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,fM _. 0 ' . ' ■., " rrn . ' jn V, tn x r? • ¥ ■■ i. ta ' -,- ,Ci - i, - ,j» t i ' - ? v--; ? «i Jj! c. i!r yk;: ' •»• ' .all ¥• TT " ' " m THE PANDORA i95Z i Presented by THE STAFF OF THE 1937 PANDORA WILLIAM TAPLEY BENNETT, JR. Editor-in-Chicf THOMAS JEFFERSON DICKEY, JR. Business Manager RICHARD JOEL Managing Editor " ' VVfff i ' ' THE .,iLe " . JJ OF THE PANDORA UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA ATHENS .GEORGIA VOL.L foreword; The University of Georgia PANDORA shares with CORKS AND CURLS of the University of Virginia the distinction of being the oldest college yearbook in the South. Both are this year celebrating their golden anniversaries, nnarking fifty years of publishing accurate records of the contennporary scenes on the campuses of two of the oldest and most dis- tinguished universities of the South. The PANDORA, by reason of the fact that no volumes were issued for two years, 1889 and 1891, has the earlier founding date, 1886. Having taken these matters of history into consideration, the editors of the 1937 PANDORA thought it only fitting that in this Volume 50 recognition should be given to the South ' s oldest college annual and tribute should be paid those PANDORAS of the past in an attempted chronicle of the fifty years of publication. The theme as elaborated on the division pages is an at- tempt on the part of the editors to choose years significant in University and PANDORA history and to show their in- terdependent relationship. We regret that, because of space limitations, more years could not be symbolized. CONTENTS TH E UNIVERSITY C L A S S E S A C T I V J U B M I L G R E A T H L L I TIES LEE T A R y E K S E T I C S ' ■ crAiv ' j: , t DEDICATION) To those -1 FORMER STAFFS who have given so unselfishly and so unsparingly of their time, their effort, and their ideas, and who have been responsible for the formation of those traditions which have guided PANDORA through its fifty years. this Golden Anniversary Edition is dedicated. A-i : Vl n M— ZWia FORMER STAFFS 1884— G. N. WILSON .... W. B. COOK 1887— C. F. RICE J. W. DANIEL .... 1888— ALBERT HOWELL . . . A. W. GRIGGS .... 1890— JOHN D. LITTLE . . . W. K. WHEATFORD . . I8«— J. F. LEWIS I L. L. BROWN J • • ■ W. E. CRISTIE I I W. T. KELLy J ■ ' ■ 1893— HARRy HUDSON . . . F. G. BARFIELD .... 1894— C. R. Tl DWELL ) NOEL MOORE 1 ■ ■ ■ PAUL L. FLEMING ) JOHN D. STELLING (■ 1895— W. A. HARRIS .... J. J. GIBSON I89i— PLINy HALL J. G. PITMAN .... 1897— H. G. COLVIN .... R. E. BROWN .... 1898— HARRy DODD I HUGH WHITE ( ■ J. C. McMICHAEL . . . 1899— GARRARD GLENN I A. PRATT ADAMS I ' P. E, JOHNSON . . . 1900— ARCHIBALD BLACKSHEAR FAID DODD F. E. BROADNAX . . . 1901— E. P. SHANNON I J. D. McCARTNEy I ' ' JACK BANKS 1902— FRANK H. BARRETT I S. H. BLACKSHEAR ) J. K. JORDAN I M. W. LEWIS I ■ ■ ■ 1903— G. DEXTER BLOUNT ] FRAMPTON E. ELLIS I J. BENTON HIGH I CLAUDE W. BOND 1 1904— L. P. GOODRICH | I. S. HOPKINS ( ■ G. W. NUNNALLy }■ 1. B. GAMBLE J 1905— A. L. HARDy ( V. B. MOORE 1 ■ ' RODERICK HILL I C. P. PRATT I ' 1906— W. O. MARSHBURN I LANSING B. LEE ( ' H. L. COVINGTON . . . 1907— PHIL W. DAVIS, JR. I J. K. MacDONALD I T. E. SCOTT 1908— S. O. SMITH ( W. C. HENSON I ■ ■ ' R. P. KING 1909— W. H. JOHNSON I JAMES MONTGOMERy D. L. ROGERS . . . . 1910— H. ABIT NIX ( JOHN W. WALKER j ' R. L. CAMPBELL . . . 1911— EVANS V. HEATH | ARTHUR K. MAODOX I HOWELL BROOKE . . 1912— MARION B. F0L50M . H. D. RUSSELL . . . . Editor-in-Chief Business Manager . Editor-in-Chief Business Manager . Editor-in-Chief Business Manager . Editor-in-Chief Business Manager . Editors-in-Chief Justness Managers . Editor-in-Chief Business Manager . Editors-in-Chief Business Managers Editor-in-Chief Business Manager . Editor-in-Chicf Business Manager . Editor-in-Chief Business Manager . Editors-in-Chief business Manager . Editors-in-Chief Business Manager j Editors-in-Chief Business Manager Editors-in-Chief Business Manager Editors-in-Chief Business Managers . Editors-in-Chief Business Managers . Editors-in-Chief Business Managers . Editors-in-Chief Business Managers . Editors-ln-Chief Managing Editor . Editors-in-Chief Business Manager . Editors-in-Chief Business Manager Editors-in-Chief Business Manager Editors-in-Chief Business Manager . Editors-in-Chief Business Manager . Editor-in-Chicf Business Manager 1913— ROBERT HILL FREEMAN . Editor-in-Chief D. A. RUSSELL .... Business Manager |9I4_DAVID KNOX McKAMy . . Editor-in-Chief HENRy D. RUSSELL . . Business Manager 1915— GEORGE S. WHITEHEAD . Editor-in-Chief ' ' y ]r:. ' ' ' , ■ ■ Business Managers D. K. McKAMy 1914— ROBERT CALLAWAy . . . Editor-in-Chief FRANK A. HOLDEN I . Business Managers JOEL B. MALLET |9|7_JOHN H. CARMICAL . . . Editor-in-Chief NEIL L. GILLIS, JR. 1 J W POWELL . Business Managers GILBERT CHEVES J 1918— MACK MATHEWS .... Editor-in-Chief A. S. BUSSEy ( . . . Business Managers L. B. WEST I |9|9_WALTER WHITEHEAD . . Editor-in-Chief R. V. HARRIS I . . Business Managers R. G. DICKERSON I 1920— CHESTER W. SLACK . . . Editor-in-Chief R. G. DICKERSON I Business Managers FRANK W. ROSE 1921— JOHN P. CARSON .... EditoJ-in-Chicf ERNEST E. ANDREWS 1 COMER HOWELL }• . Business Managers JEROME JONES I , , , 1922— MALCOLM A. McRAINEy . Editor-in-Chici JOHN B.WILSON I Business Mgrs. JOHN F. BRANNEN, JR. ) 1923— ROBERT BOWEN .... Editor-in-Chief W. W. DREW 1 Business Managers Z. C. HAyES, JR. I . , |924_HERVEy V. CLECKLEy . . Editof-in-Chiet J. H. FREEMAN 1 M D SANDERS }. . Business Managers L. B. MUSGROVE 1 |925_IVy GRANATH Editor-in-Chief CHARLES L. GOWAN 1 JAMES B. HARLEy 1 . Business Mgrs. CARLTON B. COLQUITT j . ,. , 1924— ELROy DuPUIS Editor-in-Chief MARSHALL LEVy ] MALCOLM NASH )■ . . Business Managers ALLEN N. SMITH J . ,. , 1927— JOHN LONG Editor-in-Chief ALEXANDERS. CLAy, ill I ROBERT H. FREEMAN 1- . Business Mgrs. JESSE B. THOMPSON , . 1928— THOMAS J. HAMILTON, JR. . Editor-in-Chief B. B. McAFEE 1 J W DREW ( . Business Managers W. H. yOUNG, JR. I , . „ . , 1929— GUy C HAMILTON . . . tditor-in-Chict CRAIG BARROW 1 CECIL KENNER ' t ■ Business Mgrs. CHARLES H. WOMACK J . 1930— MATTOX L. PURVIS . . . Editor-in-Chief J. ERNEST PALMOUR 1 „ . ., LINTON E. GAy ;■ . • Business Mgrs. JOHN F. DAVIDSON J . , . , 1931— MARVIN H. COX .... Editor-in-Chief JOHN F DAVIDSON . . Business Manager 1932— W G WELLS Editor-in-Chief J C DOSTER Business Manager |933_FREDERICK SOLOMAN . . Editor-in-Chief GEORGE D. COPE . . . Business Manager 1934_T RANDOLPH THIGPEN . Editor-in-Chief MAURICE STEINBURG . Business Manager I935_WILLIAM D. HUBBARD . . Editor-in-Chief F DOUGLAS HEREFORD . Business Manager l934_HARRy S. BAXTER .... Editor-in-Chicf CLyOE E. TEASLEy, JR. . Business Manager (in memopiahJ WILLIAM p. HORKAN December 31, 1913— January 10, 1937 j1 UNIVERSITY J When the first PANDORA appeared in 1886, Patrick V . Mell was Chancellor of the University, a small, struggling institution with an enrollment of only 204 male students. Georgia was just emerging from the horrors and terrible impoverishment of the Reconstruction period and entering upon a more prosperous era. The PANDORA was the idea of the fraternity men, and the first fifteen volumes were published by them, being little more than a collection of their rolls and a chronicle of their activities. • V. , ' . ' . ,: ' « ' ' ■ v- «- ' :if )t ,i ' iM ' -i 1 »t„. : - r ? 9 L ( ' C. .. . , ' C ' w«e;. ? ■ K fciu ' tiil J ibxaxij i •So ' V 1 ;?r - ' 1 C- cinincrcc— jcutnaiiiiii i ' )uiLiiiiii ?: ' ; W ; -- ' II , Ar AJI Sfr,. " - ,jf - ' fe.iA •. . ,„, : Vr 3: i jifejM . ji m-ti ; U ' uj)j)il j: iill » 7 ii C liinctMiit I Itciitcc ell ' C clleai z:i acitlti V CClCllt T UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF GEORGIA Marion- Smith Chmrmnn Mll.l.l ' R S. BeLI riif-Chriinii i i L. R. SlEBKRT Seiiftiiry W. Wilson Noyks Tinisiircr MARION SMITH E. D. Rivers, Governor of Georgia . Marion Smith, Atlanta, State-at-Large Term concurrent with tiuit E. Ormonde Hunter, Savannah, First Congressional District . . Term expires John Monaghan, Pelhani, Second Congressional District . . Term expires George C. Woodruff, Colnmbns, Third Congressional District . Term expires Cason J. Callaway, LaGrange, Fourth Congressional District . Term expires Clark Howell, Jr., Atlanta, Fifth Congressional District . . Term expires Miller S. Bell, Milledgeville, Sixth Congressional District Term expires Charles M. Milam, Cartersville. Seventh Congressional District . Term expires M. D. DiCKERsON, Douglas, Eighth Congressional District . . Term expires Sandy Beaver, Gainesville, Ninth Congressional District . Term expires R. P. BuRSON, Monroe, Tenth Congressional District . . Term expires Steadman Vincent Sanford Chaiici-llor. I iiircrsilv Svstcni E.v officio f (i() ernor July I, 1 939 July I, 1941 Ju ' y I, 193; July I, 1941 July I, ig,?7 July I, 1941 July I, 1941 July I, 1937 July I, 1939 July I, 1937 of Cicorgia Page 20 en t -rutnion Jndc C_ uLxwciU lytcHiX Received his A.B. degree from the University in 1919 after onl - two years residence . . . studied law at Harvard . . . practiced law in Atlanta . . . taught in Emory Law School for a while . . . resigned as Dean of Lumpkin Law School to become President of the oldest chartered state university . . . one of the youngest university presidents in the nation . . . scholarly . . . reserved . . . courteous . . . liked by students ... a very eligible bachelor . . . hobby is travel . . . widely read . . . member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, and American Bar Association . . . Chi Phi. Pa3e21 ' f % ' H ' V l ' iH " " ' " M td M jjjgdBfcWS ' iBHj plf.i " ' ' - ' j H DEANS ROBERT PRESTON BROOKS Dean of the School of Commerce Graduated from Georgia in 1904 . . . received liis Ph.D. from Wisconsin in ' 12 . . . member of Sphinx . . . studied at Oxford . . . traveled around the world in I930- ' 3I on the Kahn Fellowship ... is the author of a history of Georgia . . . writes tax articles for the state papers . . . brings speakers to the campus through the Institute of Public Affairs . . . is a member of Alpha Tau Omega and Phi Beta Kappa . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . collects bird eggs . . . doesn ' t like to interview students. PAUL WILBUR CHAPMAN Dean of the College of Agriculture Came to Georgia after graduating at Missouri in 1914 . . . has been prominent in agricultural education in the state . . . authored a play, " The Green Hand " . . . acted throughout the United States and over the radio . . . has lectured in more than liiirty state universities and colleges . . . 1)elongs to Pi Kappa Alpha and Rotary . . • spends his spare time reading and golfing. LINVILLE LAURENTINE HENDREN Dean ot A diiiinistratioti and Deiin of College of Arts and Sciences Graduated at ' I ' rinity College . . . now Duke University . . . got his Ph.D. at Cor- nell in 1905 . . . has taught at Columbia and Pealjody . . . prominent in scientific circles . . . has traveled in Cuba and Canada . . . member of the American Associa- tion for the Advancement of Science, .- lpha Tau Omega, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi . . . on y dinible-duty dean . . . favorite sport is mountain climliing . . . likes to experiment in physics. JOHN ALTON HOSCH Dean of the Lu?npkin Lniv School Graduated at Georgia in 1923 . . . LL.B. from Harvard in ' 28 . . . member of Sphinx . . . youngest and most liighly paid dean . . . eligible bachelor . . . attends Brcnau open houses . . . entertains law students at tea . . . member of .American Bar Asso- ciation, Phi Beta Kappa and Kappa .Mpha . . . travels in the summer when not teach- ing . . . likes to ride horseback . . . chief interest besides law is history. JOHN CASSIUS MEADOWS Derin of the Peabody College of Education Received his A.B. degree from (icorgie Robertson Christian College . . . later at- tended Chicago . . . got his Ph.D. at Pcaliody . . . taught at Northwestern . . . head of department at Shorter ... is a Mason and a Kiwanian . . . member of Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Delta Ka|)pa . . . likes to travel . . . interested in conuunn school echication and its problems. RICHARDS HOLMES POWELL Dean of the Coordinate College Received degrees at Mercer, Chicago, and Colorado . . . taught in Teachers ' Colleges in New Mexico and Colorado . . . served as president of G. S. T. C. in Valdosta for many years . . . thinks of Coordinate as one big, happy family . . . likes school tradition ... is a Kappa Alpha and a Rotarian . . . chief hobby is cabinet making . . . travels after sunniier school. Pa3e22 I DEANS ELLEN PRATT RHODES Dean of 11 omen Finished at State Teachers ' College . . . M.A. from Georgia . . . only woman dean . . . highly capable . . . interested in healthy sorority expansion . . . invites new chapters . . . investigates thoronghly . . . member of Phi lieta Kappa and Daughters of the American Revolution . . . Woman ' s Club . . . likes animals . . . travels . . . insists that rules be observed . . . respected. HERMAN JAMES STEGEMAN Dean of Men Graduated at Chicago . . . M.A. from Beloit College . . . lias coached at Gulf Port Beloit, Monmouth . . . has never taught . . . combines office of Dean with Director of .Athletics . . . prominent in national athletic conferences ... on National Rules Committee of football . . . has traveled in luirope, Canada. Cuba . . . member of Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . hobby is golf. ROSWELL POWELL STEPHENS Dean of the Graduate School Got his .-X.B. at Georgia m i8i)6 . . . Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins in 1905 . . . tauglit at Connecticut Wesleyan . . . has traveled in England . . . prominent mathematician . . . has a daughter in the beauty section of the 19, 7 P. xnoR. . . . teaches Sunday School . . . likes gardening and travel . . . member of Phi Delta Theta and Phi Beta Kappa . . . runs the Co-op. Graduated at Georgia in 1924 . . . prominent student here . . tried farming . . . taught at " playing around with boys " . . WILLIAM TATE Dean of Freshmen . . . also attended Harvard, Columbia and Chicago . member of Sphinx . . . cross-country runner . . . McCal ie . . . friendly to students . . . hobby is gives advice to the wayward . . . belongs to Delta Tau Delta and Phi Beta Kappa. ROBERT CUAnnNG WILSON Dean of the School of Pharmacy Finished at Georgia . . . attended Sewanee and Michigan . . . cha irman of the important Social Committee . . . chaperones dances . . . prominent pharmacist . . . member Elks. Masons. Country Club . . . belongs to numerous chemistry and pharmacy organizations . . . chief hobby is his family . . . likes travel and golf. -■lalgf •• :■ 9: I ' iW W x iwis Page 23 DIRECTORS WALTER S. IIROWN Director of Ext ens Activities Cradiiated at College of Agriculture in 1917 . agriculture from experience . . .has farmed as county agent . . . likes hunting and fishing is dogs . . . football is favorite sport . . . . knows . . served . . . hobby member of Alpha Zeta and Epsilon Sigma Phi latter. president of the DUNCAN BURNET Lihrarian Attended Pomona College and Lehigh LTniversity . . . member of the American Library Association . . . quiet in his work . . . rarely seen by students . . . likes flowers . hobby is iris . . . was in England during the coronation ceremonies of George ' . . . member of Kappa Alpha. MARY ETHEL CRESWELL Director of the School of Home Economics Received her degree at the State Normal School . . . has •iince studied at Chicago, Columbia and the University of London . . . formerly connected with the United States Department of Agriculture . . . has traveled in Europe . . - liobby is gardening . . . member of Phi Kappa Phi . . . serves on the National Advisory Committee on Home Eco- nomics Colleges. JOHN ELDRIDGE DREWRV Director of the Henry If. Grady School of Jonnuilisin Graduated at Georgia in 1921 . . . got his M.A. at Columbia worked in a grocery store for a while . . . did publicity work for the L niversity . - . has a splendid library of current works . . . writes book reviews for newspapers . . . contributes to journalistic magazines . . . likes hiking and golf . . . hobbies are reading and collie dogs . . . member of Kappa Alpha . . . sponsors Georgia Press Institute . . . works hard for journalism and journal- ism students. GEORGE DOTTER iMARCKWORTH Director of the George Foster Peabody School of Forestry Attended Ohio State, University of Edinburgh and Yale . served in state forestry departments of Virginia, Texas and Tennessee . . . has traveled in Europe and Canada . . . member of American Society of Eoresters and Kiwanis . . . likes to roam in the forests . . . hobby is hiking . . . likes teaching. THOMAS WALTER REED Reaistrar Holds three degrees from the L ' nivcrsity . . . practiced law . ran a printing house . . . was Health Officer of reminiscing . . . best story teller knows University traditions as no Athens . . hobby on the faculty . other man . . . president of Piii Kappa Phi . . . belongs to Phi Beta Kappa and I ' hi Delta Theta . . . wrote a biography of Chancellor Barrow . . . likes to talk witli students . . . lovable character. -k Page 24 HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS WILLIS HENRY BOCOCK Greek- Milledge Professor of Ancient Languages . . . holds five de- grees . . . attended liampden-Sydney. Virginia, and Univers ,ty of Berlin . . . taught at liampden-Sydney . . . came to Geor- gia in 1889 . . . widely read . . . lias an extensive collection of World War data . . . member of the British Classical As- sociation . . . shirks the lime-light . . . voluntarily gave up the Deanship of the Faculty . . . belongs to Beta Theta Pi . . . likes golf. JOHN DIXON BOLTON Treasurer Attended Locust Grove Institute ... is a Certified Public Accountant . . . has served in the State Auditing Department as an examiner . . , has two children . . . likes hunting and fishing ... is an avid baseball fan . , . member of Kiwanis . . . spends summers travehng and working. .MARY BRANNON BONDUKANT Personnel Officer Graduated at Georgia in 1931 . . . was a prominent student . . . has since studied at Chicago and Columbia . . . married while a student . . . has one child . , . hobby is reading . . . likes basketball . . . member of Phi Beta Kappa and Pi.i Kappa Phi . . . has a sympathetic interest in students . . . arranges interviews with prospective employers for seniors . . . Chi Omega. GEORGE HUGH BOYD Zoology Attended Emory and Johns Hopkins . . . has taught at Emory and Georgia Tech . . . member of Phi Kappa Phi . . . be- longs to various scientific societies . . , wrote survey syllabus . . . teaches and travels in the summer . . . hubby is fishing . . , does a lot of research work . . . belongs lo Sigma Pi. NAN COGHLAN BRYAN Publications Graduated at W ' isconsin in ' 23 . . . holds ] LA. from lUi nois . . . formerly on Illinois and Chicago faculties . . . married . . . hobby is her two cliildren . . . efficient . . . edits University Items . . . in style of TlilE . . . member of Theta fTi ' i Alpha and Theta Sigma Phi . . . Likes to travel in the summer. CLAUDE CHANCE Romance Languages Got his A.R. at Georgia ... his Master ' s from University of Grenoble, France . . . has been employed as an accountant, a salesman, and a buyer . . , was wounded in tlie World War . . . has traveled in Europe and Africa . . . likes to walk in the woods . . . works in his garden in spare time . . . mem- ber of Phi Beta Kappa . . . former president of Athens Rotarv Club. ARCHIBALD TOOMBS COLLEV A (u m ni Secretary A West Pointer . . . finished in 1909 . . . served in the World War . . . later stationed in the Philippine Islands . . . formerly head of the R. O. T. C. here . . . hobby is horses . . . likes horseback riding , . . member of Kiwanis and American Legion . . . edits the Alumni Record ... is an S.A.E. RUDOLPH HENRY DRIFTMIER Agricultural Engineering Attended Grinnell College and Iowa State . . . served as an engineer in the United States Army . . . belongs to Rotary and American Legion . . . hobby is his three children . . . likes hunting, fishing, and golf . . . member of American Society of Agricultural Engineers . . . travels in the summer after teaching. i Page 25 HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS AUSTIN SOUTHVVICK KDWAUDS Psychology Cot his R.S. at Colorado University in 190S . . . his Ph.D. at Cornell in ' 13 . . . served in Army for a while . . . tried farming . . . tauglit at the University of Minnesota . . . hobbies are Creek and ice-skating . . , takes an active part in r.oy Scont work . . . gives the intelligence test o fresh- men . . . has written several iisychological works . . , uses his own text books. JOHN RICHARD FAIN Agronomy Holds R.S. and Sc.D. degrees . , . lias been head of the de- jiartment of Agronomy at the University since 1907 ... 30 years of service . . . born in Tennessee but claims Ceorgia as liis native state . . . hard to find for an interview. JOHN WTLLIA r I ' IROR Rural Orgiiiiication and Marketing l ' - lucated at Maryland. Cornell, and Ceorgia . . . taught at Rethel Institute aiad in France . . . has traveled throughout luirope . . . served in the World War . . . likes puttering around tlie house . . . works his garden . . . plays golf ._. . member of the American Legion and numerous farm organiza- tions. HUCH LESLIE HODGSON Music Got his B.S. degree at Georgia . . . has since studied at Columbia, New York Conservatory of Music. L niversity of Gulman, Germany . . . under famous masters . . . tried business for a while . . . recognized as one of ihe ten best pianists in the United States . . . gifted composer . . . has traveled throughout Europe, Central and Spanish America , . . wants to bring great music to the masses . . . inter- ested in humanity . . . sponsors Music Apprecialion . . . Chi Psi WILLIAM DA ' IS HOOPER Latin Attended LTniversities of Virginia, Hampden-j)ydney, Chicago. Gernegen. Berlin, and Heidelberg . . . has traveled through out Europe . . . acted as a telegrajih operator . . . still knows the code . . . prominent in Presbyterian and educational circles . . . claims to have read all the Latin in existence . . . was commissioned to translate Cato and ' crro for the Loeb Classical Library . . , boasts that he is brother in law to Dr. Charles H. Herty . . . Sigma Chi. GEORGE ALEXANDER HUTCHINSON Sociology Graduated at Clarke University in 1906 ... got his Ph.D. at Indiana in ' 10 . . . taught at both places later . . . farmed for a while . . . member of Phi Kappa Phi . . . administers the Phelps-Stokes Fellowship . . . travels and farms in the summer after teaching in summer school. ¥ MILTON PRESTON JARNAGIN Animal Husbaudrv Studied at LTniversities of Tennessee and Wisconsin and Iowa State College . . . has been a farmer . . . hobbies are farming and dairying . . . likes to talk about cows . . . interested in the development of the dairy industry in the South . . . member of IMii Kappa Phi . . . arranges its initiations . . . prnmineut in national animal husbandry circles . . . S. A. E, BENJAMIN CLARKE KINNEY Business Manager Holds degrees from Georgia State Teachers College and the University . . . worked as manager of bookstore for a whi ' e . . . hobbies are aviation and reading . . . gardens in the summer . . . has charge of University buildings and grounds . . . rents Woodruff and Pound for dances . . . genial . . . friendly. Page 26 HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS JULIAN HOWELL MILLER Plant Breeding and Pathology Got his B.S.A. at Georgia, M.S. at Cornell, and PIi.D. at University of Leiden, Holland . . . served in tlie United States army . . . has traveled Europe . . . belongs to Phi Uela Kappa and IMii Kapjia I ' hi . . . member of American and British Phytosath Societies . . . says he " would travel if he could " . . . married and has two children. FRANK ELIJAH MITCHELL Poultry Husbandry Auended Furinan L ' niversity and L niversity of Georgia . . . worked as a salesman and a farmer before coming here . . . hobby is his work . . . poultry department sponsors the Na- tional Egg Laying Contest each year . . . likes to travel in the summer after teaciiing. (;ARL E. MITTELL .■irt Received his B.F.A. degree fiom Vale in ' 31 . . . hobby is art . . . helps bring to the campus various art exhibi s . . . likes to travel in the sunnner . . . interested in developing talented students . . . member of Phi Alpha and -Malil Club. JOHN MORRIS Gcyinanic Languages Educated at RandoIi)h-Macon and Universities of Freiburg and Berlin . . . holds five degrees . . . prac iced law . . . taught at Georgia Military Academy . . . hobbies are cards and chess . . . likes golf . , . has traveled throughout Euro]te . . . president of the Georgia Peace Society . . . has written a German grammar . . .member of Phi Beta Kappa . . . frightens students at times with his temper . . . Beta Theta Pi. THOMAS ITUBr.. Rn McHATTON Horticulture Studied at Spring Hill College. Michigan State. Cornell, Iowa Agricultural College, and United States Post Graduate School of Agriculture . . . played ihe piano in college orchestra . . . played in the Army Band for a while . . . has traveled in Central . merica. West Indies and Canada . . . hobby is fishing and reading old books . . . member of numerous horticultural organizations . . . author of Land Teaching. JOHN HANSON THOMAS McPHERSON History and Political Scieyicc Studied at Johns Hopkins, the Sarbonne. and University of Berlin . . . has traveled ih rough Europe . . . served as a tax commissioner and member of the National Budget Com- mittee . . . interest in economics . . . member of Jury o( Hall of Fame for Kahn Foundation . . . instrumental in bringing of Phi Beta Kappa to the campus . . . member of Phi Kappa Phi and P.eta Gamma Sigma , . . hobby is athletics . . . nati e of Maryland . . . Alpha Delta Phi. HUBERT BOND OWENS Landscape Architecture Graduated at Georgia in ' 26 . . . has since s ' udied at Cornell, Harvard, and Columbia . , . taught at lartha Berry School . . . hobbies are rowing and the theater . . . likes to study art and travel . . . helps students decorate for dances . . . chummy witli his majors who call him Hubert . . . author of Roadsi de Trees . . . member of the Athens Art Association ... Pi Kappa Alpha. Ror.KRT EMORY PARK English Attended West Point, .Mabama. Chicago, and Oxford . . . served as the superiniendent of schools at Gainesville and principal of a private school at I-aGrange , . . hobby is gen- eral reading . . . loves poetry . . . makes his classes love it . , . insjii ration to students . . . perfect gentleman . . . beloved scliolar . . . says capacity for living is most necessary thing . . . member of Phi Beta Kanna . . . has traveled through Europe , . . Delta Kappa Eiisilon. Pa3e27 I . ' i -■- J HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS WILLIAM OSCAR PAYNE Faculty Chairman of Athletics Attended Cleorgia and Harvard . . . has always taught here , . . ICngiish history his specialty . . . believes in the essay type of teaching . . . always interested in students . . . loved and respected by them ... all call him Doctor . . . has traveled ihrough Europe . . . much time in England . . . goes everywhere the football team goes . . . absent every Saturday in the fall quarter . . . member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi . . . Iiobbies are fishing and hunting . . . Sigma Chi. JOHN MOORE READE. 1876-I ' 37 Botany Educated at the Universities of Toronto, Munich, and Cornell . . . served as superintendent of schools in the Philippine Islands . . . has traveled through China. Japan, India, and Europe . . . hobby is hiking in the mountains . . . member of variovis learned societies connected with field of botany and physiology . . . belongs to Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi. HAROLD IRWIN REYNOLDS University Physician Graduated at Georgia in 1908 . . . got his M.D. at Johns Hopkins in 1912 with highest honors . . . was a practicing doctor for a period . . . deplores the smallness of the in- firmary . . . hobbies are golf and reading . . . non-committal when observing and treating a case . . . examines everyone at the beginning of each year . . . member of various medical associations . . . A. T. O. ALFRED WITHERSPOON SCOTI " Chemistry Graduated at Georgia . . . then studied at Minnesota and Princeton . , . was a basket-bailer during college days . . . hobby now is golf . . . has written a lab manual for inorganic chemistry . . . informal with students . . . chairman of the Uoard of Directors of the University Y. M. C. A. . . . member of several professional fraternities . . . married and has three children . . . Phi Delta Theta. EDWARD SCOTT SELL Geography Graduated at Georgia in 1910 . . , got his Mas ' er ' s in ' 15 . . . last year published map of Georgia . . . used in all schools . . . recently returned from a tour of Central America . . . knows his weather ... can explain all the phenomena of an Athens winter . . . hobby is radio and fish- ing , . . member of the Athens Board of Education . . . National Council ol Geography Teachers. MARY ELLA LUNDY SOULE Physical Education for Women Attended Wisconsin. Columbia, and Kellogg School for Phys- ical Education . . . plays with her students . . . keeps her Physical Education equipment in excellent condition . . . doesn ' t like to lend it . . . slim and athletic . . . hobbies are music and the theater . . . member of numerous physical education organiza ions . . . likes to travel and liike . . . belongs to Theta Delta Pi. JOHN TAYLOR WTTEELER Vocational Education Educated at Wisconsin, Penn State, and Cornell . . . farmed in Pennsylvania for a while . . . taught at Massachusetts Agricultural College . . . hobbies are huntmg. fishing, and photography . . . member of Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Delta Kappa . . . has written books on farming meihods . . . be- longs to various vocational associations . . . during war headed cooperative producing units . . . was associated witli President Eliot of Harvard. WILLIAM HAZER WRIGHTON Philosophy Received liis education at Glasgow, Horton Academy. Acadia, McMaster, and Central Universities ... an Englishman by birth . . . has been variously occupied as a sculptor, pastor, and chaplain . . . hobby is sculptoring . . . member of the American Historical Association . . . tall . . . friendW with students . . . has a decided British accent . . . very English. Page 28 m : The gay nineties found education at the University far from gay. In 1895 there were only 16 members on the University faculty, headed by Chancellor William E. Boggs. Today ' s forty year pro- fessors — Snelling, Bocock, Hooper, McPherson, Morris, Park and Strahan — were just coming in. The physical equipment of the Uni- versity consisted of only eight buildings; the library was on the second floor of the present administration building, which had not yet been joined to the Ivy Building to form the Academic Build- ing. Moore College had been a gift of the city of Athens; the two literary societies had their halls; Old and New Colleges com- pleted the campus of 1895, except for the faculty homes. There were yearly PANDORA campaigns, advocating an enlargement of facilities. IM — ANDERSON PETERSON HAGAN CUklls iNi t MiLLSAP Mcknight manlev crowe wood CLEGG MERGENDOLLAR SLOCUM OATES HARDIN CROWE WARD HODGSON BURNS COPELAND FRANKLIN COLLEGE SENIOR CLASS Robert T. Anderson President Malcom Peterson ' I ' iee-President Elliot Hagan Seeretary-Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS James Curtis President Marion Winge lice-President James Hardin Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS Grady Crowe • President Ned Millsap { ' ice-President Bob McKnight Secretary-Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS Albert Manley President Horace Crowe J ' ice-President T. L. Wood Secretary-Treasurer CO-ORDINATE COLLEGE SOPHOMORE CLASS Hazel Ward ■ President Louise Hodgson f ice-President Cynthia Clegg Secretary Helen Mergexdollar Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS Louise Slocum President Mary Oates [ ' ice-President Onie Ruth Burns Secretary Francis Copeland Treasurer Page 31 MAVSON MAZO WELLES LANDAU KNOX LATIMER HAWKINS WALKER KIRBO ANDERSON LAW RAV HOVT MILNER LINDSEV WISE BAXTER J—iiinpkiii J—i-i ' ' cnccl iCCc HONOR COUNCIL Ben Anderson Chni Jnslice Jack Ray I 7.;,,,. y ,„. W. A. Law • • • • Wade Hoyt | g , ., , , y,. ,. Buddy Milner j • • • • Tom Lindsey | y.,,. ,, y , „. Walter Wise • • • • SENIOR CLASS Douglas Mayson Pniideni Albert Mazo I ' ue-Prcsuleni WiLLLAM Welles Secretary mid Treasurer SECOND YEAR Edmund Landau President Bobby Knox Vice-President Bill Schroeder Secretary Pete Latimer Treasurer FIRST YEAR Harrv Baxter Colbert Hawkins David Walker . Charles H. Kirbo President J ' ice-Presidint Secretary ' Treasurer Pase 32 li Dorothy Geraldine Adams Athens lANDlOATE FOR U.S. F.I). DECREE Dorothy- Wyolene Adams Richland C.AXDIC. TE FOR . .B.J. DKGKEE Transfer, Georjiia Southwestern College. . .n ir ? i ia A air . 37 Eunice Ruth Adams Race Fond C. NDIDATE FOR DECREE Transfer, Georgia State Woinans College. L. C. Adams Athens CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DECREE Shirley Ali.good Marietta ( ANDNl ATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE President, Homecon Club ; Mem- ber of 4-H Club; Member of Phi Lpsilon Omicron ; Member of Christian Council. Al.F V. A.VDHRSON Decatur CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECREE Sigma Nu Freshman Football: F " reshman Baseball: Football, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36: Baseball, ' 35, ' 36, Captain, ' 37: " G " Club. Jeanette Adams Newborn CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi, President. ' 36- ' 37 ; International Relations Club; Transfer from G. S. C. W., ' 35. Maxie Hortexse Adkixs Vienna CANDIDATE FO?. B.S.H.E. DEGREE Leon Columbus Ai.maxd Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. ; Freshman Football; F ' reshman Basketball. Harr W. AxnERSON Dallas CANDIDATE FOR A.}!. DEGREE Robert T. Axdhrsox Hillsboro CANDIDATE FOR H.S.PHAK. DECREE Sphinx ; President, Senior Class ; President, " X " Club; President, Pharmacy Club; President, Beta Xi : Secretary-Treasurer, (Gridiron ; Omicron Delta Kappa; Blue Key: Campus Club; Senior Cheer Leader; Captain, R. O. T. C. ; Scabbard and Blade; Demosthenian Literary Society ; Student Repre- sentative Beech-Nut Packing Com- pany. William Crawford Axdersox ALacon CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Rill and Black, ' 36, ' 37; Georgia Arch, ' 37; Glee Club. Pase 34 Virginia Andrhws Plains CANDIDATE FOR B.S.l ' HVS.EU. DEGREE Kappa Delta Phi Kappa Phi. Gradv Columbus Archer Buford CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Demcsthenian : F.connmics Society. Wai.thr L. Arrowsmith P ' ort Valley CANDIDATE FOR E.S.A.E. DEGREE L " athi;rink Atkinson Savannaii CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CHE.M. DEGREE Chi Omega President, Chi Omega. George Chester AvER Adrian CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. Addisox Lea Avers Jefferson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Phi Delta Theta Glee Cluh ; Economics Societ Phi Kappa. Lel.and H. Bagwell z lpharetta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE George Douglas Appleby, Jr. Jefferson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Transfer, Middle Georgia College, ' 35; Band. Lucius Arnold Hogansville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE John Curtis Asher Atlanta C.VNDID-ATE FOR B.S.CHE.M. DEGREE Business Manager, Red and Black : Manager, Varsitx Basketball Team, ■36- ' 37. Silas Bennett Austin V idalia CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREK Joe Kemp Aycock Monroe CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE tiMk L ia i?if 37 Page 35 1! L las ex 31 Samuel Mavre Barer Pavo CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE James Harrow Athens CANDIDATE F(]K A.B. DFJiKEF Si ' nia Alpha Epsilon Frances Stewart Hatth ' i ' Albany CANDIDATE FOU A.IM. IlKt.KKE Phi Mu Transler, Vassar College, ' 35- ' 36; Riul and Black. Society Kditor ; J hi Mu, Pledfie Secretar} ; Tlieta Si ma Phi; Phuto;iraphy Club; Red and Black. Woman ' s Editor, ' 36- ' 37. _)SC R JERIIMl: Hl.AXl.RS, Jr. Americus CANDIUATE FIIH l ' ..s.l-I . I)K(,UKK W.M. Randall. Bedgood Athens CANDIDATE FUK ll. ' .l CJM. DECUEE Sigma Chi Arnold Lankford Barrett Social Circle CANDIDATE FOR . .B. DEGREE Wm. F. Hartee Woodbury C. NDID. TE FOR II.S.COM. D EGREE Transfer, North Georgia College. Doris Beasley Glennville CANDID.. TE FO:i Il.S.COM. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta President, Delta Delta Delta, ' 37 ; ' ' arsit - Debate, ' 37. Wm. E. Bix ' km am, Jr. Athinta caxdhiate for i:.s.((im. degree Sii;nia .llplia Epsihin DoVLE F. Bedixcjfiei.I) Rents CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. IIEGRKK Phi Kappa Phi. Wm. Adger Bedingfield Rents candidate for n.S.ED. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. Stough Beers College Park C.S.NDHpATE for li.F.A. IN I..- . DEGREE Alpha J ' au Omega Page 36 Mary Elma Beggs St. Petersburg. Fla. C. XniDATE FOR A.E. DEGREE Carlie a. Bell Doerun CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Mrs. C. W. Bell Coolidge CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Alle.v Clixtox Bellamy Ashland CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Secretary, 4-H Club ; President. Gaftau Club; Demcsthenian ; Grid- iron. ' illlam Tapley Bexxett, Jr. Chipley CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Sigma Chi Sphinx: Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Editor- in-Chief, ' 37 Paxdora ; Business Man- ager, University Theater ; Vice-Presi- dent, V. M. C. . . ; President. Interna- tional Relations Club ; President, Stu- dent Christian Council, ' 36 ; " X " Club ; Biftad; ' arsity Debating Team. ' 35, ' 36; Deniosthenian Literary Society; Thalian-Blackfriars ; Red and Black Staff, ' 34, ' 35, .Associate Editor, ' 36 ; Student ' ice-President, Phi Kappa Phi; Pandora Staff, ' 34- ' 37 : Busi- ness Staff University Theater. ' 34- ' 37 ; President, Freshman Y. M. C. A. Commission : Treasurer, State Y. M. C. A., ' 37 ; Southern Regional Council, Y. M. C. A., ' 36 : Freshman Debating; Thalian-B ' ackfriars ' Honor Key : Demosthenian Key Circle ; Jun- ior Oration, ' 36; Sigma Chi Balfour . ' vard Nominee. Southeastern Prov- ince, ' y: Upper 3% of Senior Class. ViRGINLA BeXTON Cornelia candidate for b.s.h.e. degree Kappa Delta Home Economics Club. Leox Berkman Brooklyn, N. Y. • CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Da id Pearce Belcher, Jr. Pelham C.VNDID. TE FOR B.S. DEGREE Charles W. Bell Coolidge CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. Sarah Bell Griffin CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Treasurer, Homecon. Phi Kappa Phi. Seward 1. Bexjamix Rome CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Lawrexce Walker Bexsox Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Senior Round Table ; Delta Sigma Pi ; Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. C Luj ct 31 Page 37 ( -laii i}t 3 Norma HtRRV Columbus CANDIDATE KOK B.S.H.E. DEGREE James Richard B ' iRD Athens CANDIDATE F(}R IS. S. COM. DEGREE Lambda Chi Alpha Gridiron: President, Glee Club, " 35- ' 36 ; Square and Compass Club, •36- ' 37. E.MMETT W. Black Dublin CANDIDATE I ' OR U.S. DEGREE Dan Edd Blaxd :McRae CAXIilDATE I OR liS.l OM. I E(iREE .ilphii I. imi ' rIii Tnii George Ernest Bloodworth Bradley CA.NDIDATE EOR U.S. COM. DEGREE First Lieutenant. R. O. T. C. f 7 HP ] Pali. Heilig Betts Atlanta CANDUIATE FOR A.I!. DEGREE Jlpha Tail Oiiieiid Pelican Club. Edna C. Bishop Dublin CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE C. Lanier Blalock Nicholls CANDID, TE FOR E.S.ED. DECREE Nelson Hvrd Blocker Jacksonville, Fla. CANDID. TE FOR B.S.F. DECRKE Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Xi Sifima, Chief of Records, ' 36- ' 37 ; For- estry Club, President, " 36, Parlia- mentarian, ' 37; Demosthenian; Honors Day, ' 32, ' ii, ' 36. Ed v. rd Hosea Blount Waynesboro C.VNDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECiKEE ' ; ■ Delia Thrta Baud, ■33.- ' 37; Phi Kappa; Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary, ' 37. Daniel Li.(nD Bllmenthal New ' ork, N. Y. CANIIUIATE FOR A.K.J. DEGREE Transfer, College of City of New- York, ' 36 ; Demosthenian ; Red and Black. ' 36- ' 37 ; Photography Club, ' 36- ' 37. Emory Bobo LaFayette CANDIDATE FOR B.S.tOM. DF;GREE 4-H Club; Transfer, Berry Col lege. 1 Pase 38 Freeman Hugh Bolt Chickamauga CANIllIlATE FOR B.S.COM. FIEGREE Phi Kappa Phi ; Transfer, Yoiint; Harris Collesie ; Alplia Kappa Psi ; Demosthenian. Kathr-sn Blanche Bowen Americus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE CaRR(IL Wn.LLAM BOVD Alpharetta CAXDIDATK FOR A.D.ED. DEGREE Demosthenian; Voluntary Religi- ous Association : Philosophy Forum Club. Hl•;R L ' Asa Braddy Pavo r. NDniATE FOR D.S.F. DECREE Editor, Cypress Knee. ' 37; Asso- ciate Editor, Cypress Knee, " 36; Scribe, Alpha Zeta, ' 37 ; Associate Forester; Alpha Xi Sigma, ' 37; President, Aghon, ' 37; Winner Freshman Forestr Award ; Vin- ner Alpha Zeta Award, Freshman and Sophomore Agriculture Club Debates; Chairman Agriculture Club Building Fund Committee, ' 37; Blue Key; Gridiron; Junior Cabinet: Forestry Club. Mar - Edwards Braxan Macon I wniiiATE FOR . .r,-i;n- degree Alphd Giuiiiiifi Delta Alpha Lambda Delta; Glee Club; President, Luc - Cobb, ' 37 ; Senior Student; Student (jovernment Council, ' 37; Upper lO c Class. ' ii ; Pioneer Society. WiLLLA r Carson Britt Grayson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Alpha Zeta; Aghon; President, Agriculture Club; Secretary, Fu- ture Farmers of Georgia ; Treas- urer, 4-H Club; Secretar ' -Treas- urer. Poultry Science Club; Critic, 4-H Club ; Agriculture Club De- bating Council ; Agriculture Junior Debate; Little International, ' 33- ' 35; Saddle and Sirloin. James W. Brittain Bainbridge CANDIDATE FOR D.S.COM. DEGREE George H. Boswell Crawfordville CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE h Zip pa Sit; ma Editor, Red and Black; President, Kappa Sigma; President, Gridiron; President, Sigma Delta Chi ; Vice- President, Omicron Delta Kappa; Secretary, Pan-Hellenic Council ; Senior Round Table; Managing Editor, Red and Black: Student Assistant in Journalism ; Delegate to Sigma Delta Chi National Con- vention. Ray Franklin Bowen Gainesville CANDIDATE FOR D.S.COM. DEGREE Alpha Lambda Tau Ale.x S. Boyer Millen CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CHEM. DEGREE Phi Delta Theta X ' iroinia " Slw. Bradshaw Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Omicron Pi President, Alpha Omicron Pi, ' 36- ' 37; Glee Club, ' 34- ' 37 ; Psi Chi; Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 36- ' 37; Transfer, Ward-Belmont College, ' 34. Dorothy Ann Braswell Tifton c AMMIIATE FOR . .D.J. DICGREE Phi Mu F reshman Commission ; ' ice-Prcsi- dent. Freshman Class; Red and Black Staff; Student Government Court: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Theta Sigma Phi ; Pioneer Inner Circle: Dance Club; Phi Mu Aglais Reporter. r 1 ( iuM i . 37 Page 39 Eugene Brogdon Lakeland CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Demosthenian. John Wiley Broome McBean CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Kappa Sigma Secretary and Treasurer, Soplio- more Class; Vice-President, Kappa Siy;ma, ' 36- ' 37 ; President, Kappa Sigma, ' 37. Carolyn Jeanne Brown Statesboro CANDIDATE FOR D.S.COM. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta MAR Hei.ex Brown Sylvester CANDIDATE FOR E.S.H.E. DEGREE Leon Bruno Maplewood, Mo. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha Freshman Fdotball, ' 31 : Freshman Track. ' 32; Varsitv Track, ' 33, ' 36; " G " Club. L la.i.i - ' JiMMiE Lou Broome Danielsville CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Paul C. Broun Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE JuLLAN Emerson Brown Carte rsville CANDID.STE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Lainl ' da Chi Alpha Saddle and Sirloin Club. Mrs. Willie AL S. Brown Winder CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PH. R. DEGREE Sara Bryant Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Kappa Delta Alpha Lambda Delta ; Economics Society ; Sophomore Council ; Presi- dent, Kappa Delta, ' 37; Vice- President, Kappa Delta, ' 36. Wii.i.ia:m F. Buchanan, Jr. Atlanta lAXDIDATE FOR . .ll. DEGREE Mountain Lake, Va., Scholarship, Summer ' 36 ; Demosthenian Liter- ary Society, ' 33- ' 37 ; Xi Phi Xi ; Philosophy Forum; .Music Club; Fortnightly Club; Pioneer Club Debate, ' 37; German Club; Glee Club. William T. Burkhalter, Jr. Reidsville CANDIDATE FOR A.R. DECiREE Transfer, Bruton-Parker ; Demos- thenian. Pase40 Mary Jim Burton Lavonia tAXDIDATE FOR B.S.PHYS.ED. DEGREE Kappa Delta Transfer, Sliorter College, ' 35 ; Woman ' s Athletic Association Council ; President, Outing Club ; Rifle Team, ' 36, ' 37 ; Life Saving, ' 36; Dolphin Club. J. C. Callaway Hogansville CANDIDATE FOR E.S.A. DEGREE Morton R. Campbell Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR E.S.COM. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ralph Powell Carlisle Cairo CANDIDATE FUR A.B. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha Glee Club ; Band. Carolyx Gordon ' Carson Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE W. B. Cash Bogart CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Paul Lee Causey Seville, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Varsity and Freshman Football ; N ' arsity Baseball; " G " Club; Grid- iron ; President, Athletic Associa- tion ; Campus Club. Harold Calhoun Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Captain, Rifle Team; President, Sophomore Class ; Vice-President, Demosthenian ; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. ; Championship De- bate, ' 36; Vice-President, Blue Key Council ; Economics Society ; Gridiron; Senior Round Table; V ce-President, Junior Cabinet; Delta Sigma Pi; Demosthenian Key Council. Clara Ca.mpbell Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi ; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron ; Business Staff of Georgia A gru ' itltiirisl. Wm. Ragsdale Cannon. Jr. Dalton CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi: Biftad Club; Y. M. C. A. Freshman Commission, ' 34 ; Y. M. C. . . Cabinet, ' 35-37 ' ■ Student Christian Couni;il, ' 37 ; Varsity Debate Team, ' 35- ' 36 ; University Debate Council, ' 37: Uni- versity of Georgia Re igious Council : Fortnightly Club, ' 37 ; Demosthenian, ' 33-37, Solicitor-General, ' 34, Parlia- mentarian, ' 35 ; Chief Justice of De- mosthenian Judiciary, ' 37: Inter-So- ciety Debate. ' 34- " 35 : Anniversa rian, ' 37 ; Demosthenian Speaking Key ; Philosophy Forum, ' 37 : Dean ' s List, ' 33- ' 37 ; Edward A. Burdett Memoria. Medal ; Gridimn : Upper 3% of Senior Class. JoH.N BuFORu Carlton Hartwell CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Clar.a Casey Gillsville CANDID. TE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE L Luj aj: 37 Page 41 L Luj l ' t 31 Jim Cavan Decatur CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DECREE Sif ltlt! II William P. Chalmers, Jr. East Point CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Transfer, Presbyterian College; Psi Chi; Demosthenian. Elizabeth Chappell Americus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE 4-H Club; Poultry Science Club; Humecon Club; Georgia South- western Club. Earl Herman- Cheek l.nipire CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi. Helen M. Christexson Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE NoRMAX Frederick Chalker Mitchell CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Sigma Delta Chi, Treasurer, ' 36- ' 37; " X " Club; Blue Key; Grid- iron ; Psi Chi ; Thalian-Blackf riars ; Reil and Black Reporter, ■34- ' 35, Associate Editor, ' 35- ' 36- ' 37 ; Ad- vertising IManager, University T heater, ' 35- ' 36- ' 37 ; Feature Writer, ' 36 Pax dura. ,M. RTHA E. Chapmax Danville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE HoYT Edwin Chastain Colbert CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DEGREE Howard Lee Cheshire Ihomasville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Francis Chauncey Clark Augusta CA.VDIDATE FOR ll.S.F. DECREE Dehd Tail Delta President, Thalian-Blackfriars, " 36- ' 37 ; Pan-Hellenic Council. Moses Hamilton Clark Helena (• N-IlID. TE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE Alpha Z e t a ; Vice-President Aghon ; Phi Kappa Phi ; President Agricultural Engineering Club Secretary, National Council of Student Branches; Circulation .Manager, Gfiiri;i(i .1 1; ii i lt irist. .Millard ' . Ci.a.xtox Kite CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DEGREE Page 42 Margaret Eli.ex Clower Morven CAXUIDATF. FOR B.S.H.E. DF.GREE Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Homecon Club; Poultry Science Club; 4-H. Charles Coffix Richland CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Fred J. Coleman Dublin CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Sigma Xii AxDREW Mariox Collixs Flint CANDIDATE FOR D.S.A. DEGREE Transfer; Agricultural Club; Sad- dle and Sirloin Club; Auhon. EsTELLE Colquitt Cedartovvn CANDIDATE FOR A.I ' .. DECREE Deltri Del til Delta Katherixe Colvin New Orleans, La. CANDIDATE FOR U.S. TH V.S.ED. DEGREE Ktippri Jlftlia Thcta Charles Wa xe Colweli. Hiawassee CANDID.VTE FOR . .D.ED. DEGREE Demosthenian ; ' ' ouni, ' Harris Club; Transfer, ' oung Harris College. George Willlam Cobb Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Delta Tau Delta Mrs. El ' gexla Coggix Athens CANDID. TE FOR D.S.EII. DE(iREE Bex Collier Jefferson CANDID. TE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Robert Albert Collixs Flint CANDIDATE FOU li.S.CHEM. DEGREE Transfer; Baseball, ' 36; " G " Club; Phi Mu Epsilon; Xi Phi Xi. James R. Colvix Lincolnton CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGRKE Freshman Intercollegiate Debate, ' 34; Demosthenian Key Circle; Varsity Intercollegiate Debate. ' 35 ; Championshi[i Debate, ' 35 ; Vice-President, International Re- lations Club, ' 37. L Lass L t 3 7 Page 43 i Luj ci 31 A. DeWitte Compton Cochran CANDIDATE FOR A.H.COM. DKGREF. Carolyn Edge Cook Geneva CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Upsilon Omicron ; 4-H Club; Homecon ; Associate Business Manajier of Ger)ri;ia A gr ' uiiltiiiist, •36. Mildred AI. Couch Newnan CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DECREE Phi Mil HiLD.A J.axe Cox Camilla CANDIDATE FOR D.S.H.E. DEGREE Chi Oiiiegn Clarence C. Crooms Baxley CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CHEM. DEGREE Tharon E. Connell Pave CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Fred C. Cooper Cohutta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Covington Rome CANDIDATE FOR A.E. AND LL.B. DEGREES Sigma Alpha Epsilon President, Vice-President, Treas- urer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Phi Delta Phi; Gridiron ; Blue Key ; Scabbard and Blade; President of Junior Cabinet; Rcii and Bl ick. Business Staff; Honor Student; Colonel of Infantr}-, R. O. T. C. ; Financial Manager of Athletics; Freshman Basketball, Golf, Swimming; Cap- tain of ' arsity Swimming Team ; X ' arsity Golf. Thomas Peter Crawford Athens C. NDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha Rosalyn Crowder Griffin CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Treasurer, Freshman Class, ' 33- ' 34 ; Freshman Commission, ' 33- ' 34 ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 34- ' 35 ; Cliemistry Club, ' 33- ' 34. Jeanne Crowell Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.E. DEGREE Transfer, LaGrange College. E. W. Cubbedge Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CO.M. DEGREE Chi Phi Pasc 44 Marv Frances Cundy Atlanta CANDlnATE KOK A.B. IJEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta Dance Club. WlI.MER EdEX CuRRIE Alamo TAXDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Alpha Lambda Tan President, Alpha Lambda Tau, ' 36- ' 37. NoRMAX Philip Curtis Americus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE PI Kappa Phi Harold Turner Daniel Locust Grove CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE V arsity Debating, ' 35- ' 37 ; Fresh- man Debating, " 34; Demosthenian, Solicitor-General, ' 36, Custodian, ' 37, Sergeant-at-Arms, ' 35 ; De- mosthenian Ke Circle; W. T. F. L News Commentator; Philosophy Club; Red and Black Staff. Mrs. Cynthia W. Davis Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Eugene Crouse Davis Screven CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE John William Davis Rome CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE ALartha Louise Cunningham Atlanta CANDIDATE FOi B.S.Z. DEGREE Zoology Club. Helen Bailey Curtin Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Ruth Scott Custer Bainbridge CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DF,(,REE Chi Omega Thomas A. Davidson Cleveland CANDID.XTE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Elleen Starr Davis Gainesville CA.NDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delta Delta Delia Tau Sigma ; Woman ' s Athletic As- sociation ; Red and Black : Larshal of Delta Delta Delta; Publicity Chairman, Homecon Club, ' 36- ' 37; Transfer, Brenau College. L Luj i r J 7 Page 45 L LiM i t 3 7 Mary E. Davis Fort Gaines CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGRER Theta Siijma Phi. RoRERT Thomas Dempsev Watkinsville CANDIDATE FCIU U.S. llE(;kEI ' : ' resident, Alplia Kappa Psi, ' 36. Hessie Frances Diamond Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A. I!, J, DEGREE Delta Phi Rpsilon Treasurer, Delta Phi Epsilon, ' 34, Vice-President, ' 35, ' 36; President, Alpha Sifzma Phi ; Red and Black, Society Editor, ' 34, Woman ' s Edi- tor, ' 36; Pioneer Inner Circle, Treasurer, ' 35 ; Alpha Lamhda Delta ; Parthenians, President, ' 36 ; Theta Si ma Phi, Secretary, ' 36; Phi Kappa Phi. VlRCINIA CoRl.ESS Doss LaGrange r. NDlnATE FOK U.S. DEGREE ' ( Ml, Georc.i; 15. Duke Ainericus CANDIDATE KiiU ll.S.. .E. lJKi;RKE Chronicler, Alpha Zeta ; Member A . fc ngineerinji Club ; Aghon Club; Editor-in-Chief Ga. J g- Ensiiiecr : Secretary, Ag-Engineer- ing Club; Member Saddle and Sirloin Club; Freshman Ritle Feam; V ' arsity RiHe Team; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. AFae Harriet D.