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Text from Pages 1 - 424 of the 1938 volume:

ff y.V " i ■ v.| I i» I » iSto 4 W- U L U %i ' f-rr mm ■I . r - ft. - ' ' «ii 1 B " 4j • . 3L ■1 4 ■ ■A {. ■ 1 c PANDORA 938 EDWARD BAXTER Editor-in-Chief SOL SINGER Business Manager WILLIAM BENTON Managing Editor 1 ] iimiiil l ' uhltLitlicii t ' lite L { hivCzmIii ..• L . ' ty i . . . .r-f-l iiii.t, L i ' tuiu • • 3 [ The most important function of a yearbook is to record in pictures and narrative the high points of the school year which it represents. Moreover, it should preserve, especially for the graduating class, a memory of the spirit and atmosphere of the University. Since the Editors of the 1938 PANDORA believe that this aim is best achieved by the use of pictures, they have attempted to carry out a photographic theme of Life On the Campus throughout the book. On the cover appears a repro- duction of the historic entrance to Franklin College, and on each division page an effort has been made to present a scene suggestive of that which is to follow in the section. We have tried to present a complete faculty section and every activity and organization of the University students. 1 J THE UNIVERSITY THE CLASSES LIFE ON THE CAMPUS THE ACTIVITIES THE MILITARY GREEK LIFE THE ATHLETIC YEAR FEATURES AND ADS r- V • K . J-0 Ike y vlmiQtij ct GEORGE FOSTER PEABODY who, throushout a long career devoted to the highest ideals of scholarship and learning, has be- friended the University, and who has contributed both spiritually and nnaterially to its upbuilding, this fifty-first volume of the PANDORA is dedicated. [J JOHN MOORE READE December 17, 1876— May 9, 1937 CARRIE AVCOCK THORNTON February 6, I 897— October 24, 1937 ELEANORE MOURE LUSTRAT Ausust 27, 1865— March 26, 1938 JEANETTE MEADOW WILEY June 21, 1916— June 22, 1937 JULIUS T. DUDLEY April 25, 1864 — February 24, 1938 JAMES WALTER WISE May 3, 1916— August 14, 1937 WILLIAM THOMAS August 23, 1910— April 14, 1938 BOOK ONE H V s T Chancellor Sanford and President Caldwell . . . Registrar T. W. Reed ... Dr. W. D. Hooper- Latin ... Dr. R. E. Park— English ... Dr. John Morris — German ... Dr. C. M. Strahan — Math- ennatics . . . Dean R. H. Powell — Co-ordinate . . . Dr. J. R. Fain — Agronomy . . . Mrs. Ellen P. Rhodes — Dean of Women. J lie C UlClLitl ' J BOARD . REGENTS UNIVERSITY SYSTEM ■■ GEORGIA MARION SMITH OFFICERS OF THE REGENTS Marion Smith S. V. Sanford I.. R. SiFBERT W . W. NOYLS DISTRICT t officio ■ Half 111 Large Slale al Large Stale at Large Slale al Large Firit . SeconJ ThirJ Four I h Fifth Sixth Seientb FJghlh Miiith Tenth REGENTS Chairman Chancellor Secretary . Treasurer ADDRESS E. D. RIVERS, ex officio during term is Governor Ailinii MARION SMITH, concurrent with term of Governor AiUnii L. W. ROBERT, JR., March 25, 19)7 -July I, 1942 Atlanta T. JACK LANCE, March 2(, 1937 - July 1, 1942 Young Harri J. KNOX GHOLSTON, March 21, 19J7-July 1, 1940 Comer GEORGE MAINS, March 2«, 19}7-July I, 1940 Augusta JOHN G. KENNEDY, March 2!, 19)7 - July 1, 19)9 Savannah J. D. GARDNER, February 12, 19)8 -July 1, 1941 Camilla GEORGE WOODRUFF, July 1. 19)7 -July 1. 194) Columbus CASON I. CALLA )iAY, lanuary I, 19)2 -July I, 1941 LaGrangc CLARK ilOViELL, |ulv 1, 19)7 -July 1, 194) Atlanta JERE N. MOORE, February 12, 19)8 -July 1, 1941 Mllledgcville MARVIN TVilGGS, February 12, 19)8 -July I, 1941 Dalton JOHN i. BENNETT, SR., July 1, 19)7 -July 1, 194) Viaycross SANDY BEAVER, July I, 19)) -July 1, 19)9 Gainesville ABIT MX, July 1, 19)7 -July I, 194) Athens FIRST ROW, Lcll to RishI: Rev. Marvin Twisss, Maiion Smith, L. W. Robctt, S. V. Ssniotd, I. 0. Gaidne . SECOND ROW: J. K. Gholslon, John W. Bcnncit, St.. Major Clark Howell, T. J. lance, Sandy Beaver, John B. Kennedy, ticorsc Hains. THIRD ROW: George WoodruH, Jcre N. Moore, Cason J. Callaway, Abit Ni.. 14- GENERAL OFFICERS ci: I lie UNIVERSITY i HARMON W. CALDWELL HARMON W. CALDVi ELL .... A.B.; LL.B.; LL.L). PresiJent J. U. BOLTON C.P.A. Trt-antrtT I. VC-. BELCHER B.S.C. AiUitant Trcaiurcr MARY B. BONDUR. NT A.B.J.; MA. StiiJftit Pt ' Tionitel Officer NAN C. BRYAN A.B.; M.A. Director of Pnhlicatioiii A. T. COLLEY A.B. Alumni Secretary L. L. HENDREN A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Deju of AJniitiiftrtttion W. D. HOOPER A.B.; M.A.; Llit.n. Secretary of the faculty B. C. KINNEY M.A.; A.B. Sufn-TiutenJent of GrounJi ami BnitJitiK atiJ Bmitwis Af(iH i,i;cr of Dormitories and Diniiif Halls C. D. LUNCEFORD B.S.C. AiiistaHt Buiinea Manager W. O. PAYNE A.B.; MA. Faculty Chairman of Athletics R. H. POVi ELI A.B.; M.A.; LL.D. Dean of the Co-ordinair College T. i-. Rl I n M.A.; LL.B. Kei istrar U-. P. WARREN A.B.; LL.B. Assistant Ref istrar ELLIN PRATT RHODES A.B.; M.A. Dean of Women H. L REYNOLDS A.B.; M.D.; F.A.C.P. University Physician E. L. SECREST A.B. Director of the Voluntary Religious Association H. J. STEGEMAN Ph.B.; M.A. Dean of Men WILLIAM TATE A.B.; M.A. Dean of freshmen L. DENNIS PENNY LL.B. Assistant State Supervisor of Purchases T. HAROLD SAXON E.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Head Secretary Education R. P. STEPHENS A.B.; Ph.D. Dean of Graduate School fip ;t row. Left to Risht; Bondutant, Cald«cll, Rhodes, Reed. SECOND ROW: Penny. Belcher, Lunce(o d, Stephens, Wancn, Payne. THIRD ROW; Powell, Seocst, Kinney, Bolton, Sa«on, Steseman, fate. 3ro V 1 .a . Hr K l Kw fc ' B yfllv4l K B l H H -• ' 1 n H B K ' Kl 1 - IS- ;£:rge h. bo»; LcCONTE HALL DIVISION. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES ZOOLOGy DR. G. H. BOYD Sc.D. llctiJ jnJ Projtiior of Zoology DR. J. W. NUTTYCOMBU PliD- Aitociair Profeswr of ZooloKy DR. D. C. BOUGHTON B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. Auislnnl Projrstor of Zoology unj Pnlillry Hmhamlry DR. E. E. BYRD Ph.D. AmisIihiI Profeaor of Zootomy DR. RALPH J. BUSHNELL Ph.D. Irtifructor of Zoolofiy DR. HORACE LUND Ph.D. Inttruclor of Zoology MISS MATTILEE DUNN A.B.; M.S. Instruclor of Zoology .MR. J. F. DENTON A.B. Insiriivtor of Zoology MISS HART SMITH A.B.; M.A. Secretary PS CHOLOGy DR. A. S. EDWARDS B.S.; M.A.; Ph.D. Profeaor of Piychotogy .MISS .MAY ZEIGLER A.B.; M.A. Associate Professor of Psychology MISS FLORENCE YOUNG A.B.; M.A. Afsii jnf Professor of Psychology BACTERIOLOGy DR. U ' . C. BURKHART D.V.M.; B.S. Professor of Bacteriology BOTANy DR. T. J. HARROLD B.S.A.; M.S.A.; Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Botany anJ Horticulture DR. ROGERS McVAUGH A.B.; Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Botany DR. RUTH BEALL Ph.D. Instructor of Rntany MR. I. II. PYRON A.B.; M.S. Instruclor of Botany FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Gitlcman, WInneck, BIfd, Nuttycombc, Denton. SECOND ROW: Hatrold, Fletcher, Seall, Dunn, Smith, Bushnell, McVaush. THIRD ROW: Patlici. Volk, Pyion, Lund, Boyd, Buikhart. 16- DIVISION 4 FINE ARTS MUSIC ART MR. HUGH HODGSON B.S. Hfiid and Projfiior of Mmic MISS JENNIE B. SMITH Aiiofiate Professor of Music MISS LUCILLE KIMBLE Instruc or of Music B.M. A.B. MR. MIKE McDowell a.b. Instructor of Music MISS NOLEE MAY DUNAWAY A.B. Assistant ami Secretary .MR. I A.MAR DODD B.S. Associate Professor of Art MISS ANNIE HOLLIDAY B.S. Associate Professor of Art MISS MILURiU LEUFORD B.S.Ed. ; M.A. Associate Professor of Art MR. CARI i;. .MITTELI B.E.A. Associate Professor of Art ARCHITECTURE MR. H. B. OUENS B.S.A.; M.A. Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture MR. F. C ' . G. PECK Instructor of Landscape Architecture B.L.A. FIRST ROW. Left to Risht: Smith. Kimble, Ledfoid, Hollidav, Dunaway. SECOND ROW: Owens, Dodd, McDowell Hodsson, Peck, Mitlcll. HUGH HODGSON CHANCELLOR HOUSE 17- DIVISION . LANGUAGE,,,,,; ' LITERATURE ACADEMIC euiLOING GERMAN DR. JOHN MORRIS A.B.; M.A.; B.I.. Dim tut uf thtnnm uf f iix« X ' " " Irllfti. ru rii«r ». Grufun MR. M. D. DuBOSE A.B.; M.A. Prufrtiur uf Gfrmsn MR. A. i;. TERRY B.Ph.; M.A. ni rifi or of GcrmJt ENGLISH DR. R. E. PARK M.A.; LIti.D. Ilrtj jhJ Profcttor of h»$liib MR. PETER F. BROWN A.B.; M.A.; Pcd.D. Prufettor of Emgtith DR. J. D. Vt ' ADi: M.A.; Ph.D. Proffiior of hnfihth MR. R. W )i ' ALKER A.B.: M.A. Proffnor of timi[l$ib MR. E. M. EVERETT A.B.; M.A. Aiiottdte Proffiior of, Enxl ' ih MRS. ELLEN PRATT RHODES A.B.; M.A. , tiuii4tf pTofrtior of tngtiih MR. W. W. DAVIDSON M.A. .Aiwi rfM ProftuoT of F.ngliih DR. E. Vi ' . PARKS A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Aniitjnt Pfoftitor of Fnglnh MR. X II LIAM TATE A.B.; M.A. Atuiltnt Profrtior of Englnh MR. ROBERT H. WEST M.A. At$nt4nt Proffiior of finxluh MISS CAROLINE VANCE A.B. Aititt Hl Proffiior of liniflith MISS MARIE DUMAS A.B.; M.A. ., Mji jn f r(, rli(ir of Emghlh MR. J. O. EIDSON A.B.; M.A. Ini tHftor of Emglub MR. JOHN TISON A.B.; M.A. ImlTuiloT of Enghib MISS KATHERINE HOSCH A.B. ROMANCE LANGUAGES MR. CLAUDE CHANCE A.B.; M.A. llfjJ an J Prifffnor of Rftmsmif L MgmsKft MISS ANNE W. BRUMBY A.B.; M.A. Atioi ulr Prufcuor of RomsmCf LdHglUgft MISS MARY STRAHAN A.B.; M.A. A tt I it 4nt Pr off nor of Romtmcf Lsmgmggfi OR. J. R. THAXTON A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. AtuniJtf Proffiior of RomMttf LsHgmdgfi MISS MARION HALL A.B.; M.A. Atintanf Prof r nor of RumdMie l.jnxudgfi MISS ELEANOR WALKER A.B. OraJudlr Aitntdnt GREEK -DR. W. H. BOCOCK • A.B.; L.ii.B.; M.A.; LL.D.; Liu.D. P,„f,„.„ „l Cifrk LATIN DR. i . D. HOOPER A.B.: M.A.: Litt.D. f Tfl t uf fttmll tfMi Profettof of tdltn .MR. R. I. M.WIIORTER A.B.: M.A. Proffiior of idlin fIRST ROW, Left to RishI: TvJon, Dumas, Rhodes, Vance, Hosch, Tate. SECOND ROW: West, Wade, Everctle. THIRD ROW; Pafk, Eidson, Davidson, Walker, Parks, Terry. FOURTH ROW: Stephens, Green, McWhorter, DuBosc. DIVISION . PHYSICAL SCIENCES CHEMISTRV PR. A. VX . SCOTT B.S.; Ph.D. HfjJ JtiJ Projuiior of Cbemhiry .MR. L. .M. CARTER B.S. Professor of Chemistry DR. C. J. BROKMAN • B.A.; Ch.E.; M.A.; M.S.; P1..D. Associaie Professor of Chemistry DR. J. H. MOTE B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. Assofiitte Professor of Chemistry DR. T. H. Vi ' HITEHEAD B.S.; M.A.; Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry DR. H. T. COGGINS B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. Assistjtit Professor of Chemistry MR. KENNETH WATERS B.S.; M.S. Instructor of Chemistry MATHEMATICS DR. R. P. STEPHENS A.B.; Ph.D. Dejii of GrjJujte School and Professor of Mulhemalics DR. D. F. BARROVC ' A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics DR. C. M. STRAHAN C. and M.E.; Sc.D. Professor Emeritus of Mathematics MR. V( ' . S. BECKVi ' ITH A.B.; MA. Aiiociale Professor of Mathematics MISS IRIS CALLAWAY B.S.; MA. Associate Professor of Mathematics MR. FOREST GUMMING A.B.; MA. Associaie Professor of Mathematics MR. POPE R. HILL B.S.A.; M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics PHYSICS DR. E. H. DIXON A.B.; M.S.; Ph.D. Acting HeaJ of Depart men I aiiJ Professor of Physics DR. R. H. SNYDER B.S.; M.A.; Ph.D. Associaie Professor of Physics MR. GILBERT HENRY A.B.; M.S. Assistant Professor of Physics MR. E. N. McWHITE B.S.; M.S. Imtruclor of Physics GEOLOGy DR. G. X-. CRICKMAY A.B.; Ph.D. AsuHiale Professor of Geology FIRST ROW, Left to RIshtt Robins, Brokman, Mrs. Henty, Dixon. SECOND ROW: Spell, Johnson, Collins, Sn.d.T Ps.lliDS. THIRD ROW: Hill, Mycis, Whitehead, Mote, McWhile. FOURTH enw r..r„, ,no r.,,t , Stephens, Cosgins, Scott, Hair, Waters, Wilder. ALFRED W. SCOTT MOORE COLLEGE 19. A . O. PAYNE ACADEMIC BUILDING DIVISION. SOCIAL SCIENCES HISTORY DR. J. H. T. Mcpherson a.b.: ph.d. llcjj of Sviial Science Dh hion and ProjeaoT oj Hhtory UR. E. M. COULTER A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Profesior of Hislory PROF. W. O. PAYiNE A.B.; MA. Professor of History MISS RHODA PARMENTER A.B.; MA. Associnte Professor of Hislory MR. .M. B. POUND A.B.: MA. Associnle Professor of History MISS ROBERTA HODGSON A.B.; MA. Imtriiclor Emeritus MR. M. C HUGHES A.B.; MA. Instructor of History MR. ViALTER MARTIN A.B.; MA. Instructor of Hislory MR. ROBERT G. STEPHENS A.B.; MA. Instructor of Hislory MR. OVCEN ALURIDGE A.B. CrjJujIe Assistant of Hislory MR. DEAN COVINGTON A.B. Graduate Assistant of History MR. CLAUDE GREEN A.B. (iraJuale Aisistant of lli lory SOCIOLOGy DR. G. A. HUTCHINSON .... A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Professor of Sociology MR. M. D. DUNLAP B.S.; MA. Associate Professor of Socioioj y DR. WALTER COUTU Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology MRS. G. U. BRANDON A.B.; MA. Instructor of Sociology MR. J. E. ELEMING A.B. Graduate Assistant of Sociology GEOGRAPHy .MR. E. S. SELL B.S.A.; M.S. Professor of Geography .MR. D. D. JETER A.B.; M.A. Assistant Professor of Geography (On Leave of Absence) PHILOSOPHy DR. VC. H. BRIGHTON A.B.; M.A.; D.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy MR. JOSEPH GITTLER B.S.; M.A. Instructor of Sociology MR. 0(■!LLIAM BUCHANAN A.B. Graduate Assistant of Philosophy FIRST ROW, Lett to RIsht: Sell, Payne, Coutu, GIttlci. SECOND ROW: Martin, Wiighton. Stephens, Husnes. •20- LUMPKIN LAW SCHOOL MR. ALTON HOSCH B.S.C.; M.A.; LL.B. OR. HENRY A. SHINN Dean jtij Professor of Lair Professor of Law A.B.; S.J.D. DR. T. F. GREEN, JR. A.B.; LL.B.; J.S.D. Professor of Law .MR. R. L. McWHORTER A.B.; LL.B. Professor of Law MR. J. DOVi ' SK BRADWT.LL . - Lei ' turer of Law M.Ph. MR. JAMES A. SPRUU.L . . A.B.; B.A.; LL.B.; LL.M. Assistant Professor of Law DR. ASHLEY SELLERS A.B.; LL.B.; S.J.D. Professor of Law MRS. PAULINE K. ROBERTS Secretary FIRST ROW, Left to Ri3ht: Sprulll, Lamat, Roberts. SECOND ROW: Hosch, McWhortcr, Green, Bradwelt, Shinn, Sellers. ALTON HOSCH HAROLD HIRSCH HALL •21 J . CHAPMAN CONNER HALL COLLEGE AGRICULTURE UR. MR MR DR. MR UR. UR. MR DR. MR DR. MR MR MR PAUL V( . CHAPMAN . . . B.S.A.; B.S.I.d.; M.S.A. Hcan Vi ' . O. COLLINS B.S.A. Pruli iur of Agronomy R. H. DRIITMILR B.S.A.E.; M.S.A.E. Proffsior of Agrirultural tngincrring JOHN R. FAIN B.S.; Sc.D. Profciior of Agronomy J. X. MROR B.S.; M.S.A. Pfofciior of Agriiulfitral Efoiiomhs and Rural Sofiology M. P. JARNAGIN .... B.S.A.; M.Agr.; Sc.D. Proffiior of Aniiiul t Imhantlry J. IL MILLLR B.S.A.; M.S.; Ph.D. Proffiior of Plant Pathology FRANK F. MITCHFLL B.S.A. ProfeMor of Poultry HuibanJry T. H. McHATTON • • St. Dl; B.S.; Horticulture M, Professor of Horticulture VC. S. RICE B.S.A.; M.S.A. Professor of Animal Husi anJry A. G. G. RICHARDSON • ■ . D.V.M. Professor of Animal tluslfanihy . W. BFNNFTT B.S.A.; M.S. A MHiate Professor of Animal Husbandry U. M. DANNFR B.S.A.E.; M.S.A. A oiiale Professor of Agricultural Engineering U. IL DAVENPORT B.S. AiMniate Professor of Agricultural Engineering MR. R. L. KEENER B.S.A.; M.S.A. Associate Professor of Horticulture UR. B. D. TILLETT • • . B.E.; M.Agr.; J.D.; Ph.D. Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology MR. J. C. BELL B.S.A. Assistant Professor of Poultry Husbandry UR. T. J. HARROLD B.S.A.; M.S.A.; Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Horticulture MR. C. C. MURRAY B.S. Assistant Professor of Agronomy MR. F. V( ' . PIFKFRT B.S., M.E.; M.S.A.E. Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering DR. GEORGE THOMPSON .... B.S.A.; M.S.; Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology DR. VCADF P. YOUNG M.S.; Ph.D. Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology MR. i ' . E. HUDSON B.S.; A.E. Instructor of Agricultural Engineering MR. M. C. MYERS B.S.A. Instructor of Horticulture MR. GEORGE D. THORNTON B.S.A. Instructor of Agronomy MR. C. A. VCARU B.S.A.; .MA. hntructor of Dairy Proces ing MR. J. T. i:001)BURY B.S.A. Architectural Assistant FIRST ROW, Left to Riaht: Keener, Tillctt, Hudson, Young, Firoi, Donnec, Collins. SECOND ROW: Murtav, Myets, Falne, Thornton, Ward, Rice, Mitchell. THIRD ROW: McHatton, Woodbury, Thompson, Bell, Pielert, Driftmier. -22. SCHOOL 4 PHARMACY DR. R. C. WILSON Dt-an atiJ Proft ' swr Ph.G. DR. W. T. SUMMKRFORD . B.S.; Pli.G.; M.S.Ch.; Ph.D. (On Leave of Absence) Aifistilttt Proff sitr of Ri-iftirtb DR. R. S. JUSTICE B.S.; Ph.G.; Ph.D. MR. H. DALt ROTH B.S.Pharmacy AiiiitanI Proffisor Imlnulor MISS .MARTHA McFLVEEN B.S.; Ph.D. Secretary anJ Stockkft ' per FIRST ROW: McElvcen. SECOND ROW, Left to Rlsht: Justice, Roth, Wilson. 9 - ' ' ' 9 HftP T L. ?.. ' sy :;; .v . I ni „. 1 R. C. WILSON TERRELL HALL -23 - PEABODY COLLEGE EDUCATION ■ D. ' O ' .KING PEABOOy HALL OR. DR. DR. T. J. WlXllTER . M.A.; Ph.D.; LL.D. Ofsm hmftitut DR. W. D. COCKING . A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. GREENE .... M.A.; Ph.D. Prolftvtr ul fJmiatKin MEADOirS . A.B.-, M.A.; Ph.D. Proffitur of EJui-dtlon DR. P. R. MORROW . A.B.; M.A.; Ph.D. Proffftor of hJmiJlmn ( On Lcivc uf Absence ) DR. E. D. PUSEY .... M.A.; LL.D. Proffiior of EducdtioH MR. D. I. EARNEST MA. Aitociate Profrlior of EJucntioM MRS. GLENN SUTTON . . . A.B.; MA. AnoiUlr Proffnor of EJntJllon MR. E. P. MALLORY . B.L.; LL.B.; .M..A. Atlltl nt Ptofttuit of EJmJlKtn DR. FLOYD JORDAN . A.B.: M.A.: Ph.D. ' ill fnX Prftffittir of Lduidtiun MISS mZABETH AR.MSTRONG . A.B.EJ. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION DR. JOHN HllhUlR . B.b A ; .M.s ; Ph.D. tifid of Dft dtlmfHl i f Vfuahonal EJuttlion »»i pTolfiiitr iff ARriritllyrjt EJuc4lion MISS ELIZABETH TODD . . B.Ph.; MA. Profenor of Home EioHomni EJkcstloH MR. O. C. ADERHOLD . . B.S.A.; M.S. AltOflttf Proffiior of Agricuitural EJumlioH MISS MADGE COBLE . . B.S.; HE.; M.S. Atloiialr Proffiior of Homf Eronomiei EJufdlion MR. A. O. DUNCAN B.S.A. Aniitjnl Prufriior „f .4. ri, M Mr.i EJmjIion PHySICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN MRS. .MARY E. L. SOULE . . A.B.; M.A. Proffiior of Phyiual E.Jufatlon MISS DOROTHY COLEMAN . . . M.A. Atinlanl Proffiior of Pbyiictl EJuctlion .MISS HELEN PRIEST A.B AttiitanI Proffiior of Phylif l EJufMtion MISS ALICE BOND M.A. Imtrmtor of Phyiifal EJueation .MISS BETTY CLAGUE . . . B.S.; M.A. Inilruftor of PhytictI EJufalion MISS EDITH GUILL .... B.S.; M.A. Iiiilruilor of PhyiictI EJufalion MISS LAURA STRONG AB InitrMi tor of PItyiifit EJufalloH (On Lejvc of Abience) UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL .MR. b. J SINGLETON . . A.B.Ed.; M.A. PrimiptI ol Hifh School .MISS ALICE BEALI B.S.: H.E. Sufifrt ' iiiitfi TfJihfr of Homf EfOHomifi MRS. S. W. HAMILTON . A.B.Ed.; M.A. Sif rfiiiipix Tfatbfr of Sofial StuJifi MR. G. L. OKELLEY B.S.Ed. S» cri iiiifX Tfdther of Agricmttmrt MISS VIRGINIA MILLER . . . A.B Ed. Supm mug Tftfhfr of Emxliih mnj frrnfh MISS JESSIE MAY PARKER . . B.S.H.E. Snpfri iiing Tfifhfr of Homf Et onomifi MISS LLORENCE SIMPSON . A.B.Ed.; M.A. SmpfriniHg Tftfbfr of Sl thfmMtift .MISS MARY J. TINGLE M.A. Supfrtiiimg Tfscbfr of Engliih UNIVERSITY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL .MR. G. L. OKELLEY B.S.Ed. tniliuclor of ' of tiomdl EJlifdIiom MISS VIRGINIA MILLER . . . A.B.Ed. Imtruflor High Sfhtiol 4nJ Lthrdrum MISS SARA RANSOM . . . A.B.; M.A. Imilrmi tor of FJfmfmtdr) Sthool MISS FLORENCE SI.MPSON . A.B.Ed.; M.A. Inttrmftor Critic High MRS. P. E. THOMPSON A.B. Initruclor of Elfmfnttry ii tyool MISS KATE HICKS .... A.B.; SN cri nor of Tftcbing MRS. GLENN SUTTON . . . A.B.: Supfftiior CbttJtbooi EJmcsHom M.A. M.A. FIRST ROW, Left to Risht: Jones, Duncan, Weaver, Miller, Armstrong, Jordan, Tingle, Cocking. SECOND ROW: Thompson, Guill, Sutton, Coble, Simpson, Singleton. THIRD ROW: Wheeler, Elliott, Elder, Procter, Aderhold, Parker, Blackwcll. FOURTH ROW: OKelley, Meadows, Frost, Mallary, Earnest, Pusey, Ritchie. ■24. SCHOOL 4 COMMERCE DR. R. P. BROOKS A.B.; I ' h.U. MR. R. T. SEGREST B.S.C.; M.S.C. Dran jtui Professor of Eioiiomics Assistant Professor of Economics MR. H. M. Ml CKMAN ... B.S.C.; M.A.; C.P.A. MRS. R. C. Vi ' HITAKI R B.S. Professor of Accolinllnn Inslriiclor of Secrelarul SliiJies MR. J. i-. JENKINS A.B.; MA. Professor of Economics DR. L. B. RAISTY M.B.A; C.P.A.; Ph.D. Associdle Professor of Accoiinlinx MR. R. DcLARA B.S.; M.A.; .M.B.A. Inslriulor of Accounting MR. B. E. L. TIMMONS, III. A.B. Instructor of Economics MR. G. « ' . SUTTON B.S.; M.A. Associate Professor of linance MISS MARION J;ATS0N Secretary FIRST ROW, Left to Risht: Hcckman. Whitakcr, Brooks. Watson. SECOND ROW: Raistv, DcLa-a, Scgrcsl, Sutton. THIRD ROW: Jenkins. Timmons. R. P. BROOKS COMMERCE BUILDING ■25- HENRY W. GRADY SCHOOL . JOURNALISM JOHN E. OREWRy JOURNALISM BUILDING MR. JOHN K. DRi;WRY A.B.; B.J.; M.A. MR. U . M. KIMPTON Director and Projowr Anociale Profowr MR. tUViARD C. CROUSE A.B.; M.A. MR. UYAR E. .M.XSSIV, JR. .... Aiiocidle Proftiior AishtanI in ]ournali m MISS MARY MYERS A.B. A.B.; M.A. . A.B.J. Secretary FIRST ROW, Lcll to Riahl: Crouse, Myers, Masscy. SECOND ROW: Kemplon, Die ry. 26- SCHOOL . HOME ECONOMICS rfuiliniiti t • : ' . . I ' ■- - X :r MISS MARY n. CRESWELL .... IlcijJ and Proffiior B.S.H.E. MRS. .MARGARET HARRIS BLAIR . Asiiitiiiii Profeiwr ■ . B.S.; M.A. MISS BESSE M. BAIRD h.S.; M.. . MISS IRMA IIICKS B.S.; MA. Proffsior Asiitlant Profasor MRS. LELAND ALEXANDER . . . B.S.H.E.; .M.S.I I.E. Associate Professor MRS. PEARL C. MOON B.S.H.E.; M.A. Assistant Professor MISS CATHERINE NEWTON .... B.S.H.E.; M.A. MRS. MAUDE PYE HOOD . . Associate Professor Instructor B.S.H.E.; M.A. B.S.H.E. MISS MARGARET McPHAUL tleaj Xttrsery School Teacher FIRST ROW. Left to Risht: Baird, Cteswcll, Blalf. SECOND ROW: Newton, Alenander, Hiclis, Hood, Moon, McPhaul. ■ i ( MARy E. CRESWELL DAWSON HALL 27- SCHOOL (}■ G. 0. MARCKWORTH FORESTRy SCHOOL FORESTRY MR. (j. U. MARCKVi ' ORTH B.S.; M F. MR. JAMI.S B. LEVi ' IS B.S.F.; M.F. HeaJ anit Profeaor of futatry Axwciate Profeaor of Forat Managrmfitt MR. P. L. BUTTRICK M.F. MR. GF.ORGF N. BISHOP B.S.F.; M.S.F. ProffSior of Pores Management Asiistanl Professor of Poreit Protection MR. B. F. GRANT B.S.F., M.S.F. MR. A. U. . kK.FLl.AR B.S.F. Profenur of PoresI Vlilizalion Aahtanl Professor of Siliiiiillure LEFT TO RIGHT: Bultdck, Grant, Marckwotth, Lewis, McKellai. T T r- • 28- GENERAL LIBRARY DUNCAN BURNETT GENERAL LIBRARY MR. DUNCAN BURNET l.ihritrian MISS TRANCES ARCHER Co-OTtlinale Librarijii MISS ANNIE CARLTON Memorial Hjll Librarian MISS lOUlSE FANT A.B.Id.; B.S. in L.S. Aiiiitaitt Librarian MISS EVELYN ERITZ A.B.; A.B. in L.S. Asiii ant Librarian .MISS LOUISE EIOLLINGSWORTH Assittant Librarian A.B., B.S. MISS lllZAIilTH I jBOONE . . . A.B.; A.B. in L.S. Aiiiilant Librarian MISS SARA LAMAR Librarian of ihe Law School MISS CHARLOTTE NEWTON .... B.S.A.E.; M.A. Aisis an Librarian MISS HAZEL PHILBRICK Aitiitant Librarian MISS NELL REESE Asiiitant Librarian MRS. JAMIE Vi ' OTTON Aiiistant Librarian MISS EMMIE JONES Library St ri-tar FIRST ROW: LjBoonc. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Font, Ncwion, Philbtick, Wotton. THIRD ROW: Burnet. ■29. NFIRMARY H. I. REyNOLDS INFIRMARY DR. U. I. RI YNOLDS Uniienity Physician MISS ELIZABETH HALE Nurse MISS IllIIAN WYNN Nurse MRS. MARGUERITE HARRIS Laboratory atij X-ra Trihnician DR. LOREE FLORENCE Unit crsity Health Officer LEFT TO RIGHT: Reynolds, Florence, Wynn, Hale, Harris. .30- FOUR YEARS OF CONSTRUCTION . . . In Tin PI RIOD since the present jjr.iilu.itinj; cl.iss entered the University much construction and general im- provement have been seen on the campus. I ' our larj;.- buildings have been built and three more arc ncaring completion. Much work has been done toward beautifying the grounds, and walks and roadways have been paved on both FV.inklin and Agricultural College campuses. The dairy barn on Ag i iiil, iicsiro)ed by Mrc in 1935, has been rebuilt and was restored to use in .March of last year, although not entirely completed. The Agricultural Extension Service has been moved from C-onnor Hall to a large new building lacing Lumpkin Street beyond the entrance to the Ag Campus. ' fe il ■ ■■■r riic entire Franklin Campus has been landscaped, its sidewalks and roadways widened and paved, and the interior of many of its buildings rehnished. Shrubbery has been planted around all of the build- ings and beautiful lawns have been sown. It rapidly becomes one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, and much credit is due the familiar little man on the horse — Oscar W ' inemiller. A new language building on the southern slope of the hillside facing the Military Building is nearing completion. It is to provide adequate quarters for the widely scattered language department. ■ 1 • ' SS lii . ' - ,. To provide for the automobiles of a growing faculty and student body, a large parking lot has been installed on Herty lield in the center of the campus. The old road, with its right angle turns, has been replaced by a wide paved roadway, which passes straight through the upper part of Franklin College. -31 TOWARD A GREATER UNIVERSITY In September of this year the new Girls ' Dormi- tory between Soule Hall and Lumpkin Street was occupied for the first time. This buildinj; accommo- dates about ninety-five sirls and relieves to a large extent the housing problem of the University. At the beginning of the summer session last year the new Boys ' Dormitory on Lumpkin Street was opened for use. It is located in the valley between campuses. . imss Mfi " . ' T ' i » i UU, ' - ' %M. J St Hi 1 L — The R. O. T. C. Armory has been transferred from the basement of Pcabody Hall to an annex in the rear of the Military Building. Similar additions have been made on the General Library and Denmark Hall. The roadway which enters the Agricultural Campus from Lumpkin Street and wmds about among its manv buildings lias also been paved. A large new Biological Science Building has been erected on the southern slope of the hill over- looking the tennis courts. Shrub- bery and sloping lawns add to its attractiveness. Ik ' low 1 lardeman 1 l.ilj on ; g i lill a new building is bemg con- structed for the use of the lorestry School. Construction is progressing rapidly on a new practice school to be used by the Education De- partment. It lies across the road and faces the Biological Science Building. •32- BOOK TWO Dr. R. C. Wilson in Pharmacy Lab . . . Dr. R. P. Brooks — Dean of School of Commerce ... Dr. J. C. Meadows — Education . . . Mr. G. D. Marck- worth — Director of Forestry School ... Dr. A. S. Edwards — Psychology . . . Mr. F. E. Mitchell in- specting Incubator . . . Dean Alton Hosch — Lump- kin Law School ... Miss Carolyn Vance With Phono- graphic Recording Machine ... Dr. T. H. McHatton — Horticulture. 1 GAINES HAZZARD BROWN MILLSAP HARDEN BUTLER BROOKS CASSELS FRANKLIN McCART RIGHTON BAKER DANIEL PURDOM GILLIS HAMILTON ROSSEE MILLER McEVER KING CLASS OFFICERS FRANKLIN COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS George Clark Gaines PirsiJinl W ii li am Vi ' . Hazzaru, Jr. J. Harold Brovi n .... Sfintary-Tnusiinr JUNIOR CLASS Ned Millsap Presidiul John Daniel . . . . WooDROw Pl ' Ruom .... Secretary-Treasurer ' icc-PresiJenl y ice-PreiiJent SOPHOMORE CLASS Marvin B. Cii i is VreuJeiit GiORCi. VI ' arrln Hardin Jasper Clovcir . Secrclary-Treamrer Orii-n Brooks Sara Rossee . Alice Rltii Mii i i r Wyllnl Ril.ii ion Margaret Baker FRESHMAN CLASS Pre iJent Rom R I Q. Cassfls Donald Hamilton .... Secretary-Treasurer CO-ORDINATE COLLEGE SOPHOMORE CLASS Preiideiit Dorothy Franriin Vice-PrenJeiil Laura MiCartv FRESHMAN CLASS PrenJeiit .Maruari t .NkEvER Vice-PresiJenl Katherine King . Vice-Presiiletit Vice-PrcsiJeiil Secretary Treasurer Secrelar) Treamrcr 37- -O ' l« 7 s • ANNE ABNEY Athens CANUIDATF. FOR B.S.H.E. DECRF.E Kj ) ij n lla MORRIS HI RTHOI.l) ADRAM Fitzgerald CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Latf Srhool Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; O. D. K.; Pcri- clean; First Assistant. Censor. Treasurer. Presi- dent. Anniversarian of Phi Kappa Literary So- ciety; President. Biftad; President. International Relations Club; President, Freshnian Law Class; Captain. R. O. T. C; Scabbard and Blade; Fresh- man Debate Team; Varsity Debate Team. " 36- ' )8; Northern Debate Tour. ' }6- ' J8; British Debate. ' 37- ' J8; Debate Council Member; Man- ager of Debates; VCinner, Junior Oration Cup; Y. M, C. A. C;abinet; Blue Key Council; Phi Kappa Speaker ' s Key; University Inter-faith C oun- cil Member; Rhodes Scholarship Nominee. ' 37. FI.IZABLTH ANN AGREE Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Chi Omcfia JUNIUS MILLARD ADAIR Atlanta CANDMIAlt. I OR B.S.tOM. UFGREF. President, Dcniosthenian Literary Society. ' 38; Debate Council. ' 38; Vice-President. President. Jockey Club; Freshman Football; Second Lieu- tenant R. O. T. C; Monkey Drill Team. •36- ' 38; Economics Society. ■3«- ' 3 8; Alpha Kappa Psi. ■36- ' 38. DENZIL ROY ADAMS. JR. Boston CANDIDATI I OR ll.F.A. Dl GRI F Phi Dritj Thelj EUGENE G. ADAMS Norman Park CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi; Xi Phi Xi. President. ' 38; Alpha Zeta, Chronicler. ' 38; Aghon; Rho Dramatic Club; Dean ' s List. ' 36- ' 38; Upper 5% Honors Day; Delegate. Nalitmal Methodist Student Con- ference. ' 38; Student Assistant. ' 37- ' 38; Transfer, Abraham Baldwin. PAULINE ADERHOLD Eastanollee CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE JAMES INMAN AKINS Register CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. E. DECREE Agricultural Engineering Club. J. R. ALBIN Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECRFF l.iimbJd Chi Alpha HUGH PAUL ALLEN Quitman CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Forestry Club. RICHARD C. ALLEN Atlanta CANDIDATI FOR B.S.F. DECREE Forestry Club. ROBERT TOOMBS ALLEN Rivcrdale CANOinATI FOR B.S.A. 01 CREF Periclcans; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Treasurer. B. S. U.; Chancellor. Alpha Zeia; Aghon Society; Treasurer, Gatfau Club; Vice-President, Ag. Club; Poultry Science CJub; Debating Council. MORRIS ABRAM— Moriii is s member of Sphin«, Phi Beta Kappa, O. 0. K., Phi Kappa Phi, and a leading candidate for Valedictorian. He Is alio an outtlandinj debater, having been PiesidenI and Anniversarian o( Phi Kappa. Freshman and Varsity debater and Manager of Debates. He is President of the Freshman Law Class. ■ 40- ANDERSON, H. W. ATKINS ANDERSON, J. C. ATKINSON APPLEBy AVER ARNOLD AVCOCK ASHFORD BAGWELL MARGARET FRANCES ALT Atlanta CANDIDATl. FOR B.S.PHYS.ED. DtCRtn Dolphin Club; Dance Club; Rillc Squad; Newman Club; Vi ' . A. A. Council. THOMAS Z. ATKESON Columbia. Ala. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. HARRY OODROVi; ' ANDERSON Dallas CANUIUATI. FOR B.F.A. DECREE JOSEPH CECIL ANDERSON Springvalc CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DECREE Transfer, Middle Georgia College; Glee Club. veil MAM HARRISON APPLEBY, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Kappa Si ftfa WIIIIAM HAROLD ARNOLD Atlanta CANDIDATE I OR B.S.COM. DECREE Phi Delia Thela MARTHA VIRGINIA ASHIORD Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Chi Omfj a Hunt Club; German Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; VC. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. DAVID EVf ' ELL ATKINS, JR. Millcdgcville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE ROSALIE KING ATKINSON Waverly CANDIDATE FOR B.S.FU. DECREE WILLIAM AUSTIN AVERY Adrian CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE MILTON SANDERS AVCOCK VCaikinsvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE L. H. BAGWELL Alpharctla CANOIDATt FOR B.S.A. DECREE W. H. ( " MONK " ) ARNOLD— " Monk " it President of the Phi Dells and a star h 3h jumper and broad lumper on the Track team. Vice-President o( Pan-HcMenrc, he manages the Sprinj Dances and pre- sents Ksy Kyser. Leading out with Margaret Dance, he aNotded an enioyable week-end for all. -41. BATCHEli. BECKWIT MARIAN JANET BAKER Summcrvillc CANDIDATE lOR B.S.Il.l:. DliCREF. Homccon; 4- ' H Club; Transfer, West Georgia College. Vi ' HITCOMli RICHARD HARNHILL Folks[on CANDIDATI I OR B.S.I. Dl GRr F, Forestry Club; Ucmosthenian. IDA TRANCES BARROW Athens CANDIDATI FOR B.T.A. DFXREE Pill Beta Kappi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Pi; Dance Club, ■} . INEZ FRANCES BARTHILMESS Savannah t ANDIDATI; FOR U.S.II.F. DTGRfr Mlih Dil J I ' l I ' lii Kapp.i I ' lii; Alpha Lambjj Delta; 1 ri ' C ' ommission; Student Government; Phi Upsilon Oniicron; Glee Club; International Relations Club; Panhenians. President. JUIIA IMZABETII BARVillCK I.tiuisville CANDIDATI; lOR D. S.H.I . DrCRIX Phi Mil IMii . lu, First Vice-President, ' 36- ' J7; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treasurer, " JZ- ' J ; Homecon Club. RUFULYN BATCHELOR Eatonton CANDIDATF FOR B.S.COM. DK.Rll MOULTRIE BARREN BATEMAN Byron CANDIDATF. FOR A.B..I. DFCRl F EDWARD HENRY BAXTER Ashburn CANDIDATI: FOR M.S. Dlt.RFF Sphinx; Phi Beta Kappa; l:ditor-in-Chief, 19.18 Pandora; Oniicron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Ciridiron; President, Blue Key Council; President, " X " Club; Pericleans Advisory Council; Lieutenant Colonel, Cavalry, R. O. T. C; Scabbard and Blade; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Demosthenian Liter- ary Society; Xi Phi Xi; Zoology Club. MADISON LAMAR HEALL Atlanta CANDIDATF FOR B.S.CFU M. DFGRFF SifiniJ Pi Vice-President, Alpha Phi OnieRa; Phi Kappa So- ciety; Chemistry Club; Transfer, Iviiiory Univer- sity. GERTRUDE MARGARET BEASLEY Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE AlfihiJ Gam Hid Dfitj Phi Kappa Phi; Co-ordinate Dramatic Club, ' .H; Girls ' Glee Club, Ml-MS; Alpha Lambda Delta; Thcta Sigma Phi; C-uritia Arth Staff, ' .U- ' JS; Rifle Squad, ' 3 8; Band Sponsor, Georgia Tech Game, ' 3i; Military Sptinsor, Second Battalion, ' 37. LOUISE I.OVi RY Bl AVI R Gainess ' ille CANDIDAIl I OK A. II. Ill GRFF ), j Mtj IMid MIRIAM ( EI.ESTIA BECKVCITH Athens t ANItlllAII FOR B.S.II.E. Dl GRFE Momccon Club. INEZ BARTHELMESS— Inez is an Alpha Dells Pi and majors in Home Economics. She is President of Parthcnion ond has led in its recent activities petitioning Mortar Board. She is a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron, Alpha Lambda Delta, and I. R. C. .42- ITIiri. BILL Pembroke CANDIDATE lOR B.S.II.F. DFCREE RALPH J. BKLL Athens CANDIDATE FOR 8.S.COM. DECREE FRANK AUTRKLLE BENNETT VCalcska CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE MARY I DNA BENNETT Achcns CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.F. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi. )iILLlAM JAMES BENTON Cornelia CANDIDATf FOR B.S.COM. DFCREF Pi Kappa Phi Omicron Delta Kappa; President, Pi Kappa Phi, ■J7- ' J8; MananinK Idilor, 19l« Pandora; Blue Key : Scabbard and Blade; Delta SiKma Pi; Y. .M. C. A. Cabinet. ' 56- 8; Internatitmal Relations Club; Captain, Infantry, R. ( . T. C; Demosthe- nian Literary Society; I- ' .cononiics Sixicty; Pan- Hellenic Council; Pandora Siatf, ' J(- ' )8; Treas- urer, Pi Kappa Phi, ' 56- J7; Transfer, Gcor ;ia School of TcchnoIoj;y. CHARLES UlllIAM HIRRY Athent CANDIDATf 1 OR B.S.COM. Dl C.R[ I LtmhJt Chi Alpha ROY rD X ' ARD BIRRY Columbus CANDIDATf FOR B.S.I " . DECREE EMORY BICKERS Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Student Gos ' crnment; University Woman ' s Coun- cil; Pioneer Inner Circle, FRANK BICKERSTAFF Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Sigma Nil EDVCIN TUTTLE BLACKMAN Atlanta CANDIDATf. for. A.B. J. Df CRFE Phi Delia Thria Freshman Track; Freshman Swimming. EVELYN BLACK« ' ELL Royston CANDIDATE FOR A.B.FD. DECRFE DAVID F. BLAND Carficld CANDIDATF FOR B.S.COM. DFCREE EDWARD BAXTER— JutI another o( the Bs.tet bon, Ed it Editor of the PANDORA. He is a member of Sphini, Phi Bets Kappa, O. D. K., Phi Kappa Phi, and is President of " X " Club and Blue Key. He is a Zootosv major but declares he will be a farmer. J 1 r- ■43- BOLTON BONNER BOOKER BOOTH BORN, M. M. BOSWELL BOWDEN BOWERS BOWMAN BRADBERRy l.MMIK BOYKIN BOLTON PATTIi; LYNN BOSULLL Alliens PUinville CANDlDATt FOR A.B. OLCRlii; CANDIDATE FOR B.S.FI.i:. DECRFl: ■ Alphii Gamma Delta Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Glee Club, ' 35- ' 38; Second Vice-President, Alpha Gamma Delta. ' .U-MS. CRLNSIIAV BONNER Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE lOlIN RALPH BOOKFR McRae CANDIDATI FOR B.S.COM. DFCRF-F Alfiha Tail Ometia Transfer, Middle Cjeor ia College; Worthy Sen- tinel, Alpha Tau Omesa. ' 36- ' J7; X ' orihy Usher, Alpha Tau Omega, ' 37- ' 38. NI-.LL F.LLIOTT BOOTH Adel CANDIDA 1 1 I OK A.B. DK.RI I .MARY MARGARII BORN Augusta CANDIDATI l-t H B.S. Dl (,KI I RL ' IH BORN Athens CANDIDATI FOR A.B.I D. Dl CRI I CLINTON LEVXTS BOWDEN Ocilla CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Xi Phi Xi; Student .-Vssistani. Physics. LAURA LLIZAULTH BOWERS Royston CANDIDATE I OR A.B.J. DFGRFF Kappa Delta Transfer, ( ' e$Ieyan College, ' 37; Graduate, Wes- leyan Conservatory (Dramatics), ' 37. ELSli: BOU ' MAN Buchanan (A.NDIDA ' Ii FOR B.S. II. I. Dl CRI E Bowdon State College, ' 30- ' 32; President, 4-H (lub Home; Unis-ersity 4-H Club; Homecon. Bl I BARROVC BRADBI RRY W iiuler t ANDIDA1I FOR U.S.A. DECREE MARY LDITH BRADLEY I-il gcrald CANDIDATI FOR B.S.COM. Dl I.RI I Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigmi; Historian. .Mpha Delia Pi, ■H- ' 36. MARGARET BEASLEy— Maijaiel is a Journalism student and has the distinction of bclns the first woman to become Editof of a Univcfsitv publication, the Georgia Arch. She is an Alpha Gamma Delta and a member of Theta Sigma Phi and Alpha Lambda Delta. 44- KANNtN BRICE BROOKS, M. E. ALFRED LYNNE BRANNEN Athens CANDIDATE lOR A.B.J. DECREE SiRtita Nil Assistant in Journalism School; Editor, B. S. U. Nrus; Sports Editor, Alumni RecorJ; Sigma Delta Chi; ReJ ami Blat ' k, ' 54; Demosthenian, ' 57; Grorgia Arch, ' JS- ' JS, Sports Editor, ' 3!, Associate Editor, ' 56- ' .57. Mana ;in ; Editor, ' 37- ' 38, Editor, ' 38; Freshman I- ' »KitbalI and Tennis, ' 34; Photography Club; Presidcni. B. S. U. Council. ERI 1) I ' Al.l BRANSON Rome NANCY PAULINE BRANYON Forrest Park CANDIIMTI lOR A.B..I. Ill f.RI t Alpha Gamma Ot-l a Groritia Anh Statf, •36- ' 37; Ritle Squad, ' 38; Episcopal Student Vestry; Y. X ' . C. A. ELISE BRUCE BRAY Athens CA.NDIIlATt lOR B.S.H.E. DECREE Homecon Club. EVELYN BRAY Woodbury CA.NDIDATE I OR B.S.H.E. DECREE Kafilia Delta Phi Upsilon Omicron; Alpha Lambda Delta; Homecon; Home Economics Club; Student Gov- ernment. MARY BIXBY BREVilSTER Atlanta CANDIDATE EOR B.i. DECREE PLOTT BRICE Decatur CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Simula Chi Freshman Basketball. ' 3S; Freshman Tennis, ' 3 5; Varsity Tennis, 36- ' 38; Dean ' s List; Pan-Hellenic Represcntatise, ' 37- ' 38; President, Sigma Chi, ' 38. LLMHIR BURGESS BRIDGERS, IR. Atlanta CANDIDATE I OR A.B. DECREE Sixma ' ii Glee Club, ' 3 ' - ' 38; First Lieutenant, Infantry, R. O. T. C. i-. T. BROACH ll ' inlers ' ille CANDIDATE EOR B.S.A. DECREE VCILLIAM WINSTON BROOKi: Columbus CANDIDATE EOR B.S.COM. Dl CRI E Sifima Alpha Epiilon CHAUNCEY BROOKS, JR. Baltimore, Md. CANDIDATE EOR B.S.E. DECREE MARY ELIZABETH BROOKS Washington CANDIDATE EOR B.S.I D. Dl CRI E Alpha Gamma Dtlta Transfer, G. S. C. W.; Freshman Glee Club, " 34- ' 35; A Cappclla Choir, ' 35- ' 36; University Girls ' Glee Club, " St- ' SS. WILLIAM BENTON-Manasms Edito ' of the PANDORA and Piesidcnl of Pi Kapp« Ph,. much ciedit (o this book. He is a membt ' of O. 0. K., Blue Key, Delta $19- " He IS a Captain in military and a member of Scabbard and Blade. Bill dewves -45- BROOME BROWN, V. H. BROWN, B. F. BROWN, W.R BROWN, R. Cf BURNETT 1 HUGH DORSEY BROOME McBc-rn CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DECKEE Kappa Sigma Treasurer, Kapp.i Sigma, ' 36- ' 38; Gridiron; Agri- cultural Engineering Club. HARTLEY ERANK BROWN Atbnta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DECREE Kappa Sigma DAVID N. BROWN Lyons CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE |. IIAROLE) BROWN ILirtwell CANDIDAIl I OR B.S. A. DEGREE MARY X. BROWN M.iriin CANDIDATE l-OR H.S.ll.i:. 1)1 GREE Transfer, G. S. C. W., )6; Homccon. RUTH (I ARK BROWN Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Chi Omega Xi Phi Xi; Zoology Club, Presidcni; Girls ' Cilee Club; ' omen ' Athletic Association; Music Club; Ciernl.lll Club. VIRGINIA HILL BROWN Thomson CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Transfer, Agnes Scott College, ' 3 5; Thcta Sigma Phi, ■}7- ' 38; RcJ anJ Black, ' 36- ' 37. WlIllAM R. BROWN Frccley CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi. ZACK CLARK BROVi ' NING Cochran CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epiilon Transfer, Emory. NORTON BUELL Rome CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Forestry Club. GLENN GRAY UURCH Faycttcvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGRI E Sigma Chi Transfer, North Georgia College. CAREY C. BURNETT Tallahassee. Ma. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. Dl GRl I Forestry Club; Aghon Club; University Plays, Fall and Winter, ' 3! - ' 36. L NNE BRANNEN— Editor o( the Gcoisio Aich, Lynnc ' ouscd the campus from an caily Spiing quar- ter ' s sleep with the male beauty contest. He is the first Journalism student to apply for a job with Readers ' Digest and ii a member of Sigma Delta Chi. ■ 46- BXERS CAMPBELL, S.W. ByRD CANTRELL CABANISS CARGILL CADLE CARLTON CARMICHAEL, B. K. MARRIETTE C. BURSON Camilla CANDIDATE I ' OK B.S.II.t. DECREE K. Tniri.N 1.UCIIII in IRS Au ;usta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Chi Omega Transfer, University of South Carolina. MYRA NELL BYRD Butler CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE HELEN FLEMING CABANISS Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Chi Omega F. H. CAOLE, JR. Swainsboro ( AMIIOATI. FOR B.S. A, DFCREr 4-11 Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club. PASCAL WARNER CAMP Morcland CANniDATl FOR A.B.J. DECREI. United States Military Academy, ' 2- ' J!; Uni- versity Theatrt (Production); Photu raphy Club. I. PHIL CAMPBELL, JR. U ' atkinsvilic CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Phi. SARA VOODVILLE CAMPBELL Columbus CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Vhi Mil Phi Mu, Registrar, ' 57, Second Vice-President, ' 58; Parthenian; Zodiac; Dolphin Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; " omen ' s Athletic Association, President of Junior Division, ' 56, Secretary of Senior Division, 57, President of Senior Division, 58; Hunt Club; International Relations Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; German Club, President, ' 58; Music Club; Girls ' Glee Club; Rifle Team, ' 56- ' 57; Sophomore Council, ' 56; " X ' ho s ' ho in - mcrican Universities and Colleges " ; Kappa Delta Pi. i ILLIAM F. CANTRELL Dalton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Phi Beta Kappa; Hamilton Mc ' horler Pri e, 5 ; Deniostheni-in; Ztiology Club; Xi Phi Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Student Assistant, Zoology Depart- ment. ERNESTINE CARGILL Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. ID. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi; Women ' s Athletic Association. SARA E. CARLTON Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR B.S.If.I . Dl CREF BLRT K. CARMICHAEL, JR. Jackson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PMAR. DECREE Chi Pi WOODVILLE CAMPBELL— " Woodie " hsilt f om Columbus and hcadi Woman ' s AIMcdci on the cam. us, having been President of both Junior and Senior division W. A. A. She is a Phi Mu. President ,,u,, Moviii.} Lj,.,.M rr,:)iuKni ui uo n junior onu jcniur uivia of German Club, and a member of Parthenian and Zodiac. -47- CARMICHAEL, E. A. CARMICHAEL, H, E. CARR CARROL v.AkI£iv, D. E. CARIt- CARVILL CASWELL CHAMBLISS ETHEL AMELIA CARMICHAEL McDonough ANOIDATr lOR B.S.i:D. OF.GREE Alpha Gamma Delta CHANCELLOR CHANDLER ROBERT F. CARTER Baylor CANDIDATl: I OR B.S.f. Dl CRLE Lambila Chi Alpha CHAf ' . First Vice-President, Alpha Gamma Delta; Glee I ' ureslry Club; Transfer, South Georgia State Club; Pioneer -Inner Circle; American Childhood College. Education Association, Secretary. HARRllITI ] LIZABITH CARMICHAEL Jackstin CANDIDATh TOR A.B.I [). I 1 (jRF.E Alpha Drila Pi Transier. Mary Baldwin College. JACK CARVILL Dixon, Ky. CAMIIUATi: I ' OR B.S.I. DECREE Phi Delta Thcta Glee Club, MS- ' . fi; Sergeant Major, R. O. T. C, ■36- ' 37; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. ' W- ' i%. WESLEY ALLEN ( ARR Royslon CANDIDATl lOR B.S. I I(,RI I Pi Kappa Alpha THOMAS K. CARROL Loganvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V.A. DEGREE DONNEL EARL CAR I I R Plains CANDIDATl I l)R A.B..). 1)1 GRI I Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Transfer, Geor- gia Southwestern C illege, }6; Editor, ReJ ami Black; Varsity Debating Team, ' 37- ' 38; Promo- tion Manager, University Theatre; Thalian-Black- friars; Vice-President, Sigma Delta Chi; Soliciior- Cjeneral, Demoslhenian; Demosthenian Speaking Key; President, Georgia Southwestern Club; Sports C!orrespondent, Mafott Tflcf raph: Pliolograpln Club; Campus Club. R. R. CASWELL Roopville CANDIDATl; I OR B.S.A. DIGRI-.E J. G. CHAMBLISS, JR. Americus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DI GREE (AMIS I DGAR CHANCELLOR. JR. Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DI GRI E Chi Phi FRANK McCOMB t HANDLER Milledgeville I ANOrOAII lim H.S.A. 1)1 (.RFE ( IIARHVITL CHAPMAN Atlanta lANDIDATI FOR B.S.II.F. DI GRI I Phi Mil WILLIAM CANTRELL— " Billy " is one of ou ' InlcHccluals and n hbiaiian Ic the Zoology depactmcnt. He s 4 Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi man and a candidate (or Valedictonan, He is a member of Xi Phi Xi, iZoologv Club, and Demosthenian. .48- HASTAIN LISHAM CHENEV CLARK CLORE COBB HOYT E. CHASTAIN Colbert CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A DECREE CLEMENTS, H. W. COCHRAN, A. B. CLEMENTS, W. A. COCHRAN, B. G. CORA CHENEY AlRood, All. CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Alpha Cbi Omega Phi Kappa Phi; President, Alpha Chi Omega; Vice-President. Thcta Sinma Phi; Y. V( ' . C. A. Cabinet; Pioneer Inner Circle; Pan-Hellenic; Fea- ture Editor, Arch: Red aiiJ Blaik. ' it- ' i?. ROBERT HAROLD CLARK Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CO.M. DECREE Alpha Kappa Psi Economics Club; Dcmosthcnian Society; Beta Gamma Si ma; Dean ' s List. HAL Vi-. CLEMENTS Rockmart CANDIDATE FOR B.S.FD. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi. WILLIAM A. CLEMENTS Ray City CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE ALBERT CLIETON Slates boro CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE HOVCARD R. CLISHAM Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Alpha Tall Omega Sports Editor, ReJ ami lilaih, " . ' 8; Stajie Manager, University Theatre, Fall, " 57; Thalian-Blackfriars; Si ma Delta Chi; Gridiron. THERESA DOROTHY CLORE Amcricus CANDIDATE FOR A.B.I D. DECRliE Alpha Chi Omega Reil and Black Staff; Transfer, Georgia State Col- lege for Vi ' omcn. J. BRYAN COBB Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR B.S.FD. DECREE ALVIN BARRON COCHRAN Girard CANDIDATE FOR A.B.I D. DtCRI I BOBBIE GLYNN COCHRAN Camilla c AVttlnATI I OR A.B.i 1 . ULGHI I. Alpha Delta Pi IrjiisUr, t,. • . i C; Girls ' Glee Club. ' t6- ' )7. ENRIED DARGAN COLE Caricrsvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECRI E Chi Phi CLIFTON COLE DON CARTER— The pride of Georgia Southwcstefft, Don it the fiisi transfer student to be Editorin Chief of the Red and Black. His two cars at the Univcrsitv have seen him as Varsity Debater, Pro motion Manager of the University Theatre, and Vice-President of Sigma Delta Chi. -49. LI COLEMAN COLLINS, F.W. COLLINS, G. COLON COLVIN COMPTON COOK, N. E. COOK, R. COOPER, ANNIE SUE COLEMAN Nicholson CANDIDATE FOR A.B.r.D. DIXRnn Phi K.ippi Phi; Kappa Delta Pi. IRI n WILBUR COLLINS Baxicy tANUlOATE FOR B.S.F. DIURLL Pi Kappa Alpha .B. COOPER, J. W. COPELAND ROMANZ COOK Ncwnan CANDIDATr FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE Kappa Delia IRA BRINSON COOPIR 1 laddock CANDIDA 11 FOR B.i.F. DECREE COSTA, M. 1 GERALDINF. COLl.INS Unndilla CANDIDATl lOR A.B.J. DHGREE Transfer, Georgia State Woman ' s College, Val- dosta, ' 36. CRISTINE MANUF.L COLON Mayaguez, Puerto Rico CANDIDATl. rOR B.S. DI-CRI-F KATHERINE COLVIN New Orleans, La. CANDIDATr FOR B.S.I ' HYS.l D. DLGREE Kappa Alpha Thc a DWIGHT S. COMPTON Cochran CANDIDATl I OR U.S.I D. Dl (.RI.L NLVIS lUCi! Nl. COOK CANDIDAtL I OR B.N.I ' IIAR. Dl (.RLE I.Wll S W 1 AVI R tOOlM R Athens ( M)1ll. li I OR B.S.I. DIGRII IMn K.ipp.i Phi; Alpha Xi Sigma; Alpha Ze(a; As- sistant Business Manager, Cyprea Knee, ' 7- ' 58; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. O. B. COPFLAND Carrollton CANDIDATE I OR B.S.A. DIC.RI I Vice-Campus Leader; Editor-in-Chief, Georj ia Agriciilfnris ; President. Aghon; Censor, Alpha Zeta; Pcriclean; Agricultural Club Debate Coun- cil; Intercollegiate Debater; Manager, 4-H Club Carnival; Associate I ' ditor, Georfiia Cloterleaf ; Xi Phi Xi. MAKt.LI HI I I 111 I 1 COSTA A I hem ( A.NUIDA II I OR A.B.J. Dl t.Kl I. — 1 O. B. COPELAND— O. 6., who hails from Cartollton, is another A3 student. He is President of Ashon and Censor of Alpha Zcta. He was this year ' s Editor-in-Chief of the Gcorsia Asriculturist and Vice- Campus Leader. 50- iSTA. Z. E. lOSSLANO CRA8B, G. A. CROWE CRABB, M. F. CURTIS CRISP DANCE CROMER DANIEL CROSS DANIELS ZENA ELIZABHTH COSTA Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DI CRtE Junior Home Economics Club, 55- ' 36, Treasurer, 36, Sponsor, ' 57; Homecon Club Executive Com- mittee. " J , Vice-President. ' 38; 4-H Club, ' 38; Gforgia Agricullurist Staff, ' 38; Phi Upsilon Omicron. GEORGE A. CRABB, JR. Athens tANDIDATl lOR B. .A.E. DEtiREt MARY IRANCES CRABB Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE: Theta Si ;ma Phi; Thalian-Blackfriars; President Vi ' oman ' s Editor of Rnl jiiil Black, ' 37; Hunt Club; Varsity Woman ' s Rifle Team, ' 37- ' 38; Riflery Medal. WILLIAM L. CRISP Clayton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Pi Kafifj Alpha GRACE E. CROMER Atlanta CANDIOATI EOR A.B.I I». DK.RI I EDVtlN RinniCK CROSS, JR. nnu ias ANDIDATL EOR D.S.COM. DECREE V ILLIAM ALEXANDER CROSSLAND, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Alpha J.amhtla Tan Ereshman Swimminj;; Varsity Swimming; Vice- President, Alpha Lambda Tau; Forestry Club; Phi Kappa; Lieutenant. R. O. T. C; Alpha Phi Omega. DAVID FRANCIS CROWE Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PIIAR. DEGREE JAMES VCOOPROVC CURTIS Toccoa CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Sinma Nil Vice-Preiidfnt. Frcihm n Commi »ton; l-rcthmin Swimming Tfjm; Sophomore rommi»»ion; Vice-Prtiident. Sophomore Clati; Vjrtiiy Swimminjc. ' )6- ' )7: Secrctjry, Y. M. C. A.; Y. M. C. A. Cibinet, •J6- ' )l: ViccProidcnt. Y. M. C. A.; Pre idenl. Junior CU|«; Sccretiry. Prcihmjn law Cl»t; Pan-Hellenic Council; Scabbard and Blade: Senior Round Table: Blue Key; Jockey Club: Demoithenian: Second lieutenant, R. O. T. C: Phi Delia Phi. SAM A. DANCE, JR. Eatonton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi. ViM. RUSSELL DANIEL, JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.fOM. DEGREE Square and Compass Club. MILDRED DANIELS Hasvkinsvillc rANIllDATE FOR R.S.II.E. IIIGRI I Transfer, Cict)r ;ia Stale U ' oman ' s ColleKc; Ilumccon. JAMES CURTIS -President of last vcar ' s Junior Cl«u and an oulitanding man in the V. M. C. A., Jimirty comes from Toccoa. He is a Sigma Nu, a member of Pan. Hellenic Council, Blue Key, and of Freshman and Varsity Swimmin3 teams. -SI FRKD DAVES, JR. Calhoun CANOinAU-- lOR B.S. I I GRI 1 AI.Bi-RT HARRISON UAVIS Sylvester NinDAIl I (lit H.S.( t I. in (.Rl r ALLtN ILKMING DAVIS Athens CANDIDATr l-OR B.S.COM. mt.RI F President, ' 38, Secretary-Treasurer, Kconomics So- ciety, ' 37; Vice-President, jockey Club, ' 38, Sec- retary, ' 37; Treasurer, Demusthenian Literary Society, ' 37- ' 3 8; Delta Sisma Pi; Preshman Foot- ball, ' 34; Monkey Drill, ' 38; Captain Adjutant, R. O. T. C, Cavalry, •37- ' 38. ALVIN S. DAVIS Rome CANDIIIATI- lOR B.S.A. 1)1 t.Rl L Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zcta; Ashon Honorary Society; President, 4-H Club; President, Inter- state Collegiate 4-H Club; Fditor, The Giorfiia Clotcrlciij; Agricultural Club; Demosthcnian, ' 31- ' 37; Saddle and Sirloin, ' 3 5- ' 37; Y. M. C. A. Council. liARHARA DAVIS Manchester (ANOIUAII I 1 K A.II.I I). Oi t.Rti: lil.AIR WIISDN DAVIS ValdoMJ ( ANDIIIATI. I OR B.S.A. 01 GRI;I CYNTHIA Vi ' . DAVIS Athens CANDIDATl; I OR B.S.Il.i:. DI CRI L ELIZABETH ANNE DAVIS Atlanta CANDIDATt FOR A.B. DECREE EUGENE CROUSE DAVIS Screven CANDIDATt I OR B.S.A. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi. HARRY I. DAVIS, JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE S .tjM d Chi President. Economics Society; Secretary and Treas- urer, Senior Round Table; Secretary, Delta Sigma Pi; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Commission; Sopho- more Council; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 36- ' 3«; Pandora Staflf, ' 34- ' 37; Junior Business ManaRcr. 36- 37; Demosthcnian; Square and Compass; Rille Team, ' 34- ' 35. ' 36- ' 38; Monkey Drill Team. ' 36- ' 38. Cup-winner, " 36, Captain, ' 37- ' 38; Scabbard and Ulade; Jockey Club; Captain, R. O. T. C; Best Drilled Cavalry Cadet, ' 34- ' 3J. HUGH T. DAVIS Athens CANDIDATl: FOR B.S.A. DECREE JAMES CECIL DAVIS VCriRhtsville t AN-niOATI. for B.S.A. DF.CRFE Treasurer, Agricultural Club; Secretary and Treasurer, Poultry Science Club; Saddle and Sir- loin Club, Reporter; 4-H Club; Camp NX ' ilkins Club. ALLEN DAVIS— Allen is another Sigmo Nu and is Picsidcnt ol the Economics Society, and a member ol Delia Sigma Pi and Demosthcnian. He kept the shiniest brass at military camp and polished his curry comb. He is shown above with his laitMul steed. 52- iVIS. J.W. DIXON DAVIS, W.J. DOMINICK DEBNAM DORMINE JOHN WILSON UAVIS Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECREE Kappa Alpha Scibbard and Blade; Gridiron; Football, ■34- ' }7; Lieutenant Colonel, R. O. T. C. WALTER JOSEPH DAVIS Brunswick CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DECREE Lambda Chi Alpha MONTEZ DEBNAM Atlanta CANUIDATI lUR B.S.II.i . DICRI E Alpha OmicTon Pi Alpha Lambda Delta; President, Alpha Omicron Pi; ZiKiiae; Y. VC. C. A. Cabinet; Thalian-Black- friars Key; Vice-President, Thalian-Blackf riars; Parthenian; Phi Upsilun Omicron; Y. W. C. A. Council; Phi Kappa Phi; Sponsor, Band, ' 3i- )6. HARRY GUYTON DiLOACH Claxton CANDIDATE FOR D.S.F. DECREE MARY ELIZABETH DICKERSON McDonou h (ANDIDATI I OR A.B.i l . I ) GRI I Alpha Gamma Delta GEORGE KENNETH DILLARD Cusscta CANDIDATt FOR B.5.A. DECREE President, Saddle and Sirloin Club, ' )8; Alpha Zeta; Treasurer, Aifhon, ' }7- ' i»; -t-H Club; Agricultural Club; Animal Husbandry Fellow- ship, ' 37- ' 38; Phi Kappa Phi; Gridiron. DcLOACH 3ICKERSON DOSS DOWNER RALPH ADAIR Girard DIXON CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V .ED. DECREE CAROLINE FRANCES DOMINICK Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE DILLARD DREWRy HI NRY CLAYTON DORMINEY Alapaha CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V.A. DECREE VIRGINIA CORLISS DOSS LaGranKC CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Phi Mil FRANK DO NIR Richland CANDI0A7I I OR B.S.S ' .A. Dl I.RI I UILLIA.M IDUS liKl VI RV Atl en CANDIDATE FOR B.S. OM III .«! I Square and Compass Club; F.connmics Society. HARRy DAVIS — One of our Junior Busincts Mana eri latt year, Harry tpcnt three years workinj on PANDORA. He is past President of the Economics Society, a member of Delta Si3ma Pi, Scnio ' Round Table, Rifle team, and is Captain of the Monkey Drill team. He is a Captain in the R. O. T. C. He IS a Sigma Chi. •53- DREVER DUKE DUNO DUVAL D AL EDC MARTHA IRANCtS URLYLR Athens CANDIDATt lOK B.S.COM. DFGREE Phi Kappa Phi. JOHN WKLCH DUKE Pcndcrgrass CANDIDATI 1 OK B.S.COM. DTGREE Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. AUBRIE DUNCAN Bowdon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECRI R Phi K.ippa Phi; Agricultural Club; GafTau Club. GEORGE CLOVIS DUNCAN BowJon Junction CANDIDA! I rOR H.S.V.A. DI (.Kl F. Phi Kappj Plii. lOMX LaIAYETTK UuPKII, 1R. 1 i.iwkinsvi|ji- CANDIDATI I OR A.B.I D. Dl t.RI F Alphii Laiiihila Tan Phi K.ippa Phi. ' AIIIIA.M PENN DURHAM W ' oodvillc CA.S ' DIDATI FOR B.S.COM. DICRFL Secretary, Ereshman Y. M. C. A. Commission; President, Sophomore Council; Ereshman Debat- ing TeJn ; Secretary, Demosthcnian; Vice-Presi- dent, Demosthenian; Secretary, Alpha Kappa Psi; Member of Campus Club; Business Manager, RrJ itiij Black; Gridiron Club. DUNCAN, G.C. DuPREE EDWARDS, S. L. EDWARDS, T. J. FREU B. DUVAL Social Circle CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DFCRIF Kappa Alpha Gridiron; Chapter Scribe, Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C A., Ereshman Commission, ' 54- ' .M, Sophomore Council, ' 35- ' 36; ReJ ami Black Staff, ' 3-(- ' J6; Pandora Staff, ' 34- ' 36; Pelican C ' lub; Phi Kappa Literary Society. CLAYBORN DYAL St. Petersburg, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. HI C.KI I Phi Delia Thela OWEN D. EDGE, IR. Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Kappa Sigma Transfer, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College; Saddle and Sirloin, 36- ' 38; Poultry Science Club, ' 36- " 38. SPURGEON LAMAR EDWARDS Springhcld CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECRI I Economics Society; Member of Baseball Team. THOMAS .1. EDWARDS Claxton CANDIDATI FOR D.S. Dl (.Rl I TROY EDWARDS Nashville CANDIDATr FOR B.S.A. Dl GRI I DURHAM ' EDWARDS, ; JOHN W. DAVIS— " Stoo3c " is one of the most pcpular Seniors and an outstanding football man for four ycais. He is a Kappa Alpha and a member of Gridiron, Scabbard and Blade, and Lieutenant Colonel of tfie Infantry. He is also fiandball champion of the campus. 54- HUGH LEE EIDSON Wintcrville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE CHARLES LEE ELLIS, JR. Kingston CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PIIAR. DECREE JOHN THARPE ENGEL Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha, President, ' 36; Gridiron Club; Newman Club, President, ■36- ' 38: Pan-Hellenic Representative, 3 5- ' }7. DOUGLAS H. EPPERSON Lake City, Fla. CANDlDATi: lOR B.S.F. DECREE Alpha Xi Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Demosthe- nian; Scabbard and Blade; Jockey Club; Photog- raphy Club; President, Forestry Club, ' 37, Par- liamentarian, ' 3 8; Assistant Business Manager, Cyprtsi Knrr, ' 56- ' 57; Intramural B oxing X ' in- ner, ' 35; Varsity Boxing Team, ' 36; Forestry Club Rifle Team Intramural Vf ' inner, ' 37; Colonel, R. O. T. C Cavalry Regiment. MARY VIRCilNIA EPPS Athens CANDIDATI lOR B.S.II.I . Dl CRi E Freshman Debate Team; Secretary, B. S. U. Coun- cil. " 37; Pioneer Inner Circle; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Homecon. HOWELL C. ERVCIN, JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Sin,ma Alpha Epiilon Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Kappa; In- ternational Relations Club; Biftad; Junior Cab- inet; Captain of Swimming Team, " 38. KATHIRIN ' E ViHITAKER ERVCIN West Point CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE SARA E. ESTES Canon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE EFFIE ELLIS ETHEREDGE Sumner CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE Alpha Delta Pi Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Agricul- liiriil Start; Flomccon Club; Girls ' Glee Club, ■37- ' }8. ROBERT Vf ' ILBUR FUBANKS Macon CANDIDATE. FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE ANNE MARY EVANS Coolidgc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE Transfer, G. S. W. C; Homecon. D. L. EVANS, JR. Hazlchurst CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE President, Ag. Club; Vice-President of Demosthc- nian Literary Society; Key Council of Agricultural Club; Agricultural Club; Debating Team; .Asso- ciate Justice of Demosthcnian; Building Fund Committc of Ag. Club: -ll Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Member of Rural Organization and Marketing Club. GEORGE OILLARD— Piciidcnt of Saddle and Sirloin, member of Alpha Zela. and Ticaiurer of Ajhon; Georac .s one of Aj liiifs most promisina men. He i» a membo of Pfii Kappa Phi. 4-8 Club. Aj Club. -55- iL ROBERT ViORTH EVE Tifton CANDIDATE FOR D.S.A. DEGREE • Phi Delta Thcia Transfer from Abraham Baldwin and Dahloncga; Glee Club, ' 36- ' 38; Xi I ' hi XI; Science Club. CHARLKS MILLER EVERETT Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE JOHN JAMES FARMER, JR. Ncwnan CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Kapljd Alpha Delta Sigma Pi; Senior Round Table; Jockey Club; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. JACK FARREN Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECRI t Delia Tail Delia Basketball, ' y6- ' i7- ' yS; Track, ' 36- ' 38; Football, ' 36; " G " Club; Gridiron; Scabbard and Blade. GUY WISOTZKEY FIROR, JR. Athens C ANDIDATl I OR B.S.A. DI-CRI I I irst Lieutenant, R. O. T. C; Secretary, Agri- cultural Economics and Rural Sociology C ' lub, Fall Quarter; Saddle and Sirloin Club, ' 37- ' 38. JOSEPHINE KATHRYN 1 IROR Criflin CANDIDA II I t)K H.s.ll.l . 