAND, EDWIN W. Athens, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON mber, Georgia Bar; Phi Delta Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Circulation Manager, RED AND BLACK; Basketball Squad; Tennis Team; Phi Kappa; Second Lieutenant, Cavalry, R. O. T. C. SWEAT, FORREST W. Blackshear, Georgia CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE SENIOR C LR S S F I 9 " h ■■fib nun [n m 7 First row, left to right: Adams, Barnes, Branch, Brown, Carmichael, Cleveland. Second row: Craig, Crenshaw, Cumming, Davison, Dorsey, Erwin. Third row: Glasgow, Grace, Hardin, Harvard, Johnston, Jordan. Fourth row: Kaplan, King, Knight, Lott, Mann, Popper. Fifth row: Poppkc, Strode, Wilson, Wright. O O. e Q ft Th O r (T ADAMS, THOMAS H. Savannah, Georgia BARNES, MARSHALL IRELAND Bardstown, Kentucky BRANCH, JAMES A., JR. Atlanta, Geoi BROWN, MILTON, JR. Thompson, Geo. CARMICHAEL, JAMES L. Swainsboro, Georgia CLEVELAND, GUS, JR. Valdosta, Georgia CRAIG, NEWTON Atlanta, Georgia CRENSHAW, WILLIAM PERCY Atlanta, Geo CUMMING, J. LOWELL Cordele, Geoi DAVISON, ROBERT McW. Woodville, Geo DORSEY, CAM D., JR. Atlanta, Geoi ERWIN, HOWELL C, JR. Athens, Geo GLASGOW, WARREN W. Atlanta, Geoi GRACE, MARK Lyons, Geo HARDIN, ELGIN Dalton, Georgia HARVARD, WILLIAM VIRGIL Vienna, Georgia JOHNSTON, DEERING Valdosta, Georgia JORDAN, ROBERT H. Talbotton, Georgia KAPLAN, KUSIEL Uvalda, Georgia KING, MITCHELL C, JR. Atlanta, Georgia KNIGHT, JACK Nashville, Georgia LOTT, ARTHUR BERNARD Waycross, Georgia MANN, MARY DOBY McRac, Georgia POPPER, HARRY, JR Macon, Georgia POPPKE, WILLIAM RANDOLPH Maplewood, New Jersey STRODE, FRANK A. Nev - York, Nev York WILSON, SARA C. Waycross, Georgia WRIGHT, AIKEN Rome, Georgia fini ![ii IB First row, left to right: Atkinson, Boll ing, Campbell, Carnevali, Chaffin Dumestce. Second row: Durden, Ed wards, Gracey, Gunter, Greene, Ham mack. Third row: Haskins, Heriberg, Holhs, Hudging, Jones, B.; Jones, G Fourth row: Lee, Mangleburg, Masscy, Mozlcy, McDonald, Norman. Fifth row Paschal, Smith, Solomon, Spalding, Vandiver, Williams, Zeigler. t3 n O TT " n3| f f f . ( S ,- % ( ,. D ATKINSON, DAVID S., JR. Savannah, Georsia BOILING, WALTER H. Athens, Georgia CAMPBELL, DOUGLAS M. Washington, D. C. CARNEVALI, SANTI White Plains, New York CHAFFIN, VERNER F. Toccoa, Georg DUMESTRE, JOHN 8. Avondale Estates, Georg DURDEN, HOMER SYLVESTER, JR Swamsboro, Georg EDWARDS, RUFE DORSEY Jacksonville, Flonc GRACEY, ROBERT BRIGHT Augusta, Georg GUNTER, WILLIAM B. Commerce, Georg GREENE, MORTON J. Calhoun, Georg HAMMACK, WILLIAM DAVIS, JR. Cuthbert, Georg HASKINS, SIDNEY Macon, Georg HERZBERG, MORRIS MONROE Atlanta, Georg HOLLIS, HOWELL Columbus, Georg HUDGING, JULIAN B. Flowery Branch, Georg JONES, BENSON MONROE Dallas, Geo JONES, GORDON Atlanta, Geo LEE, LANSING B., JR. Augusta, Geo MANGLEBURG, LACY FLEMING Athens, Geo MASSEY, JOHN Athens, Geo MOZLEY, HI, JR. Marietta, Geoi McDonald, EDWIN DAVID Fitzgerald, Geoi NORMAN, ROBERT C. Washington, Geo PASCHAL, CHARLES M. Atlanta, Geoi SMITH, HOKE Atlanta, Geo SOLOMON, FRANK E. Miami, Flo SPALDING, HUGHES, JR. Atlanta, Geoi VANDIVER, SAMUEL ERNEST Lavoma, Geo WILLIAMS, WALTER WAYNE Carrollton, Geo ZEIGLER, ROBERT F., JR. Macon, Geoi i ft o D ( r o t3 i ( ,r?5 ' r .C.I. H. I kl First row, left to right: Adams, Branch, Carmichael, Brown, Chatfin. . . . Second row: Campbell, Cleveland, Craig, Curtis, Cumming. . . . Third Row: Erwin, Hollis, King, Langdale, Mathews. . . . Fourth row: Norris, Price, Shaw, Southerland, Spalding. . . . Fifth row: Stebbins, Sweat, Vandiver, Wallace, Wright. pii i[in n Phi Delta Phi, international legal fraternity, was founded on Decennber 13, 1869, at the University of Michigan, the first professional fraternity in the United States. Its purpose is to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in the law schools and in the profession at large. The chapters, of which there are sixty-two active, are called inns. Wilson Inn was established at the University of Georgia in 1922. There is a membership of thirty thousand. Among the distin- guished members are Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Charles Evans hlughes, and William Howard Taft. OFFICERS TOM ADAMS Magister GEORGE SHAW Exchequer JOHN LANGDALE Clerk NEWTON CRAIG Historian ROLL TOM ADAMS JAMES BRANCH JAMES CARMICHAEL MILTON BROWN VERNER CHAFFIN DOUGLAS CAMPBELL A. G. CLEVELAND NEWTON CRAIG JAMES CURTIS LOWELL CUMMING HOWELL ERWIN HOWELL HOLLIS MITCHELL KING JOHN LANGDALE BYRON MATHEWS BILL NORRIS LEE PRICE GEORGE SHAW EDWIN SOUTHERLAND HUGHES SPALDING CHARLES STEBBINS ROBERT STEPHENS FRED SWEAT ERNEST VANDIVER BILLY WALLACE AIKEN WRIGHT FACTS Sisma Delta Kappa, honorary mtercollesiate law fraternity, was founded at the University of Michisan, at Ann Arbor, in the year 1914. Xi Chapter was founded at the University of Georgia in 1922. The object of the fraternity ,s to bnng together congenial members of the legal profession and those fitting them- selves to become such for mutual association m a business and social way; to enable students of recog- nized law schools to meet and associate with other students of character and ability from their own schools and other institutions teaching law; to perpetuate the friendships formed at college, and to aid and assist each other throughout life in every possible way, both social and professional. GUI B[[n yppi OFFICERS REED NEWSOM Chancellor PHILLIP SHEFFIELD Vice-Chancc llo, MILES WALKER LEWIS Secretary-Treasurer ROLL VICTOR S. CROWE ROBERT DAVISON JACK MILLARD DUNN WARREN W. GLASGOW MILES WALKER LEWIS EDWIN DAVID McDonald THOMAS REED NEWSOM FRANCIS P. SHEFFIELD FRANK A. STRODE Frrst row, left to right: Crowe Odvi son. . . . Second row: Dunn, Glasgow . . . Third row: Lewis, McDonald. . . Fourth row: Newsom, Strode . ft: 1 yf (?!» . CI iO ffiKi ww«tM« iiH 1l n 4t ii[ic[n it iinuniii COLONEL KERR T. RIGGS Cavalry, P. M. S. T. LIEUTENANT COLONEL RICHARD B. TRIMBLE Cavalry LIEUTENANT COLONEL ALBERT H. PEYTON . Infantry MAJOR BERTRAND MORROW _ . Cavalry MAJOR JAMES V. V. SHUFELT Cavalry MAJOR ARTHUR G. HUTCHINSON Infantry MAJOR HENRY R. ANDERSON Infantry Ion, Mdjoi Hutch. nion, MdjOi And ?. 0. 7. e. ir Left to right: MOLLIS, KILLIAN, HAVES, GILLON COLONEL HONX ELL MOLLIS . . . Commanding R. O. T. C. Corps MISS DONNA LYNN Sponsor LIEUTENANT COLONEL L. M. KILLIAN Executive CAPTAIN H. C. HAYES Adjutant MASTER SERGEANT GEORGE GILLON Sergeant Major CuhA 7 4e Bofid First Sergeant FRESHMEN J. p. BLISS F. E, JENKINS H. L. ROGERS F. CLARK R. B. JOHNSON G. G. STICHMAN L. G. DELMAR G. V. LEROy W. W. SNEED J. D. EDWARDS W. McCOLLUM B. SCOGGINS H. M. FEW T. MITCHELL P. P. SPERLOCK E. C. GIBSON J. M. McRAE F. K. WANN H. L. HERSTEIN J. L WESTBURY 6 I ■ SOPHOMORES . fl W. B. BATES H. HICKS R. D. MOORE m L. S. BECKMAN J. HALLA M. ROGERS m L. E. BRANNEN E. C. JENKINS W. L. REENE m ' " " B J. R. CARDEN A. J. KAHN W. J. TAYLOR k jN k W. W. CHILDS W. E. LEE R. L. WYATT ( S. P. FEW F. H. WALKER JUNIORS AND SENIORS P R. T. POTTERY H. McGARITV F. POPE ■ I H I R. F. KEELING C. MOSELY W. B. SCOTT 1 k H C. MEADOWS BAND AND MILITARY R. L. TAYLOR ■ H C. H, COLLIER C. D. GIBSON C. NIBLETT MISS COX L. H. FARMER R. HOWARD a. A. RUSSELL jtL THRASHER MISS 8URSON COLONEL W. A. THRASHER Commanding MISS CAROLINE BURSON Sponsor LIEUTENANT COLONEL J. H. MOBLEY Executive CAPTAIN J, H. JONES S-l and S-2 CAPTAIN L. S. SOHN S-3 and S-4 MASTER SERGEANT STANFORD SMITH Sergeant Ma|or I ...... .. „ - - .Q _ MISS FOSTER MORAN FORBS FIRST BITTUION MAJOR E. E. MORAN Commanding FIRST LIEUTENANT W. B. FORBS Adjutant MISS VIVIAN FOSTER Sponsor STAFF SERGEANT P. L. GLEASON . . . Sergeant Major THE COLORS STAFF SERGEANT W. O. WHITE • - • - Color Sergeant STAFF SERGEANT JAMES SKIPWORTH . ■ Color Sergeant SECOND BnULION MAJOR C. R. KELLY Commanding FIRST LIEUTENANT W. H. COX Adjutan t MISS DORIS EBERHART Sponsor STAFF SERGEANT A. O. B. SPARKS • • . Sergeant Major ™„..J_____i— aBB cox EBERHART I p I n 7 MISS THOMAS A. H. MOSS E. P. JONES S. G. WILKINS Captain, Commanding MISS DORIS THOMAS Sponsor G. L QUALLS F ' ' st Sergeant FIRST PLATOON T. C. ALEXANDER Fi ' st L.eutenant W. J. CAMPBELL Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS C B ESTES E. L. BRINSON R.L.JACKSON G. O.PRICKETT FIRST SQUAD E PETTY J. B. ADAMS J. L. NEEL R. H.McNULTV E. W. WOODRUM S.MICHAEL SECOND SQUAD J G ERASER E.M. FLOYD M.J.KEIFFER W R KILLIAN W. MASSENGALE P. 5HADMAN H, A. BLACK THIRD SQUAD C P SCRUGGS E. ELLENSON J.AVRITT W C HARDEN H.MORAN E. RVDER ' ■ B.CHRISTIAN FOURTH SQUAD C.WILLIAMS M.HALE W. R.HARGIS E. H.STARRETT R. F. LYNCH C. B. RHOADS A W. LUCKIE G.C.GOULD B. H.SCOBEL SECOND PLATOON First Lieutenant SERGEANTS y - jfRT " HARDEN W.C.BENNETT FIRST SQUAD ■ ' ' ' ' - J.H.MUNDY S-5l?, o ' ' " ° J.SANDERS B.KEMP M. MACEY SECOND SQUAD I.H.STORY C.G.SPEIGHT W. R. NISBET C. W. EBERHART THIRD SQUAD J.B.FERGUSON F.B.ELLIOTT N.A. WHATLEY J.W.HUBERT R. C. WESTBROOK FOURTH SQUAD W. E. WESTBROOK R.A. HECHT M. THORP E. F.WAPLES wii kin.; J. L. HEAD WILKINS L u Buuiuij ujaysi: Bs: A. T. STEWART C.ptain, Commanding MISS JEAN STEWART :.... Sponsor G- B. GRACE p,,t se ' geant FIRST PLATOON J- D. BAILEV F„3t Lieutenant W. M. CRENSHAW Second Lieutenant L- E. MORRIS Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS B. R. BLOODWORTH W. R.FLOURNOV J.J.CARSWELL J H KENT FIRST SQUAD W.STRICKLAND A.L.DAVIS C. GRATE AYLANKFORn O- HAWKES 5. ROGGV W.MOORE W. P. DURDEN SECOND SQUAD H.F. PARRISH W.H.BURT F. T. RIOSKI GWPOSCHNER ■H- HUDSON F.M. RILEY H.B.PIERCE LH PEARSON ' ■ ' • ' " THIRD SQUAD T.R.CARVETTE R. M.GOSS J. ROSSBOTHAM A. C. DUDISH HMPASSMORE J.SCHAFFER C.J.ALLEN T.J. MURPHY G.TEPO FOURTH SQUAD ' ' ' " ' ETT E. C. HORNE J.H.BENTLEV L. G. DOOLEY WRSPRATIIN W. H.POLKE H.K.NICHOLSON L.J.LUKE R. W.WALT MISS STEWART W. C. WHEELER J. P. HARDIN . C. D. CLARK B. R. HUDDLESTON B. BLUM J. P. MILLER A. C. BRUCE E.J. HALE T. DAVID D. V. TRUELOVE J. W. RICHARDSON D SECOND PLATOON SERGEANTS R.H.HARRISON G.F.DANIELS FIRST SQUAD C.L. VEATCH J.T. MINYARD J.O. ERWIN J.H.ANDERSON SECOND SQUAD L. E. BOWDEN W H LEVIE J.E. PAYTON B. HEVMAN THIRD SQUAD J.R.SMITH E. A. SCHW06 G. L. HUDDLESTON J. H. FRAMBROUGH FOURTH SQUAD F. L. SMOTHERMAN C.A. RUMSEy C. M. REDDING J T NEAL J.A.ROLAND L.ROSS i! 3 ■ First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant S. SHINGLER D. V. SMITH J. DARDIN H. B. EDWARDS O. D. HARRISON M. O. PHELPS y p n e MISS KALMON J. F. TAYLOR .... W. T. CUNNINGHAM H. E. RUARK J. W. CALHOUN R. L. ROWLAND N. EVENS W.WINGAT K. KUNIANSKY H. F. STEPHENSON R. L. ROTHBERG Captam, Commandms MISS JULIA KALMON Sponsor R. L. CHATHAM First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON K. H. BROWN First Lieutenant M. J. TANKERSLEY Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS W. M. FORTSON H.F. CLARY FIRST SQUAD C.P.WOOD P. D. BOYL I.E. MILES F.B.BAKER H.H.COBB J. E. CHAMPION R.M. BRIDGES R.C.BRYAN SECOND SQUAD W. MAUPIN V.B.DAVIS W.L.HITCHCOCK C. A. BAGGETT R.T.WARD R.I.CLIFTON C. T. BAUSCH THIRD SQUAD W. CROSSIN J.DUNCAN J.LAMBERT A. PITTARD E. VERNER J. BROCK J. B. RUARK R.O.HARRISON FOURTH SQUAD J. D. ADERHOLT L. HUGHE W. RUARK M. PHELPS W. ROBBINS JIM LEE PURCELL MM— 8,. _. SECOND PLATOON ™ " W First Lieutenant J B Second Lieutenant ' _ W_ SERGEANTS " 7 T J.H.HOLLIDAY G.L.LEWIS R. H.STIN50N FIRST SQUAD H. DAWKINS E. PENLEY T. G.PENLAND L.CRAWFORD E.LEE W.A.BENNETT - k SECOND SQUAD J tKK- . W.E.THOMAS J.KESLER S.B.STRAUSS oK Bn A HHhF ' R.CARTER B.D.SLAPPEY R. COLLAT Wmmsl l i : « MRJ!Ki»wi THIRD SQUAD S. BENTON F, HARRIS T. BAKER A. CARLAN J.THORNHILL M.L. COX FOURTH SQUAD J. T. PITTARD E.W.COSTA T. G. RICCI E.W.RICE L. BRYANT J.D. NUNNALLY P. J. BRYANT ROTHBERG I R. P. HATCHER Captain, Commanding MISS MARTHA DUNLOO Sponsor VR J. B. MATHEWS First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON I 1 J. W. CAVENDER Fust Lieutenant A « f C. H. STRICKLAND Second Lieutenant ' SERGEANTS ' H.M.JARRETT J. T. SKIPWORTH L.B.HOPKINS P.DAVIS A FIRST SQUAD ■ , ' k M.P.MARTIN O.W. yOUNG S. ENGLEHAROT U.G.WOODS H k y S.W.THURMAN J.H.FISHER R.N.RICHARDS ' SECOND SQUAD R. G. BURSON R.T.ALLEN J. HUNTER J.A. WOOTEN B.WALL R. MONK G, H.MAGRUDER A. P BROCK W. F. HOLLAND THIRD SQUAD J.C.CALHOUN C.SMITH W.S.BURT T.C.CALLOWAY P.E.MATHEWS J. L. BANN ISTER W. B. SUDDETH M.A. BAYNHAM C. M. BOYD HATCHER K — SECOND PLATOON W. SMITH F„st Lieutenant A. L, DcCHARLEROY Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS W. R. WERDEN W.C.GR EER J.B.GREEN J.B.WIMBISH FIRST SQUAD G.T.EDWARDS I.BLUMENTHAL T. H BROWN O PRISANT R. L. PERRY G.C.DAVIS L.G.PARKER C.A.CHAMBERS C. C. KIMSEY P. D. BRAY SECOND SQUAD E.L.MENDEL P. P. KLUK R.W. GARRON J. M. ROAN T.L. MANNING E.K.BROWN B.A.ELDER J.F. EPPS THIRD SQUAD E. V. HAYNES J. M. FOWLER J.F.TAYLOR C. L.GINN H. 8. DARSEY R. E. LESSER L.ANDERSON J.B.PRESTON L. COFFIN C.M.BOND e p n N 42 J. J. IRBY Captain, Commanding MISS JANE PATTERSON Sponsor BOB ZEIGLER First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON W. S. ROGERS First Lieutenant W. ASKEW Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS R. F. ISENBERG F. S. GUNN C. H. CORRy FIRST SQUAD E roCKE J. L. LEACH J.A.JOHNSON W.C.COOPER A.BIRENBAUM M.L.STEVENS W.S.HALE S. SULE J. L. BRIDGES D. L. MASHBURN SECOND SQUAD J. C. MEADOWS L.W. RALSTON A. FOWLER A. HARDEN S.G.HUGHES B. MOSS E.H.WILSON A.WALKER E. L. SIBILSKY THIRD SQUAD E. M WILKES L.H.AKIN A.P.WOODRUFF W. T. MALONE D. B. MATHIS L.W.LEE J.W. PURCELL J.B.LEWIS F. P. HATCHER J.K.DAVIS MISS PATTERSON SECOND PLATOON . . . First Lieutenant SERGEANTS L. T. NEWTON B.JONES T R. FLUKER RG. JOLLY FIRST SQUAD W. B. BRADLEY J.T.TUMLIN J. W. HINSON J. A. GREENBERG E J K.LUMPKIN R.R. TYLER L. BRAWNER R.B.MILLER SECOND SQUAD W. L. BURCH V. F. WEBB W. A. YESUKIEWICZ F, A. HALE C.W.WELCH T. E W.SIMMONS H.MICHNER O. WEBB T A. COCKREN THIRD SQUAD T. E. GREEN W. F. DANIEL N. S. SPEARMAN G.G. FELTON A. FISHER L H WOODRUFF E.F.FERGUSON .E.EDWARDS W. R. HORNBUCKLE J. V. SPIGNER B.T. DODD J. STRICKLAND i R. F. GARNER Captain, Commanding MISS AGNES SILVA Sponsor M. C. PITTMAN First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON J. E. PINCKNEY Rrst Lieutenant W. G. WALTERS Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS P. A. WILHEIT T. F. BALK R.D.CUNNINGHAM FIRST SQUAD C.CHRISTIAN N.C.WILLIAMS J.G.HUTCHINSON CE GRIFFITH G. KELTNER H. ISEMAN J, E.WILLIAMS T M BLANCHARD S. E. FULLILOVE T.S.GREEN SECOND SQUAD J.A.BRYANT V. 5.GUNN J T. BRADBUR J BGAODESS J.L.TAYLOR E. R. McLaughlin w.m.snelling j h ' davis J.S.PERRY THIRD SQUAD C.F.BROWN L.J. FARMER W.D.HOLLAND TE CARTER J. H. POWERS R.W. HUFF H.T.JOHNSON JHTATE B.B.ADAMS G.H.HERBERT SECOND PLATOON J. G. MARTIN C. W. IVIE . . I. F. RHODES . • First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant ■ Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS R.H.HALL W.W. FULMER FIRST SQUAD H.C.BARNES R. S. TUGGLE C.F.SMITH I. A. FEIGENBAUM W. O.WHITE P. D. HOLLIDAY D. H. ASKEy J. L. PEARCE H.J. BARNES H. G. CALLAHAN O. W.GINN SECOND SQUAD E.M.HARRINGTON B. E.C.KEMP R. BORNSTEIN T. J. HERRINGTON THIRD SQUAD C. B. SECKINGER L. HUFF A. H.ST. JOHN E. A. MEEKS H. F. CLARK J. L. TYE E. E. GRIFFIN OWEN MISS BECK COLONEL J. C. OWEN Commandins MISS EMILY BECK Sponsor LIEUTENANT COLONEL T. L. WOOD Executive CAPTAIN GOODLOE ERWIN Adjutant CAPTAIN C. F. IRWIN S-2 and S-3 MASTER SERGEANT SIDNEY HASKINS Sergeant Major I I II Finn SQUADRON MAJOR TOM STEWART Commandms FIRST LIEUTENANT C. A. BOWEN Adjutant MISS HELEN BOARDMAN Sponsor STAFF SERGEANT E. DOTTERY Sergeant Major COLORS STAFF SERGEANT JAMES HUDSON . . . Color Sergeant STAFF SERGEANT JOE WOODRUFF • ■ . Color Sergeant HGDND MUADnN MAJOR W. H. PARADY Commanding MISS LAURA DENSON Sponsor FIRST LIEUTENANT W. B. GUNTER Adjutant STAFF SERGEANT JOSEPH JACOBUS • • Sergeant Major MISS DENSON P J iHHilillii iiumiiiiUM, viuJkm M,4 ' s wmi R. B. GRACEV Captain, Commanding MISS CAROLYN DRAKE Sponsor J. R. HAVERTY First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON F. S. GINN Captain SERGEANTS D.E.HAMILTON L. D. LcROV W. H.MATHIS FIRST SQUAD M.G.RALEY R.W. MOBLEY L.R.DAVENPORT J.W.COLLIER J.G.SEYMOUR J.A.TUGGLE J. H. MASSEY SECOND SQUAD P. W. GROOM J.T.CANNON B. GOLDENBERG W.E.MARTIN H. DARDEN J. Y. COFFEE E.ANDERSON THIRD SQUAD R.HOWARD B.W. MURPHY R. S. PRVOR L. HUCKA6EE W.C.WATSON H.A. SHERRILL H. W. H. THOMPSON SECOND PLATOON R. THORNTON First Lieutenant W. y VAN HOOK Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS J.G. PLOWDEN W. 5. BREWTON H. B. MATHIS B. C. BLANTON H. R. LYLE G. C. PRESNELL F. S. TEASLEV . FIRST SQUAD R.C.WEBB A. V. RIENARSON M.A.MARCUS P. C. CARY SECOND SQUAD W.P.CAIN E. E. DREWERY W. F. ROBERTS R. D. DIXON THIRD SQUAD R. H.CATLEH L.A.MILLS W. PARR J. A. GARDNER THIRD PLATOON F. B. SINKWICH First Lieutenant First Lieutenant SERGEANTS W.T.JONES W. C. KIRBY FIRST SQUAD C.D.SIMS J.W.DAVIS L. R. LASSITER J. R. MARTIN SECOND SQUAD C. H.ODOM H.J.JACKSON W. E. CADLE L. C. NORRIS THIRD SQUAD M.O.MARTIN J.E.NIX R.L.JOHNSON M.ARDEN G. E. LICKTBLAU J.C. DOVER MISS DRAKE i-r» I D. S. ATKINSON C.ptaln, Commanding M, « M T MISS NANNELL BAGWELL Sponsor - ■ X I LeHOCKY F„,t Sergeanl . irffilK. I I FIRST PLATOON " ' D. S. HAMMOCK Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS B. R. STOGSDILL R.L.HOWELL FIRST SQUAD R.T.PATTERSON D.A.WATSON J. F. COGGINS J. S. McELMURRV R.C.COOPER F.L.FLEMING SECOND SQUAD G.WHELCHEL J.W. PARROTT CM. TUCK KCMARCK R.J.FAUST O. MELTON J. T. PARADY THIRD SQUAD J. M. FUDGE N.H. HOOKS N.J.BOND RF SULLIVAN - " ' » R. SKINNER F, DRIFTMIRE G. YORK J h ' McKISSACK 1 _i G.GIVELIA H. WHITEHEAD T. H. FREDRICK50N I. - " M SECOND PLATOON ■ M D. C. COMBS F„st Lieutenant B ' ■ SERGEANTS .H C.L.COPLAND T. N.CRABB G.H.BOYD ' MISS BAGWELL r r, ,..K,n F ' KST SQUAD F. P KANE D. O. CHESNUT B B BATTLE V W RFAnF - G.E.BRYANT C.H.JENKINS M.D.GEORGE SM fifcK . BH , „ „..,,„ SECOND SQUAD r Mk ewme ' - ifMA ' nv T.F.LOGAN C.S.DENNEY W k J.B.WHhL B. F. HARDV S. M. DARB W m , c uAvcv THIRD SQUAD I 1 O l rcMTPY M.C.WRIGHT W. F. BENTLEY F. P. WESTBROOK ■ m u. L. tatNIKT W. E. PARTEE glsaik ,«K " P-. THIRD PLATOON K } G. O. ROTHWELL -. , • ,„„, . J V a W HARnPN Lieutenant •»,- - - HARDEN S j Lieutenant SERGEANTS W-B. STIFF F.L.CANNON ' " . W L. H. MASSEy R.L.BENNETT S N ALLEN I A WHITF [ J.DREWERV D.L. PRIOR J, ' J PELLINGER J- A. WHITE , r,, ,., SECOND SQUAD MO rTp ' r ' r !? H. FOREMAN T.J.McMILLAN M O BAR J.C.BAILEY G.BRAUNGART , „r.r,r THIRD SQUAD J A MOM I- f ' Jol r D. FRANKLAND E. D. ELROD j ' J COHEN E. L. PRVOR H.J. HAIR C.H.HALL P B I -4 e K. D. MARSHALL Captain, Commandins MISS SARA BROWN Sponsor D. M. CAMPBELL Captain, Second in Command B. B. CHANDLER First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON W. SPENCE First Lieutenant SERGEANTS L. L. HALL M. H. CARLTON -Tl « FIRST SQUAD T ' 8 B O. HOWELL D. J.MACULAY E.D.COLEMAN E.L.STORY H. H. LYLE C.C.ANDERSON R.J.LIPSHUTZ E.F.GIBSON SECOND SQUAD J A RIKER M. L. MACKELL H.GUREWITZ H.M.BROWN J.A.TORDORE J.R. MULKIGAN J.B.LANGFORD THIRD SQUAD W R RISH C. W. LAWSON R.S.RICE W.R.HUDSON W. E. BLACKWELL W. C. WOOTEN M.M.HULSEY R. M.BRAY SECOND PLATOON H. E. CROW Second Lieutenant J. P. SOUTHER Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS .,,„ .,, H.L. BOLAND W. H.VERDERV M AKbn ALL FIRST SQUAD S.J. STEIN R. L. McMAHAN S. J . PARKER50N J. M. MONTGOMERy R.GIE5SLER J.T.WyNN H. SACKS G. R.O ' BAR SECOND SQUAD H. R. BEST L. E. HACKETT F.M.MACK J.A.IRWIN W. E. WOFFARD S.M.GORDON M.ACKERMAN F. S.WHITAKER THIRD SQUAD H. M.APPLER D. GROOVER J.HABERMAN H.A.SHEIN O.T. FELKER L. N. GINN O. b. FICKLEN THIRD PLATOON C. E. MIZE First Lieutenant , SERGEANTS H F O.O.WOODS R.J.MAXWELL W. C. TEASLEV ' FIRST SQUAD F.F.CLARK F. W. NORRIS J.F. MclNTOSH J.F. COPLIN J.S.PARKER G. R. FLOWERS G.MOODY S.O.OWEN SECOND SQUAD R.E.RHODES P. E. MORROS A. A. SALT L. A. POSTERO D. WARNOCK L. HIRSCHBERGER THIRD SQUAD J.L. HARRELL C.SIMS R.J.ARNSON A.V.HUTCHINSON H.W. HULMES C.H.FITZGERALD R. E. KICKLIGHTER F.LOPEZ MISS BROWN F. A. NORMAN Captain, Commanding MISS ETHEL ERWIN Sponsor F. G. WILLIS Captain, Second in Command R. E. SMITH First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON G. DRESSER First Lieutenant SERGEANTS W. H. STIMPSON B. DAVIS FIRST SQUAD S.D.SMITH E. F. GRIFFETH W, M.DUGGER L.M.PAUL C. W. SLAUGHTER B. B. EARL J. G. BLAKE Q. KICKLIGHTER SECOND SQUAD W.F.HAMILTON D. MAGILL C.M.SANDERS F.T. CLARY THIRD SQUAD H. J. BAKER M. F. CARTER R. L. CARITHERS Q.S.LEE W. L. EUBANKS H. H. McCURLEV .r II i I 1 SECOND PLATOON S. CARNEVALLI First Lieutenant SERGEANTS T. CAUTHORN G.W.DANIEL J. E. RHODES N. LANGSTON W. H.CLARK J. R. HOWARD R. E. MUNN W. H.JENNINGS FIRST SQUAD J. E. McMULLEN E. R. KENNE M.C.BROWN L. A. GOLDEN SECOND SQUAD W. D. KENNEY H.T.CLEMENTS H.L. BANKES J. A. SELLERS THIRD SQOAD J. D. MADDOX R. W. VAN ZANT W.A.STRAUSS A.SCARBOROUGH J. A. WATSON MISS ERWIN ? 4? ■?J ' ,- ' M D. F. PADDOCK H. B. WALL . . V. C. WILLIAMS Captain, Commandins MISS EVELYN CHRISTIAN Sponsor J. C. STRICKLAND Captain, Second in Command T. A. BARROW First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON W. C. CAUSEY First Lieutenant SERGEANTS J.T.HUDSON J.W.DUNN C.J.DcLOACH FIRST SQUAD T W MALONE W.S.WALKER S. E. McCOY G.F. MELTON I.JACOBS B. P. LANGDALE D.F.MILLER W.G.ALLEN SECOND SQUAD J S. MASON R.E.BRADY T. C. HAVNES L. STEVERMAN D.E. FENDER A. S. GALLOWAY J.M.KENDRICK J.5TRULETS THIRD SQUAD E BINDER W.HILL M. SCHAI N WOOKS D. R. FARKAS W. CROMARTIE J.JARRELL R.B.COLEMAN R.F.BRADY J. R.WHITE SECOND PLATOON SERGEANTS M.D.RAINES F. W, WADSWORTH . . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant FIRST SQUAD SECOND SQUAD THIRD SQUAD R. W. VAN ZANT J. C. McCLAIN G. W. DEAN MISS CHRISTIAN T- J- WILLIS Capta.n, Commanding MISS HELEN GROOVER Sponsor C- J- EVERETT Captain, Second in Command J. N. HARTFORD, JR Pi,,4 Sergeant FIRST PLATOON M- B. GILLIS p,, t Lieutenant H. S. DURDEN p,, Lieutenant SERGEANTS H. A. SAX L D. PENNY FIRST SQUAD C.E. PATILLO A. P. STEENLAND T. L. PRITCHETT LCfOWFN C.L.ALLGOOD O.A.WILLIAMS M.J.BURK T E . ' W I TT SECOND SQUAD J. H.WADDELL M.A.BALDWIN H A MULLINS P A rilCTT J- T.COBB F.X.STEWART W. W. OTTO C.W.SIEWART THIRD SQUAD W. O.SOLMS J. D. DURDEN G. H GARRARD WM A n-JROBM hVcIVuP " " M. HAWKINS W. G. HICKS R Mo ' ' rr?s ' ' ° ' - " ■ ' ' • ' - ' ' " ' W.M.HODGES rs SECOND PLATOON MISS GROOVER W. H. VAN RIPER A. W. HASLAM T. L. MURRAY R. DASHER WM, H. BLALOCK L. A. WOLF SERGEANTS J.W. BODDIE F. E. STANCIL FIRST SQUAD J. D. BOWDEN W.B.JONES W. 8.STANDIFER R. E MIDDLETON SECOND SQUAD L.M.DONOVAN C. B. AVERV H.E.HILL M.SOLODIKIN R. B.TREADWELL A. RHENEy Second Lieutenant L.CAMP J. S. GOLDEN •i Enjoying their best season in years under the new leadership of Major H. R. Anderson, the Georgia rifle team fired six shoulder-to-shoulder matches during the year, winning from Clemson College, Presby- terian College, and The Citadel, and tying Georgia Tech. The team lost two matches to The Citadel early in the season. In 4th Corps Area competition the team placed fourth with a total of 3,669 points. The Citadel placed first with 3,705 points total. Probably the highest score in the team ' s history was recorded in Clinton, S. C, when five men shot a score of 935 out of a possible 1,000 to win over Presbyterian College. Coached by Sergeant J. P. hlolloman, the squad in addition to its shoulder-to-shoulder meets fired telegraphic matches each week during the winter quarter with over thirty leading universities and colleges throughout the United States. In postal competition over half the matches were won. Members of the team: GERALD PRIEBE SAM SHERIFF T. F. BALK BENSON JONES ALEX WRIGHT EUGENE MAXWELL STANFORD SMITH C. H. CALHOUN JOHN STOKELY JOHN MITCHELL JAMES MILTON JAMES BAILEy PHILIP DAVIS JACK BROWN T. L. WOOD, Captain SccMkxaA a td Blade 1 ( OFFICERS JIM OWEN Captain HOWELL MOLLIS First Lieutenant EDWIN HERRINGTON .... Second Lieutenant TOM STEWART First Sergeant Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society, the purpose of which is to promote leadership and a better under- standin3 between officers and cadets of the mihtary units. Juniors from both cavalry and infantry regiments are elected from a list of recommendations by the military de- partment. ROLL THAD ALEXANDER JAMES BAlLEy CALHOUN BOWEN JAMES CAVENDER WANSLEY COX GOODLOE ERWIN WILLIAM GUNTER WARREN HARDEN EDWIN HERRINGTON HOWELL HOLLIS LEWIS KILLIAN GORDON MARTIN HARRy MOBLEY ELLIOTT MORAN FRANCIS NORMAN JIM OWEN DAVE PADDOCK WILLIAM ROGERS BOB ROTHBERG LOUIS SOHN WILLIAM SPENCE TOM STEWART WARREN THRASHER WILLIAM WHEELER FRANK WILLIAMS VIRGIL WILLIAMS TOM WILLIS T. L. WOOD iy ,r r BOWEN ERWIN GUNTER HARDEN HERRINGTON HOLLIS NORMAN OWEN PADDOCK SPENCE STEWART WILLIAMS, F WILLIS WOOD WILLIAMS, V. ALEXANDER COX CAVENDER MARTIN KILLIAN MORAN M08LEY ROGERS ROTHBERG SOHN THRASHER WHEELER BAILEY U FORI McCLELLIIN AT FORT OGLETHORPE K I HKIIC PiCIOR ni The University maintains a full program of intercollegiate athletics for men. Included in this group are football, baseball, basketball, track, cross-country, tennis, golf, swimming, rifle marksmanship and other minor sports. Men ' s intramural athletics include touch football, basketball, track, cross-country, tennis, Softball, golf, rifle marksmanship, box- ing, bowling, soccer, pool, swimming, volleyball, ping-pong and others. A program of women ' s intramural sports is sponsored by the de- partment of physical education for women and the Women ' s Athletic Association. DR. W. O. PAYNE Faculty Chairman and Director of AthlctK THE CHEER LEADERS JESSE MILLER Head Cheer Leade RALPH THORNTON Sen FRANK GUNN Jun ED STONE Jun or Cheer Leader or Cheer Leader or Cheer Leader THORNTON WALLACE BUTTS WALLACE BUTTS Head Coach Graduate Meccec University, 1928 1928-29-30.31— Head Coach, Madison A. I Coach, Gcorsia Military Collcsc, Millcdg Head Coach, Male High School, Lou . Ky. . . . 1939— Head Coach, Gc 1932-33-34— Heat . . . 1935-36-37- 938— End Coach nivcrsity of Alabama. . . . 1935-36-37-38 Slate University. . . 1939— Assistant ch, Georgia. J. B. WHITWORTH Assistant Graduate University of Alabama, 1932 1932-33-34— Assistant Coach, I — Assistant Coach, Louisiana Co J. V. SIKES Assistant Graduate Texas A. M., 1928 1928— Head Coach, Binn Memorial College, Brcnhan, Texas. . . . 1929-30— Head Coach, Burleson College, Greenville, Texas. . . . 1931-32-33-34— Head Coach, East Texas State Teachers, Commerce, Texas. . . . 1935-36-37— Assistant Coach, Texas A. M. . . . 1938-39— Assistant Coach, University of Georgia. ELMER LAMPE Assistant Graduate University of Chicago, 1926 1934-35-36-37— Head Coach, Carroll College, Wauke 1938— Assistant Coach, University of Ge Coach, University of Ge HOWELL HOLLIS Assistant Graduate University of Georg High School 1939— Basketball 1927— Head C Head Coach, Athens High. 1927 . 1928-29-30-31- High. . . . 1932-33-34-35-36— Head Coach, 1937-38-39— Assistant Coach, University of Georgia. BILL HARTMAN Assistant Graduate University of Georgia, 1938 1939— Assistant Coach, Georgia. FORREST (SPEC) TOWNS Assistant Graduate University of Georgia, 1938 938-39— Assistant Coach, University of Gcorgi OUINTON LUMPKIN Assistant Graduate University of Georgia, 1939 1939— Assistant Coach, University of Georgia m P! ;nd tite THE 1940 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE SEPTEMBER 28 OGLETHORPE ATHENS OCTOBER 5 SOUTH CAROLINA COLUMBIA OCTOBER 12 MISSISSIPPI ATHENS OCTOBER 19 COLUMBIA NEW YORK OCTOBER 26 KENTUCKY ATHENS NOVEMBER 2 AUBURN COLUMBUS NOVEMBER 9 FLORIDA JACKSONVILLE NOVEMBER 16 TULANE NEW ORLEANS NOVEMBER 23 DARTMOUTH NOVEMBER 30 TECH ATHENS DECEMBER 6 MIAMI MIAMI tf BSH IHilSSHIOIBfliiUHSII L Ic Jlmcx cf J lie Atlanta jcnnul If ever-valiant play is the main goal of football — as a good many sentimentalists think and preach — if playing a poor hand well is more to be admired than is win- ning with all the coat-cards, then Georgia ' s 1939 season was a success. If, as most practical football folk know, there must be a period of transition be- tween regimes of coaching which often is painful, that season permitted the neces- sary laying of a foundation on which to build hopes for the future. Eldredge, Dc Charleroy, Williams, Johnson, Will, Hodgson, McCaskill m " m VASSA CATE " SMILEY ' HALFBACK CLIFF KIMSEY HALFBACK C. L COPEUND lOHN STEGEMAN O Q f . MARVIN PITTMAN CENTER MARION WILKES CENe NEYWARD ALLEN HAUBACK CURTIS NELSON FULLBACK DOOLEY MAHHEWS I BILLY MIMS r 3 ' - ' 7 - 1 ?7 .88 39 ,30 31 % M. F. CARTER CENTER TOMMY MALONE END LEWIS WOODRUFF FUUBACK KNOX EIDREDGE END STEVE HUGHES CENTER IIMMY FORDHAM FULLBACK f Q f!