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■ ►i W Bit a!r !iUrVT-;i-..-,- iSrM«ri««.--. -: iiimmi0iiM Mim I d f X J 3»;?! »:« ' : ' »;-ijyf: .t •■ ' vj K-i-i - ' € : - ■k 0 ' m vV I I[I[[ iini iiin!-iii[ ■■■- •»?.-,-- -- ¥ ' ' m .v .- V 111 ■ II nnun of tie uNivERsiiy OF GEORGIII- JTHENS.GEOREIIl State, a Qeo x CJUtlOH, PUBLISHED BY THE TUDEHT AHD COPYRIGHTED 19S9 BY FLOYD HEWTONr JB.. EDITOR - AND BERNARD BUTTA BUSINE NANAGER Val44, ne. jflj -tiuio. THE UNIVERSITY THE CLASSES FEATURES THE MILITARY THE GREEKS THE ACTIVITIES THE ATHLETICS FEATURES AND ADS [IN[ SlIH 1 I yne 1 Most themes are meaningless and merely act as a convenient method of unifying the varied material making up a college annual. The editors of this volume, however, have attempted to select a theme of interest to the students of the University, and to present it in a way somewhat different from the stereotype annual style. The function of a yearbook is to record accurately and as fully as possible the events of the current year of school life. Since the University of Georgia is a state institution, drawing most of its students from the various sections of the state, the editors of this volume have attempted, by means of drawings done by the students of the Art Department of the University rather than by pictures, to show the State of Georgia, not as an agricultural or an industrial state, but Georgia as the background of the students of the University. If the main division pages succeed in representing the various places in the state from which the students come, surely the space is not wasted. 1 1 P l 1 V iWMsSIM " , " 1 I r ' . ' ' " . hII h 1». i l i ;.... k • " -M fcBissaiSi L 1 1 i fl ;■ k i r 1 j?, 1 [[S l[fll u ii[ 1 Of a great Georgian, who served his state with unswerving devotion during his entire lifetinne; a pioneer in the field of industrial chemistry; the founder of a new industry in his beloved South; an inspiring example of a great life of unselfishness and service to others; the 1939 PANDORA is respect- fully dedicated to the memory of DR. CHARLES HOLMES HERTY DUPREE BARRETT December 30, 1897— November 10, 1938 PETER FRANKLIN BROWN May 26, 1872— April 20, 1938 PARIS MACK LANCASTER December I, 1917— May 27, 1938 THOMAS JACKSON WOOFTER September 2, 1862— August 8, 1938 Rook Oiije FROM THIS, THE SMALL TOWN. WHERE LIFE IS EASY. FRIENDSHIPS CLOSE, AND ALL AFFAIRS ARE COM- MON. COME A VAST NUMBER OF THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY. 1 u 1Ue. eMaio ic out QUoftei. . . cuitiiMited PlU Kap fKi eMoMf lo-HXf, a ce.ttte o 6iude it co it we iUf, o couniiUlpA. and hncwlRdae I Seem o t the Cao di taie d ata. ' ■p,ui, Moo ie GoUe fe and Meixf , JfaU, oA, tltetf. Ue A(Xide fiic BuUdUuf,, in uMticli iUe. aaltiti tUt ci.tioie a ioUUi Uaoe tUei O ' iced. ■.y9 ..-ri PecU-od eMcUl, iA Ue e jjUt44A educcUo ga tiauted joe. BlxuAAn cMcdL o« lumpJzin BUeei — g- 1 J BOARD . REGENTS UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF GEORGIA OFFICERS .Marion Smith S. San FORD . I.. K. SlEBERT . . Chtiir iitin Chancellor . Secretary w. v. NovEs r, DISTRICT REGENTS Ex Officio E. D. Rivers, ex officio during term as Governor . Slalc at Large Marion Smith, concnrrL-nt with term of Guveninr Slatc at Large L. V. Robert, Jr., Marcli 25, 1937 - July i, 1942 . ADDRESS Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Stale at Large T. Jack Lance, March s, 1937 - July i, 194- ' Young Harris Slate at Large . - . ... J. Knox Gholston, March 25, 1937 - July i, 1940 Comer .S ' (( r- 11 Large George Hains, March 25, 1937 - July i, 1940 ... Augusta First John G. Kennedy, March 25, 1937 - July i, 1939 . . Savannah SeenaJ J. D. Gardner, February 12, 1938 - July i, 1941 Camilla Thirii George Woodruff, July i, 1937 - July i, 1943 .... Columbus fi ' iirlli Cason J. Callaway, January i, 1932 - July i, 1941 . .... .... LaGrange Liflh Clark Howell, July i, 1937 - July i, 1943 Atlanta Sixth Miller S. Bell, July i, 1935 - July i, 1941 Milledgeville Seventh Marvin Twiogs, February 12, 1938 - July i, 1941 Dalton Eighth John W. Bennett, Sr., July i, 1937 - July i, 1943 Waycross Ninth Sandy Beaver, July 1, 1933 - July i, 1939 Gainesville Tenlli Abit Nix, July i, 1937 - July i, 1943 Athens 22 In May, 1935, the oldest chartered State University in the United States called to its leadership Doctor Harmon W. Caldwell, who became the youngest college president in the countr . A consistently brilliant career as a student at the University of Georgia and at Harvard followed by an unusually successful law practice presaged his equally dis- tinguished achievements as a university administrator. Tiie high expectations of all those who are interested in the University and its progress have been more than fulfilled. President Caldwell has those qualities and experience tliat render him peculiarly well suited for the position lie now holds. He is a thorough scholar, a perfect gentleman and an ideal citizen. H - his personal charm, his mildness ot manner and firmness in decision, he has won the confidence, respect and admiration of the stuiients, members of the faculty, and friends of the University. Under his administration, and through his permeating personality, there has de- veloped on the campus a spirit of loyalty and good feeling that prevails in all phases of Universit life. Students and faculty alike feel that they have a friend as a leader who has an intelligent understanding, a sympathetic interest and a sincere determination to help them with their many problems. The advance and improvemeiits of the physical aspects of the campus ha e kept pace with these intangible develop- ments in the faculty and student of the University. The tremendous increase in the size of tlie stuileiit body had taxed the buildings and equipment to the utmost, but during the past few years eight new buiiih ' ngs have been com- pleted, and ten more are now being constructed. The campus has been decidedly improved and beautifiet! by paved roads, extensive landscaping and by the planting of shrubs and trees. These changes, along with tlie marked changes in the campus spirit, impress one with the fact that the University is rapidly developing into a really great institution Our President has a dream, which like most dreams, has only been partially realized. Among his hopes for the future is a University fully equipped to aid in advancing the frontiers of knowledge in order to keep learning abreast of our rapidly changing world. Graduate work and professional training are now being encouraged as never before. While the Universitv faces a financial crisis it relies w ith uinfidence on President Caldwell ' s vision and leadership. GENERAL OFFICERS UNIVERSITY Du. I lAkMciN VV. Caldwell, A.B. ; LL.R. ; LL.D. I ' rfsi,lcnt Mr. J. D. Bolton C.P.A. Trciisiiicr Dr. R. H. Powell . . . A.B. ; M.A. ; LL.D. Ufa,, ul Covr,li„„tc College Mr. T. W. Reed Kcgi.sliur B.S.C. Mr. L. W. Belcher Assistct TicasiD ' cr Mrs. Mary B. Bondurant . . A.B.J. : M.A. Student Personnel OfUcer Mr. Frazier Moore A.B.; M.A. Direetor of Publications Mr. a. T. Collev A.B. Alumni Secretary Dr. L. L. Hendren . . . A.B. ; M.A. ; Ph.D. Dean of Ad ministration Dr. W. D. Hooper . . . A.B. ; M.A. : Litt.D. Secretary of the Faculty Mr. B. C Kinney M.A. ; A.B. Superintendent of Grounds and Buildings, Business Manager of Dormitories and Dining Halls Mr. C. D. Lunceford B.S.C. Assistant Business Manager Mr. W. O. Payne A.B. ; M.A. Faculty Chairman of Athletics M.A. ; LL.B. A.B.; LL.B. . A.B. ; M.A. Mr. W. p. Warren .... Assistant Registrar Mrs. R. L. McWhorter . . . Dean of Won, en Dr. H. L Reynolds . . A.B. ; M.D. ; F.A.C.P. Unii ' Crsity Pliysician Mr. E. L. Secrest A.B. Director of the Volitntary Religions Association Mr. H. J. Stegeman .... Ph.B. ; M.A. Dean of Men Mr. Willl m Tate A.B. ; M.A. Dean of Freshmen Mr. L. Dennis Penny LL.B. Assistant State Snfcit ' isor of Purchases Dr. J. H.- ROLD Saxon . . E.B. ; M.A. ; Ph.D. Head Secretary of Education Dr. R. p. Stephens A.B. ; Ph.D. Dean of the Graduate Schaal First row, left to right • Tate, Reed, Williams, Bondurant, Caldwell, Stephens. Second row: Warren, Belcher, Payne, Kinney, Secrest, Powell. Third row: Lunceford, Penny, Hooper. DIVISION . BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES Dr. G. H. Bovd .B.; M.S.; Sc.D. iMiss Florence Young .IJ.; M.A. Director and Professor of Zoology Assistant Professor of Psychology Dk. J. W. NuTTYcoMBE .... B.S. ; Ph.D. Dr. W. C. Burkhart .... D.V.M.; B.S. Associate Professor of Zoology Professor of Bacteriology Dr. E. E. Byrd .... B.S. ; M.S. ; Ph.D. Dr. T. J. H.arrold . . B.S.A.; M.S.A. ; Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Zoology Assistant Professor of Botany Dr. Ralph J. Bushnell . B.S. ; M.S.; Ph.D. Dr. Wilbur H. Duncan . A.B. ; M.A.; Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Genetics Instructor Botany Dr. Horace Lund . . . B.A. ; M.S.; Ph.D. Mr. J. H. Pyron A.B. ; M.S. Assistant Professor of Entomology Instructor Botany Miss Natilee Dunn . . . A.B. ; M.S. Mr. Cl. ir L. Worley B.S. ; M.S. Iiistnictur Zvology Instructor Botany Dr. A. S. Edw. rds . . . B.S. ; M.A. ; Ph.D. Mr. Jack Lee B.S. ; M.S. Head and Professor of Psychology Instructor Zoologv Miss Mae Zeigler A.B. ; M.A. Miss Hart Smith A.B. ; M.A. Associate Professor of Psychology Secretary First row, left to right • Voile, Smith, Zeigler, Dunn, Fletcher, Lund. Second row: Cantrell, Kracft, Gilkerson, Bushnell, X oficy, Byrd, Harrold. Third row; Edwards, Boyd, Duncan, Parker, Pyron, Lee. DIVISION a- FINE ARTS MUSIC Mr. Hugh Hodgson ....... B.S. Miss Lucille Kimble A.B. Director of Division of Fine Arts Instructor of Music Head and Professor of Music (On leave) Miss Jennie B. Smith B.M. Mr. Mike McDowell A.B. Associate Professor of Mnsic Associate Professor of Music Miss Nolee M.ay Dunaway .... A.B. Assistant and Secretary ART Mr. Lamar Dodd B.S. Miss Mildred Ledford . . . B.S.Ed. ; M.A. Head and Associate Professor of Art Associate Professor of Art Miss Annie Holliday B.S. Mr. Carl E. Mitteli B.F.A. Associate Professor of Art Associate Professor of Art ARCHITECTURE Mr. H. B. Owens B.S.A.;M.A. Mr. F. W. G. Peck B.L.A. Head of Landscape Archifecturc Department Instructor of Landscape Architecture Professor of Landscape Architecture First row, left to right • Smith, Holliday, Ledford, Dunaway, Hil Second row: Peck, Owens, Hodgson, Dodd, McDowell. 26 DIVISION . LANGUAGE ..i LITERATURE GERMAN Dr. John Morris . Director of Division and Letters; Head and German . . A.B.; M.A.; B.L. of Language Professor of ENGLISH Mr. M. D. DvBose . . A.B. Professor of German Mr. a. E. Terry . . B.Ph.; Instructor of German Dr. R. E. P. rk . . M.A.; Litt.D. Head and Professor of English Db. J. D. Wade . . M.A.; Ph.D. Professor of English (On leave) Mr. R. p. Walker . . A.B.; M.A. Professor of English Mr. E. M. Everett , A.B.; M.A. Associate Professor of English ■ Mrs. Ellen Rhodes McWhorter, A.B.; M.A. Associate Professor of English Mr. Claude Chance . A.B.; M.A. Head and Professor of Romance Languages Miss Anne W. Brumby . . A.B. ; M.A. Associate Professor of Romance Lauguiiges GREEK Dr. W. H. Bocock . . . A.B.; Litt.B.: M.A.: LL,D.; Litt.D. Professor and Head of Greek Mr. W. W. Davidson Assistant Professor Dr. E. W. Parks . Associate Professor Mr. William Tate . Assistant Professor Mr. Robert H. West Assistant Professor Miss Carolyn ' ance Assistant Professor Miss Marie Dumas . Assistant Professor . A.B.; M.A. of English . . . A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. of English . A.B.; M.A. of English . A.B.; M.A. of English . . . A.B. of English . A.B.; M.A. of English Mr, M.A. J. O. EiDSON . . A.B. Instructor of English Mr. John Tison . . A.B. Instructor of English Mr. Wendell H. Brown . Assistant Professor of Engli: Mr. Claude Green . . A.B.; Teaching Fellow English Dr. Calvin S. Brown . M.A, Assistant Professor of Engli. A.B.; M.A. M.. . A.B.; Ph.D. sh ROMANCE LANGUAGES Miss Mary Strahan . A.B. ; M.A, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages Dr. T. R. Thaxton . . . A.M.; M.A.; Ph.D. Associate Professor of Romance Languages LATIN Dr. W. D. Hooper . . . A.B.; M.A.; Litt.D Secretary of the Faculty and Professor of Latin Miss Marion Hall . . A.B.; M.. . Assistant Professor of Romance Languages Mr. R. L. McWiioRTER Professor of Latin A.B.: M.A. First row, left to right • Park, Hooper, Chance. Second row: Evcrette, Brown, Parks, E. W. Third row: Thaxton, Green, Brown, C. 5.; Eidson. 27 DIVISION . PHYSICAL SCIENCES CHEMISTRY Dk. A. V, S(( TT B.S. ; Ph.D. Dr. J. H. Mote . . . . B.S. ; M.S. ; Ph.D. Director of Division of Physical Sciences Associate Professor of Clieuiistry Head and Professor of ' Chemistry Dr. T. H. WhiTEHE. D . . B.S. ; M.A. ; Ph.D. Mk. L. M. C. RTER B.S. Associate Professor of Chciiiislrv Professor of Chemistry Dr. H. T. Coggins . . . B.S. ; M.S.; Ph.D. Dr. C. J. BrOCKMAN . B.A. ; Ch.E. ; M.A. ; Assistant Professor of Chcinistrv M.S.; Ph.D. Mr. C. N. Wilder .... B.S.A. ; M.S.A. Associate Professor of Chemistry .-issociatc Professor of Chemistry Mr. Kenneth Waters .... B.S. ; M.S. lustnictor of Chemistry MATHEMATICS PHYSICS Dr. R. p. Stephens A.B. ; Ph.D. Dr. E. H. Dixon . . . A.B. ; M.S.; Ph.D. Demi of Graduate School anil Professor Acting Head of Department and Professor of Physics Dr. D. F. B.«row° ' . ' ' " ' . " " " : " ' A.B.; M.A. ; Ph.D. D " - R- H. Snydb . B.S ; M A. ; Ph.D. r, t J- If xi .- Associate Professor at Pnystcs Professor of Mathematics ' Dr. C. M. Strahan . . C and M.E. ; Sc.D. Mr. Otlbert Henry A.B. ; M.S. Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Assistant Professor of Pliysics Mr. W. S. Beckwith . A.B. ; M.A. Mr. E. N. McWhite B.S. ; M.S. Associate Professor of Mathematn-s Instnictor of Plivsics Miss Iris C. LL. WAY B.S.; M.A. (On leavel " Associate Professor of Mathematics ,. r t ,.r r-t c t f c Mr. Forest Gumming .... A.B. ; M.A. Mr. O. B. Wike . . . B.S. ; M.S. Associate Professor of Matliematics Instnictvr of I hystcs Mr. Pope R. Hill B.S.A. ; M.S. Mr. Karl Thaxton ....... B.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Instructor of Physics GEOLOGy Dr. G. W. Crickmay .... A.B. ; Ph.D. Associate Professor of Geology First row, left to right • Dixon, Scott, Stephens. Second row: Beckwith, Snyder, Strahan, Collins, Cummins, Thax- ton, Myers. Third row: Henry, Hill, Brockman, Faloon, Robins, Duncan, Percell. Fourth row: Conklin, Whitehead, Carter, Hair, Bowen, Bowden. Fifth row: Coggins, Barrow, Spell, Waters, Wilder, Johnson, Kearse. DIVISION . SOCIAL SCIENCES Mr. M. B. Pounu A.M.: M.. Associnte Professor of History Miss Roberta Hodgson ... Instructor Emeritus Mk. M. C. Hughes .... Instructor of Histarv Mk. W.nlter M. rti.k . . . ' Instructor of History (On leave) A.B.: M.A. . A.B.; M.A A.B.: M.A A.B.; M.A HISTORy Dr. J. H. T. McPherson . . . . .B. ; Pli.D. Heaii of Social Science Pi-rision unii Professor of History Ur. E. M. Coulter . . . A.B. ; M.A.; Ph.D. Head and Professor of History Mk. V. O. P.wne ..... A.B.; M.A. Professor of History Miss Rhod. Permenter . . . A.B. ; M.. . Associate Professor of History Mr. Robert M. rtix .... I nstructor of History SOCIOLOGY Dr. G. A. Hutchinson . . -.B. : M.A. : Ph.D. .Mrs. G. W. Br. ndon Head and Professor of Sociohigy Instructor of Soeiologv Mr. IM. D. Dunl. p B.S. ; M.A. Dr. J. C. Me, dows . . . A.B. " : M.A. ■ Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology Professor of Soeiologv ' Dr. W.vlter Coutu A.B. ; Ph.D. Mr. J. E. Fleming .... " ... A.B. Assistant Professor of Sociology Graduate Assistant of Socio ' lo- ' v GEOGRAPHY Mr. E. S. Sell B.S.A. ; M.S. .Mr. D. D. Jeter A.B. : M.A. Head and Professor of Ceogral-hv .Issistant Professor of Geogrohhv PHILOSOPHY Dr. W. H. Wrighton . . A.B. ; M.A. ; D.D. .Mk. J(isi;i-h Gittler B.S., M..A. Head and Associate Professor of Philosophy Instructor of Sociology (On leave) ARCHAEOLOGY Mr. Robert W. lu:hope .... A.B. ; M.A. .Assistant Professor of .-Irchaeulogy A.B.; M.A. First row, left to right • Payne, McPherson, Sell, Meadows, Hutchinson. Second row: Pound, Fleming, Hughes, Stephens, Wrighton. 29 LUMPKIN LAW SCHOOL Mn. . ] Tn ! HoscH . . B.S.C. ; M.A. ; LL.B. Mr. J. Dowsk Bradwell M.Ph. Dcaii and Professor of Law Lecturer of Law I )k. TlKiMAS F. Gr Professor of Law A.B. ; LL.B. ; J.S.D. " ° ' ' " " - ' Lf Professor of Lazi ' A.B.; LL.B. Mk. RciiiEKT L. MrWHORTER . AB-LLB Mr. James A. Spruiu A.B.;B.A.; Professor of Law ' ,,,-,,„„ ;.,„ „_„„,. , iw ' ■ ' ■ Dr. Henry A. Shinn . . . . A.B. ; S.J.D. Mrs. Pauline K. Roberts . . . Professor of Law Sccretarv Mr. IL M. Heckman . . B.S.C, M.A., C.P.A. Professor of Aceoiiiilirg First row, left to right • Green, Hosch, Lamar, Roberts, SIninr, Heckman, Field, McWhorter. Back row: Sp.uill, Bradwell. 30 COLLEGE AGRICULTURE I ' AiL W. Chapman . B.S.A.; B.S.Ed.; M.S.A.; Sc.D. Dean [ks. Edna Hulme Secretary to Dean AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING Mk. R. 11. Driftmier . . . D.S.A.i:.; M.S.A.E. Head and Professor .Mr. V. X. Banner B.S.A.E.; M.S.A. Associate Professor Mr. U. II. Davenport B.S. Professor .Mr. F. W. Peikert .... B.S.M.E.; M.S.A.E. Associate Professor Mr. V. E. Hudson B.S.A.E. Instructor Mr. W. Newton Mc.Xdams B.S. Teaching Fellow Mr. F. B. Lanham ... .... B.S.: M.S. Research AGRONOMY Dr. John R. Fain B.S.; Sc.D. Head and Professor Mr. V. O, Collins B.S. A. Acting Head and Professor Mr. C. C. Murray B.S.: M.S.A. Associate Professor Mr. George D. Thornton B.S. A. Instructor Mr. 0. L. GuRLEY B.S. Teach ing Fellow ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Dr. M. r. Jarnican . . . B.S. A.; M.Agr.; Sc.D. Head Professor Dr. a. G. G. Richardson D.V.M. Professor M.S. ANIMAL HUSBANDRY— Continued Ir. V. S. Rice B.S.A.; M.S.A. Professor Mr. K. V. Bennett B.S.A.; M.S. Associate Professor Mr. C. A. Ward B.S.A.: M.S. Instructor, Dairy Processes HORTICULTURE Dr. T. FI. McHatton . . . B.S.; Hort.M.; Sc.D. Head and Professor Mr. R. L. ICeener B.S.A.; M.S.A. Associate Professor of Horticulture ilR. Myron C. Davis Assistant Professor of Horticulture PLANT PATHOLOGY Dr. J. II. Miller B.S.A.; M.S.; Ph.D. Head and Professor Dr. Geur ;e Thompson . . . B.S. A.; M.S.; Ph.D. Assistant Professor POULTRY HUSBANDRY Mr. Frank E. Mitchell B.S. A. Head and Professor Mr. J. C. Bell B.S.A. Assistant Professor Dr. D. C. Boughton . . . . B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. Assistaiit Professor AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS AND RURAL SOCIOLOGY Mr. J. V. FiRUR B.S.; M.S.A. Head and Professor Dr. Wade P. Young B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. Associate Professor Mr. Frank P. King . . ... B.S.; M.S. Associate Professor First row, left to right • Hudson, Firor, Young, King, Ward, Danner, Holland. Second row: Boughton, Collins, Thornton, Simons, Rice, Mitchell. Third row: Peikert, Murray, Chapman, Gurjey, Lanham. Fourth row: McHatton, Jarnigan, Driftmier, Davis, Bennett. 31 SCHOOL a- PHARMACY Di;. R. C. Wii.siix rii.C. I )k. V. T. Summerford . . . B.S. ; PIt.G. ; Dean and Professor , . , M.S.Ch.; Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Researeh 1)R, U. S. Justice . . . B.S. : Ph.G. : Pli.D. ] [k. h. D. i,k Ruth B.S.Phar. Assistant Professor Iiistruetor Miss Marth. McElvef.n . . . B.S. ; Ph.D. Secretary and Stoekkce er Left to right • Roth, Summerford, McElvccn, Wilson, Justice. 32 PEABODY COLLEGE EDUCATION i GENERAL Dr. T. J. WuoKitu .... :M.A.; rii.U.: LL.l). Deajt Emeritus (Deceased) Dr. W. D. Cocking . . . A.E.; M. A.; Ph.D. Deon and Professor Dr. J. E. Gkeen . . M.A.; rii.D. Professor of Education Dr. p. R. Morrow . . . A.B.; M. A.; Ph.D. Professor of Education Dr. E. D. Pusey . . M.A.; LL.D. Professor of Education Mrs. Glenn Sutton . A.B.; M.A. Asst. Prof, of Education Dr. Floyd Jordan .... A.B. ; M.A.; Ph.D. Assoc, Prof, of Education Dr. Nolen M. Irby . . . A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Professor of Education Mr. H. B. Ritchie . . A.B.; M.A. Professor of Education Miss Constance Scott .... Secretary Mr. Kenneth Williams, A.E.; M.A. Asst. Prof, of Education PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR MEN .Mr. H. J. Stegeman . Ph.B.; M.A. fiead and Assoc. Prof, Mr. p. it. Frost . B.S.C.; .M.. . Assistant Professor Mr. Elmer Eampe . . Ph.B.; M.S. Assistant Professor Mr. Joel Hunt , . . B.S.Ed. .4ssociate Professor Mr. J. V. SiKEs .... B.S.A. Assistant Professor Mr. Wallace Butts . . . A.B. Assistant Professor ilR. Howell Hollis . . . E.S. Assist.tiit Profrssor RURAL AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Dr. John T. Wheeler . B.S.A. ; M.S.; Ph.D. Head of the Dept. of Voc. Ed. and Prof, of Rural and Ag. Ed. Mr. O. C. Aderhold . . B.S.A.; M.S.; Ph.D. Prof, of Rural and Voc, Ed. Miss Elizabeth Todd, B.Ph.; M.A. Prof, of Home Ec. Ed, Mr. a, O. Duncan . . . B.S.A. Assoc. Prof, of Rural and Ag. Ed. Mr. J. N. Baker . . . B.S.A. Asst. State Suf cn-isor Mr. T. G. Walters . . . B.S.A. Asst. State Suf crz ' isor Miss Lillian Schmidt . . A.B.; B.S.: M.S. Assoc. Prof, of Home Ec. Ed. .Miss Dora Mollenhoff . Adult Sut crvision Miss Alice Beall . . B.S.H.E.: M.S.H.E. Associate Professor [R. T. II. .Mitchell . . . B.S.A. Asst. State Suf enisor PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN Mrs. Mary E. L. Soule, A.B.; M.. . Head and Prof, of P. E. Miss Dorothy Coleman, A.B. ; M.A. Asst. Prof, of P. E. Miss Helen Priest . A.B.; M.A. Instructor of P. E. Miss Alice Bond . . B.S.;M.A. Instructor of P. E. Miss Betty Clague . . B.S.; M.A. Instructor of P. E. Miss Edith Guill . . B.S.: M.. . !}!strucl«r of ' . ■ . UNIVERSITY DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL Mr. S. J. Singleton. A.B.Ed.; M.A. Principal of Demonstration School Mr. G. L. O ' Kelly . . . B.S.Ed, Supen-ising Tchr., Ag. Dcm. School Miss Florence Simpson . A.B.Ed.; M.A. Supervising Teacher, Dem. School Miss Mary J. Tingle . . . M.A. Supervising Teacher, Dem. School Miss Jessie Mae Parker, B.S.H.E. Sup, Tchr., Home Ec. Dem. School Mrs. Sylla W. Hamilton, A.B.Ed.; M.A. Supervising Teacher, Dem. School .Mr. R. Travis Osborne . A.B.Ed.; M.A. Superz ' ising Teacher, Dcm. School Mrs. Mattie Jacob .... A. II. Supcn ' ising Teacher, Dem. School Mrs. Henry IClliott . . . , .B. Supcn-ising Teacher, Dem. School Miss M. dge Wilson . . . , .B. Supervising Teacher, Dem. School Iiss Isabel Hayes . . . .A.B. Supervising Teacher, Dem. School Miss PIazel Deal . . A.B.; M.S. Supen ising Teacher, Dem. School Mr. D. L. Earnest .... M.A. Supervising Teacher, Dem. School 33 SCHOOL ( ' COMMERCE Dr. R. p. Brooks A.B. ; Ph.D. Mrs. R. C. Whitaker B.S. Dean and Professor of Economics Assistant Professor of Secretarial Stndies Mr. H. M. Heckman . B.S.C. ; M.A.; C.P.A. Mr. J. R. DeLara . . . B.S. ; M.A. ; M.B.A. Professor of Accounting Instructor of Accounting Mr. J. W. Jenkins A.B.; M.A. Mr. William Kelly B.S.C. Professor of Marketing Graduate Assistant of Economics Dr. L. B. Raisty . . M.B.A. ; C.P.A. ; Ph.D. Mr. Morris Adram A.B. Professor of Insurance Graduate Assistant of Economics Dr. B. p. Beckwith . . A.B. ; M.A. ; Ph.D. Mr. Franklin Scheider B.S.C Associate Professor of Economics Graduate Assistant of Economics Dr. G. W. Sutton .... B.S.; M.A.; Ph.D. Mr. J. E. Brakefield B.S.C. Professor of Finance Graduate Assistant of Accounting Mr. R. T. Segrest .... B.S.C.; M.S.C. Mr. Thomas H. Adams A.B. Assistant Professor of Economics Graduate Assistant of Accounting Mrs. Marion Watson Fleeman Secretary First row, left to right • Whitaker, Watson. Second row: DeLara, Jenkins, Brooks, Kelly, Scheider. Third row: hieckman, Raisty, Beckwith, Abram. 34 HENRY W.GRADY SCHOOL o{ JOURNALISM Wr. Jnux R. Drewry Director and Professor A.B.; RJ.; ! r.A. k, Dyar I-. Massry, Jr Mr. Edwahii C. Crouse . . . . A B. • M A Assocwtc Professor of Jounialisin ' " - ' - Lynne Brannen, Jr. . and Dramatics Assistant in Journalism Mr. Willett M. Kempton . . . A.B, ; M.A. Miss Dorothy Murray . . . Assistant Professor of Journalism Secretary .Issistaut in Junrnatisni First row, left to right • Branncn, Murray, Massey. Second row: Drewry, Kempton, Crousi 35 a- SCHOOL HOME ECONOMICS Miss Mary E. Ckf.swell .... R.S.H.E. Mks. Mai-i.i- P. Hood . . . B.S.II.E. ; M.A. Director and Professor Instrnclur Miss Bessi- M. V . i .... B.S. ; M.A. Miss Margaret McPhaul . . . B.S.H.E. Professor Instructor Mrs. Leland Alexander . B.S.H.E.; M.S.H.E. Mrs. Robert Stephens B.S.H.E. .■Associate Professor Graduate Assistoiil Miss Catherine Newton . . B.S.H.E.; M.A. Miss Quinelle McRae B.S.H.E. Associate Professor Graduate Assistant Mrs. Pearl C. Moon . . . B.S.H.E.; M.A. Miss Martha Laboon B.S.H.E. Assistant Professor Graduate Assistant Miss Irma Hicks B.S. ; M.A. Miss Evelyn Reynolds .... B.S.H.E. Assislanl Professor Graduate Assistaut Mks. M. H. Bi.Aik B.S. ; M.A. Mrs. G. F. G.w B.S.H.E. .I,mja(,ih I ' l-. ' ji ' s.wr Crniliiiitc .Issishnit Miss Albert. Church Clcii; Left to right • Blair, Baird, McPhaul, Cresswell, Alexander, Moon, Hood, Newton, Hicks. 36 SCHOOL a- FORESTRY Mr. ;. I). M i;i KwnkTii .... B.S. ; M.E- ' . Mr. James B. Lewis .... B.S.F.; M.F. Head and I ' rofcssur Associate Professor of l- ' orcsl Management Ir. p. L. Buttrick M.F. Mr. George N. Bjshop . . . B.S.F. ; M.S.F, Professor of Forest Management Assistant Professor of Forest Protection •1 a; Mr. B. F. Gr.ant B.S.F. ; M.S.F. Mr. A. D. McKell. r ...... B.S.F. Professor of Forest Utilization Assistant Professor of Silviculture Left to right • Bishop, Grant, Buttrick, Marckworth, McKellar. 37 GENERAL Mh. Duncan Burnet Librarian Miss Frances Archer Coordinate Librarian Miss Annie Carlton Mcinoria! Hall Librarian LIBRARY Miss Sara Lamar Librarian of the Law School Miss Hazel Philbrick Assistant Librarian Miss Nell Reese Librarian of College of Agriculture Miss Louise Fant . . A.B.Ed.; B.S. in L.S. Assistant Librarian Mrs. Jamie Wotton Assistant Librarian Miss Evelyn Fritz . . . A.B. ; A.B. in L.S. Miss Assistant Librarian Alice Googe . . . A.B. ; A.B. in L.S. Assistant Librarian Miss Louise Hollingsworth . . A.B. ; B.S. Miss Assistant Librarian Lillian Glenn . . A.B. ; A.B. in L.S. Assistant Librarian Miss Elizabeth LaBoone . A.B. ; A.B. in L.S. Assistant Librarian Miss Emmie Jones Library Secretary Mr. Wymberly DeRene . Archivist A.B. First row, left to right • Glenn, Philbrick, LaBoone. Second row: Fritz, Reese, Hollingsworth. Third row: Burnet, DeRene. 38 INFIRMARY Dr. H. I. Reynoi.hs University Physiciaii Dr. Loree Florence University Health Officer Miss Elizabeth Hale Nurse Mrs. Marguerite Harris Medical Technician Miss Lillian Wynn Nicrse Mrs. a. J. CoNYERs Nurse M ISS Elizabeth Nurse Rice Left to fight • Hale, Florence, Reynolds, Rice, Harris. 39 VOLUNTARY RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS Alton Hosch President BoYCE M. Grier I ' icc-P resident Miss Elizabeth Todd . . . ' iee-President Walter N. Danner . . Recording Secreliirv WiLLLAM Tate Treasurer Harmon W. Caldwi ' Xl .... Ex-OfUcio E. L. Secrest Director Miss Emma Stephens . . Assistant Director MEMBERS J. D. Bolton Walter S. Brown W. D. Cocking E. M. Coulter Mrs. H. C. Erwin Walter Cothran d. r. cumming K. D. Kenyon Robert R. Gunn Harry Hodgson, Sk. G. D. Marckvvorth Mrs. E. D. Pusey William H. Young Mrs. R. L. McWhorter Mrs. S. V. Sanford Harrison Jones Percy G. Judkins Bright McConnell Mrs. R. p. Stephens Harry E. Talmedge John T. Wheeler Emmett L. Wier David Cady Wright TiGNER Thrasher R. E. WiLLINGIIAM, Jli. First row • Stephens. Second row, left to right: Danner, Secrest, Tate, Hosch, Gri 40 liooJz wa U L GROWTH. EVER SYMBOLICAL OF GEORGIA. HAS BROUGHT TO THE CAMPUS THE NEWER PHILOSOPHIES OF THE URBAN EXISTENCE. " Ue Se4uo ABERCROMBIE ADAMS, J. ADAMS, M ADOy AKINS ALDRED ALFORD ALLAN ALLEN, A, ALLEN, J. ALLEN, P. ALLEN, S. MILDRED ABERCROMBIE Culloden CANDIDATE FOR A.BJ. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta I ' Veshman Commission, ' id- 37 Sophomore Council, ' ,17- ' ,18; Women ' s Atliletic Association; Alpha Gamma Delta, Secretary, ' .17- ' 38 ; Editor, The Georgia Arch, ' .l8- ' 39 ; Thcta Sigma Phi ; Hammer and Coffin Society. JAMES M. ADAMS Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Pi Kappa Phi Scabbard and Blade; Captain, R. O. T. C. MARK STANLEY ADAMS Athens C. XD1D. TE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE . ' Mpha Zeta ; .Agricultural Engineering Club; Circulation Manager, Georgia Agriculturist : First Lieutenant, R, O. T, C. ZIMRI MARKETT ADDY Preston C.XNniDATP: FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Saddle and Sirloin Club, ' 3S- ' 39; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. ; Agricultural Club. JAMES INMAN AKINS Register CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE JAMIE WINONA ALDRED Statesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E, DEGREE MRS, W. L. H. ALFORD Sylvester CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE MARY ELIZABETH ALLAN Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Board ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Parthenian ; President, Alpha Lambda Delta, ' 36- ' 37 ; Treasurer, Junior Home- con, ' 36- ' 37 ; Treasurer, Aloha Chi, " 36- ' 37 ; Zodiac, ' 37- ' .18; Pioneer Club, ' 37- ' 3g ; ' Vice-President, Homecon, ' 38, President, ' 39; Vice-President, Phi LIpsilon Omicron, ' ,l8- ' 39; Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 38- ' 39; Treasurer, Alpha Qii Omega, ' 38- ' 39; Associate Editor, Georgia Agriculturist, ' 38- ' 39 ; Episcopal Student Vestry. ANNE SHELVERTON ALLEN Washington CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE J. FRANK ALLEN .Athens C. NDIDATE FOR U.S. PHARMACY DEGREE PROCTOR ALLEN Commerce CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE SHIRLEY ROSE ALLEN Athens C. . lliD. TE FOU B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ! clta Phi Epsilon Treasurer, Delta Phi Epsilon, ' 37- ' 38. 46 GlaU o 1939 J. B. AMMOXS. JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.U. EDUCATION DEGREE JAMES CALVIN ANDERSON West Point CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE KATHERINE ROOKER ANDERSON Wasliington CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE RUTH ANDERSON Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE I ' hi Kappa Phi: Phi Upsilon Oniicron : Honiecon ; Transfer, LaGrange College, ' 37. WILLIAM HARRISON APPLEBY, JR. .Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Kapfa Sigma Transfer, Young Harris College: Forestry Club: Grid- iron : Senior Round Table : President, Kappa Sigma, ' 38. MYRTLE JEAN ARMISTEAD Crawford CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE E. H. ARMOR, JR. Greensboro CANDID. TE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Band, ' 35- ' 39 : Economics Society : Freshman Football, ' 35 ' ■ Freshman Baseball, ' 35. GLADYS ROBERTA ARRENDALE Colbert CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon. HELEN MILDRED ARRENDALE Colbert CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE JOHN WESSON ASHFORD Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kal pa Alpha ' arsity Swimming Team, ' 37- ' 38 ; Varsity RiHe Team, ' 37- i9 ' ■ Scabbard and Blade. FREDERICK ATKINSON Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE I ' .ditor-in-Chiff, Georgia Agricititurist : 4-H Club: ' icc- Prcsident, . gricultural Club ; Reporter, Agricultural Ecnniunics and Rural Sociology Club; Phi Kappa Phi. GEORGE JEFFERSON AUSTIN Moultrie CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE AMMONS ANDERSON, R. ARMOR ASHFORD ANDERSON, J. APPLEBY ARRENDALE, G. ATKINSON ANDERSON, K. ARMISTEAD ARRENDALE, H. AUSTIN (ii f l 47 A «r -% Q AUTREV BARBOUR BARFIELD, V BAGWELL BARFIELD, W. BAHNSEN BARROW BANKS BA5CH ANN ROSLYN AUTREY Cochran CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE Alfilia Gamma Delia rraiisfcr, Middle (icorgia College; Reporter, Association for Childhood Education. MARIE CAROLYN BAGGS Camilla CANDIDATE FOR A.D. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Psi Chi ; Pioneer Inner Circle ; Vice-President, Alplia Chi Omega; Student Government, ' v- ' 3 - W. A. A., ' 35- ' 38. NANNELL BAGWELL Atlanta CANDIIlATE FOR B..S.H.E. DEIiREE SARAH ALMA BAHNSEN Americiis CANDIDATE FOR A.B.I. DEGREE Phi Mu ' Thcta Sigma Phi ; Red and liUul;. ELEANOR EUGENIA BAKER Macon CANDIIlATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Iloniecon, Trcasnrcr, I ' xecutivc Memher ; 4-H Chili. ELEANOR LOUISE BANKS Griffin CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE BETTY BARBOUR Springlake, Michigan CANDII). TE FOR A.B. DEGREE VIRGINIA F. BARFIELD Hahira CANDID. TE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Tlieta l ' ..litni, K,i|,| .L Alpha Tlieta; Pan-IIellenic Council, ' 38- ' 39; Fresh- man Cuniiiiissioii. ' 35. " 36; V. W. C. . . Cabinet, ' 36- ' 39; Student Christian Council; tilee Club, •3S- ' 39, Vice-President, ' 37- ' 38. Secretary, ' 36- ' 37; Pioneer Inner Circle, ' i6- ' i9. Junior Chair- man, ' 36, ' ice-President, ' 38. President, ' 39; ' arsity Debating Team, ' 3e- ' 37; Georgia Arch Staff, ' 36- ' 37; P. ndora Staff. ' 36 ' 38, . ssistant Woman ' s Editor. ' S7, Woman ' s Editor, ' 38; . Iplia Lambda Delta; Parthenian; Charter Member. Mortar P,oard; Psi Chi, ' 37- ' 39, President, ' 38- ' 39. WILLIAM IL BARFIELD Louisville CANDIDATE FOR E.S. PHARMACY DECREE D.WTD CRENSHAW BARROW Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi l-Cappa Phi; C.lee Club. ' 3.S- ' 39, President. Phi I ' .cta Ka|.| a; ' 38- ' 39; Kifle Team Sophomore (.ouiicil ; ' 35- ' 36, ■37- ' .i8 Tunior Cabinet, P Xi; " X " Club. I- ' reshman Commission ; i Mu Epsilon; Xi Phi JANE H. BASCH Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Plli Beta Kappa; Flii Kajiiia Phi; P ' reshman Woman ' s Debating Team, ' 35; ' arsity Woman. ' s Debatinj; Team. ' 36; Women ' s Clee Club, ' 36- ' 38; . lpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Cicrinan Club; Zoology Club. EDWIN BRYDEN BATES, JR. South Dartmouth. Massachusetts CANDIDATE FOR B..S. FORE.STRY DEGREE Transfer, Syracuse University; Captain Cavalry R. ' 38- ' 39; Scabbard and Blade. O. T. C-, 48 Ue Be4i4jo 0 1939 ZED MAXWELL Hl-CK Bowdnii t:. XIin)ATE FOR U.S. ( CIM MK1« K l KGHEE jMILIOX " KRl)r 1!I ' ,CKIL M I ' -disi-iii 1. .WlllllATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGRKE Alpha Zi-la, ChnmickT ; Editor, Gccraia " .Ig " Engineer; Secretary, .Vgricultural Engineering Cluli; Aglion ; Man- ager, Camp Willsins Atldetic Cliih; Phi Kappa Plii. EUGEXE D. BELL Savannah C. xnill. TE FOR B.S. FHARM ACV IIF.GREE RALPH J. BELL Athens CANllIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sqnare and Compass Club, ' 3S- ' 36; Lieutenant, R. (I. T. C. ; N. G. C. CIul-i : Y. M. C. A. ; Economics Society. LESTER LAMAR BENNETT Blackshear CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE ISRAEL RUBEN BERGER Lincolnton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Et sUon f Freshman Cross Country: Freshman Honors Day; Chem- istry Chib ; Zoology Chd). FL()R|,;||-: CARf)LVX BETIS Athens CANDIDATE FOR U.S.H.E. DEGREE TH() L S IRWIN BETTS Decatur CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE OSWALD ASHFORD lULHT ' S Watkinsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEciREE ARTHUR B. BLACKBURN Swainsboro CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DEGREE Delhi Tail Delta Secretary. Delta Tan Delta ; Phi Kappa Literary So- ciety ; GaiTau Club ; Poultry Science Club : Agricultural Ciub. ALVCE INMAN BLACKBURN Sylvester CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DECREE Alpha Delta Pi Transfer, Shorter College. EDWIN TUTTLE BLACKMAN Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.,T. DEGREE Uiii iil BECK BETTS, F. BECKHAM BETTS, T. BELL, E. BILLUPS BELL, R. BLACKBURN, A. B. N, A. I. BERGER BLACKMAN 49 Ue BetM BLACKWELL BLALOCK BLANCHARD BLEDSOE BLUMENTHAL BOATRIGHT BOLAND BOND, J. BOND, M. BOUNDS BOWEN, J. BOWEN, V. BILLIE MARIE BLACKWELL Miami, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE Kappa Alpha Tlieta Treasurer, Association for Cliildhood Education ; Recording Secretary, Kappa Alpha Theta. JEAN LUCILE BLALOCK Rabun Gap CANDIDATE FOR B.S. H.E. DEGREE Phi I ' psiloii Oniicron ; Homecon Club ; President, 4-H Club Home, ' 38; University 4-H Club; Transfer, Raljun Gap Nacoochee College. MERCER CARTER BLANCHARD Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S. CHEMISTRY DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Freshman Golf Team, ' 36; Varsity Golf Team, ' 38; Phi Kappa: Biftad; Chemistry Club; Freshman Honor Roll. JOSEPH C. BLEDSOE Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE ELLIOTT D. BLUMENTHAL, JR. Miami, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Xi Phi Xi ; Zoology Club. JAMES H. BOATRIGHT Tennille CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi ; Alpha Zeta ; Gafifau Club. NEIL C. BOLAND Coolidge CANDIDATE FOR B.S. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION DEGREE JOE BILL BOND Royston CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Transfer, Young Harris College, ' 36; Agricultural Eco- nomics and Rural Sociology Club ; Agricultural Club. MITCHELL PALMER BOND Royston CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Transfer, Young Harris College, ' 36; Agricultural Club; Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Club. GRACE MAE BOUNDS Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Transfer, Armstrong Junior College ; Chaplain, Alpha Delta Pi, ' 38-39; Phi Kappa Phi. JOHN T. BOWEN, JR. East Falls, Virginia CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE VERA L. BOWEN Americus CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Photography Club ; Economics Society ; Georgia South- western Club ; Women ' s Athletic Association : Office Staff, Georgia Arch; Transfer Georgia Southwestern College. 50 eiaU o 1939 BYRON BUXTON BOWER Bainbridge CANDIDATE FOR D.S. COM MERCE DECREE Sigma Alpha E ' sihn I ' Vcsliniaii Golf Team, ' 36; Varsity Golf Team, ' 37- ' 3g, Captain, ' 39: Freshman Rifle Team, ' 36; Varsity Rifle Team, ' 37 ; Phi Kappa Oflx:er, ' 37. ALBERT PIKE BOYD Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Phi Delta Thcta D. HAMMOND BRADLEY Bishop CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM MERCE DEGREE Treasurer, Photography CUib ; Humor Editor, Tin- Georgia Arch, ' 37- ' 38: Phi Kappa Literary Society; Red and Black; Economics Society. LUTHER HAYES BRADY Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE JAMES A. BRANCH, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE JAMES LAMAR BRANCH Sumner CANDIDATE FOR B.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. JOSEPH G. BRANDON, JR. Cartersville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Rho Transfer, West Georgia College, ' 36. JOHN ROLFE BRETT Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Kappa Sigma ANNIE ELIZABETH BREWER Elberton CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Chi Omega. Transfer, Shorter College. CECIL BART BREWTON Merchon CANDID. TE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE ERLINE EVELINE BRINSON Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Upsilon Omicron: Student Assistant, - nimal Hus- bandry Department, ' 37- ' .39 ; Transfer, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. GLEN TALMADGE BRINSON Wrightsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Delta Tail Delta Corresponding Secretary, Delta Tau Delta : . ssistant Treasurer, Delta Tau Delta ; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Economics Society. BOWER BOVD BRADLEy BRAD BRANCH, J. A. BRANCH, J. L BRANDON BRETT BREWER BREWTON BRINSON, E. BRINSON, G. wmM SI WILLIE RUTH BROOME Daniclsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE HAZEL BROWN Carnesvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE CAROLINE BROSSEAU West Chicago, Illinois CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Tlialian Blackfriars, ' 38- ' 39 ; Freshman Commission, ' 35- ' ?(5; Sophomore Council, ' ?6- ' 37; Vice-President, Glee Club. ' i7-3»: Pandora Staff, ' 37-38; Uelta Delta Delta, Marshal. ' 37- ' .?8, Treasurer, ' 38- ' 39 ; Religious Council, ' 37- ' 39- CHARLES OSCAR BROWN Sylvester CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE ELWIN OLLIFF BROWN Fort Gaines CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Alpha Gamma Rho Forestry Club, President, ' 38, Parliamentarian, ' 38 ; .-Mpha Xi Sigma : Senior Round Table; Jockey Ckib; Land- scape Architecture Society: Demosthenian Literary So- ciety; Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Gamma Rho, ' 39; Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. JOE C. BROWN Conyers CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE A ' d i iK . l i m MILTON BROWN, JR. Thomson CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa. KIFFIN WTLSON BROWNING Millerville, Alabama CANDIDATE FOR B.S, FORESTRY DEGREE EUGENE H. BROXTON L ' nadilla CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COiM MERGE DEGREE President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi; President, Vice-President, Economics Society ; Phi Kap- pa ; Dean ' s List ; Honors Day. E. JEANETTE BROWN Kensington CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE EMMA FRANCES BROWN Sylvester CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE ADA BRYANT Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE Ka! l a Delta Vice-President, Kappa Delta ; Association for Childhood Education, Vice-President; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil ; Women ' s Senior Council. 52 Ue Se i 4J0 o 1939 ROBERT WILLIAMS liRVANT, JR. Moultrie CAXUIUATE FOK B.S.A. DECREE LAl ' RA . L H BURDEN Coiner lANDlllATE FOR A.B.J. DEliKEE ?!■( and HUick. ' ,?7- ' 3g : Georgia Arch, ' 37 " ' 3 . -As- ociate Woman ' s lulitor. ' 38, Photography Editor, ' 39; Ihmuner anil CotTin ; Pliotograpliy Club, ' 37- ' 3y, Secretary and Treasurer, ' ,?8, X ' ice-President, ' 39: W. . . - . Council; Transfer, Anderson College. H- R1. CAUDOCK BURKHALTKR Glennville CAXDIBATE FOR B.S.. . DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. CATHERINE BURKHART Athens rAXDID. TE FOR B.S. DEGREE .llfl ' a Oinicroii Pi Dance Club, ' .?b- ' 39. President, ' 38- ' 39 ; Math Club: Pi Mu ICpsilon, Secretary, ' 3S- ' 39: Zoology Club; Hunt Club; Scholastic Chairman, Alpha Oniicron Pi, ' 37- ' 38, Historian, ' 38- ' 39; W. A. A. Council, ' 38- ' 39; Wesley Foundation Council, ' 38. FRANK LOYD BURRELL Clarkesville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE .Agricultural Engineering Club, President, Scribe; her, Agricultural Club. CHRISTINE BURSON Monroe CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION- DEGREE Metn- . ssisl T. C. JOEL BERNARD BUTTS Monroe C. . lllD. TE FOR U.S. I O.M .M ER( E DEGREE Phi Delia Thela Business .ManagiT, ' )} ' ) 1 ' .4 iiiira; I ' rcsiik ' nl, ' .VJ, I ' irsl ant, ' 38. Phi Kappa; Regimental . iijiitaiit. Cavalry, K. O, ' icePiesident. ' 39, Secretary. ' .IX. Delta Sigma Pi; President Kconoinics Society, ' 38; Scabbard and liladc; " X " Club; TrcaS ' nrer, ' 39, Vice-President, ' 38, Jockey Club; Pandora Staff, ' 36 ' 39; Fresliinan Rifle ' ream, ' 35- ' 36. CATHRVN ALMA BVERS Savannah CANDIDATE FOK A.B.J. DEGREE .ll ' lui CnDuina Delia Glee Club. ' 38: Camera Club. ' 38- ' 39; Gvurnia Arcli Radio Stall. ' 39; Hammer and Coffin, ' 39; Transfer, Peace Junior College. CLYDE HOLSTUN BYNUM .Vuburn, .Alabama CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Alpba Xi Sigma; I ' oicstry Club, President, ' 38; LieutcTiaut, R. O. T. C, Cavalry. CHARLES W. BYRD .Athens CANDIDATE FOR B..S. DEGREE RUTH BYRD Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron. Treasurer, ' 39; StafT, Georgia Agriculturist ; Homecon Club; Transfer, Young Harris College. MARGARET CORNWALL BVRUM Ficklen CANDIDATE FOR H.K.A. DEGREE Alpha Omicron Pi Freshman Commission, V. W. C. A.; Sopliojnore Council, Y. V. C. A.; Junior V. A. A.; Scholarship Officer, Alpha Oniicron Pi; University Woman ' s Council ; Treasurer. Alpha Oniicron Pi ; Kappa Pi; Dean ' s List. RYANT, R. BURDEN BURKHALTER BURKHART BURRELL BURSON BUTTS BVERS BVNUM BVRD, C. BYRD, R. SyRUM 53 4e SetujOA. CAIN, J. CAIN, M. CAMP CAMPBELL CARS ILL CARITHERS CARLAN CARROLL CARTER, J. CARTER, M. CATE5 CAUTHEN JEFF L. CAIN Gainesville CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DEGREE MARGARET CAIN Norcross CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon. NORMAN T. CAMP Newnan CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sigma Chi Treasurer, Sigma Chi; Managing Kditor, 1939 Pandora; Assist ant Business Manager, University Theater; Thalian-RIackfriars; International Relations Club; Blue Key Club. JOSEPH B. CAMPBELL Rising Fawn CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Freshman Football. PAULINE CARGILL Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEGREE Secretary-Treasurer, Dolphin Club; Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion; .Armstrong Club; Transfer, Armstrong Junior College. JANE CARITHERS Winder CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE U. G. CARLAN Commerce CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM MERCE DEGREE Secretary-Treasurer. Senior Class; Blue Key CcuncH ; (Iridiron ; Scabbard and Blade; Fresbman Commission; Sophomore Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel, Infantry; Demos thenian Literary Society; Freshman Football Team; Freshman Basketball; Winner Sophomore Agricultural Club Debate; Campus Club. GEORGE ADAM CARROLL, JR. Wildvvood CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Poultry Science Club; 4-H Club. JOHN FITZPATRICK CARTER Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. MORRIS D. CARTER Carrollton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE OTIS MITCHEL GATES, JR. Sale City CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE MILDRED CAUTHEN Meansville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 54 eiaM. oj 1939 VERNER FRANKLIN CHAFFIN Toccoa CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEUREE Sigma Nu Senior V. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 38- ' 39; Religious Council; President, Student Christian Council, ' 38- ' 30: Editor " G " Book, ' 38- ' 3g; Senior Round lalile ; Gridiron; Denios- ihcnian: Ituernatinnal Relations Club; Plii Beta Kappa; Plii Kappa Phi. J. W. CHAMBERS Camak CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Demostlienian Literary Society ; Economics Society ; Delta Sigma Pi. NANCY ELEANOR CHAMBERS Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE HELEN GLASS CHANEY Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE BETTY CHICK Monroe CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Chi Omega Theta Sigma Phi ; Treasurer, Freshman Class ; Presi- dent, Freshman Council ; President, Sophomore Council ; Junior Cabinet ; Red and Black, ' 38. WALLACE CLIFTON CHILDS Chula CANDIDATE FOR B.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEGREE VOLNEY J. CISSNA, JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Pi Kaffa Alf ' lui Member, Fencing Team, ' 38 : Secretary, Mask and Foil, ■38 ; Forestry Club. CHARLES ELLIS CLARK Leslie CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Y. M. C. .-X. Freshman Commission, Sophomore Coun- cil; Junior Cabinet; Secretary, Saddle anil .Sirloin Club; President, 4-H Club ; Secretary and President, .-Xgricul- tural liconomics and Rural Sociology Clul); . lplia Zeta ; . ghon Society; Blue Key Council; Gridiron; Phi Kappa Phi ; Student Assistant in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Department. GEORGE W. CLARK, JR. Statesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE HARRY GLEN CLARK Coolidge CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Phi Delta Theta HUGH CLARK Flowery Branch CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE MARY WALTER CLARK Sylvania CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE CHAFFIN CHAMBERS, J. CHAMBERS, N CHANEy CHICK CHILDS CISSNA CLARK, C. CLARK, G. CLARK, H.G. CLARK, H, CLARK, M. ss LEVELAND, G CLEVELAND, J. COHEN, B, COHEN, H, HELEN CLARKE Atlanta CANDID. TE FOR A.BJ. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Secretary, Freshman Commission ; Sophomore Coimcil ; Secretary, Theta Sigma Plii ; Corresponding Secretary, Delta Delta Delta; Red and Black Staff. JOHN WADE CLARKE Athens CAXDIUATE FOR U.S. FORESTRY DEGREE JANE ELIZABETH CLARY Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE President, Sigma Alpha, Petitioning Sigma Alpha Tota ; Women ' s Glee Club, President, ' 38-39, Treasurer, ' 36- ' 38 ; Music Club, Vice-President, ' 38; German Club. THOMAS LOUIS CLARY, JR. Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE S ' igina Nu GUS CLEVELAND Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Beta Kappa ; Oniicron Delta Kappa ; President, Phi Kappa, Two Terms : Gridiron ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Presi- dent, Biftad; Vice-President, Y. M. C. A.; Varsity Foot- ball Sciuad ; Freshman Debate ; Phi Kappa Speaker : Varsity Debate ; " X " Club: Periclean ; Winner, Hamil- ton McWhorter Medal. JOHN BAKER CLEVEL.VND Cleyeland CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE SARA JANE CLONTS Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE DANIEL MORRIS CLOWER Grayson CANDID. TE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE LENA MAC COFFEE Douglas CANDIDATE FOR E.S.H.E. DEGREE JANE COOK COFFIN Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kaf fo- Delta Freshman Y. W. C. A. Commission ; Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Council; " Z " Club, President, ' 36- ' 37 ; Kappa Delta, President, ' 38- ' 3f); Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 38- ' 39; Zoology Club. BARBARA ANNE COHEN Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Oinicron Pi Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Omicrnn Pi, ' 38- ' 3g. HARVEY JOSEPH COHEN Albany CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGR EE Beta Gamma Sigma : Phi Kappa Phi. 56 " live Se nic o 1939 NELLI ' : CDLl ' .MAX NicluilsiMi TANDrDATE FOR U.S. I ' HYSICAE. KDl ' C ATUIN DEC.KKE Dance CUil ; WDiiun ' s Atlilolic .Vssociatinn. CH.- RL11-: S. COLLINS Athens C. NDII ATE FUU A.B..I, DECREE Associate Editor, GcKrgui Arch. ' 38- ' 39, Circulation .Manager, ' 37; Secretary, Sigma Delta Chi, ' .ly ; Sigma Delta Clii National Convention, ' 38: Vice-Presi(lenl. L ' otog Camera Clnb. ' 38; Campns Correspondent, . - anta Georgian and .S " i()i tv American; Correspondent, The Quill Magazine: Dean ' s List; Red and Black; Ham- mer and Cortin ; L ' niversity Theater. EUGENLA COLLINS Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR IS.S.H.E. DECREE Homecon ; 4-H Clnb; Poultry Science Clnb. MORRIS WILLLAM H. COLLINS .Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.I!. DECREE I ' hi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Junior Orator; Peri- clcan ; Secretary-Treasurer, International Relations Club; Biftad; President, Epicurean Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Parliamentarian, Demosthenian Literary Society; Junior- Senior Impromptu Debater; Treasurer, Freshman Y. M. C. -A. Commission. EVELYN GRACE COMBS East Point CANDIDATE FOR P..S.H.E. DEGREE Poultry Science Club, Secretary and Treasurer : Home- con ; 4-H Club ; Transfer, Atlanta Junior College. i:i)W. RD ()LI T-.R COXh " . Statesboro CANDIDATE FOR ll.S.A.K. DECREE Censor, . lpha Zt-ta ; .XkIioii; .Vnricultural ICiigineerinf; Club, .Secretary; .Assistant Husiness Maiiancr, Ct ' oraiii .■it;ricuUurtil Engineer; lousiness MaiiaRcr, Georuiti Aurieutturiil Engineer. MARY FRANCES CONGER Penfield CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE GASTON B. COOK Geneva CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DECREE .llpha Tau Omega nemosthenian Litt-rary Society; Saridle and Sirloin. NEVIS EL GENE COOK Waleska CANDID. TE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DECREE JAMI ' :S H. COOLEY Cleveland CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DECREE Alpha Gamma Rho Alijha Zeta; Aghon: Student Y. . 1. ( ' . A.; . gricnltuial ( Uili. Nice- President, I ' all Quarter. MS; Saddle and Sirloin; 411 Club. ' ib- ' it; Caffau Club, r ' arliamcntarian, ' ,W, President, ' .W ; Denm - tbenian Literary Society; . griculturai Club Key Comicil. ALVA H. COOPER, JR. Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. CO . I MERCE DEGREE Treasurer, Economics Society; Demosthenian Literary .Society; Humor StatT, Georgia . " irclt; Treasurer, Scabbard and Illade; Mask and Foil; Fencing Club; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. : Ilanuner and Coffin; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa IMii. M.ARGARET SUSAN COOPER Columbus CANDIDATE FOR U.S. DEIiREE Phi Mil l?% ' COLEMAN COLLINS, C. COLLINS, E. COLLINS, M. COMBS CONGER COOK, G. COOK, N. COOLEY COOPER, A. CONE COOPER, M. 57 Ue Seiuo tftHii CORBETT CORDELL COWART, W. F COWART, W. R. CRAIGMILE5 CRAWFORD CROS5FIELD CROWE, D. CROWE, G. CULBRETH CULVER CUMMING JOHN R. CORBETT Nashville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE LOIS CORDELL Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon : 4-H Club; Transfer, North Georgia College; Glee Club. WALTER FRANCES COWART Union City CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi ; . lpha Lambda Delta : Zodiac ; President. German Club. Winter Quarter, ' 39 ; Secretary. Women ' s Glee Club, ' 37- ' 38 ; Manager, Girls ' Rifle Team, ' . 8- ' 39; W. A. A. Junior Council, ' 36- " 37, Senior Council, ' 38- ' 39 ; Exchange Student to Germany. W. R. COWART Summit CANDIDATE FOR B.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEGREE BEVERLY CRAIGMILES Thomasville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE EDWINA CRAWFORD Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DEGREE Georgia Arch Staff, ' 38- ' 39; Member, Association for Childhood Education, ' 37- ' 39. LENORA CROSSFIELD Griffin CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Pi Beta Phi Homecon, ' 37- ' 39; Fotog Club, ' 37- ' 39; 4-H Club, ' 37- ' 39 : Transfer, Ward-Belmont College. DAVID FRANCIS CROWE Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DECREE Chi Phi Alumni Society, ' 36- 39.; Monkey Drill, ' 34- ' 35 ; First Sergeant, ' 35, First Lieutenant, ' 36, R. O. T. C., Infan- try; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Mortar and Pestle; Phi Delta Chi. GRADY B. CROWE Dawson CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. ALBERT WILLIFORD CULBRETH Edison CANDIDATE FOR B.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEGREE GRAHAM R. CULVER Deatsville, Alabama CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE J. LOWELL CUMMING Cordele CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Demosthenian ; Presi- dent, International Relations Club; Jockey Club; Biftad; Scabbard and Blade ; Phi Delta Phi ; Periclean ; Captain, R. O. T. C. 58 QLu 0 1939 — ;; » ' WILLIE . LEXAXDER CCKRY - thcns C 3r»JIiaTE Pr»B l,ii, Cf-MMEJICT he.gkzz: ' cakkanl and Blade, " S?- " J9: Scnihtrr. Lifhi-Hearinreight Lift -g OamfKm. ' 17- ' lii-. Ecsj I ri " Jrd Cidrt, Easv. ■. ' 6- " 37: Mosi standmg Basic MilixaT ' C deu 36- ' 37: Fir t zVrge- aul , Ad- . nccd Mfljxaiy, ' 39: 3i£3 T. Adt-Zizictd StliliciTT. 39: Fre« nzuiii Bcoiag Team, ' 36. FIL X-CES CATHERtSE CURTIS Sal PU Kapsia Pin: P U; §ilc n Omicrcn: HffiHwnii. VOSES MAX CITLER - lheii5 CAX91BA7X Fca cc ifMrac£ Tff- ;»yT Pii EfrHon Pi Birad; Ek ooeacs Sockrr: SecreiaTy. Plii Fyalon Pi. 37- ' 38. GEORGE P. DAXCE. JR. AilaiTta CA3tl ISATE F-: I- C-l ' MMElCE DEGREE Kappa Alpha ' Tjcc Oofe. 35: Tanaor C ukca: GridiroB; Treasorer. K::T ' ;i:t SAMUEL A. DAXCE c xsniATr poa y t eck£e Pl» E29fa Phi; A3pim Zeta: Scabbard and EUde: Agnc-:: ::-i: rufciiKiiiiit. Cfa , ice-Prcsadaa, 3 - ' 39: Studenr .Vi i ti- : P TSics DefOtTt ezit. ' 57 ' ' 3?: Transfer. North Gec rei CoUt-ge Xctflli Georgia CtAiegt: Qab, " 5r- 5 : First Lieutenant, R. ft. T_ C. DOROTHY D-VXIEL CURRy CURTIS CUTLEr DANCE. S. :■ " . E.,D. DAJiDEN ' i ; " DAUeHT£«y : A.;: OM lliiiMMf wn Ozyb: 4-H Onib; CltnrrUaf Stan: (.Georgia Swati- m-estem Qnb. JOHX DA " ID DANIEL QaxTOD C JHHB TX FOX Z. .A. I GILEX -Mxdia Zeiau OKaocdloir. Scribe; Presidem, Jockey Clnb. ' 3 : Pniwi rhr nim n L ate aa j y Sociery, Treasurer, ' 58- ' 59 : Vice-Pre dcBt. JnoBcr Clas: Sesskiir Round Tabkr: Scabbard and r.i.r - gTi CMftUua l ClhA: A ncsStoraJ Onb IzcercoUeesLte I c ' : -rT 4-H Cl ; Y. iL C A- CaJwnei: FTesianan Ri3e Team: R ■:•. T. C Mookcx Dril] Team, Sr ' ?. : Xtaicrr. R. O. T. C: Aerbci]. 31. KTH- yrRGnCL HARDEN L ' uian PcCTi CAXDIBATX FC« B-S-E.E. PEGltrS Alpha Cfci Omu-ga Presidestt. . 3pha Oa Oiygg. ' 5g- " 39. Vice- President, ' . r ' Sf : Y- W, CL A_ Fxesfanan C-oomiiissiciD : Y. W. C A- Cabdnei, ]?r ? ' : Ti astiTer. Coordinate Wiamen ' s . iii3«ic _ sscicia:tic«ii, " 5 ' - 37; HamecoD C3aft»: P p-HfTtmir CoTmHI, " 3 ' - ' 59, M, SGASET GLEN ' BY D- R5T mizmnciion. N. C. i Wrfl Z rirB i?clta Transfer. i. Mary ' s StAocJ: Y. W. C. A, Cabineu 3 V " .i-:: Thalian-BlaciiTiars, " 7- " ?9. ' ice-PreadfTTT. ' 5?- " 59; Imernaunii Reiatians Chib. 5r- 3 : AdvisCT to Unixer ty Women V t- .i cil, ' 3r- ' 5?: Vice-Presideai. Sradent Qirigria-n Ccimril. T ' ■• Pksdise Presadm, I eiia De3ta Ddia, ' 56. Ciiar in. ' 5r- " 3 . ■:- PresideaA. " 3?- ' 59: Tlieia Sigma Pbi, ' S7- ' ? . Preadeni, - " • r Wifga i Ti3«a Sigina Phi C Kiventiciii. ' 3 : President. - l ■ Board, ' 3$ - ' 39: Glee Onb: UniversitT Tlieater Sta§e - :- ■ GORDON W. D. SHER S Tzmizh CAjmmATs: fo« ».£_ comj£E cs hegees. OSCAR FAYE DAUGHTERY Metier C SWCD TE FC ]C E-£,A_ £C.( i:£:£ A ncsakma} Qwk. DdKatxcg Conncil: Gasas dob: 4-H Chab: PcrQkry Oab: Saddle and Sirlcin. CLACDE DAVIDSON LaGiange CAyi»I3JATi: FC« iL-S-J. UEGtxX Pi Kappa Alpha Ediiar-is-Cbief. Rrd tt»a Blact, ManjLgiza; Ednor. -Vr ' ' -.i ' -: Edxuo-; Ilialiaxt-Blac ifriaT- : Assistani B sines Manager _ t er 53 t Tbeaio " : Secretaiy- Treasurer. Senioc Rcimd j ' ' ■ ' Sirna Deha On; Secretary, Fi Kappa Alalia; Laadacajc .Srchi tectzsTt Society: Qce GA. DAVIS, A. DAVIS, F. DAVIS, H. DAvr:, :. _. DAVIS, J. DAVIS, L. DEADWVLER DEARING DEBNAM DcLOACH DEMPSEV DeVAUGHN Sadc ALTON W. DAVIS, JR. Warrenton CANDlnATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Pi Kappa Phi le and Sirloin ; Transfer, Emory Universit) ' . MARY ETHEL DEADWYLER Maysville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE Transfer, G. S. C. W., ' 27 : Homecon, ' iJ- ig ; Phi Up- silon Oniicron : Red and Black Staiif, ' 38 ; Photography Chill, ' jS- ' sq: 4-H Ch,b, •38--39. FRANCES ANNE DAVIS Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE HUGH TURNER DAVIS Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE JAMES G. DAVIS Camilla CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE MUNRO GOODWIN DEARING Athens CANDII). TE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilmi Freshman Football, " 35: Freshman Ritle Team, ' 35; Monkey Drill Team, ' 36- ' 39; Phi Kappa; Economics Society ; Scabbard and Blade ; Jockey Club ; Captain, R. O. T. C. MONTEZ DEBNAM Atlanta CANDID.KTE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE GUYTON DeLOACH Claxton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE JANET DAVIS Calhonn CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE EMILY IRENE DEMPSEY Watkinsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi ; Homecon Club ; Phi Upsilon Oniicron. LAWSON MARK DAVIS Blun CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE 60 MRS. MARGARET KELLY DeVAUGHN Augusta CANDID.VTE FOR A.B. DEGREE e SeiuoAA. o 1939 ANNA CATHERIXF. DILLARD Arnoldsvillc CANDHIATK FOR U.S. U.K. DKCKKK Ilomecon Club. hi:li:n jeanette dillard Lakeland, Elorida CA.NUIUATE FOR li.S.H.E. DEGREE Honiecon Club. PAUL THOMAS DIXON Milieu CANDIDATE FOR U.S. COM MERCE DEGREE RUBY WALTON DLXON Millhaven CANDIDATE FOR U.S. EDUCATION DEGREE BRUCE F. DLXSON Atlanta C. NDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DECREE Alpha Zeta : Agricultural Club : Agricultural Engineering Club, President, ' 38. BURNEY S. DOBBS, JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR U.S. COMMERCE DEGREE MARGARET C, DODD LaGrange CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Kappa Delia Transfer, LaCirange College ' Music Club. PATSY ELIZABETH DODGE Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE CAROLINE FRANCES DOMINICK Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR U.S. DEGREE JOHN C. DORSEY Qayton CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Phi Delta Thcta Pandora Staff, ' . .• - ' 3. ; Red and Black. .Associate Editor, ' 38- ' 39, Sports Editor, ' g; Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Kappa, ' 38. DOROTHY MARGARI:T DOSTER Sunimerville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 4-H Club ; Homecon. SARA DOSTER Watkinsville CANDID.VTE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DECREE DILLARD, A. DILLARD, H. DIXON, P. DIXON, R. DIXSON DOBBS DODD DODGE DOMINICK DORSEV DOSTER, D. DOSTER, S 61 Ue Se4uo DOTTERy DOUGHERTV DOWDY DOZIER DREIZm DRIGGERS DUKE DUKES DUMAS DUNCAN, J. DUNCAN, M. DUNCAN, P. ROBERT TILDEN DOTTERY, II Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE BEVERLY ELLIS DOUGHERTY Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi Omega Transfer, G. S. W. C. JOHN DOWDY Tifton CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGR EE JAMES WALTON DOZIER Montezuma CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Economics Society ; Delta Sigma Pi, Master Ceremonies, Cliancell ; Transfer, South Georgia Teacher ' s College, ' 37. BESSIE DREIZIN Butler CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delta Phi Ef ' sihn Homecon Club : President, Wtomen ' s Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, ' 38- ' 39- DANIEL FULTON DRIGGERS Stilson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Saddle and Sirloin Club ; Agricultural Club. BENJAMIN F. DUKE Decatur CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi ; Periclean ; Alpha Xi Sigma ; Forestry Club ; Demosthenian : Xi Phi Xi : Scabbard and Blade ; Jockey Club ; Junior Cabinet ; Captain, R. O. T. C., Cavalry; Co- Winner, Forestry Freshman Award, ' 36; Dean ' s List. ALVA HENRY DUKES Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sigma Alfha Epsilon HAL S. DUMAS, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM MERGE DEGREE Phi Delta Theta JOHN PATTERSON DUNCAN, JR. Quitman CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE MARION VANDIVER DUNCAN, JR. Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Saddle and Sirloin; 4-H Club; Agricultural Club, Treasurer POPE A. DUNCAN Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. 62 eiau 0 1939 BENJAMIN EDWARD DuPREE, JR. Gordon CANninATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE Plii Helta Clii ; Mortar and Pestle; Demostlicnian ; Band, ' 34- ' 36. BOVCE LOUIS DYER Metasville CANDIDATE FOR D.S.A.E. DKGREE CLARENCE DORSEV DYER Millen CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE JAMES DAVID DYER Millen CANDIDATE FOR B.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEGREE THOMAS ALVA EARLY Bishop CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE GOLDEN EBERHARDT Maysville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Kappa Plii. ALFRED EDMUNDS Warren, Ohio CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE CHARLES L. ELLIS, JR. Kingston CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE JOSEPH B. ELROD Ringgold CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE Alpha Zeta; Managing Editor, ' 38- ' 39, Associate Editor. ' 36- ' 38, Georgia Agriculturist : Honor Key, .Agricnltnral Engineering Clnb ; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. ALTON JACKSON EMBRY Good Hope CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE SUE ERWIN Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Kappa Pi. PIKE WILLIS ETHRIDGE Milner CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE Pi Kappa Phi Transfer, Gordon Military College: . gricnltural Engi- neering Club. 63 EVANS FINLEy FARGASON FINNEy FARR FLATAU FAWCETT FLEETWOOD FETZER FOREHAND FIELI5 FORNEy THURLOW EVANS, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR U.S. COMMERCE DEGREE JAMES EDWARD FARGASON Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE CHARLES GLISSON FARR Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Si gma Nil Kappa Pi : Deinostlienian Literary Society : Vice-Presi- dent. Fencing Club ; Varsity Fencing Team : Art Staff, Gcorgiu Arch: Economics Club: Camera Club: Intra- Mural Boxing. MARGARET THRONE FAWCETT Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE HARLAND L. FETZER Marlow CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE BARBARA FIELIS Jackson Heights, New York CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alfiha Delta Pi lpljia Lambda Delta: Vice-President, Alpha Delta Pi, ' ,7: Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Delta Pi, ' 38. GRACE E. FINLEY Hazelhurst CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Transfer, Mercer Lhiiversity and South Georgia College: Pioneer Club : Varsity Debate Team, ' , - ' 39 ; Homecoii Club: Pioneer Inner Circle. PERRY SEALE FINNEY, JR. Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE ARTHUR FLATAU, JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE MARY LENNA FLEETWOOD Cartersville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE WILLIAM J. FOREHAND Sylvester CANDIDATE FOR A.B..T. DEGREE Alplia Tau Omega Red ami BUuL- Staff, ' 37-39 : First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. : Photography Club : Demosthenian ; Transfer, North Georgia College. WILLIAM B. FORNEY Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Secretary, Poultry Science Club, ' 37. 64 Ue Senior a f939 MI. ANTON FORTSON, JR. .Athens l ' . M)Il). TE I ' liK . .I!. I)E ;rkk I |) IX D. FOSHEE X ' icnna C. i DIU. TE FOR B.S.. . DEGREE Xi Phi Xi. C11. RL1 ' :S RUPERT FR. NK1.1N Eastman C. NDin. TE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Plii Kap|)a Plii : .Alpha Xi .Sigma. JOHNV R. FRF1-.M. N Danielsville C. NnlD. TE FOR B.S.. . DEGREE PERCY LEE FREEMAN Thomaston C AXDID.XTE FOR B.S. DEGREE LOUISE FRENCH Colnmbvts C.AXDID.VTE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Alplia Ga}nina -Delta MORTON M. FRIEDMAN Madison C. ' NDID. TE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Alfha Efsilon Pi PresidfUt. .Alpha Epsilon Pi ; Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. : Phi Kappa Literary Society; Producticm Staff, University Theater. AUGUSTUS HOMER FRYF, JR. firiffin C. NDII1ATK FOR U.S. DEGREE l.l-.WI.S liKOWN I ' KVh-.R P.laUely C. Milli. 11 I OR U.S. COM MERCE DEIiREE ' Delia Thcta NINA KATHLEEN FliLLFR .Atlanta CWDIDATE FOR .V.Ii.J. DEGREE Chi Onictia Freshman Commission, ' 35- ' 36; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. ' ,s6- ' 39: " Z " Club: Vice-President. Y. W. C. A.. ' ,36- ' 37 ; Dolphin Club, Vice-President. ' .!7- " 38; Glee Clnb, ' . 8- ' 3g: Red and Black, ' 38: Women ' s .Athletic .Association Coun- cil, ' 37- ' .3«. KATHRYN M. GAINES Cave C.V.NDID.STE FOR B.S. DEGREE MARY DINGES GARDNER Rossville C. XDID. TE FOR . .l!. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa : Phi Kappa Phi. FORTSON FOSHEE FRANKLIN FREEMAN, J. FREEMAN, P. FRENCH FRIEDMAN FRXE FRVER FULLER GAINES GARDNER 65 Ue SeHdO J ' frr. HILLMA GHEESLING Greensboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kaf ' ' a Delta Kresliman Y. W. C. A. Council, ' 35- ' ,?6 ; W. A. A. Coun- cil, ' 35- ' 37 ; Secretary, Junior Division, W. A. A., ' 36; Zoology Club. ELLA HUNTER GIBBES Savannah CANDIDATE FUR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Freshman Commission : Sophomore Cabinet ; University Woman ' s Council, President, ' ,?8- ' 39; University Theater, Stage Crew, ' 38- ' 39; Thalian-Blackfriars ; Episcopal Stu- dent Vestry; International Relations Club; Marshal, Delta Delta Delta. LUCY RUTH GIBBS Hapeville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon ; Phi Upsilon Omicron. ROBERT D. GILBERT LaFayette CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sigma Chi J. THERMAN GILES Byronville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE Mortar and Pestle; Phi Delta Chi. ALVAH CARLTON GILLELAND Griffin CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE MARVIN MARSHALL GILLESPIE Elberton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE HUGH M. GILLIS . Soperton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE S ' igiiia Alpha Epsilon Vice-President, Secretary, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JULIA ANNE GILMAN Chattanooga, Tennessee CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Chi Omega Phi Kappa Phi; Transfer, University of Chattanooga; Secretary, Kappa Pi. MARY SUE GINN Carnesville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE GHEESLING GIBBES GIBBS GILBERT GILES GILLELAND HAGEN S. GLENN GILLESPIE GILLIS GILMAN Hull GINN GLENN GLOVER CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE Agricultural Engineering Club ; Georgia Agriculturisl Staff; Scribe, Agricultural Engineering Club. MPl WINFRED GRAFTON GLOVER Gumming CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E, DEGREE 66 eiaU o 1939 ELIZABETH HILLBRATH GNANN Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Alt-ha Delta Pi Transfer, Armstrong Junior College. JULIA FRANCES GODBEE Wftynesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alalia Delta Pi L. KATHLEEN GOEN Griffin CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE LAWRENCE CECIL GOLDSCHMIDT New York, New York CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Chemistry Club. BILL GOODNER Nahunta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM MERCE DEGREE MARK GRACE Lyons CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE LOUISE MOORE GRANT Augusta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE . lpha Lambda Delta ; Zodiac : Kappa Delta Pi. MARY ELEANOR GRANTHAM Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta Glee Club, ' i - ' i9: Transfer. .Armstrong Junior College. RUDENE MAE GRANTHAM Douglas CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE MARY INMAN GRAY Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Phi Mu Theta Sigma Phi ; Kappa Pi : Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 37- ' 38 ; Red and Blaek Sports Staff, ' 38-39. MARTHA GREEN Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE CARRIE MARIE GRIFFIN Nahunta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 4-H Club; County Editor, The Georgia Cloverleaf: Homecon : Student Government Representative for 4-H Club Home. GNANN GODBEE GOEN GOLDSCHMIDT GOODNER GRACE GRANT GRANTHAM, M. GRANTHAM, R. GRAY GREEN GRIFFIN 67 a .a GRIFFITH HALL, R. GRINER HANNER GRIZZELL HANSON GROOVER HARCOURT GULLEy HARDEMAN HALL, E. HARDEN LOUIS T. GRIFFITH Eatonton CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Phi Delta The fa Sigma Delta Chi : International Relations Club ; Re- porter, Red and Bhick : Vice-President, ' 37- ' 38, Business Manager, ' S- ' .to, Glee Club; Sophomore Staff, Pan- dora; President, Music Club, ' 37- ' 38 ; Associate Editor, ' 38, Managing Editor, ' 39, Georgia Arch; Campus Editor, Alumni Record, ' 38- ' 39; Secretary, Phi Delta Theta, ' 39. ELLEN ERWIN HALL Newton C. NDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Transfer, G. S. C. W. ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Homecon Club. ROBERT WOODARD HALL Miami, Florida CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE ERN EST RAY GRINER Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Sigma Nu Captain, Infantry, R. O. T. C. ; Transfer, North Georgia College. ROV A. GRIZZELL, JR. Decatur CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Scabbard and Blade : Captain, R. O. T. C, Infantry, ' 38- ' 39, First Sergeant, ' 38 ; Forestry Club, Vice-President ; Deniosthenian Literary Society ; Dean ' s List. NELLE HANNER Madison CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEGREE Alfha Delta Pi HAZEL HANSON Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Kappa Delta ROY MAURICE HARCOURT Dalton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE JOHN THOMAS GROOVER, JR. Jonesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Rho WALLIS B. HARDEiMAN, JR. Fort Valley CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Varsity Football, ' 37- ' 38. MATTIE BLANCHE GULLEY Sylvester CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE WILLIAM HARMON HARDEN Osierfield CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE 68 Ue £emaU a f939 W 11. LI AM LAWRENCE LLVRDIN Kock Hill, Si)iitli Carolina CANlnilATE rclR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE VILLL M WALTON HARDIN Tliomson CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DECREE Delta Sigma Pi ; Economics Society ; Demo.sthenian Literary Society. BURCH HARGRAVE Thomasville CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Pi Kaffa Phi CUY HARRELL, JR. Whigham CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE JULIA HARRELL Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE BILL WALKER HARRELL Quitman CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Transfer, Emory University, ' 37 ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Red and Black Staff, ' 37- ' 39. BARBARA MARIE HARRIS Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi Omega CHRISTINE HARRIS West Point CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE DOROTH ' LOUISE HARRIS .• tlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Delta Delia Delta Sophomore Council ; Theta Sigma Phi ; Corresponding Secretary, ' yj, Librarian, ' 38, Chaplain, ' ig, Delta Delta Delta. JOHN ADAMS HARRISON Linton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE Phi Delta Chi ; Pharmacy Club, ' 36- ' 38 : Mortar and Pestle, ' 39 ; Band, ' 36- ' 39 ; Glee Club, ' 36. HARLOCK WALTER HARVEY, JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Pi Kappa Phi Transfer, Clemson College; Forestry Club. EVANGELINE HARWELL Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE Beta Phi Alpha. HARDIN, W. L. HARDIN, W.W. HARGRAVE HARRELL, C. HARRELL, J. HARRELL, B HARRIS, B. HARRIS, C. HARRIS, D. HARRISON HARVEy HARWELL 69 lte SefUo Agricultural Secretary, ' 38 ; Saddle JOE S. Sirloin Club. JR. JR. HASEt ' JEAL ' , HAWES HAWKES HAVES HAZZARD HEAD HEFFNER HEFLIN HELMICK HELMS HENDERSON HENDRy ERNEST AUGUST HASENBALG Millen CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DECREE Forestry Club ; Alpha Xi Sigma ; Band, ' i6-i7 ; Trans- fer, Newberry College. HENRY N. HAWES Lincolnton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Economics and Rural Sociology Club, and HAWKES, Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE President, Wesley Foundation, ' 38- ' 3g ; Vice-President, Christian Council, ' 38- ' 39; Agricultural Engineering Club, Scribe, ' 38 ; Assistant Business Manager, Georgia Agriculturist : Vice-President, Student Council of Ameri- can Society of Agricultural Engineering. EDNA HAYES Decatur CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE WILLIAM WIGG HAZZARD, Birmingham, Alabama CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE GEORGE BRUCE HEAD Hogansville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Pi Kafpa Alpha President, Pi Kappa Alpha, ' 39; House Manager, Pi Kappa Alpha, ' 37- ' 38 ; Glee Club, ' 36- ' 37 ; Landscape Architect Club, ' 38; University Band, ' 36- ' 37. EDITH ROMAINE HEFFNER Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa : Phi Kappa Phi. CHARLES GARR HEFLIN Marshallville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Freshman Y. M. C. A. Commission ; Sophomore Council ; Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Biftad; Junior Cabinet: Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 37-39; Gridiron; Vice-President, President, Kappa Alpha ; Freshman Swimming Team ; Pericleans. RUTH TROLINGER HELMICK Asheville, North Carolina CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE CHARLTON HELMS Brunswick CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta Student Chairman, American Association of Health and Physical Education, ' 38 ; Social Chairman, Kappa Alpha Theta, ' 39; Transfer, G. S. C. W., ' 37- CHARLES WESLEY HENDERSON Cleveland CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE WAYLAND MARION HENDRY Washington CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE 70 GlaU 0 1939 MARY B. HENNEN Dallas CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Transfer, West (leorgia College; Secretary, Chemistry Club. MARTHA HIGHTOWER Thomaston CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Presiileiit. Alpha Delta Pi; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic (Unncil. THOMAS HAROLD HILLIARD Bowersville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE EVERETTE JACKSON HINCHLIFFE Manchester CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE LEVI HISE, JR. Chickamauga CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM MERCE DEGREE Varsity Baseball; " G " Club. LUCILLE GARRISON HITCHCOCK Macon CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE F. GLEN HODGES Statesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE MARGARET HODGES Statesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE LOUISE HODGSON Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta ' ice- President, Sophomore Class; Pan-Hellenic Representative; Secretary, President, Kappa Alpha Theta; Economics Society; Student .Assistant in Commerce School; ' arsity Soccer Team. SAIDEE HODGSON Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Thela Transfer, Mississippi State College fi)r Women; Psi Chi; Women ' s Glee Club, ' ii- ' i9; Dolphin Club, ' 38 ' 39: Secretary. German Club, ' 39; Corresponding Secretary, Kappa . ' Mpha Theta. HOWELL HOLLIS. JR. Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Phi; Freshman Swimming Team, ' 37: N ' arsitv Swim- ming Team, ' 38; Phi Kappa Literary Society, Speaking Key. ' 3. ' . President, ' 39, X ' ice-President, ' 39, Secretary, ' 38; Freshman Debate Team. ' 37; N ' arsity Debate Team, ' 38 ' - ' 39; Debate Man- ager, ' 39; Northern Debate Trip, ' 39; Sigma -Mpha Kpsilon. Secret ary, ' 38; Biftad, Secretary, ' 38, Vice-President, ' 39; " X " Club; Phi Eta Sigma, ' ice-President, ' 38; International Rela- lions Club; Y. M. C. .A. Cabinet; Rfd ami Black; University Theater Play, ' 36. ERNEST MELVILLE HOWELL, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Phi Delta Theta ' icePresident, Sigma Delta Chi; Red ami Black. . rt Editor, I-eature Editor; Georgia Arch, .-Vrt Editor, ' 36- ' 38, . ssociate Editor. ' 38- ' 39, Electoral Board, ' 37- ' 39; P. .-jdora, ' 37; Thalian- I ' lackfriars; University Theater; Secretary. Phi Kapiia, ' " i. h ' irst .■ ssistant, ' 38; Glee Club. ' 35. ' 36; Sophomore Debate, ' 37: ' ice- President, Biftad; Junior Cabinet; Hammer and Coffin; X ' arsity Swimming Team, ' 37; Freshman Swimming, ' 36; Freshman Fool- ball, ' i6: Freshman Rifle Team, ' 36. HENNEN HIGHTOWER HILLIARD HINCHLIFFE HISE HITCHCOCK HODGES, F. HODGES, M. HODGSON, L. HODGSON, S. HOLLIS HOWELL 71 HUCKABy HUDSON HUFF HULSEy HUMES HUNTER HURT HUTCHERSON INGRAM JACKSON, J. JACKSON, L. JACKSON, S A. HARPER HUCKABY GERALD ROBERT HUNTER Griffin Quitman CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE CANllIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE BEN HALL HUDSON Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha Cheerleader, ' y ; Senior Cheerleader, ' 38 ; Freshman Cross-Count rv, ' ss: Varsitv Cross-Countrv, ' 37; Forestry Club. DOYLE L. HUFF Danielsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE VELMA RHEA HULSEY Cleveland CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE JOHN WILSON HUMES Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM MERGE DECREE Alpha Tau Omega Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class, ' 35-36 ; Demos- thenian Freshman Debates : Corporal of Best Drilled Infantry Squad, ' .?6- ' 37 ; Secretary, Vice-President, " Presitlent, Alpha Tau Omega : Delta Sigma Pi ; Eco- nom[i-s Society; Senior Round Table; Gridiron; Pan- ■Uenic Council ; Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Staff Photographer, Georgia Arch, ' 38- ' 3g, Poetry Editor, ' 39; Hammer and Coffin; University Flying Club; Staff Photographer, The Cypress Knee, ' 39 ; Photography Club; Transfer, Enmry, Abraham Baldwin. ROBERT T. HURT Cordele CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DECREE AZALEE HUTCHERSON Brunswick CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE HENRY B. INGRAM Barney CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE JANE CALLAHAN JACKSON Bainbridge CANDID- TE FOR B.S. DEGREE LEFREDA JACKSON Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR EDUC-VTION DECREE SIDNEY E. JACKSON Franklin CANDIDATE FOR B.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEGREE 72 Ite Se AjOAA. 0 f 3 PEYTON JACOB, JR. Americus lANllIDATE FOR A. IS, UEUKEE Plii Kapp.i I ' lii: Transfer. Georgia Southwestern College, ' .iS; KaiMia Delta Pi; (ilee CUih. ' 38. WILLIAM XE -ILLE JAMES .■ tlanta CAXmnATE FOR B.S. LOMMERCE HEtiREE Phi Delta Thcia Transfer, Tlie Citadel. ' 37; Vice-President. Plii Delta Theta. ' .;q; Junior Warden. Delta Sigma Pi, ' 38- ' 39; Phi Kappa Literary Society ; Second Lieutenant, Cavalrv, R. O. T. C. ROBERT LOUIS JARDINE Douglas CAN-DIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DECREE Transfer. South Georgia State College, ' i : Pharmacy Club. ' ice- President. ' 38; Beta Xi. Vice-Presiilent, ' 37; Mortar and Pestle. President, ' 38 : Phi Delta Chi, Presi- dent. ' 37- ' 3t): President. Fourth Year Pharmacy Class. U. R. JEXKIXS. JR. W rights ille CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DECREE EMMETTE McNEILL JENNINGS Moultrie CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ZOLA RUTH JIMMERSON Unadilla CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Economics Club. CECIL JOHXSON Oglethorpe CANDIDATE FOR U.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEGREE CLETE DONALD jOIIXSON Royston CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE COY ELIZABETH JOHNSON Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE .tlpha Gamma Delta Iheta Sigma Phi. Publicity Chairman ; Red and Black, Woman ' s Editor. ' 39: Hammer and Coffin; Georgia Arch, Fiction I ' Mitor. EFFIE JOHNSON Eastman CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE LOUIS G. JOHNSON Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Chi Psi Red and Black Stafif ; Georgia Arch : Pelican Club ; Junior Cabinet ; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Phi Kappa. GLADYS JOHNSTON Ft. Benning CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi iiiili l ii JACOB JAMES JARDINE JENKINS JENNINGS JIMMERSON JOHNSON, C. JOHNSON, C. D JOHNSON, C. E. JOHNSON, E. JOHNSON, L. JOHNSTON «4e Se4 yix JONES, K. JORDAN KELLEy KENNED ALVA ARTHUR JOINER, JR. Albany CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE BARNIE PHILIP JONES Brooks CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Glee Club. KATHERINE F. JONES Winder CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Transfer. Agnes Scott; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 38- ' 39 ; Women ' s Glee Club, ' 37-39. RANDOLPH LACY JONES Hephzibah CANDIDATE FOR B..S. COMMERCE DEGREE Delta Tau Delta Beta Gamma Sigma : Pbi Kappa Phi ; Treasurer, Delta Tau Delta : Secretary, Scabbard and Blade ; Senior Round Table ; Economics Society : Pbi Kappa Literary Society, ' 38: Delta Sigma Pi: Upper 5% of Class, Honors Day, ' 38; Gridiron; Captain, R. O. T. C. WILLIS L. JONES Marshallville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEGREE H. DORSEY JORDAN Lyons CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Gaffau Club, ' 35- ' 38 ; Treasurer, Gaffau Club, ' 38 ; .Agricultural Club. BENJAMIN H. JUHAN Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Ririe Team, ' 35- ' 36 ; Glee Club, ' 36- ' 37 ; Scabbard and Blade, ' 37- ' 39 ; Economics Society, ' 38- ' 39 ; Jockey Club, ' 38- ' 39- MRS. EDWIN KELLOGG Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. COBERN F. KELLEY Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE HOMER DON KELLY W-averly CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ANNETTE ROSALIND KENDALL Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. WILLIAM H. KENNEDY Statesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE 74 eiau 0 1939 CAMERON KENT VVrightsville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE LORENA JOSEPHINE KEY Monticello CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Transfer, Georgia State College lor Wdiiien. ROBERT H. KIMBRELL Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE RUBEN BENJAMIN KIMBROUGH Chipley CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DECREE MORRIS AUDREY KING Dalton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE Phi Kappa Plii ; Kappa Delta Pi : Deniosthenian ; Track Team ; Cross-Country Team : Spartan Club. WILLIAM RUSSELL KING Waycross CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sigma Chi DORIS MAE KITCHENS Gongh CANDIDATE FORB.S.H.E. DEGREK Transfer, Georgia State College for Women ; Humecon. WILLIAM CLAUDE KITCHENS Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Transfer, Augusta Junior College : Zoologj- Club. GISELA FRANCES KRUMBEIN Washington CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Delta Phi Epsilon Home Ec Club, ' 35- ' 36 : Glee Club, ' iS-i7 ' • Kappa Pi, ' .V- ' .1Q: Vice-President, Kappa Pi, " S- ' . g ; Vice-Presi- (lenl. Delta Phi Epsilon, ' 37- ' 38, Acting President, ' iy. MARYBELLE LaHATTE Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE VVALTER JOSEPH LAING Americus CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE WILLIAM BYRON LAMBERT Temple CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE KENT KEy KIMBRELL KIMBROUGH KING, M. KING, W. KITCHENS, D. KITCHENS, W. KRUMBEIN LaHATTE LAING LAMBERT 75 LAMMER5 LEE, M. LAMON LANGFORD LEMMON LEVINE LAWRENCE LEW LEAKE LEWIS LEE, L. LIDDELL STANTON M. LAMMERS Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE HOMER NIELL LAMON Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ROBERT N. LANGFORD Athens CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DEGREE MYRVIS CAROLYN LAWRENCE Blakely CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Transfer, Shorter College. DOROTHY JANE LEAKE Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE ELLEN J. LEMMON Akron, Ohio CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Mil Newman Club. BENJAMIN LEVINE New York, New York CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE ELIZABETH L. LEVY Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Transfer, Armstrong Junior College. JAMES WILEY LEWIS Quitman CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Transfer, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College : Sad- dle and Sirloin; Agricultural Club; Epicurean. LYNDA LEE Thomaston CANDID, TE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE MARTHA ELIZABETH LEE Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE W. JACK LIDDELL Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Phi; Photography Club; Scabbard and Blade; Agricultural Engineering Club ; Alpha Zeta ; Sergeant, Advanced Military, ' 38, Captain, ' 39. 76 " lite Senior o 1939 lollX I.KSTliR LIGHTNl ' .K Ellaville (.. ' ANOIDATE FOR U.S.A. nECKEE Vi KiifM Phi Irnnsicv. (Icinlun Military Cnlk-.m ' ; Sailillc ami Sirloin. MAX LINDS.W Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR H.F.A. DECREE Lambda Chi Alpha Tennis Team, ' ,l6- ' 39, Captain, ' ,39: Seninr KimhhI I ' ahle : Biftad. Sccretary-Treasnrer, ' 37: President, Lanilula Clii . lplia, ' 38, Secretary, ' 3;; Pan-Hellenic Conncil, ' 37- ' 39 ; President, Landscape Architecture Club, ' 39; ' ice-Presi- dent, FranUlinia Club, ' 38: Gridiron; Dean ' s List, ' 38. OLIN LEVERN LINDSEY Porterdale CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DECREE Forestry Club ; Demosthenian Literary Society ; Alpha Phi Omega. CRAWFORD EDGAR LITTLE Carnesville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE MARY LITTLE Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEGREE Phi Mil Mortar Board; ' ice-President, Phi Mu ; Vice-President, ' . W. C. . . : ' ice-President. Treasurer, W. A. A.; Dance L ' lub; International Relations Club. ANNE JOSEPIIIN ' E LlTTI.I-PAtil-. Atlanta CA.VI)rIl. TE FOR li.S.H.E. 11E(;REE Alplui Delta Pi Vice-President, Freshman Connnission, ' 35- ' 36; tary. Coordinate Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 36- ' 37 ; dent. Junior Homccon, ' 36- ' 37 ; Treasurer, Y. W Cabinet, ' 37- ' .38, Secretary, ' 38- ' 39: Glee Club, Phi l psilon Omicron ; Woman ' s Editor, Pan-i«)R Pan-llcllcin ' c Representative, ' 37- ' 38 ; Historian, Rusli Captain, ' .vS- ' 39, President of Pledges. Alpha Delta Pi ; Pandora Staff, ' 37- ' 38. MOSS TROY LOCKMAN West Point candidate for B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE MARY LOUISE LOCKWOOD Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A. 11. DE(;REE Phi Mu Glee Club MARGARET PIERCE LObLIX Athens CANDIDATE for B.S. EDCCATION DEGREE CHARLES HURLEY LOGAN Lindale CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE JOSEPHINE LOGAN Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE JOHN DARBY LOIZEAUZ Jefferson CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DECREE Secrc- Presi- C. A. 37-39 ■■ A, ' . 9: ' 36- ' 37, ' .?5- ' .?f . 77 Ue Senior LOVE LOWE LUCAS LUMPKIN LUND L NDON MACKEV MANDEVILLE MANDIA MANGLEBURG MANN, E. MANN, M REBECCA LEE LOVE La Fayette CANDIDATE FOR B.S, COMMERCE DEGREE Alpha Gaiiiiiia Delta Transfer, Agnes Scott College; First Vice-President, Alpha Gamma Delta, ' 39 ; Pan-Hellenic Conncil ; Eco- nomics Society. ROBERT BLAND LOWE Comer CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE ELIZABETH LUCAS Albany CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Clii Omega Transfer, Shorter College, ' ; 7 : Dolphin Clnli : Secretary, Chi Omega. JAMES QUINTON LUMPKIN, JR. Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE HERMAN LUND Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ANDREW LYNDON, HI Macon CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kafpa Alpha MARTHA MACKEY Dublin CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE Alplia Omicron Pi President, Alpha Omicron Pi, ' 38- ' 39 ; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 37-38 ; President, Association for Childliood Education, ' 38- ' 39. SAMUEL D. MANDEVILLE, JR. Tennille CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Beta Gamma Sigma.; Valedictorian; Phi Kappa Phi; Economics Society ; Demosthenian Literary Society ; Cadet Colonel, Infantry, R. O. T. C. JAMES W. MANDI.A Des Moines, Iowa CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Xi Phi Xi LACY FLEMING MANGLEBURG Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE EBEN C. MANN, JR. Ashburn CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE MARJORIE MANN McRae CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Freshman Commission, ' 35- ' 36 ; President, Coordinate Y. Wi. C. A., ' 36- ' 37 I " Z " Club ; Treasurer, Y. W. C A., ' 37- ' 38. President, ' 39; Vice-President, Alpha Delta Pi, ' 38- ' 39; Vice-President, Mortar Board, ' 38- ' 39 ; Rush Captain, Alpha Delta Pi, ' 37- ' 38. 78 GLu 0 1939 MARY DOBY MANN McRae CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE LUCY BEN MANNING Alpharetta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE EVA PEARL MANSFIELD Baconton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE SAMUEL A. MARBUT Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Forestry Club. ELIZABETH MARKS Augusta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE ROBERTA E. MARSH Gainesville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Delia Delta Delta Transfer, Colby College, Waterville, Maine. JOHN McCALL MARSHALL Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Forestry Club; Demosthenian Literary Society. NELLE MARTIN Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Honiecon ; Red and Black. ' .iS- ' g. WILLIAM HENRY MARTIN Dawson CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE MIGUEL ANGEL MARTORELL Dorado, Puerto Rico CA. ' DID, TE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. CLAYTON McDonald massey Fitzgerald candidate for B.S. DECREE WOODROW QUILLIAN MATTHEWS Marshallville candidate for B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE MANN, M. D. MANNING MANSFIELD MARBUT MARKS MARSH MARSHALL MARTIN, N. MARTIN, W. MARTORELL MASSEY MATTHEWS 9 J « 79 MAHOX MEDDERS MAULDIN MEDLOCK MAXWELL MERCER, F. JOE N. MATTOX Elhcrton LANnillATE FOR U.S. COMMKRCE DEGREE Beta Gamma Sigma : Plii Kappa Phi ; Delta Sigma Pi ; Deniostlieniaii Literary Society; Dean ' s List. FURMAN GWYNN MAULDIN - Liberty, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Transfer, Clemson College, ' 37; Horticulture Club; Dairy Club; Forestry Club. JACK WALTON MAXWELL Talbotton CANDIDATE FOR A.B..T. DEGREE Alpha Tail Omega Associate Editor, The Red and Black, ' 38- ' 39; Sigma Delia Chi. C. R. MAYES, JR. Bainbridge CANI)III. TE FOR U.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Pi Kapfa Phi President and Treasurer, Pi Kappa Phi ; President, Blue Key; President, Scabbard and Blade: Major, R. O. T. C. ; Vice-President, Senior Round Table; Biftad. FRED C. MEADOWS Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE MAYES MERCER, R. MEADOWS, F. MERGENDOLLER MEADOWS, M. MEWBORN DEWEY E. MEDDERS Sylvester CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE SARAH REBECCA MEDLOCK Norcross CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 4-H Club; Homecon ; Weslev Foundation Officer, ' ib- ' y); Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 36- ' 37. FRANCES WIMBERLY MERCER Gray CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE ROY H. MERCER Gray CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE President, Senior Class, ' 39; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Agricultural Club ; Gridiron ; Blue Key Council ; " X " Club. HELEN LOUISE MERGENDOLLER Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Transfer, L ' niversity of Missouri, ' 37; Sophomore Coun- cil ; Treasurer, Sophomore Class ; President, Delta Delta Delta; Thaliaii-Blackfriars : Theta Sigma Phi; Women ' s Pan- Hellenic Council MARY CAROLYN MEADOWS Screven CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 80 CHARLES D. MEWBORN Bowman CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE " Ue Se n tjo 0 1939 CECIL MICHAEL Alliens CAxnillATF. FOK H.F.A. DKCUHK ROYCE G. MIDDLl-TDN Blakcly I ' ANinnATE FOR U.S.A. de(;ree JACK M. MILFORD Hartwell CANPIIUTE FOR H,S.. . HECREE ELEANOR MILLICAN Griffin CANDIDATE FOR A.B..T. DEGREE Phi Mli EDWARD I L LDIN MILLSAP Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR . .B..T. DECREE Lambda Chi Al[ ' lia President, Lambda Chi Alplia, ' 36- ' 37- ' ,38 : Treasurer, Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 38- ' .?9; Gridiron Club: Senior Round Table : Assistant Business Manager. ' ,36- ' 37, Busi- ness Manager, ' - ' jS, Glee Club : Vice-President, Senior Class, ' 38- ' 39: President, Junior Class, ' 37- ' 38 ; Vice- President, Sophomore Class, ' 36- ' 37 : Managing Editor, Georgia Arcl . ' 37; Red and Blade Staflf, ' 35- ' 37, Feature Editor, ' 36; Demosthenian Literary Society, Speaking Key ; Freshman Debate Team, ' 35- ' 36 ; Beck Memorial Scliolarship. ' ERNON P. MITCILAM Warm Springs CANDIDATE FOR U.S. VOCATIONAl, AGRICUI.Tl KF, DECRF.E Transfer, Middle Georgia College; Gaffau Club. HILLY DAN MITCHELL Coppcrhill, Tennessee C. NDH). TE FOK U.S.A. DF;(;REE Alt ' ha (.iaiiiiiia A ' iu Treasurer, .Mjiba (jamma Rho, ' .?8- ' 3i ; Saddle ,ind Sirloin Club. RAYMOND liKEWSTlCK MncillCLL Hampton CANDIDATE FOR K.S.A.E. DECiREE GENEXTLVE MODENA . tlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Oiiiicrnn Pi Alpha Lambda Delta; Vice-President. .Mpha Omicron Pi, ' 38- ' 39. LOUIS WM. MOELCHERT Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE LEWIS MINES MONTGOMERY Franklin CANDID. TE FOR U.S.A. DEGREE Alpha Caiiiiiia Rhn MARJORIE L. MONTGOMERY Manchester CANDIDATE FOR D.S. DEGREE MIDDLETON MITCHELL, R. MILFORD MODENA MILLICAN MOELCHERT MILLSAP MONTGOMERy, L. MITCHAM MONTGOMERy, t. 81 lie Seftlo Nominee ; Phi Delta Kappa ; MOORE, B. MOORE, J. MORGAN MORRIS, C. MORRIS, L, MORRIS, S MORRIS, T. MORROW MOSELEX MULKEV MURPH MURPHV BRUCE H. MOORE Statesboro CANDIDA fE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Agricultural Club. President, Secretary; Aghon ; Xi Phi Xi ; 4-H Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club. JAMES WENDELL MOORE Lyons CANDIDATE FOR D.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEGREE ALFRED MORGAN Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGRKE Al[iha Epsilon Pi Phi Beta Kappa : Rhodes Scholarship Kappa Phi : Phi Eta Sigma : Omicron Varsity Debate Team : Freshman Debate Team ; Uni- versity Theater : Phi Kappa Anniversarian, Debate Coun- cil. Chief Justice, Honor Key; University Band; Dance Orchestra; Little Symphony; Inter-Religious Council; International Relations Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; President, .Mpha Epsilon Pi; Candidate for Vale- dictorian. CHARLES R. MORRIS, JR. Rome CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE LOUNELLE MORRIS Pearson CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE Lambda Xi, President, ' . S- ' g; Mortar and Pestle, Treas- urer, ' 38, President, ' 39 ; Secretary and Treasurer, Senior Class of Pharmacy School ; Transfer, Georgia State Woman ' s College and South Georgia College. SIMEON DAWSON MORRIS, JR. . ' ugusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sigma Nu THOMAS B. MORRIS • Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE 4-H Club; Poultrv Science Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club. ALFRED MORROW Decatur CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHARMACY DEGREE DAN SAGE MOSELEY Eastanollee CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE lONA MULKEY Cordele CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE IGNATIUS FEW MURPH Marshallville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Sigma Alfha Epsilon BURKETTE DEAN MURPHY Fayetteville CANDIDATE FOR A.B, DEGREE Sigma Chi 82 eicuu 4 1939 CAROLYN MVF.RS Avomlalc I ' .stalcs CANIUIIATK I-OK U.S. l OM MKklK l K(;m:K .llf ' lui Gcniiiita Pi-llii Transfer, Agnes Scott College ; Phi Kappa I ' lii HILDA McCOLMAN Buchanan CANDIDATE FOR A.B. IiEC.REE MADGE McCANN Jesnp CANDltlATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE A ' (-( (jjii BIcu-k Staff: Georgia Arch Staff: Assistant Woman ' s Editor, Alminii Record. ANDERSON McCARTY Monroe CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE MILDRED GLADYS McCLENDON Augusta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Transfer, Bessie Tift College. EDWARD ROBERT McCONNELL .Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE ROBERT PENN McCUEN Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Sigma Chi Phi Beta Kappa : Sphinx : Phi Kappa Phi : Editor, Tlic Red and Black: Oniicron Delta Kappa: Rhodes Scholar- ship Nominee : Blue Key ; Varsity I)ehate Team, ' 38- ' .?9 : Northern Dehate Tour, ' 39: Thalian-Blackfriars : Sigma Delta Chi: Vice-President, Sigma Chi: Demosthenian : Transfer, Armstrong Junior College, ' 37. MILDRED McDADE Athens C. NDID. TE FOR B.S. EDl ' CATIOX DEGREE JOHN B. McDERMOTT Bennington, Vermont CANDIDATE FOR A.B.7. DECREE Chi Psi ' arsity Tennis Team: Thalian-Bl.ickfriars, Production Staff: European Seminar in Journalism: Georgia Arcli Staff, ' 38. DANIEL EDWARD McDONALD, JR. Eulonia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE All ' ha Gainina Rho Transfer, . braham Baldwin .Agricultural College : Forestry Club. EDWIN DAVID McDOXALD Fitzgerald CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Alpha Kappa Psi : Glee Club : Band. VIRGINIA LOUISE MrDOWELL Madison CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alfha Delta Pi MVERS McCOLMAN McCANN McCARTY McLENDON McCONNELL McCUEN McDADE McDERMOTT McDonald, d. McDonald, e. McDowell 83 lAcELVEEN, M. MclNTOSH l lf o L T 1 ' T il n ( McELVEEN, W. McELVEV McKENZIE McKIBBEN MARTHA SUE McELVEEN Brooklet CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE WILLIAM LENWOOD McELVEEN Brooklet CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE VIRGINIA ANNE McELVEY Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon ; 4-H Club. WILLIAM CHARLES McFEE Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Pi Kaffa Phi Economics Society ; Delta Sigma Pi. EUGENE McGILL Lincolnton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Saddle and Sirloin Club. CARL McGINTY Norwood CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE McEEE McKIE JANE MclNTOSH Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi Omega Freshman Commission ; Sophomore Council ; Pan-Hel- lenic Council, ' 37- ' 38 ; House Treasurer, Chi Omega, ' 38- ' 39. LAWRENCE OWEN McKENZIE Montezuma CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE MILTON STEWART McKIBBEN Social Circle CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM MERCE DEGREE S ' igina Nu Epicurean ; Economics Society ; Demosthenian. JULIA LOUISE McKIE Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.F.. . DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Freshman Commission ; Sophomore Council ; Historian, Delta Delta Delta: Glee Club: Music Club: Pan-Hellenic Council ; Sigma Alpha. MARY NELL McKOIN Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE ROBERT E. McLEMORE Statesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE 84 ke £e4i4J0 o 1939 R ■ IOND J. McMAHOX Savannali I AMUnATE FdK B.F.A. 1)K ;HEE Lambda Chi Alpha lluxiiiji. ' . S ; President. Kappa I i: Ciridiron; ' ice-Prcsi- (hi Alpha; " C " Cliib; Captain. R. O. T. C; Dean ' s List. ' arsity (lent. I Tr:uisfc- liiral CI .MORRIS T. McMURR.- IN Ashburn C. NDID. TE FOR B.S.A. DECREE . Ceorgia Southwestern College; . lpha 2eta; . gricul- il); Saddle and Sirloin Cluh; President, 4 II Cluh; Caf- l.iM Club: Poultry Science Club; Dean ' s List, nOROTHY JANE McPHAUL Poulan CANDID. TE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE JEANETTE ANN McPHAUL Poulan CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE DUNCAN LANGSTON McRAE Douglas CAXDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi; Ked and Blach ; Demosthenian ; Sigma Delta t.hi: Fotog Club; Dean ' s List. ' 37- ' 3S; Transfer. Middle Georgia College, MARTHA DODD McREE Watkinsville CANDIDATE FOR B,S. COMMERCE DEGREE JOHNNIE EUGENIA NANCE Burdel CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE Plii Kappa Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Secretar.v. lloniecnn; As- s(iciate Kiiitnr, Georgia Cloverteaf ; ' Treasurer, 4-11 Club, GWENDOLYN NASH .Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE MARY WARRICN NEEL .■ tlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J, DEGREE .-Up ha Delia I ' i Freshman Council; Coordinate " V " Cabinet; Presiilcnt. Coordi- nate Student Government Association: Treasurer. Thcta Sigma Phi; President. Senior Division Student (iovcrnmenl . ssociation. EDWARD BUIST NEWSOM Union Point CA. DID. TE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Sigiiia Chi Vice-President, President, Sigma Chi; Sigma Delta Chi; Senior Round Table; " fi " Cluh; X ' arsity Baseball, ' .?8- ' .?9; Ked and Black Staff; Transfer. Cordon Military College. FLOYD C. NEWTON, JR. Madison CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREF; Kappa Alpha Phi Beta Kappa; Sphinx; Fditor-in-Chief, PAl P. , doka; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Cadet Colonel, Corps Conunantler, R, O. T. C. ; ' ice-President, Phi Kan a Phi: Rhodes Scholarship Nominee, ' 38; Blue Key; Gridiron: Biftad; .Scabbard and Blade: Kappa -Mpha. ' ice-President, ' 38- ' 39, Secretary. ' 37- ' 38; ' ice-President, Phi Kappa. ' 38; .Junior Cabinet; Periclean, •38- ' 39; Y. . I. C. A. Cabinet, ' 37- ' 38; Freshman Debating Team, ' 35- ' 36: Pan-Hellenic Council; International Relations Club; Vice-President, Psi C ' hi. WALKER L. NEWTON, JR. Madi.son CANDID-f TE FOR B.S, COMMERCE DEGREE Kappa Alpha Economics Society: Phi Kapi»a; Varsity Cross-Coinitry Team: V- M. C. A. .Sol homore Council. 85 i4e £eH40 NICHOLSON NORTHCUTT NORTON G ' DELL OELSCHIG O ' KELLEV, C O ' KELLEV, H. OLIVER OLLIF OLMSTEAD O ' NEAL PACE SARA BELLE NICHOLSON Americiis CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE F hi L ' psiloii Oniicron : President, 4-H Club; Woman ' s P-ditor, The Georgia Agriculturist : Woman ' s Editor, Georgia Cloverlcaf ; Homecon ; 1 raiisfer, Georgia South- western College ; Phi Kappa Phi. HELEN WINTERS NORTHCUTT Wilmington, Delaware CAXUIDATE FOR A.B. DEGKEE Chi Omega Sophomore Cabinet. CAROLYN JUDITH NORTON Princeton CANDID. TE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE NELLE WELBORN O ' DELL Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta Transfer, Agnes Scott College; Pandora Staff, ' 39. AUGUSTA DENK OELSCHIG Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.F.. . DEGREE CORA ELIZABETH O ' KELLEY Hull CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa ; .Alpha Lambda Delta ; Zodiac ; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Honors Day, LIpper 5%, ' 36- ' 38. HUELL BRAND O ' KELLEY Danielsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE EMILY CELESTE OLIVER ■ Hamilton CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE JOHN B. OLLIF Bristol CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A, DEGREE EDWARD JAY OLMSTEAD Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE CATHERINE O ' NEAL Blackshear CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Thela Photography Clnb, ' , 8; Y. W. C. A. Council, ' ,59; Transfer, Georgia State Woman ' s College. Gridiron : WM. ERNEST PACE Eastman CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Saddle and Sirloin Club, President ; Winner, ' 38 " Little International. " 86 eiaU o 1939 MARJORIE PADGETT Forest City, Nortli Carolina CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DECREE Alpha Delia Pi JAMES GRAVES PAINE, JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Delta Pi. L. GLENN PARHAM Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM MERCE DEGREE EUGENE PARK Andersonville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi : Phi Beta Kappa : Transfer, Georgia Sonthwcstern College ; Mathematics Chili : Georgia Soutlnvesterii Chih: Pi Mu Epsilon ; Xi Phi Xi JAMES K. PARKER Lnmpkin CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE J. OTIS PARKER St. Marys CANDID. TE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi ; Alpha Zeta ; .Aghon ; Scahharil and Plade: Senior Cahinet : Jockey Chib ; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Re porter, Saddle and Sirloin, ' so: Cadet Major, R. O. T. C. : 4-H Club. WM. THOMAS PARKMAN Doerun CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE Transfer, .Abraliam Baldwin: .American Society of Agricultural Engineers. HARRY F. PAT AT, JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE BILLY BOB PAULK Brunswick CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE MAXWELL PAULK Willacoochee CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Saddle and Sirloin Club : Livestock Judging Team, ' 38. LEONARD ROSCOE PAYNE Canton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE SARAH ELIZABETH PAYNE .Athens CAIMDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Mortar Board: Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-President. Stu- dent Government: Women ' s Council: " Z " Club: Presi- dent, Pioneer Inner Circle: -Alpha Lambda Delta: (ier- nian Glee Club; ' arsitv Debate Team; Delta Kappa: Freshman Debate Manager; Pandora Stat) ' ; . W. C. .A. Cabinet. PADGETT PAINE PARHAM PARK PARKER, J. K. PARKER, J. PARKMAN PATAT PAULK, B. PAULK, M. PAVNE, L. PAYNE, S. NELSON LITTLEPAGE PEACH Madison CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Sigma Rpsiloii Pi: Member, I ' orestry Club: Associate Editor, Cv TiM-.t Kiicc. ' 38, Editor, ' 39. ROSEMARY PECK Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE IIAKRV EWKLL PHILLIPS Farniington CANDIDATE FOR li.S.A. DEGREE EDWARD C. PICKENS Madison CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DECREE HENRY WALTER PERKERSON Greenville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Lambda Chi Alpha President, Vice-President, Lambda Chi Alpha: Phi Kappa Plii; President, Alpha Xi Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Xi Phi Xi: Senioi Round ' Fable: Forestry Club: Demosthenian Literary Society. ERNEST ARCHIE PERRY Bethlelieni CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE GEORGE EUGENE PERRY Winder CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappii Alpha |ia; Phi Kappa Phi: l lee Club, ' 36- ' 38 : Interna- Club: Freshman Commission, Sophomore Coun- . .; Historian, ' 37- ' 38, Corresponding Secretary, ' 38- ' 39, Kapiia . lpha. Phi Beta Kapp, tional Relations cil, Y. M. C. EUGENE PHILLIPS ■ Royston CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE One of Founders, 77ir Georgia Arch, ' 35, Advertising Manager, ' 36- ' 37, Business Manager, ' 37- ' 38, Editor, ' 38- ' 39: President, Sigma Delta Chi; Dean ' s List, ' 35- ' 38: Historian, Demosthenian Literary Society, ' 37- ' 38: Secretary, _Department of Romance Languages, ' 37- ' 38: _. _ . ssociate Editor, The Red and Black; Presi- den :, Hammer and Coffin; Regimental Sergeant-Major, R. O. T. " 37- ' 38; " X " Club; Gridiron; Blue Key; Lhiiversity Corre- ritlanta Journal; Exchange Student to Italy for ' 39- ' 40. C, spo ident. The -H Club: JAMES C. PIERCE Lakeland CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Agricidtural Economics Club ; Saddle Sirloin Club; Epicurean Club. and JAMES FRED PIERCE Pineview CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Alpha Lambda Tan Transfer, Middle Georgia College; Alpha Lambda Tau, President, ' 38- ' 39 ; Dcltasig Correspondent, Delta Sigma Pi, ,!■?- 39 ; Economics Society ; Phi Kappa Literary Society. SARA CLAIR PIERSON Moran CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Transfer, Andrew College. MARTHA LEE PINKSTON Parrott CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUC.- TION DEGREE Alpha Lambda Delta ; Zodiac ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Associa- tion for Childhood Education, Executive Board. 7 e Se4i4J0-nyi o 1939 EVl ' LVN r ' OLI.OCK Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEUKEE I ' lii Hita Kappa; Plii Kappa Phi; Zo(hac Chili; limit Cluh; Fiction F.ditcir, Georgia Arch. ' ,17. MELVIN ROBERT POLLOCK Athens I ANIiniATE Kllk A. 11,1. HK.CKEE I ' hi Beta Kajipa ; I ' hi Kappa Phi; tilee Cluh, ' 37; Fic- tion Editor. Ciciirgia .Ircli. ' ,36; L ' niversity Radio Di- rector, ' . S. BENJAMIN LOVIC PONDER, JR. Rutledge CANDID. TE FOR U.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sigma A ' li EDWIN POPE Griffin CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEUREE lleniostlienian Literary Society ; Treasurer, President, Jocke.v Cluh; Cadet Colonel, Cavalry; Scahhard and Blade; Blue Key Council; Gridiron; " X " Cluh; Senior Round Tahle ; Rifle Team, Captain ; Honor Council Lumpkin Law School ; Phi Delta Phi. HERMAN MORTON POPKIN Augusta CAXIllDATE FOR A.B..T. DEGREE Transfer, Junior College of . ugusta; Reporter, Red ami BlacI; ; Dean ' s List. HARRY POHPKK, JR. Macon CANDIDATE FOR A. II. DEGREE SELWYNE JAN II-. PORTER Bishop CANDID. TE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE WARREN T. PORTWOOD Craw fonh ilk- CANDIDATE FOR B..S. COMMERCE DEGREE S ' igiiui Chi !)A T1) H.VkOLl) POSS Good I lope CANDI DATE FOR U.S.A. DEGREE JAMES W. POWELL Griffin CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ROY POWELL Omega CANDID. TE FOR B.». PHARMACY DEGREE BETTY S. POWER Atlanta CANDID.VTE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Ph! Mil Woman ' s Edilor, Red and Blaci!, ' . 8, .Assistant Society Editor, ' 37: Vice-President, Theta Sigma Phi, ' 38: Pio- neer Club, ' 37 ; Photography Club, ' 37 ; Treasurer, Phi Mil, ' 39. POLLOCK, E. POLLOCK, M. PONDER POPE POPKIN POPPER PORTER PORTWOOD POSS POWELL, J. POWELL, R. POWER S9 4e SeHyicA. PRATHER PRICE, E. PRICE, L. PROCTOR pyE QUILLIAN RAGAN RAINWATER RAKESTRAW RAPIER RAUSCHENBERG RAWLINS WILLIAM A. PRATHER Washington CANDIDATE KOR U.S.A. DEGREE Alf ' lia Cuiniiui Rho Transfer, South Georgia Teacher ' s College, ' 36; Senior Round Table. EUGENE BLACK PRICE Walterboro, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE LOUISE PRICE Chula CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE VIVIAN THRIFT PROCTOR Cuthbert CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE JOHN WILLIAM PYE Woodland CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREK Editor-in-Chief, Tlie Georgia Arch: Treasurer, Sigma Delta Chi ; National Secretary, .•Vnierican Association of College Comics ; President, Photography Club ; Red and Black; Hammer and Coffin. ALMA ADELIA QUILLIAN Madison CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Kafl a Alfha fheta I ' hi Beta Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi; Theta Sigma Phi: .Mpha Lambda Delta ; Freshman Commission, V. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 36- ' 39 ; : Kapna Alpha Theta, Treasurer, ' 37- ' 39. JAMES JACKSON RAGAN, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Chi Phi Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Plii : Phi Eta Sigma : Pericleans : Chemistry Club, President, " 37 : Freshman Football, ' 36. CLAUD HARRISON RAINWATER, JR. Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE JOYCE RAKESTRAW LaGrange CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Chi Omega Transfer, Wesleyan, ' 38: Rifle Squad, ' 38: Dolphin Club, ' 38: Vice-President, Chi Omega Pledges, ' 38. REGINA CLARE RAPIER Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Transfer, Atlanta Junior College, ' 37; Glee Club, ' 36- ' 37. ELIZABETH RAUSCHENBERG Dal ton CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE EDWARD WILSON RAWLINS McRae CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE 90 GlaU afj 1939 EARL ROOP REAVES Carrollton CANDIDATE KDR B.S. LOMMEKl K DECREE Sigma Pi ' ice-Presidciit. Alpha Kappa Psi : Sigma Pi Colony Fraternity, Presiileiit ; Economics Society: Demostlicn- iaii Literary Society. MARY REDFEARN Albany C ' AXDIDATE FOR U.S. PHYSICAL EDtHATlON DECREE JAMES SAMUEL REES Preston CANDIDATE FOR B.S. AGRICULTURE DECREE Alpha Zeta : Saddle and Sirloin : Livestock Judging Team ; Transfer, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. LEWIS BOWEN REESE Carrollton CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE WALTER DANIEL RHOADS Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sigma Chi CHARLES ERSKINE RICE Moultrie CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE .■Mpha Zeta, Treasurer, ' 38- ' 39 : Agricultural Engineering Club, ' 36- ' j9, Scribe, ' 39: Staff, Georgia .4griiiill)ti-ist. ' 36-39; Agricultural Club; Captain, R. O. T. C, ' ,58- ' .W : Treasurer, Wesley Foundation, ' 38- ' 39. JOHN A. RICE, JR. W oodland CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Peta Ciannna Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Business Manager, Till- Red ami Black: Omicron Delta Kappa: Blue Key: (iridiron: Scabbard and Blade: Junior Cabinet: Dean ' s List: - lpha Kappa Psi: Campus Club: Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. SYDNEY RICH Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE JULIA BELL RICHARDS Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE ELIZABETH RICHARDSON Fairmount CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE FRED WARREN RIGDON Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Phi Delia Tliela Xi Phi Xi : Glee Club. ELIZABETFI RILEY Loganville CANDIDATE FOR A.H. EDUCATION DEGREE iJ 91 RILEY, P. ROBERTSON, S. RIMES RITCHEV ROGERS ROSS RIVERS ROWE ROBERTS ROBERTSON, F ROYAL RUSSELL PANSY RILEY Butler STANLEY MORGAN ROBERTSON Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE CA.XDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE HUGH M. RIMES Lanier CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE HARRIETTS J. ROGERS Fitzgerald CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE SARAH JORDAN ROSS ROBERT L. RITCHEY Pomona CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Macon CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Transfer, Coker College. GERALDINE RIVERS Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE MARY LOUISE ROWE Comer CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE THEODORE A. ROBERTS Gainesville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE F. HERBERT ROBERTSON, JR. Hagerstown, Maryland CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Alplia Gamma Rho Transfer, Clemson College; Secretary-Treasurer, Square »d-Conipass Club; University Theater Crew; Business j Manater, ' The Cypress Knee. ' iS- ' ig: Forestry Club ' ' 1 " " I " " ! ' . ' •—r ' T President, Alpha Gamma Rho, ' 38- ' 39. DANIEL CHARLES ROYAL Chipley C. NDID. TE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Forestry Club; Demostlienian ; Alplia Phi Omega. WILLIAM JOHN RUSSELL, JR. Athens CANDID. TE FOR B.S. CHEMISTRY DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Xi Phi Xi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Phi Kappa; President, Chemistry Club, ' ,?8 ; Bert Michael Scliolarship, ' 38; LTpper 5%, Dean ' s List, ' 36- ' ,19; Upper 3%, Senior Class. 92 " e £e4i4JOAA. o 1939 ANNA RITTH RL ' STIN Charleston, Scuitli Carolina CAXRIDATE FOR H.F.A. DEGUF.K Chi Omega Tnnsfcr, C- ' oUt ' Kc of Charleston. CAMILLA Bl ' RNICF. Kl ' TllLRl ' l )kn Augnsta ( AXUIIIATF. FOR A.K. EnLHAlKIN DIIIUKK Alpha Oiiiicron Pi Traiislci. .hniinr {. ' oIleRe of Augusta; I ' lii Kajipa Phi; joe llroun Coiinally Scholarship. GRACE ELIZABETH RYAN Raleigh, N. C. CA.VDIDATF. FOR B.S.H.E, DEGREE WALTER RVLAXDER Americus CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Phi Delta Theta President, Secretary, Phi Delta Theta; Senior Round Table; Delta Sigina Pi; First Lieutenant, R.,0. T. C. ; Phi Kappa. REX L. SAFFOLD Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Sigma Alfha Epsilon Kreshnian and ' arsity Track, Boxing, Cross-Country; Scabbard and Blade; Cajitain, K. O. T. C. ; Treasurer, Franklinia Club, ' . ' 9. •.16 ' .18; GEORGE RORERT SALISP.URV Ocnee, Florida CANIIIDATE FOR U.S. FORESTRY Di;(;RKE Pi Kiifpii Alfha " (1 " Club; l ' ' orcstry Club; Football, ' J5- ' JS; lioxing. Track, ' .i6- ' 38, M. RION E. SANCHEZ Rarwick C. MIIIIATF. FOR li.S.H.E. DEGREE ROBERT WILLARD SANDERS Lyons CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE P. L ' L JONES SCARI ' .ORO Royston CANDIDATE FUR U.S.A. DEGREE Transfer. Young Harr is College. ' .16; . gricultural Club; cultural Kcononiics and Rural Sociology Club. BARRON B. SCARBOROUGH Cmncr CANDIDATE FOR A.E. EDUCATIO.N DEGREE MARGIE SCHMISSEUR Belleville, Illinois CANDIDATE FOR -V.B.J. DEGREE Kaj t ' a Alf ' ha Theta Transfer, (ndf Park College, ' 37; Photography ICditor, Woman ' s ICditor, The Georgia Arch; President, Hammer and Coflin Woman ' s Auxiliary, ' 39; Red and Black, ' .W- ' 39; Rifle Team Squad; Secretary-Treasurer, President, Photography C ' lub. MARGARET MAE SCHUiMAN Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Transfer. Armstrong .Tunior College; Phi L ' psilon Omicron; llomecon. .Xgri- RUSTIN RUTHERFORD RVAN KMANU ' EF. SAFFOLD SALISflURV SANCHEZ SANDERS SCARBORO SCARBOROUGH SCHMISSEUR SCHUMAN 93 Ue. Se4UJ0 EDWARD S. SCOTT Austell CANniDATK FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Freshman Boxing Team, " 36 ; Winner, Georgia Agricul- turist Writer ' s Shingles, ' ,l6- ' 37 : Associate Editor, Geor- gia Agriciilturisl , ' i - ' i9: Vice-President, Saddle and Sir- loin Clul), ' 38: Aghon ; 4-H Club; Agricultural Cluh ; Agricultural Economics Club. JOHN ALEXANDER SCRUGGS Morven CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE GEORGE HAROLD SEAGO, JR. Gracewood CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE MRS. CLARE F. SECKINGER Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE CARLTON EUGENE SELPH Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Drum Major, ' 37- ' 39 ; Glee Club, ' 37- ' 3g : Transfer, Dahlonega. THOMAS ROUNTREE SESSIONS Waynesboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE W. GRIGGS SHAFFER, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Delta Theta Glee Club, ' i : Senior Round Table; Pandora Staff, ' 35- ' 37- HERMAN LEONARD SHAPIRO Cincinnati, Ohio CANDHJATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Phi Eta Sigma ; Chemistry Society ; Phi Kappa Literary Society. SPIROS ALEXANDER SIAFACAS Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Economics Society: Glee Club, ' 36- ' 39; Captain, R. O. T. C. ; Student Christian Council ; Assistant Advertising Manager, Georgia Arch, ' jy. VIRGINIA SIMERVILLE Rockmart CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Transfer, Shorter College. CHARLES R. SIMMONS, JR. Barwick CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DECREE ALICE MARGARET SIMS Ousley CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 94 eiau 0 1939 .101 1. IK A. K I. IX SISLEY Alliens CANDinATE FOR RS. KdRESTRY DEGREE Kaf pa Sigma Phi Kappa Plii ; Alpha Xi Sigma; Forestry Club. WILLIAM RICE SISLEY Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Kal ' fa Sigma Alpha Xi Sigma : Forestry Chib. EDWARD ALFORD S KELTON Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE Sigma Nil RITA SLOTIN Glennville CAXDID. TE FOR B.S. COM MERCE DEGREE Delta Phi Efsiloii ARDELL DENNIS SMITH Dawson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Rho President, Agricultural Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club; Transfer, .• brah;im Baldwin College. CHARLES ALOXZ. SMITH, JR. Hogansville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM MERCE DEGREE CHESTER II A. MILTON SMITH Lakeland CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE EVA MAE SMITH McRae CANDIDATE FOR B.F.. . DEGREE GEORGE A. SMITH Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUC. TION DEGREE I ' hi Kappa Phi: Dean ' s List, ' Xb- ' ig: Football Team. ' 36- ' .!8; Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi: Glee Club, ' ,l6- ' 39. GEORGE G. SMITH Carrollton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi : Saddle and Sirloin. GEORGE WATSON SMITH Winder CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Phi Delta Thcta Track Manager, g : Plii Kappa. ' 3,=;- ' 3g. GUY SMITH Milledgeville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE SISLEV, J. SISLEV, W. SKELTON SLOTIN SMITH, A. D. SMITH, C. A SMITH, C. H. SMITH, E. M. SMITH, G. A SMITH, G. G. SMITH, G.W. SMITH, GUV gkik 95 SMITH, J. SPINK SMITH, O. SPOONER SMITH, W. 5TALLING5 JAMES SMITH Danielsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE SOLANA SOMMERHALTER SPAIN STAPLETON STEELE STEGEMAN JOHN I. SPOONER, JR. Donalsonville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE OSWELL SMITH Waresboro CANDIDATE FDR B.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEGREE WILLIAM FINDLEY SMITH Farniington CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE Agricultural Engineering Club. GEORGE TWEEDY STALLINGS, JR. Haddock C.VNDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Efisilon President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Major, R. O. T. C. Secretary, Landscape Architecture Society ; Pelican Club " X " Club ; Scabbard and Blade : Freshman Basketball Varsity Baseball, ' 37- ' 38 : " G ' " Club : Gridiron. MANOLITA ANGELOUS SOLANA Elberton CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE . ;« Oiiiiiroii Pi WM. C. SOMMERHALTER Secaucus, New Jersey CANDIDATE FOR D.S. CHEMISTRY DEGREE J. LLOYD SPAIN Bethlehem CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. EMMA JANE SPINK Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE LEROY STAPLETON Stapleton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEGREE RUBIE STEELE Decatur CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Vice-President, Coordinate Student Government; Sopho- more Representative on Coordinate Student Government ; Secretary. Women ' s Athletic Association ; Freshman Council. JOANNA STEGEMAN Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Thcta Treasurer, Kappa Alpha Theta, ' 36 ; German Club. 96 7 £enio44. o f939 MRS. MARY SALE STENNETT CANDIDATE HIK H.S.H.E, DEGRKF. CORINNR ClIAOWICK STEPHENS Alliens I AXDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Chi Omega IMii Bcla Ka| pa; Phi Kappa Phi: ' ice-PresicIent, Chi Omega; Mortar lioard; ' ice-Presideiit, Senior ' , W. C. A. Cabinet: In- ternational Relations Club, Librarian: Photogra|)Iiy Club; Zodiac, Secretary-Treasurer; Religious Council, ' 3S- ' 39: C ' hristian Coun- cil, ' 38- ' 39; Partlienian, 8 : Sophomore Council, ' 36- ' 37, Senior Cabinet, ' 37- ' 38, V. V. C. A.; Personnel Chairman, ' 3o- ' 3 " , Kush Chairman, ' 3S, Chi Omega. DOROTHY ELIZABETH STEPHENS Adairsville (.AXDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE 4-H Club ; Homecon, LUCY INDIANA STEPHENS Lavonia CANDIDATE FOR H.S.H.E. DEGREE RUFUS B. STEPHENS Comer CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE JULIEN HARRIS STEPHENSON Athens CANDIDATE FMR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Glee Club, ' 37-39. . KK l ' , -RON STEVENS Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDl ' CATIO.N DEGREE Phi Delta Thela Varsity Koolball, ' 36- ' 38; Freshman rootball; Varsity Track; I ' rcslnnan Track: Periclean; Pelican Club, President, ' 36; " X " Club, President, ' 38; " G " Club, President, ' 38; Junior Cabinet, Vice-President, ' 37. I ' .RUCE I ' ARISSTl ' .WART Palestine, Texas CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE h ' orestry Club; C.lce Oub, ' 3f) ' 3R; Senior Round Table. GEORGE BENJAMIN STEWART Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE l.illlr .Symphony Orchestra; Band; Georgia Collegian (trclicslra. ALWYN B. STILES Milledgeville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE WILSON E. STILL Monroe CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Campus Leader; Campus Club; Gridiron; Blue Key Honor Coun- cil, Secretary-Treasurer; Demosthenian Literary Society; Agri- cultural Club; Saddle and Sirloin, Treasurer, ' 37- ' 38; Social Chairman, .-Xgricultural Committee: Freshman Football; Poultry Science Club; Gaffau Club: Dean ' s List. EDWARD E. STRAIN, JR. D alton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Pi Kapfa Alpha Phi Kappa Phi: Pi Kappa .Mpha, Treasurer, ' i7. President, ' 38; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. mh k STENNETT STEVENS STEPHENS, C. STEWART, B. STEPHENS, D. STEWART, G. STEPHENS, L. STILES STEPHENS, R. STILL STEPHENSOh STRAIN 97 7 4e BeiM STRICKLAND SUMMERFORD SWAIN SyMMES STUCKEV SUMMEROUR SWANN TANK SUGGS SUTTON SWARTS TATE HELEN DELLE STRICKLAND Douglasville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGRKE WILLA DEANE STUCKEY Brunswick CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Plii Kappa Phi; Transfer, David Lipscomb College, IT, Dean ' s List ; Honors Day, ' 38. MARY ELIZABETH SUGGS Barnesville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE SARA MAUDE SUMMERFORD Americus CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Transfer, Georgia Southwestern College TOM WISDOM SUMMEROUR Decatur CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE JOHN WILLIAM SUTTON Cedartown CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE WILL NEEL SWAIN Rome CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi ; Xi Phi Xi. IRENE ERDICE SWANN Wrens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE JAMES S. SWARTS Van Horn, Texas CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DECREE Lambda Chi Alpha Demostlienian Literary Society, Vice-President, Secre- tary : Junior Business Manager, Pandora : Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurer, President; Secretary, Lambda Clii Alplia. SARAH SYMMES St. Matthews, South Carolina CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta Transfer, Winthrop College. DONALD LeROY TANK Hawkinsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Transfer, Middle Georgia College- Economics Society; Phi Kappa Literary Society. WILLIE EDWIN TATE Cornelia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DECREE 98 eicui , 4 i939 A l)Ki;W MATTIIKW I.Wl.OR Woodbury CANninATE FOR U.S.A. UKGREE Sailillc Jiiid . ' Sirloin riub: Xi Plii Xi ; Transfer. .Miraluun Baldwin .Agricultural College. RALPH LELAND TAYLOR, JR. Davisboro CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. liKGREE SIDNEY JOHNSTON TAYLOR Davisboro CAN1)1D. TE FOR B.S.. . IiEIIREE Transfer. ( iordon College. ' , 6: Rand, ' . r- ' . ' ; .Agricul- tural Club; Xi Pbi Xi. PEARL EVELYN THACKblR Waleska CANDIIJATE FOR DECREE MARGUERITE THOMAS Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE PAUL ROBERt THOMAS Alamo CANDIDATE FOR B.S. CHEMISTRY DEGREE HAIDEE JOSEPHINE THOMPSON Waynesboro CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Transfer, Shorter College. harriette: e. Thompson Wrightsville CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Red and Black, ' 36- ' 38, Assistant Society Editor. ' 39; Georgia Arch Staff, ' 38; Photography Club, ' 38- ' 39- MARGIE LAVONIA THOMPSON Alpharetta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Transfer, West Georgia College; Kappa Delta Pi. MARY ALLEN THOMPSON Comer CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE CHARLES SEALY THORP Macon CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE MARY CLAUDE TINDELL Graceville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Omicron Pi Secretary-Treasurer, Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 38- ' 39. TAYLOR, A. TAVLOR, R. TAYLOR, S. THACKER THOMAS, M. THOMAS, P. THOMPSON, H J. THOMPSON, H. E. THOMPSON, M. L THOMPSON, M A. THORP TINDELL 99 TONGE VANDIVER TOWNSEND VEALE TURNER, D. VICTOR TVSON WADDEV J. W. TONGE Bainbridge CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE MRS. EVELYN THOMPSON VANDIVER Good Hope CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE WILLIAM T. TOWNSEND Cartersville CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE EMORY OSLYN VEALE, JR. Ariioldsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE ROBERT BATTEY TROUTMAN, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi Phi Phi Beta Kappa; Plii Kappa Phi: Sphinx: President, Omicron DeUa Kappa: President, Chi Plii ; Varsity De- bating ; International Debate ; Phi Kappa Speaking Key ; Sophoninrc Declamation Cup; Gridiron; " X " Club; In- ternational Relations Club ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Volun- tary Religions Council; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 36-39; Periclean. CURTIS LEWIS TURNER, JR. Rome CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE .Advertising Manager, ' 37- ' 38, Business Manager, ' 38- ' 39, Georgia Arch; Secretary-Treasurer, " X " ' Club: Y. M. C. . . Cabinet; Christian Council; Thalian-Blackfriars : Economics Society; Photography Club; Phi Kappa; Vice-President, Hammer and Coffin. DEWEY H. TURNER Eastanollee CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE LUCILLE TYSON Jesup CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE JACK LOWRY VEATCH Rome CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE ELMON B. VICKERS Norman Park CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Aghon, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 38- ' 39 ; President, Y. M. C. A., ' 38- ' 39; Agricultural Club Key Council; Periclean; Business Manager, the Georgia Agriculturist, ' 38- ' 39 ; Junior Cabinet ; Agricultural College Intercollegiate De- bater ; Agricultural Club; Gaffau ; 4-H Club; Demos- thenian Literary Society; Scabbard and Blade; Maior, Infantry, R. O. T. C. JEANNE CLAIRE VICTOR Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Epsilon Phi Transfer, Armstrong Junior College ANNA VIRGINIA WADDEY Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Kappa Alpha TItcta Y. W. C. A. Council, ' 36- ' 39; Kappa Alpha Ihcta, House Manager, Historian. 100 7l4e Se4UJ0 0 1939 Gii Omega, sion, M6: V. dent. ' ,VS- ' 39 Club: CHARLES A. WAIIS, JR. Hillsboro C. NUIDATE FOR B.S.. . DEGREE JAMES HENRY WALKER Decatur 1A. 1IIJ)ATE FOR n.S..- . DEGREE Alplia Zeta; Xi Phi Xi. LILLAN S. WALKER Athens C. NDID. TE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi Omega Secretary. ' 37- ' 3S: President, Freshman Commis- VV. C. A. Cabinet. ' 37- ' J9; Glee Club, Vice-Presi- Hunt Club, Secretary-Treasurer. ' 37- ' 38; Dance German Club, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 3S- ' 39. HILTON FRAZIER WALL Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Freshman Football; Tennis Team. ' .!ti- ' 3 ' ' : Senior Round Table: Pan-Hellenic Council; Presi- dent, Pi Kapp:i . lpha, ' 3S: President. Cbemistry Club, ' 39; Dean ' s List. JAMES J. WALLACE, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE RUTH BERRIEN WALLER Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Clii Omega Transfer. Junior College of . ugusta; Vice-President. Dolidiin tlub; Women ' s Athletic Association; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Phi I ' l ' silon Omicron; ' ' inner, Intra-Mural Golf Tournament, ' 38. L. T. WANSLEY Carnesville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE HAZEL WARD Marietta CANDIDATE FOR A.Ii.J. DEGREE Chi Omega Chi Omega. President. ' 39; Mortar lioard, Trcasvircr, ' 39; Psi Chi; Theta Sigma Plii; International Relations Club: StudeiU Government Court. ' 37; Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-President, ' 36t Senior Advisor. ' 39; " Z " Club; Freshman Y. W. C. A. Commission, Treasurer, ' 36. .Sophomore Council, ' .i7; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 3 ' ' . HARRIETTE MARTHA WARREN Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE MARTHA EMMA WATSON Macon CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Transfer, Brenau College; Glee Club. MARY EUGENIA WATSON Moultrie CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Glee Club. MARGUERITE WEBB Leslie CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Transfer, Georgia Southwestern College; Homecon Club; Glee Club. WAITS WALKER, J. WALKER, L. WALL WALLACE WALLER WANSLEY WARD WARREN WATSON, MARTHA WATSON, MARV WEBB 101 7 4e Se4UJ0 UlitA vl EEMS WEISS WHELCHEL WHITAKER WHITEHEAD WICKER WILHITE WESTBROOK WHITE, R. WHITEHURST WICKHAM WILLIAMS, H. L. JOHN WESLEY WEEMS, JR. Meridian, Mississippi CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. UEGKHE Phi Beta Kappa ; Plii Kappa Phi ; Franklinia Club, Vice-President, ' 38, Secretary, ' 39; International Rela- tions Club ; Honors Day, ' 38-39. JULIAN LEONARD WEISS Brooklyn, New York CANDIDATE FOR B.S. CHEMISTRY DEGREE Xi Phi Xi ; Chemistry Club. RALPH WESTBROOK Dalton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DECREE Deniiisthenian Literary Society; Economics Society. JAMES H. WHELCHEL Jefferson CANDIDATE FOR B.S. VOCATIONAL ACRICULTIIRE DEGREE JUDITH A. WHITAKER Cordele CANDIDATE FOR B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DEGREE Sophomore Commission : President, Lucy Cobb ; Secre- tary, Association for Childhood Education : Transfer, Georgia State Womans College. ROBERT HUBERT WHITE Lindale CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE WINNETTE WHITE Lithonia CANDIDATE FOR D.S.H.E. DEGREE MARY SNELLING WHITEHEAD Pinehurst CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Transfer, Georgia State College for Women. MARY HART WHITEHURST Jeffersonville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Transfer, Bessie Tift ; University Theater, ' 39. ERSKINE F. WHITMIRE Dahlonega CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM MERGE DEGREE Alpha Lambda Tail Demosthenian Literary Society ; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. ROBERT WYMAN WICKER Gray CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Saddle and Sirloin Club: Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Team, ' 38. ESTELLE McELVEY WICKHAM Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Transfer, Georgia State College for Women, ' 36. ROSENA ELIZABETH WIER Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Hunt Club: President, Dolphin Club, ' 38- ' 39: Upper 5% of Junior Class: Winner, Phi Kappa Phi Prize for Greatest Scholastic Achievement in Junior Class, ' 38; Rifle Team, ' 38; Women ' s Athletic Association Council. CLAYTON R. WILHITE Milledgeville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. EDUCATION DEGREE HELEN LOUISE WILLIAMS Eastanollee C.ANDID. TE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Transfer, Y ' oung Harris College: 4-II Cluli: Homecon. euu o 1939 HENRY EARI. Wll.l.lAMS Plains CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Winner, Frcsliman Forestry Award; Associate F.ditor, Cyt ' rcss Kiicc, ' S ; Forestry Club, Secretary, ' 37 ; Vice- President, S, Parliamentarian and Critic, ' 38; Alpha Xi Sigma, ' 39 ; President. Aghon, ' 39 : Cadet Captain, R. O. T. C., Cavalry; Demosthenian Literary Society. HORACE RUDOLPH WILLIAMS Stockbridge CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE LEMAR MAYO WILLIAMS .-Vlbany CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE VIRGIL B. WILLIAMS Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE HARRY LEE WILLINGHAM Forsyth CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sigma Clii WILLIAM . RTHUR WILLIS Sylvester CANDIDATE FOR B.S. VOCATIONAL . GRICULTLTRE DEGREE Alpha Gamma Rho Saddle and Sirl.iin; 4-H Club; Vice-President, Gaffaii, ' 38. HELEN JANE WILSON Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE ROBERT GUMMING WILSON, JR. . thens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHAR.MACV DEGREE LUCY MARL W ' INN Guyton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE REBECCA WINN Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE EDNA DAVID WISE .■ tlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE NEWTON WISE Calhoun CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DECIREE OLIN WITHERINGTON Dexter CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE I ' .urni ELIZABETH WOOD .Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. ELEMENTARY EDl ' CATIO.N DEGREE EMORY ROSE W ' OOD Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE WILLIAMS, H. E. WILLIAMS, V. WILSON, H. WINN, R. WITHERINGTON WILLIAMS, H. R WILLINGHAM WILSON, R. WISE, E. WOOD, E. E. WILLIAMS, WILLIS WINN, L. WISE, N. WOOD, E. R Ue Se doAA. o 1939 WOOD, R. WOODARD WOOTEN WORSHAM WRIGHT, G. WRIGHT, H iWyNNE yow yUNDT ZACHRy ZILL ZIPPERER ROBERT E. WOOD JONES DuB. YOW, JR. Marietta Toccoa CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE CANDIDATE FOR B.S. FORESTRY DEGREE Phi Delta Thcta nOROTHY WOODARD Americus CANDIDATE FOR A.B. EDUCATION DEGREE Al[ ha Chi Omega Transfer, Georgia State College for Women, Georgia Soutliwe.stern College, ' 37; Pioneer Club; Pandora Stai?, ' 38-39; Stndent Government Representative, ' 38- ' 3C); House President, Alpha Clii Omega, ' 38- ' 39. Freshman Track; Phi Kappa Literary Society; Glee Club, ' 36- ' 38; Red and Black. ' :i7- ' i ' i: University Theater; Forestry Club. GEORGE YUNDT, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE COUNCIL BROOKS WOOTEN Shellman CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE HUBERT LEONIDAS WORSHAM Jefifersonville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE ARTHUR LINTON ZACHRY, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COMMERCE DEGREE Sigma Alpita Epsilon Freshman Football, ' 35; Freshman Swimming. ' 36; Phi Kappa ; Freshman Debate Team, ' 35 ; President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ' 39; Varsity Swimming, ' 37- ' 39. GEORGE E. WRIGHT Demorest C ANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE HILDA ISABELLE WRIGHT Woodville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEGREE J. VEAZEY WYNNE Crawfordville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE ESTHER ROSE ZILL Douglasville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Upsilon Omicron, Secretary, ' 39; Phi Kappa Phi Homecon ; 4-H Club, Parliamentarian; Dean ' s List. FLORIDE ZIPPERER Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Kappa Plii ; 4-H Club; Homecou Clul). 104 y THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORT Acker. Jane Beverly . . . Alb Adair, Wilma Agnes . Rutle Adams, Charles David Blooming Adamei, Charles R., Jr. . . Atla Adams. Ernest W. . . . Cills Adams. Ivylvn Elizabeth Dewy I Adams. Manta Mae . . Vid Adams, Marie Isabel Dry Bra AiNSLiE, Josephine Shi . Mad Akers, William, Jr. . . Atla Alexander. Norman . . Blal Alexander. Thad C. . Elizahethton. Tt Allen, William . . Buf Almand, Betty .... College r Ammons. Eli?abeth B. . Murphy, N . monette, Virginia . . Alb Cla ' Anderson, Margaret . . Da Andrew, Charles Harbin . . Pe Anglin, William Joel Porter Arnold, Joe Wilson Washing Arrington, Homer H. . R AsBURY, Dolly ClarKS Ashley, Charlotte Raines . Barnes Ashworth. Clara Anna . Calh Askew, Sara Lee Coil Atkinson, D. S., Jr. Savan Atkinson, Joseph Horsley West P Aydelotte, William H.. 1 . Atl Bacon, Franklin Camp Irwii Badgett, Ralph W. . Knnxville, Ti Baggett, Elizabeth Ridley Savan Bagley, Thomas Hendry, Jr. . Hinesi Bailey, Dot Dou] Bailey, James D tli Baker, Emmie Lou - ■ Suiiimer Baldwin. C. Lill . . Dec Baldwin, Thomas B., Jr. . . Mad Ball, James S. Warren. C Bankston, Homer Joseph . . Rob Barbre, Ned Cl RK . . Ma Barnes, Mary Anthony Aug Harnett, Elizabeth , . . Ne Barnett, Robert s. . . Alphar Barrett, Riley, Jr. . . . CIcvel Bateman, Helen Dee . . Ma Batts, David H. . Doe Baugh, Gilbert Charles 1 ren Baynes, Haron G.,jR. . . Green si Beall. Millard Fillmore . . Brew Beam, Helen . . Atl Beard, Thomas v., Jr. . Moil Beasley, Hugh Reids% Beasley, Tom Reed . . Reids Beck, William Emily . . Gr Beckwith, Sara Eloise . . All Bell, Annie Laurie . . Ti Bell, Jewell N EWTON, Jr. . Gr Benjamin, Marguerite N. Cedartt Bennett, Jesse Julian . . Win rHE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY I ENTos, Taney Oliver, Jr. . Monticelln lERMAN, Sterling M. . BridKCport, Conn. lETTS, William Millard . Athens ;iSHOP, Martha Ki ' dora . . Unadilla jORSON, Richard . . . Warren, Ohio LACKSHEAR, Claire .... Plains land. Mike M. . . . . . Garfield LASKENS HIP, FRANCES KeV . Atlanta LANTON. Eva Mae Cairo LOODWORTH. SeLENE . . thens OARDMAN, Helen Connellv Augusta OGGS, WiLBURN ANDERSON Atlanta OLGLA. Sara Lee Angusta OND. Willis .... Canon GONE, Thomas V. . T allahassee, Fla. OWEN. Calhoun A. . Tifton OWEN, David M.. Jr. Pinehurst OWEN, Willie Pauline Ainericus owER, Mary Tallulah . . Bainbridge RANDON, Frances Louise . . Athens rannex, Kathleen T. . College Park RANTLEY, JoE C Lyons rawner, Edith Stewart . Creenville .RAY, Adolphus Thomas . . Athens reedlove, Thomas R., Jr. . . Monroe RICE. Owen P»arrett . Lake Wales, Fla. ridges, James Albert . l- ' airburn RIDGES, Lois Elinor .... Atlanta ridges, Sarah Eddie . . . Carlton rooks, Anne Moore .... Athens iRooKS, Jule Felton .... Ellaville ROOKS, Lufred Decatur rooks, Thomas Irving . . . Colquitt ■ROWN, Edmund Daniel . . Hapeville ROWN, James N Pusley ROWN, Kenneth Haulbrook . Calhoun ROWN, Robert Summit ROWN. Sara Sylvester RYANS, Charles I., Jr. . . Augusta RYSON, James Turner . . Greensboro iucK, Helen Dodd . . . Columbus lULLARD, Martha .... Machen URCH, J, Ambrose . . . I- ' ayetteville URNS, Onie Ruth .... Macon urrell, J. Lloyd .... Mt. Airy Burroughs, Valeria Berrcen . Brunswick URSON, Caroline .Amanda . . Camilla iURSON, George . llen, Jr. . . Camilla URSON. William Mills, Jr Alliens URTON, Eugenia Selma, Ala. URTON, Joseph Homer, Jk Bowman usBEE, Frank C. Atlanta Iushnell, Eleanor . Tampa, Fla. tXTs, William Kdwaru MiUcdgeville ivERS. Margret Clair . Savannah ABANiss, Alice Elizabeth Athens ' ain, Marjorie Kent Cairo ALCAGNO, Philip Louis - Brooklyn. N. Y Callaway, John L., Jr. Covington ' allaway, Marjorie C. Eatonton HE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY Mi ' BKi.i-. Douglas McH. . Watkiiisville MTBELL. Martha M. . l!e;iuinoiit, Texas MPBKLi., Wallace J. Rising I- ' awn UTRF.LL. Leila Latimkh Cedartown i ' l ' KR, Ukkt CiiAKLES . . Kiioxville MTiiEKs. Maybktu .... Athciis iMiCHAEL, Joseph P. Carrollton tNEVALi. Santi L. . White Plains. N. Y. [PENTER. John Luther . Demorest ftswELL, Henry J., Jr. Waycross (TER. C. R.. Jr Scott PE, GusTAvi ' S Vassa Bninswick ' sey, Kenneth Klein Bow don ' SEV, William Claude Bowdon ENDER, James Woodfin Millwood MBEKS. William Thomas . Toomsboro NDLER. William H.. Jr. Athens vpman, Mary Veale Bar wick eatham, Virginia Griflfin ;ek, Ellen Louise Bowersville LEs. Sally Virginia . . Gray IISTIAN. MaRIGENE Elberton RK. Harvey Richard . . Gay RK. James J . . tlanta RK, William M Atlanta RKE, Martha Josephine . MarshallviUe GG, E. Nelle .... Villa Rica ••TON, Harry R Lyons iKSCALES, Philip (lARnLD . Blakely UD, M. C, Jr. . Charleston, W. Va. UD, W ' illiam Wheeler Dam, Ala. HRAN, John Milton . . Dallas EN, .Aaron Lee . Colchester, Conn. ;, Earl Woodfin .... Trion lman, Robert Loui. ' . . Unadilla lier, Virginia Comer -INS, Stephen Mercer Cobbtown )uitt, Henrietta J. Winterville BS, DURWOOD C. LaGrange ;, Llovd Clement . Augusta NELL, Wilson Foch . . Nashville , Elizabeth Jane Crosby, Minn. , Ira Lamar Colquitt ER, Fred Morgan . Meigs er, Sarah Mildred Athens . . . Atlanta ERO, Dora Anne . l- ' t Barrancas, Fla. Y, Samuel C. . Ft. Washington, Pa. ey, Annabel Ragsdale Augusta ETT, Anne Sylvia Athens H, Glenn R. . Dougherty RT, Dorothy R. Donalsonville IIavden a. . . . Nahunta Wansley Howard . Cartersville ZULA M. . . . Marks, Miss. FORD, James Loyd Madison , Horace Edmond. Jr. . . . Alto INGHAM, Wm. T., Jr. Lexington EL, Ben E. . . . Claxton D THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY u Dal ' chtrey. Martha K. . . Add Davis, John Burton La Fayette Davis, Peggy Oakfield Dean. Clyde McKinnev Athens Ob Charleroy, Albert I.. . .M onscy, N. Y. Decker, Betty Athens Dempsev. Sara AIargaret Rome Denson, Robert Ricks, Jr. . Quitman DeV ' ane, Frank, Jr. . . . Barney Dillingham, Susan Grey Atlanta l ouGLAs. Alice Madeline Homerville Doval, Idah Madge Villa Kica DoziER, Louise .... Cnlumhu5 Drake, Martha Gene Philoma ' h Dreizin, Miriam .... Butler Dudley, Elizabeth Lamak Augusta Duke, Edgar Lee, Jr. Fort ' alley Dukes, W. V (iihson Dumestre, John B. . Avon dale Estates Dupree, Clabe Vernon . Oakfield Durden, Homer Sylvester Swainsboro Dye, Obe D., Jr Middleton Dykes, Jacob Nicholson, Jr. Atlanta Dykes, VVyndell Corrie . Cochran Eason, Mary ' IRGINIA Miami. Fla. Eberhakt, Doris Cook Athens Eberhardt, Reese C. Maysville Eckford, Eleanor .... . Athens Edwards, Elizabeth M. . Jack sonville, Fla. Edwards, Willie Sam . uburn Ehrlich, Ben, Jr . . tlanta Elder, John Davis Winder English, Luther Eugene Cornelia Erbesfield. Ida Lilly Newton Erwin, Goodlow Yancey . . . Athens Evans. Audrey Hazlehurst I-.VANS. Hugh Howze . . Athens Everitt, Charles Joseph Atlanta 1 ' aidley. William F. . Si na! Mt.. Tenn. 1 AiN, Ralph Kelly Royston Falk, Martin L, Jr. . S. Dartmouth. Mass. ( " wBi ; Tin ;4 Ifp Pel ham Feinstein. Miriam Leah Savannali Ferguson Leland Canon Ferguson, Sarah Ann Marietta Fields. Glenn Dixon . Macon Fitzpatrick. Clyde Nelson Conmierce Flanigan, Eleanor Braxton Athens I ' leming. Jack C. Hartwell 1 ' LOYD, Clyde Chipley I ' oLSOM, Joseph C-. Jr. Atlanta FoRDHAM, Joseph R. . . . Eastman I ' osTER. Alice Marie Edison Foster, Ben Richard . Dalton Foster, X ' ivian Leslie Athens ! ' ' ouNTAiN. Mary Olive Sylvania Eraser, Frank Alexander. Jr. Atlanta Frederiksen, Henry Peter . . Athens Freeman, Samuel Horace Savannah Friedlander, Helen Joan . Winder THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY fSk JlEk JH . iDlfik ,: r(- Fries, James Andrew .... Milieu Fuller, Annie Klizabeth . Columbus Fuller, M. Louise .... Columbus FuLP, Jack Forrest . Scottsburg. ' a, F ' uTRAL, Doris Anna .... Wadley Gaines, George V. . . . Adairsville Gaissert, Walter Minor Madison Gamage, Mary Theresa I ' aiiibridKe Gamble, Wilma Elizabeth Moultrie Gantt, Thomas Franklyn Savannab Garner, Robert Frank, Jr. Toccoa Garrard, Mary .... Savannah Garrard, Mary Klizabeth Wasliinjitnu Gates, Albert Martin, Jr. Mt. ernoii Geissleb. Mary Ann Atlanta Gerson, Joe Atlanta GiBBS. Elizabeth Colquitt Gainesville Gibson. Pete Jones Waynesville GiDDENs, Joel Edwin Eastman Gillespie. James A. Carnesville GiLLis, Marvin Bob Soperton Gillman, Stanley Joseph Augusta Ginn, Starks Flaver Royston Ginsberg, Sylvia Toby Dalton Glakos, Athena Mae . Plant City, Fla. Glenn, Sam F . Rochelle Golden, Jefferson M., Jr. . Tliomasville Goldstein, Israel jNIyer . Milledgeville Gordon, William Elliott . • Pitts Grant, Benjamin H., Jr. . . Athens Greer, Alfred Parham Greenville Griffin, Claude .... CarroUton Griffin, Edwin M. Attapulgus Griswold, Julia Hall Macon Grogan, Raymond Gerald Byron Guild, Ned Athens Gulbransen, Mary N. . Ancon, Canal Zone GUMBLE, AdALINE R. . . . Savannah Gunn, Vera India Thomson Gunter, William B. . . . Commerce GuRLEY, Thomas Oren Hartwell Hacke, James Edward, Jr. Athens Halliburton, Julian Douglas Macon Hames, Curtis G Claxton Hamlin, Alice Louise . Springfield, Mo. Hamm, Llewellyn .... Bowdon Hammond, Olyn Babbit . . Erie, Pa. Harber, William Hubert, Jr. . Athens Harden, George Warren . - Wbigbatn Hardison, Calvin W Tifton Hardy. George M Augusta Hardy, Jack C Jefferson Harmon, Dolores Kyle . ■ Savannah Harner, Joseph W.. Jr. . . Waynesboro Hatcher. Mary Etta .... Albany Hatcher, Robert Preston. Jr. . Macon Hawkes, Nell Athens Hawkins, James H. . . . Americus Hawkins, Melba Elise . . Eatonton Hayes, Dean D E stanoUee THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY Ieakn, Dora Mvri. Carrolltoii Ieidlkr, Harrison IIod(;s n . . Athens Iekiot, Robert Latimer . S.Tvannali Ikrmdon.Jomn p. . . . IXiUoii Ierrington. ICdwin F. Munnerlyn [ill, Georgia Anna Savaiinali IiLL. Hugh K.. Jr. Rover IiLSMAN. Mary Ann Atlanta llNSON. l ELLE .... Alamo IiNSON, IloRKis Jean . M arianna. Fla. louGEs. Rov Theodore Lndowici louGSON, Winston Davenpokt Athens loGAN. Krownie Elvira Hogansville IdLcoMB. Benjamin F., Jr. . Gainesville loLMAN, Robert Griffin . Albany OLSENBECK. WlLEV HoWARD Macon loRNE, Robert Darley Cordele Horsey, Harry B., Jr. Atlanta lovsE, Cedelia .... Woodville low.vRD, Martha -Xugusta . Lexington il ' BBLE, Hettis B Trenton Ii-GGiNS, Elmer B. . . . Carrollton iuNNicuTT. ' ili.iam Oliver . Macon iuNTER, Homer . . . Young Harris luTCHESON, Harry Jordan . Kite -luTCHiNGS, Sara Alice Watkinsville iUTCHlNS, J. DORSEY . Buford lUTCHINSON, CeLIA GaiL . Athens -luTCHlNSON, F. W. La Grange RBY, John Jackson Fort Valley fACKSON. Carl E. Fackson, Frances J. [ackson. Mary Noel Iacobs, J. Walter, Jr. Fanes. William North Iarrett, Jahbell Robins [rwin. Christopher F., Jr. . SandersvUle Isaac, Robert Stamler . Llizabetli. N. J. [vEY, Bernard E. . . . Oglethorpe ;vey, Mary Jean Atlanta [vie. Carl W., Jr. . . . Barnesville fACKSON, . ndre v Travis . . CarroUton Decatur Columbus Winder . West Point . nacostia, D. C. Center Athe Fen KINS. Phyllis Parker Iennings, Martha E. . San Antonio, Tex. [oEL. Charles, Jr Athens loHNSON, Jane Roberts . College Park FoHNsoN. Julia Anne . . . Athens loHNsoN, Wm. T Syhania FoiNER, Horace Gbeely . . . Butler Jones, Annie V Jackson Jones, Catherine Everett . Waynesboro Jones, Gordon Atlanta Jones, Henry W ' ill . . . Lakeland Jones, James Brunswick Jones, Robert Lynn . . . Lakeland Jones, Sara Jim .... Watkinsville Jones, ' incent Sanford - . Jackson Kalmon, Julia Friedson . . . Albany Kaney, Johnathan Dennis . . Hickox Kanter. Walter .... Savannah THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY ( w Kaplan. Daviii Isaai- KkEN. TrAMMKLL CoLWHI-l.. Keith, Robert Ki ' gese Kelly, Cecil Robert Kellv, Gordon McNeill Keliey, Sara Pauline ' riBhlsvillc ) t. Dubliti Omega Macon . ugusta T.iMiisvilU ' Kim I ' F, LuiTi ' OLD W.. West N. nrighton. N. V. Kernaghan. Robert TTearst Key. Polly Gwendolyn KiCKLlGHTER, QUENTIN IT. Kierce. Alice V ' ern Kn.nT. Fred Clark Km.lian, I.ew is Martin KiMBROl-GH, MaRJORIE Knight. Henry S. T.ane, Edgar Eugene Lane, Julia Taylor Lane, Nell Rebecca Laney. Howard Fran klin Langdon. Josephine E. Lanier, Marian Allene Lansdell, Joseph Truett Lawrence. John Allen Lawrence, Joyce Elizabeth Lee, Carolyn Gene Lee, Earl M Lee, St. Elmo . . . - Lee, Truman Leroy Lecgett, Udell Claire Lemacks, William Jackson Macon Monticello Glennville Columbus Lovett [acon 1 OH roc Way cross Colquitl DexteT Jackson Macoii Woodbury ■ Roopville Hephzibab Milledgeville Augusta Albany Statesboro Cairo Fitzgerald Baxley Sale City Lemmon, Eleanor .... Sumter Lennard, Coral Lois . . . Atlanta Leon.Lettye Despina . • Savannah Lesser, Milton Edgar . . . Athens Levy, Isaac Clarence, Jr. . Augusta Liddell, Martha K. te . Athens Lincoln, James Pratt . Schenectady, N. Y. LiNDSEY, Paul J. . . . Willacoochee Lipford, Edward Holdman . Americus Lipscomb, Rosalind Tarver . Americus Little, Marion .... Louisville Littlefield, William Mc doo . Folkston Llewellyn, Mrs. Fern M A son . Savannah Llewellyn, T. C, Jr. Sparta Lloyd, Charles Edwin Lakeland Lofton, Price Phillip Columbus Loomis, E. Patricia . . Avon Park, Fla. Lott, Robert Lester Hoschton LovvoRN. Homer Bruce Cedartown LoYD, Harold Greer . Athens Lucas, Robert E., Jr. . Macon Macauiay, Hugh A. Waynesboro Macpherson, Margaret Brunswick Maddo.x:, Mary Elizabeth Augusta Maddox, Rubye Nelle Winder Maddux, Francis Taylor Sycamore Mandrons, George Brookville Mann, Evelyn Ruth DanielsviUe Mann, Jeane . Griffin i THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY f % .O. Q- ' Manning, TIarris C. . Ellavillc Manning, Lela . . . . Bainbridge AIanry, I ' rances . . . . Edison Marks. James IIakkv Stimmcrvillc Marsh, George K. . . . Kockford, 111. Marshall. Kenneth I). . St Elmu, Tcnn. Martin, Connie Smith Barney Martin, Kdwin Dennis Columbus .Martin, Mrs. Frances Davis Columbus M.vrtin, John Gordon, Jr. Augusta Martin, Luther Philemon . . Chipley NtARTiN, Roy Elmo Columbus Mathews. Florence Lucile Americus Matthews, Joe I., Jr. Dallas Mathis, Sarah Virginia X ' aldosta AXWELL, Edgar James. Jr. Lexington Maxwell. Eugene K. Lexington Mays. J. O ' Donald Louisville Meeks. Stanton .... . Nicholls Mercer. Jack TIrooks Gray Merritt. Thomas Robert Calvary Me er, Sam. Jr . Atlanta MlDDLEBROOKS. [aRV 1 ' KANCES Atlanta Miles, Waunelle . . . Blackshear Miller, Alice Ruth .... Sasser Miller. Jesse Roy Cairo Miller. Marilyn Athens Miller, Ruth Edison Miller, Sidney Smith . . • Gordon MiMS. William I ' reeman . . . tlanta MiNKOviTZ, Emma Charlotte . Sylvania Mitchell, Georgia Eulalia . Bowdon JIiTCHELL. John B. . . Asheville, N. C. MiTCHUM, William R.,Jr. . . Monroe MixoN, Virginia Claire . . . Ocilla MoBLEV. James Harry Augusta JfoBLEY. Ralph Dean Dallas MONSEER, GeRALDINE AlETHIA . Savannah Montgomery. Jack Rome MooRE. Elizabeth Hood Atlanta Moore. Ermer Leon Blackshear Moore. Tames . lonz " Griffin MoRAN, Elizabeth A. Augusta SroRAN, Edward Elliott Augusta Morgan!. Maedelle lenna r0RRIS. AsHELY DaVIIi Pearson Morris. Albert L. . ■ oung Harris Morris. Elizabeth Snellings . Elhcrton Morris. Ruel Irving. Jr. ■ • Aprling Morrison, Martha .... Pembroke Moses. Bill Henry .... Uvalda Moss, Alfred H. . ■ Petersburg. Va. Mote, Harold cworth MuLLiNS. Nell Louise . . Harlan, Ky. MuNDY, Emmel Winslow . Harlem JIundy. Joseph B Jonesboro :Mi-ssel vhite. John Ira . . Cordele McArthur. Ella Lorraine . Milton, Kla. McBraver. Geraldise A. . . • Rome THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY McCalley, Catherine Atlanta McCarty, Laura Dalton McCaskill, Alex Newnan McCay, James E. . . . . . . Ila McClintick, Keith Lapel, Ind. McClure, Mary Helen Union City McCoMBS, James Nobfleet Athens McCoNNELL, Roger Hakben . . ' Ashland McCreery. Robert A. Savannah McCkimmon, Rayford Soperton McDaniel, Joseph Frederick . Alamo McEwen, Pat .... Danielsville McGarity, Hugh Harris Athens McLendon, J. C, Jr. . . Waycross McLeod. Ben Hill . Tifton McNab, Sarah Catherine Athens McNair. Samuel Weldon . Stapleton McNiel, William Hobgood Fairburn McRae, Herman A. Glenwood McRainey, Malcolm A., Jr. Elmodel McRee, Jennie V. . . . Watkinsville McWhorter, Joseph Everett . CarroUton McWhorter, Mary Estes Cochran Norman, F. A., Jr. Columbus Norman, Martha Nelle . -Vlpliaretta Norman, Robert C. . . . Washington NoRRis, Lester Elliott Augusta North, Marian Thomas Atlanta Northington, Robert Percy Tennille Norton, Mary Evelyn Graves Nutt, Myric Hildred Bowdon Dates, Mary Hopkins Brunswick Odom, William Earle, Jr. . Milledgeville Oglesbee, Ruby Evelyn . ugusta Ollifp, Laura Ellen Bristol O ' QuiNN, Brantley . St, S inions Island Owen, James Coleman . Griffin OwiNGS, Doris Hall Cbickamauga Paddock. Dave Fleming . . Athens Palmer. Charles Lloyd Sale City Panter, Robert Harmon, Jb, . Forest Park Paquette, Jane Stewart . Augusta Parady, William Harold . Cuthbert Pardue, Helen Robert . . . ikcn, S. C. Paris, Carolyn Reid . . . Brunswick Paris, Frederic David . Princeton, N. J. Paris, Howell D Dallas Paris, Martha Louise . . Alpharetta Paris, Mary Helen . . . .Mpharetta Park, Griffin Arnold . . . Moultrie Parker, Samuel Lee . . . LaFayette Parmenter, Emory R Aclo Patrick, Vivian Montez . . Omega Paulk, Mrs. Mabel Robinson . Chipley Faulk, Rachel Wray Paulk, Russell Frank, Jr. Brunswick Pearson, Owen P Baconton Pearson, William Osgood . . Albany Peebles, George R. . . . Chatsworth Peeples, William Jackson . . Athens THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY ERKiNS. Dorothy . Stillniore ERHV. CaTHERISK Sardis ERRV. KdWARD OwEN.Jk. . . . Atlanta ' erryman. James Edwin . Ccdartown ' erson. John Dozier, Ju. Monticello ERT, Helen Louise . Athens ETERS, Dorothy Atlanta ' HILI.IPS. Laura J Cuthbert : iKE. Irwin Hunter . . - Newnan iNCKNEY, Jerome Kmmett . Savannah : iTTMAN, Erma Jean .... Tifton [ olatty, George Junius . . . Evans c)LLOCK, S. Lois . Daytona Ueacli, Fia. ' oND. Harvey C. ■ West Hartford, Conn. ippER, Carolyn Peggy . . . Macon )RTER. Ruth Hicks .... Dublin ' owELL, C.LEN Omega ' owELL, June Blanche . . . Vienna owELL, Lamar Omega owELL, LoRAN Ell . . . Augusta ' rather. Edward E Jasper : ' reble, Clinton . - Lynchburg, Va. ' kesnell, Grover C, Jr. . ■ Athens Price, Cecilia Frances . . Swainsboro Prince, William J Atlanta ' rintup, Margaret Ellen . Dearing ?ullen, Emory Athens ; ullen, Thomas Marion . . Damascus : ullen, William T McRae ' urcell, James Dewitt . - . Baxley ' uRCELL, Ruth ?ACSDALE, Miss Billie Rainbow, Harold Xainey, Marian Frances . ?ainey, Miriam Leigh Randall, William Harbut Toccoa Athens Sparks Atlanta Rochelle Atlanta ?auzin, Martha L. . Miami Beach, Fla. ?AY, Henry Cook .... Boston ?AY, Herbert Louvain . . . Calhoun ?AY, John A Royston EDDiCK, Sara Elizabeth . . . Cairo ?EESE, John Evans .... Atlanta JEEVES. Leta Woodbury EiD, H. Jackson Athens ; ENKA, John I Athens ■Reynolds, H. M Cairo Reynolds. Jamie Carolyn . Washington Rhodes, Irvin Tatum . . Alpharetta iCE, William B., Jr. . 