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NDOR.A Volume XVII Published by tbe Student of tbe University of Georg'ia RiCHMDS GENERAL LIBRARY huwersity of Georgia UNIVERS1 ATHENS. CEOMO.ATo JUDGE MOWE1LL, COBB, •Scholar auad Juarisi, asad GeEaftlesnaaiia of ftlae Old .Souaftlhi, ftlais vofitvasme of Tlhe Pasadoira is respecftfuslly dedicated. ofe -us.. PvJUDGE HOWELL COBB. RARELY indeed lo vc fiiul all the qualities tint go to make up Christian manhood more happily blended than in the ease of Judge Howell Cobb, to whom this book is dedicated. Georgia can not l oast of a more thorough Christian gentleman, a more profound jurist, and a more zealous sup| ortcr of the cause of higher education than Judge Cobh. Judge Cobb was born in Athens. Georgia. July T. IS 12. His early training and his collegiate education were received here. He was a student at the University in the class of 18dV but left school in pril. 18H1. to answer the call of his country to tlic front. He was afterwards given his diploma by S| ccial act of the Hoard of Trustees. He enlisted as a private in "Troup Artillery." "Cobb's Legion." He was soon made corjioral. He served under Lee in West Virginia and then under Magruder in the Peninsula of Virginia. After twelve months lie was transferred to the Jdtli Georgia regiment, of which his father was then Colonel. On the promotion of his father to Brigadier-General, he was commissioned 1st Lieutenant of Cavalry. C. S. A., with brevet" rank of Captain, and a signed as aide-de-camp on his father's staff. He held the same |x sition when his fattier liccamc Major-General, and until the close of the war. In I8CS, he married Miss Mary McKinley, of Millcdgc-ville. Georgia, daughter of Colonel William McKinley. He practiced law one year in Millcdgcville with his father-in-law. under the firm name of McKinley and Cobb, having l ccn admitted to the liar in Macon. Georgia, in February. ISfifi. With the exception of the one year in Millcdgcville, Judge Cobh's liomc has always been in Athens. He was the first ami has liccn the only judge of tile city court of Athens. He was ap| oinlcd in 1871). and has lieen re-appointed six times. He lias for a number of years liccn Professor of Law in the University of Georgia Law-School. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees. Judge Cobb has the love of every member of tlie University I .aw Scliool as well as the respect and esteem of all the student body and every one who knows him.3681bCALENDAR, 100:$. September 17—Wednesday: December JO—Saturday: Fall Term Opens. Christmas Holidays Commence. November 22—Thursday: Thanksgiving Day. 1004. January f—Wednesday: Christmas Holidays End. January 10—Tuesday: Birthday of R. E. Lee. February 10—Friday: Spring Term Commences. February 10—Friday: 101th Anniversary Demosthenian Society. February 22—Monday: Washington's Birthday. February 22—Monday: 82nd Anniversary Phi Kappa Society. J unc 11—Saturday: Commencement ()pcns. J une 1 ■ —Wednesday: Commencement Day. June Hi- Thursday: Summer Vacation Begins. July f—Wednesday: Summer School Ojtens. September 21—Wednesday: Fall Term 0] cns. Faculty Meeting every Tuesday. 1:30 r. m. Literary Societies meet Wednesday. 8:no i . m. College V. M. C. A. meets Friday, 8:30 i . m. Engineering Society meets fortnightly. Wednesdays, 8:00 p. m. Athletic Association meets on call of President. Press Club meets first week in (Ictobcr. January, April and bi-monthly. Greek Letter Fraternities meet Saturday nights.Commencement 1604 1. Sacred Music. •I. Prayer—Rev. Mr. Marshall. •1. Salutatory- Mr. Wm. H. Jackson. •I. Oration iu "Favor of I liberty and the Sujicrior Advantages Possessed by the I'nitcd States Over the Governments of Europe," Mr. J. . Harris. 3. Oration in "Favor of Virtue and tlte Necessity of F.nforcing it by Example." Mr. Thomas Irwin. fi. Poem. Descriptive of the Means by Which the I.ami of tlie Oconee Were ()btaincd; tlic Former Possessors Described and Contrasted with the Present, and a Prediction of Their Future Greatness. Mr. A. S. Clayton. 7. Dialogue, between Messrs. Wm. Williamson. W. Jackson ami J. Harris. 8. Oration. Exciting to Gratitude to France for her Assistance During the Revolutionary War. and the Cession of Ixmisinna. by Mr. James D. Jackson. !». Oration, on the Dignity of Man. and I xhorting to Agriculture and a Knowledge of the Arts ami Sciences. Mr. Robert Rutherford. Hi. Oration in Praise of a Representative Government and the Sciences. Mr. Wm. Williamson. 11. Dialogue, between Messrs. Jared Irwin. James D. Jackson. R. Rutherford and A. S. Clayton. 12. Disquisition on Taste. Mr. E. II. Gumming. i:t. Valedictory Oration. Mr. Gibson Clarke. 14. Conferring of Degrees. 13. Prayer, Rev. Hope Hull.Commencement I904"-Firsi Centennial Saturday, June Uth— f :00 p. in.—Prize Military Drill. 8:00 p. in.—Cliainpiou Debate. Sunday. Junk 12th— 11:00 a. in.—Commencement Sermon. Bishop Titos. F. Gailor. of Tennessee. Monday. June 13th— ] I -.00 a. in.—Sophomore Declamations. 4:00 p. m.—Junior Orations. Delivery of Sophomore Cup by Rev. Clias. Xisbet, ’93, Atlanta. Tuesday. Junk l Itii— 10:00 a. in.—Meeting of the Alumni Society. 12:00 m.—Oration before the Alumni Society. by Hon. Jas. H. Eckels. Chicago. .5:00 p. m.—Reception of the Library. Address by Dr. Francis G. Peabody, of Harvard University. fi::t0 p. in.—Alumni Reunion and Reception in Denmark Hall. Wednesday. June 1-Vrn— 10:30 a. m.—Senior and Law Class Orations. 12:00 m.—Baccalaureate Address, by Hon. W. G. Brantley, of Georgia. Conferring Degrees.Tin flDemoriam. 3obn JS. Gordon 52. £ leD 1904.Resolutions On the Death of John B. (Gordon Adopted by Demosthenian Society Whereas. General John R. Gordon, in whose recent death the State and section suffered an irreparable loss, was a student in the University of Georgia, Class of 1834: and. Whereas. The minutes of the Demosthenian Literary Society of the University of Georgia show him to have l ccn a loyal and enthusiastic member of this society: therefore, l»c it. Resolved. First: That wc. the member' of Dcmosthen- ian Literary Society, express our profound respect for our esteemed and illustrious alumnus. Resolved. Second: That wc sympathize most deeply with his l creavcd family. Resolved, Third: That a copy of these resolutions Ik sent to Mrs. Gordon; that they Ik inscril ed on the minutes-of Demosthenian Society, and that they In published in the "Red and Rlack." COMMITTEE.Card received from Mrs. Gordon In acknowledgment of the receipt of the resolutions adopted by Demosthenian Literary Society on the death of General Gordon.EDITORS PANDORAEditors-in-Chief: I.UCIKN 1’. Ci x | KICII. 2 N. I. Hopkins. Jk.. -I a ft. Business Managers: M. II. lll.ACKSIII-AR. A T U. ('». V. l N'NALLY. X 1 . J. It. Gamih.k. Associate Editors: K. II. I lll.l.. S A E. J. D. Bower. k a. J. V. I.KWlS. X K V. Sii.nw. k 2. (). Kohkkts. I'. 1 . I.. U. M. Itl'RT. AGOVERNMENT His Excellency. Gov. j. M. TERRELL. Atlanta. Ex-Officio. E. GOBER. Marietta, front the State at I.arge---------------------------------Term Expires Sept. 1st. 1JM»? Cl.ARK IIOWEI.I.. Atlanta, from the State at Large--------------------------- Term Expires Sept. 1st. lfHKl W. E. SIMMON’S. Lawrcnccville. from the State at Large-------------------------Term Expires Sept. 1st. 1!»« :1 HAMILTON McWHORTER. Athens, from the State at I arge--------------------------Term Expires Sept. 1st. 1!M»5 S. T». ADAMS, Savannah. First Congressional District_________________________ Term Expires Sept. 1st. 1!K 5 II. It. BOWER. Jr.. Bainbridge. Second Congressional District__________________Term Expires Sept. 1st. 1! 0 W. II. FISH. Americns. Third Congressional District------------------------- Term Expires Sept. 1st. 10 »:l HENRY l'ERSOXS. Tall otton. Fourth Congressional District____________________..Term Expires Sept. 1st. 15M 3 H. I). McDANIEL. Monroe. Chairman. Fifth Congressional District______________Term Expires Sept. 1st. 190:1 A. O. BACON. Macon. Sixth Congressional District------------------------------ Term Expires Sept. 1st. H»CM» D. II. HAMILTON, Rome. Seventh Congressional District------------------------Term Expires Sept. 1st. l! n; X. L. Ill‘TCHI NS. Lawrenceville. Ninth Congressional District ______________Term Expires Sept. 1st. 1007 E. II. CALLAWAY. Augusta, Tenth Congressional District ----------------------Term Expires Sept. 1st, 1!H»? H. 0. TURNER. Quitman, Eleventh Congressional District..................... Term Expires Sept. 1st. 10oi; A. L. HULL. Athens. Resident Trustee------------------------------------------ Term Expires Sejn. 1st. 15)00 HOWELL COBB. Athens. Resident Trustee......................................... Term Expires Sept. 1st. 100? X. E. HARRIS. Macon. President of Board of Trustees of School of Technology-------------------------Ex-Officio. F. G. DrlilGXOX. Savannah. President of Board of Commissioners Georgia Normal and Industrial College____________________________________________________________________________________Ex-Officio. P. W. MELDRIM. Savannah. President of Board of Commissioners Industrial College for Colored Youths_____________________________________________________________________________________Ex-Officio. H. D. McDANIEI_____________________________________________________________________________________ Chairman. A. L. HULL_________________________ -_____________________________________________Secretary ami Treasurer. Prudential Committee—Messrs. Cobb. Hull and Hutchins. Finance Committee—Messrs. Hull. Hutchins and Hamilton. Pro| erty Committee—Messrs. Cobb. Harris and Hamilton. Committee on .Honorary Degrees—Messrs. Bacon. Turner ami the Chancellor. Committee on Agriculture—Messrs. Gobcr. Simmons and Persons. Committee on Brown Fund-jr-Mcssrs. McWhorter, Callaway and Persons.wl iirvnoNi n-L-MOTCnirit t-M V- CMAOVWAY |»tMK » fVPAWft.CHKH- 7 HCtinv PtKSonsJ HOWELL kCORB . Cl ARK ' MOWILLJ kahili on rv WMORTCA A O BACOti' TRUSTEES.Sk) i'» iwiniLTon w-» H-FISH p w- ncLinir A L HULL — mc v e JOHN T nLWTOH BY ROM BOW HR TRUSTEES.Ca.vih.rh Ham.FACULTY.FACULTY W. 15. MILL. A. M.. LL. I). Chancellor. H. C. WHITE. 15. Sc.. 1 11. D.. F. C. S.. President ami Professor of Chemistry. D. C. BARROW, C. ami M. E.. Dean ami Professor of Mathematics. W. II. BOCOCK, A. M.. Professor of Ancient Languages. J. P. CAMPBELL. A. 15.. Pit. D.. Professor of Biology. C. M. STR Ml N. C. and M. E.. Professor of Civil Engineering. J. 11. T. McPHERSON. A. 15.. Pit. I).. Professor of History and Political Science. C. M. SXELI.1NC. A. M..' Professor of Mathematics. W. 1). H(K)PER. A. M.. I’rofessor of Latin. JOHN MORRIS. A. M.. Professor of English language ami Teutonic Philology. J. LUSTRAT. 15. cti. ks I.ktt. (I'nivcrsity of France). Professor of Romance Languages. A. 11. PATTERSON. A. 15.. A. M.. Professor of Physics ami Astronomy. R. K. PARK. A. M.. Pit. IX. Professor of Rhetoric ami English Literature. T. J. WOOFTER. A. M.. Pu. 1).. Professor of Philosophy and Education. I . H. DAVENPORT. 15. S.. Instructor in Physics. E. L. C.RIGCS. (Graduate V. M. I.) Instructor in Drawing and Commandant of Cadets. S. V. SANFORD. A. 15.. Instructor in English. J. M. JOHNSON. 15. S.. Ac... M. S. c.„ Instructor in Agriculture. C. J. MOORE. P». S.. I’ll. I).. Instructor in Chemistry. W. O. PAYNE. . M.. Tutor in History and Political Science. W. I). HOYT. A. 15.. Tutor in Biology. r. l. McWhorter, a. b.. Tutor in Latin and English. J. F. HART. Fellow in Agriculture. W. A. WORSHAM. 15. S., Fellow in Chemistry. MISS SARAH FRIERSON, Librarian. LAW FACULTY W. 15. HILL. A. M.. LL. D.. Chancellor, ami Lecturer on Federal Law. SYLVANTS MORRIS. A. M.. 15. L., Dean ami Professor of Law. HOWELL COBB. A. M.. B. L., Professor of Law. JOHN D. MELL. A. 15.. 15. I... Professor of Parliamentary Law. S. C. BENEDICT. M. IX. Professor of Medical Jurisprudence. J. H. T. McPHERSON. A. B.. Pit. D., Lecturer on Roman Law.Faculty WALTER BARNARD HILL, A. M.. IX.D., Chancellor. University of Georgia. 1870: I,a v Class 1S72: Firm of Hill Harris. Macon. Ga. David Crenshaw Barrow, C. and M. E.. Professor of Mathematics. Graduate University of Georgia. 1S74; Assistant State Geologist. 1S74 1876: Instructor in Pure and Applied Mathematics University of Georgia. 187S1S82; Professor of Applied Mathematics University of Georgia, 18S2-18S9: Professor of Mathematics, 18S9. Henry Ci.av White, B. Sc.. Ph.D., F. C. S.. Professor of Chemistry. B.Sc. University of Virginia. 1S69: C. and M. E. University of Virginia. 1S76: Ph.D. University of Virginia. 1SS5; Fellow American Association Advanced Science. 1880; Corresponding Member British Association. 1SS7 : Fellow Chemical Society (I-ondon). 1S93 : Professor Natural Science St. John’s College. Maryland. 1S71 1S72 ; I xturer Peabody Institute. Baltimore, 1871 1872: Professor Chemistry University of Georgia. 1872: State Chemist of Georgia. 18S0 1890: President of State College Agriculture and Mechanical Arts. 1890; President Association of Official Chemists of United States. 1SS3. John Pendleton Campiiei.l, A. B.. Ph.D., Professor of Biology. A. B. Johns Hopkins, 1885; Fellow Johns Hopkins. 1S86-1S87; Ph.D. Johns Hopkins. 18SS; Professor of Biology University of Georgia. 1888; Member American Society of Naturalists and American Physiological Society : Author of "Biological Teachings in the Colleges of the United States.” and contributor to scientific journals. Willis IIf.nry Bocock. A. B.. A. M., Professor of Greek. A. B. Hampden-Sidney College: A. M. Hampden-Sidney College, aud University of Virginia ; Instructor in Uuiver- Sketches sity School. Charlottsvillc. Va.; Greek Master McGuire’s University School. Richmond ; Professor of Greek Hampden-Sidney, 1SS6-18S9 ; Professor of Greek University of Georgia. 1889. John Hanson Thomas McPhkrson. A. B.. Ph.D., Professor of History and Political Science. A. B. Johns Hopkins University. 1SS6; Ph.D. Johns Hopkins. 1S90: Fellow in History Johns .Hopkins. 1889-1890 :• Instructor in History University of Michigan, 1890 1891": Professor of History and Political Science University of Georgia, 1891 ; Member American Historical Association : Author of ‘‘History of Liberia.” Charles Mf.rcer Snklung, A. M., Professor of Mathematics. Graduate Virginia Military Institute; A. M. University of Georgia : Assistant Professor of Mathematics V. M. I.. 1SN4 1SS7: Professor Mathematics South Georgia Agricultural College. 1SS7-1S.SS; Commandant of Cadets University of Georgia. 1S8S-1S98: Professor of Mathematics University of Georgia. 1898. William Davis IIooi-f.r. A. M., Professor of I.atin. (Absent in Germany.) A. II. Hampden-Sidncy. 1SS9; Professor of I atin and Greek South Georgia Agricultural College. 1SS9-1S90: Instructor Latin and Greek University of Georgia, 1890; Professor of Latin University of Georgia. John Morris. A. M., Professor of Knglish Language and Teutonic Philology. A. M. Randolph Macon College. 1883; B. L. University of Georgia. 18S4 ; Lawyer. Birmingham, Ala.. 18S5-1S90 : Professor Latin and Greek Georgia Military Institute. 1S90-1891 ; Professor of I itin and Greek Southern Female College. Virginia. 1892-1S93: Instructor in Knglish University of Georgia. 1S93 : Professor of Knglish Language and Teutonic Philology University of Georgia.Faculty SKetches—Continued Joski’H Iastrat, Bacli. cs Lett.. Professor of Romance languages. University of France: Professor Romance languages Shorter College: Professor Romance Languages University of Georgia ; Professor of French. State Normal School. Axdrrw Henry Patterson. A. B., a. M., Professor of Physics and Astronomy. A. B. University of North Carolina; A. M., Harvard: Student in Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. s Works. 1S93: Electrician Consolidated Traction Co.. Jersey City. N. J.. 1S93-1S94: Instructor in Physics University of Georgia 1894 1.897: Professor of Physics and Astronomy University of Georgia. 1897 : Member American Physical Society : Member American Association for the Advancement of Sciences. Rorkrt Emory Park. A. M., L. H. D.. Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature. A. B. University of Alabama; A. M. University of Alabama: L. II. D. University of Alabama: Graduate Student University of Chicago. 1S99 1900: Student at Oxford. England. 1903 : Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature University of Georgia. 1900. Moton Straiian, C. and M. E.. Professor of Civil Engineering. C. and M. E. University of Georgia, 1883: Assistant State Chemist. 1882 1.890: Instructor of Ancient Languages University of Georgia. 1SS4 18.87; Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry University of Georgia, 1SS7--1S90: Professor of Civil Engineering University of Georgia. 1.890. Thomas Jackson Wooftkr, A. M.. Ph.l).. Professor of Philosophy and Education. West Virginia State Normal School; Peabody Normal College. I.. I.; University of West Virginia: University of Nashville: Graduate Student University of Chicago; Princi- pal West Virginia State Normal; Professor Mathematics Mercer University: Professor Psyclioloy and Pedagogy Georgia Normal and Industrial College; Professor of Philosophy and Education University of Georgia. Uriah Harold Davrxport, B. S.. Instructor in Physics. Graduate University of Georgia. 189.8; Student Summer School at Cornell in 1S99 and 1900; Special Student at Cornell University, 1901-1902. Charles James Moore. B. S.. Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry. Steadman Vincent Sani-ord, A. B., Instructor in English. A. B. Mercer University: Graduate Student University of Chicago; Principal Marietta High School ; Superintendent City Schools of Marietta for five years: Instructor in English University of Georgia. Sylvan US Morris, A. M., B. I... Dean of Law School. A. M. University of Georgia. 1S74: B. I.. University of Georgia. 1.877; Practiced Law in Athens 1877-1893; Solicitor City Court; Professor of Law University of Georgia. 1.893. Howell Conn, A. R„ B. I... Professor of Law. A. B. University of Georgia. 1S62: B. L. University of Georgia. 1866; Judge of City Court of Clarke County. 1879 : Professor of Law University of Georgia, 1SS9. James Martin Johnson. B. S. Ag.. M. S. Ag., Instructor in Agriculture. West Virginia University ; Cornell University: Assistant in Agriculture West Virginia University ; Assistant Agriculturist North Carolina Experiment Station; Instructor in Agriculture North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical College ; Instructor in Agriculture University of Georgia. — 21 —TOOMBS’ OAK Now is the Itour of thy last agony! The sombre shades of death draw on a| acc To fo!«l thee in its darkness, and ruthless Ruin strikes thee with the shaft of dread decay. The Midas-touch of utumn. the last time, Doth glorify thy brandies with its gold. Ere the death-rattle of December winds Is heard to shake thy fruit and foliage Down to the earth, to sleep in death with thee. Full five decades have swept, with kingly tread. Through tin- procession of the centuries. Since Robert Toombs, fair Georgia's lordly son. Strong as the fibre of thy sturdy heart. And full of fire as thy green bark of sap Stood at thy feet to blend his fame with thine. Today ye both rest in tlie vale of death: Caught in tlie meshes of one common foe, And laid away in the dim silences. And gloom and darkness of eternal years. I hit as the ivy, green and vigorous. Doth wreathe thy trunk with its sujKTnal growth. And bide thy scars, and clothe tliec yet more fair— The mother heart of nature being kind. Tliai she doth deck thee till thou dost ap| car In death more fair than thon lust l een in life— So will thy brotlier in majestic strength, In rugged grandeur—the immortal Toombs— Stand ’midst the tcni| csts and tlie wrecks of time. Growing in beauty through | ers| ective years. A | eople’s love shall twine his name about. And glorify his princely attributes. Till he slull loom, like a white sluft of light— Its base the earth—its summit in the stars! Arthur L. Hardy — 22 —CLASS IN writing the history of a graduating class, many interesting facts must be omitted, and those chosen arc so isolated that one must despair of writing—in the space assigned—at sufficient length to give the Outsider a true appreciation of our class individually and collectively. lie fore going into the history proper, it might be well to examine into the characteristics of our class and discover from study of them why it has made so enviable a record. We have taken the motto of the State of Georgia.