- vison LaFayette CANDIDATE FOR E.S.ED. DEGREE Student Government Representa- tive; Transfer, LaGrange College. Glenn Paschal I)i: ' rerrv Quitman CANDIDATE FOR D.S. DK(,REE Othie L. Dodd Commerce CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE 4-H Club ; Future Farmers of Georgia Club; Glee Club. AL RJOR[E H ' iNES Do LE Savannah CANDUlATE FOR B.S. DEIiREE Chi Omega Sara W. Duke Griffin CANDIDATE FOR Il.S.H.E. DEGREE Kate Hyde Dunbar Augusta CANDIDATE FOR A. II. DEGREE (]hi Omega 1ii Beta Kappa; Phi Kaiipa Phi. R White Duttera Hartwell C. NDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE ' Fransfer, University ' North Caro- lina Woman ' s College ; Homecon. Page 46 James Edgar Dyal, Jr. Baxley CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha Hamei.i.a Ebkrhardt Carlton CANDIDATE FOR A.B.EIl. IIF.CIKEE Transfer, Anderson College : In- ternational Relations Chib; Secre- tary of Baptist Stviiient Union : Treasurer, Sunday School : Wom- an ' s Athletic Association. Marie Echols Danielsville CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Rosemary Edmondsox Albany CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DECREE Charles Ellison Elrod Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Sigma Nil Phi Kappa Phi ; President, Eco- nomics Society; Vice-President, Delta Sigma Pi : Secretary, Sigma Nu ; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Pan- DOR.A Staff; Freshman Tennis. Catherine Erwin Clarkesville CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DECREE Alpha O micron Pi Girls ' Rifle Team. E.MBRY Edward Esbach Dumont, N. J. CANDIDATE FUR Il.S.l IIM. DE(;HEE Kappa Sigma Chaplain of Kappa Sigma ; Pan- Hellenic Council ; Economics So- ciety. William Burg Dyer Dahlonega CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Delta Sigma Pi; Economics So- ciety; P ' irst Lieutenant, R. O. T. C.; " Rifle Team, ' 36- ' 37 ; North Georgia College Club. Jeannette Eberhardt Maysville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE ] I R Deupree Eckford Athens CANDIDATE FUR A.B.E. DEGREE Phi Mu Pioneer Club; Pioneer Inner Cir- cle ; Sophomore " Y " Council ; Par- thenian. Joseph Britt Ellington Thomaston CANDIDATE FUR A.B.H. DEGRKE Sigma Chi Demosthenian ; Y. ' SI. C. A. Cab- inet ; Student Christian Council : Joe Brown Connalh Scholarship Winner. Vachel Kress Entrekix Carrollton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CHEM. DEGREE L Lus at 37 Page 47 L LiM t?T 37 Marjorie Etheredge Alban ( AXDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Alpha Lambda Delta; Pioneer Club ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Chemistrv Club: Phi Kappa Phi. J.A.MES Cle.AMOX F.AIN Fort Gaines CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Varsity Debater; Phi Kappa Liter- ary Society ; Key Circle. J.AMES Robert Faulkner Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Square and Compass: Delta Si ma Pi. Rali ' h Leonard Fixeberg Atlanta I A. I)U1. TE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Phi Epsilon Pi Gridiron ; Kappa Beta Phi ; Presi- dent, Phi Epsilon Pi, ' 36, ' 37 ; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 36, ' 37. Homer Calvix Fleming Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Delta Sigma Pi; Economic Society. ' S 1 p V:v i ViVI.AX Ev, ' NS Savannah CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Alpha Omicron Pi Vice-President, Alpha Omicron Pi, ' 36- ' 37 ; Alpha Lambda Delta; Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic Council. Glenn E. Fant Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Ida Fendlev Ellijay C. NDID. TE FOR -V.B.ED. DEGREE Larion L. Fisher, Jr. CarroUton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Sigma Nil Frances Virginia Forrester Walnut Grove CANDIDATE FOR B. S.COM. DEGREE Transfer, Tennessee Wesle an College; Phi Theta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma. J. Edward Forsyth Cairo CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DECREE Donald Foster Clarkesville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Pa3c48 Jett NV ' hatlev Foster McRae CANDIDATE FOR R.S.fOM. DEGREE Alpha Tail Omega Omer Franklik " al losta CAXDIDATE FOR A.E. DEGREE Sii[ma Alpha Epsilon Julius A. F ' reeman Forsyth CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Martha Jan ' e Fulford Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.ll.J. DEGREE Parthenian Dance Club ; Sopho- more Council ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Alpha I.ambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. Ella W. Garner Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE ] Iarv F, elvn Garrette Statham CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ELE.M.ED. DEGREE Constance C. Gatewood Columbus CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Phi Alu W.M. Wesley Fov Butler C.VNDIDATE FOR B.S.. . DEGREE Bernard Franklin Freeman Anderson, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DECREE Tau Epsilon Phi Freshman Football ; Phi Kappa : German Club; Philosophy Club: President, Tau Epsilon Phi, ' .H ' 35 and ' 35- ' 36. Rebecca Fryer Blakely CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE AIamie Electra Fullilove Watkinsville CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM. DEGREE Henry Gilbert Garrard, Jr. Washington CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A.E. DEi;REE Alpha Zeta; Georgia Agriculturist, Associate Editor, Managing Edi- tor; Agricultural Engineering Club: Ag Club. L laM i ' T 31 Page 49 I r- i. C Li.i.i ct 31 Sa.muhl Edwin George Dawson CANMHDATE FOR B.S.A. DEliREE Saddle and Sirloin Club; 4-H Club. George Wright Gibson Waynesville CAXniDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Alpha Zeta ; Saddle and Sirloin; Poultry Science ; Agricultural Club, ' 33 ; University Band ; Vice- President oi Saddle and Sirloin Club, ' 36- ' 37 ; Censor, Alpha Zeta. ' 36- ' 37; Animal Husbandry Fel- low ship, ' 36- ' 37. J. ] Goldstein Macon C. N-I1I1). TE KdU I-..S. iiei;kee Ph Epsihtn Pi Psi Chi ; Tranter, University of Florida and Mercer. Kl.ORENCI-: ( lOODE Atlanta CANDIDATE E(iK A. I;. I. DECREE . . « Delta Pi M.ARV Edith (]R. nger Blackshear CANDIDATE FCIH DEGREE Anna Jeannette Gercke Augusta CANDIDATE FOR A.15.ED. DE(;KEE Chi Omega James Lester Gillis, Jr. Soperton C. NDIDATE FOR U.S.F. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Amelia Golucke Crawfordville CANDIDATE FOR A.M.ED. DEGREE Kiifififi Dilta Vice-President, Pan-Hellenic Council ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 35- ' 36- ' 37. Mary Ei.itson Gordv Columbus CANDIDATE FOR A.n.J. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Phi Beta Kappa; Woman ' s Elditor, 1937 Pandora; Secretary, Y. W. C. A.; President, Pioneer Inner Circle; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 35- ' 37; Parthenian ; Woman ' s Varsity Debating Team ; V ' ice-President, Delta Delta Delta, ' 36- ' 37; Zo- diac; " Z " Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Ret in l Black Staff, ' 35- ' 36; Theta Sigma Phi; Frediman Commission, ' 34; ' ice-Prcsidcnt, Sophomore Class, ' 35 ; Phi Kappa Phi. Charles Henry Grant Athens CA.N-DIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Pi Kafipri .llpha Mrs. Furman Grant Clima.x CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Elwyn E. Grantham Douglas C.NXDIDATE FOR li.S.COM. DECREE Transfer, South Georgia College; Glee Club, ' 35. Pasc 50 ' f William Scott Graves Cochran CANDIDATE FOR Il.S.CdM. DECREE William Luke (jreexe Ball Ground CANDIDATE FOR A.I!. J. DEGREE Pi Kuppa Alpha Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa ; President, Pi Kappa Al- pha ; Phi Kappa Piii ; Demosthe- nian ; Varsity Dehatc ; Associate Editor, Red and Black: Sijjma Delta Chi; Vice-President, ' . M. C. A.; Northern Debate Trip; ' 37 ; Junior Oration. Florexce Louise (jRETHE Ncwtonville, Mass. CANIIUIATE FOR A.M. DECREE Student Council. Doris Axx CjRossmax Brunswick CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE Transfer, Georgia State College for Women, ' 35 ; Associate Editor, Georgia Agriculturist . " 37; Vice- President, Homecon Club. ' 37. . L RSHALL A. (jUU.l, Jr. Washington CANDIDATE FOR U.S.. . DECREE Virgixia ( ray Augusta CANDIDATE FOR A.I!. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa. Clyde Greexway Adrian CANDIDATE FOR li.S.V.A. DEGREE Douglas Grimes Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Chi Omega Gexe Grubbs Cordele CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DE(a(EE Sigma Xu Economics Societ ; Assistant Treasurer, Sigma Nu. John Samuel Gunn Athens CANDID. TE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Xi Phi Xi. .f ' s Julian P. Guxnells Ashland CANDIDATE FOR B.S.V.A. DEGREE William Floyd Gwy-n Zebulon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Pi Kappa Alpha Nice-President, Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi. Jh C aJS C 37 PascSI Hershel Hackel Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PHAR. DEGREE Alpha Epsilon Pi Robert Bragg Hagood Atlanta CANDIDATE F(1R B.S. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa. Dorothy Hains Augusta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi Oii}c (i Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha l.amhda Delta; Zodiac; Pioneer Inner Cir- cle; Sophomore Council; Phi Kappa Phi ; Woman ' s Athletic As- sociation Council : Parthcnian. Mrs. Jessie H. Hale Winterville CANIIIDATE KIIK Il.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi I psilim ( micron; Homecon Club. -5 15 James Verni- Ham .. f Franklin CANDIDATE I ' dl; li.S.A. DEGREE L iau cj- . 37 G. Elliott Hagan Sylvania CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE President, Freshman Class, ' 33- ' 34; President, Demosthenian Lit- erary Society, ' 37 ; Adlatus, ' 35, Treasurer, ' 35- ' 36 ; Member Judi- cial Council, ' 36; Speaking Key; Sophomore Debate; Championship Debate; ' ' X " Club; Senior Round Table; Thalian-Blackfriars; Cam- pus Club ; Secretary and Treasurer, Blue Key; Delegate Blue Key Na- tional Convention ; Secretary and Treasurer, Senior Class, ' 36- ' 37 ; Band, ' 33- ' 37. Albon Bailev Hailey Athens CANDIDATE ElIK A.Ii.J. DEGREE Red and Black, Feature Editor and Associate Editor; Thalian-Black- friars; Vice-President, Phi Kappa, ' 36; Cadet Captain, R. (). T. C. Cavalry; Freshman Track Squad; Monke Drill Team, •34- ' 35. Zhra LiTTi.iijoHN ' Hair Columbus ( AXDIDATE EllH H.S.CHEM. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. James Clinton Mai i. Spartanburg, S. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha P ' reshnian Football, ' ii: Varsity Football, ' 34- ' 35; Gridiron; " G " Club; Captain, R. O. T. C. ; Co- Captain Football, ' 36; Scabbard and Blade. Delton H. Harden Glenwood CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DEGKKE N. T Arnold Hardin Forsyth CAXDID TE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Alpha .Manager, Football, ' 36; Varsity Swimming, ' 35 ; Senior Round Table ; Scabbard and Blade ; Lieu- tenant, R. O. T. C. ; Gridiron; Phi Kappa; Vice-President, Kappa Alpha, •36- ' 37. Harry E. Harman, HI Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi Phi Football, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, Co-Captain, ' 36; Basketball, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Track, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; " G " Club, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, President, ' 37; Peli- can Club; Biftad ; Dean ' s List Student; Omicron Delta Kappa. Pa3e52 Margaret Harrell Tifton CAXDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Phi Mil Allyne Harris Cordele CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Frank E. Harrisox Fort Valley CAXDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE William Colemax Hartmax .Milledgeville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Chi Phi Hiftad; Warsity Football: Alpha Kappa Psi ; Scabbard and Blade ; Var.sity Baseball : Freshman Foot- ball ; Freshman Baseball; Gridiron. Willia.m Colbert Hawkixs Monroe CANDIDATE FUR A.B. DEGREE Campus Leader; Sphinx; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Blue Key ; President, Campus Club ; President, Demosthenian ; Gridiron; International Relations Club ; ' ice-President, Junior Class ; V ' ice-President, F ' reshman L a w Class; Freshman Intercolleijiate Debate; Demosthenian Speaking Key; Varsity Debater, ' 34- ' 36; De- bate Council ; Freshman Track ; Sophomore Declamation ; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Hayes Decatur CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Isabel Hayes Decatur CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Sarah Atmar Harrell Augusta CANDIDATE FDR A.R.ED. DEGREE Phi Mil Heard Harris The Rock CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Sigma Chi Transfer, Emory, ' 36. Charles C. Harrold, Jr. Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Phi Delta Theta Sphinx ; Freshman Football ; Fresh- man Basketball ; Varsity Football, ' 34- ' 35; Varsity Basketball, ' 34- ' 37; Captain, Basketball, ' 37; " G " Club; " X " Club; Gridiron; Colonel of Cavalry, R. O. T. C. Walki;r Lavt(1X Hawes Lincolnton CANDID.ATE FOR B.S.. . DEGREE Saddle and Sirloin Club ; Vice- President, Rural Organization and Marketing Club; Vice-President, National Rural Organization As- sociation, ' 37. Hoke S. Hayes Eastanollee CANDIDATE FUR B.S. A. DEGREE n L ia ar 31 Page 53 Helen Moseley Hays Douglasville I ANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Homecon ; Business Manager, Georgia A !;ri- culiiinst. ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; 4-H Club; Poultry Science ; Transfer, La- Granjze College and West Geor- gia College. Kathryn Henry Atlanta LANDIDATE 1-(1|; ll.l ' .A. DEGREE LUTA BoYKIN HeRNDON CarroUton I ANDUlArK FOR ll.S.H.E. DKGRKE Deltii Delta Delta (lirls ' Glee Club; Partbenian ; Homecon; I ' lii Lipsilon Omicron; Phi Kappa Phi. John G. Herring, Jr. Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Aduie Pearl Hill Bainbridge CANDIDATE FOR ICS.ED. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta C L luM cf . 31 WT J Helen Annette Hendon Athens C. NDIDATE FOR A. 11. DEGREE John Hensley Cobb town CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DEGREE ] Iary ' Lucy Herndon Toccoa CANDIDATE FOR . .I1.J. DEGREE Kappa Delta President, Sophomore Class; Vice- President, Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 34- ' 36; Co-ordi- nate Dramatic Club, ' 34- ' 35 ; Thalian-Blackfriars ; Partbenian Club; ' I ' beta Sigma Phi; Retl aiiil Btark Staff, ' 34- ' 37; Phi Kappa Phi. Lois Herring Tifton C. NDID. IE FOR D.S.H.E. DEGREE Leaner Morris Hill Dalton CANDIDATE FOR Il.S.CoNt. DEGREE Wii.LiA.M Hill Dalton CANDIDATE FOR Il.S.COM. DEGREE Corson L. Hilton, Jr. Sylvania CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Kappa Literary Societ) ' ; Reil and Black Staff; Major, First Bat- talion, Infantry, R. O. T. C. ; Football-Scrub. Page 54 Eugene A. Hixely Marlow CANDIDATE KOR B.S.F. UE(;K1;E James Hoi.ister Hobgood, Jr. Calhoun CANDIDATE FOR A.B._T. DEGREE Sigma Chi President, Sigma Chi ; Circulation Manager, Red and Black; Secre- tary, Sigma Delta Chi ; Pan-Hel- lenic Council. AvERV Chaffix Holland Martin CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A, DEGREE Alpha Zeta : Agriculture Club; 4-H Club; Poultry Science Club. Mary Holmes Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Chi Omega Transfer, Northwestern Uni er- sity ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Beta Gamma Sigma. Martha Elizabeth Hoou Jefferson CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Homecon, 4-H Club ; Poultry Sci- ence Club. Charles Crooks Hopper Purchase, N. Y. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Katharine Kimbrough Hosch Gainesville CANDIDATE FOE A.B.J. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Phi Kappa Phi ; Transfer, Brenau College, ' 35 ; Sophomore Council, ' 35; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 36- ' 37; Dolphin Club, ■36- ' 37; Delta Delta Delta Rush Captain, ' 35; International Relations Club; Theta Sigma Phi, ' 36- ' 37; Society Edit o r. Red and Black. ' 36, Vuman ' s Editor, ' 37. M RON Hirsch Albany CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Phi Epsilon Pi Paul Hodgson Athens CAXDID. TE FOR B.S.CO.M. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Golf Team, ■34- ' 36. Martha Helen Holmes Tifton CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chi Omega Transfer, Ohio Wesleyan Univer- sity (first year) ; Transfer, North- western L ' niversit " (second year). Frances Holst Cuthbert CANDIDATE FOR . .B. DEGREE Chi Omega Phi Beta Kappa : Phi Kappa Phi ; Pioneer Inner Circle, Treasurer, ' 36- ' 37 ; Member Woman ' s ' ar- sitv Debate. Alva J. Hopkins Folkston CA.NDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Sigma Chi J. ' K Lcli A OT . 37 Page 55 11 L laj cr J 37 Frances Marion Hubbard Carnesville CANDIDATE Kl)k li.S. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi ; Kappa Delta Pi. GiLMORE P. Hudson Eatonton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE W. O. Hudson, Jr. Elberton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Lois Hunt Cave Spring CANDIDATE Fill; D.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. French W. Hursey Folkston CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Katharine Hudman Sylvania CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Kappa Delta James Alex Hudson Hamilton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Gridiron. Edmund Corrie Hughes Bolton CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Sigma Xii Glee Club, ' 34- ' 37; Sipiia Delta Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Re I and Black Staff, ' 35- ' 37 ; Captain, R. (). T. C. ; Best Drilled Cadet, ' 34- ' 35. William E. Hunter Colquitt CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Constance Wilma Ivie Alto CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Eth ELENA Jackson Baconton CANDID. TE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Maude Jackson Franklin 1 WNDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Page 56 Mildred Jacksox Macon CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Ralph Jarrard Cleveland CAMllD ATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Richard Joel Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Heta Kappa; Managing Edi- tor, 1937 Pandora; Vice-Presi- dent, Thalian-Blackf riars ; Secre- tary and Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Gridiron ; Sigma Delta Chi ; ' ice- President, Phi Epsilon Pi ; Psi Chi; Pan-Hellenic Council: Cast of Eight University Theater Productions ; Thalian-Blackf riars Honor Kev. Anne Webster Johnson Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta Harr ' Sanford Johnson, Jr. Athens CANDID. TE FOR B.S.CHEM. DEGREE Second Lieutenant, Cavalry-, R. O. T. C. Margaret P. Johnson Austell CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Wyxelle E. Johnson Waverly Hall CANDIDATE FOR B..S.H.E. DECREE Jesse James Waycross CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Transfer, South Georgia Teachers College; 4-H Club; Master 4-H Club ; Editor, The (J i ' o r ; i a Cloverleaf ; Demosthenian, ' 36- ' 37; Saddle and Sirloin, ' 36; Poultrv Science, ' 36 ; Gaffau Club, ' 36- ' 37; Agriculture Club, ' 36- ' 37 ; Rural O ' rganization and Market- ing Club, Secretary-Treasurer, V ' ice-Pres ident. President, ' 37; Freshman Loan Fund, Chairman Committee, ' 37. Harr ' B. Jennings Milledgeville CANDIDATE FOR A.E.T. DECREE Chi Phi Albert Sidney Johnson, Jr. Elberton CANDIDATE FOR E.S. DEGREE Siauui Chi Ben Franklin Johnson CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Atlanta Sigma Pi Transfer, Emon, " L niversity, ' 32- ' 33 ; L niversity System Evening School, ' 33-36. ALargaret J. Johnson Atlanta CANDID.ATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi L tcu t?if 37 Page 57 RoBRRT Li:h Johnston He;i(l River CANUIDATE I ' dK U.S.A. DKGREE J.AMES DovLE Jones, Jr. Jackson CANDID.ATE FOR , ,B..7. DECUEr. Delta Sigma Chi ; Red tiud Black . Psi Chi. John P.aul Jones Macon CANDIDATE FOR I ' ..S. DEGREE Alphii Tun Omega Biftail ; Scabbard and Blade ; Grid- iron; Freshman . I. C. A., ' 33; Freshman Swimminfi, ' 34; Demos- thenian ; Freshman U e b a t i n g Team; Cadet Captain, R. O. T. C, ' 36. Harry Sol Savannah candidate for n.s.i ' ii n. di;i;ki:e Neil Wallace Kaye Atlanta candidate for E.S.CdM. DECREE L LiJj cr . 37 Charles K. Jolley Smithville CANDIDATE FUR A.B. DEGREE John Harold Jones Duluth, Minn. CANDID. TE FOR A.B.J. DEGREIC Sigma Nil Betty Judkins Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B..S.H.E. DEGREE Transfer, Shorter College, ' 34; Homccon ; Dean ' s List. David Daniel K.atsoff Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PHAR. DEGREE Xi Phi Xi; Pharmacy Club; Phi Kappa Phi. John P. Kelley Lawrenceville CANDIDATE FOR li.S.COM. DEGREE Varsit5 ' Track ; President, Agricul- tural Engineering Club; Demos- thenian ; Saddle and Sirloin; Poul- try Club; 4 H Club; Alpha Zeta. Mar Fra er Kellogg Chamblce CANDIDATE FOR B.S.I ' HVS.ED. DEGREE President, Woman ' s Athletic As- sociation, Senior Division, ' 36, ' 37; Psi Chi ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Pioneer Inner Circle; Parthenian ; Dance Club; Alpha L.Tinbda Delta. Charlie ' F. Kellogg Cumining IWNDIIIATE FOR B.S.. . IIKGREE Page 58 John Ro Kelly Rome CANnUlATK FOR P..S.A.E. UEGRKE I. C. Kennedy Chixton CANDIDATK TOR H.S.F. IIKr.RKF. Frances Kh.i ' atrick. Athens CANDIDATE FOR U.S. COM. DECREE Economics Society; Economics Seminar; Newman Club. Marth.a Louise Kint, Augusta CANDIDATE FOR Ii.,S.En. DECREE Ddia Dell,, Ddin Elsie Knowlton Americus CANDIDATE FOR ?... ;. H.E. DECRE.: Nathaniel W. Krlmbein Washington CANDIDATE FOR li.S.PHAR. DECREE Alfilui Epsilon Pi Sylvia Kuniansky Athmta CANDIDATE FOR DEGREE Delta Phi Epsilnn Phi Kappa Phi. Lawrence B. Kelly Savannah CANDIDATE FOR n..S.COM. DEGREE George Kessler Marlow CANDIDATE FOR P..S.A. DEGREE I ' lii Kappa Phi. Kate Orme King Chattanooga, Tenn. CAND1D. TE FUR . .I!.T. DEGKEi: Phi Mu Merle Kinninghaai Jefferson CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Transfer, Montreat College, ' 35. Frances Knupp Atlanta CANDID. TE FOR E.S.H.E. DEGREE Chi Omega President, Woman ' s Student Gov- ernment; Vice-President, Y. W. C. A. ; Vice-President, Chi Omega; Phi Upsilon ( micron ; Parthenian ; " Z " Club ; President, Co-ordinate Y. W. C. A., ' 35; President, Freshman Commission, ' 34 ; President, Co-ordinate Home Eco- nomics Club, ' 35 ; Freshman Rep- resentative, Student Government ; Sophomore Representative, Student Government Council. C lcLiA i?t . 37 Page 59 II 1 L la A cr 31 Evelyn Phillips Lamkix Harlem CAXDiriATE FOR A. IS. IIEGRKE Delta Delia Delta Treasurer, Delta Delta Delta, ' 36- ' 37. A.MES Robert Langforu, Jr. Leary CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Economics Society. Marietta CANIIinATE FUR A.BJ. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon RossER Neal Little Marietta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Sn ' ' iiii .llphd Kpsil ' in Harley Laxgdale, Jr. Valdosta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE SigDia Alpha Epsilon Polly Lanier Summit C- . ' niD- TE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Robert Benson Law Waynesboro CA.NDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Phi Delta Theta Scabbard and Blade. President, ' 37; Gridiron; Freshman Football; Edith Eve Logue South Orange, N. J. CANDID.- TE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary and Treasurer, ' 35- ' 36 ; Pan-Hel- lenic Council, President, ' 36- ' 37 ; Phi I ' psilon Omicron, ' 36- ' 37. Louise Longworth Copperhill, Tenn. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Albert Mercer Lord High Shoals C. NDID. TE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Kappa Sigma Page 60 Jack Lassetter Varsitv Football ; " G " Club. 3 Villa Rica • t 1 CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. Donald L Leebern Columbus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha Robert T. Lawrence " G " Club ; Football. Rlth Axx Locghridge Eton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Wester Carter Maddox Rebecca CAN II in ATE FOR B.S. DE(iREE William Albert Maxer, Jr. Atlanta CANDTDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Pi Kappa Phi P ' raxk Rambo Maxx McRae CANDIIIATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Phi Delta Theta -X " Club: Zoology Club; Phi Beta Kappa. George Frederick Marbut Athens CANDIDATE FOR B..S.COM. DECREE Eva Morton Martix Arlington CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Henry A. Martin Jacksonville, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Forestrv Club. Jean Mackey Dublin CANDIDATE FOR . .B. DEGREE Alpha Omicron Pi Treasurer, Alpha Omicron Pi, ' 35- ' 37 ; Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer, ' 36- ' 37; Alpha Lambda Delta: ' W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 34- ' 35 : Dol- phin Club. John Aim ' letox Maxdeville Carrollton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM. DECREE Sigma Chi Alpha Kappa Psi : Economics So- cietv. AxxiE WiLsox Mann Gay CANDIDATE FOR B.S. PH VS. ED. DEGREE Florence Manning Alpharetta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE AxxA IxEZ Martin Cartecay CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DECREE L lai y ot 31 Page 61 Maria Martin Moultrie CANDIDATE RIR A. II. DFX.RKE Phi Mu Evelyn Martin Eni.l.Okla. Delta Delta Dflla Charlotte Mauelshagen Atlanta CANDIDATE FOU A. I). DEGREE Alpha Chi Omega Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic Council WiLLL M H. Maxwell, Jr. Lexington CANDIDATE FOR U.S. COM. DECREE Sigma Nil H C Lu.i i. ' 4 37 Sara Elizabeth Mayes Bainbridge CANDIDATE FOR ll.S.H.E. DEGREE President, Girls ' Glee Club, ' 36- ' 37 ; Homecon Club; Secretary, Phi Upsilon Omicron, ' 36- ' 37. George Elizabeth ] Augusta CANDIDATE FCIR H..S.En. DEGREE Alpha Lambda Delta, ' 34; Kappa Delta Pi, ' 35. Edward Lynell Molpus Daytona Beach, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Transfer, LTniversity of Florida, ' 3i ; Phi Kappa Phi ; President, Alpha Xi Sigma, ' 36- ' 37 ; Blue Key Council; Alpha Zeta ; Aghon ; Secretary, Forestry Club, ' 36; Critic, Forestry Club, ' 36; As.sist- ant lousiness RLanager, Cypress Knee. ' 36- ' 37; Associate Business i Linager, Georgia Agriculturist. ' 36; Dean ' s List. Austin Ai.vtn Middleton Blakely CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Harry Cl.ayton Mims Thomasville CANDIDATE FDH r..S.PnAR. DEGREE President, l harmacv Club, Beta Xi. Eleanor Nesbitt Monroe Athens CANDIDATE FOR . .l ' .. DEGREE Phi ikta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Woman ' s Athletic Association ; Honors Day, •34- ' 36. Donald Montgomery Cedartown CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Economics Society; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma. James Parker Moore Bolton CANDID.VTE EIIR ll.S.KII. IIEGRKE Chi Phi Pelican Club: V. . L C. A. Fresh- men Commission; (iridiron Club; Uasketball, ' 3 ' i, ' 36; Baseball, ' 35, ' 36. Page 62 Jesse Gordox Moore Elberton CANrilDATE FOR B.S.COM. DKGREE Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi; Eco- nomics Society : Captain, R. O. T. C. ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Beta Gamma Sigma. G. P. Morgan- Guyton CANDlriATF. F(1R U.S. COM. DECREE Chi Phi H.AROLD M.ARK MoRRIS Douglas CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE D.A iD D. MosEi.v, Jr. Eastanollee CANDIDATE FOR R.S.A. DFCREE Ch.arles S. Motz Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon M.ARGLERITE McCaLL Tampa, Fla. CANDID. TE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Eugene Si.agi.e McConxei.i. Athens CAXDIIIATF Fuk 1!.S.A. DEGREE Alpha Zeta. Nell T. Moorhi. ad Canon CANDIDATK FOR A.R.ED. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. D. S. Morrell Hartford, Conn. CANDIDATE FOR U.S. COM. DKGREE Sigma A tt Walter E. Morris Applinu: C. NDID. TK FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE R. Elavil Moseley Toccoa CANDIDATE FOR B.S.- . DFC.REE Elizabeth McCall Rebecca CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE L lu j cj- 37 Page 63 K iuM Ct . 37 Amanija Lucille McCorvey Pavo CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE George T. McDaniel Eastman CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Football, ' 33- ' 34. Catherine Allen MacDonell St. Marys CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Martha Elizabeth McEi.veen Brooklet C.SXDinATE FOR B.S.PHAR. DEGREE Herbert Eugene McGinty Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM. DECREE Ralph Carlisle McCoy, Jr. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM. DEGREE Transfer, University System Even- ing Sciiool : Delta Sigma Pi. Ethel Sue McDonald IVIcDonough r.WIIIIlATE FOR A.B. DEGREE George Long McElmurra ' Lyella CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Alpha Tail Omega Vice-President, Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard and Blade; Captain, R. ( ). T. C. William Horace McEver Monroe CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha R. Bruce MacGregor Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Sii;i ia Chi E. Parr McKibben Coolidge C. Nlin)ATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Demosthenian Literary Society; Master of Rituals, Alpha Kappa Psi; Second Lieutenant, R. (). T. C. Anne McKinnon Brunswick CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Clii Omega Page 64 i James Lanier McMullan Young Harris CAXniDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Donald Roswell McRae, Jr. Augusta CANDlnATE FOR B.S. DECREE Clu Psi Tom McRae McRae CANDIDATE FUR A.B.J. DEGREE Sigma Nu Editor, Red and Black: Sigma Delta Chi. John Thomas Newton Madison CAXDln. TE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kappa Alpha President, Kappa Alpha : Biftad Club; Pelican Club; Junior Cab- inet; Gridiron; Scabbard and Blade. Adolph Elliott Nonas Brooklyn, N. Y. CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DECREE Thalian-Blackf riars ; Stage Man- ager, University Theater. Mary Elizabeth O ' Kelley Winterville CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Secretary. Kappa Delta Pi ; Zo- diac; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dance Club; Woman ' s Athletic Associa- tion. Madison Willis O ' Kelley Winterville CANDID. TE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Alpha Zeta ; Secretary and Treas- urer, Aghon, ' 36- ' 37 ; Agricultural Club ; Vice-President, Agricultural Club ; Vice-President, G a f f a u Club, ' 36- ' 37; Sophomore Debate, Agricultural Club ; Demosthenian Literarv Societv. L RVI • T. McNeill Americus CANDIDATE FOR -A.B. DEGREE Oscar Brents McRae, Jr. Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM. DEGREE Pi Kappa Phi President, Square and Compass Club, ' 36- ' 37 ; Junior Cabinet ; University Band ; Treasurer, Re- ligious Council, ' 36- ' 37 ; Freshman LaCrosse ; Economics Society ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Beta Gamma Sigma. Charles Brantley New Dexter CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DECREE Sigma A u John Everette Noland Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Freshman ' " Y " Commission ; Fresh- man Track; Freshman Ag. Club Debate; Sophomore Ag. Club De- bate; Junior Ag. Club Debate; Ag. Club Homecon Debate; Geor- gia-Florida Debate; President, Poultry Science Club ; Vice-Presi- dent, Poultry Science Club ; V ice- President, 4-H Club ; Editor, Georgia A grictill urist ; Aghon; Alpha Zeta; Honor Key, Ag. Club. James Richard Odom Girard CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Phi Kappa Phi. y laJ A i}T 3 7 Pa3e65 L lajj ct J 37 Marisue Oliver Athens CANDIDATE FOR li.F.A. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta Freshman Commission, ' .?4- ' 35 ; Girls ' Glee Club; Music Club; German Club, ' 36- " 37 ; Recording Secretary, Kappa Alpha Theta, •36- ' 37. George Tracv Olmstead, Jr. Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kapp I Alphll President, Alpha F.psilon Delta; Phi Kappa; Pharmac Club ; Senior R. (). T. C. B. H. PARHAAr Columbus CANDIDATE FUR U.S.A. DECREE Lewis How i;i.t. Parham Atlanta CANnlD. TE FOR A.D..r. DECREE Drum Major, Rand; Editor, Gfo - i ' M Arch. ' 36- ' 37; RiHe ' learn ; De- mosthenian I itcrary Society; First J ieu tenant. Military. Clapton Wesley Peacock LaP ' ayette CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM. Di;cREE Sii iiia Chi President, Economics Society ; Sec- retary, Delta Sigma Pi ; Pan-Hel- lenic Council ; E d i t o r Chapter Fetter, Delta Sigma Pi; Senior Round ' Fable; First Lieutenant, R. ( ). F. C. ; Demosthenian ; Cava- lier Club. Marie Antoinette Olliff Bristol CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE John Nicholas Pappas Paterson, N. J. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Zoology Club; German Club; Transfer, St. Lawrence LTniversity, ' 34. Joseph Connell P. rha.m Bogart CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGRF.E EMii. ' k Frances Parks Commerce CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi; Treasurer, Phi LIpsilon ( micron ; Homecon. HENR ' i (;r. U PeELF Tifton CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Beverly Peeples Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE K ippa Dilta Sara Sandersville C. MHD TK FOR A.B. DF(iRKE Drllil I ' hi F.t sU )ll Page 66 Elton Ledford Perry Summerville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DMiUKE Phi Kappa Phi. Maree Perr man l.iiuohiton CANDin ATE FOR A.B. DEGUliE Alhha Delta Pi Snpiiomore Council ; Freshman Commission Malcolm Daniel Peterson Ailey CAXIIIIIATE FOR B.S.COM. IpKOREE Deltn Tan Delta JR- Ep- ' 35- C; A. ule ; ans- Ernest Clifford Phili.ii ' S, Cuthbert CANDIDATE FOR A.B. liEGRF.E Blue Key Council ; Pi Mu silon; Delta Pi; Glee Club, ' 36; Cadet Captain, R. O. T. Brigade Adjutant; ' ' . M. C. Cabinet; Scabbard and Bh President, North Geotj ia Tr fer Club. LOV C. I ' lRKLE Cummini; CANDIDATE FOK B.S.A. DKGKEE Miria.m Pledger Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.EU. DEGREE CoY Hansel Poitevint Camilla C. NDIDATE FOK li.S.A. IlllGKKE 4-H Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club. Howard Perry Winder CANDIDATE FOK A.B, DEGREE Kappa Alpha Phi Beta Kappa : Kappa Alplia, Sec- retary, ' 36- ' 37 ; Plii Kappa, President, ' .36- ' 37. Vice-President, ' 35- ' .?6: Key Council, ' 34- ' ,l7, Secretary, ' 34 ; Debate Council : ' arsity Debate, ' 34- ' 35 ; Freslinian Debate, ' , ; Anniversarian, ' 37 ; International Relations Club, -Sec- retary-Treasurer, ' 35- ' 36, President, ' 37 ; Junior Cabinet ; President, Ger- man Club, ' 36- ' 37: Scabbard and Blade, ' 37 ; Captain R. O. T. C. : Plii Kappa Phi. William T. Petersen Freeport, N. Y. CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Andra Pauline Petty Tifton CAXDID. TE FOR .N.B.T. DEGREE .M LES Si.VNDlSH PiI ' ER Atlanta CAXU1D. TE FOK U.S. DEGKEE Ed(;ar Kl hl Pitman Blackshear CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Transfer, Presbyterian College; Forestr Club. t mJ L Luj i ' T 3 7 Page 67 L iiUA cr . 37 ZoE BuRCH Powell Newnan CAXmUATE FUR I!. S.ED. DEGREE Kiipfii Delta Transfer, Florida State Collef e for Women. ' Ho LAS Malcolm Purchll, Jr. Cochran CAN ' DID. TE FOR A.B..T. DEGREE Alpha Tail Omega Mary George Raiford idalia CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE LoY Edmund Rast Athens CANDIDATE FOR I!..S.COM. DEGREE Delta Si ' trma Pi. Sara Elizabeth Re.mixgtox Statesboro I ANIIIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Warrex Cl- de Praxce Douglas r.VNDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DECREE Rural Organization Club, Presi- dent, ' 36, Vice-President, ' 36; Dean ' s List. Gwendolyn Quinker Valdcsta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Alpha Theta Bernard Bruce Ramsey Macon CA.NDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Alpha Tail Omega President, Alpha Tau Omega, ' 37 ; Treasurer, Alpha Tau Omega, ' 35- ' 37; Cadet Colonel, R. O. T. C. Brigade; Scabbard and Blade, ' 37; Griiiiron, ' 36- ' 37 ; Junior Business Manager, Pandora, ' 36; Treas- urer, Delta Sigma Pi, ' 36; Secre- tary, Economics Societ ' , ' 36. Robert E. Reed West Haven, Conn. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Annie Laurie Rentz Miami, Fla. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Theta Transfer, Florida State College for Vomen ; ' ice-President, Kappa Alpha Theta. W.MTER Jones Revell Louisville CANDIDATE FOK B.S. DEGREE James Beauregard Rhodes Alpharetta (•. DID. TE FOR E.S.. . DEGREE Pase 68 Avis Louisi; Ridley Cad well CANDIDATE FOR D.S.H.E. DE(;KEE Owen MoRTiMiiR Robkris Athens CANDIDATE FOK E.S.COM. DEGREE Fhi Delta Thetn Freshman ' ' . M. C. A. Council ; Pandora Staff, ' 34; Thalian- Blackfriars, ' 34; President, Pelican Club ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Econom- ics Society ; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. John Louis Rouison Ailey CANDIDATE FOR E.S.A. DECREE Phi Kappa Literary Society ; Sad- dle and Sirluin Club; Ajjriculture Club. Harvie F,. Rogers Roop ille CANDIDATE FOR D.S.V.A. DEGREE Albert R. Rooker Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Sigtna Chi Esther Muriel Roberts Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Al[ ha Gamma Delta Girls ' Glee Club, ' 36- ' 37 : Wom- an ' s Athletic Association, ' 34- ' 35 ; Alpha Lambda Delta; Zodiac. Sara Robi.rts Monroe CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Phi Mu Everett AL Rogers. Jr. Adel CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Arthi ' r P ' dward Rood, Jr. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Sigma Chi Glee Club. ' 34- ' 37; Senior Rduiid Table; Economics Society, ' 34- ' 37; Freshman Football. Andrew Miller Ross, Jr. Hruiiswick CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE fM Adron V. Rosser Cairo CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Ja.mes Edwin Rountree Metter CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Freshman Track, ' 34; Varsity Track, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37 ; " G " Club. ' r f L ia A cj: 31 Pase 69 n Lois Rumph Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE John Hrauford Sanford Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR U.S. COM. DECREE Si iiui Alpha Epsilon Tiialian-Blackfriars Dramatic Club. I AMliS Wll.BLRX SCROGGIXS Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM. DECREE H. Gi.KNN Segars Winder CANDIDATE FOR B.S.. . DKIiREE George Paul Shaw LaFayette CANDIDATE FOR U.S. COM. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Corre.sponding Secretary, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Manager, Track Team ; Economics Society. L laA or 3 7 William Clarence Rushing Lakeland CANDIDATE FOR U.S.A. DEGREE Franklin Charlie Scheider Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi : Delta Sigma Pi ; Phi Kappa ; Pk-onomics Society ; Square and Compass Club; Beta Gamma Sigma. Daniel David Segali, Savannah CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM. DEGREE Alpha Epsilon Pi Demosthenian : Varsity Swimming Manager, ' 34, ' 35 ; Vice-President, Alpha Epsilon Pi. Edward Scott Sell, Jr. Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Alpha Tail Omega President. Alpha Tau Omega ; Grid- iron : Phi Kappa Phi : President, h ' lue Key: Pan-Hellenic Council; Secretary, Demosthenian ; Scabliaril and Blade; Vice-President, Interna- tional Relations Club; Y. M. C. . Cabinet ; Manager of Debates ; Var- sity Baseball Manager ; Varsity De- liate. ' . ' 4- ' , 6; Junior Cabinet; Bif- tad Club; " Intramural Sports Coun- cil. James Livingston Shepherd Raleigh, N. C. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A.E. DEGREE American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Imogene Shore Baldwin CANDID. TE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Alpha (laninia Delia Marjorie Shuman Nashville CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Page 70 Herschel Edward Simmons Winten-ille CAXniDATE FOR U.S.A. OEGREE Ch. rles Lee Sir.m.xn ' s Adel CANDIDATE FOR B.S. COM. DECREE Celeste Smith Atlanta CAXDID. TE FOR A.E.J. DECREE Phi Mu President, Phi Mu, ' 37; President, Co-ordinate Student Gtivernment. ' 35 ; Theta Sigma Phi ; Freshman Commission, ' 33- ' 34; Vice-Presi- dent, Student Government, ' 33- ' 34; Secretary, " Z " Club, ' 34- ' 35; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 34- ' 35 ; Pan-Hellenic Representative, ' 36- ' 37; Treasurer, Theta Siszma Phi, " 36- ' 37. EuGEXE Allex Smith Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CO.M. DEGREE Lambda Chi Jlpha Associate Editor. Gior ia Arch. " 36; Business Alanager, Geon;in Arch. ' 36- ' 37; Delta Sigma Pi; Secretary, Lambda C h i Alpha ; Captain, R. O. T. C. ; Freshman Swimming; Freshman Boxing; Demosthenian ; Economics Society. J.AMES Henry Smith Ashland CANDIDATE FOR B..S.A.E. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi ; Business Manager, The Georgia A gricultural Engin- eer, ' 36- ' 37 ; Treasurer, North GeoTiiia Club, ' 37 ; First Lieuten- ant. R. O. T. C. ALarth.a Wilsox Smith Greenville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Mrs. Ruth West Smith Rome CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Kathr n Elizabeth Simmons Metter C. . lilDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE LiLLLAX ALaUDE SlOCUMB Doerun CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Chandler V. S.mith Lakeland C. NIiID. TE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE Frederick Augustus Smith, Jr. McRae CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Sigma Nil Bittad; Vice-President, Sigma Xu. . Lartha Wilson Smith Greenville CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE L laj ot . 37 fi= Pa33 7l Sumner JevviiLl Smith Jefferson CANDIDATE FOR A.R.ED. DEGREE Transfer, Younf; Harris College, ' 35 ; Kappa Delta Pi. .M.ARG.ARKT Snooks Ailey L ANDIDATE FUR A.B. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Transfer, Wesle an Collesje ; Sec- retary, Delta Delta Delta. J. B. Spears Mansfield CANDIDATE FDR B.S.COM. DEGREE Josephine Spence Camilla CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Associate Editor, Georgia Agricul- turist : Treasurer, Soule Hall. AVm. Ai.nx.ANDKR Steed Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE L Lu at 31 M.ANN Smo.ak, Jr. Griffin CANDIDATE FOR B.S. A. DEGREE President, Saddle and Sirloin Club; Vice-President, Aghon; Poultry Science Club; Agriculture Club. SHI•l-I. ■ Sparks Fitzgerald CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta S.AR.A E. Speer ( chlochnee CANDIDATE 1-OR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Albert Ci.vde Spinks, Jr. Atlanta CAND1I1. TE FOR B.S.IOM. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Delta Sigma Pi. Emil ' s ' H.ains Stei.ling Augusta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Transfer, Augusta Junior College; RiHe Team. Louis Cl.avton Stewart Union Point CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Kappa Sigma Delta Sigma Pi. MAR Jo Stone Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Gamma Delta President, Alpha Gamma Delta ; Girls ' Glee Club; Secretary, Eco- nomics Society. Page 72 H. Calvix Stovall Cornelia CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Pi Kappa Phi Ben Nelson Stuckey Experiment TAXDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Xi Phi Xi; Alpha Zeta; Aghon; Major, R. O. T. C. Lois Sturm er Atlanta CANDIDATE FUR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Kappa Delia Thalian-Blackfriars; Phi Kappa Piii : Pioneer Inner Circle; Home- con ; Dolphin. May Temple Chattanooga, Tenn. CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE Phi Mil President, Theta Sigma Phi. Marshall Roy Thigpen Soperton CANDID. TE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Agriculture Club; 4-H Club; Sad- dle and Sirloin Club; Poultry Science Club. Nell Elizabeth Thomas Martin CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Jeannette Thompson Atlanta CANDID. TE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Cary Burr Strickland Concord C- NDIDATE FOR E.S.ED. DEGREE Kappa Delta James Lawrence Studd.xrd Amity CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CHEM. DEGREE First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Edith Louise Taylor Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Home Economics Club ; Woman ' s Athletic Association. Virginia Carolyn Templeton Hepzibah CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CHEM. DECREE ALary Walker Thomas Jesup CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta L las i t ru ot 37 Pase73 r - " Virginia Pound Tift Tiftoii CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. DEGREE Phi Mu CJk-e Club; Music Club; Sponsor, R. O. T. C. Brigade. Benson E. Lane Timmons, III Atlanta CANDIDATE FOK A.B. DEGREE Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi IJeta Kappa; Phi Kappa_ Phi; Va ' edictorian; Omicron Delta Kappa; Treasurer, S. A. E. Fraternity; Bif- tad ; International Relations Cluh ; Lieutenant-Colonel, R. O. T. C. ; Man- ager of Debates, ' 34-37 ; Student As- sistant in English, ' 36- ' 37 ; Varsity Debating Team, ' 34- ' 37 ; Pan-Hellenic Scholarship Medal, 1934 ; Hamilton McWhorter Medal for Freshman Ex- cellence, 1934; Wiriam Jennings Bryan Essay Prize, 1936; Vice-Presi- dent, Phi Kappa Literary Society ; Phi Kappa Speaking Key ; Pandora Staff, ' 33- ' 34 ; Freshman Y. M. C. A. Com- mission, ' 33- ' 34 ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 34- ' 35 ' • University Theater ; Nomi- nated for Rhodes Scholarship from State of Georgia, 1936; Northern De- bate Trip, 1936; Sophomore Declama- tion ; Sophomore Debate ; Freshman Debating Team. Matilda Trezevant Marietta CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Phi Mil Elmer Earl Trulove Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR B.S.CO.M. DEGREE Transfer, University of Georgia Evening School ; Head Master, Delta Sigma Pi, ' 36- ' 37 ; Econom- ics Society. William Robert Tuck Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.F.A. IN L.A. DEGREE Kappa Alpha Landscape Architecture Society; Captain, R. O. T. C. L la ct 31 John Russell Tiller Charleston, S. C. ( ANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Alpha Xi Sigma; Forestry Club, Secretary, ' 35, Vice-President, ' 36; Aghon. Cl.xrhxce Twtre ' s- Todd Rome CANI)n). TE FOR B.S.rUM. DEGifEE Walter Carl Troutman Tennille CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Chi Phi Freshman Football ; X ' arsity Foot- ball. Valerie Evelyn Truman Columbus CANDIDATE FOK A.B.ED. DEGREE Woman ' s Glee Club. Meredith Sterling Turner LaGrange CANDID.ATE FOR . .B. DEGREE Phi Mil Nelle Turner Ervington CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Vice-President, Alpha Delta Pi ; Freshman Commission ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Dolphin Club. Price Edward Turner Coolidge CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Page 74 Mary X ' insox Tve Edison CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Hazel Delle Usry Athens CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Plii Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Puhlicitv Chairman, Kappa Delta Pi, ' 37. Chesley M. ' incent Fairmount CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE Sigf ' ia Xu L. CoHEX Walker Warthen CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. Kathryx Reid Wallace Rutledge CANDIDATE FOR A.B.ED. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi George Edward Warrex Sylvester CA.NDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE WiLLLAM DeRMIT WarREX Dublin CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. Louise Dlxgx Tyus CarroUton CANDID. TE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Deltti Delta Delta Transfer, West Georgia College; Homecon. Martix L. VaxWixkle Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Pam Waddell Cedartown C. NDID. TE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Transfer, Asbur - College, ' 35 ; Phi Upsilon Omicron, ' 37. James Pearsox Wall, Jr. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR . .B. DEGREE Pi Kappa Alpha Scabbard and Blade; JXIajor, Cavalr) ' , R. O. T. C. Carolyx a. Warxell Pembroke CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE K lfUS ck 31 Page 75 L iasj ej: . 37 Hilda Warshaw Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR E.S.CHEM. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa; Zodiac; Pi Mu Epsilon : Phi Kappa Phi. DeRo ' Wilbur Vatson, Jr. Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR li.S.F. DEGREE Phi Kappa Phi. Ernest Bernard West Ocilla CA.N-DIDATE FOR li.S.A. DEGREE Walter B. W ' ileeler Rome CANDIDATE FOR B..S.COM. DEGREE Chi Psi Leila Mae Whitener Bufoid candidatf: for a.b.ed. degree Alpha Gaiiima Delta James D. Watson Athens candidate for B.S.CdM. DEGRE ' -; Lewis J. Weaver Hogansville candidate for b.s.f. degree Transfer, West Georgia College; Forestry Club. Reba Valeria Westerook Oakwood candidate for b.s.h.e. degree Music Club; Glee Club; Home- con Club; Transfer, Brenau Col- lege. Nell White Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.I!. DEGKEE Alpha Gamma Delta Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Gamma Delta, President, ' 37, Secretan,-, ' 36; Woman ' s Pan- Hellenic Council; Secretary, Eco- nomics Societ ' . Elizabeth Wicker Americus CANDIDATE FOR B.S.H.E. DEGREE Myrlene Wi(;(;i s Edison CANDin.STE FOR . .I1.KD, IlEGREF. Jeanette Meadow Wiley Cordele CANDIDATE FOR A.B.J. DEGREE I ' ioneer Liner Circle; Theta Sigma Chi; Red and Black Staff; Dance Club; IVLisic Club; Geori ' ia Arch; Transfer, Bessie Tift, ' 35. Page 76 U Wilson B. Wilkes Adel CAXDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DF.C.REE Pi Kappa Alpha Emile Williams Crawfordville CAXDIDATE FOR B.S.PHAR. DEGREE Pharmacy Club. Jim Roe Williams Forsyth CANDIDATE FOR B.S.F. DEGREE Mary Jllia Williams Cordele CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE W. D. Willis Quitman CANDIDATE FOR B.S.A. DEGREE Transfer, Georgia State College; 4-H Club ; Gaffau. H. Leox Wilson Bolton CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. IIEGKEE Sisma A u Mari Madge Wilson Athens CANDIDATE FOR B.S.ED. DEGREE Charlotte T. Williams Haddock CAXDID. TE FOR B.S. DEGREE Alpha Delta Pi Transfer, G. S. C. W., ' 35. James Lester Williams Juliette C. NDID. ' TE FOR B.S.. . DEGREE June Williams Buffalo, X. Y. CANDIDATE FOR B.S.PHYS.ED. DEGREE Rayford W. Williams Sylvania C. NDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE R. O. Club; Forestry Club; Band; Demosthenian Literarv Society. William Armor Wills Greensboro CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Bert Michael Scholarship; Xi Phi Xi; Pi Mu Epsilon; L. H. Char- bonnier Prize ; Omicron Delta Kappa ; Scholarship Award ; L pper 3% of Senior Class. ( Icu cj- 37 Page 77 Alexander A. Winn Guytini CANDIDATE FOR U.S. COM. DEGREE Chi Phi Charles Wallace Woodall Albany CANDIDATE FOR B.S.COM. DEGREE - " Kiipfxi Alpha Senior Cheer l eader, ' 36. Elissa Woolford Roswell, N. M. CAXDID- TF KOK . .B. DEGREE Delta Delta Delta Grace Winston Athens CANDIDATE FOR 1!..S.H.E. DEGREE Phi Mu President, Y. W. C. A. ; President, Zodiac ; President, P h i Upsilon Omicron; Alpha Lambda Delta; ■Z " Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Pion- eer Inner Circle; Parthenian ; W oman ' s Athletic Association; Home Kconomics Club; Student Government Council; Alpha Mu; Vice-President, Student Christian Council. Par.melia Jane Woodhouse Atlanta CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Read William Wynn Augusta CANDIDATE FUR A.E..I. DEGREE Georgia Arch, ' 36- ' 37 : Sigma Delta Chi. i Lij ct 31 Page 78 . n f O, - " 1 - ANDERSON AYERS BARWI ' K BLAND BRADBURY DAVIS, J. G. DEAN EVINS FORTSON FOSTER GRAINGER HARRISON HASKIN HOLLIMAN JAMISON LAW LIHLE MANN MAZO MEANS ONEAL OVERBy PANNELL RAy STEWART VON SPRECKEN WELLS WARREN WARNOCK WELLES WHELCHEL yEOMANS LANE cr ciiict J— a w Charles Ben Anderson, Jk. Fort Valley Jere C. Ayers Comer Milton Cook Barwick Louisville Steve G. Bland Lumpkin John S. Braddukv Athens John G. Davis Clayton Thomas J. Davis Valdosta Hammond Dean Monroe T. A. Evins, Jr. Atlanta Edwin Fortson Washington Jltlian M. Foster Madison M. C. Grainger Blackshear Fred L. Harrison, Jr. Augusta Esther Haskin Macon John E. Holliman Thomaston J. J. Holli s Buena Vista W. H. Jamison Atlanta Edgar L. Lane Millen J. C. Warnock . . . . W. A. Law Waynesboro Frank A. Little Cornelia Robert G. Mann Jacksonville, Fla. J. D. Mayson Buford Albert Mazo Savannah Alfred L Means Athens W. B. McWhorter Le.xington Birch D. O ' Xeal Bainbridge T. H. OvERBY Gainesville C. A. Pannell Eton Jack B. Ray Xoruood George Stewart Atlanta Josephine von Sprecken .... Fort Worth, Texas W. A. Wells, Jr. Augusta Ward Whelchel Douglas Jasper Yeomans . tlanta Thomas H. Verdel Elberton W. W. Warren Jakin Tarrytown Page 79 r r Uruvastiy of Georgia .f .