5 avannah iiicHARD, Douglas Mims . . Savannah Richardson, Frances Davis . Montezuma Richardson, Sara Joyce . - . . tlanta RiCHSTONE. Alan Abraham Carrollton Riley, Harley, Jr Butler Ritchie, George C. . . . Milledgeville Roach, Elizabeth .... Statesboro Roach, ' irginia .... Statesboro Roberts, Constance Clarke . . Macon Roberts, James Leon, Jr. . Blackshear Roberts, James P., Jr Rome THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY Roberts. James Pinkney . lloschton Robertson, Revben Lewis . Manslicld Robinson, Kvelyn Frances Jesup Robinson, Jack. Jr. Jackson, Tcnn. Rogers, Kdna Elizabeth AuRusta Rogers, Josephine Aslibiirn Rogers. Richard O. Baxley Rogers. William Shelbv Elherton Roop. HiLLiE Ann Bowdon RosENBURC. Albert Aaron Swainshoro Ross. George R., Jr. Cleveland RosSEE, Sara .... Eatonton RriTHRKKO, Robert Louis . . . Atlanta Roth WELL, Gordon Otis. New Bedford. Mass. Rowan, Waldo Adel Rlbin. Alvin Perry .... Gordon Kicker, Betty Llovd .... Griffin RiTKiN, Helen .... Tampa, Ela. Salter. Ruth Bartow Salter. William Lawrence . .Savannah Sams, William C, Jr. . . . Dallas Sancken, Sara Norwood . . Augusta Sanders, James H Dahlonega Sanders, Reagan Holly . . Commerce Sangster, Nora Ernestine Vienna ScHEER, Gloria Rose Eatonton ScoGGiNs, Henry Burl . Rome Scott, Bettv .... Rome Scruggs, Kathleen Columbus Seaton, Frank W. Cohutta Seay, Sarah Mable Reynolds Seymour, Glenn E. . Albany Sheriff, Sam Collins Atliens Sherrill, Shirley T. Bowdon Shingler, H. I., Jr. . Ashburn Short, Lawrence L. . Doerun Shuman, Roy Pasco Coolidge Sibbett, William Albert, Jr. . Douglas Simmons, Mary Lucile Oglethorpe Sims, Katherine Evelyn . Bogart .Skinner, Louis L, Jr. Athens Slate, Mary Y. . . . . . . Athens Slick, William A. Norris, Tenn. Slocum, Louise B. . . . . . Macon Smith, Andrew Norman . Waycross Smith, Brown Moultrie Smith, Cason Conrad Augusta Smith, Eleva Carleton Atlanta Smith, Joan .... Clayton Smith, Kathryn Louise . Statesboro Smith, Louise . . . . Clayton Smith, Linwood Agnew Carnegie Smith, Marion Lee Covington Smith, Paul Albert . Atlanta Smith, Sara Jo ... . Watkinsville Smith, Sue E Kensington Smith, Vivian Astor . Bremen Smith, William Thomas. Jr. . Tifton Snelling, John McLucius, Jr. . Augusta SoHN, Louis Seymour, Jr. . . Atlanta D THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY jf, U ' - r|! ai0 SoLMEs, Selma Louise . Savannah Souther, John Paul Clioestoe Spann. James Luther Columbus Sparks. Andrew Horace. Jr. . . Milk-n Speer, Helyn Louise . Ochlochnee Spence, William Allmosu Camilla Spivey, Martha Henrietta . Atlanta Spooner, Myrtle Eunice . Jakin Sproull. Miriam B. Rockmart Stafford. Mary Ellen . The Rock Stanley, George Woods. Whitemarsh Is and. Savannah Staples. Trammel Piowdnn Stegeman, John F. Athens Stelling. Carl H. Augusta Stephens, Sophia Newnan Stevens. Katherine Lee Miami Stewart, Arthur T., Jr. White Plains Stewart, James L lcolm . Sylvester Stewart, James Phillips . . Atlanta Stewart, Thomas Hill, III . Fort Screven Stewart, Wilton W. . White Plains Stoddard. Margaret Mattox . Atlanta Storey, John David Athens Strickland. Charles Howard Comer Strickland, J. C. W ' aycross Strickland, John Earl Mershon Strong, Nancy Leigh Newnan Sumerford, Daniel Bridges Reidsville Summerour, Katherine K. Norcross Summers. Antoinette IJarnesville SwANN, Elizabeth . Cutlibert SwiNFORD. Elizabeth Bislaxu Macon Tankersley, Milton J. Martinez Taylor, Jack (Ireensboro Taylor, Lillian Tampa, Fla. Teaslev, Frank S. . . . Alpha retta Terry, Charles Herman Thomasville Tharpe, Edgar Jefferson Macon Thomas, Carrol M. Decatur Thomas, Paul Frederick Cordele Thornton, Mary Kathrvn . Winterville Thornton. Ralph Craham Athens Threatt. Durwood Carlton. Mills Point, Texas Tift, Lutrelle McLennon . Tifton Travis, Cecelia Darracott Savannah Tribble, Ansley Stenson Monroe Trotter, Mary Charlotte . . Madison Tuck, Joseph Quillian . Winterville Tumlin, Emma Lee Gainesville Tumlin, Louise Imoge Gainesville Turner, Toel Edward . . Tifton Turner. Kathryn Louise Griffin Twitty, Mary Russell . Pelham Tye, John L., Ill Atlanta Tye, Miriam Edison N ' andiver, Samuel Kknest. Jk. . Lavonia ' andiver, Sanford Webster . Toccoa Van Riper, Warren . • Atlanta Vansant, James Irvin . Douglasville THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY 7 r% VoiGT, Ramon G. . . . Demorest Waldhour, Elizabeth A. Savannah Waldrop, Callie Annette Jonesboro Walkkr, Alyce Harrison Decatur Walkkr, Frank V. Warthen Wall, Henry Gelma. Jr. Statham Wallace, James J., Jr. . Atlanta Wallis. Frances Louise CarroIIton Ward, James Brantley Hapeville Warlick, Charles Louis Cartersville Warner. Isabel McLeran Savannah Warren, Mary Will . . Tignall Watkins, Eunice LeGrande, Midlothian, ' a. Watson, Donald C. . Dallas Watson, Dorothy Lucille Atlanta Watson, Reynolds S. Athens Webb, Bert Williamson Milledgeville Weill, Asher Louis Atlanta Weinkle, Evelyn Atlanta Weinstein, Jeannette Greensboro Weitmen, Millie Almo Wellborn, Eloise Gainesville Wells, Martha Francis Wildwood Westbrook, Bonnie T, . . Ila Westbrook, George Washington . Ha Whatley, Emily Claire Reynolds Wheeler, Jean Madeline Rome Wheeler, Randall Stacy Lambert Wheeler, William C. Maysville Whelan, Joseph Hinton Ettrick, Va. Whelchel, Sarah Alto Whitaker, Martha Schley Athens White, Ida Elizabeth Augusta White, Robert Render Greenville White, William Otis Augusta Whitehead, Edward Winston Athens Whitehead, William W. Watkinsville Whittemore, Max AL Athens WicKHAM, Fred L. . . . Columbus Wiggins, Earl Brumby . Benevolence WiLBURN, Anne McCollum . Woodbury Wilder, Bruce L Royston WiLFONG, Walter Whitener Athens Wilhite, D. Tapley, Jr. Jefferson Wilensky, Grace Savannah WiLKiNs, Sam Gayden, Jr. Columbus Williams, Charles C. Athens Williams, Ellen A. Lawrenceville Williams, George Frank Plains Williams, Virgil Clayton Ringgold Williams, Walter Harris Atlanta Williams, William Donald Atlanla Williams, William Isaiah Albany Willis, Thomas J. . Daytona Beach, Fla. Willoughby, Janelle Atlanta Wilson, Henry A. Decatur Wilson, James Andrew Savannah Wilson, Sterling J. Eowdon Wilson, Violet Christine Athens Wimberly, James Wilson . Waynesboro THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY WiNPSON, Daviu V. . . . Calhoun Wisr.ARi). J. O., Jr. . . . (Garfield isK, Millie I.fvette . Wadiey {Min, F.DWARD W ' llITWORTll . Caifo Wood. Ksther Ruth .... Baxley Woop. Thomas 1 Macon WooDALL, William C, Jr. . Columbus WooTEN. James S. . Rirmingliam, . la. WoRTHiNCTON, T. D. . . . Atlanta Wray, Joe Willie . . . Cedartown Wrav, Martha Louise . . Royston Wkii.h r. Tames Alexandfr . Washington W ' Rir.HT. TIf.nrv Ware Wavnesboro Wrk;ht. John Wesley, Jr.. Charles, on, W. ' a. Vates, Doris Kathryn Camilla Yates. Edwin Steven Tallahassee, Tla. Vazell, Bill Columbus Young. Margaret F. Atlanta 11 . D THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE ArNEY, IldWARD MOBTDM ArKAM, Rl ' THANNE AcREE. Lillian Rebecca Adams, Annie Love Adams, Bernarr Brown . Adams, Charlotte Murrav Columbus Fitzgerald Athens Athens Dewy Rose Alpharetta Alden, John Alford, Mary Marjorie Ai.FORD, Menry N., Jr. Alixoud, Ruth Altman, Reba Andrews, James A. Cornelia Sylvester Atlanta Marietta Brunswick Miami, Fla. Anthony, Emma Lucille High Shoals Arnold, Charles Hease Winder Arnold, Don Bobb . . . Washington Arnold, Lizbeth L. . Palm Beach, Fla. Arnold, Walter .... Hogansville Arrendale, Irma Evelyn . . Colbert Babb, LeVern Dalton Bailey, Dartha Webster . . Norcross Baker, Margaret Ervvin . West Point Baldwin, Martha Dorothy . Madison Ballew, DeWitt, Jr. . . Savannah Uallew, Wesley Jackson . Americus Barber, Elizabeth Corinne . . . tlanta Barber, Rose Marian . . . Atlanta Barefoot, William Lonnie . Waycross Barnes. Benjamin S Macon Barnett, Aitrclius Pharr . Washington Barnett, Henrietta .... Bishop Barron, George Albert . , Lexington Barrow, Thomas A Athens Bass, Ann Virginia . Daytona Beach, Fla. Baumann, Helen McDuffie . Ashland Baumann, Winfield p. . . Ashland Baxter, Lucy Frances . . , shburn Beamer, Helen Louise . . Calhoun Beattv, Faye Marie . . Brunswick Beatty, Sara Elizabeth . Fort Screven Bedcood, Patsy (Martha Anne) . Athens Beerman.Anna Beatrice . . Atlanta Belcher, Annie .Martha . Bainbridge Bell, Arlis Green .... Athens Bell, Jack E Athens Bell, Ralph H Atlanta Bell, Sarah Eunice . . . Richland Belyeu, Frank Lafayette . . Atlanta Bennett, Willie George . Birmingham Benson, Beverly Anne . . Athens Benson, John H Athens Benson, Sara Fhances . Jacksonville, Fla. Bernard, H ugh Yancey, Jr. . Washington Berry, Earl Parks . . . Athens Berry, Henry Chaney . . . Rome BiocERS, M. Josephine . . Columbus Biggs, Erle Leslie . . . Starke, Fla. Birdsong, Henry Walter . . Athens Blackburn, James William . Swainsboro Blonstein, Shirley Minna . Atlanta Bloodworth, Bartley R., Jr. . Athens THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE d Blount, William Richakii . llrunswick BoDDiE. James Warnkk . . LaCiranK ' Blumenthal. Sallv . l " liishing. N. V. BoGCS. Harold Arthur . Daiuclsville BoLLiEk. Sherwood Harold. North Tooa v:iiula, X. Y. Caiiuii Bond, Joseph Roy Danielsville Booth. Cora Lee Cordele Booth, John Newton Athens Bowen, Elizabeth Agnes Atlanta BnwKN. Sara Kmma Chickaniaiiga HoWKRS, rR NK l-LnVD RuystoM Boyd, George Hugh, Jr. Athens Braddock. Ray Williams Athens Bradley, Dorothy J. Winterville Bramlett, Glemm Lamar Marietta Hraselton, Herbert Brown Braselton Braziel, Anne Elizabeth Pitts Brewton, William Slater . Statesborn Brice. John Henry . Lake Wales. Fla. Britt, William I Athens Brody, Morris . . • Sumter, S. C. Brooks, Mary Z Atlanta Brooks, Orien L ubiirn Broome, Bennie Oliver . . McBean Brown, Helen Atlanta Drown, Jack Rucker . • Hartwell Brown, Margaret .... -Athens Brown, Nellie Jane . . . -Vtlanta Brown, Robert Thomas . . Elberton Brown, Woodrow Wilson, Chattanooga, Tenn. Bryant, Everett ' Newnan Bullock, Hiram Cecil . . . Comer BuRCH, Joe Dedrick . . • Athens Burgess, Herbert Macon BiRKE, Harriett .... Americus Burroughs, William F. Danielsville Caccese, Anthony . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Callahan, Florence Lee Athens Callahan, Hilda Eugenia Atlanta Callaway, Ernest E., Jb. Covington Camp, Royal Chester Atlanta Campbell. Nell Athens Candler, William Atlanta Cannon, Fred Lloyd. Jr. Atlanta Carithers, Herschel. Jr. Athens Carlisle, Mary Maurice . . Cairo Carr il, Jean Eloise Itrunswick Carlton, Mike H. . . . Athens Carswell, James J., Jr. Augusta Carter, Malcolm R. . . . Moansville Carter, Roland Earl Athens Cassels, Robert Quartermann . Atlanta Cauthorn, Thomas Edward Atlanta Chance, George Allen, Jr. . Sardis Chandler, Burton B, Washington Chandler, Francis W. Milledgeville Chandler, Louise McMahon Athens Chesnut, Margaret Cladney . Chambiee Christie. Jessie Wheat Columbus ? % FHE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE (I IIRISTOPHER. FraSCFS IT. Atlanta LARK, Robert O. . . Millen LARK, Shirley Df.kle Statcsboro LARV. Horace K. Atlanta LAXTON. Edward H. Dnltlin ' lements, Charles Reed LaFayettc LEVELAND, ThOMAS G. Elberton LiFTOS, Henry Klton Statesboro LINE. Ralph Carol Cramiall " oBB. Sami ' el Jefferson . . Athens ocKE. Arline Huff Atlanta itn F, Tank Frances Athens ' ollier, Nancy Jane . . St. Simons ' oLLiNS, Gwendolyn Thomas . Athens ' oLLiNS. Makjorie ELIZABETH . Baxley ;oLQi ' iTT, Hugh Stevens . . Dallas roLQUiTT, Tat R Cedartown ' one. Remer Hamilton . . - Stilson " oNGER, Margaret Elizabeth . Penfield ' oNNER, Evelyn Frances • - Pitts rooK, Elgie Cordon . - Geneva ' ooK. Herbert Troy .... VValeska ' ooK. James E Albany ' ooLiK, Nora Reynolds oopER, Frances Ann ORBETT, Thomas ORNELL, James E., Jr. ' ORRY, Frank, Jr. Sumter Pearson Indian Springs . . Tifton ' ORNWELL, Ann Atlanta OUCH, Raymond Edwards . . Athens OVINGTON.JOE PlERCE Atlanta OWN, Samuel Merrit Gravson RABB, Thomas Nathan Athens renshaw, Robert Walden, Jr. . Atlanta RAWFORD, JaNELLE Atliens reekmore, Ann Newton Athens rosswell, Anne Williamson Atlanta unningham, L. Kathryn Lexington aniel, Emile Wright Claxton aniel, Graham F. . . . Athens )avis, Bruce Winterville ►avis, Catherine Virginia . . Athens AVIS, Charles N, Albany AVIS, Harris E. . . . Albany )av IS, Henry Gordon, Jr. . . Sylvester avis, Jack Talmadge .Athens AVIS, James Hugh, Jr. Atlanta avis, Mary Eugenia Taylorsville avis, Philip .... Rome avis, Winfred . Blakely avison, Ida Dorsey . Athens eLoach, Charles James . Savannah eLong, James Mark (iainesville EMPSEY, John Patton Rome enney, Newman Dorsey Roopville eVane, Earnest Wilburn Benevolence ickens, Zella Anne . . Sparta ORSEY, Harry Neil Taylorsville oss, Julia Marie . . LaGrange ottery. Edwin L. Athens V D THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE iCi Douglas, Marv .... Athens Downer, Curtis Bandhks . Hichlaiul DoziER, Harriette Elizabkth . Tiftoii Drake, Carolyn Ashley Uncknian Dresser. Grey Athens DuIIosE, Janet Stovall Athens Dudley, James Wallace . . . Athens DuNLAP, James Williams . . . Macon Dunn, Julius Wilson . . liaxley Dunn, Tommy Albany DuPEEE, John William Hampton Early, John Thomas, Ju. Home Kdge, James Brannen Statesboro Edge, Lewis A Columbus Edwards, Hilda C. . . . Woodbury Edwards, Rufe Dorsey . Jacksonville, Ela. ICdwards, Thomas H. . . . Pembroke EiDSON, Vera Whigham Eldredce, William Knox Miami, Fla. Kllison, Lucile Jackson . Tij-nall Kpps. Selma Frances Athens KsTEs. Bayard Chandler Athens Ktheredge, Harriett Havgoou Albany Eubank, Jackson E. Appling Evans, Betsey Ellen . Wadley Evans, Charles Hall, Jr. Warrenton Farr, Marv I Savannah Ferguson, Washington H. Cuthbert 1 ' ew, Shocklev Paullin Apalachee Field, Horace Wesley . Atlanta Fields. John Henry Hampton Finch, Robert Gordon Union Point Firman, Philip D. . New York, N. Y. FiROR, Anne Byrd Athens Flanders. Rachel Helen Scotland Flexer, Margaret Eula Brunswick Fontana, Alfred W. . B ooklyn. X. Y. Fordham.Mary Bradley Athens FoRDHAM. James E. Stillmore Fort, Helen George Morrow FoRTSON, Anne W. . Jac sonviUe, Fla. Fortson, Mildred Washington Fortson, Weston Magette . Lincolnton l ' " ox, Alex .... WilHman ' ic, Conn. Eram, Benjamin . Worcester. Mass. Erank, Dorothy Margaret . . Decatur Frasch, Charles Oskar . Atlanta Freeman, Frances Y. . . . Unadilla Fryer. Lillian Fort . . Blakely Fulmer, Walter William .Savannah (Iaddis, Millard J Quitman (JAMDLE, Anne Savannah Gamble, Louise Warren . . Louisville Carner, Emily Elizabeth . . . shburn Garrard, George Hammond . Washington Gary, Albert ' . ugusta Gary, Marshall Rogers . . Sparks Gaulding. John Morgan, Jr. Colbert Gibson, XL rvin M Douglas Gilbert, Lorene Atlanta ) THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE MM liii.i.iAM, Helen A. . McCaysville, Tenn. (MLMORE, KoBY Leola . . MoMticdlo .iL«EATH, Mary Elizabeth . Cartcrsville Ginsberg. Joseph Hakuld , . Dalton ClANTON. RoZELLE .... Grantville (iLARos, John Creichton . Plant City, Fla. C.LEDHiLL. Claudia Josephine CooDNER, J. Vance Nahunta (lOODYEAR, Genevieve Brunswick (.ORDON, James Howell Pitts .RAtEv. Robert Uright Augusta C.RAV. Sarah Alice Guliinibus .REER. Norma Grant . Athens .reer, John Thomas . . . Monroe (.REER. Warren Coryell . Athens Greer, Zack Evans Cordele Gregory, John J Vienna Gresham, Martha McLain . . Smyrna Griffin, M.T.,jR gparks Grimmett, Sue Louise . . Macon Grist, Jack D Dillard Groves, Robert Walker, Jr. . Savannah Gulbransen, Polly Anne, Ancon, Canal Zone GuNN, Frank L. Crawfordville Hagood, Harold Gunter Lawrenceville Haines. June Miriam Miami, Fla. Hall. Charles Herman Norwood Hall, Leon L. . . . . LaGrange Hall, Robert Howell Soperton Hamilton, Donald F. . . Oil City, Pa. Hamilton, Harriette Deas . . Atlanta Hammeti. Dorothy Anne . . Athens Hamrick, Blanche D. . . Cartcrsville Haney, Andrew Marietta Harber, Thomas A. . . . Commerce Harding, Mildred Estelle . Decatur Hardy, Billie Kathrvn . Jefferson Harlow, Robert .Summerville Harrell, Joseph Kussell Milan Harris, Guy B. . . . Atlanta Harris, James Aubrey Ranger Harris, Jesse Clemons . Donalsonville Harris, John B., Jr. . Macon Harris, Pauline Whitman . .Atlanta Harris, William Krnest . Winder Harrison, Robert Harold . . I!fthiehem Harrison, Robert Ivy Atlanta Hart, Jewell Estelle . . Social Circle Hartford, James Nicholson . . Athens Hartsfield, Richard C. . . Lakeland, I ' la. Harwell, James W Athens Haskins, Sidney Macon Haslam, George Harold . Milledgeville Hatcher, Dock Akin . . Screven Hattawav, William Borrion, UL Brundidge, .Ma. Haverty, Rawson .... Atlanta Hayes, Lillian Marcelle . . . tiiens Haygood, Walter T., Jr. . l ' ' arniington Head, R. Jennings Alma rHE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE d ItNLkv. Daviii I ' khson . Summcrvillc Ienrv. I ' r.vmks W ' ALts . Cowpens, S. C. IinniN ' . Ida Ruth . Cliattaiiooga. Tenn. lu KS, r.RNEST Lavonia IioiiiNBOTliAM. I.ol ' lSE Merle . Alliens IlGliSMlTll, NoRWOon HowELi, Uaxley I ILL, Al.VA Jn .... . Athens llLL. WaLTLK v., Jk. Atlanta liNsoN, Frank Lafi.ev Ilinsonton IiSE. Joseph Earl Chickamauga llX. LOWEI.I. S Summerville loDGES, William H.. Ill - Watkinsvilk- louGSoN, Mary T-ogan Atlanta loGAN. Harvey Lexington loGAN. U. J Dexter [uLBRooK. Robert K. Carnesville loLLEV. David P. . . . Pisgah. Ala. loLLIDAYj J. C. Lexington loLLiDAV, John William . Lexington Dolman, Charles Milligan Albany OMA. Barbara Jane Miami, Fla. ioOD. HoYT .... Nacoochee ioRTON.JOHN W. Waynesboro losFORD, Jimmy Columbus Atlanta lowARD, Anita Stuart Howard, Jacqueline Lowell, Robert Lewis uckabee, Leo Bennett iuddleston, josephine a. luDSON, James Tidwell rlUDSON, W ' lLLlAM ChaRLES rluFF, Joseph Winston rluLME, Elizabeth Elaine rluNNICUTT, GlORIA AsHTON Hunter, Kathryn Bonner MuRLEY, Eleanor Nashville Harlan, Ky. Thomson Macon Athens Athens . Atlanta West Point Athens Athens . thens Macon tlUTCHESON, LVMAN .... Kite [vEv. Henry Franklin, Jr. . . Augusta Tackson, Marian .... Cochran Jackson, Robert Lee, Jr. - Greensboro Iacobus, Joseph. II ... . Atlanta James, Howard Bayless . - . EHijay Jarrett, Harold M Center Jay, William H. . . - Douglasville Jeffares. Catherine M adin . . Athens Johnson, Carl Friedal . . Elberton Johnson, Evelyn Louise . . Bogart Johnson, Howard White . Clarksville Junes, Benson Monroe . . . Dallas Jones, Betty Fitch .... Atlanta Jones. Bolling, III .... .Atlanta Jones. Emory Parks . . . Quitman Jones. Florence H Atlanta Jones, E. Klaike .... Savannal ' Jones, Walter Troupe . . . Quitman Kay, Lena Belle Byron Keehan, W[LLiAM Francis. Jr. . Macon Keller, A. Paul, Jr Athens Kelly, Evan Levi . . Grovetown Kkmmer, Virginia Chattanooga. Tenn. THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE ( ¥ Kendkick, I.AWki:NiL W. Stat ham Kennedy, Jessk Carl lbany Kennedy, Joseph Edwin Atlanta Kennkmkr. Martha Virginia . WhiRliam Kennon. X ' irginia Webb . Athens Kent, JniiN IldWAiu). Jk. . . Kome Kkkskv. Ben jam in Luiyd . Brunswick KiDD. .1. Inman Hartwe ll Kii.LiAN, Josei ' h Olin . Holly Springs King, I " rances S thens Kinney, Hilda Merle . . • Bremen Kinney. William I-eRuy . . Braselton K I K B , W 1 L L I A M Ca L V I n . . . Deca t n r Kirk. Jam es l-lu w a kd . . . Valdosia Kirkland. Daniel Alto . . Columbus Kittle, Arthur Thomas . . . Athens Knight, Eva Kathryn . . Sale City Knight, William Thomas . Savannah Knox, Paul Cephus . . Appling Knupp, John Cutler . . . Atlanta Kramer, Sarah H. . Summerville. S. C. Kkumrine, Makion Selena . . Athens Kuzmicki, Alan . . . Wylam, Ala. LaCov, Jacob C. . . New York, N. Y. Lamkin, LisBETH Stovall . . Athens Lane. Tack J Lumpkin Lane, Margene .... Statesboro Lane, W i. Jones .... Statesboro LangdOn, Julia Lorraine . Columbus Lassiter, James William . Covington Lassiter, Sara Frances . . ])awson Lavender, Louise .... Athens Lee. Daniel Warn ell .... Alma LeHacky, Albin a. . McKeesport. Fa. Lemmond, Sarah Jeanne . . Atlanta LeRoy, Lemuel D Tignall Lesselbaum, Harold . Brooklyn Lewis, Glenn Lamar . . Atliens Lewis, Robert O Atlanta Lewis, Samuel Jose h, Jh, Augusta LiBBV, Henry G Waycross Lindsey, John T Quitman Lindsey, Vernon Eugene . . BlufTlon Little, George Booth . . . Atlanta Lokey, Mary Ellen .... Winder Logue, Charles Lee . . . (Sibson Long, Ernest D Bartow Lowery, Frank H Milan Lowrey, Tyler Andrew Preston Lynn, Donna Marie Miami, Fla. Lyon, Emmett Felton Ball Ground Maddock, Eleanor Ramsay Savannah Maddox, Joseph Jefferson . Atlanta Mann, F. Dean . Elberon, Va. Marsh, William John Athens Martin, Ida Anne Macon Marvin, John G. . . . Cincinnati, Ohio Mashburn, Delmer Lee Rochelle Maslow, Robert Brooklyn, N. Y. Mason, James Servitus . Thomasville M I THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE (f5 1 a a Massky, John M. . . (ireenville. S. C. Massky, KniiEKT L Columbus Massey, Roy ITabdnk, Jk. . . Atlanta Matthews, Jack IIevekly . . . Macon Matthews, Laura Klizaiiktii Ft. ' alley Matthews. Marjorie tlanta Matthews. Thomas Mii.i KK Thomaston Matthews, W. 1). M emphis. Tenn. Mathis, William H. . Porterdale Mavldin, Mattie M. Middleton Maxwell, Augustus K. . . Lexington Maxwell, Martha L. Dewy Rose Maxwell. Robert Jeffeks N . Augusta May, William Wardlaw Augusta Meulin. Mary Dorene . Miami. Fla. Meeks, Louise Hawkinsville Melvin, Clayton Eugene Leary Mercier, Billy R. . Danielsville Merritt, Dorothy J. . AvonHale Estates Meyer, Willie Jones . . Adel Michael, Charlotte LaG range Miller, Robert Erle . ' aldosta Miller. William H. Rome MlLLICAN. S. L. . . IJowdon Wilton, James Oliver . . . Palmetto Mitchell, Raymond Henry . • Athens MoBLEY. Julia Ann . . . Stone Mountain MoHR, Sico, JR Savannah Montgomery, Robert Clifford . Butler Moor, Rosalvn Clair . . - Atlanta Moore. Edward C. Loganville Moore. Martha Dovle Rome Moore, Marian Ruth Athens Moore, Tom Lewis . Summerville Morris. Newt, Jr. . . Marietta iloRRisoN, Lna JL e . WinterviUe Morrow, Harry V Decatur Morrow, Bessie Arlene . Social Circle MoSELEV, Thomas F. . ■ Eastanollee Moss. James Thomas . . . WinterviUe JIfRPH. John Speight, Jr. . Marshallville Mvcatt. George T Bogart McCall, John Clark . .. . .Moultrie McCants. Ralph B Butler McCartt, Rebecca Lucille . . . tlanta McClatchey, r.RACE Carling . . tlanta .McCollum, Roma Jane . . . . tlanta McConnkll. Melissa E. . . • DuWin McConnell, Mildred Louise . . . thens McCoy, Laura Columbus McCrarv, Thomas Alton . . Waycross McCreadv, Forrest Earl . Decatur McCurry. Wade .... Alpharetta McDavid, Mary Elizabeth . . . thens McDonald, James Jackson . . . thens McDonald, Morris Irwin . . Bolton McDuffie, Wilbur. Jr. . . ■ Macon McElhannon. James Emory . Jefferson McElrath, William McDowell . Macon McEvER, Margaret Catherine . Monroe I) THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Mcl-EE, Laura Grace .... Atlanta McGiLL, L. H Tifton McGiNTY, Franklin A. . . . Calhoun McHarge, James Emmett . . Rosaville I tclNTosH, Marv Louise . . . Atlanta McJuNKiN, Clovie Elizabeth . Gainesville McKenzik. Joe Harris . . Carrollton McKiNNEY, Lee . . . Nashville, Tenn. McLaughlin, Carl Reid . . . Jesup McLaughlin. Jane Niel . . . Jesup McLendon, Natii H Edison McRae, Margaret .... McRae Neal, Harry K. Neisler, Will Griffin New. Jacob . . . . Newell, Sarah Annie Newsom. William W. Newton, Lee T. NiBLET, Charles Tillman Nichols, Don E. Nirenberg, Jesse S. Nix, Dillard LaFayette NoRRis, Bonnie Ruth NoRRis, Jabie Walter Kite Reynolds Dexter Athens Union Point Madison Monticello Atlanta Bronx, N. Y. Commerce Newton Evans NoRRis, Leonard Pierce . . . Newton NuNNALLY, Hugh McKee . . Atlanta Dates, Hazel Novaline . Avondale Estates O ' Connor, Reba Theresa . . Augusta O ' Kelley, Charles Rogers . . Hull O ' Neal, Elise Uvalda O ' Neal, James Wooten . . . Tifton Orr, Eroadus Spurgeon . Flowery Branch Owens, Jefferson Evans Oxley. Sophie Catherine . . Macon Parkinson, M. Jean . . Springfield, Mo. Paris, Earl Pierce, Jr tlanta Park, Thomas B Eaton ' on Parker, William Wright . Brunswick Parks. Daphne Athens Parr, Martha N Athens Partridge, Dova Lee . . . Lincolnton Passmore, James Edward . . Columbus Pate, Joseph B. . San Jose , Costa Rica Patrick, Edith Collier Omega Patterson, Paxton Kenneth . iilairsville Payne. James Elbert Hart well Payne, Jackson White Hartwell 1 ' ayne, Martha Athens Peake, Anne Atlanta Pearce, Lonnie Wilmer Rochelle Pennington, Luther T. Matthews Perry, George W. . . Hull Perry, Iris Lucile Atlanta Persons, Jean Malone Monticello Pesetzky, Ralph .... New York Peyton, Virginia Tyler Athens Philips, Ward D. . . . Palatka, Fla. Philpot, Dorothy Hortelle Athens Pierce, Grace Elizabeth Savannah Pittman, Marvin Clements Macon THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE d w I ' ll rS. KaI IlKYN Kl.KANi »K . . ( " oluinlius rLOwiiKN. John d. Siininicrton, S. (_.. PniTAVINT. Al.EC I.« ' VI) . Camilla Pooi.E. ROIIERT Lni ' is . . . . Sylvestci- PiiKTKKFIKI.n. Vm. I). . . Comer rni-i:, FuRREST Kakl Alliens PosEV. .f. WvAir Headland, Ala. pRUE. Peggy Albany RUKETT, (IeO, DaNIEI, . Athens I ' kixcm.e, Ki.izaretii M cCORKLE. Thomasville l ll.l.TAM. OWKHIT F. Martin Qt ' ALLS, Cl ' v Logan . . l- " ort Benning Radford, Makgl ' erite V.. . . Keysville Raines. Marvin D Warwick Ramsey, ICvelyn L, . Cleveland, Tenn. Ramsey, Sara Frances . . . Atlanta Ramsey. Wilber F. . Gainesville, Ga. Raw LixGS, Lena Trene . . Sandersville Ravers, John Jacob , . . Savannah Reardon, William Bascom . Woodbine Redping, TTelen Tucker . . . Atlanta Reed. Martha Louise .... Rome Reese, William Augustus, Jr. . Jakin Rentz. Daniel Frank . . Miami, Fla. Resnick, Jacob M. . . Springfield, Mass. Reynolds, Herbert Lindley . Atlanta Reynolds, Zahner .... Atlanta Rich, Frances Cecil . . . Bainbridge Richards, Jan is Elizabeth . . Atlanta Richardson, Alice JL rie . . Atlanta Richardson, Billie C. . . Donalsonville RiDGELL, DoLLVE Jackson . . Athens RiGHTOx, Wylene Elizabeth . Savannah Roberts, Howard G. . . Swainsboro Robinson, Charles Morgan . Montezuma RoDGERS, Frances Rebecca Moultrie loDGERs. Ruth Ann Atlanta Rogers, J. Van, Jr. Ailanta Rogers. Tom Howell . . . Dallas Rogers, Warren Goodwin Hapeville ohrer, Nelle Frances Atlanta Rose, L ry Elizabeth Decatur ountree, John Wesley Hahira UARK, Horace Edward Bostwick Russell. Burwell A. Waverlv Rutledge. Emory Alan, J K. . Atlanta Sadler. Mary Erskine . . Hartwell Sale, Miriam Danburp Sascken. Herman H. . . Augusta Save. Harold A Athens CHROER, Herbert A. Valdosta Scott. Martha Agnes Atlanta Scott, William E., Jr. Savannah ScoviLL, Thomas Mayes Oglethorpe Secrest, Edgar Lee, Jr. Athens Selby, Charles Austin . Knoxville, Tenn. Sewell, Robert Riley . Lavonia Shapiro, Bernard Norfolk, Va. Shearouse, John Nathaniel Brooklet THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE l Shepard. Jiuin Lehoy. Jk. . . Carnegie SiiEKiFF, Annie Lek .... -Athens SiLVA. Agnes . . Avc.mialc Kstates SiMMNToN. . bner Armstrong . Atlanta Simpson. ICloise . . Avondale l- ' states Simpson. William Thomas . Lakeland SlRMANS. W I.1KK {I ' SSKl.L . . . Adel SkIPWOHTH, JAMtS TrkNEK CoUnnhus Slater, Claude 1) Atlanta Smith, Ciuv K. Carncsville Smith. Hoke . . tlanta Smith, Lawrence V. . Cha leston, S. C. Smith. Latka Lenora . . . Athens Smith, Mary Lee .... Aniericus Smith, Robert Eldridge, Jr. Atlanta Smith, William Stanford. Jr. . lacon Snelling. William M. . . . Athens Solomon, Frank E. . . Miami, Fla. SoRTORE, Jean Louise . Avondale Estates Sparks, Augustus O. C. Jr. ' . Macon Spearman. Julius Waldon . . Toccoa Spencer, Richard Perry . . Colnmbns Stancil. Frank Earl .... Toccoa Standard, Samuel Bruce . Washington Stegeman. Marion Foster . . Athens Statham, Robert Earle . . Athens Stephens, Alvin Roy, Jr. . , Newborn Stewart, Edith Marguerite . Ashburn Stewart, John B. . . . Union Point Stiff, Walter Boothe . . Akron, Ohio Stimpson. William H. Mobile, Ala. Stinson, Ralf Hale .... Leslie Stockton, Bobbie Dell . . Atlanta Stogsdill, Bentley R., Jr. . Chickamauga Stone, Edward M Oxford Story, Frank .... Warrenton Stowe, James Edwin . . , Martin Stowe. Johnny Pershing . Eastanollee Suddath, Jack LaFayette . . . Portal Sullivan, Robert Fulton, Jr. . Savannah Summerhill. Dewey Leslie . . Rome Summerour, William O. . . Winder Sweat. Lonnie Ernest . . Blackshear Swift, George P Columbus Tatta. Anthony . . New York, N. Y. Taylor, Edward Francis. Jr. . Athens Taylor, Emma Nell . . Sarasota, Fla. Taylor, John Fred, Jr. . . Greensboro ' Taylor, Laura Louise . . . Atlanta Taylor, Mary Angeline . Columbus Teal, Charles B., Jr. . . . Fitzgerald Teasley, Billy C Elberton Teasley, Edith Ann .... Toccoa Thomas, Doris Marie . . Orlando, Fla. Thomas, Syeil . thens Thomas, Susie Wynn . . College Park Thomas, William Quinton . Commerce Thomason, Mary Helen, Stone Mountain Thornton, Ruby Elizabeth . Winterviilc Thrasher, Anne Irene . . . Athens D THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE ! 7 iLnthi ' i. ' iukklkiim). icfclede Ttller. Harold Stille Till!, Henry Bernard Tipton, Frank Preston TiSON, KUGENE D. Colbert Athens I ' attersoti, N. Y. . Atlanta Moultrie Todd. Fay I Atlanta ToLsoN, Watson Lamar, Jr. . Abbeville Tompkins, Adurline . . Samlersville TuRAN, William B. . . . Che iter, Pa. Tortora, Frank P. . . Brooklyn, N. V. Towler, Dot Monroe Tuwnsend, I. Edith . . . i ' runswick Town send, Margaret i I. . Barnesville Trapnell, Barney Leon, Jr. . Covington Trousdale, Louis Carter . . . Athens Trussell, LaGrange .... Athens Tuck, Rene Dozier .... Athens Tucker, William A[cClendon . Atlanta Tucker, Zelda Ocilla Turner, August Baldwin . . Atlanta Turner, Margaret Virginia . Danburg Tyre, Reyno Allen . . . Screven Valdes, Joe T Atlanta ' an Hook, William Y. . Culberson. X, C. Verdery, Winslow Hamilton VicKERY, Charles Jackson Waddell, Elliott Spear Wade. Willis W., Jr. Wadsworth, William F.. Jr. Wagoner, Eddie Raymond Walker, Emily Margaret Walker, Mary Cicely Wallace, Anne Stribling Walters, William George Ward, Patricia Eileen Warren. Elizabeth Harlem Hartwell Columbus Soperton Columbus Dayton Macon Tampa, Fla. . Atlanta East Point . Atlanta Hariwell Watson, Marion Rogan . . Swainsboro Webb, Kathryn Tifton Weeks, Eleanor Righton . . Savannah Weinman, Martin . - Brooklyn, N. Y. Weinman. Rosalind .... Atlanta Weisberg, George M. . Roanoke, N. C. Wells, Avice Rebecca . . Liiicolnton Wells. Charles B., Jr. . . . Atlanta Westbrook, Montie Carolyn . . Ila Weston, Warren . . . Concord, Mass. Wheeler, Elizabeth P. . . . Atlanta White, John Wayland, Jr. . Tbomasville White, Walter Bevmer . . . Dillard White, Willa Jean .... McKae White, William Osmond. Jr.. GreL-nville. S. C. Wiggins, Robert Charles . Bartow. Fla. WiLco.x. Jane Florence . . . Atlanta Wilder, Donald MacLean . Sa -annali Wilheit, Philip Arthur . - Augusta Wilkes, Roy, Jr Collins Williams, Ann Menard . . . Macor. Williams, Eugenia Hill . Vashington Williams, James C. . . • Commerce Williams, William D.wid . Sylvania D THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE ' ' im ..i.. ' Wills, Willie Belle Alpharettn Wilson, Margaret . . . Ilazlelnirst Wilson, William Lee Decatur WiNi;. Julia I Iartiia Atlanta WiNGATE, EeULAH MaE Pirunswick Wood, James Franklin N ' alilusta Wood, Mary Louise . . . Commerce Woodruff, Joseph (. ' .., Jk.. McmtKomcry, Ala. Woods, A. Y., Jr Athens V ' ooDS, John Crawfohu . . . Athens Woods, Owen C Athens Woody, Edgar, Jr. ... Thomasville WooTEN, James Alva . . . Hazlehurst Zeagler, Ruben . in.svvorth . Sylvania Zeigler, Robert Fritz, Jr. . . Macon Zellers, Richard Donald . I ' alinyra. Pa. Zimmerman, Richard V, Atlanta Amiorr. I Ii ' cu T.KSiKii .... Tate Adair. MAHiANNii: Comer Adams. IIkttv Augusta Adams. Nei.i tlanta . nAM.s, Vm. (!ahuni:k . . . Macon -MiDiSdN, Sauah LrciLLE . . Marietta Adi:lman, ' jncent S. . Uruoklyn, N. V. Agoos, Henrietta Thomson AKiNs. Lefkler H. Stateshoro Alders. Doris Louise Tampa, Fla. Alexander. Joseph Peter Athens Allen. Hevward Athens Allen, William CiiANnLEii . Atlanta Allison, Ji ' lia Cakolvn I-avonia mm f) -- .(f . f Anderson. James Taylor . . VVatkiiisville Audesey. Regis Elizabeth . . Atlanta Apperson, Ethel Ruth . . . Atlanta Archer, Mary McC. . New Orleans;. La. Armour, Helen .... Washington Askew. David Harum, Jr. . . Arlington Atkinson, Katherine Foster . Waverly Avery, Curtis Bryan, Jr. . . West Point Bacon, Elsie Hickman . St. Simons Island Baggett, Lee Roy . . Ctarksville. Tenn. Uailey, George Dewey. Jr. , . Athens Bailey, James Edward . . Hogansville Baker, Harry James .... Savannah Baker, Paul Washington. Jr. . LaFayette Baldwin, Marion August . Banister. Julius Lanier Banks, Henry Lee. Jr. Barnes, Harry Clements Barnes, Henry Jewett Earnett, Claire C. Barron, James Harold . Fort Gaines Cnmming Savannah Warm Springs Warm Springs Washington New nan THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Bartlett, John Charles Macon Bates, William Dowers. Jr. Waycross Baynham, Mark A. Augusta Beale, Rosa Corinne . . Hillshoro Beard, Grady Lou . . . . Athens Beckmann, Saul Nassau, N. Y. Bell, Eleanor Virginl Crescent Bennett, Doris Evelyn . . Appling Bennett, William Alton . . Tallapoosa Benson, Howard Edsel . Athens Bernstein, Lenore . . . Savannah Berrong, Wildon Hovle Commerce Berry, Ruby Lloyd Miami. Fla. Berry. Willi M Lewis . . Villa Uica Bickerstaff, Rubekt Hum her . . Athens Binder, Edward , . . Jersey City, N, J. BiRENBAUM, Aaron . . Brooklyn. N. Y. Birkenhauer, Edwin (1. . Maplewood, N. J. Blake, John George H. . Rockford, III. Blalock, William Harold . Rabun Gap Blanchard, John Everett . . Thomson Blank, Dorothy . . . . Thomaston Blanton, Hugh S., Jr. Valdosta Blanton, Chandler Harris Naylor Blumberg, Meyer Savannah Blumenthal, Irving Royston Boland, Harmon Lamar Coolidge Boltun, Anise .... . . Athens V ffC] :f% t " ' 1 d Boone, Benjamin Dana . Louisville, Ky. BoRNSTEiN, Richard P. . New Haven, Conn. Bowden, John Daniel, Jr. . . . Athens BowEN. Mary Ann . . . Chickamauga Bowen, William Charles . . . Athens Boyd, Mary Gladys Adel BoYKiN, Albert Perdue . . . Atlanta a D 136 Ikaihukv, J. T lliciis Ihaiishaw, Kusalvn . . Atlanta tKAiiv. Rai.I ' U Kkkukhu k Cohiinhn-v iHAIlY. KoUKKT .... . Columbus iKAMHI.KTT, RUI ' EKT IIaKULII CuminiiiR JkANCII, DaVIU Wll.l.IAM . . Baxlcy JkaU ' NI-K, JAMF.S LkMUKL Alliens KAY, KaI ' ST MkI.I. Athens Uewkk, ISktiv .... . Atlanta iKim.KS. Doris I.tcilk . Athens iKinoKs, Jank . . thens lKiDt;i-;s. JiMiN 1 I ' airbiirn ikllHlKS. Mkkvys I,. Albany tku.iii WKi.i.. Jank Athens 3rinen. Philip Bernard . Montezuma Jriscoe. Marv Ella . . . Athens .RiiT, I ' " arrace Cleveland Cirayson Brock. Parks .... Athens Brukaw, Eleanor Cheighton . . Atlanta Irooks. Alice Loi-ise Atlanta Brooks, Thomas W., Jr. I-ai-mville. ' a. UooME, Charlene I anielsviUe tROWN, Albert Dozier Elberton Irown. Borden Kucker Hartwell ?RO VN,JOHN IIeRNDON Cornelia ' .RowN. Joseph E. . . - Buffalo, N. V. Ibown, Mary (Irace Rossville Brown, Matt Rriggs . . Atlanta ROWN, Melville Carroll Atlanta Rrown. Miriam Dewev Rose Irowne, Edward K. Elor ham Park. N. J. Bruce. Leon Grady ' Bartow, Fla. iRYAN, John Letcher Macon Bryant, John- Andrew . . Cohntta .KYANT, Joseph A. Columbus k :ji p o n, £ o .J . f A v THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO rr d , o. 6 f f i- o f . . Ki f «. ! ■«s ' i ' Bullock, JuANiTA . . Danielsville lii ' LwiNKLE, Frances Weston, Mass. BUNIM, BURRILL E. ... Atlanta BuRDETTE, Lois Christine . . . Burdal BURNETTE. GrETCHEN . . Howetl Burns, J. W., Jr. Lake City, Fla. Burroughs, Rov Cornelius Winterville BuRSON, Robert George . . Athens Burt. William G. ... Bolingbroke Burton, Ellen .... . Selnia, Ala. Cabaniss, Bessie Brightwell Athens Calhoun, Jack Chilton Columbus Calhoun, John Caldwell Palatka, Fla. Callahan, H. Grady, Jr. Athens Callaway, Adolphus Sanford . . Rayle Callaway, Thomas O, . . . Atlanta Camp, Doris Eleise Decatur Camp, Frances Carolyn Wilmette, 111. Camp, Leonard N., Jr. . . . . tlanta Canning, Harrell Gustave . . Athens . . llatiey Carithers. Robert L. . . Winder Carter. Frances Evangeline , Thomaston Carter. Harold Boyd Cordele Carter. Millard F.. Jr. Cordele Carter, Thomas Edwarl) . Winterville Casteel, Rose Evelyn . Metasville Chambers. Ch. rles A. Cornelia CliANDLEH, ;MeRRELL . . . (iood HopC Chapman, Carolyn Elizabk 11! . Athens Chastain, Nina Rachel . . . Athens Chastain, Ralph Lacey . . . Cordele Chastain, " iRGiNtA .... . tlanta Chatham, Roy Lot Colbert Chick, Eleanor Kate .... Monroe 13; Childs, Wyatt Wooten . . Macon Christian, Charles D. . Memphis, Tenn. Clark, Herbert Fargo . . .■ ugusta Ci.ARK. TuLU Virginia . . Louisville Clark, Mvverin Cochran Sale City Clark, ' yndell TIowkll Leslie Clarke, Ji ' LiAN KsiGiir . . . -i,lalia Clary, Forrest Thi ' Rston Thomson Clement, Ralph Lawrence Savannah Clements, Lamar Vernon . . Towns Cleveland. Howard . . Ilartwell Cliett, I ' EARSEL Alexander . . Aniericns Clifton, P. V., Jr. . . • Stilson Clinkscales, Maylon B. Ciininicrcc Clodfelter, Lalette Sarah Comer Cobb, John Tyrus .... Bishop Cochran, Jean Brewster . . Savannah Cochran, Thomas Andrew I.aFayette Cocke, Erle. Jr Atlanta Cohen, Bernard F. . . Nf« York, N. Y. Coker, Lyman Hall. Jr. . . . tlanta Coleman, C. T., Jr. . . . . Nicholson COLLEY, Helen Washington Collier, ALvry Harris Jefferson Collier, Sarah Comer Collins, Wallace WiLMEK Lyons Compton, Charles S. . . . . . thens CooLiDGE, VV. p., Jr. . Chatl.inoog.i. Tenn. Cooper. Willis .Alfonso Athens Cooper, William Chester Cohutta Cown, Lewis Cornelius . . Loganville Cox, Sarah Madelene . . . . Commerce Crane, Sarah Jeannette DLxie Crider, Marjorie Beatrice . Norcross Cromartie, William . ' Vdkain . Boston THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO i tt ft ' .j Lkamdthg ■ k Crowe, Louise Talmage . . . Athens Crowley, Frances Athens Dalton, E. Mercer Alto Daniel, Carolyn . . . Hawkinsville Daniel, Dorothy Bealle . . . Athens Daniel, John Saxton . . . Savannah Daniels, Elizabeth Frances . Clarkesville Darby, Sue Anne Vidalia Darden, Edward Wallace . . Athens Darsev, Hubert Belcher . . . Cairo Dasher, Roy T Valdosta David, Robert Kendrick . Columbus Davis, Frances Cumming Davis, John William .... Stilson Davis, Marcia Albany Davis, Mary Virginia .... Athens Davis, Nell Virginia . . . Rutledge Davis, Virginia Nell . . . Winterville Dean, Annie Vic Athens Dean, George Athens Dean, Randolph Clarence . . Jasper Dekle, James R Sale City Dempsey, Alvin Hugh . . Watkinsville Denson, Laura Frances . . . Quitman Dial, R. L Albany Dixon, William Stokely . . IJainbridge Dodd, Benton T. . . Newport News, Va. Dollar, Alvin Jerome . . . Bainbridge Dollar, Joe, Jr Bainbridge Donovan, Lawrence Michael . Savannah Dowling, Mary Anne . . Manchester Drake, Mary Arabella . . . Atlanta Drever, Anne Elizabeth . . . Athens DuGGER, Willie Mack, Jr. . . Atlanta Dunbar, Charles Arnold . . Valdosta 138 f X ftf O ' ' df . f ' ' ft r Duncan, Henry Lakkik Buford Duncan, Roselyn Kincaid Atlanta DuPREE, Mary Jane Gordon DuRDEN, Jack Swainsboro DuRDEN, Samuel Joseph Graymont Durham, Mary Viola Commerce Karle, Berry Benson . . Thomasville Echols, James Howell . Thomson Edge, Anne Blackmar Decatur Edge, John Paul ... La Fayette Edmunds, William Pierce . Thomson Edwards, George Thomas . Athens Edwards, Hershel Edwin . Crawfordvillc EisENSTEiN, Blanche . Ne w York, . . V. Elder, Benjamin H. Maxeys Ellison, William T. Athens Ei.rod, Eron Erittain Jefferson Engelhardt, S. . Highland Park, N. J. Enneis, James Mills Savannah Eppes, John Erancis Athens Estes, Corrie Myrtice Gay Eubanks, Lorenzo Sale City Evans, Thena Walt . Sandersville Everitt, Edna Mae . . Decatur EvERETON, Thomas Bray . . Marietta i S - S EwiNG, Charles K. . Framingham, Mass. Farmer, Julia Antoinette . . Atlanta Farmer, Leon ' J. " Wrens Farmer, Sara Faver .... Atlanta Fausett, Lenton Rebecca . . . Adel Feigenbaum, Irving A. Felton, George Gibson Fender, Darwin E. Ferguson. Emmet, Jr. Few. Sara Frances Maijlewood, N. J. Llcon Gladewater, Texas . . . DeSoto Watkinsville THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Ficquette, Harry S. . Winter Garden, Fla. Field, Georgia Bertha . . . Atlanta I ' iSHER, Albert, Jr Macon Fitzgerald, Gr ce G. . Avondale Estates Fitzgerald, John Edward, Jr. . Atlanta Flanagan, William R. ... Athens Fleetwood, John Trafton . CartersviUe Fletcher, Walter Nolan Florence, William Loyd Ford, Zelma Ann . Fowler, Alpha, Jr. West Point Athens . Alma Donglasville Fowler, Joe Marion . . Stone Mountain Fraser, Olin Hinesville Freeman, John Ernest, Jr. . . Rome Fudge, Felix P Colquitt Fuller, Elaine Atlanta FuLLiLOVE, Seaborn Edwin . . A ' .hens Gardner, B. C, Jr Camilla Garmany, Clark B., Jr. . LaFayette Garren. Roy William . . Morganton Gay, Sidney Morris . . . Thomson r; - -• Gentry, Bennie F., Jr. Nashville, Tenn, Gershon, Hvman Burton . . . Atlanta Gheesling, Vernon Wright . Norwood GiBBS, Betty Martinez Gibson, Charles Demon y . Waynesville Gibson, Grace Columbus Gibson, Wallace Miller . Milledgeville Ginn.OlinW Atlanta Gitelman, Phil Baron . Brooklyn, N. Y. Glover, John Gilliland, Jr. . . Atlanta Gold, Robert H., Jr. . New Haven, Conn. Goldberg, Sanford Harvey . . Augusta Golden, Jackson Sheffield . Thomasville Golden, Leonard Allan . Newark, N. J. ,l? Sfi f o 1 139 Goodman, Winifred Star . . . Atlanta GoRiN, Ann Murrell Savannah GoRMLEY, Celeste . . . Atlanta Gottlieb, Edward New York, N. V. Gottlieb, Irving Merle . New York, N. Y. Gottlieb, Jerome Kearny, N. J. Grace, Geouge 11. . Clearwater, Fla. Graham. Georgia Sirena . . . Atlanta Grant, James Daniel . . . Athens Greene, Norbekt C. . E. Eansdowne, Pa. Greene, Thomas Edgar, Jr. . , Macon Gribble, Nelle Elizabeth . Athens Griffin, Erasmus Eggleston, .Ik. . Giljson Griffith, E. Frederick. Jr. , Eatonton Griffith, Geary E. . . New York, N. Y. Groover, Julia Helen .... Atlanta Groves, Elizabeth Atlanta GuNN, Robert Richard . . Union Point Gunn, Uly S., II Athens GusGESKi, Joseph J. . . . Kingston, Pa. IIacke, WiNFRED Athens Hains, Louise ugusta Hale, Fred Arthur, Jr. . . . Atliens Hale. Warner Stephens . . . Statham Hall, Eettv Atlanta Hall, Frances E Comer Hall, Jack Turner Tifton Hall, Jack Gordon, Jr. . . . W ' aHley Hall, Raymond Lamar .... Pavo Hall, Sarah Peeples .... Newton Halperin, Sammie .... Fitzgerald Halprin, Muriel .... Fort Valley Hamilton, William Ferguson . Augusta Hancock, John O JetTerson Hanson, Leslie Adams .... Atliens THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Hardin, Newton . . . . Appling Hardman, Mary Lataner Colbert Harrell, Evangeline Cullins Harrelson, Isaac William Columbus Harrington, Lawrence McN. . Brunswick Harris, Ethridge J. . . . . . Ad el Harris, James Rodney . . Athens Harris, William Henry, III . Atlanta Harrison, Carlyle Alfred . . Glennville Harrison, Josephine Atlanta Harrison, William Lee, r. . Milledgeville Hartman, Edith Carol . . Flintstone Hartman, Francis . . . . Athens Haslan. Adam Worrill Fort Valley Hatcher, Frank P. . . . . Eldorendo Hatcher, Geraldine . Moultrie Hatcher, Smiley Byron, Jr. Brinson Hatcher, Warren Janice Macon Hawkins. Marshall Fords. N. J. Haynes, Charles Thomas . . Atlanta Haynes, Eugene V., Jr tlanta Haynes, Mary Alice .... Atlanta Head. Kathryn Montine .... Alma Herbert, George Hinton . . . Atlanta Hereford, Robert Thomas . . Waycross Herlihy, Margaret Elizabeth . Atlanta Herring, Bernard Blakely Herrington, Thomas Jefferson . Evans Herzberg, Morris Monroe . . Atla nta Hicks, Nancy Ella .... Marietta Hicks, Wright Grant .... Roberta Higginbotham, Sara Alfck . Madison ITilderbrand, Kathryn Alice . Atlanta Hill, Edward F. . . . Ausonia, Conn. aa Ijk 1 jSft .u l -LJ;. B--6 w .„ 140 llii.L, John Ci-akk, k. H inner lIlLL. I HI T1UI C ' llARiaiS . r.ritVm Hill. William Makvin . . . tlaiiia HiLLis, Mary Krrn . . . (iiraid HiNsoN, James W. . Mariaiina. Fla. HlKSClIBEKG, ' ERA KlISE . Brooklyn, N. V. iloDGKS. Robert Leland . . Statesfjoro llopGFS. W. C, JH. . . Statesboru IIoKFMASTEK. KaTIIKYN l.uf S1-. . lilue Ri».l ;c Holland, W. JJkank . . Collins Holland, Wilbur Kelton Townscncl HOLLIUAY, Pope UEAUREdAUl Athens HiiRNBUCKLE, WiLLL M K.wvLiNS . C.iayson llnWARD, John U. . . . . Nashville IImwakd, Makv Olive . Decatnr . . . Hull Hughes, Stephen Cordon . . . Konu- lU-LSEv, Charles Olen . . Athens HlLSEY, DORTIIA X ' lVlAN . . Rockmart Htlsey, Inman ' on . . Portal Hl ' nnicutt, J )HN Atkinson . . Athens Hunt, Fustlr .... . . Atlan:a Hl ' nter. John Fked . . (ireensboro Hutchinson. Ueth K. Athens . Athens IsRAiLs, Nettie . . . . Atlanta Jacob, Irving . . . N ew Haven, Conn. Jacobs. Ivey .... Nahnnta Jameson, Burton Cowles Oakmont. Pa. Janes, Julian F. . . . Hawkinsville Jarrell, John Anderson . . Thomasville Jarvis. Sara Elizabeth . . Atlanta Jay. Nathan .... . Commerce Jenkins. Earl C. . . . Red Creek, N. V. .(,4 ( ft a ry c o n, i ' THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO f! . Q .■■ . mi X: ' if ( V y ' i ' r ■ F} f fd ' ' Jennings, W. H., Jr. Winder Johnson, Frances Colley Washington Johnson, James A.. Jr. . . . Athens Johnson, JiMMiE .... . Jefferson Johnston. Patricia Alden . . Clarkston Jolly. Mary Will Rome J«)LLV, Sydney Cartersville Jones, Eugenia Fave . . Dallas Junes, K.atrina .... Graymont Jones, Nancy Sue . . . thens Tones, Paul Matthews Elberton liiNEs. William Allen Cartersville Junes. William Thomas Albany joKTiAN, Frank James Mot er Juliano, John Vincent . New York. N. Y. Justice. Mrs. Lillie H. Athens Kahn, Avrum Jack Pel ham Kane, Noma Elizabeth . tlanta Kantor, Sylvia .... . . Atlanta Kaplan, Lillian .... Wrightsville Karow. (iUSTAV .... Savannah Kelley, James Monroe, Jr. Athens Keltner, Jacob Green - M em[ his. Teiin. Kemp, Barney Everette C. Martinez Kennedy, Olliff Josephine Savannah Kendrick, James Moore. Jr. Sharon Kennedy, Albert Thornton . tlanta Kenny, Edwin Russell . . Atlanta Kennev, William Douglas . . . thens Kerr. James Edwin Atlanta Kicklighter, Harold Dewey Douglas KiME, Robert Bernard . thens Kimsey, Cliff Clay. Jr. . Cornelia KiMSEV, Mary .... Gainesville King, Martha Florence Monticello 141 KiSG» Oswald Harris, Jr. . . Blakely King. Rex Greysdon .... Docnin KiNNEBREW, Easton Hulmk . . Winder Klein, Julian Harold . New Haven. Cnnn. Kll-k, Paul P Hmlson, Pa. Koch, Lorraine M. . . Elkins Park. Pa. Kral ' SS, Jean Seabrook . . nnuiswick Kiu-GKH, Rei ' hen- I ' itzgeraM Kulbersh, Shirley Killian . . Tifiun Kyle, (Ieorce. Jr Cohiiiil)us Lamb. Kloye Voumans . . . Swainsboro Landers, Martha Edna . . . Klberton Landkum, William Sanford . Tlioinaston Lane, Douglas S Vienna Langdale, IJill ' aUl(ista Langston, Norman, Jr. . . Commerce Lanier, Rene Parks . . . Crawford Lasher, Carol Ruth .... Atlanta Leach. James W Conyers Ledbetter, Laura S Camilla Lee, John Woodard . . Haw kins vi IK- Lee, Ouentin .Sargent . . . Cordele Lee. Sybil Lamar, S. C. Lee, Walter E.. Jr Waycross Lennard, Jesse Wilburn . . . Felhani Lerman. David Harris . New Haven. Cotni. LeRoux, Meade Jane .... Atlanta Lesser, Raymond E Athens ' ■ K LeVERETTK. L RJORIE E. Warm Springs F k m Levine. Alia Bernice . Wilmington, N. C. ■ m Levine, Edward . Brooklyn, N. Y. I Kr W Lewis, Jean Madison Lenox l . r Lewis, Jeannie Stovall Greensboro K fi IMT Lewis. I Hles Walker Greensboro M W Llamas, Andres . San Juan, P. R. i RTT • n , d. 0L fs THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO mi-. . I s rs f , C[ f , O f c Loflin, Robert Lawrence . Columbus Long, Malcolm Johnson, Jr. . . Atlanta Long, Margaret J Atlanta Lord, Dorothy .... Wi ' ightsville Lowe, Walter Thomas . . . Nashville Loyd, Robert Newton .... Athens Lumpkin, Edwin King, III . . Athens LuNDY, James Elton Albany Luther, Miriam .... . . Griffin Lynn, Cecil Wilbur Belleville Maddox, James Dickson Rome Magill, Daniel Hamilton, Ji Athens Magruder, George Hillery . Rome Mahan, Sheila Lipscomb Ainericus Malcolm, Billy Thomas . . Athens Malone, Buford G. . . . . Monticello Malone, W. Thomas . . Atlanta Mann, James Moss . . (J reenville, S. C. Manning, Margaret Patricia Atlanta ISrANNiNC, Trou Lee . . . . Alamo Marchant, Ja nelle . . Omega Marsh, Charles Leroy . . Athens Martin, Hoban CoRNELrus . . Hilton Martin, John David . . Carlton Martin, Murray Neal . . . Moultrie Martin, M. P., Jr. . . . Stilson Mason, Margaret . . Atlanta dh ' M Jij mM. Matheson, Julius Daniel . . Hartwell Mathews, Elizabeth .... Carlton Mathis, David Barton . . Richland Mauldin, Horace James . . . Hartwell Maupin, Robert Harvey . . . Athens Maxwell, Barbara Chandler . Dewy Rose Maxwell, Margaret Ann . . Lexington 142 Aj k Maxwell, Winifred Louise . . Lexington Maykr, Joseph G Eric, Pa. .Mi:ai ows, John Cassius, Jr. , . Athens Mi:i;ks, Elisiia A., Jr Nicholls Melton, George Simmons . Nokomis, Ala. MroDLETON, Robert G. . . . lirunswick Miles, Knocii Alle.v .... CovinRton Miller, Daniel Frank. Jr. . Washington Miller, ICstelle A ' lania Miller, George Dewev . Knoxvillc. Tcnn. Miller, Robert B Nacoochcc Miller, William John, Jr., Baguanos, Cuha Minsk. Shirley Zklda . . . Alhany MiscHNKR. Herman . IliKhlanrl Park, N. J. Mi KiiKLL, Joanne Smith . . Athens Mitchell, Anna Lou . Arlington, Va. Monk, William Ridlev . . Sylvester Monroe, Constance Fischer . Athens Moore. Hazel Elizabeth Athens Moore, J. E., Jr Mimez Moore, Maroie Ruth . Jacksmivillc, I ' ia. Moore, Robert D Bolton Moore, William Frantz . . . Atlanta Moran. Ernest A Ludowici : IoRRis, Harriette Louise . . Lexington Morris. Mary Elise , . . . Athens Morrow. Harry Preston • Dccatnr Moss, Ben, Jr Eastanullee Mullins. Henry Alfred . . Chipley Mundy, Derrelle Marguerite . Harlem Munn, Richard Adams, Jr. . Columbus Murphy, Jacqueline .... Talmo Murphy, Frances C Jesup Murray, Thomas Lewis . Fort Valley McCarthy, Carolyn Frances . White Oak THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO McCarthy. Ward Hodges . White Oak McClain, James Lankford . . Athens McCorkle, John Stacy . . Fort Gaines McCoy, Shealy Eugene . . . Athens McCurlev, Henry Hawkins . Colbert McDannell, Marie .... Atlanla McGarity, Thelm Elizabeth . Royston McKiE. Katherine .... Atlanta McKiss. cK, John H., Jr. . Fort Gaines McKnight, Blanche Louise . Athens McLain, Mary Sue .... Athens McMullan, John Edwin . Miami, Fla. McRae, Duncan A., Jr. . . Mt. Vernon McRae, Elliott Hampton . Blackshear Nance. Iary Louise Cohutta Nash, Miriam Ruth . Athens Neustadt, Robert Forshee, Va. Newton, Mary Walton Madison Nickerson, Thea ... Columbus Nicholson, Coleman Wylene . Marietta Nicholson, William Chester . . Hahira Nix, Doris Ruth . . . . Commerce Norman, Ellington Murray Hartwell NuNNALLY, John Day Decatui- Obear, Elizabeth Tidwell . Atlanta Odom, William Wesley Ashburn Olive, Robert Lee, Jr. . Augusta O ' Neal, Sar. Maude Greenville Orr, Joan Treanor Athens OsBORN. Sara Frances Royston Osborne, William Wilson Savannah Overstreet, Samuel Siillmore Palmer, Dorothy Georgia Way cross Parham, Alice Faye Bogart Patrick, Laura Jean - . Omega 143 Ai jPI • J ' y I ' ArTiLi.ii, CiiAHiJ-is KnwARD, Jr. . Decatur I ' aulk, Ini:va VVray I ' atl. Minor, Jr. . . . Perry I ' karce, I 2lizabeth tIaiUa I ' lCEPLES, William Mort . . Chats worth I ' kndergrast. Thomas Jeffekson . Atlanta Penny, T.eonaru Oennis, Jr. . . Athens Pkrrv, IIakry (liEsoN . . W ' inilcr Pkkry, joK Samples . . . Moultrie Perky. Ralph Linton . . . P.uford ] ersons, Mildred . . Kissimniee, Fla, I ' ksetzky, Herbert , . New York, N. Y, I ' liiLLiPS. Nancy Lee . . . Columbus I ' II INAZEE, Mary Jank . . . . Forsyth Pl.ATNEK, 1 )ONALD KdW ARO EuGENE, South Orange, N. J. I ' tiLHiLL, James Brown. Ill . Louisville PniiL, WiLMA Ellen .... Winder Porter, James David . . . Commerce Poss, Raymond L. . . . Union Point Pottle. James R Athens Pounds, Hortense . A ' niniale Estates Powers. Henry John . . Griffin Preston. Jane Athens Pkeston, John Bartow . . . Flovilla Price, CiROVER Cleveland . . . tlanta pRiSANT, Oscar Albany Pulliam, Sam Asbury . . Eastanollee Kapford, Nell Elizabeth . . Ouiiman Ralston, Lea m on W., Jr. . Lawrenceville Rambow, Earl A Augusta Ransom, Sue Elma .... Augusta Rawiszer. Harry Crowley . . Atlanta Reeves, Mildred Kathryn . ' interville Reynolds, Martin Luther, Jr.. Ocala, Fla. R HENEV, Peyton Austin . . . Wadley THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Rice, Charles Chandler . . Athens Richards, Roy Martin . . Calhoun Richards. Warren Newt(_in . C dumbus Richardson, Frances .... Macon Ricketson, Charles R. . . Cornelia Riemer, William E. . Brooklyn. N. Y. RiNERSON, Elizabeth Gray . . Athens Roam, James Mitchell . . . Zebulon Roberts, Joseph P. . Chattaniioga, Tenn. Robinson, Malcolm J. . . Waynesville Rogers, Murphy Ocilla Rogers, William Madison . Cohutta Ross, Carolyn Lavinia Statham Ross, Erie Jean Athens Ross, Mariana Pearl Thibodaux, La. Rossee, Florrie Eatonton RouNTREE, Ross Lee Summit Rowe, John Carris, Jr. Columbus Royal, Robert Lee Sycamore Ruffin, Jessie Louise Atlanta Rushing, Oscar Eugene Atmore, Ala. Rutherford, Marjorie, Qarks Summit, Pa. Salisbury. Francis Marion Athens Sammon, Ruth Key Abbeville. S. C Sanders, Charles Mallory Commerce Sanford, Jane Augusta Scarborough, Allen R. Elbertou Scarborough, Lonnie Merle Comer Schpeeder, Elizabeth Atlanta Scott, Anna Louise Athens Scott, Lamar .... Athens ScoviLLE, Sheldon Hughes - Nutley, N. J. Seaton, George Edward . . Cohutta Sebring, Gladys Mildred . . Atlanta 144 Skckinckk, IV . Skllers, Jack Arthur Shainker. l!r:KMi:i-: Rei;ina SlIEFFER. MaKV .... ■ iiEi.i., JMahtma Jean SnELTON, Irwin Sheriff, Flether A., Ju. SlIINlil.EK, MAUCrERITE O. Shivkk. (Irayson Hevman Short. nnRornv Lou Short, I-Uiwakd Wilson Simmons, Thomas Watson Simon, Hki ' nelle He len Slaughter. Charles W Si ringlicl(l . (.Kxlfrcy Atlanta . Athens Pitis W;irrcnton Athens Ailanta rdhain Athens Athens OonBlasville Hrooklct Brooksville. Fla. Glennv ille ID f f if Slotin, Sylvia 1 ' hvlis Smi III . Amelia Minthorne, Ilaniluug, N. V. Smith, Clarence Jay ' . . . Newnan Smith, Clarence, Jr. . . Hogansville Smith, Dorothy I. . Chattanooga. Tenn. Smith, Harriet Jacquelyn . Swainsboro Sm 1 111, It E Cain .... Sycamore Smith. .Martha Lee Smiih. Robert Solomon Smith. Stephen David Snow, James Thomas Snvder, Samuel Eugene SoLMS. William Osborne SoLODKiN, Morris Somberg, Seymour I. Spangi-er. Margery Spearman, Neil Saunders Spears, Ralph . . . . Speer. Ellen Ruberta Speek, Jack P Spence, Janie Wasliington Atlanta Rome Albany . . . Atlanta Savannah New York, N.Y. Miami, Fla. Griffin Macon Manslield Atlanta Commerce Camilla it J f i .ft o O. f di ' , THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO if a p CZ O. ft Spilkv, Natalie Spivey, Eugene Lamar Spratling, William Hugh Stamps, Helen LaRue Standifer. William Bryan Stapleton, Emmet B., Jr. Mt. Dora, Ela. ' aldosta . Hogansville Manchester . . Blakely . . Talbotton Steenland, Adin p. Ridgefield, N. J. Steinheimer, Henrietta I. . . Savannah Stephens, AL rvin Leslie . . . Macon Stewart, Charles W. . I irl Screven Stewart, Francis Xen u ' hen . Athens Steveman, Louis, II . . - ' riinmasville Stillwell, Nicholas . . Atlanta Stogsdill, Dennis . . - Chickamanga O fl f f i ( " Stone, John Walker Athens Strauss, William Adalkeut Decatiir Strother, Jennie Elizabeth . ' tliens Struletz, Joe .... I Grangc SuDDETH, William Byron College Park Suggs, George K. Bamcsville Slle. Frank . . . Proctor, ' cniiniit Summers, JrARV Ki.i.en . Atlanta Sutton, Mary .... Savannah Tappen, Randolph Chase . White Plains Takpley, Kleanor Chester Tate. Eugene Erancis . ( ornclia T.tTUM. TORRY .... Talking Rock Taylor. W. J Davisboro Telford, George W. . Cleveland Thomas, John J., Jr. . . .• then5 Thompson, Grace Julian Atlanta Thompson, Rommey William . Rochelle Thomson, S. ra Elizabeth . Decatur Thurman, Sidney W. Midville Thurmond, Miriam Jefferson 145 Tonn, Raymond T Athens Treadwell, Roger Ui ' rnett . . Chipley Tripkowski, Frank . . Ausonia. Conn. TucGLE. Roy Slaton, Jr. . . . AtUnta TupPER, Myron VVeldon.Jk. . . Atlanta Ti ' TEN. Allen ' ebnon . . . Haxlcy Tyre. James Parnell .... liaxley ann, Dorothy Mae Swainsboro ' anZandt. Robert Wyatt . Cinlfport. Miss. ' aHN()N, ' alebie Atlanta eale, I ' owell .... Watkinsville ViCKERS, John, Jr. . . . Norman Park Wadpei-l. J. II Dcvt-renx Wade. ' iRGiNiA Ann t ' i lnnil u i Waldrop. Warren II. New IJolianJ Walker, . rchie Mansville . Ft. Gaines Walker, Kugenia Atlanta Walker. Robert IIarrell Macon Walker, William Stokes . . Athens Wall, Bitiiel, Jr. Sylvester Wall, James Marion Thunisoii Wallender. Lillian May l- ' t. Screven Waller, JiMMiE Si ' e Soperton Waller, Treutley Soperton Walthall, H. Anne Macon Wanslev, Geneva Carnesville Waters, Julia Marie College Park Watkins, K. tiiryn Talbotton Watson, Andrews Athens Watson, Larkin Douglas Barnesville Wayne, Virginia Carter . Atlanta Weatherlv. Jane Macon Athens Weatherly, Mary Adeline Royston Webb. Clvdelle East Point JfSjl 0 ' THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Webb, Eustace .... Grayniont Webb, ' irgil I- ' ranklin . - Gray men t Weiss, Adele . . . Weequahie, N. J. ' elch, Clarence ' U ' esley . . Macon Wellborn, Eugenia . . . Gainesville Wellman, Walter Morton, Jr. . Athens Wells, Claudine Emily . Lincolnton f .ft. West, Walter L.. Jr. . . Sandersvillc Whatley, Albert Edward, Jr Athens Wheeler, Emory Loyd . . Mavsvilie Wheeler, Evelyn Athens White, Evelyn Elizabeth Conyers White, John Richards . . Dillard Whitley, Ruth Violet Dacula Wiiitmiue, Jessie Geraldine Athens Whitmore, Carl Spencer Atlanta WiDEMAN. Thomas 13., Jr. Rebecca Wight, Rebecca Stewart Atlanta WiLENSKY, Lorraine Augusta Wilkes, Frederick Marion . Athens Williams, Carvis P. . . Lawrencevillc Williams, James Ed(;ar Athens Williams, Marion G. . . Clyattville Williams, Norris C. . Sto ne Mountain Williams, Oscar Alhert . . Plains Williamson, Billy Macon Williamson, Elizabeth A. . Washington Willis, Osgood Pierce Rome Wills. Christine Wright . Washington Wills, George Edward Alpbaretta Wills, Glen, Jr. A pharetta Wilson, Farris Holmes, Jr. Griffin Winer, Eleanor Frances Macon WiNGATE, Frances Catherine . Ellijay WiNGATE, John William Dalton 146 Win, Thomas Katon T.niiisvillc. Ky. Wolfe, Louis 11. Athens W ' lLFP, JlCANNK T. S. ' ivannah WoLFSON. iMt Hnrs Itaxicy Wood, C.LADVS I-KIC IJaxU-y Wood, Norma Rose . f ' lmimcTcc WooDHlfFF. AhTHUK v. ' ienna k[(;iTr. Mary I- ' kancks . . AtI;iiU;i WkKiHT, ' lK(;iNlA TaTK . Athens WRrtiHT, William T.,Jk. . . . M.-tU-r KARGIN. I,()YD COLl ' MBUS . . ilartwi-II KOMANS, WaLIJU . . . I.cxsy VdUNG, M. KsTin i( AuKVlsta VoUNG, W n.I.ARli W. lUmisvillc. Ala. Zachos, IIhlkn Atlanta THE CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-TWO 147 c ( a q, f , Reading from top, lefl lo right: Mcrccf, Millsap, Carlan, Harden, Stewart, Hames, Jackson, Kidd, Harrison, Fowler, Hamilton, David, Baker, Stockton, Righton, Tcasley, Edge, Brewer, Daniel, Bowen. CLASS OFFICERS FRANKLIN COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS Roi Merckr President Robert L. Jackson President Edw.ard AI. Millsap Vice-President Inman Kidd Vice-President Hugh Carlan Secretary-Treasurer Harold Harrison .... Secretary-Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS Warren Harden President Ali ' ha Fowler, Jr President Arthlr T. Stewart, Jr Vice-President W. F. Hamilton, Jr J ' ice-President C. r. Hames Secretary-Treasurer Robert K. David .... Secretary-Treasurer COORDINATE COLLEGE SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS Margaret Baker President Anne Edge President Bobbie Dell Stockton .... Vice-President Betty Brewer Vice-President Wylene Righton Secretary Dot Daniel Secretary Edith Anne Teasley Treasurer Mary Anne Bowen Treasurer 148 SENIOR LAW CLASS SOL ALTMAN Brunswick Caxdiiiate for LL. B. Dkckkk Tau Efisiton I ' lii Phi Kappa: Iniproniiitii DcbatiiiK ' I ' eani; Pan-ITcllcnic Council; Senior Round Table; (ii-idiron; l- ' irst l.ieuIenaTit, Advancfii Military; Dean ' s List. JAMES BARROW, JR. Athens Caxdidate for LL.B. Decree Si fua Alpha lipsilan riii Delta I ' lii l.tRal l- " iateriiii ; lluiim- (.imiicil. MS-M ' ). HARRY STEVENS BAXTRR As lib urn Candidate for LL.B. L egree X ' aletUctorian, M6; I ' resident, Sjihiiix ; i ' hi lieta Kappa ; Treasurer. OmicroTi Delta Kappa; Treasurer, (iriilimn; Exchetjuer, IMii Delta IMii; Editor, i() Pandora; President, Demostlienian Literary Society, M5; President, Freshman Class. " , J-M3; President, l- ' resli- man Law Class, ' 36- ' 37; Law School Honor Council, ' 37- 38; Director of Law Clubs. ' 38- ' . 9: English Debate, M7- ' 38; Northern Debate Trip, ' 37 : Campus Club; " X " Club; " Most Outstanding Student, " ' 36; Student ' ice- President, Phi Kap|)a Phi, " 35- ' 36; Chas. A. Trevelli Foundation ScIiolarslii( . ' 34- ' 35, ' 35 - ' 3 6; Bert Michael Scholarship, ' 35- ' 36; Burdette Medal for Excellence in Englisb, ' 36; Hamilton Mc ' horter Medal, ■32- ' 33; Dean ' s Prize for Highest Aver- age, Freshman Law Class, i7 Case Note Editor, Georgia Bar Asso- ciation Journal, ' 38- ' 39; Periclean, ' 37- ' 39; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 3 5 - ' 36; Proctor, Joe Brown Dormitory, ' 36- ' 39. ANDREW W. CAIN, JR. Dahlonega Candidate for LL.B. Degree Signia Delta Kappa; Chief Justice, Demostlienian Literary Society; Transfer, North Georgia College. HERMANN WILLL-VM COOLIDGE Isle of Hope Candidate for LL.B. Degree Delta Taxi. Delta DEAN COVINGTON Rome Ca. iiidate for LL.B. Decree Sii iiui Alflia I ' -l ' siloii ' ice-l ' resi(lent. Treasurer, Sigma , lpha V. Delta Phi; President, Innior Law Class; O. T. C. : Tlonor Graduate, R. O. T. C. : Junior Cabinet; Financial Manager, . thletic .Vssociation ; { aptain. Golf Team, ' 38. Member. ' 35- ' 38; Captain, Swimming Team, ' 37; 1-Veshman llasketball, Swinuning, Golf; (ilee Club, ' Zi; Omi- cron Delta Kapi a. Secretary and Treasurer: Plue Kev; Phi Delta Phi; Gridiron; Scahhanl arid Blade; Ral oiid Bhick Staff; Pan- Hellenic Council. JOHN W. DAVIS Rome Candidate for LL.B. Degree President, dent, Phi fantry R. I ' resident, ■.psiion ; Presi- Colonel, In- Dean ' s List; JERK FIELD Monroe Candid.vte fur LL.B. Degree Sigma .llflui lifsiloii JOHN JAMES FLVNT, JR. Griffin Candidate for LL.B. Degree Sigma AlpJia Epsilon Phi Delta Phi; Gridiron; Blue Key; Rhodes Scholarship Candi- date, ' 35- ' 36; ' ice-President, Sigma Alpha l- psilon, ' 3(1; Second Lieutenant, U. S. Army, ' 36- ' 37; Member, Georgia Bar .Association; President, Anniversarian, Phi Kappa; President, International Re- lations Club; iManaging I-:ditor, iy3o Pandok.x; Special Writer, Red and Bhick. OMER WHITE FRANKLIN, JR. Valdosta Candidate for LL.B. Decree Sigma Alpha H ' siloii Transfer. Emory Junior College. ' 34; Phi Delta Phi Legal Frater- nity, Clerk, ' 38- ' 3y; Secretary, Junior Law Class. ' 37- ' 3S; Presi- dent, Sigma . lpha I ' psilon, ' 38, ' ice-President. ' 7: Intramural iManager, ' 37- ' 39; i ' reshman I ' ootball. ' 34; Varsity Swimming, ' 35- ' 37. WILLIAM COLBERT HAWKINS Monroe Candidate for LL.B. Degree Campus Leader. ' 36- ' 37; Sphinx; President, Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Gridiron Club; Blue Key: Scabbard and Blade; Demos- tlienian, President, Judicial Council, Key Council, Secretary; ' arsity Debate Team. ' 34- ' 36; ' ice-President, I ' Veshraan Law Class; Vice- President, Senior Law Class; Captain, Cavalry R. O. T. C. ; Fresh- man Track Team; Freshman Debates. WILLIAM M. HENDERSON Clarkstoii Candidate for LL.B. Degree Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Delta Kap[ia; Chief Justice, Honor Court, ' 39; Associate Justice, Honor Court. ' 3S ; President, Demosthenian, ' 39, Chief Justice, ' 38, Associate Justice, ' 57; Chief Justice, Hill Law Club, ' 39; Case Note Editor. Georgia Bar Association Journal; Honors I-)ay, ' 37 and ' 38. JOHN A. JENKINS Atlanta Candidate for LL.B. Degree Demostlienian Literary Society; Jockey Club; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Cavalry; Member Cobb Law Club; Dean ' s List. CHARLES HUGHES KIRBO Bainbridge Candidate for LL.B. Degree President, Chief Justice, Judicial Council, Deniobthciiiaii. I .IMAM BARROW BAXTER CAIN COOLIDGE COVINGTON DAVIS FIELD FL NT FRANKLIN HAWKINS HENDERSON JENKINS KIRBO 150 SENIOR LAW CLASS 1)A IS P. l.L ' KK, JR. Camilla Canoiiiate for LL.B. Dkgrf.k Sigma Delia Kappa; llean ' s List: nfmu tlu-niaii. GEORGE E. OLl I:K Savannah CANiJiriATK FOR LL.B. Degree Beta Kaf ' t ' a (Presbyterian College President, Senior Law Class: ' ice-Prcsi(lent, Junior Law Class; Sigma Delta Kappa, iec-Cliancellor, ' 38- . 9: Deinnstlieiiian Literary Society, . dlatiis, ' 57; luitered Law SchooL ' .U . from Tresltylerian College. agcr, University Theater, ' 37- ' , 8 ; Business Staff, University Theater, ' 35- ' 36; Secretary, Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 38- ' 39; .Manager, ' arsity Swimming Team, 36- ' 37; .Manager. Treshman Swimming Team, ' 35: Treasurer, Tan Kpsilon Phi. ' 36; Treasurer, Phi Kappa Literary Society, ' 36- ' 37: Pan-llellenic Representative, ' 35- ' 39; Phi Kappa Hoiuir Key Circle; Thalian-Hiackfriars Honor Key; P. ndora Staff, ' 35- ' 37: Dei)ate Council, ' 37- ' 38; l- ' reslnnan Impromptu Debate Team, ' 35: Cliaini ionship Debate, ' 30; Cast, University Theater, Play: Wiinier, Tan Iqisilon Phi ICxtra-Curricula Activities Key. WILLI. AM EVAX SMITH .Americiis Caniiipate for LL.B. Decree Phi Delta Thcta WILLI.XM M.VRION P. GE Colunibns Canduiate for LL.B. Degree Sigma A ' u Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Delta I ' hi: Scabbard and Dlade: Cap- tain, U. O. T. C. : ' arsity Debating, ' 36- ' 3S ; Demosthenian .Speak- ing Key: President, Sigma Nn: l ' ' reshman Football; Clee Club. ' 35, ' 36, ' 39; University Theater, ' 36- ' 37; Chief Justice. Cobb Law Club. BENJAMIN SPOTTSWOOD PRESTON, JR. CliarWston, West Virginia C. NDID. TE FOR LL,B. DEGREE DAVID MONROE QUINN, JR. Indianola, Mississippi Caxdidate FOR LL.B. Degree Beta Thcta Pi Phi P-eta Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi: Honors Day, Upper 5%, Second Year Law Class, ' 37- " 3S: Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Upsilon; Phi Alpha Delta: Plue Key; Lta Sigma Phi; TLA. Degree with Distinction, University of Mississippi. GORDON LEE SULLIVAN Rome Canuidate for LL.B. Degree Sigma Alpha Epsilon Honor Court: Phi Delta I ' hi; Phi Kappa. CARLISLE COPELAND TAYLOR Atlanta Candidate for LL.B. Degree Sigma -Vk Demosthenian Literary Society. President, Chief Justice. Parliamen- tarian, Sergeant-at-. rms, Speaker ' s Kev: ' arsitv Debate Team, ' 7- ' 38, ' 38- ' 39; Northern Debate Trip, ' 39; Debate Council, ' 38; In- ternational Relations Club. GEORGE H. TIDWELL Clarkston C. ND1UATE for LL.B. DEGREE Transfer, North (jcorgia College: Adlatus. Demosthenian Literary Society, ' 39; Chancellor, Sigma Delta Kappa; Hill I-aw Clnb. EDWARD SCOTT SELL, JR. Athens Candidate for LL.B. Degree Alpha Tail Omega President, Alpha Tau Omega; Plii Ileta Ka|i]ia: Phi Delta Phi; Grid- iron, ' ice-President; Phi Ka|ipa Phi; President, Blue Key: Vice- President, International Relations Club; Biftad; Student Editor, Georgia Bur Joiniuit: V. M. C. A. Cabinet: Scabbard and Blade: Secretary, Demosthenian: Staff Columnist, Red out! BUick : " arsity Debates and Hebate Council: Intramural Sports Council; .Manager. Baseball; Junior Cabinet: Captain, Band. SOL SINGER Unadilla C. ndid. te for LL.B. Degree Tau Epsilon Phi President. Tau Epsilon Phi. ■36- ' 39; Business Manager, 1938 Pandor. ; President, Phi Kappa Literary Society, ' 37; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gridiron: Varsity Debating Team, ' 36- ' 37; Freshman Debating " Team, ' 35: Thalian-Blackfriars; . ssistant Business lan- DAVID S. S. WALKER Griffin Candidate for LL.B. Degree Demosthenian. President, ' i7, Anniversarian, ' 39, Chief Justice, ' 36, Associate Justice, ' 35, Sergeant-at-Arms, ' 37, Custodian. ' 39 Speaker ' s Key, ' 37; ' ice-Campus Leader, ' 38- ' 39; Secretary, Fresh man Law Class, ' 36- ' 37: Sigma Delta Kappa, Secretary, ' 38- ' 39 Gridiroit Club; Championship Debates, ' 36 and ' 37. YOUNG LEONARD WATSON Qnincy, Florida Candidate for LL.B. Degree Kappa Alplia Senior Round Table. LUKE SMITH OLIVER SULLIVAN PAGE TAVLOR PRESTON TIDWELL 151 QUINN WALKER SELL WATSON SINGER WILLIAM z: ecciiJi ' eat LAW Reading from top, left to right • Abram, Adams, Baker, Crowe, Curtis, Dun ' n, Heard, H c g s I e, Hester, Hungerpiller, Johnson, Jones, Land, Lang, Lang- dale, Levy, Lewis, Math- ews, McLarty, Muldrow, Newsom, N o r r i s. Price, Shaw, Solms, Souther land. Sweat, F. W.; Sweat, F. C; Tappan, Waldroup, Wal- lace. ,C%, O: f Abram, Morris B Fitzgerald Adams, Ronald Fletcher Hortense Baker, Compton Otis Macon Crowe, Victor Steve Athens Curtis, James Woodrow Toccoa Dunn, Jack Millard .... . . Morgan Heard, Robert M Elberton Heggie, Norman Athens Hester, Edward Monroe Savannah Hungerpiller, J. Arthur, Jr Augusta Johnson, William Hammond, Jr. . . Gainesville Jones, Albert Bruce Atlanta Land, John H Columbus Lang, Mary Cumming Langdale, John Wesley Valdosta Wallace, Roy William LE " i-, Ralph Victor Augusta Lewis, Miles Walker Greensboro ALathews, Byron Henley, Jr Atlanta McLarty, Robert A., Jr Hephzibah Muldrow, John ALadison .... Florence, S. C. Newsom, Thomas Reed Union Point Norris, William Franklin, Jr Newton Price, Lee, Jr Swainsboro Shaw, George Paul LaFayette Solms, James Prederick Savannah South erland, Edwin W Athens Sweat, Forrest W Blackshear Sweat, Fred C Waycross Tappan, Fred Allen, Jr White Plains Waldroup, James W Nichols Rutledge 152 T?f " C) ,C!