—"Wisdom. Justice. Moderation '— as the rule of action in all things. Indeed some are extremists on the subject of moderation, but the numl cr is not large. Our distinguishing characteristic. Iiowcvcr, is an indom-uitahlc class spirit and loyalty. The class has acted almost as one man for the up-huilding of the University since we first assembled in the fall of ltKH). As Freshmen we held our own remarkably well, giving the Sophomores "tit for tat" on every attempt to subjugate us. The goats were properly decorated and the water-tower was ] ainted appropriately soon after our arrival. At the top of tlic tower may still Ik seen a large " '01 ' symbolic of our past victories anti an index to the future career of "naughty-four." May it be as truly prophetic of the future success of the class as it has been in the j ast. Nothing daring that former generations of Freshmen attempted was left untried by us. In the class room we likewise distinguished ourselves, and it was our special delight to botanize; even yet, most of us know what a pcdicile is. Our Sophomore year, for months anticipated with dread, was a disapjioinuncnt, for we found far less trouble HISTORY in mastering the difficulties of Messrs. Horace, Wells, Gardner and Company than we had been led to expect by the classes al ovc us. Whether this was due to our su|icnor mental endowments is not for me to say. As Juniors we devoted much of our time to study outside the prescrilied text books, and original researches were made, many theses written ami countless exjieri-iiKiits jierforined. At the close of the year the faculty praised the faithful work and exemplary' conduct of the class. At last the Freshman has rij cncd into the Senior. What a change! Now lie is received on almost equal terms by the professors and the girls—well, they just worship Seniors. The same characteristic' that brought success to the class in our earlier days 'till influence our work, and in our studies a high standard is maintained, our members excel in all branches of college activity,—athletic.', journalists. scholars and orators are found in our ranks. In such a remarkable class as ours it would indeed be a hard task to single out lliosc deserving of S|iecial mention, for a complete list of those who have distinguished tlicmsclves would embrace the entire class. To the Faculty we owe much, for they have been largely instrumental in fashioning our characters, and to their rich and wholesome instruction much is due. Soon " ’01" will go out into the world to face the vicissitudes of life; may the success which crowned our efforts as students Ik multiplied into each ami every member of our notable class. H1STORI X.Frank M. I.. J NO. C OFFICERS B. Anokkson.................................................................................... President. Kiciitkr Jit-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vice-President. . KoCII------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Historian. — 25 — ll. «. (K. R.) I'lilv. «.f Jerri.. IWM: 11.1 K.i|iu: Hot; M.iotir liW««r Ifcmnl; v-r|»r.l Vnu|uny II.; ir l S rcmi (Vi. ( .; Junior H«i. (Wmlllre; Srtiirr llu|i (Vmimllt.v; Viin-l’riii.l.iu Srntrr Claw; SrvnAary Atblrtlr AwrUtlra; Mari' aiti-r Triiim; Mmilirr Hull IS ; Mritilnr Cablin' mill GauutM; Sn-nlary arxl Tmuurrf TurwlJy Kvniii'E llinini: Club. "A ibH-ilc l»; iili"ii « ill with iliRirully mrnmlrr entry ililtkiiliy." John Ciikistian Koch. K i- TAU.. ltH«. , KlMcrnl iVrvliiKiii; II. S. (C. » ) (Jtwrxi... IWI; Winter Sibonuirr IkJmIiti' Mnlil; vi n.| mi |rt | arnl l rr»Winl Ilnur !-ilKtiian; Killl. •XlooniUi.:" lli.lrrv.ii Srtilrf CU»: 1‘md.lrni Kuv-liuvrii Swirly. M. I.. Kiciitkk. Jk.. •I-. a.e. n. e. MAIIISO.V, !A. 26 Dun Koi.ani ] o vkk, K A. llAIMtIIIIMfK. ua. A. II. I nlv. .4 (Iconrii, 1WI: I'lii K«Hu; Hull l Junior .ml 11.Jo Hop Com- initliv. iwil; ,V«ifilv IIj-ImII Twin. IW1. •'Hli.ll M k HAW 1% tl»i« v»inc. 'X. H. ISl'U.aRO. A. T. n.. (•). N. F,. MII.LKDOEVIIJ.K, OA. Max Miciiaki., ATHENS, OA. Kwtmxl EroJinum: A. It. I'niv. (4 fi WKia. IWtl; l l»l Kapgu; Kn|-' «nw S|irjkrt; AlHitl-mit |to lrxv Mainn-r ••fironriati;" Treasurer Atlilrtie A«a« iali-n; Ca|4ain C IL; I’rml-•leiit lt i Ka|i| a. "Mixh alinly fci a wrariiicm at the Mi." II. S. I’nlv. at r:« nri». r.« I; Imniatlirnian; Vitnbrr Ca»|iio aiwl CatiiillH. “A thliiK cf iMUty la a Joy forr»rr." 27 F.kxkst I.kk Worsham, N. KOKSVTll. OA. Kntrml gofkxnm: A. It. 1‘nlv. 4 HOC iKiibalhniiiii: So|tliomi«r SgMlrr; IW ItWm .1 • mi- r Claw; I'-rlUn - nlurUn ami I’f. . i'Wnl OremnllKItbn; Mnnl- r AiMtilJ lli-aitl; Amlala Ifclltar " t , rinn:" MwiIht XrnU ll-l ('mimllWr. •Hi.- 1,1 il hnt-tr not what b - iliil ohm hr mailt- nun | ulilic."Roy Jackson. K. S. i.akaykttk, ja. Kmortxl Snplnaiinm: A. II. l'nh d (!c«'rKi . »!•»•: ReiHcvttvmUn. "Cnn them •«' fair iTriturc foruiol oI owimoa day." A. T. n.. (• . N. K. MII.I.KfHJKVIl.I.K, !A. A. R. I’niv. •! fimtU. Jlwnl r Sphinx. Oa«pie ml Rannllel. Hiallaiw. Scroll ar J I’m, l '.nl. r 1 aixlotlri ml Ctillar fink, IW-S; Mil. I'andora. W; Kililor laa." HAUir-ln-OVld "II cl ami lllark:" Pnaklitl Athlcair Aaaocialloii; De-tmtlicnlan: l r «Ml«il I". i. Team dab: Champion (l) bl(«) Ten»i«. HOJ: M«nl wr Adviwy IWil. VOl: Winner II. R. Ruaaril PaycbMngy Prim, ICrtS; Trr-jvnror C. 0. Orman Cluk "A lover 1« a nun who. In hi« anxlely to jk«w-m another, hat loat ! » »« Ion ol hUswlf.” Rokkrt I’kkston ! Shooks. Isaac Wayne Chandler, U. P. L. DOWDY, (!A. Entered Freahman: II. S. (A .) Cnlv. of Ccorffia, 1001: Ihrmmhenun. ••He has a fact like a beticdloSon." 28J. Couex Ch.wdi.kk. U P. L. DOWDY. 0. . J. E. Ck.mgmilks, TIIOMASVIIXK. Member I’hi Kappa; Monitor Wire C.ra« Clnti; Vi e.| m4drr.t ami Secretary I'hi Kap-u: Junior Oral. ; Captain Senior llaw-toll Tram. "Empty hc lt contolr with empty sound." Entcnd FrmliDian; It. R. (Ac.) Cnlf. of Georfi . llKH: Itcnvallionlan. •Uiy modesty's candle to thy merit." Kalrml Kmalnnan: A. It. Cnlr. nf Ceorgia, I!«l; I'hi Kappa; Tromn-r Junior rl «: Vlfefntlilmt ami I'rt-M.lint Yi||t e V. M. C. A. "Kor virtue' self may too iniach real be hail. The wont ot tmtlnoi I a taint run mad." 29W IN SI Ml1 XVNNAI.I.Y, X. «I». ATLANTA. CA. Kntrcnl .liinUg Clam; A. II. Hi« -d 1«M; I’hi Ml '; IIMiwian Junior Clw; Captain «a»l Miius-t Smhw Tra.1 Trim: Manager an.1 Monitor ' VaonlJ Trail Train; Kxt tiaiigc K»lltoc "llnl an. I lllMfc:" Hmlnma UiluitM "Hrd awl lllatfc;" ll «ino»i Manager ‘Tan-.loraMm it .or Ttull.un: Oaaquo ami flaunt-lot. S|J.ii«; So ret ary Knmry ( till.. "A lino among UdlM i« a dreadful thing. f.« iHrat la tint a nmn- fearful mll-l Iwl lhafc W Ikai IWn .'" H. I Scott. X. «l . ATLANTA. CA. 1‘mhhnt Mil Ka|i|u: l n blmt I'nlr. I rr . Club; Kdiior-lnATilef ainl l nl Kdituf "Red arul Iliad.;” llnainm 'Ijiutrr "Otorvhmt” Salmagundi Kditi.r " ! o« l»i»;" ( ..if rat. | i Sergeant, Captain C«. H-: Vk» l re«iilriit Ath-lelle Aana-Utlnn; Oil In nan S .(-V.](!. rc lli.f Committee; So|Ji.- n«rc Drclalmcr: Wlnnra Snplmuwrr IMaln'i Xnnln Moll and boom; Jlnntw Hull D«g : Membra (Tam lleime llunli Mrant ra Atlanta Club; Vlra-I'rraktenl I'arker (Tub; Vlcr.|'r »ideiit Tura-.lay Kerning Dining Cluti; M mat .re Senior l(...4iall Tram; Ma.lcr (Vmimli |mj»..iii|.tii IMule; Monitor I nlcrrvity Cnram Club. •NVUatrrf In- ilW. ... « with » murti e v In him alum- -twa» natural to fleam." 30 H. Qriac. Im.ktciikr. K. 2. JACKSON. 5A. RWraral Sr.plioin.-re; A. It. fniv. o( Oeorgl.i. I'ait; ("aftJin ( . (■.; I'rralilelit I let lew I.' llop (Inauuittcr; Junior llop Committee; Ca|4aln J.anl. Track Tram. "JW all bra art. my vml dull more. Arid «be mall IlmI Indifferrntr tutnjoraa lore."W. v. Cook. U. 1 . L. ItlSIlOl . i. . ''Krwli jh a liritlunxiii »tnl hi «liin ix-n rr«| ttl, allow'd like n tluMilr-lnwl «t kimil ImOTC.' 1'. K. Aycock. MOMtoK, Knlrrvd S«|ilioiniMV Clam: It S. 1'nltr. of .'wryi«, IWI: IViii.otkvnian: Junior Cl»wt; M.iruxrr Srnior Clio. Hwhill Tram; SMivlary I'i iv«txily I’arktr dull. "In Until In- It a kitMul jvtith." . V. I7.. RaGan, Jk., X. 4 . ATLANTA. «2A. Ktilrrol Junior ('law from Kmnry Odltiff: A. II. I'niv. »■! (ktitiili, J!KH; MniURirr Junior II..—'.ill Timim: Tratk Tram: C«v|u aw! (nunllrt. ••A a irluitly wlllxrlnr twllv.” 31m. 'TJk- |Uh • fjihlo ixl Il-r worW- Wii.i.iam Otis Rouf.kts, U. P. L. OATESVIIXK. CA. Knlct"! Ftntanin Clan; A. U. I'iiI . of Cfordt, 190 ; IIMwIiii Knphomofc Claaa; IM tlr: I'rr.likut llciwalha titan: M'int.r AiMv-ry Hoard; AaocUlr Pllnr ••I'an-k .'' ivo . 'Thr «mrtl mini harp Itr-rat min-h. even u cn-at ninm, null .” I’alm., i N. ATHENS. CA. Entrrol Fiiilm jo lull, ulrtMnl; U. S. I’nltr. of Gtorrla. 1904; Tmnuttf S-fil.omo»t, Junior and Sa-nlor lludutl Team : Trim). Hnuffr. I90MM I'JCIW ; Hun-lira Maruarr Kr.jci nevrun; Annual, l!»r;; lUi. Im-n Uiiucit, liH3: MctnlaT Adrtamy lhard. Hawn ; Ofl-Tal, Snmnn, I.Untrnant. C-r-pnral 4 C.ukt«: I'nlr, Orrhmtra. "larr'i » ra| ki»ii Fkank But nek Andkkso.v, l P. L. IXH'CLASVILLE, CA. Ikitrn l SnfJioinnrv; A. U. I'nlr. of Cn |l . rail; C«p«ln Junk lUalull Tram; Mrmtar 'Vanity Uaarl.a!l Tram. 'Of. 'UJ. 'Ol: Mnrlar Spfclu; Vk« I'rukknt Alblcllv AwvlaOon; I’nnlilml Senior Clan; ltivool IlnMrr 10 yard .Urh; I’mUiM Dtni-allnnUn; Captain ■Vanity Itaarlall Tram. Ito . "llr TO a man. ukr him all |n all. I Hull »•« Urii ■.jm.ii hl» likr a Kalla.'' 33S.WANWII. UA. A. It. fnir. 4 Co-ckU. I»M; So|j4teanorc Ivbal.v; S -lHM(M«r ll -| OoanniltMe: fth Srr-Kntnl an-1 lat I.h-iiIumi.i. IV»|« i Cwlrl«; MkhIkt SoiiUv Hrli.k-; Vlvc-I'rralilent awl I'mi'lnil ».! Kj| |u; linpr,«n|-tii |H-hater; MmWr l'a«|ur ml Haunt In. "I»: all tin- rlemrolt of lorr arc Set . Tlic »mllc. Ike 1 Imli, the aijcb. Ilic tear." Sam J. Crowe. X 1 . ATLANTA, C.A. Knured Junior CIan from Kinwy Collate; A. It. I'nlv. of Georcla. I‘AH; Sub End ’Var-•itv Football Team. 1 5; End 'Vanity Foot-lull Team. MB; Mrtnber Emory Club. Canjuo anal Camillet. “IKaibt Out the alar arc lire. Itollta truth to be a liar. Hut never ikaibt I l«c." Gordon C. Carson. K A. 34 Arkaiiam Fai.k. Jk., ni Ki yrox. s. c. Kn«.-n»t Knvhman; II. 8. I'nlr. c4 Georgia. 1WI; I'li. SniMujr an. I Th'iiant 8of4iumure Claw; III I.iralmant Ow |«ny ll. "Hr i» a nun of uiiUkiikWO ilmiKh." W11.i.iam L Reid. ck.vwfohi viix»:. Kntrrrrl FroJiiiun: II. K. (C. K.) I ni.', of C.-nrglj. tint; I'M Kappa; KaxinrorliiK S»-■ Irt.v; SwfUr ' »» l Tro-onror Senior Claw. "Onnfixkm i»v» lull, nrnutlil Lie ntttfrr- picc ." Hickman II. Hakkis. KASTMAN. OA. Knlmri; II. S. I'nlr. "I OenrKia, lull; Soreo.miAL.'nr Junior Year; Adjutant JWeilur Ynir. "Ilr ha I know not what of RrmlnnM In lil« look, aixl of hiRli pair . Hut «lnm | »wo» w." — 35 — Makchi.i.i s Ram ho. a T n. M AIIIKTTA. «JA. I!. S. I'nlv. ..f ConrsL. li ll; I'M Kappa; ll.i InrM MinoRor Kiiiciiwrrliig A mm. I; j.-r.« 1. Scrv’ionl, 1«1 I.Uillciunl. tJoarti-nifcialrT OH "llr Inal nl alone imkimwii.r what lir vm ht. And nhi.tlrd o« Ik- nrnl foe want cf thought." General library IjNIVERSnv OF Gf.C«Cl ATMCNS Cio fi S V VNNWII. i.w. Kmnol hnluiun: A. II. I’niv, 4 rmitfU, M »l; Vlro-I’itahlriit Sl MMnorv Cli«: S 4i-■ Iiwrr ItrrUitiHT; Wiiu. I fi» llrill. •» : Sphinx; Knpliraditn; (Mplaln Co. A.: I'rr«i-•hul AlhlHh- A—- lalhai. Pan: AUiuktt I'.M lull Tram, : I'naMral I'lii Kan«. " ll IImI «lr»- nw mu pi «un-. . pnlhlgl iiut l -i» f.irnf, nkn llu'V Imt." ( rr« T. Haki-kk. I'. I . L. AMKIIllTX, CA. Kutrn.1 Junior; ll. X. (Atfric.) I'niv, J fiwih. !! »•; Unnlu-f 'Var ll.v Truck Tran. '|M: Winner Mil.- Ilun; Mcinl.r Senior Hi-lay r -an . luoi. •'Iii»»n r la ala aye igwfiMaa.” Rai.I'Ii Mkuikim. X ♦. 36 K»rn «: H. -S. I'nlr. nf Knxxfa. IMI. "C" III, JV4I arr a child."thy arrioui Imring to wlut I aliallS. J. Smith. F.lcc. ACWOHTII. OA. U. OsiKR, 15. S.. MONTK7.rU A. OA Jkssk F. Ci.Kv KI.ani . A. 15.. WAMTRACK. TKNN. R. W. UYnnk. A. 15.. ATIIKNS. OA. E. L. ii.kins. 15. S.. ATIIKNS. OA. L. Fmhvkks. 15. S. (C. F..). DOR.WII.I.K. OA. Saai. Ivdks. Elec., NEW IIAMI’SlllltK. .Mokoan, F.lec., — 38 —CHAl’KI.History of the DILKI’LV do I feel my inability, and the inability of any other writer, to set forth in words, thoughts that justly tell of the progress and achievements of the Class of '03. Hut. realizing that a history written in words is scarcely necessary, since it is also set forth in undying deeds. I write this only as a slight reminder to jxwterity. of the deeds and successes of the Class of 1 : »:». When, in ‘01. wc came as Freshmen to these moulding walls ami historic grounds, we were one of the largest classes ever entering the University, and after having traveled over the rough and thorny way from Freshman to Junior, wc still maintain that distinction. Although on our upward march, some have fallen by the wayside, their places liavc been taken bv bright new men who have | erformed well their duties to the class. In the past when we were typical Freshmen, we Informed well the hereditary duties ami obligations devolving ti| on us. When we were Sophomores wc initiated the Class of ’« •; into the secrets of College life, with such befitting exercises that impressions were made that will never grow dim or fade from their memory. As Juniors, wc have put away childish things ami have acted in a way altogether worthy of the title "upj cr classmen." ()ur class i proud of its fully dcvck)| cd men: men in both body ami mind, men with muscles of steel coupled -42- Junior Class with strength of will and originality of thought, ami men with beautiful well-rounded characters. From such men as these we would'expect the Junior class to contribute her share of men in all lines of College endeavor. Such is the case, we furnish men worthy to represent the University of Georgia ami the Class of ■« . We furnished live men on the foot-hall squad, and our full quota on both base-ball and track, all of whom have nobly upheld the honor of the class. Such is our record in athletics. Wonderful as has been the achievements of the Juniors on the gridiron and track, even more wonderful is our achievements in the Literary field. In the Society halls, echo the voices of Juniors in the heat of deixttc. each upholding the side that he considers right, with both logical and eloquent speech. Juniors arc to lie found as Annivcrsarians. North Carolina and Impromptu debaters, and. in truth, wherever sound argument and good voices are needed, there Juniors are to be found. Tile Literary activity of the class also shows itself in the college publications, their productions passing the severest criticism unscatltcd. On the board of editors of the "Red and I)lack" and "Engineering Annual” Juniors hold important | ositions. I might continue to enumerate the successes of the Juniors indefinitely, but it is unnecessary, since the world will hear of their deeds and Ik- glad to do them honor. HISTORIAN.1 OFFICERS IlKNJ. M. Askkxv W. C. Enci. ni _ H. 15. RitciiiK-. ____ President. Vice-President. ____ Historian. — 43 —Junior Class S oll Arrcndalc, J. V_______________________________________________________________________________________ Grove. Askew, B. H„ A ©._--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Milford. Atkinson. I). S.. A T O----------------------------------------------------------------------- Brunswick. Barnet. A. H.. 2 A E______________________________________________________________________________Washington. Baynes. K. M____________________________________________________________________________________Shady Dale. Bernstein. M. II.......................................... -..........—........................— Savannah. Blood worth. O. H. B.. Jr.. K A______________________________________________________________________Forsyth. Blum. G. J______________________________________________________________________________________•----- Macon. Bray. U. I- . U. W 1...................................... -..........-............-............ Pocalaligo. Brooks. J. F.. I'. T. L_______________________________________________________________________________Temple. Brown. J. A__________________________________________________________________________________________ Athens. Bullard. F. L.. I A ©_______________________________________________________________________________Machcn. Burroughs. M. H.. A T ft-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brunswick. Burke. J. P________________________________________________________________________________________ Sharon, Carson. E. W.. K A__________________________________________________________________________________Savannah. Clifton. G. L________________________________________________________________________________________ Athens. Cobb. E. X___________________________________________________________________________________________ Athens. Combs. R. B_____________________________________________________________________________________ Adairsville. Copeland. J. A.. K K___________________________________________________________________________________ Rome. Cozart. T.. i A E_________________________________________________________________________________Washington. Dealing, R. M„ Jr.. X 0_____________________________________________________________________________Savannah. England. W. G.. Jr.. X 'I'------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cedartown. Fawcett. J. K________________________________________________________________________________________ Athens. Greene, G.. A T ft.. 0 N E________________________________________________________________________Washington. Hanson, W. T.. K 2------------------------------------------------------------------------------Social Circle. Harbor. I . T., X ii_______________________________________________________________________________ Commerce. — 44 —Junior Class I oll—Conftimued Hill. R. H.. 2 A E. •) N K---------------------------------------------------------------— Washington. Hodgson. J. 1... T 0........................ -.................................................. Athens. HoltzcmlorfT. I’. V______________________________________________________________________ Crystal Spring. Jackson. I. T.. t u...................................................... -...................... Albany. James. C. M______________________________________________________________________________________Douglasville. Keith. B. S.. U. P. I............................................. —........................... Pendergrass. Kendrick. R. H.. L P. 1.............................................................................. Sharon. f unkin. E. E.. E. ex K...............................................................- Athens. I ax. J. R......................................................................................... Hltiffton. l«cwis. J. V.. X _____________________________________________________________________________ Grcenslx ro. Lewis. W. H.. 2 N......................................................................... Mpharetta. Marion. Y. 1C_______________________________________________________________________________ Gainesville. Marsh bum. W. ).. •!» a o____________________________________________ — — Uanicsvillc. Moore. H. V.. 2 A K......................................... -..........................-.....Augusta. McCIcskcy. L. D.. X «l»_______________________________________________________________________________Atlanta. Newcomb. R. S________________________________________________________________________________ - Savannah. Patterson. W. W.. A T ....................................... —...............-....................Columluis. Peniston. J. I)., X ♦__________________________________________________—............................. Rome. Pratt. C. P.. A T n.................................................. -..................... Pell City. Ma. Reynolds. 1). W.. K A_____________________________________________________________________-.....- Marietta. Ritchie. H. R.. U. P. I_______________________________________________________________________ Commerce. Scarlwrough. C. G.. K A------------------------------------------------------------------------- Columbiis. Smith. C. 1C. I'...................................... -......................................... Athens. Tabor. J. 1C.. A T n............................................................................- Elberton. Talntadgc. E. T.. - N_______________________________________________________________________________ Forsyth. Tate. H.. 2 n........................................................ —............................. Jasper.Juajmios Class Roll =C-Em£imnuiedI Tdfor.I. G. M.. U. I'- I.............................................................................. Maysvilk. Telford. H. NV., V. P. I..........................................................................Gainesville. Thornton. A. E., X 1 ---------------------- _----------------------------------------------------- Atlanta. Twitty. W. C.. Jr., i A B...................................................................... Pelham. Usher. C.. U. 1'. L-......................................... —........-..........—............. Springfield. Usher, S.. U. P. I-------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Springfield. Vokoekau, E. H.. K E_____________________________________________________________________________ Athens. Williams, W. W________________________________________________________________________________ -—Villa Rica. Wilson, H. W.. i N_______________________________________________________________________________ Atlanta. Worsham. 11. L_________________________________________________________________________________________ Forsyth. N'arhronglj. i). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Varhrongh. Vow, J. IX. 2 A K. (■) N B.................................................................... Toccoa. — 46 —History of the A HISTORY is primarily a narration of facts. and facts arc truths. Hence it is essential for anyone, who writes of actual hap) wirings, to keep the above statement in mind. so that the reader may receive nothing hut right impressions. Now. since I have l ccn selected as the Historian for the Class of tin. I shall only relate those events that (you may rest assured) are as sound as though they had come from Macaulay himself. And is it not a pleasant task? How gladly do our beloved Confederate survivors seize the 0| ortunity to tell of the glorious accomplishments of Southern Arms! How enthused becomes the "Old Tar." who. with a radiant face. re| eats his narration of the great victory in Manila hay! How happy is the college student, when lie can announce to his friends the victories of tin- delating teams or of the foot-hall and liase-hall teams! So. how happy am I. that I can write of the accoir ishments and victories of the class, which I rc o - ,e Inst in our I'niversity—the Class of liMHS' At the 0|K niug of the hrst . the Sophomore Class began with one of the largest enrollments in the history of the I'niversity. ccording to custom they immediately organized and elected officers. This being done everything was ready for die opening. Mow did this o] cning begin? Ask the Freshmen. If you are unable to ascertain from this source, seek ll»e scrap books or relics of the Sophomore and you will find bunched together, a | air of scissors, some hair clippers and balls coni| oscri of miscellaneous colors of hair. This beautiful hair once adorned the craniums of ’07: but ‘0(! had its harvest day .and behold the crop! Yes. the initiation season was most successful. Every day and night the roar of "Ris Rax" resounded throughout tliens, and not a Freshman was to l c seen. Ilut soon a reaction took place. One balmy day the Class of ' ; met to organize. This, as it were, was the Sophomore Class declaration of war. and the two rival forces met. The conflict, which followed, was somewhat heated, hut finally, everywhere our men were victorious and once more the shout of "Kix Rax” shook the ground, 'riius it was whenever they met: ’lit; moved on with the victorious march of a Roman army. After these playful and enjoyable occasions, college work began, ami along with this the foot-l all season. I need not dwell long on these topics. I shall only state that, in the first place our class, as a whole, is composed of hard and conscientious workers. Tlx-y seem to realize one of the primary teachings, if not the most imi ortant one. in college life: namely, if we learn how to work hard in college, the difficult path in after life will Ik- easier to travel. As in their mental work so in their physical work, have they accomplished much. The ’Varsity foot-hall line-up was coni|H»sed mostly of ’OK men. all of whom made brilliant records. In base-hall they even ccli| scd their foot-ball record. Let us consider our class base-ball team. Would not a thousand | cr cent, give any one an envious standing? And so it was. In the class games, the Sophomores won every one which they played. And what was the result ? A large. lK-autiful jx-nnant. on which is inscribed “The Class of l!)0f»”—"Champions.’’ floats proudly in the air. And now. fellow classmates, having given a brief sketch of our history, allow me in closing to make this statement. We have had a successful session. Nothing has marred our record. We have climbed to a high pinnacle. Wliat is the reason for this? I will tell you. We were organizer! into a compact body and worked together, hence success followed in our tracks. Now next year, let us all return to this, our University, and continue to stay united. In this way let us climb to higher ideals and thereby bring honor not only to ourselves ami our | eople. but also to our well lx-lovcd institution.OFFKCERS J. V. McWhorter J. J. Ragan..... Gf.o. H.uxs_____ J. G. Gii.ks____ 1'. R. Gentry--- — 49 — ____ President. Vice-President. ____ Historian. ---- Secretary. ----Treasurer. - Soplhioimiore Class R.oll Beaver. A. T------------------ Berg. A. V____________________ Blair. C. S................... Booker. J. II.. A T 1 ________ Bradlierrv. J. 1!.. I". I . I_ Braimcii, C. X _______________ Bran lien. I. II.. I'. 1 . I.. Brinson. W. C., U. I’. 1...... Brooks. II. K----------------- Byrd. I). . 1 A «......... Carter. L. M------------------ Clements. V. U.. K B_________ Collier. R. S.. I'. I . L..... C K)] er. J. II--------------- (Covington. H. I... K A_______ Cox, C. H.. A A E. • N B____ Dean, II. E.. a a E----------- Denmark. . II.. A A B-------- Dorsey. K. R.. 1 A K.. (■) N B Douglas. H____________________ Dozier. C. A.. 'I A € _______ K«l var ls, C. C.. U. P. I.... Erwin, W. I... A A B__________ Ivxtrowicli. J. M.. C. P. L__. Feidelson. C. X_______________ Felker. G. W.. X ! --........ Fitzgerald. H. B.. K A........... Fitzgerald. I. 1C.. A N------- Fleischman. I. I!.. U. P. I, . Flcming. |. H.. K A----------- Fort. T.......................... -----Augusta. ____ Savannah. ________ Trion. ___West Point. _______ Athens. ___Statcslxiro. ___Statesboro. .. W rightsville. 1- Washington. I.awrenceville. — Carrollton. _____Eastman. _______ Comer. _______ Athens. Pensacola. Fla. _______Atlanta. _________ Rome. ____ Savannah. -------Atlanta. -------Atlanta. ___Gainesville. — Pembroke. _______ Athens. ___Brunswick. ____ Savannah. ----- Monroe. -------Omaha. .....- Atlanta. -------Atlanta. ------- Athens. — Athens. — 50 —Sophomore Class—Cojraftimaed Gentry, T. R.. X 0.. 0 N E...............................-.............................................. Atlanta. Gilbert. F. T.. 2 A E..................................................................................... Albany. Giles. J. G............................................................................................ Kcimcsaw. Ginsburg. H______________________________________________________________________________________________ Cochran. Griffith. E.. L'. I . I,................................................. -..............-.......- ISogart. Griffin. O. T______________________________________________________________________________________________Oxford. Mains. Geo.. Jr.. U. I’. 1.______________________________________________________________________________ Augusta. Haiti. I.. F.. A T fi............................... -..........................................- - Gainesville. Hester. I. H.. A T II..........................................................-......................- Marietta. Hicks. R. P., U. P. I............................. —..................................................... Dublin. Mill. I. J.. K .................................................................................. Pelham. Moke. F.. P............................................................................................... Athens. Houston. J. C., A T t!--------------------------------------------------------------------------- l wrencevillc. Hull, F. L X l ......................... -...........................................................- ugusta. Jones. 1)______________________________________________________n_______________________________________ Stalcslxmx Kendrick. J . M„ C. P. 1---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sharon. Knox. C. M............................................................................................— Martin. Lee. 1.. B.. 2 a K........................................... -...............-..............-.......Augusta. Ixvx. I. C........................................ -........................ -......................—- Augusta. Ixml. W. S__________________________________________________________________________________________ Fayetteville. Mathis. W. R.. I . P. I_______________________________________________________________________________ Alivericus. Milliken. R. M.. U. P. L................................................................................... Jesup. Mobley. A. C.. 1 A ©__________________________________________________________________ —.......... Monroe. Moon. A. H.. V. P. I_____________________________________________________________________________Powder Springs. Moore, E. I,_______________________________________________________________________________________ Grovcland. Moore. VV. T____________________________________________________________________________________ ('.roveland. ■Morton. W. J.. K E.. 0 X E---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Macon. Morrow. R. H.. K A----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Macon. MrDougald. W. E______________________________________________________________________________________ Stateslx ro. McMiciwel. A. I).. A T tl.............................................................................Buena ista. McWhorter, J. V., Jr___________________________________________________________________________________ Woodvillc.Sophomore Class—CoE fcitrmed Orr. J. K.. X +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atlanta. Peacock. R. H.. X N................................................................................ Cochran. Penn. T. R-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monticcllo. Pope, H. I... U. p. I.............................................................................. Athens. Kagan. J. J.. X t ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atlanta. Reppard. A. 11.. 1 X 0------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Flemington. Roberts, F. V. - N----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Eastman. Ross, J. M.. - a E---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monroe. Sage, 1). G...........-......................-..................................................._•-----Atlanta. Simmons. C. R.. X t»---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atlanta. Smith, A. Y., Jr.. X ♦_________________________________________________________________________________ Atlanta. Stnoak, S. J,--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Athens. Stokes. T. G-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Danville. Strickland. C. G.. I'. 1'. 1.------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statesboro. Sutkleth, R. ()-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gillsville. Sullivan, A. K.. i A E., 0 N B---------------------!____________________________________________________ Rome. Telford. T. W., U. 1’. L--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gainesville. Tilly. W. .. U. P. I...................................... -....................................... Doravillc. Turner, J. R------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stonewall. Vason, L. H., 2 A B__________________________________________________________________________________ Albanv. Walker, J. S.. i N................................................................................. Waycross. W ard. R. J.. U. 1’. I---------------------------------------------------------------------------l‘o vder Springs. Watkins. A. 1’.. I'. P. 1._____________________________________________________________________________ Mavsvillc. Weston, J. D.. !■ a - ................................................................................ Albanv. Wilhite. Y---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Winder. Wilson. H. M.. - n ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Way cross Wilburn. W. E.. V. P. L------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monticcllo.FRESHHistory off ftBne LOOKING retrospectively ami examining tin- doings of the ’»7 Class, tile Historian meets with no difficulty in writing its history, except in deciding just what ami how many of the valiant deeds anti great accomplishments to record. For if he were to mention every fact deserving this distinction, the higher classmen would complain that he was greedy of sjiace. No sooner did the class set foot ti|ion the campus than it licgan to show an extra amount of energy which was displayed in full many times tinring the year. The first duties that devolved ujion the class were to paint the town and the goats anti to assist tlie Sophomore' in the initiation performances. A casual glance at the town will convince the passerby that there is at least one Freshman who is not afraid to ascend to the topmost round of a ladder. It is useless to say anything about hair-cuts and gauntlets, for there is not a Freshman who will ever forget that awful time. Ilut ask that man who was ashamed to go home Christmas liccausc his hair was no', long enough to comb, how he and the Freshman got along last fall. On the athletic field the class has made a record of Freslhtffimaffn Class which it may well Ik- proml. (or it is one tint lias never been surpassed. The fcx»l-l all team knew that a great •leal of its success lc|X ndcd upon three Freshmen, one Ix-ing note l for hi' swiftness, the other two for their ability to push. On the diamond the First Haseniau attracts the attention and wins the admiration of everyone who sees him in that important |M sition. And the success of Georgia in the second "ame against Tech, was largely due to the good work of a Freshman behind the hat. On the occasion of Field Day when Georgia and Tech, were contestants, the ion-yards, the 220-yards •lashes, and the mile-run were all won by 0? boys. As to literary achievements it is said that no class within the last decade has made so gtxxl a record. The majority of its memlxTs seem anxious to avail themselves of the opjKirtunities afforded by the University. It was the First, class to have a public deliate. The participants shed honor on their societies and class in their well thought-out and well-delivered sj e«cl»es. Prof. Smith said it was the licst Freshman debate he had heard this year. • 54 — HISTORIAN.OFFICERS C. G. Watkins. CaKI.ISI.K Coni!.. W. A. Bum......... Uov Stku ki.ani . ______________ President. __________Vice-President. ______________ Historian. Secretary and Treasurer.Freshman Class Roll Adams, H. M. S__________________________________________________________________________________________ Harper. Allen. T. E.. Jr.. U. P. I............................................................................ Stallman. Anderson, E., U. P. L.............................................................................. Summit. Arnold. J. W___________________________________________________________________________________________ Statham. Mallard, S. G., K A__________________________________________________________________________________ Monlicdlo. Mancroft. E_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Athens. Bell, W. A_____________________________________________________________________________________r______Clcntson. Bernard. 11. G__________________________________________________________________________________________ Athens. Moorstin, S. A__________________________________________________________________________________________ Monroe. Branch. F. R_____________________________________________________________________________________________Bishop. Broughton. R., X _______________________________________________________________________________________Madison. Brown. V. W____________________________________________________________________________________________ Athens. Bruton, J. ., K A________________________________________________________________________________ Bainbridge. Carlton, (.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Athens. Carmichael. A. H.. X ______________________________________________________________________________ Jackson. Cheatham. E. E.. A T It------------------------------------------------------------------------------Savannah. Cobb, C.. - A E-,______________________________________________________________________________________Savannah. Crittenden. W. R______________________________________________________________________________________ Shcllman. Denmark, A. H., 2 A K________________________________________________________________________________ Savannah. F.dgerton. M. T., Jr------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talla| oosa. Elrod. L. F__________________________________________________________________________________________ Jefferson. Eppers, J. B____________________________________________________________________________________________ Athens. Fender, T., A T O______________________________________________________________________________________Valdosta. Flukcr, C. B________________________________________________________________________________________Union Point. Gardner, H. H______________________________________________________________________________________ Adairsville. — 56 —Freshman Class Roll- CoR fcis ue d Gary. W. T.. 2 A E_______________________________________________________________________________________Augusta. Griffith. W. H......................................................................................... Athens. Hall. H. Q___________________________________________________________________________________________ I afayettc. Harper. H. I»------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Harper. Hatcher. W. H.. l I . L............................................................................Wrightsvillc. Haynes. H. A________________________________________________________________________________________ Wintcrvillc. Head. E. I... U. I . I.______________________________________________________________________________ Tallapoosa. Hill. L. D.. Is A E_____________________________________________________________________________________Columbus. Hill. W. H., Is A E___________!_________________________________________________________________________Columbus. Hodgson. H. G____________________________________________________________________________________________ Athens. Ho lgson. R. R___________________________________________________________________________________________ Athens. HoltzcndorlT. C. 15_____________________________________________________________________________Crystal Springs. Howell. A. M..................................................................................... 1...Plains. Hunnicutt, J. A., Jr-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Athens. Kiser. M. E_____________________________________________________________________________________________Fairburn. Lang, W. .. U. P. L..................................................................... -........Hulctt. Lee. R. O__________________________________________________________________________________________ Hogansvillc. Lumpkin, E. K---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Athens. Mann, W. S., U. P. L--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jacksonville. Miles, J. X. G.........................................................................................Cleveland. Morse, X. A., U. 1 . L_____________________________________________________________________________Douglasvillc. Moore, G. A__________________________________________________________________________________________ Greensboro. McCaffrey, W. T_._.............................................................................. Savannah. McCay, E. I_______________________________________________________________________________________ Pocataligo. Me Neely, P. 1 ......................................................................................... Atlicns. Neely, A. W.. I- A E__________________________________________________________________________________Waynesboro. — 57 —Fresfomair Class Roll- Contliimmedl O'Hara. W. R...................................... Park. H. R.. ■! a ■)_ _......................... Payne, DeWitt, U. P. 1.