1)1 (.HI I EVELYN FISHER Cochran CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ll.E. DEGREE Alpha Delia Pi I-Iomccon; Transfer from Middle Georgia College. ARC 11 W . IITZPATRICK Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE SiRina Nil MARY LENA FLEETWOOD Cartcrsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.t. DEGREE Delia Delia Delia .MARGARl 1 1 HAVERS Thomasville CANDIDATI 1 OR A.B.ID. DECREE Delia Delia Delia Will lAM B. FORNEY Augusta tlANDIDATl FOR U.S.A. 1)1 CRI:|: ELLEN FOKKI SI I R Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.k. DECREE Phi Mu WILLIAM P. DURHAM— " Bull " controls the purse slnngi of the Red and Blacl and manaacs all its business aHain. He is a Commcicc student and with this c«pc(icncc will invest his fortune in Wall Street. He is o member of Gridiron, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Ocmoslhcnion. -56- H3M n LER, T. FOSTER, A. G. FRANKLIN FOSTER, R. E. FRAZIER fOUNTAIN FREX FRIEDMAN, L. FRIEDMAN, M. L. VIRGINIA FORSYTH Ciiro CANDIDATE FOR B.S.TO. DECREE Transfer, Younj; Harris College, ' 36. ALBERT G. FOSTER, JR. Madison CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE ROBERT E. FOSTER, JR. Achcns CANDIDATE FOR D.S.COM. DECREE Economics Society; Freshman Swimming Team; President, Square and Compass, ' J5- ' J6; Glee Club, Stage .Vlanagcr, ' }(- ' 36, Business Manager, ■J7- ' }8: Lieutenant, R. O. T. C; Demosthenian. DREYFUS L. FOUNTAIN Fort Valley CANDIOATI FOR B.S.A. DECREE Poultry Science Club, President. ' )7- ' )8; Saddle and Sirloin; Gaffau Club; 4-H Club. FLAY ELIZABETH FOWLER Marietta CANDIDATE EUR A.B. DECREE Phi u LOUIS JENNINGS FOVf ' LER Stone Mountain CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE THESIS FOWLER Union, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECREE Detla Delta Delia Transfer from Freeman University; Dolphin Club; W. A. A. Council. MARTHA STEVENS FRANKLIN Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DECREE Phi Mil SAMUEL G. FRAZIER Cohulta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE VIRGINIA FREY Marietta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.F. DECREE Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta, Secretary, " 38; Alpha Lambda Delta, ' 3i; Zodiac. ' 5 5; Pioneer Inner Circle, ' J7; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Homecon, ' 37- ' 3 8; Phi Kappa Phi. LESTER ERIED.MAN Bainbridge CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Phi Epiilon Pi Vice-President, Phi Epsilon Pi; ReJ aiiJ hlaik StalT; Chemistry Club. MAURICE L. FRIEDMAN Sanderss ' illc CANDIDAtI I OR B.s.(l . l. Ul CRI I Alpha Epiilon Pi President, Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dean ' s List. 0OU6LAS EPPERSON— Dou9 li Colonel of the Cavsliy in mililary and a Foiolry major. He it a member of AlphD Xi Sijma, AlpKa Zcta, Ajhon, and is Piotdcnt of the Foreitry Club. He it alto Assislant Business Manager of the Cypress Knee. -57- L FRVE FUTRAL GAINES GARLAND GARRARD, R. R. GARRARD GARRARD, V. B. GARRETT GARREHE GASKINS 6EER GEORGI AUGUSTUS IKXMIR IRYli, JR. GritHn LA.NDIUATl. I OR B.S. Dl CRIX Chi Psi MARGARET FUTRAL Savannah CANDIDATIL FOR B.S.EB. DEGREE GEORGE CLARK GAINES Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE President, Senior Class; Blue Key; " X " Club; Gridiron; Aghon; Dcmosthenijn Adalacus, Parli.i- mentarian; Fresliman Baseball, ' 34- ' 3 5; Asricul- lural Club; Saddle and Sirloin; Agricultural Tcu- iiomics Club; Staff Georgiii Agriciilliirhl. JAMES COLBERT GARLAND Barncsvillc rANDIDAir I OR B.S. DI ' CRFE Chi ' .I ZtKiIugy Club; Chemistry C ' lub. RIUBKN R. GARRARD X ' asliington CANUIUATI. I OR B.S.A.E. DEGREE Agricultural Engineering Club; Associate Editor, ' 37, Editor, ' 38, Georgia Agriciilluriil Engineer; Alpha Zcta; Saddle and Sirloin Club. RUTH GARRARD X ' ashington CANDIDATI FOR U.S.II.F. HI C.RI V VINCENT BOOKER GARRARD Washington CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DECREE Transfer, Young Harris College; Agricultural Engineering Club; Vice-President, Agricultural Engineering Club. ELLIS GARRETT Charing CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V.A. DEGREE PEGGY GARRETTE Statham CANDIDATE FOR B.S.Il.E. DECREE .Mpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Dance Club; " omen ' s Athletic Association; Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Upsilun Omicron; Phi Kappa Phi; Homecon. lAMIS WARREN GASKINS VXillacoochee CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Saddle and Sirloin. CI.AUDi; WILSON Gl-IR, .|R. Albany CANDIDATl FOR B.S.A. DECREE SAMUl I IDW ' IN GEORGE Dawson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DLCREi ' ■1-1 1 ( lub; Saddle and Sirloin; Gaffau; Ag. Club; Rural Drgani ation Club; Poultry Science Club; Tn,«ineering Club. JACK FARREN— Participating in three major sports. Jack is best known as Captain of the 1938 Basket- bijll team. He is a Delta Tau Delta and a member of Gri ' diron and Scabbard and Blade. He is also outstanding in track, running the high and low hurdles. 58. ■N, W. A GLEN.S. L. GRAVES, C. E. ETHEL MARTIN GIBSON College Park CANOIUATI FOR B.S.IiD. DECREE Little Symphony. CLAUDE M. GILES Oxford CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DFCKFE JOE G. GILLESPIE Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CHEM. DECREE Cadet Colonel. R. O. T. C; O. D. K.; Blue Key Council; Gridiron; Scabbard and Blade; " G " Club. Frcihman Track; Freshman Rillc; Varsity Track. 36- ' 38; Varsity Cross Country, J6- ' 37. HUGH ALBERT GLEATON Warwick CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V.A. Dl C.RI I: MARY PAUL GLENN Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DIOR IE Kappa Pi; Secretary, Kappa Pi, ' }7- ' )8. SUSAN LITTLI JOHN GLEN Sautcc CANDIIIATI I OR A.H. DICREE WILLIS A. GLEN Hull CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE ELEANOR MINA GOLDBERG Sas ' annali CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DECREE Dfllj Phi Epiilon Kappa Pi; Dance Club. FELTON HAYES GORDON Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECRFE I. am I ' ll a Chi Alpha CHARLES GRAHAM Ocilla CANDIDATE FOR B.S-V.FD. KFCREF CARL W. GRANT, JR. Leslie CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Forestry Club; Senior Round Tabic; Demosthenian. CARTER EDMONDS GRAVES. JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE CLARK GAINES— Another well hnown man about the campus if Clafli Gaines. He it Prctident of Ihc Scntoi Class dnd a member of Gridiron. " X " Club, and Blue Key. Clark is also outstandms on As hill, being a member of A3 Club, Aghon, and Saddle and Sirloin. -59- GRAVES, . S. GUILLEBEAU GRIMfcb, L. b. HAMMACK HANCOCI W II HAM SCOTT GRAVES Cochran CANDIDATE TOR B.S.COM. DECREE Delta Sisma I ' i; Dcmostlicnian; Humor Editor, Associate Editor, Editor, Georgia Arch. CLYDE GREENWAY Adrian CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DrCREE Gridiron; Vice-Campus Leader; President, 4-H Club; Dcmostiienian Literary Society; Gforaia Agriciillurisl: Gaffau; Ag. Club; Poultry Sci- ence Club; Transfer for South Georgia Teachers College. 1 nWARl) K. GRII-IKTII Comer tANDIDATt lOR B.S.COM. DlGRl 1 JAMES MILLICAN GRIEEIN Villa Rica CANDIDATE EOR B.S.COM. DECREE Sixnio Nil LEWIS B. CiRIMES Sandersville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Poultry Science Club; Saddle and Sirloin; Presi- dent of Poultry Science Club. WIIIIAM THOMAS CRIMIS Albany ANDIDATI. FOR D.S.F. DECREE SiRina Chi Eoresiry Club. ELIZABETH GUILLEBEAU Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B..T. DECREE Chi Omega GEORGE DOYLE GUNNELLS Ashland CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V.A. DECREE WII HAM HOYT HALEY Elberton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Eorcstry Club; Alpha Xi Sigma; Alpha Zeta; Aghon Club; Demosthenian; Senior Round Table; Gridiron; Prciidenl, Sophomore Class; Secretary, Eorestry Club. JOHN MARVIN HALL Milledgeville CANDIDATE I OR B.S.A. DECREE Alpha Tau Onug.i; Rural Organization and Mar- keting Club; liconomics Society; Poultry Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club. W. D. HAMMACK, JR. Cuthbert CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Alpha Tail Omega Debate Team, " Ji- " } ; Winner, Sophomore Decla- mation; Secretary, Key Circle. Demosthenian; Thalian-Blackfriars; University Theatre, ' }-t- ' .18; Sccrclary-Trcasurer, Biftad; International Rela- tions Club; Art Editor, Georgia Arch, ' 3S; Junior Editor, Pandora, ' i7; Gridiron. DYCII I MILY HANCOCK Athens CANDIDATE EOR B.S.ED. DECRDE JOE GILLESPIE— Joe is Cadet Colonel of Ihe soldier boys and one ot oui best track men. He is a member ol O. 0. K., Blue Key, Gridiron, and Scabbard and Blade. A member of tlic Rifle Squad, he fired hishest records in rifle and pistol al military camp. ■60- -:;en, C. F HARRELL HARRIS, H. M. HARDEMAN, P. M. HARRIS, R. R. HARRIS, S. F. LOIS MYRTLE HANDLEY Fitzgerald CANDIDATt FOR B.S. DEGREE CHARLES IRANKLIN HARDEN Zcbulon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DECREE Poultry Science Club; Agricultural Club; Engi- neering Club. Secretary, Associate Business Man- ager, Business Manager; R. O. T. C, Captain. S. JAMES HARDEN Osier6eld CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Junior Cabinet; Secretary- Treasurer, Junior Class; Demosthenian; Agricul- tural Club; Forestry Club. Vi ' ILLIAM LAViRENCE HARDIX Rock Hiil.S. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Kappa Sii ma Forestry Club; Transfer from Vf ' otford College with A.B. Degree. PlIII MORRIS HARDEMAN Colbert CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Forestry Club. SEABORN LANIER HARDEMAN Colbert CANDIDATi I OR B.S.PMAR. IIEORI F Phi Delta Chi; Pharmacy Club, President, ' JZ- ' iS; Xi Phi Xi, Vice-President. NANCY ELIZABETH HARDY Miami, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.M.E. DECREE Chi Owc. j Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Chi Omega, Treasurer, ' ) - ' )7, ' }7- ' 3 8; Parthenian, Vice- President, ' 37- ' 38; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Vice- President, ' }6- ' }7, President, ' W- ' )S. RANDALL HERBERT HARRELL Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.I D. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi. BERNARD C. HARRIS Carrollton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Sigma Nu HILDA .MIRIAM HARRIS Douglas CANDIDATE FOR B.S.FLr .M.tO. DICRl I Delta Phi Eptilnii Pan-Hellenic Representative, ■)«- ' J7. ROLAND RUSSELL HARRIS Dallas CA.VDIDATt FOR B.S. A. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi; Gaffau Club. SARA FRANCES HARRIS Columbus CANDIDATI FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma. HOyr HALEY— HoyI is a Forcst ' y student and is a member of the Fofcsliy Club. Alpha Xi Siama, Alpha Zeta, and Aghon. He was Prcstdcnt of the Sophomore Class and is a member of Gndiron and Senior Round Tabic. I ■ 61 HARRISON, 1. N. HARRISON, M. G. HARVEY HASKELL HATCHER HArt HAYGOOD HAZZARD HEAD, H. 5. HEAD, R. D. HELD HENDERSC IRMA NOVKNA HARRISON Decatur CANDIDATI " lOR A.B.IIO. DECRl-.E Alpha Chi Omc ta Transfer from West Georgia College. MALISSA GRACi: HARRISON Bethlehem CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.F. DI CRl L Homccon; 4-H Club, ' 38. HARVI Y Atlanta CANniDATt FOR A.B.i:D. DI-URlit FRANCES HOUSKR HASKIXL Macon CANDIDATI-. FOR A.B.J. DliCREE D. J Delia Delia Photography Club, Vice-President, Mft- ' J?, Presi- dent, ' }7- ' ii: Dolphin Club; Pioneer Club; ReJ atiJ Black Staff; Social Chairman, Delta Delta Delta Pledges, ' 36; Transfer from Shorter Col- lege, ' 36. MINNIE FRANCES HATCHIR Pitts CANDIDATF. FOR B. S.H.I!. DH.Rl-l; ISAUIX HAYES Decatur CANDIDATI I OR B.S.I D. DI (.Rl.l T. C:. HAYGOOD Atlanta CANDIDAII I OR A.B.I II. Ill CRLE SiX ' iia Alpha Epnloii Vill.I.IAM V(TGG HAZZARD Birmingham, Ala. CANDIDATF FOR B.S.F. DFGREE Sifima Nu Vice-President, Senior Class; Varsity Boxing, ' 37. HIII-N SMITH HI AD Atlanta CANDIDAli: FOR A.B.J. DIGREE Phi Mil Theta Sigma Pi; Pioneer Inner Circle; Pioneer Club, Debate Chairman; ReJ aiiJ lilaik Staff, ' 36- ' 37; Photography Club; Transfer from Shorter College. RALPH DAVID 11! AD Jefferson CANDIDATL I OR B.S.A. DIX.RI F Gaffau Club; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Bas- ketball. BRUNO HELD Baldwin, L. I., N. Y. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Alpha F.p!ilnn Pi KENNON 111 MR MIMilKSON Carrollton CANDIDATE I-OR A.B.J. DECREE Delia Delia Delia Trjnsfcf, Aruci Scott CciIIckp: Prc ulcnt of I ' ionccr ( " luh; Seercury and Trci»urcr of I ' ionccr ( luti; I ' ionccr Inner Circle; President. Ilolphin (Mub; Then SiRmJ I ' lii; Hunt rlub; V( ' . A. A. touncil: Varsilv Ilchiic Team; Society I ' ldttor. RrJ nd BUik; Vl ' nman ' t Fditor, KtJt anj Bltik; rholoRraphy Club. LANIER HARDEMAN— lanict is a Pharmacy sludcnl and is Proctor of the New Boys Dormitory. He is one of the leading amateur pill rollers and is President of the Pharmacy Club and Xi Phi Xi. He is a member of Gridiron and Phi Delta Chi. •62 ILL.V. HIBBEN HILL, W. H. HI LTV JOHN HENSLEY Cobbtown CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V.A. DECREE Phi Kapr-i Ph ' - CLAUD H. HIRRING Hircwcll CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V.A. UtCREE CARI. B. IlIBBKN Chlttlnongl, Tcnn. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEORtt JOHN VCH.SON HICKS, IR. Marietta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DtCRl.F Saddle and Sirloin Club; 4-H Club; Secretary, Saddle and Sirloin Club; Vi ' inner of the Danforth Fellowship Award, ' . 7; X ' inner o( the Junior and Senior Liveiiock Jud ;inK Contest. DAN McHKNRY HICKY Madison CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DE REI l-RF.DDir M. R TllA III I 111 I Athens ( ANniriATi I tiR B.s.i»nv%.i n. in c.rie Thalian-Rlackfriars; Dance Club; Rifle Stjuad; Hunt Club; V( ' . A. A. Council; Manager of In- tramural Volleyball, Soccer, and Bowling. rdCKS Hl ' ■ HODGSON HOFMEISIER VIRGINIA HILL Palmetto CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Kappa Pi; Art Editor, Gtnrnia ARriculliirhl; Fine Arts Club. WILLIAM HARRY HILL Palmetto CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECRI E Glee Club, ' J5-M7: Demosthenian literary So- ciety; Zoology Club; Old College Club. LILLYAN NELSON HII TY Augusta CANDIDATE ItlR A.B.ENC. DECRI I ' Alpha Gamma Helta Poetry Staff, Georgia Arch; Stage Crew, Univer- sity Theatre; Reil ami Black; Transfer from Birmingham Southern College and University of Alabama. EDITH HODGSON Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Phi Mu Secretary, Thalian-Blackfriars; Treasurer, Phi Mu; President. " Z " Club; Music Club; Glee Club; German Club; W. A. A.; President, Sophomore Council Student Government: Chaplain, Phi Mu; Freshman Commission; Alpha Lambda Delta. SARA FRANCES IIOFMFTSTFR Athens CAMIIUA1E EUR A. 11. J. Ill I.RI I ANNE HOLBROOK Royston CANDIDATE FOR B.S.EEI M.I D. Dl ORI E President of A. C. E. HILL, F. M. L. HOLBROOK NANCY HARDY— Nancy is a Home Economics major whose rccoid shows that she can icaMy cool. She is a Chi Omcsa and a member of Alpha Lambda Delta v.rr p,r„Hfr,i „( P,,,ihfo,«n she has served as Vice-President and President of Pni Upiilon Omicfor . •63- L HOLLIDAy HORNE, F, S, HORNE, M. L. HOLTON HOWARD, H. D. HOWARD, ' A. L. HOLLAND Townscnd CANOIDATI- FOR B.S.A. DI GRF-E A);ricul(urjl Club; Vicc-Prc idcni. Saddle and Sirloin Club; Alpha Zcta; Xi Phi Xi ; DcmoMhcnian Literary Society; President. Athletic A-iiociation. WARD KLWIN HOLLAND Collins CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DLCREE LamhJd Chi Alpha Beta Gamma SiRma; Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Gridiron; " G " ( " lub; P c i■ dent. Alpha Kappa P i ; U ' inncr Bert Michael Scholarship; Winner of Alpha Kappa P i Medallion; Varsity Football ; Varsity Baicball; Var ity Track; Lieutenant Colonel, R. O. T. C; Valedictorian. LYDIA McBRIDL HOLLIDAY Atlanta CANDIDATE TOR A.B.J. DKGRF.E Phi M« Sophomore Council: Pioneer Inner Circle; President. Pioneer Club; Theia Sipma Phi; Treasurer. I ' hi Mu; Phi Kappa Phi Award, ' 6. CAPLRS ANDRIU ' S HOI Ml S, IR. Cullodcn CANDIDAII rOR A.H..I. Dl GREE SifiWd Chi , Red an J Blm k ; Buiineii Manager, L ' niver»ity e; Prc-idcnt. Sigma Chi; Preiideni. Thali an -HI ack- Dramatic Club; O. D. K.; Blue Key; Scabbard and " X " (lub; International Rclaiioni Club; Riftad; Delia (Jhi, Secretary; Staff Photoj;rapher, 19 7 Pan- Preiidcnt of Phoioftraphy Club; Captain Adjutant. R. O. T. C. DOROTHY HOLTON Camilla CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ID. DECREE CLARA BFLLE HOOKS Macon CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Phi Mu Red anil Black, Society Editor, Woman ' Editor; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Thcta Sigma Phi; Secretary, Theta Sigma Phi; International Relations Club; Grorjijij Arch; Aglaid Reporter for Phi Mu; Georgia Southwestern Club; Vice- President, Georgia Southwestern Club; Secretary, Pioneer Inner Circle; Transfer from Georgia Southwestern College. JAMLS OTTO HOOVER AuRUsta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Delta Tail Delta Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Treasurer. Delta Tau Delta; Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Fir»t Lieutenant. R. O. T. C. ; Vicc-Prcvidcnt, Economics Society. JAMES L. HOPE Commerce CANDIDATi- FOR D.S.PMAR. DECREE FRANKLIN STLlilN HORNE Vienna CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DFCREE Phi Delta Thcta Delta Sigma Pi: Phi Kappa; Economics Society; Ereshman Tennis: I re sh man Ra keiball. MARGARET LOUISE HORNE Amcricus CANDIDATE FOR A.B.I U. DECREE Kappa Delta RcJ and Black Staff. M7-U; D olphin Club; Girls ' Glee Club; Transfer. Georgia Stiuthwcstcrn College. HUGH DORSKY HOWARD Ludowici CANDIDATIt rOR B.S.COM. DHCREE Alpha Tail Omega r(r l lieutenant. R O. T. C. ' «: Rifle Tcim, ' Sr- ' H: Trjn rir. Gi r ) n Militjrv rollcKC ' ti; Dchj Sisma Pi. ROBIRT GIORGi: HOVi ' ARD Sylvanii CANDIDATI- lOR II. 5.1 ' . Dl CREE KENNON HENDERSON— Tfdnsfcrring from Agnes Scott College, Kcnnon quickly tnodc a name lor her- sell in dcbAdng, jDurnatism, ind woman ' s athletics. She is a Tri Delta and has served as President of Pioneer and Dolphin and as Woman ' s and Society Editor of the Red and Black, also a member of Varsity Debate team and Theta Sigma Phi. -64- JACKSON, C. M. HUGHES JACKSON, F. A. HULME JACKSON, M. HUNTER JACKSON, O. L. WILLARD VC ' . HUBBARD, III Grand Rapids, Mich. CANDIDAT E FOR A.B. DECREE PERRY JACKSON HUDSON Hapcvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CHEM. DECREE JAMES HOVCARI) HUIF, JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE ERVilN LION HUGHES Oak wood CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE VCOODMN K. HULME Dcwcy Rose CANDIDATI FOR B.S.A. DECREE Galfau Club: Captain, R. O. T. C. GERALDINE HUNTER Colquitt CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DFCRF.B Homccon Club; Transfer, G. S. C. VC. KATHERINE HALL HURST Augusta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE REX B. IVIE Alto CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE CLEONE MARTHA JACKSON Macon CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Delld Delta Dcltj Vf ' oman ' s Pan-Hcllcnic Council, President, ' 57- ' 38; Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President, ' 37- ' )8: Theta Sigma Phi, Treasurer, ' .17- ' )8; Delta Delta Delta, Marshal, ■36- ' . 7; Freshman Commission; " " ho ' s Vi ' ho in American Colleges and Universi- ties. " FLORENCE ANGIER JACKSON Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappn Dflla Glee Club; Hunt Club. MILDRED JACKSON Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.F. DECREE Drita Dtlla Delia Homccon Club. OMA LEE JACKSON Clarkcsvillc CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Alpha Gamma Delia Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. WARD HOLLAND — " Red " is a three-letter rrian, having participated in Varsity football, batcball and track. He hds the hishcst scholastic average in the Commerce School, being a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi. He is Lieutenant Colonel in military and a member of O. D. K., and Gridiron. -65- JENKINS, R. P WILLIS OLIN JACKSON Atlanta CANDIDATE lOR B.S.COM. DtGRUE Sijitna Alpha Epsiloti Cadet Colonel. Infantry Regiment. R. O. T. C. ; Prcii- dent. Delta Sigmv Pi Commerce I-ratcrnity; ' icc-Pre idcnt. Delta Sigma Pi; Treasurer. Sigma Alpha Fpsilon. ' 37-MS; Secretary, S. A. E., ' i7; Blue Key; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Kappa; Economics Society. ROB! RT L. lARDINE r)ou ilas CA.NDir)ATI FOR B.!t.PlIAR. OICREE DOROTHY c;ri:vi: jarnagin Athens CANDIDATI lOR A.B. DIORI 1 Phi Mh Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Thalian-Blackfriar ; Parthenian; Pioneer Inner Circle; " Z " Club; Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary, Phi Mu; W. A. A.; Alpha lambda Delta; Preiident, German Club; " Who ' s Who Among Studcnti in American Collegei. " BARBARA ClLKINSON JENKINS Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi Omega Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; " Who Who Among Studenii in American L ' nivenilici and College " ; Secre- tary, Chapter Corrcipandent. C hi Omega; Winner Fre»h- man English Placement Tc t ; W. A. A.; Preiident, Alpha Lambda Delta; ( ' inncr Chi Omega Scholarthip Prirc; Secre- tary, Zodiac; I ' ionecr Inner ( irtle; Mu ic Club; Trca»urcr, Univer«iiy Vt ' omen ' t Cmincil ; President, German Club; Secretary. I ' arthenians; Women ' Glee Club; International Relation Club. CMARl I S MOW AKI) Atlanta II NKINS CANDIDATE lOR B.S.COM. I»EGRH Alpha Kappa P»i ; Vicc-Preiident, Alpha Kappa P nomici Society ; Second Lieutenant, R. FRANCKS I;L1ZABI,TII JINKINS Hartwcll CANDIDATE I OR B.S.H.U. DliCRLE Alpha Delia Pi i ' . A. A.. ' .M- ' . ' ft; Momecon; Treasurer, Sophomore Class; Chaplain, Alpha Delta Pi; Poetry Club. ROBERT I ' HILIP Jl NKINS Thomaston CANDIDATI- FOR B.S.COM. HI t.KI I Sixnia N« DA XSON MONKOF. JFNNINGS Bosart CANDIDATE lOR B.S.F. Dl CREE CATHIRIM- B. lOllNSON Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.D.S. DLORLL Psi Chi. ERNEST C. JOHNSON Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE FRANCES CAROLYN JOHNSON Bogart CANDIDATE l-OR A.U.I D. DEGREE lOllN RAI PI I K1IINSON ' Ih.ll I A.NDIDA II EOR B.S.V. A. DEGREE: L DIA HOLLIDAV— Lydis is an Atlanta giti, a Phi Mu, and a Joutnalism student. She is President of Pioneer Inner Circle, treasurer of her sorority, and a member of Theta Sigma Phi. She is also winner of the Phi Kappa Phi award. 66- M. E. 0HN50N, M. P. JOHNSON, W. R. JOHNSTON. J. F. JOHNSTON, Z. V. JOINER JONES, A. B. JONES, H.J. JONES, J. P. JORDON JUDD MARTHA ELIZABETH JOHNSON Macon CANDIDATE FOR A.B..I. DICREE Alli jj Delta Pi RfJ anJ Black; Assistant Society Editor, RcJ and Btatk; Thcta Si ma Phi; Publicity Manager, Alpha Delta Pi; Transfer from Mary BaltJwIn College. MARGARET PATSY lOHNSON Austell CANDIDATE FOR B.S.II.E. DECREE VilLLIAM R. JOHNSON Hogansvillc CANDIDATF FOR B.S.F. DECREE Forestry Club; Alpha Xi Sigma; Aghon; Junior Cabinet. JOE F. JOHNSTON Walden CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DECREE Saddle and Sirloin Club; Forestry Club; Agricul- tural Club. ZIB VANCE JOHNSTON C!alhoun t .ANriiiiAn roR b.s. hi t.Ri i .MARIAN MUSE JOINER Coleman CANDIDATE FOR R.f.lI.E. DECREE Homecon; Gforxia Aj ticHtturnt. CHARLES KENNETH JOLLEY Smithvillc CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE ALBERT BRUCE JONES Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Phi Delia Thela Phi Beta Kappa; Treasurer. Phi Delta Thela; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Phi; O. D. K.; R. O. T. C, ( " aptain; Pelican Club; " X " Club. President; Blue Key; Bifiad; Tennis Team, Captain; Pan-Hellenic I- ' reshman Scholarship Award; SerRcant-at-Arms, Phi Kappa; International Relations Club; Treas- urer, Scabbard and Blade; Retl atij Blaeki Pan- dora; Intramural Board. HELEN JUANITA JONES Dawson CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Transfer, VCcslcyan College; Glee Club. JOHN PAUL JONES Hartwcll CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Agricultural Club, President; Saddle and Sirloin; Demosthenian; 4-H Club; Student Assistant, Agronomy Department. LEILA JORDON Lumber City CANDIDATE FOR B.S.II.E. DECRI I. ROBI RT E. JimO Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ID. DK.RFI Gridiron; " Z " Club; Sigma Upsitnn; Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Round Table; Intramural Council; Campus Club. CAPERS HOLMES— Capes i» the ptide of Ihc Sijma Cliis. He was Piesident of the chaplci and of Thahan-BlacHriats and a membef of O. 0. K., Blue Key, " X " Club, and I. R. C. He has also scvcd as Editor of the Red and Black and Business Manaser of the University Theatre. ■ 67. KELLAR KIPP KELL KENNEDY KICKLIGHTER KILGORE KING KISER KITCHENS KOPLIN KRAEFT KRAFT BONNIE MAI Kl.I LAR X ' hitcstonc CANDIDATE FOR A.B.I U. DEGREE S. EDGAR KELLY Blakcly CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREI- Dcmosthcnian. TIIt MAS DOXALH KENNEDY Marietta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Sifiniu Alpha Lfts ' tlott RI-GINALI) C;UTHUI i T KIlKlH.iniR Douglas CANDIDATE I OR B.S.CIIEM. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; President, Pi Mu Up .il«in; Maihem.uics Club; Y. M. C. A.; Demos- thcnian. HELEN VIRGINIA KILGORE Atlanta CANDIDATI I OH A H I r ' KM.KM WINFRED KING Woodbine CANDIDATE FOR B.S.I ' IIYS.I D. Dl t.RI 1 PHILIP HENRY KIPP Rising Fawn CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE MARION JACKSON KISER Whitman CANDIDATE I OR B.S.F. DECREE HENRY li. KITCHENS Franklin CANDIDATE FOR B.S. HI (.Kl I ALVIN KOPLIN Macon CANDIDATE FOR D.S.COM. DEGREE Tan Epiilon Phi Freshman Iniercolle ;ijte Debating Team; Varsity I)cb.uinj; Team; C ' liicf Justice, Phi Kappa; Phi Kappa Key Circle; President, Biftad; Gridiron; Historian, Treasurer, Tau Epsilon Phi; Business Staff, University Theatre. NELSON H. KRAEFT SilvcrCrcek. N. Y. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa; Secretary and Treasurer, Zixilogy Club; Treasurer. Jockey Club; Demosthenian; Chemistry Club. MIRMAN BARNARD KRAIT Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. IH (,RI I Alpha lif} iilott Vt Phi Kappa Phi. PERRY J. HUDSON— P. J. if campus leader and the idol of the co-eds, that mustache is scnuinc. He flics aeroplanes m his spare time, which is most of the lime, and addresses Freshman assembly in most expressive language. He is a member of Gridiron and one of the Old College Boys. -68- LAcy LANDERS LAMB LANE LANCASTER, M. E. LANG LANCASTER. P. M. LANIER LANCE LANKFORD RUTH ELAINE KRUGER Fitzgerald CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DICREr Dcllj Phi Epiilon Student Government; Treasurer, President, Delta Phi Epsilon; Pan-Hellenic Council. PHYLLIS CLAYTON LACY Monroe CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ID. DEGREE THOMAS LA.MB Knoxvillc, Tcnn. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Forestry Club; Demosthcnian. MARIL EVELYN LANCASTER Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR A.B.I I). DECREE Alpha OntU ' ruri Pi Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary; Alpha Lambda Delta; Vice-President, Alpha Omicron Pi; " Y " Cabinet; University Mi ' omen " s Council: RrJ Jiij BIjtk: Dean ' s List; Honors Day; W. A. A.; Charter Member of Alpha Omicron Pi. PARIS MACK LANCASTER Albany CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Alpha Tan Omraa Demosthcnian; RfJ and Black; Senior 1 able; Gridiron; Pan-Hellenic Council; Tau Omega, Secretary; President, Alpha fau Omega. ROBERT PARK LANCE Young Harris CANOIDATI FOR A.B. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi. Round Alpha POLK LAND Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE RUTH LOUISE LANDERS Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi ReJ uiiJ Black: Thalian-Blackfriars; Thcta Sigma Phi; Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Delta Pi; Thalian-Blackfriars Key Circle. TOM LEE LANE Pelham CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DLGREI Pi Kappa Alpha Dean ' s List; Student Assistant in Accounting; Circulation Manager, ReJ and Black: Cheer I eader; Senior Round Table: " G " Club; Demos- thcnian: Economics Society; Alpha Kappa Psi; Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. ELIZABETH LANG St. Petersburg, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Dr j Delta Delta Transfer, St. Petersburg Junior College; Pioneer Inner Circle: Treasurer, Pioneer Inner Circle. JACK HAYMORE LANll R Moultrie CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECRI I Sfuma Xu Transfer, Alabama Polytechnic Institute. R ALPH H. LANKFORD Lyons CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. Dl GRI I Pi Kappa Alpha Captain, R. O. T. C. CLEONE JACKSON— Clconc it a Jouinaliim student and is Treaiuxr of Thela Sigma Phi, She dent of Womisn ' s Pan-IHctlenic Council and presides over all meetings of that body. She Delta and has served as Vice-President and Marshal of her sorority. -69. LANtZ LEWIS LAWRENCE LAWSON LIDDELL LINDSEV GLADYS MAXINE Atlanta LANTZ CANDIDATE FOR B.I .A DEGREE I ' ll, Ml, LECKIE LIPSCHITZ LEE, J.F. LEE, M, LOCKMAN LOOEN WILLIAM FRIIXULY LAURENCE Blakily CANDIDATE FOR D.S. DEGREE Pi Mu I psilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Xi Phi Xi; Band, ■37- ' }8. lOIL U ' AYNE LA CSON Columbia, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Chi Pii Secretary, Chi Psi; Delta Sigma Pi; Treasurer, Economics Society; First Lieutenant. K. (V T. C. R. POVi ' I- 1 1 I I ( KIF Folksion C ANDIDATI FOR B.S.A. DECREE J. FRANK LFF: Pensacola, Fla. CANDIDATI I i)R 11. S.I ' . DrCREE MARY LFF Powder Sprin);s CANDIDATI I OR U.S. I l . DECREE JAMES GRAHAM LEVi ' IS Siloam CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Chi Psi K.ippa Fta Kappa; Transfer, Georgia Tech; Dean ' s List, Fall, ' 37, Summer, ' 37. WEDFORD JACKSON LIDDELL Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. E. DECREE Kj i ij Alpha THOMAS RODFRICK M. LINDSEY Gritfin CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Phi Delia Thela Transfer from Piedmont College, }€; Scabbard and Blade; Advanced Military, Sergeant, ' 37, First lieutenant, 8: Glee Club, " 36; Honor Council Law School, ' 37; Senior Round Table. EUGENE JULIUS LIPSCHITZ Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Tun lipiiloti phi Secretary, Tau Epsilon Phi; Steward, Tau Fp- silon Phi; Treasurer, Thalian-Blackfriars; Phi Kappa; Zoology Club; Stage Man. ger, University Theatre. FRANCES E. LOCKMAN Lockhart, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PIIYS.ED. DECREE HAROIO DICKSON I.ODEN Colbert CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kiippii Sixrrid Agricultural Club; Forestry Club; Freshman Football. WILLIS JACKSON— Cadet Colonel of the Infantry Rcaimcnt in R. O. T. C. and President of Delia Sigma Pi, Willis is Treasurer of his fraternity, S. A. E. Mc is a member of Blue Key, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Kappa, and Economics Society. Coming from Atlanta, Willis has a bright future in Commerce. 70- LUCK MARSHALL, D. E LUCKEy MARSHALL, J. M. MADDEN MARSHALL, M. M. MADDOX MARSHALL, P. L. MATH LEWIS LOGUE Gibson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Phi Kappj Phi. MARIAN CLIFFORD LOVETT Carnegie CANDIDATE FOR A.B.EO. DECREE BETTY JANE LUCK Carrollcon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Delia Delia Delia MARION W. LUCKEY Hirlcm CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CUM. DECREE Pi Kappa Phi JAMES HENRY MADDEN Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.P.A. DECREE LanihJa Chi Alpha Gridiron; Senior Round Table; Kappa Pi; R. O. T. C, Major; Glee Club; Crnrxia Arch, Art Staff. WILLIAM CLAYTON MADDOX Fitzgerald CANDIDATE FOR A.B.I ». Dl GRI I LOVE ALVAH MALLORY, JR. Crest CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Sixnia Chi Alpha Kappa Psi; Senior Round Table; Economics Society: Demosthenian Literary Society; Fresh- man Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Sophomore C ' ouncil; Freshman Track Team. WILBUR LEE MANLEY Barwick CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V.A. DEGREE DOROTHY E. MARSHALL Dawson CANDIDATL FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE Kappa Delia Alpha Lambda Delta; " Z " Club; Freshman Y. W. C. A. Commission; Y. W. C. A. Council, ' .U- ' i?; Member Women ' s Student Government; Homecon; Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Kappa Delta; Dean ' s List. JOHN McCALL MARSHALL Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECRFF MILTON MORRIS MARSHALL Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DrCREF Tau EpiiloH Phi Thalian-Blackfriars Dramatic Club; Phi Kappa Literary Society; Secretary, Tau Epsilon Phi, ' Jl- ' )6; Vice-President, Tau Lpsilon Phi, ' )6- ' )8; Production Staff, University Theatre, ' H- ' iS. PAUL LEViTS MARSHALL Appling CANDIDATE EOR B.S.A. DECREE Alpha Zeta, Scribe; Vice-President, Aghon; Saddle and Sirloin Club, President, Secretary and Treas- urer; Parliamentarian, Agricultural Club; Ser- geant-ic-Armt, A-H Club; Sophomore Agriculture Scholastic Award. DOROTHY JARNAGIN— " Bcaner " it the last of the well known Jarnsgint and it running ltu to (oim. Responsible foi the sett for Umyertily Theatre productions, she i« a member of Thalran-Slactfnait, Pioneer Inner Circle, " Z " Club, President of German Club and Vice-President of the Phi Uit Owptct. She can be found in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges. •71 MARTIN MASSEV MATHEWS MAHHEWS MATHIS MAULDIN MAYS MEADOWS MEANS MEDDIN MATTOX MENARD WALLACE MARTIN Toccoa CANDIDATE I OR B.S.F. DEGREE Pi Kappa Phi DYAR EDWIN MASSEY, JR. Grct ' nville, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Sphinx: Phi Beta Kappa; Periclcan; Gridiron; Omicron Delta Kappa; University Rhodet Scholar Candidate; Editor, Kfd and BUik; Proidcnt, Sigma Dcha Chi; Proident, Siudcoc Chriitian Cuuncit; Vice Prciidenc, Y. M. C. A. : Vice-Prciidcnt. Blue Key; Editor, ' 37 and ' 38 " C " Book; President, Ircihman Y. M. C. A. Commission; Astistant Buitneis Manager, University Theatre; Thalian-Black- friars; Thalian-Blackfriars Honor Key Award; Second Vice-President, Baptist Student Union of Georgia, ' 37; President. University B. S. U.. ' 36; " X " Club; Biftad; Intcrnaiiunal Relations Club; Demosthenian; t-rcshman De- bates; Graduate Assistant in Journalism. BYRON HENLEY MATHEWS, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATI I OR A.U. DECREE Phi Delta Theta Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Blue Key Council Secretary and Treasurer, ' 37- " 38; Biftad Club, Prc»ideni ' 37; Preiidcnt, Phi Kappa Literary and Debating Society ' 3S: Scabbard and Blade. lirst Lieutenant. ' 7- ' 38: Gl Club, Vice-President, Business Manafter, ■36- ' )7; Junioi Cjbinei; " G " Club; Portni htty Club; Music C-lub; Uni versity Theatre; l-ootbatl, ' 34; Track, ' M- ' 3»; Cros! Country. ' 36- ' 37; Rifle Team, Captain. ' 38; Gridiron. Treasurer; Captain, R. O. T. C; Art Editor. RtJ an J Black, ' 36- 7; Pandora StatI; Pan-Hellenic Council. FLORENCE MATTHEWS Hull CANDIDATI roR B.S.I D. Dl GREE ALICE ELIZAUETH MATHIS Amcricus CANDIDATE I OR A.U.I D. DECREE Phi Mh Phi Kappa Phi ; Transfer, Georgia Southwestern College : Hisiurian Phi Mu; Kappa Delta Pi; International Relaimnt (lub; Pioneer Inner Circle, Debate Manager; Vice-Presi- dent, Y. V. ( . A. Council; Georgia St uthweilern lub. JANE MATTOX HoRansvillc CANDIDATE rOK A.B.ED. DEIGREE Kippa Delia Tranifer, LaGrjngc CoIIcrc; Kippi Delia Pi. FRANCES SARAH MAULDIN Canton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DF.CRF.F- 4-H Club: Poultry Science; Homecon. JOHN lilllY MAYS, JR. l.ickson CANUIUATI I UR B.S. DEGREE Sis " 10 Nu BEN C. MEADOWS Albany CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE NELDA ELIZABETH MEANS Commerce CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Then Slgmj Phi: Red aii BItck Snff; M h Staff: Pho- toRfaphy Club. GERALD MEDPIN Savannah CANDIDATE EOR B.S.COM. DECREE Alpha Epiilon Pi ALRERT R. MENARD Alliens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Kappa Alpha Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Freshman SwimminR Team. ' 3t ; Varsity Swimming Team. ' 3fc- ' 8; Freshman " Y " Commission; Y. M. ( ' . A. Cabinet. 36- ' 8; Freshman Debating Team, 3i ; Phi Kappa, ' 31 - ' 31; First Assistant, Phi Kappa, ' 37; Treasurer, Phi Kappa, ' %; Phi Kappa Speaking Key; Managing Fditur, " G " Book, 36- ' 37; In- irrnaiional Relations Club, ' »7- ' ' ; Vice-President, Inter- national Relations Club. ' % ; Biftad, ' 3f- ' 37; Vice-Presi- dent, Biftad, ' 37; apiain. R. O. T. C, ' 38. BARBARA JENKINS— Barbara is an Athens girl and a history student. She excels in Scholarship, being a Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappo Phi, President of Alpha Lambda Delta, and winner of the Chi Omega scholarship pruc. She is also a member of Pat then Ian, Zodiac, Pioneer, German Club, Glee CluD, and I. R. C. Barbara is contemplating studying abroad ncit year. -72 Jk. " , M. R. LER.J. N. . ' . ' .ERR. II. A. E. MILLER, M. E. MILFORD, A. D MILLER, W. MILLER, H. B. MITCHELL H. R. MERRITT Atlanta CANDIDATE FOK B.S. DECREE WILLIAM E. MERRITT Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Pi KjfP ' i Atplij Prc idcni. Pi Kappa Alpha, ' 3 8; .Master of Rituals, Alpha Kappa Psi; Kappa Pi; Senior Round Tabic; Freshman Swimming Team, ' 34- ' 3 5; Varsity Ritle Team, ' 4- ' 6; Economics Society; Photography Club; Vi ' inner Pi Kappa Alpha Scholarship Pin, ' )i; Phi Kappa Literary Society. ARTHUR DOYLE MILFORD Hart well CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DECREE Gaffau club; Saddle and Sirloin Club. PEYTON R. MILFORD Hariwell CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DECREE CANDLER CLIFFORD MULIR Portal CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. Dl CRI E Agricultural Engineering Club; Student Member of American Society of Agricultural Engineers; Delegate to Annual American Society of Agricul- tural Engineers, 37; Acting Secretary. National Council of Student Branches of A. S. A. E. H. B. MILLER Winder CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE JOHN N. MILLER Cornelia CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Pi Kdppj Phi Transfer, Emory Unis-crsity. MARY E.M.MA .MILLER Cairo CANDIDATE FOR B.S.II.E. DECREE Transfer, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College; 4-H Club; Poultry Science Club, Vice-President, ■J8; Y. W. C. .V; Flomecon Club. WALLACE MILLER, JR. Macon CANDIDATI l-OR B.S. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi. HARROLD MILTON Jasper CANDIDAtI lOR B.S.ED. DECREE DERRICK V1ILLIA.M MINCEY Claxion CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CUXI. DICREE Alpha Ljtti fJj Tjh REBECCA MITCHELL Griflin CANDIDATI I ilR B.S.COM. DICREE ALBERT JONES — Captain of the Tennis team and Treasurer of the Pfii Dcttt. Albert liat won diilmction in many fields. IHe IS a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, O. 0. K., Phi Delta Phi, and " X " Club. Also a member of Blue Key and Phi Kappa Literary Society, he ii a Captain in R. O. T. C. and a member of Scabbard and Blade. 73. MOORE, C. W. C. MORGAN, H. F. MOORE, J. D. MORRIS, H. M. MOORE, R. F. MORRIS, L. MOORE, W. W. MORRISON CHARLES W. CAREY MOORE Lindale CANDIDATE TOR B.S. DliCRFE Dilla Delia HAROLD FLOYD MORGAN Vienna CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.r. DPCRrr CLIFF MOORE, JR. Lindale CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Delta Tan Delia JOHN U. MOORE Swainsboru CANDIDATI FOR B.S. DECREE ROBERT E. MOORE Blytlu- CANDIDATI FOR U.S.A. DICRI I Kappa Sisma S.ulillc Jinl Sirliiin C:lub; Club. W II 1 I. M WESLEY MOORI Stockton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DECREE Saddle and Sirloin Club; 4-H Club; Acriculturc, Economics and Rural Sociology Club, Vice- President. COY .MYRON MORGAN Vienna CANDIDATI I 1)R B.S. A. DICRI I FRANK DENT MORRIS Greenville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Alpha Tan Omesa . lpha Kappa Psi; Economics Society. HAROLD MACK MORRIS Dougiasville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DECREE LOUNELLE MORRIS Pearson CANDInATE FOR B.S.PMAR. HI CRl E WATSON ' RUSSEIL MORRISON W ' intcrville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE BUD S. MOSS I- astanollee CANDIDAII 1 OR U.S.A. UIC.RPI J JOHN PAUL JONES-Presidcnt of the Asticultural Club John Paul has served as Student Assistant in the Agionomy Dcpaftmcnt. He is a membcf oi Alpha Zeta, Aghon, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Dernos- thenian, ond the 4-H Club. - 74- lOSS. I. K. MOSS, M.L. MOSS, O.J. MO E MURPHy MURRAY :ants, e. g. McCANTS, H. W. McCARSON McCONNELL McDADE McDANIEL LUCIUS KING MOSS EDWARD GARDNra McCANTS Wintcrvillc Butler CANDIDATE FOK B.S.A. DECREE CANDIDATL I OR B.S.A. DECREE Agricultural Club; 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin; Gaffau. MELBA L. MOSS Wintervillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE A. C. E. Club. OLA JANELLE MOSS Wintervillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.M.E. DECRI E 4-H Club; Homccon Club. DAVID MOVE Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Agriculturil Club; Agricultural Fionomic Club, Treasurer. SAM ROSS MURPHY Abbcsille, Ala. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Tlicta Chi; Furcstrv Club; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. DOROTHY LANGDON MURRAY Ncwnan CANDIDATI I OR A.B. DECREE Alpha Dtlti Pi Phi Beta Kappa; Treasurer, Alpha Delta Pi, ' }6- ■)8; Thcta Sigma Phi; Thalian-Black friars; Zujiac; W. A. A., ' Ji- ' } ; Assistant Director, University Theatre, ' J7- " )8; Alpha lambda Delta. HOWARD WATSON McCANTS Butler CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE EDNA McCARSON Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECRFr Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club. LEVIS ALDINE McCONNFLL Comer CANDIDATP- FOR A.B.I D. OEGRFF FRANK DENIS McDADE Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. OFCREE Phi Kappa Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Kappa Liter- ary Society; Delta Sigma Pi, Historian, ' 36, Scribe, ' 37, Senior U ' arden, ' 38; Economics So- ciety, Secretary; Student Assistant in Commerce, ■37- ' 38. GEORGE TOM McDANIEL Eastman CANDIDATI FOR B.S. DICREE ROBERT JUDD— Robert is one of the campus boys. He is house mother at Old College and has put the Southern Gentlemen on the social calendar with a dance each quarter this »car. He is a member of Gridiron, Vice-President of Senior Round Table, and an Intramural manascr. 75- McEACHREN McLESKE McPAD EN McMURRIA McGARITy McNIEL McGINTy McPHERSON McKEX McRAE, M. McKNi McRAt FLORKNCi: II.IZABITII McEACHREN Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.KD. Dl GREE Transfer, G. S. W. C; A. C. l:.: Studciu Gov- ernment. Al.MA M I-A1)YEN Savannah CANDIDATE FOR D.S.ED. DEGREE .JANET McGARITY Dallas CA.NDIUAIL FOR B.S.Il.E. DEGREE Kul l a Alpha The a Kappa Alpha Theta, President, ' . 7- ' 38: Homccon, President, " S?- " .!?; Pan-llellenic Representative, ■}7- ' 38; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Historian, ' i7- ' ii. v;ai)s (or ' hi iVuginty Atlanta CANDIDATE ] OR A.U. Dl GREE Sinma Alftbii lipsilon Si ma Alpha I-!psiU n, President; Oniicron Delta Kappa; I-ootball Team, Manager; Captain of Scabbard and HIade; junior Cabinet, President; C;aptain, R. O. T. C; Phi Kappa, Secretary; " X " Club; Biftad Club; Pan-llellenic Council; In- ternational Relations C ' lub; Pelican. MARGUIRITi; McKEY Atlanta CANDIDATI FOR D.S.M.E. DEGREE EVERETTE ASTOR McKNIGHT Columbus candidate: for b.s.f. degree JOHN liROADUS Mi LKSKKY Hartwcll candidate for b.s.a. decree Gaffau Club. .lAMES AUSTIN Mi.MURRIA Columbus candidate for decree Phi Delia Theta rclican; Senior Rt und Table; ManaRer, Track Team; Scabbard and Blade; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. CHARLES McNIEL Amcricus candidate for b.s.a. decree Gatlau; 4-H Club. J. H. T. M PHKRSON, JR. Athens candidate for a.b. decree. Kappa Alpha Pin Bei.i Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. MARTHA MiRAH I-t. Gaines candidate for b.s.h.e. degree OUINELLE McRAE Ml. Vcrncm CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ll.l . DEGRI I Phi Kappa Phi. NELSON KRAEFT— A good amateur photographer, the PANDORA. He has served as Secretary and Jockey Club, and is a member of Demosthcnian member of Phi Beta Kappa. Nelson has helped greatly by taking snapshots for Treasurer of the Zoology Club, and Treasurer of the , Chemistry Club, and Photography Club. He is a 76- J SYDNEY McVi ' HORTER Lexington CANDIDATE FOR A.B.F.D. DECREE Chi Onicxa EDWIN ' TYRUS NABERS Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE LOVETT L. NEWELL Albany CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE ERLE THORNTON NEWSOM, JR. Thomasville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE THOMAS WILCOX NALLS Demorcst CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V.A. ni-GKFF JULE C. NKAL, JR. Calhoun CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PHAR. DEGREE SlJ?fflrf Chi WILLIAM FLOURNEY NEEL Charlotte, N. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Xi SiRma, Chief of Records a fl .-Xccount : Alpha Zeta; Blue Key; Junior ' abinel. Secretary and Treasurer; Forestry Club, Parliamentarian, Critic; Freshman Baseball; As- sistant I ' diliir, C firi-u KtttT. CHARLES TAYLOR MSBITT College Park CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. E. DEGREE MAE RUTH NORMAN Moultrie CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE HELEN NORTON Graves CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE Upsilon Omicron, ' i7- ' ii: 4-H Club. Phi •)8; Homecon Club, " JS- ' JS, Christian Council, . 7- J8; Foundation Council 56- Secretary, ' )7- ' )8; Secretary, Wesley ■J6-M8. DEAN NOViFLL Augusta CANDIDATE I OR A.B.,1. DIGRI I Phi Mil Theta Sigma Phi; RrJ jiul Bijik. X II I lAM WILSON NOYES. JR. .Atlanta CANDIDATF FOR A.B.I D. Dl CREF Dcmosthcnian Literary Society; Transfer. V sity of Georgia Evening School, ' ) . PAUL MARSHALL— An A3 student, Paul h«s made quite a dent. Secretary, and Treasurer of Saddle and Sirloin Club, .... .. .... . tarian of A3 Club. Wmner of the Sophomore Agriculture Scholarsliip Award, Alpha Zcia and 4-H Club. name on Ag hill. Vrce-Presidcnt of Aghon He has served at Ptesi- and Parliamen- he IS also a member of -77- PARKHJI WILLIAM RDY OGLHSBY Girard tANDlDATI; FOR B.S.A.E. DECRUE FLENNIi; O ' KFLLUY Vl ' inlcrvillc CANDIDATE lOR A.B.LI). DIOREE VELMA Rl ' lll OKKI.l.liY Hull CANDIDATE 1 OR A.O.LD. Dl CREE N. V. OLDENBUTTEL, JR. Waycross CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CO.M. DECREE Sinfna Nu JAMES ROY ORR Andrews, N. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Alpha Gam ma Rho I- ' orcstry Club. lA.MlS Al hi R I 0| X I LI, JR. CuinniiiiK CANDIDA II I OR B.S.C III M. DLCHI E I ' l Kappa Phi ALVIS E. OWEN Oklawaha, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE .Mpln Xi Sigma; Forestry Club; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. FRED MacD. I ' AGE Statcsboro CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE JAMIS GRAVES I ' AINE Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE JAMES EDWIN PALMER Canton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES HULETT PARK Grifiin CANDIDATI I OR B.S.A. Dl GREE JUllA PARKER Reynolds CANDIDATI I OR B. S.H.I. PI GREE Homecon Club; 4-11 Club. DYAR MASSEV— Dyflf is one o( the molt prominent men on the campus, tAkin3 every honor from Sphin« on down. He was Editor ol the Red and Black during the tall quarter and did a fine job pub- lishinq two issues a weclc. He is a member of O. D. K., Gridiron, Blue Key, " X " Club, and Vice- President of the y. M. C. A. A great future is predicted for him in Georgia politics. •78- PATTILLO PENNINGTON PAULK PETERSON PAYNE PEny PEACE PFEIFFER PEACOCK PHILLIPS j. LEK PARKER, JR. Waycross CANDIUATI. f ' OR B.S.CHLM, ULGRtE Sifitiia Nit KATHERINE MIl.MDGi; PATTILLO Atlinu CANDIDATE FOIl H.E.E. DIGRLt Cbi Onirga Prnidcni, Freshman " Y " Conimi«ion; Vice-Prcsi- dtnt. " Y " Cabinet, ' iti; Vicc-Prciidcnt, Co-ordi- nate Home I-concimics Club, i; Momccon, 57- ' J8; " Z " Club, ' J!; President, Senior " Y, " " JS. MARY VIRGINIA PEACOCK Add CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Secretary and Treasurer, Psi Chi, ' 37- ' J8; Georgia Southwestern Club, ' 36- ' 37. ELIZABETH PEEPLES Eit ;crald CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE JANETTE PENNINGTON Ualton CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE MATTIE LOU PAULK U ' illacoochee CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE HARLEY HENRY PAYNE Maysville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Demoithcnian: Saddle and Sirloin Club; Poultry Science Club; Secretary, Ag. Club; Ag. Key Council: Vice-President, 4-H Club; Chairman, Ag. Debating Council; State Intercollegiate 4-1 1 Club Council; Freshman Track; Circulation Man- ager, CcoT iij Aurnutlurhl; Gforgia Cloicrlraf Staff. ELSM PE. CE Athens CANDIDATI FOR B.S.M.E. DECRFE Kaflta Delia MALCOLM C. PETERSON Alley CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CO.M. DEGREE Dtlla Tau Delta SALTER VIRGIL PETTY Dawson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE MILAS KIRKP.XTRK K PEI IFEIR Syls ' ania CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE RALPH M. PHILLIPS MillwiMHl CANDIDAII FOR B.S.A. niGRLL Saddle and Sirloin ( lub, Vice-President; Agricul- tural Club; 4-11 Club; Aghon. BYRON H. MATHEWS, JR. — " Buster " is outsldnding as a member of almost every hoflorafv orjaniia- tion on the campus. He is a member of O. 0. K.. Blue Key, " X " Club, Gridiron, Phi Delta Phi, and Biftad. He was President of Phi Kappa, Captain of the Rifle team, and a aood track man. He it Phi Delta Thela. -79. PITMAN, E. K. PITTARD PITTMAN POWELL, M. E. POWELL, Z. B. PC i ' EL PRANCE PRATHER PRICE PRYOR PULLEN PULLI EDGAR KUIII. PITMAN XtARREN CLYDE PRANCE Blackshcar Douglas CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGRF-i; CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Kaftpa Sii ma Transfer, Presbyterian College; Forestry Club. jOi: TURNBULL PRATHI-R Gle GRADY CANDLIR PITTARD, JR. Wintervillc CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE CARL PITTMAN, JR. Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Lambiiii Chi Aipha Club, .H- 38; Science Club; Chemistry Club; Zoology Club; Music Club. MARJORIE ENID PO ' KLL Bainbrid ;c CA.N ' DIDATE FOR B.S.Fl.E. DECREE Chi OmcRa ZOE BURCH POWELL Ncwnan CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Kappu Delta DOROTHY MAY POWKLSON Brunswick CANDIDATE FOR B.S. Dl GRI.I. Phi Mil Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Transfer, Vt ' cs- leyan CoHeRe; Dnlpliin Club; Zo iln ;y C lub; Xi Phi Xi; Chemistry Club; Pioneer Club; Vl ' . A. A. Council. Toccoa CANUIUATL FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Demosthenian, President, }?, Vice-President, 37, Secretary, ' 36, Program Committee, 36; jockey Club, ' 37- ' 38; Y. M. C. A. Freshman Commis- sion, 35, Sophomore Council, 3J- 36, Senior Cabinet, ' 3(;- ' 38; Scabbard and Blade, ■37- ' 38; International Relations Club; Freshman Football, ' 34; Track, ' 36- ' 38; Cross Country, ' 36- ' 37; Boxing, ■37- ' 38; Dean ' s List, ' 36- ' 37; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. MARION LOUISE PRICE Wrightss-ille CANDIDATE FOR B.S. 11. 1. DEGREE W 11 I lAM PA(,1 PRYOR DeSoto CANDIDATI FOR B.S. COM. Dl GRI E FRANK JOSFPII PUI.l.FN Cohuttj CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE AGNES ELDER PULLIAM Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECREE FOSTER MILTON— " Red " is a Florida boy and is known (or his athletic (cats. He is Captain of the Boiing team and fishts in the hcavywcisht class, bcin3 one of the two men to represent Georgia in the Southeastern Conference meet in New Orleans. He was also a member of the football squad for four years. ■ 80- RE NOLDS, K.H. ■ ecu. u . w , RHODES RCCL ' , C. RICE JAQUELYN FERN RANEY Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Chi On$r}ia SARA E. RAST Spartanburg, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ll.E. DECREE Phi Upsilon Omicron, ' }7- ' J8; ARriculiurht Staff, 37- ' 58; Homccon. 36- ' 38. OSSIE RAY Monroe CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DLLRLL Phi Mh Kappa Pi. LEON LeROY Ri AVEs Columbus CANDIDATE FOR D.S.A.i . DEGREE Transfer. Middle GeorKia College; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zcia; Agricultural l- ' n inecring Club, President; A :rieultural Club. DAVID Vi (AVER REED EexinKton CANDIbATl (UR B.I .A. DICRI I EARE SHMEIEED REED Cedar Sprins CANDIDATE FOR B.VA. Dl CREE ISABEEEE HUNTER REID Madison CANDIDATE FOR B-S. DtCREE Df j Delta Delta President, Freihmjn Cliii, VM- ' .U ; Student Government. ' 34- ' )}: Moit Outftinding Frrihnun, ' .U- ' U; Mott Rcp- reicniaiive Student on CoMjrdinite Cjmput. ' M- ' 3I : hre hmin Commitiion, ' 34- ' 1 ; R.t4 «md Bttt k Staff, 34- " M; Preiidcnt. Co-ordinate Y. M. C. A., -•»«; " Z " Club, ' 3 - ' 36; Student Chritiian Council, VW- ' JZ; Thalian Blackfrian. ' 36- ' .U; Aiiiitant VomanS Editor. 1937 Pas- DoitA; NC ' omin ' i Editor, I9 ll pANtwuA; P»i Chi; Intcrna- ijonal Relation! Club; Pioneer Inner Circle; Prciident, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 37: Religious Council, ' »7- 3I; Prcudent, Delta Delta Delta. ' ?- ' %; " Vho Vho in American SchooN and Colleicei. " ANNIE LAURIE RENTZ Miimi, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR H.S.I.D, DFGREE Kapfta Alpha Theta EVELYN REYNOLDS Siloam CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.F. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta KENNETH H. REYNOLDS Fowlitown CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Siddlc jnd Sirloin Club: Aitriculturjl Economic and Rurj] SocioIoKV Club, Vicc-Prciidcnt. )l. GLEN T. RHODES Siiplcton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. OECRLC RALPH McKINNON RICE VC ' oodUnd CANDIDATr FOR A.B.J. DECREE Alpha Tan Omr a Phi Bcii Kippi: Phi Kippi Phi; Siiinii Delia Cki; Scab- bard and Bladr; Ciridiron; Vicc.Prrtidrnl, Secretary. Alpha Tau Omciia; AiMxialc Fditor. Sporti Editor. X i 4m4 fl aiA; Inlramural Alhlrlici; PjtNDoaa Sporli Slalf. WAOSWORTH McGINTy— President of S. A. E., " Waddy " was Captain of Scabbard and Blade. He IS Senior Manager of the football team and a member of O. D. K., " X " Club, and past President of Junior Cabinet. A Freshman in law school, he has ambitions of becoming Chief Justice of tbc Supreme Court. ' 81 RIGDON RODOENBERRy RILEy ROGERS, E. A. ROAME ROGERS, H. E. LEANDER M. RICHARDS Decatur (A.NDIDAXr- I-OR B.S.COM. DIGRTK " G " Club; Ercslinijii Foulball. Ba- kctball, Bj c- bali; Varsity Football. Basketball, Baseball; Major, R. O. T. C. HUGH DAVIS RIIK.W AV Royston CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. Dl t,RI L ERANK LEONARD RIGDON Tifton CANDIDA It lt»R B.S.C HIM. IlI-ORI K Phi Delta Thcla Transfer, North Georgia C!ollege, JS; Glee Club, ' 3!- ' }6; First Eicutenant. R. O. T. C. PANSY RILEY Butler CANDIDATL lOR D.S.II.i:. Dlt.Rtl: .MARY AG.Nl.S ROAME Savannah lANIllDATl I OR A.n.l n. Dl CRI I THIODOKI ROBERTS Gainesville CANDIDATL I OR B.S.LOM. DLCREE STANLEY MORGAN ROBERTSON Athens CANDIDATI lOR B.S.A. DI.CRLL KitflfiJ Sll(IIIJ Agricultural Club. CLARA ROBSON Athens lANDIDAII I OR It.s. I l CRI I ANDERSON RODDI B1 RRY Macon t ANDlDATl: rOR B.S. Ill CRI I Phi B eta Kappa; President, Phi Kappa Phi; Varsity Ecotball, ' .M-Mr; President, Y. M, C. A., " 57- ' 38; Sphinx; Rhinlcs Scholarship Nominee. ' 37; Oniicron Delta Kappa; " X " CMub. EDWIN AUGUSTUS ROGERS Ashburn CANDIDA rr. I ' OR A.B.J. Dt.CRLL Associate Editor, RcJ aiij Bliick, ' 37- ' 38, Staff. ■3«- ' 37; Sigma Delta Chi. HARVIE E. ROGERS Riwpville CANDIDATL I OR B.S.A. DLGRLL ABRAHAM ROIMAN New I laven. Conn. CANDIDATL lOR B.S. DECRLL JOE PRATHER— Joe is another of the Old College Boys. He has achieved success in several fields, having been Secretary, Vice-President, and President of Demosfhenian, and President and charter mem- ber of the Jockey Club. He is « member of Scabbard and Blade, y. M. C. A. Cabinet, and Track team. -82- AL RUBIN KvvKtR, H. T. RUCKER, J.J. RUSSELL RXALS HES SANDERS SANFORD SAUNDERS, C.L. SAUNDERS, R. H. SCARBOROUGH DANIEL CHARLKS ROYAL SIMSON K. SANCHES Chiplcy Barwick CANDIDATF 1 OR B.S.I . DIbREt CANDIDATI lOR B.5. DtCRlLE LEON SAUL RUBIN Brooklyn, N. Y. CANDIDATt l-OR D.S. ULGRLt Tiiu Epiilnii phi Zoology club. HELEN TROY RUCKER Alphjrctta CANOIDATI roR B.S.II.I . Ill.f.RI I- Ptii Upsilon Omicron; 4-H Club; Pnultrv Science Club; Llomccon; Co-Ediior, CfC«r_ ij C oirr rj . lOHN lOEL RUCKER . lphjrcua CANDtDATI. lOR B.S.A. OFbRtE RICHARD ARTHUR RUSSELL Au ;u ta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. Dl CREI Ktififfd Sinma JACK RYALS McRjc CANDIDATE I OR B.i.ruM. DEORtE SlJ?m l ;V«I Phi Kjppj Phi. 1 DNA BERNICE SANDERS Brunswick ( ANIHDAII. i OR B.S. ILL. DEGREE Homccon; Secretary, 4-H Club, ' . 7; Literary Editor, Otorniii Cloicrlraf; Vi ' oman ' s Editor, Georgia Aj ricttt itrii . MARY SANFORD Au);usta lANDIDATI l-OR A.B.I l . IIIOREE Mliha Delia Pi CHESTER L. SAUNDERS Eastman CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. UIGREE Pi Kippi Phi Delta Siffma Pi; Economics Society; Secretary, Pi Kappa Phi; Transfer, John B. Stetson Unis-crsity, RICHARD HOWARD SAUNDERS Montezuma f ANDIDATI EOR B.VA.E. DIGREE Sinmt Nu Glee Club, Vl8; Aj ricuttural Engineering; Club; Billing Team, ' )8; Alternate Capiain, Butinj;, ' . 8. CONNIE SUE SCARBOROUGH Comer CANDIDATI FOR A.B.I O. DIOREE LEE PRICE— Lcc, who through some mi«-up tn fcsistrahon was lc t oH the Senior Ctais loM, was of the Dells lor three conieculive years and Pan Hellenic Repiescnialivc. He was President c Kappa and Senior Round Table, and Vice-PretidenI ol the Preshman law Claw and O. D. K. He a member ol Blue Key, Scabbard and Blade, " G " Club, and Varsity Debate Council. -83- SCHEIDER scon SEATON SEAX SECKINSER SEl SELMAN SEWELL, H. B. SEWELL, N. N. CHARLES IRANKLIX SCHEIDKR Athens CANDIDATI lOR B.S.COM. Dl.GRtt Beta Gamma Sigma. SAM BELK SCOTT Atlanta CANOIUATE 1 UR A.U. 1)1 GRLt P SHEPARD SHEILDS MARTHA CLYDE SELMAN Douglasvillc CANDIDATt FOR A.B.kD. Dl CRIiE Mlihii Delia Pi resident. Alpha Delta Pi, ' }7- " 58; Pan-Hellenic Council, 37- ' 38. IIARRV liRO X ' N SEVi ' ELL Lavonia ( AMilliv II I OR B.S.r. DDGRLE SP WINFRED R. SEATON Coluitt.i tANDinATE I OR U.S.A. Di-.GREE Freshman Basketball; GafTau Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club; Old College Club. MILDRED SLAY Reynolds CANDIDATI roR B.S.fOM. DIGRir ANGUS L. SECKINGER Clyo CANDIUAII lOR U. S.A.I . ULCREE RUIH SELIGMAN Statcsboro CANUIDATL I OR H.i.l I). UI OREL lll.NRY NEWTON SE:WELL Lavonia CA.NDIDATI lOR B.S.A. Ul GRI E CHARLES DAVID SHI PARD Atlanta GA.NUIUAM I OR M. 1)1 GKl 1 Vhi Delia Theta Vice-President, Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Kappa; Eco- nomics Society; Senior Round Table; Glee Club, ' 3S- ' }6. JOSEPH B. SHEILDS, JR. Atlanta CANDIUATl; I OR A. II. Dl OREL Bll I AUBREY SMIKl I V Lavonia CANDIUATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE iSABELLE REID— Most outstanding Freshman at Co-ordinate way bactc in 1935, Isabellc has continued good work throughout the (our years. To mention only a few of her honors, we might name President of Delta Delta Delta, Woman ' s Editor of the PANDORA, President of y. W. C. A., President of the Freshman Class and Pioneer Inner Circle, and a member of many honorary clubs. -84- SHOUSE SIKES SIMPSON SIMS SINGER SIRMANS SISLEX SLAPPEy SMITH, A. W. SMITH, C.W. Phi CHARLES OLEN SHIVER Sale City CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE WIUIAM CHAPMAN SHOUSE Mjdisun CANDIUATI I OR il.S.I ' IIAR. DECREE Dcltj Chi: Xi Phi Xi; Phi Kjppa Phi; Presi- dent, Pharmacy Club. DENNIS SIKES Cobbiown CANDIDATE TOR B.S.A. DICRl E Phi Kappa Phi; 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Alpha Zeia. DANIEL WARREN SIMPSON Warwick CANDIDATI FOR B.S.A.E. DECREE l.jmbJa Chi Alpha JOHN NORRIS SIMS Comer CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PIIAR. DECREE SOL SINGER Unadilla CANDIDATI rOR 1 L.D. DECREE Tju lipiilnn Phi PmiJcnt, Tju Kptilun Phi, ' 16- ' S; Buiinctt MjnJjtrr. t Panpoka; Prrtidcnt, Phi Kjppj l.itcrjry Sucictv, ' J?; Gridiron; Viriiiy Dcbjtintc Team, M6- ' J7; Ircthmjn IV- baitnK Trjm, ' )!; Thjii jn-Bljckffi jrt; A«iMtJnl Ruiineii Mjniptrr, Univcrfity Thcjtrc. ' 17. ' l; Butinci Slilf. Uni- er«ily Thrjtrr, ' M- ' ifc; Mjnjjtcr, Vjrtify Swimming Tcim, . ' t7; Manjjtrr, Irohmjn Swtmminjt Tejm, JI; Tr aiurff. Tiu F.piilon Phi. » ; Pin-Mrllcnic Rrpr(t«nla- li «, ' M- ' ?: Phi Kappj Moni.f Kev t;irclt: Thalian- Blickfrian Honor Key; P NrMHA Staff, ' M- ' 7; Debate Council. ' )7- ' 3«; Chjmpionihip Oebair, ' 6i Catt, Uni- • eriity Theatre Play; V ' inner T. K. P. Extra-Curricula Activitict Key. GLENN GRIER SINIARD Hawkinsvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE CHARLES LEE SIRMANS Add CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE JOHN ERANKLIN SISLEY Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Kjpftj Sifiritj Phi Kappa Phi. DAVIS DUNCAN SLAPPEY Andcrsonvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi; Saddle and Sirluin Club. AMll ViESTON SMITH Albany CANDIDATE FOR B.S.I D. DK.RI 1 Alphj Orllj Pi Alpha Lambda Delta. CARL VC. SMITH Toccoa CANDIDATE FOR B.i.A.E. DECREE Gaffau Club. RALPH RICE— Ralph is a member o A. T. O. and hat written mo«t o( the iport» write-up in the PANDORA (or the last two years. He is Vice-President o( hn tratermtv. and Atsociate Editor and Sports Editor of Red and Black. Ralph is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Oclla Chi, Gridiron, and Scabbard and Blade. • 85- SMITH, J. H. SMITH, J. A. SMITH, L. L. SMITH, L. SMIIH, M. V. SMI!m. SOLOMON SOLOMONS SORTORE SOSEBEE SPEARS STAfFO JAMl S HOWARD SMITH Austell CANUIDATt 1-OR B.S.V.A. DlCRl- E JOHN ANUY SMITH, JR. Talbotton CANDinATi: I OR A.U. DECREE Alpha Talt Omega Frt-shnian " Y " C ommission, ' 34- ' 3 5; Sophomore " Y " Council, ' JS- ' J ; Senior " Y " Cabinet, ' 36- ' 37; Dcmosthcnian Society; Biftad Club; Fresh- man DcbatinK Team; Treasurer, Alpha Tau Omega, ■36- ' 38; Brigade Master, Sergeant, R. O. T. C, ' 36- ' 37; Captain, R. O. T. C, Infantry Staff, ' 37- ' 38; Scabbard and Blade, ' 37- ' 38; Grid- iron Club, ' 37- ' 38; International Relations Club; Treasurer, Baptist Student Union, ' 3i- ' 36. LAMBF.RT I.. SMI III Atlanta CANniUATi; 1 OR B.S.i--. UIGREE I.OUISF SMITH Athens CANDIDA IE lOR H.S.I D. 1)1 (.RI I MARIIIA VIRCINTA S.MlIll Uecatur CANDIDATE TOR B.S. . Ill (.RI I Delia Delia Delia President, Co-ordinate Student Government, ' 3 5- ■3f ; Y. « ' . :. A. Cabinet, ' 3!