| O ( " it W Oi Ci o Q Q f ft. i X i r-i f - ( V ft e-J Q e l t LAW Reading from top, left to right • Adams, Bennett, Bradbury, Branch, Brown, Carmichael, Cleveland, Craig, Crenshaw, Cumming, Davis, Davison, Dorsey, Dowdy, Erwin, Glasgow, Hardin, Johnston, Jones, Kaplan, King, Knight, Lott, Mann, Murphy, Olrrstead, Pope, Poppier, Poppke, Smith, Strode, Tripp, Trout- man, Wilson, Wright, Young. Adams, Thomas H Sa annah Bennett, W. Tap, Jr Chipley Bradbury, Malcom Jarrktt Bogart Branch, James Alexander Atlanta Brown, Milton, Jr Thomson Carmichael, James Swainsboro Cleveland, A. Gus Valdosta Craig, Newton Atlanta Crenshaw, W ' ili.iam P., Jr Atlanta CuMMixc, James I owell Cordele Davis, James Gordon Camilla Davison, R. M WiKKlville Dorsev, Cam D Atlanta DoWD ' . John Tifton Erwin, Howell Cobb. Jr Athens Glasgow, Warren W Atlanta Hardin, Elgin Dalton Johnston, Deering ' aldosta Jones, Slaton M Atlanta Kaplan, Kusiei Uvalda King, Mitchell Campbeli Atlanta Knight, Jack Nashville Lott, Arthur B., Jr Waycross Mann, Mary Dobv McRae Murphv, B. D., Jr Fayettevi ' Ue Olmstead, Edward J Savannah Pope, Lemuel Edwix Griffin Popper, Harry. Jr Macon Poppke, VILLIAM Randolph . . Maplewood. N. J. Smith. Wilbur. Jr Tennille Strode, Frank Augustus . . Manhattan, N. . Tripp. Ianxing W Eastman Troutman. Robert H., Jr Atlanta Wilson, Catherine Waycross Wright, J. Aiken Rome Young, Richard Columbus 153 Left to right • Henderson, Barrow, Sullivan, Curtis, Sweat, Bennett, Pope, Oliver, Hawkins, Davis, Mathews, Langdalc, Ncwsom, Heard, Johnston, Branch, Carmichael, Mann. LUMPKIN LAW SCHOOL OFFICERS HONOR COURT Don Henderson Chief Justice James Barrow ) t , • , v Gordon Lee Sullivan ( • • • • Thud " ) ear Jlmmv Curtis c , -t- Fred Sweat " ' " • ' ' ' " ' ' W. Tap Bennett, Jr. „• a- Lemuel Edwin Pope 1 " ' " " " ' SENIOR CLASS George Oliver Presi len Colbert Hawkins fiee-President John W. Davis Secretary-Treasurer SECOND YEAR BvRON Mathews, Jr President John Langdale J ' ire-Prcsident Reid NeWSOM Secretary Robert M. Heard Treasurer FIRST YEAR Deering Johnston President James Alexander Branch . . . rice-President James Carmichaei Secretary Mary Doby 1 Lann Treasurer 154 PHI DELTA PH International Legal Fraternity. Wilson Inn Chapter — established in 1922 OFFICERS I)l L ' oxiNCTON ]ltii;islci- li. RR H.WlliR lixcluquer (Tmir Franklin Clerk J. Mi;s Clrtis Ilhtiir ' uin MEMBERS Thomas H. Adams James Curtis Charles Pllmmer James Barrow John Davis Lemuel Edward Pope HARR ' i- Baxter Cam D. Dorsey Edward Sell James A. Branch Howell Erwin George Shaw Milton Brown Omer Fr.anklin Gordon Lee Sullivan Dean Covington John Langdale Fred Tappan Newton Craig Byron H. ] Lathews William Wallace James Lowell Cumming W. Marian Page J. Aiken Wright Left to right • Adams, Barrow, Baxter, Branch, Brown, Covington, Craig, Cumming, Curtis, Davis, Dorsey, Erwin, Franklin, Langdale, Mathews, Page, Pope, Sell, Shaw, Sullivan, Tappan, Wallace, Wright. rFf Im ' FiT ' " V • ' I ' j •£. " ( ?l C , -CjI ' tkWLkkdkhd 15S v ,-fT ' ri rnp riri «r I J! k- -- ' r IT Jt I Left to right • Cain, Crowe, Davison, Dunn, Henderson, Kirbo, Lewis, Muldrow, Newsom, Oliver, Tidwell, Walker, Williams. SIGMA DELTA KAPPA Intercollegiate Law Fraternity. Xi Chapter — established in 1922 OFFICERS George Tidwell Chancellor George E. Oliver I ' he-ChauccU ' )!- David S. S. Walker ■ . Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Andrew Cain John M. Mui.drow Victor Crowe Thomas Reed Newsom R. M. Davison George E. Oliver Jack M. Dunn F. Phillii Sheffield William M. Henderson George Tidwell Ch arlls H. Kirbo Thomas ' erdel Miles Walker Lewis David S. S. Walker David Luke Carl Williams 156 liooU JiAjee SINCE COLONIAL TIMES. KING COTTON ' S VAST FIELDS OF WHITE COVERING THE RED SOIL OF THE PIEDMONT REGION, HAVE PROVIDED THE FAMILIAR SCENE OF THE HAPPy AND CONTENTED DARKY GATHERING GEORGIA ' S RICHEST CROP. University of Wisconsin COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Madison. Wisconsin JOHN STEUART CURRY ARTIST IN RCBIDCNCC April 17, 1939 Mr. Floyd E. Newton Jr, Editor, 1939 Pandora University of Georgia Athens, Georgia Dear Mr. Newton: Comparing the decision which you have asked me to give concerning these Georgian beauties with that famous decision of King Solomon, I assure you that Solomon ' s choice was in- deed child play. I think every one of these young ladles is very beautiful and everyone to whom I have shown the photographs has commiserated me on my difficult position. For first place I should very much like to make a tie between Miss Donna Lynn and Miss Emma Mlnkovltz. However, if this is not possible I shall give it to Miss Lynn, pro- bably because she is a blond, although I am not inferring that I am a gentleman. 1. Miss 2. Miss 3. Miss 4. Miss 5. Miss 6. Miss 7. Miss g. Miss Donna Lynn Emma Mlnkovltz Sara Jarvls Barbara Flells Annabel Corley Harriet Etheredge Edith Ann Teasley Cecil Michael This is the very best I can do from photographs, Sincerely yours. C ZIlv Artist in Residence nked bi JCHN XTCUACT CUCCT Sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Pi • ' ' vTr 7 Sponsored by Phi Delta Theta Sponsored by Delta Tau Delta Sponsored by Camp Wilkins Sponsored by Sigma Nu Sponsored by Phi Epsilon Pi SfWHA anA. M. 19? L[ KAPPA DELTA Sponsored by Chi Ps ric Hutt DELTA DELTA DELTA Sponsored by Candler Hall ?? V_,hciT|-ton elms- I KAPPA ALPHA THETA Sponsored by Old College tcin IS-? V javwoQ MILLER HALL Sponsored by Pi Kappa Alpha (:yitcner M M 199 aviha C mmc: a{. ' ;on . . . alpha delta pi Sponsored by Milledge Hall MARY LYNDON HALL Sp onsored by Kappa Sigma I pxutio44. ATHENS Sponsored by Sigma Alpha Epsilon i??j— |nne (v orne-tt ATHENS Sponsored by Alpha Tau Omega i M- 19? nne UUT ight f-or-(:?on PHI MU ODDie tepnen? Sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi CHI OMEGA Sponsored by Joe Brown Hal ;phen? I 19? it utKin eien DELTA PHI EPSILON Sponsored by Tau Epsilon Phi 9? V yiive — o ' ar CHI OMEGA Sponsored by Alpha Lambda Tau J Spxi- tAjOAA. CHI OMEGA Sponsored by Chi Phi 19? M tk avxxxaK ) e ' c ' c v a ' i 3 ' : d MARY LYNDON HALL 1 ' Sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha I 4 Q-pence r ing WINNIE DAVIS HALL Sponsored by New Boys Dormitory M- M • IS " ? aT ' ov a ' c ev SOULE HALL Sponsored by Alpha Gamma Rho IN THE SPRING Giiinic KiilicTls, ' 1 ' [. ami liriiie ' ;in(liver, " P A 9 Hiigli McGarity ami Mary Douglas, A X 1! Briuv Iliad, 11 K A, and Lillian Frve, K A Jinny Ragan, X ' I ' , and Mahc ' l Seay Charlie Davis, - N ' , and Jack Liddell, K A, and Harriett Etheredge, W Connie Thomas, A II Ruth Henirick and Frank Tifton Elliott Moran and Vivian Foster, A X S (iladys Juhnston, A A II, and Bobby Wilson, K A Dons Thomas, ' I H, and Sam Wilkins, A X A John Steceman, 2 A E, and Anne Price, K A ft George Smith, ? A 9, and Katherine Jones, A A II HoRTON Green and Eleanor Bushnei.l, n B I ' Georc.e Gillon, - A E, and LiBEY Baggett, X ! Frank Story, H K I , and Billie Anne Rocji ' , AAA Harry Clarke, I ' A 9, and AlIGUSTA HoVVARII, X Si lU ' STER Friedman, A E n, and KmMA MlNKOVITZ, A ' tE Prick, ATA, and I! A REAR A FiELIS, A A IT Alva Joiner, K A, and 1ms Perry Anne Edge, AAA, yearns for Ed Pope Louis Sohn, E n, and Hazel Ward, X U Bill Prince, - X, and Lynda Lee Linton Zachrv, - A E, and Beth Rauschenberg, Jl Robert Ho lman, K A, and LiiiBY Lucas, X V. Herman Coolidge, ATA. and Martha Bishop, K A Charlie Wells, A X A, and Valeria Burroughs, AAA Jimmy Jones and Dot Frank, A r A Dave Atkinson, K A, and Nannell Bagwell, X n Warren Thrasher, AX A, anc Annette Williams, KA Dave Barrow and Georgianna Raney, xn James Bridges and Josephine Key Ned Milsap, A X A, ,i,„i Elsie Bacon, X 12 Tommy Gantt and Kay Jones, A A n Hilton Wall, n K A, and Dot Harris AAA A YOUNG MAN ' S FANCY TURNS--- Billy Cri.Mi luL«, l A, anil Betty Cook, ■!■ M Dick Voimg, K A, aiul Cecil Michat-l Ilonicr iJurdfii, — A 1 ' ., and Marion Little, " I ' M Harriott Burke, I. and Jim Owen, i A 9 Eugenia Zachrv and Jack Kent, :S X t " «- Martha Jennings and Max Lindsay. A X A Lucile Anthnnv ami Bill Betts, K - rank Solomon, T F t. and Svlvia Ginsberg, - T Waller Rylander, A 9, and Alyce Walker, X P. Saidcc Hoilgson, K A O, and Paul Keller Tom Clary, - X, and Elizabeth Maddox Jimmy Curtis, — X, and Caroline Brosseau, AAA She got him. Mary Gates, X n. and J. J. Maddox, A 9 Wii.i,i. . i C. Ni)i.Eii, Iv A, and HoWELl- ER yix, - -V H, and L. i-R. McCartv, XS! Joe Gerson, TE , and Helen Rutkin, A E Bobbie McLemore and Ester Zill J.MK r). yis, K A, and (Jeive Howard, X n Neii GfiLD, - X, and .Maktii. ' ERni, A r A Frank Garner and . gnes Sylva, a X V. Bobbie Stephens, X ! Cal Parker, A T A. and Louise French, A r A Vincent Jones, - N, ami Kate Chick Inman Kidi., a T ;, ami Rebecca Love, A r A Jimmy Andrews, n K A, and Frances John Land, ATA, and Ann Autrev, A 1 " A Charlton Helms, K A 9, and DeWitt Ballew Olin Hammond. A X A, and Faye Beatty, K A 9 ROOSEVELT COMES TO THE CAMPUS Ox August 15, 19JS, at tin- Siiniim-r ' IVnn (jiailuation exercises, the University of (jeor ;ia con- ferred upon Franklin IX ' lano Roosevelt, President of the United States, the degree of Doctor of Laws, the hit;hest honor in the power of the L ' ni ersity to hestow. Proud seniors ' aradc f ast Mcmoriiil Hall. ■■ ' ■ flags wai ' L ' , the erozvd rises, and Boy Scouts salute as the President drives into the S ' tadium . . . Phi Ka fa ' s Abrain and Cleveland present the Presi- dent ' u ' ith the honor key of the Society. ' fakc-it-easy " Sanford reads the doctoral citation icM]5sst£222ss; sgisas «««Uiiii ' i id .: J . - i ' .:jS i a ' - . The learned faculty moves across Sanford SUuliuui and ascends the rostrum. . . . accoinfianied by Governor Rivers, Chancellor San- ford, and President Caldwell — all guarded by the Secret Service. % ni Mtfittw ' 4L .m i mmm. . .a ■q ffl ffi « " .v;. ' y i ' ■■■■w- ' Roosevelt ascends the stand ' and the newly made alumni of the University arise. and hands the Chief E.rccutivc the prized parch- ment. " Mah Frans- NEW BUILDINGS ON THE CAMPUS 1)1 KINC rni ' sciKioi. u. I ' l.vS-. ' ), with the ;ii(l (it l ' ' cclct;il tunds s -i ' uicil li C ' li;uui-lli)r Santuid ;iiul the Uuard of Rcf cnts, tlie I iii frsit li;is (.uiuinucil its liiiililiiit; pri)t;r:im. Se cr;il new liuildini s have ln ' cii lomplctcil :uul ink on several others is in l)i(i;j:ress, while some of the oMer stnutures ha ' e been repaired and renio leled. 1 he I ni crsity is fast moving toward com- plete satisfaction in thost- phvsica! necessities of a great educational |ilant. Tlic interior of Moore College has been removed and rciwa ' cd, to bring its eqiii ' inent as a physics building up to date. ■ PW.A. t n w iMtMWCv I f iXcw College, formerly a men ' s dormitory icaj completely reno- vated to a c c m m o d a t c the Pharmacy School ami a ncu ' Co-op. To house the language department of the University, a ncii ' building stands on the slope of the hill just bclozi- the Commerce-J ournalism Building. P.W.A. FEDERAL EMERGENCY ' ADMimSTRATIOM OF PUBLIC WORKS DINING HALL. ATHENS. CA TT T Facing campus pletion. , , ,, .. , , ... . Construction of tile new prac- m i t ... , . i , j- ,i Mary Lyndon Hall from the .Igneuhural ,j school to be used bv the " draivn np and contracts let for the a neu ' dormitory for ,,omen nears com- School of ' Education is com- ' ' ' ■ ' ction of a nezi ' dining hall to be located to the rear It -will be ready for occupancy al the open- picted " ' ' ' ' y ' ' - ' " ' Education building, ing of school in September. P.W.A. FEDERAL EMERGENCY I ADMINISTR ATION OF P UBLIC WORIg HOME ECONOMICS GROUP PROJECT N9 OA 1S07 — F With the addition of new ' wings, the eapo.iiy c lill- Under eonstruetion on the Agricultural campus are edge Hall is bein.ii increased to aceominodale athletes four buildings for the home economics group, to be and law students. used as home inanagement units. 177 " COME AND TRIP IT AS YOU GO--- " She ' s the Sweetheart of Sigma Clii. ' Martha Mackcy and Chester Saunders lead out A. O. Pi ' s forma!. Host Don Xiiholcs and Jean S ' ortore f osc at tile Ka pa Sig formal. i mmmm 5 . ' ♦ ? ' l w Jane Coffin and Bob Mayes step through the K. U. diamond for the leadoul. Phi Mu presents a palpitating heart. Suhm Tri-Delta giiTS azi ' ay favors. And so on through the zcinler quarter. 178 • ••ON THE LIGHT FANTASTIC TOE " Jimmy Dorscy in the fall. Col. I ' loyd KccliDi and Sully liciison on (licss f anulc. I.iiny ( IiuIkii in Ihr spr Pan-Hrllcnic leaders out during the special at Ilonieeoining. Seal ' lnvd and Blade ta s neol liyte.i at the Militarv Ball. Cani ' iis dignitaries Icadont at the last Little Commeneement danee. Saturday ' s still eainl us night. Saber arch s reads out to inelude Li l. Ed Pope and .Inti Edge. Evans dates I ' oss at Little Commeneement. 179 HALL O F S HAM E What strange sight is this? . . . " My friends " that is Morris Abram. . . . The famous boy orator and Rhodes Scholar? , . . Yep. . . . Is he really a great orator? . . , He never stuck to the point long enough for anybody to find out. . . . How does the campus feel about his going to England next year? . . . Most of the students are delighted. What docs this remind you of? . . . Looks like Shylock, rubbing his wrists and wringing his hands. . . . Who is he? . . . It ' s William Taplcy Bennett, Jr., the boy wonder. ... Is he smart? . . . We thought so until the gov- ernment hired him to work a year for nothing. Who is this general? . . . That ' s no general, that ' s a Commissar. . . . What Commissar? . . . Commissar Milton Brownenoff. . . . What cotoi is his uniform? . . . Red — everything about him is red. Who is that with the gavel? . . . That is Gus ■■No Politics Cleveland. . . . What is he doing with a gavel? ... He is being presi- dent. ... I thought you said " No Politics. " . . . He said it, too. Troutman and Abram sug- gested that it was a good political move to say ■ ' No Politics. " Who is this fashion-plate? . . . That is Claude Davidson, Prince of the Tavern. . . . What is he doing? . . . He is buying a new pair of gaiters to match his orchid waistcoat. . . . Why is he buying new gaiters? ... To hold up his socks and his dignity. . . , What dignity? . . . He, suh, IS editor of THE RED AND BLACK (re- tired). Now, who can this be? ... It could be an honest man, but it ' s Charley Evans. . . . But what is he doing? . . . He ' s looking at girls ' pictures in the PANDORA. . . . Why? ... He needs a date for the Pan-Hellenic leadout. . . . Who told him to get a date? . . . His bosses, Millsap and Wickham. . . . Did he ask Cor- r)€ttc? . . . Yes. She said, " No, no, a thousand times no. " What is this gathering? . . . That is the Joe College Club. . . . What arc they doing? . . . Why, Halliburton is drawing up a con- stitution. , . , Mi gawd, another one? f-or what? . . . Tribblc ' s Checker Club. . . . Why are William Russell VII and Hacke in the group? . . . Rusel wantz to rite it n refawmd spelin. . , . How about Hacke? . . . ' Ods- blood, is he still there? I What is this? ... It is Sam " High Commerce Average " Mandeville. . . . Why is he smoking that foul cigar with his feet propped up on the desk? . . . He is being interviewed for a job. . . . What does the representative say to him? . . . He says, " You are the man we want. You have executive ability. " 180 HALL OF SHAME What IS that running with the pipe? . . . That is Bob McCuen, the editor of THE RED AND BLACK. . . . What is chasing him? . . . That ' s one of the coordinate house mothers. . . . Why IS she after him? , . . Because he printed a letter on his editorial page. . . . Does it make much difference what he prints? . . . No. No one ever reads it. What is this singing bee? . . . Thafs the Hag Hill Saturday night quartet. . . . What is it singing? . . . " God Save the King. " . . . What King? . . . Pretty Boy McLcmore, King of Hag Hill. . . . Who is that on the end? . . . That ' s Col. Ed Pope. ... Of the Law School? . . . Yes, but he gets around, Ann he has an Edge on the other boys. Who is that thumb? . . . That is Gene Phillips. . . . What is it doing? ... It is being na- tional president of the Hitchhikers Association. . . . Where is it going? ... To Podunk Col- lege to form another chapter of the Hitchhikers Association. . . . Why? . . . Gawd only knows. Who is this? . . . This is Louis Sohnovitch. . . . What did you say? . . . You heard what I said . . . What is that he has on? ... A Chi Omega pin in front and a bottle of Phi Ep tea behind. -SAfii Sis5?Ly. ' Ja% ' D c Cl is ' Who ' s that watering the Wilken Family? . . . That ' s Whiskey Still showing how he got elected. . . . What else helped him? . . . Ask the Wilkenses. They were his Camp followers. . . . Why does he have to water his political pull? . . . Because he only made $157,933.73 on rat caps this year. What in the name of . is that? . . . That is Carlisle Taylor. . . . What did he do? . . . He wrote this feature section . . . Where is he? . . . We ' d like to know, too. -J What is this? . . . It ' s Robert B. Troutman. . . . What does he do? . . . He ' s our number I bull artist. . . . What is he carrying? . . . One of his blankets. . . . What for? , . . (Last line censored.) Who IS this? . . . This is Johnny Wright, the wandering Greek. . . . Why is he wandering? . . . You would wander, too, if you had been adopted by the Chi Phis. . . . Why did they adopt him? . . . Why did they take Troutman? 181 1. Three Chi Omegas, an S. A. E. and a Sigma Nu. 2. Butts caught him smoking. 3. Abram speaks in Phi Kappa. 4. hiams. 5. Three good gals in search of a date. 6. Give me a penny. 7. He wants a date. 8. She went home this week- end. 9. Skirts are short this sea- son. 10. Bobby Troutman, whose wit and geniality have made him a friend of the whole campus, is a member of Sphinx, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and president of O. D. K. It is expected that he will continue his good record at Harvard next year. 11. Hard working business manager of the PANDORA, Bernard Butts has been a capable and efficient custodian of this publica- tion ' s funds. He has been president of both the Economics Society and Phi Kappa and vice-president and secretary of Delta Sigma Pi, and a member of many other organizations. 12. Joe Elrod, editor of the Georgia Agriculturist, is a member of Alpha Zeta and was prominent in other Ag Hill organizations. 13. Harry Stevens, outstanding as an athlete, being a member of the varsity football and track team was also prominent in student organizations. He is president of the " X " Club and " G " Club, and is one of the most popular men on the campus. 182 1. Pan-Hellenic Council re- forms. 2. Bob Norman returns from " y " convention. 3. Staschand. 4. Beer did this. 5. 1937 PANDORA called them Phuture Mamas. 6. Bottoms up. 7. Nice work if you can set it. 8. W.llet Main Philpot. 9. Since his coming to Georgia two years ago, Sam Mandeville has made a brilliant scholastic record. Valedictorian of the Senior Class he has the highest average in the Commerce School, and is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi. He has also served well as colonel of infantry. 10. One of the most genuine and friendly persons in the Senior Class, Nina Fuller has been a real leader in all women ' s activities. She has taken an active interest in the work of the Y. W. C. A. as vice-president and a member of the cabinet for three years. 11. Coming from Monroe, Wilson Still has made himself a lead- ing figure at Georgia. As campus leader and president of Blue Key he has rendered distinguished service to the student body. His warm, friendly personality has aided materially in his success. 12. Quiet and unobtrusive, John Pye, journalism major, has so far succeeded admirably in his chosen line. He has been editor of the Georgia Arch, treasurer of Sigma Delta Chi and president of the Fotog Club. 183 I. Red and Black propa- ganda. 2. Two gentlemen, 3. Mobilization. 4. Free show at the rat hole. 5. Pistol ' s daughter. 6. And I held three kings and two aces. 7. Scholar, governor, patriot, 2nd constitution maker. 10. One of the founders of the Georsia Arch, Gene Phillips served the publication as business manager and editor. He has taken an active part in all journalistic activities at the University and next year will represent the school as exchanae student to Italy. 11. President of the Y. M.C. A. this year was Elmon ' Vickers. An outstanding agricultural student, he was a member of Pericleans and was business manager of the Georgia Agriculturist. 8. More College. 9. Rural felicity. 12. Spook Newsom, a transfer from Gordon College, has served as president of his fraternity, and shortstop on the baseball team. A lournahsm major, he is a member of Sigma Delta Chi and the Red and Black staff. 13. Mary Neel, one of the most outstanding women on the campus, has served as president of both Junior and Senior Division Student Government. She was active in " Y " work and was treas- urer of Theta Sigma Phi. 1S4 1. From the sublime to the ridiculous. 2. Faculty at play. 3. Someone walked up. 4. Wc think they ' re cute. 5. Son worshippers. 6. It sings. 7. Gunga Din. 8. She had a date. 9 As editor of the Red and Black for the first term, Claude Davidson kept the Georgia publication in the Honors List for the fifth year. His journalistic ability is evidenced by his being loaned to help edit several state weeklies. 10. Bob Mayes has been president of Blue Key, Scabbard and Blade, and his fraternity. A major in the University R. O.T.C., he has taken a leading part in all forms of student activities. 11 Captain of Georgia ' s swimming team, and a three-year mern- ber of the varsity rifle squad, John Ashford has been one of the better known and well liked Athens men in the University. 12 Leader of the Parthenian organization, Margaret Darst had the hono ' r of being the charter president of Mortar Board. She was president of Theta Sigma Phi and served as delegate to its national convention last year. 185 1. Driftwood. 2. It ' s a picture from other side. life ' s 3. Oh! Bergen. 4. Ma Fcrg ' s r ght har d. 5. Caught in tl c act. 6. Munich. 7. Prince Ave. m a If. e s a dc- liver i- 8. A marketing major, John Rice practiced his study as business manager of the Red and Black. He was a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, O. D. K. and a number of other organizations on the campus. 9. Cadet Colonel Floyd Newton marched right into Sphinx, O. D. K., Phi Beta Kappa, and was vice-president of Phi Kappa Phi. Newton was editor of this year ' s PANDORA, and well deserved the honors accorded him. Plans to continue his education at Har- vard next year; and the Yankees will have to hustle to match his pace. 10. Virginia Barfield is a real big shot on the campus. Charter member of Mortar Board, she was president of Psi Chi, Pioneer Club, and a member of a host of other societies. She was last year ' s Woman ' s editor of the PANDORA, and a member of the Arch staff. Speaks to everyone she knows, and knows everybody. II. From Atlanta and other parts comes Al Morgan, scholar, orator, cosmopolitan. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, O. D. K., Al was a nominee for the Rhodes Scholarship, An- niversarian of his literary society. Phi Kappa, and a candidate for Valedictorian. A real future is in store for Morgan — possessor of brillia nt mind, quick tongue, and big heart. 186 1. Exam week besins. 2. A Gamble without Beck. 3. These crowded dormitories, tsk, tsk! 4. Spring is here. 5. Crossing the Rubicon. 6. Secret service. 7. Scenes of my childhood. 8. Phi Mu ' s Varsity. 9. Little Bo Peep. 10. Four years have witnessed Milton Brown ' s rise on the campus to a place of real prominence. As a member of O. D. K., Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and president of Demosthenian Literary So- ciety, he has consistently been one of the most intellectual persons at Georgia. His college career has not ended as he will be here two more years to finish law school. 11. Norman Camp, a member of Blue Key and Thalian-Blackfriars, has served as assistant business manager of the University Theater. A hard worker, Norman has done a fine job as managing editor of the 1939 PANDORA. 12. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Xi Phi Xt, E. D. Blumenthall was outstanding in scholarly attainment during his years at Georgia, hie was nominated by the faculty as a candi- date for valedictorian of his class. 13. One of the friendliest and best liked members of the Senior Class, Buster Howell is a journalism major. He was vice-president of Sigma Delta Chi and art editor of the Red and Biacic. He has become quite well known through his original cartoons and illustra- tions. 187 12. Bob McCuen, editor of the Red and Black, was one of the most outstanding transfers that the University of Georgia has had. Coming to Georgia as a junior, he has made Sphinx, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, O. D. K., Blue Key, and numerous other honor or- ganizations. A straight-shooting newspaper man, his qualifications made him a Rhodes Scholar nominee. 13. As president of the Senior Class, Roy Mercer has been an outstanding figure on the University campus. He is a member of Blue Key, Gridiron and is a prominent man in the Agricultural School. 1. W. A. A. Activity. 2. Which is Dopey? 3. Pope on edge. 4. Editor ' s office work. 5. The Cook rolls one out. 6. Butch, the Red. 7. Get out of town. 8. Table service. 9. Study in Gray. 10. Making hay while the sun shines. 11. Little man, what now? 14. One of the best athletes that Georgia has had in recent years is Macon ' s Quinton Lumpkin. A member of Sphinx, Blue Key and captain of the football team, Lumpkin has been one of the best liked and most deserving men on the campus. He returns to Geor- gia next year as a member of the football coaching staff. 15. Business manager of the Georgia Arch, Lewis Turner hails from Rome. He has taken an active part in the work of the Volun- tary Religious Association and the University Theater. An officer of " X " Club, he typifies their spirit of service. 188 RojcJl MA I IB GENERATIONS OF INTEGRITY AND SERVICE HAVE FORMED FOR THE GEORGIA STUDENT A BACKGROUND AS FIRM AND ENDURING AS THE NATIVE GRANITE— AS POLISHED AND COLORFUL AS THE MARBLE FROM THE MOUNTAINS OF NORTH GEORGIA. . ' -iy a4,v THE R. O. T. C ;, MAioR (;i:ni;ral cr.oRciK a. i. cii be s.ilil to h;i c a triple iiluc — its :iluc tci tlu ' institiitiun, :iiul its :ilii( ' tn the- ' I ' m R. (). T. C. m:i to till ' nation, its value inili Klual stiiiicnt. Ill case ot a national emcri;eiic , our suceesstul iletense unuM depend in iieat part vipon the perforniarue ot Reserx e ( )tTieers. A irreat number of these officers, atlequatel tr.iined in time ot peace, is required and there must be a constant accession ot yoiHii; officers to their ranks. The R. ( ). T. C. constitutes one of the principal sources of supply of these officers. Moreover, these members of the R. O. T. C. who do not complete the aihanced course and thus qualify as Reserve Officers neverthe- less receive military training that would be of the greatest value in c:!se of a national emergency. The R. O. T. C thus pla s a highly important role in o ir scheme of national defense. As is indicated by the continued su|iport of educators, the R. ( ). r. C is a decided asset to an institution, both from an educational viewpoint and because of its general effect upon the student body. The R. O. T. C. is a character-building organization. It first teaches the individual discipline, obedience to constituted au- thority and respect for American concepts and institutions, and then, through the practice afforded in directing the actions of others, imparts qualities such as decision and self-confidence. Members of the R. O. T. C. can well feel that the time devoted to military training is time particularly well spent. It allows them to improve themselves and assist their institution while rendering valuable patriotic service to the nation. Election of the advanced course is a demonstration of wisdom and foresight on the part of the student. He elects to qualify for a position of leadership in his country ' s defensive forces. Whatever may be one ' s attitude toward war, history has shown that no generation has yet been able to avoid it. To be prepared for peace only is in the case of the individual as well as the nation, a ery partial preparation for life. George A. Lynch, Major General, Chief of Infantry. THE R. O. T. C. By .MAJOR (GENERAL J. K. HERR There is xo question as to the real value of the R O. T. C, both to the country and to the Cavalry service. It is of great benefit for any young man to be associated with the horse. There is something about contact with the horse that has in- spired men throughout the ages and it continues to be so. The benefits are increased b - participation in all mounted sports, such as hunting and polo which tend to cultivate all those traits of character and elements of physical hardiness which are valued in war. In this motor age, it is particularly desirable that we continue to train a portion of our youth to understand the horse. This is more needful in the East where the motor holds greater sway than in the western country. It is quite certain that horse cavalry, which has greater flexibilit) ' and fliu ' ditv than any other ground arm in the battle- field area, continue to need in an war of the future those fine oung horsemen who will be initialh ' trained in the Cavalry R. O. T. C. Mv best wishes are always with the young man on the horse. He is certainlv on the right track. J. K. Herr, Major General. I . S. .Irniy. Chief of Cavalry. 193 OFFICERS 4 NSTRUCTION COLONEL HERBERT E. MANN Colonel Herbert E. Mann Cavalry. U.S. A. Colonel R. W. Trimble Cavalry, U. S. A. M.AjoR A. H. Peyton lafaatry, U. S. A. M.AJOR J. V. V. Shufelt Cavalry, U.S. A. M. ' jOR A. G. Hutchinson Infanfry. U. S. A. Captain J. E. McGill Infantry; U. S. A. Captain L. C. Vance Cavalry, U. S. A. COL. R. W. TRIMBLE MAJ. A. H. PEyTON MAJ. J. V. V. SHUFELT MAJ. A. G. HUTCHINSON CAPT. J. E. McGILL CAPT. L. C. VANCE 194 R. O. T. C. BRIGADE STAFF MISS SARA FRANCES BENSON COLONEL FLOXD C. NEWTON Colonel Floyd C. Newton . . Cu nmiiiuUiig R. O. T. C. Brigade Miss Sara Frances Henson Corps Sponsor Lieutenant Colonel David C. Barrow . . . Corps Executive LIEUT. COL. DAVID C. BARROW 195 FIRST LIEUTENANT C. E. SELF MISS HILDA CALLAHAN BAND OFFICERS FiRbT LlIiUTKNANT C. E. Slil.F . Miss Hilda Callahan . . . . Second Lieut. George B. Stewart . CjOiiiininiilini; Sfidnsor Scc ' irii hi C ' JiiuiKind SECOND LIEUTENANT G. B. STEWART Barrow, Harold Bartlett, C. Bates, W. B. Beckmann, Saul Benard, H. Blumenthal. I. BoGGS, Harold Bridges, M. Brice, J. Garden, Van R. Childs, Wyatt CoKER, Lyman Davis, Gordon Dunn, Tom Florence, W. L. Fram, Benny Hall, John Harrison, J. A. Hicks, H. Johnson, James Kahn, a. J. Kendricks, Larry KiME, R. ROLL Lee, W. E. Lewis, M. W. Long, Ernest McCarthy, Ward McDonald. M. L McHarge, J. E. Moore, Bill Niblett, Chas. Odom, W. W. Pearson, Wilmer Pope, Forest Rogers, M. RowE, J. C. Russell, B. A. Scott, Billy Slaughter, C. W. Taylor, V. J. Teal, Chas. B. Tipton, F. B. Wall, Marion Wilson, W. L. Woods, A. Y. N FANTRY REGIMENT sassm COLONEL S. D. MANDERVILLE , 3 , LIEUT. COL. U. G, CARLAN CAPTAIN JAMES ADAMS CAPTAIN S. A. SIAFACAS Colonel S. D. M.vxdervii.le Conunandina Miss Doris Futral Sponsor Lieutenant Colonel U. G. Carlan Executive Captain James Adams Adjutant Captain S. A. Siafacas Plans and Trainint: .Master Sergeant W. H. Cox Regimental Sergeani Major , 197 FIRST BATTALION MAJOR WILLIAM CURRY MISS JANE COILE FIRST LIEUTENANT SAM DANCE Major William Clrrv Commanding Miss Jane Coile Sponsor First Lieutenant Sa.m Dance Adjutant Staff Sergeant Robert Rothberg Sergeant Major SECOND BATTALION J ' MAJOR GEORGE STALLINGS MISS EMILY BECK Major George Stallings . Miss Emily Beck First Lieutenant }. R. Jenkins . Staff Sergeant Sam Wilkins . FIRST LIEUTENANT U. R. JENKINS Commanding . Sponsor . Adjutant Sergeant Major 198 THIRD BATTALION MAJOR ELMON VICKERS MISS MARIE RICHARDSON FIRST LIEUTENANT MORRIS COLLINS Major Elmon Dickers CnminandiiKi Miss Marie Richardsox Sponsor First Lieutexant Morris Collins Adjutant Staff Sergeant William Cunningham Sergeant Major COLORS tit- Staff Sergeant William Rogers Color Sergeant Staff Sergeant Johx Martin Color Sergeant 199 ' m,.. CAPTAIN REX SAFFOLD MISS SUSAN WILLIAMS r SECOND LT. WALKER NEWTON Q04np.G4i4 A rr Captain ' Ri;. Saffoi.d Coni iiuni inf; -Miss Susax Williams Sfifj isor Sam Danck . !• irst Lii ' iiU iiiiiit Walkkr NmvToN . Secoii l Lit utfiiiinl ThAD Ai.I ' XAXDKR . First Scrsieaiit Ser eiiiits William Clark James Sanders John Irbv William Wheeler ROLL Arnold, W. 0. Perry, R. L. BiRENBAUM, A. Presant, 0. Brown, E. K. Ralston, L. Callaway, T. O, Ranhand, M. a. Chambers, C. A. Richards, R. M. COOLRIDGE, W. A. Roan, J. M. Duncan, H. L. Robinson, M. J. Fletcher, W. A. Rowe, J. C. Garrett, H, F. Shearouse, J. N. GUNN, R. P. Smith, C. Hardin, N. E. Stephens, M. L. Hatcher, S. M. Thurman, S. W. Herring, B. Thompson, R. W. Herringt(}n, T. J. Walker, A. W. Iseman, H. Wall, J. M. Johnson, J. A. Webb, E. F. Lanier, R. P. ' ■ Williams, C. P. Lee, J. Williams, N. C. Martin, M. P. Willis, 0. P. Meeks, E. a, Wolfson, M. Overstreet, S. J. Wood, V. G. Porter, J. D. ain pxiHif. ' B w Drr Caitmn l l (Jriz ij,!. . . I ' .diiniKiiiilin Miss Ros i ivd I.ii ' scomh SpDiis ' ir First l,ii;i thnaxt M kk AUNMS Stu ' fm l in ( jfjf i ffififiil Ton ' Rici- ' Si ' i ' ori I LitulfiKiiit Ckcii. . . . . First SiTfrauit ei ' i fdiits ' ii.i.iAM Arers V RANK (lARNER James Bailey John Taylor ROLL Adams, B. E. HORNBUCKLE, V. R. Akins, D. H. Hudson, S. G. Bailey, J. H. Hughes, S. G. Banister, J. L. Jones, B. Barnes, H. C. Manning, T. L. Barnes, H. T. Mauldin, T. L. Brown, J. H. Miller, G. 0, Carter, T. D. Moss, B. J. Clarke, J. K. Preston, J. B. Clarke, M. C. Roberts, J. P. Colquett, p. R, Sheriff, F. A. Cooper. W. C. Simmons, T. W. Cokbett, J. Smith, C. J. Dollar, J. SUDDETH, V. B. DORSEY, H. B. Snyder, S. E. Elder, B. A. John, St. J. Fowler, A. A. Waldrl;p, W. H. Fudge, F. P. Webb, E. O. Garren, R. N. Whitmore, C. L. Green, R. W. Willis, G. D. Harderx, A. W ' odllRlFF, A. P. Hatcher, F. P. Yeargin, L. Holland, W. F. Young, W. W. ■ ■ " KK- ' i.:,::. ,-,;• CAPTAIN ROy GRIZZELL MISS ROSALIND LIPSCOMB ■ ' v FIRST LT. MARK ADAMS SECOND LT. JOHN RICE Qo.4ii pLamf, C rr CAPTAIN WILLIAM TOWNSEND MISS VIVIAN FOSTER Captain Vii.i.iam Townsend C iiiiiiiaiidiii ; Miss Vivian Foster Sponsor First Lieut. William P ' i ri;hand . Secoml in Coinnumd William White Second Lieutcnunt Elliott Moran First Serjeant Sergeants Kenneth Brown Irwin Rhodes Eugene Maxwell Charles Strickland Milton Tankersley ROLL FIRST LT. WILLIAM FOREHAND SECOND LT. WILLIAM WHITE Bradbury, J. T. Herbert, G. H. Brock, P. Hill, J. C. Brown, B. K. Hodges, R. L. Brown, M. B. Holland, P. B. Burt, W. Holliday, P. Callahan, H. G. Huff, L. Clark, H. F. Hunter, J. F. COCHREN, T. A. Jenkens, C. Cocke, E. Keltner, J. G. DURDEN, Q. Kemp, N. E. Echols, J. H. Kimsey, C. C. Edge, J. P. Kluck, p. p. FURGUSON, I. A. Loflin, R. L. FiCQUETT, H. S. Lumpkin, E, K. Fiegenbaum, I. A. Matheson, J. D. Garmany, C. B Magruder, G. H. Gershon, H. B. McCarthy, W. GlNN, 0. W. McLaughlin, E. R Green, T. E. Rawiszer, H. C. Griffin, E. E. Richards, W. N. Hanson, L. A. Spearman, J. N. Harrelson, W. L. Spratlin, W. H. Harrington, L. M. Tltggle, R. S. Wilks, F. M. Co4npxi4 rr Caitain Randdi.imi Jo i;s Commaruling Miss I. cms Hriu(;i:s Sponsor First I.iili ' . Haroi.u IIii.i.iard . . Second in (Uimnumd RoHl.Rl l,i) !■: I ' irst l.uuliiuml I.i;sti;r Norris First Sergeant Sergetints Edgar Dl ' ke Wiiklr Smiih Herbert Re nolds 1)a iu Windsor Askew, D. H. Baggett, L. R. Barrett, H. D. Bates, W. B. Bridges, J. L. Brown, A. D. Bruce, L. G. Bryant, J. N. Burroughs, R. C. Burt, W. G. Carter, W. R. Christain, C. B. Cooper, L. J. Dalton, E. M. DODD, B. T. Duncan, H. L. Echols, J. H. Edwards, H. E. Engleheart, S. Farmer, L. J. Felton, G. G. Ferguson, E. F. Fletcher, G. G. Fowler, J. M. Gary, M. Gentry, B. F. Goodman, VV. S. Gkiffin, G. E. Gunn, U. S. Haynes, E. ROLL Herrington, T. J. HiNSON, J. Holland, D. Hunt, H. F. Jones, W. T. Kyle, G. S. Lanier, R. P. Leach, J. V. Levine, E. S. Lynn, C. W. Malone, V. T. Martin, H. C. Martin, M. P. MiCHNER, H. Miller, R. B. Nelson, Q. T. Powers, H. J. Roan, J. M. Shelton, L D. Spears, R. Suggs, G. E. SULE, F. Taylor, W. J. Thurmon, S. W. Watson, L. D. Welch, C. W. Williams, C. P. Williams, J. W. Wingate, J. W. Woodruff, A. E. CAPTAIN RANDOLPH JONES MISS LOIS BRIDGES FIRST LT. HAROLD HILLIARD FIRST LT. ROBERT LOWE f f Qo ii pja4n4j, 9 rr Captain Robert Salisbury Cuiiniiaiidini Miss Kent Cain Sponsor First Lieut. Joseimi Ki.rod .... Sccoml in Conimnml Walter Rylander First Lirntcnnnt Jero.Me Pinckney First Sergeant CAPTAIN ROBERT SALISBURX MISS KENT CAIN FIRST LT. JOSEPH ELROD FIRST LT. WALTER RYLANDER Sergeants Thomas Beasi.ey Preston Hatcher Wallace Campbell James Jones Reagan Sanders Barfoot, VV. L. Bennett, W. G. Bond, C. N. Bronke, O. Brown, J. R. Chatham, R. L. Clark, R. Y. Cleveland, T. G. Cook, E. G. Davis, B. Davis, C. N Davis, E. S. Downer, S. D. Ellison, W. T. Field, J. H. Gary, A. V. Griffeth, C. L. Gunn, F. L. Harris, J. B. HOLLEY, D. Holliday, J. W. Huff, J. V. Jones, E. P. Keehan, B. F. Killian, J. Kirkland, D. R. ROLL Lacove, J. B. Lyons, E. F. Meyers, S. Melvin, C. C. Moore, E. C. McDtjffie, W. E. Newton, L. T. O ' Kelley, C. R, Owens, J. C. Pate, J. B. Parris, E. p. Payne, J. E. Posey, J. W. Rogers, W. G. Slater, C. D. Skipworth, J. T. Stown, J. P. Telford, G. E. TisoN, E. D. tolson, w. l. West, W. L. Wilkes, R. Williams, C. Woody, E. Ziegler, R. F. Gam fUuMdj. K FF Cai ' tain R (iKi i;R (jdidiiiiinilini: Miss Rlbii; Sri:i;i.i-: Sfxjiisor Fmsr I.ii:l r. Col WooTi-x . . . Scidnd in (J ' niiiiiiiiul John Hr.MKS Scion L ' uulcnaul l.iwis Kill. IAN first Scr ' iiiiil s. rf;eriiils William Crenshaw jniiN UlRNDOX Albert DeCharleroy C. RI. 1 IL Arthlk Stewart ROLL Barron, G. Kirai, 1. Belyeu, F. L. Knupi ' , J. Bloodworth, R. Lewis, L. C. Blount, R. Lewis, R. O. Braddock, R. Lindsey, V. E. Brown, R. T. Matthews, D. Brown, W. Matthews, T. M Burgess, H. Maxwell, A. B. Clary, E. Moody, J. C. Clements, C. MOSELY, R. F. Crenshaw, R. W. McKinney, L. Davis, J. Payne, J. W. DOTTERY, E. L. Pittman, M. Dunlap, J. Prickett, G. D. EUBANKS, J. E. QUALLS, T. L. FORTSON, W. M. Reese, W. A. Fulmer, V. M. Reynolds, Z. Grace, G. Ro- RK, A. B. H. GEN, J. RUTLEDGE, A. Harrison, H. Sancken, H. Henley, D. P. Secrest, L. HisE, E. Shapiro, B. HORTEN, J. W. SUMMERHILL, D. Jackson, R. L. Tucker, B. Jones, B. Wagoner, E. Kennedy, J. Watson-, : L R. CAPTAIN RAy GRINER MISS RUBIE STEELE Woods, J. C. FIRST IT. COUNCIL WOOTEN SECOND LT. JOHN HUMES CAPTAIN WEDFORD LIDDELL MISS CONSTANCE THOMAS Qo KfUjAUf, JH FF CaI ' TAIN WisDFORD LidueLL C ' lmmanduin Miss Constance Thomas Spnnsnr First Lieut. Alva Cooper .... Second in Conumuid Alvan Gillei.and I ErSKINE WhITMIRe .... Second Lieutenants Warren Thrasher First Sergeant Sergeants FIRST LT. ALVA COOPER SECOND LT. ALVAN GILLELAND NSLEY Cox Alford Moss LTER Forbes ' illiam Walters ROLL Blackburn, J. W. Kent, J. Bond, J. R. Kersey, B. L. Candler, B. Kittle, A. T. Carswell, J. J. LOVVERY, T. A. Cooper, L. Mathews, J. Cornell, J. Masburn, D. L. CORRY, J. H. Mayer, W. J. Crumbley, J. J. Miller, W. H. Davis, P. Morrow, H. H. Edwards, T. H. Neal, H. K. Farr, Q. NORRIS, J. W. Fox, a. NoRRis, L. p. Greer, W. C. Parker, W. W. Hagood, H. G. Poitevant, a. L Harrell, J. R. Pulliem, D. F. Harrison, R. Rentz, F. Hatcher, D. A. Rowland, P. A. Haygood, W. T. Smith, J. A. HUTCHIN.SON, J. A. Stinson, R. H. Jarett, H. M. Thomas, W. Jay, B. H. Vance, G. A. Jordan, A. Weston, W. Williams J. C. CAVALRY REGIMENT COLONEL EDWIN POPE MISS ANNE EDGE LT. COLONEL ROBERT KIMBRELL CAPTAIN BENARD BUHS OFFICERS Colonel Edwin Pope Conunandins Miss Anne Edge Sponsor Lieutenant Colonel Robert Klmbrell Executive Captain Benard Butts idjutant Master Sergeant William Gunter Rez ' ninntal Serjeant Major J ret ' 4»l -.MFl kT 207 FIRST SQUADRON MAJOR ROBERT MAYES MISS AMELIA GOL UCKE FIRST LIEUTENANT EDWARD STRAIN Major Robert Maves Commanding Iiss Amelia Golucke Sfnnsor First Lieutenant Edward Strain idjutant Staff Sergeant David Paddock Sergeant Major SECOND SQUADRON MAJOR OTIS PARKER MISS ANNABEL CORLEV FIRST LIEUTENANT GEORGE SEAGO Major Otis Parker Commanding Miss Annabel Corley Sponsor First Lieutenant George Seago Adjutant Staff Sergeant Marvin Gillis Sergeant Major 208 THIRD SQUADRON I ..y a»- MAJOR JOHN DANIELS MISS SUE ZETTEROWER FIRST LIEUTENANT FRED SWEAT Major John Uaxiei.s Coniiiuindini; Miss Sue Zetterower Sponsor First Lieutenant Fred Sweat Adjutant Staff Sergeant James Wimberly Sergeant Major COLO RS . ,„ f X Staff Sergeant James Wimbi;ri. Staff Sergeant Dave Paddock . Color Sergeant . Color Sergeant 209 r , T T V CAPTAIN JOHN ASHFORD MISS MILDRED MOON CAPTAIN HENRy WILLIAMS FIRST LT. WALTON HARPER Captain John Ashford Coiiunnndint; Miss Mildred Moon Sponsor Captain Henry Williams .... Second in Command Walton Harper First Lieutenant James Owen First Sergeant Sergeants Starks Ginn Frank Teaslev Edwin Herrington William Van Hook Kenneth Marshall Thomas Willis ROLL Alexander, J. P. Green, W. C. Allen, W. C. Hamilton, W. F. Anderson, O. N. Harris, W. H. Baker, H. Hawkins, M. Bankes, H. L. Hill, E. F. Barnstein, R. Howard, J. R. Benson, H, E. Hunnicutt, J. A. Biggs, E. L. Jacobs, I. Binder, E. W. Jameson, W. C. Blake, J. Land, R. Brady, Ralph Loyd, R. N. Brady, Robert Maddox, J. D. Bramlett, R. Maupin, R. H. Brine, P. Milton, G. S. Bunim, B. E. Montgomery, C. Callaway, R. Munn, R. A. Carithers, R. O ' Meal, J. Carter, M. Osborn, W. W. Clark, W. H. Paul, L. Clements, R. Pesetzky, H. Cliett, a. Polhill, J. B. Coleman, C. T. Pulliam, S. CowN, L. Rice, C. C. Cromartie, a. • Ruskin, E. Dugger, M. Sanders, C. Flanagan, W. R. Scovill, S. Gardner, B. C. Stokes, H. A. Geteleman, p. Todd, R. T. Glover, J. G. Wills, G. nil I K II I 1 llOO " ig rr C.M ' IAIN ]. P. Sri: ART . .Miss I ' Imma W ' h l.l . I ' ' iRsr l.ii:i ' i. I- ' . rc,i: :■. I ' liu.i.ii ' s . litRCii Harcrwi; 1 Bruce Stew ari ' Wi I.SOX Stii.i. J Cai.hoi - l?ii vi; . (J ' JiiiiniuiiHiii . Sfinii.sar Scrrjii ill CdlllllKlllil Sfconil I. i CI 1 limits . First Si ' rffPfiiit GooDi.oH Krwin Warren Harden KUGEXE Ma.WVELL Sergeants William Poppke John Renka John Souther CAPTAIN J. P. STEWART MISS EMILV WHATLEX ROLL Allgood, C. L. Blanton, C. Braselton, H. B. Brown, J. Claxton, E. D. COKER, L. H. Dekle, J. R. Donovan, L. N. durden, j. d. Dyal, M. Edge, J. P. EVERTON, L. D. Gheeslin, V. Gottlieb, E. D. Grant, J. D. Griffith, E. L. Harrison, A. C. Herford, R. Hill, W. M. Jones, P. M. Jones, W. A. Johnson, J. S. Kelley, J. M. Keney ' , W. D. Kicklighter, H. D. KiNNEBREW, E. H. Lee, W. D. Lesselbaum, a. R. Malone, D. G. Miles, E. A. Miller, F. D. Moore, J. E. MULLINS, H. A. McCORKEL, J. S. McCoy, S. E. McCurley, H. H. McKlSSECK, J. H. NiRENBURG, J. S. Patillo, C. E. Pendergast, T. J. Poss, R. L. Sellars, J. A. Smith, R. E. Smith, S. D. SOLODKIN, M. H. Stanifer, W. B. Steenland, a. P. Stewart, F. X. Stillwell, N. Strauss, W. A. sudd.ath, j. k. Swe. t, L. E. Tripkowski, F. p. Walker, E. S. Wheeler, L. IuLaM FIRST LT, EUGENE PHILLIPS SECOND LT. BURCH HARGRAVE I i « I « J ilf ¥ f CAPTAIN JAMES SOLMS MISS BETTV JOHNSON 1nxM C FF Cai " iain JamilS Sol, MS . Cjiiiiiinandhig Miss Hhttv Johnson S oiisor Captain James Watson . . Si ' i ' on l in Conniiiinil Edwin Brown William James ■ . . First Lii-ntcii uits John Land Francis Norman . Sergeants First Sergeant Santi Carnvelli (iRO ER PrESNEI.L DuRwooD Combs W ILLIAM SpENCE Christopher Ir in T. ROLL L. Wood Adelmans. v. Hodges, V. C. Abbott, H. L. Karr, E. Baker, P. W, Kendrick, J. M. Baynham, M. a. Kennedy, J. C. BiRKENHOVVER, E. King, R. G. Blalock, W. H. Kinnebrew, E. H. Boone, B. D. Lee, Q. S. Bowden, J. D. Magill, D. Burke, M. J. Marsh, C. L. Carter, H. B. Middleton, R. E. Chatham, E. D. Monk, W. R. Collins, W. W. McMullan, J. Clary, F. D. Nichols, W. C. Clinkscale, M. B. Pesetzky, R. COHN, B. Planter, D. Dasher, R. T. Seaton, G. E. David, R. Smith, R. S. Dean, G. W. SoLMS, W. O. Dean, R. C. Stewart, W. B. Earl, R. B. Steyerman, L. Edwards, G. T. Stone, J. W. Eubanks, VV. L, Strutletz, J, Fleetwood, J. Tatum, T. Fullilove, S. E. ViCKERS, J. Gerrard, G. H. Williams, S. A. Glover, Joe Willis, J. G. Gold, R. H. Witt, T. Hancock, Joe Wolf, L. A. Hicks, W. Yeomans, W. L. ' v- ■ ™,„ , j,-_i, _ iij i,ijn| ■■■ mHm ' " Inoofi ' ' ff C.M ' T.MN Bi. 1)l KI-; (Jijiiiiniiiii iii!; Miss Ni:i.i. Iriu- S tJiisoi Cw ' i i L ' liNRii.s Rici-; Sfi ' Jiiil ,11 l ti iimnini R Al.l ' ll Ih II .Mi;i. i I ' oi.i.oc ' K ClADl- HvNL ' M Siioiid Lieutenant Hhrrfrt Shin(;i,i:r First Serjeant lilSl Lit l tl ' lllllllS (iRi " ! Dresser W II. I.I.AM P. R. D ' GORDOX ROTHWELL M. LONE, W. T. HiGHSMITH, C. N. Mann, J. M. Watson, J. .• . Snow, J. T. Mason, J. S. Langdale, B. Woodruff, L. Baldwin, M. A. Stogsnill, D. Green, N. C. Waddell, J. H. Camp, L. N. Shi t;r, G. H. Rheney, a. Martin, J. D. Barnett, . . P. PURCELL, J. W. Cobb, J. T. Price, G. nunnally, j. d. Jarrett, J. White, J. R. Wingart. J. O. Bailey, J. Pritchett, T. L. Fender, D. Fraser, O. S. Wright, W. T. Lundy, J. E. Sergeiints R.XI.l ' H ' rilORXTOX W.ARREN V ' .-VX Rll ' ER H. B. Wall ROLL Langston, N. D. Dial, R. L. Harris, J. M. Golden, L. R. Dunbar, C. A. Reynolds, M. L. Herzberg, M. M. Julian, J. Hill, C. P. Haslam, M. R. Clements, V. L. Olive, R. L. Kennedy, E. D. Murry, T. Scarbrough, a. Smith, T. C. Perry, W. L. McCrary, T. a. Avery, C. King, O. H. Long, M. Van Zant, K. W. Edmunds, W. P. Goldberg, S. H. Golden, J. Gusgeski, J. J. McClain, J. L. H. ynes, C. T. MORAN, E. A. Martin, M. N. ' W CAPTAIN BEN DUKE MISS NELL IRSy Pritchett, T. A. CAPTAIN CHARLES RICE FIRST LT. RALPH BELL CAPTAIN MONROE DEARING MISS MARy ANNE GEISSLER CAPTAIN A. B. STILES FIRST LT. Z. M. ADDX nrr 1no 9 Captain Monrok Sharing Cdiimuindlui:, Miss Mary Anne Sponsor Captain A. B. Secrtml in Co n iitiinl Z. M. Addv First Liciitiniinl Marion DuBose Second Lieutenant Joseph Tuck First Sergeant Sergear ts William Causey Homer Durden A ker Wrig ht ROLL Raines, M. Ferguson, W. A. Bramlett, L. Berry, H. C. Brewton, S. Grover, R. W. COLQUETT, H. Say, H. a. Smith, H. Rogers, T. H. Patterson, R. Keller, A. P. White, W. B. Resnick, J. M. Hill, W. C. Zellers, R. D. DUPREE, J. W. Spencer, R. P. BOLAND, H. L. Alden, J. C. Massey, J. M. Cline, R. C. Leroy, L. D. Lee, D. W. Ha VERT Y, R. DeLoach, C. J. Martin, E. D. Jones, W. T. Bell, A. G. Culpepper, P. M. Hall, C. H. Short, E. W. Greer, Z. A. Stencill, F. E. Statham, R. E. Wadsworth, W. Greer, J. T. Morris, C. G. McDonald, J. J. Compton, C. S. Stowe, J. E. HOSFORD, J. C. Woodruff, J. Weston, C. A. Hall, J. Tyer, R. a. Harris, G. B. Fitzgerald, J. E. Huckabee, L. B. Wells, C. B. ' vi jd P: w " Inooft K " L ' m ' I i Hi K l Dobbs Cininndiuiini Miss An ';r S ' j is ' )r (. ' i ' i i k i(iM) MiM ii() . . . Sec ' Dii ill ( ' .iiiiiiiuiiiil K. W. Hrdwmxc. i ' irst Licutiniinl Morion Friidman Sccmil Llciilriniiil lllllM S Si ' l.W ART First Stri ' dlllt " 1 Seif eiiiits Horace Crow Jess Strickland Charles Everitt George V. Willlams Clayton Willlams CAPTAIN BURNEy DOBBS MISS ALVA WALKER ROLL Cleveland, T. G. Haskins, S. Stimpson, W. H. Hudson, W. C. Cawthorn, T. E. McGiNTv, F. A. Camp, R. C. Cannon, F. L. Plowden, J. G. Scorvill, T. M. Davis, B. Haney, a. N. Cassels, R. Howell, R. L. Stogsdill, B. R. Wilder, D. BODDY, J. W. Barnes, B. Gillian, G. W. Martin, R. E. Nichols, D. E. Verdey, H. Gibson, M. Ginsberg, J. H. Hartford, J. N., Jr. Bullock, E. H. Couch, R. E. Berry, E. S. Massey, R. L. porterfield, w. d. Taylor, J. L. Dunn, J, W. Rearden, W. G. summerour, o. Teasley, B. C. Sullivan, R. Turner, C. B. Caccese, a. Tiller, H. S. Carlton, M. H. Dorsey, H. W. Harber, T. a. FIRST LT. K. W. BROWNING SECOND LT. MORTON FRiEOMAN wW I CAPTAIN BEN JUHAN MISS SELMA EPPS CAPTAIN EDWIN BATES FIRST LT. RUBIN KIMBROUGH Captain Ben Juhan ConnnaniHii Miss Si;i-Ma Epps Sfm isor Captain Kdwin Batks Scroinl in Coi iniiiinl Rubin Ki.mhrough First Liciiiiiiuni Moses Cutler Second Lieu cntini Howell HoLLIS First Sergeant Serge in s David Atkinson Robert Gr ' .cey Douci.AS Campbeil Cliffcrd Mi II ROLL Adams, W. Maddox, J. J. Andrews, J. A. Marsh, W. J. Arnold, C. Maslovv, R. Barrow, T. A. Mathis, H. Bollier, S. Maxwell, R. J. Boyd, G. H. McElhannan, S, E, Britt, W. O. Newsome, W. W. Chandler, B. Nowell, R. S. Copeland, C. L. Park, T. B. Crabb, T. Penny, D. Daniel, E. W. Philips, W. D. DeLong, J. M. Sewell, W. P. Dempsey, A. H. Simpson, W. P. Dempsey, J. P. Smith, R. E. Grist, J. D. Solomon, F. Hall, L. L. Stiff, W. Hamilton, D. Stone, E. M. Harris, W. E. Sudiu ' th, J. L. Holmes, C. M. . Tiller, H. Horsey, H. Trousdale, L. Hudson, J. I. Woods, O. Jacobus, J. Wynn, F. Kauzmackie, a. Zimmerman, R. B. LeHocky, a. a. Sfiecial jb lU platoon OFFICERS Cai ' tain John 1)(i u Ciniiiuanii ' iiri Miss Franchs Christoi ' iii:r Spunsor l.ol ' is SoHX First Sir ;i- itit ' « ' ■■ 1 - :)VK I Sen:e,nus Jamrs AIoblev 9 ROLL CAPTAIN JOHN DOWDY MISS FRANCES CHRISTOPHER AiiXEY, H. i r. Lesser, R. E. Blumberc;, M. A. Matiiis, D. B. Brawxer, L. J. May, W. W. Bryant, J. Meadows, J. C. Burroughs. W. F. Pennington, L. C BuRSON, R. G. Perry, J. S. Calhoun, J. C. Rimer, W. E. Carter, R. E. Rogers, W. G. Cooper, W. A. Sekinger, C. B. EiTs, J. F. Smith, W. S. ESTES, B. C. Sparks, A. Fisher, A. Spearman, N. S. Griffeth, E. G. Stellings, C. H. Hale, F. A. Stephens, M. L. Hall, R. H. White, W. HiNSON, J. W. WiLHEIT, P. A. Hutchinson, J. G, Williamson, B. Jones, E. P. Williams, J. E. Lassiter, J. V. Wood, J. F. Left to right, first row • Thrasher, White, Pope, Wood, Everett, Holloman. Second row: Smith, Wright, Rogers, Sheriff, Jones. RIFLE TEAM University riflemex abandoned the practice of firing telegraphic matches this ear, and instead, shot six shoulder- to-shoulder meets with the University of Alabama, The Citadel, and Georgia Tech. Each school fired on its home range and in Athens. Highest score of the season was fired against Alabama when five men averaged 355 out of a possible 400 points to total 1779. Closest match was against The Citadel in Athens, with Georgia losing by one point out of a possible 3600. Nine letters were awarded to members chosen for the squad by Sergeant J. P. Holloman, coach, and medals were presented on Military Honors Day to Alex Wright, T. L. Wood, and Sam Sheriff for outstanding marksmanship. The team also competetl in the William Randolph Hearst I ' rophy matches and tlie Fourth Corps Area R. O. T. C. meet. MEMBERS Benson Jones Lewis Killian Ed Pope Tom Rogers Sam Sheriff Stanford Smith Bill White T. L. Wood Alex Wright Warren Thrasher Charles Everett 218 SCABBARD AND BLADE National Honorary Military Fraternity. Established at Georgia in 1920 L Company, Second Regiment OFFICERS RoBKRT Ma ' SES Cdpldin Vrv.11 Swhat i ' hst I. ' uuteiianl Randolph Joxes Second Lieutinnnt Al. A Cooi ' KR First Sergiant MEMBERS Ja.mes Adams Munroe Dearing Floyd C. Newtox, Jr. John Ashford Ben Duke Ed Pope Ed Bates Burney S. Dobbs Eugene Phillips David Barrow Roy Grizzell John Rice Bernard Butts Randolph Jones Rex Saffold Hugh Carlan Ben Juhan James Solms Alva Cooper Robert Kimbrell George Stallings Lowell Cummixg Jack Lidell Fred Sweat Willie Curry Raymond McMahon Elmon Vickers Sam Daxce Robert Mays William White Left to right • Adams, Ashford, Bates, Barrow, Butts, Carlan, Cooper, Curry, Dance, Dearing, Duke, Dobbs, Jones, Juhan, Kimbrell, Lidell, McMahon, Mays, Newton, Pope, Phillips, Rice, Saffold, Solms, Stallings, Sweat, Vickers, White. Oft -.,., . -.-.., , TTO f f j f 219 Left to right • Bowen, Brown, Butts, Daniel,, Deafing, Dobbs, Juhan, Owen, Parker, Pope Stewart, Tuck, Wood. JOCKEY CLUB Second Term . Ed Pope OFFICERS Fiist Term John Daniel President Bernard Butts J ' ice-Pres ' ulent Jim Owen Ed Pope Treasurer Bernard Butts Otis Parker Secretary ' . . . . T. L. Wood MEMBERS Calhoun Bowen E. O. Brown Bernard Butts John Daniel Monroe Dearixg B. S. Dobbs, Jr. Ben Juhan Jim Owen Otis Parker Ed Pope Thomas H. Stewart Quiliian Tuck T. L. Wood J. H. Watson 220 l r I lioo lue THE BACKGROUND OF THE STUDENT FROM THE COASTAL PLAIN IS ONE OF HAUNTING MEMORIES OF STRANGE SPLENDOR — WHERE THE OLD WAYS MERGE GRADUALLY WITH THE NEW TO ENRICH THE STATE WITH BOTH CULTURAL AND MATERIAL WEALTH. •39 afti_- IB - - - 1 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856 Georgia Beta Chapter — established in 1865 GroROH Stallings . Linton Zacharv . Georgk Sh . Howi-i.L Erwin . Tom Stewart . J rcsidiiif . ire Pn side ni Trvdsurcr . RcfarJifitr Si ' fretriry . Corrcsp ' iiulitif Scrrrtfiry CHAPTER ROLL Aknuij., Don, So fallow ore Akniild, Joe, Senior IIakrow, Tommv. Sof hoiuorc . Ulan CHARD, Mercer. Senior . ISowER, livRON, Senior Hurt, William. Frcxhnian . lioYKiN. Albert, Fresh nuni Cai ' Thorn. To mmy, Sofhonwrc Clevkland, Gus, Senior . Covington. Dean, Senior Ltnv Crenshaw, Bob, Sophomore Hearing, Monroe, Senior DeLong, James, Sophomore . Dudley, James. Sophomore JJoBBS. Burnev. Senior DoRSEV, Cam, Freshman Latv Dukes, Henry, Senior Duncan, John. Senior . DuRDEN. Homer, Senior Kldredce, Knox, Junior Ekvvin, Goodloe, Junior Erwin, Howell, Freshman Lm Felton, Geokge, Freshman KiELD. Jere, Senior Law Fleetwood, J " hn, Freshman I- ' ortson, Bl. nton. Senior Franklin, Omer, Senior Law Gantt, Tommy, Junior Gary, Marshall, Sophomore GiLLis, Hugh, Senior . GiLLON, (George, Sophomore ■ Green, Tommy, Freshman ' asliingtoii Wasliingtun Athens Ctilunibiis Bainbridge Boliiigbroke Atlanta . Atlanta Valdosta Rome Atlanta Alliens Gainesville Athens Athens Atlanta X ' aldosta Quitman Swainsbora Miami, Fla. Athens Athens Macon Monroe Cartersville Athens ' aldosta Savannah Sparks Soperton . Atlanta Macon Hakrell. Bill, Senior Onitman Haverty, Rawson, Sophomore Atlanta Hawkins, James, Junior Americus Haynes, Eugene. Frcshjuan Atlanta IIiNSON, James, Frcshmaji Marianna, Fla. Holliday. Pope, Fresh ma )t ... ... Athens Hollis. Howell, Junior Columbus HuTCHiNS, Dorsey. Senior Buford Jones, Bolling, Sophomore ... Atlanta Jones, Gordon, Junior Atlanta Knight. Billy, Sophomore Savannah Kyle. George, Freshman Columbus T.angdale, Billy, Freshman ... ' aIdosta Langdale. John, Junior Law Valdosta I-iPFORD, Ed, Junior Americus Little. Bill. Junior Marietta Little, George, Junior Atlanta Martin. Bill, Senior Dawson Matthews. Jack, Freshman Macon Mattox, Jimmy, Freshman Mayer, Joe, Freshman McCauley. Hugh, Junior Miller, Bill, Freshman Monk, Ridley, Freshman Rome Erie, Pa. Waynesboro Cuba Sylvester MuRPH, John, Junior Marshallville Murph. Nash, Senior Marshallville Norman, Francis, Junior Columbus OsBoRN, Billy, Freshman Savannah Paris. E. P., Sophomore Atlanta Pittman, Marvin. Sophomore .- Macon Rentz, Frank, Sophomore Miami, Fla. Rogers, Bill, Junior Elberton Saffold, Rex, Senior Savannah SoLMS. Billy, Freshman Savannah SoLMS, Jimmy, Junior Law Savannah Shaw, George, Junior Law LaFayette Smith, Steve, Freshman Rome Sparks, Gus, Sophomore Macon Spencer, Richard, Sophomore Columbus Stallings, George, Senior Haddock Stegeman, John, Junior Athens Stewart. Tom, Junior ■ ■ Fort Screven Stewart. Wally, Frf,f im i(( Fort Screven Stimpson. Bill, Sophomore Mobile, Ala. Sullivan, Bobby, Sophomore Savannah Sullivan, Dudder, Junior Law Rome Swift George, Sophomore . .-. Columbus Tappan, Chase. Freshman White Flams Tappan. Fred. Senior Law White Plains W addell. Elliot. Sophomore Columbus Waison, Douglas, Freshman Barnesville Walker. Stokes. Freshman Clearwater, Fla Wilder. Don. Sophomore bav-annah Williams, Billy, Junior lu " Williams. Mayo, Senior Albany Wright. Aiken, First Year Li w Rome Vundt, George, Senior Atlanta achry, Linton, Senior Atlanta c f f ai. n n " o c , f 0. I.J 5 ( O t a a a ,n .a - ' ■ »■ W HUB . 1 t 4K» !- ts e f!i t -f L a. (h n et q ) V, f a :r . fS Reading from top, left to right • Arnold, D.; Arnold, J.; Bafrow, Blanchard, Bower, Burt, Boykin, Cauthorn, Cleveland, Covington, Crenshaw, Dearing, DeLong, Dudley, Dobbs, Dorsey, Dukes, Duncan, Durden, Eldredge, Erwin, G.: Erwin, H.; Felton, Field, Fleetwood, Fortson, Franklin, Gantt, Gary, Gillis, Gillon, Green, Harrell, Haverty, Hawkins, Haynes, Hinson, Holliday, Hollis, Hutchins, Jones, B.: Jones, G.: Knight, Kyle, Langdale, B.: Langdale, J.: Lipford, Little, B.: Little, G.; Martin, Matthews, Mattox, Mayer, McCauley, Miller, Monk, Murph, J.; Murph, N.; Norman, Osborn, Paris, Pittman, Rogers, Saffold, Solms, B.; Solms, J.; Shaw, Smith, Sparks, Spencer, Stallings, Stegeman, Stewart, T.; Stewart, W.: Stimpson, Sullivan, B.: Sullivan, D.: Swift, Tappan, C; Tappan, F.; Waddell, Watson, Walker, Wilder, Williams, B.: Williams, M.; Wright, Vundt, Zachry. 229 CHI PHI Founded at Princeton University in 1854 Eta Chapter — established at Georgia in 1867 First I crm ROBI.RT ' I ' rdI TM AN Jam lis Racax . Wll.I.IAM AkkRS . Jamks ] ' r ch OFFICERS Jlphn Beta Drila (! mil nut ScLDiid 1 crm Jamks a. Branch John H. Harris, Jr. RoBiiRT Brown . Winston Huff chapter roll V. ;•■.:•. -V " " . " " ;•■•■ ' -■• - AiiAMs, Chakl i;s, Juiiior Atlanta Allex, Heywood. Frcshiiuvi Biniiingham Akers, William, Junior Atlanta Arrington, Homer, Senior Rome Atkinson, Joe, Junior West Point Baldwin, Thomas, Junior Madison Barnes, Ben, S ' ophoniorc Macon Barron, George, Sol ' hoiiiorr Lexington Berry, Henry, So ' honiorc Rome Bickerstaff, R. H., So ' honiorc Athens BoBBiT, O. B., Senior Charleston, W. Va. Branch, James, Freshmaii Law Atlanta Brown, Matt, Fres inuni tlanta Brown, Robert, Soplmniorr [ ' " llierton DeGolian, Richard, .SV iiiir ,((;i ' tlanta Griffin, Claude, Junior Atlanta Groves, Robert W., Soplinniurr Savannah Hall, Bud, Sophomore Lefton Hall, Bob, Junior Rochester, N. Y. Harris, John, Sophomore Macon Heard, Bob, Junior Law Elberton Hill, Walter, Soplioniore Atlanta Huff, Winston, Sophomore West Point Jones, Bryant, Sophomore Atlanta Kennedy, Thornton, Sophomore Atlanta King, Mitchell, Freshman Law Atlanta Magruder, George, Freshman Rome Massey, Roy, Junior Atlanta May, Wardlan, S ' ophomore Angnsta Moore, Robert. Freshman Bolton McDonald, Morris, Junior Bolton McGill, Dan, Freshman .Athens NuNALLY, McKee, Sophoiiiorc .Atlanta Pendergrast, Tom, Freshman . . .... .Atlanta Ragan, James, Junior .Atlanta Reynolds, Herbert, Junior Atlanta Reynolds, Zahner, Freshman .Atlanta Shingler, Herbert, Junior .Ashburn Smith, Hoke, Soplioniore .Atlanta Trousdale, Louis, Soplioniore .Athens Troutman, Robert, Freshman Law .Atlanta Tye, John, Junior Atlanta Valdes, Joe, Sophomore .Atlanta Witt, Tommy, Freshman Tavesville, Ky. Willis, Osgood, Freshman Rome Wallace, Billy, Junior Law Rutledge W.m.lace, Jimmy, Senior . Atlanta I t5 ©• . ifS M ' ' ■if ' [ ' . p f n f rr3 j- « i ' ' _f ,,UJ, ipjf Reading from top, left to right Adarns, Allen, Alccrs, Arrington, Atkinson, Baldwin, Barnes, Barron, Berry, Bickerstaff, Branch, Brown, M.; Brown, R.; Griffin, Groves, Hall, Harris, Heard, Hill, Huff, Kennedy, King, Magruder, Massey, Moore, McDonald, McGill, Pendergrast, Ragan, Reynolds, H.; Reynolds, Z.: Shingler, Smith, Trousdale, Troutman, Tye, Valdes, Willis. 2.1 1 KAPPA ALPHA Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 Gamma Chapter founded at Georgia in 1868 Charles Heflin Floyd Newton . Y. L. Watson . Gkorge Dance . Fresiileiil I ire-Prcsitlcnt . Secretary Treasurer CHAPTER ROLL AsHFORn, John Wesson, Sciiiar Athens Atkinson, David Scarlett, Jr., Jioiior . . . Savannah Baynes, Haron Gatewooi), Jr., Senior . . Greensboro Bloodworth, Hartley Richard, Jr., Sof ' lioiiiore Athens Branch, William David, Jr., Freshman .... Baxley Brown, Joseph Christopher, Senior Conyers Bryans, Charles Iverson, Junior Augnsta Campbell, Dol ' Glas McBraer, Junior . . . Watkinsville Candler, William, Jr., Soplio)nore Atlanta Carithers, Herschel, Soplwmore Athens Carswell, James Joseph, Jr., Sophomore . . . Augusta Childs, Wvatt Wooten, freshman Macon Clark, Herbert, Freshman Augusta Clark, James J., Senior .Atlanta Cocke, Egbert Erle, Jr., Freshman Atlanta Crenshaw, William Percy, Jr., Freshman Low . . tlanta Dance, George Pierce, Jr., Senior Atlanta Davis, Jack Talmadge, Sophomore Athens Do.N ' OVAN, Lawrence Mikell, Freshman . . Savannah DuBose, Mario.n ' Derrelle, Jr., Senior .... Athens Dunn, Julius W ilson, Sophomore Ba.xley Gracev, Robert Bright, Junior Augusta Greer, John Thomas, Sophomore Monroe GuNN, Uly S., Freshman Athens Halliburton, Julian Douglas, Junior .... Macon Heflin, Charles Garr, Scnu r .... Memphis, TentL HiGHSMiTH, Norwood Howell, Sophomore . . . Baxley Holman, Charles Milligan, Soplwmore . . . Albany HoLMAN, Robert Griffin, Junior Albany Hl ' dson, James, Sopliomore Athens Hunter, John Fred, Freshman Greensboro Johnson, William Hammond, Jr., Junior Law . Gainesville Joiner, .Alva Arthur, Jr., Senior Albany Jones, Slaton Martin, Freshman Laze .... .Atlanta Kelly, Gordon McNeil, Junior Augusta KiLLiAN, Lewis Martin, Junior Macon Lewis, Lamar, Jr., Sophomore Athens Lewis, Miles, Freshman Greensboro Lewis, Samuel Joseph, Junior Augusta LiDDELL, Wedford Jackson, Senior Athens Lyndon, .Andrew Jackson, Senior Macon Morris, Newt Augustus. Jr., Senior .... Marietta Newton, Floyd Childs, Jr.. Senior Madison Newton, Lee Trammel, Sophomore Madison Newton, Walker. Senior Madison Paddock, David, Jr., Junior Athens Pearson, William O.sgood, Jr., Junior .... .Albany Perry, George Eugene, Senior Winder Perry, Harvey Giiison, Fresliman Winder PoLHH.L, James Brown, Fresliman Louisville Randall, Willi. m Harbut, Junior Atlanta Secrest, I ' jigar Lee. Jr.. Sophomore .Athens Snow, J. mes, Freshman Albany Stone, Edward Morton, Sophomore Oxford Thorp, Charles Sealy, Senior Macon Warlick, Charles Louis, Junior Cartersville Watson, Young Leonard, Senior Law . . . Quincy, Fla. White, Walter Beymer, Sophomore Dillard White, William Osmond, Jr., Sophomore . ugusta Wiggins, Robert Charles, Sophomore . . Bartow, Fla. Wilson, Robert, Senior .Athens Woody, F.dgar, Jr., Sophomore Thoniasville Yoi ' NG, Richard Taylor, Freshman Law . . Columbus ir3 ' rn O ' ( ' ' 3 C rj ' • ' ( S ( ' ( l - i ' " .r ( ' «c f I -u T ' ' .(f .fji , f? , O, f , ! kJ f% ' I ' -rl l iT Jr ' JT ' n Jn e% o ft 1 Ml 9 Ci v ' i q « 3 i Reading {rom lop, left to right • Ashford, Atkinson, Baynes, Bioodworth, Branch, Brown, Bryans, Campbell, Candler, Carithers, Carswell, Childs, Clarlc, hi.: Clark, J.; Cocke, Crenshaw, Dance, Davis, Donovan, Dunn, Gracey, Greer, Gunn, Halliburton, Heflin, Highsmith, Holman, C; Holman, R.; Hudson, Hunter, Joiner, Jones, Kelly, Killian, Lewis, L.: Lewis, M.: Lewis, S. J.; Liddell, Lyndon, Morris, Newton, F.: Newton, L.; Newton, W.; Paddock, Pearson, Perry, G.; Perry, H. G.: Polhill, RandalL Secrest, Snow, Stone, Thorp, Warlick, Watson, White, W. B.; White, O. W.; Wiggins, Wilson, Woody, Young. 233 PHI DELTA THETA Founded at Miami University in 1848 Georgia Alpha Chapter — estabhshed in 1871;rt Jones . i ' iRON H. Maiiii i: vs Jack DoRsii ' i ' . Brooks W ' ootux . ' ai.ti;r R ian ' ui;r . OFFICERS . I ' reside lit . Prcieplur . Reporter Treiisiirer Sernltiry CHAPTER ROLL Adams, Bill, Soplioiiiorc Macon Askew, Dave, frcsliiiuiii Arlington Beard, T. V., Junior Moultrie Blackmax, Ned, Senior Atlanta BowEN, Calhoun, Junior Tifton Boyd, Albert, Senior Atlanta Bryant, Evkrette, Soplmmorc Nevvnan Butts, Bernard, Senior Monroe Callaway, Dolf, Fres iinan Rayle Callaway, Earnest, Junior Covington Callaway, Lamar, Junior . . .... Covington Camp, Royal, Soplioinore .Atlanta Carithers, Robert, Freslunan Winder Clark, Harry. Senior Coolidge Cla. ton, Ed, Junior Dnblin Corky, Frank, Sophomore Tifton Davis, J. G., Freslunan Lai Camilla Dorsey, Jack, Senior Clayton Dumas, Hal, Senior Atlanta DuNLAp, Jim, So !iontore Macon Flanagan, William, Freslunan Athens Freeman, Horace. Junior Valdosta Fl ■|■;K, Louis. S ' enior Blakely FuLMER, Walter. Sophomore Savannah (iArES, Martin. Jni.ior Mt. Vernon Grace, George, Soplwniore . . .St. Petersburg, Fla. Griffith, Frederick, Freshman Eatonton Griffith, Louis T., Senior Eatonton Hall, Robert, Senior Miami, Fla. Harris, Guy, Sophonuire Atlanta Harris, Jase, Junior Donalsonville Hattaway, William, Junior .... Brundidge, Ala. Hokne, Robert, Sophomore Cordele Horsey, Harry, Sopltomore Atlanta Howell, E. M., Senior Atlanta Howell, Bob, Soplwniore St. Augustine, Fla. Huckabee, Jack, Sophomore Macon HuNNicuTT, John, Freshman Athens James, Neville, Senior Atlanta Jones, Albert, Junior Law Atlanta Keehan, Billy, Sophomore .... Jacksonville, Fla. Kerr, Ed, Sophomore Atlanta Lumpkin, Ed, Freshman Athens Maddox, J. J., Sophomore Atlanta Mason, Jimmy, Sophonuoe Thomasville Mathews, Byron, Jr., Junior Laze .... Atlanta McCall, John, Junior Moultrie McKensie, Owen, Senior Montezuma McLeod, Ben H., Senior Tifton McRae, Duncan, Sophomore Mt. Vernon NowELL, Bob, Sophomore Monroe O ' Neal, Jimmy, Sophomore Tifton Owen, Jim, Junior Griffin Park, Griffin, Junior Moultrie Passmore, Jim, Junior Columbus Paul, Lee, Freshman Perry Perry, Owen, Junior Atlanta Reid, Jack, Junior Athens Rigdon, Fred, Senior Tifton Robinson, Charles, Junii r Montezuma Rylander, Walter, Senior Americus Sha ffer, Griggs, Junior Law Atlanta Spearman, Neil, Freshman Macon Smith, George, Senior Winder .Smith, W. E., Senior Laze Americus Smith, W. T., Junior Tifton Stevens, Harry, Senior Atlanta Terry. Herman, Senior Thomasville V.- ndiver, Earnest, Junior Lavonia White, Wayland, Sophomore . . Thomasville Wimberly, James, Junior .... Waynesboro Wooten, Brooks, Senior Sellman Vow. JoNHS, Senior Toccoa Zeigler, Bob, Sophomore Macon r a f e» ' " ;• n cj i " i. (rj i n ft r?» o fi( Cj e! e o .a Vs =f ' ■ J- JP % fM} J. . ' l-- ' , ' -1. V »» cA . w J ' ' itA d ' lk ! . « » 9 Q a f " a, iCr ,« Q a ft f . A Ci a f.,T i i ' J iMMj ImJiM Reading from top, left to right Adams, Askew, Beard, Blackman, Bowen, Boyd, Bryant, Butts, Callaway, D.; Callaway, E.; Camp, Carithers, Clark, Claxcon, Corry, Davis, Dofsey, Dumas, Dunlap, Flanagan, Fry ;r, Fulmer, Gates, Grace, Griffith, F.; Griffith, L.; Hall, Harris, G.; Harris, J.: Hattaway, Home, Horsey, Howell, E. M.; Howell, B.; Huckabce, Hunnicutt, James, Jones, Keehan, Kerr, Lumpkm, Maddox, Mason, Mathews, McCall, McKensie, McLeod, McRae, O ' Neal, Owen, Park, Passmorc, Paul, Perry, Reid, Rigdon, Robinson, Rylander, Shaefer, Spearman, Smith, G.: Smith, W. E.; Smith, W. T.; Stevens, Terry, Vandiver, Whte, Wimberly, Wooten, Yow, Zeigler. 235 SIGMA CHI ■ Founded at Miami University in 1855 Delta Chapter — established in 1872 OFFICERS First Term Second Term William H. McNiel . Fnsiilcnt . Kuwaru H. Newsom Edward B. Newsom . I " uc-I ' r, ' si,hn! R. P. McCuen B. Dean Muri ' hv Sniftmy . H. Dkax Murphy Norman Cami ' . . Tn-asiirfr . . Norman Camp •• V. CHAPTER ROLL Ai.LEx, William, Firshnuiii Atlanta Baker, Harry, frcsliniaii Savannah Banks, Lee, Frcsliiiuiii Savannah Baktlett, Charles, Freshman Macon Bennett. William Taplev, Frcshinun Laio . . . Chipley BiCGS, Earl Leslie, Sol lnniiorc- Starke, Fla. Blake, John, Frcshiiuni Rockford, III. Calloway, T. O., Freshman Atlanta Camp, Norman Teasley, Senior Newnan Christian, Charles, Freshman .... Memphis, Tenn. Clinkscales, Maylon, Fresliman Commerce Cornell, James E., Jr., S ' o homore . . . Indian Springs Earle, Benson B., Freshman Thomasville Fields, Jack, Sof ' honiore Hampton Frasch, Charles, Sofhi }niire .Atlanta Eraser, Frank Alexander, Junior .Atlanta Gilbert, Robert Davidson. Senior LaFayette Greer, Coryell,- Sophoniore .Athens Gi ' NTER, William Barrett, Junior .... Commerce Harber, Thomas .Albert, Junior Commerce Hartford, James Nicholson, Jr., Sophomore . . Athens Hereford, Bobby, Freshman Waycross Hester, Edward Monroe, Junior Law Hill, Charles, Freshman . . . . Hill, Hugh, Junior Kendrick, Ja.mes, Freshman . Kent, John H., Jr., Sopliomorc . Kimbkol ' GH, Ruben, Senior . . . . Savannah . Griffin . Griffin Sharon . Rome Chipley King, William Russell, Senior Waycross KiKBY, William C, Sophomore Decatur Knupp, John C, Sophomore Atlanta Kuzmicki, Alan, Sopliomore .... Birmingham, Ala. LoTT, Arthur Bernard, Jr., Freshman .mi ' . . Waycross Murphy, B. Dean, Jr., Freshman Law . . . Fayetteville McCuen, Robert Penn, Senior Savannah McLaughlin, Reid, Junior Jesup McNiel, William Hobgood, Junior Fairburn Neisler, Will Griffin, Sophomore Reynolds Newsom, Edward Buist, Senior Union Point Norman, Robert Claude, Junior Washington Odom, Earl, Junior Millcdgeville Parker, Sam, Junior Fayetteville Parker, William Wright, Sophomore . . Brunswick Patillo, Frank, Sophomore Decatur Peeples, William Jackson, Junior Athens Pike, Irwin Hunter, Junior Newnan PoRTWOOD, Warren Thos., Senior .... Crawfordsville Prince, William Johnson, Junior Atlanta Rhodes, Walter D., Jr., Senior Macon Richards, Roy Martin, Fresliman Calhoun Ritchie, George, Junior Millcdgeville Smith, Jay, Jr., Freshman Newnan Stanley, George W(.k)Ds, Junior Savannah Turner, August, Sophomore Atlanta Vansant, H. Nelson, Sophomore Athens Willingham, Harry Lee, Senior Forsyth Wilson, Andrew, Junior Savannah A I f f- Q ,q a a, CA n) ( o " ZL. iMiiiiiiJl r.) rn !«, a. imis?? f«i a at f!) ri-fi D .f Ai Reading from top, left to right • Allen, Baker, Banks, Bartlctt, Bennett, Biggs, Blake, Calloway, Camp, Christian, Clinkscales, Cornell, Earle, Fields, Frasch, Fraser, Gilbert, Grecr, Gunter, Harber, Hartford, Hereford, Hester, Hill, C: Hill, H.; Kendrick, Kent, Kimbrough, King, Kirby, Knupp, Kuzmicki, Lett, Murphy, McCuen, McLaughlin, McNicI, Neislcr, Newsom, Norman, Odom, Parker, S.t Parker, W.; Peeples, Pike, Portwood, Pnnce, Rhodes, Richards, Ritchie, Smith, Stanley, Turner, Willingham, Wilson. 237 SIGMA NU Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869 Mu Chapter — established in 1873 1 ' ' ri:u S k t . W. C WoouAi.i. Jacob N i; . W ' . F. NoRRIS . . I ' rfsitlciit I ii ( ' - ' rtsitlrii . Sfirctriry . I ' rcrisiiit ' r CHAPTER ROLL New nan Waycross Toccoa . Augusta Barron, J. Harold, Snl ' liniiioic .... Carswell, Henry J., Jr., Junior Chaffin, Verner F., Senior Clary. Thomas L., Jr., Sriiinr .... Coker, Lyman, Freshman Vick.shurg, Miss. Culpepper, Perry, Soi liiniiorc Cordele Curtis, James W., Junior I.nw Toccoa Curry, Gene, S ' eiiior Dublin David, Robert Kay, Frcslinuui Cokinibus Dial, Charles N., Sot ' ho}iior,- Albany Dial, Roy L., Freshman Albany Duke, Edgar L.. Jr., Junior Fort Valley Dunn, Thomas E., Sofhomore Albany Evans, Charles H., Jr., Junior VVarrenton Ezell, John K.-, Jr., Senior Atlanta Farmer, Leon J., Jr., Sol homire Wrens Griner, E. Ray, Senior Valdnsta Guild, Ned M., Junior Atbens Harrington, Lawrence M.. Freshli ' iAn . . Briniswick Haynes, Tommy, Freshman Atlanta Hazzard, W. W., Senior Birniinghani. Ala. Hill, W. Marvin, Freshnnin Atlanta Hungerpillar, James A., Ju., Junior Lais. ' . . Augusta Jones, Vincent S., Junior Jackson Keen, Trammell C. Jr., Junior Dublin Kernaghan, Robert H., Senior Macon Lee, Walter E., Jr., Freshman Waycross Maxwell, Eugene K., Junior Lexington McKiUBEN, M. Stewart, Senior Social Circle Melton, George S., I-reshnian Nokomis, Ala. Morris, Simeon D., Jr., Ser,i ir Augusta Mlirray, Thomas L., Freshman Fort Valley X ' ew, Jacob, Soj ' homore Dexter NoRRis, Bill, Junior Law Newton Page, Marion, Senior Law Columbus Ponder, Lovic B., Jr., Senior Rutledge QuALLS, Guy L., Sofhomore Fort Benning Rawlins, Edward W., Senior McRae Roach, Almand, So tluimore Dublin Simpson, William T., Soflioniore Lakeland Skelton, Edward A., Senior Hartwell Spence, W. Almond. Junior Camilla Strickland, J. Charles. Junior Waycross Sweat. Fred, Junior La ' w Waycross Taylor. Carlisle, Sejiior Law Atlanta WooDALL, WiLLi. M C. Junior Columbus WoRTHiNGTON, DiLL. RU, Junior Atlanta •P y f} ' o : . t ca ( , O f j CT ' i ): ■ a n » c ■«,-. f!: ' )ij( Reading from top, left to right 9 Barron, Carswcll, Chaffin, Clary, Curtis, David, Davis, C; Dial, R.; Dultf, Dunn, Evans, Farmer, Griner, Guild, Harrington, Hayncs, Hazzard, Hill, Hungerpillar, Jones, Keen, Kernaghan, Lee, Maxwell, McKibbcn, Melton, Mortis, Murray, New, Norris, Page, Ponder, Quails, Rawlins, Simpson, Skelton, Spencc, Strickland, Sweat, laylor, Woodall, Worthing ton. 239 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865 Alpha Beta Chapter — established in 1878 OFFICERS Jack Humes . Fred Wickham . Inman Kidd . Billy McElrath T. L. Wood . . . President . I ici-President Treasurer . Secretary keeper of .Innah - ' -ifn- IT -III ! Baggett, Jack, Junior Beasley, Hugh, Senior Reidsville Brantley, Joe, Jnnior San Bernardino, Cal. Brown, Melville, Prcshincin Atlanta Brown, Ruck, Preslinian Hartwell Bullock, Arthur D., Sophomore . Signal Mountain, Tenn. Cassels, Bob, Sophomore Atlanta Connor, Paul D., Sophomore Albany Cook, Gaston, Senior Geneva Faidlev, Bill, Jnnior .... Signal Mountain, Tenn. Forehand, Bill, ' Senior Sylvester Frazier, Olin, Sophomore Hinesville Greer, Tifton, Junior Lawrenceville CHAPTER ROLL Lawrenceville Hagood, Gunter, Sophomore Lawrenceville Herbert, George, Fresh nnin Atlanta Howard, Hugh, Senior Ludowici Humes, Jack, Senior Columbus Jordan, Rhodes, Junior Lawrenceville Kidd, Inman, Sophomore Hartwell Loflin, Robert, Fresliman Columbus Matheson, Jule, Fresliman Hartwell Maxwell, Jack, Senior Talbotton Miller, Vernon. Junior Thomson McLlrath, Billy, Junior Macon Patton, Phil, Graduate Stonewall Penny, Dennis, Sophomore Athens Robinson, Jack, Junior Jackson, Tenn. ScoviLLE, Sheldon. Freshman Nutley, N. J. Sell, Ed, Junior Laiv Athens Smith, Brown, Jnnior Moultrie Stillwell, Nick, Fresliman Atlanta Wickham, Fred. Jnnior Columbus Wood, F.hw.vrd, Junior Cairo Wood, T. L., Junior Macon Woodcock, John, Junior Gainesville I L , hf u-v-f, l i u 1 i Reading from lop, left to right • Bcaslcy, Brantley, Brown, Cassels, Cool!, Faidley, Forehand, Frazier, Hagood, Herbert, Humes, Jordan, Kidd, Loflin, Matheson, Maxwell, McElrath, Patton, Penny, Robinson, Scovillc, Sell, Smith, Stillwell, Wickham, Wood, E.: Wood, T. L. 241 DELTA TAU DELTA Founded at Bethany College in 1859 Beta Delta— established in 1882 OFFICERS Alton B. P rkir . JoHX Land Henmi; BiAtKiURN Raxdou ' h Ioxhs . President 1 ice-President . Secretary . Treasurer CHAPTER Abney, Morton, Sophomore Athens Blackcurn, Bennie, Senior Swainsboro Brady, Ralph, Freshman Columbus Brady, Robert. Freshman Columbus Bri.vsox, Glenn. Senior Wriglusville Carmichael. James. Freshman Laze Swainsboro Chatman, Ed, Freshman Atlanta CooLiDGE, Herman. Senior La-w .... Isle of Hope Cannon, Fred L., Jr.. Sophomore Atlanta D.USHER. Marion, Jnnior Augusta Ginn, Olin, Ficsliman Atlanta Hall, Robert H., Sopliomore Soperton Hamilton, Donald, Supliomore .... Oil City, Pa. ROLL Hamilton. Bill, Freshman .Augusta Huckaby, Harper, Senior Griffin Ingram, L. A.. Senioi- . tlanta Jacobs, Walter, Jr.. Pharmacy West Point JoxES, Randolph. Senior Hephzibah Land, John, Jnnior Laze Columbus Landri ' m, Bill, Freshman Thomaston Martin, Hoban, Freshman Hilton Meyer, Sam, Senior Atlanta Moses. Hill Henry. Jnnior Uvalda McFaden. Dan. Jnnior Brunswick OvERSTREET, Sam. Frcshmon Stillmore Parker, . lto.n B.. Senior Laze .... Carrollton Prke. Lee. Jr., Jnnior Laze Swainsboro Price. Grover, Freshman Atlanta Wade, Bill, Sophomore Soperton Webb, Virgil, Freshman Graymont Readin3 from top, left to risht • Abney, Blackburn, Brady, Ralph; Biady, Robeft: Brmson, Carmichael, Coolidsc, Cannon, Ginn, Hall, Hamilton, D.: Hamilton, B.; Huckaby, Ingram, Jacobs, Jones, Land, Landrum, Martin, Meyer, Moses, Over- street, Parker, Price, L.; Price, G.; Wade, Webb. 243 CHI PSI Founded at Union Collese in 1841 Alpha Alpha Delta Chapter — established in 1890 OFFICERS K. R. I ' ar.mi:nti:r Kmnhcr ' H. C. PoNU S ' liinbcr - ' AlEXANDHR WrUIHT yumhir J James Po vi;i.i Nmn ' ir 4 Si ■■•■ ' ■ ' ■ " ■ V:?vViSviV - ' CHAPTER ROLL RlRKKNMiAUKK, Einvi.M, FrcsluihiH . . . Maplowood, N. J. Brooks, Thomas, fresh nuni Farmville, Va. Cunningham, William, Juiiinr Lexington CLEVELA.xn, John B., S ' ciiior Cleveland, S. C. Farni ' m, Frank V.. Junior .... Dranfjelnirg, S. C. Gary, Albert, Freshman Augusta Hall, John, Freshman Wadley Hunt, Hudson Fostkr, Freshman Atlanta Jennings, William, Freshman Winder Johnson, Louis B., Senior Atlanta Martin. John David, Freshman Carlton Maxwell, Robert J., Sophomore Augusta Parmenter, Emery R., Senior Atco Pond, Harvey C, Junior Hartford, Conn. Powell, James, Senior Griffin Summerour. William, Sophomore Winder Wellman, Walter, Freslima}i Athens W ' li.HKiT, Phillip, Freshman Augusta Woods, John C, Sophomore Athens Wright, Alexander, Junior Washington Young, Willard, F resit man Huntsville 1 ! .« o Reading rom top, left to right • Birkenhauer, Brooks, Cunningham, Cleveland, Farnum, Gary, Hall, Hunt, Jennings, Johnson, Martin, Maxwell, Parmenter, Pond, Powell, Summerour, Wcllman, Wilheit, Woods, Wright, Young. 245 KAPPA SIGMA Founded at the University of Virginia in 1869 Beta Lambda Chapter — established in 1901 OFFICERS L.wvRKNCE Hardin Ciniiul Masirr John Sisi.liV ihan l I ' mciiratnr John F. Cartkr (.Inuul ' I ' lcasnn-r (m;(1R(;i: ' . (lAINHS CJran, Snihc ; 2SSi ;.. CHAPTER ROLL Appleby, V. H.. Senior Atlanta Brett, John R.. S.-nior Atlanta Broome, B. O., Jiiiiiar McBean Carter, J(ih. F., Sciiiar Macon Davis, J. Hl-gh, S ' lit linnioir Atlanta Dukes, William, Junior Gibson EvERTON, Thomas, Freshman Marietta Finch, Gordon, Sol lioniorc Union Point Ferguson, Emmkt, I-rcsl iuan DeSoto Gaines, George V., Junior Adairsville Griffin, E. E., ' Freshman Gibson Gunn, Robert, So hoinore Union Point HisE, Earl, Sofhomore Chickamauga Hardin, Lawrence, Senior Rock Hill, S. C. Jones, William, Freshman Cartersville Kelly, Donald, Senior Waverly Long, Ernest, Soplwiuore Atlanta McKissack, John H.. Jr., Freshman Fort Gaines Miller, William H., SopJiomore Rome NicHOLES, Donald, Sophomore Atlanta Rutledge, Alan, Sophomore Atlanta SiSLEY, John, Senior Athens SiSLEY, William, Senior Athens Slater, C. D., Sophomore Atlanta Snyder, Gene, Freshman Atlanta Stewart, John, Sophomore Union Point Westbrook, George, Junior Athens Whitmore, Carl. Sophomore Atlanta f {f- f ! 