___________________________ Pitncr, F. 1$..................................... Robson, L. S...................................... Rosen fcld, J. S__________________________________ Scott, T.. 2 A B.................................. Shelton, W. A., U. i‘. I.......................... Sherman, V. C____________________________________ Simpson. J. T.. I P. !............................ Smith, J. A....................................... Sneed. R. X_______________________________________ Stanford. J. I,___________________________________ Starr, 1). S...................................... Strickland, R. M.. K A____________________________ Sullivan. A. ('___________________________________ Tuck, W. C........................................ Wade. C. G........................................ W atkins. C’. G___________________________________ Wcltncr, P. K------------------------------------- Williams. H. I,. J________________________________ Willingham. J. J.. !' A ©________________________ Winn. T. S.. A T ft............................... Winter, J. H...................................... Woodruff, 11. W., K A............................. . Greenville. LaGrailgC. Fort Lamar. ____ Athens. Saudersvillc. ____Atlanta. ----Atlanta. A lairsville. Augusta. X'orcross. __ Row man. ---- Athens. _ Hamilton. Koyston. — Athens. — Athens. ___Athens. _ Montrose. — Hllijay. Augusta. ---- Macon. — Athens. ___Guyton. Wintcrville. _ Columbus. — 58 —Semor ILaw Class.History off Senior Law Class "L:uv is Queen of Gods and Men."—Plutarch. WHEN’ we contemplate the pleasantness of the duty of chronicling the events pertaining to tlte law class of IDO I. our sympathy goes out to an unfortunate brother historian who from lack of competent data is compelled to resort to irrelevant matter to fill up space. Our duty i« most pleasant the pages of the present history are resplendent with honors and victories achieved, of which few preceding classes can boast. We propose to swerve from the proverbial dignity and modesty of a senior lawyer sufficiently long to relate briefly the actual history of the law class of 1D0-I. In September. IDO ’, sixteen legal(itcs) (lights) with wondrous conceptions of presidential |x ssibilitics. sought to be initiates! into the mysteries of law, and so allowed "Sylvv" to exchange his autograph for four "X‘s" each. These future statesmen, striking an average age of twenty-one, hail from Georgia and her sister State Florida. Seven of them are graduates of Georgia and one of them is "from Atlanta.” (Atlanta ahvay finds herself represented in everything of widespread importance.) One year, and the eventful career of the class of 190! is well under way. They were potent factors in establishing tlte promising Georgia Law Debating Society, furnished the representative of the Law Department on l.’nivcrsity Day. and supplied the captaincy of 1003 and 100! foot-ball teams. Its second year begins with four of its members prinia facie absent, but as many more through equity proceedings were admitted, swelling its ranks to tlie original "Sweet Sixteen." Few in number, but unquestionably the strongest class in the history of the l«aw Department, leaders not only in the I„aw Department, but in the cademic as well. They furnished the two editors-in-chief of the “Georgianbusiness manager anil assistant business manager: three out of four editors-in-chief of the "Red and I Slack. The two cditors-in-chicf of “Pandora:” five out of ten of associate editors on tlie Hoard: two out of three business managers on the "Pandora:” representation on 1D0I base-hall team and the winners of the Georgia-Scwancc Debate. Under the efficient instruction of ‘‘Sylvv" and the rest, we have grown in the knowledge of the law. ami proj osc to go forth conquering and to conquer. We leave liehind us no tangible remembrances that can only crumble and decay, but feeling as men we have done our duty and made ourselves felt in tlie University, we leave that, which eternity alone can quash—influence. In going forth to our respective locations to champion the cause of the most noble profession, we shall reflect with pleasure and pride upon our last college days and endeavor to maintain the high standard of honor and dignity that so fully permeates the atmosphere of the University of Georgia. Seiraios Law Class I. S. PtitiRi'Rs. Jr--------------------------------- —---------------------------------------------------- C. III. xx. Jk__________________________________________________________________________ Secretary and G. E. Simpson ______________________________________________________________________________________________ President. Treasurer. Historian. — 61 —Gkokck I .. Sim i so.v. i N.. SUITIIVIIJ.K. C. . II. S.. Mm«: II. I.. I'iiIt. of Ororcia. V«H; lkni»»tl«uii; Cxniii U IM.ilin McmU-r Sriiloc luvr lli.j. CVanmit-toe; lIKI-.ri.ifi Snil.« Ida ru» ■•Kutlra at a .(an.) " Isaac S. I’KKiti.KS. s X.. e A 1» (Legal). (ilitsoV. Ktc. I'nir. 4 Cauttfa: II. I.. lt M: Ittamalliniian: l.'...ri;i« Idvr IM...1I111; S. Huy; SmMiiy a l Tmtainvr Fmliiina Il»«; IYraM««t Srniur l..w Cl a; l‘«rlla iimitarian; Vkv-l rr ldmt, l'n-il.Jmt Uniu-tlnnun; l'n«jik-tit Cox la IdW IVUitins So-rii-ljr: AarlXo K lilnr •Tan.lor .” It«'!: IS«i Juaiinr Cl .««; lin|.r..n |.tu IMwlrr, ll»M. "The ictimi nuay a Mil dull bovtf at .uwl hi aluiiilx-n." — 62 — Thomas W’iiiiti.k Con.vm.i.v. X ‘I». ATI.AVTA. «a. PIi. It. Ki-.m IV.Ihxr. I tar ; It |.. Cnlr. ConiKu. lavil; l‘l.l K iiu. IMitor-lit-CliM •‘lt«l 0 1 lllai-fc;” S.iIiiiiiio ihI1 Kililiir ttlan:" Minilai Sj.hhix. In.|w»m| u Ikiutrr, lt M: Sruntiry Cn.rvU lain- IM.itllac S rUly; Tu «lay K train lllnia Cluli; 1‘rci.ln.t Kimwy Club; M.-mJrr Kn-litiniliaix. '•Ilr lialli win (id on Ihr .liinti.- Ilia! ;in in a ImA."I. S. Hoi-kins. Jr.. !• a « ATIIHXS, f.A. A. It.. Kmnry Olkitr. Knteml I'nte. lyirr January lit, )'.KU: It. I., I'niv. • •t tlwntb, llitl; Ik-iinothrnUii: McmUr Im« IMmISuk Society: Ku|.lir«.lljn; S|4.lftt (ex )'. I-,); ImiT.-mpHi IMuter; I'liampion IMuUf. Cc.iisliSwilKv IM.iter; I'r.ii.k-iit 1-arlUmral; Chairman Scnk« IJ-r Ifofi CuminiUw: Winner Wrilrr’s l! «; AtliMIe K.IH. "Ke i an l lllufc," 1‘irii Term; A-nlunt II wine Mam aew Hn- " : .1 1 11:" RUtor-ln-CWcf "l ili ke».“ "lat me have men aUnit Inr r|». are fat-SUvk lien.leil men. ami mks a. alrtV o'nl lil».’‘ Jwn B. Gambia. COI.OIIH S, 0A- II. I.. I’niv. of CeurKta, l U; M„. u, Hu- l-hndlan: Oral. J.mkr Ct «: l-w it.,e tnctltallrv Ml CnlterMte I»v: If-vinoi. Muuiccr Tl t.’crifi.n;" mwl Uu.inrm Manager "I'jimIum;" ItoiKvtlienian; l re»l-•Vnl IVm-ntbrnlali N»iel ; Meintvr fa.Ofla laiw IMulli. S«4rt ': Vlce-l-rwrl-lcnl V. 1. V. A. -Ik .trivetli «I the Ibrtml w t»«ity ft-er llur. Ilie M»|.le ut hk .r nmcnl." — 63 — Tiiko. T. Ti rnbui.i., -t a 0 MU.VTK’KIXO. n. . A. It.. Knmry C..lh e. 1UM; II. I... ChIv. ■• (kurgla, WH; Member S|Jitnx. Qui}oe »n.l CatinlM, Kn|fcr -Ilan: Kalit r-ln liM "lt ! ai»l |lU lc;’’ lm|KMn|Ku DHultr; tin tlic •VarUte Ilav4.ll! Team: IkmeMhenian; Mom tier tfaevla lain Ik-lutini; Swicly. ••Yen Cumiin lull, a lean und liungr look.”KhYN()I.I) M. Ik’RT. I'AI-ATKA. KU •i. I... r»l». ,j i oncU. i«M: Junior U« !»—; l-n-i-Wnl. Vlcr-Plval.Ui.t iihI ParlUm-Htarton • Unwalhmun S«(-rti': Snrrurj »r»1 Trv»uml ln-lc|itntr«U; Mrnilarr Aih i«.ry IVurl: UihiUt Kntiioa-rini.-Sairir; Si Trial m»l TrcnaunY ami lli (eriaa Ct«««U la l .4- iin S»trly; A— tijlr K H ur 4 tbc "It Iff r.ll.| « wl • wMiljr, frolic ami III”. T ' rcl»li a J» Ve jimI I.iukIi al 1 lull." Gk.mia.m I). I’kkduK. CltKKNHItOltO. OA. A. II.. I'nlc. Ilf Croatia; It. |„. I nlv. ..f lil« la, 1 . 0I: Stp-lit.1 ami Th'j-miT C.w '■ Ij« IVt-tiu? l,r.ii.Vl.l • !»••- iiuothriilaii Scirlj; rarllaimniariaii « f l c iiMolltrniaai; Aliulrmo i»i» i-t IlninxIlKHia'i ill lutt; 'T«4n" K-lilor (tcaliconl): l, Mart Junior l-a »1o- "II la tail l»-r Hi-iucikt llwt ■•nly Unit lltc ■ rati iuii talk." Makmadukk H. Hi.acksiikak, a t n IMIIIJS. OA. A. II.. Knmary if -; ll. J„. 1'njr. »A 1«M; Uii»U«r S|.Muv; Kti|rf»r 4la»i IMulvf, I'ari; . 11 all l-arr Uw IVKHa.- S.- . , iv: liM|avii»|Ku lii'lui.r. l «M: | rr i l«t l lh-loiallH-otik »•« : m Wh+ Ten-; It.t.i ih» Miiunce ••A-r U «rMlel am% »l«-t li vn.” — 04 —Wai.tbk Uaknktt Sii.wv. K I .AKA V KIT K. C. . B. I-. I'nlv. ..f tlmntia. Menil-r Sitnll IVn; Kii|Air»llnu; tm]ii' m| ln Ilf Itltrr. rmt: I’nxi-V-nt 4 S i- m: K-liii.f A» Utf KdlliH "lli«l amt Black; liii||.lii Ilf lutcr. llioi; Vice-l mMft l SmiIoc l-aw 'la« ; MciiIkt C.wsl.i la» IMmIIiik Sicivt) •ilfM mvktlakr lo pnnv l.y f..i.c of arsn- iiK-nt, a man' no hurw." KiCIIAKH I’. Sf'KXCF.K. Jk.. «1 K 'I'., I A«l (1 Algal). fOU MIUX li. 1.. I'nlv. f Cvcn Oi BUM; Sluillul It t'nlvmritj- ol YirKinU; M«n.l T I'lil K | u; UtoIw -4 (ai«ii l«aw IMullny S«lvt«. "Tlnn to tlx- upfc-J' nnt lu.vwn ale. — 65 — Robi.kv Dcno.usox Smith, Jk.. 2 N. (•) A •! (Legal). KOItKHTA. JA. It. I... I'nlv. 4 (iVunda, I» l: I’vtuMvot tiooifla laiw lleKitinsc Society; 11(11). olla-M- Un. "Ilai'c b of tli.i ifcivil."Robert A. Ashi-ord, WATKIXSVIIXK, CX R. I-. I'nlv. Georgia. J! N; Mcmtor Dc-ii»ntheniali Su'Wj’; Mctnler Georgia Law Do tut lag Society. •fo»tly tliy n ttiy | une cun buy." Kix;. k R. Gunn, OXFORD, CA. ». L., Knx.rr College; II. L., V»W. 4 Ooiicia, loot; Member IXnKatlxnian; Ccor-lt » Ij“ IMulInt Soiicle. "In Ihx spring a .mhu inan't fancy lljrlilly Inrsw In lliotasMt 4 love.” Cmaki.ks C. I Sunn. Jk„ X «i . CKDAKTOW.V. «A. n. i.. i nlr. i.r Cciiku. «m: MmaW Mil Kj|»|m; Mi-nit ? "t Cmncia IMulin Society. "S»ikIc i lie mi with all li-i l.. » annuel. Mie.Ueij: from lu tlo iistil. a rail | in • mile I." I 1,1'CIK.V 1’kIc'II.SKD (ilMIpKICH, 2 N. •) A «!• (Lc"al). CltlWIX. a. . li.. I'niv. Conri . i««: ». I... i-jim: M.-niU-r Sjdiliix; Sn'II .i»»l Kuplirmllmi; K !llor-ll»- 1liW ‘llnl ami Mm ,;" tiililur-in-I'llirf K liU r- ill-l llM "I'iH' k.r»;" Kii«wttl«l(rr (SroncM-Sorlli Catolllw I Muir; Kr|in rnl.itirr OnuxU-tfr-n-nlllwr IV- lute; liii| .'in|itii IS-lutrr. Il«tl: t’n-id.-nl I'lli K i|i|u; Wiirtwr I'rlw- KlMc Ifeuy: I'M K |i|u: (.Voncl Ijiw IMullege S -Urty. “Kir! SVlut a •[••n-ltliiif! In- «« o III (onifiir." — 67 — rNIVF.KSITV CAMPl'SHyms tio ftfine University of Georgia (Sling for the first time on Commencement Sunday. June I I. 1 Hail. University. ()ur love we pledge to thee. ()ur faith as well: Long may thy worth l e sung. Thy tanner high be flung: This prayer on every tongue: Go«l shield thee well. Wise University. Standing for litartv. Thou bidd'st us rise AIhjvc the mean and low. All prejudice forego And error overthrow: God keep thee wise. Strong University. Thou for a century Hast fought the W rong. iding the Right to win. l etting the Truth shine in. Faithful through storm and din; God keep thee strong. Great University. Long may'st thou virile be To serve the State: Great in thy usefulness. God give thee all success. May He protect and bless. And keep thee great. — 69 —. Xkw Academic Hcii.dinc JtunrMorHistory of tHe IF history is rightly called the crystallization of | ast politics, then the history of the Junior Class will never Ik- written, for the facts ii|x n which it must lx- founded are closely guarded secrets. If the plots and plans, the schemes and secret deals, to whose accomplishment we have given onr best energies, could lx- unearthed, a strange and wondrous tale might lx- told, hut this cannot lx-, for truly the ways of politicians arc devious. Among them all the college |x liticiaus rank high in skill, and why arc we lawyers if not to lx the most skillful of the skilled in this art where cunning is of first ini|x rtance! So it is not for mortal historian, lawyer though lie be. to follow the winding ways of |x litics and explore the secret springs of action to discover the material from which alone this history should rightly lx woven. And Ixsides, granting that our existence of a few short months entitles us to a past, can we claim that our jxdities has ever crystallized to anything beyond a mere mush? The only time we have experienced anything like a solidifying process has l»cci» when, entrenched behind rows of battle-scarred desks, each of us was frozen by the fear that he might next be called ujx n to become a sacrifice for the good of his class, by raising himself Junior Law Class above liis barricade lo receive an unerring and deadly fusillade of estates, torts, feuds, denizens, felonies, heirlooms. fealties, slanders and chattels. If the victim survived this legal grajK-shot and canister and did not succumb to that awfully mysterious thing called a dangerous ini] orsonal inanimate instrumentality, he underwent tin' final, crucial test l»v entering-the labyrinthine mazes of hair-splitting distinction between tweedledum and twccdledec. If he was still—but all of us were mortal and are yet threading those illusive paths. Hut if we are denied the privilege of a history lx'cause of our extreme youth and our reticence in disclosing our secrets, we may at least lx- allowed to record here, while they arc fresh in our minds, some of the memories of what must always lx- to us tltc first of many years given to the pursuit of our life-work. TIk ardor of our first acquaintance with tlte law was not in the least heightened by the forbidding aspect of the gloomy back room where we were lodged with the patriarchs of the ages, whose faces seemed always staring down upon us from their frames, admonishing us for our shortcomings and inciting us to more strenuous endeavor to attain a place with limn on the walls of the lxack room of the library, lhit our surroundings were well in -72 —History of the Junior keeping with our work, for we were l eing initiated by JHack tone into the nicities of legal reasoning. Our laltors were not fruitless. We were well rewarded on tlie re«l-letter day of the year when we moved into the new and spacious quarters for which we had been waiting and watching so long. Here we have abundance of room for our expanding knowledge and we have used our op| ortuni:ies so well that now. after nine months of ceaseless toil, we have won the right to Ik- bailiffs and Law Class—Continued tlic privilege of carrying books for the busy lawyers and water to the sleepy juniors. The Junior 1 -aw Class has been small this year. Its enrollment has hovered alxmt thirteen, as if in doubt wliether that mystic number were a sign of good or evil. Hut our small size has not prevented our keeping up the record of those wlio have gone In-fore us. hv sending lawyers to leading places on the athletic fields, the rostrms. and the editorial staffs. 3 — OFFICERS VV. A. Danit.i------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- President. C. R. Pikkck____________________________________________a___________________________________________Vice-President. J. E. IX Yoxck--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Historian. F. I.. Dancy......................................................................... Secretary and Treasurer. — 74 — I IR.oll of fcfoe Junior Law Class iicllingrath. H. I... (Legal)-------------------------------- Colicn, R. S.. It 0 II.. 0 a ■! .. 0 X H_____________________ Dancy. I . I... K a., 0 a ! (Legal)________________________ Daniel. . A.. K A_________________________________________ Fairman. ".. 0 A «l» (Legal)_______________________________ Hardy. A. I... K •) A 1 (l.egal)__________________________ Hogg. R. H.. 1 N_____________________________________________ King. H. A--------------------------------------------------- Moore. V. J!.. Ii. I'll.. X 0-------------------------------- Fierce. C. R.. 1 A 0.............................. -..... Rulienstein. C. A------------------------- ------------------ Sellers. A. V------------------------------------------------ Talmadge. E. T.. i N.. •) A 1 t Legal)-------------------- Weaver. W. F.. U. P. L. (Legal).............................. Yongc. J. 1C. IX. M. S.. II K .. (•) A I .. 0 X K_......... ELECTIVE. Hartridge. J., X ----------------------------------------- Johnson. S. M.. K A------------------------------------------ Killorin. J. 1.. S N......-......---------------------------- __________Atlanta. _______ Augusta. .Jacksonville. Fla. Jacksonville. Fla. _________Atlanta. ---------Stinson. __________Senoia. ........Rc«l Hill. __________Holton. .Key West. Fla. -----Augusta. __________Graham. _________Forsyth. ________Reynolds. __ Pensacola. Fla. Jacksonville. Fla. _________Atlanta. ______Savannah. — 75 —Agricualft'uira! Dep rftmejraft R.olH FOUR J lar| cr, C). T. YEAR COURSE SENIOR Chandler. J. C. Chandler. 1. V. ISIuni. !.. J- Arrcndalc. J. V. JUNIOR Morton. W. J. Janies. C. M. Cooper. J. H. Hoke. K. l SOPHOMORE McMicliacl. A. 1 . McMichael. J. U. Milikin. K. M. Wartman. H. A. Thompson. D. N. Smith. C. E. Mann. V. S. ONE YEAR COURSE Lee. W. F. Milton. W. A. Cabaniss. Colton. I . 1 i. Lynn. J. 1 THREE MONTHS WINTER COURSE Gibbs. T. A. Ilnrnhain. C. T. Mackey. J. Y. — 77SicmaAm’H.v lirsiLox Fkatekxity.Sigma A plha Epsilon Fraternity Founded at tlic I'Diversity of Alabama, 18515. Georgia Beta Chapter established ISt'.G. Colors: Royal purple and old gold. James 1 lodgson, C. A. Scudder. H. C. Erwin, H. Stovall, FRATRES IN URBE. A. L. Mitchell. T. S. Moll, E. II. Moll, Joe Hull, V. W. Thomas. Kol crt Ho lgso». E. C. Upson. A. L. Hull, C. II. Phiuizv. C. H. Brand, PRATER IN FAC IT.TATE. A. H. Patterson. John Gcrdinc. A. F. Latimer. A. L. Hull, Jr.. J. D. Mell. • Tom. Cozart. CLASS OF 1UOJ Jones Dull. Yow, A. H. Barnett, Edgeworth Lamkin, R. H. Hill, •Harvey W. Moore. VV. C. Twittv. A. R. Sullivan. C. II. Cox, CL SS OF 190C T. li. Lee. John M. Ross. E. R. Dorsey. T. E. Atkinson. J. I!. Felder. •II. E. Dean. Carlisle Cobb. •Warner Hill CLASS OF is»or. T. D. Hill. T. Scott. A. . Neely, Y. F. Erwin, F. T. Gilbert. Y. T. Gary, . H. Denmark. Ixft College. — 81 —Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Directory PROYIXCK ALPHA University of Maine (Maine Alpha), Orono. Me. I Boston I'nivcrsily (Mass. Meta Epsilon). Boston. Mass. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Mass, lota Tau), Boston, Mass. Harvard University (Mass. Gamma). Cambridge. Mass. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Mass. Delta). Worcester. Mass. PRO 1XCE META Cornell University (X. V. Alpha). Ithaca. X. V. Columbia University (X. V. Mu). New York City. St. Stephen's College (X. Y. Sigma I ’hi), Annenilale on Hudson. N. Y. Mleghcny College (Penn. Omega). Mcadvillo. Penn a. Dickinson College (Penn'a Sigma Phi), Carlisle. I’enn’a. Pennsylvania Stale College (Penn'a Alpha eta). State College. Penn'a. Mnckuell University (Penn'a eta). Lcwishurg. Penn’a. Gettysburg College (Penn'a Delta). Gettysburg. Penn'a. University of Pennsylvania ( Penn'a Theta). Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. PROVIXCE GAMMA University of Virginia (Ya. Oniicron). Charlottesville. Virgina. W University (Ya. Sigma). Lexington. Ya. University of Xortli Carolina (X. C. Xi). Cha|)cl Hill, .North Carolina. Davidson College ( X. C. Theta). Davidson. X. C. Wofford College (S. C. Gamma). S| arianl urg. S. C. PROVINCE DELTA. University of Michigan (Mich. Iota Meta). nn Vrljor, Michigan. Adrian College (Mich. Alpha). Adrian. Mich. Mount Union College (Ohio Sigma). Alliance. Ohio. Ohio Wesleyan University (Ohio Delta), Delaware. O. University of Cincinnati (O. Epsilon) Cincinnati. O. Ohio State University (Ohio Theta), Columbus. O. Franklin College (lnd. Alpha). Franklin. Ind. Perdue University (lnd. Meta). West Lafayette. Ind. Northwester University (III. Psi Omega). Evanston. II! University of Illinois (111. Meta). Champagne. III. University of Chicago (III. Theta), Chicago. III. University of Wisconsin (Wis. Alpha). — 82 —Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity ••Continued PROVINCE El‘SI LON University of Mahama (Ala. Mu). University. Ala. Southern University ( la. lota), Grecnslioro. Ma. Alabama Polytechnic Institute (Ala. lplia Mu). Auburn. Alabama. University of Georgia (da. liela), Athens. Go. Emory College (C,a. Epsilon). Oxford. Ga. Georgia School of Technology (Ga. Phi), tlanta. Ga. Mercer University (Ga. I’si). Macon. Ga. PROVINCE ZETA University of Missouri (Mo. Alpha). Columbia. Mo. University of Arkansas (Ark. Alpha Upsilon), Fayette Washington University (Mo. Ileta), St. Louis. Mo. ville. Ark. University of Nebraska (Neb. Uamlxla P). Lincoln. Neb. University of Kansas (Kan. Alpha). PROVINCE ETA. University of Colorado (Col. Chi). Doubler. Col. Denver University (Col. Zeta). Denver. Col. Lclaud Stanford. Jr.. University (Cal. Alpha). Palo lto. University of California (Cal. beta). Berkeley, Cal. California. Colorado School of Mines (Col. Lambda). PROVINCE THETA Ixmisiana State University (La. Epsilon). Baton Rouge. Louisiana. Tulanc University (La. Tati Upsilon). New Orleans. La. University of Mississippi (Miss. Gamma). University of Texas (Tex. Phi). Austin. Tex. PROVINCE IOTA Central University (Ky. Kappa). Richmond. Kv. Betltcl University (Ky. Iota). Russellville. Ky. Kentucky State College (Ky. Epsilon). Lexington. Ky. Southwestern Presbyterian University (Tenn. eta), Clarksville. Tenn. Cumberland University (Tenn. l.amlxlaj. Lebanon. Tenn. Vanderbilt University (Tenn. Xu). Nashville. Tenn. University of Tennessee (Tenn. Kappa). Knoxville. Tenn. University of the South (Tenn. Omega). Sewanee. Tenn. Southwestern Baptist University (Tenn. Eta). Jackson. Tennessee. — 83 —Sigma ASplhta EpsiSoira—Conti m ecl Host on. Mass. Jackson. Miss. Denver, Col. Alliance. Ohio Washington. I). C. Pittsburg. Pa. ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS Knoxville. Tenn. Louisville. Ky. Atlanta. Ga. Detroit. Mich. Macon. Ga. Chattanooga. Tenn. Greenville. S. C. Hirniinghani. Ala. Savannah. Ga. New Orleans. I.a. New York City. N. Y. Kansas. Mo. Wilmington. N. C. Cleveland. Ohio. Cincinnati. Ohio. Worcester. Mass. San Francisco. Cal. Chicago. III. St. Louis. Mo. Augusta. Ga. — 84 — CM PM FratermtyCm I’m Fraternity.Clhti Plfoi Frafterraity Founded Billups. Phinizv. Geo. 'I'. Hodgson. W. R. Hill. G. V. Xunnally. G. W. Felkcr. J. J. Ragan. • I f« College. 181i4, Princeton University. Kta Chap FRATRF.: F. R. Stanley. Yancey 11 arris. PR,-D. C. Harrow, J. Ilartridge. S. J. Crowe. Allicrt Thornton. F. 1,. Hull. Campbell Wallace, r established lSfii. Colors: IX UR HI . Jeptha II. Rucker. C. H. Griffith. I . A. Lipscomb. RKS IX FACl'I rATK. H. C. White. LAW CLASS 11 04. T. W. Connally. L W CLASS 1805. V. 15. Moore. CLASS 1004. W. 1C. Ragan. Jr.. II. I . Scott. Jr.' CLASS 181)5. D. McCleskey. R. M CLASS 11 0(1. C. J. Simmons. A. VY. Smith. Jr.. CLASS 11 07. R. Broughton. — 87 — Scarlet and Blue. F. I). Dcaring. M. A. Nicholson. Jack Mari. Ralph Mehlrim, . IX aring.‘ C. Thweatt. Chi Phi Fraftersaifty--Conti m wed CHAIH'I-U KOI.I.. l| ha. University of Virginia. Charlottesville, a. Beta. Mass. Institute of Technology. Boston. Mass, (lamina. Emory College. Oxford, (la. Delta. Rutgers College. New Brunswick. X. J. Epsilon. 1 lampden-Sidney College. Hampden-Sidney. Ya. eta. Franklin and Marshall College. Lancaster. Penn'a. Kta. University of Georgia. Athens. Ga. Theta. Rensscller Polytechnic Institute. Troy. X. V. lota. Ohio State College. Columbus. Ohio. Lambda. University of California. Berkeley. Cal. Mu. Stevens Institute of Technology. Hoboken. X. J. Xu. University of Texas. Austin. Texas. i. Cornell University. Ithiea. X. Y. Omicron. Sheffield Scientific School. Yale I'uivcrsity. New Haven. Conn. Rho. Lafayette College. Easton. Penn’a. Sigma. Wofford College. S|«irtauburg. S. C. Phi. mherst College. Amherst. Mass. Chi. Dartmouth College. Hanover, X. II. Psi. Lehigh University. South Bethlehem. Penn'a. Omega. Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta. Ga. — 88 —I appa Allplhia FratermtyKajta Ai.' ii a Fraternity.Kappa Alpltaa Fratermfty I). Q. Abbott. C'has. W. Du Bose. ( has. X. lhxlgson. J. IX Moss. J. Aiullcv Morton. E. R. Kinncbrew. Ravano Benedict. Dr. S. C. Benedict, 1'. L. Danev, I. D. Bower. (X H. B. Bloodworth. Jr.. J. J. Hill. R. M. Strickland. • I. f( Collette. Pounded in 1S65. Gamma Chapter Established 1S6S FR VTRES IN URBE A. R. Nicholson, lohn W. Welsh. Dr. J. C. Bloomfield, R. Toombs Du Bose. E. R. Hodgson. I. W. Morton. V. M. Rowland. Edward Lvndon, Hunlcv Abbott, Judge A. J. Cobb. Tlios. T. Greco. Jos. VV. Morton. Fred. S. Morton. Harry Hodgson, FKATRKSIN FACTLTATE Prof. S. Morris. Prof. Marion DuBosc, Prof. T. J. Wooftcr. Prof. S. V. Sanford. JUNIOR LAW CLASS S. M. Johnson. W. A. Daniel. CLASS OF 1904 H. L.. Revnolds. D. V. Revnolds. R. H. Morrow. S. G. Ballard, G. C. Carson. Wallace Miller. CLASS OF 1905 C. G. Scarborough. CLASS OF H. L. Covington. Jr.. CLASS OF ioor J. W. Bruton. — si- IL S. Rowland. E. B. Smith. E. J. Bondurant. Benj. T. Hardeman, Floyd Foster. Andrew J. Lyndon, Frank Hodgson. Prof. C. M. Strahan, D. R. Bower, E. W. Carson. J. H. Fleming. Jr. H. . Woodruff.Kappa Alpha Fraternity—Continued ROLL OF ACTIVE CHAPTERS Alpha. Washington and I«cc University. Lexington. Va. Gamma. University of Georgia. Athens. Ga. Delta. Wofford College. Spartanburg. S. C. Epsilon. Emory College. Oxford. Ga. Zeta. Randolph-Macon College, shland. Va. Eta. Richmond College. Richmond. ’a. Theta. Kentucky State College. Lexington. Ky. Kappa. Mercer University. Macon. Ga. Lambda. University of Virginia. Chalottcsvillc. Va. Xu. Alabama Polytechnic Institute, uburn. la. Xi. Southwestern University. Georgetown. Texas. Omicron. University of Texas. Austin. Texas. Pi, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Torn. Sigma. Davidson College. Davidson. X. C. Upsilon. University of North Carolina. Cha|)cl Hill. X. C. Plii, Soutlicrn University. Greensboro. Ala. Chi. Vanderbilt University. Nashville, Tcnn. Psi. Tttlanc University, New Orleans, La. Omega. Central University of Kentucky, Danville, Ky. Alpha Alpha, University of the South, Scwanee, Tcnn. Alpha P»cta, University of Alabama. University, Ala. Alpha Gamma. Louisiana State University. Baton Rouge. Louisiana. Alpha Delta. William Jewell College. Liltertv. Mo. Alpha Epsilon. S. W. Presby'n Univ.. Clarksville. Tcnn. Alpha .eta. William and Marv College. Williamsburg. a Alpha Eta. Westminster College. Fulton. Mo. Alpha Theta. Kentucky University. Lexington. Ky. Alpha Iota. Centenary College. Jackson. La. Alpha Kappa. Missouri State University. Columbia. Mo. Alpha LamlMla. Johns Hopkins Univ.. Baltimore. Md. Alpha Mu. Millsaps College. Jackson. Miss. Alpha Xu. Columbian University. Washington. D. C. Alpha Xi. University of California. Berkeley. Cal. Alpha Pi. I.eland Stanford. Jr.. University. Stanford. Cal. Alpha Rho. University of W. Va.. Morgantown. W. Va. Alpha Sigma. Georgia School of Technology, tlanta. Ga. Alpha Tan. 11.ii»| den-Sidney College. Hampden-Sidney. Virginia. Alpha Upsilon. Univ. of Mississippi. University. Miss. Alpha Phi. Trinity College. Durham. X. C. Alpha Chi. Kentucky Wesleyan University, Winchester. Kentucky. Alpha Psi, Florida State College. Tallahassee, Fla. Alpha Omega. X. C. . M. College. Raleigh. X. C. Beta Alplia. Missouri School of Mines. Kolia. Mo. Beta Beta. Bethany College. Bethany. W. Va. — 92 —PM Delta Tlhieta FraterMtyPill Dki.ta Tiikta Fkatkrnity.Pfoi Delta Tlhieta Fraternity E. K. Lumpkin, J. W. Camak. Fred. J. Orr. A. C. Moblcv, T. W. Reid. E. H. Cohen, E. I. Smith, Colors: rgcnt ami Azure. Flower: White Carnation. Founded at Miami University, Miami. Ohio, ISIS. Georgia Alpha Chapter established 1$71. FRATRES IX URBE. S. J. Tribble. J. T. Davis, D. I). Quillian. C. G. Chandler, E. 11. Dorsey, J. 15. S. Cobb, J. J. Strickland. FRATER IX FACULTATE. U. H. Davcnpprt. SENIOR LAW CLASS I. S. Hopkins. Jr.. T. T. Turnbull. JUNIOR LAW CLASS C. R. Pierce. CLASS OF 11104 M. L. Richter. CLASS OF 11HI5 II. H. Askew. F. I.. Bullard. CLASS OF 1!)()(» W. O. Marshburn. C. A. Dozier. D. M. Byrd, Jesse D. Weston, W. R. Woodward. A. H. Reppanl, E. R. Park. CLASS OF' 11)07 J. A. Hunnicutt. Jr., — 95 — J. J. Willingham.Pbti Delta Theta Fraternity—Continued COLLEGE CHAPTERS Quebec Alpha. McGill University. Montreal. Canada. Maine Alpha. Colby College. Waterville. Me. New Hampshire Alpha. Dartmouth College. Hanover. New Hampshire. Vermont Alpha. I ’niversity of Vermont. Burlington. Vt. Massachusetts Alpha. W illiams College. W'illiamstown. Massachusetts. Massachusetts Beta. Amherst College. Amherst. Mass. Rhode Island Alpha. Brown University. Providence, U. I. New York Alpha. Cornell University. Ithaca. N. Y. New York Beta. Union University. Schenectady. N. Y. New York Delta. Columbia University. New York. N. X’. New York 1 psilon. Syracuse University. Syracuse. N. Y. Pennsylvania Alpha. Lafayette College. Easton. Pa. Pennsylvania Beta. Pennsylvania College. Gettysburg. Pa. Pennsylvania Gamma. Washington and Jefferson College. • Washington. Pa. Pennsylvania Delta. Allegheny College. Mcadvillc. Pa. Pennsylvania F.psilon. Dickinson College, Carlisle. Pa. Pennsylvania Zcta. University of Pennsylvania. Philadel-phia. Pa. Pennsylvania Eta. Lehigh University. South Bethlehem. Pennsylvania. BETA PROVINCE Virginia Beta. University of Virginia. Charlottesville, Va. Virginia Gamma. Kmulolph-Macon College. Ashland. Ya. Virginia JCcta. Washington and Lee University, larxing-ton. Va. North Carolina Beta. Universitv of North Carolina. Chapel Hill, X. C. GAMMA Georgia Alpha. University of Georgia. Athens. Ga. Georgia Beta, Emory College, Oxford. Ga. Georgia Delta. Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta. Georgia. Kentucky Alpha-Delta. Central University. Danville. Ky. Kentucky Epsilon. Kentucky State College. Lexington. Kentucky. Tennessee Alpha. Vanderbilt I 'niversity. Nashville. 'Penn. Tennessee Beta. University of the South, Sewauce, 'Penn. PROVINCE Georgia Gamma. Mercer University. Macon. Ga. Alabama Alpha. I ’niversity of Alabama. Tuskaloosa. Ala. Alabama Beta. Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Auburn, Alabama. — 96 —Phi Delta Theta Fraternity—Contisvuied DELTA PROVINCE Ohio Alpha. Miami University. Oxford. hio. Ohio I let a. Ohio Wesleyan University. Delaware. O. ( hio Gamma. Ohio I'niversitv. At liens. Ohio. Ohio Zeta, Ohio State University, Columhus, Ohio. Ohio Eta, Case School of Applied Science. Cleveland. O. Ohio Theta. University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati. Ohio. Michigan Alpha. University of Michigan. Ann Arbor. Michigan.' EPSILON PROVINCE Indiana lpha. Indiana University. Itloomington, 1ml. Indiana I’eta. W'ahash College. Crawfordsville. Ind. Indiana Gamma. Itutler College. University of Indianapolis. Irvington. Ind. Indiana Delta. Franklin College. Franklin. 1ml. Indiana Epsilon. Hanover College, Hanover. Ind. Indiana eta. IX-l’auw I’niversitv. Grccncastle. Ind. Indiana Theta. Purdue University. West I «a Fayette, Ind. ZETA PROVINCE Illinois Alpha. Northwestern University. Evanston. III. Illinois I’eta. University of Chicago. Chicago. III. Illinois Delta. Knox College. Galesburg. III. Illinois Zeta. Lombard College. Galesburg, III. Illinois Eta. University of Illinois. Champaign. 111. Wisconsin Alpha. University of Wisconsin. Madison. Wis. Minnesota Alpha. University of Minnesota. Minneapolis. Minnesota. Iowa Alpha. Iowa Wesleyan University. Mount Pleasant. Iowa. Iowa llcta. University of Iowa. Iowa City, la. Missouri Alpha. I'niversitv of Missouri. Columbia, Mo. Missouri llcta. Westminster College. Fulton. Mo. Missouri Gamma. Washington University. St. Louis. Mo. Kansas lpha. University of Kansas. Uawrcnce. Kansas. Nebraska Alpha. University of Nebraska. Lincoln, Neb. Colorado Alpha. University of Colorado, lloulder. Colo. ETA PROVINCE. Mississippi Alpha. University of Mississippi. University, Texas llcta. University of Texas. Austin. Tex. Mississippi. Texas Gamma. Southwestern University. Georgetown, Louisiana Alpha. Tulanc University of Louisiana. New Texas. Orleans. I.a. — 97 —Phi Delta Theta Fraternity—.Continued THETA PROV INCE California Alpha. I nivcrsitv of California. Berkeley. Cal. Washington Alpha. University of Washington. Seattle. California Beta. [.eland Stanford. Jr.. University, Stan- Washington, ford. Cal. ALUMNI CLUES Annual Alumni Day. March loth. Boston. Mass. Atlanta. Ga. Detroit. Mich. St. Louis, Mo. Harvard University, Macon. Ga. Franklin. Ind. Omaha. Neb. Providence. R. 1. Montgomery, Ala. Iu liana| olis. ind. Denver. Col. New York. N. Y. Selma. Ala. Crnwfordsville, Ind. Meridian. Miss. Syracuse. N. Y. Birmingham. Ala. Chicago, 111. Oklahoma City, O. T. Schenectady. N. Y. Mobile. Ala. Galesburg. III. Austin. Texas. Baltimore. Md. New Orleans. La. Bloomington, III. Salt l«akc City, Utah Piltshurgh. Pa. Cincinnati.1 )hio. Peoria. 111. San Francisco, Cal. Philadelphia. Pa. Vkron. Ohio. LaCrossc, Wis. Los Angeles, Cal. W ashiugton. D. C. Cleveland, Ohio. Milwaukee, Wis. Portland. Ore. Richmond. Ya. Columbus. ()hio. Melnasha. Wis. Spokane. Wash. Louisville. Kv. Athens. Ohio. Minneapolis and St. Paul. Seattle. Wash- Nashville. Tcnn. Toledo, Ohio. Minn. Columbus, Ca. Hamilton, Ohio. Kansas City, Mo. Alpha Tan Omega FraternityAi.imia Tal Omko.a Fraternity.Alpha Taw Omega Fraternity Founded Dr. I. S. Hopkins. R. 1 . Brooks. J. T. Jackson. J. E. Tabor. J. R. McMichael, •Ixtt Collect'. in the Virginia Military Institute. 1S65 Georgia Alpha Beta Chapter Founded 1S7S PRATRES IX URBE Hon. H. H. Carlton. G. F. Stepl»enson. F. E. Broadnax, Bryant Dixon. Prof. G. G. Bond, Prof. J. M. Stephenson.. FRATER IX FACULTATE. Prof. E. C. Branson. SENIOR LAW CLASS. M. H. Blacksltcar. CLASS OF 1904. X. IL Bullard. C. P. Pratt. J. L. Hodgson. B. S. Dobbs. CLASS OF 1005. D. S. Atkinson. M. H. Burroughs. CLASS OF P'Oti. M. Rambo. W. W. Patterson. G. A. Green. J. C. Houston. . D. McMicluael. L. E. Jones, J. H. Booker. Lamar Ham. J. H. Hester. Elliot Cheatham. .CLASS OF 1907 Talmadge Wynn. Thompson Fender. — 101 —Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity—Continued DIRECTORY OF CHAPTERS AND LIM T ASSOCIATIONS. PROVINCE I.— Malxuna ami Georgia. Alabama Alpha Epsilon. Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Auburn. Alabama Beta Beta. Southern I'nivcrsitv. Greensboro. Alabama I’.eta Delta. University of Alabama. Tuskaloosa. Georgia Alplia Beta. University of Georgia. Athens. Georgia Alpha Theta, Emory College. Oxford. Georgia Alpha Zeta. Mercer University. Georgia Bela Iota. School of Technology. Atlanta. PROVIXCF. II.—California. Colorado. Louisiana. Texas. California Gamma Iota. Univ. of California. Berkeley. Ixmisiana Beta Epsilon. Tulanc University. New Orleans. Colorado Gamma Lambda. Univ. of Colorado. Boulder. Texas Gamma Eta. University of Texas. Austin. PROVINCE III.—Illinois. Indiana, Michigan. Nebraska. Illinois Gamma Zeta. University of Illinois. Champaign. Indiana Gamma Gamma. Polytechnic Institute. Terre Haute. Michigan Alpha Mu. Adrian College. Adrian. Michigan Beta Kappa. Hillsdale College, Hillsdale. Michigan Beta Omicron. Albion College. Albion. Nebraska Gamma Theta. Univ. of Nebraska. Lincoln. Kansas Gamma Mu. University of Kansas. Lawrence. Minnesota Gamma Xu. Univ. of Minnesota. Minneapolis. PROVINCE IV.—Maine. Massachusetts. Rhode Island. . and Vermont. Maine Beta Vpsilon, University of Maine. Orono. Rhode Island Gamma Delta. Brown Univ.. Providence. Maine Gamma Alpha. Colby College. NVatcrville. Vermont Beta Zeta. University of Vermont. Burlington. Massachusetts Gamma Beta. Tufts College.AlpHa Tatis Omega Fraternity Continued Allentown A. Augusta A. . IJiriuinghain Poston A. A. Chicago A. ' A.. Pa. V. Ga. A. A.. Ala. . Mass. L, 111. CITY AND STATE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION'S. Cleveland A. A.. Ohio. Dallas A. A.. Texas. Dayton A. A.. Ohio. D. C. A. A.. Washington. Georgia A. A.. Atlanta. Ga. Louisville A. A.. Ky. New York A. A.. N. Y. Pittsburg A. A., Pa. Tennessee A. A.. Jackson. Texas A. A.. Dallas. Manila A. A.. P. I. University Club. Mich. llanta A. A.. Ga. Cal. A. A.. San Francisco. Colorado A. A., Denver. — 104 —(Sigma FraternitySlCMA N't Fkatkkmty.Sigma Htm Fraternity Founded at Va. Military Institute. 1S(i!t. Mu Chapter established 1X7S. Colors: I Hack. White and Old Gold. T. J. Shackelford. FRATRKS IN' URHK F. C. Sliackclford. A. C. Fears. 0. II. Williamson. FRATRKS IN FACULTATK. Prof. C. M. Snclling, W. A. Worsham. Jr. I. S. Peebles, Jr.. SENIOR LAW CLASS R. D. Smith. G. E. Simpson, J. I. Killorin. L. P. Goodrich. JUNIOR LAW CLASS. K. T. Talmadgc. R. II. Hog". CLASS OF 1904 Patti Lovejov. E. L. Worsham. 1 Coward Tate. CLASS OF 1005 H. L. Worsham. 11. W. Wilson, W. H. Lewis. F. A. Roberts. CLASS OF IMG J. E. Fitzgerald. J. S. Walker. Ralph Peacock, H. M. Wilson. Howard Ashburn. P. J. Thomi son. •Left Collqtc. — 107 —Sigma Nta Fratermvifty—CoimHimaedl SKiM NT CH PTKR LIST. FIRST DIVISION'. I'i. 18M. Lehigh University. Bethlehem. Pa. Gamma Delta. 19(H). Slovens Institute of Technology, Hoboken. X. J. Gamma Epsilon. 1900. La Fayette College. Easton. I’a. Gamma Theta. 1901. Cornell University. Ithaca. X. Y. Beta Sigma. 1898. I’niv. of Vermont. Burlington. Vt. SECOND DIVISION. Beta. 1870. l'nivcrsitv of Virginia. I.amlxla. 1SHU. Washington and l«cc. Lexington. Va. Omicron. 18S1. Bethel College. Russelvillc. Kv. Sigma. 1880, Vanderbilt I’nivcrsily. Nashville. Tcnn. Psi. IXss. Univ. of North Carolina. Chapel Hill. N. C. Beta Tan. 1895. North Carolina A. and M. College. West Raleigh. X. C. Gamma Iota. 190-», State College of Kentucky. Lexington. Ky. THIRD DIVISION. Mu. 187:1. University of Georgia, thens. Ga. Theta. 1874. l’nivcrsitv of Alabama. Tuskaloosa, Ala. lota. 187!). Howard College. East Dike. Ala. Kappa. 1881. North Georgia gricultural College, Dah-lonega, Ga. Eta. 1884. Mercer University. Macon, Ga. Ejwilon. 1888, Bethany College. Bethany. W. Va. Beta Beta. ls90. DePamv College. Grccncastlc. Ind. Beta Xu. 1891. Ohio State University. Columbus. O. Beta Zcta. 1891. Purdue University. i .a Fayette. Ind. Beta Eta, lso- , University of Indiana. Bloomington, Ind. Xi. 1S8I. Emory College. Oxford. Ga. Beta Theta. 1890. Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn. Ala. Gamma Alpha, 1890. Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta. Ga. Gamma Pi. 1904. University of West Virginia. Morgantown. W. Va. Beta lota. IS!1?. Mt. Union College. Mliancc. O. Beta Upsilon. 1895. Rose Polytechnic Institute. Terre Haute, Ind. fourth division. — 108 —Sijgma Hub Frafcertr afty -C©8ftttimae d FIFTH DIVISION. Gamma Mu. ISMI2. l'nivcrsity of Illinois. Chani|vaign. III. (.amnia Gamma. 18! " . Albion College. Mbion. Mich. Gamma Xu. 1! 02, Univ. of Michigan. Ann r1ior. Mich. (.amnia Mela. IS!»8, Northwestern I’niv., Evanston. III. Delta Theta. 1X! 1, Loml ar l University. Galesburg. III. Gamma Lambda. r.iOO. Unix , of Wisconsin, Madison. SIXTH DIVISION. Beta Mu. 1 State University of Iowa. Iowa City. Ia. SFAT NTH DIVISION. Xu. 1881. Kansas State University. Lawrence, Kan. Gamma Ni. lSHKJ. State College of Mines. Kollo. Mo. Rho. 18SG. Missouri State University. Columbia. Mo. Gamma Oniicron. I!»« :?. W ashington University. St. I let a Ni. 18! I. William Jewell College. Liltcrtv. Mo. Louis. Mo. EIGHTH DIVISION. Upsilon, ISSti, University of Texas. Austin. Texas. llcta I’lii. 1S8S. Tulanc University. New Orleans. La. Fhi. 1887. Louisiana State University, llaton Rouge. La. NINTH DIVISION. Gamma Eta. 1! ( 1, State School of Mines. Golden. Col. Gamma Kap| a. I!»»• . Univ. of Colorado, Moulder. Col. TENTH DIVISION. Gamma Chi. 1S0H. Univ. of Washington. Seattle. Wash. Gamma .eta. L'nivcrsity of Oregon. Eugene, Ore. ELEVENTH DIVISION. iicla Chi. IS! 1. I .eland Stanford. Jr.. University. Stan- Ileta Psi. University of California. Berkeley, Cal. ford. Cal. — 109 —P.irmingham. Ala. San I'rancisco. Cal. Pueblo. Col. Atlanta, (la. Chicago. 111. Nua Fraternity—Continued LUM. I CM PTERS. Indianapolis. In l. Louisville. Ky. Shelbyvillc. Ky. Poston. Mass. Kansas City. Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Xcw York. N . V. Charlotte. X. ('. Salisbury. X. C. Columbus. O. Cleveland, (). Dallas. Tex. Seattle. Wash. Milwaukee, Wis. — 110 —CM Psi FraternityCm Psi Fkatkknity.Clbi Psi Pr Henr Hy Founded at Union College in isll. Alpha Alpha Delta established 1-S‘jrt. Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold % FR TER IN UR BE. W’. B. Burnett. PRATER IN FACUl.TATE. W. 1). Hoyt. SENIOR LAW CLASS. C. C. Bunn. CLASS OF 1!)(».'». J. B. Peniston. W. G. England. J. Y. Lewis. C. Y. Brannon. CLASS OF lime. T. R. Gentry, J. K. Orr, Jr., J. C. Maddox, CLASS OF ltior. A. II. Carmichael. I.eft College. — 113 —Chti Psi Fraternity—Confirmed ROM. OF ACTIVE CHAPTERS. Pi. Union College. Scltenectadv. N. V. Theta. Williams College. Williamstown. Mass. Mu. Middleburv College. Mi l llcbury. t. Mpha. Wesleyan University. Middletown. Conn. Plii. Hamilton College. Clinton. X. V. Epsilon, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Mich. Chi. Amherst College. Amherst. Mass. Psi. Cornell University. Ithaca. X. V. Tati. Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C. Xu. University of Minnesota. Minnca| olis. Minn. Iota. University of Wisconsin. Madison. Wis. Kho. Rutgers College. Xew Prints wick. X. J. Xi. Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken. X. J. Alpha Delta. University of Georgia. Athens. Ga. lleta Delta. Lehigh University. South Bethlehem, Pa. Gamma Delta. Stanford University. Stanford. Cal. Delta Delta, University of California. Berkeley. Cal. Epsilon Delta, University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. — 114 —Kappa kSig'ma FraternityK.mta Sigma I-'katkrnitv.Kappa Sigma Fraternity Founded at the University of Virginia in I8fi7. I5eta Lambda Chapter established in 1!»01. Fraternity colors: Scarlet, White and Emerald. Fraternity Flower: Lily of the 'allcy. PRATER IN' I'RUE Marvin M. Dickinson. I.AW CLASS. 1 OoI Walter 15. Shaw. LAW CLASS. 1 !)u." Arthur L. Hardy. CLASS of 1!»U1 H. Quigg Fletcher. John C. Koch. Roy Jackson. CLASS OF 1»»5 Paul T. Harbor. John A. Cojjcland. Weslcv T. Hanson. F.rwin H. Vonderau. CLASS OF 1!MM? George 1 15. Smith. Hugh 15. Fitzgerald. William R. Clements. N’evin S. Tollcson. Linton S. Archer. William J. Morton. SPECIAL • l.etl College. George 1 . Shinglcr. Elbridgc G. Cabaniss. Kappa Sigma Fraternity—Contiiaued ROLL OF CHAPTERS DISTRICT I Psi. I'Diversity of Maine. Orono. Me. Alpha lambda. University of Vermont. Burlington. Vt. Alpha Rho. Bowdoin College. Brunswick. Me. Beta Alpha, Brown University. Providence. R. I. Beta Kappa. New Hampshire College, Durham, X. H. DISTRICT II Alpha Kappa. Cornell University, Ithaca, X. Y. Pi. Swarthmore College, Swarthmorc. Pa. Alpha Delta. Penn'a State College. State College. Pa. lpha Epsilon. U'niv. of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. Pa. Beta Delta. Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, Pa. Alpha Phi. Bucknell University, Lewis burg. Pa. Beta Iota. Lehigh University, South Bethlehem. Pa. Beta Pi. Dickinson College. Carlisle. Pa. Alpha Alpha. University of Maryland. Baltimore. Md. Alpha Eta, Columbian University. Washington. I). C. DISTRICT III Zeta. University of Virginia. Charlottesville. Va. Eta. Randolph-Macon College. Ashland. Va. Xu. William and Marv College. Williamsburg. a. Upsilon, Hampden-Sidnev College. Hampden-Sidney, Va. Beta Beta. Richmond College. Davidson, X. C. F.ta Prime. Trinity College. Durham. X. C. Alpha Mu. University of North Carolina. Cha|x-I Hill. North Carolina. Beta Upsilon. North Carolina A. and M. College, West Raleigh, X. C. DISTRICT IV - lpha Xu. Wofford College. Spartanburg. S. C. Beta Lambda. University of Georgia. Athens. Ga. Alpha Beta. Mercer University. Macon. Ga. Beta. University of lahama. University. Ala. Alpha Tan. Georgia School of Technology. Atlanta, Ga. Beta Eta. Alabama Polytechnic Institute, uburn, Ala. — 118 —Kappa Sigma Fraternity—Continued DISTRICT V Theta. Cumlxrland University, Lebanon. Tenn. Lambda. University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Tenn. Kappa. Vanderbilt University. N’asliville. Tenn. Omega. University of the South. Sewanec. Tenn. Phi. Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Alpha Theta, Southwestern Baptist Univ., Jackson. Tenn. Tennessee. Beta Xu, Kentucky State College, Lexington, Ky. DISTRICT VI Alpha Upsilon. Millsa| s College. Jackson. Miss. Signia. Tulanc University, Georgetown, Texas. Gamma, Ixniisiana State University, Baton ougc, La. Tati, University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Epsilon. Centenary College, Jackson. La. DISTRICT VII Xi. University of Arkansas. Fayetteville. Ark. Alpha Omega. William Jewell College. Liberty. Mo. Beta Gamma. Missouri State Univ., Columbia. Mo. Mplta Sigma. Ohio State University. Columbus. Ohio. Chi. Purdue University. Lafayette. Ind. Mplta Pi. Wabash College. Craw fords ville. Ind. Beta Theta, University of Indiana. Bloomington. Ind. Alpha Gamma. University of Illinois, Cham| aign. III. Alpha Psi, University of Nebraska. Lincoln. Neb. Beta Tau. Baker University. Baldwin. Kansas. Beta Omicron. Univ. of Denver. University Park. Colo. Alpha Chi, Lake Forest University. Lake Forest. III. Mplta ' .cta, University of Michigan. Ann rbor. Mich. Beta Epsilon. University of Wisconsin. Madison. Wis. Beta Mu. University of Minnesota. Minneapolis. Minn. Beta Rlto, University of Iowa, Iowa City, la. DISTRICT VIII DISTRICT IN Beta Zeta. Lcland Stanford, Jr.. University, Stanford Beta Ni. University of California. Berkeley, Cal. University, Cal.Kappa Sigma Frafteriailty—Coraftmuied Boston. Mass. Danville. Ya. Waco. Texas. Washington. D. C. Norfolk, Va. Atlanta, C»a. AM'.MNI CHAPTERS Yazoo City, Miss. Philadelphia. Pa. Pittsburg. Pa. New York. X. Y. New Orleans. I,a. Chicago. 111. Indiana] olis. Iml. St. Louis, Mo. Pine Bluff. Ark. Kuslon. I.a. Chihuahua. Mexico. Memphis. Tenn. Buffalo. X. Y. San Francisco. Cal. Denver. Col. Louisville, Kv. Concord. X. C. Ithaca, N..Y.THeta Lambda PM Legal FraternityTheta Lambda Phi Legal Fraternity.R. S. Cohen. Tbefta Lambda Pbi Legal FrafterEnifly l 'oun le l at Dickinson School in Bleckley Chapter established 1001. CLASS. 1001 I. S. Peebles, Jr.. R. D. Smith. Jr.. _ L. P. Goodrich. CLASS 100', P. L. Dancy. A. L. Hardy, J. E. D. Yonge, Y. Fairman. — 125 —Theta Lambda Pbi Legal Fraternity-Continwed Holmes Chapter. Dickinson Law School. Cooley Chapter. Detroit College of Law. Freeman Chapter, University of Tennessee. CHAPTER ROLL Finch Chapter, Cornell University. Bleckley Chapter. University of Georgia.Tlheto Kpsilomv FraternityTiikia Ni Ivrsu.oN KhatkknitvTheta Nu Epsilon Fraternity J. Dti P . Yow, T. R. Gentry, J. E. I). Yongc. K. I'. l!rooks, Garnclt Greene. A. R. Sullivan. LAW CLASS R. S. Cohen, CLASS UHM. N. II. Bullard, CLASS 190 ». R. H. Hill. CLASS 1SWC. C. H. Cox, W. J. Morton. M. L. Richter. E. E. Lauikin. E. R. Dorsey,. U. P. IL.U. P. I ' .U. P. L. JUNIOR L V CL SS. Weaver, W. V. CLASS 1001. Anderson. F. U. Cook. W. W. Chandler. J. C. Chandler, I. W. Harj er, O. T. Oliver. C. R. Roberts, W. (). CLASS ion:,. Bray. H. F. Brooks. J. F. Coo| cr, J. II. James. C. A. Kendrick, R. H. Keith. B. S. Ritchie. IT. B. Telford, G. M. Telford. H. W. Usher. C. Usher. S. CLASS lOOfi. Urannen. J. E. Edwards. C. C. Milikin. R. M. Tilly. W. G. Brinson. J. F.. Flcischman. I. H. Mathis. W. R. Thompson. D. N. Bradherrv, J. H. Griffith. Ivarl Moon. A. II. Ward. R. J. Collier. R. S. Hicks. R. P. Smith. H. M. Watkins. A. P. Extrowich. J. M. Kendrick. J. M. Telford, T. W. CLASS 1007 Anderson. E. Ilowell. A. M. Morse. X. A. Shelton, W. A. Allen. T. E. Head, E. G. Mann. V. S. Simpson, J. T. Hatcher, W. II. Lang, W. V. Payne. D. Wilburn, W. E. — 133 —JUDGE By Tlion noble scion of a glorious past. Ty| c of a race evanishing from earth. We come in humble song to pciv our meed Of praise and homage for thy native worth. I.ike one who sighs al ovc the silent corse f her he loved in youth, tltou sillest now IScside tile ojkmi grave of the OM South. And broodcst on the glories gone for aye. How fair the memories thou dost conjure up! How bright the past thy genius doth relume! I low tltou dost cause the youthful heart to yearn [•'or those brave days, when in heroic mould ur Southern manhood was most nobly cast. Today we heard tliec sjieak. An echo seemed To break u|KMi us from the slumbering j ast. ( )iicc more we hear«l tire clarion voice of l_xe. The call of Davis. Jackson. Gordon. Mill. We felt the pulsing of a mighty cause Thrill through us. and we dared To wish that we had lived with them. HOWELL COBB ARTHUR P. HARDY Ave, to have lived, or to have «lic l with them. We count a most unequaled privilege! We saw the serried liosts of I«cc go down Itevond the western mountains of defeat, Ve saw the curtains fall on the last act Of that dread tragedy, and Hojte subdued Folded her wings, cmsltcd by the «loon» of Might. Ah! 'tis a l itter thought that such as tltou Should know defeat: that contumelious Force Should ever trample on the cause of Right. And overwhelm in gloom and obloquy The kingliest of the kingly brave. w1k liver died for Truth, and lofty principle. When thou sltalt slumlicr with the patriot dead. Who. in confederated glory fought For home, for honor, and for native land. Know 11 son we'll not forget thee. Memory Will blossom fairer as the years roll on. TIkui. ami thv comrades every one. shall wear The deathless beauty of love's immortelles. — 134 —COMMENCEMENTHistory of the University German Club THLC University of Georgia German Club was organized in the University to meet a long-felt want. The order of things under which the Commencement dances had been carried on iti former years was thought by many to give rise to several evils. The dances were costing the students and others who attended them entirely too much. Trustees and Commencement visitors who desired to attend the dance were compelled to pay the same as the students. Oppor-ttinitics for speculation on the dances, whether taken advantage of or not by the Hop Committees, were afforded. The German Club has charge of all the Commencement dances except the Pan Hellenic Hop and the Cotillion Hop. The Club will give the dances at actual cost, thereby reducing the cost to each person who attends from twelve dollars to about five. Xo one will Ik allowed to attend the dances unless he is a member of tlie German Chib or an invited guest. Members of the Hoard of Trustees and prominent Commencement visitor' will Ik invited to attend the dances. No opjx rtunity for speculation on the dances is offered. The German Club, tltcreforc. does away with the objectionable features that were prevalent under former systems, and also offers the Commencement dances at the lowest possible cast. The German Club is regularly organized, having officers and various committees, and also a constitution and by-laws. —136 — OFFICERS K. F.. I.AM KIN R. S. CoilKN Vice-President. J. M. Hum R. P. Bkooks Secretary. C'. H. Cox COMMITTEES INVITATION A. E.'Thornton, D. M. Byrd, J. D. Bower. FINANCE I. E. La ink in. R. Mcldrim, G. Carson, R. P. Brooks, Captain Rucker. MEMBERSHIP R. S. Cohen, Rod. Hill, W. G. England, Jr. DECORATION Martin Richter, O. Blood worth.Para-Helleiraic Mop Tuesday. June 7th, 1901. l»:(Hi I'. M. COMMITTEE. A. R., 2 A E A. I£. Tiiorntox, X «!■ O. H. B. Bloodworth, K a B. H. Askew, «! A © B. S. Donns, A T O T. R. Gentry, x + W. J. Morton. K 2 II. V. Wii on, 2L N — 138 —139 Sophomore Mop Thursday. June !»th. UKM, 10:00 P. M. COMMITTKF.. T. R. Gentry. A. C. Moiujjy. J. H. Flemish;. E. R. Dorsey, C. H. Con.Junior Hop Friday, June loth. !!»«»». 10:00 I . |. COMMITTKK. V. O. Marsh uukw ). H. 11. lii NimvokTii, V. G. F.ncxano. H. Tate. 140 —Cotillion Hop Momlav. lime Mh. 10:00 P. M. COMMITTEE. A. E. Tiioknton. X •l E. K. Doksky. £ A E I. 1). I’.owEK. K A — 141.—142 — Law Hop Tuesday. June 11th. 1 o:«mi |». m. COMMITTEE. C. C. Bi'.w. Jk.. G. IS. SlMI’SON. I . S. Coiik.v.•Senior Kiop Wednesday. June 1 - th. 1901, 10:00 F M. COMMITTEE. J. I). I’.owKR, H. Q. 1'l.KTCIIKR. K. L. Woksiiam, M. L. Uiciitkr. — 143- HEROISM He is not most a hero who most dares Before the glaring foot-lights of the world; And he who climbs the sweep of marble stairs Midst music's throb, and pennons fair unfurled. And nodding plumes alx vc his head o'er-curled— Gains not the noblest summit of the earth. But he who from high place is often hurled, Vet struggling rises conscious of his worth. And hides his soul's despair with a lx ld front of mirth, ()r Ik- who far from any voice of fame. Condemned by friends, ami scoffed by gloating foes, Clings to the right, unfaltering at the blame Of the self-righteous, dreads no threatened woes, But does his duty bravely as lie knows. And dreams alone of recompense from heaven— ilis is the name that with most lieauty glows In God’s blest archives when on earth's last even The Judgment of the Ages falls, anti worlds o’er-thrown arc riven! Arthur L. Hardv.N} THE SPHINX OFFICERS Jack IJowkk __P. P. Mki.okim . D. -.Pit. S. B. KKI.YN MOOHK ROLL Ralph Meldrim. ' «) Preston Krooks. (53) J. I. Killorin. (•»«;) Thomas Connally. (59) Jack Rower, (50) S. Hopkins, ex-1 P. (55) M. H. Blackshcar, (37) M'inship Nnnnallv. ( 30) Frank Anderson. (.V ) Lucicn Goodrich. (51) Verlyn Moore. W. V. Patterson. (G?) (58) T. T. Turnbull, (61) — 147 —T e Sphi xt—Comtinued IIONOKAKV AM) AI.IMM M KM KICKS Prof. A. II. Patterson. (1) Prof. W. I). Hoojkt, (2) L. Cothran. (3) C. Glenn, (I) Charley Andrews. (5) E. L . Pomeroy, (0) Pratt Attains, (7) W. S. Blunn, (8) C. V. Davis. (9) M. D. Du Bose, (jo) R. P. Jones. (ii) A. J. McBride. (lo) K. J. Travis. (13) T. W. Rucker, (| j) Merritt Thurman. (i -) John Banks. (i ) Reiner Denmark, (j x J. E. llall. (IS) R. M. Charlton. (19) Harry Hull. (20) Horace Johnson. (21) J. B. Ridley. (22) Y. R. Ritchie, (2:5) John Erwin. (24) Phinizv Calhoun. (25) Erank McCutclieon. (20) Ixmgstrcct Hull. (27) H. J. Lamar, (2S) Wilson Hardy, (29) N'oel Park, " (30) Walter Hammond. (-'ll) Lamar Rucker. (32) Sterling Blackshear. (3:5) M. M. Dickinson. (34) Andrew Calhoun. (35) Cam. Dorsey. (3d) M. S. Richardson. (37) B. S. Walker. (38) Sandy Beaver. (39) Glenn Legwen. (40) F. M. Ridley, (H) Randolph Jacques, (12) M. H. Smith. (44) Wallace Miller. (45) Minor Boyd, (4fi) Will Turner, (47) Julian Baxter. (4S). Harold Ketron. (49) Erampton Ellis, (51) II. Brown. (A) G. Butler. 00 O. S. Sibley, (c) D. K. Dougherty. (n) W. H. Harris. (K) H. Bacon. (»■’) M. P. Hall. 00 ' 1;. K. Boland. (n) H. G. Clovin. (i) V. S. Cothran. (j) W. S| ain, ( ») J. T. Dorsey. 00 E. R. Mitchell. (m) H. Dodd. (n) C. II. Black, («») W. R. Tichenor. (i ) G. T. Jackson. (c) Chancellor W. B. Hill, (k) Prof. C. M. Snelling. (s) 148 —% OUR CHANCELLOR I In our Chancellor, in 11102. Desire for fame athletic grew. II lie rode his hike in 1003. As warm a scorcher as e’er you'd sec. III A Ijowlcr l old. in 1904 He bowled two hundred [ oints. and more. IV A chaffeur grand in 1905, You’ll see him on the campus drive. V lie'll grow his hair in 1900 And commence to practice kicks. VI He'll join the 'levcn in 1907 And soon the Chancellor’ll he safe in heaven. H. — 149 —Casque ano Gauntlet.OFFICERS Gordon Carson__________________________________Kg. A. R. P. Brooks-------- J. M. I U i.i.. Jr..............................W. W. W. G. Enci ani _____ ALL'.M NI Madison Bell. M. W. Lewis, V. R. Turner, 1C. V. Hill. H. T. Lamar, V. (». Solomon, Jr., T. I). McCartncv, G. D. Blount, H. H. Swift. W. M. Hardy. W. H. Jones. F. M. Ridley, if. M. Fletcher. W. A. Hallowes. A. Calhoun. V. J. McIntyre. Minor Boyd. C. I). Dorsey, Julian Baxter. H. W. Moore. ACTIVES Gor km Carson, W. IC. Ragan. Winship Xunnallv, R. I . Brooks, X. H. Bullard. B. H. Askew, W . (». England, Dudley Reynolds. C. G. Scarborough, J. M. Hull. Jr., James DuB. Yow, M. L. Richter, l . E. Lamkin. Rodney Cohen, R. Hill, — 151 — Y. T. W. E. A. L. Lyndon, S. R. Jaques, G. V. Legwen. J. L. Hull. Frank McIntyre, Walter Cargvle. T. T. Turnbull, S. J. Crowe, A. 1C. Thornton. Herbert Reynolds.  r •SXVlAVHIM.lJf 3I«XTHE EUPHRADIAN OFFICERS L. P. Goodrich--------------------------- Premier. 'I'. T. Ti uNm.i__________________________ Secretary MEMBERS HONORARY v. n. iiiii. R. E. Park, Jno. Morris, S. V. Sanford. MEMBERS REGlEAR M. H. Illackslicar. T. Y. Counally. I. 15. Gamble, R. Mcldrim. J. M. Hull. I. S. Hopkins. Jr.. II. W. Tel font. A. G. Goluckc. A. E. 1 lardy, E. P. Goodrich. T. T. Turnbull. K. 1'. Talmadgc. Y. B. Sliaw. V. 15. Moore, 153 —Tlhe fiDimgiEiieeriinvg .Society Exponent of Pure and Applied Science at the I'nivcr-silv of (korgia. Organ, “The Engineering Annual." Jno. C. Koch----- M. 1 . Wuksii M__. W.u.Tkr M.vrms.- ____________________I’resident. _______________Vice-President. . .Secretary am! Treasurer. EMORY CLUB officers 'I'. V. Connai.i.y__________President. M. 11. IIi.acksiikak----Vice-President. G. V. XlWNAU.Y- Secretary and Treasurer. MF.MUKKS T. W. ( mindly. 0. W. Xunnallv, U. 11. Kendrick, J. J. Willingham. M. II. I’lackshcar. O. T. Griffin. S. j. Croxvc. T. T. Tnrnlnill, W. K. Ragan. Jr., E. R. Gunn. 1. S. Hopkins, Jr., V. 15. Moore, — 155 — .Y. M. C. A, C. R. Ouvkk, Pres. V. M. C. A. J. B. ('. M1H.K---- W. W. Wll.MA.MS. C. K. Oi.ivkk------ OFFICERS 1003 _________________________________ President. _____________________________Vice-President. ____________________Secretary and Treasurer. 1!HM C.ko. Whitman ......................................... -........... President. W. W. Wmj.iams................................................. Vice-President. V. A. Bku____________________________________________ Secretary and Treasurer. 155 —I OFFICERS R. F.. Pakk_________________ F. L. IiUI.I.AKI)......................... I), v. Sack......-.............-........- C.KO. Ci.IFTON---------------------------- MKMP.KRS ..Advisor. ----------- President. ----------Vice-President. Secretary and Treasurer. Hullard. Sage. Clifton. Lee, L. R. Scott. H. F. Jr.. CfOlucke. Yongc, Worsham, li. L. Ozicr. Ma w i.:n and Gt'lTAic Cl.l'ls 1A. V. ) KKG_________________________-___Leader. A. E. Thornton_________________Business Manager. I'inst Mandolin—E. E. l.ampkin, A. E. Tliornton, K. H. Hill. Jf. 1). Yow. Skcoxi Mandolin—J. Periston, K.•Conway, E. R. Dorsey, T. R. Gentry, T. (iriTAii—C. James. D. Y. Sage. Banjo—R. S.'Cohen. Scott. — 159 —Com m ission i-d Offickks.CADET CORPS COMMISSIONED AND NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS COMPANY A. COMPANY B. Captain. COMPANY C. Meld rim, Michael. Lieutenants. Fletcher, Cook. Falk. Carson, ' Roberts, Golucke. Adjutant— Harris. Sergeant Major—Bullard. Sergeants. Richter, Atkinson, Clifton, Askew, Fawcett. I ewis, Copclan, Keith, Scarborough, Marion. Tabor, England, Woodward, Hull, Telford. Corporals. Peniston, Hoke, Hains, Levy, Ginsburg, Reppard, Hicks, Mobley, Giles, Extrovich, Lee, Berg. Burke. Smith, Dorsey, Feidelson, Covington. — 161 — VX'ISa VXO£ VXT3CIDelta lota Delta OITICKRS H. Cakmiciiap.i---------------------------------------------------------------------- ['resident. R. Snkai -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Secretary. R. M. Stkicki.ani .................................................................. Treasurer. MEMIHCRS T. Scott. C. Cobb. J. A. Hunnicutt. I . Broughton. 0. S. Ballard. E. R. Park. L. D. Hill. R. Hodgson. W. G. Gary. • Ixfl Cotliff — 163 —PS ALPHA PHI Founded at Stone Mountain, i9 x MEMBERS T. Atkinson, O. Bkxxlworth, R. Dorsey, E. Park, H. Hodgson. R. Snead, W. Hill, W. Lewis, J. Simmons, — 164 —ITlIK TllAMAXS.THe Tfavaliaras W. G. Encland- Y. G. England. J. DnIt. Vow. E. R. Dorsey. OFFICERS ............. President. J. Di li. Vow......................Vice-President. E. R. Dokskv_____________________Business Manager. MEMBERS J. M. Hull. A. V. Berg. Lansing Lee. Jack D. Bovver. Wiuship Xunnallv, Sam. Edcs, Homer Carmichael. Augustus Denmark. ClilTord James, R. S. Cohen. T. R. Gentry, C. H. Cox. Trammel Scott, Lamar Ham. —167 —r Tuesday Evening Dining Club OFFICERS—FIRST TERM. Fort Scoit_____________________________President. “Puss” Richter_____________________Vice-President Tom. Conuallv_______________Secretary and Treasurer. SECOND TERM. “Puss" Richter-------------------------President. Tom. Conuallv ____________________Vice-President. . Fort Scott----------------Secretary and Treasurer. THIRD TERM. Tom. Conuallv--------------------------President. Fort Scott _______________________Vice-President. “Puss” Richter____________Secretary and Treasurer. MEMBERS “Puss” Richter, Fort Scott, -168- Tom. Conuallv,Tlhie Forgotten Rose i find a letter in inv desk, A pressed and scentless little rose. As fragile as a spider's web Tile faded sheets, the faded sheets inclose. Its fade l leaves recall a past Forgotten long, long ago. Ah! in the clover meads of love The rarest, sweetest plants will grow. •vTa. It is because tnv hands have touched This faded, faded little flower That 1 have turned a moment from My more than, more than, dreary, dreary hour. To sing of one who long ago Died like the flowers, flowers fair. Or like the sweetest perfumes die l’]N n, ujion the summer air. I scarce can trace her faded lines. And as 1 read them o'er and o'er. The title comes rippling to my feet From Memory’s. Memory's distant, distant shore. I hit in a fairer, better land Than this, to-day she knows That 1 have blessed the hand that pressed For me. for me. this little rose. IWV.Hoi.tBNDORPF. 