- Aihcnsy March 1% ,i%0 . THE firft public Gonmicpcemeht in y XJ ' amrfyf; ' . bt fjoHen a t this 5)1ace, ' ' tm Tburittajir tite 3 til day of May A meeting o f t he Boa r i ; - t s ust e es i- a )p«imed to be holcieit in rbcCoxtgeE on We ' fittfday, th? ' 30 h of May, antf fxpfaed that the imports ace of the bti-. finefs then to be lai J hdors them, will in- duce Svcry men ber to attend. Om the day of meftting o£, the board Serwoii% he MivereJ i)y the Rev! Rob t: M: 0:tm king h a f actdrefled par - ' Uculariy to the c ndtda-c-? for d - r es " The mcg»hf.i ' 3 of the BoA DofVvi ' TOR9 the i?, ,,. and J}. .rrof Jca.A- cs and i w j, efpeciah ' v of thofe which ar- a.ppofted Jxypahhc -funds, and ali fhe Wier.ds of bctence and Literature, are ref r-ftFully reclaefted r. art -nd the Com ' TT ' - ' ruemerit ! J , 3 »! f HUlLat K ia ar 3 36 Morris B. Abram . . . . Fitzgerald Junius ACillard Adair . . . Atlanta Denzil Roy (Jack) Adams . . Boston Elizabeth Adams .... LaGrange Eugene Adams .... Norman Park Manne Perry Adams . . . Sebring I ' ai ' Linr a per hold , . . Eastanollee J. E. Albin . . . Bay Minette, Ala. Alan H. Alexander. Jr. . . Atlanta Richard C. Allen . . Brooklyn. Miss. Margaret Frances Alt . . . Atlanta Vm. Harrison Appleby, Jr. . Atlanta M. Virginia Ashford .... Athens Thomas Z. Atkeson . . Columbia, Ala. Rosalie King Atkinson . . Waverly Bert Avera, Jr Wrens W ' m. Ausiin Avery Adrian ' . K. Harnhill Folkston Ida Frances Barrow .... Athens Inez Frances Barthelmess . Savannah Glen H. Barton Rydal Marian Janet Baker . . Summerville Julia Elizabeth Barwick . Louisville Moultrie Warren Bateman . . Byron Edward H. Baxter shburn Emma Louise Beam . . . Blue Ridge Gertrude Margaret Beaslev . Atlanta Louise Lower y Beaver . . Gainesville Miriam Celestia Beckwith . Athens Dallas Bell Bishop Ethel Bell Pembroke Ralph Joseph Bell .... Athen ' i Broughton Bennett . . . Blackshear Mary Edna Bennett .... Athens Gharles Edward Benns . . . Butler W. J. Benton Cornelia Charles Wm. Berry .... Athens Emory Bickers Savannah I- ' rank Bickerstaff .... Athens i:. T. Blackman Atlan a I ' velyn Nelle Blackwell . . Royston I)avid E. Bland Garfield Emmie Bovkin Bolton . . . Athens Ck EN sir AW Bonner . tlanta ln iN Bernard Bonner . . . r owdon T ' .iHN Ralph Booker .... McRae Ruth Born Athens Bee B. Bradberry Winder John Almond Bradberrv . . . Athens Malcom J . Bradbury .... Bogart Mary Edith Bradley . . . Fitzgerald .Alfred Lynne Brannen, Jr. . Athens Jesse Ewell Brannen. Jr. . . Atlanta Fred Pace Branson Rome Xancy Pauline Branyo.n . Forest Park Elise Bruce Bray Athens Evelyn Bray Woodbury IT. G. Breedlove . . . Watkinsville Mary Bixby Brewster . . . Atlanta Plott Price Decatur Pase 82 L LlM i ' T 38 I.rTHER Ul-rgess Bridoers. Jr. . Atlanta Glenn T. Brinson . . . Wrightsville Mary Ouida Britt .... Warwick Vm. Tyler Broach . . . Winterville Robert T. Brock Atlanta CHAt ' NCEY Brooks .... Baltimore Mary Elizabeth Brooks Bartley Trank Brown . David Nowlen Brown . T. Harold Brown . . Mary Brown . . . . . Mattie Jtlia Brown . Washington . . Atlanta . Lyons . llartwell . . Martin . . Martin Ruth Clark Brow n .... .Athens Virginia Hill Brown . . . Thomson Norton Buell Rome G. Gray Burch .... Fayetieville Carey C. Burnett . . Tallahassee, Fla. IIarriette Clare Burson . . Camilla Ethel Mae Byrd .... Bainbridge Myra Nell Byrd Butler Helen F. Cabaniss Athens [•. H. Cadle. Jr Swainsboro S. WooDviLLE Campbell . . Columbus W ' m. Fletcher Cantrell, Greenville, S. C. Ernestine Carcill .... Savannah Sara E. Carlton Hartwell Bert K. Carmichael, Jr. . . Jackson Ethel Carmichael . . . McDonough Harrietts Carmichael . . . Jackson Thomas I ' . Carroll . . . Loganville Donnel E. Carter Plains Robert F. Carter Maylor Mildred Cauthen .... Meansville Jesse G. Chambliss, Jr. . . Americus Tames Chancellor . . Columbus Frank McComb Chandler Milledgeville Carroll S. Chapman . . . Ludowici Charlotte Chapman .... Atlanta Cora Cheney Allgood, Ala. William .A. Clements . . Ray City Albert Clifton Statesboro Tim 1 ' acl Clifton Uvalde Howard R. Clisham, Manchester, N. H. Theresa Dorothy Clore . . Americus J. Bryan Cobb Hartwell Tyrus Raymond Cobb, Jr. . . Augusta Alvin B. Cochran .... Girard Bobbie Glynn Cochran . . . Camilla Annie Sce Coleman . . . Nicholson Fred Wilbur Collins . . . Baxley Geraldine Collins . . . . Unadilla Chistino Manuel Colon . Puerto Rico DwiGHT S. Compton . . . . Cochran Margaret Elizabeth Con GER, Bainbridge Andrew James Cooper . . Loganville Ira Brinson Cooper. Jr. . . Haddock James Weaver Cooper . . . Athens Virginia Cooper . . . Milledgeville Otis Bryant Copeland . . Carrol Iton Pase83 n r!) r 1 1 Zena Elizabeth Costa .... Athens George A. Crabb, Jr Athens Mary Frances Crabb .... Athens Eleanor Craft Hartwell Edwin Reddick Cross, Jk. . . Douglas Vm. A. Crossland, Jr. . . . Atlanta Tames Woodrow Curtis . . . Toccoa George P. Dance, Jr Atlanta Sam a. Dance Eatonton Mildred Daniels . . . Ilawkinsville George W. Darden, Jr. . . . Mitchell Stella Bvrd Darnell . . Talking Ruck Jacob Carl Daughtry .... Metter Fred Daves, Jr Calhoun Allen Fleming Davis .... Athens .Albert Harrison Davis . . Sylvester Barbara Rebecca Davis . . Manchester Dlair Wilson Davis . . . Valdosta Elizabeth Anne Davis . . . Atlanta Harry J. Davis, Jr Alliens Hugh Turner Davis .... Athens Tames Gordon Davis .... Camilla Tames Cecil Davis . . . Wrightsville John ' ilson Davis .... Valdos a Mark Lawson Davis Elnn IvicHARD Ernest Davis . . Taylorsville Walter Joseph Davis . . . Biiinswick Montez Debnam Atlanta Russell Deckert . . . I ' alniyra, Pa. Mahv F.LizAnKTU I ICKEKSON , McDoiiaM Charles B. Dickson . . . Marietta George I . Dillard Cusseta J. V. Dillard Hull Ralph Adair Dixon Girard Caroline Frances Domimck . Atlanta Hknrv Clayton Dorminey . . .Mapaha Robert T. nf TTERY Athens James Frank Downer . . . Richland William I. Drewry .... Athens Martha Frances Dreyer . . . Athens K atherine T. DuBose .... Athens John Welch Duke . . . Pendergrass Morgan L. Duke mericus George Clovis Duncan . Bowdon Junct. John LaFayette DuPree, Jr., Hawkinsville Fred Burch Duval . . . Social Circle Clavborne D. Dyal, St. Pe.ersbiirg, Fla. Martha Elizabeth Eberhakdt, Carlton Owen D. Edge. Jr. . Columbus Harvey S. Edwards . . . Bainbridge Spurgeon Lamar Edwards . . Guyton Hugh Lee Eidson . . . Winterville Edwin Boyd Ellison . . . Americus John Tharpe Engel . . . Savannah Douglas H. Epperson . I kc City, Fla. Katherine W. Erwin . . West Point Sara Estes Canon Ellie Etheredge Sumner Anne Mary Evans .... CooUdge D. L. Evans, Jr Hazlehurst Pd3c84 i 38 Horace E. Evans . . . . . Perry Robert V. Eve .... . . Tifton Charles M. Everett . . . . Atlanta SrsAN O. Fai-ligant . . l- ' t . McPIierson Tack Farren . . Macon Guy W. Firor. Jk. . . . Athens Josephine Katiihvn Kikok . . Athens Minnie Evelyn Fisher . . . Cochran Mary L. Fleetwood . . Cartersville I ' KANCEs Fletcher . . . Farrutt Margaret Flowers . . . Thoniasville lnnN S. Ford .... . . Dalton Vm. B. Forney . . . . Augusta ' irgima Forsyth . . Cairo P.lanton Fortson . . Athens Robert E. Foster. Jr. . . . . Athens Avis Belva Fowler . . . . . Bogart Floy Elizabeth Fowler . . Marietta Louis Jennings Fowler . . .Stone Mt. Thesis Fowler .... _ ' nion. S. C. Martha Franklin . . . . Valdosta Samuel G. Fraziek . . . . Cohutta Mary Freeman .... Senoia Virginia Katherine Frey . . Marietta Maurice L. Friedman . . Sandersville Augustus H. Frye. Jr. . . . Griffin George Clark Gaines . . . Hartweli Martha Gardner , . . . . Camilla James Colbert Garland . . Barnesville Booker Garrard . . . . Washington Ruth Garrard Washington Reuben R. Garrard . . . Washington J. O. Garrett rlington Peggy Garkette S atham Leonard Garten Augusta James Warren Gaskins . Willacoochee Roy Gatchell, Jr Atlanta B. Harrison Gibson, Jr. . . AUenhurst Lacy A. Gibson Albany Joe Gill Gillespie . . . Savannah Hugh Elbert Gleaton . . . Warwick Mary Paul Glenn Athens R. B. Glenn Waycross Willis A. Glenn . Hull Felton Hayes Gordon . . . Athens RoxiE Goss Richland Charles Hovt Graham .... Ocilla Mac.Adams Graham . . , LaFayette C. W. Grant, Jr Leslie Maurice C. Greene . . El Paso. Tex. Edward Kendall Griffeth . . Comer James Milligan Griffin . . Villa Rica Wm. T. Grimes Albany Eliszabeth Guillebeau . . . Atlanta George Doyle Gunnells . . Ashland Clement B. Haines . . Elkhart, Ind. Wm. Hoyt Haley .... Elberton Margaret Edith Hall . . liami, Fla. L. D. Hamil Bowdon Wm. D. Hammack .... Cuthbert PaseSS L Lru at 38 DvciE Emily Hancock . . . Athens Lois Myrtle Handley . . Fitzgerald Sara Thelma Harben . . . Augusta Henry Wm. Harbin .... Augusta S. James Harden Osierfield Phil Morris Hardman . . . Colbert S. L. Hardman Colbert Nancy Elizabeth Hardy . . , Athens Sarah Atmar Harrell . . . Augusta Margaret T. Harrington . Drunswick Bernard C. Harris . . . Carrollton Hilda Miriam Harris . . - Douglas Sara Frances Harris . . . Columbus Malissa Grace Harrison . . Bethlehem Rheba Christine Hart . Social Circle Erances O. Haskell .... Macon Frances Hatcher Pitts Thomas C. Haygood .... Atlanta Wm. Wigg Hazzard. Jr.. Rirmingham, Ala. Helen Smith Head .... Jackson Edward Monroe Hester . . Savannah J. W. Hicks Marietta Dan McHenry Hicky . . . Madison Virginia Hill Palmetto Wm. Harry Hill Palmetto Edith Hodgson Atlanta Sara Hofmeister Athens Katharine G. Hohenstein . Savannah Anne Holbrook Roys ' on Thos. L. Holcombe .... Statham Ward Elwin Holland .... Collins Lydia McBride Holliday . . Atlanta Capers .Andrews Holmes . . CiiUoden Dorothy Holton Camilla N ' lRciNiA Hood Nacoochee Clara Belle Hooks Macon James O. Hoover Augusta James L. Hope Commerce Julia Hornbuckle Grayson Eugene M. Horne .... Cochran Franklin Stebin Horne . . . N ' ienna Jesse Reid Horne N ' ienna Margaret Louise Horne . . Americus Hugh Dorsey Howard . . . Ludowici Robert George Howard . . . Sylvania WiLLARD Wright Hub bar i . Grand Kai.i«ls. Mich. Perry J. Hudson llapeville James Noward Huff, Jr. . . .Athens ' rilAnPFUS A. HUGGTNS, Timmonsville, S. C. WooDFiN K. HuLMK . . . Dewy Rose Frances Marion Huntek. Young Harris Geraldine Hunter .... Ci h|uitt Helen Hutchison . New Orleans, I - Walter Nathan Isenberc . . Gordon Re, Holing Ivie Alto Cleone M. Jackson Macon Florence Angier Jacksus . . Athens Willis Olin Jackson . . . . tlanta Robert Louis Jardine . . . Douglas . rthur Chapel Jarrell . . . Butler Pasc 86 Barbara W. Jenkins .... Athens Charles Howard Jenkins . . Atlanta Frances Elizabeth Jenkins . Hartwell Robert P. Jenkins .... Thomaston IIawson Monroe Jennings . . Bogart Km MET IE McNeill Jennings . Albany Trances Carolyn Johnson . . Bogart Martha Johnson Macon Vm. R. Johnson .... HogansviUe Joe Felix Johnston .... Walden Marian Ml ' Se Joiner .... Coleman Albert Bruce Jones .... Atlanta John Paul Jones Hartwell Margaret McC. Jones . . . Savannah Robert Edwin Judd . Memphis. Temi. Thomas Donald Kennedy . . Marietta William H. Kennedy . . . Statesboro Marguerite Kessler . Birmingham, Ala. Reginald C. Kicklighter . . Douglas Helen ' . Kilgore Atlanta Marion Jackson Kiser . . . Quitman Elwin Thomas Knight . . . ' aldosta Nelson Herbert Kraeft. Silver Creek, N. Y. Herman E. Kraft .... Savannah Ruth Elaine Kruger . . Fitzgerald James Alford Lacey . . . Fairmount Phyllis Clayton Lacy . . . Monroe Thomas Lamb . . . Knoxville. Tenn. Evelyn Lancaster .... Hartwell Paris Mack Lancaster . . . Albany Polk Land Columbus Ruth Louise Landers . . . Savannah J. C. Lane Lincolnton Tom Lee Lane Feihani Elizabeth Lang . St. Petersburg, Fla. Jack H. Lanier Jloultrie Ralph H. Lankford Lyons (Gladys M. Lantz Atlanta Vm. F. Lawrence Blakely Hilda Lay Maysville Edward Christian Leaphart, Augusta Max Lease Dublin Leo LeBlanc .... Boston, Mass. J. Frank Lee .... Pensacola, Fla. Gardelle Lewis Augusta Eugene J. Lipschitz .... Atlanta Frank Atkinson Little . Thomasville Ulyss J. Lockliear . . . Homerville Harold Dickson Loden . . . Colbert Tom Bledsoe Loftin . . . CarroIIton L TH Louis Locue Gibson Clyde James Long Bremen James C. Loranger .... Americus Marion Clifford Lovett . . Carnegie Betty Jane Luck .... CarroIIton Marion W. Luckey .... Harlem Miller Lyndon Macon James Henry Madden . . . Athens U ' m. Clayton Maddox . . Fitzgerald Otis E. Maffet Atlanta PaseS? i o John Nelson Mahan . . . I aFayette Love Alvan Mallory, Jr. . . . Crest John Jackson Mancham . . Bremen E. C. Mann, Jr Ashburn Dot Marshall Dawson John McCall Marshall. Greenwood, S. C. Milton M. Marshall .... Macon Paul L. Marshall Apuling Martha Evelyn Martin . . . Atlanta Robert Vincent Martin . . Savannali Wallace F. Martin .... Tbccoa Walter D. Martin .... Shellman Dyar Edwin Masse y, Jr. . Greenville Byron Henley Mathews, Jr., Atlanta Alice Elizabeth Mathis . . Americns W. Florence Matthews . . . Hull Jane Mattox Hogansville Joe N. Mattox Elberton Sarah Frances Mauldin . . . Canton Jesse N. Maxwell Cairo John B. Mays, Jr Jackson Robert G. Mays Jackson Ben C. Meadows Albany Nelda Elizabeth Means . . Commerce Gerald Meddin Savannah Albert Robert Menard. Jr. . . Macon LiBBiE Merlin tlanta Wm. Eaton Merritt .... Atlanta Arthur Doyle Milford . . Hartwcll Payton R. Milford .... Hartwell Candler Clifford Miller . . Portal H. B. Miller Winder John Edwin Miller .... Cornelia Mary Emma Miller Cairo Wallace Miller, Jr Macon Foster Harrold Milton, Lake City, Fla. Derrick Wm. Mince y . . . Claxton Rebecca Mitchell Griffin Benj. Frankj jln Moore, Jr. . Atliens Robert Foss Moore Blythe Tessie Lena Moore .... ' aldosta Wm. Wesley Moore .... Stockton Coy M. Morgan N ' ienna Harold F. Morgan N ' ienna Frank D. Morris .... (Jreenville LouNELL Morris Pearson Warson Russell Morrison, Winterville David Moye Augusta Sam Ross Murphy . . . t)beville. Ala. Dorothy Langdon Murray . . Newnan Edward Gardner McCants . . Butler Lewis Aldine McConnell . . Comer Frank D. McDade thLMis W. T. McDaniel Albany Florence Elizabeth McEachren, ' aldosta Alma McF.a,dyen .... Savannah Janet Adair McGarity . . . Dallas Wadsworth McGinty .... Atlanta Marguerite McKay .... Atlanta Wm. Frank McKemie . . Ft. Gaines Pc cOS i La3 or 38 Wm. Robert McKenzie . Marshallville E. A. McKn ' IGHt . . . Stewart. Miss. John BROAors McLkskey . . Hartwel] James McMl ' bria Columbus Chas, Niell McXif.ll . . . Amerkus J. H. T. McPherson, Jr. . . Athens Ol ' inelle IcRae .... Mt. Vernon Samuel S. McWhorter . . Woodstock Sydney McWhorter . . . Lexington James Noel Nash . . . Lawrenceville Wm. Florecv Neel . Cliarlotte, N. C. Randolph Carmichael Neelv, Atlanta Charles T. Nesbitt . . College Park LoVETT L. Newell Albany Krle Thornton Newson, Jr.. S:atesboro George Andrew Nicolson . . Atlanta Jack B. Norman Moultrie Mae Beth Norman- .... Moultrie Wm. Franklin Nokris . . . Newton Helen Norton Graves Dean Nowell Augusta James Judson 0 ' Conni r . . Tarrytown Wm. Rov Oglesbee Girard Velma Ruth O ' Kellev .... Hull N. ' . Olden BiTTEL, Jr. . . Way cross James R. Orr ndrews, N. C. James Albert Otwell . . . Gumming Alvis Z. Owen . . . Oklawaha. Fla. Clin E. Dwen McRae T. C. Owensby .... Arnoldsville Daniel K. Paine Waycross Tames E. Palmer Canton Joseph Lee Parker, Jr. . . Waycross K. tharine Milled(;e Pattillo. Atlanta Mattie Lou Faulk . . . Willacoochee Elsie Peace Athens Virginia Peacock Sparks M. Elizabeth Peebles . . Fitzgerald Clara Janette Pennington . . Dalton Weems R. Pennington . . Mat ' .hews Walter Virgil Petty .... Dawson MiLAS K. Pfeiffer .... Sylvania Ralph Phillips ■Millwood Grandy Candler Pittard. Jr.. Winterville Mary Yancey Pittard . . Monticellu Carl S. Pittman, Jr Tifton Garland H. Pitts .... Newborn E. Jacque Poole Atlanta Theresa Jones Pope .... Decatur Marjorie Powell .... Bainbriage Dorothy !May Powelson . . Brunswick J oe TfRN B ULL Prat her. . . Toccoa Ism A Lee Price, Jr. . , Swainsboro Julian Oscar Price thens Louise Price Chula Wm. Page Pryor DeSoto Frank J. Pullin Cohutta Wm. H. Pullen Damascus LiLA J. Ragsdale Hiram Jacquelyn Fern Raney . . . Athens Page 89 r O r llik o L iraA ct 38 Sara E. Rast Athens James Cullen Ray Macon OssiE Ray Monroe Leon LeRoy Reaves .... Columbus Frances Rees Preston Robert Joseph Reiber . . Ft. Uenning Isabelle H. Reid Madison Evelyn Reynolds Siloam Kenneth H. Reynolds . . Fowlstown Glenn Thomas Rhodes . . Stapleton Ralph McKinnon Rice . . Woodland M. Leander Richards . . . Decatur Frank Leonard Rigdon . . . Tifton Hugh M, Rimes I nier Mary Agnes Roane . . . Savannah Stanley Morgan Robertson . . Athens Clara Robson Athens Anderson Roddenbery .... Macon Edwin Augustus Rogers , . Ashburn Harriette Jeannette Rogers. Fitzgerald Roy Rogers, Jr Newton Abraham Rotman , New Haven, Conn. Daniel Charles Royal . . . Chipley Leon Saul Rubin . . Brooklyn. N. Y. Helen Troy Rucker . . . Alpharetta John J. Rucker .... Alpharetta Richard Arthur Russell . . Augusta Jack Ryals McRae Simeon E. Sanchez, Jr. . . Barwick Edna Bernice Sanders . . . r)arien Mary Delle San ford . . . Augusta Chester L. Saunders . . . Eastman Richard Howard Saunders, Montezuma Cammie Sue Scarborough . . Comer Edward Schwartz , . Brooklyn, N. V. WiNFRED Robert Seaton . . . Cohutta T. Clyde Seawright . . . Hartwell Angus L. Seckinger Clyo Ruth Selicman .... Statesbon Martha Clyde Selman . Douglasville Harry Brown Sewell . . , Lavonia Lillian Shain . . Wilmington, N. C. Charles David Shepard . . . Atlanta George Sherman . Mamaroueck. N. V. Joseph B. Shields, Jr. . . . Atlanta Vinson P. Shingler . , , Lakeland Bill Aubrv Shirley .... Lavonia Chas. Olen Shiver . , . Sale City Wm. C. Shouse Madison Dennis Sikes Cohbtown Dan Simson Warwick John Norris Sims Comer Glenn Grier Siniard . . Hawkinsville Davis D. Slappey . . . Andersonville Amie Weston Smith .... Albany Henry Carson Smith, Jr.. Lawrenceville James Howard Smith .... Austell John Andy Smith, Jr. . . Talbuttoii Lambert L. Smith , tlanta Louise Smith Athens Page 90 Ui i ia A cyr 38 Martha Virginia Smith , . Decatur Robert J. Smith. Jr Winder Dorothy Solomon, Moncks Corner, S. C I. A. Solomons Savannah Mary Emily Sortore . Avondale Estates Hugh Dorsey Sosebee . . . Cumming Kdwin Southerland .... Athens Han Spears Jeffersonville Km Ellen Spoon er . . Donalson villa Herbert L. Stacy .... Flemington Henry Eugene Steadman . . Augusta Alex Howard Stevens . Lake City, Fla. Georgia Louise Stewart . . . Atlanta Lloyd L. Stewart . . . Clarkesville Marian C. Stewart . . . Union Point Neil Geiger Stewart . . , Woodbine James Allen Stiles .... Athens Mary Elizabeth Stiles . . LaFayette BoNNELL Harold Stone . . . Oxford Eleanor Pell Strickland . . Concord Mary Elizabeth Suggs . . Barnesville Pat W. Summerour .... Atlanta Eva Surren cy Jesup Marilla Swindell .... Demorest Anna Jeane Tanner .... Douglas David Henry Tart, Jr. . . Valdosta A. Elizabeth Taylor , . . Columbus Sidney Johnston Taylor . . Davisboro Vm. Terry, Jr Quitman Charles Edward Thomas . . Lavonia Constance Thomas Athens LeRoy Thomas Pelham Madison C. Thomas . . . Commerce Major Henry Thompson . . Palmetto Olin W. Thompson Macon Samuel Norman Thornton, Elberton Nelson Franklin Tift . . . Albany Wm. Guy Tiller, Jr Athens Elizabeth Tillett Athens Paul H. Trulock Climax A. Randall Tuten .... Blackshear Wm. Ezell Van Landingham . Cairo G. Walker Waldrep . . . . Forsyth George Thomas Walker . SandersviUe Mary Frances Wallace . . . Douglas Bernard Walshon . New Haven, Conn. Marvin Edward Ward . . . Cordele Wm. Van Waters, Jr. . . . . MiUen Ray Dean Watts . . . . . Ringgold Lloyd G. Webb .... . . Moultrie Julian L. Weiss . . . . CarroUton Hamlin N. West, Jr. . . . DeSoto Albert B. Whaley . . . . Pelham Calvin Dana Wheeler . . Athens Annie Laurie White . . . Waycross Elizabeth Sayre White . . Columbus Hugh W. White, Jr. . . . . Dillard George A. Whiten . . . . . Martin Newton J. Whitworth . . Waycross Grace Wilbanks . . . . . Buford Page 91 Chas. Boyce Wilder tliens Roderick D. Wilkes .... Lyons HrRSn: Wilcox McRae William Henrv Willbanks . N ' idalia Ada Williams Cordele Eleanor B. J. Williams . . . Athens Irene nARijoi ' R Williams . . Savannah Slsan Montgomery Williams, Washington Clifford B. Williamson . . Macon John Edwin Wills . . . Alpha ret ta Edna Earle Wilson . . iJonalsonville Joux A. Wilson Buwdon John W. Wilson .... Tliomson Mrs. Virginia M. Wilson . . Angnsta Martha Jane Wineberg . Evanston. III. John W. Wingate ( )cilla J. Marion Wince Lyons N ' allie Belle Winter . . llinesvillc Harriet Wisebekg tlanta Robert LI. Witcher . . . Cedartown Emory Rose Wood Athens Max Joseph Wood James Ralph Newton Wood . . Eort ' alley Robert T. Woodruff Rome Henry Culver Wood ward. New Jtedfor i, Mass. Paul Tobias Woody . . . Danielsville Charles G. Wurst Meigs Lease S. Wyman . . . Aiken, S. C. Martha Wynn Macon Pauline Dukes Wynnr . Miami, h ' la. Mary Frances Vates .... Atlanta J-EWis D. Young . . Memphis, Tenn. Kathrine Doyle Yow .... Athens Samuel Ben Yow .Mhens Annette Zuber Bogart i ia s 4 ' 38 Pa3c92 avlw 1 niote « f J ' - u. L laj j at 39 Anne Abney Athens James E. Adams .... Washington James M. Adams Athens Mark S. Adams Athens Herbert Roy Adderholdt . (lainesville Harold M. Akins .... Statesboro James F. Allen Athens Mary Elizabeth Allen . . . Athens Procter Allen Commerce Richard C. Allen . . Brooklyn, Miss. Shirley Rose Allen .... , thens J. B. Am mons thens James Calvin Anderson . West Point Kathekine Anderson . . . l.incuhuon EiLLiE Kyle Andrews .... Rome Edgar Harvey Armor, Jr. . (neensboro William H. Arnold .... Atlanta Gladys Arrendale .... Madison Helen Arrendale .... Madison Hubert G. Artson Atlanta John W. Ash ford Kthens Frederick W. Atkinson . . ' aldosta Ralph W. Badgett . Knoxville, Tenn. Gaeton Thomas Baeli, Hackensack, N. J. Ana Fern Baggs Pelham Carolyn Baggs Camilla Martha Baggs Camilla Nannell Bagwell tlanta Beverley Baird Atlanta Eugenia Baker Macon Dallas Jameson Ball . . . I ' itzgeraUl Paul Nance Bandy .... Ringgold Ned Clarke Barbre Macon Virginia Barfield Hahira Comer Lee Barnett . . . Cnmniing Riley Barrett Cleveland David Crenshaw Barrow . . . Athens Jane Basch .Savannah Rufulyn Batchelor . . , Eatonton Edwin B. Bates, Jr., New Bedford. Mass. Charles Norman Eeall . . Moultrie Milton V. Beckham .... Edison Marjorie Bell Elberton Oswald A. Billups . . Watkinsville Benjamin McConnell Bird . Bowdon Arthur Benton Blackburn, Swainsboro Eillie Blackwell . . . Miami, Fla. Melvin Elatr Savannah Mercer C. Blanchard . . . Culumlins Olivia Bloomfield tliens Robert E. Bloomfield . . . Athens E. D. Blumenthal, Jr. . Miami, Fla. Joe Bill Bond Royston Mitchell Palmer Bond . . Royston H. Ford Boston Waleska Clinton Lewis Bowdkn . . . Ocilla Joseph Martin Bovvdoin . . . . ilnnta Byron E. Bower .... Bainhridge Claude W. Bowman . . Roanoke. ' a. Albert P. Boyd Savannah Sara Frances Boyd .... Augusta Dudley H. Bradley .... Bishop Benjamin M. Branch .... Bishop Joseph G. Brandon, Jr.. Cartersville Virginia Brannen Athens Joe G. Brantley Lyons Adolphus T. Bray Atluiis RuFus J. Brewer McKac Charles Ed. Erooks, Jr. . . Colquitt Rosalie Brooks Atlanta Page 94 L LiJ j er 39 Thomas I. Brooks .... Colquitt Paul F. Brookshire, Jr. . . Winder Hugh D. Broome McBean Willie Ruth Broome . . Danielsville Caroline Brosseau . . V. Chicago, III. . n ' DRE v H. Brown Athens Carkoll Brown Athens Klwin Olliff Brown . . .Ft. Gaines Jeanette Brown Fairmount Milton Frank Brown. Jr. . Thomson Eugene H. Broxton .... Unadilla Ada Bryant Athens Beth Bryant LaCrange Frank V. Bryant .... .Athens Catherine Burkhart .... Athens Bernard Butts Monroe Clyde H. Bynum . . . Auburn, Ala. Margaret Eyrum Fieklen Jeff L. Cain Gainesville Anna Bell Caldwell . . Bairdstown Joseph B. Camp Covington Norman T. Camp Newnan Borden B. Campbell . . . Cedartown Joseph B. Campbell . . Rising Fawn Harold B. Canning .... Atlanta Bertha Cannon Leesburg H. G. Caslan Commerce James Carmichael . . . Swainshoro George William Carr, Bradford, N. H. George A. Carroll, Jr. . . W ' ildwood Henry J. Carswell .... Waycross Jack Carvill Dixon, Ky. O. M. Gates Meigs Ralph Thomas Catlett . . Commerce X ' erner F. Chaffin .... Toccoa J. W. Chambers Camak Sara Sue Chandler . . . Good Hope Wm. H. Chandler Athens Cliff C. Chappell, Jr. . . Cordele Steven G. Chatlas . . Plymouth, Pa. Jimmy Moss Cherry .... Decatur Betty Chick Monroe Floyd L. Christian Tate Charles E. Clark Leslie G. W. Clark, Jr .Statesboro Hugh Clark .... l- ' Iowery Branch Helen Clarke Atlanta Jane Elizabeth Clary .... Athens Cynthia Clegg Atlanta A. G. Cleveland, Jr. . . , ' a]dosta Jon. B. Cleveland . . Cleveland, S. C. Henry E. Clifton . . . Statesboro Daniel M. Clower .... Grayson Jane Coffin Atlanta Barbara Ann Cohen .... Atlanta Harvey J. Cohen Albany Louis L Cohen Glennville Nelle Coleman Nicholson Charles S. Collins thens M. W. H. Collins. Jr thens Martha Comolli Elberton Edward OLtvER Cone . . . Statesboro Charlotte Conner Athens Robert E. Conrad Moultrie Natalina Conterio thens Homer Geo. Cooper, Jr. . . . Athens Margaret Cooper .... Columbus Frances Cowart .... Union City Havden . . Cox .... Hazlehurst Edwina Crawford .... Columbus Page 95 r ' -? C r r ' . " iS • «S« -«m -o KiL Iiilc k Yf, Betty Ceenshaw llanta Wm. L. Crisp Clayton Grady B. Crowe Dawson Wendell A. Crowley .... Athens Henry F. Cullens .... Soperton Graham R. Culver . , Deatsville, Ala. J. L. Gumming Cordele Frances Cummings .... Columbus Willie A. Curry Athens Moses M. Cutler Athens .T " HN Daniel Cla.xton W. R. Daniel, Jr Alliens -Martha Darden .... Union Point Margaret G. Darst . Wilmington, N. C. Gordon W. Dasher .... Savannah Claude Davidson .... LaGrange .■ lton W. Davis. Jr. . . . Warrenton Alvin S. Davis Rome Frances Davis Macon Howard H. Davis .... Kingsland .Ton. IJ. Davis thens Katmerine Davis lhens Ronald Davis Athens Stuart H. D.wis . . Fernamlina, Fla. Mary E. Deadwvler . . . .Maysville Munro Dearing thens Harry G. DeLoach .... Cla.xton Catherine Dillard . . . . rn0ld5ville Bruce E. Dixson Atlanta A. C. Dorminey Enigma P.ESSIE Dreizin Butler Donald F. Dubberlv . . . Mcintosh Marion DuBose, Jk then5 Roy K. Duffee Decatur Ben F. Duke Decatur Alva Henry Dukes .... Valdosta II. S. Dumas, Jr tlanta . iiiRiE B. Duncan . P.owdon Junction .Marion V. Duncan, Jr. . . Hartwell Jack M. Dunn Morgan RoBT. H. Dunn Marietta Wm. W. Dunson .... Commerce Benjamin Edward DuPree . . Gordon Wm. p. Durham .... Woodville Wm. Edward Dyal .... Woodbine Thomas Early Bishop Jack H. Edwards . . . Winterville IMarion Ehriiardt Atlanta David M. Elder .... Watkinsville Elaine Eldredge . . . ndover, Mass. Joseph B. Elrod Ringgold Alton J. Embrv .... Good Hope Ju Delle England Tifton IRGINIA Epps . thens Howell Cobb Erwin, Jr. . . Athens Sue Erwin . tlanta Jacouelin Evans . tlania J. K. Ezell, Jr Atlanta John James Farmer, Jr. . . Newnan Margaret Fawcett .... Savannah Caroline Feagin Macon Horace Wesley Field . . . Atlanta Bakbara Fielis, Jackson Heights, N. Y. l rRis Finley Porterdale . rch W. FlTZPATRicK . . . . tlanta C. N. FiTZPATRiCK .... Commerce . hthur Fl.vtau Athens Robert E. Fokes, Jr. . . Montezuma . William J. Forehand . . . Sylvester T. i I. Foreman, Jr Sasser Page 96 Perrv G. Foster, Jb Leslie Charles Rupert Franklin . Eastman Daniel B. Franklin .... Atlanta Johnny Ross Freeman . . DanielsviUe Louise French Columbus Lester A. Friedman, Jr. . Bainbridge Thelma Fullbricht .... Winder Herbert R. Fuller. Jr. . Hollowell. ile. Nina Fuller Atlanta Theresa Gamage .... Bainbridge Elizabeth Garner Conyers Henry h. Gary .... Georgetown Charles E. Gazanica, New Haven. Conn. Claude V. Geer Albany R. G. Geeslin Atlanta Joseph Marcus George . . . ' ienna Ella Hunter Gibbs .... Savannah Lucy Gibes Hapeville Pete Jones Gibson . . . W ' aynesville RoBT. D. Gilbert .... LaFayette J. Thurman Giles .... Byromville Marvin Marshall Gillespie . Elberton H. S. Glenn Hull Eleanor M. Goldberg . . . Savannah Allen Goldman Elgin, 111. C. Lawrence Goldschmidt, Brooklyn. N. Y. Frank G. Gooding, jr. . . . Columbus Emmett a. Goodson .... Wadley John L. Gordon Athens Samuel Thomas Gordon . . . Bishop Louise Grant Augusta Carter E. Graves, Jr. . University, Va. Mary Inman Gray Atlanta James B. Greene ..... Athens James A. Greer Athens John C. Greer Athens Louis Turner Griffith . . Eatonton Roy a. Grizzell Augusta John Thomas Groover. Jr. . Jonesboro Lattie Gulley ..... Sylvester Thomas O. Gurley .... Hartwell J. Herman Hagan . . . Sylvester Adi ' Lph Kenneth IL ll . . Miami. Fla. Paul Hamilton Sylvester Nelle Hanner Madison Hazel Hanson Macon Rov Maurice Harcourt . . . Dalton Jebald Holland Hardeman, Winterville H. V. Hardin, Jr Hogansville Burch Hargraves . . . Thoniasville Virginia S. Harp .... Oglethorpe Walton William Harper . . Royston Guy Harrell, Jr Whigham Christine Harris Acworth Dorothy H.arris Atlanta MvRA B. Harris Atlanta K. F. PL RBis, Jr ,Athen- I MA Novena Harrison . . . Decatur Daniel Owen Harvill . . . Conyers Nathaniel Hasell .... St. Simon Henry N. Hawes .... Lincolnton Joe S. Hawkes Athens Anna L rgaret Hawkins . . Macon Wandsleigh Haves . . . . Atlanta Hazel Haynes Athens Harold Hays . . . Lewisburg, Tenn. (iEo. Bruce Head, Jr. . . Hogansville Ralph David Head .... Jefferson Robert AL Heard Elberton Edith Heffner Athens ' - ' ' -.k Pa3e97 T% f ' r , ( laM cr 39 Chas. Garr Heflin . Memphis, Teiin. Bruno Keld . . Baldwin, L. I., N. V. Kennon Blair Henderson . Carrolllon Gaynor Wilson Henry . . . Warwick Chas. Clinton Herren . . . Rutledge Carl B. Hibben . Chattanooga, TeTin. Cecil Hicks . . . Tallahassee, Fla. Lovic Herbert Hiuginbotham, Klberton Bobbie Hightower . . . Thoniastuii Clay Dorsey Hightower . rairmount Martha Hightower . . . Thomastun X ' lKGiNiA Hightower . . . Thoniaston I ' REDDiE Martha Lee Hill . . Alliens Byron Hilliard .... Bi)wersville T. Harold Hilliard .... Canon Mildred Lee Hilton . . . Sylvania Kverette Jackson Hinchliffe, Manchester W. T. HiNTON, Jr Bogart I- ' . Glenn Hodges Dover Louise Hodgson Athens Winston Davenport Hodgson . Athens Bobbie Jo Howard . . , Gardner, Via. David Boyd Howard .... Dearing Ernest Melville Howell, Jr., Atlanta O. E. Hudson Sandersville Doyle L. Huff .... Daniels villc Robert E. Huffaker, Jr. . Bartow. Fla. Dorothy Huggins Athens ' elma Hulsey Cleveland John Wilson Humes . . . Colnmbus Ruth C. Hungerford .... Athens Eugene Hurst Cairn L. A. Ingram, Jr. . . . Fayettevillc Ann H. Irvin . . . . Washington lli-GH Beverly Jackson . . Crawford James Calvin Jackson . . . Winder Martha Hill Jackson .... Athens Oma Lee Jackson . . . Clarkesville William Linton Jackson . , Crawford Wofford Lee Jackson . . Manchester James Walter Jacobs, Jr. . West Point Douglas S. Jamison .... Atlanta John W. Jarrell Athens Albert LaFayette Johnson, Jr., Libeity Catherine Johns? .... Atlanta Coy Johnson Athens Elston Lowe Johnson .... Alma Louis C.holstin Johnson . . Atlanta James T. Johnston .... Calhonn J. Turner Jones Canton Slayton M. Jones Atlanta H. Dorsey Jordan Lyons Benj. H. Juhan Athens Shirley Kahn Bainhridge Gus B. Kaufman Macon Edward Haves Keiley . . . . ilanta 1 1 o M il K Don Kelly . . . . ' a v e rl y Ottis Chas. Kemp .... Marietta Annette Rosalind Kendall . Savannah John Aubryne Kennedy . . rnoldsville Kdna Kennemore Athens Gladys Kennemore .... Athens RoiiKKT II. KlMBKELL . . . . AtheilS RinEN Benj. Kimbrough . . Chipley Eugene F. King. Jr. . . . Hapeville Rebekah King . . . New Orleans, La. Wm. Russell King .... Waycruss Winifred King Woodbine Jean Kirkland Decatur Joseph C. Kirkland .... Pearson Pa3e98 liAKLE D. Knight Atlanta Alvin M. Koplix Macon Natalie Koplin Atlanta GiSELA Krumbein . . . Washington Stanton M. Lammers .... . tlanta Homer Neill Lamon .... Macon John Henry Land .... Cohtmbiis Robert X. Lanoforii .... Athens Chas. H. Latimer . . . Washington Joel Wayne Lawson .... Macon Jane Leake tlanta W. C. Legcett Baxley W. J. Lemacks Sale City John M. Lester .... Mon ' .ezinna Benjamin Levine . . nrooklyn, X. V. Sylvie Levine Eastman MoE Levy thens Ralph ' ictor Levy Evans iL RGARET Lewis T.cnox Miles Walker Lewis . . Greensboro Max Lindsay tlanta J. Neil Lindsev Bowdon Olin Levern Lindsey . . Porterdale Mary Little Macon Anne Littlepage . tlanta Constance Livsey .... East Point Frances E. Lockman . . Lochart, S. C. 1RGINIA Lockman . . Lochart, S. C. Chas. Henley Logan . . . Lindale John D. Loizeaux . . . Towson, Md. Harold Greer Loyd . tliens James Quinton Lumpkin, Jr.. Macon Herman Lund thens Chas. H. Linch Woodbury Jessie Lee Lynn Marietta ' 1 3. Martha Mackey . . . . . Dublin Phyllis Mallory . . . . La Ci range Lacy Fleming Mangleburg . Athens Wilbur Lee Manley . . . . Bar wick Marjorie Mann .... . McRae L ,RY DoBY Mann . . . . . McRae Paul Hubert L nsfield . . Albany Samuel A. Marbut .... Athens Betty Marks Augusta J. W. Martin, Jr ' aldosta Nelle Martin Atlanta Roy Elmo Martin .... Columbus Harry A. Mathews .... Millen Frederick E. Matthews . . . , thens Jack Walton Maxwell . . Talbotton Elizabeth Mayo Augusta Elizabeth Meadows .... Athens Fred C. Meaduws Athens Dewey E. !Medders .... Sylvester Rebecca Medlock Norcross Frances Mercer Gray Helen Mergendoller . . . Atlanta Chas. D. !Mewborn .... j ' owman Cecil Michael Athens RoYCE G. MiDDLETON . . . Blakely Harriett ] Iilam Atlanta Bertie Bell Hles . . . Blackshear Jack M. Milford Hartwell Powell Dean Miller . . Cleveland Ruth Miller Edison Edward M. Milsap .... . tlanta Morris A. Mink Midville Billy Dan Mitchell . . McCaysville Florence Modena Atlanta Genevieve Modena .... Atlanta i f f o A o Page 99 i LclM L ' t 39 LoL-is Vm. Moelchert . . . Athens Reynolds A. Moody . . . . Atlanta Bruce Hardy Moore . . . Statesboro Chas. G. Moore . Atlanta Elizabeth Moore . . . . . Atlanta Hugh Moore .... . Nashville IriE Harry Mukhis . . . Maysvillc 1 ETTV Morton .... . Brunswick Kdward D. Morton- . . . . Richland r.iLL Henry Moses . . . . Uvalda .Taunita Moss .... . Carnesville Lucius King Moss . . Winterville :Melba Louise :Moss . . . Winterville lo f. MuLKEY .... Cordeic John H. MuLLiNo . . . , Montezuma Burkette Dean Murphy . Fayetteville ifARY Lucille Murphy . . . Jesup Chas. Henry ] ruRRow . . I ' armington ;Madge McCann .... . . . Jesup Howard W. McCants . . . . Butler Kdna McCarson . . . . . Athens Clyde L. McCarthy . . . White Uak Anderson McCarty . . . Monroe Allan D. McCorkle . . . Athens Alton L. McCullough . . Dexter Dorsey B. McCurry . . . . Hartwell Iildred McDade . . . .Xthpnii John B. McDermott . Bennington. Vt. Ldwin David McDonald . Fitzgerald ' iRGiNiA McElvey . . . Columbus William Chas. McFee . . . Atlanta Aubrey McGill . . . . Lincolnton Eugene H. McGill . . . Lincolnton Carl Howard McGinty . Norwood Louise McKie Atlanta Robert Ross McKnight . . . Toccoa Mary Nell McKoin .... Atlanta Raymond John McMahon . Savannah Duncan B. McRae McKae H. A. McRae Glenwood John Daniel McRae .... McRae Martha McRae .... Fort Gaines Martha Dodd McRee . . Watkinsville Johnnie Nance Burdal (iwENDOLYN Nash thens Jule C. Neal, Jr Calhoun Mary Neel Atlanta Robert Cuyler Neill . Lake City. Fla. 1 ' rancis Carter Newsom . . Statesboro Thos. Reed Newsom . . L nion Point Floyd C. Newton, Jr. . . . Madison Walker L. Newton, Jr. . . Madiscn l.ENOs Edwin Nichols . . . Athens K ' lBERT AL Nicholson . Watkinsville Helen Northcutt .... Marietta Carolyn Norton Alliens Cora O ' Kelley Hull HuELL Brand O ' Kellev . Danielsville Celeste Oliver Hamilton Charles P. Olliff .... .Statesboro 1- DWARD J. Olm STEAD . . . Savannah James Harold Orr Buford Sebastian Joseph Orsini . . Savannah James G. Paine Athens 1-!ahle Ruth LAND Parker . . Macon Lester Otis Parker . . .St. Marys Harry F. P. tat, Jr Athens James Alonzo Patterson . . Cuthbert Emery R. Parmenter Atco Pase 100 p L LruA a4 39 Charlotte Patton . . Brevard, N. C. Russell F. D. Paulk . . . Brunswick Harley Henrv Payne . . . Maysville Jean Peabodv Atlanta Nelson Littlepage Peach. Pi)rtsiiioutIi, ' a. Marion A. Peacock .... Decatur H. W. Perkerson .... Greenville George Eugene Perry .... Winder Helen Pert Athens Eugene Phillips Royston Harry E. PniLLirs . . . Farmington James C. Pierce Lakeland J. W. PiERSON Moron Martha Pinkston ..... Parrott Jean Pittman Tifton Evelyn Pollock Aihens Florence Pollock . . .X lieville, N. C. Lovic Benj. Ponder, Jr. . . Rutledge Lemuel Edv -in Pope .... Griffin Harry Popper, Jr Macon Selwyne Porter Bishop Warren Thomas Portwood, Crawfordville David Harold Poss . . . Good Hope Philip A. Potter, Jr., Hohokus, N. J. Vivian Poul nott . . . Watkinsville Glen Powell Omega Tames W. Powell Griffin Rov Powell Omega Virginia Hope Powell . . Sylvester Betty Power Atlanta W. A. Prather .... Wasliington Eugene Black Price, Walterboro, S. C. Edward Lewis Prickett . . Grantville Bennie Prisant Albany Emory Pullen , . . Tahlequali, Okla. WooDROW PuRDOM Xahuiita John W. Pye, Jr Woodland Alma Quillian Madison Ralph Ernest Racey tlanta John Lxrion Rainey .... Decatur Byron J, Rainwater . . . Alpharetta Elizabeth RAUscHENBER i . . . Dalton Marvin Jack Rausin .... Atlanta Edward Wilson Rawlins . . . McRae Joseph Ralph Ray .... Royston Mary Redfern Albany Wm. Owens Reich, Jr. . . Columbus Warren G. Reid .... Miami, Fla. John Ren KA Athens Edgar Leon Rhodes . . . Alpharetta Charles E. Rice Moultrie John .Albert Rice. Jr. . . Wooflland Sydney Rich Atlanta Robert Lee Ritchey .... Pomona Henry Grady Roberts . Milledgeville James P. Roberts Rome Francis Herbert Robertson. Hagerstown, Md. Evelyn Robinson Jesuji Jack Gordon Robison . Lawrenceville Mary P. Robison . . . Thomasville Fred W. Rosen Dalton Carol Rosenberg Atlanta Mary Louise Rowe Comer Una Rumsev , thens V iCTOR Russell Wayside Wm. John Russell Athens Walter Rvlander .... Americus Rex L. Saffold Savannah George Robert Salisbury . . Atlanta Charles V. Sammon . Abbeville, S. C. ■ hml- ' .. ttj4.ii«,3rL Ki k Page 101 1 Marion Sanchez Barwick J. Wilson Sanders .... Millliaven Paul Hill Sanfobd, Jr. . . . Macon Carron B. Scarborough . . . Comer Paul Jones Scarboro . . . Royston Edward Smith Scott . . . Austell Glenn A. Scruggs Morven George Harold Seagh. Jr., ( nacewood George W. Self, Jr. . . ' l " Iioinas ille Nadia Semasko . . . Trent I n, X. T- Henry N. Sewell Lavnnia Thelma Shaw Tampa. Kla. Bobs Shelanuer . . . . Brunswick Harold Frank .Shields . t ' liickamauga Louis S. Shuman Coolidge Spiros Alex. Siafacas tliens Herbert D. Siegel .... New York Charles R. Simmons. Jr. . . Barwick Sarah Virginia Sims . . Barnesville Francis Marion Sisk .... Toccoa John F. Sisley Athens Vm. R. Sisley . hens Edward Alford Skelton . . Hart well Jeannette Slann .... Miami, Fla. Rita Slotin Glennville Carlisle J. Smith Atlanta Charles Alonza Smith . . Hogansville Chester Smith Lakeland I ' li J. Smith . . . New lla eii. Conn. FvA Mae Smith McRae George Arnold Smith . New York City George Watson Smith . . Winder Guy Smith MiUedgeville Hubert Riley Smith . . . Statesboro James Smith Danielsville Ralph Flvnt Smith, Jr., .Swainsboro Wm. Findley Smi ru . . I ' armington James Frederick Solms . . Savannah Manolita Solona Elberton Floise Elizabeth Si ' Ealman, Hose ti ton J. Weldon Spearman .... Toccoa John . Spoon er, Jr. . 1 Jcmalsonville Marv F ' rances STAF ■oHD . . Waycross George T. Stallincs . . . Haddock Wm. L. Stanton W ' aj-cross Lerov Staplkton Slai ' letnn Donald Wolfe Siahtn. New lla en. Conn. RuBiE Steele tlanta Joanna Stegeman tlieiis Bobbie Stephens Athens Lucy Stephens Lavonia RuFus Bailey Stephens . . . Comer Edward Almand Stephenson . Monroe JuLiEN H. Stephenson . . . Athens Harry B. Stevens tlanta Bruce Faris Stewart, Pales ine. Tex. George B. STEWARr thens James P. Stewart . . Clarkesvillc Winfred Conway Stewari- . . Athens .Alwyn B. Stiles thens Wilson E. Still Monroe Will Neel Swain Home Elsie Stover . . South Boston. a. E. £. Strain Dalton Thomas L. Strickland . . . Ualton Emory K. Sullivan .... Homer Jerome Lee Sullivan. Jr., Savannah Tom W. Summerouk .... Atlanta Wilbur Sumner Denton L RY C. Stone . . . Stone Mountain Page 102 C Luj i?t 39 ToRKEST W, SwKAT . . . Ulackslicar Fred Carton Sweat .... Waycross T. O. Tabor Elberton 1 ' red Allen Tappan, Jr. . White Plains Ralph I.eland Taylor. Jr., Davisboro Wiley ( " Irace Taylor .... Tifton James II. Telford .... Cleveland Chas, H. Terry Quitman Carroll M. Thomas .... Decatur Moses Aulton Thomas . Douglasville Newton Smith Thomas . . . Atlanta Lewis : llen Thomason . . . Nelson Harriett Thompson . . . Wriglitsville Herbert R. Thompson . . Swainsville Mary Allen Thompson . . . Comer Mary Claude Tindel , Graceville, Fla. Pete Tinsley . . Spartanburg, S. C Jno. Wm. Tonge .... Bainbridge Etwinda Trapnell Lyons ' irginia Tregone I Ionroe Manning Wall Tripp . . . Eastman Robert B. Troutman tlanta Arthur Coleman Tuggle . . Atlanta Curtis Lewis Turner. Jr. . . Rome Joe Sidney Turner Griffin Sanford W. Vandiver, Jr. . . Atlanta Emory Calyn ' eale. Jr. . Arnoldsville Elmon B. A ' ickers . . Norman Park Joseph C. ' inson .... Atlanta Anna Waddy Atlanta C. A. Waits, Jr Ilillsboro J. H. Walker Decatur Kathrine Walker . . . McDonougli Lillian Walker Athens George Clyde Wall .... Dawson Hilton F. Wall Atlanta Jeanne Wallace . Chattanooga. Tenn. Roy W. Wallace, Jr. . . . Rutledge Lamar T. Wansley . . . Carnesville Hazel Ward Marietta Newton C. Wake .... Warrenton Harriett Warren Athens Philip Baker Watkins. Jr. . Doerun James H. Watson . . Georgiana, Ala. Reynolds S. Watson .... Athens Lee W. Webb Doerun Mildred ' E in stein .... Macon Elizabeth Weir Athens Emily Wells .... Watkinsville Nina Westbrook Cordele Judith Whitaker Cordele Chillion C. White .... Atlanta R. H. White Lindale Robert R. White . . . . Greenville WvMAN R. Wicker Gray ESTELLE WiCKHAM . . . . ColumbuS Ward Wight, J r Atlanta Clayton R. Wilhite . . Milledgeville Eugar Gilbert Wilkes .... Hull Charlton Wilkinson .... Toccoa Helen Wilks LaGrange Hazel Willard Athens Henry E. Williams .... Plains Horace R. Williams .... Atlanta Lewis H. Williams .... Winder Walter H. Williams .... Atlanta Harry Lee Willingham . . . Forsyth Helen Wilson Pinehurst Helen Jane Wilson . . . Augusta R " bert Cummings Wilson. Jr., Athens Page 103 rs 1 i r c: t:t x Ueat J— a w 1 f 5l O WooDRow WiLLsoN Lyoiis Edwin C. Wince Athens Marion Winge Lyons Nell Win ship Atlanta Olin WiTHERiNCiroN .... Oextcr Annie y. WoMACK .... Klakely Edith ' ood Ailitiis RoBERr E. k [is .... Marie ta . Mary Helen W oodham . . I ' itzgerald Joseph W. Woods Athens C. Brooks W ' ooten .... Shellman Louise Wray Royston Hilda Wright Wootlvjlle Richard Young Columbus Jones Yow, Jr Toccoa George Yundt, Jr Atlanta Arthur Linton Zalhkv, Jr.. . tlanta Thomas M. Abnev thens W. Y. Atkinson. Jk. . . . New nan David C. Darrow. Jr. . . . Savannah John C. Dell Augusta Harry G. Boweks inericus Asa W. Candler Atlanta i. A. Caklisle Cairo Charles H. Carhull . . . Abbeville Aaron Chun Columbus Thomas J. Dukky, Jk., St. Simons Island Hamilton Douglas, Jr tlanta I-. WiNGATE Dykes inericus Albert E. Fahy. Jk Uonie ' ade C. Hoyt Rome Deupree Hunnicutt. Jr. . . .Athens Clayton Jones Albany Robert E. Kno.x Thomson E. A. Landau, Jr Albany A. C. Latimer .... Washington John P. Matthews .... Smyrna I-. A. Mercadante . (;ien Cove, N. Y. T. H. MiLNER, Jr lbany L S. Mitchell Atlanta C. J, Paine W ' aycross W. J. Patterson .... Sa ainiali Sidney L. Raskin .... Savannah W. C. Smith tlanta . . F. Sor.MS. Jr .Savannah George C. Spence tlanta Julian Allen Tison . Savannah S. B. Tolar, Jr., Young Harris College Harrold Warren Hartwell Carl F. Williams Cordele Pasc 104 yteJi Ltnea GlaM oi 40 Mildred Abercrombie . . . Culloden Bernard B. Adams . . . Dewy Rose ZiMRi Markett Addy .... Preston William Akers Atlanta Thad C. Alexander, Elizabeihton, Tenn. William Allen Buford Mary Ambrose Atlanta Margaret Anderson Dallas Wm. Gaines Andrews . . Thomaston Willie Joel Anglin . . . Porterdale Joe Wilson Arnold . . . Washington Mary Asiier Atlanta Charlotte Ashley . . . Barnesville Sara Askew Conyers Marjorie Askwith . New York. N. Y. David S. Atkinson, Jr. . . Savannali Joe Horsley Atkinson . . West Point Myrtle ICliz. Atkinson . Greensboro Freeman Robt, Austin . . . New nan George Austin . . . Stevenson, Ala. Jack O. Baggett . . . Lawrenceville Elizabeth Baggett .... Savannah James D. Bailey Athens James S. Ball .... Warren, Ohio John Thomas Bannon, Litchfield, Conn. Walter S. Barnes . . MilledgeviUe G. O. Barnett Elmodel Arthur E. Barrow . . . Savannah Frank Bates Jasper Gilbert Chas. Bauch . . . Trenton George A. Baum Atlanta WiNFiELD P. Baum ANN . Rockford. 111. William Jackson Baynes . Greensboro J. D. Bazemore, Jr. . . College Park GussiE Beall Forest Glen kJ _ - C: 4i Millard Fillmore Beall . . Krewlon Vera Beasley Glennville Billy Bowdon Beasley . . I ' hilomatli Emily Beck Griffin Eloise Beck with Athens Jewell Newton Bell, Jr. . . Griffin Ralph H. Bell ... " ... Atlanta Joe Waldo Bennett . . Washington Israel Berger Lincolnton Sterling M, Berman, Bridgeport, Conn. Gertri de Bernstein . New ' irk. N. Y. Eakle Parks Berry Athens William Miller Betts . . . Athens Chas. Gordon P ibli-: . . Rising l- ' awn Henry Walter Birdsonc, Jr., Athens Martha Bishop UnadiUa Bert ti. Bisson, Jr thens Richard Bjorson . . . Warren, Ohio Claire Blackshear Plains J. O. Black WELL .... Royston Mike Milton Bland . . . (.Sarfield Frances Blankensiiip . . . Atlanta Selene Blood worth .... Athens J. N. BoGGS. Jr Albany li. Lamar Boland . . . Tlimna ville I ' rancks Bonk tlaiiia Joseph IIcind I )aiii(l ville W ' l LI. IS Bond Canon James Felwyn Bonner . . . Rntledge George Hill Borders . . .Marshailvllle Homer Hell Borders . . . l-aGrange Sidney II. Bowdrn thens Calhoun . . Bowkn Tifton L. G. BowEN, J R Clermont Charles Bowers Canon Pasc 106 L Lij j CT 40 James Wilcox Bozemas . . Sylvester Kred Harris Branan, Jr. . . Quitman Caroline Brandesberg . . . Senoia Frances Brandon Athens Kathleen Brannen . . College Park Hassie Breedlovt: . . . Watkinsville Thos. R. Breedlove. Jr. . . . Monroe V. H. Breedlove .... Va:kinsville James Joseph Brennan . . Savannah Edward Bressman . . Newark, X. J. James Albert Bridges . . . Fairhnrn John Pain Bridges .... Sumner Lois Bridges Atlanta George Edgar Broach . . . Athens Anne M. Brooks Athens Tom Crawford Brooks . . Lexington Bennie Oliver Broome . . . McBean Dixie Brown Athens Cladys Brown Athens Joseph S. Brown Atlanta Louise Brown Martin Rachel Brown Commerce Robert Harris Brown . Locust Grove Thomas Mitchum Bryant . . Jersey Lartha Bulla rd Machen Joe Dedrick Burch .... .Athens John Ambrose Bcrch . . Fayetteville Ben Hugh Burgess .... Decatur Mary Lee Burkett . . . . Douglas On IE Ruth Burns Macon J. W. Burns. Jr. . . Lake City, Fla. Frank Lovd Burrell . . Clarkesville J NO. Lloyd Burrell . . . Mount Airy Chadwick V. Burriss. Anderson, S. C. Ike Burroughs .... Darnels ville Valeria Burroughs . . . Brunswick Caroline Burson Camilla Christine Durson Monroe Vm. Mills Burson. Jr. . . . Athens Jasper C. Butler Bowman Eugenia Burton .... Selma, Ala. Hevwood Byce Greensboro . lice Cabaniss Aihens Phil Calcagno . . . Brooklyn, N. V, Douglas L Campbell . . Watkinsville Esther Campbell Roswell Wallace J. Campbell . . Rising Fawn Mavbeth Carithers .... Athens Santi Carnevali . White Plains, N. Y. Mildred Carswell . Jacksonville, Fla. Herman D. Casey. Jr Rome Virginia Cassels .... Savannah Vassa Gus Cate .... Brunswick W. Claude Causey .... Bowdon WooDFiN Cavander .... MxHwood Thearon F. Chandler . . . Commerce Mrs. Woodlyn Chastain . . . Colbert Ellen Cheek Bowersville Howard Jack Childs . . . Wayside Toseph 1 an!el Christian . . Athens Ben U. Clein tlanta Charles C. Clements . . . Athens Mildred Clements Athens Robt. T. Cochran Butler AARfiN Lee Cohen . Colchester. Cunn. Sammie AL Cohen . . . Rocky Foni Jno. Rufus Coleman .... Macon Henrietta Colquitt . . . Winterville Jas. A. Colquitt .... Thomaslon Durwood C. Combs .... LaGrange Page 107 i laM ci 4-0 Remer Hamilton Cone. Jr. . Stilson Louise Connell Atlanta Edith Conner .... Cave Spring Allie Cook Waycross Elizabeth Cook . . . Crosby, Minn. James E. Cook Albany Walter Hugh Cook. Jr., Ft. McPherson Jas. Harrison Coolev . . . Cleveland Mildred Cooper A liens Vm. A. Cooper LaFayette Frances Cofeland Atlanta Thomas Corbett Pearson Anne Cornett Athens Sam. Caldwell Corey. Ft. Washington, Penn. Lucy Cox Lenox Wansley Howard Cox . . Cartersville Fannie Craig Toccoa Frank F. Crane Athens Wm. p. Crenshaw Atlanta Roy C. Crompton Athens Horace Edmond Crow. Jr. . . Alto Max R. Culbreth Doerun James T. Culpepier, Jr. . ThomasviUe Edward W. Darden Athens Martha Daughtrey Adel Oscar Faye Daughtry . . . Metter Frank David Danielsville Helen Davis Atlanta Lillie Shepherd Davis . . . Deca ur Betty Decker Athens Clyde McKenney Dean . . . Athens Albert Louis deCharleroy, Monsey, N. Y. Herbert A. Deen, Jr Vidalia William P. DeLaPerriere . . Winder T. C. Denmark, Jr Claxton r r w 4 :1 It Ill 1 1 [ ' " ■tiil ' HHIII a is 4 O B? jit w K P ' ' flK k ' ■ A - ■ 1 Robert H. Denson, Jr. , . . Quitman [• ' rank DeVane, Jr Barney James H. Dickson . . . Chatsworth Helen Dietz Covington Susan Dillingham. Philadelphia, Pa. John Randall Dixon . . . Blackshear Marjorie Domingos Macon Charles N, Dowdle . Franklin, N, C. Miriam I )reizin Butler James Wallace Dudley . . . Athens John D. Dumestre , Avondale Estates Pope A. Duncan, Jr Athens floMER S. Durden .... Swainsboro Obe D. Dye, Jr Middleton ' irginia Eason . . . . Miami, I " " Ia. Helen East Columbus Doris Eberhardt Athens Eleanor Eckford Alliens Austin S. Edwards. Jr. . . . Athens Mahlon Edwards Jersey ' iLLiE Sam Edwards .... Auburn Ben Ehrlich Atlan ' a John D. Elder Winder William Knox Eldredge . Miami, Fla. Albert Elton Atlanta Luther Eugene English . . Demorest Glenn W. Eppler . . . Utica, Mich. Ben T. Epps, Jr Athens Ida Erbesfield .... Newton. N. C. C. M. Erwin, Jr Vdairsville Ethel Erwin Atlanta Coodloe Y. Erwin Athens Arthur Geo. Estes, Jr Gay Audrie Evans Hazlehurst Betsie Ellen Evans .... Wadley Page 108 ' r 1 f i ; ' ' - r " . ' ' 1 ' " f A ' ' A ' " ' - ' ' X ' iRCiNiA KvANS . . . Memphis, Tenn. Chas. Joseph Everett . . . Atlanta Mildred Ewing Atlanta Martin Iver Falk, S. Dartmouth. Mass. RoBT. Harden Farmer . . . Conyers Hugh L. Farr Athens QuENTON Radford Farr . . . Auburn T. ELAND Ferguson Canon Harland L. Fetzer .... Marlow .Tas. Malcolm Fields .... Hull Doris Fin ley Forterdale Geo. Burch Fisher . . . , Newnan Leroy Fitzpatrick Ila Jas. H. Flowers . . . College Park Lamar Kenneth Flowers . . Decatur Jas. Fordham (iraymont T. R. Fordham Eastman Harold J. Fortson .... Winder Iarie Foster Edison Dorothy Franklin . . . Adairsville John Hiram Franklin . . . Jackson Albert H. Freed . . Philadelphia. Pa. Jack Freeman Lavonia Percy Lee Freeman . . . Thomaston Annie Elizabeth Fuller . Columbus Louise Fuller Columbus Walter Minor Gaissert . . Iadison WiLMA Gamble Moultrie Joe Gandy Pelham Annette Garland .... Hillsboro Wm. Lowell Gaskins . . Willacoochce Mary Anne Geissler .... Atlanta Joe Gerson Atlanta Hugh Marion Gillis . . . Soperton Marvin Bob Gillis .... Soperton Leo Jack Gilman .... Columbus Colette Ginn Roystnn Starks Flaver Ginn, Jr. . . Royston Sylvia Ginsberg Dal ton George Horne Girtman . Miami. Fla. R. C. Girtman .... Hazlehurst Sylvia Glass Atlanta Burton B. Goldstein .... Atlan a Jack Miller Gordon .... Wayside William Elliott Gordon . . . Pitts Martha Graham . . . . Danielsville Robert Bingman (Graham . . Bowdon Isman W. Greene .... Athens Martha Greene Augusta John Jacob Gregory .... Vienna Nancy Griggs Dawson Cecil Grimes . thens Hoke Edgar Grist Dillard Edgar Maslin Guild ,thens Esther Gunnels Ashland Wm. Barrett Gunter . . . Commerce Julian Douglas Halli burton . lacoii Charles Hamilton Kibbee George ' illis Hammond . . Xewnan Joe Lewis Hammond .... lonroe Olyn Babbett Hammond, Wesleyville, Pa. William J. Hamrick . . Talking Rock Elford LaFayette Hanson. Jr., . thcns T. A, Harbek Commerce George Warren Hard;-: Joseph Winfred ILarneh Wm. Horace Harrell . James Aubrey Harris . . Oscar Dill Harrison . Harry McCoy Hartman, Whigham Waynesboro . Pearson .- Ranger . Lavonia JK.. ti 0 Hagerstown, Md. 1 , k I .,...-v Page 109 C Uj- a 40 Harlock Walter Harvey. Jr., Moncks Corner. S. C. John L. Hatton Macon Nell Hawkes Athens Melba Hawkins Eaton ton Gaspard V. Hayes Waco Harrison Hodgson Heidler . . Athens Mary Doris Helmer .... Ben Hill Charles Wesley Henderson, Cleveland (k)RDON Hendrix .... Statesboro Sallie Mae Henson Toccoa John Pratt Herndon .... Dalton Laura Hester Atlanta Ann Lucie Hicks Conyers Howell Higgins Toccoa Arthur D, Highnote . . ISuena ' is a Murray Highsmith . Willacoochee Hugh Ldward Hill, Jr. . . . Griffin Jas. Dorsey Hill Sale City Patricia Hinshelwood . . Gainesville Doris Jeanne Hinson . Marianna. Fla. Helen Hixon Atlanta Robt, F. Hodgson tliens Jas. Colbert Holliday , . Lexington Howell Hollis, Jr Columbus Robt. G. Holm an Albany Ben NIK Holt Eatonton Colquitt Dyal Hopkins . . Folkston R. Robert Horne .... CartersviHc Robert D. Horne Athens Mack Houston Sylvester Augusta Howard .... Lexington WiLBURN Howard Sylvania Ben. H. Hudson .... Coimnbus Clinton Harris Huev . . . Pel ham Carolyn Huff Allien ' ; : 4 9 f o (% - y d m ' f v 4 f fs r c " W ' rs ' ' e r) [ Lr?SS !. ' ?£»££ ' £-. " " i " %. ' : l il Elizabeth Huguley .... Atlanta Elaine Hulme Alliens John Bennett Huncekford . . Athens Wm. Oliver Hunnicutt . . . Macon Sara Hutchings .... Watkinsville Jasper Dorsey Hutchins . . . Buford Gail Hutchinson Athens Luther Hansel Ireland . Chickamauga Robert S. Isaac Arthur Peter Ivey Carl Ed. Jackson . Frances Jackson . Jarrell R. Jarrett . Phyllis Jenkins . . Elizabeth. N. J. . Baldwin . Oniiicy. h ' la. . Culunibiis . . . Center tliens Jno. Elmer Jeffries . Pittsburgh, Pa. Chas. Joel, Jr Athens Anne Johnson Athens Elizabeth Johnson .... Decatur Hayden C. Johnson . . . Merion, Pa. Homer Jackson Johnson . . . Bogart Howard Johnson . . Clarksville, Tenn. John Howard Johnson . . . Athens Cecil Garner Jones thens (ioRDON Jones Atlanta James Jones Brunswick Ralph T. Jones, Jr Decatur Sara Jim .Tones .... Watkinsville incknt Sanford Jones . . . Jackson ( uARi.ES Thomas JoRnvN, Jr. . , ilanta David Isaac Kaplan . . Wrights vi lie KusiEL Kaplan LTvaUla Tkammell C Keen Dublin Olivia Keller Greenville Cecil Robert Kelly .... Macon Alfred B. Kennedy, Jr. . . . Atlanta Page 110 ■I I - ' y:, Cf O O C LiM a4 40 Robert Kernaghan Macon Alice Kierce Columbus Louis Martin Killian .... Macon Wm. Henry Kimbrough . . . Chipley Lillian Klein Atlanta Marshall Klein . . . Yonkers, X. Y. Sara Kramer . . Sunimerville, S. C. W ' m. J. Landrum .... CoUegeboro Ralph Pierce Lawson, Jr.. West Haven, Conn. James Lay Winder James H. Lazenbv Athens Blanche Lee C.lennville Carolyn Lee lbany Eugenie LeHakdv l)ecatur JiLius Caesar LeHardy . . . Decatur Milton Edgar Lesser .... Athens Bertrum Levine . . Brooklyn. N. Y. James A. Lewis, II ... . Columbus John Thomas Lindsey . . . Quitman ' ebnon Eugene Lindsey . . BlutTton Wm. Emory Lipscomb . . . Cumniing Marian Little Louisville Wm. DeJarnette Little . . Marietta Wm, McAdoo Littlefield , . Folkston Thomas Chas. Llewellyn, Jr.. Sparta Margaret Loflin Athens Benj. Ross Loughridge . . LaFayette Harold Jacks on Lowry . . Cartersville Sadie Lurey .... Laurens. S. C. Laurana Lyon Miami, Fla, Eugene E. Lyons Atlanta Jack W. Macey .... Thomasville M. L. Macon, Jr. . , Greensboro. I ' la. Margaret MacPherson . . Brunswick Francis T. Maddux . . . Sycamore RiGHTON Magid . . . Tallulah Lodge James Albert Man ley . . . Bar wick Catherine Mann . . (Greenville. S. C, Harris Camp Manning . . . Ellaville Lela Manning Bainbridge James Harry Marks . . Summerville George Russell Marsh . Rockford, 111. Edwin Dennis Martin . . Columbus LoNNiE Elwyn Martin . Milledgeville Mrs. Mae Martin Athens Gerald R. Mathey . . . Miami. Fla. Julian Ed. Iathis . . . ' alclosta Joseph Ira Matthews, Jr. . , Dallas Beverley Mason Atlanta Fern Mason .Savannali Jas. O ' Donald Mays . . . Louisville Jaunita Mealor Athens Lou Ne ll Meeks Nichols Billy R, Mercier Ila Thomas Robert Merritt . . Calvary Emile Michael Athens Alice Ruth Miller .... Sasser EuLA Miller Atlanta Jesse Roy Miller Cairo Marilyn A. Miller .... Cleveland Robert Eric Miller , . . , aldosta Ruth Miller Edison Sidney Smith Miller . . . lK)rdon Eleanor Millican Griffin Harriett Mills Savannali Irving E. Miner . . r.aldwin, X, Y. L. B. MiNiSH Commerce Emma Minkovitz Sylvania James Samuel Mitch am. Jr. . Athens Constance Mitchell . . . . Athens Pase III CAz o4 40 Kaymond H. Mitchell . . . Athens Ruth Mitchell Rome Richard O. Mitchell . . . Atlanta Sara Mitchell Lavonia Virginia Claire Mixon . . . Ocilla Clifford Edgar Mize . . Cave Spring Fred Lee Mobley .... .Sylvania Tack Montgomery ...... Rome James T. Moore lanta Alfred Morgan Atlanta A. D. Morris Pearson Chas. R. Morris, Jr Rome Newt Morris, Jr Marietta RuEL Irving Morris, Jr. . . Appling William Mercer Morris, Jr.. Columbus Thos. F. Moseley .... EastanoUe Alfred li. Moss . . . Petersburg. ' a. Aubrey Wm. Mosteller . Alpharetta Joseph B. Mundy .... Jonesboro Ignatius Few Murth . Marshallville Tohn Speight Murph . . Marshallville Albert S. Murrah, Jr. . . . Atlanta Catherine McCalley .... Atlanta Laura Scott McCakty . . . Dalton James E. McCay Athens Mary Helen McClure . . Li nion City Morris I. McDonald .... Bolton Geo. E. McDuffie .... Ashland Helen McDuffie .... Ashland Wm. Mc. McElrath .... Macon Pat McEwen Danieisville Hugh Harris McGarity . . . Athens James Marchman McKenny, The Rock Gordon Columbus McKenzie . Ashburn Leonard W. McManus, Jr. . . Macon 1 . Pi ' H i iiaii ' i I ' a t Iki A dk iilM Y " _ ' ( 1 i.t ' h, 1 r? a. •a ii r ' 1 r -t 1 w Aik Sara McNab Athens Samuel W. McNair .... Siapleton Wm. H. McNiel Fairburn John Amos Nelson .... Atlanta James Newberry Atlanta Chas. A. Newsom . . . Sanders ville Francis A. Norman . . . Columbus Martha Nelle Norman . . Alpharetta Robert Claude Norman . Washington Lester Elliot Norris . . . . Evans Evelyn Norton Graves GoLDiE NoviT . . . Charleston, S. C- Mary Hopkins Gates . . . Brunswick Edward O ' Day Athens r.ROADUs Spubgeon Orr, Flowery Branch Wm. Edwin Orr Buford Tames Coleman Owen .... Griffin W. E. Owen McDonough Mary Ethel Owens .... Alamo Ernest Pace Eastman Dave F. Paddock. Tr Athens Chas. Lloyd Palmer .... Camilla William H. Parady .... Cuthbert Cleo. Parham Bogart Carolyn Paris Brunswick Sylvia Parker . . St. Augustine, Fla. Wm. Parker. HI .... Cedartown Vivian Patrick Omega W ' oodrow W ' ilson Patrick . . Griffin Hale Patterson Ringgold B. B. Paulk Brunswick Rachel Paulk Wray S. rah Payne Athens James Pearson .... l- " ort Valley " W. O. Pearson, Jr Albany Page Il2 M %1 ' ' -yb4ii ' CS " fji ' " « riP ' v. ■ f ' i GLj j ai 40 Geo. Robt. Peeples . y . Chatsworth Vm. Jackson Peeples .... Athens Wm. I. Pe.arlman ' . . Brooklyn. N. Y. Edwin Ferryman .... Cedartown Dorothy Ann Peters .... Atlanta Tean Pharr (lainesville Curtis Manning Phillifs. Jr.. Vidalia Jerome Pinckney . . Savannah John T. Pittard .... Winterville Alex Loyd Poitevint . . Camilla Harvey Clark Pond. West Hartford, Conn. Peggy Popper Macon Wm. Randolph Poppke. Maplewood. N. J. Wanda Potter . . . Hohokus. N. J. Merl Anne Powell . . . Swainsboro Roy Keith Power Newnan Clinton Preble . . . Lynchburg, ' a. John J. Prendergast .... Atlanta Grover C. Presnell .... Athens Wm. J. Prince Atlanta Ruth Purcell ...... Toccoa James Jackson Ragan . . Hlackshear liiRT Jones Rainey .... Camilla Miriam Rainey Rochelle Wm. Harbut Randall , . . Atlanta Robert Lewis Rankin, Jr. . . Macon John Arthur Ray . . . . Royston ilARTHA Rauzin . . Miami Ueach, Pla. Harvey Jackson Reid . . . Athens Herbert Reynolds, Jr. . . Ailanta Horace Maxwell Reynolds . . Cairo Irwin Tatum Rhodes . . Alpha retta BiLLiE Clifton Richardson, Donalsonville .Sara Joyce Richardson . . . Cairo F. A. Richter Cairo Charlotte Rifley Atlanta Cecil Alfred Roberts . . Car roll ton Reuben Lewis Robertson . Mansfield R, B. Robinson. Jr Pavo Talmadge Robinson . . . Greenville Raleigh Rogers Manassas Wm. Shelley Rogers . . . Elberton Ruth Roper Canon Albert Aaron Rasenberc. . Swainsboro Sara Rossee . Eatonton Robt. Louis Rothberg . . . Atlanta Gordon Otis Rothwell. New Be dford. Conn. Paul E. Rowland . . . . Vidette Tames Herman Rucker . . . Bowman Helen Rutkin .... Tampa. Fla. Anna Jo Saine .... . Gainesville Madelyn Saul .... . Savannah Wyatt Scarborou(;h . . . . Comer Gloria Scheer .... . Eatonton Robt. W. Schnautz. Tr. Port Chester. X. Y. Minnie Schkeiuer . . . . Brunswick Betty ' Scott .... Kathleen Scrug .s . . . . Columbus Frank Seaton .... . . Cohutta Mable Seay . . Athens ViviAM Semaschko . . M orrisville. Pa. Herman L. Shapiro . New York. N. Y. TuLius R. Shepherd . . . Whitehall Sam Collins Sheriff . . . . Athens Herbert I. Shingler. Tk. . . Ashburn Roy Pasco Shuman . . . . Coolidge ' irginia Simerville . . . Rockmart Herman Alexander SrMf N . Brooklet Norma Simon .... . . Brooklet ( O ' A A A ' " «, Page 113 Janet Simpson Athens Wm. Archie Simpson . . Greensboro David Elder Sims Athens Katherine Sims Bogart Gwendolyn Sinquefield . Warrenton LoL ' is Irvin Skinner, Jr. . . Athens Louise Slocum Macon Eleva Smith Vtlanta Lawrence W. Smith, Jr.. Charleston. S, C. Louise Smith Glennville M. L. Smith Covington Sara Jo Smith . . . . ' atkinsville ' [LBUR Smith, Jr Tennille William Bobby ' Smith, Jr., Tennille Wm. Thos. Smith, Jr Tifton Louis S. Sohn, Jr tlanta Bill Souther Blairsville James Luther Spann . . . Columbus Roy Frank Speck Atlanta Wm. Almond Spence .... Camilla Henriette Spivey Atlanta Henry Grady Stacy . . . Flemington T. Z. Standard Danburg Marguerite Starr Newnan Walter Bell Steed. Jr. . . Roopville Joseph Herman Stein .... Athens Mrs. Mary S. Stennett . . Danburg James Stephenson Athens Arthur T. Stewart. Jr., White Plains Wilton W. Stewart . . White Plains Margaret Stoddard . . . ' ashington Betty Stoffregen .... Eason Hill John David Storey Athens Frances Stowe Gainesville C. Allen Stouffer . Hagerstown, Md. 1 i i v l.