1 ? " " ii s " f. Reading from top, left to right • Appleby, Brett, Broome, Carter, Davis, Dukes, Everton, Finch, Ferguson, Gaines, Griffin, Gunn, hiise, hiardin, Jones, Kelly, Long, McKissacIc, Miller, Nicholes, Rutledge, Sisley, S.: Sisley, W.; Slater, Snyder, Stewart, Westbrook, Whitmore. 247 PI KAPPA ALPHA Founded at the University of Virginia in 1868 Alpha Mu Chapter — established in 1908 OFFICERS I ' .DWARD Strain . Rov Martin . Starks Ginn . Eari, Urlmiu ' |(;GINS . I ' rtsliiciit . [ ' ice-Fresii eiit . Treasurer . Secretary CHAPTER Andrews. James, So hoiiKirc Miami, Fla. Bailey, James, Junior Athens Barcke, Neii, Senior Macon Bates, William, Freshman Waycross Berry, William, Freshman Villa Rica BoDDiE, James, Sotthoinore LaGrange Boone, Foster, Junior Tallahassee, Fla. Booth, John, Sol homorc Athens Chandler, William, Senior Athens Cissna, Volnev, Senior .... Signal Mountain, Tenn. Corey, Samuel C, Junior .... Fort Washington, Pa. Davidson, Claude, Jr., Senior LaGrange DuMESTRE, Jack, Junior Atlanta Early, Thomas, Jr., Senior Bishop Ellis, Charles, Graduate Kingston FicQuETTE, Harry, Freshman . . . Winter Garden, Fla. Ginn, Starks, Junior Ro ' yston Gottlieb, Merle, Freshman .... New York, N. Y. Grant, Benjamin, Junior Athens Griffith, Geary, Freshman .... New York, N. Y. Hale, Fred, Freshman Atliens Hawkins, Marshal, Freshman Fords, N. J. Head, George Bruce, Jr., Senior Hoga ' nsville ROLL Head, Jennings, Sof homore Alma Hodges, Robert, Fresliman Statesljoro Hudson, Benjamin, Senior Columbus Hurt, Robert, Senior Cordele James, Howard, Junior Ellijay Johnson, Elston, Senior Alma Kennedy, William, Senior Statesljoro Lammers, Stanton, Senior Atlanta Long, Malcomb, Freslunan . tlanta Martin, Edwin D., Junior Columbus Martin, Roy E., Senior Columbus McLendon, J. C., Junior Waycross McMuLLAN, John, Freshman Miami, Fla. McRae, Hampton, Fresliman Blackshear Morris, Ashley, Junior Pearson Olive, Lee, Fresliman Augusta Owens, Jeff, Sofihomore Evans Patillo, Charles, Fresliman Decatur Platner, Donald, Freshman . . . South Orange, N. J. Plowden, John, Junior Summerton, S. C. PoppKE, William, Junior Maplewood, N. J. Pottle, Robert, Freshman Athens Rogers, J. Van, Sophomore .... Chattanooga, Tenn. Salisbury, Robert, Senior Ocoee, Fla. Smith, Charles A., Senior Hogansville Smith, Clarence, Freshman Hogansville Spratlin, William, Freshman Hogansville Strain, Edward E., Senior Dalton Surmans, Russell, So liomore Adel Tate, Edward, Junior Cornelia T alley, Harry, Senior Cordele Taylor, Edward, Sot ' hoinore Alliens Telford, George, So homore Cleveland Telford, James, Junior Cleveland Thornton, Ralph, Junior Athens Tiller, Harold, So flwmore : Athens Tuggle, Roy, Freshman Athens Wall, Hilton, Senior .Atlanta Wiggins, Earl Brumby, Junior Cnthbert Williams, Jimmie, Freshman Athens Wynne, Frank, Sophomore Miami, Fla. ♦ , U r .i iKta i f rt q a a o o. f . D y ( c - a c I ' j f k. Reading from top, left to right • Andrews, Bailey, Barbre, Bates, Berry, Boddie, Boone, Booth, Chandler, Cissna, Corey, Davidson, Dumestre, Early, Ellis, FicQuette, Ginn, Gottlieb, Grant, Griffith, Hale, Hawkins, Head, G. B,; Head, J.: Hodges, Hudson, Hurt, Jannes, Kennedy, Lammers, Long, Martin, E. D.; Martin, R.: McLendon, McMullan, McRae, Morris, Olive, Owens, Patillo, Platner, Plowden, Poppke, Rogers, Salisbury, Smith, C. A.; Snnith, C: Spratlin, Strain, Tate, Talley, Taylor, Telford, G.; Thornton, Tiller, Tuggle, Wall, Wiggins, Williams. 249 PHI EPSILON PI Founded at the College of the City of New York in 1904 Mu Chapter — established in 1915 OFFICERS Louis Sohn Superior A. L. Weim I ' ice-Supcriur Robert Roth berg Secrctury Mll.TOX l.KSSER Treasurer CHAPTER ROLL BECK [. -x, S., Fresliiiuni . Lynlimok. Long Island, N. Y. Cutler, Moses, Senior Athens Friedman, Lester, Senior Bainbridge IsEMAN, Harold, Freshnmii Sumter, S. C. Joel, Charlks, Ju.. Junior Athens Jacobus, Joseph, H, Sophomore Atlanta Lesser, Milton, Junior Athens Lesser, Raymond, Freslunan . MoHR, SiGd, Jr., Sof ' lwniore . Riemer, William, Freslunan . RoTHBERG, Robert, Junior . Sohn, Louis, Jr., Junior . Steyerman, Louis, H, Freshnnin Weill, A. L., Junior . Athens . Savannah Brooklyn, N. Y. . . Atlanta . . . Atlanta . Thomasville . . . Atlanta Reading from top, left to right • Biclcmann, Cutler, Joel, Jacobus, Lesser, M. Lesser, R.; Mohr, Riemer, Rothberg, Sohn, Steyerman, Weill. 251 PI KAPPA PHI Founded at the College of Charleston in 1904 Lambda Chapter — established in 1915 First IVnii Robert . JA •|;s Roy Uuffee . Warrex HardiiX Glenn Parker John Ai.den . OFFICERS J nllijii Treasurer Secretary Historian (jhapliii i Second Term . Roy Duffee . Frank Story . Tom Willis Glen Parham . John Alden CHAPTER Adams,, Senior Athens Alden, John, Sophomore Cornelia Bradburv, J. T.. Presliiiiiiit Athens Brooks, Irvin(;, Junior Colquitt Clary, Forrest, frrsliinaii Thomson Cole, Woodfin. Junior Trion Colquitt, Pat, Soplioniorc Cedartown Crow, Horace, Junior Alto Davis, Alton, Senior Warrenton Duffet, Rov, Senior Decatur Edwards, George, Freslmian Athens Etheridge, p. W., Senior Milner Evans, Thurlovv, Senior Atlanta Fargison, James, Senior Atlanta Fudge, Felix, Sof ' homore Colquitt Golden, Jack, Freslmian Thomasville Golden, Jeff, Junior Tlioniasville Harris, Rodney, Freslunan Athens ROLL Harden, Warren, Junior Whigham Hargrave, Burch, Senior Thomasville Harvey, Walter, Senior Athens Hatcher, Billy, Freslunan Vienna HoLCOMB, B. F., Junior Gainesville Hughes, Steve, Freshman Gainesville Hutchinson, Jack, Freshman Rome Johnson, James, Freshman Athens KiMSEY, Cliff, Freshman Cornelia Lane, Edgar, Junior Colquitt LiGHTNER, John, Senior Ellaville LovvoRN, Bruce, Junior Cedartown Loyd, Robert, Freslunan Athens Mayes, Robert, Senior Bainbridge McFee, William, Junior Atlanta Nunally, John, Freshman Decatur Parham, Glenn, Senior .Atlanta Ferryman, Edward, Junior Cedartown Pl ' ki ELLE, WcxjDFiN, Soplioniore .Athens Ray, Louvain, Junior Calhoun Standifer, Wm., Freshman Blakely Stewart, J. P., Senior Clarksville Story, Frank, Sophomore Warrenton Strauss, William, Freslunan Decatur ToNGE, William, Senior Bainljridge Verdery, Hamilton, Junior Harlem Wall, Marion, Freslunan Tliomson Wesley, Charles, Senior Athens Willis, Tom, Junior Daytona Beach, Fla. Wilson, William, Sophomore Decatur Wingate, Bill, Freslunan Dalton f o dk k V. )■ ' , 0 . Os 0 C3, Cm. Q Q 1 ' .■- frT Reading from top, left to right Adams, Alden, Bradbury, Brooks, Clary, Cole, Colquitt, Crow, Davis, Edwards, Etheridge, Evans, Fargison, Fudge, Golden, Jack; Golden, Jeff; Harris, Harden, Hargrave, Harvey, Holcomb, Hughes, Hutchinson, Johnson, Kimsey, Lane, Lightner, Lovvorn, Loyd, Mayes, McFee, Nunally, Parham, Ferryman, Purcelle, Ray, Standifer, Stewart, Story, Strauss, Tonge, Verdery, Wall, Willis, Wilson, Wingate. 2S3 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Founded at Boston University in 1909 The Nu Chapter — estabhshed in 1915 OFFICERS H. W. Pi ' RKKRSON . R M()ND McM.AHON James Swarts . Warrkn- Thrash i:r . . Ilifih Brill l ii;li diinimii . Ilii ' li ' J ' i:ii CHAPTER Belyou, Frank, Sof ' lioniorr Atlanta Benson, Edsel, Freshman Athens Ei.ANTON, Chandler, Firshiiiaii Naylor Blanton, Hugh, Frcshinan Valdosta Brick, Leon, Freshman Bartow, Fla. Callahan, Grady, Freshman Athens Camp, Leonard, Frrslnnaii Atlanta Cate, Vassa, Junior Brnnsvvick Collins, Mercer, Junior Collins Dallas, Joe, Freshman Bainbridge Ennis, James, Freshman Savannah Field, Horace, Senior Atlanta Fitzgerald, John, So ' honioie Atlanta FoRDHAM, James, Junior (irayniont Summit Frederiksen, Henry, Junior .... Union City, N. J. Hammond, Olynn B., Junior Erie, Pa. Harrison, Bob, Junior Atlanta Howard, John R., Freshman Nashville ROLL Jones, Jimmy, Junior Brunswick LiNDSEY, Max, Senior Atlanta Lowe, Walter, Sophomore Nashville Lumpkin, J. Q., Senior Macon Maupin, Bob, Freshman Athens Miller, Dan, Freshman Washington, D. C. Miller, Eric, Junior Valdosta MiLLSAp, Neu, Senior Atlanta MiMS, Billy, Junior Atlanta Montgomery, Clifford, Freshman Butler MuNN, Richard, Freshman Culunibns McMahon, Raymond, Senior Savannah Nibblet, Charles, Fresliman .... Birmingham, Ala. Perkerson, H. W., Senior Greenville Ross, George, Senior Cleveland, Ohio RowE, J. C., Freshman Columbus Scott, Billy, Freshman Savannah Skipworth, James, Sophomore Columbus Smith, Robert E., Sophomore Atlanta Smith, Robert S., Fresliman Atlanta Spivey, Lamar, Freshman Valdosta Sullivan, Jerry, Senior Savannah Swarts, James S., Senior Van Horn, Texas Thomas, Caroll, ,SV iiO) ' Decatur Thrasher, W. rren, Junior Douglas VanRifer. V. krex, Junior Atlanta Wadsworth, Fr. nk. Sopho}iiore Columbus Wells, Charlie, Sophomore Atlanta WiLKiNS, Sam. Junior Columbus Wilkes, Roy, Freshman Collins Wood, James, Sof ' liomore Valdosta IjiM i ( ' ) ft 4 f: 1 o o iKi if ii.i M Reading from top, left to right 9 Belyou, Benson, Blanton, C; Blanton, H.; Bruce, Callahan, Camp, Cate, Ennis, Field, Fitzgerald, Fordham, Frederiksen, Hammond, Harrison, Howard, Jones, Lindsey, Lowe, Lunplfin, Miller, D.; Miller, E.; Millsap, Mims, Montgomery, Munn, McMahon, Nibblet, Perkerson, Ross, Rowe, Scott, Smith, R. E.; Smith, R. S.: Spivcy, Sullivan, Swarts, Thomas, Thrasher, VanRiper, Wadsworth, Wells, Wilkins, Wilkes, Wood. TAU EPSILON PHI Founded at Columbia University in 1910 The Nu Chapter — established in 1919 Sol Sixc;i;r . Joe Gerson . Joe GiNSH iRc, Morris HRoin . Pies ill frit I he-President . Secretary . Treasurer CHAPTER ROLL Ai,TMAN, Sol A., Senior .irii ' . Bll ' mbkrc, Michael A., Frrslniimi Blumenthai,. Irvin(,, ' rcsliiiuiii BoRNSTEi.N, Rich ARii, •rrsliiiuni . Brinex, Philii ' B., Frcshiiuin . . Brunswick . Savannah Royston . New Haven, Conn. Montezuma Brodv, Morris, Junior Sumter, S. C. BiiNiM, Burru, E., I ' rrsliiiuin Atlanta Gershox, Hvman B., Prcsliiiiaii Atlanta Gerson, Joe H., Junior Atlanta Ginsberg, Joe H., So ' honiorr Dalton Gold. Robert, Frcslnnun New Haven, Conn. Goldberg, Sanforu H,, Freslunan Augusta Goldstein, Israel M., y oiidr Milledgeville Halperin, Sam m IE, l-rcslnncm Fitzgerald Haskins, Sidney, S ' oplioniorc Macon Kaplan, D.wid 1., Junior Wrightsville Kanter, Walter, Junior Savannah Klein, Julian H., Frcslunan . . . New Haven, Conn. Kriger, Reuben, Frcsliniaii Fitzgerald Shapiro, Bernakd. Sophomore Norfolk, Va. Singer, Sol K., Senior Law Unadilla Solomon, Frank W., Sol honiorc .... Miami, Fla. Somberg, Seymour I., Sof lioinore .... Miami, Fla. Strulets, Joe 1., I ' reslinuin LaGrange WoLFSoN, Morris, Junior Baxley n I T ' - V i j gt r» , • n ' " (f: f Redding from top, left to right • Altman, Blumberg, Biumcnthai, Bomstein, Bnnrn, Brody, Bunim, Gershon, Gcrson, Ginsberg, Gold, Goldberg, Goldstein, Halpenn, Hasltms, Kaplan, Kantcr, Klein, Kruget, Shapiro, Singer, Solomon, Somberg, Strulets, Wolfson. 257 ALPHA EPSILON PI Founded at New York University in 1913 Omicron Chapter — established in 1926 Firsf 1 cnii Morton I ' riidman SM) •E ■ Rich Klsii-i. I i ' i w Aarox ColliiX OFFICERS I ' roil rill I iic-hnsii rii Sciii ' tfiry . r I Insurer Secdiid Term . Ai. Morgan Hkrman Simon . AiAiN Rlbin Aaron Cohen -T «fte CHAPTER ROLL Berger, Israel. Junior Lincolnton Cohen, Aarox, Junior Coldiester, Conn. Cohen, H. rvev, Senior Albany Feigend.M ' M, Irvin ' g, Frcslinian . . . Maplcwood. N, J. Friedm. n, Morton, Senior Madison Gottlieb, Edward. Frcslnnan .... Brooklyn, N. Y. Jay, Nathan, Frcslnnan Commerce Kahn, Avrum, Frcslnnan Pelham Kai ' lan. KrsiLL. Frcslnnan Law Walda M. si.(i . Rcii ' .r.KT. So honiitrc Mokc;ax. . i,fred, S ' cnior . NiRENiiEKG. Jesse. So ' houiorc Prisant, Oscar, Frcslnnan RAixr.iiw. llAKdi.ii. Junior . Rich, Svuxev. Senior . RdSExiiERG. . lhert. Junior . Kriiix, . lA ' iN P.. Junior . ToKAx. WiLLiA.M. Soj hoiuorc . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Atlanta New York, N. Y. Albany dfl . . . Atlanta . Swainsboro . Gordon Cbester, Pa. a Hi ih ik M Reading from top, left to right • Borger, Cohen, A.; Cohen, H.; Feigenbaum, Friedman, Gottlieb, Jay, N,; Kahn, A.; Kaplan, K.; Maslow, Morgan, Nirenbcrg, Pfisant, Rainbow, Rich, Rosenberg, Rubin, Toran. ALPHA LAMBDA TAU Founded at Oglethorpe University in 1916 Theta Chapter — established in 1929 First ' lenn Fri:i) PitRci: . J. j. (JRI;(;oR • . W ' arrex RoGliRS Hi;x K. Daniel . OFFICERS . I ' resilient . I iee-Preshlenl . Seeretiiry . Treasurer . Second Term . Fred Pierce . Roy Shu man Warren Rogers Ben E. Daniel Braudock, ' iij.iam Rav. Soj homorc Britt, William, Sufhoiiiorc Athens Cain, J. L., S ' ciiior Gainesville Clements, Lamar, I-reshiimii Alamo Clinkscales, Hawilii, Sol liiiiihnr .... Conunerce Daxiel, Ben E., Jiiiiinr Claxton Daniel, John S., l-rr.diiiuiii Savannah Grecorv, J. J., Junior Vienna Lawrence, William, Gnidualc Blakelv CHAPTER ROLL Jacksonville, Fla. Lee, John, Frcshiiuiii Hawkinsvillt Martin, Murrv, frcsliniau Moultrie McHarce, James, Sophomore Rossville Nix, Dillard, Sot ' hoiitore Commerce Pierce, Freii, Senior llawkinsville RoiiERTS, Howard, So lioniore Suainshoro Rogers, Warren, So ' lioinorc Hapeville Rawizer, Harry, l reshnian Atlanta Shuman, Roy P., Junior Coolidge Stone, John, Freshman Athens Tank, Donald, Senior Havvkinsville Threatt, D. C, Senior Wills Point, Texas WiNCARD, J. O., Junior Garfield Wills, GsoRiiE, Fresliman Alpharetta y i •-% f) tMit jt Reading from top, left to right • Braddocic, Britt, Cam, Clements, CImbcales, Darnel, B.: Daniel, J.: Gregory, Lee, Martin, McHargc, Nix, Pierce, Roberts, Rogers, Rawlzer, Shuman, Threatt, Wingard. 261 AUlm 0 gm a V MKK. «l h Reading from top, left to right • Adams, Bramblett, Brandon, Brown, Carpenter, Cooley, Dempsey, Denny, Everitt, Groover, Mitchell, Montgomery, Morris, McDon- ald, McKenzie, Patterson, Robertson, Skinner, Smith, Stiff, Wagoner, Willis. ALPHA GAMMA RHO Founded at the Ohio State University and at the University of llhnois in 1908 Alpha Eta Chapter— estabhshed in 1927 OFFICERS F. Hhrbert Robhrtsok Nohle Ruler J. Hll.TOX VATSO Jr I ' icc-Krthle Ruler Charles R. Morris, Jr Secretary Billy D. Mitchell Treasurer Walter B. Stiff Sickle ami Sheaf Reporter Paxton K. Patterson Chaplain E. O. Browx lluniiii Secretary Ernest W. Adams Usher CHAPTER ROLL Adams, Ernest W., Junior BRAMBLErr, Lamak, Seiiiiir . Bra.n ' don, Joe G., Jr., Junior . Brovv.v, E. O., Senior .... Butler, J. Glower, Snflionwrc Carpe.vter, John L., Jr., Senior Coolev, James, Senior . Dempsev, a. Hugh, Sofhoinorc . Gillsvillc Marietta . Cartersville Fort Gaines Bowman . Deniorest . Cleveland Watkinsville Denny, N. Dorsey, So ylioniorc Roopville Everitt, Charles J., Junior Atlanta Groover, John T., Jr., Senior Jonesboro Mitchell, Billy D., Senior .... Copperville, Tenn. Montgomery, Lewis H., S ' enior Franklin Morris, Charles R., Junior Rome McDonald, Dan E., Jr., Senior Eulonia McKenzie, Joe H., Sol ' lioniore CarroUton Patterson, Paxton K., Junior Blairsville Robertson, F. Herbert, Senior .... Hagerstown, Md. Skinner, L. Irving, Junior Athens Smith, A. Dennis, Senior Dawson Stiff, Walter B., Sophomore .... East Akron, Ohio Wagoner, Euihe, Sot ' lioniorc Dayton, Oliio Watson, J. Hilton, Jr., S ' ophoinore . . Georgiana, Ala. Willis, W. Arthur, Senior Sylvester ■fi{|a : ' 262 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Charles Kvaxs Presiiltnt Harvi;v CoHi-N ricf-Pres ' uh ' iit Sol Sin(;i;r Secretary Ni;u .MlLLSAl- Tre isitrer MEMBERS Sisnia Jlplui Rpsilon Alphn Tail Omei a Phi Ef silon Pi Deax Covington Jack Humes I.ouis Sohn Knox Pj.dredge Freu W ' ickham Al Weill Chi Phi Chi Psi Lambda Chi Alpha RoRKRT TroUTMAN LoL IS JoH NSON N ED MlLLSAP William Wallace Emer ' 1 ' armi:nti:r Max I.indse ' kappa Alpha kappa Si};nia Dcllfi Tan Dilta Charles Heflin Don Kell ' Lee J ' rice Richard " V ' oung George Gaines Glen Brinson ' (;■ Delta Theta Pi Kappa Alpha Tan Epsilo i Phi HvRON Matthews Hilton Wall Sol Singer Ernest Vandi er William Chandli;r Joe Gerson Sii rita Chi Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Epsilon Pi Edward Hi;ster Horace Crowe Harvey Cohen William Gunter J. P. Stewart Alfred Morgan Sigma Nil .llpha Lambda Tan Jimmy Curtis W ' arren Rogers Allmond Si ' ence W. R. Braddock Left to nght • Covington, Eldredge, Troutman, Wallace, Heflin, Voung, Mathews, Vandiver, Hester, Gunter, Curtis, Spence, Humes, Wickham, Johnson, Parmenter, Kelly, Gaines, Wall, Chandler, Crowe, Stewart, Sohn, Weill, Millsap, Lindsay, Price, Brinson, Singer, Gerson, Cohen, Morgan, Rogers, Braddock. : e» r ,(fv a a . d f a a- ffx a h a q ' t ( ■. f!%. fs C] cpi O, W!M t ► ' Q c a f 263 TC ll[ P H I M U Founded at Wesleyan College in 1852 Alpha Alpha Chapter — established at Georgia in 1921 OFFICERS K.MiiA Hi;cK M.AR ■ l.iTTii: El.IZAKI ' Tll R. L ' SC11I:N ' BHRG . Betty Pow i:r . I ' ns lilt lit I ict-l ' n sii fii . Secretary . Treasurer CHAPTER ROLL . Atlanta Savannah , Griffin Americus . Macon AnAMS, Nei.i,, Frcsliiiian Artley, Laura, Junior Banks, Eleanor, Sfiiiar Bahnsen, Sara, Sciiinr Bateman, Helex. Jlllliil- ... Beck, Emily, Junior Griffin Benson, Sara Frances, So lionioii- . . Jacksonville, Fla. Brightwell, Jane, Frcshiiimi Athens Brooks, Anne, Junior Athens Burke, Harriette, Junior Aniericns Cheatham, Virgl.vkv, Junior Griffin Cook, Betty. Junior Crosby, Minn. Cooper. Marg.vkkt. Senior Columbns Clarke. Juli. , l-rcslnnan Louisville Collier, Nancy, Sophomore Atlanta Creekmore, Anne, So ' hoinorc .Athens Crosswkll, Anne, So ' hoinorc .Atlanta Daniel, Dorothy, Freshman . thens Decker, Betty, Junior . then5 Doss, Marie, Sojilioniorc LaGrange Eason, Virgini. , Junior Miami, Fla. EcKFORD, Eleanor, Junior Athens Etheredge, Harriet, So ' hoinorc Albany FoRTsON, Anne Wkight, So ' lioiiiorc . . Jacksonville, Fla. Gray, May, Senior .Atlanta Groves, Mary Elizaui;th, Senior .Atlanta Harrell, Julia, Senior Augusta, Mary Ann. Junior Atlanta HuNNicUTT, Gloria, So ' h.oniore Athens Lassiter, Frances, Sophomore Albany Leiihetter, Laura. Sopliomorc Camilla Little, Junior Louisville Little, Mary, Senior Macon LocKvvooD, Mary Louise, Senior Savannah Ly.nn, Donna, Sophomore Miami, Fla. Mann, Mary Doby, Senior McRae McWhorter, Loluse, Senior Tifton MiLLicAN, Eleanor, Senior Griffin Newton, Mary Walton, Fresliinan Madison OxLEY, Sophie, Sophomore Macon Power, Betty, Senior Columbia, S. C. Ransom, Sue, Freshman Augusta Rauschenherg, Elizabeth, Senior Dalton Roberts, Connie, Junior Macon Sanckex, Sara, Junior .Augusta Solms, Selma. Junior Savannah Taylor, Laura, Sopliomore Atlanta Thomas, Doris, Junior Orlando, Fla. Tift, Lutrelle, Junior Tifton Wade, .Ann, Freshman Columbus Williams, Anne, Sophomore Macon Wright, Virginia Tate, Freshman .Athens Yancey, Mary Ella, So ' lioiiiorc .Albany i .M ;: ' .sj -lk yilHS a S Q. Reading from top, left to right Adams, Banks, Bahnsen, Bateman, Beck, Benson Bnghtwcll, Brooks, Bufke, Cheatham, Cook, Cooper, Clarke, Collier, Creekmore, Cross well, Daniel, Decker, Doss, Eason, Eckford, Etheredge, Fortson, Gray, Groves, Har rell, Hilsman, Hunnicutt, Lassiter, Ledbetter, Little, Marion; Little, Mary; Lockwood Lynn, Mann, McWhorter, Millican, Newton, Oxiey, Power, Ransom, Rauschenberg Rogers, Sancken, Solms, Taylor, Thomas, Tift, Wade, Williams, Wright, Yancey 2( 7 CHI OMEGA Founded at University of Arkansas in 1895 Mu Beta Chapter— established in 1922 OFFICERS H.Azni. Ward . CoRRiNE Stephens Ki.i .ABETH Lucas . I ' m I, I. IS Jenkins . . President f ire-President . Secretary . I ' re isnnr CHAPTER Arnold, Beth, Junior Elberton AsHFOKD, Virginia, Gradiin c Alliens Bacon, Elsie, Frcsliiiiaii St. Simons Island Baggett, Elizabeth, Junior Savannah Bagwell, Nannelle, Senior Atlanta Baknett, Claire, Frcsliniaii Washington Baxter, Lucy, Soplionuirr . . .... Ashburn Beatty, Betty, Soplioinorc Foit Screven Boardman, Helen, Junior Angusta Bower, Mary, Junior Bainbridge Brewer, Elizabeth, Senior . . .... Elberton Brooks, Alice, Freshman Atlanta Brooks, Mary, S ' ofhomore Atlanta Brown, Gladys, Junior ... Athens Cabaniss, Alice, Junior Athens Cabaniss, Bessie, Frcslmian Athens Camp, Doris, Frcslunan Decatur Chick, Betty, Senior Monroe Dougherty, Beverly, Senior Valdosta DowLiNG, Mary, Freslnnan . . ... Manchester DuBosE, Janet, Sof ' lionwre Athens Dudley, Betty, Junior Augusta Ferguson, Anne. Junior Marietta FoRTSON, Mildred, Sot homore Washington ROLL Fuller, Nina, Senior Atlanta Gamble, Anne, Sofhoinore Savannah Gamble, Lol ' ise, Soplioniore . . ... Louisville Gerard, Mary, Junior Savannah Gilman, Julia Ann, Senior .... Chattanooga, Tenn. Gorin, Anne, Fresliimm Savannah Grimes, Cecil, Junior Athens Gulley, Mattie, Senior Sylvester Haines, Louise, Freshman Augusta Harris, Barbara, Senior Valdosta HiNSON, Doris Jean, Senior Marianna, Fla. Howard, Augusta, Junior Lexington Howard, Olive, Freshman Decatur Jenkins, Phyllis, Junior Athens Jones, Florence, S ' otilioinore Atlanta Kennedy, Josephine, freshman Savannah Lamkin, Elizabeth, Soplwmore Athens LeRoux, Jane, Sofihoniore Atlanta Lewis, Jeannie, Freshman Greensboro Lucas, Elizabeth, Senior .Albany Manning, Lela, Junior Bainbridge Moore, Marth.a Doyle, Soflwuiore Rome Morris, Elise, Freshman Athens McCarty, Laura, Junior Dalton NoRRis, Ruth, Sophomore Newton Northcutt, Helen, Senior Marietta Oates, Mary, Junior Brunswick Orr, Joan, Freslnnan Athens Price, Peggy, Soplioinorc Albany Rakestraw, Joyce, Senior LaGrange Ramsey, Evelyn, Sophomore .... Cleveland, Tenn. Reynolds, Carolyn, Junior Washington Rich, Frances, Junior Bainbridge Righton, Wylene, Sophomore Savannah Rustin, Ruth, Senior Charleston, S. C. Stephens, Corrine, Senior Athens Stoddard, Margaret, Junior Atlanta Teasley, Edith Ann, Sophomore . . . . Toccoa Trussell, LaGrange, Sophomore Athens Tuck, Rene, Soplwinore Athens Walker, Alyce, Junior Decatur Walker, Lillian, Senior Athens Waller, Ruth, Senior Augusta Ward, Hazel, Senior Marietta Watson, Dorothy, Junior Moultrie Wayne, Virginia, Freslnnan .... Atlanta Webb, Kathryn, Sophomore Tifton Weeks. Eleanor, Sophomore . . Savannali Wheeler, Elizabeth, Sophomore ■ Atlanta Whitaker, Martha, Junior . . Athens Wight, Rebecca, Freshman .Atlanta Williams, Eugenia, Soph. . Washington Williams, Eleanor, Graduate . . Athens Williams, Susan, Grad. . . Washington ooaooo Reading from top, left to right Arnold, Bacon, Baggett, Bagwell, Barnett, Bax- ter, Beatty, Boardman, Bowers, Brewer, Brooks, A.: Brooks, M.; Cabaniss, A.; Cab- aniss, B.; Camp, Chick, Dougherty, Dowling, DuBose, Dudley, Ferguson, Fortson, Fuller, Gamble, A.; Gamble, L.; Gilman, Gorin, G ulley, Haines, Harris, Hinson, How- ard, A.: Howard, O.; Jenkins, Jones, Kennedy, Lamkin, LeRoux, Lewis, Lucas, Man- ning, Moore, Morris, McCarty, Norris, Northcutt, Oates, Orr, Price, Rakestraw, Ramsey, Reynolds, Rich, Righton, Rustin, Stephens, Stoddard, Teasley, Trussell, Tuck, Walker, A.; Walker, L.: Waller, Ward, Watson, Wayne, Webb, Weeks, Wheeler, Whitakcr, Wight, Wilhams. 269 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Founded at Syracuse University in 1904 Gamma Alpha Chapter — established in 1923 I. (IIS HRIUC.hS . M ARIl: FoSTKR . I.oi 1SI-; French Carolyn Lkk . . I ' rfsiiUiil I i( ( -I ' rt siiliiil . Si ' iiitary . Trtiisiin ' r CHAPTER ROLL AnF.ucKOMiiiE. MiuiREi). Senior CulliKlfii Ai ' TREY, AxNE, Senior Cochran Booth, Helen Moore, Senior Winder Briuces. Lois, Junior tlanta BvERS, Margaret, Senior Savannah Carroll, Ei.oise, So honiore Brunswick DoziER, Harriett!;. So hoinore Tifton Foster, Alice Marie, Jnnior Edison Fountain, Marie Olive, Jnnioi Sycamore Frank, Dot, So ' ionwre Decatur French, Louise, Senior Colunilnis Grantham, Mary Eleanor, Senior .... Savannali Johnson, Coy, Senior Athens Lancdon, Lorr. ine, Sol lioniore Cohnnljus Lee, Carolyn, Junior Albany Lipscomb, Rosalind, Junior Americus Love, Rebecca, Senior LaFayette Mahan. Sheli. , Freshnian .... Spartanburg, S. C. . Jesup .- vondale Estates . Buchanan . . . Dubhn . Athens . Jesup MiKi ' HV, Frances, Soplioinorc . Myers, Carolyn, Senior .... McCalman, Hilda, Senior McConnell, Betty, Soplioiuore McLain, Mary Sue, Freshinau . McLaughlan, Jane, Sof ' honiore . Nikerson, Thea, Freslinian Cfilnmbus O ' Dell, Nell, Senior Atlanta P. TRici , Edith, Sophomore Omega Phillips, Nancy, Freshman Columbus Pittman, Jean, Senior Tifton Pitts, Katherine, So liomore Columbus Pounds, Hortense, Freslininn .... .Avondale Estates Prince, Emma Lor. I reshnian .... Gainesville, Fla. Ramsey, Poi.i.y, Soplomiore Atlanta R.wvLiNS, Lena, Sol liomore Sandersville Simpson, Eloise, Sophomore .... Avondale Estates Sortore, Jean, Sophomore Avondale Estates Speer, Helen, Junior Ochlochnee Starr, Marguerite, Junior Newnan Symmes, Sara, Senior St. Mathews, S. C. Tarpley, Eleanor, Freslimon Chester Todd, Fay, Sophomore Atlanta Twitty, Mary Russell, Junior Pelliani Tyson, Lucille, Senior Jesup Vann, Dorothy Mae, Freslinian Swainsboro Verdi, Martha, Freshman Decatur Watkins, Katherine, Soplioniore Talbotton Werb, Clydei.le, Freshman East Point Wray, Louise, Senior . . ' Royston O- O Reading from top, left to right • Aberctombie. Autrey, Bridges, Byers, Carroll, Dozier, Foster, Fountain, Frank, French, Granthann, Johnson, Langdon, Lee, Lips- comb, Love, Mahan, Murphy, Myers, McCalman, McConnell, McLain, McLaughlan, Nikerson, O ' Dell, Phillips, Pittman, Pitts, Pounds, Ramsey, Rawlins, Simpson, Sor- tore, Speer, Starr, Symmes, Todd, Twitty, Tyson, Vann, Verdi, Watkins, Webb, Wray. 271 KAPPA DELTA Founded at Virginia State Normal School in 1897 Sigma Phi Chapter — established in 1924 OFFICERS Jane Coffin . Ada Bryant . Catherine McCai.i.i;v Eli. EN Cheek . . F reside lit I ice-Presiilent . Secretary . Treasurer CHAPTER ROLL Asm ' RV, Dolly, Junior ClarkesviUe Baker, Makcaret, So lioiiiorc . . ... West Point Bailiv, Din, Junior Douglas BisHoi ' , M. Rrii. , Junior Unadilla Blackshe. r, Cl.mre, Junior Plains Bryant, Ada, Senior Athens Callahan, Hilda, Sophoinurc Atlanta Cheek, Ellen, Junior Bowersville Coffin, Jane, S ' enior ... Atlanta Collins, Marjorie, Soplwniorc Baxley Darby, Anderson, Frcshnwr, Vidalia Dickens, Anne, Soplwniorc Sparta DoDD, Margaret, Senior LaGrange Freeman, Frances, Soplioniio-c Unadilla Frver, Lillian, Junior Blakely Garner, Emily, Soplwniorc Ashburn Gheesling, Hillma, S ' enior Greensboro Hall, Edith Connor, Senior Athens Hanson, H. zel, Senior .... Hitchcock, Lucille, Senior . Ivky, Mary Jean. Junior . Jackson, Jane. Senior . Johnston. Pat, Freslinian . Jolly, Mary Will, Freshman . L. NGDON, Josephine, Junior . Lasher, Carol, Freshman . Leon, Lettye, Junior . Mann, Jeanne, Junior . . Martin, Connie, Junior Mathis, Sara, Junior McCalley, Catherine, Junior . Mercer, Francks, Senior . . . . Michael, Charlotte, Freshinaii . Oats, Hazel, Junior .... Pierce, Eliz. beth, Junior Richards, Janice, Sophomore . RoDGERS, Ruth, Sophomore . Shingler, Marguerite, Freslinian . Slate, Mary, Junior Smith, Eleva, Junior Speer, Ellen, Sophomore . Stewart, Marguerite, Soplwnioi c . Stockton. Bobbie Dell, Sophomore Thurmond, Miriam, Freshman . Waldrop, Annette, Junior . Whatley, Emily, Junior . . . . Wheeler, Dot, Junior . ._ . . Williams, Annette, Junior . Wood, Gladys, Freshman . . Macon . Macon . . tlanla Baiubriilge . Clarkston . Rome . Woodbury . Atlanta . Savannah . Griffin . Valdosta . Valdosta . . Atlanta . Gray . LaGrange . . tlanta Savannah . . Atlanta . . Atlanta . Atlanta . Athens . Atlanta . Atlanta . Ashlnirn . . Atlanta . Athens . Jonesboro . Reynolds . Ft. Valley Lawrenceville . Baxley . ft • i - Reading from top, left to right • Asbury, Balcer, Bailey, Bishop, Blackshear, Bryant, Callahan, Cheek, Coffin, Collins, Darby, Dickens, Dodd, Freeman, Fryer, Garner, Gheesling, Hanson, Hitchcocic, Ivey, Jackson, Johnston, Jolly, Lasher, Leon, Mann, Martin, Mathis, McCaliey, Michael, Pierce, Richards, Rodgers, Shingler, Slate, Smith, Speer, Stewart, Stockton, Thurmond, Waldrop, Whatley, Williams, Wood. 273 ALPHA DELTA PI Founded at Wesleyan College in 1851 Beta Mu Chapter — established in 1933 OFFICERS Martha i;r Marjorii; Mann . Jani; Carithers . Sara R(issi;i; . . Plfsirlc lit I u c-Prcsiilcnt Si ' cntiuy Trciisiin r •• ?? CHAPTER ROLL Blackburn, Alice, Senior Sylvester BoLTON, Anise, Sopluiiiiorc Athens Bounds, Grace, Senior Savannali BovvEN, Betty, S ' o lionwrc Atlanta Burns, Onie Ruth, Junior Macon Carithers, Jane, Senior Winder CoPELANn, Frances, Junior Atlanta CoRLEY, Annabell, Juuior ugusta Davis, Catherine, Sop ioniore Athens Davis, Marcia, Freslimau lliany Evans, Thena, Sophomore Sandersvilie Faucette, Lenton, Freshman Adel Fielis, Barbara, Senior .... Jackson Heights, N. Y. Gormley, Celeste, Sophomore Atlanta GiBBS, Elizabeth, Junior Gainesville Gnann, Elizabeth, Senior Savannah Godeee, Juli.s, Senior Wayneshoro Manner, Nell, Senior Madison Hightower, Martha, Senior Thomaston Ikby, Nell, Freshman Athens Jackson, Marian, Sophomore Cochran Johnston, Gladys, Senior Ft. Bcnnin? Jones, Catherine Everett, Junior .... Wayneshoro Jones, Katherine, Senior Winder Jones, Klaire, Sophomare Savannah Kane, Noma, Fresliman Atlanta Leake, Jane, Senior Atlanta Littlepage, Anne, Senior Atlanta M. NN, Marjorie, Senior McRae M.MiTiN, Rose, Fres iman Macon Matthews, Elizabeth, Soplwmore .... Ft. Valley Merkitt, Dorothy, Soplwmore ... . . Avondale MuRROW, Arlene, S ' opJiomore Social Circle MacDonell, Jean, Junior Macon McArthur, Lorraine, Junior Milton. Fla. McDowell, Virginia, Senior Madison McKoin, Mary Nell, Senior Atlanta McLaury, Margaret, Junior Waycross McNab, Sara, Junior Athens McRae, Margaret, Sophomore McRae Neel, Mary, Senior Atlanta North, Marion, Junior .Atlanta 0 ' Co. " NoR. Reba, Sophomore Angusta Padgett, Marjorie, Senior .... Forest City, N. C. Pardue, Helen, Juuior Aiken, S. C. Pearce, Elizabeth, Fresliman Atlanta Peyton, Virginia, Sophomore Athens Price, Cecelia, Junior Swainshoro Pringle, Betty, Sophomore Thomasvillc Redfearn, Mary, Senior Albany Rivers, Jerry, Senior Atlanta Rogers, Harriet, Senior Fitzgerald Rose, Mary Elizabeth. Sophomoi-: Decatur Ross, Sara, Senior Macon RossEE, Florrie, Freshman Eatonton RossEE, Sarah, Junior Eatonton Sandford, Jane, Freshman Augusta Scott, Betty, Junior . . ■ Rome Smith, Eva Mae, Senior McRae Smith, Harriet, Freshman Swainshoro Steele, Rubie. Senior Decatur Summers, Mary Ellen. Freshman . . . . .Atlanta Swinford. Elizabeth, Junior Macon HOMPSON, Sarah Elizabeth. Freshiiian . . Decatur Thompson, Haidee, Senior Waynesboro Tompkins, Adurline, Sophomore .... Sandersvilie Watson, Martha, Senior . . ... Macon ■.«J; .i.V y LX r- Reading from top, left to right • Blackburn, Bolton, Bounds, Bowen, Burns, Carith- crs, Copcland. Corley, Davis, C; Davis, M.; Evans, Faucette, Fielis, Gornnley, Gibbs, Godbec, Manner, Hightower, Irby, Jackson, Johnston, Jones, C; Jones, K.; Jones, Klaire: Kane, Leake, Littlepage, Mann, Martin, Matthews, Merritt, Murrow, McAr- thur, MacDonell, McDowell, McKoin, McNab, McRae, Neel, North, O ' Connor, Padgett, Pardue, Pearce, Peyton, Price, Pringle, Rcdfearn, Rivers, Rogers, Rose, Ross, Rossee, F.; Rossee, S.; Sandford, Scott, Smith, E.; Smith, H.; Staele, Summers, Swinford, Thompson, E.: Thompson, H.; Tompkins, Watson. DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded at Boston University in 1889 Alpha Rho Chapter — established in 1934 OFFICERS HiiLiiN .Mi;rc,i:ni)()i.i R Margaret Darst . Caroline Brosseau . Alice Kierce . I ' rcsiilciil I iic-Prtsiilciil ' I ' lfiisiircr . Coricsp ' iniliii ' Sccritiuy Rann-IE Geissler Rc ' irrliin; Srrrcl iry .:::; % " CHAPTER ROLL . Barnesville . Decatur . . . Atlanta West Chicago, 111. . Brunswick Ashley, Charlotte, Jniilor Baldwin, Claka Ln,i,L , Junior . Herman, Anna, Sofli " iiiorc Brosseat, Caroline, Sciiiiir . Brkii(H(;HS, Vai,erl , Junior . Cami " , Frances, Frcshmtm Wilmette, 111. Chandler, Louise, S ' opliomorc Athcn. Chrlstie, Jessie, Sophomore Columbus Clarke, Helen, Senior Atlanta Cocke, Aline, So ' }oinore Atlanta Cox, Zula, Junior Mark, Miss. Coffee, Lena, Senior Douglas Darst, Margaret, Senior Wilmington, N. C. Drake, Caroline, Sof ' honiore Rockmart Edge, Anne, Freslnnan Decatur Farmer, Julia, Freshman Atlanta Farmer, Sara, Freshman Atlanta Geissler, Rannie, Junior Atlanta (iiuHES, Hunter, Senior Savannah Hamm, Llewelyn, Junior Bowdon Harris, Dorothy ' , Senior Atlanta Harris, Pauline, Sophomore Atlanta 1 I. rtley, Frances, iViii ' o - Tampa, Fla. Howard, Jacqueline, Sofhomore .... Harlan, Ky. Kierce, Alice, Junior Columbus McDavid, Betty, Sopliomorc Athens McKiE, Louise, Senior Atlanta McKiE, Katherine, Freshman Atlanta McPhaul, Dorothy, Senior Poulan McPhaul, Jeanette, Senior Poulan Marsh, Roberta, Senior Gainesville M, tthews, Peggy, Sof honiorc Atlanta Mergendollar, Helen, Senior Atlanta MuLLiNs, Nell, Junior Harlan, Ky. Payne, Sarah, Senior Athens Phillips, Laura Jo, Junior Cuthbert Richardson, Frances, Junior Montezuma Roop, Billie Ann, Junior Bowdon Ross, Mariann. , Fresh nion Fort Screven Ruffin, Jessie, Freshman Atlanta Saffold, Mary ' E, Sophomore Columbus SiMMERVii.LE, Virginia, Senior Rockmont Slocum, Louise, Junior Macon Summers, Tom. Junior Barnesville Travis, Cecilia, Junior Savannah Walker, Jean, Freshman Atlanta Watson, Mary, Senior Moultrie Wickham, Estelle, Senior Columlnis WiLHURN, .Anne, Junior Woodbury Reading from top, left to right • Ashley, Brosseau, Burroughs, Camp, Chandler, Christie, Clarke, Cocke, Coffee, Darst, Drake, Edge, Farmer, J.; Farmer, S.; Geissler, Gibbes, Hamm, Harris, D.; Harris, P.; Kierce, McKie, L; McKie, K.; McPhaul, D.; McPhaul, J.; Marsh, Matthews, Mergendollar, Mullins, Payne, Phillips, Richardson, Roop, Ross, Ruffin, Simmerville, Slocum, Summers, Travis, Watson, Wickha m, NJCilbum. 277 ALPHA OMICRON PI Founded at Barnard College in 1897 Lambda Sigma Chapter — established in 1935 OFFICERS Mariii A Mackhv . Genevieve Modena Margarht B rum . Pirsir i ' iit [ i r-Prcsi loi Tirmiinr Eugenia Burton Rrrori in;; Secretary I5arb ra Anne Cohen . . . Corres io nlint; Secretary imM ' CHAPTER ROLL AiiAMS, Bktty. I-rcshiuan Augusta AiNSLiE, Josephine, Junior Madison Archer, Mary, Frcsliinan New Orleans, La. Barber. ELrzABETH, S ' ophoinorc Atlanta Beawer, Helen, Sol lwinorr Calhoun Bradshaw, Rosalyn, Freshman Atlanta Brannen, Kathleen, Junior College Park BurivHArt, Catherine Jane, Senior Athens Burton, Ellen, Fresh man Selnia, Ala. Burton, Eugenia, Junior Selma, Ala. Byrum, Makgaret, S ' cnior Ficklin Cain, Makjorie Kent, Junior Cairo Chastain, Virginia, Freshman Atlanta Christopher,. Frances, Softhoinore Atlanta Cohen, Barbara Anne, Senior Atlanta CoRNWELL, Anne, Sophomore Atlanta Craigmh-es, Beverly, Senior Thoniasville Debnam, Montez, Graduntc Atlanta Dillai;d. Helen, Senior Lakeland, Fla. Field, Georgia, Freshman Atlanta GoEN, Kathleen, Senior Griffin Haines, June, Sophomore Miami. Fla. Hymes, Mary Alice, Freshman Atlanta Hall. Betty, Freshman Atlanta Lemmond, S.vra, Sophomore Atlanta Mackey, Martha, Senior Dublin Middlebrooks, Frances, Junior Atlanta Modena, Genevieve, Senior Atlanta Morrison, Martha, Junior Pembroke McCoLLUM, Roma June, Junior Atlanta Porter, Ruth, Junior Dublin Reeves, Leta, Junior Woodbur - Richardson, Marie, Sophomore Atlanta Rutherford, Camilla, Senior Augusta Solana, Manolita, Senior Elberton Smith, Willadene, 5 ' o ' u));io;-c .... Nasliville, Tenn. Tho.mas, Constance, Graduate Athens Thompson, Grace Julian, Freshman .... Atlanta Tillett, Elizabeth, Graduate .... Winchester, Va. TiNDEL, Mary Claude, Senior .... Graceville, Fla. ELLE, Junior Atlanta or Atlanta Reading from top, left to right • Adams, Amslic, Archer, Barber, Beamer, Brad- shdw, Brannen, Burkhart, Burton, Ellen; Burton, Eugenia; Byrum, Cain, Chastain, Christopher, Cohen, Cornwell, Craigmiles, Debnam, Dillard, Field, Goen, Haines, Hall, Lemmond, Middlebroolcs, Modena, Morrison, Porter, Reeves, Richardson, Rutherford, Solana, Thomas, Thompson, Tindel, Willoughby, Wing. 279 DELTA PHI EPSILON Founded at Washington Square College in 1917 Psi Chapter — estabhshed in 1935 OFFICERS EmiMA Minkowit Helen Rutkin . Evelyn Weikle . Rosalind Weiman Barbara Ho la. . Re gin I . J ice-Rcniiiti Carre spri niling Secretary . Reeon irig Secretary Treasurer CHAPTER ROLL Acoos, Henrietta, Freshman Thomson Allen, Rose, Senior Athens BoLGLA, Sara, Junior Augusta Blonstein, Shirley, Sophomore ...... Atlanta CooLiK, Nora, S ' oplwmore Reynolds Dreizen, Bessie, Senior Butler Dreizen, Miriam, Junior Butler Erbersfield, Ida, Junior Newton, N. C. Haltrin, Muriel, J ' reshmaii Fort Va lley Hershberg, Vera, Fresh mciii Brooklyn, N. Y. HoMA, Barbara, Sofhoniore Miami, Fla. IsRAiLS, Nettie, Freshman Atlanta Kantor, Sylvia, Freshman Atlanta Kramer, Sarah, Sophomore .... Summerville, S. C. Krumbein, Gisela, Senior Washington KuLBERSH, Shirley, Freshman Tifton Miller, Estelle, Freshman Atlanta Minkovvit ' z, Emma, Junior Sylvania Rauzin, Martha, Junior Miami, Fla. Robinson, Evelyn, Senior Jesup Rutkin, Helen, Junior Tampa, Fla. Shainker, Bernice, I ' reshuiaii Atlanta Simon, Nelle, Freshman Brooklet Si.otin, Rita, .Senior Glennville Sloti.n, Sylvia, Freshman Glennville SriLKY ' , Natalie, Freshman Mt. Dora, Fla, Weikle, Evelyn. Junior Atlanta Weiman, Rosalind, Sophomore Atlanta Weinstein, Jeannette, Junior Greensboro Weiss, Adei.e, Freslnuau Newark, N.J. WiLENSKY, Grace, Junior Savannah Wilensky, Lorraine, Freshman Augusta Reading from top, left to tight • Agoos, Allen, Bolgia, Blonstein, Coolik, Dreizen, B.; Dreizen, M.; Erbersfield, Halpfin, Hershberg, Homa, Israils, Kantor, Kramer, Krumbein, Kulbersh, Miller, Minkowitz, Rauzin, Robinson, Rutltin, Shainker, Simon, Slotin, R.: Slotin, S.; Spilky, Weinkle, Weiman, Wemstein, Weiss, Wilensky, G.; Wilensky, L 281 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Founded at DePauw University in 1870 Gamma Delta Chapter — established in 1937 OFFICERS Louish; Hodgson ' Ai.icK Ruth Mii-i.i;r . Hll.l.ll: Hl.ACKW KM. . Aim A ()lii.i.ian . . President J " ue-I ' resiileiit . Secretary Treiisiirer CHAPTER ROLL AcREE, Lillian, Sol ' luniKirr - lliens Ai.DERS, Doris, J-rcshiiuui Tampa, Fid. Allen, Florine, ■reslnimii West Point . monette, Virginia, Junior Albany B.VRFIELI), ViRGiNi. , Senior Hahira Blackwkll, Billie, Senior Miami, Fla, BowEN, Emma, Sofl ' onwrc Chickamauga Br. ndon, Frances, Junior Athens Brooks, Lufred, Junior Decatur Carlisle, Maurice, Freshman Cairo ] HRHARDT, Marion, Scnior . Atlanta EsTES, Carrie Myrtis, Freshman Gay Evans, Audrey, Junior Hazlehurst Goodyear, Genevieve, SoJ lunnore .... Brunswick Groover, Helen, Freslnnnn Atlanta Helms, Charleton, Junior Brunswick Herlihv, Margaret, Freshman .Atlanta Hodgson, Louise, Senior Atlanta Hodgson, Mary, Sophomore Atlanta Hodgson, Saidee, Senior Athens Howard, Anita, Freshman Nashville HuDDLESTON, JOSEPHINE, Sophonwre Athens Jarvis, Sara, Freshman Atlanta Jones, Betty, Junior .Atlanta LiDELL, Martha, Senior Athens Luther, Miriam, Freshman Griffin Maddock, Eleanor, Sophomore Savannah Medlin, Dorine, Sophomore Miami, Fla. Miller, Alice Ruth, Junior Sasser McClatchey, Grace, Sophomore Atlanta McKensie, Carolyn, Junior Ashburn McPherson, Marg.kret, Junior Brunswick O ' Neal, Catherine, Senior Blackshear Parks, Daphne, Sophomore Athens Philpot, Dot, Sophomore Athens Phin-vzee, Mary Jane, Sophomore Forsyth Price, Ann, Sophomore Miami, Fla. QuiLLiAN, Alma, Senior Madison Redding, Helen, Sophomore Atlanta Rinearson, Betty, Freshman Athens Ross, Jean, Freshman Athens Schmisseur, Margie, Senior Belleville, 111. Spangler, Marjorie, Fresliman Griffin Stegeman, Joanna, S ' enior Athens Stegeman, Marian, Sophomore Athens Waddey, Anna, Senior Atlanta Walshe, Ailean, Senior New Orleans, La. I : jgOAac e Reading from top, left to right • Acree, Alders, Allen, Amonette, Barfield, Black- well, Bowen, Brandon, Brooks, Carlisle, Estes, Evans, Goodyear, Groover, Helms, Herlihy, Hodgson, L.; Hodgson, M.: Hodgson, S.; Howard, Huddleston, Jarvis, Jones, Liddell, Luther, Maddock, Medlin, Miller, McClalchey, McKensie, O ' Neal, Parks, Philpot, Phinazee, Price, Qjillian, Redding, Rincaison, Ross, Schnnisseur, Spangler, Stegeman, J.; Stegcman, M.; Waddey. 283 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Founded at DePauw University in 1885 Beta Sisma Chapter — established in 1937 OFFICERS Martha Darditn . Carolyn Bagcs . Susan Dillingham Mary Elizabeth Allan . } ' resident Vite-Pres ' uierii . Secretary . Treasurer CHAPTER ROLL AiiAiR, Marianne. Frcslunan Comer Allan, Mary Elizabeth, Senior Athens Almand, Betty, Senior College Park Baggs, Carolyn, Senior Camilla Benson, Beverly, Soflioniorc Athens Boyd, Mary, Freshman Adel Callahan, Florence Lee, Sol lioinorc .... Athens CoNNELL, Louise, Junior Atlanta Darden, Martha, Senior Union Point Davis, Nell Virginia, Freshman Rutledge Dillingham, Susan, Junior Atlanta Duncan, Rosalind, Freslnnan Atlanta Ellison, Lucille, Sophomore Tignall FiTZGEROLD, Grace, Freshman .... Avondale Estates Foster, Vivian, Junior Athens Hall, Ellen, Senior Newton Hall, Sara, Freshman Newton Hammett, Dorothy Anne, So ' homore .... Athens Hurley, Eleanor, Sophomore Macon Long, Margaret, Freshman Atlanta Mason, Margaret, Freshman Atlanta McRee, Jenine v., Senior Watkinsville O ' Neal, Elise, Junior Uvalda Pearsons, Jeanne, Junior Monticello Printup, Margaret, Junior Dearing Rainey, Marian, Junior Atlanta SiLVA, Agnes, Sophomore Avondale Estates Sims, Margaret, Senior Valdosta Smith, Louise, Junior Clayton Spence, Janie, Freshman Camilla Stephens, Sophie, Junior Newnan Suggs, Mary, Senior Barnesville Thomas, Susie Wynn, Sophomore . . . College Park Wallace, Anne, Sopliomorc Atlanta Warren, Harriette, Senior Athens Westbrook, Bonnie, Junior Ila Westbrook, Montie, Junior Ila Wills, Christine, Freshman Washington WooDARD, Dorothy, Senior Aniericus Reddin3 from top, left to right • Adair, Allan, Almand, Baggs, Benson, Boyd, Callahan, Connell, Darden, Davis, Dillingham, Duncan, Ellison, Fitzgerold, Foster, Hall, E.: Hall, S.; Hammett, Hurley, Long, Mason, McRee, O ' Neal, Pearsons, Printup, Rainey, Silva, Sinns, Snnith, Spence, Stephens, Suggs, Thomas, Wallace, Warren, Westbrook, B.: Westbroolt, M.: Wills, Woodard. 285 PI BETA PHI Founded at Monmouth College in 1867 Georgia Alpha Chapter — established in 1938 Ai.iCK Louise Ham i, in President Patricia Loomis ritc-Prfsidcnt Katherine Stevens Secretary Elkaxor Hl-SHNKI.I Treasurer ■::: ' -; ' -: " j:y ' CHAPTER ROLL AiM ' ERSox, Ri ' TH. Fresh iiniii Atlanta Bass, Ann, Soplioinore Sanford, Fla. BuKSON, Caroline, Junior Camilla BrsHNEi.L, Eleanhk. Junior Tampa, Fla. Cam | ' |ii:ll, Milukeh, oiioc Beaumont, Texas Chai ' .man, Carolyn, Freshman Athens Clarke, Josephine, Junior Marshallville Cochran, Jean, Fresliman Savannah Crossfielij, Lenora, Senior Griffin Daniels, Elizabeth, Freshinon Clarkesville Fuller, Elaine, Fresliinon Atlanta Hamlin, Alice Louise, Junior .... Springfield, Mo. Hamrick, Blanche, Freshman Macon Harrison, Josephine, Fresliman Atlanta Hoffmaster, Louise, Freshman . Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. Johnson, Jane, Junior Atlanta Kelley, Pauline, Junior Louisville Loomis, Patricia, Junior Avon Park, Fla. Manning, Margaret, Freshman Atlanta McDannell, Maria, Freshman Atlanta Parkinson, Jean, Sol homore Omaha, Neb. Persons, Mildred, Freshman Kissiniinee, Fla. Stevens, Katherine. Junior Miami, Fla. Taylor, Lillian, Junior Tampa, Fla. Weatherly, Adeline, Freshman Royston Reading from top, left to right • Appefson, Burson, Bushnell, Campbell, Chap- man, Clarke, Cochran, Crossfield, Daniels, Hamlin, Harrison, Johnson, Kelley, Loomis, Mannin3, McDannell, Parkinson, Persons, Stevens, Taylor, Weatherly. 287 SIGMA TAU Local Established m 1938 Silvia Ginsbkrc. . RliBA Al.TMAN . Sali.y Blumenthal . President . liee-Presuleiit S r ere t(iry -Treasure r -..•rfiiS- :- ' ■ rr-;.. CHAPTER ROLL Altman, Reba, Sof ' liiiniorc Brunswick Levine, Bernice, Freshman .... Wilmington, N. C Br.uMENTHAL,, .V() ' i(i»;( ' r . . Flushing, L. I., N. Y. Steinheimek, Henrietta, Freshman .... Savannah Cooper, Frances Ann, Sophomore .... Sumter, S. C. Weintraub, Esta, Sophomore Douglas Ginsberg, Sylvia, Junior Dalton Winer, Eleanor, Freshman Macon Wolff, Jeanne, Freshman Savannah Reading „g .o. .op, left to nsht . Mt an, Blu.enthal, Coopc. Cnsbc-S- L-ne. Steinhelmcf, Winer, Wolft. 289 Left to right • Top row: Darden, Baggs, Hightowei, Manner, Bridges, Foster, Mac key, TJndel. Second row: Ward, Whi taker, Mcrgendollar, McKie, Dreizm, Minkovitz, Hodgson, Barfield. Third row: Coffm, Btyant, Hamlin, Loom is. Beck, Millican, Ginsberg, BlumenthaL WOMEN ' S PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Bessie Dreizin President Marv Claude Tindel .... Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS ALPHA CHI OMEGA Martha Darden Fres ' ulent Caroline Baggs Representative ALPHA DELTA PI Martha Hightower President Nell Hanner Representative ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Lois Bridges President Marie Foster Representative ALPHA OMICRON PI Martha MAcKE • President Mary Claude Tindhl Representative CHI OMEGA Hazel Ward President Martha Whitaker Representative DELTA DELTA DELTA Helen Mergendollar President Louise McKie Representative DELTA PHI EPSILON Bessie Dreizin President Emma MinkovITZ Representative KAPPA ALPHA THETA Louise Hodgson President Virginia Barfield Representative KAPPA DELTA Jane Coffin President Ada Bryant Representative PI BETA PHI Alice Louise Hamlin . I ' atricia Loomis . President . Representative PHI MU Kmilv Beck President Eleanor Millican Representative SIGMA TAU Sylvia Ginsberg President Sally Blumenthal Representative 290 liooJz Si x. - - 1 " J 1 INDUSTRY. EVER KEEPING ABREAST OF PROGRESS. YIELDS SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO THE UNIVERSITY. WHOSE TRAINING POINTS TO A FUTURE THAT WILL BRING MORE ABUNDANT LIVING TO GEORGIA. J 1 1 J 1 Left to right • Anne Littlcpagc, Norman Camp, Floyd Newton, Bernard Butts. STAFF Floyd Childs Newton, Jr Ediior-in-Chicf Berxard Butts Business Manager NdRMAx 1 " . Cam I ' Miuui ' lm EdU ir Anne Litti.ei ' ac.e ll ' oiiuin ' s F.ditur Alan Ku .micki Art Editor Ambrose Burch Junior F.ditar Warren Hardin Junior Editor WlLl,L M H. AIcNlEI I iinior Editor Morris Brody lunior Business Manager Horace Crowe Junior Business Manager Tom Stewart Junior Business Manager Robert Heriot Staff Photographer Wright Parker Staff Photographer August Turner Staff Photographer cj a n (:: a, ri o a 296 PANDORA SENIOR STAFF DoROTin " Wool) R1) Nil I O ' Dkii. .M. ri(;i;m; Christian Eleanor Flannigan Vivian Foster JUNIOR STAFF Syl ta Ginsberg Cedeua House Helen Pardue James Spann Fri-i) Wickham C iARi.OTTE Adams l.icv Baxter Sara Frances Benson Louise Chandler Catherine Davis Henrietta Agix)S Harry Baker MiCK ' Beckman Jane Bridges Phil Brinen SOPHOMORE STAFF Marie Doss Jimmy Hartford Harriette Fthridge Sidney Haskins Albert Gary Joe Jacobus Joe Ginsberg Margaret McEver FRESHMAN STAFF Robert Carithers Dot Daniel Benson Earle Frederick Griffith Elizabeth Groves Ul. GUNN Marvin Hill Noma Kane Rubin Kruger Ridley Monk Tom Rogers Edith Anne ' Feasley LaGrange Trussell Don Wilder Joan Orr Jack Sellars Jay Smith Louis Steyerman Valerie Varnon FACULTY ADVISOR Professor Harold AL Heckman Left to right • Top row: Adams, A900S, Baker, Baxter, Benson, Beckman, Bridses, Brody, Butts, Burch, Camp, Chandler, Carithers, Christian, Crowe. Second row; Daniel, Davis, Doss, Eade, Ethridse, Foster, Flannisan, Gary, Ginsberg, S.; Ginsberg, J.; Griffith, Groves, Gunn, Hartford, Haskins. Third row: Heriot, Hardin, Hill, House, Jacobus, Kane, Kruger, Kuzmicki, Littlepage, Monk, McEver, McNiel, Newton, O ' Dcll, Orr. Fourth row: Parker, Pardue, Rogers, Sellars, Smith, Stewart, Steyerman, Spann, Teasley, Trussell, Turner, Varnon, Wickham, Wilder, Woodard. o. " w a mk iiM h 297 RED Stdndmg • Claude Davidson. Seated, left to right: Jack Rcid, John Rice, Bob McCucn. OFFICERS FIRST TERM Ci.AiDi: DwiDscix Editor Hob MfClHX M,inn,i:iii r Editor JdllN KICK HiiMiii ' SS Itinager J. a.o u Blrri I.I Ig. llill Editor Jack Dorsi: , Associntc Editor Eugene PiiiM.irs Issorintr Editor Jack Maxweli Issociatc Editor Jack Reid Sf ' orts Editor Betty I ' ow l R Wonian ' s Editor P ' ranchs Mi;rci:r Society Editor Harriotti; Thomi ' son issistmit Society Editor Francis Maddux Fentiire Editor Bi ' STER Howell Feature Editor Milton Lesser Circulation Manager SECOND TERM Rob McCuen Editor John Rice Business Manager Jack Ri;id Managing Editor Francis Maddv.x issoeiate Editor Bill Rogers issoeiate Editor O ' DoNAi.D Mays issoeiate Editor J. Lloyd Birreli ,r. , Editor Jack Dorsey Si orts Editor Coy Johnson Jl ' oman ' s Editor Weetie Tift Society Editor Virginia Eason Assistant Society Editor T. L. Wood Feature Editor Vincent Jones Circulation Manager 298 A m I BLACK copy DESK Bill Rogers Stanfohii Smith ' 1 ' . L. Wcmu I ' .ir.i, White Fred Wickham Larky Smith REPORTERS D. L. McRae Rruce Wilder Bill IIarrell Julian Halliiuirton E. B. Xewsom William Forehand T. O. Calix) vav Douglass Richard Joe Lansdell IIokton (Jreen Lee Banks John McMullen SPORTS Pledger Carmuhael Owen Brice 1 III, II I ' .EkXARU BoiiDY Brown Earl Brimby Wiggins O ' DoNALD Mays Thomas B. Park AfAY Gray Sigo Mohr Jimmy O ' Neal STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS Bill McNiel KoHERT IIeRIOT John Fleetwood BUSINESS CURTISS HamES Bill Gunter Stark Ginn Milton T-esser Joe jAfonus A. L. Weill Harry Baker Jennings Heah I!. C. Gardner Raymond Lesser Jack Meadows WOMAN ' S STAFF I ' .I.EAMlk FlLLICAN DoT Dan1£LS Charlotte Adams Alice Kierce Coy Johnson Virginia Eason Wylene Richton Lois Leonard Julia Gkiswcji.u Smsa.v Dillingham Sarah Bahnsen Jeanettl Weinstlin Cedelia House Boots Griffiths Peggy Popi-er Laura Mae Burden Ann Byrd Firor Ki.AiRE Jones Grace Arrington Helen Bateman Betty McDavid Pat Ward Marie Richardson RuTiiANNE Auram LuTRELL Tift May Gray Margaret Baker Jean Parkinson Margaret Sims 1 Left to right • Top row: BaVcf, Banks, Bernard, Bficc, Brown, Burrell, CarmichacI, Calloway, Davidson, Fleetwood, Forehand, Gardner, Gray. Second row: Gunter, Halliburton, Hamcs, Harrcll, Head, Heriot, Howell, Johnson, Lans- dell, Lesser, M.; Lesser, R.; Maddux, Maxwell. Third row: Mays, Meadow, Mercer, McCuen, McNici, McMullen, McRac, Newsom, Park, Patillo, Phillips, Power, Reid. Fourth row; Rice, Richard, Roscrs, Smith, Larry; Smith, Stanford: Thompson, Tift, Weill, White, W.ctham, Wood, Wiggins, Wilder, e o. n f 9 r r o .Q n e tg r 299 THE GEORGIA AGRICULTURIST P ' . t Tot i (T 7 SlAW nFSra aMii S« cvaMi T«mi$ .-• " t 1 -t »c • •, ' V ? " ' , 5mv 4 ' c s. . A iJKIIi 4S.«.Stt X u i8£ S «»£ XdjCWMS; MjAV £u4UkSSnt AUJEX Assccv wtswsss » «i 5as WT- C XV ftssaisa; Asftsx Ife ' ssv.x 1 v tss: 5s«sx Etas Ksejj.v H. Guta n W ssass; - A .» • Vii s-x - . .. ■ F - :- Nv ■ ■T. «ic-„ — v-. Vv— S-- - -. ., - -- !l: ' ;..-« h iW INI GLOKJA ARCH 1938 StudrnI Monthly PubliiAlion. Founded in l iV SIAff Ki!(; ' . I ' miii.ii ' s ' ' ' " |i IIN ' I ' VK , lillliljijllt ' , l. ' llliil l.i ' .wis ' |i iiMi ' ItHtiiieti Munuger MaKMI ' . Si.II Mlhlil ' .l K l ' iilllilll ' i I ' .ilitur ( 11 Mil. II ' . ' . ' " (I.I.I S ASSOCIATE EDITORS I ' l S7I-.K It ' lWU.I. f ; ' ' (s (jvii ' ynii EDITORIAL I ' uluin: i ' .;iri liniiiil y WikkiH ' , I ' - ' IH ' t; ( ;y Jolins ' ii, Mary ,S;j( ' i) ' ), I ' eutures: ' Jimiu: ' iU ' ti ' ii, Jvlii ' r; fJil) iiur ' ij, Mii ' inA Mftrifnii ' bif, I ' llcaiior I ' iiimIiik ' II. Iluiiinr: l al|i)i 11. Ii ' ll, UAilur ; Alva O i per, JafMc JIatkt-, Sylvia Knutor, SporU: Oi)( nM Mays, ' lltr iiia li. I ' arU. I ' lieiry: H i i lliiiii.-r, Ivlwiiia (.rawf jr l, Ar ' l -ll : Wal ' I ' iii, Jrr; f.liarli : I ' arr, K rDmrlli lirowti, Oajdjiu; I ' arks. PHOioenAPHy l jiiK«r lli ' .io ' i I ' ki.i.k Wii-Kkk, ■.ilih r Othkvn Uvkks RADIO - MOVIES H .vw.fs Kui: iKit Au ' HA F ' ;w(,»j« WOMEN $ STAFF WVI.K.NK Kl ' -HIO.N iJf KA C mDHtOI lilTlY M ' UaV(I I.AIJKA IJl,i ) »■., ' AnO.Kftfc Ml.KW W Jf.AIf KOSg Adverthinfi: Ka .i-ii H. Sti.n ' WW, Manager ,MAK ' ;c«y ,Si ' an ;i,i:k BUSINESS SlDNKV JIa KJN» ll A y.MSfJiiil ' iy.U) (jy tH iK (ilU )SI i-.AKI. ()IHIM Immhi ril (,iv, A, l„ Wkiu,, Manager LolB fjJNNABK S Mo UK CIRCULATION OFFICE STAFF VKKA HvV.l-.N- Mi).»o« iA.n kli F«w Wicmi AM Sdiwjsy Ki;(-isK«6M Left to right • Top rew; Afc«f ' :rombi«, Bell, Bowen, Browi, Bg ' len, Bu ' Son, Busdnell, By« " Crawford, Erbersfield. Second row: f«rr, F«fju« n, Fowler, SiHon, Griffith, HecV , HMkJos, H Hunter, Johnson, Third row; K«ntor, Kruger, Kulbersh, Lennerd, M«ys, Mohr, Odonn, F«rk5, p- j, «, s- ' f, Rigbton, Fourth row: f oM, Thorpe, Turner, Sp«ng)er, Sohmlwegr, Stinton, Weill, M icWiem, Wiggiris, NCader, ,( rm A A ' ' c ' ' ' " ' ' 301 % .C i ' -ft (v§ . ' ii f iiiiiii « ii Left to fight • Top row: Adams, Asbu(y, BcinjiJ, Bowcn, Bradley, Brannen, Burden, Byers, Cobb, Collins. Second row: Crossfield, Deadwyler, Evans, Fisher, Goen, Gottlieb, Heriot, House, Johnson, Lennard. Third row: Lannicr, Liddel, Mann, McRae McWhorter, Park, Patrick, Phillips, Pye, Schmisscur. Fourth row: Smith, Thomas, Thompson, Turner, Wa Id hour, Wickham, Worsham. FOTOG CLUB Founded in I 936 OFFICERS Robert Heriot Presiileni Laura Mae Burdi;x Vice-President John Reese Secretary Hammond Bradley Treasurer MEMBERS IvYLYN Adams Jerome Gottlieb Harriotte Thompson Dolly Asblry Robert Heriot Lewis Turner Hugh Bernard Cedelia House Ardelle Waldhour Vera Bowen James A. Johnson Fred Wickham Hammond Bradley Lois Lennard H. L. Worsham Kathleen Brannen Marion Lannier Roselyn Bradshaw Laura Burden Jack Liddel Eleanor Bank Cathryn B ' iERS Jeane IVLann Herbert Braselton S. J. Cobb Duncan McRae Helen Bateman Charlie Collins Everett McWhortir J. L. Burrell Lenora Cr(jssfield Thomas Park Charles Farr ALary Ethel Deadwaler Vivian Patrick W. F ' orehand Audrey Evans Eugene Phillits Jack Fulp Charlie Fields John Pye Larry Smith Jack Fields Margie Schmisseur Lorraine McArthur Albert Fisher, Jr. Sara Jo Smith J. A. Wilson Kathleen Goen Bobbie Stephens Stephens Yates Constance Thomas 302 p f " - - -c u J Left to right • Top row: Butts, Cleveland, Corry, Hacke, Halliburton, Hollis, Jacobus, Lumpkin. Second row: Mathews, Morgan, Sohn, Sparks, Stewart, Vandiver. Third row: White, Wilder, Woodruff. PHI KAPPA LITERARY SOCIETY Founded in 1820 OFFICERS Fall Gus Cleveland Bernard Butts Howell Hollis Krnest Vandiver Buster Mathews Louis Sohn Julian Halliburton Tom Stewart Frank CoRR-i- THE YEAR Since its founding in 1820, Phi Kappa has risen to a place of honor and distinction in circles whose ideals are based on the desire for free and intelligent speech, outspoken opinion, and loyalty to the tenets on which our Nation, State, and University are established. In past times, the literary society was perhaps the onl. ' means b which stu- dents of this institution could examine the problems of social, political, and econcjmic life confrontina; them. Thus oratory in the finest sense, idealism, and down-to-earth reality have echoed from Phi Kappa walls for a century and a quarter. Pi ' fsiileiif . I ' irst Jssislant . St ' irjii l .1 sshlaiit Sfiri ' ttiry . Treasurer Chief Justice . Associate Justice Associate Justice Sergeant-at-.l nils J n liter Bernard Butts Howell Hollis Ernest Vandiver Joseph Jacoeus, H Buster Mathews Al Morgan Bill White Gus Sparks James Hacke Spring Louis Sohn Ernest Vandiver Bill AVhite Joseph Jacobus, H Buster Mathews Joe Woodruff Don Wilder Gus Sparks Ed Lumpkin 304 Toihiy I ' lii K:ipP ' i l.itfi ' ;ir S(Kict (ipcns its ilums tcj all wlin M ' t ' k inti-!li :cnr, sincere discussion; entertaining enlif litennient ; and serious debate mi the prolilenis, (jreat or small, cont ' rontin;; student and faculr alike. Tradition and nuinories blend with ijracious hospitality to offer the neuconier trainiuj tor lite aheatl, in s|ieakinji, think- ing, and li ifijj;. From behind the t raeetul columns ot (dd I ' hi Kappa Mall we sal ite (jur prede- cessors ami those v w are to come, luin m our desotiun to the s(iciet , the I ni ersit ' , the State, our Nation, and the world at lar ie. Louis S. Soiix, Jr., Prcsiz cnt. PHI KAPPA HONORS ANNIVERSARIAN A . MORCAX DEBATE COUNCIL Al KEY COUNCIL Al ! Iorgan Gus Clevelaxd HowELi, Erwix Louis Sohn, Jr. Howell Hollis Buster Mathews Cam Dorsey B ' iRox Lathews, Jr. Left to right • Cleveland, Dorsey, Erwin, Hollis, Mathews, Morgan, Sohn. f 305 H Saul Beckman Irving Blumenthal John Bradiuirv Phil Brinen Morris Broiiv Matt Brown Bobby Brown Gene Broxton Buddy Brunim Bernard Butts Lamar Cali.owav Frank Corry Herbert Clark Gus Cleveland ROLL Alex Cliett Earle Cocke Larry Donovan Sidney Englehart Trving Fiefenhaum Bill Flanagan Lester Freedman Walter Fulmer Albert Gary Bob Gold Uly Gunn James Hacke Julian Halliburton Sidney Haskins Pope Holliday Howell Hollis Buster Howell Harry Horsey Haroi.ii Lseman Jdsei ' h Jacobus, II Neville James Nathan Jay Charles Joel James Johnson Maurice Kahn Sonny Kaplan David Kaplin Reuben Kruger •¥■ Left to right • Top row: Beckman, Blumenthal, Bradbury, Brinen, Brody, Bfown, M,; Brown, B.; Broxton, Butts. Second row: Calloway, Corry, Clark, Cleveland, Cliett, Cocke, Donovan, Enslehart, Flanagan. Third row: Fulmer, Gary, Gold, Gunn, Hacke, Halliburton, Haskins, Holliday, Hollis. Fourth row: Howell, Horsey, Jacobus, James, Jay, Joel, Johnson. Fifth row: Kaplan, Kaplin, Kruger, Lesser, M.; Lesser, R. a, a a cp a r O ff 306 A P P A ROLL MiLTuN- Lesser Lee Newton Marvin Stephens Raymoxu Lesser John Nunnai.i.v Tom Stewart LaiMAr Lewis Jimmy Polhill Louis Steyerman Edward Lipkord Oscar Prisant Joe Struletz Robert Loyd Harold Raimbou Aubrey St. John Edward Lumpkin Bill Riemer Frank Tipton Jim Maddox Bobby Rothberg Ernest Vandiver George Magruder Alvin Reuben Hamilton Wendeny Bill Malone Lee Secrest Stokes Walker David Martin Gus Sparks Warren Weston Buster Mathews NiEL Spearman Don Wilder Jack Meadows Louis Sohn Osgood Willis SiGO MOHR Billy Smith Bill White Al Morgan George Smith Joe Woodruff Owen McKensie William Standifer Left lo right • Top row: Lewis, Lipford, Loyd, Lumpkin, Maddox, Magruder, Malone, Martin, Mathews. Second row: Meadows, Mohr, Morgan, McKensie, Newton, Nunnally, Polhill, Pnsant, Raimbou. Third row: Riemer, Rothberg, Secrest, Sparks, Spearman, Sohn, Smith, B.; Smith, G.; Standifer. Fourth row: Stephens, Stewart, Steyerman, StruleJtz, Tipton, Vandiver, Walker. Fifth row: Weston, Wilder, Willis, White, Woodruff. « • " - Q a ' --If i a o. o. f f ,a, f , Q ' - a A o , -Q ' 307 VARSITY ' de H. (Ire en . HowEi.i. I Robert C. Norm w . Debate Coacli Debate Managers INTERNATIONAL DEBATE Dublin [ ' nivei ' sity and l iii ' i ' rsily uj Lundon A [orris H. Ahram Harr ' S. Baxter ANNUAL NORTHERN TRIP tnthrap Cullei c, i ' nivrrsity nf I nt niiii. da linlii {■ nifi-rsity . Rutgers University Hob McCuen Carlisle Taylor (I inthrn i College, II ashingtun ami Lee I ' niversity . Johns Hopkins L ' nifersity, V niversity of Pennsylvania, anil Frinnton I niversity Howell Mollis Bob Norman SOUTH CAROLINA TRIP I ' liriiian University an I Erskine College Morris Brod ' i Sidney Haskins Georgia Slate College for Jl omen Bob Norman Bill Gunter Phyllis Jenkins Martha Whitaker University of Alabama Bob McCuen Bill White Tournament , U intlirop College Anne Byrd Firor LaGrange Trussell Berry College Howell Hollis Carlisle Taylor Rhode Island State University John Harris Bill White Left to right • Abram, M.; Abram, R. A.: Baxter, H.; Baxter, L.; Bennett, Brody, Brown, Dorsey, Finley, FIror, Gunter, Hacke. 308 DEB A T E S • ' • ■ : H rd K,k„« John H arr.s R ' TH A.vv Abr , Scott Krowx Scott Brown ll ' ishi„nl,n, a,„l L,,,, u J iiirrrsity ■ " " " ■ - it-()xj„,d ■ llaU H„w ' :u. ' JoRRis Hrodv Tap Bennett ' ' -MoRG.AN " " " I UI,l .l „,.j, ' ' ' w w I ' olyti-rh,,! ■ I ' f ' KIIIII, llistlhlli- St. Mary; lJ„i,. ,. . ■ ' ' ' " ' ■ 1 1 " f kins V,nversUy P ' - " ' rrton [ ■„!,■, rsity ' ' ■ ' ■y College l " hrrsl y of Flonda Catholic V„i,.,.,. j Victor L,;vv ' ' " ' " s J,.:.VK,.vs ;k Trussell R iCE F)xi.,,v Bill Guxter SiDXKV H.ASKINS Cam Dorsev J OB Normal, Ja.mes H.acke Bill Gunter Carlisle T.avlor L ft to right • « " ' s, Hask, -; H „. Jenkins, ssell X h;t, ' i:,7 ' ' ;, ; " en. M„ 33 " , Neman, R bin 309 n ' r n. t% n Q : a Q Q C Q d„ hitxMdtk h Ai ' ' ■.dm Left to right • Top row: Ballcw, Bridges, Brown, Cain, Collins, Daniel, Dyer, Hames. Second row: Henderson, Kent, Norman, Swartz, Sweat, Taylor, Tidwell. Third row: Tuck, Walker, NX ickham, Wood. DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY President . 1 ice-Presuliiil Sccrettiry . I ' rri7surer .iilliitus . Soluitur-Geiici ' dl Parlininetitarian . Ser eaiit-at-J nils Citstmliiin llislori in . Founded in 1801 First Term Carlisle Taylor James Swartz James Bridges John Daniel Dewitt Bali.ew Curtis Hames Billy Collins QuiLLiAN Tuck David Walker Andrew Cain THE YEAR Secoiiil Term Don Henderson Fred Sweat Fred Wick ham Dewitt Ballew George Tidwell T. L. Wood Bob Norman Carlisle Taylor David Walker Andrew Cain Thin Term Milton Brown David Dyer Dewitt Ballew John Daniel Bob Norman Fred Wickham Jack Kent Don Henderson David Walker Andrew Cain The high point of the ear for America ' s oldest collegiate literar ' society was climaxed by the acceptance in person of Demosthenian Scroll of Honorary- Membership by Uniteil States Senator AValter F. George. A delegation of four Demosthenians made the long trip to Washington to hold the impressive, although informal, induction of Georgia s senior senator. For the 138th year, the society remained Io al to the ideals of Demosthenes. Progress in the forensic arts was ileti- nitely made, with far more speakers taking part in the discussion. Although the golden day of oratory has passed in the society as well as in public speaking in general, true self-expression in words of conciseness and clarity gives living proof that the members of Demosthenian still hold high the motto of the society: " The true use of eloquence is to place truth in its proper light, and to persuade others what is trul - useful to them. " This year has been so remarkably free from the heated politics of former years that it may be said that a new prece- dent has been set. No longer need worthy men feel that their endeavors will be unrecognized, for the leadership offered the society in this scholastic year has been eagerly and appreciatively accepted. The logroller and back shipper has been replaced by the leaders in speaking of the society. Out of its historic past, the Demosthenian Literary Society finds its inspiration to continue to foster in our native Georgia the cultivation of the art of public speech. Our latent ability must and shall be revived to the standard of excel- lence that once made the tongue of Georgia ' s leaders feared and respected throughout all our land. Demosthenian, as ever, stands ready to aid in every way the fulfillment of this desire. 310 DEMOSTHENIAN HONORS Cliiti Justice Associate Justice Associiite Justice ANNIVERSARIAN D.WIU S. S. W ' AI.KhR JUDICIAL COUNCIL First Term Secon l Tcrtii Ihiril Tenii Don Henderson Andrew Cain Andrew Cain Hugh Sosebee Ronald Adams Ronald Adams Bill Gunter Bill Gunter I ill Glnter fr :Mf K AA U«»=GA 1801 CONSTITUTA ■ Bill Glnter George Haslam I ack Kknt KEY CIRCLE Robert McCuen Bob Norman- Marion Page Carlisle Taylor A. L. W Eii.L Left to tight • Adams, Cain, Gunter, Haslam, Henderson, Kent, McCucn, Norman, Page, Taylor, Walker, WellL f f f ( kVMi. 311 D M O S ROLL RoNALii Aba MS Curtis B, Avery DfAV ' itt Ballew Charles Barti.ett Xeil Bolaxi) Much Bernard Chandler Blanton Joe Brantley H. L. Boland James A. Bridges Slater Brewton E. O. Brown Melville I rown Milton Brown KucKER Brown Leon Bruce J. Lloyd Burrell J. W. Chambers W. T. Chambers Andrew Cain Bert C. Capper Jack Calhoun V. J. Campbell Leonard Camp Hugh Carlan W ' OODKIN CavENDER Henrv Carswell Bob Cassels Verner Chaffin Mason Cloud M. W. H. Collins Maylon Clinkscales H. H. Cox William Cloud James Coolev Gaston Cook Alva H. Cooper Lowell Cummings James Curtis E. W. Daniel John Daniel O. F. Daughtry Robert David Ben Duke Pope Duncan Benson Earle Charles Farr Henry Ferguson Emmett Ferguson J. H. Field Albert Fisher Bill Forehand James Fries Chuck Frasch B. C. Gardner Frank Garner R. A. Grizzell Bill Gunter Curtis Hames Harold Harrison George Haslam S. B. Hatcher Gunter Hagood C(JLiiERT Hawkins Lawrence Harrington William Henderson Morris Hersberg Eddie Hester Ernest Hicks Wright Hicks Charlie Hill Jack Hume W. H. Holsenbeck H. D. Howard J. R. Howard FiNDLEY Irwin Horace Joiner Dearing Johnson JiMMIE Keniirick Jack Kent Morris King Quentin Kicklighter Charles Kirbo Jack Knight Left to right • Top row: Adams, Avery, Ballew, Bartlctt, Boland, N.; Bernard, Blanton, Brantley, Boland, H. L.; Bridges, Brewton, Brown, E. O.; Brown, Melville. Second row: Brown, Milton; Brown, R.; Bruce, Burrell, Chambers, J. W.; ' Chambers, W, T.; Cain, Capper, Calhoun, Campbell, Camp, Carlan, Cavender. Third row; Cassels, ( hatfn ' Cloud. M.; Collins, ' Clinkscales, Cox, Cloud, W.; Cooley, Cook, Cooper, Cummings, Curtis, Daniel, E. W. Fourth row: Daniel, J.; Daughtry, David, Duke, Duncan, Earle, Farr, Ferguson, H.; Ferguson, E.; Field, Fisher, Forehand, Fries. Fifth row: Frasch, Gardner, Garner, Grizzell, Gunter, Hames, Harrison, Haslam, Hatcher, Hagood, Hawkins, Harrington, Henderson. Sixth row: Hersberg, Hester, Hicks, E.; Hicks, W.; Hill, Hume, Holsenbeck, Howard, J. R.; Irwin, Joiner, Johnson, Kendrick, £ . f K fm f9t JB O Q t%. C , c O. O - i I? ' . ' ' «;itf if . a ox- 0 e cs. f% Q. i f% p ,f! a n- c% a 1% fs n a :i .g f .o n _. .r p, o cj a c Ci c ft c% I 312 N 1 A N ROLL Daviii 1.i:Iviiy Clarenh-; Lew " lCTOR L,K Y jMiles Lewis Arthur Lott L. Linhsey Sam Mandeville John M. ] L rshall John L■ ssEY Jule Matheson Jack Maxwell Stanton Meeks Dan Miller Charles Mewwirn Harry Moblev Ruel Morris Robert McCuen Billy ' McElrath Duncan McRae Richard A. Munn Neblett Jacob New Reed Newsome Robert Norman Bill Norris W. E. Odum George Oliver W. Marion Page Harold Parraday Mort Peeples Robert Peeples H. W. Perkerson Eugene Phillips Edwin Pope Eakl Reeves Roy Richards Hugh Rimes Jack Robinson Murphy Rogers Tom Rogers (iEn[ (iK Koss Dan KiivAi. Robert Koyai. Burwell Russell J. C. RowE Sheldon Scovili.e Jack Sellers Ned Shirley Jay Smith R. E. Smith R. S. Smith Stanford Smith Adin Steenland Ralf Stenson Wilson Still Nicholas Stillwell J. S. Swarts Fred Sweat Carlisle Taylor Charles Teal George Tiuwell Harold ' Iiller Ralph Thornton Manning Tkipp QuiLLiAN Tuck Elmon Vickers John Vickers Frank Wauswoktii James Waldrop David S. S. Walker Donald Watson A. L. Weill Ralph Westbrook Fred L. Wickham Earl B. Wiggins T. L. Wood Andy Wilson Waldo Youmans Left to right • Top row: Kent, King, KIckiightcr, Kirbo, Knight, LeRoy, Levy, C; Levy, V.; Lewis, Lott, Lindsey, Mandeville, Marshall. Second row: Massey, Maxwell, Mecks, Miller, Mewborn, Mobley, Morris, McCuen, McElrath, McRae, Munn, New, Newsome. Third row: Norman, Norris, Oliver, Page, Parraday, Peeples, M.; Perkerson, Phillips, Pope, Reeves, Richards, Rimes, Robinson, Fourth row: Rogers, M.; Rogers, T.; Ross, Royal, D.; Royal, R.; Russell, Rowe, Scoville, Sellers, Smith, J.; Smith, R. E.; Smith, R. S.; Smith, S. Fifth row: Stccnland Still, Stillwell, Swarts, Sweat, Taylor, Teal, TIdwell, Tiller, Thorn ' ton, Tripp, Tuck, Vickers, E. Sixth row: Vickers, J.; Wadsworth, Waldrop, Walker, Watson, Weill, Westbrook, Wickham, Wiggins, Wood, Wilson, Youmans. ' MiiMd ttM MM ' i iilJttJtf n c ' 1 ei, a a q ei), o a f a o q n f Ci cm f q l. n q t p. O ,q . - ri c p p Q q a Q .g irj " O a r) r ,Q .o i , ,1% ac ' a a: q e .Q c% , ■jmt Mk 313 ' m -:iKX I M Left to right • Chapman, Clinkscales, Daniel, Gardner, Lumpkin, Meadows, Orr, Stcenland, Walker. FRESHMAN DEBATES MEN ' S FRESHMAN DEBATE TEAM May i.ox Clixkscai,i£S J. C. Meadows B. C. Gardner Adin Steenland K. K. Ll.mpkix, III William Walker WOMEN ' S FRESHMAN DEBATE TEAM Caroline Chapman Dot Daniel Joan Orr 314 PIONEER NNER CIRCLE OFFICERS Sarah Payne Prcsulent Anne Hvru Sec retary Martha Whitaker Treasurer Kathrvn Gaines j),i,„„ Chairman MEMBERS Rlthanne Abram Virginia Barfield Lucy Baxter Emily Beck Gladys Brown- Alice Cabaniss Ann Creekmore ' irginia Eason Grace Fin ley Anne Byrd Firor Kathryn Gaines Anne Gibson Phyllis Jenkins Ann Johnson Sarah Payne Minnie Schrieber Mary Taylor LuTRELLE Tift Anne Thrasher LaGrange Trussell Martha Whitaker Left to right • Top row; Abram, Barfield, Baxter, Beck, Cabaniss, Creekmore, Eason, Finley. Second row; Firor, Gaines, Jenkins, Johnson, Payne, Taylor. Third row: Tift, Thrasher, Trussell, Whitaker. 315 BURSON F.DWARi) C. Crousk William Hlrson A. L. W ' lill, Jr. . Dorothy Mirr. Milton I.ksslr Cii ARi.LS . Norman Camp . Ci.AiDK Davidson . William McNihi. . Jack Dorsky WiLI.LXM RoGURS Earl Wicgins . Hi ri DiiCKHR . UNIVERSITY THEATER » Founded in 1931 EXECUTIVE STAFF I ' nWIX HiRKLNIl All.i Hlrrill Hlnim A link Cocke Margarlt Darst HuNTliR GlBRES MicKKV Beckmann Joi; Jacobus R M() 1) [.ICSSl ' R PRODUCTION STAFF Joe GiNSBHRi; Jennings Head Jack Kennedy Peggy Matthews BUSIKESS STAFF Arthur Lo ' it SiGO MoHR bobr ' rothbkrc Lee Secrest Director . Stage Manager . Business Manager . Assistant to the Director . Advertising Rlanagcr . Associate Stage Manager Assistant Business Manager Assisttinl Business Manager Assistant Business iMaiiager Promotion Promotion Promotion . Mistress of Properties ROBERI ' M A.XWi LI. Poi.L - Ramsey ISABELI.E ReID Margaret Stoddard MAR ' i ' Hart Whitehurst Louis Ste ' ' erman Fred Wickham fAcK .ATexdows Since 19} the University Tlieatcr li;is been tiie official prnducinj; unit of the University. All branches of its acti i- tics are open to all students. Election to ' Ehalian-Blackfriars is awartled outstanding student winkers in the theater. 316 THALIAN-BLACKFRIARS Honorary Dramatics Club Founded in 193 I OFFICERS -Mary Nhi.l McKoin PrtsiiUnt Norman T. Camt first l ice-President Margaret Glendv Darst Second Vice-President Charles Joel, Jr Secretary Soi.OMOX SrxcER Treasurer MEMBERS WiLLLAM T. BeXXETT, Jr. Caroline K. Brosseau WiLLLAM Mills Bl:rsox Norm AX T. Camp Margaret Glexdy Darst Claud Davidsox, Jr. Elizabeth Rossman Decker SusAX Grey Dillingham Charles Ellis Ella Hunter Gibbes Ph llis 1 ' arker Jexkixs Joseph Harold Ginsberg Charles Joel, Jr. Sylvia Tob ' (Ginsberg R. Jennixgs Head Ereddie M. L. Hill Hugh E. Hill Ernest M. Howell. Jr. Joseph Jacobus MiLTOx Edgar Lesser Arthur Bernard Lott, Jr Robert J. Ma.xwell, Jr. Robert AIcCuex -Mary Nell McKoix William H. McNiel Helen L. Mergendollar SiGO MOHR FImery Parmexter William Shelley Rogers Robert Louis Roth berg Solomon Singer Louis Seymour Sohn, Jr. Curtis Lewis Turner, Jr. Asher Louis Weill GRADUATES MOXTEZ Debxam ISABHM.E ReID Edward Cass Crouse William Tapley Bennett William .Mills Burson Mo.XTEZ Debnam MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY l) R Edwin Lasse ' i ' , Jr. KEY HOLDERS Ereddie Hill Dorothy " Murraa- D " ' AR LASSE ■ ALary Nell McKoin Dorothy Murra " ' Solomon Singer Louis S. Sohx Asher Louis Weill Left to right • Top row: Bennett, Brosseau, Burson, Camp, Darst, Davidson, Decker, Dillingham, Ellis, Gibbes. Second row: Ginsberg, J. H.; Ginsberg, S. T.; Head, Hill, H.; Howell, Jacobus, Jenkins, Joel, Lesser, Lott. Third row; Maxwell, McCuen, McKoin, McNiel, Mergendollar, Mohr, Parmenter, Rogers. Fourth row: Rothberg, Singer, Sohn, Turner, Weill. I ' F?f Q: P) 317 LOt -Oj • r« M vi -l-l. f WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Jane Clary President Lillian Walker J ' ice-President Eloise Beckwith Secretary Agnes Silva Treasurer Elizabeth Lamkin Librarian Margaret Flexor Publicity Chairman Hugh Hodgson Director Michael McDowell Assistant FIRST SOPRANOS Lillian Agree Louise Hains . Elizabeth Lamkin Eloise Beckwith Mary Hodgson Mary Louise Lockwood Betty Bowen Josephine Huddleston Donna Lynn Margaret Byers Phyllis Jenkins Lillian Walker Georgia Field Katherine Jones Jeanne T. Wolff SECOND SOPRANOS ALary Ann Adair Madeline Douglas Mary McClure Fay Beatty Margaret Flexor Martha Parr Jane Clary Frances Freeman Jean Pittman Jean Cochran Nina Fuller Wilma Poole Helen Colley Elizabeth Gilreath Marion Rainey Gwendolyn Collins Mary Eleanor Grantham Florrie Rossee Margaret Mason Mildred Campbell Anne Croswell Carrie Myrtice Estes Mildred Harding Nell Irby ALTOS Anne Littlepage Ruth Porter ALartha Rauzin Georgiana Rainey Frances Richardson Sarah Sancken Agnes Silva Frances Johnson Bernice Martin 318 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB HlCll HoDflSON Founded In 1909. . Cdiiiiil I ' iiinisl mill Dircrt ' ir uj lUiili MEMBERS Da i: W rr(i George Bovd James Bridges Lyman Coker Wansley Cox A. C. GiLLELAND LoL ' is Griffith Robert Harrison Harrison Hodgson Heidler Earl Jenkins Elston Johnson I ' liii I II ' Jones Jack Meadows Charles R. Miirris. Jr. Bob Norman J. W. O ' Neal DeWitt Purcell Fred Rigdox Ed Selph RouNTREE Sessions Spiros Siafacas George Smith Julian Stephenson Front row, left to right • McDowell, M., assistant to Mr. Hodgson; Gilleland, Stephenson, Whitehead, Harrison, Siafacas, Sessions, Barrow, president; Griffith, business manager. Second row, left to right: Bridges, Sule, Williams, Cox, Heidler, Smith. Third row, left to right: Selph, Purcell, Jones, O ' Neal, Rigdon, Wilson, Coker, Griffith. Fourth row, left to right: Johnson, Morris, Boyd, Meadows, Jenkins. 319 o 3 v_ " Left to right • Top row; Benjamin, Byrum, Erwin, Farr, Gamage, Gilman, Gfenn, Gray- Second row: Hilsnnan, Krumbein, Kuzmickl, MacMahon, Michael. Third row: Oelsching, Wat kins, Wheeler, Wilkms. KAPPA National Art Fraternity Pi Chapter — established in 1937 OFFICERS Raymond MacMahox President GiSELl.A Krlmbein ■ Vice-President Jl LiA Anne Gilman Secretary Alan Klzmicki Treasurer MEMBERS MaRCARIT HliNJA.MlN M ARC ARI I ' HnRUM SuL Erwin Chari.iiS Farr Theresa CjAmace Rl ' bin Gambrell Julia Anne Gilman Mar - Paul Glenn May Gray Mary Anne Hilsman GiSEi.LA Krumbein Alan Kl ' zmicki Raymond McMahon Cecil Michael Augusta Oelsching Eunice Watkins Jean Wheeler Sam Wilkins 320 SIGMA ALPHA Music Fraternity Petitioning Sigma Alpha lota OFFICERS Jane Clary President Sara Rossee Vice-President Louise McKie Corresponding Secretary Miriam Dreizin Recording Secretary Mildred Harding Treasurer Carrie Mvrtice Estes Ilis oriaii Hugh Hodgson Faculty Advisor 21 T Tin ' MEMBERS Edith Brawn er Margaret Byers Mildred Campbell Jane Clary Mar ' i ' Douglass Miriam I)ri;izin Hilda Edwards Carrie IVIyrtice Estes Mildred Harding Louise McKie Elise O ' Neal Frances Richardson Sara Rossee Left to light • Brawncr, Byers, Campbell, Clary, Douglas, Dreizin, Edwards, Estes, Hard- ing, O ' Neal, Richardson, Rossee. 321 At piano • Ray. Standing, left to right: Hargiaves, Scott, Stewart, Fram, Kendncks, Morgan, Davis, Sullivan. BULLDOG-COLLEGIANS ORCHESTRA Benjamin Fram Larry Kendricks Director Jerry Sullivan SAXOPHONES Billy Scott TRUMPETS TROMBONE Alfred Morgan PIANO Louvain Ray DRUMS Bobby Dottery BASS George Stewart Faculty Atlvisor Hugh Hodgson Birch Hargraves John Davis 322 DPOfl JDT f SPHINX Founded in 1897. Membership in the Sphinx the highest n A. II. I ' AirERsoN W. D. Uuoi ' KK L. Cot H RAN Cj. Green C. R. Andrews E. E. POMEROY A. Pkatt Adams Will S. Blun C. V. ])AVIS M. 1). DunosE R. p. Jones A. J. McBride R. J. Travis ' ' ■ V. RuCKER M. M. ' Churman John Banks R- L. Denmark J. E. H.ALL R. M. Charlton Harry Hull H. C. Johnson J. B. Ridley W. R. Ritchie J. L. Erwin Phinizy Calhoun F. K. McCutchen Longstreet Hull H. J. Lamar W. M. Hardy N; P. Park W. J. Hammond I-amar C. Rucker Sterling Blackshear M. M. Dickinson Andrew Calhoun Cam D. Dorsey M. S. Richardson B. S. Walker Sandy Beaver G. W. Legwin E. M. Ridley Randolph Jacques Rali-h Meldkim Marion Smith Wallace Miller Minor Boyd W. J. Turner J- F. Baxter Harold Ketron Jack Bovver Frami ' ton Ellis Frank Anderson R. P. Brooks L. P. Goodrich I. S. Hopkins, Jr. J- J. KlLLORlN on-scholastic honor at the Univers MEMBERS 3- 4- S- 6. 7. 8. 9- 10. II. 12. 1 + ' 5- lb. I . i8. 19- 20. 21. 22. 23- 24- 25. • 26. 27. 28. 29. 3 ' - 33- 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43- 44. 45- 46. 47. 48. 49. Sr. 52. 