169 TBue Scotch Club OFFICERS Max M khaki____________________________ President. Mac Ki'rkouciis____________Secretary and Treasurer. MEMBERS McCIcskcy. MeCav. McCaffrey. McConnell. McDougul. McMichacl. J. R. McMichacl. A. D. McXccly. McWhorter. — 170 —Tbe Lunacy Club O. H. |{|.0;iD V0RTM_______________ II. I.. Covixerox----------------- Gentry. Hlooriwortli. Covington. ______Official Artist. "Fraxkib Dkar" Lipscomb. (Hon. Mem.)-------------Mascot. ......Official Poser. "Choi.i.v" Cox--------------------------Assistant Mascot. Daniel. Dancy. Cohen. Ilynl. Weston. Lamkin. Cox. 1 lain. Starr. — 171 —Leap Year Club Organized April 1st. HONORARY MEMBERS "Ilillic" Hoyt. "Bobby” McWhorter, “Polly" McPherson. K. S. Cohkk. J. D. Wkstox OFFICERS -------------Grand High Kicker. -------------Kcc| cr of the l ilcs. lU l.E “400”—ELIGIBILITY "No student of the University shall Ik- eligible to membership in this club who shall not since January 1st. 15HJ4, have rejected at least ten proposals of marriage of which ten. four shall have Ixrcn from belles of Athens, three from young ladies of the I,. C. I., two from voting ladies of the S. X. S.. and one from the State at large." Cohen. Weston, Dancy. Daniel. MEMBERS (Duly Qualified.) Byrd. Bloodworth. Gentry, Xunnallv, Crow. Gamble. Blackshear. Simpson. — 172 —IjTKKAKY SOCIKTIKS.GORDON carsoh- |n R;.HBURHf REYHOLDS RALPH ' ■—.rMXDfV Hr SCOTT rJD- « BOWER AAAX '- MICHAEL rCR L_ OLIVER Presidents of Phi Kappa. Society.I. S. Pf.khi.ks, Ji ., President Georgia Law Debating Society. R. D. Smith, President Georgia Law Debating Society. M. II. Ul.ACKSIIRAIt, President Georgia Law Debating Society. — 176 —K. T. Tai.maihjh Amiivcrsniian Phi Kappa Society — 178 — «Geor ia-Sewanee Debaters Lucian I . Goodkicii, Speaker Gcorgia-Sewanee Debate. I. S. I loi'K I NS. Jk., Speaker G corgi a-Sevvanee Debate. 180 —Sewasmee-Greorgia Debate Held in Sewancc. Tcmi.. Deceml cr 3. 1903. Qukstion : Resolved, that the Monroe Doctrine should be maintained. Limitation: The Monroe Doctrine shall lie construed to mean that the United States shall resist by force, if necessary, any attempt on the part of any foreign power to own or control additional territory in the Western I lemisphere. Affirmative. Negative. University of the South. University of Georgia. .1. 15. Rylance. L. P. Goodrich. W. J. Hartley, I. S. Hopkins. Jr. JUDGES. Judge Floyd Kstill and lion. Thos. A. F.mbrco. of Winchester. Tenn.: Mr. S. I hard well Smith, of Chattanooga. Tenn. GEORGIA WON. — 181Georgia-Morftlhv Carolina Debaters A. G. Goluckr, Speaker Georgia-North Carolina Debate. — 182 — Y. Y. Pattrkson. Speaker Georgia-North Carolina Debate.I Georgia-North Carolina Debate Held at Chai cl Hill, X. C.. April 1st, l'.MH. Question: Resolved. That Labor Unions arc inimical to our industrial development. Affirmative. Negative. I'niv. of North Carolina. I. C. Wright . J. D. Johnson, University of Georgia. W. W. Patterson. A. G. Golucke. AFFIRMATIVE WON. — 183 — GKampioim Debate Held in University Chapel. June J:l, Question : Resolved. Tluu governmental ownership and control of natural monojwlies is correct in ] riuci] lc. Affirmative. Phi Kappa Society. R. J. Moran. A. G. Golncke. JUDGES Messrs. Harry Hodgson. R. 'I'. Du Hose, Y. M. Slaton. NEGATIVE WON. Negative. I Xtnosthenian Society. M. H. Rlackshcar. I. S. Hopkins, Jr. .Junior Debate Held in the University Chapel. May 28th. 1001. Ql'KSTiox: Resolved, That a system of compulsory education should he adopted in Georgia. Affirmative. Phi Kappa Society. O. H. 15. Woodworth. F. L. billiard. I). W. Reynolds, Negative. Dcmosthenian Society. C. M. Telford. H. 15. Ritchie. 15. V. Keith. JUDGES. R. E. Park, S. S. Sanford. Jno. Morris. NEGATIVE WON. — 185 — Sophomore Debate Hold between the Plii Kappa and Demosthenian Societies. May liitli. 1904. Question: Resolved. Thai the University of Georgia (proper), should l c a co-educational institution. Affirmative. Demosthenians. Stokes. I’. G. Watkins. A. I . Sago. D. Y. Negative. I’hi Kappa. Feidclson, C. X. Levy. 1. C. Leo. L. 15. Master of Ceremonies—U. J. Ward. JUDGES. Messrs. M. G. Michael. Fred. Orr. W. 'I'. Forbes. NEGATIVE WON. — 186 — Fresfomem Delbaft-e Held in tlic University Chapel. April !Hli. 1004. Question: Resolved. Tliat trusts arc injurious to the general welfare. Affirmative. Dcinosthenian Society. F.. Anderson. W. A. Shelton. A. 11. Carmichael. Negative. Phi Kappa Society. F. K. Cheatham. P. R. Wcltner. H. L. J. Williams. JUDGES. Frank Lipscomb. D. Q. Abbott, K. I?. Smith. NEGATIVE WON. — 187 —Impromptu Befo He Held in the University Chajxd. March 2' th. 10(11. Qi-KSTion : Resolved. That Final Examinations in tl»c Univi Affirmative. Phi Kappa Society. 1'. V. Connally. S. II. E les. G. Carson, G. P. Whitman. J. M. Hull. A. G. Goluckc. sitv of Georgia should Ik- Mxdished. Negative. Demosihenian Society. 1. S. Peebles, A. L. Hardy. W. 11. Shaw. M. H. I Hack shear, T. T. Turnbull. V. 11. Moore. JUDGES. S. V. Sanford. R. L. McWhorter. T. J. Woofter. NEGATIVE WON. — 188 —Types A.CX v tx. cf Qrv1 Hopkins: I wonder if this is really "Uncle Tom's Cabin.” Hodgson. Job : No. it Wongs up here at the Normal School.ATHLETICS 1Varsity Football Team(vKo. M. Haknaiii Georgia's New Coach II. Kktron Captain Nl. DickinsonVaipsiliy Football Team Wam.ack M ii.i.i-it_____________________________________Manager. Hakom Kktkon-------------------------------------- Captain. M. M. Dickinson___________________________________________Coach. I’.rown__________ Ilokc ------------ Ritchie........... Griffin........... Ketron (Captain) Sullivan__________ Moore, V. li______ UNIMP ---------Center. ____Left Guard. ___Right Guard. ....Left Tackle. ..Right Tackle. ______Left Ivnd. ____Right Ivnd. Con....... McWhorter Killorin__ Woodruff ..Left Ilalfliack. Right Halflxack. .......I'tilllKtck. ___Quarterhack. SUiSTITlTISS Line:—-Moore. G. .. Tate. Smith. Macks: Twitty. Haas. Dorsey. UIvCORl) October 10. October 17. October 4. Georgia o. Clemson 29. Georgia O, South Caralina 17. Georgia 38, Tech o. November 26. October 31. Georgia o, Vanderbilt 32. November 7. Georgia 5. Tennessee o. November 14. Georgia o. Savannah 5. Georgia 22. Auburn 13.Wearers of Football airad Baseball “(G” FOOTBALL “G.M Harold Kctron. John Brown. Charlie Cox. J. I. Killorin, V. B. McWhorter. F.ugene Hoke. Tuck Griffin. II. W. Woodruff. H. B. Ritchie. V. B. Moore. A. R. Sullivan. BASEBALL “G Trammell Scott, Frank Anderson. John Brown. F.. L. Head. . R. Sullivan. Charlie Cox. Isaac Fleishman. John Cooper. L. Ham. V. B. Moore.Thank H. Axi bksox, Captain. Varsity Baskbau. TramLINE CP Scott ----------------------------------- 1st Ease. Anderson-------.,-----------J___Pitcher and 2nd Ease. Cooi er ---------------------------------:5r l Base. Brown and Head_____________________________Catchers. Sullivan____________________Center Field and Pitcher. I lam-------------------------------------------Left Field. Moore -----------------------------------------Right Field. Cox-------------------------Pitcher and Center Field. Fleishman________________________________Short Stop. SUBSTITUTES. Turnbull; Lainkin, Cobh. — 199J. I). Howrk, Mannger Hnsu Hull Team SCHEDIT.E OF GAMES April 2. Georgia 1. Mercer «». at Macon. April 2t . April . Georgia • . Alabama I. at Athens. April 2! . April fi. Georgia 1, Alabama at Athens. April 30. April G. Georgia 2. Alabama 3. at Athens. April : «). April 12. Georgia J . Wofford 1. at Athens. May I. April i:i, Georgia 10, Wofford 5, at Athens. May 11. April 20. Georgia 2. Davidson •'». at Athens. May i:l. April 23. Georgia 3, Clemson G, at Athens. May I I. Georgia !. Tech. 10. at Atlanta. Georgia s. Auburn 3. at Athens. Georgia . Auburn 2. at Athens. Georgia " . Auburn 0, at Athens. Georgia 2. Tech. 1, at Athens. Georgia —. Tech. —. at Athens. Georgia —. Mercer —. at Macon. Georgia —. Mercer —, at Macon. — 200 —Tuack Tka.m.Varsity Track Team G. V. N'l’XXAM.Y------ 1. Exr.i.. XI» (Captain).—MO-yard dash. 230-vard dash. fOO-vard dash. • 2. Coiik.x.—High hurdler, low hunllcr. inn-yard dash. IIowkk.—High jump, jhiIc vault. •I. Axdkksox.— llroad jump. I W-vard dash. 330-yard dash. j. ooDKfPK.—330-vard dash. I W-yard dash. t». Raoax.—Halt-mile run. MEN NOT I! Dancy.—Mile run. McWhorter.'—Hammer throw and shot put. ________________Manager. 7. Moore.'—Half-mile run. S. Ki»:s.—Half-mile run. |x lc vault. KlXtt.—Mile run. 10. Daniki,.—Half-mile run. low hunllcr. 11. Sack.—Hammer throw, shot put. 13. Dorskv.— High hurdler, low hurdler. 18. Cox.—330-vard dash. A 10-yard dash. 230-yard hurdle. : picture IIkancii.—Mile run. — 203 —W. C. Exr.i.AND. Jk.. Captain Track Team. (J. V. Ni-nnai.i.v. Manager Truck Team.Georgia-Teclhi, IIerty Field.—April fltli. 1004. 1»'0-Yard Dash.—WoodrutT. 1st: Cohen. Slid: Cox. 3rd. Time. in 2-5 sees. Record holder. Johnson. 01: record. H» seconds. Shot Put.—Sage. 1st: Oriftin. 2nd: Ritchie. 3rd. Distance. 3? ft. I 1-2 in. Record holder. F. Price. !»3: record. 3tl ft. 4 1-2 in. 220-Yard Dash.—England (Captain). 1st: Cox. 2nd: G. 1.. King. 3rd. Time 21 4-3 sees. Record holder. H. (). Cox. '00: record. 22 3-3 secs. Hnnnncr Throw (10 Ihs.).—Sage, 1st; McWhorter. 2nd. Distance. !» ft. 3 1-2 in. Record holder. Coilc. 03. record, loo ft. | in. Half-Mile Run.—Moore. V. 15.. 1st: Ragan. 2nd: hales. 3rd. Time. 2 min. Hi secs. Record Itoldcr. Marshall. '!»!»: record. 2 min. ! 2-3 secs. I road Jump.—Anderson. 1st: Cox. 2nd. Distance. Hi ft. 7 in. Record holder. Weaver. '!»! : record. 20 feet I inches. 220-Yard Hurdle.—Cohen, 1st: Cox. 2nd: Dorsey. 3rd; Dancy. 4lh. Time. 2S 2-3 sees. Record holder, lilack. 'OS; record. 21 1-3 secs. High Jump.—Sullivan. 1st: Anderson. England. Sage. 2nd: Distance. 4 ft. X 1-2 in. Record holder.Illoimt. 03: record. 5 ft. 3 1-2 indies. Mile Run.— Drown. 1st: llranch. 2nd : Dancy. 3rd. Time. 3 min. II sees. Record holder. Cokpiitt. 'OS; record. 4 min. 43 sees. Pole Vault.'—Files. Time. -----. Record holder, Hear- ing, 03: record. 10 ft. 12o Yard Hurdle.—Cohen. 1st: Dorsey. 2nd; Fawcett. 3rd. Time. 17 secs. Record holder. Dealing. '03; record. u» 1-3 secs. Tot. l Scokk.—Georg — 205 Field Meeii MO-Yard Dash.—England (Captain). 1st; Cox. 2nd. Time. 5? sees. Record holder, ndcrson. 'oi: record. 51 seconds. Relay Race.—Seniors. —Juniors —; Sophomore —: Freshmen —. Record Itoldcr. Classes ’00-'o:i. Hcrtv Field.—April 2Tth. 1001. ion-Yard Dash.—WoodrutT (Ga.). 1st; England (Ga.). 2nd: Cohen (Ga.). 3rd. Time. 1 » 2:5 secs. Shot Rut.—Gridin (Ga.). 1st: Sage (Ga.). 2nd: Gregg (Tech.). 3rd. Distance. 33 feet 3 in. 220-Yard Dash.—WoodrulT (Ga.). 1st: England (Ga.). 2nd: Davis (Tech.). 3rd. Time. 23 2-5 secs. Role Vault.'—Rower (Ga.). 1st: King (Tech.). 2nd: Oshurn (Tech.). 3rd. Height. S feet 0 in. 120-Yard Hurdle.— Dorsey (Ga.). 1st; Cohen (Ga.). 2nd: King (Tech.). 3rd. Time. IS 1-5 seconds. Hammer Throw.—Sage (Ga.). 1st; Rums (Tech.). 2nd: McWhorter (Ga.). 3rd. Distance. 05 feet I in. 110-Yard Dash.—England (Ga.). 1st: Cox (Ga.). 2nd; Anderson. (Ga.). 3rd. Time. 33 1-5 secs. High Jump.—Rower (Ga.) and Ham (Ga.). 1st:------ 2nd: Eagan (Tech.). 3rd. Height. 5 feet. Half-Mile Run.—Ragan (Ga.). 1st: Kdes (Ga.). 2nd: Davis (Tech.). 3rd. Time 2 min. 22 2-5 secs. I.ow Hurdle.—Cohen (Ga.). 1st: Dorsey (Ga.). 2nd: King (Tech.). 3rd. Time. 28 4-3 secs. Rroad Jump.—Anderson (Ga.). 1st: Haines (Tech.). 2nd: Tatum (Tech.). 3rd. Distance. 10 ft. 0 in. Mile Run.—King (Tech.). 1st: Dancy (Ga.). 2nd: Rranch (Ga.). 3rd. Time. 5 min. 10 secs. ;ia 01—Tech. li.Georgia-Tech-Emory Track Meet Atlanta. Ga.. May fitli. 1004. 100-yard dash.- Woodruff (Ga.). I't: Davis (Tech.) 2nd: I lent (Emory). third. Time, 10 1-3 see. Shot Put.—Griffin (Ga.). 1st: Eicklin (Emory). 2nd: Sage (Ga.). third. Distance.33 feet S 1-4 in. 320-Yard Dash.—'Woodruff (Ga.). 1st: Davis (Tech.), 2nd; Anderson (Ga.). third. Time. 23 seconds. Pole Vault.—Johnson (Emory), first: Power (Ga.). 2nd; King (Tech.) 3rd. Height. it feel 4 in. 120-Yard Hurdle.—Hentz (Emory). 1st: Cohen (Ga.). 2nd: King (Tech.). 3rd. Time. IT 1-3 seconds. Hammer Throw.—Sage (Ga.). 1st: Hearn (Emory). 2nd: Ficklin (Emory). 3rd. Distance. iifi feet. I lo-Yard Dash.—Woodruff (Ga.). 1st : Anderson (Ga.). 2nd: Crovatt (Emory). 3rd. Time. .VI 2-3 sees. High Jump.—Hentz (Emory). 1st: Eagan (Tech.). 2nd: Power (Ga.). 3rd. Height. 5 feet 1 in. Half-Mile Run.—Moore (Ga.). 1st: Edes (Ga.). 2nd: Hutchinson (Emory). 3rd. Time 11 2-3 seconds. 220-Yard Hurdle.—Cohen (Ga.). 1st; King (Tech.). 2nd: Dorsey (Ga.). 3rd. Time. 28 seconds. Dread Jump.—Parron (Emory). 1st: Amlerson (Ga.). 2nd: Hentz (Emory). 3rd. Distance, lit ft. t in. One Mile Run.—Hentz (Emory). 1st: King (Ga.). 2nd: Prune!) (Ga.). 3rd. Time 3 minutes 8 seconds. Points.—Georgia 30, Emory 37. Tech. 13.Wearers of Traclft amid Tensnis “G” TENNIS -G.” R. H. Hill, I,. B. Lee. TRACK “G.” W. G. England. Jr., R. S. Cohen, J. D. Bower, E. B. Anderson, H. W. Woodruff, W. E. Ragan, O. T. Harper, V. B. Moore, Sam. Edcs, G. L. King. D. Y. Sage, E. R. Dorsey, C. H. Con, ' — 207 —1 Io Record of Tes-airais §sirag !es Xunnallv Orr ) V Xunnally 't 6-2, 0-2 Brooks Lee, L. It. ) Lee ( 1-6, 6-3. 6-.| J Lee 6-1, 6-2 Ra an. V. Turnbull II. Turnbull ) Default Turnbull 6-1,6-o Turnbull 3.6, 6-.j. 6- Strickland I ovejoy ) s Love joy ( 6.1. 6.3 J Snead Tliorutou ) ) Thornton 'v Default ( Cohen Port 1 Port ( Default J Port Default Hill 6-1,6-.| Hill. It. II Smith, ) i liill t 6-2. 6-3 Hill 6-j, 6-.j Gentry Vonj'e ) '» ongc Default j Hill 7-5. 2-6. 3-6. 6-.|, 6-3 Champion Singles. Score in tlic finals between liill—Turnbull—7-5, 3-6. 1-6. 7-5. 6-2 I.. I . Lkk, Manager Tournanient.IRecord of TeKts-ais DouafoSes Ihooks 'l Turnbull Hill. It. II. f Lee. L. 1L J X'unmilly Smith. A. V. 'riiornlon Kagan, V. II. I o vc joy Vongc Cohen Fort Gentry Orr Strickland Snead 1 ) 1 j I J mu Lee 2-6. 11-9, 6-3 Nunnully Smith 6-1. 6-1 Love joy Yougc 6-2, 6-o Strickland Snead 2.6, 6.3. 6-3 Hill Lee 6-1,6-2 I .ovejoy Yonge 6- . 6-i Hill Lh! 6-4. 6- y. 7-5 Champions Doubles L. B. Lef. and Him.. Champions in Doubles. l‘.»04. Lbk. Manager Tournament. — 2t1Athletic Council Rai.imi Mki.okim President Athletic Association FIRST TERM RaI.I'II Mku KIM________________________________I‘resident. Frank Ani kksox----------------------------Vice-1 ‘resident Geokc.e Ci.iftox--------------------------------Treasurer. SECON D TERM I’kKSTon I’.kooks_______________________________President. R. H. Him----------------------------------Vice-President. J. V. Lewis__________________________________ Treasurer. Harold Kctron_____________________Captain Foot kail Team. W allace Miller___________________Manager Football Team. Frank Anderson____________________Captain Pasckall Team. Jack Rower________________________Manager Rasclxtll Team. W. G. England------------------ ..Captain Track Team. Winship Nunnally_________ ______________________________________ Manager Tennis. A. II. Patterson____________________________Professor. J. P. Campbell______________________________Professor. K. II. Dorsey_________________________________Resident Member. Julian Lane_______________________________Non-Resident Member. ___Manager Track Team. — 212 —Home You're the daintiest little blossom that the summer ever missed. You’re the sweetest little (lower that the sunshine ever kissed. And your voice to roe is music soft as bells that chime at eve When the sun. of sleeping woodlands and uplifted hills, takes leave. Fair as angel dreams in heaven, bright as stars that shine at night. Pure as snows that rift their beauty into airy forms of white: You're my own delighted goddess, you’re my fairy full of glee. You're niv richest, rarest treasure—you are all the world to roe. Aktiiik L. Hakdy. -213- Ci.ASn I’ltKSIDKNTS s  rw Skit ATI INSE.difcor of Pandora from Vou mh 1. 1 W«,—Editor-in-Chicf. G. X. Wilson. K A. Itusincss Manager. V. I’ . Cook. A T n. Associate Editors. W. K. Wooten. 2 A K: McDaniel. X ‘l : C. E. Rice. X 4 : C. H. Wilson. K A: W. A. Sjiecr. 4 A -): I;. E. Stone. -I A •): K. I). Meader. A T ti; M. I’., ltond. A T A: W. S. ('pshaw. A T A: R. S. Move. -I- T a: I . I.. Wa le. t T A: A. W. Wade. N: W. G. I’.rown, X N. X'oi.i'.MK II. 1X8L- Edilor-in-Chief. C. E. Rice. X 4 . Ihisiness Manager. J. W. Daniel. K A: Associate Editors. 'I'. Y. Reed. 1 A •); G. Waters. «I I A: Y. J. Shaw. S N: II. K. Milner. A T ft; A. I.. Franklin. A T A. Voi.i-mk HI. isss.—Editor-in-Chief. Allxrrt Howell. K A. Itusincss Manager. A. W. Griggs. A T A. Associate Editors. W E. Moore, X A H: T. R. Crawford. A T II: E. W. Coile, S N; I.ucien I.. Knight. X 4 : W. M. Glass. A T A. oi.umk IV. 1S! 0.—Editor-in-Chicf. John I). Little, S A E. Itusincss Manager. W. K. Wheat ford. X N. Associate Editors. E. E. Callawav. K A : S. J. Tribble, •I A e :J. C. Crawford. 2 N : W. D. Ellis. X 4-; W. L. Stallings. A T A: W. X. Smith. X 4'; E. A. Cohen. X 4 . Noia mk Y. —Edilors-in-Chicf. J. F. Lewis. X 4 ; L. L. Hrown. A T n. Itusincss Manager. W. E. Cristic. - N; W. T. Kelly. A T 1): Associate Editors, J. C. Kimball. i A E: Rov Dallas. 4 A (•); J. R. Lane. 2 A E: E. Y. Erey, X 'I'. H086 ft© tttie Present Time 'H.i mi; I. ]—Editor-in-Chicf. Harry Hudson. K A. Business Manager. F. G. Barfield. A A K. Associate Editors. C. R. Nisbet. X ♦: N. B. Stewart, A T 0: A. O. llalscv. 2 x: H. A. Alexander : E. G. C ahaniss. «!• a t): E. G. Johnson, A T 11: Eugene Dodd, X . Vour-MK VII. 1SD4.—Editors-in-Chief. C. K. Tidwell, A T 11. Xoel Moore, A A E. Business Managers. I’aul I.. Fleming. X I : John I). Sidling. A T 11. ssociatc Edit r . I., i). Prides. SK; W. P. Harhin. X n: II. IIroven. K A : George Beckett. »l A t). oi.t’MK III. —Editor-in-Chicf. V. A. Harris. X t . Business Manager. J. J. Gibson. A T 11. Associate Editors, H. H. Steiner. A A K: J. W. Morton. K A: V. V. Chandler. A T 11: V. I.. Kemp. A X: J. T. Dunlap. ■!» A 0; H. V. Black, X ’ •: J. G. Smith. Non-Fraternitv. VoiA’MK IX. ISiir..—Editor-in-Chict. Pliny Hall. K A. Business Manager. J. G. Pitman. •! A h. Associate Editors. M. M. Lockhart. A A E: J. II. Connellv. X 1 : Fred. Morris. 2 X: C. H. Holden. A T 11: A. V. Black, X +; T. A. Neal: R. B. Xallcv. oi.cmk X. 1S!I7.—Editor-in-Chicf. H. G. Colvin. A A K. Business Manager. R. E. Brown. A T fl. Associate Editors. F. L. Fleming. X •! : J. W. Spain. K A: Harry Dodd. X : P. S. Smith. 1 A 0: A. I.. Tidwell. A T li: H. Lovcjoy, A X; W. B. Kent; J. V. Hendricks.Voi.iwtK I. lXiis,—Kditors-iu-Chicf. Marry Doth). 4': Hugh While. ii X. business Manager. J. C. McMichael. K A. Associate Editors. C. H. Black. X +: I7.. 1C. Pomeroy. X A E: C. Westbrook. A T 0: J. T. Dorsey. 4 AW: H. R. Perkins. A T 0. Voi.twiK XII. IS!)!).- Editors-in-Chief, Garrard Glenn. A A K: A. P. Adams. X I’. Business Manager. P. E. Johnson. X 4 . Associate Editors. J. 15. MeCnrrv. K A. V. S. Blnn. A T !i: I7, E. Broadnax. A T ll’ V. E. Watkins. A N : I). G. Heidt. J. W. Mason. Vom'mk XIII. BUM).—Etlilors-in-CIticf. Archilwld Black-shear. K A: Eaitl Dodd. X Business Manager. F. I7. Broadnax. A T ll. Associate ICdilors. I7. P. Calhoun. X l : I7.. I’. Shannon. -I A • : I7. G. Tupper. - A K: J. I . Gardner, ii N: William Davis: E. II. I lantbv. Vch.i mk XIV. Mini.—Kditors-in-Chief. E. P. Shannon. 1 A W: J. !). McCartney. - A K. Business Manager, lack Banks. X 4 . ssociate Editors. I . A. Williams, ii V. II. Bullard. A T ii: R. G. Stephens. K A : I. M. Putman. K ii: W. D. Hoyt. X ‘V: James L. Sibley. ’oi.i mk XV. l!)t)2.— Editors-in-Chief. Frank H. Barrett. A A K: Sterling II. Blackshcar. X l . Business Managers. J. K. Jordan. A T O: M. W. l.cwis. X 4». Associate Editor . C. D. Russell. «l» A - : 1. S. Peebles, ii N: M. S. Johnson. K A: II. M. Fletcher. K ii: Dcwakl Cohen. X'oi.i’mk XVI. I!)t)3.—Editors-in-Chief. G. Dexter Blount. K : Frampton E. Ellis. t A W. Business Managers. J. Benton High. Claude W. Bond, ii N. Associate Editors, Marion H. Smith, ii A E: I high M. Scott. X l : Preston Brooks. A T 0 : W. G. K 'k: Marvin M. Dickinson. K ii: Sidney J. Nix. L P. L. '(M.riiK XVII. 1!»()|.