-l— .:y • ( - f I . i ' I) V " » i ' - ' LJ. Fred Clinton Street . . . Lilburn Jackson Strickland .... Ruyston Nancy Strong Newnan RoBT. Fulton Sullivan . . Savannah Daniel B. Summerford, Jr. . Reidsville Martin Sussman .... Savannah James Andrew Sutton, Winston-Salem, N. C. l ' JS.H Chas. Andrew Swan . . . . Wrens Julian Leonard Tanknbaum , . ugusta Milton T. Tankerslev . . . i-,vans John Fred Taylor . . . ( ireetisborti Billy C. Teasley .... l- ' lberton LULA Faith Terrell . . . . Toccoa RoBT. Hubbard 11-ter. Charlcslu 1, W. a. Edgar L Tharpe .... . Macon Clyde H. Thomas .... . Douglas Doris Thomas . . . Orlando. Fla. Mary Emily Thomason . . Columbus Covin Northington Thompson, Lvons Jack E. Thompson .... Palmetto . Athens Warren A. Thrasher . . . Douglas Maude Euclede Threlkeld . . Colbert Wm. ' . Thurman .... . Atlanta Maxie Thurmond .... . Athens LuTRELLE Tift . Ti f ton Chas. Richard Tomlin . . . Atlanta B. Leon Trapnell .... Covington Ansley Stenson Tribblk . . Monroe John Trigg, Jr Columbus Joel Edwin Turner . . . . Tifton Kathryn Turner .... . Griffin Mary Russell T vitty . . . Pel ham John L. Tye, III ... . . Atlanta Frank L. Tyson, Jr., Richmond Hill, N. Y. Page I 14 g|. . , a ' " J : . ' r is .0 I (_1_ Vt ' , - jH L laj A cr 40 IIkkman 1j. Upchurch . . . Athens S. Mrnkst ' andiver .... Lavoiiia W ' m. Voi ' NG ' an IIooke . . Cut Cave Warren Howard Van Riper . Atlanta W. Clifford Yavghan . . N. Roswell Chas. Jackson Vickeky . . liar well Rosa Vincenzi Rome Frank Von Sprecken, Tk., l- .rt Wui-tli. Tex. Tiios. Karl Waldex .... (libson Annette Waldrop .... Jonesburo Alyce Walker Decatur Fred Harding Walker . . . Valdosta Tames T. Wallace. Jr. . . . Atlanta J. Lorimek Walters .... Lavonia Chas. Loris Warlick . . Cartersville Mary Will Warren .... Tignall Thos. a. Waters, Jr. . . . Savannah Wm. Reeves Waters .... Madison Emory C. Watkins, Jr. . . Brooklet Ernest Wm. Watson. Whittington, Ark. Frank E. Watson, Jr. . Milledgeville Thos. D. Weems, Jr Luella Jeannette Wei n stein . . Greensboro AsHER Louis Weill .... Atlanta Jack Welch Vienna Martha F. Wells .... Wildwood Chas. D. Wesley . . . Xanticoke, Pa. Geo. Washington Westbrook . . Ila W. C. Wheeler ] Iaysville Joseph Hinton Whelan . ICt trick. Va. JnuN Franklin Whipple. Jr.. Quitman Martha Whittakek tliens R ' ET. Leslie Whittakek . Fitzgerald Sara Elizabeth White . , Greenville Hazel Whitehead Athens Ed. Winston Whitehead . . Athens John B. Whitehead .... Bogart Louis Talmadge Whitehead . Bogart W. W. Whitehead, Jr., Watkinsville John Bernard Whitworth . . Hull Fred Lolis Wickam, Jr. . . CoUnnbus Wm. W. ' ier tliens Earl Brumby W ' iggins . . . Cutlibert Bruce Leroy Wilder .... Royston ( race Wilensky .... Savannah Robert Glenn Wilks . . I lanielsvillc Sam (;. WiLKiNS llanta Clayton Williams .... Rins;gold Ellis C. Williams Athens Frank Williams Plains J, Hinton Williams .... Athens Wm. Donald Williams . . . Atlanta L RY Willingham .... Atlanta Marv W ' ilmerding . . . Ft. Screven Albert H. Wilson . . . Ligge t. Ky. Christine Wilson Athens Harriette Wilson .... Madison Millie Wise Wadley TiLLiE L E Womalh .... Burdell Ester Ruth Wood Baxter Thos. L. Wood Macon Billy C. Woodall .... Columbus John Woodcock .... Gainesville James Alva W ' ooten . . . Hazlehurst James Samuel Wooten. Birmingham, Ala. Alexander Wright . . . ' ashington Henry Ware Wright. ' aynesboro. ' a. James Aiken ' right . . ... Rome Josephine Wynn Newnan Bill Yazell Columbus John F. Young Atlanta Marie Young Atlanta Eugenia Zachary Atlanta (« . " ; ■ j. ' t P?! ■■■ff - s% ' • r o o I i m w I ' Page 115 r Sol Altman I ' .riiii.swick Frances Conner Balkcom . , Hlakely James Barrow, Jr tliens IIakkv Stevens l AXiiti; . . . Asliburn T. N. BoGGS Dnnielsville J. R. Rhannen Atlanta Ji-ssE W. Bush Macvm Andrew W. Cain, Jh. . . . Dalilonega r.AiNi-s Camp ' illa Rica H. T. Clary Atlanta 11. W. COOLIDGL .... Isie of IIn])C JniiN D. CoRLms . New l-oiulon, Comi. Dkan Covington Umne John William Davis .... Rome Newell linENFiELu ..... N ' idalia yit.ti if Cut J-iiw Robert Edwakd lu.i.ior . . , Auyiista J. D. Eubank ii|)ling Jere Field Munroe Albert G. Fostek, .Ik. . . . Madison O. W. Franklin ' aIdosta Mark CIrace Lyons G. Elliott Hagan Sylvania Colbert Hawkins Monro:; W. M. Henderson .... {. ' larkston Emory M. Hiers Tavo John A. Jenkins tlanta C D. Johnson I oyston Robert Jordon Talbntton Charles II. Kirho .... IJainhridgc Thomas R. M. I.indsey . . . Griffin David P. Luke, Jr Camilla ALTMAN BALKCOM BARROW BAXTER BOGGS BRANNEN CAMP CLARY COOLIDGE CORLISS COVINGTON DAVIS EDENFIELD EUBANK FIELD FOSTER FRANKLIN HAGAN HAW KINS HENDERSON JENKINS JOHNSON JORDON KIRBO LINDSEy LUKE McDANIEL, C. McDANIEL, F. OLIVER PAGE OUINN SELL SHAFFER SINGER SMITH TIDWELL WALKER WATSON WHITFIELD WISE ' I C. E. McOaniel I-.astinan !• " . r. McDaniel Sale City R. L. Newton Fayette, Ala. Ceorge Oliver Savannah William Marion I ' agk . . , Columbus David Monroe Quinn . In Ii;inula. Miss. K. S. Sell. Jk tliens William (Iriggs Shakfkr . . Ailanta Sol Singer Unidilla William IC. Smi in Vniericus Cjeorge II. Tiuwell .... Clarkston David S. Walkek Griffin V. L. Watson .... Ouincy, Fla. Western WurrFiELn . . . Blue Ridge Walter Wish Fayetteville Page I 16 The turn of the century found Georgia men wearing high stiff collars and peg-leg trousers in the formal style of that period. But Georgia manners were less formal; there were numerous social clubs to occupy the students ' spare time. Glee and mandolin clubs were the order of the day, foreshadowing the welter of activities found on the modern campus. Chancellor Walter Barnard hHill was instituting the policies which were to result in the greater University of today. I ll iwucatLan W. TAP BENNETT, JR Editor-in-Chief STAFF W. Tap Bennett, Jr Etlltor-in-Chief Thomas J. Dicker-, Jr Business Manager Richard Joel Mtinuf in Editor Marv E. GoRDY . Jfotiinn ' s Editor Edward H. Baxter Junior Editor W ' li.i.iA.M J. Benton Junior Editor HARR J. Dax ' IS, Jr hi iior Business Mi!nii[;cr Griggs Shaefer luuior Business Mnmii ' cr Sol Singer Junior Business Manager Isabelle Reid Assistant Woman ' s Editor I I I The hard work of editing the 1937 Pandora has been accompanied by a genuine feeUng of pleasure for the co-opera- tion shown by the members of the stafif and the hearty comraderie that has existed throughout the year. To make Vohuiie 50 an edition worthy of a Golden Anniversary has been tlie dominant purpose of the staff whose unstint ing time and zealous effort has resulted in a composite view of university life. If the 19,37 P. NDORA is successful, it is due in no small part to the excellent work of Richard Joel, who with his unfailing interest, his efficient methods, and his ever-present sense of humor has brought new prestige to the office of managing editor. In actuality he has been a co-editor. Too much praise cannot be paid Richard. Mary Gordy, assisted by Isabelle Reid, served capably as woman ' s editor and exerted quite an influence in matters regarding things feminine, as well as in other spheres. Ed Baxter, in charge of classes, and Bill Benton, in charge of fraternities and organizations, shouldered their difficult responsibilities we ' l. Harry Davis, Griggs Shaefer, and Sol Singer aided Business Manager Tom Dickey ma- terially in his work. The large sophomore staff, consisting of Bernard Butts, Norman Camp, Marion DuBose, Louis Griffith, Floyd Newton, Phillips Stewart, and James Swarts labored faithfully at routine tasks, made lighter by their collective good nature. Floyd did an excellent job on the military section, while " Dubie " was assigned the difficult task of compiling tlie data for the faculty section. Of the freshmen AI Weill and Ambrose Burch had the largest number of hours to their credit. To Capers Holmes is due much credit and appreciation for his fine photograpliy and consistent spirit of co- operation. Buster Howell ' s sketches and the ideas of Ben Anderson and Anne McKinnon added much to the feature section. Ralph Rice was a life-saver with his sports write-ups. To the editor ' s roommate, who was forced to listen to much of tlie Pandoka while it was still in the formative state, goes sincere apology and appreciation. To the stafifs of Wrigley Engraving Company, Foote and Davies Company, Stanley Studios, and David J. Mot- ley Company go our thanks for their co-operation and suggestions. Mr. Heckman, faculty adviser, helped us immeasurably with his thorough knowledge of Pandora and his years of experience in dealing with its problems. As our theme depicts, this year is the Golden Anniversary of the Pandora ; it has been marked by numerous special events commemorating the Jubilee edition. The highpoint of the year was the Pandora Beauty Review, an innovation in the method of selecting University beauties. Another outstanding event was the Jubilee Banquet climaxing February, which had been designated as Jubilee Month — " 28 days of constant, concentrated work. " . s a fitting close to the year ' s work the staff was entertained at a Harvest Fiesta. — Tap Bennett I 1 ft i i ' ! r Jlli JOEL GORDV BAXTER BENTON DAVIS SHAEFER SINGER REID HOLMES HOWELL ELROD BUTTS CAMP DuBOSE GRIFFITH NEWTON STEWART ATKINSON BURCH CRENSHAW McNEIL NORMAN SCHNAUTZ WEILL ANDERSON o STAFF Capers A. Holmes, Jr . Staff Photographer Rali ' H Rice Sports Writer Ernest 1 I. Howell, Jr Staff Artist Charles E. Elrod Senior Staff ViRGiNLA Barfield, Berxard Butts, Normax | Camp, Mariox DuBose, Louis Griffith, Floyd Sophcjmore Staff Newtox, Phillips Stewart, James Swarts - David Atkixson, Ambrose Burch, Bill Crexshaw, William McNeil, Robert Normax, Freshman Staff Bob Schxautz, A. L. Weill - Bex Axdersox, Anne McKixxon .... Feature Jl ' riters Professor Harold M. Heckmax Faculty Adviser THOMAS J. DICKEV, JR. Business Manager CURTIS ASHER Business Manager Founded in i8qS Chosen All-A incric(ni Face-Makcr for Second i ear STAFFS FIRST TERM SECOND TERM George Bosvvell .... Editor-in-Chief ' i] ' [ - 1 4 ' ' ' ' ' " ' " ' 3 ' ' Dyar Massey .... Managtng Editor Tom McRae Managing Editor Curtis Asher .... Business Manager Curtis Asher .... Business Manager Norman Chalker . . . Associate Editor Norman Chalker . . . Associate Editor P Carter Associate Editor Capers Holmes .... Associate Editor Luke Greene Associate Editor Ralph Rice Sports Editor . lbon Hailey .... Associate Editor Mary Frances Cradb, Wowan ' s Sports Editor Guy Tiller, Tr Sports Editor K therine Hosch . . . H ' onian ' s Editor „ - " ... . r. .- IJessie Diamond ... . Society Editor 1-rances Battey .... Jiomans Edttor ( - ara Belle Hooks . Assistant Society Editor Katherine Hosch .... Society Editor Harold Daniel .... Radio Reporter Dyar Massey Feature Editor „ , -, ,, t- Copy Desk: Claude Davidson, Bovd Ellison, William Rogers, Edwin Rogers, William Anderson, Allen Thomason. Copy Desk: Capers Holmes, Fred Duval, Ed- mund Hughes, Clyde Long, Ned Millsafs. Reporters: Edward O ' D.w, J. Lloyd Burrell, I- ' red Wickam, Jack Maxwell, Robert Neill, Francis AL ddux, Vernon Chaffin, Reporters: R. G. Geeslin, Louis Johnson, Julian PLalliburton. Teannette Wiley, W illiam Rogers, Don ,,. , r- t tt - - ' " , T T H omen s Staff: Kennon Henderson, Cora Carter, Mary Lucy Herndon, Doyle Jones, Cheney, Helen Cl. rke, Helen Hixon, George Crabd, Mary Crabb. Mary Oates, Susan Dillingham, Dean No well, Alice Kierce, X ' irginia Brown, Thelma Harben, Helen Head, Martha Sports Staff: Jack Reid, Buster Blumenthal, Johnson, Evelyn Lancaster, Lutrelle Ralph Rice. Tift, Feggy Popper, Phyllis Mallary, Charlotte Ashley, Martha Jackson. Bu,iiness Statr: Edwin Southerland, William .-, _. o. ir t t tj r- , „, -, sports Staff: Tack Reid, Howard Clisham, Durham. John Wilson, Jesse Maxwell, -p j McDaniel, Bill McNiel, Buster James Moore, Charles Heflin, Ward Howell. Wight, John Rice. r • c-. jt r- o wr Business Staff: Edwin Southerland, William . , . , . Durham, John Wilson, Jesse I L xwell, Edwin Southerland . Circulation Manager Charles Heflin, John Rice. Byron AL-mIiews, Jr Art Editor I. A. Solomons . . Circulation Manager RED AND BLACK BOSWELL McRAE MASSEY CHALKER GREENE HAILEV CARTER HOLMES TILLER RICE BATTEY HOSCH DIAMOND HOOKS LONG SOUTHERLAND SOLOMONS ROGERS, W. ROGERS, ED ELLISON DAVIDSON CRABB THOMASON CAMP REID McNIEL CLISHAM DURHAM WILSON MAXWELL HEFLIN I HAVS GARRARD MacDONELL CLARK COPELAND ATKINSON MILLER ELROD DAVIS GROSSMAN EVANS VICKERS SANDERS HAWKS COBB SCOH ADAMS BURSON SPENCE WUR5T THOMAS CADLE THE GEORGIA AGRICULTURIST F juiiiled ill IQOJ STAFF John Everette Noland Editor-in-Chief Helen Hays Business Manager Henry G. Garrard Managing Editor Catherine MacDonell If ' omati ' s Editor !M. H. Clark Circulation Manager Associate Editors O. B. CoPELAND Alice Ruth Miller Alvin Davis Fredekick Atkinson Joe Elrod Doris Grossman- Charles WuRST Bobbie Jo Howard Associate Business .Managers D. L. Evans L. R. Thomas Joe Hawks Klmon Vickers Carolyn Cook Clara Campbell Edna Sanders Associate Circulation Managers Bryan Cobb M. S. Adams Josephine Spence Ed Scott Allen Burson F. H. Cadle Faculty Advisers W. C. Collins Ralph Fulghum Mrs. H. M. Blair W. E. Hudson JOHN NOLAND Editor-in-Chief .4 HOWELL PARHAM Editor-m-Chief Founded in IQjd EDITORIAL BOARD Howell Parha.m Editor-in-Chief Eugene A. Smith Business Manager Margaret Beasley Associate Editor Charles Dickson Associate Editor STAFF Editorial John Pye Cora Cheney Marguerite Costa Edward M. Millsap Advertising Eugene Phillips Manager Spiros Siafacas Western Whitfield Virginia Barfielu Lewis Turner Art BusTKR Howell Editor Jeanne Pharr Poetry Warren Bateman Eleanor Millican E.vcluinges Nancy Branyon Editor Wanda Potter Eiction Evelyn Pollack Melvin Pollack 1 1 nuioi ' Scott Gr.wes Editor VicTou Levy Charlie Collins Circulation Read Wynn Sports Lynne Brannen GEORGIA ARCH f4 M SMITH BEASLEy DICKSON MILLSAP PYE iiiMA PHILIIPS BARF ELD WHITFIELD TURNER HOWELL PHARR BATEMAN MILLICAN POTTER POLLACK GRAVES LEVy COLLINS WyNN BRANNEN SIAFACAS BRANyON (1 ' Alison ' s House, " Spring, igsd ' The Bishop Misbehaves, " Fall, 1937 UNIVERSITY THEATER Founded in J QJ I EXECUTIVE STAFF OF THE UNIVERSITY THEATER Tap Bennett Business Manager Norman Chalker )Asst. Bus. Mgrs. in Charge of Ester Haskin Assistant to the Director Sol Singer ) Advertising Adoli ' H Nonas Stage Manager Dorothy Jarnagin . . . Manager of Properties Dyar Massey . Asst. Bus. Mgr. in Charge of Promotion Capers Holmes Press Representative PRODUCTION STAFF Albon Hailey Eugene Lipschitz Phyllis Jenkins Milton Marshall Charles Joel Byron Mathews BUSINESS STAFF Elizabeth Huguley Bill McNiel Marian Little Tom McRae A. L. Weill Homer Arrington Chauncey Clark Mary Frances Crabb Norman Camp Nancy Griggs Roswell McRae Emery Parm enter Allan Thomason Isabelle Reid William Rogers NONAS MASSEV CHALKER SINGER JARNAGIN HOLMES " Moor Born. " Winter, igjj Page 126 I THALIAN-BLACKFRI ARS I oil ml I ' ll in li)j I OFFICERS Chauncey Clark. Prcsitlcnt Richard Joel I ' ice-Presideni Lois Sturmer Secretary Sam Lester Treasurer xMEMBERS Tap Bennett Elliott Hagan Ruth Landers Norman Chalker Albon Hailev Sam Lester F. C. Clark Wm. Ham.mack Gene Lipschitz George Crabb Esther Haskin Dyar Lassey Mary Frances Crabb ALary Lucy Herndon Roswell McRae Peter Crawford Freddie Hill Elly Nonas Montez Debnam Edith Hodgson John Sanford Susan Falligant Capers Holmes Sol Singer Florence Goode Dorothy Jarnagin Lois Sturmer Richard Joel FACULTY MEMBER Edward Crouse The following hold Thaliaii-Blackfriars ' Honor Keys awarded on the basis of participation in the activities of the University Theater Tap Bennett Esther Haskin Roswell McRae Norman Chalker Dorothy Jarnagin D. B. Nicholson Chauncey Clark John Lester Adolph Nonas Montez Debnam Dyar Massey John Sanford Susan Falligant Sol Singer i ri - o a. o 1 c I BENNETT CHALKER CLARK G. CRABB M. CRABB CRAWFORD HAGAN HAILEV HAMMACK HASKIN HERNDON HILL JOEL LANDERS LESTER LIPSCHITZ MASSEV McRAE NONAS DEBNAM FALLIGANT GOODE HODGSON HOLMES JARNAGIN SANFORD SINGER STURMER Pase 127 DEMOSTHENIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Founded In iSol OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . Jdlatus Solicitor General Parliamentarian Sergeant-at-Arnis First Term Colbert Hawkins H. C. Calhoun W. D. HAM L CK Ed Baxter Clark Gaines Hugh Sosebee Jesse Maxwell Tom McDaniel Second Term G. Elliott Hagan Joe Prather Wm. p. Durham Ed Baxter Lowell Cumming Marion Winge Clark Gaines HENR ' i Harbin Third Term Uavid S. S. Walker Frank McKemie Lowell Cumming Ed Baxter George Oliver Marion Winge Milton Brown John Land DEMOSTHENIAN HISTORY The Deniosthenian Literary Society stands today as a monument to the art of public speaking and argumentation. In the spirit of its iUustrious founders the primary pur- pose of this Society remains that of encouraging a diligent search for truth by means of debate. In the history of a great university, Deniosthenian stands as a connecting link between a glorious past and a brilliant future. During the past year interest in the Society has grown with a re ival of public inter- est in questions of national importance. The questions debated before Demosthenian on the national issues of today have been paralleled only by the great questions of slavery, secession and States ' rights that were debated before the Society nearly a cen- tury ago. HAWKINS CALHOUN HAMMACK BAXTER GAINES SOSEBEE MAXWELL McDANIEL hagan PRATHER DURHAM CUMMING WINGE HARBIN walker McKEMIE BROWN LAND Page 128 DEMOSTHENIAN HONORS G. Elliott Hagan Cliiff Justice . Associate Justices Ben AxDiiRSox Harr - Baxter Tap Bennett ANNIVERSARIAN William R. Cannon, Jr. CHA] IPIONSHIP DEBATERS David S. Walker Frank McKe.mie JUDICIAL COUNCIL First Term David Walker BiLiA ' Cannon |G. Elliott Hagan KEY CIRCLE James Colvin Harold T. Daniel W. Colbert Hawkins Edgar Lane Second Term Billy Cannon D. L. Evans, Jr. H. C. Calhoun Ed S. Sell, Jr. David S. S. Walker Walter Wise This year Demosthenian has endeavored to allow as many of its members as pos- sible the opportunity of speaking before the Society. In addition, members of the fac- ulty, prominent business men and lawyers have addressed the Society on issues that con- front the American people. With a revival of interest in the aims and purposes of this Society, it is predicted that Demosthenian will reach forward in the future to new heights, to heights never reached before. The Demosthenian Literary Society stands today, after more than a century, proud of its undying faith in a democratic government and that throughout its history de- mocracy has been its guide. — Colbert H. wkins. CANNON HAGAN WALKER McKEMIE ANDERSON BENNETT COLVIN DANIEL HAWKINS LANE SELL WISE EVANS CALHOUN Page 129 »?K ft • a ■ ' a i ' ' - V ' h i ADAIR ANDERSON, B. BOYD BROWN, M. CAMP CANNON COOPER, G. COOPER, J. DAVIS, J. DUKE GRANT GREENE ANDERSON, R. BATEMAN BROWN, S. BRYANT CANTRELL CARROLL CRABS CUMMING DURHAM EDWARDS GUNTER HAGAN BAXTER BENNETT BUCHANAN BURKHALTER CARTER CATES CURTIS DANIEL, H. ELLINGTON EVANS HAGOOD HAIR BENTON BOLT BURRELL CALHOUN COLLINS COLVIN DANIEL, J. DAVIS, A. GAINES GEESLIN HAMMACK HARBIN ROLL J. M. Adair Walter Burkhalter Lowell Cumming Bill Gunter Ben Anderson Loyd Burrell James Curtis Elliott Hagan Bob Anderson A. W. Cain H. T. Daniel R. B. Hagood M. W. Bateman H. C. Calhoun John Daniel Zera Hair Ed Baxter J. B. Camp Allen Davis W. D. Hammack Harry Baxter Billy Cannon John Davis Henry Harbin VV. Tap Bennett Wm. Cantrell Ben Duke Colbert Hawkins Bill Benton C. H. Carroll W. P. Durham H. D. Hayes F. H. Bolt Don Carter Morton Edwards Wm. Henderson C. W. Boyd O. M. Cates Britt Ellington C. C. Herren Jimmy Brannen Billy Collins D. L. Evans Harry Hill Milton Brown T. R. COLVIN Clark Gaines IMorris Hill Scott Brown George Cooper R. G. Geeslin P. L Hudson Thomas Bryant James Cooper C. W. Grant Jesse James W. F. Buchanan George Crabb Luke Greene Pasc 130 ! : 1 ' HAWKINS KERNAGHAN MORROW RUSSELL ■ i HENDERSON KIRBO McKEMIE SMITH, J. WALKER iil 4 HERREN LAND, J. McMANUS SOSEBEE WECKER HILL, H. LAND, P. NEWSON STEPHENSON WEILL ROLL A. C. Jarrell John Jenkins Bob Kernaghan William King Charles Kirbo John Land Polk Land Edgar Lane Victor Le ' ' Miles Walker Lewis J. N. Mattox Jesse ALxxwell J. MiLLEN Robert Moore A. Morrow Tom McDaniel Frank McKemie Leanord McALanus Reed Newson George Oliver Clayton Peacock MiLAS Pfeiffer HUDSON LEWIS PEACOCK TOLAR WINGE Eugene Phillips Joe Prather David A. Russell Eugene Smith J. A. Smith Hugh Sosebee Ed Stephenson Ray Summerlin James Telford S. B. Tolar George Tidwell JARRELL MAXWELL PHILLIPS TRIPP WOOD JENKINS MOORE PRATHER VERDEL J. W. Trigg Manning Tripp Tom Verdel Elmon Vickers David Walker Peter Wecker A. L. Weill Earl Wiggins J. M. Winge Walter Wise T. L. Wood Pase 131 PERRy ABRAM HAILEy BOWER DVKES SINGER PRICE MENARD KOPLIN NEWTON HOWELL VANDIVER PHI KAPPA LITERARY SOCIETY Founded in 1820 President First Assistant . Second Assistant Secretary Chief Justice First Term Howard Perry Morris Abram Albon Hailey Byron Bower WiNGATE Dykes Sol Sixger OFFICERS Second Term Morris Abram Lee Price Wingate Dykes Albert Menard Alvin Koplin Sol Singer Third Term Sol Singer Wingate Dykes Floyd Newton E. M. Howell Ernest Vandiver Morris Abram PHI KAPPA HISTORY So many things might he said ahoLit a Society with so great and glorioLis a past as Phi Kappa that it is extremely difficult to know just what to mention here. Indeed, ' olumes might be written about its most insignificant alumnus or its most unpropitious year. 1 herefore, to narrow down from an ever-increasing multiplicity to a necessary unity, as is required in this sketch, grows yearly more hopeless. Phi Kappa is surely proud of nothing so much as the distinguished men whom it has helped to produce. I he names of Joseph Henr ' LLimpkin, its founder; Alexander Stephens, who raised the funds to build its century-old Hall ; Henrv W. Grady, who dreamed of and helped to make a reality the New South; Clark Howell, Sr., a great Southerner — not to mention scores of others — stir up m our minds not only admiration but inspiration. We of the present must not and will not fail them by letting their high standards of thought and action be lowered or lost. Pase 132 PERRy SINGER ABRAM FAIN MENARD KOPLIN TIMMONS TROUTMAN PHI KAPPA HONORS ANNIVERSARIAN Howard Perry Morris Abram Lane Timmons Howard Perry DEBATE COUNCIL Howard Perry Albert Menard KEY CIRCLE Alvin Koplin Sol Singer James C. Fain SOPHOMORE DECLAMATION Robert Troutman But just what is Phi Kappa doing today? First, it must be said with emphasis that we are holding as firmly as ever to the same purposes and ideals which led to the So- ciety ' s inception — those of fostering oratory, encouraging interest and debate on prob- lems of local, state, and national importance, and training students in public speaking. During the year just past our active membership has been greater than ever before and our Hall has been completelv remodeled; these things are surely indicative of more than mere superficial progress. The priceless heritage of the Society ' s past is to be sure an incentive to the members of today and tomorrow to still greater accomplishments; its problems must not be con- sidered as obstacles, but rather as stimuli. Let us ever strive to be the servant of our University, our State, and our Nation; with such a purpose we can but succeed. — Howard A. Perry. Pase 133 L . ' ff r3 J f ' ' 1 " - . ABRAM ASHFORD ATKINSON BLANCHARD BARROW BAUM BLOUNT BOWER BOWERS BOVD BOZEMAN BUTTS CAMPBELL CARMICHAEL CAWTHON CLEVELAND CLEIN CRENSHAW DANCE DUVAL DVKES EDWARDS ERWIN.G. ERWIN, H. FAIN POKES GERSON GOLDSTEIN HAILEV HALLIBURTON HAMMOND HOLLIS HOOVER HORNE, RAYMOND HORNE, ROBT. HOWELL HUNGERFORD INGRAM JOEL JOHNSON JONES JORDON KAUFMAN KILLIAN Morris Abram John Ash ford David Atkinson Mercer Blanchard James Barrow Geo. Baum Ed Blount Byron Bower Harry Bowers Albert Boyd J. W. BoZEMAN Bernard Butts Douglas Campbell James Carmichael N. B. Cawthon ROLL Gus Cleveland Ben Clein WiLLL ' VM Crenshaw George Dance Fred Duval WiNGATE Dykes Austin Edwards Goodloe Erwix Howell Erwix James Fain Robert Fokes Joe Gerson Burton Goldstein Albon Hailey Julian Halliburton Joe Lewis Hammond Howell Hoi.lis J. O. Hoover Raymond Horne Robert Horne Buster Howell Bennett Hungerford L. a. Ingram Charles Joel Hayden Johnson Slaton Jones Robert Jordon Gus PCaufman Louis Killian Page 134 E4 MmdiMk i KAPLAN KOPLIN LESSER LEVINE LIPSCHITZ MATHEWS MARSHALL MENARD MORGAN MORRIS MURRAH Mcpherson McDADE NEWTON. F. NEWTON, W. OWEN PERRy, G. PERRy, H. PRICE RANDALL ROGERS rothberg RAUZIN RUSSELL SCHEIDER SCHNAUTZ SHAW SHEPARD SINGER skinner smith, e. a. SMITH, G. SMITH, R. SOHN SOUTHERLAND THOMPSON TIMMON5 TOMLIN tribble TROUTMAN VANDIVER WHITFIELD ZACHRy ROLL David Kaplan Walker Newton Ir in Skinner Alvin Koplix Jim Owex E. A. Smith Milton Lesser Geo. Perry Geo. Smith BURTRAM LeVINE Howard Perry Ralph Smith Eugene Lipschitz Lee Price Louis Sohn Byron Mathews Harbut Randall Ed South erland Milton ] Larshall William Rogers H. R. Thompson Albert Menard Robert Rothberg Lane Timmons Alfred Morgan Larvix Rauzix Dick Tomlin Newton Morris William Russell Stenson Tribble Albert Murrah Franklin Sch eider Robert Troutman J. H. T. McPherson, Jr. Bob Schxautz Ernest Vandiver Frank McDade George Shaw Weston Whitfield Floyd Newton C. D. Shepard Sol Singer A. L. Zachry Pase 135 VARSITY DEBATES WISE FAIN ABRAM KOPLIN ANDERSON GREENE TIMMONS CARTER ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL DEBATE (Englisli Student Union) Walter Wise Morris B. Abram UNIVERSITY ' OF VIRGINIA, SWARTHMORE COLLEGE, NEW lORK UNIVERSITY, COLUiMBIA UNIVERSITY Ben Anderson Luke Greene JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Morris B. Abram James C. Fain EMOR ' UNIVERSARY DUAL DEBATE Ben Anderson Luke Greene Al.VIN KOPI.IN Lane Timmons COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY DoNNEL Carter Lane Timmons WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY Milton Brown Lane Timmons UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA EVENING SCHOOL William D. Ham mack James C. Fain Pase 136 VARSITY DEBATES UNIVERSITY OP MAR LAND, UNIVERSITY OF WEST VIRGINIA, RANIK)LPH-.MACON, DUKE UNIVERSITY Martha Gardner Margaret Conger ERSKINE COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, GREENVILLE WOMAN ' S COLLEGE, ASHEVILLE NORMAL SCHOOL, GREENSBORO WOMAN ' S COLLEGE Doris Beasley Mary Gordy Kenn ' ox Henderson WOFFORD COLLEGE MiLTox Browx Donnel Carter ERSKINE COLLEGE Marion Page Sol Singer UNIVERSITY ' OF FLORIDA Alvin Koplin Edward Stephenson UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON Harold Daniel Frank McKemie HAMPDEN-SYDNEY COLLEGE Hamilton Douglas Robert Troutman UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Hamilton Douglas Robert Troutman GEORGIA STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN W illiam Hammack Marion Page BERRY COLLEGE Edward Stephenson Frank McKemie BROWN HAMMACK PAGE SINGER STEPHENSON DANIEL McKEMIE DOUGLAS TROUTMAN -P ' Page 137 FRESHMAN DEBATES MORGAN MOLLIS WEILL EMORY UNIVERSITY ' FRESHMEN Scott Brown Ai.FRUD Morgan EMORY UNIVERSITY FRESHMEN, WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE, GEORGIA SOUTHWESTERN COLLEGE, MIUULE GEORGIA COLLEGE, LANIER HIGH SCHOOL HowKi.i. Louis Sohn ATLANTA JUNIOR COLLEGE Scott Brown A. L. Wuii.i. Lane Timmons I ' arsity Manager A. L. Weill Fn-sliiiiun Manager John OlIN EidSON Direr or nj Dcbiiliiig Pase 138 PIONEER INNER CIRCLE Riiliiii; Body of the Pioneer Club Founded in ig2I OFFICERS Mary Gordy President Frances Holst Secrelnry and ' Preiisurer Frances BalKCOM Debate Chairinan Bessie Diamond Publieity Clniirmnii Catherine Atkinson Frances Balkcom Dorothy Anne Braswell MONTEZ Debnam Bessie Diamond Kate Hyde Dunbar Mary Dupree Eckford Virginia Frey MEMBERS M R (jl)RD Dorothy Haixs Lvdia Holliday Frances Holst Dorothy Jarxagin Barbara Jenkins Mary Kellogg Syl ia Kln ' iaxsky Maria Martin Anne McKixnox Lois Sturm er Grace Wilbanks Jeanxette Wiley Eleanor Williams Grace Winston ATKINSON BALKCOM BRASWELL DEBNAM DIAMOND DUNBAR ECKFORD FREX GOROy MAINS HOLLIDAY HOLST JARNAGIN JENKINS KELLOGG KUNIANSKy MARTIN McKINNON STURMER WILBANKS WILEV WILLIAMS WINSTON Page 139 BOVS ' GLEE CLUB F 01 I J I ' ll in igog OFFICERS Richard Byrd President B. H. Mathews, Jr Business Manager Hugh Hodgson Director Eugene Adams W. C. Anderson D. C. Barrow Richard Bird Calhoun Bowen Luther Bridgers J. A. Bridges Bill Buchanan Walter Cook W. H. Cox J. B. Davis Pope Duncan Ray Robert Eve Martin Falk R. E. Foster L. A. Gibson R. C. Girtman L. T. Griffith 1 ' aul Hamilton Oi.vN Hammond John Hatton Bruce Head, Jr. H. H. Heidler Harry Hill MEMBERS R. F. Hodgson Bob Holman Edmund Hughes Hayden Johnson B. F. JUHAN LollS KlI.LIAN Marshall Klein Henr ' Madden B. H. Mathews, Jr. E. D. McDonald Horace McEver Fred Meadows Bob Norman George Perry Carl Pittman Edward Rogers Ed Rood Spiros Siafacas Dan Simpson G. a. Smith B. F. Stewart Wilbur Sumner Robert Teter Fred Wai.ker Watts E. Whitehead Tones Yow Page 140 rrr A ' n i r Tf , ' " ■- a r IT ' rf ANDERSON CARMICHAEL KRUMBEIN BARFIELD BARTHELMESS BASCH BEASLEV BECKWITH BRAD5HAW BROOKS CHEEK CLARy CONGER CONGER COWART ETHtRIDGE GARDNER MAYES McCARSON McCLURE MILLER NORTON ROBERTS SLOCUM STONE TIFT TRUMAN WHITEHEAD WIL8ANKS WILSON BROWN HULME STILES GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB !• (jiinileil in IQ2J OFFICERS Elizabeth Mayes President Grace Wilbanks Vice-President Virginia Barfiei.d Secretary Jane Clary Treasurer Carol Hrowx Reporter Frances Cowart Librarian Miss Jennie Bell Smith Director MEMBERS Katherine Anderson Virginia Barfield Inez Barthelmess Jane Basch Margaret Beasley Eloise Beckwith Virginia Bradshaw Elizabeth Brooks Carol Brown- Ethel Carmichael Ellen Cheek Jane Clary Margaret Conger Bobbie Cochran Frances Cowart Ellie Etheridge Martha Gardner El.aine Hulme Gisela Krumbein Elizabeth Mayes Edna McCarson Mary McClure Catherine McDonell Ruth Miller Evelyn Norton Ester Roberts Louise Slocum Elizabeth Stiles Mary Jo Stone Virginia Tift Evelyn Truman Hazel Whitehead Grace Wilbanks Christine Wilson Pase 141 GEORGIA BULLDOGS Frilliulcd III lO-.i John Derriberrv Al Murphy Glenn Fant Hugh McGarity LiNTEN Jackson Conway Stewart Al Morgan Jack Stewart Jerry Sullivan Pase 142 taa iLjatia t (I y SPHINX Founded in 1897 Membership in Sphinx is the highest no n-scholastic honor at the University. 1. A. H. Patterson 2. W. D. Hooper 3. L. COTHRAN 4. G. Green 5. C. R. Andrews 6. E. E. POMEROY 7. A. Pratt Adams 8. Will S. Blun 9. C. W. Davis ID. M. D. DuBosE II R. P. Jones 12. A. J. McBride 13. R. J. Travis 14. T. W. RUCKER IS- M. M. Thurman 16 John Banks .1 17. R. L. Denmark • 18. J. E. Hall 19. R. M. Charlton 20. Harry Hull 21. H. C. Johnson ' 22. J. B. Ridley 23. W. R. Ritchie 24. J. L. Erwin 25. Phinizy Calhoun 26. F. K. McCutchen 27. Longstreet Hull 28. H. J. Lamar 29. W. M. Hardy 30. N. P. Park 31. W. J. Hammond 32. Lamar C. Rucker 33. Sterling Blackshea 34. M. M. Dickinson 35. Andrew Calhoun 36. Cam D. Dorsey 37. M. S. Richardson 38. B. S. Walker 39. Sandy Beavek 40. G. W. Legwin 41. E. M. Ridley 42. Randolph Jacques 43. Ralph Meldrim 44. Marion Smith 45. Wallace Miller 46. Minor Boyd 47. W. J. Turner 48. J. F. Baxter 49. Harold Ketron 50. Jack Powers si. Frampton Ellis 52. Frank Anderson 53. R. P. Brooks 54. L. P. Goodrich SS- L S. Hopkins, Jr. 56. J. J. KiLLORIN 57. M. H. Blackshear 58. ViRLYN B. Moore 59. Tom W. Connally 60. WiNSHip Nunnally 61. T. T.. Turnbull 62. W. W. Patterson 63. Arthur Sullivan 64. Charlie H. Cox 65. Rodney Hill 66. Harold Telford 67. A. L: Hardy 68. J. E. ' D. Young 69. W. V. M. Marshburw 70. H. M. Scott 71. John Brown 72. George Hains 73. Dan Y. Sage 74. L C. Levy 75. Lansing B. Lee • MEMBERS 76. L. Raoul 77. J. J. Ragan 78. R. S. Parker 79. George P. Whitman 80. W. L. Erwin 81. Harrison Jones 82. C. D. Cabiness 83. W. G. Brantley 84. P. R. Weltner 85. A. H. Carmichael 86. R. Kyle Smith 87. W. Brown 88. J. K. McDonald 89. C. N. FlELDSON 90. Frank Martin 91. H. L. J. Williams 92. R. H. Jones 93. S. O. Smith 94. M. S. Hodgson 95. H. P. DE La Perriere 96. F. C. Newton 97. Claude Derrick 98. W. C. Hen SON 99. J. B. Harris 100. Y. B. Smith loi. D. H. Redfearn 102. Jerome Michael 103. D. L. Rogers 104. E. V. Carter, Jr. 105. J. E. Lucas 106. H. G. Bailey 107. E. M. Brown 108. Abit Nix 109. O. W. Franklin 1 10. E. T. Miller 111. H. L. Lanham 112. H. B. Blackshear 113. W. Falk, Jr. 114. A. R. MacDonald 115. H. C. Hatcher 116; P. L. Barrett 117. E. L. Pennington 118. E. W. MoisE 119. G. C. Woodruff 120. E. V. Heath 121. Millard Rewis 122. R. B. Frontman 123. Arthur K. Maddox 124. J. L. Sibley 125. Cliff Brannen 126. L. D. Brown 127. G. T. Northen 128. W. A. Mann 129. H. D. Meyer 130. B. H. Walton 131. D. R. Peacock 132. V. E. DURDEN 133. C. E. Martin 134. E. B. DUNLAP 135. R. L. McWhorter 136. R. H. Freeman 137. Z. S. Cowan 138. Edward Mgrganstern 139. James M. Lynch 140. H. Levy Rogers 141. Bentley H. Chappell 142. Ira Funkenstein 143. Frank Carter 144. T. Rucker Ginn 145. Aaron Bernd 146. Russell H. Patterson 147. Victor Victor 148. H. Hoyt Welchel 149. Louis H. Pinkussohn 150. Clark Howell, Jr. 151. D. K. McKamy 152. David H. Paddock 153. John Henderson 154. Edward J. Hardin 155. George S. Whitehead 156. James B. Conyers 157. C. W. Jacobson 158. H. L. Hodgson 159. R. H. Wesley 160. G. L. Harrison 161. L. M. Tanner 162. W. H. QUARTERMAN 163. Robert Callaway, Jr. 164. Joel B. Mallett 165. Thomas A. Thrash 166. Max L. Segall 167. Holm AN Sorrells 168. W. O. White 169. J. P. Stewart 170. N. L. GiLLis, Jr. 171. RoFF Sims, Jr. 172. J. H. Carmichael 173. Howard McCall 174. Irwine M. Levy 175. Hinton Longing 176. R. W. Courts 177. L. H. Tippett 178. O. R. Ellars 179. R. H. West 180. R. L. Foreman, Jr. 181. J. M. Hatcher 182. Dewey Knight 183. Lewis Seaborn Davis 184. W. P. Zachary 185. Irwine Phinizy 186. P. D. O ' Callaghan 187. Charles M. Candler 188. W. M. Dallas 189. Claude H. Satterfield 190. F. H. Harrold 191. W. D. Miller 192. Arthur Pew 193. R. E. L. Spence 194. C. W. Slack 195. John R. Slater 196. E. Way Highsmith 197. A. M. Day 198. C. M. Strahan, Jr. 199. H. H. Manghum 200. W. H. Stephens 201. P. B. Ford 202. Nathan Jolles 203. Owen Reynolds 204. J. P. Carson 205. W. D. DURDEN 206. W. B. Cody 207. M. A. McRainey 208. W. F. Daniel 209. E. H. Dixon 210. F. C. McClure 211. L. H. Hill 212. G. J. Clark 213. C. A. Lewis 214. J. J. Bennett, Jr. 215. Alton Hosch 216. C. G. Henry 217. J. K. Harper 218. H. H. Maddox 219. J. L. Watson 220. C. R. Anderson 221. E. M. Gurr 222. H. M. Cleckley, Iir 223. W. C. Carter, Jr. 224. William Tate 225. C. F. WiEHRS ■■m SPHINX 226. John Fletcher 227. J. D. Thomason 228. John Hosch, Jr. 229. Tom F. Green, Jr. 230. W. E. Sewell 231. Lester Hargrett 232. C. L. GOWEN 233. M. L. KiLPATRICK 234. J. D. Allen 23s. H. D. Shattuck 236. George Morton 237. G. H. Nixon 238. A. A. Marshall 239. C. N. Mell 240. E. P. Rogers 241. W. T. Forbes, Jr. 242. G. S. Johnson 243. RoLLiN J. Chambliss 244. Earnest Camp, Jr. 245. Allen W. Post 246. A. S. Clay, III 247. Kels Boland 248. IvEY Shivers, Jr. 249. William H. Young 250. IsAAK K. Hay 251. Geo. E. Florence, Jr. 252. Thomas A. Nash 253. Tom J. Hamilton, Jr. 254. Ben H. Hardy, Jr. 255. Hall L. Stanch, 256. Daniel C. Tulley 257. R. L. Patterson, Jr. 258. Hoke S. Wofforb 259. John S. Candler, II 260. G. B. Lautzenhiser 261. RuFUs B. Jennings 262. Craig Barrow, Jr. 263. Robert C. Hooks 264. Joseph H. Boland 265. Guy C. Hamilton 266. James J. Harris 267. William J. Kline, Jr. 268. Kankakee Anderson MEMBERS 269. J. Earnest Palmour, Jr. 270. Henry Palmer 271. Kelly McCutchen 272. Guerry Harris 273. Douglas Feagin, Jr. 274. Mattox L. Purvis 275. Joseph M. Oliver 276. Marvin Cox 277. Ellis G. Arnall 278. Herbert Maffett 279. Sandforo Sanford 280. John W. Maddox 281. Mark Holus 282. Wm. Carroll Latimer 283. Vernon S. Smith 284. Wm. M. Strickland 285. James W. McIntire 286. Marion Gaston 287. McCarthy Crenshaw 288. William Hazelhurst 289. Leroy S. Young 290. Frederick Solomon 291. ViRLYN B. Moore, Jr. 292. William T. Maddox 293. J. M. Richardson, Jr. 294. Morton S. Hodgson, Jr. 295. T. R. Thigpen, Jr. 296. Robert G. Stephens, Jr. 297. John Wesley Calhoun 298. DeNean Stafford, Jr. 299. John Bond 300. Harry Baxter 301. Winburn T. Rogers 302. John Dan Bowden 303. J. Carl Strong 304. A. Lee Rogers 305. James Walter Wise 306. Wm. Tapley Bennett, Jr. 307. Wm. Colbert Hawkins 308. Robert T. Anderson 309. Wade C. Hoyt, Jr. 310. Charles C. Harrold, Jr. 311. Ben Anderson, Jr. HONORARY MEMBERS A— H. Brown B— G. Butler C— O. S. Sibley D— D. E. Dougherty E-W. H. Harris F— H. Bacon G— W. P. Hall H— F. K. Boland I— H. G. Colvin J— W. S. Cothran K— W. Spain I -JOHN T. Dorsby M — F. R. Mitchell N— H. DODD O— C. H. Black P— W. R. Tichnor Q— G. T. Jackson R— W. B. Hnx S— C. M. Snelung T — David Crenshaw Barrow U— R. E. Park V— H. C. White W— A. M. SouLE X— W. H. BococK Y— S. V. Sanford Z — C. M. Strahan AA— H. J. Stegeman BB — Sylvanus Morris CC— G. F. Peabody DD— R A. Lowe EE— T. J. WOOFTER FF— Thomas W. Reed GG — Harry Mehre HH— H. N. Edmunds II — Harold Hirsch JJ — Edgar L. Secrest KK— Harmon W. Caldwell LL — Paul W. Chapman MM — Robert R. Gunn NN — John Donald Wade 00 — Hughes Spalding ANDERSON, R. ANDERSON. B. PHI BETA KAPPA Honnitiry Society in Siholrirsliip. FdiniiUd at H ' iliuun and Miiry Col cffi- in 1776. J fih i of Gtorgiii Chapter estdblisheil in Igi4. t)FFICERS J. H. T. McPherSON President W. D. HOOPKR I ' ire-President W. O. Payne Secretary R. P. Stephens Treasurer MEMBERS Derwood E. Beck . William Tapley Bennett, Ben Seacle Brandon . William Ragsdale Cannon- Kate H de Dunbar . Martha Fulford . Mary Ellison Gordy . Virginia Gray . . . . William Luke Greene . Robert B. Hagood Dorothy Hains . JR- A.B. Ed. . A.B. . A.B. . A.B. . A.B. A.B.r. A.B.j. A.B. A.B.J. B.S. . A.B. Frances . Richard Joei Frank R. Mann . Eleanor Nesbii r Monroe Elizabeth C ' Ket.ley . A.B. . A.B.T. . B.S. . A.B. A.B. E.i. Howard A. Perry A.B. Albert Berry Saye M.A. B. E. Lane Timmons, III . . . . A.B. Hilda Warshaw B.S. Chem. Nell B. White A.B. William Armor Wills B.S. PHI KAPPA PH Honorary Society in Scholarship. l-iiiinded at University of Tennessee, Pennsylvania State Col- lege, and University of Maine in iSgj. Univer- sity of Georgia Chapter installed in KJ J. OFFICERS T. W. Reed . President W. T. Bennett, Jr. ■ Vice-President M. P. JarnagIN .... Secretary John W. Jenkins Treasurer Ruth Tuck Broach Joseph S. Jacob . . M.S.H.E . . M.S es Ruth Elizabeth Ruueks M.S. Com. J. B. Smyth M.S. Jeaxette .A.DAMS . .B. Ed. ViRGiNi.- Andrew.s . . B.S. Phys .Ed. George Chester . very . . B.S. Agr. Milton Cook Barwick .... LL.B. Doyle E. Bedixcfield . • . B.S. . gr. Wm. Adger Bedingfield . . B.S. Ed. Charles V. Bell B.S.Ed. Sara Bell B.S.H.E. William T. pley Bennett . . .-X.B. Nelson B. Blocker . . . .B.S. For. Freeman H. Bolt .... B.S. Com. Clara M. Camprell . . . B.S.H.E. W.M. R.vgsdale Cannon .... A.B. Earl Herman Cheek, B.S. Voc.. gr. Moses H. Clark . . . B.S. . gr. Eng. Bessie F. Diamond A.B.J. Kate Hyde Dunbar A.B. Ch. rles E. Elrod .... B.S. Com. Marjorie Etheridge . . . A.B. Eil. Frances V. Forrester . . B.S. Com. Martha Fulford A.B.J. ( ndernradnates Mary E. Gordy .A..B.J. William Luke Greene . • . .-X.B.J. Dorothy Hains . .B. Zera L. Hair B.S. Chem. LuTA B. Herndon B.S.H.E. Mary Lucy Herndon .... A.B.J. John E. Holliman LL.B. Mary Holmes B.S. Com. Frances Holst A.B. Katharine Hosch .A.B.J. L RION Hubbard B.S. Ed. Lois Hunt B.S.H.E. Richard Joel .A.B.J. David Daniel Katzoff . B.S. Pliar. George F. Kessler .... B.S. .Agr. Elwin Thomas Knight ■ B.S. Com. Sylvia Kuniansky .... A.B. Ed. Jack Lasseter B.S. .Agr. Edward L. Molpus .... B.S. For. Eleanor N. Monroe .A.B. Donald Montgomery . • B.S. Com. Jesse Gordon Moore . . . B.S. Com. Nell T. Moorehead .... A.B. Ed. Oscar B. McRae B.S. Com. James Richard Odom . ■ . B.S. .Agr. Elizabeth O ' Kelley . . • A.B. Ed. Birch D. O ' Neal LL.B. Frances Parks B.S.H.E. Elton L. Perry B.S. Agr. Howard A. Perry .A.B. Charles F. Scheider . ■ • B.S. Com. Edward Scott Sell. Jr. .... .A.B. E. Lois Sturmer B.S.H.E. B. E. L. ne Timmons .A.B. Hazel Delle Usry .... .A.B. Ed. L. Cohen Walker .... B.S. Agr. Wm. Kermit Warren . . ■ B.S. .Agr. Hilda Warshaw .... B.S. Chem. LeRoy W. Watson, Jr. . . B.S. For. Nell B. White .A.B. William .Armor Wills .... B.S. Grace Winston B.S.H.E. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Ntition il Honorary Leadership Fraternity. Foumled at If ashinjrton and Lee Uni% ersity in IQl-l- Alpha Upsilon Circle established at Georf ia in IQSS- OFFICERS Ben Anderson President George Boswei.i l ' ice-President Richard Joel Secretary and Treasurer I Harmon W. Caldwell Paul Chapman MEMBERS ON FACULTY J. Alton Hosch J. M. McFadden S. V. San ford John Donald Wade MEMBERS Bek Anderson Hamilton Douglas Wallace H. Jamison Robert Anderson Luke Greene Richard Joel Harry Baxter Harry Harman Edmund Landau Wm. Tapley Bennett, Jr. Charles Harrold D. B. Nicholson George Boswell Colbert Hawkins Lane Timmons Dean Covington Wade Hoyt Walter Wise m ' -iiM ' y ' ' - i::.. PARTHENIAN fVoman ' s Leadership Society Petitioning Mortar Board Founded in 1935 Bess Diamond Anne McKinkon . OFFICERS President . . Vice-President Martha Fulford Secretary and Treasurer ROLL Catherine Atkinson Bess Diamond Mary Dupree Eckford Martha Fulford Mary Gordy Dot Hains LuTA Herndon Mary Lucy Herndon Mary Kellogg Frances Knupp Anne McKinnon Grace Winston TT ftf iJt f ' ' ■JPBDft ? - " ' ' ' j- " ' ATKINSON L. HERNDON DIAMOND M. HERNDON ECKFORD KELLOSG FULFORD KNUPP SORDY McKINNON HAINS WINSTON ALPHA ZETA National Honorary Agricultural Fraternity. Founded at Ohio University. Georgia Chapter established in OFFICERS M. W. O ' Kelly . . Chancellor George W. Gibson . Censor H. A. Braddy . . Scribe Roy Kelly . . Treasurer G. B. Duke . . . Chronicler b E. S. MCCONNELL ROLL Guide Robert T. Allen J. C. Daughtry E. S. McCoNNELL H. A. Braddy G. B. Duke J. E. NOLAND Wm. Carson Britt Henry G. Garrard, Jr. M. W. O ' Kelly J. H. Brown George W. Gibson B. H. Parham M. H. Clark A. C. Holland E. L. Perry T. E. CONNELL Roy Kelly H. E. Simmons O. B. Copeland to P. L. Marshall E. L. Molpus FACULTY ADVISERS B. N. Stuckey Frank E. Mitchell C. C. Murray W. S. Rice W " || ■ BRADDY DUKE McCONNELL BRin GARRARD NOLAND BROWN GIBSON C KELLY CLARK HOLLAND PARHAM CONNELL KELLY PERRY COPELAND MARSHALL SIMMONS DAUGHTRY MOLPUS STUCKEY BETA GAMMA SIGMA Sihohislir Ilnntjr Society in Coni ncrcc. Foiiiulcil at the Viiircrsity of ll ' iscoiisin in igoy. Alpliii of Gcurtria (Jlmpttr cstiihlisht il m iQiS. OFFICERS R. I ' . Brooks Pn-siilcnt John W. Jenkins Sccretaiy-Ticusnrer W ' li.i.iAM H. Andrews : IKMRF,RS I.iiSTKR Sil -i;r Frances Virginia Forrester Mary Holmes Oscar B. McRae, Jr. Cl.IFF J. RaMBi) Donald Montgomery Jesse G. Moore Charles Franklin Sch eider Page 152 ZODIAC CLUB C ' Jint ' se(l of Tivelve S ' lph ' un ' ire U omen Having Highest Si li ' jldi ic Averages Founded in IQ20 Virginia Gray Barbara Jexkixs OFFICERS President Seeretary and Treasurer MEMBERS WooDviLLE Campbell MoNTEz Debxam ViRGIXIA FrEY Peggy Garrette V ' iRGixiA Gray Sara Harris Barbara Jenkins Sylvia Kuxiansky Dorothy ] Iurray Elizabeth Taylor Grace Wilbaxks Eleaxor Williams I CAMPBELL - : . ■ A . ' . : r . 3ARRETTE GRAV HARRIS JENKINS KUNIANSKX MURRAy TAVLOR WILBANKS WILLIAMS Pase 153 . _ : ' 0 tk f f " f y. M. C. A. Founded in i88q OFFICERS Walter Wise President Tap Bexxett J ' ice-President Luke Greex J ' ice-President James Curtis Secretary AxDY Roddexberry Treasurer CABINET Robert Allen Gus Cleveland Luke Green Joe Prather Ed. Baxter Billy Collins Charles Heflix Andy Roddexberry Tap Bexxett James Curtis Dyar Massey John Andy Smith Bill Bextox Harry Davis Robert McKxight Mariox Wixge Billy Cannon Hritt Ellington Albert Mexard Walter Wise O. 1. Cates R. G. Geesi.ix Erxest Phillips y. M. C. A. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL OFFICERS Fred Sweat President O. M. Cates ■ • Vice-President Howell Erwix Secretary IVLarion DuBose Treasurer MEMBERS Dave Barrow Billy Collins H. W. Field Walker Newton- Hugh Carlan Alvin Davis Charlie Heflin George PERR • O. M. Cates Marion DuBose Slayton Jones Phillips Stewart Cliff Chappell Roy Duffee Billy King Fred Sweat Ellis Clarke William Durham Robert McKnight James Telford Gus Cleveland Howell Erwix Floyd Newton Elmon Vickers ,,,c- ' a r f ___ " t B A O :y y. W. C. A. Fuiindcd in IQIQ OFFICERS Grace Wixstox Prisideui Frances Knupp Vice-President Mary Lucy Herxdox Vice-President Mary GordY Secretary ISABELI.E Reid Treasurer CABINET Virgixia Ashford Mary Gordy Kathryx Patillo Frances Balkcom Mary Lucy Herxdox Isabelle Reid Dorothy Axx Braswell Kathryx Hosch Martha V. Smith WooDviLLE Campbell Margaret Joxes Ev a Surrexcy Stella Byrd Darxell Frances Kxupp Bo Whitener Margaret Darst Louisa Longworth Susan Amelia Golucke Dorothy Marshall Grace Winston Sidxk - McWhorter COORDINATE COLLEGE V. W. C. A. CABINET OFFICERS Marjorie Maxx President Nina Fuller Vice-President Anne Littlepage Secretary MEMBERS Virginia Barfiei.d Nina Fuller Mary Neel Betty Chick Hunter Gibbs Helen Northcutt Cynthia Clegg Rebecca King Alma Quilliax Martha Darden Anne Littlepage Bobbie Stephens Mariax Erhardt Marjorie Manx Lula Faith Terrell J.acquelixe Evws Mary Nell McKoix [.illian FRESHMAN V. M. C. A. COMMISSION OFFICERS Robert C. Norman President Scott Brown rice-President Walter Cook Secretary GoODLOE Erwin Treasurer MEMBERS David Atkinson John Jeffries William McNiel Scott Brown Gordon Jones Harbut Randall Walter Cook Louis Killian Jack Reid Goodloe Erwin Albert Manley Billy Teasley Julian Halliburton James Moore Ernest Vandiver John Hatton Robert Norman Bill Walters Robert Horne Billy Woodall FRESHMAN Y. W. C. A. COMMISSION OFFICERS Nancy Griggs President Sarah Payne Vice-President Alice Cabaniss Secretary LiLLiE Shepherd Davis Treasurer MEMBERS Mildred Abkrcrombie Nell Hawks Martha Rauzin Charlotte Ashley Elizabeth Huguley Charlotte Ripley Emily Beck Eugenie Le Hardy Sara Rossee Onie Burns Catherine McCalley Mitzi Saul Alice Cabaniss Margaret McPherson Louise Slocum Lillie S. Davis Alice Ruth Miller Henrietta Spivey Audrey Evans Evelyn Norton Margaret Stoddard Dot. Franklin Mary Oates Betty Stoffregen Rannie Geissler Sarah Payne Martha Whittaker Nancy Griggs Mary Wii.merdin ' g H . .. BSS Bil ' ANDERSON BAXTER BENNETT GATES CHALKER DICKEy HASAN HARROLD JONES MANN MATHEWS McGINT RODDENBERR TROUTMAN WISE X CLUB Honorary Service Organization Founded in 1 93 1 OFFICERS Bob AxdeRSOX President Albert Jones J ' ice-President AxDERSOX RoDDEXBERRY Secretary and Treasurer Bob Axderson Ed. Baxter T.Ai ' Bexxett O. M. Gates NoRMAX ChALKER MEMBERS To r Dickey G. Elliott Hagax Charlie Harroi.d Albert Joxes Fraxk Maxn Buster Mathews Wadsworth McGixty Anderson Roddenberry Bobby Troutman Walter Wise Page 157 A G H O N Honorary A i riciiltiiral Society Founded in igiS H. A. Kraddv . . M. H. Clark . M. W. O ' Kelly . OFFICERS President I ice-Preiident Seeiet iry iiud Tredsurer MEMBERS Carson Britt t. e. coxxell G. B. Duke G. C. Gaines E. L. MoLPUs JOHX NOLAXD B. H. Parham C. M. Smoak, Jr. Ben Stuckey John Tiller FACULTY ADVISER T. H. McHattox BRADDV CLARK CONNELL DUKE GAINES MOLPUS PARHAM SMOAK STUCKEY TILLER ;d Page 158 SADDLE AND SIRLOIN CLUB A Society jor the Prumnli ' iii of lore anil Better Livestock in Georgia Founileil in ig20 OFFICFRS First Ten?! J. Carl Daughtry President George W. Gibsox Vice-President Paul L. Marshall Secretary and Treasurer Second Term Charles ] I. Smoak ■ President J. N. Nash . J ' ice-President C. B. WiLLLA.MSOX Secretary George K. Dillard Treasurer D. L. FouxTAix Reporter FACULTY ADVISER W. S. Rice DAUGHTRy GIBSON MARSHALL SMOAK WILLIAMSON DILLARD NASH Page 159 GRIDIRON Secret Society Fo untied in iQOg OFFICERS Georgk Hos km. . Edmund Landau Robert T. Andkrson P resilient J ice-Presiilent ' rreasurer R. T. Anderson Harry Baxter George Boswell Herman Braddy Harold Calhoun Asa Candler Paul Causey Norman Chalker Dean Covington John Davis Hammond Dean Tom Dickey MEMBERS John Engel Clyde Greenway Elliott Hagan Nat Hardin Charles Harrold Colbert Hawkins Harry Hopkins Deupree Hunnicutt Wade Hoyt Richard Joel Robert Knox Edmund Landau Pete Latimer Jimmy Moore John Newton Birch O ' Neal Malcolm Peterson Charles Pryor Bernard Ramsey Ed Sell H. C. Smith Guy Tiller David Walker Graham Wright s aai- ANDERSON a f O c i y . v VI BOSWELL BRADDY CALHOUN CANDLER CAUSE COVINGTON DAVIS DEAN OICKE ENGEL GREENWAY HAGAN HARDIN HARROLD Page 160 CHALKER GRIDIRON Weems Baskix J. D. Bolton Leo Bei.cher R. P. Brooks Harmox W. Cai.dwei.i, E. IVI. Coulter Edward C. Crouse JoHX Drewry A. S. Edwards Rex Exright FACULTY MEMBERS Edwix ; L Everett J. W. FiROR Arnold J. Flnk H. AL Hecknlan L. L. Hendrex H. G. Holt Harry J. Mehre T. H. McHattox R. L. McWhorter Hubert Owens R. E. Park A. H. Peyton Merritt B. Pound T. W. Reed S. V. Sanford Alfred Scott R. T. Segrest Ashley Sellers Henry A. Shinn R. B. Trimble Ted Twomey HAWKINS ( r -- " I J. :»r »r! Si. iiiiShmsm HUNNICUTT HOVT JOEL KNOX LANDAU MOORE NEWTON O ' NEAL PETERSON RAMSE SELL SMITH TILLER WALKER Page 161 LATIMER BLUE KEY Fdiiiided tit the I ' niz ' crsity of FUjiidti in 192$. V niversity nf Georgia Chiiptcr esltiblisheil in OFFICERS Edward S. Si:i,i., Jr. Haroiu C Calhoun G. Elliott Hagan E. Iv. Srcrest Robert T. Andersox Herman A. Bradd ' Harold C. Calhoun NoR LAx F. Chalker Dean Covington Hammond Dean r resident lice-President Secretary-Treasurer Adviser MEMBERS W. Luke Greene G. Elliott Hagan W. Colbert Hawkins Deui ' ree Hunnicutt, Jr. Robert E. Knox Edmund Landau Edgar L. Lane Dudley Lagruder, Jr. William B. McWhorter Edward Lvnell Molpus Birch D. O ' Neal Ernest C. Phillips, Jr. Edward S. Sell, Jr. ANDERSON ai o r O BRADDy CALHOUN CHALKER COVINGTON DEAN GREENE HAWKINS HUNNICUTT KNOX LANDAU LANE MOLPUS O ' NEAL PHILLIPS SELL HAGAN Page 162 I I INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Fditnded at Fun inn University in 1Q13: niiled hy the Carnegie Foundation which began organizing clubs for the discussion of international affairs in n)i6. Geor- gia Club established in U)26. OFFICERS t irst Quarter Howard Pi:rr President Morris Akram ic( -President William Hamnlack Secretary and Treasurer Second Quarter Tap Bennett President J. R. CoLVIX J ice-President Dyar MasSEV Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Morris Abram James R. Colvin D ar Massey Jeanette Adams Lowell Gumming Albert Menard Inez Barthelmess Margaret Darst Wadsworth McGinty Tap Bennett Marion DuBose Floyd Newton Wm. J. Benton Wingate Dykes George Perry Milton Brown Howell Erwin Howard Perry Ruth Brown Capers Holmes Joe Prather Norman Camp Frances Holst Isabelle Reid Woodville Campbell Clara Belle Hooks Mary Stafford Gus Cleveland Katharine Hosch Ed. Stephenson ]M. W. H. Collins, Jr. Barbara Jenkins Martha Wineberg Margaret Jones foreiGxN student members Jacques Puyatier Irnerio Rossi Fritz Scheibe Peter Wecker faculty adviser E. M. Coulter a =0: r -h kfe:::V ABRAM COLLINS HOSCH Am mi ADAMS BARTHELMESS BENNETT BENTON M. BROWN R. BROWN CAMP CAMPBELL COLVIN CUMMING DARST DuBOSE DYKES ERWIN HOLMES HOLST JENKINS JONES MASSEV MENARD McGINTV NEWTON G. PERRV H. PERRY REID STAFFORD STEPHENSON WINEBERG PUYATIER ROSSI WECKER Pase 163 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE SOCIETY Founded ill 11)34 OFFICERS George W. Cobb President Joe K. Aycock Vice-President Perry Wheeler Secretary Billy Tuck Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER Hubert B. Owens MEMBERS Joe Arnold George Cobb Max Lindsay Joe Aycock Claude Davidson Mary Stafford David Barrow Walter Davis George Stallings Stough Beers Richard DuPree Billy Tuck Newton Bell Tom Early Perry Wheeler Vassa Cate Charles Grant Winston Whitehead William Chandler Harrison Heidler Susan Williams ARNOLD AyCOCK COBB DAVIDSON LINDSAV STAFFORD BARROW BEERS BELL DAVIS DuPREE EARLY STALLINGS TUCK CATE CHANDLER GRANT HEIDLER WHITEHEAD WILLIAMS Pase 164 ECONOMICS SOCIETY I (J an did in I ' Jl ' ) OFFICERS First Term Charles Elrod President Claytox Peacock Vice-President Mary Jo Stoxe Secretary Dax Morrell . Treasurer Second Term Claytox Peacock President Arch Fitz Patrick J ' ice-President Nell White Secretary Allex F. Davis Treasurer William J. Bentox Harold Calholx Henry J. Carswell Allex F. Davis Burg Dyer Charles Elrod Arch Fitz Patrick C. C. Herren ' JoHX A. Maxdeville ROLL Rebecca Mitchell Fraxk McDade Billy iMcElrath Dox Moxtgomery Jesse T. Moore Dax Morrell Claytox Peacock Berxard Ramsey Fraxklix Scheider Gexe Smith Larv Jo Stoxe Fred Sweat Nelsox Tift E. E. Trulove Nell VHITE Fred Wickha.m John Wilsox Robert Woodruff Ben Yow FACULTY ADVISERS H. M. Heckman L. B. Raisty Til 9 Q r . BENTON MITCHELL CALHOUN McDADE CARSWELL DAVIS DYER ELROD FITZPATRICK HERREN McELRATH MONTGOMERV MOORE MORRELL PEACOCK RAMSE SMITH STONE SWEAT TIFT TRULOVE WHITE WICKHAM WILSON WOODRUFF yOW MANDEVILLE SCHEIDER Page 165 PHARMACY CLUB Bob AxDiiRSoN L. Hardmax . Harry AIathi; vs Harry Minis Harry Mathi-vvs Martha McEi.veen ' ' Jiinili ' il 111 I ijj2 OFFICKRS lirsl (iliiirtir Sccniiil Oiiiirtcr I ' rcsiihiit I He-l ' rcsiilent Secretary and Treasurer Preside II I I ue-Presideiit Secretary and Treasurer J. F. Allen Robert R. Anderson Norman Beall Willie May Brown Bert H. Carmichael L. I. Cohen S. M. Cohen J. R. Coleman H. A. Deen, Jr. Wm. DeLapierre b. e. dupree Chas H. Evans H. R. Fuller Ward H. Gailley W. A. Glenn J. T. Giles MEMBERS H. Hackle L. Hardman ]. A. Harrison J. Hope w. n. isenberg Robert Jardine J. H. Johnson H. S. Kaplan D. D. Katzoff Ann Kendall Nat Krumbein Gardell Lewis C. H. Logan Martha McElveen John IcRae Harry IVLathews LiBBY Merlin H. C. MiMS M. A. Mink A. D. Morris LouNELLE Morris Alfred Morrow J. C. Neal Roy Rowell A. Rosenberg J. N. Sims Wm. Shouse Roy Shuman R. D. Watts Emile Williams Robert C. Wilson Loi ' isE Wra- ' J. li. Woodcock f%.r% n Oi Ci ( O (f% ALLEN ANDERSON FULLER GLENN KENDALL KRUMBEIN L. MORRIS MORROW BEALL BROWN GILES HACKLE LEWIS LOGAN NEAL ROSENBERG CARMICHAEL L. COHEN S. COHEN COLEMAN DEEN HARDMAN HOPE ISENBERG JARDINE JOHNSON McELVEEN McRAE MATHEWS MERLIN MIMS SIMS SHOUSE SHUMAN WATTS WILLIAMS WILSON DeLAPIERRE DUPREE KAPLAN KATZOFF MINK A. MORRIS WRAV WOODCOCK i s Page 166 H OM ECON Ilo irjiary Home Ec ' jikjiiiu s Cliil? F ' liuuled in ig20 OFFICERS SlliRi.E ' i ' Al.l.GOOD Presitlent Doris Grossman Iik -President Louise Longworth Secretary Sarah Bell Treasurer Em Ellen Spooner Cornspmn i ig Seiretury COMMITTEE Shirley Ai.lgood Doris Grossman Janet McGarity Sarah Bell Helen Hayes Marie Olliff Margaret Clower Lois Hunt Em Ellen Si ' ooner Zena Costa Polly Lanier Pam Waddell Ellen Starr Davis Louise Longworth Grace Winston Elizabeth Mayes FACULTY ADVISER Catherine L. Newton JUNIOR HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS AxNE Littlepage President Barbara Fielis lice-President Frances Davis Secretary AIarv Elizabeth Allen Treasurer , ■•N? 7 r% A f ?f ' .., X i t ALLGOOO BELL CLOWER COSTA DAVIS GROSSMAN HAVES HUNT LANIER LONGWORTH MAZES McGARITy OLLIFF SPOONER WADDELL WINSTON LITTLEPAGE FIELIS DAVIS ALLEN Page 167 AGRICULTURAL CLUB A Lilrrriry and Debating Society for Stiirleiits III the College of A grieulture l-oiiiiilcil ill 11)07 OFFICERS First Term Carson Britt President Willis O ' Kelley J ' iee-President M. H. Thompson- Secretary Austin A. Middleton Treasurer Second Term J. Carl Daughtry President A. C. Holland J ' iceA ' resident J. Paul Jones Secretary Austin A. MiudLETON Treasurer FACULTY ADVISERS W. D. Collins C; C. Murray BRITT O ' KELLEy THOMPSON MIDDLETON DAUGHTRV HOLLAND JONES Page 168 Z CLUB IIuiKjidiy Lt ' iuUrship Society al the Coorilinale Cullcvt Founded In 1934 Jam: Coffin OFFICERS I ' l esidcnl AXE Coffin MEMBERS Nina Fuller Marjorie Mann Hazel Ward Sara Steele I R GORDV 1934 Marjorie Gould Fav Keller Frances Knui ' p Celeste Smith Edith Hodgson Dorothy Jarnagin 1935 FJorothy Marshall Sydney McWhorter Katherine Patillo Isabelle Reid 1936 Col-LETTE S.MALLWOOD Nanci Waldo Jones COFFIN FULLER WARD Page 169 STUDENT GOVERNMENT OF THE COORDINATE COLLEGE Founded in l )32 IMarv Neri. Sarah Payne Jessie L- xn OFFICERS President ice-Presiihnt Secretiuy and Treasurer MEMBERS Martha Greene Natalie Koi ' I.ix Jessh; Lee L nn Catherin ' e MeCAi.i.i: - Mary Nhel Sarah Payne Sara Rossee Eol ' ISE Sl.OCUM Rl ' bie Steem; Hazel Ward GREENE PAVNE KOPLIN ROSSEE LYNN SLOCUM McCALLEV STEELE NEEL WARD Page 170 PELICAN CLUB Iiitcrfrateiuity Snciitl Orvtiiiiziilitin I ' J u ml I ' ll in 11JJ4 OFFICERS Harrv Stevens Fn ' sident Dick Young Vice-President Bll.lA ' Wallace Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS ALPHA TAU OMEGA KAPPA ALPHA PI KAPPA PHI Jack Baggett George Fisher Phillips Stewart Dick Young CHI PHI SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON T. O. Tabor PHI DELTA THETA Alvin Cooledge Billy Wallace Earl Knight George Stallings Harry Stevens CHI PSI SIGMA CHI Louis Johnson Ed Stephenson Lawrence McCarthy Jock Watt TABOR KNIGHT WALLACE STEVENS JOHNSON STEWART McCARTHy STALLINGS FISHER STEPHENSON Page 171 SENIOR ROUND TABLE Seiiinr Orgfinizfition Ftjundcd ill I go J OFFICERS Malcolm Peterson President Leon Wilson Vice-President GarDELLE Lewis Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Lawrence Walker Benson Gardelle Lewis George H. Boswell Clayton Wesley Peacock, Jr. Harold Calhoun Malcolm D. Peterson F. C. Clark A. E. Rood, Jr. G. Elliott Hagan Henry C. Smith, Jr. Nat a. Hardin Guy Tiller A. Sid Johnson H. Leon Wilson HARDIN TILLER JOHNSON WILSON Page 172 JUNIOR CABINET Junior Organizati ' in Frjunded in igo8 OFFICERS W.ADSWORTH McGlXTY • . F resident Jesse Maxwell I ' ice-I ' rcsidtnt Bill NeeL Secretary mid Treasurer MEMBERS HER LAX COOLIDGE Jesse Maxwell George Dance Wadsworth McGinty James Ha.rdex John McPherson WiLLLAM Johnson Bill Neel Clyde Long Andy Rodden berry B ' RON Mathi; vs John Wilson COOLIDGE MAXWELL Page 173 Bl FTAD CLUB Scri ' ice Organization Founded in IQlO OFFICERS I ' irst Term Andy Roddenberrv President Albert Menard Vice-President William Hammack Secretary and Treasurer Second Term Morris Abram President B-iRDN Mathews J ' ice-President Albert Menard Secretary and Treasurer ROLL Morris Abr.xm Howell Erwin Dyar Massey Mercer Blanchard William Hammack Albert Menard Milton Brown Charles Heflin J. H T. McPherson, Jr. Cliff Chappell Capers Holmes Floyd Newton M. W. H. Collins Buster Howell Andy Roddenberry Moses Cutler Alvin Koplin John Andy Smith Gus Cleveland Byron Lathews L A. Solomons % c . ' ' o - pll m 4. i l H r l ABRAM HAMMACK blanchard brown chappell collins cutler cleveland heflin holmes howell koplin mathews massev Mcpherson newton roddenberry smith solomons ERWIN MENARD Page 174 PHI UPSILON OMICRON Xiition il Hiinw hionoiniis Fratirnity. Lstablnhi ' d at Georgia in 1936. OFFICERS Grace Winston President Nancy Hardy 1 ' ice-President Elizabeth Mayes Secretary Frances Parks Treasurer MEMBERS ON FACULTY Miss Bess Baird Miss Mary Creswell Miss Elizabeth T()i i) Mrs. Ben G. Danner MEMBERS Shirley Allc. iod Frances Knupp Frances Parks Nancy Hardy Edith Logue Elsie Peace Mrs. AIalde Pye Hood Elizabeth Mayes Grace Winston Page 175 PHI DELTA PHI I iiti-rniitioniil Li ' i til Fr itfi ' inty. Fniinilcd at the I ' niversity of Muliigiui in lS6y. If ' Us ' in Inn Chiipler fStiil lishitl at Gc ' jrvin « ig22. OFFICERS Cook Barwick Magister Ben Anderson Exchequer Birch O ' Neal Clerk Jack Ray Reporter MEMBERS Ben Anderson W. H. Jamison David Barrow Robert E. Knox Cook Barwick VV. A. Law John Bell Birch O ' Neal Harry Bowers Jack Ray Tom Evins Bill Schroder Julian Foster Winton Warren Wade Hovt William Wells Walter Wise ANDERSON BARROW BARWICK HOyT JAMISON O ' NEAL RAY BOWERS EVINS KNOX LAW WELLS WISE FOSTER Pase 176 :! SIGMA DELTA KAPPA In frrollegiate Laiv Fr iterrtity. Founded at Uni- ifisily of Aliclilfian in iQl.f. A ' i Chapter estab- Ihheil at Georgia in igjJ. OFFICERS Edgar Lane . Milton Cjranger To.M ' erdel John S. Bradberr ' Milton Grainger William Henderson Edgar Lane Dave Luke F. P. : IcDaniel Luke A. Mercodante MEMBERS Chancellor J iie-Chancellor Secretary- Treasurer George Oliver Chas. Pannell George Tiduell Tom Verdel Dave Walker Harold Warren Carl Williams , O ' " 1 v.. GRAINGER PANNELL HENDERSON MERCODANTE WILLIAMS Page 177 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Proft ' ssiontil Fratirnity in Crj ii iiriii ' . I-onntltil at Neiv York University in 19114. ■H ' lin Epsilon (Jlinpti ' r eitiihlislied (it Gf ' rjrf;iii in lijJJ. OFFICERS First Term Robert T. Demi ' Sev President Ed. H. Blount Vice-President Chas. D. Shepard Secretary Wm. H. Terry, Jr Treasurer Wm. v.. Merritt Master of Rituals Second Term William C. Hartalax President Chas. D. Shepard lice-President Ed. H. Blount Secretary William Hill Treasurer Park McKibbex Master of Rituals FACULTY iMEMBERS R. P. Brooks J. Alton Hosch Cliff Luxceford Morton Brightwell John W. Jenkins Robert T. Segrest Malcolm H. Bryan B. C. Kinney G. W. Sutton- Harmon W. Caldwell Thomas B. W ' orsley MEMBERS Edward Adams Chas. Jenkins Everett Roberts Edward H. Bi.ouxt Neil Kaye Charles Sammoxs Freemax Bolt John Maxdeville Chas. Shepard Jesse E. Brannen, Jr. William E. Merritt Ed Southerlaxd Ed Cubbedge Frank D. Morris William Terry Robert T. Dempsey John Mullino Herman Terry William F. Gwyn E. Park McKibben Ward Wight William Hartman O. M. Roberts Ma.x J. Wood William Hill R()Bi;rt Woodriff O iJ A i 4 I ADAMS JENKINS BLOUNT BOLT BRANNEN KAVE MANDEVILLE MERRITT SHEPARD SOUTHERLAND H. TERR CUBBEDGE DEMPSEY GWYN HARTMAN HILL MORRIS MULLINO McKIBBEN ROBERTS SAMMONS W. TERR WIGHT WOOD WOODRUFF Page 178 _J DELTA SIGMA PI I ' r ' jffxsioinil (Jo in inre Friitfniity. I ijiimltil at AV« ' York I ' liiversity in 1907. Pi ( htiplcr in- still In at Georgia in ig 2. OFFICERS First Term Dax Morreli Headmaster Chas. P ' l.RciD Senior JJ ' ar leii Harry Da is Scri ji Bernard Ramsey Treasurer See ' ind Term E. E. Trulove Headmaster John W. Wilson Senior ll ' arden Clayton W. Peacock Scribe Jesse G. Moore Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS H. M. Heckman L. B. Raisty ROLL L. W. Benson R. D. Gilbert J. G. Moore C. R. Simmons V. ]. Benton C. C. Herren Dan Morrell Eugene Smith H. C. Calhoun F. S. Horne Ralph McCoy H. C. Smith I. V. Chambers Dick Hudson F. D. McDadk Clyde Spinks Allen F. Dants J. V. Humes W. N. McEi.rath Louis C. Stewari Harry ]. Davis W. O. Jackson W. C. McFee Henry Tart W. B. Dyer R. S. Jarrard D. B. Nicholson, Jr. X. F. Tift Chas. Elrod E. T. Knight Clayton Peacock Elmer Trulove J. K. EzELL AL W. Luckey Bernard Ramsey J. D. Watson J. J. Farmer, Jr- N. J. Mattox Harbut Randall H. N. West, Jr. James Faulkner WaYlace Miller L. E. Rast John Wilson H. C. Fleming Don Montgomeri C. L. Saunders Leon Wilson Teff Foster J. C. Moore C. F. Scheider L. D. ' oung BEN..