53- 54- 55- 56. ity. - --. ...... ,x.jHear . ViKLVN B. Moore 59- Tom W. Connally 60. WiNSHIP NUNNALLY 61. T. T. Turnbull 62. W. W. Patterson 03. Arthur Sullivan 64. Charlie H. Co. 65. Rodney Hill 66. Harold Telford 67. A. L. Hardy 68. J. E. D. Young 69. W. V. M. Marshburn 70. H. M. Scott 71. John Brown 72. George Haines 73- Dan Y. Sage 74. I. C. Levy 75- Lansing B. Lee 76. L. Raoul 77- J. J. Ragan 78. R. S. Parker 79- George P. Whitman 80. W. L. Erwin 81. Harrison Jones 82. C. D. Caeiness 83. W. G. Brantley 84. P. R. Weltner 85. A. H. Carmichael ■ 6. R. Kyle Smith ' ' 7- W. Brown 88. J. K. McDonald 89. C. N. Fieldson 90. Frank Martin 91. H. L. J. Williams 92. R. H. Jones 93. S. O. Smith 94- M. S. Hodgson 95- H. P. DE La Periere 96. F. C. Newton 97- Claude Derrick 98. W. C. Henson 99. F. B. Harris 100. Y. B. Smith loi- D. H. Redfern 102. Jerome Mich.nfi 103. D. L. Rogers 104. E. V. Carter, Jr 105. J. E. Lucas 106. H. G. Baiiey 107. E. M. Brow.v 108. Abit Nix 109. O. W. Franklin no. E. T. Miller I " . H. L. Lanham 11- ' . H. B. Blackshear 113- W. Falk, Jr 114. .A. R. MacDonald 115- H. C. Hatcher 116. P. L. Barrett 117. E. L. Pennington 118. E. W. MoisE 119. G. C. Woodruff 120. E. V. Heath 121. Milliard Rewis 122. R. B. Troutman 123. Arthur K. Maddox 124. J. L. Sibley 125. Cliff Brannen 126. L. D. Brown 127. G. T. NORTHEN 128. W. A. Mann 129. H. D. Meyer 130. B. H. Walton 131. D. R. Peacock 132. V. E. Durden 133- C. E. Martin 134- E. B. DuNLAp 135- R. L. McWhorter 136. R. H. Freeman 137. Z. S. Cowan 138. Edward Morganstern 139. James M. Lynch 140. H. Levy Rogers 141. Bentley H. Chappell 142. Ira Funkenstein 143- Frank Carter 144- T. Rucker Ginn MS- Aaron Bernd 146. Russell H. Patterson 147. VICTOR Victor 148. H. HoYT Welchel 149- Louis H. Pinkussohn 150. Clark Howell, Jr 151. D: K. McKamy 152. David H. Paddock 153- John Henderson 154- Edward J. Hardin 155- George S. Whitehead 156. James B. Conyers 157- C. W. Jacobson 158. H. L. Hodgson 159. R. H. Wesley 160. G. L. Harrison 161. L. M. Tanner 162. W. H. 16,;. Robert Calloway In M tiM tfi ' LUMPKIN McCUEN 324 64. 6s. 66. 67. 68. 6g. 70. 71. 72. 7.3- 74- 7S- 76. 77- 78. 79- 80. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94- 95- 96. 97- 08. 99. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205. 206. 207. 208. 2og. 210. 211. 212. 213. 214. 215- Joel B. M.m.i.f.t Thomas A . Tiir.vsti M. x L. Sec.vll HOLMAM SORUEI.I.S W. O. Wiirric J. P. Stewart N. L. CiiLLis, Jr. RoFK Sims, Jr. J. II. Car.miciiaei. Howard McCai.i. Trwine M. Levy HiNTON LONGINO R. W. Courts L. H. Tippett O. R. Ellars R. H. West R. L. FoREjrAN, Jr. J. M. Hatcher Dewey Knight Lewis Seaborn D.wis W. P. Zachary Irwine Phinizy P. D. O ' Callaghan Charles M. Candler V. M, Dallas Claude H. Satterfield F. H. Harrold W. D. Miller Arthur Pew R. E. L. Spense C. W. Slack John L. Slater E. Way Highsmith A. M. Day C. M. Straham. Jr. H. H. !Manghl ' m W. H. Stephens P. B. Ford Nathan Jolles Owen Reynolds J. P. Carson W. D. DURDEN W. B. Cody M. . . ] [cRainey W. F. Daniel E. H. Dixon F. C. McCi.URE L. H. Hill G. J. Clark C. A. Lewis J. J. Bennett, Jr. Alton Hosch 216. C. G. Henry 269. 217. J. K. Harper 270. 21S. H. 1[. Maddox 271. 2ig. J. L. W. t.son 272. 220. C. R. . ' nderson 273- 221. v.. M. GURR 274. 222. H. M. Clecki.ey. hi 27. - 223. W. C. Carter, Jr. 276. 224. William Tate 277. 225. C. F. WiEHRS 278. 226. John- Fletcher 279. 227. J. D. TlIO.MASnN 280. 228. John Hosch, Jr. 281. 229. Tom F. Grkex, Jr. 282. 230. W. E. Sewei.l 283. 231. Lester Hargkett 284. 232. C. L. GoWEN 285. 233. M. L. KlLPATKlCK 286. 234. J. D. Allen 287. 235. H. D. Shattuck 288. 236. George Morton 289. 237. G. H. Nixon 290. 2.38. A. .A. Marshall 291. 239. C. N. Mell 292. 240. E. P. Rogers 293- 241. W. T. Forbes. Jr. 294. 242. G. S. Johnson 295- 243, ROLLIN J. ChAMBLISS 296. 244. Earnest Camp, Jr. 297. 24=;. Allen W. Post 298. 246. A. S. Clay, HI 299- 247. Kels Bol, . d 300. 248. IvEY Shivers, Jr. 301. 249. William H. Young 302. 250. Isaak K. Hay 303. 251. Geo. E. Florence, Jr. 304- 252. Thomas A. Nash .305. 2.S3. Tom J. Hamilton, Jr. 306. 254. Ben H. Hardy, Jr. .307. 235. Hall L. Stancil 308. 256. Daniel C. Tulley 309- 257. R. L. P.ATTERSON, Jr. 310. 258. Hoke S. Wofford 31 [- 259. John S. Candler, IT 312. 260. G. B. Lautzenhiser 313. 261. RuFus B. Jennings 314- 262. Craig Barrow, Jr. V-S- 263. Robert C. Hooks 316. 264. Joseph H. Boland 317. 265. Guy C. Hamilton 3tS. 266. James J. Harris 319- 267. William J. Kline. Jr. : ' ' i- 268. Kankakee .Anderson J. Earnest Palmour, Jr. Henry Palmer Kelly McCutchen Guerry Harris Douglas Feacin, Jr. Mattox L. Purvis Joseph M. Oliver Marvin Cox Ellis G. .Arnall Herbert Maffett Sandford Sanford John W. Maddox Mark Hollis Wm. Carroll Lati.mkr Vernon S. Smith Wm. M. Strickland James W. McIntire Marion Gaston McCarthy Crenshaw William Hazelhurst Leroy S. Young Frederick Solomon Virlyn B. Moore, Jr. William T. Maddox J. M. Richardson, Jr. Morton S. Hodgson, Jr. T. R. Thigpen, Jr. Robert G. Stephens, Jr. John Wesley Calhoun DeNean Stafford, Jr. John Bond Harry Baxter WiNBURN T. Rogers John Dan Bowden J. Carl Strong A. Lee Rogers James Walter Wise Wm. Tapley Bennett, Jr. W. Colbert Hawkins Robert T. .Anderson Wade C. Hoyt, Jr. Charles C. Harrold, Jr. Ben .Anderson. Jr. Edward H. Baxter Dyar Massey .Anderson Roddenberry Morris .Abram Floyd C. Newton, Jr. R. B. Troutman, Jr. , Quinten Lumpkin , Robert P. McCuen . A. G. Cleveland, Jr. HONORARY MEMBERS A — H. Brown B — G. Butler C — O. S. Sibley D — D. E. Doui;herty E— W. H. Harris F— H. Bacon G— W. P. Hall H— F. K. Boland I — H. G. COLVIN T — W. S. Cothran k— W. Spain , 3» L- -JOHN r. DORSEY M- — F. R. Mitchell N- -H. DODD 0- -C. H. Black P- -W. R. Tichnor 0- -G. T. Jackson R- -W. B. Hill S- -C. M. Snelling T- -David Crenshaw U- -R. F. Park ' - -H. C. White B. RK()W W — A. M. SouLE X— W. H. BococK Y — S. V. Sanford Z— C. M. Strahan A. — H. J. Stegeman BB — SvLVANUS Morris CC — G. F. Peabody DD— E. .A. Lowe EE T. J. WoOFTER FF— Thomas W. Reed GG — Harry Mehre HH— H. N. Edmunds II — Harold Hirsch JJ — Edgar L. Secrest KK — Harmon W. Caldwell LL— Paul W, Chapman MM — Robert R. Gunn NN — John Donald Wade 00 — Hughes Spalding PP — Charles H. Herty QQ— E. M. Coulter NEWTON TROUTMAN 325 O M C R O N National Honorary Leadership Fraternity. Alpha Upsilon Circle — established at Georgia in 1935 OFFICERS Robert Troutman President Byron H. IMathews J ' ice-Pres ' uleiit William T. Bennett, Jr Secntnry-Treiisurer Left to right • Abtam, Baxter, Bennett, Brown, Cleveland, Covington, Erwin, Hav kins, Jones. 326 T A KAPPA MEMBERS Morris Abram Harr ' s Maxthr Tap HiiNXETT. Jr. Milton Hrown Gus Cleveland Dean Covington Howell Erwin Colbert Hawkins Albert Jones D " ! AR Massev H ' RON H. Maiiiiws Al Morgan Robert McCuen Floyd Newton Marion Page IsMA Lee Price John Rice Sol Singer Robert Troutman Left to right • Mathews, Morgan, McCucn, Newton, Page, Price, Rice, Singer, Troutman. 327 V P H I B Honorary Society in Scholarship. Founded at William and Mary College in 1776. Alpha of Georgia Chapter — • established in 1914 MEMBERS David C. Barrow Jane B.asch Elliot D. Bll ' menthal, Jr. IVIiLTON F. Brown ' i;rxi:r F. Chaffin A. G. Cleveland, Jr. M. William H. Collins, Jr. Walter Frances Cowart J. Lowell Cu.mming Pope A. Duncan AIAR • (jARDNLR Edith R. Hi;ffni;r Alfred Morg. n Robi:rt Phnn McCuen T Left to right • Barrow, Basch, Blumcnthal, Brown, Chaffm, Cleveland, Collins, Cowatt, Cumming, Duncan, Gardner, Heffner, Morgan, McCuen. 328 KAPPA MEMBERS l ' ' l.() i) C " . N i: i() . Jr. Cora I ' i.i i!i;th O ' Kui.i.y EuGENK Park George E. Perry EvELYX Pollock Melvin R. Pollock Al L a. (JL Hi IAN James J. W ' lLi lAM J. Russell, Jr. CoRiNNE Stephens Robert B. Tr()ut lan Hilton F. Wall John W. Weems, Jr. LAW SCHOOL MEMBERS David Ai. Qlixn, Jr. AVilliam H. Schroder, Jr. ALUMNI MEMBER Harrison Jones, A.B. 1Q07 Left to eight • Newton, O ' Kelly, Park, Perry, Pollock, E.; Pollock, M.; Quillian, Quinn, Rasan, Russell, Stephens, Troutman, Wall, Weems. M f f f ' Mk M 329 PHI KAPPA PHI J. C. BliLL Honorary Society in Scholarship. University Chapter — installed in 1923 )f G eorgia OFFICERS T. V. Rei-D Presiilcnt Fl.OYD C. Nl ' WTON J ' kc-PlTudcnt MlI.TOX P. Jarxagax Secretary John W. Jenkins Treasurer ' James I. Akins Mary Elizabeth Allan Ruth A.vderson Freu W. Atkinson DAvin C. Barrow Jane H. Basch Milton V. Beckham J. C. Bell James H. Boatwright Elliot D. Blumenthal Grace M. Bounds James L. Branch M. P. Bond Earl C. Burkhalti:r Ruth Byrd John F. Carter R. R. Caswell Verner F. Chafein Charles E. Clark A. G. Cleveland Harvey J. Cohen M. W. H. Collins Alvin H. Cooper, Jr. Frances Cowart Caroline Myers Cr AWFOKii Grady B. Crowe J. Lowell Cummini; Frances C. Curtis Emily Irene Demtsey Benjamin F. Duke Pope A. Duncan Golden Eberhardt M. Elaine Eldridge Charles R. Franklin Mary G. Gardner Julia Anne Gilman Edith R. Heffner William M. Henderson Howell Hollis, Jr. Erwin L. Hughes Peyton Jacob, Jr. Randolph L. Jones Mrs. Edwin Kellog Annette R. Kendall MEMBERS Morris A. King John A. Lawrence W. Jack Liddell Mrs. Araminta Little Samuel D. Mandevii.le Miguel A. Martorell Joe N. Mattox Alfred Morgan Robert P. McCuen A. L. McCullough Duncan L. McRae Eugenia Nance Floyd C. Newton Sara B. Nicholson Cora Elizabeth O ' Kelly Eugene Park J. Otis Parker Henry W. Perkerson George E. Perry Martha L. Pinkston Evelyn A. Pollock Melvin R. Pollock Alma A. Quillian David M. Quinn James J. R. gan, Jr. T. J. Ratcliffe John A. Rice William J. Russell, Jr. Camilla B. Rutherford L. M. Slappey George . . Smith George G. Smith J. Lloyd Spain Corinne Stephens Willa Dean Stuckey Edward E. Strain, Jr. Will N. Swain G. H. Talley Robert B. Troutman Hilton F. Wall ROSENA E. WiER John W. Weems Esther R. Zill Floride Zipperer GRADUATE STUDENT MEMBER W " . II. Kf.m.v Gordon D. Makkw(iktii FACULTV MEMBERS Paul Chapman Walter Cocking G. W. Sutton Left to right • Top row: Akins, Allan, Anderson, Atkinson, Barrcw, Basch, Beckham, Boatwright, Blumenthal, Bond, Bounds, Branch, Burlchalitcr, Byrd. Carter, Chaffiti. Second row: Clark, Cleveland, Cohen, Collins, Cooper, Cowart, Crowe, Cumming, Curtis, Dempsey, Duke, Duncan, Eberhardt, Franklin, Gardner, Gilman. Third row: Heffner, Henderson, Hollis, Jacob, Jones, Kellog, Kendall, King, Lawrence, Liddell, Mandevllle, Martorell, Mattox, Morgan, McCuen, McCullough. Fourth row McRae, Newton, Nicholson, O ' Kelly, Park, Parker, Per- kerson, Perry, Pinkston, Pollock, E.; Pollock, M.; Quillian, Quinn, Ragan, Rice, Russell. Fifth row: Rutherford, Smith, G. A.; Smith, G. G.; Spain, Stephens, Stuckey, Strain, Swain, Talley, Troutman, Wall, Wier, Weems, Zill, Zipperer. S q - aft .: " 5 ri 4 Q ft e- ' ? acia fx a o ii il 330 BETA GAMMA SIGMA Scholarship Honor Fraternity in the field of Commerce and Business Administration Alpha of Georgia Chapter — installed May 15, 1918 OFFICERS II. M. Heckman President J. H. T. McPhersox J ' lce-Presiilciit J. W. Jenkins Secretary L. B. Raisty Treasurer J. E. Brakefield Harvey J. Cohen A. H. Cooper Elaine Ei.uredge MEMBERS Randolph L. Jones William H. Kelly John A. Lawrence S. D. Mandeville Joe N. Mattox Carolyn Myers John Rice George H. Talley Left to right • Cohen, Cooper, Jones, Lawrence, Mandcvillc, Mattox, Myers, Rice, Talley. ■ r rT " " ' iiilV M§Ji 331 MORTAR BOARD Parthenian of Mortar Board Honorary Society for Senior Women. Founded 1939 OFFICERS AIargaret Darst President Marjorie Mann rice-President Mary Little Secret iry Hazel Ward Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Allan Mary Little Virginia Barfield Marjorie L nn ] Largaret Darst Lary Nell McKoin Sarah Payne Corinne Stephens Hazel Ward FACULTy MEMBERS Dorothy Coleman Alice Bond Margaret Slaton Mrs. Ellen Rhodes McWhorter Evelyn Sellers Left to right • Allan, Barfield, Darst, Little, Mann, McKoin, Pavnc, Stephens, Ward. 332 BLUE KEY COUNCIL National Honorary Council. University of Georgia Chapter — established in 1932 OFFICERS Bob .M A " ! ks I ' n-sidcnt Rov MnRClTR riic-l ' nwiilcii Wilson E. StII.L Si ' trftniy-Tn-asurcr MEMBERS ] IoRRis Abram Roy Mercer C. O. Baker Bob McCuen Norman Camp Bobbie McLemore Hugh Carlan Floyd Newton- Ellis Clark Gene Phillips Jimmy Curtis Ed Pope Colbert Hawkins Lee Price QuiNTON Lumpkin John Rice Buster Mathews George Shaw C. R. slaves Wilson E. Still Fred Sweat Left to fight • Abram, Baker, Camp, Carlan, Clark, Curtis, Hawkins, Lumpkin, Mathews, Mj.cs, Mc ' ccr, McCijen, McLemore, Newton, Phillips, Pope, Price, Rice, Shaw, Still, Sweat. fs r o df a « 333 G R D R Secret Society. Founded in 1900 OFFICERS Lee Price President C. O. Bakur Vice-President Harry B. ter Treasurer MEMBERS William Akers, Jr. Harry Baxter Verner Chaffin Sol Altm. n James Branch Ellis Clark William H. Appleby Morris Brody Gus Cleveland C. O. Baker Hugh Carlan Harvey Cohen Left to right • Akers, Altman, Appleby, Baker, Baxter, Branch, Brody, Carlan, Chaffin, Clark, Cleveland, Cohen, Covington, Curtis, Dance, Dillard, Gerson, Hawkins, Heflin, Humes, Jones, P.; Jones, R. O, ' ' P, » - ... 1 .) o .c:i, U y. y Cs tX O D C ■ ' ' 9 ' tf 334 CLUB MEMBERS Dean ' Covinctox l ■Ro Mathews Ed Pope James Clrtis Roy MiRciR Lee Price George Dance Nku Millsap John Rice George Dili.ard M IA. MiMS Ed Sell Joe Gerson Robert E. McLemore Sol Singer Colbert Hawkins Raymond McMahon Wilson Still Charles Heflin Floyd Newton Fred Sweat John Humes Vn.LL M Norris Robert Troutman, Jr. Paul Jones Jlm Owen David Walker Randolph Jones Ernest Pace Billy Wallace Slaton Jones Eugene Phillips Robert C. Wilson, Jr. DvAR Massey Richard Young Left to right • Jones, S.; Mathews, Mercer, Millsap, Mims, McLemore, Newton, Norris, Owen, Pace, Phillips, Pope, Price, Rice, Sell, Singer, Still, Sweat, Troutman, Walker, Wallace, Wilson, Young. 1 1lf I f C t4 335 Left to right • Bcckwith, Brandon, Burton, Callaway, Eckford, Flanigen, Geissler, Hutch- inson, Johnson, Whi taker. ZODIAC Composed of Twelve Sophomore Women Having Highest Scholastic Averages Founded in 1920 OFFICERS Frances Braxdon Martha Whitakkr Marjorie Callaway Presiili ' tit Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Ei.oisE Beckwith Frances Brandon Eugenia Burton jMarjorie Callaway Eleanor Eckford Eleanor Flanigen Mary Anne Geissler Gail Hutchinson Anne Johnson Alice Ruth Miller Martha Whitaker 336 X CLUB III St J I rill Harry Stevens (ks Cl.KVEI.AXD Lewis Turner Honorary Service Or3anization Founded in 1931 OFFICERS . I ' nsii i ' iit . I i((-Pnsi lfnt . . Set rcftiry diitl J ' rc i.uirrr Sec ' jiid If nil . Bob Norman . Stanford Smith Ernest V ' andiver MEMBERS Bernard Butts O. M. Gates Gus Cleveland Howell Hollis John Knupp John Massey Buster Matthews, Jr. Roy Mercer Robert Norman Eugene Phillips Stanford Smith Harr - Stevens Robert Troutman Lewis Turner Ernest Vandiver Donald Williams Left to right • Butts, Gates, Cleveland, Hollis, Knupp, Massey, Matthews, Mercer, Norman, Phillips, Smith, Stevens, Troutman, Turner, Vandiver, Williams. : s 9 9 ' 9 ' 337 Left to right • Top row: Gates, Chaff in, Cleveland, Vic leers, Gunter, Halliburton, HoMis. Second row: Home, Killian, McNiel, Norman, Parker. Third row: Sweat, Tuck, Turner, Daniel. VOLUNTARY RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION Elmon B. Vickers Gus Cleveland . Verner Chaffin John Daniel MEN ' S CABINET OFFICERS President Fred Sweat Vice-President Vice-President ( ). M. Cates Secretary Bob Norman Treasurer MEMBERS Bill Gunter Howell Hollis Lewis Killian Otis Parker Quillian Tuck Julian Halliburton Robert Horne Bill McNiel Ed Tharpe Lewis Turner WOMEN ' S CABINET ALarjorie ALann ALary Little . OFFICERS President HoBBiE Stephens . . Vice-President AxNE Littlepage . Alice Cabin ess Treasurer Vice-President . Secretary Virginia Barfield Gladys Brown Onie Ruth Burns ALargaret B ' iRUM Ellen Cheek IVLartha Darden Audrey Evans NixA Fuller MEMBERS Anne Johnson Katherine Jones Alice Ruth Miller ALargaret McPherson Evelyn Norton Alma Quillian Lillian Walker Ruth Waller ALartha Whitaker Left to right • Top row: Bar- field, Burns, Byrum, Cabiness, Cheek, Darden, Evans, Fuller. Second row: Jones, Little, Lit- tlepage, Mann, Miller, McPher- son, Norton, Quillian. Third row: Stephens, Walker, Whit- aker. 338 Left to right • Top row: Abtani, Adams, Baker, Baxter, Bowcn, Christie, Davis, Dozier. Second row: Firor, Freeman, Maddock, McEver, McRae, Richardson, Righton, Stockton. Third row: Trussell, Tuck, Tucker, Williams, Wills. COORDINATE COLLEGE CABINET OFFICERS Marie Richardson Prcsiilr it Eleanor Maddock Secretary LaGraxge Trussell J ' ice-Pres ' ulent Wvlexe Rightox Treasurer iH XN Abram arlotte Adams jrgaret Baker ;y Baxter Emma Bowen Jessie Christie Catherine Davis Harriett Dozier MEMBERS Anne Byrd Firor Frances Freeman Margaret McEver Margaret McRae Georgianna Raney Bobbie Dell Stockton Rene Tuck Zelda Tucker Eugenia Williams Willie Bell Wills SOPHOMORE MEN ' S COUNCIL OFFICERS Lee Newton President Orien Brooks . John Kxupp rin-Pr,-sl li-iil VII.LIAM Candler EX Barxes iEORge Barron MEMBERS Walter C. Hill, Jr. John Massev Jack Kent J ck Matthews Marvin Pittman Lee Secrest Secretary Treasurer Bob Smith Ed Stone Edgar Woody Left to right • Top row: Bafncs, Ba ' fon, Bfooks, Candler, Hill, Kent, Knupp. Second row: Massev, Matthews, Newton, Pitt- man, Secrest. Third row: Smith, Stone, Woody. 339 Tm0(moA af f 0: i K A - ikh ' Jk Beck- Iry. ling- Left to right • Top row: with, Bloodwoftfi, Bower, ant, Carithers, Darsl, Dil ham, Eason. Second row; Eck- ford, Flanigan, Geissler, Gibbes, Jenkins, Little, McCarty, Mc- Koin. Third row: Dates, O ' Neal, Payne, Spivcy, Tift, Waddey. Hunter Gibbes Mary Nell McKoin Eloise Bfxkwith Selene Bloodworth Mary Bower Ada Bryant Jaxe Carithers UNIVERSITY WOMAN ' S COUNCIL OFFICERS Presi lcnt Susan Dillingham J ' ice-Pres ' ulent Marion Little . Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Margaret Darst Virginia Eason Eleanor Eckford Marian Ehrhardt Eleanor Flanigan Rannie Geissler Phylis Jenkins Laura McCarty Mary Gates Katherine O ' Neal Sarah Payne Henreitte Spivey Weetie Tift Anna Waddey SOPHOMORE y. W. C. A. COUNCIL OFFICERS Frances Freeman . PrcsulenI B ETTY McDaVID .... . Secretary Margaret Flexer F iily Garner .... Treasurer MEMBERS Ruth Allgood Aline Cocke Virginia Kennemur Ann Price Martha Belcher Anne Cornwell Elizabeth Lam kin Mary Elizabeth Rose Sarah Bell Anne Creekmore Peggy Mathews Helen Thomason Mary Brooks LuciLE Ellison Julia Ann Mobley Margaret Walker Louise Chandler Louise Gamble Arline Murrow Ll,RGAKET Wilson Left to right • Top row: All- 3 cod. Belcher, Bell, Brooks, Chandler, Cocke, Cornwell, Creekmore. Second row: Elli- son, Freeman, Flexer, Gamble, Garner, Kennemur, Lamkin, Mathews. Third row: Mobley, Murrow, Mc David, Price, Rose, Thomason, Walker, Wilson. ■ 4»f .- Left to right • Top row: Baker, Childs, Cocke, Coker, David, Flannigan, Fowler, Gardner, Gunn, Harrington. Second row: Haynes, Hill» C; Hill, M.; Holliday, Kendrick, Kicklighter, Kinncbrew, Lumpkin, Maddox, Magrudcr. Third row: Moore, Polhill, Richards, Sellers, Smith, J.; Smith, S.; Spearman, Steen- land. Fourth row: Stevens, Vickcrs, Walker, Watson. o c m r r. a ' V C- 7 ' " r i% ' c n kX o a c! f n a c r a ' , .1 FRESHMAN COUNCIL AND COMMISSION COUNCIL OFFICERS Ai. Fowi.KR Prcsiihnt Harr U aker Secretary H. C Gardner J ' ice-Fres ' ulctit Jack Seli.krs Treasurer COMMISSION OFFICERS Ed. K. Lumhkix, III President Douglas Watsox Secretary Stokes Walker J ' ice-Pres ' ulent Roy Richards Treasurer MEMBERS • Baker Al Fowler Charles Hill Hulme Kinnebrew Jimmy Polhill Neil Spearman T Chilus B. C. Gardner Marvin Hill Ed. Lumpkin Roy Richards . ' Kdine Steenland Cocke, Jr. Ulv Gunn Pope Holliday James Maddox Jack Sellers Marvin Stevens N Coker Lawrence Harrington James Kendrick George Magruder Jay Smith John Vickers r David Tom Haynes Harold Kicklighter Robert Moore Steve Smith Stokes Walker [AM Flannigan Douglas Watson 1938 FRESHMAN COMMISSION OFFICERS Sara Farmer Presulcnt Ji ' Ax (Irr Secretary Rose Martix Vice-President F " raxces Camp Treasurer MEMBERS .Adams Gretchen Burnette Julia Farmer Louise Hoffmaster Wylene Nicholson Sue Rogers .Addison Doris Camp Betty Gibbs Pat Johnston Oneva Paulk LAR1A -A Ross .Alders Virginia Chastain .Ann Gorin Josephine Kennedy Elizabeth Pearce Ellen Speer .Archer Kate Chick T ' A ' Angeline Harrell Miriam Either Wilma Poole Elizabeth Thompson ERixE Atkinson Dot Daniel Janice Hatcher Margaret Mason Sue Ransom Lillian Wallender .■ I ' .owEN Anne Edge Nancy Hicks Marie McDannell Betty Rinearson Peck Wight Elizabeth Williamson • ' 1 " % 4 ' fc m- -m 4 V 4 A. A % ' W :A M lk Adams " Addison, Alde°, A ' rc " - ■ 9 W.- ' - m L W ' F % w . • — ' B ' • ' :•. Atkinson, Bowen, Burnette, ■r • -I -- U W..i V ' ' " A. Camp. D.; Camp, F.: Chastain. iI_L A B k H ■■B - ' - ' ■■ -gm 2 Second row: Chicle, rr: .rf i m a Gibbs, Gorin, Harrell, Hatcher, S» • V -A. i|i% i - " •• r 1L ■■ ' ■ ll f i 1 Hicks. Third row: Hoffmaster, V V X M m. Tf % M ma •■ L. Wm mi V M ■ lohnston, Kennedv. Luther, Mar- = -H 4 ■ ; lb m m M ■ ,U " ' ■■ ' ' W ' U. ' ' M.U- ' ■ 4 A tin. Mason, McOannell, Nichol- % f tJt ■ - 7 ic " - -i V V : ' r ' pe-a-rce -Porr ' R ansrL :: AjkliSm ' " • k JitrM.m. m. M son, Rosers, Ross, Speer, J ■ftwHC I fll i_l _ ■Blj iiim M Thompson, Wallender, Wisht, H V SE HB M I ' " ' ' - Williamson. Reading from top, left to right • Baker, Doner, Edge, Hatcher, Maddock, McDavid, Pearce, Peyton, Righton, Rinearson. STUDENT GOVERNMENT OF THE COORDINATE COLLEGE Founded in 1932 OFFICERS Eleanor Maddock .-. President Betty Rinearson I " ue-P resident Betty McDavid Secretary-Treasurer Margaret I aker President Sophomore Class Anne PJdge President Freshman Class Wylene Righton Sophomore Representative on Court Harriet Dozier Sophomore Representative on Council Janice Hatcher Freshman Representative on Court Elizabeth Pearce Freshman Representative on Council V ' irginia Peyton Toim Girl Representative 342 NTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB First Term Howell Erwin . Marion ' DuBose Hi .i. Collins Howell Hollis Dr. K. M. Coulter -Morris Abra.m Louise Boehme Gladys Brown IMiLTox Brown Alice Cabaniss Norman Camp Verner Chaffin A. G. Cleveland, Jr. Bill Collins Lowell Cumming Ca.m Dorsey ALarion DuBose Goodloe Erwin Orsanized for Discussion of International Affairs Georgia Club — established in 1926 OFFICERS . President . Vice-Presitlcnl Secretary and TrcasiL . Librarian . . Family Ad-c ' isnr MEMBERS Howell Lrwiv Mary Gardner Hunter Gibbs Louis Griffith Bill Gunter Julian Halliburton Howell Hollis Fan Hou Joachim Hein Vat Hove LAO ue Lewis Killian Herman Locker Bill McNiel Bruno AL ndelli Second Term . Milton Brown- Bob Norman Bill Collins . Bobbie Stephens Ur. E. M. Coulter Alfred Morgan Bob Norman Jim Owens George Perry Lewis Sohn Bobby Stephens Tom Stewart Carlisle Taylor Charles Thorpe Bobby Troutman Ernest Vandiver Hazel Ward John Weems Left to right • Top row: Abrams, Boehme, Btown, M.; Cabaniss, Camp, Cleveland, Collins, Cumming, Dotscy, Erwin, G. Second row: Erwin, H.; Gardner, Gibbs, Griffith, Halliburton, Hollis, Hou, Killia n, McNiel, Morgan. Third row: Norman, Owens, Perry, Sohn, Stephens, Stewart, Taylor, Thorpe. Fourth ' row: Troutman, Vandiver, Ward, Weems. .q a 1 A R ' - «. e. c% rt ,C!!I. C3. f ' - Lr 1 3, }TX w h m m 343 ALPHA ZETA National Honorary Agricultural Fraternity. Founded at Ohio University Georgia Chapter — established in 1914 OFFICERS John Danmi;i CluuiicUur Milton V. Beckham Chronicler Edward O. Cone Ccnsnr T. J. Ratcliffe Scribe Otis Parker Guide Charles Rice Trc isnrer MEMBERS Mark Adams John Daniel J. R. Miller Milton V. Beckham R. R. Denson M. T. McMurrian James H. Boatright B. E. Dixson Otis Parker J. W. Cavender Boyce EhER H. W. Perkerson O. M. Cates Joe Elrod T. J. Ratcliffe Ellis Clark M. B. Gillis J. S. Rees J. H. Cooley Sam H. Hearn Charles Rice Edward O. Cone Q. H. Kicki.ighter Jimmy Walker W. H. Cox W. J. Liddell H. B. Wall Sam a. Dance Royce Middleton W. C. Wheeler Left to right • Top row: Adams, Beckham, Boatrisht, Cavender, Cates, Clark, Cone, Cox, Dance, Daniel. Second row; Denson, Dixson, Dyer, Elrod, Gillis, Kicklighter, Liddell, Mid- dleton, Miller, McMurrian. Third rowi Parker, Perkerson, Rees, Rice, Walker, Wall, Wheeler. 0 Q ' ■ ' I (- ,Q, ft .a 344 A G H O N Honorary Agricultural Society Founded in 1918 OFFICERS Henry Williams President Otis Parker Vin-Prcsidcnt Elmon ' Vickers Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS MiLTOX Beckham JoH.N Uamel Eli. IS Clarke Marvix Gillis Ed Cone Robert McLemore James Cooler- Ed Scott Bruce Moore FACULTy ADVISOR Dr. T. H. McHatton Left to right • Beckham, Clarke, Cone. Cooley, Daniel, Gillis, McLcmorc, Moore, Parker, Scott, Vickers, Williams. VTv- ift f!f9- ' " W } d A 345 Fji . f f Left to right • Atkinson, Cooley, Duncan, Dye, Gillis, Moore, Smith. AGRICULTURAL CLUB A Literary and Debating Society for Students in the College of Agriculture. Founded in 1907 OFFICERS First Term Bruce Moore President James Cooley Vice-President Marvin Gillis Secretary Vandi ' ER Duncan Treasurer Second Term Dennis Smith President Frederick Atkinson I ice-President Obe Dye Secretary V ANDiVER Duncan Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS W. O. Collins Frank Mitchell C. C. Murr.ay ,346 KEY COUNCIL OF THE AGRICULTURAL CLUB Composed of Outstanding Men " b :rs of the Ag icultural Club MEMBERS J. Llo ' d Hurrell Marvin Gillis o M Gates Frank Gunn A ooDFix Cavender Jesse Miller John- Daniel Elmon Vickers DEBATING COUNCIL James COOLEY, Cluilriii i i fC. K. Causey EliMON ' ickers HONOR KEY AGRICUUTURAU CLUB COLLEGE OF LTUR Left to right • Butrell, Cavender, Daniel, Gillis, Gunn, Miller, Vickcts. 347 ji y . Left to right • Brccdiove, Morris, McLcmore, Olliff, Pace, Parker, Rainwater, Scott, SADDLE AND SIRLOIN CLUB A Society for the Promotion of More and Better Livestock in Georgia Founded in 1920. Membership 175 OFFICERS I Hit 1 erni Robert E. McLemore P D Scott Harrison Rainwater Rlrii. Morris . . Frrsit eiit . Vice-President . Senitiiry . . Treasurer . J. H. ( )l.l.lFF Reportc Seeoiul Term ViLLiAM FIrnest Pace, Jr. Lennick Seai ' I ' y Thomas R. Ureedi-ove, Jr. Frank Williams . . . . Otis 1 ' arrer FACULTV ADVISOR W. S. Rice 348 GAFFAU CLUB I ' irxt ' I ' ll III JA.MKS H. Cool.l ' . " ' . V ' . Arthl R W ' li.i IS W ' ai.i.aci; C Cm II. OS H. I . Jimiiw j. Lamar Hrwch . ClIARI.KS D. NlWHimX Bill Ahams Proctor Allen- Norman Alexanmiku W. J. Anglin J. H. BOATKICHT J. L. Branch A. B. Blackburn G. C. Bauch N. C. BOLAND C. G. Brown T. I. Betts E. C. Burkhalter D. M. Bowen Lanier Banister Orin Brooks K. K. Causey W. C. Causey W. C. Childs J. H. COOLEY O. M. Gates J. L. Cain W. R. COWART A. W. CULBRETH R. O. Clark John Daniel DoRSEY Denny Georgia Chapter of Future Farmers of America Established in 1931 OFFICERS . I ' r,si l,iil . I icc-l ' resilient . Secretary . . ' I ' reiisiirer . I ' lirHiiiiiiiiliinaii . Reftiirter . Faye Daughtrv Mark Davis Obe Dye, Jr. Jack Durden David Dyer R. R. Denson Eugene English C. M. Erwin Emmett Ferguson J. R. Freeman Clyde Fitzpatkick Al Fowler Orin Girby Vance Goodner R. H. Harrison D. D. Hayes Doyle Huff H, J. Hutchinson J. H. Hood H. B. Ingram H. D. Jordan H. W. Jones S. E. Jackson W. L. Jones Fred Knight J. D. Kanev MEMBERS W, J. Lemm(kks Jesse Leonard Frank Loweky Elmo Lee Freeman Lke Charles Lobe Anderson NUCarty Wade McCurkv M. T. McMuRRiN Weldon McNaik Lenwood McElveen Harris McKinzie B. D. Mitchell P. R. Moresfield Jack Milford C. D. Newborn D. E. Meadows S. L. MiLLICAN Luther Martin V. B. Mitch AM j. w. moiire j. l musselwiute Lester Norris J. B. Olliff H. B. O ' Kelly Harold Poss SeeijiiiJ J er ii . Dan O. Simnks . Kai.i ' ii Cati.kt (lUV JollNSOX Ui; vi;v K Mi:i)Di;rs . Uan L. Srii Hi; s Earnest W. Adams Lloyd Palmer LL D. Paris Dwight Pulliam W. M, Pullen W. H. ROLLEN A. J. RiGSBY ' M. D. Raines Waldo Rowan James Smith Agnew Smith Norman Smith Leroy Stapleton H. B. Scoggins Frank Stancil Willard Sanders L. L. Short Milton Tankersley Reno Tyre Jack Taylor E. B. ViCKERS C. A. Waits, Jr. James Whelchkl W. A. Willis S. J. Wilson J. H. W.MlDELL L. T. Wansley Left to right • Adams, Branch, Childs, Cooiey, Jordan, Medders, Newborn, Willis. ' m-% i ' ' ,Jl Ui I » 349 Left to right • Top row: Atkinson, Bond, J.; Bond, M.; Bond, W.; Biewton, Buffell, Cham- bers. Second row: Clark, Devane, Fofdham, Fowler, Gordon, Harper, Hawes. Third row: liwm, James, Morris, Scott, Scarboro, Smith, Spann, Walker. AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS AND RURAL SOCIOLOGY CLUB Founded 1932 Organized to foster aims of Agricultural Economics. First organized as Rural Organiza- tion and Marketing Club. Name changed to Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Club m 1938. OFFICERS First Term Chhsthr Smith President Ja.mks Si ' .AXN Vice-F reside lit Hhnrv H.AWbs Secretary V. W. H.ARPER Treasurer Frederick Atkinson Recorder Second Term Ellis Clark President Elliot Gordon fire-President Frank Walker Secretary James Spaxn Treasurer J. Lloyd Burrell Recorder Third Term James Spann President JiMMIE Fordham Vice-President FiNDLEV Irwin, Jr Secretary-Treasurer Elliot (jOrdon Recorder MEMBERS Frederick Atkinson Tom Chambers V. W. Harper Waldo Rowan Joe Bill Bond Ellis Clark Henry Hawes Paul Jones Scarboro Mitchell P. Bond Fr-ank Devane, Jr. Findley Irwin, Jr. Edward Scott Willis Bond Jimmie Fordham Howard James Chester Smith Slater Brevvton Elliot Gordon William Kenny James Spann J. Lloyd Burrell Alpha Fowler Charles Morris Frank Walker J. C. Pierce ,150 AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING CLUB Georsia Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers OFFICERS Fall (Jiuntrr ll ' inter Quarter Prcsiilcnt U. K. Uixox F. L. BuRRiii.i. riii-Prisidiiit R. K. Sriii ' HiiNS S. A. Danci; Sf(rit(ir r. K. McCay V. H. Cox Scrihc H. I . Dyer C. E. Rice Etiitor Jjir ' uultiind Ein iiiffr . I. ' . BeCKHAM Associate Editor J ariiulliirid Eii!;incer H. B. Wai.I, Business M niairer J griculturtil Eiit iuerr I ' ,. (). CoxE ,1 ss ' iciiite Business M iiiiii;er .1 i;rieultiinil i,iif;ineer VV. C VVheei.ER SENIORS M. S. AiiAMS G. V. Clark H. E. Dixon P. V. IviiiKKiDiiK J. S. Hawkks W. T. Pakkman I. 1. Akins Hugh Clark Bob Dottekv P. J. Gibson V. J. Liudell C. E. Rice . y. Beckham E. O. Cone B. L. Dyer H. S. Glenn E. C. Mann A. L. Seckingek F. L. Burrell S. a. Dance J. B. Elruu W. Glover R. B. Mitchell VV. F. Smith JUNIORS R. S. Barnett W. J. Campbell B. H. Grant R. McCrimmon W. H. Pullen H. B. Wall D. H. Baits W. H. Cox James Harwell L. H. McGill W. T. Pullen V. C. Wheeler V. M. Betts Horace Freeman C. E. Jackson J. B. Mitchell W. A. Spence ' . C. Williams (;. A. BuRsoN G. V. Gaines J. E. McCav W. H. Paradv J. P. Roberts, Jr. J. L. Roberts, Jr. SOPHOMORES A. P. Barxett G. F. Daniel J. W. Hulliuay J. W. Payne J. V. Rogers M. H. Carlton H. M. Dorsey J. T. Hudson G. D. Prickett W. Q. Thomas K. W. Daniel E. L. Dottery J. H. Marks FRESHMEN J. R. Dekle W. D. Kenny J. S. Perry B. C. Seckinger R. B. Stephens H. F. RMER H. A. MuLLiNS M. Robinson L. Wheeler T. W. Summerour O. GlNN S. OVERSTREET W. M. RoGERS HONORARY MEMBERS V. N. Danner, Jr. R. H. Driftmier F. B. Lanham F. W. Peikert C. H. Davenport W. E. Hudson W. N. McAdams J. W. Simmons Left lo right • Beckham, Butrcll, Cone, Cox, Dance, Dixon, Dyer, McCay, Rice, Stephens, Wall, Wheeler. r f% n ' " - ' i 1 nmS 351 Left to right • Top row: Adams, Allan, Baker, Belcher, Coffee, Cordell, Davis. Second row: Dickens, Dreizin, Finley, Gibbs, Godbee, Monsees, Nance. Third row: Nicholson, Nor- nnan, Stephens, Tucker, Wells, Wills. HOMECON AND JUNIOR HOMECON Honorary Home Economics Club Founded in 1920 OFFICERS Frances A. Davis . Mary Elizabeth Allan Johnnie Nance . Mac Coffee . Elgenia Baker . Sara Nicholson . . R Cor . Presiilciit I iie-Presideiit " conlinti: Secretary ponding Secretary . Treasurer Jf Oman ' s Eililor CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES Lois Cordell Program Lucy Stephens Social Service Martha Wells Room Lucy Gibbs Little Store ALanta Adams [ _ Scrafbook Geraldine AIonsees Publicity l KSSiE Dreizin Social .Mrs. Y.ates Little Membership (jRACE Finley Pokier ALartha Nelle Norman Music Julia Godbee ' . ' ... ' . Bulletin Board JUNIOR HOMECON Willie Belle Wills President ALartha Belcher f ice-President Zelda Tucker , . . . . Secretary Anne Dickens Treasurer 352 PHI UPSILON OMICRON National Home Economics Fraternity Established at Georgia in 1936 OFFICERS Ai.K ' i Ri rn Mii,i.i;r President M AR ' i I ' iJ nirn Al.l.AX I ' ire-J ' resiilnit I ' siiK l i)SH ll.l Seireltiry Kl III H-i RD Trciisiircr I ' ' r. nci;s Davis Chuplain JdiiN ' xiE Nance Uhtoi ' uin Mariha Lihnii-hiii AxXE LlTTLETAGE Candle Editor MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Allan Lucy Gibbs Jeanette Brown Anne Littlepage Ruth Byrd Virginia McDowell Frances Da is Alice Ruth Miller Irene Dempsey Johnnie Nance Martha Nell Norman Margaret Schuman Lucy Stephens Lartha Wells Ester Rose Zill Left to right • Top row: Allan, Brown, Byrd, Davis, Dcmpsey, Gibbs, Littiepase. Sec- ond row: McDowell, Miller, Nance, Norman, Schuman. Third row; Stephens, Wells, Zill. 353 iSk rt ,a a q a Q a, a « ., Left to right • Top row; Alexander, Anderson, Appleby, Blanton, Bolhci, Brown, Browning, Bynum, Cissna, Clarke, Cloud, B.; Cloud, W.; Corbitt, DeLoach, Dorsey. Second row: Duke, Evans, Everitt, Franklin, Grizzcll, ' Hardin ' Hasenbalg, Hereford, Herndon, Herring, Hinchcliffe, Jenkins, Jones, Kelly, Kcndrick. Third row: Kirby, ' Lincoln Loizeaux, Lcssclbaum, Marbut, Marsh, Marvin, Matthews, Mauldin, McClain, McCrary, McDonald ' , Miller] Moore, Mosely. Fourth row: May, Mote, Paris, Patat, Peach, Perkerson, Perry, Pickens, Robertson, Robinson, Ruark] Rushrns, Russell, Scoville, SneMing. Fifth row: Sheriff, Sislcy, Somberg, Souther, Stewart, Stiff, Stogsdill, Tate, Todd, Van Zandt, Whitmore, Williams, Wilson, Woods, Wagoner, Zimmerman. FORESTRY CLUB Composed of Members of George Peabody School of Forestry Founded in 1906 OFFICERS Spring Quarter Prasidenl Clyde H. Bynum Vke-Pres ' iileiit Hexry Williams Secretary David Dyer Treasurer Ben Duke Fall Quarter E. O. Brown W. L. Hardin K. W. Browning Jack Robinson Winter Quarter W. L. Hardin Roy Grizzell Ed Ruark Jack Robinson MEMBERS Thad Alexander C. Anderson Bill Appleby Ralph Bailey C. Blanton S. H. Bollier E. O. Brown K. W. Browning C. H. Bynum V. J. Cissna J. V. Clarke Bill Cloud Mason Cloud J. R. CoRIiITT M. F. Dean GUYTON DeDiAcH H. DoRSEY Ben Duke BuTCK Elton H. H. Evans C. J. Everitt Charles Franklin Roy Grizzell W. L. Hardin Ernest Hasenbalc R. J. Hereford John Herndon Bernard Herring E. J. Hinchcliffe Earl Jenkins Bill Jones J. M. Kelly J. M. Kendrick Bill Kirby James Lincoln Jack Loizeaux H. Lesselbaum S. A. Marbut G. R. Marsh J. G. Marvin T. M. Matthews F. G. Mauldin James McClain Alton McCrary D. C. McDonald J. S. Melton G. D. Miller Bill Moore Dan Mosely Wardlow May Harold Mote Robert Newstadt F. D. Paris Harry Patat Nelson Peach H, W. Perkerson Ralph Perry IC. C. Pickens M. C. Reid Herb Robertson Jack Robinson Ed Ruark E, Rushing B. A. Russell S. H. Scoville Bill Snelling Sam Sheriff John Sisley S. L Somberg J. P. Souther Robert Stoff Bruce Stewart Walter Stiff B. R. Stogsdill E. Tate Ramon Todd Barney Trapnell Robert Van Zandt J. H. Watson Carl Whitmore Henry Williams H. A. Wilson Owens Woods E. R. Wagoner R. Zimmerman 354 KAPPA DELTA P Honor Society in Education. Beta Kappa Chapter— established in 1929 OFFICERS Joseph S. Jacob President joi: A. Williams rice-President Marv Elizabeth Secretary George A. Smith Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Allan Eugenia Burton Louise Grant Joseph S. Jacob Julia Ann Johnson Chalmers McCollum Cora O ' Kelly James G. Paine Mary Agnes Roane George A. Smith Julia Teasley Mary Allen Thompson Joe a. Williams Left to fight • Allan, Burton, Grant, Jacob, Johnson, McCollum, O ' Kelly, Paine, Smith, Teasley, Thompson, Williams. r s ( es c r-N. 1 ( 1 . O, q ej .C4 a .c; 1 - U- ' - ; ' " " l ' C3!i j -«-l , l j . J, LA 14 .fTa f. . .u. Left to right • Top row: Broxton, Butts, Calhoun, Camp, Carithers, Cassels, Chambers, Clark, Compton, Cooper. Second row: Crow, Dozicr, Evans, Harden, Holsenbeck, Humes, James, Jenkins, Ketnaghan, Kidd. Third row: Maxwell, McElreath, McFee, Par ham, Pear- son, Pierce, Ponder, Randall. Fourth row: Robinson, Rylander, Simmons, Story, Wickham. DELTA SIGMA Pi first Term Charles Simmoxs, Jr. EuGEXE Broxton . Neville James . Bernard Butts . U. R. Jenkins, Jr. . J. D. Bolton Ray Baddock Eugene Broxton Bernard Butts Jack Calhoun Norman Camp Robert Carithers Robert Cassels J. W. Chambers Harry Clark Charles Compton Alva Cooper Professional Commerce Fraternity. Pi Chapter- installed in 1922 OFFICERS . Head iuisfer . . Senior ICrirr iii . . J nil in r II unUn . . Scrilii- . . Treasurer . FACULTY MEMBERS H. M. Heckman MEMBERS HoR.ACE Crow J. W. DOZIER Thurlow P ' .vans Wri.LLwi Harden Howard Holsenbeck Jack Humes Neville James U. R. Jenkins, Jr. Robert Kidd Bobbie Maxwell Billy McElreath Second Term . Eugene Broxton . Bernard Butts . Neville James . Bobbie Maxwell U. R. Jenkins, Jr. L. B. R.AISTY W. C. McFee Glenn Parham Owen Pearson Fred Pierce Lovic B. Ponder W. H. Randall Charles Robinson Walter Rylander C. R. Simmons, Jr. Frank Story Fred VICKHAM 356 ALPHA KAPPA PS Professional Com merce Fraternity. Alpha Epsilon Chapter — installed in 1922 OFFICERS JOHN A. Lawrence President Kari RiWES J ' ice-Pn ' siilenI BiiiA King Secretary Kl) Brow ' Trensurer MEMBERS Ed Brown Karl Rkaves Bernie Dobbs John Rice Billy King Kd South erland John J. Lawrence James Swartz FACULTY ADVISOR ' ii.LiAM Kelly Left to right • Brown, Dobbs, Krng, Lawrence, Reaves, Rice, Southerland, Swartz. [AM : l. 357 ?4 It-. Left to right • Top row: Blackshcar, Bradley, Brantley, Brown, Br ox ton, Brinson, Butts, Cassels, Chambers, Cooper, Crowe. Second row: Cannon, Dozier, Dearing, Farr, Fields, GiMman, Harden, Hall, Hodsson. Third row: Holsenbeck, Hagood, Jimmerson, Juhan, Joei. Fourth row: Jones, Robt.; Jones, Rand.; Jacobus, Keen. ECONOMICS SOCIETY OFFICERS First Ten Bernard Butts Pri ' s ' ulciit Gene Broxton I ' icc-Presidcn Bob Kernaghan Secretary A. H. Cooper Treasurer Secotid Term Eugene Broxton Lovic Ponder Fred Wickham Bob Kernaghan 358 MEMBERS ClAIUE lil.AlUSUKAU I), il. Hkai.lky JoK Hkantley Ruck Brown Gene Rroxton Glenn Brinson Bernard Butts Robert Cassels J. W. Chambers A. H. Cooper Horace Crowe Fred Cannon j. w. dozier Munro Bearing Mary Kakr (ii.ENN Fields Stanley Gillman Warren Harden- W. W. II KDI Bod Hall Louise Hod(;scin W. H. HoLSENllECK H. G. Hagood L. A. Ingram Ruth Jimmerson Ben H. Juhan Charles Joel Robert Jones Randolph Jones Joe Jacodus T. C. Keen Hod l i;K A(;nAN Inman Kihd Homer I.amhn Robert Loflin Rebecca Love JuLE Matheson S. D. Mandeville Bill McFee Stewart McKibben Bobby Maxwell Walker Newton Glenn Farm am Owen Pearson Ed Ferryman Fred Pn;RCE I jvic Ponder Earl K. Reaves Bobby Roth berg Spiros Sl eacas Frank Story George W. Smith C. R. Simmons, Jr. W, T. Simpson Charles Strickland Ralph G. Thornton Donald Tank Bill Wade Al Weill Fred L. Wickham Left to right • Top row: Kernashan, Kidd, Lamon, Loflin, Love, Matheson, Mandeville, McFec, McKibben, Maxwell, Newton. Second row: Parham, Pearson, Perryman, Pierce, Ponder, Reaves, Rothberg, Siafacas, Story. Third row: Smith, Simmons, Simpson, Strickland, Thornton. Fourth row: Tank, Wade, Weill, Wickham. f c f il M:) 359 SIGMA DELTA CHI National Professional Fraternity in Journalism Georgia Chapter — established in 1928 Jfy. Eugene Phii.i.ips President E. M. Howi-l.L, Tr J ' icc-Presulent X Vfc Charlie Coi.t.ins Secretary kV John V V. Treasurer MEMBERS OwHX Hrici: Francis Maddux Ambrose Rurcii Jack Maxwell Charlie Collins Robert McCuhn Claude Davidson Duncan McRae Jack Dorsey E. B. Newsom Louis Griffith Eugene Phillips Bill Harrell John Pye E. M. Howell, Jr. Jack Reid ' ixcENT Jones Charlls Tiiori ' Milton Lesser L L. Wood Left to right • Top row: Bricc, Burch, Collins, Davidson, Dorsey, Griffith, Harrell. Second row: Howell, Jones, Lesser, Maddux, Maxwell, McCuen, McRae. Third row: Newsom, Phillips, Pye, Reid, Thorp, Wood. g o q . 360 THETA SIGMA PHI Professional Journalistic Society. Alpha Xi Chapter — established in 1930 OFFICERS Margaret Darsi President Betty Power I ' he-President Helen Clarke Secretary Mary Neei Treasurer MEMBERS Mildred Abercrombie Charlotte Ashley Sarah Bahnson Betty Chick Helen Clarke Margaret Darst Susan Dillingham Virginia Eason Marion Ehrhart Ann Ferguson May Gray Dorothy Harris Coy Johnson Alice Kierce Helen Mergendoller Eleanor Millican Mary Neel Peggy Popper Betty Power Alma Quillian Margaret Stoddard Lutrelle Tift Hazel Ward Left to right • Top row: Abercrombie, Ashley, Bahnson, Chick, Clarke, Darst, Dillinsham, Eason. Second row: Ferguson, Gray, Harris, Johnson, Kierce, Mergendoller, Millican, Neel. Third row: Popper, Power, Quillian, Stoddard, Tift, NX ard. 361 cs ) fy c% , 9 1 9 . mkMMk Left to risht • Top row: Barrow, Bcall, Bowden, Bowen, Blumenthal, Browning, Cook, Duke, Foshee, Gaines, Gilkerson. Second row: Gurley, Kendall, Kicklighter, Little, Mandia, McRae, Moore, Park, Perkerson, Rigdon, Russell. Third row: Salter, Sis ley, Sommerhalter, Swain, Taylor, A.; Taylor, S.; Thaxton, Thomas, Walker, Weiss. X P H X Honorary Science Society. Founded in 1936 OFFICERS Reginald C. Kicklighter President Kathryn Gaines Vice-President Annette Kendall Secretary-Treasurer Dave Barrow Lamar Beall Clinton L. Bowden Charles E. Bowen Elliott Blumenthal Kenneth W. Browning William Cantrell Nevis Cook Ben F. Duke Edwin D. Foshee Kathryn Gaines Seth Ward Gilkerson Oland Leonard Gurley George H. Hair Sam Hearne MEMBERS A. L. Holland Annette Kendall Reginald C. Kicklighter Nelson Kraft W. F. Lawrence C. E. Little Harold D. Loden James Mandia Quinnelle McRae Bruce Moore Albert Myers Eugene Park Malcolm V. Parker Henry Perkerson Jack Ratci.iffe Fred W. Rigdon Thomas E. Robbins William Russell W. L. Salter John Sisley Otto Sommerhalter Will Neal Swain A. M. Taylor S. J. Taylor Earl L. Thaxton Paul R. Thomas James Walker Julian Weiss Eleanor Williams 362 CHEMISTRY CLUB Founded in 1937 OFFICERS Hll.Tox ' . I.I President Herman Shapiro Vice-President IMarv Hennhx Secretary Larry Goldschimidth Treasurer William Allen Dewey Bailey Taney Benton M. C. Blanchard Irvin Blumenthal Iverson Bryan Phil Calcagno John Cochran Gordon Davis James Enneiss Samuel Free:man l. c. goldschmidth Don Grant George Hardy Curtis Hamhs Toe Harmhr MEMBERS Bill Harris Mary Hennen Bruce Head Homer Hunter Nelson Kraft George Little Charles AIarsh Jack Meadows Mildred McLendon Evelyn Oglesbee James Ragan Joels Resnich William L Rice George Ritchie Tom Rogers Albert Rosenberg William Russell Billie Sams Herman Shapiro Conrad Smith Raymond Smith Wright Smith Louis Steyerman Charles Teal Paul Thomas Fr,- nk Wadsworth H. F. Wall George Weisberg Julian Weiss Calvin Wheeler Bill White Virgil Williams Edgar Vood ' , Jr- Left to right • Top row: Allen, Bailey, Benton, Blanchard, Blumenthal, Bryans, Calcagno, Cochran, Enneiss, Freeman, Goldschmidth. Second row: Grant, Hardy, Hamcs, Harmer, Harris, Hcnncn, Head, Hunter, Little, Marsh, Meadows. Third row: McLendon, Oglesbee, Ragan, Resnich, Rice, Ritchie, Rogers, Rosenberg, Russell, Sams, Shapiro. Fourth row: Smith, C; Smith, W.; Steyerman, Teal, Thomas, Wadsworth, Wall, Weisberg, Weiss, Wheeler, White, Woody. a 1 -J n 7 , Q.Ag ft 1 oi a n 1 liM ' 1 ii li Q. a q 363 " c% f n C- . ei .• , P o f- - f% 9 A ' ' ■ ' - ' Q ' a o. f ' Left to right • Top row; Arnold, Barfidd, Bell, Brewton, Bntt, Brown, Bullard, Callahan, Camp, Cook, Crowe. Second row: DuPree, Ellis, Evans, Garmany, Giles, Gilleland, Harrell, Harrison, Jacobs, Jardine, Joiner. Third row: Jones, Keith, Kendall, Knight, Lee, Logan, Long, Meyer, Morris, A. D.; Morris, L.; Morrow. Fourth row: Powell, Ricketson, Salter, Shu man, Stapleton, Sumerford, Watts, West, Williams, Wilson. MORTAR AND P Founded in 1932 E S T L E OFFICERS Robert L. Jaruixe President A. D. Morris Vice-President William Meyer Secretary Miss Lounelle Morris Treasurer MEMBERS Frank Allen Clark Garmany William Meyer H. C. Arnold T. Giles A. D. Morris Wm. H. Barfield a. Gilleland L. Morris Eugene Bell Joseph Harrell Alfred Morrow Cecil Brewton John Harrison Roy Powell William Britt J. Walter Jacobs Charles Ricketson John Brown R. L. Jardine Ruth Salter Martha Bullard Horace Joiner Roy Shuman Grady Callahan Paul Jones E. B. Stapleton Leonard Camp Eugene Keith Daniel Sumerford Nevia Cook Annette Kendall Ray Watts David Crowe William Knight Walter West B. E. DuPree Caroline Lee Annette Williams C. L. Ellis H. Logan R. C. Wilson, Jr. Charles H. Evans M. Long Louise Wray 364 PHI DELTA CH Professional Pharmaceutical Fraternity. Alpha lota Chapter — established in 1937 OFFICERS RoBiRT L. Jardixe President Robert C. Wilson, Jr { ' ice-l ' iesidcnt A. D. Morris Secretary Charles H. Evans, Jr Treasurer MEMBERS J. Frank Allen Horace G. Joiner Eugene D. Bell William T. Knight Cecil B. Br evvton Robert E. Keith David F. Crowe Alfred jVIorrow Edward DuPree Ashley D. Morris Charles H. Evans, Jr. Dillard L. Nix J. T. Giles Daniel Sumerford A. C. Gilleland John W. White, Jr. John A. Harrison Robert C. Wilson, Jr. Robert L. Jardine Left to right • Top row: Allen, Bell, Brewton, Crowe, DuPrec, Evans, Giles, Gilleland. Second row: Harrrson, Jardine, Joiner, Knight, Kerth, Morrow, Morris, Nix. Third row: Sumerford, White, Wilson. . ' - f Q 9 ai !?!» . ' ■-■ ' 365 Left to risht • Top row; Arnold, Bell, DeLoach, Early, Gamble, Greer, Hawks. Second row: Kenney, Lindsay, Millican, Norman, Saffold. Third row: Whitehead, Weems, Zachry. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE SOCIETY Founded in 1934 OFFICERS Max Lindsay President Thomas Early Vice-President Rnx Saffold Treasurer John Weems Secretary MEMBERS Joe Arnold Max Lindsay Newton Bell Eleanor Millican Charles DeLoach Francis Norman Thomas Early Rex Saffold Louise Gamble George Stallings Coryell Greer George Weems Nell Hawks Winston Whitehead Ed Kenney Linton Zachry 366 PI MU EPSILO N National Honorary Mathematics Fraternity. Alpha of Georsia Chapter — installed March 2, 1934 OFFICERS W. S. HliCKWITH I ' lK iilty Dlrect ' ir Charles Bcavkn I ' resident Mrs. I ' .xuLiNE Henry lice-P resident C ' viHERlNE J.ANK Bl ' Secretary-Treasurer Iris C. LL.A v.- ' i- Corresponding Secretary FACULTy MEMBERS Dr. R. p. Stephens Dr. C. M. Prof. W. S. Beckwitii Dr. D. F. B.arrow Prof. Forrest Gumming Miss Iris Prof. P. R. Hill MEMBERS Cl.wton E. Alex. nder A. S. Ed v. riis Glralu Keim J. B. Smythe J. MEs Ballew Fr. nces Foster Eula Sue Kenimer I. A. Solomons D. C. Barrow Helen Geffen R. C. Kicklighter O. W. Summerhattek, Jr. J. H. Baxter J. P. Gunnels G. C. Kitchens C. P. Stephens C. C. Bolger Zera L. Hair Friendly Lawrence Mable Stephens Catherine Jane Burkhart Louise Hatcher E. C. Mallary C. P. Tebeau Mary F. Carter C. R. Hawthorne B. T. Melvin Carolyn Templeton A. F. Chapman Mrs. Pauline Henry Ella Sue Minor K. L. Thaxton Ora Lee Christian Annie Cohen Higgins E. N. McWhite Mrs. Gladys M. Thomason R. A. Collins W. C. Hoyt Eugene Park H. H. Walker H. M. Cox Marion Hubbard E. C. Phillips Kenneth Waters E. Frank Deese Milton Jarnican J. C. Ramsey Hilda Warshavv Lucy Dillard Harry Johnson W. A. Rosenfield A. R. Whittle J. W. Duckett E. H. Kalmon Wm. John Russell, Jr. W. A. Wills CHARTER MEMBERS Eleanor S. Adams Charlotte E. Glynn Joseph B. Gittler William Longwater Eugene T. Booth H. M. Williams Mary P. Harley Ruth Strong Ruth Brisendine Charles E. Bowen Left to right • Barrow, Baxter, Bowen, Burkhart, Kicklighter, Park, Thaxton. iMi 367 Z CLUB Honorary Leadership Society at Coordinate College Founded In 1934 OFFICERS Catherine Davis President HoBBii; Uell Stockton I ' ice-Prcsldent WvLENE RiGHTON Secretary MEMBERS RUTHANN AbRAM Catherine Davis Eleanor AIaddock Marie Richardson WVLENE RiGHTON Bobbie Dell Stockton LaGrange Trussell Left to right • Abram, Davis, Maddock, Richardson, Rishton, Stockton, Trussell. 368 JUNIOR CABINET Junior Organization. Founded in 1908 OFFICERS l) ll) AlKlNSON President (iKORGH Gaines rirr-Prcsiilcnt James Bridges Seirctary-Treasurer JUNIOR CABINET MEMBERS Thad Alexaxdhr David Atkinson James Bridges WOODFIN CavENDER Aaron Cohen Horace Crowe Goodloe Erwin Charles Evans George Gaines Curtis Hames Lewis Killian Jim Owen Pete Pond Tom Stewart Ernest Vandiver Fr.ank Williams Left to right • Top row: Alexander, Atkinson, Bridges, Cavender, Cohen, Crowe, Erwin. Second row; Evans, Gaines, Hames, Killian, Owen, Third row: Pond, Stewart, Vandiver, Williams. 369 PHI ETA SIGMA National Freshman Honor Society for Scholastic Attainment Chapter Founded in 1938 OFFICERS A. O. ]i. Si ' ARKS President RoBHRT F. Smith [ ' ice-President W. Stanford Smith Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Robert 1 " . I rown James W. Dunlai Mar in H. Gibson John B. Harris J. Winston Huff Henry F. Ivey BoLLiNC Jones Paul Keller, Jr. J. William Lassiter John M assia Jack B. Matthews Jefferson C. Owens William Lawrence Salter Robert E. Smith W. Stanford Smith A. O. B. Sparks, Jr. George A. Swift Charles B. Teal William O. White Edgar Woody Left to right • Top tow: Brown, Dunlap, Gibson, Hartis, Huft, Ivcy, Jones, Keller. Second row: Lassiter, Masscy, Matthews, Owens, Salter, Smith, R.; Smith, S.; Sparks. Third row: Swift, Teal, White, Woody. 370 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA National Honorary Scholastic Fraternity for First Year Women Established in 1934 OFFICERS I.rci ' Baxter . M ARGARILT VALKER . AXXE B ' RD FiROR . . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Annie Love Adams Lucy B.axter Larguerite Benjamin ALarv E. Biggers Shirley Blonstein Aline Cocke Gwendolyn Collins Anne Cornwell Anne Creekmore Harriette Dozier Hilda F.dwards MEMBERS Selma Epps Anne Byrd Firor Margaret Flexor Frances Freeman Merle Higginbotham Merle Holcombe Marion Jackson Elizabeth Lamkin Betty McDavid Laura McCoy Eleanor Maddock IVLarjorie Mathews Virginia Peyton Peggy Popper Polly Ramsey Marie Richardson Nelle F. Rohrer Bobbie Dell Stockton Mary Taylor Anne Thrasher Margaret Walker Rosalind Weinman Left to right • Top row: Adams, Biggers, Baxter, Benjamin, Blonstein, Cocke, Collins, Cornwell, Creekmore, Dozicf. Second row: Edwards, Epps, Firor, Flexor, Freeman, Higgin- botham, Jackson, Lamkin, McDavid, McCoy. Third row: Maddock, Mathews, Peyton, Popper, Ramsey, Richardson, Rohrer, Stockton. Fourth row: Taylor, Thrasher, Walker, Weinman. Oi f 4 o d ' M 371 BIFTAD CLUB Service Organization. Founded in 1910 OFFICERS Calhoun Bo vi: President HowELi. Hoi. I. IS Jlce-Prcsiilcnl SiGO MonR Sfcrelary-Tirasurer MEMBERS Calhoun Bowen Joe J.acobus Jim Owen Bob Cassels Lewis Killian Bill Rogers Frank Corry John Knupp Stanford Smith Pope Duncan John Massey Louis Sohn Walter Fulmer Jack Mathews Gus Sparks JuLi.AN Halliburton Billy Mims Al Weill John Harris Sigo Mohr Bill White Jimmie Hartford Bill McNiel Fred Wickham Sidney Haskins Bob Norman T. L. Wood Howell Hollis Edgar Woody Left to right • Top row: Bowen, Cassels, Corry, Duncan, Fulmer, Halliburton, Harris, Hart- ford, Haskins, Hollis. Second row: Jacobus, Killian, Knupp, Massey, Mathews, Mims, Mohr, McNIel, Norman, Owen. Third row: Rosers, Smith, Sohn, Sparks, Weill, White, Wickham, Wood, Woodv. a ' tT ' O a a ,Q 0 ' ?T iliiili ' : Hi ii m iMk - i q- " a " v ■ e:? L a O K T ' i M i A ii iiiii ' %(: i z ■ .J . " ! i I 372 EPICUREAN CLUB GOVERNING COUNCIL OFFICERS First Term Second Term Irid Wickham I ' nsiiltni Fred Wickham Marif Richardson r ' ne-Presiilcni Marie Richardson I.I WIS KlI.I.IAN ... Secretary LuCY BAXTER MamuTII CaritherS Treasurer . RUTHANN AbrAM RUTHANN AbRAM ' lNFIELD Bau.MANN Lucy Baxter Ralph Bell Calhoun Bowen James Bridges WiGGiE Cabaxiss Bob Cassels Gwendolyn Collins MEMBERS BlLL Collins Frank Corry Anne B " iRD Firor B. C. Gardner John Groover Frank Gunn Julian Halliburton Sidney Haskins Robert Horne Phyllis Jenkins Sarah Payne Harbut Randall Wylene Righton Sara Rossee Nick Stillwell Carlisle Taylor LaGrange Trussell T. L. Wood Left to right • Top row: Abram, Baumann, Baxter, Bell, Bowen, Bridses, Cabaniss, Carithcrs, Cassels, Collins, G. Second row: Collins, B.; Cony, Firor, Gardner, Groover, Gunn Halliburton, Haskins, Home, Jenkins. Third row: Killian, Payne, Randall, Richardson, Righton Rosscc Stillwell, Fourth row: Taylor, TrusscM, Wickham, Wcod 373 urn of the aid from many others, without whose help this publication would not have been possible, the editors of the 1939 PANDORA take this opportunity to express their gratitude. For the art work on the main division and sub-division pages we are indebted to Alan Kuzmicki, who, though already burdened with work in the art department, gave a great deal of his time and talent for the im- provement of this yearbook. Other art work was done by Buster Howell. The athletic section was written by several people: Ed Danforth, of the Atlanta Georgian, writing the football section; Jack Reid, the basket- ball; Jack Dorsey, the baseball; and O ' Donald Mays, the boxing, track and minor sports. Much valuable aid and advice was given by our faculty advisor, Mr. hieckman. The only complaint that can be lodged is that his prodding was neither frequent nor vicious enough to keep the staff as industriously occupied as it should have been. Although not officially connected with the PANDORA, Mr. Lamar Dodd, head of the University Art Department, gave invaluable criticism. Had it not been for his ready help on many occasions, the editors would often have been in serious difficulty. Last, but not least, we wish to express our deep appreciation for the workers at Wrigley ' s and Foote and Davies, who, led by their representa- tives. Miss Clarissa Poteat and Johnny Long, have spent many hours hard at work to get the book planned, set up, and distributed on time. In addition to those specifically mentioned above, we wish to thank all others who have aided in the production of this book. As this material goes to press the editors realize their own inadequacy and inability to publish this volume without the willing assistance of those people not on the regular staff. liooJi Se4Jie4i, S AGRICULTURE IS LIFE TO GEORGIA. AND THE FARM HOME IS MORE THAN WORK TO THE STUDENT WHO HAS THERE LEARNED ITS LESSONS OF PROVIDENCE AND THRIFT. ■■r Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia 1938 RESULTS 20— Citadel ' 2 7 — South Carolina 38 — Furman ' 28 — Mercer " 6_Holy Cross .29 19— Florida 6— Tulane 28 13 — Auburn 23 0— Tech 7 — Miami ' TOTALS 144 — Opponents ' 43 GATE SALISBURY FORDHAM HISE GILLESP FROM THE PAS 1939 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE September 30 The Citadel in Athens October 7 Furman in Greenville, S. C. October 14 Holy Cross in Athens October 21 Kentucky in Louisville, Ky. October 28 N. Y. U. in New York City November 4 Mercer in Athens November II Florida in Jacksonville November 18 South Carolina in Athens November 25 Auburn in Columbus December 2 Georsia Tech in Atlanta December 8 Miami in Miami, Fla. .- .Mt ROy BADGETT JOHNSON LUMPKIN KERSEy THOMAS .TO THE FUTURE JOEL HUNT Head Coach FOLLO WING THE BUL L tions were made the team Difficulties that beset a sqiiai] poorly t ' urnisheil with reserves in these days of high pressure football were emphasized in the record of the 1938 Georgia football team. As long as the first string Bulldogs were in action, they could hold their own with most teams in the section. Whenever substitu- was weakened on offense or defense or both. Joel Hunt, who had been backtieUi coach at Louisiana State University, was brought in as head coach in January, 1938, to succeed Harry IMehre who had ruled for ten years. Hunt ' s assistants were J. V. Sikes, Elmer Lampe, Wallace Butts and Howell Hollis. The Notre Dame system of play went out with Mehre, and an unfamiliar single wingback offense was introduced. A long spring practice period revealed that the Bulldogs WALLACE BUTTS End Coach J. V. SIKES Line Coach ELMER LAMPE Assistant Line Coach 382 GS THROUGH THE YEAR coultl muster one jrood rtMiii. Rcscr -cs li;ul to he dexeloped the hainl way tor the sueeeecling season. SLATON juhcS Manascr Coach Hunt took long chances early in the season and used suhstitutes freely with the re- sult that e -ery opponent scored one or more touchelouns. Yut -ictories were registered over The Citadel, South Carolina, I- n ' man and Mercer. Holy Cross in Worcester was the first major league opposition faced and the crLisailers on 29 to 6. The Bulldogs beat Florida handily, then were floored hv a Tulane team that reacheii a peak for the game. Aubui n won a dogfight that was a thriller from start to finish, yet the Bulldogs had enough left to hokl a sharply keyed Tech team to a scoreless tie. The defeat in the final post season affair with Miami might ha e been foreseen for Miami has impro -ed gi-catl ' in recent years and went after the game with spirit. The record of the Bulldogs was iWc won, four lost and one tied which was not bad in view of the lack of good reserves. Se ' eral players were developed who promise to help out the 1939 team notably. Coach Hunt ' s contract was not renewed at the end of the season. Wallace Butts, a Georgian, who played at Mercer and coached at Madison, G. M. C. and Louis ille High before coming in as assistant to Hunt was made head coach. The new faces added to the coaching staff were " Ears ' " Whitworth, former L. S. U. line coach and before that a star of the 19. 0 Alabama Rose Bowl team; Bill Hartman, former Georgia Captain who has played a year of professional football and (Juinton Lumpkin, the 1938 captain. Outstanding players were Lumpkin, an all-star center; Harry Ste -ens, Billy Minis and I ' .arl Hise, triple threat backs; jinmiv i- ' ordham, fullback; Bob Salisbury ;uul Bob Xowell, blocking backs, and Smiley Johnson, guard. 383 bawdtas p ' cks up 12 yards for Citade RAI.IA HRATS CITADI ' .L . . . Lack of reserve strength was shown in the opening game Septemher 27 on San ford FicKl. Stevens passed to Cate 30 yards for a touchdown in the first quarter. Tile second Georgia team was sent in and Citadel went to work. Glenn Edwards began hitting passes and before the Bulldog regulars could get back into the fray Citadel was leading 12 to 6. That was the score at half time. Stevens, Cate and Fordham led a 65-yard drive in the third quarter and Stevens ' touchdown gave Georgia a 13-12 lead. Earl Hise ran 14 vards for the final touchdown. GEORGIA 20— CITADEL 12 First downs (leorgia Yards rushing . . . . . Georgia Yards passing Georgia Penalties Georgia 20 — -Citadel 12 298 — Citadel 20 39 CitadeI 81 45 — Citadel 30 GAMECOCKS NOSED OUT ... The Bulldogs journeyed to Columbia October 3 to play the South Carolina eleven coached by Rex Enright, former Georgia backfield teacher. .Minis pitched perfect passes in the second quarter for 16, 18 and 20 vards. Then Fordham bucked it over and Bill Badgett kicked what proved to be the winning point. Alex Urban, Gamecock center, intercepted a Georgia pass in the third and raced 60 yards for a touchdown. Lumpkin blocked Dearth ' s attempt and Georgia led 7-6. The Gamecocks were thrown back twice in the fourth quarter. Once a pass was dropped on the goal line. Again they were halted on the 6-yard mark and a field goal attempt was blocked. GEORGIA 7— SOUTH CAROLINA 6 First downs Georgia 15— South Carolina Yards rushing Georgia 166— South Carolina Yards passing Georgia 86— South Carolina Penalties Georgia 70— South 0 ' 71 45 55 Carolina . Thomas laterals to Lumpkin against South Carolina. DOOLEY MATHEWS Wing Back OLIVER HUNNICUTT Fullback HARRy STEVENS Left Half 384 vj aiti ' KNOX ELDREDGE End Hise drives b yards throusb Furman ' s line. ALEX McCASKILL End NED BARBRE End . 8. FURMAN IS FLATTENED . . . Hack homr for a game October 9 with Furman, the Bull dogs began to click against a defense that was set just right for them. Dooley .Mathews, little halfback stole the show in a one-man uprising in the fourth quarter that set up two touchdowns, one of which he scored personally. Mims and Hise launched aerial barrages that scored twice in the first quarter. Furman struck back with Ra Zima throwing passes and scored in seven plays. Hise passed Georgia ilown the field for a third (luarter marker and then Mathews took it over. GEORGIA 38— FURMAN 7 First downs Georgia 25— Furman 6 Yards rushing Georgia 366— Furman 44 Yards passing Georgia 155— Fnriiian 99 Penalties Georgia 35— Fnrnian 5 NEVER A DULL MOMENT . . . Mercer came to Sanford Field October 17 and wastec no time. Speck Landnun ran a punt back 60 yards for a touchdown to get things started. The Bulldogs struck right back with a 47 and 62- ard drive for touchdowns to take the lead 14 to 7 at the half. Mims passed 10 yards to Knox Eldredge who ran 45 yards to score in the third period. Gate ' s 20-yard punt return set up a touchdown in the fourth for Hunni- cutt to make. Mercer did not give up. Art Pledger passed to Davis for one touchdown and Landrum flipped one to Davis for another, the last marker coming with 15 seconds to play. GEORGIA 28— MERCER 19 First downs Georgia Yards rushing Georgia Yards passing Georgia Penalties Georgia Gate returns Mercer ' s punt for 20 yards. 17 — Mercer 276 — Mercer 62 — Mercer 20 — Mercer 3 74 28 d WINSTON HODGSON Guard 385 Fordham crashes through for Georgia ' s touchdown. FIRST DKFKA ' l " . . . The Bulldogs lost to Holy Cross in Worcester, October 26, in a game that revealed the fundamental weakness of the team. The Bulldogs were near full strength for the game, hut the Crusaders had too much power and too many reserves. A Georgia punt was blocked for a safety in the first quarter. Then the Crusaders marched 55 yards for VValewski to score. The Bulldogs shot all their ammiuiition in a 5()- ard drive with Cate and Fordham running well and Fordham ' s touchdown made the score 6-8. Hoh ' Cross recovered a fumble on (leorgia ' s 30 and banged over a score to lead at the half 15 to 6. The Crusaders tallied twice in the last half. Georgia ' s blocking was ragged, the second team was not equal to the job. Lumpkin went the route and looked great but the game was the real tip-off on (leorgia ' s prospects. GEORGIA 6— HOLV CROSS 29 I ' irst downs ' arcls rushiiia; Yards passing Penahies Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia (5 — Hilly Cross ig io8 — Holy Cross 275 133 — Holy Cross 44 IS — Hilly Cross 30 FIRST CONFERENCE VICTORY . . . After an off week, the Bulldogs took Florida into camp in Jacksonville, November 6, 19 to 6 when Billy Mims ' throwing arm was good for two touchdowns in the last quarter. Georgia scored in the second quarter, Fordham tally- ing. Florida tied the count 6-6 on Tommy Scott ' s plunge. The teams went into the fourth quarter still tied and the ' Gators earned a break when Bob Johnson ran a punt well down into Georgia territory. Barbre called a halt when he intercepted a pass on Georgia ' s 33. Mims faked a pass and sent Cate away for 18 yards. Then he passed 49 yards to Cate for a marker that stunned the ' Gators. Alex McCaskill a f?w minutes later got behind the secondary and took a 31-yai ' tl pass from Mims for a touchdown. GEORGIA 19— FLORIDA 6 First downs Georgia Yards rushing Georgia Yards passing .... Georgia Penalties Georgia t- ' — Florida 5 106 — Florida 39 80 — Florida 42 78 — Florida 55 Cate ta es Mims ' pass for touchdo CHARLIE V ILLIAMS Tackle WALTER WILFONG Guaid fvT ' BtRI Ni. " ) ' ' ELL Quaitciback 380 WOODROW BROWN Quarterback RUPERT BLOUNT Left Half JAMES SKIPWORTH End Mims passes to Eldredge in the end zone. STEAM ROLLER GOT ' EM . . . The Bulldogs were flattened in New Orleans Novem- ber 13 by iic j fine Tulane teams that worked en them alternatel. ' . The Cjreenies took up residence in Cjeorgia territory in the first quarter but did not score. Billy Payne ran 24 yards to score in the second. The Bulldogs took the kick-off and marched 65 yards to a score on Mims ' pass to Eldredge in the end zone. Tulane returned the compliment with a fresli team, Brunner scoring to end a 56-yard march and give Tulane a 14 to 6 lead at the half. Payne capped a Tulane march from the kick-off to open the third period and scored again in the third to end the aiionw GEORGIA 6— TULANE 28 8 — Tulane First downs Georgia Yards rushing Georgia Yards passing Georgia Penalties Georgia - ' 4 57— Tulane AA. gS — Tulane 55 — Tulane go 10 AUBURN WINS DOGFIGHT . . . Georgia played a grand game in Cohunbus Novem- ber 20, but lost a thriller to Auburn. The Bulldogs played the favored Auburn off its feet in the first half and led 14-13 at intermission. But the game was decided in the third quarter. Carroll Thomas liropped a touchdown pass in the clear and two plays later Bo Russell, Au- burn tackle, blocked Hise ' s punt to set up Auburn ' s third touchdown. The game was closer than the score indicated and pleased both groups of partisans. Georgia scored first on an 89- yard drive, ended when Hise passed 39 yards to Thomas for a touchdown. Auburn took the kick-off and traveled straight on to a score. Speck Kelh ' passing to Oscar Burford for the counter. The Bidldogs did the same thing with their kick-off. Mims passed to Barbie to set up the pins and Fordham bucked it o er. Then Carl Happer ran 19 yards for another Auburn marker before the half was up. Russell ' s block of a punt in the third put Auburn on Cjeorgia ' s 48. Kelh passed to Burford for 28 then scored on an end sweep, added the other points with a field goal from the 13. GEORGIA 13— AUBURN 23 First duwn■ Georgia ii -Auburn Yards rushing Georgia 176 — Auburn 187 Yards passing Georgia . . . 11.5 — .Auburn 81 Penalties Georgia 65— Auburn 65 Fordham halts Auburn ' s final drive. Ru- 14 EMMETT LYONS Center .lS7 a g p • % — — 9» LEE McKINNEy Tackle TECH IS TIED AGAIN . . . Twenty-Hve thousand sat in Sanford Stadium and saw Geor- jria hold Tech to a scoreless tie November 27. The Bulldogs never got beyond Tech ' s 26 and were in Tech territor only once in second half. But they refused Tech a score of any sort. The bellow Jackets got started in the second quarter with Bobby Beers slashing off tackle and throwing deadl passes. They worked the ball down to Georgia ' s one-yard line, fourth down. Cowbov ' Shaw, drop kicker, came into the game. He faked a kick then passed over the goal line toward Howard Ector. ()nl a great play by Mims in deflecting the hall saved a touchdown. Twice in the second half Tech swept down the field, but could not score. Joe Bartlett came in fresh in the fourth quarter and led a final charge down to the shadow of the Georgia goal. There Shaw came in to try for a field goal but his effort was wild and the game ended. GEORGIA 0— TECH First downs Georgia 4 — -Tech IS Yards rushing Georgia 86 — Tech 317 Yards passing Georgia 29 — Tech 54 Penalties Georgia 5 — Tech 40 NO DICE IN MIAMI . . . The Bulldogs probably left all their football in Athens in the Tech game. They played University of Miami in Burdine Stadium, Miami, before a night crowd of 23,367 people, a record at that time. Three times the Bulldogs threw Miami back at the goal line. Jimmy Fordham ran 75 ards brilliantly for a touchdown that gave Geor- gia a 7 to lead at intermission. Miami turned loose two 50- ard drives in the last half with Wimp Jones and Oppenberg scoring, f ldie Dunn, Miami star, however was the main cog in the two offensives. GEORGIA 7— MIAMI 13 First downs Georgia Y ' ards rushing Georgia Yards passing Georgia Penalties Georgia 8— Miami 140 — Miami 40 — Miami 30 — Miami 20 320 54 5 Thomas gains 35 yards from Miami on trick play. ' M - ' ' ' ..: r : ' . J fij M ■• ' •««»w«»« •« » - HUBERT BURGESS Tackle BERNARD SHAPIRO Guard ALLAN RUTLEDGE Center 388 « MORROW MILLER THORNTON CHEER LEADERS Ben H. Hudson ' Senior Cheer Leader Alfred Morrow Seninr Cheer Leader Jesse Miller Junior Cheer Leader Ralph Thornton Junior Cheer Leader THE FRESHMAN SQUAD , ' :-: .- ' 1 l " i .f 11 f if-iAwt f " iJi f fc i I HBU 389 THE BULLPUPS OF 1938 KKsxahi wifxftiivvrfttip . ••«•; iKBticiiflinni. tih£iii»s « « wi GliOKGlA ' s 1938 trcshman foutball team, which practiced for games and phiyed them in between scrim- mages against tlie varsity, should not be underrated by its record of one vi ctory and two defeats. The yearlings opened tiieir abbreviated card in middle October by spilling a reported-strong Uni- versity of South Carolina frosh eleven in Columbia, 13 to (I; waited two or three weeks and then lost a 2(1-7 decision to I lorida in Savannah; and wouml up the season on Thanksgiving day by losing, 8 to (1, to Georgia Tech ' s freshmen in Atlanta in the annual Scottish Rite charity game. One victory in three starts is not an impressive record in any league, but the Bullpup squad was not without its stars and will not be without its representatives on the 1939 varsity. Bullpup graduates who will bear watching in their bids for varsity berths next season include: Tommy Green, husky 2lU-pound tackle, whose fullback days ended in high school; Green Keltner, a lankv Hank- man who will get the required polish; Tommy Witt, brainy 180-pound, 17-year-old center who will get bigger and better. Winfred Goodman, promising guard whose knee trouble was expected to be wiped oft the books by a spring operation; Haywood Allen, Birmingham, Ala., ace who, though passing is his long suit, can also carry the pigskin; Cliff " Truck " Kimsey, pile-driving halfback who was the class of ball-car- riers on the " Pup eleven " ; and Clarence " Nub " Welch, an elusive little rascal who is just about the most shifty running halfback prospect Georgia has had around in several seasons. Lewis Woodruff, M. F. Carter, Henry Power, Paul Kulk, Will Burt, Billy Wingate, and others may also be successful in their ' arsitv bids. 390 THE BASKE ELMER LAMPE Coach Excuses are hardi.v necessary for Georgia ' s 1939 basketball team, but the Bulldog supporters who found tlic least reason to complain about tlie team can, without stretching the truth, say, " Just wait until next year. " 194(1 promises to be Georgia ' s " year " in basketball, for the simple reason that every member of the brilliant rookie quintet of the ' 39 campaign will return for service. Heading this five will again be Cecil Kelley, sharp-shooting little red-head who is one of the few athletes ever to captain a major sport team two consecutive years. Captain Kelley and Joe Killian, forwards; Dan Kirkland, center; and Alex McCaskill and Roy Chatham, guards, composed the 1939 five which won 12 out of 17 starts, packed Woodruft Hall to CECIL KELLEY, Captain Forward JOE KILLIAN Forward DAN KIRKLAND Center 392 ROy CHATHAM Guard ALEX McCASKILL Guard ALL YEAR GEORGE yUNDT Manager its capacity at every home game, atnl Hnislied in the topfliglit of the Stiutheastcrn Conference. Such heavy service iliii the five see that only two other letters were awarded by Coacli I ' .lmer I.ampe at the close of his highly-successful first season. These letters went to Knox I ' ddredge, guard, and Sanford " Coot " Vandiver, forward. The Bulldog five, with Kirkland, Chatham, and Kelley leading the way, opened its season in early January with a , 9-24 victory over South Carolina. Georgia ' s hopes of an undefeated season were shattered four days later when Clemson scored a .57-30 win in Woodruff Hall. Moving to Gainesville, Fla., for a two-game series with t ' lorida, the Bulldogs dropped below the .500 mark for the first and only time as the ' Gators took a defensive battle, 26-15. In the second VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM m«™r PP ' 393 game, howe ' cr, Georgia evened scores with a 25-18 win and starteii on a winning streak wiiich reached six straight at the expense of Chattanooga, CA to 41; Alahama, 31 to 26; Georgia Tech, 32 to 26; Soutli Carolina. 4 ' ) to 34; and Auhurn, 43 to 21. Two days later, however, Clemson, only team to defeat Georgia twice, pulled the stunt with a 39-29 victory, and a week latei- Auhurn scored a revenge victory, 34 to 29, in Auburn, Ala. The Georgians hounccil back with two wins over Florida, 42 to 32 and 43 to 18, and proceeded to trim Tech, 41 to 29; Miami, 41 to 18; and Sewanee, 63 to 48. A defeat at the hands of power- ful Tennessee, 35 to 29, wound up the schedule. L. S. L. " s surprise 50-26 victory over the fourth-seeded Bulldogs in the first round of the Confer- ence tournament at Knowille, Tenn., was in no small way due to the inexperience of the Bulldogs and sliould take away none of the success of the season. Highlights of the season included two straight victories over Tech and the Woodruff Hall upset of the favored Alabama team, which was then leading the Conference. All lettermen, with the possible exception of Vandiver, will be back next winter, along with John Stegeman, Frankie Rent ., Bill Martin, Morris McDonald, and James Gillespie, all reserves. Two stars of the 1939 Bullpup five, Bobby Moore and Joe Bryant, will also come in handy. KNOX ELDREDGE Guard " COOT " VANDIVER Forward BILL MARTIN Forward MORRIS McDonald Center JOHN STEGEMAN Center 394 BOXING ' ll■|| A season ' s rkcokii of four matches won and two lost, Georgia ' s ' KV) boxing team was the most successful put out by Coach C. W. Jones since the days of Mickey Radutzky. C. W. JONES Head Coach The Bulldog mittmen opened the season unimpressively with a 7-1 loss to Clemson ' s defending Southern Conference champions. Only Billy Jay and Forrest McCready were able to score against the Tigermen. In the following match with Tennessee, the Bulldog battlers started their four-match winning streak by taking the Vols, 6-2. In the Tennessee match. Jack Kennedy and Joe Woodruff gained decisions which marked them as " the men to watch " in future matches. Welterweight Elliott IVIoran and junior middleweight Billy Jay also took decisions in the Tennessee match. Presbyterian College was the next victim of the Red and Black mittmen, 6-2. Kennedy, Jay, Woodruff, and McCready gained decisions and Georgia gained two points by forfeits. The next two matciies, with South Carolina and Clemson, were the best of the year from the standpoint of Woodruff Hall crowds. Georgia won both tights by the narrow margin of 4j 2-33 and botii were marred by close and sometimes doubtful decisions. Georgia concluded its dual match season with a 6-2 loss to Florida ' s ever-powerful ' Gators. El- liott Moran was the only Bulldog fighter to win his fight although Jack Kennedy and Forrest Mc- Cready gained draws. From left to right: Henry Frederiksen, Captain, Lightweight; Forrest McCready, Heavyweight; Jar r: B::iJi.:, Light Heavyweight; Joe Woodruff, Middleweight; Billy Jay, Junior Middleweight; Elliott Moran, Welterweight; Paul Rowland, Featherweight; Jack Kennedy, Bantamweight. 396 BOXING I liffli spots ot the season iniliKlci] Jack Ketincily ' s sensational eonie- haeks after appearing defeated. . Billy jay a ing his hand in the ail " aiul asking the crowd not to hoo after he lost a close de- cision in the Florida match. . joe W ' oodruft ' s " house-aiire " starts and slow hnishes. . janies Boddie winning three tights on for- feits tor arious reasons. . . . The unsettled state of the feathcr- eight class with three fighters, l ' rank (iarner, Paul Rowland, and James Holliday, competing. High scorer for the Bulldogs during the six-match scheilule was Joe ' oodruff with 4 ' j points. Others included Jack Kennedy and I ' orrest McCready, 4 each, and Billy Jay and I ' lliott Moran, DON HAMILTON Manager 3 ' eacn. Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia 1939 RECORD 1 — Clemson 7 6 — Tennessee 2 6 — I ' reshyterian 2 4 2 — South Carolina 3 4 4 ' 2 — Clemson . ' ' 2 — Horida 6 Jack Kennedy, the only Georgia fighter to advance in the Southeastern Conference tourney, was defeated in the finals of the bantamweight division. Front row, left tc right: Kennedy, Row- land, Frederiksen, Moran, Hamilton Back row, left to right: Jay, Woodruff, Boddie, McCready. 397 CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM (jK(1R(;i. ' s Ckoss-Cointrv Varsity, although failing to win cither of the two dual meets engaged in, did show inipro ed (]ualitv o er othei " teams of reeent ears. The Bulldogs ' hai " riei-s, paced by Captain Henry Fredei " iksen, ga c Auburn a close race, but lost to the Tigers, 24-36. In the second meet, Georgia scored its largest score made against Georgia Tech in thi ' ec eai-s, but lost 2(1-41. The bellow Jackets ha ' e won the Southeastern Conlerence champion- ship foi ' the jiast four years. High spots of the year . . . The Georgia squad getting lost in the Conference meet in Atlanta. . . . The team placed fourth. . . . Coach " illiam Tate ' s description of the meet — " Weather — rainy, snow . . . Spectators — 9. " Cicorgia ' s freshman si]uad dropped both of its dual meets, the Tech freshmen winning, 18-42, and Tech High ti-luni[ihing, 2()-.19. Letters were awardecl to Captain Henry Frederi ksen, Dorsey Dyer, Luther Pennington, Tommy Cautliorn, A. Smith, James Boddic, and Manager Wayland White. Freshmen recel Ing numerals were Chambers, Williamson, Darsey, Miller, Dollar and Bridges. The annual intramural cross-country cake-race was won by Camp Wilkins with a low score of 61 points. S. A. ¥.. and Candler Hall placed second and third, respectively, with 66 and 82 points. The first 10 runners to place in the cake-race were as follows: Place Riiiuur Orc diiiziilinii Phicc liinuur Ori iiiiizdlio)! 