- ' 36; President, Senior Division Student Government; W. A. A. C: iuncil, ' 37- ' 38; Treasurer, Delta Delta Delta, ■37- ' 38; ZooloRy Club. ROBERT I. SMITH, JR. Viindcr CANDIDATE I OR D.S.CO.M. DEGREE Chi Pii Captain, R. O. T. C; jockey Club; Monkey Drill; Square and Compass Club; Pelican Club. DOROTHY SOLOMON Monks Corner, S. C. CANDIDA n ItlR B.S.ED. DECREE Delia Phi Epsilon F.ducation Society; A. C. E. I. A. SOLOMONS, III Savannah CANDIDATE EOR B.S.CllEM. DECREE Phi lipiiluil Pi Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; tiridiron; Phi , Iu I ' .psilon; Bittad; Student Financial Manager, Athletic As- sociation; President, Phi Epsilon Pi, 3 8, Treas- urer, ' 3 6 - ' 3 7. M ARI I Mil V SORTORE AsiHulale [ ' states ( AMHDA n I t K U.S. 11. 1 . Dl .R1 I Alpha Gamma Delia HUGH DORSEY SOSEBEE Cumming CANDIDATE EOR A.B. DECREE DAN SPEARS Jeffersonvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE MARY FRANCES STAFFORD Washington, D. C . ( A.NDIDAIE EOR B.E.A. DK.RI I Chi Omega ANDERSON RODOENBERRy— " Andy " played quarteiback on the Varsity Football team for three years and still mainlaincd a very hish scholastic average. He is President of Phi Kappa Phi, a member of Sphinx, Phi Beta Kappa, f ' criclean, " X " Club, and Candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship, and Presi- dent of y. M. C. A. u 86- ONE, B. H. STONE, M. C. STEWART, L. L. STRICKLAND STEWART, M. SUGGS STILES. E. SUMMEROUR SURRENCy ALEX HOWARD STEVENS Lake City, Fh. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Forestry Club, Vice-President, ' 38; Boxing Team, ■}f- ' )7; Football, ' 34; " G " Club. GFORGIA LOUISE STEWART Atlanta rANUIIIATL FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE LLOYD L. STEWART Clarkesville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Alfthj Gamma Rho Forestry Club; Secrciary, Alpha Gamma Rho. MARIAN STFViART Union Point CANDIDATF FOR A.B. DEGREE ELIZABETH STILES LaFayttte CANhlhA II I OH H.S. OM. Dl I.HI I JAMI.S ALLIN STILES Tallahassee, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE BONNELL HAROLD STONE Oxford CANDIDATI FOR B.S. COM. DICREE Kappa Alpha Delia Sigma Pi; Translcr. l-!mory Junior College. MARY CARTER STONE Stone Mountain CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Alpha Chi Omcxa Photography Club; Transfer, Georgia State Col- lege for Vf ' omcn. ELEANOR PEEL STRICKLAND Concord CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Kappa Delia Transfer, Wcsleyan College; Kappa Delta Pi, Na- tional Education Honorary Society. MARY ELIZABETH SUGGS Barnesville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.II.F. DEGRFF PAT W. SUMMEROUR, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.F. DEGRI E EVA SURRENCY jesup CANDIDATE FOR B.VCHEM. DECREE Freshman Commission, ' 3 ' ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. 36- 38; Alpha Lambda Delta; Student Christian Council, ' 37; Xi Phi Xi, Secretary-Treasurer, ' 38; College Group, President, ' 38; . A. A. Council, ' 38; Chemistry Club, Secretary-Treasurer, 38; Pandora SijIT, ' 38. SOL SINGER— Sol was Busincti Manaqcr of the PANDORA and after a »c ' v tuccctiful yca it abosit I L- redJv to retire as a sentleman of leisure to his Unadilla penthouse apartment. He is President I L— Sentleman of leisure to his Unadilla penthouse aparl of Tau Epsilon Phi and Phi Kappa, a Varsity Debater, and Manager of the Swimming team. ■ 87. SUITLES THOMAS, L. SWINEY THOMPSON TAyLOR, A. E. TA LOR, S.J. THORPE TIFT TERRy TILLETT If.C.V.AS, .. TODD SARAH SUTTLES Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.IID. DLCREE JULIA N. SWINEY Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECREE A. ELIZ. BF,TH TAYLOR Columbus CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Alpha CiJiiima Delta Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Zodiac; Hunt Club; Pioneer Inner Circle; Psi Chi. SIDNEY JOHNSTON TAYLOR Davisboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Vk ' HIIAM HENRY TERRY. JR. rhomasvillc CANDIDATI FOR U.S. COM. Dl GREE Phi IMta Thilj Economics Society; Lieutenant. R. O. T. C; Treasurer, Alpha Kappa Psi. CONSTANCE IHOMAS Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. J. DECREE Alpha Omiiron Pi Grorffia Arch; Ri-J aiitl Btafk: Photograpiiy Club; Rifle Squad. LeROY THOMAS Pclham CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE OLIN WILBUR THOMPSON Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Captain, R. O. T. C; Rural Or);ani ation and Marketing C:lub; " G " Club; Freshman 15.isketball; Ireslunan Track; Varsity Basketball, ■}6- ' 38. MARY EDVilN THORPE Townsend CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE NELSON FRANKLIN TIFT Albany CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Alpha Tail Onirxa Demosihenian, 54; Economics Society. ' 3( - ' 37; Delta Si ;ma Pi, ' i6- ' i7; Secretary, Alpha Tau Omega, ' 38; Intramural Sports, ' 3?- ' 38. ELIZAUFTH TILLETT Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Alpha Uiiiiiron Pi Transfer, Urenau College, ' 37. CLARENCE TODD Rome CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE MARTHA VIRGINIA SMITH— " Smilty " is a Zoolosv student and when she isn ' t disscclins cats and dogfish, she is busy laying down the law to her classmates. She has had much cupccicncc in student Sovcrnmcnt, having been President of the Coordinate Council and of the Senior Division Council. She is also on the y. W. C. A. Council and is Tieasuicr of Delta Delta Delta. -88- ruPKiNS jJlOROP WARE . - , . ■•T6( S VINSON WARREN WATSON, J. 0. VIRGINIA TOMPKINS Camilla CANDIDATE FOR A.B.P. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta, ' }?; Co- ordinate Y. W. C. A., •36- ' 37. PAUL H. TRULOCK Climax CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Pi Kappa Phi Manager, Basketball; Captain, R. O. T. C; Scab- bard and Blade. ALVIN RANDALL TUTEN Blackshear CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DrCRFE Transfer, South Georgia State College; 4-H Club; Gaffau Club; Demosthenian Literary Society. JOHN A. VARNF.DOE Claxton CANDIDATr FOR B.S.A. DECREE Pi KappJ Phi Transfer, South Georgia Teachers College. S. B. VAUGHTF.RS Dawsonvillc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V.A. DECREE JOSEPH CURTIS VINSON Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECRIE Phi Kappa Literary Society; G. O. P. GEORGE WALKER ALDROP Forsyth CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECRFE GEORGE T. WALKER Sandcrsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Baseball Team; " G " Club. MARY FRANCES WALLACE Douglas CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Kappa Delia Transfer, South Georgia College. VIRGINIA CHRISTIE WARE Pooler CANDIDATE FOR B.S.II.l ' . DECREE Alpha Chi Omega WILLIAM HENDERSON WARREN Sylvester CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Pi Kappa Alpha Transfer, South Georgia Teachers College; Band; Glee Club; Orchestra; Demosihcnian Literary So- ciety. JAMES l . WATSON Athens CANDIDATI FOR B.S.fOM. 1)1 C.RI r I. A. SOLOMONS — Having served the Phi Epsilon Phil as both President and Treasu ' c, I. A. was a student financial manager of the Athletic Association. He is a rnembei of Phi Beta Kappa, O. D. K., Blue Key, Gridiron, Phi Mu Epsilon, and Biftad. • 89- WATSON, 5. M WESSINGER WEST J. ttvl WHITE, A. L. WHITE SAMUHL MARSHAl.l V ATSOX Colquill CANIIIDATL lOR B.S. [II XiRlili RAY D. VCATTS Ringgold CANDIIIATI lUR U.S.PHAR. DECREE LEK WATSON VCEBB Docrun CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Forestry Club; jockey Club; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C; Demosthenian. UOYl) G. ViLBB Moultrie CANDiDATE I OR B.S.E. DECREE Alplia Xi Signij; President, Forestry Club, " JS, AilileiK ' MjnJKcr. ' J7- ' J8; Freslimin Football; M.i|..r. R. O. T. C. lOllN X 1 SI I Y X ' FI MS, IR., Miss. ( ANDIDA II I i K II. I .A. Ill (.Kl I SI ' URGKON I.. Vi ' FLBORN Clarkesvillc ANI :ilATI lOR B.S. F. DICRII Forestry Club. LUCIUS CLYOF WESSINGER Howdon CANDIDATI I OK A.B.I l . 1)1 ( HI I HAMLIN NEWTON Vi ' EST DeSoto CANDIDATI FOR B.S. COM. 1)1 (.HI I Secretary, Kappa Sigma, ' J6- ' J7; Historian, Delta Sigma Pi, ' .17; Gridiron, ' 36- ' 38; Economics So- ciety, ' 36- ' i8; Georgia Southwestern Club, ' .16- ' 38; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 36- ' 38. ALBERT B. WHALEY Pelham CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. Ill l,RI I CALVIN DANA WHEELER Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CHEM. DECREE ANNIE LAURIE WIIITl i ' aycross CANDIDATE FOR A.B. I. I l I.HI I Chi Ottit-xd fie, jii. Bbik, ' 56- ' 38; Dean ' s Lisi, ' 18; Trans- fer, Georgia State IX ' omans College. ELIZABETH S. VklllTI Columbus CANDIDATE FOR A.B.I D. DECREE Alpha Gamma Dflta Alpha lambda Delta; Honors Day; Somen ' s Aihletic Association; President, Co-ordinate Dra- niaiic Club; Sophomore Council; Home Econom- ics Club: Dance Club; C ' omcn ' s Athletic Asso- ciation Council; Treasurer, Alpha Gamma Delta; President, Dance Club, ' 37- ' !8; President, Alpha Gamma Delta, ■17- ' 38; Kappa Delta Pi. ' 18; Pan- Hellenic Council. ELIZABETH WHITE— Betty ii Piciidcnl ol the Alpha Gamj and a Pan Hellenic Rcpretentalivc. She ri an Education student and a membo ot Kappa Delta Pi and Alpha Lambda Delta. Also a mcmbei of W. A. A., she It Piesidcnt o( Dance Club and was Piesident ol Co ordinate Diamalic Club, • 90- HITE, H W. WILLCOX WHITEN WILLIAMS, A. WHITWORTH WILLIAMS, E. B.J. WILBANKS WILLIAMS, H.C. WILDER WILLIAMS, I. WILKS WILLIAMS, S. HUGH ' WELCH ViHITE, JR. DillarJ CANOIDATR FOR B.S.F. DtCREE GEORGE A. ( ' HITEN Martin CANDIDATI: I OR B.S. Di:GREF NEWTON JAMES U ' HI TW ORTH, JR. Vi ' iycross CANDIDATF. FOR B.S. COM. UECREF. SixmJ Chi Pelican Club; GU-c Club, ' M- ' H. GRACE VilLBANKS Buford CANDIDATE FOR A.B.FD. DECREE Phi Beta Kappa; President, X ' umen ' s Glee Club, ■»7- ' 38; President. Kappa Delta Pi; Treasurer, Parthenian, ' 37- ' 8; Pioneer Inner Circle: Alpha Lambda Delta; Zudiac; B. S. U. Council; Hunt Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Student Guvernment Coun- cil, ' 37- ' 38; German Club. CHARLES BOYCE WILDER Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE HELEN VCILKS LaGrangc CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DFCREE Ktppj Delta BURCH VtlLLCOX McRac CANDIDATI lUR B.S. ED. DEGRFI ADA WILLIAMS Cordelc CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Alpha Delia Pi Alpha Lambda Delta. ELEANOR B. .1. WILLIAMS Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi OineRa Phi Beta Kappa; Zoology Club, Vice-President; Music Club; Women ' s Glee Club; Phi Kappa Phi; German Glee Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac; Dean ' s List, 34- ' 38: Pioneer Inner Cir- cle, ■36- ' 37; Dance Club, •36- ' 37; President, Episcopal Student Vestry, ■37- ' 38. HOYT C. ViILLIAMS Eastanollec CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DECREE Gaffau Club. IRENE BARBOUR WILLIAMS Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE SUSAN MONTGOMERY WILLIAMS ' ashinKton CA.NDIDATE FOR B.F.A. IN L.A. DEGREE Chi Omef a Secretary, Freshman Commission, ' 34; Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 31; Editor, Co-orJwale Clipi, ' 3 ; Secretary and Treasurer, Student Gov- ernment Association, ' 3t; Landscape Architecture Socieiy, ' ' 6- ' 38; Y. VC. C. A., President. ' 37- ' 38 GRACE WILBANKS — An honor student in the Education School, Grace ii a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Betj Kdppa, and is President of Kappa Delta Pt. She is a member of Parthenian, Pioneer, Zodiac, Hunt Club, and German Club. President of the Girls ' Glee Club, she was largely responsible for their Stunt Night Victory. -9! - WINTER WILLb WILbUN, 1. A. WITCHER WITHERINGTON WILSON. J. W. WOMACK WINGE WOOD, M.J. winsh; WOOD, R. CLIFFORD BENJAMIN VS ' lLLIAMSON M.icon CANDIDATl lOR B.S.A. DI CREF. Phi Kippa Phi; Alpha Zota; Secretary, Saddle and Sirloin Club; Agricultural Club; 4-H Club; X ' inner, Squad ' Drill, ' 3 5; Winner, Dairy Prod- ucts .ludsin); Contest, ' 37; Winner, Intermural Livestock Contest, " 38; Captain, R. O. T. C; Honors Day, ' 3!- " 37. .JOHN EDWIN WILLS Alpharetta CAN ' OIDA rt FOR B.S.A. DECREE JOHN A. WILSON Bowdon rANr ll ATF FOR B.S.F. DFCREE Demosthenian; Forestry Club. jDIIX WATSON WILSON Thomson CANDIDATF FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Pi Kajipd Phi President, Treasurer, Pi Kappa Phi, ' 37; President, Delta Sixma Pi, ' 37; Scabbard and Blade; First lieutenant, R. O. T. C; Basketball, ' 3 5; Blue Key Council; Senior Round Table; junior Cab- inet; Economics Society; RrJ iiiiJ lildck. Circula- tion Manager, ' 36, business Staff, ' 37. j. MARVIN WINGE Lyons CANDinATI I OR B.S.A. DFORI I Alpha Zcta; President, Ciaffau Club, " 37; Vice- Presideni. .junior Class, ' 36- ' J7; Solicitor-General, Demosthenian; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 34- ' 38; Oitic, AKricuhural Club, ■37- ' 38; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Clapiain, R. O. T. C; GafTau Club; Representative to National F. F. A. Convention, ' 37- ' 38. NELL PARKS WINSHIP Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Chi OnicRj VAI 1 II HI I I 1 WINTER lllncsville CANnlDATF FOR A.B.J. DEGREE ROBERT H. WITCHER Ccdartown CANDIDATF FOR B.S.A. DECREE OlIN WITHERINGTON Dexter CANDIDATF FOR B.S.F. DFGRF E ANNIE V. WOMACK Blakely CANDIDATF FOR B.F.A. DFGRFE Phi Kappa Phi. MAX lOSI PI! WOCH) .James CANDIDA II I OR B.S.I OM. Dl CRFE Transfer, Younn Harris College; Alpha Kappa Psi; I- ' conoinics Society; Demosthenian, RAIl ' ll M W TON VCOOD Fori Valley CANDIDA Tl I OR B.S.F, DIGRI F Forestry Club. ELEANOR WILLIAMS— Eleanor ii the gianddaughlcr of Chanccllot Bartow. First in the Senior Class in schuljishtp. she is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi Zodiac, and Alpha Lambda Delta. A member ol Chi Omega sorority, she sings ir the Glee Club and Epsicopal vestry and is a member of Pioneer and Zoology Clubs. -92- WYNNE ZACHRY ZUBER ROBERT T. Vi ' OODRUPF Rome CANDIUATl lOR B.S.COM. ULCREE Sifitriti Chi Scjbbard and Blade; Senior Round Table; Alpha Kappa Psi; Economics Society; Jockey Club. HFNRY C. ( ' OOD )i ' ARD New Bedford, Mass. CANDIDATi: lOR B.S.F. DtGRtE Forestry Club. PAUL TOBIAS Vl ' OODY Danielsville CA.NUIUAII. I-OR B.S.A. DIGRLL PAUL VtaLSON WRIGHT Berkeley, Calif. CANDIDATI lOR B.S.F. DI.ORl.L Sixma Alpha P.ptilon Transfer. University of Idaho; Forestry Club. CIIARI.I.S C. X■URST MciRS CANIllOAri I l)R B.S.A. E. DECREE ■MARTHA CLIONE VkYNN Macon CANOIDATF. I OR B.S.i U. DI.GREE Kj i ij ttrltj Secretary, Kappa Delta, ' 36- ' J7; President. Kappa Delta, M7- ' (S; A. C. E.; Women ' s Pan-Ilellenic Council. PAULINE DUKE WYNNE Miami, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE MARY IRANCES YATES Atlanta CANDIDATE I OR A.B..I. DECREE Chi OnifHii Theta Sigma Phi; t ' omcn ' s Athletic Association, ' J5- ' J6; Y. W. C. A., ' .14- ' }5; Secretary, Fresh- man Class; Dolphin Club, ' )5. LE« IS D. YOUNG Memphis, Tcnn. CANDIDATE I OR B.S.COM. DECREE Alpha Tall Oiiicua MRS. KATHERINE DOYLE YOW Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.Il.l . DICRtC Alpha Gamma Dflta Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Homccon; Sophomore Council. RUTH POOLI ZACHRY Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.LD. DICRI E M. II. ANNETTE ZUBER Bogart CANDIDATE I OR B.S.LD. ULCRLL JOHN WILSON— President of Pi Kappa Phi, John has served as President of Delia Sisma Pi He is a member of Blue Key, Scabbard and Blade and the Economics Society. A Commerce and courting ma or, he samed ciperience from the Red and Black, the Tn OtIU, and the Chi Omegas. -93 he llllLCtS CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE Abekckombie, Milorid Culludcn Adams, Jamfs M. Athtni Adams, Mark Stanley Athens Allan, Mary Elizabeth Athens Allen, James Franklin Athens Allen, Shirley Rose Athens Allcood, Zoa Scoitdalc Amnions. John B. Athens Anihrson. James C. West Point Andirson, Katherine Booker • Lincolntun Anderson, Ruth B. Athens Armor, Edcar H., Jr Greensboro Arri Ni ALi , Gladys Robi rta ■ ■ • Colbert Arrendaie, Hi I.I n Mildred . • ■ Colbert AsHiuRD, John VJ ' esson Athens Atkinson, Fredi rick W Valdosta AUTREY, Ann Roslyn . ... Cochran Baocs, Ana Firn Pclhani Baccs, Marie Carolyn ( aniilLi Bagcs, Martha Eleanor .... Camilla Bagwell, Na.nnell Spinks . ■ . Atlanta Baker, Eleanor Eugenia Macon Baldwi.v, Thomas Beveri y, Jr. . Madison Bakmeid, Virci.nia F Uahira Barrow, David C. Athens Basch, Jane Savannah Bates, Edwin Brydi n, Jr.. New Bedford, Mass. Beck, Zed Maxwell Bowdon Beckham, Milton V. Edison Bell, Marjorie P. lUberton Bennett, Brouchton Blackshear Bennett, Lester Lamar ■ - . Blackshear Berry, Mabel Eugenia .... Columbus BiLEUPS, Oswald Asiieoru . . X ' alkinsvilIe Blackburn, Ariiiur Benton Swainsboro Blackwell, Bii 1 m Marie . ■ • .Miami, Fl.i. Beanchard, Mercer Carter . . Columbus Blumenthal, Elliott U. . ■ Miami, Fla. Boatricht, J. H., Jr Tcnnillc Bobbitt, O. B. .... Charleston, W. Va. BoGCS, Thomas Vess: Danielsvillc BoLAND, Neil C. Coolidgc Bo.ND, Joe Bill Royston Bond, Mitchell Paimih .... Royston Bonner, Bill H Lavonia Booth, Francis Wili v Quitman Bounds, Grace Mae Savannah Bom ' DoiN, Joseph Maiu!n .... Atlanta Bom-EN, ViRA Americus BomER, Byron H. HainbridKe Bowers, Mary Jam Canon Boyd, Albert Piki Atlanta Boyd, Saraerancis Augusta BoYETT, Martha Caroiyn .... Tifton Kraiii I V. I). Ham.mond Bishop Brana.n. I ' ri d Harris Quitman Branch, James Alexander • . • Atlanta Brandon, Joseph G., Jr. • • • Cartersville Breedlove, Hollin Garri IT . X ' atkinsville Brett, John Rolfe Atlanta ■ 96- CLASS OF NINETEEN THIR I - 1 S 1 ! N C Kkiviik, lil ABllM I Ibcrlim Bkinhjn, Iriini SylvcMcr Brock, Marv Hiun Sjlc Ciiy HkOI K, RoBIRI TllOMAS Atllnti Bruokmiirl, I ' al ' i , |r. VX ' indcr Broumii, VCii.i.ii Rutii .... DinicUvillc Bri ssiau, Caroi.ini V . • X ' cm C hic Ko. III. Bro»-n, Andri w Hinton .... Athene Bro«.s ' , I ' inMt ' .Mi Daniii. .... Ilipcvillc Bkovin, Elwin O hort Gaines Bro«n, l-MiKY JtANiTT .... Falrmount BroVn, Emma Francis .... Sylvester Brovi N. Joe C Conycrs Bro».n, Milton Frank .... Thomson Browninc, Kim in Wii son . Millcrvillc, Ala. Broxton, Euci .ni H. Unadilla Bryant, Ada Athens Brya.nt. Bill I-iGranf;c Bryant, Frank X ' . Athens BuRDiN, Laura Mal Comer Burkhaltir, Earl Caddock • . Glennville Burkhart. Cathlrini- j. Athens Butts, Birnard Monroe, Catiiry.n Alma Savannah Bynum, Clydk Holstl ' N . . .Auburn, Ala. Byrd, Annie Ruth Athens Byru, Charles VI ' illiam Athens Byrum, Margaret Corn iall . . . Ficklen Cain, Jeff Lucian Gainesville Cain. Margaret Norcross Camp, Joseph B. Covington Camp, Norman T. Newnan Campbell, Joseph B. ■ ■ ■ • Rising Fawn Carcill, Pauling Savannah Carlan, U. G. Commerce Carroll. Giorgi A.. Jr ' ildwood Carsitell, Hinry J., Jr Xaycross Carter, John Fitzpatrkk .... .Macon Carter, Morris OfVCiti .... Carrollion Cason, Lela Acnes Brunswick Gates, Otis M. Meigs Catlett, Ralph Thomas . . . Commerce Causey, Kenneth K. . Bowdon CllAFElN, ViRNLR F. . • ToCCOa Chambers, J. Norwood CitANPLER, C ' iLLiAM Ml Nin i . . . Athens Chappell, Cliff C. Cordcle CiiiRRY, Jimmy Mosn Decatur Chick, Bitty Lamar . .Monroe Chilos, Wallaci C. • Chula CissNA, VoLNiY J., Jr. ■ • Signal Mt., Tenn. Clark, Chariis Fi i is Leslie Clark, G. V( ' ., Jr. Statesboro CiARKL, Hi UN Atlanta Clark, Hugh Flowery Branch Clarki , John VC ' aiii . . ■ l-lorencc, S. C. Clary, Jani Flizabi hi Athens Clary, Thomas Louis, J» . ugusii Cleviiand, a. G., Jr. Valdosta Cleveland, John Baker . . Cleveland, S. C. ■ 97- CLAi i Uh NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE CLom-EK, Daniel Morris Griyson Coffee, Lena Mae Douglas Coffin, Jane Cook Atlanta Cohen, Barbara Anni Atlanta Cohen, Harvey Albany Cohen, Louis M. Glcnnvillc Coleman. Kinniih Atlanta Coleman, Nelle Nicholson Collins, Charles S Athens Colxins, Joe Everette Collins Collins, M. W. H., Jr. Athens CoMOLLi, Martha I Iberton Cone, Edward Oiivir Siaicsboro Conger, Mary Francis PcnficM CoNNELL, Catir LiOYD Cairo Connor, Edith C;avc Sprint; Cook, Gaston B. Geneva Cooper, Alva Heywood. Ik. • • Augusta Cooper, Margaret Susan . . ■ Columbus Copeland, Mure Moseiii .... Oalton Corbett, John Robson .... Nashville CoRDELL, Lois Hartwcll Corliss, John D. • • • New London, Conn. Cowart, Emma Dolori s .... Savannah CowART, VI ' aiter pRANtis • . Union City Cratford, a. Edwina .... Columbus Crossfield, Lenora Griffin Crowe, Grady B. Dawson Crowley, VCendell Antoinette . Athens CuLLENs, Henry F. Sopcrton Culver, Graham Ruddir • DcitNyilic, Al.i. CuMMiNG, James Lowell .... Cordcic Curry, VC ' illii; Alexander .... Athens Curtis, Frances Neal Cutler, Moses Max Athens Dance, George Pierce Daniel, Dorothy Amcricus Daniel, John D. Claxton Dardi N, Martha Virginia . . Union Point Darst, Margaret Glendy, Wilmington, N. C. Dasher, Gordon W. Savannah Davidson, Claude LaGrangc Davis, Alton W. Warrenton Davis, Frances Anne Macon Davis, James Gordon Camilla Davis, Janet Calhoun Davis, Katiierine Athens Davis, Ronald Athens Di ADWYi ER, Mary Ethel ■ • ■ Maysvillc Dearing, Monro Goodwin .... Athens Deckert, Russell C. • • ■ • Palmyra, Pa. Dempsey, Emily Irene . • • fatkinsvillc DeVier, Geraloine F ' mma, Tayiorsvilie, f. C. Dickens, Benjamin F. Bristol Dickie, Robert Aifrid .... Shannon Diilard, Anna Catherine . Arnoldsville Dillard, Helen Ji anette . . Lakeland, Fla. Dixon, Paul T Millcn Dixon, Ruby V( ' . Millhavcn Dixson, Bruce E Decatur 98- CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTx-KiNt DoBBS, BuKNFV SpiiiN .iii, Jr. • • • Athens DoDn, Marcarit I aGringc DoRMiNTV, Ai.BiRT Clavton • ■ ■ l nif;ma DoRsty, John Cummin . Clayton DosTr.R, Dorothy M. .... Summcrvillc DoTTERV, Robert Tildi n, Jr. . . Athens Douglas, Aiici. Maoiiini . . tlomcrvillc Do«DV, John Tifton DozitR, Jamis ( ' alton . . - Miintczumi Driizi.n, i:ssik Butler Dricgers, Daniel Fui.ion .... Bnxiklet DuBosE, Katherine Thomas . . . Athens DuBosr, MARroN, Jr. Athens DuFFEE, Roy Kenneth Decatur Duke, Ben F. Decatur Dukes, Alva Hinry Valdosta Dumas, Hal. S., Jr Atlanta Duncan, Marion Vandivir, Jr. ■ Hariwcll DuNSON, Wm. X■A1MR .... Commerce DuPree, Be.n.ia.mi.n Kdward • . . Gordon Dyar, Jonathan Pressly, III . • Greensboro Dyer, Boyce Louis Metasvillc Dyer, Clarence Dorsey Millen Dvhr, James David .Millen Early, Thomas Bishop Kberhardt, Golden Josephine . Maysvillc Ererhakdt, Marion Claire ■ . ■ Atlanta Elder. David Mayne .... Vi ' atkinsville Eldredce, Mildred Elaine .... Athens Elrod, Joseph D. Ringgold E.mbry, Alton Jackson . . . GixkI Hope Erwin, Sue Phoebe Atlanta Ethridge, Pike Willis Milner Evans, Thurlow Atlanta EZELL, J. K., Jr. Atlanta Farcason, James Hd in- Atlanta, Barbara • . Jackson Heights, N. Y. Findley, Grace E. Hazlchurst FiNNEV, Perry Seale, Jr. Macon Flatau, Arthur, Jr Athens FoKES, Robert Encram, Jr. . ■ Montezuma Forehand. ( ' iiiiam Ji ssi . . . Sylvester Fortson, Frank B., Jr. Elbcrton Foshee, Edwin Dorset Vienna Fowler, J. A. Carrollton Franklin, Charlis Riimrt . Eastman Franklin, Daniel B Atlanta Fridirick. Fav ScjTilc. U ' ash. Freeman, John) R Danielsvillc Freeman, Mart ... Senoia Freeman. Piriv Im Thomasion French, Louim . ■ Columbus Friedman, Morton Morris . . . Madiuin Iriir, Thomss Douglas Fryer, Lewis h«ii« v Blakely FuLCHUM, Ati a.nta . - Athens Fuller, Hirbfrt Rai , Jr. . . Itaih, Maine Fuller, Nina Kathiiin ■ Atlanta Gaines, Kathryn M. Case (•ARDNIil. M s- I lNr.i s . RtMsvitIc ■ 99- CLASS OF NINElfcEN THIRTY-NINE Gay, Lioii, J. tijy Gheeslinc, Hillma Gr«n boro GiBBEs. HuNTm Savannah GiBBS, Lucy Ruth Hapcvillc Gibson. Ann M. STi«Ain ■ • ■ Savannah GiiBiRT, RoBiKT Davison • • ■ laFayettc Gins. J. TiiiRMAN Bvr.imvilli: Gill, Julia.n Ambrosl Buikr GiLLLLAND. Alvaii Cariton • • • Griffin Gillespie, Marvin M. 1 Ibcrton Glenn, Hacen S. Hull Gnann. Elizabeth Hiilbrith • Savannah GoBBEH. JuiiA Franus . . • X ' aynt»bi)ri GoLUSt hmiot. l.A« ri Ni I C. Ncw York, N. Y. Gordon, Thomas Bishop Grace, Mark Lyons Grant. Louisi Moore AuRUsta Grantham, Mary Eeianor • ■ Savannah Grantham. Rudim Iavi .... Diiunlas Gray, May Inman Atlanta Gruiin. Carrii Marie .... Nahunia Griehth, Louis Turner .... Eatonton Griner, Ernest Ray Valdosia Grizzell, Roy A., Jr. Decatur Groover, John Thomas .... Joncsboro Gulley, Mattie BiANiHi . • • Sylvester Hall, Ellen Erwin Newton Hall, Robert Woodard . . . Miami, Fla. Hamilton, Emily Lilian .... Dalton Manner, Nelle Madison Hanson. Hazi i Macon Hariieman, Wai.lis Hkumiiv, Jr., Fort Valley IIakiiin. William Harmon • ■ Osiertielil Hardin. VCiiiiam VC ' aiton . . • Thomson Harcrave, Burcii Thomasvillc Hargrove, John Zi i . Jr. . • • • Kasiman HarI ' IR, )i ' llIlAM X ' ai uiN . • • Royston IIarreii, Guv, Jr. XhiRham Hakkiii, Julia Aucusta IUkhiil, VCiiiiam Viai m r . . Quitman IIarrighto.n, Mari.ari I Ti rry • Brunswick Harris. Barbara Marh ' jld jsta Harris, Christine Hamilton Harris, Dorothy Louise Atlanta Harrison, Henry Faulk . . Jcffcrsonville Harrisjn, John Aiiams Sinton Hart, Rhi ba Chrisiini . . Social Circle Hartley, Franhs Marm .... Zebuhm Harvis, H. VC, Jr. ■ • .Monks Corner. S. C. Harvi I.L, F.vANoiEiNi Atlanta Hasele, Naihanii l I. . . St. Simons Island Mase.nbak., Frnisi Auousia • ■ ■ Millcn Ma«ms, Joi S. Athens IIass. IIaroii) 1). ■ . ■ Lewisburx, Tenn. Hays, Rosaiino l)ou);Iasville Hi AD, GioRGL Bruii. Jr. • • lloRansvillc Healan, Hill Randolph Carl HtrrNLR, EniTii Romaini .... Athens Heilin, Charles Gahr . . . Marshallville Helms, Cjiari.ton Brunswick 100- CLASS OF NINETEt IN nip;i -i ' ;i:;c Henorv, U ' avi ANii Mahkis . . 9i ' jtliinKion Mfnnin, Maky BiRNAUFTri . . . Uallii HiiNRV, Gaynuk W Warwick HioHTOwiR, Clay Uorsfy - . . Fairmont HiCHiowiR, Martha Thomatton Hii.L, RoBiRT Byrun i ' .llavillc HiiiiARi), T. IInrimi) Canon HiNCHLiiih, KviRiTTL Jacksov. Manchcticr HiNh5, Mary G i ndolyn .... Ncwnan HiNTON, Vi ' fBSTiR Tho.mas, Jr, . . Bogari Hisn, Ltvi, Jr. CliiL ' kamau);a Hitchcock, Lucii i i Garriso.v . . Macon HoDcrs, F. Gil ; Staicsboro Hodgson, Louisi Athens Hodgson, SaidiiE Aihent Howard, Davio B. DcarinK HowriL. Marshall . . . Tliomasun Howl 1 1 . Frnist Mi lvilll, Jr. ■ . Atlanta HUDDLESTON, jAMtA MaRION . . Favcttcvillc Hudson, Ben Hall Columbus HuiF, Doyle L. UanicUville HuGCiNs, Dorothy Athens HuLSEY, Velma Cleveland Hu.MLS, John VC ' ilson Columbus Humphreys, William Preston ■ Stone .Mi. Hunter, Frances Mario.n - ■ Young Harris Hurt, Robert Toy Cordcic Hutcherso.n, Azalel .... Daniclsrille Ingram, H. B. Barney I.NMAN, ' iLllAM Hl.NRV Manor Irvin, Anne Hill U ' ashingion Jackson, James Calvin Vi ' inder Jackson, Jane Callahan . . . Bainbridge Jackson, Leeheda Sue Atlanta Jackson, Martha Hill Athens Jami s. VC ' iLiiAM Ni villi .... .Atlanta li KIN5, U. R. Xrightsville Jl.nnings, E.mmette McNeill . . Albany JiMMCRSON, Zola Ruth Unadilla Johnson, A. L., Jr. ■ • ■ ■ Liberty, S. C. Johnson, El.zabeth Coy .... Athens Johnson, Elston Lowe lma Johnson, G. Guv Cusseta Johnson, Louis Gholstein . • • Atlanta Johnston, Gladys Elaine . . Ft. Benning Joiner, Alva Arthur Albany Jones, Barnie Philip Brooks Jones, Doris Chilos Newborn Jones, John Turner Canton Jones, Katherini F. . Winder Jones, Randolph Lai v . . . . Hephzibah Jones, Siaton M. Atlanta JoRDON, H. UoRsi ■ Lyon JuiiAN. Bin HiiMsN Athens Kahn, Siiirli V Rum Bainbridge Kiiliy, Fdvarii Mas is Atlanta Kii.LiR, Hi NRY Clayton . • Junction City KiLLiv, CoBiRN E. Atlanta KiiiiY, Margaret Eeizabi tii . . Augusta KiiiY, WliLiAM Hiram Blakely 101 CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE KiMP, Ottis Chariis. Jk. • • • Marictw KtNUALL, Annktti Rosalind • • Chatham KiNNiuv, John Aubrvni • ■ Arnoldsville KtNNtuv, William H. .... Statcsboro Key, Lorena Josti-iiiM .... Moniiccllo KiMBRiLL, RoBiKT H. Athens KiMBHouoii. RuBi N Bi NjAMiN . • Chiplcy Ki.Nt,, 1R.MA Doerun Ki.NC, Morris Aluri y Dalton King, VCilliam R. Vt ' aycross Kitchens, Doris Mai Cough KiTcHiNX, Karroi Rocky Face K.NicHr. Hknry Si ARboKuLi.ii . Waycross KoPLi N, A. MtNUi 1. Macon Krl ' MBLin, Gisela Frances ■ . Washington Laing, Vi ' ALTtR JostPH .... Americus Lambirt, William Bvron .... Temple I.AMMIRS. Stanton M. Atlanta La.vion, Hamer Neill Macon Langiord. Robert N. Athens Lanilr, Robert DeKalb . . • • Savannah Lawrence. Myros Carolyn . . • Blakely Leake, Dorothy Jani Atlanta Lee. Lynua Thomaston Lee. Martha Hlizabeth .... Lee, Mose C R ' V City Lecgett, Wendell C. Baxley Lemman, Ellen Jane ■ . • Akron. Ohio Lester, John Milton .... Montezuma Levine. BiN.iAMiN . • • Brooklyn, N. Y. Levy, Elizabeth Leonii .... Savannah Lewis, Margaret E. Lenox LiNOsAY, Max Atlanta Lindsay, Olin Levern ... Porierdale Little, Crawiord Edgar . . • Carnesville Little, Mary Josephini Macon Liiui PAGi, Anne Atlanta LocKWooi), Mary Louise .... Savannah Logan, Charles Henley .... Lindalc Logan, Josephine Savannah Loi .EAUX, John D. Towson Long, Ruth Adell .... Warm Springs Lovi, RiBKtA Li 1 I.alayitic Lowe, Robi rt Bland Comer LoYO, Harold Greer Athens Lucas, Elizabeth Albany Lumpkin, James Quinihn .... Macon Lund, Hirman Athens Macki Y, Martha Dublin Maieitt, Otis Edwin AiLinta Mallory, Phyllis Kathli i n . . 1 aCiraiisi- Mandeville, Samuel DiWiir. |k., Tciinillc Mann, Marjorii McRai- Mann, Mary Doby McRat Manseieid, Eva I ' l ki Baconton Marbut, Samuel A. Athens Marion, John Whiti Ha Martin, Foxx Wrightsville Martin, Nelle Atlanta Massey, Clayton M. 1-nzgerald 102 ' CLASS OF NINETEEN THIR, -, ij«; l ' : M Maiiiixis, X u(iku«- Quii I iam, NUrtliallville Mauldin, FuHhiAN GwYNN . Liberty, S. C. Maxwell, Jack Walton . . . Tilbotiun Maxwell, Sara Hlstlr .... Dewyrote Mayls, Chaklls RuBtRT . . . BiinbridKC Ml AUOWi, Hli ablth Athc-nt MiADDus, Marv Carolyn .... Screven Ml AUowi, Frio C. Athens MiUDiRi, Dlwhiy K. Sylvester MiULocK, Sara Reblcca .... Norcrou Ml rcenuoller, Helen Allanti .Michael, Cecil Athens MiDOLETON, Roycl G BUkcly Miles, Glrtil Belle Blicksheir Miller, Powell D. Clevelind Millica.n, Eleanor GriHin MiLLSAP. F.DWARD M. Atlanta MiTCHAM. ViR.No.N Patton . VCarni Springs Mitchell, Bilev Dan .... .McCaysvillc Mitchell, Raymond B Hayston .MixoN, Helen Frances .... Tarryton MiZE, Annie Lou Ashland Modena, Florence Atlanta MoDENA, Genevieve Atlanta MoEECHERT, L. Vi ' . Athens .Montgo.miry, Lewis Franklin MooRE, Bruce Hardy Statesboro Moore, Sarah Sharon .Moi PER, CoLE.MAN Savannah Morris. Joe Henry Maysville Morris, Simeon De» ' son, Jr. . . .Augusta Morris, Thomas B. .Atlanta .Morrow, Alfred Decatur Morton, Edward Dowd .... Richland MosELY, Dan Size Easianollee Mosi s. Bur Henry Uvalda Moss, Juanita Carnesville Mulkey, Iona Cordcle Mulling, Frank H. Baxley Murphy, B. D., Jr. Fayctteville MuRRow, Charles H. .... Farmingtun Myers, Carolyn . vundalc McCann, Mai ce Ulrica J " tip McCarty ' , Anderson Monrcx McClelland, Charles C, Ft. Vi ' orth, Texas McCuEN, Robert P. Savannah McCuLLOUCH, Alton Lee .... Dexter McDermott. John B. . . Bennington, Vt. M( Donald. Daniel Edward, Jr. . Eulonia Ml Donald, Edwin David ■ . . Fitzgerald NUDowell, Virginia Louise . . .Madison .McElmurray, Lillia.v Augusta .McElvey, Virginia Anne ■ . . Cuiumbus MiFadin, Daniei Hill ... Brunswick M Fee, William Charles .... Atlanta McGiLL, Eugene H. Lincolnton .McGlNTY, Carl Howard .... Norwood .MtlNTOSH, Jane Savannah McKiBBCN, Milton SrrwART . Social Circle MlKie, Julia Louise .Atlanta 103 ' • L y uh iNlNETEEN THIRTV-NINE McK.NIGMT, RuBtKT RosS ToCCOJ McKoiN. Mary Nell Atlinia McMahun, Ravmon John . ■ ■ Sivannili McMillan, Clyde Frank .... Diculi .McMuRRAIN, M. T. Ashburn .McI ' haul, Dorothy Jane .... PouUn McPhaul, Jeanetti Ann .... I ' uuUn .McRai. Ul ' Ncan Bl ' N«ill .... McKat- McRae, Duncan Langston . Hiwkinsvillc McRae, Martha Dodu ... X ' aikinsvillc McVChorter, Samuel S Woodstock Nance, Johnnie Eugenia .... Burdal Nash, Gwendolyn Allien-. Neel, Mary MI ' arren Atlanta Neill, Robert Aryler . . Lake City, Fla. Nelson, Virginia Lockman .... Bishop Neve, Nell Elizabeth .... Savannah Newsom, Edvard Buist . . . Union Point Newton, Floyd C, Jr . Iadi« n Newto.n, VCalker 1... Jr. .... Madison Nichols, Apollini Screven Nichols, Lenos Edwin Athens Nicholso.n-, Sara Belle .... Amcricus Northcutt, Helen X ' intirs • . .Marietta Norton, Carolyn Juuiim .... Athens O ' Dell, Nelle VCelborn .... Atlanta Oelschic, Augusta Dink ... Savannah OcLLSBY, Doris Hartwell O ' Kelley, Cora Eliza Hull O ' Kellfv, Huell Brand .... Madison OllSIR. E.MII.Y CtLESTI .... Iljniilllin Olliee, John Ben.i. Bristol Olmstiad, Edward Jay .... Savannah O ' Neal, Catherine Blackshear O ' Qui.vN, VCyley Alexanih r, Jr.. Brunswick Owensby, Thomas C. ■ • ■ ■ Arnoldsvillc Padoeit, Marjorie ■ . Forest Ciiy, N. C. Pakiiam, L. Glen Atlanta Park, Eugi ni Andcrsonville pAKKiR, James Knox I.umpkin Parkir, Li sti r Otis St. .Vlarys I ' arkman, Vi ' iiiiAM Thomas . . . Dnerun Patat, Harry F., Jr Athens Patton, Edith Cjiarioiti . Brevard, N. C. Paulk, B. B. Brunswick Paulk, Maxwii.i VXillactKichee Paulk, Russi ii F. I). Brunswick Payni , Lio.NARi) Canton Pi ABODV, Jean M. Atlanta Peach, Nelson Li i i i i I ' Aci , Portsmouth, Va. Peacock, John B., Jr Columbus Pick, Rosi mary Atlanta Plrkirsu.n, 11. V( ' ., Jr. .... (jrecnvillc I ' iRRY, Glorgi Eugeni )i ' inder Piiii Ill ' s, EuGi Ni Royston i ' Hii.LYs, Harry E Farminnton PicKi Ns, Edward Cariisii Madison, S. C. Pierce, James C Lakeland Pierce, James Frid i ' incvicw PiFRSoN, Sara Clair . Moran 104. CLASS OF NINETEEN IMlKiy-NlNb I ' rsKMoN. Makima 1-11 I ' jrruti Pol LOCK. KvlLYN ... Alhciu I ' oi.i.otK. Mllvia Kuhiri .... Atlicnt I ' oNDiR, Lovic Bi .NM Kutledgi; I ' opii, Alvada Tillipuusi Pope, Lfmuil Edwin Uuugla% Pcil ' KI.N, lil.HMAN iMoNTON . . . AugUttl PoppiR, Hahky S., Jr Micon PORTLR, SLI.WVNt Janie Bishop PoRTWooD, VCarrin Thomas, Crawfordville Pom, David Hahoiu Guud Hope Potter, Philip A., Jr. . . Holiokm, N. J. I ' owi I L, Ja.mis " ' . Grilfin Po«ELL, Roy Omega Power, Betty AtUntj Prather, W. A. VCishington Price, Eugene Black . . Vi ' altL-rboro, S. C. Price, Isma Lee Swainsboro Price, Louise CliuU Prickett, Edward Li wis . . . Grantville Pridgfon, Leonard Shi ' llman Proctor, Vivian Cuthbcri Pullen, William Helton . . . Damucus Purdom, Voodrow Nahunta Pyl, John i ' Vioodland QuiLLiAN, Alma Adelia .... Madison Ragsdale, Mary Ruth .... Hapevillc Rainwater, Claud Harrison . . . Tifion Rakestraw, Joyce LaGrangc Rsuschenberg, Elizabeth .... Dalion Rauzin, Marvin J. Atlanta Rawlins, Edward Wilson .... McRac Ray, Joseph Ralph Royston Reaves, Eari Carrolllon Redkearn, Mary Albany Kiis. Ja.mes Sa.muei Preston RiLSE, Lewis Bow en Carrolltun Ri IBER. Robert Joseph . . . Eort Benning Rhodes, Edgar L. Alpliarctu Rhodis. Piiiiip Alexander . . . Atlanta Rhoads, Ji ' alter Uantii Macon Rice, Charles Ersklni Moultrie Rice, John Albert V» ' .H dland Rich, Sydney Atlanta Richards, Dorothy Erma . Duryea, Pcnn. Richardson, Elizabeth .... Fairmount Rigdon. Fri d ViI ' arren Tifton RlllY, Harih Howard. Jr. . . . Butler Rimes, Hugh M. . . . . Lanier Ritchey, Robirt Li I . Pomona RiviRs, Geraldini Atlanta Roberts, Dan .Sti pin ns Douglas RoBiRis, Hi NRY Grady . . . Milledgcville RoBiRls. Jamis p., Jr. Rome Robertson. E. Herbirt, Jr.. Hagcrstown, .Md. Robinson, David Savannah Robison, Jack G. Lawrencevillr RoBisoN. Mary Pitema.s . . . Thumaivillc Rogers, Harriette Jeanette Fitzgerald Roil IN, Mi ' iLllAM Harris Macon 105. s LA5i Ul- NUJtittiN THIRTY-NINE Mi Koss, Sarah Johdon Macon Rote, Mary Lol ' isi Comer Russell, VCuliam John, Jr. ■ ■ ■ . thcns RuTHERruRU, Camilla Birnici ■ • . thcn% Ryan, Grace Elizabeth RjIciKh, N. C. RvEA.NDER, VI ' alter Amcricus Saine, Frances Carolvni . • • Gainoville Salisbl ' RY, George Robiki .... Athens Sammun, Charles V. • • • Abbeville, S. C. Sanchez, Marion E Barwick Sanders, Robert V ' ii lari .... Lyons Sanioru, I ' aul Hill Macon ScARBOROUCH, BARKtJ.N B CoITlcr Schmisslur, Marcie Macualine, Belleville, III. ScHUMAN, Margaret Savannah Scott, Edward Smi i ii Austell Scruggs, Glenn n Morven Seago, George Harold, Jr. . . Gracewood Secki.vcir. Mrs. Clara ¥. ■ ■ ■ Ciilumbus Self, George VI ' illiam, Jr. . . Thomasvillc Sellers, Katherine Luther . ■ . Athens Selph. Carlton Euceni , Jr. . • Valdosta Shields, Harold Frank, Jr. ■ Chickamauga SlAEACAS, SpIROS ALEXANDER . • . AthcnS SiMiRvii.Lt, Virginia Rockmart SiM.sioNs, C. R., Jr. Barwick Si.Ms, Alice Margaret Ouslcy Skelton. Edward Ali ord • ■ • ILirtwell Si.ATiN, Rita Glennville Smith. . rdi i l Dennis l)aw on Smith, Cason Co.nrad AuKUMa Smith, Charlie Aionza . • • HoRansville Smith, Chester Hamilton . • • lakeland Smith, Eva Mae McRae Smith, Glorge A. Athens Smith, Giorgi Watson Vi ' indcr Smith, Guv MillcdKivillc Smith, Henry VI ' mder .... Sujin boro Smith, Jami s DanieKvillc Smith, Osweli VX ' aresbiir i Smith, Ralph. Jr. Swainsboro S.siim. Vii ' iiii.sM l- ' iNDLEY . . . FarniinKton Solana, Manolita Elberton SoMMERHAETER, O. Wm., Jr., Secaucus, N. J. Spai.n, J. Lloyd Bethlehem Si ' iNRs, Dan Owen Dallas Spoonir, Jno. I.. Jr. .... Donalsonville Staleings, Giiih ' .i Tmtidy . . . Haddock Stapi.eton, Li roy Siaplcton Stapleton, Ruth Jo Uouglas Starin, Uu.naid W. . . New Haven, Conn. Stei El , RUBII Mai Decatur Stegeman, Joanna Athens Stinnm. Mks. Mary Saii . • • DanburK Sti PHI NS, CoRINNi C. Alliens Stephens, Dorothy Iii ahiiii . Adairsville Stephens, Daniel L., Ik. . ■ . • Sylvester Stephens, Lucy Lavonia Stephens, Rueus B. Comer Stiphenso.n. Edv ' ard Ai viand • • Monroe i M 106- CLASS OF NINETEEN THIRi y-i iNt PiP0 Sti I ' m N40N, J. H Aihcnt Stevens, Hahrv Bvkun Atltent Stewart, Bruce Paris . ■ • Pjlesiinc, Tex. Stewart, George Benjamin . . . Athens Stewart, James Phieips . . . Clirkesvillc Ste«akt. Niie Giigir % ' uudbinc Sill IS, Ai»YN ' .Vlillcdgcvillc Still, Wilson E Monro: Stover, Mary Kesu ... So. Boston. Vi. Strain, Ed. E., Jr. Uiliun Stuckev. Willa Deane ... Brunswick SuMMERi-ORD, Saka Mauui ■ . . Amcricus Summlrour, Tom i ' . Atlinii Sutto.v, W1LLIA.M John. Jr. . . Ccdinown S«AIN, Will N. Rome Swarts, James S Vjn Horn, Tex. SsiAN, TuELMA Beverly . . . Commerce Sy.mmes, Sarah T. . . St. Mjitliews, S. C. Tallev, GtoRCE Harry Cordcle Tank, Donald LeRoy . . . hUwkinsville Taylor, Andrew Matthi » ■ • Vioodbury Taylor, Ralph Leland .... Uivisboro Telford, James H., Jr. • . ■ . Clcvelind Teter, Robert Hubbard, Charle ton, W. Vi. Thomas, Newton S. AtUnu Tho.mas, Paul Robert Alimo Tho.mason, Lewis Alle.s Nelson Tiio.MPso.N, Haidee Josephine • Waynesboro Tho.mpson, Harriette .... Wrighisville Thompson, Margie L Alpharciia Tho.mpson, Martha Evelyn . Good Hope Tho.mpson, Mary Allen Comer Thorp, Charles Sealy Macon TiNUEL, Mary Claude . . Graccville, Fla. TiNsLtY, Elijah Pope . Spartanburg, S. C. loNGE, John VCiiiiam .... Bainbridge TowNSE.ND, William T. . . . . Cartersville, Virgi.nia Monroe Tripp, Manning Wail Eastman Troutman, Robert Battey, Jr. .Atlanta TuRNiR, Curtis Lewis, Jr. .... Rome TisoN, . !ar Jesup Varner, Nelle Atlanta Viale, Emory Oslvn, Jr. . . Arnoldsville VicKERS, Eemon Bryant . . Norman Park X ' addey, A.nna Virginia .... Atlanta Uaits, C. a., Jr Hillsboro ViALKER, Jacqueevn Barncsvillc Uaeker, James Henry Decatur VX ' alker, Kathrsn ,McDonougli Walker, Lilia.s Athens Vi ' AEE, Hilto.n Fra7iir Atlanta ViALLER, Ruth Bekrii n Augusta »iAlsiu N, BiRNARii . . New lljvcn. Conn. Wanseiy, I.amar T. Carnesville Ward, Hazel Marietta X ' are, Hovt Niceiolas • . Pooler ViARE, Newton Calhoun . . Warrenton 4arren, Harriette Martha . . Athens ViATkiNs, Piiiiip Bakir . Doerun ■ 107- S OP NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE Watson, Jamis Hilton • • Gcorxianj, Ala. VCatson, Martha Emm Mi :oii Watson, Marv Euclma .... .Muuliric VCiBB, Marcumiitl Leslie Vi ' iiss, Julian Llonaru • • Brooklyn, N. Y. Vii ' LLis, VCaitlr Frank .... Hapevillc Vi ' tsT, Thiima .... 1 illunnbur,;, Ky. U ' tsTBRooK. Ralph Dalum WtsTBRuok, Shllby Lassiiir . . Cordcle MChllchel, Jamls H. |ifftr-.iin Whitaker, Judith A. Cordele W ' HiTt, R. H. Lindale Viiiiri, Vi ' iNNtTTE Lithonij «HiTLiY, Thus. Y. Mysiic WHIT.MIRL, Erskinl . l)alilone(;j WicMR, RoBiKT Cray VI ' ICKHA.M, EsTi lll McElh V . ■ f olumbus VCiiR, RoSANA Elizabith Athens Vt ' lLFONC, UaLTIR VU ' lllTINlR . • Alliens VCiLHiTi, Clayton R. . . ■ . Milled ;eville Wilkinson, Charlton Toctoa Vi ' iiLiAMS. Gloroi Wlld. n . . Daniclsville Williams, Gladys Elsinl .... Adrian Williams, Hllln Louisl . . . Eastanollt-e )iiLiiAMs, HiNRY Karl 1 ' l.iins X ' iLLiAMs, HoRACi RiDoii ' H . Siiickbridge Williams. Isaiah 1-. Cordcle Williams, I.a.mar Mays Albany X ' |LLINCHAM, Harry I.i i .... I-orsytli X ' ii lis. William Arimlr ... Sylvester Wilson, Edna Karl .... Donalsonville Wilson, Robert Cummini. .... Athens WiLLSON, WooDKow Lyons Wince, Joiinh Will Athens Winn, Mary Ribhia Maenn WisL. Edna Daviii Ailjnt.i WiTHOLTIR. Mai Ml lllllMlH. . Ait.ipiil ;us Wood, Edit h Kii ahi mi Athens Wood, Robert E. Marietta WoouARD, Dorothy Americus WcKJTTN, CouNdi Brooks . . • Shellman VX ' oRsllAM, MUBIRT l.loNlliAs . JefTersc.nville Wray, Louise Royston Wright, Hiida Isabi i i i . . ■ • Woodville Wynne, John Vi n .i y . • . Crawfordvilic YouNC, Richard t ' olumbus Yo« , JoNis, |k Toccoa YuNDi, Gi.oROL Atlanta Zalhry, Arthur Linton. Jr. . . Atlanta ZiLL, EsTIIIR Rum D.illKljsvillc 108- J hc cYhciiiotcs CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY Aciiit, Jani BfTiKi Albinv Adam%. lniiN Dewyrote Addi. Ziuh M »H»Ti Pfe»ion Ad i». U ' liMA Acst» RuiledRc An»». ViiiUM. Ji Atlinia Alfxandik. Ci arinli MiTtHtit Njihvil ' c ALtXANDti, Tmao C. . Eliiabeihion. Tenn. AtiiN, P»ocTO« Commerce ALLtN, EOCAU RaITH AuRUltJ Attf N. Vn I tAU Buford AMBioti. .Ma v Atlanta AMMON4. A»iTii BttTL . Mufphy, N. C, AwDtftioN, MAK.AIIT Dallai Ano«i« . II mam GAlNtt . . Thoma ton Anciin. ViLtli Jon Pnticrdalc AmNOlD, Joi VlliON .... K i»hini:lon Akrington, Homi H Rome AKT40K, Hl« lKT C Atlantj Aikinr. Daiit Anni Clarkc villc AviiLCV. CHAaiOTTi RAiNit . . Barncfville A»Ktv. Saka L Conyer A«K«lTM, Ma»joiiii l.OL ' Ut, NcwYork.N. Y. Atkinson, David S., Jr Savannah Atmnson, Jo iph HomiRY . . VPeit I ' oini AnTiN, GioiK.L L Sleven»on. Ala. Bam. Rltii Dalton Bat c(TT. Raipm " iitM . . Knoxvtilc. Tenn. Bagcett, EL r AtiTii RiDi-CY . . . Savannah BAOctTT. Jack. O ' Hallev . . Lawrenccville BAirrv, jAMt« Davh Athem Bah, Jamii S Warren. Ohio Barbil, Hudson Li i» Denton BARkRt, Ned Clark Macon Barnki, Valtir Stitson . . .MilledRcville Barnctt, ELr .A»TH Nc»ton BaRRITT, RiLlV, Jr Cleveland Baiigh, GiiBiRT Charii .... Trcntfin Bal-mann. Winiiiio I ' . . . . Rockford, III. BAVNit. Harun Gati voon. Jr. . Greeniboro Batnii, Will iam jACKtON . . Gfceniboro BlAii, MlliARD Pill MORE .... Brewion BiAitrv, VtRA ANcriYN .... Glennvillc BifR. I ' .MliY VCllllAM . . GrifHn Bf«r«itm. Sara Eioiir Athens Btu., Annif. Lauril Iihon Bill . N»»TON Griffin Brit, Ray Athcn Bermon, Sterling Maicolm, Bridgeport, Conn. Bi BRVMAN, Wli I lAM C Atlanta hiiTt, MiiiiiAM MiiiARD Athent BiRDtoNG, H. Vr., Jr Athcnt Bntiop, Martha Endora .... Unadilla Bi% oN, HiRT Gt ' iRNtiY, Jr. . . . Athent BjORioN. RiiMARn .... Xkarrcn, Ohio BiAiRttirAR, ClAtRF . Tljtn BlANii, MiRI Mil TON , (urtirld Hi NRiN ifir, )iiAMi« Ki Ailanlj BirtMi, l-Riitiin R GANAiit . Siatctbnr » BiooovDRiM, SiiiNi Athent Bond. Joimi Rov Danielivillc BoNR, ' (1114 .anon Booni, Foitir Tallahattec. Ila. BoRDFRt, GioRGi lliii .... Marihatlville BowptN, SlONiv MlARi) ..... Aihent BoviN, CAillDifN A Tifion Brandon, FRANrr« l.ot ' Mi .... Athent BoviR, Mary Taiiuiam . . Bainhndite Ba FMAN, Jamk Viirox. Jr. Sylvcuer Branmeh, Tayior Katiiiiin Collcite Park Bravncr, EotTit Stivart . . . Greenville . no. CLASS OF NINETEEN r O ' n. 1 BtAt. ADoipHi ' t T. . . XthfHi RaiiDiovr, Thomai R,. Monroe Brision, :i(|| Raki , . Mcrthjn Bfthf. i) tN BABBirr . . . LiLc ' et. FU., 1 oit KiiNOK Ailxntj BKOAttf. Vt ' iiiiAu Bititiir AiKcnf BRuoKt, Anni. Mchmi Aihrnt Btuo i, tvELVN Coiumbut Brocmf, BrNNir Otivia McBran Brovn, Assn l.ouHi Miriin Rrovn, GlADTt ClARh . Alhent Brovn, Jamis II ( ordcic Bkuvn, JotiMi Stoir I rcitur Brovn, Rachel Div C ' ommcrci Brovn. Ro«frt Harrm. Jr. . . Locuit Grove Bl ' iiard, Martha Machfn BuRrii, John Aubro i .... f jycitn illc Bi ' RCH, Joe DrDtn k Athrn Blrns, ONit Ruth Micon BL ' RRriL. Frank I.oid .... ( lirketville BuRRtii, J. Lloyd Ml. Airy Bt ' RRitt, CHADTirR V. . . Andcrwin, S. C. BL ' RRour.Ht, Iki: L DinicUville Burroughs. Vallria Birriis . . Brunswick BiRsoN, Caroline Amanda . . Camilla Burton. FitAN(i.t CiiRiiriNi .... .Monroe BuRsoK, ViitiAM Mill Aihen Burton. Eucinia Sctmj, Ala. EuTLLR, Jaiplr Ciovfr Bowman Carani s. Alicf Elizabeth .... Alheni Calcacno. PHiiir .... Brooklyn, N. Y. Callavav, Marjorii- Eaionton Campbell, Doucias MiBrair . % ' atkinivillc Campbell. Wailace J Rtiing Kiwn Capper. Bert CnARLEt . . Knoivillc, Trnn. Carithlri, Janf ... M indcf Carithlrs. Maybith thcnt CARNrvAii. Santi L. . »rhitr I ' laim. N. Y. Carstfii. MiinRiP . . . Jacksonville. Fta. CAS«tLS. Mary Viroima .... Savannah CAtTtLLOw. MvkTLf Annif . . Comincrcc Cat I, VA tA Gi % . Rruntwick Causct, V. Clai im Ho»don Cavender, jAMif U (Hini IV MiMwoml CiicrK, Elien Loui%r .... Bowenvillc ( ' hues, Sally Virginia Gray Cfiivfrs, Amelia Jeannelli .... DuMin Christian. Marigine FIbcrton CtARK. AttcE Bati Clark, Harry G. Ciark, James J. . . . CiriN. Ben B ClOUD, VlltlAU . . . , CioTEB, Jot Jiniii Cohin, Aaron I ri . . COLKMAM. JoHK RuPUS VuRutta • iKilidfe . . . . Atlanta . . . . Atlanta Vkeeler Dam. Ala. Rofne I oUhriirr. Conn. Mu. CoELtlB. ViBCINtA ( omcr CoLoi ' iTT, MrNRurriB JiANinr, Vioierville CoiQurrr, Jauis Aivah .... Thofnaiinn C oMki, DuHVooo CiATTON . . l.aGran|tc CoNI, RiMIR Maumion Sltlion Con Nil I . 1 ouisi ... Kiljnt a itN-n ■(•• 4i i IH t Vihrni CcKiK, Jaw»% E. . . . . Albany Cook, Valt«b FIl ' oi. !• It. McPhrrion CooitT, jAurs H . (.loeland Cooper. Sara Miii» : . Aihrnt CoPf. FiARRM Go€»DVI i . Cartrrivillc CoPEiAND. Francis Flovrnot . . . Atlanta ( .D« « 11 r It m ' . .k.nrt..n P nn . 1_A J J OF NINETEEN FORTY Co ' Mt. « " . R Summit Co». H«»lirM A Nahonu Cox. W.Nrirr Ho««ii .... Cirterivillc C Arcuiii . BiviiK Thomjivillc C lNiM««. Biiii AiliniJ ClIN H , TllMAM I ' . il)nU OoUPToN, Roy Cilllos Aihcm Chow. Ho««tl Eouond. J« Alto Cauu. Cii»«ir« Airiiiin .... Cordcic Cl ' NNlNi.iiAvi. »■«. T.. ]%.... l.e«iii«ton CfiPirpi . Jami TilOMAi . . Thomatvillc Dakiii, Bin Ea«iy CUiton DALCHTitr, Maitha Eii A«llii . . • Add Dauciitbt, Omah Fati Mntcr Da»1i, F«ANCt« HlAD . ■ F.diion Dahi. HA.vtr E. . Mbjny DAVIt, Liiiit SmriiiRn . ■ Occatur DtAN, Civui M»KisM Athcnv DiC iA«i»OY. Ai»i«i Loi ' li . .Mjnic). N. Y HicAFA. BlTl Alhen) On ONI,. F.AXE WiiiY .... Gjinc.villc DiMriiY. Ann Amihua . . . VCjtkinivillc Dkane. F«anh. J« Birncy DitLINOIIAM, Sl ' lAN CUK AtlintJ DlioN, John Randaii llljckilicar tlomiY. Cam D.. J« Atlanta noTNv, M DccJiur DuAH, MA.tii« f;iNi rhilomjtii n it N. MiniAM 8« " l ' ' Dt»ail lY. DoNAiD r«ll Mtlntoih Dt KEi. Vm. Waiiun Gibion DuuE Tit[, John B. . . . Avondjic Eitato Duncan. Pom A.. J« Athcm Ovpill, C. VriNON Diklicld DitDiN, Hoitm Svivnim . Swilniboro Dtai. V. E. . . . tt ' oodbine Dvt, Om D.. Jr . Middlcton Eaion. Maky Viik.ima . . Miami, Fla. Ea t. HiirN . Columbu EiERHART. Donn CooK Athens ECRFORO, EllANOH . . Athcn FnvARDt. Ai riN S«»i ' iH«riK Allien Edva 0 . Eir , Mahiiia . Jjckionvillc. Ill Emilich, BtN. Jn AtUnii F.IIIN. f:. WiiiiAM .... Bjltiniorc. Md. Einrn. John Davis Winder EiDlfiK.r, Wm. Knox .... Miami, lla. El TON, Ai»e«T Max .... Newport. Ark. ENC1.I4H, l-l ' Ttim EuolNl Cornelia Eitirftlicio. Ida I.iliy . . Ebvin, rTmiio Maxviii EavlN, Goooioi. Yanciy EVANt. AUDBIt .... EVAN4, Btlti Y Em N . . EvAN», CitAnir Ham, Jh. . . Vl ' artenlon E»AN«, Hli.M Ho»i ... RemUrt, S. C. Newton, N. C. . . Adair vtlle . . . Alhent . . ila lchurit . . . W ' adley EvANi. Maiiy ViiciNiA . . Mempliit, Tenn. EYmnT, (HAliln JosrPH .... Atlanta Faidiiy, Vm, Iinton . . Sijcnal Ml., Tenn. F«l«, Mahtin I»»«. Jii., So. Darlmnulh. Man. I ' AiNtiM, 1«AN« » ' .. Jii.. Orangeburg. S. C. Fan, Chaiiiii Gii» on .... Richmond rAWCIiTT, MaI1i.«»I1 Sjviniuh Ftant ' toN, IllaNO an ' " FlxculoN, SAiAH An-. Maiietia FtTirn. IIaiiiano Ianh. Marlow Fllll), HoUAcr Wtiili Atlanta Finch. Roiiay Goudon . . . Union Point FlT PATRlcK, ClYDF NiMoN . . . Tommerce, Eiianor Braxion , . . Attieni 112 CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY l y Iiiminij, Jack C. . . Hiriwrll lutPiiAU. Jauk% t- . Gf«ymont I iovi««, Iamak KiSNitii . . IVciiur 1 oKitoN, Ma oid Ja( AtoN ... % ' inder luttii. Aiiif Marii Kditon I o«Tli, Bi N K . Iljllon itittiR. VuiAN l-itiii Athcnt Ion. TfimoN Girsv . Cilhuun FKAtiR, Hrank a. . Ailjnti 1-RIDIRIRtON, HfNAY I , I ' niim (iity, N. J. I UEii, AiifRT Haioio . . PhiliJrIphii, Pa. Ii ' iiiR, Annif Elizabeth . C-olumbtu i t ' l.iiit, Mamii: Louitr Columbuf Gainls, GtoRbx VtAcii .... Adiirivillc Gammrt, VCaitia Minor .... Mjditon Gamrlf, VitMA Eit ABirii . Moultrie Garnlr, Eiia Jam Alvaton Garrard, Mary Savannah Ga iniga. C-HARtfS t.. . . Nc« ' Haven, Conn. r.iiMiiR, Mart Ann Atlantj Glrion. Jot . . ... Atlanta Gill i . H(.(.H Mariun Sopcrioo Giiil), Marvin Bor Sopcrton Ginn, Starri Fiaver Ror ton GiNiBURC, Sylvia Tort Dalton GiRTUAN, GfORr.f II Miami. Fla. GtKTMAN, RouoiPii C Harlrhtint GiAROS, Athina Mac . Plant Cay, H . GiovFR, VCiNrRfp C Cumminn Goi DtTi IN, Burton B At! ant j Goodman, Bii i Nahunti Gordon. Viiiiam Eiiiort Pitii GRAt L. Marc A KIT AtH i . . Graccvillc, Fla. Gra( r. Sara Kat»iryn Vienna Gra iam. RoRtiiT B. . Bowdon Grant. Bisjamin H Alhent Grccne, Inman Varr Aihen Grii n, Martha Arm in t a .... Athcnt GRFfNE, Martha Dariinoton . . . Auguita GRrr,oRY, John J Vienna Gri»(itti. Virginia C Savannah Grii.g . N NtY St»»art Oaw on GRiMct. Cini Thomson Atben Gi ' iiD. M Athen GuNTiR. NTiii lAM B (rnnmerce Gl ' RIIY, Thomai Orin Hariwell MAfKi. jAMEi Fptarp Athen If All IRi- ' RTON, Jl ' IIAN D Athen H Mii. Cl ' RTH GoRWtN ClaRton llAMlLTnN. C-HARll Vidalia Hammond. Joi livik .Monroe Hammond. Oiys Barbet . . WealerYille. Pa. H MRUK. ViiiiAM J Talking Rock H RRfa. ViiiiAM FlfBiRT Atbcn Harcol ' ht. Roi Mavrui Dalton Hardvn. CioacK Vaukn .... ThiRhim Hardin. M. V. ]■ Honaniville Htasta, JotrPM Vistn i-. j« Tainethoro H««tii. Airtrt Thoma« Maditon HtRRii. Jamu AL-BRrY Raniter Marrmon, ncAR Pill L»TOnia IIartmaw. Harry Mi C . Jr.. Ilaiterttown. Md. IUtton, John 1 . Macon HAVKr«. Ntii . Athent Havrin«. Miiba Fii« ' . F a ion ton Havii. Hinry N. . 1 incotnion Maym. DiftN I). Faitanollrc MllPIIR. FlARRItON HoObtOK . . . Ailiena HiNOUtOM. CltARK Vf »irT . Cleveland HtNtON. Sauiy Mo . Toccoa 113 LA: i Ur INUN £TEEN FORTY Hi«KDON. John Dilcon HicciNtOTHAN, Louii Heuot . - Elbcfton Hill, Hcch Eo»a o. Jt Grifin HiN ' tHtiTOOO. Pattii Lofr i . . Gaincivillc HisioN. DoRftit JtAK . . . Martjnni. V . HoDCioN. Vis (TON Davinpoet . . A then HoLin. Hovrii Columbui Hoi man, Robbiit Grim in .... Albany Holt, Birnicl Mae Athem Ho«KE, RoatRT D. . . Vicnni HoaitT, Hakkt B. . AtUnti HoUtr. CiDIIIA DiAN odvillc HoVARD, Mabiiia Al ' UOTA . . lcxinf;ton M p Hrrtnv M B«iv IVlhim HUCULCT, ClJklRl. Ltr ABITH . . . AtUnll HULME, ELf ABITH KlAINI . . ■ . Athcm HfNcrEPORD, JoMK BrNNiTT . . . Athcni HvNNirDTT, William Otivit Macon HuNTis. Glrald Rorirt .... Quitman HcRtT, Et ' CLNi Cairo Hl-tchin», Jaipir DoRtLV .... Buford Hi TcHlNtON, Ceiia Gaii .... Aihcn HirrcHiNioN, Krank LaGran c HtTClliNCS. Sara Amci . . . X ' jtkin»vi!!c Irvin, CHRltTOPHLR HiNDLLV . . Sandcrtvillc Isaacs. Rorirt Stamlir . . Elizabeth, N. J. IviY. Mart Jian Atlanta jAfRvos ' . Cari Edvarhs . . Quincy, I-la. Jacksos ' , Frances Columbui jAcoBt, J. Walter, Jr Weit Point Jarrett, Jarrlll Robins Center Jenkins. Pmtlli A then Jennino, Martha Edith. San Antonio. Texi Joel, Charles, Jr Athene Johnson, Ctcil ORlcihorpc Johnson, D. W Stockton Johnson, Francis Ell ABtTH . . Decatur Johnson, Hayoen Creemer, Philadelphia, Pa. Johnson, Howard Whitl . Naihvillc. Tenn. Johnson. Julia Annette .... Aihcm Johnston, Elt abith Annf . . Waynesboro JoNis. Annii ' an . . Jjckion Jones. Bitty i-irtH Atljnii JoNis, Gordon Atlanta JONis, James Brunswick Jones, Ralph Tatton, Jr Decatur Jones. Sarah Jim Watkimvilte Jones, Vincent San ' Ord .... Jackson Kapian. David Isaac . , , . U ' rifthtsvillc Kapian, Kusiii L ' valda KiiN, Traumiii ( Dublin Ki in. RiTif l-iNoRl Athens Krnii. Robert Eucini ..... Omega Kelly, Cecil Robirts Micon Keiiy. Homir Don Wavcrly K I N T, Bi a Nil I Hi I I s . Tihim Kl RNAghasi. R obi HI Hi A R St . . Macon KiY, EllANOR olumhus KicRi iLiiTER, Qi ' i ntin H. . . . Cilrnnvitlr KiERCE, ALiri ViRN Columbus KlLcORE. DoROTiiT BvRti .... CUrkiton Kli.LtAN. I.I VIS Martin Macon KliritiNs, Wmiiasi (lAt-nr . Augusta KtviN, Marsh Ai i . . . . Yonkcrt, N. Y. Lane, Eugene Shepherd Miller I ANi , Jfi lA Taylor Drutcr t AVRENCE, John Aii i n . MilledKeville I.rE. Caroitn Albany I.EE, Eabl M. - Stairsboro Lee. Lester . Klhcrion 114. CLASS OF NINETEEh yyuMiJ Lit, Moil It lotiii . Riv City LiHakdv, EubiNt Decaiur LtuACKi. Vm. jAffttoN .... SjIc Ciiy li tiR. Milton Edgar Aihrni LiviNi, BmtiAu . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Ltwit. Dom Camilla LtrtioM . RotAiiNo Amcricui I.ITTII. XIaiion touittille Lit III, WiiiiAM . . Marietta I-iTTiiMiio, ViiiiAM MlAdoo . . Folkiion LifviLiyN. THOMAt C, Jr Sparta LoiiiN. Marcarit PiiRcr Aihrm Long, Brui i KmiKVille. Tenn. loTT, Ariiur Birnabii .... Viycroit Lorr. RoBtftT Lmtir Hoichton LvoNt. Eu(.f M E Atlanta Macon, M. L Grccniboro. Ela. MAtPHimoN. Marlarit MAiriAND. Bruniwick Maddux, pRANrit Tavior .... Sycamore Maiiort. Anna Lii.ia LaGranicc Mann, CATHiRiNf E. . . Green tille, S. C. MANNlNr,. Harrk ( F.llaville Manning. Iua . Biinhridjcc .Marks. BtTTV Au|tutia Marks. Javii H. Summersillc Marsh. GtORci: R Rockford. III. Marsh, Mary XCii son Savannah Marshaii. Kinnitii I . . . St. Elmo. Tenn. Martin, Connie Smitm Howrry Martin. Edvin Oinnis . . . , t olumbut MARirN. I oNNir £i « vn . . . Millrditrvillc Martin. Roy EtMo, }%. . . . (olumbui Martnill, M. a., Jr.. Dorade. Puerto Rico Mason, Jamls Haroid Elomer Mason. OrIna Firn Sasjnnah Mattmiw s. Eridirkk Ed« aru . . . Athene Mattiiivs. Harry Aibirt . . . Millen Msttmhs. Joi , Jr Datla MAmitms. Valtir Doom . Mrmphii. Tenn. MAxvfLi, John DtAN Bishop Mays. Jam is O ' Donaid . . louitrille MlAlllRl. GiRAIDINI hARIi t roCCOJ MlAIOR. JlANITA MiNDii. AiriN ... Mi«(iR. Franiis Viuiirii .MiRRtTT. Thomas Rokfrt Mmir. Savi. Jr MiDPi tiftooKs, Mary Fran, i » Mills. J, EviNc Milts. V LNIIII Mills. VllllAM T. . . MiiioRp. jAfK MitroM MiiiiR. Alirr RiTit Mil I iR. Jissi Ro» MitiiR, Mariiyn MllirR, ROBIRT t«i. thrn« Monroe Gray t aUarr Atlanta ■Atlanta llanta Blavkthrar iiile, Tenn. . H«ri«cl| Satter C -ai ro then» ildo t« Mill IR. Rl Til RliSttI S N Miam.. Ma. Mil 1 1». SiD i Y Sviitii . Gordon Mills. Harriitti J Savannah MiMs. Binv . . Atlanta MiSIR. iR«|N . Fl ' l.l Nl then» Ml.NROVIT . EUMA _. . St It ania MmMiit, Raymond H. theo. VtiKOM. VnciMU Claiu iV.lla Mi i, Ct irroftD E. ate Sprinjt MoRiiY. Fmp Lll . SvlYania MoNTt wriT. Jma . . . Rome Moo«. Miriam Chariotti . . . Atlanta MooRr, Eir AsriH . Atlanta MooRC, HuMtn M. ilanta OF NINETEEN FORTY Moou, HucM Lauas Nj»hville MotCAN, ALFRtD ... . Allinll MOUIH, A. D Pfar»on MORKIS, Cham.i« R.. Jk Rome MoRiis, Rt ' CL laviNc ApplinR MoRAit. ViLtlAM MtRCKt, Jk. . . Columbut Mo%». AtiftED II rct r»burs, Vj Ml ' NDT. Jo»t»M BocrN Jonoboro MuaPH. IcNATlut Fev .... Mjnhallvillc Mydpelton, Ar(Iiie SMnii, Jr. . Vsldotti McCallxy, Catherine Atljnu McCarthy, Clyde Laurence, Jr., Cimdcn McCarty, Laura Dalton McCairiix, Alex Macon McCay, James E Athene McClintick, KrrTH Lapel. Ind. McClure. Mary Hiiin .... Union City McCoNNCix, Edward Rorirt . . . Alhcn McCRtMMON. Rayford Sopcrton McDade, Miidrld . . Aihcn M DoNAiJ , Morris Ir« i.n .... Bolcon McDurriE, Helen Lol ' Iie .... A»hland McEivtf N, Wn.iiAM Li nwooo . . Brooklet McEwiN, Pat njnicl viHc McGarity, Hlgh Harris Athene MtKrN ir, Gordon Colltmbus . . A%hburn McLLMORf, Robert Eucene . . Staic boro MdtAO, Bin Hill. Jr Tifion Ml Manus. Leonard William. Jr. . Macon McNab, Sarah Catherine .... Athcn McNair, Saml ' El Welson . . . Stjplcion MrNiEL. William H lairburn McRac. Herman Alton .... Glcnwood Neai. Ray Verlin Rabun Gap NtvMAN, Mrs. AtitL Kamn. Aitoria, N. Y. Nlvman, Martin Corona, L. L, N. Y. Nevuan, Pal ' I New York, N. Y. Norman, Francis A., Jr. . . . Columbu Norman. Martha N Alpharciia Norman, Robeiii Ci audl . . . WaihinRton NoRRis, I I STIR Elliott .... Aujtuiia North, Marian Thomas . . . . Atlanta Norton, Mary Eviiyn Grave Oates. Mary Hoprin .... Brunswick ( RR, BROADtJS Sri ' RCloN . . Mowery Bran :li Ori, W. Edwin Buford Owen, jAMft Coleman Griflin OwiNS, Mara Ethel McRae Pace, William Ernest Eastman Pa(Eard, Robert R Rockford. III. Paddotk, Dayr F Athen Palmer, Charifs Lloyd .... Sale City Pantcr, Robert H., Jr. . . . [)jhtonc);a Parady, Wit ham Harold .... Cuthbcrt Paiham, Emma Cieo Bogarc Parmentir, Emory Ran r in . . . . Atco pATRiri, Vivian Monte Omeua Pauek, Rachel Wny l AYNC, Sarah ELr ABETii Allien Pi ARSON, WiiltAM Osr.ooD . . . Albany PiiBiKS, GroRor Robert .... (,hat»worth Peeples, William Jackson .... Athen Periman, William .... Brooklyn, N. Y. PfMfiT. CATlHRlNr Sardi Pert, HriiN Louise Athen Pi eers, Dorothy Annk Atlanta Piiiiiips, Curtis M., Jr Vidalia PiKf, Irwin Hunter Newnan Pincrney, Jeromb Savannah pEfYARD, John Thomai .... Wintervillc . 116- CLASS OF r- UIN Y Ji.{) PnTMAM. EauA JrAN Tthun HoNu. Ha»¥iv CiAifc . W. HiriforJ. Oinn. Popfn. Pi tr Macon I ' ui-rAi. % ' iiLiAu R. . . MjplcwuuJ. N. M. I ' uAtm, Ruth llicft« Dublin Ponia. Vanua LunftAiNi . Huhnkui. N J. Puviii., F.iiUlc LAUAt Dmcic ' Puviu. June Bianchakd .... Virnnj Puviit. MiRir ANNr. .... Swiin»born Po»i». Roy Kiitii .Ncwnin Pfcini. Cii.NTQN .... Lynchburg. Vj. PRitNiti, Grovir C. . Aihen pRiNd. VE ' ILLUU J. . Mijnij PftllANT, BcNNie ... Albjn PuLiEN, EuoRV .... Tjhirqujh. Okla. PuRCii-L, Rl ' TH Tocco Ragan. Jamu J.. Jr Blickthcjr Racmiaii. BiiiR Atheni Raini v. Miriam Lt ir.ii Ru .hclle Ranuali. Vm. Harrut AtlantJ Rallri, John Jacob Sivannih Rait in. Martha Liliias- . M ami B jch, Fl . Rat, Joh.v a . . . Royiion Rfii . Harviv Jackson Athcn RiNRA. John .... thcn RMNOIOt. HlRBLRT LiMil 1 t . AiliniJ RrvNoi-u . HoRAii Mawiii . . . . Cjifo RnoDft, Irwin Tatum . . . . Alpharcit] RlCMAROtON, BlLLIE ClIFTON Donal»onvillc Riri iARDtoN, Sara Joyce . . . . Atlanta RoBiRTioN. Rri ' BiN Lrvu . . . Manifield RuRiNiON-, Jack. Jr. . . . Jackton. Tcnn. ROBINION, TAlMADCt . . . . . Greenville RoGCRt, Richard Oliver . . . . . Baxicy Rogers. VTiiiiam Shciby . . . Elb«rion RotiNarRC. Albfrt Aaron Swainiboro Rot«. Gkorce R.. Jr. . . CirrcUnJ. Ohio Ro%ML, Sara . . Fjioniun RoTIIRERt.. RoRIRT loL ' IS . . . . Atlanta Kniii«-ELt, Gordon c tk. Nrw Bcdrord. Mw«. RoviANo. Paui Evani . . . . . Vidctie Ro HR, FraNCH CLtVELAND . , Stilton Ri ' tSEiL, David Algi-stinc . . . Atlanta Rt. ' fTiN4, Anna Rith . . rharlnlon, S. C. Rl ' TRIN. Hiiis . Tampa. Fla. Saine. Anna J. Gaincivillc Saitir, Rltm Bartow Sami. VniiAM C. Jb DallaB S NOiRt, Jarvh Wihon . M ' llhavcn ScARBORo, Paul Jone« ... Koytton SciiiiR, CioRiA Roll I itonton ScHNAtT . R. v., Jr., Port Chcttcr. N. Y. ScHRitBiR. Minnif firuniwick Scott, Betty . . . . Rome ScBi ' CCS. Katiheis . (.olumbui SrATON. F« NR 1 ( .