-;, dl:. ;._.;, CALHOUN chambers DAVIS dyer elrod EZELL farmer ' H ' y ' .o ur MTrnMpljv I r MOOKP GILBERT HERREN HORNE HUMES JACKSON JARRARD KNIGHT LUCKEY MATTOX M ILLER MONTGOMERy J C MOORE J.G.MOORE MORRELL McCOV McDADE McELRATH McFEE NICHOLSON PEACOCK RAMSEY RANDALL RAST SAUNDERS SCHEIDER SIMMONS E SMITH H C SMITH SPINKS STEWART TART TIFT TRULOVE WATSON WEST J. WILSON L. WILSON YOUNG Page 179 .IL KAPPA DELTA PI Ilfjii ' jr Sofifty in Edit cat ion. Fouiidfd at the University of Illinois in JQII. Beta Kappa Chap- ter established in ig2g. OFFICERS Marv Kellogg President Jean Mackey Treasurer Elizabeth O ' Kelley Secretary H. B. Ritchie Counsellor Jeanette Adams Virginia Andrews Virginia Chandler Sue Coleman Mildred Couch Rosemary Edmondson Marjorie Ethridge Marion Hubbard MEMBERS Joe Jacobs Mary Kellogg Evelyn Lancaster Jean Macke ' i ' Ann Mann Elizabeth Mills Nell Mooreheau Elizabeth O ' Kelley Ernest C. Phillips, Jr. Sumner J. Smith Haxel Delle Usry Dorothy Verner Leila Lae Whitener Grace Wilbanks June Williams ADAMS ANDREWS V.HANDLER COLEMAN COUCH EDMONDSON ETHRIDGE HUBBARD KELLOGG LANCASTER MACKEy MANN MILLS MOOREHEAD O ' KELLEy PHILLIPS SMITH USRy WHITENER WILBANKS WILLIAMS Page 180 i PSI CHI Il ' jndiary Psychology Fraternity. Fouruleil at Yale University in lQ2g. Georgia Chapter one 0 the 2 1 eharter members. OFFICERS Rose Walker Mayxe Joe Jacob lice-President Fleming Roach Secretary and Treasurer Miss Grace Bernard Mrs. Harrison Birchmore MEMBERS ON FACULTY Dr. a. S . Edwards Dr. J. E. Greene Dr. Paul Morrow Miss Florene Young Miss May Zeigler FACULTY ADVISER Dr. a. S. Edwards Virginia Bradshaw Norman Chalker Wm. p. Chalmers Jay Goldstein Robert Hagood ROLL Joe Jacob Harry Jennings Richard Joel Doyle Jones Mary Kellogg Rose Walker Mayne Nell Moorehead Ernest Phillips, Jr. Isabelle Reid Marguerite Rhodes Fleming Roach BRADSHAW CHALKER CHALMERS GOLDSTEIN HASOOD JACOB JOEL JONES KELLOGG MAVNE MOOREHEAD PHILLIPS REID ROACH JENNINGS Page 181 SIGMA DELTA CHI Fiufessiuiial Jounm is ir !■ r ilcrnity. I ' ouiitled at D ■pauiL ' U iii ' crsity in KjuS. Georgia Chapter estahlislud in njjS. OFFICKRS George H. BoswELL, NoRMAX Chalker .... Presidents Tom : kR E ' . . . . r ice-President James H. Hobgood Secretary NORM.AX C HAI.KER Treasurer MEMBERS George H. Boswell Capers Holmes D ar Massey Lynxe Hranxen Edmuxd Hughes Tom McRae NORMAX ChAI.KER Richard Joel Ralph Rice Luke Greexe Doyle Joxes Guy In llr James H. Hobgikjd Harr - Jennings Read W ' xn Clyde Loxg .MEMBERS ON EACULTY (onx E. Drewry Edward C. Crouse Willett M. Kempton J cs f ,r«i ,1 ml kl BOSWELLL BRANNEN CHALKER GREENE HOBGOOD HOMES HUGHES JOEL JONES JENNINGS LONG MASSE McRAE RICE TILLER Pase 182 THETA SIGMA PH Professi ' iiKil J ' iiirnalistit Sociity. t (jiiniled it the University of l[ ' tisliiiis;t ' jn in igoi). Alpha X i Chapter established in igjo. OFFICERS May Temple President Kate Orme King I ' ire-Prrsident Bessie Diamond Secretary Celeste Smith Treasurer MEMBERS Frances Battey Margaret Beasley Dorothy Anne Braswei.l Mary Frances Crabb ] Iary Davis Bessie Diamond Mary Gordy Mary Lucy Herndon l-sdia holliday Katherine Hosch Florence Manning Kate Orme King Anne McKinnon Dorothy Murray Palline Petty Celeste Smith May Temple Jeannette Wiley Frances ' ' ates BATTEy Eirtf BEASLEY HOLLIDAy ' •A BRASWELL HOSCH ' a CRABB MANNING DAVIS KING DIAMOND McKINNON SORDY MURRAY HERNDON PETTY SMITH TEMPLE WILEY YATES Page 183 BETA XI 1 1 oiKiidiy I ' liiirtiiiiiy Soiit ' ty Founilcil in 1937 OFFICERS Bob Anderson Piisident Harry Matthews J ' ice-l ' residcnt William C. Shouse Secretary Bert Carmichaei Treasurer MEMBERS Bob Andlrsox Harry Matthews Bert Carmichael Harry Mims Ci. H. Hardlman Alfred Morrow Rohert L. Jardine William C. Shouse ii j% ANDERSON CARMICHAEL MIMS HARDEMAN MORROW JARDINE SHOUSE MATTHEWS n| tr TI | 7— B m Page 184 • U Along with the exacting requirements of the class roonn, Georgia men found time for ample relaxation. Commencements were glorious affairs, and the Germans and fraternity house parties added much to the college life of the early part of the century, presided over so well by beloved Chancellor David C. Barrow. Frequent forays were made in the direction of well-guarded Lucy Cobb — daring escapades which produced more wild tales than actual deeds but which did result in an annual painting of the goats which adorned Lucy Cobb porch. I can ti 7 PORTRAITS By ASASNO RANKINGS By EARL CARROLL ( I(ma Si Lucy Cobb Sputisored by Nczv Collctjc UJ .UJl a via GTM i Alpha Delta Pi Sponsored by Delia Tan Delta QJIiU.LQjJjdl ij y jht rvsItoM I ' hi Mil Sponsdii ' il h Kiippii Si( iiiti b i. e i i X r O U1 J6 DW « Dr .; Delta Sponsored by Pi Kapfui Phi ti 4- J SS. (J hi Oiiic ' a Spoiisoifii hy Kappa .llpha I) t UL v05 Chi Omega Sponsored by Cherokee Stmienti I ISJl G JliZ ?l njdJU ' (niL 2±(m. So III,- Hall SpfDIsoii ' ,! hv 1 .illllhihi ( ' III .lljillcl if an at j3 w SOULE HALL DENMARK HALL yyliiA I iTJcniii iH PHI MU ALPHA TAU OMEGA I iJiji eia I I allium. y CHI OMEGA JOE BROWN HALL .. ,•,,., 7,Mu J4:ll ATHENS CAMP WILKINS I li. ' t.s gillie czr ' . ' i ' crii -=-Z i ' .t anj at CHI OMEGA SIGMA CHI yl iiAaii =, aiUiUiiit PHI MU PHI EPSILON PI an at I Lm ylLcntcr = JJcpnuiii ALPHA OMICRON PI OLD COLLEGE ■yliM Iliuc Jtcrcvunl PHI MU PHI DELTA THETA . ■ CHI OMEGA FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS l LLii IILVla I ' HIllUll.skll DELTA PHI EPSILON TAU EPSILON PH KAPPA DELTA PI KAPPA ALPHA llAA L. LlTUCieill I till III A PHI MU CANDLER HALL vamati wnsat II- p p PHI MU SIGMA NU .i4 _ I uticrtc ifycw ' cil CHI OMEGA ALPHA LAMBDA TAU I lis C in iiu I I iiikc ' iir DELTA PHI EPSILON ALPHA EPSILON PI I USA ' • ullictiiie . r C ' Ack DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA , .It l iilluitinc ijyatlilU CHI OMEGA PHI MU ' ' fiCAA yiiutll ate CHI OMEGA CHI OMEGA J CHI OMEGA _ I IAS uta u ' tiiani KAPPA DELTA I liAA i lixcliiic Jy xciicaii DELTA DELTA DELTA I lis.s ( fcucc L uiMcn ' phi mu I UA I latii [cil _, I IlI ciii ALPHA DELTA PI First row, left to right: MISS ELIZABETH GUILLEBEAU, MISS BOBBIE STEPHENS, MISS JEANETTE THOMPSON, MISS BARBARA FIELIS. Second row, left to risht: MISS JEANNE CROWELL, MISS BETTY CRENSHAW, MISS MARTHA NX INEBERG. PANOOF. UNIVEPSITV OF GEORGIA ATHENS GA THE PHOTOGRAPHS WRE MOT C0 OUSIVE TO AN EASY DECISION SO I TfluST UY JUCGi ' ENT WEETS . ' . ' ITm THE APPROVAL OF ThCSE FORTUNATES IVHO ENJOY THE PBIVILECE OF SEEING ThE GIRLS PERSONALLY «T FI ST CHOICE IS JEAN CROWELL TmE SECOtlO BAKUAf ' A FIELIS THIRD BETTY CRENSHAW FOURTH MAt TMA tVINE8ERG FIFTH ELIZABETH GUILIEBFAU SIXTH BOBBIE STEPHENS SEVENTH JEANETTE THOMPSON WY KINDEST REGARDS EAP.L CACROLL TiVENTlETH CENTURY FOX STuriOS. 9A I ASASNO EXECUTIVE STAFF OF THE 1937 PANDORA GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY EDITION Wll.lJAM BliNNETT, Jr Edilor-in-Chief Richard Joel Aliimn ' irif; Edifir Thomas Jefferson Dicker ' , Jr Business M mn er .Marv Ellison Gord ' Ifoinan ' s Editor 1. Ain ' t Lifebuoy grand! 2. Civilizatinn reaches the campus. 3. Is this a shotgun wedding, Jonesy? 4. Grouse ' s happy faiuily. 5. " Tobacco Road. " 6. Avoirdupois (,1 have to pause). 7. Welcome liome, Spec, wel- come liome ! PERSONALITIES (1) Bern.ard R.AMSEY, A T n Cadet Colonel, R. O . T. C. (2) Wade Hoyt, X $ Pre sident, Pan-Hellenic Council; Sphinx (3) Grace Winston, M President, Y. W. C. A. (4) Ben Anderson, 2 N . . Chief Justice, Lmv School Honor Court; Sphinx (5) Howard Perry, K A President, Phi Kappa, First Quarter 1 The Freshmen get smaller every year. Where lias Mr. Eddie been? ?. V o u r petticoat ' s showing, Estelle. 4. Mowing wild oats. 5. Sigma u propaganda. 6. Pi K. . . ' s after Martin epi- sode. 7. Chi Phi Homecoming. PERSONALITIES (1) David Walkkr Fresulent. Demosthen ' mn, Third Quarter (2) Elizabeth Mayes President. Girh ' Glee Club (3) Morris Abram [ ' resident. Phi Kappa, Second Quarter (4) Mary Kellogg President, H ' oman ' s Athletic Association (5) Elliott Hagan President, Demosthenian, Second Quarter 1. Is this an autlmrized dance, Mickey? 2. There ' s always interest in an ankle. ,V Tri-Delts are ahvays ready lor an elecli in. 4. Phi Mns return from Costa ' s. 5. W ho do yon think yon are — . nyho v ? 6. Phi Delt lightning rod. 7. It was a jig-saw pvizzle. S. Why don ' t you look at the man you ' re shaking hands with, Hawk? personalitip:s (1) RicH.ARD Joel, E II Miniii ' iii ' Ediior, P.axdor.a (2) Julius C. H-ALL, ri K . Cu-Captain, Football (3) Mary Gordv, AAA President, Pioneer Cluh (4) De.AX Cov ' IXGTON, 2 . E . . . . Student Manager. Athletic Association (5) Ch.auxcey Cl.ark, ATA President, Thalian-Blackfriars 1. Kappa Sigs tree a pledge. 2. It nuist not have been a Chi Omega vote. ,V Mis.s Moina nnist have sold a poppy. 4. Sigma Nus welcome a brother home. 3. Lambda Chi lirowsiiig in their librarv. 6. Phi Eps at it still. 7. Love nie, love my dog. 8. Saint and his confederates. 9. A. L. T. pledges arrive in town. i -vN. PERSONALITIES (1) W.Ai.TiiR Wise, i X Presirienl. Y. M. C. A.: Sphinx (2) CuiORCii; HoSWiiLL, K S E Jitor. Rid and Black. First Term (3) FR. ' NCliS KnL ' PP, Xn .... I ' rcsidiiit. ll ' fniinn ' s Student Gnvernnient (4) I.UKi; Grkkni;, II K .- President. Student Christitm Council (5) H.arroi.d, A » (hi f tain. Basket b(dl; Sphinx 1. The Georgia ArcJi — pep. vim, and vigor. 2. Deltas — you can almost rec- ognize them. 3. Couldn ' t you get his pin, Golucke? 4. Fran and Fern spy on Roddy Ratcliffe proof. 5. What does the future hold for Alpha Chi? 6. Help wanted. 7. Bacchus and his beer barons. 8. Pavement. PERSONALITIES ( 1 ) Tom Dickey Business Manager. P.axdor.a (2) Carl D.AUGHTRY President, Ag Club. Second Quarter (3) Howell Editor, Georgia Arch (4) Colbert Hawkins Campus Leader; Sph (5) Bob Anderson President. Senior Class; Sph nix inx I. Tlie smile of Kappa Alpha Theta. 2. Jininiy Curtis sees voter ap- proaching. 3. Millsap gets a pledge. 4. Gordy hog-calling for Stovall. .S. Monkey drill. 6. Martha Wynn rejoices on I)eing elected K, D. presi- dent. 7. Jellying. PERSONALITIES (1) Curtis Ash ER Business Manager, Red and Black (2) Tom Editor, Red and Black. Second Term (3) Katherin ' e Hosch, AAA . Il ' o iiiin ' s Editor, Red and Black, Second Term (4) D AR Massey .... Managing Editor, Red and Black, Second Term (5) Paul Causey President, Athletic Association 1. Business Manager Dickey explains. 2. On the outside looking in. 3. Joe Brown pledge manual. .4. Students waiting for library to open. 5. Alpha Gams do the queerest things. 6. .A. L. T. ' s clinging to their house. 7. Good joke, eh Bobby? 8. Sigma Xu ' s patron saint, g. Is he tickling, Rannie? PERSONALITIES (1) Cl.aytox Pe.acock, 2 X . . . Presiilent, Economics Society, Second Term (2) L.A.NE TniMOXS, 2 A E Valedictorian (3) Fr.-vnces Battey, I M . . Woman ' s Editor, Red and Black, First Term (4) Ch.arlie Elrod, 2 N . . . . President, Economics Society, First Term (5) RiCH.ARD Byrd, ax a President, Glee Club t. Little John Howard Miil- liiio leaving for class. 2. Seven beauties ? . Forced out of house and home — poor A. D. Pis. 4. Kempton must have worked for the railroad. 5. Git along, little doggie 6. Phi Delt butlers stay busy. 7. A. O. Pis after rush week. 8. Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. 9. Free show. 10. Isabelle Reid is a Delta Delta Delta. 11. Date-time at tlie S. A. E. house. « PERSONALITIES (1) Harry, X$ Co-Captain, Football (2) Tap Bennett, 2X . . . Busi ias Manager, University Theater; Sphinx (3) Edith Logue, AAII . . . . President, Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic Council (4) Forrest Towns, IIKA Captain, Track (5) Alf Anderson, 2N Captain, Baseball 1. Salvation Army rally. 2. A man ' s coming np tlie walk. ,?. P. NiioR. cliarni. 4. Between the acts. 3. Pi K. . . moving day. 6. Oh, for a Phi Bete kev ! 7. Martha W i 1 s o n Smith- Sonle Hall stand-bv. 8. The Tri-Delts keep such a neat house. PERSONALITIES ( 1 ) John Mahan President. .4 Club, Third Quarter. (2) Sol Singer, T E President, Phi Kappn. Third Quarter. (3) Bessie Diamond, A E Society Editor, Red and Black. (4) Buster Mathews. A© Business JManager . Glee Club. (5) John Noland Editor, Georgia A griculturist. The following were out of school lor one quarter, and the Pandora was unable to get pictures of them: Shirley Allgood President, Homecou Carson Britt President, .1 g Club, First Quarter Buster Isenberg, AE n Captain, Boxing I. 9 4. YOUR HIT PARADE You Guess ' Em 5 _ _ 6. 7. 8. ■ :4g J -|mh.riiM«Wi ■5 • " - V . ]-. ( |H H saai: THE LUCKY WINNERS 10. 11. 12. 13. . nsuers on f i!;c Ji6 14 15 ._ 16 17. _ ' : (r - ' ■ ' ) WHOSE HEADS? . i J ' 7y » s: ■ 0 - ilrv- p 4m.-- »,?.■ T " ..aP ANSWERS FOR YOUR HIT PARADE 1. May I Have the Next Romance With " I ' ou ? 2. Hello, Beautiful! 3. I ' m Building Up to an Awful Let-Uown. 4. Tear It Down. 5. I Hope Gabriel Likes M Music. 6. The Goona Goo. 7. The Face on the Bar Room Floor. iS. The Kid in the Three-Cornered Pants. ' ). I ' ve an Evening for Sale. 10. The Last Round-Up. 11. The Goose Hangs High. 12. He Ain ' t Got Rhythm. 13. Alone. 14. I Can ' t Dance. 15. I ' m an Old Cow Hand. 16. Let Yourself Go. 17. Riding High. " GONE WITH THE WIND " A Quiet Afternoon at Tara DRAMATIS PERSONAE Scarlett O ' Hara . Reedie Estelle Colquitt Rhett Butler . . William Rags Cannon Mela lit Iliiiiiiltoii . Su anne McDonald Ashley Wilkes . . . Solomon Singer Ellen O ' Hara . Katherina R. Wallace Gerald O ' Hara .... Jesse James Aliss Fittypat lla niltoa Nellie Boiling Johnson T, , , rr, . (George Eugene Perry 1 arleton I wins ■{-. j-,,- t tj ii ' T |Wuliam J. Russell, VI Baby Bonnie Butler . . The Falligant Bcnncit fiildh-s . . . . . . ivhde riosch burns. i J kapf a Jl iliii Thrtas f rny for iiistalltitin i . . . . . . Imt illir (irrivcs. DOUBLES Bnnvick calls Giiillelx ' aii . . . . . . and so on info the nif ht. If you don ' t hurry . . . . . . you ' ll miss the procession. Don ' t look noic . . . hut — Tivinkii Brook decides . . . to date Mckinnon. THIS YEAR ' S CROP MARY LITTLE, M, and ANDY RODDENBERRY MARTHA MACKEY, A 6 n, and CHESTER SAUNDERS, HK SIDNEY RASKIN, A E n, and BESSIE DIAMOND, A I.E GEORGE CRABB and VIRGINIA HILL CARRY-OVERS From Last Year ' s PANDORA BETTY POWER, M, nd SID JOHNSON, S X MARY LUCY HERNDON, K A, and ED HUGHES, 2 N DOT HAINS, X n, and JIM CAVAN, 2 N ELIZABETH ADAMS, K A, ' nd GEORSE CRANE, K A EVELYN LAMKIN, AAA, and JOHN WILSON, n K 4 BO WHITENER, A 1 A, and WALTER WISE, 2 X VIRGINIA TIFT, M, and BERNARD RAMSEY, A TO BETTy MORTON, X U, and JIMMY HOBGOOD, 2 X JIM GILLIS, 2 A E, and KATHERINE HUDMAN, K A (Now Mn. Gillis) REED HORNE, I A 6, and CAREY STRICKLAND, KA (Now Mrs. Home) E6BIE CARLISLE, UK A, and ANNIE LAURIE RENTZ, K A e MARTHA HIGHTOWER, A An, and HARRY DAVIS, 2 X HARRIETTE ROGERS, A An, and CHARLIE ELROD, 2 N . ' A| v BOBBY WILSON and HAZEL WARD, xn TWOS TOGETHER ELIZABETH BARWICK, M, and TOM LINDSEV, Ae JACK LOIZEAUX FREDDIE HILL FRAN VATES, X it, and ByRON BOWER, 2 A E BOB WOODRUFF, ZX, and MARJORIE DOYLE, xn CHAUNCEV BROOKS and EVELYN MARTIN. AAA m LEE PRICE, ATA, and BARBARA FtELIS, A An MARJORIE MANN, A An, and MARION LUCKEY, n K « KATHERINE WALLACE, AAn, and JIMMIE GRIFFIN, 2 N NEW ALLIANCES Not in Last Issue BSSL: SYDNE MeWHORTER, X n, and ALBERT JONES, Ae EMILY STELLINSS and NELSON KRAFT EDITH LOSUE, A A H, «d ALBERT FAHY, X PETE HARDEN and MARY BREWSTER, X O ALYCE WALKER, X 0. •nd PLOTf BRICE, 2 X CLYDE SPINKS, K A, and MARY HELMER, X HILDA JANE COX, X 0, •nd JACK EZELL, 2 N WARREN REIO, 2 N, and LAURANNA LYON, ♦ M BILLIE TURNER, M, and H. C. SMITH, A Til DAN KATZOFF and ANNEHE KENDALL VIRGINIA FREY, ATA, and CLIFF CHAPPELL, n K NANCY HARDY, X 0, and IN MAN GREENE FLORENCE 600DE, A A H, and ALBERT ROOKER, 2 X SARA HARRIS, A E , and MYRON HIRSCH, E H CHARLOHE CHAPMAN, M, and HANK MANN BETTY CHICK, XO, and WALKER BENSON, KA MARGARET BEASLEY, ATA, and PAUL BROUN PEACHES MAYO, K A, and JAMES BINSMAN, X « GRACE WINSTON, S M, and BOB STEPHENS, K A - PEGGY HALL, X Q, and BILLY ATKINSON, KA WADE HOYT, X , and MARY HELEN WOODHAM, K A FRANCES HOLST, X n, and CHARL WESLEY, n K LOUISE CONNELL, AX, and DOYLE JONES Fraternity Life m 1901 Frnm the Kjoi Paxdora The student at the University of Georgia changes his idea of its fraternity life many times. At first he thinks it is one bewildering succession of rushes and din- ners and drives, and he feels he is a very important person. He thinks these new- found friends of his are the kindest men, and have the truest appreciation of merit, his merit, of any he has ever met. rie is only sorry that he cannot join all the fraternities. But when he has made his choice and the bellicose goat gets in his work, the Freshman is apt to feel that fraternity life is a delusion and a snare. But as the months pass by he learns to love it more and more. Fraternity life at Georgia has a tone and atmosphere all its own. Eight dif- ferent fraternities have chapters here and the my stic little emblems are worn by one hundred and fifty men. Of course rivalry is very keen, but after all it is good- natured. The personal relations between the members of the different chapters and that between the fraternity and non-fraternity elements are of the most pleas- ant kind. Several of the chapters are domiciled in fraternity-houses. These are mainly built in the colonial style and are surrounded by spacious and well-kept grounds. In the houses are elegantly furnished parlors and plainer yet comfortable smoking and reading and sleeping rooms. A feature of these last is the number of bizarre decorations, each with its tale of some wild prank, which adorn their walls. The fraternities not occupying chapter houses have well-appointed meeting halls. Each one of Athens ' s charming girls — and they are many — claims allegiance to some one of the fraternities and wears its pin. Their interest and their loyalty add zest and piquancy to the sum-total of fraternity life, and their " sisterly offer- ings of sofa-pillows and banners, freezers of cream, and waiters of cake are ma- terial benefits by no means to be despised. Each fraternity gives an annual banquet and entertains occasionally during the year with Germans or other social functions. During the commencement season, the social gaiety centers in the chapter-houses, and a pretty custom of having a commencement picture of each fraternity and its girls has been in vogue for many years. When the old graduate looks back through the haze of memory and draws a picture of the old chapter-house with its pillared front and wide verandas on which a gay, careless crowd laughs and jokes and sings, and when he calls to mind the dear old days when life was young and hearts were warm and cares were few. he is sure to say with all of us who have been fortunate enough to have taken part in it, that fraternity life at old Georgia is the most pleasant phase of a man s college career. ]VIcXS.£;XjI3E3I cfc C.A.nXjTOU. Stioos and : a.ts, -A.TXj.A.N ' T.A.. ARE YOU going to a Ball? ARE YOU going to Church? ARE YOU going to a Wedding? ARE YOU going to a Card Party? ARE YOU going to Commencement? OUR PRICES ARE ' ' ' " ' " ' ' ' " ' " ' places you are coiapelled to ve:ir .Slioee ami Hat.-. Yuu ran lin.l what ,v. u want at RIGHT! lYIcKELDEN «c CARLTON ' S, CALL TO-DAY. - 5 RE-HCHTREE ST., - - - HTI_HNT7T. CW. I ' lnni the 1S53 Paxuora BARED ' S MANUAL BARED ' S MANUAL, 1937 An Impartial Survey of Campus Life SEES ALL HEARS ALL TELLS ALL ._i ' dK fc- ' We Bring Out the Hidden Facts " PHI MU Phuture Mammas " Mr Ahvays Stop By Costa ' s (hi the Jl ay Uotne " It ' s aw full hard to run a chapter, what with all the girls staying in Atlanta to he put on the block at the Debutante ' s hot- dog stand, Peacock Alley, and now that some good national sororities are coming to the campus, we ' re not a little worried as to nmnbers, which was always our big- gest point. We used to be known f !r our beautiful girls, but now we ' re known for our pinks. We ne er ha e chapter meet- ings any more because all the girls stay at Costa ' s jell ing with anybody who has a car. Hut the Phuture Mammas still make ijj the gossip column every week, anil that ' s Q y more important to us than anything else. KAPPA ALPHA Konfederate Arm y " e Supply Coinpaiii ' iiis for Frcslncomeri " ( )ur mission at the University is to show the sights of Athens to all the Coordinate freshmen. Dizzy co-eds are our dish; all the gushy girls think that dear old K. A. is the gurandest thing. So far we ha en ' t gotten any further than Costa ' s, but we have to have our daily quota of Brother Candler ' s sodas. We also frequently stage shows at Woodruff Hall, since we like to keep the campus posted on the latest in dance steps, no matter how " fantastic. Please pardon our tired look, but a chap- ter law makes us salute (jeneral Lee ' s pic- ture e er tune we pass it. CANDLER HALL Crude Hovel " ff ' r Take (Jare of tin- • rrshnifn " Our idea of a gooil time is to throw -water on co-eds and ell at Cream Puff dates. The rest of the time we take off our clothes and lean out of the windows on the Lumpkin Street side. This is the place where ignorant antl unsuspecting fresh- men are sent, before they know better. The longer you stay the worse it gets, but you finally get used to it, and by that time you ' re a sophomore and ready to use the paddle on some- one else. After taking it for a year you certainly know how to dish it out. IjjDiiJWs l ibjj If aiflas INIVf.RS.Ufe «, BATH 11 1_7V THE BEST !P()i ' ta1)lc Bath FOR FAMILY USE IN EXISTENCE - , Cent nnir»I Awir , " St ? Atfilil and Diploma iS ar-k;n?l ' hf world. S H ' o ,w f .fc Retail. Send for Circulars. E. 1. KNOWLTON. Ann flfbor. Mich Neater, Cheaper and More Convenint than a Stationar.v Bath Tnb, with NO EXPENSE of Bath Booms and Fixtures. REQUIRES V ERY LITTLE IVATER Perfectly Adjustable, Bemarkably Durable. Medicated and Mineral Waters do not Injure it. Just the thing for Students. It can be Collapsed and Hung in your Closet when not in use. Bki ' T " Call and see one or send for Circular to 24 North State Street, ANN ARBOR, ]»IlCH. From llic iSSS P. NL)ui , Page 222 BARED ' S MANUAL [ COtcCGf CHI OMEGA Crushed Orchids " Who Says We ' re Slipping f Yes, the Crushed Orchids are still at Georgia, but we ' re not as famous as we used to be. Maybe that ' s because our members go after football heroes new; the house looks like one of Harr Mehre ' s skull sessions every night. We have two sisters in the beauty section this year, but that still can ' t redeem the looks of the rest of us. We ' ve been in the same house for years and years, and it certainly shows the ravages of time ; we thought of buying a new chair but decided it would look too out of place, so we gave up the idea and resigned ourselves to sitting on the floor. ALPHA LAMBDA TAU A Lotta Tripe " Did You Know We Were Here? " Although we ' re seldom heard from, we ' ve managed to keep hide and hair together; it ' s been a struggle though, we don ' t mind admitting. We really gave the campus heart failure this spring with our formal ; no one even knew we danced. We are surrounded by sororities out on iVIilledge, and that may be responsible for our social ambitions, although we have never met many of our neighbors. Never let it be said that A. L. T. doesn ' t do its part in providing for the general merriment, even though we have to go without food to do it. PI KAPPA PHI Pretty Krummy People " e ' d Like to Gil In Socitty " We ' re getting real socially minded, out here on Hill Street. Lately we ' ve changed our activity from pitching horseshoes to courting in Costa ' s. It was a change, but no relief, so we ' re reverting to horseshoes. Of course, we ' re not accepted in the best circles as yet, but don ' t think we aren ' t trying hard. We make it a point to be seen at all functions, and we ' re about to develop some jellies of the first water. We used to have some politicians, but lately the boys have sort of lost interest in that kind of stuff; it ' s all for the higher life now. The Keeley Institute FOR THE CURE OF —THE— [iquor and Opium Habits LUCY COBB Lowly Co-eds " Ilrjtc About a Riile, Mister? " 1 he flower of Southern womanhood used to inter here ; now we ' re mostly seed, but we still have gay times in spite of our house mother, judging from the number of empty bottles that may be found luider our windows. We are the most ardent ride- catchers in the city; we crowd the corners all day long. Men drivers are preferred, but we ' re really not awfully choosy; after all, a ride is a ride. Nerve Exhaustion. Cocaine, HISO Chloral and Tobacco Habits. Cigarette Smohing Perma- nently cured in fruiti seven to fourteen days. Treatment identical with that of Dr. Leslie E. Keclev at Dwight, 111. Avera};re time required lor treatment. Tour ' veeks. No Confinement. No Pain. No Relapse- Tbe most humane and only certain cure known. For particulars address The Keeley Institate, Edgewood Ave- A: Ivv St.. ATL. NT. , (;. . Notice! The 1, ' emiine DOUBLE CHLORIDE OF GOLD TREATMENT, ai.scuverecl by Dr. Leslie E. Keelcv, iif Dwiijlit. 111., can be luid in Georgia — only at THE KEELEY INSTITUTES of Atlanta. Dalton, Indian Springs and Augusta. Any person not connected with the above Institutes, claiming to have or use this treatment, is an IMPOSTOR and a FRAUD, and the public is hereby warned against being deceived by such unscrupulous persons. W. W. HOUSTOl , Manager Keeley Institutes of Georgia. From the 1893 P.andora Page 223 BARED ' S MANUAL 1 It was MILLEDGE HALL Motley Harem " li ' e Get JloiifT [cry Well Without Publlcily " This is the (Hic thnt ahnost got left out of the Manual ; almost thought of too late. We girls live off to ourselves, and not many people know about us. However, those that do can attest to the merry times we have over in the cemetery across the street from where we live. Although verj- little space is given us in the papers, we ' ll manage to struggle along, just as we have for lo! these many years. PHI EPSILON PI Poker Everlastingly Played " Our Stakes Are Hi h " The fact that we always lead scholarship doesn ' t keep us from loving games of chance and liking to deal a few now and then, so night after night the lights are bright in our Mil ledge Avenue bungalow — we ' re taking our friends to ride around the card table. Our hospitality in our annual open house is unsur- passed by any speakeasy. If you can ' t find what you want under the table, trv the cellar. ;s ' ifii |1 ,5--, mmW Mi M] OLD COLLEGE ALPHA DELTA PI All Dill Pickles •7 V ll„r, ' the Best Hot H ' lX On the Rojv " We were doing our best to build up a repu- tation as gootl-time gals, when along came some pledges and joined the " , " which has people calling us insincere. Now that we really have numbers we ' re going to start looking around seriously for some quality, which might be called another re- versal but was really what we ' d planned all the time. And remember, we want )ou to know that the ole Dreiun Castle is still wide open and the food ' s still being dished up for all ()u males who ' ll come out. Obn OXIOUS Cre w " J ' he Must Hcdutijul lloi ie III the If drill " All the stor books call this the home of southern gentlemen, despite the sad fact that there ' s not a gentleman in the house. Famous men are said to have lived here; how they stood it, we don ' t know. For recreation we take sunbaths, make speeches, pitch horseshoes, and smoke cigars. ' Fhere ' s an old sa ing that where there ' s smoke there ' s an Obnoxious Crew man. After nine months with the Crew you are pre- pared for anything, even for life on the city dump. HMCllh |i ' TRUNKS ' U See our window displays. Ask our trunk salesman about — The Broad Guarantee — The Five- Year Insurance Policy — The " Warning ' !of prosecu- tion to Baggage Smashers — The great reduction in wc+pht — The Registra- tion Number which insures against loss in transit — Finally — see the trunk — examine it — notice its many exclusive features. Demonstrated -- v rjx every minute of the fl JJKU y ' " ' trunk section — Miller Furniture Company From the 1910 Pandora Page 224 BARED ' S MANUAL KAPPA ALPHA THETA Kalling All Triple-Threats " JusI U ' liit Till Xext Year " We thought all our big talk about national rating would cause a storm but it hasn ' t even raised a good breeze. Haven ' t you, or you, or you heard of Theta, that grand old sisterhood? Are we disillusioned! We don ' t believe we ' re half what we cracked ourselves up to be. Maybe our national officers have been fooling us all this time. But don ' t think we ' re going down without a struggle. It may take years to convince you, but we ' re determined. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lousiest Crowd Around " Ethics Xcx ' er II orry Is ' We ' re the boys with the brightest prospects on the campus ; the Democrats told us so. We have a library, a football player, and we even got a man in Biftad last year. Not being able to get an one arovuid here to associate with us, we resorted to giving hay rides and mullet suppers to sister chapters but found them pretty sorry lots and abandoned the idea. People say we ' re fools to trust in the Demo- crats, but we ' re not worryin ' ; we figure we can pull Just as dirty tricks as the can. SOULE HALL Spinsters ' Home " ff " e Lite Restaurant Jl urk " Life is real, life is earnest with us. As you can tell at a glance, our girls major in home ec and physical education. There ' s nothing like a day in the kitchen or a good game of soccer to put us in shape for our dates. We are very fortunate in being close to the Countr Walkers and any- time we want a date, a hog call out the window will bring the boys scampering over the hill. With the ne v pavement leading to our home, we hope our cakes and calisthenics will attract some of the fraternitv men. IHAD MY PICTURE MADE ATx HAJOS ' STUDIO. He makes everybody a pretty Picture. He makes Photographs of all kinds, large and small; makes fine Frames. If you want anything in this line, call on him ; he will give you best of work and reason- able prices. STUDIO, 31 CLAYTON ST. from the 180Q Panuoka Pa3e225 BARED ' S MANUAL - ' S i. Mali? NEW COLLEGE Noisy Children " Free Rrioriif and Board Offered " Our house is known as the bee hive, ' cause that ' s where the drones live. Dean Stegeman is our house mother and Clegg is the house president. ' ou can live here for nothing if you can stand the pace; if a razor doesn ' t get you, a knife will. We guarantee all our windows to have running water; it usually comes down in showers; come down and help us drench the passersby. CHI PSI Combined Pests " Oil. For (I Feiv More Men " We ' ve finally trained all our memher--. to call our house " The Lawdge. " It ' s true that we didn ' t have many members to train but that ' s because the famed old Com- bined Pests hot box hasn ' t been producing of late years. However, all three of us enjoy cruising around town, and there are always co-eds who will go with a guy for his automobile. We ' re hoping to pledge maybe four men next year, which will put us back in the rimning after the late lean years. ALPHA EPSILON PI An Ever-Present Pla3ue " lie Demand Jn Office " We ' ve been isolated out on the Atlanta road in a place so far from the campus that we have to start catching rides at 7:30 A. M. to get to class. Some say that we ' re clannish, but the real reason is that we can ' t get anybody to associate with us. The politicians won ' t dicker with us because we always want too much, but we haven ' t got a reputation to lose, so we ' ll keep on asking. Our eyes are just bigger than our influence. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA All Generally Dull " IVouldii ' t Someone Like a Date? " We have a hideout on Prince that the male students seein unable to find. Every night we sit and sit; knitting and studying are fine fur a while but even they get boresome after a time. We have a nice cozy home ; can ' t you come out and let us show it to you? You might be surprised at our girls; we have one or two who use lipstick, and once we had a beauty. Some of these days an A. G. D. is going to make a dance, whatcha want to bet ? Pas? 226 BARED ' S MANUAL »i li DELTA PHI EPSILON Droning Flippant Eggs " We ' re In a Class By Ourselves " What with our nut having any competition and being able to be as choosy as we want to, you wouldn ' t think we ' d make some of the mistakes we do; perhaps it ' s just our tender hearts. Bo s, we really like to court ; the house anil grounds are full of engrossed couples almost any time. Come one, come al CHI PHI Cream Puffs " There Are IS o More Like Us " We ' re so exclusive that we can ' t seem to get anyone to pledge up. Our pledge pins never arrive until around Thanksgiving ; at least, that ' s our story, and we ' re going to stick with it. We have a house which makes a pretty good impression until you get within reach of the smell. For our house we thank our wonderful, wonderful alumni, without whose help we couldn ' t even buy food and liquor for the five of us. We don ' t believe in associating with the rest of the campus, spending our time in our Monte Carlo attic or under the tables at the Piedmont Driving Club. ALPHA TAU OMEGA A Terrible Odor " If ' e Want Quantity " We ' re the boys who move every time the rent comes due ; there ' s nothing like a change of odors — especially for the neighbors. We present a wonderful example of how not to rush and whom not to pledge, but then e had to fill up the house some way. We change sides every Pan-Hellenic election : if you want to buy our votes, call us at 1691 or write 436 Hill Street. P. S. Don ' t approach us unless you can offer a gold key. Perfection in Buggy Building — Classic, High-Toned. Such is the " Norman. " Write NORMAN BUGGY COMPANY. Griffin, Geergi . for particulars. I ' Vom the 191 1 Pandora Pleasurable Exercise. The gymnasium is now universally recog- nized as a necessary adjunct to a college education. But there comes a time when the weather is too warm and outdoors loo inviting to work inside. Thtii what is better for all- around exercise than the bicycle ? It will take you swiftly along the smooth streets of the city or carry you out into the _ fresh air of the open country. Back again ■ ' " " " " " " " to your study with clear brain and quiet nerves. But your nerves will not be quiet if your bicycle does not run easily, so get a Columbia, for Colum- ■ bias run easiest, wear longest, and look the ' !q , best. ' ' r ' ' f- ' -- Have you ever thought of taking a bicycle ::; t: - tour during vacation ? . We have a finely illui trated book about - - ' Columbia bicvclcs Send to us for one- POPE MFG. CO.. ' ' ° ™ -H,CAC,0. " ' = " ' ' ' H.RTFORn. i ' rom the 1893 I ' a.xuuka ur J College men know and tlie A ' fW Haven Union says, apropos of term-end with its ;ood-bys : " Tlie question of What tti the world to give a friend at p.irt- ing sectn- In li.ive been s.iUed by the publication of Songs of all the Colleges which is alike suitable for the collegian of the past, for the student of the pres- ent, and for the boy {or ffirl) witii hopes; also for the music-loving sister, and a fellow ' s best girl. " ••Aim,.- NKW snniTtt, altthe 0 . iongi, mid llie songs popular al ail III colleges ; ■■.I -•.ehome gift in any home anyv.-6ere. " AT ALL BOOK STORES AND MUSIC DEALERS Paitpaiii St- SO. or scDt on approval by thepublishera, J(. so Poitpaia. HINDS NOBLE -, s " NEW YORK CITY From the 1903 Panuura Page 227 BARED ' S MANUAL - V;iU-v LA.- ■RfM NS F RDM T-HE B R fV TAU EPSILON PHI Try Eating Pork " Lost — .7 Soil flu-Ill J c cent " It ' s getting so around our house that we jump when we hear a Dixie drawl; we just know it must be a visitor. However, the Bronx is keeping us going these days, and we have something to be thankful for at that. All our alumni run liquor stores in the wetter states, and this helps us no end in leading the merry life. One of our members shook hands with President Roosevelt this year. He ' s carried it around in a box ever since and even charges us for peeps. DELTA DELTA DELTA Definitely Dizzy Dames " II ere Still In tin Biiililiiii; St i!;e " We actually pledged a cute girl this ear, which surprised us almost as much as it did everyone else, although we always felt that dear old 1). I). D. would come through. We have to depend iii transfers for the beauty in the chapter, but we ' re thankful for an - thing the other chapters send us. Instead of turning out beauties we produce politicians who get votes rather than dates. We ' re always ready for an election; ail we need is a moment ' s n itice antl we ' ll be at the polls. But we would gladh exchange some of the offices we hold for a few men to hang around the parlor. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Seventy Awful Examples " If ' oirt Yoi, ll ' enr Our Fleih e Pin: ' " We are not very popular with the rest of the campus, and most of us don ' t even like each other. Nothing seems to keep our chapter from going down. Nobody has a good time because we all know each other so v ell. Come around sometime and see the autographed saxophone and the bunch of petrifieii violets that Brother Rud Vallee sent us. Any male planning to atteml the University and interested in fraternity life should report to our remodeled old ante-bellum diunp; perhaps you can help us shake the foundations. SIGMA NU Smutty Nuts " I ' liiiii iir i ' liiiry Poli irs ' Suicc mi ole (lenc lalmailL _ good ole Cienc 1 almailge is no more, weve no longer a ncjtorious alumnus to brag about. We ' re even losing our football pla ers this year, so you can see how things are going down on Lumpkin. If you hear any rumors of a new house, you can be sure there ' s nothing to them; we ' ve put them out for years. If there ' s a countv official ' s son in Georgia who isn ' t a Smutty Nut, it certainl) isn ' t our fault; we didn ' t mean to miss any as it ' s helpful in keeping political fences mended. Page 228 BARED ' S MANUAL KAPPA SIGMA Klimbing Souls " We ' re Staggering Back to Our Feci Again " We ' re finally pledging men again, after a lapse o{ several terrifying years when we thought the charter would be jerked ' most any minute. The Woco Pep Moores sent us another brother last fall, so we have four more years whether we deserve it or not. It ' s nice to see the sun again ; we know our brothers even if no one else does. Membership is still drawn chiefly from Brooklyn, but we have to keep going and that ' s too far away to do us nnicli harm. We may be a little isolated out liere at Five Points, but the Tavern in our backyard makes us feel at home. PI KAPPA ALPHA Plenty Krumbs Around " The Police Just Won ' t Let Us Alone " As always, there ' s plenty of wild life at our house ; it ' s like a zoo. From entertaining Eye- talian opera stars to filling the city jail is no great jump for us; it ' s all in an average night ' s work. Our definition of a fraternity is : a Cord, an Auburn, and AN Athlete. Of course we e.xcel in other lines, such as pledging and in- itiating Olympic stars in the same day. Boy, we ' re fast when we set our minds to it. DELTA TAU DELTA Dull, Trivial Dumbbells " Our House Looks Good .-It Kight " We Dumbbells like to go out ; it ' s better to do that than to have people come here and see the interior of our house. It inspires the aver- age college man to get under the table and drink his way out. It ' s tliat kind of a house. E ery year we feel duty bomid to give a house dance, and every year it starts out as a brawl and ends up as a riot, and then both pieces of our furniture really catch it. We ' ve been put- ting out rumors of movinar to a new house for years, but w ' e do it more to cheer ourselves up than for anything else. Our members give e.x- hibitions at all the dances, and one of them makes his spending money with the pennies that are thrown at him. SIGMA CHI Sappy Chumps " D W ff ' e Mate the Paper This IFeek? " We ' re just politicians; unless we hatch every freshman into an editorship or a presi- dency, we throw them out as bad eyijis. We subscribe to all the papers to see if our names are in the news; anything that ' s said about us we consider a compliment. We go after all votes and have even divided the Coordinate into wards. But we don ' t let this interfere with our social program, because we came off with the first formal of the year and threw in a derby for good measure. We lost a lot of votes by not having a crown for every sorority, but we ' ll remedy that next year. Our motto for next time is " A Beauty Queen for every sorority, " or " You furnish the votes; We ' ll furnish the candidates. " ALPHA OMICRON PI Awful Old Pills " IJ ' e Can ' t Seem td Get Started " It ' s just downright discouraging, our not being able to convince anyone that she just must be an Awful Old Pill; really sometimes we get downright discouraged, but then we figure that ma be there ' ll come a day. And you know they say the fresh- men get dumber every crop ; who knows, next year may be our year. All the story books say that the worm ill turn ; we hope ours turn to butterflies. Page 229 BARED ' S MANUAL CAMP WILKINS Country Walkers " We ' ll ' Just Oiii Bit; Uiippy Fiiiii ' dx " We don ' t go about in society much but believe in the cleaner life, such as is found in hog pens and cow barni. We have a most unusual arrangement; we live wa ' away from everybody in one big room. We are early to bed and early to rise but, alas, neither wealthv nor wise. We reallv lead the dullest life. PHI DELTA THETA Phoney Damned Teahounds " Brother. Can Ynu Spare a Pint? " If you ask us, we think we ' re pretty darn sophisticated, although it ' s true that some are so crude as to call us just plain sots. But that doesn ' t worry us, because we have private wires to all the bootleggers. It just seems as though our house is never going to burn, however much our neighbors would like to get us out of the Prince Avenue section. For the first time in many years we did not have a fire during this session. Our fondest hope now is to be off probation by 1940. ALPHA CHI All Cheek " li ' e Need ii Charier Aiciiil Bail " It ' s avvfuU) hard to get anyone to consider going All Cheek since we have practically less than nothing to offer. Our position is certainly an unusual one, and c certainly have the most unusual girls. However, in every human breast there lies a hope, and we are humans even though funny looking ones. Some day we expect to be a chapter of a big national sorority. What do you think? KAPPA DELTA Kourtins Dames " C ' line On Out (hir 11 ay. Boys " If Mill ha e a fraternity pin, you ' d better n(Jt wear it inside our front door, because it has a very slim chance of getting out on the same chest. Some people have mistaken our house for a marriage bureau. We use a wedding bell instead of a dinner bell anil give a marriage license with each pledge button. We are not as prominent sociall as we once were, but we still manage to get a few members by using this guaranteed promise of marriage before graduation. 1 It E SHOII THE BEST THE STRAND THE THEATER UEAVTIFl L " II here Soeiety Minifies " Home of the Paramount, Fox, Metro, and Triangle Features :::::: ATHENS, GA. From lilt igiO I ' A.NMiukA How we lost a cus muM- in 19 1() HE DIED ATHENS GAS, LIGHT j FUEL COMPANY Pa f 230 In 1918 America was at war. Patriotism ran W gh on the campus; the PANDORA showed its feehng by choosing a khaki colored cover for the 1918 volume and dedicating it to those students in the armed forces of their country. About 400 had enlisted; many saw service on the battlefields of France. Including the alumni, the University gave over three thousand men to Uncle Sam, about half of whom served as commissioned officers. Memorial hHall was erected in honor of those sons of Georgia who gave their lives in the service of their native land. IcCtA " COLONli. r-: — r " ■ MANN Cavalry, U. S. A. tlAltllcllCll MAJOR R. W. TRIMBLE Cavalry, U. S. A. MAJOR A. H. PEVTON Infantry, U. S. A. MAJOR H. G. HOLT Cavalry, U. S. A. j lH t v MAJOR A. J. FUNK Infantry, U. S. A. CAPTAIN L. C. VANCE Cavalry, U. S. A. CAPTAIN J. E. McGILL Infantry, U. S. A. Pa3e233 i COLONEL BERNARD B. RAMSEY MISS VIRGINIA TIFT LIEUTENANT-COLONEL B. L. TIMMONS CAPTAIN E. C. PHILLIPS, JR. Colonel Bernard B. Ramsey Cci ii innii iii!; R. (J. T. C. Brigade Miss Virginia Tift Corps Sponsor Lieutenant-Colonel B. L. Timmons Corps Executive Captain E. C. Phillips, Jr Corps Adjutant Master Sergeant J. A. Smith Corps Sertrcant-Major r Pasc234 E. S. Sell, Jk Captain Mary Utpkee E( kfuhh . . . Sponsor L. H. Pakham . . First Lieutenant CAPTAIN E. 5. SELL, JR. MISS MAR; Armor, E. H. Baum, G. a. Bauman, W. p. Byrd, J. R. Blount, E. H. BoGcs, T. N. Branne, J. E. Bridges, J. A. Chappell, C. C. Davis. J. W. Derriberry, J. E. DOTTERY. R. T. Early ' , T. A. Fant, G. E. Gibson, G. W. Gibson, P. J. Hagan, G. E. Hammond, O. B. ROLl Hargrave, B. Head, G. B. HiBBEN, G. B. Howard, VV. H. Jackson, W. L. Jeffries, J. E. Joel, C. Johnson, H. King, W. R. Lawrence, W. E. Lewis, M. V. LoTT, A. B. McDonald, E. D. McGarity, H. McNiEL, W. McRae, O. B. Meadows, F. C. Miller, S. S. Harrison, J. A. Morgan, A. Mlrpii, J. S. Norman, R. C. Palmer, J. E. Prather, W. a. Stewart, G. B. Stewart, J. W. Stewart, W. C. Sirmans, C. L. Slllivan, J. L. Swain, VV. N. Thurman, W. I L Vaughn, W. C. Walker, E. H. Weill, A, L. Whitehead, E. W. Wilkes, W. B. Wood, T. L, Woodcock, J. B. LIEUTENANT L. H PAKHAM Page 235 1 I p • I :=r ii-raiilxii I ' - cuuncnl 1 COLOHi •.