—Editors-in-Chief. L. P. Goodrich, ii N : I. S. llopkius. Jr.. t A w. Business Managers. M. 11. Blackshcar. A T u: G. W. Nunnally. X «t : J. B. Gamble. Associate Editors. J. D. Bower. K : Roderick Hill. 2i A K: Wades Lewis. X 4': W. Ii. Sliaw. K 2: W. (). Roberts. L P. L.: K. X-Burt. Ind. © ? — 217 —The Georgian” Editors.1 Editors "Georgian" FIRST TERM. R. P. I KOOKS K. 1,. Woksiiam ssociatc Editor. Salmagundi Fditor. SECOND TERM. Business Manager. . Coluckk — 219Editors •• R.ed airad Blacfe ” — 220Editors R»ed asud Black FIRST TERM. SECOND TERM. B. I . I’.ROOKS - I I RVBY MookK__ . G. Coi.rcKK... I. S. Hoi-kins. Jr J. E. lli'M.... G. Y. X I'S NAI.I.Y. Oku. Clinton____ THIRD TERM. T. T. Tirnhuij....................... Ediior-in-Chicf. IE R. Dorsky___________________________business Manager. Y. V. I’attkrson____________________Associate Editor. I). W. Rkynoijvs_______________________Athletic Editor. R. S. Coil ex____________________________IxK-al Editor. J. E. I). Vonc.k_______________________Exchange Editor. J. J. Racan___________________________________Ass't Bus. Manager. -----Editor-in-Chief. .Business Manager. ___Associate Editor. _____Athletic Editor. -------l-oeal E.ditor. ___Excltange Editor. -Ass't Bus. Editor. T. V. CoxNM.i.Y__________________________Editor-in-Chief. G. Y. Xt'Nnai.i.y--------------------Business Manager. Y. I’.. Shaw___________________________Associate Editor. Y. G. England---------------------------Athletic E.ditor. J. M. Hr1.1_________________________________Local Editor. 15. H. Askkw_____________________________Exchange Editor. E. R. Dorsky______________________ Ass't Bus. Manager. — 221 —Tlhte Eragimieerisag Airnraunal 11. W. Tki.i-'okd---------------------Editor-in-Chicf. M. Ra.miio-------------------------Ihisiness Manager. T. I,. Fixjwkks-------------------------Senior Editor. A. H. Haknktt___________________________Junior Editor. C. A. Dozikk------------------------Sophomore Editor. R. S. Xf.wcomij-----------------Ass’t ltus. Manager. — 222 —s. o THF. night was dark. The air was chill. Tin-west wind whistled o’er the hill. Behind a cloud, the |talc moon sank. The woods were drear. The grass was dank. Mv gliostly companions led me cautiously through the vines and densely tangled underbrush out into a little circular o| ciiing. Here in the center was a fire and upon the tire a caldron in which a heavy odored concoction was simmering. Ground about were curiously hooded and gowned figures in various attitudes, all perfectly motionless. My companion conducted me within the circle of the fire light and then addressed me in low sepulchral tones: "You have been summoned hither this night to witness the devotions of this order. We meet in this place once in nine months, to our Great Spirit that certain monstrous doings may cease in the University of Georgia, and that the doers thereof may ! e brought to the punishment they so richly deserve. Fail not to give your closest attention: and let your lips forever remain, u| on this matter, as silent as the grave.” My griesly interlocutor then made a sign with his right hand and the company commenced to move about the caldron which was l oiling more vigorously. As they moved about the caldron they chanted in low tones: — 223 "'Round and round the caldron go. in the |K isoned entrails throw. Rodents that 'ncath Candler Hall Dead, hath lain since early fall. Double, double, toil and trouble. I ire burn, and caldron bubble: Hair of Williams quickly take. In the caldron l oil and Iwke. Eyes of Extrowich and Hogg Mixed with vinegar and grog. Wool of Fleishman, gall of Cox, Gamble's shoes and Turnbull's sox: Adder's fork and blind worm's sting. Jake Orr's legs and mouth of King. Nose of Weston, face of Park. Nerve of Sophomores on a lark. Add thereto enough hot air Got by twisting tongue of 1 Hair. For a charm of powerful trouble I.ikc a hell broth boil and bubble. Add thereto a tiger's chaudron For the contents of our caldron. Rubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Fire burn and caldron bubble. Cool it with a baboon's blood. Then the charm is firm and good.” Immediately u| on the ending of this chant there arose from the caldron a spirit as dark as night and from the spirit came these words:"W hat wotthl you. or any of you, O! Sons of Rctri-bution? ■ C). mighty Spirit." s| okc one of the Itnodcd figures, "there are amongst ns certain evil men named 1 tower and Smith and Dobbs and Cook. The same do make the night hideous with their caterwauling, which they call serenading. 1 pray thee have this evil sloped in the University.” '(). mighty Spirit." |K kc another, "there are certain loud talking animals of the long-eared variety in the University. There voices can Ik- heard on every street corner and on all occasions. Nor do they ever consider the fact that | eoplc are apt to tire or that others have thoughts to express. Such are Cleveland and I Hair and divers others. I pray thee have this evil stopped in the I .'niversily." " ). mighty spirit." s| okc a third, "it is in the interest of l.ncy Cobb and for the j cace of Millcdgc Avenue tliat I invoke you. For there are some named livrd. and Cohen and Dancy and Daniel and Woodworth and W’cstoil. who on every night when Itonest folks are abed do stroll up and down Millcdgc Avenue in front of Lucy Cobb, and do utter strange noises, bowlings, and (lootings and various kinds of bravings. I pray thee stop this crying evil in the University." "(). mighty spirit." spoke a fourth. "I invoke thee in the interest of law and order. There Ik some among us whose names we do not know, who know not the difference between healthy, good-natured fun and vandalism, pure and simple. Such ones j aint class letters on the church and confiscate things of value from the Normal School Campus, and do divers other acts that cannot In; excused or condoned. I pray thee let this evil lie storied in the University." "(). mighty spirit." sjiokc a fifth, "there arc certain ones in the University such as Goodrich and Hopkins and (•lack-shear and Goluckc and Moore who do think tliein-selvcs mighty sj eakers. mightier even than Demosthenes, so that in the literary societies they attempt to monopilize the door, and they put all the members to sleep, and they injure beyond estimation tin literary societies. I pray tlicc squelch these presuming ones." When all had finished tin- spirit slowly arose and taking a ladle she dip|K d it into the caldron and ap|X rtioncd to each the amount of the gruel necessary to accomplish his request, pronouncing at the same time certain magic words to make good the charm. With the parting injunction that the Sons of Retribution must wreak their vengeance fully and completely, she disappeared in the ilark-ness that enshrouded her and was gone. 4 —THE ENCAMPMENT OX April lldi the University of Georgia Cadets, 1 SO strong, and the engineering corps of 20 members, went into camp near Gainesville for the purpose of instruction in camp usage and extensive military practice. The camp had been laid out by the engineering corps under the direction of Professor Strahan and all was in readiness for the cadets when they arrived. Every detail of regular military camp was observed. The following general order for the camp was adhered to throughout the week and will give the l cst idea of how the lx vs employed their time. Gknkkai. Okdkks s. 1 AM) 2 CoMISIXKl). Reveille—First call 6:30 a. in. Assembly 5:30. Company Drill 0:23 a. in. Recall 7:23 a. m. First Sergeant’s call 7:30 a. in. Breakfast—First call 7 :30 a. in. Assembly S a. m. Battalion close order drill 8 :4S a. in. Recall 9:43 a. m. Guard mount 10:13 a. in. Officers’ school 12:30 p. m. Dinner 1 p. in. Non-commissioners’ school 3 p. in. Battalion extended order drill 4 p. m. Recall 3 p. in. Battalion parade 3:30 p. in. Sup| cr 6:30 p. in. Tattoo 10 p. m. Taps 11 p. m. In addition to the aliove duties, the cadets had to take their turn on guard duty and one company was kept at rirtc practice each (by. The engineering corps under Prof. Strahan made a topographical survey, four miles square including the Dunlap Shoals on tlic Chattalioochcc, the new dam of the Georgia Electric Com| any, and some of the most lieautiful and rugged scenery along the river. The corps put in about nine hours a day in the field, besides work on the notes at night. Prof. Strahan expressed himself as highly pleased with the week’s work and says that the behavior of the boys was all that could be desired. 'file commissary department was well managed by Capt. J. M. McCurdy, G. S. T., and the boys appreciated the menu. thorough military spirit jicrvadcd the camp and every man in it did his best. There was no attempt to shirk duty. The guards walked their posts, whether by day or in the cold windy hours of the night like trainedtroops and when the camp broke up nothing was reported lost. Governor Terrell inspected the camp Friday afternoon and said: “The camp is as well arranged and is as neatly kept as any camp I liavc inspected as governor of Georgia, f am delighted with the succc'S of this encampment. They have nothing but praise from the people of Gainesville." Superintendent of Schools J. V. Marion said: "The University boys came on Monday at 12 :.10 ami before night had completely captured Gainesville by their genial manner and gentlemanly conduct. Nothing but praise has l ccn heard about them and they deserve every word of it." Rev. I). J. niackwcll said: “The University boys have captured Gainesville in general and Itrenau college in particular. A manlier crowd I never saw wear the gray." Mayor Howard Thompson said: “I could not Ik- Ixrtter pleased with the detriment and work of the University battalion. My officers say that they have seen nothing that deserved criticism." Col. Perry said that he was much impressed with the tliorough military spirit and with the hard work done. The reception at I’rcnau was an elegant affair and was enjoyed by both the Daldonega and University cadets. The l oys say that the | coplc of Gainesville slid everything | ossiblc for tlieir entertainment and comfort. The street car company was exceedingly accommodating. having cars at their service at any time and charging nothing for rides from camp down to the park and rifle range. Mayor Thompson had the drill field scraped ami rolled l v the city hands and the camp cleaned of all stumps and underbrush. The Daldoncga Cadets, ft , strong, came down Wednesday afternoon to Gainesville and joined the University tattalion in regimental drill. They were a manly set of young men. well drilled and well ltcltavcd. The two battalions fought together in sham battle against the Georgia militia troops, over :t.noO visitors being present. Major Griggs and Captain Sanford have won the thanks of the University for the successful management of the first encampment. An encampment is as essential to marked interest in the military department as intercollegiate games is to interest in iKischall. football or track athletics. A captaincy of a company should be sought for as eagerly as that of the football eleven. At the encampment rivalry is increased among the companies in the many military exercises before visitors and slate officials. In its military department the university has an excellent opjiortunity for the physical development of the students. Military exercises arc regular and not sj as-modic. reach all the students and not those alone who are fond of athletics, arc kept within hounds and tend to develop all the muscles systematically. Under proj ertraining the cadet’s body straightens, his head is held erect, his step is firm and graceful, his shoulders arc thrown back, his chest expands and a manlier bearing takes the place of the slovenly gait, rounded shoulders and uncertain look. The increased physical vigor resulting from military drill acts directly upon the central nervous system, and the intellect is quickened. The mind is clearer and better prepared for the studies of the night after the invigorating drills of the afternoon. Voluntary attention becomes habitual. The soldier must attend. Mind-wandering is fatal. From concentration on the drill to voluntary concentration of attention ujxm the preparation of his studies is an easy step. Olwdiencc and self-control become second nature to a well-trained cadet. Rcs| cct for authority is inculcated and the student Incomes a law-abiding, law-sustaining citizen. The effect ujwn the character here is most — 227 market), for a good character is a completely fashioned will. Thus the habits of attention to details, of exactness and thoroughness, of executing commands and of commanding follows a young man from the school room to tl»e counting house, office or factory. The increased interest in the State militia due to the | assagc by Congress of the Dick Hill is another reason for stressing the military department. Voung men trained in college will naturally be leaders in the local companies and can lx? of service to the State and nation. They will be eligible to positions at W est Point and Annajiolis and to ap| oiutments in the regular army. The University, in bringing the military feature of the institution into prominence, is doing a great service to the State by using it as a means of physical training and of establishing good habits.—J. S. Stewart, of State University. Tlhiose Who Aided Us The Hoard of Editors desire to express their sincere thanks for the invaluable assistance rendered them in getting; out the present issue of the “Pandora.” by the following list of contributors: Misses Leonora Owsley, A. L. E. Blackshear, Bertha Brawncr, Myrta Dobbs, Louise Horine. Marv Lockhart. Messrs. Robert Newcomb. X. Mortimer. Oliver Blood-worth, Earnest McGregor. Percy Richards, Cordner Smith. Stanborough. 11. Harris. Bloom. A. L. Hardy, P. W. Holtzcmlorff, C. N. l'idelson. S. Cohen. Prof. J. S. Stewart and V. G. Martinire, of Columbus, Ga. — 228 —E’ENVOY I "What has been writ is writ," for good or evil; It stands or falls through the eternal years: Pronounce it good—at least try to be civil. Soothe and allay our worse than mortal fears. II The time is closed, the story sung forever— A mingled memory of smiles and tears— Light as the foam that flicks the rushing river, It floats along down through the vale of years. A. L. Hardv. — 229 — f Table of Contents i Agricultural Department.......... .............. Anniversaries ...............................177 17 Athletics : Association Officers.....................-1 - Baseball .............................197-200 Football..............................'93 95 Tennis................................209-211 Track.................................201-205 Wearers Baseball G” and Football “G” . 196 “ Tennis "G” and Track “G”.............207 Battalion Officers ..........................160-161 Calendar ......................................... 6 Chancellor llill (Poem)..........................149 Classes: Freshman ...............................53-58 Junior (Academic)........................41-45 “ (Caw)................................71-75 Presidents................................214 Senior (Academic)..................... 23-38 “ (Law) ...............................59 67 Sophomore...............................46-52 Clubs: Casque and Gauntlet ..................150-151 Delta Iota Delta......................162-165 Emory.................................... 155 engineering........................... ..154 Euphradian ..........................152-155 l cap Year...............................172 Lucy.....................................171 Mandolin and Guitar..................158-159 Pi Alpha Phi ........................164 Press.....................'..............157 Scotch...................................170 Sphinx ..............................146-14$ Thaliuns ............................165-167 Tuesday Evening Dining Club..............168 Y. M. C. A ..............................156 Cobb. Judge Howell (Poem)......................154 Commencement 1804 and 1904..................7-8 Card of Thanks............................ ... 228 Debates: Champion.................................184 Freshman.................................1S7 Impromptu ...........................1SS-1S9 Junior...................................185 North Carolina ..................... 185-1S4 Sewancc..............................179-180 Sophomore............................... 186 Dedication...................................... 2 Faculty......................................18-21 — 230 —Farewell (Poem)................................... 229 Fraternities: Alpha Tau Omega.......................99.103 Chi I hi..................................85-SS Chi Psi................................ 111-114 Phi Delta Theta...........................93.97 Kappa Alpha...............................89-92 Kappa Sigma............................. 115-119 Sigma Alpha Epsilon.......................80 83 Sigma Nn................................105-no Theta Lambda Phi........................124-126 Theta Xu Epsilon....................... 127-129 U P. 1......................................... Frontispiece........................................ 1 Gordon, Gen. John It...........................9 10 11 Hops............................................»36 43 llvmn to the I'nivcrsity............................ 69 Literary Societies...........................173' 7 Pandora’s Staff................................ '-- 3 Publications : Pandora...................................215-216 Engineering Annual ...........................222 Georgian................................. 218 219 Red and Black............................ 220-221 S. O. R................................ ...........223 Trustees..........................................14-16 The Forgotten Rose (Poem)...........................169 Those Who Have Aided I s...................... . . .228 Toomb’s Oak (Poem).................................. 22 — 231 —IMIS. WkimmwmM 0 jTT is the young men who insist on having A a suit that fits perfectly, made of the best fabric and in the latest style; and it is this class that we endeavor to please. We carry the best of everything in Clothing and Furnishings. Head McMahan I 2 Clayton Street Athens, Ga.E. D. STONE For Fifteen Years publisher of the RED AND BLACK O1 O v v O v J JOB PRINTER For Ten Years publisher of THE GEORGIAN H. R. Palmer Son Oldest and Largest Optical House in the South Expert Opticians in attendance. Eyes examined and glasses fitted scientifically. Frames correctly and comfortably adjusted. Neat appearance guaranteed. We make a specialty of grinding all forms of lenses and our machinery and our workmen arc the best obtainable. We are agent for the Famous Eastmans Kodaks, and carry at al! time a full tine of upplic tor the Amateur Photographer We a'.to k Amateur AnUhlng and have a special mail order department, devoted entirely lo oui of town order . Write tor Catalogue. FIRST CLASS DRUGS Special Attention to Students CLAYTON STREET ATHENS, GEORGIA HAWKES ESTABLISHED J870 A. K. HAWKES 43 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. When buying a Trunk ask for Lieberman's Automatic Tray. The most practical and durable Trunk in the world. Established 1892 STEPHEN LANE FOLGER J80 Broadway, New York WATCHES, DIAMONDS. JEWELRY Club and College Pins and Rings Gold and Silver Medals HARVARD UNIVERSITY The Lawrence Scientific School offer' four-vear courses of study leading to the degree of S.U. in Civil. Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering. Mining and Metallurgy, Architecture. Eandsca| e Architecture. Forestry, Chemistry. Geology, Biology, Anatomy and Hygiene (preparation for medical schools). Science for Teachers, and a course in General Science. Students arc admitted to regular standing by examination and by credits from other Schools and Colleges. Approved Special Students may be admitted without examination. The Catalogue will be sent on application to the Secretary, J. I.. Eovk. 16. University Hall, Cambridge. Mass. V. S. SFIALER. Dean.Chas. Stem Co. CLOTHIERS, HATTERS FURNISHERS Suits Made to Order Fit Guaranteed 113 Clayton Street, Athens, Ga. Davison-Paxon-Stokes Co, STORE OF MANY DERARTMENTS 57 to 61 Whitehall St. Atlanta. Ga. Wear Red Seal Shoes and be a winner King Bee $3.50 University $4 “The Four Hundred” $5 SOLD EVERYWHERE Made by J. K. Orr Shoe Co., Atlanta Jno. L. Moore Sons Successors to Kcllam Moore SCIENTIFIC OPTICIANS Are doing a class of eye work that is practically beyond competition. They have had years of experience in optical manufacturing, and each employee is a Specialist Prudential Building 42 N. Broad Street ATLANTA, GA. PHOTOGRAPHS Frederick J. 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WILKINS DRINK At Soda Fountains 5 Cents Carbonated in Bottles 5 cents A»k for l e»ciit»tivT Booklet L. E. Waterman Company 17.I !lroa l«ay New York. N.The Byrd Printing Co. ATLANTA, OA. PRINTERS, PUBLISHERS, ENGRAVERS School and College Catalogues a Specialty THIS VOLUME OF PANDORA IS A SPECIMEN OF CUR WORK Samples and Estimates on Application

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