•hutia Seat. Sarah .Mabii . Rrynoldi SiTUOL-R. GtENN I . . Albanr SiiAiria. Louii Binqhau . .... Sardii SiiAriRo, IUruan t. . . Cincinnati. Ohio Shiphebd, Ju(K ' « Rhueoy . . . Vhifckall SiuRHF, Sam ( ' oitiNt . . . . . . Alkcni StllNf.llR, lllRBIHt I ' (.burn Shiman. Roy BAi. •• . l»wlid)tf SiMUN, Norm 4 Booklri SiMCNTON. A. A. . . ilinta Sim . Kaihibinb Etbltn Kogart SkiNNfR. Loit« Ibvin . . Atheni SlAtE, M» Y YoNLt , . . . Columbui Sl« ri u. 1 ui 1 1 B«K-.R M....n .ASS OF NINETEEN FORTY SMrrH, Eliva Caklcton AiUntj SwrTH. Jaues T. . Haddock Smith. Janit SiMrtoN . Athcn SuiTH, Lavkencc v.. Ja. . Charlciion. S. C. SurTH. M, L Co% ' tnglon SufTH, Ca«a Jo Vatkinivillr Smith, Vi lbvb, Ja Trnmllr SMfTH. ViiiiAU Thomas. J«. . . Tifion SoHN, Lout! S., Jk Atlanta Spans, Jamci Luther Columbus Smnce, % ' . Alimond Camilla SriTLT. Martha HrNairrTE .... Atlanta Skott. Sara Crwnwood, S. C. St. John. Louhi Aihent SfARR, Sarah Marguerite .... Ncwnan Stein, JottrH Herman Aihcm STfPHKNt, Sophia Dorothy . . . Ncwnan StEPHENION, jAMEf E Athcnt Stevart, ALI.EN Mr t Macon Stivart. Arthur T., Jr. . . . Vhitc Plaint Stevart, Jamis Maicolm .... SyU %t«r Stewart. Thomas H., Corozul. Panama Canal Stevart, Milton Vhitiielo . U ' hiic Plain Stinc, Hallil Loumc . . Chsrlcilon. Vt ' . Va. Stoddard, Margaret Atlanta STOfrRE-CEN, Betty £ om Hill Stokllt, John Meral . Athene Stoeley, John D. . . . Aihcn Strickland, Jackson Ruytion Strong, Nancy Leigh Ncwnan SuuMERPORD. Daniel B Rcidivillc Summers, Antoinette Barnctvillc Tancn«aum, Julian Leonard . . Augutta Tankersly, Milton Jutson .... Evan Taylor, Jack Greensboro Tharpi, Edgar JririRsoN, Jr. . . Macun Thomas, Carroi i Maphis .... Decatur Thomas, Citdi M DoukIji Thomas. Doris . vlrlando, Fla. Thornton, Ralph . . Athent Thrasher, Varren Attk l% . . . Douglat Threlkeld, Euclfoe (olbcrt Thurman, William N . Atlanta Thurmond, Maxie Athcn Tirr, Lutrelle . . . . Tifton Tomlin, C. R. , . . Atlanta TovERS, Doris E. 1 it7f(erald TRiaiLr. Ansmy Stinson . Monroe Trigg, John Wiiiiam, j« . Columbut Iruiiik, .Ma« ( iiAiiioiTi .... Madifon TuRNfR, JoM EllVARD Tifton Turner, Kathervn Louisi .... Griflin Tvetty, Mary Russeil Pelham TvE, John Levis, III Atlanii Tyson, Frank L.. Jr.. Richmond Hill. N. Y Vandivir. Saml ' Ii I ' arnist LavoniJ VANbivia. Sasii iiu W.. Jr Toccoa Van RtPiR, Varren Atlanta Waidin, Thomas Eari Gibion WaI-URop, (.Aiiir Annitti . Jonciboru Vaikir. Aivcf Harrison Decatur Vael, Henry Belma . Matham VAiiArE. James J.. Jr. Atlanta Vaiters, Wiliiam GioRGf . . . East Point Varlick, Charies Louis . . . Cartcrtvitle Warren, Mart Win Tinnall Watkins. Eunice LiGrange . Midlothian, Va. Watson. Frank E.. Jr. . . . Milledseville Wation. Reynolds S Athcm Weill, Asher Louis Atlanta 118- CLASS OF NINE1 TY ItiNKif, Etelvm Juomi .... AtllQtl kiiNiTtiN. JtANtm Gmniboro k ' (itiiRc, Gtoto M. . . . Nrw York City ' iitH. Jaci, Vienna VI lilt, Maitha llAKClt .... Vildwood Miiiiv, CHARixt D. . . . Nanticokc, P». U MiftROOK. Gioa .i V .11 ' luiiLR, JCAN Madilini Romr Uiiiiut. V. C Maytville Nl ' HiiAN, Joiirii HiNToN . . Eitrick. Vi. Vhllchii, Sarah Niil Alio VL MiTAKik, Martha Schliv .... Athcm Ml MnARm, RoBCRT Ltii it . . fm ttald X ' HiTfMfAD. EbVAHD ViNtioN . . . Athrni U ' HiTiHrAO, JoH.s B Bo(irt U ' HiTiMiAD, Ym. Valkir. Jr.. Vafkintvillr V ' MnuiRi, VitiiAu K Vinlcrvillr % ' HrTTiktoRi, Max M Athent U ' krmam, Friuirick Louit, II . . Coluinbui ViiuiMCYiR, C. John .... Oiicsso. UK t ' iM.iNi, Earl Brcuri .... Brncrolrncc ViCGtNt, Thomas Chcitcr . . Bartow, Fla. U ' liDiR. Bruce L Royitoo M( ' ii£N»Kr, Grace Savannah U ' liKiNt, Sam Gavdin. Jr. . . . Columbu U ' liiiAMs. Bill Albany ViLLiAus. Charlci Claud .... Ath ni MC ' iiiiAMt, El LIN Annette . . LawrcnccviJU MC ' iiiiAMi. Frank G Plain ViiLiAkis. ViRciL Clayton . . . R(nssol J t ' itiiAMi, Valter Marrm .... Atlanta ViLLiAMt, MC ' iLiiAM David .... Sylvania Williams, Yilliam Donald . . . Atlanta ViLLiNCHAu, Frank Mallort . . . Macon VinoN, Harriitte Baiuvin . . . Madiion XTiitoN, Sterling J Bowdon UinoN. Violet Chrktine .... Aihcm ViNci, E. C Albcas ut. Millie Lenettk VuHry WoMACK. Tiiiii Mai BurdaJ Nt ' ooo. EovARO VHrrvoRTH . . . .Cairo Wood, E«thir Rl-th . . Batlci M ' ooD, Thouai Ll ' cas Macon VouoALL, BiLLT Clement . . . Columbui VoocKocft. John Gainrtvillr Woot ». JoitPH Vhiti Attwni V ' oottN. Jamei Alva .... Haitchurtt UooTiN. Jaui% SAuuri . . Athcni Vricht. Airin . Rom« »Ri .»iT. AiiiANorR TaiKington % ' iK.HT. FIiNRT V. . . . Vayneiboro, Va. VRH.HT. John Vrtiir . Charlnton. W. Va. YAfitL. Bill 0 lunibui YoiM.. MAa.. kii JcffcrwnvilU 119- J li c c tt liincii OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE - »M V. HuvARO MofcTON Aihcn ABtAM. Rlth Asn» lit gcrjld Adaiii. B[s V Ailinii AOAMt, An Nit Lovt Athens Barton, Ha ii Eii abitm SummtrvilU Ba»i[TT, Mahv NitA Fort Villey Battiv. Joan Van Dyhi Albany Adams, C ' MAHtOTTE Mukkav Alpharctla Ao M$. Ernut U ' lLLIt GilUville AoAMt, Marcarft T Monroe Adam , MtLviiLE E Wellborn. Fla. Baxter, Lucr Franch A»hburn Bayliis, Lois Bell Atlanta BiAMiR. Helen Louise Calhoun Albricht, Neil Louise Columbui Alocn. John C Cornelia Alexander, Virginia Atlanta Alexander. William Major Wjverly Bedgood, Martha Anni Aihen Bfiriiiit, Annif Martha Frankhn Hill. Amu Gku N Athens AiioKU. lliNRV N.. Jr Atljnta Aiiis. RoBiRT Parr Lce»villc Aii(.nou. Ruth Marietta At WAND, Daisy MusETir Athens But. Ja(ii Emokt Athens Bill. MerrITT Zipporah Macon Bill, Raiph H Atlanta Ai.MON, Chanbfrs Phiiiip Franklin AisTON, RoBiRT Com N Atlanta Aisin, Martha Dublin AiTMAN. RiBA Brunswick Bi I YtN. Frank I-AFAvrTTr, Jr Atlanta Bi NJAMIN, MAKr.utRITf NoRMA Cedartown BtNNi.T, Wii I lAM Birminghan . AIj. Andritv, Jami.s Alfrkd Miami, Fla. Anthony, Em hi a Luciii High Shoals Arnold. Charifs Haam Vt ' inder Arnold, Don Babb U ishington fiLNtON, Beverly Anni Athens Benson, John H Baltimore. Md. Berger, Ai bi rt Lincolnton Arnold. Sara Frasi is HugansviUe Arrindale, Irma Evimn t olbert Bagoett, Ja( r Dublin Barir, Margarit Er»in X csi Point BiRRiE, Brian Dii worth Waverly lii HRY, Hi NRV Chiniy Rome liiHir, CiiARirs Gordon ...... Risinjc Fawn Halovin, Martha Dorothy Madison Kaimt, DiWitt. Jr Atlanu Barbir, Eir ABiTii Corinni Aihntj Barbir, Rose Marian Atljnu Bkrirstaii, Robert Humbir Athens Bu.i.l RS, Mary El E aritii Atlanta Bk.i.frs, M. JosiriiiNi Columbus Barni s, Di N.IAS1IN Sum i us Macon Barnitt, AfRii Its Pharr Washington Barni tt. Hi nrii tta Bishop IUr.jn. Imtir a New York. N. Y. Bu.i.s. Erie Li slif Starks, Ela. Bishop, Emmitt Ruikir Athens BiA ' RBi ' RN, Jamis W Swainsboro Harhitt, (lAtii (harms tlcveUnJ Barron, (iiuR ' .l AlBlRT, Jr. . 1 rxingion Barron. Jasiis Haroid . . - Ncwnan HARRtt . Thomas Aucustini .Athens BiAiocK, Elmir Cleveland hiAiocK, Joan Luciiii Rabun Gap Bianchard. Mart Jani Crawford 122- CLASS OF NINETEEN rORiy-ONt BioNtTEiN. Siiiaiiv Minna . BtOODVOOIM. BA rtl RllMAkU, J biuoM, Etiki ..... Bryant. Paui Jiiian Bl ' IFOftP. (-lABlNtl. hll.lNI Bi-ro«o. J»Mi4 BliLlOCK. ARTHiia DlANI Atlinu Aihcfli I oriyih . Athent . . . T.gnill Ljrier«villc Columbut BlOOMtllLO, LoH Etr A ETH Alhcni Bit ' MBIRG, Rotl-tN Z AtUnci Bii ' MiNTHAL. Saiiv Eiaini .... l luihing, N. Y. BiiiocK. Euf.iNi HoRAd Dalla BuRCM. Jacr Hclcnj BLRNITTr. HaRVIY M HoWcIl BuRROU(.»it. Still Bro» N Allinij BoDDiE. James £ ' arnir LaGr jnge BoiLiER, Shirwooo Maroi d N. Tonawanda. N. Y. Bono. C Moody Canon BL ' RROi. ' .Ht. WiiiiAM Irankiin .... Daniclivillc Cacchi:, Anthony Brooklyn. N. Y. Callahan, Hilda Eucinia Ail ant j Camp. Haoin Newnjn Booth, John Aihcn BovtN. Sara Emma Chickamauga BRArKtTT. Alvin Alhcn» Camp, Royal C Atlanta Cam»cli. HiitN Clrom .... Coppcrhill. Tenn. CAMPBELt, Nr.Li. A them Candler. William, Jr Atlanta Brackitt, Hinrv Kno . Jr Aihtni Braodock. Viiliam Ray Jackionville. Ela. HuADitr. Mary Gertrude Decaiur Cannon, Friid Lloyd, Jr Atlanta Caraiaila. C. J., Jr Tampa, Fla. Carithir , Herschfi Atheni Cariton, Miri II Athens Bramlftt. GifNN Lamar .Marieica Branch. Margaret Bi»hop Brannin, Eviiyn College Park Carroil. Jian Eloise Bruniwick Cars VEIL. Jame JoiETii . ugu»ta i ARTAYA. Anita Builer hiand Carter, Roland Earl Aihen« BxiTTON. William Slatfr Staieiboro I ' -icE. John Hfnrv I aV-e Wales. Fla. luirr. William O Aihcn Cauthorn. Thomas Edvard Atlanta Champion, Jamu Perry Albany Chance. Giorci Allen, Jr Sardi Chandi er, Birton Bryant Aihcn BiiooRi, Mary Zaretta Brooks. Oriin .... BtoTN, Cora Dikie C:hANDLIR, iRANtlS WoOOROW Chandi fit. Lot ' isr M Mahan ChASTAIN, WllllAM DiAN c:hoatis, Chariis Robert. Jr. Atlanta Campton Atheni . Milledgeville . then« . Manrita . Tifton hao N. Margartt F Brovn. Nriiii Brovn. Robirt Chrhtie, Jissii Wheat Chrheopiicr. Francis Harai st Cl-ARK. ROMER YOUHC, Jr. . Ci ARR. Shirii V Deri I Br«« n, Rubirt Thomas Bbovn. Sarah Viri.inia ... Brusch, GfORcr Arthur. Jr. . ■ Clary. Horaci Bvlono CiiMiNTs. Harry T. . Climints. .Milobio Clsviiand, Thomas G. . . Athen Atlanta Summit C olumbu Atlanta Savannah Statrsboru Flbcriun i%omtt . Ala. . At hem . Atlanta WaTCfot Aihem . Elbertoo 123 i OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE iiiiTON, Gray D ijtciboro CiiifoK, P, v., Jk . Stilton ClINI, RaIPH CAAOt . . - . . Citco CocKr, ALiNf Hurr ... . AtUnu DAKiti, £. v., Jr. . . ... ClaKiun DAftNilL, fhtl Ell AkiTH . r lking Ruck Pavii. Bo» . . U ' intcr illr Colli, Jani FtANcrt Athrm LoiiiNi, G«iNi otvN TitouAt Athcn« CoLtiNt. Jam Jackion Drciiur (oiiiNi, Major Don lairburn DAVii, Bruci Winter viMr [)AVit, Catiiirinl Vircinia Athrnt Davii. Charles NoRRit Albin Ct LLiN«, Marjoric El r ABrTH Baxlcy Collins. Robert Madison Athens CoLQLTTT, Hugh Stcvlns . ... Uallit CoMMlNi, Louis .... AtUnta Oavi . Coiiln Brcmrn l AVi%. Dorothy Annl Aihcnt Davis, Henry Gordon, Jr Sylvc»trr CuMPTON, Charles Saxon Athcn Con ' olr, Marcaret Eli a iiii Pcniicid Coneli-Y, Marion W Athent Cook, Cornliia Burge College Park Davis, James Hugh Baltimore. MJ. Davis, Jack Tai madgi Athrnt Davis, Philip Rome Cook, Fixie Gorik n Geneva Cook, Hirbert Troy Valetka CooLiK. Nora RcynalJi Cooper, Levi J ( uhuiia Davison, Ida Dorsi v Athent DiLoArH. Charles Jami .... Savannah DeLong, Jamis Mark Gjinc« illc (uRsiii, James Eovard Injun Springv (uRNiTE. Annf Svivia Athem Corn VEIL. Ann Atlanta ( ORRY, Frank Howard, Jr Tifton DiMPsiY, AiviN Hugh Watkinsville DiMPMV. John Patton Rome Di NHAM. Raiph Will iam Anthony. I la. C uvART, DoKuTHY Rl ' TII Dunaliunville CowART. Hugh Dorsi v GarhelJ (-OVN, Samui I. Mi RRiTT Gfayton «ix. HiiUA Cumer DiNNEY, NtVNAN DoRSM Roopville Dinson. Rdbirt Rkxs Quitman DiiRtNS, Anm Spjrij C RABB. Thomas Nathan Aihcm .HANr, Frank Forbes Athens RAvioRD. Jamis Loyd Monticello ( raviord. Janelie Athent Donaldson. Libbie Iri m ( opperhtll, Tenn. I )oRsi Y, FIarry Ni II . Cartenvillc Dost, Juilt Marie I.jGranKc :RiexMORC. Ann Newton A then Crinihav, Robert VTiiniR . . Atlanta Crooms, Edna Virginia Bailey f I 1 1 1 St. Vii I IAM AuGUtTt t Wavcro»« DoTTiRV, Edwin I-AFAViTit . Athem DouGiAi. Mary .... . Athent |)o« SIR. Sanders CIurtu Richland Ui PEPPER, PiRRi St. . . . . . . ( or Jele UNNINGIIAU, I.I NA Kaihri s I.eiinnton CuniR. SiYMOL ' R S Hrmiklyn, N. Y. Daniii. Graham Eostir Aiheni Di» iER, Harrieiti Fi i abmh Tifiun DRittiR. Guy . Athent DuBosi. Jam i ... Alhrm 124- CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY IIUN VAY, SaMI ' (I G. . . . Ol ' NIAP. JaMII VllllAM Di ' NN, Thomai liixtR, Marcarit Euiia lONTAN ' A. Al»RLU U ' . . I CiO«ANIIt, HtRBI RT Mayo I ORTtON. AnM V( ' r|{.MT TiRnill . Micun Albiny . Brun«wicl Brwklyn. N. Y- Rayonnc, N. J Jickionv.lle. IIj. MiPRtL, John X ' iiiia i ... Hampton KBtRMARt T. Virginia REBt«A Cartion l-PiiYTtiN, Milton Chittinoogi, Tcnn. loRTtON, MiLORlD Wathinglon loRTSON, t ' lsTON Majiiii«;olntoii i oiTER, Charii% Aibirt Athcn lotTtR, RoBfRT HOVARU M.mroc EuVARDt, ElTII-LE P i li ;!il Jndl. N. C. KuvARUY, HiiDA CLivtiAND .... J jc k un villc, Fli. l-i) !) , Mary Hli abhtk Wayi I ' RAM. BENJAMIN VCorcciicr, Mj . Irank. Dorothy Mak-arli Ucc ' tui Irankiin. Dorothy biMLi Adjirivillc I ' HANKllN, John Hiram Jackson I 1 « AR1 1- l ■ I. Syivia Janl Kirkwood, Mo. .. Thomas H.. Jr Pembroke ViRA U ' hiKbam I HUMAN. Iranlus Yoh.m Unjdillj 1 RM .MAN. Horace VjIJomj Iridili. Thomas Martin Roopville rRliDsON, Cayne . ibJ y El LIOTT, CiciL Martin EiiiiON, LuciLt Jackson TiriijII KiRoD, UoN Brittain Jcffcfion I Ul-tlLOVt, StABORN ElIYTIN Athens luLMtR, XALTtR WiLl MM Sjvannah Gallaher, BtATRiLt Atlanta Gamble. Louise Tarrln Loui villc Erps, SlLMA pRANrvi Aihen EiTi . CiiANOitR Bayard Allien I I MRi IK.L. Harriitt Haycood Albany GARNtR. Emily Eli ablth Ashburn Gate»ood. Fi ora Dt sham Americui Gauloinc, John Morgan. Jr. . .... Colbert Gibson, Charlls Ulmoby Vtayne ville Lthriih.i. Tho.ma4 VI ' ahon .... . . t jrl Et-BANRS, Jachon EuoENr. Jr. . Applmi; IiATMtRYTON. Irine Hicht . . ■ Rome Gibson. Marvin M. . ... DourUi GitBLRT, LoRiNE . . - ... Atlanta GiiiON. Glorcl H. . Atlanta GiiMORt. Ruby Lt» Monticello HiRtiRA. Sadie Albfrta Stone Mountain I-iRcutoN, Washington Hi aim C.othbcrt Fercuion, Viliiam Graoy Cornelia GitRiATH, Mary Eli abitm Carteriville GiNSBiRG. Joseph Harold . . Dalton Gi ANTON. Ro ull ... Granlville GiLDHiii. JosiriiiNi ClAl li«. Shwkiiy Pauii in Firman, Phm ip D. . I iROft. Anni Byrd .... GoiOSTriN, B»TTT Gordon, Mi ' rray Gray. Dan F. . . . Gray. Sarah Aik i I i[ i.i RAi D, John F ovard liANtiiRi. Rachii HniN 1 I I Tc HIR, OrLIN F. CiRim, John TiiostAs iRi I R. Norm A Grant , Grikb, % ' arrin Cortiii Grkr, Zack Etan Apalachee lirtwklyn. N. Y. . Athcni Atlanta Brooklyn. , N. Y. Ocilla . . c. iilumbui Atlanta Scotland AuKuita Mnnrnc Alhcn Athrnt ( urdric 125- b Ur NINhlhtN FORTY-ONE ■ EMiYi Plilly Gkipfith, Cicit l.rTiNC»TON . Athfni Gtovit, RoMKT v.. J . . . . Sivannih Gkumhon, GtADVt MAtr.AtiT Aihrn Gi ' NN, Nanr I Cr w£ordvillf HiNDON, MaRCABIT K.AIHK1N Alhcnt HiBBlN. Ida Rcth ( haiunooKJ. Tcnn. lliiRt. Krnivt Lavonij Ma«.an, Jai Gr y»on Hai,ood, Haroio Guntir Liwrcnccvillc Mali, jAik VaiT AtUnia Hah. C-HAkili HmuAN Norwood HiGciNBOTHAM, LOLiti MoRi 1 Achrn« HiiL, Waiti-R Ci ap. Jr Adinti HiN%ON, BtLtt Alimo Hah. Lion L LaGrange Hail, Robirt Ed«ard, III ... . Roiihciier. N. Y. Hah, Roblrt H Soperton Hammton, Donald ELLtvoRTll Oil Ciiy, Pcnn. Hi i. JotLPH Eakl . . ... Chickimiujcj Hi on. HiLiN WiLtos Ail ant a HoiN.t , Hardi.s S Pttt H 4MII TON, GioHf.i Ki NNi III Athrnt Hamii ins. Rai tit I 1.I.OVU Dilton Ham Ml IT, Dorothy Ann Athcni H si V, An PHI » Ni » ION Smyrna Hoocit, V ' lLiiAM HiNR , III ... . U ' atkinivillc HoLCOMB, Mi.Rii Ei.i ABiiM Rockmari Hoi II V. David Pitti Piigah, Ala. HANit. (tiARioTTi Ann Calhoun Hanson. LiioRO IaIaiitii, Jr Aihrnt Harbir, Tiioma) Aibirt . ommcfce Harblr, HiLiNL CoLtTiL Aihcm HOLI-IDAV. JaMLI CaRI TON ... IcniniClon HoLLiDAY, John William Le inKLon Hot MAN, CHABLtt Mitih.AN Albany Harui man. An Nil RuTti X ' intrrville Harian, Raipii Bissiii Jrnkintown. Penn. Hariov, Roblrt SummerviHc Harrlil. jo iPM Ri%Mii Milan HoMA. Barbara Jani Miami, I la. HoDO. J. Hovt Natooihrc Homord. Jimmy ( oi i mbi-% Ailanu I Iakhi II, Vt ' li I lAM HoRAf I I ' carMin Marru. John B., Jr Macon Harri%. Wiimam V. lindrr Hailki , Viiiiam Hovard, Jr. IVini Pcirr Mow III , Lrviv RoBIRi .... Thornton Huckabii, Lio Binnih. Jr Macon HUDUIIITON, JOllPtllNI AllXANOIR Athcnt HAkRi oN. Haroio .... llrthlrKcm Harrison. Robirt I . ttania HaRTIORD, jAMLt NiCMOKON. Jr. . . thcni MA RINt. SiDNtT Macon HuDtON, jAMit TiDviii Aihent HvDtON, WiLIIAM (llARIM Atlanta tlt ' i . ( ARui Y N . tllnla Ha«i AM, Gl OHI.IA IIaroi o Millrdf;r iIIc Hakiiir, Dot Ik Akin . . . . Screven Hi iiiiTi, RAViON .... . . Atlanta H««iiiNi. Martha Grai i . laGrange Hull, JottPii Vinson V«»t Point Hfltlt. ISMAN VON .... Poflal HcMPtiRM V. Maui |ti Slonr Mountain I (« w V. I It I IAN M«Ri 1 1 I I thrn« HAt«. oD. Vaiiib Tri ' man. I I atmington MAt«ABi , Mo ABn J. . . . Millcdicrvillr HiAti, Raymond JtNNiN(.t ... Alma Mi ' NNKi ' TT, GloRii AviiinN . Aihcn Hi NiiR, KAtHRYN .... Athfn Hi Rill, KlIANOR CbIIN Macon " 9 ' € 126- CLASS OF NINETEEN FORI - v ' 1 S IZ Hl ' TCHtiON, I.YMAN . ... Kite HYNOTr. John Hiniiy . - SjI« City Inman, Bin jam in Stingos, J» ThomaiviMe Kiit-tR. A. Pali. J Aihcn KiitiY, Evan Livi Crovcco»-n Ki NDmcR. Lavri n I Ml ' . . . X c i Brook6«ld. Mi»». KlNNIDY, JoM Ml Fd«in, Jh Ad ' ntj hM . Hi NRV Franki in, Jr . usutt4 jACKtON, JacH Dublin Jackson. Marian (.Cochran KiNNON. ViR(.iNtA WiRi Athcni Ki NT. John Hovard. Jr. . . Rome KiitD. John Inman Hirtwcll KtN ' .. Katmirini Daknwim AtUnt4 Jacoius. Jompii. II Atlanta jAMt«. HovARU Ravii s Elli)iy Jay. MllOttt:!! Greensboro KiNNiY. lliii A MiRiL Bremen KisNiY, Vt ' ii HAM L Brjfclton KiRKY, U ' liiiAM Caivin DetJtur KiRR. I.AVRiNii Athcn Jay, XS ' iLiiAM HtNRY DoukU viHc Jt-i ' r Ri%. CATniRiNt M Athen Ju»INSON, tvtLYN LofltL Bogiri KiRKlAND, ()vi N Kari Lindilc KifNBtRC. MuRiit Atlanta KiiNt:. Adi:i Mai. Atlanta KNiLtiT. Eva Kathryn Sale City JoMNNON, Martan Cra»IOR[) Athcni JoiNtR, Jamiv Wrigmf Reynolds Jones, Bcnjon Monroi. Dallas Knicht. Wiimam Thomas Savjnnali Knox. Paul C ApplioR Knipp. John Cutlir Atlantj Kramir. Sarah HtLtN Sunimcrvillc JoNLs, BoLLiNc, HI AilantA JoNts. Bryant Atlanta JoNti, Emory Parks Quitman Iacov. Jacob B New York, N. Y. Lamar. Mary Lolisi Hawkin vitlc Lamkin, Eii abfth Stovaii Alhcn I AVI. Maklini Griffin JoNfs, JoNNii Swainsboro Jones. Keairi Savannah JoNH. Richard Edwarh Atlanta I ani.. ' iliiam Jone Statc born I.ANr,iK N. Jul I A Lorraine (. olumbut Ianleoro. Ann Virginia DanicUvitle Iamitir. Jame Mt ' llllAM Covinglon Joney. Robirt G C allioun JoNi, . X ' aitir Trovpi Quitman loRDAS. Barton Leon Roy»ton I AYtfTER, Sarah Lhaniiv Oaw «n I A ARirs. LiEMAN . Quitman I M, Daniei Warni ri .Alma llMARni. Ji ' lius C. Decatur Jordan, Bi n Movarii . . . Athem JoRi.iNYON. Nil I ila onne. N. J. Kahn, Ma(. hki .... ■ . Pelham ItifoCKV, AiBiN A. . McKe«»pori. I ' enn. Iimmonp, Sara Jianm Ailania liKni-v, Jani Riadi . . Atlanta liRoY. liMi ' ii D wo Ti)tnjll Kariiit , Saii4 III IminiJin Inn. S ( KAitd ' RA. JotlpM M ntnnia, I onn. KsY, iiNA BiMi Byron I I virr. Jul iv . . Atlanta li«li, GliNN Lamah Athcni li»l . Robert O. . . . Ailanii I IBERMAN, jArK JoM Brooklyn. N. Y. yOElO 127. oLAbb Uh NiMtiLtrj FORTY-ONE llTTll VllllAM A. . LotttN MAKt l-Ot ' ltl . 1 .ILcti LoNt., LOVAKD CaAVIORU . -,,, ■ LONC, EaNiiT EocAt . N ■ . ■ MiRkllT. ElUMA r l Atljnti Mnii. NI ' iiiiAM J. . Add l-ONC, tUNllI ! .. In . Birtow Lovt, Wai,ti» Tiioma» Ni»hvillc LovCRY, Fkanr HARtit . . . . Lowcry luwiir. TviiA Andu Pcnion MllllK, WlLtlAM UlNHY Run " Mriit.. VlLllAM «■. . . Aiheni MllllrAN. StAloAN loin Btiwdon liiili. Max Hill Alljnli LtMPAiN, hLr Aiiiii Athen llNN. Donna Maui Mijmi. 1 la. MA noNlll, JiAN .Vlicon MiNtm, Loum Ann Greenville .MiTfMlil, jiANNi Smiih Athen Ml i. BmiiiA 1«1N1 ... . . . rnold v;lle Mai i ock, KllANoA SivAnnjh Mardox, Joitpii JiiimtoN Ailjntj Mai LORY, Louit Nti»ON Cretl Maioncv, F»anci4 Andi.ii on Atlanta Mo«llY, JuilA Ann Stone Mountain MoMii. Slto. J« Savannah MoNioi . (mamiv Atlanta Maniiy, jAULt AlBiAT Baiwicli Makchant, Janii-M ... . . l meKa MARtHANT. Tayior HrancI) , . . Atlanta Marmi, VI ' imiam John, Jr. . Ni " MiKorJ. Conn. Mi oov. Jamu Cttll Nahunli Moor. Romyn Ciair Atlanta MooRl. FniARD C loRanvllle ' r¥ MaKTIN, I ' llANK, A. Llcci%ille Martin. Ida Anni . . Mjcon Mamov. Robirt . Br.M.kl n. Y. Maion. NANry Anmi .... . K.nK ton. R. I. Monm , EvMiN HAnRikT . Mjcun MnoRi. Marian ... .Aihcn MooRi, Martha l otit . Rome .Mawii. John Mor».an . Ciccnvillc, S. L Maimv. R(n H.. Jr. . . Ailinli Matiiir, Bittv t. ottos . AlUn(4 MATTHtT . MaRJORII StIMNv . . Atlinia MooRl . V. C.lii Ni ' jntou%er. ' a h. MriRRIt, CHARIIt, Jk Roopvillc MiiRRU. Nivt, Jr. . , MjrirttJ MaIIIII«V TllOMAt MtlllR . Thomatlun MaTMU, JllIAN l-.KVARII VildoKJi Matkii. Viiiiau Hotarii I ' orurdalc MAi ' iniN. Hattii Marjorii Middlrion MuRRitoN. Ina Mat . U ' lnurvillc Mt ' iiiN. Harry Bi ni. % . l.irle»iun. S. C MiRPii. J. S.. Jr. . . . Mirihillvillc MAL ' Nrv, RiniARD Vow - Mm .hy. N. C. Mayviii, Aucuitui I) Irxinptton MAk«ii.i. Martha I.iiiian IVwyroic Mmviii, Rorirt Jiiiir«on, Jr. . AujtuOj .Mi ' RRov, BittiE Arum Stitnc MnuntJin MiRROv, Jnr Daviii . 1 irmin|[ii n Mtt.OtT. Gil RI.I Taimaik.i . . BiiKJrt Mai. % ' iiiiam XI ' armiav uicu»(a Ml AniRt, f 1 AIJ) J. . Miw%ille aMtlVIN, ClAVTON v.. Ictrx MiRrliR, BlIlT R . Ill MtBiiiDt. IIovarh IK ' t-ii . Lumber ( tty MiC ' aii, John i arr Mnulirir MiC-ANii. RAirii R BulUr - 128 ' CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-oinc Vl(t.A , iA% Rl ' TM ... Faiunollcc MiClATCIUt. G«AC» DakiiNi. AllintJ V ' OIIt ' M, l.ADILL .... Cordclf O ' KCLIEY, ClIAItIt RtK.Mll .... Hull Obk, Si iititr NoiAN Athcnt OviNt, JiiiiKfON ( ' Evink 4.)xioiin, lliiiN ViKt.iMA . I ' lrrott l (otii.M, Rovi J M Ailjnia MiCuMBt, Jami Nokiiiii Athcnt M (uNNCLL, Mtii %i I ' li ABLTii Commcrcc Padin, Makiiia l.OL ' 1%1 Ailanta Pariiam. J. I . Atheni Paiii«. Kari PllKt t . - . . Athnij Parr,. Thoma B. tatonton MiCoNNiLi, M11.PRID l.oL ' ni . . Athcni Ml C ' oY, l.AURA ..... Cotumbut M Cl ' rrv, Vadi. Jr Alphareita Parr. VCaiiir Fdvin Williimtun Parker. VE ' iiiiam U ' rk.iif Bruniwick Parrv. IlAniM Athcnt Parr. Martha N ' ansiiti Athcn M Davip. Bitty Thoma»villc MrDoNAiD. Jami) Ja rson Athen U DoixAi D, John DoDr.i y Sjvannjh Patc. Joitrii BiNjAXiiN, Jr AtUntJ Patrick, Editii Coli 11 r dmccJ Patton, RottMARV AlllntJ Pattiho. Frank, Jr. . . Uctitur McDuFFiE. £. GtoKcr Athland McDt ' FFit, VE ' ilbur Ei «aru . Macon .McEvER, Margaret .... ... Monroe Payne, Jam t Elbi m Hart well Payne, J. W. . . . . Hartwdl Paine, Martha Jani ..... Atheni pA Nf. B MTTl GllMLR Atlanta .MiHarci, jAMEt Emmitt, Jk Shcthcld. Ata. MiJl ' NKtN, Clovie Eli abith Gainesville McRai , Margaret McRac Peak£, Anne Atlanta Peebeei. JoiiNNii Swain boro PiSNiNf.Tos. Ll ' tmir Thomas Mailhew Pi NNV, I I ON AHO l i .M . |r A then NiAi. lUnm K , . . Kiic lAi. Mary . Albany Ni « , Ja ob . Dciter Pirry, Oiohm X . . Mull PiRRV, Iri« Il ' iiii . . ' tljnia Peterion, Cynthia Jam Atlanta Peyton, Vihoinia Tyiir Atheni NcvioN, XfiELiAM % ' hiiiik Union I ' uint NtvTON. GEOBcr. E. . . ■ Collini Nivton. Lee Tbamfil . Maditon Phabb, Sara Jianni . Gainc%villc PuNroT. Dorothy Morii hi. Aihem Pi TTI, KaTHRYN EltANOR . ColulTlbu PooiF. RoBtRT I-otiv Sylvctier Nkhoim, Don E. . Atlanta Nu. DlliARD EaIa iiii ■■mtncrvc NoBii , Anne Rot.iRt . . Atlanta Popi, KoHBi«T Kari ... . Alhen« PoBTEBiiiiP, Vii I i M I» sii I ( omer pRirr, Ann ' •(•ami. I ' la. Pbh r, Pm .y Albanv NoRRit, Jabii U ' aitii I an NoBBit, Leonard PiiRt i . ... (jroteiown Numnaiiv, Mt ' f.H M(Km .... (harloiictvilU, Va. pRif Ri TT. GtnBf.r Oanhi ... Athcnt PftO t. VllllAM MrNRY, JR . St. loui . Mo. PtiEiAU, D»ir.HT I-, . . ... Martin I ' ll HAM, Sam AtBLTRBY t attanollce 1 t I f 5 9: 5 f 129- L oj wr inINETEEN FORTY-ONE rii iLi. Lavkinm tAlAiiiii Macon Racidaie, t-AiMOL-K ... Toccoa Rainis. MAtviN n K ' arwick Raukov, Eakl Adam Auguna Sataci , BiTTT riiARiOTTA Tt. Vallcy Sa i, Mahoid AiiXAN ' niR Aihcn» ScARBOKOLxM, Mab Iiia Amoldivillc Ri MtiY, RoiriiT Lirtfoua .... Charleston. X . N ' j. Ramm , Wiiii ' R titANRtiN Gainc» illc R« «i t, Sa«a l-RANtit Atlanta RivMv, Gi:oiii..iANNA Athcni ScMVANKc, DoRtt MiiiiRiii RotavMIc S oiT. Martha Acni Atlanta SiCRitT, Ki gar Lcc, Jh Atlicn» Ka%iinci, I.i-Na Irinc Santlenvillc RiARtK N, WiLiiAM Ba%(om X ' oodbinc RiuiitNG. Hill N . . . ... Atlanta RiiL , Martha Lol ' I i ... Rome Slvcii.. Rorirt Rill) Lavnnia SHtPPARo, VCiiiARu Ravmono Bruntwick Shlrifi-, An NIC l.HI: Athcn Rmm, t ' lLLlAM AucUiTUi, Jr Jakin Rint , Daniel I-rank Miami, Ma. RiiNKK, Jacob M Springfield. Man. RiYNOi-D), Zaiinir Atlanta ShINN, IsABILIA Em ablth Athcn Shipp, Mary Jani: Amcricu Smirii Y. Charm s Morton Bowenvillc Rm liARns. Jams V. Atlanta RiniARDsoN, AiKi Mark Atlanta RiriiTtR. I-RANR Amiton Cairo Rim.tLL, DoiiYi SijIdo. J la. Short, Edvard VCiison .-Sthcn SlAFACA , 1. II I.IAN Aihcn SiLVA, A .Nis Atlanta Rir.iiTON, Wyi-I Nr Kil ABiiii Savannah Rich. EiilN Jani Coleman RoBTRTt, Howard Gkadv Swaimboro RoBiRTi, JoEi. Davh Rome Simpson. VCiiiiam Thomas Lakeland SiRMON , A. I.., |r I-arRo Sirmon . N£ ' aitir Rvvsiii Adel KoitGiR%, I ' RANiiN RiHMtA Moultric Kot.iR . J. Van. Jr ( hattanouRa, Tenn. R.i .iR%, Tom Momiii Dallat Ro(.i r%. VCaRRIN Goodvin Mapc illc Smson. |-RANrt« ClARKi Altania Smith. I aura l.toNORi ... Aihcnv SMmi, Charms Richtiii, Jr. . . Concord K4 HRAB. Nil I r l-RANrlt Roti , Mary Ei i abi th RiurNTRic, John Vmmy Rit« I AND. Phiup Arnoid Smith. |-|ori .... Smith. Roriri Ii OHim.r . [• Smith, Robirt In Ri ARK, IE Edward . Kl ' %%11 t , Rl ' RTIII Kill AND. Caivin Thoma« Sadiir. Mamy Erikini: .... Smith, Wn i iam Bobby. Jr. SMmi. ViiiiAM Stanioid, Jr. SNIMINr,, jAt R Illl A ) . Sai I i i n. Mary Taii Air, Miriam Saitir. U ' imiam EAVBtNcr Sandir . 11 1 iam Taviok SoRTour, Artiu ' r EMtRioN Sortori . JiAN EouMr . Spain , Cut itkb, L. . ■ . Atlanta Decatur Hahira V ' idctte Atlanta Atlanta Savannah Hon wick X " averly Drcaiiir Han welt Tcnnille . Macon Mitlrttvillc. S. C. ( ..luml u« Danburg Savannah Aihen« Avnndale Euatrt Avondale E«laie» Bcihlehrm 130- CLASS OF NINETEEN F SPAiKt, ALCi-«Tt ' « OcTAVit ' t Bacon, Jk. . Mjcon SriABt, HiiiBitT MiLioN Carncivillc SrLii, TitouAi V . l.yont Tavio«. John Fkid, Jr. . . . Grcfntboru Tayior. John Lie ... Athcn» Tavior. Lalra LouitE . I fnorc»t Tavior, Mar Ancelini: Lutumbut Si-iNciR, Richard Pirry Tolumbut SfAtlORO, OVCRVON Pit ton Stancil, Frank Eari. . ToCknj Teal, Charic B. . ln gcrjld TtAiiiY, BiilY C. . Elbcrton TfcroRD, Glorce n ( Icveljnd Thomas, ANsr . ( olumbu« Standard. Samc ' IL Bruit VjihioKiun StaTHAM. RoRtRT EARIf, JK. ... Cubb SiiPiiiN ' t. JoiiPH Manchcitcr Thomas. E. Hotard Mjriin Thomas. Mary Eii AirTH Bnhop Thomas, Mary Kathryn Mjriin Thomas. RiBvr. Sybii Athene Stltart, £itA [NE Rome Stimpson, C ' iiiia.m Hirbert Mobile. Ali. Stinson, Raif Haic Fort Giines Thomas, Sfsii iI ' vnn Col lent Park Thoxiason, Mary Hilin Stone Mountain Thompson, Elizabeth . - Oliver Thrasher. Anne Irene Athens Stith, Eleanor May C.olumbii, S. C. Stockton, Bobbie Phi .... AtUnta Stoef. Robert ... . New York, N. Y. TiLLiR, Haroiii Mil 1 1 Athens TiMM. AiBiHT FIarrv, Jr Athens Tipton, Frank Presion Aiiantj TliON. Eif.1 NE Dyke Moultrie Stoceoill, BrNTLEV Richard C-hickjmjuK-i Stove, James Edvin . . - . . Mjrtin Stovi. Jdhnnv Pershing Ejitjnollce Todo, Fay Ida Atljnu ToijoN, U ' atson Lamar Akron, Ohio ToRAN, l ' iiiiAM Baer . . . Chester, Pj. ToRTORA, Frank P. cw York, N. V. Sirkriand. Meiville EtijAit Lilburn Strkriand, Miriam ... Royston SuDDATH, Jack Lae avette Pnrtil To»LE«. Dot . Monroe ToTNSEND. Edith Kruniwick Tratick. Mera ... ommerce Trousdaic, Louis Carter . . Athens Si ' MMERHtLL, Devey L. , . Attjnti Sc ' MMERouR. Jennings Marvi Vmder Svirr, George Parker ... t olumbui Tkl ' ssei.i., LaGrangi Athens Tuck, Joseph Ql ' Ill ■ Vlinterville Tuck, Rlnf Do iir Athens Tucker, Tim iam McCi i sdon Atlantj SiMtisDS, HtNRV DeLa Vergl-s Orlindo, Fia. S fVf ' iK, ViiiiAM Edvard .... Vjicrvlict, N. Y. TtsKlRsiEY, Dorothy » ' jsiro« Tucker, Zelda .... Ocilla TiTRNEi, Auct ' iT Baiovin AtJantJ TuRNtR, Lesiie Henry Aujtiuia Turner, Margaret Virginia Danburg Tate, Jamcs H . Rome Tayeor, Eovaro Francis . . . . Alhcn Taveob, Erwa Nri.L Siraiota. Fla. Tyre, Reyne Aiien Sctotn L ' ndirtood, Joe B. . djinriYillc I ' priiURcEi. FIebmam Boyd . . Athcn ■guHAKT, Gmtbudk Roberta Vaycron 131 CLASS OF NINETEEN FORTY-ONE Vaidli, Josiph FnANRiiN Atlanta Van Hook. VCiiiiau Yolni Out Cave ANiANT, HiNdV N ' lllON Athcni U ' ADDtiL. Elliott Sn ah Columbu U ' ooo, Maiit Louise Commerce ooDS, AiBON Young Aihen Vooos, John CiAwronD Atheni Vi Aoi, Mini II Vasiiincton. J» Soperton U ' AOiWORTH. )li ' ll-IIAM 1 RAN KLIN, Jr. . . Columbui U ' aiklk, Emily Marcarlt Macon » Ai KER, Hlnry Grady Inion Point Vli ' ooD , OwiN O Athcn Mt ' ooDVARD, VC ' iiiiAM Brians Ailanu VlioODV. £[ bAR, Jr Thomas illc VI ' akrin. Eli abltii Hartwtll X ' atmns. Emory Cmiiori Brooklet U ' atMNs, KATMrRINiL Talbot lon ' K ' at ' .on. Camm(lij I.Ll Lakeland Mll ' YNNt. Frank Couy Miami. Ha- Yablon«ky, Sttvi McKeeiport. Pa. Yanciy. Mary Ei i a Albany X AfsoN. Marion Ra .an- Swain boro UNMAN. Martin Brooklyn. N. Y. Mi UNMAN. RosAiiNU Attania )i ' iin, CiiARi-E Brinton, Jr Atlanta Ylsukilwic , William A Enfield, Conn. YouMANS. Tatl Swainiboro Young, John G laycttcville. Tenn. U ' lVTBHOOK. MoNTlL CaROLVN Hi MC ' riTON, VCarrin Concord. Ma ». WmFLLR. Eli abith Proch Atlanta X ' nippii:. John I-rankiin. Jr Quitman Zaomn. PrARL Sarah Greenville. S. C. ZricuR. RoBLRT F Macon ZniiKs. Rkiiard D Palmyra, Penn. iini . John U ' ayi and, Jr Thorn Jivillc Mtiiirr. VC ' aiter Bi ymlr Hillard U ' hitf. VCiiiiam OiMONR. Jr Richmond, Va. ' mit« " ortii. Giorci: Thomas Athens ZlMMIMAN. RhHAHI) B AtljHtJ Mt K.i.iN . RonrRT CiiARiis Bariow. Fla. Vl ' linjR. DoNAin MArLiAS Savannah ' iiioNr,. Jamu Quini V . , Athens Ml II MS, Roy. Jr ( ollini U ' n I lAMs, Ann Mi narm . ... Macon U ' liilAMS, Eui.iNiA Him V;a»hingion tniiAMk. IL Popi Vienna MiiiiiAMs, Jamm C-aiiaway t ommcrcc XiiiiAMsoN. Jamu Aiiin Fulonia Mtiii . Witiii Btlir Alphareita Ml II %ns-, Mari.arit Oi ' iMNrrir Ha»lfhuf i X II SON. Ml, II I M VI I IP Dctaluf Mh ' iNC. JriiA Martha Atlantji Vk ' iiHt. Howard Arthi ' R .... I ' nion rity, N. J. M ' nMAfR. jAm EnvARn . .Atlanta Mi ' ooD, Jamu Frankiin Valdoua 132- 7 f ABNEy BARROW BELL BOWERS CARLISLE CARROLL DICKEy DyKES FAHy FORTSON FOSTER HOyT HUNNICUn KNOX LANDAU COHN SENIOR LAW CLASS THOMAS MITCHELL ABNEY Athens CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Pi Kappa Alpha Freshman Boxing, ' )2; Freshman Football, ' 32; Pan-Mellenic Coun- cil, ' }S- ' 38; Treasurer Pan-Hellenic Council, ' J7- ' J8; 1st Lt. Cav- alry, R. O. T. C; Treasurer Law Class, ' 3 5. DAVID CRENSHAW BARROW Savannah CANDIDAir rOR LL.B. DLCRLE Freshman Track, ' 34; Freshman Boxing, ' 34; Varsity Track, ' 35; Varsity Boxing, ' 35, ' 36; Phi Delta Phi. JOHN CHAPMAN BELL Augusta CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Sixma Nil Phi Delta Phi; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C; Scabbard and Blade. HARRY GRIMSHAW BOWERS Americus CANIIIDATI I OR LI. .11. DECREE Phi IMla Thcta Phi Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Senior Round Table; Secretary, Plii Diltj Theta; Historian, Phi Delta Phi. EDWIN ANSLEY CARLISLE Cairo CANDIUATI FOR I I .B. DLf.RI F Pi Kappa Alpha Transfer, Emory Junior College, ' 34; House Manager, Pi Kapp.i Alpha, ' 5 J, •)«; Pan-Hellenic Council, " 36. CHARLES HUGH CARROLL Abbeville CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DLCREE Phi Delta Phi; Secretary, Senior Class; Demosthenian. AARON COHN Columbus CANDIUATI FOR I I n. Dl t.RI I Alpha I piilon Pi Blue Key Council; Scabbard and Blade; Pan-Hellenic Council; Fresh- man Tennis; Freshman Boxing; Varsity Tennis; Captain, Tennis Team; Assistant Tennis Coach, ' 38; C:aptain R. O. T. C; Voluntary Religious Council; President, Alpha Epsilon Pi. THO.MAS J. DICKEY St. Simons Island CANDIDATE FOR I I .R. DECREE " X " Club; Gridiron; Business Manager, 1957 Pandora; Phi Delta Phi; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. LUTHER WINGATE DYKES Americus TANDIDATF FOR I I .B. DFCRFE Phi Drlla Thrla International Relations Club; Phi Kappa; Senior Round Table; Secretary, Phi Delta Theta. ALBERT FRANCIS FAllY, JR. Rome CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE Chi Phi Golf Team. EDWIN B. FORTSON Washington CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE JL ' IIAX MASON FOSTER Madison CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Phi Delia Theta Phi Delta Phi. VSADI- COTIIRON HOYT, JR. Rome CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Chi Phi Phi Beta Kappa; Sphinx; Phi Kappa Phi; Oniicron Delta Kappa; President, Pan-Hellenic Oiuncil, ' 36, ' 37; Gridiron; President, Chi Phi, ' 36, ' 37; Phi Delta Theta; Captain, Golf Team; Captain, Tennis Team; Vice-President, Senior Lass- Class; Law School Honor Council. DUPREE HUNNICUTT, JR. Athens CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. I I (.RLE Kapp.1 Alpha Phi IWta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Ctrtdiron; President, (Jass, ' 36; Blue Key; Presiilent, Phi Kappa, ' 3t; Y. M. C. A., ' 34- ' 3!; Chief Justice, " Tmimbs Law Club. " ' 38; " X " Club; International Relations Club; lliftad Club; Secretary, Kappj Alpha Fraternity, ' 33; Varsity Debating Team, ' 34; Vice- President, Phi Delia Phi, ■37- ' 38; Senior Advisor to Pre-Legal Club, ' 37- ' 38: Student Assistant, Geography Department, 37- ' 38. ROBERT EDWARD KNOX Thomson I ANDIDATF FOR LL.B. DECREE Pi Kappa Phi President, Pi Kappa Phi, ' 36- ' 37; President, Senior Law Class; Phi Delia Phi; Chief Justice, Cobb Law Club; Pan-Hellenic Council, •34- ' 38; Gridiron: Captain, R. O. T. C; Blue Key Council. EDMUND AI DFR.MAN LANDAU, JR. Albany CANDIUATI I OR LL.B. DECREE Phi I-.psilon Pi Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key; Varsity Tennis, ' 34, ' 3f; Cllee Club, ' 32- ' 34; Gridiron; President, Phi Fpsilom Pi; Band, ' 32, ' 3 3; Phi Kappa; Socraiic Circle; Senior Round Table; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 3(; President, Gridiron, ' 37; Honor Court, Freshman Law Class, Senior Law Class; Periclean, ' 38; Advisor to Law Clubs, ' 38. Freshman Law Vice-President, f ; %. f LATIMER LEE McDANIELL MATTHEWS MERCADANTE MILNER MITCHELL RASKIN SCHRODER TISON SMITH TOLAR SOLMS WARREN SPENCE SENIOR LAW CLASS ASBURY CHURCHWELL LATIMKR Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Sigma Alpha Epsilvn Secretary, Vice-President, President, S. A. F..; President, Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 37- 38; Gridiron; Phi Kappa; Pelican; Treasurer, Second Year law Class; Major, R. O. T. C; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' je- ' J ; Vi ' ho ' s ' ho in American Colleges and Universities. WILLIAM SPENCER LEE Fort Valley CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Phi Delia Thela Law School Honor Court; Xarden, Phi Delta Theta. CHARLES ELI M( DANIELL Eastman CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Alpha Kappa Kappa Old College Club; Demosthenian. JOHN PEARCE MATTHEWS Smyrna CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Pi Kappa Alpha LUKE A. MERCADANTE Glen Cos ' c, New York CANDIDATI FOR LL.B. DICRLE Transfer, Alabama Polytechnic Institute; Sigma Delta Kappa; Vicc- Chancellor, ' )8; Associate Justice, ' )8; Demosthenian. THOMAS H. MILNER. JR. Albany CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DrcRFI Kappa Alpha I. S. MITCHELL Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Chi Phi Phi Delta Phi; Pan-Hellenic Council; Honor Court. SIDNEY LOUIS RASKIN Savannah CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Alpha Epsihn Pi Phi Kappa Phi; President, Alpha Epsilon Pi. WILLIAM HENRY SCHRODER, JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Chi Phi Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Phi; Chief Justice, Honor Court; Assistant Freshman Football Coach. WILLIAM CROSSWELL S.MITH Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Sigma Alpha Epiilon ANTON FRANCIS SOLMS, JR. Savannah CANDID Tt FOR LI .B. DECREE Sigma Alpha Epiilon Gridiron: Phi Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade; " C " Club; Basketball. GEORGE CLELAND SPFNCl . JR. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DICRFE Kappa Alpha President, Kappa Alpha, ' l7- ' t8; Pan-Hellenic Council; Gridiron. JULIAN A. TISON Savannah CANOIOATt FOR LL.B. DECREE Sigma Alpha EpiiloM S. B. TOIAR. JR. Young Harris CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE Demosthenian; Secretary, Demosthenian. HAROLD J. WARREN Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DECREE ALTMAN 8ALKCOM BARROW BAXTER BRANNEN BUSH CAIN CLARY COOLIDGE COVINGTON DAVIS EOENFIELD FIELD FRANKLIN HAWKINS HENDERSON JENKINS KIRBO LUKE McDANIEL OLIVER PAGE OUINN scon SELL SINGER SMITH SULLIVAN TA LOR TIOWELL WALKER WATSON SECOND YEAR LAW Sol S. Altman Brunswick Francis Conner Bai kcom Blakcly James Barrow, Jr Athens Harry Stevens Baxter Ashbuni John Rolano Brannen Atlant.i Jesse W. Bush Macon Andrew W. Cain Dahloncga Horace T. Ciary Atlanta Hermann W. Coolidoe .... hlc of Hope Dean Covington Rome John William Davis Rome Newell Edeniiiid N ' idalia Jkre Field Monroe Omer White Franklin Valdosta Colbert Hawkins Monroe William McLendon Henderson Clarksion John A. Jenkins Atlanta CiiARiis H. KiRBo Bainbridge David P. I.uke, Jk Camilla I RANK 1 ' . 1 I) MM Sale City George E. Oi i i k Savannah WiiiiAM Marion Page, Jr Columbus David M. Quinn, Jr Indianola, Miss. Henry B. Scott Atlanta Howard Scott Sei i , Ju Alliens Soi SiN .i R Unadilla WiiiiAM I ' . Smiiii Americus Gordon Lit Suiiivan Rome Ori isi I C:. Tayi OR Atlanta (iEORt.i II. Tii s I I 1 Clarkston David S. Waikik Griffin ' I ' ouNi. Li dnari) Watson .... Quincy, Fla. I3t- ABRAM ADAMS ■ -l dcGOLIAN DUNN FORTSON HARRIS HAWKINS HEARD HESTER HUFFAKER HUNGERPILLER JACKSON JONES KELUy LAND LANGDALE LANG LEvy LEWIS MAnHEWS MENARD MULOROW McGINTy McLARTy NESSON NORRIS PARKER PRICE SAFFOLD SESSIONS SHAW SMITH SOLMS SOSEBEE SOUTHERLAND SULLIVAN FRED SWEAT FORREST SWEAT TAPPAN WALDROUP WALLACE WALKER FIRST YEAR LAW Morris B. Abram Fitzgerald Ronald 1-. Auams Hortcnse CoMPTON Otis Baki-r Macon GtoRGE William Carr, Jr. . Bradford, N. H. Victor S. Crowl Bogart Jami.s Vi ' ooDRow Curtis Toccoa Richard diGoiian Atlanta Jack Miliard Dunn Morgan Blanton Fortson, Jr Athens Myra Boynton Harris Atlanta Jami-s H. Hawkins Americus Rom rt Middii.ton Hlard Elbcrton F.Dvi ARD MoNROi HisTiR Savannah RoBi rt Bassi tt Hliiakir, Jr. Bartow, Fla. Ja.mis Arthur Hunoi ri ii i i r, Jr. . . Augusta Vi ' iii.iAM Linton Ja :kson Crawford Alblrt Bruc I JoNis Atlanta Samuel Edgar Klli y Blakely John Hlnry Land Columbus John X ' i si t y Lanc.dai i Valdosta .Mary Anni Lang Gumming Rai I ' ll Victor Levy Evans Mills Waikir Li vi Is Cireensboro Byro.n HiNiiY MATinrvks, Jr. . Albert R. Menaru, Jr. John Madison Muldrow X ' adsv( oRTii McGinty Robert Aiixander McLarty, Jr. Thomas Ri i k N ' i »som Wili.ia.m Frankiin Norris Harli; Rutland Parker Isma Lee Price, Jr Rex L. Saeeold Rountree Sessions .... George Paul Shaw . . . . John Andy Smith, Jr. Jamis Frederic k Hugh Dorsi y Sosebee Fd xin Wiiliams Southerianu Lee Sullivan, Jr. . Fred Carlton S«eai Forrest Vi ' . Sw i at .... Fred Allan Taitan, Jr. Ja.MES X ' OODRO » X ' AI DROL I ' Roy X ' ii I ia.m Vi ' ai i a» i , Jr. Mak I.iiiian V£ ' aiker . Atlanta Macon Florence, S. C. Atlanta Flephzibah Union Point . Newton Macon Swainsboro . Savannah . Waynesboro LaFayette Talbotton Savannah Cumming Athens . Savannah Vl ' aycross Biackshear Xhitc Plains Nicholls Rutledgc Augusta 137. SCHRODER LANDAU MITCHELL BAXTER HENDERSON JONES SHAW KNOX HO T CARROLL TISON COVINGTON OLIVER FRANKLIN BUSH ABRAM PRICE CURTIS MATHEWS LUMPKIN LAW SCHOOL OFFICERS HONOR COUNCIL William H. Schroder Chief justice Harry Haxiir Edmund Alderman Landau, Jk. . . Third Year William M. Henderson Isaac Saniord Mitchell .... Third Year Ai.ui rt B. Jones . Georgi p. Siiav - First Year Second Year Second Year l-irst Year Robert E. Knox X ' ai)1 Hovt SENIOR CLASS President ' ice-Vre ide)it CiiAKiis IIl ' c.ii Carroi l Jul IAN A. TisDN Secretary Vreasiirer Di an Covington Gr.oRci Oi ivi R SECOND YEAR President Omi R W. Irankiin, Jr. Vice-President Ji ssi W. Busil . Secretary Treasurer Morris A dram Li I Price FIRST YEAR President Jamis W. C ikiis Si ' cretary Vice-President IUkun II. I iiii s Treii iner 138- PHI DELTA PH International Legal Fraternity. Wilson Inn Chapter. Established in 1922 OFFICERS Julian Fostir Mui isler DuPRiK Hl.nnkltt, |r Exchniiiir RoBFRT E. Knox Clrrk II RR How IRS lU loriati James Barrow, Jr. David Barrovc Harry Baxter John Bell Harry Bowers Charms Carroll Dean Covington James Curtis Albert Jones MEMBERS J. W. Davis Tom J. Dickey Ed Fortson Julian Foster Omir Franklin Wadi C. Hovt DUPREE Hunnicutt, Jr. PLEDGES James Langdale Byron H. Mathews, Jr. Robert E. Knox I. S. Mitchell Marion Pace Charles E. Plummer William Schroder Henry B. Scott Anton Solms George Shaw William Wallace J. BARROW D. 3A»?._ . BAXTER B£lL BOWERS CARROLL lOVINGTON DAVIS DICKEy FORTSON FOSTER FRANKLIN HO T HUNNICUn KNOX MITCHELL PAGE SCHRODER SCOU SOLMS 139- SIGMA DELTA KAPPA Intercollegiate Law Fraternity. Xi Chapter. Established in 1922 OFFICERS Harold Warrfn Chancellor Luke A. MhRCAOANTi; .... Viic-Chaiicellor W. . 1. Hfndi RSON Srrrfttir ' tiiiJ Treasurer MEMBERS Andrew Cain I.L ' Kl. A. Ml rcauante Cal Parker Herman Coolidge |a k Ml 1 DRow George Tidwell W. M. Henderson 1 . ! ' . M(1)AM1 1 Dave W ' ai ker Charles Kirbo George Oi ivi r Hakoi d Warren Dave Luke CaRI ' ' lIlIAMS I ' AIN MULOROW IJ. iiA!,.tl MERCADANTE WARREN - 140- BOOK THREE F£ (i 3 yuf-i r .. c pu s Along the Main Walk Before Academic . . . Classes Out — Before Terrell Hall . . . Students Congregate Before Chapel . . . Leaving Library Between Classes . . . Bull Session in Front of Co-Op . . . Students Enter Peabody Hall for Final Exams . . . Catching Busses During Dinner Hour . . . Pitching Horse-shoes Behind Old College. llC Ip Ca 1 1 LL c. RANKED BY DON AMECHE I I i CIL.UlU PHI MU SPONSORED BY LAMBDA CHI ALPHA yiliss C iLTabclli jinllcbcuii CHI OMEGA SPONSORED BY KAPPA ALPHA PHI MU SPONSORED By SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ylius £)utLi tcl 7 - ALPHA DELTA PI SPONSORED By DELTA TAU DELTA r..,r; yl liS L ccd -y I liLliaci ATHENS SPONSORED By PHI EPSILON PI Rs f (f I, t . . t Lla ( ;ri atXicl C ilicticiqc 1 PHI MU SPONSORED By SIGMA NU ■«0 I d V I Li s yl Lcitllui l Luicberq ' DELTA DELTA DELTA SPONSORED By PI KAPPA PHI A, jan atJ I ' iT liss Jackie Walker KAPPA DELTA OLD COLLEGE zMhs Bobbie Stevens CHI OMEGA SIGMA PI liss Silabel Seny ATHENS CHI PHI liss €wma i! Iiiikoiif: DELTA PHI EPSILON TAU EPSILON PI i tMh$ ■iAntie !Abiiey KAPPA DELTA ALPHA LAMBDA TAU i7iths Jerry %ifers ALPHA DELTA PI CANDLER HALL .J «.v J illic Sbctihi-rd O nh CHI OMEGA CHI PSI iTiliss Virgiiiiit fpps ATHENS CAMP WILKINS 1 Jd j?i} iJi}t tMhs Titary Sadler GILMER HALL PI KAPPA ALPHA aJ m Iitrl Co pel a ml PHI MU NEW COLLEGE t s!! J elii niaiiiiiiig CHI OM[GA NEW BOYS ' DORMITORY PHI MU PHI DELTA THETA zMhs Tout Sii III III ITS DELTA DELTA DELTA SIGMA CHI !7iliss lary (piffle PHI MU JOE BROWN HALL liss ttTiltirioric Poll ell CHI OMEGA MILLEDGE HALL ' Jilhs Hyiida O ' i ' DELTA DELTA fiFLTA ALPHA TAU OMEGA yan otA }?i} LJatJ sTifliss tartha Cm ma Watson ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA GAMMA RHO liss %uth 73 ■) rJ ATHENS KAPPA SIGMA sTitiss C ' i ' ( l ' " ' ' Brosscaii DELTA DELTA DELTA STAFF SPONSOR ey) ij Isabel If ' H fid DELTA DELTA DELTA STAFF SPONSOR MISS VIRGINIA ASHFORD CHI OMEGA MISS LUCY BAXTER CHI OMEGA 7 7 x w " S - I MISS CLEONE JACKSON DELTA DELTA DELTA MISS RUTH KRUGER DELTA PHI EPSILON I (jiir Leaf Cloi I r.-.- Aiiy hing, Would ■ Kind Lad ' i (..rtaliii- Daiiihi) ' ??? Horses All Chi I ' Uj) I hi Old liUnk Vulilla Done III lUhhil Ears!!! n pTiw " s I () i, R, nJ " Ills ' ii Sil in ' Sliir 11 r1 V -v W r Naliirc Lot i-r Slcrfiin; Bcaiily K. A. T . i — Sinishiin- Kil in I ' aiiiliira ' s ( ' •raf H I ' t t- ' rosis — out Co-oriliiialc Culia Biizziiiil ' s Ruust V7 ' i I ' m,— Dos ff ' ' ' W.r ' M vV I Checker Shark Tr ' ih lie Push a Pree y Good Game ' . ' Brute " C.amjt " Shorty " You ' re Sl ' l ' liiii m i " St ark Pliii s Seeil Cleaiiiii ; Too " A Lot o ' Hooe a Doiiy, " Deep " Epperson SIcg ' i Daii htir Ka-t K str " Jam " Session Siiifi l Life i « ;■ I ' iJJIn ' {Jiuiiiic " Mathis and the S. A. E. ' s They Feed Her Well W .u .- h lie S ill Here??? II liisf Don ' Mi — Any Olc Clothes!! Any Olc Bottles!! Storm Over Phi Kappa — Abram Speaks Mot So Pretty " Sna} ' ■ iitiil SixiiiLI lliiir Been Ton S ri xr iittir$ I He Ncals One Himself Epicurean Club Meeting Crass Cutter ' .! ' . i HIP I ' » la. 4 •• iiif ' i ». .•eaHP-iHTi Wr »: ? Q.Sm -r»,!M f .9 1 j 4«;i , ft- • v7.j r j«??? " Sueelheiirii On I ' artiJi " Last But Not Least — See Theresa! The Crop — No Cream!! ih, D,l j C.hal)tcr Haiin ' 1 i 1 1 i . iB 1 ' 1 Briillhr and Sn ir C.lii I ' si l.udy c Pr9Q ■55. i i ' This Year ' s Croj) of Kisses " Hunt Club President Instructs Members in Art of Jiiinjyiny Note ,S iv Ahh h h h . ' . ' . ' r Ma. ' . ' . ' (ilil.LI ' (.,!!!! Jockey Club ' s Mascot Soii t ' s On . . . Nice A ' cK Ihiilihn K . . Sonp ' s Cione " Geiie Talmadnc " ' Gimmic TIkiii h ' iggers " Rcil Pijipir iiiiil " (. ' " Man A. I . U. Rontidcr! ' . ' .! Co-ordinalc Bell Ringers }iii loo — loo Oil iiu ' .lH It Aiii ' l So hiiliin- Brolhers-in-Liiti Jus ' Fakjii ' Don Carter — " Slinks ' " Little Henry " ami ' I-Get-My-Man " Griggs Oh For a Pin!!! Comparing " otes ' ' ROMANCES. •Helen Ruikin, - ' I ' K, and Joe Gcrson, T ' ' • ' I Plott Brice, - X, and •Alycc Viilkcr, X " - ' NUbil Siay and Jimmy KaKin, X ' 1 ' Jack Loizcaux and Freddie Mil Manila Jennings and Max Lindsay, I X A V, li m r tf Love in the swins Jolin Jenkmv and Rosalia Atkinson »Saidee HodRson, • A (t, and Bob Selinaut , ' ' - Lib lowler, ' 1 ' M, and Norman I leKKie, K A Beth Bryant, K ,i, and Hayden Johnjon, ' I ' A It Chester Saunders. II K ' I ' , and •Martha Mackcy, A O II Mary Li i i i i . ' I ' ' Virginia Hii i •Martha Hichtowi r. A A II Ha il X ' ari., X 1! •r.i.i ABiiii Bar»uk, ' I ' M •Marjorii l)i vi I , X " .. ' •|-RANCi:s Hoi si . X ' .. ' •Barbara I ' i ii is, A A 11 •Marjorii Mann, A A 11 •SVDNIY M Vi ' llORTI r. ' •• ' •LVI.I.YN llslll R, A A II Nan .y Hardy, X ' .. ' Virginia Lason, ' I ' M Marion Mixjri •HlIlN NORTIICUIT, X ' -- ' LiBBV Baggitt, X 1! Martha BismoI ' , ■ JtANNl LLI CHIVI RS. A O II Glaiiys Brown, X " .. ' NoTI Sai.ona, a «) II Sophia Stiimii n , A X ' .. ' Barbara Harris, X ' .! I-.DITH FulGllt ' M •Dot L Mann, ' I ' M " Libby Lucas, X !! •Kathtii-n Branni n, a (i II •Francis Lasmtir, ' I ' 1 Mary Bowir, X ' .1 •ELtANOR Maiiikh h, 1 A (I •Bobbii Coliiran, a A II Andy Roudlnblry CiioRGi; Crabb Harry Davis, - X 1 ouis SoiiN, " I " !■: II Tom Lindsay, ' I ' A • Boh Vi ' ixiiiRUi 1 , — X ( llARI IS )( ' l SI I Y, II K ' I ' 1 1 I Pru I , ATA Marion Ki y, H I ' s ' I ' Al 111 Ri JoNi s, 1 ' A (( ' .AC K Browning, - A K Inman Gri I- ni Knox I-i.dridgi , - A K Rai I ' ll Smith, ATA X ' ii.iis Jackson, - A K GiORGt Gili.on, - A K Hi RMAN COOI.IDCI , A T J ViAiTiR Jacobs, ATA jiM Povi 1 1 , X s| ' Haroi D Stoni , K A Nil L JoRGINSTN, A T ' . ' C.iiARi II Hi II IN. K A ]. ) ' . C:HAMBI RS Ni w I Morris, K A Bob Hoi man, K A Hi ' GM Broomi , K i; Harry V( ' ii i ingham, - X Osgood Pi arson, K A (ii oRGi CiAiNi s, K i; Dick Byru, A X A Harriet Etheridse, " I ' M, and Charlie Davis, - N ' She hji hii pin. Martha Daughtry and Son Miller • I6 - .IN THE SPRING i ■••(■ St. i7i ' ■ Bl Sol Sin ;fr, T K ' I , and •Rulh Kru,i;ir. -i •!■ K III NcIm-ii Kractl trur Kmily Stcllin ; Dotilcv Mjltliows and Nell Ncvi. X ' .! " Ruth Habb and Ralph Booker, A T Q Ciracc U iund«, A A II, and Ruben Judd Kdwina C i i i i i-. Bill Kersey, - N Bud llammack. A T ' .!, and •Mary Nell McKoin, A A II Annie Laurie Volute, X ' .. ' , and John Vi ' iUon, H K -I ' " Virginia Doss, I ' M •RoMANZ Cook, K A ' ■ Augusta How arii, X ' .. Anna Jo Saini , A I " A Caiiiirini MgCali.ii, K A l.ouisi Bi AVI R, A A A Kav Johnson •Annil Laurii Ri ntz, K . () Nannii.i. Bagwell, X S! Coy Johnson, A I " A •Dot Harris, AAA Frlda Jackson •Louise Lamar •Francls Davis, AAA •Shirii V Kahn Virginia AsmoRn, X 1! °Bi ttv Mathi r, a a a Shorty y, A A II RosiMARV Pation, K a Mar loRii Paiigi TT, A A II Imma MiNKoviT . A ' h K Anni Iiror ' Jani l.utK, AAA Miriam Drii in, A ' I K Ini z Barthi iMi ss, A A II Tthi I. CjIBson. a i II Chariton Hi i ms, K A • Louisi SiocuM, AAA •Hamil Stini. AAA Mary Dougi as. A X ' .. ' •F.LLKN FoRRlSriR, " I " M Ned Milsap, A X A Bob Folks, ' !• A (» Harry Clark, ' I ' A ) Vi ' ARRI N PoRT»l ol . 1 X Scott Brown, A X A Bill Ciiandli k. II K A Phil Pottlr Ebby Carlisli , II K A Davi Atkinson, K A Bob MiKnighi, II K -h Hicki y Wali, II K A B«)B TtTLR, II K A Vi ' iLLiAM Simpson, i) N Roy Martin, II K A Sol Altman, T K ' I ' Fi) Baxtir Bli) Lindsay. A X Mac Ji nni.sgs, II K A GioRGi .Mann, A T ' .. ' MoMIR Arrington, X ' I ' BusTiR Friiuman, a K II Francis Maoiiux Bob Ji nkins, 1 N Bl NNK Prisani. a K II Charlie Shtparu. ' I ' A O Bobby Clark DlWit-t Balii »• Scott Gravi s Bob Ramsi y. II K . Hugh McGariiy Claybouhne Dyal, + a O Dean Covington, - A I-!, jnd •FIsic Peace, K A Dean Nowell, ' I ' M, and Billy Mims, I ' X A •Helen Cabani , X ' • -. invt John McPherson, K A " She hi hii pin. Gisela Krumbcin. A F " , and Bruno Held, A K II 167- LITTLE COMMENCEMENT I ' aii-Hcllcnu- LcaJoiit fiarry Rahhilt h ' oii-ira iriti l.caJoul Enter h , KahihhU ' Dini ' t Put a Slu:i III a Slot ' Exit Three Deauliliil Men . . . ' Phase Be KniJ ' PreJoii, Biekentuj}, Hudson Trio — Virginia, Harry, and Sully Babbitt Attnounces Selections BOOK FOUR 7 ' KCTW1T1E5 Gridiron Initiation at Costa ' s . . . Backstage at PANDORA Beauty Review . . . President Kirbo Raps for Order . . . Luther Bridges Malccs Up for " Ca- valleria Rusticanna " . . . President Mathews Pre- sides at Phi Kappa . . . Voting in Male Beauty Contest ... Phi Delta Phi Neophytes . . . Clean Up After " Kind Lady " . . . Glee Club Leaves On An- nual Tour. 11 I L In I ca LL oii ' L PANDORA fcDWARD H. BAXTER Editor-in-Chief STAFF Enw AKi) II. Baxiik F.Ji ur-iii-Chiff Soi SiNc.i R Business Maiiaf-er Bii 1 Bi NTON Miina iiix F.Jitur Virginia Barmeld Woman ' s Editor Norman T. Camp junior FJilor Marion DuBose Junior r.Jitor Fi.OYD NtvtTON junior Editor Bf.rnard Butts . . junior Busimss Manager J. P. Sti viART .... Jitni(n- Business Manager James S ' xarts .... junior Business Manager Buster Birdsong Staff P jotogral jcr BriL McNii I Staff Photographer Raipii Rice Sports Writer Eva Surrency Senior Staff Caroi INF Brosseau junior Staff Anne Littlepage junior Staff Nell Varni.r junior Staff BENTON barfield CAMP DuBOSE NEWTON BUHi STEWART McNIEL RICE SURRENCy BROSSEAU LITTLEPAGE VARNER ATKINSON CRENSHAW CROW ECKFORD FLANIGAN GAMBLE GINSBERG GRIGGS SWARTS BIRDSONG BLUMENTHAL BURCH HARDIN HODGE - 174- HOUSE lOTT NORMAN STEWART WEILL WHITAKER WICKHAM ABRAM ADAMS ALTMAN BARBER BAXTER CHANDLER DAVIS J. GINSBERG HARTFORD HASKINS HUEY JACOBUS PEAKE PUTZEL RANEy ROGERS SPENCER THRASHER TRUSSEL D.wii) Atkinson Morris Brouy Ambrose Burch Bill Crenshaw Horace Crovc SOPHOMORE STAFF Eleanor Ecklord Warren Hardi n Eleanor I i anigan Hardin Hoix.i WiLMA Gamble Arthur Lott Sylvia Ginsberg Bob Norman Nancy Griggs George Stanley Tom STLVk art A. L. Weill Martha Whiiakir IrI I) WlCKIIAM FRESHMAN STAFF RUTMANNE AbRAM Charlotte Ahams Reba Altman Marion Barber I I ( I5ax 1 1 r Sally Blumeniiiai Louise Chandli r Ca I III RIM Davis Jt)l GlXSBER(. Jl.MMV HaRTI ORI) Siu Haskins Cedelia House Carolyn Huey JoL Jacobus Annl Plaki I.AKio Putzel FACULiy ADVISOR Proiessor Hakoii) M. IIiikman CjI orgianna Ram i Tom Rogers Richard Splnci r Anne Thrasiii r LaGranc.i Trissel sol singer Business Mat a cr 175- R E D anl BLACK Founded in 1895 Chosen All-American Honor Rating for Fourth Year Chosen All-American Pace-Maker for Second Year MASSEy CARTER STAFFS FIRST QUARTER Uyar Massey EJitor-iii-Chief Capi:rs Holmes Manay iii Editor Bii L Durham Biisiiivis Manager UoN Cartkr Aiiociatf Editor -A RoGi Rs Aisoiiatf E.Jitor Clal ' di Ua idson Associate Editor Raiimi Rice S »or j Editor Mary Irances Crabh .... Woinaii ' s Editor Ci ara Belle Hooks Sac c y Editor Kennon Hendirson . Assistant Society Editor Allen Teiomason Feature Editor Bus 11 K 1 low 1 LL Art Editor SECOND QUARTER Capers A. Holmes Editor-in-Chief Don Carter Manag in Editor Bill Durham Business Manaf er El) Rogers Associate Editor Claude Davidson Associate Editor Rai PH RicE- Associate Editor HoviARD Ci.iSHAM S )or s Editor Clara Belle Hooks .... Woman ' s Editor Kennon Henderson Society Editor Martha Johnson . . Assistant Society Edilar l.ouis Johnson Feature Editor J. Lloyd Burrell Af Hill Editor THIRD QUARTER Don Carter Editor-in-Chief Claude Davidson Managing Editor Bob McCuen Associate Editor Ed Rogers Associate Editor Eugene Phillips Associate Editor Jai K Reiu Sjmrts Editor Ki nnon Hi ni)1 kson .... Woman ' s Editor Martha Joeinson Society Editor Bi ety Power .... Assistant Society Editor Bill McNiel Picture Editor HoYT Ware Feature Editor J. Lloyd Bukri i i Ag Hill Editor ALLEN Ski. L BRIDGES BRO :, OuKM.vv tAMC CLISi ' ...;., DAVIDSON DORSEy DURHAM FOREHAND FRIER GRIFFIIH GUNIER HALLIBURTON HARRELL HENDERSON HOOKS HOWELL H. JOHNSON L.JOHNSON M. JOHNSON LANE LESSER MADDUX - 176- MAXWELL POPKIN MAXS MILLER REID J.RICE THOMASON THORPE Bob McCuen Stanford Smith Melvin Pollock Norman Camp Bill White t. B. Nl ' isom Otfn Brice Jack Run McCUEN R. RICE WARE McNIEL E. ROGERS WEILL copy DESK McRAE W. ROGERS WHITE NEW50M SMITH WICKHAM Francis Maddux 1 . L. Wood Ho r X ' are Charles Thorpe NXllllAM Roci rs Allen Thomason REPORTERS Louis Griffith D. L. McRae Julian Halliburton Evelyn Pollock Thomas Frier Eugene Phillips Fred VCickham Buster Howell Herman Poprin Bin. Marrlll James Bridges Bill Forehand Bobby Brown AG HILL STAFF Ralph Allen IvYLYN Adams PULLU_K fHlLLIPS SOUTHERLANC TOWNSEND WOOD Jack Maxwell Lawrence Smith Bill Miller Ralph Harlan DeWitt Ballfw Bill McNiel Mary Fthi l Diaiiwyier SPORTS STAFF Jack Oorsey O ' Donald Mays Tom Townsend Annie Laurie White Dean Nowell Frances Haskell Marjorie Askwith Jeannette Wfinstein Alice Kiercf Charlotte Ashley LiLLYAN HiLTY Susan Dillingha.m Margaret Horne Theresa Clorf Anne Crffrmore Edwin John Rice Robert Downs Hayden Johnson Tommy Lee Lane WOMAN ' S STAFF Anne Tiirasiii r Ann Byrd Firor Peggy Popper LuTREL Tift Mary Gates Marion Little Edith Thomason Virginia Cheatham Virginia Eason Dornr, Hinson Coy Johnson Constance Thomas BUSINESS STAFF Jl. l 0»l N A. L. Weill Milton Lesser Bobby Rothbfrg CIRCULATION MANAGERS Betty Power Eleanor Millican Nelda Means Cedelia House Mickey Rainey Laura Mae Burden Louise Chandler Nei.ii Hawkfs Martha Wiiitaker Harriettf Thompson Bill Guntfr Aaron Cohen Robert Schnautz Edith Heeiner A. L. Vfill DURHAM 177- ' i-T -™ Jl ' - GEORGIA AGRICULTURIST 9{1 mC ' SjB lf M B Founded in 1907 r " ■ fl yJ ■ i STAFF ' ' O. B. CoptLANi) Eili or-iii-Chiff LiROY Thomas Biisituss Maiini cr Elmon Vickers Aclinj Business Manager JiJt) ' ' M Charms G. Wurst M « j,i;;; ,i; FJilor ' Edna Sandi-rs Woman ' s Editor Bryan Coisu Circulation Manager 11. II. Payne Acting Circulation Manager ill |J ASSOCIATE EDITORS W M Wkfj " ' jl Fri Di RICK Atkinson Eo. Scott 1- ■■ -J Joi; Elrod O. M. Gates THOMAS COPELAND LICE RUTH MlLLFR ElLIE ETHEREDGE J. I.I OYD BURRELL SaRA NiCHOl.SON ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS Joe Haw ks Albi rt Manley Audrey Evans Sara Rast WooDFiN Gavendar Marvin Gillis Marion Joiner Jesse Miller ASSOCIATE CIRCULATION MANAGERS G. M. Erwin W. G. Wheeler W. H. Parady K. D. Marshall Mark Adams F. H. Cadle ART EDITOR ' ik(,inia Hll L FACULTY ADVISORS " . O. GoLLiNS W. E. Hudson Mrs. M. H. Bi air ADAMS EVANS ATKINSON BURRELL CADLE CATE5 CAVENDAR COBB ELROD ERWIN ETHEREDGE GILLIS HAWKS HILL JOINER MANLEy MARSHALL A. MILLER J.MILLER NICHOLSON PARAOy PAVNE RAST SCOTT THOMAS VICKERS WHEELER WURST - 178- ASKWITH BATEMAN HICKEy HILT MOORE MURROW BRAOLEV BURDEN COLLINS ERBESFIELD FERGUSON GAINES GRIFFITH HASKINS HOWELL HURLEY JOHNSON KLEIN LEVY MAOOOCK MARTIN MOHR McCLATCHE McDAVIO PERRY POLLOCK PYLE RIGHTON SAFFOLD SCHMIS5EUR TURNER WEILL WIGGINS WILDER WILLIAMS YANCEY Margaret Biasley Scott Graves Scott Graves . Lynne Brannen Lynne Brannen Warren Batiman Marshai I. Klein Ann Iirguson Ida Erbesfield A. L. Will L SlGO MOIIR Warren Bati man- Louis CiRII i II II Evelyn Pollock Hammond Braoli y ' JLc GEORGIA ARCH Student Monthly Publication. Founded in 1935 FALL QUARTER Editor Lynne Brannen Aisociatc Editor Eugene Phillips Buster Howell Art Editor WINTER QUARTER Editor LuGENE Phillips Managiiii! Editor Buster Howell Margaret Blasley Chairman Editorial Board SPRING QUARTER Editor John Pye . Associate Editor EucENE Phillips Buster Howli l Art Editor Associate Editor Business Mana} cr Business Manager . . Art Editor Associate Editor Business Manager THE GEORGIA ARCH STAFF ADVERTISING Iris Perry Mary Kiia Yancey Martha Doyi i Moore Li i anor Maddock Eleanor Huri ey Laura Burden John Pye Betty McDavid CIRCULATION Sidney Haskins POETRY Liii yan Hilty FiaiON Earl VJ ' iggins Mary Sai i old FEATURES Vic tor I I -1 HUMOR ART Dan Hi ki y RADIO AND MOVIES BrI ( 1 Vll 1)1 R PHOTOGRAPHY EXCHANGE Arlene Murrow Marjorie Askwith George Gaines Grace McClatciiey Coy Joeinson C ' ai T Williams Wylene Rich ion Marjorie Schmisseur Ida Martin BRANNEN BEASLEY PHILLIPS - 179- ADAMS B ERS BIRDSONG BRANNEN BURDEN BURNETT CAMP CARTER CAbiELb lOLLINS CROSSFIELO DAVIDSON DEADWyLER EPPERSON GRANT HASKELL HEAD HENDERSON HOLMS LIDDEL LOI5EAUX MEANS MILLER MINTER O NEAL PARK PHILLIPS PORTER POWER P E SANCHEZ SCHMISSEUR SMITH THOMAS THOMPSON TURNER VARNER WEISBERG WELLS WICKHAM W.WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Founded in 1936 OFFICERS John Pvr VrcuJciit Charlii. Collins Viri-l ' iniJiiit Margie Schmisseur Secre ary and Treasurer WiLLETT M. KeMPTON FACULJy MEMBERS J. 1 1. Moil J. T. X ' in;LLiR ROLL IVVLYN AlMMS Cathryn Byers BusriR BlRDSONG Hammond Bradley Lynne Brannen Laura Mm- Burdi.n Cary Burnett Paschaix Camp Don Cartlr Robert Cassels Charlie Collins Lenora Crossfiei.d Claude Davidson Mary E. Deadwyli r Douglas Epperson Chandler Estes Louis A. Foy Louisi Grant Oscar Grllne Sieceried Gruttni r Di as Hamilton I- ' ranc;i.s Haskell Helen Head Kennon Hendlrsdn Capi Rs Holmes Martha Jackson Owen Kirkland Ni isoN Kraeit 1 li rman Laciier I k I IDDEL Jac K Loi .i aux Johnny McDi rmott Neida Mi ans W. H. Milli r Ann Minter Kathirini O ' Neal Thomas Park Eugene Pi mi i ips SiXWYNE PoRTlR Betty Pow i r John Pye Sarah Rhodes Marion Sanchez Margie Schmisseur W. A. Suck Larry Smith Constance Thomas Harriotti Thompson Li w is TuRNi r Null N ' akni r Hubi ri X ' arsiiam (il ORGl. X ' l.lSUI RG I ' rank Wells 1 HI I) ' l( KHAM ViRGiL W ' ll 1 lAMS WaLTI R II I lAMS Steve Yablonsky 180- ana I THE 1938 PANDORA PRATHER DURHAM TOLAR DAVIS HUDSON CARTER CANTRELL WALKER S05EBEE PHILLIPS KIRBO EVANS TRIPP GRANT TAYLOR DUPREE ADAIR SWARTS NORRI5 HICKS TIDWELL DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Founded In 1801 OFFICERS First Term Second Term Third Term President Joe T. Prather Charles H. Kirbo J. Mii lard Adair Vice-President William Durham D. L. Evans Manning Tripp Secretary S. B. Tolar Manning Tripp James Sviarts Treasurer Allen F. Davis Allen F. Davis Allen F. Davis Adiatiis Perry J. Hudson William Cantri ll Ai i i n F. Davis Solicitor-General Don Carter C. W. Grant liii i. Norris Parliamentarian William Cantrell Carlisle Taylor Ernest Hicks Si-rf eant-at-Arms David Waimr David Waimr CIi drge Tidwell Custodian Hugh D. Sosi bee Bln Dupki i Bin Duprii: Historian Eugi-:ni I ' niiiii ' s Eugene I ' liiiiii ' s Eugini I ' liiiiii ' s HISTORY OF SOCI ETY With the ci.osi of the ' 37- ' }8 scholastic term retrospectively view .mother year marked with achievement and progress, heralding ihc inception of a new era in forensic attainment which will keep pace with the needs of a greater university. Dcmosthcnian might properly be called the assembling plant of the forensic art. By molding together ability, honesty, sincerity, diligence and nobility of purpose it assembles the fundamental, indispensable elements of successful argument, yielding as a finished protiuct true eloquence in its highest magnitude. A rich endowment of experience has given us the conception of inherent joy and essential virtue of work for work ' s sake, and an insistent call to dedicate our efforts to social ends by a higher standard of self-expression. We believe the gospel of service is the loftiest call to which we can respond, and know that by the immutable laws of compensation a life so directed will draw to itself a rich recompense in the values that do not turn to ashes with the passing of years. - 182- THE 1938 DEMOSTHENIAN HONORS Chief Justice Associale liisliics ANNIVERSARIAN JoL Pra nil R JUDICIAL COUNCIL First I trill ChARI.IS KlRliO DoN Hf.ndkrson Millard Adair Scroiiil Term Millard Adair Don Hkndirson William A. Prathlr Third Term Carlisll Taylor Don Hendlrson William A. Prathlr Don Carter Bill Gunter George Haslam KEY CIRCLE Bou Norman Marion Page SOPHOMORE DECLAMATION Jot Prathlr Carlisi I Taylor A. L. VI ' iiLL James Bridges l MANATiNf. I ROM Till Ni(isMTY of prjcticil training in .irgumcntacion and an unveiling ground for the disturbed thoughts of eager youth, the society has stood for 157 years with the search for truth and the desire to learn as its dominant incentives. Like any organization, we have not escaped the dagger of criticism. In truth there are those among us who too often yield to political expediency and selfish desires; but we profit by our mistakes before entering the realm where they are so costly, learn early of the inevitable punishment administered by the swift and unerring law of fair play ere the penalty be too severe. The aim of the Demosthenian Literary Society is to prevent our native ability from being left fallow and undeveloped or dissipated from misuse. Faced by an unstable and demanding commercial world this task seems hopeless, but supported by a fruitful past we move onward, sure that wc shall in the end triumph over those hours of discouragement and moments of doubt that paralizc effort with whispers of futility. Kindest regards, Charles Hughes Kirbo, President. 