• :-- MISS. ELS E ' ■F ' ' T LIEUTENANT-COLONEL J. C. BELL CAPTAIN GRAHAM WRIGHT Colonel Dean Covington Miss Elsie Peace Lieutenant-Colonel J. C. Bei.l Captain Graham Wright . Captain D. S. Morrei.l . Master Sergeant J. K. Ezell Staff Sergeant W. O. Jackson Staff Sergeant L. H. Milton . captain d. s. morrell Commanding Sponsor Exccitt ' tve idjulant . Supply Officer Rc ' i;imc ittd Sergia)it-i Ia]or Color Sergeant . Color Sergeant i MAJOR C. L. HILTON MISS HELEN CLARKE LIEUTENANT J. A. HUDSON Major C. L. Hilton Commtiiiilirig Miss Hhi.ex Clarke Sponsor f iRST Lieutenant J. A. Hudson idjutani Staff Sergeant L. B. Bridges Sergeant-Major : CCCiii.i J ' ultuLii ' n V MAJOR P. C BROUN MISS MARGARET BEASLEY LIEUTENANT M. C. THOMAS Major P. C. Broun Commanding Miss Margaret Beaslev Sponsor First Lieutenant AL C. Thomas Adjutant Staff Sergeant J. A. Smith Sergeant-Major Page 237 L ciupunn .:=— ■ Captain E. C. Hughes Conunanding Miss Mary Lucy Hern dun Sfonsor P. H. Betts First Lieutenant H. C. Calhoun . - Second Lieutenant J. L. Parker First Sergeant Sergeants M. S. Abram C. Hardin H. D. Howard L. Price L. M. Richards R. A. Russell Captain E. C. Hushc: Miss Mary Lucy Hcmdon s .... Lieutenant P. H. Betts Lieutenant H. C. Calhoun Alexander, T. C. Bannon, J. BocGS, J. N. Burgess. B. H. Cavender, J. VV. Cohan. S. M. Cohen, H. Coleman, J. R. Cook, W. N. Crenshaw, W. Edwards, A. S. Eldridge, W. K. GiNN, S. F. Harrell. ' . H. Harrison, O. D. Herxdon, J. Highnote, a. D. ROLL Horne, R. R. JONKS, V. S. Johnson, J. H. Long, E. P. Manning, H. C. ALathis, J. F. MOBLEV, F. MUNDV, J. B. Newberry, J. Newton, V. L. Prisant, B. Ragan, J. J. Ray, J. A. Reiu, J. Reynolds, H. L Robertson, R. Rothderg, R. L. Saneord, P. H. Shkkiff, S. Smith, W. Smith, L. W. Smith, W. B. Sohn, L. S. Speck, R. S. Spooner, J. L Tharpe, E. Thomas, N. S. Wallace, J. J. VVeems, T. D. Welch, J. Wilson, A. H. Wooten, J. A. Pa3e238 Captain E. A. Smith Miss Wanda Pottci C.M ' TAix I£. A. Smith Commanding Miss Wanua Putter Sponsor S. E. Bloodworth Fir si Lieutenant J. E. Brown Second Lieutenant R. L. Lawrence Second Lieutenant N. I. Hassell First Sergeant Sergeants M. J. BRADBEkKv R. ] I. Rice F. V. Collins N. Stewart J. W. Lawson L. H. Thomi ' son ROLL Bond, W. Harcourt, R. M. Mitchell, R. H. Brennen, J. Hawkes, J. S. Patat, H. Butler. C. Henderson, C. W. Ratcliffe, H. Colquitt, J. A. HiGGINS, H. C. Reynolds. H. ' SI. Cone, R. H. HUNCERFORD, J. B. RoUINSON, T. Cromi ' ton, R. C. Hunnicutt, W. O. Rowland, P. E. Crowe, G. B. Ingram, L. A. Russell, D. David, F. Jones, C. G. Saffold, R. L. DeVane, F. Jones, J. Smith, C. Dudley, J. Kelly, C. R. Smith, J. T. English, L. A. LiNDSEY, V. E. Stewart, A. T. Erwin. C. M. Maddox, F. Tankersley, M. Farr, H. McEwEN, p. Trigg, J. W. Farr, R. Q. Mercer, W. R. Von Sprecken, F Freeman, P. L. Mkrritt, T. R. Watkins, E. C. Hamrick, W. J. Whitaker, R. L. Lieutenant S. E. Bloodworth Lieutenant J. E. Brown Page 239 Captain J. G. Moore Coiniuanding Miss Hazel Winters Sfonsor T. H. MiLNER First Lieutenant G. B. Duke ... .... Second Lieutenant E. P. McKiBBEN Second Lieutenant W. T. McDaniel First Sergeant Sergeants J. O. Hoover P. Lan-u W. K. HULMES L. T. ' . NSI.EV G. Whiten Captain J. G. Moore Miss Hazel Winters Lieutenant T. H. Miiner Lieutenant G. B. Duke Adams, J. M. B.arrett, R. Batemax, V. M. Betts, W. N. Camp, N. T. Clark, C. E. Davidson, C. Dixon, J. R. Franklin, C. R. Glenn, H. S. goldschmidt, l. c. Goodson, E. a. gurlev, t. o. Hammond, I. W. Hawes, H. N. Heflin, C. G. HiCGINBOTHAM, L. H. Hilliard, H. ROLL Humes, J. W. Ivelly, C. F. Kipp, P. H. Mathews, F. E. Murphy, D. B. McCarthy, F. McConnell, E. R. McCuLLOUGH, A. L. McRae, D. B. Neal, R. V. Newton, F. C. PO.XDER, L. B. Poss, H. Potter, P. . . PUKDON, W. Pye, J. V. Rawlins, E. W. Russell, W. Sanders, J. W. Sewell, H. Skelton, E. a. Smith, C. A. Smith, W. F. Stallings, G. T. Stephens, R. B. Stephenson, J. H. Stewart, G. B. Summerour, T. W. Vandiver, C. L. Veal, E. O. Vickers, E. Walker, J. H. Watkins, p. B. WiLBANKS, W. H. Wilkes, E. G. Woods, J. F. WOOTEN, C. B. PaSc 240 Captain 5. B. Yow Captain S. B. Yow Cniiunandiiig Mrs. Ben Yow S ' l onsor P. J. Hudson First Lieutenant W . T. Peterson First Lieutenant . Chalmers, Jr Second Lieutenant . B. Terry Second Lieutenant Jack Farren First Sergeant Sergeants J. H. Brown C. Meddin K. Griffith F. Rigdon T. R. HvGGiNs A. Thomason Mis. Ben ' ow Adams, M. S. Bailey, J. D. Bayxes, W. J. Beazley, B. Bland, U. M. Blumenthal. M. E. Bond, J. R. Bond, M. P. Bowman, C. W. BURCH, J. D. Burroughs, I. Byce, D. H. Cooper, G. Cox, H. W. Davis, A. W. Dye, O. B. ROLL Edwards, J. H. Flowers, J. H. Flowers, L. K. Franklin, J. H. Gassiert, W. M. Hamilton, C. Huey, H. Kaplan, K. Lumpkin, Q. Marks, J. H. MiNNISH. L. B. NoRRis, L, E, moseley, t. McXair, S. V. Rhodes, L Rylander, W. Stein, J. V. Stewart, W. Stokely, J. J L Strickland, J. Sullivan, R. K. Summerford, D. Swan, C. A. Taylor, J. H. Thurmond, yi. Walters, VV. B. Westerook, G. W. Wheeler. V. C. Williams, L F. Williams, V. C. Williams, W. D. Lieutenant P. J. Hudson Lieutenant W, T, Peterson Page 241 Captain J. T. Newtox Commanding Miss Cecil Michael Sfonsor J. H. Smith first IJcnlcnant W. P). Dyer Second Lieutenant M. LvNDON Second Lieutenant J. McMuRRiA First Sergeant Sergeants W. J. Benton (i. C. Gaines C. Brooks C. H. Jenkins J. P. Campbell A. Menard Ca ;j,,, J. T. !U, ' . Miss Cecil Michael Andrews, W. G. Ahrington, H. H. Bazhmore, J. D. Bible, C. G. HOND, J. B. PiORUERS, G. H. BuWDEN. S. H. Brown, J. S. Blirch, J. A. Campbell, W. J. Carlan, U. G. Gates, V. G. Cox, H. A. Crawfoku. J. I-. Dkksiix, 1. II. Lieutenant J. H. Smith Lieutenant W. B. Dyer i.:OLi. lisTES, A. E. Ferguson, L. FlTZPATRICK, A. Forehand, V. J. Freeman, J. Jarrett, J. R. Johnson, L. Jones, S. M. Killian, L. M. Lesser, M. E. Mays, J. O. Meaders, C. J. Michael, E. MoOKE, J. C. McKlNNEY, J. Oakes, C. W. Orr, W. E. Peebles, G. R. Popper, H. Racev, R. E. Randall, W. A Richardson, B. Rogers, W. S. Scarboro, p. j. Strickland, T. Sctton, J. A. Tetter, R. H. Walden, T. E. Wilkes, R. G. Wilson, H. Yesieukiewicz. L. W. A Page 242 Captain R. T. Anderson Miss Jane Woodhouse Captain R. T. Anderson Commanding Miss Jane Woodhouse Sponsor C. W. Peacock, Jr. . . . . First Lieutenant L. E. Herrinc.ton Second Lieutenant J. A. Hudson Second Lieutenant W. F. NoRRis First Sergeant Sergeants W. E. Holland M. V. Llxkey T. R. r. LlNDSEY C. B. VlLLL MS0N J. M. Wince -k kis- U - Allen, P. Atkinson, F. W. Barbre, N. C. Beall, N. Bryant, F. W. burrell, f. l. BURSON, A. Carroll, G. A. Chambers, J. W. Christian, F. L. Clark, G. W. Clark, H. Clovver, M. Crowe, V. Daves, F. Davis. A. S. Dixon, B. E. duffee, r. k. ROLL Duncan, M. H. Dyal, W. E. Elrod, J. B. Embry, a. F. Fitzpatrick, C. ' FiTZPATRICK, L. Forehand, M. J. Freeman, J. K. Gailey, W. H. Griffeth, L. T. Grizzle, R. A. Harden, H. V. Hudson, B. H. Huff, D. L. Johnson, L. G . Kemp, O. C. Lammers, S. Langford, R. N. Medders, D. E. MoORK, H. Morton, P. E. McGinty, C. a. O ' Kelley, H. B. Packard, R. R. Perkerson, H. W. Phillips, H. E. Pierce, J. C. PlERSON, J, W. Reaves, L. L. Rice, J. A. Rimes, H. M. Robertson, F. M. Salisbury, C. R. Scruggs, G. A. Thomas, M. A. Turner, C. L. Lieutenant C. W. Peacock, Jr. Lieutenant L. E. Herrington Page 243 C dvuLtii l ' cuLnient COLONEL CHAS. C. HARROLD, JR. MISS FRANCES NAPIER i LIEUTENANT-COLONEL tJ . R. BEDGOOD CAPTAIN J. P. JONES Colonel ChAS. C. HarROLD, ] Commanding Repment Miss Frances Napier Sponsor Lieutenant-Colonel W. R. Bedgood Executive Captain J. P. Jones ■ Adjutant Master Sergeant L. W. Webb Rc imeni(d Sergeant-Major Staff Sergeant J. W. Curtis Color Sergeant Staff Sergeant J. W. Davis Color Sergeant .. j3 lib 4.11 Page 244 ■n MAJOR B. N. STUCKEy MISS ELIZABETH COUSINS CAPTAIN R. E. KNOX Major B. N. StuCKEY Cnmrnanding Miss Elizabeth Cousixs Sponsor Captaix R. E. Kxox Adjutant Staff Sergeant H. J. Davis Ser, fant-Major MAJOR J. P. WALL MISS GRACE GOLDEN CAPTAIN A. J. HOPKINS Major J. P. Wall CommaiuUii ' i Miss Grace Golden Sponsor Captain A. J. Hopkins hljutani Staff Sergeant J. Carvill Sergeant-Major Page 245 MAJOR R. GATCHELL MISS MIRIAM CROFT CAPTAIN W. R. TUCK IVIajor R. Gatcheli Commainling Miss Miriam Croft Sponsor Captain W. R. Tuck idjutant Staff Sfrgeaxt J. Carvtll Semcani-Major ' ' y r ♦ Page 246 J-roaY) = l 7 Captain R. B. Law Coiiiiiiaiiding Miss Elizabeth Guii.lkbeai; . Triioft Sponsor T. P. Crawford First Lieutenant A. C. Spinks First Lieutenant V. c . Troutmax, JR Second Lieutenant 3. H Mathews J. J. Farmer Ser geants W F. First Se Neel ■geant D. B. HowARi) F. H. Triti.ock Captain R. B. Law L. G. Webb i KERS, W. AxGLIN, J. Berger, I. Berry, E. P. BiRDSONG, H. W. BowEx, C. A. Bryant, T. Calcagno, p. L. Culpepper, J. DeCharleroy, a. Eve, R. W. Fordham, J. R. Gary, H. H. ROLL GuxLS, M. Hart MAN, H. Hill, H. E. Ireland, L. H. Jackson, H. B. Kaplan, D. Lawson, R. p. Littlefield, M. Lowry, F. Lyons, E. E. Mathey, G. R. Miner, L E. Montgomery, J. Morris, N. T. Pace, W. E. Perlman, V. Pond, H. C. Preble, C. Seaton, F. W. Smith, G, A. SOLTTHER, B. Stewart, M. Thomas, C. H. Turner, E. Vinson, J. C. WiGGENS, E. B, WiLKlXS, S. Lieutenant T. P. C awioia Li.:.,- I- Page 247 Captain H. A. Perry Commanding Miss Elizabeth G ibbs . - ... Sfonsor J. C. Hai.i . . Captain A. CoHX .... .... l- ' irsl LicnIcnanI J. E. Roi ' NTREE First Licutcnanl T. Abney S ' rcnnd Lieutenant A. Z. 0 VE First Sergeant Sergeants J. M. x dair a. B. Jones C. A. Holmes J. W. Wilson Captain H. A. Pen E..;aocth Gibbs Captain J. C. Hall Captain A. Cohn Atkinson ' , D. S. Ball, J. S. Berman, S. M. BoLAXU, H. I.. bozemax. j. w. Broome, B. E. Campbell. D. M. Com lis, D. C. DoERR, L. W. Ehrluh, B. Everitt, C. J. FoRTsox, H. J. Frederickson, H. GiRTMAN, R. C. ROLL GriLii, E. M. GUNTER, W. B. Hanson, E. HollGSON, R. HoI.MAN, R. Jackson, C. joriion, c. Klein, M. LiNDSEY, O. L. LOWRY, H. Miller, R. E. MiMMS, W. M(Maxxs, L. V. Paddock, D. E. Patrick, VV. Peebles, W. J. Phillips, H. Poppke, W. Shapiro, H. L. Smith, M. L. Stephenson, J. E. SUSSMAN, M. TOMLIX, C. R. Trapnell, B. L. Wall, H B. Whipple, J. E. Williams, H. Pa3e248 Captain A. P. Whitehead .... Cciiiinajidiiig Miss June Shirley Sponsor N. A. Hardin First Lieutenant D. C. B. RR0W Second Lieutenant E. H. Keillev First Sergeant Sergeants Captain A. P. Whitehead Miss June Shirley G. Atkesox J. A, Jenkins V. McGinty J. W. Woodruff Atkinson, J. H. Austin, G. Bjorson, R. Brown, R. H. Burns, J. W. Carnevali, S. L. Chafin, V. Corey, S. C. Duncan, P. A. Epps, B. T. Falk, M. Farmer, H. Gerson, J. GiRTMAN, G. H. ROLL Harber, T. a. Harden, G. W. Hendricks, G. Howard, W. Jones, G. LlewllVn. T. C. Macon, M. Martin, E. D. MiTCHAM, J. S. Mitchell, R. D. McLean, C. A. Nelson, J. A. Palmer, C. L. Paris, F. D. Ferryman, E. PiCKNEY, J. E. Rosenberg, A. Rothwell, G. O Shingler, H. L Short, E. W. Smith, W. T. Story, J. T. Thompson, C. Tye, J. L. Walters, J. L. Warlick, L. Whelan, J. H Williams, F. Woods, T. L. M. Lieutenant N. A. Hardin Pd3e249 Captain G. E. WcEl.mukrav .... Coiniiiainling Miss Vkii.a Napieu St oiisor I,. C. Almanii . First Lieutenant J. L. GiLLis First Lieutenant T. J. ITicKKV First Sergeant Sergeants E. H. Ba.xtkk R. H. Langford C. V. BliKUY E. W. SOUTHERLANI) I Captain G. E. McElmurray Miss Viola Napier H I f f JLM ■■tf fy ROLL Lieutenant L. C. Almand Lieutenant J. L. Gillis I ' lAKKIlW, A. Harner, J. W. Taralv, W. IL Baugh, G. C. Hassenbaugh, K. a Phillips, C. M. BURRIS, C. W Houston, M. Presnell, G. C. Causey, C. Kernaghax, R. Rucker, J. H. C1.EIN, B. Levine, B. Shepard, J. R. Cka.xe, F. F. Marshai.l. K. D. SiMONTON, C. A. Daughtrv, C. F. MizE, C. Vandiver, S. E. Dean, C. M. Morris, A. Z). Van Ripper, W. i Fetzer, H. Norman, F. Watson, E. Gandv, J. Orr, B. Whitehead, J. P. G0LD.STEIN, B. v.. Owen, J. C. Whitehead, L. T. LL LLIBUUTON, J. u. Wright, J. A. Page 250 Captain A. B. Hailey Miss Dorothy Verner 1 1 i ' Cai ' taix a. B. Hailei ' CoiiuiHindin ' Miss Uokothy Vernek Sponsor H. S. Johnson ..... Second Lieutenant M. R. Thfgpen Second Lieutenant T. H. Maiiden First Sergeant Sergeants J. W. Cooper E. H. Kraeft E. H. Epperson C. O. Shivers R. J. SiMITII Allen, W. Bates, F. Bkeedlove. H. BlRRELL, J. L. Christian, J. Cohen, A. L. Crowe, H. E. Doyharzabel, Dresser, G. Erwin, (i. W. Evans, L. E. Fox, G. Freed, A. H. Gilbert. R. D ROLL Hall, R. W. Hammond, J. Harrell, G. Heidler, H. H. D. Little. W. Horne. R. LeHardy. J. R. I Lathe vs. J. Morris. C. R. Moss, A. McBride. H. McCriaimon, R. McKenzie, G. C. Olm stead, E. Owen, W. E. Pearson, O. Power, R. C. schnautz, r. Sharpe, R. S. Spence, W. a Street, F. Stringfellow, Teasley, W. Thornton. R. TriK, J. Van HOOK. ' . Wickham, F. Williams. C. Wright, J. A. W Lieutenant H. S. Johnson Lieutenant M. R. Thispcn Page 251 Jxc.y Lj Captain F. G. Towns . Miss Martha Eberhakdt J. E. Adams .... J. E. DvAi J. N. Max ki-i Commanding Sponsor First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . first Sergeant Sergeants G. A. Crabi! T. L. Lanf. W. A. CUOSSLANI) W. M. Pm.e H. R. Sewell Captain F. G. Towns Miss Martha Ebcrhardl M I M tf ' iM ROLL Al.LEN. J. F. Berry MAN, W. C. Branch, B. N. Broach, W. H. Brooke, V. J. Butts, B. Cherry, J. M. Culberson, F. E. dunson, w. f. Durham, W. P. V.unai. D. M. Elton, A. H. ICvEklTT. C. M. Foreman. T. M. Fuller, H. R. Hodgson, W. B. Hope. J. Jones, J. T. JUHAN, B. H. KiMBRELL, R. Levine, B, Lynch, C. U. AL R1!UT, S. . . Martin, R. E. Moody, R. A. Morrow, A. murrow, c. h. McCorkle, a. D. Newsome, F. C. Nicholson, R. M. Pollock, M. R. Rosen, F. W. Smith, E. J. Smith, H. R. Smith, S. A. Stapleton, L. Swarts, J. S. Wight, W. J. Wilson. R. C. woodruef, j. w. Page 252 Captain G. S. Crane Miss Elizabeth Adams Captain G. S. Crane Commanding Miss Elizabeth Adams Sponsor V. C. Hawkins first Lieutenant L. W. Benson Second Lieutenant V. H. McEvER Second Lieutenant J. G. Gillespie First Sergeant Sergeants S. Altman J. F. Li;e A. F. Davis J. T. Pkatheu C. F. ScHEIDEK w Z W ' : Anderson, J. C. Badgette, R. W. Ball, D. I. bowden, c. l. Bloomfield, R. E. Brookshire, p. F. Carmichael, J. Cleveland, J. B. Conrad, R. H. cumming, j. l. Davis, P. V. dorminy, a. c. Duke, B. F. Gordon, S. T. ROLL Groover, J. T. Harper, W. Hays, S. V. Hays, H. D. Henry, G. W. Hodges, F. G. Land, J. H. Lindsey, M. Martin, J. W. Morris, M. W. Neil, R. C. Orsini, S. L Paulk, R. F. Pope, E. L. Rice, C. E. Scarboroltgh. B. SlAFACAS, S. A. SiSLEY, W. R. Starin, D. W. Stevens, H. Stiles, A. B. Sullivan, R. F. Turner, J. S. Watson, J. H. Watson, R. L. Williams, H. E. Williams, H. Earnest Williams, H. R. Yow, J. Lieutenant W. C. Hawkins Lieutenant L. W. Benson Pa3e253 Jtccv A Captain A, F. Solms . Miss Elizabeth Mathis . W. H. Hartman J. E. NOLAND .... L. R. Thomas .... Coiiiiiuiiiiliii i . S onsor first Lieutenant Second Lienlenant . first Sergeant Sergeants R. J. Bell R. Davis W. W. Brooke W. F. Martin J. T. Watson Captain A, P, boln-.s Miss Elizabeth Mathis -4 nil -fe ROLL Lieutci-dnt 7. ' . H. Haitiiion Lieutenant J. E. Noljnd ASHFIIRI), J. N. Graves, C. E. Smith, G. W " . Bates, E. B. Hakgrave, B. Smith, R. !• " . Bowers, B. B. Milliard, B. Stewart. B. F. F ROWN, A. H. K. UFFMAN, G. E. Still, W. E. Brown, E. O. KiMiiKou ;H, R. B. Sweat, F. C. Camp, J. B. Knight, E. Thomas, C. AL Collins, M. W. L. timer, C. H ViCKERY, C. J. Culver, G. R. Mitchell, B. D. Wallace, R. W. Daniel, J. McKnight, R. R. Watt, J. ' 1 " . Dearino, M. G. Paine, J. G. WiLEONG, W. DUBBERLY, D. F. Phillips, E. Williams, W. V Dukes, H. Powell, J. W. WlLSON, J. . . FOKES, R. E. Ritchie, R. L. Yundt, G. Gaznioa. C. E. Scott, E. S. Za(1i. ky, . . L. Page 254 Captain E. W. Cubbedge Miss Emily Gamble t ' - ' 7 J- Captain E. V. Cubbedge Commanding Miss Emily Gamble Sponsor B. H. Studdard FWsl Lieutenant D. M. Leebern Second Lieutenant J. A. Tisox Second Lieutenant A. H. Davis First Sergeant Sergeants O. W. FiROR S. R. MuRrHv R. E. Foster O. W. Thompson H. C. Woodward Addv, Z. M. Beali, G. T. Barrow, D. C. Blanchard, M. C. Brown, M. BVNUM, H. C. Collins, C. R. Cutler, M. Davis, J. B. DuBose, M. D. Dumas, H. S. Erwin, H. Giles, J. T. Greene, J. B. ROLL HlNCHLIFFE, E. J. Howell, E. M. Kelly, H. D. LOIZEAUX, J. D. MiLLSAP, E. M. Moelchart. L. W. McMahon, R. Newsome, T. R. Parker, L. O. Faulk, B. PULLEN, E. Reed, W. G. Renka, J. T. Russell, V. Seago, G. H. SisK, M. SOLMS, J. F. Spearman, J. W. Stacy, H. G. Stewart, J. P. Strain, E. Tabor, T. O. Tripp, M. Wall, H. F. Wilkinson, C. WiNGE, F. C. Young, R. T. Lieutenant B. H. Studdard Lieutenant D. M. Lecbern Pa3e255 ■ cahhdta ami 1 ,1 ityLiL Nationiil Honorary M ' ditciry Fr iter- nify. Estahlishid at the liiifersily of Georgia in 11)20. L Company . Seron I Resimenl. OFFICERS lioB Law President Charles Harrold . . Viee-President John Newton Seeretary Hhi. HartMAN .... Treasurer r f ftl. O. : f , O, ' ANDERSON BELL HALL HARDIN HUGHES JONES NEWTON PERRy SOLMS COHN HARROLD LAW PHILLIPS WALL COVINGTON GATCHELL HARTMAN HAWKINS MILNER McELMURRAy RAMSEy SELL yow AIEMBERS Bob Anderson But. Hartman John Newton John Bell Colbert Hawkins Howard Perr - Aaron Cohn E. C. Hughes Ernest Phillips Dean Covington John Paul Jo.ves Bernard Ramsey Roy Gatchell Bob Law Ed Sell J. C. Hall Tom Milner Tony Solms Nat Hardin Pete McElmurrav J. P. Wall Charles Harrold Ben Yow Page 256 I t ' J eant The R. (). T. C. RiHe Team of the L niversity of Georgia fired postal matches with schools located in every part of the United States, winning a majority of them. It fired six shoulder-to-shoulder matches with the L niversit ' of Alahama, Clemson College, and North Georgia College, losing only to the University of Alabama. In the Southeastern Conference Rifle Match at Auburn, Alabama, it finished in fourth place, with the following teams competing: University of Alabama, Georgia Tech, University of Florida, Uni- versity of Georgia, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Mississippi State College, and North Georgia Col- lege. The team was coached by Sergeant J. P. Holloman and G. B. Duke was the captain. -MEMBERS G. B. Duke, Captain JOHX ASHFORD H. J. Davis J. B. Davis Sa.m Bowden H. Howard W. B. Dyer H. C. Calhoux E. Pope B. H. Mathews E. T. Knight J. C. Bell Byrox Bower J. G. Gillespie E. W. CUBBEGE Pase257 MAJOR GENERAL i_f-!OFT MAJOR GENERAL KROMER RESERVE OFFICERS ' TRAINING CORPS Successful operation of the Reserve Officers ' Training Corps is iiuiispensable to the efficiency of the Officers ' Reserve Corps and to the national system of land defense. While it is well understood tiiat the military training is primarily intentled to prepare the younij men of this country for the highest of all privileges of citizenship — that of serving the country in time of need — it has a power- ful influence entirely apart from the military policy of the United States. It teaches self-respect, industry, pride ant! the finest conce pt of citizenship. It engenders consideration for others and the subordination of the individual to the welfare of the whole; respect for law and properly constituted authority. The training develops tlie body and coordinates the mental and physical processes. Graduates of the R. O. T. C. go forth to play their part as leaders in whatever field of endea or they may enter with courage, fortitude and self-reliance. Edw. Croft, Mfijor General, Chief ijj Irifiiiitry. WAR DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF CAVALRY WASHINGTON, D. C. To THE Members of the R. O. T. C. — The successful results being obtaineil in tiie R. O. T. C. are of signilicant alue not only to our coiuitry but also to you members as individuals. The country receives tangible benefits, as the members have received basic training in military leadership and in the more important duties of American citizenship. It has long been recognized that our provisions for organ- ized national defense are strengtheneii annually by commissioning graiJuates in the Officers ' Reserve Corps. Of similar importance is the addition of patriotic and sound-thinking (iung citizens to community life. The individual benefits from tiie course of instruction which develops respect for constituted authority, co- operation with others, initiative, loyalty, and physical and moral courage. These qualities are as essential to indi- vidual success in community life as in military service. 1 he R. O. T. C. is thus not only strengthening our country ' s bulv arks of defense but is also building men of character for leadersiiip in civilian Hfe. Leon B. Kromer, Mtijor General, U. S. Army, Chief of Cavalry. Page 258 l In 1920, with " Uncle Dave " Barrow still serving as Chancellor, the University entered on a new phase of its long career — women were in the graduating class for the first time in history. Allowed to enroll in 1918, these early women students were bitterly resented at first by the men but were the forerunners of the multitudinous co-eds who dot the campus today and form such a pleasant and important part of University life. a tatetiiuLeA tnictcn First Term Aaron Cohx David Segall Herman Kraft . Maurice Friedman . ALPHA EPSILON P OFFICERS Muster . Lit ' lileiiaiil Miistfi . Exchequer . Scribe Second Term Sidney L. Raskin . Herman Kraft Maurice Friedman Walter Isenberg CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Hakky Kaplan Savannah Nat Krl ' Mbein Wasliington David Segall Savannah JUNIORS Louis Cohen Glennville Maurice Friedman Sandersvil e Leonard Garten Augusta Allan Goldman E gin, III. Bruno Held BaliUvin. L. I., N. Y. Walter Isenberg Gordon Herman Kraft Savannah Gerald Medden Savannah SOPHOMORES Harvey Cohen Albanv Leo Gilman Columbus Herman Lund Athens Alvix Mexdel Monroe Bennie Prisant Albany Sydney Rich Atlanta Herman Simon Brooklet ERICSHMEN Israel Berger Lincolnton Aaron Cohen Colchester, Conn. Sonny Uvalda Irving Miner Baldwin, L. I., N. Y. Alfred Morgan . tlanta .Albert Rosenberg Swainsboro Martin Sussman Savannah Leonard Taneneaum Augusta LAW . aron Cohn Columbus .■ iiiert Mazo Savannah Sidney Raskin Savannah FACTS: Founded at New " ' ork University in 1913 . . . ( )micr()n Chapter established in 1926 . . . Ifath fraternity on campus in point of ajje . . . national Alpha Epsilon Pi da held each year in August . . . fraternity confers honorary and facult - memberships . . . magazine is . « Epsilaii Pi Oiiartrrly . . . colors are blue and gcjld . . . Hovver is ellow rose ... 22 chapters. Pa3c262 KAPLAN KRUMBEIN SEGALL COHEN, L. FRIEDMAN GARTEN GOLDMAN HELD ISENBERG KRAFT MEDDEN COHEN, H. GILMAN LUND PRISANT RICH SIMON BERGER COHEN, A. KAPLAN, S. MINER MORGAN ROSENBERG SUSSMAN TANENBAUM COHN MAZO RASKIN rrrs, y I S, n o ' an fs f f " . 4l I Page 263 iLla . First Term W. E. CURRIK W. A. Cross LAND B ROUGH TON BliXXIiTT G. W. Carr, Jr. . . ALPHA LAMBDA TAU OFFICERS Second Term Recent Robert Mays W. A. Crossland Baron Trciisiirer Scribe D. E. Bland Ray Bowen MEMBERS ON FACULTY D. D. Jeter W. P. olxg CHAPTER ROLL SIuVIORS D. E. Bland McRae Ray Buwex Gainesville W. E. CuRRiE, Jr. Alamo Robert Mays Jackson Charles Treauaway Tliomaston JUXIORS Brol ' GHTOx Bexnett Waycross YiLLL M Crossland tlanta Harland Fetzer Marlow Derrick Mincky Claxton Hamby Mize Augusta Henry Steadman Augusta Louis Shiman Coolidge SOPHOMORES Gecirc ' .e V. Carr, Jr. Bradford, N. H. GuYTON DeLoach Claxton Edwix McDoxald Fitzgerald Forrest Sweat Waycross D. C. Thrette Dallas, Tex. FRESHMEN Elton Clifton Statesboro Roy Shlman Coolidge Jack Taylor Greensboro LAW Newell Edenfield Savannah FACTS: Ortianized at Oglethorpe University . . . first fraternity at Oglethorpe after its reorganization . . . central office locateil in Atlanta . . . Thcta Chapter established in 1929 . . . youngest fraternity on campus . . . Rose Leaf is the publication . . . colors are old gold and black . . . flower is American Beauty rose ... 26 chapters. Page 264 BLAND BOWEN CURRIE MAYS BENNETT CROSSLAND FETZER MINCEY STEADMAN SCHUMAN, L CARR DeLOACH McDonald SWEAT CLIFTON SCHUMAN, R. TAYLOR EDENFIELD Pa3e265 Qfeotflu lyliu Jyctci c ALPHA TAU OMEGA First Term E. S. Sell J. P. Jones Berxard Ramsey Mack Lancaster OFFICERS Sconul Term . President .... Bernard Ramsey J Ue-President . . . G. L. McElmurray . Treasurer J. A. Smith . Secretary Ralph Rice R. p. Brooks Peter Brown MEMBERS ON FACULTY L. L. Hendren H. L Reynolds Robert Segrest Sam Whitaker CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS I ' . II. Betts Atlanta J. W. Foster McRae W. P. HoRKAN Moultrie J. P. Jones Macon G. L, McElmurray Lizella T. M. Purcell Cochran Bernard Ramsey Macon H. C. Smith Lawrenceville JUNIORS R. J. Booker McRae H. E. Evans Perry W. D. Hammack Cuthber ' t Hugh D. Howarli Ludovvici H. C. Keller Innction City P. M. Lancaster .Albany F. U. Morris Greenville Ralph Rice Woodland Jack G. Robison Lawrenceville F. H, Shields Chickamaiiga J. A. Smith Taibotton Siii -KY J. Taylor Daxisboro Nelson Tift Albany WooDRow WiLLsoN Lvons John Woodcock Gainesville SOPHOMORES J. O. Baggett Lawrenceville W.M. J. Forehand Sylvester 0. L. Hudson Sandersville J. W. Humes Columbus Jack Maxwell Talbotton J- R- Rice Woodland frI ' :shmen J. E. Cook Albany Arthur G. Estes Qav W. McD. McElrath Macoii Leon Trapnell Covington F. L. WicKHAM Columbus 1 . L. Wood Macon LAW J. W. Bush Macon E- - E " -L Athens " ' ■ ' «i -— FACTS: Founded at Viry;inia Military- Institute in 1865 . . . first fraternity to be established after the War Between tiie States ... for a time had city chapters . . . similar to college chapters . . . policy discontinued ... Georgia Alpha Beta Chapter established in 1878 . . . .sixth fraternity on the campus . . . publication is The Palm . . . flower is the white tea rose . . . colors sky blue and old gold ... 96 chapters. Pasc 266 BETTS FOSTER JONES McELMURRAY PURCELL RAMSEy SMITH, H. C. BOOKER EVANS HAMMACK HOWARD LANCASTER MORRIS RICE, R. ROBISON SHIELDS SMITH, J. A. TAVLOR TIFT WILLSON WOODCOCK BAGGETT FOREHAND HUDSON HUMES MAXWELL RICE, J. COOK ESTES McELRATH TRAPNELL WICKHAM WOOD SELL Pa3e267 Cta oj CHI PHI (OFFICERS Wade Hovt ;« W ' li.LiAM McWhorthr Beta Robert Troutman Giinuiin Philip Morgan Delia William Schroder Epsihjn William Hartman Zcia Har.mox Caldwell Thomas Green MEMBERS ON FACULTY Robert ] Ic Vhorter Blaxchard Worsley u. R. Barrow- chapter SENIORS James Binc.ham Ukimilgce. Okla. Ed CuBBEDciE Savannali Harry Hakman Atlanta Harry Jennincs Milledgeville James Moure Bolton Phil Morgan Guyton Randolph Neely Atlanta JUNIORS Manne Adams Seliring. Fla. Edgar Chancellor Columbus Dan Franklin Atlanta WiLLLVM Hartman Milledgevillc Robert Heard Ellierton Alfred Kennedy Atlanta G. A. NicoLSON Atlanta William Stant(LV W ' aycrns ' Walter Troutman Tennillc SOPHOMORES Travis Tabor EUierton Robert Troutman Atlanta William Wallace Rutledge Clayton Wilhite Milledgeville ROLL FRESHMEN William Akers Atlanta Joe Atkinson West Ponit Ben Burgess Decatur Morris McDonald Bolton Gordon McKenzie Ashburn James Ragan Blackshear Herbert Reynolds Atlanta Herbert Shingler Ashburn Abner Simonton Atlanta Bobby Smith Tennille John Tye Atlanta Dick Upchurch thens James Wallace Atlanta LAW Thomas Evins Atlanta Albert Fahy Rome Fred Harrison Augusta Wade Hoyt Rome I. S. Mitchell Atlanta William McWhorter Lexington William Schroder Atlanta FACTS: Founded in 1854 at Princeton University . . . result of successive unions of three older organiza- tions of same name . . . Princeton Order traced its order to 1824 . . . Eta Chapter established in 1867 . . . second oldest traternit on the campus . . . sunflower is the flower . . . scarlet and blue are the colors . . . the Chakcll is the magazine ... 35 chapters. Page 268 CUBBEDGE HARMAN JENNINGS MOORE MORGAN NEELY ADAMS CHANCELLOR FRANKLIN HARTMAN HEARD KENNEDY NICOLSON TROUTMAN, W. TABOR TROUTMAN, R. WALLACE, W. WILHITE AKERS ATKINSON BURGESS McDonald McKENZIE RAGAN REYNOLDS SHINGLER SMITH TYE UPCHURCH WALLACE, J. EVINS FAHY HARRISON HOYT MITCHELL ' .■? Page 269 lyL lyL cliu c{ 0H PS I OFFICERS Gardelle Lewis President John Wilson Vice-President Howard Davis Secretary Walter Wheeler Treasurer M. H. Hrvan MEMBERS ON FACULTY Hugh Hodgson T. H. Whitehead CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Roy Gatchell Atlanta Gardelle Lewis Augusta D. R. McRae Augusta W. B. Wheeler Rome J. C. Wilson Hartford, Conn. JUNIORS B. K. Carmichael Jackson J. P. Clifton Uvalda A. H, Frye Griffin J. C. Garland Barnesville John Lester Monttzuma Harry Mathews Milieu K. Smith Winder N. G. Stewaut Woodbine SOPHOMORES John Cleveland C eveland, S. C. Howard Davis Bearing W. E. Dyal Woodbine J. T. Giles Byromville Louis Johnson Atlanta Joel Lawson Macon Laurence McCarthy White Oak Emery Parmenter Atca James W. Powell Griffin R. C. Wilson Athens FRESHMEN Dick Jones Atlanta W. Parker Cedartown Harvey Pond Hartford, Conn. John D. Storey Athens Alex Wright Washington ' .. n FACTS: Fouiiik-il in IS41 at I nion College . . . fifth fraternity originating there . . . social purposes emphasized more than literar . . . houses called lodges . . . log cabin built at L ' chigan in 1845 was prototype of modern fraternity house . . . Alpha Alpha Delta Chapter established in 1890 . . . ninth fraternity on the campus ... 25 chapters . . . magazine is The I ' lir e and Gold . . . colors arc purple and gold. Pa3e270 GATCHELL LEWIS McRAE WHEELER CARMICHAEL CLIFTON FRYE GARLAND LESTER MATHEWS SMITH STEWART CLEVELAND DAVIS DYAL GILES JOHNSON LAWSON McCarthy parmenter POWELL WILSON PARKER POND STOREY WRIGHT -; ' O Pa3c27l du 3 cltu c DELTA TAU DELTA OFFICERS Lee Price, Jr I ' rrsii nii Chaunci; ' ! ' Clark 1 nc-Prcsulcnt Herman W. Cooi.idge Trcusiofr Walter Jacobs, Jr Recor liiifr Sccrctnry W. O. Reich Conesporu ing Secretary MKMBKR ON FACULTY Wii.LLNM Tate CHAPTER ROLL SENMORS George W. Cobk Savannali Chauncev Clark Augusta J. J. O ' CoNNEu Tarrytown Malcolm Pktekson Ailey S. B. Yow Athens JUNIORS Jack Axdkew.s Tlioiiiaston Glenx T. Brixsox Wrightsville H. I. CoNXER Mt. Vernon Henry Cullens Soperton James O. Hoover Augusta Walter Jacobs, Jr. West Point Harold Lloyd Athens DoRSEY McCtniKY Hartwell Lee Price, Jr. Swainsboro SOPHOMORES J. C. AxDERSOx West Point Joel B. Campbell Quincy. Fla. James Carmichael Swainslioro H. A. Dean Vidalia Marcus Geokce Vienna L. A. Ingram Fayetteville W. H. MosEs Uvalda W, O. Reich Columbus Ralph Smith Swainslioro Regixai.d Thompson Swainslioro Joe Woods thens FRESHMEN Ernest Long Bartow Jack Nelson Atlanta LAW Herman Cooliuc.e Isle of Hope A. Parker Carrollton FACTS: Or :ani ed at Hethan College in 1859 . . . united with the Rainbow Society, first Southern frateniit , in 1886 . . . Beta Delta Chapter established at Oorgia in 1882 . . . eitrhth fraternity on the campus ... 75 chapters . . . Howei is the pansy . . . colors arc purple, goM, and white . . . magazine is I ' lic Rainhrm-. Page 272 COBB CLARK O ' CONNER PETERSON yow BRINSON CULLENS HOOVER JACOB S LLOYD McCURRY PRICE ANDERSON CARMICHAEL DEAN GEORGE INGRAM MOSES REICH SMITH 4 ii THOMPSON WOODS LONG 1 NELSON COOLIDGE - l» w J Rase 273 Liununa c KAPPA ALPHA JOHX Newtox Nat Hardin Howard Perry Birch O ' Neal OFFICERS l- ' nsiilciit I iie-l ' risiih lit Sciii tdiy Jretisurcr JoHX K. Drewrv " M. D. UuBose ]. Altox Hosch MEMBERS ON FACULTY M. B. POLXD R. H. Powell Ashley Sellers Chas. M. Strahan Major Richard Trimble SEN ' IORS Walker Bensox Atlanta Tom Bailey Newnan George Crane Athens Nat Hardin Forsyth Paul Hodgson Athens Frank Little Thomasville John Newton Madison Tracy Olmstead .... Savannali Howard PERR ■ Winder Clyde Spinks .Atlanta Billy Tuck Athens JUNIORS George Dance . tlanta John D.wis Valdosta Fred Duval .Social Circle James Farmer Newnan Albert Men. ri) Macon John McPherson . thcns Harold Stone Oxford CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES John . sheorii . thens Bill Bowdoin Atlanta Marion DuBose Athens George Fisher Newnan Charlie . . Mempliis. Tcnn. Slaton Jones Atlanta Reynolds Moody Atlanta Floyd Newto.m Madison Walker Newton Madison George Perry Winder H. RRY Trimiu.e Athens Barnett Wingfield .... Athens Richard Young Colnnibns FRKSHMFN David Atkinson . J. CK Baynes . . . Dol ' glas CAMrr.i-LL Frank Ckaxe . . Savannah Greeshuni . Athens • .Athens Wn.i.iA.M Crenshaw . ■ . .Atlanta Julian Halliiiurton .... Macon Rodert Hodgson .Athens RoiiERT HoLM.w Al])any Louis Killia.n Macon Newt Morris Marietta Dave Paddock Athens Osgood Pearson .Albany Harbut Randall Atlanta Louis Warlick .... Cartersville law- Cook Barwick Lonisville .Asa Candler .Atlanta DuPREE HuNNicuTT .... .Athens Tho.mas Milner .Albany Birch O ' Neai Bainbridge Jack Ray Norwood George Si ' Ence .Atlanta Warnock . . . Tarrytown Y. L. W. TsoN Qiiincy, Fla. -A ' Vi- FACTS: Fnundecl at Washington Collcijc, now Yasliin.iitoii and Lee. in 1S65 . . . first called I ' hi Kappa Chi . . . inaiijrit of chapters in Southern institutions . . . third fraternity to come to Geoii:ia . . . Gamma Chapter established in 1S68 . . . third oldest chapter of Kappa Alpha . . . crimson an l olil gold arc the colors . . . red rose and nuiLinolia are the llowers . . . Ktippii .J plia J ' liinud is the maiza- zine . . . 6S chapters. P age 274 BENSON HARDIN HODGSON LITTLE NENX TON OLMSTEAD PERRy, H. SPINKS TUCK DANCE DAVIS DUVAL FARMER MENARD McPHERSON STONE ASHFORD BOWDOIN DuBOSE FISHER HEFLIN JONES MOODY NEWTON, F. NEWTON, W. PERRY, G. TRIMBLE YOUNG ATKINSON BAYNES CAMPBELL CRANE CRENSHAW HALLIBURTON HODGSON HOLMAN KILLIAN MORRIS PADDOCK PEARSON RANDALL WARLICK BARWICK CANDLER HUNNICUTT MILNER O ' NEAL RAY SPENCE WARNOCK WATSON :?,. n n t ' i- ' - ' " r , - o Q ■ o. ' ' : " ' ' ti f f Page 275 j ,cU X " ' i 4 KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS Ghorgi- Boswei.i Grand Master Charles Hopper Grand Mastt-r of Ceremonies Lewis Stewart Grand Scri yc Hugh I). Broome Grand Treasurer John Broome Grand Procurator Reader CHAPTER ROLL SI ' NTORS Geor(;e H. Boswei.l Crawfordville F.MMETT Black Dublin John W. Broome McBcan E. E. EsEACH Duinont, N. J. Clement B. Haines Athens Charles C. Hopper Purchase. N. Y. Fred Lanier Atlanta William Peterson Freeport, N. Y. L. C. Stewart Union Point JUNIORS Hi CH D. Broome McBean Dave Luke Camilla H. B. Miller Winder Richard Russell Augusta W. A. Steed Augusta John F. Sisi.ey Athens AVii.LiAM Stephens Lake City, Fla. H. N. West DeSoto Western Whitfield Blue Ridge SOPHOMORES William Applep.v Atlanta Jack Britt Atlanta Frank Brown Atlanta Herbert Fuller HnlldwcU, Maine Donald Kelly Waverly William Sislev Athens FRESHMEN Bennik Broome McBean George Hammond Newnan James Moore Atlanta R. V. SciiNAiTZ. Jr. Port Clieater. . Y. Tarver Smith Haddock T. F. Wai.iien Gibson Bn.Lv WiER Athens r» J " ■ , r- »- ' -,. -rix. .i FAdTS: FoiiikIciI nt tlie C ' lliversitN of N ' irizinia in 1869 . . . first Southern fratcrnitx to establish a chap- ter in the North . . . Beta Lambila Chapter established in 19(11 . . . Kith tratcrnit on the campus in respect of aiic . . . ' I ' lie ( adureus is the inai:a ,ine . . . colors are scarlet, white am! emerald Lireen . . . flower is the lil -of-the-valle . Page 276 BOSWELL BLACK BROOME, J. W. ESBACH HAINES HOOPER PETERSON STEWART BROCAGE, H. D. LUKE MILLER RUSSELL STEED SISLEV, J.F. STEPHENS WEST WHITFIELD APPLEBY BROWN FULLER KELLY SISLEY, W. BROOME, B. HAMMOND MOORE ' , f f SCHNAUT7- WALDFN WIFR Page 277 •• LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS Edward M. President Carl Pittman T ice-President Max Lindsay Secretary Ben Austin Treasurer MEMBER ON FACUEI " Lun Bin.cHi ' R CHART SENIORS Ben Austin Vitlalia J. Richard Bvku Athens Burg Dyer Dalilonega John T. Engel Savamiali Carl S. Pittman Tifton Eugene A. Smith Atlanta JUNIORS Richard Aliun Bay Minette, Ala. Robert F. Carter Naylor Walter J. Davis Brunswick R. G. Geeslin At ' anta Ward E. Holland Collins Henry Madden Athens Otis Maffett Atlanta Charles V. Sammon AMu ' villc. S. C. SOPHOMORES Horace W. Field Atlanta J. QuiNTON LiMi-Kix Macon Max Lindsay Atlanta Sam Marbut Athens I ' jiw ARM M. MiLi.sAP Atlanta :r roel Billy Mims Atlanta Hugh Moore Nashville R. J. McMahon Savannali H. W. Perkersox Greenvil e Jerome Lee Sullivan Savannah J. S. SwARTS Van Horn, Texas Carroll M. Thomas Decatur FRESHMEN James Brennan Savannah ScoTT Brown Atlanta Vassa Cate Brunswick W VLTER Cook Furt McPhersun Richard Davis Taylorsville James Fordham Grayniont Henry Fkederiksex Union City, N. J. Olin Hammond Erie, Pa. Jimmy ' Jones Brunswick Charles Jordan Atlanta Harold Lowrv Cartersville Warren Thrasher Douglas Warren Van-Riitek Atlanta John Whipri.k Quitman S. M WiLKINS Cnhunhus FACrrS: I ' DuncJcil ;it Huston University in ' H)9 . . . (iiiti:i " ii th iil L ' dsniijpolitan Law Club ... 86 chapters . . . I4tli tratcniit to come to (ic(nt;ia . . . Nu Chapter cstahlishcil in I ' IS . . . all chapters reciuired to issue at least tour periodicals a year . . . national puhlication is the ( ross and (des- cent . . . colors are purple, green and jiold . . . flower is the iolet. Page 278 AUSTIN BVRD DYER ENGEL PITTMAN SMITH ALBIN CARTER DAVIS, W. GEESLIN HOLLAND MADDEN MAFFETT SAMMON FIELD LUMPKIN LINDSAY MARBUT MILLSAP MIMS MOORE McMAHON PERKERSON SULLIVAN BRENNAN BROWN CATE COOK DAVIS, R. FORDHAM HAMMOND JONES JORDAN LOWRY THRASHER VAN RIPPER WHIPPLE WILKINS -• flPf : ' ? (P ls 4 i Mk i " ai a, , I Page 279 Qeoufui lyL c PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS Harrv Hopkins President J. C. Ray Seerelary A. B. Jones Treasurer A. L. Ayers PI ' arden Frank Manx Reporter J. A. McMuRRIA Chorister U. T. H. Davenport V. Reed MEMBERS ON FACULTY A. W. Scott R. P. Stephens V. P. Warren R. H. West S1 ' " .X1()RS A. L. Ayers Jefferson E. H. Blount Waynesboro A. S. BoYEK ' Millen C. C. Harkoi.u, Jk. Macon R. B. Law Wavncsljoro F. R. Manx . ' McRae J. C. Ray .... Jacksonville, Fla. O. M. ROREKT.S tliens C. L). Shei ' Aki) .At anta W. H. Terry Quitman JUNIORS D. R. Adams Boston W. H. Arnold . tlanta E. T. Blal ' KM. n -Atlanta .Albert Boyd Savannah R. Cochran Butler J. G. D.-wis Camilla C. B. Dyal ... St. Petersburg, Fla. F. S. Horne Athens J. R. Horne .Athens .A.. B. Jones Atlanta CHAPTER ROLL J. B. Kendru K .... Waynesboro T. W. Lyndon Macon B. H. Mathews .Atlanta J. A. McMuRRi. Columbus J. II. MuLLi.N-o Montezuma J. 1!. NoRM. ' VN Moultrie P. L. Rigdon Tifton SOPHOMORES J. B. Butts Monroe J. Carvill Di.xon, Ky. H. S. Dumas Atlanta L. T. Griffith Eatonton E. M. Howell .Atlanta E. D. Knight .Atlanta A. MuRKAH .Atlanta W. Rylander .Americus G. W. Smith Winder H. Stevens .Atlanta C. H. Terry Quitman H. W. Vi(,HT .Atlanta C. K. Wo(JTE She ' lman J. B. Vow Toccoa FRESHMEN C. Bowen Tifton J. W. Sylvester J. Brewer Gainesville R. Eve Tifton R. FoKEs Montezuma J. L. Ham.mond Monroe R.VYMOND Horne . . . Cartersville R. Horne Athens H. Johnson Marion, Pa. J. Owen Griffin J. Reid .Athens Bill Smith Tifton R. ToMi.iN .-Atlanta F. ' a. iiiver Lavonia L. W H. G. Bowers Americus H. .A. Monroe L. W. Dykes .Americus H. .A. Hopkins .Athens R. JoKii.VN Talliotton W, .A. L. w Waynesboro William Lee Fort A ' alley T. LiNDSEY Griffin William S.mitii .Americus J Jilij2 . FACTS: Kciuiulcil at .Miami University in I S48 . . . member of the L ' ami Triad . . . at first existed sub rosa . . . two cliapters at AL ' ami tor a wliile . . . Georjiia Alpha established in 1871 . . . fifth fraternity on the campus . . . white carnation is the flower . . . arLient and a ure are the colors . . . magazine is the Scroll of Phi Delta Theta . . . 106 chapters. Page 280 AVERS BLOUNT BOYER HARROLD LAW MANN RAY ROBERTS SHEPARD TERRY, W.H. ADAMS ARNOLD BLACKMAN BOYD COCHRAN DAVIS DYAL HORNE, F. S. HORNE.J. R. JONES LYNDON MATHEWS McMURRIA MULLINO NORMAN RIGDON BUTTS CARVILL DUMAS GRIFFITH HOWELL KNIGHT MURRAH RYLANDER SMITH STEVENS TERRY, C. H. WIGHT WOOTEN YOW BOWEN BOZEMAN EVE FOKES HAMMOND HORNE, RAYMOND HORNE, R. JOHNSON OWEN REID TOMLIN VANDIVER BOWERS DEAN DYKES JORDAN LAW LINDSEY SMITH Page 281 . I In . ' phi epsilon pi OFKICKRS Ralph FixirBERC, Pn-sidt ' iit Richard Joel nce-Fresident }. Goldstein ' Scrctary I. A. Soi.oMOXS Trvasiircr CHAPTFR ROLL SENIORS Ralph Fineberg Atlanta Jav Goldstein Macon Myron Hirsch Albany Richard Joel Athens JUXIORS T.ESTER Friedman- Bainbridge I. A. Solomons Savannah SOr ' IIO.MoRR Moses Cutler Athens FRFSHMEX Charles Joel Athens Milton Lesser Athens E.Mu.E Muhael Athens Rohekt Rothlero Atlanta Loris SoHN Atlanta A. I,. Weill tlanla LAW EiiMrxD Laniim- Alb; " I H ' J.. FACTS: ( )rL ' :ini ,C(l in 1404 at the College of the L ' it ot New ' N (Jik . . . toimded as a noivseetarian organization . . . AJu Chapter at ( leoi iia established in l ' M5 . . . formed troni tlie K. 1). S. Society dating from 18 ' 5 . . . oldest Jewish local fraternif in lontiniioiis existence . . . 1 2tli on the campus . . . Mu consistently wins national scholarship award ... .51 chapters . . . majia ane is the I ' hi Ep- silon I ' i (Jiuirterly . . . colors are purple and goXd . . . Hower is the white carnation. Page 282 FINEBERG GOLDSTEIN HIRSCH k JOEL, R. FRIEDMAN SOLOMONS , " CUTLER JOEL, C. LESSER MICHAEL ROTHBERG SOHN WEILL LANDAU Page 283 lyL . I In c- PI KAPPA ALPHA OFPICKRS Luke Greene Presii cnt Wii.l.lAM F. GwvNN [ ' ici ' -Presi le it VlI.S()X B. Wll.KES Secrct iry KvERETT AI. Rogers Treasurer Charles Woodai.l Ihn .w Mdnai ' tr II ME.MBKRS ON FACULTY Weems (). Baskix John E. Hroadnax Pali, V. CHAl ' L N HuBERi B. Owens CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Ralph E. Carlisle . . . Thomas P. Ckavvfokii . • James E. Dyal Charlie Grant W. Luke Greene ... 1 ' . William F. Gwynm . . Julius C. Hall . Spartan Donald M. Leebern . W. Horace McEver Everett M. Rogers • W.M. Guy Tiller . . Forrest G. Towns . James P. Wall . . Wilson B. Wilkes . l. c. w. woodall • • Cairo . .Vtlicns . Baxlcy . .AtlK ' llS 1 Grmind Zulnilon iliurg, S. C. Columbus . Monroe • . . .• del . Athens . ugiista . . tlaiita . . .A. del . . Cairo JUNIORS William H. Chandler . . • .- tliens William L. Crisp Clayton E. Mack Jennings lbany Elston L. Johnson . lina William H. Kennedy . . Statesboro Tommy Lee L.- ne Pelhani Ralph H. Lankford .... Lyons William E. Merritt . . Charles P. Ollifk . . James V.. I ' almkk . . SOPHOMOR Xed Clark B. uhre . . Claud Daviiisox. Jk. . Thomas A. Early, Jr. Geo. Bruce Head . . . Bex H. Hudso.x . . . . St. nton M. Lammers . Roy E. Martin . . . . Fred Meadows .... Joseph H. Morris • . . Hkxkv (Srady Robeuts • RoiiERT Salishury . . ■ Charles A. Smith . . Edward E. Strain . . James H. Telford, Jr. . " Sanford Vandivfr . . Hilton F. Wall ... . . . tlanta ■ Statesboro ■ . ■ Canton ICS • . . Macon . La(irange . . . Bi,sb jp Hogansville . Coliimbiis . . .Atlanta . Columbus . . . Athens . Mavsville MilledKeville . . . tlanta Hogansville . . . I alton . Cleveland . . . tlanta . . . . tlanta FRESH M I ' N Buster Birdsong thens James Bailey Athens Sam. C. Corey, Fort James Culpepper . Jack Dumestre . Stark Ginn • ■ . Eugene E. Lyons . Jack W. Macey . . Al Moss Titus Oakes . . . William Poppke . Grover Presxell . Bekt Rainey . . . . sHTox Richter . James Stephenson Robert H. Teter . C Ralph Thornton . William Thurman Emory Watkins . Joe Whelan . . • Washington, Pa. . . Thomasville .Avondale-Estates . . . . Royston .... Atlanta . . Thomasville Peterslnirg, Va. tlanta Maplewood, N. J. Athens .... Camilla Cairo .... .Athens harleston. W. Va. .... .Athens .... .Atlanta . . . . Brooklet . . Ettrick, Va. LAW Tiio.MAs M. Abnev thens luivviN A. Carlisle Cairo Charles J. Paine .... Waycross JoH.N Matthews Smyrna Ward Whelchei Douglas FACETS: Founded at the I ' liiversity of ' ir}.;inia in 1(S68 . . . tradition says actual conception took place at V. ] L L shortly after the Battle of New Market . . . all founders ser ed in the Confederate Army . . . chapter hall at New [e ico is a replica of a Piiehlo Indian Council Chamber . . . Alpha Mil Chapter established in 1 ' ' (I8 . . . 11th on the campus in order of establishment . . . jzarnet and old old are the colors . . . lilv-of-the-yallev is the flower . . . Shielil and Diaiii ' iiiil is the magazine ... 78 chapters. Page 284 CARLISLE, R. CRAWFORD DYAL gr ' ant GREENE GWYNN HALL LEEBERN McEVER ROGERS TILLER WALL, J. WILKES WOODALL CHANDLER CRISP JENNINGS JOHNSON KENNEDY LANE LANKFORD M ERR IT OLLIFF PALMER BARBRE DAVIDSON EARLY HEAD HUDSON LAMMERS MARTIN, R. MEADOWS MORRIS ROBERTS SALISBURY SMITH, C. STRAIN TELFORD VANDIVER WALL, H. BIRDSONG BAILEY COREY CULPEPPER DUMESTRE GINN LYONS MACEY MOSS POPPKE PRESNELL RAINEY RICHTER STEPHENSON TETER THORNTON THURMAN WATKINS WHELAN ABNEY CARLISLE, E. PAINE MATTHEWS WHELCHEL ' " " p% ' - i«8k Mat. - y ,.r.= .c , a, o Page 285 J.amLLi c- PI K APPA PHI Robert E. Knox WiiMAM J. Benton OFFICERS .1 rclion , ii» " ■ Frerisurer John Wilson .... o , i Secretary Cliff Chappell ... ■ . ■ Calvin bTovALL -■ ; ■ Charles CROOKS .... u- i ririleii C |. R. G. Henrv AIE.MBERS ON FACULTY S. Walter .Martin CHAPTER ROLL (iRADU.ATF. Elliott Hekkkn-gton Cordele SENIORS P» " - " C-rKTis . mericus Oscar McRae Athens Willlam Maner Atlanta Franklin Scheider Athens Calvin Stovall Corneha H. Mote Ralph Tha.xton William J. Bentox Charle.s Brooks • Alton Davis . . Burch Hargrave Al Johnson . . . Marion Luckey . Wallace Martin IL ' XIORS ■ . Cornelia • • Cdlquitt • Warrenton • riiiiniasville Liberty. S. C. ■ • Harlem Toccoa John Miller Cornelia J. mes Otwell Cnnnnin-? Chester Saunders Eastman Paul Trulock Climax John Wilson Thomson SOPHOMORES Irving Brooks Cliff Chaitell (-,„. Cnl(|nitt dele George Darden Sparta Rov Duffee Decatnr Charles Franklin Eastman KiCHARD Harris, Jr. Athens Walter Harvey MoncUs Corner, S C J.XCK Klser Quitman William McFee Atlanta Robert McKnigiit Toccoa Gene Price Waltersboro, S. C. Phillips Stewart Clarkesville William Tonge Bainbridge FRESHMEN Horace Crowe jj,, .Albert DeChari.eroy Mnnsev N ' S ' Joe Dovvdie Franklin. ' N c ' T " 1? ' - ' ' ' Hardin Whigham Joe Matthews Dallas Ed Perrvman Cedartown Charles Wesley Nanticoke, Pa. law- John Bradbury Athens Horace Clary Atlanfi Robert Knox Thomson Frank G. Little Cornelia FACTS: ()r,anixal at the College ot Charleston in I U„4 . . . ,„1, ,,,,,,„, ,,„,,„;,, ,„ ,„ , ,, ,„ ,„, ,, Caroliiw . . . Lnnibda Chapter came to Geortria in 10)5 . . . jjth fratern . . . Tl,, ' S ar and The Lamp is the magazine . . . red rose is the fl,, v er ami hlue ... 42 chapters. it on the campus . . . . colors are i;olil, white Pa3e286 WF HERRINGTON CURTIS McRAE MANER SCHEIDER STOVALL BENTON BROOKS DAVIS HARGRAVE JOHNSON LUCKEV MARTIN MILLER OTNX ELL SAUNDERS TRULOCK WILSON BROOKS CHAPPELL DARDEN DUFFEE FRANKLIN HARRIS HARVEY KISER McFEE McKNIGHT PRICE STEWART TONGE CROWE DeCHARLEROY DOWDLE HARDIN MATTHEWS FERRYMAN WESLEY BRADBURY CLARY KNOX f " f ( 1 « . V, , Page 287 Ljcoufia J cta . SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS A. C. Latimer President Dean Covington J ' ire-Presit ent Wadsworth McGixtv Rcmnluis Secretary George P. Shaw Corrcipiiuilun: Secretary Lane TimmoNS Treasurer MEMBER ON FACULTY Major H. G. Holt SENIORS James Barrow Athens William E. Beckham . . . Atlanta Morton Campbell Atlanta Dean Covington Rome James Gillis ...... Soperton Joe Hilsman Atlanta Carson Hilton Sylvania Harley Langdale .... Valdosta Rosser Little Marietta Charles Motz Atlanta John Sanford Atlanta George Shaw LaFayette Edwin Southerlanu .... Alliens B. E. L. TiMMONS Atlanta JUNIORS James Carter Gainesville Robert Dunn Marietta Thomas C. Hagood .... Atlanta Willis Jackson .Atlanta Thomas Kennedy .... Marietta Wadsworth McGinty . . .Atlanta CHAPTER ROLL SOPHOMORES Joe .Arnold Washington Mercer Blancharii . . . Cohunhus Byron Bower Bainbridge A. G. Cleveland, Jr. . . . Valdosta Alvin L. Cooledge .Atlanta MuNROE Dearing . thens Henry Dukes Valdosta Howell Erwin , thens Turner Jones Canton Rex Saffold Savannah Fred Tappan ... White Plains George Yltndt . tlanta Linton Zachry Atlanta FRESHMEN James Dudley .Athens Homer Durden .... Swainsboro Knox Eldridce .... Miami, Fla. GooDLOE Erwin Athens Hugh Gillis Soperton Howell Hollis Columbns Mack Houston Sylvester Dorsly Hutchins Bnford Gordon Jones Atlanta William Little Folkston Robert Martin Savannah L F. Murph Marsballville John Murph Marsballville Francis Norman .... Colnmlnis William Rogers Elberton Robert Sharpe Sylvania .AiKKN Wright Rome LAW Jere F ' ield lonroe Omer Franklin Valdosta -A. C. Latimer .... Washington Crosswell Smith .Atlanta A. F. SoLMS Savannah J. .A. Tison Savannah Graha.m Wright Rome if if l ' ' (Mfj? FACTS: Founded at tlie University of Alabama in 1856 . . . first chapter to have a house was at Sewanec . . . members carried university mail to raise funds . . . mat;nificcnt national headquarters building at Evanston, 111. . . . one woman member . . . initiations held in France during the World War . . . oldest fraternity at Georgia . . . Georgia Beta established in 1865 . . . has initiated more members than any other chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . magazine is the Record . . . Hower is the violet . . . colors are royal purple and old gold. Pase 288 BARROW, J. BECKHAM CAMPBELL COVINGTON GILLIS HILTON LANGDALE LITTLE MOTZ SANFORD SHAW SOUTHERLAND TIMMONS DUNN HAGOOD JACKSON KENNEDY McGINTY ARNOLD BLANCHARD BOWER CLEVELAND DEARING DUKES ERWIN JONES.T. SAFFOLD TAPPAN YUNDT ZACHRY DUDLEY DURDEN ELDRIDGE ERWIN, G. GILLIS HOLLIS HOUSTON HUTCHINS JONES, G. LITTLE, W. MARTIN MURPH, I. MURPH, J. NORMAN ROGERS SHARPE WRIGHT FIELD FRANKLIN LATIMER SMITH, C. SOLMS TISON ' ' , " r . n o ' - , o Pa3e289 2S. . . SIGMA CHI OFFICERS James Hobcood Consul Tap Benni;tt Pnj-Cmisul Ed Rood innotator Walter Wise Quaestor W. D. Hooper W. O. Payne MEMBERS ON FACULTY H. B. Ritchie A E. Terry Vernon S. Smith, Jr. George S. Williams SENIORS Randall Bedgood Athens Tap Bennett Chipley Crenshaw Bonner .... Atlanta Jesse Brannen Atlanta Britt Ellington .... Thomaston James H. Hobgoou .... Calhoini Alva Hopkins Folkston A. Sidney Johnson . . . Elberton Bruce MacGregor Atlanta John Mandeville .... Carroliton Clayton Peacock .... LaFayette A. Edward Rood Atlanta Albert Rocker Atlanta Newton Whitwortii . . Waycross JUNIORS Plott Brice Decatnr Gray Burch Fayetteville CHAPTER ROLL Harry Davis Athens Robert Glenn Waycross Mac Graham LaFayette Williams Grimes .Albany Edward Hester Savannah Douglas Jamison tlanta L. A. Mallory Crest Warren Portwoud . . Crawfordville Clyde Wall Dawson Harry Willingham . . . Forsytli Robert Woodruff Rome SOPHOMORES NoRM.SN Camp Newnan Robert Gilbert LaFayette WiLLL M King Waycross Dean Murphy .... Fayetteville JULE Neal Calhoun Edward Stephenson . . Scbring. Fla. Jock Watt Waycross FRESHMEN H. D. Casey Rome William Gunter .... Commerce T. A. Harder Commerce Hugh Hill Griffin . rthur Lott Waycross William McNiei Fairbnrn Robert Norman .... Washington William J. Peebles tliens William Prince . tlanta D.wiD Russell . tlanta HiNTON Willl ms Athens LAW John Brannen .Atlanta Hamilton Douglas, 111 . . .Atlanta F2d Elliott Augusta Alfred Means Athens Walter Wise Fayetteville ,j«— fv fc.- :i tw FACTS: Founded at Miami University in 1855 ... a Miami Triad fraternity . . . first called Sigma Plii . . . unique feature is the Constantine Chapter, group in the Confederate Arm . . . " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " is best known fraternity song . . . first fraternity to make a sound motion picture . . . Delta Chapter established in 1872 . . . fifth fraternity at Georgia . . . publication is the Magazhw of Sigma Chi . . . The Bulletin was the first secret magazine of any fraternity . . . colors are blue and old gold . . . flower is the white rose ... " 7 chapters. Page 290 BEDGOOD BENNETT BONNER BRANNEN, JESSE ELLINGTON HOBGOOD HOPKINS JOHNSON MacGREGOR MANDEVILLE PEACOCK ROOD ROOKER WHITWORTH BRICE BURCH DAVIS GLENN GRAHAM GRIMES HESTER JAMISON MALLORy PORTWOOD WALL WILLINGHAM WOODRUFF CAMP GILBERT KING MURPHY NEAL STEPHENSON CASEY GUNTER HARBER HILL McNIEL NORMAN PEEPLES PRINCE RUSSELL WILLIAMS BRANNEN, JOHN DOUGLAS MEANS WISE ' - - i«r a » gg-7- - ( , ! ' r , c i I w»,A A.Jl Page 291 Ala 4 SIGMA NU OFFICERS C. Bex Anderson ' Cmnmander Fred Smith Lifiitt ' iumt Commander Charles E. Elrod Secretary William H. Andrews Treasurer W. H. Andrews AIEMRERS ON FACULTY J. C. Meadows John I). Wade SENIORS Ai.F Anderson Decatur Jim Cavan Decatur Chas. Coffin Richland Fred Coleman Dublin Chas. E. Elrod Atlanta M. L. Fisher Carrollton Gene Grubbs Cordele John Jones Duluth, Minn. Tom Loftin Carrollton J. J. Mangham, Jr. ... . Bremen Wm. H. Maxwell . . . Lexington Dan S. Morrell . . Hartford, Conn. Tom J. McRae McRae Brantley New De.xter V. P. Shingler Lakeland Fred Smith, Jr. McRae Herbert L. Stacy - . . Fleniington Henry Tart Valdosta Chesley Vincent • . . Fairmount H. Leon Wilson Bolton JUNIORS Frank Bickerstaff .... Athens Eugene Curry Dublin James W. Curtis Toccoa Allen F. Davis .-Xthens J. K. Ezell, Jr Atlanta CHAPTER ROLL .Arch Fitzpatrick Atlanta B. Harrison Gibson, Jr. • Allenhurst James Griffi.n Villa Rica Bernard Harris .... Carrollton N. I. Hasell St. Simons William Hazzard, Birmingham, Ala. Robert P. Jenkins • • ■ Thomaston Clyde Long Bremen John Billy Mays Jackson Thornton Newsom . . . Statesboro Billy Norris Newton Neil Oldenbuttel ■ . Waycross Kirkley Paine .... Waycross J. Lee Parker, Jr. ... . Waycross Warren Reid, Jr. . ■ . Miami, Fla. Jack Ryals McRae Shelby Westbrook .... Cordele SOPHOMORES Norman Beall Moultrie Paul Brookshire, Jr. ■ • ■ Winder Henry Carswell, Jr. ■ . Waycross Charles Herren . ■ . Rutledge Duncan McRae McRae Carter Newsom .... Statesboro Russell Paulk . Brunswick Lovic Ponder Rutledge Edward Rawlins McRae Eddie Skelton Hartwell Carlisle Smith Atlanta Fked Sweat Waycross FRESHMEN Gaines Andrews . . . Thomaston Verner Chaffin Toccoa Billy Chase .... Duluth, Minn. Jimmy Colquitt .... Thomaston Charles Evans .... Warrenton Ned Guild . thens T. C. Keen, Jr. Dublin Bob Kernaghan Macon Marchman McKenxev . The Rock Leonard McManus .... Macon Jimmy Pearson .... Fort Valley Roy Power Newnan .■ li.mand Spence Camilla Billy Walters East Point Billy Woodall Columbus LAW Ben . " Knoerson Fort Valley John Bell Augusta Steve G. Bland Lumpkin W. H, Jamison .Atlanta W. M. Page Columbus Geo. Stewart .Athens Wm. W. Warren Jakin J xsi ' KK C. ' eomans .... Decatur FACTS: Organized at Virginia Military Institute in 1 y69 . . . originated from the Legion of Honor, a secret society . . . Mu Ciiapter established in 1873 . . . si.xth fraternity to come to Georgia ... 98 chapters . . . chapters at first designated by Roman numerals . . . journal is the Delia . . . colors are gold, black and white . . . flower is the white rose. Page 292 ANDERSON CAVAN COFFIN COLEMAN ELROD FISHER GRUBBS JONES LOFTIN MANGHAM MAXWELL MORRELL McRAE, T. NEW SHINGLER SMITH, F. STACY TART VINCENT WILSON BICKERSTAFF CURRY, E. CURTIS DAVIS EZELL FITZPATRICK GIBSON GRIFFIN HARRIS HASELL HAZZARD JENKINS LONG MAYS NEWSOM.T. NORRIS OLDENBUTTEL PAINE PARKER REID RYALS BEALL BROOKSHIRE CARSWELL HERREN McRAE, D. NEWSOM.C. PAULK PONDER RAWLINS SKELTON SMITH, C. SWEAT ANDREWS CHAFFIN COLOUITT GUILD KEEN KERNAGHAN McKENNEY McMANUS PEARSON POWER SPENCE WOODALL ANDERSON BELL BLAND JAMISON PAGE STEWART WARREN YEOMANS " A i •: r j; a n ( ' ' ' ' ' ' f - f ' ' M «| « , Page 293 1;- . TAU EPSILON PHI OFFICERS Sol Singer Chancellor MiLTox Marshali Vicc-ChanceUor Eugene Lipschitz Scribe Alvin Koplin Bursar CHAPTER ROLL SENIOR Bernard F. Freeman Anderson, S. C. JUXIORS Eugene Lipschitz Atlanta Mii.TON- ALxRSHALi Macon SOPHOMORES Alvin Koplin Macon Marvin Rauzin Atlanta A aron Roonix Cordele FRESHMEN Ben B. Clein Atlanta Joe Gerson Atlanta Burton B. Goldstein Atlanta David Kaplan W ' rislitsville I L rshali. Klein Yonkers, N. V. Bertan Levine Bnxjklyn, N. Y. LAW Sol Altman Bninswick Sol Singer I ' nadilla FACTS: Founded in 1910 at Columbia University . . . Nu Chapter organized in 1919 . . . I5th fra- ternity on the campus . . . honorarv memberships conferred . . . colors are purple and white . . . magazine is the (juarterly I ' linne ... 32 chapters. Pa3e294 FREEMAN LIPSCHITZ MARSHALL KOPLIN RAUZIN CLEIN GERSON GOLDSTEIN KAPLAN KLEIN LEVINE ALTMAN SINGER U-2 ' M " Page 295 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Wade Hoyt, Chi Phi President H. C. Smith, Alpha Tau Omega I ' ice-Presidetit Ghorc.i; Hoswei.l, Kappa Sigma Secretary Malcolm Peterson, Delta Tau Delta Treasurer MEMBERS SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON ALPHA TAU OMEGA PI KAPPA PHI Pete Latimer H. C. Smith Robert Knox Wadsworth McGinty Ed Sell Calvin Stovall CHI PHI DELTA TAU DELTA PHI EPSILON PI Wade Hoyt Malcolm Peterson Ralph Fineberg Robert Troutman Chauncey Clark Richard Joel J. S. Mitchell CHI PSI LAMBDA CHI ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Louis Johnson Ned Millsap John Newton John Lester John Engel Charles Heflin KAPPA SIGMA TAU EPSILON PHI PHI DELTA THETA George Bosweli. Sol Singer Bob Law Embry Esbach Sol Altman W. H. Arnold pi KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA EPSILON PI SIGMA CHI Tom Abxey Aaron Cohn Clayton Peacock Hilton Wall Nathaniel Krumbein James Hobgood ALPHA LAMBDA TAU SIGMA NU Newell Edenfield J. J. Mangham E)an Bland Charles Elrod I! , K LATIMER McGINTY HOYT MITCHELL NEWTON HEFLIN ARNOLD HOBGOOD PEACOCK MANGHAM ELROD SMITH SELL PETERSON CLARK JOHNSON LESTER BOSWELL ESBACH ABNE WALL KNOX STOVALL FINEBERG JOEL MILLSAP ENGEL SINGER ALTMAN COHN KRUMBEIN EDENFIELD BLAND Page 296 s. atatLLLC it Li WOMEN ' S PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Edith Logue, Alpha Delta Pi Margaret Jones, Chi Omega President Secretary ntul Treasurer t 1 il MEMBERS PHI ML ' Celeste Smith Kate King CHI OMEGA Catherine Atkinson Margaret Jones ALPHA GAMMA DELTA I Lary Jo Stone Nell White KAPPA DELTA Sarah Bryant Am ELLA GOLUCKE ALPHA DELTA PI Edith Logue ALargaret Johnson DELTA DELTA DELTA Doris Beasley Louise King ALPHA OAHCRON PI Virginia Bradshaw Vivian E vans KAPPA ALPHA THETA Annie Laura Rentz Kathertne ALPHA CHI Charlotte Mauelshagen DELTA PHI EPSILON Esther Haskin Hilda Harris SMITH KING ATKINSON JONES STONE WHITE brvant GOLUCKE LOGUE JOHNSON BEASLEV KING HASKIN HARRIS BRADSHAW EVANS COLVIN RENTZ MAUELSHAGEN Page 298 ALPHA CHI Pt titi ' Jiiiiii; Gniiip (ij Jlph i Chi Oiiitga Frjlinded in IQjd MAUELSHAGEN OFFICERS CHENEY Charlotte Mauei.shagex . Piisidfiit HARRISON Cora Cheney . . . J ' ice-President Marv Suggs Secretary Mary P ' i.izabeth . Treasurer HUTCHISON FACULTY : IEMBER SUGGS Miss Mariox Hall ALLAN CHAPTER ROLL SENIOR DARDEN Charlotte Mauelshagen Atlanta WARREN - CONNELL JUXIORS Cora Chexev Allgood,Ala. NovENA Harrison Decatur Helen Hutchison .... New Orleans, La. Mary Suggs Barnesville M. RY Stone Stone Mountain SOPHOMORES Mary Elizabeth Allan Marth. Darden .... Harriettk Warren . . ■ . . Athens Union Point . . .Athens FRESHMEN Louise Connell Atlanta El cenia Croom Pembroke Susan Dillingham tlanta Sylvia Parker St. . ugustine, Fla. Frances Stovve Gainesville CROOM DILLINGHAM PARKER STOWE Page 299 lyda . ' u cl ALPHA DELTA PI I i OFFICERS Margaret Johnson President Nelle Turner llce-Presideut Amie Smith Secretary Dorothy Murray Treasurer GRADUATE STUDENT Dorothy Verner .... Coninierce SENIORS Florence Goode Atlanta M. RG. RET Johnson .... Atlanta Edith Loul ' E . . Sotitli Orange, N. J. Marie Ferryman . . . Lincolntun Nelle Turner Covington Kathryn Wallace . . . Rutledge Charlotte Williams . . Haddock JUNIORS Inez Barthlkmess . . . Savannah Mary Bradley Fitzgerald Harriet Carmichael . . . Jackson Bobby Cochran Camilla Virginia Cooper . . . Milledgcville Ellie Eth ridge Sumner Evelyn Fisher Cochran Frances Jenkins .... Hartwell Martha Johnson Macon CHAPTER ROLL RiTH Landers Savannah Dorothy Murray Newnan Marjorie Padgett, Forest City, N. C. Harriette Rogers . . . Fitzgerald Mary Sanford Augnsta Martha Selman . . . Doiiglasville . mie Smith Albany Ada Williams Cordele SOPHOMORES Bardara Fielis . Long Island, N. Y. Nell Hanner Madison Myra Harris Atlanta Martha Hightowek . . Thomaston Bobbie Jo Howard Griffin Dorothy Huggins Athens Jean Kirkland Decatnr Jane Leake . tlanta Anne Littlepage Atlanta Marjorie Mann McRae loNA MuLKEY Cordele Mary Nell Ml Koix .... .Xtlanta Mary Neel Atlanta Mary Redfern Albany Grace Ryan Athens Eva Mae Smith McRac Ruby Steele Decatur FRESHMEN Mary Asher Atlanta Onie Ruth Burns Macon Frances Copeland .... Atlanta Virginia Evans . . Memphis, Tenn. Dorothy Franklin . . Adairsville Nancy Griggs Dawson NiTA Mealor Athens Sara McNab Athens Marion North Atlanta Alice Parks Winder Sara Rossee Eatonton Betty Scott Rome Josephine Wynn Newnan BT FACTS: Founded in 1851 at Wesleyan College . . . the Adelphean Societv . . . oldest sorority from standpoint of founding date . . . name Alpha Delta Phi adopted . , . present name adopted in 1913 ... 