% CX 13 34 35 3B 37 BOB SALISBURY QUARHRBACX " CHUCK " CHRISTIAN HALFBACK WILL BURT GUARD JOE JAMISON JACKLE JACK MATTHEWS FULLBACK If you measure by figures and percentage tables, the Bulldogs played a nnoderately difficult schedule of eleven games, winning five and losing six. They defeated The Citadel, Mercer, Florida, South Carolina and Miami. They lost to Furman, Holy Cross, Kentucky, New York University, Auburn and Georgia Tech. Their Southeastern Conference record was one game won, three lost, for a so-called percentage of .250. Against Conference foes they scored 12 points and yielded 35. The victories achieved were all clean-cut, with the results never in serious doubt, save the battle at Athens with Mercer in which a tie was broken only in the final seconds. Of the losses, at least three — those with Holy Cross, Kentucky and N. V. U. — might easily have been ties or victories with a bit better luck. JAMES SKIPWORTH 1940 Captain The season saw the departure from Georgia football of all the veterans who had begun under Coach Mehre, and of most of the players who had been under Coach Hunt in 1938. It saw the beginning of the regime of Wallace Butts, sturdy and popular young bred-an ' -bawn Georgian, who was given a three-year contract during the winter, and who gets really under way next fall with a large and talented group of athletes of his own choosing. Coach Butts and his staff have the best wishes of the alumni who appear to be more nearly unified in spirit than in many years. Gate, Salisbury, Fotdham, Mims (Backfield) I - s ( K . ' i ' ■ :) 38 39 4Q 41 4B OLIVER HUNNICUTT HAlfBACK TOMMY WITT CENIR ABNER SIMONTON GUARD BEN BOONE HALFBACK CLARENCE WELCH HAlfBACK HERBERT BURGESS TACKLE r ' 1 f! -J. TOM GREENE TACKLE JEROME PINCKNEY CHARLIE WILLIAMS TACKLE TACKLE .47 48 49 GREEN KELTNER ALBERT DE CHARLEROY WALTER WILFONG END TACKLE GUARD e SO 51 % S3 S4 56 ROBIN HOWELL QUARTERBACK -«» 1 JAMES SKIPWORTH RALPH TURNER TACKLE WINFREO GOOOMAN GUARD PAUL KLUK QUARTERBACK HENRY POWERS HALfBACK S7 IS8 ■ «fl J 61 68 ( . HH H r— B.t-J JOE WHELAN GUARD WOOOROW BROWN QUARTERBACK WYATT POSEY TACKLE ALEX McCASKILL END C. B. GUEST GUARD LEE McKINNEY TACKLE m m 1 f « y Ljife Roy Gorcc Plunges Over Georgia Goal for Score THE NINEI[[NTIII[iTy-NINE FOOTBILL SEIISON BY OLE TIMER GEORGIA 26— THE CITADEL Nearly 10,000 high school boys and girls were Georgia ' s guests at the opening ganne with The Citadel. They saw the Bulldogs emerge an easy winner in a harunn-scarum struggle, running with power, passing with precision, incurring 170 yards of penalties. The little and gallant Cadets were helpless against a dominant line and were able only once to get into Georgia territory. A dazzling runback by Stubbs of a punt put the ball at the 8 in the third period. But Steve hHughes, tower- ing sophomore center, quelled that threat by intercepting a pass and galloping 89 yards for the third touchdown. The first had come on a 55-yard march climaxed by Billy Mims ' buck and Henry Powers had put the finishing touch to another parade of 50 yards. In the fourth period " Spider " Nelson concluded a final drive of 75 yards. Nearly every squad member except Captain Cate, who was injured, got into the fray. The raggedness of the play gave Coach Butts no joy and foreshadowed a hard season. FURMAN 20— GEORGIA On the next Friday night, under the lights of Sirrine Stadium in Greenville, S. C, the Bulldogs met a disaster not unexpected in view of their lack of cohesion in the opening game. They lost to Furman for the first time since 1926 and, while at it, lost over- whelmingly. No excuses were offered by coaches or players but the defeat might with reason be charged to the fact the team was blinded by a lighting system it was experiencing for the first time. It had gone to Greenville to practice on the night before the game but was unable to obtain use of the field. Furman was ready, Georgia was not. Furman was alert and inspired, Georgia was bewildered. A long run with an intercepted pass by Hugh Wofford, a guard, followed by " Pepper " Martin ' s Malonc Makes Great Catch M 19-yard slice off tackle, gave the first touchdown. Another pass flagged by Turner, center, who when about to be tackled, lateraled to Wofford, scored the second. Penalties and a poor punt set up the third. HOLY CROSS 13— GEORGIA Two fumbles were decisive factors in the game with Holy Cross, played under a blistering sun before 15,000 spec- tators in Sanford Stadium. The visiting Crusaders were one of the East ' s most powerful teams. In the second period, Malinowski, one of hloly Cross ' dozen fine backs, hit a stone wall at the goal line and the ball blurted into the end zone. In the wild scramble that followed, a silver-helmeted end fell on it for a touchdown. A few minutes later, a Georgia fumble yielded the ball at its 35, and the Crusaders passed and rammed to goal. The Bulldogs gained few yards and fewer first downs and never had a chance to win, but non-partisan experts who saw the game said that with better officiating and a little luck they might easily have made a scoreless tie of it. In the second half Georgia interposed a thrilling defensive against the versatile and formidable attack of the visitors. John Stegeman shone, two Holy Cross fumbles captured by him stopping threatening drives. KENTUCKY 13— GEORGIA 6 The first football game Georgia ever played with Kentucky was a thriller. It set 15,000 observers in Louisville wild and, to use the words of the veteran and brilliant O. B. Keeler, " one of the gamest football teams I ever saw in Geor- gia colors was beaten, 13-6, in the last two minutes. " All the scoring, though not all the stirring action, came in the fourth period. Georgia struck first, but not success- fully. A 35-yard pass play from Heyward Allen to McCaskill could not be followed up and a placement kick was blocked. Then from his 20, Kentucky ' s Allen, Ermal by name, passed 30 yards to Jones who ran the remaining 50 for the first touchdown. The Bulldogs came right back. Starting at the 35, a pass from Allen to Knox Eldredge put the ball at the 3, whence Jim Fordham bucked it over. With time almost out, two passes from Zoeller to Hardin covered the most of 75 yards and broke the 6-6 tie. But Georgia was not licked in spirit. An Allen-to-Cate pass zipped the ball right down to Kentucky ' s 29. Then three more thrusts through the air failed. N. y. U. 14— GEORGIA 13 If the Kentucky game was a heart-stirrer, that with New York University in Yankee Stadium a week later was the zenith of frenzy both on and off the field. The Bulldogs failed to win in the very last second of play, as another 15,000 spectators screamed in an agony of fear that victory would be snatched away from their team. But Knox Eldredge ' s placement kick went askew. The game had everything, including a knock-down and drag-out fight between op- posing team members and bench warmers just before the end of the first half. The melee began when an N. Y. U. guard swung at Eldredge. Police quelled the fray before any damage was done. Captain Cate ' s 66-yard off-tackle run for a touchdown was the highlight of the play. A 35-yard march yielded a second touchdown, and a 74-yard drive ended six feet short of goal in the very last moment. Ineffective in the first half, the Bulldogs outclassed their opponents in the second. All told, they made 15 first downs to 5, rushed for 268 yards to 73. GEORGIA 16— MERCER 9 Those eleventh-hour explosions were get- ting to be a habit and on the next Friday Vassa Cate Tears Off 5 Yards Asainst Aubun afternoon in Sanford Stadium the Bulldogs scored a touchdown and defeated Mercer with precisely 25 seconds left. The winning stroke was a short pass from Billy Mims to Alex McCaskill, who had cut away from all adversaries in the end zone. In the final four minutes, with the score 9-9, Georgia had gone 62 yards to maintain the record of never having failed to beat the gallant Baptists. The whirlwind drive was something to set the heart to pounding. The main actor in it was the sophomoric but indomitable Cliff Kimsey who, exhausted, gave way to Mims for the final play. A fumble at the start of the game gave Mercer opportunity for a field goal which was seized. Georgia surged back with a touchdown, and in the third period knocked a passer out of the end zone for a safety. Landrum ' s passing and running tied the score in the fourth quarter — then came the saga of Kimsey and Mims and McCaskill. GEORGIA 6— FLORIDA 2 Twenty thousand folk, including the governors of Georgia and Florida, saw the Bulldogs live up to their reputation for undying determination in Fairfield Stadium, Jacksonville. It was a wild and furious game, in which only once was either team capable of mustering a consistently gainful attack. Faulk Snags Pass Good for 25-yard Gain By Plains The Bulldogs went thirty yards in eleven plays for their touchdown in the third period. The driving of Cate, Allen and Fordham, together with a 9-yard pass from Allen to McCaskill, carried the ball to Florida ' s 2. From that point it required four plunges with all the power Fordham possessed to sweep back the embattled ' Gators. Late in the fourth period, Florida flared up with a distinct threat. The Bulldogs finally enforced a short punt, out of bounds at the 5. To make assurance doubly sure, Mims touched the ball down in the end zone for an intentional safety, and a free kick-out from the 20 ended the menace. It was a close contest between well-matched teams. Georgia gained 204 yards, Florida 240. GEORGIA 33— SOUTH CAROLINA 7 At last the Bulldogs had been welded into a cohesive force and they ran wild in Sanford Stadium against a battle- scarred South Carolina eleven, scoring five touchdowns before they called it a day and gave way to third and fourth- string players. m . ■A- Fordham Lugs Leather to Gamecocks ' I I -Yard Line A rarity of football — two touchdowrns on successive plays — was the feature of the game. Kirk Norton, Gamecock quarterback, seized a fumbled ball as it spurted from the arms of Vassa Cate and ran 46 yards to goal without troubling pursuit, hlis fumble angered the high-strung Cate and when the ensuing kickoff descended into his arms he showed the speed and spirit which had made him a Conference track champion. He ran 95 yards, ramming his way like a projectile through one clump of Carolinians who sought to halt him. Spectacular as was that dash, more impressive was the power shown by the Bulldogs in smashing and crashing for big yardage on play after play. They were serving notice that they were not to be taken lightly by any team. AUBURN 7— GEORGIA Georgia was good, but not quite good enough in the classic with Auburn at Columbus. As Morgan Blake reported it, " two great and gallant teams fought it out with all the weapons of football warfare and the Orange and Blue stand- ard was raised by margin of one touchdown. " The only score came in the third period when Rufus Deal, sophomore fullback, plunged over from the I as the climax of a 37-yard drive. But the real drama, as Blake and 15,000 pop-eyed fans saw it, was crammed into the fifteen minutes of the second quarter, when the veteran Jim Fordham, charging like a maddened bull, led his team in a 79-yard march all the way to Auburn ' s I. There Auburn rose to the heights it had achieved against Villanova and took the ball on downs. Kimsey Whips Through Ga i •k Bulldogs ' Touchdown Against B13 Bears The figures reveal the closeness of the struggle. First downs: Georgia 10, Auburn 10; yards by rushing, Georgia 122, Auburn 187. Three fumbles recovered by Auburn hurt the Georgia cause. GEORGIA TECH 13— GEORGIA The Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech defeated Georgia for the second time in eleven years, the first time since 1935. The score was decisive and truly represented the merits of the play. But still it was a grand and glorious day for the Bulldogs and their throng of adherents among the 30,000. A team which had been no favorite of fortune played no passive or defensive role. Due to lose by two or more touchdowns, it took the fight to the enemy, and twice in the first half drove far down into Tech territory by sheer will. Once at Tech ' s 18 a holding penalty stopped a fierce onslaught. Again at the 17, an intercepted pass halted an attack which had the foe in retreat. A 40-yard march, with Bosch zipping off tackle to goal, scored the first touchdown. Another 40-yard drive, ending in Goree ' s 4-yard slant off tackle, scored the second and last. Tech earned 10 first downs, Georgia 9. Tech gained 246 yards, Georgia 199. Bobby Dodd, of the Tech coaching staff, said Georgia ' s defense was the best that his team had encountered all year. Powers Fumbles and Recovers on Georgia ' s 32-yard Line ■k ' • fftm ' mt mmm ff ' t ' Maiinowsici Stopped By Kimscy and Posey GEORGIA 13— MIAMI Season ' s end came in the Oran3e Bowl under a Florida moon reinforced by brilliant floodlights, and it came in a satisfying 13-0 victory over a heavier and formidable Miami University eleven. Four stalwarts, playing their last game for Georgia, scintillated. They were Smiley Johnson, Billy Mims, Vassa Cate and Jim Fordham. In the opening period, Cate took a pass from Kimsey and flashed his heels in a 50-yard sprint for the first touch- down. Fordham spun through a hole opened by Johnson and ran 20 yards for the second, as the last play of a 60-yard parade. Mims had set the stage for that exploit by the finest running he had shown in three years. The Bulldogs made 12 first downs to 7, gained 269 yards to 140. Mims, Kimsey and Salisbury averaged 47 yards with their punting. Thus closed a campaign in which five games had been won and six lost. No defeat was a rout. In fact, in each and every one of them, a slight reversal of the fortunes of play might have yielded a victory. Cate Gains 10 Yards for First D ■ Wfc.., Ace Bullpup Runner Gallops for Touchdown PS: 1IINI-|-«III1[ m Fleet-Footed Davis On Punt Retun While the Varsity was taking its expected bumps, chief interest of the alumni and student body centered in the exploits and the revealed promise of the largest and most talented group of freshmen footballers ever gathered at Georgia. They quickly won head-line fame as " Point-A-Minute Men " by beating the South Carolina freshmen 68-0 and Georgia Military College 65-5. The latter-mentioned Cadets were regarded as on a par with the average college freshman eleven. The season ' s climax came in the Thanksgiving Day game in Atlanta with the Tech freshmen, by now a classic because of the charity dedication of the gate receipts. The Bullpuppies fell a bit short of the point- a-minute record but quite outclassed their friendly foes. There were 21,000 spectators in Grant Field to see them win, 33-0. 4 m IV B Here Is the Mishty Sinkwich Stepping High, Wide and Handson Georgia backs ran wild behind a powerful line. Frank Sinkwich, Lannar Davis, Jim Todd and Brooker Blanton were stars on attack among the group of thirty-five players, all told. Georgia earned twenty- three first downs, Tech only three. The showing filled impressionable alumni with Rose Bowl hopes. More conservative friends of Geor- gia saw a fine squad which if it can be kept intact to a reasonable degree and if it develops as is to be expected, will be able to play good football, and often winning football, against any foes. ' ' ■■ " " »diiii!S5hir-T " Bif ' iriiiiiitinBittEK:!!iihnt ' " ? ' ;u:gimc 11 aha I pyt Y »-i s 1- ' , w » » tvt ,t ' » ' f t »t f -. " . ..J ii mam CECIL KELLY Captain of the basketball team for two ye 94niSK[IB By SIGO MOHR Climaxing Elmer Lampe ' s second full season as head basketball coach at Georgia, the Bulldog cage team closed the 1939-40 season with a record of 20 games won and 5 lost. The Bulldogs closed the season by entering the Southeastern Con- ference basketball tournament and gaining the finals before losing. Entering seeded third, Georgia defeated Auburn and Mississippi the opening day and then won over Alabama, the top seeded team, the next day to gain the finals. After playing three games in two days, the Bulldogs encountered Kentucky, the defending champion, in the final round, and went down in defeat after staging a brilliant second half rally, which almost carried them to the league crown. This was the first time since 1932, when Georgia won the tourna- ment, that the Bulldogs have gone through the first round except by means of a bye. The Bulldogs opened their season in Athens early in December when they met the Buford semi-pro team in Woodruff hfall. The offense was sparked by " lanky " Dan Kirkland, who scored 16 points, and Georgia won, 58-29. Following this game, the Bulldogs again met Buford and again took them in camp, 39-19. This game was played in Athens, during the Christmas holidays. Opening the regular season January 2 against Mercer, the Bulldogs, again led by Kirkland, defeated " The Bears, " 51-41. The following night the University of Chattanooga was taken into camp, 68-28. The brilliant play of Joe Killian featured this game. On January 5, South Carolina ' s " Gamecocks " were beaten, 47-32. Kirkland again led the way with 16 points. The next night Georgia took to the road and met Clemson, last year ' s Southern Conference champion, and the only team which beat the Bulldogs twice last year. Led by Captain Cecil Kelly and Sophomore Bobby Moore, they de- feated Ciemson, 32-29. Back in Athens for a one-game stand, the Bulldogs vanquished Sewannee, 41-25. Killian was high scorer with ten points. Heading south for 3 games, the Bulldogs first met the Albany " Blues, " and, paced by Kirkland, won 55-45. Winners of 8 straight games, the Bull- dogs were overtaken by misfortune, and dropped two games to Florida, 43-36 and 35-26. Following the loss to Florida, a return game was played with South Carolina in Columbia. Shooting 17 points. ELMER A. LAMPE Coach JIMMIE STEWART Manager WILLIAM WILSON SIGO MOHR Junror Managers Kirkland again led the Bulldog of- fense as they got back in the win column, to the tune of 40-33. Returning to Athens, the Bull- dogs, led by Killian, won over Old Miss, 45-41. The Bulldogs next journeyed to Atlanta where the first ganne of the annual series with Georgia Tech was played, and swamped the Yel- low Jackets, 46-31, with Roy Chat- ham and Captain Kelly showing the way. The next game brought the con- ference leader, Alabama, to Wood- ruff Hall, where the Bulldogs handed them a 36-22 defeat. This game was featured by the fine defensive work done by Kirkland and the I I points shot by Chatham. Traveling to Auburn, the Geor- gia cagers defeated the Plainsmen, 32-28. They were aided by a thrill- ing second half comeback, fea- tured by Kirkland ' s 14 points. Con- tinuing on to Tuscaloosa, the Bull- dogs, hampered by the injury to Kelly, lost to the Crimson Tide, 31- 22. With a record of 13 games won and only 3 lost, the Bulldogs re- turned to Athens, where, in a thrill- ing game. Auburn was beaten, 48- 47. For the eighth time during the season Kirkland was high scorer for Georgia, making 18 points. After the victory over Auburn, revenge was gained when Florida was vanquished in 2 games, 46-36 and 54-35. The next to last game of the season in Woodruff Hall was played February 17, when Georgia Tech was beaten, 40-31. Chatham was the offensive star of this game, scoring 16 points. The final game of the season saw Tennessee ' s high flying Vols defeating the Bulldogs, 48-41 for the first loss in 18 games on the Woodruff Hall court. When the all-conference teams were picked, Alex McCaskill, senior guard, was chosen for the team. He received 15 out of the possible 16 votes. Killian was chosen for one of the forward positions on the second team, and Kirkland was picked on the second team as guard. Dan Kirkland led the individual scoring for the season, shooting 106 field goals and 22 foul shots. Top, left to right: Joe Killiar ... Dan Kirkland. . . . Bottorr left to right: Roy Chathan . . . Alex McCaskill. . . a total of 234 points. He also scored 124 points in conference games to stand fourth in the con- ference scoring. Chatham scored 202 points, making 90 field goals and 22 foul baskets. One hundred and fourteen of his points were scored in conference games, which placed him ninth in the conference race. Killian, by shooting 59 bas- kets and 29 foul shots, scored 147 points and Captain Kelly totaled 141 points, making 59 field goals and 23 fouls. The Bulldogs in 21 games scored 923 points to the opponents ' 708, averaging about 43 to 33 a game. At the end of the season Kirk- land was chosen Captain for the 1940-41 season. Eight men were awarded letters for their play throughout the season. They are Kelly, Killian, Kirkland, Chatham, McCaskill, Moore, McDonald, and Stegeman, Top, left to right: Ralph Pcsttzky. ... Joe Bryant. . . . Bottom, left to right: Morris McDonald. , . . Bobby Moore. . . . John Stegeman. . . . lUU iin By O ' DONALD MAVS Prospects of Georgia ' s best cross-country season in the history of the school went glinnmering shortly before the opening of the 1939 season when three outstanding runners were lost. Henry Frederiksen, Southeastern Conference one-mile champion, became inactive for the entire sea- son when he was incapacitated by an appendectomy. Bernie Stinson, one of the most promising dis- tance runners ever to enroll in the University, was eneligible because of scholastic difficulties while Charley Chambers gave up running when a sinus infection handicapped his breathing. Every man on the squad reduced his time during the season. Coach Bill Tate especially praised the work of Dorsey Dyer, David hlolley, Frank Bacon, Jerome Dollar, Chandler Estes, Hubert Darsey, Billy Jay, and James Boddie. Hudson, Slappey, and Howell were named as promising freshman runners while Slater Brewton turned in a first class job as manager. An innovation of the sport was the awarding of letters on the basis of year-round training rather than performance in the running season alone. With the possibilities of Frederiksen, Stinson, and Morris King returning along with several hopeful freshmen. Coach Tate is optimistic of a winning season during the 1940 schedule. 1939 RESULTS GEORGIA 40— AUBURN 15 GEORGIA 50— GEORGIA TECH 15 Georgia was fourth in the Southeastern Conference Meet. I r In their only two races, the Bullpup runners lost both to Georgia Tech ' s Freshmen and to Tech High of Atlanta. Standins, left to right: Dean Tate, Estes, Bacon, Holley, Boddie, and Brewton, manager. . . . Kneeling: Jo Bridges, J.; Chambers, Bridges, M., and Hudson. ) k aat iiiaa». .- ' L jtf BOB HALL, Ma By O ' DONALD MAYS Due to action of Southeastern Conference directors in abolishing boxing as an official conference sport, Geor- gia ' s 1940 pugilists were the last to represent the Red and Black — at least until boxing is restored to the S. E. C. athletic program. Georgia boxing stock was near its all-time high prior to the first match of the season with Tennessee ' s Vol- unteers. In the Vol match, this optimistic note seemed justified when the Bulldogs slugged out a 7 to I de- cision over the Knoxville lads. Kennedy, Hamilton, Moran, Stem, and Miller won by decisions while Free- man and Boddic gained technical knockouts over their rivals. Coach C. W. Jones refused to count the Tennessee victory as meaningful of a successful season due to the poor condition of the Vol fighters who had been work- ing out only one week. Shortly after the opening match, several of the Bulldog warriors suffered attacks of " flu " and divers other ailments leading Coach Jones to predict a rough route for the remainder of the schedule. In the following match Georgia barely managed to tie Presbyterian College, 3I 2 to V 2. Miller, Woodruff, and Boddie gained decisions while Nichols battled to a draw. The Bulldogs then went into a three-match losing streak in which they scored only five points in losing to The Citadel, 1 1 2 to 6I 2; South Carolina, 2 to 6; C. W. JONES, Tr. HORACE FREEMAN, Lightweight JIMMY BODDIE, Heavyweight and Flof.da, 1 1 2 to 6I 2. In these fishts Miller took two decisions, Kennedy one, while Free- man, Boddie, Nichols, and Jay drew. In the final — properly named the " farewell match " — Georgia defeated Presbyterian College In a return match, S ' j to 2 ' 2. Kennedy, Free- man, Miller, and Woodruff won on decisions and Hamilton, Jay, and Boddie drew. Two Bulldog battlers, Dan Miller and Joe Woodruff, entered the Southeastern Conference finals at Baton Rouge before losing out to L. S. U. ' s Daniel and Belaire, respectively. The Ben- gals took five out of eight championships in the S. E. C. meet and were co-favorites with Wisconsin to capture the National Intercol- legiate title in April. Geo Geo Geo, Geo Geo Geo 1940 BOXING RESULTS • 7 —Tennessee .... I . 3I 2— Presbyterian College 3I 2 . 1 1 2— The Citadel .... 6I 2 - 2 —South Carolina . . 6 . 1 1 2— Florida 6I 2 ■ 5 2 — Presbyterian College I ' 2 First row, left to right: JACK KEN- NEDY, Bantamweight; BILLY JAY, Jun- ior Middleweight. . . . Second row: CHARLIE HAMILTON, Featherweight: BUSTER MILLER, Senior Middleweight, . . . Third row: JOE WOODRUFF, Light Heavyweight; FENWICK NICH- OLS, Featherweight. JOE STEIN, Se " I i IIHI By O ' DONALD MAYS Probably the most outstanding thing about the 1940 Georgia track season was the use of Sanford Field after some two years. During the period the track has been completely changed in that the sharp curve on the south end has been made less angular while the straightaway has been moved to the opposite side of the field. Heavy rains made the newly laid cinders a mass of soft muck early in the practice season and greatly handicapped workouts. Coach For- rest Towns and his squad did much of the construction work in the effort to have the field ready for the scheduled opener March 30 with Presbyterian College. Rain came, however, and some four inches covered the track in one place. The meet was postponed until a later date, but one Bulldog cinderman gained fame this day on an alien track. He was George Salisbury, winner of the Southeastern Conference Javelin title in 1938. The red-headed former gridiron star tossed the Spartan spear 198 feet, 2I 4 inches, in the Florida Relays to take first place and establish a record. This pre-season toss indicated that Salis- bury might be expected to retain his conference crown as well as endanger the school mark of 206 feet set by Graham Batchelor. Nine returning lettermen plus Salisbury made up the nucleus of the 1940 team which set out to better the record of the disastrous ' 39 squad which won only one meet out of six. Vassa Cate, S. E. C. low hurdles champion and a 100-yard dash champion in 1938, Henry Frederiksen, winner of the conference mile run for the last two years, and Oliver Hunnicutt, veteran dash man, were counted on to score most of the points during the 1940 season. Especially encouraging was the form displayed by Hunnicutt who cap- tured the 60-yard dash in the Southern Conference invitational meet during February. Other athletes who should have been in on the point distribution were Benton Dodd, converted to a dash man along with his usual job of broad jumping: Jimmy Jones, quarter-miler; Johnny Knupp, middle- distance runner; Jimmy Fordham, discus and shot man; Al Wooten, veteran high jumper and pole vaulter; and George Grace, dash man and lavelin thrower. Promising among the newcomers to the squad were Hugh Carter, dash man; Martin Burke, Don Watson, and Hyman Gershon, quarter- milers; Charlie Chambers, Jerome Dollar, David Holley, James Boddie, and Chandler Estes in the distance events; Orion Brooks, who showed great form last year before he left school for the World ' s Fair, West- ORION BROOKS High Jump brook and Hudson, high junnpers; hHuson in the pole vault; Woodruff in the shot and the discus; and Mayer and Burke in the hurdles. It was probable that a few members of the football squad might join the squad later in the season. 1939 RESULTS Georgia .... 94I 2 — Presbyterian College . . 36I 2 Georgia .... 521 2 — Georgia Tech 731 2 Georgia. . . . 4 1 1 2— Florida 84I 2 Georgia. . . . 40 4— North Carolina . . . .853 , Georgia .... 63 — Clemson 68 Georgia .... 38 — Auburn 88 Sixth in the Southeastern Conference with 20 points. GEORGIA ' S ALL-TIME TRACK RECORDS 100-yard dash 9.6 by Bobby Packard 220-yard dash 2 1 .0 by Bobby Packard 440-yard dash 49.9 by Joe Gillespie 880-yard run 1 :57.3 by Joe Gillespie Mile run 4:22 by Henry Frederiksen Two-mile run 9:50 by Bob Young 120-yard high hurdles, 13.7 by Forrest Towns (World ' s record) 220-yard low hurdles 23.5 by Forrest Towns Broad jump 24 feet, I 4 inch by Burch Wilcox High jump .... 6 feet, 3 8 inches by Harry Harmon Pole vault ... 12 feet, 8 ' 2 inches by Marion Dickens Discus . . . .156 feet, 4 inches by Graham Batchelor Shot 48 feet, 3 inches by Graham Batchelor Javelin .... 206 feet, 4 inches by Graham Batchelor STARK GINN [l940yS[eH[[S[HSII By JACK REID Even an infield which had sophomores at three positions failed to keep the 1940 Georgia baseball teann from being tagged the school ' s strongest in ten years, as it opened a tough twenty-game schedule. Heavy hitting and brilliant pitching gave the Georgians no better than an even break in their first four games, but as the Bulldogs began their April campaign everybody, from Coach J. V. SIkes to the waterboy, was confident a path of victories lay ahead. With virtually no practice, the Georgia nine opened its season during the spring holidays with two games against Fort Benning in Columbus. Although the Bulldogs almost doubled the Soldiers in hits, they secured no better than an even break, dropping the first game, 5 to 0, and winning the second, 7 to 2. Returning home, the Bulldogs tackled Michigan State in two games. Bob Smith, Jr., son of the former Boston Braves star, and ace of Georgia ' s mound staff, pitched a sensational two-hitter against the Spartans in the first game, only to lose a heartbreaking 3-2 decision because of Georgia ' s inability to bunch hits and infield errors in the pinches. The same ill luck almost befell Alex McCaskill, husky Macon righthander, in the second Michigan State game. Pitch- ing brilliant ball, McCaskill had to go eleven innings before his mates supplied punch sufficient for a 5-4 victory, hie allowed only seven hits. Georgia ' s three-man pitching staff — Smith, McCaskill, and Jack Clifton, stocky southpaw star — gave promise of being one of the best collegiate trios in Dixie. Available for relief duty was Lester Norrls, veteran righthander. Behind the plate, Georgia boasted three good receivers. Heading the list was Emmett Lyons, the slugging Canton junior, with Alternate Captain Ralph Thornton and Paul Klux available for relief duty. Tommy Malone, scrappy sophomore, and James Skipworth, powerful junior, alternated at first base, while Cecil Kelly at second, Clarence Welch at short, and Bobby Moore at third, rounded out the first string infield. Welch and Moore were the other two sophomores. Glenn Fields saw heavy service as utility infieider. In the outfield, Joe Killian, hard-hitting junior, held down the right field berth, with Roy Chatham, still another junior, in center. ns and long Dan Kirkland, whose hitting in early games headed him toward a regular assignment. Captain Billy Mil alternated in left field. a 14 — Stetson a 5 — Stetson 8 a 7— Rcllins 3 a 12— Rollins I a 3— Michigan State 2 4 — Michigan State 5 6 — Clemson 27— Clemson 4 a I— South Carolina II a 10— South Carolina I I I— Clemson 7 5— Oglethorpe 6 6— Oglethorpe 5 WON 16 OUT OF 26 GAMES. RESULTS OF THE 1939 BASEBALL SEASON 3 Geo Geo Geo Geo Geo Geo Geo Geoi Gi Gi G. G G. 2— Auburn 5 6— Auburn 3 6— South Carolina 13 3— Florida 5 12— Florida I 7— Auburn 10 5— Auburn 3 a 18 — Greensboro ■ • • a 3 — Oglethorpe ■ ■ ■ a 5 — Oglethorpe . • . a 3 — Georgia Tech . . 1 3 — Georgia Tech . . 1 I I— Georgia Tech . . WON 5 OUT OF 9 S. E. C. GAMES. mi Mifa in U M U IIIM First row, left to right; Woods, Wright, Magill, Dottery, Fries. . . . Second row: Hudson, Erwin, Barnett, By ALLEN GANUS " This was one of the best teams, and one of the finest group of boys I have ever coached, " replied Coach C. W. Jones when interviewed about the 1940 Bulldog swimming team. Georgia won 6 out of 7 dual meets, losing only to Florida, Southeastern Conference Champion for the fourth consecutive year. The Bulldog Tankmen rolled up a total of 330 points to their opponents ' 192 points. In the Southeastern Conference meet in Atlanta, Georgia captured third place, following Florida and L. S. U. Jimmy hHudson won third place in the breast-stroke, and Aurelius Barnett took fourth place In the 220-yard free-style. Co-captain Bill Walters placed fourth in both the 50 and 100-yard free-styles while his co-captaln teammate, Goodloe Erwin, captured fourth place In the back-stroke. Both Bulldog relay teams won third place. THE 1940 RESULTS Georgia 50 — Kentucky Georgia 46 — Georgia Tech Georgia 65 — Emory . . . Georgia 54 — Auburn . . Georgia 55 — Miami . . . 