183 J JO r AM N L ORA r t ' 8 ADAIR BALLEW BAkKON bAItMAIJ BAXIEk BELL E.BROWN J.H.BROWN J.BROWN M.BROWN R.BROWN W.BROWN H.CAMP J.CAMP CANTRELL CARTER CATES CAVENOER COOPER CULLINS CUMMINGS CURTIS DANIEL A.DAVIS J. OUPREE DURHAM DYER EPPERSON ERWIN EVANS GILLIS GRANT GRAVES GREENWAV GUNTER HALE lARTFORD HASLAM HAWKINS HAVES HENDERSON HICKS HILL J. BRANNEN L. BRANNEN BREWTON BRIDGES BURRELL BUSH CARSWELL CAIN CLARY CLEMENTS COLLINS COLQUITT H. DAVIS DUKE DUMESTRE B. DUPREE FARR FERGUSON FRASER GAINES HAMES HAMMACK HARBER HARDIN HOLLAND HUOOLESTON HUDSON HUNGERPH DEMOSTHENIAN ROLL J. MiLLAKD ADAIK RoBLRT Brown Hugh Colquitt C. M. Erwin William Hardin Ronald Adams William Brown A. H. Cooper D. L. Evans Jimmie Hartford De Witt Bai.lew J. Lloyd Burrell W. A. Cullins Charles Farr George Haslam Harold Barron Jissn Bush Lowell Cummincs Heath Ferguson Colbert Hawkins Warren Batlman Hlnry Carswell James Curtis Frank Frasir D. D. Hayes Ed Baxter Andrew Cain John Daniel Clark Gaines William Henderson Ralph Bill Hadln Camp Allen Davis Marvin Gillis Ernest Hi ks John Branni n J. B. Camp H. J. Davis C. W. Grant Harry 1 In i Lynn Branni n William Cantrlll Ben Duki Scott Gravis A. L. Hoi land Slati R Bri wton Don Carter Jack Dumlstrl Clyde Griinway J. M. Huddleston Jamu Bridcls O. M. Gates B. K. Dupree Bill Guntlr 1 ' . I. MlliSON r. O. Brown WOODEIN CAVENOER John Dupree HOYT Haliy I. ; . 1 Il ' M.i RI ' ll 1 AR J. 11. Brown Horace Clary X ' iiiiAM Durham Curtis Hami s John Ji nkins Jamfs Brown Karry Clements David Dyer William D. BiNSON Joni s Milton Brown M. W. H. Collins. Jr. Douglas Epperson T. A. Harber John Paul Jones 184- THE 1938 PANDORA JtNKINi B Jl ' MtS KNUPP LAMB MASSEy MATTHEWS NEISLER NEW E.PHILLIPS POPE STEPHENSON STILL TUTEN VICKERS J.JONtb JUDD LAND LANIER MAYS MECADANTE NEWSOM NORMAN J. PRATHER W. PRATHER SWARTS SWEAT WALDROUP WALKER KENT KELIEV LEVY LEWIS MILLER MORTON NOYES OLIVER ROGERS RUSSELL TAYLOR TELFORD WEILL WHITMIRE DEMOSTHENIAN ROLL Kl K ' , l,HTER KING LINDSEY LUKE MULLING McCAY PAGE PAYNE SHIRLEY R SMITH THORP TIDWELL WICKHAM WIGGINS KIRBO KIT. .HENS MALLORY MANDEVILLE McCUEN McLARTY PFEIFFER E.C.PHILLIPS S. SMITH SOSEBEE TOLAR TRIPP WINGE WOOD Rom KT JUDD J. P. Ium: Ja( OB Ni u- UaVII RlSSELL George Tid»lll Jack Ki nt L. A. Maluorv RrLi Ni «soM Charlls Shirli y S. B. TOIAR S. r. Kiiiry S. D. Mandi ville Bob Norman C. R. Smith Manning Tripp Rir.lN ' ALO KiCKLICHTI II John Massey Wilson Noyi s Staneord Smith A. R. Tlten Vi ' lLLIAM KiNC Jot: Matthews GioRcr Oi ivi R Hugh Sosfbtl Elmon Vicrlrs Chaklis Kirbo Bill Mays i-. .M. Pa .i Ralph Stinson James Waldroup lllNIIY KlT III NS I.UKI MiRCADANTE M. H. Payne In Stephenson David VCaiker Jl HNNY KnUPP JlSSE Ml! II R Mm AS Pei II I ir ; ' iis iN Stiil A. L. VCiiiL Tom Iamb Kn Morton Krnest C. Phillips Iamis Starts F.. F. VChitmirl JOHN I. AM) Frank Muiiino Fur.iNE Piiiiiips Ired Sweat F. L. ViCRHAM RoBI RT I.ANII R James McCay 1 nwiN Popi Carlyle Tayior Fare U ' iggins Victor I.i v RoniRT M (ii N Jol PRATIIIR JaMI S TI I lORII Marion Wince Mills Ltwis RonrRT M( I.arty V( ' . A. Prathir (iiARLis Thorp T. I.. « wo L. IiNrntv W. G. Neisllr Tom Rogers I8S- iMt 1938 PANDORA ' ■PICE MATHEWS CLEVELAND D KES BUTIS HOWELL NEWTON 50HN H. ERWIN HOLLIS MENARD SHEPARD VANDIVER ROTHBERG G. ERWIN SPARKS PHI KAPPA LITERARY SOCIETY Founded in 1820 OFFICERS First Term PrrsiJcii Lie Price First Assistant Wingate Dykes Second Assistant Buster Howell Secretary How i i i Krwin Treasurer Aiblrt Mi nakh Censor Charles Shepard Scrf eant-at-Artns Rodert Rothbmu. Secuiiil Til III Third Term BvRON H. M A I Ml w s. Ir. Gus Cleveland Gus Cleveland I-LOYO Newton low III lol 1 IS Ai HI r I Ml nari) Bernard Bui is GooDi.oE Erwin Bernard Butts Louis Somn I low 111 1 loi lis Ai hi r I Ml NARI) Ernest Vandivi r Gus Sparks PHI KAPPA HISTORY While Coni.ri ss was di epey iniirisiid in balancing the free and slave states, and tlie issue of territorial expansion was of extreme importance, there appeared in Athens an ambitious young graduate of I ' r anklin College who was later to take his place among Georgia ' s greatest. This student, Joseph Henry Lumpkin, realized the necessity ot rivalry in orator) ' and on W ' asliington ' s birthday in 1920, organized the second Literary Society of the college. It was called Phi Kappa. ILiving as a basic principle the promotion ot oratory .uid debate, the siudenis soon reali cil the iniportance ot tiie society. At meetings held on Saiiird.iy morning, and lasting not intrequemU ' into late atternoon, i)UCStions vital to both the State and Federal Government were discussed in debate. It was in these discussions that such distinguished Georgians 186- THE 1938 PAND PRICE MENARD CLEVELAND MORGAN ABRAM SOHN MOLLIS SINGER KOPLIN as Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Henry ' . Grady, Clark Howell, Sr., and countless others received training which was to render them later capable of jjuiding the destinies of " The Empire State. " Phi Kappa offers to the student benefits to be derived from no other college activity. Not only does it train its mem- bers in the art of self-expression, but it also serves as a connecting link between Georgia ' s glorious past and its present, bestowing upon each of its members a true southern heritage. Being so possessed. Phi Kappians can but render greater service to the University, to the State and to Society. — Byron H. MATnivks, Jr. PHI KAPPA HONORS Gus Cleveland ANNIVERSARIAN Morris Abram DEBATE COUNCIL Sol Singer KE CIRCLE Lee Price Morris Abram Gus Cleveland I lo k III I ioi I IS Al VI.N KOPI.IN Albert Menard Al Morgan- Louis SoHN 187- THE 1938 PANDORA ABRAM ADAIR BROXTON suns DAVIS DORSE 6ILLON GINSBERG HAMMOND HELD IVEV ALTMAN ATKINSON BARRON CANDLER CARSWELL CAUTHORN EDWARDS G. ERWIN H. ERWIN GREER HACKE HALL MOLLIS F. HORNE R. HORNE JACOBUS JOHNSON JAMES BLOODWORTH BOZEMAN BRADLE BROWN CHAMPION CLEVELAND CORR CRENSHAW FIRMAN FONTANA FRIEDMAN FULMER HALLIBURTON HARRIS HASKINS HAVERT B.HOWELL R.HOWELL HUDSON INMAN B.JONES R.JONES PHI KAPPA ROLL Morris Abram Bill Candler Ho« 1 1 1. 1 RVl IN Julian Halliburton J. T. 1 Il ' Dson Ben AoAiR James Carsti ll Phil Firman JoEiN Harris III N In MAN Soi, Altman Tommy Cauthorn Alfred Fontana Sidney Haskins 111 NRV IVEY J. H. Atkinson James Champion M. M. Friidman Ravlson Havi rty Joi Jacobus GioRcr Barron Gus Ceevii and Vi ' AETIR FUIMIR Joi Hammond Haypen Johnson RlrllARD Bl.OODVDK III l-RANK ( " oRRY George Giiion Bruno I Ii i ii Neville James J. W. BOZI MAN Robert Cri nshav Joe GiNsni Rc Ho« 1 1 1 1 l ii 1 IS BoELiNG Jones Hammond Bradley Jack Davis Tom Greer Franm in Horne R. L. Jones Bob Brotn Jack Dorm v Bob Graves Ri m R r 1 U»RNi Si aton Jones H. I-. Broxton Austin I-jivards |. i:. II A. M Busiir I1o»iii Turner Jones Bi rnard Butts Coodioe Krtin RoBi rt Hall RUBIRT HOVIIII Morris Kahn 186- THE 1938 P ft; S.JONES T iONES LIBERMAN MASLOW L NEWTON NUNNALLY 5ECREST SHAPIRO STEWART SULLIVAN KAHN MATHEWS OWEN G. SMITH TORAN WILDER KAPLAN MENNARD PRICE H. SMITH VANDIVER WOODS 1 f : • I A M . ' .■.tKRlIT RAUZIN SOHN WARLICK VABLONSKY KENNEDY MINER ROGERS SOLOMONS WARE ZACHRV KOPLIN MOHR ROTHBERG SOUTHERLAND WEINMAN ZEIGLER LESSER MORGAN RUSSELL SPARKS WESTON LEVin F. NEWTON SCHNAUTZ SPENCER WHITE K. K P1AN Bill. KlIiHAN Jot Kfnnfdy A I. KoPLIN Milton LFssrn Jul IAN Li MTT Jai k 1 lUI R MA N Rom R r Masi ow B»RoN H, MAriiiws, Jk. Jack MAriiiETS Alblut Mi nard PmCE Mi RHITT I. E. MiNIR SiCO MoHR Al Morgan FlOMl Nl »TON l-tt NtWTON m. m. nunnai ly Bob No«iii Jim 0»i:n PHI KAPPA ROLL Lee Prici Marvin Rau in Vi ' lELIAM R(X;iRS Bob Roiiibi rc VCll LIAM RusSII L Bob Sciinautz I I I SlLRliT H. L. Shapiro GiORci Smith Hoke Smith Louis Sohn . A. Solomons Ld Souther! and Cus Sparks Richard Spencir Thomas Sti«art Cordon Sullivan- Bill ToRAN F.RNtST Vandivlr Louis Warlick Hovr VS ' are Marty Vi ' i inmas Vi ' ARREN VI ' ESTON BiiL White Don X ' ildfr Jol t ' 0ODRLI r John Woods Steve Yablonskv Linton Zachrv Bob Zlicler - 189. PIONEER INNER CIRCLE OFFICERS FALL QU ARTER Lydia Holliday President Kennon Henderson Secretary and Treasurer Elizabeth Mathis Dchalc Chairman OFFICERS WINTER QUARTER Kennon Henderson President Clara Belle Hooks Secretary Elizabeth Lang Treasurer Helen Head Debate Chairman OFFICERS SPRING QUARTER Helen Head President Sarah Payne Vice-President Eleanor Key Secretary Jane Luck Treasurer Virginia Epps Debate Chairman Virginia Bariteld Gladys Brown Alice Cabaniss Virginia Eason Virginia Epps Faye Frederick Lydia Holliday MEMBERS Helen Head Kennon Henderson Clara Belle Hooks Phyllis Jenkins Ann Johnson Elinor Key Elizabeth Lang Jani Luck Elizabeth Mathis Sarah Payne ISABLl LL RlID Minnie Schreiber Elizabeth Taylor LUTRELLE Til T Martha Whitaker BARflELD = 1- _ J. ■( r.ABANISS EASON ■■:.!■ ■ HOLLIDAy HEAD HENDERSON mOOKJ JENKINS iOHNSON Kfc; L ANo LUCK MATHIS PAYNE REID SCHREIBER TA LOR TIFT WHITAKER - 190- FRESHMAN DEBATES FRESHMAN DEBATE TRIP NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE, WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE, GEORGIA SOUTHWESTERN COLLEGE, SOUTH GEORGIA COLLEGE, LANIER HIGH SCHOOL John B. Harris George Haslam EMORY UNIVERSITY I RESHMAN John H. Kent William A. Wiinr. EMORY UNIVERSITY FRESHMAN John NL ' vssiy Augustus O. B. Si ' akks, Jr. FRESHMAN GIRLS ' DEBATE TEAM Ruth Anne Auram Lucy Baxter Anne Creekmore Ann Byrd Firor Marion Jackson Mary Taylor LaGrange Trussei.l Zelda Tucker Morris Abram Varsity Maiiagtr John Oiin Eiuson Dinc or of Debating 19! - ABRAM BAXTER G. BROWN M. BROWN CARTER CLEVELAND DORSEy EDENFIELO FINDLEY HENDERSON FREDERICK 6UNTER VARSITY DEBATES INTERNATIONAL DEBATES OXrORD-CAMHRIlX.i; UNI I RSITIES Morris B. Abram Harry S. Baxtir UNlNlRsriV Ol MI-I. BOURNE, AUSTRALIA A. G. Ci.ivFi.AND, Jr. Rdhfrt B. Troutman, Jr. ANNUAL NORTHERN TRIP WINTHROP college, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, AND COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Morris B. Abram Harry Baxiir X ' INTIIROI ' C0I-I-E(;E, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, SWARTHMORE COLLEGE, AND JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Milton F. Brown, Jr. Cam D. Dorsey SOUTH CAROLINA TRIP FURMAN UNIVERSITY AND WOllDRD COLLEGE NiVllII Ij)INlllln lIII M H. GlNTIR DARTMOUTH ( Oil I (.1 Mli.roN I ' . Brown, Jr. IIow i m llnii is, |k. EVENINC; SCHOOI Ol Till- UNINI.RMT Vs■I■l,M Ol c,U)R(,IA Will JAM B. (,LNiiR RoiiiRi C. Norman GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY (FORUM REPRESENTATIVE) Ai.iRi i Morgan FMORY UXIVI RSIT ' Alfred Morgan Louis Soun, Jr. EMORY UNIVERSITY RoBi rt C. Norman Carlisle Taylor 192- VARSI TY DEBATES UNIVKRSITY Ol MIAMI (M.DRIDA) J. Turner Jonfs Jwiis i:. Macki, Jr. ATLANTA LAW SCHOOL Ov . Marion Paci Cariisi r Tavior UNIVIRSITY OI- PrNN ' SYl.VAMA Don Carti r Hovi i i.l Hoi lis, Jr. LRSKINE COLLEGE " . Marion Page Carlisle Tavior ALLEGHENY C0LLEC;E Don Carter Lolis S. Soun, Jr. BERRY COLLEGE Robert C. Norman i ' . Marion Page BRENAU COLLEGE A. G. Cleveland, Jr. Alered Morgan BRENAU COLLEGE Martha W ' mitakfr Sarah Payne AGNES SCOTT COLLEGE Kennon Henderson Fay Frederick ERSKINE COLLEGE Gladys Brown Anne Gibson WILLIAM AND MARY COLLEGE Martha W ' hitaker Fay Frederick WILLIAM JEWEL COLLEGE Phyllis Jenkins Sarah Payne WOFFORD COLLEGE Phyllis Jenkins Grace Findley HACKE MOLLIS JENKINS JONES MORGAN NORMAN PAGE PAYNE SOHN TAYLOR TROUIMAN JCMITAKER 193 UNIVERSITY THEATRE SiNct 1931 the University Theatre has been the official dramatic unit of the University. At that time the two existini; dramatic societies, the Thalians and the lilacktriars merged, and F.dward C. Crouse assumed the duties of director. Three plays are v;iven each year at Seney-Stovali Theatre and the audiences attending the plays has grown from less than one hundred to almost one thousand. MURRAY Edtard C. Crousf Capirs Hoi.Mis, Jr. Howard Clisham • EuCFNr LiPSCHITZ . Bn.i. BuRSON Paschall Camp Mh.dri I) Carswill Mary Franchs Crabb Bl I TV DhCKIR Vli ' ii.MA Gamble Norman Camp CLAUDt Davidson Joe Ginsberg Nancy Griggs Founded in 193 I EXECUTIVE STAFF FOR THE UNIVERSITY THEATRE Director Dorothy .Murray . - . • - . BiisiHcii Munufifr A. L. Wi n.i .... S agc Manager Don Carter .... S i X ' ' MunnKfr Dorothy Jarnagin . . PRODUCTION STAFF Sylvia Gi.nsblrg Iil ' glnl Lii ' sciiii Edith Hefi nlr Milton Marshall LlLLYAN HiLTY RuTH MlLLLR Phyllis Jenkins Harriet Mills Charles Joel Melvin Pollock Bill Gunter Joe Jacobus Marshal Klein BUSINESS STAFF Milton Lesser Arthur Lott Bill McNiel Aisisliinl lo the Director • . AJt crtiiin Manager • - Vrumotion Manager Manager of Propertia Bln 1 ' risant Herbert Robertson Gordon Rothvfell Allen Thomason Louis Turner Isabelle Reid Bill Rogers Bobby Kothbi rg " Ahl WildcfnCM, " Fall, 1937. •Kind Ladv, " Winter, 1938. ' idcrncsi, " Fall, 1937. Lady, " Wintcf, 1936. 194- THALIAN-BLACKFRIARS Honorary Dramatics Club. Founded in 193 I OFFICERS Capers Hoi.mis I ' nsiJin John M. Listik lirs Vui-PrtsiJiii iViONTEZ I)l UNAM SiCOHiI V ici-PrCiiilllll Edith Hodgson St-in-tary Eugene Lipschitz Trcamrer HONORARy MEMBER Ei) AKi) C. Crousi-. Norman Camp UoN Carter HoVk ARl) Cl.lSHAM Georc e Crabb Mary Frances Crabb Margaret Darst Ceauue Davidson Montez Debnam Nancy Griggs W. 1). Hammack MEMBERS Friddii 1 111 I Hl ' gh Mill Enrm Hodgson Capers Holmes Dorothy Jarnagin Phyllis Jenkins Charles Joel Ruth Landers John M. Lester Eugene Lipschitz Dyar Masse y Milton Marshall Dorothy Murray Mary Nell McKoin Bill McNiel Emory Parmenter Isabelle Reid Sol Singer Louis Sohn Allen Thomason A. L. Weill The following hold Th.iiian-Bl.ickfriars ' Keys awarded on the basis of participation in the activities of the University Theatre: Montez Debnam V. D. Hammack Edith Hodgson Capers Holmes Dorothy Jarnagin Ruth Landers John Lester Eugene Lipschitz Dyar Massi Mary Nlll McKoin Sol Singer HAMMACK f. HILL LESTER lipschitz H. HILL HOOGSON HOLMti jARNAGiN JENKINS MASSE MARSHALL MURRAY McKOlN McNIEL SINGER 50HN THOMASON WEILL tBNAM GR ' GGS JOEL LANDERS PARMENTER REID -195- BOYS ' GLEE CLUB Founded in 1909 OFFICERS F. C. Mf.adovcs . Louis Grii i ith . R. E. Foster Hugh Hodgson Cecil Anderson David Bakrow Ralph H. Bell Calhoun Bowi n George Boyd James Bridges Luther Bridges W. H. Cox Cecil Elliott Robert Eve Horace Freeman Tony Gibson A. C. GiLLILAND R. C. GiRTMAN Louis Griffith MEMBERS Robert Harrison Hill Healan Harrison Heidi i r RoBIRT HOLMAN Peyton Jacobs Hayden Johnson Phillip Jones Li »is Km I IAN Hi nrv Madui n F. C. Meadows Robert Norman George Perry Ml IVIN POI.IOCK Carl Pittman Phillip Potter W. H. Pross PrciiJent Vicc-Prcsidtiit Business Manager Director Fred Ricpon L E. Robbins Le«is Sessions Spiros Siaiacas C. E. Selph Dan Simpson Bill Smith George Smith GioRGi Stanliv Julian Stephenson Bruce Stewart E. i ' . Vf ' HITFHEAD Don X ' lGGINS ItlM Vi ' lGC.INS JclNI s Yovc f t f t t I f •! S 196- WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Grace X ' IlBANKs President Virginia Barmild Vicc-PrcsiJciil Frances Coviart Secretary Jane Clary Treasurer MEMBERS Kaimiki.m Andirson Frances Freeman Florence Modena Virginia Barfield Madiline Flexir Helene Moore Inez Bartmeemem Klizabeth Gilbreth Evelyn Norton Jane Basch Bebe Gaelaiii r Martha Payne Margaret Beasley Mary Eleanor Grantham Jean Peabody Eloise Beckwitm Edith Hodgson Jean Pittman Emmie Bolton Saidee Hodgson Ruth Porter Caroline Brosseau Margaret Horne June Po»i i i Elizabeth Brooks Elaine Hui me Georgianna Raney Gladys Brown Florence Jackson Mariha Rauzin Ruth Brown Barbara Ji nkins Agnes Silva Sally Brown Juanita Jones Eva Mae Smith Katherine Byebs Katherine Jones Louise Stewart Hilda Callahan Elizabeth Lamkin Gertrude Erquehart Vi ' ooDvii IE Campbell Anne Littlepage Lillian Walker Ellen Cheek Mary Louise Lockwood Martha Emma Watson Jane Clary Jane Luck Mary Watson Lena Mac Coffee Edna McCarson Jean Wheeler Gwendolyn Collins Mary McClure Grace Wilbanks Ann Cornwell Virginia McDowell Margaret X ' iivon Frances Cowart Louise McKie Christine Wilson Madeline Douglas Ruth Miller Lucille Winn Ellie Etiieridge Hazel Whitehead -197- GEORGIA BULLDOG ORCHESTRA • • SAXOPHONES BlN I RAM JACkblLVlARr John Ui RRVBtKRv TRUMPETS Laurv Ki ndricks John Davis TROMBONES Hugh McGaritv Al Morgan PIANO Ol IN 1 I l MOM) DRUMS Hon lion I IK BASS Harold Pledges J ivs- i KAPPA P National Art Fraternity. Pi Chapter. Established in 1937 OFFICERS Henry Maddi n PrcsiJoit Raymond MiMaiion ' icc-Prc .idiiil Mary Pali Cii.tNN Secretary Gladys Lantz Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER Lamar Dooo Jack Adams Frances Barrow Margaret Byrum Mrs. Ruth Bouchton Sue Ervcin Charles Farr MEMBERS Julia Anne Gilman Mary Paul Glenn Eleanor Goldberg Virginia Hii l Alan Kuzmicki Gisela Krumbein Gladys Lantz Henry Madden Cecil Michael Raymond McMahon Augusta Oelchig OssiE Ray Emory Rose Wood ADAMS BARB ' . ' KRUMBEIN LANTZ ERWIN MADDEN MICHAEL GLENN 60LDBE- McMAHON OELCHIG P-A - 199- SKETCH CLUB • Founded November 4, 1937 FACULTy ADVISORS An NIL May Holliday Lamar Dodd OFFICERS JuDll Vi ' iNo President Frances Lassiter Viie-PresiJenl Ann Dempsey Secretary Rosalind Lipscomb Treasurer SENIORS Mary Freeman Rliii Garrard JUNIOR Esther Rose Zii l SOPHOMORES E. R. Allen Cecil Grimes Eunice ' atkins Ann Dempsey Martha Doyle Moore Judie Wtng Eleanor Flannioan . Warren VanRiper Julia Swiney FRESHMEN Frank Belyeu Rac hall Hamilion Rosilind Lipscomb Sallie Brown Marion Jackson Eleanor Maohock Janelle Craw I t)Ri) Makkin Johnson Irene Mi i Marii Doss Frances Lassiter Vir .inia Pi vton FREE ' . " ■■ VanRIFtk HAMILTON ■200- y ytiUi uja iL lij BAXTER t MASSEy RODDENBERRy ABRAM SPHINX Founded in 1897 Membership in Sphinx is the hishest non-scholastic honor at the University 1. A. H. Pattlrson 2. VC. D. HoopiR }. L. COTHRAN 4. G. Grii N 5. C. R. Andrkws 6. K. K. POMPROY 7. A. Pratt Adams 8. Vi ' ii.i. S. Bi.UN 9. C. Mi ' . Davis l(). M. n. DuBosL 1 1. R. P. Jones 12. A. .1. McBride 13. R. J. Travis 14. T. V( ' . RUCKER 1 1. M. M. Thurman lf . JoiiN ' Banks 17. R. L. Di NMARK 18. I. I.. Hah. 19. R. M. Chariton 20. Harry Hui.i. 21. H. C. Johnson 22. J. B. RiDi FY 2 J. »( ' . R. Ritchie 24. J. L. I:r»in 25. Phinizy Calhoun 2«. F. K. McCuTrHi N 27. Loncstreet Hull 28. H. J. Lamar 29. Vi ' . M. Hardy 30. N. P. Park 31. VC. J. Hammond 32. Lamar C. Rucker 5 3. Sterling Blackshi ar 34. M. M. Dickinson 3 ' . Andriw Calhoun 36. Cam D. Dorsey )7. M. S. Richardson MEMBERS 38. B. .S. AX ' alkir 39. Sandy Beaver 40. G. V. LiGViiN 41. E. M. Ridley 42. Randolph Jacques 43. Ralph Mi ldrim 44. Marion Smith 45. Wallace Mm 46. Minor Boyd 47. W. J. Turner 48. J. F. Baxter 49. Harold Ketron 5 0. Jack Bo« ' er 5 1. Frampton 52. Frank Andirs n 5 3. R. p. Brooks 54. L. P. Goonnu ii 55. L S. Hopkins. Jr. 56. J. J. KiLLOHIN 57. M. 1 I. Bl AC KSIII AR 5 8. ViRLVN B. MOORI 59. Tom W. Connai i y 60. WiNSHIP Nunnaily 61. T. T. Turnbull 62. W. VC. Patterson 63. Arthur Sullivan 64. Charlie H. Cox 65. RoDNI Y Hll I 66. Harold Teiiord 67. A. L. Hardy 68. J. v.. D. Young 69. C ' . V. M. Marshiiurn 70. H. M. S ott 71. John Brown 72. GioRGi Hains 73. Dan Y. Sage 74. I. C. Levy 75. Lansing B. Lee 76. L. Raoul 77. J. J. Racan 78. R. S. Parker 79. CiEORGE P. U ' lin.MAN 80. U ' . L. 1:r«in 81. Harrison Jonis 82. C. D. Cabiness 85. V ' . G. Brantley 84. P. R. VC ' eitnir 85. A. H. Carmichai 1 86. R. Kyle Smith 87. W. Brown 88. J. K. McDonald 89. C. N. Fll 1 DSON 90. Frank Martin 91. H. L. J. VClEEIAMS 92. R. H. JoNis 93. S. O. Smith 94. M. S. Hodgson 95. H. P. DE La Pi rii re 96. F. C. Newton 97. Claude Derrick 98. i ' . C. Henson 99. F. B. Harris 100. Y. B. Smith 101. D. H. Redeearn 102. Jerome Michael 103. b. L. Rogers 104. E. V. Carter, Jr. 105. J. E. Lucas 106. H. G. Baii I V 107. E. M. Brown 108. Abit Nix 109. O. W. Franklin 110. F. T. Mil 1 ER 111. H. L. Lanham .202. 112. H. B. Blackshlak 180. in. VC. Falk, Jr. 181. 114. A. R. . lAtDo.NAll) 182. in. H. C llATClltR 183. 116. p. L. Barrltt 184. 117. t. L. Pen.n ' Incton 185. 118. E. VC. Moisi 186. 119. G. C. WoouRuii 187. 120. K. V. HiATH 188. 121. Millard Rlvis 189. I ' ' ' R. B. Troutman 190. 12J. Arthur K. Maouox 191. 124. J. L. SlBLLY 192. 12S. Clii 1 Bra.vnen 193. 126. 1.. D. Brown 194. 127. G. T. NORTHL.N 195. 128. Vf ' . A. Mann 196. 129. H. D. Mlyer 197. no. B. H. VtALTON 198. ni. n. R. PlACOCK 199. 132. V. H. UURDEN 200. nj. C. E. Martin 201. 134. E. B. Dunlap 202. 135. R. L. MiWhorter 203. 136. R. H. Fri 1 man 204. 137. Z. S. Co«AN 205. 138. EOU ' ARD MoRCANSTER.N 206. 139. Jamis M. Lynch 207. 140. H. Levy Rogers 208. 141. Bentlly H. Chapi ' lll 209. 142. Ira Funkenstein 210. 143. Frank Carter 211. 144. T. RucKER GlNN 212. 145. Aaron Bernd 213. 146. Russell H. Patterson 214. 147. Victor Victor 215. 148. H. HoYT Weichel 216. 149. Louis H. Pinkussohn 217. no. Clark Hovtell, Jr. 218. 151. D. K. McKamy 219. 152. David H. Paddock 220. 153. John Henderson- 221. 154. Edward J. Hardin 222. 155. George S. Whitehead 223. 156. James B. Conyers 224. 157. C. W. Jacobson 225. 158. H. L. Hodgson 226. 159. R. H. Wesley 227. 160. G. L. Harrison 228. 161. L. M. Tanner 229. 162. ' . H. QUARTERMAN 230. 163. Robert Cam away, Jr. 231. 164. JoLL B. Mai i itt 232. 165. Thomas A. Thrash 233. 166. Max L. Segall 234. 167. Hoi MAN SORRELES 235. 168. W. O. White 236. 169. J. P. Stewart 237. 170. N. L. GuLis. Jr. 238. 171. RoFE Sims, Jr. 239. 172. J. FL Carmk hall 240. 173. Howard McCall 241. 174. Irwine M. Levy 242. 175. Hinton Longino 243. 176. R. W. Courts 244. 177. L. H. Tippett 245. 178. O. R. Eli ARS 246. 179. R. F(. West 247. R. L. Foreman, Jr. J. M. Hatciiir Ui WLV Knight Li wis Siabor.n Davis ' . P. Zacharv Irwine Phini v P. D. O ' Callaohan Charles M. Ca.ndllr W. M. Dallas Claude H. Satti ruled F. H. FIarroi II W. D. MiiiiR Arthur Pi « R. E. L. Spence C. Mi ' . Si At K Joh.v R. Slater E. Way Highsmith A. M. Day C. M. Straha.v, Jr. H. H. Ma.vghum W. H. Stephens P. B. Ford Nathan Jolles Owen Rivnoids J. P. Carson W. D. Duroen W. B. Cody M. a. McRainey W. F. Daniel E. H. Dixon F. C. McClure L. H. Hill G. J. Clark C. A. Lewis J. J. Bennett, Jr. Alton Hosch C. G. Henry J. K. Harpi r H. H. Maddox J. L. Watson C. R. Anderson E. M. Gurr H. M. Ceeckli y. III W. C. Carti R, Jr. William Tate C. F. WiEHRS John Fletcher J. D. Thomason John Hosch. Jr. Tom F. Green, Jr. W. E. Sewell Lester Hargrett C. L. Gowen M. L. KlIPATRICK J. D. Alli n H. D. Shattuck George Morton G. H. Nixon A. A. Marshai l C. N. Meel E. P. Rogers W. T. Forbes, Jr. G. S. Johnson ROLLIN J. Chambii ' s Earnest Camp, Jr. Allen W. Post A. S. Clay, III Keis Boland 248. IvLY Shivers, Jr. 249. William II. Young 250. IsAAR K. Hay 2 5 1. Geo. E. Fiorinci, Jr. 252. Thomas A. Nash 2 5 3. Tom J. Hamilton, Jr. 2 54. Ben H. Hardy, Jr. 25 5. Hall L. Stancil 256. Daniel C. Tulley 257. R. L. Patterson, Jr. 2 5 8. Hoke S. Woi i ord 259. John S. Candler, II 260. G. B. LaUTZI .NIIISLR 261. RuEUS B. Jln.nings 262. Craig Barrow, Jr. 263. RoBi rt C. Hooks 264. Joseph H. Boland 265. Guv C. Hamilton 266. James J. Harris 267. William J. Kline, Jr. 268. Kankakee Anderson 269. J. Earnest Palmour, Jr. 270. Henry Palmer 271. Kelly McCutchen 272. GuERRV Harris 273. Douglas Feagi.n, Jr. 274. Mattox L. Purvis 275. Joseph M. Oliver 276. Marvin Cox 277. Ellis G. Arnall 278. Herbert Maffett 279. Sandford Sanford 280. John Vi ' . Maddox 281. Mark Hollis 282. W.M. Carroll Latimer 283. Vernon S. S.mith 284. Wm. M. Strickland 285. James W. McIntire 286. Marion Gaston 287. McCarthy Crenshaw 288. William Hazelhurst 289. Leroy S. 290. Frederick Soi.o.vion 291. ViRLYN B. Moore, Jr. 292. William T. Maddox 293. J. M. Richardson, Jr. 294. Morton S. Hodgson, Jr. 295. T. R. Thigpen, Jr. 296. Robert G. Stephens, Jr. 297. John Wesley Calhoun 298. DeNean Stafford, Jr. 299. John Bond 300. Harry Baxter 301. WiNBUR.N T. RlXJERS 302. John Dan Bowden 303. J. Carl Strong 304. A. Lee Rogi rs 305. Jamis Waiti r Viisi 306. VI ' m. Tapih BiNNiir. Jr. 307. Vi ' .M. CoEBi RT Hawkins 308. Robert T. Anderson 309. Wade C. Hovt, Jr. 310. Charles C. Harroid, Jr. 311. Ben Anderson, Jr. 312. Edward FI. Banti r 313. Dyar Massi v 314. AnDI RSON Roddinbirry 31 5. Morris Abram HONORARy MEMBERS A— H. Brown B — G. Butler C — O. S. Sibley D — D. E. Douchirty E— W. H. Harris F — H. Bacon G — W. P. Hail H — F. K. Boland I — H. G. Colvin J — W. S. Cothran K— W. Spain L — John T. Dorse y M— F. R. Mitchell N— H. Dodd O— C. H. Black P— W. R. TiCHNOR Q— G. T. Jackson R— W. B. Hill S — C. M. Sneleinc T — David Crensha Barrov U— R. E. Park V— H. C. White W— A. M. SouLE X— W. H. BococK Y — S. V. Sanford Z — C. M. Straiia.n AA — H. J. Stegiman BE — Sylvanus Morris CC — G. F. Peabodv DD— E. A. Lowe EE— T. J. VI ' ooeter FF — Thomas W. Rud GG — Harry Mi hri HH— H. N. Edmunds II — Harold Hirs h JJ — Edgar L. Sicrist KK — Harmon W. Caldwi i i LL — Paul W. Chapman MM — Robirt R. Gunn NN — John Donald Wadi OO — Hughes Spalding PP — Charles H. Herty ■ 203- OMICRON DELTA KAPPA • National Honorary Leadership Fraternity. Alpha Upsilon Circle. Established at Georgia in 1935 OFFICERS COLBKRT Ha X Kl.MS PrCsiJcill Lee Price Vicc-Pmiilfiif Dt.A.N CoMNGTON Sccntary and Trcamrcr MEMBERS Morris Abram Bll 1 lil NTON COIDIRT HaV MNS Ed Baxii r Dl AN Cdvinc.ton X ' ard Hoi LANiJ Harry Baxtkr Jot Gillespie Caplrs Holmes ■204- • OMICRON DELTA KAPPA MEMBERS Wade Hovt DvAK Massfy Li I Price Albi KT Jones BvKoN II. Ma nil wb, Jr. HizNRV Scott Ed Landau Wadsworth McGinty L A. SOIOMONS K. E. Mack FACULTY MEMBERS Lane Timmons Harmon W. Caidvcell J. A I TON Hoscir Wa.iiAM Tate Paul Chapman J. M. McFadden S. V. Saniord John Donald Wade McGINTy JONES PRICE SOLOMONS MATMEXS -205- PHI BETA KAPPA • Honorary Society in Scholarship. Founded at William and Mary College in 1776. Alpha of Georgia Chapter established in 1914 OFFICERS J. H. T. McPherson President i D. Hooper Vice-President Vi ' . O. Payne Secretary R. P. Stephens Treasurer MEMBERS Morris B. Abram A.B. Ida Irancis Barkow B.F.A. Edward H. Baxter B.S. Emmie Bolton A.B. W. F. Cantrell B.S. DoNNEL E. Carter A.B.J. HoviELL C. Erwin, Jr A.B. Oma Lee Jackson A.B. Dorothy Jarnagin A.B. Barbara ' W. Jenkins A.B. Albert B. Jones A.B. Reginald C. Kicklightir . . . B.S.Chem. Nelson H. Kraiit B.S. DvAR E. Massey A.B.J. Albert R. Menard A.B. Dorothy L. Murray A.B.J. John H. T. McPherson, Jr A.B. DdROIHV PoViEISON B.S. Ralph M. Ricl A.B.J. S. Anderson Roddi nbi rrv .... B.S. I. A. Solomons B.S.Chem. A. Elizabeth Taylor A.B. Virginia Tompkins A.B. Grace Wilbanks A.B.Ed. Eleanor B. J. " llllA ls A.B. ABRAM -■•- jarnagin jenkins Mcpherson powelson BA«Ut BOLTON ANTRELL JONES KICKLIGHTER KRAEFT RICE RODOENBERRy SOLOMONS TA LOR CARTER ( K J. I ' J JACKSON MASSEy MENARD MURRAy TOMPKINS WILBANKS WILLIAMS 206- PHI KAPPA PH Honorary Society in Scholarship. University of Georsia Chapter installed in 1923 OFFICERS T. W. Reed President Anderson Rodd en berry Vice-President M. P. Jarnagin Secretary John W. Jenkins Treasurer MEMBERS graduate Dyar Massey MoKRIs Abram A.B. F.ucLNi AuAMS B.S.Agri. T. Z. Atkison ' B.S.For. iNtZ F. BARTHlLMtSi . ■ ■ B.S.H.E. Edward H. Baxtlr B.S. GtRTRLDIi M. BtASLtV ■ • . A.B.J. Mary Fdna Bennett . . B.S.H.E. Mary Foith Bradley . . B.S. Com. W. R. Brown B.S.Agr. Joseph B. Camp B.S.Agr. J. Phil Campbell, Jr. . • B.S.Agr. i ' . F. Cantrell B.S. Uonnel E. Carter .... A.B.J. Ernestine Carcill .... A.B.Ed. Cora Cheney A.B.J. H. « ' . Clements B.S.Ed. Annie Sue . . . A.B.Ed. J. ■« ' . Cooper B.S.For. Sam a. Dance .... B.S.Agr.Eng. A. S. Davis B.S.Agr. E. C. Davis B.S.Agr. MoNTEZ Debnam .... B.S.H.E. G. K. DiLEARD B.S.Agr. Martha F. Dreyer . . . B.S.Com. John VI ' . Duki B.S.Com. undergraduates A. B. Duncan B.S.Agr. G. C. Duncan B.S.Agr. J. L. Dupree A.B.Ed. Ho«i.LL C. Erwin A.B. Ellie E. Etherldce . . . B.S.H.E. Virginia Frey B.S.H.E. Piggy Garrette B.S.H.E. Nancy Hardy B.S.H.E. R. H. Harrell A.B.Ed. Roland R. Harris .... B.S.Agr. Sara F. Harris B.S.Com. C. D. Hightowlr .... B.S.Agr. John Hensley B.S.Agr. U ' ard E. Holland . . . B.S.Com. J. O. Hoovir B.S.Com. O.MA Lee Jackson A.B. Dorothy Jarnagin A.B. Barbara Jenkins A.B. Albert B. Jonis A.B. R. C. Kicklightlr B.S. B. Kraet .... B.S.Com. M. F ' vi lyn Lancaster . . A.B.Ed. M. L. LocuE B.S.Agr. « ' . C. Maddox A.B.Ed. .■ . Elizabeth Mathis . . . A.B.Ed. Jane Mattox A.B.Ed. Albert R. Menard A.B. C ' allace .Miller .... B.S.Com. Frank D. McDade . ■ . B.S.Com. Joii.N H. T. McPherson. Jr. • . A.B. QuiNELLE .McRae .... B.S.H.E. i ' . F. Neei B.S.For. Dorothy Powelson B.S. SiD.NEY L. Raskin LL.B. L. L. Reaves .... B.S.Agr.Eng. Ralph M. Rice A.B.J. S. . nderson Roddenberry . . B.S. Jack Ryals B.S.Com. Vf ' iLLiA.M H. Schroeder . . . LL.B. i ' . C. Shouse B.S.Phir. D. D. Slappev B.S.Agr. Dennis Sikls B.S.Agr. J. R. SisLEY B.S.For. L A. Solomons .... B.S.Chcm. Elizabeth Taylor A.B. Grace ( ' ii. banks ... A.B.Ed. Eleanor B. J. )f ' iLLiAMs . . . A.B. C. B. WiLLiA.MSON .... B.S.Agr. Annie V. V( ' oma k A.B. Kathryn D. Yo» ... B.S.H.E. ESiEIPPlDQIP i i f9,?%i m B iM FIRST RO Acj • . A n ?. Atkcson, Bofthcimc«, Baiter, Bcjsic. S- ■ . • Clements, Coleman, Cooper, Dance, A. Dovis, E. Davis, Dcbnar- Garrette, Hardy, HarrcH, R. Harns, 5. Harris, H.ghtower, Hc- Lancastcr, Lo3ue, Maddox, Massey, Mathis, Mattoi, Menard, V berry, Ryals, Schroedcr, Shouse, Sikcs, Sislcy, Solomon, Taylor, WtlUinU, Wtllt an.i, WtlUdmu»n, Won.dct., l -207. BETA GAMMA SIGMA Scholarship Honor Fraternity in the field of Commerce and Business Administration. Alpha of Georgia Chapter in- stalled May 15, 1918 OFFICERS John W. Jfnkins PrcsUcnt J. 11. T. McPherson Vice-PnsiJiiif Glenn W. Sutton Secretary Lloyd B. Raistv Treasurer BRADLE MEMBERS Mary F.diiii Bkadli y RoiiLR T 1 Iarolu Clark John XX ' iicii Dukf. Sara I ' ranc i;s Harris Ward Elviin Holi and James Otto Hoover Ralph Jarrard Jack Ryals Charms Frankiin SciiirDiR, III Georci Paul Shaw HOOVER DUKE RyALS HARRIS SCHIEDER HOLLAND -208- • • PARTHENIAN Honorary Society for Senior Women. (Petitioning Mortar Board) OFFICERS Inez Barthelmess Prcmleiit Nancy Hardy Vict-PnsiJint Barbara Jinkins Secretary Graci Vi ' iiBANKS Treasurer MEMBERS Dorothy Jarnagin Woodville Campbell MoNTEZ Debnam BARIMtlME.i HAROy • .■ , WILBANKS TAMPBELL DE3NAM -209- GRIDIRON Secret Society. Founded In 1900 OFFICERS Colbert Hawkins Vres ' ulent Ed Sell Vire-PrcsiJent Lee Price Secn ary and Treasurer Sol Altman C. O. Baker Ed Baxter Hugh Broome Dean Covington George Dance John X ' . Davis Tom Dickey ViLLiAM Durham John Encel Jack Farren Clark Gainis Joe Gillespie HoYT Haley Colbert Hawkins Ward Holland Wade Hovt P. J. Hudson DUPREE Hunnicutt, Jr Robert Judd MEMBERS Robert Knox Alvin Koplin Mack Lancaster F.D Landau Pete Latimer Henry Madden Dvar Massi V Byron II. Mm hi vis, Jr. Malcolm Peterson Lee Price Ralph Rice Ed Sell Sol Singer John Andy Smith Tony Solms L A. Solomons George Spence Robert Troutman David U ' aikir H. N. West ALTMAN ■ ■ BAXTER DICKEy uuptnAM ENGEL HAWIONS HOLLAND HOn BPOOME COVINGTON DANCE DAVIS fARREN GAINES GILLESPIE HALE HUDSON HUNNICUTT JUDD 210- • • GRIDIRON FACULTy MEMBERS VTeems Baskin J. D. Bolton Lro BricHFR R. P. Brooks E. M. Coulter F.DTARO C. Crouse John Drfwrv A. S. Edwards Rex Enricht I:l)»IN M. EvtRETT J. l FiROR Arnold J. Funk Harmon U ' . Caldwell H. M. Heckman L. L. llrNDRI N H. G. Holt Harrv J. Ml mre T. H. McHatton R. L. Mc )iMORTlR Hubert Owens R. E. Park A. H. Peyton Merritt B. Pound T. v. Riiu S. V. Sanford Alfred Scott R. T. SCCRFST Ashley Sfllfrs HfNRY a. SlIINN James A. Spruill R. B. Trimble Tfd TvroMEY L. C. VCfstbrook MATn tA : SOLMS NCASTER LANDAU LATIMER ' ADOEN MASSE ' ►■citKiuM ►■RICE RICE SELL SINGER SMITH SOLOMONS SPENCE TROUTMAN WALKER WEST 311 BLUE KEY COUNCIL National Honorary Council. University of Georgia Chapter Established in 1932 OFFICERS Ed Baxti k Prcsiiloil DvAR Massey V cr-PrciiJctif Byron MAiiiivis Sicretary Morris Abram C. O. BakfiR Ed Baxter BlI 1. BiNTON Aaron Coiin Jimmy Curtis MEMBERS Clark Gaines jor Gil 1 1 sPii Colbert Havckins Capirs Holmes NX ' ii I is Jac kson Albert B. Jones Dyar Massey By ' ron 11. M 111! w s, Jr. Bii 1 Neel Li E Price i. a. soujmons John Wilson ABRAM BAKER BAXIEO OHN CURTIS GAINES GILLESPIE HOLMES JACKSON PRICE I ' JNtS SOLOMONS MASSE WILSON MATHEWS NEEL - 212 X CLUB Honorary Service Organization. Founded in 1931 OFFICERS Edvi AKi) Bax 1 1 R PrciiJciil Andirson Roddenberry Viif-PrisiJoil B Ro 11. MAinivks, Jr Si ' crc iir and Treasurer Edvi ' ari) Baxtir O. M. Gates Gus Gllvlland Gi ark Gaines Gaplrs Holmes ROLL Ai.uiRT Jones Robert Jl ' dd Al Ul RT MaNI EY Dyar Massiy B RON 11. Ma mi VI b, |r. Wadsworih MfGiNTY Robert Norman Anderson Roddenberry 1 Iarky Stevens Robert Troutman Lew IS Turner BAXTER A : i -, .EVELAND GAINES HOLMES JONES MANLEy MASSEy MATHEWS McGINiy NORMAN ROODENBERRy STEVENS TROUTMAN TURNER ■ 213- ZODIAC Composed of Twelve Sophomore Women Havin3 Highest Scholastic Averages. Founded in 1920 OFFICERS Frances Covcart President CoRiNNE Stephens Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Elizadith Alii n Jane Basch Frances Cowart Louise Grant Edith Heffner Oma Lee Jackson Annette Kendall Cora O ' Kelley Martha Pinkston Evelyn Pollock. CoRiNNE Stephens COWART STEPHENS ALLEN BASCH GRANT HEFFNER JACKSON KENDALL O ' KELLEy PINKSTON POLLOCK -214- STUDENT GOVERNMENT ( j: lite CO-ORDINATE COLLEGE Founded 1932 OFFICERS IlLNRItTTI. Sl ' IVtY Pu-iiJcnt Eleanor Maddock Vin-l ' rciiJcnt Sarah Paynf . . Secretary aiiJ Treasurer MEMBERS Francis Brandon Minnie Schreiber Catherine Davis Henriette Spivey Eleanor Maddock Bobbie Dell Stockton Sarah Payne Rene Tuck Wylene RicHTON Kathryn Tlrnhr Sara Rossee -215- ii ABRAM ALLEN CURTIS DAVIS NEWTON BAXTER BENTON BROWN CARLAN CATES CLEVELAND COLLINS DuBOSE HEFLIN HOOVER MASSE MENARD McKNIGHT NORMAN PRATHER RODDENBERRy STEVENS SWEAT TROUTMAN VANDIVER WINGE y. M. C. A. Founded in 1889 Andlrson Roddenbirry James W. Curtis Vi, OFFICERS Prciidciit Dyar E. Massey ■Prcsiih ' iit Gus Cleveland Robert U Knk.h i Tniisiircr MuRRis Abram RoBiiRT Allen Eo Baxtlr Bill Benton Scott Broiin Hugh Carlan O. M. Gates JULIAN Halliburton Bill McNiel Gus Cleveland BiLLV Collins JiMMv Curtis Harry Davis Marion DuBom Charlie Mm lin CABINET JlMM I ll)0 ( R Dyar Massly AlBI ' RT Mlnari) RoBi RT RoHi R r Norman Floyd Nlwton . Virc-Prcsidfiit RccurJiiis Sccrcliti) Jot Pkai III R Anderson Roddenderry Harry Stevens I ' RII) SaLAT Bobby Trol ' tman I " rxi ST Vandivlr Marion C ' incl SOPHOMORE COUNCIL OFFICERS PrcsiJtii 1,1 WIS KiLiiAN Scciv i r) Vice-Prciidiiit Goodi oe Erv in Treasurer David Atkinson BusiiR Birdsong Jami s Bridges GOODIOI liRWIN Julian Hai iiburtun John Hatton Robert Horne Ck ri on Jones Lewis Kileian MEMBERS Albert Manley Bill. McNiEL Harbl ' t Randall X ' |LI lAM Roci RS Louis X ' arlick Fred VI ' ickham Sam Vi ' iLKiNs T. L. Wood Bll IV W ' OODALL ATKINSON JONES BIRDSONG BRIDGES ERWIN HALLIBURTON HATTON KILLIAN MANLEy MeNIEL RANDALL ROGERS WICKHAM WILKINS WOOD WOODALL HORNE WARLICK BECK BROWN BURNS CABANISS DAVIS EVANS GRIGGS HINSHELWOOO JENKINS JOHNSON MANNING McPHERSON MILLER NORTON PAYNE ROSSEE SPivEy TIFT WHITAKER CO-ORDINATE COLLEGE Y. W. C A. Alice Cabaniss Nancy Griggs OFFICERS Prtslllcitt l.l I A M, NNIN(, V cc-PresiJciit Auorey Evans Si ' crc ar Treasurer Emily Beck Gladys Broitn ' Onii Ri ' TH Burns Alice Cabaniss LiLLiE Shepherd Uavis Katharine Paiiillo Susan Williams Virginia Asiuorii Virginia Barhfid U ' OODVIILE CaMPBILL Betty Chick Cora Cheney Mar I H Dariii n Audrey Evans Nancy Griggs Pattie Hixshi I uood Phyllis Jenkins Anne Johnson MEMBERS I I I A Manning Margaret McPherson Alice Ruth Mil li r Evelyn Norton Sarah Payne Sara Rossle Henriette Spivey LUTRELLE Til r Martha ViI ' hitaklr y. W. C. A. CABINET OFFICERS . PrcsiJcii Marjorie Mann Viir-Pnsiilcii Anne Littlepage Scirclary Treasurer Margari r Uarsi Nina Fuller Clara Belle H(X ks Anne Iitti.epagi Mary Ittti e MEMBERS Mar.iorii Mann Mary Emma Miller Alma Quiliian Katharine Patliilo [SABEIIF Re ID Mary Staiiord Robbie Stephens 1 va surrency Susan VCiei iams Lillian ' ai ker ASHFORD BARFIELO CAMPBELL CHiCK CHENE DARDEN DARST FULLER HOOKS LIHLEPAGE LIHLE MANN MILLER OUILLIAN PATTILLO REIO STAFFORD STEPHENS SURRENCV WILLIAMS WAI k ' PP -217- A. DEN BARNES BARRON 3RC0KS CANDLER DAVIS HARRIS HILL KENT KNUPP MASSE NEWTON SEC REST SMITH SPARKS WHITE y. M. C A. FRESHMAN COMMISSION OFFICERS X iLLiAM Candler . Vice Pri ' sitlciil John -Prcsidcut Willi MEMBERS Recorder Gus Sparks AM White Treasurer John Aloln UiLiiAM Candler 1a( k Ki 1 I 1 I Newton Gus Sparks BtN Baknis Jack Davis John Knupi- Marvin Pittman vX ' iiiiAM Xhite HAROLD BaKRON John Harris John Masse y Lee Secrest Orion Brooks VC ' aiti R C. Hill, Jr. Jack Matthews Staniord Smith CO-ORDINATE FRESHMAN COMMISSION LaGrange Trussi 1 l Eleanor Maddock OFFICERS President Kaiiiirim Kinc. Secretary y ice-President Ilcy Baxii r Treasurer Ruth Anne Aiiram Charlotte Adams Margaret Bakir l.urv Baxti R |as( Jackson C_t)i mns Catherine Davis Lucille Kliison Bebe Gallagher Katherinf King DilNNA IVNN MEMBERS Eleanor Maddock Frances Marchmoni Margari t Mc Kver Margari t M Rae A Ni Nom I Maril Kk iiahdson X ' yleni Righton Bobbie Dell Stockton I.aGkangl Trussi ll Ki ni " rc ' cK Vil ' lLLIE Bl II Vi ' lLLS Margari r X ' ilson WeSa ABRAM AUAMb BAKER BAXTER COLLINS DAVIS ELLISON GALLAGHER KING LYNN MAODOCK MARCHMONT McEVER McRAE NOBLE RICHARDSON RIGHTON STOCKTON TRUSSELL TUCK WILLS WILSON INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Organized for Discussion of International Affairs. Georgia Club Established in 1926 OFFICERS Firs Term Morris Abram Prcsiilciif . Albirt MiNARi) Vicc-Prciidciit . Marion DuBosi;, Jr Srcrcfary ami Treanirt-r FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. I;. M. Col ' i iiR MEMBERS Morris Abram Inez Barthelmess Bill Benton Gladys Brovi n Milton Brown Ruth Brown Norman Camp WooDviLLE Campbell Gus Cleveland M. H. Collins Lowell Gumming Margaret Darst Rune Derome Marion DuBose, Jr. I low 1 I 1 Erw IN, JR. l-Av Frederick Louis Griffith Sll X.I Rill) Gruttnlr Hll L GUNTIR Jl ' liax Hai 1 iburton How II 1 HoLiis Capers Holmes Clara Belli: Hooks Katharine Hoscii Barbara Jenkins Hirmann Laciier Mary Little Dyar Massey Si ' coiiil Term . Lowell Gumming Barbara Jenkins Marion DuBose, Jr. Albert Menard Floyd Newton Bob Norman George Perry Joe Prather Isabelle REin Louis Sohn Mary Stafford Bobbie Stephens Ed Stephenson Thomas Stewart CiiARLii Thorpe Bobby Troutman John Weems ABRAM RARIHt ■ ' ■ CUMMINS OARST HOOKS HOSCH REID SOHN R S»C Jt M ' am: " LEVEIAND COLLINS 0.,BOS£ £RAIN fRtDERICK GRIfFITH GUNTER nA ,oi;RTON HOLLIS HOLMES JENKINS iiIILt MASSEr MENARD NEWTON NORMAN PERRy PRATHER STAFFORD STEPHENS STEPHENSON .TFXA(!T THORPE TROUTMAN X ' EEMS -219- ALPHA ZETA • National Honorary Agricultural Fraternity. Founded at Ohio University. Georgia Chapter Established in 1914 OFFICERS R. T. Allen Chancellor O. B. CoPFLANi) Censor P. I.. Marshai I Scrihc |. II. liRosv N Treasurer E. G. Adams Chronicler George K. Dillaru Guide E. G. Adams R. T. Allen M. . BrcKiiAM J. 1 1. ISrdw N O. M. Gates Ei) ari) Cone Jamls Cooper O. B. Copelani) John Daniel C. C. Murray, Chaiiiiiiin ROLL Almn S. Davis Eugene Davis George K. Dm i ard Douglas Epperson Reuben R. Garraru HovT Haliy JAMi s 1 Iarden A. 1 . I lol I AM) John P. Jones Frank Lee ADVISORY COMMITTEE F. E. l ll l( HELL ! ' . 1 . Marsi lAl 1 W. V. Neel LiRoY Rl EVES Chari 1 s Rice Olen Shiver Hennis Sikis C. B. Wll I.IAMSON J. i I. Winge Charles Wurst F. B. La N HAM ADAMS ALLEN BECKHAM A. DAVIS E. DAVIS DILLARD MARSHALL NEEL RICE BROWN GATES CONE COOPER COPELAND DANIEL EPPERSON GARRARD HALE HOLLAND JONES LEE SHIVER SIKES WILLIAMSON WINGE WURST 220- AGHON Honoraiy Asricultural Society. Founded In 1918 OFFICERS Otis B. Copeland PrfsiJeiit Paul L. Marshall. . Gforc.i K. Dili ari Eugene Adams Robert T. Allen J. Harold Brown Carey C. Burnett Otis M. Gates Otis B. Copeland Ai.viN Davis George K. Dm lard Douglas H. Epperson MEMBERS FACULTV ADVISOR Dr. T. H. M( Hat ion ViiC-PrfiiiUnI Secrelary ami Treasurer Clark Gaines W. Hovt Haley S. Jamls Harden VJ ' iLLiAM Johnson John Paul Jones Paul L. Marshall Rai I ' ll M. I ' liii I IPS Charles Olen Shim r Li Roy Thomas ADAMS ALlf. BRO ' ' . ' Hjf.ui.: ' COPELAND DAVIS OILLARO EPPEfci.jN GAINEa PHILLIPS HALE? SHIVER THOMAS JONES MARSHALL -221 ■ AGRICULTURAL CLUB A Literary and Debating Society for Students in the College of Agriculture. Founded in 1907 OFFICERS Firs Term D. L. Evans, Jr. Presiiienl Gllnn SiMARU Vicc-Pnsitltiil Bryan Cobb Secretary Cecil Davis Treasurer Sccoihl Tr John Paul Joxrs VresiJciit RoiiiRT T. Am IN, Jk Vice-President Bruce Moore Secretary Cecil Davis Treasurer FACULTy ADVISORS W. O. Coi.i.iNs C. C. Murray MOORE 5INIARL ' DAVIS COBB ■222- KEY COUNCIL- - AGRICULTURAL CLUB Composed of Outstanding Members of the Agricultural Club MEMBERS J. LlOYU BURRELL A. S. Davis Tom Carroll D. L. Evans O. M. Gates Marvin Gillis WOODIIN Cavender J. R. Miller O. B. COPELAND H. H. Payne John Daniel Elmon Vickers DEBATING COUNCIL Robert T. Allen O. B. Copeland 11. H. Payne BURRELL DAVIS CARROL EVANS DANIEL VICKERS • 223- SADDLE .. " . ■ SIRLOIN CLUB A Society for the Promotion of More and Better Livestock in Georgia. Founded in 1920 OFFICERS Finl Term Paul L. Marshall PresiJenl Ralph Phiiiii s Vht-Prcsiilciit V. V. Phttv Secretary Wilson E. Still Treasurer K. E. Davis Reporter Second Term Georcl K. Dillaro President A. L. Holland Ync-PresiJent John W. Hicks Secretary Ralph Ray Treasurer Cecil Davis Reporter FACULTY ADVISOR W. S. Rice -224. • GAFFAU CLUB Georgia Chapter of Future Farmers of America. Established in 1931 OFFICERS Pint Term Si ' conJ Term A RaNUAI I TuTFN i r. i. ,ii A. C. DORMINEY . ElMON VlCKERS R A. UixoN . ■ ■.•- I ' nsiilfn K IIS GARRtTl . ,S ' rc ury S. B. VAUGHTtRS Vi . A. AviiRY . I ' rfit ttn ' r _ . _ _ I OUIS FoVt ' I FR li Roy Thomas . K. ■jiorlcr John Uanill, Jr. J- H. Smith l „rli,i itifii tilr ' iilii A. D. MlLFORD FACULTY ADVISOR J DHN T. WhLILLR MEMBERS R. T. ALLtN A. C. Durminey i, ' . Hulme Earl Reid V. A. AVLRV H. C. DORMINEY FL B. I.sxram E. L. Rhodes liARL BlLL Frank Dovi. lr Guy Johnson Glen Rhodes J. H. BOATRICHT, Jr. AuBRiE Duncan J. JOH.NSO.N Irwin Rhodes L. G. BowL.N Clovis Duncan H. D. JoRDON FL U. Ridceway b. Bradberry T. T. Fdwakus U ' . J. Le.macks Talmadge Robi.nso.n J. A. Branch H. L. EiDso.N Jesse Lennaro Vr. H. Rollen J. H. Bro»n EucE.SE Fnclisii M. L. LocuE Harvey Rogers C. R. Brown- C. M. Frwin Albert Manley Glenn Scruggs Frank Brvant J. R. FORUIIAM Hubert Ma.nsfield Glenn Sinniard J. Lloyd Burrell Frank Fortson K. D. Marshal C. W. Smith Tom Carroll Louis Fowler A. D. MlLIORD J. H. Smith R. R. Caswell Sam Frazier Powell D. Miller Da.n Spears O. M. Catls Ellis Garrett Billy D. Mitchell D. O. Spinks Ralph Catlitt, Jr. S. E. George Lewis Montgomery D. L. Stephens K. K. Cal ' sly, Jr. Oren Girley C. M. Morgan LeRoy Tho.mas J. S. Cha.vibless H. E. Gleaton X ' . R. Morrison Bill Tittle G. A. Chance HoYT Graham E. D. Morton R. A. Tuten Wallace Childs, Jr. C. W. Grant Bud Moss Vi ' . Y. VanFIook Albi RT Clifton Clyde Greenway King Moss S. B. Vauchters J. B. Cobb G. D. Gunnels A. L. McCULLOUCH FlMON VlCKERS A. B. Cochran Paul Ha.milton J. B. McLeskey C. A. Uaits Ja.mes H. Coom y, Jr. Henry Hauls Charles N. McMeil James X ' helchel John Dani el, Jr. Roland Harris T. Vi ' . Nalls H. C. VilLLIAMS Faye Dauc.htry VC. A. Hateield L. I-. Nil HOLS Ed Wills Ilceni Davis Ralph Head J. B. Oeeiep C. Vi ' lLKINSON Dorsey Denney JoEi.N Hensliy T. C. Owensby J. M. VilNGE Ralpei Dixon Carl Hibben FIarold Poss tUIEN AVER DORMINEr FOWLER DIXON THOMAS VlCKERS DANIEL SARREIJ SMITH VAU6HTERS MlLFORD -225- HOMECON - JUNIOR HOMECON Honorary Home Economics Club. Founded in 1920 OFFICERS Janet McGarity PrcsiJcnl Zena Costa Vice-President Helen Norton Recording Secretary Martha McRae Treasurer Mary Edna Bennett Corresponding Secretary COMMIHEES Myra Byrd Chairman Social Seriice Frances Davis Chairman Program Committee Sarah Estes Chairman Poster Committee Ei-UE Etheridge Publicity Grace Harrison Scrap Book Jeanette McPhaul Chairman Room Committee Mary Emma Miller Chairman Music Committee Julia Parker Chairman Finance Committee Sarah Rast Chairman Social Committee r.DNA Sanders Puhlicily Mary Sortori; Bulletin Board Louise Stewart Chairman Membership Committee FACULTY ADVISOR Catherine L. Newton JUNIOR HOMECON Alice Ruth Miller President Onie Ruth Burns Vice-President Lli.a Manning Secretary Martha Nelle Norman Treasurer ■226- PHI UPSILON OMICRON National Home Economics Fraternity. Established at Georgia in 1936 OFFICERS Nancy Hardy President Elsie PtACE Vice-President Elizabeth Barwick Treasurer Mary Edna Bennett Secretary Sara Rast Chaplain Miss Bess Baird FACULTV ADVISORS Miss Elizabeth Todd Miss Mary Creswell Inez Barthelmess Elizabeth Barwick Mary Edna Bennett Evelyn Bray Charlotte Chapman Montez Debnam MEMBERS Sara Rast Irene Dempsey Ellie Etheridge Nancy Hardy Janet McGarity Helen Norton Elsie Peace BARTHELMESS BARWICK BENNETT 8RAy ETHERIDGE HARDY Mct.AKil CHAPMAN DEBNAM NORTON PEACE RAST -227- FORESTRY CLUB Composed of Members of George Peabody School of Forestry. Founded in 1906 OFFICERS Winter PresiJciit Llovd Webb Vice-Pri-siiltiil Alix Sti vi ns Si-crftar Hlnry X ' ili.iams Treamrir lii n Duke lall Hugh White Frank Lee Charles Everett Ben Duke Spriii} Douglas Epperson William Johnson HovT Haley Frank Lee Bii 1 Neel Spurceon Welborn PARLIAMENTARIANS AND CRITICS ATHLETIC MANAGERS Thomas Atkeson Llovu Webb I. R. Albin Thao Alixandi r H. P. ALLtN Richard Alli:n Robert B. Alli n J. C. Andlrson Bui. Ai ' PLtBV Tom Atklson Joi: Atkinson jAMts S. Bali K. LisLiE Bict.s R. BjORSON S. BolLIIR K. O. Brown K. W. Brovnin(. Norton Cariv Burnett C. BURRI» Clyde Bvnum Bob Carii r X iLLiAM Cloud I. B. Cooimr J. VC ' . Cooper J. R. CORBITT Vi ' . A. Crossland Rudder Culver R. Deckert R. V( ' . 1)1 NllAM B. F. DukL David Dyer Dorset Dyer C. C. Elliott Buck Klton Douglas Epperson Chandler Estis FACULTY ADVISOR G. D. Mar(ii h)rih MEMBERS Charles Everett Perry Finney Glenn Fox Marcus J, George C. W. Grant Carter Graves CoRviLL Green Roy Grizzell Hovr Haley K. 1. Hale S. J. Hardin Phil Hardman J. Z. HARGROVt Harry Hariman H. D. Hays John Herndon 1- ' . Hinchlieee David Holli y Ben Hudson Vi ' iLLiAM Johnson Bill Kirby Thomas Lamb Frank Lee Jack Loiziaux D. MacDonald John Marshall Dan Moseii y Sam Ross Murray Vi ' iLEiAM Neel Don Nichols Thomas Owi n A. Z. 0«i NS Harry Patat Frank Nelson Peach E. K. Pitman Forrest Pope Henry Pross Robertson Jack Robinson Id Ruak B. A. Russell W. J. Sanders Sam Sheriff Bill Sisley John Sisley Bill Souther Robert Staff A. H. Stevens Bruce Sti « art L. L. Stewart VI ' aetir Stiff A. B. Stiles i ' . H. Stimpson Anthony Tatta Maxie Thurmond J. H. Vi ' ATSON Lee i ' i BII Lloyd X ' i bb S. L. V( ' l lUORN Jack U ' ihh C. B. VOILES Hugh VChite H. E. VClLLIAMS Ralph ViI ' ood Owi n X ' oi us } . C. X ' 00DWARD R. Zimmirman WEBB WHITE EPPERSON STEVENS LEE JOHNSON WILLIAMS EVEREn HALE DUKE ATKESON NEEL WELBORN -228- ALPHA XI SIGMA National Honorary Forestry Fraternity. Gamma Chapter — Established in 1926 OFFICERS J. Frank Lee William R. [dunson William F. Nlel . FACULTV MEMBERS G. D. Marckworth G. N. Bishop B. r. Grant A. D. M Klii ar Chief Foresler Assistant Chief of Records and Acconiils Thomas Z. Atkeson Cl YD! BVNUM James W. Cooper Ben Duke Douglas H. Epperson MEMBERS Carter E. Graves W. HovT Haley I Iaroi I) 1 Iayes WiiiiAM R. Johnson J. Irank Lee William I " . Neel Alvis Z. Owen H. W. Perkerson, Jr. John V. Sisley Lloyd G. Webb Henry Williams ATKESON BYNUM COOPER DUKE EPPERSON GRAVES HALEV JOHNSON LEE NEEL OWEN PERKERSON SISLE WEBB WILLIAMS -229 DELTA SIGMA P First Term Jul IN Wll-SON Vlii 1 IS Jac kson Marion Luckey Charles Simmons Frank McDade J. D. Bolton W. J. Benton C. W. Berry Eugene Broxton J. W. Chambers Charlie Compton Allen Davis Harry Davis J. W. DOZIER J. ( ' . Duke Jack Ezell TiiuRiovr Evans Professional Commerce Fraternity. Pi Chapter— Installed in 1922 OFFICERS Head Mailer Senior Vl ' artleii Junior Warden Treasurer Scribe Second Term Willis Jackson Trank McDade . Jimmy Hoovi r . Eugene Broxton Charles Simmons FACULTy MEMBERS 1 1. M. Heckman MEMBERS J. J. I-ARMl R W. S. Graves William Hardin J. O. Hoover F. S. HORNE J. W. Humes W. O. Jackson J. W. Lawson M. W. Luckey Wallace Mii i i k L. B. Raisty Frank D. McDade W. C. McFee Glenn Parham . " . H. Randall C. L. Saunders C. R. Simmons H. B. Stone J. D. Watson H. N. West John Wilson C. B. WlTDFR BENTON EZELl LAWSON BERRY EVANS LUCKEY -230- ALPHA KAPPA PS First Term Ward Holiand Charles Shepard Charles Jenkins Frank Morris . Dan Franklin . R. P. Brooks hLxRMON W. Caldvcell J. Alton Hosch J. W. Jf-nkins MiLi.ARi) Adair Bernie Dobbs Wi lliam Durham Dan Franklin Ward Holland Charles Jenkins L. A. Mai.iory Professional Commerce Fraternity. Alpha Epsilon Chapter — Installed in 1922 OFFICERS Second rcnii President Ward Holland Vitr-Pri-sidcnt Charles Jenkins Secretary William Durham Treasurer Frank Morris Master of Rituals Charles Shepard FACULTY MEMBERS MEMBERS B. C. Kinney Cliff Lunceford R. T. Segrest G. W. Sutton Bill Merritt Frank Morris John Rice Charles Sammon Charles Shepard Ed Southerland Max Wood -231 B. ADAIR M. ADAIR BENTON BERRY BROXTON BUTTS (.LARK COOPER CULLINi A. F. DAVIS A. H. DAVIS H.J. DAVIS DURHAM FARR FITZPATRICK FOSTER HARBER HARRIS HOOVER HORNE JACKSON JONES KELLY KERNAGHAN KING ECONOMICS SOCI ETY First Term Harry D.wis OFFICERS . Prcsidfii . [i.MMV H x) I K .... Virc-Prciitlcnt Second Tirii All IN I ' . Davis |l l 1 ' l llooviR ALLtN Davis AR II i I 1 I ' A IKK k . Sitrtliir Ir.wk M( Dadii I ' ntisnrir ]. W. I AW SON 232 ■ LANE LAWSON LUCK MALLORy MAX. ' . i l MITCHELL MULLING M.DADE McFEE McMANUS PARHAM PONDER RANEV REAVES SAUNDERS SIAFACAS SIMPSON STILES TURNER WATSON WEILL WEST WICKHAM WILSON WOODRUFF Bfn . dair J. MiLI ARD ADAIK Bll I Bl NTON Chariii Berry Eugene Broxton Birnari) Butts R. II. (I ARK A. H. toopi R Billy Cullins Allln F. Davis Albirt H. Davis Harry J. Davis Bill Durham Charlie Farr Arch Fitzpatrick Robert Foster T. A. Harbi r Sarah Harris Ji.MMY Hoover Franmin X ' . O. Ja .kson R. L. Jones Bri I Ki I I Y IW H Kl RNAI.HAN Bll I Kl.NG MEMBERS Tommy Lee Lane J. ' ' . Lawson Jane Luck L. A. Maliory R. J. Maxwell Rebecca Mitchill Frank Mullini. I-RA.NK McUadi U ' li I McFi I Leonard M(Man ' ..s L. G. Par HAM Lovic PONIII R Jaikii Ramy Earl Reaves Chester Saunders S. A. Siafacas ( ' . T. Simpson Elizabeth Stiles C. L. Turner JA.MIS X ' aTSON A. L. VCiiLL H. N. ViEST Frio NiI ' ickham JiJIlN " iLSO.N Bon X ' iH iiRL-i I -233 SIGMA DELTA CH National Professional Fraternity in Journalism. Georsia Chapter — Established in 1928 OFFICERS OvAR Massfy VrciuhnI Don Carter Vice-President Capers Holmes Sccrr ary • ' " • " R ' CE Treasurer MEMBERS Lynne Brannen Louis CiRii i n ii Don Carter Dyar Massi V Howard Ci isham [ac k MaXW ELL Charlie; Collins Eugene I ' lni i ii-s Claude Davidson John Pye Capers Holmes Rai ph Rk e BUSTI R HoiX ELL Kdwin Rogers ' • ' : ' X ' LLL ROGERS 234 • THETA SIGMA PHI JOURNALISM SORORITY Professional Journalistic Society. Alpha Xi Chapter Established in 1930 OFFICERS Mary Frances Crabh Praideiil Cora Ciiinty ' iir-PrcsiJctt Clara Bille Hooks Secretary Cleone Jackson Trvamrcr Margaret Beasley VlRGFNIA Brovc ' n Cora Cheney Mary Frances Crabb Margaret Darst Helen Head Kennon Hendlrson Lydia Holliday Helen Clarke Mary Neel SENIORS JUNIORS Clara Belle Hooks Cleone Jackson Martha Johnson Ruth Landers Nelda Means Dorothy ML ' Rr AY Dean Now ell Mary Fr_ances Yates Betty Power. Alma Quillian BEASIEY HOLLIOAy MOCKS JACKSON ,O.HNSON NOWELL XATES CLARKE NEEL DARST HEAD LANDERS MEANS MURRA; POWER QUILLIAN •235- KAPPA DELTA P Honor Society in Education. Beta Kappa Chapter Established in 1929 OFFICERS Grace Wilbanks PnuJcnt Earnlst Phillips Vin-PrisiJent EvFLYN I.ANcAsrtR Sccrc ary bn. CoLLMAN Treasurer WooDviLLE Campbell Sue Coleman Mrs. Sara Devine j. l. duprle Peggy Garrette Louise Grant Evelyn Bray W. F. La«ri Net W. Clayton Maddox Elizabeth Mathis MEMBERS Elizabeth Meadows Cora O ' Kelley Travis Oshorni jannftii i ' innin ton Earnist Phillips George Smith Marian Stewart Eleanor Strickland Whiti Grace X ' lLBAi ' s CAMPBELL MADDOX OLEMAN DUPREE ......iTf MATHIS MEADOWS O KELLEX STEWART STRICKLAND WHITE ■ i M BRA PENNINGTON PHILLIPS WILBANKS LAWRENCE SMITH ■236- PSI CH National Honorary Society in Psychology. Founded in 1929 OFFICERS Ernest C. Pmi iips, Jr PnuJinl Catherine Johnson Vne-Presidenl Virginia Peacock Siiritiir -Trtaiurtr FACULTY MEMBERS MkS. El IZABl 1 n A. BlRC HMORE Dr. Paul Morrow 1)k. a. S. Edwards Mil llKl 1) Tl ASLEY Dr. James E. Green Florence Young M Al Zeigler MEMBERS Virginia Barfield Ruth Marschel Lamar Beall Travis Osborne Pattie Boswell Virginia Piacock John Dupree ERNL I Pun. MI ' S James Fleming Isabelle Reid Kathryn Gaines Elizabeth Taylor Kaihirini Hurst Virginia Tompkins Ji)i Jacob Hazel Usry Catherine Johnson Hazel Ward Maktiia LaBoon Judah Winick BARFIELD MARSCHEL BEALL PEACOCK BOSWELL PHILLIPS DUPREE REID GAINES lAXLOR HURST TOMPKINS JOHNSON WARD -237- XI PHI X Honorary Science Society. Founded in 1936 OFFICERS El ' glm; Adams PraiJciil Lanier Hardman Vice-President Eva Surrency Sfcre ary-Treasiirer C. L. BomntN Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Thomas H. Whitehead Fariilly AJiisor Eugene Edward Baxter c. l. bovi ' den Mary Brewster Ruth Brown William I-. Bucjianan William Cantrell Ai HI rt Coi I ins Oris COPI I AND MEMBERS J. I RI D ULNTON Robert Eve KaIMRY.V CjAINES Vl IDR GiTILMAN Envi ARi) Hagood Lanier Hardman Sam Hearne A. L. Hoi r AND W. F. Lawrence Martha MtEi veen Albert Myers M. C. Myers Kl. . Parki r Ernest Piiiiiirs DoRoi 1 iv l n I 1 SOX Ennis Robbins William Shouse Eva Surrency jl ' DAll E. C ' iN1CK ADAMS BAXTER BOWDEN BI ' E ' Jl ' SIER BROWN BUCHANAN CANTRELL COLLINS COPELAND DENTON EVE GAINES GItELMAN HAGOOD HARDMAN HOLLAND LAWRENCE McELVEEN A. MYERS M. MYERS PARKER PHILLIPS POWELSON ROBBINS SHOUSE SURRENCY WINICK WHITEHEAD -238- CHEMISTRY CLUB Founded in 1937 OFFICERS [amis PresiJeiil Wii.liAM RusstLL Viii-Prisiiliii Eva Surruncy Secrctary-Tn-asiirer C. J. Brockman Bill Allen Lamar Beall Mercer Blanchard Paul Brookshiri; Philip Calcagno GooDLOE Erwin Lester Friedman J. C. Garland c. l. goldschmidt Curtis G. Hames Bruno Held FACULTY MEMBERS K. L. Waters MEMBERS " . P. I Iumphries Turner Jones Henry B. Kitchens Nelson Kraeit Polk Land John B. Mays Irving Miner Dorothy Powelson |i iMi Ragan William Russell T. H. Whitehead I ii KMAN Shapiro Wilder Smith I. A. Solomons O. W. Sommerhaltlr Eva Surrency Edgar Thorpe Paul Thomas Hii ION Wall Hilda Warshavi- George Weisberg C. D. Wheeler ia];:: iik ' Joy NAMES RAGAN BEALL 3L " -. ■■ • - aROOKSHIRE HELD HUMPHRIES JONES POWELSON RUSSELL SHAPIRO THOMAS WALL CALCAGNO iW ,: I ' EOMAN KITCHENS KRAEFI LAND MA;i SMITH SOLOMONS SOMMERHAITER SURRENCr WEISBERG WHEELER MINER THORPE ?39- PHARMACY CLUB Founded in 1932 OFFICERS First Ttriii Lanier Hardman PreiiJent Si ' ioitJ Tfat. VX ILLIAM C. ShOUS Ray Watts Vict-Priiidtiil Robert Jaruine Robert C. Wii son Secretar Charles Evans Louise Wray Treasurer A. D. Morris FACULTy MEMBERS R. C. VCiLsoN IL Dale Roth R. S. Justice All t •. ARNOLD BREWTON BRITI = ULlARtJ CARMICHAEL CARSWELL ■ ' 1 ■. vAEMAN N.COOK T. COOK CROWE DuRREE ELLIS EVANS FULLER GILfcb t,ILLELAND HARDMAN harreu HARRISON HOPE JARDINE JORDAN KEITH KENDALL KIRK ■ 240- • PHARMACY CLUB J. A. AtirN C Hassc Arnimo Cecil Hi k i Kki » ion Vi ' llI.IAM bKiir Martha Bui lard Bf RT CaKMU IIAl L HiNRV J. Ca rswell I.. I. COHKN J. R. CoLtMAN Nlvis Eugene Cook Troy Cook David F. Crowe Bl NIAMIN EDTARD DuPrEE Charles Lee Ellis, Jr. MEMBERS WlLIIAM T. KnICHT Carolyn Lee C. H. Evans, Jr. H. R. Fuller J. T. Giles C. H. Locan AlVAII CaRITON GllIEI AND H. A. Maithkws S. Lanikk Haruman Vt ' ii liam ]. Mi er Josi I ' ll Russell Harri ll James Ciiil Moody J. A. Harrison Jami s Hope R. L. Jardine Hi . Howard Jordan Robert E. Keith Annette Kendall Lawri n( e H. Kirk A. D. Morris Lounell Morris Alfred Morrow Clyde F. McMillan JuLE C. Neal, Jr. Martin New. an Dillaru L. Nix LUIIIIR l l NNINCTON Roy Powell A. A. Rosenberg Ruth Salter R. P. Shuman i ' . C. Shouse J. N. Sims Overton Stafford n. B. SUMERFORD Ray D. Vatts Ellen Annette Williams Robert C. VCilson John Woodcock Louise VCrav N ■■ ■ ■ LOGAN ••t ' J.S MErER MOOD- A MORRIS L. MORRIS V • • McMillan NEAL NEWMAN .M.X PENNINGTON POWELL ROSENBERG SALTER SHUMA. ' i SHOUSE SIMS STAFFORD SUMERFORD WAnS WILLIAMS WILSON WOODCOCK WRAy -241 PH DELTA CHI • Professional Pharmaceutical Fraternity. Alpha lota Chapter— Established in 1937 OFFICERS ROBURT L. Jardine PrciiJi-iil Alired Morrovt Vicc-PresiJeiit ■VC ' iLLiAM C. Shouse Secretary li. K. Carmkiiaii, |r Treasurer MEMBERS J. F. Allen H. A. Matthews 15. K. Carmichael, Jr. A. I). Morris C. H. Evans, Jr. Ai i ki d Morrovt J. T. Gil i:s J. C. Neal, Jr. S. L. Hardman William C. Shouse Robert L. Jardine Robert C. W ' iison, Jr. 1 ' _ ti ALLEN CARMICHAEL EVANS GILES hardman JARDINE MATTHEWS MORRIS MORROW NEAL shouse WILSON 242 ■ LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE SOCIETY Founded in 1934 OFFICERS Mary Staiiord Vresidettl John W., Jr Vice-PresiJciil Thomas A. Early, Jr Scrrt ' lary Joe Arnold Treasurer FACULTV ADVISOR Prof. Hubert B. Owens HONORARY MEMBER Prof. Frederick W. Peck Harry Anderson Joe Arnold Nevi-ton Bell E. O. Brown Claude Davidson Walter J. Dams Tom Early MEMBERS Nelle Havsks Olin Hammond George B. Head William R. Johnson Max Lindsay William E. Mi kritt James R. Orr David Reed Mary Stafford George Stallings J. H. Watson John Weems Winston VChitehead Susan Williams Emory Wood ANDERSON ARNOLD BELL DAVIDSON DAVIS HAWKS HAMMOND HEAD JwnNii_ N LINDSA MERRITT «_ KR REED STAFFORD STALLINGS WATSON WEEMS WHITEHEAD WILLIAMS -243- SENIOR ROUND TABLE Senior Organization. Founded in 1905 OFFICERS Lee Pric I RoBI R I JL Dl) Harry Davis President Vicc-PresiJent Sicre ary ami Treasurer William Appllbv Sol Altman Harry Bowi-rs Jimmy Cl ' rtis Hark Dams, Jr. Jimmy Iarmi r C. i ' . Grant, Jr. MEMBERS W. HoYT Haley J. V Ai 11 r Jacobs RouiRT E. JUDI) 1 ' . M. Lancaster T. L. Lane T. R. M. LiNDSLY J. Ill NRY Madden L. A. Mai i ory William .Mlrritt James McMurria |i i 1 ' ra nil R LiL Price Y. L. Waison John W. VI ' iison Rom Ri T. WooDRi ' i E APPlEBy ALTMAN : J. L ' ruRTIS A , FARMER GRANT HALEy JACOBS iUOO LAN ' ASitl- LANE i.iNl bt» MADDEN MALLORy MERRITT McMURRIA PRATHER PRICE WATSON WILSON WOODRUFF • 244. JUNIOR CABINET Junior Organization. Founded in 1908 OFFICERS Gus Cliviiani) PrcuJciil Harry Siivk.ns Vicc-l ' n-siiliiil Uamd Barrovi Secrelary and TrcasHrcr Uavii) Barrow Ci-in Chappell Ellis Clarke Gus Cllvlland Grady Crowe Bin Dlki 1 lovs lll Lrw in ClIARLII Hi I LIN MEMBERS Bt ' STLR Ht) I 1 L Louis Johnson I 1 o r) Newton Blnnie Prisant John Rice I Iarr-i Stevens I ' red Sweat Elmon Vickers BARROW CHAPPELL CLARKE CLEVELAND OUKE Ei ■. meflin HOWELL JOHNSON NEWTON PRISANT RiCE STEVENS SWEAT VICKERS S PHI ETA SIGMA National Freshman Honor Society for Scholastic Attainn:ient. Chapter Founded in 1938 OFFICERS RoBiRT C. Norman PrcsiJciit Howell Hoi lis Vice-President Llviis KiLLiAN Secretary ami Trcamrer MEMBERS Julian Haliiuurton Ho XLLL HoLLIS Robert Kernaghan Li vi,is Killian Milton Llssi r Irancis Maddux Alfred Morgan Calhoun Bowln Walter Cook Poi ' i A. Duncan Austin S. Edwards, Jr. GOODLOE Ervcin Jamfs a. 1 Ia( Ki , Jr. William McNiul RoiiLRT C. Norman James Ragan William Rogers HiRMAN Shapiro T. I.. Wood eowEN COOK DUNCAN EDWARD., ERWIN HACKE HALLIBURTON MOLLIS KERNAGHAN KILLIAN LESSER MADDUX MORGAN McNIEL NORMAN ragan ROGERS SHAPIRO WOOD -246- • ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA National Honorary Scholastic Fraternity For First Year Women. Established in 1934 OFFICERS Irancis Branddn Prciidciit Anni Johnson Vicc-PrcsiJcnt Martha )inAKiR Sccrc ary and Treasurer MEMBERS Virginia Barfield Eleanor Flanigen Mary McClure Emily Beck Mary Ann Glissli r Mary Nell McKoin Eloise Beckviith Louise Grant Alice Ruth Miller Selene Bloodworth Martha Greene Sarah Payne Frances Brandon Gail Huichinson Minnii Schrliblr Martha Bui. lard Frances Jackson Kathleen Scruggs Eugenia Burton Anne Johnson Martha Whitaker Eleanor Ec kiord Fern Mason Millik Wise BARFIELD BECK KWITH 6LOO0WORTH BRANDON sullard BURTON c KcriRO fLANIGAN GEISSLEK jrANT GREENE HUTCHINSON JACKSON JOHNSON MASON McCLURE McKOIN MILLER PA NE SCHREIBER SCRUGGS WHITAKER WISE • 247- PELICAN CLUB Interfraternity Social Organization. Founded in 1924 OFFICERS Bob Holman Praidenl Ernest Vandivi;r ccrctary-Trcauircr MEMBERS CHI PHI JiMMIL RaGAN Louis Warlick Jim Owen Bii I In Ti r Bii T Prince KAPPA ALPHA PHI DELTA THETA PI KAPPA PHI I [or ( I Crow r SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA CHI John Tye Bob Holman Ernest Vandivlr Gordon Jones DaVII) Rl ' SM 1 1 RAGAN CROWE LIHLE RUSSELL VANDIVER -248- BIFTAD CLUB ■ r. 7 l rm Ai viN Koin.iN Hlstir HoviEli. M Lindsay Service Oryanization. Founded in 1910 OFFICERS PrciiJfiit . Virc-PmiJfii .... . Scrn i ri iiml ' Iri-asurcr . SecDiul Term GUS ClIVI LAND LowLLL Gumming . Louis Sohn Ml R( I R Bl ANC HARD Gai.houn Bowen XIiiTON Brown Glim Giiaimm il Gl ' s Gluveland Bll L Y GOLLINS LowKLi. Gumming MOSE GUTLl R Marion DuBosi; Pope Duncan MEMBERS Howell Lrwin Julian Halliburion Charles Heelin How LLL 1 loLLIS Blmi r How ell Ll W IS KlLLlAN Marshal Klein .