55 active chapters . . . flower is the purple violet . . . colors are hlue and white . . . magazine h tUeJdelf lirari . . . puhlished quarterly . . . fifth sororit on the campus in point of age . . . " " Beta Nu Chapter established here in 1933. Page 300 GOODE JOHNSON, MARGARET LOGUE PERRYMAN TURNER WALLACE WILLIAMS, C. BARTHLEMESS CARMICHAEL COCHRAN COOPER ETHRIDGE FISHER JENKINS JOHNSON, MARTHA LANDERS MURRAY PADGETT ROGERS SANFORD SELMAN SMITH, A. WILLIAMS, A. FIELIS HANNER HARRIS HIGHTOWER HOWARD HUGGINS KIRKLAND LEAKE LITTLEPAGE MANN MULKEY McKOIN NEEL REDFERN SMITH, E. STEELE ASHER BURNS COPELAND EVANS FRANKLIN GRIGGS MEALOR McNAB NORTH ROSSEE SCOTT WYNN BRADLEY 0 u jt ' mf x%. A-s Ja Rase 301 Ljaninia lyliu c j ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Mary Jo Stoxe Nell White . Louise French Bettv White . OFFICERS Prcs ' uhnt I ice-President berretary Treasurer CHAPTK SENIORS Frances Cundy Atlanta Elizabeth Dickerson I IcDonoug ]i Ann Johnson Atlanta Pauline Petty Xifton Esther Robkrts Atlanta Mary Jo Stone Atlanta Imocene Shore Baldun ' i Nell White Atlanta Bo Whitener Buforil JUNIORS Margaret Beasley Atlanta Emmie Bolton Athens Nancy Branyon Atlanta Elizabeth Brooks Washington Ethel Carmkhael McDonongh Virginia Prey Marietta Jacque Poole . t, ,, Evelyn Reynolds siloani Mary Sortore , „3„j., Elizabeth Tam.„k Cohimbns Lucille Tyson j ,p Elizabeth White Colnmbns R ROLL SOPHOMORES Evelyn Brooks Colnmbus KuwiNA Crawford Columbus Frances Cummincs Columbus Louise French Columbus Oma Lee Jackson Clarkesville Coy Johnson Athens Jean Pittman Tifton Anna Jo Saine Gainesville Winifred Smith Athens Grace Taylor xifton Katherine Walker McDonough FRESHMEN Lois Bridges 4,3,,,. Helen Davis Atlanta Helen East Columbus Doris Eberhart Athens Laura Hester Atlatita Carolyn Lee j n ,, . Kitty Mann Greenville, S. C Vivian Patrick Qmega Sara Jean Pharr Gainesville Merle Ann Powell Swainsboro Mary Russell Twhty Pelham FACTb: Founded i,, 1904 at Syracuse University . . . one ot three sororities to be founded there . . 47 chapters . . . Gamma Alpha Chapter established at Georgia in 1023 .. . third sororitv to come to the campus . . . colors are red, buff, and ,reen . . . flowers are red and buff roses . . . " magazine is the .llphti Gamma Delia Quarterly. Pasc 302 CUNDY JOHNSON, A. PETTY ROBERTS STONE SHORE WHITE WHITENER BEASLEY BOLTON BRANYON BROOKE CARMICHAEL FREY POOLE REYNOLDS SORTORE TAYLOR TYSON WHITE CRAWFORD CUMMINGS FRENCH JACKSON JOHNSON, C. PITTMAN SAINE TAYLOR WALKER BRIDGES DAVIS EAST EBERHART HESTER LEE MANN PATRICK PHARR POWELL TWITTY j4 I --«»E w •.»». t-i Pa3e303 uiiirAii c— uiinu cf ALPHA OMICRON PI OFFICERS ' lR(;lM Hradshaw Pres ' idctit Vivian Kvans rice-P resident Stella Byrd Darnell Secretary Jean Mackey Trcusincr H CHAPT SENIORS VinGiNiA Bkahshaw Atlanta Stklla Bvrd Darnell Talking Rock Catherine Erwin Clarkesville Vivian Evans Savannah F.THEi.ENA Jai KSON Baconton Jean Mackey Dublin Catherine Simmons Motter Carolyn Warnell renihrokc JUNIORS Elizabeth Ann Davis Atlanta MoNTEZ Debnam Atlanta Thelma Harbkn Augusta Evelyn Lancaster Hartwell Florence Modena Atlanta Edna McCarson Athens Louise Smith Athens Irene Williams Savannah :r roll SOPHOMORES Marjorie Bell Elberton Catherine Burkhart Athens Margaret Bvri ' m Ficklen Barbara Ann Cohen Atlanta Martha Mackey Dublin Elizabeth Meadows Athens Genevieve Modena Atlanta Phvllis Mai.lorv LaGrange Mary Robinson Thoniasville Monolita Soi.ana Elbertim Mary Clacde Tindei. (jracevillo, Fla. Etwinda Tkai ' Nell Lyons FRl ' .SHMEN Virginia Alexander Atlanta Kathleen Brannen College Park Gene Burton Selma, Ala. Betsy Evans Wadley Martha Green Augusta Helen Hixon Atlanta Pat Mallory LaGrange Betty Stoffregen Cedartovvn . ¥ ' fe U» . ' tr 1.1 fv A FACTS: Founded at Barnard College, Cohimbia Lniversit in 1897 . . . second sorority to be founded there . . . Lambda Sigma Chapter established at Georgia in 1935 . . . seventh sorority on the campus . . . 43 chapters . . . quarterly magazine is To Drtif rtiii . . . color is cardinal . . . Houer is the jacijucminot rose . . . jewel is the rub . Page 304 BRADSHAW DARNELL ERWIN EVANS, V. JACKSON MACKEY, J. SIMMONS WARNELL DAVIS DEBNAM HARBEN LANCASTER MODENA. F. McCARSON SMITH WILLIAMS BELL BURKHART BYRUM COHEN MACKEY, M. MEADOWS MODENA, G. MALLORY, P. ROBINSON SOLANA TINDEL TRAPNELL BRANNEN BURTON EVANS, B. GREEN HIXON STOFFREGEN non i.- ■ ■■ Page 305 . I l.c J cta c CHI OMEGA OFFICKRS Catherine Atkinson Fresidcni Frances Knupp J ' ice-Pnsidcni Majorie Doyle Secretary Nancy Hardy Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Hart Smith Mrs. Mary Claire Bondurant Miss Margaret Slaton Miss Laura Smith Miss Mable Stephens SENIORS , Catherine Atkinson ' . . Savannali Hilda Jane Cux Camilla Ruth Custer Bainbridge Marjorie Doyle .... Savannah Kate Hyue Dunbar . . . Augnsta Annette Gercke . ngiista Douglas Grimes .Athens Dorothy Hains ugiista Martha Holmes Tifton Mary Holmes Tifton Frances Holst Cutlibert Frances Knupp .- tlanta Anne McKinnon . . . Brunswick JUNIORS Virginia .Xshforli .... .Athens Fern Baggs Pelham Mary Brewster . tLanta Ruth Brown Athens Helen Caraniss .Athens Katherine DuBose .... .Athens Martha Gardner Camilla Elizabeth Guilleeeau . . Atlanta CHAPTER ROLL Margaret Edith Hall . Miami. FUl Nancy Hardy .Athens Barbara Jenkins .Athens Margaret Jones .... Savannah Sydney McWhorter . . . Le.xington Nell Neve Savannah Katherine Pattillo . . . Atlanta Marjorie Powell . . . Bainbridge Jacqueline Rainey .... Athens Mary Stafford . Washington, D. C. .Annie Laurie White . . Waycross F.LEANOR Williams .... .Athens Susan Williams . • . Washington Nell Winship .Atlanta Mary Frances Y.stes . . . .Atlanta SOPHOMORES Nannelle Bagwell .... .Atlanta Betty Chick Monroe NixA Fuller .Atlanta Mattie Gulley Sylvester Mary Helmer .Atlanta Doris Jean Hinsox . Mariamia, Fla. Betty Morton Brunswick Jane McIntosh .... Savannah Helen Northcutt .... Marietta Lenoir Sanders Savannah Cokinne Stephens .Athens Lillian Walker . . Clearwater, Fla. Hazel Ward Marietta FRESHMEN Elizabeth Baggett . . . Savannah Gladys Brown .Athens .Alice Cabaniss .Athens Virginia Cassels .... Savannah Lillie Shepherd Davis . . Decatnr Cecil Grimes .Athens Augusta Howard . . . Le.xington Phyllis Jenkins .Athens Lillian Klein .Atlanta Lela Manning .... Bainbridge Laura McCarty Dalton Maky Oates Brunswick Margaret Stohdakh . . Washington .Alyce Walker Decatnr Martha Whittaker . . . .Athens .4:i« Ml Y ' " - L I fi i Bil " " " " FACTS: ()ri;ani .ed at tlie Lniversit ut .Arkansas in 18 5 . . assisted founders . . . was made the sole honorary member . . sorority . . . the magazine, the . . . issued quarterl to publish a strictly private magazine . . . the Alystai ' ni iie . . . A Li Beta Chapter established in . are cardinal and straw a Kappa Sigma, Dr. Charles Richardson, . 89 chapters . . . more than any other . . . Chi Omega was the first sorority flower is the white carnation . . , colors 9- ' 2 . . . second sorority on the campus. Pase 306 ATKINSON COX CUSTER DOVLE DUNBAR GERCKE GRIMES, D. MAINS HOLMES. MARTHA HOLMES, MARy HOLST KNUPP McKINNON ASHFORD BAGGS BREWSTER BROWN, R. CABANISS, H. DuBOSE HALL GARDNER GUILLEBEAU HARDY JENKINS, 8. JONES McWHORTER PATTILLO POWELL RAINEY STAFFORD WHITE WILLIAMS, E. WILLIAMS, S. WINSHIP YATES BAGWELL CHICK FULLER GULLEY HELMER HINSON MORTON MclNTOSH NORTHCUTT STEPHENS WALKER, L. WARD BAGGETT BROWN, G. CABANISS, A. CASSELS DAVIS GRIMES, C. HOWARD JENKINS, P. KLEIN MANNING -McCARTY OATES STODDARD WALKER, A. WHITTAKER Pase 307 c=-+lyliu i ' ltc cf DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS Doris Beasi.e - President Mary Gordv Jice-Piesident Margaret Snooks Secretary Evelyn Lamkin Trenuirer FACULTY MEMBER .Mrs. Margaret Hi.air SENIORS Doris Beasley Glemiville Carolyn Brown .... Statesboro EsTELLE CoLQiUTT • . . Ceclartowii Elleen St. rr D.wis . . Gainesville Mary Gordv Columbus LuTA Herndon .... Carrollton Addie Pe. rl Hi 1.1. . . ■ Bainbridge Katherine Hosch . . . Gainesville Louise King Augusta Evelyn Lamkin Haiiem Louise Longworth Copper Hill, Tenn. Eva Martin Arlington Evelyn Martin . . . Enid, Okla. Marguerite McCall . Tampa, Fla. Margaret Snooks . iley Shelly Sparks .... Fitzgerald Mary Thomas Jesnp Louise Tvus Carrollton Elissa Woolfori) . Riiekwel ' , N. M. CHAPTER ROLL JUNIORS Margari-t Darst, Wilmington. N. C. Margaret Flowers . . Thomasville Thesis Fowler . . . LTnion, S. C. Mary Lenna Fleetw ooii, Cartcrsville Frances Haskell Macon Kennon Henderson . . Carmllton Cleone Jack.son Macim Elizaiseth Lang, St. Petersburg, Fla. Jane Luck Carrollton Isabelle Reid Madison Martha Virginia Smith . Decatur M. vrtha Winebkkg . F.vanston, 111. Lkase Aiken, S. C. SOPHOMORES Louise Beaver .... Gainesville Rosalie Brooks Atlanta Carolyn Brosseau . . Chicago, 111. Helen Clarke Atlanta Hunter Gibbs Savannab MiLDKKi) Lee Hilton . . . Syhania Dorothy Harris Atlanta Rebecca King . . New Orleans, La. Helen Mer(;e. M)(ii.i.. r . . . Atlanta Louise McKie Atlanta Ch. klotte Patton . Brevard, N. C. Thelm. Shaw .... Tampa, Fla. FRESHMEN Charlotte Ashley . . Earnesville y.VLERiA Burroughs . . Brunswick Anita Cortaya Darien Rannie Geissler .Atlanta Alice Kierce Columbus Olivia Keller Greenville Ruth Mitcheli Rome Sarah Payne Atbens Charlotte Ripley .... Atlanta Virginia Simerville . . Rockniart Louise Slocum Macon Estelle Wickham . . . Columlms Mary Wilmerding . . Fort Screven V FACTS: Fouiuled at B(l toIl University on ' FhanksgixiiiL; E e. 188Q . . . -e enth sororit in order of foundinjj; . . . sixtli to come to (leor ia . . . Alpha Rho Chapter estahlished in 19.-!4 . . . three degrees of initiation . . . one of them for y;radu.Ttes . . . Cjeneral Pershini: onl man to wear a Tri Delta pin . . . colors are silver, i;old and blue . . . flower, the pans . . . tree, the pine . . . jewel, the pearl . . . magazine is the ' J ' ritli iit . . . 87 chapters. Page 308 BEASLEY BROWN COLQUITT DAVIS GORDY HERNDON HILL HOSCH KING, L. LAMKIN LONGWORTH MARTIN, EVA MARTIN, EVELYN McCALL SNOOKS SPARKS THOMAS TYUS WOOLFORD DARST FLOWERS FOWLER FLEETWOOD HASKELL HENDERSON JACKSON LANG LUCK REID SMITH WINEBERG WYMAN BEAVER BROOKS BROSSEAU CLARKE GIBBS ■HILTON HARRIS KING, R. MERGEN DOLLAR McKIE PATTON SHAW ASHLEY BURROUGHS GEISSLER KIERCE KELLER MITCHELL PAYNE RIPLEY SIMERVILLE SLOCUM WICKHAM WILMERDING Page 309 pM c D ELTA PHI EPSILON i OFFICKRS Esther Haskix Rei ' iiui Bess Diamond I ' ice-Rcsinii Sara Secretary Ruth Krucer Tmisiirrr ttt CHAPTER ROLL SENIOR LAW Esther Haskin Macon SENIORS Bess Diamond Atlanta Hilda Harris Douglas Sylvia Kuniansky Atlanta Sara Perlinc Sandersville Lillian Shain Wilmington, N. C. JUNIORS Eleanor Goldberg Savannah Ruth Kruger Fitzgerald LiBBY Merlin Atlanta Dorothy Solomon Moncks Corner, S. C. Mildred Weinstein Macon SOPHOMORES Rose Allen Athens Bessie Dreizin Butler Sara Oilman Colunihns Natalie Koplin Atlanta GiSELA Krumeein Washington Sylvia Levine Eastman Florence Pollock Aslievillc. N. C. Evelyn Robinson Jesup Jeanette Slann Miami, Fhi. Rita Slotin Glennville FRESFIMEN FIelen Dietz Covington Miriam Dreizin Butler 1 11 A Erbersfield Newton. N. C. Sylvia Glass Atlanta Sara Kramer Summerville, S. C. Ruth Miller Miami, Fla. Emma Minkovitz Sylvania Martha Rauzin Miami, I " la. Helen Rutkin Tampa, Fla. Mitzi Saul Savannah Minnie Schreiber Brunswick Norma Simon Brooklet Jeanette Weinstein (jreenslioro Grace Wilensky Savannah i ' FACTS: Foundfil at ' asiiini:t iii Si]uarc Collciie of c v ' oik Lnixcrsify in I ' M? . . . Psi Chapter established at (]eortiia in 1 35 . . . eiiihth sorority on the campus . . . (lower is tile paiis ' . . . colors are royal purple and pure sjold . . . jewel is the pearl . . . )c ; I ' hi E si o i (Jiiiirlrrly is the publica- tion ... 17 chapters. Page3IO HASKIN DIAMOND HARRIS KUNIANSKy PERLING SHAIN GOLDBERG KRUGER MERLIN SOLOMON WEINSTEIN ALLEN DREIZIN, B. GILMAN KOPLIN KRUMBEIN LEVINE POLLOCK ROBINSON SLANN SLOTIN DIETZ DREIZIN, M. ERBERSFIELD GLASS KRAMER MILLER MINKOVITZ RAUZIN RUTKIN SAUL SCHREIBER SIMON WEINSTEIN WILKENSKY Page 31 I Llamniu 2 cllu 0 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 1 OFFICERS Kathkrixe Cni. ' ix Ann ' ii-; Laurii; Rextz jMaRISUE Ol.INIiR JoAXNA StECIE.MAX President ricc-Fresii rnf Seiritiiry T I insurer CHAPTER ROLL SENIORS Katherine Colvix New Orleans. La. Marisue Oliver Alliens Annie Laurie Rentz Miami, Fla. JL ' XIORS Margaret Harringto.x Brunswick Janet McGarity Dallas Eileen W lshe New Orleans, La. SOPHOMORES Virginia Barfiei.ii F II.I.lE Bl.ACIvWEI.I. ■ . Hahira Miami. Fl.i. Charlotte Conner Athens Marion Ehrhardt .Atlanta Louise Hodg.son . thens .- lma Quillian Madison Joanna Stegeman Athens -Anna Waddey Atlanta FRESHMEN Frances Brandon .Athens .Audrey Evans Hazlehurst I ' XizABETH Lumpkin .Atliens I ' luGENiE L ' Hardy Atlanta Mar(;aret MacPher.son Brunswick Ai.K K Ruth Miller Sasser ♦ FACTS: F(jun(lfil at DePauw L ' niversitv, (ircencastle, Imliaiia. in 1870 . . . the first (jreek-letter society 111 women oriiaiii .eil with principles anil methods akin to those of men ' s fraternities . . . founder ofiered memhcrship in Phi Delta Theta . . . youngest sororitN on the Universit. campus . . . estahlished in the sprin i of this ear . . . ninth sorority at Georgia ... 64 chapters . . . colors are black and gold . . . Hower is the black anil gold pansy . . . magazine is the Kii[ pa .Ilplui Theta. Page 3 12 COLVIN OLIVER RENTZ HARRINGTON McGARITY BARFIELD BLACKWELL CONNER EHRHARDT HODGSON QUILLIAN STEGEMAN WADDEY BRANDON EVANS L ' HARDY MacPHERSON MILLER O € ]r t " Pagc3l3 — laniu if " It I t lf K APPA DELTA OFFICERS Sara Bryant Pres ' uleiit Amelia Golucke Jire-Presidint Martha Wynn Secretary ZoE PoWEl.l Treiisiirer SENIORS ViHGiNiA Andrews Plains Virginia Benton Cornelia Saka Bryant Athens Mary Jim Burton .... Lavonia Ameli. Goi.ucke . ■ Crawfordville Mary Lucy Herndon .... Toccoa Katherine Hohenstein . Savannah Kathryn Hudman . . • Sylvania p-LORENCE Jackson Athens Beverly Peeples . tlanta Theresa Pope Atlanta ZoE Powell Nevvnan Gary Strickla.n ' d .... Concord Lois Sturmer Atlanta JUNIORS Evelyn Bray Woodbury Romans Cook Newnan Caroline Feaci.v Macon Margaret Hawkins . . . .Macon CHAPTER ROLL Margaret Horne .... . niericus Jane M.attox Hogansville Dorothy Marshall . . . Dawson Elizabeth McEachren ■ . Valdosta Elsie Peace . thens Eleanor Strickland . . . Concord Anna Jean Tanner . . . Donglas Mary Frances Wallace . . Douglas Martha Wvnn Macon SOPHOMORES Anne . bney Allien ' ; Billie Kyle Andrews . . . Rome Carroll Brown Athens Ada Bryant .Vtliens Beth Bryant LaGrange Edith Connor .... Cave Spring Jane Coffin .Xtlanla JuDelle England Tifton J.uKii: Kvans .Atlanta HiLM. Gheesling . . . Greensboro Freda Jackson Cor lelc Connie Livsev ... Co lege Park Jessie Lee Lynn Marietta Elizabeth Mayo .Augusta Harriette Milam .Atlanta Frances Mercer Gray Helen Pittman .Atlanta Helen Wilks LaGrange Mary Helen Woodham . Fitzgerald FRESHMEN Martha Bishop I ' nadilla Claire Blackshear .... Plains Frances Bone .Atlanta M.aybeth Carithers .... .Athens Ellen Cheek Rowersville Catherine McCallie . . - .Atlanta Ei ' i.a Miller .Atlanta Eleva Smith .Atlanta LuL. Faith Tkkkeij. . . . Toccoa K. THEUiNE Turner .... Griffin .Annette Waldroi ' . . . Jonesboro Esther Ruth W(]nii .... Raxlev 1 Ml) if ,. ..1 •1 » FACTS: Foundeil in IS ' )7 at tin- ' iri;inia State Normal School in Farm illc. X ' itLilnia . . . Si.uma Phi Chapter established at (jcori ia in 1924 . . . the fourth sororitv on the campus ... 69 chapters . . . colors are olive i reen and ]icarl white . . . Hower is the white rose . . . mauazine, the Anzelos, is pub- lished quarterly. Page 314 ANDREWS, V. BENTON BRyANT, S. BURTON GOLUCKE HERNDON HOHENSTEIN HUDMAN JACKSON, FLORENCE PEEPLES POPE POWELL STRICKLAND, C. STURMER BRAY COOK FEAGIN HAWKINS HORNE MAHOX MARSHALL McEACHREN PEACE STRICKLAND, E. TANNER WALLACE WYNN ABNEY ANDREWS, B. BROWN BRYANT, A. BRYANT, B. CONNOR COFFIN ENGLAND EVANS GHEESLING LIVSEY LYNN MAYO MILAM MERCER WILKS WOODHAM BISHOP BLACKSHERR BONE CARITHERS CHEEK McCALLIE MILLER SMITH TERRELL TURNER WALDROP WOOD in A - " r . r.A ' _ lea ■ " Pase 315 [ylia lyL c PHI M U it OFFICERS Celesti; Smith I ' resi loit Sara Roberts rue-President .Mary UuPree Eckfiird Secretary Edith Hodgson Treasurer FACUL ' l ' V MEMBERS Miss AEarie Dumas Miss AL rv Strahan SENIORS Frances Battev Albany Dorothy Ann Braswei.i. . . Tifton MAR(iARET Conger . . . Eainbridge Mildred Couch Nevvnan Virginia Doss LaGrange Mary Deupree Eckforh . . Athens Constance Gatewood . . Cciliinibiis Margaret Harrell .... Tifton S. RA Harrei.i . uKnsta Kate Orme Kini:, Cliattanooga, Tenn. Maria Martin Moultrie Dorothy Powelson . . Brunswick Sara Roberts Monroe Celeste Smith . tlanta May Temple . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Virginia Tift Tifton Meredith Tiirner . . . LaGrange Matilda Trezevant . . . Marietta Grace Winston . thens CHAPTER ROIJ. JUNIORS Elizabeth Barwick . . Louisville VVooDviLLE Campbell . . Ci:)lunibus Charlotte Chapman . . . . tlanta Susan Falligant . Fort McPhersim Martha Franklin . . . Valdosta Elizabeth Fowler .... Marietta Mary Freeman Senoia Hele. - Head Jack.sun Edith Hodgson . tlanta l,Yi)L Holliday Atlanta Clara Belle Hooks .... Macon Dorothy J. rnagin .... . ' thens Gladys Lantz .Atlanta Elizabeth Math is . . . .Aniericus OssiE Ray Monroe SOPHOMORES j L RG. RET Cooper .... Columbus Betty Crenshaw .Atlanta May Gray Atlanta Virginia Hightower . Thomaston Mary Little Macon Doll Mann McRae Dean Nowell . ngnsta Betty Power Atlanta Jean Wallace . Chattanooga, Tenn. FRESHMEN Emily Beck Griffin .Ann Brooks .Athens Betty Cook .... Crosljy, Minn. Betty Decker Athens Virginia Eason . . . Miami, Fla. Eleanor Eckford .Athens Ethel Erwin Atlanta Mildred Ewing .Atlanta Marl n Little Louisville Righton Magid Cornelia Eleanor Millican Griffin Lal ' ranna Lyo.n . . . Miami, Fla. Elizabeth Rauschenberg . Dalton Jaxe Shipp .Americus LiTRELi.E Tift Tifton Betty White Greenville Bebe Young .Atlanta 1 «6i. " 3 FACTS: Fooiided in 1852 at VVesIe ' an Colle je as the Pliiloniathean Societv . . . name chant;ed to Phi Mu in 1904 . . . expansion as a national sorority began . . . Alpha Alpha Chapter is the oldest soror- ity on the Geori;ia campus . . . established in 1921 . . . soon after women were admitted to the Univer- sit. ' ... 59 chapters . . . Hower is the enchantress carnation . . . colors are rose and white . . . quarterly magazine is the A laia. Page 316 BATTEV BRASWELL CONGER COUCH D OSS ECKFORD, M. GATEWOOD HARRELL, M. HARRELL, S. KING MARTIN POWELSON ROBERTS SMITH TEMPLE TIFT. V. TURNER TREZEVANT WINSTON BARWICK CAMPBELL CHAPMAN FALLIGANT FRANKLIN FOWLER FREEMAN HEAD HODGSON HOLLIDAY HOOKS JARNAGIN LANTZ MATHIS RAY COOPER CRENSHAW GRAY HIGHTOWER LITTLE, MARY MANN NOWELL POWER WALLACE BECK BROOKS COOK DECKER EASON ECKFORD, E. ERWIN EWING LITTLE, MARION MAGID MILLICAN LYON RAUSCHENBERG TIFT, L. WHITE YOUNG Page3l7 From the 1899 Pandora I On October 12, 1929, Sanford Stadium, considered the most beauti- ful natural stadium in the United States, was dedicated by a smash- ing victory over Vale before a capacity crowd. The athletic prowess of Georgia, begun with the institution of Southern football in the Mercer and Auburn games of 1892, reached the heights during the Chancellorship of Charles M. Snelling. National rating has come as a natural thing to the University, to be followed by international recognition because of Georgia ' s champion at the 1936 Olympics. = " 0 at call HALL HARMAN JOHNSON Co-Captain Co-Captain Right Guard Left Guard Right Halfback THE PANDORA PRESENTS THE 1936 SEASON In conjunction with CANDLER Right End CAUSEY Left Halfback ANDERSON Left Halfback GREEN Fullback I Page 322 jT) vBk GRAHAM WRIGHT Mana3er HARRY MtHPE Head Coach NAT HARDIN Manaser The season of 1936 reigns as one of the most successful in Georgia ' s long and honorable history as a leader of Southern football. Especially does a view of the season loom up as a real triumph when one considers the disastrous beginning. After a slow opening game, the second showed little more cohesion on the part of the yoiuig and untried team. The third game saw the Bulldogs crushed under the L. S. U. machine. An effort at come-back was made in the next two games, but all hope was lost after the complete annihilation of the Georgia forces at the hands of the Tennessee Volunteers in the Homecoming game. But here the tide turned; the Bulldogs surged upward in the game with F ' lorida to win an impres- sive victory. To the surprise of the sports writers, they repeated against Tulane. Then in the game with Fordham Georgia rose to the heights of courage and glory, winning national recognition by its spectacular tie with the leading candidate for the Rose Bowl and thereby eliminating the Rams from California consideration. After such action the ineffectual Tech ellow Jackets were an easy foe in the last game of the season. From the dark depths of the valley of defeat to the sunny heights of a glorious month of Xovember — Georgia was picked as the c(jme-back team of the nation. Truly the Bulldogs of 1936 proved them- selves worthy of the finest of Georgia traditions. LAW Center GATCHELL Right Guard HARTMAN Fullback MAFFEH Left End Page 323 vit SAN FORD VAN DIVER Rigiht Halfback ioHNNY JUNKS Ru li! Halfluu k IQUINTON LUMPKIN Center U -5 1 WARD HOLLANIV FtiUluuk JIM CAVAN Ruiht Halfback WALTER TROl ' IMANl PETE TINSLET Left Guard CRENSHAW BONNFK Left End " IWl list thill liihjicn (li the season — pass from Hartnian to Anderson. GEORGIA BEATS MERCER, 15-6 Bloodworth, Anderson Lead Rival Teams in Hard Battle GEORGIA MERCER 2—15 0—6 Sanford Stadium, Athens, Ga., Sept. 26. — Georgia ' s beleaguered football legions defeated the Mercer Baptists, 15 to 6, here this af- ternoon. Baptism of fire . . . unimpressive opening . . . Georgians slow and uncertain . . . muddling in their defense . . . Baptists un- relenting threat . . . Georgia shift making its debut . . . Porous condition of the Georgia line . . . battling Baptists . . . high purpose and unflagging determination . . . Mercer highly keyed . . . intensity of the heat . . . fierceness of play . . . substitutions . . . Georgia satisfactory ... a new team. A warm-up game — lots of heat . . end by Alf Anderson and Johnny Jones the product of a 37-yard pass by Green automatic safety in the fourth quarter . Georgia made 305 yards, Mercer 166. first Georgia touchdown after a 74-yard march . . . two sparkling 26-yard dashes outside . . 15-yard pass from Bill Hartman to Anderson in the end zone . . . second touchdown . Harry Stevens made a superb catch Mercer eternally " Keeping after it " . . Features — Scintillant Bloodworth of Mercer the backfield hero of the day hustling blocking by Hall, Green, and ' b: ' oung . . . entire Mercer team amazing punt . . . Bob Law did a superb bit of blocking . . Tinsley scored on a 15-yard end run ... an Georgia made 12 first downs, Mercer nine . . . . . Alf Anderson led them all in ground gained Bonner good at end . . . Bill Hartman shot an there may come a great Georgia team. Tinsley seores the seroii l toi i htjoirri. ) ' jii ii; Uiuh iiitt rl ci ' iiu (■ lor Stevens. BULLDOGS BEAT FURMAN, 13-0 Cavan, Anderson, Johnson Lead Bulldogs To Win GEORGIA FURMAN 6 7—13 0—0 Saxford Field, Athens, Ga., Oct. 3. — The Bulldogs of Georgia defeated Furman University at football here this aftermion. 13 to 0. Harry Mehre ' s team did a very good job ... a crippled squad . . . substitutions frequently and in large numbers . . . (jeorgia still did not play as a team . . . scoring largely the work of individuals . . . Furman stuck closer than was comfortable for most of three quarters . . . one minute to play . . . fireworks began to pop . . . out of the air came Jimmy Cavan ... at his 10-yard line to grab that ball . . . kept on running ... all the way to Furman ' s 38-yard line . . . was run out of bounds . . . quite a hike . . . Alf Anderson Hung it through the air to Jimmy Cavan at about his own 30 . . . raced on to a touchdown. ] Iidwa - of the fourth period . . . Harry Stevens all the way to the 5-yard line . . . Glenn Johnson swung wide . . . cut back . . . score standing up . . . two touchdowns on just four plays . . . Georgia team greatly improved over the one of a week ago . . . plays sharper . . . spirit better . . . one touchdown called back in the closing minutes of the first quarter . . . Georgia made 10 first downs to Furman ' s seven . . . Georgia a total of 299 yards as against Furman ' s 120. Features — Alf Anderson and Jimmy Cavan a great combination . . . work of Glenn Johnson, Savannah speedster, and Harry Stevens, Atlanta sophomore . . . play of Johnny Jones and Lew Young . . . Julius Caesar Hall contributed . . . this green team is improving ... by November it will be tough to beat. Il ' jlliind gijcs aroun l lefl end. -A %» Georgia-Georgia Tech game — Glenn Johnson almost loose again. L S. U. WALLOPS GEORGIA, 47-7 Forrest Towns Races 65 Vards for Lone Georgia Score in Last Quarter L S. U 6 20 21 0—47 GEORGIA 7—7 Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, La., Oct. 10. — Purple and gold was Louisiana State ' s color scheme and the athletes wearinp; it were a pack of howling wolves while the Georgians were enfeebled and stricken lambs. The score was 47 to 7. Coach Harry Mehre ' s young and untried football squad outmanned and overpowered . . . Coach Bernie Moore ' s powerful and heavily stocked squad ... a parade of touchdowns . . . seven touchdowns in three periods . . . young and courageous Georgia team . . . big Old Lou Line . . . entire Old Lou second team ... at times mostly a third team . . . Old Lou taking it out on the Geor- gians . . . tied last week by Texas . . . rankled ... on the prowl tonight . . . out for blood . . . Tiger team could do no wrong . . . everything worked . . . Louisiana machines not all political ... a gridiron empire. Spec Towns raced saving play . . . Fight was still there . . . less than two minutes . . . Larsen ' s kick caroomed off the seat of his pants . in ... at the Georgia 35 . . . sped awa like a champion . . . brilliant sprint of 65 yards . . . dazzling . Glenn Johnson kicking extra point . . . Bulldogs kept fighting back . . . game. Features — Bright lights of Tiger stadium . . . the seven student followers of the Bulldogs . . . Louisianans . . . pivoting . . . pirouetting . . . hard-driving Tiger backs . . . devastating wave of interference . . . inspired speedster . . . first one and then another team . . . nothing to do but blot out the memory of such a game . . . Georgia team will improve. i| Georgia-A nhiirn r;i!ine — Jones returning f nnt. n ! JLti ill ' yi N I Johnson around end. GEORGIA LOSES TO OWLS, 13-6 Rice Is Outplayed But Beats Bulldogs With Great Rally RICE 6 7—13 GEORGIA 6—6 Sanford Stadium, Athens, Ga., Oct. 17. — Georgia ' s Bulldogs, fighting back with a courage as red as the shirts they wore, might have won a great victory if the fates had been kinder. After outplaying the invaders for the better part of four quarters the Bulldogs had to be content with the short end of a 13-to-6 decision. Rejuvenated Georgia team . . . outcharged the Rice line . . . outgained the Rice backs . . . more than two to one . . . more yardage on passes . . . fought their hearts out . . . Georgia playing smartly and with great spirit ... no hocus-pocus ... no razzle- dazzle ... a tough game to lose. Charles Schuele . . . son of a Texas sheriff . . . packed the knockout punch . . . siege gun kicking . . . Schuele cool as a nudist on a December day in Montreal . . . thudding, resounding kicks . . . sky-high spirals . . . Georgia ' s punting practically nullified . . . without Schuele Rice a team without a chance . . . colossal punts . . . Georgia advanced the ball 329 yards to 142 by Rice earned 1 3 first downs to six touchdown sweep around end by Glenn Johnson. Harry Stevens raced 75 yards in the second quarter brilliant run by Quinton Lumpkin Features — Entire Georgia line . derson turning in a fine performance . gia is coming along. play of Lew oung, Glenn Johnson, Quinton Lumpkin . . . Harr Ste ens and Alf An- toe of Charles Schuele . . . Vickers and Friedman . . . breaks belonged to Rice . . . Geor- Johnson on a spinner. % Stephens through tackle for 6 yun s aiul a first doivii. FIGHTING BULLDOGS BOW TO TIGERS, 20-13 Glenn Johnson Sparks Athens Outfit in Great Second-Half Rally AUBURN 13 7—20 GEORGIA 6 7—13 Memorial Stadium, Columbus, Ga., Oct. 24. — Auburn maintained its unbroken record of victory Saturday afternoon not without a struggle over Georgia ' s amazing eleven. 1 he Plainsmen won, 20 to 13. Auburn won the first half . . . Georgia the second . . . Johnson, Green and Anderson the heroes of a lost cause . . . sorely crippled and tried (jeorgia team . . . one of the finest exhibitions of three decades . . . outrageous fortune . . . all but routed in the first half . . . outplajed . . . outfought . . . outmaneuvered . . . came back for the second half ... a smashing, fighting team . . . brilliant plays ... in that first half a net loss of five yards . . . determined line charging by Auburn . . . Wilton Kilgore all but unstoppable . . . inexorable driving . . . gave the Plainsmen their hard-earned victory. Difference in that second half . score 20 to 6 . . . chance developed Maffett for the touchdown. the difference of night and day . . . Georgia took the kick-off . . . goal in seven pla s . . . . Anderson faked a pass . . . swept around end to 10-yard line . . . winged a pass to Otis Features — Georgia ' s great second-half comeback . . . greatest crowd ever assembled in Memorial Stadium . . . Kilgore . . . battle of charge and countercharge . . . men of the hour were Johnson, Green, and Stevens . . . Maffett and Towns in the line . . . a young team at Georgia . . . can, now and then, knit together some beautiful football . . . give the 20 best Georgia boys a week out of the infirmary. Tl ' isley cLith h ill iijtrr intercepting Anlmrn pass. u Green aruiind It ' ll end late in the second quarter. GEORGIA IS CRUSHED BV TENNESSEE, 46-0 Powerful Vols Rout Bulldogs in Homecoming Tilt at Athens TENNESSEE GEORGIA . 7 14 19 6- 0- Saxford Stadium, Athexs, Ga., Oct. 31. — Tennessee ' s magnificent football team turned on its fury against Georgia here Saturday to win an overwhelming victory, 46 to 0. Worst defeat Georgia has recei ed in five-year period ... 60 minutes of pluperfect grief and unadulterated horror . . . savage as an Indian attack at dawn ... an intensive power that was inexcjrable and relentless in i ts lorce ... a turbulent yellow Hood . . . capitalized on Georgia weaknesses . . . Bulldogs hung in there . . . against fearful odds . . . simply too much opposition . . . never were in there . . . overeagerness . . . Tennessee rose to its highest peak . . . had everything . . . toyed with the Bulldogs . . . Georgia flat as a pancake . . . Vols wonderful ball toters . . . Dickens . . . Harp. Tennessee blocking . . . Georgia had no weapons to cope with the attack ... a giant broom . . . straws weighing 185 pounds . . . Georgia ' s one offensive flash . . . Green passed to Towns ... 32 yards . . . ball at Tennessee 12-yard line . . . Georgia played with fine courage . . . fought hard . . . individual members of the Georgia team played skillfully . . . Troutman . . . Har- mon . . . Lumpkin . . . Law . . . Gillespie . . . Vols made 17 earned first downs to Georgia ' s four. Features — Tennessee backfield . . . Tennessee line . Tennessee tackling . . . TENNESSEE. Tennessee running . . . Tennessee blocking . . . Tennessee kicking Ciuisey goes six yards off ri lil tackle o Little Gltnn tears through. DETERMINED BULLDOGS IN 26-8 VICTORY OVER ' GATORS Return of Hartman Inspires Bulldogs in Strong Come-Back GEORGIA 6 6 7 7—26 FLORIDA Fairfield Stadium, Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. 7. — A resurgent Georgia team rose up in all its might today and walloped Florida ' s righting ' Gators, 26 to 8. Sheer power of the line charge . . . determination of backrield effort . . . magnificent was the play of the red-shirted Bulldogs . . . Bill Hartman was a spark . . . Georgia had charge of the game . . . from start to finish . . . (Georgia linesmen outcharging . . . passed them to death . . . running with unstoppable power ... a beautifvdly contestetl battle . . . unremitting succession of thrills . . . Georgia reborn . . . Georgia ' s answer to the critics . . . speed and drive . . . Georgia came out with a rush. Line crippled and limping . . . dynamic in its desperation . . . opened vast holes . . . hot on offense . . . firm on defense ... in the first quarter a march of 69 ards ... 54 ards for the second touchilown . . . razzle-da . le . . . great goal-line stand in the first half . . . difficult to forget the blocking . . . Quinton Lumpkin ' s interception of pass led to thinl touchilown ... 65 yards for the last. Features — Brilliant play of Coot ' andi er . . . Hartman ' s might. ' plunging . . . Roddenbcrr ' s crafty generalship . . . Harry Stevens . . . Paul Causey . . . ends devastating . . . Towns . . . Candler . . . Maffett . . . whole line scintillated . . . Red Milton shone before home folks . . . Lumpkin and Law . . . ALaurice Green was great . . . Stooge Davis . . . Bill Badgett . . . Tinsley . . . Julius Caesar Hall . . . Leeburn . . . Troutman . . . Georgia is up again . . . glory to old Georgia! Bi lltlnirs on tin riimp i:;r — .linUrsnri irilh the hall. W ' M Maurice Green hiis his ilav- VICIOUS TACKLING DEFEATS TULANE, 12-6 Great Stand Late in Tilt Prevents Second Wave Score GEORGIA 6 6 0—12 TULANE 6 0—6 TuLANE Stadium, New Orleans, La., Nov. 14. — Georgia marched another league on its comeback trail toward the glory road Satur- day afternoon by defeating Tulane by the score of 12 to 6. An impressive victor}- . . . slashing defensive . . . tackling of line and backfieid destructive in its violence . . . aerial display prismatic in its beaut . . . tackled with cold, deadly ferocity ... a crippled Georgia team . . . hawked the ball . . . six times Tulane backs were jolted and shaken . . . ball dropped from their arms ... no Georgia team ever played better football . . . would not be defeated . . . winning one they were supposed to lose. Georgians were hot . . . scoring a touchdown in the second period . . . 40 ards in two pla s . . . Bryan fumbled at the Tuhuu- 46 . . . Georgia went the 46 yards in six plays . . . Green over for the touchdown . . . hammering, slashing drive . . . ball at the Tulane 20 . . . Bucky Br an furious at his fumbles . . . took the ball . . . ran through the surprised Georgia team the full 80 yards . . . showed everything . . . looked like Tulane might come back . . . ball at the Georgia 28 . . . Tulane team drove to the one- foot line . . . fourth down . . . Georgia line stopped the play there . . . into the showers grinning. Features — Terrif ic tackling of the Bulldogs . . . cleanness of Georgia ' s play . . . Wallace Miller at center . . . Tinsley and Hall superb at guards . . . Maurice Green ' s day . . . Titties-Picayune pigeons . . . colored balloons . . . beautiful young girls from Sophie Newcomb . . . se en queens . . . spirit of the Georgia team ... a fine Georgia team today . . . worthy of all the great Georgia traditions. Roddenberry takes out icould-be tacklers. Pass to iMiitJctt over frjrdhdiii ' s goal line. GEORGIA CRUSHES RAM BOWL HOPES WITH 7-7 TIE Magnificent Line Play of Pete Tinsley Is Featured in New York Contest GEORGIA 7 0—7 FORDHAM 7 0—7 Polo Grounds, New York, N. Y., Nov. 21. — New York ' s drab November skies echoed tonight to the Rebel yell as a small group of Georgians cheered a Georgia team which this afternoon fought a highly favored Fordham team to a 7-7 tie and wiped that team from the slate of Rose Bowl prospects. A flaming, smashing Georgia team . . . fighting the old-time wars over again . . . Confederacy- may have died at Appomattox . . . ties still dominate the spirit of a people . . . perfume of the sweet magnolia blossoms . . . wafting up out of the dear old . red- . Geor- turned mag- Southland . . . too much for stalwart Fordham boys . . . |ilanted a large, heavy spike in Forilham ' s Rose Howl gun tinted gridiron zephyr ... led by Pete I ' insley . . . morally a defeat for Fordham . . . Fordham a l-to-5 favorite . gians out-everything the Fordham men do . . . Fordham is lucky to make it a tie. Seven blocks of granite not so granitelike today . . . Athens Monument-Makers . . . Bulldogs chiseled away . back five Fordham threats . . . out-weighed . . . out-experienced . . . underdog . . . heritage of a fighting race nificent ... a raging, fighting Fordham team . . . the fightingest team in Georgia ' s history stunned the East . . . Georgia scored quickl as the second half began . . . Midrey fumbled . . . Lumpkin recovered at the Fordham 20 . . . Green passed to Maffett . . . a leaping catch . . . his long body hung up there against the green of the Polo Grounds stands . . . red jacket vivid against the dark green of the stands . . . Lew Young kicked the point. Features — Pete Tinsley everywhere . . . that name Alexandrovich Franklinsky W ' ojciechowicz . . . R. I. P. carved on the seven blocks . . . " Raspberries in Pasadena " . . . You could hear the charge of the troops at Gett. sburg . . . We are a peculiar people . . . We keep remembering the Civil War . . . Damn " ' ankees . . . Fordham knows that Georgia should have won and that Fordham, not Georgia, was lucky to tie. Luiiifikin scoofts up a Fonlliam fumble. -p— wit htk. Caf ' tain Hall intercip i Hayes ' pas. GEORGIA SWEEPS TO VICTORY OVER TECH 25,000 See Georgia Defeat State Rival, 16 To 6 GEORGIA 2 7 7—16 TECH 6 0—6 Saxforu Stadilm, Athens, Ga., Nov. 28. — Glenn Johnson, a skinn little scrapper from Savannah, led his gang of Georgia Bulldogs to a 16-6 victory over Georgia Tech in Sanford Stadium this afternoon. A furious game from start to finish . . . Georgia ' s four weeks that shook the football world came to an amazing climax . . . resurgent Bulldogs ... a bitter defeat for the Engineers . . . fumbled in the pinches . . . Glenn Johnson in the front on every Georgia drive . . . teeth-rattling tackling of the Georgia Bulldogs hard and fast . . . Georgia pass defense almost perfect . . . Georgia fighting at frenzied pitch . . . hard tackling responsible for Tech fumbles . . . Engineer backs literally torn from the ball . . . perfect Georgia defense for Konemann . . . Tech line patched. Georgia scored first . . . on a safet . . . Georgia Tech scored early in the third quarter . . . taking the ball at the Georgia 44 . . . driving on across . . . Tech lined up at its own 26 . . . Konemann took the ball . . . met the fl ing form of Julius Caesar Hall . . . ball squirted out . . . Otis Maftett was there . . . (ilenn Johnson took the ball over from the four-yard line . . . out in front ... a fourth-quarter drive of 66 yards . . . Johnn ' Jones ' remarkable interception of a pass ... a 26- ' ard sprint by Lew Young . . . Georgia had 16 points . . . and the ball game. Features — Ubiquitous Hall the man of the hour . . . desperate Dutch Konemann . . . Georgia pass defense . . . Glenn John- son brilliant . . . Lew Young likewise brilliant . . . Tommy Ha good a dynamo . . . Maffett a man of destiny . . . roar of the crowd . . . " Rambling Wreck " in funeral tempo ... a neat triumph for Georgia . . . their four weeks that shook the football world must remain as one of the great chapters in Georgia ' s history . . . Georgia Bulldogs picked as the comeback team of the nation. Anilersdii around ri ht end for 14 yards. ANDERSON HUDSON WOODALL CHEER LEADERS Bob Anderson Charles Woodall Perry Hudson Tommy Lee Lane Head Cheer L.eade FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD B« wnSSV 4 • • «■ « O VHMMtttf ' « • SO 71 87 78 07 108 ,7 16 JOB Si m iiiiiii,rr ' T ' i ! ai LctUl A CHARLES HARROLD Captain, Forwafd Charlie Harrold . . . Bulldog cap- tain and an excellent team man . . . Charlie sacrificed personal glories for the good of the team . . . the Macon boy, playing his third year of varsity basketball, played all the posi- tions on the team during the period when key men were on the sidelines due to injuries. Though playing centers much taller than he, Charlie never made a bad showing . . . handled the ball W ' ell and was a brilliant shot . . . star end on the football team. CURTIS ASHER Manager Curtis . sher . . . capable and hard- working manager from Atlanta . . . favorite of all the players . . . af- fectionately known as " Sugar Bowl ' " . . . took good care of equipment, both at home and abroad. Junior managers worked hard un- der Asher . . . had their work divided into sections for them . . . tougli race betw ' eeu the sever.-il as- pirants for next year ' s managership. REX ENRIGHT Coach Coach Rex l- ' nrigbt . . . easy-going and affable . . . drives his players ... is well liked by them . . . de- veloped an inexperienced team into a successful quintet . . . the boys worked hard for him. The team had good support from the student body . . . large crowds attended all .games . wallowed through the mud of the torn-up campus roads . . . many were the falls in the blackness of the winter ni.ghts. l i lilt I lie i auctA Green and inexperienced, the 1937 edition of tile Georizia Bulldoi: haskethall (i e started oft, in a not too impres- sive fashion, what was to end a successful campaign. The Red and Black qiu ' ntet, again coached hy capable Re. Kiiright, had two sophomores in the startini: lineup when the curtain was raised tor the season opener against the Moccasins of Ciiattanooga L ' niversitx ' in ' oodruft Hall, January 8. Captain Charlie Harrold at forward, tall Jack tarren at center, and ( )hn Thompson anil Harry Harmaii at guard were the returning veterans who were counted on to form the nucleus of the team. Sophomore forwards Ralph Head and Sanford Vandiver, who were to star in Georgia ' s peak performances against Alabama and Auburn; Tom Kennedy and Tony Solms, reserves; and Glen Hodges were others definitely counted on. For Chattanooga the starting lineup was Head and andi er, forwards: Farren, center; and Thompson and Harrold, guards. Harman, recuperating Ironi injuries incurreil during the fonthall season, cb ' d not play until the Florida series. Clicking in all departments, the Bulldogs defeated the Moccasins easily in the first game by the score of 31-17. Coming back against the same Chattanooga team again the following night, the Bulldogs were a different team — and there resulted a different storw Taking advantage of a ragged exhibition by Georgia which featured wild passes and hurried shooting, Chattanooga, vastly impro ed ii er the pre ious night ' s play, won a well-deserved victory. The next week the Red and Black took a two-game sojourn into Florida ' s land of simshine. .At Gaines ille the Georgia five took a thrilling 31-30 first game from the ' Gators, but lost the second tilt, 36-18. The first game, a see-saw battle all the way, was won in the last minute of play when over-eagerness on the part of a Florida guard gave Olin ' Thompson an opportimity to try a fotd goal. Olin made it good and the season ' s most exciting contest was in Georgia ' s victory bag. Returning home Georgia took a close 37-35 encounter from Mercer ' s Bears in Woodruff Hall. The abbre- viated height of the Mercer five did not prevent this high-scoring combination, led by Pepper Martin and Bob Sellers, from giving Woodruff Hall fans the most exciting home game of the season. Pasc 338 HARR HARMAN OLIN THOMPSON JACK FARREN Harry Harnian . . . nii outstanding defensive gnard for three years . . . played a perennially good game against Tech . . . gave most brilliant performances in Florida games here . . . praised by Coach Enright as a hard worker . . . does not take many shots at the basket. One of Georgia ' s most versatile athletes, Harman is the conference high jump champion and a contender for the discus championship in track, co-captain of the ' 37 football team . . . has already won his eighth major varsity letter. Olin Thompson . . . called the sparkplug of the team . . . respon- sible for the fighting spirit of the Bulldogs, this third member of the team from Macon, was involved in the two individual highlights of the year ... he saved one of the Florida games by a last-second foul shot and l.iy a belated field goal won the first Clemson tilt . . . played a roving guard . . . good floor coverer. ■ Thompson will return for the 1938 team along with Head, Vandiver, and Farren. Jack Farren . . . elected by his team-mates to captain the 1938 team, this popular Macon boy succeeds a fellow townsman as the Bulldog cage leader . . . the tallest man in the Southeastern Conference tournament at Knoxville, he never lost the tip to any pivot-man in all of Georgia ' s games. Jack was injured in mid-season and was prevented from reaching full ef- fectiveness . . . his value to the team was demonstrated in the Tech game when he was removed in the first quarter because of excessive personal fouls . . . the Bulldog offense bogged down after their center had gone out. SEASON ' S RECORD TIh- tnllciwiiiL; niLrht the HuIl(li)Lr met Clemson in Clemson, S. C, anil here at;;iin it was the brilliant Thomp- son -who turned defeat into victory in the dying last seconds of |ila -. While the ball — wiiich left Thompson ' s hands in mid-court — was still in air, the referee ' s whistle shrilled, endini; the j ' ame. The ball swished through the net and Georgia won, 36-35. Alabama ' s towering five came to Athens and was vanquished, 28-16. ' Hama ' s tall center. Ralph Sneed, who stood an inch above Farren ' s six feet five, was repeatedly outiumped by the Bulldog pivot man. This game saw Georgia reach a peak of effectiveness. The ancient rival, Georgia Tech, came, saw, and conquered — and when the smoke of the battle had lifted the Jackets, leading conference team, had won over a much smaller Georgia five, 34-20. The Bulldogs were con- siderably weakened when Farren was removed from the game in the first quarter on four personal fouls. In February ' s first games Georgia equaled its 1936 record against Florida by taking two games to make it three out of four from the ' Gators. This series saw sophomore Coot Vandiver return to the starting lineup and Harry Harman play two swell defensive games at guard. At this point the Bulldogs had compiled a record of seven wins against three losses — four wins, two losses in conference competition — and were in seventh position in the conference standings. The Red and Black traveled next to lacon where the IMercer Bears revenged thei r early season loss to Geor- gia by taking a nip-and-tuck 27-25 game. The Bulldogs won over Clemson in Woodruff Hall and then were faced with the necessity of beating Auburn ' s powerful Tigers to assure themselves a place among the eight teams to be chosen for the Southeastern Conference tourney. Led by Charlie Harrold and Harry Harman, the scrapping Georgia five outfought the Plainsmen to gain a 21-19 verdict. The Bulldogs closed the season by losing to Tech in Atlanta, 42-22. The Jackets ' superior height and skill was too much even for the Bulldogs ' fightingness. A dark horse in the tournament at Knoxville, the Red and Black five could never get going and was eliminated by Tennessee, 36-11, in the first night of play. Page 339 iONy SOLMS Tony Solms . . . nearly as tall as Farrcn, his height was the big asset of this Savannah boy . . . played second year as reserve center . . . when Farren ' s ankle was injured saw quite a bit of service at the center position . . . will also return for next year ' s quintet. LEE RICHARDS Lee Richards ... a Decatur boy . . . handled the ball cleanly and passed well ... a veritable ball hawk . . . did not shoot much . . . played good defensive game ... is counted upon to play regularly in t938. Richards, like Farren, was injured in the middle of the season and was lost to the team during a majority of its closing games. GLEN HODGES Glen Hodges . . . " Shorty " was his nickname and in the conference tournament he proved his right to the appellation . . . with Jack Farren he formed the " long and short of it " . . . Farren w-as tournament ' s tallest man ; Shorty, at five feet four, the shortest. Hodges amazed fans by his speed ... he was probably the fastest man on the Georgia squad ... a good floor man ... is a sophomore. KJM KbNNEUy Tom Kennedy . . . playing his .second season as a varsity guard . . . did not see much action, as the com- petition of Harnian, Thompson, and Harrold was a tough assignment to accomplish. Ivennedy improved greatly under the coaching of Enright . . . with a year ' s added experience will likely prove a candidate for a starting as- signment along with Thompson next year. SANFORD VANDIVER Sanford Vandiver . . another sophomore forward who started the season with the first string lineup . . . this former Marist athlete was an excellent shot, a good doorman, and by means of his height recovered the ball from the backboards to ad- vantage. Along with Head, ' andiver iilayed his best games in the second Florida series and in the tilts with Alabama and .Auburn . . . until these games he had been an in-and-outer and had been used alternately at the forward position with Harrold. RALPH HEAD Ralph Head . . . sophomore forward who began the season in the starting lineup when injuries prevented Har- nian from playing the early games and then by brilliant performances in later games earned for himself a start- ing role . . . deadly shot from all angles . . . reached his peak in second Florida series when he shot ten points in one game . . . played well in the Alabama and .Xnburn games. The slender Jefferson boy will be one of Coach Enright ' s main reli- ances for the 1938 season. Page 340 ♦l a XL It a ii BUSTER ISENBERG Captain Light Heavyweight C. W. JONES Coach BUD HAINES Middleweight J! 1 1 P- 1 Inheriting Mickey Radutsk ' s style and his position as captain. Buster Isenberg won all his fights during the regular season with the exception of a close decision dropped at Citadel. In the Southeastern Conference tourna- ment in New Orleans, he achieved distinction in defeating the light-heavyweight champion of the preceding year, Carl Inman of Mississippi State. Making this feat more notable was the fact that Inman, in the tourna- ment last year, had administeretl Isenberg his first knock-out. In the finals, Isenberg lost a decision to Gamble of I ulane. The only decision of the tournament to be booed, this one created a ten-minute disturbance and gave Tulane the championship. Carter Newsome, featherweight newcomer to the varsity, straight-punched his way to a record second only to the team ' s captain. Winning his first fight in the tournament by a knock-out over Durbin of Kentucky, he lost a close, exciting match in the semi-finals. Georgia ' s third representative in the tournament, Marion Luckey lost to the two-time lightweight champion. This year was one of reconstruction for the boxing team which was minus five of its regulars. Bud Haines, middleweight, and Horace McEver, bantamweight, are lost by graduation, but Foster Milton, heavyweight. Buster Isenberg, light heavyweight, Alex Stevens, junior middleweight; Bill Hazzard and Lacey Mangleburg, alternating at welterweight; Marion Luckey, lightweight, and Newsome, featherweight, are eligible for next year ' s competition. CARTER NEWSOME Featherweight CHINK CLARK Manager l _ KA L ' v ' leLy lR Bantamweight Page 342 RED MILTON Heavyweight ALEX STEVENS Junior Middleweight SEASON ' S RECORD At home in their ow n ring, tlie Tigers of Clemson first on Georgia ' s schedule, won 5 to 2. Isenberg won and Haines and Lucke - got draws. Against the strong Citadel team which had just beaten West Point, Georgia showed real improvement. Stevens and Newsome won. Canning and Luckey drew. Unable to get going, Georgia lost 3 to 5 to South Carolina. .Vewsome won decisively, and Isenberg, fighting heavyweight, out-boxed his opponent. Carolina forfeited the light-heavyweight match. In their return match with Clemson, the Bulldogs revenged the earlier defeat and won 5 to 3. McEver, Luckey, Isenberg, and Milton won and Stevens drew. It was against Florida that the team did its best boxing of the season. Though only Newsome and Isenberg won decisions, four other matches were so close that, looked at from other judges ' eyes, Georgia might have been given the nod. These matches with Florida at Palm Beach were the high light of the season. Witnessed by the elite of the Florida resort city, they were refereed by Charles Francis " Socker " Coe, the famous author. MARION LUCKEY Lightweight HAROLD CANNING Middleweight BiLL HAZZARD Welterweight Page 343 VARSITY SQUAD Front Row, Left to Right: McEVER, NEWSOME, LUCKEY, STEVENS Back Row: HAINES, CANNING, ISENBERG, HAZZARD, MILTON FRESHMAN SQUAD Front Row, Left to Right: SUSSMAN, FREDERICKSON, ROLAND, HOLLIDAY, HAMILTON Back Row: BOLAND, RATHN»ALD, CONE, PINCKNEY, LAWSON, MITCHELL Page 344 I J-tack V i Lj nt p L a n Forrest " Spec " Towns World ' s Champion — l20-yard Ilish Hurdle h lilted Stales Representative to 11 Olympiad, Berlin lidBfi ' i Packard Kill-yard Dash jMeiiilxr J nieriean Olympic Team, I9j6 Page 346 H. J. blbGtMAN Coach GEORGE SHAW Manager WEEMS BASKIN Coach On titc L Inlet (fXdli Hailed as the greatest cinder team in Georgia history, the 1937 Bulldog squad was highly ta dred to win the Uni- versity ' s first Southeastern Conference track championship in Birmingham, ] Iay 15 and 16. Star-studded with such tracksters as Olympians Forrest Towns and Bobhy Packaril and conference champions Maurice Greene, Harr Harman, am! Burch Wilcox, the Bulldogs had not disappointed when the first three dual meets hail been run. The Bulldogs opened the season by overwhelming an outclassed Presbyterian College team, 99-27. The Geor- gians took all fourteen first places. Towns showed that he hat! fully recovered from an appendectomv performed last fall when he took both hurdle events easily. Identical scores marked the team ' s next two victories o er Florida and Auburn. Taking 10 out of 14 firsts in each meet, the Bulldogs defeated the ' Gators and the Tigers, 77-49. Two University of Georgia track records fell as Auburn was met on Sanford Field. Towns, Olympic and world ' s champion in the 120-yard high hurdles, ran his favorite event in 14.3 seconds to break his old mark of 14.4. Harry Harman, making his last intercolle- WEEMS PENNINGTON One Mile BURCH WILCOX Broad Jump 100-yard Dash y - . - ■- HARRY HARMAN High Junnp Discus ROY KELLEY Two Mile Page 347 JOE GILLESPIE One-half Mile . ilitimpKiti in lutiuii TOM McDANIEL Quarter Mile Pole Vault giate appearance on Sanford Field, shattered Hill David ' s old high jump record of 6 feet ijs inches b - going over the crossbar at the height of 6 leet 3 ' j inches. In these first three meets. Georgia showed strength In the two sprints, both hunlles, the broad jump, high jump, discus, shot put, and the ySO- ard run. Weaknesses in the 440, the mile and the t ()-mile rims, predicted before the season, were borne out. The Bulldogs ' showing in the javelin depended upon the healing of sophomore Bob Salisbury ' s arm. Salisbury won his event in the first meet with a fine throw of 185 feet, but hurt his arm in one of his tosses. In the Florida and Auburn encounters his throus fell short of 175 feet. The schedule called for two other dual clashes ith Tech and Clem on before the conference meet. In the off-Saturda between the Aidiurn and Tech meets. Coach H. J. Stegeman took a six-man delegation to the annual Penn Relay Carnival in i ' hiladelphia. The sextet, composed of Towns, Packard, Harrv Stevens, Jack Robison, Greene, and Harman, made an excellent showing in the two-day meet by winning two firsts, three thirds, and a fourth. Towns romped to victory in the high hurdles and the husky Greene surprised by outclassing the HARRY STEVENS 100-yard Dash 220-yard Dash BOB SALISBURY Javelin JACK FARREN 120-yard High Hurdle 220-yard High Hurdle MARK ARNOLD High Jump Broad Jump 220-yard Low Hurdle Page 348 I i M ™ k|ij| k 9 " ■ ' r ' u " ' BUSTER MATHEWS Quarter Mile R ' jiiiitne — If ii l ' f . ' JACK ROBISON 100-yard Dash 220-yard Dash discus entry for Georgia ' s two firsts. Harman got third in the high jump, and the rela} " quartet of Towns, Pack- ard, Robison, and Stevens won thirds in both the 440 and 880 relays. A friendly rivalry sprang up within the team between Burch " ' Maggie " Wilcox and Harold " Monk ' Arnold. Arnold told AVilcox, the conference broad jump champ, that he was " tired of taking second in the hurdles behind Towns, second in the high jump behind Harman, and second behind Wilcox in the broad jump. " And to the discom- fiture of his team mate he made good his boast and won Wilcox ' s specialty in two meets. Joe Gillespie attracted the spotlight b - his great imprc ement in the 880. The Savannah bo. ' s beautiful stride was expected to give him a good shot at the conference half-mile championship. Quinton Lumpkin, holder of the University track record for the shot put, had already closely approached his record toss of 47 feet 1 1 inches by the time of the Auburn meet and was counted on to better his fifth of last vear ' s conference meet in the shot event. . •i ; QUINTON LUMPKIN Shot-put Qne Mile MAURICE GREENE Discus REX S,- ' ■ Quarter Mile Page 349 .