25 29 10 21 20 Georgia 47 — Clemson 26 Georgia 13 — Florida 61 ii[ Biif nil Launching the season with convincing triumphs over Yale and Davidson, Georgia ' s 1940 golf team gave promise of being one of the strongest in the school ' s history. Certainly, Captain George " Sonny " Swift and Elliott Waddell, both from Columbus and both prod- ucts of the State ' s amateur golfing circles, the Bulldogs possessed two shotmasters capable of hold- ing their own in the fastest collegiate competition. Swift won the Southeastern championship in 1939 and was one of the favorites in this year ' s tourney. Rounding out the team were Jimmy Dudley, Jimmy Mason, G. G. Kyle, and Calhoun Bowen, all swift four capable of springing upsets against stiff opposition. The Bulldogs ' first 1940 victory, a I OI 2 to 7I 2 win over Yale, was a surprising upset. A few days later the Georgians proved the triumph not a fluke by snowing under a strong team from Davidson College, 15 to 3. It was Georgia ' s match all the way. In addition to competing in the annual Southern Intercollegiate tournament and the Southeastern Conference meet, both played over the Athens Country Club, the Red and Black linksmen faced the following teams in dual matches: Purdue, Washington Uni- versity, hIampden-Sydney, University of Michigan, Alabama, Flor- ida, Davidson, North Carolina, Virginia, Duke, Cumberland, and Tech. The Jackets and Davidson were the only teams played twice. • iJifl EM IHIHIIIS KIM By SIGO MOHR With three lettermen returning from the 1939 squad and several outstanding transfers enrolled in school, the prospects for the 1940 tennis team seemed bright. Howell hlollis, head freshman football mentor, was chosen to succeed John R. DeLara as varsity tennis coach. During the spring holidays, the team took a three-day conditioning trip to Florida and played matches with the University of Florida and Stetson. Featuring the eleven-match schedule were the matches with Georgia Tech and L. S. U. THE 1 940 SCHEDULE March 16 Florida March 18 Stetson March 22 Davidson March 28 Furman April I Erskine Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr 3 Kalamazoo 5 L. S. U. 8 Emory 20 Georgia Tech 29 University of Mississippi May 4 Georgia Tech [SiHIOi The Junior and Senior Women ' s Athletic Association Councils act as governing bodies for the Associations of which every University woman is a member. OFFICERS BETTY SCOTT Pfesidcnl BOBBIE DELL STOCKTON Vice-President EVELYN NORTON Secretary VALERIA BURROUGHS Treasurer JANE PAQUETTE Awards Chairman ELEANOR BUSHNELL Editor MEMBERS ISABEL ADAMS CAROLINE BURSON FLORENCE LEE CALLAHAN MAYBETH CARITHERS MELBA CARSTARPHEN HARRIETT DOZIER LAURA DUNCAN MARGARET McPHERSON MARTHA PARR VIRGINIA PEYTON MARTHA RAUZIN LUTRELLE TIFT LaGRANGE TRUSSEL ly iu n DOROTHY DANIEL President DOTTY BOWEN Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS JULIA ALLISON ANNE EDGE ROSE MARTIN LENORA ATKINSON JANICE HATCHER BONNIE RUTH McCAY DOTTY BOWEN NANCY HICKS JOAN ORR DOROTHY DANIEL BETH HUTCHINSON JANIE SPENCE LUCIA DRAKE ELIZABETH THOMPSON 1 SI and [ I I [ FACTS This fencing club was organized for the purpose of promoting fencing and sportsmanship. It gives worthy fencers an opportunity to engage in competitive fencing. A grade of B in two quarters of fencing at the University is a prerequisite for membership. OFFICERS MELVILLE BROWN President HARRIET DOZIER Vice-President BETH HUTCHINSON Secretary-Treasurer JULIA ALLISON MELVILLE BROWN HARRY CLEMENTS EUGENIA DAVIS HARRIET DOZIER MEMBERS HELEN HIXON BETH HUTCHINSON GAIL HUTCHINSON BOLLING JONES ED KENNY ROBERT MAUPIN PAUL MORROW FRANK NORRIS SUE RANSOM JAY SMITH PHILIP WILHEIT .aifliB I«[liNC[C[li I - I 1 FAas The Dance Club, formed several years ago to provide a means of interpretation for those interested in the dance as an art form, has worked diligently this year, without supervision of faculty advisors to carry on the standard of former years. This year the Dance Club sponsored a dance concert by Miriam Winslow and Foster Fitz-Simons in the Physical Education Building. It also participated i n the annual Stunt Nite, in which it gave an in- terpretation of the Beer Barrel Polka. The first annual May Day program given in the University found the Dance Club taking an active part. OFFICERS MAYBETH CARITHERS President VIRGINIA PEYTON Secretary-Treasure, ELEANOR ECKFORD Business Manager ELEANOR BUSHNELL Publicity Manager MEMBERS VALERIA BURROUGHS CATHERINE DAVIS SHIRLEY ORR ELEANOR BUSHNELL ELEANOR ECKFORD VIRGINIA PEYTON MAYBETH CARITHERS MILDRED HARDING MARGARET WILSON JANE COILE EVELYN NORTON VIRGINIA TATE WRIGHT Ill uiir mil luu The Giris ' Rifle Squad is made up of women students who try out during the Winter Quarter. It was organized about ten years ago for women students who are interested in sports of this kind and is now one of the intramural sports for girls. VIRGINIA PEYTON MARIE RICHARDSON GWEN COLLINS DAPHNE PARKS JEANNE HIPSON NORMA GRIER LENORA CROSSFIELD MAYBETH CARITHERS MARGUERITE RADFORD SARA JO SMITH MARIANNA HAWKES DORINE MELDEN ISABEL ADAMS DOT FRANK FLORENCE CALLAHAN EVELYN NORTON MARGARITE MAXWELL NJCINIFRED MAXWELL ANNE WALLACE FAYE BEATTY JANNIE SPENCE MAUDE DUKES JANE COILE llPHIi UU FACTS Organized thirteen years ago, the Dolphin Club is equivalent to the woman ' s swinnming team. The club has as its purpose the promotion of swimming activities on the campus and interest in the art of swim- ming. Each year it sponsors an intramural swimming meet, and enters the National Telegraphic Swim- ming Meet in competition with other American colleges. Requirements for initiation into the club are; Senior Life-Saving, proficiency in at least three strokes and three dives, and the successful completion of speed and endurance tests. OFFICERS GWEN COLLINS President DOT FRANK Vice-President FLORENCE LEE CALLAHAN • Secretary JANICE HATCHER Treasurer VALERIA BURROUGHS FLORENCE LEE CALLAHAN MAYBETH CARITHERS GWEN COLLINS MEMBERS HARRIETTE DOZIER DOT FRANK JANICE HATCHER MARGARET MAXWELL MARGARET McPHERSON VIRGINIA PEYTON EMILY WHATLEY MAY JANE BAKER CAROLYN BYRD PROBATES MIMI CAPEDEVILLE HARRIET CLEMENS VIRGINIA DOUGHERTY JO LANGDON MALLETTE PROCTER HI niB Hunt Club was organized in 1937 and this year is still continuing to grow. Tryouts for new members were held as usual in the fall and spring. Members of the club, under the sponsorship of Lt.-Col. R. B. Trimble and Lt.-Col. A. H. Peyton, planned and enjoyed numerous cross-country rides. VIRGINIA PEYTON President RANNIE GEISSLER Secretary MAYBETH CARITHERS DOROTHY DANIELS VIRGINIA DAUGHTREY ELEANOR FLANIGAN MEMBERS RANNIE GEISSLER FRANCES HUG JEAN PARKINSON VIRGINIA PEYTON WYLENE RIGHTON SARA JO SMITH MARY WYLIE WYLENE RIGHTON DOT DANIEL 2034 Avon Street Los Angeles, California March 29, 1940 Mr. Ambrose Burch Editor, The 1940 PANDORA University of Georgia Athens, Georgia Dear Mr. Burch: I did not know what a problem it would be when I was asked for my decision in this contest. I had not fully realized that the South is blessed with unusually beautiful women. The eight whose photographs were sent to me could stand out as particular types of beauty, each type being outstanding from its particular point of view. My honest opinion and my better judgment tell me that there should be eight first awards, but knowing that this is not the answer you must have, I give you my decision: Rank Name Miss Marjorie Dekle Miss Emma Minkovitz Miss Sara Jarvis Miss Donna Lynn Miss Edith Ann Teasley Miss Frances Lassiter Miss Ann Creekmore Miss Rose Willingham I sincerely trust that my judgment of this contest and my decision will in no way handicap my reception should I awake from a dream and find myself basking in Georgia sunshine. Hollywood would be envious indeed and Georgia should be proud of this year ' s crop. Sincerely Pl h PDrmf Phil Dike Mr. Dike is an Important artist on the Walt Disney staff and is a painter of national reputation. A leader of the California water color group of painters, he has won many prizes for his water colors. Recently the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New yorlc) purchased one of his paintings. He has had works shown in all important exhibitions including both the In- ternational Exhibition at Pittsburgh and the Chicago International Water Color Exhibition. -r- SPONSORED BY SIGMA CHI yVliAS C- mma y 1 1 inki vd J SPONSORED By ALPHA EPSILON PI I i yViii i atu Jatvl. vu SPONSORED BY KAPPA ALPHA 4 yViLSA ,= %iinu J— If It It SPONSORED By SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON sa yi iLA ( Jilt It .==y4-tin J cuAm SPONSORED BY PHI EPSILON PI SPONSORED By LAMBDA CHI ALPHA SPONSORED BY MILLEDGE HALL .J3 yyi ' iAJ (l osc vViiiLncmain r SPONSORED By PHI DELTA THETA « k p n N yylli J- ' UtAC . -llllCJi SPONSORED By CAMP WILKINS i i -k SPONSORED BY CHI PHI yPilii Hattf 01. wet SPONSORED BY DELTA TAU DELTA jHUa AiartL lecl.ui SPONSORED BY PI KAPPA PHI « it i i li.i.t I Litlliii = ue C tifiin SPONSORED By ALPHA GAMMA RHO SPONSORED BY TAU EPSILON PHI ,i4 M-atttcllc Lilietcitcii SPONSORED By SIGMA NU P fl II SPONSORED BY KAPPA SIGMA ■ n n n n •k lit.sA MelLi h) I u, licit SPONSORED BY CANDLER HALL SPONSORED BY ALPHA TAU OMEGA ik SPONSORED BY ALPHA LAMBDA TAU M: Jiuujuret McCvct SPONSORED BY NENJC BOYS ' DORMITORY X, A4:s. ' )can JL2 c.uJl SPONSORED By CHI PSI . Ihs.s . ' cll JrL SPONSORED By JOE BROWN ii: it SPONSORED By PI KAPPA ALPHA s J i iH[ nReHii iiiii A AGHON 273 AGRICULTURAL CLUB 274 AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS AND RURAL SOCIOLOGV CLUB 277 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING CLUB 278 ALPHA KAPPA PSI 280 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 247 ALPHA XI SIGMA 270 ALPHA ZETA 272 B BETA GAMMA SIGMA 235 BIFTAD 269 BLUE KEY 242 BULLDOG ORCHESTRA 260 C CIVIL AERONAUTICS AUTHORITY 297 D DELTA SIGMA PI 281 DEMOSTHENIAN OFFICERS 248 DEMOSTHENIAN HONORS 249 DEMOSTHENIAN MEMBERS 250-251 E ECONOMICS SOCIETY 282 EPICUREAN GOVERNING COUNCIL 295 F FORESTRY CLUB 271 G GAFFAU 276 GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON 290 GRIDIRON 238-239 H HOMECON 295 I INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB 283 J JUNIOR CABINET 268 K KAPPA DELTA PI 294 KAPPA PI 264 L LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE SOCIETY 261 M MEN ' S GLEE CLUB 256 MORTAR BOARD 243 MORTAR AND PESTLE 286-287 MUSIC CLUB 259 O OMICRON DELTA KAPPA 240-241 P PHI BETA KAPPA 232-233 PHI DELTA CHI 288 PHI ETA SIGMA 246 PHI KAPPA OFFICERS 252 PHI KAPPA HONORS 253 PHI KAPPA MEMBERS 254-255 PHI KAPPA PHI 234 PHI UPSILON OMICRON 292 PHOTOG CLUB 265 PI MU EPSILON 279 PIONEER INNER CIRCLE 267 PSI CHI 291 S SADDLE AND SIRLOIN 275 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA 258 SIGMA DELTA CHI 284 SPHINX 236-237 STUDENT GOVERNMENT AT CO-ORDINATE 244 T THALIAN-BLACKFRIARS 263 THETA SIGMA PHI 285 U UNIVERSITY THEATRE 262 V VOLUNTARY RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION 296 W WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB 257 X XI PHI XI 289 Z •Z " CLUB 245 ZODIAC 266 ' -J—r u nn iippi FACTS Phi Beta Kappa is a national honorary fraternity whose purpose is to encourage scholarship in the hberal arts collese. hiigh scholarship, character, ar| PpWTTTP! [ future distinction are prerequisites for mem- bership. Oit DR. J. H. T. McPHERSON DR. R. P. STEPHENS ■ ■ • DR. W. O. PAYNE . . - WILLIAM ALLEN SARA E. BECKWITH MARGARET BENJAMIN CALHOUN A. BOWEN FRANCES L. BRANDON MILTON BROWN MARJORIE CALLAWAY VERNER CHAFFIN A. G. CLEVELAND WALTER FRANCES COWART LOWELL CUMMING POPE A. DUNCAN . M. KILLIAN LIZABETH L. LAMKIN MILTON E. LESSER -RANCIS T. MADDUX iVILLIAM H. McNIEL ROBERT C. NORMAN LORAN ELL POWELL GEORGE P. SWIFT C. B. TEAL A. L. WEILL MARTHA S. WHITAKER THOMAS L. WOOD GEORGE PAUL SHAW LAW STUDENTS FRANCIS T. SHEFFIELD -m. ALLEN BECKWITH BENJAMIN BOWEN BRANDON BROWN CALLAWAY CHAFFIN CLEVELAND COWART CUMMING DUNCAN ECKFORD ERWIN FLANIGAN GEISSLER GUNTER HACKE HALLIBURTON HARRIS HORSEY HUTCHINSON IVEY JOHNSON KELLER KILLIAN LAMKIN LESSER MADDUX McNIEL NORMAN POWELL SWIFT WHITAKER WOOD Law Student: SHAW .v i C) ( - ' - 4V a ,ri, Q o ' ' -:- ' -Ci fi n !f r f r q n c .(fi 9 - ' .: a o. f o f!?:) A c 9 f! .0 1 f r ' First row, left to right: Manta Mae Adams, Mary Elizabeth Allan, Thad Alexander, Betty Almand, Sara Eloise Bcckwith, Margaret Benjamin, Eugene Bell, Jewel Newton Bell, Frances Blankenship, Calhoun A Bowen, David M. Bowen, Frances Brandon. . . . Second row: Jule F. Brooks, Helen Buck, Martha Bullard, Eugenia Burton, Marjorie Callaway, D. M. Campbell, Vcrner F. Chaffin, A. G. Cleveland, Frances Cowart, J. Lowell Cumming, John B. Davis, Pope A. Duncan. . . , Third row: Eleanor Eckford, Goodloe Y. Erwin, Selma Epps, Miriam Feinstein, Sarah Ann Ferguson, Dons Futral, Joel E. GIddens, M. B. Gillis, Edward M. Griffin, Raymond G. Grogan, Julian D. Halliburton, John B. Harris. . . . Fourth row: Harold D. Hays, E. F. Herrington, R. B. Holbrook, B. F. Holcomb, Howell Mollis, W. H. Holsenbeck, Hettic B. Hubble, Elmer B. Muggins, Celia Gail Hutchinson, B. E. Ivcy, Henry F. Ivey, Phyllis P. Jenkins. . . . Fifth row: Julia Annette Johnson, Robert L. Jones, Willis L. Jones, A. Paul Keller, F. S. Kelly, Lewis Martin Killian, Frances A. King, W. L. Kinney, H. F. Laney, J. G. Lasseter, Milton E. Lesser, Martha Kate Liddell. . . . Sixth row: M. B. Lovvorn, Keith McClintick, Francis T. Maddux, George R, Marsh, John G. Martin, Alice Ruth Miller, J. H. Mobley, R. D. Moblcy, Ermer L. Moore, Thomas B. Morris, Thomas Reid Newsom, Ruby E. Oglesbee. . . . Seventh row: E. Owen Perry, Loran Ell Powell, Marian S. Raincy, Kathleen Scruggs, George P. Shaw, W. A. Slick, Selma Solms, Miriam B. Sproul, C. H. Stclling, Katherinc E. Summerour, C. B. Teal, Saidee E. Thompson, . . . Eighth row: Warren A. Thrasher, H. B. Wall, Anne M, Wilburn, Janelle Willoughby, T. L. Wood. ... Not in picture: Robert L. Coleman, J. I. Musselwhite, Doris Oglcsby, Caroline R. Paris, Francis Philip Sheffield. ypp FACTS Phi Kappa Phi is an honorary fraternity in scholarship. The University of Georgia Chapter v as established in 1923. OFFICERS T. W. REED President MILTON F. JARNAGIN Secretary JULIAN D. HALLIBURTON Vice-President MARY E. CRESWELL Journal Correspondent JOHN W. JENKINS Treasurer |[II lUU SUMI Beta Gamr ia is a national scholastic honor society in Commerce. Founded at the University of Wisconsin IWiw, Alpha of Georgia Chapter was established in 1918. Qualifications for membership are good moral character, scholarship and marked business ability. MR. SEGREST . MR. SCHEIDER • MR. BRAKEFIELD President Secretary Treasurer B. F. HOLCOMB HOWELL MOLLIS ROLL W. H. HOLSENBECK H. F. LANEY PHylLIS JENKINS H. B. LOVVORN W. A. THRASHER J. G. MARTIN OWEN E. PERRY Founded in 1897 Mennbership in the Spinx is the highest non- scholastic honor at the University. 1. A. H. PATTERSON 48. J. F. BAXTER 95. H. P. de LA PERIERE 142. IRA FUNKENSTEIN 2. W. D. HOOPER 49. HAROLD KETRON 96. F. C. NEWTON 143. FRANK CARTER 3. L COTHRAN 50. JACK BOWER 97. CLAUDE DERRICK 144. T. RUCKER GINN 4. G. GREEN 51. FRAMPTON ELLIS 98. W. C. HENSON 145. AARON BERND 5. C. R. ANDREWS 52. FRANK ANDERSON 99. J. B. HARRIS 146. RUSSELL H. PATTERSON 6. E. E. POMEROy 53. R. P. BROOKS 100. Y. B. SMITH 147. VICTOR VICTOR 7. A. PRATT ADAMS 54. L. P. GOODRICH 101. D. H. REDFERN 148. H. HOYT WELCHEL 8. WILL S. BLUN 55. 1. S. HOPKINS, JR. 102. JEROME MICHAEL 149. LOUIS H. PINKUSSOHN 9. C. W. DAVIS 56. J. 1. KILLORIN 103. D. L. ROGERS 150. CLARK HOWELL, JR. 10. M. D. DUBOSE 57. M. H. BLACKSHEAR 104. E. V. CARTER, JR. 151. D. K. McKAMY 1 1. R. P. JONES 58. VIRLYN B. MOORE 105. J. E. LUCAS 152. DAVID H. PADDOCK 12. A. J. McBRIDE 59. TOM W. CONNALLY 106. H. G. BAILEY 153. JOHN HENDERSON 13. R. J. TRAVIS 60. WINSHIP NUNNALLY 107. E. M. BROWN 154. EDWARD J. HARDIN 14. T. W. RUCKER 61. T. T. TURNBULL 108. ABIT NIX 155. GEORGE S. WHITEHEAD 15. M. M. THURMAN 62. W. W. PATTERSON 109. O. W. FRANKLIN 156. JAMES B. CONYERS 16. JOHN BANKS 63. ARTHUR SULLIVAN 110. E. T. MILLER 157. C. W. JACOBSON 17. R. L. DENMARK 64. CHARLIE H. COX III. H. L. LANHAM 158. H. L. HODGSON 18. J. E. HALL 65. RODERICK HILL 1 12. H. B. BLACKSHEAR 159. R. W. WESLEY 19. R. M. CHARLTON 66. HAROLD TELFORD 1 13. W. FALK, JR. 160. G. L. HARRISON 20. HARRY HULL 67. A. L. HARDY 1 14. A. R. McDonald 161. C. M. TANNER 21. H. C. JOHNSON 68. J. E. D. YOUNG 115. H. C. HATCHER 162. W. H. OUARTERMAN 22. J. B. RIDLEY 69. W. O. MARSHBURN 116. G. B. BARRETT 163. ROBERT CALLAWAY, JR. 23. W. R. RITCHIE 70. H. M. SCOTT 1 17. E. L PENNINGTON 164. JOEL B. MALLETT 24. J. L. ERWIN 71. JOHN A. BROWN 1 18. E. W. MOISE 165. THOMAS A. THRASH 25. PHINIZY CALHOUN 72. GEORGE HAINS 119. G. C. WOODRUFF 166. MAX L. SEGALL 26. F. K. McCUTCHEN 73. DAN Y. SAGE 120. E, V. HEATH 167. HOLMAN SORRELLS 27. LONGSTREET HULL 74. 1. C. LEVY 121. MILLARD REWIS 168. W. O. WHITE 28. H. J. LAMAR 75. LANSING B. LEE 122. R. B. TROUTMAN 169. J. P. STEWART 29. W. M. HARDY 76. L. RAOUL 123. ARTHUR K. MADDOX 170. N. L. GILLIS, JR. 30. N. P. PARK 77. J. J. RAGAN 124. J. L. SIBLEY 171. ROFF SIMS, JR. 31. W. J. HAMMOND 78. R. S. PARKER 125. CLIFF BRANNEN 172. J. H. CARMICHAEL 32. LAMAR C. RUCKER 79. GEORGE P. WHITMAN 126. L. D. BROWN 173. HOWARD McCALL 33. STERLING BLACKSHEAR 80. W. L. ERWIN 127. G. T. NORTHEN 174. IRVINE M. LEVY 34. M. M. DICKINSON 81. HARRISON JONES 128. W. A. MANN 175. HINTON LONGINO 35. ANDREW CALHOUN 82. C. D. CABANISS 129. H. D. MEYER 176. R. W. COURTS 36. CAM D. DORSEY 83. W. G. BRANTLEY 130. B. H. WALTON 177. L. H. TIPPETT 37. M. S. RICHARDSON 84. P. R. WELTNER 131. D. R. PEACOCK 178. O. R. ELLARS 38 B. S. WALKER 85. A. H. CARMICHAEL 132. V. E. DURDEN 179. R. H. WEST 39 SANDY BEAVER 86. R. KYLE SMITH 133. C. E. MARTIN 180. R. L. FOREMAN, JR. 40 G. W. LEGWIN 87. W. BROWN 134 E. B. DUNLAP 181. J. M. HATCHER 41 F. M. RIDLEY 88. J. K. McDonald 135 R. L. McWHORTER 182. DEWEY KNIGHT 42 RANDOLPH JACOUES 89. C. N. FIELD50N 136. R. H. FREEMAN 183. LOUIS SEABORN DAVIS 43 RALPH MELDRIM 90. FRANK MARTIN 137. Z. S. COWAN 184. W. P. ZACHARY 44 MARION SMITH 91 H. L. J. WILLIAMS 138. EDWARD MORGANSTERN 185. IRVINE PHINIZY 45 WALLA,CE MILLER 92. R. H. JONES 139. JAMES M. LYNCH 186. P. D. O ' CALLAGHAN 46 MINOR BOYD 93. S. O. SMITH 140. H. LEVY ROGERS 187. CHARLES M. CANDLER 47 W. J. TURNER 94. M. S. HODGSON 141. BENTLEY H. CHAPPELL 188. W. M. DALLAS HALLIBURTON ROLL— Continued 189. CLAUDE H. SATTERFIELD 190. F. H. HARROLD 191. W. D. MILLER 192. ARTHUR PEW 193. R. E. L. SPENCE 194. C. W. SLACK 195. JOHN R. SLATER 196. E. WAY HIGHSMITH 197. A. M. DAY 198. C. M. STRAHAN 199. H. H. MANGUM 200. W, H. STEPHENS 201. P. B. FORD 202. NATHAN JOLLES 203. OWEN REYNOLDS 204. J. P. CARSON 205. W. D. DURDEN 206. W. B. CODY 207. M. A. McRAINEY 208. W. F. DANIEL 209. E, H. DIXON 210. F. C. McCLURE 21 I. L. H. HILL 212. G. J. CLARK 213. C. A. LEWIS 214. J. J. BENNEn. JR. 215. ALTON HOSCH 216. C. G. HENRY 217. J. K. HARPER 218. H. H. MADDOX 219. J. L. WATSON 220. C. R. ANDERSON 221. E. M. GURR 222. H. M. CLECKLEY, III. 223. W. C. CARTER, JR. A— H. BROWN B— G. BUTLER C— O. S. SIBLEY D— D. E. DOUGHERTY E— W. H. HARRIS F— H. BACON G— W. P. HALL H— F. K. BOLAND I— H. G. COLVIN J— W. S. COTHRAN K— W. SPAIN 224. WILLIAM TATE 258. 225. C. F. WIEHRS 259. 226. JOHN FLETCHER 260. 227. J. D. THOMASON 261. 228. JOHN HOSCH, JR. 262. 229. TOM F. GREEN, JR. 263. 230. W. E. SEWELL 264. 231. LESTER HARGRETT 265. 232. C. L. GOWEN 266. 233. M. L. KILPATRICK 267. 234. J. D. ALLEN 268. 235. H. D. SHATTUCK 269. 236. GEORGE MORTON 270. 237. G. H. NIXON 271. 238. A, A. MARSHALL 272. 239. C. N. MELL 273. 240. E. P. ROGERS 274. 241. W. T. FORBES, JR. 275. 242. G. S. JOHNSON 276. 243. ROLLIN J. CHAMBLISS 277. 244. EARNEST CAMP, JR. 278. 245. ALLEN W. POST 279. 246. A. S. CLAY, III 280. 247. KELS BOLAND 281. 248. IVEY SHIVERS, JR. 282. 249. WILLIAM H. YOUNG 283. 250. ISAAK K. HAY 284. 251. GEORGE E. FLORENCE, JR. 285. 252. THOMAS A. NASH 286. 253. TOM J. HAMILTON, JR. 287, 254. BEN H. HARDY, JR. 288, 255. HALL L. STANCIL 289, 256. DANIEL C. TULLEY 290, 257. R. L. PATTERSON, JR. 291 HOKE S. WOFFORD JOHN S. CANDLER, II G. B. LAUTZENHISER RUFUS B. JENNINGS CRAIG BARROW, JR. ROBERT C. HOOKS JOSEPH H. BOLAND GUY C. HAMILTON JAMES J. HARRIS WILLIAM J. KLINE, JR. KANKAKEE ANDERSON J. EARNEST PALMOUR, JR. HENRY PALMER KELLY McCUTCHEN GUERRY HARRIS DOUGLAS FEAGIN, JR. MATTOX L. PURVIS JOSEPH M. OLIVER MARVIN COX ELLIS G. ARNALL HERBERT MAFFETT SANDFORD SANFORD JOHN W. MADDOX MARK HOLLIS WILLIAM C. LATIMER VERNON S. SMITH WILLIAM M. STRICKLAND JAMES W. MclNTIRE MARION GASTON McCARTY CRENSHAW WILLIAM HAZELHURST LEROY S. YOUNG FREDERICK SOLOMON VIRLYN B. MOORE, JR. HONORARY MEMBERS L— JOHN T. DORSEY M— F. R. MITCHELL N— H. DODD O— C. H. BLACK P— W. R. TICHNOR Q— G. T. JACKSON R— W. B. HILL S— C. M. SNELLING W— A. M. SOULE X— W. H. BOCOCK Y— S. V. SANFORD Z— C. M. STRAHAN AA— H. J. STEGEMAN BB— SYLVANUS MORRIS CC— G. F. PEABODY DD— E. A. LOWE T— DAVID CRENSHAW BARROW EE— T. J. WOOFTER U— R. E. PARK FF— THOMAS W. REED V— H. C. WHITE GG— HARRY MEHRE 292. WILLIAM T. MADDOX 293. J. M. RICHARDSON, JR. 294. MORTON S. HODGSON, JR. 295. T. R. THIGPEN, JR. 296. ROBERT G. STEPHENS, JR. 297. JOHN WESLEY CALHOUN 298. DeNEAN STAFFORD, JR. 299. JOHN BOND 300. HARRY BAXTER 301. WINBURN T. ROGERS 302. JOHN DAN BOWDEN 303. J. CARL STRONG 304. A. LEE ROGERS 305. JAMES WALTER WISE 306. WILLIAM T. BENNETT, JR. 307. WILLIAM C. HAWKINS 308. ROBERT T. ANDERSON 309. WADE C. HOYT, JR. 310. CHARLES C. HARROLD, JR. 31 I. BEN ANDERSON, JR. 312. EDWARD H. BAXTER 313. DYAR MASSEY 314. ANDERSON RODDENBERRY 315. MORRIS ABRAM 316. FLOYD NEWTON 317. OUINTON LUMPKIN 318. ROBERT B. TROUTMAN, JR. 319. ROBERT P. McCUEN 320. A. G. CLEVELAvND, JR. 321. ROBERT C, NORMAN 322. JULIAN HALLIBURTON 323. LEE PRICE 324. HOWELL HOLLIS 325. ALEX McCASKILL HH— H. N. EDMUNDS II— HAROLD HIRSCH JJ— EDGAR L. SECREST KK— HARMON W. CALDWELL LL— PAUL W. CHAPMAN MM— ROBERT R. GUNN NN— JOHN DONALD WADE OO— HUGHES SPALDING PP— CHARLES H. HERTY GO— E. M. COULTER I Blfl ■ GRiiiiii nu C. O. BAKER . FRED SWEAT . .... President Secfetary-Treasurer BILLY AKERS DAVE ATKINSON C. O. BAKER CALHOUN BOWEN JIM BRANCH BOBBY BROWN SCOTT BROWN AMBROSE BURCH JAMES CARMICHAEL CLAUDE CAUSEY WOODFIN CAVENDER VERNER CHAFFIN GUS CLEVELAND HARVEY COHEN JAMES CURTIS JACK DUNN DORSEY DYER CHARLIE EVANS JOE GERSON SECRET ORGANIZATION ROLL MARVIN GILLIS CURTIS HAMES JULIAN HALLIBURTON BILL HAMMACK JOHN HARRIS HOWELL HOLLIS WINSTON HUFF SONNY KAPLAN CECIL KELLY MILTON LESSER HENRY MADDEN JOHN MASSEY BUSTER MATTHEWS DAN McFADDEN RAYMOND McMAHON JESSE MILLER BILLY MIMS BOB NORMAN BILL NORRIS JIM OWEN LEE PRICE BOBBY ROTHBERG HOKE SMITH ROBERT E. SMITH JIMMY SOLMS BOB STEPHENS ARTHUR STEWART JAMES MALCOLM STEWART FRED SWEAT BARWICK TRAYLER ERNEST VANDIVER BILLY WALLACE W, C. WHEELER FRED WICKHAM AL WEILL BOBBY WILSON T. L. WOOD JOE WOODRUFF RICHARD YOUNG k3 rt n r% - c AKERS ATKINSON BAKER BOWEN BRANCH B. BROWN S. BROWN BURCH CARMICHAEL CAUSEY CAVENDER CHAFFIN CLEVELAND CURTIS DUNN DYER EVANS GERSON NAMES HALLIBURTON HAMMACK HARRIS HOLLIS HUFF KAPLAN KELLY MASSEY MATTHEWS McFADDEN MILLER MIMi NORMAN NORRIS OWEN PRICE ROTHBERG H. SMITH R SMITH SOLMS A. STEWART J. STEWART SWEAT VANDIVER WALLACE WHEELER WICKHAM WEILL WILSON WOOD WOODRUFF YOUNG ft f!| ft f% .(31 T-t ( ,1?! , ii ill I [ill KIPPI Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary fraternity. It has as its purpose the recognition of true merit and excellence annong the student body. At two elections held each year it taps and initiates into membership the outstanding men on the campus. Only those who are worthy and deserving have this honor conferred upon them. Following each election there is a public tapping ceremony. Omicron Delta Kappa IS non-factional and non-political. Its membership is selected according to a ery rigidly worked out point system. I T OFFICERS GUS CLEVELAND President BILL McNIEL Vice-President LEWIS KILLIAN Secretary-Treasurer ROLL CALHOUN BOWEN HOWELL HOLLIS MILTON BROWN LEWIS KILLIAN VERNER CHAFFIN MILTON LESSER GUS CLEVELAND BILL McNIEL GOODLOE ERWIN BOB NORMAN HOWELL ERWIN LEE PRICE BILL GUNTER LOUIS SOHN JULIAN HALLIBURTON T. L. WOOD A. L WEILL 1 - " I r First row, left to right: Bowen, Brown, Chatfin, Cleveland, Erwin, G. . . . Second row: Erwin, H.; Gunter, Halli- burton, Holhs, Killlan. . . . Third row; Lesser, McNiel, Norman, Price, Sohn. . . . Fourth row: Weill, Wood. C, ( ,,a — w " ' rsk «r F . .■■iW ' - 11 Ill[ 11! UiM Blue Key is a national honorary organization composed of outstanding students and faculty nnembers. Elections are held twice a year. Seniors are selected during the Fall Quarter and juniors during the Spring Quarter. Meet- ings are held bi-monthly. JIMMY STEWART President WILLIAM McNEIL Vice-President CLAUDE CAUSEY Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS C. O. BAKER CALHOUN BOWEN J. LOYD BURRELL WILLIAM CLAUDE CAUSEY WOODFIN CAVENDER VERNER F. CHAFFIN HORACE E. CROW. JR. JAMES CURTIS GOODLOE ERWIN CHARLES H. EVANS, JR. MARVIN B. GILLIS JULIAN HALLIBURTON GEORGE WARREN HARDEN CURTIS NAMES LEWIS M. KILLIAN MILTON E. LESSER BUSTER MATHEWS WILLIAM H. McNEIL ROBERT NORMAN LEE PRICE LOUIS SOHN JAMES M. STEWART A. L WEILL FRED L. WICKHAM THOMAS L. WOOD, JR. f k First ro rell, Ci Chaffin, left to right: Balcer, Bo Mathews, McNeil, Norman, Price, th row: Sohn, Stewart, Weill, Wick- . . . Seventh row: Wood. li iin nil FACTS Service, scholarship, and leadership are the requirements for membership in Mortar Board, national honorary society for senior women. Founded in 1 9 1 8 by representatives from Cornell University, Ohio State University, Swarthmore College, and the University of Michigan, this society has grown until it now has seventy-one active chapters in all sections of the country. Members are elected in the spring quarter of their junior year, and membership is limited to twenty in the annual election at any college. OFFICERS PHYLLIS JENKINS President ELEANOR ECKFORD Vice-President ALICE CABINISS Secretary MARTHA WHITAKER Treasurer ROLL ALICE CABINISS ELEANOR ECKFORD ALICE RUTH MILLER SUSAN DILLINGHAM MARY JANE GEISSLER MARTHA WHITAKER PHYLLIS JENKINS MRS. R. McWHORTER FACULTY MEMBERS MISS EVELYN SELLERS MRS. BONDURANT MRS. MARGARET SINGLETON : C abiniss, Dillingham, Eckford. row: Geissler, Jenkins, Miller. Third row: Whitaker. i Roger Secon Fowie Stockdale, Hatche [| !iyi[N mil FACTS The student government association of the Coordinate College was founded in 1932. This system of control was inaugurated for the purpose of preserving and promoting the interest of the students. It tries to give each individual under its supervision the largest possible personal liberties. All registered students of the Coordinate College are members. OFFICERS BETTY RINEARSON First Term President SUE ROGERS Second Term President VO HAMMIE BARNETT Vice-President NEVA BEERS Secretary-Treasurer DOTTY BOWEN President Sophomore Class TONY LEWIS President Freshman Class LOUISE STOCKDALE Freshman Representative to Council JANICE HATCHER Sophomore Representative to Council JULIA FOWLER Freshman Representative to Court FLORRIE ROSSEE Sophomore Representative to Court STUDENT COUNCIL BETTY RINEARSON DOTTY BOWEN VO HAMMIE BARNETT NEVA BEERS TONY LEWIS LOUISE STOCKDALE JANICE HATCHER Z Club, composed of from five to seven most outstanding girls in the Freshman Class, taps its newly-elected members at a banquet held each Spring at Co-ordinate College. Each girl in the Freshman Class is considered before elections are held in this honorary leadership society. Founded in 1934, the Z Club is probably best known for its Stunt Night which is presented each year. OFFICERS DOT DANIEL President ELIZABETH THOMPSON Secretary MEMBERS MARY ANNE BOWEN BETTYE GIBBS DOROTHY DANIEL JOAN ORR ELIZABETH THOMPSON [H Sin National honorary fraternity whose only aim is to recognize high scholastic attainment. Open to all men at the University who make an average of ninety-two during the first two quarters of their freshman year, or an average of ninety during the first three quarters. Founded at the University of Illinois in 1923. University of Georgia Chapter installed in 1938. Two faculty members elected to honorary membership each year. OFFICERS CURTIS AVERY President STOKES WALKER Vice-President JAY SMITH Secretary-Treasurer DEAN WILLIAM TATE Faculty Advisor CURTIS AVERY EMMET FERGUSON GEORGE HERBERT POPE HOLLIDAY ROLL JAMES JOHNSON JACK MEADOWS RICHARD MUNN ROBERT ROYAL JAY SMITH MARVIN STEPHENS STOKES WALKER WILLARD YOUNG RAYMOND LESSER I ( ( •m ler-W-, J - ' - ' • «rf ? • «f iife First row, left to right: Avery, Fer guson, Herbert, Holliday, Johnson. . . Second row: Meadows, Munn Royal, Smith, Stephens. . . . Thirc row: Walker, Young, Lesser. PlliHHiD Alpha Lambda Delta, honorary fraternity for freshnnen women, was founded nationally in 1924 and installed at the University of Georgia in 1934. As an organization it encourages high scholastic attainment, promotes a higher stand- ard of living, and develops leadership among the women of the University. Scholastic re- quirements for membership call for an average of over eighty-five for any two quarters of the first year. OFFICERS JANICE HATCHER President DOROTHY DANIEL V.ce-President JULIA FARMER Secretary ROLL MARIANNE ADAIR CHARLOTTE ADAMS RUTH ALLGOOD MARY BOYD ROSALYN BRADSHAW FRANCES BULWINKLE FLORENCE LEE CALLAHAN FRANCES CAMP DOROTHY DANIEL MILDRED DUNCAN ANNE EDGE JULIA FARMER ZELMA FORD SERENA GRAHAM NORMA GREER WINIFRED HACKE LOUISE MAINS JANICE HATCHER VERA HIRSCHBERG DORTHA HULSEY NETTIE ISRAILS CATHERINE JEFFARES FRANCES JOHNSON NANCY JONES SYLVIA KANTOR CAROL LASHER CAROLYN McCarthy SHIRLEY MINSK ANNE NOBLE ELIZABETH OBEAR JOAN ORR NANCY PHILLIPS SUE ROGERS JEAN ROSS GLADYS SEBRING DOROTHY IRENE SMITH MARTHA LEE SMITH VALERIE VARNON LORRAINE WILENSKY First row, left to right: Ad. Brddshdw. . . . Second Duncan, Edge. . Jams, Boyd, Callahan, Third row: Ford, Greer, ' Hacke. . . . Fourth ains. Hatcher, Israils, Jeffares. . . . 3w: Johnson, Jones, Kantor, Lasher. Sixth row: Minsk, Noble, Obear, Orr. row: Phillips, Rogers, Ross, Sebring. Eighth row: Smith, Varnon, Wilensky. s a a m. __. KMlSIiiiiy Bllltil f .