1. Caithorx S. A. E. 6. Wilder S. A. E. 2. Chambers .... Candler Hall 7. Dyer LInattached }. Penn ' ington . . . Old College 8. Williamson . . . Camp Wilkins 4. HoLLEV .... Candler Hall 9. Estes Unattached 5. Osborne S. A. E. 10. Bonnii ' Camp Wilkins Front row, left to right: Biidgcs, Dollar, Frederiksen, Kahn, Knupp, Boddic, Chambers. Back row: Coach William Tate, Darsey, King, Alexander, Williamson, Mjller, Pennington, 398 : — -ou n u TRACK LEFT TO RIGHT: Qulnton Lumpkin, Assistant Coach; Spec Towns, Head Coach. HARRY STEVENS Captain lOO.yard Dash, 220-yard Dash HENRy FREDERIKSEN Mile, Half Mile AL WOOTEN Pole Vault, High Jump VASSA CATE 100-yard Dash, Low Hurdle, Hish Hurdle JIMMy FORDHAM Shot Put, Discus OLIVER HUNNICUTT 100-yard Dash, 220-y3rd Dash Handicapped by the loss of its practice field and several key men, Georgia ' s 19.19 track team ex- perienced its worst season in many years. It was most Luifortunate that Coach Forrest " Spec " Towns, in his first year as mentor at his Alma Mater, should be so treated by Pate. Taking advantage of probably what was a rare opportunity of improving the running track, the Georgia athletic board decided to sacrifice any bad effects of tiiis year ' s athletic teams in lieu of a much finer track in the future. As if this loss were not bad enough, Coach Towns was beset with a series of losses of point winners. Lumpkin, Gillespie, Arnold, Farren, and Robin- son were graduated. Then, in rapid succession, high jumper Bill Martin and Captain George " Red " Salisbury were declared ineligible. Salisbury, Southeastern Conference javelin cham- pion in 1938 was ruled out on the eve of the open- ing meet with Presbyterian College. With Salis- bury went the chance of any Bulldog trackman bet- tering the University ' s all-time javelin thrust of 206 feet, 4 inches, set by Graham Batchelor. Harry Stevens, dash ace, was elected captain in Salisbury ' s place. Fate seemed to have a particular liking to the 400 lii li jumiKTS. Oricn l roolss, only siihstituti. ' to , l W ' liotcii, luimhcr one jiimiHT, Ictt siliool ;itti.T the Ck ' nisoii meet to aeeept a position with the New ork W ' orKl ' s l- " aii " . Woolen, hiniselt, remained o eru eiirht ami was unable to reaeli his marks ol last year. i ' , en with the retiirniiiL!; traekmen, startliiiji; re- crsals in lorm due largely to the laek ol a prac- tice fieUi, took place. ( li er " Rt)undy " ' Hunnicutt, ranked by track ex- perts as the fastest sprinter in the Southeastern Conference last year, exhibited none of the form w liich would earn him such a distinction. " Roundy " was beaten in early season meets by runners who could do no better than 10 flat. Henry Frederiksen, Conference mile champion, tried " iron man " stunts in Georgia ' s first three meets by running the 880, half, and mile events in each meet. Speculation as to whether " P ' reddy " would retain his mile title was favorable when he turned in a 4:28 mark against Clemson — the third op- ponent of the season. Ranked as one of Dixie ' s best in 1938, Vassa " Gus " Cate, Conference 100-yard dash champion, probably suffered more than any other member of the squad, except Wooten, from the lack of proper practice equipment. " Gus ' " best time half-way through the season was 15.1 — good in itself — but not an excellent average time. Wooten, using a makeshift jumping pit in the rear of Woodruff Hall, had not neared his marks of 6 feet, 1 inch, and 12 feet, respectively, in the high jump and pole vault made last year. Both Wooten and Cate, seniors next year, should regain their former abilities in 1940 when the new- track should be completed. Jimmy Fordham, always strangely inconsistent, hea ed the shot 4. feet against Clemson after fall- ing far short of this figure in previous meets. Likewise, Knox ]- ' .Idredge nearetl his old form as he leaped 22 feet against Auburn. Knox also gained several valuable points bv throwing the javelin and running the low hurdles in the first three meets. FORREST McCREADV Discus, Shot Put JIMMV JONES •140-yard Dash DORSE DYER 440-yard Dash, Half Mile KNOX ELDREDGE Javelin, Broad Jump MORRIS KING Two Miles JOHNNy KNUPP 440-yard Dash, Half Mile 401 I ' otentially one of the liest lieKI men (icorgia lias had since Maurice Green and Graham Batclielor, Forrest McCready aiiiiarentl hatl started " going places " with the discus with a toss of 121 feet in the Aubui ' n meet. McCready, just a sophomore, hati ne er felt ot the discus, shot, and javelin be- fore coming to Cieorgia, indicating that Coach Towns may liave another field ace in two more years. Other Bulldog cindermen include Captain Harry Stevens, dashman and broad jumper; Benton Dodd, quartcr-milcr and broad jumper; Morris King, distance runner; and Jimmy Jones and Dorsey Dyer in the middle distances. Prospects for I ' Md are slightly brighter than were those of this year. Almost the entire 1939 team will return plus se eral outstaniling freshmanpertormers. Notable among these is Bernie Stin- son, distance runner, who ran a 4:32 mile againstLanier High. CHANDLER ESTER Two Mites BOB HALL Shot Put, Discus DONALD WATSON 440-yard Dash GEORGE GRACE Bioad Jump, Javelin BENTON DODD 440-yaid Dash, Broad Jump L. T. PENNINGTON Two Miles RESULTS OF THE 1938 SEASON Georgia . 85-2 8— Presbyterian . Georgia 97 — Clemson . . . Georgia 69 —Florida . . . Georgia . 62-1 3— Auburn . . . Georgia . 76-1 2 — Georgia Tech . Georgia . 66-1 2— North Carolina Won . . . 5 — Lost .... . 37-1 3 . 34 . 57 . 63-2 3 . 49-1 2 . 59-1 2 1 Scored 36-1 ' 2 points in the Southeastern Con- ference meet to take third place. In the 3(t(t-yard medley relay, Georgia ' s team placed second. The team consisted of Howell Er- win, Jimmy Hudson, and James Fries. Georgia also placed second in the Southeastern A. A. U. meet held in Birmingham. In this meet Walters won the 100-yard free style, Goodloe Er- win the 220-yard free style, and Aurelius Barnett the 100-yard junior free-style event. RESULTS OF THE 1939 SEASON Georgia 42 — Clemson . . Georgia 62 — Auburn . . . Georgia 61 — Emory . . . 33 10 11 Georgia 39 — Clemson 36 Georgia 37 — F ' lorida 38 Georgia 62 — Cieorgia Tech ... 10 402 BAS E BALL CARROLL THOMAS Captain JOEGERSON Outfield GEORGE STALLING5 Thiid Base SPOOK NEWSOM Short Stop CECIL KELLV Second Base BILLy MIMS Outfield With a veteran team back, plus tiie addition of Bob Smith and Jacic Clifton, two newcomers to the pitching staff, Georgia ' s 1939 baseball team entered the season as one of the favorites to win the South- eastern Conference championship. Coach J. V. Sikes, beginning his second year as Bulldog diamond mentor, this season inaugurated an annual trip to Morida during the spring holidays. The Georgians split their first series with Stetson in DeLand, and took two games from Rollins in Win- ter Park before opening with Michigan State ' s Wolverines in Athens, March 27. The Bulldogs, with Clifton turning in a fine pitching performance, won a thrilling 3-2 decision over their northern op- ponents. Michigan State came back in the second game of the series to trim Georgia, 5-4. Georgia had little trouble with Clemson in the next series, and scored two easy victories. In the annual Little Commencement series, April 7 and jii n Ksaesm:- 1 404 8, Coach ' ci " ii()ii Sniitli, lormcr liulKlog iiK-ntor, re- turned to Saiilord I ' " icKl with a state eh.ampioiiship South Cai-olina nine. The (iamecoeks I ' oiited deor- jfia in the lirst tilt, hut the Red ami Bhiek team squared the scries in the second game. Tlie Bulldogs made it three straight over Clem- son, taking an 11-7 victory in a return game at Clemson. The second battle of a scheduled two- game set was rained out. Playing under floodlights at I ' dberton, Ga., Coach Frank Anderson ' s Oglethorpe team squeezed out a narrow, 6-5 decision over the Bulldogs in ten innings. Returning to Sanford Fieki, the next day, Coach Sikes ' charges took the Petrels by the same score. Georgia opened her bid for Southeastern Confer- ence honors by splitting a pair of games with Au- burn ' s Plainsmen in Auburn, Ala., dropping the opener, but winning the series finale. Sikes experienced difHculty in finding a winning in- field combination, with his biggest task consisting of finding a capable first baseman to replace George Stallings, who was shifted to third at the close of the 1938 season. After trying Dan Kii-kland, James Skipworth, and Roy Chatham at this post, the Bulldog coach called lanky Joe Killian in from his old spot in left field. Killian, always a dangerous hitter, prcnided the necessary spark in the infield. Cecil Kelly was again back on second, and Spook Newsom at short. Stallings, after a slow start at the plate, showed improved batting power, and held down the " hot corner " in a capable manner. Joe Gcrson, pint-si eil lead-off man, was the only veteran outfielder to return this ' ear. Billv Minis, IC ' t KILLIAN First B3SC EMMETT LVONS Outfield BOB SMITH Pitcher JAMES SKIPWORTH Fust Base ALEX McCASKILL Pitcher 405 BAS E BALL wlio was out in 19.18 because of a football Injury, returneil to left held, itli sophomore I ' .mmett Lyons, a heavy hitter and good fielder, starring in right field. Gerson, who seldom failed to get at least one hit per game, covered center field terri- tory in a dependable fasliion. Georgia ' s batteries for the ' 39 season were the best seen in Athens in recent years. Captain Car- roll Thomas, behind the plate, played bang-up de- fensive ball, while his ability to hit with " ducks on the pond " soon niaile him a grantlstand fa -orite. Headed by Bob Smith and J;»ck. Clifton, the niountl staff showeil more impro ' ement than any other department. Lester Norris and .Vlex Mc- Caskill were the lone veteran pitchers to return this year, and after early season wildness, they both reached a mid-season point of effectiveness. Smith, son of an ex-big league twirler, was the outstanding member of the pitching corps, and was hailed as a future big league star by Coach Sikes. Clifton, a junior college transfer was not only stingy in giving up base hits, but was also a dependable and hard-hitting batter. Ralph Thornton, Roy Chatham, Levi Hise, James Skipworth, and Dan Kirkland were included in a list of capable substitutes while Jeff Cain returned to bolster up the pitching reserves. Warren Lortwood, likable red-headed manager served his second yeai- in this capacity, while Trainer Fitz Lutz was instrumental in keeping the team m shape. DAN KIRKLAND Outfield JACK CLIFTON Pitcher ROy CHATHAM First Base RALPH THORNTON Catcher LEVI HISE Short Stop J. L.CAIN Pitcher 406 D ■ ■? j H H VP SWIMMING ' n «■• C. W. JONES Head Coach JOHN ASHFORD Captain " Thk best team I Iku e ever coached, " remarked Coach C. W. Jones in praise of Geortjia ' s 1939 swimming; team. In six dual meets, the Hulldo ; mermen rolled up 303 points to 138 for the opposition. They won five of these six meets, the lone loss heint; suffered at the hands of Florida ' s Southeastern Conference champions. The Uulldofis went on to take second place in the Conference meet with 50 points — only six short of Florida ' s win- nini; total. One feature of the s immin ; season was the renewed rivalry between the South ' s two outstandin} free-style artists — Georgia ' s Bill Walters and Florida ' s Chick Acosta. Walters lost to the ' Gator ace in the dual meet 100-yard event, but won the shorter 50-yard race. In the National Intercollejiiate meet, Acosta placed fourth in the 50-yard event while Walters failed to cjualify. Came the Conference meet and the two rivals again split honors, Walters taking the lOG-yard event and Acosta the 50- ard race. ( )ther members of the Bulldog squad placing in the Conference carnival were Aurelius Barnett, second in the 220- ard free-st lc and lourth in the 440-yard free-style; Goodhje Krwin, third in both the 220- ard free-style and the 150- yard backstr(jke ; jimmy Hudson, second in the 200 ' ard breaststroke, and Fd Dotter -, fifth in the 220- ard free-style. Georgia ' s 400-yard free-st le relay team took first place in record-breaking time, the new mark of 3:48.5 bettering the old record by some 11 seconds. John Ashford, James Fries, Goodloe Frwin, and Bill Walters composed the title- winning quartet. Sitting, left to right; G. Erwin, Matthews, Dottery, Barnett, Woods. Standing, left to right: Coach Jones, H. Erwin, Fries, Ashford, Hudson, Waiters. 408 GOLF George " So n " Swii-r ami Sdphounirc I ' .llint Wiulddl Icil (ieorgia ' s ji )llci tliruuirh a successful and cnldrtul sclu-ihilc. Swift won tlic Southeastern champidUship in I5at(m R(iu;ie 1 (lefcatiiiji tlie favorite, Castillo, of L. S. I . (leorj ia also placed tliird as a team in the Conference meet. The HulldiiL ' linksmen won three matches from 1 lampden-S dne (twice) and South Carolina in early competition. I).-i idson College furnished the strongest opposi- tion to Geori;ia, winninfj hoth matches pla ed. Second hisih spot of the ;i)lf season w .-is the annual Southern Intercolletiiate Tourna- ment sponsored hy the University of Georgia. In this meet, (jeorgia ' s team placed second to Duke ' s powerful Hlue l)e il four- some. Likewise, " Sonn " Swift took second place to Duke ' s Alexander in the qualify- ing roiuid. Klliot Waiidell was the onl ' memher of the Bulldog team to acKance far in the meet. Waddell upset se eral outstanding performers before he was defeated in the semi-finals. George Kiole and Ed Salvenson, two freshman golfers, showed fine class in meets with Gordon Military Institute and Georgia Tech ' s freshmen and are expected to be valuable additions to next year ' s varsity. Left to right: Dudley, Waddell, Bower, Bowen, Swift. 409 TENNIS J. R. DE LARA MAX LiNDSAV Coach Captain ' iTii()rT A siNfJLE outstanding player on the squad to bejfin with, n ' (Georgia ' s tennis team journeyed to Moriiia during the spring hoH- days where they met Morida Southern University, Saint Petersburg Tennis Club, University of Miami, and Stetson University. The Bui dog net-men won only from the Stetson squad. - " ' " " - Returning to Athens, the Georgia racket wielders were shut out, 9-0 by Duke. Second victory of the season came when Albright bowed, 9-(l. The Bulldogs then ran their winning streak to three straight by taking Furman, 6-1, and Clemson, 4-.1. Clcmson won the return match by the same score as the first match. Presbyterian College and Georgia Tech next added the Georgians to their lists of victims by scores of 7-0 and 6-3 respectively. Remaining to be played were Georgia Tech, Mercer, Chattanooga, Vanderbilt, and the South- eastern Conference tournament at the University of the South, Sewanec, Tenn. Lettermen this year are Zahner Reynolds, Max Lindsay, John McDermott, John Woods, Hilton Wall, anil Jotly Brown. With three members of the 1039 squad graduating and no outstanding freshman players appar- ent. Coach J. R. dc Lara expects only a mctlioere team next year. Left to right: Mohr, Brown, Wall, Coach dc Lara, McDermott, Woods, Lindsay, Rcvnolds. 410 1 J u LITTLE EHRHARDT BISHOP MacPHERSON WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Marion Ehrhardt President Margaret MacPhkrson .... ! ' ice-President Martha Bishop Secretary Mary Little Treasurer Pauline Cargill .... Editor If . IV. A. News MANAGERS OF SPORTS Ruth Waller Golf Caroline Lee Baseball Hilda Wright Basketball Evelyn Norton Volleyball M.4RY Redfearn Tennis Valeria Burroughs .... Uockcy and Soccer Fr.ances Couart Riflery Caroline Burson Archery Betty Scott Boivling Nell Hanner Outing Club MaybETH CarITHERS Pini ' -Pon); Minnie Schrikber Badminton Catherine Burkhart . . . Dance Club President Elizabeth Weir .... Dolphin Club President Virginia Peyton Hunt Club President COORDINATE COLLEGE WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Harriette Dozier OFFICERS President i]m RiNEARSON Bobbie Dell Stockton Secretary Vice-President Norma Greer . Ninette Payne Martha Parr . Dorothy Fr.ank MANAGERS OF SPORTS Swimming Florence Lee Callahan Bou ' ling Tennis Anne Edge Ping-Pong Volleyball RosE Martin Archery Basketball JOSEPHINE Harrison Baseball Amie Smith Golf Left to right, first row • Dozicr, Martin, Hutchinson, G.; Ehrhardt, Bishop, McPherson, Scott. Second row: Stockton, Little, Parr, Burroughs, Peyton, Carithers, Burkhart, Norton. Third row: Snuir, P.Trf ucttc, Hutchinso.n, B.; Greer, Callahan, Bond. 412 MASK AND FOIL CLUB Tm; Mask and I ' lHi. C ' l.i k as tiiuiulcil h a rnup ul iiicii ■.tiKiciUs at the University w lio wi-rc iiitcrt ' stcd in tciKiii; . Last )t ' ar a fiirls ' division was orjianizcil. rile cliih meets e er) other week with the piirpc sc ot pronic tinii l ood sportsinaiiship and teniinji cii the campus, and to iielp develop greater tencint; skill ainon ' the members b intercollegiate fencing. Members are chosen from students who have had at least two quarters of fencin;i, with a gra le of cii:ht or above, and the recommendation ot the instructor. Although but recentU ' founded, the Mask and Foil Club has made rapid ad ancement, with the help (,f the faculty advisor, Mr. V. H. A delotte, who has given much ot his time and effort to make it a success. Gau, Hutchinson dianinan Julia Allison Eugenia Uavis Harriett!-; I)o .ihr MEMBERS Grace Fitzgerald Beth Hutchinson Gail Hutchinson Left to right • Davis, Fitzgeiald, Hutchinson, G.; Dozief, Allison, Hutchinson, B. 413 Left to right • Peyton, Norton, Wright, Carithcrs, Smith, Burkhart, Davis, On, Eckford, Burroughs. DANCE CLUB Dan ' ci; Club, fnrmetl several years agu to provide a means of interpretation for those interested in tlie dance as an art form, has done much this ear toward that end under the able supervision of Miss Helen Priest, a former student of Benninjiton and a member of Martha (jraiiam ' s group. 1 his year the Dance Club has had the unusual opportunit of helping to sponsor a series of dance concerts in Atlanta, which included the Ballet Caravan, Martha Graham, and Harold Kreutzlieri;. The cluh also attended a recital given by led Shawn in Miiledgeville, Georgia. It has been the privilege of the club to participate in the annual Stunt Nite, the annual Dance Club concert, and for the first time in the histor ' of the club to be a part of a dance symposium at which dance groups from G. S. C. VV. in Miiledgeville were guests. These many and varied activities have given the members of the Dance Club an unusually progressive and interest- ing year. This year ' s work has revealed a widening interest in the dance as an art form and has helped to correlate the dance with other art and cultural patterns. OFFICERS Catherine Burkhart President NeLLE Coleman Secretmy-Treasurcr MEMBERS Catherine Burkhart Valeria Burrol ' ghs Eleanor Bushnell Maybeth Carithers Nelle Coleman Catherine Davis Eleanor Eckford Mary Little Evelyn Norton V ' lRc.iNiA Peyton Dorothy Phili ' ot Sara Jo Smith Jean Sortore Hilda Wright 414 GIRLS ' RIFLE SQUAD Till Rll ' l i; S(.)L ' . D, Cdaclicii h Major A. II. Peyton, sliot matilus during wintiT iiuaitcr. uinniiiu tour our of twelve selieilnleil niatolu ' s. Members of the I ' iille ' I ' eam were selected on a skill basis troin the squad as a whole and presented with medals durinLZ Sprint: (Juarter. Frances Cowart Manager MEMBERS Isabel Adams hi lAX Adams Mar ' .- Archer Kathleen Brannen MA ■BETH Carithers Jane Coile GwEN Collins Leonora Crossfield Mary Drake Norma Greer Louise Hodgson DORENE MeDLIN Daphne 1 ' arks Martha I ' arr Virginia Pe ton Dot Philpot Marguerite Radford Georgianna Raney Marie Richardson Margie Schmisseur Sar, Jo Smith Constance Thomas Hilda Wright Left to right, first row • Adams, Peyton, Carithers, Wright, Greer. Second row: Medlin, Smith, Collins, Coiie, Parr. 415 Left to right, first row • MacPherson, Dozier, Wier, Frank, Cargill, Parr, McConncll, Collins. Second row: Peyton, Dozier, Pitts, Wight, Gribble, Beatty, Adams, Callahan. Third row: Bond. THE DOLPHIN CLUB In April, 1927, the " Swimming Club " was organized at the University of Georgia for the purpose of creating an in- terest in the art of swimming. Only those girls who successfully passed the American Red Cross Senior Life-Saving Test were eligible for membership. The ele ' en charter members ere: Hilda Lind, President; Katherine Moore, Vice-Presi- dent; Martha Lester, Secretary-Treasurer; iLvelyn Berry, Alice Cartledge, Melville Goughty, Ivy Hixon, Rosina Pearl, Margaret Stone, Opal Satterfield, and Ruth Williamson. In 1928 the name " Dolphin Club " replaced the old name, " Swimming Club. " The word " dolphin " denotes sea mammals akin to whales and porpoises. The Senior Red Cross Life-Saving Badge was still the only requisite for membership in 1929. Each week classes were conducted in life-saving, swimming, and diving. The membership increased from 7 in 1929 to 22 in 1930. At the weekly meetings in 1933, instruction was given on life-saving and water front safety. A splendid water pageant on the " Evolution of Swimming " was given by the members of the Dolphin Club in 1934. From 1934 until the present time, the Dolphin Club has increased its membership each year. In 1939 the Dolphin Club sponsored the Intramural Swimming Meet, the Novice Swimming Meet, and two Telegraphic Swimming Meets. It has in many ways furthered interest and improvement in swimming. OFFICERS Elizabeth Wier President Ruth Waller flce-President Pauline Cargill Secretary Sara Jo Smith Publicity Chairman Miss Bond Advisor Lillian Acree Betty Adams Laura Artley Elsie Bacon Eleanor Banks Betty Beatty Martha Bullard Valeria Burroughs Florence Lee Callahan Pauline Cargill Maybeth Carithers GwEN Collins Harriet Dozier Dot Frank Nell Gribble Boots Griffiths MEMBERS Janice Hatcher Barbara Homa Sara Jarvis Margaret Maxwell Margaret MacPherson Betty McConnell Jean Parkinson Martha Parr Dot Philpot Katherine Pitts Frances Rich Betty Rinearson Mary Elizabeth Rose Louise Slocum Eloise Simpson Sara Jo Smith Bobbie Dell Stockton Elizabeth Thompson Ann Wade Ruth Waller Elizabeth Wier Martha Whitaker Rebecca Wight Emily Whatley 416 HUNT CLUB Till-: W ' dMi.Ns IIlx ' i (. ' i.iii :is tnuruli-d iliirinj: Spriii; (Jiiaitcr, ' h 7. Its mcmhcr liip is basi ' ii on skill in horse- manship and nunihcrs arc si ' lecti ' d h tr -()uts rr ularly. Arti ilics imludc noss-ccjuntiy an l hreakfast rides, also occa- sional rides tdizether with the joi ' key Club. OFFICERS Virginia Pl■; ■To J Pns ' ulent Mary Ann Geissler Secretary MEMBERS Catherine Jam; Hirkiiart Maybeth Carithers Mary Ann Geissler Freddie Hill Virginia Peyton Louise Price Sara Jo Smith Lillian Walker Elizabeth Wier Left to right • Walker, Flanlgan, Geissler, Smith, Daniels, Burlchart, Boyd, Wicr, Peyton, Carithers. 417 NTRAMURAL SPORTS IxTiiREST IN IX ' IRA.MURAI, SPORTS in 1938-39 was evidenced by the large number of participants. Several fraternities made stronj:; bids for the (lONernor ' s Trophy which is annually awarded the fraternity or dormitor with the highest number of points. So-called major sports — touchball and basketball — attracted the most attention. Phi Delta Theta, winning the boxing cup, with almost the entire chapter entering the competition, was the best example of a fraterriit working hard in a par- ticular sport. Due ti} the wink on the grounils, softball g(jt off to a late start, but there was plent) ' of interest, and several teams made a fine showing. FALL QUARTER Boxing Won by Phi Delta Tbeta Cross-Couutry Won by Camp Wilkins Golf Won by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Rifle Shooting Won by Kappa Alpha Tennis Won by Chi Phi Touch Football X Club League Won by Phi Delta Theta Sanford League Won by Chi Phi Blue Key League . . Won by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Finals Won by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Total Participants — 1155. WINTER QUARTER BasketJJall X Club League Won by Camp Wilkins Sanford League Won by Candler Hall Blue Key League . . . Won by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Finals Won Ijy Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bowling X Club League Won l)y Kappa Alpha Sanford League Won liy Sigma Nu Blue Key League . . Won by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Finals Won by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Soccer Won by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pocket Billiards Won liy Pi Kappa Alpha Total Participants — 805. SPRING QUARTER Sports scheduled for the Spring Quarter are : Softball, Swimming, Track, Volleyball and Ping-Pong. Points for the Governor ' s Cup : Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1025 Phi Delta Theta 825 Lambda Chi Alpha 820 Kappa Alpha 690 Sigma Nu 650 418 M ' V¥: % 7 ie eiaUic eU4f •- ' • f v » tr -m:.. . J-« r I Published for Free Distribution by the University Chamber of Commerce, Athens, Georgia FEDERAL WRITER ' S PROJEa NO. 43 1-3— ENTERED IN THE POST Drink Delicious and Refreshing i. Pure refreshment STUDENTS... Past and Present . . . for . . . 5 Years R c 111 c 111 b e r — THE McGregor co ATHENS GEORGIA The Best of Eats The Best of Drinks Call or Write for Quotations . . . on . . . SCHOOL AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT THE BEST OF WHOLESOME REFRESHMENTS i . 420 ALMA MATER ' Xeatli tlu ' piiK- irci ' s stately sliadow Spread thy riclics rare. Anil tliy sons, dear Alma Mater. Will thy treasure share. — Jaiiu-s Bones ]] ' ri ' iil , Jr.. ' IJ. Well spoUi ' the eliMiiunt imet. J. 1 ' ., ri«lit. Jr. laiithiir i)f our Alma Mater), when he spoUe thus glowingly of the treasure of Georgia. Chief among the treasures of this impire state of the South is the precious jewel set in the rolling hills of the northern part of the state, forming a eenter of art anil enltnre spreading its light and truth to a people who have so cagerl.v watched the growth of this great beacon of learning. Come to (Veorgia!!!! Xowhere else in the entire land may be found sucli golden opportunities as here await a young man seeking a " liberal " edu- cation, a thorough preparation for later life. Here await the best of literature, the culture of the ages, the companionship of those learned men who have made the I ' niversity a place of great renown. Here await those happy hours which every man looks back to as " my college days " — those happy, gay, halcyon times to be re- membered a lifetime in joyous retro- spection. Here await business oppor- tunities the like of which may not be found in any other college in the country. Here await social contacts, opportunities for honor and recogni- tion. .AH in the midst of one of the South ' s most beautiful surroundings, adequate, ornamental, charming to the point of unreality. It is truly a gem of the architect, the designer, as well as the practical, pragmatic, mundane scientist. Following are listed only a few of the pleasurable and profitable pur- suits that the student may follow at this earthly paradise. PEOPLE Remembering that studies are not the whole of college life, students at the University of Georgia spend many of their leisure hours improving the social side of their characters. At any time of the day or night at the Co- op, at Costa ' s, at the bowling alleys, at the Tavern the student may relax from his more serious pursuits with such merry companions as George Vundt, Johnny Wright, Helen Bate- man, Everett Bryant. Bob Norman, Fat Baker and James Hacke. These, the members of the so-called " Smart Set, " would be a worthwhile addition to the social acquaintances of any- one interested in associations with the elite. The new student can learn many of the intricacies of college life from Miss Bateman, the University ' s girl ' s girl, if he can but separate her from constant companion, Mr. C. O. Baker. Typical of HER DAY is the follow- ing: . . . breakfast at the Co-op, where she picks up the first of her intimates, " Smart Set " pledse. Mr. Yundt, who, by now is ready for a slight snack before retiring after a heav} ' evening ' s partying . . . together the twii traipse blithely to Costa ' s in search of the other two musketeers, who hold in readiness four cups of black coffee . . . after an inspiring bit of classical music, consisting of " Flat Foot Floogie, " " Hold Tight, " and " Don ' t Get Me High, " the quartet comes to the conclusion that all play and no work makes them dull (even to themselves), and adjourn, at high noon, for an early morning workout at the bowling alley. After takin.g great care to speak to all the acquaint- ances of Yundt, Wright, and Bryant — both of them — they leave for j lrs. Cook ' s place on the Macon road to spend the afternoon in gay diversion. As the cool of the evening draws on. .Miss Bateman, one blanket, and one musketeer depart for the river road, while the other two return to tow ' u to fortif} ' themselves for the strenuous evening. In the early mornin.g hours, tired out by a hard day of educatiimal processing, the " Smart Set " retire to their individual beds for a few hours sleep, while the professors vainly call their names in class. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF A JELLY Jellies are minute colloidal particles, sometimes positively charged with alcoholic ions, dispersed among the members of the opposite sex in Cos- ta ' s and such places. These particles ' great athnity for each other some- times causes explosive violence. In the presence of the waves set up by rapid music the particles have the peculiar property of acquiring vibra- tory movements, which actions have given them the name " Jitterbugs. " The most distinguished property of jellies is that most students arc more xitally interested in studying them than are the professors. HIGHWAYS Highways are the pathways of life. Surrounding the Classic City are many examples of the best of the roadniakers ' art. Xowhere else can the motorist find such well-laid-out 421 roadways, wide, often traveled, flanked on each side by beautiful scenery, the typical pines of Georgia. ' I ' he University of Georgia is indeed blessed to be thus located in the midst of this veritable cobweb of the best, the finest, in the way of highways. During the daylight hours the road- ways throb with the teeming tide of the South ' s great commercial progress and enterprise. The lifeblood of a nation blows along these vital arter- ies, symbol of man ' s triumph over the wilderness of the Indians and the beasts of the forest. " When Evening draws its curtain and i)ins it with a star, " then do the students begin to put to use the roads surrounding the University. This is the prime, the original, the main, use for which the highways are built in the vicinity of the college. The traf- fic narrows down to three main classes: blond, brunette, and redhead, for which the University has long been renowned. Most ancient, but still the most popular has long been the river road, following the winding trail of the Lazy Oconee. Late of a spring ' s evening, many are the stu- dents who might be found there, in- cluding, in the main, Xoli Solona, Bob Mayes, Frances Mercer, Dick De- Golian, Flash Watson, Scott Brown, Jean Parkinson, Xorman Camp, Proof that children should not play in the street. Rannie Geissler, Gus Cleveland, and others. Also justly famous are the two localities referred to as the Alps and Bobbin ' s Mill. Among frequent- ers of these haunts could easily be Dyar Massey, Marie Richardson, Gene Phillips, Dora Cordero, Charlie Collins, or Helen Clark. Although there are many other spots, suitable for the same purpose, it is extremely difficult to list most of them, as the roads, for a great part, have no names, and cannot be listed here. It will be remembered, however, that many byways back of the Agricultural campus are provided, along with a great number of other spots, by the board of regents for the use of the students of the University. THEATER For those who aspire to tread the immortal boards, to pursue their later years in greasepaint, the University offers a program of theatrical activity B U I C K PONTIAC PlIOXK 4I(; GEORGIA MOTORS, INC. i Briiud al Lumpkin ATHENS, GEORGIA Warren C. Thurmc.ncl „, ] " - R OT iishington at Thomas Presiaeul Manager Phone no HARRY F. DOBBS, INC. HOTEL, RESTAURANT and INSTITUTION SUPPLIES 287 Peachti-ee, N. E. ATLANTA :: GEORGIA nUNN ' C J MEN ' S STORE W HEADQUARTERS FOR COLLEGE MEN 1 Face Brick Common Brick MERRY BROS. BRICK TILE CO. ............. « I ' liuiK ' 7S7 Structural Tile } I j Finnish Your Home With . I! STERCHI BROS. . GOOD FURNITURE lfi4 E. ( lavton t I ♦ t t t t ♦ WALTER BLEDSOE COMPANY AUGUSTA GEORGIA ! COAL i-.............— .......... 422 uiu-i|u;illc(l ill tlu ' Sciutli. I ' luU-r tlu ' superb nianaKcniciU i){ liilwurd Cass Crouse, director, tlie l nivcrsity Thea- ter has produced marvels that have amazed the theater - goiuK puhlic throughout the state I ' erlornied ii the Sency-Stovall (. ' hapel. tlie three annual gems of the acldr ' s trade are done in the surrounding of maKiiili- cent sets made by the eflicient stage crew, famous for its work done in record time for each ])erformance. un- surpassed, even on tile professional stage. Anioiig llie hits of the past success- ful year are " Excursion, " produced in the fall, and " Romance, ' ' the win- ter play. I ' erliaps the most notable of the features of the theater is the act- iiiL; of .Mary Nell McKoin, offstage as well as on. Miss .McKoin, like any true actress, believes in living lur parts. While Director Crouse is sur- rounded by his galaxy of alleged pub- licity men, seeking favor in Red aiui Black elections, Thalian - Blackfriars immoralize with a merry abandon in cubbj ' -holes known as dressing rooms. Backstage all scenes are love scenes. Practice makes perfect. Major domo of this company of thespians is assist- ant director Dorothy " Crisco " Mur- ray. F.ver at her post behind the side curtain, script in hand, she corrects without fail, after a few minutes, all malfeasances on the part of the ac- tors. Meanwhile Crouse continues to bellow frantically from the third row, " For Gawd ' s sweet sake! " No re- sponse forthcoming he bellows again. This time Susan Dillingham replies, " Now is that nice, Mr. Crouse? " PUBLICATIONS The L niversity lias long been famed for its literary and journalistic output. Esteemed throughout the nation are the campus publications, the P. NU0R. , the Red and Black, the Georgia .-igriciitlurist. the Cyt ress Kuee, and the Student Directory. The Geor- gia Arch is also slightly known in cer- tain circles. Chief contact with the state of Georgia, the University ' s pub- lications offer ample opportunity for the student to display the light of his literary learning. Known as the nation ' s number one weakliest, the Red ana Black offers special opportunities for otherwise dull Wednesday nights. I ' nder the dictatorial leadership of . ll-. iiierieaii editors, Davidson ami McCirii, llie campus gossipers gather in the Red and Black office regularly on Wednes- day nights to exchange choice mor- sels about their select friends, while the well-known Roddy Ratclillfe lis- tens carelully and gleans for liis syndicated column, appealing es- pecially to intellectual readers of good taste. Meanwhile, the infre- quently read editorial page screams forth the personal and private ideas iif the editor and of some disgusted stuiKnt who has lost out in politics, failed to make the tennis team or couldn ' t lind a housemother. Much other such material, lacking the es- sential element of student interest, is hastily compiled and prepared for the poor men at McGregor ' s who do the real work. I ' inishing their muck-rak- The love interest in " Romance. ' Red and Black goes to press. ing for the week and having glutted themselves on sandwiches and campus gossip, the staff goes home to bed, to anxiously await the coming out of the weekly to see what is really in it. With the publication this year of the Military Department ' s official record book and swinging from Sigma Chi to Kappa Alpha, P. ndor. hits a new high in honors for sorority girls, under the punctilious prodding of Newton, Butts, Camp, Littlepage, et al. For the insignificant sum of J4. .52. slyly assessed periodically, students are granted the high privi- lege of having an alleged likeness, looking as much like themselves as any other human being, appear on one (1) of the innumerable useless pages. In view of the short time between re- lease of the yearbook and tlu- first fall assessment, the staff works feverishly to get the book in the hands of the readers before the time for the assess- ments on the ne. t issue to begin. Greatest of all organs for individual publicity, the Georgia Arch has for ,a solid year blasted forth the prejudices of lulitor Eugene Phillips and tlie opinions, if any. of ICditor John Pye. The only points on which the .Ircli arouses the ire of students is as fol- lows: (1) its contents (2) its politics (3 1 its finances (4) Hacke and Levy (5) the Georgia Arch. Tremendously Three of a kind: Johnson, Collins, and the Arch. outweighing these minor disadvan- tages, are Jeanne Ross, Wylene Righ- toii. and Betty McDavid. The Arch is the screen upon which is reflected the literary genius of h ' ranklin cam- inis. Thank (iod for . g Hill. FORENSICS I ' mil the I loii.,i-al,k- William Jen- nings I ' .ryan became the boy orator of the nation late in the last century, •Georgia was known as the home and stomping grounds of those who could best say nothing convincingly. Today has seen a resurgence of this ideal. ' )n the campus today we have many men land all the women) who can worthily uphold the ideal expressed above. Under the trees and in the ancient halls of this historic old cen- ter of learning have been heard the oratorical gems of such noted and far-famed speakers as Bol) Toombs, . lex Stephens, Henry W. Grady, " Country " Johnson, Commissar Mil- ton Brown, and Der h ' uhrer I ouis Sohn. As in the earlier days of the Uni- versity, the Literary Societies, Phi Kappa and Deniosthenian, continue their important and leading positions on the campus and in the affairs of most of the students, . mple oppor- tunity is given the student to cultivate the fine art of self-expression. Meet- ing regularly on Wednesday nights, the societies engage in debates on such important subjects as marriage, birth control, and whether or not the caiui)us should change its affiliations from the Democratic to the Republican party, determining largely the views of the students on these subjects. Demonstrating their love of individual freed, ini. both societies naturally vote against any and all proposals. Whenever any important subject comes up in Deniosthenian Hall, the student luay be treated to the bombas- tic outbursts of " Major " Walker and " Country ' ' Johnson, . side from the fact that their ranting is on a subject that is entirely unrelated, they can manage to get over a point in an hour 423 MOON-WlNN Drug Co. " The Store of Personal Service " Coinplimen s of YOUR GAS COMPANY • Coniplinu ' iifs of ■ ■ J. K. DAVIS SONS Phone 1877 ATHENS, GA. BUILDERS OF Le Conte Hall Sigma Nu Chapter House Mary Lyndon Hall New Girls ' Dormitory The Burman Printing Co. PHONE 926 ir Coiiiplimeiifs of ■ ■ GALLANT-BELK CO. Athens ' IjeaduKj Department Store MARTIN BROS. Shoe Rebitilders Work Called for and Delivered Phones 621 717 151 and 455 Clayton St. 1 I » PHONES 1316 and 1317 Clayton Street ARNOLD and ABNEY GROCERS and BAKERS Across the street from Costa ' s A VARIETY OF BREAD AT ALL TIMES GATES STUDIO ALL TYPES OF PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK Q ROOM Established in 1912 Equipment : Service : Environment The Best » 235 N. Lumpkin Street BILLIARDS : SODA : SMOKES } j ATHENS GEORGIA 424 or so to tluMr avid listeners. Surely the i)rospective stiuleiit will want to sit at the feet of sneli learned masters. If. however, ilie tastes of the stu- dent do not run to eruptive dis- courses, he shoulil 1 ' .ill means in- vestigate the offerings of the rival society across the way. I ' hi Kai pa. Silver tongued fog horn. long known as the center of cabalistic intrigue, is guaranteed to teach the novice the fine art of whispering out of the side of his mouth and trading votes with both his hands behind his back. Though no match in loudness for the loud mouthed sons of Demos- thenes, in return for listening to the disconnected utterances of Propa- gandist Morris Abram, Don Wilder, Buster Mathews, and others of such ilk, loyal supporters of Phi Kappa frequently are given cigars, in a des- perate effort to burn up the Univer- sity ' s appropriation. Membership in these tioble societies is a high honor, only attained by diligence, practice, and the promise to vote " right " in the elections. Attend- ance is optional unless, of course, the student is a fraternity freshman, in which case it becomes obligatory. Lucky indeed is such a freshman, for the difficult decision of which society to join has been made long in ad- vance by the rat court judge. Not the least of the advantages of- fered by the Literary Societies at the University of Georgia campus is the opportunity to become a member of the debatin.t; team and ti: join in the many inter-society (kdiates. The lat- ter are among the most im|)ortant events of the school year ami llu- student body tuni nut en ni.isse !■ ' Costa ' s, {ir any place out of the range of the high powered voices of those seekers after a free honor, charitably known as a " speakers " key. Debating ofTers line opportunities lor those students with an urge to travel. To obtain a free mid-winter vacation at the expense of the state of Georgia should be the aim of every budding young speaker. Naturally only the best speakers are allowed to make the northern tri]) and friendship and pull with the debate coach do not count — much. Such is clearly evi- denced by tile fine orators, Bob Mc- Cuen, Carlisle Taylor, Bob Norman, and Howell Ilollis (who has a car), making the trip in 1938-39. PHVSICAL FACILITIES The University of Georgia is pro- vided with all necessary equipment to facilitate the jiursuit of learning. It is fortunate in possessing one of the most beautiful campuses in Clarke County, its well-planned maze of buildings sporadically placed accord- Phi Kappa sways public opinion again. New buildings. ing to a previously conceived plan, which, like Biftad ' s constitution, was lost the day after it was formulated. Adequate physical exercise has been provided for the students inasmuch as it is necessary for them to cover a campus composed of fifty-si.x militia districts and three voting precincts in the ten minutes allotted between classes. The eyes of the casual visitor to the University of Georgia campus are immediately attracted to the chaste magnificence of the architecture of the hall of Demosthenian. Rearing above the mountains of red dirt, piled high by the tree-planting activities of impresario W ' ineniiller, who keeps the campus in a constant dither with his desultory but diligent diggings, is the stately grace of Old and New Col- lege. The new buildings of the Univer- sity, masterpieces of bricked-in-space, granted by the grace of Franklin Del- ano Roosevelt, will indeed be great assets to the student body when and if provided with the same comfor- table furniture which enhances the dark but dignified interior of ancient .• cadeiTiic. 425 . . . even private swimming pools. GREEK LIFE cannot live by bread alone. Tile University of Georgia takes full recognition of this fact and provides the student, during his hapi)y and carefree days in college, with amjile opportunity for the close and endur- ing ties of fraternal association. For the girls, sororities are provided. Contrary to popular opinion, there exists at the University, at the present time, no exclusivcness in the selection of membership to the many and varied Greek letter organizations. Any stu- dent who wishes to join will be offered invitations to pledge to at least one lodge no matter what his c|ualifications and antecedents may be. With the beginning of freshman week in September, 1938, each group imported its standard equipment, con- sisting of twelve automobiles, a gross of pledge pins, unemployed alumni, and one back room. Freshmen were herded from place to place by repre- sentatives of first one fraternity and then the other, looked at once by each interested group, offered bids, and given ten days — one to pledge in and nine to find out why. All the fra- ternities being composed of gentle- men, there was no such thing as in- ducing the innocent freshman to break dates with other groups, and Our faiiy godfather. come into the back room and hold off six third-degree artists. Some freshmen, being a bit undecided, adopted as a matter of convenience the expedient of carrying around in their pockets five or six of the more beautiful buttons. Among the more colorful fraterni- ties, a preeminently " pink " place must be assigned to the Chi Phis. Enter- ing wholeheartedly and with joyous abandon into all campus activities they have made every one of their THE UP-TO-THE-MINUTE GEORGIA LAWYER CANNOT AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT THE CODE OF 6EOR6IA ANNOTATED Complete in 34 Books • • • allCl • • • Current Pocket Parts Contains all the law — the enact- ments of the Legislature and a digest of the decisions of the courts of last resort in this State, as well as a digest of the decisions of the Federal Courts construing the laws of Georgia. Kept to date by Cumulative Pocket Parts making the Code practically perpetual. • prospeelus showing sample pages, price and easy plan of payment mailed on request. THE HARRISON COMPANY LAW BOOK PUBLISHERS 151 Spring Street, N. W. Atlanta, Georgia HEADQUARTERS FOR GEORGIA LAW BOOKS 426 Muiiilur Dili -.Uimliiij;- iH-rsoiiages mi the caininis and I ' ainiliar laces on lliu Tavern floor. Ilowever, even the warm. hnnianiziiiK spirit nf t ' lii I ' lii has as yi-t In bring to their full rach ant lilor.v sneh Inislifnl and retirinn souls as lliinier Arrington, " Chum " I ' lroun. and r.i hhy Troutman. ' riu- hme cxci-ption to the rule that frater- nities on the eaiiiiuis are not exclu- sive is Sigma Alpha ICpsilon. wliose discrimination and taste are well known to at least half the student liody — wild are members. The Stand- ing Army of h ' thiopia reserves W ' ood- rtiff Hall each Monday night for a mass chapter meeting. A prolitahle source of income tn Mctiregor ' s is the LimLii . iilr£ S At Home: Georgia Beta of S. A. E. printing of name-plate badges for the brothers to wear on their coat lapels, riuis it should be clear to the prospec- tive student that there will be no dif- ticulty in recognizing his fraternity brothers. One of the chief improvements in the real estate of the Classic City in recent years, was the slum clearance project staged by the Sigma Nus when the entire chapter went on PW ' A. Tired of having their head- quarters referred to as the Chi Phi outhouse tliey put in plumbing fix- tures and called it a lounge. Making a spirited and gallant bid for social preeminence, during the Sigma Nus go to the cleaners. year 1938-39, the Phi Delta Thetas achieved marked success. They hung a pin on Connie Roberts. Unable to put into force a new con- stitution as drawn up by Brother Hal- liburton, the K. -•K.s decided to con- line their iinprovemcnts for the year to getting a new house. Only progress report ed were negotiations to lease the bottom floor of their domestic es- tablishment to the Varsity — as a very desirable location in the center of Athens ' growing business district. Anxious to get the jump on the " ther boys in getting a glimpse of the sorority pledges — in shorts — Sigma Chi, making a valiant attempt to avoid being ignored by the rest of the campus, sta.ged its annual bid for recognition, politely called a pledge derby. Hopefully they selected the mii t .gullible appearing of the sorority pledges, F.dith Ann Teasley, as the sweetheart of Sigma Chi. There are several other fraternities on the campus. Chief among the benefits to be derived by young females at the Uni- versity is that deep sisterly feeling engendered and fostered by the 12 social machines on the campus com- monly called sororities. Each year, in an attempt to rope in all t he eligi- ble young bachelors on the campus, the various groups hold tea dances, ostensibly to introduce their new pledges to the University. The annual nine months ' war be- tween the Phi Mus and the Chi Omegas was accepted in 1938-39 as a matter of course, by a campus hardened to these conflicts. As is customary, the Tri-Delts dur- ing the school year had one important woman on the campus, Margaret Darst. ( )f course, there w ' ould have been others had it not been for the fact that the rest of the .group was entirely occupied with casting votes for Darst. The visitor to the University of Georgia will also find the large Greek letters, A D Pi, strung across the front of some house in Athens. An incomplete survey reveals the fact that there are traces of eight other women ' s Greek letter organizations on the campus, with the number con- stantly growing. The year 1938-39 witnessed the advent of Pi Beta Phi ami Sigma Tau sororities and .- lpha Gamma Rho fraternity on the cam- pus. It is e.xpected that they will soon take their rightful places. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES The University of lieorgia ofTers business opportunities to the indus- trious student the like of which can- not be found at any other institution of higher learning. Since the War (World) niany youths have earned the necessary expenses of attaining a degree from the University through their iwn diligence and application. . t all times there are positions that may be had for the asking by those who desire work such as waiting on tables in the University dining halls, taking dry cleaning, NY. work, or playing football. l ' " or the student whose health precludes such honest and hard labor the University offers many positions e |ually remunerative, if jiroperly handled, . niong these op- liortunitics may be properly classified the following positions: Campus Leader. President of the Senior Class, Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class, President of the Pan- Hellenic Council, editorship and business managership of the various student publications, treasurer of any student organization and Colonel of the Uni- versity R. ( ). T. C. The first step, and the tnost inipor- t:int. in securing one of these lucra- tive [Jositions is to be able to slap everyone ' s back when his face is liiriucl and slap his face when his back is turned. The other essential is to remain as quiet as possible and do nothing so that you will make no enemies. Further it cannot be stressed too much that one must know the " right ' ' people. Anyone trying to get one of these jobs and failing may find consolation in the fact that the par- ties responsible for their defeat are crooks. (Ask Louis Johnson for more complete and detailed information. 1 During the school year 1938-39, one of the most successful business en- terprises at the University was the position of Campus Leader, a position supposedly filled by vote of the non- fraternity men, but one which is in reality filled by the campus men w-ith the best oiled political machine and the largest Ag Hill following. " Whiskey ' ' Still, the high powered financier from Monroe, was eminently successful in the sale of freshinan caps at the rate of $1 each, with a reputed cost of 3Sc. Of course, there is a great deal of expense connected with the handling and sale of these headpieces, hut due to good manage- ment and aided by several strong men with a lust for " fresh meat, " Still was able to operate at a substantial profit. Unhappily hampered by certain by- laws adopted by the Pan-Hellenic Council ill a fit of reform dictated bv Still sells another rat cap. 427 Campus Note Compliments of ■ f ■ S. H. KRESS CO. 5-10-25 Cent Store RICH ' S Men ' s Shop Quality Service } INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING CO. 142-146 West Clayton Street Phone 276 Athens, Ga. i ! PATRICK ' S PHARMACY SODAS : SANDWICHES : DRUGS MONTAG BROTHERS, INC. I ATLANTA, GEORGIA ' . . . Makers of . . . Blue Horse Student Supplies Montag ' s Fashionable Writing Papers 1889 ' ' 50th Anniversary 1939 MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT . . Bulldog Bowl " Boivl For Health ' s Sake ' Ideal Power Mowers For Colleges, Parks, Estates Cemeteries IF IT S SOLD BY " OVER-NITE " SERVICE We carry a complete stock of Whirlwind Mowers and Johnston All Steel Hand Mowers EVANS IMPLEMENT CO. , 563-5-569-71 Whitehall Street, S. W. ATLANTA :: GEORGIA | 428 an irate student body, Charles Evans, the president for this school year was only able to drive a Studebaker unlil after the spring da n c e s wlu ' u he traded it in for a new Mercury. In former years, presidents of the Greek Council have driven about in Lin- colns, Cadillacs, and such, and it is hoped the position will regain its former glory in the near futuri-. Tlu- salary legally paid b-vans of $175 was small in c imparison with his other gains, inchiding the " free " distribu- tion i f passes to tile Homecoming and Little Commencement dances, a few missing pass out checks and an al- lowance from home of $2.50 per week. Of course, his take would not have been much had he not had the assist- ance of Treasurer Ned Milsap and Secretary Sol Singer, who have had no difficulty in meeting their obli- gations during their term of office. Harried by the activities of the University of ( ' 1101 ;,, Co-op, at- Roy Mercer ' s competition. tempting to muscle in. the President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class in united front, have managed to maintain their strangle hold on the senior ring and graduation bonanzas. Like Hitler, the Co-op, which is di- rected by salary-cut professors who must make a living too, always likes to take over a good thing, and the substantial profit on invitations at 50c each is definitely a good thing. The Colonel of the R. O. T. C, through his chairmanship of the Mil- itary Ball usually makes a substan- tial profit. Commander for the year 1938-39, Floyd Newton, unable to sell the liquor concession, nevertheless, came out well indeed by the expe- dient of signing an orchestra which failed to show up. Together with his editorship of the Pandor.a, New- ton has hoarded enough pennies to pay his way through school, and go to Harvard for two years. New- fields to conquer. Davidson, editor of the Red and Black during the first half of the year managed to buy seven new outfits, take a trip to Daytona, Florida, and support the Tavern on his earnings. Bob McCuen, editor for the second term, adding to his rapidly growing collection of pipes, made several trips to the North besides meeting his school expenses, including the initia- tion fee to practically every club on the campus. Not the least of the remunerations attached to the edi- torial office of the Red and Black is the vast number of free passes, tick- els, etc., issued, of course, out of pure friendship. (Jene I ' liillips. forced to leave the editorship of the Georgia Arch when his political ni.ichine failed to get him a second icini, nevertheless contrived to buy himself an automobile an l a bunch of alleged gold keys. The . n i, by a curious coincidence, was left ii the hands of the receiver with a deficit of approximately $600, — ex- actly the amount recommended for the year ' s exchauK ' e schol.irship on the Italian Riviera, which I ' liillips plans for the coming year. It is unnecessary to mention the fact that the men who hold the purse strings of the various publications, Business Managers Bernard Butts, John Rice and Lewis Turner, deri ed more profit from their iiositions than those who sat in the editorial chairs. In spite of the fact that the enter- prising young student will be able to earn the necessary expenses of his four year sojourn at the University of Georgia, it is advisable that he bring with him at least five dollars to pay for the smoothest stunt of the University of Georgia, the charge made for the diploma after the stu- dent has worked four years to get it. POLITICS The L ' niversity of Georgia has long been known as a training ground for embryonic statesmen. Many and renowned are the scintillating figures of state and national politics who re- ceived their training in the classic shades of Athens. Boasting a pre- ponderance of organizations, the Uni- versity, by the very number of avail- able offices proffers to each and every prospective student ample opportu- nity for the full gratification of those political talents whicli he may find inherent in himself. -Among tlie more important politi- cal coups of the school year 1938-39 are numbered the following: (1) The high spot of the political horse-trading of every year is reached when it first becomes known which fraternity or fraternities have switched their previous affiliations to gain a Pan-Hellenic office. Prerequi- site for successful switching is to be bound by an iron-clad contract not to switch, thus enabling the office seek- ing fraternity to more easily evade the eyes of the party whi])s. Also con- venient is a conscience which knows no qualms. In the spring of 1938, the Sigma Nus and Alpha Epsilon Pis were endowed with an abundance of both. Despite the adage, " Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, " Sigma Nu ' s Charlie Evans avidly took the prof- fered golden apple, the presidency of the Pan-Hellenic Council, from the silver platter extended by Chi Phi ' s 429 Bobby Troutman. The following day the Snakes cut down the hedge grow- ing between their house and that of till- Chi Phis — bosom buddies after lilty years. Perennial Ned Millsap, who believes in taking the cash and letting the credit go, managed to cap- ture the guardianship of the funds — probably because the Lambda Chis have a house with more back rooms than any other. In return for chang- ing their promised affiliations, the . lvPis were rewarded by having Harvey Cohen elected vice-president. .Agreement was made that Millsap and Cohen would exchange positions at Christmas in order that both might profit, but Millsap, more of a Shy- lock than Cohen succeeded in retain- ing tlu- purse strings. No one but Charlie Evans and, of course, Millsap, can explain w-hy there were no meet- ings so that the change could be made possible. Following the jockeying for and settlement of positions on the Pan- Hellenic Council, the Sigma Nus and the AEPis, together with their new political allies, got men into Grid- iron and numerous other campus or- ganizations, while the membership in societies controlled by their former associates disappeared suddenly from their houses. (2) Desiring to be president of some campus organization, ATO ' s pride. Big Shot Fred Wickham, organized the Epicurean club for others of the underprivileged group and w-as chosen " temporarj ' " president. (3) For the prospective student who does not wish to become em- Pumping out votes. broiled in the mazes of fraternity negotiations, the election of campus leader provides an adequate outlet. Wilson Still, alias " Whiskey, " follow- ing the rugged example set by his predecessors in office, was elected by a minimum of effort and a maximum amount of bad liquor, aided and abetted by the solid support of the . g Hill contingent. (4) -A career of unparalleled bril- liance lies in store for any student contemplating entering the Lhiiversity who possesses the invaluable asset of a father w ho may be classified as a person of " importance. " Leading ex- ample of the student of this genus is Robert Battey Troutman, Jr., who ■| r COMPLIMENTS ' O F SAVE MONEY JNIiikc (.)lil l ()()l ' s as Servirciililf hs New with a Cdritiiiy ' of ( I Aiucricaii Liquid Roof Cement Ask for Free Inspection by (J)ur Skilled Reprcs ntative I SIMMONS COMPANY!, , , . ., ,„. } The American Oil Paint Co. } i t ( t • CLEVELAND, OHIO j BEDS SPRINGS MATTRESSES } £,,„,,,, «„„, coatmg Manufacturers j STEEL FURNITURE (i-:sTAiu.iHii.;n i ATLANTA GEORGIA Coiupliiiiciifs of ! ! You Arc t ALWAYS Welcome At . . . " 1 i Crow ' t 1 s Cut-Rate Drug Store 1 1 1 } 25.J E. C ' la 1 ytoii Athens, 6a. — Compliments of ■ ■ FINDLEY DRY CLEANERS ACROSS FROM THE ARCH i New and Used Text Books Si hool Supplies and Novelties We Pay Cash for Used Books GEORGIA BOOK STORE | KIM Cdllese Avenue Next to Varsity ' -p H E IGuras $c 31 nktna uil ratr B PALACE GEORGIA ' STRAND Athens, Georgia t « « A VER N THE BEST PLACE TO EAT AND DRINK ATHENS GEORGIA 430 He lost his hat, . . . lia traiK ' d on this :nul lii ■•ratorioal alillit to rise to tlu- liei lits usually altaiiUMJ liy liaril work. The uiiracli.- allntti ' d t i ly y was his elcctiim to Spl inx. Tro itni-in smiled, comineiit- inj; not. A year spent living in the i-dnipanv of Dyer Massey and Morris Ahrani were not without avail. (5) Climaxing a successful tenure of office, Wickham was legally eliosen liern-.anent president of the l-.pi- eureans. (0) In the journalistic field, the greatest coup of the year was the surprise victory of shy John Pye and Lewis Turner, which left Hitchhiker Eugene Phillips shy of the editorship of the Georgia Arch, allegedly humor- ous magazine. The well-oiled machine of Phillips awoke to lind a monkey wrench clattering among its wheels, which stopped it short of the mucli ilesired second term mark. You can fool some of the people all of the time, etc. The prospective student shouUl re- number throughout all his college ilays tliat eternal vigilance is the price of peace, and. if lie wouhl stay in otlice, he should not tail to profit by the pitiful example of Hitchhiker Gene. (7l ickham re-elected president of Epicureans. (8) Desiring in this prospectus to give a complete picture of the Uni- versity of Georgia, concealing noth- ing, revealing all, it is unfortunately necessary to mention the Y. M. C. A. election of 939. " Angel Eddie " Secrest, realizing that a new year calls for a new president, discarded played out stooge Elmon Vickers, nominated and placed haloes on the heads of Bringing in th sheeps. Howell Mollis, Lewis Killian, and Boh Xorman, magnanimously leaving it to the student body to " elect " the presi- dent of the Y. M. C. A. .Klthough Xorman was elected, followed l)y lloUis, (j JOn Killian, relegated to the position of secon l vice-president, still ru.iinlaiiis that there is no polities in the N. M. L. . . I ' unly coincidental was the fact that the newly elected |)rcsiilent, secretary, and treasurer were good Sigma (his. A hopeful note for the future is the fact that the very roof of the Strahan House, poolroom of the Y. M. C. A. hoys, was blown completely off wdien Yerner t ' haftin led a beer party in- stead of a Morning W.itch. ( ' »! ickhani oiled his political ma- chine, preparatory to running for a third term as president of the Epi- cureans. (10) Proving that politics may touch the life of every student, un- known though he be is seen in the fact that Eugene I ' ark, E. D. I ' dumen- thal, Samuel DeWitt Mandeville, .Mfred Morgan, and William Russell had their names thrust before the senior class in the place of a valedic- torian. The senior class, punch drunk from the shock of seeing the five, and After Chaffln. aided by a large group, from the Com- merce School, managed to elect Mandeville. All this despite the fact that Morgan went to the trouble of securing a roll of the senior class and personally calling on a large number of the prospective voters. The others also ran. (11) Wickham was elected presi- dent of the Epicureans for the thini term in a bl.aze of glory. ATHLETICS Believing in the development of the body as well as the mind, the Uni- versitj ' of Georgia provides athletics, from football to fencing and athletes from Bill Badgett to Burton Chandler. Rec|uirements of the athletes are many, including, primarily, a wife, al- a few ilivorcets are included in the fold. The life of an athlete is programed. He arises in the morning in liiiie to cut Iiis 12:30 class, proceeds thence to dinner, h ' rom there lie cuts his 2;40 and wemL his way to Memorial Hall to dress for practice in whatever sport his contract calls for. Mild mannered mentors, headed by chieftain Wallace Butts ami assist- ants Whitworth, Hartman, Lumpkin, Towns, Hollis, Sikes. Jones, l.utz, l.anipe, DeLara, Keener, and Cleg, 431 An octopus tales up " Snake " charmins — unsuccessfully. are provided ti instruct the athletic minded young gentlemen. It is hoped that every athlete will be provided with an individual coach next year. . thletes in different sports arc easily distinguishable. The football player can be found in the dental de- partment at almost any time seeking false teeth, provided he is not in Atlanta having his knee cut on. The iliamond performer may be spotted by the never-ending stream of tobacco juice issuing forth from his lips, and the consistency with which he avoids Sanford Field. The Georgia boxer looks punch-drunk, mainly because he is. While other athletes take the money, the ringman takes a weekly beating, during the winter months, for (ieorgia ' s boxing team never beat anyone e.xcept P. C. The basketball player is the elongated, undernourished fellow who looks like he eats regularly at the beanery. He does. Track, swimming, and all the others are the contests which the University student does not attend. Primary benelits to be derived from athletics, in addition to tuition, room, board, clothes, and a gasoline allow- ance for automotive activity, include passing grades for from four to six years, and promise of a coca-cola or coaching job upon graduation. Out- Skull practice. standing musdebound specimens are Alex Mc(. ' askill, who. despite three sports, found time and nerve to run for a lucrative office: Knox l- ' ldreilge, another three letter man. who nevertheless found time to serve ———————————— ——————— ——™— —-» Classic Dry Cleaners, Inc. L :i() West ( ' Ijiytoii Street I ' lIONE 126 CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVES i. ........ — ............................4 Athens Co-operative Creamery BETTER MAID ICE CREAM l;»S West IliiiK ' Ofk Avenue ATHENS, GEORGIA Phone 547 r ' " 7 GEORGIA BARBER SHOP 1 14:! Colle f Avenue I Patronize Georgia Barber Shop I • J. W. CLEGHORN C. L. LOVERN R. L. GRIFFITH S. W. PATTEN L. A. WHITEHEAD t t t } • — T— — — —...........—_........—._...- L an L , eve A Flowers For All Occasions ( LAYTOX STREET i..... ....... ........................... R.O.T.C. UNIFORMS FURNISHED I ' N ' UKKSnV or C.KORC.IA UNU ' EKSITY OF MICHICAN VVKSTERN KV. STATE TEACHERS COLI.EC.E OKLAHOMA AULITARY ACADEMY UNI ' ERSITY OF CINCINNATI UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DAKOTA and many other pi eminent nniversities and colleges tlirnufiliOMi tine country The FECHHEIMER BROS. CO. rnifonns for Over .lO Years OINCINNATT :: OHIO 1 i BEST FOOD COURTEOUS SERVICE TONY ' S CAFE Famous for Fine Steaks Phone 1471 432 on tlu- I ' aii- 1 Ic ' lli ' iiic- i. uuiicil. ami the stafT III ' ilu ' riii Mil liiiuso; Roy (hal- liani, till ' iiiiiiKst soplioinon-, ulm niis- toiik tlu- iii n im tin- 1)askctl)all ooiirt liir sta.Lji- liKlitiuLi effects; iii C ' atc, will! prine-. he lnves his work by heeoniiiiK as familiar with the stadium at night as in the ihiytinie: ahner Reynolils, whose eoi ii eration with tennis eoaeh Del.ara was eom- plete enongh to cause him to resij n his position on the sipiad. ' i ' " or thi- liest interests of the team. " Soup ' s on. Believing that a change in faces is always for tlie l)est, the University and its alumni staged its annual mid- aimer shakeup at (. ' hristmas, which put lUitts in the little worn slioes nt youthful Joel Hunt, wlm. taking the well-known advice of Horace Greely, " Went West, young man. " DANCES For the student wliose gentle home nurture has included the Terpsicho- rean art, the social life of the Univer- sity will enable him to display lii- talents in tripping the light fantastic to his heart ' s content. If his early education has not included this par- Hold tisht. ticular one of the tine arts, he, after liioking at some of the specimens at the never ending series of dances held at the L ' niversity, will feel decidedly gifted in this line. The dance season begins on an ex- clusive note. After each football game held during the fall quarter, all those who are able to stand, and who possess the essential social graces, chief among which is a dollar bill, may attend the l ' niversity dances, held in Woodruff to the alleged music of the Bulldog- Collegian - Clubmen Orchestra. Strangely enough, the weekly practices of the music mak- ers is also held on Saturday night. A departure from this rigid admis- sion standard, the first formal of the This, children, is a dance. year 1938-39 was the Sigma (hi formal, held the first chilly night in December. I ' roni thence, lasting throughout the winter quarter, was a serial of forinals which, like ilie old fashioned western dramas, had a chap- ter each week. To be admitted to any of these functions, all given by fra- ternities and sororities with plenty of money and nothing to spend it lui, all one need possess is a tuxedo and suf- ficient sobriety to g et past Dean Tate at his customary stand by the door. - note of sadness was felt in certain parts of the local Greek world, when word from the office of the Dean of Men revealed that at least si.x fraterni- ties and an unknown number of sororities would save money during the winter formal season, due to the fact that they failed to see eye to eye on the matter of scholarship with the University. Those able to pay off their social obligations this year, in addition to the Sigma Chis, included Kappa Sigma, A. O. Pi, K. D., Tri- Delt, Phi Delta Thcta, Phi Mu, Chi O, and surprisin.gly enough the Women ' s I ' an-Hellenic and the Law School. Showing their approval of the high quality of the University ' s drunks, orchestra, floor, and mobs at the doors going out, each of the above mentioned groups proceeded to give a dance that was unique in its exact duplication of all the other formals. Feeling that the students were tired of one night stand dances, the Uni er- sity Pan-Hellenic Council twice in the year 1938-39 provided the customary four dance series at v hich the danc- ing students are granted the rare jirivilege of standing in the midst of a tremendous milling horde, vainly searching for their dates, and listen- ing to the faint and uncertain music of a big-name band. The generous promoters freely and wholeheartedly gave all this for the nominal consid- eration of ?S.50, thus holding down the cost of the dances to a month ' s allowance, if the $15 or $20 other ex- penses be included. .A spirit of ex- ceeding great compassion moved the Council to reduce the I.ittle Com- mencement block ticket prices from $7 to $5.50. F.vans, fillsap, and the University dance officials were the only notes of discord in the unanimous voice of demanding student body. Showing that the University prac- tices what it preaches, the . thletic Association presented as good an ex- 433 ample of smart business technique as can be found in charging, for (1) rent for Woodruff Hall ftwo to three times), (2) heat, (3 to 10) conces- sions. It is respectfully suggested that the .Athletic .Association in the year 1939-40 charge the local taxi con- cerns for cab space in front of the liall. Til the University was again pre- sented the best examples of stickiness and tluidity in dances. This year the .Military Hall represented the former; the Barristers ' Ball the latter. The usual 600 couples attended the exclu- sive soldiers ' ball, and the number at- tending the lawyers ' affray can be judged only by the number of dead soldiers in the washroom, in spite of the fact that it was swept clean after the Military Hall. And this is art. FACULTy VIEW Quotation from the official bulletin of the University of Georgia, " The State of Georgia extends the jirivileges of the University to all persons who are qualified for admission. Thus the University does not receive i)atron- age, but is itself the patron of those who seek its privileges and honors. It is maintained at public expense for the public good. It cannot, however. he the patrim of inefficiency, idleness, or dissipation. Its classes have not room except for those who diligently pursue the studies of their choice and are willing to be governed in their conduct by the rules of propriety. Every student owes to the public a full equivalent of expenditures in his behalf, both in the institution and afterwards. " I University Chevrolet Company DuRWARD Watson, ' 28, President { WaNliiniitiiii Strei ' t I ' Ikiiic LSTiG ATLANTA ... ....................— ........— .. Coiiipliiiicii s of ■ ■ ■ McLELLAN STORES CO. ! Clavton Street ATHENS } I PHOTOGRAPHS of QUALITY . . . 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Hush , bcrcrombic, Mildred bney, Howard M. bram, Mofns 6., 152, Oram, Ruth Ani ■Ml, Jiine ziec, Lillian jair Marianne jair, Wilma A. dams, Annie Love Jams, B. B Jams, Betty Jams, Charles David .... Jams, Charlotte 122, Jams, Chas. R Jams, Ernest W dams, Ivylyn Jams, Jas. M. Jams, Manta Jams, Maria I. Jams, M. S. Jams, Nell Jams, Ronald F Jams, Thos. H Jams, Wm. Gardner Jdison, Sarah Jdy, Zimri M Jclman, Vincent igoos, Henrietta linslic, Josephine ters, William Uns, J. I jkins, Leffler Iden, John C. - :lders. Dons ' tdred, Jamie ,lc andcr, Pete ■lexandcr, Norman ilcxander, Thad I ford, Henry Ilford, Mary pford, Mrs. W. L. H. (tian, Mary E illerr, Anne Shelverton illcn, Florinc Illen, Heyward ]llen, James Illen, Proctor lien, Shiilcv illen, X m. ■lien, Wm. C. jllgood, Ruth jllison, Julia ... , Iman, Betty •Itman, Reba jltman, Sol mmons, Eliz. Beryl immons, John B. monctte, Virginia nderson, Jas ■nderson, Jas. C. nderson, Janet .nderson, Katherine nderson, Margaret ;.nderson, Ruth B. . ndrcw, Charles .. ' .ndrews, Jas. A. l.nSline, Willie J. ' .nthony, Lucille [.Dperson, Ruth .. i.ppleby, William . i.rcher, Mary Lrmor, Edgar H. Irrnour, Helen Lrmstead, M. Jean |,rnold, Chas. H. t rnoid, Don B. Iirnold, Beth lirnold, Joe W., Ill | mold, Walter . Arrcndale, Gladys R. Arrendale, Helen [ rrendale, Irma . i rrington. Homer H. , sburry, Dolly vshford, John W. jwhiey, Charlotte Ashworth, Clara Anna .. Kskew, David iVskcw, Sara Atkinson, David S Atkinson, F. W ktkinson, Jos. H Jukinson, Katharine | ustin, G. J iVutrey, Ann jWery, Curtis B IKydelotte, William H., Pa3e 136 46, 271, 301, 341 ,122, 243 ■309, 326-327, 333, 343 122, 315, 338-341, 368 106 122, 283 136, 285 . 106 ., 122 . 122 136, 279 . . 106 296-297, 338-341, 371 106, 231 106, 262, 349. 106, 302 46, 197, 201, 219, 249 106, 352 . 106 46, 300, 344 136, 267, 338-341 152, 310-311, 312-313 153, 155 122, 235 136, 338-341 46, 214 136 136, 281, 296-297 106, 279 231, 334-335 46, 330 136 .122, 253 338-341, 283 106, 32, 46, 332, 106, 354, 285, 300, 352, 353, 136, 46, 46, 106, .136 46 136 106 369 122 122 106 330, 355 46 283 231 365 46 281 363 237 .122, 106, 47, 47, 47, 340, 338-341 . 136 106, 285 122, 289 150, 257, 334-335 106 . 47 283 136 354 106 47 106 330 106 122, 249 . 106 122 136, 287 247, 334-335, 354 126, 279, 338-341 47 .. 136 47 122, 364 122, 229 122, 269 229, 366 122 . 47 47 . 122 106, 231 106, 273, 302 210, 219, 233 277, 361 106 235 106 369 350 47, 106, Ball, Jas. S. ... Ballcw, DcWitt Ballew, Jack , Banister, Lanier Banks, Eleanor Banks, Lee ... Bankston, Homer Barber, Elizabctn Barbour, Betty Barber, Marion Barbrc, Ncn Clark Barefoot, Wm. Lonnie ... Barflcid, Virginia ,48, 283, Barfield, Wm. H. Barnes, Bcnj. S. Barnes, Harry . Barnes, Henry . ... Barnes, Mary A. . Barnett, Aurelius P. Barnett, Claire Barnett, Elizabeth , Barnett, Henrietta ,, Barnett, Rob ' t S. Barrett, Riley, Jr, Barron, Jas. H. Barron, Geo. Albert Barrow, David C 122, 136, .106, 350, Jr.,, 233, 346, 106, 231 338-341 48 48, 271 136, 312-313 106 ..136, |labb, LeVern jlacon, Elsie itacon, Frank |iadgett, Ralph , liaggett, Eliz. Ridley [Jaggett, Lee Roy liaggs, Marie ' lagley, Thos. Hendry ' iagwell, Nanncll iahnson. Sarah iailey, Dartha iailey, Dorothy liailey, Geo. Dewey iailey, Jas Jailey, Jas. D 3aker, Compton Otis 3aker, Emmie Lou Baker, Eugenia Saker, Harry J Barrow, James Barrow, Thos. A Bartle tt, Chas Basch, Jane Bass, Ann Bateman, Helen D. Bates, Edw. B Bates, Wm. B., Jr. (atts, David H. Baker, Margaret W. ... IBaker, Paul W Baldwin, Clara Lillian [Baldwin, Marion laldwin, Martha ■Baldwin, Thos. B., Jr. 122 136, 269 106 . 106 106, 269 . 