- • " 1 ( v» i Y J Cotnli Bcishii lit the ' ipiiiiiii; iiiect with P. C. Ed Rountree, pole vault point winner in the ' 36 Birmingham meet; Shorter Rankin, half-niiler returning to school after a year ' s absence; Buster Mathews, quarter-miler ; Tom McDaniel, hard-workinti; vaulter and quarter- miler; Rex Saffold, sophomore middle distance runner; Weems Pennington, miler and t Mi-miler; and Roy Kel- ley, twQ-miler, were the other outstanding men on the team. 1936 TRACK RESULTS (jeorgia 79 — Presbyterian College .... 52 Georgia 74 — Auburn 52 Georgia 85 — Florida 41 Georgia 63 ' 2 — Tech 62i 2 Georgia 75 — Clemsnn 51 Conference Aleet: (icorgia was sec ind with M points, I.. S. V. fust. Mniil- iniikcs it llariiiiin I ' Icnrs the hnr Pase 350 a e Lll CATFISH SMITH Coach ALF ANDERSON Captain Shortstop ED SELL Manager -ti nu I iL 1 It was a neu " team that Coach Vernon Smith presented in the openint; t;ame aj ainst Ohio University. Thouj h tamih ' ar faces greeted the eye at most of the positions, no more than two men were playing the same positions they occupied in the first game of ' 36. These two were the Decatur duo, Captain Alf Anderson at shortstop and Jim Cavan in center field. Instead of husky Frank Johnson and Henry Wagnon running out to the box and plate, the umpire ' s call of ' ' play ball " found Esmon Culberson, promising freshman hurler of the previous season, and Lee Richards, another Decatur boy, as battery mates. Bill Hartman, later to be replaced by George Stallings, was at first; Albert Col- lins, sliifted from, third base, was at the keystone ; Anderson was at short ; and John Rucker, the team ' s leading batter, at third. In left field where Rucker had patrolled in 1936, this season found big Carroll Thomas, a fourth Decaturite. Cavan, the second man who was playing his ' 36 position, was in center. Completing the outer garden setup was Billy Mims in right field. An early-season injury to Hartman, who had been switched to right in the first Auburn series, however, gave " Leetle Joe " Gerson his chance and the little fellow made good. Up through the eighth game on the 20-game schedule, Gerson was third in Bulldog batting averages with a .364 mark. Illness robbed the Bulldog nine of its most powerful batting threat when the slugging Rucker was stricken with appendicitis after the second game with Clemson. Hilly Minis cune in from his right field post to fiU the gap. I WALLACE MILLER Pitcher JIM DAVIS Pitcher JIM CAVAN Outfield Page 352 JOHN RUCKER Third Base CARROLL THOMAS Outfield But, although he settled down after his first game at the new position to become a good fielder, he was not the hitter that Rucker had been. In the Ohio game Culberson was wild from the start and was removed in the third inning. Wallace Miller, a junior holdover from 1936, then pitched three scoreless innings and gave indication of his future promise. Victor Hansard finished the game, which Georgia lost, 9-7. Culberson remained wild in succeeding starts and the bulk of the pitching duties fell on Miller ' s shoulders. Jim Davis had a sore arm at the first of the season, but was expected to lend aid later. Sanford Vandiver and " Sugar " Cain were the other moundsmen counted on by Coach Smith. After the Ohio tilt, the Bulldogs moved to Clemson, S. C, where they split a two-game series with the Tigers, winning the first by the top-heavy score of 13-1 and losing the second, 4-3, despite the sparkling pitching of " Coot " Vandiver. The Bulldogs then out-slugged Bill White ' s One-Armed Wonders to win by the score of 18-10. Playing before home fans Georgia lost to the Auburn Plainsmen, 7-4 and 12-7. The Tigers remained a jinx when the scene was changed to the Auburn park. Miller held the Plainsmen to three hits in the first of the two- game series, but his teammates failed to come through with runs and he lost, 2-1, in a hurler ' s duel. The second game went to Auburn, 7-2. Only one tilt of a series scheduled with Oglethorpe ' s Petrels in Decatur was played, the Bulldogs going down to defeat by a 7-4 score. The rqifiaining games on the schedvile were two with Oglethorpe in Athens, two with Clemson in Athens, two with ' Pech in Athens, two with Florida in Athens, and two with Tech in Atlanta. ' biLL ,v,,,v,: Third Base . .:? r Outfielder LEE K,.mAR. Catcher Second Base Pa3e353 VIC HANSARD Pitcher COOT VANDIVER Pitcher SLIM CULBERSON Pitcher 1936 BASEBALL RESULTS Georgia 6 — Clemson Georgia 8 — Clemson 3 Georgia 3 — Auburn 2 Georgia 3 — Auburn 8 Georgia 15 — Cincinnati U 9 Georgia 2 — Auburn 6 Georgia — Auburn 3 Georgia 6 — Florida 10 Georgia 7 — Florida 6 Georgia — Ogletborpe Geor -Oglethorpe 5 Georgia 3 — Buford Georgia 6 — Buford Georgia Georgia Georgia -Buford 12 6 — Clemson 2 A — Clemson 5 Georgia 2 — Florida Georgia Georgia -Florida 6 -Oglethorpe 10 Georgia 12 — ( )glethorpe GEORGE WALKER Outfield DINGLER BERRy Catcher JOE GERSON Outfield Page 354 Luot ci yatu ft ' . ' ' ' M LT TICK ATKINSON DEAN COVINGTON ROSSER LITTLE Southern Intercollegiate Champion = Jjo wii lite = a I twaif r Rosser Little, the Marietta sharp-shooter, contributed the thrill of the 1937 golf season b unexpectedl) ' capturing the Southern In tercollegiate title from a field that included Louisiana State ' s Freddie Haas and Paul Leslie, Emory ' s Crawford Rainwater, and Texas ' Simon Alexander. Veterans Dan Sage, Albert Fahy, Bill Atkinson, Ben Parham, Dean Covington, and Byron Bower completed the ' 37 squad. This same team, aided by Wade Hoyt and Morton Campbell, won five and lost four dual matches in 1936. This year, with competition not yet over, the team had won four and lost two dual matches, placed second in the first Southeastern Conference Meet, in Baton Rouge, and had taken a rather disappointing sixth in the Southern Intercollegiate Invitation Meet in Athens. Rosser Little, by winning the individual title, became Georgia ' s first champion golfer. The Athens tourney bids fair to become one of the nation ' s finest college golf carnivals. Under the direction of Coaches H. J. Stegeman and Harry Mehre, the 1937 meet attracted the South ' s best collegiate golfers, and teams from North Carolina to Texas were represented. The record for the 1937 team in dual competition, not including the matches with Tech and Emory, is Geor- gia WYi, Hampden Sydney 6J ; Georgia 8 4, Davidson 9 j ; Georgia llj4, Duke 6 ; Georgia 16 , Alabama IJa; Georgia 17, Clemson 1 ; Georgia S ' -j, L. S. U. 14V2. This same championship L. S. U. team captured team honors in both the Conference play and in the tourney in Athens. The record for the 1936 team is Georgia 15, Furnian 2; Georgia 15, Davidson 3; Georgia 4, Davidson 14; Georgia llj , Tech 6,lj: Georgia 15 ' 2, Tech 1 1 J (with six-man teams); Georgia 13 ' j, Emory AVi: Georgia 3, Duke 15; Georgia bYi, Duke 1 1 Vi ; Georgia 2. North Carolina 7 (with two-man teams). Wade Hoyt was the number one man during the 1936 season, succeeded by Rosser Little this year. Only one man, B ron Bower, of this year ' s team will return in ' 38 and to Golf Coach R. L. Keener goes the task of building a new Bulldog golf team that will continue the steadily improving pace set by tl e teams of 1936 and 1937. Bower, who saw much service in this ear ' s play, has imrro eii, with the team, in every match. But for the first time in three years, it will be impossible to sa - how good the (jeorgia golf team will be. ALBERT FAHY BYRON BOWER Page 356 PLOTT BRICE J. R. ac LARA Coach AARON COHN Captain ALBERT JONES y l i ic L L ' itLi Georgia ' s 1937 tennis team won three of the first five matches played. In their first test the Bulldogs defeated the Clemson Tigers, 6-2. They followed this start with a victor) ' over Emory University, 6 matches to 3. Then came the first defeat of the season. Wayne University, of Detroit, the only team beaten by Georgia ' s 1936 team, came out on the long end of a 7-0 score. Following this defeat the Bulldogs were beaten by the strong University of Florida team, conqueror of Tech, 7-2. Another victory, this time 5-4, was scored over Clemson to finish the first half of the season. Matches were scheduled with Kentucky, Tech, Vanderbilt, Mississippi, and Augusta Junior College to com- plete the 1937 schedule. Coach Jack deLara had Aaron Cohn, three-year letterman, as his number one man. Albert Jones played at the number two position. Plott Brice, Max Lindsay, and Treville Lawrence, held the other singles berths. For the doubles play, Ed Southerland and Phil Morgan formed one team and Brice and Lindsay made another com- bination. With only Cohn and Lawrence of this year ' s squad expected to be missing and with several promising fresh- men, including Cecil Kelle , Macon city champion, coming up to the varsity ranks, next year ' s team should be one of the best in several years. 1936 TENNIS RESULTS Georgia 5 — Wayne University 2 Georgia 3 — Florida 6 Georgia 4 — Sewanee 5 Georgia 4 — Emory 5 Georgia 1 — Georgia Tech 8 Georgia 1 — Georgia Tech 8 J TREVILLE LAWRENCE PHIL MORGAN ED SOUTHERLAND MAX LINDSAY Page 357 SOL SINGER Manager DEAN COVINGTON Captain d n I lie lank Victorious in half of their four sclieiiuled liual meets, the University ' s swimming team had a fair season. In addition to winning the two dual competitions, the Bulldogs placed fourth in the Southeastern Conference ' s first annual swimming meet at Mississippi State. Led by Captain Dean Covingtcin, the team, compose! of John Ashford, Linton Zachry, Jimmy Curtis, and Howell Erwin, defeated the Atlanta ' " l, " 44-31, and Auburn, 41-34. They lost meets to Clemson, 33-42, and to Georgia Tech, 34-41. Hut the prospects for 1938 are the brightest in Georgia ' s history. " Next year ' s squad will be the strongest ever to represent the school, " smilingly predicts Coach C. W. Jones. The reason for Coach Jones ' prediction is apparent in the person of Hill Walters, free-style sensation from At- lanta, who will be graduated from the freshman squad. Walters holds several Southeastern A. A. L . records in the 50- and 100-yard dashes. In addition the team will have back 1937 ' s star quartet of Erwin, Ashford, Zachry, and Curtis. Other prom- ising men from the frosh team will be Goodloe P ' .rwin, brother of Houell, Hammond, Corey, Hartman, Hullis, Wright, Peeples, Rothberg, and Stevenson. Franklin, Zachry, Jones, Rauzin, Dukes, Jones Erwin, Parker, Ashford, Bcrryman, Solms, Cleveland, Curtis Page 358 d nlxaniiitai zzy 7 oati L Governor ' s Cup A rapidly growing phase of the University is its intramural sports program. Instituted on the present basis in 1933 under the capable direction of Director Frank H. (Jack) Frost, this series of activities has steadily increased both in interest aroused and in numbers participating. Since its introduction several sports have been added to the original list, and this _ ear tournaments in approximately fifteen athletics were offered. Having as its central purpose the creation of interest and participation in sports by those who are not able to play on the University ' s varsity teams, the intramural program has brought many students to the athletic field as actual players for the first time. No member of a varsity team is allowed to engage in that intramural sport. Intramurals are run off in one of two ways: either by a series of games in leagues, the winners of the leagues playing for the championship, or by tournament play. There are three leagues: the Sanford League, the " X " Club League, and the Blue Key League. Usuall)- there are eight teams for each league. Handsome trophies are awarded the winner and runner-up in each sport. In 1934 Governor Eugene Talmadge offered a beautiful trophy, to be known as the Governor ' s Cup and to be awariled each year to the group which amasses the largest number of points for the entire year. ' I ' lie lirst group to win it three years, not necessarily in succession, will have permanent possession of the trophy. S. A. E. won possession of the cup in 1934 and again in 1935: at the end of the 1936 term Chi Phi had the largest grand total and has held the trophy throughout this ear. Page 360 PHI DELTA THETA CHI PHI Tie for Football Championship FALL QUARTER Major sport of tlie fall is touchball. Other matches include tennis, golf, rifle shooting, swimming, and bo in| Sport League If iniiers Champion Runner-up Touchball .... " X " Club-Phi Delta Theta . . Chi Phi ) • Blue Key-Old College ... Phi Delta Theta S Sanford-Chi Phi tie Individual Tennis Max Lindsey, Lambda Chi Alpha Team Tennis Lambda Clii Alpha . . S. A. E. Golf S. A. E Sigma Nu Rifle Shooting Sigma Nu . . . . S. A. E. Swimming S. A. E Sigma Nu Boxing Sigma Nu .... Tau Epsilon Phi " -♦ MAX LINDSEY, LAMBDA CHI AL- - inner Tennis Tournament LITTLE, BOWER, KENNED , DUDLE,- S. J. E. Golf Team Page 361 ) ' t-.. iS. . £. ivins soccer WINTER QUARTER Basketball is the chief sport iit the winter. Others engaged in include goal shooting, bowling, soccer, and billiards. Sport League It iiiners Clitunpioii Runner-up Basketball .... " X " Chib-l.ambda Chi Alpha Blue Key-Pi K. A Chi Phi Sanford-Chi Phi Goal Shooting . . . Sanford-Chi Phi Blue Key-S. A. E S. A. E. " X " Club-Phi Delta Hieta Soccer S. A. E K. A. Billiards Cherokee Hotel team won the tournament but was later declared to have played in- eligible men. When Pandora went to pres. , the winner had not been determined. Pi K. A. won secontl place in the (jriginal tournament. STANDINGS AT THE END OF THE WINTER QUARTER FIRST TI ' N TRAMS Team 1. S. A. E. . . . 2. Sigma Nu 3. Phi Delta Theta 4. Chi Phi . . . 5. K. A. . . . " oints Team 1093 6. Sigma Chi 1048 7. Lambda Chi Alpha 1000 8. Pi K. A. . . 998 9. Kappa Sigma 905 10. Pi Kappa Phi During the spring quarter softball, track, ping-pong, volleyball and other sports were schedule Points 845 825 758 700 620 won the trophy again, it was to become their permanent possession. Several teams were determined to prevent th occurrence. 1 If S. A. E. is Spring sifthall I Page 362 l Uaineu i z vatti ILvftieiis cz-flhii ' lu .=-J:KK LCii licit M. R Kellogg President June Williams lice-President WooDviLLE Campbell Secretary Martha Wilson Smith Treasurer KatherINE ColvIN .... Chairman Meinhcrsliip Helen Curtin Editor If. .i. J. News SPORTS MANAGERS Emory Rose Wood Virginia Andrews Margaret Alt Clara Robson . Dorothy Haines . Anne Mann Hockey Sivimming . Ri fiery Tennis . Archery Basketball Ann. Jean T.anner Grace Winston Martha Fulford Mary Jim Burton . Betty White . Dorothy Jarnagin . Baseball Horseback Dancing Outing Club Tumbling . . Golf Freddie Hill Volleyball JUNIOR DIVISION OFFICERS Mary Redfern President, I ice-President HlL L Gheesling Secretary -Treasurer Page 364 sd-M The Women ' s Athletic Association prcjposes to brinj " : about a realization of the alue of athletics as a vital part of a well-rounded education and to further the athletic interests and activities of all women at the University of Georgia. The governing council of the Association is composed of elected ofScers and managers of sports of both Junior and Senior Divisions. The W. A. A. is affiliated with the Athletic Federation of Col- lege Women and the Georgia Athletic Federation of College Women. A Sports Day was held in November. Representatives from seven Georgia colleges met and played together in a spirit of fellowship and good will. It is our desire that a Sports Day shall be held at some college in Georgia each year. The University of Georgia was host to the Georgia Athletic Federation of College Women during their convention in March. Delegates from G. S. C. W. and Agnes Scott, Wesleyan, Shorter, G. S. W. C, S. G. T. C and Georgia Southwestern attended. Page 365 A most interestin;; intramural program has been conducted b the Women ' s Athletic Association this ' ear. A Round Rdhin and an Klimination Tournament in haskethall put the Town Girls far ahead — they had alread copped the .Michael tennis cup. Soule Hall was the runner-up in tennis. Kappa Delta took a close second in basketball — the participation of their many pledges made the total points mount high, for points are given for participation as well as for winning. Phi Mu made a gallant attempt to win the swimming cup, but Kappa Delta, having kept the cup for two successive years, was not inclined to give it up. Soule Hall again attained recognition, but the cup went to Kappa Delta for the third and last time. Now at the beginning of the Spring Quarter, with volleyball, golf, and ping-pong tournaments ahead, excitement runs high. There are four teams in the running for the 20-inch Intramural Cup. We wonder who will win it? One of these four? Or will Alpha Delta Pi or Thcta step up in line? There ' s a plaque for secoiul place, too. Page 366 =Jjaiicc C 1 1 ill Intensive ear-round work and up-to-the-minute technique of the Modern Uance, hroujiht to us by Miss E. Francis Graham throuf h her studies in New York, kept the 1937 dance group on its toes and made pos- sible three major projects. Besides a recital given in Roystcjn, Georgia, in the Fall Quarter and the annual concert gi en in the Spring Quarter, the main contribution was bringing Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman and group to the University of Georgia on March 29. MISS GRAHAM The unusual opportunity of seeing this important group other than in the East furthered kiKJwl- edge of the modern dance and heightened appreciation of the University group ' s work. Minor per- formances and trips planned this year were unusually progressive and revealed a widening interest in the dance as an art form. Martha Fulford Miss E. Frances Graham President facility .Idi ' iser Dorothy Axx Brasweli. Katherine Colvix Frances Cundy Frances Dominick Ele.vxor Goldberg Freddie Hill MEMBERS Katherine Henry Mary Kellogg Sylvia Kuniansky Betty O ' Kelley Rebecca Proctor Frances Cummings Elsie Peace Mary Sortore Lillian Walker Jeannette Wile ' Eleanor W ii.i.iams Page 367 JZijL CU Tile riHe sfiison « as one of the most i iteresti i yet participateil in by the ijirls at the Lni ersit of Georgia. A great number of girls competed for places on the squad, which was composed of the twenty best shots. From these twent ' a team of ten was picked by Major Albert Peyton and these ill receive medals. According to Major Peyton, more progress was made this year than formerly and more girls who had never before participated made the rifle squad. SEASON RECORD Georgia 480 — Louisiana State University Georgia 480 — Beaver College Georgia 480 — University of Washington Georgia 483 — Northwestern .... Georgia 491 — Connecticut State College Georgia 491 — Coe College .... Georgia 492 — -University of California Georgia 483 — University of Oregon . 484 497 500 470 487 494 467 493 Virginia Andrews Mary Jim Burton Frances Cowart RIFLE TEAM Mary Frances Crabb Helen Curtin Katherine Erwin Cecil Hicks Ruth Hunghrford Mary Kellogg Ann.- Jean Tanner Olivia Bloomfield Woodville Campbell Constance Gatewood Ro.xiE Goss RIFLE SQUAD Freddie Hill Frances Lockman Martha Mackey Pauline Petty Emily Stelling Emory Rose Wood Margaret Alt, Manager Page 368 2 ,U;n L nl i ' Dolphin Club, an honorary su imminir club tor women, was reorganized last Fall. The purpose of the club is to encourasie swimmini:, to wive the best swimmers in the University an opportunity to swim totjether and rise abo e the novice class. Durin : the ear Dolphin has sponsored a novice s " imminir meet, a Splash Party for our Sports Day prosjram, an intramural swimmint: meet, and a Vater Pageant which took the form of a water circus. I he men ' s swimming team assisted with the circus. OFFICKRS Virginia Andrfws Lois Sturm i:r Miss Alice C. Bond Pn-sulfiit Fice-Presulent Faculty Adviser Katherine Colvin ' VooDVILLE Campbell AIarv Jim Burton ACTIVES Martha Franklin Jean Macke ' i ' Dorothy Powei.son June Williams Helen Curtin Margaret Alt Evelyn Bray Maybeth Carithers Nina Fuller Nell Hanner PROBATES Kennon Henderson MaR - H ELMER Katherine Hosch Ruth Mitchell Catherine McCai.ley Bobs Shelander RuB ' Steele Josephine Winn Kmor ' i ' Rose Vood Page 369 f i WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES Page 370 I At THERE ARE MANY, REASONS WHY SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS REQUIRE THE SERVICES OF EXPERIENCED AND EXPERT CRAFTSMEN FOOTE DAVIES CO. HAVE THESE SERVICES . . . a,J I he 4neit nece tatu c a m y o n e ii I i ct rf tea I Lit tine h o i ki t n c I- u d i ti. a A SPECIAL ANNUAL SALES AND SERVICE ORGANIZATION, CREATIVE DESIGNERS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS -ABUNDANT EQUIPMENT . . . MODERN AND COMPLETE . PRICES REPRE- SENTING MAXIMUM IN VALUE m ■uBOBi ■ ATLANTA GEORGIA QUALITY When the public is eager to buy the products you have to sell; when production in many cases is loaded to capacity; when the trucks are rolling in yelling for more — every NEHI Bottler remembers what has made that pleasant condition possible. More than anything else — more than advertising, more than smart merchandising — that thing has been NEHI quality. More people bought more NEHI products in 1936, and so far in 1937, than they ever bought in any other period in NEHI history, because they have come to know that they can get honest value and superior quality in the bottles that bear the NEHI Bottler ' s name. Today, therefore, the NEHI Bottler not only owes it to his public to iiuiiiitaiii the quality that has made his success possible, but to strive unceasingly to improve that quality wherever possible. NEHI P A R - T - P A K Full Quarts ROYAL CROWN Cola Generous 12-oz, bottles , Inc. Columbus, Georgia Page 1 LIFE June 1 I Molloy-Made covers — produced in a I plant devoted exclusively to embossed j and decorated products by an organi- zation of cover specialists — represent the highest standard in yearbook work. Specify " Molloy " — it ' s your assurance of the best. The David J. Molloy Plant 2857 North Western Avenue CHICAGO :: :: :: ILLINOIS IViUf - ' l.II ' l ' . Jiiiu VOL. 1, No. 1 LIFE JUNE 1, 1937 Paving Begins — Heraldi ON March 31. 1937. the first bucketful of cement was emptied and the first concrete poured on the drive running from Broad Street by Academic Building through the heart of the campus. Paving, already com- pleted on the College of , griculture campus and on the lower part of Franklin, had reached the top of Lumpkin hill after five months of preparation. Weather, including the rainiest winter on record, partially ac- counted for the endless delays which paralyzed pedes- Page 3 ng the End of Construction trian traffic on the two campuses and well-nigh pro- hibited the use of vehicles except in scattered areas. The winter quarter social season, which had promised to be the most crowded in history, ended with practi- cally unanimous cancellation of scheduled events when toni-up thoroughfares made access to Woodruff Hall impossible. Thus it was with universal sighs of relief that campus observers watched the beginning of the end of this phase of the greatest construction program at any one time in the history of the University. LIFE Tune 1 CONSTRUCTION (CONTINUED) TWO CAMPUSES FEEL THE EFFECTS OF THE BUILDING PROGRAM Work crews loileil d a i I y al deep ditches which tore llir campus up into a veritubU ' im- man ' s land. Night shifts carried on duriiij; llie period when the pace was fastest. Laborers above are working to replace the pipes which join the Harold Hirsch Hall to its source of heat, the Commerce Building furnaces. Law students were unable to use tlieir build- ing during the cold weather. Iieltl their classes in Peabodv Hall. A huge machine-operated shovel bites into good Geor- gia hillside . . . Pours red earth into a wail ing truck . . . Which will ,jii il dwai loi use in laying a smooth road- bed awaiting the pouring of concrete. Students endured the inconveniences with good-natured spirits, were iiro iilcil with an ever- present source of conversation — the awful state of the campus. r.ige 4 LiriC June 1 CONSTRUCTION (CONTINUED) THE GREATEST CONSTRUCTION PERIOD IN GEORGIA ' S HISTORY GOES FORWARD T Vi , r_-__fT_ j—rTr ,•_ fi ?i; A handsome new Biological Science Building was to grace the south end of Franklin campus. The foundations were hardly laid when authorities discovered that the building would face the wrong way. For the first time the Agricultural E. - lension Service was to be housed in quarters adequate for its needs. i ' A new boys ' dormitory faced on Lump- kin Street near the entrance to Sanford Stadium. - - .- -i. . ' fi i Far cries from today were the campuses of 183.S and lyOl with the few small build- ings and poorly kept grounds. The physical equipment was poor: the mental excellent. Included in the plans was a hell for ibe College of Agriculture, where stu- dents had formerly had to rely on their own or their neighbor ' s watch. A new girls ' dormitory «ii in the process of erection between .Soule Hall and Lumpkin Street. Onlookers wondered at the choice of red brick for the structure, since in every other building on . g campus yellow brick has been used. Page S LIl ' E June 1 LIFE ON THE CAMPUS NEWSFRONT . . . FALL ACTIVITIES With the beginning of scliiiol Pandora work starts. An intrgral part of registration activities is picture-takint:. bringing nuioli discomfort to students who nuist stand in lini " necessitating much lalior on the pari of I ' amhika staff mem- bers. Sphinx, highest campus honor for its fall initiation chose Colbert Haw- kins. Campus Leader; Walter Wise. Y. M. C. A. President; and Tap Bennett, Pandora Editor. Accord- ing to tradition, public initiation takes place during Homecoming week-end, when Sphinx neophytes present a parody of national or local events; this year ' s trio chose the presidential election, impersonated the characters of Franklin Roose- velt, Al Smith, and Alfred Landon in their pre-election activities, then drawing to a close. A new feature in the life if the oldest chartered state university was intr )duced by Charles Col- well and Emory Bobo wlien they brought their trailer along to school, parked it on a vacant lot to serve as their nine-months home. Music for Pan-Hellenic dances at Homecoming was provided by Harold Stern and bis orchestra. Sterns rhythm proved to be of inferior (juality. was roundly de- nounced b dancers. Inebriated ticket-holders at football games foutul iliem- selves courteously but firmly removed from the stadimn by officers of the law. thought twice belore returning in sim- ilar condition. Finals ul ll]i luler-sororily-dornuli.i in:: UKunanienl found Delta I ' lii Epsiloii. represented by Bessie Diamond ( foregrounil ) and Sylvia Kuniansky ( stdndiiif:). triumphing over Delta Delta Delia ' s team of Isabelle Reid and Katherine Hosch (in background). Page 6 Llin; liine 1 LIFE ON THE CAMPUS NEWSFRONT . . . EVENTS OF SPRING HOLIDAYS AND AFTER Susan Falligant, junior in the .ScIhimI uf Journalism and star performer in tlie I niversity Tlieater. was pictied by Holly- wood scouts as having possibili- ties for the role of Scarlett in ■ " Gone With the ind. " received national recognition on her trip to New York for trv-outs. Phi Kappa Literary Society scored a sensational coup over its arch rival. Demosthenian. when represtntalives of the society traveled to the Little White House at Warm Springs and inducted President Franklin Delano Roosevelt into Membership. Left to right (above), are Lee Price. Wingate Dykes. Registrar T. W. Reed. Sol .Singer President Roosevelt. Morris Abram. Albert Menard George Perry and Albon Hailey. By its action Phi Kappa won much praise for itself, much recognition for the LIniversity. Oscar Winemiller, capable grounds foreman, for two years tried without success to prohibit parking on the side- walk side of the drive leading irimi firoad Street to Herty Field. Conceiving the idea of deflating the air from the tires of offenders " automobiles. Winemiller soon cleared the drive of parkers. On rare occasions the faculty dons academic regalia and gives lovers of ceremony a treat. Such occasion was the Religious Welfare Con- ference, at which Dr. George Buttrick. pastor of the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church of New ork Citv. delivered three notable addresses. GLEE CLUB LEAVES ON ITS ANNUAL TOUR Baggage for the ten-day trip is being loaded in the picture at extreme left. In center. Freshman Bob Norman adds toothpaste to his well-filled suitcase while friend Bill McNiel looks on. At right. Direc- tor Hugh Hodgson bids good-bve to friends. Tage 7 LIFK June 1 HOMECOMING WEEK-END T HE week-end of October 30, in spite of Geoigia ' s Honiefoniing name defeat at the hands of Tennessee, was gayer than ever before. The Biftad Club offered a hiving cup to the group uliicii uouhl decorate most effectively. The re- sponse was tremendously successful; only Chi Phi. showing deplorable spirit for tlie fraternity of the Pan-Hellenic president, failed to cooperate. To ttie surprise of everyone, including llit-m.-ilvo, .S. A. E. ud; adjiulged to have tlie best decorations and was awarded the Biftad Clip. Its simplicity made this exhibit appealing. Honorable mention was given Phi Delta Theta. Most observers could see no more than a conglomeration of several good ideas. Popular opinion as to the best decorations was divided between Sigma Nu. with its Homecoming revelry scene showing a moving Bulldog chasing a Tennessee footballer, and Lambda Chi Alpha ' s Tennessee graveyard. After Georgia ' s 46-0 defeat both exhibits seemed a bit out of place. Lucy Cobb ' s Mourner ' s Bench added a sondier note also proved lo l)e mere wishful thinking. Old College kept up its time-honored soubri(piel ol " Tin- Home of Southern Genllenien. " Page 8 LIFE June 1 GAY DECORATIONS ARE FEATURES Kappa Alpha ' s theater idea boasted of K. A. ath- letes, elicited much interest but no prize. Alpha Delta Pi likewise won no prize with its Arch but received praise from her Greek brothers and sisters for her novel theme. Seen often during the week-end were the three Sphinx initiates, enjoying themselves im- mensely while providing a constant show to Homecoming crowds. A humorous note was introduced by Chi Omega in its milking scene, with rented cow " and milker. Led by President Hub Auderson members of the Senior Class paraded on .Sanford field with derby and cane during the half. Delta Tau Delta ' s 1_ Southern manner. u-ll-.l- iti it).; litli. Tri Delta ' s electrical hi-aillicdliii rxhilm ua a copy of the idea used by their sister chapter in winning the Alabama cup but was only good enough for honorable mention at Georgia. rage 9 LIFE June 1 B SIGMA CHI DERBY ECAUSE of the wide interest it aroused and the inter-sorority activity it caused. Life presents a page of pictures from Sigma Chi ' s First Annual Sorority Pledge Derby. The Derby was won bv Kappa Delta with 57 points; Alpha Delta Pi was a close second, totaling 54 points. Doris Eberhardt, A I ' A chosen Modern Venus. Jeanne Wallace, ■I ' JI runner-up. Start of the relay, won by A A II. Sweetheart of Sigma Chi- Kathlft ' M Hrannt ' n. . ' II. K. D. wins ihi- In;;-..! uar WINNERS Sueethean uj Sigma Clu Kathleen Brannen. A o II Modern I enus Doris Eberhardt. A 1 " A Heaviest Fledge Margaret Stoddard. X fi Lightest Pledge Sarah McNab. A AH Tallest Pledge Ellen Cheek. K A Shortest Pledge Sarah McNab. A A n Sack- Race Kathleen Brannen. A O 11 Three-legged Race Alpha Chi Tug-oj-uar Kappa Delta Egg and Spoon Relay Kappa Alpha Theta ' Round the Block Relay Alpha Delta Pi Athens ' Mayor Mel! iipens the prof;rain with an official procla- mation. Ellen Cheek, K A tallest lilcdf;,-. ,ui,l Sarah McNab. - A II. shcirtcst and lightest. Weight contest lo determine lightest pledge. I ' a.w 10 1.II-1-: June I FOREIGN STUDENTS Peter Wecker finds Soutli- irn climate warm but likes Southern life and people, is very friendly. Foreign students have the run of luxurious Memorial Hall, which serves as their dormitorv. Most exchangites like Amer- ican girls make the most of companionship during their stay here. AN interesting and growing part of Georgia ' s student body is its foreign exchange student element, students from abroad who come here in exchange for Georgians sent to other parts of the globe. Older than the undergraduates they nevertheless fit readily into student life; most of them have proved very adaptable to American ways. Their chief campus activity is the Interna- tional Relations Club, in which they take an active part. The group in the picture at right is. left to right, composed of Peter Wecker. Ger- many; Louis Deroche, France; Irnerio Rossi, Italy; Manuel Christian Colon, Cuba; Jacques Puyatier, France; .Meng Ming .Sie. China: and Herbertus Scheibe. Germany. Italy ' s Dr. Rossi prefers pressing his own clothes, finding it more economical than the laundrv method. Jacques Puyatier likes . merican girls but at first did not care for American boys. Later in the year. however, he warmed to them in some degree. German Scheibe has been a real so- cialite during his two-year residence here. Proficient at English and a good mixer, he has served his country well. Page 11 LIFE Tune 1 mry fe Mrfj.- e f-Jr Director Ed Grouse Produces a Smash Comedy Hit SENEY-STOVALL MEMORIAL THEATER. Iioim- nf University Theater productions, is squat and ugly in daytime; on opening niglit under glare of floodlights it achieves something akin to glamour. . ' Ml settings of theater productions are made hy the stu- dent .stage crew. Above, Milton Marshall, .Stage Manager Nona. ' i. Gene Lipschilz, and Chauncey Clark are in the midst of their six weeks long job. Stage Manager EUy Nonas prepares to dim house lights, signalling the beginning of the performance. Business Manager Tap Bennett and Ushers . ' 1 Weill. Sol Singer, and Dyar Massey take their posts out front preparing for the arrival of ticket-holders. The second night of " The Bishop Mis- behaves " saw a complete sell-out with scores of patrons being forced to stand through the entire performance. Star of " The Bishop Misbehaves ' " was Richard Joel, veteran character actor of the theater. Combining droll humor with sagacity seldom found in an amateur. Joel played the role of the sleuthing Bishop of Broad- minster to perfection. He is show ' n above spying on the approach of pseudo-crooks Red (Louis .Sohn ( . Frenchy (Dick Mitchell I. and Collins I Bud Haines) while his sister. Lady Emily, ably played by Montez Deb- nam, looks on. I ' ase IJ Lll ' -JC .IlUlC 1 The climax comes when the genial, well-wishing Bishop solves the mystery of the Waller jewels, rights the wrong done Hester Grantham, capably acted by Mary Nell McKoin. Stand-outs in the production were the performances of two freshmen in their first roles: Hugh Hill (extreme left) in the part of Brooke, and Louis Sohn (fourth from right) as Red. " ' " " •. ■»,f H v k! B D ' f ' m Wr H j k.X Bp ' sB ' H ' ' - 1 El! ::-- sjm . ctors take turns in making niher up. 2 Director ( ouse aids in the more diffi- cult phases while script boy Charles Joel, rehearses lines with anticipative players. 3 After the play is over and the audience has left the theater, ushers, actors, and production staff relax together on the stage. Dorothy .Jarnigan. Mistress of Properties (foreground), sews busily in preparation for next night ' s perform- ance. A tense moment_ comes in the first act when Hester ' s lover, played by Jolin .Sanford. holds up Mr. and Mrs. Waller (Elliott Hagan and Margaret Darst) in an effort to recover by force the jewels which he regards as the rightful property of his fiancee. Page 13 LIFE June 1 With Students for Week-end Diversion F OR celebrating Friday and Saturday evenings. Georgia students have long been accustomed to fraternity, club, and class dances during each week- end of the winter quarter. This year was to have been the heaviest social season in school history with formal dances and entertainments booked solid. Torn-up roads with the result of only small Pound Auditorium being available for social func- tions caused almost unanimous cancellation of af- fairs or postponement until spring. Those parties which were held Life prescTits. f 4 • Warren Portwood lakes his shower bath . . . Struggles manfully «ith his tiplil collar . . . Has his carnation piniifil ini by bis (late, Anna .lo Saine . . . Watches her Mj;n out for the t venini;V fun . , . Arriving at the scene of llir ilaMcc. dale goes lo ladies " coal room, linie-bonored scene of delay, exaspi ' ialinf; lo ijicort. whrrr mon- lime is spenl in gossip than in primping. l ' .lgL- U 1.1 1 ' K June 1 Sigma Chi opened the season with its " Blue and Gold " dance, featured by the formation of a Sifima Chi cross by members and their dates, who were dressed in blue and wearing corsages of golden roses to carry out the fraternity colors. At the head of the cross was President Jimmy Hobgood with steady date, Betty Morion X !2. Collegians found it comfortable to be back in formal attire, applauded the affair. Pi Kappa Alpha ' s reception for tlnir Metrupolitan Opera star alumnus, Joseph Bento- nel ' i. was a brilliant party and something new in campus entertainment. .Shown above are Mr. Bentonelli, Miss Anne .Abney, K A., sponsor of Pi K. A., and President Harmon W. Caldwell. The Freshman Formal featured excellent decorations on a pent-house theme thought up by freshwonian Emily Beck, M. For the grand march President Louise .Slocum. AAA. appropriately cliose Boys ' Freshman Class President Albert _Manlev. Gardenias were plentiful at the .Sojihomiire Ball with decorations lit mullitudinous balloons. Presi- dent Hazel Ward, X fi. and Bobby Wilson loped through the lead-out at the head of the line. Page 15 LII-F. June 1 d . aj ' UeS Uonnnura The Players ' Ball, annual dance of Thaliaii-Blackfriars. is small and exclusive a strictly invi- tatidii ullair. Costumed f uests frolic on the stage, are served punch in the lobby, remove their masks at midnight. Pictured in inset is Katherine Hosch, - - -i, winner of the prize for the best girl ' s costume. Lawrence McCarthy, X 1 ' . boy " s prize winner, is fifth from left on the front row. i Ranking as a social affair of first niagi.itude was I ' ANIKitiA ' s Beauty Ke iew. Fiatcniily and dormitory sponsors entered under the glare of floodlights, paraded to the stage of Pound Auditorium, where seven of tlie twenty-lhree were chosen as the 1937 beauties. The seven winners shown above are. left to right. Jeanette Thompson, sponsor of Lambda Chi Alpha; Barbara Fielis. A A IT, sponsor of Delta Tau Delta; Belly Crenshaw. 4 JI. sponsor of Kappa Sigma; Bobbie Stephens X 0, sponsor of Cherokee students; Jean Crowell, sponsor of New College: Martha Wineberg. AAA, sponsor of Pi Kappa Phi; and Elizabeth Guillebeau. X !i, sponsor of Kappa Alpha. Kappa Sigma ' s chapters at Georgia and ' lech have a brotherly arrangement whereby ihey collaborate annually on a dance, alter- nate the scene of the affair. This year was Georgia ' s turn to be host. Leading the grand marcli were .John Broome, president ol llir 1 haiiter. and Marguerite iMcCall. AAA. P.ige 16 I.I I ' M-: Tone 1 Alpha Gamma Delta ' s Easter Parade was led by Mary Jo Stone and Leon Bruno, shown above at right of tlie line. Marching with them are Nell White and Arch Fitzpatrick, 2 N. All Alpha Cams w iri ' white. Biggest single function uf the year is the Military Ball: all who can beg. borrow, or steal an invitatinn or a uniform are on hand. This year ' s ball, with music by the Hudson-Delange Or- chestra, drew dancers from far and wide. M left above. Colonel Bernard Ramsey, A T U. and irginia Tift. ' ' SI. lead the grand march. Center, military sponsors are honored at a review of the entire unit in the afternoon. The right picture shows a view of the crowded dance floor. Alpha Lambda Tau gave its first formal the night before Easter, used Easter rabbits in a clever decorative scheme which had been shared with Alpha Gamma Delta on the previous evening. A large crowd enjoyed a nice Saturday night frolic. Woodruff Hall overflowed witli the crowd which turned out for Phi Delta Theta " s formal to dance to the swing music of Hudson-Delange and look at the Military Ball decorations. Those who had been denied the ball the night before look full advantage of the open affair. Presi- dent " Monk " Arnold chose Margaret Dance as his partner for the lead-out. Still scheduled at time of P.4ND0Ra " s deadline were many affairs which promised to be first-rate entertainment. Glen Gray and his Casa Loma Orchestra had been signed for Little Commence- ment by Pan-Hellenic President Wade Hoyt with the enthusiastic approval of the student body. Other functions looked forward to included Phi Mu ' s Swing Dance, Lambda Chi Alpha ' s Battle of Music, the Ag Engineering Dance. Delta Delta Delta ' s first formal, the Barristers ' Ball, Alpha Epsilon Pi ' s sport dance. Soule Hall ' s annual spring affair, a banquet-dance by the Forestry Club and a private affair by Old College. Chi Omega ' s Garden Party dance was the last event of the year scheduled on the social calendar. Page 17 LIFE June I EASTER PARADE N ICEST Sunday of the year is Easter. Most students attend Sunday School, either at Bob Gunn ' s Presbyterian, Brother Nick ' s Baptist. Louise Starr ' s Episcopal, or Claude FuUerton ' s Methodist. Feature of the day is the couples on parade: Life presents a group snapped at random. Hazel Hanson. K A. wiili lom Ben Anderson. - N, with Anne Abney. H K A. McKinnon. X 9.. Cleone Jackson, AAA. witli Guy Dean Covington, - A E. with Tiller, n Iv A. Elsie Peace, Iv A. Lenoir Sanders, X fi, with Bunky Wingfield, Iv A. .Sarah Payne, AAA. with father. W. O. Payne. - X. well-liked professor. Emily Beck, -M. with Buster Mathews, ■!• A G. all hHh Anne Littlepage, A A II. with Nnrtnaii ( anip, 2 X. Anne Johnson, A 1 ' A. parades alone; steady date. Paul Hodgson. K A, lies abed with appendicitis. I ' XNOnllx " . .lM-r, II. L II., klll.ll and .Mrs. Heekinan. ' I ' M. Helen Clarke, AAA. wjtl Corson Hilton, i: A E. Celeste Smith. Phi Mu Presi- dent, with Troutman Wilson, X t ' . Catherine . tkinson. President of Chi Omega, with Bill iManer. H K ■! . Page 18 LIFE June 1 The business man , . . the young man , . the college man . , . any man who wants smart, well-tailored clothes and correct aev fabrics at a moderate price up-to-the-minute in style. kma iMi REAL WESTERN STEAKS $16.50 and $19.50 New DeLuxe • $22.50 • Super -Value THE SCHWOB COMPANY at TONY ' S ORIGINAL CAFE 233 Clayton Street Phone 1471 ATHENS GEORGIA Page 19 LIFE June 1 jv r , r ' fj Entering Georgia as a junior. Mar- garet Conger has in two years time built up a reputation as a happy-go- lucky Phi Mu, devil-may-care miss. In her harum-scarum manner she failed to MARGARET CONGER check PAiNDORA class rolls, is listed as a junior although graduating in June. Pandora offers her its sympathies, as- sures her that she is probably not the only careless one. Norman Chalker served four terms as Associate Editor of the Kid »nd Rl(u:k. thereby establishing a record. Affable 4 1 NORMAN CHALKER energetic, unfortunate in his politics, he served well, continued to cooperate where many a lesser man would have quit disgruntled. Margaret Johnson, president of Alpha Delta Pi. was chosen by Chi Psi as its sponsor for the Pandora Beauty Re- view. When time came for picture- taking Miss Johnson failed to appear MARGARET JOHNSON although fully notified as to time and place, therefore has no picture in the Sponsors ' section. Pandora ' s apologies to Chi Psi, none to Miss Johnson. Editing Pandora is hard work but car- ries its compensations. Carr ing no reward other than hope nf lulure posi- tions arc the routine jobs (d Junior Editorships. Heavier than usual tins FUTURE EDITORS year because of the fact that there were only two Juniors instead of the usual ihrce. Ed Baxter ami Bill Benton worked well, finished their assignmcnls ahead of schedule for the most pari. Biggest money-maker on the campus was Curtis Asher, Red and Black busi- ness manager, holder of dance conces- sion, football program concession, and CURTIS ASHER other lucrative financial posts. Honest, upright, and industrious, Asher rightly voted his convictions on the Red and Black editorial board, was roundly de- nounced by campus politicos for not voting their way. Devoted addict of parsimony. Asher refused to pay for space in the Pandora; Pandora retali- ated by cutting Red and Black section to one page. Alf Anderson and Jim Cavan are long-time pals. Going through gram- mar school and Decatur High together, they starred in all athletics, won the soubriquet of " Touchdown Twins. " TOUCHDOWN TWINS Coming to Georgia, they pledged the same fraternity. Sigma Nu continued their friendship and athletic prowess. Lately they have courted sorority sis- ters. Mickey Knupp and Dot Hains, Chi Om«!;a , I ' age 20 LU ' li June 1 J ' r ' €l t r J (connnued) (!lii)sen by popular vole a? King and (Jneen of Ag Hill. Major Thompson Traditional at the Coordinate College during Valentine season is the hiding of the Sophoinore heart for the Fresli- men to find. If found, it is hidden again and the Sophomores must look for it. Whichever group is hunting on KING AND QUEEN and Elizabeth Chappell do not go together, would make a nice couple. Theirs would be a royal roinance. HEART FINDERS Valentine ' s Day honors the other with a banquet. Finders of the heart this year were Fresliiiu-n Weetie Tift, Phi Mu, and Margaret McPherson, Kappa Alpha Theta. who cause no few heart-throbs themselves. BATTLE OF BALLOTS Hardest fought political battle of the year was the Chi Omega-Delta Delta Delta struggle for the presidency of Woman ' s Student Government for next term. Chi Omega ' s Susan Williams and A. D. Pis Inez Barthlemess were the candidates nominali-d by the committee. Tri-Deltas charged they were not represented at the committee meeting, produced a petition containing the names of non-sorority women and members of every sorority except Chi Omega to get their Martha Virginia Smith ' s name on the ballot. The in- tensity of the race soon shoved Barthle- mess into the background. Phi Mu. anxious to give its long-time rival a bop, lined up .solid behind .Smith, as did other groups. After a heated day of electioneering the ballots were counted, gave Tri-Delta ' s Smith the of- fice. r- PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE TASTY FOOD A. S. T. RESTAURANT All Electric Equipment Owned and operated by A. S. THORNTON - , =a?su. THORNTON ' S RESTAURANT Corner Coll ege and Washington ' S£ ' u.. Page 21 LIFK June I , jfa?£Hi THE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA uses MONARCH FINER FOODS [ r— ————— — ——— ' -— " " • —■ " ■—• " " ■ " " - CODY DAVID. INC. Your Neighborhood Drug Store Phones 9290-9291 1320 Prince Ave. Athens, Georgia J (dj ' cn Sieves Flowers for All Occasions Clayton Street PRINCE AVENUE PHARMACY j May we fill your iic t prescription? | Phone 600 t Wi ' tf f i ' f.) (continued) Assisting Business Manager Tom Dickey in his work. Junior Business Managers Harry Davis, Griggs Shaefer, and Sol Singer tried to AD SELLERS outdo one anotlier in volume of ads sold, knowing that this phase of their work would count heavily in the choice of Dickey ' s successor. Last year ' s Most Outstanding Student Harry Baxter, 1936 Pandora Editor, entered Law School in the fall, con- liiuied his activity which had made him 19.% Valedictorian hy leading Freshman Law class. Memher Sphinx, Baxter is Sphinx-like, rendc valuahle assistance in the form of vice for this year ' s Panuoba. P.ige 22 Lll- ' l-: June 1 (■(I Compliments ®I|?atrPB Athens, Georgia Mich ael s Now celebrating our 55th year of service to students Drink Delicious and Refreshing Pure refreshment Students Headquarter The VARSITY CURB SERVICE Q ROOM Established 1912 ELjiiipiiiciif - Service - Eiiriruinneiif The Best BILLIARDS - SODA - SMOKES Patronize PANDORA Advertisers Page 23 LIFE June 1 ESTABLISHED 1874 THIRTEEN YEARS OLD WHEN THE PANDORA WAS BORN For generations the name STEVENS has been synonymous with stationery of the finest quality. Leaders of society, prominent personages and the most exacting, exclusive people have habitually chosen Stevens " Engraved Station- ery for formal and informal correspondence. New generations appreciate the distinction of the Stevens " Products which may be obtained at reasonable prices. When considering the purchase of engraved invitations, announcements, visiting cards or correspondence stationery, write for our samples and prices. J. P. STEVENS ENGRAVING COMPANY 103 PEACHTREE STREET ATLANTA, GEORGIA Compliii fiifs of CAMPBELL COAL COMPANY Compliments of . . . HARRY F. DOBBS, INC. Good Coal Since 1884 Atlanta, Georgia Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Supplies L.—»»».-o ..-...— •—..-— —-—« " For . . . DRESSES — COATS — SUITS Sportswear an d Accessories Shol at tlie OLIVIA COOK DRESS SHOP (Next to Palcicc Theatre) " Where personal interest and attention are given , to the smallest details " 28 5 Peachtree Street, N. E. ATLANTA GEORGIA i j Popular Priced . . . — — T DRESSES - COATS - H.ATS Lesser ' s Apparel Shop ATHENS GEORGIA J MOON-WlNN Drug Co. " The Sf(}rf of Personal Scrtice " I i . Page 24 LIFE .luiie 1 S ' jt ra I ' l ' f ' i (. continued) lii ' -it-difnlf of cuteness are indefinable; Georgia ' s variety is well personified by Chi Omega Fern Baggs, who has a string of men continually luinging on her line. Fern ' s heart is notoriously FERN BAGGS fickle: during the fall she courted toot- baller Harry Stevens, Phi Delta Theta, followed him to Baton Rouge for the L. S. U. game: in the winter her fancy turned to basketball-playing Tom Ken- nedy, S. A. E. ; just who will be the recipient of her spring affections was not yet determined when Pandora went to press. Kennedy ' s Buick was still riding easy. FRED DUVAL A genial jelly is Fred Duval, K. A. embodiment ol Cjista personality. Com- ing from Social Circle, Fred is an active participant in campus society, does not restrict his talents to any one girl but rather tarries with many. Possessing a caustic sense of humor and a " ' til death do us part " love for all Tri-Delta sisters. Louise King has a - ' »«wJ LOUISE KING come-back ready for every eventuality. She assisted greatly in making layouts for the feature sectiim. Picked as Panoora ' s Jubilee worker. Floyd Newton, sophomore, had more hours to his credit than any other staff FLOYD NEWTON member for the Jubilee Month. Febru- ary, was awarded a ribbon at Pan- dora ' s fiftieth anniversary banquet. Page 25 LIFE J-anc 1 Ask your Dad Yes, and your Granddad . . . cihoiif trading with MCGREGOR ' S SCHOOL EQUIPMENT THE McGregor company ATHENS GEORGIA i- — .- ..— ..— DRUGS SODA PATRICK ' S PHARMACY J. K. PATRICK, " iVIO " AJivciys the sfiideiifs ' friend CIGARS SANDNX ICHES W. A. CAPPS COMPANY Jciiclcrs mid Optometrists Cuiiipliitieiits of . . . S. H. KRESS CO. 5-10-25 Cent Store Tlie modernization Program at the Henry Grady Hotel lias given us the most beautiful Coffee Shop in the City, and in our Spanish Room you have a beautiful dining and dance space overlooking Peachtree Street. Our new Ball Room is the finest in the City, seating 450 people, with- out a single post. MEET YOUR FRIENDS at the Henry Grady ATLANTA U ' lurr yood food is served at all times Room rates from $2.50 COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS FOUNTAIN PENS - PENNANTS COLLEGE JEWELRY STATIONERY ROYAL TYPEWRITERS RADIOS Tennis Rackets - Corduroy Jackets - Raincoats and iiuiiiy } iff items GEORGIA CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION J LIFE ' S PICTURES MOST of the pictures in Life were lakeii by Capers Holmes, Sigma Chi, one of the most active amateur photo- graphers on tlie campus. President of the Photography Club, Holmes does ex- cellent work on close-ups and inside shots, does some of his own developing but trusts bis vahiable stuff to a pro- fessional studio. The following is Life ' s appreciation list: To LiFF. Magazine for permitting this copy. To Caspar-Ware Studio, - tlanla, for its work on sub-division pages. To Asasno for the beauty pictures. To Ralph Jenson for many of the action photographs used throughout the book. To Crady Clay, Emory Llniversily. for some of the photographs used in the featurr section. Vol. 1, No. 1 Lire June 1, 1937 Construction 3 News 6 Homecoming 8 Sigma Chi Derby 10 Foreign Students 11 University Theater .... 12 LIFE Goes to Parties ... 14 Easter Parade 18 Private Lives 19 THE FRONT covi-:r is . I ' lioro- CKM ' II OF STUDENTS PASSINd rlll ' : (ll l ' i:i. T. KEN FOR LIFE liV RAl-PH JKNSdX. FruKiKs: Tap Ltcnnett, Richard Joel. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Capers Holmes, Ralph .Tenson, Ed Ba.xter. (Irady Clay, Bill I ' rincf, Cieorge Cralili. ASSociATKs: . niett ' s .Studio, Gale ' s Studio. CIRCULATION OFFicKs: Cunuiierce Iluildius, Athens, Georgia. EDITORIAL AND ADVERTISING OFFICES: Com- merce liuilding, .Athens, Georgia. Page 26 LIFE .lune 1 FEATURING QUALITY FOR THIRTY-NINE YEARS H. L. SINGER CO. The Wholesale Fancy Grocers of Atlanta 1 GEORGIA MOTOR EXPRESS Incorporated ATLANTA ATHENS BIRMINGHAM Phone Phone Phone WAInut 1293-94-95 626 3-2293 Fast Dependable Motor Freight and Express Service Serving locally between Athens- Atlanta, Atlanta-Griffin-Amcficus-Albany- Thomasvillc-Tallahassce, Atianta-Annlston-Birmmg- ham-Gadsden, Atlanta-Cornelia-Clayton-Asheviiie, Atlanta-Elberton Connections to all joints in America IN RE: The New Lawyer ' s Library The basis of every lawyer ' s library should be the local books of the State in which he intends to practice, adding to these as the need demands and warrants. THE MOST IMPORTANT GEORGIA LAW BOOKS ARE Code of Georgia Annotated Georgia Supreme Court Reports Georgia Court of Appeals Reports Digest of the State Reports Local Practice Books (TERMS IF DESIRED) Complete list of Georgia Law Books mailed on requer ' t. Your Correspondence Invited The Harrison Company LAW BOOKS 1 5 I Spring Street, N. W. Atlanta, Georgia SERVING THE LEGAL PROFESSION SINCE 1908 ORDER FOR ANY GRADUATING YEAR UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA CLASS RING n nformation Needed Degree Course Year Size Stone Graduates and Seniors eligible Send all rings to us for repairs Designed and Manufactured Exclusively by HERFF-JONES COMPANY ATLANTA OFFICE H. S. CANFIELD H 60 N. DECATUR RD. Page 27 LIFE June 1 " THE TOPS " in COLLEGIATE CLOTHES GUNNS MEN ' S STORE 4. 4 a snake on the campus is a queer sight- So is a Jfigb price af CROWE ' S CUT RATE DRUG STORE IN ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHY of (TAMtET e ' GrUDIOS A T L A N T A GEORGIA OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR 1937 PANDORA I.-.— .—.——— «—-.——.- — — «— — ... .........4 Page 28 I.IFE June : ' :- . ' : • «if ' ' " fr m r ..iif ' ' mk

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