- J. " low, left to risht: Norman, Adams, Gunter. . . . Second row: Johnston, Wood, Bcasley. . . . Third row: Kent, Wickham, Chaffin. . . . Fourth row: Norris, Cassels, Jordan. . . . Fifth row: Hicks, Levy, Ferguson. . . . Sixth row: Brown, Smith. The Demosthenian Literary Society was founded at the Uni- versity of Georgia in 1803. It is the oldest college debating society in America. On its floors have been debated every important issue that has faced this State and Nation since its founding — slavery and secession, tariff and nullification, reconstruction and the negro vote, utility regulation and free silver, prohibition and woman suffrage, isolationism and the League of Nations, New Deal legislation and laissez faire. Many of the leaders of Georgia and the South were members of the Society while in attendance at the University, and many others have been proud of the opportunity to address its members, and of the honorary membership extended to them. But as Demosthenian Literary Society concludes its one hundred and eighty-seventh year of activity, it is not its long and illustrious history, its devotion to the burning issues of the day, or its ever increasing list of distinguished mem- bers that causes it the greatest pride but rather its adherence to the fundamental purposes which gave it birth. Founded to inculcate in the students of the University a sincere in- terest in the problems of their State and Nation and to train them in the effective leadership of their people toward the solution of these problems, the Society has ever held these goals before its eyes. In accordance with these principles the officers of the So- ciety for the scholastic year 1939-40 have endeavored to carry out a program which would focus the attention of the members on the pressing problems now facing Georgia and the whole world, and which would enlist the active support and interest of every member. The officers of the Society OFFICERS First Term Second Term PRESIDENT Third Term ROBERT C.NORMAN RONALD ADAMS VICE-PRESIDENT WM. B. GUNTER DEERING JOHNSTON T. L. WOOD HUGH BEASLEV SECRETARY JACK KENT HUGH BEASLEY TREASURER T. L.WOOD FRED WICKHAM FRED WICKHAM ADLATUS FRED WICKHAM VERNER CHAFFIN BILL NORRIS SOLICITOR-GENERAL BOB CASSELS BOB CASSELS PARLIAMENTARIAN JEROME JORDAN ERNESTO. HICKS VICTOR LEVY SERGEANT-AT-ARMS EMMET FERGUSON MILTON BROWN ROBT. C. NORMAN CUSTODIAN RONALD ADAMS STANFORD SMITH STANFORD SMITH STANFORD SMITH w DfiinniiiH uuu ANNIVERSARIAN RONALD F. ADAMS JUDICIAL COUNCIL Second Term RONALD ADAMS CHIEF JUSTICE DEERING JOHNSTON DEERING JOHNSTON DEWITT BALLEW ASSOCIATE JUSTICE DEWITT BALLEW DEWITT BALLEW GEORGE HASLAM ASSOCIATE JUSTICE GEORGE HASLAM GEORGE HASLAM B. C. GARDNER BILL GUNTER GEORGE HASLAM BOB NORMAN JACK KENT A. L. WEILL have sedulously guarded the right of every member to be heard fully on any issue, and have sought diligently to cultivate the genius for govern- ment and instinct for the democratic process that is the heritage of every Georgian. In the execution of this pro- gram the officers are happy to report that they have met with a large meas- ure of success. In these days when government by edict is sweeping the world and the right of the individual to think and to freely express his thoughts is in greater peril than for generations past, the So- ciety is increasingly proud of the part it plays in the life of the University and the State. If it can aid in the preservation of democratic principles of government in general and the right of free speech in particular it shall have been worthy of its glorious tradi- tions and shall have justified its right to continued existence. Respectfully submitted, RONALD F. ADAMS. J w D [ M ST H [ N I A N w:i ■■ ' % ' TTTTTTT T TTT ' o DifTTTr ff; » a ' f ,r , Q o .( !n n ca n TrT ( M W| W First row left to right Adams, B.; Adams, R.; Avery, Baker, Ballew, Barnes, Harry; Barnes, Henry; Bennett, Bernard. . . . Second row: Black Blake Boland Bowen Bradley, Bicwlon, Broadnck Brown M Brown S. , . . Third row; Burch, Burrell, Cagle, Calhoun, Campbell, Capper, Carrasco, Carter, Cassels. . . . Fourth row: Cavender Chaffin Clements, Cllnkscalcs, Cloud M Cloud W Coffee, Cumming, Daniel. . . . Fifth row: David, R.; David, T. E.; Drewry, Duncan, Dyer, Earle, Elliot Ferguson E.- Ferguson J B Sixth row: Fields, J.; Fields, G Firor Fisher Fleishmann, Flowers, Floyd, Fowler, Freeman. . . . Seventh row: Fries, Gardner, Garner, Gillman, Gunter, Hall ' Hames Hardy Harris. . . . Eighth row: Harrison, P.; Harrison, R. H.; Harvard, Haslam, Haynes, Hester, Hill, Hillard, Holliday. BRANTLEy ADAMS RONALD ADAMS CURTIS AVERy HARRy BAKER DEWITT BALLEW HARRY BARNES HENRy BARNES ROBERT BENNETT HUGH BERNARD HOMER BLACK JOHN BLAKE H, L. BOLAND NJCILLIAM BOWEN RICHARD P. BRADLEy WILLIAM S. BREWTON JOHN E. BROADRICK MILTON BROWN SCOTT BROWN BILLY BURCH J. L. BURRELL M. C. CAGLE JACK CALHOUN W. J. CAMPBELL BERT CAPPER ENRICO CARRASCO HAROLD B. CARTER BOB CASSELS WOODFIN CAVENDER VERNER CHAFFIN HARRY CLEMENTS MAYLON CLINKSCALE5 MASON CLOUD WILLIAM CLOUD ROLL JOHN COFFEE LOWELL CUMMING E. W. DANIEL ROBERT DAVID T. E. DAVID JONES DREWRY POPE DUNCAN DORSEy DyER BENSON EARLE FRANK ELLIOT EMMET FERGUSON JOE BILL FERGUSON JACK FIELDS GLEN FIELDS DAVID FIROR ALBERT FISHER STANLEY FLEISHMANN RODERICK FLOWERS ELMORE FLOYD ALPHA FOWLER EUGENE FREEMAN JAMES FRIES B. C. GARDNER FRANK GARNER STANLEY JO GILLMAN WILLIAM GUNTER JOHN HALL CURTIS HAMES SUTTON HAROy BILL HARRIS PERRY HARRISON ROBERT H, HARRISON WILLIAM HARVARD GEORGE HASLAM TOM HAYNES EDDIE HESTER MARVIN HILL GROVES HILLARD JOHN HOLLIDAY RAYDEEN HOWARD JACK HUBERT RALPH HUDSON WILLIS HURST BOB JACKSON a D [ M S I H E N I H lit n ' C ( -C pro u .o, R fS f 3 fS f ( a, a, L4 D 1 First row, left to right: Howard, Hubert, Hudson, Hurst, Jackson, Johnson, C; Johnson, D.; Jordan Kaplan E. . . . Second Levy, C.; Levy, V.; Lott. . . . Third row: Maranz, Massey, J.; Massey, T.; McElreath, McGahee, McMahon, McNulty, Meeks Montgomery, Morrow, Moilcy, Mulllns, Neisler. . . . Fifth row: Norman, Norris, Norman, M., Odom Parady Parker Par Richards, Rogers, Ro ' yal, Royall, Russell, Sellers, Seymour, Shifflett. . . . Seventh row: Smith, Clarence; Smith, Conrad- Smith I Sweat, L. . . . Eighth row: Teal, Walker, Weill, Whatley, Wickhan, Wiggir ow: Kaplan, K.; Kcndrick, Kent, Landsdell, Langford, LeRoy, Mcrritt. . . . Fourth row: Metzgcr, Miller, Mills, Mobley, ee, Patterson, Peeples, Ramsey. . . . Sixth row: Rcnfroe, J.: Smith, R, E.; Smith, W. S.; Stcenland, Storey, Sweat, F.; s, Wood. CARROLL JOHNSON DEERING JOHNSON JEROME JORDAN EMIL KAPLAN KUSIEL KAPLAN JAMES KENDRICK JACK KENT RALPH KICKLIGHTER MORRIS KING JOE LANDSDELL BEVERLY LANGFORD DAVID LeROy CLARENCE LEVY VICTOR LEVY ARTHUR LOTT HUB MARANZ JOHN MASSEY THOMAS MASSEY WILLIAM McELREATH JACK McGAHEE R. L. McMAHON BOB McNULTY STANTON MEEKS BRUCE MERRITT GEORGE METZGER HAROLD MILLER LEWIS MILLS HARRY MOBLEY JACK MONTGOMERY PAUL MORROW CLAUDE MOZLEY ALFRED MULLINS WILL NEISLER ROLL ROBERT NORMAN MURRAY NORMAN BILL NORRIS W. E. ODOM HAROLD PARADY JACK PARKER JIMMIE PARKERSON GU5 PARTEE BOB PATTERSON MORTON PEEPLES JACK RAMSEY CHARLES RENFROE ROY RICHARDS MURPHEY ROGERS ROBERT ROYAL JACK ROYALL B. RUSSELL BERYL SELLERS G. SEYMOUR FRANK SHARRON ROBERT SHIFFLETT CLARENCE SMITH CONRAD SMITH JAY SMITH R. E. SMITH W. S. SMITH ADIN STEENLAND RALPH STEVESON HAROLD STOREY FRED SWEAT LONNIE SWEAT CHARLES TEAL MANNING TRIPP ARCHIE WALKER A. L. WEILL RALPH WESTBROOK NEWTON WHATLEY FRED WICKHAN EARL BRUMBY WIGGIN " ; C. WILLIAMS T. L. WOOD ' irrm U 1 I [[| HR o f f O 1 First row, left to right: Mollis, Van- diver, White. . . . Second row: Wood- ruff, Sparks, Haskins. . . . Third row: Cocke, Hackc, Walker. . . . Fourth row: Killian, Meadows, Weston. . . . Fifth row: Lumpkin, Daniels, Bradbury. Organized on Washington ' s Birthday by Joseph hienry Lump- kin in 1820, Phi Kappa brought back the spark of rivalry to the campus, which up until then had been lacking in the forensic field. The achievements of Phi Kappans, while in school and after graduation, have given to the society that tradition which is so necessary to the success of any organization. Alexander hH. Stephens, Vice-President of the Confederacy, Richard B. Russell, now United States Senator, Eugene Talmadge, former Governor of Georgia, and many others have rendered serv- ices to their state and nation, which give hope to those of us who up until now have been unable to give such services, but wish to do so in the future. OFFICERS First Term Second Term Third Term HOWELL MOLLIS ERNESTVANDIVER GUS SPARKS JAMES HACKE JOEWOODRUFF STOKES WALKER WARREN WESTON PRESIDENT ERNEST VANDIVER WILLIAM O. WHITE FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT BILL WHITE JOE WOODRUFF SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT GUS SPARKS SIDNEY HASKINS SECRETARY JOE WOODRUFF TREASURER JAMES HACKE ERLE COCKE. JR. JAMES HACKE CHIEF JUSTICE SIDNEY HASKINS STOKES WALKER ASSOCIATE JUSTICES LEWIS KILLIAN ED LUMPKIN JACK MEADOWS WARREN WESTON SAXTON DANIELS SERGEANT-AT-ARMS J. T. BRADBURY J. T. BRADBURY w PNi n p p in ANNIVERSARIAN HOWELL MOLLIS KEY COUNCIL OF PHI KAPPA GUS CLEVELAND LOUIS SOHN HOWELL ERWIN BYRON MATHEWS HOWELL HOLLIS JACK MEADOWS STOKES WALKER The chief ob|ects of Phi Kappa are to develop the forensic abilities of its members and to prepare them to be better citizens of our great state. If we have accomplished this much, then we have not failed, and Phi Kappa merits the place that it has always held on the campus of the University of Georgia. One hundred and twenty years of glorious history, accomplishment of our objectives in the present, and a knowledge, that in the future. Phi Kappa will hold the same place in the hearts of students who come to the University of Georgia as it has held in ours, constitute the spirit of our society, and will make its history in the future. ERNEST VANDIVER, JR., President. C), ( A £Z2 L. PHI n p p ft 1 First row, left to right: Ackerman, Adams, Battle, Beckman, Bermar, Bcrnd, Blum, Blumenthal. . . . Second row: Bowen, Bradbury, Bnggs, Braungart, Brody, Brown, Calhoun, Cocke. . . . Third row: Coffin, Collat, Cooper, Coplin, Jimmy; Coplin, Jack; Cunningham, Daniel, Drcwry. . . . Fourth row: Driftmier, Farkas, Ficklin, Fleming, Gabelia, Gary, Gillon, Gordon. . . . Fifth row: Groover, Gunn, Hacke, Harrell, Haskins, Haverty, Head, Hecht. . . . Sixth row: Mollis, Horsey, Howell, Jacobus, Johnson, Kaplan, Keffcrman, Killian. MURRAY ACKERMAN MORRIS BRODY EARL DREWRY JACK HARRELL JOHN ADAMS CLEM BROWN JOHN DRIFTMIER SIDNEY HASKINS BLANCHARD BATTLE BO BRYANT SAM FARKAS RAWSON HAVERTY MICKEY BECKMAN WALTER CALHOUN BUCK FICKLIN JOHN HEAD HARRY BERMAN ERLE COCKE, JR. FRANK FLEMING RICHARD HECHT GUSTAVE BERND LAMAR COFFIN GEORGE GABELIA HOWELL HOLLIS ARNOLD BLUM ROBERT COLLAT BERT GARY HARRY HORSEY IRWIN BLUMENTHAL JACOB COOPER GEORGE GILLON BEN HOWELL LENNON BOWEN JIMMY COPLIN SHERMAN GORDON JOE JACOBUS J. T. BRADBURY JACK COPLIN DENNY GROOVER JAMES JOHNSON STANLEY BRIGGS DOUGLAS CUNNINGHAM ULY S. GUNN, II DAVID KAPLAN GEORGE BRAUNGART SAXTON DANIEL JAMES HACKE, JR. JOE KEFFERMAN hfiCzAK. PHI n p p A a 3 0: r • ' ( ' " f f q r " fs ru J f -f .!tt V n :¥ d ' h First row left to right: Kirstein, Kruger, Buddy; Kruger, Reuben; Lee, Lesser, Lipshutz, Loyd, Lumpliin. . . . Second row: Macey, Marcus, McColium, Mcintosh Meadows Melton, Michael, Miller. . . . Third row: Montgomery, Moody, Morns, Neel, Nicholson, Piatt, Rice, Rinearson. . . . Fourth row: Rish, Roberts, Rosenberg Sacken Simpson, Smotherman, Sneed, Solms. . . . Fifth row: Sparks, Standifer, St. John, Stokes, Struletz, Vandiver, Walker, Wartman. . . . Sixth row: Weston, Wheeler, White, Bill; White, J. B.; Wilson, Williams, Woodruff. LEWIS KILLIAN JAMES MclNTOSH BUD RINEARSON DUDLEY STOKES HARVEY KIRSTEIN JACK MEADOWS RONALD RISH JOE STRULETZ BUDDY KRUGER OUIMBY MELTON HOWARD ROBERTS ERNEST VANDIVER REUBEN KRUGER SIMON MICHAEL LEMON ROSENBERG STOKES WALKER LANSING LEE JOHN MILLER HERMAN SACKEN FRED WARTMAN RAYMOND LESSER JAMES MONTGOMERY JOHN SIMPSON WARREN WESTON ROBERT LIPSHUTZ GRIFFIN MOODY FRED SMOTHERMAN MATT WHEELER ROBERT LOYD RICHARD MORRIS WILSON SNEED BILL WHITE ED LUMPKIN JOE NEEL BILL SOLMS J. B. WHITE MORRIS MACEY HOMER NICHOLSON GUS SPARKS JAMES E. WILSON MURRAY MARCUS HAROLD PLATT BILL STANDIFER CHARLES WILLIAMS BILL McCOLLUM BOB RICE AUBREY ST. JOHN JOE WOODRUFF A i[rs Gi[[ nil The University of Georgia Glee Club, under the direction of Hugh hlodgson, nationally recognized for the artistic achieve- ments attained under the leadership of this outstanding Southern artist, with the Spring tour of 1940 completed their thirtieth annual tour of leading cities throughout the State. The 1938-39 session saw the club extend the scope of its per- formance with engagements ai the Nation ' s Capital, and the Naval Academy in Annapolis, having the distinction of being the first college Glee Club to appear in concert before the midshipmen. OFFICERS MR. HUGH HODGSON Director MR, MIKE McDowell Assistant Director JOE FOLSOM President WINSTON WHITEHEAD Vice-President and Business Manager HARRISON HEIDLER Assistant Business Manager ROBERT DIXON A. C. GILLELAND PAUL HAMILTON JACK AVERITT JOHN BEARD LEONARD BOWEN FIRST TENORS HARRISON HEIDLER MARVIN HILL JERRY MEADOWS JULIAN PRICE SECOND TENORS CHARLES CLARK DARWIN FENDER JOE FOLSOM CHARLES MORRIS FRANK SULE WINSTON WHITEHEAD ROBERT HARRISON FRANK McGINTY EUGENE PETTY BUD RINEARSON GEORGE BOYD WYATT CHILDS MARTIN FALK SHOCKLEV FEW EUGENE FREEMAN JACK HUBERT RICHARD MUNN CHARLES T. NIBLETT PHIL POTTER HENRY WILSON MICKEY BECKMAN KELSO CARTER WANSLEY COX EUGENE GIBSON GEORGE GRACE EARL JENKINS BILL McCOLLUM JACK MEADOWS JOHN ED RHODES HIRAM LEE SWAIN DAVE WILLIAMS CHARLES SLAUGHTER First rov , eft to r qhl SuIp. Hill Gill ela nd Heidler i. Meadov s. . . . S cond row: Cc rte Rhoadcs . . Fo urth row: Rinea son Sv vai Jenkins, Ed »ards. . . . Sixth r w: M :Gin 1, Mu Hubert, Averitt, Niblelt. 1, Carrasco, Price, Beard, Fi Wilson, Willianns Whitehead, Gibson, Few, Childs, Cox, Reeve, Fifth row: Leckie, Bowen, Petty, . . . Leader; Mr. Hugh Hodgson. First row, left to r ight: Acree, Adair, Baldwin, Berwick, Beckwith, Bloom, Bowen, Brawner, Brown, A. R.; Brown, S.; Byers, Cannon. . . Second row Chambers Clark Colley Collie Collins, Crane, Crosswell, Cumming, Daniel, E.; Daniel, S.; Davis, Divine. . . . Third row: Douglas, Estes, Everett, Pickling, Field,, Fowler, Freeman, B.- Freeman, F.- Frei lebcn, Gandy, Gilbert. . . . Fourth row: Gormley, Graham, Grant, Griffith, Guard, Haines, Hibbcn, Hillis, Hipsan, Hodges Hodson A ■ Hodgson M Fifth row Hotfmaste Holder, Huddlcston, Jackson, Lamkin, Long, Lynn, Martin, McElwaney, Pool, Porter, Postell. . . . Sixth row: Rauzin, Richardson, Richter Roach Roberts Rossec Salter Sanders Sai gent, Siafacas, Siegle, Sims. . . . Seventh row: Spilky, Waters, Weintraub, White, Whitmire, Willingham, Wing, Wolff, Wortham. in Giii nn OFFICERS ELOISE BECKWITH . . . . ■ ■ . President DONNA LYNN Secretary FRANCES FREEMAN . . . Vice-President JOSEPHINE HUDDLESTON Treasurer MEMBERS LILLIAN ACREE GWEN COLLINS FRANCES FREEMAN LOUISE HOFFMASTER CONNIE ROBERTS MARIANNE ADAIR BEHY COOK JEAN PREISLEBEN BARBARA HOLDER PLORRIE ROS5EE CHARLIE BALDWIN JEANETTE CRANE LUCILLE GANDY JOSEPHINE HUDDLESTON CORDELIA SALTER ANNE BARWICK ANNE CROSSWELL CLAIRE GILBERT ROSE JACKSON HELEN SANDERS ELOISE BECKWITH EMILY CUMMING MARGARET GILLESPIE LISBETH LAMKIN PAGE SARGENT ETHEL BLOOM ELAINE DANIEL CELESTE GORMLEY ROSE MARY LONG LILLIAN SIAFACAS BETTY BOWEN SUSIE DANIEL EVELYN GRAHAM DONNA LYNN LEAH SIEGLE EDITH BRAWNER OLIVE BELL DAVIS EMOGENE GRANT DORIS MARTIN MARGARET SIMS ANNIE RUTH BROWN WINIFRED DIVINE JANE GRIFFITH REBECCA McELWANEY NATALIE SPILKY GLADYS BROWN MARY DOUGLAS MARGUERITE GUARD MARTHA NORRIS MARIE WATERS MARGARET BYERS CARRIE ESTES LOUISE HAINES WILMA POOL ESTA WEINTRAUB CATHERINE CANNON SARAH EVEREH RUTH HIBBEN RUTH PORTER CAROLYN WHITE GERALDINE CHAMBERS LAURETTE PICKLING SENIE HILLIS MARTHA POSTELL GERALDINE WHITMIRE JANE CLARK GEORGIA FIELD JEANNE HIPSAN MARTHA RAUZIN ROSE WILLINGHAM JANE CLARY MARGARET PLEXER BETTY HODGES FRANCES RICHARDSON CATHERINE WING HELEN COLLEY JULIA FOWLER ALLENE HODSON ROBERTA RICHTER JEANNE WOLFF NANCY COLLIER BLANCHE FREEMAN MARY HODGSON ELIZABETH ROACH SARA WORTHAM FACTS Sigma Alpha Music Club was installed as the seventy- third active chapter of Sigma Alpha lota, national music sorority, January 30 this year. Newly initiated members propose to sponsor an annual student concert, help pro- mote the weekly Music Appreciation program, and to give an annual reception for visitors during the Music Festival each year. The purpose of the fraternity as a whole is to raise the standard of productive musical work, and to uphold the highest ideals of musical education. OFFICERS JANE CLARY President SARA ROSSEE Vice-President MIRIAM DREIZIN Secretary MILDRED HARDING Treasurer CARRIE MYRTICE ESTES Historian MILDRED CAMPBELL Chaplain MARY DOUGLASS Sergcant-at-Arms First row, left to right: Balfour, Barwick, Bcck- with. . . . Second row: Brawncr, Camp- bell, Cannon, . . . Third row: Douglas, Dreizm, Estes. . . . Fourth row: Harding, Jones, O ' Neal. . . . Fifth row: Rossee. CONNIE BALFOUR ANN BARWICK ELOISE BECKWITH EDITH BRAWNER MILDRED CAMPBELL ROLL CATHERINE CANNON JANE CLARY MARY DOUGLASS MIRIAM DREIZIN CARRIE MYRTICE ESTES MILDRED HARDING DOT JONES FLORENCE MODENA ELISE O ' NEAL LAURA ROGERS SARA ROSSEE uui cm FACTS This local club was organized to promote and create interest in higher types of music among University students. Its membership is limited to music students who have shown a great deal of interest in the program of the club. OFFICERS ROBERT HARRISON President JIMMY HOLDEN Vrce-President ELOISE BECKWITH Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS ANN BARWICK MICKEY BECKMAN ELOISA BECKWITH NEVA BEERS EDITH BRAWNER MILDRED CAMPBELL CATHERINE CANNON WYATT CHILDS JANE CLARY KENNETH COLEMAN HELEN COLLEY SUSAN DILLINGHAM MARY DOUGLASS HILDA EDWARDS GEORGIA FIELD RODERICK FLOWERS EUGENE GIBSON MARGARET GILLESPIE MILDRED HARDING ROBERT HARRISON HARRISON HEIDLER MARY HODGSON JAMES HOLDEN NORMA KAPLIN RALPH KICKLIGHTER CAROL LASHER GEORGE LeROY HUGH McGARITY FRANK McGINTY RICHARD MUNN JANICE OETTINGER CLIFFORD SNYDER FRANK SULE LEILA TRUITT MARIE WATERS MARY JO WEAVER MARGARET WILSON JEANNE WOLFF BUCK YEARNS First row, left to right: Beckwith, Beers, Brawner Campbell. . . . Second row: Cannon, Childs, Coleman, Colley. . . . Third row: Dillingham, Douglass, Edwards, Field. . . . Fourth row: Flowers, Gibson, Harding, Harrison. . . . Fifth row: Heidler, Hodgson, Holden, Lasher. . . . Sixth row: LeRoy, McGarity, McGinty, Munn. . . . Seventh row: Snyder, Sule, Truitt, Waters. . . . Eighth row: Weaver, Wilson, Wolff. mSOI in luiinoe oicnnn The Bulldog Orchestra, directed this year by Billy Scott, could well be called one of the traditional or- ganizations of the University. For many years the students of Georgia have danced to the nnusic of the Bulldogs and this year the orchestra has completed one of its most successful years. It is composed entirely of students of the University, who either intend to follow music as a profession, or play in the orchestra through enjoyment of music. Saxophones — BENNY FRAM JOE FOLSOM BILLY SCOTT Trumpets — LARRY KENDRICK HILLARD HICKS Trombone — FOREST POPE Drums— BOBBY DOTTERY Piano — LOUVAIN RAY ALFRED CONKLIN Left to right: Fram, Conklin, Folsom, Pope, Hicks, Scott, Ray at Piano NORMAN WHITEHEAD HAWKS BELL IfllDHfiPI yCWIl[CIH[ SBCIfl! The Society was founded in 1931 to further knowledge and interest in professional landscape archi tecture. Membership is limited to students in the landscape architecture department. OFFICERS FRANCIS NORMAN, JR President E. W. WHITEHEAD Vice-President NELL HAWKS Secretary J. NEWTON BELL Treasurer HARRY ANDERSON JOE W. ARNOLD J. NEWTON BELL LEMUEL BRAWNER CHARLES DE LOACH LOUISE GAMBLE CORYELL GREER ROLL JOHN J. HALL JOHN T. HALL RODNEY HARRIS NELL HAWKS WILLIAM A. JONES MAHLON KEIFFER EDWIN KENNY FRANCIS NORMAN, JR. GROVER SEYMOUR CLARENCE SMITH WALLACE STEWART JAMES J. WALLACE, JR. HUGH WALLACE E. W. WHIT EHEAD JEANNE WOLFE •:=L r •O !% C.) f mm m FACTS The University Theatre is an organization open to all students interested in dramatic productions. Three plays are presented each year. Functions of the Theatre are carried on by three staffs — acting, production, and business. All work is done by Uni- versity students. EXECUTIVE STAFF WILLIAM BURSON Production Manager MILTON LESSER Business Manager JACK KENNEDY Stage Manager AL WEILL Executive Business Manager JOE JACOBUS Advertising Manager SIGO MOHR Advertising Manager FRANCIS MADDUX Publicity Manager LaGRANGE TRUSSELL Mistress of Properties iim First row. kft to right: Bu son, Lesser, Weill. . . Scr ond row, Jac obu , Mohr, Maddu . Third row : Tr ussell. WALTER ARNOLD BOB ARONSON MAC BERMAN BURRILL BUNIM ELEANOR BUSHNELL LOUISE CHANDLER MICKEY BECKMAN CORDELIA BRUMBY ROBERT BURSON MIRIAM DREIZIN ANNIE HAWKES HAROLD ISEMAN PRODUCTION STAFF ALINE COCKE DOT DANIEL SIDNEY ENGELHARDT JOE GINSBERG SHERMAN GORDON POLLY HARRIS BUSINESS STAFF HARVEY KIRSTEIN SHIRLEY KULBERSH RAYMOND LESSER DOROTHY LINK ROBERT LIPSHUTZ MORRIS MACEY FRED WICKHAM LOUISE HOFFMASTER CEDELIA HOUSE MARTHA LIDDELL PEGGY MATTHEWS ROBERT MAXWELL SAM STEIN JACK MEADOWS HOMER NICHOLSON BOB RICE CONNIE ROBERTS WILLIAM ROGERS LOUiS STEYERMAN IHIf FACTS Thalian-Blackfriars Dramatic Club is an or- ganization recognizing individual achieve- ment in the University Theatre. Each year it initiates outstanding workers from the act- ing, production, and business staffs of the Theatre. The club was formed in 1931 by the merger of the two dramatic societies existing then, the Thalians and the Black- friars. OFFICERS MILTON LESSER President LOUIS SOHN Vice-President SUSAN DILLINGHAM Vice-President BILL ROGERS Secretary AL WEILL Treasurer MEMBERS RUTHANNE ABRAM WALTER ARNOLD ED BIRKENHAUER BILL BURSON ALINE COCKE LOUISE CONNELL SUSAN DILLINGHAM MIRIAM DREIZIN JOE GINSBERG SYLVIA GINSBERG HORTON GREENE POLLY HARRIS JENNINGS HEAD CEDELIA HOUSE JOE JACOBUS CHARLES JOEL MILTON LESSER RAYMOND LESSER MARTHA LIDDELL PEGGY MATHEWS ROBERT MAXWELL JACK MEADOWS SIGO MOHR BETTY McDAVID BILL McNIEL BILL RIEMER BILL ROGERS BOB ROTHBERG LEE SECREST LOUIS SOHN ANDREW SPARKS GEORGE STANLEY AL WEILL eft to right: Abram, Arnold, Birken- on. . . . Second row; Cocke, Conncll, , Dreiiin. . . . Third row: J. Ginsberg, 1, Greene, Harris. . . . Fourth row: use. Jacobus, Joel. . . . Fifth row: R. Lesser, Liddell, Maxwell. . . . Meadows, Mohr, McDavid, McNiel. llh row: Riemer, Rogers, Rothberg, . Eighth row: Sohn, Sparks, Stanley, Weill. C ( o -•- ? rz3£n _ w ji jm ' First row, left to nght: Benjami Brooks, Crawford, Doss, Gambrcll. . . Second row: Kuimicki, Lipscom Madden, McFee, McMahon. . . Third row: Pollock, Watkins, Wheel. Wilkins, Wing. nppi p Kappa Pi, national art fraternity, was established at the University of Georgia in 1937. Its members have as their purpose the stimulation of interest in art on the campus and the futherance of individual prog ress. Two years of college training are required for membership. OFFICERS SAM WILKINS President MARGARET BENJAMIN Vice-President EUNICE WATKINS Secretary ALAN KUZMICKI Treasurer JACK ADAMS MARGARET BENJAMIN MARY BROOKS JANELLE CRAWFORD MARIE DOSS RUBEN GAMBRELL ROLL ALAN KUZMICKI ROSALIND LIPSCOME HENRY MADDEN CECIL MICHAEL GRACE McFEE RAMOND McMAHON LOIS POLLOCK EUNICE WATKINS JEAN WHEELER SAM WILKINS JUDY WING pioioeypn cue The Photography Club was founded in 1936. Its purpose Is to promote more and better photography on the campus of the University, and, at its meetings, held every two weeks, the study of both prac- tical and theoretical photography is taken up. At the meetings, speakers tell of the uses and methods of good photography. Part of the work of the Photography Club is to sponsor contests and exhibits of the students ' work In this field. OFFICERS JOHN REESE President JAMES JOHNSON Vice-President HELEN NOLTE Treasurer BONNIE WESTBROOK Secretary MEMBERS LIBBY BARGERON LUCILE ELLISON HERBERT FORMAN VIRGINIA FUTRAL JAMES A. JOHNSON GWEN KEY SIMON MICHAEL FENWICK NICHOLS HELEN NOLTE ANNE PEAKE JOHN REESE SOPHIA STEVENS VALERIE VARMON ARDELLE WALDHOUR BONNIE WESTBROOK First row, left to right: Bargeron, Ellison Forman. . . . Second row: Futral, Johnson Key. . . . Third row: Michael, Nichols, Nolte . . . Fourth row: Peake, Reese, Stevens. . . Fifth row: Varmon, Waldhour, Westbrook. FAas Zodiac was founded at the University of Georsia in 1920 as a local scholarship organization connposed of the twelve sophomore women having the highest averages. Its purpose is to encourage scholarship, and it presents an award to the freshman girl having the highest average each year. OFFICERS ELEANOR MADDOCK President GWENDOLYN COLLINS Vice-President BOBBY DELL STOCKTON Secretary-Treasurer ROLL LUCY BAXTER SHIRLEY BLONDSTEIN HELEN BROWN GWENDOLYN COLLINS ANN BYRD FIROR ELEANOR MADDOCK LAURA McCOY BETTY McDAVID EVELYN RAMSEY BOBBY DELL STOCKTON PATRICIA WARD ROSLAND WEINMAN First row, left to right: Baxter, Brown. . . . Second row: Collins, Firor. . . . Third row: Maddock, McCoy. . . . Fourth row: Mc- David, Stockton. . . . Fifth row: Ward, Weinman. ii[i ciin[ Pioneer Club, oldest organization for women on the campus, was founded to promote closer fellowship among the women students. As this need was alleviated, it was organized as a literary and debating society. The club now sponsors programs on music, literature, debating and current events, at its weekly meetings. The governing body of Pioneer Club is Pioneer Inner Circle which elects new members quar- terly. The Woman ' s Commencement Day celebration this year during which the Queen of Commence- ment and her court were presented was the annual Pioneer Club project. OFFICERS ANNE CREEKMORE President RANNIE GEISSLER Vice-President JOSEPHINE HUDDLESTON . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS RUTHANNE ABRAM LUCY BAXTER EMILY BECK FRANCES BRANDON ALICE CABANISS LOUISE CHANDLER ANNE CREEKMORE DOROTHY DANIEL VIRGINIA EASON GRACE FINLEY ANNE BYRD FIROR RANNIE GEISSLER OLIVE HOWARD JOSEPHINE HUDDLESTON GAIL HUTCHINSON ANNE JOHNSON ANNE THRASHER LUTRELLE TIFT LaGRANGE TRUSSELL MARTHA WHITAKER First row, left to right: Abram, Baxter, Becii, Brandon. . . . Second row: Cabaniss, Chandler, Creekmore, Daniel. . . . Third row: Eason, Finley, Firor, Geissler. . . . Fourth row: Howard, Huddleston, Hutchinson, Johnson. . . . Fifth row: Thrasher, Titt, Trussell, Whitalier. I J T T? 3 7 o ( fs :y rs First row, left to risht: Bennett, Cas- scU, Greer, Harrison, Haverty. . .. ■ Second row: Jones, Warnell, Lewis, Newton, Plowden. . . . Third row, Simpson, Sparks, Wellman, Slenson, Woodruff. uu cnini Honorary local organization for members of the Junior Class founded at the University in 1908. Sixteen members are admitted each year on the basis of interest in literary and historical subjects. The purpose is to promote interest in and knowledge of both literary and historical subjects and to promote friendly social relations. OFFICERS GUS SPARKS President LEE NEWTON Vice-President TOM GREER Secretary-Treasurer ROLL BILL BENNETT BOLLING JONES BILL SIMPSON BOB CASSELS LEE WARNELL GUS SPARKS TOM GREER LAMAR LEWIS WALTER WELLMAN HAROLD HARRISON LEE NEWTON RALPH STENSON RAWSON HAVERTY JIMMY O ' NEIL JOHN PLOWDEN JOE WOODRUFF Blflfl Honorary local service organization founded at the University in 1910. Fifteen fresh- men are admitted each year on the basis of scholastic average and participation in extra-curricular activities. Purpose is to be of service to the University and foster school spirit among the students. Deco- rates Athens ' streets during Homecoming and awards cup to dormitory, fraternity or sorority house having best Homecoming decorations. Awards cup to most valuable football player each year in memory of Herman J. Stegeman. OFFICERS STANFORD SMITH President FRANK CORRy Vice-President GUS SPARKS Secfctaty BOB CASSELS .... Chairman. Board of Directors STOKES WALKER Board of Directors JACK MEADOWS Board of Directors MEMBERS CURTIS AVERY BOB CASSELS FRANK CORRY EMMET FERGUSON, JR. ALBERT FISHER, JR. AL FOWLER WALTER FULNER JAMES HARTFORD SIDNEY HASKINS MARVIN HILL POPE HOLLIDAY JOE JACOBUS JAMES JOHNSON JOHN KNUPP REUBEN KRUGER RAYMOND LESSER JOHN MASSEY JACK MEADOWS JACK MATTHEWS SIGO MOHR JACK SELLARS JAY SMITH, JR. STANFORD SMITH GUS SPARKS NEIL SPEARMAN MARVIN STEPHENS STOKES WALKER BILL WHITE EDGAR WOODY First row, left to right: Avery, Cassels, Corry, Ferguson. . . . Second row: Fisher, Fowler, Fulner, Hartford. . . . Third row: Haskins, Hill, Holliday, Jacobus. . . . Fourth row; John- son, Knupp, Kruger, Lesser. . . . Fifth row: Massey, Meadows, Mohr, Scllars. . . . Sixth row: Snnith, J.; Smith, S.; Sparks, Spearman. . . . Seventh row: Stephens, Walker, White, Woody. O fi f C Ot 1 c • r First row, left to right: Alexander, Bjorson Capper. . . . Second row: Cloud, M.; Cloud W.; Corey. . . . Third row: Dyer, Hays Holley. . . . Fourth row: Marsh, McClin tick, Plowden. . . . Fifth row: Ruark, Stimp son, Stogsdill. FACTS Alpha Xi Sigma, honorary forestry society, was founded October 9, 1914, at New York State College of Forestry, Syracuse Univer- sity. Gamma, the chapter at Georgia, was established February 16, 1926. The objects cF Alpha Xi Sigma are to se- cure and reward a high degree of scholar- ship, to foster a spirit of liberal culture, and to recognize alumni who are outstanding in the field of forestry. OFFICERS WILLIAM CLOUD Chief Forester MASON CLOUD Associate Forester RICHARD BJORSON Chief of Records ROLL THAD C. ALEXANDER RICHARD BJORSON BERT C. CAPPER MASON CLOUD WILLIAM CLOUD SAMUEL C. COREY CLARENCE D. DYER WILLIAM F, FAIDLEY HAROLD HAYS DAVID HOLLEY GEORGE R. MARSH THOMAS MATTHEWS KEITH McCLINTICK JOHN G. PLOWDEN H. EDWARD RUARK WILLIAM H. STIMPSON BENTLEY R. STOGSDILL [liisin nil FAas One night in the fall of 1914, a group of forestry students sat around a fire on the bank of the Oconee River. Out of their discussions and initiative, the Forestry Club originated. Their aims that have lasted since that tinne are: to establish a friendly relationship among the student body, to discuss matters pertaining to the v ell-being of the school, and to pro- mote athletics among the students. The Forestry Club of the George Foster Peabody School of Forestry was founded at the University of Georgia on February 4, 1914. Fall Winter JACK ROBINSON, JR. HAROLD HAYES • • DORSEY DYAR BERT CAPPER .... BERT CAPPER SHERWOOD BOLLIER B. R. STOGSDILL B. R. STOGSDILL . . OFFICERS Spring . HENRY A. WILSON President . DAN MOSLEY Vice-President . B. R. STOGSDILL Secretary . JACK ROBINSON, JR. Treasurer HENRY A. WILSON JACK ROBINSON, JR. GEORGE MARSH Parl.anaentarian and Critic MURRAY ACKERMAN HAROLD APPLER THAD C. ALEXANDER MILTON ARDEN CLIFFORD ANSEL BAGGETT JAMES S. BALL E. LESLIE BIGGS RICHARD BJORSON JAMES W. BODDIE SHERWOOD BOLLIER BERT C. CAPPER RALPH L. CHASTAIN CHARLES D. CLARK FRANK F. CLARK M. C. CLOUD, JR. WILLIAM CLOUD SAMUEL C. COREY CLARENCE DORSEY DYAR CHARLES J. EVERETT WILLIAM F. FAIDLEY JOSEPH L FAIL DARWIN FENDER CHARLES FITZGERALD JOSEPH C. FOLSUM, JR. THERON G. FOX OLIN ERASER JAMES F. GOGGANS SHERMAN M. GORDON PAUL GROOM J. Z. HARGROVE HAROLD HAYES JOHN HERNDON EARL C. JENKINS HAROLD LESSELBAUM JAMES LINCOLN JACK LOIZEAUX CARL LAWSON FREDERICK N. MACK JAMES MOSS MANN MURRAY A. MARCUS GEORGE MARSH THOMAS M. MATTHEWS GEORGE S. MELTON HORACE B. MATHAIS CHARLES R. MORRIS DAN MOSLEY HAROLD MOTE JAMES R. MULLIGAN KEITH McCLINTICK WILLIAM H. McCOMB E. D. McDonald FRANK W. NORRIS GEORGE ROBERT O BARR M. MAC O ' BARR RALPH L. PERRY HARRY F. PATAT, JR. WILLIAM J. PRINCE CLYDE M. REDDING JACK ROBINSON, JR. H. E. RUARK BURWELL RUSSELL JAMES P. RICHARDSON ow, left to right: Bollier, Capper, Dyar. Second row: Hayes, Marsh, Robinson. . . Third row: Stogsdill, Wilson. GEORGE R. SALISBURY ALBERT A. SALT CARL HENRY STELLING JOHN PAUL SOUTHER WALTER B. STIFF WILLIAM H. STIMPSON B. R. STOGSDILL MAX THURMOND JOHN TORODE LEON TRAPNELL ROBERT VanZANDT EDWARD WAGNER JOHN R. WHITE ROBERT WHITTAKER MARION G. WILLIAMS HENRY A. WILSON OWEN O. WOODS r. upy ![ii FACTS Alpha Zeta is a national honorary fraternity for agricultural students, and has forty-three chapters. Its purpose is to promote leader- ship, character, scholarship, and a sense of brotherhood among the present and po- tential leaders in the agricultural fields. Juniors and seniors who excel in scholarship, character, and leadership are admitted. OFFICERS JAMES W. CAVENDER Chancellor H. B. WALL Censor MARVIN B, GILLIS Chronicler W. C. WHEELER Scribe JESSE MILLER Guide WANSLEY H. COX Treasurer ROLL D. M. BOWEN JAMES W. CAVENDER WANSLEY H. COX E. W. DANIEL OBE D. DYE, JR. W. HEATH FERGUSON JACK C. FLEMING MARVIN B. GILLIS JOEL E. GIDDENS ELLIOT GORDON C. F. IRWIN, JR. WILLIAM H. JAY EMORY PARK JONES W. TROUPE JONES WILLIS L JONES OUENTIN H. KICKLIGHTER JAMES W. LASSITER D. WARNELL LEE TYLER A. LOWERY THOMAS M. MATTHEWS JAMES E. McCAY JESSIE R. MILLER RAYMOND B. MITCHELL ERMER E. MOORE THOMAS B. MORRIS JEFF C. OWENS MARVIN D. RAINES FRANK E. STANCIL CARL STELLING EDDIE R. WAGONER H. B. WALL W. C. WHEELER Fjrst row, left to right: Daniel. . . . Second Fleming, Gillis. . . , Gordon, Irwin, Jay. . E. P.; Jones, W. T.; Jo . . . Fifth row: Lassi thews. . . . Sixth Mitchell, Moore. . . Owens, Raines, Stanc Stelling, Wagonc row: Dye, Third row . Fourth es, W. L.; klighte :, Lowery, Mat- McCay, Mille n 1 sif M. Jfifi .mH Hi fy ,n. ' Oi o o 9 [1! First row, left to right: Burrell, Burson, Causey, Cavendcr, Dye, Srilis. . . . Second row: Jones, Mercicr, Miller, Morris, Parady, Wheeler. Aghon Society is a local honorary agricultural organization. Its purpose is to promote the welfare of the College of Agriculture and to support and co-operate with its worthy efforts, and to bring about closer contact among students and outstanding men in the College of Agriculture. It is necessary to have completed eighteen courses towards a degree to be eligible for membership. OFFICERS MARVIN B. GILLIS President JESSE R. MILLER Vice-President WILLIAM H, PARADY Secretary-Treasurer JOHN LLOYD BURRELL GEORGE ALLEN BURSON WILLIAM CLAUDE CAUSEY JAMES WOODFIN CAVENDER OBE DANILEY DYE, JR. MARVIN BOB GILLIS WALTER TROUPE JONES BILLY RICE MERCIER JESSE ROY MILLER RUEL IRVING MORRIS WILLIAM HAROLD PARADY WILLIAM CRAWFORD WHEELER t r ' : , o ,(?:( First row, left to right: Glllis, Dyt, Gunn, Cavender, Parady, Miller. . . . Second row: Fowler Suddath, Stewart, Giddens, Williams. niniiiHi nn FACTS The Agricultural Club is a local organization, whose purpose is to promote better speaking and thinking along agricultural lines. To be eligible for initiation, a student must be enrolled in the College of Agri- culture, and must receive a speaking credit and attend half of the meetings. The Agricultural Club has a special program of speaking events controlled by the Agricultural Debating Council. The chief debates for upperclassmen are the Farmers ' Week Debate, the Junior-Senior Debate, and the hlomecon Debate, the latter being a competitive debate between two members of the Agricultural Club and two members of the hlomecon Club. OFFICERS Fall Quarter Winter Quarter MARVIN GILLIS President HAROLD PARADY QBE DYE Vice-President JESSE MILLER FRANK GUNN Secretary JACK SUDDATH WOODFIN CAVENDER Treasurer WOODFIN CAVENDER HAROLD PARADY Parliamentarian WILTON STEWART JESSE MILLER Critic JOEL GIDDENS ALPHA FOWLER Sergeant-at Arms CHARLIE WILLIAMS J. LLOYD BURRELL, Chairman Debating Council JESSE MILLER, Chairman JESSE MILLER • . Debating Council WOODFIN CAVENDER WOODFIN CAVENDER Debating Council MARVIN GILLIS B. B. ADAMS CURTIS AVERY DUANE BRAY SLATER BREWTON F. BROOKS JACK BROWN ALTON BRUCE ROBERT BRYAN JOE BURCH J. LLOYD BURRELL ALLEN BURSON CLAUDE CAUSEY WOODFIN CAVENDER ARTHUR CHANCE BILL CHAPPELL SHIRLEY CLARK HIRAM COFFEY R. H. CONE GORDON COOK TOM CRABB E. W. DANIEL RANDOLPH DEAN SANDERS DOWNER JACK DURDEN OBE DYE H. E. EDWARD ALPHA FOWLER JOE FOWLER JOEL GIDDENS MARVIN GILLIS BILL GROOVER FRANK GUNN ROBERT HARRISON FELTON HOLLAND LEON HUGHES H. B. INGRAM BILLY JAY BAILEY JONES EMORY JONES TROUPE JONES JACK KENNEDY OUENTIN KICKLIGHTER BILL LASSITER LUKE LASSITER JIM LEACH JOHN LINDSAY N. H. McLENDON TROY MANNING M. P. MARTIN HENRY MASSEY BILLY MERCIER ROBERT MIDDLETON JESSE MILLER WILLIAM H. MOORE RUEL MORRIS COLOUin ODOM HAROLD PARADY THOMAS PARADY MORT PEEPLES ROBERT PEEPLES TOM PENLAND ALLEN PITTARD AUSTIN RAINEY THOMAS SIMMONS C. D. SIMS M. L. SMITH JAMES SPANN FRANK STANCIL ADIN STEENLAND ARTHUR STEWART WILTON STEWART JACK SUDDATH LARRY TATUM JOHN P. THORNHILL WILLARD THOMAS LOY TROWELL EUSTACE WEBB CHARLIE WILLIAMS LOYD YEARGIN SHDni[ flio siuiii an The Saddle and Sirloin Club — a society for the pronnotion of more and better live- stock in Georgia — was founded in 1920. It sponsors the annual Little International Live- stock Show and Livestock Judging Team. There is a membership of two hundred and twenty. OFFICERS ARTHUR T. STEWART, JR WILTON W. STEWART President LOUIS I. SKINNER JR. Vice-President PAUL KNOX Secretary RAY STEPHENS ARTHUR T. STEWART, JR. Treasurer JACK C. FLEMING JOHN DUPREE Reporter W. TROUPE JONES WILLIAM LASSITER First row, left to right: Stewart, W.; Skinner, Knox. . . . Second row: Stewart, A.; Du- pree, Lassiter. . . . Third row: Stephens, Fleming, Jones. Ml _i _-SazsiL. (? q m c:j HUTCHINSON JONES MILLICAN TANKERSLEY nil! i nn The name of Gaffau Club comes from the initials of Georgia Future Farmers of America, University Chapter, a national organization. Its purpose is to promote guidance as a basis of choice for vocational teaching, and to provide recreation and fraternal relationships for students preparing to teach vocational agriculture and to perform duties of advisors of high school F. F. A. chapters. Any student who is regu- larly enrolled in agricultural courses at the University of Georgia and who has been a member of a local Future Farmers of America chapter or is specializing in teacher training in the Division of Voca- tional Education is eligible to active membership. OFFICERS First Term Second Term W. L. JONES President H. W. JONES AGNEW SMITH Vice-P.esidcnt LEWIS MILLICAN ST. ELMO LEE Secretary JOHN T. LINDSEY HARRY HUTCHINSON Treasurer VANCE GOODNER MILTON TANKERSLEY Reporter L L. COOK H. W. JONES Parliamentarian R. L. COLEMAN NORMAN ALEXANDER JOEL ANGLIN BRUCE BAKER EDWARD ROBERT BALCOM LANIER BANNISTER ARDELL BELL J. B. BLACKSTOCK FORD BOSTON M. DAVID BOWEN L. WILLIAM BULLARD DORSEY BROOKS OWEN BROOKS J. W. CASTLE W. C, CAUSEY ALLEN GEORGE CHANCE R. O. CLARK WADE CLAXTON HIRAM COFFEY R. L. COLEMAN LYNWOOD COMER I. L. COOK WARNER CROSBY L. HARRY DAVIS YOUNG DAVIS C. RANDOLPH DEAN CARL DOUGLAS SANDERS DOWNER OBE D. DYE, JR. JACK DURDEN THEOPHILUS ELLISON MEMBERS W. L EUBANKS PAUL GAINES VANCE GOODNER D. JACK GRIST WILLIAM RAST GROOVER E. CHARLES HANIS RENDER HEARD O. J. HOGAN R. B. HOLBROOK LYMAN HUTCHESON HARRY HUTCHINSON EMORY P. JONES H. W. JONES W. L. JONES CHARLES JUNKINS J. D. KANEY EVAN KELLY FRED KIGHT LAMAR BOLAND J. MACK LANE, JR. ST. ELMO LEE TRUMAN LEE JOHN T. LINDSEY E. CHARLES LLOYD CHARLES LOGUE FRED J. McDANIEL LENWOOD McELVEN WARREN MARCHANT LUTHER MARTIN STANTON MEEKS CAROL MINICK RALPH MOBLEY JOSEPH MOSLEY J. T. MOSS JOE MUNDY RAY NEAL HERMAN NELSON LESTER NORRI5 ELMO PALMER MORT PEEPLES RAYMOND PRESSLEY THOMAS PULLEN F. D. PULLIAM EDWIN ROE REUBEN ROBERTSON PHILLIP ROWLAND S. ARCHIE RUSHTON BURL SCOGGINS JOE SCROGGS L. L. SHORT AGNEW SMITH GUY SMITH PELHAM STAPLES HENRY STILL L. L. SPENCE, JR. JACK SUDDATH MILTON TANKERSLEY DENVER TRUELOVE EUSTACE WEBB VEAZEY WYNN GR [CiNguicSawiuiHisocioion The Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Club was organized in 1932 as the Rural Organization and Marketing Club, to foster aims of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. This club inaugurated the discussion type program. The members find expression in academic and social activities. They come from all branches of the college which are interested in the economic and social aspect of agriculture. c, , T OFFICERS rirst Term ELLIOT GORDON President . WELDON McNAIR Vice-President FRANK DeVANE, JR. Secretary-Treasurc WILLIAM KENNY Reporter . Second Term . . WILLIAM KENNY ■ BOB JACKSON, JR. • SLATER BREWTON BERNARR B. ADAMS BERNARR B. ADAMS FRAZIER ADAMS SLATER BREWTON C. M, BOND J. LLOyO BURRELL LAMAR BRAMLETT PHIL CAMPBELL, JR. J. W. CHAMBERS VAN R. CARDEN LYNDELL CLARK E. GORDON COOK C. C. CORRY MEMBERS FRANK DeVANE, JR. WILLIAM HARBER GERALD DUKE WALTON W. HARPER J. P. DEMPSEY D. OUILLIAN HARRIS HUGH DEMPSEY JAMES T. HARRIS VERNON DUPREE FINDLEY IRWIN, JR. J. E. EU6ANKS H. B. INGHRAM JIMMY FORDHAM BOB JACKSON, JR. ALPHA FOWLER HOWARD JAMES WILLIAM KENNY ELLIOT GORDON FRANK LOWERY J. H. GORDON PAT McEWEN HAROLD HARRISON WELDON McNAIR O ' DONALD MAYS MILLARD MORGAN FRED PERKINS ROBERT PEEPLES VANN ROGERS PAUL ROWLAND PHILIP ROWLAND JAMES SPANN JOHNNY STOWE THOMAS SIMMONS JACK TAYLOR .3AMS, B. ADAMS, F. BREWTON BOND BURRELL MPSEY, H. I ' UPREE EU BANKS FORDHAM FOWLER ORDON, J. HARRISON I HARBER I HARRIS I INGHRAM I JACKSON I KENNY I ' VERY , cEWEN ; McNAIR ' , MAYS I MORGAN PERKINS I PEEPLES RSERS pWLAND, PAUL ' .ROWLAND, PHILIP I SPANN STOWE SIMMONS I TAYLOR RICHIIili [IU»[[nNG First Te OFFICERS Second Tcfm J. E. MCKAY P-dent Tt ' mT.ON V. C. WILLIAMS V,ce.P,es,dent ' op pERRY C B SECKINGER Secretary JOt PERRY WANSLEVH.COX Scnbe SAM BOWERS, JR. Editor Agricultural Engineer Associate Editor Agricultural Engineer H. B. WALL JOHN HOLLIDAY , , r ■ W. C. WHEELER _ " ' " " " " " Se ' Agricultural Engmeer E. W. DANIEL Associate Business Manager Agricultural Engineer J. C. ADAMS J. A. ANDERSON S. W. AVERY A. P. BARNEH R. S. BARNETT J. E. BENSON E. P. BERRY SAM BOWERS, JR. R. H. BROWN H. H. BURCH ALLEN BURSON R. E. CALLAWAY W. J. CAMPBELL M. H. CARLTON MEMBERS WANSLEY H. COX A. CRABB, JR. W. DANIEL F. DANIEL E. DELL L. DOTTERY T. DOTTERY F . DRIFTMIER F. EPPS L S. EXLEY D. L. FIROR H. E. FREEMAN M. D. GEORGE P. S. GIBSON f " ( O. W. GINN G. M. HARDY J. W. HARWELL J. W. HOLLIDAY J. T. HUDSON C. H. JENKINS B. E. C. KEMP W. D. KENNY G. H. KIMBRELL H. KING J. G. LASSETTER T. F. LUNSDEN J. E. McKAY L. H. McGILL E. A. MILES E. T. MIMS J. T. MITCHELL R. B. MITCHELL C. N. MIZE C. S. MIZE K. O. MOCK H. A. MULLINS J. T. PARADY W. H. PARADY J. E. PAYNE J. S. PERRY G. D. PRICKETT W. H. PULLEN W. T. PULLEN C. B. SECKINGER F. A. SHERIFF W. A. SPENCE E. H. STERRETT, JR. J. N. STOKELY W. A. STRAUSS W. O. THOMAS H. B. WALL D. G. WEST W. E. WESTBROOK W. C. WHEELER H. L. WHITEHEAD V. C. WILLIAMS V. G. WOODS GUS YORK R. B. ZIMMERMAN ft to right: McKay, Willi, x. . . . Second row: Bui s. . . . Third First re Scckinger, Co Hudson, Perry, Bowers. . Wall, Holliday, Wheel O " D ( O. ly n [PS i FAas Pi Mu Epsilon is a national iionorary mathematics fraternity whose purpose is the pro- motion of mathematical scholarship among the students. The fraternity was founded at Syracuse University in 1914. There are thirty-eight chapters in twenty-two states. Georgia Alpha was installed in March, 1934. OFFICERS JOE BLEDSOE President GEORGE SMITH Vice-President GOODLOE ERNX IN Secretary-Treasurer IRIS CALLAWAY Corresponding Secretary ROLL J. C. BLEDSOE W. F. LAWRENCE GOODLOE ERWIN GEORGE A. SMITH SAM FREEMAN KARL L. THAXTON CATHERINE JANE BURKHART .rii? I f5 D O IP) (- W " W ! i ' f, L- -p .U- !; ' . C!!i ffl .( i O Cj ROLL THOMAS B. BALDWIN, JR. JESSIE J. BENNETT BURTON CHANDLER S. MERCER COLLINS JULIUS W. DUNN JOHN C. GLAROS R. PRESTON HATCHER FRANK S. KELLY HOWARD F. LANEY GORDON MARTIN JACK MATTHEWS SIDNEY S. MILLER WILLIAM F. MIMS E. W. MUNDY ROBERT P. NORTHINGTON R. S. NOWELL E. OWEN PERRY MARVIN PITTMAN JOHN A. RAY W. B. REARDON WILLIAM B. SCOTT, JR. BOB SMITH WARREN THRASHER W. LAMAR TOLSON First row, left to right: Baldwin, Bennett, Chandler, Collins, Dunn. . . . Second row: Glaros, Hatcher, Kelly, Laney, Martin. . . . Third row: Miller, Mims, Mundy, Northington, Nowcli. . . . Fourth row; Perry, Pittman, Ray, Rcardon, Scott. . . . Fifth row: Smith, Thrasher, Tolson. OFFICERS BOB SMITH President FRANK S. KELLY Vice-President HOWARD F. LANEY Secretary W. B. REARDON Treasurer FACTS Alpha Kappa Psi is the first and oldest commerce fraternity, founded in 1905 at New York University. Its twelve thousand members are enrolled in sixteen alumni and fifty-eight student chapters established in high ranking commerce schools. Alpha Epsilon Chapter was established at the University of Georgia in 1922. A long list of successful research projects sponsored by Alpha Kappa Psl attest to its ideal of service in the field of commerce. JACK CALHOUN ■; WILLIAM W. CLARK If i ERNEST FREEMAN SAM GLENN t ROBERT HARLOW FRANCIS HICKMAN P HOWARD HOLSENBECK i ROBERT LOFLIN i R. J. MAXWELL, JR. i JAMES McCOMBS f EVERETT McWHORTER f, OWEN PEARSON t FRANK STOREY 4 FRED WICKHAM i 1 f First row, left to right: Calhoun, Clar man, Glenn. . . . Second row: Hickman, Holsenbeck, Loflin. . . row: Maxwell, McCombs, McWhorte son. . . . Fourth row: Storey, Wi k, Free- Harlow, . Third nilfl SIGHI P First Term R. J. MAXWELL, JR. . . OWEN PEARSON .... JACK CALHOUN .... SAM GLENN HOWARD HOLSENBECK OFFICERS Second Term - Head Master OWEN PEARSON Senior Warden JACK CALHOUN Junior Warden SAM GLENN • • Scribe EVERETT McWHORTER • Treasurer FRANCIS HICKMAN Delta Sigma Pi is one of the largest fraternities in the professional field, reflecting the changing conditions which are gradually but surely being developed in educational circles. These professional fraternities have as their objective the at- tainment of preeminence in some particular profession, as Delta Sigma Pi has for its objective the attainment of pre- eminence in commerce and business administration. They also aim to develop the manly and moral characteristics of each member, being thus the means of constantly raising the professional, mental, social, and moral standard of both their brothers and of the profession in which they are actively interested. Delta Sigma Pi was founded in 1907, and the Pi Chapter was installed February 22, 1922. ' ' ' n ( c%jo ' n n ! [HiiMin sgcifif First row, left to right: Bcaslcy, Bernd, Bowen, Bradbury, Callahan, Calhoun, Carter, Cassels . . . Second row: Chandler, Durham, Farr Floyd, Freema n, Glenn, Hatcher, Hill. . . Third row: Holsenbeck, Jacobus, Kelley, Lee, Maxwell, McCombs, Metijer, Miller. . . Fourth row: Miles, Mundy, Northington, Pear son, Ray, Ramsey, Sancken, Smith, R. . . Fifth row: Smith, W.; Steyerman, Strickland, Struletz, Thrasher, Werden, Wickham. The Economics Society, founded in 1916, includes in its membership students of the Commerce School and those major- ing in economics. The Society, meeting every two weeks, has as its purpose the promotion of better relations among Commerce students, aiding the Commerce library, and promoting interest in economic subjects. The Society, from time to time, sponsors speakers of outstanding business ability. First Term OFFICERS Second Ten FRED WICKHAM President HERMAN SANCKEN BOBBY MAXWELL Vice President BOB CASSELS CHARLES STRICKLAND Secretary HUGH BEASLEY JOE JACOBUS Treasurer JOE JACOBUS ROLL HUGH BEASLEY JOHN DURHAM ERWIN LEE JACK RAMSEY JULIAN BENNETT MARY FARR BOBBY MAXWELL HERMAN SANCKEN GUSTAVE BERND ELMORE FLOYD J. N. McCOMBS R. E. SMITH BILL BOWEN ERNEST FREEMAN GEORGE METZGER WILBER SMITH J. T. BRADBURY SAM GLENN SIDNEY MILLER LOUIS STEYERMAN GRADY CALLAHAN PRESTON HATCHER ENOCH MILES CHARLES STRICKLAND JACK CALHOUN MARVIN HILL EMMEL MUNDY JOE STRULETZ HUGH CARTER HAROLD HOLSENBECK BOB NORTHINGTON WARREN THRASHER ROBERT CASSELS JOE JACOBUS OWEN PEARSON ROBERT WERDEN, JR. BURTON CHANDLER FRANK KELLEY JOHN RAY FRED WICKHAM 1 iHiyiiiiii nininis ciii FACTS The University of Georgia International Relations Club is only one of many like organizations in colleges and universities all over the nation. These clubs have for their purpose the discussion of international relations by a snnall group of students in an effort to bring about a better understanding of world problems. They are sponsored by the Carnegie Endov ment for World Peace, which annually sends each club books and pamphlets relating to international relations. The Georgia club was established in 1926, and admits from ten to fifteen new members each year on the basis of competitive ex- aminations. OFFICERS VERNER CHAFFIN President GOODLOE ERWIN Vicc-Presideni ELEANOR ECKFORD Secretary-Treasurer DR. E. M. COULTER Faculty Advisor MEMBERS FRANCES BRANDON GOODLOE ERWIN LEWIS KILLIAN JAY SMITH BOBBY BROWN ANNE BYRD FIROR MILTON LESSER LOUIS SOHN GLADYS BROWN BERT GARY RAYMOND LESSER BOBBIE STEPHENS MILTON BROWN GAIL HUTCHINSON CONSTANCE McFEELY BOBBIE DELL STOCKTON ALICE CABANISS JOE JACOBUS BILL McNIEL ANNE THRASHER VERNER CHAFFIN BARBARA JENKINS SIGO MOHR LaGRANGE TRUSSELL GWENDOLYN COLLINS CHARLES JOEL ROBERT NORMAN STOKES WALKER BILLY COLLINS BOLLING JONES BILL ROGERS AL WEILL LOWELL CUMMINGS DOT JONES ROBERT ROTHBERG BILL WHITE ELEANOR ECKFORD ANNE JOHNSON SAUL RUBENS I First row, left to right: Brandon, Brown, B,; Brown, G.; Brown, M.; Cabaniss, Chaffin, Col- lins, Ciimmings, Eckford. . . . Second row: Erwin, Firor, Gary, Hutchinson, Jacobus, Jen- kins, Joel, Jones, 8.; Jones, D. . . . Third row: Killian, Lesser, M.; Lesser, R.; McFeely, McNiel, Mohr, Norma.i, Rogers, Rothberg. . . . Fourth row: Rubens, Smith, Sohn, Stockton, Thrasher, Trussell, Walker, Weill, White. " rs ■! A% f5 ft. w £ J2 First row, left to right: Brice, J; Bricc, O.; Bridges. . . . Second row: Brown, Burch, Carmichael. . . . Third row: Jones, Lans- dell, Lesser. . . . Fourth row: Levy, Mad- dox. Mays. . . . Fifth row: Odom, Park, Reid. . . . Sixth row: Richard, Rogers, Smith, L. . . . Seventh row: Smith, S.; Wil- der, Wood. yfl i[iii Georgia Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journahsm fraternity, was established in 1928 for the furtherance of the principles of journalism at the Univer- sity. Recognized as one of the most active Sigma Delta Chi chapters in the country, the Georgia Chapter this year sponsored the first annual Georgia Junior College Press Association. Co-operative with the School of Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi assists in the Georgia Scholastic Press Association, Georgia Press Institute, and the Georgia Collegiate Press Association, and has taken the lead in promoting high standards of journalistic endeavor. Sigma Delta Chi ' s social functions are exceeded only by its pro fessional program. OFFICERS JACK REID President FRANCIS MADDOX Vice-President MILTON LESSER Secretary WILLIAM ROGERS Treasurer ROLL JOHN BRICE OWEN BRICE JAMES BRIDGES ROBERT BROWN AMBROSE BURCH PLEDGER CARMICHAEL VINCENT JONES JOSEPH LANSDELL MILTON LESSER CLARENCE LEVY FRANCIS MADDOX O ' DONALD MAYS EARLE ODOM THOMAS PARK JACK REID DOUGLASS RICHARD WILLIAM ROGERS LAWRENCE SMITH STANFORD SMITH BRUCE WILDER THOMAS L. WOOD STEVEN YATES inn siem p FAas Seven women students at the University of Washington estabhshed the honorary professional fraternity known as Theta Sigma Phi on April 8, 1909. Outstanding women in journalism on this campus have been wearing the Roman gold badge in the form of a linotype matrix since February, 1929. The fra- ternity publication is The Matrix, which is issued bi-monthly, and the colors are violet and green. OFFICERS CHARLOTTE ASHLEY President LUTRELLE TIFT Vice-President SUSAN DILLINGHAM Secretary ALICE KIERCE Treasurer ROLL CHARLOTTE ADAMS CHARLOTTE ASHLEY ELEANOR BUSHNELL NANCY COLLIER SUSAN DILLINGHAM VIRGINIA EASON ANN FERGUSON CEDELIA HOUSE GRACE KEMPTON ALICE KIERCE PEGGY POPPER FRANCES LASSITER WYLENE RIGHTON JEAN MacDONALD KATHLEEN SCRUGGS BETTY MADDOX MARY SLATE BETTY McDAVID MARGARET STODDARD MARGARET McEVER ANN THRASHER CAROLYN McKENZIE LUTRELLE TIFT JEAN PARKINSON CECELIA TRAVIS PAT WARD First row, left to right: Adams, Ashley, Bush- nell. Collier, Dillingham, Eason, Ferguson. . . . Second row: House, Kempton, Kierce, Lassiler, MacDonald, Maddox, McDavid. . . . Third row: McEver, McKenzie, Parkinson, Pop- per, Righton, Scruggs, Slate. . . . Fourth row: Stoddard, Thrasher, Tift, Travis, Ward. II f: in Minn Mortar and Pestle is a local or3anization whose purpose is to inform students of the problems they will face in the profession of pharmacy. It brings to the School of Pharmacy each month at least one eminent man active in national or state pharma- ceutical circles. Mortar and Pestle is open to all pharmacy students. OFFICERS EUGENE BELL President Tribunal Fall Quarter MARTHA BULLARD President Tribunal Winter Quarter ALVAH GILLELAND President Tribunal Spring Quarter HORACE JOINER Secretary RUTH SALTER Treasurer fs •• O (- ' : 0 First row, left to risht: Arnold, Bar- field, Bell, Bennett, Brewton. . . Second row: Britl, Brown. F.; Brown, J. Bullard, Chandler. [SIl[ ROLL CHARLES H. ARNOLD WILLIAM H. BARFIELD EUGENE BELL WILLIAM A. BENNETT CECIL B. BREWTON WILLIAM O. BRITT FRANK BROWN JOHN HERNDON BROWN MARTHA BULLARD FRED CHANDLER JOHN y. COFFEE, JR. LAMAR DOOLEy CHARLES H. EVANS ALVAH GILLELAND JOSEPH R. HARRELL ROBERT WHEELER HUFF JOHN FRED HUNTER HORACE JOINER PAUL M. JONES ROBERT EUGENE KEITH WILLIAM THOMAS KNIGHT JOHN LANE MALCOLM J. LONG MORRIS A. MINK A. D. MORRIS PAUL NOWELL WAID D. PHILLIPS JACK ROLAND RUTH SALTER ROy PASCO SCHUMAN OTIS E. SMITH, JR. T. C. SMITH HOMER STOKES DANIEL SUMMERFORD CURRy L. VEATCH, JR. RAy DEAN WATTS JAMES WHITE ROBERT C. WILSON, JR. LOUISE WRAy THOMAS WyNNE o ( c: oi !? |- Q First row, left to right: Coffee, Dooiey, Evans, Gilleland. . . . Second row: Harrell, Huff Hunter, Joiner. . . . Third row: Jones Keith, Knight, Lane. . . . Fourth row: Long Mink, Morris, Nowell. . . . Fifth row: Phil lips, Roland, Salter, Snnith, O. . . . Sixth row Stokes, Summerford, Veatch, Walts. . . Seventh row: White, Wilson, Wray, Wynne. t, Mm:M M iti tr fcBiitfiy ' First row, left to right: Bel Brcwton, Carsvcll, Evans, Gillt land. . . . Second row: Joiner Keith, Knight, Morris, Nix. . . Third row: Summerford, White Wilson. u »[iiH n Phi Delta Chi is a national pharmaceutical fraternity with thirty-three chapters. Its purpose is to advance the sciences of Pharmacy and Chemistry, to foster and promote fraternal feelings among its members, and to provide means whereby they may obtain the earnest co-operation with assistance from one another. Active members are restricted to twenty men. To be eligible, a man must be registered at least one year in the Pharmacy School and must be passing all work satisfactorily. OFFICERS ASHLEY D. MORRIS President ROBERT C. WILSON Vice-President ALVAH C. GILLELAND Secr etary DANIEL B. SUMERFORD Treasurer EUGENE D. BELL CECIL B. BREWTON HENRY CARSWELL CHARLES H. EVANS, JR. ALVAH C. GILLELAND HORACE G. JOINER ROBERT E. KEITH WILLIAM T. KNIGHT ASHLEY D. MORRIS DILLARD L. NIX DANIEL B. SUMMERFORD, JR. JOHN WAYLAND WHITE, JR. ROBERT C. WILSON, JR. 3 y FACTS Xi Phi Xi, an honorary science society, was founded in 1936 for the purpose of recognizing those stu- dents majoring in some science who, by their work, deserve some recognition, and for the purpose of bringing about better relations between the science departments on the campus. Xi Phi Xi is an active society holding regular meetings devoted to discussion by the members and informative talks by leaders in science. OFFICERS POPE DUNCAN President KEITH McCLINTICK Vice-President MARTHA BULLARD Secretary-Treasurer ROLL ERNEST W. ADAMS WILLIAM CANTRELL KEITH McCLINTICK THAD C. ALEXANDER ALFRED CONKLIN ERMY L. MOORE MARy ELIZABETH ALLAN POPE DUNCAN H. W. POPE WILLIAM ALLEN GOODLOE ERWIN LAMAR POWELL WILLIAM HOWARD BARFIELD ALBERT VON FALOON JACK RATCLIFFE JOSEPH C. BLEDSOE HARRY HORSEY, JR. JOHN EVANS REESE CLINTON BOWDEN HENRY F. IVEY GEORGE A. SMITH CECIL B. BREWTON WILLIAM O. KEARSE KARL THAXTON MARTHA BULLARD W. F. LAWRENCE PAUL THOMAS PHILIP L. CALCAGNO JAMES H. WALKER First row, left to right: Adams, Alc»- andcr, Allan, Allen, Barfield. . . . Second row: Bledsoe, Bowdcn, Brewlon, Bullard, Calcagno. . . . Third row: Duncan, Erwin, Horsey, Ivey, Lawrence, . . . Fourth row: McClintick, Moore, Powell, Reese, Thaxton, e- c o. 2 34. O C kMt MM First row, left to right: Adarrs, Allen, Erwin, Freeman, Feinstcin, Hunter, Keller. . . , Second row: Koontz, McCreerv, Meadows, Minsk, Oglesbee, Peseliky, Reese. . . . Third row: Rcsnick, Ritchie, Rogers, Solms, Voigt. I [PSIiON Mu Beta of Gamma Sisma Epsilon was established at the University of Georgia on March 2, 1940. Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a national honorary chemical fraternity, first established in 1919 at David- son College, Davidson, North Carolina. The organization is unique in that it admits both men and women. OFFICERS WILLIAM ALLEN President HOMER HUNTER Vice-President SHIRLEY KOONTZ Secretary JACK RESNICK Treasurer CHARLES D. ADAMS WILLIAM ALLEN GOODLOE y. ERWIN SAMUEL H. FREEMAN MIRIAM FEINSTEIN HOMER HUNTER ROLL PAUL A. KELLER, JR. SHIRLEY KOONTZ ROBERT A. McCREERY JOHN C. MEADOWS, JR. SHIRLEY L MINSK EVELYN OGLESBEE RALPH PESETZKY JOHN E. REESE JACK RESNICK GEORGE C. RITCHIE THOMAS H. ROGERS, JR. SELMA LOUISE SOLMS RAMON G. VOIGT psi n FACTS The nat,onal society of Ps, Ch, was o.gan.ed in ,929 un,t,ns a of local on d,ffe.ent campuses. Its purpose was set as the furtherance of scholarsh,p in general and the scence of psychology. The local chapter of Psi Chi was organized ,n 1929. OFFICERS HARRY HORSEY President GLADYS CLARK BROWN Vice-President HENRIETTE SPIVEY Secretary and Treasurer ROLL MARY ELIZABETH ALLAN GLADYS CLARK BROWN DR. A. S. EDWARDS SAIDEE HODGSON HARRY HORSEY JOE JACOB MARTHA LaBOON DR. PAUL MORROW DR. JOHN W. ODEN JEAN PARKINSON HENRIETTE SPIVEY DR. Y. H. YARBOROUGH FLORENCE M. YOUNG MAE ZEIGLER F.rst row, left to right: Allan, Brown Hodgson. . . . Second row- Horsev Jacob, Parkinson. ... ' 7h,rd roj; I First row, left to right: Allan son, Barnctt, Boardman, Bud Second row: Epps, Hearn, botham, Hubble, Liddell. . . row: Miller, Norman, Perry, Sumrrerour. . . . Fourth row son. Tuck, Tucker, Wells, Higgin. . Third Strong, D U cm Phi Upsilon Omicron, national honorary hHome Economics fraternity was founded at the University of Minnesota in 1910 with the purpose of acknowledging scholastic ability and professional leadership. Chi Chapter was founded at the University in 1936. MARY ELIZABETH ALLAN MARGARET ANDERSON HENRIETTA BARNETT HELEN BOARDMAN HELEN BUCK SELMA EPPS MYRL HEARN ROLL MERLE HIGGINBOTHAM HETTIE HUBBLE MARTHA LIDDELL ALICE RUTH MILLER MARTHA NELL NORMAN CATHERINE PERRY NANCY STRONG KAY SUMMEROUR EILEEN THOMPSON RENE TUCK ZELDA TUCKER MARTHA WELLS WILLIE BELLE WILLS nncn FACTS Nearly two thousand chapters of this national home economics club have as their purpose the develop- ment of leadership and personality in their members. They provide social, business, and professional experience through various aspects of club life and co-operate with other home economics clubs in fostering international good-will by means of contact with students of other nations. OFFICERS MARTHA WELLS President NELLE LANE V.ce-President MARTHA NELLE NORMAN .... Recording Secretary ARLENE PHILLIPS Corresponding Secretary CATHERINE PERRV Treasurer ALICE RUTH MILLER . - . Woman ' s Editor AgrlcuKurist CHAIRMEN OF COMMIHEES MARTHA LIDDELL Program Committee NANCY STRONG Social Service MARGARET ANDERSON Social HELEN BUCK Poster GRACE FINDLEY Scrap Book DOROTHY WATSON Room FRANCES JONES . . . . WILLIE BELLE WILLS Little Store BETTY RUCKER Publicity JEWEL MOZELEY Music FLORENCE HARRISON Bulletin Board KLAIRE JONES Membership GERALDINE MONSEES .... Rep. to Junior Homecon . Rep. to Junior Homecon First row, left to right: Wells, Lane, Norrran, Phillips, Perry. . . . Sec- ond row: Miller, Liddell, Strong, An- derson, Buck. . . . Third row: Find- ley, Watson, Wills, Rucker, Moicley. . . . Fourth row: Harrison, Jones, K.; Monsees, Jones, F. !S: II PPfl Dlilfl P Incorporated under the laws of Illinois as an honorary education fraternity in 1911, Kappa Delta Pi now has one hundred and twenty ac- tive chapters. The purpose of the national fra- ternity is to encourage high intellectual and scholastic standards and to recognize outstand- ing contributions to education. It endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellow- ship among its members and to quicken pro- fessional growth by honoring achievement in education. OFFICERS JOE A. WILLIAMS President KATHLEEN SCRUGGS Vice-President J. C. BLEDSOE Secretary VIVIAN FOSTER Treasurer ROLL MARY ELIZABETH ALLAN J. C. BLEDSOE HELEN BROWN EUGENIA BURTON JANE CARITHERS I. D. FELDER, JR. VIVIAN FOSTER JOE S. JACOB ANN JOHNSON CARROLL F. JOHNSON BETTY KIKER W. F. LAWRENCE MARTHA MOORE MARIAN T. NORTH MARY PENNINGTON MARIAN T. RAINEY MABEL ROBINSON KATHLEEN SCRUGGS GEORGE A. SMITH SUMNER SMITH MIRIAM SPROULL MARGUERITE STARR A. J. STRICKLAND M. E. THOMPSON EMILY MARGARET WALKER PERRY WESTBROOK EMILY WHATLEY JOE A. WILLIAMS JANELLE WILLOUGHBY First row, left to right: Allan, Bledsoe, Brown. . . . Second row: Burton, Foster, Jacob. . . . Third row: Johnson, A.; Johnson, C; Lawrence. . . . Fourth row: Rainey, Robinson, Scruggs. . . . Fifth row: Smith, Sproull, Starr. . . . Sixth row: Strickland, Thompson, Walker. . . . Seven th row: Westbrook, Whatley, Willoughby. MEMBERS