136 ...48, 285, 290 106 48, 269 48, 267, 361 122 106, 273 136, 363 136 106, 249 152, 333 106 48, 352 136 237, 296-297, 298-299, 338-341 .122, 273, 338-341, 342 J. 136 106 „„ 136 122 106, 231 Page 106 312313 , 122 136 48, 267 .136, 237, 298-299 106 122, 279 48 122 106, 249 122 290, 315, 332, 338-341 48, 364 122, 231, 338-341 136 136 106 122, 300 136, 269 .. 106 122, 371 106 106 136, 239 122, 231, 338-341 48, 195, 219, 328-329, 330, 362, 367 _ 150, 155 122, 229 136, 237, 312-313 48, 330, 328-329 . 122, 287 ., 106, 267 48, 219 , ,136, 249 106 106 122 122, 373 107, 122, Baugh, Gilbert C Baumann, Helen Baumann, Winfield Baxter, Harry Baxter, Lucy 122, 269, Bayncs, Haron G Baynham, Mark Andrew Beale, Rosa Bcall, M. Lamar Bcall, Millard Beam, Helen Beamer, Helen Beard, Lou Beard, Thomas V., Jr, Beasley, Hugh Beaslcy, Tom R Beatty, Faye Mane Bcatty, Sara Elizabeth Beck, Emily 106, 267, 122, 106, 106, 122, 290, Beck ' , Zed Maxwell Beckham, M. V Beckmann, Saul Beckwith, Sara Eloise Bedgood, Patsy ., , Beerman, Anna Belcher, Annie Martha Bell, A. G Bell, Annie Laurie Bell, Eugene D. Bell, Jack E. Bell, Newton Bell, Ralph H. Bell, R. J. .. Bell, Sarah . Bell, Virginia Belyeu, Frank Benjamin, Marguerite Bennett, Doris Bennett, Alton Wm. Bennett, J. Julian Bennett, L. L Bennett, Wm. Geo. .. Bennett, W. T., Jr Benson, Beverly . Benson, Howard Edsc Benson, J. h Benson, Sara Frances Benton, Taney .. Berger, Israel Berman, Sterling M Bernard, Hugh y. Bernstein, Lenore Berrong, Hoyle Berry, Earle Parks Berry, Henry C. Berry, Ruby . Berry, Wm. L. Betts, Florrie Caiolyr, Betts, Thos. I Betts Wm. Millard Bickerstaff, Rob ' t H. Biggers, Josephine Biggs, Erie Blllups, Oswald A. Binder, Edward . Birdsong, H W., Jr. Bircnbaum, Aaron Birkenhauer, Edwin Bishop, Martha Bjorson, Richard Blackbur n, Alycc Blackburn, Arthur B. Blackburn, Jas. W. Blackshear, Claire Blackman, Edw. T. Blacfcwell, Billie Marie Blake, John G. H Blalock, Jean Lucille Blalock, Wm. Harold . Blanchard, John E Blanchard, Mercer C. Bland, Mike M. ., Blank, Dot Blankenship, Frances K Blanton, Chandler Blanton, Eva Mae Blanton, Hugh Bledsoe, Jos. C. Bloodworth, B. Rilch •■ 136, 122, Page 338 341 281, 371 123 136, 257 328 329, 330, 362 257, 306-307, 363 122, 269, 290 107, 269 50, 330, 344 123, 249 136, 50, 50, 50, 150, 155, 326-327, 367 315, 338-341, 371, 373 106, 233 136 . 136 , , 362 . , 106 , 106 279 136 235 241 106 122 269 315 49 49 330, 344, 345, 351 136, 251, 296-297 106, 336, 338-341 122 122 122, 338-341, 352 122 106 49, 364, 365 , 122 106, 366 22, 213, 301, 373 49 ,122, 338-341 136 122, 255 06, 340, 371 ... 136 ... 136 „. 106 49 122 153, 237, 317, 326-327 122, 285 136, 255 122 22 267, 296-297 107, 363 „. 49, 259 107 i22, 298-299, 302, 312-313 136 , 136 122 122, 231 136 136, 249 ,..- 49 49 107 231 122 237 49 136 , 122 , 136 136, 245 107, 273 107 49, 275 49, 243 122 273, 358-359 49, 235 50, 283 136, 237 . 50 . 136 . 136 W, 229, 363 107 136 107 136, 255, 312-313, 354 107 136, 255 50 122, 233 Bloodworth, Selene . Blonstcin, Shirley Blount, Wm. R, Blumberg, Mcyi: ' Blumcnthal, E. D. -, Blumcnthal, Irving 136, Blumenthal, Sally Boardman, Helen Boatright, J. H., Jl Boddie, i. W. . Bochmc, Luise .. Boggs, Harold Arthur Boggs, W. A Boland, H. Lamar Boland, Neil C. Bolga, Sara Lee Bollicr, Sherwood H, Bolton, Anise , Bond, Moody C. Bond, Jos. Roy . Bond, J. B. ,,, Bond, M. P. ... Bond, Willis ., Boone, B Boone, Foster , Booth, Cora Booth, John ,,,, Bornstein, Richarrj Bounds, Grace Mac , Bowden, Clinton L. Bowden, John Daniel Bowen, Betty Bowen, Calhoun A 107, Bowen, Chas Bowen, D. M., Jr Bowen, Emma Bowen, John T., Jr. Bowen, Mary Ann.: Bowen, Pauline Bowen, Vera ., bowen, Wm. C. ower, Byron B. Bower, Mary Bowers, Frank Lloyd Boyd, Albert P Boyd, Geo. H., Jr. Boyd, Mary Boykin, Albert Bradbury, Jos. Thus. Braddock, William , Bradley, Dorothy Bradley, Hammond D. Bradshaw, Rosalyn ,. Brady, Luther Hayes Brady, Rob ' t E Brady, Ralph F. , Bramblett, Rupert , Bramlctt, Glenn , Branch, Jas. Alexander 153, 155, 231 Branch, J. Lamar , Branch, William D Brandon, JoS. G. Brown, Milton F.. 343 123 107 312 313 312 313 107, 281 123, 354 136, 275 , 123 123 50, 350 330, 350 107, 350 136 107, 249 123 123, 249 136, 257 275, 330 362 136 123, 275 220, 235, 372, 373 362, 367 107 283, 338-341 50 338-341 07, 302 50, 301 . 136 51, 229 338-341 123 51, 235 123 136, 285 136, 229 253, 306-307 ,, , 123, 263 123 302, 358-359 . 137, 279 , 51 137, 243 137, 243 137 123 334-335 51, 330, 349 137, 233 51, 262 tlrown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown Irowi Miriam Nellie Jo Robert Rob ' t Th Rucker B Sara Woodro ing, K ' 123, 136, 07, 269, 37, 51, Broxton, E, Bruce, Leo ' Bryan, John u. Bryans, Chas. I. Bryant, Ada Bryant, Everett Go, Bryant, John A. Bryant, Jos. A. Bryant, Rob ' t Wrii, Bryson, Jas. Turner Buck, Helen Dodd Bullard, Martha Bullock, Cecil Bullock, Juanita Bullock, Reba . . Bulwinkel, Frances Bunim, Burrill Burch, J, Ambrose Burch, Joe D, Burden, Laura Mae Burdctte, Christine Burgess, Herbert Burke, Harriett Burkhalter, Earl C. Burkhart, Catherine Burnette, Grctcher Burns, J. W. Burns, Onie Ruth Burrell, F. L Burrell, J. Lloyd Burroughs, R. C. Burroughs, Valeria Burroughs, Wm. F. Burson, Caroline Burson, Christine Burson, Geo. A. Burson, Rob ' t Gee Burson, Wm. M. Burt, Wm. G. , Burton, Ellen -, Burton, Eugenia 273, Page 155, 308-309, 312313, ! , Ill ' u lit 343 137 123 107 299, . 370 J, i3 )-359 107 123 -i. ii5, 354, 362 , 3Q4-3Q7, 356, 358-359 137, 255, 312 313 137 107, 233, 363 290, 338-341 123, 235 137 137 53 107 107 07, 364 123 137 123 137 257 360 123 302 137 123 267 330 367 107, 137, 296297, 53, 137, .107, Brandon, Frances L. Brannen, Kathleen Brantley, Joe G. H Braselton, H. B Brawncr, Edith S. Brawner, Jas. Lemuel Bray, Mell Faust ., Braziel, Anna Breedlove, Thos. R., J Brett, J. R Brewer, Elizabeth .,, Brewer, Betty Brewton, Cecil B. Brewton, Wm. S. Brice, John Brice, Owen ., Bridges, Doris Bridges, Jane Bridges, Jas. A. Bridges, John Bridges, Lois E. Bridges, Mcrvin L. Bridges, Sarah Brightwell, Jane Brinen, Phil Brinson, Eriine Brinson, Glenn T Briscoe, Mary Ella Britt, Ferrace C. .. Britt, Wm. O Brock, Parks 107, 51, 51, ,123, 107, 283, 336 .._.. 107, 279, 302 312-313, 358-359 123 107, 321 137 , 137 123 348 247 269 , 137 364, 368 312-313, 350 123 107, 360, 298-299 137 137, 296-297 312-313, 369, 373 ..., , 137 107, 271, 290 137 107 137, 267 137, 257, 296-297 51 243, 263, 358-359 137 137 ,123, 261, 364 137 338 341 137 107, 275, 338-341 53, 351 107, 298-299, 300, 312-313, 347, 351 137 107, 277 123 107, 287 53 107, 300 137 107, 301, 316, 317 ._I37, 229 137, 279 .107, 279, 320, 336 Burton, Jos. Homer 107 Busbce, Frank C 107 Bushnell, Eleanor _ 107, 287, 301 Butts, Bernard 53, 207, 219, 220, 235, 296-297, 304, 304-307, 337, 354, 358-359 Butts, Wm. 107 Bycrs, Cathryn 53, 271, 301,302 Byers, Margaret ' 07, 321 Bynum, Clyde H, 53, 354 Byrd, Charles . 53 Byrd, Ruth 53, 330, 353 Byrum, Margaret C. 53, 279, 320, 338-341 Brody, Morris, 1 23, " 257, 294-297, 304-307, 334-335 Brokaw, Eleanor ' 5 ' Brooks, Alice .,, Brooks, Ann 137, 249 107, 267 107 107, 283 123, 269, 338-341 123, 338-341 Brooks, J. Felton Brooks, Lufred Brooks, Mary Brooks, Orien Brooks, Thos. I. .. Brooks, Thos. W. Broome, Bennie O. Broome, Charlene Broome, Willie Ruth Brosseau, Caroline Brown, Albert Brown, Chas. O. Edmund ' 07 Brown, Brown, Brown, 107, 253 137, 245 123, 247 137 . 52 317 137 52 357 277, Edward 137 E. 52, 212, 220, 262. 312-313, 354 Brown, E. Jeanncttc Brown, Frances Brown, Hazel Brown, Helen Brown, Jack Ruckcr Brown, Jas. N., Jr. Brown, Joe C. Brown, John Brown, Joseph Brown, Kenneth Brown, Margaret Brown, Mary G. Brown, Matt Brown, Melville H. 52 353 52 52 123 123 107 52, 233 137, 344 137 107, 301 . 123 137 37, 231, 306-307 137, 241, 312-313 Cabaniss, Alice Eliz. 107, 269, 315. 343, 338-341, 373 Cabaniss, Bessie . .. 137, 249 Caccese, Anthony — -. . 123 Cain, Andrew W 150, 156, 310, 311, 312-313 Cain Jeff L .. 54, 261 Cain, Margaret 54 Cain M. Kent 37, 279 107, 343 Calhoun, Jack 137 , 312-313, 354 Calhoun, John C 137 Callahan, Florence Lee 123, 285 Callahan, Henry Gradv 137, 255, 344 Callahan, Hilda 123, 273 Callaway, Dolph 137, 235 123, 235 Callaway, John 107, 304-307 Callaway, Marjor. 107, 336 Callaway T O. , " 237, 298-299 137, 249, 342 Camp, Frances 137, 277, 342 Camp, Leonard 137, 255 312-313, 364 Camp, Norman T. 54 237 296-297, ■ ■- ' ' " " 3, 354 Camp, Royal C. ;3, 235 Campbell, Douslas Mc. :3, 233 Campbell, Jos. B. 54 108, 287, 321 Campbell, Nell 123 Campbell, Wallj:.- - Candler, f m. 108, 312313 :3 233, 338-341 Canning, Harrc Cannon, Fred L. 137 ' ' 3, 243, 358-359 108 Capper, Bert C j? 108. 312-313 Carden, Van CafgiN, Pauline 137 Si :i 233 Caftthers, Jane Carithers, Maybot sj 1} 341 ■:? 3 " 3 Cafithcfs, Rob ' t L Carlan, Ulysses G v m 356 54, 197, 219, 312 3 ' -■ 333, 33- 3; Carlisle, Mary M. 123, 2s; Carlton, Mike H. . 123 Carmichael, Jas. . IS3, 243 Carmichael, PIcdqof :? 298-299 108 Carpenter, Joh- . i03, 242 Carroll, Eloise 23, 271 54 108, 239 Carswcll, Jas. Jos. 123, 233 Carter, C. ;. 108 137 137 Carter, John F CArtfr Malcol ' - -■: 247, 330 123 Carter M. F. J- 137 Carter, Morris 54 439 INDEX TO STUDENTS— CONTINUED Carter, Roland Earl . Carter, Thos. Edward Cassels, Robert 123, Castecl, Evelyn Catc, Vassa G Catcs, Otis Mitchell 54, Page 123 137 241, 312-313, 356, 358-359, 372, 373 137 108, 255 300, 337, 338-341, 344, 347 Causey, Kenneth K. . . 108 Causey, W. C. .. 108 Cauthen, Mildred 54 Cauthorn, Thos. E 123, 229 Cavcndcr, J. W., 108, 300, 312-313, 344, 347, 369 ChaHin, Vcmer F 55, 312-313, 328-329, 330, 334-335, 338-341 Chambers, Charles 137 Chambers, J. W. 55, 312-313, 356, 358-359 Chambers, Nancy Eleanor 55 123. 277. 296-297, Chambers, Wm. Thos. Chance, Geo. Allen. Jt Chandler, Burton Chandler, F. W. Chandler, Louise Chandler, Merrcll Chandler, Wm. H. Chancy, Mrs. Helen G. Chapman, Carolyn Chapman, Mary Chastain, Rachel Chastain, Ralph La i , Chastain, Virginia 137, Chatham, Roy L. Cheatham, Virginia Check, Ellen L. 108, 273, Chcsnut, Margaret Chick, Betty Chick, Kate Childs, W. C Childs, Wyatt W. 138 Chiles, Sally Christian, Charles Christian, Marigcnc Christie, Jessie Christopher, Frances Cissna, Volney J, Clark, Chas. Ellis 55. 330, 108, 312-313, 351 123 123 123 338-3-11 137 249, 137, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Geo. W Clark, Harry G. Clark, Harvey R. Clark, Herbert Clark, Hugh Jas. J. Julia Mary W. Myrvin R. O. Shirley D. Clark, .Wm. M. . Clark, Wyndell Clarke, Helen Clarke, John Wade Clarke, Josephine Clarke, Julian Clary, Forest Clary, Horace E. Clary, Jane Eliz. Clary, Thos. L. . Claxton, Edward B. CIcgg, Nelle Clements, Chas. R. Clements, Lamar Clement, Ralph L. Cleveland, A. Gus., 263 55 287 108 137 137 279, 338-341 137 108, 267 338-341, 361 123 55, 269 137, 338-341 55, 349 233, 338-341 108 138, 237 , 296-2 7 277, 342 124, 279 249, 354 334-335, 345, 351 55 235, 356 108 , 306-3J7 . 55 108, 233 138, 267 55 138 124 124 108 138 277. 361 56, 354 55, 233 56, 287 138 253 124 321 239 235 108 124 138, 261 138 56, 229, 305, 306-307, 324, 10 138, 56, .56, ,124, 326-327, 328-329, 330, 334-335, 337, 338-341, 343 56, 245 124 138 138, 306-307 108 M. Cleveland. John B., Cleveland, Thomas G Cleverland, Howard Cliett, Aleirander Clifton, Harry Clifton, Henry E. Clifton, P. W. Cline, R. C. Clinkscalcs, M. Baxtc Clinkscales, P. H. Clodfclter, Lalette Clonts, Sara Jane Cloud, Mason Cloud, William Clower, Daniel M. Cobb, John lyrjs Cobb. 5. J Cochran. Jean Cochran, John Cocke, Aline Cocke, Erie .. Cockran, Thos. A. Coffee, Mac Coffm, Jane Cook , Cohen, Aaron Lee Cohen, Barbara Cohen, Bernard .. Cohen, Harvey Jos. Coile, Jane Coker, Lyman ,, Cole, Earl Woodfin Coleman, C. T. .. Coleman, Nelle , Coleman, Rob ' t L. Colley, Helen Collier, Mary L. Nancy Sarah Virginia Chas Eugenia Gwendolyn Marjorie M. W. H cr 138, 237, 312-313, infl ' 108, 108, 312-313, 312-313, 124, 138, 124. 277, 338-341 i. 233. 306-307 138 302 287 363 371 56, 56, 108. 338-34. 138 277. 273, 259. 56, 352 290 369 279 138 259, 263, 330, 331, 334-335 124 138, 338-341 10 Collier, Collier, Collier, Col Col Col Col Col ins. ms. 57. 301. 302 ' ' J24 253 138 57 108 138 138 267 138 108 Col Col Stephen M. Wilmer Colquitt, Henrietta Colquitt, Hugh S. Colquitt, Pat Ray 312-313. 330, 360 57 371, 373 124, 273 328-329, 343. 373 , 108 138 108 124 124, 263 Combs, Durwood C. ., Combs, Evelyn Grace Compton, Chas. Saxon Cone, E. D Cone, Lloyd C Cone, Remer H. Conger, Margaret Conger, Mary Francis Connell, Louise Connell, Wilson Conner, Evelyn Cook, Elgie Gordon Cook, Be.ty Cook, Gaston s; Cook, Herbert Cook, I. Lamar Cook, James E Cook, Nevis E Cooley, J. H 57, 262, 312-313 Coolidge, H. W. Coolidge, Walter Coolik, Nora Cooper, Alva H 138 57, 344, 345. JOB, . 57. 345. 57, Cooper, Frances Ann .. Cooper, Fred M. Cooper, Margaret Cooper, Sara Mildred Cooper, W. A Cooper, William C. Copeland, Frances Corbett, Thos Corbitt, John Robson Cordell, Lois Cordero, Dora Corey, Samuel C. Corley, Annabel R. Cornell, Jas. E Cornett, Anne Cornwell, Anne Corry. Frank H., 124. 235, Couch, Glenn Rob ' t . Couch, Raymond E. Covington, Dean Covington, Joe P. Cowart, Dorothy Ruth ., Cowart, Frances , Cowart. W. R. . Cown, Lewis Cown. Sam ' l Merritt CoK, Madelene Cox, Haden A Cox, W. H Cox, Zula Crabb, Thomas N. Craig. Newton Craigmilcs, Beverly Crane. Sarah Jeanette Crawford, Edwina Crawford. James Crawford. Janelle Creekmore. Ann 124, Crenshaw, Robert W. Crenshaw, William Crider, Marjorie Cromartie, Adrian Crossfield. Lcnora B. Crosswell, Anne Crow. Horace Page .. 108 ,. 57 356 351 108 124 124 57 285 108 1 24 124 108. 267 312-313 124 108 . 124 362. 364 146, 349 150, 243 , 138 124. 281 206. 219, 301, 312-313. 330, 331, 356, 358-359 124, 289 10 57, 267 .. 108 138 138 08. 275 124 58, 354 58. 352 . 108 2-.9 275 237 108 108. .108, .124, 279. 373, Cr Cr Cr. Cr Crov , Grady B. , David F. . Louise V. S ley. Frances Culbreth, Albert W. Culver, Graham R. . Cummings, J. Lowell. Cunningham. Kathryn Cunningham, Wm. T. .58 Cur Curtis, Curtis, Wm. A Frances Jas. Woodrow . Cutler, M. M. Dalton, Mercer Dance, Geo. P, Dance, Sam A. Daniel. Ben Daniel, Carolyn Daniel, Dorothy 138, Daniel, Dorothy Daniel, Emile W. . Daniel, Graham Daniel, John 338-341, 371 304, 306-307 108 124 150, 155, 229, 263, 326-327, 334-33D 124 108 58, 328-329, 33J 58 .... 138 124 133 108, 312-313 108, 344, 351 108 124 153, 155 58. 279 .138 58, 301 108 124 371 229 233 138 138 287, 302 . .. 124, 267 263, 296-297. 358-359. 369 . .58. 330 58, 364, 365 138 152, 156 138 58 58 219, 312-313, 330, 343 124 108, 245 59. 198. 219 59. 333 ...152, 155, 239, 263. 312-313, 333. 334-335 59, 251 267, 315, 338-341, 124, 153, 58. 253, 356, 155, 328-329, 138 59, 233, 334-335 98, 219, 344, 351 108, 261 138 296-297. 338-341 59 124. 300, 312-313 124 Daniel, John S Daniels. Betty Darby, Anne Darden. E. W. Darden, Martha Darsey, Hubert Darst, Margaret. 59, Dasher, Gordon W. Dasher, Roy Daughtrey, Martha E Daughtry, O. F. David, Robert K. .. Davidson, Claude Davis, Alton W. Davis, Bruce Catherine, 124 Jack T. Charles N. . Eugenia Francis Anne Frances Harry E Henry G. H. Turner James Gordon Jas. H. . Janet . 59, 209, 220. 338-341. 344, 59, 317. 285, 332, 290, 239 249. 59, 312-313 298-299, Davis Davis Davis, Davis. Davis. Davis, Davis, Davis. Davis. Davis, Davis, Davis, 275, 296-297, 312-313, 345, 347 138, 261 138. 287 138. 273 .138 338-341 138 338-341. 361 59 138 109 312-313 338-341 317, 360 60, 253 124 368 233 239 124 353 138 124 124 60 235 247 60 338-341 124 124, 60. 352, 60, 124, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis. John Burton John W. John Wm. Marcia Mark L. Nell Peggy Philip Virginia .. Virginia Nell Winifred .. ISO, 138. Davison, Ida Davison, R, M 153 Deadwyler, Mary . 60 Dean, Annie Vic Dean, Clyde M. .. Dean, George Dean. Randolph |38 Dearing, Monro G 60. 214 219 220 229, 358-359 Page 109 138 155 275 60 285 109 124 138 138 124 124 156 302 138 109 38 109. Debnam, Montez DeCharleroy. Albert Decker. Betty Dekle, James R. Deloach, Chas. James Deloach, Harry G. DeLong, Jas. Mark Dempsey, Alvin H Dempsey, E. Irene 60, Dempsey, John P Dempsey, Margaret Denney, Newnan D Denson, Laura 60, 267. 124. 60, 124, .138, 330, .109, 124, 279 109 317 138 366 354 229 262 353 124 109 262 138 300, 344 124 124, 109, 138, 273, 61, 279, 338-341, 61, 344, Denson. Rob ' t R. Devane, Earnest . DeVane, Frank DeVaughn. Margaret Dial, Roy Lee Dickens. Anne Dillard, Anna Catherine Dillard, Helen Dillingham, Susan 109, 285, 317, Dlxson. Bruce E. Dixon. Paul T Dixon. Ruby Oixon. W. Stokely |38 Dobbs. Burney S 61, 215, 219, 220, 229, 357 Dodd, Benton Thos 138 Dodd, Margaret .. 61, 273 Dodge, Patsy Eliz. ' 61 Dollar, Joe 133 Dollar, Jerome |38 Dominick, Frances . 61 Donovan, Lawrence 138, 233, 306-307 Dorsey, Cam D., 153, 155, 229, 305, 308-309, 343 Dorsey, John C 61, 235, 360 Dorsey, Harry N 124 354 Doss, Mane 124, 267, 296-297 Doster, Dorothy 1 Doster, Sara 61 124 Dottcry, Ed. L. Dottery, Rob ' t T Dougherty. Beverly 62 62, 269 Douglas. Alice Douglass. Mary 109 125, 321 Dowdy. John 62, 217 Dowling, Mary 138, 269 Downer, S. Curtis. 125 Doyal, Madge 109 Dozier, Harrictte 125, 271 338-341, 342. 371 Dozier, Jas. Walton .62 356 , 358-359 Dozier, Louise 109 Drake, Carolyn 145 277 Drake, Martha Gene 109 Drake, Mary Dreizin, Bessie 6? 138 28 1 290 Dreizin, Miriam 109. 281 321, 352 Dresser, Gray 125 Dreyer, Anne 138 Dnggers, Daniel F 62 Dudley, Elizabeth 109. 269 Dudley, Jas. Wallace 125, 229 Dugger, Willie M. .. . 138 Duke, Ben F., 62, 213, 219, 312-313 310 354, 362 Duke, Edgar Lee 109 239 Dukes, Alva H. 62 229 Dukes. Wm. Walden 109. 247 Duman, Hal S 62. 235 Dumestre, John B. . 109. 249 Dunbar, Charles 138 Duncan, John P 62. 229 Duncan, Marion Vandiver 62, 345 Duncan, Pope 62, 312-313 328-329, 330, 372 Duncan. Roselyn Dunlap. James W. 125. 139 285 235 370 Dunn, Jack M. 152, 156 125 233 Dunn, Julius W. .. Dunn, Thos. E. 125, 239 DuPree, Benj. E 63 354, 365 Dupiee, C. Vernon 109 Dupree. J. W DuPree, Mary Jane . 125 300 139 Durden. Homer S. 109, 229 Durden, Jack 139 Durden, Samuel Jos. 139 Durham, Mary 139 Dye. Obe D. 109, 346 Dyer, B. L. 63 344, 351 Dyer. Clarence D. 63 312-313 Dyer, James David . . 63 Dykes, Jacob N. . .. 109 Dykes, Wyndell C 109 A Alfred Pierce Geo. Thomas H. E Hilda C. Martha Earle. Be Early, To Early, Thi nson 139, 237, 312-313 m 125 A 63, 249. 366 Eason, Mary Virgin Ebcrhart. Doris Eberhardt, Golden Eberhardt, Reece Echols, Howell, Jr Eckford, Eleano 109. 267. 315, 361. 338-341 109 63. 330 . 109 139 109. 267. 336. 338-341 Edge, Anne 139, 277, 338-341, 342 Edge, Jas. Brannen 125 Edge, John P ' , ' 139 Edge, Le Edmunds, Edmonds, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards. Edwards. Edwards. Rufe D. Edwards, Thos. H. Edwards, W. Sam Ehilich. Ben Eidson, Vera Eisenstein. Blanch , Elder, Benjamin Elder, John D Eldredge, Knox Ellis, Chas. Lee Ellison, Lucile Ellison, Wm. Theo Elrod, Eron Brittain Elrod, J. B Embry, Alton Jackson Englchardt, Sidney English, Luther E Enneiss, Jas. Mills . Eppes, John Francis Epps, Selma . Erbesfield, Ida L Erwin, G. y. 109 Erwin, Howell 153, 155, 229 ' . Erwin. Sue Phoebe . Estcs. Bayand Estes, Carrie Myitis Etheredge, Harriett Ethiidge, P. W Eubanks, J. E. Eubanks, Loienzo 139, 3 1 125, 321, 3 li 125. 249. 285. 338-3-1 1. 1! 204, 300, 3- 139, 306-31 139, 255 ' .. 109, 338-341. 326-327. 63, 125, 3 ' 1 139, 283, 3! 125, 267, 296-2 63, 2 1! Evans, Audrey 109. 283, 302, Evans. Betsy Evans. Chas. Hall 125. 239, 263, 364, 365 Evans, Hugh H 109 ' Evans, Thena Evans, Thurlow Everton, Thomas Everitt, Chas. Jos. .. Everett, Edna Mae . 64, 338-3 I 2; Ewmg, Chas. K. 139 253 139, _, 109, 262, 3S I . 125, 315, Faidley, N)ailliam F. Fain, Ralph . Falk, Martin I Fargason, Jas. E armer, Jackson Leon Farmer, Julia Farmer, Sara Farnum, Frank W., Jr Farr, Charles G Farr, Mary I Fariis, Rosa Fausett, Lcnton Fawcett, Margaret . Feigenbaum, Irving . Feinstem, Miriam Felton, George Fender, Darwin Ferguson, Ann . Ferguson, Emmctt .. . Ferguson, Leiand .... Ferguson, W. H Fetzer, Harland Few, Sara Few, Shockley Ficquette, Harry S. Field, Georgia Field, Horace W Field, Jere _. Fields, Glenn D Fields, John Fielis, Barbara Finch, Rob ' t Gordon Finley, Grace E Finney, Perry S Firman, Philip D. ... Firor, Anne Byrd Fisher, Albert Fitzgerald, Grace Fitzgerald, John Ed. Fitzpatrick, Clyden Flanagan, W. Rob ' t Flanders, Rachel Flanigan, Eleanor B. 109, Flatau, Arthur Fleetwood, John Fleetwood, Mary Lenna Fleming, Jack C. Fletcher, Nolan . Flexer, Margaret . Florence, Wm. Loyd, Jr Floyd, Clyde Flynt, John Jas Folsom, Jos. C. . . Fontana, Alfred W. Ford, Zelma Fordham, James .... Fordham, Joseph ... Fordham, Mrs. Mary Bradley.. , Forehand, Wm. J, 64, 241 Forney, Wm. B Fort, Helen .. . Fortson, Anne W. Fortson, Blanton, Jr. Fortson, Mildred Fortson, Weston Majcttc Foshee, Edwin D. Foster, Alice Foster, Ben R. Foster, Vivian L. . Fountain, Mary Olive Fowler, Alpha, Jr. Fowler, Joe Fox, Alex Fram, Benjamin . Frank, Dot Franklin, Chas. Rupert Franklin, Omer W 109, 2 : I I 64, 2 " 139, 2 338-3:1 338-3, 64, 312-313, 311 125, 358-3.1 1.1 139, 2i 139, 139, 277, 277, 139, 139 ' .139, .109, 247, 269, 3 312-3: I| 312-3 .109, 237, 64, :: 11 139, a 139, 3 125, 2! 150. 2; 358-31 312-3: 64, zi 125, 2j 315, 3- 338-341, 139, 302 1! 371, J 312-3; 139, 21 139, ;; Ij 139, 338-;; r 296-297, 336, 338-3; 139. 229. 298-i ' 125. 255, 298-299, 312 : 125. 65, 125. 65 109, 271, 09, 285 296 109 39, 338-341, 125, 65. 330, 150, Frasch, Chas. Oskar 125, 237, 3I2-; P0 3C (sser. Frank 109, 2J7 jscr Ohfl 13 ' edc ikscn, Henry P 109, 255 eeman, Frances 125, 273, 336-341, 37 ' ecman, Horace INDEX TO STUDENTS— CONTINUED H. eeman, John E. eeman, John R. eeman, Percy Lee eeman, Samuc ench, Louise cdlandcr, Helen edtnan, Morton cs, Jas. Andrew ye, A. H yer, L. B ycr, Lillian jdsc, Felix jller, Annie Eliz. jjller, Elaine jllcr, Louise Lllcr, Nina K. - Cililove, Seaborn E. Ijlmcr, Walter W. . ]jlp. Jack Forrest jtral, Doris 109, 65, 65, no. 109 139 65 65 363 271 109 215, 259 312-313 65 65, 235 125, 273 139, 253 no 139, 287 no 65, 269, 338-341 139 125, 237, 306-307, 372 no no Gray, May ,, Gray, Sarah Green, Martha A. Greene, Norbert C. Greene, Thomas E. Greene, Warren E., Greer, Alfred . . Greer, Norma 67, 267, 298-299, PJ3 320, 361 126 67 140 140, 229 140 no 126 Greer, Tom 126, 233 Greer, Warren Coryell, Jr 124, 237, 366 Greer, Z. E addis, Millard, Jr. laincs, George aincs, Kathryn M. aisscrt, Walter M. amage, Theresa .amble, Ann 125 110, 247, 263, 369 65, 315, 362 no no, 320 .125, 269 amble, Louise 125, 269, 338-341, 366 lamble, Wilma Louise 110 jantt, f. F 110,229 Nardncr, B. C, Jr 139, 298-299, 312-313, 314, 338-341, 373 liardncr, Mary D 65, 328-329, 330, 343 Gregory, John J. Grcsham, Martha Gribbic, Ncllc Griffin, Claude E. E. Edwin M. Marie . M. J. .. Louis T. 126, GriHin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffith, 68, Jr. .68, 126 261 126 140 no, 231 140, 247 no , 67 126 343, 360 296-297 40, 249 126 68, 205, 239 126 no 201, 219, 312-313, 354 no 140, 283 68, 262, 373 267, 296-2v7 235, 301, . 140, 235, Harrison, Harold .. Harrison, John Harrison, Josephine Harrison, Rob ' t I. Harrison, William Hart, Jewell Hartford, James Hartman, Edith Hartman, Francis Hartsfield, Richard C. Harvey, Harlock W. Harwell, Evangeline Harwell, Jas. W. Hascnbalg, Ernest A. . Haskins, Sidney 126, 126, 69, Page 312 313 364, 365 140, 126, 140, 139, 364 125, 273, 338-341 no, 312-313 125 no 110 139 296-297, 306-308 125, 229 no, 235 125 139 277, 336, 338-341 139 jershon, Hyman ' 39, 257 Person, Joe H. 110, 257, 263, 334-335 Shcssling, Hillma 66, 273 iarmany, Clark iarncr, Emily . lamer, Frank arrard, H (larrard, Mary .arrard, Mary Eliz. jarren, Roy Wm. . Sary, Albert 125, 245, iary, Marshall „ - Sates, A. M Saulding, John Morgan say, Sidney acissler, Mary Ann sentry, Bennie Griffith, Frederick Griffith, Geary E. Grimmctt, Louise Griner, Ernest R. Grist, Jack D Griswold, Julia H. Grizzell, Roy A Grogan, Raymond G. . Groover, Helen Groover, John Thos. Groves, Elizabeth Groves, Rob ' t W. Guild, Ned Gulbransen, Mary Gulbransen, Pollyanna Gulley, Mattie Blanche Gumble, Adaline R Gunn, Frank L. Gunn, Rob ' t Richard . . Gunn, Uly S 140, 233, 296-297, 306-307, 338-341 Gunn, Vera HO Gunter, Wm. B 110, 237, 263, 310-311, 312-313, 338-341 Gurley, T. O. HO, 362 Gusgeski, Joe 140 Hacke Jas. E 110, 301, 304, 306-307 Hackc, Winifred 140 Hagood, Harold G 126, 241, 312-313, 358-359 Hastam, Geo. H. Haslam, Worrill Hatcher, D. A. Hatcher, Frank P, Hatcher, Janice . Hatcher, Jerry 287 255 140 126 126, 237, 294-297, 372 140 140 126 69, 253 69 126 70, 354 257, 296-297, 301, 306-307, 372, 373 126, 311, 312-313 . 140 126 140 .140, 338-341, 342 140 Pag Holman, Rob ' t Griffin 111,23 Holsenbeck, Wiley H. Ill, 312-313, 354, 358 3! 126, 126, 231 no, 239 ., no 126 .68, 269 no 347, 373 143, 247 no. ;5hcsshng, Vernon ... pibbcs. Hunter .. ' Sibbs, Betty ,9ibbs, Elizabeth , ,9ibbs, Lucy Ruth Bibson, Charles . Gibson, Grace . ■Sibson, M. M. ,3ibson, Pete -Sibson, Wallace 3iddcns, Joel Edw ' Gilbert, Lorene Gilbert, Robert - .5, J. T :- ., .son, Seth W J, Alvath Gillespie, Jas. A. jGillcspie, Marvin Gillian, Helen . iGillis, Hugh M. ... iGillis, Marvin Bob.. Gil.r-ian, Stanle ' 139 66, 277, 317, 338-341, 343 139, 338-341 Hatcher ' Maryelta HO Hatcher, Rob ' t Preston 1 10 Hatcher, S. B HO, 312-313 Hattaway, Wm. B. . 126, 235 126, 229 70, 350 70, 300 no, 366 no, 229 «ay, Haverty, Rawson Hawes, Henry . Hawkes, J. S. ... Hawkes, Nell . , Hawkins, J. H „, , „ Hawkins, Marshall 140,249 Hawkins, Mclba E HO Hawkins, Wm. Colbert 150, 312-313, 326-327, 333, 334-335 Hayes, Dean HO Hayes, Edna 70 Hayes, Lillian 26 Haygood, Walter 126 Haynes, Charles Thomas 140, 239, Haynes, Eugene V. Haynes, Mary Alice Hazzard, Wm. G 338-341 140, 229 140 70, 239 Head, Geo. Bruce 70, 249, 363 Head, Montine I ' ' 0 66, 110, 352, 125, .110, 275 353 139 139 370 no 139 . 110 .. 125 .66, 237 364, 365 362 66, 206, 364, 365 HO 66 . 126 66, 229 300, 344, 345, 346, 347 no, 358-359 .66, George H 126, 229, 301, 334-335 in Julia Anne 66,269,320,330 jth, Elizabeth 126 Mary Sue 66 ■ Olin - 139, 243 ■ Starke, Jr NO, 249 ;t.crg J. H 126, 257, 296-297, 316, 317 iocrg, Sylvia 110, 289, 290, 296-297, 317 man, Phil Haines, June Hains, Louise Hale, Fred A Hale, Warner Hall, Betty Hall, Chas. H Hall, Ellen Erwin Hall, Frances . Hall, Jack Hall, John J. Hall, Leon L. Hall, Raymond . . Hall, Rob ' t H. . Hall, Rob ' t W. .. Hall, Sarah Halliburton, Julian. Halperin, Sammie Halprin, Muriel ... Hames, Curtis G.. 140, 68, 126, 279 140, 269 140, 249 140 279 126 285 140 140, 231 140, 245 , .. 126 140 126, 243, 358-359 68, 235 140, 285 no, 233, 298-299, 304, 338-341, 343, 372, , 140, 140, no, 298-299, 312-313, 363, 126, Head, R. Jennings Heard, Rob ' t M. Hearn, Dora Myal Heffner, Edith R Heflin, Chas. G Heggie, Norman . . Heidler, Harrison . Helmick, Ruth Helms, Charlton Henderson, Chas. W. Henderson, Wm. M.... 70, 233, M. 126, 249, 298-299, 317 .152,231 Ill 328-329, 330 263, 334-335 152 . Ill . 70 70, 283 70 150, 156, 310-311, 312-313, 330 . ... 70 Homa, Barbara Jane Hood, J. Hoyl Hornbuckle, Wm. R. Home, Rob ' t D Horsey, Harry b Norton, J. Wrr Hosford, Jimm, Hou, Fan House, Ccdelia Howard, Anita Howard, August.j Howard, Jacquclir.c Howard, Olive Howard, John Rogers . Howell, E. M 71, 235, Howell, Rob ' t L. Hubble, Hettic B. Huckabce, Leo B. Huckaby, Arty Harper Huddleston, Josephine Hudson, Ben Hall Hudson, Jas. T. Hudson, Wm. C. Huff, D. L, HuH, Jos. Winstor Huff, Lawrence Huggins, Elmer Hughes, Steve Hulme, Elaine Hulscy, Chas. O. Hulsey, Dot Hulsey, Inman Von Hulscy, Velma Humes, John W,, Hungcrpillar, Jas. A. Hunnicutt, Gloria ... Hunnicutt, John Hunnicutt, Oliver Wr- Hunt, Foster Hunter, Fred J. Hunter, G. R. Hunter, Homer Hunter, Kathryn Hurley, Eleanor Hurt, Rob ' t T. Hutcherson, Azalee Hutcheson, Harry J. Hutcheson, Lyman Hutchings, Sara Hutchins, Jasper D. Hutchinson, Beth Hutchinson, C. Gail Hutchinson, Frank W. Hutchinson, Jack G. ... •27, 301, 2i . i; .. I ' i , JJ J J4I, 3 ' III, 235, 304-31 ... i: i: 3- . . 296-2W, J 127, 2 III, 2 . I 141, 2 3123 317, 3 127, 2 I 127, 2 72, 2 127, ; 72, ; 127, i ... I (27, 23i " ; 141, 255, 306-307, 110, c Rochnelle ..... ■ ' :.s, John C. - los, Mae ■sgow, Warren W. ■ j ill, Josephine ;n, H. S :r. n, Mary Paul --n, Sam Frank ,.-r, John G., Jr. ., r, Winfred . -1, Elizabeth L ce, Julia ... , Kathleen 1, Robert Herman jberg, Sanford H. icn. Jack jcn, Jeff M. jcn, Leonard ischmidt, lav, Jstein, Israel ..dman, Winfred ..J.ier, Bill . i.dner, N. Vance idyear, Genevive don, J. H -don, Wm. Elliott r.n, Ann .rfnley. Celeste ittlieb, Edward .ttlleb, Irving f.tlieb, Jerome ■ 3ce, George B ■3.ce, Mark acey, Robert B. S ' iiham, Sereniz G.jnt, B. H., Jr. 3 ' 3nt, James Daniel j-ant, Louise M. j-antham, Mary Eleanor Gantham, Rudene May 66, A. (vrence M. . S. G 139 126 126 no 139 126 300 320 . no 139 66 ... 67, 275 67, 275, 352 67, 279, 302 139, 306-308 139, 257 139, 253 no, 253 .139 67, 363 no, 257 . 140 ,. 67 126 126, 283 126 1 10, 350 140, 269, 338-341 140, 275 140, 259 140, 249 140, 302 140, 235 .. 67 26, 233 140 no, 249 140, 363 67, 355 67, 271 67 253, Hamilton, Donald E. Hamilton, Harriette Hamilton, Wm. Ferguson Hamlin, Alice Louise Hamm, Llewellyn Hammett, Dorothy . Hammond, Olyn B. Hamrick, Blanche Hancock, John Haney, Andrew N. Manner, Nelle Hanson, Hazel .. Hanson, Leslie A. Harber, Thos. A. Harber, Wm. Hubert Harcourt, Roy Maurice Hardeman, Wallis B Harden, Adron Harden, Geo. Warren, 110, Harden, W. H. Hardin, Elgin Hardin, Newton . Hardin, Wm. Lawrence Hardin, Wm. Walton Harding, Mildred .. Hardison, Calvin W. Hardman, Latane Hardy, Billie Hardy, Geo. Moore Hardy, Jack C Hargrave, Burch Harlow, Rob ' t , Harmon, Rob ' t Harmon, Doralea Harner, Joseph Harper, Walton Wm Harrell, Bill 49, 229. Harrell, Evangeline 140, Harrell, Cuy Harrell, Jos. Russell Harrell, Julia Harrelson, Isaac 373 257 281 310, 369 243 126 140, 243 287, 290 no, 277 126, 285 no, 255 126, 287 Hendry, Wayland Henley, David P. . Hennen, Mary B. Henry, Frances Wales 127 Herbert, Geo 1 0, 24 Hereford, Rob ' t Thos 140, 237, 354 Heriot, Rob ' t L., Ill, 296-297, 298-299, 301, 302 Herlihy, Margaret ! ? ' ?? Herndon, John P Herring, Bernard Herrington, Edwin F. Herrington, Thos. Jefferson 141, ; 72, 205, 241, 2 312-313, 334-335, 152, 127, 141, 141] 141, 72, III, 127, 72, .141, 71 II 140, 279, 126, 69, 40 126 290 273 140 237 no 68 , . 68 140 296-297, 358-359 68 153 140 247, 354 69, 257 126, 321 no 140 . 126 no, 363 no 211, 253 126 126 no no, 363 210, 350 398-399, 360 338-341 69 126, 364 69, 267 140 Herzberg, Morris M Hester, Edward Hibben, Ruth Hicks, Ernest Hicks, Nancy Ella Hicks, Wright G. Higginbothan, Merle . Higginbothan, Sara Alice Highsmith, Norwood H. Hightower, Martha Hilderbrand, Kathryn Hill, Alva Jo Hill, John Clark 140, 263, Hill Hill, Hill Hill Hill Hill Hi Charles Prothro, Edward Georgia Anna Hugh E Marvin 141, Walter - ard, Harold 239, 69, Harrington, Lawrence, 140, Harris, Barbara Marie ... Harris, Christine Harris, Dorothy Harris, Ethridgc Harris, Guy B. Harris, Jas. Aubrey Harris, Jas. R Harris, Jas. C - Harris, John B 124, 231, 308-309, Harris, Pauline Harris, Wm. E Harris, Wm. Henry Harrison, Carlyle 312-313, 338-341 69, 269 69 277, 361 140 126, 235 126 140, 253 126, 235 370, 372 126, 277 126, 363 140 140 Hillis, Mary Ruth Hilsman, Mary Ann Hinchliffe, Everette J. Hinson, Belle Hinson, Doris Jean .... Hinson, Jas. Wm. Hinson, Lofiey Hirschberg, Vera Hise, Earl Hise, Levi Hitchcock, Lucille Hix, Lowell Hodges, Floureny G. . Hodges, Margaret Hodges, Robert Hodges, Roy Theo. Hodges, W. C. Hodges, Wm. H. Hodgson, Louise Hodgson, Mary Hodgson, Saidce Hodgson, Winston D. Hoffmaster, Louise Hogan, Brownie Hogan, Harvey Hogan, Urian Jeff Holbrook, Bob 8. Holcomb, B. F. Holland, Dean Holland, Wilbur F. Holley, David Pitts Holliday, Jas. C. Holliday, John W. Holliday, Pope B. Hollis, Howell Holman, Chas. M. 312.313 52, 237, 263, 312-313 127 .127, 312-313 ...140, 338-341 140, 312-313 127, 271 140 127, 233 71, 275, 290 140 . 127 141 iii, 237, 312-313, 338-341 .... 140 Ill Ill, 237, 317 239, 296-297, 301, 338-341 127, 231, 338-341 71, 203 141 HI, 247, 71 Ingram, Henry B. . Irby, John Jackson Irby, Nell Irwin, Christopher Findley... Isaac, Rob ' t S - Israils, Nettie Ivey, Bernard Ivey, Henry F. ..... Ivey, Mary Jean Ivie, C. W H], 312-313, 127, ..III, Sue E. 72, 127, 275 73 III, 141, 320 354 III 269 229 127 141, 281 127, 247 71 . 71, 273 127 71 71 141, 249 in Ml 127 71 283, 290, 358-359 127, 283 . . 71, 283 Ill 141, 287, 338-341 Ill 127 127 127 III, 253 141 141 127 127 301 Jackson, Carl E. Jackson, Frances Jackson, Jane . Jackson, Lefreda Jackson, Marian Jackson, Marie Jackson, Rob ' t Jackson, Sidney Jackson, Travis Jacob, Joe S, Jacob, Peyton . Jacobs, Irving Jacobs, Ivey __;- _ _ Jacobs, J. Walter Ill, 243 Jacobus, Joseph 127, 251, 294-297, 304-307, 317, 358-359 James, Howard B 127, 241 James, Neville 73, 235, 306-307 James, Wm. North Jameson, Burton C. Janes, Julian T Jardine, Rob ' t Louis 73, 34- Jarrell, John A. Jarrett, Harold M Jarrett, Jarrell ---- Jarvis, Sara -ri„- ' 1 Jay, Nathan 141. 259, 31 Jay, Wm. H .12. Jefferics, Kathcrine — ;-. Jenkins, Ea 127, 141 229, 306-307, 338-341 71 229, 304305, 308-309, 337, 338-341, 343 127, 233 :98-299, 30 Jenkins, John A — " .:r-- " . Jenkins, Phyllis....! 1 1, 249, 315, 317, 338-34 Jenkins, U. R ' 3 " Jennings, Bill, Jr. Jennings, Emmette Jennings, Martha E. Jimmerson, Zola Ruth 73, 3 Joel, Charles HI, 251, 304-307, 317, 3 Johnson, Cecil Johnson, Clete .. Johnson, Coy Johnson, Effie Johnson, Evelyn . Johnson, Frances Johnson, Hammond W, Johnson, Howard W. Johnson, James A. Johnson, Jane R. Johnson, Jimmie Johnson, Julia Ar-. Johnson, Louis G. Johnson, Peggy Johnson, William T. Johnston, Peering Johnston, Gladys Johnston, Patricia Joiner, Alva A. 141, 2! 1 141 12, 3J5, .153 3 41 ' 273 441 INDEX TO STUDENTS— CONTINUED Joincf, Horace Jolly, Maiy Will Jolly, Sydney Jones, Albert Bruc Jones, Annie V. Jones, Benson M. Jones, Betty Fitch Jones, Boiling, III Jones, Catherine Evcrotr Jones, Emory Parts Jones, Eugenia . Jones, Florence Jones, Gordon Jones, Henry Will Jones, James Jones, Katherinc F Jones, Katnna Jones, Klarrc ioncs, Nancy ioncs, Paul Jones, Phill.p Jones, Randolph L. 74 313, 152, 235, 7-1, 275, -ZZZZiii, 334-335 ' Page 344, 365 Ml, 273 141 326-327 112 127 283 370 275 127 141 27, 269 12, 229 ... 112 12, 255 338-341 14 127, 229. 112. Krumbein, Gazclla Franc es 75 Krumrine, Marion S Kulbersh, Shirley 142 281 Kuzmicki, Alan .1287 237, ' 296-297 Pogc 281, 320 128 141 Jones, Rob ' t Lynn Jones, Sara Jim Jones, Slaton M. Jones, Vincent Jones, Walter Troup Jones, Wm. Allen Jones, Wm. Thomas Jones, Willis L. Jordan, Frank Jas. Jordon, H. D. Juhan, Ben Juliand, John Justice, Lillic 275 141 364 74 203, 219, 243, 331, 334-335, 358-359 112, 330, 358-359 112 153, 233, 334-335 112, 239, 360 127, 3C0 141, 247 141, 354 74 141 74, 349 7-», 216, 219, 220, 358-359 141 141 Kyle, George Swift . ' . ' 142 ' La Hatte, Marybcllc Laing, Walter J Lamb, Floye Lambert, Wm. Byrow Lamlcin, Elizabeth 128, 269 338 Lammers, Stanton M. ., Lamon, Homer ...., 7 Land, John Henry Landers, Edna , Landrum, William S. ' . Lane, Douglas Lane, Edgar Lane, Julia Lane, Mack Lane, Margcne Lane, Nell . Lane, William J. Lancy, H. E. .. Lane, Mary Anne Langdale, Billy . Langdale, John W. 301 320 229 75 . 75 . 142 75 341, 371 76, 249 358-359 243 142 142, 243 , 142 112, 253 . - 112 . 128 . 128 112, 300 . 128 112 152 142, 229 155, 229 Lord, Dorothy Lott, Arthur ij ' i Lott, Robert Love, Rebecca Lovvorn, H. Bruce Lowe, Robert Lowe, Walter Lowery, Frank Lowery, Tyler Loyd, Harold Loyd, Robert Lucas, Elizabeth Lucas, Robert Luke, Pickett, Jr. Lumpkin, Edwm Page 142 237, 312-313, 317 12 78, 271 358-359 112, 253 78, 142, 262, Kahn, A. Jacl Kalmon, Julia F. Kane, Noma Kaney, Janathan Kantcr, Walter Kantor, Sylvia Kaplan, David Kaplan, Kusicl Kaplan, Lillian Karow, Gustav Kay, Lena Belle Kcchan, Wm. F. Keen, Trammcll C Keith, Rob ' t Eugene Keller, A. Paul, Jr. Kellcy, Evan Levi Kcllcy, James KcMcy, Sara Pauline Kellogg, Mrs. Edwin Kelly, Cecil R Kelly, Cobern Kelly, Gordon McNeill Kelly, Homer Don Keltner, Green Kemmcr, Virginia Kemp, Barney Kempf, Luitpold W. Kendall, Annette Kendrick, James, 141, 237, Kendrick, Lawrence W. _.[ Kennedy, Albert Kennedy, Jos. E Kennedy, Josephine 141 Kennedy, Wm. Henry Kennemur, Virginia Kenney, Wm, D Kennon, Virginia Kenny, Edwin Kent, Cameron Kent, John. ...128, 237, 310 31 Kernaghan, Rob ' t H 112 Kerr, Jas. Edwin Kersey, B. L Key, Gwendolyn Key, Lorena Josephine Kicklightcr, Harold Kicklighter, Reginald Kicklighter, Q. H. . I |2, Kidd, John Inman 128, 241 ' Kierce, Alice ' ' Klght, Fred Claric ' . Killian, J Killian, Lewis M. 112 343, ' 141, 141, 12, 257, 153, 259, 259 112 141, 275, 296-297 . 112 112, 257 281, 301 306-307 306-307 141 141 127 127, 235 112, 239, 358-359 112, 364, 365 127, 370 127 354 287 330 112 74 233 263 141 127 141 112 364 354 128 23 Langdon, Josephine . ' ' ||2 74, 141 112, 74. 112, 247, 74, 330, 362, 312-313, 338-341, 269, 128, 312-313. 239, 355, 14 128, 249 338-341 74 338-341 141 128 141, 366 75 338-341 358-359 141, 235 128 112 75 338-341 362, 367 312-313 358-359 277, 361 112 128 233, 338-341, 369, 372, 373 75, 207, 219 112 75, 216, 237 141 Langdon, Lorraine Langford, Robert Langston, Norman Lanier, Marion Lanier, Parks Lansdell, Jos. T. Lasher, Carol Lassiter, Jas. " m. Lassiter, Francis S Lavender, Louise Lawrence, John A. Lawrence, Joyce Lawrence, Myrvis Leach, James Leake, Jane Ledbetter, Laura Lee, Caroline Lee, Daniel Lee, Earl Lee, John Lee, Lynda Lee, Martha Oventon St. Elmo Syble . Truman L. Walter Leggett, Udell C. Le Hacky, Albin . Lemacks, Wm. J. Lemmon, Elanor Lemmon, Ellen Lemmond, Sarah Lennard, Lois Lennard, Jesse Leon, Lettye Lerman, David LeRoux, Jane Leroy, Lemuel Lesseibaum, H Lesser, Milton... 128, 271 76 142 302 142 298-299 142, 273 128, 112, Lumpkin, Jas. Lund, Herman Lundy, Elton Luther, Miriam Lyndon, Andre Lynn, Ce cil Lynn, Donna .... Lyon, Emmett Q. 203 255 349 128 112 142, 253, 306-3D7 78, 269 112 151 306307, 338-341 324, 333 78 142 142, 283, 338-341 -78, 233 142 267 128 , 235, 304, 255, 128, May, Wm. Wardlaw .,0% Mayer, Joseph Geo., Jr. 43 ' , Mayes, Chas. Robt 80, 208, 219 33o ' 3 Mays, James O ' Donald ||3 29R 5m ' Meadows, Fred C. .. V8-299, 3 Meadows, John C, Jr...l43, " 298-299, ■306-308 ' 3 Meadows, Carolyn ' Mcdders, D. E Medlin, Dorene Medlock, Rebecca Meeks, Elisha A., Jr 1 Mceks, Louise Meeks, Stanton )i ' 3 312.3 . ' ..143, 2: .81, 129, 300, 128, 76, 142, 271, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, B. 141, 344, 356, 12, 251 Lesser, Raymond 142 Leverett, Marjorie Levine, Ben)amin Levine, Bernice Levine, Edward Levy, Elizabeth Levy, 1. C Levy, Victor Lewis, Lamar |28 Lewis, James 370 267 128 -.112, 330, 331, 357 112 . 76 142 275 267 364 . 128 . 112 , 261 . 76 . 76 . 142 112 142 112 142 112 128 112 112 76 279 302 . 142 112, 273 .. 142 142, 269 312-313 .128, 354 298-299, 317, 360 306-308 142 Macaulay, Hugh A. Mackey, Martha Macpherson, Margaret Maddock, Eleanor 128 Maddox, Elizabeth Maddox, Fr Maddox 112, 229 78, 290 112, 338-341 283, 338-341, 368, 371 112 ' n : ' s 112, 298-299, 360 u j , ' " . ° ' " ' 2 ' 229, 306-307, 338-341 Maddox, Jos. J. 190 oic Maddox, Ruby ;;;;;:; " - " Magruder, Geo 142, 23 i, 366-307 Mahna, Sheila Malcom, Billy Thomas Malone, Wm. Thos !;;!f|° " ' = ' - T 304.307 Malone, B. G Manderville, Samuel 78, 197. 112 338-341 .142, 271 142 142 128, 301, Mann, Mann, Mann, Mann, Mann, Mann, 142 312 313, 330 331, 358-359 78, 362 112 78 78 112 Melton, Geo. S Melvin, Clayton E. Mercer, Francis Mercer, Jack B Mercer, Roy H. Mercier, Billy R Mergendoller, Helen... Meritt, Dorothy Mcrritt, Thomas R. Mewborn, Charles D.. Meyer, Sam, Jr. Meyer, Wm,, Jr Michael, Cecil Michael, Charlotte ...... Middlebrooks, Frances Middleton, Robert G. Middleton, Royce G. Miles, Enoch Allen Miles, Wannelle Milford, Jack M 298-299, j 81, 333, 334-335, ' 3; Bl, 317, 277, 361 2 ' i 129, 2 II 81, 312, 313. 34 113, 24 129, 36 81, 32 129, 27 113-27 14 81, 34 14 112, 251, 306-308. 298-299 153, 312-313, 75, 237, 142, Kimbrell, Rob ' t H. Kimbrough, Marjorie Kimbrough, Ruben B. Kime, Robert B. Kimsey, Cliff Kimsey, Mary King, Mrs. Frances S. King, Martha Florence King, Mitchell C. King, Morris A. 7c: King, O. H. .. ■ King, Rex G. King, Wm. R Kinnebrew, Hulmc 142, 338.34, Kinney, Merle 190 Kinney, William L. Ijg 1 : ' ° ' £ ' .f,s- Hashes 150,156,312-313 Kirby William . 128, 237, 354 Kirk, Jas. Edward 170 Kirkland, Daniel A, ,28 Kitchens, Doris Mae yc Kitchens, Wm, Claude ' 75 Kittle, Arthur Thos, .. 128 Klein, Julian Harold . 142 257 Kluk, Paul ' |,j2 Knight, Henry S. „ 112 Knight, Kathryn . [2g l nl hl ' 4f ' ' Tu 153, 312-313 Knight, Wm. Thos. 128, 229, 364 365 Knox, P. C ' 128 Knupp John C 128, 237, 3377 338-341 372 Kosh, Lorraine 142 Kramer, Sara -ZZ7Zj28, 281 Krauss, Jean 142 Kruger, Ruben 142, 257, 296-297, 307 306-307 76 142, 286 . 142 76 112, 312-313 152, 312-313 233, 306-308 56 i " 142 " . ' " , a l er 152, 156,312-313 Miles Walker, Jr 142.233 , ° ' = ' ■ 128 f, ' " ' 128, 233 %fy 128 ' ,f ' " ' « 112, 283 ■ ' 76, 206, 219, 233, 302, Lightner, John . 77- 253 L.ndsay, Max 77 255, 263 Lindsey, J. T. 128 n f ' p ' f " ' 77.77, 312.313 Lindsey, Paul nj Lmdsey, Vernon 123 Lipford, Edward 112 229 Lipscomb, Rosa " Little, Crawford Little, Geo, B, . Little, Marion u«l:; B.P == " , 2 5; 332: Littlefield Mandia , Jas, Wm Mandrona, George Mangleburg, Lacy F E. C 77777:7 Evelyn F. Dean James Moss Jeane Marjorie 78 Mann, Mary Doby Manning, H, Camp . Manning, Leia Manning, Lucy Ben Manning, Margaret ..777 142 Manning, Troy Lee Manry, Frances Mansfield, Eva Marbut, Samuel Alex Marchant, Jonelle 149 Marks, Elisabeth 77777 777777;;; 79 128 . 142 112. 273, 302 275, 332, 338-341 79, 153, 267 113 113, 269 79 287 142 113 79 79 Miller, Alice Ruth 113, 283, 300, 338-34 Miller, Daniel F,. 143 255 Miller, Estclle Sidney ' Miller, Geo, Dewey Miller, Jesse Ray Miller, Marilyn A, Miller, Rober-t B., Jr. Miller, Rob ' t E. Miller, Ruth Miller, Sidney S Miller, Wm, Henry Miller, Wm. John, Jr Millican, Eleanor Millican, L. Lewis Mi 113. 81, 267, 35: 312-31: 143, 28 143, 35 ' 347, 34 ' . 11; 14; 129, 255 .. 113 113 129. 247 143. 229 290, 361 29 Isap, E. M 81, 255, 263, 334 335 Marks, Jas. H Marsh, Charles Marsh, Geo. Russeil Marsh, Roberta Marsh, Wm. John Marshall, John McCa Marshall, Kennith D. Martin, Connie Edwin Frances Hoban 142. 113, 79. Li Lewis. Lewis. Lewrs, Lewis, Lewis, Libby Liddell Liddell Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin, Martin Martin, Da David John G, L, P 142, 245, Martin, Martin, Martin. Martin, Martin, Martin, Jr. Jr. . Wm, Littlepage, Anne Llamas, Andrea Llewellyn, Mrs, T. C. Llewellyn, Thomas Lloyd, Charles Lockman, Moss Lockwood, Mary Louise Loflin, Margaret Loflin, Robert Lofton, Price Logan, Chas, H, Logan, Josephine . Logue, Chas Loizeauz, John Lokey, Mary Long, Ernest Long, Earnest Long, Malcolm Long, Margaret . Loomis, Patricia 306-308 112, 271 77. 362 128, 363, 229 .112, 267, 338-341 338-341 112, 229 112 77, 275. 296-297, 338-341, 353 142 112 . 112 112 77 267 . 77 358-359 112 364 77 128 354 128 247 I 128 -.142, 249, 364 142, 285 112, 287, 290 ' M. P Murray .. Nelle Rose Roy Elmo Wm. H Martorell, Miguel A Marvin, John G Masnburn, Delmarlee Maslow, Robert Mason, James Harold Mason, James S Mason, Margaret 142 Massey, Clayton .. Massey, John M,. 142, 275, 112 363 354 277 128 , 312-313 113, 300 ,.113, 273 .113, 249 113 .142, 243 .. 128 306-307 ' 113 113 142 ,142, 261 79 338-341 113, 249 Milton, Jas. Olive Mims, W. F .; ' in Minkovitz, Emma C Minsk, Shirley Mischner, Herman Mitcham, V, P Anna Billy D Georgia 113 Joanne i 2 1° " B. ;;;; ; 113, Raymond 1295 229 330 354 128 259 113 128, 235 285, 338-341 79 ...79, 79, .128, 128, Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell, Mitchell. Mitchell. Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchum, Wm Mixon, Virginia C Mize, Clifford E Mobley, James Hariy Mobley, Julia Ann Mobley, Ralph Modena, Genevieve Moclchcrt, Lewis W. Mohr, Sigo 129, 251 Monk, Ridley Monroe, Constance Monsees, Geraldine A. Montgomery, Jack Montgomery, L. H Montgomery, Marjorie Montgomery, Clifford . Moor, Roslyn Moore, Bruce H. Moore, Edward C Moore, Elizabeth Moore, Ermer Leon Moore, Hazel Moore, Jas. Alonzo ... 255, 334-335 113, 281 129 372 290 1431 1431 81 I43i 2621 301, Ma Mathew .129, 337, 372, 338-341 M n L, , 312-313, 370 Massey, Robt. L 129 Massey, Roy 129 231 theson, Daniel Julius 142, 358-359 ' 241 s, Byron H., Jr,. 152, 155, 263 ' 235 M .. CI . " ' ' : " 5 ' 324-327, 304-305, 306-308 Mathews, Elizabeth 142 Mathews, Florence L 113 Matthews, Jack B _ 129, 229, 338 341 u »i. , , ' 372, ' 337, 370 Mathews, Jos, Ira 113 Matthews, Elizabeth ' .. ' .77 7 129 275 Mariorie i29, 277, 371, 338-341 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Wendell 8I( 1131 113) 1131 113, 312-313: 129. 338-341 i 113; 81, 279 Bl. 306-307, 317, 372. 143, 229, 296-297. . 143. 113, 352 i 113 ' 81, 2621 81 ' 129. 255 129. 346, 362 129 113 1131 , 143. ' 1 13 ' I 143 ' 82. .82, 345, Marjorie 143 Doyle 129 ' 129, 269 231, 338-341 129 143, 354 113 113 143 82, 259, 263, 304,305,306-307 142, 241 77, .77, 77, .128, Matthe Matthc ' Matthc ' Matthei Mathis, Mathis, Mathis, Mattox, Mauldin Mauld ' 5, Thos, Miller s, Walter D. rs, Woodrow Q. David Sarah .... W. Howarci Joe N . .. , F. G, Marjorine 129, .113. 80, 330. Jr, Mauldin, Horace J Mauphin, Robert Harvey Maxwell, A, B . ' .. Maxwell, Barbara C. Maxwell, E, s, 7..;;;;;;;7;;;7;;; ; ' ;7 Maxwell, Eugene K. 113 Maxwell, Jack W„ 80, 241, 3 12 3 1 37298-299; 360 Maxwell, Margaret Ann 142 Maxwell, Martha 129 Robert J.. .129, 245, 317, 356, 358-359 Winfred 143 Marion Martha Robt. D Moore, Tom Lewis Moore, Bill F. Moran, Edward Elliott Moran, Betty Moran, Ernest, Jr Morgan, Alfred 308-309, 326-327, 328-329, 330 Morgan, Maedelle Morris, Albert L. Morris, Ashley D. . Morris, Chas Morris, Elizabeth Morris, Harriett Morris, Lounelle Morris, Elise Morris, Newt, Jr. Morris, R. I Morris, Simeon D. Morris, Thomas Morrison, Ina Mae 249, 82, 113. 348, 343 113 13 364, 365 262, 1131 350 113 43 364 269 82, 143, 129, 233 312-313 82, 239 82 129 Morrison, Martha 113,2791 Maxwell Maxwell Alfred Harry P. Dan S, Thomas F. Bill Henry H. Mor Morrow Moscly, Mosely, Moses, Moss, Alfred Moss, Ben Jr. Moss, James Thomas Mote, Harold Muldrow, John Mulkey, lona Mullins, Henry Alfred Mullins, Nelle Louise Mundy, Derrelle Mundy, Emmel W. ,. -82, 364, 365 129 . 82, 354 129 113, 243 113 143 129 j 113, 354I 152, 156 I 82 . 143 ' 1 13, 277 . 143 113 442 INDEX TO STUDENTS— CONTINUED Page 113 312, 313 82, 229 129, 229 83, 237 143, 271 M3 27b, 338, 83, 271 143 239 341 113 331 129 113, 275 ,. 113 129, 155 114, 273 83, 271 ... 63 129 143 ... 143 .. 129 .. 83 , 338-341 114 oseph B ichard, A. Jr 143, 255, gnatius Few ohn S., Jr. B. D. Frances Jacqueline rhomos Arlcnc . . 129, ite, John Carolyn Gcoigc T. ' , Lorraine ■, Geraidinc John Clark ' , Catherine in, Hilda Madge , Ralph B. , Carolyn y, NX ard Rebecca Anderson ; Laura S.. W , 269, II, Alex James ---- , James L. chey, Grace Ion, Mildred ck, Keith , Mary Helen m, C. F m, Jane .. 36, J. Norftcet ell, Edward R. ell, Betty . cl!, Mildred ell, Roger ic, Stacy . Laura .. Shcaly E. . f, Alton dy, Forrest . fy, Robert A " o f p; ' -:::83, 237, 298-299, 308-309. ' 311, 312-313, 317, 324, 326- 327, 328-329, 330, 333, 360 Hen-y |« Nash, Gwendolyn Nash, Miriam . Ncal, Harry Ncel, Mary Ncislcr, W. G. Ncusladt, Robert New, Jacob . Newell, Sarah Ncwsom, E Pasc . 85 . 143 . 130 . 85 237 143 130, 239, 312-313 ,. 130 85, 237, 298-299, 360 130, 351 354 283 363 114 114 355 129 114 83 271 129 114 143 271 143 129, 354 129 . . 114 114 114, 143 129 83 129, 129, Newsom, Thorr,as 152, 156, 312-313 Ncwsom, W. W 130, 200 Newton, Floyd .85, 195, 219, 233, 296-297, 324, 326-327, 328-329, 330, 333, 334-335 Lee T 130, 233, 306-307, 338-341 143, 267 86, 233, 358-359 130, 255 130, 247 143 86, 300, 330, 352 143, 338-341 143, 271 130, 259 130, 261, 365 . 143 229, 366 114, 352, 353 143 Robert . . 114, 237, 308-309, 310, 311, 312-313, 343, 337, 338-341, 372 Newton, Newton, Mary W. .. Newton, Walker Niblett, Charles .. . Nicholes, Don Nicholson, Chester . Nicholson, Sarah ... Nicholson, Wyienc Nickerson, Thea Nirenbcrs, Jesse Nix, Dillard .- Nix, Ruth Norman, Francis Norman, Martha Norman, Murray Norn- .130, 152 Wade e, Mildred el, Joseph Fred Tell, Marie d, Betty nott, John B. aid, Daniel E. .. aid, Edwin D aid, J. J aid. Morns I nell, Jean .143, 287, 129, 338, 341, 83 114 338, 341 342, 371 83 262, 354 83 129 129, 231 129, 275 ■eii, vi ' ; nia " :::::::::: -84, 275, 353 ic, George E. ' ti le WE - - ' ' innon, James E ,,, v; " -, ' r, th, William M 129, 241, 312-313, 356 :en, Martha Sue °; :en, William L ° ;! ' Ma?;: " t :.ZrZl29; 296:297: 338-341 n, Pat ■■ l ' wfniam Charles " 1.847 253; 356, isa, 359 ty, Hugh H 1 ity, Thelma ' l] - 3-= " zzzz::::: 130 ty, Carl ' H , ty, Franklin A -■_,.- IJO ' k James E - 130, 261 =sh, Jane 84, 269 3sh, Mary Louise " kin, Clovie ' 30 izie, Carolyn - ■ " i7ie Joe H ' 30, 26 2ie ' Lawrence 84, 235, 306-307 : 5;,;r " - -- zz ' ' ' - ' , Katherine ' ■ ' 3. 277 ney, Lee ;-v-- ' 3 " sack, John Hill 113- 247 ; ' Ma; ' ir =84; 275, 317; 332, 338-341 n, Mary .. ' ' ' 3. 271 rty, Robert Ale: ughlin. Earl R. ughian, Jane Norris, J. W Norris, Lenard Norris, Lester Norris, Ruth . Norris, William F. North, Marion Northcutt, Helen ... Northington, Robert Norton, Carolyn Norton, Evelyn Nunnally, Hugh .. Nunnally, John Nutt, Myric .. Gates, Hazel .. . Gates, Mary Obear, Elizabeth ... O ' Connor, Reba ... O ' Dell, Nelle Gdom, William E. Gdom, William W. Oelschig, Augusta Oglesbec, Ruby O ' Kelley O ' Kelley, P G ' Kellcy, Cora 86, 328-329, O ' Kelley, Huell Olive, Robert Oliver, George E. Oliver, Celeste . Olliff, John . Olliff, Laura . Olmstead, Edward O ' Neal, Catherine O ' Neal, Elise O ' Neal, Jimmie Oneal, Sara O ' Guinn, Brantley Orr, Briadus 312-313 130 . 114 130, 269 239, 334-33S 114, 275 86, 269 .... 114 86 114, 338-341 130 143, 253, 306-307 114 130 114, 269, 338-341 ... 143 130, 275 86, 271, 296-297 .114, 237, 301 Pdulk, Russell . Payne, James . Payne, J. W. Payne, Leoriard Payne, Martha .- . Payne, Sarah ,. ' Peach, Nelson Pcakc, Anne Pcarcc, Elizabeth Pcarcc, Lonnic Pearson, Owen Pearson, Osgood Peck, Rose Mary Pceptes, George Pceplcs, William Pecples, Mort Pendcrgrast, Torn Pennington, Lit Penny, Dennis Perkerson, Henry Perry, Catherine Perkins, Dorothy Perry, Edward Perry, Earnest Perry, George Perry, George Perry, Gibson Perry, Iris Perry, Joe Perry, Ralph . Perryman, James Person, Jean Persons, John Persons, Mildred Pert, Helen . Pcsetzky, Herbcn Pesetzky, Ralph Peters, Dorothy Peyton, Virginia Phillips, Eugene . Page 114 I3C 130. 300 87 130 31 V " )32, 338-341, 373 88, 354 130 338-341, 342 130 14 356, 358 359 114, 233 88 114 114, 237 1-M 312-313 44, 231 130 144, 241 255, 330, 344, 354, 363 115 115 115, 235 Qulnn, David M. ISI Page 328 329, 330 143 86, 320 114, 363 130 330, 151, 86, more. Robert E -85, 300, ndon, J. C ndon, Nath . od, Ben Hill ahon, Raymond jllan, John Edwi jrrian, M. T, . lb, Sara iir, Samuel W. ;il, William H. aul, Dorothy aul, Jeannette le, D. A ic, Duncan L. . ic, Hampton E je, Herman A. je, Margaret ie, Quinelle ainey, Malcolm .. :e, Jennie V ze, Martha Dodd ' horlcr, Joesph E. ' horter, Louise ' horter, Mary Estcs :e, Johnnie :e, Mary 152 .130, 237 .130, 271 333, 334-335, 345, 348 .114, 249 . 130 .114,235 85 219, 255, 320, 334-335 1 143, 249, 298-299 85, 344 .114, 275 114 114 237, 296-297, 298-299, 317, 338-341, 343, 372 85, 277 .85,277 143, 235 85, 298-299, 302, 312-313, 330, 360 143, 249 . . 114 130, 275, 338-341 362 130 355 86 ...143, 249 156, 312-313 ... 86 86, 348 114 86 283, 338-341 130, 285, 321 130, 235 .. 143 114 130 Orr, j ' ' oa7 " . .;T43; 269; 296-297, 308-309, 338-341 Osborn, Sarah Frances -_--- ' 3 Osborne, William f, 229 Overstreet, Sana -„,dt S,, Owen, James 1 14, 220, 235, 334-335 , 3«, Owen, Jefferson 130,249, 370 Owings, Boris Oxiey, Sophie 88, 233, 330, 343 130 114, 233 130 144 144, 354 115, 253, 358-359 130, 285 115 144, 287 115 . 144 130 . 155 130, 275, 342, 371 88, 211, 219, 298-299, 301,302, 312-313, 333, 334-335, 337, 360 Phillips, Harry E. Phillips, Laura Jo Phillips, Nancy Phillips, Waid D. Philpot, Dot - Phinazee, Mary Jane Pickens, Edward C. Pierce, Elizabeth Pierce, James C. ■„ " ° Pierce, James Fred 88, 261, 356, 358-359 Pierson, Sara Claire Pike, Irwin H 115, 144, 130, 144, 130, 130, Pace, William Paddock, Dave Padgett, Marjorie Page, William 151 Paine, James .. Palmer, Dorothy Panter, Robert . Paquette, Jane . Parady, William Pardue, Helen .. Parham, Faye Parham, LeRoy . Paris, Carolyn .. Earl Fred Helen Howell 348 233 275 Paris, Paris, Paris, Paris, 86, 334-335, 114, 209, 87 155, 239, 311, 312-313, 326-327 87, 355 143 ... 114 ... 114 300, 312-313 275, 296-297 . 143 253, 356, 358-359 114 .130, ..114, Pinckney, Jerom, Pinkston, Martha Pittman, Jean Pittman, Marvin .. Pitts, Kathryn Plainer, Donald E. Plowden, John G. Poitevint, Alex Lloyd Pollatty, George Polhill, James B I ' Pollock, Evelyn Pollock, Melvin R. Pollock, Lois Pond, Harvey C. . Ponder, Lovic B. Poole, Robert Pool, Wilma Pope, Forrest Earl Pope, L. Edwin 89, 115, 237 115 88, 330 115, 271 130, 229, 338-341 131, 271 144, 249 131, 249 131 115 I, 233, 306-307, 338-341 89, 328-329, 330 89, 328-329, 330 115 115, 249, 369 89 239, 356, 358-359 131 ...144, 338-341 131 153, 155, 207, 219, 220, 312-313, 333, 334-335 89 .115, 361, 371 Radford, Margucn ' . Radford, Nclle Ragan, James J. Ragsdale, Miss Billic Rainbow, Harold Raines, Marvin D. Rainey, Marian Rainey, Miriam Rainwater, Harriso ' Rakcstraw, Joyce Ralston, Lcamond Rambow, Earl A. Ramsey, Evelyn Rarr.sey, Polly Ramsey, Wilbcr F. Randall, Harbut Ransom, Sue Rapier, Regina Rauers, John JacoL Rauschcnberg, Etizabet ' i Rauzin, Martha Lillian Rawiier, Harry Rawlings, Lena . Rawlins, Edward W. Ray, Henry Cook Ray, John A. . Ray, Laovain Reardon, William B. Reaves, Earl R. Reddick, Sara Redding, Helen Rcdfern, Mary Reed, Martha Rces, J. S. Reese, John Evans .. Reese, L, B Reese, William Augustus Reeves, Mildred Reeves, Leta .. Reid, Jack . Renka, John Rentz, Daniel F. Resnick, Jacob M, Reynolds, Carolyn . Reynolds, Herbert Reynolds, Horace M. Reynolds, Martin Reynolds, Zahner .. Rheyney, Austin Rhoads, Walter Rhodes, Irwin T. Rice, Charles Chanaier Rice, C. E Rice, John Albert 91 330, 331 Rice, William B — Rich, Frances Rich, Sidney Richard, Douglas M. Richards, Janis Richards, Julia 131 144 90, 231, 328329. 330, 363 116 115, 259, 306 307 131 131 115, 285 115 90, 348 90, 269 144 . . 144 131, 249 , 271, 371 . 131 115, 233, 356, 373 144, 267, 338-341 90 131 90, 267 115, 281 144, 261 131, 271 90, 239 115 115 115. 253 131 91, 357, 358-369 115 91 115, 235, 283 275 131 344 IIS . 91 . 131 _ . 144 IIS 298-299 lis 131 363 269 331 115 144 231 144 237 115 144, 213 91, 300, 344. 351 298-299, 326-327. 334-335, 348, 357 115, 360 131, 269 .91, 259 31, ' 15, 131, 131, 91, 115, 298-299 131, 273 ._... . 91 Richards; Roy 144, 237, 312-313, 338-341 Richards, Warren - 144 Richardson, Marie 131, 279, 338-341, 368, 371, 373 131 91 115, 114, 114, 87, 144, 89, 229 354 114 114 " l: e!; ZZZZ87; 328-329, 330; " 362; 367 - ■ Griffin .....114,236 Thomas Z .130,298-299,301,302 J _ 1 8 Lester 6. 87, 208, 220, 330, 338-341 344, 345, 348 Park, Park, Parker, Parker, -114, 85, 330, Parker, Sam Parker, William . Parkinson, Jean Parkman, William Parks, Daphne Parmenter, Emery Parr, Martha . Patridge, Dova Passmore, James Patat, Harry Pate, Joseph Patrick, Edith . Patrick, Jean Patrick, Vivian Patterson, Paxton Pattillo, Charles Patton, Phil Paul, Lee Paulk, B. B Paulk, Ineva . Paulk, Mabel . . Paulk, Max . Paulk, Rachel 130, 114, 237 237, 296-297 . 130, 287 . 87 .130, 283 114, 245, 263, 317 130 130 130, 235 .. .87, 354 130 130 . 143 302 262 114, 130, 249, 298-299 241 . 144, 235 87 144, 338-341 114 87 114 Popkin, Herman - Popper, Peggy Popper. Harry Poppke, William R. Porter, James Porter, Ruth Hicks Porter, Jelwync Porterficid, William Portwood, Warren T Posey, James Wyatt Poss, D. H Poss, Raymond L. Pottle, James . Pounds, Hortense . Powell, Glen Powell, James W. Powell, June Powell, Loran Ell Powell, Roy Power, Betty Powers, Henry Prathcr, Edward Prathcr, W. A Preble, Clinton, Presnell, Grovcr - Preston, Ben S. Preston, Jane Preston John Price, Ann . Price, Cecelia Price, Eugene B. Price, Grover Price, Price, Louise ,. ,,„ Price, Peggy ' 31, 269 Prickctt, George - " Prince, William J. " 5, 23 Pringle, Betty Printup, Margaret Prisant, Oscar Proctor, Vivian Pullcn, Emory Pullen, Thomas Marion Pullen, William Thomas Pulliam, D. F. .. Richardson. Billie C. . Richardson, Elizabeth Richardson, Frances Richardson, Frances ... Richardson, Joyce Richstone. Alan A Rickctson, Charles 115. 277. .144, 321 144 IIS MS 264 ... 131 89. 237 . 131 . 89 . 144 . 144 271 115 245 115 115 89. 364 89, 267, 298-299. 361 144 lis 90 115 115 151 144 ... 144 131, 283, 338-341 lis, 275 90 144, 243 Ismalce ;i 152, 243. 263, 326, 327, 333 Ridgell, Dollye - 131 Riemer, Wm. Emanuel 144, 251, 306-307 Rigdon, Fred 91, 235, 362 Righton, Wylene, 131, 249, 301, 338-341, 342, 368 Riley, Elizabeth ' I Riley, Harley H - - US Riley, Pansy - ' 2 Rimes, Hugh M 92, 312-313 Pulliam, Sam .. Purcell, J- DeWitt Purcell, Woodfin Purcell, Ruth Pye, John Quails, Guy Quillian, Alma 131, 275 115, 285 144, 259, 306-307 90 115 lis 115 131 144 115 . . 253 .._ 115 360 Rineakson, Betty Ritchey, Robert Lee Ritchie, George C Rivers, Jerry Roach, Elizabeth Roach, Virginia . Roam, J. Mitchell Roberts. Connie Roberts. Howard G. Roberts, James L. Roberts, James Roberts, James .. Roberts, Joseph . Roberts, Theodore Robertson, F. Herbert Robertson, Rcubin L- Robertson, Stancy Robinson, Charles Morga Robinson, Evelyn Frances 144, 283, 338-341, 342 92 131, 15, 237, 343 92, 275 IIS ...._ 115 144 . lis 241 115 .. 115 _ 114 144 . 92 12. 262, 354 116 92 i 235, 356 114,281 Robinson; j ' ack ' j 114, 241, 312-313, 354 Robinson, Malcoimn 131, 90, 301, 302, 90, 283, 330, 131, 239 338-341, 341 Rodgers, Rebecca Rodgers, Ruth Roders, Edna Rogers, Harriett .. Rogers, J. Van Rogers, Josephine Rogers, Murphy Rogers, Nan Sue . Rogers, Richard Olivi Rogers, Thomas H. 13I Rogers, Warren Goo ■ . ' Rogers, William M. „ .„ .„ -y Rogers! William S 114. 199, ir),m-2 Rohrcr, Ncllc Frances .131,371 Roop, Billic Ann . Rose, Mary Elizabeth 144 131 273 . 114 92, 275 131, 249 114 I-S4, 312-313 44, 338-341 . . 114 312-313, 343 131, 241, 263 . 144 Rosenberg, Albert Ross, Carolyn Ross, George R- Ross, Jean Ross, Maria-i, ' Ross, Sarah J. 114, 277 131, 275, 338-341 114, 259. 343 . 144 114. 255. 312-313 144, 283, 301 144, 277, 338-341 _. .92, 275 443 INDEX TO STUDENTS— CONTINUED Rothwell, Gordon D. .. Rountrce, John Wesley Roundtrce, R. L. Rowan, Waldo S. J. C Mary Daniel Charles . Robctl Page Rossee, Florrie 144, 2 5 Rosscc, Sara 116,275,321,373 RothbcfS, Robert L 116,251,306-307,317, 358-359 116 131 n ' t 116 144, 255, 312-313 92 92, 312-313 144, 312-313 H. Edward 131, 354 Alvin Perry 116, 259, 308-309 , Betty 116 Rutfm, Jessie . , 144, 277 Rushrns, Eugene 144, 354 Russell, Burwell ... 131, 354 Russell, William 92, 328-329, 330, 362-363 Rustin, Anne 93, 269 Rutherford, Camilla 93, 279, 330 Rutherford, Marjoric .. 144 Rutkin, Helen 116, 281 Rutledge, Emory A 131,247 Ryan, Grace E 93 Rylander, Walter 93, 235, 356, 204 Rowc Rowe, Royal, Royal, Ruark, Rubin Ruckc Page Slocum, Louise 8. 116, 277 Slotin, Rita 95, 281 Slotin, Sylvia . 145, 281 Smith, Amelia .. 145 Smith, Agnew 1 16 Smith, Ardell Dcnni; 95, 262, 346 Smith, Brown I 16, 241 Smith, Conrad 116, 363 Smrth, Chas. A. 95, 249 Smith, Chester Hamilton 95,350 Smith, Clarence . 145, 249 Smith, Dorothy .. . 145 Smith, Elva 116, 273 Smith, Eva May 95, 275 Smith, George A. 95, 330, 355 Smith, Geo. G 95, 330 Smith, Geo. W 95, 235, 306-307, 358-359 Smi ' th, Guy 95 Smith, Guy . 132 Smith, Hariett 145, 275 Smith, Hoke 132, 231 Smith, I. C 145 Smith, James 96 Smith, Jay 145, 237, 296-297, 338-341 Smith, Joan 116 Smith, Kathryn Louise 116 93, 131 219, 229, 366 . 131 204, 249 144 116, 364 362, 370 144 116, 116, Sadler, Mary Saftold, Rex 93, 200, Sate, Miriam Salisbury, George R Salisbury, Marion Salter, Ruth Salter, William L. Sammon, Ruth . Sams, William C, Jr Sanchez, Marion Sancken, Herman H Sanckcn, Sara Sanders, Chas. M Sanders, Jas. Howard Sanders, Reagan H Sanders, Robert W Sanford, Jane Sangster, Ernestine Saye, Harold Scarboro, Paul J. Scarborough, Allen Scarborough, Barron B Scarborough, Lonnie Scheer, Gloria Rose Schmisseur, Margie 93, 283, Schreeder, Elizabeth - - Schrocr, Herbert 131 Schuman, Margaret 94, 3S3 Scoggins, H. Burl 116 Scott, Anna Louise 144 Scott, Betty 116, 275 Scott, E. S 94, 300, 345, 348,350 363 93 131 267 144 116 116 93 275 116 131 350 .. 144 93 14 116 301, 302 144 116, 144, 93, Scott, Lamar Scott, Martha Scott, William Scoville, Sheldon... Scoville, Thomas . Scruggs, John A. Scruggs, Kathleen Seago, Geo. H. Scaton, Frank Seaton, George E. Seay, Mabic Sebring, Gladys 144, 241, 131, 312-313, 144 131 255 354 131 94 116 208 116 144 116 144 Seckinger, Bernard 145 Seckinger, Clara F 94 Sccrest, Lee 131, 233, 306-307, 338-341 Selby, Chas. A 131 Sell, Edward S., Jr 151, 155, 241, 334-335 Sellers, Jack 145, 296-297, 312-313, 338-341 Selph, Carlton 94, 196 Sessions, Rountree 94 Sewell, Robert 131 Seymour, Glenn E 116 Shaefer, Griggs 94, 235 Shainker, Bernice 145,281 Shapiro, Bernard 131,257 Shapiro, Herman L. 94, 363 Shaw, Geo. Paul 152, 155, 229, 333 Shearouse, John 131 Sheffer, Mary 145 Shell, Martha 145 Shelton, Irwin 145 Shepard, John LeRoy 132 Sheriff, Anniele 132 Sheriff, Fletcher 145 Sheriff, Sam C 354 Sherill, Shirley 116 Shingler, Herbert 116,231 Shingler, Marguerite 145,273 Shiver, Grayson 145 Short, Dorothy 145 Short, Edward W 145 Short, Lawerencc L 116 Shuman, Roy P 116, 261,364 Siafacas, Spiros 94, 197, 358-359 Sibbctt, Wm 116 Silva, Agnes 132, 285 Simerville, Virginia 277 Simmons, Chas. R 94, 256, 358-359 Simmons, Lucile 116 Simmons, Thos 145 Simon, Nelle 145, 281 Simonton, A. A 132 Simpson, Eloise - 132, 271 Simpson, Wm. T 132, 239, 358-359 Sims, Alice Margaret 94, 285 Sims, Katherine 116 Singer, Sol ...151, 257, 263, 317, 326-327, 334-335 Sirmans, Walter R 132 Sisley, John F 95, 247, 354, 362 Sisley, William R 95, 247 Skelton, Edward 95, 239 Skinner, L. 1 116,262 Skipworth, James 132 Slate, Mary 116, 273 Slater, Claude D 132, 247 Slaughter, Chas. W 145 Slick, William A 116 Smith, Laura 132 Smith, Lawrence 132, 298-299 Smith, Louise 116, 285 Smith, M. L 116 Smith, Martha 145 Smith, Mary Lee 132 Smith, Norman 116 Smith, Oswell 96 Smith, Paul 116 Smith, Rob ' t E. 132, 255, 312-313, 338-341, 370 Smrth, Robert S 145, 255, 312-313 Smith, Sara Jo 116, 302 Smith, Stephen 145, 229, 338-341 Smith, Sue 116 Smith, Vivian Astor 116 Smith, Wilbur 153 Smith, Wm. Evan 151, 235 Smith, Wm. F 96 Smith, Stanford 132, 298-299, 312-313, 337, 363, 370, 372 Smrth, William 1 116, 235, 306-307 Snelling, J. McLucius 116 Snclling, Wm. M 132, 354 Snow, James T 145, 233 Snyder, Samuel 145, 247 Sohn, Louis E 116, 251, 304, 305, 306-307, 317, 343, 372 Solana, Manolita 96,279 Solms, Jas. Fred 152, 212, 219, 229 Solms, Billy 145,229 Solms, Selma L. 117, 267 Solodkin, Morris 145 Solomon, Frank 132, 257 Somberg, Seymour 145, 257, 354 Sommerhalter, Otto Wm 96, Sortorc, Jean 132 Souther, John P 117 Southerland, Ed. W 152, Spain, J. Lloyd 96, Spangler, Margery 145, 283, Spann, Jas. Luther 117, 296-297, 300, Sparks, Andrew H. Sparks, Augustus 132, 229 306-307, 370 Spearman, Julius W Spearman, Neil S 145, 235, 306-307, Spears, _Ralph 145, 273, 362 271 354 357 330 301 350 . 117 304, 372 132 338-341 145 Spcer, Ellen 145, 273, 338-341 Speer, Helyn 117,271 Speer, J. P 145 Spence, Janie 285 Spence, W. A 117, 239,263 Spencer, Richard P 132, 229 Spilky, Natalie 145, 281 Spink, Jane Emma 96 Spivey, Hcnriette 117, 338-341 Spivcy, Lamar 145, 255 Spoone, Myrtle 117 Spooner, John 1 96 Spratling, Wm. 145,249 Sproull, Miriam 1 17 Stafford, Ellen 117 Stalling, George 96, 198, 219, 229, 366 Stamps, Helen 145 Stancil, F. E 132 Standard, Samuel B 132 Standifer, Wm. 8 145, 253, 306-307 Stanley, George Woods 117, 237 Staples, Trammel 117 Stapleton, Emmet 145, 364 Stapleton, LeRoy 96 Starr, Marguerite 117,271 Statham, Rob ' t E 132 Steele, Rubuie 96, 275 Steenland, Adin P 145, 312-313, 314, 338-341 Stegeman, Joanna 96, 283 Stegeman, John F. 117, 229 Stegeman, Marion 132, 283 Steinhimer, Heneritte 145, 289 Stelling, Carl Henry 117 Stennctt, Mary 97 Stephens, Corrine C 97, 269, 328-329, 330, 332, 338-341, 343 Stephens, Dorothy 97 Stephens, Lucy 97, 352, 353 Stephens, Marvin L 145, 306-307, 338-341 Stephens, Ray 132 Stephens, Rufus 97, 351 Stephens, Sophia 117,285 Stephenson, Julian H 97 Stevens, Harry B 97, 235, 337 Page Stewart, Thos. H 117, 220, 229, 296-297, 304, 306-307, 343, 369 Stewart, Wallace 145 229 Stewart, Wilton W 117 Steycrman, Louis, 145, 251, 296-297, 306-307, 363 Stiff, Walter B 132, 262, 354 Stiles, Alwyn B 97 214 Still, Wilson E 97, 312-313, 333, 334-335 Stillwell, Nicholas 145, 241, 312-313, 373 Stimpson, Wm. H 132, 229 Stinson, R. Hale 132 301 Stockton, Bobbie Dell 132, 273, 338-341, 368, 371 Stoddard, Margaret 117, 269, 361 Stogsdill, Bentley 132, 354 Stogsdill, Dennis 145 Stone, Edward M 132, 233, 338-341 Stone, John Walker 145 Story, Frank Knox 132, 253, 356, 358-359 Storey, John David 117 Stowe, J. E 132 Stowe, John P 132 Strain, Edw 97, 208, 249, 330 Strauss, Billie 145, 253 Strickland, Chas. H 117 Strickland, Helen D. .. 98 Strickland, J. C. 117, 239, 358-359 Strickland, J. E 117 Strode, Frank A 153 Strong, Nancy __... 117 Strother, Elizabeth 145 Struletz, Joe 145, 257, 306-307 Stuckcy, Willa Deane 98, 330 Suddath, Jack 132 Suddeth, Byron 145 Suggs, G. E 145 Suggs, Mary Eliz 98, 285 Sule, Frank 145 Sullivan, Gordon Lee 151, 155, 229 Sullivan, Jerome Lee 255 Sullivan, Rob ' t E. 132, 229 Summerford, Daniel B 117, 364 ' 365 Summerford, Sara 98 Summerhill, Dewey 132 Summerour, Katherine E 117 Summerour, T. W 98 Summerour, Wm. O 132,254 Summers, Antoinette 117, 277 Summers, Mary Ellen 145 275 Sutton Sutton 330, 133, 249, 312-3 I 99, 279, 2 133, 306-3 Tiller, Harold Tilli, Henry Tindel, Mary C. Tipton, Frank P Tison, Eugene . Todd, Fay i V Todd, Raymond al ' Tolson, Watson L ' Tompkins, Adurline i33 Tonge, John Wm ' iqq ' Toran, Wm. B. wn ' Tortora, Frank Towler, Dot Townsend, Edith Townsend, Margaret Townsend, W. T Trapnell, Leon . .. Travis, Cecilia D. .. Treadwell, Roger Tribble, Stinson Tripkowski, Frank .. .101, " Y, I 2 1 2 1 1 Tripp, Manning ,53 312.3 Trotter, Charlotte 1. . _ ' | Trousdale, Louis C .133 2 Troutman, Robert 100, 231 263 324 ' 32 328-329, 330, 334-335, 337, 3- Trussell, LaGrange 133, 269, 296-297 308-30 Tuck, Jos. Quillian 117 220 31 T L D mm, 338-3. Tuck, Rene 133, 269, 338-3- Tucker, Wm. McClendon |- Tucker, Zelda 133, 300, 338-341 ' 3 ' Tuggle, Roy 144 2 ' Tumlin, Emma Lee ' || Tumlin, Louise |[ Tupper, Myron W | ' ' ' " A. B 1337 ' 2377 ' 296-2 ' ; Curtis Lewis, 100, 302, 317, 337, 338-3 ' IC II 1 1 13 14 117, 27 Turne Turne Turner, Dewey Turner, J. E Turner, Kathryn L, Turner, Margaret Tuen, A. Vernon Twitty, Mary R. John Wm. Mary - 98 145 Swam, Will Neel 98, 330, 362 Swann, Elizabeth 117 Swann, Irene 98 SwaiHs, James 98, 255, 310, 312-313,357 Sweat, Forrest 152 Sweat, Fred C 152, 209, 219, 239, 310 312-313, 333, 334-335, 338 341 Sweat, Lonnie Ernest 132 Swift, Geo. Parker 132, 229, 370 Swinford, Elizabeth 117,275 Symmes, Sarah 98, 271 Tye, John Lewis ||7 23 Tye, Miriam ' || Tyre, Parnell !- m " " Z! I4| Tyre, Rcyno [ 13 Tyson, Lucille |00 27i Valdes, Jos. F Vandiver, Mrs. Sanford Vandiver, Ernest 117, 235, 263 133, 231 10 304, 306-30?. 36 ' Hi 131 27 25 II Talley, Geo. Tank, Donald L. Tankersley, M. J. Tappan, Fred A. Tappan, Chase Tarpley, Eleanor Tate, Eugene Tate, Willie E. .249, 152, 330, 331 358-359 117 155, 229 145, 229 145 145, 354 98, 249 Taylor, R alph Taylor, S. J. Taylor, W. J. Teal, Chas Teaslcy, Billy Teasley, Edith Teasley, Frank Teasley, Julia Telford, Geo. . Stevens, Katherine .. Stewart, Arthur Stewart, Bruce F. . Stewart, Francis Stewart, Geo. 8. Stewart, Jas. M . Stewart, Jas. Stewart, John B. Stewart, Marguerite 117, 287 117 354 145 196 117 253, 263 .132, 247 132, 273 97, ' . ' 97, Tatta, Anthony 132 Tatum, Tony 145 Taulor, A. M 99 362 Taylor, Carlisle C. 152, 239, 308-309, 3ID, ' 311, 312-313, 343, 373 Taylor, Edward F. 137,249 Taylor, Erma Nell 132 Taylor, J. E 117 Taylor, John F. 132 Taylor, Laura 132, 267 Taylor, Lillian 117,287 Taylor, Mary 132, 315, 371 99 99, 362 145 132, 312-313, 363, 370 132 . 132, 269, 296-297 117 355 145, 249 Terry, Chas. H 117, 235 Thacker, Pearl Evelyn 99 Tharpe, Edgar 117 ThaKton, Karl L 162, 267 Thomas, Carol 117, 255 Thomas, Constance 279, 302 Thomas, Dons 132, 267 Thomas, John J I45 Thomas, Marguerite 99 Thomas, Fred 117 Thomas, Paul R 99, 362, 363 Thomas, Susie Wynn 132, 285 Thomas, Sybil 132 Thomas, Wm. Q. 132 Thomason, Helen 132, 338-341 Thompson, Grace 145, 279 Thompson, Haidee 99, 275 Thompson, Harriotte 99, 298-299, 302 Thompson, Margie 99 Thompson, Mary Allen 99, 355 Thompson, Romney 145 Thomson, Elizabeth 145, 275, 338-341 Thornton, Elizabeth 132 Thornton, Mary 117 Thornton, Ralph 117, 249, 312-313, 358-359 Thorp, Chas. 99, 233, 301, 343, 360 Thrasher, Anne 132, 315, 371 Thiasher, Warren A 255 Threatt, Durwood C 117, 261 Threlkeld, Euclede ' 133 Thurman, S idney 145 Thurmond, Miriam 145, 273 Tidwell, George Henry. .151, 156, 304 312-313 Tift, Lutrell 117, 267, 298-299, 315, 338-341, 361 „ ,. 337, 343, Vandiver, Sanford VanHook, Wm. Xoung Vann, Dorothy 14 Van Riper, Warren 117, ' Vansant Jas. Irvin Van Zandt, Robert 146 35 Varnon, Valerie 146, 296-29 Veale, Emory O. |0i Veale, Powell !!.!!! ' " ! " ! !! ' .7. . ' . 14. Veatch, Jack Lowry |0( Verdery, Hamilton 133,25! ' Verdi, Martha 146 ' 27 Vickers, Elmon B 100, 199,219 300 ,,. , 312-313, 338-341, 34: Vickers, John 146, 312-313, 338-34 Vickery, Chas. Jackson 13; Victor, Jeanne . . |0{; Voigt, R. G Z ' ZZ nil Waddell, Elliott Waddell, J. H. Waddey, Anna V Wade, Ann Wade, Willis W. Wadsworth, W Spear .133, 22 ' I4( 100, 283, 338-341 ' 146, 26; 133, 243, 358-35 ' , F 133, 255, 312 313, 36; Wagoner, Eddie R 133 262 35 ' Waits, C. A loii Waldhour, Eliz. Ardelle il8, 30; Waldrop, Warren |4( Waldrop, Callie Annette 118,27; Waldroup, Jas. W 152, 312-31; ' Walker, Alyce Harrison ' .118,26V Walker, Archie 14 Walker, David S. S 151, 156, 310 311 312-313, 334-33E Walker, Eugenia 14f Walker, F. V 1|8, 35C, Walker, Jas. H. 101, 344, ' 36! Walker, Lilian 101, 269, 338-341 Walker, Margaret 133, 338-341,371 Walker, Mary 13 Walker Robert, 14 Walker, Stokes i46, 229, 306 307 314, 338-341 G 118, 344, 351 Wall Wall Hilto 249, 263, 306-307,. 328-329, 363 Wall, J. Marion 146 253 Wall, W. B ,: 146 Wallace, Anne 133, 285 Wallace, Jas. J. . ' 101 Wallace, R. W 152, 155, 263, 334-335; Wallender, Lillian 146,338-341 Waller, Jimmie 146 Waller, Ruth B 101,269: Waller, Trcutley |46 Wallis, Francis 1 18 Walters, Wm. Geo 133 ' Walthall, Anne 146; Wansley, Geneva 146 Wansley, Lamar T . lOM Ward, Hazel 101, 269, 290, 332, 361 Ward, Ward, Warlick Warner Warren Warren Warren ' Waters, ' Watkins Jas. B 1 ifl Pat , Chas. Louis ... . MR , Isabel , Elizabeth , Harriettc , Mary Wil Mane 5, Eunice L. 101, ...J 18, 343 133 233 118 133 285 118 146 320 444 INDEX TO STUDENTS— CONTINUED Pasc Kathryn .. ,146, 271 Donald 118, 312-313 Dofothy 269 Dorothy L. 118 Joe Andrews , 146 L. Douslass I ' 16, 229, 339-341 Martha . 101, 275 Mary Eugenia . 101, 277 M. R 133 Reynold .. 118 151, 233 Ray Dean 164 Virginia 146, 269 146, 287 . 146 ly, Jane Clydcllc 146, 271 Eustace 146 133, 269 Marguerite Virgil F. . 101 146, 243 Bert W. .. 118 Eleanor . 133, 269 John W .102, 306-307, 343, 366 Asher Lou is 118, 251, 263, 298-299, 301, 311, 312-313 316, 317 358-359, 372 118, 281 an, Martin 133 an, Rosalind 133, 281, 371 ;in, Jcannettc 118, 281 rg, Geo. M. 133, 363 Adeic 146 Julian . . ,102, 362, 363 on. Millie Clarence W. 118 146 118 rn, Eugenia 146 an, Walter Mortor ,146, 231 Chas. B 133, 255 Claudicn .... 146 Martha 118, 352, 353 133 Walter L. 146, 364 118, 285 118, 247 133, 285 102, 312-313 ,133, 306-307 146 118, 273 133, 269 er, Calvin D 363 er, Evelyn .118, 320 er, Loyd 146 er, W. C 118 300, 344, 351 n. Jos. Hinton 118 WhckhccI, J Whclchcl, Sara Whitakct, Judith ,, Whitokct, Martha , White, Evelyn White, Ida Elizabeth White, John White, John W. „ White, Robert White, Robert Hubert White, Willa Jean , . White, Wm. O White, Wm. Otis , White, Walter B. , White, Winnette Whitehead, Edward W. Whitehead, Mary Whitehead, Wm. W. Whitchurst, Mary Hart Whitley, Ru-th Whitmirc, Erskinc Whitmirc, Geraldine Whitmorc, Carl S. Whittemore, Max Wicker, R, W Wickham, Estelle Wickham, Fred L 118, 3l2-3r Wideman, Thos. B Wier, Roscnd Elizabeth. Wigsins, Earl B Wiggins, Robert Chas... Wight, Rebecca Wilburn, Anne Wilcox, Jonc Wilder, Bruce Wilder, Don Wilensky, Grace Wilensky, Lorraine Wilfong, Walter Wilheit, Phillip Wilhitc, Clayton R. Wilhitc, D. Tapley Wilkes, Marion Wilkes, Roy Wilkins, Sam G Williams, O. Albert Williams, Ann Williams, Annette Williams, Carl F Williams, Carvis Williams, Chas. C Williams, Eugenia Williams, F. G Williams, Helen Louise . 102 Its 102 IIS, 269, 290, 308-309, 315, 336, 338-341 ,. 146 . 118 .. 146 133, 235, 363, 365 118 102 133 133, 233, 304, 306-307, 308-309, 370, 372 118, 202, 219 133, 233, 306-307 102 118, 366 102 .118 ., 102 , 146 .. 102 146 144, 247, 354 118 102 102, 277 241, 263, 301, 302, 310, 3, 356, 358-359, 372, 373 146 102, 330 118, 249, 301, 312-313 133, 233 146, 269, 338-341 118, 277 133 118, 301 133, 229, 310, 306-307 ,118, 281 146, 281 118 133, 245 102 118 146 133, 255 .118, 255, 320 146 133, 267 118, 273 151, 156 146 118 133, 269, 338-341 118, 348, 369 102 Williams, Henry Eorl Williams, Horace R. Williams, Jas. C. Williams, James Edwi- Williams, Joe Williams, Lamar M. Williams, Marion Williams, Norris Williams, Virgil B. Williams, V. Clayton Williams, Waller H. Williams, Wm. D. Williams, Wm. Donald Williams, Wm. I. . Williamson, Billy Williamson, Elizabeth Willingham, Harry Lee Willis, Osgood Willis, Thos. J. Willis, W. A. Willoughby, Jancllc Wills, Christine . ,., Wills, George E. Wills, Glenn Wills, Willie Belle Wilson, Christine Wilson, Ferris . Wilson, Helen Jane Wilson, Henry A. , Wilson, James A Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Robert C 103, Wilson, S. Catherine Wilson, Sterling J. Wilson, Wm. Lee , Wimberly, Jas. W. Windsor, David W. Winer, Eleanor Wing, Julia Wingard, J. O, Wingate, Beulah Wingate, Catherine Wingate, William Winn, Lucy Marie Winn, Rebecca Wise, Edna Wise, Millie L. . Wise, Tillman Newton Witherington, Olin Witt, Tom Wolfe, Louis Wolfe, Jeanne Wolfson, Morris Wood, Edith Elizabeth Wood, Edward W. Wood, Emory Rose Wood, Esther Ruth Page itjj, 210, 345, 354 103 133 146, 249 355 103, 229 146 146 . 103 118 „. 118 , 133 118, 337 118 146 146, 338-341 103, 237 146, 231, 306-307 118, 253 103, 262, 343 118, 279 146, 285 146 146 134, 300, 338-341, 352 lie 146 . 103 118, 354 118, 237, 312-313 134, 338-341 233, 334-335, 364, 365 153 118 134, 253 118, 209, 235 119 146, 289 134, 279 119, 261 134 . 146 146, 253 . 103 103 103 119 103 103 147 147 147, 289 147, 257 .. 103 119, 241 103 119 Wood, Gladys Wood, James F. Wood, Louise Wood, Norma Wood, Robert E Wood, Thomas L, Woodall, Wm. r Woodard, Dorothy WoodruH, Arthur Pre-. ' WoodfuH, Jos. G. Woodrull, Lewis Woods, Albony Woods, John C, Woods, Owen r- Woody, Edgar, Wootcn, Counct - Wooten, James ■ Wootcn, J. S. Woisham, Hubert L. Worthington, T. Dillard Wray, Joe W. Wray, Louise Wright, Alexander Wright, George Wright, Henry W. Wright, Hilda Wilght, James A. Wright, John W. Wright, Mary Frances Wright, Virgrnla Wright, Wm. T. Wynne, J. Veasr, Yancey, Mary El ' j Yates, Doris Yates, Edwin S. Yazcll, Bill . Yeargin, Lloyd Youmans, Waldo Young, Esther Young, Margaret Young, Richard Young, Willard Wcllmj- Yow, Janes Yundt, Geo Zachos, Helen Zachry, Arthur Zcagler, Worth Zeigler, Robert Zellcrs, Richard Zlll, Esther Rose Zimmerman, Richard B. Zipperer, Floride .. Page 147, 273 34, 255 134 147 104 ll ' i, 220, 241, 310, 312 313, 360, 373 119, 239 104, 285 147 • 304, 306-307 147 134 134, 245 134, 354 134, 233, 338-341, 363, 370, 372 104 205, 235 134 119 04, 302 119, 239 119 119, 271 119, 245 104 119 104 153, 155, 229 119 147 147, 267 147 . 104 267 119 119 119 147 147, 312-313 147 119 153, 233, i263, 334335 147, 245 104, 235 104, 229 147 104, 229 134 134, 235 134 104, 330, 353 134, 372 104, 330 445 ' X S if f U- ' " V | - I CT- •V r J V- V- IN ' 1(1 • ■K.X r .: ' ■ ' - ' : . . .v.. U J ' J IM

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