• l IN Kol ' I.lN Max Li.ndsay Bti 1 Y MlMS Bll I McNiLL Floyd New to.n Bob Jim Owi n Bll 1 Rogers Louis Sohn A. L. Wlii 1 FrI I) Vl KllAM T. L. Wood BLANCHARO BOWEN BROWN CHAPPELL CLEVELAND COLLINS CUMMING CUTLER OuBOSE DUNCAN ERWIN HALLIBURTON HEfLIN MOLLIS HOWELL KILLIAN KLEIN KOPLIN LINDSAY MlMS McNIEL NEWTON NORMAN OWEN ROGERS SOHN WEILL WICKHAM WOOD 249 Z CLUB Honorary Leadership Society at Co-ordinate Collese. Founded in 1934 OFFICERS LuTRELLc Tift President Nancy Griggs Vice-President Alice Cabaniss Secretary -Treasurer MEMBERS Alice Cabaniss PlIVIIlS JrNKIXS Maybeth Carithers Sarah Payne Martha Gri i n Sara Rossi i Nancy Griggs Lutrellf. Til t GREEN 250- BOOK FIVE Mk 71 ' ' 4MM ' M L TA " « Miss Lois Bridges With Cadet Colonel Gillespie . . . The Reviewing Stand . . . Miss Helen Northcutt With Colonel Willis Jackson . . . Miss Virginia Epps With Colonel Douglas Epperson . . . Grand March . . . Reggie Childs . . . Reggie and His Band . . . " Eyes Right " . . . " The Flag Goes By " . . . intro- duction of Sponsors. THE 1938 PANDORA c u«.. .• COLONEL HERBERT E. MANN Cavalry, U. S. A. cr it.iltni.ltL ' it MAJOR R. fJ. TRIMBLE Cavaliy, U. S. A. MAJOR A. H. PEYTON Infantry, U. S. A. MAJOR H. G. HOLT Cavalry, U. S. A. MAJOR A. J. FUNK Infantry, U. S. A. CAPTAIN L. C. VANCE Cavalry. U. S. A. CAPTAIN J. E. McGILL Infantry, U. S. A. ■255. IHh 1938 PANDORA R O, T. C BRIGADE STAFF MISS LOIS BRIDGES COLONEL J. C. GILLESPIE LIEUTENANT COLONEL J. W. DAVIS Colonel J. G. Gillespif .... Miss Lois Bridges Lieutenant Colonel J. W. Davis . LiKUTINANT COI.ONII. W. E. HOLLAND LIEUTENANT COLONEL W. E. HOLLAND CommiiiiJhi} R. O. T. C. Brif aJi ' C.orln Sl i iisiir Corjis E c(ii ii !• C»rl)s Il tiii itf «5 • 256- THE 1938 PANDORA CAVALRY REGIMENT COLUNfcL U. H. EPPERSON MISS VIRGINIA EPPS LIEUTENANT COLONEL E. H. BAXTER CAPTAIN C. A. HOLMES Colonel D. H. Epperson Comniamliitg Miss Virginia Epps Sponsor Lieutenant Colonel E. H. Baxter R cciithe Captain C. A. Holm is Aiijii aitt Master Sergeant Eugene Phillips Rcgimeii al Si-rgcaii Major m f 257- ?38 PANDORA FIRST SQUADRON r MISS HELEN CABANISS CAPTAIN R. H. LANGFORD MAJOR J. H. T. MrPHERSON Major J. H. T. McPherson CoiiimaiiJiii) Miss Helkn Cabaniss Sponsor Captain R. H. Langiord ' . Adjutant Staff Sergeant J. Danifi Sergeant Major SECOND SQUADRON MAjOK J. M. MAUDbN MISS BETIX CRENSHAW CAPTAIN W. M. PAGE Major J. H. Maddin ConinianJiny, Miss Bettv Crenshaw Sfmnsor Captain i . M. Page Adjutant Stai I Sergeant C. I . Rk i Sergeant Major -258- THE 1938 PANDORA THIRD SQUADRON V _ MAJOR L. G. WEBB MiSS MARION JOINER CAPTAIN A. F. DAVIS Major L. G. Webb Commanding Miss Marion Joinlr Sponsor Captain A. F. Davis Adjutant Staff Sergeant J. F. Solms Sergeant Major COLORS Staff Sergeant M. Pollock Staff Sergeant R. M. Kimdrouom Staff Sergeant R. Salisbury Staff Sergeant (j. T. Stallings Color Sergeant Color Sergeant Color Sergeant Color Sergeant ■259- iL W. W. McGINTy Captain J. COOPER Fifst Lieutenant H. C. WOODWARD First Lieutenant I MISS ALMA KNIGHT T Sp Dnsof 1 Ic-- ; Captain i ' . Vi ' . M Gi sJTY CoittntjnJiuv Miss Ai ma Knight Sponsor FIRST LIEUTENANTS J. CoopiR H. C. W ' OOUVTARD J. A. Jl NKINS SECOND LIEUTENANT FIRST SERGEANT I. H. Kiicn 1). C. IWKKD ' Ol SERGEANTS A. H. Bromn M. UuBosL J. H. Land M. G. Dearing J. P. DVAR ROLL E. W. Pope Al.DUN, J. CuLLENf, y . Pattii-io. F. ANOXtVS. J. Cutler, S. POKTERKILID. W. AKNOiD, H. Davis, B. RiAxuoN, v. Ballit. D. Elliott. C. C. Rkiitik, F. a. BARNlt. B. Elrod, B. Ru(.tKS, T. Bauov, T. FrrzcERALD. J. SiiocKiiv. H. Bell, A. GaL ' LDINC. J. SlATEIl, B. BiCKEItSTAFF, R. GlNSllRl.. J. SOIUMON, S. BOLLILft, S. GOHOON, M. SllVtM. J. Booth, J. Hall, L. SlXIMIKOl ' ll. Vli ' . Bkice, O. Harris. H. Taita. a. Britt, W. Haskins, S. Tl AMM. W. CAMf, H. Home. H. MlADUll 1 . F. Camp, R. HOWEEI, R. K ' aUV«OIITI(. I . Cauthohn, T. Huri, W. JtllNMAN. M. Carritmik . H. JoNEi. B. »HIT1, i ' . B. Carver, A. J. KiRBv. v: ' . V iimit. n. Cloud, N. Kl ' miri, a. M II 1 lAMS, B. COBR, S. J. I.IBLRXIAN. J. IIMAM ON, J. A. CoLguiT, H. Ma lov, R. ' OOUKUII, J. G. Couch. R. M% tLY. J. ' OODWARD. Vt " . McCriads. 1. K I TROOP A fk h ' - Jtr- , | J 4 lA m . ' H SS MARTHA HIGHTOWER Sponsm Cai ' Tain H. J. Davis ComnunJhis Miss Martha Highu Vl 1 R FIRST LIEUTENANTS Sponsor J. pARMIK I. W. Wiim SECOND LIEUTENANTS J. W. (llSON J. W. CUHTIS A. M. KoiMiN FIRST SERGEANT H. 1). Hams SERGEANTS J. r. Prathi r C. H. Bynum A. 11. Styles F. C. Sweat J. P. Stfwart ROLL J. H. Watson Biocf. L. Hah. R. f RUMAN , J. BULl-OCL, £. il. Ha»«h. X. F.. Rutland, C. T. BuuioucHs. S. Huiilv. 1. V. StvtLi. H Casseli, B. Kahn. M. StItMANS, A. L. CouuiNt, L. KlRRLAND, D. SoRToitr, A. COMFTON. C. L. Lee. D. W. Splli. CoNOltY. M. V. Mann. G. C. Stanch, F. COPELANO, C. L. Mahtin, E. D. SritF. Vi ' . Clementi, H. T. MrDoNAiu. J. J. Stoff. R. Cren» iav. R, W. MEimrTT. P. Stac daif, D. R. CiLriprEa. B. M. McGlNTV. K. STONr, E. M. DlLOACM. C. J. Milton, O. STowi. E. OeLonc. J. NEisLtit. «•. G. Taiiok, E. DuPlEE, J. Nevsom. v. Tayior, J. 1.. FUMAN, p. NicHoici, D. E. TlLLtH. H. S. FuO«ANEIt, H. Pattehjon. p. K. ToiioN. L. GitiON. M. QutLLIAMI. H. p. Ctifi. C. B. Glaroi, J. C. RACtOAlE. p. William , U ' . H. C Et«, J. T. Rknicr. J. M. VooDi, O. GtEtn. Z. RotlRTf, H. Zelleks, R. H. J. DAVI5 Captain First Lieutenant L. W. WEBB First Lieutenant TROOP B J %•• MISS MAy SMITH Sponsor (Captain R. J. SMtiii Mi s May Smiih • ■ Com man J in . . Spousor 1 n ' - PIJ ■ w S. Altman FIRST LIEUTENANTS K. I. OODRUII U 7jM 1 fL J. Carvii L SECOND LIEUTENANTS )i. I ' . FoSTI R wLWh w 1 . 1 w FIRST SERGEANT m r 1 J. L. Gumming ■ ad 1 SERGEANTS ■ ■ ■ 1 W. W. HARPfR R. McMahon L. O. Parker I II 1 C. R. Mayes ROLL J. P. Stuart R MB f Baron, L. A. Haveriy, R. 0. Tariiam, J. D. CTj f Boyd, G. H. Hill, VT. C. I ' ar», T. B. ■29 1 Brody, M. Hoocrs, VC. H. PULLIAN, S. A. H B 1 Caccese, a. HOLMAN, C. M. Saye, Harroid 1 Carlton, M. H. Horsey, H. B. SihirsoN. W. T. m 1 Chandler, B. llUUSON, W. C. Smith, Hore Clements. Charies Ht-ISEY, C. O. Smith, R. E. R. J. SMIIH S. ALIMAN R. T. WOODRUFF Dempsey. Hl ' (,ii HvNoit, J. H. Spender. R. P. Captain First L ' Cttcnant first L cutenant EISEN, M. R. Jones, J. Stone. Ed I ' ONTANA. A. y k ' . loNts, R. T. SUDDATII, J. L. Gillon, G. H. Jordan, B. H. Turner, A. B. Groves, R. V( ' . LeRoy, L. U. Valdes, J. E. Hall, C. H. Maddox, J. J. Vansant, N. Haney, a. N. Martin, R. E. Vhiti-orth. G. T. }1amiltun, I). 1-. Mai ney, R. 1 ' . MioMACR, J. E. Harrison, R. H. Maxwell, R. J. VI ' ynne. V. C. Hahtloho, J. N. Morris, C. G. Yabionsry. S. Nowell, R. S. TROOP E l y J ' - ' l ' j rr ' Z! ' -- vy. ( I H lS MISS lONA MULKEy ■H 1 Sponsor CaI ' TAIN P H Xrl ' Iiki inni niittiit tHV Vltcc lONA lULKFY ' i tut tunr »H »J ■ i ' t rt 1 1VI1-I% -I FIRST LIEUTENANTS ■•■•••• tj " " r9 f rt C O. SmviR y. i ' . SoUTIil RI AMt SECOND LIEUTENANTS Vt ' . A. Crosm.and N. H. Krai i r T. L. Lam I. R. Thomas FIRST SERGEANT B. Btiis SERGEANTS i ' . D. Ham.mac K N. Jamls B. Stewart ROLL H. K. Vi ' lLLIAMS Adaik. B. Do« iv. H. McBridce, H. Alfoho, H. N. Fhcuson, G. MtCoY. J. E. Bacgett, J. Fekcvson, H. Nelson. B. V. BURIE, B. Foinn, R. Net MAN, M. Be«t. H. C. Ghat. D. E. Xevman, p. BOODIE, J. W. HOSFOIID, J. C. Park. W. E. BuacH, C. A. Huckabee, L. B. Penny. D. BUFOKD. J. jAcoaus, j. Raines. M. D. Cannon. F. L. Jones. V. T. SCHROEK, H. H. Chastain. B. JORCCNSON. N. Shirley, C. Cletelasd, T. KEtxeK. P. Statmam, R. E. Cline, R. Lamak, Braui-ctt Stimpson, V. H. Collins. D. Lehocket. a. Tyre, R. C»AM. T. N. NlASiEr, R. U EISRFRC. G. Daniei, E. W. Matiiis, H. YOUMANS, T. DEMrscY, J. p. Young. J. G. p. H. TRULOCH Captain C. O. SHIVER First Lieutenant E. W. SOUTHERLANO First Lieutenant TROOP F O. W. THOMPSON Captain T. J. DICKER First Lieutenant G. W. FIROR First Lieutenant MISS HELEN DILLARD Sponsor Captain O. W. Thompson Miss Htli n Dili.akd • ■ • CotntitatiJiti ' • Spofiior T. J. DicKrv T. Z. Atkeson Browning Anclin, W. J. Ball. J. S. Baucii. G. C. Blli, R. H. Blnc KR, I. BlOHSON, R. Bu IMAN, J. Bkoach, »■. B. B«o«N. R. H. BL««ni. C. «■. Carpentlk, John Carpentlr, J. L. Causey, W. C. Combs, D. C. Corey, S. C. everitt, c, j. Gerson, J, GlRTMAN, R. H. w. FIRST LIEUTENANTS SECOND LIEUTENANTS FIRST SERGEANT Hi n II. JriivN SERGEANTS B. DuKi ROLL Goldstein. B. B. Harden. G. VI ' . Harnlr. J. Mi ' , IIamri II . C. Hartman, H. M. Horse. R. D. Hutchinson. I " . »( ' . KiRNACIIAN, R. H. LiL. E. M. IlITLE, W. Martin. R. E. .Morris, A. I). Norman. L. M. OlMSTlAD. 1.. J. Paimir. C. O. Paris. F. D. Pi « oN, «■ ( . C;. Vl " . FiROR J. }■. Lkf v.. Strain Pond. H. C. Poppm. W. R. Po»iR. R. K. Ro inbirc, a. a, soutiiir. j. r. Thornton, R. G. ToMtiN. C R. TuRNiR. J. E. Vandivir. S. V. Van lIuoR. Vi ' , Vann Riplr Vinson. J. C. X ' ari ick. L. W. MC ' iiLiAMs, r. G. VTooo. J. « ' . «ooD. T. L. VCright. a. X ' RKiHT. J. A. T R O O p MISS SyONEV McWHORTER 9 alfi 1 rf Sponsor H ( i- A A . a - 1 , t i Captain A. B. JoNi s . . . . Co " IWJMi H. 1 ' ■J • Miss Svum v Mc« MUKTIK S WHior L t ■■ FIRST LIEUTENANTS i ni 1 ff M 1 R. Oavis C. F. SCHIIDI R 1 " VJ T VP SECOND LIEUTENANTS Hi H I 1 If J. M. AUAIR S. . . .MlRl ' HI H. 11. SLVL-tLL yPi j L I i FIRST SERGEANT Bflf 4a li A ' w. i;. SiiLL M3 u s A SERGEANTS ■■ ■■ ■■ E. B. Batls E. O. Brown KiMBROUGIf ■■ 3 ■■ ■■ M. CUTIIR ■ ■ ■■ ROLL ■ H ■ 1 Atkinson. D. S. lAin. M. I. Miner. 1. E. H AS W ' W BlRDSONf.. H. W. FoRTiON, H. J. .McKiN ii. T. C. L H| K w ■ ■ BOVTN, C. A. Friid, a. H. McManls. L. «•. L V d ■ W m Brett, J. R. GlLMi, M. B. PiRlMAN. «. 1. r p H r H Calca( no, p. 1.. Guild. E. N. Piiiiips. C. M. P Campbfu. V. M. Gvntir. B. RoitHELE, G. O. A. B. JONES H. B. SEWELL J. N. ADAIR CARNtVAII, S. L. Heioiir, H. H. Scarborough, D. W. Captain Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Chafin. II. F. FliM. H. E. SlATON. F. Cllin. B. D. Hoi lit. H. Shapiro. H. L. CRASt. F. F. HOLMAN. R. Smith. M. L. Crow, II. E. JoNiv. Gordon Stk-iman. H. J. CuLripriR, J. T. Kapian. D. 1. SlII.lMAN. J. F. Dalxmirit. O. F. LowRV, F. H. Sti«art, J. M. DlNCAN. p. A. Lyons. E. E. SlIRART. T. Fl. DtlRDEN. H. S. Marshaii. K. IV S»»RIS. J. S. Matmivs. J. I. TROOP K 2 MISS EMILV BECK Sponsor ■ OJ W4I fl c: AI ' IAIN B. II. MaTIII «s • ■ • • Cotttrnjnilin}i ■Or It m INS 1 MM Bn K A J Wt t KJ M U. B. HottARII C. C. BiRRV I. M. Annv J. ASHFORI) All IN. W. Armstead. Ed Atkinson, J. W. Al tin. G. Bum, O. B. Brodv. M. Rhoome, B. O. FIRST LIEUTENANTS SECOND LIEUTENANTS C. A. Crabh FIRST SERGEANT R. KlMBRl I 1 SERGEANTS B. S. DOBBS ROLL ClRTMAN. R. ( . Hai.eirvrton, J. Hanson. E. L. Harber. T. a. Jacrson, C. E. LlMARDY, J. LiTTLEElEED, W. M. W. 1 " . Martin A. H. Davis M. M. Friiiiman ' G. H. Seago Presniil. g. I ' . SCIINAL ' T , O. V! ' . SlIAFERR. L. B. SlIEPARn. J. R. SlllNr,llR, H. I. Short, E. VC. Smith, V. T. B. H. MATHEWS W. F. MARTIN D. B. HOWARD Buoi-N. J. H. MlMS, B. SriNcE, VC A. Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant burrell, j. l. Paniel, B. 1)1 an, C. K. DiNSON, R. Dresser, G. tiiRiirH, B. Erwin, G. Y. Eve, R, «•. fordhasi, j. r. MlzE. C. E. MoNIftOMERV. J. Morris. N. A. McCrimmon, R. Orr, B. S. Owen. J. C. I ' AnnocK. D. U ' tCCINS, E. Pase, Vf. E. Prerif. C. Stephenson, J. E. Story, J. D. Story. F. K. Thomas. Ciyot TlCR. J. Wait. H. B. Vt ' lirTEHEAD. J. B. VChitmire, «•. K. Mt ' lCKHASI, I-. A. TROOP L THE 1938 f INFANTRY REGIMENT COLONEL W. O. JACKSON un LIEUTENANT COLONEL N. J. HASSELL CAPTAIN R. M. RICE Colonel W. O. Jackson Commaiidiiv Miss Helen Northcutt .... Spornor Lieutenant Colonel N. j. 11a ' siii Ewciititc Captain R. M. Rici Ailjii ant Captain J. A. Smith .... Itiforimi iDu Captain M. B. Abram .... Plans ami Trainhif Lieutenant J. O. Hoover $« Officer Master Sergeant F. C. Newton Riiii»uii al Scr,i;c i« jVtd;«r -267- 938 PANDORA FIRST B AT TA L I O N MAJOR M L RICHARDS ' S ANNIE LAURIE WHITE FIRST LIEUTENANT G. A. WHITEN Major M. L. Richards Commatidiiig Miss Annii. Laurii Whiti; SI oiisor First LiEUTtNANT G. A. Wiiitln Ailjutanf Stam Serglant V. R. ji nkins Scr.ijii ;; Major SECOND BATTALION H. E. MILTON MISS ANNIE LAURIE SHELLHOUSE FIRST LIEUTENANT I. L. PRICE Major H. F. Mii.ton Comiiiamlitiy Miss Annii Laurii Shi llhouse SI oinor First Lieutenant I. L. Price AJjii aii Stam- Slroeant R. L. Jon is Scrgeaii Major 268- MISS MARGARET TAYLOR Sponsor Captain A. R. Menard iMiss Margarit Taylor i ' .fnii III iiiiil mv ShonMir FIRST LIEUTENANTS J. H. Brown SECOND LIEUTENANTS |. K. KZILL G. C. GAlNtS FIRST SERGEANT R. A. Gri ! 1.1. SERGEANTS R. A. Russell V. G. Carlan J. A. Rki G. Salisbury J. P. Elrod ROLL C. L. Turner Al.lXANDtK, C. M. Daih. ( . M.Caei. j. c. AiiXANDm, T. (_:. r)»v(,. I. n. MiKlNNM. Ill AlFXANOER. U ' . M. I)«., . J. T Ni » roN. G. ANnmvs, ' . C. DlMlAM. R. «• l)««. «•. i;. ARNoLn, D. Dt ' NIAF. J. I ' arii. f.. P. B«itiv. J. D. EnvARD , T. U. PllTARn. J. T. BAittrR, H. I-RIEUMAN. Vt ' . II. Poiiv. W. Barrett. C. FULMER. " . P«os . W. H. Barron. G. A. Greer. C. Ramsey. R. L. Biiriu. F. Macood. G. Rol-ndtrii. J. U " . BlNNITT. f. Hon IV. 1). RuARi, H. K. Blacrbl ' rn, J. W. Inman. B. Sander . Vl ' . T. Braeritt. a. K. Jarrett. M. SecREST, L. BvRf.AT. A. B. JONEt. B. M. Stl«Y, C. Bro n. «-. Jones. R. G. SVMMCRIEILI , D. Bl ' Ilocm, D. Keicy. C. R. Tharpe, E. J. Cararalio. C. J. Kermv. B. L. Tricc. J. W. CiMMrioN. J. p. lE»is. G. L. Tei.pord. G. D. Choati. C R. Martin. F. VTlESON. H. D. CiARi. R. Y. .May. V1-. WOEIL. H. CoiilN . R. Miceiaii. J. Wiggins. R. Conner. P. D. MllLER. p. I. WiisoN, H. D. Cooi. f. H. MlLIER. V. L. Zeigler. B. Cope. H. G. Moore. A. Zimmerman, R. B. A. R. MENARD J. K. EZELL Captain First Lieutenant G. C. GAINES Second Lieutenant COMPANY A J. M. WINGE Captain T. R. M. LINDSEX G. MEDDIN First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant MISS ELSIE KNOWLTON Sponsor Captain J. M. i I NCI • . • . Contmauding Miss Elsie Knowlton FIRST LIEUTENANTS opOUiOw T. R. M. LiNDsi Y J. L. Parmr SECOND LIEUTENANTS G. Meddin FIRST SERGEANT N. S. Thomas SERGEANTS L. T. X ' ansley M. W. H. Coi INS ' . L. Nlvton R. L. Saffold A. H. Cooper ROLL E. B. ViCKLRS Abncv. M. EUBANKS. J. E. MAXwni. A. B. Bfil. D. E. IIacan, J. MtiviN, C. E. BiAlorH, E. Hacood. W. T. Miller. S. S. Blooovohth. R. HARRflL, J. R. Mo$ . J. T. Bono. C. M. Harrhon. R. H. McCants. R. Browv, R. T. HlTCllINSON, L. Nlai, H. K. Bryant. P. jAfKSON. R. L. NORRIS. J. BuKROUciis. T. H Jarrttt, J. R. Pittman, J. A. Cahstfll. J. J. JOINTR, J. v. Pt ' LLIAM. n. Clifton, L. JoNti, B. Ramsey. Mt ' , F. CoofEii, L. JoNts, Daii-ai RrESE. W. A. CoRiiv. F. H. Kasiii-ba, J. M. SMiTif, R. L. COTART. H. Kfiiv. E. I.. Spain, C. L. Cravporo, J. L. KiNNFDY, J. Spfars, J. B. CUNNINC.HAM, X ' . T. KlDD, J. I. Stewart. A. T. Davis. Cohen C. KiiiiAN, L. M. Stokeley, J. M. Davis, P. KiNNtv, V. L. TiioMAi. H. E. Drury. W. M. Kirk. L. H. Tmurmonp. M. Kn« " ARns. A. D. 1 A%WTrR. W. rsTON. V. EnwARD . A. S. 1 iTTir. r. A. U ' riiiAMs. J. El iNBi-Rn, W. Mathits. J. B. ati.TTi. J. w. ETiiiRtni.i , T. U ' OOD, J. COMPANY B MISS DAPHNE PARKS Sponsor Captain U ' . K. HtLMi ■ ■ . Comnijiufitif: I|cc Oaphni Parks V hndi ir 4V I I W3 M f lllii l t J W W 3 FIRST LIEUTENANTS jponiO ' P. Land SECOND LIEUTENANTS M. W. LUCKEY P. J. CaMI-BIiLL FIRST SERGEANT M. S. .Xl.vMi SERGEANTS L. A. Thomason VC. J. Forehand Jt. M.N . R. P. 1 ' . Mandirvillu T. H. Milliard ROLL C. B. WoOTtN Akixi, B. " V. pERGUfON, L. Retnolds. H. M. Arrimcton, H. Floveri, L. K. RrioPEt. J. T. Bono, J. R. FREDtKlCKtON. H. P. RoBfHTiON, R. L. BuRcit, J. A. Gaisset. W. .M. ROBINiON, T. Butler, J. C. GiNN. S. f. Rowland, P. E. Cafpek, B. C. Grace, G. B. Sami, W. C. Cate, V. C. FieNOERSoN. C. X ' . SifAPIKO. H. I.. Catendek, J. V. Hood, J. H. SiMONTON, A. Chatham, R. L. HUEV, H. Smitii. G. a. Clarie, J. v. FFUNCERFORD, J. B. SMtTII. WllBL ' R Clehenti. C. R. FIUNNICUTT. NC ' . O. SMmi, J. T. Cohen, A. JOHNtON, C. E. Stetaut, U " . W. Coleman, Kenneth JONEI, J. TAYLOt. J. CoifMAN, J. R. JONtJ. V. S. TllRASIIEIt, V. A. Crompton, H. C. Lewis, J. R. V( ' ALtACE, J. Cone. R. H. Meyer, S. VCaitehi. C. G. Cox. T. H. Ml ' Noy, J. « ' iiM . T. D. CRENfHAV, R. C. McE»EN. p. VTrLcM. J. DeCharlerot, a. L. MrLEOD, B. H. Hitiiii. VC. c. DtLoNC, F. W. PEiRiri. G. R. Vt ' ldlAN, J. Dye, O. PirKINi, E. C. K ' HITAKEIt. R. L. EtDREOCE. v. K. PlNCRNEY. V. J. VlHINi. S. Er«in, C. M. POINTEVINT. L. A. Uihiams. W p. Faidlet, v. h. Rlynoids, H. I . VSOOTEN. J. A. FaRNL ' M, F. V . Wynne, J. V. W. K. HULME P. LAND Captain First Lieutenant M. W. LUCKEy First Lieutenant COMPANY C f « C. r-. HARDEN Captain JAMES McMURRiA First Lieutenant E, K. GRIFFETH First Lieutenant MISS ANNE IRWIN 5p onsof K ' _7,, " " 3rT Cai ' iain C. i-. Hari 1 N CommauJtflji Miss AnnI- Irmin : ..!. .r FIRST LIEUTENANTS 1 . K. CiKlli ETH |. . ll MURRIA SECOND LIEUTENANTS t. Brdoks C. H. Jl NMNS FIRST SERGEANT Sl ' . Rvi andir SERGEANTS H. J. Cohen 1). 11. I ' oss J. H. STI PHI N50N R. it. 1 OWE ROLL E. VilllTMIRI AiioRD, H. N. HiSL. J. t. Ml ' IMN, H. Bishop. V. HOLIIDAV. J. MK IRRIE. «•. BlOt ' NT. Vt ' . R. HORTON. J. W. Ml Pt 11 II. VC. Bond, M. I ' . Jay. VC. H. NlNNAIlV, 11. M. Brooks, O. L. Jones, E. tVKiiiv, (. CANDum. W. Jordan, B. L. 0«1NS, J. t. Chanci., G. a. KiCKLICHTLR, Q. Pate, J. B. Colquitt. J. A. Knight, VC. T. I ' iRRS, G. Davis, G. Knupp, J. C. Rene , D. V. DOTNlll, S. C. Lanl, W. J. ROVIAND, P. A. DovNS. C. M. Llssir, M. Shippard. VC. R. DUNAWAV. S. G. Levis, R. Sparks, G. EDtLSTtlN. M. S. Lrrrn. A. T. Seaiioru, O. Enciish. L. E. Loii. VC. SlINSON, R. 11 ESTIS. C. LOVIRS, T. TisoN. E. I-ir PATBlCR, A. Mt ' . .Mannin,.. H. ( . Vairir, H. lOATSON, M. Mathits. T. M. Vi ' im MisiR, J. hoSTER, C. Miles, J. E. Vi.iiTl. VC. GuNN. F. MncHlLL, R. M. VkllRls, R. J Hamilton. C. Moore, E. t. VlllllAM,, i D. Harris, J. MooRi, VC. C. V ' OODS, E. COMPANY E MISS JOSEPHINE GLEDHILL Sponsor CaIMAIN (J. B. VllLlAMSON Mis» Josephine Glfdmili, Commanding • • Sfionsur I.. B. Bkiuli ks F. W. Collins J. M. Adams B. U. Hudson ADAUt. L. « ' . AlwoN. R. C. B.A. nrr. H. N. Brauikxk, R, BuriuKD, C. E. CARNtLL. J. E. Cartir, R. E. Coon, E. G. Crump, Q. Daniel. G. Da»h. a. T. Da i , B. DeVani, F. DoRicr. C. O. I- ' INCH. R. G. GRirriTH, C. L. Haul. R. H. Hamilton. K. Hatciilr. D. a. HlRSOON. J. P. JAIRION. J. Kiituv. «■ f. FIRST LIEUTENANTS SECOND LIEUTENANTS FIRST SERGEANT J. i HUMIS SERGEANTS J, LiDDLI.L S. A. SlIU At IS ROLL KlNI. J. KlILIAN. J. A. KiRRIANO, D. A. Lacov. J. B. Lion. E. f. Madolx. F. T. Mallory, L. MtVlR. « " . J. MiiLiR. W. H. Moody. J. C. .Mycott. G. T. NtAi. R. Y. NtwiON. L. T. NoRRit. L. E. Parrir. VC. W. Paynl. J. E. Paynl. J. W. Pimii. J. Plnnincton. L. T. Prk«tt. G. p. Ramrov. E. Run. J. Rlynoids. Z. 1-. 1.. RiGDO.V J. Farrln G. Stallincs W. Townsend RooiRi. J. V. Ro ,[Rs. W. Ro .t«4. W. S. RUTltOCL. E. O. Sailer. VT. L. Sripvorth. J. T. Slater. C. D. Smttii. W. S. SlOWE. J. P. S«irr, G. P. Tat£. J. Taylor. J. F. TtitR. R. H. Thomas. ' . Tium. H. Tucker. ( ' , N. Wadl. «■. «■. «AI10N. M. R. Wiggins. T. C, Vt ' lLEONG. J. Q. V ' lLLIAMS. V. C. Woods. J. C. Q C. B. WILLIAMSON Captain F. L. RIGDON First Lieutenant L. B. BRIOGERS First Lieutenant COMPANY F W. J. BtNlON Captain J. W. LAWSON N. STEWART Fi;:l Lieutenant Second Lieutenant MISS FLORENCE DADMUN Spo nsor Captain- VC ' . J. Be S ' TOX CoinrnanJina Miss Fi.ori nci: D AI)MU : »ioH.,.r FIRST LIEUTENANTS J. W. Lawson )l. U. Ho«AKU SECOND LIEUTENANTS W. F. NORRIS N, Sti.«art FIRST SERGEANT u . . ' . c:l kk SERGEANTS G. O. Dance A. GiLLULANU R. Grainek J. DowuY ROLL Levy, Ralph V. Aii-EN, E. R. Gaines, G. V. Panter, R. Bavnii, « ' . J. Hames, E. G. Racan, J. J. Beeman, S. M. llAMRlH, W. J. Randali, VC. II. BuLt, C. G. Harbir, VC. H. Raures, J. Bland, M. M. Harrell, W. H Rav. J. A. Bond, J. B. Johnson, H. Rlid, H. J. Bond, VC. Jones, R. 1,. Rkiiardsun. B. C. BORDEKS. G. l-I. Kaplan. K. RoriiBiRi., R. L. B«owN, J. S. Klein, M. Ro iir, T. C. BuRcii, J. D. Lemacks, W. J. SrARBORO, p. J, BL ' RKOt;(.)(1, I. 1.. Long, E. T. SlURIFE, S. Campreh. VT. J. Maris, J. H. Smeth, l. vr. Cloud, l Maui DIN, F. G. Sohn, L. S. Dearinc, M. D. MlADERS, C. J. Stmn, J. H. Dukes, VC MiRciiR, B. R. Tankersilv, M. Krwin, C. M. .MERRrrr, T. R. VlAIDtN, p. E. IlEID. H. W. MlDDltlON, A. S. Iatiins, E. C. I-ORDIIAM, J. £. MlTtlUI-E, J. B. VCestbrook. T. VC I-REEMAN, H. MOBLET, F. L. Williams, I. F. Frffman, p. L. .Moss, A. H. MlCaskill. a. Yesukievicz, VT. A. COMPANY G THE 1938 PANDORA SCABBARD AND BLADE National Honorary Military Fraternity. Established at Georgia in 1920. L Company, Second Regiment OFFICERS VfADSVrORTH McGiNTY PnsiJiitt Byron Matthevcs Vin-PnuJint John W. Davis Sirrc ary Albert Jones Tnautnr ROLL Morris Abram Capers Holmes, Jr. Wadsworth McGinty Euvi ' ARu Baxter James Hoover James McMurria Bill Benton Willis Jackson Bill Norris James Curtis Albert Jones Marion Page Harry Uavis, Jr. Polk Land Jol Praiiilr John Davis J. ' . Lavison Lee Price Douglas Epperson Tom Lindsey Ralph M. Rice Jack Farren Marion Luckey John A. Smith Joe Gillespie Wallace Martin Paul Trulock Buddy Hasell Byro.n H. Mathews, Jr. John Wilson Ward Holland Gerreld Meddin Bob Woodruff first row. Led to Ri9ht; Boitc , Smith, J. Day. J. JooM, McGmtj, SECOND ROW: GillMpie, Cuitlj, Holland, Ha»cll, Meddin, Holmci, Tru ROW; Ma-tin, L.ndiay, Rice, Lard McMiirr.j. L«w»on, Nofrit. FC Hoovef, Page. Oavii, Woodruff, Benton, ' athci. Epptrion. THIRD Luctey, Pricr, Jacklon. 275. THE 1938 PANDORA RIFLE TEAM Till R. O. T. C. Varsity Rifle Team, University of Georgia, fired postal matches with schools located in all parts of the United States, winning a majority of them. They fired six shoulder-to-shoulder matches with the University of Alabama, CIcmson College, and Georgia Tech, losing to the University of Alabama and Tech. In a dual rille match at Clcmson College, Georgia finished in second place with liic tollowlng teams competing: The Citadel, Clemson College, and a team representing the United States Marine Corps. Byron H. Mathews, Jr., was Team Captain. MEMBERS Byron .Matmi vis. Captain John Ashiord Dave Barroxs ' James Colquitt Hugh Howell LlVIIS KlLLIAN Sergeant |. P., Coach Eu Pope Rom u I Ri iiii R Sam Sill Rii 1 Warri N Thrasher T. L. Woou Alex VJ ' right Ftont Row, Left to Right: Sheiiff, Wood. Thrasher, Reiber, Wright, Killian, Colquitt. Bad Row: Howard, Pope, Mathews (Captain). Ashford. Barrow, Hollomar). ■ 275- THE I Via i ANUUK - JOCKEY CLUB Till jiHKl V Cll ' B v.u ori;.ini cil .U the University June 2, 1937, to study .jnd promote a greater interest in horsemanship. Its membership is based on scholarship and interest in ridinj; horses. All men taking first or second advance cavalrv in R. O. T. C. are eliijibie. Tlie quota ol the club is limited to 2U. OFFICERS First Term Secoinl Term JoF. T. Prathir .... . Pnsiiltiil . J. Millard Adair J. Millard Adair .... . Viir-1 ' rfsiiliii . Allen F. Davis AiLLN I-. Davis .... . Sfcrcfary . Lo»iELL Gumming Ben F. Duke Trvamrcr Nelson Kraeft FACULTY MEMBERS Maj»r H. Ci. Holt Col. H. E. Mann MEMBERS |. Mil I ARu Adair Harry I-. Davis Ni isoN H. Kraeft John Ashioru Ben I " . Duke John G. Land Tom . ' 1 MNsoN Douglas H. Epperson Joe T. Prathlr J. LovfELL Gumming James F. Farmer RoBi rt F. Smith James X ' . Curtis Harold D. Hays Lee W. Webb John Daniel John Jenkins Bob Woodruff Allen F. Davis Rubin B. Kimurough ADAiR A3r,r, .,u ;»M.,,j;, „,. ,. .- „,:., .: A.DAVIS H. DAVIS DUKE EPPERSON t-ARMEK MATS JENKINS KIMBROUGH KRAEFT LAND PRATHER SMITH WEBB WOODRUFF 277- THE 1938 PANDORA MONKEY DRILL The Monm V Drii i Tl am is a sports .ictivity ot tlu- Univcrsliy of Cjcorj;i.i Mllit.iry IJcp.utnn.iU. It is the only team of its kind in the Fourth Corps Area, therefore no competitive matches could he easiU arranged. Nevertheless, this team has worked hard and has shown on several occasions. Advanced Cavalry students are most desirable, although any military student is eligible to try out for the team. In addition to the annual horse show in Athens, tiie team will show for the American Legion District Meeting in Athens and tiic an nual horse show at lort McPherson in Atlanta. Ma.jor H. G. Hoi.r Officer in Charge Harrv J. Davis Captain Privati-. K. I.. Vi ' iM lAMs Coach ROLL Robert J. Smith Allen I. Davis Ja.mis Q. Tuck Paul l Brooksiiirl Juniu-S M. Adair Cari v C. Burnett N. J. Hassell Mdnroi Di aring Cordon Rovhvcell Joh T. Prather Dlrvii)oi) Combs Ja.mis A. Vt ' ii liamson loirx D n i -278. BOOK SIX L f Kappa Alpha Wild West Ball . . . Alpha Tau Omesa Formal ... Pi Kappa Alpha and Kappa Delta Grand March . . . Chi Omega Lead-Out . . . Alpha Delta Pi Band Stand ... Phi Delta Theta Bowery Ball . . . Sigma Chi Big Apple ... Pi Kappa Phi Formal . . . Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic Dance. J lie z alctiiLLiC. JACKSON FRANKLIN OFFICERS Wadsvcorth McGinty I ' .ni inn Arcbuii Omer Franklin lini ' nuiil Deputy Archoii VC ' iLLis Jackson Einimnt Treasurer BvRON BovcER r.iuiiuiit Recorder CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS X ' iNSTON Bruoki Columbus Ho«iiL Ik IN Ailwns Thomas Haycooo Ailanu Vt ' iLLib Jackson AiUnia Thomas Kl.sneoy Mariciia Vt ' iLLiAM Martin Dawson Waus«orth McGintv Atlanta GuvToN MncHiLi. Thoniasville Paul VCright Moscow, Idaho JUNIORS MiKciR Bi.ANLHARU Columbus BvKuN BowiR Bainbridgc Zach Browning ... Milkrvillc, Ala. Gus Cii.viiANii Valdosta Burnlv Dobus Athens HtNRY DUKI s Valdosta DORSLY HUTCHINS Buford TuRNLR JoNis Canton Nash Murph Marshallville GiORbii Stallings Haddock Mayo Williams Albany Frank X ' illingham Macon G1.0RGL YuNDT, Jr Atlanta Linton Zachry Atlanta SOPHOMORES Joii Arnold Washington Frank DeLong Gainesville HoMi R DuRDi N WashinRton, U. C. Cam Dorsey, Jr. Atlanta Knox F.ldredgl Miami GoomoE Erwin Athens Hugh Gillis Superton HowKiL Columbus Goruon Jonls Atlanta MEMBER ON FACULTY Ma.iok H. (i. 1 ll)l I FACTS Georgia Bi ia i maiu isiiid in 1865 . . . oldest fraicrnlty at Georgia . . . has initiated more members than any other chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . founded at the University of Ala- bama in 1856 . . . Initiations held in I-rance during the World Vi ' ar . . . one woman mcnihcr . . . (lower is tlic violet . . . colors are royal purple and old gold . . . maga ine is the Rfiiiril. C iLTy i J ' clil L IIUj ' Lr SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON BROOKE H. ERWIN HAVGOOO JACKSON N. MURPH STALLINGS M. WILLIAMS WILLINGHA LEE LinLE J. MURPH NORMAN HAVERiy B.JONES KNIGHT MATTHEWS FRANKLIN HAWKINS LANGDALE LATIMER 284. CHAPTER ROLL Ltiiin Li 1 Elbcrton Bill Lnrii Mariciti John Mi ' RPii Mjrthillvillc Francis Norman Columbus ViiLiiAM RtK.i Rs HIbcrion IHOMAS STt«ARl. Ill PinimJ Bit L Vi ' iiiiAMs ... Albany .AiMN Vi i .Mi ... Rome FRESHMEN RoBiRT AisroN AibniJ 1X N .Arnold ... )( ' «liint!ti)ii Thomas Barrov Athens Tho.sias Cauthor.n Atljnti RoBiRT Cr(nsha« .... Ailjnt.i |a.m»s I)i Long . . (.ijinesvillc GioRci Gil LON . . Atlinij Rawson Havirfs . . Atlancj BoLLiNi. JoNis, III Aijjnia ViiiLiAM Knight Savannah Jack .Maiiiiits Macon Karl P. Paris .Atlanta Marvin Macon .Vlcl ' stus Si ' arks Macon Richard Si ' ENCLR Columbus John Athens Mi ' Stlmpsun Mobile, Ala. GcoRct: Swift Columbus Elliott WAiiDiti, Jr Columbus Donald VCildi r Savannah LAW SCHOOL Jamis Barrow Athens Dean Covington Rome JfRt Fin I) Monroe Blanto.v Fortson, Jr. Athens Omir Franklin Valdosta CHAPTER ROLL Jamis Hawkins Americus John La.ngdai.i Valdosta .AsBURV Latimfr Atlanta Rtx Saffold Savannah Gforgl Shaw LaFaycttc Croswlll Smith Atlanta Anton Solms Savannah James Solms Savannah FnwiN SouTHtRLANU Athens GoRiKiN Sullivan Rome Fred Tappan Vi ' hite Plains I. A. TisON Savannah lioy McGINiy P.WRIGHT BLANCHARO BOWER BROWNING CLEVELAND DOBBS DUKES HUTCHINS T.JONES n ZACHRy J. ARNOLD F. DcLONG DURDEN DORSEV ELDREDGE G. ERWIN GILLIS HOLLIS G. JONES :K STEWART B. WILLIAMS A. WRIGHT ALSTON D.ARNOLD T. BARROW CAUTHORN CRENSHAW J. DcLONG GILLON SPARKS SPENCER STIMPSON SWIFT WADDELL WILDER J. BARROW COVINGTON FIELD FORTSON rio HA ' X ' MITM A. SOLMS J. SOLMS SOUTHERLANO SULLIVAN TAPPAN TISON 4: t f -28S- MITCHELL TROUTMAN MRS. CLARA KNOX CHANCELLOR FAHV OFFICERS I. S. Mitchell Alpha Albert Fahy Ucta Edgar Chancellor Gamma Robert Troutman Delta CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS J. Edgar Chancellor, Jr. Columbus Darcan Cole Cartcrsvillc Bill Hartman Millodscvillc Walter Troutman Tcnnillc JUNIORS Tho.mas Baldwin Madison O. B. BoBBiTT C:har:c ion, i ' . Vi. Branch Atlantj Danill Fra.vklin . ' ilanti Koiii RT Troutman Atbnti SOPHOMORES ' ii i.tAM Am rs Atlanta HoMiR Arri.ncton Rome Joe Atkinson Vi ' cst Point J. E. Miles Atlanta Morris McDonald Bolton Gordon McKenzie Asliburn James Racan Blackshcar Herbert Reynolds Atlanta Hi rbert Shincler Asliburn John Tve Atlanta Herman B. Upchurch Athens James Wallace Atlanta FRESHMEN Ben Barnes Macon George A. Barron Lexington MEMBERS ON FACULTY Harmon W. Caluvilll Robert McWhorter Thomas Green I). R. Bakkow FACTS Eta Chaptlr established in 1867 . . . second oldest frater- nity on the campus . . . founded at Princeton University in 18 54 . . . result of successive unions of three older organiza- tions of same name . . . Princeton t)rder traced Its ortlcr to 1824 ... .14 chapters . . . sunflower is the flower . . . scar- let and blue are the colors . . . Tin- (. ' .hakcll is the maga lne. CHANCELLOR COLE HARTMAN MILES McDonald McKENZIE 8ICKERSTAFF BROWN BURROUGHS PATE Z. REYNOLDS SMITH CHI,_PH -286- CHAPTER ROLL HiNKV BiKRV Rome R. H. BitRtiiMAii Aihcni RoBiKT T. Brotn I IbrrKiii Stilfs B. Bumtouciit Ailintj Robert Vi ' . Grovis Savinnjh RoBiRT v. Hai 1 RiK-hciier, N. Y. John B. Harris ... Macon Waltir Him ... Ailjnii Vi ' lNITON Htll )( CM I ' oint Brvant Joms ... . ' Xilinij Rov M. Massl Ailinta ( ' liilAM May Augusta Hugh M. Nunnauv ■ . Clurloiii ' svillr, ' i. Bi N JAMIN Pati . . .... Atljma Zahnir RtvNolDs . . ttantj HoKi Smith . . . tlania Loiii Trousdale , ilicns lost PH Vald: s . tlanti LAW SCHOOL Richard diGolian .... .•XtUnta . LBr T Fahy ... Rome Robert Heard niberton VI ' ade Hovt . Rome L S. MiTCHiLL AtUnia Spotswood Presto.n Charleston, ( ' . Va. VCiiiiAM Si iiroder Atlanta VX ' iiiissi VCallaci Rutlcdgc T«OUTMAN BALDWIN BOBBin BRANCH FRANKLIN R.TROUTMAN AKERS ARRINGTON ATKINSON IAN H. RErNOLDS 5HINGLER TYE UPCHURCH J.WALLACE BARNES BARRON BERRy 5VES HALL HARRIS HILL HUFF JONES MASSEY MAY NUNNALLy fuSDALE VALDES dcGOLIAN FAHy HEARD HO T MITCHELL SCHRODER W.WALLACE ■ 2a7- ■fi M J DANCE F. NEWTON SPENCE HEFLIN OFFICERS George C. Spence President Charles G. Heflin ViccPresulenl Floyd C. Newton, Jr Secretary r .- r »i . -c . . . Treasurer George Uance MEMBERS ON FACULTY John E. Drkvcry R. H- Povcill M. D. DuBosE Ashley Sellars J. Alton Hosch Robert Stephens M. B. Pound C. M. Strahan Major Ric iiaru Trimble FACTS Gamma Chapti r i stahi imii i in 1868 .. . third fraternity to come to (icorjii-i . . . third oldest chapter of Kappa Alpha founded at Washington College, now Washington and, in 1865 . . . first called Phi Kappa Chi ... 69 chapters . . . red rose and magnolia are the flowers . . . crimson and old gold are the colors . . . Kd i id ' m juiirnal is the maga ine. C fitnmtii V lt i I ' it I KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Haron G. Bain.v ,|K. Greensboro John Davis Vildost., Fred Duval Social Circle John Jamks Hakmir, Jr. Newnan John H. T. McPhirson. Jr. Athens HARnin Stoni. Jr. Oxford JUNIORS John Ashioru Athens Joseph Martin IkiviDoiN Atlanta JoL C. Bro«n Convers George P. Dance, Jr. Atlanta Marion D. DuBosi , Jr. A ' " - " ' Charles G. Hei lin .Marshallville Alva R. Joiner Albany Slaton M. Jones Atlanta Vi ' EDioRD I.idolll Athens Floyd C. Newton, Jr. Madison Walker L. Newton. Jr. Madison George Perry )iindcr Chariie Thorpe M» " " Richard Young Columbus SOPHOMORES David S. Atkinson, Jr. Savannah William J. Bavnes Greensboro Douglas M Brai r Campbi i i j;aikinsville James J. O ark Atlanta William P. Crenshaw Atlanta Julian D. Halliburton Athens H. BAVNES J. DAVIS DUVAL JOINER JONES LIDDELL CRENSHAW HALLIBURTON R. HOLMAN CARITHERS CARSWELL CHAMPION B.WHITE R.WIGGINS WOOD -288- CHAPTER ROLL Robert G. Hoiman Alhjny Lewis Kiiiian Micon Newt Morrh, Jr. Miriciii OictxjD Pi ARsiiN Albany HARBt ' T Ranoaii Ailjnti Allen jM. Ste-rart Macon Louis Warlick Ciricrsvillc Thomas C. VI ' iccins Birtow, FU. FRESHMEN Rkiiak[ B. Biocu» oRiM. Jk. Athcn Vk ' iiiiAM Candiir, Jr. AibntJ HtRscMEL Carithers, Jr. Athcns James J. Carswell, Jr. Au :usti James P. Cha.mpion. Jr. Albany jAtK Davis Athens Joh.N Thomas Greer Monroe Charles Hoiman Albany James T. Hudson Athens Benjamin Stinson Jr. Thomuvillc Price Merritt Atlanta Lee Newton Madison RostoE Sams Gainesville Ldoar Lee Secrest, Jr. Athens Kd Stone Oxford Vi ' Al Tl R ' lllTE . . Dillard X ' iLLiAM O. Vi ' HiTi , Jr. Richmond, Va. Robert Charles ( ' iccins Bartow, Fla. LIK.AR VTooDY Thomasville CHAPTER ROLL LAW SCHOOL Robert B. Huffakir, Jr. Barinw, Kla. DuPrei HuNNitUT Athens Albert R. Menard, Jr. Athens THO.MAS MiLNER Albany George C. Spence Atlanta Y. L. Watson Quincy, Ha. Mcpherson H.STONE ASHFORD BOWOOIN BROWN DANCE DuBOSE HEFLIN - N W. NEWTON PERRy THORPE yOUNG ATKINSON W. BAyNES CAMPBELL CLARK morris PEARSON RANDALL STEWART WARLICK T. WIGGINS BLOODWORTH CANDLER IS GREER C. HOLMAN HUDSON INMAN MERRITT L. NEWTON SECREST W.WHITE = R HUNNICUT MENARD MILNER SPENCE WATSON ■ 2S9 . BOWERS ARNOLD MRS. R. E. FOSTER JONES McMURRIA OFFICERS i ' . H. Arnold President Jamis McMurria Vici-Prcsiilcnt Harry Bowers . . . Secretary ALBtRT B. Jon IS Treasurer MEMBERS ON FACULTY U. H. Uavi.npokt R. 1 . Siipiilns T. W. Reed W. p. Warren A. W. Scott R. 11. W ' l st FAaS Georcia Aii ' iiA I SI ABi.isiii.i) IN 1871 . . . fouriii fraternity on the campus . . . founded at Miami University in 1848 . . . member of the Miami Triad ... at first existed sub rosa . . . two chapters at Miami for a while ... 106 chapters . . . white carnation is the flower . . . argent and azure are the colors . . . magazine is liie S ri)ll iij I ' hi l),l ii I ' lnla. i fcCTLJUl r-l-lyltii C llit] Lr PHI DELTA THETA CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Jack AD. M5 Bosion VI ' iLLiAM H. Arnold Atlanta Edwin T. Blackman Atlanta Jack Carvii.l Dixon, Ky. James G. Davis Camilli Clavborne Dyal St. Petersburg, Fla. Robert Eve Tifton Franklin Horne Vienna To.M LiNDsLv Grilfin a. .McMurria Columbus Frank Ricdon Tifton Charles D. Shepard Atlanta WiiLiAM H. Terry Thomasvillc JUNIORS Albiri Bovi) Atlanta Blrnaru Butts .Monroe E. E. Callaway Covington John C. Dorsey Clayton Hal S. Dumas Atlanta Robert Fokls Monte uma Louis B. Frylr Blakely Louis Griffith Eatonton Robert Hall Miami, Fla. Ernest Hoitlll Atlanta W. Neville James . tlanta Griffin A. Park Moultrie Fred Ricdon Tifton Walter Rylanuer Amcricus George X ' . Self Providence, R. I. George Smith Vi ' inder Harry B. Stevens Atlanta Council B. Wooten Shcllmin Jones Yow Toccoa ADAMS ARNOLD BLACKMAN BO D BUTTS DORSEy G. SMITH STEVENS WOOTEN McLEOD OWEN REID HODGE R. HOWELL HUrKfBEE 290- CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES Caihou ' N a. Bi «i N Tifion Jamis V; ' . BoziMAN Sylvester A. J. CARVtR Columbus IIakkv G. Clark CouIUkc Jamis Coiquitt Thomiston |oi L. Hammond Monroe ' iiiiAM Hattaiav Brundidge, Ala. KouiRT D. HoRNE Vienna Marry HoRsrv Atlanta Mamies C. Johnson Mcrion, Pcnn. JOHN C. McCall Moultrie Bin Hill McLiod Tifton I vMEs C. Owi N Griffin 11. Jackson Kiiii Athens Vi ' iLLiAM T. Smith Tifton C. R. ToMLlN ... Atlanta Ernest Vandisir I.avonij FRESHMEN Royal C. Camp Atlanta Charles R. Choatf. Jr Tifton Frank H. Corry, Jr. Tifton Ja.mis i ' . Dl ' NLAP Macon Horace T., Jr. Valdosta ' alter Fulmer Sasannah George Grace Clearwater, Fla. I. C. Harris Panama City, Fla. Sace H. Hodce Perry Robert L. Howell Thomson I Eo B. Ht- ' CKABEE Macon Vi ' iiiiAM F. Keehan Jacksonville, Fli. Josi PH Maddox Atlanta Robin S. Notell Monroe John V. MTifiTr Thomasvillc |oE VooDRL ' FF Knoxville, Tcnn. Robert Fritz Ziecler Macon CHAPTER ROLL LAW SCHOOL Harry G. Boiters Amcricus LuTEiER i ' . Dykls Amcricus Albert Jones Atlanta Willia.m S. Lee Fort Valley Byron H. Mathews, Jr Atlanta JosEPEi Pace Amcricus ' illiam F,. Smith Amcricus • 291 McNiEL WILLINGHAM MRS. J. T. PAHERSON HOLMES HESTER OFFICERS Capers Holmes . Consul . . Plott Brk 1 Edward Hester . Pro-Coiisiil . Bill McNill Bill McNiel . . Aiiiiotator . Bod Norman Harry Willingham . (Juiicslor . . 1 1 ARK " u LINC.HAM MEMBERS ON FACULTV Lamar Dodd H B. Ritchie W. D. Hoopi R A. E. Terry W. O. Payne Vl RNON S. SmIIII, . FACTS Delta Chapter establishi d in 1872 . . . fifth fraternity to come to Georgia . . . founded at Miami University in 1S5 5 ... a Miami Triad fraternity . . . first called Sigma Phi . . . unique feature is the Constantine CJiapter, group in the CAin- fcdcrate Army ... 98 chapters . . . first fraternity to make a sound motion picture . . . The Biillc hi was the first secret magazine on any fraternity . . . flower is the white rose . . . colors are blue and old gold . . . publication is tiie Miii iiziitf of S ,i; » d Cfu. DclLi C haj ' iT SIGMA CH CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Plott Brice Decitur Gray Burch Fayciteville Harry Davis Athens Capirs Holmis Cullodcn L. A. Mallory Thomaston JuLi. NtAL Calhoun Warrfn Portwooi) Criwfordville Harry VCillincham Forsyih Robert Woodruff Rome JUNIORS N ' oKMAN ' Camp Nc»nan Roiiirt Gilblrt LaFayeiie Rubin Kimbrouch Chiplcy Vi ' iLLiAM R. King VC ' iycrosj Dlan Murphy Fiycttcville Robert P. McCuen Sivinnih BuiST Nevtsom Union Point Walter Rhoads Micon Kdtard Stephenson Sebring, Fla, Hoyt i ' AKi Pooler SOPHOMORES C. William Ekin Baltimore, Md. Frank Fraser Atlanta William Gunter Commerce T. A. Harber Commerce Hugh Him GrifSn Arthur Lott )i;jycroM ■292. CHAPTER ROLL k ' iiiiA i Mi Nil I hjirburn KOBIKT C. NoKMAN X ' j«hiii ;tu» VX ' lliMM I ' l I PI I s Alhl;n lii»iN H. I ' lM • Niwnan X ' ll.LIAM I ' KINll Atbnij Daviu Russiii AilintJ (.ilUII(.L SlANIl Sjvjnilill FRESHMEN DiVi ' iiT Bmii» Sjvinnjli Li»iif BicGs Starke, Fb. Haden Camp Ncwnan Charlie Compton Athens liUMY CoRNiLL Sprin liMMY Hariioru Athens Ki Bi H r C. JoNis Calhoun lAik KtNT Ronii: Hill Kirbv Decatur John Knl ' Pp Atlanta l.ouiE Mallorv Thomaston Ji ' iLL G. Neisler Reynolds ■. Henry Pross, Jr. St. Louis, Mo. Vi ' nGHT Parker Brunswick RiciiTER Smith, Jr Concord John Taylor Athens Nelson Athens LAW SCHOOL John Brannen Atlanta Edward Hestir Savannah ILMES L. A. MAlLORy NEAL PORrJCOOD OAOS STEPHENSON WARE EKIN NCE RUSSELL BALLEW BIGGS ISLER PROSS PARKER SMITH WILLINGHAM WOODRUFF N.CAMP GILBERT FRASER GUNTER HARBER HILL H.CAMP COMPTON CORNELL HARTFORD TAYLOR VAN SANT BRANNEN HESTER KIMBROUGH KING LOn McNIEL JONES KENT •293- PAGE EVANS SWEAT FITZPATRICK MISS EDITH BRIGHTWELL OFFICERS W. M. Page Commaiuler Fred C. Sweat L iii ciitin Commander Chas. H. Evans Secretary Arch W. Fitzpatrick Treasurer CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Frank Bickfrstapf Athens Lynn Brannen Athens James Cavan Decatur Allen F. Davis Athens J. K. EzELL, Jr Atlanta Arch VC ' . Fitzpatrick Atlanta James M. Grii fin Villa Riea Bernard C. Harris Carrollton N. I. Hasi LL St. Simons William V. Hazzaru BirminRham, Ala. Robert P. Jenkins Thomaston J. B. Mays Jackson Brantley New Dexter E. T. Newsome Statcsboro Neil V. Oldenbltti i , Jr Xtaycross J. Lee Parker U ' aycross Jack Ryais McRac Richard Saunders .Montezuma Shelby L. VCestbrook Cordele JUNIORS Paul Brookshire Winder He.nry J. Carsvtell, Jr Waycross Verner F. Chafitn Toccoa Thomas Clary AuRusta Gene Curry Dublin Charles Farr Augusta Ray Griner Valdosta Sim Morris Augusta Duncan B. McRae McRae Russell F. D. Paulk Brunswick MEMBERS ON FACULT J. C. Meadows John D. Wade FACTS Mu Chapti:r estaui.ishm) i. 1873 . . . sixth fraternity to come to Georgia . . . organized at Virginia Military Institute in 1869 . . . originated from the Legion of Honor , a secret society ... 96 chapters . . . cli.ipters at first designated by Roman numerals . . . flower is the white rose . . . colors arc gold, black, and white . . . is tlic Delia. BICKERSTAFF BRANNEN CAVAN OLDENBUHEL PARKER SAUNDERS PAULK PONDER RAWLINS McMANUS MYDDELTON POWER J. NEW SIMPSON WILLIAMSr -294 CHAPTER ROLL l.ovic B. PoNRiR, Jr. Ruilcilse Kdvakii V( ' . Ravlins McR« K. A. Sm LION Iljrtwcll SOPHOMORES K. Ralph Allen Augusti CiAiN ' is Andrfws Thomaston Ovi Bmti l.jki- i ' i cs, FU. ( iiAKLis H. Evans, Jr. U ' lrnnum MiRAM Franklin Jjckwn i I) Guild Allien Vinci NT Jones Jjckwm C. Keen. Jr Dublin RiiBi RT H. Klrnachan Mjcon I. Vi ' . MiManls. Jr Mjcon . RCIIIt MVDUILTON Valdlntl Rov K. Power Ncwnjn W. A. Spin.e Camilla W. C W cxitiM I .Jr. Columbus FRESHMEN |aik Bacci it Dublin Harold Barron Ncwnjn Rlpirt Blount Brunswick John H. Brici Lake Wales, Fla. Vl ' uLiAM A. CuLLENS, Jr )i ' aycross PiRRv M. Culpepper Cordcic Charles N. Davis Albany Thomas F.. Dunn, Jr. Albany B. L. Ki RM Y Brunswick Stewart .M Kibben Social Circle Jacob Ni« Dexter CHAPTER ROLL William T. Simpson, Jr. Lakeland James A. VCillia.mson Eulonia LAW SCHOOL John C. Bell Augusta J. W. Curtis Toccoa James A. Huncerpiller Augusta W. F. N ' oRRis, Jr Newton W. M. Pace C:olumbus Fred C. Sweat Vi ' aycross -«vi; EZELL FITZPATRICK GRIFFIN HARRIS HASELL HAZZARD JENKINS MAYS NEWSOME ' )OK RVALS BROOKSHIRE CARSWELL CHAFFIN CLARY FARR GRINER McRAE MORRIS u ALLEN ANDREWS O. BRICE EVANS FRANKLIN GUILD JONES KEEN KERNAGHAN WOODALL BAGGEH BARRON J. BRICE CULLENS CULPEPPER DAVIS DUNN McKIBBEN L CURTIS HUNGERPILLER NORRIS PAGE SWEAT € A ■ 295. kAa HUMES LANCASTER MKb. J. n. BOtbbLL SMITH OFFICERS P. M. Lancastur . . Wort jy Master Ralph Rice . . . W rll Chaplaiu Jack Humes . ' • . Worthy Scriln- John A. Sm tu .Worthy K.r xT of ivcMymr . John A. Smith . P. M. Lancaster . Ralph Rice . Nelson Tut MEMBERS ON FACULTY R. p. Brooks I • I- Hendren Peter Brown H. 1. Reynolds Major A. J. Tunk Robert Secrest Sam W ' hm AKi r FACTS Georcia Aii ' ha Beta Chai ' tir established in 1878 . . . seventh fraternity on the campus . . . founded .u Virginia Mili- tary Institute in 186S . . . first fraternity to be established after the VC ' ar Between the Stales ... ' 7 chapters ... tor a time had city chapters similar to college chapters . . . tlower is the white tea rose . . . colors sky blue and old gold . . . pub- lication is The I ' iiliii. Cftcr. iu -llj ' Ltif l " i Lii ' Lr ALPHA IAy_OMEGA CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Km I ' ll BooMK ' - ' ' " no«AKDCllsllAM MaiKlKvur, N. H. Makvin Hah MillcdscvilU V . D. Hamma.k Cuthbirt Much Houari. Ludowici IlKNRY KtLLtK Ju.Klion City Mack Lancasti r Albiny iKANK Morris Greenville RMi-ii Rici Uoodland hcK RoBisoN Lawrencevil le Frank Shields Chickamaugi NiLsoN Tift Albany Lhw Young Memphis, Tcnn. JUNIORS Jack Baccitt I.awrencevillc Gaston Cook Geneva William Forlhanb Sylvester Jack Humus Columbus Jack Maxwell Talbot.on Sam Rees " ' " " £ ' oodrow Willson Lyons 296- CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES Vl ' llllAM FAIDLtv Si ;iij| Mountjiit, ' I ' cnii. PfcTt NfiLi-tH ' rhoni%t ii Billy McKiulaiii Micun Jack Robinson Jackson, Tcnn. pKtD Vt ' u kiiAM Columbus I-j wARU X k ii Cairo T. 1.. Vli ' ooD Macon John X ' oou(Oik Gainesville FRESHMEN Dkasi: Bt ' i.iot k Columbus KoBLRT Cassll Allania Paul Connor Albany Vi ' AVNi rRiiiisAM Albany TiFTON Grilr Lawrcnccsillc GuNTER Hacood Lawrcnccvillc NitL JoRCtNsoN hayonne, N. J. Inman Kidd Athens GroRGE Mann Athens Dennis Penny Athens LAW SCHOOL JissE Blsii Macon E. S. Sell, Jr. Athens John Andy Smith Talbotton HALL YOUNG ROBINSON J0RGEN50N HAMMACK BAGGETT WICKHAM KIDD HOWARD COOK E WOOD PENNY KELLER FOREHAND T, L. WOOD BUSH LANCASTER HUMES WOODCOCK SELL MORRIS MAXWELL BULLOCK SMITH RICE REES CASSELS ROBISON WILLSON CONNOR -297- •!■ JACOBS PRICE HOOVER OFFICERS Lel Price PresiJent Marcus George Vict-Prcsiileiit A. B. Parklr Secretary Jamis O. Hi)i) 1 r Treasurer MEMBER ON FACULTY V ' iLi.iAM Tate FACTS Beta Delta Cmapitk established at Georgia in 1882 . . . eighth fraternity on the campus . . . organl ed at Bethany College in 1859 . . . united with the Rainbow Society, first Southern fraternity, in 1886 ... 74 chapters . . . flower is the pansy . . . colors are purple, gold, and while . . . maga- zine is The Rainbow. DELTA TAU DELTA CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Jack Farren Macon James O. Hoover Augusta Cary Moorc Lindalc Ci.iFF Moore Lindalc Malcolm Peterson Ailcy JUNIORS Bennie Blackbur.n- Swainsboro J. Marcus George Vienna L. A. I.VCRAM, Jr l-.iyiticvillc Rando[.i ' ii JoNis Hcphzibah Daniel Hill McFadln Brunswick Ralph Smith Swainsboro Henry Willi r Smith Swainsboro SOPHOMORES James W. Jacobs Vest Point Samuel Meyer Atlanta Bill Henry Moses Uvalda John W. Trigc Columbus FARREN HOOVER R. SMITH W. SMITH HARLAN PEEBLES -298- CHAPTER ROLL FRESHMEN MoKTON AiiNiv Athens Frid L. Cannon Atbnti Sam DuRutN Creymont RoBtRT H. Hai I Sopcrton lX NAi,D E. Hamilton Oil City, Pa. Ralph U. Harlan Philadelphia, Pa. John Pilebles Swainsboro Hi NRY I). Symonus Orlando, Fla. k ' ii i-iAM W. W ' aiie Sopcrton . . Y. StKUis Athens LAW SCHOOL Hirman VC ' . Coolidce Isle of Hope John H. Land Columbus Alton B. Parker Carrollton I. Lee Price, Jr. Swaitisboro CARy MOORE JACOBS SYMONDS CLIFF MOORE MEVER WADE PETERSON TRIGG COOLIDGE BLACKMAN ABNEV LAND GEORGE CANNON PRICE JONES HALL McFADEN HAMILTON -299- MAT IncwS GARLAND POWELL LAWSON ] I. A. Matthf.vis . J. Colbert Garland Joel W. Lavison L. C. McCarthy OFFICERS Ninii nr I Number 2 N Hill her } Niiwhir 4 . |. Ct i 111 RT Garland Emory Parmlnter Joel W. Lavcson Jim Powell CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS BiRi tARMriii.Mi, Jr. jjckson Augustus H. Frye l.rilfin Jamis Coi.Bi rt Garlanii Hjrnesville Joii. i. La»son Columbia. S. C. JiMMv Ii»iv Siloim Rduiri I. Smiiii Vi ' indtr John C. VXiiioN Atluns JUNIORS JoHNNiL Baklr III VI land Cleveland, S. C. Fdhard Dvai. Woodbine Louis G. Johnson Atlanta John Milton Lestlr Montezuma Emory Parmi ntir Atco Jamls PoviLLL Griflin MEMBERS ON FACULTY M. II. Bryan IIlgii Hodgson T. 1 1. Willi I III M) FACTS Aii ' iiA Aii ' iiA Dm lA CiiAPiER established in 1890 . . . nlntli fraternity on campus . . . touncled at Union College in 1S4 1 . . . fifth fraternity originating there ... 25 chapters . . . social purposes emphasized more tli.m literary . . . iiuuses c.illcd lodges . . . log cabin built at Michigan in 1845 was prototype of modern fraternity house . . . colors are purple and gold . . . magazine is V ' Ac I ' lirjilt- ami dohl. CARMICHAEL FRVE CLEVELAND DYAL FARNUM MATTHEWS lyLi .=- ,. ,., 2 , ., C .,|i .r CHIPSI -300- CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES V( ' . T. CuNNiNoiiAM Lcxingioii Frank Farxlm Orangeburg, S. C. HaRKI MAIIHIVl Millcn C ' . L. MiLaruh Camden Makm » CiAKR l M . . . X ' eM Hartford, Conn. FRESHMEN Graham F. Daniil ... Alliens Bobby J. Maxwell Augusta Billy Su.mirour l " lnder John Cramiord U ' oous Atliens GARLAND JOHNSON McCarthy lawson LESTER POND LEWIS PARMENTER DANIEL ITT SMITH POWELL MAXWELL WILSON CUNNINGHAM WOODS El K4| ItuM n mk BJ Fi. " r 1x1 li mfk n a 301 • BROWN W. SISLEX BROOME SCHNAUTZ CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS ■«■. H. Api ' I I BV, Jr. AtUnu Hugh D. Broomi McBcin Frank Broun AtLinn Harold Louiin Colbert RoBtRT MooRL BIytlic Edgar L. Pitman Bbckshcir Billy Pullen Damascus Richard Russlll Augusta John Sisley Athens H. N. ViEST DcSoio JUNIORS John R. Britt Atlanta John Carter Macon U ' lLLiAM Sisley Athens Tarver Smith Haddock Larry Hardin Rock Hill, S. C OFFICERS Frank Brown Grand Master Robert W. Schnautz . . . Grand Master of Ceremonies William Appleby Grand Scrihe Hugh Broomi; Grand Treasurer FAaS Beta Lambda establisiii i in 1901 . . . tenth fraternity on the campus in respect to age . . . founded .it University of Virginia in 1869 . . . first Southern fraternity to establish a chapter in the North ... 108 chapters . . . flower is the lily-of-the-vallcy . . . colors are scarlet, white, and emerald green . . . T x ' Cadiicens. KAPPA SIGMA APPLEBY H.BROOME BROWN CARTER SMITH HARDIN WESTBROOK VAZELL ALLEN 302. CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES Bii L Bi I IS Athcn» BiNNii Brikjmi McBfin Billy Dckls .... Gibwn GioRCF. Gaines ... Adjirsrillc H. 1 . Km V Viivcrly Sr.»NLtv RoBimsON Athem RoBiRT StHNAUTZ . . . Port Chester, N. Y. Thomas VCalden Gibson GlOKCE ViESTBUCKJK lU Bill Ya ell Columbus FRESHMEN Robert Alli n Lccsvillc, S. C. Brian ' Berry i ' »verly Hugh Davis Baltimore, Md. Krnest Long Atlanta Bill Miller Rome Harry Mullins Charleston, S. C. Don Nichols Atlanta Allen Rltledce Atlanta Jack Vomack Atlanta LODEN BEHS BERRY MOORE B. BROOME DAVIS PITMAN DUKES LONG PULLEN GAINES MILLER RUSSELL KELLY MULLINS J.SISLEY ROBERTSON NICHOLS WEST SCHNAUTZ WOMACK BRETT WALDEN U Ml STRAIN WALL MRS. EULA F. HUNT DAVIDSON CHANDLER OFFICERS Hilton Wali . . . S. M. C. William Chandllr . M. C. Claude Davidson . . . S. C. . Edvcard Strain . . T. H. C. William Merritt . Robert Teter Claude Davidson Edviard Strain CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS VCeslly a. Carr Royston Fred W. Collins Bixley Lionel Crisp Clayton Tom L. Lane Pclhim Ralph Lankeord Lyons William E. Merritt Atlinti James E. Palmer Canton Forrest Towns Augusta William Warren Sylvester JUNIORS William H. Chandler Athens VoLNEY CissNA Sisnal Mountain, Tcnn. Claude Davidson, Jr. LaGrange Thomas A. Early, Jr. Bishop George Bruce Head, Jr. Hogansville Benjamin Hudson Columbus Robert Hurt Cordcic Flston Johnson Alma )i ' iLLiAM Kennedy Statesboro Stanton M. Lammers Atlanta Roy V. Martin Columbus Fred Meadows Athens Joseph Morris Maysvillc Frank Mulling Baxley Robert Salisburv Atlanta Charles A. Smith, Jr. Hogansville Fdmard E. Strain Dalton Iames Telford Cleveland Robert Teter Charleston, W. Va. Harry Tali.ev Cordelc Hilton F. Wall Atlanta MEMBERS ON FACULTV Pali W. Ch.m ' man Hubert Owens John Broadnax Weems Baskin FACTS Alpha Mu Chapter established in 1908 .. . eleventh fr.uer- nity on the campus in order of establishment . . . founded .11 the University of Virginia in 1868 .. . tradition says actual conception took at V. M. 1. shortly after the Battle of New Market . . . all founders served in Confederate Army ... 78 chapters . . . lily-of-the-valley is the flower . . . garnet and old gold are the colors . . . S 7 cinJ DiamomI is the magazine. 4LL I til I ' lCt PI KAPP ALPHA CARR COLLINS CRISP HUDSON HURT KENNEOy WALL ADAMS BAILEY MOSS POPPKE PRESNELl OWENS RAMSEV ROGERS •304- CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES Melvilii Ai ams Dcwcy Rove Jamis Baii IV Athens Ni D Barbri Micon FosriR BiHj.M Tallihassee, FU. BusTiR BiRDsoNG Athens Samuil C. Corlv Fort Vi ' uhingion, Pcnn. Jack Ulmi sxRt ■ . Avondale Estates Starrs Ginn Royston BtNjAMiN Grant Athens Howard Jamu Ellijiy FuCENK I voN Atlanta E. D. Martin Columbus AsiiLi V Morris Pearson Ai. Moss Petersburg, Va. NX ' ii.i lAM R. PopPM . Jr. Maplcwixxl. N. J. Grovir PRisNtLl. .... .... . [hcns Jamis Sni ' HENSON Athens Raipii Tiiornto.n Athens ViiiiiAsi Ni AL Atlanta John ViiiDVMtVER Chicago, III. Earl Wiggins Benes ' oiencc FRESHMEN James AiiRin Anhriss. Jr. Miami, Fla. Ja.mi s Bodiiii LaGrangc Joii.s Booth Athens BicK Conolly Athens Raymond Jennings Head Alma Jacr Jackson Dublin Jeff Owens Evans Robert L. Ra.visly Charleston, Vi ' . Va. J. Van Rix i rs Chattanooga, Tcnn. Russell Sirmons Adel Overton Stafford Dalton CHAPTER ROLL Edward Taylor Athens Giorgi D. Ti i.eord Cleveland Harold Tiller Athens E.MORV Climord X ' atmns BriMiklet Frank Vi ' v.vNE Miami, Fla. LAW AND GRADUATE T. M. Abnev Athens Charles Ellis Kingston Edwin Carlisle Cairo David RitD Lexington E LANKFORD MERRITT PALMER TOWNS WARREN CHANDLER CISSNA DAVIDSON EARLY B. HEAD MERS R. MARTIN MEADOWS J. MORRIS MULLING SALISBURY SMITH STRAIN TELFORD TETER TALLEY iRE BOONE BIRDSONG COREY DUMESTRE GINN GRANT JAMES LYONS E. MARTIN A. MORRIS hENSON THORNTON THURMAN WIEDEMEVER WIGGINS ANDREWS BODDIE BOOTH CONOLLY R. HEAD JACKSON ONS STAFFORD TAYLOR G.TELFORD TILLER WATKINS WYNNE ABNEY ELLIS CARLISLE REED - 305 • CUTLER SOLOMONS MRS. LOTTIE COHEN FRIEDMAN WEILL CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS I. A. Solomons Savjnnah LisTtR Fkiidman Bjjnbridge JUNIOR Mosts CuTLiR Athens SOPHOMORES Milton Limer Athens Charlls Joll Athens A. L. Weill Atlanti OFFICERS I. A. Solomons Superior Lester Friedman Vicc-Snperior Moses Cutler Secretary A. L. Wlill Treasurer FACTS Mu Chaptir established at Georcia in 191? .. . twelfth on the campus . . . organized in 191)4 ,u the College of the City of New York . . . founded .is .1 non-sectarian organization . . . Mu Chapter formed from the L. D. S. Society dating from 189 5 . . . oldest Jewish local fraternity in continuous exist- ence ... 32 chapters . . . flower is the white carnation . . . colors are purple and gold . . . magazine is the I ' . ' i Ejiuloii Pi Quarterly. I In C Itdvlcr PHI EPSILON PI •306- ■MM CHAPTER ROLL RoBIRT RuTMBERG Atlintl Louis Sohn AtUnu FRESHMEN Louis Commins Atlanta Joseph Jacobus Atlanta Sico MoiiR, Jr. Savannah LAW SCHOOL Fdmu.nd Landau Albany FRIEDMAN SOHN CUTLER COMMINS LESSER JACOBUS JOEL MOHR WEILL LANDAU ■307. STEWAR SAUNDERS WILSON Mkb. MAUDE WARNER BENTON OFFICERS William J. Hinton Anhon John Wilson Treasurer Chesti.r Saundirs Secretary Phillips Sri x art • . . . (..hafilain BuRCH Har ravl Historian MEMBERS ON FACULTY C. J. Brockman S. Wai riR Mar UN- Wallace Butts J. H. Motu R. G. Htnry J. Ram ' ii Ttiaxton FACTS Lambda Chaptfr caml to Georgia in 19H . . . thirteenth fraternity on the campus . . . organized at the College of Charles- ton in 1904 . . . only national fraternity founded in South Carolina ... 42 chapters . . . red rose is the flower . . . colors are gold, white, and blue . . . Tl e Star aiul The l.aiiil) is the magazine. J iiiHriiii V_ l I ' iT PI KAPPA PH CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS ViiLLiAM J. BiNroN ■ Cornclii Lloyd Cohneli Ciiro RoBEiiT LANct Young Harris VIakio.N ' Luckey Harlem Vi ' ALLACE Martin Toccoa John Millmi Cornelia Jamis Otwii.i. Cumming Chester Saundirs I ' asiman Pal ' L Trulock Climax John Varnedoe Claxton John Wilson Thomson JUNIORS James Adams Athens Frank Booth Quitman Charles Byrd Athens Cliff C. Chapi-eli. Cordcic Alton Davis . . . ' ' arrenton Roy Duffee Decatur P. i ' . Etheridce Milncr Tml ' rlow Evans Atlanta Jim Farcuson Atlanta BuRCH Harcravi; Thomasville Walter Harvey Moncks C ' orncr, S. C Al Johnson liberty, S. C Jack Kisi r Quitman RoBlRT Maves H.iinl ridge Hi N MlADovxs Atlanta BENTON BYRD McFEE ALDEN LANCE chappell Mcknight BENNETT •308- CHAPTER ROLL )i ' iiiiAM Mihii Atlinii KuBLHT McKxit-m Toccoj CiiiNN Pakham AtUntj J. P. Sti »art, Jr. C ' Urkc villc X ' |LLIAM TtJNti BainbridKi: CiMKi t s X ' i M I Nanticokc, Pcnn. SOPHOMORES HoRAci: Cro« ' Alto AiBiKr 111 Chari II iii Mun«)-, N. Y. lAMi ' i L)u ii.R Montezuma Vk ' ARRi N Hardin Whicham Jami4 Parmr Lumpkin hRANK SiiiRV Thomson Jot. Undi RU ' tKin Gjincwillc FRESHMEN John Ai i i n Cornelia VfiLLiAM BiNNtTi Uirmingliani, Ala. C. L. Coi ' HANO Clearwater, Fla. KicHARU Mauney Murphy, N. C. C ' HtNi.v MooRE Vancouver, V ash. Calvin Rutland Decatur Vi ' ALTiR Stiff Akron, Ohio Popt Vt ' iLLiAMS Cordele BiiL Vi ' iLsoN Decatur Hill X ' oodard Atlanta LAW SCHOOL Horacl Clary Atlanta RoBiRT K. Knox Thomson MARTIN DUfFEE STEWART MAUNEV MILLER EVANS TONGE MOORE OTWELL SAUNDERS TRULOCK VARNEDOE VJCILSON ADAMS fARGUSON HARGRAVE HARVEY JOHNSON KISER MAVES WESLEY CROW dcCHARLIEROy DOZIER HARDEN PARKER RUTLAND STIFF WILLIAMS WILSON WOODARO CLARy BOOTH MEADOWS UNDERWOOD KNOX JO " ?- LINUiA IMRASHER PERKERSON MRS. W. B. SE MOUR MILLSAP E. M. MlLLSAP . 1 1. . Perkerson Max Lindsay i ' . A. Thrasher Max Lindsay H. W. Perkerson . James Swarts W. A. Thrasher OFFICERS . Hifih Alpha . . Hi h Beta . Hi b Gamma . Uij h Tail MEMBER ON FACULTY Leo Belcher FACTS Nu CllAPTLR iSTAULlsHhl) IN 1915 . . . fourleciitli tr.itcriiity to come to Georgia . . . founded at Boston University in 1909 outgrowth of Cosmopolitan Law Club ... 88 chapters . flower is the violet . . . colors are purple, green, and gold ... all chapters required to issue at least four periodicals a year . . . national publication is the Cross and Criuiiit. C liuyu ' LAMBDA CHI ALPHA CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Ja.m15 Rh.ii. rd AiBiN Athens Charles W. Berry Athens Robert F. Carter Baylor VfAiTER J. Dams Brunswick John T. Encel Sivinnih Felton Gordon Athens Ward E. Holland Collins J. Henry Madden Athens Carl S. Pittman Tifton Dan Simpson Vlirwick JUNIORS Fred Branan Quitmin Max Lindsay AtUnti Quentin J. LuMPMN Micon Otis E. Mafi ett Atlanti Edward M. Millsap Aibnti Hugh L. Moore NashvUle Raymond L. McMahon Savannah Robert Packard Rockford, 111 H. W. Perkerson Greenville Charles V. Sammon Abbeville, S. C James S. Swartz Van Horn, Texas ALBIN BERRY CARTER MAFFETT MILLSAP MOORE FREDRIKSEN HAMMOND HARRISON WHIPPLE WILKINS BELVEU 310- CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES Clarinu AiiXANiiiR Njihvilk- J. Scott B«o» n Uccaiur Vassa Catl Brunswick WALTm H. Cixik, Jr. Ft. McPlierwn HoRACi U " . Hii 1 1 Atlinu Hi .NRV Fridrikm.n Union City, N. J. Oii.N B. ' eileyville, Pcnn. Robert Harrison Atlanta KoHiRT MuNiiR Quitman Jamis JoNis Brunswick Kric Mil 1 1 R Valdosta ( ' |LI.IAM F. .Mi.Ms Atlanta Ed Orr Buford George Ross Cleveland, Ohio Carroll Thomas Decatur VCarrfn a. Thrasher Douglas X ' ARRrN H. Van Riper Atlanta Jack Welch Vienna John F. VChii-ple Quitman Sam G. Vt ' lLKiNS Columbus FRESHMEN Frank L. Belyei; Atlanta 3i. " ooDROv Brown Cliattanooga, Tenn. John Fitzgerald Atlanta VTaltlr T. Lowe Nashville CHAPTER ROLL VCilliam Shepparu Brunswick Robert Smith Atlanta Frank ' Wadsworth Columbus Charles Wells Atlanta Ja.mes Wcx d Valdosta LAW SCHOOL Linton Jackson Crawford Jerry Sullivan Savannah i; ENGEL GORDON HOLLAND MADDEN PITTMAN SIMPSON BRANAN LINDSAY LUMPKIN •ON PACKARD PERKERSON SAMMON SWARTZ ALEXANDER BROWN CATE COOK FIELD JONES MILLER MIMS ORR ROSS THOMAS THRASHER VAN RIPER WELCH .-AID LOWE SHEPPARO SMITH WADSWORTH WELLS WOOD JACKSON SULLIVAN - 3li - . :■ KLEIN MAkbMAii RAUZIN OFFICERS Sol Singer Chanccllur Mii.TON Marshai 1 Vice-Chaii cellar Marshall Klein Scrihc Marvin Rauzin Biinar FACTS Nu Chapter organi7i i in 1919 .. . fit ' tcenth fr.ncrnity on the campus . . . founded in 1910 .it Columbia University . . • honorary memberships conferred . . . colors are purple and white . . . 39 chapters . . . magazine is the quarterly Vliiiiu ' . TAU EPSILON PH CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Ai-viN Koi-LIN Macon Eugene Lipschitz Ailinii Milton Marshall Micon Marvin Rauzin Ailmta JUNIOR Melvin Polloi r Atlicm SOPHOMORES Ben Clein Ailinti Joe Gfrson AiUntj Burton Goldstein Ailjnii David Kapi an ' riglit$ville Marmiall Ki 1 in Yonkers, N. Y, KOPLIN LIPSCHITZ GOLDSTEIN KAPLAN .,,r , 5 PUTZEL -312- M CHAPTER ROLL HmiKAM livisr BriMiklyn, N. Y. Gioiit.i VtiisbiKi. Rojnokc KjpiJt, N. (■. FRESHMEN Milton F-otL5ni Clunjnooga, Tcnn. Jot CiNSBiRr. Dalton SiUNi Y Hasmnn Maain Lakky PuTZiL Mjcon BiKNARK Shapiro Norfolk, Va. Frank S» ' IOMon Miami, FU. LAW SCHOOL ' M. Altman Brunswick VII. Singer Unadilla MARSHALL KLEIN SOLOMON RAUZIN LEVINE ALTMAN POLLOCK WEISBERG SINGER CLEIN EOELSTEIN GERSON GINSBERG liitmimimt -l-.r - M PPtEDMAN H.COHEN MORGAN MRS. J. S. MORROW KRAH Herman B. Kraft M. L. Friedman Harvey Cohen Bennie Prisant OFFICERS . Mas cr . Litiitciiant-Mastcr Exchequer . Scribe . M. L. IlULDMAN Harvey Cohen Bennie Prisant A I, Morgan CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS MAURich Friiuman Sandcrsvillc Bruno Hi ld Baldwin, L. I., N. Y. Herman Kraft Savannah Ceralu Mluuin Savannah JUNIORS Harvlv Cohen Albany Louis Cohen Glcnnville Morton Frieoman Madison A1.VIN Mendel Monroe Bennie Prisant Albany Sydney Rich Atlania Herman Simon Brooklet FAai Omukon CiiAPiLR i.sTAiji.isiii.i) IN 1926 . . . 16tli fraternity on campus in point of age . . . founded at New ' ork Univer- sity in 1913 . . . 