CHARLIE BALDWIN GEORGIA BALDWIN GWEN COLLINS EMMET F. FERGUSON, JR. FRANCES FERGUSON B. C. GARDNER BETTY GIBBES GEORGE MILLER MARGUERITE MONDAY MORRIS PHELPS JIMMIE SMITH MARVIN STEPHENS ELLEN THOMAS TOM VANN First row, left to tight: Gardner, Fersuson, I Vann. . . . Second row: Collins, Phelps, Mill. . . . Third row: Gibbes, Thomas, Ferguson, . . . Fourth row: Smith, Baldwin. MM lUiUlU U [U l U [ Epicurean Club is a local organization whose purpose is to create better social relations among stu- dents, through the medium of dances and social gatherings. Students in good standing, generally fresh- men and sophomores, who are approved by the Governing Council are eligible for membership. OFFICERS B. C. GARDNER President EMMET F. FERGUSON, JR. Vice-President TOM VANN Secretary GWEN COLLINS Treasurer MOLLIS GUNTER KNUPP CABANISS CHEEK BAXTER MILLER TRUSSELL muimi! i[iiuois flnociiiiii The purpose of the Voluntary Rehgious Association is to maintain a high standard of spiritual, mental and social development; to help students to achieve a full and creative life through a growing knowl- edge of God; to develop character; to render service; and to create new directions for campus living. MEN ' S CABINET ROBERT C. NORMAN HOWELL MOLLIS . • President . . . First Vice-President JOHN KNUPP ROBERT HORNE LEE NEWTON LEWIS KILLIAN BILL GUNTER . Second Vice-President Secretary ALICE CABANISS ELLEN CHEEK . . WOMEN ' S CABINET President LUCY BAXTER Vice-President ALICE RUTH MILLER . . LaGRANGE TRUSSELL Treasurer Vice-President - • Secretary MARGARET BAKER LILLIAN BLALOCK SELENE BLOODWORTH GLADYS BROWN AUDREY EVANS ANNE BVRD FIROR MARGARET FLEXER FRANCES FREEMAN WILLIE BELLE WILLS ANNE JOHNSON MARION LITTLE EVELYN NORTON MARIE RICHARDSON WVLENE RIGHTON BOBBIE DELL STOCKTON RENE TUCK EUGENIA WILLIAMS BETTYE GIBBS • SARA FARMER CO-ORDINATE COLLEGE CABINET esident Esident DOTTY BOWEN Secretary DOT DANIEL Treasurer SOPHOMORE MEN ' S COUNCIL STOKES WALKER President POPE HOLLIDAY Vice-President ROBERT DAVID Secretary B. C. GARDNER Treasurer SOPHOMORE WOMEN ' S COUNCIL DORIS CAMP President WILMA POOLE Vice-President GENE V ALKER Recordc MARY SHEFFER Treasure FRESHMAN MEN ' S COMMISSION TOM VANM President JOHN MILLER Vice-President DENNY GROOVER Recorder JOHN DRIFTMIER Treasurer FRESHMAN MEN ' S COUNCIL FRED WILLIAMS President MORRIS PHELPS Vice-President GUS PARTEE Recorde BEVERLY LANGFORD Treasure FRESHMAN WOMEN ' S COUNCIL CHARLIE BALDWIN President JULIET YEARNS Vice-President MARIAN ROGERS Vice-President VO HAMMIE BARNETT Recorder LARRY GOODRICH Treasurer ni nnHHiiin ynoiin B. B. CHANDLER F. T. CLARY M. N. TUTWILER, Director University of Georgia Civilian Pilot Training Prograr E. G. SCHULTZ Ground School Instructor ATHENS AIR SERVICE, INCORPORATED Contractor, Flight Instruction Athens Municipal Airport FLIGHT NO. I E. G. SCHULTZ Instructor and Flight Director S. ENGELHARDT C. F. IRWIN A. A. FOWLER G. O. ROTHWELL R. L. WYATT FLIGHT NO. 2 WARREN PETERSON Instructor C. B. SECKINGER H. A. WILSON E. BINDER W. C. KIRBY K. D. MARSHALL T. M J. G, MATTHEWS D. F. MILLER MAYER B. A. RUSSELL FLIGHT NO. 3 C. B. GUNN Instructor W. H. STIMPSON R. H. STINSON J. A. WATSON G. E. BROACH M. 1. FALK J. H. W. J LEWIS G. J. PREIBE MARSH E. W. SOUTHERLAND V. E. WEBB FLIGHT NO. 4 PERRY J. HUDSON J. E. STEPHENSON F. S. TEASLEY A. P. BARNETT R. S. BARNETT W. T. CHAMBERS H. D J. J. HAYS J. B. JORDAN IRBY W. T. KNIGHT W. H. LEVIE S. S. MILLER B. R. STOGSDILL University of Georgia ' s First Class, 1939-40, of the Civil Aeronautics Authority ' s Civilian Pilot Training Program i I ' Tf n ibc " ' 1 ' ' ' — SPHN-H[l[[IICCillCI[ The Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of two delegates from each of the seven- teen fraternities and a faculty advisor. The Council is the general governing body of the fraternities and furthers the interests of the various chapters by giving awards for scholastic attainment and by studying fraternity problems. It has charge of the Homecoming and Little Commencement dances and any other concerted action of the fraternity group. OFFICERS LEE PRICE President JIMMY CURTIS Vice-President BYRON MATHEWS Treasurer HOWELL HOLLIS Secretary First row, left to right: Gunter, Norman, Wickham, Wood, Shuman, Daniel, Pond. . . . S-cond row: Wcllman, Gerson, Brody, Mollis, Eldredge, Sohn, Lesser. . . . Third row. Curtis, Jones, Cohen, Kaplan, CarmchacI, Dasher Vandiver. . . . Fourth Row: Math- ews Brown, Wilkins, Wallace, Brown, Fergu- son Games. . . . Fifth row: Wiggins, Head, Crow, Alden, Young, Crenshaw. iO we o r» r» J 1 : : r) .r) ( n ■ .n o o " s -? „ 1 ' ' ' _ O i- " " ROLL Sigma Chi BILL GUNTER BOB NORMAN Alpha Tau Omega FRED WICKHAM T. L. WOOD Alpha Lambda Tau ROY SHUMAN SAXTON DANIEL Chi Psi H. C. POND WALTER WELLMAN Tau Epsilon Phi JOE GERSON MORRIS BRODY Sigma Alpha Epsilon HOWELL HOLLIS KNOX ELDREDGE Phi Epsilon P! LOUIS SOHN MILTON LESSER Sigma Nu JIMMY CURTIS VINCENT JONES Alpha Epsilon Pi AARON COHEN SONNY KAPLAN Delta Tau Delta JIMMY CARMICHAEL MARION DASHER Phi Delta Theta ERNEST VANDIVER BYRON MATHEWS Lambda Chi Alpha SCOTT BROWN SAM WILKINS Chi Phi BILLY WALLACE BOBBY BROWN Kappa Sigma EMMET FERGUSON GEORGE GAINES Pi Kappa Alpha EARL WIGGINS JENNINGS HEAD Pi Kappa Phi HORACE CROW JOHN ALDEN Kappa Alpha DICK YOUNG BILLY CRENSHAW - - - ROLL Alpha Chi Omega VIVIAN FOSTER Presiden LOUISE CONNELL .... Representativ Alpha Delta Pi SARA ROSSEE Presiden ARLENE MURROW . . . Representativ Alpha Omicron Pi FRANCES MIDDLEBROOKS • ■ Presiden MARIE RICHARDSON . . Representativ Alpha Gamma Delta JEAN PITTMAN Presiden LOIS BRIDGES Representativ Chi Omega ELIZABETH BAGGETT Presiden PEGGY PRICE Representativ Delta Delta Delta RANNIE GEISSLER Presiden TONI SUMMERS .... Representativ Delta Phi Epsllon EMMA MINKOVITZ Presiden MIRIAM DREIZIN .... Representativ Kappa Alpha Theta MARGARET MacPHERSON . . Presiden ANN PRICE Representativ Kappa Delta CATHERINE McCALLEY .... Presiden MARGARET BAKER . . . Representativ Phi Mu VIRGINIA EASON Presiden VIRGINIA CHEATHAM . . Representativ Pi Beta Phi CAROLINE BURSON Presiden MILDRED PERSONS . . . Representativ Sigma Tau SYLVIA GINSBERG Presiden HENRIETTA STEINHERMER, Representativ First row, left to right: Foster Conne 1, Ros- 1 see. Mur OW Middleb ooks. , row: Rich ard on, Pittme n, Br dqe s, Baggett, ; Price Third row Gei sipr S mmers Min ovitz Dr cizm, Mac ' herso row- Price M Calley, Ba ler, Ea son rh atham. i . Fifth ow: Burso 1, Per ons G Steinhe mer. [i ' 8 pii-niiiiic uui [ FACTS The Pan-Hellenic Council, founded in 1922, works for harmony among sororities and directs rushing as well as encouraging intramural sports, fellowship and good scholar- ship. Inaugurating a new rushing practice this year, the council wrote invitations to rushees who were given sorority bids, and only the girls who wanted to become pledges went to each house on the final day of rush-week. They also gave a formal dance dur- ing the Spring quarter and printed the Rushing Booklet, containing information about each sorority for the rushees. OFFICERS MARIE RICHARDSON President TONI SUMMERS Vice-President MIRIAM DREIZIN Secretary SARA ROSSEE Treasurer iSijKt ' " lipy iniiu p OFFICERS HERMAN SIMON Master AARON COHEN Lieutenant Master BILL TORAN Scnbe IRVING FEIGENBAUM Sentinel ALVIN RUBIN Exchequer Founded at New York University in 1913. Onnicron Chapter established in 1926. Six- teenth fraternity on campus in point of age. Twenty chapters. National Alpha Epsilon Pi day held each year in August. Fraternity confers honorary and faculty nnemberships. Magazine is Alpha Epsilon Pi Quarterly. Flower is yellow rose. COHEN, A. HOROWITZ FEIGENBAUM AARON COHEN CHAPTER ROLL ' 40 HERBERT MARANZ ' 43 1 JOSEPH COHEN ' 42 LOUIS COHEN ' 40 IRVING FEIGENBAUM ' 42 i LEONARD GOLDEN ' 42 HARRY GUREWITZ ' 42 " i MAURICE HOROWITZ ' 42 1 I I JAKE ISENBERG ' 41 KUSIEL KAPLAN ' 40 MARVIN ORENSTEIN ' 43 DANNIE PARADIES ' 43 OSCAR PRISANT ' 42 HAROLD REED ' 41 ALVIN RUBIN ' 40 HARVEY SCOBEL ' 43 HERMAN SIMON ' 40 BILL TORAN ' 41 jzjh nn OFFICERS CHARLES R. MORRIS, JR Noble Ruler LEWIS I. SKINNER Vice-Noble Ruler PAXTON K. PATTERSON Secretary WALTER B. STIFF Treasurer Founded at Ohio State and the University of Illinois in 1908. Is professional as v ell as social. An agricultural-forestry fraternity. Thirty-two chapters. Flower is the pink rose. Colors are burnt green and gold. Publication is The Sickle And Sheath. Alpha Eta Chapter was installed at the University of Georgia in 1927. Seventeenth fraternity on the cannpus. iM c J r , JT ( o o .p c O, -fn ' ' k. jUL V. ADAMS, B. B. ADAMS, E. W. BURRELL BUTLER CARPENTER DEMPSEY DENNEY HARGROVE IRWIN KITCHEN LUCAS MARSH MATHIA5 MORRIS McDonald McGINNIS PATTERSON WAGONER SKINNER WILSON STANCIL STIFF THOMPSON BERNARR B. ADAMS ' 40 ERNEST W. ADAMS ' 40 J. LLOYD BURRELL ' 40 CLOWER BUTLER ' 4! JOHN L. CARPENTER ' 40 ALVIN H. DEMPSEY ' 42 NEWMAN D, DENNEY ' 41 WILLIAM R. GROOVER ' 41 ZED HARGROVE ' 40 C. FINDLAY IRWIN, JR ' 40 JAMES R. KITCHENS, JR. ' 41 ROBERT E. LUCAS, JR. ' 41 CHAPTER ROLL CHARLES R. MORRIS, JR. ' 40 GEORGE R. MARSH ' 40 HORACE B. MATHIAS ' 42 DANIEL E. M cDonald, jr. ' 40 DENSIL McGINNIS ' 43 PAXTON K. PATTERSON ' 40 LEWIS I. SKINNER ' 40 FRANK E. STANCIL ' 41 WALTER B. STIFF ' 41 JAMES O. THOMPSON ' 41 EDDIE R. WAGONER ' 41 HENRY A. WILSON ' 40 rr iiPy [IMBIH III OFFICERS JOHN S. DANIEL Regent J. O. WINGARD Vice-Regent W. R. BRADDOCK Master of Exchequer HOWARD ROBERTS Scribe Organized at Oglethorpe University. First fraternity at Oglethorpe after its reorganiza- tion. Central office located in Atlanta. Theta Chapter established in 1929. Youngest fraternity on campus. Twenty-six chapters. Rose Leaf is the publication. Colors are old gold and black. Flov er is American Beauty Rose. » K A I CHAPTER ROLL W. R. BRADDOCK ' 41 WILLIAM BRITT HI JOHN L. BRYAN ' 42 JOHN S. DANIEL ' 42 EARL DONALDSON ' 43 VERNON DUPREE ' 40 W. F. LAWRENCE Graduate JOHN W. LEE ' 42 WILBUR McDUFFIE ' 41 MURRAY MARTIN ' 42 DILLARD NIX ' 41 HOWARD ROBERTS ' 42 ROY P. SHUMANN J. O. WINGARD ' 40 = ' 9— j ID II OFFICERS Fall Quarter Winter and Spring Quarters T. L WOOD President FRED WICKHAM FRED WICKHAM Vice-President ROBERT CASSELS HUGH BEASLEV Secretary HUGH BEASLEy BILLy McELRATH Treasurer BILLy McELRATH FACTS Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. First fraternity to be founded after the War Between the States. For a time had city chapters similar to college chapters. Georgia Alpha Beta Chapter established in 1878. Sixth fraternity on the campus. Ninety-seven chapters. Publication is THE PALM. Flower is the white tea rose. Colors sky blue and old gold. CHAPTER ROLL HUGH BEASLEy ' 40 MIKE BLAND HO WILLIAM BOWEN ' 41 MELVILLE BROWN ' 42 BILL BRADLEy ' 42 BILLy BURCH ' 42 BOB CASSELS ' 41 PAUL CONNER ' 41 LL FAIDLEy ' 40 ALBERT FISHER ' 42 TIFTON GREER ' 41 GUNTER HAGOOD ' 41 BUD HAMMACK Freshman Law PERRy HARRISON ' 40 GEORGE HERBERT ' 42 GROVES HILLARD ' 43 JEROME JORDON ' 42 PAT KANE ' 43 INMAN KIDD ' 41 ROBERT LOFLIN ' 42 LEWIS MILLS ' 43 BILLy McELRATH ' 40 ROBERT McNULTy ' 43 GEORGE METZGER ' 43 CLAUDE MOSLEy ' 41 LEONARD PARKER ' 42 JIMMy PARKERSON ' 43 DENNIS PENNy ' 41 JACK RAMSEy ' 43 JACK ROBINSON ' 40 WALTER RAy ' 40 SHELDON SCOVILLE ' 42 ILL THOMPSON ' 43 FRED WICKHAM ' 40 CHARLIE WOOD ' 43 JACK WOOD ' 40 T. L. WOOD ' 40 NEWTON WHATLEy ' 43 II Rl o q. o. a a " msk 1 iLv... it .. ilk i4.jL p o, ? n ' i r a B - f i iil WM ! . f! ri D •C tihJkSk k. o. fax ' " o, .3 ■■ST. ' Ji ,. . m f U BEASLEY CASSELS HILLARD McELRATH PENNY BLAND CONNER JORDON McNULTY RAMSEY BOWEN FISHER KANE MOSLEV ROBINSON BROWN HAMMACK KIDD METZGER RAY BRADLEY HARRISON LOFLIN PARKER SCOVILLE BURCH HERBERT MILLS PARKERSON THOMPSON WOOD, T. L. 1 T rr- II J I OFFICERS BILLY WALLACE Alpha JOHN HARRIS Beta WALTER HILL Delta BOBBY BROWN Gamma FACTS Founded in 1854 at Princeton University. Result of successive unions of three older organizations of same name. Princeton Order traced its order to 1824. Eta Chapter established in 1867. Second oldest fraternity on the campus. Thirty-four chapters. Sunflower is the flower. Scarlet and blue are the colors. THE CHAKETT is the magazine. CHAPTER ROLL JOHN ADAMS ' 43 HEYWOOD ALLEN ' 42 WILLIAM AKERS ' 40 JOE ATKINSON ' 40 BEN BARNES ' 41 GEORGE BARRON ' 41 TOM BLANCHARD ' 42 JAMES BRANCH Junior Law STANLEY BRIGGS ' 43 ROBERT BROWN HI ROBERT H. BROWN ' 40 LAMAR BRYANT ' 43 WALTER CALHOUN ' 43 FRANK FLEMING ' 43 JACK FRASER ' 43 RALPH GOSS ' 43 CLAUDE GRIFFIN ' 40 ROBERT GROVES ' 41 BUD HALL ' 41 BOB HALL ' 40 JOHN HARRIS ' 41 BOB HEARD Senior Law WALTER HILL ' 4! EVERETT HORNE ' 43 WINSTON HUFF ' 41 THORNTON KENNEDY ' 41 MITCHELL KING Junior Law JACK LEWIS ' 42 GEORGE MAGRUDER ' 42 BOBBY MOORE ' 42 MORRIS McDonald ' 4o DAN MAGILL ' 42 JOE NEEL ' 43 WALTER OTTO ' 42 TOMMY PENDERGRAST ' 42 HERBERT REYNOLDS ' 40 ZAHNER REYNOLDS ' 41 SIMON SHINGLER ' 43 GEORGE SLICKMAN ' 43 HOKE SMITH Freshman Law HUGH SPALDING Freshman Law BOTHWELL TRAYLOR Graduate LOUIS TROUSDALE ' 41 JOHN TYE ' 40 JOE VALDES ' 41 ILLY WALLACE Senior Law GUY WELCHEL ' 43 OSGOOD WILLIS ' 42 TOMMY WITT ' 42 ( ( ei i.f ,.Q ,:: f f r) " ft f:? n n AKERS BROWN, R. GROVES KENNEDY OTTO SPALDING ATKINSON BROWN, R. (PERRY) HALL, BUD KING PENDERGRAST TRAYLOR BARNES CALHOUN HALL, BOB MAGRUDER REYNOLDS, H. TROUSDALE BARRON FLEMING HARRIS MOORE REYNOLDS, TYE n BLANCHARD ERASER HEARD McDonald shingler VALDES OFFICERS HARVEY C. POND President ROBERT J. MAXWELL Corrcspondms Secretary WILLIAM H. JENNINGS, JR. Recording Secretary FRANK W. FARNUM Treasurer FAas Founded in 1841 at Union Collese. Fifth fraternity originating there. Social purposes emphasized more than literary. Houses called lodges. Log cabin built at Michigan in 1845 was prototype of modern fraternity house. Twenty-five chapters. Magazine is The Purple and Gold. Colors are purple and gold. Alpha Alpha Delta Chapter established in 1890. [ r L l L.J| r. Jj ,r I. i BIRKENHAUER BLISS CUNNINGHAM DREW FARNUM FLORENCE HEFFERNAN HOPKINS HUFF JENNINGS MAXWELL PARMENTER POND RICHARDSON RIKER SUMMEROUR T LER WELLMAN WIER WILHEIT WOODS WRIGHT YOUNG EDWIN G. BIRKENHAUER ' 42 JOHN P. BLISS ' 43 WILLIAM T. CUNNINGHAM ' 40 LIONEL E. DREW, JR. ' 43 FRANK W. FARNUM ' 40 LOYD D. FLORENCE ' 42 T. JOSEPH HEFFERNAN ' 41 WILLIAM E. HOPKINS, JR ' 43 ROBERT W. HUFF ' 42 WILLIAM H. JENNINGS, JR. ' 42 ROBERT J. MAXWELL, JR. ' 41 EMERY R. PARMENTER Graduate CHAPTER ROLL HARVEY C. POND ' 40 THOMAS N. RICHARDSON ' 43 JACKSON A. RIKER ' 43 WILLIAM O. SUMMEROUR ' 41 RAYMOND R. TYLER ' 43 WALTER WELLMAN, JR. ' 42 GEORGE DUDLEY T. WIER ' 43 PHILIP A. WILHEIT ' 41 JOHN C. WOODS ' 41 JAMES A. WRIGHT ' 40 WILLARD W. YOUNG ' 42 ilrrz_ in ffli Kill OFFICERS JAMES CARMICHAEL President DON HAMILTON Vice-President ROBERT HALL Treasurer FRED CANNON Recording Secretary MARION DASHER Corresponding Secretary Organized at Bethiany Coliege in 1859. United with tlie Rainbow Society, first Southern fraternity, in 1886. Seventy-five chapters. Flower is the pansy. Colors are purple, gold and white. Magazine is The Rainbow. Beta Delta Chapter established at Georgia in 1882. Eighth fraternity on the campus. ■-.jr. f n s ■ ' ' " • ' ■ ' % :1 C%. O BLACKBURN HAMILTON, W. MOORE CANNON HUCKABy McFADEN CARMICHAEL DASHER HOOKS LONGINO MARTIN MOSES PRICE SAVELIA LYNCH HALL LVLE WORTMAN HAMILTON, D. LEE WESTBERRY CHAPTER ROLL BILL BLACKBURN ' 41 FRED CANNON ' 41 JAMES CARMICHAEL Law JACK COURTNEY ' 4! MARION DASHER ' 40 GEORGE GAVELIA ' 43 ROBERT H. HALL ' 41 DON HAMILTON ' 41 WILLIAM HAMILTON ' 42 HARPER HUCKABY Graduate V. H. HOOKS ' 43 IRA LONGINO ' 43 ROWE LYNCH ' 43 HUGH LYLE ' 42 FRANK LEE ' 41 J. E. MOORE ' 42 DAN McFADEN ' 40 HOBAN MARTIN ' 42 BILL HENRY MOSES ' 40 LEE PRICE Law JAMES PARROTT ' 43 WILSON ROBBINS ' 43 FRED WORTMAN ' 43 JAMES WESTBERRY ' 43 rr ] p p I P N f RICHARD YOUNG President DOUGLAS CAMPBELL LEE NEWTON Secretary LEWIS KILLIAN Treasurer Founded at Washington College, now Washington and Lee, in 1865. First called Phi Kappa Chi. Majority of chapters in Southern institutions. Sixty-nine chapters. Crimson and old gold are the colors. Red rose and magnolia are the flowers. Kappa Alpha Journal is the magazine. Gamma Chapter established in 1868. Third fraternity to come to Georgia. Third oldest chapter of Kappa Alpha. CHAPTER ROLL DAVID S. ATKINSON Freshman ERLE AYCOCK JACK BAYNES RICHARD BLOODWORTH, JR. GEARY CALDWELL DOUGLAS M. CAMPBELL Freshnnan WILLIAM S. CANDLER HERSCHEL CARITHERS JAMES J. CARSWELL, JR. PHILIP CARY WYATT W. CHILDS HERBERT F. CLARK JAMES J. CLARK, JR. ERLE COCKE, JR. JAMES COOK JACK COPLIN JAMES COPLIN, JR. WILLIAM P. CRENSHAW, JR Junior LAWRENCE M. DONOVAN JOHN DRIFTMIER JULIUS DUNN RUDOLPH GEISSLER ROBERT F. GRACEY Freshman JOHN THOMAS GREER ULY S. GUNN JULIAN D. HALLIBURTON NORWOOD HIGHSMITH ROBERT F. HODGSON FRED HUNTER JAMES T. HUDSON Law ■43 ' 40 Law ' 42 ' 42 ' 42 ■40 ■42 ' 40 ' 43 ' 42 Law ■42 ■43 ■43 ■42 Law ■41 ■42 ■40 ■41 ■41 ■42 WILLIAM HAMMOND JOHNSON, SR. Law LEWIS M. KILLIAN 40 LAMAR LEWIS, JR. 41 MILES WALKER LEWIS, JR. 42 BILL MALONE ' 42 BILL McCOLLUM ' 43 OLIVER QUIMBY MELTON, JR. 43 PRICE MERRIT 42 JOHN B. MILLER ' 43 GRIFFIN MOODY ' 43 LEE T. NEWTON ' 41 HOMER K. NICHOLSON ' 43 SIG OWEN ' 42 DAVID PADDOCK, JR. ' 40 W. OSGOOD PEARSON ' 40 HAROLD PLATT 42 JAMES BROWN POLHILL ' 42 W. HARBUT RANDALL ' 40 PHILIP REAGAN, JR. ' 43 BOB RICE ' 43 LEE E. SECREST, JR. ' 41 EDWARD M. STONE ' 41 JOHN TURNER 40 CHARLES LOUIS WARLICK ' 40 WALTER B. WHITE ' 41 WILLIAM OSMOND WHITE, JR. 41 ROBERT CUMMINGS WILSON, JR. 40 EDGAR WOODY ' 41 RICHARD TAYLOR YOUNG ' 40 ATKINSON A COCK BAYNES BLOODWORTH CALDWELL CAMPBELL CANDLER CARITHERS CARSWELL CARY CHILDS CLARK, H. CLARK, J. COCKE COOK COPLIN, JACK COPLIN, JAMES CRENSHAW DONOVAN DRIFTMIER DUNN 6EISSLER GRACEY GREER GUNN HALLIBURTON HIGHSMITH HODGSON HUNTER HUDSON JOHNSON KILLIAN LEWIS, L. LEWIS, M. MALONE McCOLLUM MELTON MERRIT MILLER MOODY NEWTON NICHOLSON OWEN PADDOCK PEARSON PLATT POLHILL RANDALL REAGAN RICE SECREST STONE TURNER WARLICK WHITE, W. WHITE, B. WILSON WOODY YOUNG a a c . a o. o. Q ,o n 13 n ' . (Q i-o o o n t.- , ' , (?» ,».■«?» Va ?!|, O a : . 1 1 p p OFFICERS BENNIE O. BROOME Grand Master JACK E. WOMACK Grand Procurator J. HUGH DAVIS Grand Master of Ceremonies JOHN B. STEWART Grand Treasurer EMMET F. FERGUSON, JR. Grand Scribe LEWIS KILLINGSWORTH Guard WILLIAM A. JONES Guard Founded at the University of Virginia in 1869. First Southern fraternity to establish a chapter in the North. One hundred and ten chapters. Colors are scarlet, white and emerald green. Flower is the lily-of-the-valley. The Caduceus Is the magazine. Beta Lambda Chapter established in 1901. Tenth fraternity on the campus in respect to age. I i r ' " », a n BARNES DAVIS KILLINGSWORTH BROOME CAGLE CARRASCO CHAMBERS FARMER FERGUSON, E. FERGUSON, J. B. GAINES HAYES SHADMAN STEWART VEATCH WESTBROOK, G. WESTBROOK, R. COLEMAN JONES WOMACK CHAPTER ROLL MARSHALL L BARNES Junior Law BENNIE O. BROOME ' 40 M. C. CAGLE ' 43 HENRY CARRASCO ' 43 JOHN CHAMBERS ' 43 RAWSON COLEMAN ' 42 HUGH J. DAVIS ' 41 JACKSON FARMER ' 42 EMMET F. FERGUSON, JR. ' 42 JOE BILL FERGUSON ' 43 GEORGE V. GAINES ' 41 HAROLD HAYES ' 40 WILLIAM A. JONES ' 42 LEWIS KILLINGSWORTH ' 41 POSTELL SHADMAN ' 43 JOHN B. STEWART ' 41 LAFAYETTE VEATCH ' 43 GEORGE WESTBROOK ' 40 ROBERT WESTBROOK ' 43 JACK E. WOMACK ' 42 11 OFFICERS SAM WILKINS President ROBERT SMITH Vice-President J. SCOTT BROWN, JR. Secretary WARREN A. THRASHER Treasurer FACTS Founded at Boston University m 1909. Outgrowth of Cosmopolitan Law Club. Eighty-eisht chapters. Nu Chapter established in 1915. Colors are purple, green, and gold. Flower is the violet. National publication is the CROSS AND CRESCENT. All chapters required to issue at least four periodicals a year. CHAPTER ROLL ROBERT BENNETT ' 43 EDSEL BENSON ' 42 HUGH S. BLANTON ' 42 J. SCOTT BROWN ' 41 GRADY CALLAHAN ' 42 VASSA A. CATE ' 40 FRED CLARKE ' 43 ANDREW C. COBB ' 42 EARL COLEMAN ' 43 S. MERCER COLLINS ' 40 ROBERT CULVER ' 43 JEROME DALLOR ' 42 JOE R. DALLOR ' 42 JAMES EDWARDS ' 43 JAMES ENNEIS ' 42 HORACE W. FIELD ' 40 JAMES FORDHAM ' 40 EUGENE D. FREEMAN, JR. ' 43 HENRY FREDERICKSON ' 40 EUGENE GIBSON ' 43 PAULGLEASON ' 41 CHARLES HAGAN ' 42 ROBERT HARRISON ' 41 JAMES HOLDEN ' 43 DEAN HOLLAN ' 42 J. R. HOWARD ' 42 ROBERT HUDDLESTON ' 43 JOHN JARRELL ' 42 JAMES JONES ' 40 RICHARD MARTIN ' 43 ROBERT MAUPIN ' 42 WILLIAM P. MIMS ' 40 DAN F. MILLER ' 42 RICHARD MUNN ' 42 CHAS. T. NIBLETT ' 42 GEORGE ROSS ' 40 DALLAS F. SCOGGINS ' 43 W. B. SCOTT ' 41 JAMES SKIPWORTH ' 41 ROBERT E. SMITH ' 41 W. A, THRASHER ' 40 JASON TUGGLE ' 43 WARREN H. VAN RIPER ' 40 PRESTON WADE ' 43 FRANK WADSWORTH ' 41 CHARLES B. WELLS ' 41 CHARLES WELLS ' 40 RAY WILKES ' 41 SAM G. WILKINS ' 40 WILLIAM WINGATE ' 43 JAMES WOOD ' 41 o. a ff» a fTs, o,. o. n " o ' a, . . C!) a n a Uicr| J- 1- t , BENNETT BENSON BLANTON CALLAHAN CATE CLARKE COBB COLEMAN COLLINS CULYER EDWARDS ENNEIS FIELD FORDHAM FREEMAN FREDERICKSON GIBSON GLEASON HAGAN HARRISON HOLDEN HOLLAN HOWARD HUDDLESTOh JARRELL JONES MARTIN MAUPIN MIMS MILLER MUNN NIBLEH SCOGGINS SCOTT SKIPWORTH SMITH THRASHER TUGGLE WILKES WILKINS VAN RIPER WINGATE WADE WOOD WADSWORTH WELLS IHH HHl PHI i[[ii inii OFFICERS ByRON H. MATTHEWS President HARRY HORSEY Reporter ERNEST VANDIVER, JR Preceptor JIM OWEN Treasurer JAMES WIMBERLY Secretary Founded at Miami University in 1848. Member of the Miami Triad. At first existed subrosa. Two chapters at Miami for a while. One hundred and six chanters. White carnation is the flower. Argent and azure are the colors. Magazine is the Scroll of Phi Delta Theta. Georgia Alpha Chapter established in 1871. Fourth fraternity on campus. CHAPTER ROLL BILL ADAMS ' 41 DAVE ASKEW ' 42 JOHN BEARD ' 43 T. V. BEARD ' 40 HUGH BEST ' 42 CALHOUN BOWEN ' 40 LENNON BOWEN ' 43 ALBERT BOYD ' 40 J. W. BOZEMAN ' 40 GEORGE BROUNGART .... ' 43 CLEM BROWN ' 42 EVERETTE BRYANT ' 41 ROBERT CARITHERS ' 42 D. O. CHESTNUT ' 41 FRANK CLARK ' 43 ED CLAXTON ' 41 ALEX CLIETT ' 41 FRANK CORRY ' 41 DOUG CUNNINGHAM .... ' 42 JIM DUNLAP ' 41 HORACE FREEMAN ' 40 JIMMY FUDGE ' 42 WALTER FULMER . . . GEORGE GRACE • . • FRED GRIFFETH . . . LOUIS GRIFFETH . . . DENNY GROOVER . . LAURIER HACKETT . • GUY HARRIS JASE HARRIS WILLIAM HATTAWAY ED F. HERRINGTON . ROBERT HORNE . . ■ HARRY HORSEY . . . BEN O. HOWELL • . • ROBERT L. HOWE LL . JACK HUCKABEE . • • ROBERT JORDAN . . BILL KEEHAN . . . . JIM LEWIS ED LUMPKIN JOHN McCALL . . . . JIMMY MASON . . . . ' 41 . ' 41 . ' 42 duate ■ ' 43 • ' 43 . ' 41 • ' 40 . ' 41 . ' 40 . ' 40 • ' 40 • ' 43 . ' 41 . ' 41 . Law BYRON H. MATTHEWS .... Law HI MOZELY Law JIM MONTGOMERY ' 43 ROBIN NOWELL ' 41 JIM OWEN ' 40 OWEN PERRY ' 40 FRANK PUCKETT ' 41 JACK REID ' 40 RONALD RISH ' 43 WILLIAM T. SMITH ' 40 WILLIAM SNELLING ' 41 NEIL SPEARMAN ' 42 DUDLEY STOKES ' 41 ERNEST VANDIVER, JR. ... . ' 40 MATT WHEELER ' 40 WAYLAND WHITE ' 41 CHARLIE WILLIAMS ' 43 ED WILLIAMS ' 40 JAMES W. WIMBERLY ' 40 JOE G. WOODRUFF ' 41 ROBERT B. WRIGHT ' 41 ROBERT F. ZEIGLER ' 41 ADAMS ASKEW BEARD, J. BEARD, T. V. BEST BOWEN, C. BOWEN, L. BOYD BOZEMAN BROUNGART BROWN BRYANT CARITHERS CHESTNUT CLARK CLAXTON CLIEH CORRY CUNNINGHAM DUNLAP FUDGE FULMER GRACE GRIFFETH, F. GRIFFETH, L. GROOVER HACKETT HARRIS HATTAWAY HERRINGTON HORNE HORSEY HOWELL, BEN HOWELL, BOB HUCKABEE JORDAN KEEHAN LEWIS LUMPKIN McCALL MASON MATTHEWS MONTGOMERY M02ELY NOWELL OWEN PERRY PUCKETT REID RISH SMITH SNELLING SPEARMAN STOKES VANDIVER WHEELE.T WHITE WILLIAMS, C. WILLIAMS, ED WIMBERLY WOODRUFF WRIGHT ZEIGLER ' Cy ft Q Q , a r . o. rs ri ' f (! fy. f! a cs c , ffs n ft fft ff» I p OFFICERS MILTON LESSER Superior A. L. WEILL Vice-Superior CHARLES JOEL Secretary JOSEPH JACOBUS, II Treasurer Organized in 1904 at the College of the City of New York. Founded as a non-sectarian organization. Thirty-two chapters. Magazine is the Phi Epsilon Pi Quarterly. Colors are purple and gold. Flower is the white carnation. Mu Chapter established at Georgia in 1915. Formed from the E. D. S. Society dating from 1895. Oldest Jewish local fraternity in continuous existence. Twelfth fraternity on campus. o .5 .(f ; 14 BECKMAN JOEL MOHR CHAPTER ROLL SELIG M. BECKMAN ' 42 HARRY BERMAN ' 43 ARNOLD BLUM ' 43 SAM FARKAS ' 42 DE JONGH FRANKLIN ' 43 RICHARD HECHT ' 43 HAROLD ISEMAN ' 42 JOSEPH JACOBUS, II ' 41 CHARLES JOEL, JR ' 40 HARVEY KIRSTEIN ' 43 MILTON LESSER ' 40 RAYMOND LESSER ' 42 ROBERT LIPSHUTZ ' 43 MORRIS MACEY ' 43 SIMON MICHAEL ' 43 SIGO MOHR ' 41 WILLIAM RIEMER ' 42 ROBERT ROTHBERG ' 40 LEMAN ROSENBERG ' 43 LOUIS SOHN, JR. ' 40 LOUIS STEYERMAN, II ' 43 A. L WEILL ' 40 p I D U OFFICERS JOHN G. PLOWDEN President E. D. MARTIN Vice-President EARL WIGGINS Secretary STARKES GINN Treasurer S. C. COREY House Manager FACTS Founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. Tradition says actual conception took place at V. M. I. shortly after the Battle of New Market. All founders served in the Confederate Army. Garnet and old gold are the colors. Llly-of-the-valley is the flower. SHIELD AND DIAMOND is the magazine. Seventy-eight chapters. Alpha Mu Chap- ter established in 1908. Eleventh fraternity on the campus. CHAPTER ROLL JAMES ANDREWS ' 40 THAD ALEXANDER ' 40 FOSTER BOONE ' 40 RICHARD BRASSELL ' 42 GENE BULLOCK ' 41 HENRY COBB ' 43 SAM COREY ' 40 ARCHER DICKSON ' 43 JACK DUMESTRE ' 40 MICKEY DYAL ' 42 WENDELL DYKES ' 40 MARTIN FALK ' 40 GEORGE GALLOWAY ' 41 SPARKS GINN ' 40 HORTON GREENE ' 40 GEARY GRIFFITH ' 42 FRED HALE ' 42 MARSHALL HAWKINS ' 42 HOOPER HORNE ' 41 R. JENNINGS HEAD ' 41 GEORGE HULME ' 43 ELSTON JOHNSON ' 40 EDWIN KENNY ' 42 RANDOLPH KELLEY ' 43 MACK LONG ' 42 E. D. MARTIN ' 40 J. C. McLENDON ' 40 JAMES PAYTON ' 43 JOHN PLOWDEN ' 40 WILLIAM POPPKE ' 40 TOM ROGERS ' 41 HOWARD SANDERS ' 40 JOHN PAUL SOUTHER ' 40 VICTOR SPIGENER ' 43 ROBERT SALISBURY ' 40 ALAN SHERRELL ' 42 CLARENCE SMITH ' 42 ROBERT TETER ' 40 HAROLD TILLER ' 42 RALPH THORNTON ' 40 JAMES WILLIAMS ' 42 EARL BRUMBY WIGGINS ' 40 GUS YORK ' 43 1- 9i ■ f f r ' COBB FALK HORNE LONG ROGERS SMITH YORK J IP OFFICERS TOMMV WILLIS Archon FRANK STORy Treasurer JOHN ALDEN Secretary WILLIAM BENNETT Chaplain LOUVAIN RAV Historian BILL WILSON Warden FACTS Organized at the College of Charleston in 1904. Only national fra- ternity founded in South Carolina. Red rose is the flower. Colors are gold, white, and blue. Forty-two chapters. THE STAR AND THE LAMP is the magazine. Lambda Chapter came to Georgia in 1915. Thirteenth fraternity on the campus. CHAPTER ROLL J. D. ADERHOLDT ' 43 JOHN ALDEN ' 41 VERNON ALLMON ' 42 HAROLD ANDERSON ' 43 WILLIAM BENNETT ' 41 SELSy BENTON ' 43 ROLAND BERRy ' 41 WILDER BLITCH ' 41 J. T. BRADBURy ' 42 CHARLES BUNN ' 41 FORREST CLARy ' 42 WOODFIN COLE ' 40 PAT COLOUITF ' 41 LINTON CRAWFORD ' 43 HORACE CROW ' 40 T. J. DEADWyLER ' 41 ROy DUFFIE ' 40 GEORGE EDWARDS ' 42 OWEN FELKEL ' 43 RICHARD FRENCH ' 41 FELIX FUDGE ' 41 JEFF GOLDEN ' 40 JOHN GUNTER ' 43 WARREN HARDIN ' 40 RODNEy HARRIS ' 42 JOHN HEAD ' 43 BEN F. HOLCOMB ' 40 JACK HUTCHINSON ' 42 HORACE JENKINS ' 43 JAMES JOHNSON ' 42 CLIFF KIMSEy ' 42 ROBERT LOyO ' 42 ELTON LUNDy ' 42 CLyDE MARTIN ' 41 RAy McRAE ' 43 IRBV MEADOWS ' 43 JOE MUNDy ' 43 GUS PARTEE ' 43 EDWARD PERRyMAN ' 40 BROOKS PIERCE ' 43 FRANK PRyOR ' 42 WOODFIN PURCELL ' 42 LOUVAIN RAy ' 40 FRED SMOTHERMAN ' 43 WILSON SNEED ' 43 BILL STANDIFER ' 42 FRANK STORy ' 40 BILLy STRAUSS ' 42 JOHN J. THOMAS ' 42 JOE UNDERWOOD ' 40 HAMILTON VERDERy ' 41 BILL WATSON ' 42 | TOMMy WILLIS ' 40 n BILL WILSON ' 41 ' JAMES WILSON ' 43 O :!v « ft 9 A a ' . r n ei o a f « o : r i N ' im I l . f Q r?i r C , f O rTi a 9 ,o f i! . f o f ALDEN BUNN EDWARDS HEAD MARTIN RAY ALLMON CLARY FELKEL HOLCOMB McRAE SMOTHERMAN ANDERSON COLE FRENCH HUTCHINSON MEADOWS SNEED BENNETT COLQUITT FUDGE JENKINS MUNDY STANDIFER BENTON CRAWFORD GOLDEN JOHNSON PARTEE STORY BERRY CROW GUNTER KIMSEY FERRYMAN STRAUSS BLITCH DEADWYLER HARDIN LOYD PRYOR THOMAS BRADBURY DUFFIE HARRIS LUNDY PURCELL UNDERWOOD WILSON, BILL i siGNi mn [PSRii OFFICERS JOHN W. LANGDALE President FRANCIS NORMAN Treasurer HONX ' ELL MOLLIS Vice-President GEORGE GILLON Corresponding Secretary A. O. B. SPARKS Recording Secretary FACTS Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856. Members carried University mail to raise funds for first chapter house at Sewanee. Magnificent national headquarters building at Evanston, III. One woman mem- ber. Initiations held in France during the World War. Flower is the violet. Colors are royal purple and old gold. Magazine is The Record. Georgia Beta Chapter established in 1865. Oldest fraternity at Geor- gia. Has initiated more members than any other chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHAPTER ROLL JOE ARNOLD ' 40 BLANCHARD BATTLE ' 43 TOMMY BARROW ' 42 ALBERT BOYKIN ' 42 BOBBY BRAY ' 43 MITCHELL BRICE ' 41 EMERSON BRYANT ' 43 WALTER BURT ' 42 WILL PURT 42 TOMMY CAUTHORN ' 41 BILLY COBB ' 41 MARCUS COX ' 42 BOB CRENSHAW ' 41 CAM DORSEY Junior Law JIMMY DUDLEY ' 40 HOMER DURDEN . . Freshman Law KNOX ELDREDGE ' 40 GENE ELLENSON ' 43 GOODLOE ERWIN ' 40 HOWELL ERWIN . . . . Junior Law GEORGE FELTON ' 42 JOHN FLEETWOOD ' 42 WALKER FLOURNOY ' 42 MARSHALL GARY ' 41 GEORGE GILLON ' 41 JACK HARRELL ' 43 RAWSON HAVERTY ' 41 JIM HAWKINS ' 40 JIMMY HINSON ' 42 POPE HOLLIDAY ' 42 HOWELL HOLLIS . . Freshman Law HAROLD HOUSTON ' 41 BOLLING JONES ' 41 GORDON JONES . . Freshman Law BILLY KNIGHT ' 41 GEORGE KYLE ' 42 BILLY LANGDALE ' 42 JOHN LANGDALE . . . Senior Law ED LIPFORD ' 40 BILL LITTLE ' 40 GEORGE LITTLE ' 40 J. D. MADDOX ' 42 JACK MATTHEWS ' 41 JOE MAYER ' 42 JIMMY MclNTOSH ' 43 RIDLEY MONK ' 42 RICHARD MORRIS ' 42 SHELBY MYRICK ' 43 FRANCIS NORMAN ' 40 BILLY OSBORNE E. P. PARIS . • MARVIN PITTMAN BUD RINEARSON BILL ROGERS . GEORGE SHAW JOHN SIMPSON STEVE SMITH . BILLY SOLMS . JIMMY SOLMS GUS SPARKS . • RICHARD SPENCER ROBERT SULLIVAN JOHN STEGEMAN TOM STEWART . WALLACE STEWART BILLY STIMPSON GEORGE SWIFT JIM TODD . . . ELLIOTT WADDELL STOKES WALKER J. B. WHITE . . BILLY WILLIAMS BILLY WOFFORD AIKEN WRIGHT ■43 ' 40 Law ' 41 ' 42 ' 42 Law ' 41 ' 41 ' 40 ' 41 ' 40 ' 43 ' 41 ' 42 ' 43 ' 40 ■42 Law t I ARNOLD BATTLE BARROW BRAY BRICE BRYANT BURT, W. BURT, WM. CAUTHORN COBB COX CRENSHAW DORSEY DUDLEY DURDEN ELDREDGE ERWIN, G. ERWIN, H. FELTON FLEETWOOD FLOURNOY GARY GILLON HARRELL HAVERTY HAWKINS HINSON HOLLIDAY HOLLIS HOUSTON JONES, B. JONES, G. KNIGHT KYLE LANGDALE, B. LANGDALE, J. LIPFORD LITTLE, BILL LITTLE, G. MADDOX MAYER MclNTOSH MONK MORRIS MYRICK NORMAN OSBORNE PARIS PITTMAN RINEARSON ROGERS SHAW SIMPSON SMITH SOLMS, B. SOLMS, J. SPARKS SPENCER SULLIVAN STEGEMAN STEWART STIMPSON SWIFT WADDELL WALKER WHITE WILLIAMS WOFFOPD WRIGHT L - c ,a a Ok w a dkmM fh f Oj. q f (f a oi r( , ,a a a D a ( Q , f Oi O n O n l ' -3 f1 1 J OFFICERS BILL GUNTER Consul IRWIN PIKE Pco-Consul ARTHUR LOTT Annotatoi BOB NORMAN Quaestor FACTS Founded at Midml University in 1855. A Miami Triad fraternity. First called Sigma Phi. Unique feature is the Constantine Chapter, group in the Confederate Army. " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " is best known fraternity song. First fraternity to make a sound motion pic- ture. Colors are blue and old gold. Flower is the white rose. Ninety- eight chapters. Publication is the MAGAZINE OF SIGMA CHI. THE BULLETIN was the first secret magazine of any fraternity. Delta Chapter established in 1872. Fifth fraternity on the campus. CHAPTER ROLL WILLIAM ALLEN ' 42 JACK AVERITT ' 43 LEMON AUTREY ' 42 HARRY BAKER ' 42 LEE BANKS ' 42 HAROLD G. BARNWELL ' 41 WINTON E. BLACKWELL ' 43 OE BRYANT ' 42 J. G. H. BLAKE ' 42 WALTER H. CAMP ' 42 MAYLON CLINKSCALES ' 42 JAMES CORNELL, JR. ' 41 ENSON EARLE ' 42 THOMAS E. DAVID ' 43 JACK FIELDS ' 40 FRANK A. FRASER ' 41 ROBERT D. GILBERT ' 40 CORYELL GREER ' 41 WILLIAM GUNTER Law T. A. HARBER ' 40 JAMES NICKELSON HARTFORD ' 41 BOBBY HEREFORD ' 43 EDWARD HESTER Law CHARLES HILL 42 HUGH HILL ' 40 WILLIAM HARRIS ' 41 JACK HUBERT ' 43 JAMES KENDRICK ' 42 JOHN H. KENT ' 41 ILLY KILLIAN 43 WILLIAM KIRBY ' 41 JOHN C. KNUPP ' 41 ALAN KUSMICKI ' 41 F. B. LEASEMAN ' 42 JAMES B. LANGFORD ' 43 ARTHUR LOTT Law THOMAS H. MASSEY ' 42 REiD McLaughlin ' 40 WILLIAM H. McNEIL ' 40 WILL NEISLER ' 41 ROBERT NORMAN Law EARL ODOM ' 40 SAM PARKER ' 40 WILLIAM PARKER ' 41 IRWIN PIKE ' 40 WILLIAM POLK ' 43 WILLIAM J. PRINCE ' 40 ROY RICHARDS ' 42 GEORGE RITCHIE ' 40 JOSEPH ROSSBOTHAM ' 43 JOHN RIDLEY ' 41 JACK SELLARS ' 42 JAY SMITH, JR. ' 42 COLQUITT SIMS ' 43 GEORGE W. STANLEY ' 40 RAY THURMAN ' 40 AUGUST TURNER ' 40 NELSON VANSANT ' 41 CLARENCE WELCH ' 42 I A iL .Cy O o fl «? , ft. ..( n a q o ! o n 1 ( a o f! o e r? a a o ! o :! ill I .: ft 3 ,3. A O flt ' - " . O ft ( n ' ! !) l» u ' i V _ 1 AVERIir CAMP GREER HARRIS LEASEMAN PARKER, S. SELLARS AUTREY CLINKSCALES GUNTER HUBERT LANGFORD PARKER, W. SMITH BARNWELL DAVID HEREFORD KILLIAN MASSEY POLK STANLEY McLaughlin PRINCE thurman McNeil richards turner blackwell FIELDS HESTER KIRBY NEISLER RITCHIE VANSANT BRYANT ERASER HILL, C. KNUPP NORMAN ROSSBOTHAM WELCH : 2lfli»a JAMES CURTIS President CHARLES EVANS Vice-President ROBERT DAVID Secretary T. C. KEEN, JR. Treasurer Organized at Virginia Military Institute in 1869. Originated from the Legion of fHonor, a secret society. Ninety-six chapters. Chapters at first designated by Roman numerals. Colors are gold, black, and white. Flower is the white rose. Journal is the Delta. Mu Chapter established in 1873. Sixth fraternity to come to Georgia. CHAPTER ROLL RICHARD BRADLEY ELWOOD BROADRICK HENRV CARSWELL JOHN y. COFFEE, JR LAMAR COFFIN VERNER CHAFFIN Freshman PERRY CULPEPPER JAMES CURTIS Senior ROY L DIAL EDGAR L. DUKE CHARLES DAVIS ROBERT K. DAVID E. DUNN CHARLES EVANS FRANK ELLIOT ELMORE FLOYD NED GUILD HARRY HARDY LAWRENCE HARRINGTON TOMMY HAYNES MARVIN HILL WILLIS HURST VINCENT JONES ED LAWRENCE T. C. KEEN, JR. ' 40 WALTER LEE ' 42 EUGENE E. MAXWELL ' 40 HAL MILLER ' 40 JACOB NEW ' 41 W. W. NEWSOM ' 41 BILL NORRIS Senior Law FRANK NORRIS ' 43 BOB PATTERSON ' 43 JACK PARKER ' 43 ALMAND ROACH ' 41 GUY OUALLS ' 41 CHARLES RENFROE ' 43 ALMOND W. SPENCE ' 40 FRANK SHANNON ' 41 CHARLES STRICKLAND ' 40 GROVER SEYMORE ' 43 CHARLES STEBBINS Senior Law W. T. SIMPSON ' 41 FRED SWEAT Senior Law SHELBY WESTBROOK ' 40 ROBERT WERDEN ' 41 P. LEE WILLIAMS ' 40 W. C. WOODALL ' 40 BRADLEy BROADRICK CARSWELL COFFEE COFFIN CHAFFIN CULPEPPER CURTIS DIAL DUKE DAVIS DAVID DUNN EVANS ELLIOT FLOYD GUILD HARDY HARRINGTON HAYNES HILL HURST JONES LAWRENCE KEEN LEE MAXWELL MILLER NEW NORRIS, BILL NORRIS, F. PATTERSON PARKER PAULK ROACH QUALLS RENFROE SPENCE SHANNON STRICKLAND SEYMOUR STEBBINS SIMPSON SWEAT WESTBROOK WERDEN WILLIAMS WOODALL ds «.a (? o n Cy NT fji a a llf?| f ft - T 1 f Q ( n «?! , ft «?» ly [psiiii p OFFICERS MORRIS BRODY President JOE GERSON Vice-President SIDNEY HASKINS Secretary JOE GINSBERG Treasurer Founded in 1910 at Columbia University. Honorary n-iemberships conferred. Colors are purple and white. Magazine is the quarterly Plume. Thirty-nine chapters. Nu Chapter organized in 1919. Fifteenth fraternity on the campus. . ft O O fl ak ( n « a . . C Ci Oi ACKERMAN GERSON KANTER LUMENTHAL GINSBERG KRUGER, R. BORENSTEIN GOLDSTEIN KAPLAN BRODV GORDON LESSENBAUM BUNIM HALPERIN MARCUS COOPER HASKINS RICHMAN CHAPTER ROLL MURRAY ACKERMAN ' 43 SIDNEY ALLEN ' 43 IRVING BLUMENTHAL ' 42 RICHARD BORENSTEIN ' 42 MORRIS BRODY ' 40 BURRILL BUNIM ' 42 MAX COOPER ' 42 JOE GERSON ' 40 HYMAN B. GERSHON ' 42 JOE GINSBERG ' 41 ISREAL GOLDSTEIN ' 40 SHERMAN GORDON ' 43 SAM HALPERIN ' 42 SIDNEY HASKINS ' 41 WALTER KANTER ' 40 LEWIS KRUGER ' 43 REUBEN KRUGER ' 42 DAVID KAPLAN ' 40 HAROLD LESSENBAUM ' 41 MURRAY A. MARCUS ' 42 JOE I. RICHMAN ' 41 FRANK E. SOLOMON ' 41 SAM STRAUS ' 43 JOE STRULETZ ' 42 D y d OFFICERS VIVIAN FOSTER President AGNES SILVER Vice-President SUSAN DILLINGHAM Secretary FLORENCE LEE CALLAHAN Treasurer FACTS Starting the year off right by rnoving into their new colonial home on South Milledge and winning first prize for sorority homeconning decorations. Alpha Chi Omega looks back on a very successful year. The " Alpha Chi Omega Winter Carnival " was the first sorority formal of the year, and other social functions included buffet suppers, a barbecue and two tea dances. Alpha Chis rank among the top soror- ities in scholarship and intramural sports. They have the only national sorority officer in Athens. CHAPTER ROLL MARIANNE ADAIR ' 42 MARY ELIZABETH ALLAN Graduate BETTY ALMAND ' 40 LIBBY BARGERON ' 43 BEVERLY BENSON ' 41 MARY BOYD ' 42 FLORENCE LEE CALLAHAN ' 41 DOROTHY CANN ' 43 LOUISE CONNELL ' 40 MARTHA COOPER ' 41 WINIFRED DAVIS ' 41 SUSAN DILLINGHAM ' 40 MARY DOUGLAS ' 41 LUCILLE ELLISON ' 41 GRACE FITZGERALD ' 42 VIVIAN FOSTER ' 40 CAROLYN GILBERT ' 43 SARA HALL ' 42 BETTY HARRISON ' 43 DOROTHY ANN HAMMETT ' 41 ELEANOR HURLEY ' 41 CEDELIA HOUSE ' 40 GWENDOLYN KEY ' 40 MARION LASSITER ' 40 CLAUDIA LEE ' 4| HELEN NOLTE ' 43 VIRGINIA PURKS ' 43 ANNE PEAKE ' 41 MARY ALICE ROANE ' 43 MARGARET SIMMS ' 42 JIMMIE SMITH ' 42 AGNES SILVER ' 41 JANIE SPENCE ' 42 SOPHIA STEPHENS ' 40 VALERIE VARNON ' 42 ELEANOR VANCE ' 43 VIRGINIA WALLAIN ' 41 ANNE WALLACE ' 41 BONNIE WESTBROOK ' 40 MONTIE WESTBROOK ' 41 GRACE WATSON ' 43 SARA WORTHAM ' 40 UiM li ADAIR ALLAN ALMAND BARGERON BENSON BOrD CALLAHAN CANN COUNELL COOPER DAVIS DILLINGHAM DOUGLASS ELLISON FITZGERALD FOSTER GILBERT HALL HARRISON HAMMETT HURLEY HOUSE KEY LASSITER LEE NOLTE PURKS PEAKE ROANE SIMMS SMITH SILVER SPENCE STEPHENS VARNON VANCE WALLAIN WALLACE WESTBROOK, B. WESTBROOK, M. WATSON WORTHAM fliPy DI11H F OFFICERS SARA ROSSEE President ELIZABETH GIBBS Secretary JEAN MacDONNELL Vice-President MARIAN JACKSON Treasurer FACTS Opening their history at Wesleyan College in 1851 as the Adelphean Society, Alpha Delta Pi is the world ' s oldest secret society for women. Since 1933 Beta Nu Chapter at Georgia has upheld the colors blue and white and the A. D. Pi open motto, " I Love the Pin, " which sings of the violets, the national flower, and the diamond shaped pin bearing clasped hands and stars. Concentrating on sports this year, the A. D. Pis are trying to keep the silver intramural cup for the third consecutive year. They won first place in swimming and scored more points than any other sorority the first quarter. The sorority has also purchased an antebellum home with style and architecture typical of Adelphean period. CONSTANCE BALFOUR . ■ BETTy BIRDSALL SELENE BLOODWORTH . . ANICE BOLTON BETTy BOWEN JANE CARITHERS . . . . G RUTH CLODFELTER .... FRANCES COPELAND . . • ANNABEL CORLEy .... CATHERINE DAVIS .... MARCIA DAVIS OLIVE BELL DAVIS .... LENTON FAUSETT .... ANNE GARRETT MARy JANE GENTRy . . . , ELIZABETH GIBBS CELESTE GORMLEy JULIA GRESHAM MARTHA GRESHAM . . . . LELIA GRIFFITH ANN HARRIS BEUy JANE HORTON . . . MARy SUE HORTON . . . . CHAPTER ROLL ■41 MARy IRBy ' 43 ■41 NELL IRBy ' 42 ' 40 MARIAN JACKSON ' 41 ' 41 CATHERINE EVERETT JONES • • ' 40 ■41 DOROTHy JONES ' 41 uate EDRIAN KLAIRE JONES .... ' 40 ■41 NOMA KANE ' 42 ' 40 BOBBIE KIMBALL ' 42 ■40 DELLA JO MARSHALL .... ' 41 ■41 ROSE MARTIN ' 42 ' 42 JEAN MacDONNELL ' 40 ■42 ELIZABETH MATTHEWS .... ' 41 ■42 DOROTHy MERRITT ' 41 ' 41 BETTy MORAN ' 40 ■41 LORRAINE McARTHUR .... ' 40 ' 40 MARGARET McLAURy .... ' 40 ' 42 SARAH McNAB ' 40 ■41 MARGARET McRAE ' 41 ' 41 ARLENE MORROW ' 41 ' 40 MARIAN NORTH ' 40 REBA O ' CONNER ' 41 HELEN PARDUE ' 40 ELIZABETH PEARCE ' 41 3ETTy PERRyMAN ' 42 VIRGINIA PEyTON 41 CECILIA PRICE ' 40 BEny PRINGLE ' 41 SUSAN RICHARDSON .... ' 43 SUE ROGERS 42 DOROTHy ROSE 43 MARy ELIZABETH ROSE . . . . 41 FLORRIE ROSSEE ' 42 SARA ROSSEE ' 40 JANE SAN FORD ' 42 BETTy SCOTT 40 MARY STEELE ' 43 LOUISE STOCKDALE 43 FRANCES THOMAS 43 ELIZABETH THOMPSON ... ' 42 ADURLINE TOMPKINS .... ' 41 SUSIE TUCKER ' 41 MARTHA TURNER ' 41 MARGARET TWIGGS ' 41 MARy JO WEAVER ' 43 AMELIA WOOTEN ' 41 FRANCES WRIGHT ' 43 GREG yARBROUGH ' 43 BALFOUR BIRDSALL BLOODWORTH BOLTON BOWEN CLODFELTER COPELAND CORLEY DAVIS, C. DAVIS, O. B, FAUSETT GARRETT GENTRY GIBBS GORMLEY GRESHAM, J. GRESHAM, M. GRIFFITH HARRIS HORTON, J. HORTON, S. IRBY, M IRBY, N. JACKSON JONES, C. JONES, D. JONES, E. KANE KIMBALL MARSHALL MARTIN MacDONNELL MATTHEWS MORAN McARTHUR McLAURY McNAB McRAE MORROW O ' CONNER PARDUE PEARCE FERRYMAN PEYTON PRICE PRINGLE ROGERS ROSE, D. ROSE, M. E. ROSSEE, F. ROSSEE, S. SANFORD STEELE STOCKDALE THOMAS THOMPSON TOMPKINS TUCKER TURNER TWIGGS WEAVER WRIGHT YARBROUGH ilPin GIMMI l[[II OFFICERS JEAN PITTMAN President LOIS BRIDGES Vice-President JEAN SORTORE Secretaty KATHERINE PITTS Treasurer With the red and buff roses against the green leaves. Gamma Alpha Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was installed in 1923 on this campus. The sorority was founded in 1904 at Syracuse University. The new Alpha Gam house is truly the old South with its spacious grounds including the formal gar dens and the lovely columns encircling the wide verandas. Alpha Gamma Delta strives to make better, all around girls, both in college life and at home. BRASWELL BRIDGES BURNS BYERS CARROLL DOZIER GORDY GUARD HOWELL HUBBARD LANGDON LEE McWHORTER MOORE NICKERSON PHILLIPS PITTMAN PITTS S TWITTY VANCE VERDI WARD WATERS WING CHAPTER ROLL Wl FOUNTAIN FRANK GAND LIPSCOMB MAULDIN McCLURE SHORE SORTORE STARR SUTTON WILLIAMS YARBOROUGH, C. YARBOROUGH, I. YOUNG MARY ANN BRASWELL ' 43 LOIS BRIDGES ' 40 SARA BURNS ' 43 MARGARET BYERS ' 40 ELOISE CARROLL ' 41 HARRIETTE DOZIER ' 41 AILEENE FOUNTAIN ' 41 DOROTHY FRANK ' 41 LUCILLE GANDY ' 41 FRANCES GORDY ' 43 MARGUERITE GUARD ' 41 LOUISE HOWELL ' 41 PEARL HUCBARD ' 43 LORRAINE LANGDON ' 41 CAROLYN LEE ' 41 ROSALINE LIPSCOMB ' 40 MARTHA MAULDIN ' 42 MARY McCLURE ' 40 MARY McWHORTER ' 40 GRACE MOORE ' 42 THEA NICKERSON ' 42 NANCY PHILLIPS ' 42 JEAN PITTMAN ' 40 KATHERINE PITTS ' 41 DOROTHEA SHORE ' 41 ISABELLA SHINN ' 41 ELOISE SIMPSON ' 41 JEAN SORTORE ' 41 MARGUERITE STARR ' 40 MARY SUTTON ' 42 MARY RUSSELL TWITTY ' 40 MARGARET VANCE ' 43 MARTHA VERDI ' 42 PATRICIA WARD ' 41 MARIE WATERS ' 42 CATHERINE WING ' 41 LOUISE WILLIAMS ' 41 CHRISTINE YARBOROUGH ' 43 IRMA YARBOROUGH ' 43 ESTHER YOUNG ' 42 m niuu PI OFFICERS FRANCES MIDDLEBROOKS President ANN CORNWELL Vicc-President FRANCES CHRISTOPHER Treasurcf JUDy )CING Secretafy FAas Alpha Omlcron Pis are the wearers of the ruby and the pearls in a pin which was voted the prettiest pin In the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Alpha Omicron Pis are also identified with the red, red rose. Founded nationally at Barnard College in 1897, Lambda Sigma Chapter was established as the forty-first chapter in 1935. The chief concern of the sorority is the schools and hospitals that it supports in the Kentucky mountains. Each chapter contributes monthly toward the maintenance of this philanthropic work. In 1940 this chapter though only five years old will entertain the Southern District Con- vention. IMIIMH CHAPTER ROLL EMILY ARNETT ' 43 ELIZABETH BARBER ' 41 HELEN BEAMER ' 41 EVA MAE BLANTON ' 40 ROSALYN BRADSHAW ' 42 KATHLEEN BRANNEN ' 40 EUGENIA BURTON ' 40 MARJORIE KENT CAIN ' 40 EVANGELINE CARTER ' 42 FRANCES CHRISTOPHER ' 41 ANN CORNWELL ' 41 MARCIA CORNWELL ' 43 SUSIE DANIELS ' 40 GEORGIA FIELDS ' 42 KATHLEEN GOEN Graduate JUNE HAINES ' 41 HELEN HIXON ' 42 CAROLYN HUEY ' 41 FRANCES MASHBURN ' 43 FRANCES MIDDLEBROOKS ' 40 MARTHA MORRISON ' 40 MADGE MOSS ' 41 MARTHA McDOUGALD ' 43 GRACE McFEE ' 42 SARA JEAN LEMMOND ' 42 RUTH PORTER ' 40 ELIZABETH RAY ' 41 MARIE RICHARDSON ' 41 CORDELIA SALTER ' 43 MARION SALISBURY ' 42 JOSEPHINE SIMMONS ' 41 ELIZABETH STROTHER ' 42 MARTHA FRANCES SMITH ' 43 JANELLE WILLOUGHBY ' 40 JUDY WING ' 40 ARNETT BARBER BEAMER BLANTON BRADSHAW BRANNEN CAIN CARTER CHRISTOPHER CORNWELL, A. CORNWELL M HAINES HIXON HUEY MASHBURN MORRISON McDOUGALD McFEE LEMMOND RAY RICHARDSON SALTER SALISBURY SIMMONS STROTHER SMITH WILLOUGHBY WING OFFICERS ELIZABETH BAGGETT President LUCY BAXTER Secretary MARTHA WHITAKER Vice-President RENE TUCK Tn Since 1895, Chi Omega has grown to the second largest social sorority from the standpoint of total membership and first in number of chapters. The X and hHorseshoe form the pin, known to all, as are the colors, cardinal and straw, and the flower, the white carnation. The open motto is " Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals. " True to the ideal of high scholarship of its ninety-three chapters, Mu Beta of Chi Omega, second oldest sorority on the Georgia campus, is in possession of the coveted scholarship platter, awarded to the sorority having the highest average for the quarter. Proving that the girls have Beauty as well as Brains, the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi cups for the past two years flank the platter. MARGARET A RIDGE ' 43 BETH ARNOLD ' 40 BETTY ASHMEADE ' 42 ELIZABETH BAGGETT ' 40 FLORENCE BAXTER ' 43 LUCY BAXTER ' 41 BETTY BLACK ' 42 HELEN BOARDMAN ' 40 MARY BOWER ' 40 MARY BROOKS ' 41 GLADYS BROWN ' 40 ALICE CABANISS 40 BESSIE CABANISS ' 42 DORIS CAMP ' 42 JANE COLLIER ' 42 JEANNETTE COX ' 41 MARJORIE DEKLE ' 42 MARY DOWLING ' 42 JANET DUBOSE ' 41 ANDERSON DUMAS ' 42 ANNE FERGUSON ' 40 LORRAINE FERRELL ' 41 MILDRED FORTSON ' 41 EDITH FUGITT ' 41 ANNE GAMBLE ' 41 CHAPTER ROLL LOUISE GAMBLE ' 41 CECIL GRIMES ' 40 LOUISE HAINS ' 42 FRANCES HARPER ' 41 DORIS JEAN HINSON .... ' 40 AUGUSTA HOWARD ' 40 OLIVE HOWARD ' 42 SHIRLEY HUTCHINSON .... ' 43 PHYLLIS JENKINS ' 40 GRACE A. KEMPTON . . . Graduate JOSEPHINE KENNEDY .... ' 42 ELIZABETH LAMKIN ' 41 JEANNIE LEWIS ' 42 VIVIAN MADDOX ' 43 LAURA McCARTY ' 40 BESSIE MARIE McCOLLUM . • ' 41 RUTH NORRIS ' 41 MARY GATES ' 40 JOAN ORR ' 42 LOLLA PADDOCK ' 43 ISABEL PARKER ' 42 JEAN PENTECOST ' 41 SARA PHILLIPS ' 4! PEGGY PRICE ' 41 GLADYS RANDALL ' 42 FRANCES RAVENEL ' 43 CAROLYN REYNOLDS ' 40 FRANCES RICH ' 41 WYLENE RIGHTON ' 4! DOT SEE ' 41 CAROLYN STAPLETON .... ' 4! CORINNE STEPHENS . . . Graduate MARGARET STODDARD .... ' 40 JESSIE SUTTON ' 43 EDITH ANNE TEASLEY .... ' 4! MARY THOMAS ' 41 LAGRANGE TRUSSELL .... ' 4! RENE TUCK ' 41 MARY UPCHURCH ' 42 ALYCE WALKER ' 40 VIRGINIA WAYNE ' 42 KATHERINE WEBB ' 41 ELEANOR WEEKS ' 41 ELIZABETH WHEELER ' 41 HENRIETTA WHITAKER .... ' 43 MARTHA WHITAKER ' 40 EUGENIA WILLIAMS ' 41 LILLIAN WRIGHT ' 43 JULIET YEARNS ' 43 AKRIDGE ARNOLD ASHMEADE BAGGETT BAXTER, F. BAXTER, L. BOARDMAN BOWER BROOKS BROWN CABANISS, A. CABANISS, B. CAMP COLLIER DEKLE DOWLING DUBOSE DUMAS FERGUSON FERRELL FORTSON FUGITT GAMBLE, A. GAMBLE, L. GRIMES MAINS HARPER HINSON HOWARD, A. HOWARD, O. HUTCHINSON JENKINS KEMPTON KENNEDY LAMKIN LEWIS MADDOX McCARTY McCOLLUM NORRIS GATES PADDOCK PARKER PENTECOST PHILLIPS PRICE RANDALL RAVENEL REYNOLDS RICH RIGHTON SEE STAPLETON STEPHENS STODDARD SUTTON TEASLEY THOMAS TRUSSELL TUCK UPCHURCH WALKER WAYNE WEBB WEEKS WHEELER WHITAKER, H. WHITAKER, M. WILLIAMS WRIGHT YEARNS Fvo 5% ■ " ■ o p m 1 " ■ a i[in Hill i[iii OFFICERS RANNIE GEISSLER President ALICE KIERCE Vice-President VALERIA BURROUGHS Secretary LOUISE SLOCUM Treasurer FACTS The first to be established as a national sorority, Delta Delta Delta is proud of a history of service that dates back to their founding on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888. " Future Preferred, " vocational guidance bureau, seeks employment for graduates and the Tri Delts were the first to establish an endowment for scholastic attainment. Installed at Georgia in 1934, Alpha Rho is one of eighty-eight active chapters. Tri Delts take part in all campus activities; honor the silver blue and gold, their colors; and the pearl, their jewel. CHAPTER ROLL CHARLOTTE ASHLEY ' 40 CHARLIE BALDWIN ' 43 CLARA LILLIAN BALDWIN ' 40 ANNA BEERMANN ' 41 VALERIA BURROUGHS ' 40 EMILY CHANDLER ' 43 LOUISE CHANDLER ' 41 JESSIE CHRISTIE ' 41 ALINE COCKE ' 41 MARY COKER ' 43 JEAN COX ' 43 EMILY CUMMING ' 41 CAROLINE DRAKE ' 41 ANNE EDGE ' 42 HARRIET EMERSON " 43 JULIA FARMER ' 42 SARA FARMER ' 42 RANNIE GEISSLER ' 40 POLLY HARRIS ' 41 ETTY HODGES ' 43 ELIZABETH ANNE HOSCH ' 42 JACOUELINE HOWARD ' 41 GRAYSON HUNGERFORD ' 41 ALICE KIERCE ' 40 KATHRYN JONES ' 43 MARION LANIER ' 41 TON I LEWIS ' 43 CYLENE LAWLER ' 41 GENEVIVE LONG ' 41 HILDA McCALMAN ' 40 BETTY McDAVID ' 41 MARJORIE MATTHEWS ' 41 MARION MAXWELL ' 41 RUTH MEEKS ' 41 VIRGINIA MOTT ' 41 NELLE MULLINS ' 40 MARGUERITE PARSLEY ' 43 SARA PATTERSON ' 43 LAURA JO PHILLIPS ' 40 MARTHA POSTELL ' 43 FRANCES RICHARDSON ' 40 BILLIE ANN ROOP ' 40 MARIANA ROSS ' 42 JESSIE RUFFIN ' 42 MARJORIE RUTHERFORD ' 42 HORTENSE SAFFOLD ' 43 MARTY SELLARS ' 43 MARY ZELMA SHUMPERT ' 41 LOUISE SLOCUM ' 40 ANTOINETTE SUMMERS ' 40 LOUISE THOMPSON ' 43 CECELIA TRAVIS ' 40 EUGENIA WALKER ' 42 MATTIE WEST ' 41 DORIS WHITFIELD ' 42 KATHERINE WHITNEY ' 43 ANNE WILBURN ' 40 BETTY ANN YATES ' 43 n! aao aft U|||||; gl«|j[g|| i l ASHLEY BALDWIN, C. BALDWIN, L. BEERMANN BURROUGHS CHANDLER, E. CHANDLER, L. CHRISTIE COCKE COKER COX CUMMING DRAKE EDGE EMERSON FARMER, J. FARMER, S. GEISSLER HARRIS HODGES HOSCH HOWARD HUNGERFORD KIERCE JONES LANIER LEWIS LAWLER LONG McCALMAN McDAVID MATTHEWS MAXWELL MOTT MULLINS PARSLEY PATTERSON PHILLIPS POSTELL RICHARDSON ROOP ROSS RUFFIN RUTHERFORD SAFFOLD SELLARS SLOCUM SUMMERS THOMPSON TRAVIS WALKER WEST WHITNEY WILBURN YATES (i! jdn |[[Ii Pll [PSIIPH OFFICERS EMMA MINKOVITZ Reslna NORA COOLIK V.ce-Resina ROSALIND WEINMAN Secretary IDA ERBESFIELD Treasufcr Psi Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon was established at the University of Georgia In 1935 as the eighth sorority on the campus. Founded nationally at Washington Square College of New York in 1917, they have as their colors royal purple and pure gold. The orchid is their flower, the pearl their jewel. There are nineteen active chapters of Delta Phi Epsilon. Psi Chapter won the scholarship cup winter quarter of last year. AGOOS BOCK BOLGLA COHEN COOLIK DREIZIN ERBESFIELD GOLDEN HALPRIN ISENBERG ISREALS KANTOR KARP KLEINBERG KOPLIN KOTTELMAN KRAMER KULBERSH LINK LIPMAN MINKOVITZ NATHAN PEARLMAN RAUZIN ROBINSON RUTKIN SCHULMAN SEIGEL SHAINKER SIMON SLANN 5PILKY STEIN SUSSMAN TENENBAUM WEINMAN CHAPTER ROLL WEISS WEINSTEIN WILENSKY HENRIEHA AGOOS 42 SYLVIA BOCK ' 43 SARA BOLGLA ' 40 FAY COHEN ' 43 NORA COOLIK ' 4! MIRIAM DREIZIN ' 40 IDA ERBESFIELD ' 40 BETTY GOLDEN ' 43 MURIEL HALPRIN ' 42 GERALDINE ISENBERG ' 43 NETTIE ISREALS ' 42 SYLVIA KANTOR ' 42 FRANCES KARP ' 42 BARBARA KLEINBERG ' 42 NORMA KOPLIN ' 42 HINDALYN KOTTELMAN ' 43 SARA KRAMER ' 41 SHIRLEY KULBERSH ' 42 DOROTHY LINK ' 43 GRACE LIPMAN ' 43 EMMA MINKOVITZ ' 40 ELAINE NATHAN ' 43 BEATRICE PEARLMAN ' 43 MARTHA RAUZIN ' 40 BERNICE ROBINSON ' 43 HELEN RUTKIN ' 40 MURIEL SCHULMAN ' 42 LEAH SEIGEL -42 BERNICE SHAINKER ' 42 NELL SIMON ' 42 IRENE SLANN ' 43 RITA SMERLING ' 41 NATALIE SPILKY ' 42 ROSALIE STEIN ' 43 HARRIET SUSSMAN ' 43 ANNETTE TENENBAUM ' 43 ROSALIND WEINMAN ' 41 ADELE WEISS ' 42 JEANNETTE WEINSTEIN ' 40 LORRAINE WILENSKY ' 42 ( pp [P l«[II MARGARET MACPHERSON President FRANCES BRANDON Vice-President ELEANOR MADDOCK Secretary CAROLYN McKENZIE Treasurer Kappa Alpha Theta, the oldest Greek letter fraternity known among women, traces its history back to 1870, when its black and gold kite became significant at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. At Georgia this year Theta has won recognition by placing second in the Sigma Chi Derby, standing high in all intramurals and holding a large percentage of the major offices on the campus. Socially they entertain at their traditional Spring Quarter Dance in their historical and beautiful colonial home. CHAPTER ROLL LILLIAN ACREE FLORENE ALLEN VIRGINIA AMONETTE JANE BALL EMMA BOWEN MARY ANN BOWEN FRANCES BRANDON LUFRED BROOKS JEAN BULGER CARRIE MYRTICE ESTES AUDREY EVANS HELEN GROOVER MARY MALONE HICKS LILLABEL HILL JEAN HIPSON SAIDEE HODGSON Gradu FRANCES HOWELL JOSEPHINE HUDDLESTON ELISE HUNTER SARA JARVIS FRANCES JOHNSON SHIRLEY JONES MARTHA LIDDELL MIRIAM LUTHER MARGARET MACPHERSON CAROLYN MADDEN ELEANOR MADDOCK DORENE MEDLIN ALICE RUTH MILLER BETTY MITCHELL LOUISE MURPHY MARGARET McEVER MARCIA McGARITY CAROLYN McKENZIE MARY O ' NEAL DOT PHILPOT ANN PRICE BETTY RINEARSON JEAN ROSS EMILY SALE MARY J. SHAPARD ISABEL SHOCKELEY MARGERY SPANGLER ELIZABETH SPENCER JOANNA STEGEMAN Gradu MARION STEGEMAN ANNE THRASHER ANNA SUE WALLACE CHERIE WEST CAROLYN WHITE HARRIETTS WHITE GRAHAM WRIGHT ACREE ALLEN AMONETTE BALL BOWEN, E. BOWEN, A. BRANDON BROOKS BULGER ESTES EVANS GROOVER HICKS HILL HIPSON HODGSON HOWELL HUDDLESTON HUNTER JARVIS JOHNSON JONES LIDDELL LUTHER MACPHERSON MADDEN MADDOCK MILLER MITCHELL MEDLIN MURPHy McEVER McGARITY McKENZIE O ' NEAL PHILPOT PRICE RINEARSON ROSS SALE SHAPARD SPANGLER SPENCER STEGEMAN, J. STEGEMAN, M. THRASHER WALLACE WEST Jv- D D 1 [ [ I i OFFICERS CATHERINE McCALLEy President MARGARET BAKER Vice-President FRANCES FREEMAN Secretary BOBBIE DELL STOCKTON Treasurer !S FACTS Founded in 1897, Kappa Delta now has sixty-eight active chapters. Their colors are pearl while and olive green. The K. D.s were the fourth sorority founded at Georgia. They participate in all Univer- sity sponsored functions and meet with other organizations on the campus in a co-operative spirit. Winning first place in the volley- ball tournament the fall quarter, they stand high in intramural sports and also hold important political offices. CHAPTER ROLL FRAN ARNOLD ' 41 DOT BAILEY ' 40 BETH BRYANT ' 40 MARGARET BAKER ' 41 CLAIRE BLACKSHEAR ' 40 SALLY BRYAN ' 42 SARAH CARPENTER ' 43 ELLEN CHEEK ' 40 MARJORIE COLLINS ' 41 ANNE DICKENS ' 41 JEAN EVANS ' 43 JULIA FOWLER ' 43 BLANCHE FREEMAN ' 43 FRANCES FREEMAN ' 40 LILLIAN FRYER ' 40 JANE GRIFFITH ' 43 ELZA QUAY HERRINGTON ' 41 BARA HOLDER ' 43 MARY JEAN IVEY ' 40 ROSE JACKSON ' 43 VIRGINIA KENNEMUR ' 41 CAROL LASHER ' 42 JOSEPHINE LANGDON ' 40 LETTYE LEON ' 40 JEANNE MANN ' 40 CONNIE MARTIN ' 40 DORIS MARTIN ' 43 SARAH MATHIS ' 40 ETSy MAY ' 40 CATHERINE McCALLEY ' 40 REBECCA McELWANEY ' 42 CHARLOTTE MICHAEL ' 41 CARRIE DENT MOSELY ' 43 JACOUELINE MURPHY ' 42 MYRIC NUTT ' 40 HAZEL OATES ' 40 JOHNSIE PEAVY ' 43 ELIZABETH PIERCE ' 40 MARTHA RACKLEY ' 41 RUTH SAMMON ' 42 MARGUERITE SHINGLER ' 42 MAY SLATE ' 40 CAROLYN SMITH ' 41 ELEVA SMITH ' 40 RUTH SMITH ' 42 BY DELL STOCKTON ' 41 MIRIAM THURMOND ' 42 KATHRYN TURNER ' 40 EMILY WHATLEY ' 40 NANCY WHITE ' 4| NELIE WYLIE ' 41 ARNOLD BAILEY BRYANT BAKER BLACKSHEAR BRYAN CARPENTER CHEEK COLLINS DICKENS EVANS FOWLER FREEMAN, B. FREEMAN, F. FRYER GRIFFITH HERRINGTON HOLDER IVEY JACKSON KENNEMUR LASHER LANGDON LEON MANN MARTIN, C. MARTIN, D. MATHIS MAY McCALLEY McELWANEY MICHAEL MOSELY MURPHY NUTT GATES PEAVY PIERCE SHINGLER SLATE SMITH, C. SMITH, E- R. STOCKTON THURMOND TURNER WHATLEY WHITE WYLIE SAMMON mm VIRGINIA EASON President ANNE CREEKMORE Vice-President DONNA LYNN Secretary MARIE DOSS Treasurer Lookin3 back to the year 1852, the date of their founding as the second sorority, the Phi Mus also look back to the year 1921, the date when they were founded on the Georgia campus as the first soror- ity here. Alpha Alpha, the local chapter, is one of the sixty-one Phi Mu groups, all of which are true to the rose and white, their colors, and all cherish the enchantress carnation, their flower. Phi Mus this year dabbled in politics, sports, and society — all with a marked measure of success. They purchased a beautiful modern brick home on Milledge Avenue this year. ANN ADAMS ' 41 NELL ADAMS ' 42 LAURA ARTLEY ' 40 LEONORA ATKINSON .... ' 42 LAURA BALDWIN ' 43 ANNE BARWICK ' 41 HELEN BATEMAN ' 40 JOAN BATTEY ' 41 EMILY BECK ' 40 SALLY BENSON ' 41 ANN BROOKS ' 40 CORDELIA BRUMBY ' 41 HARRIETT BURKE ' 40 BILLIE ANN CALHOUN .... ' 40 VIRGINIA CHEATHAM .... ' 40 PATRICIA CHILDS ' 43 JULIA CLARK ' 42 BETTY COOK ' 40 NANCY COLLIER ' 41 ANNE CROSSWELL ' 41 PEGGY CROSSWELL ' 43 CHAPTER ROLL ANNE CREEKMORE ' 41 JEAN CREEKMORE ' 43 DOROTHY DANIEL ' 42 BETTY DECKER ' 40 MARIE DOSS ' 41 LUCIA DRAKE ' 42 MAUD DUKES ' 41 LAURA DUNCAN ' 40 VIRGINIA EASON ' 40 ELEANOR ECKFORD ' 40 HARRIETT ETHEREDGE .... ' 41 CATHERINE GLOVER ' 43 LARRY GOODRICH ' 43 GLORIA HUNNICUTT ' 41 MA RY HUNTER ' 41 PEGGY JONES ' 41 LOUISE KRAFT ' 41 FRANCES LASSITER ' 41 MARION LITTLE ' 40 DONNA LYNN ' 41 SARAH MATHEWS ' 43 ANNE MacDONELL ' 41 JESSIE McGregor ' 42 EMILY MITCHELL ' 43 ANNE NOBLE ' 42 JOY O ' BRIEN ' 41 PATRICIA PAULK ' 42 SUE RANSOM ' 42 KATHERINE RICHARDS .... ' 41 CONNIE ROBERTS ' 40 SARA SANCKEN ' 40 MARY PAGE SARGENT .... ' 41 SELMA SOLMS ' 40 MARTHA STEEDMAN ' 42 MARGARET SWINDLE ' 41 DORIS THOMAS ' 40 LUTRELLE TIFT ' 40 ANN TURNER ' 41 THEORA WHITTLESEY .... ' 41 ANN WILLIAMS ' 41 ROSE WILLINGHAM ' 42 KATHERINE YOUNG ' 43 ADAMS ARTLEY ATKINSON BALDWIN BARWICK BATEMAN BATTEV BECK BENSON BROOKS BRUMBY BURKE CALHOUN CHEATHAM CHILDS CLARK COOK COLLIER CROSSWELL, A, CROSSWELL, P. CREEKMORE CREEKMORE, J. DANIEL DOSS DRAKE DUKES DUNCAN EASON ECKFORD ETHEREDGE GLOVER HUNNICUTT HUNTER JONES LASSITER LITTLE LYNN MATHEWS MacDONELL McGregor mitchell NOBLE O ' BRIEN PAULK RANSOM RICHARDS ROBERTS SANCKEN SARGENT SOLMS STEEDMAN SWINDLE THOMAS TIFT TURNER WHITTLESEY WILLIAMS WILLINGHAM nil OFFICERS Fall Quarter CAROLINE BURSON President . JANE JOHNSON Vicc-Piesident CAROLVN CHAPMAN Secretary . JEAN PARKINSON Treasurer . Spring Quarter . JEAN PARKINSON JOSEPHINE CLARK . ... ANN BASS . MARIE McDANIEL Georgia Alpha of Pi Beta Phi is the twelfth and youngest sorority on the campus as well as the eighty-first and newest chapter of the national fraternity. It was installed February 4, 1939. The chapter took possession of its new house on Milledge Avenue last fall and has been located there during the year. Carrying out the fraternity colors, the house is furnished throughout in wine and blue. Since its founding in 1867, the wine carnation has represented the ideals of Pi Phi. APPERSON BASS BOLL BOYNTON BRAUNGART BURSON BUSHNELL CAMPBELL CHAPMAN CLARK CLEMENS CROSSFIELDS HAMRICK HENRY HILL HOFFMASTER HOPKINS JOHNSON KELLEY LANE LESTER LOOMIS McCLANAHAN McDANIEL PARKINSON PERSONS SELLARS SHEFFIELD THOMAS CHAPTER ROLL WIGGINS WILKES RUTH APPERSON ' 42 ANN BASS HI LAMAR BOLL ' 43 KATHRYN BOYNTON ' 41 BETTY BRAUNGART ' 43 CAROLINE BURSON ' 40 ELEANOR BUSHNELL ' 40 MILDRED CAMPBELL ' 40 CAROLYN CHA PMAN ' 42 JOSEPHINE CLARK ' 40 HARRIET CLEMENS ' 43 LENORA CROSSFIELDS Post-Graduate BLANCHE HAMRICK ' 41 MARY ARTA HENRY ' 43 SUE HILL ' 43 LOUISE HOFFMASTER ' 42 FRANCES HOPKINS ' 43 JANE JOHNSON ' 40 PAULINE KELLEY ' 40 PATRICIA LOOMIS ' 40 MARGENE LANE ' 41 REBECCA LESTER ' 41 PAULINE McCLANAHAN ' 43 MARIE McDANIEL ' 42 JEAN PARKINSON ' 41 MILDRED PERSONS ' 42 REBA JO SELLARS ' 43 MARIE SHEFFIELD ' 43 ELLEN THOMAS ' 43 DOROTHY WIGGINS ' 42 JENE WILKES ' 43 OFFICERS SYLVIA GINSBERG President HENRIETTA STEINHEIMER Vice-President ELINOR WINER Secretary JEANNE WOLFF Treasurer A juvenile among the Greeks is Sigma Tau, local sorority on the campus petitioning Sigma Delta Tau national sorority. Sigma Tau was organized in 1938. It uses green and gold as recognition colors and the talisman rose as its flower. CHAPTER ROLL JEAN FREISLEBEN ' 42 ESTA WEINTRAUB ' 41 SYLVIA GINSBERG ' 40 ELINOR WINER ' 42 IRMA SOLOMON ' 43 JEANNE WOLFF ' 42 HENRIETTA STEINHEIMER ' 42 BIBWWIMIHIIIll»MlllllllliM!IMMI)IM»aiaW.H PUhDORR rgi)0 I [iy tun To Hell with Tech. The PUNDORA has been published with the desire of presentin3 to the pupils, teachers, and administra- tive authorities an unfaith- ful, inaccurate and dis- torted picture of sordid campus life, uncensored by hHayes or McWhorter. CONTENTS: GRADES CLOBS BOOTIES FRATORITIES SERENITIES CHILDREN ' S PAGE LEFTOVERS GOVERNOR HALIBUT School of Experience President, Hook, Line and Sinker: Slynx; lota Study Club: Half Sold, Inner Sold, Saved Soul, Sold Out. WILL BITTLE School of Chamber Maids I LikU Liquor; S. O. B. Society, President, ' 40: Scotch and Soda, ' 36- ' 40: Boodling Team: Duck Snatcher. BAT FAKER College of Stunted Students Steel and Chisel: Fulla Krappa; Phi Ever Get-Out: Tookie Biggie Drmkie: Athletic Club. wm X f eii»[ BUTT DARY College of Traveling Salesmen I Tappum Easy: Polka Team: Crap Tean Drinking Team and Infirmary: Social Pri bation, ' 36- ' 40. TWEETY WIFT College of Athletics The REID AND BLACK Staff: President and Treasur oad Hiking Club. HORBERT MORMON College of Bar-Tenders Ima Goodie Girlie Club: V. R. A., •27- ' n: D. T. ' s, ' 39- ' 49: Bottle and Blanket So- ciety: Cafe Society: Sobriety: Outta Society. HORSECOLLAR ROGERS College of General Flunkies President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treas- urer, A. K, Club. RACK JEID College of Beer Testers Whiskey Circle, ' 36- ' 40; Effie Effie Effie; Racketeers; Muskateers; Three Beers; Hys- terical Heroes of Hangovers. DEARY DOHNSON College of Reading, Riting, Rithmetic Fish!! ISI - urn WIGGIE GABINEST School of Respectation Soprano, Black and White Taxi; Traffic Cop, Vice Squad; Bottle and Chaser. POPGUN STENKINS School of Chaperons I dippa Snuff; Lydia E. Pinkham Girls ' Club; Fannie Fannie Fannie. TWO-GUN BROWN College for the Living Dead H. A. Club; Pussywillos Club; Gooser In- ner Circle; Manager, Heidler ' s Heidiho Club; I Tappa Keg. DUSAN SILLYHAM College of Lost Arts I Talcka Chaw; Norwegian Knitters; Presi- dent. Vice- President, Rush Chairman, Screwball Club. coy RATUM Department of Chinese Laundry Peanut Peddler, ' 37- ' 39; RInky Dinks; R. A. ' s; Dog Pound, ■39- ' 40; Smart Fella. ' - GRIO[ CHURNER RAFFIN Candidate for A. K. Degree Ostrich Club; Athlete ' s Foot; Waiter, Athens Jail, ' 37- ' 