20 chapters . . . nat ional Alpha Kpsilon Pi day held cacli year in August . . . fraternity confers honorary, faculty and associate memberships . . . flower is yellow rose . . . colors are blue and j;old . . . magazine is ) j El ' silnn I ' l Quarterly. MAURICE FRIEDMAN HELD MENDEL PRISANT TANENBAUM KAHN ALPHA EPSILON PI -314. CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES IsRAi 1. Bi»ciR Lincolntun Aaron Cohi n Colchcjicr, Conn. Sonny Kaplan Uvildi Alfred Morgan Ailinti Albirt Ri mnbir Swiinsboro LlONARII Taninbalm AuRUSta FRESHMEN Mauricf Kahn Pelham Jack Joel Libfrman Brooklyn, N. Y. Vi ' lLLIAM TORAN CllCSICr, Pj. RoBtRT Maslow Brooklyn, N. Y. LAW SCHOOL Aaron Cohn Columbus SiDNiv Raskin Savannah KRAFT MEDDIN H. COHEN L. COHEN MORTON FRIEDMAN RICH A.COHEN KAPLAN MORGAN ROSENBERG LIBERMAN TO PAN ' r. ASiow COHN RASKIN -315- ROGERS DANIELS DuPREE MRS. CARRIE COBB EDENFIELD OFFICERS Ben E. Daniels . Rc,i; G. W. Carr, Jr. . . . Baron . . John L. DuPree . . . Scribe . Derrick W. Mincey Master Exchequer Ni.w ' ELL Eden MELD . G. W. Carr, Jr. . John L. DuPree Ben E. Daniels CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Dl-KRK K Vt ' . MlNtlY CUxion JiiiiN L. DlI ' rii lljwkinvvlllc JUNIORS liRouciiTON BiNNtTT BIjckslicir Ji II- Cain Gjliinville Paul Dixon Millcn Thomas Llfmillvn, Jk Spirtj Hl ' ch Montcomiry h ' rinklin Frii) Pii Rcii Pincvicw SOPHOMORES Bin K. Cljxton John Jacob Grucorv Vicnnj F-UGINE S. La NIL Miller Roy P. Shuman Coolidge MEMBERS ON FACULTY D. D. Jeter K. L. VC ' aters W. P. Young FAas Thi lA Chapilr I STAHLisiii 1) IN 1929 . . . youDgcst frater- nity on campus . . . ors.inized .it Oglethorpe University . . ■ first fraternity M Oglethorpe .ifter its reorg.inization . . . cen- tral office located in Atlant.i . . . flower is American Beauty rose . . . colors are old gold and black . . . Rose Leaf is the publication. J hi Li C 11(1} ' I l ' T OF ALPHA LAMBDA TAU ■316- CHAPTER ROLL FRESHMEN Ray BnADDoiK ljck(onvillc, Fli. GoRUON Dams . . Sylvester In MAN HuLSlv Porlil Lhman Hutchinson Kite IIarri Nl ai Adrian GlURCt NtWTON Cnllins Jamis McHari,! Gumcrsvillc, Ah. W Ami N RcH.i Ks Hapcvlllc Omilll Smith X ' ircsboro Krskinl ViI ' hiimiri Dahlimcga LAW SCHOOL GtoRCt Vi ' . Carr Bradford, N. H. NlwiLL tuiNlllll) Vidalia BENNETT lANE McHARGE CAIN SHUMAN DIXON BRADDOCK ;f.MTH LLEWELLVN DAVIS MONTGOMERy PIERCE HULSEY HUTCHENSON ARR c n c ,1 c ( c t n . 317 . ALPHA GAMMA FRATERNITY • MiMBiRS SI 1 1 CTI I) from Schools of Agriculture and Forestry. Petitioning Group of Alpli.i Ci.inini.i Rho. lounded in 1938. OFFICERS Leroy Thomas President Billy D. Mitchell Vice-President Lloyd L. Stlvsart Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS ON FACULTV O. C. Aderhold T. J. 1 Iarrold J. C. Blll G. D. Marckviorih W. O. Coi i.iNs Calvin C. Murray J. T. Wheeler CHAPTER ROLL Ernlst Vi ' . Adams Nt«MAN DoRstv Di nny Billy D. MiTciiiiLL Louis Skinnlk, Jr. Render R. Castell D. L. Evans, Jr. Lewis Montgomery Dan I. Spears Mason C. Cloud, Jr. Harold D. Hayes Charles R. Morris, Jr. I ' rank E. Stancil James H. Cooley John B. Hunceriord Lovett Newell Lloyd L. Stewart A. H. Davis Leon B. Jordan James Ray Orr V ' alti r Smr Alvin H. Di .mpsey Jesse VC. Lennaru Harvie Rocers Leroy Thomas Jami s H. X ' Ars )N ARSWELL CLOUr- COOLEV MUUGtRFORD JORDAN MITCHELL MONTGOMER MORRIS SKINNER SPEARS STANOL STEWART STIFF •■,■.■ EVANS ...■.., NEWELL ORR ROGERS THOMAS WATSON •318- • PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Pi II Latimlr, Sigm.1 Alpha Epsilon Vrvsidciil W " . II. Arnoii), Phi Ddt.i Thct.i .... Yur-Prisidcnl Newell Edenfiklu, Alph.i L. mbda T.iu Secretary To.M Au.Ni Y, Pi Kapp.i Alpha Treasurer ALPHA EPSILON PI Aakon Cohen Bennie Pkisant ALPHA LAMBDA TAU Brouchton Bennett Newell Edenfield ALPHA TAU OMEGA Mack Lancastir FrLD Vi ' ltMIAM CHI PHI I. S. MiTtlULL Bobby Troutman MEMBERS CHI PSI Louis Johnson Harry Mattmeus DELTA TAU DELTA Herman Coolidce Lee Price KAI ' PA ALPHA Charlie Heilin George Spence KAIM ' A SIGMA Don Kelly H. N. West LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Max Lindsay Ned Millsap PHI UlLTA THLTA U ' . H. Arnoed Byron H. Mai hews, Jr. PHI EPSILON PI Les ter Friedman i. a. solomo.ns PI KAPPA AIPIIA ToM Abney Hilton Wall TAU EPSILON PHI Sol Alvin Kopli.n PI KAPPA PHI Bobby Knox J. P. Stewart SIG.MA ALPHA EPSILON Dean Covington Pete Latimer Wadsworth McGinty SIGMA CHI Plott Brice Bob SIGMA NU James Curtis Charles Evans : B f . i COHEN PRISANT BENNETT MAHHEWS COOLIDGE PRICE ARNOLD MATHEWS FRIEDMAN LATIMER McGINTr BRICE EDENFIELD LANCASTER WICKHAM MITCHELL TROUTMAN JOHNSON HEFLIN SPENCE KELLEr WEST LINDSAY MILLSAP SOLOMONS ABNEY WALL KNOX STEWART COVINGTON NORMAN CURTIS EVANS ALTMAN KOPLIN 319 • •••• J It c cir t? to ti it cA i MRS. FERGUSON HOLLIDAy CHAPMAN FREEMAN JARNAGIN OFFICERS Charlotte Chapman I ' lcsiihiil Mary Freeman Vicr-PrrsiJoit Dorothy Jarnagin ; . . . Secretary Lyuia HoLLiDAY Trcantrcr FACTS FouNDi [) IN I8S2 at Weslcyan College as the Philoniatlic.iii So- ciety . . . name changed to Phi Mu in 1904 ... 59 chapters . . . tlower is the Enchantress carnation . . . colors arc rose and white . . . quarterly magazine is the A laia . . . established at Georgia in 1921 . . . soon after women admitted to University . . . oldest sorority here. . -4-Lvllu ,.r-llpllit C ltii) L CHAPTER ROLL GRADUATES Sara Harrell Augusti Ruth .Marschel ( ' cbsicr Groves, Mo. SENIORS Elizabeth Bar»ick Louisville WooDViLLt Campbi ll Columbus Charlotte Atlanta Virginia Doss LaGrangc Ellen Forrester Tifton Elizabeth Fotler Marietta Martha Franklin Valdosta Mary Freeman Scnoia Helen Hi ad Atlanta Edith Hodgson Atlanta Lydia Holliday Atlanta Clara Bell Hooks Macon Dorothy Jarnagin Athens Gladys Lantz Atlanta Elizabeth Mathis Americus Dean Nowell Augusta Dorothy Povtelsov Brunswick Ossn: Ray Monroe JUNIORS Sara Bahnsen . mcricus Margaret Coopi r Columbus Murl Copeland Dalton Betty Crenshaw- Atlanta Fay Frederick Seattle, Wasti. S. HARRELL MARSCHEL BARWICK HOLLIDAy HOOKS JARNIGAN FREDERICK GRAY HAMILTON BROOKS CHEATHAM DECKER ETHERIDGE FORTSON HUNNICUT - 322 CHAPTER ROLL Iav Gray Atlanta I iiiTH Gl ' Irr Vicnni 1 MILV Hamh roN Dillon Jl ' IIa Harrfll Au ;uMi liLiN Janc Limmun Akron, Ohio Mary Louise Locktcxmi Savannah Marv Little Macon MA»r DobY Mann McRac Eleanor Millican GriHin BfTTY PowtR Co ' umbia, S. C. lii AiiiTM Ral ' s( 111 NHi R( Dalton SOPHOMORES Imiiy Bi k Griflin Anni Brihiks Athens ' |RCIMA ClIlAlllAM Griftin Betty Oicmr Athens Virginia Eason Miami, Fla. Eleanok EcKtuRD Athens I iLANOR Key Columbus Marion Little Louisville Jane Shipp Amcricus Doris Thomas Amcricus Lutrelle Tift Tifton FRESHMEN An.m Criikmori Athens Marie Doss LaGrangc Harriet Etiieridce Albany CHAPTER ROLL Anne VCright Fortson Jacksonville, Fla. Gloria Hunnicltt Athens Frances Lassiter Albany Donna Lynn Miami, Fla. Anne Noble Atlanta Laura Taylor Atlanta Ann Vf ' iLLiAMS Macon Mary Ella Yancey Albany CAMPBELL lANTZ J. HARRELL EASON LASSITER CHAPMAN MATHIS LEMMON ECKFORD LYNN V. DOSS NOWELL LOCKWOOD KEV NOBLE FORRESTER POWELSON MARY LinLE MARION LITTLE TAYLOR FOWLER RAY MANN SHIPP WILLIAMS FRANKLIN BAHNSEN MILLICAN THOMAS YANCEY FREEMAN HEAD HODGSON COOPER COPELAND CRENSHAW POWER RAUSCHENBERG BECK TIFT CREEKMORE M. DOSS 323 ■ McWHORTER WINSHIP MRS. STRICKLAND WALKER OFFICERS Sydney McWhorter PrcsiJct NellWinship Vicc-PresiJcl Lillian Walker Secretary Nancy Hardy Treasurer FACTS Organizii) at rill. Univirsity ui Arkansas in 1895 ... a Kappa Sigma, Dr. Charles Ricli.irdson, assisted founders . . . was made the sole honorary member ... 91 chapters . . . more than any other sorority . . . flower is the white c.irnatioii . . colors are cardinal and straw . . . the maga inc, the lilciiiii . . . issued quarterly . . . first sorority to publish a strictly private masazine, the Mystaf-ogiic . . . established here in 1922 . . . second sorority on campus. Jl. i ti C li ' iyLr CHAPTER ROLL GRADUATE MARioRif DoviK Sivinnah SENIORS Elizabeth Acree Aihtni Virginia Ashford -Xthens Fern Baccs Pelhim Ruth Broun Athem Kathleen Byers Augusti Helen Cabaniss Athem Katherini DuBose Athcni Elizabeth Gull 11 BEAU Atlinti Nancy Hardy Athciii Barbara Ji nki.s , Athtni Sydney McWhortir Lexington Nell Neve Sjvinnjh Katherini Pattielo Atlanta Mar lORiE Po»i i i Bainbridge Iacquieine Ramy Atheni KlARY Stafiord X ' ashington. D. C Annie Laurie Vi ' mrh Vaycroo Eleanor Williams Athent Susan Williams Cashington Nell VCinship Atlanta Mary Frances Yates Atlanta JUNIORS Nannelle Bagwell Atlanta Betty Chick Monroe Nina Fuller Atlanta J ulia Anne Gilman Chattanooga. Tenn. Mattie Gulley Sylvester Barbara Harris Valdosu DOVLE ACREE AS HFC pattillo POWELL J, RANE HARRIS HINSON LUCAS BOWER G. BROWN A. CAB J. DuBOSE F0RT50N GATEW -324- CHAPTER ROLL IKjris Ji an Hinnon Mirijnna, FIj. I ' j-izABL rti Lui.AS Albany McIntosh Sjvjnnali Saka Moork Jacksonville. FIj. HtuiN NORTHCUTT Mirictij JoYtv; Rakistra LiGringr Ruth Rlstin Chirlcsion, S. C. C oRISNi SitPHiNs Athent Ruth X ' ai.lir Augusu Lillian VCalklr CIcirwjier, Fla. Hazil VSaru Marietta SOPHOMORES Iii ABITII Baccltt Savannah .SUr» BoviR Bainbridgt (JiADYs Brown .Vihcns Alicl Cabaniss Athens Virginia Camlis Savannah LiLLiE Shepherd Davis Decatur Anne Ferguson Marietta Cecil Grimes Athens .■ ucusTA HoTARD Lexington Phvleis Ji nmns Athens LiLA Manning Bainbridge I AURA McCartv Dalton Mary- Oates Brunswick FRESHMEN Lucy Baxter Ashburn Janet DuBose Athens Mildred Fortson VC ' ashington Flora Gatewood Amcricus Katherine King Atlanta CHAPTER ROLL F.LIZABETH Lamkin Athens Jane LeRoux Atlanta Martha Doyle Mookl Rome Peggy Price Albany Georcianna Raney Athens VC ' ylene Richton Savannah LaGrance Trussell Athens F.LIZABETH Vi ' nEELER Atlanta Eugenia Williams Washington G€S R. BROWN B ERS H.CABANISS K. DuBOSE GUILLEBEAU HARD B.JENKINS AFfORD WHITE E.WILLIAMS S.WILLIAMS WINSHIP VATES BAGWELL CHICK :INTOSH MOORE NORTHCUn RAKESTRAW RUSTIN STEPHENS WALLER WALKER S5ELS DAVIS FERGUSON GRIMES HOWARD P.JENKINS MANNING McCARTy NG LAMKIN LcROUX MOORE PRICE G. RANEy RIGHTON TRUSSELL McWHORTER NEVE FULLER GULLEy WARD BAGGETT OATES BAXTER WHEELER E.WILLIAMS m m -325- OFFICERS Betty White President Marie Foster Vice-PresiJent Virginia Friy Secretary Evelyn Ri.ynolds Treasurer FACTS FoUNDii) IN 1904 at Syracuse University . . . one of three sororities founded there . . . flowers, red and buff roses . . . colors arc red, buft and j; " ' ' - ' ' - ' " ■ • ■ magazine is ihe Alji hi i ' lamma Delta Quarterly . . . estabHshed at Georgia in 1923 . . . iliird sorority on the campus. filllllllil — Mjf ltl C IlilVUT ALPHA GAMT A DELTA chapter roll SENIORS Margaki I Bi ASI.1.V Atlanta F.MMii BoiTON Athens Nancv Branyon - ■ Atlanta Ei.iZABi TH Brooks VCashingion Ethel Carmichaei ... McDonough Elizabeth Ukkerson McDonough Virginia Frey ... Miriittj Lillian Hiety .... Augusta Oma Lee Jackson Clarkovillc Evelyn Reynolds Siluam Mary Sortore Avondalc Estates Elizabeth Taylor Colu mbus Lucille Tyson Jcsup Elizabi III iXiini Columbus JUNIORS Ann Autrev Cocliran Mildred Abercromsii Cullodcn Katherine Byers Savannah Louise Freni h Columbus Coy Johnson Athens Rebecca Love LaFayctte Helene Moore Ailanu Caroline Myers Avundilc Estates Nell O ' Dei l Atlanta Jean I ' ittman Tifton Anna Jo Sainl Gainesville Frances Saine Gainesville Louise VC ' ray Royston I BEASLEV ABERCROMBIE EAST FRANK BOLTON BRAN ON BVERS FRENCH FOSTER LEE GALLAHER LANGOOf 326- CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES Lois Briix.i Ailinti KviLVN Bkihiks Columbus Hi LIN Hast Columbui Makii FosTiR Idison Carols n Li i Albany Rosalind Lips(i mb Amcricus Kinv Mann (J.cinvillc, S. C. Vivian Patrick Omega MiRii Po»iLL Swainsboro Marcuiritl Starr Newnan Mary Russlll T»ittv Pelham FRESHMEN Marcarlt Adams Monroe Nill Albricht Columbus Mar I MA Aisup Dublin Jam: Blanc hard Crawford Marriftte Do m r Tifton Dot Frank Decatur Bebf. Gallamer Aclania Lorraine Lancdon Columbus Bitty McConnell Dublin Edith Patrick Omej;a Dorothy Moore Aclania Katherine Pitts Columbus Polly Ramsey Atlanta LiNA Raieincs Sandcrsvillt Jean Sortore Avondalc Estates Fay Todd Atlanta Katherine VCatkins Talbotton !OOICS DICKERSON FREV HILTY JACKSON REYNOLDS M. SORTORE TAYLOR TYSON WHITE AUTRE 3HNS0N LOVE H. MOORE MYERS ODELL PITTMAN A. J. SAINE F. SAINE WRAY BRIDGES BROOKS PSCOMB MANN PATRICK POWELL STARR Twiny ADAMS ALBRECHT ALSUP BLANCHARD DOZIER cCONNELL PATRICK Pins RAMSEY RAWLINGS J. SORTORE TODD WATKINS -327- MARSHALL BRAV MRS. COBB PEACE WyNN OFFICERS Martha Wynn ' . . . Preside,,! Elsie Peace Vice-President Evelyn Bray Secretary Dorothy Marshall Treauirer FACTS Founded in 1897 at the Vir.niiiia State Normal School in Farni- ville, Virginia ... 69 chapters . . . colors are olive recn and pearl white . . . flower is the white rose . . . magazine, the Angelos, is published quarterly . . . established at Georgia in 1924 . . . fourth sorority on the campus. I ' ' lit C llil ' li ' srr w « KAPPA DELTA CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Anm Abni . tluns EvtLVN Bray Voudbury Elizabeth Bowirs Roysion RoMANZ Cook Ni-wnan Marcarit HoRNi Amcricus FtORtNCf Jackson Athens Dorothy .Marshall Dawson Jane Mattox Hogansville Elizabeth McEachren Vildosta Elsie Peace Athens ZoE Powell Ncwnin Eleanor Strickland Concord Mary Frances Wallace Douglas Helen Wilks LaGrange Makhia Xynn Macon JUNIORS Ada Bryant Athens Beth Bryant LaC.rangc Jane Coffin Atlanta Edith Connor Cave Spring Margaret Dodd LaGrange Hii.LMA Gheeslinc Grecnsboro Ha el Hanson Macon Lucille Hitchcock Macon Jane Jackson Bainbndge Frances Mercer ' " Rosemary Peck Atlanta Sara Maude Summerforu Americus Jackie Walker Albany Annette Williams LawrenceviUe ABNEy BR Ay BOWERS NX ' ALLACE WILKS WyNN MERCER PECK SUMMERFORD MARTIN McCALLEy SLATE COLLINS DAVISON FEATHERSTON 328- CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES Martha Bisiioi- Unadilli Cli-AiRi Blacksiuak Pliin Mavbith Carithirs Athens I Li I N Cheuk Bowcrsvillc Anm Dickens Spartj Sara Grace VicniM Mary Jean Ivi Atlanu ClONNIE Marein Valdosl.1 Catherine McCaleiv Atbnij Mary Slate Culumbuv I EEVA Smifh Atlanij Sara Spratt Crecnwoud, S. t. Katiiirini Tirnir Ciritiin Anmiti VH ' aiorop Juncsburo I TIIER Rl ' tii Vi ' ooD Baxlc FRESHMEN Dolly Asblry Clirkcsville Margaret Baker Mi ' cst Point MfRRiTT Bell Macon Hilda Callahan Atlanta Marjorie Collins Baxlcy Ida Davison Athens Irene Featherstone Rome Frances Freeman Unadilla Fmily Garner Ashburn Martha Grace Hatkins LaGrangc Marge NE Lane Grifiin Rosemary Patton Atlanta Janice Richards Atlanta Bobbie Dell Stockton Atlanta roOK • °! " ' ANT ■ £R • -tt ' AN HORNE B. BRYANT WILLIAMS SPRAH GARNER JACKSON MARSHALL MAHOX McEACHREN PEACE POWELL STRICKLAND COFFIN CONNOR DODD GHEESLING HANSON HITCHCOCK JACKSON BISHOP BLACKSHEAR CARITHERS CHEEK DICKENS GRACE IVEY TURNER WALDROP WOOD ASBURY BAKER BELL CALLAHAN HAWKINS LANE PATTON RICHARDS STOCKTON sKm 329- BARIHELMESS flELiS MRS. DUNLAP SELMAN MURRAV OFFICERS Martha Silman PrcsiJeiit Barbara Fielis Vicc-PrcsiJciif Inez Barthelmess Secretary Dorothy Murray Treasurer FACTS Idl ' ndii) in 185 1 at Vt ' csleyan College as the Adclphean Society . . . oldest sorority from standpoint of founding date . . . name of Alpha Delta Plii until 1913 . . . 5 5 active chapters . . . flower is the purple violet . . . colors, blue and white . . . magazine is the Ailclfilniiii . . . published quarterly . . . fifth sororit) on the campus . . . established here in 1935. ii y III L- ii-i I ' , r ALPHA DELTA PI CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS iNtz Barthelmess Savinnah Mary Bradley Fiizgerild Harriet Carmichael Jickson Bobby Cochran Cimilla Ellie Etheridce Sumner Evelyn Fisher Cochran Francis Jenkins HarcwcU Marima Johnson Macon Rl ' im Landirs Savannah Doroihy Murray Newnan Hakhiitte RoohRS Fitzgerald Mary Sane ' ORO Augusta Martha Selman Douglasville Amu Smith Albany Eva Mae Smith McRae Ada Vi ' iLLiAMs Cordeic JUNIORS Alyce Blackburn Sylvosior Grace Bounds Savannah Jane Ca rithers i " inder Barbara Fielis Jackum llcighis. N. Y. Julia Godbee U ' ayncsboro Elizabeth Gnann Savannah Nell Hanner Madison Myra Harris Atlanta Martha Hichto slik Thomaston Dorothy- Hucgins Athens Gladys Johnston Fort Bennlng Katherine Jones Vi ' inJer Jane Leake Atlanta BARTHELMESS E. M. SMITH LEAKE THOMPSON WHELCHEL BRADLEY CARMICHA WILLIAMS BLACKBURf LITTLEPAGE MANN WATSON BURNS DAVIS FERIERA 330- CHAPTER ROLL Anni LiTTiii A i AtUnn MARJomi Mann McK« GlKALDINl MlADIKS ToCCOJ loNA MuLKtv Cordclc Vmi-iNiA MiDomn.i Midison Marv NiiL .VUKoiN Aclania Mabv NiiL Ailinii Makjorii Paim.1 rr Forest City. N. C. Maiiy Ridiirn Albany JjRRY RiviRS Atlanti Sarah Ro« Macon GRAct Ryan Raleigh, N. C. RuBii StttLK Decatur Haidee Thompvon Waynesboro Martha Kmma Watson Macon SOPHOMORES Onu Ruth Burns Macon Frances Coph.and Atlanta Virginia Fvans Atlanta Dorothy Franklin Adairsville Nancy Griggs Dawson Anne Johnston U ' aynesboro NiTA Mealor Athens Jean MacDoneli Macon Sarah McNab Athens Marion North Atlanta Sara Rossee Eatonion Bi TTY Scott Rome Sara VChei.chel Alto CHAPTER ROLL FRESHMEN Catherine Davis Athens Sadie Feriera Stone Mountain Marion Jackson Cochran Keaire Jones Sas-annah Marijo Humphrey Stone Mountain Margari t Mt Rae McRae Areene Murrow Stone Mountain Virginia Peyton Athens Mary Elizabeth Rose Decatur COCHRAN ETHERIDGE FISHER JENKINS M. JOHNSON LANDERS MURRAY ROGERS BOUNDS CARITHERS FIELIS GODBEE GNANN HANNER HARRIS HIGHTOWER MEAOERS MULKEV McDowell McKOIN NEEL PADGETT REDFERN RIVERS COPELANO EVANS FRANKLIN GRIGGS A. JOHNSTON MEALOR MacDONELL McNAB JACKSON KLAIRE JONES HUMPHREV McRAE MURROW PEYTON ROSE SANFORD SELMAN A.SMITH HUGGINS G.JOHNSTON KATH. JONES ROSS RYAN STEELE NORTH ROSSEE SCOH •331 - REIO SMITH MRS. HUGULEY OFFICERS ISABELLE ReID Picsiilcll Cleone Jackson Vice-President LuDiE Gay Secretary Martha Virginia Smith Treasurer FACTS Founded at Boston Univprsitv on Thanksgiving Eve, 1889 . . . seventh sorority in order of toiuuliiit; . . . lliree degrees of initiation . . . one of ihcm tor graduates . . . (jeneral Pershing only man to wear a Tri Delia pin ... 88 chapters . . . colors are silver, gold and blue . . . flower, the pansy . . . tree, the pine . . . jewel, the pearl . . . magazine is the TriJcnl . . . established at Georgia 15 34 . . . sixth to come here. . —hlyliii J tc C Awi ' iT DELTA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Louise Beavlr G: in«villc Margaret Flowirs Thomasvillc Thesis Fowlir Union, S. C. Marv Llnna Fliitwood Cjrttrsville LuDiE Gay Gay Francis Haskell Macon Kennon Hendiirso.n Carrollton Cluo.nt Jackson Macon MiLDRiiD Jackson .Macon Elizabeth Lang Si. Pcicrsburg, Fla. Jane Luck Carrollton IsABELLE Reid .Madison Martha Virginia Smith Uccatur JUNIORS Caroline Brosseau V csi Chicago, III. Lena Coffee Douglas Helen Clarke Atlanta Fran ' cis Davis Edison Margaret Darst Wilmington, N. C. Hunter Gibbes Savannah Dorothy Harris Atlanta Frances Hartley Tampa, Fla. Dorothy McPhaul Poulan Jeanette McPhaul Poulan Lynda Lee Thomaston Helen Mercendollar Atlanta Louise McKie Atlanta Charlotte Patton Brevard, S. C. Virginia Simerville Rockmart Ruth Stapleton Douglas BEAVER FLOWERS FOWLER SMITH BROSSEAU COFFEE MERGEN DOLLAR McKIE PATTON SLOCUM STINE SUMMERS HAMILTON P. HARRIS MATHER -332 ■ CHAPTER ROLL Makv Vi ' aison Mouliru EsTELLt VII ' ltkHAM ColuHlbus SOPHOMORES Charlotti Amiu Blrnc villc Valiria BiRROucHs Brunvwick Rannii GiissLiK Ailjnta ALict KiERCE Columbus Sarah Payne Athens Louise Slocum Micon Hallie Louise Stine Charleston, X ' . Vj. Antoinette Sumxilrs Bjrn«villc FRESHMEN Martha Baldwin Madison Marion Barbi r Atlanta NiTA Bassi tt St. Petersburg, Fla. Sui Bayliss Atlanta Louise Chandler Athens Jessie Christie Columbus Aline Cocke Atlanta Jane Jackson Collins Uccatur Sarah Gray Columbus Rachel Hamilton Dalton Polly Harris Atlanta Bftty Mather Atlanta Betty McDavid Thomasvillc Nancy Mason Kingston, R. I. PrccY Matthews Atlanta Anne Peake Atlanta Mary Sahold Columbus Frances Sisson Atlanta Nellk Stith Columbia, S. C. FLEETWOOD GAY HASKELL HENDERSON C.JACKSON M. JACKSON LANG LUCK REIO CLARKE DAVIS DARST GIBBES D. HARRIS HARTLEY D. McPHAUL J. McPHAUL LEE SIMERVILLE STAPLETON WATSON WICKHAM ASHLEY BURROUGHS GEISSLER KIERCE PAYNE BALDWIN BARBER BASSEH BAYLISS CHANDLER CHRISTIE COCKE COLLINS GRAY McDAVID MASON MATTHEWS PEAKE SAFFOLD SISSON STITH 333- DEBNAM LANCASTER WILLIAMS MRS. MORTON DAVIS OFFICERS MoNTEZ Debnam President Evelyn Lancaster Viic-I ' nsiJcii Irene Williams Secretary Mary Clauiji; Tindli Correslxiiuliity Secretary EiizABi Til Anni Dams Treasurer FACTS Founded at Barnard Colli;gl, Columbia University, in 1897 . . . second sorority founded there ... 43 eh.iplers . . . flower is the j.iti)ueniinot rose . . . color is . . . jewel is the ruby . . . established .u (.eorgi.i in 193 5 . . . seventh sorority on the e.inipus. J-itiiirAii :T tiiittil C Itiiylcr ALPHA OMICRON PI CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS EiizABi TH ANNt Dams Athnti MoNTtz DtBNAM Atlanu KiHtL Gibson College Pirk Kathirine Hurst Augusti EVLLYN Lan ' castir Hiriwcll Florence Modi na Ailinia Edna McCarson . . . . Athens Louise Smith .... Athens Constance Thomas . thcns Elizabeth Tillet . thcns Iri m ' m mams Savjnnah Catherine Burkhart . ' thens Margaret Byrum Ficklcn Barbara An.v Cohln Atlinia Bi VLRLY Craicmii I s Thomisville Helen Dillaku Lakclind, FU. Dobbsie Gilbert Ulrminsham, Ala. Margaret Alice Grace Gracevillc, Fla. Martha Mackey Dublin Elizabeth Meadows Athens Glnevive Modena Atlanta Mary Robinson Thomasvillc Camilla Rutherford Athens DAVIS DEBNAM GIBSON BYRUM COHEN CRAIGMIIES svfan TINDEL VARNER barber E. BRANNEN CHRISTOPH[ 334- CHAPTER ROLL MoNiiiiA Sol A.N A Elbcrton Bi VI RI.Y SvFAN Commcrtc , Iary Claude Tindil ■ • Griccvillc, Fla. NrLii Varnir ... AilaniJ Lillian VCalklr Augusta SOPHOMORES Katiilein Branni.v Atlinii llAN BlRlON Silma, Ab. Ilorincf Dadmun ■ .... .Milwiuktc, V(i». Janllle Chivers Dublin Martha Green Augusti Frances Middle brooks Ailantj RiTH Porter Dublin Bitty Stoffrecen . . tcdartown jiDiL J; ' |NG AtlaniJ FRESHMEN Elizablth Barbfr Atlanta Evelyn Bra.nnen College Park Frances Christopher Atlanta Ann Cornwfll Atlanta Caroline Hufy Atlanta Sara Jean Lemond Atlanta La Delle McCollum Cordcll Soma Jane McCollum Atlanta Marie Riceiardson Atlanta HURST OILLARD WALKER CORNWELL LANCASTER GILBERT K BRANNEN HUEY F. MODENA GRACE BURTON LEMOND McCARSON MACKEY CHIVERS L. McCOLLUM SMITH MEADOWS GREEN S.J. McCOLLUM THOMAS G. MODENA MIODLEBROOKS RICHARDSON TILLET ROBINSON PORTER WILLIAMS RUTHERFORD STOFFREGEN BURKHART SOLANA WING 335- KRUMBEIN MISS JANE PARKER MINKOVITZ KRUGER OFFICERS Ruth Kruglr Rci imi GiSELA Krumbein Vice-Regina Emma Minkovitz Secretary Rose Allen Tnauirer FACTS Founded at Washington Square Collegi of New York University in 1917 . . . 17 cli.iptcrs . . . flower is the pansy . . . colors arc royal purple ,ind pure gold . . . jewel is llie pearl . . . Delia Phi Epsilon Qitarliil is the publication . . . estab- lished at Georgia in 193 5 . . . eighth sororitx- on the campus. DELTA PHI EPSILON CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Eleanor Goldberg Sjvannih Hilda Marris Douglis Ruth Kruclr Fitzgcnld DoROTiiv Solomon Moncks Corner, S. C. JUNIORS Rose Allen Athens Bessie Dreizin Butler GiSELA Krumbein Vi ' jshington laizABiEii I.i VI V Sivannih Rita Slotin Glcnnvillc sophomores Marjory Asrwith New York, X. Y. Miriam Dri izin Butler Ida Erbesiield Newton, N. C. Ri ' TH Miller Miimi, Fla. I siMA Minkovitz Sylvinia Marima Rauzin Miami, Fla. GOLDBERG HARRIS KRUGER ERBESFIELD MILLER MINKOVII BLOOM COOLIK GOLDSTEIf •336 CHAPTER ROLL Helen Rutkin Tampi, FIj. MiNNii ScMRii Bi R Brunswick Norma Simon Brooklet FvEMN X ' |ISKII - . . . Ailjntj JiANtTTi; Vl ' uNSTUN Urcciuboro Grace Wilensky Miiml, Fla. FRESHMEN Shirli V BioNSTtix Atlanta ( Tuvi BitK M Forsyth N ' oRA CoiM IK Reynold " . Betty Goldstux Atlanta Barbara Homa Miami, Fla. MiLORiD Jay . Greensboro Adh.e KiiNE Atlantj Muriel Kliniberg Atlanta Sara Kramir Summervillc, S. C. Lillian Lazarl ' s Quitman Rosalind VCeinman Atlanta Pearl Zaglin Greenville, S. C. SOLOMON RAUZIN HOMA ALLEN RUTKIN JAY B. DREIZIN KRUMBEIN LEVEY SCHRIEBER SIMON WEINKLE KLINEBERS KLINE KRAMER SLOTIN askwith M, DREIZIN WEINSTEIN WILENSKV BLONSTEIN LAZARUS WEINMAN ZAGLIN 337- MRS. FLORENCE HEIDLER cc HODGSON QUILLIAN CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Kathirini CoLviN New Orleans, La. Margari 1 Harrington Brunswick JhANtTTt McGarity Dallas, Tex. Annif Lalrii Ri ntz Miami, Fla. Eileen X ' alshf New Orleans, La. JUNIORS Virginia Barfii ld Hahira BiLLiE Black «E1.L Miami, Fla. Marion Eiiriiarot Atlanta Charleton Hi lms Brunswick Louise Hodgson Athens Sauif Hodgson Vicksburg, Misi. Alma Quillian Madison Joanna Stegeman Athens Margie Schmisseur Belleville, IlL Anna Waddey Atlanta OFFICERS Jeanette McGarity PrcsiJcnt Marion Ehrhardt Virc-Prcsiihiif Louisr Hodgson Secretary Ai.MA QuiiLiAN Treasurer FACTS Founded at DkPauw Univlrsity, Grcencastle, Indiana, in 1870 . . . the first Grcck-lcttcr society of women organized with principles and methods akin to those of men ' s fraternities . . . founder offered membership in Phi Delta Theta ... 65 chapters . . . colors arc black and gold . . . flower is the black and gold pansy . . . magazine is the Kafijya Alfdya Theta . . . ninth sorority at Georgia . . . established in 1937. y Jati iniii JcLtu C luiytcT KAPPA ALPHA THETA COLVIN HARRINGTON McGARiry QUILLIAN STEGEMAN SCHMISSEUI! LUMPKIN MADDOCK McCLATCHEl 338- CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES FnANcfs Branikjn Athenj AuDUFY KvANs Hizlthurst Bitty Jones Fort McPhtrson Makcaret MacPhekson Brunswick Alice Ruth Miller Sasscr FRESHMEN Silvia Edwards St. Louis, Mo. Mary Hodgson Atlanta Josephine Huodleston Athens Elizabeth Lumpkin Athens Eleanor Maddock Savannah Grace McClatchey Atlanta Ann Minter Greenville, S. C. Daphne Parks Athens Dorothy Philpot Athens An.n Price Miami, Fla. Helen Redding Atlanta Doris Schwenke Rossville RENTZ ' X ' AODEY WALSHE BRANDON PARKS BARFIELD EVANS PHILPOT BLACKWELL JONES PRICE EHRHARDT MacPHERSON REDDING HELMS MILLER SCHWENKE L. HODGSON EDWARDS S. HODGSON HUDOLESTON -339 CHENEy BAGGS ■ ENS MRS. TEAT DARDEN OFFICERS Cora Cheney PrcsiJciit Martha Darden Vice-President Caroi.ini. Baggs ■ . . . . Sccre ary Mary Elizabeth Allan Tmisiinr Miss Marion Hall l-acid y Mcniln-r Miss Carolyn Vance Faculty Member FACTS Founded in 1885 ... .it DcP.iuw University ... 6. cli.ip- tcrs . . . flower is red carn.ition .iiul sinil.ix . . . colors are scarlet and olive j;reen . . . (lie inaj;a inc, tlie l.)re . . . pub- lished quarterly . . . established at Georgia in 193 7 . . . tenlii and youngest sorority. ( ' " cLi tiUiui C liitylcr ALPHA CHFOMEGA CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Cora Cm :ni v Allgood, Ala. Tur.RrsA CioRi Amcricus NovtNA Harrison Dccitur Marcarit Sims Vildosti .Marv Stonl Sionc Mountiin ViRi.iNiA Vi ' ari Pooltr JUNIORS Mary Klizabltii Ai i a.n Athens Carolini Bacgs Cjmilla Martha Dardcn Union Point Ellen Hall Newton Ann HowtLL Thompson Mary Suggs Barnesville 340- CHAPTER ROLL HAKRiiiri Vi ' AHRtN Athens lX)iioiH S;•ooDA»D Amcricuj SOPHOMORES Louise Conneil AtUnu Susan Uhusciiam Ailjnia Vivian Fosteh Athens Sophia Stti-mNs Ncwnjn FRESHMEN BiviKLV Bi NiKS Athens Margaret Branch Bishop Florence Lee Cailahan Athens Dorothy Hammiit Athens Eleanor Hurley Macon Susie W. Thomas College Park Bonnie S( ' e5tbrook lla MONTIE Vi ' ESTBKOOK lU : f ' m. ■: HARRISON SIMS BENSON STONE SUGGS BRANCH WARE WARREN DOUGLAS ALLAN WOODARD HAMMETT BAGGS CONNELL HURLEY OARDEN DILLINGHAM THOMAS -341 WOMEN ' S PANHELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Cleone Jackson President Elsie Peace Sccrf ary and Treasurer MEMBERS ALPHA CHI OMEGA Cora Cheney Caroi vn Bacgs ALPHA DELTA PI Martha Selman Anne Littlepage ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Betty White Marie Foster ALPHA OMICRON PI Montez Ulbnam Martha Macrey CHI OMEGA Sydney McWhorter Jane McIntosh DELTA DELTA DELTA Cleone Jackson Isaui 1 1 1 Reid DELTA PHI EPSILON Ruth Kruger Minnie Schreiber KAPPA ALPHA THETA Janet McGarity Louise Hodgson KAPPA DELTA Martha VI ' ynn Elsie Peace PHI MU Charlotte Chapman May Gray JACKS , •■ - ■■ fEA t •■■ .■■• ft- MclNTOSH CHAPMAN GRAy WHITE roSIER KRUGER SCHREIBER DEBNAM MACKEr SELMAN LIHLEPAGE McGARITX HODGSON CHENE BAGGS 342- BOOK SEVEN 11- K-fVAL r }t m :T C VtAR Georgia Crowd At Tech Game . . . Crossing the Bridge at the Golf Tournament . . . Watching the Georgia-Clemson Track Meet . . . Georgians At- tend Auburn Game . . . Spectators at Oglethorpe Baseball Game . . . Georgia Scores in Opening Game ... At the Eighteenth Hole in S. E. C. Golf Matches . . . Baseball Fans at Michigan Game. I I oclLll Jkc 193 7 By " Ole Timer " of The Atlanta Journal A FOOTBALL DYNASTY camc to cnd at Georgia just before the conclusion of the 1937 season. At the luncheon which the Athens Rotary Club gives each year to the Bulldoj s, Harry J. Mehre presented to Professor W. O. Payne his resignation as head coach. His formal letter said: " I h elievc that for the good of Georgia and its athletic teams, and under the present conditions, it is best that I should sever my re- Luionship. " Thus, after fourteen years of service, ten of them as head coach, Mr. Mehre retired from the scene. In January he accepted the offer of University of Mississippi to take charge of football and athletics in general there. Before he concluded that arrangement, his chief as- sistants, Rex Enright, Ted Twomey, and Vernon Smith, went en bloc to the University of South Carolina, where Mr. Enright is head coach. A new regime has taken hold, but that is discussed elsewhere. Under the coaching of Mr. Mehre and his various staffs, Georgia had achieved national reputation for its colorful and spirited foot- ball, mo t notably in the East where Yale was defeated five successive times — a feat rluit neither Princeton nor Harvard nor any other foe has ever been able to equal. In the South, Georgia has established no little prestige among the alumni and friends of Cieorgia Tech, for in ten years under Mehre the once (jolden Tornado was siov.ed to a titfui zephyr in eight blows out of ten. Tech won over Georgia in 1928 with its superb championship te.ini. It went seven years before it was able to win again. In 1932 when the Yellow Jackets were a two-to-one favorite with the public, they contrived to emerge with a scoreless tic; in 1936 when they were a two-to-one favorite, they were pleased to have it become a 6-6 stalemate. In 1937 six games were won, three lost and two were tied. The losses were to Holy Cross, which was unbeaten throughout the season; to Tennessee and to Ilorida. The two ties, with Auburn and Cicorgia Tech, were generally re- garded as moral victories because the Bulldogs had been expected to lose both. Because of injuries to liie junior halfbacks, Harry Stevens and Sanford N ' andiver, the team to depend largely on the sophomores, Oliver 1 lunnicutt, Vassa Gate, Jim I ' ordhani, Dooly Matthews and Billy Minis, tor its attack. They HARRY MEHRE 7l COACHING STAFF REX ENRIGHT Backfjcid Coach TED TWOMEX Line Coach 348 FOOTBALL SEASON showed stcidy improvement throughout the season and ij ' ' c promise of brilliant careers. But their inexperience, especially in pass defense, opened the way for many adverse touchdowns last season. The valiant stands at jjoal made by the team against Holy Cross, Auburn, Tulane and Georgia Tech were fair samples of the superb de- fensive shown by the line throughout the season. Only three touch- downs were scored by opponents on running plays. Little, of South Carolina, made a long jaunt on a trick play; Cafego, of Tennessee, made a touchdown trom the two, and Sims, of Tech, bucked for half a yard. In the latter two cases, the ball had been put at the spot by a pass, and the opponents had four downs in which to eke out the dis- tance remaining. Here ' s how the adverse touchdowns were scored: South Carolina, 80 yards on a fake reverse. Holy Cross, 3 5 -yard pass into end zone. Tennessee, four touchdown passes of 20 yards or more, and a two- yard buck. Florida, a blocked punt. Tulane, a 50-yard pass. Tech, half-yard buck after an 18-yard pass. So, in evaluating the season of 1937 with all its disappointments and its dramatic and pleasing conclusion, credit the Big Red line, backed up by Captain Bill Martman and Quinton Lumpkin, with fine accomplishment and no dispraise for defeats. Here follows a summation of the results obtained in the decade of battling under Coach . lehre, the team being handi- capped in some of the years — notably 1930, 1931 and 1933 — with schedules of such dithculty as to render championship hopes out of the question. In the years 1929-193 3 the teams earned in gate receipts a sum sulticient to pay off the tremendous cost of magnificent Sanford Stadium. WADSWORTH McGINT Mana3er Won Opponent — YjIc ( Georgia Tech 6 Mercer hurman .North Carolina State CIcmson Stjuth Carolina • • Stetson Chattanooga ■ . . Miami Fordham .... North Carolina ■ . Florida GEORGIA Lost I Tied Ga. 8b IU8 181 86 6U 46 M 42 40 26 7 1 1) 139 POINTS Oppll. 49 69 18 9 10 18 7 7 }9 76 Opponent — Won Auburn Tulane S New York University $ Vanderbilt 1 Oglethorpe 2 Virginia Tech 1 Alabama Rice Holy Cross . . . Tennessee . . . . Southern California Louisiana . . . . GEORGIA Lost 4 ( Tied I Ga. H9 144 61 It 99 46 21 6 6 19 POINTS Opptt. 119 12 12 19 7 71 U 7 78 91 7} VERNON SMITH End Co4ch Jl EEMS BASKIN Coach " B " Teom JOHNNIE BROADNAX Frefhman Coach n CL L nOLLIS Atiittant Freshman Coach - 349- :u . j5- " ,..«ma w«i ' " Teir-«-u.v " «-T»t- " GEORGIA 60, OGLETHORPE 0. Santurd Stadium, September 25. Umur a slaking sun, the Petrels fought gamely and thwarted the Bulldogs in the first period. In fact, they themselves almost seored right at the start when Buck Thomas fell on a fumbled ball near midfield, then on the next play passed to Kd Schwabe for 3 5 yards. But Georgia took the ball away and within ten minutes had broken a gallant resistance. A 75-yard drive, started in the opening quarter, eventuated in a touchdown a minute after the teams changed sides. Thence on, it was a foot-race, with the sophomore backs, Vassa Gate, Oliver Hunnicutt and Jim Fordham, leading the pack. Gate scored three touchdowns, one on a 70-yard sprint. Hunnicutt ' s two touchdowns were on short dashes around end in which he moved so fast the Oglethorpe secondary could not keep up. The ninth touchdown came from a 21 -yard pass play, Dooly Matthews to Knox Kldridge, two more first-year players. Georgia gained 524 yards from formation; punted only once; tried tour passes, completing three. The colossal score, the highest run up by the Bulldogs in more a decade, elated many of the team ' s more impressionable supporters. Critical observers felt the showing might be illusive. Most of the gains came from end runs in which sheer speed was successful against a wearied opposition short of reserve strength. The sophomore sprinters ssere promising backs but needed experience and the consequent finesse and ability to gain inside tackle before Georgia could have a dependable attack against the stronger teams to be met. But the speed was pretty to watch. Perhaps the biggest thrill of the day for the spectators was the stern pursuit of little Fred Kelly by Georgia ' s international champion. Spec Towns. With remorseless stride the Olympic hurdler overtook the Petrel back after an 8 1 -yard run. OTIS MAFFETT Co-Coptain BILL HARTMAN Captain -350- JOHN DAVIS Left Tackle S ■4 J PETE TINSLEy Left Guard GEORGIA 13, SOUTH CAROLINA 7. Municipal btaJiuni, Culunibu. S. C, October 2. This was no romp, fur South Carolina, while not a polished machine, con- sisted of two teams of rugged football players who were alternated as units, i ' hcn one showed signs of tiring, the fresh eleven was sent in. The Bulldogs gained enough ground to justify four touchdowns in an average game but were able to break across the goal line only in the second period. The first score was the product of one play, Vassa Gate carried the ball 6 yards on an off-tackle cutback, but it was hardly an individual exploit. Matfett confined the tackle, Hart man and Roddenberry took care of end and backer-up, a guard blocked out a man in the tertiary zone and Cate uutran the safety man in a sprint to the sideline. The second touchdown came from a 4 -yard drive, started, promoted and concluded by Santord Vandiver. The tall junior hit tackle for 6, swept end for S, and after a short gain by Holland, passed to Ned Barbre for 2 , putting the ball at the Gamecocks 9. A penalty on South Carolina shortened the distance, then, after Holland had gained a yard, Vandiver romped around end for goal. The Gamecocks were in Georgia territory only once all afternoon, but put up A stubborn defensive. Their touchdown came on a deftly executed trick play midway of the fourth period. Dick Little, famous as a sprinter, hid the ball while his backfield mates ran to the left. Then Little skirted his right end and found the Georgia secondary had been sucked out of position. Lew Young, the Georgia safety man, was the only menace between him and goal. Little ran straight at Young, offered him a hip. then took it away and sped on to the goal. The defensive play of Lumpkin and Hartman was conspicuously good, and Martman ' s punting was up to the highest Georgia standard set by Chandler and Vernon Smith. Cy Grant and John Bond. He averaged 4? yards, many of them going out of b iunds deep in Carolina territory. Georgia made 1 2 first downs, Carolina 1 ; Georgia rushed for 270 yards, Carolina for 80; Georgia passed for 44 yards. Carolina for M. WALlfeR IkOUlMAN Right Guard .» _sk Ajr r ' II f QUINTON LUMPKIN Center ' 351 Lfc lS OUNo Quarterback FORREST TOWNS Left End JIM CAVAN Ri3ht Halfback GEORGIA 14, CLEMSON 0. Sanford Stadium, October 9. ( ' iTi! Pr.TRi L AND GAMLCock DI5POSLD OF, tlic Bulldog lurncd to mofc formidable fauna, the Clemson Tiger. The Tiger was expected to be hard to handle. Tulane had had a narrow escape from his claws; eventually South Carolma and U ' ake Forest were to be massacred by him, Florida beaten and Tech eke out a 7-0 victory. Tough the Tiger was. But the Bulldog dazed him with a touchdown on the fourth play after the kickoff, added another touchdown in the third period and resisted a powerful attack with a defense that never faltered at the goal line. McConneli, Clemson end, fumbled Young ' s kickoff and Carroll Thomas fell on it on the 34. Captain Flariman hit the line thrice for a total of light yards. Then he delivered a paralyzing stroke. It was a perfectly tlirown pass which Otis Maffeii caught in the end zone with no guarder near him. A S2-yard sweep by Sanford ' andiver yielded the other touchdown. Shaken loose beyond the line of scrimmage by perfect blocking, the gangling haltback sped to the sideline and thence made a bee line to goal, outrunning those who challenged his Hight. Those two strokes were more than enough lo win, although Clemson was threatening all afternoon. After the opening touchdown, an offensive in which hard running was mixed with clever passing ttK k the ball deep in Georgia territory. A punt was enforced, and it was Hartman ' s only poor one of the day. Clemson started again from Cicorgia ' s 2 , but again the big red line was invulnerable. In the second period, Anderson Roddenberry intercepted a pass at his 8, to stop another menace. In the period a 70-yard march was halted on downs at Georgia ' s 2. Hartman ' s punting was a salient factor in the Bulldog defense, Tinsley and Troutman were superb in the decisive scrimmages. ANDERSON ROUUtNSfckk Left Halfback ? " .as 352 ■ " ..-• .• " •», « ■ JAMES FOROHAM Fullback HOLY CROSS 7, GEORGIA 6. Fenway I ' ark. Boston, October 16. ThI: BATTLi WAS AS BITTI R .IS tlic Wind was cold tliJt swcpt acToss Back Bay. The Bulldogs lost, by the narrowest mar ;in possible in ftM iball. but they manifested to a throng that was clieering them to the echo a determina- tion and reckless courage that will not be soon forgotten in Boston. They furnished, too, the hero of the strife. Bill Hartman was for three periods the Georgia attack, and a defensive power who could not be eluded when a Crusader back started for goal. X ' hen, battered and exhausted by his efforts, he was called to the bench in the fourth period, such a roar arose from the stands as seldom is heard in tribute to an alien athlete. You must say this for the Bostonese: they know a football player when they sec him and they do not muffle their admiration. Both scoring plays were passes into the end one. The silver-helmctcd Crusaders got theirs first, early in the second period and on fourth down. It followed a short punt by Hartman which the wind swirled out of bounds, after Georgia had made a gallant and successful goal line stand. Ronnie Cahill passed to X ' illiam I listen who had got behind the safety man to make an easy catch. Turner kicked the point which was to prove so important. Georgia ' s touchdown came in the fourth period, the product of a (8-yard advance, largely through the air. and by the third-string backficld. Billy Mims and l)tM ley Matthews were the passers-runners. Tinally Mims passed to Maffctt for the score. But Young ' s placement to tie the score passed beneath the cross bar and the game ended a minute later. The defeat was taken as a severe disappointment tu Georgia ' s hopes. Holy Cross had not been rated highly. Yet at season ' s end, the Crusaders were one of the few undefeated teams in the country. The Bulldogs had no luck. Questionable decisions aided the foe, and inability to get the field judge out of his way cost MalTett a probable pass completion for a touchdown. MARVIN GILLESPIE Right End BUDDy MILNER Center -. ' .» THOMAS HArGOOD Left TacHc VASSA CATE Right Halfback GEORGIA 19, MERCER 0. S-intOrd Sl.ldiurn. October 2}. Mircir ' s LXIMCTED FUNCTION was to provide a " breather, " or rest game, at mid-season and by way of preparation for the crucial affair with Tennessee a week later. But the Bear was sore and surly, no shadow to box. The Bulldogs had to work hard all the way to score in each of the last three periods and to stop at their 3 a 72-yard drive late in the third quarter. Instead of providing rest, the game deprived Georgia of the services of one of its most experienced halfbacks for the rest of the season. Sanford Vandi- ver, southpaw passer and inspired runner, suffered a compound fracture of a leg that put him in the infirmary for four months. Mercer made a 40-yard march in the first period, being stopped at Georgia ' s li. A }2-yard end run by Vassa Gate, followed by two rushes by Billy Mims, one for eight yards, one for six, netted the first touchdown late in the second period. The most thrilling play of football, the runback of a kickoff for a touchdown, opened the third period. Gate, the sophomore speedster, W ' as perpetrator, and his jaunt covered 8S yards. Mercer retorted with its great bid, after taking a punt at its 2 Alton Owen and K ' right Ba emoro were the ground gainers in the furious attack that carried all the way to Georgia ' s .1 before it was halted. Georgia got out of the hole when DtK)ley Matthews, running from puiu formation, pierced center for 47 yards. Late in the fourth period Georgia punched and drove S7 yards for the final marker. Cavan, Matthews and Mims worked the ball to the 2 and Hunnicutt carried it over in a da zling sprint around end. First downs were fairly close — Georgia 12, Mercer 9, but Georgia ' s yard- age from scrimmage was J06, Mercer ' s, 162. Those figures, however, take no account of Gate ' s 81-yard touchdown reply to a kickotf. Mercer ' s yardage brought up a pertinent question, What about Georgia ' s sophomore backs; could they stop a deceptive and clever attack? OLIVER HUNNICUTT Left Halfback WARD HOLLAND Fullback •354- aallace miller Quflrtcfback HOWARD JOHNSON Right Gua ' d TENNESSEE 32, GEORGIA 0. ShicIds-VC ' aikins Field. Knoxvillc. October 30. The CRL ' ncr camt, for which the entire first half of the season had been utilized as preparation, turned out to be a tragedy, if fmitball has any im- p rtance other than as a sp .)rt for high school and college students. The result was defeat almost as overwhelming as that which the Bulldogs had sustained in Athens the year before. After four minutes of mutual sparring, Tennessee scored a point a minute in the first half. The first touchdown was product of a 64-yard march in the opening period. Three more came in rapid order. Tennessee backs slipped out of the grasp of tacklers when trapped behind their own line, or else passed with uncanny precision. Nothing they tried failed of brilliant success; nothing that Georgia tried would work. The second half yielded the Volunteers only one touchdown but the Bulldogs themselves never threatened. The statistics were deceptive. Georgia made nine first downs for no touchdowns; Tennessee made fourteen for five touchdowns. Georgia rushed for 127 yards and passed for 46; Tennessee rushed for 289 yards and passed for 145. The most logical explanation of the rout was that the Bulldogs were trying too hard. They had been looking forward to the game since the close of the season of ' 56. They were over-eager; muscles were taut, and after a couple of slips had eventuated in disaster they became rattled and started guessing. Then it was easy for Tennessee ' s clever and poised backs to cross them up. Vi ' ith the experienced halfbacks, Stevens and Vandiver, lost for the season and with the prospect of having to depend on ' ophomorcs as side- backs, C!oach Mehre resorted to the expedient of the -man line that had proved so effective for Vanderbilt and Auburn. It failed to function, and probably cost a touchdown or two. But Maior Neyland said his team was having " one of those days " when even folly brought handsome reward. CARROLL THOMAS Risht End JL ROBERT SALlSBURr Left Guard NtU tJAKBkb t.clt End FLORIDA 6, GEORGIA 0. JairhcM Si.idium, Jacksonville, November 6. T IE LONG LANE iiNALLY TURNI I) 1 OR I ' l ORIDA. Fof the fifbt time sincc 1929 the ' Gators defeated tlie Hul!doj;s. The largest crowd that ever gathered for football in Florida saw the game, which was beautifully contested throughout and which was decided by the comparatively rare occurrence of a blocked punt scooped up and run to goal. Billy Mims had essayed to kick just before the end of the first half. A reserve back forgot or failed on his blocking .issignnicnt and Charles Krejcier, ' Gator tackle, broke through and batted the ball down. Clifford U ' hiddon, towering end, picked it up in one diving swoop and ran 2 5 yards for the only touchdown of the day. Georgia, in foul shape after the Tennessee dis.istcr, threatened throughout the game but never was able to muster the punch to avert defeat. The Bulldogs gained 220 yards to M2 for Florida, and in the fourth period put on a drive that carried 80 yards. But the ball was Inst on downs at Florida ' s four by a margin of only a few inches. This was the finest sustained offensive of the game and was featured by a 41 -yard gain by Fordham on a spinner play through the middle. Florida showed a spirited and smart defensive throughout, predicitcd on the precision punting of X ' alter May berry, capi.iin .ind spearhead of the team. It was his beautifully directed punting out of bounds deep in Georgia territory that took the decisive punch from the Georgia attack. The veteran Jim Cavan made the most brilliant f iray of the game, a 5 1 -yard run after i break-through at guard and breath-taking weaving through scattered secondary. But the play was canceled by an offside penalty. In addition to the loss of Stevens and Vandiver, llunnicutt and Gillespie were shelved for the game. Of those who got in, Tinslcy, Maffctt, Rodden- bcrry and Uartman were in no condition to play. So the Bulldogs got out light, for Florida was a strong and highly-keyed team. WALTER MATHEWS Fullback a ::3ri ' ; i Zt KNOX ELDSt RiSht Ena HARLEROy K ' S ' JacHe 356- BILL MIMS Left Halfback f SANFORD VANOIVER Right Halfback GEORGIA 7, TULANE 6. S.nitord Stadium, November 13. The game was only t 1;LV£ minl ' ii! old. It had been 2 kicking duel between Hartman and Nyhan. Finally Hartman had punted 44 yards and out of bounds on Tulane ' s 2. Nyhan responded by plumping the ball into the hands of Vassa Catc near the south boundary line at Tulane ' s .M. Catc look it on the run and started as if to sweep out into the open field. On came a wave of Green tacklers, well bunched, and Catc swerved abruptly to his left, toward the sideline, while a quartet of Buildups swung with him. Catc ran the rest of the way like a sprinter on 4 cinder-path, never more than two yards from the sideline and over for a touchdown. Billy Mims kicked the point. That was all for Georgia for the afternoon, that is, from attack. From then on it was a bitter, remorseless, unrelenting defensive, and it prevailed by the skin of canine teeth. As O. B. Keclcr wrote: " The red sun went down back of the low rim to the westward with 12,000 tottering fans on their way out, chortling and gibbering over a Georgia victory, 7-to-6, in a game that was never in the bag until the last whistle blew. " Tulane scored early in the fourth peri(»d on a 12-yard pass from Banker to Dirman who clutched the ball in a leaping dive and slid over the goal line. John X ' illianl O-ivis, the earnest " Stooge, " partially blocked the try for point. The Bulldogs turned back bid alter bid with a defensive stoutness and valor that won the admir.iiinn of all spectators. Hartman ' s beautiful punting was the main factor in protection of those early seven ptiints. Tulane made 12 first downs and gained 240 yards from snap — H by rushing, 8f by completion of four passes out of twelve tries. Georgia made only one first down and netted only 4 yards. But the Bulldogs returned kicks 91 yards and Hartman and Cavan averaged 40 yards on seventeen punts. The Bulldogs were lucky — yes, as lucky as they were unlucky at Boston and Jacksonville. CRENSHAW BONNER Left End t A -t. 6 CHARLIE WILLIAMS Right Taclrle FOSTER MILTON Left Tackle GEORGIA 0, AUBURN 0. Sl.idium. ( tilumbus. November 20, Till. Bui.inOCS ViI.RI, DUI. TO BE StVllRELY CHASTISED. Had not AubuTii destroyed Georgia Tech, Mississippi State and Tennessee, and outplayed Louisiana State? Did not the ;anies with Tennessee indicate that the Plains- men were some 4 points better than Georgia? The public and most of the press thought the score would be just what Auburn chose to make ii. But the game took an unexpected course. During the first half liic battered and weary Bulldogs quite outplayed their puissant foes, kept the ball in Auburn territory most of the time, made four first downs against two, gained ' 86 yards against 57. A 41 -yard run by the sophomore fullback, Fordham, put the Bulldogs right into the picture three minutes after the opening kickoff, and late in the second period the ama ing punting of Hart man and the running of Minis and Ca van enabled them to work the ball to Auburn ' s 2 , from whicii point a fnurih ilown pass into the end line failed. A fumble by I ' urdham, recovered by Auburn on Georgia ' s 2V. pui the Plainsmen in the running for the first time, just as the final period opened. A clever sweep by the brilliant Jimmy Fenton carried the ball to ihc 12. then George Kenmore cut back off right tackle and went to goal. But (he score was disallowed and Auburn penalized. In the closing minutes Auburn tried three field goals from placement, but though young Garth Thorpe had a fine record of achievement in practice none of his efforts came close. Auburn led in the complete statistics, wit li eleven first downs to five, and 202 yards if gain against 112. In the second half the Plainsmen showed the running game that had brought trouble to all its foes during the season, but against the dynamic defensive of the embattled Bulldogs they were unable to muster a scoring punch. Hart man ' s punting was a major factor. Twice he laid down long punts at Auburn ' s 1 . I,ittle Tommy Milncr stood out with tine pla at center, substituting for the crippled Quinton Lumpkin. HARRy STEVENS Left Halfback JOE WHALEN Left Guafd CLAYTON WILHITE RiS t TacVIe 358. AL MOSS QudfterbAck JERC ' . ' - . .;,:,:. Right TacUc X - V GEORGIA 6, TECH 6. Or.uu I icM. Aitantj, November 26. Again the Bulldogs were due to be soundly defeated; again they inter- posed a defensive that was as smart as it was vigorous; again the foe was fairly well satisfied to emerge with a tie. Georgia scored 6rst, and on one of the most spectacular exploits of recent times in the South. Bill Hartman, the inspiring captain, took the kickoff at the opening of the third period, fumbled it momentarily, picked it up on the bounce and hcadtd straight downtield for goal, 9 yards awa . Tech had been drawn down too far and Hartman had burst through tlu middle of the advancing wave. Vassa Caic cut down Fletcher Sims, iht Tech captain, who had rather overreached safety position, and Hartman had an open field. Only Bill Jordan, the great Tech end. was in position to give effective pursuit. Hartman had a lead of five yards when they be- gan their race, and with bowed head and hunched shoulders he maintained that lead without loss or gain of an inch until he lunged across the di)ub!e- siripe. At that moment Jordan fell exhausted. Harim. ' n himself failed to convert the try for point. Before the third period ended, Tech tied the score. A fumble by the earnest Fordham lost the ball on the 17. Tech was turned back and the ball taken away on the 19. But on first rush, another fumble, this by Hunnicuti, gave Tech the ball again on the fatal 17. A pass, Sims to Konc- mann, carried to the I, from which point Sims rushed it over. Then followed one of the great plays of all time. Quinton Lumpkin lca[H-d incredibly to bat down Sims ' placement which would have won the game. The ball bounded behind the Tech line, and the speedster. Konemann, picked it up and attempted to run for the vital point. Just as he was making the curve that would have meant victory and defeat. Lumpkin knocked him out of bounds. Sims and Hartman had a notable punting duel. Towns and Fid ridge covered kicks with a speed and precision seldom seen. 1 ABNER SIMONTON Right Guard GECR E SMITH Quarterback -359- LEE RICHARDS Center GEORGIA 26, MIAMI 0. Roddcy Burdinc Stadium, Miami, December 10. It «as an ANiKi.iMAX, this g.imc played in tropical setting and under twinkling stars event flawless and brilliant flood lights. But in detail, prismatic in beauty and rich in sentiment. Georgia was dedicating Miami ' s $32 ,000 stadium; the Bulldogs were saying the last goodbye they could in action to their coach and his staff. They took the field, keyed high in emotion, and ihcy put on a show of foot- ball skill and spirit that still is being talked of in Southern Florida. They moved with a speed that left their big, rugged and gallant ad- versaries flai-footcd. They tackled like fiends, blocked like tractors and ran and passed with eerie precision until they had amassed 26 points and called it a night. They even evoked the raz lc-daz le for their first touchdown. Oliver Hunnicuti threw a short pass to Knox I ' ldridge, just before the end of the first period. After running 20 yards. FIdridge flipped the ball to Otis Maffeit who went to g(tal. It was a 44-yard play. The second score was altogether a thing of beauty. Hariman punted out of bounds, one foot from goal. Chesna kicked back well but C ' atc caught the ball at the 40 and ran it to Miami ' s 4 in a dazzling sprint. Then on the next play he swept end for a touchdown. A pass from Oooly Matthews to Marvin (tillespic yielded the third touchdown and one from Mims to Gate concluded the scoring for the evening. Thirty-one Bulldogs out of the 14 in the traveling squad got into the game. Before the start they told C ' oach Mehre not to worry, that they were going to make it " a good one " and asked that they all be permitted to participate in it. In the fourth period as veteran after veteran came out. his career at definite end, each ran up to Mr. Mehre, wrung his hand and went more or less tearfully to the bench. Georgia was given a great welcome by the people of Miami and the game next season promises to be an even more eventful occasion. J BRUCt .■.- Lcft Guard - 360- FRESHMAN f-OOTBALL TEAM -361 - VARSIJy FOOTBALL TEAM r 0cuLiLill FRANK JOHNSON Head Coach PAUL TRULOCH Manager Probably " world champions " in one sense, the 19 8 edition of Bulldog cigcrs experienced wli.u m.iy be described as an in-and-out season. ' The team ' s unique " championship " occurred when four ditlerent mentors coached the squ.ul diirini; the playing season. Rex Enrlght, Georgia basketball coach for the better part of the decade, was replaced tem- porarily by Vernon " Catfish " Smith after linright was made head football coach at the University of South Carolina. Later, when Smith went to Columbia to assist Enrlght, 1 rank Johnson became the Ikilldogs ' third coach. The fourth and final change came when Elmer Lampe, newly-named assistant to newly-named I lead Georgia Football Coach Joel Hunt, succeeded Johnson as the latter received a coaching position at the Uni- versity of Mississippi. Opening the season with an unimpressive win over the Ciamecocks of South Carolina, 26 to 24, the Bulldogs were put down as " quantity X. " In the season ' s second contest. North Carolina State ' s All-American Connie MacBcrry was very much In evidence and the Vi ' olfpack triumphed over the Georgians, 24 to 21. Then resuming the feud with South Carolina teams, the Bulldogs eked out a 26 to 22 victory over Clemson m the hrst game of the Tiger series. After going to Gainesville, where they won the first of a four-game battle with Florida ' s ' Gators, )4 to 31, the Georgia five took the short end of the decision in the second tilt, an extra-period thriller which ended with a 58 to 32 score. The Bulldogs next entered into a four-game winning streak, the longest of the year. The Moccasins of Chattan(x)ga were downed In three successive games, 42 to 18, 31 to 23, and 32 to 30. The fourth straight win was over Sewanee, 24 to 16. JACK FARREN, Captain Center OLIN THOMPSON Guard TOM KENNED Guard ' ■M fl ' I ' ' wf iijpaa; ' ■ k . ' .• ; • ' € 4 •A ■■.V•.■ 1. V . r.V . ,v . ,p. ;»■ Mgi|K|B K Ks )Qi CECIL KELLEV Forward ALEX McCASKILL Forward Against Tech ' s towering Yellow Jackets, the Bulldogs found one Bo Johnston too much in the w.iy. The elongated Tech star, with 20 points, led his teammates to an easy 51 to 28 win. Captain Jack I- ' arren had " his day " against South Carolina as he looped in 14 points to pace the Bulldogs " }6 to 22 victory, the second straight over the Gamecocks. After dropping a heart-breaker to Ilorida, 41 to 36, in the first game of the Athens series, the Red and Black cagers came back in the concluding game to stage one of the most hectic battles ever seen in ' oodrufJ Hall. Knox Eldredge ' s free shot in the last ninety seconds of play gave the Bulldogs a 28 to 27 triumph over the ' Gators. Evidently " down in the dumps, " the Bulldogs displayed their poorest form of the season in losing to Clemson 40 to 28, in the second Tiger tilt. Then the Georgians evidenced a sudden reversal of form when they met Sewanee in a second contest. Sewanee took it on the chin by a 46 to 11 count. On a disastrous trip into Alabama, the Red and Black dropped a 34 to 17 decision to Auburn ' s then un- defeated Plainsmen. The University of Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Bulldogs in a game whose only bright spot, from the Georgia standpoint, was Bulldog Forward Cecil Kelley ' s 14 points. The score was 38 to 26. After earning a 47 to 3 8 victory over Mercer in Macon the Georgia quintet returned to Athens to display their best game of the season in a spectacular contest with Tech ' s golden-clad Engineers. F ' rom the opening whistle nearly 3,000 rabid fans gazed in wonder as the Bulldogs gave the future Southeastern Conference champions " the battle of the century. " Blond Alex McCaskill paced a brilliant Georgia rally which nearly KNOX ELDREDbfc Guard Guard WILLIAM MARTIN Forward DANIEL CLOWER Forward brought victory. The timer ' s _!;un, however, caught the Hulldogs two points shy of tying the score . nd .1 29 to 27 victory was chalked up by the Jackets. In a pre-tournamcnt warmup tilt, Georgia easily defeated Erskine, 3 9 to 27, as Captain larren dropped 16 maikers in the basket to take the team ' s high-scoring honors for a single game. At the Southeastern Conference tournament in Baton Rouge, the Bulldogs were paired against the powerful Tulane Greenies who had fired the first surprise salvo of the tourney in eliminating last year ' s champions, the Kentucky Vi ' ildcats. The Red .ind Bl.ick fought a game battle against their larger opponents but lost by a 48 to 36 score. A post-season contest saw three seniors play their last game for Alma Mater as the Bulldogs lost to Mercer ' s Bears, 34 to 24. For Captain Jack Farren, center, and Olin Thompson and Tom Kennedy, guards, this tilt meant finis as far as concerned Bulldog basketball. Returning, however, for the University ' s 1939 cage entry will be sophomore stars Alex McCaskill and Cecil Kelley, who played outstanding ball at the forward position all season, and " probably the best freshman bas- ketball team in the University ' s history, " this year ' s frosh i|uiiiiet. SUMMARY Won 12, lost 9 (not including Conference tournament). Individual high scoring for the season: Kelley, 159; McCaskill, 129; Farren, 121; Thompson, 99; and Kennedy, 62. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM • ••••• C. W. JONES Hc«d Coach BOXING WALTER JACOBS Mandgcr Captain Fostir (Rid) Miiton was the only Georgia ringman to go undefcucd during the regular season. Milton had five victories and one draw to his credit in his heavyweight matches. In the Conference tourney, Milton lost by a close decision in his opening match. But Georgia was not to be denied a Conference championship as Henry Frederikscn, will-o ' -the-wisp light- weight, copped the 139-pound belt. In the tournament competition, the sophomore ring star won three matches to add to a regular season record of four wins and two reverses. Already he has Hulldog fans think- ing back to Mickey Radutzky ' s welterweight reign, the heyday of Georgia boxing. Spring football training, however, dealt University boxing its greatest blow when George (Red) Salisbury, light heavyweight, was called to practice after three successive wins against no setbacks. During the short period he competed, Salisbury displayed championship calibre. Should the proper arrangements be eftected next year, the red-head will give fight supporters plenty to watch. Charles Ifamilton, the second sophomore on the team, showed lack of experience but came through against The Citadel with a draw which added materially to the bulldogs ' one-point triumph over the Cadets. FOSTER MILION Heavyweight BOB SALIbflURy Light Heavyweight 368- r 1 CHARLES HAMILTON Lishtwcight RAXMONO McMAHON Wcltcfwcight Dick Saunders, middlewcisht, and R.iy McMahon, senior vcltcr veij;ht, were the two Bulldog " Iron Men " who competed in every scheduled match. Both exhibited marked improvement near the close of the season after comparatively slow starts. Paul Rowland, bantamweight; Mike Drane, welterweight, .uui Rex Safford, ' ' elterweight, were other out- standing members of the squad. With 12 members of this year ' s team eligible to box next year, prospects for the future have a brighter tinge. 1938 RESULTS Georgia }i, — Ciemson 6 ' 2 CJeorgia 5 — Presbyterian College 3 Georgia 4i,;_The Citadel i ' z C ' Corgia 3 — Ciemson 5 (Jeorgia 2 — South Carolina 6 Ceorgia 2 — Florida 8 Georgia 5 — Miami 5 HENRy FREDERIKSEN Lishtwcight PAUL ROWLAND Bdntamwc ' Sht -369. CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM With Frederiksen as a pace-setter, cross-country is regaining its position as a popular minor sport. The cake-race, the first ever run on our campus, brought out a large crowd. Gill, a newcomer, led the way and won the largest ot the twcnty-hvc cakes offered by Ben- son ' s Bakery. The first ten were Gill, Carithcrs, HoUey, King, X ' ijder, Cauthorn, Knupp, McDuffie, Newton, Yablonsky. With Frederiksen setting a new course record of 19 minutes flat, Georgia lost to Auburn 24 to 31, then was overwhelmed by Tech, taking only tourili place. In the Conference Meet the Bulldogs took third, losing to Tech ,uul .Mississippi A. and M. The Bullpups saw Dunlap of G. M. A. set a new course record as Tech High took first with 34. then Ci. M. A. with 43, .iiul the irosh uith 4V The Tech Ircshnicn won easily, but (i. M. A. was later defeated, 17 to 50. Minor letters were given Frederiksen, Manager Johnson. Oliff, Newton. Iliidson, Gill, King, and numerals to Carithers, Wilder, Holley, Yablonsky, Kmipp. C.uithorn. John:,on, Monfl3 ' ,f; Lauthom, Knupp. ly ' :; iat ' :. Lcac i; HcM.jy. Mayi. Koland: White, Assistant Manager. Hudson, F.cderilscn, Ptathcr, Oliff, Newton, Kins, G ' " - Wilder. I -370- J t tick ' »« ' 9 WEEMS BA5KIN Head Coach SPEC 70 ' ;( NS Assistant Coach JAf. ' ES MiMURRlA Manager Under thi- tuti i age of two former world champion hurdlers, Georgia ' s 193 8 track and field team promised to iipliold the Univer- sity ' s fine records made in the past. lorrcst " Spec " Towns, Hulldog Olympic high hurdles champion, joined the ir.ick coachinj; staff early in the spring after a successful indoor season in the F.ast. With " Spec " as assistant, Coach Wcems Baskin was to attempt to retain the Southeastern Conference championship won last year by the Bulldogs. Handicapped by the loss of Towns, Bobb Packard, Maurice Circene, and liurch Vi ' ilcox, all first place winners in the ' . ' 7 Confer- ence carnival, the Georgia mentors faced a tremendous task in moulding another championship outfit. In the early meets the Bulldog tracksters showed lack of experience but also displayed a well-balanced team. The greatest diffi- culty apparent was the lack of good second and third place winners. This fact was prominently exhibited in the J- ' lorida dual meet which Georgia barely won. In the opening competition against Presbyterian College, the Bulldogs were victorious, S5-. 7, winning II of tiu ' 14 events. (.Out- standing were Hunnicutt, Frederiksen, Gillespie, Arnold, and Captain Lumpkin. The team suffered an off-day as they barely eked out a 69-57 win over Florida ' s ' Gators. Numerous upsets marked the day as Florida Sophomore Rayburn li ed up to everything expected of him. It was Vassa Cate who helped save the day for the Athenian i when he chalked up a thrilling victory in the low hurdles. Harold (Monk) Arnold, eteran tracksur of three years, was perhaps tiie most versatile memlier ol the 1 ' ' 38 squad. Arnold com- peted in the high and broad jumps and the low hurdles. " Monk " had the misfortune of being injured in the 1936 conference meet and last year " crow-hopped. " OUINTON LUMPKIt , Captain Shot Put Discus 440-v«rd Dash Half Mile JACK FARREN Discus 120-yard High Hurdles 220-yard Low Hurdles MONK ARNOLD High Jump Broad Jum(5 High Hurdles .A i - »l ' V HENRy FREDERIKSEN One Mile Half Mile OLIVER HUNNICUTT 100-yard Dash 220-yard Dash BUSTER MAHHEWS 440-ysrd Dash VASSA GATE HiSh Hurdles ira-yard Dash 220 yard Dash Captain Quinton Lumpkin, who lioljs die University shot-put mark, appears to be unbeatable in the dual meet season. After a scare over a knee injury, Georgia track enthusiasts were greatly reheved to learn that " Lump " would compete this sprmg. In the Presbyterian meet Lumpkin made one of the best discus throws in his career, thereby establishing him as one of the main contenders for the conference crown. Although Tulane ' s Milliard White was the favorite to cop the discus and shot events, due to his great marks this season, Lumpkin was favored to give him a hard right in both events. " Galloping " Joe Gillespie, second place winner in the half mile in the conference last May, was the favorite this year as Ken- tucky ' s Dave Rogan, last year ' s winner, was ineligible to compete according to early reports from Lexington. Gillespie holds Bull- dog records in both the 440-yard dash and half-mile run. An interesting rivalry between Gillespie and Henry Lrederiksen, Bulldog sophomore runner, provided wholesome entertainment for Southern track fans. Vassa " Gus " Gate, hrst of the " flaming sophomores " promises to become a hurdler of the first rank under the eyes of Coaches Baskin and Towns. In winter indoor meets, Gate created a favorable impression among the nation ' s top-ranking runners. Plainly handicapped from lack of experience. Gate has great potentialities when he aci uircs finesse in the technique of hurdling. Gate also caused much apprehension among track followers when an illness was diagnosed as appendicitis at the beginning of the season. But " Gus " was there as a first place winner in the early meets. Oliver liunnicutt, successor to Hobby Packard in the dashes, upheld the faith put in him by his coaches last year when, as a freshman, he defeated Perrin Walker, national 100 meter champion. Hunnicutt seems unbeatable in the 100-yard dash, but is not nearly so effective in the 220-yard dash. With two years to go, " Honey " has the possibilities of becoming one of the fastest dash men of the nation. Hunnicutt was a favorite in the conference 100-yard dash, and counted on heavily in the furlong. JIMMy FORDHAM Discus Shot Two Mrle HARRy STEPHENS IX-vard Dash 220..1--1 ' j " : BILL MARTIN High Jump Broad Jump KNOX ELOREDSE Brood Jump Javelin JACK ROBISON lOO-yard Dash 220 ' yatd Dash ALBERT de CHARLEROX Shot Henry Frcdcrikscn, distance runner, is probably the greatest all-round distance runner ever enrolled at the University. Fifth place winner in the conference cross-country run of three and one-half miles, " 1 reddy " can run any distance down to the 440 in a time that would win the average Southern dual meet with ease. Because of the ineligibility of last year ' s mile winner in the confer- ence meet, Frederiksen was an early favorite to take the choice mile event. Jimmy Fordham, fourth of the sophomores, promises to become the mainstay of the weight events in the next two years. State high school champion in the broad jump and shot put, Fordham also threw the discus and javelin as a freshman. To crown all, Jimmy surprised Florida spectators in the ' Gator meet by winning second place in the 44()-yard dash with an unorthodox start. George (Red) Salisbury, fifth place winner in the javelin thrust at Birmingham last year, failed to display his former style in early meets. Should Red have regained his old form, he was to be among the favorites to take the Southeastern title. lack Farren, high hurdler and weight man, was expected to cop valuable points in the dual meet competition. I ' arrcn placed fifth in the conference high hurdles in 1936 and thereby promised to score points in this event along with Gate. I larry Stephens, last year ' s " impromptu star " of the conference carnival, failed to show former calibre in early meets. Due to a vertebrae injury received in football, Stephens was in the " doubtful but promising class. " Knox Fldredge, another sophomore of promise, was the star broad jumper of last year ' s freshman squad and from early meet results, appeared to be able to uphold the varsity colors and possibly be among the top junipers at the Birmingham meet. Jack Robison, point man in last year ' s title meet, had the misfortune of pulling a muscle in the first meet of the season. If this injury proved to be permanent, the Bulldog chances of copping the conference diadem were greatly lessened. Al Wooten, pole vaulter and high jumper; Morris King, distance runner; Quinton Preble, hurdler; Bill Martin, high iuniper, and Fred Daves, vaulter, were other outstanding Bulldogs of the ' 3 8 Georgia track team. W A v t M v 1 1 A iS V Pole Vault 440yard Dash Ai.»iN OOIEN Pole Vault High Jump JONES yo lOOyaid Dash 440-yard Dash QUINTON PREBLE High Hurdles aj c Ul J. V. SXKES Head Coach WARREN PORTWOOD Manager Without ihI: skrvki s of Cipt.iln John Ruckcr, who decided to enter the r.uiks, tlie Georgia nine faced a heavy scliedule with a comparatively green squad. But under the direction of Coach J. V. Sikes, producer of championship teams at Texas A. M., the Bulldogs flashed winning form after a slow start. In dropping the opening series to Michigan State, the Var- sity showed its weak spots. With subsequent shifting of players on the team Coach Sikes proceeded to put out an effective combination. In the first three games of the season the Bulldogs gained a 6-2 decision over Ohio University while suf- fering losses to Michigan State, 8-5 and 12-6. All the experienced members of the squad exhibited mid-season form in the early games. Particularly impressive was the keen batting eye of " Leetia Joe " (ierson, diminutive center fielder, (jeorge Stallings, first baseman, displayed classy fielding form and gave promise of being among the conference ' s best first sackers. Veteran hurlers Wallace Miller and Jim Davis, after early-season " fits of wildness, " apparently reached in mid-season a point of effectiveness where they could be depended on for .i regular turn on (he mound. Miller ' s fine relief work against Ohio University was outstanding. CARROLL THOMAS Catchcf LESTER NORRIS Pitcher GEORGE STALLINGS First Base CECIL KELLEV Second Base LEVI HISE Short Stop WALLACE MILLER Pitcher Lester Norris, sophomore chunker with Httlc experience, showed lots of promise in the Ohio game when he gave up only three hits in six innings. Georgia appeared to have one of the best receiving departments in the conference in early games. The veteran Carroll Thomas played a fine game from the beginning. But a sophomore, Ralph Thornton, threatened to displace Thomas because of his brilliant hitting. Later, to strengthen the club ' s batting power. Coach Sikes shifted young Thornton to first base. George (Shorty) Walker, leading team batter last year, apparently had clinched the left field position in April with his scintillating fielding. V ' alker failed, however, to maintain the hitting pace he established last season. E. B. (Spook) Newsome was another Bulldog who flashed fine form in the opening frays. Holding down the " hot corner, " Newsome was a reliable fielder as well as a steady hitter. Other outstanding performers in the opening tilts were Marvin Gillespie, Cecil Kelley, Scrappy Edwards, Jeff (Sugar) Cain, Alex McCaskill, and Levi Hise. Gillespie hit a home run over the right field fence on his first appearance at the plate in the inaugural game against Michigan State. - E. B. NEWSOME Third Base JOE GEDSON Center field GEORGE WALKER Left Field ALEX McCASKlLL Risht Field Georg Gcori; Gtorj; Gcorg Georg Georg Georg Georg Georg Georg Georg Georg Georg Georg Georg Georg Cicorg Georg Georg Georg VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM 1937 BASEBALL RESULTS 7 — Ohio University 13 — Clemson 2 — C-lemson 18 — Hill White ' s One Armed ' ' onders 4 — Auburn 7 — Auburn 1 — Auburn 2 — Auburn 2 — C glciliorpe MARVIN GILLESPIE Right Field . . . 9 . . . 1 . . . 3 . . . 10 . . . 7 . . . 12 2 . . . 7 . . . 4 — Oglethorpe (Rained Out) 3 — Oglethorpe 2 Oglethorpe 4 . . . 11 . . . 6 . . . 5 . . . 8 . . . 7 . . . 9 . . . 16 . . . 6 9 — Clemson 1 — Clemson 4— Tech . 1 3— Tech . 8 — Morid.i 1— llorid.i 1 1— Tech . 5— Tech . UK JIM DAVIS Pitcher JEFF CAIN Pitcher RALPH THORNTON Catcher ROBERT HORNE Pitcher ' fn l illlOt Z j)L ' tL SWIMMING Victorious in six out of seven dual meets and placing second in the South- eastern Conference ' s second annual swimming meet, Georgia ' s swimming team had the most successful season in its entire existence. Led by Captain Howell Erwin, the team, composed of Bill VX ' alters, who finished his first season undefeated in both the 50- and 100-yard dashes, Linton Zachry, John Ashford, James Solms, Goodloe Erwin, Sam Corey, Aiken ' right, Howell Mollis, Jimmy Stevenson, Bobby Rothburg, Billy Peeples, and Slaton Jones, lost only to the University of Florida ' s South- eastern Conference champions by a score of 29-46. The team ' s greatest victory was its 43 ' . ' -31 ' .. one over Georgia Tech. This was the first time in history that a Georgia swimming team defeated a Tech tank team. Other victories were Clemson, 45-30; Emory, 40-3 5; Presbyterian, 65-10; Miami, 52-23; and Kentucky, 48-27. HOWELL ERWIN Captain In the Southeastern Conference meet at KnoxviUe the Georgia swimmers ran up a total of 47 points to finish second. For winning both the 5 0- and the 100-yard free-style events in the Conference meet. Bill Walters will probably be awarded a major " G. " With all members of this year ' s team returning next year, and aided by several star freshmen such as Moore, Matthews, Dottery, and Barnett, Georgia ' s swimming team has an excellent chance to take the Southeastern Conference title from Florida in 1939. Howell Ervi ' in, Captain Bill Waltlrs Linton Zacmry John Ashiord James Solms SWIMMING TEAM Goodloe Erwin Sam Corey AiKi N Wright Hovi III 1 im 1 IS Jimmy Stevenson Bobby Rothburg Billy Peeples Slaton Jones Al BIRT Mi NARI) B. B. Goldstein, Manager F.iit Row: Golditcin, Managcf; Jones, Mollis, b- , . . G. Erwin, Corey, Aihfoid, Mcnaid, J_ — Coach. Second Row: Wfisht, Peeples, Zachry, Walters: H. Erwin, Captain; Solms. Third Row: Rauzin. 380- Covin3ton, Blanchard, Kennedy. Bowers. GOLF Regardless of the outcome of the 193 8 campaign, Georgia ' s golfing prospects for next spring must be rated as the most encouraging in many seasons with five of the seven shot-makers who saw service this year to be back. As this is written, the Georgia team, giving all indications of being plenty tough, was hitting at a .5 00 clip in four matches; and five dual matches, as well as the annual Southern Intercollegiate Tournament over the Athens Country Glub course, were ahead. The Bulldog linksmen trimmed South Carolina, If to 3, in their opening match, and downed Hanipdcn-Sydney, 12-6, for their second win. Davidson and Duke, the next two opponents, proved too much, however, the former shading Georgia 91 ' i to 8J 2, while the latter scored a 2 1 ' j to 5 ' _• triumph over the Bulldogs. Dean Covington, Rome veteran, and Tom Kennedy, Marietta star, are the only members of the " 3 8 squad who will not return to next year ' s team. He.iding the players due to return are Byron Bower, Bainbridge, and Bill Little, Marietta, ' o. 1 and No. 2 respectively, on this season ' s squad. Others to be back are . lercer Blanchard, Columbus; Bill Smith, Tifton, and Calhoun Bowen, Tifton. Even disregarding material up from this year ' s freshman team, Georgia ' s ' 39 golf squad should be strong enough to hold its own against the stiffest of opposition. «:?o?- ' 5aSia0Vi; « Lit:..- Arnoia. v oacn r._-i nan, Bowcn, Smith. • 381 John McDermott, Coach J. R. de Lara, E. D. Southerland. TENNIS Giorgia ' s vetfran tpam opened the 1938 season against ayne University of Detroit, April 20. With five Icttermen returning prospects were bright for a successful season. The loss of Aaron Cohn, 19. 7 Captain, was deeply felt by the team. Captain Albert Jones headed the returning lettcrmen, followed b) ' Max Lindsay, Plott Hrice, Ed Southerland, and Hilton Wall. Jones, Bricc, and Southerland are seniors; Lindsay and Wall are juniors. For number six position on the team a fight was being waged with John McDermott, A. L. Weill, and Ernest Vandiver as the leading contenders. For the opening match Georgia again meets Wayne University. With a month of practice behind them the netmen will seek to avenge last year ' s defeat by this same team. After Vl ' ayne the team plays Alabama, Tech, and Mississippi College in Athens. I ollowing the Southeastern Conference Tournament in New Orleans the netmen will play Emory and Tech in Atlanta and then journey north for matches with Scwanee, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky. In dual meets last year, the Bulldog netmen defeated Emory, Clemson twice, Augusta Junior College. The team dropped matches with X ' ayne, Florida, and Tech. A match with Mississippi was rained out with Georgia leading in the singles. Vl ' ith the five lettermen returning, Georgia is looking to a better season than the last year ' s record of tour wins anil four losses. TENNIS TEAM Max Lindsay Aibiri Joms, CipUini Ed Southiriand Pi OTT Brict Hilton Wall f m L_iit fAXWc Albert Jones, Plott Brice, Max Lindsay, Aaron Cohn. -382- • ••••• l i omait i :::r-i-llilcliCS WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Prtiiiitnt - . ■ Vicr-PmiJenl . WooDvii.Lt Campbell . Mary Littlk .... lloikry HiLMA Ghff.slinc . Bjikrlhjll ■ ■ ■ -Mary Redfearn Suicrr Freddie Hill . . . Trnnii Virginia Nelson . Golf Dorothy [arnican Archery .... Frances Lockman Baifball VI ' inifred King . . W. A. A. COUNCIL OFFICERS 1938. . . . Columbus 19J9 Macon Treasurer Sfcrc jry . ■ Margaret Alt 19J . RuBiE Steele 193 1939 1959- 1938 1938 1938 1938 1938. Hones jftfs SPORTS MANAGERS . . . Greensboro Djiice Cliih ■ ■ .Bltty White 193 . . Albany Piitx-l ' inix ■ ■ ■ Nina Fuller 193 • ■ . Athens VolUybull ■ ■ ■ Martha Virginia Smith . ■ 193 . Lockliart, S. C. Outing Club ■ ■ .Mario.n Khrharut .... 193 .... Alliens Rifiery Kuith i ' ooD 193 . Lockhart, S. C. limit Club ■ ■ ■ Virginia Ashford 193 • . . Vi ' oodbine Dolphin .... Ken.non Hl.sdfrson . • . 193 Vt ' ANELi.F Miles 1939 Blackslu . Aclanti . Decatur . Columbus . . Atlanta . Decatur . . Atlanta . . Athens . . Athens Carrollton CO-ORDINATE W. A. A. OFFICERS PrtiiJenI Minnie Schriibir 1940 Brunswick Vice-PreiiJnil Bebe Gallahlr 1941 Atlanta . Srcrelaiy Martha Bishoi ' 1940 Un.idilla . SPORTS MANAGERS BaikelbiiU Maybfth Carithers 1940 . thens . Archery Caroline Burson 1940 Camilla Hockey and Soccer Bobbii Dell Stockton 1941 Atlanta . Dancinn Vai.i ria Burroughs Suiniming Margaret M Piurson .... Golf Betty Scott Tennii Ninette Payni Volleyball Dorothy Frank Rifiery Harriet Dozifr Outing Frances Marchmont 1941 Aiuilant VnlleybjII Jane Collins 1941 Sororities d. p. E. A. G. D. . K. D. K. D. K. D. 1940 Brunswick D. D. D. 1940 Brunswick K. A. T. 1940 Rome A. D. P. 1941 Atlanta 1941 Decatur A. G. D. 1941 Tifton A. G. D. Atlanta K. A. T. Decatur D. D. D. 384- The purpose ot the Women ' s Athletic Asso ciation is to promote the health ide.ils; lo foster true sportsmanship, and to create interest in athletics through wholesome recreational activities. The governing Council of the Association is composed of elected officers and managers of sports of both Senior and Junior divisions. The V. A. A. is affiliated with the National Athletic lederation of College Vi ' omen, and the Georgia Athletic I-ederation of College Women. Last spring the twenty-inch intramural silver loving cup was awarded to the Kappa Delta Sorority at the annual W. A. A. banquet, and a plaque was presented to Alpha Delta Pi, who won second place. The intramural program this year created much excitement. Points are being given for participation, for the first four places, and for the winner of the consolation tournament. Swim! Girl! Swim! Phi Mu won the silver loving cup for swimming meet honors, whdc Alpha Delta Pi was vic- torious in the volleyball tournament in which 23 5 girls participated. A strike! This was heard often during our bowling tournament whicii was held tor the first time this year, and which was won by .Mpha Delta Pi. The basketball title went to .Mpha Chi Omega, and Delta Phi Epsilon captured the ping- pong championship. The spring quarter rolls around, and the whole campus is wondering which team will win the baseball, tennis, golf, and archery tournaments, and ultimately the silver loving cup. At present. Alpha Delta Pi is leading in the race with Phi Mu running a close second. -385 THE 1938 PANDORA DANCE CLUB The Dance Club has improved both in form and technique during the year under the able supervision and instruction of our always interested and co-operative advisor. Miss Helen Priest. The Dance Club had been particularly fortunate this year in having the opportunity of attending recitals given by Carola Goya, Spanish dancer, and also Ruth St. Dennis, famous American dancer and teacher. At informal receptions the club had been benefited very much by discussions with these artists. The Dance Club also attended the Jooss European Ballet in Atlanta, March 17. The main projects of the year ti)r the club have been participation In the .uiiiual Stunt Night, during tlie tall quarter, the annual Dance Club Recital, a demonstration of technique in Atlanta at the American Association of Health .iiul I ' livsi- cal Education Convention, and the sponsoring of the American Ballet Caravan during the spring quarter. The many activities of the club during the year and the opportunities afforded for its expansion arc evidences of the increasing interest in the dance group and its progressing place in university life. OFFICERS Betty White President Miss Hllin Priist Fiiciilfy Adihor MEMBERS Margaret Alt Catherine Burkhart Maybeth Carithers Ni.LL Coleman Kaihryn Colvin Frances Domineck Fri i nii Hill . l. Rv Little Everlyn Norton Mary Redfearn Sara Jo Smith Betty White 386- THE 1938 PANUUKA RIFLE SQUAD The rifle squai m.idc up of the twenty-five girls who li.iil the highest scores during the try-out period for the squad at the beginning of the season. The squad shot in telegraphic meets against other women ' s college teams all over the United States. At the end of the season the twelve girls who had shot the highest scores were picked for the rifle team. These girls will receive medals on Military Awards Day. The team was coached by Major Albert H. Peyton of the Military Department. Maybeth Carithers GwEN Collins Frances Cowart Mary Frances Crabb RIFLE TEAM Dor Frank NOR.MA Gkllr Frances Lockman Daphne Parks Virginia Pi v lo.v Sara Jo Smith Constance Thomas Elizabeth Weir Margaret Alt Margaret Beasley Nancy Branyon Eleanor Eckiord RIFLE SQUAD Nell Manner Freddie Hill Betty McConnell Virginia Nelson Selwyne Porter Joyce Rakesiraw Annie Lee Sherrue Elizabeth Taylor Hink " oo ) -387- THE 1938 PANDORA DOLPHIN CLUB Dolphin Club, founded in 1936, was organized expressly for women students in the University who are able to pass advanced swimming standards. The club meets weekly and affords especial enjoyment during the cooler months when out- door swimming is impossible. Each year Dolphin Club sponsors a scries of events which included this year a Novice Swimming Tournament, a Splash Party with men each quarter, and the final swimming pageant. OFFICERS Klnnon Hendlrson I ' rciiiliiit Nina Fuller Vice-PresiJcnf Frances Haskell Sccrctiir -Trttisiircr ROLL Margaret Alt Ann Gibson Betty McConnell Louise Beaver Virginia Grii-mth Margaret McPherson Valeria Burroughs I rancls Haskell Martha Parr Pauline Cargill Kennon Henderson Rosemary Peck Maybeth Carithers Sadie Hodgson Peggy Price Woody Campbell Margaret Horne Joyce Rakestraw Louise Chandler Ann How i i i Mary Elizabeth Rose GwEN Collins Phyllis Jenkins Sara Jo S.mith Jane Jackson Collins Eleanor Key Ji an Sortore Harriet Dozier Eiizabiim I.ankin Iliriiii Tut Thesis Fowler Linda Lee Ruth Waller Dor Frank Jane LeRoux Mary Watson Martha Iranklin Elizabeth Lucas Makiiia Wmiiakir Nina Fuller 1-rances Marchmont Eii Aiii m Wii r 388- THE 1938 PANDORA HUNT CLUB Hunt Club was organized last spring by the members of the advanced Riding Class. Its purpose is to promote riding among the women on the campus and to offer more opportunity for the development of skill and grace. During the year Hunt Club has been very active. The members have taken many enjoyable Breakfast Rides together and also have ridden several times with the Jockey Club. Much progress has been made for so young an organization and very much more is expected in the future. Virginia Ashiord I. II LiAN XX ' ai Kl R . OFFICERS President Secretary-Treasurer Virginia Ashford Sara Frances Boyd Catherine Jane Burkhart WooDviLLE Campbell Maybeth Carithers Mary Frances Crabs Rannie Geisler ROLL Kennon Henderson Freddie Hill Florence Jackson Eleanor Key Virginia Peyton Louise Price Evelyn Pollock Sara Jo Smith Elizabeth Taylor Lillian Walker Elizabeth Wier Grace Wilbanks Martha Wineburg Myra Harris -389- THt iVJd PANDORA S. A, E. Winner o Governor ' s Cup Last Year NTR AMURA L SPORTS FALL QUARTER Tennis Won by Chi Phi Cross-Country Race . Won by Candler Hall Golf . . Won by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Rifle Match . . . Won by Forestry Club Touch Football X Club League . . Won by Old College Blue Key League, Won by Sigma Alpha Kpsilon Sanford League . Won by Candler Hall Finals .... Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Candler Hail, Co-Ch.impions Boxing . . Sigma Nu and Lambda C;hi Alplia, Co-Champions Total Participants 1148 WINTER QUARTER BasKI TDALL X Club League . Won by Lambda Chi Alpha Blue Key League, ' on by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sanford League . . Won by Candler Hall Finals . . Won by Lambda Chi Alpha Gamf oi 21 Won by Sigma Nu Bowling V ' on by Sigma Nu Soccer . . . Won by Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pocket Bii mards . . Won by Kappa Alpha Total Participants 910 s Cup: SPRING QUARTER The Groups participated in the following sports: Softball, Swimming, Track, Volleyball and Ping- Pong. Points for the Ciovernor Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Nu . I imbda Chi Alpha K.ippa Alpha Phi Delta Thcta . . :i " JiL Cross-Country Team Candler Hall Winner Golf Team S. A. E. Winners -390- BOOK EIGHT rE TO r£5 H i AOS R. O. T. C. Summer Resort ... It Didn ' t Work . . . W. A. A. All Dressed Up . . . Ex-Pandorites . . . The Nearest to Heaven They ' ll Ever Get . . . Morn- ing After the Phi Ep ' Breakfast ' . . . Cow Omegas Graze . . . Tea Sippers ... Phi Mus Waiting for Dates . . . Georgia Colonels, Suh!!! 4 i THROUGH THE YEAR AT GEORGIA Three thousand thirty-six students arrive at the " Oldest Chartered State University " to a ain set all-time record. Says " Uncle Tom, " " This enrollment exceeds last year ' s by )I9. " Military students returned to find Joe Gil- lespie new Cadet Colonel. As usual, everyone was well satisHed with appomtnicnts. U ' illis Jackson, sidekick of Helen Northcutt, leads the " walking boys " and number one Forestry Stu- dent Dou Hpperson is in direct charge of " the Horsele Cavalry. " Allen Davi . currvcomb m - V nXLf- ' " m REGISTRATION IN C-_-._: --. shiner, " would-be Colonel " Buster Mathews, take char ;e ot a troop each. Lieute nant ' addy McGint , Captain of Scabbard and Blade, regis- ters disgust as he becomes a lieutenant, and Cap- tain Vance again fails to become an honorary member. Freshmen learn sad news concerning placement test as University employs " Mechanical Brain " to grade papers. First place winner is Bill White, Richmond, Va., boy, who finally pledged K. A. in spite of Sigma Chi adiliations through Grand- father VC. D. Hooper. Alpha Gam ' s Polly Ram- sey is the " most intelligent " girl, according to grades. Dyar Massey, first term editor of the South ' s Pre-eminer r College Weekly (RvJ and Black to you) gets ambitious and publishes 1 6 -page issue. CADET COLONEL GILLESPIE Later in quarter he changes his stationery to read Scmi- ( ' eckly. Students, overcome by added work of having to read paper twice a week protest and weekly basis is resumed under Editor Holmes. CAPTAIN McGINTy Business Manager B. C. Kinney reveals plans for three new bryc buildings in expansion. Fond- THE GREAT HUDSON est hope of Professor Ed Everett is finally real- ized as Biftad-sponsored Men ' s Rest RiMims are installed in Academic Buildmg. Down goes tra- dition. Additional props and veneer added to New College but Old College retains unimproved condition and tradition survives. University begins to take in washing as Coach Johnny Broadna opens but ton -snatching, collar ripping establl hn1ent in basement of Memorial Hall. Laundry proves successful after improving i)uality and reducing quantity. Campus Leader P. J. (Punch Judy) Hudson sells Freshman caps to cover the heads of bald first-year men. H.eJ jtiJ fl jtA ' i Business Man- ager Bull Durham, stands by Hudsun in same line and attempts to sell subscriptions " to send back home. " New mark set by sororities as 185 pledge in Npiie of removal of date cards from dormitory SHE ' S COMING TO boxes. Phi Eps secure usual three, among frater- nities, while Sigma Chis, with the aid of a ban- quet and CottitHution Sports Editor, Ralph Mc- Gill, send in the largest number of post cards to the Dean of Men. Transfer Jerry Rivers, daughter of the Oov- ernor, surrenders to the A. D. Pis after hectic rush week. Fay (Many -Rocks) Frederick trans- fers from Vassar and pledges Phi Mu. Influence of 32 million is felt at the Phi Mu House as new Victrola Record is purchased. Atlanta pink, Marion Barber, decides against A. D. Pi and goes Tri Uelt. Sororities punish men students at University as cries of tealcss dances begin. Collegians and THE OvtiiNORS AUGm;£R UUT UUUK MAN BENNETT Bulldogs 6ght for opportunities to play for af- fairs at which new pledges meet the campus jellies. University extends testing oi tubercular cattle ID ihosc registered in the University. Anne Ir- 395- j DOCTOR LAWYER . . BEGGAR-MAN . . CHIEF . . McGregor ' s equipment Will Please You 50 Years of Service to Commercial Offices, Schools and Personal Needs KEEP THE HABIT of PATRONIZING J I THE McGregor company 321 E. Clayton Street ATHENS. GA. 1888 1938 HARRY F. DOBBS, INC. 1928 - 1938 TEN YEARS ' SERVICE Hotels, Restaurant, and Institution Supplies 287 Peachtrcc, N. E. ATLANTA : : GEORGIA Merchants and Mechanics Bank James B. Key, President Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Columbus ( I Gforgia I i The Best Dressed Men Wear i m m THE SCHWOB CO. ALBANY COLUMBUS ATHENS Lagrange ATLANTA MACON SAVANNAH -396 win faints. Gentle and jweet-dispo»iiioncd Dr. Florence thoruu ;hly cnjuys needle sticking proc- ess, and i ' l-C with pleasure on lar ;c red spots, indicative oi positive reaction. X ' A4icrman tests also utTcred. Morris Abrani, Hean Covin ;ttin, and Bobby Kiu elected to head law classes. l- ' lizabetb Matins anticipates leadin ; t ut Barrister ' s Ball. Tap Bennett, editor-in-chief ot last year ' % Pandora, Sphinx, Phi Beta Kappa, and what have you, postpones law studies and accepts ex- change scholarship to (Jermany. Homecoming rolls around brin in the orches- tras ot Frank Oailey and Frank La Marr, deco- rations sponsored by Bit ' tad, football game with .Mercer, fraternity butfet suppers, and inebriated alumni. In spite of Hditor Massey ' s protests against drinking; n j ames. it continues. Pi K. A. S X EETHEARTS OF SIGMA CHI wins decorations, Latimer and Hudson lead out dances with out-of-town dates, and Georgia, of course, wins game. Sphinx elects three — Baxter, Massey, ind Ro ldenberry. Sigma Chi ' s publicity stunt pulled for second time. Toni Summers, smiling Tri Delt Pledge, is CORN SHUCKERS crowned as Sweetheart and Kappa Deltas again J mass the largest number of points to win with Jthlctic pledges. Another second -time winner. Alpha Gam ' s Fay Todd is named Modern Venus. Alpha Chi ' s Theresa Clore is heaviest and best corn shuckcr. REIDS SUCCESSOR Students formerly without entertainment for the week-end invited to Physical Fd Building pro- vided they are perfect specimens of health. Gym ' s standard size pool is opened for two hours every Sunday afternoon. CARUSO Aghon, highest honor on Ag Hill, elects eight men who parade before football crowd in over- alls, bandannas, et al.. jolt about University Cam- pus in wagon, pulled by hay-burners. Communication between dormitories facilitated by dial tel ephone system as Frank Rigdon and Vt ' cetic Tift pose for pictures on front page of Re J an J Blitik. Outstanding feature of dials — provides subiect for discussion at six ' oman ' s Pan -Hellenic meetings. New sucker club, or national fraternity, comes to University as Phi Delta Chi is installed. Six men consider themselves honored to be elected. Homecon Club learns art of reviving limp cor- sages much to excitement of down-trodden men students. Z Club gives dance but none oi mem- bers rate the flowers, so advice goes wasted. Kemum I Icnderson, forensic goddess of the ntonotone and David ' alker, Demosthenian Hli- busterer, entertain students with debate entitled " Mrs. Roosevelt Is An Ideal First Lady. " Kcn- non deserts topic to low rate Major. Poverty-ridden Pan -Hellenic Council reveals loss of S6.M on Homecoming dances. Students expected such a statement in spite of large gate re ceipts. Meantime, University gives free dance followmg Geor ia-Tulane game. Both Collegians and Bulldogs blare forth into the ears of money- savers and Fd C.unnmgham shines. Old College tends invitation to Cunningham with statement: ' Your presence not only undesirable but will not be tolerated. " Cunningham fails to show up as Old College has dance each quarter. Isabelle Reid takes all honors on the campus, has nervuus bn-akdown, throws much-coveted honors in the waste basket to the unbounded joy FIVE CENTS A RIDE of ambitious Katherine Patillo and kittenish Vir- ginia Barficld. Reid summons all the strength of an iron constitution and struggles on, reigning supreme over the activities, political and other- wise, of the Tri Dclis. Dean Tate, in an effort to attract evasive Freshmen to chapel, promises to sing " The Wreck ■TURTLE HEAD ' EDITOR HOLMES • I the Old Ninety-Seven, " and carries out threat. 1 reshman cuts increase as Tate retires to oflice duties, giving up Metropolitan ambitions. Georgia students shiver through freezing week- end in Columbus to tec Auburn and Georgia tie, 0-0. " Turtle Head " Hudson, artificially stim- -397- Drink Delicious and Refreshing Pure refreshment MEET YOUR FRIENDS »« - i t . t4B» • B R S E AT o D S A T A jnj %9 F o U fe« MbW - 5- U R ■m S r N A wl P- T A N I T N i " " " " " ' " " " student C( filter Since 1908 -398- ulitcd, Icadt pjrjJo through town and entcrtJins radio audience throughout the M ' nic. Home-town Kirh entertain with buffet kuppert and " Dog " Chancellor take alt the Chi Phi brother home, including Murl Ciopcland. Long-campaigncd ' for busses at last come to the campus. Thumbing, discouraged by University .tut hori ties, still provides cheap rides though bus tickets are only Hve cents. Taxi drivers com- plain loudly, reduce prices to equal bus rates. city council interferes, and rates climb back m original prices. Capers Holmes, Sigma Chi big shot, climbs to the top of the RcJ anJ Btaik masthead. Bull REFLECTIVE CROUSE Durham continues to hold the purse strings of the campus weekly. Scott Graves follows Alpha Gam ' s Margaret Beaslcy to editorship of the Georgia Arch. Amid the glamour of formal suppers and tirst- nighter regalia, Eddie Grouse presents " Ah Wil- derness. " starring Childish Bob McCuen. Hu- morous Bud Hammack, in the light of previous experience, carries out to perfection his role as drunkard. Caroline Brosseau and Virginia Eason make their debuts. Chi Psis open format season with dance in ' oodruff. their first in several years. Alpha ELEANOR " BRAINS ' J. WILLIAMS Gams follow with Christmas Tree and red dressev. University business office profits six dollars b conveniently failing to heat the scene of thv brawl. Football thriller of the year, Georgia ties Tech, and students celebrate to music of Art Kassel at fech armory. Eeaiure play ut tlic game is Bill GRAND MARCH Mart man ' s field -length run. Phi Mu pinks give high-brow entertainment to the exclusion of low- ly Georgia students. Predicted bv sports writers as future wife M Captain Bill Hartman, Ruth landers, dramati . LANDERS MOURNS BEHER SOCIAL RELATIONS A. D. Pi. deserts Crouse and play to attend Miam game as " Mus Georgia. " Bill fails to return t school, no marriage, and nothing more is heard ot the matter. Back to school after Christmas Holidays, 42 students are surprised to find themselves on the Dean ' s List. Eleanor Williams, high grade win- ner, was not surprised — she expected it. Eol lowing thirty- four years later in footsteps of C ommerce Sch4M l ' s Dean R. P. Brooks, Lane Timmons, |9 7 valedictorian, is named as Rhiules Scholar. New football coach. Joel Hunt, is welcomed to Athens to replace Marry Mehrc. Other departces are Rex Enright, Catfish Smith, and Ted Twomcy. Newcomers are allacc Butts, lUmer Lampe, and |. V. Sikcs. LEADER OUTERS Sponsored by Cora Cheney, Alpha Chi Omega comes to the University to replace the chartering group of Alpha Chis. Installation is carried out amidst bant uet, teas and dance. University in- rtuence proved good for visiting sister Adrien Labauve from L, S. U., so she came to the Classic City for good. University witnesses and enjoys first fraternity sorority formal staged by K. D. and Pi K. A. Nude statuary proved distracting to dancers but was declared O. K. by Mrs. Rhodes. Claude Davidson orders three orchids loo many for brothers, almost causing his political downfall. Tiller family buys new automobile, so little son, Guy, Jr., returns to the city to continue his " education. " Me is remembered for his last year ' s unworthy criticism of Panikira and its editor Tap Bennett. Ele fails to regain Roddy RatclifT position on RfJ anJ BUck, but manages to dig through " A Year Ago and Now. " GUINEA PIGS 399- I New and Used Text Books ! School Supplies and Novelties I Wc Pfli Cash for LhcJ Books GEORGIA BOOK STORE I f 103 Collese Avenue Next to Varsity | Q ROOM KsiABUSHED 1912 Ecjuipwciil - Scriicc - Em irininniil The Best BILLIARDS - SODA - SMOKES DIXIE SIGN CO. 157 2 College Avenue Phone 9176 MOON-WiNN Drug Co. ' The Store of Personal Sen ice ' DRUGS I SODA j I ) I CIGARS J PATRICK ' S PHARMACY SANDWICHES Cotiiplhiieiifs of S. H. KRESS CO. 5-10-25-CENT STORE I I M MERRf BROTHERS BRICK i TILE Face Brick Common Brick Structural Tile The South ' s Largest Manufacturers Established 1899 j AUGUSTA I GEORGIA .400- OCIETV EDITOR Conu ' s ihc jnnnunccmcni in che campus weekly that a newly or ;ani ed club, tor ihe purptisc ol creatinK better social rvlaiionN anu n ; students on the campus, will make its Jebui on the Co-ordi- nate Campus with a dance. Students attend dance, remam stuck for hours, and go home with bitter thou ;hts towards club ' s or ani ers: M. W. H. (Billy) Collins, hrcddie (Boss) Vi ' ickham. Phyllis (Jinx) Jenkins. Bob (Dimples) Norman, Sara (Tugboat) Payne, and " Lithpin ; " £ ' igj;ic Cabaniss. Bringing unprecedented publicity to the Uni- versity, five Psychology students stay awake tor 100 hours under observation of Dr. A. S. Kd- wards. Most important result of the experiment is the " love bug " biting Robert Schnaut . and Saidec Hodgson. So after the contest is over Saidee stays up another 12 hours to be initiated into Kappa Alpha Theta. Forming an X and a horseshix on the floor of X ' oodrufT. the Chi Omegas headed by Sydney Mc ' hortcr and Albert Jones, give their annual Formal on the foggiest night of the year. The A. D. Pis, their chief rivals for the scholarship cup. don ' t attend but stay at home, study and win the award. GEORGIA BULLDOG Junion in Law School, finding little else to do. adopt " Distinctive " black cravats at suggestion of Dean Alton Mosch. Professor Tom Green, upon being presented with tic in class, dons it on the spot and proudly wears same. Biggest brawl of the year ctimes dtl with K. A. ' s " Xild X ' est Party, " closely watched by MK ' ial committee and presided over by " lea-sipping " President George Spcnce. Rannie Geissler glides down the coral light nn Spencer ' s arm in the lead-out. Indian Squaw, C ' harlcs Kirbo, with negro papoose, staggers away with pri e. A. D. Pi formal follows; less glamour, less fun, less peo- ple, more dancing. Martha Selman imports future husband. Vivian Maxwell, for lead-out. KtA ami Rl 4iik k ' i man s Fdiior. Clara Belle Mooks, is hounded by publicity seeking fraterni- ties and sororities as formats continue to be the bore of the week-ends. Tuxedos become thread- bare, as well as boys ' p(Kketbix ks because of in- creased demands for corsages. Tux shirts do double duty on Friday and Saturday nights — art gum and white powder become cleaners, re- placing the proverbial Chinaman. Without the usual fanfare of a lead -out. Pi Kappa Phi, with Bill Benton and Kappa Delta ' s I leanor Strickland, dance to the music of the deorgia ( ollegians. A good time is had by all. t iiltowing in ifiiick succession come formals spon- by Sigma Nu. A. O. Pi. A. T. O., Delta Tau Delta. S. A. F., Sophomores and Freshmen. Some import out-of-town orchestras but the ma- jority, because of limited finances, are forced to put up with the Bulldogs or Collegians. The A. T. O.s import the best M-piece band of the year and throw the worst dance as usual. For those who are able to appreciate the higher arts, Hugh Hodgson and Lamar Dodd sponsor a PANDORAS PHOTOGRAf ' HER Music Festival and Art Exhibit. Proves successful and even a few students attend along with prom- inent representatives from over the state. To make the annual jaunt to the states north of the Mason and Dixon, Morris Abram, Harry Baxter, Milton Brown, and Cam Dorsey, Jr., are chosen. They report a very eventful trip featur- ing successive run-ins with Pennsylvania cops, and culminating in New York City where the usual round of night clubs is made. Fraternities and sororities check up on pledge grades, argue with the Dean, demand initiation fees, brush the dust off the rituals and paraplier- nalia, order new supply of pins, and add new names to the chapter rolls. Fxclusive Violets lead the list with a mere 99 for " 18. i-UMBERMCK BALL Kni and Black ' s ace publicity man. Fd Rogers, begins to wonder why the bulldog for Georgia ' s mascot, and much research reveals no answer. Pacemaker paptr adds new life and action to reg- ular routine news by establishing photo depart- ment and adding pictures, borrowing Pandora ' s photographer. Bill McNiel. For the second time. Delta Phi Fpsilon, " the girls on University Drive, " win the coveted intra- mural debate cups. Kappa Alpha Theta, repre- sented by Joanna Stcgeman and Marion Ebcr- hardt come second. John E. Drewry, Director of Mr. Grady ' s School of Journalism, sends thirty of his future " editors of Georgia " over to Atlanta to observe the antics of the state legislative ztK». Most of Mr. Grady ' s boys and girls, believing they know- more than the trained performers, slip away to the hot dog stands. Only publicity-loving Guille- beau. Nell Winship, and Fran Yates remain until they are invited to sit on the speaker ' s rostrum. Backwoods University students, devoid of civ- ilized manners, get a break as library announces it has purchased Emily Post ' s latest edition. Ernest HE PAyS OUR BILLS MY, WHAT BIG FEET! (Strictly Rural) Phillips. Katherinc Hosch, and X ' oodic Campbell have their names on the waiting list. Not because it is any news of future value, but because he pays the bills for the Pandoka, mention is made of the appendectomy of Sol " Porky The Pig " Singer. Lumberjack Forestry Club members crawling behind Lloyd Vf ' ebb and Wilma Gamble form the pass-out for the annual brawl. Invitations arc typical of the whole affair. The petticoat brigade, sponsored by the ( ' . A. A., gave the men on the campus a chance to feel the pangs of being stuck, from the woman ' s an- gle, at the girl-break dance. Best line shooters oi the night prove to be Flovd Newton. Norman Camp and Franklin Home. U ' oodie Campbell imported an A. T. O. from Columbu ' . to head the lead-out. Phi Delta Thctas try being different » ' ith a Bowery Ball, exclusively for Phi Dclts. No prizes are given, no favors, bui the refreshments flow freely. To regain popularity (??????) on the campus, they entertain with an open tea dance. Paul Marshall swings the leader ' s whip ac the Milk Bottle, Bingo, Beauty Contest on Ag Hill. -401 COMPLIMENTS Ol- eum AX HOSIERY MILLS THE 19 3 8 PANDORA is bound in a KINGSKRAFT COVER DESIGN ATHENS GEORGIA KINGSKRAFT PRESS KINGSPORT :: TENN. COMPLIMENTS O - NORRIS HARDWARE CO. " Ei ' cryfbiii} in Hard u arc " Phone 57 VISIT OUR GIFT DEPARTMENT SIMMONS COMPANY ATLANTA GEORGIA MARTIN P ROS. j SHOE REBUILDERS j Work Called tor and DclivLTcd I Phones 621 and 717 IB! and 455 Clayton St. || I RED DUCK BOWLING ALLEY j BOWL DAILY j and I KEEP HEALTHY 402- This is the third annual -l-H Club Carnival and they still have the nerve to charge admission. Seniors mana);c to stir up excitement over the distribution of class rinj;s for two days. Nothing happens to kevp them in the news but the stu- dents boldly announce that they have no inten- tions of the ta culcy members bein); in charge of THATS " BUNNy ON THE LEFT the distribution. The faculty doesn ' t care any- way, so the matter is dropped. Next to the biggest week-end of the year is March 4th, featuring the Military Ball with Reg- gie Childs, Pandora Beauty Review and Fashion Show, and the second play of the year, " Kind PANDORAS BEAUTIES Lady. " Beauties tremble smilingly down the aisle of Pound Auditorium, trying desperately to show nonchalance. " Kind Lady. " an effort to be mysterious . . . " Chilling, " in fact, stars Montez Dcbnam and John Lester, flelen Mergendoller and Bud Ham- LOOK BEHIND VOU mack uphold the humorous roles, while Doll Mann, lileva Smith and Melvin Pollock take the more dramatic parts ctTectivcly at times. Alpha Gam ' s Lois Bridges, with Cadet Colonel Joe Gillespie, marches out under the rusty sabers oi the first advanced military men. Keepin g in step with them are Helen Northcutt with VC ' illis Jackson, and Virginia Fpps with Douglas Epper- son. Scabbard and Blade members are tapped at the dance and later breakfast at Costa ' s. Beanery caters continue to stuff on sixty gal- lons of skimmed milk and forty-four pounds ot butter daily. This is not inclusive of the fish pies, chicken-a-la-hunt, and weekly hash sup- pers, so highly esteemed by the boarders there. Only three hundred eat beanery food per day. Lynn Brannen struggles through spring quar- ter as editor of the Arch, while Eugene Phillips is elected to handle what business the magazine may encounter. They expect to put out four pages each issue filled with short, stale jokes, features, and the five dollar prize story. Don STAR y. W. C. A. HEAD Carter is chosen editor of the ReJ anJ Black for the last quarter and dictates to the listless read- ers. Marjoric Mann, helped by the A. D. Pi politi- :al machines and other friends, is elected presi- dent of Y. V. C. A. Bob McKnight. Pi Kappa Phi junior, responding to the call of the majority decides to become number one stooge of Eddie L. Secrest for the coming year, later rates Medical School and gives job to Flmon Vickeri. After so many years, the University faculty, alarmed by the small consumption of alcoholic bcvcraget, appeals to students, at a last resort, to solve the problem. Pete Tinsley decides to take the students ' side of the situation in hand. In a feeble attempt to perpetuate the memory of the high scholastic attainment of one Julian Halliburton, and alarmed at the lack of clubs and honorary societies on the campus, Dean Wil- liam Tate decides to install a chapter of Phi Fia Sigma for Phi Beta Kappa rushees. Dick Young bemoans the fact that he entered the University a year too soon. To the disgust of those who plan such things in advance, Gus Cleveland, the man who would abolish politics from all elections, is chosen pres- ident of Phi Kappa Literary Society for the third quarter. Cleveland innocently accepts the posi- WILD MAN PETE lion unopposed. Millard Adair manages to hand out the most cigars and succeeds Charlie Kirbo as head of the Demosthenian clique. He also follows Joe Prathcr as president of the (ockev Club or " Pony Express Boys. " Not that it makes any dillerencc, or that any- body carc s, but because Norman Camp keeps tormenting us, we mention here the arrival of Miss Anne Finch from Texas to install a local chapter of Pi Beta Phi. Dean Hendren. unable to understand the un- usual brilliance of University students, decides to save work for the registrar ' s office by cutting SCHOLAR HALLIBURTON .403- University Chevrolet Co. DuRWARD Watson, ' 28, President ... ! i I i I Order for Any Graduating- Year j I Washin3ton St. Phone 1856 I I You arc ALWAYS welcome uf j Crow ' s Cut-Rate Drug Store J I 255 E. Clayton i Athens, Ga. LAMAR LEWIS COMPANY Athens ' Largest Shoe Store NuNN-BusH and Bob Smart Snots i Coniplhncnfs of . . . I FINDLEY DRY CLEANERS I ACROSS FROM THE ARCH i i i i I I UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA CLASS RING Information Needed — Degree Course Year Size Stone Graduates and Seniors eligible Send .ill rings to us joy repairs ARNOLD AND ABNEY Grocers and Bakhrs Across the Street from Costa ' s A Variety of Bread nt All Times ! I I I I In mis h Yonr Home With STERCHI BROS. Good Furniture Designed and Manufactured Excliisicely by HERFF - JONES COMPANY ATLANTA OFFICE i I M. S. CANFIELD 1560 N. Decatur Rd. I j 404 duwn the Dean ' s List to the upper tive per cem in each school, to be announced annuilly. The De Renne Library, acquired by the Uni- versity through the efforts of I r. " Merto " Coul- Pl BETA PHI ter, gives added material for the students to have dates over. Coulter ' s students regret lack oi off days since his reason for leavinK town has been brought to the University. Hugh Hodg ' on shoves his hair backward in true artistic style as " Cavalleria Rusticania " is sung by the glee clubs, drowned out by a thirtv- ZOOMI I I five piece Little Symphony Orchestra. Martha Emma " Flash " Watson gargles the heroine ' s part and Luther Bridges moos for mamma while gu7- Img beer on the stage. David Barrow, Jean I ' cabody and .Martha Rauzin also sang, especially Barrow-. .Morris . bram on Little Commencement X ' eek- end, shines alone as the High and Mighty Sphinx elects only sine for the sprmg quarter. In spite of dire predictions to the contrary he manages to keep s|uiet f«ir one day. Providing a good orches- tra for a change, the Pan-Hellenic Council pre- sents Kay Kyser, Virginia Sims, Ish Kabibbic, Harrv Babbitt and Sully Mason. As usual, spirits llow freely at Phi Lp House following the Friday night dance. LITTLE COMMENCEMENT A. I). Pi political machine continues to func- tion following " Y " elections, as Mary Neel is elected to head Women ' s Student Government for ' l8- ' 39. Phi Mu and Kappa Delta candidates, Mary Little and Jane Coffin, respectively, won- der. Neel replaces last of the Tri Delt big shots, " Smitty " Smith. Dubbed an " ace publicity stunt, " by Emory ' s Wheel, Georgia Anh sponsors Men ' s Beauty Con- test. Dark Horse Spotsworth Preston, stray Beta Theta Pi, comes first, followed by Sigma Nu ' s Frank Bickersiatf and P. J. Hudson. Failure on the part of some of the contestants to arrive delays tea dance for forty-five minutes while Pan-Hell Treasurer, Tom Abney, searches fran- tically for Anh Editor Lynn Brannen. And so Paniiora goes to press after what has been on the whole a very successful and a vers enjoyable year for all. But before we close, let us take this opportunity to express our thanks to those who make this book possible. To a large corps of Freshman and Sophomore workers who spend long afternoons typing rolls, filing pictures, and recording numbers. Especially do we ap- preciate the fine work done by Sophomore Bill .McN ' icI, our staff photographer, who is never without his camera; also that of X ' oman ' s Editor Virginia Barficid, who took over a difficult task in the middle of the first quarter and performed it well. Much work on the Pandoiia is done by the Business Staff, while their work is of such a nature that wc sometimes tend to ovcrltmk them. Sol and his boys have done an excellent job. The saddest day of the year arrives for Pan- riORA, election da — it becomes necessary to pick MOST POPULAR WOMAN ' S EDITOR 8ARFIE10 from three Junior Editors, who have worked faithfully for three years, an Editor-in-Chief and a .Managing Editor. The most difficult choice in Panikira ' s history is to be made by the electoral board between Floyd Newton. Norman Camp, and Marion DuBosc, all experienced and capable workers. And since the choice must be made, wc say to Floyd and Norman — " the job is yours. " -405 ■— y BEST FOOD Courteous Service TONY ' S CAFE Famous for Fine Steaks Phone 1471 GEORGIA MOTOR EXPRESS Incorporated ATLANTA ATHENS BIRMINGHAM Phono Phone Phone WAInut 1293-94-95 626 3-2293 I ' dsf Dc pciidable Motor ire fib and Express Service SERVING LOCALLY BETWEEN Athens- Atlanta, Atlanta-Gnffin- Amencus-Albany- Thomasville-Tallahassee, Atlanta- Anniston-Birming- ham-Gadsden, Atlanta-Cornelia-Clayton- Asheville, Atlanta-Elbeiion Coiniectioiis to all points in Auierica (18 8 2 I V 1 J The favorite store of University people for 56 of the University ' s I 53 years. I 1 938 j f n V . eve 9 Flowers for All Occasions Clayton Street i Pobtihir Priced DRESSES - COATS - HATS Lesser ' s Apparel Shop ATHENS GEORGIA I -406- L. E. MURRAY Building Specialties 161 Spring St., N. W. I r i ATLANTA GEORGIA j i i I E. WENDLINGER TAILOR I Athens Georgia CODY DAVID, INC. Your Nei bi ui jouJ Dni}i Sfore Phone 9290-9291 1320 PRINCE AVE. ATHENS, GEORGIA EVANS IMPLEMENT COMPANY Distributors McCORMICK-DEERING TRACTORS j and EQUIPMENT Ideal Golf Course and Lau ii Equipment ATLANTA, GEORGIA ( QUALITY SERVICE INDUSTRIAL LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING CO. 142-146 West Clayton Street PHONE 276 ATHENS, GA. I I Photographs of Qualify . . . i ARNETT ' S STUDIO I i 2551 7 N. LUMPKIN ! Southern Mutual Barber Shop The Home of Georgia Boys for 29 Years Fields and Williams, On iters ROYAL Sales - Service - Rental Supplies Typewriter Sales Service Co. D. P. HUDSON, Owner Manager I I 410 Southern Mutual BIdg. Phone 1251 The Burman Printing Co. Phone 926 -407- R. O. T. C. UNIFORMS Ih I I ( mil iMi K WORN BY UNIVIRSITY OF GEORGIA L ' NIVtRSITY OF MICHIGAN Vi ESTERN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Buwiin); Green, Ky. SHATTUCK SCHOOL Faribault. Minn. UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI PILLSBURY ACADEMY Owaconna, Mich. An J Many Others High Quality, All-wool Materials - Tailored to Measure - to Fit with True Military Smartness THE FECHHEIMER BROS. CO. Uniforms for Over Fifty Years CINCINNATI OHIO yalarr-(6ruruia- tranii Athens Co-Operative Creamery Grade-A Milk. ATHENS Pasteurized ami Raw 198 West Hancock Ave. Phone 547 I I GEORGIA I !! Instant Aiiihnlainc Scriicc . . . TWO AMBULANCES Air-Conditioned by Real Ice PHONE 61 Bernstein Funeral Home BROAD STREET ATHENS, GA. JACOB REED ' S SONS 1424-1426 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. iLiiraii v 3Jrnkiiui Shralrrii i i I cad in j; Specialists in Military Uniforms lor 11? years. ATHENS, GEORGIA 408- A LAW sriiooi. UAItlT p. J—iiiqets an u Di) you recall those after-class discussions with some favorite professor? The j)rofundity of his knowledge was reflected in the earnestness in his voice as he cleared I he uncertainty from our mind. How cardul lie was to iiiijiart llir l{EAS() which, as has been so well said, " is the life of the law. MKK1CA 11 h ' iSPRUDENCE states not oiil% ihc rule i.iil al-o the REASON FOR THE RULE. Ilcticf it i ihc hc-l |)o sililc suh-liliilf for ihccoun- r! (it a l)i-l() ' (l professor. This accounts lor the r ii I ilia I many altornc s and judges ha c extra sets Inr ihi-ir Imnie liliraries. Writv tithir firm for full infiirmation TIIK I.AWVFItS r4».4ll . I l IIIJ »IIIM; ( . lt M-ii -Nf r. ' . Y. II AMIIOI- ' T-W IIITM-:% ». • - San l- ' ran -iMi-o. 4 nlif. 409 r:uNN ' c J MEN ' S STORE W J i The University of Georgia j ! Uses • • • MONARCH FINER FOODS HEADQUARTERS FOR COLLEGE MEN i I I ! i I I I 1 ) f I MONTAG BROTHERS, INC. ATLANTA, GA. Makers of BLUE HORSE STUDENT SUPPLIES MONTAG ' S FASHIONABLE WRITING PAPERS • • j I Featuring Quality for Forty Years Exclusive Distributors for Thanksgiving and Goldbar Brands H. L. SINGER CO. THE WHOLESALE FANCY GROCERS OF ATLANTA i GEO. T. SMITH SALES CO. I Distributors for The Bastia n-Blessings Company I 1 I f Soda Fountain, Counter Ice Cream Freezers, Bar | Equipment, Perfex Coffee Urns, Bottling Bars, | Eclipse Carbonators ) ! J. t). W ARl:, Maiux-r j :i8 MiKHUU. Strelt, S. W. ATLANTA, GA. i WALTER BLEDSOE CO. | COAL KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE j 410- THE UP-TO-THE-MINUTE GEORGIA LAWYER CANNOT AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT THE CODE OF eEOR6l A ANNOTATED • Prospectus showing sample pages, price, and easy plan of payment mailed on request. COMPLETE IN 34 BOOKS AND CURRENT POCKET PARTS Contains all the law — the enactments of the Legislature and a digest of the decisions of the courts of last resort in this State, as well as a digest of the de- cisions of the Federal Courts constru- ing the laws of Georgia. Kept to date by Cumulative Pocket Parts making the Code practically perpetual. THE HARRISON COMPANY LAW BOOK PUBLISHERS j 151 Spring Street, N. W. ! HEADQUARTERS Atlanta, Georgia FOR GEORGIA LAW BOOKS j Ml I I I 7 ' - I ) i i All Types of Professional Pbo oi(tiil)bir ! Work 235 N. Lumpkin St. ATHENS Students ' Headquarters FRESH FOOD :: COLD DRINKS CURB SERVICE i I I j GEORGIA I I I i t i ( I i I I I i PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS ! • • ( czyjjeaaliMJ . . . IN ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPWY ATLANTA GEORGIA ( | " ]-ici l |- ho " bogr ' (5ipher ' s- j-or 958 D D I -412. GA. CO-OP ASSN THE STUDENT STORE .413 ■414- r WBrnmrnrnmrnm THERE ARE MANY REASONS WRY SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS REQUIRE THE SERVICES OF EXPERIENCED AND KXPERT CRAFTSMEN HA E THESE SERVICES . I II A lilt tncit nec£iAjtij l itiji c n c h f .} ,• i -ill r c u 1 1 tj fine • ' k.f t It t I K i( i It.) A SPECIAL ANNUAL SALES AND SERVICE ORGANIZATTQN CREATIVE DESIGNE-RS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS • ABUNDANT EQUIPMENT . . .MODERN .AND. COMPLETE .PRICES REPRE- SENTING MAXIMUM ■ IN ■ VALUl AT ' .A NT A .1). I FOOTE DAVIES CO. I " im i ' -4IS- i ' ' » ' F m % [f % %$ ' 9$ im WmB:i ' i ' : ' .f ' " if -Sv Vv V ■ " H WkmmM ' - ik mMiij i m) " ■t« " .mu- -

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