40; Whiskey Ringers; Effie Effie Effie. RYLENE MIGHTON Department of Poultry Husbandry Kyo Mugga; Bridge Bride; Dunkers, ' 38- ' 40; I Nekkum Society, ' 37- ' 40. BILTON CROWN School of Courting Leader; I Felta Thi; Brew Guzzle ■38- ' 40. m SMOKE MITH School of Tavernites Bullshooters, ' 39- ' 40; Date Moocher, ' 38- ' 39; Future Fathers of America; S. O. T. Club. WOODBIN LAVENDER Department of Lost Causes Letter in Cannpus Courting; Future Fathers of America; Black Jack; Flap Jack; Hi Jack; I Delta Deck; I Felta Thi. LOUIS THE JEEP College of Illicit Relations Red Ridmg Britches in " Lady, Your Pants " : Ladies Aid; Campus Cuttup; Poets and Peasants, PETTY DAC MAVID College of the Underprivileged lota Drlnkit Dri; Parlor Rassicrs ' Club; Bootblack, • SR DIS GRACE College of Weight Lifters Hand Holding Team; Powder and Rouge Club; Pussyfootcrs; Sewing Circle, CEEDY CRAVIS College of Screwballs I Catch Smackers; Gallstones; Dizzy Talk- ers; Cots and Blankets, INNA STOOPER College of Brazen Arts Guessa Betta Notta; Screw and Bolt; Gotta Kid; Donta Datta Guy, III! wl Well, folksies, we give you the REID AND BLACK. Yes, give it to you. Not that you want it, but somebody ' s got to take it. After all, they do go to all the trouble of dishing it out. By " they " I mean the Phi Mus, Jack Reid, Francis Mad- dux, Al Weill, Kempy, and assorted grinds, riff- raff, and shirtless socialists. This publication ' s weekly meetings are almost as good for jelly- ing as the Co-Op, with the exception that they don ' t have a bar handy {that is, not a soda bar), and there aren ' t as many men, or as cute ones, per woman. However, there are al- ways Weetie Tift ' s droop-lidded, disinterested eyes, and Virginia Eason ' s deadly, insinuating method of coating the pill with sugar, " Oh, Honey, will you do that for me? " Larry Smith, the would-be man-about-town, uses the same line with a few variations and not nearly as much success. Proving that they believe in the principles of democracy. Bill Rogers and Francis Maddux occasionally venture out of the private lair of the editor and speak to a few chosen social lights, including Marion Little, who looks down her nose at everyone who is not an S. A. E. To get back to the REID AND BLACK itself— It ' s a great paper if you don ' t weaken, and so many of us do. It ' s also a very good place for girl to meet boy, if she can ' t meet him anywhere else. The Great Reid of the REID AND BLACK Stooge No. I The year 1939-40 was a banner one for University ' s parasitical growth and lournalism ' s illegitimate offspring, the GEORGIA ARCH. First, the ARCH had three separate offices. Bounced from Demos- thenian Hall, whose aged timbers already was overcrowded with ter- mites, and ousted from its temporary abode in the Little Boy ' s Room of the Commerce-Journalism Building, the ARCH found haven in the old bar- ber shop behind the V. R. A. headquarters. The building was controlled by the University Theatre, whose director, Louis Sohn, swapped it off for a spot in the " hall of fame. " It was a bargain. The ARCH is now offering low-rate shaves, hair cuts and shoe shines at bargain prices, while Sohn has joined Joe Blow, George Grace, Howell Hollis, several skirts from Co-ordinate that the editor wanted a date with, and Herman Sanken, the German refugee, in the gory glory spot. Second, the ARCH issued a pica for support which sounded like a cow bellowing with a belly ache. Third, the ARCH saw one of its own products step out of the ranks when Earl Brumby " Little Gene " Wiggins took over the editorship for the last half of the year. Phrasy O ' Donald Mays was drafted from the N. Y. A. ' s prize-winning Time Sheet to edit It during the first half and tram Wiggins, dashing Doug Richard, and honest Earl Odum for key positions. This trio was answerable only to the man behind the throne, Isaac Clarence Levy, and Irishmen from County Cord. Richard, the mangling editor, served his apprenticeship chasing Mildred Campbell until she finally caught him. Odom needed no training, for Wiggins, true to ARCH tradition, collected the checks from the national advertiser and the ARCH has never solicited— or received— local support. Throughout the year, the ARCH was surprising the student body. For each and the April and May issues are planned in time to start next sc In keeping with the purpose of the ARCH— which is to promote the achievement and attainment of the maximum enjoyment of every phrase c for financial assistance, appropriately entitled " We are on the Rocks, " i Red and Gory. " Gory was correct. Ex-Barber Shop ntcrests of a cultured student body in th .f higher art— the ARCH, in addition to Its isued a four-page sheet carrying the name L Bl[ IB ll[ llfiiiS ' Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house All were sleeping save Norman, the bigoted louse. When down from the chimney, or some other place Came Eddie L. Secrest, all beaming of face To announce that, come springtime, and bright sunny days He would hold an election, as honest as always Without any corruption, from politics free Based on merit entirely, nice and clean it would be. At this point for a moment, we now will digress And explain the whole setup (it needs it, I guess) VRA is the title, of all this brave clan It produces the morally upright young man By bringing him out every Tuesday to meetings Where he suffers in silence, and listens to bleatings By those who declaim of the " High Christian Life " In the midst of this world ' s sordid, wearying strife. And if our young man perseveres long enough They shortly proclaim he ' s of the right stuff And put him on councils, and commissions quite various To keep him aloof from influences nefarious. And now come more meetings, every day of the week And now the poor soul is commanded to speak On such topics and subjects all quite apropos Of the group ' s " High Ideals " and similar woe. The VRA Bar-room, without any bouncer Each year in addition to the unknown " Announcer " Puts out a directory, and also a " G " book The best it can say . . . (that it does no great harm) It sets forth in reports, each as long as your arm Which it publishes yearly, and spreads all around To tell of its workings, and give them renown. By this time this outfit has grown real ly famous A fact which we all think should thoroughly shame us. And all of the freshmen, in unknowing youth Turn their backs on the world, and call it uncouth. Then turn them away, in the very next year To the pleasures of alcohol, whiskey and beer In witness of which, we present those that follow With a laugh that is cynical, mirthless and hollow Chaffin and Hollis also John Massey, Steve Smith And to top it all off and to give the thing pitch We give you Jim Curtis, the VRA pride Who doth, it is said, at the Tavern reside. But back to our subject, we wander too long And weary you thus with our wearying song Three students there were in this choosing of boys To head VRA workings and lead in their joys Then on came election, along with the spring And sharper and keener than most serpents sting The son and the heir, the pride and the joy The badly defeated, was Secrest ' s own boy. ' CLASS OF SERVICE rE5IRE:D DOMESTIC C.BL. 1 TELEGRAM FULL RATE DAY LETTER DEFERRED NIGHT MESSAGE NliJHT LETTER NIGHT LETTER SHIP RADIOGRAM Patroni! shou deflired; othe V tranaini doh ted •ck class of service 1 • mrnsajfe will bej taafuU-rate j WESTERN UNION i2n-A 1 CHECK V ACCT ' G INFMN. K TIME FILED r Send the follouing menage, aubjecl to the terms on bacl hereof, which are hereby agreed to MARCH 20, 1940 OCHIO ' S PENTHOUSE LOS ANGELES, CALIPORNLA MR. PUNDORA EDITOR C-J ATTIC ATHENS, GEORGIA HAVE FOUND MY BLINDNESS BENEFICIAL. STOP. ENJOYED JEDGING BOOTIES IN PERSON. STOP. AFTER A HARD FIGHT I REACHED AMAZING CONCLUSIONS BY BRAILLE SYSTEM. STOP. STOP. STOP. BOY. STOP. I THINK THE PERTIEST LADIES (?) ARE THESE HERE ONES: 1. MISS LONNA DYNN 5, 2. DARJIE MEAKLE 6, 3. POSE CHILLINGHAM 7, 4. HEME SLINKOVITZ 8. EASY AN MEASLEY PRANCY FRASSITER CAN SKREAKMORE JARA SARVIS HOPE roU DON ' T HAVE AS MANY COMPLAINTS AS I HAD. FEEL DYKE. ... ff MISS LONNA DVNN DARJIE MEAKLE X POSE CHILLINGHAM MEME SLINKOVIT2 EASY AN MEASLEy !»- PRANCy FRASSITER CAN SKREAKMORE «» ' ' 3Ki.r« JARA SARVIS Ecstasy fRiiiRiii[s a mmw The University ' s social Greeks spent a profitable year of activity on the campus with most of the sroups pledging more suckers than even exclusive Gridiron managed to inveigle to membership. Financially, at least one man came out on top. Lee " Every Man Has His " Price was given his due share of five cents out of the dance profits. This he promptly spent in the Co-Op, buying a Coca-Cola for an unidentified Phi Mu, another of the so-called social organizations. It is hard to make comments about such worthwhile organizations with such high-scunding ideals. Not only do they fulfill their CKpresscd obligatior to bring out the social wallflower, but they also provide permanent poker games without the danger of a night watchman or " Whiskey " Tate interrupting and getting the players expelled from this institution of higher learning. Furthermore, they provide a supply of borrowing ties, especially the S. A. E.s who have several new members this year, becom- ing one of the most " popular " organizations on the campus. Greek wooers also have an advantage over the proletariat campus men in that they have a pin which they can place on the bosom of their loved ones to insure that no other person places any- thing there. Serenities are also worthwhile organizations, but they have the disadvantage that the members, being women, can ' t resist the feminine temptation to flirt with other members ' dates and usually it ends up like the Phi Mu— Red and Black— poly-wrangle, with seven members fighting, first to get the affections of THE GREATEST JOURNALIST OF THE CENTURV (unquote Reid), later to get rid of him. Previously mentioned S. A. E. fraternity deviated from an old University custom of holding a single formal dance and held two this year on the same night — one in Woodruff Hall for members whose names begin with letters A-M and one in the Physical Edu- cation Building for members in the N-Z half of the alphabet. No member of the PUNDORA Staff was able to find out much about two of the organizations. Kappa Sigma and Chi Phi. The former are expected to admit some new members immediately without charge in order to fill up their page in the PUNDORA, but so far only one member has been found, one Bennie Broome who like many another student, is not an S. A. E. through no fault of the S. A. Es. The Chi Phis are a bunch of unknowns with the excep- tion of their president, party-boy Scum Brown, who takes the great- est delight in cutting himself viciously each Friday and Saturday night. He also gets pleasure in shooting out the windows in t heard from those meek and reserved souls, his fraternity brothers (whose names he doesn ' t even know). They elected him becau The Sigma Nus were the only group to make the front pages (or any pages for that matter) of newspapers during the yeai that, but the trouble was cleared up when the University announced that it would buy the W. P. A. house (not a fraternity, but His Royal Highness M-Z It is understood that the University big-wigs will attempt to hide its graduate students the expected to get out and find a job after four years of football, romance, etc., on the ce rumored, will occupy the office used this spring by the GEORGIA ARCH and last year as a The Sigma Chis are a political subsidiary of the Voluntary Religious Association, numi b Bill Gunter, and Seraph Johnny Knupp. But, alas, they number also among their m : house, but no complaint is he is a Congressman ' s son. and it took a scandal to do good political organization). : next year. They aren ' t too proud of the npus of the oldest chartered state univer; arber shop. jring among its members " Little Angel " mbers some of the best beer drinkers grads. After ity. The Sign all, they ,a Nus, it Ch Hester, T. A. Harbor, Jimmie Kendrick, and Hugh Hill. Capers Holmes is beer adviser for the fraternity. We ' ll violate a rule of two organizations, the Phi Mus and the Chi Omegas, by mentioning them in the same same pledges and same men. And it usually ends with the Alpha Gams getting the best of it all and both the including Jack Reid and Francis Maddux. Bob Norman, Red-hairec in the University— Eddii ath. But they ' re always fighting for the entioned groups taking what is left. Slum Clearance Brawl nf ' W mnL ti. 1 ■ rt To market, to market It ' s beer-for-a-dime Sing chug-lug to mc, lads I think it ' s divine. I ' m Goldilocks in the fa.ry talc Or the lassie with a curl But don ' t forget, you peasants I ' m a campus glamour girl. Simple Simon Is a lad Who ' ll make the Phi Bete grade If he should slip from chubby " A ' s " T ' would surety make him daid. I was hell with the women From the time I was born So tell me why shouldn ' t I Blow my own horn? I want to go in radio I ' ve got a by-line or two So why do the broadcasters say to " Sorry, you won ' t do. " lONIR LEE PRICE: It ' s an old sayins that every man has his price, but nobody ever had more remorse about having a price than the Pan-Hellenic Council during the year 1939-40. " Everything ' s going to be on the up and up now m the Pan-Hellenic Council, " he and his reform party promised last spring, but this spring (inds the same situation as last . . . more need for reform than ever before. All the Greeks arc happy though except those suckers v ho believed the re- formists. . . . CLAUDE CAUSEY: " Ten free movies per month, reduced prices when they aren ' t free, women cheer leaders and a new infirmary " Causey promised members of the G. O. P. Party, but everything goes serenely on in the same old way and everybody ' s happy CKcepl the suckers who believed him or any of the other successful candidates last spring. The office of campus leader carries with it a free movie pass and automatic election to all the exclusive sucker clubs. . . . GWEN COLLINS: " The Co-Op? I ' ve never been in there. I spend all my time after classes in the library, " says this boot-licking scholar to most of her tcochcrs. Her usual remarks to open class consist of something like " I performed ten extra experiments and read fourteen chapters of parallel read- ing yesterday. " Everybody believes her except members of the Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Hoimann Stancken. As just plain Herrr Roddy Ratcliff, he acquired an untamable hatred of everyone cially the Tavern. . . . CONNIE ROBERTS: Self-styled belle of lists her honors in the PUNDORA as Phi Mu, Glee Club and Pic BRUMBV WIGGINS: Brumby had a hard time this year but he the first four and a half months on how not to edit a magazi the best thing about the magazine. Literary(?) contents of the class. . . . HERMAN SANCKEN (alias Roddy Ratcliff): Augusta donated to the University a Dr. an, he ranks among the best beer drinkers in the University, but transformed into his evil self, especially the Phi Mus and Bad-eye DeWitt Bally-hoo, who never did anyone any harm, espe- evcry ball IS Connie Roberts, God ' s gift to lonely but handsome (and preferably rich) men. She neer Club, but if anyone else considers Phi Mu an honor, we would like to meet him. . . . EARL did better than we expected. Probably it was because he took lessons from O ' Donald Mays for le. Evidently he learned the lesson well for after he t ook over, the ARCH even lost its office, iheet were, to say the least, unimproved after Brumby took the editor ' s chair. . . . BOBBY DELL STOCKTON: Claiming to be " sweet sixteen and never Davis, one better. " I ' ve never been kissed " Davis a ' her revelation in Roddy Ratcliff ' s column and lo, she JONES: Assistant to the housemother and willing heipe Peggy Jones, comrade of Boots Griffith, listrativ authoritif doubt), Jonesey le )een kissed, " this protege of Bob Norman and " The Angle " went he erted on the front page of the REID AND BLACK. A couple of wei as outdone Miss Davis, for nobody has read Davis ' s claim since it w in little things to be done around New Girls ' Dormitory was the gla :ll, Ruth Babb and Minelle Gibsi ng npus: nost of the tricks of the trade and got through the spring quaiti rith regal Ag Hill Highness, Elizabeth i later, Stockholm comes up with ; on the front page. . . . PEGGY orous pride of the Phi Mus, Miss eeks out of every four (through nly a few minor scuffles with the Georgia ' s basketball was near tops in the Conference, the swimmers were third . . . the baseball team went to the post as Georgia ' s best in ten years . . . the same was true for golfers — but it was the Bulldog football team which gave its all for one cause or another. Football experts agree it ' s the linemen who do the work, and they were not wrong about the 1940 Georgia eleven. Especially busy were the ends. For example, bruising John Stegeman performed overtime leading interference for rangy Margaret McEvcr, who was inconsiderate In that she did not confine her passes to Stegeman. Jimmy Skipworth qualified to lead next year ' s eleven by swallowing the tosses of versatile Sally Benson, a jack-of-all-trades if there ever was one, while Tommy Malone spent every minute huddling with plugging Eleanor Weeks. If there was an all-star team picked from the ranks of those who shone brightest in the football limelight, here Is the most comely arrangement: Ends: Sally Benson, who could handle both flanks as easily as one. She needs no funning mate. In fact, she is the unanimous choice for the captainship of this club. Tackles: Weetie Tift, who was consistent with Robin Nowell, and the aforementioned Eleanor Weeks. Guards: Lois Bridges, who stayed a step ahead of the speedy Vassa Cate, and Margene Lane, a slow number who was good enough to smear the smashes of Inno- cent Cliff Krmsey. Center: Margaret McEver, for reasons already mentioned. Quarterback: Deceptive Virginia Eason, who qualifies for alternate captain by the crop while romping in the spotlight way she managed to keep an eye on the freshn behind silent Knox Eldredge. hHalfbacks: Smooth Ins Perry, who kept goo-guy Billy Mims tossing passes overtime, and Loraine McArthur, who bosses 200-pound linemen like they were babies. Fullback: Kent Cam, who confined her interests to Bob Salisbury m a perfect example of teamwork. There were others. But the above eleven — counting Captain Benson twice — are the ones who stayed in the limelight from fall until spring, and enjoyed every minute of it. Of course, there were other athletes, but why bring them up. hlowever, before writ- ing a close to this chapter, let us mention Georgia ' s 1939 freshman football team. It ' s true what they ' ve been saying about them. When guys like handsome Jim Todd, sporty Gene Ellenson, flashy Frankie Smkwich, and company become varsity men, Georgia won ' t be safe for ordinary heartbreakers. Any of these lugs could land a Lana Turner — only Georgia hasn ' t one. DOT FRANK VIRGINIA EASON, Quarterback SALLY BENSON, Capta m urn I u W Photosraph by O. K. FLETCHER Not since 1899 when University students were wearing red flannels and Prince Albert coats, has Georgia seen such a snow as covered the campus for three weeks this past winter. On January 24 students woke to find eleven inches of snow covering the ground. Digging galoshes, boots and ear nnuffs out of their trunks, they trudged to classes through an unceasing barrage of snow balls. Class attendance hit a new low as students devoted their time and talent to building the finest collection of snow men ever assembled on the Georgia campus. F ■■Bi iik " i K i... 5 , Old College students erected a 12-foot igloo which was the center of attraction on Franklin Campus for almost two weeks. Finding its icy interior as comfortable as their dormitory rooms, three Southern Gentlemen moved in for two nights. They called it " Old College Annex. " Snow battles raged during the first day of the siege and students took their lives in their own hands if they ven- tured out without plenty of ammunition. Abraham Lincoln gaies benignly on the Geor; campus from his vantage point on Lumpkin Street. H|j| 4gV ' - ■ IT f ' . . ik Automobiles were frozen up for days while their owners slipped, slid and slushed to and from class. Students and professors alike lost their dignity as they struggled to maintain an upright position. co-cds posed for would-be photographers. Between Classes on Franklin Cannpus yii[ EPMii Again, as usual, old University of Georgia took on a very festive color as old grads poured into Athens for the homecoming game and dances. Fraternity and Sorority lawns were transformed into humorous skits, each depicting the downfall of Holy Cross. 1. Winning first place for the men, S. A. E. ' s original magazine invitation to alumni later rated a picture in LIFE magazine. 2. Alpha Chi Omega came in first place in the sorority line-up, with its musical dedications to Georgia ' s opponents. 3. " Paint it Red Alumnae " was the invitation of the Phi Mus. Their poster of Athens won them second place. 4. The A. D. Pis had the mascot touch with a team of Bulldogs defending the South. 5. Taking their cue from Winchell, the Alpha Gamma Deltas sent orchids to the Georgia team. 6. The Pi K. A. ' s scheme speaks for itself. 7. A big bright cat on the Kappa Alpha Theta lawn licked up the Crusaders. 8. Borrowing from a Georgia song title, the Pi Beta Phis greeted old graduates. 9. Jiggs and Maggie on the Delta Phi Epsilon lawn gave the Crusaders a rough Idea who was boss. 10. Sphinx initiates in front of the Sigma Chi house read the Sigs ' regrets at the loss of their deco- ration idea. 11. " Holy Cross, we ' re laying for you, " was the slogan the Tri Delts used. 12. The skeptical note of Kappa Delta ' s decora- tions turned out to be quite appropriate. " fiDLY r . eme la CBHP minis ii[[ Camp Wilkins, one of the most spacious dormitories, houses more than one hundred students specializ- ing in agriculture, forestry, and similar courses. This closely knit group of men plays a terrifically im- portant part in campus politics and activities. Voting in a body, they sway almost any election toward the candidate they deem most capable. Surrounded by lofty pine trees and graceful shrubbery. Camp Wilkins inspires a spirit of comrade- ship that is evidenced in all activities. Well might we say that " Together we stand . . . " applies to the Camp Wilkins residents. Triple-Deckers. Head Barber and a Customer. Miss Chaffin, Dietitian, and the Two Proctors. A Collection of Signs. OL iGin III [ CiM[iH 1. Root Kelly, ex-Venus Eberhart, and spring. 5. To God, Country, and Halliburton. 2. Emily Sale and her model of the Theta House. 6. Rannie, but where is Gus? 3 Bill and Bcrnicc. 7. Law School ' s entrance during intermission of the Barristers ' Brawl. 4. At the 4.H Carnival. 8. It took " Jacks oi boy Ball. 9. Biftad initiation. Better to Open " at the Cow T ■rilMgUHl JHE 10. Alpha Gam ' s football leadout. 11. Phi Kappa presents a Bible to the University 12. Saturday night at Old College. 13. A Colonel and a Queen. 14. Is that all you can find to do? 15. " Did I ever tell you about . . . " 16. Academic ' s Corinthian Columns. 17. Where ' s the bottle? 18. Pi K. A. ' s Dream Girl. 19. Even Soule Hall didn ' t melt the sno 20. Why that worried look, Bob? im III lli CIMiil 1. Bradwell Hall Sub-Debs. 2. Our honest elections. 3. During the Mercer game 4. Me? I edit the ARCH. 5. Mr. Big. 6. " Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot 7. The last of the Baxters. 8. HuffI the winnah! 9. Posed. 10. Not Scott Tissue. I I. Dallas, Georgia. 12. We want a man. 13. Typical Georgia scene!!! 14. Ginny, Tony and Utopia. 15. Roll out the Barrel. 16. Bob Gunn ' s Uly. 17. And now to the Co-Op. 18. John and Marcia. 19. " And then what did he do? " 20. More trash. 21. Old College Annex. 22. Candler Hall ' s Whiskey Bowl tean 23. Block that kick. 24. Soft drinks only??? Man4 Ua thi . . . We pause here to publicly thank all those who have made the 1940 PANDORA possible. Especially do we appreciate the assistance and advice given to us by Miss Clarissa Poteat of Wrigley Engraving Company; Mr. Johnny Long of Foote and Davies; Mr. hlenri Caspar and Mr. Marian Ware of Gaspar-Ware Studios and Mr. Malcolm hHemphill of Gaspar-Ware. To all of these we are gratefully indebted. And to everyone else who helped us in any way we say just plain " thank you. " CASPAR and WARE NO GEORGIA LAW LIBRARY COMPLETE WITHOUT THE CODE OF GEORGIA ANNOTATED Complete in 34 Books and Current Pocket Parts Contains all the law — the enact- ments of the Legislature and a digest of the decisions of the courts of last resort in this State, as well as a digest of the decisions of the Federal Courts construing the laws of Georgia. KEPT TO DATE BY CUMULATIVE POCKET PARTS, MAKING THE CODE PRACTICALLY PERPETUAL Prospectus showing sample pages, price and easy plan o{ payment mailed on request. 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Atlanta, Georgia 1 I HEADQUARTERS FOR GEORGIA LAW BOOKS L COLLEGE TEXT BOOKS FOUNTAIN PENS • PENNANTS PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS TENNIS RACQUETS AND BALLS COLLEGE SEAL JEWELRY ICE CREAM • COLD DRINKS CANDY AND SMOKERS ' SUPPLIES EVERY LOYAL GEORGIA STUDENT SHOULD BE A BOOSTER for GEORGIA CO-OP ASSOCIATION I " Wc Appreciate Your Patronage " —™— —————— — Coinpliiaeuts of Gallant-Belk Co Athens ' Leading Department Store Phones 1316 and 1317 Clayton Street ATHENS GEORGIA -— " •— — — ■« COMPLIMENTS of SIMMONS COMPANY Maiiiifactiircrs of SLEEPING EQUIPMENT FOR DORMITORIES, HOMES, HOTELS and INSTITUTIONS ATLANTA GEORGIA BEST FOOD COURTEOUS SERVICE " T r- The uum TONY ' S CAFE StiideJits ' Headquarters Famous for Fine Steaks Phone 1471 FRESH FOOD :: COLD DRINKS CURB SERVICE Coiiipliiiieiifs of -I ■ GU N N ' C MEN ' S STORE LUCAS JENKINS PALACE - GEORGIAN STRAND HEADQUARTERS for COLLEGE MEN HOFMEISTER ' S SHOE SHOP • Quality Workmanship • Lower Prices Across from the Campus Phone I 186 THE FASHION SHOP LADIES ' READY-TO-WLAR 134 Clayton Street ATHENS GEORGIA t— — QUALITY SERVICE t t t 1 Industrial La undry and Dry Cleaning Co. 1 1 Athcii ' Muit Moil ■rn L iiundry t I 1 233 W. H ancoc k Avenue t 1 i Phone 276 Ath sns, Ga. t ♦ • t University Chevrolet Company DuRwooi) Watson, ' 28, Praiilcnt Washington Street t Phone 1856 } S. H. KRESS CO. 5-10-25 CENT STORE HE AVERN THE BEST PLACE TO EAT and DRINK W. GUy TILLER PLUMBING - HEATING 1 ( t ! ! » I ( Phone 1716 i I t STUDENTS . . . Past and Present for 50 Years Kciiiciuber . . . THE McGregor go. ATHENS GEORGIA Call or Write for Quotations on SCHOOL and OFFICE EQUIPMENT Southern Mutual Barber Shop and Beauty Parlor Phone 9288 Homj of Gcorgi.! Students for 30 Years I ATLANTA 1 GEORGIA r————————————— —————— MOON -WINN DRUG CO. " The Store of Personal Seriice " THE BURMAN PRINTING COMPANY Phone 926 -? HARRY F. DOBBS, INC. HOTEL, RESTAURANT unci INSTITUTION SUPPLIES 287 Peachtree, N. E. 1 MARTIN BROS. SHOE REBUILDERS Work Called for an J Dcliirml Phones 621 and 717 151 and 445 Clayton Street »—- Popular Priced DRESSES COATS : HATS ! LESSER ' S APPAREL SHOP j ».- — ATHENS GEORGIA 1 You Are ALWAYS Welcome At . . . CROWS CUT-RATE DRUG STORE 255 E. Clayton Athens, Ga. ' THE BIGGEST LITTLE PLACE IN TOWN ' STOREY NEWS STAND On the Conienient Corner Phone 2236 SHOE SHINES - MAGAZINES - SOFT DRINKS - SMOKES - CANDIES POPCORN, ETC. It Pays To Look Well THE ATHENS BARBER SHOP ATHENS GEORGIA 1 i Pb()t()i(rap jers of Qualify . . . ARNETT ' S STUD 1 • • 2551 2 N. Lumpkin 1„ .4 CHARLES S. MARTIN DISTRIBUTING CO. BENDiX HOME LAUNDRY Washes, Rinses, and Damp Dries Aiitouuitically HANDS NEED NEVER TOUCH WATER Distributed in Georgia by Charles S. Martin Distributing Company, Inc. 1045 Highland Ave., N. E. Phone VErnon 3B4I t t I ( ! t BENSON ' S BAKERY t t " Benson ' s Bread is Good Bread " 1... 1 ( 1 OUR FOURTEENTH ANNIVERSARY ON THE PANDORA WENDLINGERS THOM McAN SHOES ATHENS Clothier and Tailor THOM McAN SHOES GEORGIA [.., J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Complete Outfitters for College Women and Men ATHENS GEORGIA L- 1 I i. r jf World ' s Greatest Artists on . . . Victor iiiiJ Bluebird Records at THE MUSIC SHOP 125 North Lumpkin Street ATHENS GEORGIA Fourteen Editions of THE PANDORA t Have Been Cased in Molloy Made i Covers. . . . Each of These j Covers Was Produced By An Organization of Cover Specialists THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue CHICAGO ILLINOIS MONTAG BROTHERS, INC. ATLANTA, GEORGIA . . . Makers of . . . Blue Horse Student Supplies Montag ' s Fashionable Writing Papers Coiiipliiiiru s of J. K. DAVIS SONS Phone 1877 ATHENS, GEORGIA Builders of LeConte Hall Sigma Nu Chapter House Mary Lyndon Hall New Girls ' Dormitory BUICK Phone 446 GEORGIA MOTORS, INC. Broad at Lumpkin ATHENS, GEORGIA Warren C. Thurmond, Prcs i c;; uitil Miiiui jcy Used Car Lot . . . Washington ;. ' Thomas Phone 50 COMPANY COAL ARNOLD AND ABNEV GROCERS ««i BAKERS Across the Street from Costa ' s A Variety of Bread At All Times 1- VAN CLEVE ' S Flowers. Say What Words May Not Express Clayton Street Q ROOM Established In 1912 Eqnipiiieut - Service - Eui iroiiiiieiit The Best BILLIARDS SODA SMOKES • ! R. O. T. C Uniforms Furnished ( • Un vcrsity : ' Georgia 1 t • Un vcrsity o f Michigan j • Wc stern Ken tucky State Teachers College ) • Ok ahoma Military Academy } Un versity o f Cincinnati ) • Un versity o f South Dakota 1 ... u». M. ny Ol n-r Thro, Prominent Unircrsitia y,hoH t the Country. and Colleges ! THE FECHHEIMER BROS CO. ( Un.fonr s for Over 5 Years 1 1 CINCINNATI OHIO • 1 r LL PORTRAITS IN THIS BOOK MADE BY cz mA., t ? aO-a2 FIFTH STREET, IV. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR • All Pandora negatives are held In our files for several years and portraits can be ob- tained at any time. Write us for informa- tion and special price list. -UJflRE SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services of experient ' eil ciiitl expert rriiltsiiieii, triiined in every rletail ot tlie proiesses ctt rreatins S ' pl.iiinini layout anil tlesij n- typesetting •in-intinj lithograpiiinj! ond liindiiii . . . Tiirou! li- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the hi siiest type of printini . . . Our services include a special collei e annual sales and service orisanizatiini ... Ahunriaiit equipnient ' modern and complete... I ' rices representinil maxinuuu in value FOOTE DAYIES PRINTINIJ • LITHOGRAPHING • ENGRAVING ATLANTA ■IMWMM««WIIW!B8MW ». , ' ' ■ " ' ?

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